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Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal

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About 8 hours out from Emerald!

Dusk of The Final Day
-12 Hours Remain-


Dawn of The Final Day
-24 Hours Remain-

Dusk of The Second Day
-36 Hours Remain-

There's a Swedish proverb that goes: "He who waits for something good, never waits too long."

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Stop teasing us! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

The stream is now up, however we will still have to wait before we are allowed to press start and continue.

WE FED MMM. Progress!

We just named our fugly dog MMM. MMMMMMMM, richer!

AH, much better!


Watching an episode of the anime, with inputs fast forwarding, rewinding and pausing. We've heard Ash say "HEY" and "IT'S A WEB" about 400 times now

Apparently our hamster is a little terror.

Looks like we have done the time warp again and are back to one hamster.

Popamnmm is sick!

We have two hamsters now! Please welcome Popamnmm.

We have R and L inputs now!

Petz: Hamsterz Life 2. Because we need more z's in our lives.

A while earlier, we apparently started playing Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire again.

Current situation: There's poop on the floor, our beloved pet is rolling in it.

We just praised Nom for shitting on the couch. I don't know what I expected.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Apparently we managed to start Dogz in French and love omelette du fromage.

Day 21: 24 hours remain once again.

Welcome to the final day once again. What is this, Majora's Mask?

Nevermind that, seems like we'll be stuck on the final day for a while.

Our time with doge's come to an end. doge had a rough and stressful life, the game says.

We still haven't given doge any food. I feel like we're trying to starve him.

We scolded doge by accident. I can only imagine what kind of abomination twitch would raise a human child to become.

We have a "pretty okay" relationship with our doge, says the vet. I wonder how she figured that out.

Poor doge has to watch the family eat. He doesn't get anything.

You know, at times I thought that parts of Red or Crystal would be impossible to explain to someone who doesn't understand the Internet or video games. This is on a whole other level of "It's not as weird as it looks, I promise."

We beat Dad at Reversi, by the way.

To those of you who would prefer to watch the stream on a lightweight website (nothing but the stream and chat) then go here

Still playing Dogz. Dad has forced us into a perpetual game of Reversi (which is totally not Mancala).

Twitch plays DogémonI wanna be the very doge Like no one ever wow To catch them is much quest To train them is such call

We are playing Dogz now! Wanna guess what dog we got? You're right! A doge!

Wow. much shibe. very comic sans. much twitch. wow.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CATURDAY OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Skip school to play with our kitty ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ We don't want to sleep. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Hate the music you're hearing while watching the Catz livestream? Mute the audio on the stream, go here, and find a song that suits you best! shamelessly self-promoting without giving a single fuck :)

looks level increased to 3 our cat is slowly becoming the sexiest fucking cat in all of existence!

STREAM BACK ONLINE OH MY GOD MY SIDES as soon as the stream loaded back, and I shit you not, not even 3 seconds pass, before we jump on the table and knock over the vase

STREAM OFFLINE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

I hope I'm not the only one that thinks all of the 'toys' available for purchase in the Pet Shop look like possible sex toys please don't let it be only me

Lol if you're still here watching this Gen2 live updater, I have a question for you:

Why? Inbox me and let me know

RIP inbox :'(

This bitch just threatened to steal our cat

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ KILL THE CAT-THIEF OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

VIKLG use SHAM-WOW! You'll say WOW everytime!

FRIEND LEVEL INCREASED TO 2! Let's go people, gotta keep grinding up levels!

This is what we're doing right now

C's mood level has increased!

C's looks level has increased!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ FEED THE CAT OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

The teacher scolded us for coming late to school because we had to dust C off/attempt to play with C.

Our parents tell us when to go to sleep, but fail to tell us when we have to go to school. I don't understand this world anymore.

C doesn't sleep beside us tonight. This saddens me.

C's punch value just leveled up!

Did he just play with the teaser? I can't tell. At least his punch value went up.

So C doesn't like remote-controlled mice, either. I think he hates fun.

+14 to looks from a bit of water. I wish I could become a beauty just by drinking water.

Back from school; no trace of excrements; I'm disappointed in C. A young kitten should destroy everything in its path.

C went to school. Finally he's being useful to society, but C feels lonely and can't go outside. He'll probably pee all over.

0am and finally we go to bed. That cat is hyperactive, though, never sleeping throughout the day.

C is scared of a cat teaser. I don't know what I expected.

It's been over half a day and that cat hasn't slept one bit. I think C needs some meds against insomnia.

This just in: C can spend one hour doing nothing but eating.

Cleaning a clean litter box gives +2 to looks and +3 to mood somehow. I think C is a bit out of touch with reality.

Poking around on the veranda gave C +4 to punch. Amazing, cats get stronger by doing nothing!

C just hissed at us, but apparently the friendship value went up anyway.

We just cleaned the clean floor. We're getting good at this!

Our cat is called C.

Catz is back!

We're on to Sonic! RIP Michael Catson.


i'm sat here giggling to myself like a child. ALL HAIL THE GODCAT

Tension rises as our kittycat continues to walk into the wall, time is still 22:00!

Michael Catson is still moonwalking. Time is still frozen. A bag of rice just fell over in China.

For those of you wanting an update: Michael Catson is still stuck walking into the wall at 10:00PM.

Now Playing: Catz 😸

Caught a Plusle with a Master Ball!

Mother 3 continues. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Consult the Hat ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

It's Telefang 2, confirmed by /u/johnmazz.

According to /u/avtiu, the game we're playing right now is Telefang 2. Still not fully confirmed though.

I'm not sure what this new game is


Andddddddddd we fail the minigame!

Kecleon Minigame activate!

Electrike has been evolved into a Manetric!

We just caught an Electrike!

Aron was caught!

Now playing: Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

Time to get your SANIC on, we're playing Sonic Advance.

Cue staticy Pokemon anime as stream goes back up. Guess he didn't like the sound and the stream is back down!

I guess it is safe to assume after the last message I saw from Based Streamer that we will be playing FireRed sometime in the future.

Stream down. RIOT.

This just in from Streamer: Fire Red will be randomized, Emerald will not.

Still playing Golden Sun.

Now Playing: Golde(e)n Sun

Now Playing: Lunar Legend

Now Playing: Doom

Now Playing: WarioWare, Inc. Our save is called AAAAA.

Apparently, Rhythm Heaven (Japanese version) 's too difficult for the stream. We had to mash buttons to the beat. Impossibru with the ~15-20s delay in the feed :P

Now Playing: Rhythm Heaven (GBA)

Now Playing: Punch King: Arcade Boxing

Stream up!

Now Playing: Punch King: Arcade Boxing

Stream up! Playing GTA Advance now.

Stream down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

We're playing Metal Gear Ghost Babel! Snake? SNAAAAAKE!

We're currently playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2!


Stream is back up.

Stream down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

We got an Osie (I think?)

Telefang time!


We seem to be stuck on the title and Demo for Pokemon of the Past. Looks like the start button is disabled.

We are about an hour away from Telefang!

Red falls to a Gordo. I can feel the gameception consuming my soul.

Red is going toe to toe with a pet Chain Chomp. Not sure who is winning.

The Legend of Zelda hack is up and running again.

We were playing a Legend of Zelda hack for a while, before the stream went down again.

With other Reddit Live Reporters, I am actually investingating the game to see what could be the main trolls in TPP Emerald. You can watch it on my Twitch if you want!

So you know, Red is currently exploring Super Mario Land! Those crafty pits are getting the better of him.

Pokémon Crystal's save file has been uploaded and can be found HERE!

For those who don't know what the hell this game is

Or in english... TELEFANG :D. (seriously... look it up, what the hell does "Telefang" even mean)


The stream is OFFLINE

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] All this rioting... it can only mean one thing... TPP is based in brazil

13d 9h 57m Stream down ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

13d 7h 52m Almost to Violet City.

13d 6h 28m We just paid Joey a visit.

13d 5h 58m Back in New Bark. We managed to not reset our game!

13d 5h 53m KT levels up to 63, and we beat Lance. We are champions once again!

13d 5h 48m We beat Karen. On to Lance.

13d 5h 36m We beat Bruno.

13d 5h 22m We beat Koga. Snake levels up to 73.

13d 5h 3m We beat Will. Gator levels to 85 in the process. Brian falls.

13d 4h 56m Yup, it's elite 4 time. I'll only be reporting if/when we beat E4 members.

13d 4h 53m We flew to indigo plateau. Gonna challenge the elite 4 one more time for good measure?

13d 4h 41m We made it past the ledge and are headed to Viridian City. What's next?

13d 4h 38m [Strategy] We can still fight Silver in Mt. Moon if y'all are into that.

13d 3h 34m [Strategy] Let's activate/fix the Magnet Train and go visit Joey in Johto!

[Recap] Recap by /u/ThePokeMessiah, recap by /u/MrAwesomePossumz

[Fluff] For those of you who missed it, you can watch our complete battle with Red here (Thanks /u/Cerebral_Harlot for the link)

[Meta] Celebrating the success against Red, a Red flair has been added.


13d 2h 5m [Strategy] Let's call Joey to tell him we defeated Red !



13d 2h 2m WE BEAT RED

13d 2h 2h BIRD JESUS DOWN!! WE DID IT!!!!


13d 2h 2m Gator easily defeats Venomoth with several Icy Wind attacks! Venomoth down! HELIX NEXT

13d 2h 0m ATV next!

13d 1h 59m Nidoking down!

13d 1h 58m Red sent out Nidoking! Katie fainted! Sent out Feraligatr.

13d 1h 57m Lapras down!

13d 1h 55m Burrito is down

13d 1h 53m Solid Snake is down to AIR's surf, out comes the Gator

13d 1h 52m Zapdos is Down!

13d 1h 51m Another Full restore

13d 1h 49m Red uses a full restore right before Solid Snake takes Zapdos down.

13d 1h 46m Time for Red

13d 1h 45m Steelix levels up to 72!

[Current situation] As we keep challenging Red, and failing, we have lost the ace up our sleeve, democracy. However, not all hope is lost as the streamer supposedly has hidden a command to turn it back on which can be seen here.Guys, we need to call Joey!

13d 1h 40m We reach level 3!

13d 1h 25m We've reached level two! Let there be light.

13d 1h 23m We're still in the first level of Mt. Silver, by the way.

13d 1h 21m Solid Snake takes a whopping 15 damage from a Graveler's Explosion.

13d 0h 48m Steelix levels up to 71!

13d 0h 15m Hello, this is TODD. AJDNNW, right? My PSYDUCK is looking more and more like me. It's getting cuter! And, you know? Now we can KO RATTATA easily. I should challenge the GOLDENROD GYM. See you later! Click!

13d 0h 12m Gator used Cut! Zapdos used Thunder, and Feraligatr faints! Whited out!

13d 0h 10m Here we go! Zapdos used Thunder! Katie fainted! Sent out Gator.

13d 0h 9m We're fighting Red!

13d 0h 7m Katie levels up to 62!

13d 0h 5m We are on level 3!

13d 0h 4m Espeon fainted!

12 23h 54m Struggle Snake goes down to an Ursaring! To recap, Snake and Brian have fainted, Burrito is hanging on with 19hp, while Gator and Katie are still in the green.

12 23h 50m In other news, Struggle Snake has returned.

12d 23h 46m We've made it to level 2!

12d 23h 42m Pidgeot down to 1HP!

12 23h 39m We try to catch a Magmar with our newly found ultra ball and fail.

12d 23h 35m Espeon is down to 1HP!

12d 23h 33m We found a hidden Ultra Ball.

12d 23h 26m Steelix levels up to 70!

12 23h 23m Still on level 1 of Mt. Silver, still in complete darkness. Not much to report. Our whole team is in good health though!

12d 22h 28m Steelix levels up to 69!

[Strategy] We also can get a glimpse of our surroundings right after we leave the pokedex or other menus that fill the whole screen.

12d 22h 3m Alan calls us to let us know he has a Fire Stone for us and we can come and pick it up at any time.

[Strategy] Right after a battle with a wild pokemon ends, for a split second it's possible to see where we are ( example; increase the brightness of your screen to see better). Use that moment and this map to figure out where to go. If you're in doubt, Twitch user Faithfulforce will tell you what to do, so pay attention to the chat. Always remember the delay!

[Correction] The item we used was an Elixir, not Ether. Whoopsie.

[Fluff] Don't get mad to each other now! <3 Personally, I was laughing. You're playing a game to have fun, remember!

12d 21h 46m Katie down. AJ whites out.

12d 21h 45m We've used another Ether...

12d 21h 45m Katie paralyzes Lapras with Dragonbreath.

12d 21h 45m Katie takes Venomoth down!

12d 21h 44m Venomoth stays alive long enough to poison Gator. Gator faints after Twitch manages to use an Ether for this turn!

12d 21h 43m Gator defeats Zapdos with one last Surf!!

12d 21h 42m Gator comes in and uses Surf. Zapdos almost faints. Thunder brings Gator's HPs almost all the way down. Another Full Restore for Zapdos.

12d 21h 42m Steelix faints.

12d 21h 42m AJ tries to teach Steelix Rollout. Throwing a huge metal snake at Zapdos doesn't sound like a bad idea after all.

12d 21h 41m Steelix brings Zapdos' health down and Red uses the Full Restore.

12d 21h 40m Again, Steelix can do nothing but Struggle against Zapdos. The Leftovers are helping him stay alive a bit longer...

12d 21h 39m We're facing Red!!


12d 21h 28m Brian faints before reaching Red.

12d 21h 20m We're on top of Mt. Silver!

[Strategy] Never, ever try to run away from battles just to save PPs. Pressing right and down to run away leads to AJ walking extra steps in the wrong direction and getting into even more fights.

12d 21h 2m We've made it to the lit up part of the cave. Our team is in a good shape, though Espeon is down. Good job, everyone!

[Strategy] If you can't see it, here's an example. This is right after a wild encounter and only lasts a frame or two. You probably need to up the brightness of your screen to see the surroundings!

[Strategy] Right after a battle with a wild pokemon ends, for a split second it's possible to see where we are. Use that moment and this map to figure out where you are and where to go. If you're in doubt, Twitch user Faithfulforce will tell you what to do, so pay attention to the chat. Always remember the delay!

12d 20h 38m Espeon is badly hurt by another Graveler, but is still standing.

12d 20h 16m Steelix levels up to 67!

12d20h07m Lord Helix hydro pumps Espeon to death! And we're out! Whited out!

12d20h05m Out comes Gator and down goes All Terrain to a swift Icy Wind! Gator levels up to 84!

12d 20h 5m Katie faints, Gator comes in and takes out both Zapdos and Venomoth easily. He's up against Omastar now!

12d 20h 4m Zapdos is healed by a Full Restore, then paralyzed again!

12d 20h 3m We spam Dragon Breath until a Thunder hits. Katie is now paralyzed too, and her health is in the red zone.

12d 20h 3m Zapdos' Thunder misses twice and Katie paralyzes him. Good start.

12d 20h 2m We're fighting Red. It's Zapdos vs Katie!

[Reminder] Hourly reminder to refresh your stream to reduce delay.

12d 19h 55m In that same battle, a Graveler self-destructs and takes out Brian!

12d 19h 55m Steelix is down. Right in front of Red... Sad news.

12d 19h 52m Poor Solid Snake struggles his way through the wild encounters. The Leftovers are keeping him barely alive.

[Information] As mentioned in an earlier update, Twitch took advantage of the brief flash of light that follows the end of a wild encounter to figure out where to go. The Twitch user named FaithfulForce has been especially helpful with this. You guys all rock, great job indeed. To Red!

12d 19h 33m *Brian leveled up as well at some point. Also, we're out of the dark cave. That's kind of important too.

12d 19h 29m Steelix reached level 66. If something important happened in the past 45 minutes, please pm it to me. Thank you!

12d 18h 42m Solid Snake has leveled to 65!

12d 18h 30m Steelix flees from several wild Golbats.

12d 18h 24m Solid Snake takes down a Golbat.

12d 18h 20m Solid Snake used Strength. Now facing a wild Onix.

12d 18h 13m [Snark] Rick Astley on activating democracy.

12d 17h 52m Solid Snake is promoted to level 64.

12d 17h 50m We reenter the dark and scary mountain.

12d 17h 48m SWEET HEALZ BRO

12d 17h 47m Solid Snake is doing the struggle boogaloo.

12d 17h 37m The screen will flash when we exit a battle for a split second. This is what we need to use to help us navigate Mount Silver's Wild Ride.

12d 17h 30m ...and out of the Poke Center. No healz, no PC, only mon.

12d 17h 29m In the Poke Center

12d 17h 20m [Snark] Cue the wild goose chase to find this supposed Democracy code word. Can I have a little Benny Hill in here?

12d 17h 13m You better have a friggen' flashlight, Todd...

12d 17h 4m We have stepped outside for a breath of fresh air.

12d 17h 3m Katie levels up to 61! Also, Outrage replaces safeguard! BRING THE RAGE

12d 16h 59m This may not be helpful, but here is the map again: http://i.imgur.com/KUHylr9.png

12d 16h 57m Oh hey, the front door.

12d 16h 55m Solid Snake is promoted to level 63!

12d 16h 37m This is no normal darkness... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjtkWZ1uCXo Thanks, /u/Cerebral_Harlot

12d 16h 22m The print error screen has more light than this cave.

12d 16h 4m Don't walk towards the light, AJ!

12d 15h 54m Espeon falls to a wild Golbat.

12d 15h 49m By the way, we're back in the cave. 2 of our Pokémon, including the very important Solid Snake, are currently paralyzed, so I question the wisdom of making a run before we heal them, but it can't really be helped.

12d 15h 47m [Musing] If we happened to fly somewhere far away, like Cianwood, and couldn't manage to fly back in time, it would be possible not to finish this game by the time we start the next. Let's try not to do that.

12d 15h 44m More word of streamer: democracy will return when we play Emerald, it's just gone from this game (i.e. for the next 7 days). Proof here. Thanks to /u/Gefer8 for the screencap.

12d 15h 38m As if on cue, the heading "Democracy mode disabled" appears atop the stream after a very brief downtime.

12d 15h 36m [Announcement] According to the creator of the stream, democracy is GONE. Its occurrence after instituting the Emerald countdown was a glitch, and it has since been removed. Proof here and here. Thanks to user steelixusedsurf on Freenode for bringing this to our attention.

12d 15h 33m Still futzing around in the grass outside the Mt. Silver Pokémon Center.

12d 15h 22m Solid Snake is paralyzed in battle with a wild Tangela.

12d 15h 20m Stream back up. Release date of Emerald reinstated to what it was before the downtime 10m ago.

12d 15h 18m Stream goes down once again.

[Snark] TPP Streamer doing his best game developer impression, constantly delaying the release date.

12d 15h 17m Emerald has apparently been delayed another 18 hours.

12d 15h 16m And we're back.

12d 15h 11m Stream goes down again.

12d 15h 8m We finally finish the Golbat. Too bad it cost us this hour's shot at using Flash in democracy.

12d 15h 6m [D] We've tried to run 4 times now. It's not popping up "Can't escape" because we're trying to run and happening to fail because we're slower, it's doing that because we got Mean Looked earlier, and it's impossible to run or switch. Anarchy takes over in view of the frustration.

12d 15h 2m [D] Democracy tries to run, forgetting that we've been Mean Looked.

12d 15h 0m We're outside the cave, battling Golbats. It turns out democracy is not gone, it just happens on the hour without being announced specifically.

12d 14h 56m [Poll] Having seen the official announcement that Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald will begin in a week, who do you want for our starter? Poll is here.

12d 14h 49m We enter the Pokemon Center and heal.

12d 14h 44m We've exited the cave. /u/BlueSavior_PSY_ has brought it to my attention that the Emerald timer has replaced the democracy timer on the screen, so it's entirely likely that democracy is GONE. Let's hope we get good at using Flash in Anarchy or otherwise saving our 'mons for Red.

12d 14h 32m Steelix is now level 61!

12d 14h 22m This one is still going on though. We're in the cave. Haven't used Flash.

Stream back up! Pokemon Emerald will be starting in just under 7 days!!!

Since the stream seems to be down for now, here's another viral video I found to entertain you guys.

12d 14h 15m Stream goes down.

12d 14h 12m (or we could luckily use flash in anarchy, not impossible)

12d 14h 10m Solid Snake with PP for his moves... Now there's a sight for sore eyes. We're in the grass outside Mt. Silver, readying ourselves for another run. Still 50 minutes until the next democracy, so if we want to use Flash to get through the first segment we'll have to stall for time/grind a bit.

12d 14h 4m Gator down! we black out. :(

12d 14h 3m Lapras comes in and does significant damage to gator! This could be it!

12d 14h 3m Surf takes out helix!

12d 14h 1m Helix comes in and hydro pumps ineffectively. Our icy wind isn't much either.

12d 14h 1m Gator keeps cutting as anarchy resumes. Surf downs Venomoth!

12d 14h 0m [D] We enter the pack. Maybe our max revive could be useful?

12d 14h 0m ATV comes in (level 77) and paralyzes the gator, followed by leech life.

12d 13h 59m All we have is Gator, who outspeeds Zapdos for an icy wind, and Zapdos misses with thunder! Zapdos down!


12d 13h 58m Solid goes down! Zapdos at about 2/3 health.

12d 13h 57m A second full restore comes in for Zapdos. Solid's looking shaky at this point.

12d 13h 56m Reminder before we get too hype: all we have is a very low-health Espeon and a slightly diminished gator after Solid eventually goes down.

12d 13h 51m Red also used a full restore on Zapdos, though, so our excitement may be short lived. I don't know if PP is tracked for trainers this generation, so it may run out of Drill Pecks.

12d 13h 53m We use a max potion on Solid!

12d 13h 51m Red battle underway! Out goes struggling Solid.

12d 13h 48m Red is visible. We consult the Pokedex in anticipation.

12d 13h 26m Solid Snake levels up to 60.

12d 13h 20m Solid Snake has boarded the struggle bus.

12d 13h 5m Anarchy resumes. We celebrate by running from a Golbat.

12d 13h 1m [D] Democracy kicks in and "start" wins a vote by 1 over "anarchy". What could we be trying to accomplish? Whatever it is, we overshoot and unpause the game.

12d 12h 50m [Strategy] For those keeping track at home, Solid Snake is out of Rock Throws and Iron Tails. He still has 8 Strengths and 2 Earthquakes (which do nothing against Zapdos). We still have 3/4 of the cave to traverse, however.

12d 12h 39m Solid Snake uses the last of his Iron Tail PP. Long ways to go yet, and we seem to be backtracking a bit. Anarchy, you so silly.

12d 12h 37m Solid Snake tanks a Graveler's Selfdestruct and only takes 23 damage. Solid indeed. 2 turns of Leftovers and he'll be good as new.

12d 12h 32m We got stupidly close to a ledge, but didn't jump it.

12d 12h 26m Steelix levels up to 59!

12d 12h 23m Brian faints to a wild Golbat.

12d 12h 14m Anarchy reigns once more.

12d 12h 13m [D] We succeed at using Flash.

12d 12h 8m [D] We exit the pack and aim for the Pokemon menu, which we enter. The attempt to use Flash is burdened by overshooting, as we select Solid Snake initially.

12d 12h 7m [D] We enter the pack.

12d 12h 3m [D] Democracy is holding strong as we fight off the Golbat, pressing one A at a time until we get a flood of A9 to finish the battle.

12d 11h 59m Still dancing around in the dark. Democracy is imminent as we face down a wild Golbat.

12d 11h 48m Brian takes massive damage from a Graveler but survives.

12d 11h 40m Katie falls to a wild Golbat.

12d 11h 19m Steelix levels up to 58!

12d 11h 10m Hello darkness, my old friend... (Back in the cave).

12d 11h 9m Anarchy wins the second vote after the call concludes.

12d 11h 8m [D] Somehow, democracy survived the call. I could have sworn I saw anarchy win a vote or two...

12d 11h 3m [D] We seem to be trying to return to the cave so that we can use Flash before anarchy sets in again. However, Alan calls us, which may make that plan impossible, as anarchy seems to be taking back over to get out of the phone call window.

12d 11h 0m [D] [Strategy] One thing that has been suggested to do during this democracy period is teach Espeon Zap Cannon (TM07).

12d 10h 58m We exit the cave.

12d 10h 50m Safeguard makes itself useful for possibly the first time ever in a battle against a wild Golbat.

12d 10h 34m: We entered the cave once more. It's very dark in here.

12d 10h 19m: AJ leaves the Poke Center and is now making his way towards Red. Who needs 6 Pokemon anyways.

12d 10h 17m: We are still in the Poke Center. We almost entered the PC again and Alan calls to check on us. We're fine man.

12d 10h 8m: Well that went surprisingly fast and smooth. I miss Ace already.

12d 10h 7m: We go to the pc and deposit Ace

12d 10h 7m: We take the opportunity and heal again. One time is not enough.

12d 10h 5m: We challenge Red. Zapdos immediately uses thunder and AJ whites out. Well that was quick.

12d 10h 4m: A Graveller disturbs us as we are about to challenge Red. Gator faints to an earthquake, only Brian left.

12d 10h 3m: Anarchy takes back control as we get closer to Red.

12d 10h 1m: [D] Democracy takes control in the middle of a fight against a wild Golduck. He faints to cut.

12d 9h 58m: Gator levels up to 83

12d 9h 56m: We are back in the 3rd cave.

12d 9h 54m: We are at the door to the 3rd cave where Red is and both Brian and Godzilla are in serious trouble.

12 9h 50m: We just entered level 2 again. Gator already on red bar :/

12d 9h 48m: We have entered the 3rd cave.

12d 9h 40m: We reached the second level and are now slowly making our way towards Red. Only Gator and Brian left and Gator is very badly injured

12d 9h 22m We used the Ultra Ball, but fail to catch a Graveler, who promptly self-destructs in spite.

12d 9h 19 Lazorgator's having some fun playing with Golbats.

12d 9h 7m Anarchy is back and AJ decides to check the Pokedex again.

[Fluff] We once again have a Pokeball to use, so that's something.

12d 9h 5m [D] AJ picked up an Ultra Ball.

[Note] Lazorgator is now at a higher level than Zapdos, but is still at a type disadvantage to a legendary Pokemon.

12d 8h 59m Feraligatr levels up to 82!

12d 8h 57m Burrito has been burned.

[Recap] Our current able-bodied party consists of Burrito, Lazorgator, and Brian, all of whom have full or nearly full health.

12d 8h 46m Katie falls to an Ursaring!

12d 8h 45m Katie defeats an Ursaring, but only has 5 hp left.

12d 8h 40m Katie defeats a Graveler.

12d 8h 39m Katie wrecks another Ursaring.

12d 8h 38m Katie defeats a Magmar.

12d 8h 36m Katie defeats the Graveler.

12d 8h 35m Katie vs a Graveler!

12d 8h 34m The Ursaring was defeated by Gator.

12d 8h 33m Katie up against the Ursaring.

12d 8h 32m Poor Ace is out of action.

12d 8h 32m Ace is fighting an Ursaring.

12d 8h 25m Solid Snake has fallen. Someone call a medic!

12d 8h 18m Solid Snake is burned!

12d 8h 9m Anarchy retakes the field.

12d 8h 8m [D] Burrito lights the cave with a blinding FLASH!

12d 7h 57m [Retro-fix] Battery Jesus was our opponent in the last fight, not Bird Jesus. I have deleted my error from the updater. Thank you, /u/alphasquid for catching that.

12d 7h 53m Steelix levels up to 57!

12d 7h 43m It's realllllllly dark in this cave...

12d 7h 39m Here is a recap of yesterday's events, courtesy of /u/ThePokeMessiah http://youtu.be/cbLfhmmUotA

12d 7h 38m Alan comforts us after the loss.

12d 7h 37m AJ deploys the Gator, who gets in a really strong Surf on Battery Jesus, but one Thunder later and Gator is down. AJ whites out! Red 2-AJ 0

12d 7h 36m Out goes Burrito, who also immediately faints.

12d 7h 36m Katie is a second too late with her Safeguard and goes down to two Thunders.

12d 7h 35m Solid Snake hangs on after a few drill pecks and recoil damage, but eventually faints. Out goes Katie!


12d 7h 31m Solid Snake continues to consume his leftovers, more than offsetting the struggle health lost. Maybe some day he'll eat a real meal and get even stronger!

The strugglenening is upon us.

12d 7h 29m Solid Snake uses up his last PP and starts struggling.

12d 7h 26m We have reached level 3!

12 7h 20m: Brian is also down and Snake only has a couple of PPs for strength left.

12d 7h 4m Steelix levels up to 56!

12d 7h 4m Democracy comes and goes, as Solid Snake bests a wild Golbat.

12d 6h 57m We've made it to level 2!

12d 6h 45m Ace is down. His valuable contribution to the upcoming battle with Red will be missed.

12d 6h 35m Brian takes some good damage from a wild Onix after Solid Snake gets switched out.

12d 6h 27m A current sit-rep of the party: No one has fainted, Solid Snake is healing himself up well with Leftovers, Ace is the only other noticeably damaged Pokémon. Still on the first (though now nice and bright) level of Mt. Silver.

12 d 6h 19m: I know it probably happened a few minutes ago but We used flash!. Congratulations congratulations.

[META] NEW SUBREDDIT FLAIRS ARE UP! Many thanks to /u/carlotta4th for creating the sprites

12d 6h 5m [D] I believe we are currently on the upper ledge where the Protein once was. Voting is leading towards us using Flash.

12d 6h 5m The wild Ursaring finally is defeated, giving Solid Snake the experience to get to level 55!

12d 6h 3m The bear goes to sleep yet again.

12d 6h 1m Democracy sets in, are we going to use it to catch ourselves our very own pedobear?

12d 6h 0m [D] We enter Democracy while facing down a wild Ursaring. Initial voting is dedicated to finishing this fight.

12d 5h 53m We are still in the darkness of Mt. Silver's first level. Solid Snake's Leftovers are really doing work right now, this Graveler doesn't stand a chance.

12d 5h 37m We're back inside Mt. Silver, Solid Snake is currently cleaning house. Flash has not been used yet.

12d 5h 35m Here is the map to Mt. Silver again. Also keep in mind that the Protein is no longer there.

12d 5h 33m A.J. is still outside the entrance to Mt. Silver, perhaps thinking about the daunting challenge in front of him.

12d 5h 28m Joey calls us! Good, I was getting worried about him.

12d 5h 24m We are healed!

12d 5h 23m We've entered the Pokecenter.

12d 5h 19m We're out again.

12d 5h 18m We've re-entered Mount Silver.

12d 5h 13m Either we're grinding or trying to black out. I'm not sure if there's a difference in regards to TPP.

12d 5h 5m Idly surfing at the moment.

[Note] Only Brian and Lazorgator are still up and ready at this point.

12d 5h 2m Anarchy comes and goes as we encounter a wild Arbok.

12d 4h 49m Espeon faints to a wild Ponyta. Brian cleans up.

12d 4h 44m Espeon levels up against a Rapidash.

12d 4h 39m We're back outside the mountain, and Espeon is paralyzed. Probably trying to go heal.

12d 4h 18m [Recap] /u/Calabazal has posted a recap video of the last 24 hours, which you can see here.

12d 4h 16m Still meandering around, fighting some wild Pokemon. Katie falls.

12d 4h 7m Graveler selfdestructs, taking a chunk out of Katie; Anarchy is back.

12d 4h 6m [D] A wild Graveler puts a dent in our plans.

12d 4h 2m [D] Will we try to use Flash again now?

12d 3h 59m Ace and Solid Snake are both down.

12d 3h 53m Picked up a Protein.

12d 3h 48m Occasionally fighting wild Pokemon, still trying to use Flash.

12d 3h 42m still trying to use Flash.

12d 3h 30m We promptly exit the cave and re-enter. Need to use Flash again now.

12d 3h 30m Anarchy is back.

12d 3h 27m [D] Red's got a case of the overshoots, but we eventually select Flash.

12d 3h 23m [D] We back out of the menus, only to immediately re-enter them. Time to use Flash!

12d 3h 19m [D] Espeon forgot sand-attack for Flash. The last two updates were in Democracy as well.

12d 3h 15m As we select Espeon, the obvious candidates to replace are Sand-Attack and Attract. Which one will we choose?

12d 3h 13m We boot up HM05. Espeon can learn it.

12d 3h 4m [D] We are in the bag! The obvious intention would be to teach Flash.

12d 3h 1m [D] Democracy is in effect! The immediate response is not to vote it away.

12d 2h 59m The entrance to Mt. Silver is still in sight. It would almost be worth going back and healing we're that close.

12d 2h 40m We're back inside Mt. Silver, time to feel our way through the dark.

12d 2h 40m At least we know that Red leads with Zapdos, as he would have done with Pikachu in the original battle. We're just outside the Pokémon Center right now.

12d 2h 40m I think we can all agree that that went pretty much as expected.

12d 2h 40m Brian goes down to a second thunder. A.J. whited out!

12d 2h 39m Gator inflicts some serious harm with Icy Wind, Red burns two Full Restores on Battery Jesus, who unleashes the thunder and K.O.s LazorGator!

12d 2h 39m Feraligatr down!

12d 2h 38m [Stats] 16 badges, 32 Pokémon species caught, play time 287h 4m


12d 2h 38m "..."

12d 2h 37m A.J appears too awed to even speak to the land's greatest trainer.

12d 2h 32m We're in the third cave. Our final challenge awaits.

12d 2h 28m Feraligatr levels up to 81!

12d 2h 26m Burrito faints to a wild Ursaring. It's gonna be a tough fight...

12d 2h 26m Espeon fainted.


12d 2h 11m KT has fainted.

12d 2h 8m We are still stumbling around in the darkness of Mt. Silver's first cave, encountering air-guitaring Ursarings among other wild Pokémon.

12d 2h 2m [STRATEGY] IRC user hashtagg points out that /u/TheMormegil92 has a great suggestion for conquering the Mt. Silver Cave, check it out!

12d 1h 59m KT is saved from fainting to a wild Magmar by a fine switch in to the Gator!

12d 1h 59m Magmar used Sunny Day! In a pitch-black cave, somehow, the sunligt shone in.

12d 1h 54m Confused, and down to 14 HP, KT levels up to 60! They grow up so fast.

12d 1h 49m We destroy a Golbat, then go looking for nests where we can destroy more Golbats. Rude.

12d 1h 48m [META] Here's the highlights for day 12, courtesy of /u/MrAwesomePossumz! Give it a watch-see! Now with link! http://youtu.be/4U1nSFzA6HA

12d 1h 39m Let's call it "grinding". Yes. We're "grinding" now. WELCOME TO THE GRIND.

12d 1h 38m Flash? Who needs flash? Flash is for QUITTERS.

12d 1h 38m [INFO] Another Mt. Silver map, this time in Gen II style.

12d 1h 21m [INFO] Here's a handy map of Mt. Silver!

12d 1h 12m Solid Snake faints, and we finally enter Silver Cave!

12d 1h 4m Raticate levels up to 39!

12d 0h 53m We heal our pokemon at the Mt. Silver PokeCenter!

12d 0h 52m Joey calls! He tells us about brutalizing pokemon with his top-percentage Rattata.

12d 0h 52m Five seconds later, and we're inside the center!

12d 0h 51m [INFO] There's a PokeCenter just ahead! If we can get there, we can get our heal save.

12d 0h 47m KT faints. We're down to only Lazergator, who we struggle to send out.

12d 0h 43m KT decimates a dangerous Ponyta with 3 HP left! Nice one, Katie!

12d 0h 35m AJ fights his way towards towards the entrance to Mount Silver. Now we're just picking on the older siblings, Dodrio and Rapidash.

12d 0h 28m Katie levels up to 59!

12d 0h 23m Irwin the Juggler calls! He says he'll be cheering us on. We don't need his cheering, we have MON POWER.

12d 0h 9m We tool around outside Victory Road, brutalizing level 4 Doduos and Ponytas to boost our self-esteem. We're the POKEMON MASTER!

12d 0h 4m Just as a reminder, we now have all 8 Kanto league badges!

11d 23h 48m We arrive in Viridian City.

11d 22h 48m Arrived in Pallet Town. Now let's go visit Blue's sisterProf. Oak.

11d 22h 25m Defeated BLUE! Got the EARTHBADGE!

11d 22h 22m Brian fainted! Sent out Feratigatr.

11d 22h 19m Rhydon vs. Solid Snake time. Solid Snake wins, but is quickly taken down by Gyarados. Brian is up!

11d 22h 21m Steelix levels up to 53! Espeon levels up to 53!

11d 22h 19m Espeon took care of mean Pidgeot. Alakazam is next, and Espeon wins again!

11d 22h 19m A (Raticate) fainted!

11d 22h 17m Reign of Democracy has ended. Also, we are fighting Blue!

11d 22h 15m [D] We're finally in Viridian's gym!

11d 22h 7m [D] Alan called. Not now Alan, we are in the middle of something important!

11d 22h 2m [D] We are slowly making our way to the Gym.

11d 22h 00m [D] Democracy has arrived. Let's see what happens next!

11d 21h 51m Once again, we are on Route 2. Maybe we missed something? We did not, so we go back to Viridian City

11d 21h 36m Joey called again. We always have a minute for you!

11d 21h 27m If only entering the Gym was as easy as entering this people's home

11d 21h 10m This tree was looking at us suspiciously so we cut it right down!

11d 21h 02m Alan called to remind us that you need love and care to raise your Pokemon right.

11d 21h 00m Apparently not because we go right back to Anarchy.

11d 20h 59m Do we need Democracy to save us from this evil ledge?

11d 20h 51m Yes, we do pay a lot of attention to naming our Pokemon!

11d 20h 49m The ledge wins again.

And stream up

Stream down

11d 20h 40m Joey called! Rattata is the coolest Pokemon out there.

11d 20h 38m Wondering aimlessly around Viridian City (or exploring as we like to call it). We remember why we don't like ledges and continue exploring.

11d 20h 27m We decided that Route 2 is boring and we are back in Viridian City.

11d 20h 26m We found Elixer!

11d 20h 25m Taking a walk on Route 2.

11d 20h 18m Anarchy takes over as we are healing!

11d 20h 12m [D] Viridan City, here we come!

11d 20h 12m [D] We decide to give this whole "flying" thing another try. Let's see where we end up this time!

11d 20h 9m [D] We have flown to Indigo Plateau, and Joey calls!

11d 20h 7m [D] Brian is selected.

11d 20h 3m [D] Looks like Democracy's going to try to fly, but we keep closing the start menu.

11d 19h 55m Surfing again! Will we manage to surf, or will the impending democracy take to the air?

11d 19h 50m Never mind! Back to land.

11d 19h 48m Jack's call turned out to be all the motivation we needed! We're surfing.

11d 19h 47m Schoolboy Jack calls to let us know how smart his Voltorb is. Good to know.

11d 19h 38m After a productive half hour in Democracy, votes for Anarchy surge in to take control.

11d 19h 36m [D] Solid Snake is given the Leftovers

11d 19h 33m [D] We overshoot the Leftovers we're trying to give Solid Snake, but only by two.

11d 19h 29m [D] Solid Snake is selected

11d 19h 25m [D] Ace is given the Exp. Share

[Snark] As we slowly work our way down the list of items to reach the Exp. Share, I can't help but think I preferred Red's method of tossing every item that wasn't useful. And then tossing every item that was useful.

11d 19h 15m [D] We appear to be transferring the Exp. Share to Ace. See buddy, we haven't completely forgotten about you!

11d 19h 13m [D] We've taken the Exp. Share Katie was holding.

11d 19h 8m [D] Waterfall switched with Safeguard.

11d 19h 6m [D] Correction, we're switching her moves around! Waterfall is being moved from the top slot in favor of Safeguard. Most likely this is so that when Katie learns Outrage, it will replace Safeguard.

11d 19h 3m [D] Democracy takes over and it looks like we're going to try to move Katie to the front of our party.

(Sorry for the lack of updates during the battle, the stream was a little iffy.)

11d 18h 59m Blaine down!

[Fluff] Lazorgator is level 80. Whether we're facing the original Red team or a TPP Red team, the strong electric type will be level 81. Stats are still to be considered, though.

11d 18h 31m Alan calls. His calculations were correct.

11d 18h 27m We're at Cinnabar.

11d 18h 11m Hey, Arnie. He saw a Drowzee for the first time! Wait, hasn't . . . hasn't he called and told us that already . . . ?

11d 18h 6m [D] Katie's having fun slowly wrecking a Seel.

[Fluff] The fat men are gone from Fat Man Island.

10d 17h 47m We're surfing!

11d 17h 39m Red's mom doesn't know where he is or what he's doing either.

11d 17h 35m POKEMON magazines... POKEMON PAL, POKEMON HANDBOOK, POKEMON GRAPH... we get a glimpse of Red's childhood.

11d 17h 28m We have been caught in Red's trap! The staircase in his house tried to eat our shoes. We freed ourselves after a short struggle.

[Fluff] Where could Red be hiding? We look for clues in his house. The books he read, the chairs he sat on...

11d 17h 24m Time to meet Red's mom! But first, let's take a look at her books.

11d 17h 14m We're in Pallet Town!

[Fluff] Is there any reason why wild pokemon in this area should still be level 3? Really?

11d 16h 50m AJ steps into Viridian City and promptly trips over the welcome sign.

11d 16h 49 We just defeated a Bug Catcher. Where was this guy during the development of Gen I?

11d 16h 46m So far we've picked up a Max Potion, a Full Heal and a Max Ether.

[Fluff] Alright, who mowed Viridian Forest down?

[Strategy] We cannot fight Blue until we talk to him on Cinnabar, so that's where we're heading next!

[Fluff] Don't worry, those Omastar and Kabutops were both just Dittos.

11d 16h 27m One last Psychic overcomes Brock's rock-hard defense. Obtained the Boulderbadge!

11d 16h 27m Psychic take care of Onix. Kabutops in!

11d 16h 26m A Sandstorm hurts Espeon. He uses the sand to his advantage and throws it in Onix's eyes.

11d 16h 25m Espeon takes Omastar down with Psychic! It's Onix's turn.

11d 16h 25m We switch for Espeon. Espeon uses Morning Sun, just to be safe. Omastar spams Spike Cannon.

11d 16h 25m They surf together for a little while.

11d 16h 24m We switch to Gator. A taste of things to come.

11d 16h 24m Brian misses with Fly thanks to Protect. Omastar is good.

[Fluff] The Twitch chat is feaking out!

11d 16h 23m Omastar surfs on Steelix and takes him down in three moves!

11d 16h 22m Iron Tail does it again. It's a OHKO. OMASTAR COMES IN

11d 16h 22m We throw a Great Ball at Rhyhorn. Doesn't work. How sad.

11d 16h 21m Iron Tail takes down Graveler easily.

11d 16h 21m Steelix uses Rock Throw. Just imagine this huge metal snake throwing a Graveler around like a ball.

11d 16h 20m AJ sends Steelix against Graveler. He uses Strength, Graveler opens with Rollout.

11d 16h 19m We interact with Brock! It's on!

11d 16h 18m AJ bumps into Jerry's butt, over and over.

11d 16h 14m "Hey, you! Trainer from JOHTO! BROCK is tough. He'll punish you if you don't take him seriously." Well I dunno, if he's anything like the guy we just fought...

11d 16h 13m CAMPER JERRY wants to battle! Well so do we. It's Steelix vs Sandslash-- nevermind, we switch for Brian immediately. One Fly is enough.

11d 16h 11m We're in Pewter's gym!

11d 16h 2m [D] Party healed.

11d 15h 52m We leave the center without healing.

11d 15h 51m We're in the Pokemon Center. Someone here just offered to trade us a Mew for a Haunter. That'd be cool, I guess.

11d 15h 48m Welcome to Pewter City!

11d 15h 45m Well, a bush and Bug Catcher Ed. But Snake takes out each of his Beedrill with 1 rock throw. KT grows to level 57.

11d 15h 43m Exited again. The only thing that now stands between us and Pewter is an uncut bush. We go up and dillydally a bit before cutting it down.

11d 15h 41m Apparently we want a little more Diglett time. Back in the cave.

11d 15h 39m After seeing and often knocking out Digletts and Dugtrios, and coyly flirting with the exit for a while, AJ escapes Diglett's Cave. Onwards to Pewter!

11d 15h 30m Found a Max Revive hidden in a rock.

11d 15h 23m We enter Diglett's Cave.

11d 15h 19m Anarchy resumes. Solid Snake goes out there to face Snorlax. He crits with Iron Tail and takes Snorlax down to the tiniest sliver of health, but Rest heals it all back. A second Iron Tail finishes Snorlax. Wade calls us immediately after to challenge us.

11d 15h 18m [D] We wake Snorlax.

11d 15h 14m [D] We return to the Pokégear radio and turn on the Poké Flute station. Remember, we have no Poké Balls, so we can't catch Snorlax. It would be a long shot anyway, but we aren't even going to try.

11d 15h 11m [D] We overshoot yet again. This tuner is finicky... We exit out of the Pokégear without having the right music on.

11d 15h 9m [D] We overshoot the station by 1. Never fear, though, we go back down one immediately... and keep going down, overshooting the other way.

11d 15h 7m [D] We go right and hit the radio. We begin slowly flipping through the channels, although up9 is getting a lot of votes. I guess we'll find out soon if it's possible to overshoot the end of the tuning line...

11d 15h 2m [D] We overshoot and press start twice when we're trying to get into the menu. Next time's a charm and we succeed in opening the Pokégear.

11d 15h 0m [D] And we are in Democracy, folks.

11d 14h 55m We've made it into the Pokégear screen a couple times, but never into the radio, much less to the appropriate station.

11d 14h 51m We've given the ice heal to Gator to hold, replacing his tinymushroom.

11d 14h 47m [Strategy] To battle Snorlax, we need to open up the Pokégear radio and set it to the Poké Flute station, which is one of the highest tunings. We'll see if the hivemind wants to leave, try and buy Balls, and come back to try to catch it, though.

11d 14h 39m [Snark] Thar she blows, Cap'n! Wild Snorlax off the port bow!

11d 14h 39m Snorlax is in our way to get to Vermilion and we can't get past. Sure would have been nice to buy some Balls earlier...

11d 14h 38m Another battle with a Psychic. Snake one-shots a Xatu with Iron Tail, and that's all she wrote.

11d 14h 36m Solid Snake takes a couple Bites but they don't do much. A Confuse Ray and Supersonic slow him down too, but Crobat falls to Iron Tail as well. Victory!

11d 14h 31m another trainer battle, Youngster Jason, who leads with a Sandslash. Solid Snake comes in and Iron Tails it to death, and levels up to level 52!

11d 14h 28m We fight a wild Magnemite for entirely too long.

11d 14h 24m Headed towards Vermilion, apparently. We're challenged by Psychic Herman, who sends out some Exeggcutes and an Exeggutor. Solid Snake handles the first 2 easily enough and, after consulting the GS Ball, we finish Exeggutor with Iron Tail.

11d 14h 16m Still on route 12. Can't seem to figure out where to go, Lavender or Vermilion.

11d 14h 6m Hey Arnie! What's going on?

11d 14h 1m Democracy gets initiated then promptly voted away. A quick note: I just remembered that it's spelled 'Fuchsia'. Apologies.

11d 13h 55m Oh never mind, looks like Fisher Barney hasn't had a piece of us yet! He's packing THREE Gyarados. A.J. crushes him.

11d 13h 49m We are now strolling along Route 12. It's much more relaxing now that all of the Trainers are too scared to battle us again.


11d 13h 38m We've powered our way on to Route 13!

11d 13h 14m ...And we're back in Janine's gym. Ok...

11d 13h 9m Thanks to /u/JT_Macguffin: "...the only way to progress is to actually head through Diglett Cave. The Fuschia route to Blaine is actually blocked with a landslide until we visit Cinnabar island. Hence, we have to go through Pallet Town. It's a way for the game designers to encourage players to face Blaine and Blue last."

11d 13h 9m Currently in Anarchy wandering in the route above Fuschia.

11d 3h 0m Democracy has activated!

[Snark] "Moving in 4 directions was too complex, so we decided to simplify it for players by limiting it to 2." -Gamefreak

11d 12h 37m Just so you all know, we are still wandering around Fuschia. Our next two options are to face Brock in Pewter City, or Blane at his new Gym location in the Seafoam Islands.

11d 12h 21m We're back to walking around Fuschia City.

[Strategy] We've had a few suggestions to try moving the EXP Share to Ace and then switching someone Else to the front of the party. Personally I think this makes the most sense and I say go for it

11d 12h 14m Solid Snake is really blowing through any opposition.

10d 12h 7m More Nidorina.

11d 11h 58m Facing a Venomoth, we vainly search for Pokeballs.

11d 11h 52m Solid Snake crushes a Pinsir.

11d 11h 51m Solid Snake crushes a Nidoran.

11d 11h 44m A.J. continues to destroy innocent Safari Pokémon that we have no chance of catching.

11d 11h 36m Steelix defeats a Nidorina.

11d 11h 36m So we are all on the same page, in this 'hacked' Safari Zone, you have to provide your own Poké balls and catch Pokémon the traditional way.

11d 11h 31m Alan calls us to tell us about this book he read, but AJ has little care for books with all the voices in his head.

11d 11h 24m We made it to the Safari Zone, and there aren't even any creepy gold teeth or HMs to worry about this time!

11d 11h 24m Our current goal: Go on a Safari!

11d 11h 19m WE HAVE CUT DOWN A TREE.

11d 10h 12m A.J. pounds the turf in Fuschia City, deciding where to go next.

11d 10h 56m Irwin calls for a checkup, but we don't have time for his fascination with balls right now. And we jump the ledge, because why not?

11d 10h 48m We leave the gym just long enough to smell the great outdoor, before taking the step back inside to the warmth.

[Snark] "This goes on for awhile, like an hour." "But I got out, right?" "Yeah, but then you got back in."

...and then walk right back in...

11d 10h 44m We escaped from Fuschia's Gym!

11d 10h 37m The walls are an illusion.

11d 10h 32m Acquiring the Soul Badge is one thing. Getting outta here is a whole other matter.

11d 10h 28m AJ switches out for Solid Snake. In an ironic and familiar twist, Weezing commits Sudoku and explodes, barely grazing the snake. JANINE IS DEFEATED.

11d 10h27m Burrito unloads another psychic and takes down Venomoth. One left!

11d 10h 26m WEEZING DOWN

Katie is obviously feeling a bit chilly, and caring as we are we attempt to use our Ice-heal on her.

11d 10h 26m Burrito keeps the rekt train a rolling and downs Ariados

Ace went down to confusion, not poison. Thanks AySz88!

11d 10h 24m Burrito tries to heal at full health. He then tries to attract Crobat and fails, but follows up with psychic and rekts Crobat

11d 10h 23m Burrito is making Sand Castles again...

11d 10h 23m Ace goes down to poison and wing attack.

11d 10h 22m Ace lands some quick attacks on Crobat but gets confused.

11d 10h 21m Holy Pokemon Batman, WE ARE FIGHTING JANINE!

11d 10h 15m We are back in Fuschia's Gym!

11d 10h 9m We get off the phone with Irwin and dive back into Anarchy. SWEET STACKS, BRO.

11d 10h 5m [D] We're a little busy here, Irwin!

11d 10h 2m [D] Slowly inching back to the gym.

11d 9h 56m Ace just ate a delicious wild Grimer.

11d 9h 53m Jumped back off the island of getting things done. Ledge Hard with a Vengence, baby!

11d 9h 49m Healed our Pokemon! And no, we are not out late at all (don't think too hard about it).

11d 9h 46m Hey Imposter! Why don't you impersonate Nurse Joy and heal our Pokemon?

11d 9h 44m: We finally enter the Poke Center.

11d 9h 34m: Irwin called a few minutes ago: "Uh, hello, AJDNNW? It's your sidekick IRWIN!". Hm...

11d 9h 27m: AJ gets deja vu as he enters Bill's sister's house again.

11d 9h 25m: AJ vs the ledge part III. We are about to reenter Fuchsia City again and we still haven't healed.

11d 9h 20m: We just entered the Poke Center then decide to jump the ledge to the right of Fuchsia City. I love TPP.

11d 9h 18m: Gator OHKOs the whole Bulbasaur family tree and we defeat the trainer.

11d 9h 17m: We entered Fuchsia City's gym again and are now fighting a trainer. Bulbasaur against Lazorgator.

11d 9h 15m: We enter Bill's sister's house. Thats right Bill, we can hurt you too.

11d 9h 14m: We entered the Gym and then left it again. Not sure what our plan is now but only Brian and Gator are still standing.

11d 9h 6m: First ledge fall off Fuchsia City. I didn't see it coming.

11d 9h 4m: Nightfalls as democracy terminates and AJ gets closer to the ledges of Fuchsia City.

11d 9h 1m: [D] Democracy is still in charge of the battle. Noctowl faints and we defeat the trainer.

11d 9h 0m: [D] We still haven't healed but we manage to enter another trainer battle. Lazorgator comes out against a clueless Noctowl

11d 8h 56m: We enter a bar near the beach and use strength in it. Nobody around though.

11d 8h 51m: Still in Fuchsia city, in the house near the entrance. The one with the swimingpool yes. Chilling.

11d 8h 42m: We just got to Fuchsia City, the place where Safaris and Ninjas live in harmony

11d 8h 40m: Brian defeats Magneton as we are almost in Fuchsia City. I remind you that in this hacked rom there is a Safari Zone.

11d 8h 37m: Clutchness Katie manages to launch a twister at the very end. Still a Magneton left and he defeats Katie with a sonic boom. Only a paralyzed Brian and Gator left.

11d 8h 36m: No more PPs for waterfall left and Katie keeps using safeguard. Magnemite locks on target.

11d 8h 35m: Katie is about to faint thanks to 4 safeguards in a row, but she manages to survive and defeat a Voltorb. Out comes Magnemite.

11d 8h 34m: Third trainer in a row that Katie just sweeps with OHKOs. Where is that Dragonslayer ATV?!

11d 8h 31m: Another fight and out comes Katie our brand new Dragonite. OHKOs everyone at the moment.

[Fluff] Funnily enough, the last trainer we beat before Katie evolved was 'Teacher Katie'.

11d 8h 27m: We don't let Katie learn wing attack

11d 8h 27m: Katie levels up to 55 and evolves into Dragonite

11d 8h 26m: Katie defeats Weepinbell and Victreebell and we move on to Fuchsia City.

11d 8h 23m: Schoolboy challenges us and sends a Bellsprout. Katie quickly takes care of him.

11d 8h 21m: Twister launched and OHKO. We defeat pokefan. Jack calls to tell us that when it's raining, fire-type moves become much weaker than usual. We are shocked.

11d 8h 19m: We keep using safeguard. Squirtle doesn't do much damage anyways.

11d 8h 18m: Charmander down to another waterfall. Squirtle up and we use safeguard.

11d 8h 17m: Bulbasur faints to a couple of waterfalls. Charmander up.

11d 8h 15m: We exit the maze and are greeted by yet another pokefan. He sends a Bulbasur against Katie

11d 8h 8m: We switch Katie with Brian who by the way levelled up to 63. I forgot to mention the level before. He uses fly and Seaking faints. Pokefan defeated.

11d 8h 7m: Katie shows her repertoir using dragonbreath to defeat Slowking. Seaking next.

11d 8h 6m: Katie uses a few twisters and Nidoking faints. Slowking out!

11d 8h 6m: Another Trainer block. I'm starting to see a trend. Katie comes out against Nidoking.

11d 8h 4m: Hiker defeated, time to go around him if we want to reach the exit.

11d 8h 2m: Golem comes out against Brian and misses thanks to Brian's fly. Brian levels up. Graveler out

11d 8h 1m: Anarchy quickly skips off Democracy as RJ finally uses psychic against Sandlash. A Graveler comes out and uses selfdestruct. Espeonage and Graveller faint.

11d 7h 59m: Near the end of the maze we get challenged by a Hiker that sends a Sandlash against Espeonage. We are going to have to go all the way around. Thanks pal.

11d 7h 54m: We got back on track in route 13 and are approaching the end of the maze. HYPE.

11d7h49m "Uh, hello, AJDNNW? It's your buddy IRWIN! AJDNNW, I heard! You're kicking up a mighty ruckus over in KANTO! What a glorious rampage it must be! You so rock! I hate having to hang up on you! Call you later! Click!" That was a weird call wasn't it?

11d 7h 47m: Here is a summary of the last few minutes: The water is calm. Want to SURF?

11d 7h 42m: And AJ just decided to walk all the way up to Route 12 again. The Hivemind has a plan.

11d 7h 41m: For those of you in need for an audio recap covering our first day in Kanto's gym cycle, here you can find it thanks to /u/ThePokeMessiah

11d 7h 31m: Pokefan defeated. Still making our way through the maze of route 13.

11d 7h 30m: Gator speeds things up and OHKOs two more Pikachu.

11d 7h 28m: Gator subs in for RJ and uses surf, 3rd Pikachu down, 3 left.

11d 7h 27m: Espeonage is still facing Pikachu. Considering he's not using psychic, not a lot of advance is being done currently.

11d 7h 22m: RJ uses psychic to beat wave after wave of Pikachu. 6 Pikachu if I'm not mistaken. 2 down

11d 7h 22m: We enter another battle against a Pokefan Joshua. Pikachu vs RJ

11d 7h 16m: Katie levels up to 54.

11d 7h 15m: Wade calls us to inform us about the bug contest. We might be a little late Wade, we are in Kanto fighting a Farfetch'd. I miss Dux.

11d 7h 13m: AJ decides to get things under control again and sends Godzilla out. Fearow drowns to his signature move. Bret defeated

11d 7h 12m: We try to teach different TMs during the fight unsuccesfully.

11d 7h 10m: Pidgeotto down to psychic, Fearow up next.

11d 7h 9m: We entered route 13 and are already in trouble. Bird keeper Bret sends us a Pidgeotto against RJ.

11d 7h 5m: Strike that, I have been fooled by the hivemind, we are going down again.

11d 7h 5m: We are going up in Route 12 at the moment. I think we forgot something in Lavender's

11d 7h 2m: Anarchy takes control again and Brian flies again to defeat a Tentacruel. Trainer defeated.

11d 7h 0m: [D] Democracy is in control again as a paralyzed Brian defeats a Qwilfish with fly.

11d 7h 59m: We enter another trainer battle as democracy approaches...

11d 6h 51m: RJ decides to finally attack remoraid and Fisher Martin is defeated.

11d 6h 48m: RJ heals himself and then defeats Remoraid with psychic. Out comes another one and we decide to heal again even though we were at max alread.

11d 6h 47m: We enter a fight against Fisher Martin, who sends a Remoraid. RJ on it.

11d 6h 43m: Alan calls to give us advice on how to raise our pokemon, yet he still can't catch a Pidgey. Sure Alan, love and care.

11d 6h 41m: We keep going back and forth between Route 12 and Lavender Town. Right at the border too.

11d 6h 23m Joey still out for blood. Poor child!

11d 6h 19m Katie finished off Fisher Kyle.

11d 6h 16m Solid Snake falls to a Poliwrath!

11d 6h 13m Solid Snake levels up to 51!

11d 6h 12m Out of Lavender and fighting Fisher Kyle!

11d 6h 2m Democracy comes and goes while AJ continues to wonder around Lavender Town.

11d 5h 47m EXPN CARD get!

11d 5h 45m Clutch Jack call incoming!

[Snark] Pretty sure the voices are not coming from the graves, AJ.

11d 5h 38m My bad, we have been in Lavender Town. That's what I get for turning the sound off.

11d 5h 32m Time to snort some PC!

11d 5h 28m Doing the Poke Center Boogaloo.

11d 5h 15m Super Nerd Tom still hasn't picked up his balls... HELLO WADE.

11d 5h 14m Gator steps in and takes down Magnemite.

11d 5h 12m Brian pulls his best impression of Guile with a Sonicboom Mirror Move, but ends up getting paralyzed. Course, he then mirrors the Thunder Wave back.

11d 5h 8m Super Nerd Tom is droppin' balls judging by that mess at his feet.

11d 5h 6m Super Nerd Sam falls to the Solid Snake

11d 5h 4m [D] The Pokemon are staring each other down!

11d 4h 57m Super Nerd Sam asks our ten year-old protagonist how the Magnet Train works, then challenges us to a battle.

11d 4h 53m A.J. beats the final biker, Zeke!

11d 4h 45m Solid Snake handily defeats Dwayne's final Koffing. Next up is Biker Harris, whose Flareon buckles quickly under Steelix's Strength.

11d 4h 45m The Kanto Secret Service should keep an eye on Biker Dwayne, that's the third Koffing he's senselessly ordered to self-destruct. Solid Snake shrugs it off like nothing.

11d 4h 45m Koffing number 2 performs the same trick, and Ace faints!

11d 4h 45m In a stroke of tactical genius, A.J. switches out Ace for Steelix to tank Koffing's Selfdestruct! Ace levels up to 38.

11d 4h 44m A.J. makes it to Route 8 and is immediately challenged by the Kanto Pokémon Federation! Biker Dwayne leads with a Koffing.

11d 4h 36m We are casually wandering the streets of Saffron City, with the general intention of heading towards Lavender Town.

11d 4h 30m We're inside Saffron Gym again, presumably to gloat over our victory here.

11d 4h 26m We've entered Saffron City!

11d 4h 19m If we want to go to Pewter City, we'll need to go to Lavender Town first so that we can wake up a snoozing Snorlax blocking the way.

11d 4h 16m We're currently in the long grass north of the Kanto Daycare. I wonder if Rick Gastly is still there?

11d 4h 9m Now that we have healed, we have the choice between going through Mt. Moon to battle Brock in Pewter City or face Janine in Fuschia City, though as we don't have a bike we'll be taking the long way round to Fuschia.

11d 4h 9m Bug Catcher Wade calls us just as we switch back to Anarchy.

11d 4h 8m [D] We very convincingly heal our Pokémon.

11d 4h 3m [D] Democracy is in effect! We are currently standing outside the Pokémon Center. There are rumblings about going to release Ace.

11d 3h 59m A.J. reads about the mysterious blue aura that permeates Cerulean City. Perhaps it's also obstructing the counter in the Pokémon Center.

11d 3h 47m A.J. remains too shy to go up and talk to Cerulean City's Nurse Joy.

11d 3h 44m We very nearly released Ace. Deep breaths everyone.

11d 3h 40m The next Gym Leader on the hitlist is the daughter of our favourite hide & seek partner Koga, Janine!

11d 3h 31m A.J. checks out the Hall of Fame at the PC before logging off. Feeling a little nostalgic clearly.

11d 3h 23m: Misty tells us of her plans of going to Johto one day. Are you flirting with us?

11d 3h 21m: Also, in a different note GUYS, WE DEFEATED MISTY!

11d 3h 20m: RJ uses psychic and bite and defeats Starmie. RJ levels up to 52 and forgets bite for morning sun

11d 3h 20m: Espeonage comes then out for Katie and receives another blizzard. He then defeats Lapras and Katie levels up to 53 and Gator to lvl 80 Starmie is up!

11d 3h 19m: Katie comes out for Gator and survives Lapras' powerful blizzard with just 16hp.

11d 3h 18m: Godzilla uses icy wind but doesn't really affect Lapras.

11d 3h 18m: Gator uses surf and Golduck faints, out comes Quagsire who also OHKO to Gator's surf. Lapras up!

11d 3h 17m: A uses pursuit and Golduck responds with surf. A faints and Gator comes out

11d 3h 17m: Twitch chat is collapsed with "guys we have to beat Misty"'s rants.

11d 3h 16m: Here we go! Misty is up!. Golduck against A.

11d 3h 16m: Here we go! Misty is up!. Golduck against A.

11d 3h 15m: We snick in behind Misty thanks to surf. All that time next to Koga finally pays off.

11d 3h 14m: A uses quick attack four times and beats Golduck. Swimmer Diana defeated!

11d 3h 13m: Time for another battle against another Swimmer. Golduck against A.

11d 3h 12m: A uses two hyper fangs and Seadra faints. We beat Swimmer Parker and move on.

11d 3h 12m: We miss with iron tail and Seadra makes us pay with water gun but Steelix still has around 60% of his hp. We switch A out!

11d 3h 10m: Another strength by Steelix and another Horsea goes down. Seadra in.

11d 3h 10m: A uses a couple of quick attacks and we switch Steelix out. Of course, water gun is effective but Horsea goes down to strength!

11d 3h 9m: THIS IS IT. First battle against one of Misty's trainers! Horsea vs A!

11d 3h 8m: When I said directly I really meant going to the options menu and switching animations off. You got that right?

11d 3h 6m: We reach Cerulean city and are now going directly to Misty.

11d 3h 3m: Anarchy is back on control as we reach Misty and her date! It's ON.

11d 3h 0m: [D] Democracy comes back as we are about to finish the "maze". We can smell your fear Misty.

11d 2h 56m: Joey reminds us that we have to keep working hard to beat his top percentage Rattata so we finally go through the bridge and are in Route 25

11d 2h 54m: If you are currently not watching the stream, this is TPP at its finest. We are struggling to make our way to the bridge, overshooting both sides multiple times. And of course, Joey calls

11d 2h 50m: We exit the gym and slowly make our way to route 24.

11d 2h 47m: We enter Misty's gym and look for her inside. I think she learnt a few things from Koga.

11d 2h 42m: I'm getting many messages now of people saying they saw us giving the part and getting the zap cannon TM. To be 100% sure we'd have to go to route 24 or check our pack to see if we have that TM. TPP's choice n_n

11d 2h 29m: Ok so apparently we did give the part to the power plant, although not everyone agrees on it. We can check by going up the bridge to see if Misty is near Bill's house or not. Just to be clear, I wasn't around when it happened, so I just said what some of you told me :/

11d 2h 24m: We exit the Poke Center and are currently walking around Cerulean City.

11d 2h 22m: For those of you tuning in, we still have to go back again to the Power Plant in order to defeat Misty. We got there about 1-2 hours ago but decided to use fly before we gave the motor part back, so we still can't spoil Misty's date. Women huh?

11d 2h 19m: We went to the PC but dont worry, nothing happened. Arnie calls!

11d 2h 16m: Anarchy takes over right after we get to the Poke Center

11d 2h 15m: [D] We are back to Cerulean city. I think we still can't challenge Misty yet :/

11d 2h 13m: [D] Saffron and Celadon are not the ones it seems, people are still spamming down :/

11d 2h 11m: [D] Democracy decided to take the long way to select Brian but finally it's being selected. Here we go, where will we fly?

11d 2h 7m: [D] We come out of Victory Road.

11d 2h 4m: [D] Apparently demo is going to be used to use fly. Watch that overshoot :/

11d 2h 1m [D] We end a battle with democracy, just like in America!

11d 1h 56m For the first time in literally hours, we get into a few battles! It's gravelers up and down, baby!

11d 1h 54m We burst into Indigo Plateau, and come face to face with PC, which makes that evil dial-up modem sound. AJ does a 180 degree NOPE out of there, running directly into Victory Road.

11d 1h 46m We fly to Route 23!

11d 1h 45m Wade calls us! His caterpie is still growing and getting hard to handle! Please, Wade, have you heard of subtlety?

[META] Day 11 highlights video is out, courtesy of /u/MrAwesomePossumz! Check it out here: http://youtu.be/i-6RgNfkF28

11d 1h 31m AJ totters around the power plant, high off his own success.

11d 1h 28m Anarchy swoops back into control, and we actually manage to not backtrack! We enter a building, and a guy asks us for our cooperation. Ha! Hahahaha!

11d 1h 24m Reached Route 10! We did it! Maybe! Please don't make us go back!

11d 1h 23m [D] Do we want to SURF? Does the pope wear a silly hat? Does a pokemon eat poffins?

11d 1h 20m [D] We're doing it! We're MAKING IT HAPPEN! Now SURF, bold AJ!

11d 1h 16m [D] We manage to maintain our progress, even with Alan's drivel echoing uselessly in our ear. AJ wonders briefly where they hide the cellphone towers.


11d 1h 9m [D] Can it be? After a grueling 7 hours, we've finally conquered LEDGE? AJ stares his nemesis down, certain that this time, he'll take the upper hand.

11d 1h 6m [D] Little by little, we work our way up! Remember, kids: think two moves ahead in democracy!

11d 1h 3m [D] Get out and vote! For the first time in hours, it looks like the hivemind is actually making a successful attempt versus the ledge in democracy!

11d 0h 37m A call from bug catcher Arnie! He tells us a bunch of Yamna are hanging out around Route 35! Okay, whatever man! We're kinda in the middle of a 6-hour parkour session!

11d 0h 2m First vote slams us solidly back in anarchy. Welcome to hour 6 of ledgin' it!

10d 23h 59m Democracy in less than a minute! WILL WE LEAP? OR WILL WE PROCEED?

10d 23h 49m We check our items. Squirtbottle! TMs! They're all still here!

10d 23h 40m AJ check out his trainer card a few times. Faaaaabulous!

10d 23h 37m We call mom. She throws shade all over us with her sarcastic "working hard"? We tell her we're keeping our money. Wrekt.

10d 23h 23m Hello, and welcome to hour 5 of LEDGE DAY!

10d 23h 2m Schoolboy Jack welcomes us back from our long sojourn in the void. How are we doing? Oh, we're great, just teetering on the ledge of destruction, no biggie!

10 23h 0m Stream back up

[DOWN] Back to a solid OFFLINE.

[DOWN] The stream claims it will resume shortly, and in the meantime, lulls us into a false sense of security with sporadic Pokemon dubstep.

Stream's down!

10d 22h 2m We twiddle with our text speed, hoping to set it juuust right.

10d 22h 0m Hello, democracy! ...Goodbye, democracy

10d 21h 53m For those at home keeping score, it's been about 4 hours since we left Cerulean City! Take that, democracy!

10d 21h 51m Wade calls to see how we are. He wants us to come to the National park for a bug-catching contest! Wade, you fool, it's LEDGE day. Friends don't let friends skip ledge day!

10d 21h 47m Looks like we're dealing with a double-whammy of sabotaging bots and ledge-loving trolls right now. I'm on the ledge of my seat to see what happens!

10d 21h 38m Aaaaand we're back down the ledge.

[Information] I'm not sure if giving attention to whoever did this is the right course of action, but I'll mention it. For anyone who doesn't know, the second-to-last instance of Democracy, at 10d 20h 0m, has been entirely controlled by bots, as shown by this page. Anarchy jumped back down to retry The Ledge legitimately.

10d 21h 18m Mom started saving our money again.

10d 21h 12m Whoa. After getting lost in the start menu, Anarchy gets out of danger. We've done it (for real this time).

10d 21h 7m [D] We're past the ledge again. Let's see if we'll last longer than before.

10d 20h 11m Anarchy promptly brings us back down the ledge.

10d 20h 4m [D] Democracy can't stand this and shows how to get things done. We're past the ledge.

10d 19h 42m We do a better job walking right in a straight line when we're below the ledge rather than above it.

10d 19h 28m Irwin calls to tell us that we're kicking up a mighty ruckus.

10d 19h 7m Todd calls.

10d 19h 1m Anarchy back!

10d 19h 0m [D] We're at the ledge, and democracy kicks in.

10d 18h 48m Arnie calls and challenges us to a bug-catching contest on Route 35. Hmm, guys, I think this ledge can wait.

10d 18h 27m Wade calls. He's waiting for us on Route 31. Nice guy.

[Snark] Coming next summer to a cinema near you: AJ Downey stars in "I Am Ledgend."

[Snark] I swear, Irwin sounds like he's utterly insane. It's kind of scary honestly.

10d 18h 8m AJ gets a call from Irwin.

10d 17h 47m Still stuck at the dreaded Ledge. At least when AJ finally gets to Red they'll both have great calves.

10d 17h 42m We have left Cerulean city!

[Strategy] Some people are suggesting that flying might be faster than trying to face the ledge again. If we haven't made much progress by the next time Democracy comes around, it looks like that could be the goal, at least for some.

10d 17h 21m We're still wandering around Cerulean City

10d 17h 8m Anarchy returns and we rush back into the gym just to make extra sure Misty's not in there.

10d17h3m [D] Democracy has taken over as we exit the empty Gym.


[Strategy] As Nixitur pointed out, we have to get the machine part from Cerulean Gym, then take it to the power plant, then go to Bill's before we can beat Misty. Anyone else up for cutting our losses and heading back to Whitney?

10d 16h 35m Joey keeps racking up his phone bill.

10d 16h 29m TPP is THIS close to staging a coup on Cerulean Gym.

[Snark] Tumbleweeds in Cerulean Gym

[Strategy] As SolidGoldMagikarp mentioned earlier, we have to head up north to Bill's place to interrupt Misty's date before we can beat her.

10d 16h 15m Todd, you seriously haven't beaten Whitney yet? GET TO IT!

10d 16h 14m Loadin' up some sweet Anarchy stacks!

10d 16h 12m [D] Ace now leads the team.

10d 16h 3m [D] It looks like the Hivemind is trying to move Gator out of slot 1.


10d 15h 54m Listening to some sweet tunes in some dude's house.

10d 15h 45m Still lost in Cerulean

10d 15h 35m We are our own sidekicks, Irwin.

[Snark] AJ sure is determined to find Misty in all of this water

[Strategy] Remember, we need to interrupt Misty's date first. She's up by Bill's cottage.

10d15h13m: Sorry for the lack of updates, we're just making our way back to Cerulean. We just beat Camper Todd in a battle, though not before having to sit through a sleepy Gator.

10d14h40m: We've exited the Power Plant - now, to Cerulean!

10d14h39m: After talking to everyone we need to in here, on the way out a police officer stops us and asks AJ for help stopping a "shady character in Cerulean". Uhh, isn't that your job?

10d 14h 39m We have talked to all relevant parties and triggered the Machine Part event. We can return to Cerulean and retrieve it at any time now.

10d 14h 22m: We're in the Power Plant!

10d 14h 14m AJ hits land and the first thing he does is check the Pokedex entry for Gyarados, as though reflecting on the water he just left behind

10d 14h 11m: Currently surfing down to the Plant!

10d 13h 58m: We've healed up and are now attempting to get to the Power Plant. A lot of de ja vu around this area...

10d 13h 48m We conquered the ledge and are now in the Rock Tunnel Pokemon Center!

10d 13h 21m Yet more ledge fun.

[Strategy] Here's a thread that cleanly explains our in-game strategy before we can beat Misty. The Magnet Train section is optional though; we just need to follow the 1st half. Thanks to /u/snoe63 for the link!

10d 12h 28m As expected, more ledge shenanigans.

10d 12h 19m Still running around the ledge.

[Interesting Stuff] It turns out that The Ledge has shrunk in size from its previous enormity in Gen 1. Here's a picture provided by /u/hinode85 as proof!

10d12h4m Edna's Pokemon are slashed by Lazorgator like pieces of paper.

[Snarkegy] Whoa there, I don't think we're prepared for the harshness of the Almighty Ledge yet. Yes, that's right, the ledge. THE LEDGE. Think carefully about your decision. Do you really want to suffer at the hands of an elevated piece of land for an eternity and a half, writhing in ceaseless agony?

10d 11h 42m And yes, we are in Cerulean now.

[Strategy] I repeat, the in-game goal is to head to Lavender Town via Saffron or Vermillion City (not Cerulean because we'd have to deal with the Almighty Ledge). The game seems to be self-aware and won't let us beat Misty otherwise.


10d 11h 32m Arnie calls.

10d 11h 31m AJ's just wandering around. Takes a few surfs, but the waves aren't good enough.

[Strategy] We'll need to head for Lavender Town via Saffron City/ Vermillion City, depending on the Hivemind's wants. It's preferable not to deal with The Ledge for now.

[Strategy] First we need to complete the Power Plant mission, then we come back here and interrupt Misty's date.

10d 11h 21m We defeat the Charmeleon, Cooltrainer Kevin goes down.

10d 11h 20m We're facing a Charmeleon.

10d 11h 18m We got a Nugget from Cooltrainer Kevin, who decides to challenge us afterwards.

10d 11h 16m Defeated Super Nerd Pat.

10d 11h 16m We send out Lazorgator.

10d 11h 15m Solid Snake vs Porygon.

10d 11h 14m Fighting a guy who decided to fight us after we're tired. He's Super Nerd Part.

10d 11h 12m Todd calls, telling us about his ease in KOing Drowzees.

10d 11h 12m We've defeated Lass Shannon!

10d 11h 8m We're fighting the last challenge trainer.

10d 11h 5m Camper Lloyd was defeated!

10d 11h 3m We're fighting Camper Lloyd!

10d 11h 3m [D] Lass Laura goes down!

10d 10h 58m Fighting "No. 4".

10d 10h 55m Schoolboy Joe down!

10d 10h 52m Wade calls. He's got an overly energetic Caterpie, the poor guy.

10d 10h 51m Defeated Lass Ellen. Katie grows to level 51.

10d 10h 47m Schoolboy Dudley got swept by Gator.

10d 10h 46m We're fighting Schoolboy Dudley!

10d 10h 45m On Route 25.

10d 10h 45m AJ's on Nugget Bridge.

10d 10h 44m AJ is struggling to get to Nugget Bridge.

10d 10h 37m . . . and now we're surfing in Misty's gym. The Gym is empty, though.

10d 10h 36m AJ has entered Cerulean Gym!

10d 10h 25m AJ has entered Cerulean!

10d 10h 21m We've finally decided. We're off to challenge Misty

10d 10h 15m [Recap] For anyone just arriving. We've beaten Lt Surge, Erika and Sabrina. Currently wandering Saffron in search of a new gym to beat.

10d 10h 3m Democracy nearly lasts long enough to get us out of the copycat's house. The madness descends once more

10d 9h 50m We ask the copycat's parents which way we should leave the city but all they talk about is their daughter. How rude.

10d 9h 46m [Strategy] We have two options currently. We can head north and go to Cerulean or East and then South to Fuchsia.

10d 9h 42m We make it to the gate of Saffron! And then Entering Saffron City

10d 9h 28m Alan calls. He advises us to raise our team with love and care. We lovingly and caring-ly continue to wander Route 7

10d 9h 17m If you look south you'll see one of the most dangerous predators in all of Kanto. The ledge

10d 9h 9m AJ continues his Kanto wildlife tour on Route 7. If you're very quiet you can make out a spearow in the grass over there.

10d 9h 0m Democracy flies on by. AJ doesn't know whether he wants to go East to Saffron or West back to Celadon

10d 8h 57m Todd calls us.

[Recap] Here's another audio recap from /u/ThePokeMessiah for Day 10!

10d 8h 51m We're back on Route 7.

10d 8h 49m We leave the Pokecenter, again without healing.

10d 8h 48m In the Pokecenter.

[Strategy] If we choose to head east of Saffron, we can also make a pit stop by heading north from the bridges and walking into Lavender Town and eventually, the Power Plant (where we will have to go sooner or later to fix electricity problems). Of course, it's all up to the Hivemind!

[Strategy] This means either A) travelling back to Johto, or B) heading east to Saffron and making our way to another gym from there. Sorry about that guys!

[Strategy] No, we do not have a bike. If we want to get our hands on one, we need to go back to Goldenrod City.

10d8h38m ...We do have a bicycle, don't we?

10d8h36m We head west! To mark the moment, Joey calls.

10d8h31m AJ may have beaten three gyms in three hours, but navigating a way out a Celadon may prove to be one challenge too many for our intrepid hero.

[Reminder] There are add-ons for both [Firefox] and [Chrome] which bring you these updates straight to you browser as notifications so you don't have to have this page open all the time!

[Strategy] West takes us down the cycling road and into Fuchsia City, east takes us back through Saffron and then on to any number of places. Which will it be?

10d 8h 22m Found Leftovers in the trash!

10d 8h 17m We leave Celadon Gym.

10d 8h 14m We get Giga Drain (TM19).

10d 8h 13m Steelix takes down Bellossom. The Solid Snake grows to Level 50, and Erika is defeated!

10d 8h 11m Gator OHKOs a Victreebel.

10d 8h 11m Gator OHKOs a Jumpluff with Icy Wind.

10d 8h 10m Gator defeats Erika's Tangela.

[Fluff] Wow, we're really flying through these gyms.

10d 8h 9m Erika challenged!

10d 8h 8m AJ has defeated Beauty Julia.

10d 8h 6m Picnicker Tanya is defeated by the Gator.

10d 8h 4m AJ beats a pair of twins in the gym.

10d 8h 3m We've entered Celadon Gym!

10d 8h 1m Joey does his thing and Anarchy is back.

10d 8h 0m [D] Reminder: We haven't healed yet. Also, Joey calls.

10d 7h 58m Walking towards the gym.

10d 7h 57m We cut the bush!

10d 7h 54m We're in sight of our old adversary, the bush.

10d 7h 52m We're now in the southern part of Celadon City.

[Snark] I think AJ's on Red's trail.

10d 7h 41m We leave the Pokecenter without healing.

10d 7h 40m "Wow! You and your Pokemon are really close!"

10d 7h 40m First floor again.

10d 7h 39m AJ ascends to the second floor of the Pokecenter.

10d 7h 37m Nothing happens, but we did get into the withdrawing interface.

10d 7h 37m We're using the PC!

10d 7h 35m We fiddle around with Bill's PC, but get bored and leave.

10d 7h 35m AJ turns on the PC.

10d 7h 33m AJ ponders using the PC.

10d 7h 33m Back to medium text speed.

10d 7h 31m AJ talks to the nurse, but decides he doesn't want his Pokemon healed.

10d 7h 30m We've entered the Celadon Pokecenter.

10d 7h 26m We've reached Celadon City.

10d 7h 19m A Snubbull fell in love with Burrito.

10d 7h 17m We run from a very scary Rattata.

10d 7h 9m We enter the Guard Station.

10d 7h 5m We're making progress towards leaving Saffron.

10d 7h 2m Democracy comes and goes; AJ remains infatuated with the Pokedex.

10d 6h 59m AJ celebrates by wandering around Saffron.

10d 6h 53m I feel like we have been lost in this gym before...

10d 6h 49m SABRINA REKT

10d 6h 47m Katie levels up to 50!

10d 6h 47m One more left. GO BURRITO!

10d6h45m Sabrina time, folks.

10d 6h 43m We reach Sabrina, then promptly teleport as far away from her as we can! Progress

10d 6h 40m Ace Faints :(

10d 6h 37m Ace is a real trooper, and Quick Attacks Exeggute winning the battle. He's poisoned with 9HP left, but he won gosh darnit.

10d 6h 37m Ace takes care of Exeggute too, and another Exeggute comes out. This one poisons and confuses Ace.

10d 6h 36m We switch out Burrito for Ace, who Hyperfangs Mr. Mime and OHKO's him. Way to go, buddy! Exeggute comes out.

10d 6h 33m Mr. Mime encores Burrito into using Sand-Attack again. The poor fool doesn't know the dangers of pocket sand.

10d 6h 32m Another trainer battle with Psychic Jared. He sends out Mr. Mime, we send out Espeon.

10d 6h 28m We re-enter Sabrina's Gym!

10d 6h 27m Still just chilling in the Dojo

10d 6h 22m Joey calls! He wants to battle again on Route 30.

[Meta] In case anyone was wondering, the "Karate King" that guy was referring to in the Dojo is in Mt. Mortar in Johto. If we go find him and beat him, he gives us a Tyrogue.

10d 6h 18m Obtained Focus Band

10d 6h 13m We wander around Saffron, then listen to Totodile's cry. It's like looking at Major Lazor's baby pictures

10d 6h 4m Contrary to popular belief, we do return to Saffron City after whiting out. Luckily we're not back in Vermillion.

10d 6h 2m Brian is too slow and goes down to Sabrina's Psychic! AJ Whites Out Oh, and Schoolboy Jack calls.

10d 6h 1m Anarchy quickly regains control, and Katie goes down to Alakazam's Psychic. Brian has 62 HP and is our only hope against Sabrina.

10d 6h 0m [D] Katie comes out and Waterfalls Mr. Mime to low health, then finishes him off with a Twister! Sabrina sends out Alakazam as Democracy takes over.

10d 5h 58m Gator goes down after getting hit with three Psychics. All that remain are a low-health Brian and Katie, who's currently at full health.

10d 5h 57m Lazor Gator has no problem with Espeon, and sets his sights on Mr. Mime

10d 5h 56m Sabrina's Espeon takes Solid Snake out with a Psychic. We send out Lazor Gator, who's at about half-health.

10d 5h 55m With a team in less than perfect shape, We challenge Sabrina!

10d 5h 54m Medium Doris (not to be confused with her sister, Large Doris) sends out a Slowbro, which Steelix also defeats. Not without taking some damage though: he's now at 30 HP. We win our second trainer battle

10d 5h 52m Another trainer battle, Solid Snake laughs at a Slowpoke.

10d 5h 51m Solid Snake makes short work of Kadabra, and Franklin is defeated!

10d 5h 50m We get into our first gym trainer battle with Franklin. He sends out a Kadabra

10d 5h 48m We begin a flirtation with the teleporting floor tiles! Looks like we've decided to try the gym.

10d 5h 44m We exit the gym, then re-enter. Then exit again. And enter. And go back and forth a few times. Make up your mind, AJ, the Air Conditioning is running.

10d 5h 42m We enter the Saffron City Gym! Just a reminder, we still have not healed.

10d 5h 39m Out of the pokemon center we go! Pretty sure we didn't heal.

10d 5h 30m Made it into Saffron! Into the Pokemon Center we go!

10d5h31m Hello Saffron City!

10d 5h 20m Still meandering. Probably won't update again until something notable happens.

10d 5h 13m We are at the gates of Saffron. Haven't made it in yet.

[Strategy] Now might be a good time to re-post this complete map of Kanto. Where next? Only time will tell.

10d5h4m Just boppin around Vermilion, don't really know which way to go

10d5h0m [D] Just as democracy kicks in, Schoolboy Jack calls us up. Anarchy resumes instantly.

10d4h54m As I write that, Brian mirror moves a clutch Swift. One more mon to go, and it's another Electrode. Brian mirror moves another Swift for a OHKO! Defeated Lt. Surge!

10d4h53m A the Raticate faints to Electrode. Brian comes in. Electrode has double teamed a lot, so this might be difficult.

10d4h51m KT levels up to 49, Gator drops Electabuzz.

10d4h50m Gator comes in and drops Magneton, but becomes paralyzed.

10d4h47m Fighting LT Surge! Burrito goes in and is taken down by Raichu. Brian finishes Raichu off and is paralyzed in the process.

10d 4h 41m Don't need to bring a change of clothes this time: no dumpster diving for us!

10d 4h 39m "Sorry I failed you Lt. Surge." Spoken like a true gentleman.

10d 4h 37m Ahh the smell of fainted Pickchu for lunch.

10d 4h 34m Rekt another trainer.

10d 4h 31m Guitarist Vincent better restring his ax cus we totally rekt it.

10d 4h 27m Fighting a Magnemite in Surge's gym. RJ ALMOST rekt it in one hit.

10d 4h 21m Healed up and ready to go!

10d 4h 17m Man, RJ really wants to learn Sunny Day...

10d 4h 11m Dropped democracy like a phat beat.

10d 4h 10m [D] Successfully flew to Vermillion. Also, ALAN.

10d 3h 55m Still wandering in and around E4 Pokemon center.

10d 3h 44m Crisis averted.

10d 3h 44m We're in the PC!

10d 3h 34m We're still meandering around Indigo Plateau and the Victory Road exit. We managed to fly once but chose Indigo Plateau instead of Vermilion.

10d 3h 34m Dismayed by his master plan's failure, A.J. wanders around Victory Road.

10d 3h 21m [Snark] I want to get off Indigo Plateau's Wild Ride.

10d 3h 20m Sandstorm and Rock Slide do a number on Brian, and after consulting the Ice Heal a few times, we white out.

10d 3h 16m Hitmontop detect-stalls our Fly twice, so we use Quick Attack and take him out. In comes Onix. If I were a betting man, I'd bet on the E4 run ending here.

10d 3h 14m We walk in and challenge Bruno like it ain't no thang. Solid Snake is out first and falls to Hitmontop's Dig. In comes Brian.

10d 3h 12m Solid Snake takes down Crobat and Koga. Still, with just him and Brian still standing, Bruno is going to be tough going.

10d 3h 7m Solid Snake takes Muk out (finally) and puts a dent into Crobat before Koga uses a full restore.

10d 3h 4m [D] The Gator misses with Surf, gets hurt by poison and falls as Anarchy returns.

10d 3h 5m [Recap] For those of you who missed us defeating the E4: YouTube user Lime Strike uploaded a video of it HERE.

10d 3h 2m [D] The Gator is switched in and hurt by spikes and poison. Anarchy comes close to regaining control as A and A9 split the vote.

10d 2h 57m Solid Snake wears Muk down and switches out for KT, who falls due to spikes, poison, and a sludge bomb.

10d 2h 47m Solid Snake comes in. Muk can't hit him, but Muk's hard to hit and damage due to all the Minimize and Acid Armor, so we have a bit of a stalemate going on.

10d 2h 42m A the Raticate goes down to Muk as well. The gator comes in and gets poisoned. We're missing a lot due to Muk's Minimize.

10d 2h 40m Burrito switches back in and takes a sludge bomb to the face. He's out.

10d 2h 39m KT gets Toxic'd, and uses Safeguard a little too late.

10d 2h 37m Brian is protect-stalled for a while by Forretress, but eventually takes it down.

10d 2h 34m Katie levels up to 48, Venomoth goes down, the team gets spiked and we switch in Burrito.

10d 2h 33m Gator finishes Ariados.

10d2h30m Hey everybody, I'm one of your new updaters. We have just challenged Koga and are sand-attacking his Ariados with a vengeance.

10d 2h 26m Will has been bested with no casualties to the team!

[Strategy] Okay, the current plan appears to be to try and black out to the Elite Four as quickly as possible, so that we go back to the Vermilion Pokécenter.

10d 2h 17m We have challenged Will again!

10d 2h 11m A.J. thoroughly checks the Pokédex for a way to get back to Vermilion City.

10d 1h 57m Perhaps not quite done fully savouring his victory over the Elite Four, A.J. flies to the Indigo Plateau.

10d 1h 55m We have also healed!

10d 1h 54m Here is a complete map of the Kanto region, thanks to /u/Leronele for the link!

10d 1h 55m Almost exactly an hour after arriving we manage to heal. Twice.

10d 1h 51m We briefly flirt with the PC...


10d 1h 44m We're back in Vermilion City. The quest to heal continues.

10d 1h 38m Espeon destroys a level 5 Psyduck with Psychic after making it fall in love with him. How cruel.

10d 1h 34m A.J. wanders on to Route 6.

10d 1h 29m Sorry folks, we had some broadcast interference...this just in from Vermillion City: A.J. still hasn't healed his Pokemon!

10d 1h 29m This just in from Viridian City: A.J. still hasn't healed his Pokemon!

[Thought] Coming soon to a city near you: stubby trees that require Cut! How long will it take this time?

[Meta] Just a reminder, we have not yet healed in Vermillion city. Our home Pokemon Center is still in Johto.

10d 1h 12m We decide we aren't quite ready for the Gym and head back into the main city.

10d 1h 9m We cut a tree and found a full heal!

10d 1h 7m We decide to explore Vermillion. Rather, we decide to explore the space between two buildings in Vermillion for a while.

10d 1h 2m Anarchy returns as we beat the Tentacruel! By the way, for those of you who missed yesterday's events and would like to catch up, you can checkout the highlights of Day 10 here

10d 1h 0m [D] Democracy arrives as we stare at Tentacruel, contemplating strategy.

10d 0h 59m We surf off the dock and encounter a Tentacruel!

10d 0h 57m We get off the boat and immediately check to make sure the change of region didn't alter any of the cries in our Pokedex. So far, no...but we should probably keep checking.

10d 0h 56m We have arrived in Vermillion!

10d 0h 53m Still wandering around the S.S. Aqua

10d 0h 41m Yo, AJDNNW! How're you doing? This is JOEY, got a minute? My RATTATA's looking sharper than before! I doubt there's a POKEMON as cool as this guy in your party! Oh yeah, I saw a wild CATERPIE! I thought about going for it, but I decided to work with my one-andonly right to the extreme end. All right. Later! Click!

10d 0h 40m Of course we have a minute for you, Joey <3

10d 0h 39m We have found the man's Granddaughter! Obtained Metal Coat

10d 0h 21m Joey tells us about a Pidgey he took down in the wild. Thanks Joey, we're proud of you.

10d 0h 20m With our main goal accomplished, votes for Anarchy begin piling in. Oh, Hi Joey!

10d 0h 18m [D] Exp. Share given to Katie!

10d 0h 15m [D] We've selected to give Katie an item! Exciting stuff, people.

10d 0h 12m [D] Katie is selected!

10d 0h 10m [D] We have taken the Exp. Share from Solid Snake!

10d 0h 7m [D] We have Solid Snake selected as we slowly work our way down to the ITEM selection

10d 0h 5m [D] It looks like Democracy is going to reassign the Exp. Share.

10d 0h 0m [D] Day 11 begins as we browse through our Pokédex in Democracy

9d 23h 59m Espeon levels up to 50!

9d 23h 59m Picnicker Debra is bored, so we decide to bite her Seaking. Burrito makes quick work of her for an easy win and a level up!

9d 23h 56m We make short work of the clueless sailor's double Raticate, and move on with our lives.

9d 23h 55m Some sailor on his break stops to pick on AJ! Listen, buddy, don't you watch the news? I'm kind of a big deal.

9d 23h 53m Now that Sailor Buddy has been found, we can actually move past his apologetic pal! Onwards!

9d 23h 48m Schoolboy Alan calls us to tell us how strong his Tangela is getting, just as calculated. Steady on, now, Alan. Is it even in the top percentage of Tangelas? Honestly.

9d 23h 43m AJ flips through several pokedex bug calls, and think fondly of our good friend Joey. Remember when he almost caught that Ledyba? Oh, Joey, why don't you call me anymore?

9d 23h 42m We threw CRUNCH to the ground before Steelix could learn it! A wise move, as it's a special, not an attack.

9d 23h 40m Machoke fairs a bit better against Burrito's bite, but starts flinching when he flexes his mad biceps. Steelix levelled to 49!

9d 23h 40m We knock out Sailor Buddy's Machop with little ceremony. His Psyduck is equally dispensed of.

9d 23h 39m We found the sailor buddy! He responds to our polite request to get back to work by battling us. Bro, do you even Elite Four?

9d 23h 28m Our friend, Jack the schoolboy calls! He fills our ear with a bunch of nonsense. We wonder how we're getting reception out here.

9d 23h 22m We desperately try to shove an ice heal at any pokemon who will take it, then give up and swap Burrito into battle. He psychics the tiny 'py to a win!

9d 23h 21m Phanpy rolls out! But Forrest Ratt has it all under control.

9d 23h 19m Accosted by twins and their adorable teddy bear! What sadistic parent gives their identical twins names that rhyme?

9d 23h 06m Back in anarchy, Lyle tries to convince us he lost because fire is weak to water, and we're on top of the ocean. Science!

9d 23h 03m [D] Trapped in a battle in democracy, the ire of the hivemind grows, and anarchy creeps back up in the polls.

9d 22h 59m Firebreather Lyle drags us into a battle with his Koffing! Democracy kicks in in less than a minute! The tension mounts!

9d 22h 57m With Democracy kicking in soon, I believe we can expect a concerted effort towards transferring the EXP Share, as has been the general chat buzz.

9d 22h 55m AJ examines his trainer mugshot, admiring his well-captured fierceness.

9d 22h 53m Schoolboy Jack gives us a ring-a-ling to tell us that when it's raining, THUNDER will strike! No, Jack, LIGHTNING strikes when it's raining! What ARE they teaching you in that school?

9d 22h 46m We take no less than five naps in our bunk, which is more sleep than AJ's had in over a week, then get accosted by a Fanboy with a Delibird.

9d 22h 42m AJ breaks out in a cold sweat as he realizes his cabin's bunkmate is none other than his nemesis, PC.

9d 22h 40m We're being held back by a sailor who can't find his own friend, so he's sending a 12-year-old boy to do it for him. Seems reasonable.

9d 22h 34m In true anarchist style, AJ immediately begins his voyage aboard the Aqua by breaking into other people's cabins.

9d 22h 31m Boarded the S.S. Aqua!

9d 22h 31m Flashed S.S. Aqua ticket! Kanto, here we come!

9d 22h 23m Anarchy flies back into control! We surf in a "DEAL WITH IT" circle, and slam into the pokecenter's wall on dismount.

9d 22h 22m [D] Just in time to receive a call from our pal, Irwin the Juggler! He was creeping on our Mother over in New Bark Town, as it turns out! Irwin, you cad!

9d 22h 21m [D] Flew to Olivine City!

9d 22h 16m [D] And so the dance of Democracy starts again, this time with combo move votes. Remember to think a move or so ahead!

9d 22h 13m [D] Flew to New Bark Town! ...Wait a minute...

9d 22h 10m [D] The democratically-minded hive is slowly voting their way down towards Brian! We may take to the skies today!

9d 22h 5m [D] The hivemind is having difficulty figuring out what it wants to accomplish first- fly, or re-distribute EXP share?

9d 22h 1m [D] We contemplate Elm's House's sign in a kind of Zen meditation. Oh, the wonders of Democracy.

9d 22h 1m Stream back up

9d 21h 58m STREAM DOWN

9d 21h 49m "Call your mom on the pokegear to let her know how you're doing!" Or, walk into your house over there and tell her.

9d 21h 44m Received S.S. TICKET!

[Snark] I really don't think we need a book at this point to tell us what pressing start does.

9d 21h 42m We've entered Elm's lab! Wonder what he has for us?

9d 21h 36m [Snark] "I was gonna send you to Kanto, but since you killed that Togepi..."

9d 21h 33m [Prof. Elm] Hello, AJDNNW? I have something here for you. Could you swing by my LAB? See you later! Click!

9d 21h 32m Looks like the streamer stepped in to save us from our own stupidity. We're back in front of our house!

9d 21h 30m Thank you based streamer!

9d 21h 29m Stream is down.

9d 21h 29m ....We started a new game.


9d 21h 27m Total playtime until saving: 9d 21h 26n 26s. Total playtime (save screen): 235h 1m.

9d 21h 25m Congratulations everyone, we are now the champions of the Johto Region

9d 21h 24m Icy Wind takes Aerodactyl down. LANCE IS DEFEATED


9d 21h 24m Charizard down! Aerodactyl Remains

9d 21h 24m Feraligatr used Icy Wind! 2HKO!

9d 21h 23m This one's gonna be close. Gator uses Icy Wind. Charizard responds with Hyper Beam.

9d 21h 23m The three Dragonites are down! Gator has 54 HP left after Charizard's hyper beam.

9d 21h 22m Icy wind succeeds this time! Dragonite goes down. Here gomes Dragonite 3: Dragonite with a Vengeance

9d 21h 22m Feraligatr used Icy Wind! Second Dragonite down!

9d 21h 21m Gator survives a hyper beam, but paralysis keeps him from using Icy Wind.

9d 21h 20m Gator is paralyzed and Thundered, but still takes down Dragonite 1. Lance sends out Dragonite 2: Dragonite Harder

9d 21h 20m Gator and Gyarados have a surfing competition. Gator wins. Dragonite 1 comes out.

9d 21h 19m We head off to face Lance with a weakened Brian and a relatively strong Gator. No matter what happens, we should be proud that this is our third time in a row fighting Lance. That means we're close. Lance Challenged

9d 21h 17m Houndoom's down, Karen defeated!

9d 21h 16m Murkrow survives a missed Fly from Brian, but isn't so lucky the second time. Only Houndoom remains.

9d 21h 15m Steelix's Iron Tail takes Gengar down, but Steelix gets Destiny Boned. Your sacrifice is appreciated, Solid Snake.

9d 21h 14m Gator weakens Gengar with Icy Wind, then Steelix comes out.

9d 21h 12m Katie goes down to Vileplume's petal dance, Lazor Gator comes out to cut Vileplume down.

9d 21h 10m Vileplume paralyzes Katie, who responds with waterfall.

9d 21h 9m Umbreon gets a face full of Quake from Steelix, then Katie comes out to finish it off. Steelix levels up

9d 21h 8m Karen Challenged

[Snark] Don't worry guys, we used Strength. No imaginary boulders will get in our way now.

9d 21h 4m Hitmonchan is devastated by Fly, and Bruno is defeated!

9d 21h 3m Our last Psychic takes Hitmonlee out! Hitmonchan faces a weakened Burrito with no PP. Espeon's down and Brian comes out to save us.

9d 21h 2m Machamp is down, and Hitmonlee comes out. We decide to use bite instead of our last Psychic

9d 21h 1m Anarchy just barely manages to beat out democracy as we take out Onix with another Psychic. Psychic now has 2PP left.

9d 21h 0m [D] Hitmontop goes down to Burrito's Psychic as Democracy takes over

9d 20h 59m Bruno Challenged

9d 20h 57m Crobat down! Koga defeated!

9d 20h 57m Venomoth down! Crobat out!

9d 20h 56m Muk goes down to Burrito's psychic as Espeon levels up to 49! Venomoth time

9d 20h 55m Forretress is down! Muk comes out.

9d 20h 54m Burrito takes down Ariados and Steelix levels up! Forretress is up.

9d 20h 54m Koga Challenged

9d 20h 49m Slowbro goes down, and after a somewhat turbulent start Will is Defeated!

9d 20h 48m Raticate goes down. Steelix comes out to finish the job.

9d 20h 47m Raticate comes out against Slowbro. It's sort of cute.

9d 20h 45m Jynx is down, Lazor Gator levels up to 78

9d 20h 44m Gator takes his job a little more seriously and makes short work of Xatu and Exeggutor.

9d 20h 44m Burrito apparently gets bored and switches with Gator.

9d 20h 42m Breakfast Burrito 2HKO's Xatu number 1, and Sand Attacks Xatu 2.

9d 20h 41m Will challenged! Let's do this!

[Meta] Whatever else happens, I'm sure the legend of Gengar and it's ill-fated Destiny Bond will go quite a ways down in TPP history.

9d 20h 31m Rain dance makes Thunder 100% accurate, and Brian goes down. AJ Whites Out

9d 20h 30m Gyarados is down, and Brian levels up to 62!

9d 20h 29m Katie goes down to a Hyper Beam, and this run rides on Brian.

9d 20h 29m KT (Katie) fainted!

9d 20h 28m Without our vengeful General, things look a little less bright than they did a few minutes ago. But this can still be the run! Let's do this guys, Lance Challenged

9d 20h 27m Murkrow doesn't last a turn, and neither does Houndoom. Brian OHKO's 2 pokemon and Karen is Defeated

9d 20h 26m Thanks to confusion, Vileplume takes down Vileplume! Murkrow time for Brian.

9d 20h 23m Vileplume's petal dance takes out Steelix

9d 20h 21m No! Gengar's Destiny Bond takes out Gator!

9d 20h 21m Brian's cursed and uses Quick Attack, so we send out Gator against Gengar.

9d 20h 19m Brian comes out and immediately takes to the air. Umbreon defeated with Fly.

9d 20h 18m Espeon fainted!

9d 20h 17m And then we change our minds and send out Gator.

9d 20h 16m The Espeon v. Umbreon matchup doesn't last long, as we immediately switch to Steelix.

9d 20h 15m With our team in fantastic shape thanks to our Breakfast Burrito, Karen is Challenged

[Snark] Fun fact: It took twice as long to challenge Bruno than it did to defeat him.

9d 20h 11m Hitmonchan down, Burrito levels up, and Bruno is defeated!

9d 20h 11m Espeon levels up to 48!

9d 20h 11m Hitmonlee in, Hitmonlee out.

9d 20h 10m And Machamp immediately goes down to Psychic!

9d 20h 10m Onix goes down to Psychic as well! Machamp comes out.

9d 20h 10m Burrito finally uses Psychic after a few bites and takes down Hitmontop!

9d 20h 7m Bruno Challenged

9d 20h 2m Muk's minimize won't help against Steelix's earthquake. Koga Defeated

9d 20h 1m Steelix continues to use Rock Throw and defeats Crobat! Steelix levels up to 45!

9d 20h 0m Democracy comes at goes as Koga uses a full restore on Crobat.

9d 19h 59m With Democracy fast approaching, Steelix chips away at Crobat

9d 19h 58m An Earthquake takes Forretress out, and Koga sends out Crobat.

9d 19h 57m Raticate faints, and Steelix comes out against Forretress.

9d 19h 55m Katie avoids a Toxic and Lazor Gator switches out. Venomoth down.

9d 19h 55m Ariados is down! Venomoth time. Dragon vs. Dragonslayer.

9d 19h 54m We send Katie out against Ariados

9d 19h 53m Koga is challenged!

[Snark] We rub it in Will's face for a bit before moving on to hide behind Koga's tree


9d 19h 48m Exeggutor down, Burrito levels up to 48! Slowbro comes out.

9d 19h 47m Still at perfect health, Burrito demolishes Jynx. Exeggutor comes out.

9d 19h 47m Burrito one-shots the first Xatu, and Xa2 goes down shortly thereafter.

9d 19h 45m Good job everyone, that last one was really close. After a brief dalliance with the PC, we head back in for another try. Will is Challenged

9d 19h 39m AJ Whites Out

9d 19h 37m Dragonite 3 comes out and uses Outrage.

9d 19h 37m Dragonite number 2 is down!

9d 19h 35m Dragonite paralyzes Gator, then takes him down to 130 HP with Thunder. Gator responds with Surf, and he's done. Dragonite number 2 comes out.

9d 19h 36m 2HKO'd Dragonite!

9d 19h 34m LazorGator shrugs off a Hyper Beam and takes Gyarados out with Surf!

9d 19h 32m Challenged Lance!

9d 19h 29m Gator OHKO's Vileplume with Icy Wind! Defeated Karen!

9d 19h 28m Houndoom's down, out comes Vileplume

9d 19h 27m A failed mirror move means Brian goes down to Curse. We send out a badly damaged Katie, who goes down after one attack. All we have left is Gator.

9d 19h 26m Karen uses a Max Potion on Houndoom, and Brian drops down to 7HP due to a nasty Curse/Flamethrower combo.

9d 19h 24m Gengar curses Brian after a Wing Attack and kills itself. Murkrow comes out and just as quickly goes down.

9d 19h 24m Brian comes out and eventually takes down Umbreon

9d 19h 21m Raticate tries his best against Umrbeon, but goes down quick.

9d 19h 20m Karen Challenged! With our team in pretty good shape, too.

9d 19h 18m We don't want to face Karen. We try to call our Mom instead.

9d 19h 13m Gator comes out and takes care of Machamp and Onix. Bruno Defeated!

9d 19h 11m Katie levels up to 47 and learned Safeguard!

9d 19h 9m Katie takes care of Hitmontop with Dragonbreath, Bruno sends out Hitmonchan.

9d 19h 9m Hitmontop brings Steelix's impressive spree to an end with Dig. Katie comes out. To Recap: Katie, Brian, and Gator are at perfect health, Burrito and Steelix are down, and Raticate is at about 50%

9d 19h 8m Steelix fainted!

9d 19h 7m Bruno Challenged!

9d 19h 6m Muk is down thanks to Steelix's EQ. Koga Defeated! Also, Steelix levels up to 44!

9d 19h 5m Crobat down, Muk comes out to a weakened Steelix.

9d 19h 3m Venomoth down, Crobat's next. We manage to avoid using Earthquake and switch to the surprisingly strategic Rock Throw!

9d 19h 2m Steelix Earthquakes Forretress out of the picture! Onto Venomoth.

9d 19h 1m Anarchy quickly resumes and Steelix uses strength. Neither seem to be doing much damage to each other.

9d 19h 0m Steelix and Forretress have a stare-down as Democracy takes over.

9d 18h 59m Steelix takes out Ariados and levels up to 43!

9d 18h 58m Koga Challenged!

9d 18h 51m Burrito goes down to a Body Slam, Raticate finishes Slowbro off. Will Defeated!

9d 18h 51m Burrito tries to attract Slowbro a few times. Poor guy. No means no.

9d 18h 49m Exeggutor comes out and Burrito takes him out in 2 hits with Psychic. Slowbro time.

9d 18h 48m Xatu is down, Burrito gets over his confusion and takes care of Jynx with Psychic

9d 18h 47m Breakfast Burrito takes out Will's first Xatu, and his second uses confuse ray.

9d 18h 47m Fun fact! Will has "introduced himself" to us 34 times now! Here we go again. Will challenged

9d 18h 45m We compare Chikorita's cry to Bayleef's. We can't decide which we like more.

9d 18h 43m ...but luckily make it away unscathed! The down and b spam keeps our Pokemon safe.

9d 18h 42m We flirt with the PC...

9d 18h 41m After a few failed mirror moves, Brian goes down to Houndoom's flamethrower. AJ Whites Out!

9d 18h 41m Another OHKO against Murkrow, and almost Houndoom too, but Karen uses a Max Potion.

9d 18h 40m Brian OHKO's Gengar and levels up to 61, learning Mirror Move. Murkrow time.

9d 18h 39m Brian vs. Umbreon. Two Flys take him down.

9d 18h 39m Karen Challenged!

9d 18h 35m Brian quick attacks Machamp and takes him down. Bruno defeated!

[Snark] Help me OBBBBBD Wan, you're my only hope!

9d 18h 32m Machamp takes down Gator. Brian is our only hope.

9d 18h 32m Machamp out, Steelix down. We send out Gator.

9d 18h 30m Steelix comes out, gets confused, but hangs on long enough to OHKO Hitmonlee and level up.

[Snark] 2swaggy4steelix

9d 18h 29m With 60 HP left, Gator takes out Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee comes out.

9d 18h 27m Gator makes short work of Onix, Bruno sends out Hitmonchan. Gator has a little below half health.

9d 18h 27m Raticate comes out against Onix and takes a rockslide to the face. He faints, and we send out LazorGator

9d 18h 25m Hitmontop down to a wing attack! Out comes Onix.

9d 18h 24m Burrito doesn't stand a chance against Hitmontop and faints. Out comes Brian.

9d 18h 23m We walk in a surprisingly straight line to Bruno. Bruno Challenged

9d 18h 23m Gator makes quick work of Crobat, and just like that Koga is defeated!

9d 18h 21m Out comes Venomoth, and just like that Gator takes him out with Surf. Next up is Muk, which he OHKOs with a surf as well, then levels up to 77.

9d 18h 20m Forretress explodes, taking about a third of Lazor Gator's health with it.

9d 18h 19m Burrito levels up to 48 as we sent Raticate out against Forretress.

9d 18h 18m Burrito bites Ariados to very low health, then Brian comes in to finish him off with a fly.

9d 18h 17m Koga Challenged!

9d 18h 15m We decide to explore Koga's garden for a minute to catch our breath.

9d 18h 14m Gator drowns the rest of Will's team in surfs. Will defeated!

9d 18h 13m Xatu down after a quick surf, followed immediately by Exeggutor

9d 18h 12m Katie's Dragonbreath wasn't enough, and she goes down to Xatu's psychic. Out comes Lazor Gator.

9d 18h 11m A confused Burrito tries to run for a few seconds before switching out with Katie.

9d 18h 9m Breakfast Burrito takes down Xatu, and levels up. Burrito has learned Psychic

9d 18h 8m We meet again, Will. Will Challenged!

9d 18h 5m Wade calls us.

9d 18h 2m Gator just hurt itself and fainted. AJ whites out!

9d 18h 2m Gator versus Vileplume; Gator is confused and paralyzed.

9d 18h 1m Gator takes down Umbreon!

9d 17h 58m Karen challenged!

9d 17h 56m Gator surfs over Onix. Bruno down!

9d 17h 56m Onix barely survives Gator's attack and then binds Gator.

9d 17h 54m Brian faints to Onix!

9d 17h 52m Machamp faints to Brian!

9d 17h 52m We swap Brian for Gator.

9d 17h 51m Gator OHKOs Hitmonlee!

9d 17h 51m Hitmonchan is down!

9d 17h 50m Gator beats Hitmontop.

9d 17h 49m Bruno challenged!

9d 17h 47m Gator beats Crobat! Koga down!

9d 17h 45m Gator beats Muk.

9d 17h 45m Katie faints to poison.

9d 17h 44m Katie is poisoned by Muk!

9d 17h 44m Katie defeats Forretress!

9d 17h 43m Katie is up against Forretress.

9d 17h 42m Raticate falls to Forretress.

9d 17h 42m Raticate is poisoned, but manages to take down Venomoth. It grows to level 37.

9d 17h 41m A-Raticate takes down Ariados with a Hyper Fang.

9d 17h 38m Koga challenged!

9d 17h 37m Will defeated!

9d 17h 36m Brian defeats Exeggutor!

9d 17h 36m Brian defeats Slowbro with a Wing Attack!

9d 17h 34m Jynx fainted!

9d 17h 34m Brian defeats the second Xatu! (Xa2?)

To recap: Steelix and Burrito are both fainted. Brian up.

9d 17h 32m Steelix faints to Xatu.

9d 17h 30m We send out Steelix!

9d 17h 29m Burrito takes down Xatu!

9d 17h 28m Will challenged!

[Snark] AJ walks past Will. Yes, we know you've beaten him thirty times, but you've still gotta fight the guy.

9d 17h 24m We avoid the old guy's tempting offer. As we walk away, Alan calls.

9d 17h 23m

We're talking to the Abra guy.

9d 17h 22m KT Dragon Breath isn't enough to defeat Vileplume. KT falls and AJ whites out

9d 17h 21m KT is alone against Vileplume.

9d 17h 19m Before KT faints to Vileplume, we switch to Gator, who immediately faints to poison and Petal Dance.

9d 17h 18m KT takes Umbreon down.

[Snark] Now that Espeon has learned attract, there is now officially no sexier burrito on the planet than our burrito

9d 17h 17m Brian missed a crucial attack and faints too. Go, Katie!

9d 17h 15m Steelix delivers one Strength before fainting. Brian comes in, with 32 HPs left.

9d 17h 15m Steelix has 22 HPs left and is now facing Karen's Umbreon!

9d 17h 14m Oh dear. We just taught Attract to Espeon!

9d 17h 10m Steelix reached level 40.

9d 17h 10m We switch to KT, who takes care of Onix! Bruno down!

9d 17h 9m The poison won't hurt Gator as long as he keeps OHKOing his opponents. Machamp goes down with one Surf as well.

9d 17h 9m Hitmonchan is washed away! So is Hitmonlee!

9d 17h 8m He Surfs! Hitmontop goes down!

9d 17h 7m AJ sends the poisoned Gator on the Battlefield.

9d 17h 6m Raticate keeps using Quick Attack against Hitmontop. Eventually A faints.

9d 17h 5m Dig is super effective, yet does very little damage. Steelix is doing his tanky job. Unfortunately Rock Throw isn't the best move choice. Before Steelix goes down, Raticate comes in.

9d 17h 3m Hi there Bruno. We send Steelix against Hitmontop!

9d 17h 1m Ariados comes in with very little health and Raticate is glad to finish him. Koga defeated. Now if only we could heal Gator...

9d 16h 59m The poison hurts Gator really badly. Muk goes down and Steelix reaches level 39.

9d 16h 59m We switch to Gator, who gets poisoned by Muk. Ouch! Just what we didn't want.

9d 16h 57m Koga heals Crobat. Steelix keeps attacking. His health is below half when he finally brings Crobat down.

9d 16h 56m Koga switches to Ariados, who Baton Passes again. Steelix uses Rock Throw against Crobat. Super effective, but the difference in levels affects its power.

9d 16h 55m Koga switches to Ariados, who... Baton Passes to Venomoth immediately... Steelix easily crushes him.

9d 16h 54m Forretress tries Swift on Steelix. Steelix barely feels it and counters with Strength. He reaches level 38 this way.

9d 16h 53m Forretress flinches thrice in a row! Unfortunately he lands one Swift afterwards and Espeon faints.

9d 16h 52m Koga switches Ariados out for Forretress. Espeon's Bite is not very effective against him.

9d 16h 50m AJ walks in a straight line right to Koga holy crap

9d 16h 49m Brian defeats Exeggutor, but his HPs are now very low. Will defeated. He STILL can't believe it.

9d 16h 48m Whoa! Brian's Quick Attack takes down Jynx in one hit! He dispatches of Slowbro quickly too.

9d 16h 47m Brian comes in and hurts Xatu badly. Will uses a Max Potion. Brian persists until Xatu is down.

9d 16h 45m Espeon's Bite is getting closer and closer to OHKO Xatu. It will be nice when it does. He takes lots of damage but eventually takes care of the bird. We switch to Steelix next.

[Fun fact] If my numbers are correct, I believe we have whited out due to the Elite 4 for the 25th time now


9d 16h 40m AJ pokes the PC to check if it's alive.

9d 16h 39m One more Petal Dance is all it takes to take down Gator, we're back to the entrance of the Pokemon League.

9d 16h 38m With Umbreon down, Gator faces Vileplume. He is paralyzed, she is confused.

9d 16h 37m Gator reaches level 76!

9d 16h 36m Steelix fainted. Only Gator left, with less than half of his health remaining.

9d 16h 33m Steelix was brought back to life by that Rare Candy and is now fighting Umbreon.

[Snark] Obligatory "Metal Gear Solid Snake" joke

9d 16h 29m [D] 600 people just voted "a" to watch Onix evolve. He is now a Steelix!

9d 16h 28m [D] Onix grew to level 37! It's happening!

9d 16h 23m [D] We traded him an Ice Berry. He seems satisfied.

9d 16h 18m [D] It's just like stealing candy from a huge crocodile.

META: Let us know what flair you've been yearning for right HERE

9d 16h 5m [D] I believe we are attempting to give Onix a Rare Candy and make sure he evolves.

9d 15h 59m Gator defeats Onix. Bruno down!

9d 15h 58m Gator defeats Machamp!

9d 15h 57m Gator defeats Hitmonlee.

9d 15h 56m Gator OHKOs Hitmonchan.

9d 15h 55m Gator OHKOs Hitmontop.

9d 15h 55m Bruno challenged!

9d 15h 48m Ariados faints. Koga defeated!

9d 15h 48m Gator surfs on Venomoth, Venomoth down.

9d 15h 48m Raticate faints!

9d 15h 47m Brian faints!

9d 15h 36m AJ challenges Koga!

9d 15h 32m Gator OHKOs Exeggutor, Will defeated!

9d 15h 32m Katie falls to Exeggutor.

9d 15h 31m Brian defeats Slowbro!

9d 15h 29m Brian defeats Jynx!

9d 15h 28m Jynx OHKOs Onix

9d 15h 28m Jynx defeats Burrito; Burrito faints.

9d 15h 27m Burrito takes down the second Xatu!

9d 15h 26m Burrito takes down Xatu

9d 15h 25m Will challenged!

9d 15h 16m Gator faints to Gengar! AJ whites out!

9d 15h 15m Gator OHKOs Vileplume!

9d 15h 13m Gator OHKOs Umbreon!

9d 15h 13m Karen challenged!

9d 15h 7m Bruno defeated

9d 15h 7m Onix defeated.

9d 15h 6m Just Gator left.

9d 15h 5m Brian faints to poison will fighting Bruno's Onix.

9d 15h 5m A poisoned Brian defeats Hitmonlee and grows to level 59!

9d 15h 4m Gator surfs Hitmonchan flat in revenge.

9d 15h 3m Katie falls to Hitmonchan's Ice Punch.

9d 15h 3m Katie versus Hitmonchan.

9d 15h 0m [D] Katie takes out Hitmontop!

9d 14h 59m Burrito falls to Hitmontop!

9d 14h 57m Bruno challenged! (finally)

9d 14h 51m Koga defeated!

9d 14h 50m We switch Katie for Lazorgator, who surfs Venomoth flat.

9d 14h 50m We take out Katie for Koga's Venomoth.

9d 14h 50m Brian defeats Crobat.

9d 14h 49m Brian is poisoned, but takes out Muk.

9d 14h 48m Brian defeats Forretress!

9d 14h 48m We send out Brian!

9d 14h 46m Burrito easily defeats Ariados.

9d 14h 45m AJ walks in a surprisingly straight line and challenges Koga.

9d 14h 44m Will defeated!

9d 14h 44m Onix tries to evolve but is stopped by b-spam.

9d 14h 44m Burrito takes down Slowbro and grows to level 46!

9d 14h 44m Raticate faints to Slowbro!

9d 14h 42m Onix faints to Slowbro.

Onix grows to 36! It declines to learn Sandstorm.

9d 14h 41m Burrito takes down Exeggutor!

9d 14h 41m Burrito takes down Jynx!

9d 14h 40m Will heals Xatu, but Burrito/Espeon uses bite and Xatu faints.

[Information] Now back to anarchy. Not entirely sure what's going on.

[Information] Lottery/amber mode is back!

9d 14h 38m Will challenged again!

[Information] The commands on the side aren't scrolling, though AJ is moving.

[Fluff] I couldn't help but notice the sudden influx of viewers when we reached Lance. Welcome back, everyone!

[Fluff] Todd calls. His Pokemon aren't high enough yet.

[Information] No noticeable change in the interface.

Stream back up! We got over it quickly.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

The despair is so strong, it takes the whole stream down!

9d 14h 31m Dragonite's Thunder cripples Brian's wings. We white out.

9d 14h 31m Gyarados down with another Fly. Dragonite in!

[Fluff] THIS music.

9d 14h 30m One Fly takes away most of Gyarados' health.

[Fluff] That music!

9d 14h 29m We found Lance very quickly, thanks to automatic movement.


9d 14h 27m Max Potion brings Houndoom back to full health after a painful quick attack. Brian doesn't let go. Wing Attack defeats him. We made it past Karen!

9d 14h 28m DEFEATED KAREN!

9d 14h 26m Brian and Murkrow stare at each other. The world is too small for two birds. Brian Flyes, Murkrow is down.

9d 14h 25m Katie faints to the curse. Only Brian left.

9d 14h 25m KT levels up to 46!

9d 14h 24m Gengar curses Katie. Katie's health is yellow, and she's paralyzed. She still takes Gengar down and levels up.

9d 14h 23m KT takes care of Vileplume without a sweat.

9d 14h 22m Moonlight restores Vileplume's health. Gator misses and is hit by a critical Petal Dance. Another Petal Dance defeats Gator.

9d 14h 22m Gator is paralyzed by Vileplume.

9d 14h 22m But not two.

9d 14h 21m Gator's HP are yellow now. Umbreon always tanks one Surf.

9d 14h 20m Here you are Karen!

9d 14h 18m We save the game! Play time 227h55m. 30 Pokémon species caught.

[Meta] Missed the past day of TPP? Watch this summary to catch up.

9d 14h 16m We celebrate by switching the audio back to stereo.

9d 14h 14m We confuse Machamp for a bigger tree and cut him down too. Onix faints to Surf. Gator just DESTROYED Bruno.

9d 14h 13m We confuse Hitmonlee for a tree and cut him down.

9d 14h 13m Hitmontop and Hitmonchan down in one hit. The waves are nice today.

9d 14h 12m Time to take on Bruno's pokemon. Surf it is!

9d 14h 10m Icy Wind does a better job. Gator just sweeped Koga's team. Almost without a scratch!

9d 14h 9m Cut isn't as good. Koga uses a Full Restore on Crobat; Gator misses the next two attacks due to Double Team.

9d 14h 8m Surf is good. Surf is a OHKO against Forretress and Muk.

9d 14h 8m Ariados down in one hit. Venomoth has only time to use Psychic one before going down as well.

9d 14h 7m We found Koga!


9d 14h 5m Will STILL can't believe he lost.

9d 14h 5m Anarchy tries so hard to select surf that the cursor goes up and up and passes it and selects Icy Wind again. Finally Cut takes Slowbro down. Gator levels up to lvl.74 and Will is defeated.

9d 14h 3m Icy Wind isn't working too well, but Gator insists on spamming it until Jynx is down.

9d 14h 3m The "a" votes and the "a9" votes combined show that most of the Twitch chat would have preferred to fight in Democracy, but the split vote brings anarchy back. Gator is now asleep.

9d 14h 1m [D] Democracy chooses Icy Wind against Jynx.

9d 13h 59m Icy Wind takes care of Exeggutor in one hit.

9d 13h 59m Gator misses a very important hit and is hit by Confuse Ray. He still takes Xatu out afterwards.

9d 13h 58m Sent out Feraligatr!

9d 13h 58m Three of our pokemon have fainted against this one Xatu... Gator's help is already needed.

9d 13h 57m Raticate is confused too, but handles it better than Espeon did. He deals some damage, but Xatu defeats him first.

9d 13h 56m Onix faints in one hit. Raticate comes in.

9d 13h 55m Espeon is confused and can't land any more hits on the correct target. The second Xatu is unharmed and takes Espeon down.

9d 13h 54m Re-re-re(...)re-match! Espeon doesn't waste any time and two Bites take care of the first Xatu.

Is the E4 music too intense for you? Are you sweating and convulsing from all the epic action! If so, here's some relaxing elevator music!

9d 13h 47m Feraligatr down! Whited out! So close!

9d 13h 47m Used Icy Wind against Houndoom. Oh, we're still cursed. Feraligatr down to 48/262 HP.

9d 13h 46m Bye Murkrow. You won't be missed.

9d 13h 45m Gengar kills itself with its own Curse... It's super effective?

9d 13h 45m Feraligatr Used Icy Wind against Vileplume. It's super effective!

9d 13h 45m Umbreon confused Feraligatr. Used Surf a second time! Umbreon down!

9d 13h 43m Karen Commence!

9d 13h 44m Up against Karen!

[Snark] These are the boulders I would move with my Strength... If I had them!

9d 13h 37m Katie fainted!

9d 13h 35m Steroid Machamp goes down and so does Onix. Battle is over, Bruno is done.

9d13h34 We cut the Hitmonlee. He goes bye bye.

9d13h33m We sweep that Hitmonchan with Surf too!

9d 13h 33m Feraligatr levels up to 73!

9d13h32m Lazorgator rips that top with Surf.

9d13h32m Commence Bruno!

[I meant to say AJ btw, sorry guys]

9d13h27m As Red meanders about Koga's hideout, Katie starts to wear down from the poison damage.

9d 13h 25m Lazorgator defeats Crobat! Koga down!

9d 13h 25m Lazorgator defeats Muk!

9d 13h 25m We bring out Lazorgator.

[Snark] This is me (and probably many others) trying to see Muk's details

9d 13h 24m Katie poisoned by Muk!

9d 13h 23m Forretress defeats Brian, then faints.

9d 13h 23m Katie is swapped for Brian.

9d 13h 21m Katie defeats Venomoth!

9d 13h 20m Raticate faints to Venomoth.

9d13h19m Ariados down!

9d 13h 18m It's Koga time!

9d 13h 5m Brian levels up to 58!

9d13h4m Excessive B spam has caused Onix not to evolve this time. Perhaps some day!

9d 13h 4m Brian defeats Slowbro. AJ beats Will!

9d 13h 3m Democracy comes and goes. Brian versus Slowbro.

9d 12h 59 we switch Katie with Brian. Brian defeats Exeggutor.

9d12h59m Katie is out.

9d 12h 59m Exeggutor also takes down Onix!

9d 12h 58m Exeggutor takes out Espeon/Burrito.

9d 12h 57m Espeon defeats Jynx.

9d 12h 57m Onix levels up to 35!

9d 12h 56m Espeon does the same to the second Xatu.

9d 12h 55m Espeon/Burrito easily defeats Xatu with a couple of bites.

9d 12h 55m AJ challenges Will again.

9d 12h 48m AJ smashes the keyboard a couple times then runs away.

9d 12h 48m AJ logged onto the PC!

9d 12h 48m AJ whites out.

9d 12h 47m Brian uses Wing Attack. Gengar faints, but Brian goes down with it.

9d 12h 45m Brian keeps using Quick Attack against Gengar.

9d 12h 45m Brian uses fly, Vileplume hurts itself, Brian wins.

9d 12h 43m Now it's just Brian. Vileplume's got about half its health left.

9d 12h 43m Gator manages to surf over Vileplume, but faints the next turn.

9d 12h 43m Gator's confused and paralyzed. Against Vileplume, only 76 hp.

9d 12h 42m Lazorgator defeats Umbreon

9d 12h 42m Gator hits himself a couple times.

9d 12h 41m Lazorgator vs Umbreon

9d 12h 40m Lazorgator and Brian are both in pretty good shape.

9d 12h 40m We challenge Karen!

(Sorry about the gap during the fight with Bruno; Reddit couldn't handle Gator's sweep.)

9d 12h 36m Bruno defeated!

9d 12h 32m We switch him for Brian! Both sides miss their first shots.

9d 12h 32m Lazorgator up against Hitmontop.

9d 12h 31m We begin the fight with Bruno!

9d 12h 26m Brian takes out Crobat, Koga is defeated!

9d 12h 26m Brian defeats Muk.

9d 12h 26m Brian is sent in.

9d 12h 25m Lazergator gets a few hits on Forretress, but we switch Katie in. Katie faints.

9d 12h 24m Lazergator is switched out for Katie vs Venomoth. Lazergator becomes confused, but defeats Venomoth in one hit.

9d 12h 23m Katie beats Ariados with a few Waterfalls and a Dragonbreath.

9d 12h 22m We send Brian in, try to run a few times, and immediately send in Katie.

9d 12h 22m Onix/Solid Snake uses Iron Tail on Ariados, but Ariados counters with a Mega Drain and Onix faints.

9d 12h 21m We have challenged Koga!

9d 12h 16m Lazorgator takes out Slowbro, Will is defeated!

9d 12h 16m Onix levels up to 34! Katie levels up to 45! Burrito/Espeon levels up to 45!

9d 12h 14m Lazorgator defeats Exeggutor. At this point, Espeon and Raticate are both fainted, but everyone else has full health.

9d 12h 13m Katie defeats Jynx. We bring out Raticate to face Exeggutor.

9d 12h 11m Espeon/Burrito defeats Will's first Xatu.

9d 12h 9m Fighting Will!

9d 12h 6m [D] We fly to Victory Road. Wade calls us right away.

9d 11h 55m We're in Kanto!

9d 11h 52m Surfing on Route 27.

9d 11h 39m We're doing the one thing we love the most, jumping off ledges!

9d 11h 27m Democracy lasted 1h 21m 19s, the second-longest time so far!

9d 11h 23m Aaaand we're back in Blackthorn City because Anarchy flew us there.

9d 11h 19m [D] Flew to New Bark Town.

9d 11h 11m [D] Katie/KT forgot Agility. (I think we're done here. Now let's get out of here!)

9d 11h 5m [D] Brian/Pidgeot forgot Whirlwind.

9d 10h 58m 47s [D] Feraligatr forgot Whirlpool.

9d 10h 53m [D] Espeon/Burrito forgot Tail Whip.

9d 10h 50m [D] ALMOST deleted Bite. That was close :O

9d 10h 46m [D] Espeon/Burrito forgot Growl.

9d 10h 39m [D][Strategy] We really should use the "wait" command if we don't want to delete the wrong move.

9d 10h 34m Hello, this is TODD. AJDNNW, sorry to call you so late. You must be a lot better now, huh? How about showing me your technique in a real battle with me? I'll be waiting on ROUTE 34. See you later! Click!

9d 10h 31m [D] (Finally) Flew to Blackthorn City.

9d 10h 28m [D] Flew to Cherrygrove.

9d 10h 23m We overshoot Blackthorn and flew to Lake of Rage ┐('~`;)┌

[D] 9d:10h:16m Onix is given the EXP-share to hold.

9d 10 1m [D] We flew back to New Bark Town. We're currently staring at the sign.

9d 9h 17m: We decide to enter route 29. We encounter a young admiral. So many memories :'(

9d 9h 11m: Hey Arnie, wanna come by in New Bark Town? My mum is out of town...

9d 9h 1m: So much for operation please everyone guys :/

9d 9h 0m: [D] Democracy is in. Anarchy is trying to gain control as soon as possible and Anarchy takes over again.

9d 8h 59m: We are still in New Bark Town. I'm still not sure what the hivemind has in mind for democracy first.

[Strategy] Many of you guys are discussing about this operation to please everybody. In that case democracy is about to kick in in about a minute.

9d 8h 52m: Abra used again and we are back to New Bark Town. Hi Mum, I'm home.

9d 8h 51m: Just a reminder, Espeon learns psychic in level 47, in case you people want to make some plans, he's now 44.

9h 8h 51m: Another wing attack but Forretress survives and Brian faints. AJ whites out. Alan calls.

9d 8h 50m: Yet another whirlwind launched and poison leaves Brian with 9 hp.Muk in and Muk faints to wing attack. Forretress up.

9d 8h 49m: Whirlwind launched and Forretress comes back up. Brian down to 32 hp.

9d 8h 48m: Brian gets poisoned by sludgebomb and I think its safe to say this run is close to over. Muk and Brian both on yellow hp

9d 8h 47m: Wing attack against Muk who uses minimize. Brian misses against muk multiple times.

9d 8h 47m: Brian uses whirlwind to Forretress and Muk comes out. We look at Slowpoketail for wisdom.

9d 8h 46m: Forretress protects himself again and poison finishes the job for Gator. Brian up next!

9d 8h 45m: Gator uses whirlpool and Forretress keeps surviving. Gator down to 78 hp.

9d 8h 44m: Another protect from Forretress and Gator has 60% left.

9d 8h 43m: Forretress up against Gator. Forretress uses protect and poison starts to hurt Gator. We use cut and not much damage is done.

9d 8h 42m: Gator uses icy wind but Venomoth survives and uses toxic. Gator poisoned.

9d 8h 42m: Lazorgator uses surf and Ariados faints. Venomoth out.

9d 8h 41m: Koga time. Ariados vs Godzilla first!

9d 8h 37m: Brian uses fly against Slowbro while Slowbro uses amnesia and curse. Slowbro manages to hit us with psychic before fainting to another 2 flies. Brian levels up to 57 and Will is defeated

9d 8h 34m: Brian uses fly and Exeggutor faints. Slowbro in.

9d 8h 34m: Katie uses twister and Exeggutor obliterates Katie with psychic. Brian in

9d 8h 33m: Jynx uses doubleslap (?) and Katie responds with twister. Jynx then uses ice punch and Katie finishes Jynx with waterfall. Jynx faints and Exeggutor out.

9d 8h 32m: Jynx uses ice punch and Onix faints. Katie out.

9d 8h 31m: Onix in against Jynx.

9d 8h 30m: Jynx uses another ice punch and RJ faints.

9d 8h 29m: RJ uses tail whip and growl, showing his large repertoir of moves. Jynx proceeds to use double slap and ice punch. Espeon FROZEN.

9d 8h 28m: RJ uses bite and Xatu faints. Time for Jynx to come out.

9d 8h 27m: A comes in for Espresseon against Xatu. Hyper fang used but A faints to a couple of psychics. Espresseon out!

9d 8h 27m: Espeon uses 2 bites and Xatu goes down. The second Xatu comes out.

9d 8h 26m: Will time again. You know the drill, Espeon vs Xatu.

9d 8h 22m: We are still just hangin' out in Indigo Plateau with our homie Mr. Abra. We cool man.

9d 8h 17m: Wade calls. Apparently they beat a Pidgey to death, he and his Catterpie. Sick bastard.

9d 8h 11m: Gator faints after using icy wind to Gengar and We white out

9d 8h 10m: Vileplume faints to icy wind and Gator is 72. Gengar next.

9d 8h 10m: Umbreon survives a powerful surf and hits us but faints to icy wind. Vileplume up!

9d 8h 9m: Karen time Umbreon against Gator.

9d 8h 8m: Anarchy takes over as we make our way to Karen.

9d 8h 6m: [D] Onix comes in and you know what's going down. OHKOd and it's Bruno defeated. 6 pp left on surf too.

9d 8h 5m: [D] A9 is still rooting for a clean surf sweep and Machamp goes down as well! Of course since we are OHKOing our way through we are not suffering from the poison, still 60hp left on Godzilla.

9d 8h 3m: [D] A9 seems to be the key to winning against Bruno. Surf again and Hitmonlee goes down OHKO. Machamp time.

9d 8h 2m: [D] Hitmonchan faints to surf, Hitmonlee steps in.

9d 8h 1m: Democracy is spamming A at this point and Hitmonchan comes in against us.

9d 8h 0m: Gator uses surf and Hitmontop faints. AND DEMOCRACY IS IN.

9d 7h 59m: Bruno time. Gator vs Hitmontop.

9d 7h 58m: Knowing Gator is poisoned we take advantage and go around Bruno for a while.

9d 7h 57m: Gator uses another whirlpool and Muk faints. Koga defeated.

9d 7h 56m: We keep missing against the minimized Muk who poisons us with sludge bomb. We finally score whirlpool but it doesn't do much damage.

9d 7h 55m: Surf launched and forretress faints. Muk in.

9d 7h 54m: We keep using cut against Forretress but his metal type keeps him alive against us.

9d 7h 53m: Gator uses cut and Venomoth survives with just one line of hp but misses with toxic. Another cut and Venomoth faints, Forretress out!

9d 7h 52m: Venomoth in against Gator.

9d 7h 51m: Katie uses again waterfall and Crobat survives with just one line of HP. Uses wing attack 2 more times and Katie faints. Gator is our last chance.

9d 7h 50m: Katie out! gets greeted by spikes and wing attack but uses waterfall. Crobat still up

9d 7h 49m: Quick attack and wing attack launched, Crobat survives with just a line of hp. Brian also only has 8hp. Koga heals Crobat and we use wing attack again. Crobat uses quick attack and Brian faints.

9d 7h 48m: Another whirlwind and off comes Crobat.

9d 7h 48m: Nope, still fly and protect. 3rd time so we decide to use whirlwind instead. Venomoth comes in.

9d 7h 47m: Another protect and another miss by Brian. We might need to change tactic guys.

9d 7h 46m: We miss fly against Forretress and try to use it again.

9d 7h 45m: Forretress time! Brian uses fly and Forretress uses spike and protect.

9d 7h 45m: Brian comes in and uses fly, Ariados faints.

9d 7h 44m: A faints to Ariados.

9d 7h 43m: A changes tactic and starts using pursuit, which doesn't really do that much damage. Ariados uses giga drain to weaken A quickly. 15hp left

9d 7h 42m: A uses quick attackx2 and Ariados responds with spider web and double team

9d 7h 41m: Ariados up against A

9d 7h 41m: We found Koga and challenge him

9d 7h 38m: Yep, still can't find Koga. He's ninja skills evade us

9d 7h 29m: Gator used icy wind (!), missed the 1st time and hit the 2nd time. Exeggutor goes down. Will defeated

9d 7h 28m: Gator uses a third surf and Slowbro faints. Exeggutor up next.

9d 7h 27m: Gator uses surf which isn't very effective against Slowbro. Slowbro uses psychic

9d 7h 26m: Onix comes in but gets knocked out by psychic. Gator out.

9d 7h 26m: Katie is subbed in for Brian and is up against Slowbro (by the way she's lvl 44 not 45 as I said earlier)

9d 7h 25m: Slowbro up next against Brian.

9d 7h 24m: Brian uses fly again but misses and Jynx uses a powerful Ice punch, 50% hp for Brian who responds with another fly and OHKOs Jynx.

9d 7h 23m: Brian comes in and uses fly, Xatu goes down and Jynx comes in. Katie levels up to 45

9d 7h 23m: We use tail whip and get confused, then hit ourselves and receive a critical Psychic, hit ourselves again and another psychic. Espeon faints.

9d 7h 22m: RJ comes back in and is now facing Xatu.

9d 7h 21m: A is subbed in and uses quick attack, Xatu responds with confuse ray.

9d 7h 20m: RJ defeats Xatu and its another Xatu coming in!

9d 7h 20m: We are challenging Will again. Fasten your seatbelts, Xatu vs Espresseon.

9d 7h 14m: Arnie wants a Pidgey from us... He's name is Brian and he's no longer a Pidgey.

9d 7h 6m: We are back in Indigo Plateau. Dangerously close to the pc.

9d 7h 5m: Rock slide and sandstorm finish Brian off after a couple of turns. AJ whites out

9d 7h 4m: Brian uses wing attack and Onix counter attacks with sandstorm.

9d 7h 3m: We try to use the squirtbottle against Onix. Suddowoodo style

9d 7h 2m: We are pressing every possible option in our pack or Pokemon menus. We fiinally decide to use... whirlwind. Onix in.

9d 7h 1m: Anarchy takes over again.

9d 7h 0m: [D] Democracy kicks in as we try to switch Brian with Brian.

9d 6h 59m: Bruno against Brian Hitmontop up against Brian.

9d 6h 57: We are walking around Bruno, making him feel the tension.

9d 6h 52m: Looks like Brian vs Bruno up next. Any bets?

9d6h49m Brian quick attacks and knocks out Crobat! Koga defeated

9d6h46m It started moving again, but the inputs are being entered very, very slowly. Crobat wing attacks, and knocks out Katie. Welp the inputs from the past minute or so have been entered, as they come flying by at an unreadable speed all at once. Brian is our last hope, and is sent in against a crippled Crobat

9d6h44m It seems like the inputs have stopped being taken in. It's frozen in place, not moving. The chat is beginning to riot

9d6h44m Crobat is Koga's last pokemon. We consult our items a few times. We use Cut and take Crobat down to 40% health. Poison does more damage on Gator. Koga uses a full restore potion on Crobat! We cut again, taking Crobat down to 40% health once more. Poison takes us down to 21HP before we use whirlpool and miss. Poison finally knocks out Gator.

9d6h36m Forretress protects itself, but is no match for Gator's Surf. We OHKO it! Muk up next for Koga, we use Icy Wind to take it to half health. Poison keeps doing damage; Muk minimizes, but we use Cut and knock it out. Gator grows to level 71, Katie grows to level 44.

9d6h25m We whirlpool Venomoth and take it down to ~60% health. Venomoth misses. We whirlpool again, before getting psychic'd by Venomoth. Whirlpool keeps doing damage. Venomoth uses toxic and poisoned Gator! This isn't good. We whirlpool again and finish off Venomoth. Forretress up next.

9d6h33m We walk straight to Koga and challenge him. Ariados first out for Koga, Gator out for us. We use Icy Wind right out of the gate, and nearly take out Ariados. He has about 15% health left. Our whirlpool misses, and Ariados giga drains us for a miniscule amount of health. We whirlpool Ariados and knock it out! Venomoth out next for Koga

9d6h32m Gator is swapped in for Brian, who immediately takes damage from a psychic attack. Gator uses icy wind, but it's not very effective. We take another Psychic attack, before finally finishing off slowbro with Surf. Will defeated!

9d6h30m Jynx out for Will now. Brian uses Fly and obliterates Jynx in one move! Slowbro out again, Will's last Pokemon. Brian quick attacks, takes Slowbro down to 20% health. Slowbro uses amnesia to try and forget how terrible he's doing, but it doesn't seem like it's too effective....

9d6h28m Brian Wing Attacks, and does about half damage. We whirlwind, and bring out Jynx again. We whirlwind again! Slowbro out. Another whirlwind! Exeggutor out for Will. Brian uses Fly and OHKO's him!

9d6h27m Brian falls asleep due to a Lovely Kiss. Takes some damage. We whirlwind, and bring out Slowbro. The GS ball is consulted for wisdom, but it doesn't seem to help us all that much...

9d6h26m RJ is knocked out without even damaging the 2nd Xatu. Katie in next, who is taken down to half health by 1 psychic move. Katie is swapped out for Brian, who OHKO's the Xatu with a wing attack! Will sends out Jynx

9d6h22m RJ took down a Xatu in 2 bites, and is swapped out for Onix. He quickly goes down in 1 hit to a psychic. RJ is sent out again, but is promptly confused by the second Xatu

9d6h18m Currently stumbling around Will right now. He must think we're psychotic, or schizophrenic. Probably both... After a short while we finally engage. Here we go!

9d 6h 12m: Jack calls as Anarchy takes over. Hey Jackie boy

9d 6h 11m: [D] We walk in Indigo Plateau and go up. Still not sure where :/

9d 6h 9m: We are back at Indigo Plateau. Is that an Abra?

9d 6h 7m [D] Brian it is it seems.

9d 6h 6m: [D] We are moving down towards either Katie or Brian. What does the hive mind have in mind?

9d 6h 5m: [D] We are finally going to the pokemon menu.

9d 6h 1m: [D] We get out of the pokedex

9d 6h 0m: [D] Democracy starts and we are now in the Pokedex.

9d 5h 53m: We are now just east of New Bark Town, in Route 27. It looks like we're going to try and use fly to get to Indigo Plateau

9d 5h 38m: A just fainted from the poison. We are literally inside prof Elm's lab and we didn't even go near the healing machine. Welcome to TPP, A

9d 5h 35m: Here is an audio recap of yesterday's events against the Elite Four by /u/ThePokeMessiah for those of you that might have missed it.

9d 5h 32m: Hey Arnie, we just got to New Bark Town a while ago. We are not going to catch Yanma's with you :/.

9d 5h 20m: So apparently the hive mind is divided between people that want to go to the move deleter's house, people that want to take exp. share from Katie and give it to Onix, and people that want to go to Indigo Plateau.

9d 5h 14m: We immediately leave for Kanto. Are we sure we don't want to wait in Johto for a bit?

9d 5h 8m: So... We encounter a wild Tentacool that poisons A...

9d 5h 6m: We just went back to New bark town. Thanks Abra guy!

9d 5h 2m: Democracy couldn't agree on what to do and anarchy takes back control. Arnie calls to brag about his Venonat

9d 5h 0m: Time for democracy again.

9d 4h 57m: Forretress protects and we faint to poison. AJ whites out

9d 4h 56m: Same thing just happened and Gator only has 14hp but uses surf to defeat Venomoth.

9d 4h 55m: Gator hits himself and is hurt by poison. Venomoth helps us with psychic.

9d 4h 54m: Gator poisoned and keeps using whirlpool. Venomoth uses super sonic and Gator is now confused.

9d 4h 54m: Oh wait, Venomoth and Forretress are all that's left.

9d 4h 53m: Gator attacks and Crobat faints. Venomoth is all thats left

9d 4h 52m: Katie up next and Katie down! Only gator left.

9d 4h 51m: Finally we use quick attack twice in a row, Crobat responds using wing attack. Brian faints.

9d 4h 50m: Crobat decides to use wing attack while we keep at it with whirlwind.

9d 4h 50m: Crobat uses double team and we miss with whirlwind two times.

9d 4h 49m: Forretress uses swift and we respond with whirlwind. Crobat up!

9d 4h 48m: Forretress back out against brian.

9d 4h 48m: Another quick attack and a fly and Muk responds with Sludge bomb and acid armor but faints!.

9d 4h 47m: Quick attack used against Muk while he uses minimize.

9d 4h 46m: Another whirlwind and Forretress comes out. He uses swift and another whirlwind to get Muk next.

9d 4h 46m: Forretress against Brian. Spikes launched and we use whirlwind. Crobat up!

9d 4h 45m: Brian comes out and OHKOs Ariados with fly

9d 4h 44m: Onix uses Iron tail (!) but misses and Ariados responds with giga drain. Onix faints.

9d 4h 44m: We challenge Koga. Ariados vs Onix.

9d 4h 42m: Also only RJ and A have fainted and Katie has around 40% hp.

9d 4h 41m: Slowbro faints to another cut and We beat Will. Good stuff guys we still have 100% PP on surf and 100% hp on brian.

9d 4h 40m: We use cut and Slowbro keeps using amnesia.

9d 4h 39m: A couple of twisters and Exeggutor faints. Slowbro out vs Gator.

9d 4h 39m: Twister launched! Exeggutor responds with psychic. Both on yellow!

9d 4h 38m: We browse through our pack for poke balls. No luck so far.

9d 4h 37m: Katie uses dragonbreath and paralyzes Exeggutor.

9d 4h 36m: Espresseon uses sand attack and Exeggutor uses egg bomb. Espresseon faints and Katie comes out.

9d 4h 34m Exeggutor out against RJ.

9d 4h 34m: RJ back out and uses Bite again. Jynx down. RJ is now lvl 44

9d 4h 33m: A up against Jynx and he uses a critical quick attack to leave jynx very wounded. But he faints to a couple of psychics.

9d 4h 32m: Bite again and Xatu faints! time for Jynx!

9d 4h 32m: Another bite vs psychic and Will decides to give Max Potion. We use bite again.

9d 4h 32m: Another bite and Xatu faints! Xatu2 is in!

9d 4h 31m: We use tail whip and Xatu responds with psychic. Then immediately switch to bite.

9d 4h 30m: Back against Will. As always, its Xatu against RJ 1st.

9d 4h 22m: Arnie calls to make sure we're ok. We are Arnie, thanks.

9d 4h 22m: Katie faints and AJ whites out.

9d 4h 20m: Katie keeps using twister but curse is taking her down very fast.

9d 4h 19m: Gengar uses curse again and faints. Katie is now level 42. Vileplume in!

9d 4h 19m: Brian faints and Katie comes out.

9d 4h 18m: Gengar curses us as we keep using quick attack. 35hp left.

9d 4h 18m: Brian defeats Umbreon and is now lvl 56. Gengar up!

9d 4h 17m: Brian is up and Umbreon is badly wounded. Go get him!

9d 4h 17m: Gator faints! This doesn't look good guys.

9d 4h 16m: 31hp left on Gator and he keeps beating himself down.

9d 4h 15m: Umbreon resists Gator's surf and confuses him. Gator responds by hitting himself.

9d 4h 15m: Here we go, Karen's up Umbreon vs Gator.

9d 4h 13m: We are about to face Karen, but are somewhat nervous about it. Buckle up AJ.

9d 4h 4m: Anarchy gets back on control and we use surf! Gator OHKOd the whole team and we move on! Bruno is defeated

9d 4h 3m: [D] Onix comes out and the struggle between anarchy and democracy continues.

9d 4h 2m: [D] Surf launched and Machamp faints. Onix up next!

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9d 4h 0m: [D] Machamp is up and we are still with democracy.

9d 4h 0m: Hitmonlee faints as Democracy kicks in!

9d 3h 59m: Another surf and Hitmonchan faints as well. Hitmonlee up next!

9d 3h 59m: Hitmontop drowns to Gator's signature move and Hitmonchan is up next.

9d 3h 58m: Bruno time. Hitmontop against Godzilla.

9d 3h 55m: Crobat in! Another surf goes his way and OHKOd. AJ beats Koga. And no poisoned pokemons yet :D

9d 3h 54m: Muk next and we finally hit ourselves. We manage to use surf and Muk faints.

9d 3h 54m: We manage to launch another surf even though we are still confused and Forretress faints.

9d 3h 53m: We finally use surf and Venomoth faints. Forretress up next.

9d 3h 53m: We miss and Venomoth confuses us with supersonic and then uses psychic.

9d 3h 52m: Gator uses surf and Ariados faints. Venomoth up next

9d 3h 51m: Gator Katie and Brian are all that's left at the moment. Gator in.

9d 3h 50m: We use sand attack a couple of times and Ariados responds with giga drain. RJ faints.

9d 3h 50m: We use bite and Ariados responds with giga drain. Espresseon has only 21 hp left.

9d 3h 49m: Koga time. Ariados up against RJ.

9d 3h 39m: Exeggutor resists Brian's fly thanks to reflect and gives him a powerful psychic before fainting to fly. Will defeated

9d 3h 38m: Brian uses a couple of wing attacks and misses with fly. Slowbro uses psychic but misses. Brian finally uses fly and Slowbro faints. Exeggutor in!

9d 3h 38m: Jynx faints to another wing attack and Slowbro comes in.

9d 3h 37m: A couple of wing attacks and Xatu faints. Jynx time.

9d 3h 36m: Brian in! wing attacks and Will uses Max Potion in Xatu.

9d 3h 36m: Xatu uses Psychic in a critical hit and A faints after having used quick attack.

9d 3h 35m: A jumps in!

9d 3h 34m: We sub Gator in for Espresseon. And then sub in Onix who faints to psychic.

9d 3h 33m: We change tactics and use sand attack. Psychic misses!

9d 3h 32m: We switch to growl to take care of him as he just keeps using psychic.

9d 3h 32m: We finish Xatu with a couple of bites and up against the second Xatu.

9d 3h 31m Will time. Xatu vs Espeon.

9d 3h 28m: We are challenging E4 again. Persistance is our middle name.

9d 3h 24m: Cross chop finishes Gator and Onix and AJ whites out

9d 3h 23m: Another cut and Hitmonlee faints as well. Machamp time!

9d 3h 23m: Gator now has 52hp left but finishes Hitmonchan with cut. Gator is now level 70

9d 3h 22m: Whirlpool launched and Thunderpunch launched three times. Gator paralyzed!

9d 3h 22m: We use surf and OHKOd. Hitmonchan up next.

9d 3h 21m: Gator up next! Hitmontop uses dig.

9d 3h 21m: Hitmontop up against Onix! We immediately look for Gator to switch him in.

9d 3h 20m: Alright, Bruno time

9d 3h 19m: Nevermind, mission aborted. Phew.

9d 3h 19m: We are trying to teach RJ sunny day.

9d 3h 18m: We are walking around Bruno. I don't think he minds though.

9d 3h 14m: We exchange some pleasantries with Koga. We are so not rubbing it in.

9d 3h 13m: Another surf and OHKO. KOGA DOWN. Bruno time people.

9d 3h 13m: Venomoth faints and Muk is next. Surf takes care of him and it's Crobat's turn.

9d 3h 12m: We keep using whirlpool and Venomoth has but a line of hp left.

9d 3h 11m: Ariados faints and Venomoth is up next

9d 3h 9m: Another icy wind as Forretress keeps using swift. Forretress down!

9d 3h 9m: Gator launches surf but misses. He then decides to use Icy wind.

9d 3h 8m: Gator is subbed in for Onix!

9d 3h 7m: Forretress finally launches spikes and we desperately look for a pokemon to sub in. Good thinking.

9d 3h 6m: Is Koga also playing TPP? Anyways we use strength and rock throw as he responds with swift.

9d 3h 5m: Forretress is subbed in for Ariados (?)

9d 3h 4m: Ok pursuit is clearly playing in the hands of Ariados as it doesn't really affect it much and A faints after a couple of giga drains. Only Gator and Onix left. Onix in!

9d 3h 4m: 50% health on both as we look for items in our bag.

9d 3h 2m: We use quick attack and Ariados uses quick attack. We respond with pursuit and he launches giga drain.

9d 3h 2m: Anarchi finally takes over. Koga time. Ariados up against A

9d 3h 0m: [D] We are talking to Koga in democracy. Now thats commitment guys.

9d 3h 0m: We walk directly to Koga to show him we are not kidding around as democracy just kicks in.

9d 2h 59m: I was wrong. Brian used quick attack and Slowbro survived with just a line of HP. A up next finishes Slowbro. Will defeated

9d 2h 58m: Brian keeps using wing attack and Slowbro keeps using psychic. Next one who strikes is going to win it seems.

9d 2h 57m: Whirlwind used and Exeggutor jumps in. We use fly and OHKO. Only Slowbro left for Will.

9d 2h 57m: Slowbro keeps using curse and resists Brian's fly. Brian launches wing attack and Slowbro responds with psychic

9d 2h 56m: Jynx down as well! Brian is flying his way through. Slowbro up!

9d 2h 55m: Xatu faints to Brian's fly and Jynx is up next.

9d 2h 55m: Katie faints to a couple of psychics and Brian is in

9d 2h 54m: RJ faints to Xatu and we send Katie next

9d 2h 54m: Xatu uses confuse ray and we bite him. Will then gives him Max Potion and we hit ourselves.

9d 2h 52m: Xatu faints to a couple of bites from RJ-I and KT is now lvl 40. Xatu up next.

9d 2h 52m: **We challenge Will again"". Espresseon up against he's archenemy Xatu

9d 2h 50m: Lets give it another try shall we? Give it up for Will people!

9d 2h 49m: Wade calls: "isn't it nice out?". Go away Wade, it's not.

9d 2h 47m: We use whirlwind a few times but to no use, Crobat wing attacks us and we faint. AJ whites out

9d 2h 46m: We faint to poison and now only Brian is left.

9d 2h 45m: Poison is really destroying us at the moment. Crobat has low health but we have even less, only 45hp left on Godzilla.

9d 2h 44m: Crobat time up against a poisoned Gator. We miss cut and Crobat double teams us.

9d 2h 44m: We beat Muk but he finally poisons us before fainting.

9d 2h 43m: Gator misses whirlpool and Muk minimizes himself. Another whirlpool that this time hits and Muk seems determined in poisoning us with toxic.

9d 2h 42m: Gator uses whirlwind and Forretress keeps using swift. Forretress faints to another whirlpool and Muk is up next!

9d 2h 40m: Forretress up and we use icy wind but he uses protect to defend himself. We try again and Forretress responds with swift.

9d 2h 40m: Venomoth next and OHKO to another surf.

9d 2h 39m: Gator vs Ariados. We use surf and drown the spider down the well.

9d 2h 39m: Koga up! We finally challenge him ninja style.

9d 2h 34m: No guys, we still haven't challenged Koga. We are circling around him like ninjas, showing him how it's done

9d 2h 26m: We get so fed up with Slowbro we decide to use fly and finally beat Will. One down, four to go.

9d 2h 25m: Another psychic coming our way while we still use quick attack and whirlwind.

9d 2h 25m: Back to Brian. Wing attack launched while Slowbro uses curse!

9d 2h 25m: We miss with icy wind the first time but not the 2nd time. Slowbro keeps using amnesia and we send onix out! Psychic takes care of AAJRR :/

9d 2h 24m: Surf! Jynx faints and out comes Slowbro.

9d 2h 23m: We are still asleep and keep getting spanked by Jynx. We finally get up and use whirlpool.

9d 2h 22m: We use against icy wind against Jynx and she responds by kissing us goodnight and slapping us.

9d 2h 21m: Exeggutor is next and we use icy wind. Exeggutor OHKO! Gator is now lvl 69. Jynx up!

9d 2h 20m: Gator back out! We consult tinymushrooms for inspiration and decide to use surf. Xatu down!

9d 2h 19m: We send Gator and immediately change him for A. Needless to say A is down.

9d 2h 18m: We immediately sub Katie for Brian and Xatu takes care of here with two Psychics.

9d 2h 17m: Psychic and quick attack and RJ goes down. Brian up next.

9d 2h 17m: Two bites take care of the 1st Xatu. Second Xatu up next! We use Growl.

9d 2h 15m: Oh and remember, we didn't heal so Espresseon has only 23 hp.

9d 2h 15m: We challenge Will. Espresseon against Xatu!

9d 2h 10m: Looks like we are going to give E4 another try. Get ready Will, its go time ò_ó

9d 2h 4m: Anarchy gets back the control. I don't think we were all in the same page here guys :/.

9d 2h 3m: Apparently people want to give exp share to Onix because in 2 levels he will be a Steelix.

9d 2h 2m: [D] Apparently we are in start menu with democracy. I'm not sure what we are up to now.

9d 2h 0m: Democracy kicks in as we enter Indigo Plateau.

9d1h53m: Still grinding on Victory Road. Breakfast Burrito has hit level 43 at some point; impressive for a mon with only one attack move.

9d 1h 35m: We walk into Victory Road, apparently because "we need grinding". Yea right!

9d 1h 32m: Another Icy wind to Hitmonchan and he responds with thunder punch. AJ whites out

9d 1h 31m: Icy wind launched and Hitmontop responds with dig. We use another icy wind and Hitmontop faints. 42hp left on Gator as Hitmonchan jumps in

9d 1h 30m: Bruno time! Hitmontop against Gator.

9d 1h 29m: Koga uses full restore and we respond with a critical OHKO cut. Take that Koga! We move on to Bruno

9d 1h 28m: Crobat uses toxic as we finally hit him with whirlpool. We then use cut but are being weakened by toxic.

9d 1h 27m: Crobat is all that's left. We look at the GS Ball for advice and decide to use and miss again with Whirlpool

9d 1h 27m: Muk next! we use whirlpool but miss. Muk uses minimize as a response. We use surf and Muk faints.

9d 1h 26m: We are immediately greeted by spikes and Venomoth. OHKO with surf!

9d 1h 25m: We use quick attack and Forretress takes us down with him with explosion. Both fainted, only Gator left!

9d 1h 24m: We change tactics and use wing attack. Forretress responds with swift.

9d 1h 24m: Another fly but forretress uses spikes and protect and we fail our fly. Twice.

9d 1h 23m: Ariados uses giga drain and we respond with fly. Ariados faints and out comes Forretress. Brian is lvl 55

9d 1h 22m: Gator in and we immediately try to run. Way to go team! We switch Brian in.

9d 1h 21m: Only Brian and Gator at this point, and both have around 50-60% of their HP. #believe

9d 1h 21m: Onix uses strength and Ariados unimpressed responds with giga drain. Onix faints.

9d 1h 20m: We start the battle against Koga. Onix vs Ariados!

9d 1h 17m: Gator uses cut and Slowbro faints. Will defeated, moving on to Koga.

9d 1h 17m: Another psychic comes our way and Gator uses Icy wind one more time but it isn't very effective.

9d 1h 16m: Slowbro responds with amnesia and we use icy wind!

9d 1h 15m: Slowbro in against AAAAAtttta and we launch whirlpool.

9d 1h 14m: Gator uses surf and Exeggutor responds with psychic. Not much harm done as Gator finishes him with another surf.

9d 1h 14m: Gator uses surf and Jynx faints. Exeggutor in!

9d 1h 13m: A keeps using quick attack but Jynx uses psychic and A faints. Gator out!

9d 1h 12m: A in against Jynx, quick attack launched!

9d 1h 12m: The hive mind decides to take Brian out for Katie. Ice punch and Katie faints!

9d 1h 11m: Another Whirlwind and Jynx back in.

9d 1h 11m: Ice punch! Ouch! Brian responds with whirlwind! Exeggutor in.

9d 1h 10m: Brian finishes Xatu and is now turn for Jynx

9d 1h 10m: Espresseon is confused and hurts itself and Xatu finishes him off. Brian in!

9d 1h 9m: We are currently fighting Will Espresseon has already taken down one of the Xatus and is fighting the second one!

9d 0h 53m [Recap] Here is a day 9 recap by /u/MrAwesomePossumz for those of you that may have missed some events yesterday.

8d 23h 42m Wade called!

8d 23h 42m Vileplume used Petal Dance! Feraligatr fainted! Whited out!

8d 23h 41m Feraligatr used Cut! Defeated Umbreon! Vileplume next!

8d 23h 40m Feraligatr vs Umbreon. Feraligatr used Surf. Umbreon down to ~50%HP. Out of Icy Wind PP!

8d 23h 36m Karen up next! Took Feraligatr's X-Special and gave Feraligatr a Rare Candy to hold.

8d 23h 34m Defeated Machamp with Cut! Bruno sent out Onix! Used Icy Wind against Onix. OHKO! Defeated Bruno!

8d 23h 33m Bruno used a Max Potion. Feraligatr used Icy Wind and Machamp's health is down to ~15%. Feraligatr's health down to 39/239!

8d 23h 30m Bruno sent out Machamp. Feraligatr used Surf. Dealt ~95% damage to Machamp!

8d 23h 29m Feraligatr used Surf. OHKO'd Hitmonchan!

8d 23h 28m Feraligatr used Icy Wind. Hitmontop down!

8d 23h 20m Bruno next!

8d 23h 17m Defeated Koga!

8d 23h 17m I don't know when we used them, but we're out of Poké Balls.

8d 23h 15m Feraligatr used Surf! Crobat next!

8d 23h 14m Feraligatr defeated Forretress. Muk next. Used Icy Wind. Muk down to 60%.

8d 23h 12m Feraligatr levels up to 67!

8d 23h 12m Sent out Feraligatr!

8d 23h 11m Managed to do ~90% damage, but Onix fainted!

8d 23h 10m Sent out Onix.

8d 23h 9m Raticate fainted!

8d 23h 8m Sent out Raticate. Raticate down to 30/90HP but managed to defeat the Ariados!

8d 23h 5m 32s Up against Koga!

8d 23h 2m Defeated Will!

8d 22h 59m Sent out Katie. 2HKO! Katie fainted! Sent out Gatr.

8d 22h 59m Brian down!

8d 22h 54m Katie levels up to 39!

8d 22h 53m Switched Raticate out for Brian! OHKO'd Xatu!

8d 22h 50m Up against Will! Espeon was confused. Down to 13HP. Espeon fainted!

8d 22h 44m Brian's hurt by Gengar's curse. Brian fainted. Whited out!

8d 22h 43m Enemy Umbreon fainted! Only four 'mon left to defeat. Karen sent out Gengar.

8d 22h 39m Sent out Brian! Brian's asleep.

8d 22h 37m Feraligatr down!

8d 22h 36m Karen up next! It's the first time we've come this far!

8d 22h 32m Defeated Bruno!

[Meta] Hopefully another updater can take over now. Before I leave, I want to remind you that we are looking for new updaters. Bonus points if you live somewhere in the eastern emisphere. Have a nice day, and good luck!

8d 21h 50m KT faints to poison. Koga wins.

8d 21h 49m KT is poisoned. Koga uses a Full Restore; KT Rages. The various Double Team are making her miss.

8d 21h 47m Espeon and Gator both faint to Crobat. Only KT is left.

8d 21h 45m Gator is now lvl.66, while KT is lvl.37.

8d 21h 43m Muk is down. Gator levels up, and so does Katie.

8d 21h 42m Venomoth's wings don't like water and he faints. Muk comes in and faces Gator's Whirlpool.

8d 21h 40m Gator is also poisoned by Toxic.

8d 21h 39m It's Gator vs Venomoth. Heheheh. Venomoth confuses him!

8d 21h 38m We send Onix against Forretress. Onix uses his new Earthquake, but it doesn't hurt Forretress much. Luckily he decides to speed things up and Explodes. Onix goes down with it though.

8d 21h 35m Espeon's Bite takes care of Ariados. He deals a lot of damage whenever we can avoid Growl!

8d 21h 30m We don't lose any time and challenge Koga right away.

8d 21h 28m Gator only needs one Surf to take care of Exeggutor. Will defeated

8d 21h 28m We're trying really hard to send Raticate back in the battle. Come on A, get up!

8d 21h 27m Brian takes out Jynx, then is defeated by Exeggutor.

8d 21h 24m We'are fighting the E4 with our new, shining moves. We already took out three of Will's pokemon. Raticate is down.

8d 20h 41m We may be heading back to the E4. Not sure. We're surfing east of New Bark right now.

8d 20h 24m [D] Gator learns Icy Wind in place of Rage. Not a particularly strong move, but super effective against dragon types!

We're now accepting submissions onto the Live Update team again!

8d 20h 7m [D] Democracy has been busy for more than an hour. With its help, Onix learns Iron Tail in place of Rage.

[Strategy] If we want to make 100% sure that Espeon learns psychic later, we could go to the Move Deleter guy and delete one of his moves. With an empty slot, Espeon will learn psychic automatically. He lives in Blackthorn City!

8d 19h 48m [D] Katie learns Dragonbreath in place of Thunder Wave.

8d 19h 37m [D] Onix also forgets Harden and learns Earthquake.

8d 19h 23m [D] Democracy teaches Strength to Onix. He forgets Bind.

8d18h49m: We decide to heal at the lab. Multiple times.

8d18h45m: We seem to be wandering around Professor Elm's lab. Pretty par for the course.

8d17h35m: We decide to stop by and visit Mom for a bit.

8d17h32m: Stream back online! No immediate changes noted, may have just been a server error.

8d17h29m: Stream is officially offline!

8d17h12m: We fly back to New Bark Town, to the dismay of many. Some wish to twist this to their advantage and go see Joey. Only time will tell what happens.

8d 16h 14m Cut takes Muk down. Only one pokemon left in Koga's party. Crobat proceeds to Double Team.

8d 16h 13m Gator Rages. Muk used Toxic. Gator is badly poisoned.

8d 16h 13m Gator stops burning Surf's PPs and switches to Whirlpool.

8d 16h 12m Venomoth defeated with another swift Surf. Forretress in. Another OHKO! It's Muk's turn.

8d 16h 11m Gator vs Ariados! We start Surfing right away. One hit is enough. Koga sends Venomoth.

8d 16h 9m We found our way to Koga.

8d 16h 8m AJ really likes Koga's garden. But wait, if Koga is obsessed by poison... Maybe we should stop smelling these flowers...

8d 16h 5m That would be 2.3m.

8d 16h 4m The pokedex informs us that Feraligatr is 7'07" tall.

8d 16h 3m A couple of Quick Attacks take care of Exeggutor. Will defeated.

8d 16h 2m We have only Gator and Brian left. We send Brian.

8d 16h 1m Onix out.

8d 16h 1m Anarchy is back immediately. Onix in.

8d 16h 0m [D] Raticate faints.

8d 16h 0m Exeggutor vs Raticate. Democracy kicks in with Raticate down to 2 HPs.

8d 15h 59m Raticate defeats Slowbro. Gator reaches level 65.

8d 15h 59m After one Surf, we switch Gator out. Katie takes one Psychic to the face, lands a Dragon Rage and is then taken out.

8d 15h 58m We attempt to throw a pokeball but we don't have any. Hurray!

8d 15h 57m With Espeon out, Brian doesn't waste any time and defeats Jynx with one Fly. Now it's Slowbro vs Gator.

8d 15h 56m Espeon faints to Ice Punch. We send Brian.

8d 15h 56m Espeon is asleep. Jynx Double Slaps him. Maybe that's what "SLP" stands for? Slap? No? Anyone?

8d 15h 55m Espeon uses Tail Whip, then Sand Attack, then Growl. Finally he goes back to Bite, but now he's confused. He still lands two hits and takes out Xatu.

8d 15h 53m Espeon immediately Bites Xatu for critical damage. Out in one hit!

8d 15h 52m Rerematch!

8d 15h 45m Just imagine this magnificent bird hitting Slowbro repeatedly with his wing. Shame he's taken out by Psychic. We lose.

8d 15h 46m Brian Whirlwinds Xatu in, then Wing Attacks. Xatu down.

8d 15h 45m KT is taken out in one hit. Her Twister brought our opponent low on health at least.

8d 15h 44m Rawwrrrr! Gator Rages at Exeggutor. Exeggutor doesn't like it and lands a critical hit. One Psychic later Gator is defeated.

8d 15h 43m Psychic really hurts Gator, but he fights back. We are finally out of pokeballs, and that's probably why we manage to take Jynx out.

8d 15h 42m We throw another pokeball. We have only one left to waste! Whirlpool meanwhile slowly damages Jynx.

8d 15h 41m We switch to Gator.

8d 15h 40m Dragonair's confused too, but takes out Xatu in one move. She reaches level 34.

8d 15h 39m With Onix down, we send Raticate in. A Quick Attack isn't enough to take Xatu down; Raticate can't believe it and becomes confused. After one Psychic, he takes himself out. Dragonair's turn!

8d 15h 38m That's the Bite I wanted to see! But then Espeon resumes Growling and is taken down by Psychic. It's Onix's turn! He doesn't last one.

8d 15h 38m Espeon starts the fight with Growl. Show him your teeth!

8d 15h 37m Rematch!

[Snark] "NOW THAT'S A CATCHY TUNE" - /u/sn0w75

[Fluff] Can you guess what we did wrong in the last fight? At least we're almost out of pokeballs now. Can't believe we used up all 99 of them...

8d 15h 31m One more pokeball. Muk takes Gator down with Sludge Bomb. The battle is lost.

8d 15h 30m Another pokeball. Muk attacks with Sludge Bomb; for a moment I thought Koga had thrown a pokeball at us too. Brian goes down. We're left with Gator only.

8d 15h 30m Luckily the last one missed, maybe thanks to Muk's Minimize. We Fly all over his tiny body.

8d 15h 30m We're stuck in a whirlwind loop...

8d 15h 29m Brian Flies. Koga uses a Full Restore. Cheaty Koga.

8d 15h 29m Another pokeball wasted. It makes me laugh more every time it happens.

8d 15h 28m Brian comes in to clean up the mess. Whirlwind brings Crobat in. Brian Quick Attacks.

8d 15h 28m Forretress is fighting Katie. Katie paralyzes him. She gets stars thrown in her face and goes down.

8d 15h 27m I didn't mention that Gator took down Venomoth, oopsie.

8d 15h 26m We switch to KT. Ariados uses Double Team. It doesn't pay off and KT Dragon Rages him to the ground.

8d 15h 25m We've thrown five pokeballs so far. Gator finally remembers how to surf, but now the poison is hurting him.

8d 15h 24m Gator takes it upon himself to-- throw another pokeball? TWO MORE? Ariados can't stand this and Baton Passes out-- WE TRY TO CATCH VENOMOTH TOO GODDAMN IT

8d 15h 23m Cancel cancel cancel cancel cancel cancel

8d 15h 23m Quick, use the Potion! ...we throw a pokeball instead. Ariados takes Raticate down.

8d 15h 23m Hyper Fang definitely deals more damage. Ariados keeps stealing Raticate's life...

8d 15h 22m Raticate is fighting Ariados. Quick Attack vs Giga Drain. Doesn't look too good.

8d 15h 21m Oh hey we're fighting!

8d 15h 21m At least there aren't invisible walls here. (or floors, for that matter)

8d 15h 19m AJ smells all the flowers.

8d 15h 18m Nice garden, Koga.

8d 15h 16m We rub our victory in Will's face a couple of times.

8d 15h 15m Gator isn't happy to have missed, so he Rages. Slowbro is down! We defeated Will.

8d 15h 14m When two surfs aren't enough to take Slowbro down, we check our bag for something useful. We find nothing, so Gator Surfs some more. He misses!

8d 15h 14m Jynx and Exeggutor are taken out by Surf. Meanwhile, KT gains experience passively from all of this, which is always good. She levels up to level 33.

8d 15h 13m Espeon is taken down by Ice Punch. So is Onix. Gator comes in and starts Surfing.

8d 15h 12m One more critical hit takes down the second Xatu in a single Bite. It's Jynx's turn.

8d 15h 11m Espeon lands a critical hit with another Bite. Xatu down! Another one swoops in.

8d 15h 11m Espeon's Bite really hurts Xatu, but isn't enough. Espeon is now confused and hurts himself.

8d 15h 10m We're fighting Will!

8d 15h 10m We just tried teaching Brian Earthquake. That would have been epic.

8d 15h 9m Looks like it's E4 time!

8d 15h 8m Anarchy isn't happy with that demo heal, so they poke the PC's keyboard, causing heart attacks worldwide.

8d 15h 0m We reach the pokemon center just as Democracy kicks in. Looks like people won't trust anarchy with healing our pokemon, when nurse Joy is right between the PC and evil Teleport Man.

8d 14h 52m A Selfdestruct takes Gator down. We have only Brian left, but we're closer to the exit!

[Meta] This is it-- the one we've all been waiting for! THE TPP LIVE UPDATES PAGE is recruiting now! Want to write? Want to join? Don't miss this GOLDEEN chance! Huh? I sound like a huckster? Well, yeah. I was mimicking Todd. Anyway, you've got to submit your form as soon as you can!

8d 14h 39m We caught a Golbat! Her nickname is S -c. With two spaces.

8d 14h 34m Correction: we're trying to head back out. We haven't gotten any closer to the exit yet though. Gator holds on with only 16 HPs left.

8d 14h 28m We're heading back out to heal. Gator is almost down; Brian is our only healthy pokemon left.

[Information] If you need a summary of yesterday's events, you may want to check out this audio recap!

[Information] Here's the current status of our team: Espeon (fainted) lvl.41, Onix (fainted) lvl.33, Raticate (fainted) lvl.34, Dragonair (fainted) lvl.32, Feraligatr lvl.64, Pidgeot lvl.52 .

8d 14h 16m We're dancing around the TM... we poke it a couple of times... GOT IT! Earthquake is ours.

8d 14h 12m We've been training on Victory Road. We're also trying to get our hands on Earthquake.

8d 13h 23m Feraligatr fainted. Sent out Raticate. Raticate fainted. Whited out!

8d 13h 21m Ariados used Giga Drain. Onix fainted! Sent out Gatr.

8d 13h 20m Up against Koga!

8d 13h 14m Used a Poké Ball on Slowbro. Gator used Surf. Defeated Will!

8d 13h 11m Pidgeot fainted! Sent out KT ! Katie fainted! Sent out Godzilla. Godzilla used Surf!

8d 13h 8m Espeon/Burrito fainted! Sent out Brian.

8d 13h 7m Espeon down to 7HP!

8d 13h 5m Up against Will!

8d 12h 54m [Strategy] Espeon learns Psych Up at level 42 (next level), we should spam B when Espeon levels up so that it doesn't overwrite Bite.

8d 12h 52m Feraligatr fainted! Whited out!

8d 12h 50m Feraligatr down to 15/224 HP!

8d 12h 43m Xatu used Psychic. OHKO. Katie (Dragonair) fainted!

8d 12h 42m Brian/Pidgeot down!

8d 12h 41m Espeon/Burrito fainted! Sent out Brian.

8d 12h 41m Used several Poké Balls. Espeon down to 3HP!

8d 12h 39m Raticate fainted!

8d 12h 39m AJRR RRR (Onix) fainted!

8d 12h 37m Espeon/Burrito levels up to 41!

8d 12h 36m We whited out in the battle against Bruno. Now up against Will.

8d 12h 24m Jack just called. Hi Jack!

8d 12h 22m [D] Took Calcium and gave Katie the Exp. Share to hold!

8d 11h 40m Defeated Will!

8d 11h 39m Sent out Feraligatr and used a Poké Ball.

8d 11h 38m Sent out Katie Katie fainted!

8d 11h 36m Sent out Brian.

8d 11h 35m Exeggutor used Psychic! Raticate fainted!

8d 11h 32m EXEGGUTOR used EGG BOMB. Espeon fainted! Sent out Raticate.

8d 11h 32m Onix fainted!

8d 11h 28m Up against Will!

8d 11h 22m It seems that Onix evolves into Steelix at Lv. 35 in this ROM hack. If we plan on moving the Exp. Share, we might as well give it to Onix first (Katie needs another 24 levels before she evolves into Dragonite). Thanks for the info /u/micmanguy !

8d 11h 19m Feraligatr fainted. Whited out!

8d 11h 17m Feraligatr vs Ariados. HP down to 116/220. Feraligatr vs Venomoth. Feraligatr was poisoned! Feraligatr vs Forretress. Threw a Poké Ball.

8d 11h 13m Up against Koga!

8d 11h 10m Defeated Will!

8d 11h 7m [D] Brian/Pidgeot fainted!

8d 11h 0m [D] Used a Poké Ball. Democracy mode kicks in.

8d 10h 59m Exeggutor used Egg bomb against us. Espeon fainted!

8d 10h 58m Both Katie and Raticate down!

8d 10h 55m Raticate leveled up! Onix was sent out but was OHKO'd by Jynx! Sent out Feraligatr.

8d 10h 51m 34s Up against Will!

8d 10h 48m Yeah, hello? ARNIE calling. Are you awake now, AJDNNW? I bet your POKEMON are a lot stronger than before. Changing the topic here, I saw this HOOTHOOT for the first time. It was easy to beat, actually. Let's talk again, huh? Click!

8d 10h 45m Sent out Feraligatr but also faints. We whited out! Oh hey, it's dark outside.

8d 10h 44m Crobat poisoned Brian, Brian faints!

8d 10h 43m Switched Feraligatr out for Brian!

8d 10h 41 Feraligatr levels up to Lv.62!

8d 10h 40m Forretress down! Used Explosion against us which reduced Feraligatr's HP to 54/217.

8d 10h 37m Used a Full Revive on Brian!

8d 10h 36m Sent out the gator.

8d 10 34m Brian is hurt by poison and fainted! Brian down!

8d 10h 33m Brian defeats the Venomoth and levels up to 51!

8d 10h 32m Brian was poisoned. HP: 103/165.

8d 10h 29m Katie vs Venomoth. Venomoth used Psychic. Katie down!

8d 10h 26m Katie vs Ariados. Katie used Waterfall x3. Ariados drains HP, Katie's down to 48HP. Used a Poké Ball.

8d 10h 25m 32s Up against Koga!

8d 10h 22m Sent out the Gator. OHKO. Defeated Will!

8d 10h 22m Raticate down!

8d 10h 20m Exeggutor down! Espeon levels up to Lv. 40 but faints in the battle against Slowbro. Sent out Onix, but faints soon after!

8d 10h 19m Jynx down as well. Espeon down to 44HP.

8d 10m 17m Another Xatu down. "A" grew to level 33!

8d 10h 17m Espeon OHKO'd Xatu!

8d 10 16m 30s Up against Will!

8d 10h 13m Switched Burrito/Espeon to the top of the party.

8d 10h 7h Playtime: 200 hours.

8d 9h 54m Wade called and said he OHKO'd a Bellsprout.

8d 9h 54m Brian is poisoned and faints! Gator is hurt by poison and we white out!

8d 9h 51m Brian vs Muk! Muk was switched out for Crobat and manages to do 50% damage. Used Whirlwind a couple of times on Muk and Crobat.

8d 9h 49m Only Katie, Briand and Gatr are left. Sent out Katie! Katie was badly poisoned by Venomoth! Defeated Venomoth with Dragon rage. Katie levels up to Lv.31!

8d 9h 46m: Onix faints and Raticate comes out, Venomoth uses Supersonic and poisons Raticate. Raticate fainted!

8d 9h 44m: Espeon uses bite while Forretress responds with Swift. RJ then switches to Growl while Forretress keeps using Swift. Forretress then uses explosion (?) and the both faint. Sent out Onix.

8d 9h 43m RJ bites his way through Ariados. Forretress up!

8d 9h 36m: Godzilla cruises Will with his signature move surf. KOGA TIME

8d 9h 33m Xatu down. Switched Brian out for Gator which defeated Jynx.

8d 9h 31m Up against Will. Enemy Xatu confused Espeon! Switched out for Brian (which has only 113 HP left).

8d 9h 26m: KOGA IN. Espresseon uses tail whip and ariados responds with giga drain. AJ whites out

8d 9h 22m: Espresseon uses bite and Slowbro faints. We beat Will

8d 9h 22m: Brian faints! only RJ left with 9 hp!

8d 9h 21m: Brian uses fly and Slowbro counterattacks with psychic! both on red!

8d 9h 20m: Fly isn't very efective against Slowbro at this point and Slowbro keeps using curse and Psychic. This one is going to go to the buzzer people!

8d 9h 19m: Gator uses cut and Slowbro uses curse. Another Psychic and Gator faints! Brian in!

8d 9h 17m: Godzilla uses rage but still suffers from leech seed. Slowbro uses psychic and Gator has now 98hp

8d 9h 17m: Jynx faints OHKO to Gator's cut! Slowbro is in!

8d 9h 16m: Gator defeats Xatu and Exeggutor is in! Another rage coming his way and exeggutor responds with leech seed!

8d 9h 14m: Xatu uses a couple of psychics to defeat A and we now only have Brian, Lazorgator and an Espresseon with 6hp. Gator out!

8d 9h 14m: Xatu uses psyhcic and Katie faints. A in!

8d 9h 13m: Katie receives a quick attack as we try to use a max revive on her

8d 9h 12m: RJ uses growl and Xatu responds with psychic. 6 hp left! We switch Katie in!

8d 9h 12m: Xatu uses psychic and RJ uses bite, both yellow on health!

8d 9h 11m: Will uses Max Potion and we counter attack with... tail. Confuse ray and RJ keeps using tail

8d 9h 10m: Raticate back out and Espresseon in! Bite against Psychic

8d 9h 10m: Xatu uses psychic and Onix faints. Time to choose a new one, A (Raticate) in!

8d 9h 9m: Another bite and Xatu faints! Raticate lvls up to 31. Another Xatu is in and we send Onix!

8d 9h 8m: Up against Will. Espeon against Xatu. We use bite and he uses confuse Ray.

8d 9h 6m: Democracy ends. At this point I think it's safe to say Will has noticed us.

8d 9h 3m: [D] Democracy is leading us towards Will at the moment.

8d 9h 1m: We enter the E4 yet again. Who says we need to grind?! also democracy just kicked in

8d 8h 58m: We forgot to mention before that Raticate is now holding the Exp Share

8d8h57m It only takes a few moves for the poison to knock us out. AJ whites out

8d8h55m We instantly whirlpool, not doing much damage. Muk acid armors; we whirlpool again, before we get sludge bombed. We rage, before we're poisoned by toxic. GG guys, this run is doomed. Sludge bombed again. We cut Muk and take him out. Gator levels up to 61, however! Crobat up next

8d8h53m Venomoth out next for Koga, Gator cuts twice and promptly knocks it out. Forretress out next for Koga. We whirlpool, and then Forretress spikes us. We whirlpool again, and again. Finally, we surf and take out Forretress. Muk up next for Koga

8d8h52m After walking around Koga aimlessly for over 13 minutes, we finally challenge him! Ariados out first for him, vs the Gator. We have 183HP left. We rage him a few times, before he Giga drains us. We cut, and knock him out. 163/213 HP left for Gator

8d 8h 39m: By the way guys here is an audio recap bye /u/ThePokeMessiah with yesterday's events for those of you that missed it.

8d 8h 37m: Surf launched and Slowbro faints. Will defeated

8d 8h 36m: Whirlpool launched and cut finishes the job, Slowbro out!

8d 8h 36m: So much for Raticate! Gator time to solo this run!

8d 8h 36m A (Raticate) fainted!

8d 8h 35m: Katie out and Katie OHKO'd. Xatu uses psychic and OHKOs Onix as well. Only Raticate and Gator

8d 8h 34m: We use wing attack and Will uses a Potion. We respond by throwing Pokeballs and Xatu uses Psychic to finish Brian

8d 8h 33m: Brian uses wing attack and Slowbro responds with Psychich. Whirlwind again and Xatu comes out!

8d 8h 33m: Wing attack and Jynx faints as well, Slowbro in!

8d 8h 32m: Brian uses fly and Exeggutor faints! Jynx out again

8d 8h 32m: Brian avenges quickly RJ and OHKO Xatu. Jynx comes out but Brian uses whirlwhind, Exeggutor out. Who saw that coming?!

8d 8h 31m: Xatu uses Psychich and confuse ray while we use... Tail. Espresseon faints!

8d 8h 30m: Will time every1. Espeon comes out against Xatu.

8d8h23m We lock ourselves in for another try at the Elite 4

8d8h19m Brian uses Fly and we take out Muk! Crobat is Koga's last pokemon. We use quick attack, but only do 25% damage. Brian is poisoned! GG guys, this run is over. We whirlwind, but to no avail; we whirlwind again. Crobat wing attacks; we whirlwind again. Finally, the poison knocks us out. AJ whites out

8d8h18m We Rage and only take a little bit off of Muk. He minimizes, sludge bombs, and takes us down to 19hp. Another sludge bomb. Gator down! Brian is our only hope.

8d8h17m Venomoth up next for Koga, we send out Katie. We use a potion on Katie (not sure which one) and revive 10hp. Venomoth uses psychic to take out Katie. Gator up next! We surf Venomoth and OHKO it! Muk is out next for Koga

8d8h16m Brian obliterates Ariados in one swift Fly move; Forretress next, Brian takes 55 out of 165 damage over 4 moves before Raticate is sent out. Explosion is used by Forretress, OHKO'ing raticate and suiciding itself. Only Brian, Gator, and Katie are left.

8d8h13m Onto Koga! Onix is OHKO's by Ariados. Brian up next....

8d8h9m Will defeated, with Gator leaving with around 20-25% health

8d 8h 8m: Slowbro faints and Xatu comes out. Cut vs Psychic and Gator only has 71 hp left

8d 8h 8m: We keep using cut and Slowbro decides not to attack us apparently.

8d 8h 6m: Jynx faints and Gator is now lvl 60. Time for Slowbro

Gator levels up to 60!

8d 8h 6m: Gator uses cut and Xatu faints. Exeggutor up and resisting many cuts until it finally also faints! Jynx next

8d 8h 5m: RJ keeps using tailwhip and faints to Xatu. Gator up!

8d 8h 4m: RJ up against Xatu! Bite and Psychich!

8d8h2m Locked and loaded, party confirmed. Onto the E4 we go!

8d 8h 0m: [D] Anarchy takes over for 2 seconds but democracy starts again because of the hourly democracy system

8d 7h 59m: [D] So we have now Katie Gator Brian Espresseon Onix and Raticate.

8d 7h 56m: Around 400 As get Brian back to our party.

8d 7h 55m: [D] I confirm, we did deposit Ponyta and are now trying to get Brian

8d 7h 50m: [D] My stream froze so I'm not 100% but I think we just deposited Ponyta and now are trying to withdraw Brian

8d 7h 47m: We are now depositing another Pokemon to allow the withdrawing of Brian

[Snark] RIP /u/yelnaX's inbox after that mishap xD

8d 7h 45m: Guys I apologize I said we released Katie when we actually just Withdrew Katie. Sorry u.U

8d 7h 44m: [D] Gator withdrawn

8d 7h 42m: [D] I spoke too soon, my apologies. Down9 makes it all the way down and we are now very close to AAAAAtttta

8d 7h 40m: [D] So apparently we are back on top after releasing Katie... This might take a while guys.

8d 7h 39m: [D] Katie out

8d 7h 38m: [D] Hello katie! Apparently she's going to be the first one to be withdrawn.

8d 7h 37m: [D] WWWEEE gazes happily at us as we scroll down. Disapointed buddy?

8d 7h 34m: [D] I feel the pain of every Pokemon we have stored in the box when we scroll down. Sorry guys, it's just not meant to be

8d 7h 33m: [D] We move down slowly. We can smell Lazorgator's fear.

8d 7h 31m: [D] We decide not to withdraw Doduo. This democracy run can be described with one word: Overshooting.

8d 7h 30m: [D] Time for withdrawing. A reminder, we currently have 4 pokemons in our party.

[Snark] yo dawg I heard you like overshooting, so we overshot your overshoot so you can overshoot while overshooting

8d 7h 27m: [D] Another try at depositing Espresseon. Another b saves the day

8d 7h 25m: [D] Back at Bill's box menu.

8d 7h 24m: [D] Demo overshoots and almost deposits Espresseon. Close call guys.

8d 7h 23m: [D] Dr Hoot gets deposited. I guess you guys never loved him the way I did :(

8d 7h 22m: [D] Depositions time! Who will be the chosen ones?

8d 7h 21m: [D] We abort the withdraw of Shuckie at the very last moment and go back to bill's box menu

8d 7h 20m: Looks like we passed Katie already and are about to overshoot and Withdraw Shuck Norris.

8d 7h 17m: [D] We are currently browsing through our Pokemon box. It's a good chance to greet our new Pokemons.

8d 7h 14m: [D] Just a reminder, we currently have 5 pokemons in our party. Make sure we know which pokemons we want out and which ones we want in.

8d 7h 12m: [D] We are currently opening bill's pc. Time to get our team straight.

[Snark] PC time..... (heavy breathing)


8d7h2m: Onyx gets a Psychic to the face and Will wins. That's it for that attempt.

8d7h0m: Democracy turns on and Onyx is sent out

8d6h59m: And Espeon goes down to Future Sight I guess? I don't have the movedex open

8d6h59m: In a hilarious twist of irony, Xatu uses Foresight and "Forsees an attack!" And somehow Espeon uses Bite twice in a row to kill it.

8d6h57m: Two Pokeballs thrown.

8d6h57m: Espeon gets confused.

8d6h56m: And that's one Pokeball thrown this match.

8d6h56m: Espeon back out.

8d6h56m: Switched Espeon for Ponyta, which takes a Psychic to the face and goes down immediately. 3/5

8d6h55m: Espeon uses Tail Whip. And Sand-Attack. So now Xatu's Psychic is missing.

8d6h54m: Raticate gets off a quick attack before getting Psyched to the face, so that's 2 down.

8d6h53m: Will's Xatu vs. Hoothoot. Hoothoot goes down in one shot, so that's 1/5.

8d6h53m: Will fight time go.

8d6h52m: And so our party is locked in for this go-around! Time to lose to Will.

8d6h49m: Feraligatr was also apparently stored, so that happened.

8d6h47m: Ponyta and Raticate withdrawn.

We're at the PC again

8d6h43m: Lost vs. Koga and immediately Joey calls us.

8d6h43m: And another one. Muk uses Sludge Bomb and poisons Feraligatr, and... another Pokeball. RIP

8d6h42m: Welp that's a Pokeball.

8d6h42m: ...and immediately goes down to Surf again. Koga sends out Muk.

8d6h42m: Venomoth goes down, but not before taking Feraligatr down to 54 HP. Forretress comes out

8d6h40m: Ariados goes down to surf after getting off a Leech Life. Venomoth is sent out next...

8d6h40m: Ariados is sent out by Koga.

8d6h40m: Koga time.

8d6h40m: (Mostly fumbling with items like giving Hoothoot a Pokeball to hold)

8d6h37m: Feraligatr is finally sent out and a single Surf obliterates the Xatu. Will goes down.

8d6h35m: Feraligatr is the only one left, sooooo...

8d6h35m: Will uses a Max Potion and Espeon goes down to confusion and Psychic.

8d6h35m: Espeon gets confused, mostly just hurts itself

8d6h34m: Espeon is sent out.

8d6h33m: Switched out Feraligatr for Hoothoot, which goes down in one hit to Psychic.

8d6h33m: Will sends out another Xatu. Feraligatr uses Rage, Xatu confuses Feraligatr...

8d6h32m: Slobro uses Curse over and over, mostly, before succumbing to Rage.

8d6h31m: Will sends out Slowbro.

8d6h31m: Will sends out Jynx, which gets steamrolled by some Feraligatr rage.

8d6h31m: Feraligatr takes out Execcutor with Surf again.

8d6h30m: Feraligatr is back out, takes out Xatu with Surf.

8d6h30m: Switched out Feraligatr for Onyx, who immediately gets obliterated by Psychic. Welp

8d6h29m: Time to fight Will.

8d 6h 25m: We are up against Will but we still haven't challenged him. Our current lineup is Lazorgator, Hoothoot, Espresseon and Onix.

8d 6h 22m: This is it, we have just entered the E4

8d 6h 22m: We are back in Indigo Plateau, going again very close to the stairs :/

8d 6h 19m: We entered Victory Road after not getting any1 out of the PC.

8d 6h 11m Took BBBBBD's TINYMUSHROOM and made it hold TM45.

8d 6h 16m: We are very close to the stairs that lead to the E4

8d 6h 15m: We also deposited Brian

8d 6h 14m: We are trying to withdraw Katie from the pc. Deposited Shuckie

8d 6h 12m: Onix withdrawn

8d6h11m: We just deposited Katie. Everyone's freaking the hell out.


8d 6h 9h We healed our Pokémon!

8d 6h 8m Took KT 's ICE HEAL and made it hold CALCIUM.

8d 6h 7m: Anarchy takes over again as we finally enter Indigo Plateau.

8d 6h 7m: [D] Todd calls. What are we doing? We are living the dream, unlike you!

8h 6h 6m: [D] Thats it, We are now in Indigo Plateau. So where is this Abra guy?

8d 6h 6m [D] We're back at Indigo Plateau!

8d 6h 5m: [D] We select Brian!

8d 6h 0m: [D] We heat democracy mode. We are trying to use fly to Indigo Plateau

8d 5h 57m: We toss 2 ice heals. We won't need them anymore.

8d 5h 55m: By the way, when we do white out we will appear at Cherrygrove city. Prepare yourselves for some ledging.

8d 5h 54m: Dr Hoot faints

8d 5h 52m: At this point our Hoothoot is about to succumb to poison. Then our only choice would be RJ who is also in yellow health bar.

8h 5h 46m: We decide we have to tell mom about the candy and while at it we tell her to stop taking our money. Careless Shopaholic

8d 5h 45m: We find a Rare Candy in Route 26, still outside Tohjo Falls

8d 5h 31m: We are currently in Kanto, in Route 26 at the entrance of the Tohjo Falls. However we haven't gone in yet.

8d 5h 23m: Look at the bright side guys, more time to grind!

8d 5g 13m: Gator fainted to poison and we only have Dr. Hoot and RJ up.

8d 5h 2m Democracy only lasted for two minutes until Anarchy mode kicked in.

8d 4h 58m Jack invited us to come over to National Park.

8d 4h 56 Stream back up. ANARCHY/DEMOCRACY BACK

8d 4h 55m Stream down

8d 4h 41m: So guys, remember when this was funny?

We should be able to get back to the Elite Four building by either fainting(?) or flying back there. To fly there, we need to be on Kanto territory, otherwise the marker won't be visible.

8d 4h 34m The Abra guy teleported us to New Bark Town!! :<

8d 4h 33m We entered the Elite Four building.

8d 4h 31m We saved the game! Play time 194h29m.

8d 4h 30m Feraligatr OHKO'd Kadabra. Defeated Silver!

8d 4d 29m Meganium down! Feraligatr leveled up to Lv. 58 and is trying to learn Hydro Pump. But we didn't learn it. Golbat down!

8d 4h 27m Another OHKO! (Magneton)

8d 4h 26m Feraligatr OHKO'd Sneasel!

8d 4h 26m Battle with Silver starts!

8d 4h 7m Pidgeot/Brian fainted!

8d 3h 42m Brian is now level 50!

8d 3h 41m: Here is another map of the path we have to take in Victory Road, thanks to /u/VikingNipples/u/yelnaX

8d 3h 30m: Katie faints to a wild Graveller

8d 3h 24m: Shuckie faints to a wild Golbat.

8d 3h 23m: We are still near the entrance of Victory Road fighting wild pokemons. I'm not sure if we want to keep grinding or get through it.

8d 3h 19m: RJ is now lvl 38

8d 3h 17m: Shuckie is now lvl 27

8d 3h 14m We caught an Onix! Named him "AAJRR RRR"

8d 3h 10m: In case you don't remember this place, here is a map of the fastest path we can take.

8d 3h 8m: We are walking towards Victory Road. Show Time people.

8d 2h 59m We heal again, just to top everyone up...and again, just to be sure...and again, for good measure.

8d 2h 53m Caught another Doduo! No nickname this time.

8d 2h 39m We finally heal!

8d 2h 30m Brian has fainted!

8d 2h 27m Brian continues to slowly succumb to poison as A.J struggles to talk to the nice healer lady.

8d 2h 13m Threw Miracle Seed away

8d 2h ?m Katie fainted. Brian was poisoned by a Sandslash.

8d 1h 58m Caught a Ponyta, level 32! Nickname: "AAAAAAAAA".

8d 1h 57m Shuckie fainted!

8d 1h 48m Party has been healed!

8d 1h 47m Oh wow! Bug Catcher Arnie just saw some Yanma on Route 35!

8d 1h 41m HootHoot faints!

8d 1h 26m Shuckle faints to a Wild Doduo.

8d 1h 26 Caught a Raticate, level 30, nicknamed "A". Hi Wade!

8d 1h 25m Espeon fainted!

After a brutal war of attrition waged by Shuckie, A.J chooses to flee from a wild Doduo on the brink of victory.

8d 1h 3m: We are back grinding and Wade calls to tell us about his Weedle and how he defeated a Bellsproute (?). Nice Wade.

8d 0h 58m: Party healed!. Thank you woman.

8d 0h 55m: We are in the healing house currently trying to heal our party.

8d 0h 35m: Katie faints to poison.

8d 0h 25m: Here is a day 8 recap by /u/MrAwesomePossumz for those of you that may have missed some events yesterday.

8d 0h 14m: Joey calls. Apparently he doesn't remember the fight we had a few hours ago and thinks he's Rattata is still awesome. Sure Joey, sure.

8d 0h 12m: Dratini levels up to 30 and it evolves to Dragonair. Congratulations Katie

8d 0h 12m: Shuckie faints.

8d 0h 11m: We are back grinding guys but Shuck Norris seems to be in trouble :/

8d 0h 6m: Party healed.

8d 0h 1m: Katie faints as we enter day 9!

7d 23h 54m: Arnie calls. Apparently he can't catch a pidgey. No wonder you are called Bugcatcher, which by the way might not work with a bird in your party :/

7d 23h 52m: Shuckie faints again.

7d 23h 50m: In case you don't watch the stream and/or have no way of knowing our current party's levels: Shuckie is 26, Katie 29, Brian 49, Major Gator 57, Dr Hoot 31 and Espresseon 37.

7d 23h 46m: We are still grinding just below the healing house. We want a comeback Silver.

7d 23h 39m: Party healed. Multiple times.

7d 23h 33m: Katie faints. Also Dr Hoot is poisoned.

7d 23h 29m: We have a paralyzed Katie first in our party currently because of Shuckie fainting. I know right?

7d 23h 26m: Shuckie faints to a wild Ratticate. We flee with fear.

7d 23h 24m: We are currently fighting wild Pokemons just under the cliff from the healing lady's house. Guys, are we grinding? :D

7d 23h 20m: Shuckie is now lvl 26

7d 23h 17m: Arnie calls. We love you Arnie but we're not going to the bug contest. We are just not into that :/

7d 23h 14m: Party healed

7d 23h 13m: We managed to get to the healing house. Heeeello lady!

[Strategy] Since we haven't made it past The Ledge™ yet, we can still heal in the house closeby before reaching Victory Road.

7d 23h 7m Katie faints to another Sandslash. We try with the GS Ball. Still no luck catching one.

7d 23h 6m AJ is trying to put those Ice Heals to some use again. Having some sort of potion in the first slot of our backpack sure would be nice.

7d 23h 5m Shuckie is down.

7d 23h 2m All the used pokeballs are piling up at Sandslash's feet. Twitch really wants to capture it! Meanwhile, Shuckie is poisoned.

7d 22h 52m Progress! We healed on Route 26.

7d 22h 42m Brian reaches level 49.

7d 22h 27m We've been stuck in the Tohjo Falls for 30 minutes, but now we're out!

7d 22h 22m Katie has fainted.

7d 22h 16m Shuckie used Strength! Shuckie can now part the waters!

7d 22h 14m Shuckie is defeated by a Slowpoke.

7d 22h 3m We really want this Seaking.

7d 21h 55m We step back in Kanto.

7d 21h 51m Katie takes out a wild Tentacruel and is left with very low health.

[Reminder] Healing in Elm's office or talking to our mom does not set a checkpoint that we'll go back to if we black out again. Same thing applies to the house on Route 26 below Victory Road.

7d 21h 45m Home sweet home.

7d 21h 33m Almost in sight of New Bark Town...

7d 21h 20m AJ dances his way out of Cherrygroove. We're going back with style.

7d 21h 7m AJ wanders around Cherrygroove City. It's alright guys, we fought well :D

7d 21h 6m Espeon tries Sand-attack. Unfortunately Golbat does not miss the next attack. AJ blacks out.

7d 21h 6m Espeon is our only hope. He bites Golbat. GOLBAT FLINCHES.

[Snark] "Don't be a thief!" WELL LOOK WHO'S TALKING. (by zelinator)

7d 21h 5m Wing attack takes Gator down. We wasted our turn trying to catch Golbat. AJ was so close to using that Max Revive!

7d 21h 3m Twitch frenetically searches through the backpack for a healing/revive item.

7d 21h 2m The Gator won't give up now. 7 HPs left. We're fighting Golbat!

7d 21h 1m 15 HPs left. Gator takes down Meganium with Rage! He also levels up to lvl.57.

7d 20h 59m Razor Leaf. Razor Leaf again. Gator has 50 HPs left.

7d 20h 59m Magneton comes in. It's scary... but one Surf is enough to take him down! It's Meganium's turn.

7d 20h 59m Sneasel vs Gator! Gator surfs all over him. It's a OHKO.

7d 20h 58m Silver challenges AJ. Gator's health is 116/198 HPs, Espeon's is 13/102. Let's do this.

7d 20h 53m We're a few steps away from fighting Silver.

7d 20h 47m Hoothoot faints. We cleared the second floor. Espeon's health is low, our only pokemon left in good shape is the Gator.

[Reminder] At the end of the cave, before we have a chance to heal, we will have to face Silver!

7d 20h 23m AJ reaches the second floor of Victory Road.

7d 20h 17m Brian is hit by a Rock Throw and faints. Hoothoot, Espeon and Feraligatr are our only pokemon left. We're still on the first floor of Victory Road.

[Strategy] Here is a cleaner, better-looking map of Victory Road by /u/VikingNipples. Thank you!

[Reminder] In this romhack, Graveler can evolve by leveling up without the need to trade it. This applies to every other pokemon that normally needs to be traded to evolve.

7d 20h 9m AJ catches a Graveler!! No nickname picked.

7d 20h 2m We climbed up the stairs in front of the entrance! ...nevermind. WE CLIMBED BACK UP! Down again... Alright we should have made it.

[Fluff] Brian is learning to avoid Explosions just like a certain other Pidgeot, except by skill rather than randomness. They grow up so quickly!

7d 19h 54m We haven't progressed much. Still fighting Gravelers in front of Victory Road's entrance.

7d 19h 41m AJ turns back. The Twitch chat is torn between progressing without being able to train the two weaker pokemon in our party or healing.

7d 19h 37m Shuckie is taken down by a wild Graveler. KT isn't happy and rages at him, but she goes down too.

[Strategy] I'll just repost this from an earlier update. Victory Road map!

[Fluff] AJ sure likes those Ice Heals. I'm afraid he's been traumatized by all the time he spent on the Ice Path =(

7d 19h 26m We're inside Victory Road.

7d 19h 26m AJ immediately talks to the guy on the left who's blocking the way to Mt. Silver. It's like he knows his destiny.

7d 19h 25m Scratch that, he missed the door and slammed his face on the wall. But now he's inside the Pokemon League Reception Gate.

7d 19h 23m AJ's progressing! Look at him go! He's walking like he doesn't have eight thousand entities controlling his legs.

7d 19h 14m Shuckie reached level 25.

7d 19h 11m To thank the stranger of her hospitality, AJ sprinkled water. But nothing happened.

7d 19h 9m AJ sleeps in a stranger's house who absolutely did not take the chance to steal our wallet. Party healed

[Snark] "I was sent to Bill's PC. Please help." by /u/TheHalfbadger

7d 19h 2m We caught a Raticate! Her name is I.

7d 19h 1m The house we're dancing around should allow us to heal freely, in case you do not know. The one with the berry tree behind it. It does not work as a checkpoint in case we black out, though!

7d 18h 56m Alan's Tangela is getting stronger. Just as planned.

7d 18h 54m Hoothoot is down as well. Healing would be nice now!

7d 18h 51m We're still below the ledge on Route 26. While facing a Raticate, KT faints peacefully in her sleep.

7d18h31: The chat seems divided on what to do. Half wants to heal, but the other half wants to go forward into the caves.

7d17h52m: Ironically, while trying to evolve Dr. Hoot we ended up catching our very own Noctowl! Nicknamed AA.

[Strategy] Here's a handy map, provided by /u/Dane_makus for when we return to the cave. http://faqs.neoseeker.com/Games/GBC/pokemon_crystal_victory.gif

7d17h36m: Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. We resume regularly scheduled programming now, with another check in from Victory Road. We're almost to the cave again.

7d16h47m: I must have missed it, but Shuck Norris is now level 24 (presumably from winning a battle with a well-timed roundhouse kick)

[Snark] 'Baby Mercury' as a nickname for the first Tentacool, anyone?

7d16h36m: We made it across the water, clicked our heels and surprise! We're in Kanto again! There's no place like home...

7d16h33m: AJ gives in to a blossoming Tentacool obsession and catches another Tentacool, this time unnamed

7d16h31m: Just caught a Tentacool, nicknamed "BBB((((hg"!

7d16h22m: After trekking that long, painful detour, we've finally arrived in New Bark Town again. AJ takes some time to peruse his Pokedex before Surfing.

7d16h15m: AJ successfully cuts down a tree, and then saves for good measure. We're about halfway to New Bark.

7d16h8m: Healed! And just left Cherrygrove, ready for the fun ledges on Route 29.

7d16h5m: Currently in the Cherrygrove Pokecenter trying to heal up.

7d15h55m: We're in Cherrygrove! Better heal up so we don't respawn in Ecruteak if we white out again...

[Meta] It's more than a week in and I'm still calling AJ 'Red' by accident. Woops. I guess I'm not a top percentage updater...

7d15h46m: Breakfast Burrito annihilates Joey's level 4 top percentage Rattata with a Bite attack. Joey may be defeated, but their love lives on.

7d15h44m: Red attempts to run a few times from the battle, probably to save himself from the pain of having to crush his one true love.

7d15h42m: We just reached Joey!! Lovers, reunited at last in a fiery, passionate battle!

7d15h27m: Just reached Violet City!

7d15h24m: We just had a brief scare because AJ was starting to head into the Ruins of Alph, but he's out again. We're pretty close to Violet City.

7d15h11m: We're south of Ecruteak now and just tried and failed to catch a Stantler. So that's something.

[Possible Operation] People want to get AJ to Joey to continue their fiery love affair. In the name of Breakfast Burrito, let's help spread the love <3

7d14h45m: We've dropped by to see the Kimono Girls again, probably so AJ can try and score a phone number. They're out of your league, buddy

7d14h28m: Wade gives us a quick call to tell us about how he feels bad about knocking out a wild HootHoot. Grow a pair, Wade.

7d14h17m: We've left the Bell Tower and are now loitering around Ecruteak.

7d 1h 7m: Todd calls. Bargains in Goldenrod? Jesus Todd, what do you do for a living?

7d13h57m Eusine: "Awesome, awesome, awesome", alright, no need to rub it in.

7d 13h 57m: We try to escape but fail, we use surf and Suicune faints! So long doggy.

7d13h57m It's becoming risky business now with the chance of surf, and.. NO! Surf was used and.. SUICINE FAINTS!

7d 13h 56m: Suicune used leer on Lazorgator. OH NO HE DIDN'T. Lazorgator responds with surf. Orange line on Suicune!

7d13h56m The rain's subsided now so whirlpool's doing even less damage, but out comes surf and.. suicine is in mid yellow. One more surf should get him near enough at the level he needs to be for a catch, but we use whirlpool instead! Couple more required!

7d13h55m Whirlpool's really not doing much good as we continue to miss. We're navigating the item pack now, and getting a bit closer to the balls pocket. Another whirlpool and, again, not much damage. Suicine has about 60% HP.

7d 13hh 55m: Not much damage done to either one, We keep using whirlpool and Suicune keeps using gust.

7d 13h 54m: We miss our first attack and Suicune responds with gust. We use whirlpool as a response.

7d13h54m Suicine's gust barely scratches Gatr. He replies with a whirlpool and.. also does very little damage to Suicine. Looks like it's going to be a long battle. And now Suicine's the one using lasers!

7d13h53m A successful run attempt shows that it's impossible to escape from this battle, luckily.

7d 13h 52m: We switch Brian with Lazorgator! Suicune better get a good doctor because he's gonna be in so much pain tomorrow.

7d13h53m Out comes Lazergator to do some damage. He risks doing TOO much with the rain out though!

7d 13h 52m: We use Whirlwind again and fail. 2/2 guys

7d13h52m Brian's going to have to do some damage here or it's going to be pretty much impossible to catch him.

7d 13h 51m: We send Brian out and he uses whirlwind but FAILS!

7d13h50m We almost.. ALMOST just ran as soon as the battle started.

7d 13h 50m: Suicune is up!

7d 13h 47m: We are really doing this guys, lets get ourselves a Suicune.

7d 13h 45m: Fly launched and Vaporeon responds with a bite. Another fly coming and we defeat the Sage!

7d 13h 44m: Vaporeon is up against Brian!

7d 13h 43m: And the final Sage is up! Noctowl against Brian. Fly and OHKO

7d 13h 42m: Another fly takes care of the sparking problem. We beat the trainer.

7d 13h 41m: Jolteon up against Brian! We use fly Jolteon responds with Thundershock

7d 13h 41m: Brian uses fly and Noctowl faints.

7d 13 40m: Lazorgator levels up to 56. We enter another fight with another trainer. Noctowl up against Brian

7d 13h 39m: Surf takes care of the False Prophet and we beat the trainer!

7d 13g 38m: Katie faints to Flareon's bite and we send Gator. Revenge!

7d 13h 38m: Another bite and Noctowl faints. Katie vs Flareon

7d 13h 37m: Espresseon comes out and uses bite! About time right?

7d 13h 36m: Unfortunatelly Dr Hoot is still asleep with just 8hp. Dr Hoot faints!

7d 13h 36m: Dratini doesn't want to wake up so Noctowl helps pecking her head. Dr Hoot out!

7d 13h 34m: Katie falls asleep and we decide to use more pokeballs. Eventually it will work guys!

7d 13h 34m: Shuckie faints to another peck and Katie comes out!

7d 13h 33m: So we use one of the Pokeballs on Noctowl. Doesn't matter, we still have 101

7d 13h 31m: Peck against strength so far, but Shuckie's health is low and Noctowl's defense is overpowered by reflect

7d 13h 31m: Shuck Norris back out!

7d 13 30m: Hypnosis! Dr Hoot takes a nap while Noctowl uses reflect

7d 13h 30m: We send Dr Hoot against Noctowl. He responds with a couple of pecks.

7d 13h 29m: Noctowl uses Peck which isnt very effective and we respond with strength with because of our low level Shuck Norris, doesn't do that much damage

7d 13h 28m: Alright people! time to fight some trainer in the tower! Shuckie against Noctowl!

7d 13h 24m: So we talked to the guy. Apparently with the bell we have we have a chance of making it through (?). We proceed inside.

7d 13h 22m: We are in the entrance of the Bell Tower trying to get in but this bold guy keeps blocking our entrance. I think we should tell Joey about him.

7d 13h 17m: So apparently we actually bought 99 POKE BALLS. It's so much go time.

7d 13h 11m: Irwin calls to congratulate us (again) for beating Dragon den... Thanks Irwin. Again.

7d 13h 9m: So we bought a few Pokeballs, a Potion, some Proteins... I might have missed something else but you get the picture :/

7d 12h 59m: We entered the Pokemart. Apparently some people are determined in getting Suicune, with or without a Master Ball.

7d 12h 51m: Jack calls. He knows we're coming.

7d 12h 48m: We might want to heal later on before reaching New Bark Town guys. Our checkpoint is now in Ecruteak City ñ_ñ

7d 12h 45m: We heal our party

7d 12h 40m: We entered the Pokemon Center. We're not trying to heal so far though

7d 12h 34m: We are now in Ecruteak City. Wasn't Ho-Oh around here? n_n

7d 12h 31m: Todd calls. He thinks he's ready to challenge Whitney. Ye sure, go give her Milktank a taste.

7d 12h 30m: Just a reminder people. We are trying to get to New Bark Town and have chosen to go this way because since we can't manage to use fly this seems like the easiest way.

7d 12h 28m: KT is now lvl 28

7d 12h 24m: After a long struggle we manage to get in the water. Surf theme time.

7d 12h 14m: We have entered route 42. Looks like we are going to try Ecruteak City's way.

7d 12h 1m: Irwin calls. Thats the only highlight that I can give you so far. But hey Irwin, hows it going?

7d 11h 49m: Still hangin out in Mahogany. Most people are trying to use fly unsuccesfully so far.

7d 11h 40m: Wade calls to check up on us. Not a good time Wade.

7d 11h 37m: So there are three ways to get to New Bark Town. One is through Ice Path, another one is through Ecruteak City, and the last one is with fly. I believe Ecruteak is the easiest :/

7d 11h 31m: In case you might have missed some of the artwork that has been going on in Reddit recently, here is a great compilation.

7d 11h 26m: We decided we are tired of walking and used fly to go to Mahogany Town. This brings back memories doesn't it?

7d 11h 22m: And Brian uses a couple of quick attacks more to finish the last Wartortle. We defeat the trainer.

7d 11h 22m: We use quick attack a couple of times and Wartortle faints. Brian is now lvl 47

7d 11h 20m: We have entered a battle against a random trainer. Brian defeats a Marill with fly and Wartortle comes out.

7d 11h 18m: We found a Max Potion. About time right?

7d 11h 14m: Third time is the charm, Shuckie faints to a final self destructing Graveller.

7d 11h 13m: We have encountered 3 Gravellers. They have selfdestruct 3 times. Shuckie is still alive. Who says he's useless?! (yes, one of the selfdestructs missed brian)

7d 11h 10m: We have now entered route 45 and are making our way down towards New Bark Town.

7d 11h 2m: Oh and by the way, we are now in Blackthorn City. Yes. I did not lie. Its ledging time!

7d 11h 1m: Immediately after waking up we receive a call from Joey. He was worried sick apparently :/

7d 11h 0m: A wild Graveller uses magnitude and Espresseon faints. AJ whites out

7d 10h 59m: We desperately look for something in our pack to save us. Anything at this point.

7d 10h 55m: I'm not gonna lie to you guys, we are probably going to faint within minutes.

7d 10h 51m: Gator faints to a wild Onix. Its RJ time.

7d 10h 48m: Major Gator keeps beating every Pokemon that gets on his way, but has only 2hp left. But hey, we still have Espresseon.

7d10h35m AJ attempts to use an Ice Heal on Doctor Hoot. Perhaps trying to free him from the chilling depths of unconsciousness?

7d10h18m We've picked up a Full Heal and a Max Revive. Who leaves these sorts of things just lying about?

7d10h7m AJ is currently on the eastern side of Victory Road's first floor. There are a couple of nifty items we can pick up here, but the ladder that takes us upwards is on the other side of the cave. The journey continues...

7d9h56m We continue to move like a Shuckle, slowly and steadily, through the first floor of Victory Road.

7d9h38m KT gets KO'd! We only have two Pokemon left now, and we've made little progress...

[Strategy] As we don't really seem to be going anywhere at the moment, here's a pretty simple guide to Victory Road. Look on the bright side - not a boulder puzzle in sight.

7d9h18m Brian falls to a wild Rhyhorn.

7d9h15m We obtain a lovely Full Heal.

7d9h9m We switch out again to Katie. This is one heck of an Onix.

7d9h7m Shuckie is unable to handle Onix's sik beatz, and faints. Burrito comes out to pick up the mic.

7d9h4m Shuckie and a wild Onix engage in a spirited Wrap battle.

7d9h0m AJ hurls his eight badges like shuriken at the Gatesman, who is understandably impressed. Victory Road, here we come...

7d8h57m We enter the League Reception Gate!

[Snark] Let's just face it. She wants the D

7d8h54m Shuckie reaches level 23 and Katie reaches level 26. Shuckie attempts to learn Safeguard, but it isn't meant to be. Cool Trainer Beth pesters us for our number.

7d8h51m "I lost to a traimer named Silver." Really? Wow. Sucks to be you, Cool Trainer Beth.

7d8h44m Katie gained a level! We repeatedly listen to Staryu's cry to celebrate.

7d8h41m Doctor Hoot is down, and out comes Brian.

7d8h40m Cool Trainer Gaven and his Victreebel are causin' trouble.

7d8h25m: Brian just got destroyed in the air by a Pikachu's Thunder! We send out Gator to finish the job!

7d7h59m: Shuckie is paralyzed at the hands of an Arbok!

7d7h54m: We just healed at some random stranger's house. I'm pretty sure we've been warned against situations like this.

7d7h41m: Brian just dealt serious damage to a Ponyta, gaining another level in the process. We seem to be ambling along Victory Road at a decent pace so far.

7d7h27m: Brian leveled up, but after much debate did not learn Agility.

[Meta] Right as I said that, we hop off. Well done team.

7d7h8m: We make it out of Tohjo falls! Let's not fall down the cliff.

7d6h59m: We've landed! Now we have to get through Tohjo falls and then we'll be on our way through Victory Road. Best of luck everyone!

7d6h54m: Shuckie is down!

7d6h48m: It looked as if we were at least going to defeat the Tentacruel, because Shuckie couldn't escape since he was a lower level. Then, after being poisoned and with barely a sliver of health left on the Tentacruel, we switch to Espeon and escape. You can't make this stuff up, guys.

7d6h48m: Shuckie is poisoned by the same Tentacruel!

7d6h43m: Dr. Hoot is taken down by a wild Tentacruel with Acid!

7d6h36m: We are interrupted in our pleasant swim by Wade. What could he possibly want this time? Another pidgey got away? What else is new, you bumbling buffoon?

[Recap] Here's a recap of Day 7 from /u/ThePokeMessiah!

7d6h28m: Pokemon have been healed!

[Meta] It's worth considering that we heal in Professor Elm's lab (yes, that's a thing we can do). After that, we must go right on the patch of water to reach Indigo Plateau.

7d 6h 9m Stream back up.

Stream is back down!

7d 6h 6m: I'm reading a lot of you calling this system semi democracy or things like that. Just to be clear, this mode is actually closer to anarchy than to democracy.

7d6h5m: AJ turns to the books on the shelf; he doesn't have the heart to tell Professor Elm that Prince Omelette is no more.

7d 6h 3m: We are now in prof Elm's lab. He might have another spare Master Ball n_n.

[Meta] Many in the Twitch chat praise Lenin and the arrival of Communism as the command system! Except it's not really communism, it's more like a demarchy (there may be a more apt way to describe it, though).

7d 5h 56m: New Bark Town reached everybody!

7d 5h 52m: We are a few squares away from our home and Jack decides to call again. He just called us 20 mins ago :/

7d 5h 48m: We are almost at New Bark Town. What are your thoughts so far regarding the new system?

7d 5h 45m: We are officially in Route 29. This theme just feels like home doesn't it?

7d 5h 36m: Oh and by the way, in case you are wondering, we are arriving to route 29 in order to get to New Bark Town.

7d 5h 29m: So, apparently the votes are now recorded in 0.5 seconds and only one is selected according to what the creator said (thanks avtiu for the image)

7d 5h 22m: So this is another variant of the new system, not sure but it seems it now records 5 inputs.

Stream back up with new system on

Stream down

7d 5h 15m: Jack checks up on us. Sure, we have time for you Jacky boy.

7d 5h 13m: Dratini is now lvl 22, I forgot to mention that before.

7d 5h 11m: Brian uses fly and defeats Graveller. Machop out and he succumbs to another fly. Dratini levels up and learns Dragon Rage instead of Wrap

7d 5h 10m: Dr Hoot faints and we send Brian out

7d 5h 10m Hoothoot fainted!

7d 5h 9m: Machop uses karate chop and seismic toss and we respond pecking his head. Machop down Graveler out!

7d 5h 8m: We are walking towards New Bark Town and encounter a Trainer! Machop against Shuckie and Shuckie faints. Dr Hoot out

7d 4h 59m Old Anarchy/Democracy system returns!

7d 4h 54m: Alan updates us on his Tangela's progress as we walk around Blackthorn city. Not much else going on at the moment.

7d 4h 44m: Lazorgator faints to Pikachu's thunder and we are back in Blackthorn town

Stream back up

Stream down

7d 4h 40m: By the way thanks for all of you that have messaged me information. I couldn't respond all of you but you've all given me many information thanks!

7d 4h 40m: Time for another trainer battle. We are off against a Pikachu!

[Information] So apparently the sytem records 10 inputs each time and when it reaches 10 it chooses one of those at random, hence the name of the person on top. He has said however that it's just a test.

7d 4h 36m: We defeat Espeon with surf and beat the Trainer. Moving on!

7d 4h 33m: Time for another Trainer battle. Espeon against Lazorgator!

7d 4h 28m: Twitchplayspokemon: the new system takes 20 inputs and chooses one at random Apparently thats how it works now, but he just shortened it to 10 inputs.

7d 4h 26m Stream's back up. Still in Semiocracy-mode it seems.

7d 4h 26m Stream goes down again.

7d 4h 22m: Lazorgator beats Seaking! Sorry for the lack of info about the battle but we are currently gathering the information to give you guys a good insight about how the system works. Hey Alan!

7d 4h 19m: We are still learning the new mechanics of this new system, but while thats going on we are fighting another Trainer. Lazorgator defeats a Qwilfish and is up against Seaking!

7d 4h 5m: So apparently the Stream just introduced a new voting system. We are not clear at the moment how it works exactly, stay tuned for more information.

7d 4h 2m: Back up. Will it last?

7d 4h 2m Offline!

7d 4h 1m: Stream back up!

While the stream is down, why don't you guys watch an advertisement about Cleveland?

Stream goes down you may now RIOT

7d 3h 55m: Another Starmie faints to a couple of surfs. Time for Nidoqueen! OHKO to yes, another surf. We beat Cooltrainer Reena.

7d 3h 54m: Cooltrainer's battle time! Starmie against Lazorgator! we use surf and almost OHKO, Starmie doesnt resist the next surf and Lazorgator is now lvl53

7d 3h 51m: Sandslash goes down to a couple of cuts. We defeat the trainer. Off we go!

7d 3h 50m: Time for another battle against some cooltrainer's Sandlash. Lazorgator's got it.

7d 3h 49m: We use Whirlpool and Cut as Girafarig faints. We defeat the trainer.

7d 3h 48m: We keep advancing and enter another battle against a trainer. He sends Starmie and Exeggcute which go down to surf and are now up against girafarig.

7d 3h 47m: In case any of you missed yesterday, here is a recap by MrAwesomePossumz

7d 3h 45m: We encounter a wild Ponyta and send KT out. Needless to say, she faints after a couple of attacks.

7d 3h 42m: Another critical surf and Quagsire faints. We beat Cooltrainer!

7d 3h 41m: Godzilla uses rage and surf and Exeggcute faints. KT is now lvl 21. Out comes Quagsire

7d 3h 40m: Lazorgator comes out and uses surf, Magneton faints. Exeggcute in!

7d 3h 40m: Only Lazorgator and Katie still up at this point. Remember operation Magnet? :/

7d 3h 39m: RJ uses bite and magneton responds with screech and thunderbolt. Espeon down!

7d 3h 38m: Brian faints after another thunderbolt from Magneton. Espeon time, but remember that he's poisoned.

7d 3h 36m: Brian uses fly but it isnt very effective. Magneton uses supersonic and confuses us, we respond with wing attack and receive a powerful thunderbolt. 19hp left

7d 3h 35m: Trainer fight against Cooltrainer. Magneton comes out against Brian.

7d 3h 33m: Irwin calls. Apparently he saw us enter Dragon Den. I think a restraining order should be our next step...

7d: 3h 26m: Katie is now lvl 20. Brian vs Venusaur. We use fly and Venusaur faints! We beat the trainer.

7d 3h 24m: Brian uses Fly and Bulbasur faints. Ivysaur is in and Brian uses fly again. OHKO

7d 3h 23m: We came out of Tohjo Falls. We are now fighting a trainer, Brian vs Bulbasur.

7d 3h 18m: Dr Hoot faints to a wild Goldeen's horn attack. It's not like he didn't try.

7d 3h 7m: Shuckie faints to a wild Slowpoke. Dr Hoot time.

7d 3h 4m: We skipped Democracy and just went ahead and used waterfall in... well you know, a waterfall.

What should we do next? Here's a poll.

7d 2h 59m: Shuckie is now level 21

7d 2h 56m: I bet none of you saw it coming right? I had all my bets in a rattata :/

7d 2h 52m: We used the masterball in a Goldeen. Congratulations everyone! He's name is now IAAAJS

7d 2h 47m: We entered Tohjo Falls. And by the way, I forgot to mention Espeon got poisoned by a wild tentacool.

[Reminder] A quick reminder that IF we plan on doing the Celebi event and take the GS ball to Kurt, we will have to wait another 24 hours(!!) for Kurt to finish checking it. (That's just how the event works)

7d 2h 43m: We have reached Kanto's land. This is not a drill people!

7d 2h 39m: Katie levels up to 19. Shuckie is going drag behind very soon at this rate :/

7d 2h 35m: We have used surf and have now entered the wild region of Kanto. Why do I feel like we've been there before?

7d 2h 31m: We exit the lab but stay around New Bark Town. I wonder if Mom knows we are here.

7d 2h 24m: We are still in Prof. Elm's lab. Democracy ended but we just like to hang out at Elm's.

7d 2h 3m [D] Received the Master Ball from Prof. Elm!

7d 1h 59m Entered Elm's Pokémon Lab.

7d 1h 56m We're home! (New Bark Town)

7d1h44m We appear to be on Route 29 now.

[Warning] At level 46, Brian will try and learn Agility. Some folks will need to spam B while others spam Down.

7d1h9m I believe we are now on Route 45, en route to Route 46, which then leads to Route 29 and then to New Bark Town.

[Reminder] We can get the Master Ball from professor Elm now.

[Strategy] I believe it is now acceptable to jump down the ledges south of Blackthorn City leading to Route 29, where we will head off back home to New Bark Town and surf east from there to Tojo Falls. That seems to be our goal for the moment... unless the Hivemind has something else in mind.

7d 0h 38m Moved Katie one slot up in the party.

7d 0h 37m 21s [D] Katie forgot Leer and learned Waterfall!And, Anarchy's back.

7d 0h 19m Made "KT " hold the Exp. Share.

7d 0h 12m Gave Espeon/Burrito a Full Heal to hold (Took Exp. Share)

6d 23h 59m We're back outside! Prof. Elm just called. (To the ledge™!)

6d 23h 53m Found Calcium!

6d 23h 40m: We can just call her Katie huh? much more convenient

6dh 23h 39m 6s Obtained Dratini!. We nicknamed it "KT".

6d 23h 37m Obtained TM24! (Dragonbreath). And no, it doesn't have anything to do with Clair's breath :)

6d 23h 36m Well, that was easy. Obtained the last badge! (Risingbadge)

6d 23h 34m Entered the Dragon Shrine. More questions!

6d 23h 25m Found Max Elixir!

6d 23h 21m [D] Feraligatr learned Whirlpool! (Forgot Scratch)

6d 22h 51m [Information] We need to teach Feraligatr Whirlpool in order to get to the Dragon Shrine (Dragon's Den's layout changed in Crystal)

6d 22h 38m Brian was sent out and defeated the Dragonair with Fly!

6d 22h 36m Hoothoot down!

6d 22h 35m Espeon/Burrito down!

6d 22h 34m [D] Battle with Cooltrainer Darin. Shuckie (Lv.20) vs a Dragonair (Lv.37). Aaand, Shuckie's down.

6d 22h 25m [D] We've entered Dragon's Den.

6d 22h 18m [D] We made it past the ledges!

6d 22h 4m [D] We're back in the old lady's house.

6d 22h 0m [D] Looks like the timer was just broken (DST issues?). Democracy kicked in as usual.

[Snark] Be happy we're stuck in Anarchy mode and not in Democracy mode. The timer bug would be game-breaking if the button voting system were to not register commands and/or perform them, or the button counters would just count up for an indefinite amount of time :)

[Snark] Democracy Saving Time

6d 21 8m Democracy mode didn't kick in. The counter's stuck on 00:00 for some reason.

[Fluff] So I've been watching some old episodes of Pokemon. It looks like AJ ends up getting his own gym at some point in the future.

6d 20h 34m Nothing worth reporting. AJ's trying to climb up the ledges one last time.

6d 20h 15m The answer is nope!

6d 20h 13m [D] Now we only need to teach the Gator Whirlpool to reach the Dragon's Den. Will democracy take care of that too?

6d 20h 12m [D] Deposited Smoochum.

6d 20h 11m [D] 67 persons tried to, but where outnumbered. We're selecting Smoochum...

6d 20h 10m [D] Will some anarchist take this chance and use Democracy against their enemies, pressing A over the Gator to free him?

6d 20h 8m [D] Shuckie almost gets left behind. Don't worry Shuckie, we need your strength.

6d 20h 4m [D] AJ clears his mind and confronts the PC.


6d 20h 0m [D] Assuming direct control...

6d 19h 58m Looks like the plan is the following: deposit Hoothoot, give Smoochum the Exp. Share, then head for Dragon's Den.

6d 19h 53m We healed our pokemon. The chat suggests to deposit either Smoochum or Hoothoot to make room for Dratini. Democracy will take over in seven minutes. I'm worried...

6d 19h 47m AJ dances around the PC and invites an NPC to join him.

[Reminder] If we manage to free up one spot in our party now, we'll get a free Dratini in Dragon's Den. We can get it afterwards too, but it would save us a trip.

6d 19h 37m Anarchy got close to teaching Gator Whirlpool a couple of times.

6d 19h 33m After a bit of confusion, AJ jumps down all the ledges, reaching the lower part of the town. I think we're trying to reach the pokemon center.

6d 19h 22m Anarchy almost tried teaching Waterfall, then left the gym.

6d 19h 18m We're almost out of the gym! We're almost out!!

[Information] It looks like most people would want to teach Gator Whirlpool, then teach Waterfall to the free Dratini we can get in the Dragon's Den. Thanks for all the pms!

[Information] By the way, if we Fly back home after getting the badge, professor Elm will gift us a Master Ball. Which pokemon would you like to use it on?

6d 19h 3m Anarchy doesn't like being polite and takes over. The real challenge will be getting out of here...

6d 19h 1m [D] We try to get our badge by asking politely. Clair refuses. I don't like Clair.

6d 18h 59m As usual, we're stuck in the gym after our victory. Maybe Democracy will lead us out?

[Information] Also, Whirlpool is required to reach the end of the cave. We'll need to teach it to someone. I think Feraligatr is able, but since we'll need a pokemon to teach Waterfall to, we may want to start thinking about getting a new party member for both moves.

[Information] To get the badge, we must leave the gym, surf in the area behind it and head in the cave directly above, then clear it. This is our next objective!

6d 18h 47m Clair does not hand us the badge after her defeat. The IRC chat point out that this is probably illegal in the pokemon world.

6d 18h 46m Let me state it again, Brian used Fly, avoided a deadly Hyper Beam while in the air and came down to beat the crap out of Kingdra. How epic is that?!

6d 18h 45m Both Gator and Brian level up!

6d 18h 44m Kingdra misses Brian with Hyper Beam and is defeated. WE BEAT CLAIR!

6d 18h 44m We switch to Brian, who starts Flying immediately.

6d 18h 44m Gator resorts to Scratch twice, then Surf. One Hyper Beam hits him, then Dragon Breath.

6d 18h 43m Another Dragonair down. Only Kingdra remains!

6d 18h 43m Gator is paralyzed again.

6d 18h 42m Gator takes the second Dragonair down and a third one comes in. We try to catch it with the GS Ball.

6d 18h 41m It's Gator's turn again. One Cut and Dragonair's down. One more follows the first one! The Gator scratches her.

6d 18h 41m Espeon reduces Dragonair's defence, then bites her twice before going down.

6d 18h 41 The Gator sweeps in early in this match! We're not happy, so we switch to Espeon immediately. Dragonair uses Surf!

6d 18h 39 We're trying to revive Shuckie with an Ice Heal. It doesn't work. Smoochum down!


6d 18h 39m We send Smoochum in!

6d 18h 39m Shuckie takes on the first Dragonair... with Encore. Dragonair is locked on Surf, Shuckie's down.

6d 18h 38m We're fighting Clair!

6d 18h 38m We keep trying to push Clair in the lava with Shuckle's Strength. Apparently she's too heavy.

6d 18h 37m We check our pokedex multiple times to muster up courage.

6d 18h 35m Wha...? Apparently we used Strength on the statue behind Clair.

6d 18h 34m We're circling around Clair, trying to intimidate her.

6d 18h 31m Shuckie works out before the climactic battle by pushing boulders around.

6d 18h 27m AJ tries to jump in lava, but misses.

6d 18h 26m AJ dodges the doorway and hugs the left wall. This is good.

6d 18h 25m Will anarchy make it to Clair? suspenseful soundtrack

6d 18h 24m [D] We're inside the gym!



6d 18h 19m [D] Watching Democracy pull off fancy combos correctly is always amazing. Too bad we just overshot again, in the same spot as before. I want to live in a world where nobody has delay!

6d 18h 17m [D] Democracy has moved flawlessly so far. One NPC almost gets in the way of a up9. We barely avoid him.

6d 18h 10m [D] Two ledges cleared.

6d 18h 6m [D] It looks like it will be Democracy's job to lead us back to the gym once again.

[Fluff] I can't help but wonder if someone at Nintendo purposefully placed that door in a strategic position, many years ago, just to mess with us.

6d 17h 47m Anarchy almost makes it over the first two ledges. It was nice seeing AJ walking like a normal person for a moment.

[Fluff] I haven't been this invested in a pokemon fight since Bird Jesus fought against Giovanni's last Rhyhorn. I hope you had as much fun as me. You did great and I can't wait for the rematch. Now let's face the ledges again!

6d 17h 32m Jack calls us to cheer us up. We were so close. I can't handle all this adrenaline.

6d 17h 31m Gator is taken out by Hyper Beam. We lost.

6d17h31m: Gator is rendered defenseless via paralysis, and with a hyper beam we are sent back to the pokemon center!

6d 17h 30m I can't watch! Gator is in the red zone, but keeps on surfing!

6d 17h 30m The gym leader used a hyper potion!

6d 17h 29m Kingdra insists on spamming Hyper Beam, while Gator fights with his claws and his own surfs. It's a close fight!

6d 17h 29m The Gator takes a Hyper Beam to the face. He's not impressed!

6d 17h 28m Gator is paralized, thus he'll always attack last. That doesn't stop him from punishing Dragonair for defeating Brian. Kingdra makes him taste his own medicine by surfing on him!

6d 17h 27m Brian Flies in Dragonair's face once more before going down. We're left with the Gator only!

6d 17h 26m Brian is down to red HP zone, but takes another Dragonair out!

6d 17h 25m ...or not! We switch for Brian, who Flies Dragonair out of existence.

6d 17h 25m Dragonair *takes down Hoothoot without a sweat. We send Smoochum, who doesn't last one turn. It's Gator time!

6d 17h 24m We're fighting Clair!

6d 17h 23m Brian takes Dratini down and Hoothoot levels up to lvl 31. Dragonair is down too. Brian wins the match and Hoothoot tries evolving, but fails.

6d 17h 22m Espeon is paralyzed by Thunder Wave, then taken down by another Dragon Rage. It's Brian's turn!

6d 17h 21m Shuckie encore'd Dratini's Dragon Rage while he was still up and fighting, so dr. Hoot gets hurt really badly.. We switch to Espeon before he goes down!

6d 17h 19m Cooltrainer Lola lets us know that we won't be able to beat dragon-type pokemon if we're "not serious". Let's show her! ...oops, Shuckie is down. We send Hoothoot in!

6d 17h 16m [D] Sabriel_Kytori corrects me by pointing out that we need double the commands to move both the boulder and AJ. While I was busy spouting nonsense, Democracy successfully pushed the boulder in the hole! After it!

6d 17h 12m [D] To the confused ones: the boulder didn't move nine times with up9 because half of the "up" commands were executed by the emulator while the boulder was in movement and AJ was frozen, so they had no effect.

6d 17h 6m [D] Democracy takes over to clean up anarchy's mess. The first boulder is in place!

6d 16h 54m ...and then back down. Let's try again!

6d 16h 53m This is looking good! The last boulder rolls upward... It's in front of the hole...

[Strategy] What's left to do!

6d 16h 41m Anarchy didn't feel ready to take on the rock puzzle and the gym leader, so they trained Shuckle against some Magikarps for a while. Now we're inside!

6d 16h 35m Arnie is not happy that we hung up the phone in his face earlier, so he challenges us to a pokemon fight to settle the score. We hang up.

6d 16h 30m AJ tries to cool down by jumping in the pond behind the gym and crushing some Magikarps in the process.

6d 16h 26m The first thing anarchy does is go back outside. No way we're staying in that furnace one minute longer, right?

6d 16h 24m [D] Democracy pushes AJ so eagerly inside the gym, they almost make him jump in the lava. Hurray!

6d 16h 22m [D] "I don't always vote for combos in Democracy, but when I do, we overshoot our target"

6d 16h 20m [D] The gym is in sight! The ledges have no power over us!

6d 16h 15m [D] We pretend to care about what Arnie has to say by skipping the call with an unanimous a9. AJ has climbed two ledges so far!

6d16h10m: In the middle of Democracy mode, Arnie calls us! This could take a while.

[D] 6d16h4m: Democracy has left the building! No, literally, they just exited that house by the ledge. Democracy isn't Elvis.

6d16h0m: Democracy pushes the B button. More updates as events warrant.

6d15h41m: Back to wandering around town.

6d15h40m: Arnie calls. Our phone bill increases another few hundred dollars.

6d15h38m: Party healed.

6d15h36m: Entered the Pokemon Center.

6d15h13m: Left the Gym.

6d15h0m: Democracy on, off, back to the usual.

6d14h43: Nevermind, back downstairs we go. Maybe next time.

6d14h42m: Pushin' some boulders.

[Recap] For those of you just joining us, we are currently attempting to figure out the last of the boulder puzzles in Blackthorn Gym. We've been in the gym for two hours, and currently we only have two surviving Pokemon - LazorGator and the Burrito Assassin, both of whom are on red HP.

6d14h20m Progress has been slow to say the least. AJ continue to aimlessly wander.

6d14h0m Much like the tides, democracy comes and goes.

[Not Funny] You could say that AJ and Blackthorn Gym are locked in a stairing contest. But who will blink first?

6d13h54m We get one square away from knocking down the third boulder and then run away to the lower floor. Of course, the unfinished boulder puzzles reset if you leave the second floor. You couldn't make this stuff up, folks.

6d13h48m Enthused by our victory, we plough through the northern-most boulder puzzle. A second boulder has been knocked down.

6d13h47m Brian is knocked out, and AJ sends in Burrito/Assassin/The Burrito Assassin(?) to clear up the mess. Espeon reached level 37!

6d13h43m Cool Trainer Cody wants to throw down.

6d13h40m We use Strength, and instantaneously push the wrong boulder into a corner.

6d13h33m We appear to be going backwards, as we've returned several times to the lower floor of the gym. Which means that we'll need to use Strength again before we can move us some boulders.

6d13h22m We've used Strength and have made a little progress in terms of shifting the boulders.

[Strategy] Now might be a good time to post this little guide, which shows the positioning of each boulder and where we need to push them.

6d13h16m We almost use Strength on the next boulder.

6d13h13m Brian takes out Mike's Dragonair and we beat us our third gym trainer.

6d13h10m "My chance of losing? Not even one percent!" Cool Trainer Mike and Joey should hang out sometime.

6d13h9m After a little bit more switching, we finally settle on LazorGator, who promptly obliterates Fran's Seadra. Another gym trainer defeated!

6d13h6m In a stroke of genius, AJ switches out for his level 5 Smoochum. The results aren't pretty. Duke Smoochun down.

6d13h4m Doctor Hoot is Seadra'd to death. We send out Brian in search of retaliation.

6d13h2m Cool Trainer Fran thinks she can take us.

6d 12h 46m: We havent moved any other boulders or tried any other way at the moment. We prefer to try and move diagonaly to Clair

6d 12h 29m: We push the first boulder down. Way to go team!

6d 12h 24m: We went upstairs and are now facing another of those lovely boulder mazes.

6d 12h 23m: We use another cut and OHKO'd! Less than half of Feraligatr's HP though. We defeat the trainer and move on.

6d 12h 22m: Dratini uses dragon rage and we respond with cut. Dratini is down but another one jumps back in.

6d 12h 21m: AAAAAtttta uses rage but dratini responds and paralyzes him

6d 12h 20m: Cut finishes the job, Dratini faints but another one jumps in.

6d 12h 20m: Dratini paralyzes RJ and we send Godzilla out!

6d 12h 19m: Dr Hoot comes out and RJ comes in.

6d 12h 18m: Shuckie faints to Dratini, out comes dr Hoot!

6d 12h 18m: Time for our first fight! Shuckie against Dratini!

6d 12m 17m: We just entered the 8th gym

6d 12h 8m: [D] We dispatch Todd as soon as possible and keep advancing towards the gym. We have already passed two ledges.

6d 12h 5m: [D] Todd calls just in time to try and spoil any chance of reaching the gym. Thank you Todd.

6d 12h 1m: [D] Democracy takes over as we attempt to beat the ledges!

6d 11h 45m: We receive a call from creepy Joey. His Rattata is looking sharp.

6d 11h 32m: Still no luck with the ledge. We havent passed the 1st ledge yet.

6d11h7m And anarchy is back.

[D] 6d11h2m Democracy is back. Anarchy votes are pilling in. Some people are not ready to solve our nightmare with Democracy yet.

6d10h54m Here is our new nightmare. We need to go up but if we enter the house we need to down. It's gonna be very hard...

6d 10h 49m: We invade some poor woman's house and browse through her stuff. Try and stop us.

6d 10h 47m: We prepare ourselves for the mighty cliffs climb. This might take a while guys.

6d 10 45m: Hey Alan! Its been so long since we got our last call I had almost missed it. Almost.

[Tip] Make sure not to approach too much to the bottom guys. If you jump the ledge that's south of Blackthorn, it's a long way back to Blackthorn (unless you're willing to use Fly).

6d 10 43m: We exit the Pokecenter. Time to do some local tourism.

6d 10 41m: We healed our party

6d 10h 38m: We have gon near the PC but we managed to avoid any contact. Phew guys.

6d 10h 35m: We enter the Pokecenter. About time right?

6d10h24m We reached Blackthorn City!

6d10h20m And we past this maze ! We are now here and we just need to exit to reach Blackthorn City!

6d10h20m We found Protein!

And yes, we could use this blue path too. But AJ seems to prefer the orange part so...

6d10h7m We keep meeting Delibirds. And we keep running away. Good thing because Pidgeot is nearly out of PP...

This path is possible too http://i.imgur.com/e0rDCGU.png even if it will probably make any difference in anarchy. Thanks /u/OhioMambo for the map.

[Error correction] Actually Espeon learns Psychic at level 47! 52 is Morning Sun. Thanks /u/DuplexBeGreat for the reminder!

(Luckily the next room, which is the final room, is easy http://i.imgur.com/OvejJ7q.png )

6d9h55m Here is where we are http://i.imgur.com/9bsoyMU.png . As you can see, the orange part bothers us because we keep using the ladder. We need to follow the red path, which is a combo of ledge and ice. Please send help...

6d9h51m This is dramatic actually. The next Psy move is Psychic at level 52. PsyBeam was a very good Psy move for Espeon...

6d9h51m RJ leveled up to 36, and tried to learn Psybeam, but we stopped it

6d9h48m Ice Heal acquired

6d9h47m Here is now our new nightmare http://i.imgur.com/MbRhguL.png

6d9h43m For those who didn't realize, we passed the boulders and ice maze!

6d9h42m After a record-breaking hour and 42 minutes, Anarchy is back

[D] 6d 9h 40m Fun to see that Democracy is still on. People are afraid to get back in the maze by accident apparently.

[D] 6d 9h 38m We don't need Rock Smash to get the item. We just neet to get around the rock.

[D] 6d 9h 31m Even if people want to run away from here quickly, they still managed to pick the Full Heal!

[D] 6d 9h 26m Second boulder screenshot.

And yes the trick still works will the 2nd boulder in the hole don't worry.

(For the curious, here is where we fall with the top left hole http://i.imgur.com/GIwhAPQ.png that's why we need to fall in the bottom left hole.)

[D] 6d 9h 20m To say it simply: just fall in the hole, go up, right, and progress!

[D] 6d 9h 18m Here is an image that explains it better http://i.imgur.com/rI39xgh.png

[D] 6d 9h 12m I definitely confirm that the trick works in Crystal too! I will make screens for you.

[D] 6d 9h 3m Fun fact, more than 1 hour in democracy!

[D] 6d 8h 55m Some people tell me this trick only worked in Gold and Silver, not in Crystal. I will investigate further for you.

[D] 6d 8h 50m We are now going towards the bottom left rock. However, if we just want to progress, we don't need to push this rock or the others rocks in the holes. We just need to fall in the bottom left hole, and on the ice, going up and right.

[D] 6d 8h 45m We managed to push the top left rock in the hole! http://i.imgur.com/ey1Ltas.png

[D] 6d 8h 14m We are still in Democracy, and we are apparently slowly trying to push the rocks in the holes. Looks like Anarchy gave up for this one...

6d 8h 3m Pidgeot/BBBBBD levels up to 43!

6d7h00m [D]emocracy begins, and ends

6s6h54m - The music of Ice Cave has permeated my nightmares.

No Hope, Only Cold. So Cold.

6d 6h 40m Yes, the last recap is still available.

6d 5h 48m Here is a recap of the last hours

6d 5h 10m Here's an audio recap of day 6 by /u/ThePokeMessiah. Oh, and I meant Espeon/Burrito earlier.

6d 4h 54m We messed up AGAIN.

6d 4h 36m Aaaand we're stuck again. We pushed the boulder too far down this time, putting it against the wall.

6d 4h 36m Eevee leveled up to 35!

6d 4h 35m Hoothoot fainted!

6d 4h 24m Switched Shuckie's SlowpokeTail out for the Miracle Seed

6d 4h 10m Stream's back up!

6d 4h 10m Stream went down

6d 4h 0m [D] Democracy time! But... it only lasted for 30 seconds.

6d 3h 36m It seems that we pushed the boulder too far up! Now we have to walk all the way to the other side to push it back...

6d 3h 18m We are still fighting random Pokémon, but we used a Revive on Hoothoot!

6d 3h 5m: Oh and thank ncnlinh for pointing it out, otherwise we would have still used the older version :/

6d 3h 4m: Okay guys, I have been linking the wrong ice path map (sorry u.u') so here is an actual map of pokemon crystal. Now we really have no excuse ò_ó.

6d 3h 2m: We use whirlwind and are now looking for a new boulder and... Golbat time.

6d 3h 1m: [D] Democracy time and we encounter a Swinub. Goodbye democracy! Anarchy takes control pretty quickly

6d 2h 59m: Ok, we have pushed the boulder too far and have to now look for a different boulder.

6d 2h 58m: Brian levels up to 42

6d 2h 57m: We have pushed it enough and while now attempt to settle it. Just have to finish a golbat pretty quick.

6d 2h 55m: We are trying with a second boulder, already near the hole and its supposed to be the easiest one in terms of amount of pushing that needs to be done...

6d 2h 49m: We just pushed the boulder against the wall, so we are not using that boulder anymore until we exit the room :/

6d 2h 42m: I think I'm going to hop on the "I don't like Swinub anymore" wagon.

6d 2h 40m: Ok, I might have been to optimistic, we had to move it around for a bit too. You guys remember the map right?

6d 2h 37m: The boulder is now perfectly placed so that we only have to push it left.

6d 2h 35m: Guess who? Its Golbat again! We run away, kinda busy at the moment yo.

6d 2h 33m: We passed it! We reached the boulders and are now using strength! I'm sorry but I'm gonna count that as a victory.

6d 2h 31m: We are attempting to get to the boulders, only one narrow square stands in our way.

6d 2h 29m: We encounter yet ANOTHER Golbat. Oh, and for you information, only brian lazorgator and RJ are still up, but RJ has only 4hp

6d 2h 28m: We are back to the 2nd floor. Back to square one guys, we can do it!

6d 2h 26m: This cave reminds me of Megatron's body in the first transformers' movie. We might encounter it eventually :O

6d 2h 22m: Back in the 1st floor and are now near the stairs that lead to the ice puzzles we did a few hours ago. TPP everybody!

6d 2h 17m: Yes! We finally did it guys! we reached the 1st floor! Oh wait...

6d 2h 15m: Time to randomly walk towards the left against the wall. Go team! Oh, and we are about to go up the stairs to 1st floor :/

6d 2h 15m: Well, democracy just finished. And all thanks to a Swinub! n.n

6d 2h 13m: [D] Overshot A and are now waiting for another A to come our way. Who says democracy can't be fun?

6d 2h 13m: [D] And we are now in need of an a while people pressed down.

6d 2h 11m: [D] Apparently people forgot we had no pps for fly...

6d 2h 10m: [D] We enter a fight with a Swinub! This might take a bit, but we are getting closer to the boulders!

6d 2h 5m: [D] We are definetely on control of this lag and are slowly progressing towards the boulders.

6d 2h 4m: [D]We overshoot again to the right but start to get the hang of it and go up one square!

6d 2h 2m: "Oddly" enough we overshoot b, but are now upstairs in the boulder's room.

6d 2h 1m: [D] Its democracy time and we are getting out of the pokedex and start menu. Eficiency!

6d 1h 56m: We circled around a hole for a while and just had to go through it. Its ice time!

6d 1h 54m: Back to the boulder's room we go! This time, its personal ò_ó

6d 1h 53m: Oh! and Chikorita's growl still hasn't changed, but will eventually

6d 1h 52m: We fell down again! Ouch. We also ran away from a Swinub, too powerful.

6d 1h 50m: So we touched a boulder a while ago. Thats new right?

6d 1h 36m: I heard some of you had trouble with the image I posted earlier so here is another link just in case

6d 1h 32m: Hey look! A Swinub! Don't you just love them? (Still no progress with boulders)

6d 1h 26m: Once again the map to solve the boulders mace in case you have no idea of what to do.

6d 1h 23m: We have moved the boulder back to its original place. And I'm sorry guys, there have been a bunch of wild pokemon battles but at this point they either faint to wing attack/quick attack or we run away, not noteworthy u_U.

6d 1h 14m: So yes, we have moved the boulder a couple of times but wild pokemons keep disturbing us. Whatever happened to max repel guys? oh wait, team rocket hideout...

6d 1h 9m: I think I'm day dreaming. I mean, I just saw us moving a boulder!

6d 1h 8m: We have used a Max Potion on Brian. Good thinking guys, he was low on health.

6d 1h 6m: Back to Anarchy!

6d 1h 5m: [D] We are moving towards the boulders to attempt to move then. Careful now guys

6d 1h 1m: [D] Demo has kicked in and we are attempting to make it last to move some boulders around.

6d 0h 59m: We are back on the 2nd floor. Progress!

6d 0h 54m: RJ is now lvl 34! For those of you that are now joining us, he's our brand new Espeon

6d 0h 52m: And credits to CuFlam for the map

6d 0h 51m: Here is a map of the boulders maze in case you guys are wondering. Oh, and we have now gone to the 1st floor.

6d 0h 44m: We decide to walk towards the stairs that lead to the 1st floor. Why not right?

6d 0h 39m: Here is a brand new day 6 recap of what's happened so far from MrAwesomePossumz for those of you that may have missed something

6d 0h 35m: Zubat faints and a Golbat appears on our way to the stairs. When will they learn.

6d 0h 33m: We still haven't used our brand new move on any boulder, but we did fall to a hole and encounter a Zubat. Go Brian!

6d 0h 28m: By the way, I meant moves, not attacks when I said what attack we were deleting! Sorry :/ and thanks hypnobe for pointing it out.

6d 0h 25m: Brian defeats a Zubat and we are again on track.

6d 0h 23m: We have now finished with democracy and will try to solve the puzzle for real this time. We go directly to the staies and up to the 2nd floor.

6d 0h 22m: [D] Shuckie learns strength

6d 0h 20m: [D] Withdraw is the chosen attack it seems.

6d 0h 16m: [D] Looks like Shuck Norris is the chosen one for strength, time to choose an attack to replace

6d 0h 13m: [D] Ok so we are back on track to teach strength, we have now selected it! Good job guys!

6d 0h 11m: [D] Scratch that, we have decided to teach surf instead.

6d 0h 10m: [D] You might want to start pressing a now guys, almost there

6d 0h 6m: [D] We are making our way towards strength but, while we are at it, why not teach another tm guys?

6d 0h 4m:[D] We overshoot to the left but are now getting back to the tms pocket.

6d 0h 3m: [D]We have made it to the pack. We are getting good at democracy aren't we?

6d 0h 0m: Hello day 7, welcome to democracy. We are now attempting to teach strength, who will it be, Shuckie or AAAAAtttta?

5d 23h 57m: So guys. only 3m left for day 6. Did you enjoy it so far? Brian sure did and is celebrating with whirlwind against a mighty Golbat.

5d 23h 46m: We are still trying to figure out how to teach strength in anarchy. But we are falling so often down the holes we should be in a lot of pain at the moment.

5d 23h 34m: We encounter a tough Swinub that tackles Dr Hoot to death. Lazorgator avenges him fast enough.

5d 23h 31m: At this point its safe to say we have pressed every possible option in the start menu, and the least pressed one is actually the pack >_<.

5d 23h 28m: We are now upstairs saving the game. Always a good idea n_n.

5d 23h 20m: Back to the ice skating downstairs.

5d 23h 16m: We are up again and attempting to teach strength. Our best two candidates are Feraligatr and Shuckie.

[Information] Just to clear up the confusion: Democracy did not help us through any of the Ice Path's puzzles so far.

5d 23h 14m: We went downstairs again, not much else happening.

5d 23h 9m: We finally make it back upstairs and are greeted by a Golbat. Leave us alone will you?!

5d 23h 4m: And just like that we go to Anarchy. Quick attack finishes Zubat.

5d 23h 3m: [D] Overshoot is the word!

5d 23h 1m: We have entered democracy and are now trying to fight a Zubat. What are the odds huh?

5d 22h 58m: Brian defeats a Golbat with wing attack, but we have no PPs for fly anymore :(.

5d 22h 56m: We encountered our first Jynx! We obviously run away.

5d 22h 52m: First fight from our brand new Espeon! It bites a Golbat to death. RJ probably thinks he's an Umbreon.

5d 22h 48m: Down we go again. Not much else is happening except for our ice skating skills

5d 22h 41m: We just fell through the hole (sorry for spelling it whole before lol) again and are now making it back up stairs. Yay us

5d 22h 36m: We gave Shuckie Slowpoke's tail to hold. The shrooms were poisoning his mind :/.

5d 22h 32m: Another Zubat, we search our pack and decide to use fly! Nicely done Brian.

5d 22h 30m: Briantime against a Zubat, but whirlwind spoils the battle

5d 22h 27m: So, in the end all you Umbreon supporters got it right in the nose :/, RJ is now a lvl 33 Espeon, congrats champ!

5d 22h 27m: Eevee evolves into Espeon!

5d 22h 26m: We finally make it up stairs, back at the boulders floor.

5d 22h 24m: Hey look! A Max Potion! We pick it up of course.

5d 22h 21m: Why waste time with a Golbat right? We run away like bosses, still in the 3rd floor

5d 22h 20m: We just fell through the whole. We are trying to pick ourselves up with a battle against a Golbat

5d 22h 18m: Eevee is now lvl 32 I forgot to mention that earlier :/

5d 22h 16m: We are now attempting to teach strength. Lets go anarchy!

5d 22h 10m: Time for the boulders' puzzle. Too bad we didnt bring ratticate, he's the only one that has strength :/

5d 22h 8m: We are now on the second floor. What a nice theme song though

5d 22h 6m: Lazorgator steps in for Eevee and we decide to run away. Eevee has 1hp left

5d 22h 5m: RJ is now fighting a Zubat, but is confused and is struggling to make any damage

5d 22h 3m: After a couple of wild encounters with Zubats and Swinubs we are now near the stairs to the 2nd floor

5d 21h 59m WE CLIMBED UP THE STAIRS. I could cry.

5d 21h 57m We passed the maze. A wild Golbat has interrupted us on our way to getting stuck in the other puzzle again. The stairs are SO CLOSE.

5d 21h 50m We missed the stairs again and we're back in the first maze. Democracy will be here in seven minutes; I wonder if enough people have lost their patience and will try to make use of it...

[Strategy/Recap] We need to go up these stairs. We're now slipping our way through the second maze on the right (we already got Waterfall), trying to get out. We already made it once but missed the stairs and ended up back in the previous maze. Remember the delay!

5d 21h 31m Brian reaches level 41.

5d 21h 26m Scratch that, we've done it. But now we're stuck in the second puzzle again. Oh my God, I can't breathe. This is awesome.

5d 21h 25m Still stuck. If you're just joining us: this is the path we need to follow to make it through this maze. It was completed already once in anarchy, but we ended up back here by accident and need to redo.

[Fluff] Judging from the way AJ is restlessly walking in circles, I believe he badly needs to visit the restroom. Has anybody seen one somewhere in Johto?

5d 20h 52m No progress so far. At least we know that this can be done under anarchy, so we can do it again!

[Strategy] Since we need it again...

5d 20h 20m We left the smaller puzzle, walked past the stairs and slipped right through the first, bigger maze. I hope you're laughing as loudly as I am; this is why I love TPP. We'll need to make it past this area again.

5d 20h 14 We just spotted the exit, but missed it!

5d 20h 13m We're having more troubles leaving the puzzle than clearing it.

5d 20h 2m Democracy comes and goes away. The majority decided to get out of this maze without its help.

5d 19h 55m Waterfall is safe in our backpack!

5d 19h 53m We need to solve this other, simpler ice puzzle on the right to get HM07: Waterfall. Afterwards, head up the stairs to continue!

5d 19h 49m WE MADE IT!

[Strategy] We almost did it! The Twitch chat is passing this around, a way to make it past the maze under anarchy while keeping delay in mind. Don't give up, we're getting close!

5d 19h 37m We seem to have issues getting back on track whenever we lose our way. To start over from the beginning, reach the bottom-left corner of the area, then head right to retry the puzzle.

[Fluff] Maybe all these Delibirds are trying to gift us a pair of Spike Shoes to give us some grip on the ice and avoid slipping.

5d 19h 18m Still skating about.

5d 18h 59m No progress yet. Here's a map of the puzzle.

5d 18h 48m AJ's nose must really hurt by now, hitting all these walls and rocks at full speed.

5d 18h 32m Bank check; 76,615 Poké dollars. Zubats, Delibirds, so many wild Pokémon.

5d 18h 26m Ice Path accessed!!!

[Recap] 5d 12h 52m was the first time we encountered these ledges for this part of story progression. 5 hours have elapsed since that point. The Ice Path lies beyond.

5d16h44m: It's the Ledge 2.0, complete with more ledges incorporated in weirder ways. Buy yours today, and we'll throw in a complimentary 15,000 guests so you can be watched while you helplessly flail off the side repeatedly!

5d 17h 40m We are above the sign. The chat is preparing itself. It's almost like a pit-stop. Aaaaaaand we fall down.

[Meta] Updated Strawpoll, with the current timestamp and more options.

5d 17h 26m Todd calls us as soon as we get past the first ledge. The call absorbs all the lagged out inputs and AJ walks straight up afterwards. Thanks Todd! We just have one more ledge to-- aaaand we fell down.

5d 17h 20m ...twice in a row!

5d 17h 20m We made it past the first ledge and immediately jumped back down. We just couldn't resist the urge to.

5d 17h 15m We have reached the ledges. Time to fulfill our destiny!

5d 17h 5m Democracy missed its chance to buy some pokeballs and/or lead AJ in an eastward direction.

5d 16h 54m AJ rubs his badge in Pryce's face some more.

5d 16h 50m Party healed in Mahogany. Time to face the ledges!

5d 16h 45m AJ Turns on the PC...

5d 16h 41m AJ jogs up and down the Pokemon Center's stairs, trying to lose that extra weight and possibly heal his party.

5d 16h 37m In-game time reads Saturday 12:41 a.m.

5d 16h 32m AJ pays a visit to Mahogany's Gym. He waves Gatr's pokeball threateningly, with a smile on his face. Pryce curls up in a ball and starts sobbing.

5d 16h 20m Democracy does it! We're back in Mahogany and anarchy takes control once again. Wade congratulates our efforts.

5d 16h 11m [D] Democracy is trying to bring us back on track with Fly. It works... except we fly back to New Bark Town again!

[Meta] Looking back on the first generation of ledges.

5d 15h 59m To summarize, we've been trying to reach Blackthorn City for the past three hours, but couldn't make it past some ledges. Then we felt homesick and flew to New Bark Town. We can either try to fly to Mahogany or walk all the way back.

5d 15d 52m Mom couldn't help us. Maybe Professor Elm knows how to get past those ledges...

5d 15h 33m This is twitchplayspokémon at its finest folks. Sometimes you just want to visit home, irrespective of where you are in life.

5d 15h 30m We just flew to New Bark Town!?!

5d 15h 6m [Analysis] Revisiting the results over the past 20 minutes, 41% believe we'll progress after 5d 19h, 26% believe we'll progress in between 5d 16-17h, 25% believe we'll progress between 5d 17-18h and 8% believe we'll progress before 5d 16h.

5d 14h 56m We were above the sign. After a flurry of right had taken over the Twitch chat, the counter left influx renders as near the water. Again.

[Meta] After 10 minutes the results are as follows: 4+ hours (177 votes (39%), 1-2 hours 122 votes (27%), 2-3 hours 114 votes (25%), < 1 hour 39 votes (9%)

5d 14h 38m Poll for when you think we'll progress beyond the ledges.

5d 14h 31m Irwin calls, the struggle continues. If only we could fashion an escape rope to lumber over the ledge.

5d 14h 24m My earlier eta of 20 minutes was a little too generous, too optimistic to say the least. We only have to get it right once. We are back near the water here. Maybe within the hour we'll be through?

5d 14h 15m Ledge training still counts as training.

5d 14h 1m We have transitioned to the 2nd tier of elevation, currently hugging the top treeline.

5d 13h 53m Progress? Not in this update. The ledges are still too much for AJ to handle. We are at the left side of the lowest part of this image. Todd's update of the GoldenRod sale isn't enticing enough.

5d 13h 38m We encounter Cooltrainer Allen owning a sole Charmeleon. Brian indiscriminately does his business.

5d 13h 24m Our current challenge. My guess is another 20 minutes attempting to get through here.

5d 13h 14m Arnie calls us during the night. We may be getting many a call yet before finally entering the cave.

5d 13h 10m Bird Keeper Vance offers a nice change of pace pitching his Pidgeottos against Brian. Victory comes swift to Brian.

5d 13h 7m This final ledge before entering the cave is proving to be quite the challenge.

5d 12h 58m Backtracking is the go for some unknown reason.

5d 12h 52m A wild ledge appeared!

5d 12h 48m Joey calls and we find an Ultra Ball.

5d 12h 43m Poliwags and Poliwhirls along the next route. A Waterfall candidate perhaps? Some Poké Balls would sure be nice right about now.

5d 12h 36m Slowly, slowly, we edge passed the Poké Center in Mahogany Town towards the Ice Path, the next area for plot advancement.

5d 12h 32m Mahogany Town, we meet again.

5d 12h 22m [Strat] Blackthorn City is still a while away. For now, we are just shy of Mahogany Town.

5d 12h 18m The Goldeen that we are encountering are proving to be the downfall of Shuckie.

5d 12h 12m Surfing towards Mahogany Town. Shuckie and AJ run away from a Goldeen.

[Meta] Loving the continued quality of submissions to the subreddit. You don't have to look far for talent and entertainment.

5d 11h 53m If they're worth healing once, they're worth healing twice. Pokémon healed.

5d 11h 51m To the Poké Mart or the Poké Center? AJ can't decide which.

5d 11h 41m An old man asks us if we have danced like the Kimono Girls. New Strat perhaps? It may catch the Elite Four off guard.

5d 11h 29m Current location, Ecruteak city. In-game time, Friday 7:51 p.m.

5d11h5m Currently meandering about in the National Park.

After further research, I have determined that we are on Route 35.

5d10h42m We are out of the Radio Tower now, heading toward Ecruteak. The exact Route Location is not known, however.


Video recap and discussion (9:37) by /u/calabazal ALSO

See brief clippings of important events from day 5 [6:34]

[Strategy] Here's a map of the Ice Path Credit goes to /u/Perkinshammer!

5d10h13m Are we still stuck in the Radio Tower? The answer to that question is yes, although we are descending... very slowly...

[Another Reminder] We will receive the Master Ball after defeating Clair, 8th Gym Leader and the Leader of the Blackthorn Gym.

[In-Game Storyline] In-game wise, the creators of this game have planned for us to head on over to the Ice Path at Mahogany. But just in case some here aren't acquainted with 2nd gen, a quick reminder: Thanks to the Clear Bell we got from the Director, we can now head on over to the Bell Tower in Ecruteak City and face Suicune on the 1st Floor without him running away! We better have Poke Balls ready though.

[Thanks] Okay everyone, I hope you enjoyed this important moment of the game. It was my first real comment for TPP, and this event was so intense, I liked it. I hope you too! I now let you with Mandraxon.

5d 10h 0m Phew, this Rocket Assault was pretty intense. But you can be proud everyone, we did it! To celebrate this, Democracy didn't last a minute.

5d 9h 58m In reward, the director gave us the Clear Bell! I know you know what it means!

5d 9h 58m AND WE WON! The Radio Tower is purged of the Team Rocket! Congratulations!

5d 9h 58m And it's a full win! Lazor Gator level up to 51!

5d 9h 57m And same treatment for Koffing. Houndoom is sent!

5d 9h 57m Well, last but not really the best... His Houndoor just got wrecked by our Surf!

5d 9h 57m Here we are! The last Rocket Executive is challenged by AJ!

5d 9h 55m AJ checks his Pokedex a last time, just in case. Be strong AJ, the "hardest" Rocket Executive is just ahead.

5d 9h 54m Another Surf! Win! Rocket Executive is defeated!

5d 9h 53m LazorGator is back! He just used Surf, Vileplume is now 20% HP!

5d 9h 52m Eevee keeps using Tail Whip. And now, Sand Attack. The Vileplume Absorb is pretty weak but is hurting us slowly...

5d 9h 51m LazorGator is switched with Eevee.

This fight is pretty intense! And it's not even the last Executive!

5d 9h 50m Grunt sends Vileplume and Pidgeot faints! LazorGator takes place.

5d 9h 48m Murkrow is sent. 2 Wing Attacks and he faints too! Evvee levels up to 30 and learns Bite instead of Quick Attack!

5d 9h 48m BBBBBD/Brian the Pidgeot levels up to 39!

5d 9h 48m Hoothoot fainted! Brian is sent again and uses Wing Attack twice. Arbok faints!

5d 9h 45m We just used Full Heal on Hoothoot! We are not paralyzed anymore!

5d 9h 45m We have Brian, our Pidgeot, againts a level 32 Arbok. But we switch with Hoothoot that is now paralyzed!

5d 9h 43m We are facing the penultimate Rocket, one of the Rocket Executive!

5d 9h 37m And we totally destroyed the Rocket Executive. You know him, the one with a level 36 Golbat. The one we all feared...

5d 9h 34m Wing Attack on Gloom and Oddish. Poor ones... Grunt defeated!

5d 9h 33m Shuckie fainted. Pidgeot one shot first Ekans with Fly! And the second right after!

5d 9h 32m We are now facing the Grunt on the upper floor! She sends Ekans.

5d 9h 30m Switch with Hoothoot, then with Pidgeot. But Koffing uses SelfDestruct. It's just a scratch for us. Grunt defeated!

5d 9h 29m Eevee levels up to 29! Koffing is now sent by Grunt.

5d 9h 28m Smoochum entering the battle! And down instantly. LazorGator is sent, and destroys the Raticate.

5d 9h 26m Shuckie against Raticate. Shuckie seems to have some issues to deal damages.

5d 9h 25m We are facing the Grunt after the door. Looks like AJ is decided to put a term on Team Rocket!

5d 9h 24m We used the Card Key on the locked door!

5d 9h 14m We're back in the Radio Tower! But this time, we have the Card Key, which means we can reach the alternate top with the real boss. Here we go!

5d 9h 14m We've entered the Radio Tower.

5d 9h 11m And that was expectable, Anarchy came back instantly. We left the PokeCenter.

[D] 5d 9h 9m We talked to the Nurse! And we healed thanks to a a9!

[D] 5d 9h 5m We were at the bottom right corner of the PokeCenter when Democracy took place, which means we were near from the PC. But left votes are rising in order to go to the Nurse. Anarchy votes are rising too...

[D] 5d 9h 2m With the Democracy that took place, it seems that we are trying to reach the Nurse to heal. Or the PC...

5d 8h 56m And we're back in the PokeCenter after a little walk in town. Easy life for AJ.

5d 8h 44m And we left it without healing...

5d 8h 29m We're in the PokéCenter and near the PC.

5d 8h 28m JOEY!

5d 8h 27m Back outside.

5d 8h7m We're in the elevator and Arnie just called!

5d 7h 53m Obtained TM35! (Sleep Talk)

5d 7h 51m Obtained the Card Key!

5d 7h 51m We found the director.

5d7h38m Acquired an amulet coin

5d7h36m Brian CLUTCHES and knocks out a rocket grunt with 3HP left

5d 7h 35m Weezing used Selfdestruct but Brian survives with only 18HP left!

5d7h34 We are fighting a Rocket Grunt

5d7h33m Acquired Max Ether

5d 7h 28m Found an Ultra Ball!

5d7h26m Brian levels up to 39!

5d 7h 23m Shuckie down, and Pidgeot finished Magmar off.

5d 7h 23m Koffing used Selfdestruct but Shuckie survives with only 3HP left!

5d7h23m Shuckie levels up to 20!

5d 7h 23m Battle with burglar Duncan! Shuckie was poisoned!

5d 7h 20m Anarchy's back.

5d 7h 18m We flip switch #1!

5d 7h 10m: Lots of interesting move combinations being used. One thing's for sure - AJ is not a brightbastart.

5d 7h 10m: [D] We manage not to turn the 2nd switch off again and are now attempting to move to the 1st button (the one on the right)

5d 7h 8m: We turn it on but overshoot and press a one more time. This might take a while since we are now pressing down...

5d 7h 6m: We did it! We got there and are now attempting to press it!

5d 7h 2m: We are now making our way slowly towards the 2nd button. Just a reminder, we already pressed the 3rd one (left)

5d 7h 0m: We have now entered democracy and are trying to get a hold on ourselves!

5d 6h 56m: Just a reminder, since we went up and back down, all the switches have automatically been switched off. Back to square one, left one is on!

5d 6h 51m: Scratch that, we don't have to think about life, we're back down!

5d 6h 51m: We decide the puzzle is too much for us so we go up stairs for a bit to think about life.

5d 6h 47m: Team Rocket Grunt's hint aren't really helping. I don't think he actually wants us to succeed...

5d 6h 42m: Stream back up!

5d 6h 39m: The stream just went down. You may now riot in silence... Or not, whatever

5d 6h 35m: Now the middle button is back off. There are a number of ways of getting this done, but the only one we've received so far is to switch 3-2-1 in that order.

5d 6h 32m: Ok, so apparently I missed when we switched the middle button off, but now its back on so that means that 3on 2on 1off is the current status of the buttons.

5d 6h 29m: Not much is happening at the moment, other than bumping walls, but we haven't switched any new buttons yet so not much to update.

5d 6h 14m: We just switched the right button on and then off again. We might have confused the fuses however.

5d 6h 12m: We just switched the middle button on! I'm not sure if we just need to press the right one or If we have pressed them too much already the order doesn't matter anymore :/

5d 6h 6m: And we just stumbled onto a revive. Looks like our lucky day, too bad we can't enter the casino.

5d 6h 5m: Anarchy gets the vote again and the button is on! It all worked out right?

5d 6h 3m: Democracy manages to press the left button and turn it on. So far so good guys, but you just pressed it again :/

5d 6h 0m: We get to the left button again. What was that hint you gave us Team Rocket Grunt? The left switch has just been pressed as we hit democracy!

5d 5h 51m: Just a reminder, the easiest way to solve the puzzle is to press the buttons in this order: 3 (left) 2 (middle) 1 (right). However there are other combinations that you may use.

5d 5h 48m: We press the button and decide to leave it on. We are now moving to the middle one.

5d 5h 45m: Brian finishes Koffing with wing attack and we defeat Burglar Eddie!

5d 5h 44m: Koffing wakes up and tackles us, we respond with take down and HootHoot faints. Brian subbed in.

5d 5h 43m: Koffing manages to poison us with smog but we hypnotize him and peck him. Not good enough so far though.

5d 5h 43m: Eddie sends Koffing and we send Dr Hoot. He sludges the Dr while we try to hypnotize Koffing

5d 5h 42m: Brian uses fly and OHKO's Growlithe. Shuckie is now lvl 19

5d 5h 41m: We switch Brian in as Growlithe attacks. You got lukcy there Shuck!

5d 5h 40m: Time for a battle against Burglar Eddie who sends a Growlithe. Go get him Shuckie!

5d 5h 39m: Since we are in Team Rocket's hideout, we decide to keep pressing the left button until its finally on. And we used a repel on ourselves, just in case.

5d 5h 38m: Team Rocket's Grunt decides to give us a hint. Why thank you!

5d 5h 37m: We decide not to press the left button. Better safe than sorry.

5d 5h 35m: We step into Team Rocket's basement hideout. Lets check those buttons shall we?

5d 5h 31m: We are circling around the stairs that lead to the basement, unsure of whether to go down or not.

5d 5h 22m: Shuckie finishes Lickitung and we defeat Pokemaniac! You just got Shuck'd

5d 5h 20m: Shuckie is out again! Lickitung tries to cut his shell and fails.

5d 5h 18m We are fighting another trainer! Smoochum faints to a Lickitung as we send Eevee out, but he faints to poison.

5d 5h 15m: We switch Brian in for RJ and he finishes the job with fly! We defeat Super Nerd!

5d 5h 12m: Grimer poisons RJ and we struggle to attack him. Doesn't look good for AAAS!

5d5h11m: The first Grimer is defeated and Shuckie is now level 18!

5d 5h 7m: We are in the underground and anarchy came back. We are facing a trainer of the market alley, Super Nerd Eric who sends a level 11 Grimer!

[D]5d5h3m: Democracy is back and we're in the building that leads to the underground, trying to reach the stairs.

5d4h31m: AJ seems to like the bookcases of the Name Rater... Yes, he is still derping in town.

5d4h9m: Anarchy returned and we are now stucked in the building betwen Goldenrod City and Route 35.

[D] 5d4h5m: Democracy is slowly trying to go back to the Rocket's undergroung hideout.

5d3h57m: We left the Pokemon Center. Everything went better than expected.

5d3h55m: Party healed!

5d3h52m: Pokemon Center! We can heal our team and go back in the Rocket's underground after. And let the PC where it is ~

5d3h48m: We are outside! Ah, the fresh air.

5d3h41m: AJ is back in the underground market. Maybe he walks to increase his affection with Eevee ?

5d3h20m: LazorGator fainted because of the poison Eevee is now our only hope. Oh, the irony. 3 weeks ago it was the opposite.

5d3h9m: That sad moment when we check the team and everybody is silent. Also LazorGator has only 24HP remaining. 23 now...

5d3h7m: We pressed the middle swi... Nevermind. We just pressed it again.

5d3h03m: We now need to activate the 3 switches, then we will have other trainers to face. Considering LazorGator is poisoned and Eevee will be the only one remaining, this is not going to end well. But at least we activated the switch on the far left. We now need the middle and the right one.

5d3h01m: Democracy took place for a minute then disappeared. AJ tehn seemed satisfied with his bag trip and asked LazorGator to Surf on the foe's Muk. All 3 Grunts are defeated.

5d2h59m: "Hi everyone. Lazorgator here. I am low HP and the alarm you hear is the song of my country. Enjoy while AJ is derping in his bag."

5d2h58m: AJ is now facing the 3rd Rocket Grunt and Gator is still decided to Surf on opponent's team.

5d2h56m: LazorZillaGator is basically surfing on the Grunt's team.

5d2h54m: AJ is now facing the second Rocket Grunt.

[Strategy] Remember that the correct combination is 3-2-1. Which means we need to fight the 3 Rocket Grunts then press the button in the good order if we want to it the easy way. Otherwise we're gonna have a bad time there...

5d 2h 50m: We decide we still have enough power and we go up against a Team Rocket Grunt! OHKO with surf and trainer defeated!

5d 2h 48m: Feraligatr defeats Sneasel with rage and We defeat silver as Eevee levels up to 28

5d 2h 48m: This one is going to the wire, Meganium faints and AAAAAtttta is now up against Sneasel!

5d 2h 47m: Meganium Poisons AAAAAtttta and we decide to rage and use surf.

5d 2h 46m: Haunter falls to Lazorgator's signature move and out comes Meganium!

5d 2h 44m: Lazorgator comes out, so you know something is about to go down! Specially with an asleep Haunter...

5d 2h 42m: HootHoot uses reflect just before fainting to curse

5d 2h 40m: Haunter curses Dr Hoot and we decide to send him to sleep!

5d 2h 40m: Dr Hoot takes down Magnemite (literally) and is up against Haunter!

5d 2h 38m: Brian faints! Magnemite has low HP so we decide to send Dr Hoot

5d 2h 37m: Magnemite paralyzes Brian after a couple of attacks from him and things now look about even!

5d 2h 36m: We avenge Shuckie with a couple of wing attacks and are now battling Magnemite!

5d 2h 36m: Shuckie faints to Golbat's wing attack! Brian time

5d 2h 34m: Its Golbat against a 2hp Shuckie! We immediately try to change him!

5d 2h 34m: We have entered the goldenrod's tunnels and are about to fight silver

5d 2h 24m: We let Eevee OHKO another magnemite and we defeated Super Nerd!

5d 2h 23m: AAAAAtttta back out against Voltorb, OHKO as Eevee levels up to 27!

5d 2h 23m: AAAAAtttta comes out for Dr. Hoot against another magnet but we then switch again and release RJ-I (Eevee) that then defeats magnemite

5d 2h 21m: Magnemite goes down to Take Down.

5d 2h 20m: After a couple of unsuccesful Withdraws we decide to send HootHoot out

5d 2h 18m: Smoochum faints and we send back Shuckie

5d 2h 16m: Magnemite's Thundershock has left Shuckie with just 8hp, so we decide to send Smoochum

5d 2h 16m: He sends out a Magnemite but we respond by changing Shuckie with Brian and Whirlwinding him for another Magnemite! Shuckie back out

5d 2h 14m: Time for another trainer battle. A Super Nerd! Then what are we?

5d 2h 11m: Watch out Goldenrod's Casino, we now have a Coin Case. Too bad we can't gamble until we beat Team Rocket...

5d 2h 9m: We found a Super Potion. And yes, we are still in goldenrod's underground.

5d 2h 2m: Back to anarchy we go, and decide to speak a little bit more with pokemaniac.

5d 2h 1m: Oh and Democracy just kicks in in the aftermath against Pokemaniac. Just in time right?

5d 2h 0m: Brian uses fly against Slowpoke and We defeat Pokemaniac Donald!

5d 1h 58m: Shuckie runs out of PPs for Encore so we decide to change him for Brian again!

5d 1h 56m: Shuckie Constricts Slowpoke and starts to get the upper hand in the battle

5d 1h 55m: We sent Shuckie out. Slowpoke can only use tackle thanks to encore

5d 1h 53m: We change Brian with Shuckie and Brian finishes Slowpoke, time for another Slowpoke vs Brian

5d 1h 51m: Shuckie is easily resisting Slowpoke's Tackles and responding with Encore! Nicely done Shuck Norris

5d 1h 50m: Time to fight a pokemaniac Shuckie against Slowpoke!

5d 1h 48m: Time to get to goldenrod's underground. Not before we save tha game though!

5d 1h 46m: Let the spam for new AAAS RJ-I's nicknames begin!

5d 1h 45m: Eevee's new name is AAAS RJ-I

5d 1h 44: We are now at the Name Rater's house. Time for a name change!

5d 1h 39m: We are back in Goldenrod City, the Las Vegas of Johto!

5d 1h 34m: We left the Poke Center and are now near the Daycare Center

5d 1h 32m: We just healed our party

5d 1h 29m: Wade just proceed to explain how he couldn't even catch a Ledyba. It's ok Wade, you'll get it one day

5d 1h 26m: We have reentered the Poke Center.

5d 1h 23m: Shortly after we left the Poke Center.

5d 1h 22m: We opened the pc and withdrew Smoochum

5d 1h 17m: We entered the Poke Center, why not right?

5d 1h 15m: We are standing in front of the poke center, not sure whether to enter or not.

5d 1h 13m: For those of you that might have missed day 5, here is a nice Recap courtesy of MrAwesomePossumz.

5d 1h 9m: We exited the tower. Hey Wade, hows it going?

5d 1h 8m: Anarchy takes over again. We are now near the entrance/exit of the Radio Tower.

5d 1h 6m: [D] We reach the bottom floor of the radio tower

5d 1h 3m: [D]We are slowly making our way to the stairs.

5d 1h 0m: We are now near Rose, from prof. Oak's radio show! Hello Democracy!

5d 0h 43m Surfing his way to the level 50 milestone and victory, Feraligatr comes out clutch once again, sweeping the last 3 of Rocket Executive's Pokémon. Basement Key Obtained!

5d 0h 40m Throwing a Poké ball at Weezing proves to be as effective as pitting Eevee against Weezing, falling prey to consecutive sludges. Lazorgator is the last standing 'mon.

5d 0h 38m Brian isn't so lucky the second time around. A critical hit self-destruct knocks out Brian. Shuckie suffers a KO as well from the mass that is Weezing.

5d 0h 34m Brian avoids a self-destruct from Koffing, having flown prior to the big badda boom.

5d 0h 28m Who might this chap be sporting a top hat and blue hair? Fidgeting on the spot is none other than The Director. No wait, it's an imposter! Sly fellow this Rocket Executive.

5d 0h 25m Another Rocket Grunt defeated."Unbelievable!" he exclaims.

5d 0h 18m Rich defeated, Shuckie levels to 17, Brian to level 38.

5d 0h 12m Scientist Rich decides to test Shuckie's skill with his level 30 Porygon.

5d 0h 8m We attempt opening the door, but we're still lacking the card key.

5d 0h 2m AJ listens to Togepi's cry in the Pokédex. We know what's at stake. A somber way to bring in the 6th day.

4d 23h 55m The second enemy being the stairs. I have a feeling that these may be Penrose stairs. We finally manage to reach the 2nd floor.

4d 23h 48m We are back inside the Tower. Our first enemy; the ground level PC.

4d 23h 42m After window shopping at the GoldenRod Poké Mart, AJ is spearheading towards the Tower. After a light consultation with the Pokédex of course.

4d 23h 35m The party has been healed! That only took an hour since our last battle to descend a few flights of stairs and make our way here.

4d 23h 34m We're moving disconcertingly close to the PC.

4d 23h 31m After much loitering, we set foot into the Poké Center. Now, to heal.

4d 23h 25m Calibrating slowly, slowly. The Poké Center is a few steps away. But what's this? Joey calls! Surely that must be the catalyst AJ needs.

4d 23h 19m Route 34 huh. A little unorthodox but we'll go with it. Wait, the Daycare?

4d 23h 16m [Recap] We're slowly making ascending our way to the top of the Radio Tower to dispatch Team Rocket.

4d 23h 14m We're back on the ground floor!

4d 23h 9m Jigglypuff imparts a simple "Jiggly". A clue perhaps as to how to manage the stairs?

4d 23h 2m Anarchy prevails. Our struggle with the stairs continues.

4d 22h 57m In-game time reads: Friday, 7:19 a.m.

4d 22h 51m Consulting Jigglypuff seems to be our modus operandi for the timebeing. Progress to Poké Center is inching forward.

4d 22h 43m Jigglypuff is bobbing on the 2nd floor, watching us do our thing. Jigglypuff singing would keep the Rocket crew distracted while we get our steps in order.

4d 22h 35m Another Grunt with a level 26 Weezing. One surf later and we're awash of him.

4d 22h 32m Us at the moment. Without the triumph.

4d 22h 29m Our co-ordination must have flown down the stairs. There's no windows where it could have gone out of. Still on the 4th floor.

4d 22h 22m Funny, the 4th floor doesn't look like the Poké Center.

4d 22h 16m Scratch that, this Rocket Grunt and his strict orders put a halt to our healing efforts.

4d 22h 14m With 83 HP remaining, Scientist Marc has been defeated. Now begins the concerted effort to heal our party.

4d 22h 12m Paralysed and confused, this battle doesn't look to be in our favour.

4d 22h 10m Eevee down, we're now down to our last Pokémon.

4d 22h 9m With Eevee now at 3 HP and paralyzed, it looks like LazorGator will have to do what he has done before.

4d 22h 3m After Magnemite fails to capitalise on a double lock-on move, the first Magnemite has fallen. Two more Pokémon to go. Brian and Hoot down.

4d 22h 1m Rummaging through our pack and running isn't helping us with this Magnemite. Will Eevee prove useful?

4d 21h 57m Brian has been paralyzed by a Magnemite. HootHoot with 16 HP and dwindling.

4d 21h 51m HootHoot takes down Muk (literally) to bring another Grunt down. Poisoned as a result though. Onto the 3rd floor!

4d 21h 44m Eevee grows to level 25!

4d 21h 41m And here's the Battle Theme music to boot. Another grunt defeated.

4d 21h 40m If at the end of this AJ somehow doesn't manage to become a Pokémon master, he'll at least have mastered the stairs. Another battle commences!

4d 21h 38m We sucessfully ascend!

4d 21h 35m Ah stairs, we meet again. Here's the hideout music, for those unable to view the stream.

4d 21h 32m Brian one-shots Raticate with fly, victory soon follows.

4d 21h 30m Our first opponent, Shuckle falls to a Raticate. In steps BBBBBD, taking to the skies.

4d 21h 27m We are now in the Radio Tower!

4d 21h 26m We have found ourselves in GoldenRod City. What awaits us here?

4d 21h 1m [D] A Ditto transformed into Shuckie, and now they're wrapping around each other. Democracy interfered and tried to run away, but they can't separate the two of them. Must be true love.

4d 20h 54m Here Brian, hold this mushroom for a second.

4d 20h 45m We're at the intersection where Sudowoodo used to hang with his tree friends before we ruined his day. Goldenrod is south from here!

4d 20h 32m AJ doesn't want his mother to save up money for him anymore. After all, she always ends up spending it without permission. Then he proceeds to heal in Violet City.

4d 20h 16m [D] Eevee is now holding the Exp. Share. Good job, everyone! Will we fly to Goldenrod now, or let anarchy guide us there?

4d 20h 12m [D] Shuckie tries to snatch the Exp. Share for himself. Bad Shuckie, it's not your turn.

4d 20h 1m Democracy is trying again to make Eevee wear the Exp. Share. Hopefully this suspicious-looking helmet is the right size.

4d 19h 56m Quite the love going around in Twitch chat at the moment. There must be something about this music.

4d 19h 54m To celebrate our progress, enjoy Violet City's music.

4d 19h 35m We checked the map to make sure we're heading the correct way, then Gator munched on tree. To Violet City! Remember, we're trying to reach Goldenrod's Radio Tower.

4d 19h 23m AJ tries to impress the "I'm not a trainer" girl by defeating Hoothoots and Spinaraks one after the other.

4d 19h 8m After making sure that the mushrooms can spread nicely on the slowpoke tail, anarchy returns. The Exp. Share is still in our bag.

4d 19h 4m [D] AJ very slowly reaches inside his mushroom-filled backpack.

4d 18h 59m Democracy time approaches. The chat suggests to take this chance to give Eevee the Exp. Share; we'll see what happens.

4d 18h 48m Next stop, Goldenrod City?

4d 18h 45m Before reacquiring Joey's number, we must first consult the Pokédex. Joey's number has been registered!! We await his call.

4d 18h 36m If you stare into the HootHoot, sometimes the HootHoot stares back into you." - ammobyte

4d 18h 29m Rising sentiment to visit our old pal Joey.

4d 18h 27m Mr Pokemon himself!! Exp Share obtained!!

4d 18h 22m The Exp Share or Joey's number? Our thoughts are interrupted with a call from Alan.

4d 18h 13m We are edging closer to the Exp Share.

4d 18h 7m What's this? Cherrygrove City? Why yes, we shall meander through here.

4d 18h 4m Democracy is required to slay this mighty foe. Good show Rattata. A critical hit with Surf is sufficient to say the least.

4d 18h 0m The tree that we have just cut. We are a few steps west of this point. Currently engaged in a fierce battle against a level 2 Rattata.

4d 17h 57m We have cut a tree!!

4d 17h 45m Slow progress to Cherrygrove City is being made. Next stop after that would presumably be Mr Pokémon's place of residence.

4d 17h 33m New Bark Town music. [Strat] The Red Scale sits as dead weight in our pack. What one wouldn't give for an Exp Share...

4d 17h 29m New Bark Town it is! That sweet sweet music.

4d 17h 28m We almost fly to New Bark Town! AJ desires a change of scenery. Or maybe he's just homesick. Flying is within our reach.

4d 17h 25m For those of us wishing to listen to the Route music that fills our ears, listen away.

4d 17h 22m The start command is getting quite the workout. Sadly, this isn't translating to open up our party interface at any speedy rate. The Pokédex on the other hand however...

4d 17h 18m Irwin calls! He tells us about the Team Rocket takeover at the Tower. Will this spur us into action? We need to take flight sooner or later.

4d 17h 14m [Strat] At this rate we'll never get to the Radio Tower for stories sake. Team Rocket lies in wait. Attempts to fly aren't taking wind.

4d 17h 8m In the same spot that we were a few minutes ago.

4d 17h 2m We're still at the Lake.

4d 16h 46m For those of us playing at home, if you guessed that we were still at the Lake of Rage, you'd be correct!

4d 16h 42m Surf surf surfin' along. Todd calls.

4d 16h 36m Another trainer feels our wraith. Gyrados aplenty in the Lake.

4d 16h 29m The Lake of Rage has really captivated AJ's attention. Sadly, he won't be able to claim that elusive Red Gyrados.

4d 16h 24m [Meta] Democracy votes against number of viewers.

4d 16h 21m LazrGatr crushes through another helpless Pokemaniac! He weeps, we look at Staryu in our pokedex

4d 16h 14m We cut the tree and were almost in Cherrygrove when we used Fly to go to the Lake of Rage. (thanks /u/xiolyph)

4d 16h 6m We find ourselves at the Lake of Rage once more.

4d 15h 53m Saving the game once again. Progress is not the theme of the moment.

4d 15h 44m Our level 30 HootHoot encounters a wild level 3 counterpart. One peck and the deed is done.

4d 15h 41m Wade calls us, wondering if we were awake and would like a share of his berries.

4d 15h 36m We find ourselves in Professor Elm's lab.

4d 15h 33m The chat is trying to use Fly again. If only we still had Togepi, we'd be able to Flash towards our destination in the night sky.

4d 15h 22m We just switched the radio to the Team Rocket theme. What mischief does AJ have in mind?

4d 15h 20m We just flew back home. I wonder if Pokémon has a frequent flyers program? Our room has been kept tidy. That's always good to know.

For the lazy

4d14h51m After all that palaver, Suicune has run away. Well that was productive.

4d14h50m After what might just be the longest democracy mode in Gen2 to date, Anarchy is back after 50 minutes. To recap, we taught Cut to Feraligatr (replacing Water Gun) and we taught Fly to Pidgeot, replacing Gust

[D] 4d14h48m Brian is going to learn Fly, it's inevitable now. What is it we're going to replace? GUST. It has been done.

[D] 4d14h41m I used to blame the dumb stuff we did on Anarchy. Now what?

[D] 4d14h39m We're currently booting up HM02, Fly. If we go through with this, and teach it to Brian or HootHoot, I can only imagine anarchy mode in normal situations will become that more interesting

[D] 4d14h31m Feraligatr has just learned cut, replacing Water Gun!

[D] 4d14h20m The Gator is the only one in the team capable of learning cut. Well, who wouldn't want him to know Cut? I just hope people aren't disappointed when that Suicune runs away.

[D] 4d14h13m While we're enjoying the almost unendurable excitement of trying to teach someone Cut, you can check out this audio summary if you want to catch up on the last 24 hours of events.

[D] 4d14h0m We appear to be attempting to get to the tree and cut it. Presumably this will involve teaching someone Cut since the Admiral is all at sea.

4d13h54m We are on Route 42, having left Mahogany Town begind. So long, Lake of Rage, and thanks for all the fish. Even if they all got away.

4d13h54m Suicune spotted behind a stubby tree. :O If only we had cut...

4d13h5m: Democracy shuffles its feet over to heal, ergo party healed.

4d13h0m: Democracy tiRING RING

4d12h49m: It's been a while, so just a casual update letting you know that we're still putzing around the Pokemon Center.

4d12h35m We're back in front of the PC now. But before we try anything crazy, just remember Prince Omelette. I'm neutral to what's going to happen here, but remember, anything can happen. That's what makes TPP... well, TPP.

[Snarkegy] (You guys should probably head on back to Goldenrod City's Radio Tower to help out the distressed adults who can't defend themselves. The poor adults, I feel so sorry for them. Crying, terrified, trapped in the perpetual paradox of ceaseless agony. I wonder who can help them now? Hmmm....)

[Snark] Well, this is it guys, the world is counting on a ten year old to defeat the world's most villainous and treacherous underground criminal syndicate. This is what the world has come to.


Glacierbadge = acquired. TM14 Icy Wind = acquired.

4d12h18m: \Pokemon Stadium 2 sound clips\AND THERE GOES THE BATTLE!.wav

4d12h18m: Piloswine is watergunned to death.

[Information] Before the hyper potion, both Pidgeot and Piloswine were in the red, in terms of health. It was pretty close.

4d12h17m: Pidgeot goes down. Feraligatr is sent out.

4d12h17m: Pryce uses a Hyper Potion.

4d12h16m: Pidgeot uses Gust and Quick Attack, Piloswine uses Icy Wind and Blizzard.

4d12h16m: Chat attempting to use Ice-Heal to prepare for the inevitable Icy Wind.

4d12h15m: Pidgeot is sent out.

4d12h14m: Piloswine uses Blizzard and Eevee goes down.

4d12h13m: Pidgeot is switched out for Eevee, who immediately gets hit with Icy Wind.

4d12h13m: Pryce sends out Piloswine. AJ swaps out Feraligatr for Pidgeot.

4d12h13m: Dewgong goes down.

4d12h12m: Feraligatr is sent out again.

4d12h12m: Hoothoot is switched out and immediately gets an Aurora Beam to the face. RIP

4d12h10m The narcoleptic Dewgong is back! Shuckie is OHKOed.

4d12h11m: Dewgong is sent out. Feraligatr is switched out for Shuckle.

4d12h11m: Shuckle levels up to 16.

4d12h11m: Seel goes down.

4d12h10m: Shuckle is switched out for Feraligatr.

4d12h9m: Eevee is switched out for Shuckle vs. Pryce's Seel.

4d12h8m: Democracy, having done its job, moves over and it's anarchy's turn to actually try fighting.

4d12h6m: After anarchy swings and whiffs, democracy retraces the steps and it's off to fight Pryce we go.

4d11h59m: We were apparently in front of Pryce for a brief moment before running away again. So that happened.

4d11h36m: Still sliding around the gym, if you were curious. The live update stream will probably stay a little quiet until something interesting happens, so don't worry, if things seem quiet you aren't missing much

[Color commentary] One thing I do miss about the democracy-anarchy tug of war was watching the democracy votes slowly increase as more and more people get frustrated with the puzzle. You could hear the steam boiling in their heads -- with the new one-hour system, you just get a big lump of votes in the middle, not really a good gauge.

4d11h17m: Still sliding. Surprise!

4d11h00m: Jack calls us to inform us that democracy ended seconds after it began.

4d10h59m: As the sun sets in the game, so it does on anarchy.

4d10h52m: Yep. Still in the Mahogany Gym. Democracy is in eight minutes, let's hope they take control and solve this slider puzzle.

4d10h22m: Putzing about inside the gym again

4d10h19m: Putzing about outside the gym again

4d10h6m We managed to exit and now we're at the Poke Center

4d10h2m We are back at the Rocket hideout for no reason...

4d9h53m: Out of the gym.

Stream online. At this point the chatters will all have very buff arms from raising and lowering their arms in riots

Stream offline again. You know the drill by now, riot, etc. etc. etc.

Stream down aga-- nevermind it's up

4d9h28m: If sliding about the Gym is making you dizzy, why not relive Ash's battle with Pryce from the anime while you wait?

Stream online

[Snark] This show has been put on ice for the forseeable future

Stream offline

4d9h6m: Remember back before cellular phones could be set to silence individual callers? Hi Irwin.

4d9h1m: Democracy comes and goes, out of the gym again.

4d9h0m: Still sliding about. Pryce won't live long enough to battle us at this rate.

4d8h36m: Back in the Gym to slip and slide.

[Information] Updated map via /u/DoubleyouDashM.

4d8h33m: Out of the Gym again

4d8h2?m: Stepped away for a bit, but it looks like AJ is back in the gym.

4d8h16m: Out of the Gym and back to the Pokemon Center AJ goes.

[Information] This map isn't entirely accurate (it is missing a few things), but here's how to get to Pryce from most spots you can reach

4d8h11m: Democracy walks up to the ice, and anarchy faceplants onto it and goes for a ride. Whee!

4d8h8m: Out of the Center and in front of the gym, democracy taking baby steps.

4d7h56m: Party healed. So that's good.

4d 7h 53m: We get back to the pokecenter

4d 7h 52m: We get out of the Poke Center without healing.

4d 7h 51m: Just so we are clear, Only Brian and Lazorgator are ready to fight

[Information] That map posted earlier is the shortest path, but there's a few alternate routes you can take that will put you on the path. Basically, you don't have to start where the red line does.

4d 7h 46m: We start to play with the pc for a little while, nothing serious, just playing some Hearts.

4d 7h 43m: We decided its time to get back to the Poke Center and, why not, save the game.

4d 7h 40m: We decide to exit the gym for some air and to check our pack. Hey! Is that Wade?!

4d 7h 35m: You guys might want to take a look at this, is the way to pryce in case you don't know the path. Credits to Andis1.

4d 7h 32m: Ok guys, at this point its safe to say Pryce knows we are here. We keep getting closer though.

4d 7h 29m: I don't think those Gym Trainers are having as much fun as we are just sliding through the gym. Not even Wade could make things bad!

4d 7h 24m: We exited and then reentered the gym. Just like that. And we don't care!

4d 7h 23m: At this point we're ice skatting our way to Pryce. With style!

4d 7h 19m: AAAAAtttta finally water guns Cloyster, KO! Another Shellder and... Water Gun! KO! And congratulations Brian, you are now a Pidgeot!

4d 7h 18m: Cloyster protects himself against surf, but Godzilla uses rage and leaves Cloyster really low. Cloyster manages to confuse Lazorgator though.

4d 7h 17m: Stream back up! Only LazorGator left!

4d 7h 15m: Cloyster beams Hoothoot as he faints. Coincidentally the stream faints too.

4d 7h 14m: Hoothoot endures a tough Aurora Beam from Cloyster and responds with peck.

4d 7h 13m: Brian faints after a couple of Aurora Beams from Cloyster. Only Hoothoot and AAAAAtttta left! Hoothoot out.

4d 7h 12m: Brian against Shellder in a new Trainer fight. Brian levels up after he wing attacks him! Cloyster out.

4d 7h 12m: My apologies to Shuckie who is not a Suckie!

4d 7h 11m: We defeat the trainer and Proceed to move towards the entrance of the gym!

4d 7h 11m: Suckie out! Time for Godzilla to shine with Surf! Jynx out!

4d 7h 10m: Jynx proceeds to defeat us with a couple of attacks. Shuckie in!

4d 7h 8m: Time for the trainer fight as we succumb to Anarchy! Jynx kisses our Eevee goodbye as we unsuccesfully try to change him!

4d 7h 7m: [D] Looks like we got our second trainer fight in the gym guys! At least we healed right?

4d 7h 5m: [D] We just entered the Ice Gym with democracy ([D] from now on)! Lets get ready to rumble!

4d 7h 1m: We are still just standing near the gym, and democracy seems to have an answer for it.

4d 6h 58m: Feel free to message me any questions you may have or feedback I could use! I'll try to respond to all of you.

4d 6h 52m: After Arnie tries to get a Growlithe from us we decide is time for us to go near the gym.

4d 6h 51m: We managed to heal and exit the poke center. Hey Arnie!

4d 6h 48m We are currently in the Poke center, with no clear perspective as to where we are going.

4d6h34m: Gator grew to level 48. yaaaaaaaaaaay

4d6h27m: BBBBird falls to an Aurora Beam from a Seel in the Mahogany Gym.

4d6h11m: We finally left the center just for Todd to call us again. So needy.

[Snark] Apparently everybody is voting for Dropbox today

[Official quote from TPP] "Looks like it was a network error." (But everything seems to be back up now, so you can put your signs and pitchforks away)

4d6h1m: Stream is back online!

[Official quote from TPP] Server provider went down.


4d5h48m: We finally managed to heal at the Pokemon Center.

4d5h36m: We're interrupted by Todd! We love you Todd, but please. We're in the middle of some critical tests.

4d5h30m: At the sight of the PC, the Gator War resumes. The entire chat is consumed with people vigorously defending him or clamoring for his demise. How will the skirmish end this time?

4d5h27m: We've made it out of the Rocket Gauntlet! Now on to the Mahogany Gym, with all of its ice pathways and nonsense. Good luck guys; you're going to need it.

4d5h24m: Shuckles withstands an explosion from a higher level Koffing with minimal damage. Perhaps we're underestimating his defensive capabilities.

4d5h17m: Gator brutally murders the last Electrode. Lance subsequently comes over to applaud us, and gives us HM 06, Whirpool. Now we can go assault Lugia once we've gotten its feather from the Goldenrod Radio Station.

[Meta] It just occurred to me that we recently passed our 100th hour of playing Pokemon Crystal. Congratulations for everyone on sticking with it so far!

[Fluff] AJ completely eradicates the universe with a printer error. Divine intervention brings it back.

4d5h11m: Burrito is ALSO taken down by Electrode blowing itself to kingdom come with a Selfdestruct. Onto the last electrode.

4d5h10m: Brian is down! Knocked out by the second Electrode. Eevee comes in to take up the slack.

4d5h8m: We've officially plunged back into anarchy. AJ proceeds to check out the radio wave generator.

4d5h0m: Stream is officially in democracy mode. Many are in doubt of the need for it at this time.

4d4h58m: Some beaten faces and a failed BBBBBird evolution later, we're sweeping up shop in the Rocket base. Gotta get rid of those Electrodes.

4d4h55m: Aw shit, the Rocket execs are on to us. But BAM! Dragonite out of left field. Let's beat some faces in, Lance.

4d4h53m: "Here Hoot, just hold this dead animal's tail for a second."

4d4h38m: BBBBBird absolutely destroyed Scientist Ross.

4d 4h 20m We got the 3rd password!

4d 4h 19m We talk to a Murkrow that hails Giovanni. Lets catch it!

4d 4h 17m Hoothoot goes down to Koffing's sludge, but Brian uses wing attack and defeats Koffing! Bye rocket executive!

4d 4h 16m Hoothoot time! We peck Koffing and he quickly responds with a powerful Sludge. Oh and hey, we can't run. Weird huh?

4d 4h 15m Our whirlwhind is proving uneffective against Koffing, but he's tackle is getting us!

4d 4h 15m Raticate goes down to wing attack again! BBBBBD is so OP

4d 4h 14m Zubat against Pidgeotto! BBBBBD faints him with a wing attack!

4d 4h 14m We entered the passwords and are now fighting one of those Giovanni's puppets!

4d 4h 13m Stream back up! I didn't even have time to RIOT :/

4d 4h 12m Down with the stream again. Please contact your local administrator ;P.

4d 4h 11m After some struggles it looks like we're going to join our pal Lance in our fight against evilness.

4d 4h 5m Stream is back up! That wasn't long was it?

4d 4h 3m Stream goes down. I bet it was the Full Heal we just picked up.

4d 4h 2m We just found a full heal.

4d 4h 0m We finally got the two passwords from the Rocket Hideout. I bet Lance hasn't even started.

4d 3h 56m Found X-Special.

4d 3h 51m Another Rocket grunt defeated.

4d 3h 41m In case anybody else wants a recap, here is one from day 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkD4u6GBRjo&feature=youtu.be courtesy of MrAwesomePossumz

4d 3h 27m We're still in the Rocket Hideout. Not much has happened, so expect the feed to be pretty quiet for the next 30m or so.

4d 3h 18m Brian levels up to level 35!

4d 3h 5m Aaaand we're back in Anarchy mode.

4d 3h 2m Democracy mode. We're trying to reach the stairs, by the looks of it.

4d2h56m Stream's back up.

4d 2h 54m The stream just went down. Please complain to get your money back.

4d 2h 52 We found tm 46! Yay!

4d 2h 44m Oh Hey Silver! Long time no see! Do you know this guy... Lance? You might have seen him kicking your butt earlier...

4d 2h 44m AJ is trying to figure out how to open the gates without the passwords. Good thinking AJ.

4d 2h 41m In case you are wondering about our current Pokemon status: https://sites.google.com/site/twitchplayspokemonstatus/

4d 2h 37m Eevee faints after Rattata's critical quick attack and we decide to send HootHoot. His golden Peck finishes Rattata off. Take that Joey!

4d 2h 36m Brian finishes Zubat and we let Eevee fight a Rattata.

4d 2h 35m We decide to send Brian to finish the job against Zubat!

4d 2h 33m Eevee Quick Attacks Rattata for a KO and gets confused while fighting a Zubat.

4d 2h 33m Time for another Grunt! Aren't they scared of us yet?

4d 2h 27m We found Ice Heal! Yay! That will come on handy against Pryce.

4d 2h 24m A couple of pecks from HootHoot finish the job. We defeated the trainer.

4d 2h 23m Time for HootHoot to take the field! Hypnosis is the way to go.

4d 2h 21m At this point Ditto's attack and accuracy should be pretty low, but we still refrain from attacking. Better safe than sorry guys.

4d 2h 20m So I guess thats goodbye to our Ultra Ball guys... We did start quick attacking Ditto though!

4d 2h 19m Ditto responds to a Quick Attack to our failed attempt at capturing him with the Ultra Ball.

4d 2h 18m Ditto shows us how to actually use an Eevee with quick attack and we respond with a few sand attacks. He missed the next try so I think its working guys!

4d 2h 17m Time to fight a scientist from the Rocket Hideout. Ditto against Eevee!

4d 2h 16m We found another secret object... An ultraball! Too bad Red Gyarados already fainted :/

4d 2h 13m It's go time! After getting bossed around by our good old friend Lance we decide to exchange words with a beaten down team rocket grunt. Yes, Lance is kinda tough, we know.

4d 2h 10m In case you are wondering what we're doing we are currently in Rocket Hideout and we need to get to the lower level to find Lance. For more information: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Gold_and_Silver/Rocket_Hideout

4d 2h 9m Democracy is over! Back to find Lance and destroy those turbines guys!

4d 2h 7m Aaaaand we switched Lazorgator with Eevee. Make us proud E!

4d 2h 4m Looks like democracy wants to switch AAAAAtttta to the bottom of the party to level our other Pokemons.

4d 2h 1m We are now in the Team Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town and anarchy just got a time out from democracy!

4d 1h 58m Feraligator OHKO's a Golbat!

4d 1h 54m Another Grunt! We try to escape but fail for obvious reasons.

4d 1h 52m We find Lance and heal our Pokémon.

4d1h48m We're back at the entrance.

Found a (hidden) Revive!

Used a Potion on Feraligatr.

We used a Poké Ball and almost caught a Voltorb.

4d 1h 37m We have a nice day 4 recap video courtessy of MrAwesomePossumz ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkD4u6GBRjo&feature=youtu.be for those of you that think you might have missed something from yesterday!

4d 1h 33m Scratch is the word! AAAAAtttta beats Voltorb with scratch!

4d 1h 32m Here we go again with the wild pokemon's stripes! Hi Voltorb!

4d 1h 28m We step on the trap and we get back to the start of Team Rocket Hideout! Perserverance, here we come!

4d 1h 27m Rage does the dirty job for us as we move past the wild pokemon's stripes! Will we get to the stairs to help Lance in time?

4d 1h 26m And for the final stripe we have..... VOLTORB!

4d 1h 25m Another Geodude yessir! and we decide we need a potion against him. He selfdestructs and barely scratches Lazorgator with it.

4d 1h 24m And he selfdestructs as we switch to Eevee :/. Both of them faint as we proceed to the next stripe. We now only have Feraligatr alive.

4d 1h 23m Another Geodude comes our way in the 3rd stripe!

4d 1h 22m Feraligatr scratches koffing to death and levels up to 47! we didn't need to learn screech though so we move on

4d 1h 21m Koffing time now!

4d 1h 21m We succesfully rage Geodude to the ground in two attempts! he still managed to hit us with magnitude.

4d 1h 19m Its time for the wild pokemon stripes! Geoudude greats us with his great growl. We try to run away in response

4d 1h 18m Eevee quickly finishes the job with a quick attack! We now only have lazorgator and eevee alive in our party.

4d 1h 17m Shuckie goes down but eevee is ready to step in!

4d 1h 16m We managed to attack rattata with constrict but our weaked shuckie has only 5hp thanks to a couple of quick attacks. #clutchness

4d 1h 14m Lazorgator faints another rattata and for the last one we leave shuckie to finish the job!

4d 1h 14m Another rattata and another rage going its way!

4d 1h 13m We rage rattata to the ground! Take that joey!

4d 1h 12m Here we go again! Another grunt wants to challenge us with... a rattata! We try to run away unsuccesfully. It might be joey's rattata

4d 1h 10m Zubat Grimer and Rattata go down, although rattata managed to quick attack us. Fair fight so far.

4d 1h 9m AAAAAtttta surfs a weak zubat and... you are starting to notice the pattern right?

4d 1h 8m And AAAAAtttta rages through drowzee and zubat! Another battle coming our way!

4d 1h 7m Time for another battle in Team Rocket Hideout! drowzee and Feraligatr exchange looks!

4d 1h 5m A second rocket Grunt challenges us as democracy loses to anarchy. Lazorgator cruises through zubat grimer and rattata with surf!

4d 1h 4m and AAAAAtttta faints zubat with another surf! rocket Grunt defeated!

4d 1h 3m After drowzee goes down to Surf, team rocket decide to send zubat as democracy keeps beating anarchy

4d 1h 1m And demo ensures lazorgator picked the right move for the battle. Looks like a is still beating anarchy so far!

4d 1h 0m Lazorgator is ready to beat a lvl 17 Drowzee. Will one Surf be enough?

4d 0h 59m And so our first trainer battle in team rocket hideout begins!

4d 0h 56m After unsuccesfully healing our party we decided its time to help Lance take down Team Rocket. We surely do a nice super hero team.

4d 0h 54m Hello alan! Thanks for your advice even though you can't even catch a bellsprout!

4d 0h 52m Aaaaand we left again without doing anything important. I'm starting to see a trend here

4d 0h 50m It's official, we are on the pc, such a chaotic creature

4d 0h 48m We entered again the poke center, we are not sure where we will go yet

4d 0h 42m After some futile attempts at withdrawing pokemons, we gave up and left to talk to the gym guardian

4d 0h 41m we got to the poke center and went directly to the pc. trouble?

4d 0h 36m Looks like we are still not sure whether to heal our party or jump some more ledges...

4d 0h 32m AJ still knows how to jump those ledges as Mahogany Town is underfoot once again. Will we be giving Mr Pokemon the Red Scale any time soon?

4d 0h 22m Leading with Feraligatr doesn't bode well for fulfilling any desires of acquiring a Mareep any time soon. That and our solitary Poké Ball that we possess.

4d 0h 15m Alan helps break the monotony with another check-in. 15 minutes later and we've progressed about 15 steps south of the lake. And to clarify, Day 5 is upon us, not Day 4.

4d 0h 9m After initially declining to help Lance, we have second thoughts and agree to help investigate the source of the troubles. AJ watches Lance's twirling departure.

4d 0h 6m Day 4 is upon us. After circling Lance for 5 minutes, we finally gather the nerve to say hello.

3d 23h 58m Red Scale obtained. Red Gyrados shall not be accompanying us on this journey. This is the last we'll see of him.

3d 23h 56m We can't escape from the Red Gyrados for now. 1 Poké Ball down.

3d 23 55m It's happening!!!

3d 23h 53m The Lake of Rage is now below our feet. BBBBBD is a battle or two away from level 35. Things are about to heat up as we finish a call with Arnie.

3d 23h 51m We are finally seeing the end of route 43, two trainers and a bit of grass its all that stands on our way.

3d 23h 43m We have reached an impasse for those wishing to capture the Red Gyrados; too few Poké Balls for the attempt, too few funds to purchase additional ones. AJ wanders listlessly.

3d 23h 20m We tried teaching BBBBBD Mud Slap. It stays unused, for now, after a flurry of B's from the chat.

3d 23h 9m Encounters with Farfetch'd turn into experience instead of a new addition to the group with Feraligatr and Pidgeotto exerting their battle prowess.

3d 23h 5m [Recap] After consulting the Slowpoke tail, we proceed to try and catch Picnicker Tiffany's Clefairy. One less precious Poké Ball for the Lake of Rage.

3d 22h 54m BBBBBD evolved into a Pidgeotto at level 34 after defeating a wild Pidgeotto!

3d 22h 53m Trying to throw a Poké Ball proved to be difficult. Running was our course of action.

3d 22h 50m A wild Mareep appears!

3d 22h 47m BBBBBD tries out the unconventional quadruple whirlwind manoeuvre. We seem to be a bit rusty on the battling front.

3d 22h 44m We have stepped foot onto Route 43 . Camper Spencer steps up to the plate.

3d 22h 25m Alan calling us is the most eventful thing to happen in the past half hour.

3d 21h 58m Some fresh air after buying those TinyMushrooms seems to be a good idea. There may be hope for AJ yet.

3d 21h 52m I wonder what we'd do with all of these if we had the funds.

3d 21h 45m It's probably a good thing that we have a trust fund going with AJ's mum at the rate we're blowing our cash stack. Thankfully a few Poké Balls and Potions have been added into the mix. 871 Poké Dollars remaining.

3d 21h 40m AJ switched the radio to the Poké Center music. This has probably addled his mind as he insists on making purchases. Tinymushrooms are being stocked up at 500 a piece.

3d 21h 35m The allure of the Poké merchandise stagnates progress. For now. It's probably AJ experiencing buyers remorse.

3d 21h 29m We bought 1 Slowpoke Tail for 9800. Half our bank gone in one swift purchase.

3d 21h 19m AJ isn't mucking around. Healing all around in the Poké Center. And we head straight out the door. What is this coordination?

3d 21h 16m BBBBBD systematically dispatches Hiker Benjamin, edging closer to level 34 and possibly evolving. Mahogany Town, here we are.

3d 21h 4m Acquired a Super Potion through Democracy. These are slow times indeed. Anarchy takes the reigns on the water immediately thereafter.

3d20h44m: We healed in Ecruteak, now heading east on route 42!

3d20h20m: Still in the National Park, sifting through the pokedex mostly. Very nearly out, though.

3d19h57m: The soothing sounds of the National Park wash over us as we head northwards. It seems as if we're back on the rickety track.

3d 19h 43m Currently listening to Eevee's lineage in the Pokédex. I think AJ is trying to tell us something.

3d19h35m: Feraligatr has also been renamed to AAAAAtttta.

3d19h33m: We just renamed Pidgey to BBBBBD. A more beautiful name has never been heard.

[Strategy] It's just occurred to me that many people don't seem to know exactly what we're doing. Just in case anyone is lost, the next town we want to get to is Mahogany. We need to go back to Ecruteak and go right from there in order to reach it. After that is the Lake of Rage, and the shiny Gyrados. Plan accordingly.

3d19h10m: Mostly just puttering around Goldenrod.

3d19h1m: Democracy comes in, democracy goes out. You can't explain that.

[Information] Reminder that Pokemon left with the day-care folks will not evolve

3d18h36m: We got Hoothoot, but gave Shuckie to the Daycare man and then took him away almost immediately. Then the same thing happened with Eevee, then finally Ozzy is with the man.

3d18h36m: Eevee given to th-- taken from the day care man

3d18h36: Withdrew Hoothoot and deposited Shuckle and then withdrew it again. I want off of Day Care Man's Crazy Ride please

3d18h34m: We went back to the Daycare and retrieved Ozzy from the PC.

3d18h34m: Withdrew Metapod. I am sure this will prove to be a wonderful addition to the party.

[Snark] Multiply everybody's levels by 2 and you basically have the level spread of Red at the end of Gen 1

3d18h26m: Here's a screenshot of our current party, if you ended up getting lost in the mixup.

[Meta] We were in Democracy mode for an astonishing 23 minutes. I'm not sure, but that might be a record.

2d18h22m: Okay we're done with the PC for n--[phone rings] GOD DAMNIT IRWIN

3d18h19m: Eevee withdrawn.

3d18h14m: Shuckle withdrawn.

[Music] Given the fighting between the keep/deposit/release crowds, you might find this music appropriate

3d18h10m: Feraligatr withdrawn again.

3d18h6m: Democracy time at the PC station.

[Snark] Anybody got any floaters? This bird's gotta learn surf if we're leaving Feraligatr behind.

3d17h55m: Our party now consists of a single Pidgey. Just like old times!

3d17h53m: TODD, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE CALLING US. We're in the middle of something very important.

3d17h50m: Gator was just stored in the PC!

3d 17h 46m In times like these I'm glad we can still consult the Pokédex.

[Snark] Television gameshow Cianwood Squares featuring Wooper Goldberg has just been announced.

3d17h45m: WOOPER DOWN! I repeat, Wooper was just released into the wild.

3d17h40m: Now begins the arduous process of trying to get one of our pokemon into the PC without releasing anything. This'll be fun.

3d17h34m: Well on our way to the daycare. It's a straight shot down through Goldenrod, hopefully we can make it without going down an alley. Or worse, getting stuck in the underground path or the department store.

3d 17h 15m We find ourselves at a tree. Now we just need to teach cut to a Pokémon (RIP Admiral). This may take a while folks.

3d16h42m: Freakin' Todd over here, trash talking us. We might just have to beat his face in.

3d 16h 30m Mr. Mime all but clean sweeps our team. Feraligatr on clean-up duty.

3d 16h 23m Schoolboy Chad steps up to the plate as our first trainer battle in a while. Shuckle vs Mr Mime.

3h 16h 14m As we're moving away from the Poké Center, Jack calls and offers some tactical advice; "Rock, ground and steel types can't be hurt by Sandstorm!" Thanks Jack, we'll be sure to keep that in mind.

3d 16h 3m That was quick. Victory and the Mineral Bade is ours! Mineral Badge screenshot.

3d 15h 50m Round 2. Will success be ours this time around?

3d 15h 50m We find ourselves again. Where to from here? Latest screenshot

3d15h30m Eevee withdrawn

RIP Prince Omelette... your unpredictable Metronome was one of the most exciting things to ever hit TPP. You will be missed </3

3d15h25m Smoochum was deposited right before Togepi was released


RIP Togepi

3d 15h 23m Alan offers us a brief respite from the PC shenanigans. We're back at it again though.

3d 15h 18m The proximity to the PC is approaching zero. What madness/miracles will ensue if that happens?

3d15h12m For anyone that's looking for a detailed battle report, there isn't one. We just got completely REKT by a single level 30 Magnemite. Our whole party. We white out back to the Poke center

3d 15h 1m Democracy mode kicks in. But for how long? And is it too late?

3d14h59m: Things were looking bleak as Gator got stunned for two turns and Magnemite got him down to yellow health with Thunderbolt, but we luckily switched out to HootHoot. Who fainted... followed quickly by Shuckle. Now it's Zubat's turn.

3d14h55m: Battling Jasmine! For all Smoochum's swag, it couldn't quite out-swag Magnemite and has fainted. Major Gator is in and, despite paralysis, is doing pretty well.

Smoochum also learned Dynamic Punch

3d14h52m: Duke Smoochem just got swaggier than ever and Red has decided to consult the boulders around Jasmine's Gym for battle advice before actually facing her.

3d 14h 52m Smoochum learns Swagger. Yep, that just happened.

3d 14h 50m Is that the gym theme music I hear?

3d 14h 46m Fresh air! But for how long? The Poké Center is but a few steps away.

[Recap] For those not reading the commentary or chat and are wondering what in the world the stream is doing, it is currently embroiled in a large game of tug-of-war between people who want to progress with the game, people who want to deposit Feraligatr to grind other 'mons, and people who want to release Feraligatr for varying reasons.


[Recap] It wasn't mentioned here, but skimming the current comment thread, at some point in the recent past we apparently came close to releasing Togepi several times.

3d14h18m We're back in the Pokemon Center, prepare your soda and vodka, because this is going to be one long night...

3d 13h 51m We finally heal and leave the Poké Center. Onward to Jasmine and the Olivine Gym!

3d13h36m Why are we still in the Pokemon Center?

3d 13h 33m Attempts at teaching Feraligatr have proven to be unsuccessful.

3d 13h 28m We quickly pay homage to the PC before attempting to heal our Pokémon again. Tick tock tick tock.

3d 13h 9m It's a good thing we're adept at falling down ledges. Helps speed up our descent down the lighthouse.

For those wishing to listen to a recap of days 2 and 3, here's Poke Talker's on YouTube.

[Recap] /u/MrAwesomePossumz has made a playlist of TPP Crystal on Youtube with no commentary, just stripped down highlights. You can find yesterday's highlight video here!

3d13h Jasmine reached, Amphy is up and running!

3d12h46m On the fourth floor of the lighthouse. Standing perilously close to the abyss.

3d12h16m Currently ascending the lighthouse to deliver the medicine for Amphy!

[Snark] Commence aggressive medication! We don't heal very often, so we must pile it all on at once!

3d11h59m: With seconds to go on the democracy doomsday countdown, the party is healed.

[Strategy] This could just be me, but I don't think you can challenge and win against a Gym Leader with only a 13 HP Zubat. Not to mention that if you lose, you get teleported all the way back to Cianwood. It might be best to go back to the Pokemon Center and heal perhaps? I know, it sounds like quite the exotic idea. But that could just be me!

[Snark] Remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

3d11h49m **And Feraligatr finally succumbs to his stomach aches. Good job Twitch, you made it to the Pokemon Center with over 1/4 HP to spare and still didn't heal him.

3d11h45m: For those keeping track at home, AJ can take about 40 more steps before Feraligatr passes out and we're left with a mostly-dead Zubat.

3d11h41m We still haven't healed at the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy isn't going to come to us, you know.


3d:11h:38m With Feraligatr at 35 health, AJ continues to meander around in the PokeCenter, oblivious to his dying friend.


3d11h30m I believe we have now healed. We're still in the Pokemon Center though.

3d11h23m We're finally at the Olivine Pokemon Center!

3d:11h:15m With Feraligatr's health trickling down, AJ heads towards the Pokecenter but overshoots and ends up in another building. Cue repeated attempts to breakdance.

3d:11h:12m AJ arrives in Olivine City.

Democracy takes down a swimmer in our grind. We must have treaded into international waters as Anarchy is reinstated.


3d10h59m Shuckle has slapped himself in his confusion and fainted.

3d10h53m We're surfing to Olivine City at the moment. We're still as sluggish as Pooh Bear wading through a field of molasses, but at least we're making progress, so that's something. Feraligatr is poisoned though, so we can't afford to screw around too much.

3d10h14m Tentacruel used Acid on WWWEEE and he fainted. Now Shuckie the Shuckle is out!

[Strategy] Guide for dummies to get back to Olivine. Thanks to /u/rymate1234!

3d10h4m Don't expect any progress updates in the coming hours unless we either stumble back into the Pokemon Center or leave Cianwood City. And I'd much prefer the latter, seeing as we've been here for more than two hours.

[META] Ever wonder where the mods/live updaters come from, around the world? Well, now is your chance to find out! Over the past few days, I've compiled all of our locations and added them onto a world map. This might answer your questions as to why we have gaps in updaters (although it shouldn't be a problem anymore :D). Check it out!

3d9h48m Congrats guys, we're finally out of the Pokemon Center. NOW LET'S GET OFF THIS FORSAKEN ISLAND!

3d9h14m Revive Girl 2.0 strikes again!

3d9h11m: We're in front of the PC now guys, be careful.

3d9h9m: Revive Girl 2.0 has been encountered and we are now stuck in a corner for eternity (or until the RNG tells him to move). He really likes showing off his Pokemon.

3d9h8m We have turned on the PC and Hoothoot has been withdrawn! Welcome back!

3d9h4m Back to the center and its catchy tunes. I take it we may be here to heal our fainted Smoochum.

[Recap] For those just tuning in, here is a screenshot of our current party

My bad, we did have room for Shuckle. Welcome to the team!

3d8h54m Back at Cianwood, we're once again in the house of the guy who gives us a Shuckle. However, our party is full, so we'll have to deposit someone if we want that Shuckle.

3d8h34m We're still surfing East of Cianwood, but approaching the coast while fighting some wild Pokémon.

3d8h27m LazerGator is switched out for WWWEEE, who was swtiched out for Smoochum. Smoochum, of course, promptly faints and we run.

3d8h26m We're now out of the Pokécenter and a wild Mantine appeared!

3d8h17m Hello people. I'll be your updater for now. Still at the Pokécenter.

3d8h14m Zubat has been withdrawn Koffing has been withdrawn, Smoochum has been withdrawn, Box 1 has been renamed IRmn

3d8h12m Wooper has been deposited, Oxxozz has been deposited, ABBBDDDDDD has been deposited

3d8h8m Eevee has been deposited, Togepi has been deposited

3d8h7m To bring everyone up to speed, we're currently in the Poke Center. Haven't healed yet, and we're flirting with the PC again

[PC intensifies]

3d7h19m Back in Cianwood City.

3d7h15m Eevee is KO'd by a wild Tentacruel. Wooper Goldberg falls shortly afterwards.

3d7h11m We surf our way onto Route 41.

3d7h9m Anarchy resumes, and we re-heal our team. The anarchists and democrats seem to be playing a game of "Anything you can do, I can do better".

[D] 3d7h7m We heal our team!

[D] 3d7h4m Democacy steers us back into the Pokemon Center.

3d6h59m We exit without healing or touching the PC. A call from Arnie the bug catcher heralds democracy.

3d6h50m We enter the Pokemon Center. The hivemind gasps collectively.

3d6h39m Time has slowed to a glacial drip in Cianwood city. AJ looks increasingly unsure of what he's trying to achieve.

3d6h22m Secret Potion obtained. Jasmine's gonna love us.

[Recap] Here's an audio recap of the past 24 hours for those of you who are confused or disorientated.

3d6h8m Eusine is dispatched with ease, democracy comes and goes in moments, and we find ourselves still wandering about Cianwood.

3d5h52m Suicune bounces away from AJ, severely unimpressed by his bumbling navigational skills. Eusine shows up shortly afterwards and demands a battle.

3d5h37m "That's Cianwood's Gym badge! Then you should take this HM." Fly obtained. This can only go well.

3d5h31m LazorGator says "see ya later, Feraligatr," to Chuck's entire team. Chuck defeated! Storm badge obtained!

3d5h30m The puzzle finally completed, we're facing Chuck.

3d5h0m: Just like that, democracy mode gets destroyed with a vote of over 3000 for anarchy (why were the totals so high that time, does anyone know? Just a lot of submissions?) The grind continues.

3d4h57m: With another round in Democracy mode coming, many are upset with the prospect of using it to clear this puzzle as well, while others are annoyed that it's taking this long to solve such a simple puzzle.

3d4h45m: Another attempt down the drain. Come on guys, I believe in you!

3d4h39m: We utterly failed the Strength puzzle though. Let's try again.

3d4h38m: We got in a FIGHT, son! And as per the course, Lazorgator stomps Blackbelt Lung into the ground like some kind of tool. Presumably farming equipment, a shovel mayhaps.

[Meta] More and more people call for the death of Doc Croc, it seems. We'll see how that pans out. More immediately pressing, I'm going to be gone for a bit. Starting at ten before the turn of the hour, if someone could keep track of what happens and then update me when I return, I'd be most appreciative. If someone else hops along before I come back, tell them instead. Thanks in advance.

3d4h23m: And almost immediately, we rocket back into anarchy mode fast enough to get whiplash.

3d4h22m: Poof! We forgot Quick Attack in deference of Strength, teaching it to ABBBDDDDDD.

3d4h17m: Democracy mode has kicked in! The chat collectively uses the opportunity to teach one of these guys Strength.

[Additional Thanks] These go to: /u/mr-underhill, /u/rewdog22, /u/vlaman, and /u/draconicalvara. Thanks for keeping the updater updated, guys.

[Meta] So proud of you all for making progress. Keep up the good work. Also, some of you want to release Feraligatr it seems. I don't care if it does or doesn't happen, but it'd definitely be hilarious if it happened. Go with the flow, I like to say.

[Catching Up] We didn't miss much, as it happens. Just trying to get across the water to Cianwood. But in the process, every pokemon in our party fainted save for Lazorgator. He was only poisoned, and Democracy kicked in just in time to get us to the pokemon center without fainting and going back to Olivine. Current objective seems to be teaching one of the pokemon Strength so we can solve this puzzle and fight Chuck. Thanks to /u/camomcg, /u/Cerebral_Harlot, and /u/Techiesarethebomb for the information.

3d3h39m: Sorry folks, perhaps I should wake a bit early from now on to take over updating duties in the morning. Anyhow, we've somehow made it across the sea and are forging forward in Cianwood City's gym. If anyone has specific details of what we've missed, I'll gladly put it up here.

[Sign-Off] Gotta split, hopefully another Updater takes over for you guys! Seeya

3d1h22m: Scratch that, turns out we already have Strength. AJ really did just want a burger or something. Also, we healed.

3d1h16m: Currently in the Olivine Cafe. Not surprising, seeing as though AJ's been walking around for days without eating a thing. (Seriously though, looks like we're trying to get Strength from the sailor)

3d0h56m: We're out of the Pokecenter without healing, and just came pretty close to almost teaching Major Gator TM 'Fury Cutter'.

3d0h49m: AJ enters the Pokecenter again to heal the recently-poisoned Eevee and is now precariously close to the PC...

3d0h42m: Eevee is now lvl 23 and just learned Quick Attack, replacing Tackle.

3d0h39m: Eevee fainted from a wild Tentacool - but it's okay because we just healed up in the Olivine center! And no scary PC action! Let's go team!!

3d0h23m: Tug of war happening in the stream with half the commenters wanting to go to the Pokecenter and heal, and the other half wary of PC trolls and wanting to Surf.

3d0h12m: Sorry for the delay in updates - we're back on the Olivine shoreline with 4/6 of our Pokemon fainted. Looks like the current goal is to heal.

2d23h48m: After a few more leisurely dips in and out of the ocean, it looks like AJ is in there for good.

2d23h43m: Aaaaaand we're back on land. Maybe AJ is getting PC withdrawals (pun actually not intended)

2d23h37m: We're now Surfing and en route to Cianwood! But not before a few mandatory checks of the Pokedex first.

2h23h33m: (never fear thecardigan is here!) We just left the Pokecenter, finally!!

[Sign-Off] Time for me to get some rest. I'm sure you've all had plenty of my thoughts on recent matters. Hopefully someone else will be taking over for the early shift now

[Casual Reminder] Our next goal is Cianwood, south and west of Olivine, for the medicine.

2d23h21m: Feraligatr withdrawn. Congratulations everyone, the last 5 hours have accomplished nothing. Now that's progress.

2d23h15m: Hoothoot deposited. There was a close encounter with Feraligatr earlier, though.

2d23h5m: So it looks like we're heading towards the PC in democracy. This cannot possibly end well

2d23h2m: Democracy is on. Given the current state of affairs...

2d22h54: There is no longer any reason to use the PC. We have a Pokemon that can learn Surf. The team is underleveled. Let this rest any doubt in your mind that this is not about simply trolling.

2d22h53m: Drowzee released. RIP.

2d22h53m: Wooper withdrawn.

2d22h35m: Stored Koffing. If there was any doubt that the "we just need to deposit Feraligatr so we can get levels" bullshit was, well, bullshit, now you know.

2d22h19m: Withdrew Hoothoot. Somehow the fact we are once again back at the PC does not surprise me.

2d22h: Back in the same town as before. No notable progress has been made. This trend will likely continue for a while, so the feed will probably be a little quiet.

2d21hwhenever: Eevee leveled up at some point. I haven't been paying much attention (lots of people apparently aren't aware of what just happened). The tri-ledge is giving AJ a workout.

2d21h39m: We're in the gym, so... Friendly reminder that Jasmine will not be in the Gym until we visit Cianwood and get the medicine.

[Stats] Just from eyeballing things, it looks like the number of inputs has dropped by about 75% since depositing Feraligatr. Draw your own conclusions.

[Stats] If you were curious, here are the five minutes we spent in the Pokemon Center, in graph form.

[Good one] It is now impossible to progress without a. withdrawing Feraligatr again or b. withdrawing Wooper and teaching it Surf.

2d21h17m: Feraligatr is deposited.

2d21h3m: Democracy mode ends by way of split vote, with start falling about 10 votes shy.

2d21h01m: Feraligator levels up to 41.

2d21h01m: As is usual, it seems, democracy mode kicks in at the end of a battle.

[Strategy note] Democracy is coming up in 8 minutes; if you want to rearrange the party, that would be a good time to do it.

2d20h40m: Mom is saving our money again.

[Strategy] A suggested alternative for leveling the team is backtracking a little bit, moving Feraligatr to the back, and leveling there.

2d20h17m: Defeat another Tentacool. Metapod gets a bucket of experience. Alan calls us. Exciting stuff.

[Strategy] For those interested in making progress, here is a map showing the route to the medicine

[Strategy] Tentacool/Cruels can also confuse, which is an easy way to get Feraligatr knocked out. (They also resist Feraligatr's two major attacks, of course.)

[Strategy] As a casual reminder, Tentacool can poison Pokemon, is fairly weak, and is literally right next to the Pokemon Center. If you want to knock out Feraligatr and give other mons a chance to level, opportunity knocks.

2d19h59m: Fighting a different Tentacool. Koffing is switched out for a Raticate. Koffing levels up to 15. Those who say "we can't level!" huff and roll their eyes.

2d19h55m: We end up surfing in the city and get into a fight against a Tentacool.

[At least something is happening] All of the walking around the town and Pokemon Center is giving Togepi and Eevee lots of happiness points.

[Stats] (Similarly: Left 270, right 180; yet Red (the hat on AJ's head) is hugging the rightmost wall.)

[Stats] The futility of anarchy: 231 up, 386 down. Red's general average movement: upwards. Movement isn't just a numbers game; it is also timing and luck.

[Commentary] This whole "release/don't release" debate becomes much funnier if you visualize AJ smashing his head against the keyboard repeatedly because the voices are so divided.

2d19h34m: Pokemon healed. Total time from first entry to successful heal: 1 hour 40 minutes (give or take a few).

2d19h28m: Once again AJ marches up to the counter, is asked if he would like his Pokemon healed, and once again he declines. And then he waters the cushions, too, just to be mean.

2d19h8m: One has to wonder if the people calling AJ ever sleep.

2d19h0m: Democracy once again passes like a fart in the wind, and it's back to the Pokemon Center we go.

[Five minutes ago, maybe] Back in town again, wandering around. For those just tuning in, we should be go getting the medicine for the Lighthouse Pokemon right now.

[Well, whatever] We went through the underground tunnel south of the town. I've been a little pre-occupied reading the arguments about releasing Feraligatr to pay close attention, sorry.

2d18h30m: AJ finally exits the Pokemon Center and unaligns himself with its entrance. Enjoy the fresh air.

2d18h28m: Up the stairs, down the stairs, poor shoddy trolls, looking for tears

2d18h23m: We have been in this Pokemon Center for 45 minutes thanks to a surprisingly dedicated group that wants to see Pokemon released, judging from the way the inputs are lining up right now

2d18h20m: And it's back to the PC. I have it on decent word that there is a group of people out there trying to release Pokemon, hence the surge towards the PC.

[Stats] Last 5 minutes: 512 up, 473 down; 320 left, 424 right

2d18h15m: *WE'RE FINALLY OUT OF THE POKEMON CEN--nope we're back in it again.

2d18h13m: Jack calls us up for a game of You Don't Know Jack. Did you know that Thunder is 100% in rain?

2d18h10m: "Shall we heal your Pokemon?" NO

[Stats] Left v. Right inputs over the last 5 minutes: 300 left, 400 right. People want to feed the PC.

2d18h3m: And democracy mode passes like a fart in the wind. At least we moved away from the PC.

2d18h00m: We've been in this Pokemon Center for 20 minutes now. Democracy mode comes. Will we leave, or are PC tears on the menu?

2d17h59m: Time to do some side computing. Remember the N-Gage?

2d17h52m: Hi Jack.

2d17h49m: AJ rummages through the box but does not do anything.

2d17h44m: As AJ is wont to do, the distance between AJ and the PC grows smaller.

2d 17h 40m: In the pokecenter, trying to heal up before we head off to Route 40.

2d 17h 33m: Our sidekick Irwin the Juggler called us. Apparently he was there Ecruteak cheering us one! Y-you too!

2d 17h 31m: Looks like we finally left the lighthouse.

2d17h17m: Oh hey a battle! Finally something interesting happens.

2d16h56m: Navigated the Lighthouse successfully, so now we should be able to go to the next town and get some pills.

2d16h51m: We've been battling through the Olivine Lighthouse for a while.

2d16h10m: Pokemon healed. Democracy, having completed its job, retreats into the darkness for the rest of the hour.

2d16h6m: As is typical, Jack the Senator shows up to filibuster the democracy.

2d16h0m: Democracy time! Probably going to go heal.

2d15h56m: Got Strength from the Olivine Cafe.

2d15h46m: It just wouldn't be a new town without a call from one of our old friends. In this case, Wade. Thanks, Wade.

2d15h41m: We activate Surf, which would probably be more useful if it wasn't in a little pool to the left of the Lighthouse.

2d15h38m: We arrive in Olivine City.

[Quick note] I just made a post with some useful links related to TPP, like the current-status page/document, statistics, and some alternative streams. If you fall behind and want to know our current status, read those to catch up.

2d15h23m "I don't mind losing, says Pokefan Ruth". That, is why you fail.

2d15h25m: Eevee is level 22.. Trainer defeated.

2d15h30m: Eevee is paralyzed as well, but get switched out for Feraligatr.

2d15h21m ABBBDDDDDD the Raticate is paralyzed and has abdicated his responsibilities to fight.

2d15h15m Beauty Olivia now wants out a fight, and has sent out a pibk broccoli. No, wait, it's a Corsola. It may have been beautiful at the start, but it's looking decidedly the worse for wear now. Beauty Olivia defeated

2d15h12m Feraligatr is now fully paralyzed. So our lizard overlord has a weakness.

2d15h8m Feraligatr currently shredding the local wildlife, but at least he's watering the grass.

2d15h3m Togepi metronomes a poisonpowder on Psyduck, before Eevee comes in to tackle Psyduck into submission. Lass is defeated

2d15h0m After a dalliance with democracy, anarchy has returned. Eevee tackles Flaaffy into unconsciousness, more or less like this

2d14h59m Deciding that Feraligatr is too ferocious for fighting a Flaaffy, we've sent out Eevee for a cute-off.

2d14h58m This Lass says she wants some advice, but now we're fighting. How is that advice?

[RECAP] If you missed yesterday's events, this audio recap can get you up to speed if reading is an excruciating burden.

2d14h47m Sailor Harry apparently knows all about Pokemon having been overseas. And yet he chose a Wooper. And it's rubbish.

2d14h44m For the last few minutes, nothing has happened. I predict that for the next few minutes, nothing will continue to happen.

2d14h33m: DAMMIT Irwin, can't you see we're celebrating?!

2d14h30m We've finally beaten Morty!

2d14h29m: The A spam is strong and Feraligatr surfs his way to steamrolling the first three of Morty's ghosts. On to Gengar!

2d14h26m: After an intense staring contest with Morty it looks like we're live again.

[Good one!] A single anarchy vote made it through the Dead Chat Zone (TM) and we're back into anarchy. You can't make this shit up, guys.

[Snark] This room is now in slow mode. Everyone may send one message every 600 seconds.

[Uh oh] It looks like Twitch's event IRC server has kicked the bucket, judging from the lack of inputs anywhere.

2d14h19m: Morty engaged. LET'S FIGHT!!

2d14h16m: The Elite Floor is bested once again and it's probably time to say hello to Morty again.

[Nifty Thought] It's very interesting to compare the input graphs between democracy (most of the inputs focused on one or two at at time) compared to anarchy (most inputs are spread out and not particularly focused).

[More Stats!] You can sort of see how the stream lag affects people's inputs on this snapshot. Flatter curves = more spread, steeper curves = less spread, in terms of lag and reaction times.

[Stats side-show] It's interesting to note that at the leadup to the hour, there's a huge surge in anarchy votes.

2d14h1m: Democracy is on, progress through the gym begins anew.

[Don't Worry, Be Happy] If nothing else, walking around aimlessly in the city is raising our Pokemon's friendship values.

2d13h36m: Just kind of putzing outside the gym right now. Our NPC disguise is flawless.

2h13h22m: Or not. Road trip time?

2d13h15m: Democracy wast turned off at some point, so just imagine AJ falling through the floor endlessly for the next 45 minutes and you've pretty much solved your need for live updates until the next hour

2d13h7m: Pokemon healed successfully. Now for the Gym?

[Snark] Any reference to "Red" is just referring to the color of the player's hat. It's red, you see.

[Information] It looks like the democracy first-vote-cycle bug hasn't been fixed, judging from the 3000 odd votes for a button

2d13h00m: We have not healed and democracy is kicking in.

2d12h58m: Don't quote me on this but I don't think we've healed since our grindfest fainted everything.

2d12h53m: Red is approaching the PC again.

2d12h20m: Out of the cave, into the ... well, dark, I guess, but we're out.

2d11h56m Feraligatr levels up to 38! We almost learn Slash, but of course, almost isn't actually doing it.

[Strategy] Alrighty everyone, if you want to discuss the mathematics behind Morty's Gym, please do it here.

2d11h37m: Nothing of interest to report. Still in the cave. Slowly fighting to new levels.

[Fluff] I have no idea how long we're going to be grinding here in Mt Mortar, so here's some Street Fighter 2 music to make the grinding a bit more epic

2d10h54m We're just grinding in Mt Mortar right now in preparation for the battle vs Morty, nothing too epic happening at the moment

2d10h52m Ether acquired

The stream's back up by the way, we're warring Ratattas as of 2d10h41m

Stream online. /riot

Stream offline. RIOT!

2d10h28m Feraligatr leveled up to 37

2d10h28m We just tried to use the ultra ball on a wild Golbat, but it failed!

2d10h26m Stream went fully offline for about 10 seconds, and then quickly came back

2d10h22m Acquired an ultra ball

2d10h1m: Off to Route 42 to grind I guess.

2d10h18m: Successfully exited the Pokemon Center without releasing anybody. This time.


2d10h09m: NOT NOW WADE

2d10h07m: I have some good news and some bad news! The good news is that we got through the floor maze and fought Morty! The bad news is that he won. And we turned off democracy, so it's 50 minutes until another serious attempt at the floor.

2d10h00m: Outside of Gengar struggling itself to death, we're pretty much done here, folks.

2d9h53m: Gengar is feasting on our dreams of beating this gym. RIP Feraligatr.

2d9h51m: Feraligatr is using useful moves like Scratch and Rage, which Gengar responds to by being a smug little shit as usual.

[Strategy] Switch to Water Gun, or we're doing the maze again.

2d9h49m: Gastly and Haunter get Feraligatored to death. Gengar puts it to sleep and eats its dreams.

2d9h48m: Koffing goes down to Curse.

Remember guys, the mathematics involved in the gym are not as simple as flipping 30 coins. I was just using the infographic as an example to show how slim the probability was in anarchy.

2d9h43m: Elite Floor defeated. Hi Morty.

2d9h40m: I'm pretty sure everybody's heart stopped for a moment there, but it's okay, breathe, breathe

Thanks to /u/johnmazz for the infographic!

By the way, the infographic I linked to below can be found in this thread.

[Note] This could just be me, but according to this infographic here, our odds of getting through this gym in anarchy are incredibly low. It might not be the best idea to spam anarchy about now. BUT THAT COULD JUST BE ME

[Music Choice] Here's something fitting while we try to navigate this blasted gym

2d9h26m: I'm not going to lie, I am laughing my ass off right now. Overshot the very last turn and back to the start we goooooooooooooooo

2d9h14m: Looks like the hive is going to take the one-step-at-a-time route. Remember: the voting periods are 30 second and your video is about that far behind. Plan ahead!

[Snark Quote] (From SA:) They've encountered the greatest challenge in Johto: The Elite Floor.

2d9h2m: Democracy mode takes over. Let's see what the hive has planned this time!

Stream online again. Probably a network burp.

Stream offline again

[Snark] Those who are dead set on accomplishing this in anarchy are encouraged to read this infographic, though. (Not to discourage you, but to give you an idea of the odds.)

[Strategy] According to the person who came up with the original command series, /u/oerias: b5right7down3right9down2left5up5right2up5left4up3right4up3left2up4a is the command that should actually work, all errors have been fixed as far as they can see. Perhaps we should give that a try. Alternatively, those of you who are dead set on seeing this done in anarchy must remember the importance of start and a commands in order to account for stream lag.

[Commentary] That's just a guess, I actually have no idea. It'd be great if the democracy bug was in fact fixed, though.

2d8h45m: Immediate changes to stream noticed: Start and a/b spam seems to be much more prominent.

[Commentary] If I had to guess, he probably fixed the "democracy mode ends immediately" bug

Whoa! Stream is down!

[Strategy] It may be worth considering that, since long command series may not be carried out fully, we find a shorter alternative. One idea is that we craft a command series that relies on the position we land in when we fail the puzzle, to cut off the time taken to orient ourselves in the bottom right corner.

[Strategy] On that note, the very long command series may not fully execute because another command may be used while an animation is running. It might be a better idea to split them apart into easier-managed chunks.

[Side Note] I would like to let everyone know some quick things that have been mentioned; 1. the voting period is 30 seconds (from 20 in gen 1), and 2. the inputs from combo commands will be scaled in speed to fit within the 30 seconds. (It may not be the case, but it is a common observation from many people)

[RECAP] /u/Calabazal recaps the last 24 hours HERE!

2d8h1m Well, the chat got ready to spam the code in the post below this one when democracy mode came on, but democracy mode barely lasted longer than a second. Back to the drawing board

[Strategy] If you're up for the "one command to solve them all" treatment, I've been linked this image as a way to solve the maze for real this time. (I make no claims about its accuracy, however, just throwing it out there.)

[Ring Ring] As soon as we step out of the gym, HEEEEEEEEREEEEE'S JOEY!

This gym floor is... tricky

2d7h1m: And after that flatulent attempt at getting to Morty it's back to anarchy mode. Needless to say the live updates for the next hour will probably be pretty quiet

2d7h0m: Looks like that command wasn't quite correct, so back to the start we gooooooooooooo!

[Side-note] Once democracy goes live, the command to walk all the wya to Morty, sent in by /u/PlotCitizen should apparently be be right9down3right9down9left5up5right2up6left5up3right5up3left2up4a. Guess that ditches us in the bottom right corner then works from there

[Information] Yeah, something's a bit wonky with the whole voting system at the start of periods. Here's an image from the start of a recent one (h/t SA). Notice that it's a second past the hour, and all of the voting nonsense.

2d6h35m Still on the trick floor in the Ecruteak Gym.

[Information] It looks like the first "vote period" in democracy uses the total votes over the last anarchy period as its first option, so enough anarchy spam in the downtime ends up making the democracy period immediately end. This is just speculation based on the fact that the first voting period shows thousands of votes for the inputs, though. But if you were wondering why democracy sometimes lasts mere seconds, now you know.

2d6h17m Still messing around in the Ecruteak Gym. Trick floor still holding people back. Here's the map posted a bit ago, in case anyone needs it again -- but I'm guessing this'll wait until democracy mode engaged.

2d6h4m Popped out of the gym a bit, then back to it. Anarchy may have a tough time with this one.

2d5h50m Having some trouble with the trick floor.

2d5h33m Morty was too spooky for us. AJ whites out!

2d5h30m Haunter goes down to Togepi's Sacred Fire inflicted burn. Unfortunately, Eevee is left to take on a very cocky looking Gengar.

2d5h27m LazorGator goes down to Morty's Haunter. We have only Eevee left. We throw a pokeball at Morty's Haunter in desperation.

Togepi down, Eevee up next

[D] 2d5h24m Morty paddles up to the lineup. Can he keep up with the Surfing Godzilla or is he just some kook? Morty engaged.

[D] 2d5h15m We're surfing over battling the last trainer before Morty.

[D] 2d5h8m AJ reaches the 3rd trainer! He's quickly deposed of by Surf.

[D] 2d5h2m With democracy in control, we are stuck in conversation with the second trainer. Anarchy is the second most voted option.

2d4h58m We have reached the second of four trainers before Morty. The battles are pretty trivial as Godzilla just washes the ghosts away with Surf.

[Map] Here's a map of the path through the Ecruteak Gym.

2d4h50m AJ is a simple, unsuspecting Pokemon trainer. Unfortunately, he's about to find out that the Ecruteak Gym floor is not as solid as it seems.

[Correction] I am an idiot. We are in the Ecruteak Gym, Morty's Ghost flavored Gym.
Also the last update should read 2d4h40m

d4h40m Stream is back. ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ Holster your riots. ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐

2d4h36m Stream down. ヽ༼@ل͜ຈ༽ノ R I O T ヽ༼@ل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Recap] Don't like reading and missed something from today? Here's an audio recap.

2d4h15m Raticate faints, and we white out! Back to the Mahogany Town Pokemon Center.

2d4h8m Raticate is down to 4 health and we can't seem to get out of the Burned Tower. Also, heavy snow is in the area. Expect white out conditions soon.

2d3h56m Eusine walks up to us after we find the legendary dog trio. He can barely contain himself. Too bad for you, Eusine. Suicune likes us better!

2d3h54m We catch a Zubat with a full health pokeball toss. No nickname.

2d3h53m We defeat Silver in the Burned Tower. Then promptly get dumped down a hole.

2d3h13m Godzirra is poisoned by a wild Koffing. This does not bode well for our exploration efforts.

2d3h9m Weezus fulfilling his life goal: exterminating rats with poison gas.

[EDIT] That should ABBBDDDDDD, missed a D off the end.

2d2h55m In a twist on the usual formula, we allow ourselves to get damaged before throwing the Pokeball. But it works! We catch a Raticate, nicknamed ABBBDDDDD

2d2h45m Apparently there are Pokemon rampaging at the Lake of Rage. Well I'm not surprised, if you give it a name like that.

2d2h44m In situations like this, when there's debate about the virtues of Anarchy, I am reminded of the philosopher Vroomfondel, who said: "we demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!"

2d2h41m We have healed. I never doubted for a second. Indeed, a shadow of doubt had not even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing my mind.

2d2h38m Jack says he missed catching a Nidoran by just a little bit. Doesn't matter Jack, you still missed. He reckons if he knew more he'd have caught it. Maybe Jack, you're just not cut out for this.

2d2h36m Ah, the PC. Loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it.

2d2h30m Guy in the Pokemon Centre reckons there's a conspiracy surrounding the Gyarados at the lake. Smells...fishy to me.

2d2h15m Like Ford Prefect in a Vogon airlock, I was only fooling. This is it we're going to die.
No, wait! We're in the Pokemon centre!

2d2h2m I'm recognising the beginnings of a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel. If we 'grind' enough, our Pokemon will soon faint, and we will definitely reach a Pokemon centre!

[STRATEGY] Ok, so this isn't strategy, this is 101 stuff. We need to heal.
Anyone else enjoying the change of pace and total incompetence? It's like the old days :)

2d1h53m Ecruteak is apparently a historical city. At the rate we're going we'll still be here in 100 years as well.

2d1h51m In case you were wondering, not much has happened. We're simply wandering around Ecruteak City with a party of passed-out Pokemon. But hey, one of them knows Surf, and that's something right?

2d1h22m Apparently, we have a death wish. After all that kerfuffle, we have left the Pokemon centre without healing!

[D] 2d1h21m Victory! Feraligatr learned Surf. He forgot Scary Face. Anarchy then kicks in before we can try for a repeat performance.

[D] 2d1h15m Step by excruciating step, we are working through the menu. We have overcome the challenge of selecting a Pokemon - but will we delete the correct move?

[D] 2d1h12m If paint-drying was a professional sport, you have the same combination of barely-contained excitement and total boredom that is elicited by watching Democracy try to teach someone Surf.

[D] 2d1h9m We've moved on from Cut, and are staring intently at Surf. Indeed, as I speak, the hivemind seems to have settled on this action and have booted up Surf.

[D] 2d1h8m 20 minutes later and we're still standing at the desk, and seem to be trying to teach someone Cut rather than healing our team.

[D] 2d1h1m With Democracy in place, we are trying very hard to talk to the nice Nurse lady, but are currently staying vacantly into our pack.

2d0h47m If our battle against the Girls was like a dance, then it would probably be more Anne Widdicombe than Ginger Rogers. We really need to heal.

2d0h43m Received HM03, Surf

2d0h42m Looking for someone to give us the Surf we deserve, we get a phonecall from Jack, who says that Stomp is more powerful on a Pokemon who minimizes. Swot.

2d0h40m Feraligatr clobbers umbreon, and the final Kimono girl is defeated

2d0h38m We're fighting Umbreon! Last battle of the Kimono Girls! All we have is a mostly wounded Feraligatr though!

2d0h24m Also, we beat Jolteon


2d0h20m We're battling Jolteon! Let's see how our Water=Based Superstar handles an electric type!

2d0h19m Espeon down! [3/5]

2d0h13m We're battling Espeon! For those who don't know, each Kimono Girl has a different Eeveelution. When we defeat all five, we'll get HM03 Surf, a great move for Croconaw!

2d0h13m Flareon down! [2/5]

2d0h06m We're battling Flareon! Fortunately, Croconaw is something of an expert at dealing with fire types!

2d0h03m Vaporeon down!

1d 23h 59m We're fighting Vaporeon!

1d 23h 55m We're in the Kimono Girls Dance Hall!

1d 23h 45m Or Togepi could get one-shot by a Thunderbolt from Magnemite. AJ Whites Out!

1d 23h 44m: Lvl 11 Togepi vs. 3 Lvl 20+ Pokemon. It's time to pray for a miracle!

1d 23h 44m: Nevermind! Haunter uses Curse, cutting it's own HP in half - AKA Haunter faints!

1d 23h 42m: Note, we also can't recall Eevee due to Mean Look, looks like it may be a while.

1d 23h 42m Eevee continues to use Sand Attack and Tail Whip, while Haunter can't seem to affect normal-type Eevee

1d 23h 37m Haunter drops WWWEEE the Koffing, OXXOZZ Was already down from the path to red. Next up, Eevee!

1d 23h 34m Haunter is less than impressed with Croconaw's Scary Face. Croconaw goes down, as do expectations for this run

1d 23h 31m AJ vs. Silver - Round Three, FIGHT

1d 23h 20m Caterpie puts Totodile to shame, evolving on its first attempt! Welcome OXXOZZ -: the Metapod!

1d 23h 15m We're back crushing Cyndaquil's in the Burnt Tower

1d 21h 55m We've successfully managed to walk in a simple line, exiting the house

NOTE: The house we're trapped in isn't exactly a maze, we just keep getting lodged in the corners.

1d 21h 52m Turmoil rages as chat debates between obtaining HM03, Surf, or having another run at Silver. As it is now, we've been stuck in an irrelevant house for about 10 minutes.

1d 21h 29m Our buddy Todd drops us a line, fortunately, we're no where near a PC this time

1d 21h 22m After meandering in circles in the Pokemon Centre, we elect not to use the PC, and to heal and leave. Apologies for the previous two posts, timestamps should read 21 hours

1d 25h 8m Croconaw loses a hard fought battle to Bayleef! AJ Whites Out!

1d 25h 5m Eevee shoots herself down in confusion, it's on Croconaw to try and carry this fight! Unfortunately, Bayleef is still waiting in the wings.

1d 21h 57m After showing Cyndaquil #5 who's boss, Round Two with Silver begins!

1d 21h 50m We encounter our 4th Lvl 5 Cyndaquil in the Burnt Tower! We flee, leaving this one to see another day.

1d 21h 46m We're back in the Burnt Tower!

1d 21h 35m Bayleef is unimpressed with Eevee's tail whip. AJ Whites Out!

1d 21h 33m Crokonaw levels up!

1d 21h 33m Most of our party goes down before finishing Bayleef, it's just Eevee versus Bayleef + 1 now

1d 21h 28m The Battle with Silver has commenced

[META] Would you like to be part of the Live Updater team? Apply through this form!

1d 21h 11m After briefly entering and leaving the Burned Tower, we've re-entered and appear to be giving it a real try this time!

1d 20h 40m Alas, a wild Rattata claims two victims, AJ Whites Out!

1d 20h 38m Croconaw goes down, it's left to our newcomer, the Koffing WWWEEE to defend us!

1d 20h 38m If anyone was doubting the fact that this was a romhack, I suppose the 2 Wild Cyndaquill's we've encountered would attest to that.

1d 20h 35m We didn't Cyndaquill, but earlier we caught and added Koffing to our party

1d 20h 30m To the general confusion of all, we encounter a wild Cyndaquill!

1d 20h 0m Democracy only lasted a couple of seconds. We figured we've had enough of the Tower, and went back outside for some fresh air.

1d 19h 58m Wild Rattata took Togepi really low, good thing we had a hyper potion to heal Togepi right up! AM I RIGHT? He's back low now though, and we ran away.

[STRAT] - Here's a map of the first floor of Burned Tower.

1d 19h 53m: We made it in! Some dude named Eusine is looking for a Suicune in this tower. Where could it be?

1d 19h 51m: Getting mighty close to the entrance of Burned Tower. Will we get in before Democracy sets in?

1d 19h 48m: Pressing our face up close to the ledge as we get closer to the Burned Tower. Oh how I've missed the smell of ledge.

1d 19h 44m: Back outside. Alan called us again. Nice fellow, but a little clingy.

1d 19h 41m: Healed up! Now the question is do we retrieve smoochie and drowzee or go off to Burned Tower?

1d 19h 38m: Deposited drowzee and smoochie.

1d 19h 35: What? My pokemon are in critical condition? Don't worry about it yo, watch me run up and down the stairs like a maniac!

1d 19h 30m: "So you're saying if Hoothoot gets released in the PC, he gets released in real life?" Let's not stick around long enough to find out.

1d 19h 27m: Word on the street is that this town's Gym leader is "cool".

1d 19h 19m: Made it into the Pokecenter. This upper left corner is quite cozy.

1d 19h 15: Just got a call from Schoolboy Alan. Sounds like he wants to scrap with us later.

1d 19h 14m: Folks seem to be torn between wanting to go to the Pokecenter and just heading straight up to the Burned Tower.

1d 19h 9m: Tried to talk to this qt3.14 in front of the Pokecenter but she's giving us the cold shoulder.

[META] Would you like to be part of the Live Updater team? Apply through this form! Bonus points if you're in Australian time zones.

1d 19h 3m: Back to Anarchy mode! Looks like we're getting pretty close to the Burned Tower.

1d 19h 0m: [D] Welcome to another hourly Democracy!

1d18h36m At last Eevee stops trying to hit him and hits him. Psychic Greg is defeated and runs home to his mother, who I assume must be called Mystic Meg.

1d18h34m Eevee wakes up angry and growls at Drowzee. He then attempts to run, which somewhat ruins the effect.

1d18h233m Eevee is sleeping. This is very cute, but utterly useless.

1d18h31m Croconaw is fed a berry for no reason, and at long last Drowzee succeeds in sending Omelette to sleep. Omelette's dream is gulped down by Drowzee and the sleep turns into a faint. Next up: Eevee. Who falls asleep.

1d18h28m The difference in levels here is telling, however :n fights back disabling Drowzee's Dream Eater. Out goes the Omelette, who isn't affected by Hypnosis! Togepi flashes Drowzee, but is then disabled.

1d18h27m On to route 37 and Psychic Greg wants a fight. His level 17 Drowzee is up against our level 12 one.

1d18h22m Like a house-elf disobeying its masters, AJ vacillates back and forth in front of the PC. Eventually he leaves the building to vacillate behind a bush instead.

1d18h20m AJ manically mashes PC buttons. Todd the camper calls us, I've never been so relieved to have a phonecall.

1d18h17m AJ approaches the PC but mercifully achieves nothing.

[Snark] AJ, did you catch Misty's bug phobia or what? *(Thanks /u/beefhash)

1d18h8m We press start and immediately quit the contest! We obtain a berry at least?

1d18h7m Third time's the charm! We enter the bug-catching contest!

1d17h59m Joey's Rattatta's looking sharper than ever. It must have a new suit I guess.

1d17h43m We're in the name-rater's house, but not currently inviting his input.

1d17h24m: After messing around in Bill's house for ages, we finally received Eevee! With no nickname...

1d17h11m: We're in Bill's house! And we just got his phone number.

[Breeding Update] Though we don't know for sure (for some reason), people have been saying that Hoothoot was male so him and Pidgey will not be able to breed. Oh, well.

1d17h3m: We just entered and exited the train station in Goldenrod. Almost cute that AJ appears so eager to enter Kanto when he doesn't know the ledge horrors awaiting him...

[Fun fact] Hoothoot and Pidgey are both in the same egg group (Flying) - so if they are different genders it means that they will breed!

1d16h54m: HootHoot has been left in the Daycare!

1d16h52m: Just left Togepi and got him back again.

1d16h51m: AJ goes into the backyard section of the Daycare to look at the lonely, left-behind Brian. Heartbreaking.

1d16h47m: Daycare attempt #2!

[Strategy] Our party is full again, which means another trip to the Daycare is needed. Also, Anyone else think ":n" looks like Drowzee in emojii form, with its huge nose?

1d16h42m: Just caught a Drowzee with the nickname ":n"

1d16h38m: Brian has been put in the Daycare

1d16h37m: We just left Smoochum in the Daycare... before immediately taking her back out again.

1d16h35m: We're in the Daycare!

1d16h27m: We made it back to Goldenrod and are now in the Route with the Daycare. Looks like the strategy is to drop some Pokemon off there to free up space for Eevee!

[Strategy] As our new HootHoot is filling the last slot in our party, if people still want to get Eevee it means we're gonna need a trip to the PC.

1d16h12m: Todd calls us again to tell us about a Goldenrod sale - not now, Todd! We're on a HootHoot catching spree!

1d16h11m: Err... Just caught another HootHoot, again with no nickname. And it was sent to Bill's PC as our party is full.

1d16h9m: Just caught a HootHoot! With no nickname.

1d16h6m: After a pretty unpleasant time in a demo-battle, we're back in Anarchy. Also, it seems like the current plan is heading back to Goldenrod to get Eevee.

[D] 1d16h0m Democracy sets in as we begin a fight with a Psyduck, there seems to be minimal anarchy votes.

1d15h58m After tromping around the local routes and turning down the offer to creep on sexy dancers, Aj downy decides to do a brief break dance in the separation tunnel between the town and the route, before finally making it into national park.

1d15h51m Todd calls us for a rematch then hangs up in our face. What a nice bloke!

1d15h32m Many are suggesting we check out the dance theater where we can get an HM and do some battles, but more importantly, creep on sexy dancer chicks.

[STRATEGY] With a view to future dragons, Ice Punch has been suggested as a possible move to acquire in Goldenrod. Discuss amongst yourselves.

1d15h32m We're in Ecruteak city, the gym leader is ripe for the taking. We choose to check the start menu a few times and walk around a bit? What's that bit down that? Save? That looks neat, we decide to check that out.

1d1526m Post-healing it would appear that the Omelette has learned Flash. [Insert flash in the pan joke here]

1d15h12m Pokemon all healed up. Then again for good measure.

1s15h8m It's the sinister Bill! Talking about his time capsule, to enable us to trade with the past. I bet it's some kind of Doomsday device (or should I see Domesday device? Heh. Heh. Heh.).

1d15h7m An old man asks us if we can dance like the Kimono Girls, and if we go to their theatre, an old man will give us something nice.

1d14h56m The egg has hatched. It's a Smoochum. Like Jet Li in Hero, it is Nameless.

1d14h55m Welcome to Ecruteak City

1d14h52m: After a battle with twins, Croconaw tried to evolve - and failed :(

1d14h43m: Well we made it past Sudowoodo, but AJ thought it was a good idea to try and head back to Violet City, instead of - y'know - progressing in the game.

1d14h38m: Croconaw just KO'd Sudowoodo with two Water Guns. Ah, well.

1d14h38m: Prince Omelette has become scrambled eggs.

1d14h38m: We just used our only Great Ball... and it broke out!

1d14h36m: Just used the Squirtbottle! Aaaaaaaand we're fighting Sudowoodo!

1d14h33m: Left National Park (and that stunning music) behind. Not long 'till Sudowoodo now.

1d14h22m: Todd calls us to tell us the Goldenrod Dept Store is having a sale. And just after we were in there! Great timing Todd

1d14h17m: Also, forgot to mention it, but on the way in we were faced with another PC and played around with it and the hive's collective PTSD (PC Trauma Stress Disorder) made a comeback.

1d14h15m: Currently in the National park jamming out to the music in there. Too good.

1d14h10m: We ran around the Pokecenter trying to heal for a bit, but I guess the close call with the PC has scared us off. We're now in Goldenrod heading up to Sudowoodo!

1d14h6m: AJ is innocently standing in front of the PC as thousands of voices in his head screech "LEFT!!! DOWN!!! B!!!!"

1d13h48m: After a quick check in the bag the ACTUAL final total of balls AJ purchased is 14 Pokeballs and 1 Great Ball. Sorry again!

1d13h42m: Getting a lot of mixed facts on how many balls AJ (not Red - sorry) has purchased. People are saying between 11-13.

1d13h38m: At a successful visit to the Dude With Balls, Red has purchased 3 Pokeballs and 1 Great Ball (but not before trying to purchase 99 Great Balls and being told he couldn't afford it - ouch)

1d13h29m: We just rang Elm and told him that the egg has hatched. So, now he wants us back at his lab right this second. Sorry, Elm. We've got some balls to attend to.

1d13h26m: Irwin calls us up to tell us he heard we beat Whitney and he's "proud to be our friend". Surprisingly sweet. Many tears were shed.

1d13h20m: Just entered the Department Store in Goldenrod, looks like we're getting Pokeballs

1d13h18m: Current objective is currently all over the place - we got the Squirtbottle but we appear to be hanging around the south of Goldenrod. To heal? Get Pokeballs from the Dept. Store? Who knows?

1d13h10m: Just got the Squirtbottle!!!

1d13h8m: After a quick detour around Goldenrod in a failed Democracy run, we're back in the flower shop and we just talked to the young girl about the Squirtbottle. Now - the older sister!

[Recap] If you're just joining us, then here's our current situation: we are in Goldenrod City, attempting to retrieve the SquirtBottle from the flower shop, next to the Gym. Our team is LazorGator the Croconaw, Brian the Pidgey, Love Bug the Caterpie, Prince Omelette the Togepi, and the MyStErIoUs Egg (ooooooh).

1d12h42m "My reflection! Lookin' good." Are you serious, AJ?

1d12h37m We call home. "Mum, do you have any idea what a SquirtBottle looks like?"

1d12h32m Back in Goldenrod.

1d12h23m Brian the Pidgey almost evolves.

1d12h19m Fleeing in terror from the PC, AJ hurries right out of Goldrenrod and down to Route 34.

[Strategy] Remember, we're looking for the SquirtBottle so we can carry on down Route 36. It can be found in the Flower Shop, next door to the Gym.

1d12h15m LazoreGator finally falls to a rogue Hoothoot, and AJ whites out to Goldenrod.

[D] 1d12h10m Somehow, despite LazorGator having no moves left to use, we kick Jack to the curb.

[D] 1d12h5m "There are lots of things I don't know - but I know more than you do!" Schoolboy Jack is a little too cocky for AJ's liking.

1d11h58m After much fussing, we return to the National Park.

1d11h44m Still bumbling about on Route 36. Maybe we should phone Joey and ask for directions?

1d11h29m There's a moment of dark realisation in the comment stream. "Oh ****, we need the spraycan" sums up the general mood right now pretty nicely.

1d11h26m We've talked to the little sister and we can now go get the water bottle from the Flower shop. Progress, Sweet sweet progress!

1d11h25m Antidote used on Love Bug - well, we were bound to use that Antidote at an appropriate time eventually, even if only by accident. Love Bug celebrates by fainting, trapped in the grasp of a Tangela.

1d11h20m LazorGator sweeps another trainer, the unthreateningly-titled Psychic Mark.

1d11h16m "I'll take that weird tree-thing on, SquirtBottle or no SquirtBottle," AJ proclaims, arriving at Route 36.

[Strategy] Not to derail this current streak of high-speed travelling we've been doing, but to get any further than midway down Route 36 we're going to need to pick up the SquirtBottle from the Goldrenrod City Flower Shop (next door to the gym).

[D] 1d11h10m Pokefan Beverly was cruisin' for a bruisin'. LazorGator takes her out.

[D] 1d11h7m We've arrived in the National Park.

{Strategy} Many people are proposing we get the Eevvee from bills house. But do note that if we get this we'll have to catch another pokemon, then go to the PC to get a pokemon with cut. ( None of the Mystery egg pokemon can learn it.) -Suggested by LittleLampen.

[D] 1d11h5m Democracy is taking us places, as we power northwards.

1d10h53m: But the future refused to change, and Lazorgator stays a Croconaw

1d10h53m: Lazorgator levels up!

1d10h51m: We say fuck the police and fight Officer Dirk and his Growlithe

1d10h49m: Dosh count: 5566

1d10h34m AJ attempts to bypass a Cut-able tree, only to remember that the Admiral is no longer with him. Several sobs are stifled.

1d10h29m AJ repeatedly checks the Pokedex entries for Totodile and Croconaw. It's a celebratory ritual, probably.

1d10h27m We grind on Hoothoots, Dittos, and Abras for a bit.

[Sidenote] Remember, Croconaw evolves into Feraligatr at level 30, one level away from now.

1d10h17m Anarchy resumes as the hivemind rejoices.

1d10h16m Totodile evolves!! At level 29, it's about time.

1d10h14m 6 minutes of democratic gridlock and we finally hit Drowzee with a rage.

1d10h9m While working to get a democratic evolution we run into Drowzee. A9 is a nose above anarachy.

1d10h5m: Todd the camper called. Todd's an okay guy, very nice. We should go pay him a visit sometime.

1s10h5m SO CLOSE, But so far away. We very nearly leveled up.

1s10h5m 19 takes over, and we're about to go full rage on this pidgey!

1d10h4m Democracy is on the reigns and Toto is about to level up! We could have an evolution on our hands!!!

[Fixed Update] Here's a screenshot that /u/je_bentes managed to get before the creator pulled the stream. Looks like Windows XP 7/Vista with aero-off and OBS to me

[RECAP] Recap what happened in the last 24 hours with /u/Calabazal right HERE! [6:09]. Things are happening so quickly at the moment that it's recent to about an hour ago, but it does take time to produce excellent content!

[Reader's Corner] Looks like the creator has updated the stream info to confirm that we are officially running a romhack version of the game. See more info here! Thanks /u/neiromaru!

1d9h37m TM04, Rollout, can currently only be taught to Togepi in our party

[Update] Here's a screenshot that /u/je_bentes managed to get before the creator pulled the stream. Looks like Windows XP and OBS to me

1d9h35m Got TM04!

And just like that, the stream is back up

Looks like we got a short behind the scenes look at the streamer's PC before he quickly pulled the stream. Anyone have a screenshot of it? Send it to me if you do!

Stream is offline!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

The stream is paused!

1d9h16m Totodile carries us through another trainer battle, Todd calls again

1d9h8m We flee with 0 casualties, we're back on Route 35 heading to Pokemon park

1d9h6m We're back at the PC!

1d9h2m We enter pokemon park!

1d8h58m We get in a battle with the Fire Juggler next to Irwin and work to take down his Magmar. Two Scratches and he goes down.

1d8h57m Tota gets level 28 and he's stopped from evolving. We pick up Irwin's phone number as well.

1d8h56m We get in (another?) battle with Juggler Irwin, guessing we're getting even more voltorbs, we scratch the first two down.

1d8h52m Strike that again, the bottle is in a house next to the gym, while the Sudowoodo we have to battle is on route 36.

1d8h49m Yelnax has let us know that we need the Squirt bottle first which we need to get from the girl on route 36

1d18m47m We wander around town for a bit. Quick Fyi, up is the way to the next gym.

1d8h30m AJ NO! He comes back in and boots up a slot machine. Good thing he doesn't have any "Casino Coins". What is this, Chucky Cheese?

1d8h29m We enter a Casino then quickly walk back out. Good move Aj, that's a vice that you never want to get involved in.

[RECAP] Our current party Thanks /u/TheElistist921

In Memorial of Admiral Sentret, I'd sail away with you any day

[Roster] Current team is now Totodile, Pidgey, Caterpie, Togepi and the Mysterious Egg. Sentret has been released.

1d8h22m We also withdrew Oxxozz too, if I'm not mistaken hopefully not

1d8h22m We name our Pc box after us then boot up again.

1d8h21m We get Price Omelet!

1d8h21m Pidgey Withdrawn

1d8h20m The Admiral has gone down with his ship :(

1d8h20m Admiral released! :(

1d8h19m We release VV.

1d8h19m Super potion withdrawn

1d8h18m We are currently flirting with the PC. Here we go again

1d8h14m We laughed at Juggler Irwin. "Level 2 Voltorb," we scoffed, "who does this idiot think he is?" You win this round, Irwin. This round.

1d8h12m VV is down, back to the Pokecenter.

1d8h10m Toto has a single HP point left and we rapidly try to use an Antidote on him before knocking out another Voltorb with a rage. Totodile takes a hit from the next one and goes down. Out goes VV.

1d8h8m A scratch and a rage latter and we've taken out two of them.

1d8h9m We engage in a battle with Juggler Irwin who sends out a... level 2 Voltorb?

1d8h6m Anarchy returns after 6 minutes of democracy in the middle of a trainer battle.

[D] 1d8h0m Democracy initiated in the middle of a trainer battle. Right now, the majority seems to be in favor of finishing the battle in democracy mode, something that's surprising to me

1d7h55m Totadile reaches Level 27, unable to evolve he replaces Bite with Scary face

[Roster] There's a bit of confusion going about at the moment, so to re-clarify: our team currently consists of Totodile (lvl 26), Sentret (lvl 7), and the Mysterious Mystery Egg of Mysteries. All other pokemon (Wooper, Caterpie, Togepi and Pidgey) are in the PC. Hope that helps!

Stream's unpaused

(Fluff) Everyone's a bit heated from the PC stealing some of our pokemon, let's listen to some Smooth Jazz and calm down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kSmLTmS1xI&feature=kp

Stream's paused. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

1d7h36m We take Sentret right back out.

1d7h34m An old lady took our Sentret! Halp police pls Deposited Sentret in the Day Care.

[RECAP] State of our party post-PC

1d7h32m We receive the Odd egg which has a baby pokemon with Dizzy punch, solid move.

{Suggestion} Many people want the Mystery egg offered by the old man, why not grab it, then leave one of out weaker pokemon in the pc.

We deposited all our pokemon save totodile, then grabbed the admiral back

1d7h27m sorry for the lack of updates guys, we're back on track now

1d6h50m Joey tells us about how he mercilessly killed a Pidgey. I think this makes us accomplices.

1d6h48m We get in a battle in front of the Day Care center and Sir Omelet runs for it.

{Strategy} We either go up to advance in the plan, or we could go down to get the mystery egg who has one of the baby pokemon (Tyrouge, Elekid, Magbi, ect). They all know Dizzy Punch. Though We'd have to deposit someone first.

1d6h33m Now it's VV, Er, ok

1d6h33m The Name rater renames the Admira Ajm. Still pretty similar.

1d6h28m 35 minutes after defeating Whitney, we finally exit her gym!

1d6h14m We're so attached to the Clefairy overview in Whitney's gym, god knows what we'll do when we got to Mt. Moon.

1d6h5m For those who can't find our way out, HERE is a (small) map of the gym. I don't think a large one was ever expected to be required.

1d6h1m We're still circling around the Gym, despite having beating literally everyone inside. We're just rubbing it in, watching Whitney's tears.

1d5h51m We keep talking to Whitney, We revel in her tears!

1d5h51m Miltank goes down! Whitney was defeated!

1d5h51m Totodile is up against Miltank! It's a close match as Miltank keeps missing Rollouts, and we're using the only marginally effective water gun!

1d5h50m Ozzy levels up! You deserve it champ!

1d5h49m Ozzy gets swapped for Totodule! After 2 scratches and a water gun, Clefairy goes down!

1d5h46m Ozzy Osborne (Lvl5) has managed to tackle a Lvl 18 Clefairy 5 times! We hear it's battle cry in celebration of the ~10% of Clefairy's health we've been about to move.


1d5h46m RIP Pidgey, One-shot by Clefairy.

1d5h45m You want to battle? I'm warning you I'm good! We're fighting Whitney!

1d5h46m The starts are aligning for Toto's evolution as we slowly but surely approach Whitney, if we can beat her, and level up Toto, then we might have a crocanknaw on our hands!

1d5h45m We're currently circulating around the edge of the Gym trying to psyche Whitney out! 10+ minutes of staring her down from every angle and sizing her up should do the trick!

1d5h34m We're back in Whitney's gym!

1d5h22m Realizing our Antidote did little to help us against Whitney, we enter the mart to purchase a potion. We quickly realize that's far too logical and leave.

1d5h17m Aaaaand we're back folks. AJ Blacks Out!

1d5h14m We're fighting Whitney! Our only hope left is a weakened Totodile though

1d5h13m Moment of Truth, Totodile still is yet to evolve. I don't even want to kill myself right now.

1d5h11m A massive influx of Bs come in. Not only are we stopping him from evolving, we're stopping him from moving!

1d5h10m The Admiral is down. He died as he live... being an Admiral. Toto is here to save the day, and he's going to kick some ass in a major way.

1d5h7m Lass Bridget blocks our path from Whitney and sends out A Jiggleypuff which promptly starts whacking the Admiral. He tries to run for a while,then curls up in a ball, what a noble and inspiring leader we have.

5h6m Anarchy reigns! We're but a few feet from Whitney... and some other chick.

{Strategy} we need to go down and around that young woman to our left if we want to get anywhere.

[D] 5h3m We decide to up9 twice into a wall. Who's idea was this exactly?

[D] 1d5h1m Democracy is here and we're going to have a beer. But we're going to spend 8 hours trying to drink it.

1d4h58m Snub is down and we're a minute from democracy.

1d4h58m Toto gets sent out and water guns for just under half damage, then does it again for just a fleck left.

1d4h57m We try to charm are way out of it, and it works, the attack falls drastically. but Snubble bites the hand that feeds her and knocks out Sir Omelet.

1d4h55m We get in a battle with a lass and she sends out snubble and filches Sir Omelet with a bite. He's down pretty low.

1d4h54m Aj Downy is doing oddly well with the maze, perhaps he has a secret map on his pokedex which he checks often.

1d4h52m We try to run but we see Meowth all around us. He hits us with a bite for tiny damage, then we drop him down to with 2 water guns.

1d4h52m Brian is down and out comes Toto.

1d4h51m Se sends out another, lower level, meowth. We Try to send out Oxxy Ozzworm but he's too busy fighting the system. Brian the Pidgey comes out instead.

1d4h49m We switch in for toto and we take some minimal damage from Payday until we hit hard with water gun, then finish with a rage.

1d4h49m We get into battle with "Beuty Samantha" She's Humble too! She sends out a level 16 Meowth and we send out Pidgey.

[Strategy] Operation TM is getting popular, stating that we should teach a bunch of our TMS

1d4h47m We're in the Normal type gym and just beat a trainer, we're headed off to "Take Down" Whitney. Yeah, let's keep thinking that.

1d4h46minutes we send out Lazer and attempt to throw the GS ball a couple of times. Good thing that isn't allowed. We scratch and OKHO it.

1d4h44m We get in a battle with level 17 Sentret!!! Wooper oddly holds his own for a while then waterguns for minimal damage!

(Note) We must show the ball to Kurt first.

(Note) this isn't happening now, this is just what the event would be.

1d4h21m Ok, Here's exactly how it goes down. We put the Gs ball in the shrine, Celebi flies out. We have to catch it the normal way. Again, considering we don't have the skills to catch a Rattata, I wouldn't get too excited.

1d4h14m More people confirming that we can catch celebi with this ball. We have to go to the Ilex forest shrine.

1d4h10m Officially part of the rom hack, the GS ball will allow us to encounter a celebi in the Ilex forest. Don't get too excited, we can't catch a Rattata. However the GS ball does have master ball properties for celebi, so if we CAN throw it, we can add celebi to our team.

1d4h9m The Nurse has managed to dump her lost property on us. Acquired GS Ball.

1d4h9m We receive the GS ball, a useless item that in the japenese game we would've used to get Celebi. Perhaps we can with this Romhack, or perhaps we can't.

1d4h7m We heal up, ready to head out to goldenrod.

1d4h6m After a brief struggle on Democracy, we have moved unerringly into the nearest Pokecenter. Ring ring! Strewth, it's Joey, I think he's marrying his Pokemon.

1d3h44m Flushed with a sense of victorious purpose, we have left the radio tower and ventured onto the mean streets of Goldenrod.

1d3h42m Chairman Wow! We got 5/5! Obtained radio card

1d3h40m If nothing else, this radio quiz has left me under no illusions concerning the availability of berries at a mart.

In case you missed the commencement of this adventure, here's an audio recap.

1d3h27m Taking the positives, at least it's only 33 minutes to Democracy...

1d3h23 If Alan Pardew was confronted with a brick wall, the resulting scene would be analagous to our approach to this quiz.

1d3h17m We got 4 out of 5 right on the quiz, and we keep taking it! The over achievers in the chat will never settle on a B!

1d3h17m If we try enough times, then on balance of probability, we'll get there in the end. As long as all the answers are 'yes'. Which they aren't.

1d3h17m We're taking the radio quiz! And we failed the radio quiz. No radio card for us :(

1d3h16m Stream has returned, not currently sure if anything changed.

RIOT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blA8IQJN45k&list=PLX2MjbJ6GIceq8YbAPJ0ExF_yRUafQkLG

Stream is paused.

1d3h3m After inching along the counter a few paces, Anarchy returns and AJ gets moving like someone used Launch Control.

[D] 1d3h0m Our current aimlessness has been compounded by the onset of democracy, which moves us right twice. I'm not sure if people are slow to react, or if they're actually running with democracy this time.

1d2h58m Currently intrepidly exploring the foyer of the radio tower. Because Johto can't afford TV.

1d2h55m We have successfully walked north and entered C-3PO's hometown. No, not Mos Espa.

1d2h53m Totodile goes toe-to-toe against one of my personal favourites, Psyduck, and finishes him off in two moves. Camper Todd defeated. Oh no! We've given him our number!

1d2h52m 'ey up! It's a trainer battle against on of those campers. I hate campers. Counterstrike was full of 'em.

[Sign-Off] Sorry everyone but it's almost 2am and I'm about to pass out, so I'm signing off. I tried to contact any online updaters but no one has responded yet, but hopefully someone hops on here soon! It's been a pleasure :D Adios!

[meta] live update thread 2 is up. Try not to kill my inbox too much <3

1d2h46m: Just left Ilex Forest (finally!) and are now on Route 34

1d2h42m: "Hey, this is Joey, got a minute?" NO JOEY WE DON'T

1d2h41m: Pidgey is lvl 15 and we're nearing the Ilex Forest exit!

1d2h37m: Prince Omelette just fainted in a trainer battle before he had the chance to wow us with a based Metronome. Luckily Pidgey quickly avenged his death.

1d2h23m: Pidgey is now lvl 14! And the stream crashed just as Wade called us... Wade, destroyer of worlds...

1d2h13m: Picked up an Ether before AJ stops to peruse his collected badges again.

[Meta] A lot of people are requesting a Day 2 thread - it's going to be put up as soon as the Mods come online (they're all offline atm). Just need a little more patience! Thanks :)

1d1h51m: Just picked up an Antidote!

1d1h50m: We're currently roaming around Ilex Forest right now, trying to get out. Btw, our grinding in here has paid off - here are our current Pokemon levels.

1d1h31m: Just threw our last Pokeball at a wild Metapod - thankfully, he broke out.

1d1h29m: The SPLIT SECOND we exit the bag, creepy Joey is calling us again... but it's okay, because a few seconds later, we've cut the tree in Ilex Forest!

[D] 1d1h28m: WE DID IT!! ADiiiiihhh just learned Cut! Thank GOD!

[D] 1d1h18m: Just overshot and tried to teach Cut to Love Bug... the great enemy Lag rears its head again

[D] 1d1h14m: Mistakenly tried to teach Cut to Togepi who was not able to learn it, and it sent us back to the bag. Tensions are very high

[D] 1d1h8m: Just selected Cut! HYPE

[D] 1d01h3m: Democracy has gotten us into the Pack! And quickly back out again... but it's progress!

1d0h52m: Encountered a "PRINT ERROR" screen while going through the Pokedex. Went away pretty quickly though (still the most interesting thing to happen for a while)

1d0h48m: What's longer - the wait till we learn Cut, or Joey's phone bill?

1d0h38m: Pidgey levelled up again - but I'm gonna stop updating just to say levels, because all our 'Mon are teeny and are levelling up at a very fast rate. In other news, Cut has still not been learned (and no one is surprised).

1d0h33m: Pidgey is now lvl 11 from levelling up in the Ilex Forest (yeah, we're back there now)

[Bad pun] Whoever ends up learning this HM will surely be a cut above the rest.

1d0h8m: After issues with lag leading to difficulties with Democracy, the hive decided that Anarchy was due to return. So, we're back.

[D] 1d0h1m: Joey throws a wrench in the plan by deciding to call us... goddamn it Joey!

[D] 1d0h0m: Democracy's in and it looks like we're making a solid effort at teaching someone Cut in it!

0d23h45m: Almost taught Mud Slap and Swift, but still no Cut. Getting serious Gen 1 flashbacks here.

0d23h31m: AJ used the Escape Rope and escaped, presumably Indiana Jones-style, out of the Ilex Forest. We're now running around Azalea Town trying to heal.

0d23h9m: Finally received Cut! Next goal: teach it to a Pokemon. Oh boy.

0d22h54m: Successfully got Dux back and finished the puzzle! Now we have to get Cut.

0d22h43m: Our would-be best friend Joey calls to talk about his rattata. We remain steadfastly silent in the face of his attempts at friendship.

0d22h37m: We're so infatuated with our reunion with DUX we've been running face-first into trees! For the last 50 minutes! Progress is increasing slower than the swelling on our head.

0d21h52m: Ugh, Joey the youngster again. Calling about his rattata as usual. Apparently he murdered some poor caterpie with it earlier. What a sick bastard.

0d21h45m: Now begins the arduous process of navigating this Farfetch'd back to its trainer. This could take some time.

0d21h34m: We've entered the forest. Well on our way to Goldenrod now.

0d21h32m: Another call from Wade the bug catcher. Perhaps he just misses us?

0d21h9m: That was a close call. After a brief stint in democracy, we nearly deposited Togepi several times and Admiral Adderal once. It looks like we won't be allowed to leave until blood has been spilt, unfortunately. Who will be getting the axe this time?

0d21h9m: The PC craves a sacrifice, but Togepi narrowly avoids it. This time.

0d20h50m: Oh man, it looks like we're heading for the PC. Prepare yourselves.

0d20h47m: Joey the Youngster calls us because he thinks his Rattata is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It's just after 4 AM Johto time, you ingrate. Surely this could have waited until a more reasonable hour.

0d20h41m: We celebrate Bugsy's defeat with another attempt at evolving Totodile, which is cut short yet again.

0d 20h 38m: Totodile does it, and levels up to 25! We have defeated Bugsy and received the HIVEBADGE!

0d 20h 38m: Armed with just a Totodile, we challenge Bugsy. Will we succeed?

0d 20h 35m Sentret wins, levels up to 7, and gets taken out immediately by Beedrill. Totodile is our only hope now! (This is against a trainer in the gym, not Bugsy.)

0d 20h 34m 1hp Paralyzed Sentret vs. Kakuna! Tonight only! Fight of a lifetime!

0d 20h 32m Our Sentret and this Kakuna are having a little Defense-fest.

0d 20h 27m: Bug Catcher Benny wants to scrap! Togepi goes down immediately to Weedle, and Totodile gets sent out.

0d 20h 22m We leave the gym for a breath of fresh air and-- WHAT?! WHAT IS THIS BRIGHTNESS?! The sun has risen! It is past 4 AM in the Johto Region, and signs of sleep deprivation begin to show as AJ stumbles around, back inside Bugsy's gym.

0d 20h 14m: Man we're going all Sun Tzu up in this with all this strategy. Sentret's been switched out for Pidgey, and Pidgey takes out Paras! TAKE THAT JOSH.

0d 20h 14m: Caterpie was switched in for Sentret, and now Caterpie's down! Sentret's back out, but at really low health!

0d20h15m: Caterpie/Love Bug has fainted! Go Admiral Sentret, avenge his death!!

0d 20h 12m Josh's Paras brought Togepi pretty low, so we switched out for Sentret

0d 20h 10m: We've challenged Bug Catcher Josh! Let's see how this plays out.

0d 20h 9m Anarchy wins its place by just a couple votes. Let's keep pushing through this gym!

[D] 0d20h5m: Democracy has come into power and it appears we're actively using it to get back into the Gym.

0d19h55m: Just healed - back to the Gym, comrades!

0d19h46m: Wade the Bug Catcher gives us a surprisingly innuendo-filled call to tell us his Weedle is "hard to handle".

0d19h39m: I must have missed it, apparently one of Togepi's Metronomes in the past battles conjured up a HYPEr Beam - this Omelette means business!

0d19h37m: Major Gator ends up finishing off the second trainer but the majority of our team has fainted - AJ has left the gym, presumably to heal up!

0d19h34m: For all its Charms, Togepi couldn't quite win over an enemy Weedle and has now fainted :(

0d 19h 33m: Totodile pops in and finishes Caterpie off, however! He's then replaced by Togepi to face off against Weedle.

0d 19h 33m: Our Caterpie goes limp after some heavy Caterpie on Caterpie action.

0d19h32m: Next gym trainer's up - Togepi's made quite a dent in a lvl 12 Caterpie with a Metronomed Thunderbolt and a couple of charms (like a devilishly charming Greek thunder God), but we've switched out to Love Bug for the time being.

0d19h27m: Togepi's "Metronome" has turned it into a certified BAMF. It just ruined that battle!

0d19h23m: Our first gym trainer battle put Togepi up against a lvl 10 Ledyba - switched out to Admirable Sentret, who fainted, then Pidgey, and now back to Togepi. Bug Gym Russian Roulette!

0d19h20m: We just made it into Bugsy's gym!

0d19h12m: Joey wants us to fight his top-percentage Rattata. Maybe later.

0d19h6m: We just healed up at the Pokecenter. Right now, we're at a crossroads - we can either hit the Gym, or go into the Forest to chase our old pal Dux to get Cut. Which is it gonna be?

0d19h4m: Doing a little power stairclimbing after that whole PC ordeal.

0d19h3m: The hive was frantically spamming "B" and "down" while AJ stubbornly continued to log in and log out of the PC. But we've escaped it now. Currently attempting to heal.

0d19h1m: Oh god we're in the PC

0d 18h 52m: It's becoming increasingly apparent that Totodile wants to LARP as Peter Pan.

0d18h53m Mother telephones to say she has purchased some item with our money. Thanks Mother.

0d18h51m Bayleef is Silver's last Pokemon, and issues a super-effective Razor Leaf, taking Totdile to 4HP before Rage knocks it out. Totodile levels up to 24 but doesn't evolve. Sivler is defeated

0d18h49m Silver's Zubat knocks out Togepi and totdile comes in with a couple of quick scratch's to exact violent revenge.

0d18h47m Togepi's metronome at last lays down a LeechSeed, then an Ice Beam. Gastly is frozen, and slowly losing health. Gastly resorts to Struggle and faints. Pidgey grows to level 8. Sentret levels up to 5 and learns Defense Curl as does Caterpie

0d18h40m The hivemind signals its boredom by dispatching Sentret. Who is also asleep. So Caterpie has a go. And is sent to sleep. We actually successfully use an item to heal Caterpie, and we are no closer to an end.

0d18h38m A snoring Togepi is out again, and the inability of the two Pokemon to damage each other continues it's interminable repetition.

0d18h35m Togepi swaos for Pidgey, who is put to sleep (in a zzz way, not a euphemism way).

0d18h34m Goodness me! It's Silver! Let's hope Togepi can take that Gastly.

0d18h32m With the well cleared, Kurt is jolly happy and gives us a Lure Ball. He tells us to bring him Apricorns to make more balls.

0d18h31m We are finally facing the last Rocket. Totodile is poisoned by a Koffin's smog, but he takes revenge and the Rocket is defeated.

0d18h29m We meet Meg Ryan's Slowpoke relative. It's some letter about looking after Slowpoke.

0d18h27m We get started on by some Rocket Grunt, but Totodile clobbers his Pokemon 3 for 3 and it's over in a flash (not to be confused with a Flash, which would not KO his Pokemon).

0d18h17m Totodile levels up to level 23, but again is prevented from evolving.

0d18h14m Trying to change things up, we throw a Pokeball at the wild Zubat, but it fails (we are now out of balls). But a vicious scratch leaves the Zubat feeling more Jason Todd than Bruce Wayne.

[0d18h13m Togepi faints to a wild Pokemon, leaving only Totodile conscious.

0d18h8m Totodile defeats the Zubat, and Togepi ascends to lvl 7 and learns Metronome. Totodile then clobbers an Ekans. Grunt defeated

0d18h6m We're up against another Rocket Grunt. Togepi leads the 'charge', in his own inimitable fashion.

0d18h5m "We're Team Rocket, we'll do anything for money, including being a self-aware evil corporation stereotype".

0d18h1m Totodile knocks out two Rattatas in a row with Water Gun, and the Rocket Grunt is defeated.

0d17h59m Wooper and then Caterpie are taken down by quick attacks. At last Totodile comes out.

0d17h57m Sentret goes down rather quickly. Caterpie then goes out, if only it would grow as quickly as Wade's. A Poke ball thrown in desperation does no good, do we send in Wooper instead.

0d17h56m We make our way into Slowpoke Well at last and are confronted by a Rocket chap, who sends out a Rattata. It knocks out Pidgey in short order, so we send out our Sentret.

0d17h52m Skulking around the back of the well we found a Full Heal. I dread to think where that's been.

0d17h37m What's that Lassie? Old Kurt's fallen down the well? Better get down there and help him!

0d17h33m We're off to save the Slowpoke. Compared to our rate of movement, however, they should probably be called the Fastpoke.

0d17h29m Old Kurt has spoken and is off to lay the smackdown on some of those Rocket fellows at the well.

0d 17h 26m Looking for this Kurt fellow. Where could he be?

0d 17h 24m AJ plops a bunch of unconscious pokemon onto the Pokecenter counter. "Make...better...please."

0d17h23m Woman says Kurt can make us some balls. Fear not lady, we have plenty of courage.

0d17h16m Stuck behind a sign in Azalea Town. This is worse than that table in Pokemon Mansion. There isn't even a burglar

0d 17h 9m Just ran into some Azalean house and sat down at the table. "What are y'all serving for grub tonight?"

0d 17h 5m Right next to Azalea Town.

0d17h5m Anarchy's back! Into the wall AJ goes.

0d17h2m Wade calls and asks us if we're still awake...after we already said Hello. He then proceeds to tell us that he would "Share his berries with us" . That Sexual Harassment report hotline is still up and running if anyone is wondering.

0d16h58m Used Great Ball on full health Ratata. It broke free, and we ran for our lives.

0d16h56m We made it out of Union Cave!

0d16m55m (Time stamp on that last one was off) We wipe out Magmortar, then get into battle with a Wooper, Democracy is about to set in, perhaps we can line it up with Gator's leveling up and get an evolution?

od16h1m We get into a battle with a Fire Breathing clown! Is that you Magmortar?!?!?

Od16h36m Once we get up to that ladder, we've gotta go down and right. Here's a graphic http://i.imgur.com/M25ebEU.jpg?1 All credit goes to /u/EllyNeko

0d16h41m We're still wandering around on the bottom level, but with both items picked up we can't do anything else here without Surf.

0d16h36m Picked up TM39 -- Swift!

0d16h32m We move down one level, and acquire an X defend!

0d16h28m AJ strides purposefully up to a Pokemaniac and Totodile scratches his only slowpoke down. We tacitly move on.

0d16h19m Totodile levels up to 22! No evolution here either.

[D] 0d16h13m Anarchy wins out after we collectively decided that we wanted that potion.

[D] 0d16h11m Found a potion!

[D] 0d16h3m Democracy pops into effect! AJ slowly inches his way left through the cave.

0d15h57m Used the Repel to wander back and forth a bunch of times. Still haven't gotten past Firebreather Bill, and we only have Totodile to fend off all the Ratatas and Onix.

0d15h54m Found a Great Ball! Tried to call Mom and tell her the good news, but apparently you don't get good reception in caves. Doesn't stop AJ from trying a half dozen more times though.

0d15h50m The "seriously upset about Zubats" Firebreather Bill challenges us to a battle and knocks out Caterpie with a Koffing! Only Totodile remains.

0d15h48m Wooper gets taken down by a Rattata, Oxxy and Totodile are last pokmeon.

0d15h45m Wooper KO's an Onix and goes up to 6!

0d15h43m Used X Attack on Totodile against a level 4 Geodude! Because there's no kill like Overkill.

0d15h41m Encountered Hiker Russell! ADiiiiihhh goes down to a geodude, we have 3 Pokemon left to get through the cave.

0d15h37m Wooper levels up to 5 thanks to a wild geodude. Making our way slowly through the cave after much consultation with the Pokedex.

0d15h36m Totodile goes up to level 21!! And stops evolving almost as soon as he tries. Maybe next level.

0d15h35m Despite lowering Onix's accuracy all the way, Pidgey goes down to a bind. Out comes Totodile!

0d 15h 32m Pidgey is going full Darude on Onix here.

0d15h33m Ran into a Hiker in the cave. He sent out an Onix and we throw out Pidgey.

0d15h30m Got an X Attack!

Here's a map of this section of Union Cave!

0d 15h 26m Sir Omelet is down, Pidgey is now in lead.

0d 15h 22m Togepi is now Level 6

0d 15h 20m: Inside Union Cave, running from Zubats and Onixi.

0d151m Wade the bug catcher tells us about how wicked awesome his weedle is. I should remind everyone that the sexual harassment report hotline is always on.

0d 15h 1m: So Democracy mode did not last very long this time.

0d14h55m Healed at Union cave Pokémon Center!

{Strategy} Let's put Togepi (Sir Omelet) out front, then actively switch, because when he hits level 7 he learns metronome which functional as an attack.

0d14h48m: With a quick look at the team, it seems I've missed a lot of faintings. Pidgey, Sentret, Wooper and now Caterpie have all fainted, leaving our team at Totodile and Togepi.

0d14h38m: AJ's still having trouble with Route 32 as it seems like a lot of people are pressing start to rearrange the team. As a result, he's checked his Pokedex a couple of times (Togepi's description is literally 'Spike Ball', hilarious)

0d 14h 21m: Acquired some REPEL! That might be useful later on.

0d 14h 16m Totodile grew to level 20 and began evolving! However, his evolution was interrupted.

0d14h16m: Totodile just forgot Leer and learned Bite! No more Lazors for this Gator...

0d14h14m: It's important to note that with our new Wooper, we now have a full party of Pokemon - none of which are capable of learning Waterfall. This indicates we'll definitely need at least one PC visit down the road.

0d14h6m: We just caught a Wooper! With no nickname!

0d14h4m: Anarchy returns after a surprisingly solid Democracy run and the first thing AJ does is check his Pokedex (seems this has become a back-to-Anarchy tradition now)

[D] 0d14h1m: Under Democracy, Totodile and Pidgey just tag-teamed a HootHoot and Pidgey is now lvl 8!

[REMINDER] We need to be heading South down Route 32! Here is a map!

0d13h46m: Almost taught Mud-Slap to a Pokemon! So close... one day we will be able to use that muddy bitch-slap.

0d13h45m We very very nearly teach one of out pokemon Mudslap, a pretty good move, but we forget about it when we learn about the magic of wandering around.

0h 13h 45m Obtained a PRZcureberry from a tree!

13h 29m Got a call from Wade the Bug Catcher. Nice guy.

13h:27m AJ manages to leave the Ruins but heads into another building. A few minutes later, he exits that as well.

13h:12m Despite repeated attempts to leave, AJ continues to walk about in the Ruins. This might take a while.

12h:50m AJ returns to the Ruins of Alph and spends most of his time turning in place before making sure the pokedex hasn't changed.

12h:40m Red heads back to Route 32.

12h:31m AJ whites out.


12h:23m Lazorgator falls to a Bellsprout.

12h:22m AJ continues along route 32. A map of the route can be found here.

0d12h21m Never mind, Albert falls to the great LazorGator!

0d12h20m A trainer battle! This could be it for AJ!

12h:14m The name "Lord Omelette" and "Prince Omelette" is being thrown around quite a bit for the new Togepi.


0d12h10m Togepi has hatched!

[Subreddit] We promise lots of comix and candy! And lots more random gifs, music, and vidjos :D

[Subreddit] We're only 450 subscribers away from breaking the 100,000 mark. If you haven't subscribed at /r/twitchplayspokemon yet, please do!

11h:53m AJ enters the actual ruins. Only the first chamber can be completed at this time.

11h:42m AJ enters the Ruins of Alph.

11h:33m With only one pokemon up and at 10 health, AJ continues to stumble around route 36. He's getting good at checking the pokedex.

11h:24m AJ attempts to catch a Spinarak at full health and fails. One Laser battle later between it and Lazorgator, a Water Gun ends it's life.

[Strategy Tiem!] Hey guys, we're on the wrong Route, we're actually supposed to be on Route 32, which is south of Violet City

11h12m AJ leaves Violet City and enters route 36.

11h7m AJ buys a pokeball.

And we're back gentlemen and gentlemen.

i lied. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

And we're back ladies and gentlemen

Also, if the racing music isn't enough to keep you entertained, here's some footage I found of Ketchupbot

Some sweet ass waiting music

The person before unfortunately provided the incorrect link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7nVJbI9bhU

Everyone pause your adblock to support your favorite stream :)

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Strategy] We can't catch any Pokemon guys, we're out of Pokemon Balls. Just head on back to the Pokemon Center, and we'll proceed to Illex Forest via Route 32 and the Union Cave.

0d10h40m Also, we have Flash now. Not that we're ever going to use it.

0d10h39m We fail to evolve Lazordile due to excessive B spam!

0d10h39m Lazordile is now level 19!

0d10h38m Lazordile peers into the soul of Hoothoot, and removes Hoothoot from existence. The battle against the last sage has been won.

0d10h37m We use a Potion on Lazordile!

0d10h34m Highway to hell plays in memorial of Oxxy in the backround, as Lazergator gets sent out. He promptly Leerzers Hoothoot.

0d10h30m Oxxy the Oz Worm has fallen in battle.

0d10h30m Admiral gets easily whiped by HootHoot and we send out Oxxy Ozworm.

0d10h30m The Admiral has gone down with his ship.

0d10h29m Pidgey is knocked out by Hoothoot.

0d10h27 LazerGator is down and we send out Private Sand thrower, and knock out the second bellsprout, Pidgey is now level 6!

0d10h27m We wreck his opening Bellspout with a scratch, then sit there paralyzed until we take a few hits and remain static again.

0d10h25m We're in the Sights of Sage Li, but we first pick up an escape rope. We preform a Kung-Fu movie-esq series of dance moves in front of him before we engage him in battle.

0d10h22m We're battling a ghastly that most seem bent on catching, I am I not opposed!

0d9H58m While wandering around town a man, who looks suspiciously like a snorelax, takes us by the hand and brings us to his house. We walk away, I would too.

0d9h40m The Battle is on with sage Li, he sends out Bellsprout and we send out Private Sand Flinger (New nickname that's picking up speed), he takes us down with a vine whip and we white out. Back to the pokemon center.

0d9h40m Back to the Pokemon Center we go...

{Stategy} After this battle we should wander a bit, try to hatch Togepei so we have another pokemon for the next battle. We should also use this newly found potion.

0d9h34m Pidgey sand attacks Rattata a few times, then tackles him for a Crit, dodging the Rats next attack. He looks for back-up but finds none.

0d9h33m Good night Totodile. :(

0d9h31m We have a Totodile with 1HP left, and one more sage to go. Can we clench this one through?

0d9h27m: Totodile is level 18 now btw


0d9h20m We get into fight with a bald man in Sprout tower! WHAT POKEMON DOES HE HAAAAVVEEE??!?! Bellspouts, we lazer them all then decimate them with scratch.

0d9h16m Are we still aimlessly wandering around Sprout Tower? Are there Bellsprout in Sprout Tower? Will thousands of Twitch users lose their mind in the next hour? Will we ever get out of this place? The answer to at least one of these questions is yes.

0d9h9m: We still can not print

0d8h53m: Wandering around Sprout tower, admiring all the bald old dudes in it

0d8h50m We Enter Bellsprout tower, even though we can't jump over the ledge in front of it, it still gave us about 8 minutes of trouble.

0d8h48m: We have almost reached Sprout Tower!

0d8h44m: Joey wants to battle! Thanks for the call friend~

0d8h39m: We're uh.. back to talk to Falkner?

[Strategy] I believe the next course of action is to head on over and climb Sprout Tower. We've done enough wall-hugging for today I believe.


0d8h31m: We are now on the second floor of the Pokecenter.

0d8h38m: STILL STUCK IN THE POKECENTER. PC continues to look at us like it wants our blood

[Fluff] This idea is fantastic btw


0d8h18m We have obtained the Togepi Egg!

0d8h16m: We have successfully healed

[Fun Fact] Ghosts are rumored to appear in Sprout Tower

Lol good luck with that, /u/MyNameIsNavy

[Fun Fact] If we continue at this rate (one badge per 8 hours) we'll be done with the gyms in 128 hours (5.3 Days).

0d8h10m: We just tried to print, unfortunately nothing came out of it.

0d8h9m: We get a call from the prof about the egg.

0d 8h 8m: Left Falkner's Gym!

[Firefox-Addon] If you happen to use Firefox, /u/rctgamer3 has ported /u/xylempl 's Google Chrome Add-on that displays updates as notifications on Firefox, so you won't need to have the live-updates page open! Find it here!

0d8h7m Falkner looks around his junk drawer for his least valuable TM, We get mudslap, FUDGE YEAH!

0d8h6m Earned the ZephyrBadge and TM31: Mud-Slap.

0d8h5m: Falkner has fallen!!!

0d8h4m: Totodile levels up to 17, quickly taking care of Pidgey

[Quick Statistic] Democracy lasted this time for 6 input sessions.

Od8h4m: Falkner sends out his first of two pokemon, a level seven pidgey... BEHOLD THE MIGHT OF THE GYM LEADER!

0d8h1m: We have just challenged Faulkner!

0d8h00m We casually consult the wall behind Faulker before the epic battle

0d7h57m: Bird Keeper Rod has fallen!

0d7h57m45 Lazorgator fires a few beams at Pidgey then whips him with a scratch. Battle animations are down so the lasers have gone infrared perhaps we can work on getting those back on later?

0d7h57m: Fighting the second trainer in the gym!

[TPP Aside] Many people are saying that Rom hacks built to include pokemon do it from trades, so we should check houses that usually have trades. There is apparently one in this town.

0d7h54m: Bird Keeper Abe has fallen!

0d7h53m: Back in the gym, fighting our first trainer!

0d7h51m: Andrew got cold feet and left the gym, he doesnt even lift

0d7h47m We enter the gym!

[TPP Aside] /u/neiromaru claims to have found the specific romhack the creator is using: http://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/1zd4dh/this_might_be_the_rom_hack_we_are_using/

It looks legit at the moment, although we will later confirm it once we encounter the special Pokemon hacked in later in the journey. I'm posting the link here for visibility, just so others can see for themselves what the romhack might be.

0d7h36m Back to the pokemon center to show off our dance moves again and talk to a guy about Bill. She's not interested Aj, move along, we have a Gym leader to fight. /u/CraftingMan

0d7h33m We are now outside, casually walking into the side of a house.

0d7h29m: Somehow, we have managed to go onto the second floor of the Pokecenter

[Fluff] Watching Andrew attempting to go up the ledge

0d7h25m: We're Healing!

0d7h22m: Okay we're gone

0d7h21m: We have accessed the PC, may God have mercy on our souls

0d7h18m: Joey, we have all the time in the world for you buddy

0d7h17m: Dosh count-687

0d7h16m: We have reentered the Pokecenter

0d7h14m: Andrew smacks his head on the Pokecenter door before heading off towards the right

0d7h10m: We have left the Pokecenter without healing

0d7h4m Anarchy is back, we shoot nurse joy a look and go back to demonstrating are moves to Quaker oats before booting up the start menu right in front of the PC.

0d7h4m: Anarchy takes over in the Pokecenter!

[D] 0d7h3m Democracy overshoots the table by just a little bit, and anarchy votes are rising with every step

0d7h0m We slip into Democracy mode, I'd say it's a good thing with the PC near by, and Nurse Joy is eyeing us up. Who could resist those sweet dance moves we were just showing off in between the counter and pep ridge farms over there?

0d6h58m Right after entering Violet City, our pal Joey gives us a call to tell us how he's doing.

0d6h58m: We have entered Violet City

0d6h56m We pop the ledge like a pro skater, Red would be proud

0d6h44m LazorGator is now level 16!

0d6h41m We stomp Wade's bugs without a sweat, and he gives us his number! We picked up the Pokeball he was guarding, too.

0d6h39m Bug Catcher Wade catches us on our way to another item!

0d6h36m0s We do, It's a potion! AJ hides his plans to get to second base though. For now.

0d6h33m40s We dance around a pokeball fora while, obviously trying to impress it so it will allow us to pick it up. But when we were right next to it, we bail like we're the captain of the chess team asking the head cheerleader to prom. I bet the pokeball would've said yes.

0d6h30m We're now in Route 31. Next stop Violet City!

0d6h23m Mom gives AJ a call to check up on him. Apparently, we forgot to tell her we're going on an long, epic journey across the entire land of Johto. Oops. Also, we gave her our money to save.

0d6h20m 3rd trainer battle on Route 30 - Bug Catcher Don! A quick defeat.

0d6h17m After OXXOZZ -: faints, Totodile smashes Youngster Mikey to bits.

0d6h15m We used a potion on OXXOZZ -: even though he was pretty healthy.

0d6h12m We got his phone number. Can't wait for him to ring us up!

0d6h12m We defeated Joey and his Top Percentage Rattata!

0d6h10m Someone carelessly left an Antidote on the ground. We steal it, of course.

[RECAP] See what you missed Day 1 with /u/Calabazal!

{Suggestion} Ok guys, I'd say we have enough pokemon from the first thing of grass, let's go talk to our mother and be off.

0d5h34m33s We catch a female Caterpie, Naming is OXXOZZ :. Popular names include Oxxozzy Osborn. and...that's about it XD


0d5h34m Caterpie was caughterpie!

0d5h31m34s Sentret (Nickname undecided) untilizes his run away ability in his first battle, and darts from a level 3 pidgey. "DID YOU SEE THAT THING, HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME"

[Snark] Ok guys, we're pretty efficient at slaying wild rats and birds, but I think we're a bit too good at it... Let's go to Violet City now with our new Admiral.

0d5h22m People are already starting to spam nicknames. Adidas, Admiral, Adele? Only time can tell which nickname shall become prevalent.

0d5h22m The Sentret was named ADiiiiihhh


0d5h19m Totodile is level 14!

0d5h67m00s Aj checks does some quick research and consult Chikorita with the pokedex for a while. I believe that we have to speak to our mother.

0d5h7m: This ledge is really stumping AJ

0d5h0m07s We've caught a pidgey, not nicknamed as of now, we'll have to count on the community for this one!

AJ the Dynamo from Nicaragua then Nigeria who Wins (Aka AJDNNW) has just named the mighty Rival Silver.

0d4h44m: Back in New Bark Town! To Professor Elm! (All these puns are a real treet)

0d4h33m: Pidgey don't stand a chance

0d4h24m: We beat the rival and find out his name is ???. What a deep and profound name.

0d4h22m: We smash that Chikorita's face into its body. (It was so cute :( )

0d4h22m: A level 13 Lazorgator vs a level 5 Chikorita. This will not be ending well for ???

0d4h22m: First encounter with our rival!

Lazorgator breaks age 13, looks like we're going through the awkward phase early. The crew seems bent on grinding for a bit.

0d4h3m: Democracy mode has ended, and we check our Pokedex

[D] 0d4h0m: Looks like people are fighting this battle in democracy mode!

0d3h58m: At Mr. Pokemons house, we have received the egg!

0d3h56m: Level up! At 12 now

0d3h43m: We're on Route 30 now, heading to Mr Pokemon's House.

0d3h40m: We're on stereo!!! Sounds beautiful!

0d3h37m: Never fear, we're back at the Pokemon Center and we just healed!

0d3h34m: We left the Pokecenter without healing... and it appears AJ is now heading up toward Mr Pokemon's house. If we faint, we'll respawn back at New Bark!

0d3h31m: Into our first Pokecenter!

0d3h29m: Dosh count- 187

0d3h29m: We got the Map Card!!!

0d3h28m: The overly friendly old man in Cherrygrove is now giving us the grand - and punny - tour. "This is the sea, as you can see".

0d3h27m: Made it past the ledge and we're now in Cherrygrove!

[Strategy Tiem] Since you folks seem to be casually bumbling along Route 29, I asked /u/DryEagle to outline the route for you folks. I hope it helps.

0d3h01m: We're back in anarchy mode after maybe 30 sec of democracy? Either way, I barely noticed.

[Snark] That does it folks, we obviously need to attune our stair-climbing skills before attempting another run

0d2h57m: Hello darkness whiteness my old friend... (Totodile has fainted again)

0d2h56m: Democracy in 4 minutes!

0d2h53m: Kid on Route 29 warns us "if your Pokemon are weak, keep out of the grass" if only it were that easy...

[Snark] Better check Totodile's stats again, I think the cry has changed in the last 5 seconds...

0d2h47m: Dosh count down to 375, we're gunna go bankrupt if we dont fight a trainer

0d2h29m: Totodile is level 10! And AJ is still incompetent at ledge-jumping.

0d2h23m: Like the great Red did an infinite number of times before him, AJ fell off a ledge... again.

[Subreddit] Flair requests for Gen II should go here

0d2h12m: Back on Route 29, fighting a Sentret

0d2h1m Anarchy comes back in record time

[D] 0d2h0m: Democracy has returned

0d1h57m: We have whited out!

0d1h55m: T minus five till we are in Democracy mode, remember that start9 does nothing, use Anarchy as a command if you want anarchy to return

0d1h52m: We have 750 dosh in our pockets, not too shabby for someone who hasnt left Route 29

0d1h48m: Totodile level 9!

[Snark] Just in case we black out again, I've found a video detailing extensive strategy on how to succeed. It's actually for dogs but I don't see a difference anymore

[Snark] Another summary of the first 2 hours of our adventure

[Meta] Here is battle log of every fight we do. Thanks to /u/sellyme for the contribution

[Snark] A summary of our first two hours of gameplay.

0d1h42m: We have just exited the house, finally

The results from the Strawpoll are in; you, the viewers, have undoubtedly decided that this new modified update system is here to stay! To recap, we're dropping the [A] tag from our posts, and when democracy gets initiated at the top of the hour, we'll denote it in our posts with the [D] tag, until it's removed. After that, we'll just drop the tag once Anarchy has returned.

0d1h40m: Dinner time in AJ's house

0d1h38m And Totodile goes down to a Ratata! We white out! Back to those stairs again...

[A] 0d1h35m: We're just familiarizing ourselves with the surroundings...

[Meta] We're considering slightly modifying the way we post on the Reddit live stream. From now on, we're thinking about dropping the [A] tag from our posts, since it's the unchangeable norm for 95% of the time. When democracy gets initiated at the top of the hour, we'll denote it in our posts with the [D] tag, until it's removed. After that, we'll just drop the tag once Anarchy has returned. Would you be in favor of this new system? vote here on this Strawpoll!

[A] 0d1h22m: We have still not left Route 29

[A] 0d1h16m: Totodile is now lvl 8!

[A] 0d1h13m: We've changed to the second border style... how pretty

[A] 0d1h3m Anarchy has returned. So that's how the new system works. If anarchy is a top-voted command, then it instantly switches back. It switches until the top of the next hour.

[Meta] Anarchy voting is processed as an input, get it to the top if you want it back!

[Meta] The system appears to work by switching over every hour, and then you can vote your way back into anarchy if you would like. Very clever!

[D] 0d1h0m: There seems to be no timer as to when it switches over, however it appears you can vote for anarchy in the system

[D] 0d1h0m Democracy Mode initiated

[A] 0d0h59m: Democracy in 50 seconds

[A] 0d0h58m Totodile levels up to 7! And learned Rage!

[Meta] T-5m till Democracy mode

[Snark] Red's sister looking fiiine for an 8 bit girl

[Meta] Democracy mode starts in 10 minutes, so we'll see how it works then.

[Snark] And how will we fare against Mom's House stairs this time?

[A] 0d0h47m: Totodile falls for the first time ;_;

[A] 0d0h45m we run from a Sentret

[A] 0d0h44m: At one health, we decide to scratch and survive!

[FINAL CORRECTION]: The berry was used during an earlier fight, THEN we used the potion. Thanks for all the messages, its early so I'm not super alert

Rehosted on Imgur

[Meta] Here is a map for the entire Johto region if anyone is interested! After all, we're not in Kanto anymore (and we have a Toto with us to prove it).

[Correction] : We used a berry, which is something starters carry on them in Gen2. Apologies

[A] 0d0h35m: Somehow, we have managed to potion our Totodile

[Fluff] I keep hearing Lazorgator and King Leer get used as names in IRC/Twitch Chat/ Reddit comments. Both are good names, and I'm sure more will spring up

[Snark] Leer is quickly becoming Totodile's signature move. Dem lazer eyes...

[A] 0d0h26m Totodile levels up to 6

[A] 0d0h26m: Sentret is fought and defeated!

[A] 0d0h24m We swear that Lear will eventually take down this Pidgey

[Meta] This is from the TPP twitch page itself, refreshing causes this to show up in the description

[Meta] : We have instructions on how Democracy mode switches : Anarchy mode is the "classic" mode, where everyone's inputs are applied immediately. Democracy mode chooses the most popular input provided during a 30 second voting period. In democracy mode you can compile a sequence of inputs. left2 will move left twice, left2down2 will move left twice and down twice. Democracy mode is automatically selected at the start of every hour.

[A] 0d0h20m: Our first battle, Pidgey down!

[A] 0d0h20m: Totodile vs Pidgey... and we are checking for pokeballs already before giving up and scratching the bird pokemon

[A] 0d0h19m And in classic fashion our first order of business is to run into a ledge...

[Fluff] If you don't feel like listening to the same song over and over again. Here's the soundtrack to Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

[A] 0d0h18m: AJ runs into the same tree about 20 times, and Elm's last words come to mind... "I'm counting on you!" Err, not your wisest decision, Professor.

[A] 0h0h17m: Lady yes, our mom did buy this for us...

[A] 0h0h17m: We're on the road to Cherrygrove city

[A] 0d0h16: More importantly, we have acquired Elm's number ;3

[A] 0h0h16m: We've chosen TOTODILE

[A] 0d0h14m This is it guys, the moment of truth. This will set the tone for the immense journey we're about to start! Good luck, AJ!

[A] 0h0h15m. Pokemon Choosing time!

[A] 0d0h14m: Began Mr. Pokemon assignment from Professor Elm.

[A] 0d0h14m: Talking to the Professor!

[Meta] The game clock has been set at a couple of minutes off Atlantic Standard Time.

[A] 0d0h13m: "Wow your pokegear is impressive! Did your mom get it for you?" God shes sarcastic

[A] 0d0h13m: Yes, our mom got it for us lady

[A] 0d0h11m: AJ Has left the house!

[A] 0d0h11m: AJ has received the Pokegear and set the game time officially at 8:08am Sunday daylight saving time.

[A] 0d0h11m : Pokegear get!

[A] 0d0h9m: Entered the bag for the first time of many before finally talking to Mom!

[A] 0d0h7m. AJ doesn't want to leave his room. He's nervous bless him

[A] 0d0h6m in true TPP spirit, we enter and exit the stairs several times

[A] 0d0h4m I second /u/8bitremixguy's comment. In honour of our old electric hero.

[A] 0d0h4m: We begin the game with AJDNNWW circling his room and entering the start menu a couple of times, in true TPP spirit. Let's do this!

[A] 0d0h4m But, I think we should just call ourself AJ!

[A] 0d0h3m AJDNNWW is our name, and training is our game.

Looks like we went with character name: AJDNNWW

[A] 0d0h2m: We have picked a boy character!

[A] 0d0h2m Something noticeably different about the interface of the stream is that it currently says "Democracy mode in 58:30". This definitely won't make people happy.

[A] 0d0h1m. "Democracy mode in:" Oh dear god

0d0h1m: The countdown ends and we're greeted with a black screen? But then... it begins!

Nearly 63k players here for the start of our journey

Hello everybody this is your captain speaking. Welcome to the Live Updater thread for the TwitchPlaysPokemon stream of Pokemon Crystal, Me and 15 others will guide you through the next however many days of Love, Loss, Anarchy, and False Prophet Worship. Now get ready for the ride of your lifetime!

Welcome everybody to the start of Gen 2! We've currently got a whole team of updaters on standby to call everything as it happens! I can't wait to see what Pokemon Crystal has in store for us :D Let's do this!

PS: I need caffeine right about now, 7am is too early lol

Wow, one minute left....are you ready?

2 Minutes and 30 seconds to go!

10 minutes to go!

16d7h50m: The streamer has changed the description to "TwitchPlaysPokemon playing Pokémon Crystal", giving us confirmation that we are playing Pokemon Crystal.

T-Minus 25 minutes. And i just gotta know... Are you ready?