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Twitch Plays Pokemon

With less than half an hour to go before the stream starts, it seems like an appropriate time to link to our shiny new Live Updates! All updates for Gen 2 are going to be posted there as soon as it begins. See you all there! HYPE.

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Unfortunately, the stream seems to be on idle at the moment. It's been that way for about an hour now. Here's some epic music to make the waiting a bit better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCl1gwX_CVA


Pokemon Bag Simulator 2014?????????

Stream is now Offline, for real this time.

[Reader's Corner Red-Pen Edition] Pokémon Diamond is actually a completely bootlegged, unlicensed-translation/hack of Telefang, which is a similar game (in the sense that you have monsters that fight for you) but is developed by an entirely different company.

For those who don't know, Pokémon "Diamond" is a bad English translation of a Japanese game that is unrelated to Pokémon. They decided to call it Pokémon in the US to get more people to buy it. It is now considered a bootleg game.

Now all we need is Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal.

Playing Pokémon "Diamond" now.

We just got a game over to a ledge.

Typical. It's actually "Pokémon Land GB" apparently.

Going through the mushroom Kingdooom!

Super Mario Land 1 time. (Obvs SML2 is the superior game).

Did you guys miss day 15 and the final hours of Pokemon Red?

Poke Talker on Youtube has kindly provided 2 youtube audio recaps found HERE (Day 15) and HERE (Day 16/Finale)

Is that Agatha?

Oh god, that Octorok. Gonna be contraversial here and say the ledge is our best chance of survival here.

In spirit of the game this hack is based off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=AKYn4ACAd7s

Interesting fact while we're talking about Octillery. For a while my housemate and I puzzled over why Remoraid evolved into Octillery. Then we realised. Mantine has 2 Remoraids strapped to it, like a fighter jet with two guns. So Remoraid is comparable to a machine gun, and then it evolves into a tank. #funfacts

Blacked out on the beach

Whoah, what kind of Pokémon is that? MUST BE A SHADOW POKÉMON, ATTACKING TRAINERS.

[Snark] I think you mean Octillery Alex.

[Strat] Avoid Octoroks at all costs until we get dat sword.


[Reader's Corner] AnOrange:

fyi this is canon



NEED SOME MAD STRATS FOR THE FIRST BOSS. Remember, it knocks you off the platform and resets all damage to it.

implying we will reach a dungeon

Beeful, OK?

So, our name is BBVuu, and we just spoke to Tar- Mr. Oak, and he gave us a Kakuna.

Laughing so hard. oh god :D

Wait, WHAT? This is "Pokémon of the Past DX" apparently.

This one has THE best overworld music!

Zelda DX Hype!

...Link's Awakening? Okay.

Now we're on Pokémon Trading Card Game. The GBC spinoffs never end...

I meant to say Pokemon Puzzle Challenge by the way, my bad. Poor Chikorita :(

Pokemon Puzzle League everyone! You wanted Twitch Plays Tetris, instead, you get this!

After that trainwreck, what exciting game will come next!

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge... sigh WHY IS THIS A THING

Pokemon Pinball... goddamn you streamer i love you

We are now playing Pokémon Pinball while waiting for Gen 2 to start.

The stream is offline at the moment, Pokemon Pinball came up for a second and everyone got excited :(

Congrats guys for beating the game while I was asleep! I'm so proud of all of you ;) Now to chronicle all of Pokemon Red before the next stream...

[RECAP] /u/Calabazal wraps up the last two huge days for us: http://youtu.be/okdx3gtIdAg

[Hall Of Fame] Don't Forget: You're Here Forever.

[Sign-off] It's been a long night. My stats-stream-computer bit the dust just before the final battles. So this is me, saying good night. See you when we visit Johto. And...

[Information] My roommate has been digging through the guts of the save file and apparently most of our team had really bottom-of-the-barrel stat IVs, with four zeroes in attack/defense throughout the team, and a host of other really low stats. Explains a lot.

[Information] When loading that save file, you can use GameShark code 011373D1 to replace the first move on the first 'mon with Fly, so you can get around easier.

[Flaming Debris Warning] Other mirrors involve one at mediafire and mega.

[Welp] Linking to that save file seems to have turned TinyUpload into a small pile of flaming debris, so if you're having trouble wait a while or maybe look for a mirror.

[Information] If you were curious, Gastly was level 50. I figured I could at least get one last useful stat out there.

[Information] Save file seems to have been uploaded here. You can import it into VBA by going to File > Load Game > Import Battery File and choosing it.

Does.. does this mean we have free time again? For 26 hours?

What am I going to do tomorrow?

Oh right, yeah, I forgot DROWZEE. How could I forget the Keeper?

Also, uh.. 26 hours? Like, could just be me.. but in that time I'm fairly sure we could go for a full Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres KO. Missed opportunity!

[CONTINUE/NEW GAME/OPTIONS] A new adventure will begin [in] 26:35:07

[Reader's Corner] /u/amoliski's linked to this great bit of Backstreet Twitch finalé for us to enjoy.

Oh right, I forgot Digrat too. Thanks Digrat. But then again, like.. dude. That wasn't cool at the Game Corner. Or the Safari Zone. Or Rock Tunnel. But we'll still remember you.

Bit of victorious music to enjoy.

Yeah, G/S/C for sure.

What's going on? Do you guys think he's starting up Gold/Silver?

Rivalries and religions were formed, arguments were had, and agreements were made. Plans, and maps, and strats. We overcame the 26 seconds of lag. We showed that humanity can advance, even against people trying to break the game, even when some people have no idea what they're doing, we prevailed. Congrats folks, we fucking did it!

I.. guess.. we just.. wait for the creator then? Well! It was super fun folks! But.. wow. Just wow. We did it. We all did it. Together. What a god damn community, that just sprung from nowhere like this, became the fastest upcoming Subreddit around, became the number 1 game on Twitch and bonded so quickly.

[Music] If you need something to listen to in the empty silence that is the stream right now, I suggest How About A Song? "An Unwavering Heart" from X&Y. Seems very fitting when you think about how far we've come and what happened along the way.

It's probably the stream creator pausing it.

[A] 16d07h50m It.. it froze..

Dodgy romhack?



16d7h49m: 90k viewers witnessed the final moments of the Elite Four, in case anyone was wondering.

Way to go, everyone. One of the most meaningful and emotional games of Pokemon ever played, and hundreds of thousands helped play it.


Throws hat in air

Hall of Fame, indeed. If I could place each and every Twitch participant in it, I would. We should all be happy and proud of ourselves with tonight. Excellent job, everyone.

[A] 16d7h47m: The Hall of Fame plays as players around the world collectively weep. We did it!


Folks, I'm giggling like a little child. We fucking did it. I'm sorry about the swearing, but.. WE FUCKING DID IT!

[ha] "RED! You understand that your victory was not just your own doing!" Oh, you. You understand us, Oak.

[VICTORY] LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE'VE DONE IT!!!!! 17 days of intense ups and downs, laughing and crying, democracy and anarchy... has all lead up to this! Blue is defeated! And we did it all together! Group hug!


[A] 16d 7h 44m: BLUE is defeated. The Elite 4 in shambles. Twitch Plays Pokemon succeeds -- Against all odds, the game is won.

[A] 16d7h4m: Zapdos knocks out Blastoise after a bit of assistance from the All Terrain Dragon Slayer and the Fonz! Blue has been defeated! As of now, we have beaten Pokemon Red! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!


[A] 16d7h45m Battery Jesus is traded in! Riskyyyy! He doesn't sustain damage though! Those sand attacks may have been all we needed! THUNDERSHOCK! YES! AND.. IT WIIIINS!

[A] 16d7h44m We're better to let ATV die than switch out, but.. we switch out Fonzie, that's fine! He gets in a critical surf but doesn't do too much damage. Nooo, don't switch Battery into a Blizzard! Let him die into it!

[A] 16d7h44m We use disable and disable.. HYDRO PUMP! THAT'S DECENT!

[A] 16d7h43m Folks, things couldn't be more tense right now! If ATV can just get in a good paralysis before he dies, it could be our ticket to victory. We really don't want Battery to have to suffer a Blizzard! Consulting the Ticket!

[A] 16d7h42m Leech Life! That was the worst thing we could've done! And another Leech life! Pushing our luck now! Blastoise withdraws, which isn't too bad!

[A] 16d7h41m OUT COMES ATV! He almost disables Blizzard, doesn't quite manage it! One more hit and he's down!





[A] 16d7h39m Also luckily, Rhydon has high HP, but.. even more thundering. Luckily, we go into switch mode. Things are super, SUPER tense, and.. OUT GOES THE FONZ!

[A] 16d7h38m NO! RHYDON! Thunder CAN'T WORK! Luckily, Battery Jesus has a LOT of HP, but we can't afford to keep wasting all these thunders!





[A] 16d7h35m Oh god, Air dies versus Dragonite's Hyper Beam, and out comes Bird Jesus. Really, we HAVE to get ATV out, he can't take damage to Dragonite!


[A] 16d7h33m ATV is out against Dragonite again! We will surely win this! WE MIGHT BE ABOUT TO WIN GUYS!

[A] 16d7h30m: We're fighting Lance again! With luck, we'll make it to Blue himself as well.

[A] 16d7h4m: With only Omastar left, it looks like this run through is a bust as well. If we've got enough money, looking into restorative items would be well worth the effort.

[A] 16d6h39m: After getting poisoned, Lapras goes down to Gengar and we black out again. Once more unto the breach.

[A] 16d06h23m Agatha's up. Battery gets put to sleep and dream eated, and Night Shaded. This is really not good considering he's our hope for Blue. And he's STILL asleep, after about 4-5 turns. He finally wakes up, and defeats himself in confusion. Not counting on this as a winning run anymore.

[A] 16d06h19m Bruno's down, and only the Fonz is down on our side. This could be The Run™.

[I've officially "gone to bed" btw, but I'm an insomniac so if anything big happens expect it to remain updated nonetheless]

[A] 16d06h18m TM05's been tossed.

[A] 16d06h05m B-b-b-black out!

[A] 16d6h5m: And down goes the Fonz. Time to give it another go.

[A] 16d06h03m Lord Helix KOs himself and then.. out comes Fonzie, who brings in the surfing pain.

[A] 16d06h01m Helix just got murked by night shades and confusion, all the time attempting withdraws. Eventually manages a surf but it seems too late as he's confused again. And, yep, hits himself. Still got a bit of health left.

[A] 16d05h58m Umm.. darn? Zapdos got hypnotised and triple night shaded + critical dream eatered to death. The run's over, GG.

[A] 16d05h57m Out comes the painbringer. Thunders Gengar and.. misses. Whoops. Thunder probably wasn't the best option when Thundershock will probably do, as will Drill Peck due to Gengar's low Def. But alas, it's still in the bag.

[A] 16d05h56m Agathaaaa!

[A] 16d05h51m Third Hydro Pump! Machamp isn't quite KO'd but he MISSES with submission! Hydro pump and he's down! Bruno is down!

[A] 16d05h51m Follow up with a second Hydro Pump and Onix is down! Machamp time!

[A] 16d05h51m Instead out comes Helix. This is dangerous stuff because of his Rock typing and Hitmonlee's all offensive fighting moveset. But.. Hydro Pump! This should do it! Yep! Onix time!

[A] 16d05h50m In comes Fonzie, who goes in for a critical posion, but doesn't disable Lee. Lee foolishly uses Focus Energy though. If we can sneak in a surf he's probably a goner due to his low Special.

[A] 16d05h49m Remains to be seen whether that was good or bad! Out comes All Terrain vs Hitmonlee, and.. disables Hi Jump Kick!

[A] 16d05h49m Air is level 31 and trying to learn Confuse ray! Did so in place of.. Body Slam. Hrm.

[A] 16d05h49m Air triple surfs Hitmonchan, only takes an ice punch! Chan down!

[A] 16d05h48m Oh god.. Air Jordan can only use Strength a couple of times and gets rock throwed but.. ONE HIT KO'S ONIX WITH SURF! GET HYPED!

[A] 16d05h45m Out comes the Fresh Prince of Shell Air after Battery takes a slam. Hopefully his surf can do some damage here.

[A] 16d05h45m Bruno time

[Word in the grapevine is that it was Fonz and ATV though, which is fine. Yep! We're all good! Bruno time!]

[I believe we also switched a Pokémon to the top too.. which.. isn't so good]

16d5h43m We're now in Set mode. Boom.

[Unrelated] 16d5h41m: Wow, mind your own freaking business, "someone's voice".

[A] 16d5h39m We just surfed around Lorelei's arena. Don't forget, you can also surf and fish in the trophies!

[A] 16d5h38m Loralei just got completely whalloped by Battery!

[A] 16d5h29m: We blacked out from our battle with Bruno, and about to run back in there for our 19th attempt!

[Reader's Corner] If you like stats, there's also angrydraco's stream as well.

[A] 16d05h17m Bruno's up.

[Reader's Corner] XKeeper's posted his new live stat feed.

[A] 16d04h52m Lorelei's up, and ha, immediately switch out to Fonzie, so.. you know how this is going to go.

[Strategy] Changing to set mode instead of switch would make the Lorelei battle, at least, much easier.

[A] 16d04h42m Poisonpowder, obviously, doesn't work in this case. And.. indeed, ATV is down. Blacked out!

[A] 16d04h41m Ha, Wing Attack was disabled. Probably just means we'll die to confusion to be honest though.

[A] 16d04h40m After much deliberation, All Terrain tries to - nope, he hits himself with confusion again. And.. then.. uses disable. Glorious Suicide?

[A] 16d04h39m Golbat uses Wing Attack and almost takes down ATV in one hit. Its confuse ray is disabled. Does it seriously have Haze, Supersonic, Confuse Ray and Wing Attack? Come on, Agatha, seriously. Senile.

[Cheeky Pokémon Stadium announcer reference there]

[A] 16d04h37m Golbat uses supersonic, and.. "What's it doing? Down it goes!", Helix KOs himself from confusion.

[A] 16d04h37m Why the heck would Agatha teach one of her Pokémon, which mainly rely on putting Pokémon to sleep, Haze? Good lord that's bad planning. Anyway, out comes All Terrain, who could've really done with that Psybeam we passed up. And.. out comes Helix again.

[A] 16d04h36m Lord Helix gets confuse rayed, hits himself in confused and.. gets put to sleep. But instead of Dream eating it, Golbat comes out and.. HAZES? THAT WAS DUMB! HE'S AWAKE AGAIN!

[A] 16d04h34m Also, Fonzie's down. It's all down to ATV (who can't really do anything here) and Lord Helix now.

[A] 16d04h34m Gengar's out. Yeah, Earthquake would've been really useful for this. .. And also Loralei. And Onix. We really missed a trick.

[A] 16d04h34m Agatha time. Dun duh-dun dun!

[Fonz gloriously leveled to level 52 vs Hitmonlee btw. Thanks again /u/Sniffnoy!]

[A] 16d04h30m Man, Fonzie is good when he doesn't get instantly dicked by Lorelei.

[A] 16d04h30m Okay, yeah, Fissure didn't hit. ALL PARTY KO BY FONZIE. WOW. Bruno is down!

[A] 16d04h30m Oh god, oh god, oh god. Machamp tries a Fissure. Twice. Noooooo. Don't do that, Machamp. Please. Please don't do that. Three times. We're strengthing.

[A] 16d04h28m Out comes Raging Harden. And Fonzie jumps the shark, uses surf and hammers him down in one crit! Time for The Machamp!

[I feel a bit sad seeing Hitmonlee doing Hi Jump Kick, thinking of all the fun we could've had with C3KO]

[A] 16d04h28m Somehow despite lots of X-Defends etc, poison sting is actually being effective (thanks to Crits too) and we actually take down Lee.

[A] 16d04h27m Yep, down goes Chan and.. HA! Lee gets poisoned by poison sting. Not that that was the best move, though.

[A] 16d04h26m Christ almighty, these things have low SPECIAL. Surf is just tearing through them. Another hit and Chan should be down. If only we'd got Earthquake for the Fonz, he could be a monster!

[A] 16d04h24m The Fonz MUUURKS Onix with Surf! This is easier! Well.. until the.. hitmons..

[A] 16d04h24m Up comes Bruno. Haha, The Fonz is still alive.

[A] 16d04h21m Looks like Lord Helix might win this one. Lapras got paralysed against Air's body slam before and now, indeed, Helix takes down Lapras. Bruno time, but with water 'mons this time!

[A] 16d04h19m In comes Bird Jesus and takes a nice Blizzard to the face. Critically. Instantly faints. To be honest, I'm glad - rather not have to go through the rest of the Elite 4 without Battery.

[Also nice reminder: You can actually reach an unfixable gamestate if 2 or more of your Pokémon are frozen and you're left having to choose between them. It won't let you switch them out. Apparently.]

[Friendly Reminder] Pokemon that are frozen in gen 1 never naturally thaw out. Fire or status-recover only. Isn't Gen 1 wonderful?

[A] 16d04h17m Battery goes down.. and out comes Jordan.. who gets confused instantly.

[A] 16d04h16m And we don't switch! Lapras takes over half damage with Drill Peck and.. doesn't.. freeze.. NO IT FUCKING FROZE US. GROAOAORQOI£RWROIJEF

[A] 16d04h16m Slowbro gets taken down by a single thundershock and.. Jynx gets murked by a single Drill Peck! Woop! Just Lapras now!

[A] 16d04h14m Battery uses thundershock. It doesn't quite kill Restgong, but Lorelei foolishly uses a thundershock and we finish up with the second thundershock. We really need to use battle mode set.. Battery uses drill peck, gets hit by Cloyster's beam, and follows up with another to take it down.

[A] 16d04h14m Lorelei's up!

[A] 16d04h09m That was due to Battery's Take Down, btw.


[A] 16d04h08m Machamp finally takes down Bird Jesus. It's all down to Alternating Jesus now.

[A] 16d04h06m Machamp's down to less than half health now but this is really dragging on. Bird Jesus is taking his sweet time.

[A] 16d04h04m Machamp keeps focusing energy. Ha, doesn't that noob realise it divides his crit rate by 4 instead of multiplying in gen 1? What a scrub!!1!1

[A] 16d04h01m Raging Harden gets Alternate Jesus down to 12HP before being defeated by Drill Peck. Only Machamp is left now!

[A] 16d03h58m Raging Harden is down, and Bird Jesus follows up with a Rage against Chan. Bruno wisely uses X Defend (though perhaps that would be better given to Raging Harden 2: Electric Boogaloo) and Alternate Jesus is switched in, ending the birdrage and drill pecking Lee to death with an instant KO.

[New name idea for Onix: Raging Harden]

[A] 16d03h54m Should also mention that Onix missed with his original Rage, which means he's locked into missing mode forever. So.. we've definitely beat this Onix at least.

[A] 16d03h53m Bird Jesus is in Rage mode. All we can do now is sit back and watch.

[A] 16d03h52m Out comes Bird Jesus into Hardrage again. Could we end up with another Rage Against The Machamp scenario?

[A] 16d03h50m Bird Jesus gets swapped in against Hardrage, takes a bit of rage before Alternate Jesus comes out.


[Reader's corner] /u/MrRonGalvan has irresponsibly posted a moderated drinking game. If only I had some booze and enough lack of self respect to sit alone drinking to Pokémon.

[A] 16d03h47m Zapdos hits Hardrage with a take down for barely any damage, and.. gets critically rock throwed down to flashing red! (That's still like 47hp, though; he isn't going down any time soon).

[A] 16d03h47m Hardrage keeps up the Harden front. Hasn't quite switched into Rage mode yet, but that's probably wise given the base damage Drill Peck can do.

[A] 16d03h45m Out comes Rock Throw. It always surprises me how little damage it does, but then again.. level 77 legendary. Battery attempts some thunder moves and HardRage uses his classic combo.

[A] 16d03h44m Bruno's up!

[A] 16d03h41m Loralei is down.

[A] 16d03h41m Lapras finally gets taken down by Zapdos. And, again, it's another rather futile battle against Ragix 1 and Ragix 2.

[A] 16d03h40m Battery uses.. Take Down. Ugh. Gets Blizzarded for some decent HP, but isn't frozen. [If anyone knows if the Elite 4 can't actually Freeze us or whether the chance is just that low we never see it, that'd be nice to know]

[A] 16d03h38m All Terrain Venomoth swoops in first, heading up the squad.

.. Gets body slammed.

.. Gets Hydro pumped. Okay, yeah, it's bird time.

[A] 16d03h37m Helix wastes more Hydro Pump pp, 'cause why not? And then goes down to a Hydro Pump. It's all up to the Aviation Squad now.

[That should've been Helix using Hydro pump earlier, btw, meaning we're on 2PP]

[A] 16d03h36m Lord Helix uses Hydro Pump twice and takes down Jynx, despite cheap Super Potion use. And.. NOW.. it's Lapras time rather. Also, Helix level 51!

[A] 16d03h35m Out comes Helix now as well. And withdraws twice. Come on, we just need ONE HIT. A third withdraw. Hell, at least we're winning at Bingo. Finally Slowbro gets taken down by a surf, but.. it's Lapras time..

[A] 16d03h33m Jesus is out against Slowbro, who has basically no HP, but mirrors growl. And if he uses it again, he'll be mirror- yep, mirrored withdraw. Great.

[A] 16d03h32m Now this is the story all about how Air Jordan misted, got took down.

[A] 16d03h31m The Fresh Prince of Shell Air actually does some damage, and he could win this one on his own! He uses strength and.. Slowbro is down to like 1 hit's worth of HP.

[A] 16d03h30m Finally we manage to switch out.. Air Jordan..

[A] 16d03h28m Fonz just, rather predictably, fainted. But Bird Jesus used Sky Attack which.. didn't even defeat Slowbro. :| . And gratuitous super potion use causes our effort to go to waste, and our NEXT effort too after two quick attacks.

[A] 16d03h27m That is, if we don't throw a Great Ball at him instead. Or.. two.

[A] 16d03h26m And.. yet again.. out comes the Fonz. Seriously, what is with the Fonz and Lorelei? He surfs, as usual. Luckily he's against Slowbro, who's pretty useless. In fact, he might actually defeat a Pokémon.

[A] 16d03h25m Dewgong opens with a weak Aurora beam. Battery uses Drill Peck unfortunately, but levels up to 77 nonetheless! That means next Dewgong should hopefully go down in a single thundershock! Cloyster time, and Cloyster falls to Thundershock too!

[A] 16d03h24m Lorelei's up. Light her up.

[Reader's Corner] /u/coreycubed:

we're calling that last KO "Rage Against the Machamp"

[A] 16d03h19m Sand Attack is used, which is definitely the right way to go if we hope to win with Mirror Move here. Unfortunately Confuse Ray causes Jesus to faint. Blacked out!

[A] 16d03h18m Gengar tries some Dream Eaters and.. we've run out of Sky Attacks :( . Gengar misses with a Toxic, but it doesn't look like there's much scope to win this battle given Gengar's moveset, short of a very lucky.. Night Shade?

[A] 16d03h17m Another Sky Attack and Chaaaarbok is down. We're flashing red though and only Gengar remains. Sand attack though! That's dece!

[A] 16d03h16m Haunter also takes the pure death that is Sky Attack.

[A] 16d03h15m So, Bird Jesus just did something useless, mirror moved, got confused and then killed Gengar with Sky Attack. A thankyou, a thankyou.

We're fighting Agatha! Didn't get a timestamp!

[Going to grab a drink, but I can predict what happens anyway. We spend 4 minutes wandering around Agatha, challenge her, use a bunch of moves that don't work, mirror move something useful and then kill Gengar with a sky attack]

[A] 16d03h07m Bird Jesus also levels up to 68.

[A] 16d03h07m Out goes Machamp and.. indeed! Rage! It tries Fissure. Loldumb. Jesus goes in for a second Rage and.. it uses Focus energy. More dumb. Rage takes it down! BIRD JESUS BEATS BRUNO!

[When you switch -> When they switch I mean]

[A] 16d03h06m Funnily though, Bird Jesus must have stupidly high attack after all this Rage, which could be useful at Machamp. I'm not sure whether it stops when you switch though? Onix is down, either way.

[A] 16d03h05m Bird Jesus manages to mirror Rage, and hilariously starts a Rage War against Onix.

[A] 16d03h03m Finally Battery shakes off his mortal coil, and our next bird is up.

[A] 16d03h02m Hitmonchan, too, goes down to a Take Down, but this is a risky strat. Luckily he changes to a Drill Peck for Hitmonlee. Time for Onix 2, which he's unlikely to survive.

[A] 16d03h01m After a jillion years of back and forths with rages and whatnot, Onix finally goes down to a takedown. Time for the double Hitmon waste.

[Reader's Corner] Some people keep asking which attempt we're up to. Mindez has made a rather nice document that shows all our attempts and how far we made it each time, here.

[A] 16d02h53m Onix manages to Rock Throw and Slam us, but we show him, with a swift Great Ball.

.. Oh wait.

[Lorelei, not Agatha. Derp]

[A] 16d02h51m Bruno is up. Out comes Battery, and Onix luckily misses with Rock Throw, but rather unluckily gets X-Defended, which covers all of the attacks we could feasibly land on him.

[A] 16d02h49m Bird Jesus lands a CRITICAL SKY ATTACK. Take THAT, Lapras. Agatha is down!

[A] 16d02h48m Lapras manages to get in a blizzard against Bird Jesus. This goddamn Lapras, guys. Bird Jesus uses the tried and tested "repeated sand attack" technique. I can't help but feel like that'd be really bad for Lapras. Like, it just doesn't look like it'd cope well with sand.

[A] 16d02h46m ATV is down! Helix is back in, but he keeps getting Hydro Pumped by Lapras and.. yes, he's no down too. It's all down to the Bird team again.

[A] 16d02h43m Air just got into a world of Body Slamming against Lapras and taken down, and ATV was switched back out again. And it was going so well!

[A] 16d02h42m Out goes the Lord. Before immediately being switched out for ATV, who takes a huge amount of damage in one hit. It's looking grim for him!

[A] 16d02h40m Lapras will probably land a Blizzard, unfortunately, which c- okay, no, out comes The Fonz. It just wouldn't be Lorelei if Fonz didn't get KO'd. He gets hit by Blizzard and CLUTCHES ON 1HP! GOOD LORD! Unfortunately, he only gets a second surf in and goes down to a second blizzard.

[A] 16d02h39m Critical, and Slowbro is down! Jynx should be up next, who'll take two hits and probably land an Ice Punch first. Battery uses thunderpunch and, indeed, ice punch hits Battery, before he finishes her off. Now Lapras!

[A] 16d02h38m Cloyster gets thundershocked! One hit KO! Next up is Slowbro! Ready for the OHKO pain?

[A] 16d02h36m Fighting Lorelei btw

[A] 16d02h37m In comes BATTERY JESUS, YEAHBOOOI. RESTGONG GOES DOWN IN ONE THUNDERSHOCK. Or.. no.. it.. actually doesn't. Lol. BUT IT'S DOWN NOW.

[A] 16d02h36m Woop woop, Anarchy comes back. May that be the last time we ever use Democracy!

[Strategy] No way are we fighting the Elite 4 in Democracy. Just sayin'.

[D] 16d02h35m I was about to facetiously post "If anything we're getting too much done", but then realised that we actually successfully switched Zapdos. So hurrah!

[D] 16d02h29m And, hilariously, nothing is really getting done fast. A Zapdos switch before Anarchy comes back is probably feasible.

[D] 16d02h25m Looks like democracy just kicked in!

[A] 16d02h17m Looks like people are trying to get Democracy in to switch Zapdos into first place and teach Mega Kick/Submission!

[Strategy] If Zapdos was at the front of our party, our Lorelei woes would go away, and Nidoking learning Submission/Mega Kick wouldn't be bad either.

[A] 16d02m05m Oh Jesus, oh.. Jesus.. Zapdos uses Take Down, beats Dragonair but.. defeats himself with Recoil. Black out

[A] 16d02m04m Another thundershock, and Dragonair only uses Dragon Rage. One more hit from a Dragon Rage and we're definitely gonners though, thanks to its fixed 40 damage.

[A] 16d02m03m YES! Drill peck! Dragonair is down! WE MIGHT ACTUALLY WIN THIS ONE GUYS.

[Amendment: Forgot to mention, Zapdos levelled up to 76 vs Haunter. Cheers /u/Sniffnoy]

[A] 16d02m02m Dragonair time. Aerodactyl shouldn't be a problem but these Dragonairs and Dragonite could be a real pain if we don't drill peck. Thankfully Dragonair gets paralysed, rendering his agility useless.

[A] 16d02m02m Haha, Gyarados. Good luck, mate. 1 Hit KO!

[A] 16d02m01m It's Lance time. Time to unmute the stream.

[A] 16d01h58 Gengar gets drill pecked and one hit kO'd! Agatha is thoroughly solo'd by Battery!

[A] 16d01h57 Haunter goes down to Drill Pecks, and.. Arbok, too goes down to a Drill Peck. Agatha is getting completely wasted!

[A] 16d01h56 Out comes Golbat! He takes Drill Peck damage, gets super potioned, but gets Drill Pecked again to death! But out comes Haunter!

[A] 16d01h54 Agatha is up! Unfortunately, Zapdos opens with a Take Down, which obviously does nothing, but DRILL PECK 1HKOS GENGAR!

[A] 16d01h52 Machamp goes down to another Drill Peck! Bruno is defeated!

[A] 16d01h52 Chan and Lee go down to Drill Pecks, and.. ONIX TOO, goes down to a Drill Peck, without Battery taking too much damage! We might actually beat Agatha!

[A] 16d01h49m Battery critically Drill Pecks Onix and takes him down! Out comes Chan!

[A] 16d01h46m Bruno time! Out comes Onix, versus Battery. It's going to be a long fight.

[A] 16d01h44m Okay, I made a proper Elite 4 Bingo now. Enjoy.

[A] 16d01h43m But.. Bruno time again.

[A] 16d01h42m The first Drill Peck takes off over half of Lapras's health, and a thunder finishes him off! Lorelei is down!

[A] 16d01h41m And Air is down too to a body slam! But Battery takes down Jynx with a literal Take Down. Only Lapras left!

[A] 16d01h41m And, indeed, ATV is down. It's all down to the Fresh Prince and AA-J now.

[A] 16d01h40m ATV follows through with a Jynx poison! Looks like he might not come out of this alive though!

[A] 16d01h39m Lorelei keeps cheaply using Super Potions. However.. ATV TAKES HIM DOWN! Woop woop!

[A] 16d01h37m ATV manages to poison Slowbro! And manages to leech him a bit. ATV could lose here!

[A] 16d01h36m ATV keeps getting growled again. With only 6HP he's about to go down any minute. ATV comes out again first though.

[A] 16d01h35m Lord Helix is down to a water gun!

[A] 16d01h32m Nope, out comes All Terrain. But, against this level 54 Slowbro it seems pointless. He uses amnesia and has.. withdraw disabled. Ugh.

[A] 16d01h32m Looks like Air Jordan's about to fall again.

[A] 16d01h30m Bird Jesus falls to a well placed Water Gun, and out comes Air Jordan.

[A] 16d01h29m Slowbro is actually doing something for once, consequently Lord Helix has to be switched in, who.. promptly uses Withdraw.

[A] 16d01h27m A second Sky attack, followed by a quick attack take down Cloyster!

[A] 16d01h26m Finally Bird Jesus comes out and Sky Attacks Restgong to fainthood after much deliberating!

[A] 16d01h22m Air comes out and nearly goes down to Restgong.

[A] 16d01h20m Bird Jesus comes out, but gets swapped out pretty quickly. Helix manages to get a critical hit in, but Restgong lives up to his name. Out comes Bird Jesus again.

[A] 16d01h17m The Fonz switches in yet again, and Dewgong sleeps. He's really not doing much damage, and things are going slowly. Eventually he takes off about 66% and goes down, but a Rest is surely in the works.

[A] 16d01h14m It's Lorelei time!

[Elite 4 Drinking Game anyone? Any time Dewgong uses Rest takes a shot. That's it.]

[Information] For those playing our exciting home game, this marks the 13th time we've blacked out and started over. Please keep your bingo cards handy.

[Snark] Great Balls sound like a great idea.

[A] 16d01h06m Great Ball shopping! 'Cause why not, right?

[A] 16d01h04m King Fonz used Strength! We can move boulders now... if there were boulders to move!

[Strategy] Again, switching Zapdos to the front would solve our Restgong troubles.

[Snark] How long, how long must we sing this song?

[A] 16d01h03m Night Shade. Black out

[A] 16d01h02m Out comes Zapdos for the thundershock sw- .. okay.. yeah.. Battery is down.. time to bring out.. paralysed.. 23HP.. Bird Jesus..

[A] 16d01h01m Agatha time. Thunder sweep, yeah?

[A] 16d00h58m Ugh! Used thundershock instead of Drill Peck! Submission! Luckily Flying type helps a lot and we hold on at 6HP. He can only take one more hit from anything that isn't Take Down now, so as long as we don't do that or miss a Thunder, we should win. Yep. Critical thundershock! Bruno down!

[A] 16d00h57m Alright, we actually really, really like using Thunder. Finally though, we get in a take down and Onix is down. 2 Birds, 1 Machamp now.

[A] 16d00h55m Out comes a double Drill Peck, and Ragix turns on Rage mode. Looks like he's screwed himself there unless we keep using these electric moves.. which.. we seem pretty content in doing, actually.

[A] 16d00h54m Out comes Battery Jesus again, to bring the.. ineffective.. pain. See if he can get the double Onix takedown. Except hopefully not literally with Take Down. Okay, no, yeah, he uses Take Down. Several times. Critting in fact. In fact, I take back what I said - this is going well! Except for a few Rock Throws his way.

[A] 16d00h52m Wait, there was a Hitmonlee? Bird Jesus takes it down quicker than the PC took down C3KO. But out comes Onix who.. gets Mirror Move rock throwed. If he can sand attack this could actually go pretty well. Instead he.. mirror moves harden.

[A] 16d00h51m Oh lawd, Bird Jesus just gets completely dicked by Hitmonchan. Thunderpunch paralysis and then double Ice Punch follow up. But.. Bird Jesus somehow mirror moves ice punch and critically defeats Chan! Lee's up!


[A] 16d00h49m Gosh darn it! Jordan is down, and only the birds remain! This can't end well!

[A] 16d00h48m The Fresh Prince is back in again. He can't quite manage to select surf though, just keeps on misting and body slamming. He doesn't even paralyse Onix either!

[A] 16d00h45m Oh, by the way, we're fighting Bruno. Air goes in, but doesn't use anything useful before.. ugh.. Battery Jesus.. is sent in..

[A] 16d00h41m Helix gets critical hydro pumped and is down! It's interesting to note that the "not very effective" text is broken in Gen 1 for dual type Pokémon, but the actual damage calculation IS done correctly. Out comes Battery with a critical Thundershock and Lorelei is defeated!

[A] 16d00h39m Out comes Helix, who takes down Jynx.

[A] 16d00h38m ATV paralyses Jynx and then paralyses her Thrash. Pure chins. But he goes down. And out comes Bird Jesus for round 2.

[A] 16d00h37m And just in time, in comes Battery. Takes down Cloyster in one fell swoop. (Or.. one fell thundershock, more precisely). Follows up with the old 1-2 to take down Slowbro too. Out comes ATV to fight Jynx.

[A] 16d00h36m Bird Jesus comes out! This might be our key! He .. STARTS GLOWING! GETS AURORA BEAMED BUT THAT ISN'T TOO BAD. SKY ATTAAAACK. YEAHBISH! RESTGONG IS DOWN! Level up!

[Reader's Corner extract] "That narcoleptic Dewgong" - /u/Hammaria

[A] 16d00h34m ATV comes out and poisons Restgong. Out comes The Fonz again though. More switching.

[A] 16d00h31m More Reddit Switcherooing, but we still haven't managed to get Battery into pole position. Air Jordan's out again. We haven't really wasted any important PP or HP on Restgong yet though.

[A] 16d00h30m Helix goes in again. But then Fonz.. and then Air.. looks like we're trying to get the Exp Share experience here.

[A] 16d00h28m Lorelei time again!

[Strategy] /u/Lunares has made a thread about switching Zapdos to the front of the party. Given he's the way we always end up beating Lorelei, it seems sensible.

[A] 16d00h18m Battery would've fallen to Ragix's massively boosted Attack, but he crits, so his stat boost is gone! TWICE! 1HP CLUTCH! But.. thunder.. Black out.

[A] 16d00h16m Ragix is doing decent damage now, and Battery just keeps using electric moves. It looks like he won't even get to the Hitmons.

[A] 16d00h14m Battery lands a Take Down, which.. does very little damage, and takes recoil. It would help if he'd switch to Drill Peck.

[A] 16d00h13m Battery keeps up the electric "assault" on Ragix. The Rage, as usual, does very little damage.

[A] 16d00h11m Battery uses an ineffective Thundershock. A sign of things to come, perhaps?

[A] 16d00h11m It's Bruno time.

[A] 16d00h05m Bruno time. AKA double Onix time. GG.

[A] 16d00h04m Yep, in comes the fury. Battery messes up Cloyster, Slowbro and Jynx, and barely takes any damage in the process. Finally Lapras, and.. blizzard hits.. does it freeze? Nope. Lapras is wasted. Lorelei is defeated

[A] 16d00h03m Helix manages to hold onto 1HP, but eventually falls. It's all down to Battery now. And.. again.. Bruno is next, though I have no doubt Battery is about to execute all of Lorelei's team individually and painfully.

[A] 16d00h02m Helix is struggling as he's stuck in a clamp. He still can't do substantial damage to Cloyster either. It looks like Red's trying to switch in Zapdos but he's really struggling.

[Welcome to the 17th (and possibly final?) day]

[A] 16d00h00m All Terrain Venomoth proves that he perhaps isn't so suited to the Icy terrain of Lorelei's arena, and almost faints to Cloyster, but not before Stun Sporing. Just.. after it. Only Battery and Helix remain, and out comes Helix, throwing out more Hydro Pumps.

[A] 15d23h58m A couple of Aurora Beams, and The Fonz faints. Out comes.. Helix again. Dewgong has barely any health and.. CRITICAL HYDRO PUMP. RESTGONG IS FINALLY DOWN!

[A] 15d23h57m Restgong Takes Down Lapras. Out comes All Terrain Venomoth, before.. out comes The Fonz. Restgong is asleep again, but his Fury Attack doesn't do huge amounts of damage, nor does strength. ALTHOUGH! He takes off 75% damage eventually, before.. Restgong.. rests..

[A] 15d23h55m Out comes Air, who gets Take Downed, before Body Slamming Dewgong. He doesn't manage to paralyse, before switching to surf, and.. goddamn Restgong uses his standard move again.

[A] 15d23h55m Lord Helix uses a Hydro Pump. Dewgong rests and Omastar uses a CRITICAL hydro pump, followed by a critical surf. Lorelei has to use a second potion before.. Lord.. Helix.. withdraws..

[A] 15d23h54m Alas, Dewgong uses rest. And out comes the Fonz, who critical Poison Stings, but barely does damage. We go back to switch mode. It just wouldn't be Lorelei if Fonz didn't faint!


[A] 15d23h53m Bird Jesus mirror moves Dewgong, cutting his attack with Aurora Beam. He takes another hit though and.. HE'S GLOWING FOR A SKY ATTACK.. but gets critical Aurora Beamed. Alas. In comes.. Lord.. Helix.. again.. Rest time if we can't switch.

[A] 15d23h51m And Bird Jesus goes out! He takes an Aurora Beam, but.. whatever, right? Jesus does the classic Sand Attack offense, and makes his pitiful Aurora Beam miss. Showing why he is our Messiah. A SECOND sand attack, and Aurora Beam misses AGAIN! Where's your ice STAB now, Dewgong?

[A] 15d23h50m Lord Helix does NOT waste his Hydro pump pp! Instead he horns attack into a rest and then cleverly critically horn attacks. He follows up with a surf, and Dewgong only has 50% HP! If he can switch out now, Dewgong might not rest!

[A] 15d23h49m .. And immediately after posting that strategy we walk in a perfect path right up to Lorelei and challenge her. It's on!

[5* Strategy] Let's play properly this time guys.

[Information] For those playing our exciting home game, this would be black out #11, I believe.

[Reader's Corner] /u/draconicalvara suggested that teaching Mega Kick or Submission would be a good idea to teach to The Fonz since he keeps getting murked by ice types and fighting>ice. I should point out though: Mega Kick is a normal type move.

[A] 15d23h40m Helxi has no hydro pumps left, and brings up the Withdraw defense himself. Meanwhile Lorelei cheaply uses a super potion, tssk. More Hydro Pumps since Lapras apparently doesn't care about his own PP and then we black out.

[A] 15d23h39m Bird Jesus takes a tonne of damage from Blizzard, mirror moves a critical blizzard but doesn't do anything overly substantial, before being blizzarded into KO. It's all down to Helix now.

[A] 15d23h38m Out comes Air. Lapras vs Lapras here, and.. the enemy Lapras uses Body Slam. Luckily, the Fresh Prince isn't paralysed or taken down, but he only uses mist.. twice.. and is then critical body slammed into Submission. Only our god and Messiahs are left now, and out comes Bird Jesus.

[A] 15d23h37m Lapras gets thundershocked but then completely murks Battery with a blizzard. ATV comes out and disables its body slam, but then kills himself with confusion.

[A] 15d23h35m Battery follows up with the second thunderbolt, defeats Jynx and.. ATV IS TRYING TO LEARN PSYBEAM.. BUT DOESN'T! NO!

[A] 15d23h35m Jynx is too busy thrashing to use ice punch, so this could be in the bag as long as Lapras isn't too much of a pain.

[A] 15d23h34m Jynx doubleslaps the heck out of All Terrain, who disables her body slam. She goes in for the thrash though and absolutely ganks ATV. He redisables Body Slam after it's undisabled and switches back to Battery after having only 5HP. That's still enough to beat Dragonite though!

[A] 15d23h33m Battery absolutely nails Cloyster with a thundershock, and follows up with another one leaving Slowbro with.. a sliver of HP.. before critical thundershocking. Unfortunate order. We manage not to trade out and.. thundershock takes off a bit over half of Jynx's health but.. CRITICAL ICE PUNCH! Battery has less than half HP! And out goes ATV!

[A] 15d23h32m Air manages to do a fair bit of damage, but Dewgong, yet again, rests. Aha! Battery Jesus is finally out and.. THUNDEEEER! GODDAMN DEWGONG GOES DOWN. Exp for EVERYONE.

[A] 15d23h31m In comes Air, and Dewgong with his Rest combo has still barely taken any damage, despite taking out all of Helix's Hydro Pump pp, half of Air's HP and KO'd Fonz. Will Fonz ever survive past Lorelei?

[A] 15d23h29m Out comes ATV though, again, laying on the status conditions, which Dewgong sleeps on again.

[A] 15d23h29m Finally out comes Battery! He takes an Aurora Beam but the tradeoff isn't so bad!

[A] 15d23h28m The Fonz is Aurored to death but.. ATV comes out and stun spores Dewgong, who rather predictably rests again. If only enemy PP was counted in Gen I.

[A] 15d23h27m Again with the Fonz. Really, if Battery Jesus was in that slot we'd have so fewer problems. But out comes Helix again, and wastes his fourth Hydro Pump. Dewgong uses his standard response.

[A] 15d23h25m Out comes All Terrain, and Dewgong rests again.. before.. Helix comes back in and wastes his third Hydro Pump, this time actually missing with it. He horn attacks before Dewgong rests again.

[A] 15d23h24m Lord opens immediately and wastes his first Hydro Pump. Dewgong rests and Helix follows up with his second Hydro Pump. Out comes.. ugh.. Bird.. Jesus..

[A] 15d23h23m After some attempts to teach Submission, we're finally back at Loralei. And it's oooon!

[A] 15d23h07m Battery continues the Thunder assault, while Onix uses his Harden strat. If we so much as touch Take Down we're down. But, alas, Onix uses Slam and we black out!

[A] 15d23h06m Ouch! Critical Thundered! That's gotta hurt Hitmonchan! And Hitmonlee is followed up with another Thunder! Battery Jesus levels up to 74, but it's Onix time again, indeed.

[A] 15d23h06m Battery takes down Onix, and is in Drill Peck mode, which is handy! (Especially since using Take Down now would be a self KO). Hopefully we can get some Drill Peck Exp from the two Hitmons at least before the next Onix comes out and wrecks us.

[A] 15d23h04m .. Unfortunately, Battery Jesus repeatedly thundershocks until he only has 2HP left. At this point Glorious Suicide isn't so much of a bad idea though, given how bad Lorelei went. If only Battery Jesus was at the bottom of the party, Lorelei would've gone so much better the last 3 times.

[A] 15d23h03m Zapdos uses takedown, which is a risky strategy, but leaves Onix on practically no HP. Another hit and then it's down for the Fighting Triple KO hopefully.

[A] 15d23h02m More Drill Pecking action, and more Raging. Rage hits crtiically this time, but it still does barely any damage. Onix is down to about half health, but.. even if we can scrape through this battle, we're sure to lose against Agatha.

[A] 15d23h00m Out comes Onix who.. CRITICALLY ROCK THROWS BATTERY JESUS, WHO CAN ONLY THUNDER IN REPLY. It looks like it's all over now. Onix is only hardening too, which will really ruin our ability to Drill Peck. Indeed, barely a scratch. Onix is only Raging though.

[A] 15d22h59m Bruno is up!

[A] 15d22h56m Though I wouldn't celebrate yet - Battery Jesus is the only one who remains and he has to fight 2 Onixes right now.

[A] 15d22h55m Out comes Battery and takes down Jynx with a well timed Thundershock. He follows up for a thundershock versus Lapras before getting Blizzarded. Luckily, he isn't frozen, follows up again and Lorelei is defeated.

[A] 15d22h53m Air goes down almost instantly as Jynx thrashes around. It's all down to Battery now!

[A] 15d22h53m But Helix gets critically Ice Punched to death, and it's down to Air.

[A] 15d22h52m And finally the dope goes down to a surf, but it's Jynx time. Neither combatant really has the advantage here, as Ice Punch will be normal against Helix, and water moves normal against Jynx.

[A] 15d22h50m Critical Horn Attack again, and Slowbro's left on practically no HP. But yet another Super Potion comes out. Helix goes in with another surf, and Slowbro can't survive another hit (possibly another horn attack), but he does some decent damage to Helix too.

[A] 15d22h48m Ugh.. Helix Horn Attacks Slowbro, leaving it with just a sliver of HP, but he gets Super Potioned, and follows up with a water gun which does a fair bit of damage to Helix.

[A] 15d22h47m Lord Helix goes in with another surf, but Slowbro's holding up pretty well. We still have Battery and Lord though, so things aren't too grim, but Jynx is still up yet. Another Surf and Slowbro is nearly down.

[A] 15d22h43m **We throw an Ultra Ball at Slowbro. Nice try guys.

[A] 15d22h43m Ultra Ball hype! Obviously this move is useless though, and Lord uses his fourth Hydro Pump amidst Withdraws from either side.

[A] 15d22h42m Helix uses his third Hydro Pump! Only two left at this point. He takes down Cloyster, and Slowbro comes out.

[A] 15d22h41m Cloyster Clamps the Helix Incarnate, and keeps him unable to fight back. He uses his second hydro pump, and it actually does a fair bit of damage, but not enough. This run seems doomed.

[A] 15d22h40m Ugh.. Bird Jesus gets switched in. Of all the things. Aurora Beam takes off a fifth of his health and he.. uses mirror move and critically Aurora Beams Cloyster. It does very little damage. He gets Aurora Beamed twice more, gets critted and falls. Out comes Helix.

[A] 15d22h38m The cursor is over Battery Jesus again but.. alas, we overshot and.. Bird Jesus almost got sent out just now (which is about the worst thing we could do). The Fonz uses surf though, and Aurora Beam knocks him out. YES! Battery is out and takes out Dewgong with a single thundershock as per usual!

[A] 15d22h37m Dewgong gets a critical hit [I assume with Aurora Beam, back now], and takes down ATV. Unfortunately, The Fonz is back out.

[A] 15d22h36m Battery brings out the Drill Peck pain but doesn't quite take Dewgong down. His only chance to avoid all the ice moves here is to switch to Thundershock but.. alas, we switch to ATV and Dewgong rests immediately. [Brb, choking on something]

[A] 15d22h35m But we overshoot and out comes ATV. Luckily Dewgong uses Rest again, which gives us another chance and.. YES! OUT COMES BATTERY!

[A] 15d22h34m Helix is switched back in and Dewgong, clasically, uses rest again but.. ugh.. Helix uses some Hydro Pump PP, which immediately gets eaten by Dewgong Resting as The Fonz switches in again and uses another surf. Battery really needs to come out!

[A] 15d22h33m Out comes Helix, and luckily switches to Surf. Wouldn't want to waste those precious Hydro Pumps! Dewgong uses rest and.. YET AGAIN we switch into The Fonz, who uses Surf. What's next: Two Aurora beams again?

[A] 15d22h32m Lorelei is up! Can we keep our.. cool?

[A] 15d22h25m Intermission over! Time for attempt #10!

While you are waiting, why not listen to Helix

[A] 15d22h21m [Stream is down for a bit once again.]

[A] 15d22h20 Battery hits with Thunder! He switches to the more sensible Thundershock for Golbat and criticals, taking him down too! Unfortunately.. he uses Take Down a couple of times against Haunter, and hurts himself in confusion, before.. BEING EXACTLY KILLED BY NIGHT SHADE! BLACK OUT!

[A] 15d22h20m Battery Jesus is finally out. He hits Gengar with a Thundershock, who can only reply with a Dream Eater. Looks like this Gengar's in the bag at least.

[A] 15d22h18m Now out comes Air, who gets immediately confused, and then defeated immediately with a Night Shade. It's all down to Battery Jesus now. Looks like we can't win anymore.

[A] 15d22h18m Air Jordan is OHKOed by Night Shade. :(

[A] 15d22h17m Out comes Gengar, and Lord Helix 2.0. He gets Night shaded, but not before Hydro Pumping which.. doesn't.. actually.. do that much damage (a bit under 50%). He gets put to sleep and then dream eatered twice. He's KO'd and Gengar gets half his health back!

[A] 15d22h17m Eventually Red overcomes his existential crisis and gets on with the task at hand. It's Agatha time!

[Snark] Seriously guys, are we going to spend more time trying to get to Agatha than battling her?

[A] 15d22h13m Drill Peck takes him down and Bruno is defeated!

[A] 15d22h13m Lord Helix switches to the.. somewhat questionable Horn Attack tactic now, which doesn't do masses of damage, and Machamp starts focusing energy. Battery Jesus is switched in though! He doesn't stand a chance! He attempts a FISSURE, WOW that was a good switch!

[A] 15d22h13m Don't even play Onix, you know you don't stand a chance. He goes down in one with another surf. Mass destruction on the battlefield here, and Machamp is up!

[A] 15d22h13m Lord Helix defeats Onix with one Surf!

[A] 15d22h11m Go on Helix! He goes up against Hitmonlee with ANOTHER CRITICAL SURF AND TAKES HIM DOWN IN ONE!

[A] 15d22h11m Helix levels up and is trying to learn Hydro Pump! He learnt it in place of WATER GUN!

[A][A] 15d22h10m Lord Helix levels to 49!

[A] 15d22h10m Hitmonchan seems very fond of Ice Punch, which is odd considering how weak it is versus Air Jordan. Lord Helix goes in to finish the job, gets mega punched critically, but Helix's rock typing protects it to some extent. He follows through with a CRITICAL surf for the KO!

[A] 15d22h09m Hitmonchan gets X-Defended, but also Body Slammed for paralysis! Lapras follows up for the 1-2-3 Body Slam, before getting Ice Punched for.. just 2 damage! Perhaps this wasn't a bad choice after all! A fourth body slam!

[A] 15d22h08m Out comes Hitmonchan, and we send out Air, who.. may not be the wisest of choices for this battle. Much Secret Key consultation occurs.

[A] 15d22h08m Lord Helix comes straight in with the standard Water Gun one hit KO versus Onix.

[A] 15d22h07m Lord Helix defeats Onix with Water Gun.

[A] 15d22h07m Once again, we walk swiftly in for the Bruno battle. Bruno is up

[A] 15d22h06m And thundershock doesn't kill him in one! But.. blizzard does a great deal of damage! Luckily no freezing though! One last thundershock and Lapras is down. Lorelei is defeated!

[A] 15d22h05m Versus Jynx now, who doesn't have a type weakness to thundershock but DOES have a type advantage with Ice Punch! She does some decent damage but a second thundershock takes her down. Lapras is up!

[A] 15d22h05m Battery Jesus is just dealing out the pain now, as he follows up with another thundershock to take down Slowbro. He levels up to 73.

[Update] I meant to say Thundershock, sorry. Minor correction.

[A] 15d22h04m Out comes Battery Jesus to shed some blood. One thundershock and Dewgong is down. He follows up with a second thundershock to take Cloyster down in one too.

[A] 15d22h4m Dewgong knocks out ATV, only to fall to Battery Bird's Thunder. :D

[A] 15d22h04m Dewgong rests again, and All Terrain comes out. ATV attempts a couple of disables to no avail and uses stun spore once again before.. DEWGONG CRITICAL TAKE DOWNS ATV AND HE'S DOWN.

[A] 15d22h01m And, indeed, Dewgong rests again. Air barely scratches Dewgong with a surf, and follows up with a strength which is.. equally as useless. He throws in a second strength for good measure but it looks impossible for him to beat Dewgong.

[A] 15d22h00m Out comes Lord Helix, and.. again.. out comes the Fresh Prince, who.. also paralyses Dewgong with another Body Slam, but, again, it seems a bit futile thanks to Rest.

[A] 15d21h59m All Terrain manages to paralyse Dewgong, before switching out for Air. He rests though, curing the condition. Doesn't look like Air Jordan can fix this mess.

[A] 15d21h59m ATV Paralyzes Dewgong with Stun Spore.

[A] 15d21h59m Bird Jesus critical Aurora Beams Dewgong with Mirror Move twice, but it's extremely weak, and his own type weakness to Aurora Beam looks like it's going to doom him. He clutches at 7hp before charging up a sky attack.. but never gets to deliver it as he's down!

[A] 15d21h57m Abba Jesus is sent in, and waves of sand descend upon Dewgong. Aurora Beam is doing quite a number.

[A] 15d21h58m All Terrain is obsessively disabling Dewgong now. Even if he lands a status move, it's going to get rested away. Bird Jesus is traded into though, and Dewgong critically take downs! Would've been good, but the recoil was actually pathetically small. Bird Jesus uses a bit of sand attacking.

[A] 15d21h56m But just as things were going well, All Terrain Venomoth gets switched in, but DISABLES AURORA BEAM. This could go alright after all!

[A] 15d21h55m Out comes the Fresh Prince and gets Take Down'd. Luckily this means a fair bit of recoil damage, which we follow up with a Body Slam. Unfortunately no paralysis. Battery Jesus gets switched in now and.. takes a bit of damage from Aurora, but nothing too major.

[A] 15d21h54m Yet again, The Fonz is switched out, to be sacrificed to the ice Pokémon. Two Aurora Beams and he's down.

[A] 15d21h53m Lord Helix finally opens with his first move, and, indeed, Dewgong uses Rest and falls asleep to heal up that minimal damage. Helix gets his Withdraw on.

[A] 15d21h51m Out comes Dewgong, and predictably uses Rest again.

[A] 15d21h51m It's Lorelei time again!


[A] 15d21h42m And we're back.

15d21h4..(something?)m The stream is down for a bit! Time to get snacks.

[Battle] 15d21h38m: Surprise! We actually took out two of Agatha's mons by pure luck, and then proceed to get put to sleep and then put to sleep (by blacking out). EXP gaining is fun!

[A] 15d21h38m Haunter isn't KO'd instantly, but he is paralysed! Battery Jesus is asleep though.. for two turns. Arbok switches in and bites. Black out.

[A] 15d21h37m Holy Hemiola, Bird Jesus comes in and one hit KOs Gengar AND Golbat. It's a bloodbath!

[A] 15d21h37m Checking out the Pokémon graves for rather a while. Perhaps foreshadowing to the coming battle? Eventually Red sums up the courage to have his Pokémon subjected to the torment of 2 Gengars.

[Who are you, LittleKurbioh?]

[Snark] We don't stand a ghost of a chance.

[A] 15d21h33m Goes without saying though, it's a 5HP Battery Jesus versus Agatha, Lance and Blue now. It doesn't look like this could possibly be the winning run, but at least we overcame Bruno!

[A] 15d21h33m He comes in for the Drill Peck and BEATS MACHAMP! BRUNO IS DEFEATED!

[A] 15d21h32m Unfortunately though, it was only a matter of time until Onix 2, who gets critically drill pecked for over half HP, but gets X Defended twice. These attacks aren't doing so much anymore! We get 2 more in, but it's going to take 2 MORE AND.. NO, ROCK THROW, BUT IT DOESN'T WIN! 5HP! AND ONIX HARDENS! BATTERY JESUS ACTUALLY BEATS ONIX!

[A] 15d21h31m And a second drill peck in a row! Hitmonlee is down too!

[A] 15d21h31m Hitmonchan's out, and takes a body slam to the face. He's paralysed too! Could really go with those sweet, sweet STAB surfs though, but alas, Air is down. It's all down to Battery Jesus now, who still has the type advantage for the Hitmons and Champ, and indeed, he takes down Chan!

[A] 15d21h30m But alas, Air uses Body Slam, and it doesn't even par- wait no, it just happened after his rage rose. Onix is paralysed and now.. surfed! Onix is down! Air levels up to 29!

[A] 15d21h29m Finally out comes Air Jordan, but Rage is actually doing a fair bit of damage now it's been going for a while. Air's really going to have to user surf sometime soon or it could be a double wipeout from Onix.

[A] 15d21h28m More rages, more futile thundershocking and more drill pecking until.. HA, we throw a couple of balls at Onix. Pro strategies.

[Reader's Corner] "..or just say thundershock correctly" - Cheers for that.

[A] 15d21h26m It's a good thing Onix is stuck in Rage mode, because he's doing very little damage. He's not doing as laughably poor as Giovanni in the Rocket Game Corner, but at the least he's buying us some time, as we appear to try to switch back to the Fresh Prince.

[A] 15d21h25m And, indeed, Onix does very little damage with Rage. UNfortunately, the Fresh Prince uses mist and then.. NO. BATTERY JESUS IS BACK OUT. Luckily only against Rage, but.. still. Things look bleak!

[A] 15d21h24m The battle's going quickly slowly, as it appears the hivemind is trying its best to try and switch to Shell Air! And we manage it! It remains to be seen whether this will be a fruitful endeavour, but it's better than doing no damage and risking Battery Jesus, surely?

[A] 15d21h21m Much secret key consultation occurs, before we use yet another useless thundershock. Luckily Onix only X-Defends.

[If I ever say thunderbolt, I mean thundershock]

[A] 15d21h20m This really isn't looking good. We have Battery Jesus who can only hit with Take Down, which does recoil damage and isn't effective, or Drill Peck, which has STAB but is still not very effective. And we open with a thunderbolt. Drill peck only does about a 5th damage.

[A] 15d21h19m Straight up to Bruno without even stopping to smell the.. rocks?

[Implying we have strategy in battles]

[Strategy] From /u/didhe, some other ways to take advantage of Gen 1's straightforward AI. Of course, easier said than done.

[A] 15d21h17m Out comes Battery Jesus and takes down Lapras with one swift thundershock! We win!

[A] 15d21h16m Out comes Lord Helix, and takes some Hydro Pumping action down to low health. He keeps up a water gun front, but it's really not doing too much damage until.. Hydro pumping takes him down!

[Reader's Corner] /u/Calabazal has made a recap video for today.

[A] 15d21h14m Lapras is up, gets quick attacked but takes down Bird Jesus with a single blizzard!

[A] 15d21h14m Out comes.. ugh.. Bird Jesus, who uses.. Mirror Move. All bad things. He takes an ice punch for nearly half his health and resorts to a Sky Attack. Luckily Jynx gets super potioned so he's down! He's lost a good chunk of health thanks to that ice effectiveness though!

[A] 15d21h13m CRITICAL thunder shock! But he takes an ice punch! Things aren't looking good for Battery Jesus, but at least he's taken down a good chunk of Lorelei's mon's. He gets switched out for ATV, who gets ice punched.. to death.. critically! In one. Sadface.

[A] 15d21h12m We just lost a whole bunch of recoil damage for nothing, but a Drill Peck almost lays Slowbro to left. He's left with a sliver of health, until Battery finishes him off with another peck and levels up to 72! Jynx out!

[A] 15d21h11m Battery Jesus uses take-down, and we don't really want to be stuck using that thanks to the recoil. Really messed us up versus Lance! Another take down though, and more recoil! And slowbro is healed with a super potion!

[A] 15d21h10m Ugh, critical Aurora beam does some real damage, but thankfully we critical drill peck and follow through with another for a quick takedown. We ideally want to be stuck on a thunder move though! Luckily we approach Slowbro, who's more interested in Amnesia than ice moves.

[A] 15d21h09m The Fonz squeezes in a critical surf, but, alas. He falls to the first 'mon. But out comes Battery Jesus! As long as he can keep thundershocking we're in! And it's a good start - he thundershocks Dewgong, who's down in one! Out comes Cloyster!

[A] 15d21h08m We unfortunately switch into The Fonz, and this can't go well. He uses surf, and gets Aurora beamed for over half his HP. If we don't switch again he's a gonner for usre.

[A] 15d21h07m Out comes Dewgong, versus Lord Helix as usual. Will he use Rest again? Yep! Rest strat never appears to fail him, but likewise, Helix seems intent on using withdraw.

[Snark] I guess Dewgong is already a bit bored of seeing us every few minutes, since he tried to go to sleep right at the start. Have some respect!

[A] 15d21h05m Approaching Lorelei (whose name I can now spell, thanks guys). It's on.

[Strategery] Or we can just blow it all on Ultra Balls, I guess. RIP money. (Also I guess /u/Alex_Rose will continue the live updating and yrs. truly will occasionally interject with fun facts and tidbits at random)

[Sign-off] Unfortunately I have to depart, but as always, thank you for putting up with me! Thank you as well for the supportive PMs and other corrections! /u/Alex_Rose will take over from here! See ya!

[Strategy] I know that buying and using items is something of blind luck, but we do get some cash every time we beat up the E4 members and there's a shop on the way in...

I apologize, I said Dragonair used Aurora beam earlier, when it should've been Hyper beam! Thanks /u/dark494 and /u/malukow for the correction!

[A] 15d20h54m Aerodactyl supersonics, and King fonz is confused. Aerodactyl bites, King fonz hurts itself in confusion, Aerodactyl hyper beams and takes out King Fonz. SO CLOSE! Red blacks out, back to the Poke Center

[A] 15d20h54m Aerodactyl out next for Lance. Secret key consulted for wisdom multiple times' we Drill peck and take Aerodactyl to ~60% health. He bites and AA-j is taken out! King Fonz in next

[A] 15d20h53m Dragonair out next We thundershock but it takes off only 25% HP. AA-j is down to 21hp after an aurorabeam. We thundershock again and take out Dragonair! Another dragonair up next. We drill peck and OHKO the next dragonair!!

[A] 15d20h53m Here we go. We thundershock out of the gate and OHKO Gyrados!!

[A] 15d20h49m AA-j is confused, but we still manage to take out Golbat with a thunder attack! Haunter is out next for Agatha. We thunder immediately, and OHKO Haunter! Arbok up next We use thunder again and OHKO Arbok! Gengar up next! We thunder, but it misses! Gengar night shades and takes a ton of HP off of AA-j. We thunder and take down Gengar! Agatha defeated!! On to Lance!

[A] 15d20h47m AA-j takes down Gengar with consecutive thundershocks! AA-j levels up to 71

[A] 15d20h47m Agatha up next! With most of our pokemon down, however, I can't say we stand a great chance

[A] 15d20h43m King Fonz uses strength to take out Machamp! Bruno down!

[A] 15d20h42m Fury attack is nearly useless on Machamp; we consult our inventory for wisdom before trying posion sting; it misses. We then Surf, before switching in Air Jordan. He's OHKO'd by a submission attack! King Fonz in next

[A] 15d20h39m We use strength a few times to not much effect. We fury attack but it's basically useless! Same for poison sting. We finally surf and finish off onix in 1 hit! Machamp up next

[A] 15d20h36m Hitmonchan up next for Bruno. We take it out in 2 moves with 2 water guns! Hitmonlee next. We horn attack, it's not too effective and takes ~25% hp off. We switch in King Fonz, who misses a fury attack. We surf, and take Hitmonlee down to almost no health. One poison sting is all that's needed to finish him off! King Fonz levels up to 51. Onix up next

[A] 15d20h35m Bruno is next! Onix is out first for him. Omastar uses a water gun to OHKO Onix!

[A] 15d20h32m Jynx is up next for Lorelei and we take it down to barely any HP in 2 consecutive surfs. AA-j comes in to finish it off. Lapras up next for Lorelei! AA-j thundershocks it down to half health; a blizzard by him takes AA-j down to half health, but we manage to finish it off in 1 move. Lorelei defeated!

Omastar levels up to 48

[A] 15d20h30m Slowbro is out next; Omastar surfs 2 times, but it isn't as effective on Slowbro. Luckily we take out Slowbro in 4 consecutive turns with 4 consecutive surfs! We take minimal damage

[A] 15d20h28m Omastar clutches with 3 water guns and a horn attack to bring Cloyster down to barely any HP, but Lorelei uses a super potion. Then a surf to bring Cloyster to the same HP as before, but another super potion is used on him. We finally manage to take out Cloyster with a Surf

[A] 15d20h27m ATV doesn't do much to Cloyster, who is then taken out in 3 moves by Cloyster. Omastar in next

[A] 15d20h25m We sky attack Cloyster to bring him down to half health; He then takes out Bird Jesus. Dragon Slayer is in next

[A] 15d20h25m Omastar took a few HP off of Dewgong, but is switched out for King Fonz. Who is switched out for AA-j. Who is then switched out for Bird Jesus. We sky attack Dewgong and take it out in 1 hit!

[A] 15d20h22m We're back to Lorelei!

[A] 15d20h18m Air doesn't stand a chance against Gengar. He's badly poisoned and hit by a night shade and a confuse ray; he quickly goes down/ Red blacks out, and back to the Poke Center we go

[A] 15d20h17m A swift Night Shade takes off almost all of Air's HP and then he's confused. He still hasn't managed to do any damage yet, hurts himself with confusion, gets hit by strong toxic poison and clutches on 4hp.

[A] 15d20h17m Air Jordan tries.. strength.. a couple of times.. which isn't really helping his cause and.. ugh.. Toxic. Even if we survive now, we probably can't even walk to Lance.

[A] 15d20h15m Dragon slayer is taken down in 2 moves, by 2 night shades

[A] 15d20h15m There is a slight hope in this battle, in the form of this paralysis status condition. Gengar's has Night Shade, but often tries to first use Dream Eater, which requires him to hypnotise us first. Air Jordan could take the win here on a fluke, but Agatha may have potions left.

[A] 15d20h13m Two night shades in a row and Battery is gone! Only Air Jordan and ATV are left now, and ATV comes out. Paralyses Gengar though! But it seems all hope is lost now.

[A] 15d20h12m Yes! AA-j takes down Arbok in 3 moves! Out comes Gengar, but AA-j is fully paralized and takes some damage from Gengar. AA-j goes down! Dragon Slayer is out next!

[A] 15d20h13m Zapdos gets paralysed by a glare from Arbok, but takes it down with a Drill Peck. Finally out comes the final Gengar, versus a paralysed Battery Jesus!

[A] 15d20h11m AA-j takes out Haunter with 2 swift thundershocks! And then takes out Gengar with 2 consecutive thundershocks and a drill peck! Next is Arbok

[A] 15d20h11m Out comes Battery Jesus and takes off half of Haunter's HP in once swift Thundershock and then follows up with a poorly timed critical, and takes him down. Another thundershock to Gengar, who is now paralysed, and another thundershock follow up! He takes a night shade, but finishes Gengar off with a Drill Peck!

[A] 15d20h10m We seem pretty insistent on switching, conserving our mighty Dragon Slayer for the time when he's needed is a good idea, but incredibly unlikely to occur. Instead he goes into the fray with Gengar, who.. gets switched out for Haunter.

[A] 15d20h09m Out comes the mighty Dragon Slayer, but he can't poison anyone in this battle, and with his leech life he's unlikely to do any damage to anyone!

[A] 15d20h8m Omastar goes down to Gengar

[A] 15d20h08m Out comes Gengar again though, who only uses a Dream Eater but.. manages to confuse Lord Helix.. WHO WAKES UP INSTANTLY to another Dream Eater. Unfortunately he only uses withdraw before a Night Shade kills him in one!

[A] 15d20h7m The secret key is consulted a few times. Omastar is taking damage; Omastar becomes confused but manages to knock out Golbat with 2 well-timed Surf moves!

[A] 15d20h07m After much deliberating and slow horn attacking, Lord Helix has very little health left and is left confused by a supersonic. He almost takes himself down, and Golbat is low on health too.. until a super potion is used! LORD HELIX REPLIES WITH SURF AND.. GOLBAT ALMOST KOS UNTIL.. YEP, FOLLOW UP WITH A KO.

[A] 15d20h04m Out comes Gengar, but gets immediately switched for Golbat, who loses half his health almost immediately to a couple of well placed water guns.

[A] 15d20h4m Agatha time.

[Agatha - Derp]

Just broke 100,000 viewers on the stream!

[A] 15d20h01m Omastar levels again. But it's time for Loralei, who could cause major trouble.

[A] 15d20h01m Machamp is so pumped right now. Goes in for another submission but all this withdrawing actually paid off as a strategy! Machamp's having to leer, and he slowly gets horn attacked.. UNTIL THE WIN! BRUNO IS DEFEATED!

[A] 15d19h59m Helix comes in with a surf and takes down another Onix with a second One Hit KO. More withdrawing, which isn't a terrible idea versus this Machamp, and Machamp's submission misses. His second one.. isn't too damaging thanks to the withdrawing!

[A] 15d19h59m Omastar gloriously OHKO's Hitmonlee! And then OHKO's Onix!

[A] 15d19h58m Lord Helix is vehemently withdrawing again. The good old "withdraw a lot and then switcheroo" trick. Hitmonlee can't land a hit though, and falls to a single surf!

[Another correction: I somehow said Jynx thunderpunched rather than ice punched. Dunno how I managed that one]

[A] 15d19h56m Just missed about a minute as my stream keeps cutting out, but I gather that Hitmonchan just got murked and Lee has taken his place.

[A] 15d19h55m Omastar grows to level 46

[A] 15d19h55m Onix comes out, and Lord Helix laughs him off. Water gun and he's down in one. Hitmonchan comes out, fighting moves or a thunderpunch could be disasterous for Lord Helix.

[A] 15d19h53m Here comes Bruno again!

[Typo: said Bolt instead of Shock down there]

[A] 15d19h54m Loralei defeated (again).

[A] 15d19h54m Battery Jesus comes straight in with another Thundershock, instant Slowbro takedown. Follows up with a critical thundershock on Jynx, but gets critically thunderpunched! Jynx is down to a second thundershokc though, and.. Lapras is almost down to thundershock again, Blizzard misses and BATTERY JESUS WINS!

[A] 15d19h52m Air actually manages to get Cloyster down to low HP, before a super potion is used, but succeeds again! Finally, Battery Jesus is switched out and takes it down with a swift Thunderbolt!

[Side-note] Those beautiful battle animations tho. BLUE forced our animations back on! Definitely improving watching the battles.

[A] 15d19h50m The Fonz is down. Out comes the Fresh Prince of Shell Air, who surely can't hope to do much but - manages to paralyse Cloyster with a weak Body Slam at least!

[A] 15d19h49m He uses a surf.. and loses more than half his health to Aurora beam, but this cloyster appears to have rather defense as he brushes off a poison sting. In goes a fury attack and.. indeed, does rather little damage. He's still got over half his health and.. 6hp clutch!

[A] 15d19h47m In comes quick attack and takes down Dewgong, but this whole attempt seems doomed now. Another Aurora beam takes down Bird Jesus. Let's just hope Battery Jesus and ATV aren't selected. And.. ugh.. it's The Fonz.. who also has weakness to ice!

[A] 15d19h46m But out comes Bird Jesus, because, why not, right? He fails to mirror nothing and then gets ready with a Sky Att- AND OH NO AURORA BEAM, but it doesn't do too much damage. Sky attack lands and a SECOND Aurora beam CRITICALLY OH GOD, CLUTCH AT 10HP, THIS IS BAD!

[A] 15d19h45m Lord Helix gets in a critical surf, which.. only takes off about 2/5s of Dewgong's health. Dewgong rests, which allows Lord to withdraw even more! His defense must be stupidly high at this point.

[A] 15d19h44m Out comes Dewgong, faces our great lord and.. attempts to rest? Interestingly. Although, it can't actually fall asleep with full HP. A second rest is attempted, meanwhile our lord repeatedly withdraws. Not a terrible move, but lots of the attacks here will be special!

[A] 15d19h43m Here we go again! Red straight up to Loralei and challenges her from behind!

[A] 15d19h41m The stream's about to hit 100,000! Basically doubled in the past hour! Not had this many viewers since Giovanni!

15d19h36m Bird Jesus is our light, how can we prevail if the enemy has our tactics?! Outlook is grim.

[Snark] Hey Blue, at least our Pidgeot doesn't know Whirlwind any more! Pfft!

[A] 15d19h35m And just like that, we're dead. BACK TO THE POKECENTRE!

[A] 15d19h34m: Aaaand All Terrain Dragon Slayer gets murdered in the third round against BLUE's Pidgeot.

[A] 15d19h34m Guys, that music. That music is playing. Out comes Blue's own Bird Jesus, and.. wing attacks. Clutch! (If only we'd taught Jesus that one). We fail a disable and.. oh god.. Pidgeot is using Sky Attack. And.. we disabled whirlwind!

[Snark] Moment of irony: Pidgeot, our second strongest Pokemon, obliterating Venomoth.

[A]15d19h33m The entire godcrew, and it's the ATV that mows down the hardest Pokemon. Who knew?

[A] 15d19h34m Time to face Blue! We.. surely can't win? Surely?

[A] 15d 19h 31m: Elite 4 defeated. With only ATV left. I'm seriously surprised, that was an amazing victory.

[A] 15d19h33m: "I can't believe my dragons lost to you" yeah, neither can we.

[When I said STAB before I obviously meant Type Advantage, typo]

[A] 15d19h31m: Neither can we Lance... Neither can we

[A]15d19h31m ATV levels up to 37 btw!

[A]15d19h31m: We actually beat dragonite. I'm absolutely fucking stunned right now...


[To elaborate, Barrier is Dragonite's Psychic move, which it thinks has STAB against ATV, so he just keeps on using it!]

[Fun Factoids!] Generation 1's AI is programmed to always use super-effective types, even if those aren't exactly damaging. Needless to say this causes hilarious situations as seen here.

[A] 15d19h30m Apparently, Dragonite only uses Barrier and Agility against poison types! It looks like this is actually in the bag!.

[A] 15d19h29m More Leech Lifes! It seems absolutely bizarre, but Dragonite is completely stuck in Barrier mode! He's down to about half health now! We could actually win this.. and.. HYPER BEAM IS DISABLED, HAHA!

[A] 15d19h27m Critical leech life does basically nothing again, but every little counts at this point. It's seemingly increasingly likely that Dragonite's just going to Hyper Beam our faces off.

[A] 15d19h26m YES! Our only hope here was poison power and perhaps a well aimed disable, and stupid move choices from Dragonite! We have the poison powder sorted, and he just keeps using barrier! We could fluke this one, but it'd be really difficult!

[A] 15d19h24m Critical slam takes down Jesus! It's all down to ATV now! It's unlikely we stand a chance against Blue at this point, but can All Terrain save a bit of face and beat this Dragonite? Probably not! He opens with a barrier and leech life does.. absolutely minimal damage.


[A] 15d19h22m Outcomes Aerodactyl! Bad typing here, but Sky Attack takes off 2/3rds of its health, but it crits us! Clutch! But our second Sky Attack takes it down! Dragonite comes out! MISSES WITH SLAM!

[A] 15d19h21m Bird Jesus uses the tried and tested Sand Attack technique. Dragonair's just using agility for now, but Jesus mirrors it. This might help later on, but who can predict? Another critical! This time a quick attack! And dragonair is almost defeated! Follow up with another quick attack and Dragonair is down!


[A] 15d19h20m Bird Jesus mirrors Dragon Rage, which's fixed 40 damage is just not enough to beat Gyarados, who clutches, but a second mirrored Dragon Rage takes him down. Out comes Dragonair!

[A] 15d19h20m Zapdos hits with a CRITICAL takedown, defeating himself! It's all down to the original Jesus and ATV now! Bird Jesus goes out, mirror moves nothing and gets Dragon Raged (luckily).

[A] 15d19h19m .. That is, if it can use the right move! He uses Take Down, getting recoil TWICE, and doesn't even defeat Gyarados with them! He takes a Hydro Pump and is really clutching at this point. Finally though he follows with a third take down.. BUT MISSES. AND A HYPER POTION WAS USED. Things aren't looking good!

[A] 15d19h17m Out goes Bird Jesus against Lance's Gyarados. But immediately, pretty foolishly, The Fonz is switched out into a Hydro Pump, and instantly falls with the huge power and STAB. Out comes Battery Jesus, who has a 4x advantage against this opponent!

[A] 15d19h16m Dragon pokemon may be superior, but you haven't seen the likes of Bird and Battery Jesus, Lance.

[A] 15d19h16m Red on autowalk makes the most progress he's ever made in one go since the Underground. And walks straight up to Lance unfazed. It's on!

[A] 15d19h15m Gengar Dream Eaters and falls to Battery Jesus, who levels up to 70! AGATHA IS DEFEATED!

[A] 15d19h15m Battery Jesus follows up with a drill peck and a thundershock! Takes down Arbok too! Out comes the level 60 Gengar, which.. gets critically thundershocked! One more might win us this! And.. no! Gengar clutches and receives a super potion! Twice!

[A] 15d19h14m Out comes Battery Jesus and takes down Golbat with that type advantage, and follows up to take down the first Gengar! Haunter comes out but.. Thunder misses, and Battery's confused, but follows up with a second thunder, CRITICALLY, AND TAKES DOWN HAUNTER!

[A] 15d19h13m Gengar foolishly chooses a night shade and takes yet another surf hit, but Agatha switches in Golbat, which takes down our Fresh Prince.

[A] 15d19h12m Out comes Nike Air. Luckily, Night Shades do fixed 56 damage from this Gengar so he doesn't fall instantly. He does get confused though, but still manages to land a couple of good surfs. Clutches at 6hp and follows up with a third surf!

[A] 15d19h11m Out comes the first Gengar! Lord Helix immediately comes out with a Horn Attack, which obviously can't hit! He's already been confused too, and continues trying the Horn Attacks! Hasn't killed himself yet, but STILL Horn Attacking until.. he falls to a Night Shade!

[A] 15d19h10m After a little wandering, Red's pumped himself up enough to challenge Agatha. Bring on the Gengars.

[A] 15d19h8 Lord Helix gets switched out for The Fonz, who beats him with a swift surf! Bruno is defeated!

[A] 15d19h7 Machamp attempts a one hit kill with Fissure, but falls short. We quickly check Lord Helix's stats. Yep - still alive. He follows up with a surf and almost defeats him! Yes! X-Defend! If we can just land one more Surf Bruno is down!

[A]15d19h5m Helix takes down Hitmonlee with only 21 health left! Another Onix sent out and the Secret Key is vigorously consulted.

[A] 15d19h3m Starting off the Bruno fight with Helix versus Onix. Helix KO's Onix with water gun! Bruno uses some X Defends on a Hitmonchan but Helix takes him down as grows to 45! Hitmonlee sent out.

[A]15d19h2m AA-J OH'KOs Jynx and Slowbro AND Lapras with thunder!! Lorelei defeated with hardly any hits to our party at all!

[A] 15d9h0m AA-J takes a bit of damage fighting Dewgong but KO's Dewgong and grows to 69! Cloyster sent out and Cloyster is OH'kOed as well by AA-j!

[A] 15d 18h 56m: Back to Lorelei and we're fighting Dewgong.

[A] 15d 18h 53m: Stream's back.

[Reader's Corner] Ah, my mistake. I forgot Agatha had two Gengars and assumed I had just gotten confused. Turns out I was right the first time: AA-j did take down the first Gengar. I knew something was fishy there, sorry guys.

[A] 15d 18h 48m: Stream paused.

[A] 15d 18h 47m: Red blacks out! Apparently, Gengar was just withdrawn, not defeated, and Agatha switched the Arbok out for Gengar to finish us off. View numbers as a reader requested: 68,103 right now, having risen from about 48k when we started earlier. We uselessly heal at the Indigo Plateau Pokemon center, but, you know. That's a cheery tune.

[A] 15d 18h 45m: AA-j clears Haunter with a OHKO of Drill Peck! Arbok is out, AA-J uses Thunder, but missed! AA-j goes down. Only sleepy ABBA is left.

[A] 15d 18h 45m: AA-j takes down Golbat with Take Down. Haunter out next.

[A] 15d 18h 43m: Things aren't looking good. AA-j is weak and ABBA sleepy. AAAA goes down. Then AA-j surprises us and flatlines Gengar! Golbat is out next.

[A] 15d 18h 38m: I think Gengar is being controlled by an alternate universe Twitch. He just keeps using Dream Eater, uselessly.

[A] 15d 18h 37m: Gengar's out first. Abba and the spiritual beast exchange a few blows, then we consult the secret key. Why won't you reveal your secrets!

[A] 15d 18h 35m: After all the excitement, we check Bulbasaur's cry a dozen times or so just to make sure it's still the same. Ghost master Agatha is up, and probably ready to rock us.

[A] 15d 18h 33m: AAAAA takes down Hitmonlee! AAAAA grew to level 50! Then OHKO'd Onix with Surf. Bruno's last Poke up, Machamp. A couple surfs from AAAA take him down. RED defeated Bruno, first try!

[A] 15d 18h 32m: ATV, Air taken down by Hitmonlee's speedy kicks.

[Snark] Hey guys, we can afford to get Gastly out now!

[A] 15d 18h 31m: Omastar takes down Hitmonchan. Then falls on the first round to Hitmonlee.

[A] 15d 18h 29m: Bruno's first poke, Onix, down to Omastar's surf. Omastar levels up to 44. Had a chance to learn Spike Cannon, but we refused.

[A] 15d 18h 27m: Lorelei defeated! Onto Bruno, which just started.

[A] 15d 18h 24m: AA-j will not suffer a Dewgong to live. Ain't catching no shut-eye on AA-j's watch, Dewgong. Slowbro's out. And Slowbro's down to AA-j's Thunder. Lapras out, AA-j smashes him.

[A] 15d 18h 23m: Red's up against Lorelei once more. Omastar's ready to fight, but Dewgong would rather take a nap.

[A] 15d 18h 16m: On Lapras and this AAAAAAA is our last Poke. Blizzard from Lapras wipes him out on what looks like about 1 hp left for the enemy. I'm sure they're reposting that gif on their side to /r/loreleidefeatstwitch. We black out again, having taken down 4/5 of Lorelei's pokemon and gained 2 levels.

[Side-note] Wouldn't it be nice if we could put battle animations back on? That'd be cool.

[A] 15d 18h 6m: ABBA, AA-j die to blizzards from Lapras. So close but yet so far.

[A] 15d 18h 4m: AIIIIR grew to level 28 as we took down Dewgong with AA-j! Then AA-j clears Cloyster in one shot! Slowbro is out. Slowbro cleared in one shot with AA-J! AA-J levels up to 68! Jynx is out. Jynx taken down on the 2nd round with Take Down! Lapras is out! AA-j takes a strong Blizzard and dishes out an ineffective Take Down. That was nuts.

[A] 15d 17h 55m: Blacked out again! Lorelei's Lapras too stronk.

[A] 15d 17h 50m: Stream froze for a bit, and when it resumed, we were on Jynx. Jynx goes down to a mirror-moved double-slap which seriously rocked her shit from ABBA. ABBA goes down to Lapras in the first round.

[A] 15d 17h 47m: AA-j takes down the Dewgong, giving hefty XP to AIR and AAA, but no levels.

[A] 15d17h46m: Back to Lorelei. If we just keep this up for a day or two, we should steamroll the E4.

[A] 15d 17h 41m: Red blacked out! Back to Indigo Plateau. Now the grind has truly begun.

[A] 15d 17h 40m: And AA-j goes down to a Slowbro. ABBA was taken down by that Cloyster at around 15d 17h 32m. Omastar is our last, and about to go down.

[A] 15d 17h 37m: AA-j takes down Cloyster with Drill Peck. Slowbro comes out.

[A] 15d17h35m: Venomoth gets taken down by Cloister, but not before poisoning it. Zapdos is back out.

[A] 15d 17h 31m: Lorelei's first poke, Dewgong, dies at the hands of ABBA. ABBA levels up to 66. Cloyster's up next, and it's not looking hot. AAAAAAA, Air both down on our team.

[Politics] Also anarchy mode took over about 5 minutes ago, oops

[Battle] 15d17h27m: Sup Lorelei. Fightin' time.

[Movement] Hello and welcome to Indigo Plateau. Take your shoes off, you'll be here a while.

[Party] 15d17h19m We heal our team at the Indigo Plateau.

[Movement] Smell ya later, Victory Road. (There's a small amount of stuff left before the Pokemon Center and Indigo Plateau proper, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem, hopefully.)


[Agreement] I second /u/Xkeeper's statement. This is our finest hour.

[Commentary] I think it's honestly pretty amazing that democracy went from being fairly disorganized and often overshooting everything, to a collaborative effort that utilizes waiting to do more precise maneuvers. Really shows how far things've come.

[Battle] 15d17h6m: Nidoking steamrolls the Juggler with a flurry of Critical Hit Strength moves. You can all resume breathing.

[Party] 15d17h5m: Nidoking levels up to Level 49.

[D] 15d17h4m Oh no. We've encountered a rogue Juggler, with a team of what seems to be four psychic-type pokemon, and Surf is out of PP. Our fate is in the hands of destiny (and Democracy) now...

[Battle] 15d17h2m: Whoops, took a wrong turn and ended up in front of a trainer.

[D] 15d17h0m Still in Victory Road, we've completed the final switch puzzle! This is easily the most impressive use of Democracy ever documented on TPP. King Fonz is going strong, and the end is almost in sight!

[Strategy] Just a reminder that, while the boulders reset, the blocks themselves apparently stay deleted if you wipe. So if you solved the puzzle once, you shouldn't have to do it again. (There's a lot of confusion about this, understandably.)

[D] 15d15h40m: Just in case anyone is lost and doesn't know what to do, here's a map detailing where we need to put the boulders. Thank you to /u/JayCKey for the graphic. http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/2769/y57r.png

[D] 15d15d12m: The chat seems torn about what to do: some are attempting to use strength, others just forced us to exit the menu entirely.

[D] 15d15h2m: With a massive influx of votes, we switch to democracy. Just in time for a battle, too.

[A] 15d14h46m: Lapras goes down to a wild Zubat. Nidoking comes in to clean up the mess, but we run.

[A] 15d14h43m: We used the max revive on Nidoking! Zapdos has also fainted while fighting a wild Machop.

[A]15d14h37m: We've also picked up a max revive. The chat erupts into war over getting back into democracy so they can actually use it.

[A] 15d14h36m: The scale tips and once more we are plunged into anarchy.

[Things We've Missed] Thanks to /u/TitaniumShovel, /u/void165, and /u/anyonethinkingabout for the information: we fought a cooltrainer, leading to Lapras becoming paralyzed, Zapdos growing to level 67, a full heal was used on Lapras but he was then put to sleep, after which we defeated the cool trainer. Zapdos was poisoned by a wild Venomoth, Democracy came into effect as of 15d14h6m, and we went down to level 2 of the cave.

[D] 15d14h14m: TM 17 has just been found, which contains Submission!

[D] 15d14h12m: Sorry for the delay in updates. Twitch has gone into Democracy mode, ostensibly to make some real progress.

[A] 15d13h44m: (before I leave) AIR is now level 27 (thanks /u/void165!).

[Meta] Right, it's 2am here and I'm about to pass out at the keyboard... hopefully another updater is available to take over. For now, see you all later!

[A] 15d13h44m: King Fonz has fainted, leaving us only two remaining Pokemon: AA-j and AIR.

[A] 15d13h39m: Battling another whip-wielding COOLTRAINER. Surely there's some kind of authority Red can contact to report the Pokemon abuse that's going on here.

[A] 15d13h34m: Anarchy is back in and Red takes a relieved look through his Pokedex. Must be like crack to him by now.

[D] 15d13h26m: Bird Jesus has just fainted from a stubborn Miley Cyrus who wouldn't let us use the tried and tested bdownrighta escape :'(

[D] 15d13h21m: We've been on Democracy for over an hour - surely Red must be having Bulbasaur's cry withdrawals by now.

[Strategy] Here's the puzzle map again - we're on number 3!

[D] 15d13h18m: We're on the 3rd floor!

[D] 15d13h11m: Talked to the trainer we just defeated: "You earned the right to be on Victory Road!" Understatement of the century.

[D] 15d13h9m: Picked up Full Heal!

[D] 15d13h7m: Almost reached the ladder for the 3rd level, but overshot on Lefts and are now battling a trainer holding a whip. Surely it's not legal to whip your Pokemon...

[Bad pun] Red is making some serious progress. The only explanation is that the holy Helix must have died for our wins.

[D] 15d12h51m: Just solved the first boulder puzzle on the 2nd floor! The 'wait' command in Democracy is becoming incredibly useful.

[D] 15d12h42m: We've done it! AIR just used Strength! Knew he'd be useful for something ;)

[D] 15d12h27m: I'm not sure when it happened but Helix has fainted :(

[D] 15d12h15m: Democracy has been voted in and the hivemind seems torn between getting into position in front of the boulder or using Strength (reminder: we can use Strength anywhere, it doesn't need to be next to a boulder!)

[A] 15d12h9m: Red is pacing around the second level trying to get Strength selected. Godspeed (or should I say Helixspeed).

[A] 15d12h3m: We're on the second level of Victory Road! Reminder: here's the boulder puzzle map.

[A] 15d12h3m: Just defeated COOLTRAINER, and Bird Jesus just got to use Sky Attack for the first time! It was awesome.

[A] 15d11h36m: We've reached Victory Road cave and although the boulders have reset, the pressure plate from the puzzle we've already solved has gone! So we can go straight through.

[A] 15d11h29m: We've succeeded in Surfing and are now approaching the cave, but appear to have stopped to fight a wild Ditto who has sinned by transforming into Lord Helix.

[Strategy] Here's an updated strategy map for the upcoming Victory Road puzzles!

[A] 15d11h24m: Back to Anarchy and currently trying to Surf up to Victory Road.

[D] 15d11h7m: We've made it past the ledge again and are now heading up towards Victory Road! Huzzah!

[D] 15d10h53m: Democracy comes into power.

[A] 15d10h51m: Red views his badge collection once more, as though to reassure himself that despite how many times he falls off the ledge, he still deserves to be here.

[A] 15d10h46m: Helix and King Fonz just tag-teamed a lvl 3 Rattata and gained a whopping 8XP each. Thought the silliness of it all deserved an update.

[A] 15d10h39m: Trying to get past the Victory Road ledge now.

[A] 15d10h24m: Back in Viridian City... but not before talking to a young lad on Route 1 cruelly reminding us that "ledges are scary". Foreshadowing?

[A] 15d10h12m: Current goal is heading back to Victory Road, but we're having a bit of trouble leaving Pallet Town atm. There's no place like home, eh Red?

[A] 15d10h4m: Scratch that - we still have the Secret Key in our inventory. That's it, though.

[A] 15d10h3m: Just deposited ALL our items! No more accidental jazz flute solos from Mr Red.

[Sign-off] Alright guys, pulling this all-nighter has been fun, but I must get ready to head off to classes now! Thank you for putting up with me for a while xD Also, thank you guys for the kind PMs and strategies you guys have sent me! It's always fun doing this :) /u/thecardigan will take over from here! See ya!

[Strategy] I've gotten a few PM's about the possibility of going back to Red's PC and storing the Poke Flute. Frankly, I agree with this strategy, because it will significantly increase our chance of success later down the line when we get into trainer battles

[A] 15d9h4?m Anarchy has returned

[D] 15d9h36m King Fonz has been taught HM04, Strength! It learns it in place of Focus Energy! thank helix hm moves cant be forgotten!

[D] 15d9h29m Democracy has returned!

[Reminder] HM04 is Strength, and the goal is to teach it to The Fonz to make it easier to do boulder puzzles in Victory Road.

[D] 15d9h25m: Current goal seems to be to try and teach Strength to King Fonz!

Including the Poke Flute.

[A] 15d9h8m I did make a mistake on that original list; nevertheless, after a 2nd trip to withdraw items from Red's PC, all items are now withdrawn. Taken out the second time are: Poke flute, HM04, potion, super rod

[A] 15d9h3m Potion, moon stone, super rod, secret key, SS ticket, card key, HM03, Silph scope, Town map, HM01, Lift key are all withdrawn. If I made a mistake on this list, please let me know!

[A] 15d8h59m We heal at our house.

[A] 15d8h51m As Red wanders throughout his house, I can't help but wonder what he must be thinking; perhaps he's reminiscing about his life, before all of this madness started a little over two weeks ago? Before the voices started, before the journey, the sorrow, the loss, the ambitions, the dream of victory...

[A] 15d8h41m We have landed in Pallet Town!

[A] 15d8h32m Anarchy has returned as King Fonz propels us northward!

[D] 15d8h28m Welcome aboard King Fonz cruise lines, Red will be your captain today!

[D] 15d8h18m Democracy has returned, as we stand on the dock of North Cinnabar Island, watching the waves move back and forth

[Poll Results] Given the results of the recent straw poll, I think it's obvious that Bird Jesus is here to stay! Landslide victory!

[A] 15d8h6m Red attempts to re-enter the Cinnabar gym, I bet he wishes he didn't leave the key back in Pallet Town

Apparently I missed it, but King Fonz leveled up to 48 after the Cooltrainer battle. Thanks /u/Sniffnoy for letting me know!

[A] 15d7h58m We respawn back on Cinnabar Island! Chaos ensues!

[A] 15d7h58m King Fonz is taken out by a Graveller's self destruct. Red blacks out!

[A] 15d7h48m We find ourselves battling a cooltrainer! Bird Jesus goes down against a Persian! King Fonz annihilates it in one move with Surf. Next, a Ninetails comes out for Cooltrainer; King Fonz easily takes it down in 2 moves with 2 consecutive surfs! Cooltrainer defeated!

I'm sorry about my terrible formatting :(

[Poll] Which name do you prefer for Pidgeot? Bird Jesus or God Bird? Answer in this Straw Poll!

[A] 15d7h42m God Bird hits level 65! Having 5 PP on Sky Attack feels like Zeus with a limited supply of lighting bolts

[A] 15d7h36m Anarchy has returned

[D] 15d7h31m Bird Jesus has successfully learned Sky Attack in place of Whirlwind!

[Strategy] See all of Operation: Lord of the Skies AKA Sky Attack HERE

[D] 15d7h25m TM43, Sky Attack, acquired!

[STRATEGY] We're 1/6th there! See the full plan HERE

[D] 15d6h52m Hoorray! We've put the boulder in its proper place!

[Terrible joke] The grind is so long, we could make enough flour to last us a lifetime!

[D] 15d6h42m Nothing of note has really happened other than our party being on its last legs. /u/MrDudeMan12 creates the Official Petition to Change TPP to Twitch Plays Tony Hawk Pro Skater since the grind is so long

[D] 15d6h10m So close, but yet so far.... We pushed the boulder against a wall so that it was impossible to push down. Back to square one!

[D] 15d5h47m: Back inside and Strength has been selected again (already!). It's worth noting that the multiple-command system (putting leftrightdown etc) has caught on and has worked really well in solving this puzzle in Democracy.

[D] 15d5h43m: We managed to move the boulder the right amount of spaces... but then overspammed 'downrightup' and ended up back outside, resetting our progress. Sigh.

[D] 15d5h43m View the state of the party HERE!

[D] 15d5h41m: With Democracy in power we've managed to get Strength selected and are making a solid effort at moving the boulder!

If you're looking for entertainment during this hugely exciting grind, the Choir of Helix has released another tune here.

[A] 15d5h18m Democracy is in power. Another chance for democracy to use strength. To get a grasp on your lag, you can look up your time in UTC here and compare it to the UTC on the stream.

[A] 15d4h37m Switched into Anarchy. Still attempting to use strength and/or black out, as we only have Bird Jesus and the Fonz left.

[D] 15d4h33m Heading right back to Anarchy as Democracy is STRUGGLING with these battle menus. You have to compensate for the lag: assume at least 20 seconds.

[D] 15d4h27m Democracy has returned.

[A] 15d3h57m Golbat comes in like a wrecking ball, but Abba says he can't stop, and leaves.

[A] 15d3h55m We leave Victory Road, and all our hard work has been undone nothing has changed.

[A] 15d3h54m Sand-attack has no PP left. Just about sums it up really.

[A] 15d3h48m Our current party status

[A] 15d3h45m We run away from another encounter. Classic grinding.

[A] 15d3h26m Terrified by the rapid speed of progress made by Democracy, TPP has returned to Anarchy.

[D] 15d3h23m Like all great democracies, voting has taken us down a blind alley. Here is the map, in case you're lost.

[D] 15d3h17m Wondered why this battle was taking so long. It's because we're on Democracy

[A] 15d2h59m We've left Victory Road again, oh no! Now all those boulders we moved will be reset! Oh wait...

Top Gear top tip: when Democracy kicks in, refresh your stream to make sure you're as synced as possible.

[A] 15d2h32m Anarchy is back by the way

[D] 15d2h29m When Helix was nearly dead Democracy chose Withdraw rather than an attack or running. I'm not making any insinuations. Draw your own conclusions.

[D] 15d2h20m We suffer a total eclipse of the 'Star, as Tony Manero Helix faints.

[D] 15d2h20m Democracy has taken over. Sneaky.

[A] 15d2h17m Omastar levels up to level 43

[A] 15d2h7m Red checks his items several times. But there are no items anymore! This must be how Gollum felt after Bilbo picked up the Ring.

[A] 15d1h52m: Apologies for not updating, but we managed to get Strength selected, move the boulder twice... before leaving the cave and resetting progress. Ah, well.

[Snark] TPP has flip flopped more between Democracy and Anarchy in the past half hour than a pancake.

[A] 15d1h30m After failed a-start interaction resulting in talking to the rock we wanted to move rather than accessing the menu, Anarchy is back.

[Strategy] Due to an error, here's a link to the updated strategy map to get through the current boulder puzzle.

[Day 14/15 Recap] If you're interested in catching up to what Red's been up to in the last 24 hours, look no further than this audio recap! (Thanks /u/ThePokeMessiah!)

[Strategy] /u/ZSaberLink has made a handy image that shows how to solve the boulder puzzle once we get Strength selected.

[D] 15d1h20m: Democracy again and the first prompt we vote in is 'Start'. Making progress!

[A] 15d1h9m: AIR has fainted to a particularly aggressive wild Miley Cyrus.

[A] 15d1h5m: Red checks the Pokedex entry for Charmeleon in a depressing turn of events.

[A] 15d0h53m: Helix is at lvl 42 now (I missed it woops, thanks /u/Sniffnoy)

[A] 15d0h46m: Anarchy is back and the first thing Red does after a quick battle is consult the Pokedex. Ah, Anarchy.

[D] 15d0h43m: Having a lot of trouble with the Start menu and it looks like Anarchy is about to come back into power after only 5 minutes of Democracy. Will Red ever be able to get through Victory Road?

[D] 15d0h41m: It seems most people want to move back towards the boulder. Reminding you all again, this isn't necessary because we can be anywhere in the room to select Strength.

[D] 15d0h38m: Democracy is back but the hivemind don't seem to want to stick around in the Start menu with lots of B presses...

[A] 15d0h27m: Red is now in the cave part of Victory Road. Hopefully we have more luck selecting Strength than we did yesterday... reminder: we don't need to be facing the boulder to use Strength, we can do it anywhere!

[Information] Casual reminder that Red didn't heal at Viridian, so if Red blacks out, it's back to Cinnabar.

[Movement] 15d0h5m: Well, Red got past the ledge and into Victory Road again. That was a surprise!

[Movement] 14d23h51m: Looks like Red is paying the ledge before Victory Road a visit. Some people still want to withdraw HM04 for Nidoking, though.

[Information] I've heard it come up a few times in chat, so... anybody who thinks we should withdraw Gastly from the Day Care: We currently have about $1000, which is probably not nearly enough to pay the fee. (Besides, we'd have to use the PC again, and you know how well that goes.)

[Shameless Self-Plug] If you remember that "robot says filtered chats from TPP" feed from before that crashed as soon as I linked it here, I'm restreaming it here (with some music and stats). Alternatively, there's also the "every line in chat said at once" version here (it will probably drive you insane).

[Movement] 14d23h43m: Hey, Viridian City. It's been a while.

[Strategy] 14d23h30m: It sounds like the chat is pretty divided between getting Strength back out of the PC, going back to Viridian, and ... grinding on level 3 Pidgeys.

[Movement] 14d23h20m: Heeeeeeey we finally left Red's house! Back to Route 1 with us.

[Politics & Items] 14d23h10m: I was about to make a joke about how Democracy didn't accomplish anything either (like the last 2 times), but this time they successfully deposited every item Red had. And now it's back to anarchy, so!

[Politics] 14d22h57m: Frustrated with Anarchy being unable to do anything, we move into Democracy mode.

[Snark] Red's next gym is in his house. He will be awarded the Stair Badge shortly.

[Items] 12d22h29m Anarchy immediately withdraws the Poke-Flute. Now that's a catchy tune!

[Politics] 12d22h29m: Anarchy mode back on. Democracy seemed to at least have an idea of what they wanted to do this time.

[Politics] Oops, missed it, but somehow we ended up in democracy again.

[Snark] Red is just really, really homesick. Give him a while to get his things in order and I'm sure we'll be back to the action soon enough.

[Reminder] Red's PC only deals with items, so there will be no accidental releases from it.

[Politics] Anarchy is Back-narchy.

[D] 14d21h41m Without a clear goal in mind, Democracy is causing some discontent in the stream. Some people want to go back and deposit the Pokeflute, others want to try and teach King Fonz the newly-acquired Strength, and others still want to just get the hell out of this house.

[Politics] 12d21h37m: Hello, and again, welcome to Democracy mode.

[Inception] If this was being played in Super Game Boy mode, Red would be playing a SNES ostensibly playing Pokemon Red. And for a moment, an infinite number of Reds would be controlling an infinite number of Reds.

[A] 14d21h25m We've returned home again, and are currently messing about on Red's PC - we withdrew everything except the Moon Stone. Good news is we obtained the HM for Strength, bad news is we withdrew the Pokeflute. Swings and roundabouts.

[A] 14d21h18m Red is messing about on Route 1 at the moment. Where is the hivemind trying to take us?

[A] 14d21h8m And we're home to Pallet Town!

[A] 14d21h6m We make landfall of one of the infamous Fat Man Islands.

[A] 14d20h58m A newfound sense of adventure has overtaken our beloved protagonist, and Red has surfed away from Cinnabar island!

[Fun] Welp, we killed the voice synth stream. Sorry about that!

[A] 14d20h47m We've healed up our team. We are now fishing, for reasons entirely uncertain.

[Strategy] Addendum to the epic saga of Victory Road Strategy Updates, sent in by /u/-misla- just now: apparently the Squares reset every time Red goes up or down a ladder. This is troublesome... Last post on that subject for the time being, especially considering that we aren't anywhere near VR at the moment.

If your day is going kinda shitty like mine, seriously, visit the link /u/Xkeeper just linked below. I cannot stop laughing


[Fun] /u/goldfishplus presents: A filtered Twitch Plays Pokemon's Chat as run through a speech synthesizer. beep boop robot noises (live streaming MP3 audio)

[Strategy] While we survived those random battles for a while, it's important to remember that there are actual trainers in Victory Road too (so no running away), and every loss makes us face The Ledge™ again. (And in response to one of the prior posts, there are several one-way exits in Victory Road; getting back in without that HM could be an issue, though.)

[A] 14d20h26m We have left the Mansion and seem to be attempting to heal up at the Pokemon Center. Currently we aren't having any success.

[Strategy] In relation to my last post, /u/picodealion just sent in this: "I literally just finished Red and I'd like to add that once you've been fighting the elite four and you want to go back, you DO have to solve the boulder puzzle again. Not sure if there's even any reason to do that (I wanted to go back to another store for some other powerups) but just fyi." So once we finish Victory Road, getting out of there again could cause us some difficulty.

[Strategy] Thanks to /u/someguy1919 for this comment, and to /u/Spoon_rhythm for bringing it to my attention: "When a boulder is pushed onto a switch, the Square object blocking the path is deleted, I even blacked out purposely to make sure it stays that way; and yes, you only need to do the puzzles a single time, so even with the team we have now, VR is easily do-able in a few attempts, especially as we survived for 2+ hours of random encounters." Useful for when we eventually get to Victory Road.

[RECAP] Another excellent concise video recap of the last 24 hours by /u/Calabazal can be found HERE!

[A] 14d19h42m Still in the Mansion. Still grinding - King Fonz is now level 47. Also, we reportedly tossed TM 27.

[A] 14d17h59m When is a helix not a helix? When it's a star. Omanyte has evolved!


[A] 14d17h49m: Nidoking hits level 45. Bolding level ups, since we are grinding theoretically.

[A] 14d17h29m In what is becoming an unfortunately common reoccurence, Air faints.

[A] 14d17h14m Air reached level 26. They grow up so fast...

[A] 14d17h10m Back in Pokemon Mansion!

[A] 14d17h0m We heal our team, though not before fear of the PC sends Red careering into the opposite wall for several clumsy minutes.

[A] 14d16h51m Poisoned by the ravages of time (and, y'know, actual poison), Helix has given up the ghost.

[A] 14d16h41m We exit the Pokemon Mansion for long enough to contemplate Cinnabar's town sign. "The Fiery Town of Burning Desire"... If you say so, Cinnabar.

[A] 14d16h37m Air is down for the count once more. Helix jumps into the fray to seek vengeance.

[A] 14d16h25m "Scientists conduct experiments in the burnt out building", a passerby tells us. Enthused, we enter Pokemon Mansion once more.

[Strategy] The stream seems a little divided at the moment, with some striving to continue to grind in Pokemon Mansion, whilst others are suggesting we abandon Cinnabar in favour of greener pastures. If we end up going with the latter, then Operation Detour will probably be the hivemind's goal. Which will it be? I suppose we'll find out shortly.

[A] 14d16h1m Bird Jesus succumbs to his poisoning, and faints. AJ immediately follows him, and with only the All Terrain Venomoth left to defend us, our fate is sealed. That was one tough Weezing. Red blacked out.

[Politics] 14d15h20m: Anarchy mode on. Nothing of value was accomplished.

[Politics] 14d15h45m: Democracy mode on. Why? What is their goal? Who can be sure.

[A] 14d15h32m Suffering a severe Koffing fit, King Fonz goes down.

[Stream up] Just kidding. TPP has no sponsors. Anyway, stream online again.

[End of Days] Stream is down. Just when things were getting a little too quiet...

[Stream down] And now for a message from our sponsors.

[A] 14d15h13m If anybody's curious, we're still grinding. Helix and Air are down, and King Fonz is currently frontlining the team. Whoever's in charge of caretaking this Mansion must be absolutely sick of us.

[Strategy] Friendly reminder that our best options for grinding are spamming up and left in fights! This keeps us fighting, hopefully, rather than running away and getting no experience.

[Party] 14d13h28m: Air levels up to 25, finally, and learns Body Slam, replacing Sing. The sound of progress.

[A] 14d13h59m It appears the hivemind has declared it training time, and we are back in everybody's favorite abandoned wasteland, the Pokemon Mansion.

[Strategy] We have options other than to go back to Victory Road. Here is a map detailing alternatives like training AIR Jordan and retrieving TMs.

[A] 14d13h45m John the Zaptist finally falls and Red blacks out to Cinnabar Island.

[Plugin] Took some days but finally it's free for distribution again! The chrome plugin which shows our new updates as Notification on the Desktop! You don't have to have this page open as it pulls the info itself from the server!
You can find it here
I'm also gonna but this in the sidebar right here so you can find it anytime!

[A] 14d12h48m ATV finally runs out of gas. Only Battery Jesus left, fully charged.

[A] 14d12h47m: Bird Jesus has fainted from a wild Onix!

How does Oak's voice come to Red when he tries, time and time again, to use the SS Ticket or Secret Key during battle? Is he merely a voice in Red's head? Or is he actually following Red everywhere he goes, popping out from behind him whenever he tries to use items? We may never know.

[Strategy] There's been a lot of support for undertaking Operation Ice Quake after blacking out/leaving Victory Road.

[A] 14d12h16m: Yup, we're still wandering around Victory Road, we've battled probably 50+ Pokemon here. Does anyone else think the Gen 1 sprite for Golbat is absolutely terrifying?

[Meta] It's just been confirmed by /u/Femketwitch that we DO NOT need to re-select Strength if we enter a battle. Very sorry for forwarding incorrect information!

[Strategy] If we choose to undertake Operation Cold Spiral to get TM Ice Beam in Celadon, it's worth noting that we could also attempt to get TM Earthquake in the Silph Co. building in Saffron.

[Meta] I'm getting a lot of different opinions about the Strength issue, ie whether in Gen 1 we need to re-select it after a battle or not. Apologies for giving wrong info in advance if I was mistaken.

[A] 14d11h20m: Red consults Bulbasaur a couple of times, probably to ask the pressing question: which is worse, Ledges or Boulders?

[Possible Strategy] /u/thequibblyone has suggested to me that we try obtaining Ice Beam from Celadon City to teach Omastar. It will greatly increase Helix's coverage, and unlike Spike Cannon, has little risk in replacing a more useful move. http://imgur.com/7gRELFG

[A] 14d10h53m: Still struggling to get Strength selected. Friendly reminder that once we finally get it working, if we encounter a wild Pokemon or engage in a battle we'll need to select it again. Helix help us.

[Strategy] /u/esKFab has suggested that in order to combat the issues we're having with Strength, we could teach it to King Fonz to double our chances of using it. We could withdraw it from the PC when we next travel through Pallet Town after respawning in Cinnabar. Definitely something to keep in mind!

[Strategy] Again, if we'd like to progress, here is the stratmap.

[A] 14d10h18m Red stares down the first boulder. 'What am I supposed to do with this? I wish leg day would help me here.'

[A] 14d10h17m: Haven't yet managed to use Strength to start the boulder puzzle. And regarding the Cinnabar respawning - I'm being told that the general consensus is that this is a good thing since it gives us a chance to grind some more. So there you have it!

It has just been brought to my attention that if we black out in Victory Road, we will respawn at Cinnabar Island because we never healed in Viridian City... Oh no.

[A] 14d10h5m Red is still basically at the entrance, and Fonzie just went down hard to a Graveler. Half the party is down. Things not looking too positive for our first visit to Victory Road.

[A] 14d9h51m AIR Jordan and Lord Helix are not the best dancers. Both have been taken down by a level 42 wild Machoke.

[A] 14d9h50m Red has waltzed his way into Victory Road. Time to tango with some Machokes.

[A] 14d9h46m We found a full restore. When do we throw it away?

[Strategy] As we approach Victory Road, here is a map for getting through it as quickly as possible. Thanks to /u/Baffan for the submission.

[A] 14d9h40m For a location of this gravitas, this is not a dignified entrance.

[A] 14d9h37m Sorry, I think it only took us 7-8 tries, and less than 15 minutes to beat the Ledge to Indigo Plateau. Helix be praised!

[A] 14d9h35 Holy hell. Was that on the first try? The legendary Ledge is defeated. Entering Indigo Plateau.

[A] 14d9h22m: Approaching the Viridian ledge... dun dun dunnn

[A] 14d9h1m: We're in Viridian City!

[A] 14d8h50m: Also, we've reached Pallet Town as of ~10 minutes ago (sorry for the lack of updates) and are working our way up to Viridian City.

[A] 14d8h50m: Encountered a wild Pidgey that has started using Struggle. Weird.

[A] 14d8h10m Oh boy. We are back on the little island/land patch below Pallet. Everybody start blaming bots. (Correction: the last update should read 14d8h3m)

[A] 13d8h3m All aboard the Helix hype train boat! We're surfing.

[Recap] Total results of our mad grind: AIR Jordan cast off number level 23 to go play baseball to level up to 24, the Fonz is up to 42, ATV is still topped out at 36 MPH, Bird Jesus is 64, AA-j has shocked its way to #1 at 65, and Lord Helix refused his evolution at level 40.

[A] 14d7h45m: Sick of the grinding, Red is now attempting to Surf up to Pallet Town.

[A] 14d7h38m Here is the current state of our team.

[A] 14d7h33m Having traversed the island, after popping into the Pokemon Centre, we are fully healed. Talk is being to turn towards Victory Road once again.

[A] 14d7h19m: We've left the Pokemon Mansion!

[STRATEGY] Since the current strategy seems to be trying to get Zapdos to faint, /u/ZSaberLink has suggested two tactics: using Take Down as much as possible for recoil damage, or heading upstairs to try and get him poisoned.

[A] 13d6h38m: The current plan seems to be to try and black out but AA-j simply refuses to faint. Oh, the irony.

[A] 13d6h27m: Currently grinding with our only not-fainted Pokemon: Zapdos, at about 40% health.

[A] 13d6h24m: Back in the Pokemon Mansion even though we still haven't healed.

[A] 14d6h5m: Red is currently wandering around the Pokemon Lab, possibly to pay his respects at the location of the resurrection of Omanyte.

[A] 13d5h48m Sorry for the confusion, we didn't black out. We just said deuces to the Mansion for a little. Currently trying to get into the Pokemon Center I think.

[A] 14d4h11m The Grind continues! For those interested in seeing TPP through a whole new lens, check THIS out, it's an ACSII live version of the stream!

[A] 14d4h25m We're back in the Pokemon Mansion! (I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride)

[A] 14d4h16m Zapdos hits lvl 65! RED Blacks out! (Thanks Generic_comments!)

[A] 14d4h10m Air is now level 24! All but the birds have now fainted. Both Abba & AAJ are poisoned. (Thanks /u/zsaberlink)

[A] 14d4h0m Air was switched to be before Zapdos in the party! (Thanks /u/zsaberlink)

Helix went from 36 to 40, AAJ went from 61 to 64, Fonz went from 39 to 42, ATV hit lvl 36 on our way down here, and is still at 36, AIR has stayed at 23, Bird Jesus has stayed at 63 Credit to /u/retrokid for putting in the leg work

[A] 14d3h8m Progress on the grind: Omanyte Lvl 40, King Fonz Lvl 42, Zapdos Lvl 64, AIR Lvl 23, Bird Jesus Lvl 63, ATV *Lvl 36*

[A] 14d2h15m The grind continues to a length that even Tony Hawk would be impressed with. Wild Pokemon around the Mansion begin sliding a Max repel closer and closer to RED

[Snark] I think that was deserving of a gold Oma-you-tried-star.

[Party] Omanyte tried to evolve, but nope. Maybe next time.

[A] 14d1h20m Red tried to lift a bit too much and blacked out. Zapdos totally missed spotting him with Thunder 3 times in a row. Heading back to the Mansion now.

Signing off for today guys, others will take over shortly. See you folks tomorrow afternoon!

[A] 14d00h57m We are still grinding in the Pokemon Mansion. If we don't report that we're heading off to Victory Road, just assume we're still grinding.

[Strategy] Here's a little button-mashing strategy for grinding in the Pokemon Mansion. Thanks to /u/don25491 for the info! http://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/1yzpuc/it_might_be_worth_going_back_to_cinnabar_island/cfpayn5

[Day 13/14 Recap] GET YOUR FREE AUDIO SYNOPSIS TODAY! http://youtu.be/ts26CqNUd4w Thanks to /u/ThePokeMessiah for providing the link!

[Update for the below update] It may be best to head back to the Poke Center to heal, since we need to evolve Omanyte to an Omastar.

[Update] As of 14d0h8m, all of our Pokemon except for Zapdos have fainted.

[Information] 14d00h00m: Happy 2 week anniversary!

[[A] 13d23h??m King Fonz is now Level 41!

[A] 13d23h44m We're still grinding in the Pokemon Mansion! We have 139/202 hitpoints left on Zapdos and we still have AIR fully healed in the tank!

[Information] Just in case anybody still thought this was a "151" version of Pokemon Red with all 151 available, let Sanquii just dispel that thought. It's just vanilla Red with a title screen change. Sorry!

[POKeMON graphs!] Look at that huge spike in Left inputs when Red approached the PC. People know.

[Snarkception] Fortunately, the dark future has been averted, as the time to learn Leer has passed. Omastar cannot learn until Level 39, and that ship has sailed.

[A] 13d23h00m: I don't know what you guys are doing, but you are getting awfully close to that PC in Cinnabar's Pokemon Center.

[Snark] Future-Helix: I am from the distant future, or one possible future... There is another possible future: A dark future, the Leer Future

[Update for the update for the update below]: Instead of spamming B like crazy, try and balance out the spam. The majority of the chat needs to spam B, but we'll definitely need a few people spamming A so that in the best timeline, A is hit when the emulator asks if we're sure that we don't want our Pokemon to learn the newest move.

[Update for update below]: By the way, Helix didn't learn Leer! Hoorah! Also, I take back what I said earlier; don't spam B when you don't want a Pokemon to learn a move, it will send us in a loop (because we'll keep hitting B when the emulator asks us if we're sure that we don't want the Pokemon to learn the move).

[A] 13d22h??m Helix has leveled up to 39!

[Strategy] As mentioned by /u/Nevermore60, the Pokemon on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Pokemon Mansion are stronger. Try grinding on those levels in order to level up more quickly! Also, the previous comment's info was mentioned to me by /u/MahBoiiii. Thanks for the messages guys!

[Warning] When Helix levels up to 39, he will try to learn Leer. SPAM B WHEN THIS HAPPENS. His moveset is already quite excellent, and Leer does not accomplish much for our team as of now.

[Pun] Courtesy of /u/Zadokk - "We're currently grinding in the Pokémon Mansion, turning it into Ash."

[A] 13d22h??m Helix has leveled up to 38!

[A] 13d21h??m: AAAAAAAAAAA grew to Level 40 (The Fonz) (Nidoking) (That big thing with the spikes on his back)

[A] 13d21h38m: We only have 28 pokemon caught, Well at least it's more than Ash ever catches in the anime...

[A] 13d21h20m: Zapdos has fallen ;_;

[Fluff] These puns are Onixceptable >:(

[Fluff] What have you done /u/AttackTheMoon. you've doomed us all... or should i say... you've DOMED us all!

[Fluff] Made an official pun thread so we can contain all of this nonsense

[Fluff] "The puns have been ledge-ndary!" Oh /r/TPP, your puns are so much better than anything i could come up with...

[A] 13d20h56m: Muk keeps shrinking himself, soon enough he'll be as smaller than an atom! Easy to run from i guess...

[Fluff] Because we'll be grinding for the next several hours, we'll be hearing this songfor a long time. Here is a link to the composer's Wikipedia page, and here is his Twitter. He has done a lot for Pokemon games!

[Bot Funfest 2014] When you remove the automated spam, the input graphs look a lot more interesting. (The red numbers and bars are automated spam scripts/bots.) Interesting that this far from the ledge, there's still a great amount of "down" spam... and there's actually a surprisingly small amount of "real" political bickering, compared to what you see in chat.

[A] 13d20h51m: And joining you for the next couple of hours is me (/u/MyNameIsNavy) and /u/AttackTheMoon

Prepare for puns. important updates will be BOLDED

[A] 13d20h45m For those of you who are only just joining us, we're currently grinding up our Pokes in the Pokemon Mansion. I'm off for now, but I leave you in capable hands. Have fun!

[RECAP] Another great Video Recap of the last 24 hours from /u/Calabazel He's posted concise recaps of the past few days if you're looking to catch up on RED's erratic adventures!

[Strategy] Another new plan which seems to be popping up on the stream is Operation Shatter the Earth, which aims to grab the Earthquake TM so we can teach it to King Fonz. You can read the details here.

[META] Just added a bunch more flair to the subreddit. Reminder that you can request flair here

[A] 13d20h30m For every victory we must suffer a loss. Helix and ATV have been KO'd.

[A] 13d20h25m AJ reached level 62. If I were a Koffing on the ground floor of the Mansion, I'd be feeling pretty terrified right about now.

[Strategy] In response to the Save Rick Gastly campaign that's gaining a bit of traction in the stream, /u/NameAlreadyTaken2 points out that Gastly and Haunter can only learn five potential moves through levelling up in first gen games: Lick, Confuse Ray, Nightshade, Hypnosis and Dream Eater. Everybody keep that in mind when deciding on whether or not rescuing Gastly is a good idea, especially as we have very few TMs (and pretty much lack the ability to use them).

[A] 13d20h8m The grind-a-thon begins anew. We're back in Pokemon Mansion, and Helix just reached level 37!

[Strategy] If the plan is to carry on grinding, it would be smart to switch the teams around so that AJ and Bird Jesus are near the back of the roster, so we can spend more time training up the weaker team members. Of course, the hivemind doesn't quite have the precision required for such a feat. In other strategy news, there's a growing desire in the stream to rescue Rick Gastly from the Daycare.

[A] 13d19h54m We heal up our team, perhaps in preparation for Round Two of the grind-a-thon. Then we do it again, just to be safe. Also, did a strange man in a black hat just ask Red if he has any friends? That was a little weird.

[A] 13d19h46m For motives unknown, Red has left the Mansion.

[A] 13d19h31m Realising that Air is the team member in most need of gaining a few levels, we send him out against an errant Ponyta. Air faints immediately.

[Reader's Corner] /u/LukasGrove reports asking the creator of TPP whether or not he will make the game's save file available for download after the stream finishes, and recieved an "I will" in response. So if any of you are looking to mess around with this oddball team we've constructed, that FarFetch'd dream (ba-dum tish) may shortly become a reality!

[A] 13d19h12m Helix attempts to Withdraw his troubles away, but to no avail. He's fainted, and AJ is out for revenge.

[Strategy] /u/spoon_rhythm, the creator of the Project Cinnabar thread, is now urging everybody to spam UP and LEFT, for the betterment of our grinding. There's also a lot of level-based chatter on the stream - people warning that Helix will try to learn Leer at level 39, and noting that ATV will learn the potentially-useful Psybeam at level 38.

[Recap] If you missed the last episode of Twitch Plays Pokemon and are wondering why we're here, we beat Giovanni and defeated Blue afterwards. We've gone back to Cinnabar to grind up in preparation for Victory Road.

[A] 13d18h54m It takes a special kind of bad luck to take a critical hit from a Pokemon using Struggle, but that's what just happened to poor ATV, who's been KO'd.

[A] 13d18h51m We've finally entered the Pokemon Mansion, after much circling of the entrance.

[A] 13d18h45m Perhaps taking my strategy reminder to heart (or perhaps just acting on common sense), we heal our team at the Cinnabar Pokemon Center.

[Strategy] Now that we've arrived, here's the thread explaining what seems to be the hivemind's current MO. If this is the plan, a reminder: we haven't healed up at Cinnabar yet, so if we start grinding now and black out we'll end up back in Pallet Town quite a distance away.

[A] 13d18h29m We've set down anchor at the lovely little isle of Cinnabar!

[A] 13d18h27m We defeat another trainer, a Swimmer who possesses the most gormless Seadra I've ever seen.

[A] 13d18h22m Another Fisherman down. Hearty congratulations to AJ.

[A] 13d18h19m: We've been in this battle with a Cloyster for a while and it's giving us a shell of a time. Case in point, down goes ATV.

[Meta] Hey guys, would just like to point you to our Live Updater feedback thread Here where you can leave feedback on the content of the updates, Thanks!

[A] 13d18h10m: Ended up defeating a Fisherman on the way to Cinnabar. "That burned some time" indeed.

[Strategy] Given Red's current heading, this post featuring a few reasons to go back to Cinnabar might be worth a read, if you're wondering why Red isn't going right back to The Ledge

[A] 13d18h5m That tentacool didn't know what hit it. ATV reached level 36.

[A] 13d18h2m We're surfing south, in the direction of Cinnabar. The plot thickens...

[Strategy] Keep this map handy for whenever we get back to the ledge before Victory Road. But more importantly, remember to anticipate where Red will be 30 seconds from now instead of relying on where he is now.

[A] 13d17h36m Probably worth mentioning that Red's mons are healed and where people head next is anybody's guess. Victory Road is obviously the next real stop, but people seem kind of divided.

[A]13d17h29m Back to where it all started, it appears Red is trying to check out his family bookcase. "Hey, mum, do you have any books on ledge-jumping?" "Why, honey?" "...Personal matters." Coming up empty-handed, he instead heads upstairs and makes straight for the games console.

[A]13d17h24m We're back in Pallet Town! Where next is anybody's guess. Perhaps we're just enjoying the monochrome scenery.

[Strategy] Not sure what we're attempting to achieve by heading towards Pallet Town - it's possible we're aiming for Cinnabar, for reasons explained in this thread, but we could just be heading home to heal (as, after all, there are no progress-halting ledges surrounding our home sweet home, so it'll be much easier to heal the team up from there).

[A]13d17h12m And we've descended to Route 1. Excellent.

[A]13d17h8m Red is currently ambling about in Viridian City. Progress on Route 22 has been essentially non-existent.

[A] 13d17h9m We're back in Viridian City, next to the Poke Center. Let's see if we can conquer this ledge in a reasonable amount of time....

[Bot Funfest Addendum] Okay, so it's two down inputs to move off a ledge. But if you honestly think that the troll inputs won't ramp up when we get close, then...

[Strategy] Pallet Town is always an option, too.

[Strategy] I've gotten quite a few PMs about the current state of our Pokemon. Since our PP is becoming depleted, and only 2 Pokemon are left standing, it seems like conquering the Viridian ledge at the Poke Center over there will take significantly less time than conquering the Route 22 ledge, dying, and then respawning with full health again

[Bot Funfest 2014] If you thought this ledge was possible in anarchy, think again. Those gray bars on the Down graph? Those are people who are basically doing nothing but spamming down. Good luck making it across that ledge when a single down input registering sends you back to the start.

[A] 13d16h30m For anyone just joining us right now, we're currently battling another ledge. This time, it's at this location on route 22. I'll occasionally post updates if anything exciting happens, but don't expect to see much when we're falling off ledges and battling level 2-4 wild pokemon

The ledge jokes/puns/etc just keep on coming! This one was sent in by /u/hoboken_parch! Thanks!

[A] 13d16h5m This is where I leave you. Thanks for following along, sorry about the puns, it's a problem. For your homework, I expect you all to have entered Victory Road at least once by the time I return in 8 hours. "The dog ate it" will not be an acceptable excuse.

[A] 13d15h53m Red still battling wild Pokemon at the bottom of an embankment. Shame he can't leveetate.

Also: irritating, frustrating, hilarious, mind-boggling, never-ending, gruelling, glorious. The epithets are endless.



Hey /u/onemanandhishat, what do you call a schizophrenic Pokemon trainer who keeps falling off ledges?

[A] 13d15h34m If you need a distraction from the travails of our travels, this thread has posed the suggestion of returning to Cinnabar as a better plan for levelling up.
Opinions? Pop over and share them. Be nice.

[A] 13d15h33m So close! Red makes it right to the end of the fence, but instead of walking up, he turns and jumps straight off the ledge. That was cold-blooded defiance.

What do you say when someone falls off a ledge?
A little landscape gardening joke for you there.

[A] 13d15h13m People want to keep track many times we've fallen off ledges. I know just the book to use...

[A] 13d15h5m We have just jumped the Route 22 ledge for the first time. But definitely not the last. Time to look up some more puns.

Fun fact: 23 is, of course, the shirt number worn by Michael Jordan at the Chicago Bulls, which was retired from use after he stopped wearing it. Thanks to /u/ActuallyEd for pointing that little nugget of NBA trivia.

[A] 13d15h0m Apparently Air grew to level 23. And much good did it do him.

[A] 13d14h59m I wouldn't normally comment on random encounters, but I'd just like to highlight the fact that Abba actually used Whirlwind in a relevant context in that last one.

[A] 13d14h57m The victory has come at a cost though, only Abba and Zapdos are still conscious. It looks unlikely we'll get through Victory Road on our first shot.

[A] 13d14h56m Last up is the hulking figure of Blue's level 53 Blastoise. Zapdos has the type and level advantage here, and he exploits it. He brings the Thunder, and Blue is defeated

[A] 13d14h55m Psybeam has little effect on Zapdos, and his Thunder destorys Alakazam, and Zapdos grows to level 61

[A] 13d14h54m Another burst of Psychic clobbers Omanyte in one shot. This is brutal. A well-placed Thundershock from AAij drops his health, but Alakazam recovers.

[A] 13d14h53m Alakazam pops up and unleashes Psyhic on Air, followed by Psybeam on the Fonz. They both faint.

[A] 13d14h52m Abba swaps in against Exeggcute, and hits with an eggstremely good quick attack. For his next trick he mirrors Exeggcute's solar beam and flips Exeggcute out of the frying pan and into the fire.

[A] 13d14h51m In an uncharacteristic show of tactical nous, the Fonz uses two Surfs on a Growlithe, who faints despite a Potion, and he grows to level 39

[A] 13d14h49m Fonzie poisons Rhyhorn, but takes damage. A weak Fury Attack follows, but Rhyhorn is making poor move choices. The poison continues to work, as the Fonz cracks out the Surf. Rhyhorn faints, his confidence eroded.

[A] 13d14h46m The Fonz is taking damage, but has poisoned Pidgeot. Two critical surfs leave Pidgeot thoroughly bedraggled, and the Fonz grows to level 38. Rhyhorn next.

[A] 13d14h44m ATV vs Pidgeot is over quickly in a flurry of wings, so the Fonz steps in.

[A] 13d14h43m I've got the strangest feeling of Deja-Blue

[A] 13d14h40m Some suggestions in the chat that we should retrieve Rick Gastly from Daycare and sub him into the team. A million voices cried out in terror...

[A] 13d14h31m A quick attack from Pidgeot drops Air to 5HP. And another finishes him off. Well that was short. Red blacks out

[A] 13d14h29m Blue sends out a scrawny Pidgeot, who nevertheless knocks out Abba. Only Air remains, our other Pokemon have already shuffled off their mortal coils.

[A] 13d14h29m Oh hey Blue, fancy meeting you here.

[STRATEGY] So, a couple of points: 1) We have to navigate the caves of Victory Road before we can heal, there's no Pokecenter til the other end
2) We have to face pre-champion blue, who may kill us.
Things to consider if we want to heal first - or navigate the ledge first...

Amendment: apparently we haven't faced Blue here yet, so on our current course we'll lose badly. Still, I suppose it would get us into a Pokemon Centre more easily.

[A] 13d14h16m Now on our way to the Pokemon League entrance. With no enemies en route, all our Pokemon what 'ave kicked the bucket can heal on arrival. Now we just have to navigate the Ledge. We've already gone the wrong way.

[A] 13d14h10m Apparently we already used the revive on Air. It tell you what, things just happen too fast in this game.

[A] 13d14h2m Red picks up a Revive, and in his delirium misses the door.

[A] 13d13h59m Did you see that? He must have a wing like a traction engine!

[A] 13d13h57m Bird Jesus went out there after half with it all to do, and somehow came home with 3 points. A Premier League classic in the making, folks.Oops wrong sport



[A] 12d13h55m Back of the net!

[A] 13d13h53m We sand attack, but it fails! Rhydon tail whips. TM38 consulted again. And again. And a few more times. We just need one quick attack! We whirlwind..... but Rhydon's next attack misses! Bird Jesus is hanging on for dear life, one more stomp and we're down. WE QUICK ATTACK! But rhydon is at 1HP basically! WE QUICK ATTACK AND FINISH HIM OFF! RHYDON DOWN! WE BEAT GIOVANNI!!!!!!!!!

[A] 13d13h51m Bird Jesus quick attacks, Rhydon is at 50% health. Luckily Rhydon's stomp misses. Another bird jesus quick attack! 25% HP left on Rhydon! We quick attack ONE MORE TIME! Rhydon 20% health! Sand attack from bird jesus! fails! stomp from rhydon fails! We consult TM38 a few times.

[A] 13d13h50m Bird Jesus quick attacks, but it's not very effective! We keep on quick attacking, slowly bringing down Rhydon's health. Next, Sand Attack! Doesn't prevent a stomp, however. We sand attack again, and again, and again, and Rhydon's attacks keep failing! We mirror move and Tail Whip Rhydon, but it fails! He stomps, and takes Bird Jesus to 29hp. He stomps us, but the attack misses! It's getting down to the wire!

[A] 13d13h48m This is it! Jesus take the wheel! Our first attack is a Mirror Move, which obviously fails. Next, we quick attack! Nidoking is down to half health. We quick attack again! Nidoking has 1% HP left, BUT WE QUICK ATTACK AGAIN AND TAKE DOWN NIDOKING! Rhydon up next!

[A] 13d13h46m AA-j is down to 1HP! We have one chance to seriously damage Nidoking before (presumably) he takes out AA-j. What's it going to be.....? We don't have a chance. AA-j is knocked out. Air Jordan comes in and immediately takes damage. Ouch, he's knocked out too! Bird Jesus is our last chance!

[A] 13d13h44m More HP is taken off of AA-j, while his thunder attacks are useless! We become fully paralyzed. More HP taken off of AA-j. But We come back with a take-down move and take Nidoqueen down to 20% HP! AA-j goes down to 18HP before TAKING OUT NIDOQUEEN!

[A] 13d13h43m Nidoqueen is up next for Giovanni. AA-j's thunder attacks are ineffective against Nidoqueen! Our next 2 attacks miss, while Nidoqueen keeps taking HP off of AA-j, before Nidoqueen paralyzes us

[A] 13d13h41m AA-j lays waste to the Dugtrio with one Drill Peck move!

[A] 13d13h40m BIRD JESUS IS UP NEXT! Dugtrio takes 28HP off of bird jesus; We switch him out for AA-j!

[A] 13d13h41m Egads! Giovanni has us figured out. His Guard Spec. is preventing Bird Jesus' best attempts at Sand-Attack.

[A] 13d13h40m ATV goes down in 2 turns to the Dugtrio

[A] 13d13h39m Air Jordan comes out next! We consult the SS ticket a few times, and the super rod, before switching him out for ATV!

[A] 13d13h38m Omanyte OHKOs Rhyhorn! But unfortunately get's OHKO'd by a Dugtrio :( AAAAAAAA is up next, and nearly gets OHKO'd by the same dugtrio! Second turn, Dugtrio digs and knocks out King Fonz!

[A] 13d13h34m We have reached Giovanni once more, with our whole team ready to go! It's on!

[A] 13d13h35m After checking the wisdom of Bulbasaur no fewer than 10 times, Giovanni re-engaged. #believe

[Strategy] Seeing as this is taking a bit, here is the path we should need to take to get to Giovanni. Unless, of course, we want to become great tornado, in which case need more of spin.

[A] 13d13h30 Red: 10/10 would spin again

[A] 13d13h14m Anarchy has quickly returned.

[D] 13d13h10m The Dome has guided us back into the Gym! Rematch coming soontm .

[D] 13d13h10m Back into the gym we go! You're going down this time, Giovanni!

[D] 13d13h0m Democracy fails us, and we go tumbling over the ledge in front of the Gym.

[Strategy Repost] Remember, moving in units of 9 is extremely inefficient, as we will almost always overshoot, especially near the ledge. Perhaps move in units of 3? up3, down3, etc. It's much more efficient and we won't overshoot as much. Also, don't forget to think 2 moves ahead! Combat the lag!

[D] 13d12h53m Apparently Bird Jesus hit lv. 63 in the last fight.

[D] 13d12h50m Democracy mode activated. It seems we're in a hurry to get back in the Gym and get some revenge. Dome does not approve of our defeat.

[Correction] My apologies, Giovanni still had a Rhydon after the Nidoking. Thought I saw only 2 pokeballs remaining for some reason when he sent out Nidoqueen.

[A] 13d12h43m Giovanni has bested us. AA-j bows out to a critical hit from Nidoking's Thrash. That was close: Nidoking had probably 1/3 of his health remaining.

[A] 13d12h41m Odin's Raven! Bird Jesus falls to Nidoqueen after one too many Whirlwinds, but AA-j Drills the Queen to death! AA-j with 40 hp left vs. Nidoking! This is it, people!

[A] 13d12h38m Lord Helix has fallen to Nidoqueen's mighty scratch. Up to Bird Jesus and AA-j (each with less than 1/3 health) to finish off 2 of Giovanni's pokemon. Believe!

[A] 13d12h37m AA-j finally uses a non-electric move and deletes the digging menace.

[Side quip] How in Helix's name can Dugtrio learn slash? What does it slash with? Its noses? Giovanni stop hax pls

[A] 13d12h32m Gio's Dugtrio Dig's the Fonz and AIR Jordan to death. Bird Jesus is back out and getting a taste of its own sand-attack medicine.

[A] 13d12h30 The Fonz crits the Rhyhorn for what appears to be a whopping 1-5 hp. Lord Helix switches in and one shots the Rhyhorn. Rekt.

[A] 13d12h29m Giovanni engaged. Bird Jesus is out first against a Rhyhorn. Bad matchup.

[A] 13d12h21m After appearances by Bird Jesus and Lord Helix, AA-j gets smacked to half health by this Rhyhorn. The Fonz gets rock-slapped before Helix washes Rhyhorn away with holy water. Helix has 1hp left. Predicting Helix to surf all of Giovanni's pokes in one hit with 1 hp.

[A] 13d12h21m ATV has been knocked out against a 'stylish' Cooltrainer. Apparently wheeled bugs aren't too popular these days. :c

[A] 13d12h15m Now battling the self-proclaimed 'Karate King'. Lord Helix is surfing through him. Maybe the Karate King wishes he was the Duke of Surf.

[A] 13d12h12m Switched back into Anarchy. It's up to Helix now.

[D] 13d12h11 Prepare your hula skirts/fedoras bodies, we're making progress towards Giovanni. Anarchy's almost back.

[D] 13d12h9m By Dome, we've done it. Viridian Gym entered.

[D] 13d12h7m We are 5 moves away from entering the Gym. twitch pls

I still feel like Red should try and become a professional parkourist after this madness is over, with all of the ledges he's jumping.... Anyone else agree?

[D] 13d11h53m Democracy enacted in Viridian again. Who are we trying to defeat again? Giovanni or the Ledge?

[A] 13d11h17m: screw leg day, it's ledge day!

[A] 3d11h15m: Just witnessed the Old Man catch possibly his 2,475th Weedle.

[A] 13d10h51m: Red consults Bulbasaur's cry for guidance before facing the ledge once more.

[A] 13d10h45m: If anyone's wondering... no, nothing's happened in the last half hour except a whole lotta ledge jumping.

[A] 13d10h13m: Got to Viridian, made a beeline for the Gym and entered first try - and then exited and jumped down. gg ledge

[STRATEGY] Since we're back on the ledge, here's a decent strategy for overcoming it. which /u/cofactor sent in.

[A] 13d10h7m: On the bright side, we're back in Viridian City!

[A] 13d10h6m: Just tossed TM14 Blizzard.

[A] 13d9d48m Hopefully that's the last jazz flute we hear from Mr. Burgundy Red.

[A] 13d9d48m: With our second attempt at the PC we stored HM03, HM01, Silph Scope, HM04, Potion, Town Map, Moon Stone... but more importantly, we stored the Pokeflute! So we can safely head back to the Gym (and face the Ledge).

[A] 13d9d44m: And the Super Rod!

[A] 13d9d43m: Accessed the PC, withdrew Secret Key and SS Ticket.

[A] 13d9h35m: Red's back in his room and trying to access the PC (which we can store items on - we didn't need to go to Oak's. My apologies.) Surprised he isn't trying to take a nap, seeing as though he's been on his feet for 2 weeks straight.

[STRATEGY] Actually, some people have suggested going to Oak's PC to deposit the Pokeflute and THEN heading back to the Gym. Seems like a solid plan.

[A] 13d9h29m: And we've just healed up with Mum! Back to the Gym!

[A] 13d9h28m: Red has run home to his Mummy and is currently in her house. Probably to cry about the mean ledges.

[A] 13d9h18m: Red just reached Pallet Town!

[A] 13d9h12m: Seem to be heading South to Pallet Town now. Ended up in the long grass and we're having a few battles with Rattatas and Pidgeys and such. Fun.

[A] 13d9h0m: Current objective seems to be to try and heal up, but the ledge near the Viridian Pokemon Center has proven pretty tough... Ledges, ledges everywhere.

[A]13d8h37m Just went from one corner of the gym to the opposite, walked outside, and jumped the ledge again. GG

[A]13d8h37m Just jumped the ledge again. GG

[A] 13d8h29m Omanyte fainted in the battle with cooltrainer. Afterwards, King Fonz levels up to 38!

[A] 13d8h28m: Boom! That same Nidorino takes out Helix! But both Pokemon were quickly avenged by The Fonz, who has just won the battle for us!

[A] 13d8h26m: AIR just fainted from a Nidorino! The Fresh Prince has fallen...

[A] 13d8h23m AIR is out in action versus a Cooltrainer. Let's see if we can cool him down.

[Strategy] Remember, Giovanni is in the top left of the gym. See map here.

[A] 12d8h21m Anarchy mode quickly comes back on

[D] 13d8h20m With Red inside the Gym, votes are piling in for Anarchy.

[D] 13d8h19m Only took 1 try on democracy, and we are back in Viridian Gym!

[Strategy] Remember, moving in units of 9 is extremely inefficient, as we will almost always overshoot, especially near the ledge. Perhaps move in units of 3? up3, down3, etc. It's much more efficient and we won't overshoot as much. Also, don't forget to think 2 moves ahead! Combat the lag!

[D] 13d8h8m Democracy is in control. Can the Dome guide us to defeat the ledge?

[A] 13d8h3m Democracy is about to take control. The stream downtime may have cleared some bots out?

[A] 13d7h57m Stream is back.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I never get tired of posting those lol

Stream is down. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[A] 13d7h54m: The stream has gone down temporarily!

[A] 13d7h42m For anyone who is wondering, we have been attempting this episode of Ledge for almost 15 hours now.

[A] 13d7h20m: We just made it to the square right in front of the door... but jumped off. Still the most exciting thing that's happened for a while.

[A] 13d7h7m Bonnie Tyler held out for a hero til the end of the night. She'd have to hold out a bit longer for us.

[TPP Sing-Along] LE-LE-LE-LEDGES (turn and face the straaaaain) LE-LE-LEDGES

[Sign-Off] Heading to sleep. God help us if Red makes it into the gym by morning. It's probably going to be a quiet night, so I'm sure someone else will be around to carry you there. Have a good evening, and try not to fall off any ledges.

[Terrible Joke] I'm surprised Red hasn't been diagnosed as suicidal, with all of the ledges he's jumping off of lately.....

[TPP Sing-Along] Hello Ledges, my old friends, I've come to leap 'cross you again. Because a spammer softly creeping, left its "down" while I was sleeping...

[TPP Sing-Along] Giooooooooooooooooooooooovani, You don't have to fight that Red tonight, he's out there jumping ledges and there's no end in sight (we jumped off the ledge another five times. EXCITING)

[TPP Sing-Along] I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend....

[TPP Sing-Along] Take me down to Viridian City where the grass is long and the ledge is shitty (we've jumped off the ledge another 5 times, making for a total of about 120 or so)

[Bot Funfest 2014] It's probably worth noting that my stats are showing that probably 90-95% of the last 800 'anarchy' votes have come from automated spammers, so if you were hoping democracy would kick in and at least get us back in the gym, I have some bad news.

[STRATEGY] A number of people have suggested to me that we should head back to Pallet Town to heal and deposit the PokeFlute, as it's much easier to navigate.
Or alternatively we could find somewhere to die...

[STRATEGY] Just to review: we are currently aiming to heal our Pokemon, as Abba and ATV have fainted, and Omanyte is low. Before returning to fight Giovanni. Ledges are making both of these things a challenge.

[Snark] Now accepting subscriptions to LEDGE Magazine! Hottest massive-multiplayer-single-player-game news you've ever seen. (It's hot because it comes from Flareon Press, you see.)

Fun fact: Given Pidgeot's high speed, mirroring a move like Slash practically guarantees a critical hit. Slash is 8x more likely to critical than a regular move. Thanks to /u/Meem0 for that one.

[A] 13d3h18m Aaaaaaand we parkoured it back over the ledge. Back to the drawing board

[Snark] "Relax, said the old man; you aren't programmed to proceed. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." (Lyrics from the unreleased single Hotel Viridian)

[A] 13d3h18m: And we head outside and jump down the ledge again.

[A] 13d3h16m Red in some conflict as to direction, he almost left the gym, but is now trying to take on a fighter he missed. Remember pressing a initiates a fight even if he's not looking.

[A] 13d3h13m In a stroke of tactical brilliance, Air uses sing to put Rhyhorn to sleep. Several times. He then surfs, hard, and OHKOs Rhyhorn. Air levels up to 22. Tamer defeated. Stellar performance from Air.

[A] 13d3d12m Red comes up against a Tamer with a single lvl43 Rhyhorn. Air comes out, all 21 levels of him. It's a mismatch this.

[A] 13d3h12m Machoke leers menacingly at Omanyte, but Omanyte coolly surfs it into oblivion. Blackbelt defeated

[A] 13d3h11m Another critical hit, this time with Surf on a lvl40 Machoke, who is on the edge.

[A] 13d3h9m Omanyte comes out and lands a critical Water Gun on Machop to drop it to <50% HP. After some obsessive kit-checking, he finishes it off with a Surf.

[A] 13d3h8m Up next is Blackbelt. His Machop is taking on our weakend and paralyzed Abba, who is finished off with a low kick.

[A] 13d3h7m Abba nails Sandslash rather quickly, then mirros moves a Dugtrio and OHKOs it. Cooltrainer was defeated.

[A] 13d3h5m Back in the gym. With anarchy no less! Here's a possible route to minimize our combat

[A] 13d2h6m Is this real life? We're in the gym!

[A] 13d2h32m seems the hive is divided on going back in or healing up at the Pokémon Center, which has its own little ledge challenge, albeit an easier one.

[A] 13d2h31m I'm afraid I missed it earlier, but ATV fainted in that first Tamer battle.

[READER'S CORNER] angrydraco has put together an interesting hivemind input monitor.

[Snark] WHOOPSIE DAISY! Giovanni must really regret not installing more ledges in more places.

[EDIT] Re: Strategy 9 minutes ago. that trainer will only see us when we're right in front, so it's kinda moot. Thanks team.

[A] 13d2h18m Back to square one.

[A] 13d2h18m: And anarchy walks out of the Gym and hops off the ledge.

[A] 13d2h18m Another tamer down, this time Abba does the work.

[A] 13d2h13m: Omanyte's Surf really paid off there. Looking like Operation Surfboard was a good idea.

[A]13d2h13m Omanyte levels up to 34, learns Horn Attack. Tamer is defeated

[STRATEGY] This is worth bearing in mind, as leaving the gym could be problematic.

[Snark] (Battle music starts after hours and hours of Viridian's music) Now, that's a catchy tune!

[D] 13d2h5m Just starting the first trainer battle. Anarchy has taken charge

[D] 13d 2h 5m: Here's the map of Giovanni's Gym.. What an ugly gym.

[D] 13d2h4m That was good timing, I had a couple more puns lined up, so I'll save them for later (that's something to look forward to isn't it). I'm not going to pretend I'm not a little bit proud of them.

[D] 13d2h3m: We're in Giovanni's Gym.

[D] 13d1h48m The people have decided, it's time for some ledgislation.

[D] 13d1h47m: Democracy engaged.

[A] 13d1h37m This would be much easier if we could all read each others' minds. If only ledgilimency was real.
shoutout to all you Harry Potter fans out there...

[A] 13d1h36m: There's been a huge recent shift toward Democracy in the chat so it looks like we'll be getting it pretty soon.

If you're just waking up and missed the events of yesterday, this audio summary covers the key points, if you don't want to scroll down the updates.

[A] 13d1h2m Ok, that's enough puns for today, aledgedly there should be a end to this madness.

[A] 13d1h0m If only our ledgendary bird could give us a lift.

[A] 13d0h58m It'll certainly require significant ledgerity.

[A] 12d0h55m If we get past this obstacle, it really will be a feat of ledgerdemain.

[A] 12d0h52m Some people want democracy because this is taking a long term. This is a ledgitimate concern, but patience is a virtue.

[Snark] (overheard in the gym) Giovanni: "That spinning puzzle? That was lame. We should've just put in a one-tile-tall ledge -- they'd never have passed that."

[A] 13d0h9m It's now been 7 hours since we first set foot in Viridian City. So far, all we've done is healed our Pokemon. It's gonna be a looooong next couple of hours.

[A] 13d0h7m: In case anyone was wondering: yes, we're still trying to get past the Viridian Ledge.

[Snark] Literally jumped off right in front of the door this time. Progress!

Updates may be few and far between for the next hour and a half or so. i'm heading to sleep and will be back at 6PM GMT!

[Snark] You didn't even jump off the right side! At least put some effort into it.

[IDontEvenKnow] What did Red say to the old man? Nothing, everybody talks to Red and assumes he wants their services before he even gets chance to speak and because Red is such a nice guy he goes along with it all. Have you seen Red talk all game? no you have not!

[A] 12d23h4m I hate to be a downer, but it looks like no amount of ups can save you now. Remember, it takes 30 seconds for your input to reach the game, so plan ahead and mash accordingly.

[Ledge] Red realised as he was about to enter the Gym. "Oh shit, it's leg day and i've skipped it so far." He looked at the ledge. "Time to skip some more... OVER THIS LEDGE!

[Bots] It's Kotaku, yes, but there's an article about the " down" botting going on earlier today with a nice graph. Apparently Twitch took the hammer to the lot of them earlier, too, so it's just the anarchy spam for now.

[Ledge Joke] If i had £1 for ever time we jumped over a ledge over these last 13 days... hold on let me get my ledger

[A] 12d22h48m Enjoy this experience: it could be our last time really 'adventuring' within a city. It's not about the destination; it's the journey, right?

[Ledges] You guys think this tiny ledge is bad? Just wait until we get here :D

[A] 12d22h42m Excitement! We picked up a potion.

[Snark] If you thought we were getting into the gym today, now would be a good time to start ledging your bets.

[MadStratz] /u/MahBoiiii suggests using this strategy to get into the gym.

[Snark] They sold us the whole gym, but we only needed the ledge.

[A] 12d22h23m For anyone out there looking for a serious update, this one's for you: We're still in Viridian City; still wandering around; still trying to get into the gym; and still falling off this ledge

[A] 12d22h18m I agree /u/guilka; I thought I was gonna see some Giovanni beatdown today! Unfortunately, it seems the only entertainment I'll get in the next few hours is Red practicing parkour and some crazy old man catching Weedles

[A] 12d22h14m See, when I sat down to watch the stream, I was hoping I'd tune into something good. Instead, I got The Ledge 4: The Revenge of Heath Ledger.

[A] 12d22h10m I think Red is secretly training to become a world-class parkourist, with all of this ledge jumping. But that's just my opinion....

[A] 12d22h7m The olympics are over, guys. Flying off that ledge isn't going to get any medals. But I guess if you want to start training for 2018, don't let me stop you.

[A] 12d22h0m If you need something to keep your faith in Anarchy and Lord Helix through this trying time of ledges, I've got a song for you.

[A] 12d21h42m I haven't been keeping track of how many times we've jumped that ledge, but it just went up again. Good effort, team.

[A]12d21h23m Anarchy has returned!

[Strategy]: Current Goal: Go to the Viridian Gym and perform a massive beatdown on Giovanni and his henchmen!

[D] 12d21h19m Our precious team has been healed. Where will the hivemind take us now? The PC? The Gym? TO OUR DEMISE? Stay tuned!

[D] 12d 21h 20m: Healed at Viridian City Pokemon Center.

[D] 12d21h16m Dome prevails! We enter the Viridian Pokemon Center with the banner of democracy unfurled~

[D] 12d21h10m 8bit jinxes it. Red goes barreling into the wall beneath Viridian after double down9's. Double lines toward anarchy now.

[D]12d21h8m It looks like the start9 filibuster won't happen at the moment! Remember, you need to think 2 moves ahead to counter the lag! Moving in units of 9 will almost always cause us to overshoot, since that move will more than likely be used twice in a row!

[Strategy] Remember... think 20-30 seconds ahead, the democracy vote lasts 20 seconds and there's a 20-30 second delay. THINK 1 OR 2 MOVES IN FRONT


[A] 12d21h6m Democracy is in power. Praise the Dome.

[A] 12d21h4m Strong push for Democracy as twitch becomes angry with Viridian's ledges.

[A] 12d20h55m: One step away from the pokecenter door aaand... over the ledge!

[Strategy] Current goal: Heal at the Poke Center first. Then..... Go to the Viridian Gym and fuck some shit up!

[A] 12d20h48m - We're still wandering around Viridian City. The city of only 5 buildings. How in the hell did they get a "City" title!

[A] 12d 20h 39m: Stream is back up.

[Reader's Corner] /u/MahBoiiii makes a great point: In the time we've spent trying to get into the Pokemon Center again, we could have probably just dealt with the consequences of not having a checkpoint.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[A] 12d 20h 33m: Stream is down again.

[A] 12d 19h 58m: You have to actually heal at the center to checkpoint it. So we're still not checkpointed. What a shame, took a long time to get into that Pokemon Center.

[A] 12d19h54m: Left the Pokemon Center. Without healing. Great.

[A] 12d19h52m: We've entered the Pokemon Center! Still haven't healed, though.

[A] 12d 19h 12m: Current location is Viridian City, the primary focus of the stream seems to be either hitting up the PokeCenter so we respond there or hitting up the Gym. Both seem stymied at the moment by the ledges immediately under either. Next update will be when we manage to get into one of the buildings or if we leave the city.

[Summary] Here's a good summary video sent in by /u/Calabazal about the last day.

[A] 12d 19h 3m: Stream back up! Doesn't look like much has changed, but we'll see.

[A] 12d 18h 51m: Stream down for the moment.

[A] 12d 18h 43m: Still no progress toward the Center or the Gym. We keep popping off the ledge when we get close to either building. Got some messages that say the Misty messages come from an automated spam javascript. So, that's a weird thing that is going on.

[Fun Facts] I've been adjusting my stat stream, and it looks like the majority of the only-spams-one-thing bots/people are actually spamming anarchy, of all things (the gray parts of the bars): https://twitter.com/xkeepah/status/438403774306975744Very interesting. Everything else looks fairly normal for now, so I guess it's just Red bumbling about as usual.

[A] 12d18h14m Old man showing Red the tutorial for catching pokemon. Obviously needed a refresher course.

[A] 12d17h48m: We were next to the poke center... and we just walked into the mart. WRONG BUILDING RED

[Strategy] According to some messages i've gotten. We haven't deposited the Poke Flute.

[Strategy] Warning by /u/Vanguard-Raven Every time we black out on Victory Road, we have to deal with this nightmare of ledges again...

[A] 12d17h31m: The anarchy bar is racing back towards the middle. Democracy and the Dome supporters fail again.

[Random] 12d17h27m: An administrator command prompt has appeared out of nowhere, Whatchu messing with TPP Streamer?

[A] 12d17h25m: Democracy is edging ever closer to takeover

[A] 12d 17h 23m: Red's nemesis, a ledge, keeps us from the Gym entrance. Reminder: We haven't healed at the Pokecenter here, so that's a trip back to Pallet Town if we black out.

[A] 12d 17h 21m: We're close to the Gym. Democracy is very close to taking over.

[A] 12d 17h 15m: We're right by the Pokecenter in Viridian now. The ledge is giving us some grief. Here's the map., sorry about the messed up tiemstamp on the previous post.

[A] 12d17h5m: We're wandering around Viridian City.

[A] 12d 17h 4m: We're in Viridian City! Finally out of the Pallet Town snag.

[A] 12d 16h 49m: Back to fighting Pidgeys just north of Pallet Town. One streamer on the scene in the chat: "This is the stupidest crisis we've ever had"

[A] 12d 16h 30m: Healed up after a nice chat with Mom.

[A] 12d 16h 22m: Back in our house! Will red ever leave the comfort and safety of home? Apparently, as he just marched back outside. And back in. And out again. I'm reading they're going for the PC, but it doesn't really look like it. Out to the right of the house now.

[A] 12d 16h 16m: Back down in Pallet Town. Red reconnects with his roots? More just stuck here. Every once and a while we hit the grass right north of it, but mostly we seem to be stuck.

Adding onto /u/armrha's point about Red growing up: He's also developed a severe case of Paranoid Schizophrenia =/

[A] 12d 15h 59m: We run from a Pidgey. Just like old times.

[A] 12d 15h 55m: Strolling around Pallet town. Thinking about how far we've come, and all we accomplished. When we left town, we were collectively a child. Now RED's all grown up. These streets and fence posts don't seem as big as they use to.

[A]12d15h17m I've been brought up to speed by some helpful people, and it seems like the 2 goals---whether they're primary or secondary is totally up in the air---is to deposit the Poke Flute in Red's PC (only deals with items, so no blood will be shed) and then go to the Viridian Gym. However, as I've already said, we seem to be stuck in the tall grass just north of Pallet Town

[Spam] 12d15h16m If you were wondering what the spam situation is like (and why we keep moving between Pallet and Route 1), this is a good indicator: http://i.imgur.com/jxfXjBP.png All that gray on the "down" graph is bots. Surprise.

[A] 12d15h0m For anyone that's unable to click the map link for any reason, we're basically cycling between Pallet Town and the tall grass immediately north of Pallet Town; this seems to be on repeat, as we've been doing it for a little while

[A] 12d14h50m Sorry for the lack of updates guys; I just woke up, and after referring to the stream and the map, it seems like we've been right around here for a little while encountering level 3/4 pidgeys/rattatas/other low level pokemon. I've got class soon but hopefully another updater will come on and take over =/

Sorry I've got to get off this crazy train. Someone will be along soon I'm sure.

[A] 12d13h55m Whoops, looks like I blinked and missed us withdrawing HM04 and Pokeflute and depositing Secret Key and TM38

[A] 12d13h53m Red stares intently at a potted plant. Nothing like a bit of telekinetic horticulture to get the endorphins flowing.

[A] 12d13h24m It's almost like there's an invisible force pulling him downwards. cough cough

[A] 12d13h21m The current plan seems to be an attempt to recover Strength from Red's home. This is the safest way to do it, but the confusion seems to originate from not everyone being behind the idea.

[A] 12d13h12m Red still strangely reluctant to leave home.

[A] 12d13h4m Although for Abba this is probably the classic fantasy homecoming, when the pathetic hero returns as a noble warrior. I'm thinking the hobbits returning to the Shire at the end of Return of the King. Where Giovanni is Saruman I guess.

[A] 12d13h2m You know when a cat brings in live mouse and plays with it before it eats it? Yeah, that's what's happening here.

[A] 12d12h51m We have now left Pallet Town, and are taking out the last couple of hours' frustration Lvl 3 Pidgeys. I missed it, but it seems clear we did heal.

[A] 12d12h30m While we're waiting, here's a sneak preview of where we're aiming for.

[A] 12d12h29m Red still bumbling around Pallet Town. Poor old Red, he always was a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

[A] 12d12h18m Just tried to teach Cut. No one can learn Cut.

Turns out we also deposited the lift key and town map earlier

[A] 12d12h13m Red seems torn between trying to retrieve HM04, healing with Mother, and leaving town altogether. Currently in Red's bedroom. It's like the last 12 days never happened.

[SUMMARY] After all that, we deposited: HM04, a moon stone, poke flute, escape rope

Apparently we recovered HM01

Sorry I think we also deposited the a moonstone and HM04

[A] 12d11h49m "Be careful out there, it's not safe to go alone". Don't worry, there's 41000 of us.

[A] 12d11h49m Sorry, turns out we succeeded in our purpose after all: we deposited the Poke Flute, and are now leaving Pallet Town.

[STRATEGY] Don't forget that Red's mother heals Pokemon

[A] 12d11h44m Deposited Silph Scope, HM01 and Escape Rope

[A] 12d11h36m We made it to Pallet Town. At long last our exile on the spit of land outside the town is over. To the PC!

[STRATEGY] The inclination in the chat is to deposit the Pokeflute in Red's PC. It's a safe plan with no Pokemon capabilities, and we won't lose turns in battle.

[A] 12d11h25m It's one thing 'grinding' in Pokemon Mansion. We'll have as much success grinding here as a nerd will in a nightclub.

[STRATEGY] If we ever want to leave this sorry place, one suggestion is to work with the down bots - use them to get to the water's edge and start surfing, then go left and up.

[A] 12d11h15m Alright ladies and gents/hivemind, it's 4:30 AM here and time for me to get some sleep. It's been a blast and I'm looking forward to updating again! I hope you all were entertained! Feel free to pm me comments about anything. We are at a bit of a lull in the game, so hopefully the other updaters can stay on top of it without me. Adios, treat Red well~

[A] 12d11h3m As frustration to get off this simple island rises, democracy votes pile in.

[Strategy] Due to some force pushing Red down, it has been suggested that in order to Surf up to Pallet town, we attempt to spam left rather than up as Red can still access the waterway to Pallet that way.

[STRATEGY] It has been suggested that we consider teaching Fonzie Strength (as we once planned to do), given that he lost Horn Attack learning Surf.

[A] 12d10h50m "Now that's a catchy tune" says the game. "Don't patronise me" says Red.

[A] 12d10h42m "We'll teach three Pokemon surf", they said, "It'll be easy to surf", they said...

[A] 12d10h33m "Teach it to Charmeleon..." Blaine's words echo through Red's head as he repeatedly listens to Charmander's cry.

[Strategy] As we are kinda trapped on this little place, here is a strategy for getting us actually into Pallet Town.

[A] 12d10h14m AA-j leveled up to 60 versus wild pokemon in the grass south of Pallet Town. The will of twitch rules that it does not learn light screen!

[A] 12d9h56m The Fonz goes down to a rat. Shame. Side note: running low on energy, already through 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Do I go get food/coffee? Pls advise

[A] 12d9h45m We have landed below Pallet Town. Pretty sure we need to continue surfing to get into town though.

[META] We back.

[Reminder] We do not want Zapdos to learn Light Screen. If AA-j levels up to 60, spam b.

[A] 12d9h33m We are surfing again! But for now have aggro'd a swimmer. Probably not the best idea for him to challenge a psychotic robot with Zapdos.

[A] 12d9h31m The ATV just got a little faster. Carbos used on ATV.

[A] 12d9h27m I think we just tossed Solarbeam. Well, that's an end to Project Sunshine.

[A] 12d9h24m Red decided to join his platform compatriots and go fishing. Brought up a Horsea, but Bird Jesus blows it away with a whirlwind from its mighty wings.

[META] Apparently Reddit is going down in about 17-18 minutes, but it should only be down for about 5 minutes. Don't panic, people!

[A] 12d9h16m Given the rotund nature of these gentlemen, we may improve our survival chances by naming one of them Wilson.

[A] 12d9h13 We have made landfall! Unfortunately, it is on what twitch has dubbed 'Fat Man Island.' We're on a platform in the middle of nowhere between Pallet and Cinnabar.

[A] 12d9h10m Red stopping every so often to check his trainer card. "Man, do I look edgy in that picture, or what?"

[A] 12d9h7m We board Helix Surflines! Farewell Cinnabar!

[A] 12d9h3m Re the chat: Presumably someone thinks we have either Moses or King Canute in the party.

[A] 12d8h47m Suggestion from twitch chat: 'JUST USE STRENGTH AND PUSH THE OCEAN BACK"

[A] 12d8h43m And so the surf struggle begins. Red is currently patrolling the island, opening and closing the start menu. The people of Cinnabar look on, wondering "what who got into that kid?"

[Strategy] I'm seeing a lot of suggestions that we stop in Pallet at the PC in Red's room to deposit the PokeFlute so we can avoid wasting turns during the Elite Four. Also, it should be easier to surf now, as 3 of our party pokemon know the move! (Fonz, Helix, AIR)

[A] 12d8h36m Fully healed, we are free to proceed at the whim of the chat!

[A] 12d8h32m It appears we are attempting to heal before proceeding. Correction: I got a little excited. It took a whopping 6 turns to defeat Blaine.

[Strategy] Alright folks, the next step in the story is the Viridian City Gym. The quickest way to get there is to head north from Cinnabar. Here's some tuneage suggested by /u/ShinakoX2 if you need something to listen to on the road!

[A] 12d8h27 Zapdos brings down Blaine without a sweat. 4 turns?! TM38, Fire Blast, obtained.

[A] 12d8h24m Blaine engaged. Well, Blaine, too bad your pokemon "incinerated" your hair too. (Got a burn heal, bro?)

[A] 12d8h22m Red is caught between returning to heal and just taking down Blaine with AA-j and Bird Jesus. REMINDER: If we engage Blaine and AA-j levels up, we should spam b to prevent Light Screen from being learned.

[A] 12d8h19 The Super Nerd who knows what TM28 contains immediately regrets attempting to correct Red when AA-j Thunder's him into silence. Red takes the knowledge and gives the machine the correct answer twice, just for dem dominant feels.

[A] 12d8h18m Red seems to think TM28 is 'TOMBSTONER'. Wat a nub.

[A] 12d8h13m Red actually attempts to answer the machine to pass rather than battling, but fails the question. Burglar tries to capitalize on his weakness to take his lunch money. AA-j ensures this fails horribly.

[A] 12d8h12m A god falls to a Rapidash stomp. AA-j proceeds to vengefully drill the horse to its demise. With that, AA-j has reached level 59!

[A] 12d8h8m Sorry, apparently I missed it: Helix has reached level 33. Thanks to /u/Sniffoy

[Strategy] /u/PhreaksChinstrap just pointed out that Zapdos learns Light Screen, a non-damaging move at level 60, so we should probably spam b at that point to make sure it isn't learned!

[A] 12d8h6m As we begin battle with the next trainer, Burglar, Lapras throws itself in front of its Lord Helix to prevent His demise. Bird Jesus is out now. Expect a sweep.

[A] 12d8h4m Another Super Nerd just bowed to the might of Helix. Red serenaded Helix with the PokeFlute at the end of the battle to express his love and devotion.

[Strategy] What we're up to right now, in picture format. Thanks to /u/Rognik ! Side note: formatting pls

[A] 12d7h56m Lapras almost brings down the rest of the Super Nerd's pokes, but Zapdos switches in to finish him off. Surf's Up, Nerd!

[A] 12d7h52m Tossling with the 2nd trainer, Super Nerd. The Fonz takes himself out in confusion so he and ATV are out. Lapras just misted all over a Vulpix it just sang to sleep. Take that as you please.

[Strategy] Here is the map to the gym. Apparently trainers can be avoided by answering questions at the machines, though I seriously doubt twitch wants that/could pull that off. Plus, who doesn't like some action? Thanks to /u/JayCKey for the map.

[A] 12d7h48m Burglar, trainer 1 defeated! Fonz and Helix make a strong showing with Surf!

[Strategy] At the moment, we are challenging Blaine's gym, the 7th Gym. If anyone would like to send in strategies/maps for this gym, now is the time.

[A] 12d7h44m Engaged with the first trainer in Blaine's Gym. The Fonz is sweeping through with its newfound Surfing ability!

[A] 12d7h42m Armed with the Secret Key, Red enters Blaine's Gym!

[A] 12d7h41m Bird Jesus falls to the strong club foot of a wild Ponyta. Back to the Cinnabar Pokemon Center for the 8th? time, but we got what we needed this time.

[A] 12d7h35m The Fonz is burned, while Bird Jesus is poisoned. Both under 20 health. Return to base imminent. Some scientist in the basement "likes it here." Yeah, you and nobody else, buddy.

[A] 12d7h32m Stream came back online at 12d7h28m, sorry about that typo in an earlier update! Fonz' health is around 40% while Bird Jesus has just over 25 hp left. We are still in the basement. Things not looking good for hopes of a non-whiteout escape. note: Stream has now recovered to about 40k viewers

[Strategy] My apologies, we already picked up TM14, Blizzard. It was originally in the basement by the southern button.

[A] 12d8h28m Stream is back! Down to just under 6k viewers though. Wow.

Stream is actually offline. [RIOT INTENSIFIES]

Stream is down. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Strategy] If Helix we wish to leave the mansion as quickly as possible, we can look at this map submitted by /u/PhreaksChinstrap . Others saying we should stay to pick up Blizzard here in the Mansion.

Gonna head off to bed now, almost 4am my time =X /u/guilka will keep you guys covered for a while longer! I'll exit by saying that I think Surf has the coolest battle animation out of any in the entire game :D Cheers everyone, I'll be back later today!

[A] 12d7h20m The Fonz testing out his new surf. That's one sexy surfing dinosaur poison monster thing.

[Strategy] We must reactivate the northern button in the basement in order to leave the basement.

[A] 12d7h13m Bird Jesus is wading through the seas of poison balloons, doges, and ponies. He is now poisoned, but WE JUST USED A MAX REVIVE ON THE FONZ

[Strategy] I've gotten a few messages from Redditors, and I think it's worth noting that Air Jordan can also learn Solar Beam. However, after watching the chat for a few minutes, it seems like the majority is in favor of teaching the move to ATV

[Strategy] PROJECT SUNSHINE: Teach TM22 (Solar Beam) to ATV!

Thanks /u/G30therm for the name!

[Strategy] I (and quite a few people in the chat on the stream) think it would be beneficial to us if we taught Solar Beam to ATV. But of course, realistically, that could be a challenge to do lol. Since, after all, it took a hell of a long time to complete Project Surfboard xD

[A] 12d6h48m TM22 Solarbeam obtained. Yet to be seen if we'll actually find our way out of the mansion, or just fight to our death. Bird Jesus will show us the way.

[Strategy] In contradiction to my prior post, TM22, Solarbeam, is in the room above where the key was. It could be worthwhile to grab it while we're here!

Blaine doesn't even know what's coming for him.

[A] 12d6h38m Secret Key obtained. Let's get the hell out of this land of poison and fire.

[A] 12d6h33m AA-j has succumbed to dysentery poison. It's all on the strong shoulders/wings of Bird Jesus.

[A] 12d6h24m Unfortunately, AA-j has come down with a case of the poison. Positives are that that we still have an almost pristine Bird Jesus and we're closing fast on the Secret Key.

[A] 12d6h20m The button in the basement has been pressed. Cries of 'Hail Helix!' abound in the chat!

[A] 12d6h17m The Fonz forgot Horn Attack and learned Surf!

[A] 12d6h15m Red is in the basement! Half our party is knocked out, but AA-j has been a champ and Bird Jesus is almost at full health.

[A] 12d6h5m The 3rd floor button has been pressed! Progress, and it feels so good~

[Strategy] As we seem to be a bit torn between the 2nd and 3rd floors, here is the map again. We need to hit the switch on the 3rd floor, then fall down (steps 4-5).

[A] 12d5h44m The Fonz takes a critical from a poison balloon and faints with style.

[A] 12d5h44m Our Lord Omanyte goes down :(

[A] 12d5h40m For those of you who are wondering, there really isn't much to update at the minute; we are still fighting our way back through the mansion. The only notable event, is that Omanyte has been poisoned.

Alright, with Red continuing to crawl through the second floor of the Mansion, I have to take my leave of you wonderful people. I leave the stream to the others, and hopefully will be back this time tomorrow. Good luck, and happy coordination! :) EllyNeko out.

[A] 12d5h17m Red is now re-pressing the switches. Come and see the violence inherent in the system!

[A]12d5h14m Red makes a surprisingly straight beeline back to the mansion, heading inside and smacking aside the Koffings in his way. Nidoking's up front which means we can have an easier time avoiding poison for awhile.

Alright, just so the other mods/Live-streamers know I'll be bowing out in about five minutes. Hopefully there's a few waiting in the wings to take over.

[Strategy] It's been mentioned to me several times that in the basement of the Mansion, TM22 lies on the table just north of the Key. TM22 is SolarBeam, a move both ATV and Air could learn. It's also been brought to my attention that we still have a Max Revive and Full Restore in our inventory, although attempts to retrieve them through anarchy might just distract the group.

[A] 12d5h6m For those of you playing our exciting home game, that would be party wipe number 7.

[A]12d5h6m It's all over folks. Red blacks out again after another harrowing attempt through the Mansion. With little to show for it, we're back to enjoying the lovely Cinnabar music.

[A] 12d5h2m: RED Death Watch: 180 steps to go. RIP

[A] 12d5h0m: RED Death Watch: Just a reminder that every turn in battle costs about 50 steps on the out-of-battle poison death timer.

[A]12d5h0m Votes for democracy are pouring in as the group demands precision to avoid another black out. Abba Jesus dwindles to 20% health.

[A] 12d4h59m It seems as though Democracy is getting closer to being the status quo. Will it arrive in time, before Bird Jesus succumbs to poison? Only time will tell...

[A]12d4h55m We're close to the last button-statue on the north side of the room. If we press that we have a clear shot to the key all the way to the west.

[A] 12d4h54m RED Death Watch: Under 500 steps to go! Remember the Safari Zone?

[Strategy] We have to head up and right now towards the next button-statue, gang. The item to the far left, if it's still there, isn't worth another go-around!

And if you find you're stressing out too much on a daily basis from Twitch Plays Pokemon, here's a foolproof method to lowering your stress level ;)

[A] 12d4h47m Just for those keeping track, assuming Pidgeot doesn't take more damage in battle, we can bumble about for about 600 more steps before it's game over.

[Meta]: For those of you who this is stressing out a whole lot, here is a Web MD guide for keeping stress levels down :)

[A] 12d4h44m: The switch is pressed! Finally.

[A]12d4h43m AA-J levels up to 57! Still no switch progress.

[MetA]12d4h41m: Just a reminder that we have been stuck in Cinnabar Mansion for over 15 hours.

[A]12d4h38m And both birds are poisoned! It's now a race against time to try and get to both statues before making our way to the key, and our past track record isn't making this look hopeful.

[A]12d4h31m AA-J is poisoned, giving him a countdown until we only have one Pokemon keeping us from restarting aaaaall over again.

[A] 12d4h28m The switch! Didn't press it. Didn't press it. Didn't press it. Didn't press it. Didn't press it. Didn't press it. Pressed it! Then pressed it again! D'oh.

[A]12d4h21m We've made it to the button-statue for seven but keep circling it, perhaps in an attempt to intimidate it. We hit it twice, then go back to circling. Red likes to keep it on its toes, I suppose...

[Strategy] For those just joining, here is the map we are currently following. We're down to six, trying to get to seven.

[A]12d4h5m Still passing over the gap we need to get through, running from encounter after encounter. Our Birdly Duo is hanging on for the time being, but all we need is one poison to repeat the attempt of a few hours ago. Can the group consolidate their efforts in time?

[A]12d3h51m And The Fonz goes down to a Koffing, leaving only the heavenly birds alive in our party. We're on the basement floor but overshooting and missing the button-statues.

[Strategy] It's worth noting that we're losing a lot of pokemon to poison. The Fonz is immune to poison (but not to burns), so if we can keep it alive, it's a safer bet for 'run'ning through the Mansion.

[A] 12d3h42m "All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem" - MLK Jr. I think that just about sums up this game.

[A]12d3h39m Acquired a Carbos!

[A]12d3h36m Made it past the first gate and fallen back down to the first floor. Slowly making our way southeast towards the basement.

[A]12d3h29m Continually walking past the statue we need to activate in order to move on and wild encounters keep KO'ing our party. 3/6 Pokemon alive. C'mon guys, we were so close before!

[A] 12d3h18m AA-j levels up to 56!

[A] 12d3h14m Our lord Omanyte goes down due to poison, but not before OHKO'ing a Ponyta!

[Service Announcement] : Updaters, please remember that BOLDING IS FOR EXTREME IMPORTANCE. A Pokemon dying / getting poisoned is NOT subject to bolding. Bolding is the reason we are allowed to have longer and more "personality"-based updates, since it universalizes the understanding that Importance = Bold. BOLDING INCLUDES BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Item Pick / BLACK OUT / Serious Location Changes / Move-Learning / Trainer Wins/Battles. Thank you.

[A]12d3h8m Air succumbs to poison from a Koffing. Down to 4 Pokemon!

[A]12d3h1m Omanyte levels up to 32!

[A]12d2h54m Our lord and savior Omanyte OBLITERATES a wild Ponyta in one hit with his newly-learned Surf move!

[A]12d2h53m ATV goes down against a wild Koffing

[A]12d2h52m Making our way towards the 3rd floor stairs. We have to head for the Pokemon statue once we get to the 3rd floor, but we're doing fairly well in avoiding wild encounters!

[A]12d2h44m As if by accident, Red stumbles back into the Pokemon Mansion. Let's get this train wreck a'rollin'!

And occasionally, they would hear the strains of a tune played on a Pokeflute. The same few notes, over and over and over, because they shut out the voices for a while. Then the muttering, "that's a catchy tune".

Adding onto /u/onemanandhishat's point, the locals will tell legends about how Red worshiped an ancient fossil, and that he had tens of thousands of voices in his head, controlling his every move and action.....

[A] 12d2h36m Blaine has apparently lived here for decades. It's not implausible that we'll end up doing the same.

[A]12d2h33m We meander about, stopping by the Mart and trying to teach ATV Cut. The locals seem unfazed. We stop by north and manage to use the Super Rod, fishing up a Horsea! ATV is sent out and the Poke Flute immediately played.

[A] 12d2h19m "Blaine is an odd man". Wait til he meets us, we make the Joker look mundane.

[A]12d2h17m Hoorah! Our Lord and savior Helix has learned surf!

[A] 12d2h17m Currently trying to teach surf to the two birds. Thank goodness that's not possible so we can be spared the Surfin Bird jokes.

[A]12d2h17m Omanyte has learned Surf

[A] 12d2h16m After all the trouble it took to get here, it would seem a shame if we completed Cinnabar too fast. Think of it as savouring the experience.

[A]12d2h9m Red strolls about the quaint town, enjoying the lovely music and scenery. The start screen is brought up every few seconds but is quickly exited. The userbase seems split between going back for another try at the Mansion and trying for Project Surfboard. The game is saved once or twice for good measure.

[A] 12d1h59m Now that we're out of the mansion, does this mean we will attempt to go forward with Project Surfboard? Only time will tell...

[Strategy] I have been informed by several users that the beds in the Mansion do NOT heal us, and that we NEED to reflip all the switches in the Mansion if we leave or black out. Follow this map to victory and Key-dom!

[A]12d1h56m We consult everything in our inventory during this dark time, but not even the S.S. Ticket can guide us through this. Fonz goes down to a burn and we black out, again. Back to the Pokecenter we go!

[A]12d1h50m We play the song of the flute to a Koffing and escape, but it's too late for our birds. AA-J and Abba Jesus are down from poison! We're left with only a burned, burned-out Fonz.

[A]12d1h47m Oh no! AA-j is poisoned too! We're still trying to decide between hitting the switch and continuing towards the next floor. And with all three members of our party at under 25% health it looks like we're about to find ourselves in the Pokecenter again.

[Strategy] Does anyone know if we need to press the switches again in order to get the Key? Or can we make a beeline(ish) right for it now?

[A] 12d1h33m Why would you not press the secret switch? This is no time to be coy!

[Strategy] Just as a reminder, here's the path we need to take in order to obtain the Secret Key!

[A]12d1h28m Acquired an Iron! Equal chances for it being tossed or used in the next half hour.

[A]12d1h24m AA-J levels up to 55 after taking down a Growlithe. Tried to learn Agility but abandoned it, whew!

[A]12d1h20m Abba Jesus's health is slowly sapped by poison as we play the song of our people to a wild Koffing. Still trying to make it to the third floor.

[A]12d1h14mAir Jordan has fallen in combat from bad stomach aches from poisoning.

[A] 12d1h12m Party here looking pretty bruised and battered.

[A]12d1h11m And Lord Helix succumbs to his burn! King Fonz is sent out to face another Ponyta before running, but he's also low on health. Only Double A-Jay remains untouched in our party.

[A]12d1h9m Abba Jesus has also been poisoned thanks to the roaming gas bags! Two party members poisoned and two burned, and we're still trying to make it to the 3rd floor. We need to start running from more of these encounters.

[A]12d1h8m Bird Jesus is now poisoned from a Koffing's Smog.

[A]12d1h6m AIIIIIIRRR has been poisoned by a Koffing encounter, and with Lord Helix and Nidoking burned our party situation isn't looking good. An apology for the lack of correct bolding, I'm too excited by the heat of the moment!

[A]12d0h57m ATV goes down to a wild Koffing before AA-J promptly takes him out. We're still on the first floor of the Mansion, making our way to the second floor. Our Lord Helix is now at the front of the party!

Ah, the cavalry has arrived! I'll be signing off now - my very eyes are aching - but I'll leave you in the capable hands of /u/EllyNeko. Have a fun, friendly, and not-stuck-in-one-corner-for-an-hour-and-a-half adventure in my absence, everybody!

[STRATEGY] /u/seodoth just sent me a very useful link to the TPP Strategy tumblr. It doesn't get much more strategic than that! A lot of the resources I've been mentioning can be found there.

Hello crew, new updater EllyNeko here! I'll be jumping in in place of u/Kingorokos. I'll be helping with updates 'til I pass out at my keyboard in a few hours.

[A]12d00h50m King Fonz has been burned, perhaps as a punishment for his tenacity in the recent incident.

Incidentally, if any other commentators or moderators are watching the stream at the moment; I'm looking to head out in the next fifteen minutes or thereabouts, so we'll need somebody to take over by then. It's been fun, guys, but I am exhausted. Mentally and emotionally.

[A]12d00h43m We're back in the Pokemon Mansion. Honestly, where else would we be? In case any of you have forgotten (I know I have) what we're even doing here, this map should refresh your memory.

[A]12d00h38m Total time trapped: 1 hour, 32 minutes. We made it, folks. We really made it. That Pokemon centre music has never sounded so good.

[A]12d00h36m /u/WiiLovePeace suggests we dub this incident 'Grindhog Day'. It has a certain flair which 'the Great Burglar And Table In Our Way Crisis' lacked, I'll readily admit. And speaking of which - could it be? Are we free?! King Fonz has fainted! Hurrah! Hurray! Praise the day!


[A]12d00h34m Speak of the devil, King Fonz grew to level 35.

[A] 12d0h33m Face it mate, if your partner's been anywhere near us, he's probably been released by now. You'll never see him again.

[A]12d00h32m Of course, the problem with having King Fonz as our last team member is that he'll never get poisoned, so we're having to do this the long way... Cue EVEN MORE grinding.

[A] 12d00h24m Bird Jesus has fainted. It took many trials and tribulations to slay him, but now this purgatory is almost over.

[A] 12d0h24m Where's Macauley Culkin when you need him?

[A]12d00h21m Progress? What does that even mean? I'm blaming all of my typos and other errors on this shambling nightmare. We've been here for more than an hour now...

[A] 12d0h20m Oh man, this is like 127 dresses Hours all over again.

(ANOTHER correction - I know, I'm sorry, kill me now) Obviously, Operation Blizzard can only teach TM14 to one of the three Pokemon mentioned because, you know, single use TMs. Sorry for the confusion. This whole event has left me a shambling husk of my forner self.

[STRATEGY] A lot of people are also suggesting potential training strategies for our grind-filled future, ala this one. Also, another correction - the counter measures days passed, not number of days. Twelve days have passed since day 1 so it's day 13. Apologies!

[STRATEGY] In the absence of actual progress, several Operations have sprung up. Amongst them is the still ever-popular Operation Surfboard, Operation Blizzard (which proposes we teach TM14 to Helix, King Fonz and possibly AIR, to aid us against Lance in the future) and the simplistic Operation Blackout (which just wants us to faint our team, very very quickly).

[A]12d00h01m An exciting new development in the form of Bird Jesus being poisoned. Is this a good thing or not? I can't really tell any more.

[A]12d00h00m Happy day twelve! To recap; Red is stuck in Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, trapped between a burglar (note the spelling) and the table. We are currently attempting to escape, though how exactly is a matter of contention in the stream. Our real goal, to obtain the key to Cinnabar gym, looks very distant at this point.

[A] 12d0h0m This guy would make our lives a whole lot easier if he would stop being a lazy fuck and actually go look for his partner >___>

(Many people are questioning my spelling of 'burgular'. Probably because I'm spelling it wrong. It's burglar. I'm a damn fool.)

[STRATEGY] For a more eloquent explanation, here are the words of /u/Sanquii - "In red, there are trainers who have no sight range and walk around. This burglar is one of them. So we actually had to walk in this spot, wait until he got over the entrance, and initiate battles. Trainers cease all movement patterns after a battle, so we're stuck." Hope that helps!

[A]11d23h46m It was only a matter of time - AJ has fainted. Sleep well, our electric prince, and dream not of small corridors guarded by burgulars.

[STRATEGY] As some people are confused as to how we got into this mess, a rough explanation - the guy in front of us is a trainer who spins on the spot. He caught us whilst we were down in this little corridor between the rocks and the table, and walked over to battle. After the battle ended, he stayed in his new position, still spinning on the spot. And his new position, very inconveniently, is our only exit. So we're trapped.

[A]11d23h36m AJ is poisoned. I'm honestly not sure how long ago that happened - time has slowed to a dull trickle, here at the epicentre of the great Burgular And Table In Our Way Crisis, and events are beginning to merge together in my mind...

(Add a +30m to that last update's timestamp. Time seems to be outsmarting me this evening.)

[A]11d23h "I wonder where my partner went?" Perhaps your partner slowly starved to death, trapped in a corner by your colossal bulk, intense apathy, and unfortunate proximity to nearby tables and rocks. You monster.

[A]11d23h26m Anarchy is back. What a thoroughly unhelpful democracy that turned out to be.

[STRATEGY] Incidentally, with democracy in play, hardcore fans of Operation Surfboard might try to use this opportunity to their advantage. I'd advise against it, though; we're already muddled up enough as it is.

[A]11d23h14m Democracy is in session, brought on by panic from the great Burgular And Table In Our Way Crisis (coined that one myself).

[STRATEGY] Alternatively, some people think we should be using up our escape rope. That would be quicker, and much less boring - but then we'd miss out on all of this lovely EXP. I suppose the decision lies with democracy, now.

[STRATEGY] Grinding might be the best way to go at this point, guys. Spamming A and left would speed up both exp and black-out, which are our two goals here I reckon. Thanks to /u/B1ack0mega for the tips

(comment) Revive girl 2.0

[A]11d23h06m Red, our majestic hero, Pokemon master to be, the protagonist of one of the most iconic games of all time... is stuck. I wish I was joking. He's trapped behind a trainer who won't move, a table, and some rocks. Our options at this point are pretty much either deliberately die, or grind for a while.

[STRATEGY] A lot of people have been urging me to tell you that we need to watch out for AJ levelling up any more. His next two moves are Agility (LVL 55) and Light Screen (LVL 60), neither of which are popular choices in the stream. So, when the time comes, be safe. We don't want to lose any vital moves.

(Correction to an earlier post: AIR fainting did not, as I said, occur half an hour in the past. That would just be silly. The correct time was 11d22h44m)

[A]11d22h54m It's not all bad; AJ gained a level and is now level 54.

[STRATEGY] Remember, folks, all this meandering about the mansion is getting us nowhere. The map most people seem to be following guides us to the staircase on the North-West corner of the second floor - heading thataway might be a smart move.

[A]11d22h04m AIR has fainted. Ponyta's wrath cannot be quenched. They are out to burn the blood of our heroic team.

[A]11d22h37m I'm told that Helix not only avenge ATV in an earlier Ponyta battle, but also gained a level! Thanks to /u/shundread

[A]11d22h36m Helix has fainted. These flaming horses are getting out of hand. Fortunately AJ is at hand to avenge our fallen hero.

[A] 11d22h35m Lord Helix has fallen in combat. MAY WE CRUSADE TO AVENGE HIS DEATH,

[A]11d22h31m Much like a real life heretic, Ponyta attempts to burn the envoy of our new religion. Omanyte has been burned.

[A] 11d22h29m Lord Helix avenges ATV's sacrifice by spraying water on the flaming horse.

[A] 11d22h29m ATV has fainted. Felled by a flaming horse. A noble death.

[A] 11d22h26m We're roaming around the Pokemon Mansion, fighting off gas bags (also known as Koffing). Not too much happening yet.

[STRATEGY] Judging by the amount of time spent in the items menu during this series of random encounters, Operation Surfboard hasn't given up yet.

[A] 11d22h22m And we run away from the Growlithe.

[A] 11d22h22m Lord Helix strikes the enemy Growlithe hard with Water Gun. Nevertheless, the Twitchnauts seem to be unsure of themselves, consistently consulting the SS Ticket and the Super Rod.

[STRATEGY] Does this mean that Operation Surfboard has been abandoned? Is it simply waiting, lying in wait? Who knows. All I can say is - let's get that damn key already.

[A] 11d22h19m The mansion! We've entered the Mansion!

[A] We just attempted to teach Strength to Bird Jesus (Pidgeot), ATV (Venomoth) and AIR (Lapras) in rapid succession. Fortunately, the first two can't learn it and the third already knows it. Not much of a victory, but compared to our recent progress I'd call it a sign that things are improving. Other notable events include listening to the cries of Wartortle and Pidgey alternatively, saving repeatedly, and an odd whistling on the ol' Pokeflute.

Hey guys, KingOrokos here, hopefully going to help out with the updates for the next hour or so! Though I'm sure most of you know this already, we're currently attempting to teach Helix and King Fonz to Surf - as explained here. After which, our goal is to grab that Gym Key from the Mansion; here's a map of that. Wish me luck, I'm new round these parts.

Thanks to everyone who's been messaging me offering to help out with Live Updates during this time! If you're interested in helping out during the night hours/ early morning hours, please message one of the TPP mods.

[Strategy] The map for retrieving the Secret Key can be found here: http://i.imgur.com/rD5Up87.jpg

[A] 11d21h55m We are still meandering about on Cinnabar Island. Our current goal is to retrieve the Secret Key from the Pokemon Mansion in order to open up the Cinnabar Gym. https://sites.google.com/site/twitchplayspokemonstatus/

Hey folks! I'll be infrequently updating and taking over for 8bitremixguy for now. We're not making much progress, so expect updates about every 5 min. I'll be updating until around 9:30, with perhaps a few 10 min breaks inbetween to eat a quick dinner and shower. If any other live updaters are on right now and would like to help out, please message me. Thanks!

Well guys, it's been fun! My first time updating for TPP has been a great one! Unfortunately, I need to head off to dinner. Thank you to anyone who's sent me kind words or strategy to my inbox, I really appreciate it! Hopefully another updater will take over soon. No idea when I'll be on here again, but hopefully it's soon! :D

[A] 11d21h29m We heal a second time for good measure xD Now, judging by the chat, there's a majority in favor of teaching Surf to Omanyte and Nidoking

[A]11d21h28m We enter the Poke Center again. We heal our Pokemon.

[A] 11d21h16m We just nearly tossed a moonstone. Props to whoever pressed 'b' at the right time

[STRATEGY] So just to remind everyone, it seems (judging by the chat on the stream) that our immediate goal is not to heal, but to initiate Project Surf/Surfboard and teach surf to Omanyte and Nidoking

[Strategy] It's been brought to my attention by /u/Spoon_rhythm and /u/SKdawg that Surf being taught to Omanyte and Nidoking could possibly will be a good choice in the long run. Here's a link that explains what I mean

[A] 11d20h57m We exited without doing anything. Now we're wandering around Cinnabar island. The residents here must think we're absolutely insane... But then again, everyone that comes across Red must think that

[A] 11d20h50m Into the Poke Center we go! Let's make this quick; heal, and promptly exit without screwing anything up....

[A] 11d20h46m We're still trying to get into the Poke Center. Red wanders into the Poke Mart. He browses the shelves for a while, but apparently he's on a tight budget, so we walk out without buying anything

[A] 11d20h38m At least we can look on the bright side, the music in Cinnabar Island is much, much better than when we were stuck in Lavender Town :D

[A] 11d20h30m Red stumbles into Pokemon Labs to have a look around for a minute or two; we're still trying to enter the Pokemon Center to heal our wounded Pokemon

[A] 11d20h23m Let's see if we can just go in, heal, and come straight out. But alas, every trip to the Poke Center in the past ~12 days has been interesting....

[A] 11d20h21m Abba Jesus also faints due to the poison. We have left the mansion; perhaps we're going back to the Poke Center to heal?

[A] 11d20h17m No, Red! You're going the wrong way! We backtrack down to the first floor of the mansion, and Omanyte is sent out against a wild Koffing. We run. Shortly after, Omanyte (at 1hp) is switched out for Air Jordan. AIIIIIIR is poisoned. After, our god, clinging on to life at 1hp, succumbs to the poison, and faints

[A] 11d20h15m Correction, ATV fainted earlier. We get attacked by a wild Growlithe, and Bird Jesus goes up. We run away.

[A] 11d20h13m We made it to the 2nd floor of the mansion, but immediately get attacked by a wild Ponyta. Poisoned Omanyte goes up, but we quickly run

[A] 11d20h12m Just to remind everyone, all our Pokemon are up, but Omanyte and Bird Jesus are poisoned. We send Air Jordan up against Koffing but we run before anything happens

[A] 11d20h11m Omanyte is poisoned against a wild Koffing.

[A] 11d20h9m Another Ponyta, Omanyte takes some damage. We play the PokeFlute, but to no avail. We run.

[A] 11d20h8m Omanyte up against another Koffing. We run. If there's one thing 63,000 people are collectively good at on this game, it's running from wild Pokemon xD

[A] 11d20h6m Red consults Bulbasaur for advice before running into, yep, you guessed it, another wild Koffing. We run.

[A] 11d20h5m More wild Koffings; really starting to get sick of them! The Card Key is consulted, and then Omanyte uses water gun multiple times to take it down. Praise Helix!

[A] 11d20h2m Our God Helix goes out against a wild Koffing, but we run away

[A] 11d20h1m ATV faints to a wild Ponyta. We promptly run right after

[A]11d20h0m Just as a reminder, here's the map of where we need to go. Thanks /u/SKdawg!

[A] 11d19h59m Another wild Koffing, but we quickly run

[A] 11d19h57m Wild Ponyta attacks, ATV goes out. Card Key is consulted a few times, but unfortunately it doesn't provide any usable wisdom. We promptly run away

[A] 11d19h53m If anyone wants a map of our current location, we're right here.

[A] 11d19h52m Wild Koffing attacks, but we run without taking any damage at all

[A] 11d19h51m We slowly are making our way through the mansion. With each passing step, poor Bird Jesus takes more and more poison damage :(

[A] 11d19h49m We run against a Ponyta after ATV takes some damage; next, ATV's out against a Growlithe. We run after taking some damage

[A] 11d19h47m Come on Red, now's not the time to play the PokeFlute multiple times in a row! Bird Jesus comes back in at half health (poisoned), AAAAAAAA comes out, and we run away

[A] 11d 19h 45m Bird Jesus is poisoned while fighting a Koffing!

[A] 11d19h42m: Rare Candy used on ATVenomoth, now level 35

As Red wanders around Cinnabar Island, it may be a good time to look to Helix for strength and wisdom. We're gonna need it...

[Extra] here's an image of what happened, for you people who can't access the stream

[A] 11d19h34m: Red is contemplating suicide, he's listening to all his Pokemon's cries before he jumps into the ocean, never to be seen again

[Extra] And we fainted as we were stood in front of the key BTW. we were literally one A click away from picking up the key.

[Extra] /u/Sniffnoy tells me we picked up a rare candy. So we have that.

[A] 11d19h28m: aaabaaajss has fainted, We are out of usable pokemon, we black out... again

[A] 11d19h25m: Bird Jesus is on low health, we could lose him pretty soon

[RECAP] User /u/Calabazal made a video to recap the last 24 hours: http://youtu.be/CIgrooqHwjQ

[A] 11d19h9m: The Asthma Pokemon, Weezing, jumps out at us, defeating The Fonz, we quickly run

[A] The party pokemon, Grimer, shows up to give us a hard time. Omanyte is sent out to deal with this ruffian

[A] 11d19h1m: Bird Jesus consults a few items, tries to run a few times, consults a few more items, then throws a Quick Attack at the Magnemite, killing it. The Scientist sends out an Electrode, which is quickly dealt with

[A] 11d18h53m: For those of you dying for updates, we have just in fact saved the game.

[A] 11d18h40: Still wandering around Cinnibar Mansion, running away from random Pokemon battles and "grinding"

[Strategy] Some people seem to be pushing for this strategy. It seems very reasonable, not a bad idea at all

[A] 11d18h26m: For those of you just joining us, we have been doing nothing but running away from wild Pokemon for the past few minutes

[A] 11d18h20m: Down the steps!

[A] 11d18h15m: We have fallen down the Mansion's balcony, into another room

[A] 11d18h13,: Nidoking defeats a Ponyta

[A] 11d18h10m: ATV and AIR are both down right now, our Zapdos is in the head of the team, and Nidoking is fighting a Ponyta.

[A] 11d18h5m God himself has shown up for this battle. Praise be to him!

[A] 11d18h5m: Omanyte comes out against a Koffing, ATV is still alive.

[A] 11d18h4m: ATV vs Koffing, and surprise we ran

[A] 11d18h3m: ATV vs Growlithe, another run

[A] 11d18h1m: ATV vs Koffing, Zapdos takes the field and Drill Pecks the Koffing to "death"

[A] 11d17h58m: ATV vs Koffing, this time with special guest appearance from Bird Jesus, who sands up the area

[A] 11d17h57m: ATV vs Koffing, once again we have fled

[A] 11d17h54m: ATV vs Koffing, Zapdos gets sent out, and then AATTVVV again to take a hit

[A] 11d17h53m: Checking the Pokedex, making sure everyone sounds the same

[Meta] Plugging in my second screen just for you guys...

[A] 11d17h44m After looking into everyone's windows and doors we arrive at our destination and a Koffing stares us down. Air Jordan is playing the hero but he faints after a devastating sludge attack, Bird Jesus is here to mop up. After a consultation with the S.S Ticket

[Whoops] Apparently we don't need cut. Damnit guys stop giving me false information. I'm too lazy to look it up myself

[A] 11d17h37m: One attack and we black out and return to the Poke Cent- I type too slow

[Strategy] "In addition to Nidoking not being able to learn cut, NONE of our current pokemon or their evolutions can learn cut.

At some point, we will HAVE to brave the PC again. We won't need it until after the last Giovanni battle, but it is needed to get to the Elite 4."


[A] 11d17h35m Praise the button, for he is a messenger of Helix

[A] 11d17h34m: We run out of a battle... and straight into another one, good job guys!

[Whoops] Wrong info back there, Nidoking can infact NOT learn cut. i was looking at the gen 6 move list on Bulbapedia. SORRY!

[A] 11d17h31m: The Fonz is pumping himself full of steroids... or something like that

[Strategy] Plan Z: Teach everyone surf, EVEN THE BIRDS

[Strategy] Nidoking can learn Cut. Maybe we can try teaching it to him sometime?

(Thanks /u/abdiyohan for bringing this to my attention

[A] 11d17h25m: ATVenomoth faints against a Ponyta, only The Fonz is left and he runs away.

[A] 11d17h23m: We try to Surf on Air Jordan, it fails. Miserably

[Meta] I've been asked to tone down the updates a little. Sorry if i've been going a little fast!

[A] 11d17h16m: our NPC impression does not impress the Burglar.

[A] 11d17h15m: And then swiftly away

[A] 11d17h14m: After some OCD Button Pushing, Red drives ATVenomoth into a Koffing

[A] 11d17h12m: ATV is basically guaranteed to run away from anything that moves - VI: I obviously don't know my star wars movies

[A] 11d17h9m: ATV is basically guaranteed to run away from anything that moves - V: Return of the Fossils

[A] 11d17h9m: ATV is basically guaranteed to run away from anything that moves - IV: A New Hope

[Meta] Just got this message from /u/Kingkaor: No wonder he runs from everything moving. He thinks it's a race.

[A] 11d17h8m: ATV is basically guaranteed to run away from anything that moves, again with a koffing

[Meta] Legit crying at /u/MyNameIsNavy 's transportation update

[A] 11d17h7m: It's the battle of the modes of transportation, ATVenomoth vs Ponyta

[A] 11d17h6m: ATV is basically guaranteed to run away from anything that moves, electric boogaloo

[A] 11d17h4m: ATV is basically guaranteed to run away from anything that moves


[A] 11d17h2m: Koffing is paralyzed, leading to an easy escape

[A] 11d17h1m: Another Growlithe, Another run

[A] 11d17h0m: ATV runs away from a Growlithe. Get hyped

[A] 11d17h00m: We run into a wild Growlithe, and quickly run

[A] 11d16h58m: AATTVV ran away

[A] 11d16h58m: Apparently I have been putting my time stamps in the unoptimal spot

AATTVV vs Koffing!

[A] Level up! IIRC, it was to level 34

[A] Ponyta falls in a similar manner after a great early crit hit 11d16h57

[A] The Fonz makes short work of the Ponyta

[A] The Fonz takes care of Growlithe 11d16h56m

[A] The Growlithe is defeated by Nidoking, and the Burglar sends out Ponyta

[A] A lot of debate on what move to use leads to clicking on the Card Key 11d16h55m

[A] We're consulting the Ticket 11d16h55m

[A] ATV is switched out for Nidoking, gets leered 11d16h54m

[A] Red fights a Burglar! Growlithe comes out against our ATV 11d16h54m

[A] Again, but with a Grimer 11d16h53m

[A] A repeat of my last update just happened at 11d16h53m

[A] And another.... and then a Grimer appeared

[A] ATV ran from a Koffing, super exciting 11d16h50m

[A] The Fonz has bested the Ponyta 11d16h50m

[Meta] Hey guys, new updater here, i'll be helping out from 6PM to 12AM most nights!

[A] Red has pressed the secret switch, and then not pressed it, and then pressed it, and then not pressed it, and then pressed it, and then not pressed it, and has encountered a Ponyta 11d16h49m

[A] Nidoking has ran from the battle against the Wheezing 11d16h49m

[Meta] That other Pokemon being AATTVVV

[Meta] I hate to speculate, but it looks like we might black out at this point. We have Nidoking and another Pokemon remaining.

[A] AAJ, our Zapdos, IS DOWN

[A] AAJ still stands to fight a Weezing, at all of 3 health and poisoned 11d16h46m

[A] Red found TM 14!

[A] Another battle with a Koffing, Zapdos scores a crit hit and its down 11d16h43m

[A] Growlithe has been killed 11d16h42m

[A] AAJ is nearly dead, but remains standing to fight a growlithe 11d16h41m

[A] AAJ has been poisioned, not looking good for them 11d16h39m

[A] The stairs have been used, the game has been saved 11d16h38m

[A] In a wild battle, AATTVVV is sent out, disables Koffings Tackle 11d16h36m

[A] AAJ shocks a Koffing to unconsciousness

[A] Red enjoying the potted plants as he wanders the mansion

[A] Scientist down! 11d16h31m

[A] Wheezing down

[A] Electrode is taken care of 11d16h31m

[A] Who are you? There shouldnt be anyone here! Second Scientist battle!

[A] And with that, scientist is down!

[A] AAJ finishes off the voltorb 11d16h29m

[A] The Pokeflute is played

[A] Zapdos sweeps Magneton with Drill peck 11d16h28m

AAJ kills a Magnimite

My mentor once lived here: TIME TO FIGHT A SCIENTIST

The statue was examined

Red is still in the Mansion of misery, with poisoned Pokemon

We're back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream is down :(

[A] 11d15h59m Bird Jesus and AIR are both down. Lord Omanyte is poisoned. Progress is slow through the mansion, but at least we're headed in roughly the right direction.

[A] 11d15h47m Bird Jesus is poisoned!

[strategy] A reminder of the plan as we progress through Pokemon Mansion

[strategy] It would be really helpful to try and move our lower level Pokemon up to the top and get Bird Jesus+AJ away from the top. We really need the leveling! [credit to /u/chaoticcookie39]

[A] 11d15h26m Red's just bouncing around Cinnabar Island at the moment

[A] 11d15h19m We're at the Mart at the moment

[A] 11d15h15m RED Blacked out!

[Important Information] Streamer has confirmed there WILL be another TPP after this and it will be Gen2. Not decided which one yet. Source @AlexHern is to find right HERE

[A] 11d15h11m Most of our party has gone down. All that's left is a Poisoned Zapdos and the Fonz

[A] 11d14h57m Zapdos is poisoned!

[A] 11d14h46m Omanyte is sent to fight his battles. Omantye is poisoned, albeit with most of his health!

[A] 11d14h32m AIR has fainted!

[A] 11d14h32m AIR Leveled up! Bird Jesus is poisoned, but with most of his health!

[A] 11d14h14m We're on the third floor (technically). We took the wrong staircase to get up though so we're just trapped in here.

[A] 11d14h03m We're on the second floor! View the plan HERE

[A] 11d13h55m We're back in the Pokemon mansion!

[A] 11d13h47m AIR goes down. RED Blacks out!

[A] 11d13h43m /u/Silversora comments that now may be a great time to use that escape rope after all.

[A] 11d13h39m Omanyte faints! We have only one pokemon remaining!

[A] 11d13h38m Omanyte is poisoned!

[A] 11d13h33m Bird Jesus Faints due to poison damage!

[A] 11d13h29m Bird Jesus defeats the enemy Koffing, however Bird Jesus is Poisoned!

[A] 11d13h29m We're all the way back to the first floor in what appears to be a desperate attempt to reduce all the progress we've made

[A] 11d13h14m After a brief moment of the 2nd floor, we return to the 3rd immediately!

[A] 11d12h52m Bird Jesus continues on his rampage through Koffings!

[Bye!] With DancesWithLupus and a ton of other work, I hope you all enjoyed the commentary! Thanks for the nice messages! I'll be letting /u/DancesWithLupus take over from here, good luck in the Mansion and in Cinnabar Gym! Go get 'em, guys! MrSymphony out~

[A] 11d12h40m We encounter a Grimer but successfully run away before taking any real losses!

[A] 11d12h37m: For reference, this is a map to exit the building. While it is unimportant now, hopefully another updater may re-post this map once after we get the Key! (I'm heading off soon!)

[A] 11d12h37m: Do NOT forget about the Switch! (Step #4)

[A] 11d12h36m: :) Fonz defeats the Ponyta!

[A] 11d12h35m: Nidoking, The Fonz, is now our front-lining Pokemon! He's at 60% health now during this encounter with a wild Ponyta. Hang in there, Fonz!

[A] 11d12h32m: After paralyzing a wild Growlithe, Zapdos, AA-J, has fainted due to poison. Helix bless him.

[A] 11d12h32m: This is heart-wrenching.. With only 4 hp left, Zapdos encounters a Growlithe--only to immediately use Thundershock and OHKO it! He's holding on strong... Not letting go without a fight. sniff

[A] 11d12h31m: We're on the third floor! Here's the map!

[A] 11d12h30m: :( Zapdos has 9 hp.

[A] 11d12h29m: Zapdos has ~30 health left. We're still on the 2nd floor, although very close to the stairs leading to the third!

[MAPS] /u/jimdomino has presented me with this map that holds all the information for the Mansion, in case we want to pick up other items. /u/Baffan's map holds the objective solely. Feel free to use either! Please note that Step #7 for Baffan's map is Blizzard.

[A] 11d12h21m: Oh lordy... Now whenever we move, we are hearing Anarchy Jesus slowly die... This is depressing.

[A] 11d12h21m: ZAPDOS IS POISONED by Muk.

[A] MAP 11d12h15m: As Zapdos OHKO's a wild Growlithe, I can't help but notice how cute it is.

[A]11d12h13m: We've reached the second floor! Here's the map!

(I will hold off on commentating on every wild encounter, as I want this map to be on the most recent update. If a pokemon faints / we get an item etc., I'll update! Good luck, Twitch!)

[A] 11d12h4m: Zapdos is making easy work of these wild encounters with Drill Peck/Thundershock. Goooo AA-j!

Again, HERE is the official MAP. Don't touch any other switch along the way, or else we'll be stuck! Step #4 is the only time to touch a switch until we get to the basement.

[A] 11d12h0m: In the meantime, Zapdos OHKOs a Ponyta with Take Down.

[A] 11d12h0m: Marking the half point of the 11th day, our God Omanyte has defeated another Ponyta with Water Gun! You go, God!

[OFFICIAL MAP] HERE IS THE OFFICIAL MAP. Yes, I have just checked, it is correct. Please note Step #4. Activating the statue is a switch-activator, thus allowing us to follow through for the rest of the map. Thank you /u/Baffan! Great work.

[A] 11d11h56m: We have acquired an Escape Rope!

[NOTE] The map you all are sending me are great.. However, please note the SWITCHES. I am unsure if this map is 100% correct because there are DOORS THAT UNLOCK AND DOORS THAT LOCK.

[A] 11d11h54m: ATV HAS FAINTED to a wild Ponyta!

[A] 11d11h50m: Courtesy of /u/Baffan, HERE is a labelled map!

[A] 11d11h48m: ATV is facing a wild Ponyta. Can we please talk about how cute it looks.


[HELP] Somebody give me a nicely detailed and drawn-on map of how to activate the switches! We want: 1) Blizzard [in the basement] and 2) The key [in the basement]. Feel free to post any other item that's important in your map, and how to get it.

[STRATEGY] THE KEY IS IN THE BASEMENT. HOWEVER, as you can see by this map, there are switches that must be unlocked.


[A] 11d11h40m: OMANYTE'S FIRST BATTLE! His moves are Water Gun + Withdraw.

[A] 11d11h38m: Facing a wild Koffing. Cough cough~

[A] 11d11h38m: Acquired Moon Stone!

[A] 11d11h37m: Here's the map of the Mansion!

[A] 11d11h36m: Facing a wild Ponyta! It's so cute omfg

[A] 11d11h35m: Entered Pokemon Mansion! What the eff is this scary music.

[A] 11d11h34m: Here's the interactive Mansion map! A non-interactive yet full-seeing map would be great! Especially one that details exactly where the key is.

[A] 11d11h32m This is probably the point where we start accepting submissions for Mansion maps...

[A] 11d11h31m: The key is in the Mansion!

[A] 11d11h31m: We have e-- oh. The door is locked for the Gym.

[A] 11d11h29m: Onwards to the Gym!

[A] 11d11h29m: Wow lol. We just walked back into the Poke Center and made a straight bee-line towards the nurse. We have healed our Pokemon!

[ROSTER] After all of that, our party contains: Abba, Helix, the Fonz, ATV, AIR, and Zapdos.

[A] 11d11h29m: We have left the Poke Center!

[A] 11d11h26m: ANARCHY IS BACK! WE HAVE GOD, BUT NO KEEPER. Keeper's time has been used, he has kept the False Prophet away--and now he is no longer needed as his God has come to save us from our sins and deeds. God is with us all, Helix Bless.

[D] 11d11h26m: Hilariously, left9 has been inputted to run away from the PC as quickly as possible.

[D] 11d11h24m: We have left the PC!

[D] 11d11h24m: To summarize... We have swapped Drowzee for God.


[D] 11d11h22m: OH THE SUSPENSE!

[D] 11d11h22m: Here's the moment of truth! We're hovering over AIR!!

[D] 11d11h18m: We still have room for one more Pokemon!! We're inside the Withdraw Pokemon page... Who's it gonna be!? Drowzee or AIR!

[D] 11d11h17m: WE HAVE WITHDRAWN BIRD JESUS!!!! Hallelujah!

[D] 11d11h16m: And downwards we go! Towards BIRD JESUS! Please don't overshoot down, though!

[D] 11d11h15m: There are so many votes going in!

[D] 11d11h15m: We keep overshooting! Remember to predict!

[D] 11d11h13m: We're on the Withdraw Pkmn Page!

[D] 11d11h10m: DEMOCRACY IS HERE

[A] 11d11h7m As the great philosopher Garfield said: "I hate Mondays"

[Update] Pokemon "a" was Nidorino, FYI!






[A] 11d11h4m: Yay! We got our Pokemon Rated! :) Our rating is: "You still need more Pokemon!" :C

[A] 11d11h3m: Red is heading back towards the PC as we now no longer have God (Helix) NOR Jesus (Abba). Is the Atheist period dawning upon us?



[A] 11d11h1m: WE'VE ENTERD THE PC.

[A] 11d10h58m: It's been brought to my attention that, if we were to have what happened Sunday happen today, it wouldn't be Bloody Monday... It'd be Monday Massacre. Good luck.

[A] 11d10h51m: We're still inside the Poke Center--haven't healed or anything. No casualties.. yet.

[A] 11d10h47m: We've just entered the PC in the Poke Center.. Oh god.

[A] 11d10h44m: We've entered the Poke Center.

[A] 11d10h43m: We have left the laboratory completely! We are back on the island now! No Helix nor God with us.

[A] 11d10h41m: Twitch is currently split between three options: 1) Deposit ATV. 2) Deposit AIR (having 2 water types may hinder our party, and The Fonz can learn surf/strength). 3) Leave. Run, run and never come back!

[A] 11d10h38m: Please note that, with Omanyte actually in a box, it's possible to... Oh God I can't even say it... It's possible to release our God.

[A] 11d10h37m: Again, we have talked to the Scientist and he has placed Omanyte in Pokemon Box 1. Good luck.


[A] 11d10h34m: With Twitch split between PC or No PC, not much is being accomplished as many users are spamming "b" to stop the PC onslaught. Good luck, and may Helix--- OH WE DON'T EVEN HAVE HELIX ANYMORE, DO WE? RIOT!!!

[STRATEGY] People seem torn at the moment between depositing ATV because, well, Venomoth, and depositing AIR, because of type duplication and the King's ability to learn Surf and Strength. If democracy comes in I don't even know what will happen.

[A] 11d10h33m: PC activated! ATV seems to be in the spotlight.

[A] 11d10h31m: Twitch is still traumatized from bloody Sunday, so they can't decide whether to PC or not. Democracy is almost here!


[A] 11d10h28m Red accessing the wrong PC

[A] 11d10h27m: Democracy votes are piling in as we want Omanyte, but must deposit!

[A] 11d10h26m This is dangerous ground, we could deposit anyone, as we haven't rearranged the roster.

[A] 11d10h26m: bloodymondaynopls


[A] 11d10h22m: Oh god we've entered the PC.

[A] 11d10h22m: We're in the testing room now!!!

[A] 11d10h19m: We're right outside the Pokemon Lab Testing Room! Which is where we can get that Omanyte!

[A] 11d10h15m: We're back in the Pokemon Lab! after not buying anything in the Poke Mart!

[STRATEGY] I'm not sure the plan re Omanyte, but if we want him in the party it would be wise to access the PC first, to remove any possibility of releasing him by having to fetch him later.
Conversely we could save it for later.

[A] 11d10h9m I think we have to recognise that we will soon discover Lord Helix's original plan: will he journey with us on our road? Or are we simply the agents by which he returns to life in the present time?

[A] 11h10h9m: We've entered the Poke Mart! Yay for shopping!

[A] 11d10h7m This raises so many questions. I don't feel safe anymore.

[A] 11d10h6m: We've left the room and are ready to go back in to get our Omanyte! Only problem is.. Full party. PC anyone?

[A] 11d10h6m: We are here for those wondering!

[A] 11d10h5m: It should be noted that we must leave and re-enter the building to give this anonymous scientist some time.

[A] 11d10h4m Checking the inventory. Where do we go for advice now?

[A] 11d10h3m: We have handed the Helix Fossil, our Lord and Savior, over to this scientist! He now tells us to "go take a walk!"

[A] 11d10h3m: SCREAMING

[A] 11d10h2m: Oh my god! It seems that we're going to revive Lord Helix!

[A] 11d10h2m: Apologies, to clarify--we are in the Fossil Revival Building.

[A] 11d10h1m: WE HAVE ENTERED THE PC (although not in the Poke Center!). Surprise! We were in the lab and-- oh god we're back near the PCs.

[Strategy] For the love of everything good please go to the Poke Center so we can heal AND CHECKPOINT

[A] 11d9h53m: Krrrrr Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for swimming AIR Cruise Lines. We have now landed in Cinnabar! HELLO NEW MUSIC AND NEW PEOPLE!

[A] 11d9h52m: And Zapdos takes down the Swimmer! We can simply say that over-kill is everywhere here.

[A] 11d9h51m: Zapdos takes down the Staryu and OUT COMES WARTORTLE! OH DO WE KNOW THAT CRY! :)

[A] 11d9h50m: Watergun does 10 damage to Bird Jesus. Jesus laughs.

[A} 11d9h49m: Facing trainer SWIMMER! He sends out a Staryu!

[A] 11d9h49m: Facing a wild tentacool.

[A] 11d9h49m: Again, the teamwork here is hilarious!

[A] 11d9h48m: We're surfing again!!

[A] 11d9h45m: 10 minutes later, we're still stuck on this raft! S.O.S.!

[A] 11d9h35m: Lapras used strength while facing the "Fat Man" as Twitch calls him! It didn't do anything, don't get your hopes up.

[A] 11d9h29m: While on the little raft thingy, please take note that these fisherman have families. No, we may not devour them for food. We'll be able to surf soon enough, patience!

[A] 11d9h24m: We have defeated the Fisherman! Next goal: SURF.

[A] 11d9h24m: And The Fonz takes it down with two Fury Attacks!

[A] 11d9h23m: Nidoking's cry is disturbing... Anyways, Nidoking is out now versus this Seaking!

[A] 11d9h22m: And down Drowzee goes!! To a fish. :( DROWZEE HAS FAINTED.

[A] 11d9h22m: Drowzee's out facing this last Seaking and the doodoo siren of a low-hp pokemon is flipping me out! He only has 5 hp!

[A] 11d9h16m: Lapras is out now and sung to Seaking! Aw <3

[A] 11d9h16m: Bird Jesus is destroying these guppies! Goldeen and 1 Seaking have been destroyed with a quick attack--and as I type this, Bird Jesus 1-shots ANOTHER Seaking!

[A] 11d9h14m: We are facing another Fisherman! Here he is! He has 3 Seakings and 1 Goldeen!

[A] 11d9h13m: Red is now asking the fisherman for advice on how to surf as, again, we'll have to enter our menu and get AIR to surf for us.

[A] 11d9h12m: Defeated Fisherman and his 6 Magikarp!

[A] 11d9h10m: While Drowzee faces Magikarp, it's been brought to my attention that being on the platforms is bad because.. Well.. Guess who has to surf again?

[A] 11d9h9m: ZAPDOS IS OUT AND USED THUNDERSHOCK ON MAGIKARP. If that isn't Overkill, I don't know what is.

[A] 11d9h8m: Another Magikarp is out, and this time Bird Jesus is facing it! Enemy tackle does -1hp. Twitch is losing their minds.

[A] 11d9h7m: The Fonz is out right now and his poison sting is doing work! Magikarp does have tackle, which is doing -2hp damage but it's safe to assume we'll be okay.

[A] 11d9h6m: WOW, ANOTHER MAGIKARP IS OUT! tense.

[A] 11d9h4m: He... He has 6 Magikarps. :/

[A] 11d9h4m: We are now facing Fisherman!. First battle on the seas here for us!

[A] 11d9h3m: Krrr Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking! We are now on our way towards Cinnabar Gym! Thank you for your teamwork!

[A] 11d9h3m: DOWN DOWN DOWN!

[A] 11d9h3m: WE'RE ON WATER!

[A] 11d9h0m: Oh! Unlucky! We got AIR to surf however we AREN'T FACING THE WATER! Tears were shed.

[READERS' CORNER] Thanks to those writing in, yes, the 255 clock limit is down to the Gameboy being an 8-bit device and that's the highest integer you can store in 8 bits. It was a bit of whimsy, please excuse the selective technical view. :)

This means that TPP has officially taken longer than Nintendo thought possible. We are in uncharted waters here. Or at least we would be if we could work out how to surf.

[Note] As an interesting note, the "in game timer" for this game has froze at 255:00 hours. =(! (I meant hours, just typo'd! Trust me! :C)

[Note] Please be aware that it's been brought to my attention about botters spamming "UP". This is dangerous as, 1) If we face the lake and actually do surf, we have the possibility of going upwards and thus, stop surf as we hit land again. While I may not name names due to Witch-Hunting, please note this.

[A] 11d8h35m: We are beside the water, yet are travelling the depths of the menu to find the correct Pokemon and attack. With that being said, Blastoise's and Arbok's cry were heard! What refreshment!

[Strategy] As it has come to my attention, a golden strategy is to teach Nidoking Surf AND Strength--and then at Cinnabar, we are able to teach him Blizzard and Fire Blast with no trouble or fear of deleting those two strong moves. It'd be a beauty and it'd be perfection at its best, although no doubt difficult! Just an idea =)

[Note] As an interesting note, the "in game timer" for this game has froze at 255:00 minutes. =(!

[A] 11d8h20m: Wow we've left Mom's House! We're going places, guys!

[A] 11d8h18m: Laughter ensues as Red is still in his home and people begin to shout, "Guys we have to beat Misty!" / "Did we win!?" Again, the goal is Cinnabar Gym! We need to surf downwards from Pallet Town to get there. :]

[A] 11d8h11m: "Hi mom!" Red says as he fails to surf and is back at home.

[A] 11d8h3m: AAAAAAAAAA almost learned Strength!! Almost

[Strategy] 11d7d55h: It has been brought to my attention that Nidoking has a few possibilities of nice moves to be learned, which include but are not limited to: Earthquake (10F of Silph Co) and Blizzard+FireBlast (Cinnabar Island!).

[A] 11d7d55hm: Still in Pallet Town. (Q.Q)

[A] 11d7h19m: If you're wondering where we are, we're currently here! in Pallet Town attempting to surf downwards onwards towards Cinnabar Gym! Good luck!

[A] 11d7h14m: (Hi all! Don't forget to use the [A] / [D]!) :]

11d7h5m: The chat decides to check on poor ol' Mom and see how she's doing; she heals us and our pokemon. Everyone simultaneously sheds a single tear.

11d6h57m: After Bird Jesus brutally murders several of his own species, we arrive back in Pallet Town.


11d6h36m: As I live and breathe; we're now in Viridian City.

11d6h35m: No luck with the moonstone, although several close attempts have been made. Several are calling for a brief visit with Democracy in order to make it happen. We've also passed Viridian Forest, and are heading quickly to Viridian City.

11d6h11m: We've officially entered Viridian Forest.

11d6h1m: The chat has erupted into war: on one side, people are attempting to use the moon stone to evolve Fonz into Nidoking. The other half, in fear of dropping the moon stone, are attempting to deny them the opportunity at every press of "start". We have also left Pewter City and are heading towards Viridian Forest.

11d5h30m: We finally made it out! Onwards to Pallet Town!

11d5h28m: Just so everyone is clear, we do in fact have the moonstone. We can exit the cave at any time, really.

Please. It's terrible in there.

11d5h18m: In case anyone was wondering, we're still wandering around in Mt. Moon. Our harrowing journey is nearly at an end, however, we're on the entry floor. [Current position] http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/59#28,7

Like a 70s rock band that doesn't know when to finish a song, two last bits: [META] Zapdos flair now available, thanks /u/coniform

[STRATEGY] this map has been offered me by /u/SgvSth as guidance through Mt Moon

Anyway, good luck in Mt Moon

As Dickens said: "Life is made of ever so many partings welded together".
As MSN said: "g2g".
Having left you safely surfed I gotta stop gathering moss. Hopefully someone will travel Mt Moon with y'all. Laterz!

[A] 11d3h54m Oh blessed relief! We made it! I totally was not worried.

[A] 11d3h53m Yoohoo! Red! Mt Moon is to the left!

[A] 11d3h52m Apparently getting off is just as hard as getting on.

[STRATEGY] Remember, when we land, it's a straight line left

[A] 11d3h50m Goodness me, we're surfing!

[A] 11d3h13m Air tries to use Strength, realises he's not Moses, and thus cannot part the waves.

[A] 11d3h3m We continue to fail to surf. Or 'grinding' as we call when we can't get where we want to go.

[STRATEGY] Due to the cyclical nature of Pokemon menus, we can navigate just by pressing down, which reduces the risk of walking away from the water. Just something to think about.

[STRATEGY] turns out there's also a moonstone we apparently missed in Mt Moon, hidden in the wall here

[STRATEGY] So that we're forewarned, after we navigate Surfing, our perennial nemesis, ledges are coming up. See this map.

[READERS' CORNER] Thanks for the many replies, the conclusion is that, if nothing else, there is one in Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, so Nidoking is a possibility.

[STRATEGY] Btw, does anyone know if there are any available moonstones left? Some people want to evolve the Fonz into Nidoking. Is that still possible?

[A] 11d2h42m Leaving Cerulean northwards, aiming for Mt Moon. Feeling surprisingly good about how this is going now, this morning's successes are a soothing balm after yesterday's catastrophes.

[STRATEGY] With the Daycare and Pokecenter navigated, we are continuing on this route towards Cinnabar Island.

[A] 11d2h29m anarchy reigns

[ROSTER] After a surprisingly successful trip, the current roster (in no particular order) is: Zapdos, Abba, The Keeper, AIR, ATV, and The Fonz

[D] 11d2h25m Now trying to sit on someone's lap. Down boy!

[D] 11d2h22m Some suggestions we should clear another space for Omanyte to save another PC trip later, but the hivemind appears to be already decided. We're making like a tree and getting outta here.

[D] 11d2h20m Blistering Barnacles! We actually did it! Withdrew AA=j

[D] 11d2h10m Dashbat has been stored in Box 1.

[STRATEGY] Our party is full, due to withdrawing Fonzie, to get Zapdos, the have to deposit someone. This is getting a wee bit dangerous.

[EDIT (AGAIN)] apparently we didn't deposit Abba, just withdrew the Fonz. Sorry for the confusion.

[D] 11d2h3m Democracy attempting to get us to the PC. Just be wary once we're in there, as nefarious elements are about. We want Abba and Zapdos. (And to deposit the Fonz)

[EDIT] Sorry, retrieved the Fonz

[D] 11d2h1m Apparently in the last throes of anarchy we managed to deposit The Fonz and Abba. Democracy is now in control

[A] 11d1h53m In the finest tech support tradition, we are turning the PC off and on again repeatedly.

[A] 11d1h51m Withdrew all items from PC.

[A] 11d1h49m Bar goes doublespeed toward Democracy as we approach the PC to withdraw Zapdos.

[A] 11d1h47m Pokémon healed at Cerulean.

[A] 11d1h42m Now trying to reach the Cerulean PokeCenter

[A] 11d1h37m Anarchy has resumed. So to summarize: Gastly left in Daycarea, Abba and Keeper moved down the list.

[STRATEGY] It's been explained to me, that this is actually good, as it means that Zubat will be now at the top of the party, so when we go to the PC, we won't risk releasing Drowzee or Abba when we try to withdraw Zapdos.

[D] 11d1h31m Deposited Gastly.

[D] 11d1h28m We just retrieved Drowzee. This guy is making a killing off us. (remember in Democracy the lag means you have to think two moves ahead, spamming A won't work, you need to use Down to choose the No option)

[STRATEGY] If you've just joined us and want to know the long-term plan, we're trying to get to Cinnabar Island without passing Seafoam Islands, after we finish in the Daycare. Here's the route to Cinnabar.

[D] 11d1h24m We have deposited the Keeper now. This may take some time. Still, took six months to deposit the One Ring in Mordor, so you know, perspective and all that.

[D] 11d1h21m In Democracy's infinite wisdom, we retrieve Abba and pay $100 for the privilege. Easiest 100 quid that bloke's ever made.

[D] 11d1h16m Talking to Mr Daycare Man. We give the man Abba.

[D] 11d1h15m We have entered the daycare

[UPDATE] I'll chip in as I can, but will probably only post infrequently, so if someone has more time, I yield.

[Update] I'll be signing off in about 5 min, so I'll need someone to take over for me. Tomorrow's back to school for me, I'll be back around 5:00.

[A] 11d:1h:4m We just switched to Democracy.

[Strategy Tiem!] This isn't a progress update, but it's important nonetheless. This is our route to get to Mt Moon in order to get to Pallet Town and surf to Cinnabar Island. We won't need Cut for any single leg of this journey. Thanks to /u/MahBoiiii for providing me with the link for the image! http://i.imgur.com/AjIGOYf.png

[A] 11d:0h:19m We are still trying to get into the Daycare. I will make another Progress update as soon as we enter the Daycare (or if we switch plans).

[Strategy] Here's an image on how to get to the Daycare Center. Thanks to /u/PhreaksChinstrap for providing the image. http://i.imgur.com/mEsoxzd.gif

[A] 11d:0h:1m We just overshot the Daycare Center.

[A] 10d:23h55m We're now on Route 5, right below Cerulean City.

[Strategy] Also, we don't have any balls on us at the moment, I was simply mentioning the possibility of catching Oddish for Cut. For now, we should be ok without Cut, as we just need to get to Cinnabar Island through the Rock Tunnel (and eventually through Mt. Moon).

Correction; for the update below, it's actually Route 6. My bad. Thanks to /u/IntelligentTrees

[A] 10d:23h:41m We're still in Route 5, the Route right above Vermillion City. Catching an Oddish on this route would be ideal, as we could teach it Cut.

[Update] I'd love to continue to post right now, but I seriously need a break. Hopefully another person will continue to cover this.

[A] 10d:23h:22m Red takes the underground path, appearing on Route 5. He wanders through the grass for a bit, encountering level 15 pidgeys.

[Strategy] A simple but useful method of reaching the daycare would be to spam start as it is approached. This allows for others to catch up to the location and then move as needed. Courtesy of /u/NameAlreadyTaken2

[A] 10d:23h Red continues to try and reach the daycare door, but with little room for error each attempt ends in a ledge jump.

[A] 10d:22h:43m Red is currently attempting to enter the Daycare. Unfortunately he overshoots.

[Strategy] There is a new possibility for getting Zapdos that requires using the daycare to avoid casualties. The post can be seen here.

[A] 10d:22h:30m Red enters Saffron City. From here on out, it's one long trek back to Pallet Town.

[A] 10d:22h:15m Red heads outside. The current route we plan on taking is here.

[A] 10d:22h:4m Anarchy resumes.

[D] 10d:22h With everything mostly back to normal, attempts are being re-made to recover Zapdos.

[D] 10d:21h:46m With democracy back in place, a struggle ensues between standard chat and some random trolls trying to deposit Pokemon. They aren't winning however, and "B" is constantly being selected as an option while Anarchy is slowly voted on.

[Update] It appears that some random live-streamer (I'm not using names) is using his audience to mess with the TPP stream. The democracy votes coming in appear to be from them. Not cool, and not allowed by Twitch rules.

[Strategy] For PC navigation in democracy, /u/tpp_strat has come up with easy to use commands. The thread can be viewed here.

[Strategy] Before attempting any PC mischief for any reason, /u/PhreaksChinstrap has a simple but hard to execute plan: We can switch the places of our party members. The specific placement can be seen here.

[A] 10d:21h:10m Red heals at the Pokecenter.

[A] 10d:20h:59m Red enters Lavender Town. A reminder: This is the way to get to Mt. Moon. The current plan seems to be to reach Cinnabar.

[A] 10d:20h:55m Red finally makes it out of Rock Tunnel! A lot of time was spent at the end moving back and forth from the exit due to delay and wild encounters.

[A] 10d:20h:43m Red approaches the end of Rock Tunnel. Only AIR remains with 31 hp.

[A] 10d:20h:42m Abba faints due to struggle, but takes down a Machop as well.

[A] 10d:20h:21m Abba has no PP on any moves now, and any attempt to attack will result in a struggle. Too many times, and he'll faint from self-damage.

[A] 10d20h7m Abba Jesus has no PP left on any moves except Quick Attack, but still manages to OHKO all of Hiker's pokemon with just that.

[A] 10d:20h:6m Impossibly, Red didn't run into every trainer the first time he went there. A Hiker challenges Red. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't expecting a level 60 Pidgeot. Abba cruises through the battle.

[A] 10d:19h:32m ATV goes down in an encounter with a Machop.

[A] 10d:19h:25m Yes, Red is still fumbling around the Tunnels. The next progress update will be when he clears this place.

[A] 10d:19:1m The Keeper, sent in at 5 health, goes down to a Zubat.

[Map] For those of you confused about the layout, here's the original used to navigate the Rock Tunnels for the first time.

[A] 10d:18h:34m Abba levels up to 60! Red takes a quick listen at Bulbasaur's cry. Revitalized, he moves on.

[A] 10d18h:32m Red navigates his way along the last leg of the Rock Tunnel. The wild encounters have been brief, with either a Whirlwind or Run.

[A] 10d:18h:12m Red continues along the First floor. Two ladders remain before he can escape.

[Map] Here is a great map from /u/aseanman27 for getting to Mt. Moon. It works.

[Strategy] /u/SgvSth says that there are ledges that prevent players from returning on the Cerulean side of Mt Moon. Thus, Pewter City is the only way to acces Mt. Moon. Any confirmation on this?

[A] 10d:17h55m Red continues to stumble around the Rock Tunnels. With so many wild Zubats about, Abba's Whirlwind has become useful.

A method of getting to Cinnabar without Cut, from /u/murdock129: we go through the rock tunnel. Come out in Lavender Town Then we go from Lavender Town to Saffron and then to Cerulean, surf past the unknown dungeon and through mount moon, then down through viridian forest, no need to use cut anywhere.

[Strategy] With the current objective being to get to Cinnabar, it should be noted that Cinnabar can be reached by heading South of Pallet Town. The team also lacks a cutter (or space for one).

[A] 10d:17h:27m The Keeper levels up to 30, and is prevented from evolving, reason being that the stream wants him to learn Psychic much sooner.

[A] 10d:17h:20 Rick Gastly goes down in a wild Zubat encounter.

[A] 10d:17h:16m Eager to avoid the PC, Red heads outside and into the rock tunnel. Two steps later, a Zubat appears. Rick Gastly takes it down.

[A] 10d:17h:10m Anarchy resumes.

[Roster] Our current team is: Current Team: Pidgeot, Gastly, Zubat, Lapras, Venomoth, Drowzee

[Update] Apparently the last Pokemon in the party is ATV. Correct me if I'm wrong.

[D] 10d:17h:00 Democracy steers into the release menu! Fortunately no blood is drawn for now, but chat cries out against Destiny (whether or not he may be active at the moment)

[Update] The current team is Abba, AIR, The Keeper, Dashbat, Rick Gastly, and one more that I can't quite recall...

[D] 10d:16h:52 With a vote for "A9, Dashbat, AIR, and The Keeper are withdrawn!!! The chat still wants to retrieve AJ, and a slot is needed for a CUT user.

[D] 10d:15h:44m The Holy One has returned. Abba is withdrawn from the PC!!!

A message from /u/VasherStampede: Problem now is that we're running into the limits of Twitch's r9k mode, it thinks our long commands are spam when they're repeated too often. For shorter ones to have any effect, we'll need text speed to be on FAST.

[D] 10d:15h:42m Nidoran is deposited.

[D] 10d:16h:39m Dashbat is deposited.

[D] 10d:16:38m AJ is deposited.

Request: /u/VasherStampede has asked for people to send him screenshots of the boxes and Poke-team. He, along with /u/SrPeixinho are trying to create Perfect commands to get everyone in and out.

[D] 10d:16h:32m Proving that it's no specific side's fault, Democracy also comes close to releasing Abba. A simple "B" vote fixes it.

[Strategy] With few people accounting for delay, many people have suggested using "wait9" to get everyone up to speed. It is simple to input and makes the withdrawal/depositing process much easier.

[D] 10d16h:22m Democracy come to power.

[A] 10d:16h:17m Abba Jesus gets one "A" press from being released, but a miracle sends the option to cancel. With that close-call, Democracy is surging through.

[A] 10d:16h:16m Rick Gastly is withdrawn.

[A] 10d:16h:14m Ryhorn is deposited. The bar for Democracy is close to the turning point.

[A] 10d:16h:14m Ryhorn is deposited. The bar for Democracy is close to the turning point.

[A] 10d:16h:4m Pokeflute, Surf, and Strength are deposited.

[Personal Note] I'll be occupied from 12:30 until an TBD time, so Inert Berger will handle updates for now.

[A] 10d:16h Venonat is withdrawn and BigDig is released. This is truly a Red Massacre.

[Strategy Update]: Long commands may be difficult (if not impossible) to execute because the system will be forced to speed up the commands to fit each 20 second time period. As such, we'll need to break up the commands and type them in accounting for the 20 second lag. Thanks to /u/AlucPanda for the update.

[A] 10d:16h The Fonz is deposited.*

[A] 10d:15h:47m Anarchy resumes.

[Strategy Tiem!] /u/eriochroming's strategy may work, but there need to be 2 conditions. 1. The text speed should be set to fast. 2. We need to input wait2 between each command. Now, since another Pokemon has since been deposited, we may need slightly altered commands. If someone can get a screenshot of our current team, and a list of the Pokemon in the box (in the correct order) to /u/eriochroming or /u/VasherStampede, they should be able to make new commands to be instituted in Democracy.

[D] 10d:15h:37m With Red back at the PC, the quest to recover the Team continues. Of course, nothing has been learned from last time, and the chat inputs commands that would've been relevant 26 seconds ago.

[D] 10d:15h:26m Democracy takes over. Red is back in the Pokecenter.

[A] 10d15h19m We have left the pokemon centre! Chat scrambles to get back. Democracy looms closer!

[A] 10d:15h:13m Nidoran is withdrawn.

[Strategy Tiem!] Dummie's guide to Democracy: http://imgur.com/G54xMik Thanks to /u/danpetman for making it.

[A] 10d:15h:8m The Keeper is deposited.

[Strategy Update] According to /u/crashdummy001, we keep overshooting the downs, so we need to spam Downa instead of just plain old down. My bad.

[Strategy Tiem!] Strategy below was recommended to me by /u/crashdummy001.

[Strategy Tiem!] When democracy is instituted, there's still a 20 sec lag. Predict your movements correctly and use "down" when we're about to enter the PC before the lag causes "down" to force us to release/deposit Pokemon.

[A] 10d:14h:53m Red exits the Pokecenter. A push is immediately made to head back.

[A] 10d:14h:49m ATV is deposited.

[A] 10d14h45m We have returned to anarchy! Still at the PC though.

[A] 10d:14h:45m Anarchy is resumed.

[Strategy Tiem!] Here's a little strategy on how to retrieve the best team from the PC: http://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/1ypkif/this_is_a_plan_that_can_lead_us_to_a_perfect_team/

Thanks to /u/Eriochroming.

[D] 10d:14h:35m Red manages to access the PC but the chat does what they do best, and overshoot the deposit option. Cue another attempt.

[D] 10d:14h:25m Democracy is put into place.

[A] 10d:14h:21m The bar lurches ever closer to Democracy. Red still wanders around the Pokecenter. The PC is accessed a few times but never fully opens.

[Strategy] I hate to admit this, but we need to dive back into the PC. We're not getting to Cinnabar without Air Jordan.

[A] 10d:14h:5m DashBat is withdrawn. A push for Democracy is being made as people still want to recover Abba.

[A] 10d:14h:5m Anarxhy is back on.

[D] 10d:13h:57m Red still attempts to use the PC. As a result of the majority of chat still unable to account for delay, AIR is deposited.

[D] 10d:13h:46m Understanding priorities, Red withdraws the Helix Fossil and S.S. Ticket. Hell, he takes everything out of the item storage. Now a call is made to recover Abba Jesus.

[D] 10d:13h:43m After minutes of errors, Ryhorn is withdrawn. But who cares, because Zapdos is withdrawn!!

[D] 10d:13h:30m Twice, Red attempts to recover Zapdos but stream delay sends him past the objective. Thus, The Fonz (a Nidoran) is withdrawn.

[Strategy] Our best bet is to either capture another Oddish, go to the Safari Zone and capture a Paras, or capture a Scyther in the Safari Zone. Either way, Safari Zone seems like our best bet.

An important notice from /u/SushiKitteh: With dux and xcabbage gone we have no cutter. We need a cutter to get back west to cerulean otherwise we need to go through rock tunnel.

[D] 10d:13h:21m Democracy is now in session.

[A] 10d:13h:17m Currently in our party: ATV, AIR, and The Keeper. A rescue mission is on to retrieve Abba Jesus and Zapdos.

[A] 10d:13h:12m Abba Jesus is deposited.

[A] 10d:13h:12M Also Geodude got released, but no one really cares about him.

[A] 10d:13h:11m RIP DUX :(

[A] 10d:13h:9m Rick Gastly is deposited.

[A] 10d:13h:9m The Keeper is withdrawn!!!

[A] 10d:13h:9m Digrat has been stored.

[A] 10d:13h:8m All Terrain Venomoth is now on the team.

[A] 10d:13h:5m Venonat was deposited.

[A] 10d:12h:59m For those of you wondering: The current party is AIR, Abba Jesus, BigDig, Rick Gastly, Venonat, and Dashbat. Attempts are current being made to rescue Zapdos from the PC.

[A] 10d:12h:43m Cabbage was released.

[Onwards] Here is the link for the new updater. Please use the toggle effectively to satisfy your needs! There is a "META" toggle that is permanently on, which displays quintessential and super important posts! Please enjoy, and take a few minutes to get used to it! Thank you again for your time.

[Onwards] Feel free to PM me your thoughts--I was slightly against the new updater, but the maker has vastly improved it and has listened to all of your ideas. Thank you so much for the great experience here, and remember: ONWARDS!

[Onwards] Alex_Rose can still use employ his wondrous battle commentating (and if you don't want to read it, you may simply toggle the "Commentary" option!) while I'll still retain 'personality' over updates. There is little lost, and I believe much gained! From now on, I hope we can all settle in with the new updater! I'll still update this very slightly for the time-being, but by tomorrow you'll see less of this.

[Onwards] Hi all! It's MrSymphony and I'd just like to point out something about the new updater. While at first, we had a bit of trouble releasing it correctly, I want to inform you all that the new updater was in beta. Now, it's vastly improved--we added bolding, goals, and starting from now I hope we can all slowly ease into it!

[A} 10d7d0m : (I am updating on the new live updater as well!) AIR has fainted and has learned Mist in place of Growl!

[Gotta split, hopefully another live updater can pick up from here? Sorry everyone!]

[A] 10d6h48m: We just entered the Power Plant!

[A] 10d6h46m: We successfully started Surfing! To the Power Plant!

[UPDATE] There is currently a HUGE influx of Democracy votes because of Destiny! Everyone go type in Anarchy to combat it!

[A] 105h39m: Red has consulted the Helix Fossil as well as numerous other false idols for guidance but has still not managed to start Surfing.

[UPDATE] Destiny, who is attempting to rally his viewers to deposit Bird Jesus, has appeared to have paused his attempts and is currently doing a radio show on his stream if anyone's interested.

[A] 10d5h24m: Please be careful not to drop the master ball while in the menu!!

[A] 10d5h24m: Red has just made it to the correct position to Surf down to the Power Plant, and is trying to do so now.

[A] 10d5h13m: After running from two Spearows Red has fallen off his old arch nemesis: the Ledge. Currently working our way back up there.

[A] 10d6h12m: Remember, we must SURF to get to the Power Planet! Here's where to surf!

[A] 10d5h10m: We've left the Poke Center and gone up into the grass, only to encounter a wild Spearow!

[A] 10d5h7m: Red finally gathered up enough courage to approach Nurse Joy and heal his Pokemon! We're all healed up, finally!

[A] 10d5h3m: Everyone being torn between going to the PC and healing has resulted in us circling around the Poke Center for 10 minutes now. Will Red ever leave?

[A] 10d5h59m I'd like to think this is like that bit where Agent Coulson dies in the Avengers, bringing TPP together. Anyway, must dash, ledges to climb.

[A] 10d5h53m: We're still attempting to heal at the Poke Center! We have not healed yet.

Btw, if any other live updaters are on, I'm having internet problems.

[EDIT] Sorry, we didn't heal after. But we escaped the center without drama as well. Just be wary of sabotage attempt in the Pokecenter, nefarious elements are about.

[A] 10d5h37m Healed up, currently in the PokeCenter. Guy says he sold a nugget for $5000. That's nothing, we chucked ours.

[STRATEGY] If you're not familiar with this area, we have to walk up past the PokeCenter through the grass to the water, and then surf down the right hand side. That's the only way to access the Power Plant.

The Power Plant is here (marked by green square. We are at the Pokecentre just above it.

[STRATEGY] Just a reminder, to get to the Power Plant, we have to walk up and surf round the side, you can't get there past the PokeCenter.

[A] 10d5h28m Red briefly enters Rock Tunnel. What a joker.

[A] 10d5h26m We near the PokeCenter. Nervous times, if we go in, just heal and leave. Don't go near the PC or the Master Ball.

[A] 10d5h26m: Twitch is beginning to shout "HEAL" as they noticed that they need to 1) Heal (obviously) and 2) get the checkpoint there so they won't have to Route 9 all over again.

[A] 10d5h23m This is too much, WE MADE IT!

[A] 10d5h20m Through all those shenanigans, Red has managed to sneak under the radar and navigate the ledge. Only a few more sets of stairs to go...

[ALERT] According to a number of messages this Twitch account is attempting to get his several thousand followers to introduce Democracy and release Abba at a Poke Center. Something to be aware of, and if you are so inclined, you can report it as sabotage is against Twitch rules. Thank for everyone who messaged me.

[A] 10d5h7m In case you've lost track, we're Attempting to reach the power plant, marked by a green square on this map. Currently many fights between control methods due to the ledge system just above it.

[A] 10d5h4m Reportedly some Twitch guy who calls himself Destiny is trying to get his followers to combine to release Abba. If this is true, I think he overestimates the level of control anyone has over what goes on here.

[A] 10d4h59m A battle with an Ekans is won by AIR and Anarchy seizes its chance to take power

[D] 10d4h52m Like George Washington, I cannot lie - I'm confused. Is this sabotage or a play by democracy to get us away from the ledge altogether? We're going in the opposite direction. Is Democracy saving us from ourselves?

[STRATEGY] In case Democracy fails, this post summarizes the method used to beat the ledge last time. Pay it heed.

[D] 10d4h48m Democracy has taken over

[A] 10d4h38m Beginning to understand how Frodo and Sam felt navigating the Emyn Muil.

[A] 10d4h31m Nervous moments in the grass as we escape a Spearow. But excessive Downwards movement means we're back to square one.

[A] 10d4h29m Caramba! We've walked up one ledge. That's actual real life progress right there. But now we've walked into the grass.

[A] 10d4h25m Red still trying to fit through a gap not designed to accommodate him

[A] 10d4h17m If it takes us 10 years, we'll still have reached our destination faster than Odysseus.

[A] 10d4h16m: We're still on the ledge grabs gun

[A] 10d3h57m Don't think of this as taking a long time. Think of it as a nostalgia trip, and a chance to experience the early days if you were a latecomer.

[A] 10d3h33m: Guess where we are!? :) ... Still on Route 9. .. :c

[A] 10d3h25m Still on our way to catch a ledgendary bird.

[A] 10d3h17m Now in cinemas: Man on/off/adjacent to a Ledge.

[A] 10d2h57m: Here's a poll to ask where you guys want to go! Through the ledge or through the Rock Tunnel?

[A] 10d2h47m: For those joining us now, our goal is to get to the Power Plant and we are currently taking Route 9 to get past that! It's going to be a while! So updates may be short and rare!

[A] 10d 2h 36m: Just a note of the time, but yeah, still Anarchy, still ledging.

Sorry about the drama surrounding the new updater. We have made a comment about it here, and will reply to any questions you have about the updater.

[NOT SO IMPORTANT ONLY UPDATER NOTE] We're still at the ledge with Anarchy ruling. No progress in sight. We're all having fun though, right?

[MEGA ULTRA MOD NOTE] That ledge yo. Sick

[SUPER IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE] Just to clarify, we are NOT looking for new updaters for the reddit updater as one of the primary reasons we want to use the new updater is because the reddit updater gives no permissions to moderators to change the reporter roster. This is obviously massively inconvenient for us

[Side-note] With the Mods looking for new Updaters, there may be lulls in Updates if no-one is available. For moments like that, you can use the new live updater until someone comes back online. The new updater can be found here.

[A] 10d2h13m: We're currently in Anarchy mode while on Route 9! Good luck with the ledge!

[Side-Note] The Reddit Live Updater will remain (based on the new thread created). New Updaters are being requested.

We are officially switching to a new website for Live Updates designed by SirCmpwn. Here it is: http://tpp.aninext.tv/ Be sure to switch to Light Version in the topright corner if you don't want to see the stream video.

[A] 9d23h52m We're back at the route with Daycare and ledges.

[A] 9d23h29m Still wandering about aimlessly in Saffron.

[A] 9d23h10m Went back to Saffron City.

[A] 9d22h59m We exited the daycare and jumped the ledge again.

[A] 9d22h57m Back to Anarchy. Good luck with that.

[D] 9d22h55m Chat starting to use a4 instead single a's to talk to the Daycare man. It's working, kind of.

[D] 9d22h47m Trying to put a pokémon in the Daycare, lag is is messing us up.

[D] 9d22h44m Entered the Daycare Center!

[D] 9d22h38m Stream has switched to Democracy mode!

[Reminder: Daycare does not take Pokémon with HM moves.]

[A] 9d22h0m 3rd try, many users still valiantly trying to enact Democracy.

[A] 9d21h54m Aaand we jumped off the ledge again.

[A] 9d21h53m We're back on the ledge with the Day Care, will we enter successfully?

Chat slowly inching toward Democracy because LEDGE.

We tried to go to the daycare, but we failed and went over the ledge.

[Strategy] While we're still roaming around the right-side of Saffron City, note that the Rock Tunnel (although dark) is also a viable option to get to the Power Plant. That along with Route 9 are both options.

[A] 9d20h53m: We've made it across the underground tunnel! Here we are now!

[A] 9d20h48m: We're currently in the underground tunnel that heads towards Lavender Town.

[STRATEGY] Hey all! For whichever route you choose, whether Cinnabar or Zapdos, here are maps for both! Cinnabar Route Map and Zapdos Route Map

[A] 9d20h26m: Anarchy is back!

[D] 9d20h22m: We've reached Celadon City!

[D] 9d20hu8m: Start9 is occuring.

[D] 9d20h6m: With Democracy here, I want to point out THIS helpful link.

[D] 9d20h5m: Democracy has taken place

[D] 9d20h02m: Tensions are high, we are making no progress as Democracy is just a few votes away from winning. We're still here, making no progress.

[A] 9d19h51m: As an update, we're in this building right now for those of you who can't watch. Democracy votes are also piling in, hard.

[Apologies, the Democratic option is available and it may help us do the Daycare Option. Alex is correct--DayCare/PC are viable with Democracy.]

[Note for that: The Daycare Center would probably require democracy, if one were to go for a democratic solution, a PC would be significantly less hassle].

[Strategy] Things of consideration: 1) We have a full party team. 2) DayCare is not an option due to the ledge right below it. We've tried it for hours, didn't work the first time.

[A] 9d19h38m: With 61% of ~2k votes picking to catch Zapdos, we are currently in the Underground Path to Lavender Town!, guess we're going to catch Zapdos!

[A] 9d19h34m: While the masses decide on where to go, we're currently facing a wild Mankey. Yay.

[The poll didn't mention "Deposit the master ball", which is actually a close runner up to Zapdos, unless that's implied by "cinnabar", but regardless, we'll just see what the hive does]

[A] 9d19h26m: While we wander Saffron City aimlessly, here is an updated Poll regarding where next. The options are catching Snorlax / Continuing with the Game (Cinnabar Gym) / Zapdos.

[Indeed, people are trying to fill the slot for the Master Ball 'Mon so it doesn't end up at the bottom of the Safari box]

[A] 9d19h13m: No casualties wee made. We're still in the Poke Center, however.

[A] 9d9h13m: WE'VE JUST ACTIVATED THE PC. (???)

NOTE: MEW TWO CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED AFTER WE BEAT THE ELITER FOUR. Thank you for messaging me to clear this up.

[A] 9d19h6m: We've left the Poke Center.

[A] 9d19h6m: We've entered the Poke Center in Saffron City once again.

[A] 9d19h5m: At the moment, we're still in Saffron City with no goal in mind. Twitch is undecided which legendary to catch.

[MewTwo VS Zapdos] Here's where the Cave for MewTwo is located! And here's where the PowerPlant for Zapdos is located!

[A] 9d18h57m: We have healed our Pokemon!

[A] 9d18h52m: We have entered the Poke Center.

[A] 9d18h51m: According to the poll Alex put up, it's a close battle between Zapdos and Mewtwo! Zap has 8.9k votes, while MewTwo currently has 8.2k!

[A] 9d18h47m: We're on our way to the Poke Center to heal up!

[RECAP] Now that we've done Sabrina, now's the best time to do something with the Master Ball:

[A] [A] 9d18h44m: We're back in Saffron City!

[A] 9d18h42m: Congratulations! We've escaped Sabrina's Gym! We're on the Entrance Room now.

[A] 9d18h39m: While the lag may ruin the purpose of this picture, here's a map for those who want to see what her Gym looks like but can't watch!

[A] 918h34m: We are still trying to escape Sabrina's Gym.

[Ah, of course, my bad! Still a great move, although dependent on level and won't really experience type advantages in the same way Psychic does!]

[A] 9d18h26m: We received TM Psywave, not Psybeam.

[A] 9d18h26m Psybeam received. C'mon Keeper!


[a] 9d18h25m: Bird Jesus QUADRA'D SABRINA! Congratulations :)! We Beat Sabrina!

[A] 9d18h24m Here.. it all comes down to this.. the final Alakazam. This guy is extremely powerful, and he's perfectly happy to go crazy with recovery. All we can hope is his physical defense is low.. AND IT'S REALLY LOW! ONE MORE HIT! HE DOES REFLECT BUT IT SEEMS FUTILE FOR HIM AT THIS POINT!

[A] 9d 18h 23m: We mirror move'd a barrier for ABBA before Mr. Mime went down, so that was great. And the enemy Venomouth is down in 2 quick attacks!

[A] 9d18h24m Another light screen's attempted, but that isn't too big a deal for us apart from if we Mirror Move. We swiftly finish off Mime and out comes a Venomoth! Let's hope it can't poison! Quick attack takes off nearly all its health in one go and it DOES try poison but misses! We take it down too with a crit!

[A] 9d18h23m A third sand attack means that Mime can't really do anything to us now, but as I said before, Mime is really only a defensive player in this team. He's there to reinforce the team, and he's just added a lightscreen and two more barriers! A quick attack comes in and.. it's going to take 2-3 more of them to take him down!

[A] 9d18h22m Barrier's effectiveness shows itself here as we don't even take half of Mime's health off, and in comes Double Slap which does almost no damage. We go for another sand attack onslaught and.. NO, ANOTHER Barrier!

[A] 9d18h21m: Double slap did 4 damage. lol

[A] 9d18h21m Here's that Mr. Mime I warned about Barrier and Lightscreening, and, indeed, he opens with a Barrier. That's a nightmare - it's going to be up a few turns and really absorb damage from our best move in this scenario! Mirror move is STILL disabled too, so there's not even that!

[A] 9d18h21m: As a summary, the only Pokemon we have left is Bird Jesus! Sabrina now only has 3 out of her 4 Pokemon. GOOD LUCK.

[A] 9d18h20m One good thing is that we can retain Mirror Move PP, which means we could get lucky and mirror a Light Screen or even a Recover later on! For now though we're just wearing down our Whirlwind PP, which is absolutely fine as Kadabra continues to heal for no reason.. AND ONE SINGLE QUICK ATTACK FELLS HIM! WE COULD WIN!

[A] 9d18h19m It's just a pity that whirlwind keeps getting in effect, and Kadabra even fails to disable it thanks to sand attack. Here comes psychic and it ISN'T TOO BAD. We reply with our OWN psychic and.. Mirror Move was disabled! Which, again, isn't terrible, but at the same time, we could've hoped for a whirldwind disable!

[A] 9d18h18m Bird Jesus still hasn't been hit yet, and with its Level 59 advantage, we don't know the severity of the situation yet. Plus Kadabra's using recover on full HP, which is all good. Another missed Psybeam! Looks like this Kadabra, at least, is going down, as we follow with yet another sand attack!

[A] 9d18h17m It seems all but futile! We get in a couple of sand attacks, is this all we can hope for? If we can't get some on point quick attacks and some well timed criticals, this seems like an insurmountable challenge at this point, but.. YES, PSYBEAM MISSES AND WE CONTINUE THE SAND ONSLAUGHT!

[A] 9d18h16m Bird Jesus tried Mirror Move, but to no avail and.. it's disabled. No biggy, the type would've been bad and the high special would make it a bad choices anyway but.. NO, GRATITUOUS RECOVER USE IS IN EFFECT, AND ALL WE CAN DO IS WHIRLDWIND. ANOTHER RECOVER AND IT'S LIKE WE NEVER HIT HIM AT ALL!

[A] 9d18h15m Dux is next up, and instantly gets psybeamed. CRITICALLY. HE'S DOWN TOO! ONLY BIRD JESUS REMAINS!

[A] 9d18h15m Out comes the King of Terrain, but with his poison type he's about to get annihilated - indeed, one hit poison destruction! Out comes xCabbage, who's even more susceptible! This is a bloodbath! He's out too!

[A] 9d18h14m Ugh! Headbutt is disabled but.. ANOTHER critical pound! Nice one Keeper! A second Psychic comes in, and as ineffective as it is, one more will take us down! We sneak in one last pound and then, inevitably, Drowzee is down!

[A] 9d18h13m Sabrina sends out Kadabra, but not before brandishing her whip. Straight in with a Psychic and takes down the Fresh Prince in one hit! We switch out Drowzee who ALSO gets psychiced (for less than half hp) and critical pounds!

[A] 9d18h12m We already made it to Sabrina! It's on like Donkey Kong! (Except more like Pokémon)

[A] 9d18h08m We're back again!

[A] 9d17h52m But down goes Gloom in an act of Glorious Suicide. Back at the Pokémon Center. Time to get pumped for our next time, when we have our first true attempt.

[A] 9d17h51m On top of this, Sabrina's Pokémon tend to have great special stats, so it's best to take them down with heavily physical attacks. One of the main problems next time is going to be Sabrina's Alakazam, who is not only extremely powerful, but equipped with Recover that he is happy to use gratutiously since he has no PP limit!

[A] 9d17h50m Having said that, we get CRITICALLY PSYCHICED FOLLOWED BY A PSYBEAM so it doesn't like that's even going to be a problem! Down to xCabbage who has a weakness to psychic now!

[A] 9d17h50m Now, it's vital to take down Mr. Mime quickly once he comes out because he tends to put up barriers and lightscreens!

[A] 9d17h49m Oh good lord, we're actually facing Sabrina in this state! Ah well, Glorious Suicide shortcut to the Pokémon Center?

[A] 9d17h48m Bird Jesus goes in for the double quick attack takedown! No trainers left other than Sabrina now!

[A] 9d17h47m Bird Jesus has been growled at so often now that he's doing very little damage, and added to Slowbro's repeated withdraws, it's looking like it'll take a while. Plus we keep mirroring growls, withdraws and water guns, none of which are particularly useful in this battle!

[A] 9d17h45m Oh dear, looks like we forgot about another trainer! And he has only one Pokémon.. a level 38 Slowbro! I was about to suggest this might be Glorious Suicide, but looks like Pidgeot's got things in order. Goes in with a quick attack and does a good chunk of damage, while barely getting damaged itself.

[A] 9d17h33m Bird Jesus uses sand attack a couple of times! This might be our best shot actually and we SUCCESSFULLY NIGHT SHADE WITH MIRROR MOVE! WE ONLY NEED TWO TO WIN TOO! AND WE FOLLOW WITH THE SECOND! WE WIN!

[A] 9d17h32m Jesus gets confused, proceeds to hurt himself, and takes a nasty Night Shade. Our only hope here is to mirror 2-3 Night Shades or mirror a confusion and get lucky!

[A] 9d17h32m Dux stays in the fray, but Haunter is paralysed. Unfortunately, Dux is fully asleep. Haunter takes down Dux with a dream eater and regains ALL his health! It's down to Jesus now, who uses Mirror Move twice, but thanks to paralysis there's nothing to mirror move, followed by just a dream eater!

[A] 9d17h30m Alas, out comes Dux, a pointless casualty caught in this cross fire. All we can hope for is that he might leave a sand attack in his wake, but instead he tries some normal physical attacks, which promptly miss. He's put to sleep, and continues to sleep.

[A] 9d17h28m xCabbage is swapped out, but Drowzee is then also swapped in place of the swapee. He wakes up, deals with his confusion and leaves a good confusion! Unfortunately he takes another hypnosis and a double dream eater. Haunter gets back most of his health! Jesus is our only hope now!

[26m not 256]

[A] 9d17h256m xCabbage wakes up, overcomes his confusion, but ends up using Cut. Followed by a poison powder, which can't affect Haunter due to its typing. BUT HE MANAGES A STUN SPORE! GO GO GLOOM! And AGAIN he manages not to succumb to confusion!

[A] 9d17h25m All Terrain is confused in his sleep, to add insult to injury, before being finished off with a Night Shade. Out comes xCabbage, who's about to stun Haunter, but gets put to sleep instantly! And confused!

[A] 9d17h24m Out comes All Terrain. Looks like this could be a full team fight. He takes a night shade and disables dream eater, at quite a lucky moment too because he's just put to sleep with hypnotise! Unfortunately he takes a second Night Shade, and he really can't afford to take another!

[A] 9d17h23m Keeper also gets put to sleep! Also confused! Luckily because of the typing mixup in Gen I we don't have to worry about dream eater, but 3 night shades will take us down. We switch to Dux anyway, and Dux gets confused straight off the bat!

[A] 9d17h22m Apparently not! Out goes Air against our double KOer. He puts Air to sleep, Night shades him and finishes him with a swift Dream Eater. Out goes the Keeper!

[A] 9d17h18m We finally got back into the right gym! Let's see if we can't avoid that Haunter!

[A] 9d17h08m Entered the wrong gym! So that's something.

[A] 9d16h57m But no, it isn't in our favour today and the Haunter takes us down again with a single nightshade. Black out.

[A] 9d16h56m I sense doom! We're back against that level 38 haunter! All we can hope for is a mirror move lick spree!

[A] 9d16h55m Also, Bird Jesus Level 59!


[A] 9d16h54m Indeed, straight from the realms of predictability comes the Haunter. We open with a mirror move, but it's obviously useless. THIS TIME THOUGH WE MIRROR MOVE LICK! HAUNTER'S GOT BARELY ANY HEALTH LEFT. But he'll get us in TWO night shades! If we can just mirror move he's gone, but.. no, whirldwind, and we got night shaded. It's one hit from both sides!

[A] 9d16h53m Gastly sets up a Night Shade. At least if we mirror now we get a decent hit in, but it'll take two to take it down if we can't get a lick. Here comes mirror move, and the night shade. Indeed, it doesn't take him down but he DID lick! AND WE FOLLOW UP WITH THE MIRROR MOVE AND GASTLY IS DOWN! What's next? A haunter?

[A] 9d16h52m Luckily Gastly is up pretty quickly, and uses a lick. If we can just mirror this, we're bound to take him down. We used a badly placed whirlwind before. After much deliberation, we use quick attack a couple of times, and gastly tries to hypnotise us to no avail thanks to our sand attacks!

[A] 9d16h50m Back out comes Pidgeot, and at least manages a sand attack! But he's lost more than half his health now! He follows up with another sand attack, and another! This could be a great combo if it's - YES, FOLLOWED UP BY MIRROR MOVE.. but we HYPNOTISE him. That's the worst move we could've hoped for.

[A] 9d16h48m Gastly confuses Jesus, who hurts himself with confusion! He was only trying whirlwind anyway, but he's confused no more after a night shade. But STILL he whirlwinds! He must use Mirror Move to stand a chance here, but any of Lick, Nightshade or Confuse Ray would be a decent mirror! Unfortunately we switch out to Air who goes straight down to a night shade!

[A] 9d16h45m Gastly comes straight in putting Air to sleep before he can even use his sing song, and follows through with a night shade, before putting him to sleep AGAIN. He's really turning Air's own tried and tested strategy against him! He's asleep and can only take one more hit!

[A] 9d16h44m Oh god, out comes another channeller. We switch straight to Lapras. He absolutely nails Drowzee with a confuse ray, and Drowzee takes himself down! It's all down to the Fresh Prince of Shell Air and Bird Jesus now!

[A] 9d16h43m Bird Jesus swoops in with a quick attack and nails Kadabra. That's what you get. Only two trainers and Sabrina left alive now!

[A] 9d16h42m Bring on the Dux. Kadabra uses psybeam, but.. NO, CRITICAL. YOU DON'T FUX WITH DUX, KADABRA. BIRD JESUS COMES OUT TO AVENGE.

[A] 9d16h42m Out comes Kadabra, and likewise xCabbage. Cabbage leads with a poisonpowder! Unfortunately a SINGLE CONFUSION takes him down!

[A] 9d16h39m More slow attacks and MIME CLUTCHES! Drowzee's on 13HP! But down goes the juggalo! How did that work?

[A] 9d16h38m Mime's undisabled and gets a quadruple doubleslap and a quintuple doubleslap, but they barely do any damage! It's down to low damage physical attacks now.

[A] 9d16h36m Out comes Drowzee to finish off what Air started. Psychic on psychic, if only we can land a headbutt again! Thanks to that light screen and barrier though, nothing's going to hit hard. Sure enough, we use confusion, and add that to the bad typing and it barely does any damage! We disable doubleslap nonetheless.

[A] 9d16h33m We fight a trainer! First up is another Mr. Mime and out comes Air Jordan. Mime puts up his light screen and barrier, like a massive pain, but Jordan sings.. Mime wakes up.. AND JORDAN SINGS AGAIN! SUCCESS!

[A] 9d16h30m Back in the gym!

[A] 9d16h21m Oh sweet Jesus Bird we're using the PC!

[A] 9d16h17m Drowzee kills himself in confusion and we're blacked out again!

[A] 9d16h16m YES! Night shade is disabled! Haunter can't actually hit us now but we ARE confused! AND WE'RE CONFUSED NO MORE! WE JUST HAVE TO CONFUSE HERE TO STAND A CHANCE! BUT WE'RE CONFUSED AGAIN!

[A] 9d16h15m Oh no! Bird Jesus is asleep, and.. Haunter doesn't go for the dream eater, but uses Night Shade. Follows up with a Dream Eater, and just about anything will beat Night Shade now - and, yep, he's down! It's all down to a 7HP Keeper now!

[A] 9d16h14m Dux is down. Drowzee's got 7HP but he could do some serious damage with Confusion. Bird Jesus comes out again though, and uses mirror move, which fails. He gets confused! Things aren't looking too good here! We really have to mirror move a confuse ray or a couple of Night Shades! Instead we use quick attack and GET night shaded! Less than half HP now and ANOTHER quick attack!

[A] 9d16h13m Out comes Bird Jesus to bring the pain. Mirror move goes out, and we dream eat just about nothing. Haunter's not disabled anymore though so he can use his hypnosis -> dream eater combo! Instead, though he simply goes for a night shade and gives a good hit to Jesus. Dux switches in and also takes a night shade! Clutch on 2hp!

[A] 9d16h11m Haunter uses Dream Eater twice when we're not even asleep. It's almost as if he's being controlled by Twitch.

[A] 9d16h10m Air goes down almost instantly, and out comes The Keeper! He gets nightshaded fairly quickly, and in for a second nightshade. Clutch, and we disable hypnosis!

[A] 9d16h08m Another battle, this time against a Channellor. The one with one level 38 Haunter!

[A] 9d16h04m Out comes Dux and gets his cut disabled! Things are looking grim for him as he loses more than half his health in one psybeam hit but.. FURY ATTACK TAKES KADABRA DOWN IN ONE AND WE WIN!

[A] 9d16h04m All Terrain takes a huge blow from Psybeam! Another one of those and he's down! And Kadabra uses recover twice in a row, negating all of ATV's damage! Looks like this fight's going to be a pain unless we can land some lasting damage like.. yes! We land a poison powder before ATV goes down to psybeam.

[A] 9d16h01m All Terrain's still messing up psychics with leech life, lands three on the newly brought out Mr. Mike, including a crit, and then finishes him off without even receiving a hit, and all his health's back! Just Kadabra's left now!

[A] 9d15h58m 2 more leech lifes and.. nope, Slowpoke manages to drop a confusion in there, but ATV is unfazed! A headbutt from Slowpoke does as much damage but we're not getting anywhere! ATV finally brings down Slowpoke with a final leech life and levels up to 34!

[A] 9d15h56m Out comes leech life, but it doesn't actually do too much damage! A second leech life gets in, and Slowpoke's paralysed! His headbutt gets disabled too and disables our poison powder. It's a disable off!

[A] 9d15h54m xCabbage gets taken down by confusion, and.. ATV MANAGES TO DISABLE CONFUSION! WHAT A CHAMPION! CAN IT FOLLOW UP WITH LEECH LIFE?

[A] 9d15h52m Slowpoke's out and we switch to xCabbage! Slowpoke can onoly growl as xC puts him to sleep! It's a pity his attack roster isn't so good, because of his grass type, but for once this Slowpoke uses confusion, abusing our poison type. It doesn't do too much damage, but a couple of our cuts do very little damage.

[A] 9d15h51m The keeper gets switched in, and CRITICALLY pounds Kadabra! It's only going to take 3 more pounds and it's asleep! This is a great start, except.. All Terrain Venomoth goes out instead! With its poison typing, it has the opportunity to get roya- NO, LEECH LIFE COMES OUT AND IT TAKES DOWN KADABRA!

[A] 9d15h49m We're fighting a psychic with 4 Pokémon and.. he isn't holding anything back! He comes straight out with a Kadabra, who spybeam's Air right down to 20% HP. Luckily the Fresh Prince manages to Sing Kadabra to sleep!

[A] 9d15h47m We roll up back into the gym.

[A] 9d15h31 Oh god! Here comes an amazingly tense battle! It's ANOTHER channeller and we have 2HP! Surely we can't win? BUT WE LEAD WITH A MIRROR MOVE.. which fails.. and night shade. Blacked out!

[A] 9d15h28 Now the real fun story is.. can we actually make it to the entrance without meeting another trainer, even if we wanted to? Or would Glorious Suicide be quicker in this case anyway? We don't really need money so much now Safari Zone's over!


[A] 9d15h26m We pull off a mirror move though and reflect.. CONFUSE RAY! This is actually our best case scenario of winning! Lick has no effect thanks to the normal typing and.. WE LICK GASTLY, SUPER EFFECTIVELY AND TAKE IT DOWN! OUT COMES, YEP, A HAUNTER!

[A] 9d15h25m These nightshades are really taking their toll! Lump that on top of a second confusion and a whirlwind loop, and things are pretty bad. We can only take 2 more hits from Night Shade, so it's pretty unfeasible that we could win anymore. Now hurting ourselves with confusion, we're going to end up with an extremely risky clutch. Blackout is imminent.

[A] 9d15h24m Bird Jesus is put to sleep, but wakes up, USES MIRROR MOVE ON CONFUSE RAY, CONFUSES GASTLY AND GASTLY KOS ITSELF WITH CONFUSION! AMAZING! Out comes Gastly 2 though.

[A] 9d15h21m It's all up to Bird Jesus now! This could be bad! 3 useless moves, 3 Pokémon to beat, and only by mirror moving 5 more Night Shades can we hope to win here! Add that to a high chance of lick paralysis and confuse ray, and this is going to be an extremely close battle!

[A] 9d15h19m xCabbage is down! And unless Air can pull out something miraculous now, it's all down to Jesus. Both our mons are paralysed so there is a chance we could pull through with a surf and finish this, but anything more than one attack is unli.. nope, strength it is, rebutted with a nightshade and the Fresh Prince is down.

[A] 9d15h17m Finally Bird Jesus comes in and brings about the Night Shade Mirror Move glory. Gastly can only do 33 damage a pop but Pidgeot'll do 58! Unfortunately our Lord and Saviour gets confused and hits himself, and we swap xCabbage back in for round 2.

[A] 9d15h15m Our cabbage can't really do much except get paralysed at this point, and gastly uses Night Shade. Another Night Shade and Cabbage is down. Things are looking grim, especially as this is just one of three Pokémon this channeller owns, and we may even be seeing a Haunter in the works.

[A] 9d15h12m ATV is in, and disables confuse ray! It's a status condition off here, and everyone's missing. Ah, ATV pulls off a stun spore, but goes down! It's up to xCabbage now!

[A] 9d15h10m Straight in with a lick and Gastly's already paralysed Air. Following through with a nightshade.. this battle's looking pretty grim! Keeping in mind that Venomoth's going to be ineffective, perhaps Bird Jesus's.. Bird Jesus has Mirror Move! This could be a great catharsis!

[A] 9d15h09m Oh god, second trainer's up, and it's a goddamn Gastly. Thought we'd seen the last of these? Nope.

[A] 9d15h08m Almost /unfortunately/ Bird Jesus comes out to finish the job, mirror moves a water gun and then a headbutt and wins. :( . No chance for Air, but we won nonetheless!

[A] 9d15h07m Air breaks out the double strength, but no! Thanks to the growl off and the lack of STAB, barely any damage is being done. Air doesn't care though - straight in more of his greatest hits and Slowbro's back asleep again. Slowbro's up pretty quick, but we still whittled down his health a little! It's going to be long but Air COULD WIN this! And headbutt misses!

[A] 9d15h06m But no! Slowbro wakes up and uses water gun.. BUT IT BARELY TOUCHES AIR! Even surf does about an equal percent to Slowbro! And we have ourselves a growl off now! Still quite interesting that we haven't seen any psychics or confusions slung about yet. They surely have them in their moveset given the gym, and those could be instant demolishers.

[A] 9d15h04m Fresh Prince follows through with a surf, and despite the awful typing and the clear level difference, the damage dealt isn't too terrible. Could really do with using surf though! Switching to the growl approach a couple of times, and Slowbro has been asleep for 4 turns now! Air's really pushing his luck here! He needs to pull out a strength if he wants that sweet, sweet exp.

[A] 9d15h03m Out goes the whirlwind though and.. no! Fresh Prince comes out! Luckily Slowbro misses and! HA! THE FRESH PRINCE SINGS SLOWBRO TO SLEEP!

[A] 9d15h02m Mirror move's been disabled! It doesn't look like we can really lose this battle at this point, short of a whirlwind lock. He's been thoroughly sand attacked already, too. Mass Helix consultation occurs.

[A] 9d15h00m Bird Jesus simply toys with Slowpoke, kicking up a bit of sand before following through with a one hit quick attack KO. Slowbro's out now though, and quick attack comes in again for less than half damage! Out comes the sand attack fury once again!

[Correction: Air levelled to 18, not 19, btw]

[A] 9d14h58m More attacks and Dux clutches, but.. no! Dux is down! This slowpoke's really giving us trouble! But out comes Bird Jesus to save the day.

[A] 9d14h57m ATV keeps trying status moves, but obviously these fail. Luckily Slowpoke's paralysis is really waning on it. Out comes Dux in place of ATV, and he uses his strusty cut. Unfortunately it's doing minimal damage, and already Slowpoke's already taken off half his health with a couple of headbutts. I could've sworn this was the psychic gym.

[A] 9d14h55m It's lucky that leech life has the type advantage here, because it's really low in damage, but luckily All Terrain Venomoth uses its status conditions to its advantage, paralysing Slowpoke. Unluckily, however, we whip out a quick rendition of Greensleeves on the Pokéflute. Now isn't the time, Red!

[A] 9d14h53m Air Jordan levels up to 19!

[A] 9d14h53m Out goes our king of Terrain, ATV. He leads for a swift paralyse, and shrugs off a critical water gun. He's still trying to stun but luckily at this point his leech should take down Slowpoke and.. yes! Slowpoke's down!

[A] 9d14h52m And he pulls it out! He headbutts! He's disabled no more too, and Slowpoke fails to disable it! A second headbutt follows through and.. NO! Drowzee falls to water gun!

[A] 9d14h51m Confusion's looking like the better option to pound now, but it gets disabled! And we disable GROWL! Things are looking grim! Fortunately Slowpoke's attack fails. We really need a headbutt at this point or the Keeper's going down!

[A] 9d14h50m Unfortunately slowpoke gets the idea first and headbutts us! Even against a critical pound, ANOTHER HEADBUTT'S IN AND WE ALREADY CLUTCH BUT.. SLOWPOKE GROWLS!

[A] 9d14h49m After we get the all good from the Helix, and our lesser idols, Drowzee continues the pound onslaught. Not a bad move considering the Psychic typing and high special of slowpoke would lead confusion to be a bad choice, but we can hope for a headbutt soon!

[A] 9d14h47m Out comes The Fresh Prince of Shell-Air, against a level 33 Slowpoke. We rather sensibly switch to Drowzee. Both our 'mon are doing quite little damage to each other, with Drowzee's high special abosrbing most of that water gun damage and Drowzee only pounding.

[A] 9d14h47m: Solid start to the battle with Red trying to flee 3 times before changing from AIR to the Keeper.

[A] 9d14h47m In comes our first trainer battle from Saffron Gym. Now we see how badly Psychics own in Gen I.

[STRATEGY] If you always go for the bottom left transporter pad, you will end up in Sabrina's room regardless of which room you start from.

[I'll grab the reigns for a bit /u/onemanandhishat. Just for this gym. It's battle time.]

[A] 9d14h42m: Red just entered Saffron Gym... and then exited again... and then entered. Sabrina must be shaking in her boots.

[A] 9d14h35m: Just healed our Pokemon! Where to next? The hivemind seems pretty scattered.

[A] 9d14h27m The time has come, the walrus said, for me to hand over the chat. It's been fun, and we finally got the Master Ball. I'm sure someone else will pick it up, and oversee our future adventures.

[A] 9d14h20m At long last, we have left Silph Co, another milestone passed for TPP, well done. Next stop: PokeCenter, and then? Who knows?

[Considering you'd need the majority of inputters to want to throw away the master ball for that to work, sounds like 100% pure plain bs to me. Even if "trolls" wanted to do that, they couldn't]

[A] 9d14h16m The possibility of Democracy has motivated the anarchists, and democracy looks a way off now. Also, we reached Floor 1

[A] 9d14h14m In other news, we made it to Floor 2, how about that!

[A] 9d14h7m Scuttlebut has it that some people are attempting to introduce Democracy to chuck the Master Ball. Given how previous attempts to navigate the menu in Democracy went, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me

[Guys, we've had a split in Freenode and lost control of the IRC room. We've moved to #TppTemp for the time being until I can get in touch with SirCmpwn and Culex]

[A] 9d14h2m Having said that, we're having some difficulties leaving. If only we had a Pokemon who knew Dig.

[A] 9d13h58m I'm not sure if we're getting more competent at movement, but that anarchic navigation of the tower seemed a lot quicker than previous efforts at similar things.

[RECAP] Now we've got the Master Ball, let's check our options again:

[A] 9d13h52m The chat is already exploding with calls to toss it.

[A] 9d13h52m We received the Master Ball

[A] 9d13h51m Giovanni defeated

[A] 9d13h46m Out comes Nidoqueen to the wrath of Bird Jesus's quick attack. A quick mirror move in and scratch is used right back at her. She crits Bird Jesus but does nowhere near the damage. Another mirror move and Nidoqueen is down! We win!

[A] 9d13h50m Rhyhown's Horn Attack does damage, but Abba Quick Attacks to finish it.

[A] 9d13h49m A mirrored Horn Attack bring Rhyhorn down to half, before a mirrored Stomp gets him down to 20%. Repeated Whirlwinds are attempted.

[A] 9d13h48m Rhyhorn is next in line, and Abba deploys Whirlwind! A blast from the past there.

[A] 9d13h47m Quick atack brings Kangaskhan down to half health. Another one finishes her off. Abba is caning this!

[A] 9d13h48m This is pretty much all on Abba. First up Nidorino who is OHKO'd by a mirrored horn attack.

[A] 9d13h46m Here we go, it's Giovanni

[STRATEGY] Just to clarify, we are currently attempting to fight Giovanni. We are on his floor, but only have two healthy Pokemon.

[A] 9d13h34m Drowzee doesn't learn Poison Gas

[A] 9d13h32m Drowzee prevented from evolving

[A] 0d13h31m Weezing criticals ATV with sludge, and ATV faints. Drowzee finishes it and Drowzee grows to level 29.

[A] 9d13h30m Dux faints from poison.

[A] 9d13h29m Poison nearly does for Dux, but two Fury Attacks and the enemy Koffing faints.

[A] 9d:13h:28m Abba also levels up to 58!

[A] 9d13h28m Dux doesn't learn agility, because he couldn't forget Cut. It's in his soul.

[A] 9d13h26m Dux is up next, and cuts him almost into submission but gets poisoned. After a quick swap with Abba, he finishes off Weezing with another cut, and Dux grows to level 31

[A] 9d13h24m Air is knocked out, so xCabbage comes in against a Weezing and gets knocked out. Too much pollution.

[A] 9d13h22m Air deploys surf against Grimer and almost drops him. So he uses it again and Grimer faints.

[A] 9d13h22m Another Scientist wants a fight.

[A] 9d13h19m Currently on Floor 3, this is a good floor. Having trouble getting to the right teleport pad.

[EDIT] My update of 9d12h57m was erroneous in that the clock has always displayed seconds. Apparently I never noticed, thanks /u/CptTinko

[A] 9d13h10m Grimer gets knocked out, and the Keeper takes over to fight a Machop. A fight he wins, meaning we beat Rocket Grunt.

[A] 9d13h6m After much tooing and froing, ATV defeats Drowzee and has a bash at a Grimer.

[A] 9d1h3m Fully healed, we run into another Rocket Grunt. It's a Drowzee on Drowzee fight, until ATV takes over an falls asleep. That's tactics.

[A] 9d13h0m Numerous naps later, we're ready to face the rest of Silph Co.

[A] 9d12h57m: Two major changes: the time played includes seconds, and the UTC timer. This timer shows the time past the hour on the streamer's computer, so compare it with your own time to establish the amount of lag, and duly compensate. Many thanks to the numerous replies explaining :)

[A] 9d12h55m And it's back up Anyone care to explain the deal with that counter?

[A] 9d12h54m Stream is live the layout was changed a bit, but it's paused again

Stream is back but still paused

Stream Offline

[A] 9d12h47m Stream paused

[A] 9d:12h:47m Red finds a Max Potion.

[A] 9d12h44m Another quick attack drops a Drowzee in one. With two more flattening a Hypno. Rocket Grunt defeated. That was the epitome of a mismatch.

[A] 9d12h43m Abba comes out against an Rocket Grunt's Golbat, and despite its confusion, two quick attacks do the job.

[A] 9d12h39m Abba swaps in, mirrors Magenton's tackle and takes him out. Scientist defeated

[A] 9d12h36m Dux's cut is swapped for xCabbage's cut on Magneton. Magneton gets paralyzed, but is gaining the upper hand as xCabbage insists on attempting poison.

[A] 9d12h34m Dux defeats the scientist's Koffing by cutting him. Cutting him real bad.

[A] 9d12h33m A fight with a scientist's Electrode self-destructing means that Air has fainted

[A] 9d12h29m Now Floor 9 by this map. Which also suggests we need to get back to 3 to get to Giovanni.

[A] 9d12h27m Quick progress report, we're currently on Floor 5 of Silph Co.

[A] 9d12h19m AIR is back out, she hurts Zubat real bad. And finishes him with Surf. What a good job we taught that! Rocket Grunt is defeated

[A] 9d12h17m ATV is knocked out by Zubat, his attacks were just no use against that.

[A] 9d12h16m Drowzee goes back without doing anything, and ATV disables Zubat's Bite. Then it hurts itself in its confusion.

[A] 9d12h15m Abba mirrors Zubat and ocnfuses him. Then does it twice more. So Drowzee steps in.

[A] 9d12h14m Zubat gives ATV a nasty bite, before confusing ATV. ATV is in trouble here as his attacks aren't working. Abba swaps in. This won't take long.

[A] 9d12h13m Poisonpowder ensure a slow death, and Cubone is finished. Zubat's up next

[A] 9d12h12m Dux cuts Cubone to the point of extinction, but he's clinging on. ATV swaps in to finish the job.

[A] 9d12h12m There's a lot of leering and growling doing on at the moment.

[A] 9d12h10m More cuts and Cubone's down to 25% health, whilst his bone club has no effect on Dux.

[A] 9d12h10m Dux cuts Cubone and he bleeds cublood.

[A] 9d12h9m Air singing like it's karaoke night at Silph Co, but then comes over all embarrassed and tries to run before hiding in his ball.

[A] 9d12h7m ATV's Leech Life critical, before dodging a Bone Club, AIR is back out, bit of a challenge for him - but he sings Cubone to sleep!

[A] 9d12h6m Strewth! It's a Rocket Grunt! AIR swaps out for ATV against a lvl 29 Cubone.

[A] 9d11h59m Red investigates a potted plant.

[A] 9d 11h 43m: Twitch is hitting Silph Co with gusto, even following roughly along the right path so far. Unfortunately, I've got to call it a night here. One of the other updaters will be along shortly, so don't fret! And keep an oral history prepared of the Giovanni battle just in case...

[A] 9d 11h 39m: We're back in Silph Co! Here's the best map again. Just follow the line right to Giovanni.

[Strategy] Fly is a confirmed non-starter. We don't want that. Fly will greatly set us back, as it'll make our only option be releasing every 'mon we teach it to.

[A] 9d 11h 36m: We bought 4 Great Balls in the Pokemart. Winding our way toward Silph Co. Let's hope we don't toss them all.

[A] 9d 11h 29m: Cooler heads, and b spam prevailed. We're on our way out again. Twitch quickly pushed Red back down to the entrance to Route 6 for some reason. Here's the path to Silph Co from the Pokecenter we were just at: http://imgur.com/wrYR17m

[A] 9d 11h 27m: PC accessed! DEFCON 2

[A] 9d 11h 24m: We're healed, by the way! Time for Giovanni? http://i.imgur.com/SJsnv5U.jpg

[A] 9d 11h 24m: Obligatory push toward PC to screw everything up forever. Crowd seems to be fighting it mostly.

[A] 9d 11h 23m: Saffron City Pokecenter! I've never been so happy about entering a Pokemon Center! Here's hoping we avoid the PC and heal rapidly.

[A] 9d 11h 14m: Since there is some confusion, here's the route to the Pokecenter from our current location.

[A] 9d 11h 10m: Having a quick stop by in the Poke Mart to see Red's old flame, Revive Girl, to work up the strength to heal our Pokemon and then face Silph Co again.

[A] 9d 11h 4m: We still need to heal though. Let's not forget that.

[A] 9d 11h 2m: And we're back in Saffron. Silph is the huge building in the center of the city. Here's the fastest route to get to Giovanni once we get inside.

[A] 9d 11h 0m: Back to the game! We're still on Route 6, the thrill of utterly destroying Oddishes somehow winning out over the potential of beating Giovanni in Saffron. We have to enter that building on the right to enter Saffron again, just in case anyone forgot.

[A] 9d 10h 53m: Tinyurl, redbubble, strawpolls that just market stuff and various porn links are spamming chat extremely hard. Most use some kind of multi-level marketing scam rewarding users for re-pasting them into chat, so they're exploding out of control now. An additional javascript that could filter everything except imgur (and reddit, maybe?) links out might be useful if anyone wants to work on that!

[Strategy] MANY people have messaged saying that it functions just like a menu, D-pad directions jumping to any city in the path. That means we could easily path around to any given city on any activation. Fly is still definitely too dangerous -- it'd be like having a Dig we could trigger anywhere in the Overworld, and then we'd have enormous difficulty using it to get back anywhere. Thanks, everyone!

[A] 9d 10h 48m: We're right by the entrance to Saffron. Looks like Operation RoboRed's Revenge is a go and we're heading to Giovanni.

[Question] Anyone remember the exact way the UI for Fly worked in Pokemon Red? Was it the move-your-cursor-over-cities format, or did the D-pad just jump to the next nearest city in the grid? I had thought it was D-pad-jump-to-select-city. If so, Fly is a major risk. If not, maybe not so much.

[A] 9d 10h 42m: Route 6! Mankeys, Pidgeys, and Oddishs. Oh my. Looks like we're on our way back toward Saffron. /u/lozomwijgdn suggested West Fuschia gate for grinding AIR, and he also thinks Fly is a good idea for the damage and to give Pidgeot some more oompf, and doesn't think the UI is as big of a threat as we think.

[A] 9d 10h 36m: Smell that fresh salt air! Out of the cave and back by Vermillion. The world of full of opportunities for our poor little Red.

[A] 9d 10h 36m: Smell that fresh salt air! Our of the cave and back by Vermillion. The world of full of opportunities for our poor little Red.

[A] 9d 10h 32m: We're at the south ladder of the Diglett Cave! Not far to heal up Air in Saffron or Vermillion. Next we'll possibly head to Silph Co for a Giovanni rematch, but the direction is anybody's guess at this point.

[Question] Do we need to change our party at all to finish the game? Is there any game-breaking problems to win? I've been told AVT isn't ideal, but we all know the risks involved in changing our party. Seems like the current group could win it, after a sufficient amount of leveling.

[A] 9d 10h 22m: There's an amusing number of calls, all throughout the Diglett tunnel the first time and now again, to catch the Digletts or Dugtrios. Just a reminder: We have no Poké Balls. We threw them all away.

[A] 9d 10h 19m: We're back in the Diglett Tunnel, though! Looks like we're heading back south. Once we heal up in Vermillion, it still looks like chat is divided on either continuing to grind or just facing Giovanni and aiming for hitting him without a poisoned, near-dead ABBA.

[Reader's Corner] /u/DimlightHero, /u/mechanicalswede, /u/shadow_gov, and /u/Poketoa all informed me of a third, new plan: Pick up the Amber fossil / go for Omanyte was another option in the area. That might explain why the pull was so strong up there.

[A] 9d 10h 15m: And we're back in the Diglett Cave! Head south to get back to Vermillion City and heal. From there, it seems the stream is still divided on either going back to Silph Co in Saffron or grinding -- Oh. We just left again. Back to the outside on the wrong side of the Diglett Cave.

[A] 9d 10 15m: And we're back in the Diglett Cave! Head south to get back to Vermillion City and heal. From there, it seems the stream is still divided on either going back to Silph Co in Saffron or grinding -- Oh. We just left again. Back to the outside on the wrong side of the Diglett Cave.

[A] 9d 10h 5m: It seems as if Operation Big Air was a massive failure. We didn't really train Air, and we sidetracked the stream enormously. It seems like the stream's memory is mostly based on whatever is on the screen: If we're in Silph Co, beat that. Right now they see a tree and think we need to cut it, but we're not even in the right region of Kanto for our goals.

[A] 9d 9h 54m: Still puttering about at the tree right next to the north entrance to the Diglett Tunnel.

[Strategy] Instead of puttering around up here, let's just go back south through the tunnel and head back to where we came from? That's where all our activities and such were... we didn't go through this tunnel to travel, we went to it to grind. Unsuccessfully.

[A] 9d 9h 38m: Out on the North End of Route 2 now, by the exit of the Viridian Forest. I imagine a lot of Twitch is very lost right now, here's the map for the area about halfway down.

[A] 9d 9h 30m: We were almost out up by Route 2 after passing through the cave, but Twitch decided to head back down into the cave instead of heal, no doubt for one last big score. As of press time, they encountered a Diglett and ran away, then went back toward the ladder.

[A] 9d 9h 22m: The stream is back up. No noticeable change on the front. ATV faces off against a Diglett, our Lapras is still fainted. Exciting times we live in.

[A] 9d 9h 20m: Stream goes down! Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly. The crowd goes rioty.

9d 9h 10m: Air down to a Diglett crit, chat calls for heal, but the main commands coming in seem to be pushing Red left away from the entrance. Air got in two diglett kills and leveled up once to L17 before fainting. That's grinding!

[A] 9d 9h 5m: Hey, we made it into the Diglett Cave! Time to grind! Or run away repeatedly. Air is up in the first slot and we have our first encounter. With Diglett. Air takes him down in one hit with Strength! Off to a good start.

[A] 9d 9h 0m: Still no real progress. Made our way to Vermillion City, but the collective short-term memory loss of the stream can't seem to get us to the cave they wanted to 'grind' at.

[A] 9d 8h 32m: Fighting Oddishes, Mankeys and Pidgeys again on Route 6, supposedly on our way to the Cave or possibly back to Gio. Indecision reigns at the moment more than anything.

[Readers Corner] /u/Magnesium38 sent in this suggestion: http://imgur.com/LHOFXkQ

[A] 9d 8h 17m: Our last action was playing the Pokeflute. It was a catchy tune, but did nothing to relent the attacks of Kangaskhan.

[A] 9d08h16m Bird Jesus takes poison damage before he can do anything! Blacked out!

[A] 9d08h16m The only way Bird Jesus can hope to win now is by critical hitting! This poison means he's going to die if he doesn't do something!

[A] 9d08h16m No! Tail whip was disabled and.. comet punch! 5HP and.. The Keeper is down! It's all down to Bird Jesus now!

[A] 9d08h15m More status conditions and.. ugh, xCabbage faints! Drowzee's back in, and Bird Jesus only has 5HP. Drowzee only uses pound again! Things are super tense!

[A] 9d08h14m xCabbage is swapped out in place of the Keeper, but luckily doesn't take any damage. UNfortunately he has very few attack moves, and only manages a quick cut. Comet punch MISSES though! Only 7hp left!

[A] 9d08h14m Things are looking pretty grim as ATV continues to use status moves and, yep, he's down! Out comes the Keeper for revenge! Luckily the paralysis shou - nope, 60% health is gone thanks to a bite, and we only used pound!

[A] 9d08h12m Stun spore's tried again and misses, but luckily Kangaskhan didn't try for an attack move. We do some last minute consultation with the SS ticket before ATV sucks back a bit more health. Kangaskhan is paralysed TWICE as ATV tries a poison sting - to no avail!

[xCabbage levelled up by the way!]

[A] 9d08h11m All Terrain Venomoth comes out and paralyses Kangaskhan, but not before losing half its health to Comet Punch! He leeches a bit back before being bitten down and clutching!

[A] 9d08h10m Out comes Kangaskhan the old rager, and bites Dux to death!

[A] 9d08h10m Dux uses cut and takes down Nidorino!

[A] 9d 8h 8m: Nido's paralyzed by our Cabbage! Then cut. Nido's almost down.

[Strategy] The channel seems to want to try to use the Hyper Potion in our inventory to heal ABBA. Good luck with that.

[A] 9d 8h 6m: Switched out for ATV then Dux against Gio's L37 Nidorino. Dux takes him down about halfway, then is switched back out for Cabbage.

[A] 9d 8h 4m: We're on Floor 9, in Gio's room! But ABBA is still poisoned. The Fight with Giovanni begins!

[A] 9d 7h 58m: Scientist down. Drowzee levels and is evolving. Evolution interrupted.

[A] 9d 7h 57m: Bird Jesus takes down the Electrode finally with a quick attack, and a Weezing is sent out. He gets Quick Attacked for most of his health, then Sand Attacked. And ABBA was poisoned!

[A] 9d 7h 55m: We get into a fight with Scientist on Floor 3, by the teleporter we need (we walked past it). He sent out a L29 Electrode, and ABBA comes out to meet him. And is then switched out with Drowzee.

[A] 9d 7h 51m: Down to floor 2. It's looking like we're going to try to get there just by randomly wandering around for now.

[Strategy] We just popped up to Floor 9, then back to Floor 5. Now back to 9 again, and back to 5. In case people are confused, here's the detailed map of Silph Co and our potential path, including all the teleporters, sent in to /u/forthereddits.

[A] 9d 7h 36m: We're on FLOOR 5 of the Silph co, and will try to keep updated when the floors change, though the teleporters changing it rapidly can make it challenging. Great gif of the self-destruct miss 'takedown' from the last battle sent in by /u/ssbmang.

[Reader Poll]

[A] 9d 7h 27m: ABBA defeats the Electrode through the Electrode killing itself. Scientist defeated.


[A] 9d 7h 24m: Scientist is up. He's sent out an ELECTRODE, L33. ABBA immediately starts pouring SAND-ATTACK on him.

[A] 9d 7h 18m: Drowzee down to ATV. Rocket defeated.

[A] 9d 7h 16m: Air faints to the poison. We encounter a ROCKET. He sends out a L29 Machop. The lift-key is consulted. ABBA's quick attack takes down the Machop, and the Rocket sends out a Drowzee. We respond with sending out ATV, at 1/3rd health. ATV paralyzes it.

[A] 9d7h13 We defeat Scientist! AIR is poisoned with 1 HP remaining. Bulbasaur is consulted in these troubling times.

[A] 9d 7h 8m: Lapras forgot Water Gun for Sing during that same battle, after fainting Rocket's first Pokemon. ATV is working on using the Helix on this paralyzed Koffing.

[A] 9d7h8m: Red keeps consulting the holy Helix Fossil for guidance!

[STRATEGY] We already have the elevator card key, so /u/YellowPudding points out this path to the end.

[A] 9d 7h 0m: We're back in Saffron Silph Co for a good 5 minutes now. I'm still so high on adrenaline from us managing to teach Lapras surf and strength I forgot to mention.

[Side-note] /u/Nadke reminded me to mention we tossed our singular revive during the item at 9d 6h 34m, wrangling to teach Surf. To make it easier to select the HMs? Possibly, but we all know red isn't the kind of guy with a plan.

[A] 9d 6h 47m: Looks like chat is divided between going and grinding with Lapras and hitting up Giovanni. Either way, things are looking good for now.

[A] 9d 6h 43m: The Fresh Prince of Shell-Air has learned HM04 Strength! Time for Giovanni in Saffron Silph Co.

[A] 9d 6h 28m: Still trying to learn HM04 Strength. Had a couple close flirtations with teaching it, but having actually done it yet. Hopefully soon!

[STRATEGY] Chat appears to have decided to get Lapras to learn strength while they have a move slot, and attempt to level her as we're in a relatively low-level area.

[STRATEGY] Chat is split between two directives. Either teaching Lapras strength, leveling and fighting Giovanni, or making a beeline for Omanyte: http://i.imgur.com/GtItQFA.png

[A] 9d 5h 51m: Great rejoicing continues to occur throughout the land. Our next directive is to teach AIR Strength!


[A] 9d5h23m Lapras is at the top of the party. It's not much progress, but it's a great start.

[A] 9d5h22m. We've healed! Again!

RETROACTIVE: Our one Full Restore got used on ATV (for all of 9 HP). I don't know just when this occurred but it was (well) before the most recent bootup of HM04. Thanks /u/sniffnoy

[A] 9d5h15m Virtually nothing has happened in the last half hour, the anarchists accuse the democrats of spamming b. The democrats accuse the anarchists of spamming start9. Lapras still does not know surf.

[A] 9d5h15m: We were close. HM04 was booted up, and then pokemon selected, then backed out.

[A] 9d4h44m We're attempting to teach strength and SURF to our pokemon. Thanks to all the people that filled me in.

*edited due to accidentally stating cut instead of surf. Thanks /u/anchovee

[A] 9d4h27m Sorry chaps, I must away, and seek to remedy my increasing resemblance to Snorlax. With luck someone will be able to keep you updated throughout the day, if there are gaps, we apologise. Y'all guys are great. Go do that Surf-teaching thang!

[A] 9d 4h 20m: Threw away TM06 (Toxic).

[A] 9d3h59m Had a good go at teaching Strenght, it's not the one we wanted most, but I feel we are slowly getting there. Give it time.

[READERS' CORNER] A few of you guys have written in to point out that xCabbage knows Cut. As a result the Daycare won't take him, so that plan is kinda moot. Thanks chaps!

[A] 9d3h54m "Teach surf to a Pokemon" "No!"

[A] 9d3h49m TM 32 Double Team is gone. If we chuck enough stuff, it'll be much easier to choose Surf, right?

[A] 9d3h46m That Full Restore we found in Safari Zone gets a narrow reprieve, and as we creep along the street towards Silph Co, we are trying very hard to teach Surf.

[A] 9d3h45m I think this may be showing the wisdom of teaching Surf before the Master Ball is acquired, as we just increased Dux's speed.

[A] 9d3h44m Close but no cigar! Nearly taught Surf but changed our minds at the last minute.

[A] 9d3h36m I think what I'm currently seeing is a determined effort to teach Surf, the Hivemind seems to have reached consensus.

[A] 9d3h36m We booted up an HM!!! Unfortunately it was Cut :(

[A] 9d3h30m I'm not sure if it was deliberate or accidental, but our proximity to the daycare may have been an attempt to execute this plan, to level up xCabbage with the Elite 4 in mind.

[A] 9d3h29m At long last, we are back in Saffron City, roundabout though the way was.

[A] 9d3h27m In the attempt to teach Surf, we have discarded Skull Bash.

[A] 9d3h22m We again ask: what does Bulbasaur say? I can only imagine we're trying to kick off the next viral Youtube hit.

[A] 9d3h19m There seems to be a growing sense in the chat that we should just teach Surf and be done with it. The menu is repeated;y being accessed, but to little effect.

[A] 9d3h18m Currently near the daycare below Cerulean City. Why are we near the daycare? Have we so quickly forgotten what this led to the last time?

[STRATEGY] I have been asked to highlight the Google Doc, which suggests that our immediate aim is defeating Giovanni. That's not happening.
Additionally, we are advised to teach Lapras Surf and Strength prior to getting the Master Ball. That's not happening.
Thirdly, it's suggested we don't evolve Drowzee yet. We are succeeding at that by virtue of total indolence.

[A] 9d3h9m At this point it seems appropriate to quote the great Boris Johnson: "Don't rule out the possibility that under the facade of a blithering idiot, there lurks a blithering idiot".
I thin some people are trying to teach Air Surf, but that's not happening atm.

[STRATEGY] I concur with /u/onemanandhishat completely. We're going nowhere, very slowly, doing nothing right now.

[STRATEGY] I feel some burden to point out to any newcomers, that as much as this all resembles a cunning strategy to level up our Pokemon, in reality, Red is having a breakdown and no one seems to know what we're doing.

[A] 9d3h1m: That's the Underground Path between Route 5 and 6. And we're heading down it. Interesting side-note, /u/Bytemite sends a suggestion on how to avoid Seafoam once we're done with Silph Co. What do the Pokestreamers think we should do after Giovanni's second defeat? http://i.imgur.com/GtItQFA.png

[A] 9d3h1m We appear to be in....a tunnel. I hope Shelob's not here.

[A] 9d2h58m Stop the press! We left Route 6!

[A] 9d 2h 57m: ABBA murders one of his fledgling kin. Still no real progress.

[A] 9d2h56m As far as evolving our Pokemon goes, we're probably going at about the same rate as all life on Earth.

[A] 9d2h55m ATV drops a Mankey and shares XP with Air. All 34 points of it.

[A] 9d 2h 50m: We ran from a Mankey after poisoning it. More sadism and sadness. Perhaps we're trying to teach Lapras true viciousness so he can lead us to victory before we teach him Swim & Surf.

[A] 9d2h48m Red hacks at the undergrowth with Cut. No longer content with being a trainer, we appear to have taken up gardening.

[A] 9d2h39m Beating up a Pidgey and then running away before it faints isn't training, it's sadism. It ain't grinding if you don't get XP...

[A] 9d2h38m This feels less like grinding and more like bullying - toying with weak wild Pokemon, sometimes we beat them sometimes we run.

[A] 9d 2h 38m: Chat seems to be centered on telling everyone we teach Lapras Surf and Strength. Walking around fighting Pidgeys, Oddishs and Mankeys though while they sort that out. Mostly running.

[A] 9d:2h:30m Red has been wandering around route 6 for the past 20 minutes. The chat says he is grinding, which is hard to believe when the opponents are level 12-13 oddish and other various Pokemon.

[INFO] If you usually watch during 12:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM EST, apologies! I will be unable to update tonight due to complications. There may be a lack of updates during this time, and if that occurs, we apologize deeply! Hopefully one of the other updaters will be up during the "Australian" time-zone, and if not, we thank you for your patience!

[A] 9d:2h:10m Red walks down and out into route 6 for some reason. He circles around in a grass patch.

[A] 9d:1h:58m With Red back in the Pokecenter, the routine attempts to access the PC begin. It goes nowhere, and Red leaves.

[A] 9d:1h:53 The remaining Golbat confuses Dux, and he hurts himself twice, knocking himself out. Out of useable Pokemon, Red faints for the 4th time.

[A] 9d:1h:50m With Dux as Red's last hope, Dux repeatedly Leers at Koffing, then adds insult to injury with multiple sand-attacks. With Koffing softened up, 2 cuts are all it takes for Dux to defeat him, and Dux levels up to 30!

[A] 9d:1h:41m Engaged in another battle, Abba takes down a Raticate but succumbs to poison, leaving ATV against an Arbok. once Leech later, ATV levels up to 33! A Koffing is sent out. Multiple stun spores later, ATV falls. Only Dux remains.

[A] 9d:1h:33m While opening doors on the 7th floor, Red battles a Grunt. Abba gets poisoned by a Sandshrew but still defeats it effortlessly. The SandSlash that appears next also falls and Abba levels up to 57! Battle over.

[Strategy] Before heading to Giovanni, the stream wants to heal up since some party members fainted. The teleporter is located on the third floor as well, shown here.

[A] 9d:1h:27m Red bumps around in an elevator. Keep in mind the teleporter to reach Giovanni (located on the 11th floor) is actually on the 3rd floor, marked by the letter "O" in this picture.

[A] 9d:1h:13m AIR faints from a Raticate and Abba is sent in. He defeats said Raticate, a Golbat, and a Rattata to finish the battle.

[A] 9d:1h:10m The Keeper goes down to a Cubone in a Grunt battle. Cabbage is sent out, and falls to the same Cubone. AIR comes in and promptly defeats the Cubone with 2 Water Guns. Red moves to the 8th floor and runs into another grunt. Cue battle.

[A] 9d:1h:4m Red defeats the grunt, but The Keeper is still poisoned.

[A] 9d59m there's just a hint of Miley Cyrus about the Gen 1 Golbar sprite - her inspiration perhaps?

[A] 9d:47m Red enters Silph Co. for the fourth time. With nothing to do but confront Giovanni, he eyeballs a fountain for a minute before making sure Bulbasaur's pokedex entry hadn't changed.

[Side-note] As the chat argues on changing to democracy for the HM, keep in mind only AIR can learn surf. Thus the argument is for the most part, useless.

[A] 9d:31m Red's movements are limited now. A fight between Democracy and Anarchy has begun in the stream. Those who cry "Democracy!" want to teach AIR Surf immediatly, while people who yell "Anarchy!" want to move on with the show.

[A] 9d:18m Red continues to wander around outside, bumping into various buildings.

[Summary of Day 9 con't] Leaving the Zone, Red returned the Teeth to the Warden and obtained Strength. With that out of the way, he departed to Saffron City to enter Silph Co. and take down Giovanni (along with obtaining a Lapras). Some failed attempts later Red defeated Blue, and the Lapras (nicknamed Air) joined the party. In the end, he fell to a scientist's Weezing, but he now circles outside a Pokecenter, tired but determined.

[Summary of Day 9] To sum up the previous day's work: Red encountered the infamous Snorlax and attempted to capture it, but ran away instead. Heading to Fuchsia, Red managed to defeat Koga for the 5th badge (that we got, anyways) He moved on to the Safari zone where after some Anarchy attempts, Democracy took over. Using that, Red navigated to the end of the Safari Zone and obtained both the Gold Teeth and Surf (Anarchy took over immediately afterwards). (Con't in the post above this)

[A] 8d:23h:59m Dux takes down the Electrode that greets him, but falls to the Weezing that appears next. With no pokemon left, Red blacks out and returns to the Pokecenter... again.

[A] 8d:23h:57 After 9 minutes, Red finally opens the door to the teleporter!... Only to engage in a battle with a scientist. With only Dux left, the stream turns to him for guidance.

[A] 8d:23h:48m Red has made zero progress towards the bed, circling around the 3rd floor before heading back to the same teleporter. Remember, this is what we're aiming for.

[Strategy] The healing location is on the ninth floor and can be accessed by going to the far left teleporter in the room as seen here.

[Side note] TM09(Take down) is located on the 5th floor. It's unknown whether the stream wants to backtrack to obtain it.

[A] 8d:23h:28m Cries of "Heal!" rain down in chat. No one wants to face Giovanni with Dux alone. Red heads to the 9th floor.

[A] 8d:23h:21m Dux defeats the Drowzee, and Marowak is sent out. An incredible Leer match begins, with neither party using any other moves. Minutes later, Dux strikes with a Fury Attack, defeating it in one attack! Dux levels up to 29!

[A] 8d:23h:15m With only two pokemon left, Red sends out Abba who was poisoned beforehand. Multiple sand-attacks and whirlwinds later, Abba is down to 10 health. Red consults the Helix Fossil. Abba uses sand-attack and faints from poison. Only Dux remains.

[A] 8d:23h:10m AIR gets her first taste of battling!... And gets taken out by a Drowzee. Cabbage is sent in and gets to 12 health from one hit. The ticket is consulted.

[Side-note] For those of you looking to spice up your Twitch Plays Pokemon Experience, /u/marekkpie has made a functioning game-boy controller for the stream! You can check it out here.

[A] 8d:23h Lapras has been named "AIIIIIIRRR". Nicknames fly in, such as "The Fresh Prince of Bell-AIIIIIIRR" and "AIR Jordan". Lapras will be referred to as "AIR" from now on in the Live Updates."

[A] 8d:22h:59m Lapras joins the party!!!

[A] 8d:22h:55m Abba trades hits with Blastoise, quick-attcks in exchange for Water Guns. Blue uses a potion but it proves useless as Abba finishes off Blastoise with ANOTHER CRIT. Thus, Red defeats Blue in Silph CO.!!!

[A] 8d:22h:54m Blue sends out Alakazam, only for Abba to AGAIN crit and KO it in one hit!! Blue sends out Blastoise.

[A] 8d:22h:52m Abba repeatedly Leers at the Growlithe thanks to Mirror-Move. One quick-attack later, the Growlithe falls, and Blue sends out an Exeggcute. Abba promptly crits him and KOs in one hit!

[A] 8d:22h:49m Abba takes down the imposter and levels up to 56! A growlithe is sent out and Abba removes 95% of its health with one quick-attack.

[A] 8d:22h:48 2 Wing attacks take down ATV. Abba the true Prophet is sent out.

[A] 8d:22h:46m The Keeper and the imposter trade blows, but the Keeper is overcome and faints. ATV is sent in.

[A] 8d:22h:45m Blue sends out a False Bird Jesus! The Keeper is sent out to deal with the imposter. For good measure, the Ticket is consulted.

[A] 8d:22h:44m While heading to get Lapras, Red engages in a battle with BLUE!

[Strategy] With the Card Key acquired, only the second part of the current plan is needed. it also includes the location to heal along the way.

[A] 8d:22h:24m After taking the scenic route around Saffron, Red enters Silph Company for the third time. Armed with a plan to get Lapras, Red inspects a Desk multiple times before moving on to the stairs.

[A] 8d:22h:15m With Red back at the Pokecenter, a push is made to access the PC but fails. Red leaves the building and heads right.

[A] 8d:22h:11m Abba succumbs to Poison, and Red blacks out, returning to the Pokecenter.

[A] 8d:22h:4m Red defeats a Grunt, but at the cost of Abba getting poisoned. There is a healing place located on the 9th floor.

[A] 8d:21h:56m Abba takes down the Arbok, ending the battle. Red moves onto the fifth floor and obtains the Card Key!!

[A] 8d:21h:53m Impressively, Red manages to use a potion in battle on ATV. It's not enough to save him however, and ATV goes down to an Arbok. Abba is sent out.

[A] 8d:21h:47m Contrary to belief, the game is NOT frozen, nor has it ever been. Inputs resume and Red engages in battle with a Rocket Grunt.

8d21h47m - game no longer frozen, riot off.

Game is frozen.. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[A] 8d:21h:30m Abba takes down Weezing and Magnemite to finish the battle, and The Keeper is once again prevented from evolving to learn Psychic earlier.

[A] 8d:21h:34m With more inputs coming through, Dux eventually succumbs to a combination of poison and sludge attacks. Inputs stop again.

[A] 8d:21h:28m With some inputs resuming, Cabbage goes down to a crit by Weezing.

[Update] 8d:21h:21m Inputs are stopping, resuming at a faster speed, then stopping, most likely due to the maintenance.

[A] 8d:21h:13m After surviving a battle with 3 hp, The Keeper goes down to a Koffing. Cabbage comes in and cleans up.

[Strategy] For those who are confused about what to do, the ultimate goal is to get to floor five where the Card Key is located. Directions can be seen by clicking this link. Once that is completed most people want to get Lapras. Directions are in the previous link. From there, it's straight to Giovanni (after a battle with Blue).

[A] 8d:20h:59m Lots of stumbling around, mainly getting on and off the elevator. Based off of a previous post (can be viewed by clicking here, the elevator is not needed.

[A] Red enters Silph Co. for the second time.

[A] 8d:20h:47m As the argument on getting or leaving BigDig in the PC continues, Democracy votes come pouring in. The bar is close to the switching point.

[A] 8d20h45m We're outside in Saffron now.

[A] 8d20h35m We're currently at the PokeCenter, with half the Twitch chat trying to escape and the other half trying to use the PC.

[A] 8d:20h:29m Dux faints! With no more pokemon to use, Red blacks out, sending him back to the Pokecenter.

[Update] Stream is back on!

[Update] Ten minutes have passed with no progress due to maintenance. The Twitch time shown in-stream however, still ticks forward.

[A] 8d 20h 13m: Chat server down for maintenance apparently? No commands being issued.

[A] ATV is 12 hp from being knocked out. in this desperate time, the S.S. Ticket is relentlessly consulted, but to no avail. 2 smogs later, ATV also falls.

[A] 8d:20h:3m Abba goes down due to poison! ATV comes out for vengence.

Note from your friendly neighborhood reddit admin: Some information on this liveupdate system and plans for the future.

[A] 8d:19h:56m Red bumps his way around the first floor. A clear plan still hasn't been decided in chat.

[Strategy] Here's another option for getting through the base, shown here.

[A] 8d:19h:45m The Keeper is defeated by a Raticate. Abba finishes off the offender.

[A] 8d:19h:40m Red defeats the Rocket Grunt.

[A] 8d:19h:37m Cabbage goes down in a fight against a Rocket Grunt.

Forgot to thanks /u/TheCovarr for the second map. All credit goes to him.

[A] 8d:19h:20 Red enters Silph Co. An elevator-free method of movement can be viewed here thanks to /u/EUWOziris. Another method is also here, but requires the elevator.

[A] 8d:19h:14m Res attempts to enter the gym but a Rocket member blocks his way. With little to do, he heads for ilph Co.

[A] 8d:19h:5m Red walks smoothly into the Pokecenter and heals all pokemon. Just to be safe, he heals again.

[Strategy] At the moment, the best course of action would be to heal at the Pokecenter in case Red blacks out. Here's a map of the city.

[A] 8d:18h:55m Red travels west and eventually reaches Saffron City.

[A] 8d:18h:46m Red heals his pokemon. Now on to Saffron!

[A] 8d:18h:35m Red finally makes it back to Lavender Town.

[Side note] A huge thanks to everyone (and there was a lot) who messaged me. Here is a detailed map of Route 12. For those who want a more interactive map, this link allows you to explore any area you want. The interactive map will be available on the side from now on.

[A] 9d:18h:25m Red makes it onto route 12.

[Side Note] Here's a picture of the current route we're on, route 13. If anyone can find more detailed pictures of all routes and locations showing items and trainers, please let me know.

[Info] Took down the link for now because the Admins want to check it first! Gonna link it again as soon as I get the ok!

[A] Bird Jesus grew to level 55 after defeating the last Pokemon of that poor trainer who had no chance. Checking ínventory before going on!

[A] 8d:18h:2m We're in yet another trainer battle bringing out Cabbage against a Pidgey!

[Addon] After testing it I'm giving out the very useful Chrome extension for our feed that Reddit user xylempl made for us! It reads our feed and displays the newest update as Windows notification in the taskbar when it's coming out so you don't have to check the actual page all the time! Just to clarify: It connects through the Reddit api so you don't have to open the page in background.

[A] 8d:17h:58m After a grueling and long battle, Red continues to head to Saffron.

[A] 8d:17h:33m The Keeper goes down to a Koffing in a battle. Abba is sent out and Mirror's a tackle to defeat 2 Koffings. A tackle and quick attack defeats a Weezing and Koffing. Multiple whirlwinds later, Abba defeats the Grimer. Battle over.

[A] 8d:17h:31m ATV is sent out after Dux, crits the Oddish to death and leeches the next. Battle over.

[A] 8d:17h:28m Dux gets poisoned by a Gloom in a trainer battle. Manages to take it down. Dux faints to an Oddish.

[A] 8d:17h:23m Red heads back east to Saffron city.

[A] 8d:17h:21 We tried to cut an old man but Dux didn't even acknowledge and told us there was nothing to be cut.

[A] 8d:17h:3m Red is still in Fuchsia checking out the Zoo and occasionally making sure he still has the Pokedex (he does).

[A] 8d:16h:52m Red attempts to enter cycling road but is denied for fairly obvious reasons. With that out of the way, the stream pushes back east

[Sidenote] Interesting Fact- Poison will not take effect on a turn if you knock out the opponent. (thanks to /u/Unbalanced531)

[A] 8d:16h:40m Even Abba's strength cannot overcome poison, and Abba faints, sending Red back to Fuchsia.

[A] 8d:16h:37m The Lift key is consulted multiple time but to no avail. Abba pulls out all the stops and one-hit crits the Weezing! Only a Koffing remains.

[A] 8d:16h:34m Abba effortlessly KOs a Koffing before Cabbage is sent out and faints to a Weezing. With Abba poisoned and all other Pokemon down, things look grim.

[A] 8d:16h:31m Another battle begins with a Biker. Dux is sent out and faints against a Koffing.Cabbage is sent out and put down to 2 health before Abba is sent out. Abba promptly takes down the Koffing.

[A] 8d:16h:28m Cabbage defeats the Weezing. The Keeper is prevented from evolving after battle because people want him to learn Psychic sooner than he would if he evolved.

[A] 8d:16h:20m The Keeper is taken down by a Weezing. Cabbage is sent out and paralyzes Weezing. Abba is sent in and posioned. ATV is sent out and faints to a sludge attack. Dux goes out and repeatedly throws sand in Weezing's face.

[A] 8d:16h:18m Encounter a Biker. The Keeper brings a Koffing's health to near zero and ATV swaps in to finish it off. The Keeper levels up to 26.

[A] 8d:16h:13m Red encounters a trainer. ATV wastes no time in a battle and one-shots a Bulbasaur. No mercy. Cabbage is sent out but ATV wants more blood. Gets sent back in and takes down an Ivysaur with 2 leeches. Battle over.

[A] 8d:16h:9m Red leaves Fuchsia and heads east in the direction of Saffron City.

[A] 8d:16h:1m RED acquires HM04(Strength)!!

[A] 8d:15h:54m Talking has began, suggesting the 5-poke party to remain so the reserve spot can be used for Lapras. The HM Strength still needs to be obtained from the Warden. Red wanders around outside.

Quick reminder, "ATV" is a Venomoth.

[A] 8d:15h:43m Red continues to wander aimlessly in Fuchsia, even heading into the Gym for a bit. Keep in mind, there are only 5 members in the Pokemon party at the moment.

[Update] While in the Safari, we caught 5 Nidorans, 2 Venonats, 1 Paras, 1 Exeggcute, 1 Nidorino, 1 Venomoth, and 1 Ryhorn.

[A] 8d:15h:31m also missed, Gastly was deposited.

[A] 8d:15h:31m AATTVVV (ATV for short) is withdrawn.

[A] 8d:15h:30m BigDig has been deposited in the PC! A rescue mission is unfolding.

[A] 8d:15h:22m missed this originally but PP up was tossed.

[A] 8d:15h:23m BigDig decides he hasn't had enough screen time recently and uses Dig. Back to the Pokecenter!

[A] 8d:15h:18m Red inspects a spot near a statue and finds Revive. He waltz over to the right a little and finds TM32(Double Team).

8d15h16m: We found a revive! Watch as we squander that immediately.

[A] 8d:15h:16m Anarchy is back on.

[D] 8d:15h:15m Red speaks to the man a few more times to confirm that yes, it is indeed Surf. With the Safari done for the most part, a surge of Anarchy votes come flying in.

[D] 8d:15h:13m Red obtains HM03(Surf)!!

[D] 8d:15h:8m Red makes it inside the secret house! The end is almost near.

[D] 8d:15h:3m Red grabs the Gold Teeth. Now on to get Surf!

[D] 8d:15h Red makes it to the 4th zone. Before heading to grab surf, the chat makes their way to the Gold Teeth for acquiring Strength later on.

[Strategy] A quick reminder of our current suggested path can be viewed here. We are still in the 3rd zone.

[D] 8d:14h:44m Venomoth was named "AATTVVV".

[D] 8d:14h:37m:56s Venomoth was caught!

Side-note: TM40 is Skullbash.

[D] 8d:14h:35m Red found TM40!

[D] 8d:14h:22m Red finally makes it to the 3rd area. A detailed map of each zone and the better way to navigate can be found by scrolling down a little.

[D] 8d:14h:18m Safari update: Red is still navigating the second zone but is approaching the end. He runs into multiple Pokemon and wastes safari balls in the beginning, but the chat evolves and spams "b" instead of "a" in the first moments of an encounter.

[Strategy] Apparently "bdownrighta" can't be used in chat. Thus, stick with "b" and "downright".

[Strategy] (Thanks to all that messaged me) Adding a "b" in front of the previous strategy (making it "bdownrighta") makes it even better, allowing a clean sweep of any errors before moving to the run button. Seems to be the most efficient way to battle.

[Strategy] Multiple people have pointed out that "downrighta" also works for battles, allowing a quick run at best, or a message skip at worst.

[D] 8d:13h:57m "AAEWWW" is the new nickname for the caught Nidoran.

[Strategy] For those of you who are participating in chat, do not use "A", use "B". During battles, A is spammed to get past dialogue, but people overshoot and end up throwing a safari ball. Repeat ad infinitum. "B" does not select an option and still allows messages to be bypassed.

[D] 8d:13h:51m Red has been stuck with a Nidoran for the past 5 minutes, before catching said Nidoran.

Apologies about the wrong link. /danpetman made a simple, easy-to-follow guide on understand and using democracy which can be found here.

[D] 8d:13h:33m Red enters Area 2 and smoothly navigates a section before running into a Nidoran.

[D] 8d:13h:29m The Venonat is named "A". Start9 is beginning to take control of the inputs.

[D] 8d:13h:27m Red catches another Venonat.

[MAP] I think this is probably the most useful Democratic map so far, thanks for all your contributions, I'm going to sit back and watch. Good luck everybody!

[D] 8d:13h:23m Red enters the safari zone again.* Chat command are becoming more complex as users figure out more efficient ways to move.

[D] 8d:13h:17m Democracy is back in place. Red finally heads inside the building to re-attempt the safari zone.

If anyone wants a breakdown of exact step counts in Democratic terms, you could check this out. Of course it would be impossible to execute precisely in practice.

[A] 8d13h11m Well, if we can conclude one thing about that exercise in emancipation, it's that no one will have changed their minds about anything.

[A[ 8d13h9m Poor Rhyhorn, the product of two philosophies, and we'll sound disgusted every time we call him.

Side-note: Rhyhorn was named with a combination of Democracy and anarchy. Thanks to /u/minibug.

[A] 8d:13h:6m Anarchy take over, and Red uses his last safari ball. Back to the beginning.

[D] 8d:13h:5m Rhyhorn is named "AEWWWWVV".

[D] 8d:13h:1m The process of naming the Rhyhorn begins. With Democracy in place, this may take some time...

If it helps, this map offers some move suggestins

[D] 8d:12h:58m Red catches a Rhyhorn!

Thanks for all your feedback and support, I'm going part-time from now on, but you will not be abandoned, others will take over!

If anyone's interested, I have been offered this script from /u/Rerbun if you want a beep to alert you to new posts on the update, if that's something you want. Not tested it myself.

[READERS' CORNER] For escaping battles, bdownrighta is the general consensus

[D] 8d12h42m We enter the third area

If anyone has the time, a map with suggested movement commands would be cool, but we'll get there.

[PROTIP] It's been pointed out that if we run out of balls, we leave the Safari Zonr - Find something else to press in battle!!

[D] 8d12h33m For anyone still having trouble with the moves - a good guide is to think one move ahead. If you can see it being voted for now, it's too late - vote for the next move.

[D] 8d12h29m We caught a Nidorino nicknamed AAAAAAAAAA**, because Democracy really isn't cut out for that sort of thing.

[D] 8d12h27m Oh look, we picked up a Full Restore. I hope it was worth it.

[D] 8d12h25m If we are to reach Surf, we cannot afford any sidetracks. Time for that later.

[D] 8d12h24m We're still going the right way, but without all the Start spam I have no idea how many steps we have left.

[D] 8d12h21m Slowly but surely we are progressing in the right direction, but I doubt if we have the steps to do it - we're still in the second area of four.

[PROTIP] If you're having trouble keeping up with the commands, try refreshing your stream from time to time, not all vids are synced and it will exacerbate the Demo problems.

[D] 8d12h16m Well whaddya know, gravity does it's natural work and we're down. Just follow the map.

[D] 8d12h15m Attempting to navigate some stairs with all the aptitude of a Dalek.

[D] 8d12h13m Remember the delay! Democracy only works if you account for it! A bit of overcompensation here.

[D] 8d12h11m We are now going in the right direction. But veeery veeery slowly.

[D] 8d12h9m Democracy has again taken power in a bid to go in the right direction.

[CORRECTION] That Venonat we caught is called B-!)

[A] 8d12h7m 350 steps remaining and we're going in completely the wrong direction.

[A] 8d12h6m We caught a Nidoran male, called "a". Well it's easy to remember I suppose.

[A] 8d12h4m Stop going left, whoever that is! Go this way.

[A] 8d12h3m Currently baiting an Exeggcute. Cos it's not big enough already.

[A] 8d11h59m We have a new Venonat! Called B-I) or something like that, my stream stuttered.

[A] 8d11h58m After missing a Venonat with three Safari Balls, it scarpers.

[A] 8d11h57m We are in the Safari Zone again.

[A] 8d11h56m A brief flirtation with the Safari entrance - are we going to have another try?

[SUMMARY] If you haven't been following the soap opera that is Fuchsiarama, we have defeated Koga, the gym leader, but have not had much success in the Safari Zone. Currently a large struggle between Anarchy and Democracy is ongoing.

[A] Hey, this guy says there's Safari game in this city, maybe we should check it out sometime!

[A] 8d11h34m A Glooom tries to use sleep powder on Drowzee but it doesn't work. Of course not, he's already half asleep.

[A] 8d11h30m We try to lure a Venonat with offers of free naval travel, but he doesn't buy it. So Drowee beats him up.

[A] 8d11h27m Currently traipsing around Route 15. Is there a plan for this? I suspect not; if there is, it's too clever for me.

[A] 8d11h25 Turns out we have no Pokeballs. Chat adds another directive to its already convoluted tasklist. We successfully run away from Ditto

[A] 8d11h23m We've encountered a ditto! People want to catch it, let's see how that goes.

[A] 8d11h19m Exploring the gatehouse on the edge of Fuchsia City. I can only assume we're playing human chess on the checked floor.

[A] 8d11h19m Chat's still confused. People appear to be gearing up for another Safari run? After their short stint being blocked via Start9, some democrats appear to be spamming start attempting to encourage democracy once more.

[A] 8d11h16m I'll try and keep the updater going as I can. Although that's looking like very much a part-time job at the moment.

[A] 8d11h13m: For some reason, we're here which is above that house and in that house at times as well. Twitch has finally succumbed to political madness, no progress is being made nor seems like it will be made for a while. I will be away for a bit now! Hope someone can keep this updater going! Thank you for your kind PMs and enjoy your watching experience!

[A] 8d11h3m And immediately we're back in the Paradire.

[A] 8d11h2m: Anarchy is back!

[D] 8d11h0m The problem here for Democrats seems to be a lack of consensus on direction, meaning that start9 is getting the upper hand. I think we will be back to Anarchy before we get near the Safari Zone.

[D] 8d11h1m: Anarchy votes are piling in!

[D] 8d10h59m: Andddd it's back to start9.

[D] 8d10h57m: After having Start9 inputted a couple of times, Twitch Democrats have voted together for "b" and successfully stopped the Start9 riot! Now they voted for Down! Progress is being made!

[D] 8d10h57m Well I suppose at least this way we won't run out of money

[D] 8d10h55m: Start 9 is already being the #1 voted-for input.


[A] 8d10h52m: Also, courtesy of /u/HiddenKrypt, here is a Minimum Steps needed Map that we can use to judge whether or not a run is over and impossible to complete!! :)

[A] 8d10h51m Things have stalled here. Perhaps we should take inspiration from the words of the great philosopher Elvis: "A little less conversation, a little more action please"

[A] 8d10h51m: We are in the Pokemon Paradise house, once again. Twitch is now going all out of Anarchy vs. Democracy! Democracy is almost about to win!

[A] 8d10h40m: DigRat has dig us out again!

[A] 8d10h38m: Kangaskhan ran. Q.Q~

[A] 8d10h37m: =( Throwing bait reduces the chance of catching! Throw rocks increases, yet increases the chance of them running too!

[A] 8d10h37m: Encountered a Kangaskhan!

[A] 8d10h37m: We have made it to the second map of the Safari Zone with 300 steps left! Good luck.

[A] 8d10h34m: We've entered and paid! Here we go!! Map

[A] 8d10h33m: We have entered the Safari Zone Building!!

[A] 8d10h32m: We're attempting to re-enter the Safari Zone. Twitch is faltering, directional commands are becoming less and less while Political commands are increasing. We are here

[A] 8d10h22m: We left Pokemon Paradise! Thank you Helix.

[A] 8d10h19m: We're in the fabulous Pokemon Paradise building again!

[A] 8d10h15m: Nope! We're back in the middle of Fuchsia Town! No progress made~ wah wah wahh~

[A] 8d10h13m: For some reason, we're heading back to Route 15...

[A] 8d10h5m: Where we are

[A] 8d10h0m: As we walk into the Pokemon Paradise building, again

[A] 8d9h57m: Remember when Bird Jesus kept fancing Gastly's in the Pokemon Tower? This is the same scenario, when you know we won't make it to HM Surf in the Safari Zone, but we still have 200 steps left.


[A] 8d9h55m: NIDORAN'S NAME IS H

[A] 8d9h55m: We caught a male Nidoran

[A] 8d9h50m: Facing another exeggcute. AIA2 anyone?

[A] 8d9h50m: We're here with 335 steps left!




[A] 8d9h46m: Exeggcute again. Many, many exeggcutes

[A] 8d9h43m: Map Map Mahp Map

[A] 8d9h43m: WE DID IT! We're in the Safari Zone and just paid our $500! Helix be with us.

[A] 8d9h35m: OH.. OH we finally left Pokemon Paradise Hell!

[A] 8d9h34m: ._.

[A] 8d9h32m: Look at the progress we've made!

[A] 8d9h29m: Twitch is exploding with Democracy vs. Anarchist arguments now. We're stuck in the middle of the Pokemon Paradise building, doing nothing.

[A] 8d9h27m: JUST KIDDING! It's the wrong building :/ we're in this one whoops.

[A] 8d9h26m: :) We're finally right by the door of the Safari Zone entrance!! Here's a cleaner map!!

[A] 8d9h22m: We are roaming without a purpose in life. We have been roaming around this area for the past 10 minutes. Helix lead us.

[A] 8d9h12m: We are still right below the Gym, somewhat unsure of what to do. Hopes are somewhat crushed with the Safari Zone.

[A] 8d9h8m: We exit the Poke Center. phew

[A] 8d9h7m: Twitch seems to want blood for every time we fail an objective. From Silph to Pokemon Tower to Safari Zone.


[A] 8d9h1m: We dug ourselves out of Safari Zone!

[Updated Map] Here's a cool map that has the least amount of steps required to get Gold Teeth!

[A] 8d8h55m: It's amusing how well Twitch Anarchists work together after successfully stopping Democracy. It's like they want to prove themselves now. Well, they're doing a good job! We're making progress.

[A] 8d8h54m Anarchy is back.


[D] 8d8h53m: Surprisingly, using Start is helpful in stopping the lag. A user has suggested using start2 to combat the lag.

[D] 8d8h52m: left9 is now an input. It's too late, though! We're here

[D] 8d8h52m: We did it! Right3up2 made it up BUT WE OVERSHOT again and now we're going the wrong way, still! We're here

[D] 8d8h51m: We're here, so yes. Right3up2 is a good choice!

[D] 8d8h50m: Aw what a shame! Twitch has come together to use "right3up2" but it won't work because we're on the START screen due to Start9!

[D] 8d8h50m: 394/500 steps left!

[Strategy] Also remember, there's ~26 seconds of lag. You have to be typing in the command you want to go to NEXT time, at the current time.

[A] 8d8h49m: Agh noo! We're over-shooting it again and we're going left4 TWICE! Now we're facing a tree like the sad children we are.

[A] 8d8h48m: We're moving left4!

[STRATEGY] Indeed, here's the map: http://i.imgur.com/DEHY7F1.png

Make sure you're following the same path or the votes'll be split.

[D] 8d8h47m: REMEMBER HERE IS THE MAP, we need to go left! We're here now

[D] 8d8h47m: The input "up" has beat the start9 spam!

[A] 8d8h47m: The input "up" has beat the start9 spam!

[STRATEGY] Left4 would be a good start. Try to work in multiples to the nearest obstacle.

[D] 8d8h46m: Ooh! Start9 Riot is happening again!!

He ran QQ

[D] 8d8h45m: Parasect's fight is now in Democracy.

[A] 8d8h45m: Facing Parasect!! (evolved Paras!)

[D] 8d8h44m Democracy is in! .. praisedome

[A] 8d8h44m: Paras.

[A] 8d8h43m: Facing another Nirodan. :/ the male ones aren't as cute.

[A] 8d8h43m: Facing Nidoran. <3 its so cute.

[A] Here's the map, guys!

[A] 8d8h39m: Facing Nidoran--nope just ran away.

[A] 8d8h39m: Wild Venonat ran.

[A] 8d8h39m [Too much money to care apparently]

[A] 8d8h39m: Facing a wild Venonat!

[A] 8d8h38m: It's k, we're rolling in the bank with $14 grand.

[A] 8d08h36m We just entered and IMMEDIATELY LEFT the Safari Zone, after they took our money!



[Not even a third of the way there].

[A] 8d08h35m We got booted out!

[A] 8d8h35m: A user PM'd me about Safari Zone. Please note: Throwing a rock makes it easier to catch, but likely to run away while feeding makes it less likely to run away, but harder to catch.

[A] 8d8h35m: May I just saw that Exeggcute's art in this game is BOSS.

[A] 8d8h35m: Found a wild Exeggcute!

[A] 8d8h30m: 99 moves left!


[A] 8d08h29m We just entered a hut, 'cause.. why not, right?

[A] 8d8h28m: We are here

[Not entirely convinced it's physically possible anymore. Gold Teeth might be!]

[A] 8d8h27m: ~160 steps left! Here's the map once more: MAP

[A] 8d8h24m: Paras's name is: AAA

[A] 8d08h23m Paras is called AAA. Keepin' it simple.

[A] 8d8h24m: CAUGHT PARAS

[A] 8d08h25m We caught a Paras! Is.. is that.. good? Do.. do we want that?

[A] 8d8h24m: Encounter with another Paras

[A] 8d08h23m Max Potion get!

[A] 8d08h23m Pokémon: Teaching small children to throw rocks at animals since 1996.

[A] 8d8h22m: Oh so close, we immediately threw a ball and it nudged twice before Paras escaped the ball!

[A] 8d8h22m: Encounter with Paras!

[A] 8d08h22m Pretty sure PETA's going to be on our case after all that abuse we gave to Doduo.

[A] 8d8h22m: :C We kept throwing rocks at Doduo. It ran away after the second rock.

[A] 8d8h21m: Encounter with a Doduo!

[A] 8d8h20m: Democracy votes are piling in!!!

[A] 8d8h20m: We're here with only 236 steps left and x13 Pokeballs!

[TIP] By the way, if we fill up a box, we have to go back to the PC to switch box. #themoreyouknow

[A] 8d8h18m 500 steps is what these Pokemon will need to work off the calories from all that bait.

[A] 8d8h18m: 288 steps left!

[A] 8d8h17m: Yes, we just received a Carbos

[A] 8d08h18m Pretty sure that's just MDMA. Just sayin'.

[A] 8d08h17m Got a Carbos?

[A] 8d8h14m these Safari Zone Pokemon are going to be morbidly obese by the time we're done.

[A] 8d8h14m: We threw four balls on this fedx8+ Paras, only to run away. Sigh

[A] 8d08h14m Guys, if the ball won't catch it you have to throw rocks!

[A] 8d8h14m: We attempted to catch this fed Paras but the ball missed! Twice!

[A] 8d8h14m: Yep, that's the 8th Bait we just fed it.

[A] 8d8h13m: Baiting this Paras so hard he's going to get ganked.

[A] 8d8h13m: We see a Wild Paras!

[A] 8d8h11m: 397 steps are left** (that makes more sense)

[A] 8d8h11m: 397/500 steps were used so far. The counter counts downwards to 0.

[A] 8d8h11m: Caught another Nidoran!!

[A] 8d08h09m Nidoran male get.. again!

[A] 8d8h10m: No nickname for the Nidoran

[A] 8d8h10m: Caught a Nidoran!

[A] 8d08h09m NIDORAN MALE GET!

[We could do with a Rhyhorn! Or a Scyther! Safari zone owns, we could just waste all our money here after we get the HMs!]

[A] 8d8h9m: Scyther ran. WE NOW SEE A RHYHORN :O

REMINDER: We can only afford to attempt the Safari Zone 30 more times! We will be kicked out when we reach the maximum steps or run out of Balls. May Bird Jesus help us.


[If we can get a lapras :(!, that'd be the best though! Strength + Surf]

[A] 8d08h08m HOLY S&$£ SCYTHER!

[A] 8d8h8m this is a tun up for the books, a Pokemon without an A in its name.

[Eh, Lapras can use Strength]

[A] 8d8h7m: We saw a Nidoran but we ran away! We perhaps will need a Nidoran for Strength!

[A] 8d8h5m We caught a Venonat! Sign of things to come?

Change the timestamp to 7m, and you have the same update.



[A] 8d8h5m: Venonat's name is: BKKBBBBCBB

[A] 8d8h5m We caught a Venonat! Sign of things to come?


[A] 8d8h4m: We have paid the $500!! Good luck! HERE'S THE MAP


[A} 8d8h2m: WE ENT-- and we left the Safari Zone building immediately after. ..........

[A] 8d8h1m: WE WERE LITERALLY HERE BUT OVERSHOT "RIGHT" and now life is tumbling downwards :(

[A] 8d8h0m: In the timespan of the last 15 minutes, I was able to do chores/roam Reddit/finish some homework. We're still not in the Safari Zone yet. OhmyHelix

[A] 8d7m45m: We've entered this building, in an attempt to go into the Safari Zone once more.

[A] 8d7h39m: We have healed our Pokemon! Congrats, we've finally finished the Koga Gym Objective successfully!

[A] 8d7h36m: WOW. WE GOT IN THE POKE CENTER! Next goal: Heal! Good luck.

[A] 8d7h33m: ... Where's the beeping? Oh my god, JESUS? JESUS ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?

[A] 8d7h32m We have an ex-Pigeot. He has ceased to be.

[A] 8d7h29m: We're back in the Gym with a poisoned Jesus. ...

[A] 8d7h29m: 200 Hours!

[A] 8d7h27m: We have been playing for exactly 200 hours, as said by Red's Start Menu! Congratulations!!

[A] 8d7h28m Perhaps aaabaaajss isn't really poisoned. Perhaps he's just pining for the fjords.

[A] 8d7h27m: And we jumped the ledge. ....

[A} 8d7h27m: We're at the entrance of the Gym now! Bird Jesus is actually still alive surprisingly.

[A} 8d7h24m: Bird Jesus is always alive in our hearts, though. He will never die! (In case anyone is wondering, we're in this Time-Out Corner Yeah.)

[A] 8d7h23m That certainly seems to be the plan, as we hang around chatting to the gym members. At least the game is comprehensively saved.

[A] 8d7h22m But hey, who cares if he dies this time, right? We won't go back to Lavender Town so we can just let him suffer.

[A] 8d7h21m: doodoodoo says the Game as Bird Jesus begins to slowly die because of Poison.

[Sorry for the formatting on that other thing, it's hard to censor profanity AND do bold apparently]

[A] 8d7h18m: We received Toxic.

[A] 8d7d18m: On the bright side: WE BEAT KOGA yay!

[Note: That's probably BAD]

[A] 8d07h17m Bird Jesus levels up and learns Mirror Move in place of Gust!


[A] 8d7h16m Weeding selfdestructs!

[A] 8d07h17m Bird Jesus manages to land a gust though, and THANKS TO THOSE LEERS IT'S A ONE HIT KILL! LAST WEEZING NOW!

[A] 8d07h16m Bird Jesus misses with a gust thanks to the smokescreen, and takes some poison damage. A second smokescreen lands! This could be bad!

[A] 8d07h16m Out comes Bird Jesus, but he's poisoned, and resorts to another sand attack! Smokescreen reduces our accuracy too!

[A] 8d7h15m aaabaaajss is back out and weakens Koffing with a sand attack.

[A] 8d07h15m Smokescreen misses again luckily and that's now FOUR leers. Dux takes some major tackle damage, flashing red now. Koffing follows through and takes down Dux!

[A] 8d07h14m Dux uses.. Leer? Good one, Dux. Fortunately Sludge misses. Koffing gets X attacked though. Maybe the triple leering was a good thing! Could mean a Bird Jesus instakill!

[A] 8d7h14m Dux softens up Koffing with some Leering.

[A] 8d07h14m Pidgeot hits with a sand attack, follows through with a gust, and Muk is down. Koffing's up next and we swap out for Dux.

[A] 8d7h14m A final Gust and Muk is gone.

[A] 8d07h14m We connect with a gust, and get sludged, but no poison! Things are going well so far. A second gust follows through! One more hit and it's down BUT POISON GAS! WE'RE POISONED!

[A] 8d7h13m Muk starts with a sludge, and takes Gust damage.

[A] 8d07h13m Here comes Muk again. Will it lead with the standard minimize? We can only wait and see.

[A] 8d7h12m Swift avian revenge and Koffing goes down.

[A} 8d7h12m: Bird Jesus is out. Time for Bird Jesus to Quadra Koga.

[A] 8d07h13m Out comes Bird Jesus for revenge. One hit KO!

[A] 8d07h13m Sludge takes us down!

[A] 8d7h11m Yowzer! Koffing uses sludge and Gastly is out cold!

[A] 8d07h12m Rick Gastly's really taking the slow and steady route here, and if he can land a paralysing lick he could do some major damage here! A good nightshade lands, one more may win! Sludge hits us, but type advantage! And two tackles can't hit!

[A] 8d07h11m Out comes Koffing again! He's up against Gastly! Gastly goes straight in with a lick, but Koffing is X Attacked. Again with a lick! No paralysis though! Smokescreen too! Accuracy is down! Critical lick but STILL NO PARALYSIS! And a tackle which can't hit! Yet another hit from Gastly!

[A] 8d7h10m Koffing v Gastly. This might take a while.

[A] 8d07h10m It's kicking off! It's Koga time! Should be alright this time! Got that Drowzee and Digrat type advantage, plus Bird Jesus! Just gotta watch out for that minimizing!

[A] 8d07h06m Back in the Gym without healing after all that!

[A] 8d7h6m: We've entered the Gym once more at Fuchsia Town!

[A] 8d7h3m: Still attempting to simply get inside of the Gym once again.

[A] 8d6h58m In case anyone missed it, /u/Ilbutters made a great prediction of our current predicament several days ago!

Not terrifically terrible if we want to heal up that little bit of damage.


[A] 8d6h56m: And we've successfully left the Gym that we wanted to face Koga in! :C

[Sorry about that, didn't even notice where we were!]

[A] 8d6h55m: We beat him! So fast I didn't even really see what the Juggler's second Pokemon was. Oh well, onwards to Koga

[A] 8d6h54m Drowzee goes down too and we win!

[A] 8d6h54m: It's BigDig vs. Kadabra--scratch that it's now BIRD JESUS FACING KADABRA AND KADABRA GOES DOWN. Hallelujah~

[A] 8d6h54m BigDig gets mashed by Kadabra with confusion.

[A] 8d6h54m: We are now facing the last Trainer there who we have not beat yet! The Juggler!

[A] 8d6h54m: We've entered the Gym once more!

[A] 8d6h53m: ... And we've just moved backwards. TPP at it's Prime.

[A] 8d6h50m: We are currently attempting to re-enter the Gym to fight off Koga once more! We're getting there!

[A] 8d6h44m: It's battle of the Swift-users, and BigDig emerges victorious. Bird keeper defeated

[A] 8d6h44m Red rakes in those Poké Dollars for the Safari Zone

[A] 8dch43m No sooner said than changed: Drowzee is out, and then knocked out. BigDig up next with Swift.

[A] 8d6h44m Drowzee's down!

[A] 8d6h42m How the worm has turned! We send out Gastly using Night Shade, and Fearow doesn't know what to do about it!

[Amendment: Pointed out that I used the word "random" instead of "trainer". Whoopsy]

[A] 8d6h42m: Fearow nails aaabaaajss with a fury attack and does, wait for it, 8 damage.

[A] 8d6h40m: We're fighting another Trainer in the same grassy area! Here we are, fighting Bird Keeper

[A] 8d6h40m Yet another random battle. Red really knows how to get in pointless altercations today.

[A] 8d6h40m Drowzee finishes off the bird keeper with confusion.

[A] 8d6h39m: Dux leveled up to lvl 27!

[A] 8d6h39m Dux leveled up to 27!

[A] 8d6h38m: Drowzee's swapped in! And takes two Fury Attacks to the face--one of them a critical hit. painithurts.

[A] 8d6h37m: Dux is out fighting an enemy Fearow! Dux is half HP, but all of our other Pokemon at A-OK!

[A] 8d6h34m: We are facing a trainer! How we're here, I have no clue.

[A] 8d6h33m .. This ledge.. Either way, we're.. fighting wild Pokémon now. Except now we've met a random trainer.

[Update on Poison] In Gen I, Poison deals 1/16th of your Max HP. Apologies, it is not a constant 10 hp.

[A] 8d6h31m: We're back in Fuchsia and it's funny because we immediately walked directly north into the Poke Center and immediately re-healed our Pokemon. We're boss.

[A] 8d06h32m Red remembers how to heal his Pokémon. Yeah, bit earlier would've been helpful there, Red.

[A] 8d6h31m: Rip by Sludge.

[A] 8d06h31m Gust! And Koffing loses more than half health! But we're down! At least if nothing, we got that sweet, sweet Level 39 Muk EXP. Blacked out!

[A] 8d6h31m: We used Gust instead of Hyper Potion! 3 HP!


[A] 8d06h29m Our only chance now is that hyper potion, or critical gust/quick attack instas! Either way, we are blacking out either now, or in the gym!

[A] 8d06h29m Helix is consulted, but at this point.. it seems all but futile. Pidgeot goes in with.. sand attack.. and misses.. and takes poison damage. Disable misses.. and.. we're disabled no more! But sand attack once again! 13 HP left! And another minimize! BUT WE TAKE DOWN MUK!


[A] 8d6h26m: QQ Poison deals 10 damage per turn in Pokemon Blue/Red it seems. Slow death it seems--we have no choice but to call it in folks. It's death from here on.


[A] 8d06h27m WE LAND A GUST! One more hit and Muk'll be down but.. IT USES MINIMIZE AGAIN, and we're losing health! But we use WHIRLWIND! More poison damage, AND MUK GETS X ATTACK! THINGS ARE GRIM!

[A] 8d06h26m Sand attack?! Wrong strategy there Pidgeot! We get the horrifying noise of a sludge attack and things are looking very grim folks! Even if we win this battle we surely can't make it out of the gym alive!

[A] 8d6h26m: Bird Jesus is at 73 hp with Poison doing ~20 damage. Helix be with us.

[A] 8d06h25m We're up against Koga's best 'mon! A quick attack takes about 40% health off, but the poison damage only takes about 10% of our health off! Yep, here's the minimize! (Isn't it strange how Muk has a humanoid body?)


[A] 6d6h24m: A speedy quick attack hurts Muk, but he minimizes.

[A] 8d06h25m GUST FINISHES OFF KOFFING! Alright, next up is that Muk I mentioned! Hopefully no minimizing occurs or we might take a lot of poison damage!

[A] 8d6h24m: lol 2 damage smog on Bird Jesus

[A] 8d06h24m First up is Koffing, and out goes the one and only! Gust immediately stomps down and CRITICAL HIT! KOFFING CLUTCHES BUT SMOGS US AND WE'RE POISONED!

[A] 8d6h23m: HERE WE ARE! We are now fighting KOGA. Note that we did not heal, and only have BIRD JESUS.

[A] 8d06h23m Well, snap. Guess who just challenged Koga with only 1 Pokémon in shape? Thankfully it's Bird Jesus! But this could be bad; even if we win we may still black out from poison and lose half our money! It begins!

[A] 8d06h20m Now, will Red push his luck even further? Remember, Koga has that minimizing Muk that can be a real issue!

[A] 8d06h19m: Bird Jesus leveled up to lvl 53!

[A] 8d06h19 Bird Jesus uses a well timed gust! Arbok loses over half of its health, and only leers! And another gust! Down it goes! Critical too (not that it mattered!)! Bird Jesus is level 53! We win!

[A] 8d06h18 Out comes Arbok and.. no! Whirlwind! Arbok uses poison sting! We're pushing our luuuck! We try a few tactical switches but.. oh yeah, our whole party is KO'd apart from our lord and savior. After some consultation with our various idols, we're ready to continue the fight.

[A] 8d06h17 Bird Jesus enters the fray (not that anyone else could've). He opens with a critical gust, taking off the vast majority of Sandslash's health, who fails a sand attack. Follow through with a quick attack and Sandslash is down! Arbok's up next!

[A] 8d6h16m: Healing's for wimps. We are now facing "Tamer"! Here he is!

[A] 8d06h16 Trainer number.. 4? Bring it on.

[A] 8d06h15 It's unclear what's going to happen now. Is Red going to push his luck some more, or heal up? Whatever he chooses, fighting those battles appears to have paid off! No messing about with ledges!


[A] 8d06h15m Now Drowzee comes back for the pain. It's over instantly, gust takes it down and we win!

[A] 8d06h14m Out comes Bird Jesus, gusts the first Drowzee that's up. But the Juggler switches it for a HYPNO! Oh god. Gust takes off.. over 50% hp! Things are good! And a headbutt, not poison! We kill it with a gust!

[A] 8d6h13m: BEHOLD! We're fighting "Juggler!" Here he is. And yes, we did just go through that little tight crevice and somebody pressed "A" and now we're facing him.

[A] 8d06h13m Red just does not give a good god damn! Challenges ANOTHER trainer! Remember this is the POISON gym!

[A] 8d6h13m: ohmygod. We're literally the worst. We are now fighting another Trainer!

[A] 8d6m11m: Time to heal, guys!

[A] 8d06h12m Gust nearly takes it out in one, and we follow up with a smooth second gust without getting poisoned! We win!

[A] 8d06h11m Good old Sand for Sand maneuver there. We follow through with a gust.. and could this.. YES, CRITICAL HIT! SANDSLASH IS DOWN! Out comes another Arbok though! Poison stings incoming!

[A] 8d06h10m It's all down to Bird Jesus now. (As if that's difficult), he's on basically full HP! We consult the Helix for good luck but ultimately a quick attack takes off half of Sandslash's HP, and we follow up with a sand attack after getting scratched! Sandslash's sand attack misses!

[A] 8d06h10m Sandslash comes out! It's bound to have poison sting. WE CLUTCH AT 1HP AND YES OUT COMES THE STING! DUX IS DOWN!

[A] 8d6h9m: Dux leveled up to level 26! GET CUT, SON

[A] 8d6h9m Let's just be glad that wasn't a master ball! And that Glare missed. We just cut Arbok and he's clutched! Dux is going to do this! We get poison stinged but Dux critically cuts and Arbok is down! Dux levels up to 26!

[A] 8d6h8m: I... I think we just threw a ball at the enemy Arbok? OMG WE THREW TWO

[A] 8d6h8m Out goes Dux for vengeance! We throw a GREAT BALL after consulting with the Helix, and get bitten for about a third damage! A SECOND great ball is thrown! And our last! And we get leered!

[A] 8d6h7m: With Drowzee down, the only two Pokemon left to face the Arbok is Dux and Bird Jesus.

[A] 8d6h6m We deal a lot of damage with body slam but get bitten and down goes BigDig! Now Drowzee's up! Gets bitten too! Critically! The keeper is down! It's a mess!

[A] 8d6h6m Trainer 2 is up! Sends out an Arbok against Digrat! We have our dig advantage but we use swift, but only get glared AND IT MISSES!

[A] 8d6h6m: We are now fighting another trainer! Here he is, we're facing "Tamer!"

[A] 8d6h5m: It's funny because the enemy Drowzee keeps using Headbutt. I wonder if he swapped Psychic out for that too...

[A] 8d6h05m Excellent, we get hit a second time lightly, and.. now it's really confusing to follow! But our Drwowzee headbutts versus a weak confusion. We follow through with a second Headbutt, and get Headbutted ourself! This is a close one! Now we confused, and he's.. OH CLUTCH AT 11HP.. AND WE WIN WITH A CRITICAL CONFUSION!

[A] 8d6h03m The Keeper is swapped in place of Bird Jesus. It's Drowzee versus Drowzee here but our's is weaker. Our confusion got disabled so we resort for a headbutt after a pound! Now we used disable and disabled poison!

[A] 8d6h4m: Drowzee is now fighting Drowzee! Mirror match.

[A] 8d6h03m Yet again, we find solace in the aid of the S.S. Ticket, before Bird Jesus kicks up some sand. Manages to avoid Poison Gas! Success! Another sand attack too and even avoids a confusion!

[A] 8d6h2m: Bird Jesus is so incredibly strong. Wow. He is OHKO'ing everybody, as Alex is pointing out.

[A] 8d6h02m Out comes Kadabra! One hit KO'd again with Quick Attack! Last Pokémon is out!

[A] 8d6h01m A second Drowzee comes out. Mass consultation of the ticket arises, but Bird Jesus has got this one in the bag. Unfortunately he uses a whirlwind, but Drowzee tries to disable it! But fails! But quick attack, 1 hit KO!

[A] 8d6h00m: Digrat was already injured, but we's traded out for Pidgeot. Drowzee delivers a weak headbutt and we consult the SS Ticket. Pidgeot follows up with a quick attack for the kill!

[A] 8d6h0m: We are currently battling Juggler. He sends out a Drowzee

[A] 8d5h59m: We are fighting a Trainer in the Fuchsia Gym!

[A] 8d5h59m Fighting one of the gym trainers!

[A] 8d5h58m: We've entered the Pokemon Gym at Fuchsia!

The ultimate challenge just got harder.


[A] 8d5h57m: We've encountered a Doduo. We ran.

[A] 8d5h56m: We're surprisingly making progress. We're on the 2nd map of Safari Zone.


[A] 8d5h54m: MAP of Safari Zone!

[A] 8d5h54m: We have paid $500 to enter in the Safari Zone! WE ARE IN

[A] 8d5h53m Here we go. First try at the Safari Zone.


[A] 8d5h52m: We are still outside the building for Safari Zone, and are having trouble entering in through the door. Our objective here IS to do the Safari Zone and to actually SEE if it's MODDED so we have infinite Steps!

[Update for PokeMap (2/2)]: 3) There is no dragging for the map, you must double-click or click on the map on the bottom-right. 4) Please zoom out to see if it works better for you if you can't see the map!

Again, thank you for your PMs! You guys are helping make this work!

[Update for PokeMap (1/2)]: 1) POKEMAP MAY NOT WORK FOR MOBILE DEVICES! 2) It is not an auto-updater! I'm required to click on the map and it'll give me a new link, and that link is what I give to you. I manually do it! It doesn't update by itself--thus, if you click on older links, it'll show our progress!

[A] 8d5h47m: We have just read the sign for the shell. IT IS NOT HELIX, IT IS DOME. RUN.

[A] 8d5h46m: We're right beside the Safari Zone entrance now! We're on the northern-most tip of Fuchsia Town!

[A] 8d5h41m: We are literally still in the same area, have not made much progress. With that being said, 1) Thank you for your PMs! PokeWorld Map is working! And 2) It has been brought to my attention that we have no Pokemon that can learn Strength at the moment. Lapras can learn both Strength and Surf so let's cross our fingers and hope!

[Sidenote]: Before that last switch, Democracy had not won over as a control method in 1 day, 17 hours, 16 minutes. That was a lot of progress just on anarchy.

[A] 8d5h37m: ANARCHY is back!

[D] 8d5h36m: Anarchy votes are piling in as start9 rivals whatever correct directional key is needed to progress! In the meantime, please PM me whether or not this PokeMap is working for you! I've received one PM saying that it will not load, please tell me if that's the case for you or if it isn't! Our position should be highlighted in Green.

[D] 8d5h33m: Start9 IS HAPPENING AGAIN! Anarchists are rioting!

[D] 8d5h29m: Alex is correct! Here's the new Anarchy line needed.

[D] 8d5h32m Progress slow. Red just spent several minutes staring at a Lapras sign, reminiscing about what might have been.

[D] 8d5h30m Should be noted that [A] only needs 50% of the voteshare to toggle now, while [D] needs 80%. Using up9s etc. is much quicker than plain old ups.

[D] 8d5h27m: Democracy is in place now!

[Scratch that, gold teeth are taken to someone in Fuchsia outside the Safari zone].

[A] 8d5h23m: For those joining us now, we are currently here in an attempt to head on over to the Safari Zone.

[Wait no, that doesn't include Strength! Still requesting a map that does.]

[STRATEGY] Here's a full Safari Zone guide including Strength and Surf: http://i.imgur.com/DEHY7F1.png . (Thanks /u/breloomy).

[A] 8d5h19m: THIS BUILDING is not the Safari Zone (the sign says it is though! It's like the Main Lobby of the Safari Zone.) We must go right towards THIS BUILDING

[REQUEST] Can someone make an image that shows how to get HM04 Strength too? Surf is not the only HM in the Safari Zone. One is traded for Gold Teeth and one is collected.

[Note] Alex is correct. Look! It's HELIX!

[Note] Also, you should probably like the top left corner of town because I'm pretty sure that's an Omanyte/Omastar in the water.

[STRATEGY] Fuchsia City looks like this: http://cdn.wikimg.net/strategywiki/images/d/d1/Pokemon_RBY_FuchsiaCity.png

We aren't at the right building. It's the building in the North. You have to loop round the left or right side.

[A] 8d5h14m: It seems that we are heading towards the Safari center! The logic behind Twitch is that, if we lose in the Gym, we lose money and eventually we won't have enough for Safari. HERE IS THE MAP FOR SURF IN SAFARI.

[A] 8d5h14m: We got back up to the Pokemon Center, then hopped off the ledge by the door again. Second time! Exciting.

[A] 8d5h11m: And we've left the building and are heading downwards once again (towards Gym/PC)

[A] 8d5h9m: We have entered the Safari Zone building!

[A] 8d5h9m: Twitch is, again, undecided on whether to face the Gym or head over to Safari Zone.

[A] 8d5h6m: BigDig has leveled up!

[A] 8d5h07m Staryus: Getting wrecked by Rats since 2d4h.

[A] 8d5h07m CRITICAL HIT from BigDig, brings down Staryu when practically on 0hp! We win!

[A] 8d5h06m Rick Gastly switches back in. Here's another dreaded Staryu. Gastly gets taken down in two water guns, not without leaving a lick though.

[A] 8d5h6m: Gastly is now level 22! Congratulations!

[A] 8d5h04m Out comes Bird Jesus against horsea, demolishes it with a gust, and Gastly levels up!

[Poisoned should've read paralysed, no idea how I managed that]

[A] 8d5h02m Goldeen gets lick paralysed and then poisoned. Rick Gastly: King of conditions licks again, and Goldeen takes itself down with confusion. That was for BigDig.

[A] 8d5h02m Snap and a half! BigDig just almost got wrecked by a horn attack from a Goldeen but Gastly switched out!

[A] 8d5h2m: Trainer Battle! We're facing "Swimmer"

[A] 8d5h02m Looks like Red gave up making the tough choice, instead goes to fight more swimmers.

[A] 8d5h00m Ledging it. Looks like Red's heading towards the Safari Zone? It's in the top right and doesn't require cut if you take the loop. Looks like he's in two minds whether to use the gym though, but it's going to be hard to win a tug of war by a ledge.

[A] 8d4h57m Out comes BigDig. Gets in a quick swift before being confused. Takes a couple of nasty Aurora beams including a crit, but snaps out of confusion! This one's close! Confused again! But wins with a swift! We win!

[A] 8d4h56m: Oh! OHKO to the Tentacool! Nice.

[A] 8d4h56m Bird Jesus strides in, demonstrates why he's our Messiah with a critical gust, levels up to 52!

[A] 8d4h56m Cabbage down! ANOTHER Crit!

[A} 8d4h55m: Indeed. xCabbage is facing a paralyzed Tentacool, by the way!

[A] 8d4h55m xCabbage takes four poison stings, including two crits. Things are looking grim for him, especially given his lack of attack moves.

[A] 8d4h54m XCabbage leads. Noone has type advantage here thanks to the poison typing. It's not very effectives all round.

[A] 8d4h53m: Trainer Battle! We're facing "Swimmer"!

[A] 8d4h53m Red tests the water. Notices the sea. Suddenly he realises the problem everyone's been worrying about for the past 3 days.

[A] 8d4h53m: WOW WE REALLY OVERSHOT DOWN THERE. We're here now.

[A] 8d4h52m: twice actually. We've healed twice now! Go big or go home!

[A] 8d4h52m Healed up too! Nice!

[A] 8d4h51m WE GOT IN!

[A] 8d4h50m: So far, we've entered the Gym and this house but not the Poke Center yet...

[NOTE] We still haven't entered Fuchsia Pokémon Center at all, so if we black out, we wind up back at Lavender.

[A] 8d4h45 Red enters and leaves the gym again. Apparently dealing with the trauma of ledges is difficult for him right now.

[A] 8d4h45m: We've exited the gym! No casualties/battles fought.

[A] 8d4h43m: Here's the gym!

[A] 8d4h43m Red proves his inability to learn from his mistakes, enters the gym and stares down the man who blacked him out.

[A] 8d4h42m: We've entered the Pokemon Gym (without healing! Oh god!)

[A] 8d4h42m: Heal please!!!

[A] 8d4h40m Wahey! Now we're back again, hopefully we won't won't end up in the gym again.

[A] 8d4h38m: WE'RE IN FUCHSIA!!

[A] 8d4h37m: We're making progress left-bound towards Fuchsia Town! We are here walking through the grass, avoiding the trainers.

[A] 8d4h33m: (Shoot! I missed the action because the Pizza delivery came). Reading from chat, ABBA JESUS has saved us and defeated the Raichu! Yay for Jesus!

[A] 8d4h32m: xCabbage has been swapped out with our Gastly!

[A] 8d4h32m: xCabbage is falling down hard :( 20% hp left after attempting to poison the paralyzed Raichu over and over

[A] 8d4h29m: Drowzee has fainted to Jr. Trainer's Raichu. BigDig and the Keeper are now fainted.

[A] 8d4h28m: Drowzee leveled up to level 25!

[A] 8d4h27m: Drowzee uses a combination of normal-type moves to bring down the Pikachu! It's great that finally Pound/Headbutt are effective ever since Pokemon Tower.

[A] 8d4h26m: Trainer Battle! We are now facing "Jr. Trainer". She sends out a Pikachu! (Aww!) We send out Keeper.

[A] 8d4h25m: Bird Keeper sends out a Fearow but we easily kill it with our own Flying-Type! Bird Jesus saves the day--We Win

[A] [Correction] Rage Attack, not fury attack.

[A] 8d4h23m: I jinx'd it! BigDig has fainted (he was only 40% to begin with) to the enemy Spearow after Spearow used Rage Attack four times in a row

[A] 8d4h22m: We're now battling Bird Keeper! Should be easy.

[A] 8d4h22m: I feel a wave of trainer battles coming on soon...

[A] 8d4h21m: We're out of Route 13!. Here we are now!

[A] [[ANNOUNCMENT]: Okay TOO cool, so you know that fully interactive map? I am able to click on that map and produce a Green Square on where we are. When I click on the map, it'll produce a new link of where we are! Thus, for example, right now we are here (See the green block?). Cool! I'll be using that more from now on. Suggestions are welcome!

[A] 8d4h11m: "Beauty" was trainer Offeset "0x3A0E3" on this map!. We're in Route 13 at the moment (bottom right)!

[A] 8d4h9m: So far Beauty here has not used a single Attack move (used Substitution/Minimize/Growl). We Defeat Her with a quick attack to the Meowth!

[A] 8d4h9m: BigDig kills Clefairy with 3 Swifts! Meowth is sent out!

[A] 8d4h9m: Lights, Camera, Action! We're fighting trainer "Beauty" who just sent out a Clefairy!

[A] 8d4h5m: We are still stuck in the middle of Route 13. A little something that I might begin using is this Fully Clickable and Interactive-able Map of the Game!. Each pokemon trainer is labelled with an offset, and I may use it to signal where we are/who we're fighting! Not sure if that's any better than just a plain old map, but feel free to PM me to let me know!

[A] 8d3h59m: Oh, as seen on chat here's a very nice map of the Entire Current Objective: Get to Fuchsia!

[A] 8d3h56m: We have found a PP Up! from one of the hidden areas with objects in Route 13!

[A] 8d3h56m: Again, here is the map!

[A] 8d3h54m: Bird Trainer has been defeated!

[A] 8d3h53m: OHKO! Bird Jesus is too fed for any of the trainers here. Love it.

[A] 8d3h53m: BigDig has killed two of the enemy's pokemon, and now Bird Jesus is out now facing the enemy Spearow!

[a] 8d3h52m: AAJST(???? a.k.a. DigRat or BigDig is now lvl 28!

[A] 8d3h52m: It's enemy Pidget vs BigDig!

[A] 8d3h51m: We are now facing Bird Keeper on the lower side of Route 13!

[A] 8d3h50m: Again, here is the map for Route 13. Good luck!

[A] 8d3h49m: After two Body Slams, we have defeated Jr. Trainer with just our trusty BigDig!

[A] 8d3h49m: BigDig used a quick attack to finish off Poliwag! Here comes another enemy Poliwag!

[A] 8d3h48m: xCabbage has been using Sleep Powder or the past 4 turns in a row. And then he switched to Stun Powder. No effect--Poliwag is now asleep!

[A] 8d3h47m: (Sorry was ordering pizza, updates are a bit slow). xCabbage uses a cut against the Poliwag with only 40%, but it missed!

[A] 8d3h46m: Dux has fallen asleep and with that, we sent in xCabbage!

[A] 8d3h45m: Poliwag has been sent out by Jr. Trainer!

[A] 8d3h44m: Here we are! We stepped onto Route 13! and immediately is facing Jr. Trainer!

[A] 8d3h43m: And we're out!! We're heading towards Route 13 now!

[A] 8d3h41m: Twitch is undecided whether or not to go get the Iron in the tree area.

[A] 8d3h36m: We are currently in the center of Route 12, right above that house in the middle.

[A] 8d3h36m We're not allowed the ItemFinder until we catch 30 types of Pokemon. Now if it was running away from 30 types of Pokemon, we'd be right in there.

[A] 8d3h24m: We made it out of that horrid building! We're now back onto Route 12. Downwards we go!

[A} 8d3h27m: We're currently stuck in the building between Route 11 and Route 12. We need to go back to Route 12!

[A] 8d3h24m: Okay! I finally know where we are... We were on Route 11 where we fought the Gambler. We need to go to Fuchsia City! by going to Route 12, 13, and then 15.

[A] 8d3h23m Perfect type awareness there from DigRat.

[A] 8d3h24m: And down it goes! OHKO both pokemon. Bye Gambler.

[A] 8d3h23m: DIGRAT DOES WORK! One dig is all it takes to KO the Voltorb. Gambler sends out Magnemite and DigRat digs once more!

[A] 8d3h23m Hello, we seem to have found a previously-unfought old man.

[A] 8d3h22m: We got challenged by a Trainer! We are now facing "Gambler". He sends out a Voltorb!

[A] 8d3h21m: (Hello everyone!) We found a Hyper Potion!

[READERS CORNER] Thanks again, asdfjkl:

another save state proving it is possible to release pokemon knowing HMs and get stuck on cinnabar.

So it is actually to free our last Pokémon with a HM. We should be very careful at that point, (although if that happens we always have the Helix Fossil as a last resort for surf).

Oh my word, the thought of us on a bike. Like now, but much, much faster. No one will be safe.

[Note] Just to reword what I said before to make it more clear: Fly will not take us to Fuchsia, because we haven't entered the Pokémon Center, and we don't have a bike, so going south from Lavender is the most sensible option!

[READERS CORNER] Courtesy of asdfjkl:

online save state of red at safari zone http://www.playr.org/play/pokemon_red/420/27364224#play 500 is required

We MUST have 500 Pokédorrar to enter the Safari Zone. It is a very bad idea to do Silph before Safari. We need the money.

[READERS CORNER] Apparently I can't spell Fuchsia. But at least I can spell Gastly, right?

[PROTIP] It's been suggested to get Fly and go to Fuschia. We haven't been in the Pokémon Center so that's not actually viable. It would be foolish to wake up Snorlax #2 as well, and it's probably a better idea to investigate the Safari Zone's money policy before doing Silph Co.

[A] 8d2h57m: Back on the road, refreshed Pokemon. All is well. Well, til we get to Fuschia again.

[A] 8d2h52m We wake up in Lavender town, pixels away from being in [D]. We're actually over the line, but not quite far enough.

[A] 8d2h52m Welcome to Lavender Town: it's safer here.

[A] 8d2h51m RED BLACKS OUT!

[A] 8d2h49m Don't save the game Red, save the Pokemon!

[A] 8d2h49m Down to 6HP. 23 steps remain!

[A] 8d2h48m Democracy is making a desperate bid for power, realising that every step is crucial if we're to make it to the PokeCenter alive.

[A] 8d2h48m 9HP left. Democracy is very close to being voted in first the first time in a long time now. Down to 7HP!

[A] 8d2h47m With our bird pitifully chirping to death, Red stops to examine his badges. Priorities man!

[A] 8d2h46m "So you mix brawn with brains?" says the Juggler. Would that this were true.

[A] 8d2h44m This is sooo bad! Can we make it to the Pokémon Center without dying of poison?


[A] 8d2h45m The SS Ticket can't save us now! Gust defeats the juggler


[A] 8d2h43m "It's strategy not strength" says the juggler. This certainly isn't strategy. But a critical hit to his Hypno is definitely strength.

[A] 8d2h44m Red challenges a poison wielder in Fuschia gym. Things are.. extremely.. EXTREMELY.. tense. (And pretty funny)

[A] 8d2h42m This is terribly dangerous territory. Red dancing in and out of the eyeline of the gym trainers.

[A] 8d2h43m Red is back in the gym again, looks like he really has a deathwish.

[A] 8d2h41m To elaborate: Red just took a stroll straight into the centre of Koga's gym despite not having been in a Pokémon Center since Lavender Town and only having Based Jesus still alive with <10% health.


Great Prediction /u/Ilbutters (from 4 days ago).

[A] 8d2h38m Here's the route. In the immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson: how hard can it be? Thanks for the map post blaz22.

[A] 8d2h37m We just jumped off the ledge. Can't help but laugh at a time like this.

[A] 8d2h34m Getting to the Pokémon Center now. Walking past the ledge now.

[Strategy] Pokémon Centeeeer. You can only access it from the other side though, you have to walk round. And.. there's a.. ledge..

[A] 8d2h30m: Defeat Jr Trainer. Only 16HP remaining, but we reach the end of the road by defeating a kid. We so cool.

[A] 8d2h31m FUSCHIA CITY!

[A] 8d2h24m Defeats bird keeper. Still only one conscious Pokemon, with 18HP, but he is level 51.

[Note: Just in case there was any confusion over that "Ditto" message: http://imgur.com/VQOh3C9]

[A] 8d2h25m Bird Jesus hits level 51!

[A] 8d2h23m Bingbongbingbong, aaabaaajss, our remaining Pokemon is near to passing out, but single-handedly defeats another bird keeper.

[A] 8d2h19m Ran away from the wild Ditto. Seen this before.

[A] 8d2h18m Unidan joined the IRC and not one minute ago, I kid you not, he used the word "ditto". After taking this to mean "ditto confirmed", the very next battle was, indeed, a Ditto. /u/unidan confirmed as Helix?

[A] 8d2h16m And for his next trick he makes a Wigglytuff disappear.

[A] 8d2h14m aaabaaajss trashes the pretender Pidgeotto. No contest.

[A] 8d02h14m And Gloom is down again. GG.

[stune -> stun]

[A] 8d02h12m Gloom just got put to sleep by the Oddish, and was fast asleep when it tried to use stun spore. This is pretty pathetic. Again, another stune spore. It has 2HP. We got away though. Just in time to go fight a trainer, and get it KO'd.

[A] 8d02h11m Ha, the rare candy bought Gloom back from being KO'd! Now it's in a battle with a wild oddish too. [Note: The last update should've been [A]].

8d02h10m Used a rare candy on xCabbage!

[A] 8d2h00m Bird Jesus reaches level 50! Halfway there! [Note: I am entirely aware this is completely untrue]

[A] 8d1h56m Text speed gets set to fast. Expect a jillion updates per minute in our next big battle (Koga?).

[A] 8d1h37m Ah, looks like Red isn't going for the left route anyway, so no harm done either way.

[A] 8d1h34m Bird Jesus apparently has no moral issue with demolishing 4 baby Pidgeys and Pidgeottos either. We're about to find out which map is correct!

Remember, spam left, and if the trainer doesn't walk to us, spam right and we'll try it again but going down.

[A] 8d1h34m Bird Jesus is level 49.

[Note] Actually, things are completely up the air! The other map is from Strategy Wiki, who are generally right. This is.. pretty bizarre, and I guess we won't know for sure until we actually reach the location. Perhaps there's a discrepancy between R/B and Yellow? Either way, if we get to that point, spamming left is important to stop the trainer from blocking the way!

[STRATEGY] Guys, the map that we were given turned out to be bad! This is the correct map: http://i.imgur.com/xzT0rtF.jpg

[Update] Having said that, it might be easier to just spam left, because then the trainer won't be blocking the way and we don't have to worry about a turn. I would be much, much, much more inclined to spam left at that part.

[Update] The main focus of that picture, if you hadn't noticed, is that it's really extremely important to go straight down and fight that trainer from 1 tile away. Otherwise we have to completely backtrack and do this all over again.

[Strategy Tiem!] Also as message by /u/YellowPudding, when we actually attempt Route 12, we'll need to spam Left and Down in order to succeed. http://imgur.com/FWaXhBt Everyone must keep track of this sacred image. It is our only way of gaining the Holy Grail (after going to Silph). Gonna hit the hay now, cya folks tomorrow!

[And by become I obviously mean "became"]

[A] 8d1h16m Cabbage is now a Gloom! :D

[A] 8d1h15m xCabbage become Gloom!

[A] 8d1h15m Cabbage is evolving! Level 23!

[Strategy Tiem!] Before we actually attempt Route 13 (which is a one-way deal), /u/MahBoiiii suggested that we head off to Silph Co in Saffron City. This way, we can sweep by Pay Day, snag a Lapras and a Master Ball, and try to catch the Snorlax on Route 12.

[A] 8d1h11m Horsea is paralyzed by Stun Spore!

[A] 8d1h9m Cabbage verses against the Horsea! Horsea is put to sleep by Sleep Powder (no way :O )

[A] 8d1h8m Dux strikes the enemy Poliwag with Fury Attack and wins!

[A] 8d1h8m Dux annihlates the Goldeen and levels up to 25!

[A] 8d1h7m The Twitchnauts consult the SS Ticket to guide them against the mighty fish.

[A] 8d1h6m We play the Poke Flute for Goldeen. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to do much, and Goldeen uses Supersonic on Dux.

[A] 8d1h5m Rick Gastly has fallen in battle against a rogue Trainer's Goldeen. :(

[Strategy] I believe Pay Day is on an island close to the Lavender Gate (according to Bulbapedia) although that's going to take a while to get. We'll probably go back for it after catching Snorlax.

[STRATEGY] Bit long term this one, guys, but we missed Pay Day on this route. Snorlax can learn it, so if we end up using our Master Ball on the west Snorlax, we have an infinite money supply if we can teach it Pay Day.

[Note] Isn't that just Iron? Pretty sure that's just iron. Not worth it.

[A] 8d0h57m We check the Pokedex again, afraid that Wartortle's cry may have changed in the last hour.

[Alternative Sidequests] Try chopping down the trees with Dux to get treasure. This could be difficult if the chat doesn't agree though.

[Strategy Reiterated]: Guys, you gotta go down to Route 13. That's the route that leads to Fuchsia City. Although that route definitely won't be fun (or may be, depending on your occupation).

[Readers Corner] Ignore that last one! In Generation I fishing isn't a timed event so it isn't a problem!

[A] 8d0h53m Bird Jesus crits the Nidorino with Gust. Another Victory!

[A] 8d0h52m Bird Jesus is sent out, OHKOs the Nidoran with Gust.

[A] 8d0h51m The battle commences. Gastly vs Nidoran. Gastly licks the Nidoran.

[Sidenote] Don't you dare tempt us random npcs. We worked hard for those Moon Stones. :(

[Readers Corner] Just received a funny message:

Won't fishing be impossible?? IIRC, the player needs to avoid pushing any buttons until they see "I feel a bite" on the screen! We might be SOL!!!

Extremely good point. Thanks /u/Zeal88!

[Strategy] Keep moving down toward Silence Bridge and we'll make it to Route 13, which leads to Fuchsia City. Unfortunately, I have profound fears for Route 13. You'll see what I mean. :(

[A] 8d0h38m We have obtained the Super Rod!

[A] 8d0h36m We casually stroll into a random fisherman's house and view his Town Map a few times.

[Sidenote] The house is in sight! Godspeed to the Super Rod!

[A] 8d0h33m Electrode is OHKOed by Quick Attack. Victory!

[A] 8d0h32m Gastly levelled up to 22.

[A] 8d0h32m There's a stall war taking place between Voltorb and Pidgeot. Not much seems to be going on, with Voltorb spamming Light Screen. Or not. Pidgeot just KOed Voltorb with Quick Attack.

[Personal Sidenote] Thanks for the replies everyone, hopefully the server fixes itself in due time. Back to updates!

[Personal Sidenote] Is it just me, or is the Live Update connection fizzing out? It keeps disconnecting, and I'm forced to Refresh my page in order to see new updates.

[A] 8d0h26m It's looking like this guy's Pokémon might try to selfdestruct, but we foolishly switch out Dux from Gastly. We've lost two Pokémon so we might actually run into trouble soon, but Bird Jesus is still up, so as long as we don't get poisoned we should be alright.

[A] 8d0h25m Dux is sent out. He's afraid of Electric Balls. This could be disastrous...

[A] 8d0h24m Onwards and forwards as Fuschia city's in sight, but not before a bunch of trainers. We're closing in on the Super Rod house now, but first a trainer battle.

[Sidenote] 8d0h23m Don't get your jimmies rustled yet. Twitch still has one more opportunity on Route 12.

[A] 8d0h22m And we ran away. That was anticlimatic.

[A] 8d 0h 22m: We ran away. No Snorlax for us.

[A] 8d00h22m WE RAN! WE GODDAMN RAN!

[A] 8d00h21m Rick confuses the Snorlax, who wakes up! This is going to be a long battle unless Bird Jesus has anything to say about it!

[And by Drowzee I mean Rick Gastly]

[A] 8d0h20m Snorlax uses Rest. I wonder who didn't see that one coming.

[A] 8d00h20m Out comes Drowzee, but Snorlax rests! Gastly can't lick thanks to typing!

[A] 8d0h20m Gastly is sent out against Snorlax. WHO'S IN CONTROL NOW?

[Amendment] Amnesia raises Special not Defense.

[A] 8d0h18m And the Keeper has fallen in combat.

[A] 8d00h18m Drowzee disables Amnesia, costing Snorlax a turn, and the potential to raise his defense even more. He follows through with a second headbutt, but gets headbutted himself and CLUTCHES AT 6HP! ANOTHER HEABUTT CRITICALLY NOW AND THEN GETS HEADBUTTED AGAIN! DROWZEE IS OUT!

[A] 8d0h18m Snorlax almost OHKOs the Keeper with Headbutt.

[A] 8d00h18m Out comes the Keeper! He gives Snorlax a headbutt of his own and causes him to flinch! Go Drowzee!

[A] 8d0h17m We chuck a Great Ball at Snorlax, but to no avail! Digrat has fallen in combat. :(

[A] 8d00h17m A great ball is thrown and misses. AND DIGRAT IS DOWN!

[A] 8d0h16m The Great Helix Fossil is consulted for advice against the Fat One.

[A] 8d00h14m Digrat leads with a swift! Gets headbutted for OVER 50% HEALTH NON CRITICALLY!


[Sidenote again] Pretty sure that was added to Yellow and isn't in R/B, but I'll have a search.

[A] 8d0h12m We're currently looking at a big, chubby, obese bear. That's right folks, we finally made it to Snorlax. Now just how long is it going to take to stop consulting the SS Ticket and begin using the Poke Flute?

[Sidenote] Going back to Alex's strategy on the Safari Zone, there have been rumors that the creator of the stream may lift the move limit for the Safari Zone so that the Twitchnauts do not lose all their money like gamers did to Sim City. It's just a rumor, but it's very much possible.

[Sidenote] That's assuming we don't release the Great One once he is revived. Although we could always catch a Rhydon in the Pokemon Mansion. The hard part is having enough money to purchase Great Balls (or being able to purchase Great Balls for that matter).

[Sidenote] Then again, if we wound up with no surfing Pokémon on Cinnabar, I'm sure a certain Helix Fossil would be able to provide a very good solution to our problem.

[Sidenote] It should be added that the super rod is a very good idea. It seems it is possible to release all your surfing Pokémon in Gen I and II, so having a Super Rod could save us from a broken endgame on Cinnabar.

[Summary] For Pokéstream fans just tuning in, we just passed the day 8 mark. Day 8 was mainly dealing with the Pokémon Tower -- We either died or accidentally dug our way out many, many times. At about the halfway mark, we withdrew a Ghastly we caught late in the previous day. Digrat evolved into Raticate. Things just picked up in the last hour as we finished the Tower and got the Flute, and now the gang's on their way toward Snorlax with 3 Great Balls burning a hole in their pocket.

[Strategy] Make sure to enter the house on Route 12 along the way. We can snag ourselves a free Super Rod.

[A] 8d0h3m We're currently on Route 12, heading toward Silence Bridge to bag a Snorlax.

[STRATEGY] Remember, we have a limited amount of tries at the Safari zone due to the money limit. It's probably best that we attempt the Safari zone before Silph Co, or we tempt an unwinnable gamestate. If we don't succeed, we can always go to Saffron beat up a few Silph Rockets and try again.

[A] 8d0h0m Congrats everyone, we've been streaming for 8 days straight now!

[A] 7d23h58m 3's the magic number apparently, and we're off! Time to go challenge a Snorlax. Remember to save beforeh- oh wait.

[A] 7d23h56m We just bought 3 great balls in total.

[A] 7d23h57m We purchase yet another Great Ball!

[A] 7d23h56m We purchase a Great Ball!

[A] 7d23h50m Not sure if I speak for us all here, but I for one am ecstatic to finally hear a new song! But apparently people are fighting over going back to Lavender for the Mart.

[READERS CORNER] Responses are flooding in that confirm that, indeed, we have no Great Balls left. Time to go shopping again? See if we can get past the psychological trauma of Revive Girl.

[STRATEGY] Armed with the Pokéflute, we can now go South to Fuschia City, past the sleeping Snorlax! Not entirely sure we have any great balls left though! Any readers know?

[A] 7d23h37m So, now that's all out of the way, time to catch (haha) us a Snorlax?

[A] 7d 23h 35m: Pokeflute acquired.

[A] 7d 23h 33m: Red relaxes with some Pokemon magazines in Fuji's house before talking to him, getting the flute and getting on with it.

[A] 7d23h29m RIP Marowak: Never forget. We wake up in Fuji's house! Time to get the Poké flute!

[A] 7d23h28m We got away safely and.. RESCUE FUJI! THE TOWER IS COMPLETE!

[A] 7d23h28m Red stares blankly at the wall for a bit. Mr Fuji turns round to give him an odd look, before we get engaged in another battle. Remember, our Gastly is still asleep, so we really don't want to get engaged too much before we rescue Fuji!

[A] 7d23h26m Hey Raticate, now would be a really good time to not dig.

[A] 7d23h26m Eventually Pidgeot gets around to using gust! Zubat is down in a single hit! We win!

[A] 7d23h25m And, almost laughably, the Rocket follows up with a level 23 zubat. We can really afford to take our time with a few whirlwinds at this point.

[A] 7d23h25m Out comes out hero, Bird Jesus, who takes down our adversary with a single casual gust! Phew!

[A] 7d23h24m Raticate is instantly disabled but Hyper Fangs the hell out of Drowzee before, CRITICAL TACKLING HIM! THE KEEPER IS DOWN!

[A] 7d23h24m Out comes The Keeper. He gets quick attacked, and disables Tackle! This only raises the chance of getting Hyper Fanged again!

[A] 7d23h23m Raticate goes in for the hit, and deals a fair bit of damage to Dux, leaving him with about a third of his HP left. Dux carries on leering and, INDEED, HYPER FANG IS OUT AND DUX IS DOWN!

[A] 7d23h22m Raticate and Dux have a stat reduction off, Tail Whip versus Leer. Things are pretty relaxed right now, it would take a miracle or some serious Hyper Fanging pain for the Rocket to stand a chance at this point!

[A] 7d23h21m Out comes a Raticate! Did we write the handbook on Rocket party members? We send out Dux and consult the SS Ticket for more guidance. It's not failed it so far! It's looking like victory is inevitable!

[A] 7d23h20m Out comes the Rocket's Rattata and we send in Bird Jesus to mess it up a little. One critical gust and it's down!

[A] 7d23h19m Out comes.. another Zubat?! You'd have thought they'd have kept the best till last! And out comes Drowzee, who has severe type advantage here, but chooses to toy with Zubat, using pound. Supersonic misses twice and Drowzee decides to finish things off now with a one hit Confusion KO.

[A] 7d23h19m The third and final Rocket is up!

[A] 7d23h18m Bird Jesus doesn't even need to care at this point. He stays asleep while Drowzee lands a headbutt and a confusion, each doing similar damage. Bird Jesus takes a third hit before following through with a gust and ONE HIT KOING DROWZEE! WE WIN!

[A] 7d23h17m We try to lick a couple more times to no avail! That enemy Drowzee doesn't know how foolish he is! But he manages to put Rick to sleep nonetheless. It's time for Bird Jesus to finish him. Unfortunately Bird Jesus is put to sleep too!

[A] 7d23h16m This Drowzee is also two levels lower than our own Keeper! We use lick, but thanks to Gen I typing glitches it can't hit Drowzee. Luckily he disables Lick!

[A] 7d23h15m This Drowzee has the exact same moveset as the keeper! But will it be as effective against ghosts we wonder, as Rick Gastly enters the fray!

[A] 7d23h14m Sleep powder's been disabled, so any acts of revenge are out of the way, but a super effective confusion all but defeats Oddish, and Drowzee follows through with a headbutt, defeats our Cabbage.

[A] 7d23h14m Out comes.. AN ENEMY DROWZEE? The keeper won't be happy about this. We sent out Oddish, but the typing's going to be bad here! Drowzee puts xCabbage to sleep!

[A] 7d23h14m Dux levels up!

[A] 7d23h13m Dux follows up with a sand attack! Could this be what we need to prevent poisoning our party? Dux takes a smog hit and thankfully isn't poisoned, before following through with a second cut! One more hit and Koffing's down! And he does it!

[A] 7d23h12m Out comes Dux to finish the fight! Uses cut, and Koffing's down to 40%. He's really keen on the smog strategy, might be bad for us if Bird Jesus takes some poisoning! Koffing switches to a tackle strategy as we leer, and we resort to consulting the Ticket again.

[A] 7d23h11m Koffing vs Raticate. Digrat is defeated with Smog. :(

[A] 7d23h11m Out comes a Koffing! Potential poisoner here, but Digrat's only got 5HP anyway! Digrat uses swift but gets smogged to death!

[A] 7d23h11m 1st Rocket Grunt defeated! The grunt heads off to cry in a corner. Now fighting 2nd Grunt!

[A] 7d23h10m Rocket 2 is up!

[A] 7d23h09m Focus energy is abandoned! Probably a good thing given Digrat's all offensive moveset, but perhaps a missed opportunity to lose dig?

[A] 7d23h08m Bird Jesus wins with gust! Digrat levels up and tries to learn focus energy!

[A] 7d23h07m Bird Jesus is confused too though! Hurts himself in confusion! Golbat is still fully intact, but keeps on trying supersonic! Bird Jesus goes in again for the gust, and lands it, taking off 90% health in one go! Another missed supersonic!

Actually, Digrat was switched out, not fainted. My bad folks.

[A] 7d23h5m The absolutely terrifying appearance of Golbat has caused Digrat to faint out of horror. Bird Jesus is sent out.

[A] 7d23h06m It's a golbat this time! Digrat's still confused and.. clutch! Gets himself down to 2HP! Golbat misses! And we switch out for Bird Jesus! Just in time!

[A] 7d23h3m Digrat KOes the 2nd Zubat with a critted Quick Attack! Not that the crit mattered of course.

[A] 7d23h04m Digrat executes a critical quick attack and takes down Zubat #2! Out comes the third and final 'mon!

[A] 7d23h03m Out comes.. yet another Zubat. Digrat continues the onslaught with another quick attack, but gets confused! More ticket consultation is required, apparently. Text speed on low is dragging out the battle a bit, but we consult the Helix for good luck and follow through with another quick attack. Unfortunately Digrat hits himself!

[A] 7d23h4m Unsure of what to do next, the Twitchnauts aggressively consult the SS Ticket.

[A] 7d23h2m Digrat KOes Zubat with a Swift and a Quick Attack. Took some consultation with the SS Ticket to succeed.

[A] 7d23h01m Rocket 1 is up. Digrat moves in for the swift against Zubat. Takes off most if its health and gets bit. The ticket's consulted for a bit before Digrat follows through with a quick attack! Zubat down!

[A] 7d23h1m We're fighting the 1st Team Rocket Grunt.

[A] 7d23h00m We're on the top floor! Rocket fights incoming.

[A] 7d22h59m Digrat lives up to his name, goes in for the kill with Dig! Marowak is defeated!

[A] 7d22h59m Digrat uses swift twice in a row, takes Marowak down to ~55%, who keeps focusing. Digrat follows up with a third swift before getting bone clubbed for just under 50% HP. One more swift and Marowak just leers.

[A] 7d22h58m We begin by Swifting the Marowak!

[A] 7d22h57m Battle with Marowak commences!

[Strategy] A nice little side-note: /u/gloubenterder may have discovered a method that makes completely running out of money near-impossible. You can read it here

[A] 7d:22h:32m Red heals back up in the purification zone. Next tower-related update will be when/if Red makes it to the end of the 6th floor.

[A] 7d:22h:31m: Hobbling through a few random encounters, Cabbage is revived by the team hitting the healing pad. Still on the 5th floor.

Scratch that, make it level 26.

[A] 7d:22h:29m BigDig levels up to 23!

[A] 7d:22h:26m Cabbage faints in a wild encounter.

[A] 7d:22h:21m Using the run-away-from-anyone-and-everything tactic, Red heals his party on the 5th floor.

[A] 7d:22h:8m Minor update: Red is still on the 4th floor, encountering multiple wild Pokemon and running. The next tower-based update will be when the healing pad is reached.

[A] 7d:21h:54m Cabbage goes down to a wild Gastly. Red is still trying to cross the 4th floor.

[Strategy] Our best bet is to run from every Gastly we see until we get to the 5th floor, and heal at the pads. None of our current un-fainted Pokemon are able to hurt Gastly.

[A] 7d:21h:48m Rick Gastly goes down in a wild encounter Only Abba, Cabbage, and Dux remain.

[A] 7d:21h:40m Minor update: Red is on the third floor, running from multiple wild encounters. Currently stuck in a corner.

[A] 7d:21h:22m There is a serious battle between people now trying to access to PC to deposit BigDig, and those who don't want to take the risk. The depositors lose, and Red heads outside.

[A] 7d:21h:18m Red comes dangerously close to the PC and even turns it on before a flurry of "b" presses arrive and promptly sends him walking left.

[Amendment: Just to clarify, we still have to beat the Rockets before Mr Fuji, but we've beat all ghost trainers, so we don't need to fight any more ghosts].

[A] 7d21h8m Worth noting though, folks: We've beat all the trainers now, so the end is in sight.

[A] 7d:21h:6m Red finds a rare candy. While typing this, he also uses Dig. Progress is reset to zero.

[A] 7d:21h:7m Based Raticate digs us out.

[A] 7d:21h:5m BigDig goes down to a wild Ghastly. Red does what he does best, and runs.

[A] 7d:21h:1m Red battles a Channeler. DigRat one-hits the foe with Dig. Battle over.

[A] 7d:20h:56m The Keeper faints in battle with a wild Gastly. Red then runs.

[A] 7d20h47m: Per the usual routine, ran away from a Gastly, and engaged another immediately after climbing the stairs.

[A] 7d20h46m: Ran away from Cubone, then immediately entered a fight with Gastly.

[A]7d20h43m We're trying to climb the stairs to the 6th floor. Apparently, climbing stairs is harder than climbing Everest, because we keep slipping back to the 5th floor.

[A]7d20h38m We're still on the 5th floor, receiving some aggressive medication from the healing pads while fending off rogue Gastly.

[A] 7d20h37m: Gastly against AAJST again.

[A] 7d20h35m: Ran away from that fight.

[A] 7d20h34m: And another Gastly fight.

[A]7d20h29m BigDig destroys a Gastly with Dig!

[A]7d20h25m We're just fighting Gastly right now. We seem to be running as soon as we get into encounters.

[A] 7d:20h:22m After a fairly long time on the fourth floor, Red reaches the Fifth floor and heals.

[A] 7d:20h:13m Cabbage falls to a wild encounter. Only Abba and Dux remain now.

Correcting a previous update, The Keeper actually fell to a Cubone, not a Gastly. Thanks to /u/talkingtubby.

[A] 7d:20h:11m Rick Gastly faints in a wild encounter with Gastly.

[A] 7d:20h:6m The Keeper faints in a wild Gastly encounter. Red promptly runs

[A] 7d:19h:53m BigDig faints in a wild encounter.

[A] 7d:19h:49m Red re-enters (for the who-knows-how-many-times) the Tower and navigates the second floor fairly quickly. Now on the third floor,

[A] 7d19h39m Dug out once again a moment ago. People are rioting against BidDig but keep in mind that he is one of the few Pokemon we have that can hit Ghost Pokemon. With dig that is.

[Strategy] Opposing to the guys earlier other people brought up why learing Fly is a bad ideaIn fact there are a LOT of plans going around right now talking about Fuschia, Relaxo, Lapras, Fly, Surfer, Strength. We haven't even finished Pokemon Tower yet. How about we finish what we started?

[A] 7d:19h:22m We're in the Pokemon Tower. Once again.

[A] 7d19h13m We dug out of the Tower - back to the Pokemon Center!

[A] 67d 19h 1m: We hit the healing pad, and are back up to full health.

[Strategy] Just so we're aware of the consequences of fly, we probably wouldn't reliably be able to stay anywhere in the overworld after getting it. Avoiding Fly has been something talked about since the beginning, not sure we should risk it.

[A] 7d:18h:49m Fifth floor everybody! Only steps away from the healing pad! Grinding will commence soon (if that's still the plan)!

[A] 7d:18h:43 We're on floor 3 right now (of the irc is right) and about to go to floor 4.

[A] 7d18h32m In the meantime we're back in the tower. Updating when we're at the healing pad!

Friendly message from your neighborhood reddit admin: I've just deployed some upgrades to this liveupdate system. Please refresh your browser to get the latest code. Thanks!

Hahaha! NOT back in the Pokemon Tower!

[A] 7d:18h:25 Back in the Pokemon Tower! Sorry updated aren't coming in all the time but I do have to take care of my real life a bit at the moment.

[A] 7d:18h:14m We're at the PC. The goddamn PC!

[A] 7d18h11m We're back in the Pokecenter after we blacked out

[A] 7d17h56m Drowzee fainted in the trainer battle leaving us no pokemon that damage Gastly

[A] 7d17h43m AJ and Gastly are down right now while fighting the trainer battle

[A] 7d17h41m Trainer battle on floor 6!

[A] 7d:17h:23m Nothing much is happening. We're still grinding on floor 5 of the Pokemon Tower

[A] 7d:17h:4m Back on the healing pad again trying to toss some items.

[A] 7d17h1m BigDig is kinda effective against Ghost type Pokemon. When we get him to dig at least.

[A] 7d16h50m AJ just level up to 23 in a trainer battle when we finished the first of three Pokemon!

[A] 7d:16h:34m Reached the healing pad and grinding right now

[A] 7d:16h:34m Gastly fainted in a random encounter against another Gastly

[A] 7d:16h:31m Finally up to Floor 4 but BigDig just fainted in a random encounter

[A] 7d:16h:28m We were up to Floor 4 but went down again having lots of random encounters.

[A] 7d:16:20m BigDig nearly fainted in a random encounter on Floor 3!

[A] 7d:16h:14m We're on Floor 3 again. One more to the healing pad for our grinding session in Pokemon Tower

[A] 7d:16h:9m Channeler tells us that there are spirits up to mischief.

[A] 7d:16h:7m We are back in the Pokemon Tower

[Strategy] Reddit user Siigari just postet a plan to grind Gastly in the Pokemon Tower on floor 4 around the healing pad Plan here

[A] 7d:15h:46m Aimlessly running around town right now.

[A] 7d:15h:37m We're in the Pokemart right now even though seemingly nobody wanted to go there.

[A] 7d:15h:31m After fainting we're back in town again while people are arguing about our goals.

[A] 7d:15h:30m Yet again we have blacked out. What now?

[A] 7d:15H28m Dux has fainted. Only Gastly remains.

[A] 7d:15h:27m We took out one enemy but there are two left and Dux is out and confused!

[A] 7d:15h:23m Gastly and Dux are the last Pokemon left alive in our team! Will we make it?

Here's a map of the fifth floor we're currently trying to cross! MAP

[A] 7d:15h:18m The Keeper goes down after hurting himself from confusion . Cabbage is sent out and promptly taken down

[A] 7d:15h:1m BigDig goes down after hurting himself from confusion Currently in a trainer battle, The Keeper is sent out.

[A] 7d15h13m We were ready to leave floor 4 after healing at the pad but random encounters damaged BigDig and are making many people want to go back to the pad once more.

[A] 7d14h58m: BigDig level up to level 22 as we proceed to the next floor!

[A] 7d:14h:44m After multiple wild encounters (most of them resulting in a run), Red makes it to the third floor.

[A] 7d:14h:40m The first floor is navigated fairly quickly, but Red is now switching between the first and second floor.

[A] 7d:14h:29m Red re-enters the Tower

[A] 7d:14h:24m Abba goes down. Red blacks out

[A] 7d14h24m: After looking through our Pokemon and their stats we finally decided to black out. Back to the Pokemon Center!

[A] 7d14h22m: aaabaaajss hurts itself in its confusion and is down to 10. Over soon.

[A] 7d14h12m: I have to go sleep, but I'm sure someone will take over from me. There's still a battle going on, with Abba on 91/150 against Gastly - it's a foregone conclusion. Good luck with Floor 5, and thanks for all the feedback and info, goodnight!

[A] 7d14h4m: Dux has fainted, only Abba remains. You know the routine, hopefully it will be quick this time.

[SUMMARY] The key moments of the last couple of hours: DigRat evolved and subsequently we defeated the final trainer on Floor 4. Currently in a trainer battle on Floor 5, but with only two Pokemon left. Neither capable of inflicting damage.

[A] 7d13h57m: With only Dux and Abba remaining, this battle looks like ending in only one place.

[A] 7d13h56m: Fighting a Gastly, we've lost BigRat/Dig, xCabbage, Rick Gastly, and now the Keeper.

[A] 7d13h52m: In the excitement, it appears we tossed Awakening.

[A] 7d:13h:48m BigDig knocks himself out in a trainer battle

[A] 7d13h46m: Of all the stories to come out of this, the Redemption of Rattata has to be one of the most heartwarming. He was hated for his dig after the Silph Scope incident, and following the untimely departure from the Tower, but his total destruction of the Haunter which had previously demolished our entire party was superlative.

[A] 7d:13h:45m BigDig levels up to 21

Also re: the Fly idea earlier. It was suggested as a means to reach Pallet Town and thereafter Cinnabar to minimize underground shenanigans. As it has done, it was intended to promote discussion, not be a dictation - I am not Helix after all.
Thanks for all the feedback, esteemed and knowledgeable comrades.

Thanks for all your messages re the evolution. I was late with the message due to technical troubles. But I have put in an entry now. As to his name, well there's some debate between 'BigDig' and 'BigRat'. Let the Helix decide.

[A] 7d13h36m: BigDig enters the fray, and deploys dig. And Kapow, Paff, Zowie! It's a one shot KO! The Channeler says "Gasp!" And rightly so! This is a glorious moment for BigDig, who has risen from ignominy to triumph!

[A] 7d13h34m: aaabaaajss has decided to fight, but it's like anyone who isn't Arnie fighting the Predator here.

[A] 7d13h33m: In desperation we revert to our Level 48 hero, but he just looks confused and tries to run for it.

[A] 7d13h32m: A lot of confusion, and a little lick and xCabbage is gone too. This is starting to look like England in the last Ashes series.

[A] 7d13h31m: Gastly, goes the way of the dodo, and it's xCabbage's turn to face the music.

[A] 7d13h30m: in comes the Keeper, but confusion and Night Shade, and Out goes the Keeper. Drama!

[A] 7d13h29m: Both combatants trading air shots as we fight the witch.

[A] 7d13h28m: Och noo! We're spotted, and our nemesis Haunter has his ghostly mitts on us. BigDig faces his first test.

[A] 7d13h27m: We've comfortably hit Floor 4, but can we make the Helix Healing Pad?

[A] 7d13h25m: Climbing progress update: Nearing the exit of Floor 3 heading to 4.

[A] 7d13h18m: I'm terribly sorry, but I had some technical complications and missed DigRat evolving into Raticate. Or BigDig as the chat is already calling him.

[A] 7d13h15m Slugging it out with some wild ghosts. Y'know to get weaker, cos we don't want it too easy.

[A] 7d13h12m: Steady progress at last, and we're onto Floor 2.

[A] 7d13h9m: Progress at last. Crossed Floor 1 and aiming for Floor 2.

[STRATEGY] Since there's a lull in current proceedings, thought I'd take a moment to air a pro of getting Fly, which is the option of getting to Cinnabar Island without having to navigate Seafoam Islands. That said, it's all moot if we can't get Surf and teach it to someone. And that's a whole can of worms right there.

[A] 7d13h6m: By virtue of the lag, we made a short trip onto floor 1, but then came back down and have crossed the foyer. Joy.

[A] 7d12h59m: It appears I overestimated the hivemind's determination. We're currently examining the ground floor with a rigour that would impress Sherlock Holmes.

[A] 7d12h55m: Despite a number of calls for grinding, the hivemind clearly feels to invested in the lure of the greasy pole Pokemon Tower, and have entered once again. This will only end in victory or oblivion. Or Dig.

[Update] Here's a little fun Imgur link for those of you who have missed the fight with the witch.

[STRATEGY] It has been suggested, that as enthralling and gripping as our grueling climbs are, we might have a balance problem. Whilst Pigeot is jolly mighty, the others are rather stunted by comparison, and some feel we should consider getting ourselves a Hypno and Raticate. Just putting it out there.

[A] 7d12h48m: DigRat has dug us out of the Tower, once again. Twitch chat is exploding with anger!

[A] 7d12h43m: After much meandering and soul-searching we are back in the Tower, ready for another shot at the summit.

[A] 7d12h38m: Now in the Pokecenter sidling up to the PC, trying to look like we're not interested.

[A] 7d12h34m Delaying the next attempt at scaling Pokemon Tower, we have decided to visit the neighbours.

[A} 7d12h32m: Bird Jesus has committed suicide under Confusion. We are back in Lavender City, and are right now in the Poke Center. (Thanks for the awesome night, guys! But I truly need to get some rest! Hopefully another Updater will come to update this! =] Enjoy! MrSymphony out~)

[A] 7d12h32m We have fainted at last! Largely courtesy of a confused bird hitting itself. If you want a job done properly, do it yourself.

[A] 7d12h29m We consult the Helix Fossil, which tells us to get on with it and stop postponing the inevitable.

[A] 7d12h29m: On the bright side, know that there have been much more successful Tower Runs than this! The tower isn't that difficult to scale, especially with most of the Trainers out of the way (except for the witch).

[A] 7d12h28m: Again, the feeling of playing Chess and knowing you've lost but desperately trying to find an answer is settling in. Now, we're just waiting for the imminent black screen saying that we must travel the entire Tower back up again.

[A] 7d12h26m: xCabbage has fainted! The only Pokemon left we have is our Savior.. BIRD JESUS.

[A] 7d12h25m: Dux has fainted, and xCabbage is now left with an awaiting ABBA JESUS to fight off this Haunter. Doom is imminent.

[Team Status: Team Pokemon still alive include: ABBA JESUS, xCabbage, and Dux.] Things are looking grim.

[A] 7d12h21m: We are now facing Channeler 4's "Haunter." I am unsure of our Pokemon team status but the second I find out I'll update.

[A] 7d12h21m: OH GOD WE ARE RIGHT BESIDE THE WITCH WHO HEXAKILLED OUR ENTIRE TEAM. Be careful! She's the one person who we have not bea--- and we're fighting her.

[A] 7d12h20m: We have made it to the fourth floor!! We're progressing to the healing pod.

[A] 7d12h18m: Every time aaabaaajss stands and fights, I feel like Morpheus shouting at Neo to run from Smith. Nearly across the 3rd floor now though.

[A] 7d12h15m: ABBA JESUS is still holding up strong, doing it's best to run from Gastlys so it can carry the entire team to the "Heal-ix" Pod on the 4th floor. We're still on the 3rd floor, but unless we're really unlucky, all encounters should be able to be escape-able!

Apologies-- ABBA JESUS is now lvl 48, not 46. Sorry! It's been a long time online. :P

[A] 7d12h7m: We are currently in the middle area of Floor 3. Our remaining few pokemon are all low HP now.

[A] 7d12h6m: ABBA JESUS has reached lvl 46 after defeating a Cubone--one of the only things it can defeat in the Pokemon Tower.

[A] 7d12h2m: We've made it to the 3rd floor! [Transition phase, however. We keep moving back up and down.] The bright side to this run is the fact that, to reach the Healing Pad on the 4th floor, we don't have to encounter any Trainers anymore. We can simply hope that ABBA JESUS is tanky enough for us to run away from all encounters.

[A] 7d12h0m: Marking the half point of the 7th day, we find ourselves in an unfortunate run of the Pokemon Tower. Not even to the third floor and we have only half of our pokemon left (the half being at half HP as well): ABBA JESUS (Bird Jesus), xCabbage (Oddish), and Dux.

[IMPORTANT NOTE]: If you are joining us and have no clue what's going on, simply scroll down and read the BOLDED text. It should catch you up to the New Names / Drowzee's Headbutt / How Far We've Gotten etc.

[A] 7d11h55m: Gastly fainted due to enemy Gastly's Night Shade. It was acutally a good run--Gastly's "Lick" does ~40% hp to the enemy Gastly. Impressive.

[A] 7d11h54m: Gastly is out fighting Gastly!! Let's see how our newest addition does for the team!

[A] 7d11h53m: The random wild Gastly fights are truly wearing and tearing our pokemon down. Dux and Drowzee are now at 50%- hp, with AJ down for the count.

[A] 7d11h52m: So "transitional" phase into the 3rd floor led into "let's move backwards into the 2nd floor!" Yeah, the struggle is real. On the bright side, Drowzee is now our first-pick pokemon whenever we get into fights!

[A] 7d11h49m: Entered the 3rd floor, then immediately left. We're currently in the transitional phase for the 3rd floor of the Pokemon Tower!

[A] 7d11h47m: That feeling when Drowzee inputs "Headbutt" which had Psychic in its place... :C

[A] 7d11h45m: OOH! One Confusion shot from Drowzee KOs the Gastly! Guess Drowzee still has it in him after all.

[A] 7d11h45m: AJ has fainted to a wild Gastly. The Keeper has been called!

[A] 7d11h41m: Wow. Dux just beatdown a wild Cubone. "Dux the Beast"!

[A] 7d11h39m: DigRat just defeated another wild Gastly with Dig. Seriously, that's like the best news to hear :)!

[A] 7d11h36m: We have reached the second floor!. No transition phase, we are hugging the bottom wall and moving right. Perfect!

[A] 7d11h32m: We are currently on the First Floor of the Pokemon Tower! Good luck.

[A] 7d11h~25m(?): [UPDATE] From the messages I'm receiving, it seems that we have TOSSED OUR NUGGET we received from the Pokemon Tower! Sad faces for all! (Thank you for messaging me about this, viewers!)

[A] 7d11h29m We just admired the Name Rater's great collection of Pokémon books and ran out again.

[A] 7d11h28m: We're unsure on what the next step is. Twitch is split between naming Gastly or simply leaving and not ruining "aaabaaajss" a.k.a. ABBA JESUS (or ABBY JESUS)'s name.

[a] 7d11h23m: It's done! Pidgeot's new name is aaabaaajss! which people are now deeming: ABBA JESUS

[A] 7d11h22m Pidgeot's name is now "aaabaaajss"

[a] 7d11h22m: aaabaaajss? Is that it? My apologies, I was laughing too hard.


[A] 7d11h22m: We have begun talking to the Name Rater! Here we go...

[A] 7d11h21m Reading the town map. This is an indicator of what will happen when we learn Fly.

[A] 7d11h19m: We have entered the Name Rater's Home!! Cross your fingers, everybody!

[A] 7d11h18m: We're slowly creeping in towards the Name Rater's house!

[A] 7d11h13m: Twitch is actually split upon three choices: Name Rater for Gastly, Tower, or Grindfest.

[A] 7d11h12m: We are heading towards the Name Rater now to name Gastly (that's the goal!) What will happen? .. Oh boy.

[A] 7d11h10m: I... I'm almost certain that was the original goal all along. Wow. +1 for Anarchy! Getting that done in under 10 seconds of intense stress. Again, Zubat out and Gastly in!


[A] 7d 10h 58m: Just to clarify on Drowzee learning Psychic. Whilst he learns it at 32, if he evolves into Hypno, we have to wait til 37. So that'll be a tricky dilemma for the Helix to guide us through.
Thanks for the clarification /u/FPTN

[A] 7d10h57m: We're currently in the Poke Center, seemingly upset enough to want to go to the PC. It has been activated multiple times, but nothing has happened.

[Summary of What Happened With Drowzee 2/2]: You wanna know where Headbutt was placed? Guess. Yeah. Psychic. On the third Gastly, the first move Drowzee played was Headbutt, which was in Psychic's old position. Thus, we could have won, but didn't. Now we don't have Psychic for the moment on Drowzee. The End.

[Summary of What Happened With Drowzee 1/2]: We are on the fifth floor for the Pokemon Tower. We face the first Channeler there. She has 3 Gastlys. Everybody was about to call it quits, but suddenly Drowzee 1HKOs the first Gastly... And then the SECOND! Hopes are high. However, the second the second Gastly died, Drowzee leveled up. It was trying to learn Headbutt... And it did.

[A] 7d10h52m Reportedly, Drowzee learns Psychic naturally at level 32. That's only 8 levels away, practically instant.


[A] 7d10h49m: Red blacked out!

[A] 7d10h48m: Bird Jesus is now on the fighting field as Drowzee has fainted. Personally, I feel betrayed. Drowzee has abandoned us--plagued with the False Prophet's ideas.

[A] 7d10h47m: "Drowzee used HEADBUTT. It doesn't affect GASTLY!" ... That HeadButt was in Psychic's position. SadnessSadnessTears

[A] 7d10h47m: Drowzee, it seems, would rather employ his extraordinary cranial endowment in rather more physical fashion.

[A]7d10h46m: Apologies, there is still one more Gastly! And now Drowzee doesn't have Psychic anymore! ... It has Headbutt now. G... G.



[A] 7d10h45m: :C This is the second time Drowzee hit himself because of confusion!

[A] 7d10h44m We again attept to use the SS Ticket on Gastly. I suppose you could stuff it down his throat and hope he chokes. But then he's already dead so it wouldn't do much good.

[A] 7d10h45m: Oh no! Drowzee had a Psychic queue'd up but it was confused!

[A] 7d10h44m: The Keeper used a Psychic even when it was confused!! One Gastly down, two more to go.

[A] 7d10h43m: WE'VE BEEN CHALLENGED BY CHANNELER #1. IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW, She has *THREE Gastly's. Good luck!

[A] 7d10h43m: DigRat has fainted! We only have a half-health Drowzee and a half-health Pidgeot.

[A] 7d10h42m: Zubat has fainted to a wild Gastly! The only Pokemon we have left now are: DigRat, Bird Jesus, and The Keeper. They're our mains! This might be okay!

[A] 7d10h38m: Congratulations! We've touched the fifth floor of Pokemon Tower! While we're still split on whether or not to continue, it's a feat of progession! We've made it this far! Congrats.

[A] 7d10h33m: With two pokemon fainted, Twitch is split on whether to Heal Up or head right towards the stairs (which are ~3 steps away).

[A] 7d10h31m: xCabbage has fainted to a wild Gastly! xCabbage and Dux are both down. Pidgeot is half HP. Everyone else is fine.

[A] 7d10h29m: We're heading towards the right direction. We're on the right-most side of the 4th floor now! Can we make it to the fifth?

[A] 7d10h29m: We found one nugget! (itemA)

[A] 7d10h27m: Haunter demolished by Drowzee, after being softened up by Stun Spore, Leer and Sand Attack. Very much a team effort there.

[A] 7d10h27m: WE BEAT HER. ONE HIT KO FROM DROWZEE'S PSYCHIC IS ALL IT TAKES (and possibly the LEER from Dux!)


[A] 7d10h27m: Bird Jesus has been sent out again to replace a half-health xCabbage now.

[A] 7d10h26m: DUX HAS FAINTED. xCabbage is out now.

[A] 7d10h25m: Dux is low, but used LEER! Haunter's defenses are now lowered for a possible 1HKO from Drowzee's Psychic/Confusion or DigRat's Dig.

[A] 7d10h24m: Pidgeot has been swapped for DigRat, which has been swapped with now Dux.

[A] 7d10h23m: Pidgeot is out at the moment facing Haunter. Pidgeot is 60% HP.

[A] 7d10h23m: We got Challenged by Channeler #3! She sends out a Haunter. Helix Bless Us All.

[A] 7d10h17m: Unsure of exactly where to go and very nervous of venturing far out with not a healthy team, we heal once again after having a wild Gastly beat half of our Pokemon down to half hp.

[A] 7d10h14m: Clutch! We're on the Healing Pad once again on the Fourth Floor! We almost accidentally faced the Witch who beat all of our pokemon at once.

[A] 7d10h13m: TWICE IN A ROW! DigRat used Dig on another poor Gastly! DigRat only has 4 hp too, how is he pulling these off! :D

[A] 7d10h11m: DigRat used Dig.. On a Gastly! Horrah! One-Shot'd AND we're on the Fourth Floor now! This is going good. The female circled in Red is the Fed Haunter.

[A] 7d10h3m: We've touched ground on the 3rd floor of the Pokemon Tower! We're now in the center and firmly on this floor! No transition phase.

[A] 7d10h1m: Marking the 10th hour of the 7th day, Zubat has fainted to a wild Gastly.

[A] 7d9h58m: We are now safely in the 2nd floor of the Pokemon Tower. We ran from that Gastly. Zubat has 2 hp still.

[A] 7d9h57m: Zubat is facing a wild Gastly and lived on a clutch 1 hp! A Drain Life right after helped him live with a whopping 2 hp now.

[A] 7d9h56m: We're in the "transition" process for the 2nd floor! We're currently still on the 1st floor.

[A] 7d 9h 55m: Red is now pacing on the ground floor of the Tower. One would hope that he's formulating a battle strategy.

[A] 7d9h51m: We have entered the Pokemon Tower once again.

[A] 7d9h48m If there was alcohol in Kanto, Red would be getting absolutely bungalowed. But there isn't, and he's underage anyway. So he's now just dejectedly checking his inventory.

[A] 7d9h46m: We are now walking around Lavender Town, having lost to The Witch.


[A] [Fun Fact]: We started this battle at 7d9h1m. We started happy, having just healed up...

It is 7d9h45m and we are still going.

[A] 7d9h44m: Whirlwind also has no pp at the moment.

[A] 7d 9h 44m: Having exhausted the Sand Attack route, Red is currently trying to swap in other party members, apparently oblivious to the fact that they are passed out.

[A] 7d9h41m: UPDATE "Struggle in Gen 1 does no damage to Ghost Types. Also, AI pokemon have infinite Pokemon Power, so no matter what Haunter will never use struggle." ... oh

[A] 7d9h40m: And so, on the 7th day, the 9th hour, we have lost PP for Sand-Attack. It's the war of attrition. Good luck.

[A] 7d 9h 37m: Haunter is FULLY paralysed. This is not going to end well.

[A] 7d9h35m: Haunter uses Night Shade. We fa-- JUST KIDDING. His attack missed. He's still paralyzed by the way.

[A] 7d 9h 32m: As an additional update, Struggle deals Normal damage and cannot hit Ghost in Gen I. Meaning there is no other options for dealing damage in the Tower outside of Drowzee and Digrat.

[Update] I'm currently reading about "Struggle." Sadly... "Struggle deals damage to the opponent and the user receives recoil damage equal to ½ of the damage the attack did to the opponent." Since Pidgeot only has 20 hp, most likely even if Struggle occurs, Haunter will kill us first before Pidgeot.

[A] 7d9h31m: Like an eager puppy going for walkies, we keep trying to run away, but the trainer-battle leash holds us back.

[A] 7d9h30m: xCabbage has fainted due to Lick from the enemy Haunter. I'm so depressed right now.

[A] 7d9h29m: "xCabbage used Poison Powder! It didn't affect the enemy Haunter." << There it is folks, the final hope ruined.

[A] 7d9h29m: xCabbage has been swapped in! What will he do?

[A] 7d9h28m: Pidgeot got hit with a Night Shade! 43/150 hp. Soon begins the beeping.

[A] 7d9h28m: Pidgeot uses Sand-Attack. Haunter queue's up an attack. He's paralyzed.

[A] 7d9h24m: If you're viewing this, there is no possible way we, with only Pidgeot and xCabbage, can win at the moment. Haunter is Poison and Ghost, rendering our last two Pokemon useless. All we have left in our hands are the memories of the fallen, and the progress we've made. For Helix. Amen.

[A] 7d9h24m: Pidgeot is confused. So begins the slow death (unless Haunter NightShades).

[A] 7d9h23m: Pidgeot has been placed back into the fighting field. The terrible "beep-boop" of when your pokemon is about to die has settled down for a moment.

[A] 7d9h23m: xCabbage uses Stun Spore! HAUNTER IS PARALYZED! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! More Stalling!

[a] 7d9h20m: OH! Right as Haunter plays a Night Shade! Our poor Cabbage only has 6 hp left! Haunter, stillwtf has 20%.


[A] 7d9h20m: A move was made! Pidgeot used Gust, nothing. Haunter uses Lick! Nothing.

[A] 7d9h18m: If you want to feel what we're feeling right now, it's imagining yourself playing Chess and seeing your opponent have a Checkmate move on you in 10 turns. It's over, you know it, but you can't find a way to stop it. Your hand doesn't want you to surrender, you must keep playing. HAUNTER IS POISON, xCabbage won't do damage!

[A] 7d9h16m: Pidgeot and xCabbage are left. Is there any hope?


[A] 7d9h15m: Oh no!!! DigRat attacked first but he used Quick Attack! BUT WAIT! Haunter used Confuse Ray and it missed!



[A] 7d9h13m: ONE IN FOUR CHANCE OF GETTING DIG. THE OTHER MOVES WON'T HELP! They are: Pound / Swift / Quick Attack.

[A] 7d9h13m: Digrat has been swapped in!

[A] 7d9h12m: Suspense is still rising as Pidgeot is here to calm the fight for a bit. So far, no attacks have been made. Pidgeot is 150/150, Haunter is still 20% hp.

[A] 7d9h11m: Here comes Pidgeot.


[A] 7d9h10m: OH NO! Drowzee is confused yet had a "Confusion" queue'd up!

[A] 7d9h10m: Drowzee is now on the playing field! Will The Keeper keep his promise?

[A] 7d9h9m: Oh no! DigRat used Quick Attack but luckily Haunter missed his attack too! DigRat is at 40% hp, Haunter at 20%.

[A] 7d9h9m: The suspense is mounting higher and higher as we consult the Lift Key for advice.

[A] 7d9h8m: DigRat is out! Will he use Dig!?

[A] 7d9h7m: Zubat has fainted. Oops.

[A] 7d9h7m: SCRATCH THAT! The Keeper is now on the battle field! ... okay scratch that Zubat is now fighting.

[A] 7d9h6m: Pidgeot has now been swapped in place of xCabbage.

[A] 7d9h6m: Oh no! He's not confused anymore!! BUT ITS OKAY BEACUSE HE'S FAST ASLEEP NOW FROM xCABBAGE'S SLEEPPOWDER. This is too funny.

[A] 7d9h5m: Our Zubat used SuperSonic to get the enemy Haunter confused, and now the enemy Haunter is at 40% hp just from his own confusion. This is definitely progress.

[A] 7d9h3m: Dux has fainted. Zubat is now facing the Haunter.

[A] 7d9h2m: Enemy Channeler sends out a Haunter!

[A] 7d9h1m: We are now facing Channeler #4 in this picture.

[A] 7d9h1m: To top it all off, Twitch has unanimously decided to heal as well. Well played!

[A] 7d9h1m: YES! Gastly used Confuse Ray but it failed, then Drowzee pounded down the Channeler's only pokemon with a nicely executed Psychic! DEFEATED

[A] 7d8h59m: Drowzee picked Confusion!! Enemy Gastly has ~30% HP, we only have 19/67 [~20%].

[A] 7d8h58m: Luckily Drowzee still has 43/67 health--Gastly has been picking moves that didn't affect Drowzee/missed.

[A] 7d8h58m: Oh no! His first move was pound! ... and his second move was pound as well.

[A] 7d8h58m: Bird Jesus was actually switched out for The Keeper! Can he pull a Psychic?

[A] 7d8h56m: DUX has fainted to the Enemy Gastly! Pidgeot is now being sent out--ugh.

[A] 7d8h54m: Zubat has fainted to the Channeler's Gastly.

[A] 7d8h53m: Here's the moment of blessing!. Congratulations, TPP!

[A] 7d8h52m: We have touched the Zelix Healing Pad for the first time! Immediately after, we are faced with a Channeler. She sends out a lvl 24 Gastly.

[A] 7d8h51m: While wild Gastlys are still slowing us down, we all can't help but to think just how close we are.

[A] 7d8h48m: The whole chat right now as well as Drowzee



[A] 7d8h46: Drowzee is out! This is it, folks! This is the battle! Will he use psychic?

[A] 7d8h45m: facepalmfacepalm. Well, we've somehow have walked back downstairs and is now facing the witch. Unable to run, our 3 hp Zubat has been immediately faintified(?).

[Update]: Apologies, I believe I read a wiki incorrect. The healing pad on the fourth floor is wild Pokemon-free, sadly not the entire floor is.


[A] 7d8h42m: Currently, even though our Zubat has been at 3 hp for around 10 minutes now, we've been able to run from every single Gastly/Haunter encounter! Lucky us. We have all 6 of our pokemon alive, still.

[A] Just an update, once we do reach the Fourth Floor, we'll be in a completely wild-Pokemon free zone! This will be FANTASTIC for grinding up levels.

[A] 7d8h38m: Congratulations! We're in the middle of the Third Floor now!. Let's finally beat her!

[A] 7d8h37m: We're in the "transition" phase into the 3rd floor!! I'm super stoked! Soon we'll feel Helix's light on the 4th floor and we'll be able to rest.

[A] 7d8h33m: We are in the middle of the 2nd floor, with the wild Gastlys slowing us down. Our Zubat (now named ABB-??AAJ) is on 20% health, other than that every other pokemon is near full health.

[A] 7d8h29m: We're now on the Second Floor! And they say we can't speed run...

[A]7d8h27m: We're on the First Floor of the Pokemon Tower!! Here's to hoping we get to face the 3rd floor's Channeler again! Good luck!

[A] 7d8h22m: S-Somehow... We're back on the Ground Floor. Apologies, I turned my head away for a few seconds and... Wow. I believe we just walked ourselves back to the ground floor, stairs and everything.

[A] 7d8h20m: Second Floor! Let's do this! Good luck against the Gastlys.

[A] 7d8h18m: We are now in the middle of the first floor!.

[A] 7d8h15m: Twitch does not want blood this time. We are back on the Ground Floor for the Pokemon Tower! (We did not heal our pokemon, so I believe two of them are 60% hp.)


[A] 7d8h13m: We are now firmly (I believe) in the second floor! Good luck.

[A] 7d8h11m: We are currently in the "transition" stages of reaching floor 2, meaning we are moving back and forth between the floors.

[A] 7d8h10m: Facing our first Gastly of this Tower Run! "AJJ-??AAJ" has been sent out (Previously AAJJJJ-).

[A] 7d8h7m: We have finally entered the FIRST FLOOR of the Pokemon Tower! (tooklongerthanIexpected) but here we go! Onwards.

[A] 7d8h1m: Only took us two minutes to enter the Ground Floor for the Pokemon Tower. This might be the fastest Run yet! Here we go, Good Luck Red!

[A]7d7h59m: And we just exited the Poke Center in a straight line as well. No wandering, no getting near the PC, no anything. Simple and Anarchistic(?), wow.

[A] 7d7h58m: Healed the pokemon after walking up to the healer in a straight line! Wow. Progress!

[Update]: Here is a comparison of the old versus new fonts.

[A] 7d7h49m: Some suggestions that this may be some kind of miraculous fusion of Abby and Jay Leno reborn. Make of that what you will, dear reader.

[A] 7d7h49m: We're in a "transition" stage into the Pokemon Tower, once again. However, remember people, WE NEED TO HEAL. We left because of Dig, not because of faint.

[A] 7d7h47m: Left Name-Rater's building

[A] 7d7h46m I'm predicting some Swedish-pop-related nicknames.

[A]7d7h45m: correction: the name is ABB-??AAJ

[A] 7d7h45m: He assures us the new name is an improvement. Opinions?



[A] 7d7h43m: We are back into the Name Rater's house.

[A] 7d7h41m: After a thorough examination of both his belongings and ours, we have left the Name Rater behind with no changes made.

[A] 7d7h41m: We are still in the Name Rater's home, having fun with our new font.


[A] 7d7h39m: Stream is back online.

I feel like I should be finding myself some commercials to watch.


[A]7d7h35m: We have entered the Name Rater's house, once again. As always, whenever a Tower run fails, there seems to be the thirst for a blood payment. Helix be with us.

[A] 7d7h32m: Talks of PCing the DigRat has arisen. Again, we only had two pokemon that were fainted in that Tower run. We still had our Drowzee (although at 60% hp). Bad luck, indeed!


[A] 7d7h31m: Drowzee uses Psychic to take down a wild Gastly. Everytime this happens, the chat blows up. The Keeper's our hope!

[A] 7d7h28m: According to the nice ladies in here, you need a Silph Scope to identify the ghosts. Isn't it lucky we have one, although I expect they're quite easy to get hold of.

[A] 7d7h29m: We are now in the middle of the fourth floor. Remember, that lady on the left [the witch!] is who we must beat. Good luck!

[A]7d7h26m: AAJST(???? Gets his face adjusted and faints.

[A] 7d7h23m: Adam West would've been proud of that.

[A] 7d7h24m: AAJST(???? didn't run away from Cubone this time! He took it like a man and beat up the Cubone with Body Slam! Hope you're ready for our DigRat, 3rd floor!

[A] 7d7h21m: Congratulations! We're now on the 3rd floor for the Pokemon Tower! We're facing Cubone a few steps away from the stairs, so hopefully we won't be in the bad "transition" phase again, but I think we're cemented on this floor! Time to make it to the 4th...

[A] 7d 7h 20m: Another Gastly encounter, but we are so very very close to transitioning up to the 3rd floor!

[A] 7d7h20m: Amazingly, while encountering many wild Gastlys along the way, our pokemon aren't taking as much damage as they normally do! We're escaping quick well!

[A] 7d7h16m: JJSSSS- has fainted from a wild Gastly encounter!!

[A] 7d7h13m: Ouch! It's only the 2nd floor and Bird Jesus is already taken down to half HP from an unlucky Gastly encounter!

[A] 7d7h11m: We have encountered our first pokemon fight on the 2nd floor of the Pokemon Tower! We are now in the 2nd floor.

[A] 7d 7h 10m: Seems like we're well and truly on the 2nd floor now. Onwards and upwards!

[A] 7d7h7m: "Transition" phase for 1st floor to 2nd floor. (Transition phase means the awkward period of time in which Red walks up a floor, then down to the previous floor, and then up again. This may occur for up to 10 or even more minutes).

[A] 7d8h5m: 1st Floor of Pokemon Tower. Good luck! Head left.

[A] 7d8h3m: We have entered the Ground Floor of the Pokemon Tower. Good luck!!

[A] That moment was seriously hilarious yet frightening at the same time. The second we entered the PC, we deposited--yet in a fury of confusion, we managed to withdraw it once again! As of 7d7h0m, we have exited the Poke Center--obviously shaken from the horrific event that almost occurred, but luckily didn't.


[A] 7d6h59m: WE HAVE ENTERED PC.

[A] 7d6h55m: We are constantly switching between heading towards the exit of the Poke Center to heading towards the devastating PC.

[A] 7d6h51m: We're now in the Poke Center--Twitch Chat is begging for NO PC, however we are literally two steps away from it. Riot?

[Update] Once again, there is still hope! If we can simply get past Floor 3's Last Channeler, then we have a chance at getting to the healing pad on the 4th floor!. Don't lose hope! We're so close!

[A] 7d6h44m: Bird Jesus has faintedfinally to the Channeler's Gastly! We are back in Lavender Town.

[A] 7d6h42m: The beeping is occuring once again... Signaling Bird Jesus's soon darkness. It has 12 health left.

[A] 7d6h40m [UPDATE]: For those to understand the map better, we are consistently stuck on the Floor 3's Last Channeler. Her only pokemon is a level 24 Gastly, and we usually end up with only our Pidgeot fighting it--thus resulting in a slow, painful death.

[A] 7d6h37m: In the midst of the endless fight, we somehow managed to use a Great Elixer on a pokemon (unsure of which one) to restore its PP.

[A] 7d6h32m: We are now facing the last Channeler in floor 3's only pokemon: Gastly, with our only pokemon: Bird Jesus. Pure Deja Vu, everyone be prepared for 20 minutes of anger.

[A] 7d6h29m: For those wondering where we are now, we're still in the 3rd floor of the Pokemon Tower with only Pidgeot left. It's a pointless roam now as we slowly await our death. Sadly, this situation seems to occur often. Helix Bless.

[A] 7d6h26m: Sadly, shortly after, Drowzee faints from attacking itself in its own confusion. We only have Bird Jesus now, facing a wild Gastly. Deja Vu.

[A] 7d6h25m: Drowzee one-shots a wild Gastly with Psychic and leveled up to level 23! Congratulations, Drowzee!

[A] 7d6h24m: xCabbage has fainted! On the bright side, immediately afterwards we ran away and picked up "Awakening"!

[A] 7d6h24m: AAJST(???? has just fainted! We only have xCabbage, Bird Jesus, and the Keeper left.

[A] 7d6h23m: DigRat ran away, but just a few more steps and he's in another battle!! .... And he just ran away immediately again! Clutch 4 hp.

[A] 7d8h22m: AAJST(???? [Rattata] is facing a wild Gastly. Poor DigRat is at 4 hp now. Will he be the next to fall?

[A] 7d8h21m: Zubat has fainted to another wild Gastly. That is two pokemon down, 4 left for us.

[A] 7d6h19m: With that being said, we are now firmly cemented into Floor 3 of the Pokemon Tower!

[A] 7d6h19m: We escaped from that Gastly. JJSSSS- has ~10% health left.

[A] 7d6h18m: JJSSSS- is barely hanging on with Leech Life, even when confused!! This Zubat might actually defeat this wild Gastly!!

[A] (Unknown Time): Dux has fainted. Apologies for not knowing exactly when--most likely in one of the fights during the "Transition" phase. JJSSSS- is now facing a Gastly on the 3rd floor.

[A] 7d6h15m: We're in that "transition" phase into the 3rd floor. We are consistently moving back and forth between floors, facing Gastlys along the way, and making very little progress.

[A] 7d6h11m: We just touched ground on the 3rd floor of the Pokemon Tower, however we're in a little corner and it's very likely we'll accidentally take the stairs back downwards. This announcement is very temporary.

[A] 7d6h5m: Ran away, xCabbage is still alive with ~20% health.

[A] 7d6h4m: xCabbage is facing a Gastly. It is confused and paralyzed at the same time. It's lookin' dim!

[A] 7d6h3m: Making progress! We are now on the 2nd floor of the Pokemon Tower!

[A] 7d5h59m: We are now on the 1st floor of the Pokemon Tower. Here is the map.

[A] 7d5h55m: On that note, we have entered the Pokemon Tower once again!

[A] 7d5h55m: Wow. A girl just walked all the way into the entrance of the Pokemon Tower (to the pixels of black, resembling the open doorway) and then walked back out. 3Spooky5Me.

7d5h52m: 12 minutes has passed. We are still in Lavender Town. We constantly switch between either going north to grind in Rock Tunnel or going into the Pokemon Tower.

[A] 7d5h40m: We made it out of the Poke Center alive, no casualties. We are near the Pokemon Tower once again.

[A] 7d5h38m: It's hilarious to see that, because Twitch suffered through those 20 minutes of Pidgeot vs. Gastly, the chat seems to be in a small riot and actually heading towards the PC out of anger.

[A] 7d5h36m: We are roaming around the Poke Center. We actually managed to heal our Pokemon manually, yet have also roamed extremely close to the PC. Twitch Chat is freaking out.

[A] 7d5h34m: After 4 turns of Pidgeot not hitting itself, it finally faints! Twitch Chat rejoices in happiness! We have blacked out of the 3rd floor in the Pokemon Tower.

[A] 7d5h34m: Pidgeot successfully became confused. If it hits itself just once, it will faint.

[A] 7d5h29m: The beeping noise (when a pokemon is low hp) has been going on for ~10 minutes now. Twitch Chat as well as I are now begging for mercy.

[A] 7d5h27m: We have run out of PP for Sand Attack.

[A] 7d5h25m: People are seriously beginning to consider the fact that Gastly will run out of PP for his moves, as Pidgeot has rendered his Night Shade unsuccessful due to misses.

[A] 7d5h18m: While we are still fighting this Gastly who has minimal accuracy due to having been hit by 5x Sand Attack, take a look at this link about Gastly! Yes, Gastly IS poison as well as ghost in Gen I, to dispel any rumors.

[A] 7d5h12m: xCabbage has fainted after being switched in, confused, and then hitting itself for all four turns it had attacking. Rest in peace. Our last Pokemon out now is Bird Jesus--good luck!

[A] [Update]: The only two pokemon left are xCabbage and Bird Jesus facing this one Gastly. There's not much we can do except witness a slow and painful death.

[A] 7d5h8m: We are facing the next Channeler! She has 1 pokemon, a level 24 Gastly. We have Bird Jesus out.

[A] 7d5h7m: Drowzee faints to a Gastly after, sadly, disabling the enemy Gastly's "Lick" and "Confuse Ray" abilities--leaving it with Night Shade to finish off poor Drowzee. Bird Jesus is out now.

[A] 7d5h6m: Drowzee one-shots a Gastly with Confusion. The Keeper proves himself once again!

[A] 7d5h2m: DigRat has fainted due to ConfuseRay from a Gastly on the 3rd floor.

[A] 7d5h1m: And once again!! Good ol' DigRat does what he does best and pulls of consecutive digs to defeat Haunter!! Avenging the death of Dux.

[A] 7d5h0m: Dux has fainted to a Haunter on the 3rd floor! Rattata is out fighting now.

[A] 7d4h58m: And with that! We've encountered a battle on the 3rd floor! Congratulations, we're finally in the third floor and actually very deep in it as well!! [Note: Floors are adjusted to this map.

[A] 7d4h56m: Just a quick update, we're currently on the 2nd floor of the Pokemon Tower, right beside the stairs that lead upwards towards the 3rd floor. It's a tricky spot, we often go up and then immediately back down but hopefully we will be able to progress forwards.

[A] 7d4h52m: After much wandering and running, we seem to have entered a fight. JJSSSSS- faints, then we run.

[A] 7d4h39m Just chilling with all the dead Pokemon. Checking for signs of Abby or Jay Leno.

[A]7d4h27m Drowzee takes his final hit from a wild gastly, blacking us out, but we've taken down 2 more trainers.

[A]7d4h25m A wild gastly uses nightshade, we run and Drowzee's left on 5hp. One more hit and we're blacked out.

[A]7d4h24m HP Up obtained, after Drowzee nailed another gastly.

7d4hm: We picked up an elixer [sic]!

[A]7d4h20m Obtained an elixir after killing the gastly that took down Dashbat with psychic.

[A]7d4h18m Dashbat goes down after his victory, against a wild gastly.

[A]7d4h16m After much SS ticket consultation, Dashbat gets critically licked. Gastly hits itself again and GOES DOWN. GO DASHBAT! WE WIN!

[A]7d4h14m Keeper gets pulled out immediately for dashbat. Dashbat leeches super effectively thanks to type advantage over poison. In reality the results are <10% though. Gastly misses a night shade and Dashbat critical leeches! Gastly misses AGAIN, but Dashbat is stuck trying to bite. Dashbat goes in for the supersonic and successfully confuses gastly, who hits himself down to ~55%!

[A]7d4h13m Gastly does another night shade on Jesus Bird, this one's level 22 so 2hp clutch, and follows up for the kill. We still have The Keeper though! And he's in!

[A]7d4h12m [Amendment: I don't know how I saw Dux as going down, but he's here sure as day. He's about to go down again though. 5HP, and now gone]

[A]7d4h10m xCabbage is down too, and Bird Jesus has only 24HP left. Considering there's lots of level 23 Gastlies around, that's begging for a clutch. Drowzee comes out and runs. We escape, but straight back into a fight with a Channeler.

[A]7d4h08m We're fighting a Gastly and Dux is down!

[A]7d4h07m Exp all round! Come on Drowzee. He picks PSYCHIC AND.. NO, NOT INSTA. GASTLY CLUTCHES! BUT A SECOND PSYCHIC, IN FOR THE WIN!

[A]7d4h06m Bird Jesus takes another hit. Down to 31% health, and the Keeper comes out. He's instantly confused, but.. he disables.. Confuse ray! Takes over half health damage from night Shade though. NIGHT SHADE MISSES AND.. PSYCHIC INSTAKILL!

[A]7d4h06m xCabbage is subbed in, and then Bird Jesus is subbed in immediately afterwards. For 4 minutes nothing happens as we try to flee the clutches of the ghost and consult our various gods, idols and trinkets. Eventually Bird Jesus takes another Night Shade, gets confused again, but sand attacks Gastly. This time that's good though, because The Keeper hasn't been out yet!

[A]7d4h03m Bird Jesus moves in for a humble sacrifice. Gets confused and gives away 13% of his hp immediately for the greater good. It's all down to Drowzee now, but swapping him out means he takes an extra hit. Will Bird Jesus take one for the team first? He takes another 12% damage, and then takes a Night Shade.

[A]7d4h01m Keeper immediately gets swapped out again for Based Rattata. BR USES DIG BUT NOT BEFORE BEING NIGHTSHADED TO DEATH!

[A]7d4h00m Based Rattata goes in and uses.. swift. Followed by a body slam. He's confused now though. Tries again for a second body slam but takes off half his own health. Goes in for the quick attack, we're edging towards dig! One night shade will beat him at this point though! And he's out! Subbed out for the Keeper!

[A]7d3h58m Gastly leads in with a confuse ray against Dux. Dux quickly shrugs it off after one turn, but the type matchup leaves a lick vs cut war where noone is achieving anything. We've been stuck in the menu for a few minutes though.

[A]7d3h56m Red challenges the medium who beat us last time again. It's rematch time!

[A]7d3h56m xCabbage has poisoned our adversary. A lot of effort goes into the battle and then.. we run. Up onto the 2nd floor.

[A]7d3h54m We've sent Dashbat out against a Cubone. It's used supersonic and managed to successfully make it hurt itself in confusion 3 times consecutively before missing with bone club. The keeper himself gets sent out to take out the trash. Reverts to weak pounding however, almost as an insult, before getting clubbed with a bone.

[A]7d3h52m Red manages to get through the main obstacle on this floor: A pretty thin crevice, without pause buffering. Battle commences.

[A]7d3h47m Dux and a wild Gastly got locked in a furious battle of no effects. Dux got confused and took damage, and then Based Rattata got switched in. Based Rattata is also confused now. Red's consulting the Helix fossil for more info. Helix says: Run.

[A]7d3h41m Successfully fled from a couple of battles.

[A]7d3h40m Expertly snuck into the corner and then moved up onto the second floor. This is where the battles begin! Remember, right and down.

[STRATEGY] Remember, this is the map of the tower (he says, as if you haven't seen it more times than your homepage already).

[A]7d3h38m We're up on the first floor, and moving onwards!

[A]7d3h35m We're back in Pokémon tower. Only took, what, quarter of an hour? Red's visiting the many graves.

[A]7d3h21m Thankfully we're only in Lavender town this time around and not Saffron, and apparently we aren't considering the PC either. Every cloud has a silver lining.

[A]7d3h21m It was a long struggle, but Bird Jesus has partaken in honourable Seppuku. Blacked out.

[A]7d3h20m Bird Jesus is confused!

[A]7d3h19m Pidgeot has actually sand attacked Gastly down to minimum accuracy at this point, and the paralysis really isn't helping. Nice one, xCabbage.

[A]7d3h18m While we're here, I've been looking up moves Pidgeot can learn that are flying type. He's already missed Wing Attack, and only learns Mirror Move, which isn't a direct attack. We can learn Sky Attack, which is extremely powerful, but the TM is in Victory Road. Other than that, there's Fly, but that could be a terrible idea.

[A]7d3h17m Pidgeot's finally down to his last 5hp! One more hit!

[A]7d3h13m Gastly just can't land an attack! So many sand attacks by this point, and the odd paralysis, that it's extremely difficult. If it weren't for the lack of PP counting of enemies in Gen I I'd say this battle might even get down to struggles. And Bird Jesus is physically incapable of landing a blow.

[A]7d3h09m The battle's really dragging on thanks to a combinationof sand attacks, normal typing and Gastly paralysis.

[A] 7d3h05m Bird Jesus has been confused. It's a grim result, but at least a speedier one than waiting for a Night Shade death. Even if he can't win, at least perhaps he can prevent Gastly from the satisfaction of defeating him.

[A] 7d3h01m It's all over now, Bird Jesus has no attacks to use against Gastly.

[Also note, it was already over. xCabbage only had poison powder, but Gastly is poison type, so it couldn't affect it].

[A] 7d3h00m xCabbage hops in, gets paralysed almost instantly by a lick. Gets licked 3 more times, manages to paralyse gastly with a stun spore. It's PAR v PAR here, but now xCabbage is down!

[A] 7d2h59m: Pidgeot and xCabbage are the only ones left! Dux has fainted.

[A] 7d2h58m: We have 3 remaining pokemon left.

[A] 7d2h59m It's all over now folks, it's incredibly unlikely that we can take it down now. It's just a case of glorious suicide now.

[A] 7d2h57m The keeper's in, but gets confused and hurts himself. It'll still take two night shades to drop him though, but he used pound. Clutching at 5HP, and taken down by a night shade!

[A] 7d2h57m Based Rattata gets taken down by confusion and nightshade. Bottom Percentile. Dux in.

[A] 7d2h56m: Rattata has fainted to Medium's Gastly. :(

[A] 7d2h53m Red gets challenged by a medium!


[A] 7d2h52m Red keeps tumbling down these stairs. Apparently having major issues. Remember, we have to go left as soon as we get up.

[A] 7d2h51m: Kidding! We're back on the 2nd. Apologies.

[A] 7d2h50m: We're finally on the third floor according to this map! Horrah!

[A] 7d2h49m Bird Jesus goes in for an absolute merciless cubone takedown, before we run from that battle, and another one, and hop upstairs onto the next floor... And down again.. And into another battle.

[A] 7d2h48m Hehey! Red gets through a very pernickety crevice first time! Well done, gang. Dux takes on a CUbone.

[A] 7d2h47m xCabbage runs away. Remember, don't overspam left here.

[A] 7d2h45m We've successfully run away from a couple of battles now, but we're engaing with a gastly. Gastly and Dashbat are in a confusion war! It's pretty funny! Dashbat clutches at 2hp but eventually gives up the ghost.

[A]7d2h43m: As a small correction/QualityofLife, we are currently on the 2nd floor when using this link. If you count the main floor as the ground floor, we're on the 2nd floor.

[A] 7d2h42m Alright, we made it up to the third floor. This is where the battles start. Remember, down and right, not up.

[STRATEGY] Map again guys. Let's try to avoid digging out anyway. Like, logistically, how do we even manage to dig out of a tower?

[A] 7d2h37m Ah, scratch that, Red went back downstairs to talk to the dead growlithe girl as well. Obviously couldn't resist.

[A] 7d2h37m Red smoothly slides past Growlithe girl without getting roped into a grim conversation. He does choose to loop right round her though. Straight up onto the next floor!

[A] 7d2h35m Expert pause buffering! We stopped right outside the tower, and right in! Well done guys!

[STRAT] Remember guys, there's 26 seconds of lag! That's why we keep overshooting and passing the entrance. If you're on the left side of the door, don't start hammering right, start hammering up, or left to counter the oncoming rightstorm!

[A] 7d2h31m I looked away for a split second and we're back in Lavender town. Can only imagine Digrat is responsible.

[A]7d2h31m: Dug ourselves out of the Pokemon Tower! Whoops.

[A] 7d2h29m Red successfully traverses room 1 without masses of difficulty.

[STRATEGY] Remember folks, here's the layout!

[A]7d2h28m Red gets stuck in a super awkward conversation about some girl's dead growlithe, eventually decides to get on with the adventure and enters into the first floor.

[A]7d2h27m After about 10 minutes of loitering outside the Pokémon Tower and walking into the side of it, Red goes in with a plan.

[A]7d2h14m: We have healed our pokemon!

[A]7d2h9m: We've entered the Poke Center. We're aiming to heal our Pokemon.

[A] 7d 2h 6m: We're wandering Lavender Town once again.

[A] 7d 2h 0m We're name rating!

[A] 7d 1h 55m Nevermind, we have more important things to do apparently. Red walks off.

[A] 7d 1h 54m We're sitting down with the Name Rater. What's he going to change today?

[A] 7d 1h 52mWe're approaching the PC again.

[PSA] It's spelt "Gastly", guys. "Gastly". Not "Ghastly". Thanks, everyone.

[A] 7d 1h 43m Visit to Pokemon Centre, all now at full health.

[A] 7d 1h 39m Drowzee faints in battle with a Gastly.

An important announcement to all updaters: From now on, all updates should be limited to important events. Wild encounters are not needed unless a Pokemon faints. Trainer battles can still be reported, but in-battle commentary is not needed. Movement reports should be kept to an absolute minimum.

[STRATEGY] Guys, we shouldn't actually be walking up! Check the map here: http://24.media.tumblr.com/831e05704d890f8720e5647ed215d785/tumblr_n19r7aOfB81ttt2spo1_1280.png

. Floor 2, we need to go to the right!

[A]7d1h22m Bird Jesus blows Gastly away, literally!

[A] 7d1h18m Whether by luck or by judgement, the Keeper takes out Gastly with a timely Psychic attack.

7d1h18m Dux hits himself and is out for the count.

[A] 7d1h18m We're running into major issues because we're pressing down and right in battle to select run, but due to the lag, we start walking down, and then have to walk up again, inevitably initiating another battle and having the exact same problem. Things are looking pretty difficult with this high encounter rate. We're going to have to start predicting well in advance of running away.

[A]7d1h17m And yet another Gastly appeared. We high tail it again.

[A]7d1h16m A Wild Gastly Appeared! We ran for the hills!

[A] 7d1h15m Hell hath no fury like a Dux's quadruple attack, but we run again.

[A] 7d1h15m We leave the encounter. Red is unfazed. A new encounter starts almost immediately - another cubone.

[A] 7d1h15m Dux gets subbed in to fight cubone, cuts it. It almost gets bone clubbed, before we sub out dashbat. Dashbat leeches the cubone for double damage, before attempting to confuse it.

[A] 7d1h14m We encounter another Cubone.

[A] 7d1h14m Dux hurts itself trying to use cut. Poor Dux, we manage to run away though.

[A] 7d1h12m Drowzee toys with the Cubone, simply pounding it. Before walking away, leaving it almost knocked out and writhing.

7d1h12m We ran from the Cubone.

[A] 7d1h11m Bird Jesus shows no mercy, gusting it before leaving it for the Keeper.

[A] 7d1h11m Bird Jesus is sent in to crush a feeble cubone.

[Strategy] Remember guys, just hightail it when we encounter a Gastly. We've already caught one, we just need to preserve Drowzee.

[A] 7d 1h 9m A hasty retreat and we live to fight another minute.

[A] 7d1h7m Dux didn't learn Swords Dance.

.. Oh well.

[A] 7d1h7m Dux levels up and tries to learn Swords Dance!

[A] 7d1h6m: Drowzee gets nightmared but PULLS OUT THE PSYCHIC. 1HKO.

[Strategy] We've already caught a Gastly, so at this rate, it's best to run away and preserve our team. Usually, we don't have problems trying to run away, especially during gym battles.

7d1h3m AJ has fallen in combat against a wild Gastly. :(

[I think we just Reddit crushed that poor guy's site. Go team].

[Readers' Corner] So, /u/lol-jk and /u/chogoling have pointed me in the direction of this, which is apparently the romhack we're playing. The comments and reviews on the page seem to suggest that the rom doesn't actually work, and nothing is different, but it's difficult to know.

7d0h55m We've reentered the Pokemon Tower.

7d0h54m We're back in Lavender Town. Prepare to be creeped out once more.

A friendly request from /u/CasualTea to all updaters: Please stick to one term when discussing "Red, Twitch, TPP, etc". It makes it easier to understand what's going on.

7d0h52m We're currently on Route 8, on the way back to Lavender Town.

Quick correction: Hitmonchan is Route 17, not 16.

[That should have read "from their version"]

Please note that we cannot currently confirm this is any specific romhack. The most well known 151 romhack, "Red 151" is definitely not this version. You can tell this by comparing this video of this romhack to our version of the main menu. As you can see, the "151" is absent from our version.

I am personally skeptical that the version people keep linking to is the one we're playing.

Due to the romhack we are using, all Pokemon should be able to be caught in the game. The pastebin in my previous comment shows the locations for the Pokemon.

List was provided to me by u/rosewillcode.

Here's the full list on where we can find each Pokemon: http://pastebin.com/tcExUXFt

Actually, the fact that this is a romhack might change the statistics; the creator may have added a small percentage to encounter Hitmonchan. We'll have to find out when we get there.

This is a romhack remember!

7d0h35m We're just casually strolling around Saffron City right now. The Hive Mind has yet to make a decision.

[Reader's Corner] Thanks for writing in folks! To answer some questions:

  • No we can't pick up Hitmonchan, but apparently there's some impossibly low chance of catching it on Route 16 (unconfirmed).

  • Correction to my earlier post: Night Shade does damage equal to Gastly's level, not our Pokémon's.

  • Speaking of Gastly, word in the grape vine is that his name is Rick Gastly.

[A] 7d 0h 31m We left the Pokémon Center!

[A] 7d 0h 30m Real split here between leaving and going to the PC. We're just walking left and right in the middle of the Center.


[A] 7d 0h 28m Battle mode is back on shift.

7d0h24m Twitch is heading to the PC to retrieve Gastly. The results could be ... well, quite ghastly.

Thanks for the Revive Girl fanart, /u/fluffkomix

[Summary] Day 6, Pt 3: Twitch got bored of dying in the Tower, and we ended up in Saffron City. There, we picked up Psychic, and fought the Dojo, acquirring the Hitmonlee CCC (C3K0). . More wandering. We somehow managed to teach Drowzee Psychic, replacing Hypnosis, on Anarchy. At the PC to try to withdraw C3K0, we released him and X, while depositing all of our items. We got them back, but paid dearly there. Now we're back in the Pokemon Tower, working our way through to the top to get that Pokeflute.

7d0h22m Twitch decides to consult Bulbasaur as consolation for blacking out.

[A]7d0h21m: UNLUCKY. Drowzee actually picked Psychic and had it queue'd up and ready to go, however Gastly's speed is higher than Drowzee's.

[A] 7d0h20m What we do know though is: Psychic is awesome.

[A] 7d0h20m But falls to the second one. Black out!

[A] 7d0h20m Drowzee ANNIHILATES Gastly.

7d0h20m Night shade misses again. This is getting quite intense.

7d0h19m Close call, Gastly's Night Shade missed.

[A] 7d0h20m The Keeper himself is switched it. He can only take one hit from Night Shade, but thanks to the good old Gen I glitch, lick can't affect him. Unfortunately.. we just disabled lick.

7d0h19m Drowzee attempts to Pound Gastly, and then we consult the Silph Scope.

[A]7d0h19m: The only Pokemon we have left is our Psychic-knowing Drowzee. Will we pick the right attack?

[A] 7d0h17m In the immortal words of the Pokémon Stadium 1 commentator, "What's it doing?! Down it goes!", Bird Jesus sacrifices himself again out of confusion.

[Summary] Day 6, Pt 2: We reached Lavendar town, fought Blue, and quickly got knocked out in the Pokemon Tower. The hivemind decided to try to level up Drowzee some, we acquired Swift, taught it to Digrat somehow. Digrat got renamed to AAJST(???. Some more grinding, rock tunnel, elsewhere. A few technical difficulties plagued us in the early mid-day. We bought some great balls and wasted all our money, down to $41. Caught a Zubat, who we nicknamed ---. We caught another Zubat, nicknamed x.

[Summary] Day 6: We started off in the Game Corner, still on our quest to take out Giovanni after our first failure. A few false starts and we finally get to him, with an impressive Anarchy takedown of the lift boss. Giovanni goes down fast once Pidgeot gets out there, then after a quick check of the Pokedex, Digrat tunneled out of the base. Leaving the Silph Scope behind. 2 hours, 39 minutes of wandering and arguing later we got the Silph Scope and dug out.

[A] 7d0h16m Gastly is fully paralysed, but Pidgeot keeps using whirlwind. It becomes confused again.

[A] 7d0h15m Night Shade misses!

[In the previous update "Psychic" should have read "Night shade", apologies]

[A] 7d0h14m Bird Jesus is confused and is killing itself faster. The battle should be over a bit more quickly now. If Drowzee can get lucky with its first attack it can still pull this out, but it can only take one more hit from Psychic. Switching into Drowzee could be fatal.

7d0h13m Bird Jesus is still alive, but not much progress is being made. Gastly used Confuse Ray on Bird Jesus.

[A] 7d0h10m Bird Jesus goes out against Gastly, but it's a pretty pointless endeavour. Its normal typing renders it impossible to hit with Lick, and it's going to take 6 more nightshades to defeat it.

7d0h10m Bird Jesus takes on the Medium's Gastly.

Correction for below timestamp: 7d0h9m

7hr9m Cabbage is down :(

[STRATEGY] Here's the map folks: http://24.media.tumblr.com/831e05704d890f8720e5647ed215d785/tumblr_n19r7aOfB81ttt2spo1_1280.png

(Assuming we don't lose to this Medium).

[A] 7d0h7m Dashbat is down! Killed with a lick!

[A] 7d0h5m xCabbage just paralysed a Medium's gastly!

[That should've read 7d0h0m, obvs. Apologies folks].

[A] 6d0h0m Oh snap, we found a haunter! But we ran.

[A] 7d0h0m: One full week of streaming! To celebrate, Bird Jesus is using Quick Attack on Gastly.

[a]6d23h47m: Gastly has no nickname. It will remain as Gastly.

[A]6d23h49m: We have caught a Gastly with a Great Ball.

[A]6d23h47m: We used a great ball on a Gastly. That's one less.

[A] 6d 23h 46m Drowzee repeatedly uses pound against a gastly and fails. We're trying to test out the raw power of psychic but it's not going well, since nightshade does 21 damage to us every time as Drowzee is level 21. He only takes 3 hits to die.

[A]6d23h47m: We fled. No psychic used.

[A]6d23h46m: We've encountered a Gastly and Drowzee has actually been swapped in! However, since Pound is the first move and Psychic is the second, it's very difficult to actually use Psychic. So far, we've used 2 pounds and Drowzee only has 14 hp now.

[A] 6d23h38m: We've entered Pokemon Tower with a Drowzee that knows Psychic! Hopefully it'll make a difference. Good luck!

[A] 6d 23h 32m:We're going back towards the PC

[A] 6d 23h 28m: Getting back into Lavender Town now. That Tower won't know what hit.

[IRC] If it helps, this is what the intro screen to the ROM looks like.

[IRC] A thought has popped up in the IRC. Since this is the 151 Romhack, we've still never seen any "non Red" Pokémon. Could it be that Hitmonchan can be obtained too in this rom by simply picking it up? We don't know. If anyone can confirm that'd be great.

[A]6d23h15m: Let's spare a quick thought, though, and not forget what we have lost today.

[A]6d23h15m: And to kick the happiness all off, we saved immediately afterwards! What a perfect series of events. :)


[A]6d23h14m: We have made Drowzee learn Psychic! The move that was replaced was "Hypnosis". Congratulations!

[A]6d23h14m We just tried to teach Psychic to Based Rattata. Apparently there are some moves he can't learn.

[A]6d23h14m: Oh we're so close!! We've booted up TM29 Psychic!

[A]6d23h4m: We are now walking around aimlessly. The objective seems to be the attempt to teach Drowzee Psychic once again.

[A]6d22h57m: We have healed our pokemon! ... Twice.

[PIC] Fantastic job on the teamwork of leaving the PC, everyone! >> http://imgur.com/gallery/sKjo9Zc

[A]6d22h52m This is a sad day for us all. Let us not forget the great sacrifice of that Zubat was never used and C3KO: The powerhouse we never got to unleash on the world.

[A]6d22h51m: WE WITHDREW EVERYTHING. EVERYBODY PRESS "B"! There are too many casualties already.

[A]6d22h51m The Silph Scope was retrieved from the PC

[A]6d22h51m Cut was taken back! One more!

[A]6d22h51m We took back the key, and the Cult of Helix will be happy their saviour is back.

[A]6d22h50m Accessed Red's PC! We withdrew the Ticket!

[A]6d22h49m We withdrew xCabbage.

[A]6d22h47m It's a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. It's smoke, and it's flames now. Oh the humanity..

[A]6d22h45m: x WAS RELEASED. Good-bye Zubat!

[A]6d22h44m Sorry Oak, but we just aren't taking your advice to get Flash.

[A]6d22h44m We just got our Pokédex rated. 78 seen, 14 caught. We're on the right track, says Oak.

[A]6d22h43m We just deposited XCabbage.

[A]6d22h43m In Bill's PC again. What could go wrong?

[A]6d22h42m We appear to be walking away from the PC, but we need the Silph Scope still!

[NOTE]: As u/Alex_Rose has pointed out, we must go back to the PC for the Silph Scope.

[A]6d22h41m: RIP C3KO. We weren't worthy of you.


[A]6d22h40m: Bill's PC was activated again and.. C3KO IS ABOUT TO BE RELEASED!

[A]6d22h40m: We now HAVE to use the PC to get our Silph Scope back!

[A]6d22h39m: Deposited cut.. AND THE SILPH SCOPE!

[A]6d22h39m: Deposited the SS Ticket and Helix.

[A]6d22h39m: Accessed Red's PC and got rid of that darned lift key.

[A]6d22h38m: Things are extremely tense due to twitch lag! We're still hovering over "Withdraw"!

[A]6d22h36m: Activated Bill's PC.

[WARNING] To reiterate, the "last Pokémon alive" PC strategy does NOT work.

[A]6d22h32m: We have finally entered the Poke Center.

[WARNING] Getting tips that "Going to the PC with Pidgeot as the only one alive on our team means we can't release it". This is NOT TRUE. There is a generation 1 glitch which means if you deposit your last non-ko'd Pokémon you black out! We did it before!

[A]6d22h27m We tensely approach the Pokémon Center again to retrieve C3KO. Will we risk bird jesus? Could a political war be brewing? Only time will tell.

[A]6d22h26m: Red is heading towards the Poke Center! Looks like we're going to retrieve C3KO.

[A]6d22h25m: There is a split for objectives at the moment. It's being argued over whether or not to teach Psychic to Drowzee now, or to go to the PC to retrieve C3KO now.

[A]6d22h22m Clingy girl: "Revive is costly, but it revives fainted Pokémon". Can't wait for the drawings of this to appear.

[A]6d22h17m: For those who are unable to watch, this is our dismal situation at the moment >> http://imgur.com/6jalzdL

[A]6d22h17m Red gets completed boxed in the corner by a girl.

[A]6d22h16m Red takes the expert strategy of talking to the shopkeeper from the wrong side. And we've bought 2 great balls! Maybe one more?

[A]6d22h17m: We have bought another great ball. $767 left.

[A]6d22h16m: We have bought 1 Great Ball! We have $1367 left.

[A]6d22h14m: We're heading to the PokeMart now. Perhaps buying some balls to catch Snorlax, who is capable of surf?

[A]6d22h7m: We now have almost universal agreement on C3KO! Welcome to the team!

[A]6d22h6m: A variety of nicknames are being thrown out. Some more include C3PO and C3KO, as well as Triple C or just simply CCC.

[A] 6d22h5m: Strike that, arguments arised between "CCCombo Breaker, C3Leeo and C-3-Lee-O"!

6d22h5m We have an issue: Hitmonlee is in the PC right now since we have a full party. If we wish to retrieve him, we will risk losing a member of our team.

[A] 6d22h5m: Already users are dubbing him C3PO.

[A] 6d22h4m: Hitmonlee's nickname is CCC

[A] 6d22h3m: We have chosen Hitmonlee

[A]6d22h2m: We defeated the Dojo Master with only Pidgeot! Congrats!

A:6d22h0m Challenged the Pokémon Dojo master!

[A]6d21h37m: [NOTE] Please do not press "B" if we are aiming to have Drowzee learn Psychic!

A:6d21h28m: Looks like Red is going towards the Fighting Dojo, perhaps for a Hitmon? Remember, Lee is on left, Chan is on right.

[A]6d21h27m: Given the fact that Red is not moving further than a 2x2 square, the current goal seems to be to teach Drowzee Psychic using the TM.

Just to clarify, that's up to level 21.

A:6d21h0m Drowzee levels up!

Update: We were originally in Saffron City, still attempting to teach Drowzee Psychic. However, due to down-spam, we crossed through the guard house and are now in the route above Vermillion. Thanks to u/seodoth for filling me in.

6d20h45m We're on the route above Vermillion City, battling some rogue Oddishes. Not sure what's going on.

[A] 6d20h15m: Haven't made any progress at teaching Psychic to Drowzee. Nearly tossed it several times as well as nearly teaching it to him.

[A] 6d19h32m We have TM29 Psychic in our posession. Now for teaching it to Drowzee.

[STRATEGY]: The current plan in purple, plus a potential plan to consider afterwards in red. http://i.imgur.com/rjNMX3D.png

[A] 6d 19h 6m: Digrat levels up and immediately faints

[IRC] The IRC are discussing getting a Hitmon while in Saffron, to gain some passive experience while we attempt the tower.

6d191m: We've encountered a trainer on our (apparent) way to Saffron.

[A] 6d 18h 59m: The current plan: http://imgur.com/DT5X5ti

[A] 6d 18h 56m: To everyone's confusion, we have left Lavender Town completely

[A] 6d 18h 18m: Back to wandering around Lavender town. The hivemind is trying to get moving again.

[A] 6d 18h 15m: Some minor pressure to push toward the PC, for no discernible reason. Seems like probably trolling, people calling to release Bird Jesus.

[A] 6d:18h:13m Zubat is defeated, and TPP is back at the Pokecenter.

[A] 6d:18h:11m Zubat is deployed as their last hope against Ghastly. Gets hit down to ten health.

[A] 6d:18h:10m Pidgeot uses quick-attack and misses. Becomes confused and is taken down. One Pokemon left on the team.

[A] 6d:18h:8m A trainer battle in progress. Pidgeot is out. Gets confused and hurts himself. The Silph scope is consulted, but nothing happens.

[A] 6d:18h:4m Cue another encounter. They waste no time and run.

[A] 6d:18h:3m TPP finally manages to run away.

[A] 6d:18h TPP glances over the Pokedex. Turns and runs into a Ghastly. AJ gets confused and hits itself. Ghastly brings AJ into 10 health while AJ attempts quick-attack multiple times. It fails and he goes down to a Night Shade. Zubat is sent out.

[A] 6d:17h:59m Ghastly. AJ uses dig and nearly one-hits the ghost before running away.

[A] 6d:17h:57m Guess what they encountered? TPP swaps in Zubat and consults the lift key multiple times. They run.

[A] 6d:17h:56m Encounters another Ghastly. Runs away (they're pretty good at it). Promptly saves.

[A] 6d:17h:55m Another Ghastly encounter. Runs away again.

[A]6d:17h:53m TPP encounters a Ghastly. Promptly runs.

[A] 6d:17h:51m AJ uses dig twice to finally take down ghastly. The trainer is defeated.

[A] 6d:17h:50m Dux gets knocked out. Replaced by AJ the Ratatta. TPP consults the Lift Key and Ticket for guidance.

[A] 6d17h49m Drowzee killed himself with confusion after being hit twice with Night Shade.

[A] 6d:17h:49m Dux is sent out before promptly being replaced by Drowzee. Gets hit a few times and eventually knocks himself out from cunfusion.

[A] 6d:17h:48m Bird Jesus is sent out and attempts whirlwind. Ghastly confused Pideot.

[A] 6d:17h:47'm Oddish is paralyzed and licked repeatedly. Then proceeds to get confused and knock itself out. Zubat is sent out.

[A] 6d:17h:45m A trainer battle begins, Oddish v Ghastly. TPP inspects their Zubat for guidance.

[A] 6d:17h:45 TPP runs from the encounter.

[A] 6d:17h:44m Another Ghastly encounter, but TPP runs right away before taking a few steps and finding a Ghastly.

[A] 6d:17h:42m A battle with Ghastly begins. Oddish attempts cut, misses, and AJ is sent out before promptly being replaced with Dux. TPP then runs.

[A] 6d17h39m We've re-entered Pokemon Tower.

[A] 6d17m36m We've healed!

[A] 6d17h35m We've re-entered the Pokemon Centre attempting to heal

[A] 6d17h28m Having left the cave, Red appears to be moving listlessly. Chat appears confused, calls for democracy arise.

6d16h36m He's called X, and already the chat is calling him Mr. X

6d16h36m Caught a second Zubat!

Current comment thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/1ycyvo/live_updates_day_7/

[A]6d16h20m: Entered Rock Tunnel.

[A]6d16h20m: We seem to be headed towards the Rock Tunnel once more to grind up our pokemon.

[A]6d16h10m: Fainted from facing another Channeler with only a 20 hp Pidgeot. RIP.

[A]6d16h10m: We've blacked out in the Pokemon Tower while in Battle with a Channeler.

As a quick update, yes. We have one Great Ball still, but no room in our party.

/r/twitchplayspokemon will no longer allow screenshots of chat

[A]6d15h53m: We picked up an Escape Rope.

[A]6d15h48m: After the enemy trainer's Gastly took out three of our pokemon, AAJST(???? came to save the day with a Dig that did 98% of the Gastly's health. Another dig sealed the deal and we beat her!

[A] 6d 15h 46m: The 'switch between useless pokemon' strategy doesn't seem to be working. Helix guide us!

[A]6d15h40m: Progress! We're facing Trainer "Channeler" in the Pokemon Tower.

[A]6d15h21m: We've entered the Pokemon Tower once again! Good luck!

Oddish now has the nickname of "xCabbage" it seems.

[A]6d15h6m: ODDISH "a" HAS BEEN RENAMED TO "x(araggbaj"




[A]6d15h0m: We have entered the Name Rater's house once more.

[A]6d 14h 51m: Now that all our money has been wisely spent catching zubats we no longer have to worry about losing money when we pass out!

[A]6d14h50m: We're in the Poke Mart and just attempted to purchase another Great Ball. However, we only have $41.

[A]6d14h47m: DigRat has dug us out of the Pokemon Center.

[A]6d14h41m: We've entered Pokemon Tower once again. Good luck!

[A]6d14h38m: We have finally healed our pokemon!

[A]6d14h32m: We are in the PokeCenter in an attempt to heal our pokemon.

[A]6d14h20m: We have left the Rock Tunnel.

[A] 6d14h18m: We fled Onyx.

[A]6d14h18m: We are encountering another Onyx! There seems to be a unanimous decision to catch it.

[A]6d14h16m: We used our Max Ether on Dux's Cut.

[A]6d14h15m: DashBat has fainted to a Geodude. We only have DigRat and Jesus Bird now left in he Rock Tunnel.

[A]6d14h13m: We encountered an Onyx in the Rock Cave, yet ran away.

[A]6d14h12m: DigRat has leveled up to lvl 17 after almost one-hitting a Zubat with Swift! Impressive.

[A]6d14h11m: Dux has fainted while fighting a Zubat.

[A]6d14h9m: Drowzee has fainted while fighting a Machop.

It seems that Twitch Chat has deemed "---" (Zubat)'s new name to be: "DashBat." Welcome, DashBat!

Welcome the newest member of TPP! Zubat! With the wonderful name of "---"

[A]6d14h6m: Oddish has fainted!

[A]6d14h5m: ZUBAT'S NAME IS: ---



[A]6d14h0m: to clarify: The Great Ball didn't work.

[A]6d14h0m: Threw one of our Great Balls at a full-hp Zubat.

[A]6d13h57m: We have entered the Rock Tunnel. Time for grinding!

[A]6d13h55m: We are heading north into the Rock Tunnel it seems to grind our pokemon once again.

[A]6d13h42m: We now have $41 after buying yet another Great Ball. We now have 3 Great Balls and no cash.

[A]6d13h39m: We leave the Poke Mart with 2 Great Balls and -$1200.

[A]6d13h35m: We've entered the Poke Mart. It seems that we have no objective at the moment. Possible ones include: Pokemon Tower, Grinding DigRat, Grinding Drowzee at Rock Tunnel.

[A] 6d 13h 32m: The current plan is to travel up and train Drowzee in the rock tunnel. Or we could just go back into the Pokemon tower right now, I hear that worked really well last time.

[A]6d13h29m: We are in the Poke Center in Lavender Town. This is just an update--it seems that, even when offline, the timer kept ticking up.


9:48 AM EST, stream is offline!

As of 9:45 EST the stream is paused, sound remains distorted

The reason for the strange sound: The emulator was set at a higher speed! I really don't like the idea of speeding up the game. Brings even more chaos into it makes the time counter kinda obsolete

As of 9:37 AM EST, the stream is back up and fully functioning! The sound, however, is still extremely distorted and quite frightening. Oh, and right as I typed this, the stream is back down. Probably to fix the sound.

Strange things are happening. A green flash, music being stuttering like hell. And a stream going in standby and offline and online and all around... it's madness!

9:32 AM EST, the stream was briefly unpaused for a second but had extremely distorted sound. Amusement was had in twitch chat. The stream is now paused once again.

As of 9:19 AM EST, the stream has been paused once again.

As of 9:17 AM EST, the stream is back up. However, it does not seem to be inputting any inputs even though it is in Anarchy.

How do you all feel about "Ajax" instead of AAJT(???? as a nickname for Rattata? > http://tinyurl.com/kr6u2qt. A fellow viewer messaged me that idea. Take a look!

As of 9:31 AM EST, the stream has been paused.

[A]6d12h45m: AAJT(???? [Rattata] has just dug Red out of the Rock Tunnel. Whoops.

[Objective] : For those joining us now, we are in the Rock Tunnel because we need to grind levels for Drowzee so he can face the Gastlys.

[A]6d12h40m: Drowzee is now lvl 20! Congratulations!

[A]6d12h37m: We are now in the Rock Tunnel. Drowzee is out fighting--actually never mind Pidgeot has been swapped in.

[Announcement]: Please visit http://tiny.cc/up7ibx if you would like to learn how to filter the chat and change your chat to become like this: http://imgur.com/s7MsAt4. I found it very helpful and it's essentially like having a chatroom with no spam!

[A]6d12h34m: Red seems to be heading north back into the Rock Cave in an attempt to grind.

As of 8:55 AM EST--STREAM IS BACK ONLINE with a new update! The Anarchy/Democracy line now has a "<" or "<<" or ">" or ">>" indicator to show which way votes are swinging.

As of 8:54 AM EST--Stream is now offline


[A]6d12h26m Fun Fact: In that one Gastly fight which took 10 minutes, we switched from Democracy and then back into Anarchy before the end of the fight. Right after Anarchy took place, Pidgeot died.

[A]6d12h26m: Pidgeot has fainted. We are back in Lavender Town, outside of the Poke Center.

[A]6d12h26m: ANARCHY

[D]6d12h20m: Anarchy votes are piling in again.

[D]6d12h18m: After spending 5 minutes stuck in the "pick a pokemon" screen, Democracy has used "down4a" algorithm to finally pick a pokemon. Pidgeot is our last remaining pokemon.

[D][Announcement]: Please remember that there is a delay for Democracy. Please vote for the next action to be placed.

[D]6d12h11m: DEMOCRACY

[A]6d12h10m: AAJST(???? has fainted to a Gastly.

[A]6d12h4m: wow. AAJST(??? just one-hit a ghastly with dig.

[A] 6d 12h 1m: Apparently we haven't had enough of slow painful deaths in the the Pokemon tower, back in we go...

[A]6d12h0m: Red has entered the Pokemon Tower! Democracy votes are piling in suddenly.

[A]6d11h56m: Never mind. We've left.

[A]6d11h56m: We are back in the Name Rater's house.

[A]6d11h54m: Red has left the Name Rater's house. Again, Rattata's new name is: "AAJST(????"

[A]6d11h52m: AAJST(??? = Rattata.


[A]6d11h51m: We are in the NAME RATER's house right now. We are actually getting our names rated.

[A] Apologies, Drowzee has already fainted.

[A]6d11h46m: We're back in Lavender Town. There's a dispute over whether or not to Heal Drowzee first.

6d11h41m: We are in the rock cave now! Drowzee is now fighting geodudes in an attempt to level up.

6d11h30m: We beat that random biker dude.

[A]6d:11h:27m Dux faints in battle.

[Update Objective]: We're on Route 10 heading north to the Rock Tunnel in an attempt to train our Drowzee it seems.

6d11h21m: Facing random brute.

6d11h20m: We found a max ether! Congratulations.

6d11h20m: Red's headin' north out of Lavender town.

6d11h16m : We're back in the poke center. Fainted.

6d11h8m: Game's back. [Might have been false alarm and just my comp, apologies]

6d11h8m: I just switched it on. Game up and running. Beating some Gastly's ass!

6d11h4m: Game seems to have paused/crashed.

6d11h0m: Gastly vs. Our Normal Pokemon. No one has been doing any damage to each other for a while.

[A] 6d 10h 51m: We're still in the tower. Again, with the vast majority of our team's moves being normal type, our success is coming in dribs and drabs. Drowzee and Oddish are down.

[A] 6d 10h 23m: Slightly late with the update sorry, but Digrat forgot Thunderbolt in favour of Swift. Let us not question the Helix's will.

[A] 6d 10h 25m Slowly but surely we're progressing through the Tower, whether we grind levels on fights or run away seems to be 50/50 still

[A] 6d 10h 2m: We've reentered Lavender Town. Whether Red will grind Drowzee, try to boot up Swift, or tank the Tower with our current team remains to be seen. Oh - wait. In the time I typed this, he's entered the Tower.

[A] 6d 9h 50m: We have reached Snorlax! Now where is that pesky PokeFlute again...

[A] 6d 9h 41m: Red continues to wander the docks, picking fights with overweight fishermen.


[A] 6d 9h 8m: Recognising the need to level up, Red has travelled south, looking for Swift. Digrat and Drowzee both levelling up against a fisherman along the way.

[A] 6d 8h 57m: At long last, Gastly hits with Night Shade and finishes Pigeot. Never has a defeat been such a relief.

[A] 6d 8h 48m: A lucky Confuse Ray from Gastly leads to Pigeot hitting himself, but still clinging to life.

[A] 6d 8h 48m: Currently locked in an impasse, with Pigeot incapable of hurting and Gastly, too incompetent to hit.

[A] 6d 8h 42m: With Drowzee and Digrat down, almost exclusively Normal-type moves from the rest of the party, it's been slow going in the Pokemon Tower. 15 minutes after we began this battle, we are still fighting the same Ghastly. Only Bird Jesus remains. Helix, deliver us.

[A] 6d 8h 27m: Digrat goes down to Gastly. The Lift Key is consulted aggressively.

[A] 6d 8h 20m: Thanks to Digrat's defeat of Gastly with his signature move, it seems the hivemind's opinion of him has reversed, and is now determined to complete the tower using only him. And running away, also that.

[A] 6d 8h 12m: The hivemind seems hell bent on returning to the Pokemon tower, third time lucky anyone? (Or is this 4th?)

[A] 6d 8h 5m: Currently the hivemind is deciding between training the keeper in the rock tunnel, picking up Psychic TM in Saffron city, heading south of Lavender town for swift, and visiting the PC...Helix help us all...

[A] 6d 7h 23m: New Objective! Whilst we can't currently update the Google Doc, our new plan is to head to the Rock Tunnel and grind Drowzee to level 32. He's our best shot against the Ghost-types in the tower. In picture form here: http://i.imgur.com/XaN4ILv.png

[A]: 6d 6h 48m: Bird Jesus has been defeated by the Holy Ghost. Let's pick up the pieces and try again.

[A]: 6d 6h 41m: With an unconscious Drowzee, Red's only weapon is a weak Thunderbolt from Digrat. This can only end one way.

[A]: 6d 6h 37m: A trainer battle! How will we overcome all these ghost-types?

[A]: 6d 6h 34m: How Gastly! Red now making his way through the multitudes haunting the tower. Mainly through cowardice.

[A]: 6d 6h 34m: A Gastly appears! Luckily, we manage to get away safely.

[A]: 6d 6h 33m: We did it folks! Blue has been slain!

[A]: 6d 6h 32m: Blue's Pokemon no match for Pidgeot's Gust, as he tries to finish Wartortle with the Silph Scope.

[A]: 6d 6h 31m: Kadabra is down! One last pokemon left for blue!

[A]: 6d 6h 31m Growlithe is then knocked out in one shot.

[A]: 6d 6h 31m: Blue's Pidgeotto is down! Growlithe was sent out and demolished with one hit!

[A]: 6d 6h 31m Pidgeot demolishes his opponent with Gust.

[A]: 6d 6h 30m: I spoke too soon, oddish has fallen. Bird Jesus is out to sweep the floor now!

[A]: 6d 6h 27m: Drowzee fell to Blue's Pidgeotto, but Oddish will finish him off!

[A]: 6d 6h 25h: Time to duke it out with Blue!

[A] 6d 6h 18m: We have now entered the Pokemon Tower.

[A] 6d 6h 13m: Finally healed up, time to head to Pokemon Tower.

[A] 6d 6h 6m: Little girl in Pokemon Centre won't stop telling us about how Cubone's mother died. Morbidly appropriate for the 666 timestamp.

[A] 6d 6h 4m: Welcome to Lavender Town!

[A] 6d 5h 59m: Inside the tunnel, on our way to Lavender town.

[A] 6d 5h 36m: Successfully dug out of the Game Corner. Time to leave Celadon City!

[A] 6d 5h 36m: Managed to dig out of the Game Corner.

[A] 6d 5h 35m: Still trying to get out of Game Corner, trying to dig our way out.

[D] 6d 5h 16m: Silph Scope acquired. Accursed Celadon City can be left in the dust now. Never again shall we enter the Game Corner, Helix willing.

[D] 6d 5h 7m: We reach B4F with adown2a.

[A] 6d 5h 3m: Red is in the lift, attempting to find the correct floor. This will take some time.

[A] 6d 4h 53m: After Bird Jesus was sent in, the grunt was quickly eliminated.

A: 6d 4h 52m: Red encounters another grunt and sends out Drowzee, whilst attempting to run away repeatedly.

A: 6d 4h 50m: Pidgeot continues the mighty run of form established against Giovanni and quickly destroys the grunt's four Pokemon.

[A] 6d 4h 50m: Hey, we got into a fight with a random TR grunt walking around. That's something different. Still no Silph Scope.

[A] 6d 4h 46m: Stream is back up. Meanwhile, Red's stuck in the lift trying to figure out how to press the button.

6d 4h 39m: Stream has gone down.

A:6d 4h 37m - We had a relatively brief trip into the maze. Walking around Rocket HQ, still haven't retrieved the Silph Scope.

A: 6d 4h 35M: There's no good way to say this, so here it is: we're back in the maze.

A: 6d 4h 31m: Stream was briefly paused, but is back running again.

[A] 6d 4h 21m: Finally back in the Rocket base to make our way to the Silph Scope.

A: 6d 4h 19m: After much wandering, Red has re-entered the Game Corner. But is more interested in developing a gambling habit than retrieving the Silph scope.

A:6d4h12m After a foray onto Route 7, Red is back in Celadon, apparently unwilling to endure the Rocket lift again.

Important announcement. We've been receiving some messages to report posts that clearly violate the rules of the sub, or even Reddit's own rules. We have lots of users right now, due to the recent user boom, and it is quite difficult to keep an eye on every single post. Please, read the rules and consider them before posting. If you find a post that violates on of them, please report it. Let's strive to keep creating a better sub so we can all enjoy it to its fullest. Thank you.

[Factoid of the day] A lot of people have been messaging in and explaining why Rage missed over and over. It's a Generation I glitch where if Rage misses once, it will continue to miss.

A: 6d 3h 28m: After little more than 10 minutes of Democracy, Anarchy has come back into power. Red is still running around in Celadon.

D:6d3h20m When we say Democracy, we mean Paralysis. Red hasn't moved since the change. More start9 instead of, y'know, voting.

Video of the fight against Giovanni. http://youtu.be/mYHhsuawmE0 . Shame we left the Scope we did the entire thing for behind.

A: 6d 3h 0m: Currently the hivemind is struggling between depositing digrat and simply trying again.

[A] 6d 2h 57m: By the way, we didn't get the Silph Scope, so we have to go back.


[A] 6d 2h 55m: With Gio down, our next stop is the Tower. It may take us a considerable amount of time to get there. Will we heal first? Will we save Mr Fuji on our first try?

A:6d2h53m After a frankly storming victory, Red takes a moment to examine his Pokedex


6d 2h 53m Bird Jesus has done it! Giovanni is defeated!

A:6d2h52m Kangaskhan joins the fray, CRITICAL GUST TAKES OFF 70% HEALTH followed by a triple comet punch.

A:6d2h52m Bird Jesus uses Whirlwind yet again, and Rhyhorn comes back with another horn attack. Does negligible damage, but Bird Jesus uses whirlwind again, before FINISHING RHYHORN OFF WITH A CRITICAL QUICK ATTACK.

A:6d2h51m We're dealing with a bit of Twitch lag thanks to almost 120,000 users, but Pidgeot uses whirlwind now. Rhyhorn misses with horn attack.


6d2h49m Bird Jesus takes off the second chunk of HP just as Giovanni uses Guard Spec! Bit Late Giovanni!

A:6d2h50m Bird Jesus finally used Gust again

6d2h49m Rhyhorn misses thanks to sand attack. Pidgeot's got this in the bag, takes off 25-30% with gust.

6d2h49m Rhyhorn uses horn attack, Bird Jesus is using a sand attack onslaught.

6d2h49m Now, Onix had guard spec used on him, which prevents stat reduction. Rage has 100 accuracy, so that was truly bizarre.

6d2h49m Bird Jesus uses gust twice, defeats Onix, who misses.

6d2h48m Dux is swapped out in favour of Bird Jesus.

6d2h47m Onix misses AGAIN AND Dux. What is going on?! And again!

6d 2h 48m: It seems Dux, even on a type, level and trainer disadvantage will manage to defeat Gio's Onix and probably gain a level. The future is looking bright indeed.

6d2h46m Dux lands a blow with cut. Onix is down to ~40% health. Lands another cut blow, Onix misses again and Dux hits yet another cut blow. About 30% now.

6d2h46m Dux misses yet again, Onix misses yet again, Dux misses yet again!

6d2h45m It's getting difficult to quit out of the menus thanks to the slow text speed. Onix misses AGAIN, and Dux uses Fury cutter. BUT ALSO MISSES!

6d2h44m Dux uses Fury Attack, using multiple attacks in a row which is just boosting Onix's attack even more due to Rage!

6d2h43m Onix keeps raging, Dux cuts a couple of times but Onix keeps missing over and over. Really surprising how many times he's missed now. AGAIN misses! Dux critical cuts!

6d2h43m Onix rages and raises attack again but misses. Dux uses leer and.. also misses! Really low chance that - 1/256. Dux uses sand attack and fails.

6d 2h 42m: The Lift Key was consulted and the decided course of action was to try and run. Of course we can't, so we sent in DUX.

6d2h42m Dux is swapped out in place of Bird Jesus.

6d2h42m We're stuck in a Lift Key lock.


6d2h42m The slow text speed is slowing the battle down significantly, it's going to be a lot more tense than last time! Whirlwind is used once again. Giovanni uses a guard spec on Onix. Bird Jesus uses quick attack, takes out a good amount of HP and Onix rages but misses.

6d2h49m Onix critical rages Pidgeot for 3 HP out of 144!

6d2h49m Bird Jesus is sent out, uses Sand attack.

6d2h49m Onix uses bind again, critically this time. It continues the onslaught for 2 more turns, before following up with a rage. Oddish is on 5HP, uses Cut and misses. Onix kills Oddish with Rage.

6d2h49m Oddish continues to get binded for 2 more turns and loses a good chunk of HP, before being screeched. It replies with a weak cut, doing barely any damage.

6d2h49m Onix is sent out, we send out Oddish. Oddish gets binded and can't move!

6d 2h 39m Rematch time! Battle with Giovanni finally begins!

6h 2h 37m Red's humping Giovanni's table. No doubt to intimidate him.

6d 2h 35m We had some problems with lag in the stream but things are going at normal speed again now.

6d2h33m Red is checking out Giovanni's equipment and room decorations again, presumable he's forgotten what they looked like since last time.

6d 2h 31m Giovanni Round #2! We're in his room.

6d 2h 29m It's a miracle! Red finally finds B4, and gets out of the lift. Then gets back in again.

6d 2h 14m The effective short-term memory loss with 91k people in the room is amazing, with so many popping in and out. People forget the floor, start mini-campaigns to get out of the elevator. Democracy seems hard to get to at the moment.

6d2h3m Red is still in the lift. The B4 button has yet to be pressed.

6d:1h:55m TPP are back in the elevator, attempting to use the buttons. Also, TM07 was tossed in the time I typed the previous sentence.

6d:1h:48m We are now on B2, dangerously close to the maze.

6d 1h 45m Back in the Game Corner. Here we go, we'll get him this time.

6d1h34m After a mercifully brief visit to the department store, Red is back on the streets, but no closer to Giovanni.

For those who wish to relive the heartbreak, here are our last moments against Giovanni.

6d1h17m Just walking around Celadon now.

6d1h10m: We got to Giovanni, but promptly dug our way out of the base.

6d1h2m: Threw away the PP Up. No one is surprised by this development.

6d1h0m Hold onto your hats, Red has found the button but apparently thinks B1 is nice this time of year.

6d0h57m The Helix Fossil, Nuggest and SS Ticket all agree: take the lift. Red hesitantly makes it, but will he find the button?

6d:56m Red manages to re-enter the Hideout. And exit. And enter. Kinky.

6d0h55m Apparently this place is run by Team Rocket, who knew?

6d0h50m: We've somehow left the Team Rocket base and are milling around the game corner. God help us all.

6d:50m The first floor wasn't too appealing, so Red decided to try his luck back in the Game Corner.

6d0h49m Red has again escaped the maze, and is now flirting with the stairs up to floor 1.

6d 0h 44m Red's enthusiasm level for travelling in circles has reached 'Nascar'.

6d 0h 36m TPP has voted with the Sex Pistols: "I wanna be anarchy, it's the only way to be".

As a reminder: We're not trying to get into any maze. Back upstairs and into the lift and to Giovanni. All Hideout mazes are completed, we never have to touch them again. We're trying to get to Floor 1, then down into the lift on the bottom right.

6d 0h 32m Been in this Hideout for days and it seems like the Democrats still don't know the layout. They're too confused about where they are to pick a direction.

6d0h32m The start9 filibuster continues. Democracy fails again.

Little correction from my summaries down below: All tile puzzles were done in Democracy, not just the one that yielded the Elevator Key. Thanks to those who messaged me the correction.

6d0h29m Still a high number of votes for start9, presumably from those who haven't realised that they can just vote for anarchy.

6d0h27m As with all great democracies, Red is going nowhere, slowly. The big question: will he make it to the B3 maze before anarchy takes over?

6d 0h 24m 33s Aaaand we're back to democracy.

6D:0h:23m as we near the life democratic, Red is vacillating outside the entrance to the B3 maze.

[STRATEGY] Word from the top - adown2a will be the game plan.

We had more active users than /r/LeagueOfLegends http://i.imgur.com/XPZRWAs.png

6d:18m Red has eluded the clutches of the B2 maze, and has now found a nice corner from which to observe the wall.

6d:13m For some unknown reason (likely because anarchy is still n effect), TPP has gotten stuck on the B2 maze

6d:11m now back inside the hideout.

6d 0h 7m Back inside game corner, trying to make our way back up to Giovanni.

Very early on in the day we also had Flaeron and Drowzee deposited.

Red blacked out, and after some precision healing at the Pokemon Center, began to wander around aimlessly once more in Celadon. That should bring everyone up to date to about now (6d0h3m), as we are still wandering around Celadon. Please add any information I may have missed.

About 10 min were spent riding the elevator from B1 to B1 until the Twitch chat changed the game-mode to Democracy, and defeated the elevator boss. The game-mode was then changed to Anarchy and Red defeated the two grunts that guarded Giovanni's door. Finally, after standing in the top-left hand corner of Giovanni's office for about a minute, we battled Giovanni, only for Bird Jesus to barely lose to Giovanni's Kangaskhan due to spamming Whirlwind at the end (with Kangaskhan having less than 10% of its HP).

After healing at the Pokemon Center, and releasing Flareon as well as withdrawing Drowzee, the Twitchnauts proceeded to return to the Game Corner, somehow passing the 1st tile puzzle in anarchy mode (I believe, I may be wrong) and making it to the elevator.

Recap: The majority of the day was spent bumbling around Team Rocket's tile puzzle in the Game Corner Team Rocket HQ. Many, many hours were spent on the puzzle before the Twitchnauts finally battled the Grunt for the Lift Key. After obtaining the Key, Digrat went crazy, and Red spent a few more hours wandering around Celadon City.

Well lads, it's been an interesting day. We've had ups and downs. Maybe we should have a recap, for those who haven't been here throughout Day 5, since progress is going to be slow for the next while.

5d23h46m Congratulations on the 50 000th save! Don't know where we'd be without it, wait...

5d23h44m Red casually walks into a stranger's house in Celadon City. Still not close to the Game Corner.

Timestamp for below post: 5d23h41m

As Twitch begins to realize that their efforts of clearing the tile puzzle and defeating the elevator were now in vain, Twitch's surprise begins to transform into anger, and the Twitchnauts slowly resume their push for Democracy.

As of 7:58 Eastern Standard time, this live update has passed 10k viewers! Hope we're keeping you guys entertained.

5d:23h:30m With TPP back outside, the black bar now slowly creeps towards Democracy. It appears that anarchy is only favored for battles.

5d 23h 30m: We once again come to Bulbasaur for tips, still on the Pokécenter. It will be a while before we can get back to Gio. We all know that.


5d13h29m Had we consulted the helix fossil in battle I feel the outcome may have been different.

5d23h29m Red goes to heal then remembers he just blacked out. Back to square 1!

5d 23h 29m: Bird Jesus is down after using Whirlwind. We lost this one people

5d 23h 28m - It's over!


5d23h28m Bird Jesus is sent out for the final battle. Uses gust and takes Kangaskhan down to just over half health. Gets hit by rage though! It's a very close battle! Second gust down to <10% hp. But so is Bird Jesus.

5d23h27m It's all down to Bird Jesus now.

5d 23h 26m: Drowzee is down, save us Bird Jesus!

5d23h27m Drowzee takes some Rage from Kangaskhan and dies after doing a single pound.

5d23h26m Bird Jesus is subbed out for Drowzee after a few failed attempt to sand attack due to 0pp.

5d 23h 25m: After much consulting the Lift Key and the S.S. Ticket, Bird Jesus takes down Rhyhorn, leaving us with Kangaskhan

5d23h25m Bird Jesus finishes off Rhyhorn with a quick attack.

5d 23h 25m - Rhyhorn is taken down by Pidgeot, but the bird only has 33HP left!

5d23h25m Critical Gust takes off most of rhyhorn's health, and a second gust nearly takes it down. Bird Jesus is down to low health from horn attacks, but gets in a whirlwind.

5d23h24m Rhyhorn is next, but no PP is left for sand attack. Whirlwind is used as Giovanni uses guard spec on Rhyhorn.

5d:23h:24m Bird Jesus takes down Onix

5d23h23m Pidgeot uses sand attack twice and is rock throwed once. Good strategy stopping rock throw, which already starts with 90 accuracy. It just can't hit as Pidgeot continues to use quick attack until winning.

5d 23h 23m - Pidgeot is taking quite the beating from Onix.

5d23h23m Despite the weak typing, Pidgeot uses gust. Onix has rock throw! But it misses, but hits again and takes off a good chunk of health as Bird Jesus uses whirlwind, then sand attack. It quick attacks as it gets rock throwed again twice! Down to 61hp.

5d23h22m TM07 and the lift key are consulted furiously to no avail.

5d 23h 22m First up is Onix vs Bird Jesus. TM07 is consulted.

5d 23h 21m - First fight: Onix.

5d 23h 21m Time to fight Giovanni. Bird Jesus take the wheel!

5d 23h 21m: And the battle is on. #TeamGio

5d 23h 21m Battle style is changed to shift from set (which was toggled on a minute ago), and text speed to fast, battle animations are put back on. Now he challenges his father.

5d 23h 21m - The battle with Giovanni begins!

5d23h21m Red meets with the villain who is quite possibly his father, although that's mere speculation. He's still working up the courage to talk to the man who's never been in his life.

5d 23h 20m "Awful nice recording machines you got here, Gio. Would be a shame if something... happened to them."

5d 23h 19m Checking out the trees in Gio's room.

We enter the Boss's Chamber.

5d23h19m Red just stares down the Rocket despite all the protests. He has a leisurely stroll around to warm up his legs before his epic battle.

5d 23h 18m - It's the moment we've been waiting for all day, lads! Will we be able to take down Giovanni?

5d23h18m This Rocket REALLY wants to know if we have a problem with their organisation. Red goes back to clarify that, yes, we sure do.

5d 23h 17m Second Rocket grunt down. Giovanni awaits the wrath of Bird Jesus.

5d23h17m Bird Jesus finally finishes Sandslash off with a quick attack and we win!

5d 23h 17m - Sandslash defeated by Pidgeot, the second grunt has been felled!

5d23h16m Bird Jesus gets in a gust but it doesn't one hit KO Sandslash! He hangs in there while Pidgeot does another whirlwind and.. sand attack, but it's too late, his accuracy is so low he can't be sand attacked any more!

5d23h15m Bird Jesus continues to kick sand. Gets scratched a few times including a critical slash, but uses sand attack twice more. Sandslash can barely see anything now. Two more sand attacks from Bird Jesus!

5d23h15m Pidgeot has Sand Attacked Sandslash to max capacity, time for an attack.

5d23h15m Sandslash is sent out. Bird Jesus uses sand attack again. Worked last time!

5d 23h 14m - Ekans has been taken down by Pidgeot!

5d23h14m Bird Jesus uses a quick attack, critical hits and defeats Ekans.

5d23h13 Bird Jesus uses whirlwind once again! To no avail once more, but Ekans's bite misses. Yet again, uses whirlwind, but Ekans misses once again.

5d23h13 The Twitchnauts attempt to run away, to no avail.

5d23h13m Bird Jesus attempts a whirlwind, fails.

5d23h12 Twitch seems to be alternating between Sanding opponents and Consulting TM07/SS Ticket/Lift Key.

5d23h11m Bird Jesus gets the all good from the Lift Key and SS Ticket to use sand attack and third time. Gets bitten. Consults TM07 again.

5d23h10m Even more consultation with TM07.

5d23h11m Pidgeot tries the good old Sand Attack strategy. Gets bitten nonetheless. Continues the onslaught with sand attack, leer misses it.

5d23h10m Pidgeot sands the Ekans.

5d 23 h 10m - The second Sandshrew has been defeated by Pidgeot.

5d23h10m Sandshrew goes down in a single hit, replaced with Ekans.

5d23h10m Bird Jesus goes out against Sandshrew. Much decision making is taken but he finally uses gust.

5d23h10m Red is unsure of what to do. TM07 is consulted.

5d23h9m Commence fight with the 2nd Grunt.

5d23h9m: Red challenges the second inept guard.

Bird Jesus won that with a critical gust, incidentally. Top percentage.

5d 23h 8m Bird Jesus cleans house with one of the Giovani Guards.

5d23h7m Bird Jesus blows Arbok away, literally.

5d23h7m Bird Jesus levels up!

5d23h7m Bird Jesus uses quick attack, finishes off Sandshrew.

5d 23h 7m Red repeatedly tries to get his PP up in the middle of battle.

5d23h6m Red decides to consult HM01 once more.

5d23h6m Bird Jesus tries the Whirlwind strategy. It fails first time, but tries again nonetheless. It.. fails again. Tries a third whirlwind! Still fails.

5d23h7m Bird Jesus is sent out.

5d23h6m Dux cuts the newly thrown out Sandshrew. Gets scratched and follows up with another cut. This time gets slashed, critical hit as usual and faints.

5d23h5m Drowzee levels up!

5d23h5m Dux cuts Ekans down to extremely low hp before finishing off for the KO.

5d23h5m Digrat has fallen in combat. Dux is summoned.

5d23h5m Dux is sent to fight, uses cut, but is wrapped.

5d23h4m Based Rattata uses Thunderbolt and gets wrapped to death.

5d23h4m Ekans ensnares Digrat in Wrap.

5d23h4m Drowzee switched for Based Rattata.

5d23h3m Drowzee uses confusion on Ekans, super effective!

5d23h2m We aggressively consult HM01 as Drowzee, thirsting blood, seeks to avenge Oddish.

5d 23h 2m Oddish is down, who's going next?

5d23h2m Ekans has defeated Oddish. :(

5d23h0m The Ekans used Wrap on Oddish. Sneaky snake.

5d 23h 0m Scratch that, it's anarchy time!

5d 23h 0m Looks like the crowd is in favour of using a9 in battles.

5d22h58m Oddish makes his battling debut!

5d22h58m Battling the 1st Grunt that blocks the door.

5d 22h 58m Battling one of the guards in front of Giovanni's room!

5d22h54m We're out of the lift and on the correct floor!.

5d22h5m: This democratic government led us to Giovanni's floor. We now need to get to him. It seems people are a little more mature now - start9 isn't as strong as it used to be. TO BATTLE! Will we be able to beat the infamous Rocket leader in one go?

5d22h52m Adown2a worked!

5d22h48m: People are trying the combination adown2a. Not sure whether it'll work because of how long the menu takes to pop up, but it'll be interesting to see if it works!

[Tip] Remember the input lag! Think about what you should do in 20 seconds time, not now.

5d22h41m As the Democrats vote to solve the infamous elevator boss, the Anarchists fight back! Will the Democrats clear the elevator before the Anarchists usurp power?

5d22h40m: Maybe now we'll get to Giovanni. Assuming there's no start9 and there doesn't seem to be so far, but it is gaining some votes.

5d 22h 39m Democracy on.

5d22h38m: Oddish is now the first pokemon out in case of a battle.

5d22h36m The Twitch chat slowly pushes for Democracy as they tire of the elevator.

5d22h32m We decide to examine the Pokedex after a long hard day of riding elevators

5d22h29m: Somehow we keep making the elevator take us to the floor that we're already on. At least we're in there and not stuck in the maze again.

[TIP] We need to get to B4F.

5d 22h 29m Attempting to select the correct floor.

5d22h28min We continue our endless struggle to make Drowzee learn Horn Drill.

5d 22h 28m Repeatedly trying to toss the lift ticket. Good god. Glad that can't happen.

5d 22h 27m We have entered the lift!

[REMINDER] We've already completed both the mazes, and now we just need to use the door on the first floor: http://i.imgur.com/jXIcnRn.png

5d22h14m Stream unfrozen

5d22h12m: Stream is frozen ish.

5d22h10m: Found a PP Up. I can already see this being turned into an inside joke.

5d22h11m: We found a secret PP Up in a plant.

5d22h7m We keep overshooting and going down floors towards the mazes, even though we already opened the lift.

[STRATEGY] Here's the way to Giovanni http://i.imgur.com/jXIcnRn.png

5 d 21h 58m 20s Back in the game corner.

It appears that we're still wandering around Celadon City, the city of gambling and shopping... the chat seems more interested in the tug of war between anarchy and democracy than the final destination.

Just a note: There is absolutely nothing in the PC now. Everything was withdrawn. No reason to return to the PC that doesn't involve depositing something, but I see no reason for us to have to do that.

We're out of the Pokemon Center now, approaching the Game Corner.

please can we agree to never go near the pc again ;_;

5d21h9m10s Helix Fossil, S.S. Ticket, Nugget all withdrawn

5d21h7m: We're at the PC. Doom is just ahead.

5d21h4m: Pokemon healed. Much rejoicing is had.

5d21h3m Just tried to dig. That would've been handy 20 minutes ago!

5d21h1m: Entered the Pokemon Center.

And by computer I mean Pokémon Center, let's just never talk about the computer until Lapras!

[STRATEGY] Relent and heal up in the Pokémon Center. Generally arguments like this never stop until the "detour" route wins. (e.g. Eevee, fighting the trainers in Route 9, Misty before Bill).

The easiest way to advance game progression is just to examine which demand will be over quickest. Once we are healed, noone will want to go to the computer anymore, so that's the easiest to get back to playing the game.

5d20h47m - Some people want to heal, some people want to face Giovanni. In and out of GameCorner. In and Out and In and Out.

5d20h34m Don't worry, you're not the only one without chat

5d20h32m: We're now the number 1 game on Twitch, above League of Legends.

The stream now has 100k viewers watching it!

Scratch that - door is already open now, we can go to Giovanni (if the Pokémon center isn't chosen).

5d20h28m: Rocket is defeated! To the door!

5d20h28m: Drowzee has been poisoned, but defeated Koffing.

5d 20h 27m - Drowzee now battles against the lvl 22 Koffing

5d20h27m: Consulting TM07: Horn Drill and the Lift Key a bit more. Dux landed a Cut attack and now we switched to Drowzee.

I don't care what you guys say about the lift key, the only one to consult in a matter like this is the SS Ticket.

Anarchy reigns again.

5d10h25m: Anarchy takes over, consulting the Lift Key.

5d20h24m BasedRattata faints, but it was a good run.

5d 20h 24m - Digrat is down!

5d20h23m Rocket sends out a level 22 Koffing. Rattata critical thunderbolts and takes a hit, critical thunderbolts again.

5d20h21m: Based Rattata solos Grimer and levels up to 15. One more level!

5d20h20m: It seems the trainer of Grimer must be being controlled by twitch, because it keeps using disable and repeatedly fails. It finally pounded, taking off half BR's health.

5d 20h 21m - Rattata has taken down a Grimer that is 8 levels bigger than him.

5d20h20m: Grimer failed to disable Based Rattata.

5d20h18m: Based Rattata just thunderbolted a grimer into paralysis.


5d20h15m: About to have our second battle with democracy on, this time with a grunt. Last time we switched back to anarchy after a single attack. We'll see what happens this time.

5d20h15m: We're about to leave the lift on B14 to unlock the door.

[Strategy] Spam anarchy when we leave the elevator so we can get on with the shitshow!

[STRATEGY] Instead of going to Giovanni, we should go back to the 1st floor first to unlock the door in case we lose.

5d20h10m - Inside the elevator, a victory for democracy. Now to get our shit pushed in by Giovanni

5d 20h 4m Past the maze, by the stairs. Have to avoid them and hit the lift.

5d 20h 4m - Downright kicking ass!

5d20h4m: The maze is complete on democracy mode.

[STRATEGY] A good strategy following the picture just linked is to get to the first wall on the righthand side and start spamming downleft2right3. If you trace it you'll see that it leads out of the maze in a way that rightdown doesn't. It's just whether or not the stream will manage to pull it off. http://i.imgur.com/7Pby95X.png]

[THE OBJECTIVE] is to finish the 2nd floor's maze [http://i.imgur.com/7Pby95X.png] to reach Giovanni and thus battle him. That is what is happening at the moment.

Under the new democratic reign, calls for "rightdown" begin to take dominance

5d19h34m: Democracy has taken over.

5d19h25m: Red is back in the maze.

5d19h22m: Anarchy has made Red go downstairs by accident. Oh boy.. Democracy votes are piling in again.

5d19h16m: Anarchy begins the maze in the top left corner. Will it go further than Democracy?

5d19h14m: TPP goes into Anarchy.

5d19h10m: Anarchists are talking to the Rocket out of annoyance. It's difficult to get out of because of the delay, it's hard to predict when to press left.

Honestly I'm just impressed that the stream still has so many viewers.

Reminder to all who are trying to help in twitch. The stream is on a delay of around 20 seconds. Do not post where you want to go at that that moment, post where you want to be after 20 seconds.

[GUIDE]: The algorithm downleft2right3 will conquer the whole maze correctly, without needing two different commands.

You did not just Right Down that pun...

This is getting Right Down the wire

5d19h7m: Rightdown fails as people continue to rightdown after the switching point where left becomes the correct option. Back to square 1.

To give more background: Rightdown solves the majority of the map. It first makes Red walk right and then immediately walk down afterwards. Ingenius strategy.

I imagine soon Twitch will resort to desperate algorithms in an attempt to surpass the maze. "rightdown4left" anyone?

5d19h1m: Twitch discovers the beauty of "rightdown" to get past the nasty corners. Progress is being made!

A person on twitch: "There seems to be a severe lack of understanding of the concept of delay." Yep, that sums it up.

[GUIDE]: I've made a more realistic way for democracy to beat the puzzle keeping in mind the way we'll get stuck in loops. Try this new map: http://i.imgur.com/7Pby95X.png

Remember: We CAN'T use the lift, the door doesn't open until after Giovanni.

5d18h52m: Democracy takes over. Time to beat the puzzle!

[GUIDE]: We currently have to use the "2nd" room puzzle in this diagram. It's the top right here: http://i.imgur.com/pqlKiB0.png

There is another picture going around saying we can skip this puzzle and use the door. This is incorrect. That door is an escape route and one way only.

Check http://i.imgur.com/pqlKiB0.png for a map! We need to go through the maze on the 2nd floor now!

5d18h42m: We just successfully got into the heart of the puzzle. Here's where the difficulty starts. Going left at each point is the best strategy, but we'll try and get a picture up to help ASAP.

5d18h36m41s: We're trying the 1st floor puzzle again with Anarchy on. This one is arguably easier than the ground floor given the delay.

5d 18h 32m Back in the Game Center.

5d18h30m: LOL. Anarchy speedcuts the bush in 10 seconds!

5d18m29m: Anarchy has prevailed again, menu instantly overshoots and chaos arises.

5d 18h 29m back to anarchy!

5d18h26m: We opened the menu but closed it again. This is going to take skilled coordination, to beat the input and correctly land on Pokémon and not Exit. This is not helped by the fact that some people are opting to close the menu because they don't understand that A won't cut the bush.

5d18h25m: Confusion arises as votes split between start and A, since some users apparently don't realise that you can't cut a bush with A in Generation 1.

5d18h24m: We're now facing the bush and we're about to activate the menu!

5d18h22m21s: Because of input lag we're likely to first walk round the side of the bush, but we may be about to see our fastest cut since the miraculous speedcut right of Cerulean on attempt 1 Day 3.

5d18h20m41s: We've now been walked into a tiny crevice of a corner. The votes are fluctuating a little now though, we're actually going to try and cut a bush!

5d18h20m: We're moving in leaps and bounds with right9 and up9 commands.

5d 18h 18m 30s: We're actually moving in the correct direction now. But we're getting dangerously close to anarchy.

5d 18h 16m Anarchists have now scattered their votes between down, start9 and down9. We need to move up and right, but it's not succeeding. Anarchy will almost certain prevail within the next few minutes.

It seems the main problem of start9 is that the democrats are then split between pressing B and pressing the correct direction.

5d18h10m Start9 is winning again significantly, but there appears to be lag which is throttling the voting a bit.

5d18h10m We're back to democracy now.

5d 18h 10m Looks like we're back to democracy.

5d 18h 6m Relaxing by the pond next to the Game Center. More refreshing Celadon city air. Red's gonna be fully refreshed for that fight with Giovanni.

Yep, to add more background to the previous update: When we were using the computer it very much looked like we clicked "withdraw", but we clicked deposit. Because LIFT KEY was in the lift, people assumed that it must be in the box. We were actually in deposit mode, and deposited Cut.

5d 17h 56m Twitch argues over whether or not we need to retrieve the Lift Key from the PC. We do not, it's in our inventory.

We've deposited HM01 Cut.

5d 17 49m Drowzee has been withdrawn from the PC!

We withdrew Drowzee.

A reminder to everyone updating: Updates are useless if you DON'T post the time. From now on, any updates in regards to progress should be marked with the appropriate time as seen on Twitch.

A woman is blocking the PC now. Perhaps the only sensible person in the Pokémon Center.

Make of that what you will. Some will rejoice the loss of their false prophet, others will think losing our second highest level Pokémon is dumb.


We're using the PC!

As people in the thousands are having an argument wether they want to be a democratic or anarchistic system they're all forgetting that we've been a theocracy all along! All hail the Helix Fossil!

We've degenerated to a bunch of screaming nerds in a political discussion! Hooray to the freedom of choice!

Currently loitering in front of game corner.

Ash is still continuing his slow and lovely stroll through the town's lawn. What a nice day.

Indeed, to elaborate on that:

The anarchists actually spammed start9, which pauses 9 times in a row, until the democrats had to give in and revert to anarchy. Hilariously clever strategy.

Anarchy has reared its head once again.

Aaaand back to anarchy.

Here comes start9 again...

Democracy has prevailed.

We have re-entered democracy!

Welcome to all our new updaters! GET TO WORK.

Anarchy strikes again. Incidentally, that door was the wrong way. It is one way only. We can't open it. We have to do the puzzle.

We just dug out of the game corner.

As of 5d:16h:9m, Twitch is back in the Game Corner heading to the Hideout to fight Giovanni.

Also, I highly recommend removing chat spam if you haven't already: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/390774

5d 15h 29m- The Pokémon are all healed up.

As of 5d:15h:26m, dig was used. Now outside the pokecenter.

5d 15h 15m - Acquired the lift key!

As of 5d:15:14m, anarchy has resumed. Go nuts.

5d 13h 13m - The lift key has been dropped.

As of 5d:15h, Twitch has made it to B4 and are working towards the lift key.

As of 5d:14h:50m, Twitch managed to pass the B3 puzzle for the second time.

5h 14h 30m: We're back with democracy,after that mishap!

As of 5d:14h:28m, twitch managed to go up twice after a battle, resetting all B3 progress.

Back to anarchy!

As of 5d:14h:14m, twitch has made it past the B3 puzzle.

Current voting time is 20 seconds. Add the 30 seconds delay and you'll notice that when typing now you'll probably vote for the vote after the next one! Think futureproof!

tinyurl.com/MakeshiftUpdate has been updated to filters for the new voting system. Only javascript filter is available yet but others will be added as soon as they are available!

New movement rules are now in place. A direction/button and number of times said button wants to be pressed are now needed for any inputs. ex. down3, left, b4. Single presses require no number. Actions are now being voted on based on this, courtesy of the overwhelming democracy vote.

Democracy has hit the cap!

Democracy has made a huge push forward! Can they take control?

Democracy is struggling vs anarchy... this is going to be one long day...

And just when I thought I was out, (of the maze) they pulled me back in...

Updated Greasemonkey script right here http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/390774

We sure do love that maze.

We're stuck in the wrong maze at the moment, forget my last post.

Last hours: No progress, Flameon and Drowzee in PC. Creator started poll for Anarchy/Democracy system.

We're currently on the top floor of the Rocket Secret Base... Not sure what's going on.

Three fast updates for the filters in one ugly makeshift doc: http://tinyurl.com/MakeshiftUpdate

It's getting close to the democracy bar now!

Back up now!

Stream is on standby.

Thanks to IRC-User Stackcycler for updating the javascript-filter for anarchy and democracy: http://pastebin.com/Pm9PEyGv

And we're back in the wrong maze again!

By the way: the creator just made all chat filtering scripts/addons useless!

But as the majority tries to vote few people actually still try to make progress in the game!

Democracy is fighting back!

Anarchy seems to be edging out democracy on the stream right now, but the figures are still close!

Okay now it's for sure: We can vote for either the anarchistic or democratic command system! Neither side is winning right now!

It's only a theory guys, somebody in IRC just said it may be a poll you can participate in by typing Anarchy or Democracy. Maybe WE can decide if we want the democratic movement system back? Try it out!

5d 11h 52m - Stream was on standby. There's a Anarchy/Democracy display now. Seems like it shows our behaviour based on congruent / non-congruent button presses

5d 11h 24m - We're in the maze. The wrong one.

5d 11h 10m - Finally back in the Game Center!

You are watching: 46k people achieving nothing. Live on TwitchPlaysPokemon!

People can't decide wether they want to buy more Pokedolls, go to the PC again or return to Rocket Hideout again..

5d 10h 14m - Flaeron and Drowzee deposited!

Never fear, the EU guys are here! We've accessed the PC...

5d 9h 25m - I'm clocking off, we're waiting on either the EU guys to finish work or whatever, the US guys to wake up, or the reddit admins to add our australians. Updater may go dark, possibly not. Won't be down more than about 3 hours any way, and honestly we haven't even moved a space in five minutes so I'm not too worried.

start9 start9 start9

5d 9h 18m - Maybe this is an attempt to bore the stream down to manageable numbers

5d 9h 12m ish, back in celadon, not sure I like this new control scheme.

Thanks to all kindly Russians, Australians, New Zealanders, Kiribatians for volunteering to take over the stream, unfortunately we've already selected a few to take over and we're waiting on reddit admins to hit the launch button on it as we can't add new people ourselves for whatever reason.

5d 8h 57m - Stream is up again, still attempting to use the PC

And stream is off again - warning, this updater may go dark for a while as the majority of us on it are either US (asleep) or EU GMT (working). Of course its not as if we've done anything in like a day.

MAJOR UPDATE: Stream now tallies votes before making a move! Delay is still going to be the ruin of us, but maybe this will help get us out of the doldrums

5d 8h 35m, stream is back, RIOT OVER GUYS

No timestamp visible but we have pokecentre music


5d 8h 22 - dank nugg, SS Ticket and Helix fossil stowed for safekeeping in PC.

5d 8h 8m - still around the PC, major ass clenching going on

5d 8h 6m - took horndrill out of PC

5d 8h 6m - put horndrill into PC

Timestamp is about 5d 8h 4m for the last, by the way

oh god using the PC why help

We're in the pokemon centre for some reason, I think we're trying to deposit Digrat.

...Helix be with us all.

Shut up about your damn Poliwhirl!

Dug out of Game Corner as of 5d 7h ~35m


Dropped TM10 (Double Edge) as of 5d:5h:15m. No joke, the most interesting thing that has happened so far.

Back in the hideout as of 5d:3h:13m

Back into the casino @ 5d 3h. We'll see how long that lasts

We warped out of the maze, thanks to DigRat. @ 5d 3h

For those of you wondering: No, no progress has been made yet. At all.

@ 5d 2h 2m 25s

Here, we've got a brand new map that's much more clear on the current objective! Be sure to check it out if you're confused, and spread it to the chat!


Back on the second floor as of 5d:13m.

Oh, by the way, we completed day 5. Congratulations to all those that endured this madness for so long.

Still continuing in the wrong maze, trapped in the corner as usual. Remember, we need the keycard first. http://i.imgur.com/pqlKiB0.png

Third floor, second maze, wait hours before anything good happen, you guys know the drill. Going in and out of places is pretty much what we do all the time.

@ 4d 23h 15m

Back in the basement!

Remember guys, we need to be on the bottom floor.


Went back to the maze on the second floor. No progress so far.

We went down a floor. One more maze and we can get to the 4th floor - Giovanni's floor.

This is actually false, sorry. One more floor to get the elevator key. Btw, we're on the last maze.

And we're out of the maze. Back to the aimless roaming.

We managed to go downstairs. Now, we're stuck on the maze again.

We're back in the Rocket Base. http://i.imgur.com/pqlKiB0.png

Red is developing a gambling problem. Luckily he doesn't have a coin case so we can't blow all our Pokédollars.

And perfect timing, we just entered the Game Corner. Get ready to use the map. Bottom floor first! http://i.imgur.com/pqlKiB0.png

A more elaborate map has been made: http://i.imgur.com/pqlKiB0.png

We're moving back over to the Game Corner now, this time armed with the Helix Fossil.

We accessed the PC again.

Rare candy used on DUX.

We just used a rare candy on Dux.

It's a tug of war at this point, repeatedly entering and leaving the Pokémon center.

It seems some people fear the PC, some want to use it, and a bunch of people simply want to heal before we go back.

We've now left the Pokémon Center again but it's unclear whether we'll go back in or go back to the Game Corner.

We're repeatedly trying to throw away the SS Ticket in light of the restoration of the Fossil.

The current intention of the hivemind is to deposit Based Rattata in order to prevent it from digging again, incidentally. Opposers have moved us away to the left, however.

We withdrew Cut, and the Cult of Helix will be happy to know their saviour is back.

We're on the PC now. Helix Fossil is back!

Accessing the computer again.

Red is now staring down the old man and boxing him into the corner. That's what you get for blocking the counter.

We just turned on the computer. Things are tense.

An old man is blocking us from healing. Thanks for that.

Attempting to enter the Pokémon Center in Celadon city and failing once again. Ending up in the top right corner as usual.

We just dug out of the Game Corner. Back to square 1.

We're still on the Rocket Corner. We got out of the maze, and are heading to the stairs. Surprisingly, Bulbasaur was consulted.

We're actually currently on the top floor maze, but don't yet have the card key. If we actually complete it we'll be stuck on the lift. We should be taking this route.

To summarise the events since we entered the Rocket Corner, so far we've:

  • Evolved Eevee into Flareon with the fire stone.

  • Picked up a new moon stone, all hail.

  • Picked up a new nugget, pick your favourite.

  • Picked up a Horn Drill, tried to teach it - none of our team can. Potentially can be used for Lapras.

  • Picked up a rare candy.

"Here's a live update! - We're still freaking stuck in this damn maze."

~ /u/intheblender


Currently battling the Team Rocket Hideout. No.. not the trainers, the hideout itself..

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