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Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald

With 5 minutes to go, I am officially switching over to the TPP FireRed Live Updater. I hope to see all you lovely people there for the start of our grand adventure! This updater will no longer be used! It's been a grand Hoenn adventure, everybody! <3

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15 minutes to go! FIFTEEN MINUTES! HYPE MACHINE ACTIVATED. Queue fanfare!

[Fluff] I think this is my worst nightmare

So guys, who do you think would win the battle? Gengar, or Nidorino?


I remember being a six year old getting LeafGreen for the first time as a birthday present. How time flies ...

"Copyright 2004 Gamefreak." I did not need this information. Please don't tell me it's been 10 years since this was released. My Helix, I feel old.

[Snark] FireRed font > Emerald font

Fire Red intro sequence! Nostalgia! Happy again!

Stream is finally back online! 42 minutes to go!

Stream is now completely offline. RIOT.


IMPORTANT: As a reminder, once the hour hits we will be switching to THIS live updater for TPP FireRed coverage!

You know, looking at the title screen just fires me up.


STREAM NOW OFFLINE awh shiiiiizzzz

I just heard the Game Freak noise. Did you hear the Game Freak noise?


3rd time I've missed a Final Win in a row, again by just a couple hours. Not happy

Oh yeah, I promised that I'd sing for you guys if we won, didn't I? I'll get right onto that.

Of freaking course I would miss the finale. Stupid Real Life.

[Information] Here is the link to the settings that the streamer set for Randomized Fire Red guys!

Hail Hydra, aeiou, John Madden... all phrases Microsoft Sam was never intended to say.

/u/Calabazal's final recap of TPP Emerald!

90 minutes until Fire Red guys! Lets get ourselves a Magikarp!

[Fluff] "my sister is so hot, i love her butt" That's just sick, guys. Just sick.

Staying up to 2am at that age? Parents, c'mon.

Our final battle with Wallace Courtesy of /u/MrAwesomePossumz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry8NCFsOjLU&feature=youtu.be

FireRed... My body is redy!

Little did the girl know she had actually bought a dog that speaks in the black tongue of Mordor

[Snark] "Praise Flareon" I HEARD THAT, DOME WORSHIPERS



The current scene would be...difficult to describe to someone walking in on the stream.

[Announcement] Just a reminder that the FireRed updater is already a thing. It can be found here!

HYPE! Emerald's save has been uploaded. [Save]

[TPP] Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen's font being used already. Awesome.

Z ate the bowl. He/she's one hungry MOFO.

We've already put some food down. Pro skills hype!

Z: Named in memory of those lost.

2430 Live Updater viewers and ~1462 add-on users right now! Hi all!


[Fluff] With her adventure with the Voices complete, A happily returns to her childhood to play with her long lost Doge friends.

[Snark] Man, even the Pet Shop is spelling Doges wrong...

20d 22h 10m We're playing DOGZ EVERYONE! YAAAAAAAAAAY


20d 22h 9m DOGZ HYPE

[Snark] Come on /u/Calabazal we need your audio recap!!!!! :@

And the DOGZ come full circle.

...Is this a DS screen?

[TPP] Stream dropped to 7250 viewers.

Somebody give /u/Splittykitty a hug please.

20d 22h 6m Top prize is a free trip to Giovanni's Wild Ride!

20d 22h 4m In any case, the Pokémon FireRed Randomizer Sweepstakes are now open! Taking all starter bets, I got Pidgeot at 12/1, come one come all!

[Fluff] I told everyone to watch. I knew this was the run. I knew it. We beat Drake and my mother walks in and tells me I have to cook dinner. You don't say no to your mother. We won while I was gone. I have never seen us beat the E4 in any generation. Excuse me while I go cry forever.


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Victory RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] I haven't seen a riot this huge since Democracy was first used in Gen I. I love you guys.

20d 22h 3m ....Did we break Twitch or is the streamer up to something?

[snark] Immediately after beating the game, we celebrate the only way we know how - with a riot.

[Meta] The last pokemon the game shows us in the credits is Zexy. I've said elsewhere already, but I feel as if that's particularly poignant.

20d 22h 2m Black stream?

Here's a screenshot. Bit crappy quality, 'cause the quality decided to shit bricks. http://imgur.com/DznUEGy

[Snark] The game plays with our feelings showing some of our released Pokemon like Zexxy, Dotty, Gloom and Trapinch. They obv watched us do it, it's for you guys!

20d 21h 59m With the game complete, the vote finally leans heavily towards Anarchy instead of Democracy. How appropriate :')

This calls for a celebration.

20d 21h 59m TORCHIC

20d 21h 58m CREDITS



20d 21h 57m 13k viewers right now.

20d 21h 57m Professor Birch: "Keep up the effort!" You cheeky sonofab-

[Celebration INTENSIFIES]

20d 21h 57m OHAI BIRCH

20d 21h 56m OHAI BRENDAN

[Snark] So brendan, what have YOU been up to this week?!

20d 21h 56m WE DID IT




20d 21h 56m THAT'S IT! THAT'S GAME GUYS!






20d 21h 54m MILOTIC DOWN



20d 21h 53m LUDICOLO DOWN

20d 21h 53m Sent out Azumarill (176/340HP). Started rolling. Wailord down!

20d 21h 52m Mightyena fainted!

20d 21h 51m Sent out Mightyena! (66/146HP). Mightyena used Crunch! (x2). Wailord keeps failing his moves! Wallace used a Full Restore.


[Snark] We definitely haven't jinx'd anything, of course not

20d 21h 50m WALLACE TIME. 5/6 Pokémon left! Is this teh urn?



20d 21h 49m Sent out Azumarill! Started rolling! Salamence down! Defeated Drake!

20d 21h 48m Hariyama used Strength! Flygon down! Drake sent out Salamence; Salamence used Dragon Claw! Hariyama fainted!

20d 21h 47m Hariyama used Reversal! Kingdra down! Hariyama levels up to 79!

20d 21h 46m Shelgon down! Hariyama vs Altaria! Drake used a Full restore. Altaria down! Out of Brick Break PP by the way.

20d 21h 44m Drake. Hariyama, Vileplume, and Graveler all have 100% HP left. Mightyena 46and Azumarill 65% left.

20d 21h 44m Saved the game! Play time: 473h 34m

20d 21h 42m Glacia. Hariyama Brick Break sweep.

20d 21h 40m Correction, Tentacruel leveled up to 80, not Graveler.

20d 21h 39m Mightyena used Crunch. Dusclops down! Defeated Phoebe!

20d 21h 37m Switched out Azumarill for Mightyena.

20d 21h 36m [#103] OHKO'd Banette #2 and Sableye.

20d 21h 35m Rollout-KO'd Banette.

20d 21h 34m Sent out Azumarill. The rolling begins.

20d 21h 31m Phoebe. Switched out Hariyama for Graveler.

20d 21h 25m Called it. Defeated Sidney!

20d 21h 24m Sidney. Inb4 Brick Break sweep.

20d 21h 17m Whiscash used Earthquake! Tentacruel fainted! Whited out!

20d 21h 16m Wallace time. Tentacruel used Hidden Power! Wailord down!

20d 21h 13m Tentacruel uesd Hidden Power! Salamence fainted! Defeated Drake!

20d 21h 13m Tentacruel used Surf again. Salamence' HP in the red. Tentacruel down to 164/265HP. Drake used a Full Restore.

20d 21h 10m Sent out Tentacruel. Tentacruel used Surf, Kingdraw down. Tentacruel used Surf (Flygon)! OHKO!

20d 21h 9m Sent out Hariyama. Hariyama used Brick Break. Kingdra used Surf, Hariyama fainted!

20d 21h 7m Shelgon use Double-Edge. Azumarill down to 9HP. Azumarill used Rollout, Shelgon down! Kingdra used Body Slam, Azumarill fainted!

20d 21h 7m Switched Hariyama out for Azumarill (63/340HP). Down to 35HP.

20d 21h 6m Drake withdrew Shelgon and sent out Altaria. Hariyama down to 56/339HP (17%). Altaria down!

20d 21h 4m Drake time. Hariyama use Brick Break, HP down to 107/339HP. Drake used a Full Restore.

20d 21h 2m Hariyama levels up to 78!

20d 21h 1m Hariyama Reversal sweep until Walrein. Defeated Glacia!

20d 21h 1m Annie is sweeping Glacia, ordinary day

20d 21h 0m FOUR HOURS LEFT

20d 20h 59m Glacia time.

20d 20h 57m Anarchy's back.

[Meta] Movie Night is going to be happening at the top of the hour on our Plug.DJ Movie Channel! Join we will be watching Pokemon Movies 9, 10, 11, and 12! http://plug.dj/5831754f/

20d 20h 52m [D] Moved Rock Smash 1 slot down.

20d 20h 52m Switching the order of Azumarill's attacks.

20d 20h 43m [D] In front of Glacia in Democracy mode.

20d 20h 35m Banette down! Defeated Phoebe!

20d 20h 34m Dusclops down! Banette used Thunderbolt, M4 down to 81/340HP.

20d 20h 34m Phoebe used a Full Restore.

20d 20h 33m Azumarill/M4 started rolling.

20d 20h 31m Sent out Hariyama. Party: Hariyama 202/334 (61%) - Tentacruel & Azumarill 100%. Sent out Azumarill.

20d 20h 30m Sent out Vileplume. Dusclops down to yellow. Vileplume fainted!

20d 20h 30m Graveler was frozen solid and fainted!

20d 20h 29m Sableye down! Graveler levels up to 68!

20d 20h 28m Sent out Vileplume, 6/150HP. Sent out Graveler! (Azumarill's sprite changed to Abra's sprite. Huh. Weird.)

20d 20h 26m Mightyena fainted!

20d 20h 25m Mightyena was burned by Banette; 54/146HP. Banette down!

20d 20h 24m Mightyena down to 72/146HP. Mightyena used Shadow Ball; Dusclops down!

20d 20h 23m Phoebe time. Vileplume used Petal Dance! Down to the red, but Phoebe used a Full Restore. Sent out Mightyena.

20d 20h 18m Hariyama Brick Break-OHKO sweep. Defeated Sidney!

20d 20h 16m [#102] (Saved the game! 472h11m.) Sidney time.

20d 20h 11m Tentacruel fainted! Whited out!

20d 20h 10m Salamence used Flamethrower! Azumarill fainted!

20d 20h 10m Azumarill down to 26/340HP (8%). Flygon down!

20d 20h 9m Flygon used Earthquake. M4 down to 181/340HP (54%)

20d 20h 8m Another OHKO! Kingdra down!

20d 20h 8m OHKO! Altaria down!

20d 20h 7m Azumarill starts rolling. Shelgon down!

20d 20h 7m Sent out Azumarill.

20d 20h 4m: GJK forsees Shelgon's protect and attempts to use dive but unfortunatelly she's paralyzed. Round one: draw.

20d 20h 3m: Drake challenged. You know what that means... Cruella vs Shelgon.

[Meta] We entered the 5 hours countdown to the extension of TPP plays Emerald. No pressure guys!

20d 20h 0m: M4 uses rock smash before starting her rollout. Walrein uses surf and body slam before going down to the second rollout. Glacia defeated.

[Snark] Boy, where do these E4 keep getting their full restore?

20d 20h 0m: Walrein of course survives with a line of HP so we switch M4 before Glacia full restores Walrein.

20d 19h 59m: GJK switches to waterfall and hits. Walrein is low but still not on red. More body slam and another dive.

20d 19h 58m: GJK paralysis prevents her from hitting Walrein. Moar body slams of course

20d 19h 58m: GJK surfs up Walrein, who keeps body slamming. Then GJK uses dive.

20d 19h 57m: GJK uses dive and the hail stops. Walrein didn't seem bothered and responded with body slam. GJK paralyzed.

20d 19h 56m: GJK comes in to face Walrein. She tries to runaway for a while though.

20d 19h 55m: Vileplume checks in vs Walrein. Hail and ice beam greets her. Vileplume faints

20d 19h 54m: Anice uses rock smash once more and Glalie resists. Glalie then uses explosion and Anice faints.

20d 19h 54m: Anice goes back to reversal and Sealeo#2 is down. Glalie #2 out.

20d 19h 53m: Anice shows here repertoir by using rock smash. Sealeo responds with hail.

20d 19h 53m: Anice changes tactic to reversal and Glalie OHKOs too. Sealeo#2 out.

20d 19h 53m: Sealeo OHKOs to brick break and out comes Glalie. Sweeping time.

20d 19h 52m: Glacia challenged. Hariyama is out vs Sealeo.

20d 19h 45m Dusclops's down! Defeated Phoebe!

20d 19h 43m Vileplume used Petal Dance, Dusclops's asleep.

20d 19h 42m Dusclops used Ice Beam. Graveler fainted! Sent out Vileplume.

20d 19h 41m Hariyama down to 77/234HP. Sent out Graveler.

20d 19h 38m Sent out Hariyama. (Huh? Mightyena's sprite changed to that of a Linoone for a sec..)

20d 19h 37m [D] Mightyena used Shadow Ball; Dusclops used Rock Slide; Mightyena fainted!

20d 19h 36m [Stats] Max HP+3 Atk+3 Def+2 SP.Atk+1 SP.Def+2 Speed+2; HP 146 Atk 122 Def 72 Sp.Atk 86 Sp.Def 87 Speed 87

20d 19h 33m [D] Banette fainted! Mightyena levels up to 50!

20d 19h 32m [D] Phoebe used another Full Restore. (Yeah, she used one a minute ago as well).

20d 19h 30m Mightyena used Crunch! Banette used Façade; Mightyena down to 34/143HP (23%)

20d 19h 28m [D] Still in Democracy mode.

20d 19h 28m Used Crunch again! Sableye down!

20d 19h 24m Used Crunch again! Banette down!

20d 19h 20m Mightyena used Crunch! (twice). Dusclops down!

20d 19h 15m [D] Switched Hariyama out for Mightyena.

20d 19h 14m [D] Phoebe.

20d 19h 9m [#101] Sidney. Hariyama Brick Break-OHKO sweep! Defeated Sidney!

20d 19h 8m Whishcash used Earthquake! Tentacruel fainted! Whited out

20d 19h 7m Tentacruel used Dive! Whichcash used Earthquake, Tentacruel down to 37/265HP (14%)

20d 19h 7m Tentacruel used Hidden Power! Wailord down!

20d 19h 6m Finally sent out Tentacruel. Wallace used a Full Restore.

[Snark] So much for that reversal hype.

20d 19h 4m [Party] Only Tentacruel left, 127/265HP (48%)

20d 19h 3m Hariyama used Brick Break, Wailord used Double-Edge. Hariyama fainted!

20d 19h 3m Wallace time. Is this teh urn?

20d 19h 1m Defeated Drake!

20d 19h 1m Salamence down. Hariyama levels up to 77!

20d 19h 0m Drake used a Full Restore

20d 18h 59m Sent out Tentacruel.

20d 18h 58m Hariyama down to 25/330HP. Switched Hiariyama out for Vileplume which instantly faints because of Salamence's Flamethrower.

20d 18h 57m Salamence used Flamethrower! M4/Azumarill fainted!

20d 18h 57m M4 down to 1/340HP. Rollout-KO'd Flygon!

20d 18h 56m Azumarill down to 81/340HP. Kingdra down!

20d 18h 54m Used Rollout! Both Shelgon and Altaria down! ♪They see me rollin'♪~

20d 18h 54m Used Brick Break once, then sent out M4/Azumarill.

20d 18h 53m Drake time.


20d 18h 46m [Fluff] This should be the 100th E4 run.

20d 18h 43m [Stats] Saved the game! Play time 470h 43m, caught 40 Pokémon species.

20d 18h 41m Brick Break sweep (Sealeo, Glacie and Walrein). Defeated Glacia!

20d 18h 40m Sealeo down. Brick Break-OHKO'd Glacie.

20d 18h 39m Glacia time, Hariyama vs Sealeo. Glacia used a Full Restore.

20d 18h 38m OHKO'd Sableye. Defeated Phoebe!

20d 18h 37m Banette used Shadow Ball. Down to 241/340HP. Still rolling. Second Banette down

20d 18h 37m (Dusclops down). OHKO'd Banette.

20d 18h 36m M4's rolling

20d 18h 36m Sent out M4/Azumarill

20d 18h 34m Graveler down to 58/186 HP. Dusclops used Ice Beam; Graveler fainted!

20d 18h 33m Vileplume used Petal Dance twice. Down to 24%. Sent out Graveler/5"7". Used Rock Throw. Dusclops down!

20d 18h 31m Switched Hariyama out for Vileplume

20d 18h 31m Hi Phoebe! Long time no see eheheh..

20d 18h 25m A's using her ninja hiding techniques.

20d 18h 23m Sidney used a Full Restore on Crawdaunt, but Hariyama KO'd Crawdaunt. Defeated Sidney!

20d 18h 22m Sent out Anice/Hariyama. Cacturne down!

20d 18h 21m Mightyena vs Cacturne. Mightyena used Needle Arm. Mightyena fainted!

20d 18h 20m Sidney time. Hariyama used Brick Break! Mightyena, Shiftry and Absol down!

20d 18h 17m Wailord used Double Edge! M4 fainted! Whited out again

20d 18h 16m Azumarill used Rollout! Wailord used Water Spout! M4 down to 16HP.

20d 18h 15m [Party] Only Azumarill hasn't fainted yet, but she only has 36/340 HP left.

20d 18h 14m: Wallace chalenged. 5'7 comes out and uses rock blast. Hit 2 times then Graveler faints to blizzard

20d 18h 14m WALLACE ENGAGE

20d 18h 13m: A leaves the room and goes across the stairs/bridge (depending on who you ask) to challenge Wallace.

20d 18h 11m: A tries to convince Drake to join forces vs Wallace. Drake is somewhat resentful at A for beating the c**p out of him.

20d 18h 10m: Anarchy is back. It looked like democracy wanted to use items in the bag.

20d 18h 9m: [D] Bag opened and closed once more. Anarchy is slowly gaining more votes.

20d 18h 8m: [D] We enter the bag, then close it immediately. Anarchy has around 30sh votes vs 150 As

20d 18h 7m: [D] Back in the start menu. I am not sure what the plan is currently but there are some reports on bots.

20d 18h 6m: [D] 200+ B spams to get out of the Pokenav. Not bad.

20d 18h 4m: Democracy takes over. We are still in Drake's room.

20d 18h 2m: M4 finishes Salamence with a 3rd rollout and Drake defeated. M4 is down to 36 hp. #believe

20d 18h 2m: M4 starts to rollout all over while Salamence uses his powerful dragon claws.

20d 18h 1m: And Altaria faints! Kingdra comes in and OHKOs to rollout number 5. Salamence is all that's left for Drake.

20d 18h 1m: It takes 3 rollouts to take down Flygon, while M4 is down to just 118 hp. Altaria next!

20d 18h 1m: M4 starts to rollout but it isn't very effective. Earthquake is then deployed.

20d 18h 0m: GJK uses dive then faints to crunch. M4 comes in.

20d 18h 0m: GJK uses surf and Flygon resists with very low hp. Earthquake leaves GJK with 10 hp while Drake uses full restore.

20d 17h 58m: Flygon comes in and is countered by A looking endlessly in the Pokemon menu for an answer.

20d 17h 57m: Shelgon takes a powerful surf and responds with rock tomb. GJK then uses dive and Shelgon down.

20d 17h 57m: GJK steps in for Graveler. Shelgon keeps the protect strategie.

20d 17h 56m: Drake challenged. 5'7 vs Shelgon. Rock it!

20d 17h 53m: Our remaining party with their HP consists of: Graveler lvl 67 65%, Tentacruel lvl 79 44%, M4 lvl 100 57%. Bring it Drake.

20d 17h 51m: Rollout destroyes Glalie and Walrein is all that stands on our way to Drake. Rollout does the trick and Glacia down.

20d 17h 51m: Sealeo comes out and OHKOs to rollout. Glalie#2 out.

20d 17h 51m: Rollout hits twice and Glalie faints. Lightscreen was used though.

20d 17h 50m: M4 starts rollout but misses. Glalie crunches her.

20d 17h 48m: M4 comes in to clean the mess. We then try to shift her with herself.

20d 17h 47m: Glalie comes in and Anice faints to hail

20d 17h 46m: Sealeo uses hail. Anice has 20 hp left but uses reversal. Sealeo goes down.

20d 17h 46m: Anice comes in vs Sealeo. Rock smash used.

20d 17h 46m: Glacia challenged. 'bout time right?!

[Meta] It seems there's a bot attack in progress... Down spam is the input used...

20d 17h 40m: Glacia awkardly stares while A keeps walking around her. "Haven't I seen her before?"

20d 17h 37m: A keeps exploring Glacia's room in search for secret weapons. None so far. Itemfinder?

20d 17h 27m: A walks in Glacia's room and dodges her. She is way more interested in the wall's lights.

[Snark] "Go ahead, move on to the next room" We are trying Phoebe but you are standing in the way!

20d 17h 23m: Sableye comes out and goes down to rollout and Phoebe is down. AND STAY DOWN!

20d 17h 23m: Dusclops finally faints to rollout. Banette resists the next rollout and responds with shadow ball, then faints to 3rd rollout.

20d 17h 21m: M4 feels bad and uses rock smash a few times while taking some shadow balls. This makes the fight more fair.

20d 17h 21m: M4 steps in and starts rolling. Dusclops misses (!).

20d 17h 20m: Dusclops resists dive and uses EQ. 115 hp left on GJK

20d 17h 20m: Dive takes 50% hp from Dusclops who responds with a critical earthquake. More dive of course.

20d 17h 20m: Phoebe sends Dusclops. We keep diving.

20d 17h 19m: Dive used once more. Banette's shadow ball misses. Banette down.

20d 17h 19m: GJK comes in to avenge Vileplume.

20d 17h 18m: Psychic hits Vileplume, who responds with petal dance. Vileplume then faints to shadowball.

20d 17h 17m: Vileplume is switched in and Banette grabs a full restore. Mmm... tastes nice.

20d 17h 17m: Rockthrow leaves Banette with 1hp, while psychic doesn't do that much.

20d 17h 17m: We try to switch Mightyena in. For some reason it doesn't work so we send 5'7

20d 17h 16m: GJK uses dive to teach Dusclops what its like to miss over and over again. Dusclops faints, Banette comes in.

20d 17h 16m: GJK steps in to save Anice. Shadow punch greets him. BOOM headshot.

20d 17h 15m: Dusclops uses shadow punch. 40 hp left for our mighty Sumo.

20d 17h 15m: Brick break still can't hit Dusclops no matter how hard Anice tries.

20d 17h 14m: Anice back out! More protect coming Dusclops' way.

20d 17h 14m: Anice is switched with Vileplume.

20d 17h 13m: Dusclops shocks everybody by using protect first. Brick break keeps missing. Curse used!

20d 17h 12m: Phoebe time. Hariyama comes out vs Dusclops.

20d 17h 9m: Anice finishes Cacturne with reversal. Cacturne down and so is Crawdaunt also OHKO. Sidney goes down. And stay down!

20d 17h 9m: Mightyena changes tactic to double edge and faints. Anice out!

20d 17h 8m: Cacturne then goes with needle arm. Mightyena ain't looking so mighty anymore.

20d 17h 8m: Mightyena gets seeded but uses shadow ball. Far from effective.

20d 17h 7m: Mightyena is switched vs Cacturne. Cacturne uses cotton spore.

20d 17h 6m: Oh and Shiftry fainted before Absol. #justsayin'

20d 17h 6m: Reversal takes Absol down and Anice reaches lvl 76. Cacturne out!

20d 17h 5m Annice is hit with Shifty's swagger and hurts itself in confusion.

20d 17h 5m Annice takes out the enemy doge.

20d 17h 4m We challenge Sidney.

20d 16h 56m We again enter to challenge the E4

20d 16h 55m We miss again and ludicolo takes out M4 and we white out.

20d 16h 54m Ludicolo works to increase its evasion with double team, we try to hit it but missed and are giga drained again.

20d 16h 53m Wallace withdraws wailord and sends out ludicolo, who giga drains us the next turn.

20d 16h 53m Wallace uses a full restore on wailord, but we again surf it down to low health.

20d 16h 52m We begin the fight by surfing the enemy wailord and most of its health is taken out, it is also now raining inside the building.

20d 16h 50m M4 is our only pokemon and is sent out.

20d 16h 50m We challenge Wallace.

[Status] At this point M4 is our final pokemon and is paralyzed and at 43% health.

20d 16h 47m M4 ohko's Salamence and Drake is defeated.

20d 16h 46m M4 has been paralyzed, but takes out kingdra.

20d 16h 46m M4 starts rolling out.

20d 16h 45m M4 is our last pokemon and is sent into the fight.

20d 16h 43m Altaria scuicidally uses double edge and both cruella and altaria are down.

20d 16h 42m Cruella uses surf on altaria, but it is not very effective.

20d 16h 41m Cruella dives and takes out Drakes Shellgon.

20d 16h 41m We send cruella into the fight and it immediately takes out flygon with surf.

20d 16h 39m Tired of seeing his Sheldon hit with rocks drake switches his flygon into the fight where it takes out 5'7.

20d 16h 39m At minimal health Drake uses a full restore on Shelgon, 5'7 immediately throws rocks at it in frustration.

20d 16h 38m 5'7 is first into the fight and starts by using rock throw.

20d 16h 37m We challenge drake.

20d 16h 32m Before we can take it out Glacia uses a full restore on her seal, but we roll over it the next turn and Glacia is defeated.

20d 16h 30m We send M4 into the fight.

20d 16h 29m Annice has been pelted by hail and blacks out.

20d 16h 29m Annice uses brick break and the other Glalie is down.

20d 16h 29m Annice takes out the other enemy sealeo.

20d 16h 28m Annice takes out the enemy Glalie.

20d 16h 28m Annice uses a critical hit reversal on seleo at 55 health, the seal is of course taken down.

20d 16h 27m We challenge Glacia.

20d 16h 25m Cruella takes out Phoebes Sableye and grows to level 79. Also Phoebe is defeated.

20d 16h 23m Phoebe uses a full restore on bannete, but it is taken out by cruella on the next turn.

20d 16h 22m Cruella takes out the other dusclops, but loses half its health in doing so.

20d 16h 21m Cruella has also taken out a bannete.

20d 16h 21m We send Cruella in where she immediately takes out the enemy dusclops.

20d 16h 18m We switch 5'7 into the battle.

20d 16h 18m Annice has been cursed.

20d 16h 17m Annice is back in the fight.

20d 16h 17m We switch Cabbage into the fight and Cabbage is immediately taken out.

20d 16h 16m We manage to switch m4 in for Annice, but she immediately becomes confused.

20d 16h 15m We challenge Phoebe.

20d 16h 9m Annice has taken out the enemy Crawdaunt and Sidney has been defeated.

20d 16h 9m Right before cabbage was about to faint we switch Annice in and she quickly takes out the enemy cacturne.

20d 16h 7m We switch cabbage into the fight and Sidney uses a full restore on Cacturne.

20d 16h 6m Annice takes out the enemy absol.

20d 16h 5m Annice knocks the shiftry out with a reversal.

20d 16h 5m The doge is too swag, and it hits itself in it's confusion. We send Annice in its place.

20d 16h 4m We send the doge back in.

20d 16h 3m Cabbage is switched in for doge.

20d 16h 3m Sidney uses a full restore on Shiftry.

20d 16h 2m After hitting it with reversal we switch the doge back into the fight.

20d 16h 2m Sidney sends his Shiftry in.

20d 16h 1m Annice ohkos the enemy doge.

20d 16h 1m We send annice out in place of the doge.

20d 15h 57m Doge tags in because eagerness.

20d 15h 56m Sidney steps up to the plate.

20d 15h 53m Anarchy has returned.

[D] 20d 15h 51m Faffing about in the Pokemon menu.

[D] 20d 15h 44m Democracy has kicked in.

20d 15h 42m Right back into the E4.

20d 15h 42m M4 is down. WELP, A-Chan whites out.

20d 15h 41m Ludicolo gets a taste of his own medicine and misses us!

20d 15h 40m M4 is on the ropes! HP 69/340

20d 15h 39m This is going nowhere fast. HP 124/340

20d 15h 37m Ludicolo has three stages of evasion now. HP 53%

20d 15h 37m Train derailed by Double-Team!

20d 15h 36m Wailord down. HP 233/340

20d 15h 36m The rollout train has left the station. All aboard!

20d 15h 35m Wallace wants to battle!

20d 15h 34m M4 ends Salamance. HP 263/340 Drake is defeated.

20d 15h 33m GJ faints!

20d 15h 32m After a Full Restore, GJ wins over Flygon. HP 4/262

20d 15h 32m GJ is this close to being able to easily rekt Flygon.

20d 15h 31m Annie takes out Kingdra but is hurting. Annie falls to Flygon.

20d 15h 30m Altaria is down. Annie HP 37%

20d 15h 29m Annie takes out Shelgon but takes some damage. HP 52%

20d 15h 28m Fighting Drake the ab abber.

20d 15h 23m Annie punches through the rest of the team. Glacia rekt.

20d 15h 24m The ohko streak ends at glalie, but annice takes it out with a reversal.

20d 15h 23m Annice is wrecking Glacia's team.

20d 15h 23m Annie takes out the opposing sealo and levels up to 75.

20d 15h 22m We challenge Glacia.

20d 15h 16m GJk surfs sableye and Phoebe has been defeated

20d 15h 14m We send GJK in, and Phoebe uses a full restore on sableye.

20d 15h 14m We send M4 into the fight.

20d 15h 12m Night shade takes out the doge.

20d 15h 12m We send the doge back in.

20d 15h 11m Opposing sableye takes 5'7 out.

20d 15h 9m Phobe sends out sableye and we send out 5'7.

20d 15h 9m Gfk takes out the banette using dive.

20d 15h 8m Phoebe uses a full restore on the her banette.

20d 15h 8m GJK takes out the enemy dusclops.

20d 15h 7m GJK is out and gets a surf off.

20d 15h 7m We switch to cabbage who is immediately fainted by shadow ball.

20d 15h 6m Gjk comes in and uses surf.

20d 15h 5m GFK is switched in, followed by switching out, and M4 is in, then we switch GFK in again, now it is M4 again, and we switch to cabbage.

20d 15h 4m Annice has been cursed.

20d 15h 4m Annice is switched back in and immediately is hit by confuse ray.

20d 15h 3m m4 switched out for doge.

20d 15h 2m We challenge Phoebe.

20d 14h 59m Cabbage is now Level 49 and Sidney has been defeated.

20d 14h 58m Next dance takes out Crawdaunt.

20d 14h 58m Knocks Crawdaunt to red, but a Full Restore heals it and its sleep status.

20d 14h 58m Cabbage starts unleashing the Petal Dance.

20d 14h 57m Crawdaunt gets full health recovery from a Full Restore, but is then put to sleep by Cabbage.

20d 14h 57m She's bombing Crawdaunt with as much poison as possible.

20d 14h 57m She takes out Cacturne with a Sludge Bomb.

20d 14h 56m Mightyena switched out for Cabbage.

20d 14h 55m He starts crunching, but with non-effective attacks and Cacturne's leeching, he isn't doing very well.

20d 14h 55m Mighty is switched in and leeched.

20d 14h 55m Decide to mix things up by using Reversal instead of Brick Break. Cacturne in the yellow.

20d 14h 54m Absol broken.

20d 14h 54m Shiftry broken.

20d 14h 54m With Mightyena down, yes, breaking is ensuing.

20d 14h 53m Annie vs Mightyena. Breaking probably going to ensue.

20d 14h 53m We've entered Sidney's room. Fight initiated.

20d 14h 53m Checking the summaries of our Pokemon outside Sidney's room.

20d 14h 52m Just hanging outside of Sidney's room.

20d 14h 51m E4 time again!

20d 14h 49m She runs! The PC is getting further away.

20d 14h 49m Why won't you run A?

20d 14h 49m Oh god the PC run for it!

20d 14h 48m Down the escalator A goes.

[Snark] Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

20d 14h 47m Just talking to Teala about the Wireless Club.

20d 14h 46m We decide to go up and down the escalator in the Pokemon Centre.

20d 14h 45m Critical Earthquake from Whiscash drives GJ into the red. Another one faints her. White out!

20d 14h 45m All these Amnesias are going to make Whiscash into a tank.

20d 14h 44m GJ tries to use Hidden Power. She forgets that Whiscash is part-Ground and resists Electricity.

20d 14h 44m Here comes Whiscash.

20d 14h 44m Tentacruel taken out by a Surf.

20d 14h 43m As usual, Wallace uses a Full Restore on Tentacruel. GJ starts spamming Hidden Power for the electricness.

20d 14h 43m Bag Shuffle time again.

20d 14h 42m GJ launches a Surf.

20d 14h 41m Entering the bag. Bag Shuffle time.

20d 14h 41m GJ is successfully sent out.

20d 14h 40m Checking out our fainted Pokemon's moves and summaries instead of sending out GJ. Overshooting a lot, it seems.

20d 14h 39m Still trying to switch GJ in to fight Wallace's own Tentacruel.

20d 14h 39m Anarchy takes over.

20d 14h 38m [D] Democracy begins.

20d 14h 38m As usual, our last Pokemon is GJ.

20d 14h 37m Sludge Bomb doesn't take out M4, but the resulting poison does.

20d 14h 37m Now it's a severely weakened M4 against Tentacruel.

20d 14h 36m He manages to hit M4 with a Giga Drain before falling to a strong Rollout.

20d 14h 36m LUDICOLO has been sent out.

20d 14h 36m Wailord is rolled out.

20d 14h 36m Wailord is brought to the red, but a Full Restore brings him back to green.

[Snark] Can whales even dance?

20d 14h 35m Wailord makes it rain with a dance.

20d 14h 35m Inputs are flying pretty fast. M4 starts rolling.

20d 14h 35m M4 is sent out.

20d 14h 34m 5'7 faints to Wailord's Water Spout.

[Voting] Democracy appears to be winning.

20d 14h 33m 5'7 is sent out against Wailord.

20d 14h 33m Hey there Wallace.

20d 14h 33m Voting ensues in less than 30 seconds.

20d 14h 32m Still in Drake's room. Haven't made it through the door yet.

20d 14h 30m Drake defeated.

20d 14h 30m Salamence is taken out by a fully charged Rollout.

20d 14h 30m A powered up Rollout finally takes out Flygon.

20d 14h 30m Yep a Full Restore heals him.

20d 14h 29m Flygon brought down to the red, but I foresee a Full Restore.

20d 14h 29m Rollout misses on its third roll. Flygon is only on yellow.

20d 14h 29m M4 is sent out. She starts rolling.

20d 14h 28m Flygon surprisingly can't cook Cabbage with only one Flamethrower. It takes two, and Cabbage manages to dance once in the time taken.

20d 14h 27m Cabbage is sent out.

20d 14h 27m Flygon sent out to take down Annie.

20d 14h 27m Annie in the red, but she takes out Kingdra.

20d 14h 26m Annie currently fighting Kingdra.

20d 14h 26m A critical Strength takes it out.

20d 14h 26m Altaria's Aerial Aces are doing some decent damage to Annie.

20d 14h 26m Altaria is sent out.

20d 14h 25m Shelgon down.

20d 14h 25m One Full Restore is used on the red Shelgon. Now he's full. And now yellow because of Strength.

20d 14h 24m Entering and leaving the Bag.

20d 14h 24m With Brick Break currently PPless, Annie now relies on Strength and Reversal to deal damage.

20d 14h 23m Shelgon does its usual thing: spam Protect.

[Snark] Drake the type of trainer to be crying over Pokemon he ain't even released.

20d 14h 23m Annie v Shelgon.

20d 14h 23m Drake fight initiated.

20d 14h 21m Just hanging around Drake's room, dragon our feet instead of challenging him.

[Thoughts] I wonder if those black lines are railings to keep A from falling into the spikes.

20d 14h 19m We've beaten Glacia with only Mighty as the casualty. Not bad, but Drake's where things get dangerous.

20d 14h 18m Flawless victory! Glacia defeated!

20d 14h 18m Walrein out. It gets broken as well.

20d 14h 18m Next Glalie is broken.

20d 14h 17m The next Sealeo is also broken.

[Fluff] Man, Annie's hands are ideal for breaking things. Except bricks. Never seen her break bricks. Have seen her break faces.

20d 14h 17m Glalie is also broken.

20d 14h 16m Yes it does. Sealeo broken.

20d 14h 16m Will breaking ensue?

20d 14h 16m Glacia challenged.

20d 14h 16m Left Phoebe's room and entered Glacia's.

20d 14h 16m Just saving in the corner of Phoebe's room.

20d 14h 15m Dusclops is also sent out and rolled out. Phoebe defeated.

20d 14h 15m The second Banette is sent in and rolled out.

20d 14h 14m M4 sent out. She starts rolling. Sableye down.

20d 14h 14m A Shadow Ball takes Mighty out.

20d 14h 14m A full restore is used on Sableye. Mighty continues crunching.

20d 14h 13m Sableye has been sent out. As usual, Double Team spam begins.

20d 14h 13m Mighty is now Level 49!

20d 14h 13m Banette is gone.

20d 14h 13m Mighty starts crunching down on Banette.

20d 14h 12m Mighty gets switched back in after Annie is confused. He takes out Dusclops.

20d 14h 11m We switch Annie back in.

20d 14h 11m A perfect switch! Mighty is sent out in place of Annie. Crunchtime!

20d 14h 10m Annie v Dusclops.

20d 14h 10m Phoebe challenged

[Fun Fact] I've lost track of how many times we've challenged the E4, but it's been at least 90.

20d 14h 9m Checking our PokeNav instead of talking to Phoebe.

20d 14h 8m Walking past Phoebe as usual.

20d 14h 7m The door is the true evil. Can't even get to Phoebe's room.

20d 14h 5m Checking the Dex.

20d 10h 4m Sidney defeated.

much brickbreak. very sweep. wow.

20d 14h 4m Annie is now Level 74!

20d 14h 2m Breaking ensues.

20d 14h 2m Hey Sidney.

20d 14h 0m Walking past Sid for a bit.

20d 13h 58m E4 time again.

20d 13h 57m 5'7 down. GGWP.

20d 13h 57m 5'7 sent out!

20d 13h 56m GJ down.

20d 13h 56m Not the run.

20d 13h 56m 21/262HP, that is.

20d 13h 56m GJ barely hanging on.

20d 13h 55m I fear these Dragon Dances.

20d 13h 54m BAG TIME.

20d 13h 54m FULL RESTORE.

20d 13h 54m Woah, that crit.

It's BAG time!

dat bag doe

20d 13h 53m Much right spam. Very bag. Wow.

20d 13h 53m This bag ...

20d 13h 52m Mass bag spamming continues

20d 13h 52m BAG SHUFFLE.

20d 13h 51m GYARADOS! REVENGE!

20d 13h 51m Whiscash down!

20d 13h 51m Whiscash.

20d 13h 50m Ludicolo down.

20d 13h 50m GJ sent out.

20d 13h 50m Who will we send out next?


song for your ears in the meantime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kooxZ8j0trA

20d 13h 49m LUDICOLO.

20d 13h 49m Wailord down.

20d 13h 49m Second roll misses.

20d 13h 48m Roll misses.

20d 13h 48m Rolling.

20d 13h 48m M4 sent out.

20d 13h 48m Cabbage takes a Blizzard and faints.

20d 13h 47m Red Wailord healed to full.

20d 13h 47m Cabbage confused.

20d 13h 47m Cabbage v Wailord. DANCE CABBAGE DANCE.

20d 13h 46m Wallace.

20d 13h 45m Drake defeated!

20d 13h 45m Aaaand he's gone.

20d 13h 45m Flygon rolled. Salamence inbound.


20d 13h 44m M4 out and rolling.

20d 13h 44m Mighty down.

20d 13h 43m Mighty sent out.

20d 13h 43m Annie is our first casualty.

20d 13h 43m Annie at red and fighting Flygon. Not good.

20d 13h 43m It goes down.

20d 13h 42m Annie uses Reversal on Kingdra.

20d 13h 42m Altaria taken out.

20d 13h 41m Christ that crit, but alas, Full Restore.

20d 13h 41m Annie vs Altaria.

20d 13h 41m Shelgon broken.

20d 13h 40m Man, hate Protect.

20d 13h 40m Annie vs Shelgon.

20d 13h 40m Hey Drake.

20d 13h 39m Stuck in a corner.

20d 13h 39m Walked past Drake.

20d 13h 38m Glacia defeated. Flawless victory.

20d 13h 38m Walrein broke.

20d 13h 37m Glalie 2 broke

20d 13h 37m Sealeo 2 broke

20d 13h 37m Glalie broke

20d 13h 37m Sealeo broke.

20d 13h 36m Annie vs Sealeo.

20d 13h 36m Glacia fight start.

20d 13h 35m Just wandering around Glacia's room.

20d 13h 34m Democracy came and went. In anarchy right now.

20d 13h 32m Stuck in the corner of Phoebe's room.

20d 13h 31m Phoebe defeated.

20d 13h 30m Bye Dusclops 2.

20d 13h 30m Bye Banette 2

20d 13h 30m Here comes Banette 2

20d 13h 29m Goes down to a Surf.

20d 13h 29m She misses, and Sableye, having been healed by a Full Restore, continues spamming Double Team.

20d 13h 29m She starts rolling, but will she hit enough with Sableye's Double Team?

20d 13h 28m M4 switched in.

20d 13h 28m Banette taken down as well, but a Grudge takes out all of Crunch's PP.

20d 13h 28m First Dusclops is crunched to death undeathdeath.

20d 13h 27m CRUNCHTIME.

20d 13h 27m Switched out M4 for Mighty.

20d 13h 26m Switching out Annie for M4.

20d 13h 25m Hey Phoebe

20d 13h 24m These doors are hard to walk into.

20d 13h 23m Up the stairs to Phoebe's room ... saving while we're at it.

[Snark] #flawlessvictory

20d 13h 22m Sidney just completely broken.

20d 13h 21m Annie levels up to 73

20d 13h 20m As usual, breaking commences.

20d 13h 20m Yo Sidney. Let's throw down.

20d 13h 20m Still haven't gotten through the door.

20d 13h 19m Elite Four time

20d 13h 19m Next to the PC.

20d 13h 18m Just stumbling around.

20d 13h 17m Just hanging next to the map. Which is hanging off the wall.

20d 13h 16m Voting in about twelve minutes.

20d 13h 15m M4 down. White out.

20d 13h 14m Rollouts missing. Earthquakes chunking away at M4.

20d 13h 14m Doubt Flygon will go down so easily though.

20d 13h 13m Altaria rolled.

20d 13h 13m Kingdra rolled.

20d 13h 13m Some Rollouts bring Kingdra to red, but yaknow, Full Restore.

20d 13h 12m M4 out and rolling.

20d 13h 12m Surf takes out 5'7.

20d 13h 12m 5'7 takes out Shelgon. Here comes Kingdra.

20d 13h 11m Man, Rock Blast has some bad accuracy.

20d 13h 9m 5'7 vs Shelgon

20d 13h 9m Let's rumble Drake.

20d 13h 8m Glacia defeated.

20d 13h 8m M4 is sent out. She rolls out Walrein.

20d 13h 6m GJ faints!


20d 13h 5m Ah, GJ is frozen.

20d 13h 4m: Surfs are exchanged. Also, GJ LEVELED UP TO 78

20d 13h 3m: Good Job GJ!

20d 13h 1m: A enters the depths of her bag, never to come out again.

20d 12h 53m: We send out GJ.

20d 12h 53m: And while we were celebrating, sealeo hits vileplume and makes her faint. Spoilsport.

20d 12h 52m: YOU GO VILEPLUME :D

20d 12h 51m: DANCE FOR ZEXY, PLUME

20d 12h 46m: When in doubt, always check the dex.

20d 12h 43m: WE BEAT PHEOBE

20d 12h 42m: Full restore is used, but rollout takes care of that pesky banette.

20d 12h 39m: M4 is sent out, and attempts to run. A, you should know by now that you can't run from trainer battles.

20d 12h 38m: And like that Annie faints.

20d 12h 36m: Seriously we're subjecting Annie to torture in this battle. Swap her out or something, that's what we're good at!

20d 12h 34m: Mightyena falls. Annie is sent out.. which is probably not a good idea.

20d 12h 34m: Mightyena brings that dusclops DOWNNNN. But at the same time, he's cursed.

20d 12h 33m: Mightyena is sent out against dusclops.

20d 12h 32m: Well that took a while! PHEOBE CHALLENGED

20d 12h 23m: Annie doesn't care and beats up Sidney. SIDNEY DEFEATED


20d 12h 21m: Confused annie punches herself in the face before taking out cacturne.

20d 12h 20m: We could sweep Sidney without any injury if there's no trolls anywhere, fyi


20d 12h 17m: WE ENTER TO CHALLENGE THE E4. And so yet another urn starts.



20d 12h 14m: M4 fainted. A WHITED OUT

20d 12h 13m: CLUTCH SURF. Altaria down!

20d 12h 12m: KNOCK OUT by M4, using SURF

20d 12h 10m: This is one sided battering by the thing we call a "shelgon"

20d 12h 7m: WE CHALLENGE AB GUY- I mean Drake.

20d 12h 7m: Strategical save.

20d 12h 6m: WE BEAT GLACIA but M4's the only surviving mon with 62% health.

20d 12h 4m: M4 doesn't care about being paralyzed, and surfs Walrein into the red.

20d 12h 2m: There. We used a full restore. Can the right-pressers and BAG go away now?

20d 12h 2m: She finishes Glalie off with strength! Walrein up.

20d 12h 2m: M4 is now engaged in battle.

20d 12h 0m: We're hidden-powering this glalie off. But.. we get pelted to death.

20d 11h 59m: GJ brings down Sealeo #2 with a clutch waterfall, but will she be able to survive any longer? Find out on the next episode of TPPE!

20d 11h 57m: GJ takes down Glalie with dive. Next up: Sealeo #2!

20d 11h 53m: GJ surfs away that first Sealeo.

20d 11h 52m: [Guitar sounds] SURFIN, SURFIN, SURFIN, ALL NIGHT LONG

20d 11h 50m: We challenge Glacia!

20d 11h 48m: Current party status: GJ at 100%, M4 at 78%.

20d 11h 48m: WE BEAT PHEOBE!

20d 11h 47m: We play M4, our card. She starts rollin out. ~rollin.. rollin~ Banette down!

20d 11h 45m: 5"7' down after a psychic. M4 and GJ are the only mon we have left.

20d 11h 45m: Gotta love them full restores.

20d 11h 42m: Poor Annie, she faints while in a fight she couldn't possibly win.

20d 11h 40m: Sableye dies from poison

20d 11h 39m: Current status: BAG

20d 11h 38m: VILEPLUME DOWN, I REPEAT, VILEPLUME DOWN. Annie takes her place.

20d 11h 37m: Vileplume survives on 4 hp and throws some sludge on sableye.

20d 11h 36m Cabbage poisons Sableye.

20d 11h 35m This bag man, this bag.

20d 11h 34m Cabbage sent out.

20d 11h 34m Mighty down.


20d 11h 33m Annie is switched out for Mighty against Sableye.

20d 11h 31m Mighty switched out for Annie.

20d 11h 31m Mighty takes down Banette. He levels up to Level 48.

20d 11h 30m Mighty takes out Dusclops.

20d 11h 30m Did we just ... use a Full Restore on someone?

20d 11h 29m Mighty is confused.

20d 11h 28m Annie switched for Mighty.

20d 11h 27m Annie is cursed.

20d 11h 27m Annie vs Dusclops.

20d 11h 26m Phoebe battle has begun.

20d 11h 25m Sidney defeated.

20d 11h 25m Man, what's with going to the bag so often?

20d 11h 23m This should simply be another usual Annie sweep. Hopefully.

20d 11h 23m Annie is now Level 72.

20d 11h 21m Sidney initiated.

20d 11h 20m E4 Time.

20d 11h 20m Anarchy is back.

20d 11h 19m [D] We buy five Full Restores.

20d 11h 18m [D] Will we buy five Full Restores?

20d 11h 17m [D] Buying Full Restores, are we?

20d 11h 51m [D] Still in the store.

20d 11h 14m [D] Looks like we aren't.

20d 11h 13m [D] Looks like the stream is disagreeing on whether to sell or keep Rest.

20d 11h 13m [D] Final Hidden Power sold.

20d 11h 11m [D] Second Hidden Power sold. One more left.

20d 11h 9m [D] One Hidden Power sold. Two more to go.

20d 11h 8m [D] Are we selling Hidden Power? Looks like it.

20d 11h 7m [D] We've sold all thirteen of our Ultra Balls.

20d 11h 6m [D] We've selected twelve balls.

20d 11h 5m [D] Slowly selling the Ultra Balls.

20d 11h 3m [D] Thirteen balls, thirteen hours. Is this a coincidence?

20d 11h 2m [D] We've stopped perusing the wares and are now ready to sell.

20d 11h 1m [D] Or are we buying? Who knows.

20d 11h 1m [D] We've gone into Buy Mode instead of Sell Mode.

20d 10h 57m [D] Are we ... selling our balls?

20d 10h 54m [D] In Democracy ... doing something.

20d 10h 50m We buy 13 Ultra Balls in frustration.

Almost had it! Almost!


20d 10h 49m Gyarados used Earthquake. It's a friggin' critical hit. Whited out! Bummer bummer bummer

[silently cries]


20d 10h 48m We need Hidden Power so badly, we look for it in the bag again.

20d 10h 48m Another Surf, another Dragon Dance...

20d 10h 47m GJ Surfs on Gyarados, who uses Dragon Dance.


20d 10h 47m GJ starts surfing back! Whiscash fainted!

20d 10h 47m Surf takes her out!

20d 10h 46m 5 7 comes in and uses Rock Blast. She hits five times!

[Snark] I am literally quaking in my chair.


20d 10h 46m Whiscash comes in and takes out M4 with two Earthquakes!

20d 10h 45m Milotic faints to the fifth Rollout! WE'RE DOING IT!

20d 10h 45m Tentacruel fainted to the fourth Rollout!


20d 10h 45m Critical Rollout on Ludicolo! He's out!


20d 10h 44m M4 is rolling! She missed the second hit though. She has 41 HPs left when Wailord finally faints.

20d 10h 43m The second Blizzard hits. Vileplume then trips and takes herself out.


20d 10h 43m Wailord's Blizzard missed! Vileplume took Wailord's health all the way to the red zone, then Wallace healed him.

20d 10h 42m Wallace wanted to see us dance. Cabbage proceeds to do just that.

20d 10h 41m Voting in 6 minutes. We are now fighting Wallace!

20d 10h 39m Cabbage will be the first pokémon out against Wallace.

20d 10h 38m Salamance fainted! Drake defeated! M4 is left with 137 HPs.

20d 10h 38m Drake healed Flygon right after M4 started Rolling. Flygon is down!

20d 10h 37m Flygon's Earthquakes are hurting us.

20d 10h 36m Cabbage, 5 7 and GJ have full health still at this point. M4 has 73%. Azumarill enters the fight and follows Annie's example by attacking with Rock Smash.

[Snark] Well, Annie tried to smash Flygon, but instead it smashed her.

20d 10h 35m Flygon's Earthquake almost takes Annie out. She uses one final Rock Smash before fainting.

20d 10h 34m One Surf hits Annie before she takes Kingdra out. She's left with 91 HPs.

20d 10h 34m Kingdra sets up one Dragon Dance. Annie takes out more than half of his HPs with one Strength.

20d 10h 33m Altaria lands one Aerial Ace before going down.

20d 10h 33m Altaria uses Dragon Dance. Annie attacks one more time with Brick Break, then runs out of PPs. Time to use Strength. Altaria barely survives the hit!

[Puns] Let's just hope that Drake doesn't break Annie's sweep.

20d 10h 32m Brick Break doesn't OHKO Shelgon and Drake heals him back up. Annie doesn't give up and two turns later Shelgon is down!

20d 10h 32m Drake is in for some pain.

20d 10h 30m Walrein out in one smooth, super-effective hit! Glacia absolutely REKT

20d 10h 29m Sealeo The Second and Glalie junior fainted!

20d 10h 28m Brick Break engaged! Sealeo and Glalie down!

20d 10h 28m Glacia found. Annie's ready for this!

20d 10h 22m M4 rolled Sableye, Banette and Dusclops out of existance. Phoebe defeated!

20d 10h 21m Sableye avoided the next few Crunches with Double-Team and eventually defeated Mightyena. M4 comes in.

20d 10h 20m Mightyena was burned! He still took out Banette.

20d 10h 19m Annie switched out for Mightyena. He uses Crunch and takes out Dusclops in two hits. Oh man that is satisfying to watch.

20d 10h 18m It's Phoebe time!


20d 10h 17m M4 takes out Cacturne and Crawdaunt. Sidney defeated, but the Twitch chat is in a bad mood due to Start/Down spammers.

20d 10h 16m We send M4 in.

20d 10h 15m Annie missed one hit, but still took Absol out.

20d 10h 14m Annie opens the fight with Reversal, getting a Sand-Attack in the eyes before taking out Mightyena. Now the cursor's on Brick Break, and Shiftry's down.

20d 10h 14m Sidney would like to battle! For some reason.

20d 10h 13m E4 attempt #92, go!

20d 10h 11m Not the PC pleeease

20d 10h 9m Cabbage uses Petal Dance after Drake healed Flygon back to full health. We appreciate the fact that she tried. Still, we whited out right after.

20d 10h 8m Flygon's Earthquake takes out GJ in two hits!

20d 10h 7m Annie takes Altaria out with Strength! Kingdra throws water in her face until Annie's left with 54 HPs, then faints. Flygon finally manages to defeat Annie, leaving us with Cabbage and GJ.

20d 10h 6m Now facing Altaria. Have you ever punched a bird?

20d 10h 5m Annie lands a critical hit and takes out Shelgon. She reached Lv.71, and deserved it.

20d 10h 4m Hi Drake. We're here to collect some EXP from you.

[Fluff] I'm sorry. I said we'd beat Glacia in record time, and I think I jinxed the run.

20d 10h 1m Walrein's Surf destroys poor 5 7, who had just entered the battle in Annie's place. Now she's back, and angry. Walrein fainted, and Glacia has been defeated.

20d 10h 0m M4 takes out Sealeo. Then Glalie explodes. M4 is down!

20d 9h 59m Drake heals Sealeo. M4 is back on the field, but badly hurt.

20d 9h 58m "MIGHTYENA is immobilized by love!" Bring on the fanart.

20d 9h 58m Sealeo used Attract on Mightyena!

20d 9h 57m We send Mightyena in.

20d 9h 56m M4 takes out Sealeo and Glalie before she misses her first Rollout.

20d 9h 55m Sealeo's Body Slam paralyzed M4. Crap.

20d 9h 55m M4 Rolls. It's super effective, sure, but we don't want to run out of PPs again.

20d 9h 55m We switch Annie out for M4 in this battle too.

20d 9h 54m Glacia engaged!

20d 9h 54m A tries to memorize every page of the Pokédex, as if Glacia was her teacher and she had to pass an exam to reach Drake.

20d 9h 51m With fast text speed, we'll beat Glacia in record time.

20d 9h 48m Banette and Sableye faint in one hit. Phoebe defeated; during the battle, Anarchy won the vote.

20d 9h 47m The second Dusclops uses Earthquake, bringing GJ's total HPs to 75% before falling to her Surf.

20d 9h 46m GJ goes for a Dive, then Surfs. Dusclops only took 19 HPs out of her before fainting. Banette faints too.

20d 9h 46m We have switched Annie out for M4, then GJ.

20d 9h 45m Phoebe is ready to be defeated.

20d 9h 44m Sidney didn't stand a chance. The only thing this battle did was reducing Brick Break's PPs by five.

20d 9h 43m Brick Break selected. Annie proceeds to wreck everything in her path. Also, it's voting time!

20d 9h 42m Hello Sidney. Nothing personal, but we'll proceed to kick your butt now.

20d 9h 40m We're back for another run. We've faced the E4 almost one hundred times now!

20d 9h 37m M4 attacks with Strength and almost takes down Milotic, but faints right after. Whited out!

20d 9h 37m M4 resorts to Rock Smash, which does little. Surf deals slightly more damage, but it's still not enough.

20d 9h 36m We didn't miss! Tentacruel fainted with the last Rollout! Now the move is out of PPs.

[Snark] Whaling on Wailord as usual.

20d 9h 36m Wailord fainted under Rollout, and so did Ludicolo!

20d 9h 35m M4's first Rollout missed. Does this mean every other one will always hit, now that we have satisfied the RNG god?

20d 9h 35m Wallace time! We're having a dance competition apparently.

20d 9h 33m Salamance barely resists one Rollout, but not the next one. Drake defeated. M4 is left with 143 HPs, 43%.

20d 9h 32m M4 has started rolling. Kingdra has landed one more critical hit before fainting.

20d 9h 29m The fourth Body Slam is a critical hit, almost taking down GJ. She used Hidden Power once before fainting to the fifth one. Only M4 left!

20d 9h 28m Kingdra has landed three Body Slams so far; GJ meanwhile attacked with nothing but Surf. Drake now has healed his pokémon.

20d 9h 27m We're trying to use Hidden Power. Instead of the move though, we select the TM in the bag. That won't work.

20d 9h 24m Kingdra starts setting up with a Dragon Dance while GJ keeps Surfing, with very little results.

20d 9h 24m Flygon goes down to Surf too. It was a critical hit!

20d 9h 23m A got mad at M4 for missing and immediately called her back. GJ comes out in her place and takes care of Altaria with one Surf.

20d 9h 23m M4 comes in and fails her first Rollout attack.

20d 9h 22m We try forcing Annie out of her Ultra Ball. Please, just one more Brick Break!

20d 9h 21m The second Aerial Ace brings Annie down. She fought well.

20d 9h 20m Altaria's Aerial Ace hurts Annie pretty badly, but she's still standing.

20d 9h 19m Shelgon finally falls under Annie's punches.

20d 9h 19m The third Brick Break hits and brings Shelgon's HP almost all the way down. Drake promptly uses a Full Restore.

20d 9h 18m Shelgon protects himself from Brick Break. Twice in a row. Hax!

20d 9h 18m We're facing Drake.

[Snark] Our fingers aren't fast enough to keep up with Annie.

20d 9h 15m Scond Glalie down, and right afterwards, Walrein fainted too. Annie didn't even break a sweat. (only bricks. Right? Riiiight?) Glacia defeated!

20d 9h 15m The second Sealeo barely had the time to get out of his Poké Ball.

20d 9h 14m Neither did Glalie. Boom! Annie reached Lv.70.

20d 9h 14m Annie opens the fight with Reversal. Sealeo didn't stand a chance!

20d 9h 13m Facing Glacia now!

20d 9h 12m Dusclops 2 rolled. Phoebe defeated.

20d 9h 11m Starting a new roll for Dusclops 2.

20d 9h 11m Sableye rolled.

20d 9h 11m Next Banette too.

20d 9h 10m Banette rolled.

20d 9h 10m Dusclops rolled.

20d 9h 10m Despite no longer being confused, Protect is still shutting down M4's Rolls.

[Snark] Protect and Confusion are so annoying.

20d 9h 8m Annie was switched out for M4, who started rolling.

20d 9h 6m Annie vs Dusclops

20d 9h 5m Phoebe fight start

20d 9h 3m Sidney defeated

20d 9h 3m She's now Level 77!

20d 9h 3m She takes out Crawdaunt

20d 9h 2m GJ sent in

20d 9h 1m 5'7 down from Surf launched by Crawdaunt

20d 9h 0m 5'7 sent out

20d 8h 58m Mighty down

20d 8h 58m Mighty takes out Cacturne

20d 8h 57m Mighty sent out

20d 8h 56m Cabbage down

20d 8h 56m Cabbage no longer confused.

20d 8h 55m Full Restore heals Cacturne.

20d 8h 55m Cabbage starts dancing again.

20d 8h 54m Now confused

20d 8h 54m She starts dancing.

20d 8h 53m Annie is switched for Cabbage

20d 8h 52m Caaacturne ...

20d 8h 51m Absol heals. Is then broken.

20d 8h 50m Cannot break Absol because Torment. Goddamnit Shiftry.

20d 8h 49m However, TOOORMMMEEENT.

20d 8h 49m Mightyena broken. Shiftry too.

20d 8h 49m Annie versus Mightyena. Breaking time.

20d 8h 48m Hey Sidney

20d 8h 48m Into the E4 again.

20d 8h 48m GJ fainted. White out.

20d 8h 47m Flygon comes in and Earthquakes.

20d 8h 47m Shelgon down.

20d 8h 47m So is Protect.

20d 8h 47m Paralyzation is a bitch.

20d 8h 45m GJ vs Shelgon

20d 8h 45m Heeey Drake

20d 8h 44m In Drake's room.

20d 8h 43m Anyway, anarchy is back, Glacia has been defeated, and we only have GJ with 66% HP.

[Addendum] She will be once Anarchy returns.

20d 8h 42m A surf takes out Walrein. Glacia defeated.

20d 8h 41m [D] Democracy begins.

20d 8h 41m GJ paralyzed by Body Slam. Full Restore heals WAlrein.

20d 8h 41m GJ vs Walrein

20d 8h 40m M4 DOWN.

20d 8h 40m 7 HP now, rolling again.

20d 8h 39m Misses. And she's on 27 HP too!

20d 8h 39m She starts rolling again.

20d 8h 39m M4 is in the red from Hail and Surf, and she misses her Rollout.

20d 8h 38m Walrein here

20d 8h 38m Glalie 2 down

20d 8h 38m Sealeo 2 down

20d 8h 37m Sealeo 2 sent out, and M4 starts rolling.

20d 8h 37m Glalie down after Rock Smashing.

20d 8h 37m Voting time.

20d 8h 36m Man, Hail is annoying.

20d 8h 35m Some Rock Smashes take down Sealeo 1.

20d 8h 34m M4 sent out

20d 8h 33m Mighty faints

20d 8h 33m Mighty is paralyzed.

20d 8h 31m Mighty vs Sealeo

20d 8h 31m Glacia fight

20d 8h 29m We cannot call Mr Stone from here.

20d 8h 27m Sableye rolled and Phoebe defeated

20d 8h 27m Mighty switched with M4. Rolling.

20d 8h 26m Mighty sent out.

20d 8h 25m 5'7 fainted.

20d 8h 25m Sableye

20d 8h 24m She takes out Banette 2 and loses her PP for Rock Blast.

20d 8h 24m 5'7 grudged.

20d 8h 24m 5'7 vs Banette

20d 8h 23m Dusclops down.

20d 8h 23m Rock Blast keeps bring Dusclops to red, but not defeating it.

20d 8h 22m She takes out Banette.

20d 8h 22m 5'7 is out.

20d 8h 21m Curse takes out Cabbage

20d 8h 21m Banette is here.

20d 8h 20m Oh yeah, we switched in Cabbage, who started dancing. Now she's cursed.

20d 8h 20m Full Restore brings Dusclops' health back to full.

20d 8h 19m 5'7 is confused

20d 8h 19m 5'7 sent out.

20d 8h 19m Annie taken out by Curse.

20d 8h 18m Annie is cursed.

20d 8h 18m Annie switched in

20d 8h 18m Ghosts are not rocks, M4.

20d 8h 17m M4 sent out.

20d 8h 16m Annie switched in. Dusclops wakes up.

20d 8h 16m Cabbage puts Dusclops to sleep.

20d 8h 16m Annie switched for Cabbage

20d 8h 14m Annie versus Dusclops

20d 8h 14m Phoebe fight

20d 8h 12m Still stumbling around

20d 8h 10m Corners man, corners.

20d 8h 10m Checking the Pokedex.

20d 8h 7m In Phoebe's room.

20d 8h 7m 24425 Pokeyen in her wallet. A's got a decent amount of cash.

20d 8h 6m Annie is in the yellow though.

20d 8h 6m Crawdaunt down. Sidney defeated.

20d 8h 5m Cannot break a lobster because of Torment. SHIIIIIFFFFTRYYY.

20d 8h 5m Annie takes some damage for the first time from a Needle Arm. Bye Cacturne.

20d 8h 4m Strength takes out Absol.

20d 8h 4m Cannot break Absol due to Torment. SHIIIIIFTTTRYYYY.

20d 8h 3m Shiftry down.

20d 8h 3m Annie is tormented! SHIIIIIIFTTTRRYYY.

20d 8h 3m Breaking ensues.

20d 8h 2m Hey Sidney.

20d 8h 1m E4 time.

20d 8h 1m OH GOD THE PC.

20d 8h 0m GJ is taken out by a Surf. WHITE OUT.

20d 8h 0m Tentacruel is withdrawn for Whiscash, who resists GJ's Hidden Power.

20d 7h 58m All we have now is GJ with 7 HP.

20d 7h 58m M4 taken out by poison!

20d 7h 58m FULL RESTORE.

20d 7h 58m Rolling again.

20d 7h 57m Rollout misses!

20d 7h 57m M4 is poisoned badly by Toxic!

20d 7h 56m M4 starts rolling against Tentacruel.

20d 7h 56m Ludicolo instantly rolled out!


20d 7h 56m Wailord down!


20d 7h 55m It's raining ...

20d 7h 55m M4 out and ROLLING.

20d 7h 54m 5'7 down.

20d 7h 54m Time to start whaling on Wailord. GO 5'7!


20d 7h 54m The door is hard to enter.

20d 7h 53m Get ready folks, for LUDICOLO and Laser Beam Catfish.

20d 7h 52m Drake defeated.

20d 7h 52m Holding on at 7 HP, GJ takes out Salamence!

20d 7h 51m GJ is in the red.

20d 7h 51m Behold, Salamence.

20d 7h 51m Bye Flygon.

20d 7h 51m Make that two Full Restores.

20d 7h 50m Full Restore on Flygon keeps it from drowning.

20d 7h 50m GJ versus Flygon

20d 7h 49m kINGDRA DOWN.

20d 7h 49m GJ sent in.

20d 7h 49m Mighty surfed out

20d 7h 48m Mighty is sent out.

20d 7h 48m Annie faints to a Surf.

20d 7h 47m Hi Kingdra.

20d 7h 47m Bye Altaria.

20d 7h 47m Here comes Altaria.

20d 7h 46m Shelgon down.

20d 7h 46m Goddamn Protect.

20d 7h 46m Annie versus Shelgon.


20d 7h 45m The doooor.

[Note] Brick Break is out of PP.

20d 7h 43m Glacia defeated!

20d 7h 42m And her final Brick Break successfully breaks Walrein. SWEEP.

20d 7h 42m Glalie 2 broken

20d 7h 42m Annie is now Lv. 69

20d 7h 42m Sealeo broken

20d 7h 41m She breaks Glalie.

20d 7h 41m Annie versus sea creatures. She breaks Sealeo.

20d 7h 41m Glacia fight initiated

20d 7h 40m Wow, A managed to walk in a straight line to Glacia.

20d 7h 40m Bye Dusclops. Phoebe defeated.

20d 7h 39m Sableye as well.

20d 7h 39m Next Banette too.

20d 7h 39m Dusclops and Banette rolled.

20d 7h 38m M4 time. ROLLLLLING.

20d 7h 38m Nope, she hurts herself and faints from a Shadowpunch.

20d 7h 37m Despite her confusion, Cabbage starts dancing again.

20d 7h 37m Dusclops wakes up and confuses Vipelume. Then gets a Full Restore to full health.

20d 7h 36m Now she starts dancing.

20d 7h 36m Cabbage puts Dusclops to sleep.

20d 7h 36m Man, all these Protects.

20d 7h 35m Switched out Annie for Cabbage

20d 7h 34m Annie vs Dusclops

20d 7h 34m Phoebe fight initiated

20d 7h 33m Towards Phoebe's room we go.

20d 7h 33m THE DOOOOR.

20d 7h 33m Voting has begun by the way. Leaning towards anarchy.

20d 7h 32m Sidney broken.

20d 7h 31m Crawdaunt broken.

20d 7h 31m Cacturne broken.

20d 7h 31m Absol broken.

20d 7h 30m Voting in a minute and a half.

20d 7h 30m Shiftry broken.

20d 7h 30m Mightyena broken.

20d 7h 30m As usual, here comes Annie.

20d 7h 29m Sidney fight initiated.

20d 7h 27m Stuck in the corner of Sidney's room.

20d 7h 26m A faces her first hurdle: the door.

20d 7h 25m Into the E4 we go.

20d 7h 25m Oh god we're right infront of the PC.

20d 7h 24m Entered the Pokemon Center

20d 7h 22m All the way outside. Safe from the PC.



20d 7h 21m Oh god we nearly deposited Annie.


20d 7h 20m OH GOD WE ENTER THE PC.

20d 7h 20m It is difficult indeed, to heal.

20d 7h 19m Okay, now away from the PC.

20d 7h 18m Probably safe now ... NOPE.

20d 7h 18m BOOTING UP THE PC.

20d 7h 18m Into the Center

20d 7h 17m We exit the Victory Road to head back to the E4.

[Fluff] I'd say Captain Crunch sounds like a Mighty fine name for our dear Doge.

20d 7h 13m I was afraid that teaching Crunch to Mighty may have been too big to chew for us, but looks like I was wrong for having such dark thoughts about it.

20d 7h 13m Mighty is now Level 47! He forgets Take Down for Crunch!

20d 7h 10m Mighty is close to 47 ...

20d 7h 6m Grinding time? Grinding time.

20d 7h 6m In and out of the VR.

20d 7h 4m Heading down towards the Victory Road.

20d 7h 3m Hanging outside the Pokemon Centre and checking the Pokedex.

20d 7h 1m Mexican Pineapple Duck, you have bested us. A whites out

20d 7h 0m M4 is in the red, but at least that goddamn Whiscash is down. Ludicolo time.

20d 7h 0m M4 is rolling, with questionable effect.

20d 6h 58m Cruella down! M4 is all that's left.

20d 6h 57m Cruella is trying to use Hidden Power, which doesn't affect Whiscash.

20d 6h 56m Wailord is down! Time for Whiscash!

20d 6h 55m Cruella is out and diving!

20d 6h 54m Like a valiant Kamikaze, MightyDoge KOs himself with Take Down.

20d 6h 53m Oh, and MightyDoge is still technically alive. He's leading the charge against Wailord.

[Pun] Wallace my man! Sorry to keep you wetting.

[Team Status] Much like last time, we're going in to Wallace with Cruella and M4. Cruella is at 86% health while M4 is at 48%.

20d 6h 52m Salamence is down! Drake defeated!

20d 6h 51m Oh Sally. You and your Sitrus Berry.

20d 6h 51m A full restore doesn't even delay the inevitable. Flygon is down!

20d 6h 50m Kingdra down! Flygon out, but not down.

20d 6h 49m Altaria is down, M4 is rolling!

20d 6h 49m M4 is out!

20d 6h 48m With 1HP, we pull back MightyDoge and send in Cabbage, who goes down pretty quickly.

20d 6h 46m We swap out Mightyena for Anice again, who immediately faints.

20d 6h 45m Brick Break is out of PP, but Anice is still barely holding on. Altaria's in the red. We switch out for MightyDoge and Drake uses a Full Restore.

20d 6h 44m Anice breaks Shelgon and levels up to 68. Altaria up!

20d 6h 43m Drake Challenged!

20d 6h 42m Glalie is down, Walrein follows shortly thereafter. Glacia defeated!

20d 6h 41m In other news, Anice is busy sweeping Glacia's team. First Glalie and both Sealeos down. Glalie number 2 us up.

[Correction] Earlier I said 5'7" grew to level 77. That was a typo, it's actually 67.

20d 6h 33m Banette 2 and Sableye go to their watery graves. Phoebe defeated!

20d 6h 32m Dusclops and Banette both down! Banette 2 out.

20d 6h 31m Cruella comes out to avenge Graveler.

20d 6h 30m 5"7' goes down, and MightyDoge comes out!

20d 6h 29m Graveler comes back out, and is cursed, but takes down Dusclops!

20d 6h 26m And then for M4!

20d 6h 26m Swap out Anice for 5"7'

20d 6h 24m Challenged Phoebe

20d 6h 21m You know how this goes, folks. Sidney swept without a scratch on Anice

20d 6h 20m Challenged Sidney

20d 6h 17m We immediately head right back in.

20d 6h 16m We miss our 4th Rollout A whites out

20d 6h 16m M4 has 2 health left, but M4 goes down! Tentacruel time.

[Snark-Pun] Well, that's just absolutely smashing.

20d 6h 15m M4 comes out and uses...Rock Smash.


20d 6h 13m GJ goes down! 32% HP M4 is all we've got.

It's gonna be close, folks.

20d 6h 12m GYARADOS DOWN! And GJ grows to level 77! Ludicolo out.

20d 6h 11m Gyarados up. Tentacruel barely holding on.

20d 6h 10m Whiscash down!

[Pun] We weren't whaling on it for too long, it seems.

20d 6h 9m A solid start! Wailord goes down in two quick moves.

20d 6h 9m Wallace challenged!

20d 6h 5m [Party] Tentacruel 100%HP - Azumarill 32%HP

20d 6h 4m We're heading for Wallace in slightly worse shape than last time. If we can avoid using Rollout until after Whiscash is taken care of, we have a shot at this!

20d 6h 4m Salamence finally goes down! Drake defeated!

20d 6h 4m Rollout misses again.

20d 6h 3m A Full Restore gives it another extension.

20d 6h 3m Salamence time is granted an extension when M4's third rollout misses.

20d 6h 2m Flygon time was also short-lived. Salamence time.

20d 6h 2m Altaria time over. Flygon time.

20d 6h 1m Kingdra down! Altaria time.

20d 6h 1m M4 is now out and rolling.

20d 6h 0m 5'7" takes Shelgon down! Kingdra comes out, and immediately KO's Graveler with Surf.

20d 6h 0m [Party] Graveler lv67 60% HP - Tentacruel lv75 100%HP - Azumarill Lv100 100%HP

20d 5h 58m Challenged Drake!

20d 5h 57m Graveler just basically OHKO'd all of Glacia's Pokémon with Rock Blast without losing much HP! Neat!

20d 5h 57m Glacia defeated, and 5"7' grows to level 67!

20d 5h 56m Glalie 2 down, Walrein up!

20d 5h 56m Sealeo 2 down, Glalie 2 up.

20d 5h 54m 5"7' has taken down Sealeo and Glalie. Sealeo number 2 is out.

20d 5h 53m Glacia Challenged

20d 5h 51m Sorry about that, folks. Reddit was down for a minute. GJ is currently in the process of forcing Phoebe's entire team into Indentured Surf-itude. Phoebe defeated!

20d 5h 48m GJ comes out and Banette finally goes down. Dusclops comes out.

20d 5h 46m MightyDoge goes down too.

20d 5h 46m Anice goes down, and Mightyena comes out.

20d 5h 40m We use a second Full Restore on Anice. It doesn't do much good because Banette gets a critical hit with Psychic.

20d 5h 39m We use a full restore on Anice, which helps against the super-effective Psychic that Banette has been using.

20d 5h 37m Anice comes back out against a very weak Banette.

20d 5h 35m Cabbage goes down! Mightyena comes out!

20d 5h 32m Phoebe uses a full restore, then switches Dusclops out for Banette!

20d 5h 29m Ask and we shall receive! Cabbage the White comes out.

20d 5h 27m Dusclops curses itself and Anice is afflicted. This will be bad news if we don't switch out soon.

20d 5h 27m [D] Democracy takes over, but is outvoted immediately.

20d 5h 25m Phoebe Challenged!

20d 5h 22m Voting is underway, and it looks like the chat is pretty much split between Anarchy and Democracy.

20d 5h 21m As is Crawdaunt, thus concluding another episode of "Anice completely destroys Sidney". Sidney defeated with no damage done to our team at all!

20d 5h 21m Absol and Cacturne are both down.

20d 5h 21m Also, Anice grew to level 67!

20d 5h 20m Anice makes quick work of Mightyena, and (after missing once) Shiftry falls as well.

20d 5h 19m Sidney is challenged once again

20d 5h 14m Well, it was a great run, but Whiscash's hyper beam takes us down. A whites out

20d 5h 11m Whiscash gets a Full Restore and GJ starts surfing.

20d 5h 9m M4 goes down! Tentacruel is our only hope.

20d 5h 8m Note to self. Rollout not such a great idea against Whiscash.

20d 5h 7m M4 is out and Rolling against Whishcash.

[Pun] Leviathan vs Kraken. Let's truly sea who is king.

20d 5h 6m Wailord down!

20d 5h 6m We spend some time trying to force our fainted Pokemon to battle before finally sending GJ out!

20d 5h 4m 5"7' goes down to Wailord. Tentacruel and M4 left!

20d 5h 4m Wallace Challenged!

20d 5h 2m We are about to battle Wallace with a completely healthy 5"7', an almost-untouched Tentacruel, and a slightly-over-half-health M4.

20d 5h 2m Your Sitrus Berry and Dragon Claws can't save you now, Salamence. Drake defeated!!

20d 5h 1m We use a full restore on M4!

20d 5h 0m Flygon gets M4 into the Red with EQ, but M4 responds with her final rollout. Now Salamence time.

20d 4h 59m Kingdra is down!

20d 4h 59m Alataria is down! Kingdra comes out.

20d 4h 58m Dragon Breath paralyzes M4, and we've started Rock Smashing.

20d 4h 58m Shelgon finally goes down. Altaria is out.

20d 4h 57m Cabbage down, M4 comes out.

20d 4h 56m Tentacruel switches out for Cabbage! Shelgon is still up.

20d 4h 52m Puns aside, we've challenged Drake! Shelgon takes MightyDoge out. GJ comes out next.

[Snark] Does that even count as a pun? I don't think "freezed" is any kind of colloquialism or slang for anything. #bansuper-redguy2k14

[Snark] Mods, please ban /u/super-redguy from every subreddit.

[Pun] I'm pretty freezed to see that we've gotten past Glacia with only Annie down.

20d 4h 45m Glalie and Walrein both down. Glacia Defeated!

20d 4h 44m M4 rolls Glalie and Sealeo out. Onto Glalie number 2.

20d 4h 43m Strike that, we have no Revives left, since we just used it to revive MightyDoge. Also, Anice faints and M4 comes out.

[Info] Also, side note, we currently have 4 full restores and 1 Revive. Meaning we did indeed drop some items.

20d 4h 42m Sealeo goes down and Glalie comes out, but Anice is frozen and being pelted by hail.

20d 4h 41m Glacia Challenged!

20d 4h 38m Sableye down, Dusclops joins. Phoebe defeated!!

20d 4h 37m M4 is grudged, but Surf takes the hit instead of Rollout! Banette is down and Sableye is out.

20d 4h 36m Banette is down, the second Banette comes out!

20d 4h 36m M4 comes out and begins rolling. Dusclops down! Banette comes out .

20d 4h 35m MightyDoge goes down!

20d 4h 34m Anice is cursed by Dusclops, but we switch out for MightyDoge.

20d 4h 33m Phoebe challenged!

20d 4h 31m Apparently, we tossed 2 Full Restores before battling Sidney. Can anyone confirm that?

20d 4h 30m Anice switches to Strength and doesn't OHKO Cacturne, but switches back and takes out both Cacturne and Crawdaunt. Sidney Defeated!

20d 4h 29m Absol Down

20d 4h 29m Shiftry's Double-team is adorable, but useless. Shiftry down.

20d 4h 29m Let's do this, Anice. Bricks begin Breaking. Mightyena down.

20d 4h 28m Sidney Challenged!!

20d 4h 26m We've entered Sidney's room, but don't approach him just yet.

20d 4h 23m The kinetic force of our nope temporarily pushed us out of the Pokemon Center. Fear not, dear viewers, the PC has been averted.

20d 4h 23m We're back in Anarchy, and...oh God...at the PC

20d 4h 18m Well, not quite all our money. We still had enough for 1 Revive.

20d 4h 16m Looks like that won't be necessary, actually, since we spend all our money and buy 6 Full Restores at one time

[Info] Rather than update every time we purchase an item, I'll just post a complete list of what we buy once we're done shopping.

20d 4h 12m Ladies and Gentlemen, we are officially shopping.

20d 4h 9m [D] Democracy leads us into the Pokemon Center and towards the sales counter. Looks like we're not going to grind. Feeling confident, are we?

20d 4h 6m [D] Well that was quick. A Whites Out as Democracy takes control.

20d 4h 5m Challenging Wallace

20d 4h 4m Now Tentacruel, with only 39HP, has the dubious honor of going up against Wallace.

20d 4h 4m Drake is defeated after Salamence finally goes down.

20d 4h 2m ...Another Full Restore.

20d 4h 2m Tentacruel had Salamence on the ropes. I bet you can guess which item Drake used.

20d 4h 0m M4 faints! Only Cruel left

20d 4h 0m M4 is barely clinging to life, and keeps using Rock Smash. Not looking good.

20d 3h 58m And a surf takes Flygon down! Salamence time!

20d 3h 57m We switch to Strength and take Kingdra down! Flygon time.

20d 3h 56m Rock Smash isn't doing us any miracles, but it's slowly getting the job done.

20d 3h 55m MightyDoge goes down to surf. Only M4 and GJ left. We send M4 out.

20d 3h 55m MightyDoge gets a critical hit and takes Altaria down! Kingdra comes out.

20d 3h 54m MightyDoge comes out!

20d 3h 53m Annice is out of Brick Break PP, but it doesn't matter because Altaria Aerial Aces her down.

20d 3h 53m Shelgon down! Altaria up.

20d 3h 52m Annice vs Shelgon. As has been the case this whole run, Annice's brick break is certainly coming in handy.

20d 3h 52m Drake challenged!

20d 3h 51m We save. Twice.

[Snark] Glacia was no problem for us, but getting through this door might be.

20d 3h 43m With 57% HP still left, Annice has swept Glacia's team. Glacia defeated!!

20d 3h 42m In the time it took me to type the last update and this one, Annice has swept Glacia's first 4 Pokemon! We're already on Walrein. Also, Annice leveled up to 66

20d 3h 41m Battling Glacia! Thanks to our perfect sweep, Annice still has 100% HP.

[Note] Unfortunately, Banette's Grudge took out all our Rollout PP.

20d 3h 40m Banette finally goes down! Sableye quickly follows and Phoebe is defeated!!

20d 3h 39m It's like this Banette is coated with pocket sand. We keep missing!

20d 3h 39m Or not. 2nd Roll missed.

20d 3h 38m We're rollin' again!

20d 3h 36m Banette down! Banette 2 out! M4 misses her 4th Rollout and decides to switch to Rock Smash.

20d 3h 35m M4 comes out and starts Rollin' Dusclops down! Banette out!

20d 3h 35m Dusclops in the red, but Cabbage goes down!

20d 3h 34m Full restore, our worst enemy. We meet again. Cabbage the White is now confused, but still dancing.

20d 3h 33m 5"7' goes down! We send out the Cabbage the White and Dos-clops eats its Sitrus berry.

20d 3h 33m Ouch. Ice beam hurts. Down to 30 health. And Rock Blast is out of PP.

20d 3h 32m Dusclops goes down! Next up, Dusclops 2!

20d 3h 30m Battling Phoebe! We do a few team switches before sending out our Mighty Doge against--oh, never mind. We send 5"7' out against Dusclops!

20d 3h 25m OHKOs all around! Without even losing a single HP point, Sidney is defeated!

20d 3h 24m Absol down as well! This is going easy, Shiftry didn't even have time to set up Torment.

20d 3h 24m Shiftry goes down as well!

20d 3h 23m Sidney challenged! Mightyena down!

20d 3h 18m Earthquake ends the urn. A whites out.

20d 3h 17m Full Restore used on Whiscash!

20d 3h 17m Waillord down! Tentacruel grows to level 75!

20d 3h 13m Wallace challenged! Tentacruel has 60% HP left. We'll see how this goes.

20d 3h 12m Salamence down! Drake defeated!

20d 3h 9m A reduced Speed stat ends up hurting us here! M4 faints! Go, Tentacruel, go go go!

20d 3h 9m Flygon gets wrecked as well!

20d 3h 8m Kingdra is now down as well!

20d 3h 8m Altaria is also downed by a crit Rollout!

20d 3h 8m Shelgon down after a crit Rollout!

20d 3h 7m Aaaand protect. Oh how we hate thee.

20d 3h 7m M4 is out. Rollout started.

20d 3h 6m Dragon Claw knocks out Mightydoge!

20d 3h 6m Shelgon is a little bitch and hangs on with 1HP, then gets restored with Full Restore.

20d 3h 5m Why are all these E4 Pokemon so defensive? STOP USING PROTECT YOU SCOUNDRELS!

20d 3h 4m Hiya Drake! How are you doing? Battle time!

[Snarky Poll] Because I have nothing else better to do

20d 3h 3m 456 hours, 1 minute. That's our current time of playing Emerald.

20d 3h 0m With that settled, Anarchy returns.

Definitely the most successful democracy mode ever

20d 2h 59m [D] We also changed frame types. We weren't happy with the last one.

20d 2h 57m [D] Incoming Stereo sound. I repeat, incoming Stereo sound.

[Snark] Not that it will last long. Anarchy will take over and turn them back off before we even reach Drake.

20d 2h 55m [D] We are currently in the process of enabling battle animations

20d 2h 52m [D] Switched order of Mightydoge and Vileplume in the party. Mightydoge is now second in line.

20d 2h 49m [D] Shadow Ball switched with Take Down. It is now (hopefully) safe to learn Crunch.

20d 2h 44m [D] Still in Democracy. The hivemind seems to have decided to switch Shadow Ball's move slot on Mightydoge so that there's less of a chance of replacing it with Crunch.

20d 2h 37m [D] Democracy is in play!

20d 2h 36m Hourly vote is upon us as well, democracy leading the vote with a minute to go.

20d 2h 34m M4 comes out and wrecks Walrein! Glacia defeated!

20d 2h 34m Oh no! Surf takes out Annie!

20d 2h 33m Glalie two down! Hail has started!

20d 2h 32m Glalie down! No freezing us this time!

20d 2h 32m Sealeo down for the count! Annie grows to level 65!

20d 2h 31m Glacia challenged!

20d 2h 29m Rollout KO's Sableye. Phoebe defeated!

20d 2h 28m Banette down!

20d 2h 28m M4 comes out and takes out the second Dusclops. Banette comes out.

20d 2h 27m 5'7" goes down to Dusclops #2!

20d 2h 25m Dusclops down!

20d 2h 22m 5'7" replaces Annie for now.

20d 2h 21m We send Annie back out against Dusclops.

20d 2h 20m Vileplume goes down to Dusclops!

20d 2h 18m We switch out Annie and send out Vileplume.

20d 2h 16m Why is it every time I say we haven't challenged them yet, the next second we challenge them? Really, universe?

20d 2h 15m Still haven't challenged Phoebe. We seem to have a plan of some sort. Maybe. I don't really know, I'm just the messenger.

20d 2h 5m Crawdaunt gets a brick in the face! Sidney defeated! Annie still has 40% of her health remaining, and no one else on the team was sent out during that battle.

20d 2h 5m Cacturne down! Hang in there, Annie, you're doing great!

20d 2h 3m Absol Down! Annie is getting CRITS FOR DAYS.

20d 2h 3m Guys. Even Rock Smash is taking out Sidney's team right now. Annie, you are the bomb. Hands down. (Also, sorry for update lackage there, I lagged out. Mightyena and Shiftry down.)

20d 2h 2m Sidney. Please be nicer this time, okay?


20d 1h 58m Aaaaand back into the league we go. A does not back down that easily.

20d 1h 57m Okay I lied. M4 faints after several Double Edges and because of paralysis was only able to land one hit. A whites out.

20d 1h 56m Drake challenged! WE CAN TOTALLY WIN GUYS. THIS IS THE RUN. Who cares if M4 has less than 25% HP left? WE. WILL. WIN!

20d 1h 52m Walrein down at last! Glacia defeated and M4 has 24% health left.

20d 1h 51m Glacia uses ANOTHER Full Restore as M4 leaves just a scrap of HP left on Walrein.

20d 1h 51m 52% of her health left, a Body Slam paralyzes M4. Glacia uses a Full Restore on Walrein.

20d 1h 49m Glalie two goes down without a fight. Walrein time.

20d 1h 49m Sealeo 2 down! Glalie 2 comes out! (Seriously. Why does the E4 not have more diverse Pokemon?)

20d 1h 48m M4 takes out Glalie without losing any health. Sealeo numero dos is out.

20d 1h 45m Oh no! Glalie freezes Annie before Annie faints! M4 is our last hope.

20d 1h 45m Brick Break takes out Sealeo in a single hit! Go, Annie, go!

20d 1h 44m Glacia challenged!

20d 1h 43m We've got Annie at 43% health and M4 at 88%.

20d 1h 42m M4 is out. Phoebe uses a Full Restore on Sableye, but it doesn't stop her from knocking the Sableye out. Phoebe defeated once more!

20d 1h 42m Tentacruel faints after Sableye uses a Faint Attack!

20d 1h 42m Banette two down!

20d 1h 41m Dusclops goes down and the second Banette comes out. But it comes with a price; Tentacruel has 11 health left.

20d 1h 39m Banette goes down after a single Waterfall.

20d 1h 39m We send out Tentacruel, and Dusclops goes down!

20d 1h 38m Dusclops protects through two Brick Breaks, before setting a curse on Annie.

20d 1h 37m Hi Phoebe. Please be nice. Sidney was not.

20d 1h 36m Status of our team after Sidney: Annie is at 56%, Cruella is at full, and Azumarill is at 88%. Sidney was clearly out for revenge against us!

20d 1h 35m M4 knocks out Crawdaunt. Sidney defeated.

20d 1h 34m M4 comes out and the RollOut train begins.

20d 1h 34m 5'7 misses the Rock Blast and Crawdaunt knocks her out with Surf! Only Annie, Cruella, and M4 left.

20d 1h 33m Anarchy mode comes back in.

20d 1h 32m [D] Democracy mode kicks in!

20d 1h 32m We send out 5'7 against Crawdaunt.

20d 1h 31m Crawdaunt lands a crit on Vileplume and knocks it out!

20d 1h 30m Crawdaunt knocks Doge out with facade. We send out Vileplume.

20d 1h 30m We switch out to Doge against Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt uses Strength and knocks doge down to red!

20d 1h 30m This torment is really messing us up.

20d 1h 28m Cacturne down! Out comes Crawdaunt.

20d 1h 28m Out comes Cacturne! Annie gets seeded.

20d 1h 27m Annie takes out Absol with Brick Break. Annie levels up to level 64.

20d 1h 27m Anarchy versus democracy voting system kicks in.

20d 1h 27m Boo, no more brick break sweep because of Torment :(

20d 1h 27m Shiftry taunts Annie before she takes him out with a Brick Break. She gets a critical hit!

20d 1h 26m Annie takes Mightyena down with Brick Break! Out comes Shiftry.

20d 1h 26m Versus Sidney! Hey Sidney, we're back.

[Snark] The Ballad of A (SLIGHTLY NSFW)

20d 1h 21m Out comes Gyarados. Cruella ALMOST knocks it down with Hidden Power. Gyarados retaliates with a Surf to the face. Cruella down. A whites out.

20d 1h 20m Whiscash uses Earthquake and knocks Cruella down to 7HP! Cruella knocks Whiscash down with Surf.

20d 1h 19m Cruella takes out Wailord with a couple of Hidden Powers. Out comes Whiscash.

20d 1h 19m Versus Drake! Cruella up against Wailord

20d 1h 15m Cruella knocks out Salamence with Surf. Drake defeated!

20d 1h 14m Cruella switches to using Waterfall. Salamence is hanging on by a thread.

20d 1h 14m Cruella left. Cruella goes for the dive but it doesn't do much. Salamence retaliates with the Dragon Claw.

20d 1h 14m M4 misses ANOTHER RollOut and Salamence takes out M4 with Dragon Claw.

20d 1h 13m M4 misses the RollOut at a crucial moment! Salamence knocks M4 down to 3%.

20d 1h 13m Salamence Dragon Claws M4. M4 uses RollOut.

20d 1h 12m M4 takes out Flygon with RollOut. Salamence up.

20d 1h 12m Altaria goes down to RollOut. Next is Flygon.

20d 1h 11m Kingdra hits M4 with a couple of Body Slams before it gets taken down by RollOut. Altaria next.

20d 1h 11m Out comes M4 against Kingdra.

20d 1h 8m Kingdra uses Surf and takes down 5'7!

20d 1h 7m 5'7 takes Shelgon down with Rock Blast. 5'7 is in the red zone due to Shelgon's spam of Rock Tomb and Dragon Claw. Out comes Kingdra.

20d 1h 6m Rock Blast NEARLY takes down Shelgon. Drake uses a Full Restore!

20d 1h 6m Out comes 5'7.

20d 1h 4m Shelgon takes down Vileplume with double edge!

20d 1h 4m Versus Drake! Out comes Vileplume against Shelgon. Vileplume only has 4HP.

20d 1h 3m Walrein down! Phoebe defeated!

20d 1h 2m M4 takes out Glalie with RollOut! Out comes Walrein.

20d 1h 1m Annie gets taken down from the hail. Out comes M4.

20d 1h 1m Glalie whittles away at Annie's health with Ice Beam. The hail damage isn't helping much either. Annie is still frozen.

20d 1h 1m Glalie #2 now. Glalie uses Ice Beam and Annie becomes frozen!

20d 1h 0m Sealeo #2 next. Annie uses Brick Break and knocks it out.

20d 1h 0m Glalie sets up a light screen but Annie breaks it and knocks Glalie down with Brick Break!

20d 0h 59m Sealeo sets up hail before Annie takes it down with Strength. Out comes Glalie.

20d 0h 59m Versus Glacia! Annie comes in against Sealeo.

[Side note] Doge is getting pretty close to 2HKO-ing Dusclops #1 with Shadow Ball. Just a couple of more levels!

20d 0h 52m Dusclops #2 goes down to RollOut. Phoebe defeated!

20d 0h 52m Out comes Dusclops #2. RollOut starts. Looks like we're going bowling guys.

20d 0h 51m We send out M4 against Banette #2. Banette #2 goes down to Surf.

20d 0h 51m We switch Doge back in against Banette. Doge gets taken down.

20d 0h 50m Vileplume takes out Sableye with Petal Dance! Sableye knocks Vileplume down to 4HP before it dies though. Out comes Banette.

20d 0h 49m We switch out Doge and send in Vileplume.

20d 0h 49m Sableye comes out. Doge uses Shadow Ball but it does next to nothing. This burn is really taking a toll on Doge's attack stat and its HP.

20d 0h 48m Doge takes out Banette with Shadow Ball. Doge levels up to 46!

20d 0h 48m Out comes Banette. Banette burns Doge!

20d 0h 48m Doge gets a critical hit with Shadow Ball and takes out Dusclops!

20d 0h 47m Dusclops takes 2 Shadow Balls and gets healed back to full.

20d 0h 47m Dusclops hits Doge with the Confuse Ray

20d 0h 46m Out comes Doge against Dusclops! Get 'em boy!

20d 0h 46m Annie is out against Dusclops. Gotta switch out!

20d 0h 45m Versus Phoebe! Let's finish this battle without a scratch like we did Sidney

20d 0h 44m Sidney, Ima let chu finish but that was a perfect sweep by Annie!

20d 0h 43m Crawdaunt now! Annie uses Brick Break and takes it down. Sidney defeated! Annie is still at 100%! #likeaboss

20d 0h 42m Cacturne up! Brick Break! Cacturne down.

20d 0h 42m Out comes Absol. Absol goes down to Brick Break. Bye Absol.

20d 0h 42m Shiftry uses Double Team. Annie gets a critical hit and takes it out!

20d 0h 41m It's time to break some bricks. Annie takes down Mightyena. Out comes Shiftry.

20d 0h 41m Versus Sidney! Annie comes out against Mightyena and takes an Intimidate.

20d 0h 34m Cruella uses Surf against Whiscash. Whiscash hits back with Earthquake and knocks Cruella out. A whites out.

20d 0h 34m Cruella takes down Wailord with Surf. Out comes Whiscash

20d 0h 34m Wallace used full restore on Wailord. Cruella goes for another hidden power.

20d 0h 33m Cruella nearly takes out Wailord with Hidden Power. Wailord hits her back with a Double Edge. Cruella's down to 26%.

20d 0h 32m A versus Wallace! Cruella comes out against Wailord.

20d 0h 31m Cruella is our only Pokemon remaining. She's at 42%.

20d 0h 30m Cruella finally takes down Salamence with Hidden Power. Cruella levels up to 74. Drake defeated!

20d 0h 30m Cruella continuously hits Salamence with Surf while Salamence uses Dragon Claw.

20d 0h 30m Salamence takes out 5'7. Cruella comes out.

20d 0h 29m 5'7 takes out Flygon with Rock Blast! But not before Flygon knocks 5'7 down to 8HP. Out comes Salamence.

20d 0h 29m Flygon uses Earthquake and 5'7 hits back with Rock Throw. Flygon lives it with like -1HP.

20d 0h 27m JK back to Anarchy

20d 0h 27m [D] Democracy mode kicks in!

20d 0h 26m Flygon takes out M4. Only 5'7 and Cruella left.

20d 0h 26m Flygon hits M4 with a few Earthquakes as M4 retaliates with RollOut.

20d 0h 25m M4 used RollOut. Bye Kingdra. Out comes Flygon.

20d 0h 25m Altaria goes down to Roll Out. Out comes Kingdra.

20d 0h 25m Drake used Full Restore on Shelgon. M4 knocks it down after many Rollouts. Out comes Altaria.

20d 0h 24m Doge pulls off a couple of Shadow Balls but it doesn't do much. Shelgon takes out Doge with Dragon Claw. M4 comes out.

20d 0h 23m Versus Drake! Mightyena comes out against Shelgon

[Snark] Streamer, can we get another extension? I haven't seen enough of Drake's abs.

20d 0h 21m Anarchy versus Democracy voting kicks in!

20d 0h 21m M4's battle with Walrein knocks her down from 70% to 53%.

20d 0h 20m M4 takes down Walrein with 2 Rollouts. Glacia defeated!

20d 0h 19m M4 comes out against Walrein.

20d 0h 19m Walrein comes out. It takes down Annie before she could hit it.

20d 0h 18m Glalie #2 out and down to reversal. Annie's on a roll!

20d 0h 18m Sealeo #2 comes out and quickly gets taken down by Reversal. Annie levels up to level 63.

20d 0h 17m Annie uses Reversal again and takes out Glalie!

20d 0h 17m Annie takes out Sealeo with a reversal! Out comes Glalie

20d 0h 17m A versus Glacia! Out comes Annie against Sealeo.

20d 0h 16m Current team members still alive: Hariyama 43%, Mightyena 100%, Graveler 100%, Tentacruel 10%, and M4 70%. Only Vileplume is down.

20d 0h 14m We turned the Battle Scene off again :(

20d 0h 12m Dusclops #2 comes out and manages to hit M4 with a couple of Shadow Balls. M4 takes it down with Rollout. Phoebe defeated!

20d 0h 12m Sableye out and Sableye down! #Rollin

20d 0h 11m Banette #2 comes out and goes down as well!

20d 0h 11m Banette comes out and goes down to rollout.

20d 0h 11m M4 snaps out of confusion. The rollout train has left the station. Dusclops down.

20d 0h 10m Dusclops hits M4 with confuse ray. M4 hits herself in confusion.

20d 0h 10m We switch M4 back in again.

20d 0h 7m We switch Annie back in against Dusclops. Uh oh.

20d 0h 7m Dusclops wakes up. M4 hasn't done any damage to Dusclops yet.

20d 0h 6m Vileplume goes down to Curse. Out comes M4.

20d 0h 5m Vileplume puts Dusclops to sleep again. Curse has put her down to 3%.

20d 0h 4m Full Restore used on Dusclops. Vileplume tries to take down Dusclops with Petal dance but it's not doing much.

20d 0h 4m Vileplume hits Dusclops with Petal Dance but it doesn't do much. Vileplume gets inflicted with Curse!

20d 0h 3m We switch out to Vileplume. Vileplume puts Dusclops to sleep with sleep powder!

20d 0h 3m Versus Phoebe! Annie comes out against Dusclops

20d 0h 2m DAY TWENTY-ONE EVERYONE! ....Oh god we've been in Hoenn for 21 days...

19d 23h 58m Crawdaunt goes down to Annie's Reversal. Sidney defeated!

19d 23h 58m Annie takes down Cacturne with Brick Break. Out comes Crawdaunt.

19d 23h 57m Absol sets up a swords dance and uses Aerial Ace. Annie retaliates with Rock Smash and takes down Absol. Out comes Cacturne.

19d 23h 57m Absol comes out. Annie uses Reversal but doesn't quite take it down.

19d 23h 57m Uh oh, Annie can't use Brick Break twice in a row anymore with Torment!

19d 23h 56m Shiftry uses Torment. Annie takes down Shiftry with a Brick Break to the chin!

19d 23h 56m Shiftry immediately uses Swagger. Annie hits herself in confusion!

19d 23h 56m Annie uses brick break and takes down Mightyena. Out comes Shiftry

19d 23h 55m A versus Sydney. Annie comes out against Mightyena.

[snark] Drake's here, but where's Josh? D:

19d 23h 51m Salamence lands a crit on M4 with dragon claw and takes her out. A whites out.

19d 23h 51m After gaining some HP back from his Sitrus Berry, Salamence goes for the dragon claw. M4 only has 19% left.

19d 23h 50m Out comes Salamence who uses Dragon Claw. Surfs up with M4!

19d 23h 49m Drake sends out Flygon who uses Earthquake. M4 retaliates with Rollout #5. Flygon down!

19d 23h 49m Out comes Kingdra who gets taken down by rollout #4

19d 23h 49m Altaria down immediately from rollout

19d 23h 48m M4 lands a crit and takes down Shelgon with her 2nd rollout. Altaria up.

19d 23h 48m The rollout train has left the building!

19d 23h 47m M4 uses rock smash... it didn't do much.

19d 23h 47m M4 goes for the rollout but Shelgon protects!

19d 23h 47m Shelgon uses double edge and takes down Cruella. M4 comes out.

19d 23h 46m Versus Drake. A sends out Tentacruel and Drake sends out Shelgon.

19d 23h 38m Tentacruel is at 10%, M4 is at 87%!

19d 23h 37m Walrein down! Glacia defeated!

19d 23h 36m Dive isn't doing all that much damage to Walrein!

19d 23h 35m Glacia used a Full Restore!

19d 23h 33m Tentacruel is paralyzed!

19d 23h 33m And the other one!

19d 23h 32m Used an Ultra Ball!

19d 23h 32m Tentacruel!

19d 23h 32m Nope! 5'7"! And she's down!

19d 23h 31m Go! M4!

19d 23h 31m Annie down! Why do our Pokémon always faint immediately after levelling?

19d 23h 30m Annie reached level 62! Walrein!

19d 23h 30m Glalie! broken!

19d 23h 29m Sealeo broken!

19d 23h 29m Annie down to half! Glalie down!

19d 23h 29m Sealeo down in two! Glalie!

19d 23h 28m Glacia! Annie vs Sealeo!

19d 23h 26m Dusclops down! Phoebe down!

19d 23h 26m Sableye down! Dusclops!

19d 23h 25m Banette down! Sableye!

19d 23h 25m Go! M4!

19d 23h 25m Second Banette! Mightyena down!

19d 23h 24m Banette down! Mightyena almost down!

19d 23h 24m Go! Mightyena!

19d 23h 23m Vileplume down!

19d 23h 23m Dusclops down! Banette!

19d 23h 22m Sent out Vileplume!

19d 23h 21m Anarchy returns!

19d 23h 20m [D] Phoebe used a Full Restore!

19d 23h 19m [D ]Used Shadow Ball! Dusclops responded with Curse!

19d 23h 16m [D] Sent out Mightyena!

19d 23h 16m [D] Selecting Mightyena!

19d 23h 14m [D] Democracy sets in!

19d 23h 13m Annie is confused!

19d 23h 12m It's Phoebe time! Annie vs Dusclops!

19d 23h 6m Why does that guy even bother anymore?

[Sheds a tear] So proud.

19d 23h 5m Crawdaunt down! Sidney swept!

19d 23h 4m Cacturne down!

19d 23h 4m Absol down!

19d 23h 4m Shiftry down!

19d 23h 4m Mightyena down!

19d 23h 3m It's Sidney time again! Annie vs Mightyena!

19d 23h 0m Left with no casualties!

19d 22h 59m Logged on to the PC!

19d 22h 58m Bought two Ultra Balls!

19d 22h 57m Talking to the shopkeep!

19d 22h 56m Tentacruel down! Whited out!

19d 22h 56m We have crossed the kraken threshold!

19d 22h 55m The engineers got it running again! Too late! M4 down!

19d 22h 55m ...and had an engine breakdown. M4 is paralyzed and at half health!

19d 22h 54m The train has left the station!

19d 22h 53m 5'7" down! Go! M4!

19d 22h 53m Shelgon down! Kingdra!

19d 22h 52m Shelgon almost down! Full Restore!

19d 22h 51m Here they come! 5'7" vs Shelgon!

19d 22h 50m We survived winter. Now the dragons are coming.

19d 22h 49m 5'7" is at full, and M4 is at 71%!

19d 22h 48m Walrein down! Glacia defeated! Tentacruel is at half health!

19d 22h 47m Tentacruel is paralyzed!

19d 22h 47m Go! M4! Nope, go! Tentacruel!

19d 22h 46m Glalie down! Walrein! Annie down!

19d 22h 45m Sealeo down! Glalie!

19d 22h 45m Annie down to half health! Glalie down! Annie grew to level 61! Sealeo!

19d 22h 44m Sealeo broken! Glalie!

19d 22h 44m Sealeo almost fell to Annie's Strength! Full Restore!

19d 22h 43m Vs Glacia! Annie vs Sealeo!

19d 22h 42m Dusclops down! Phoebe down!

19d 22h 42m M4 is rolling! Banette down! Dusclops!

19d 22h 41m Go! M4!

19d 22h 41m Vileplume down!

19d 22h 41m Sableye down! Second Banette!

19d 22h 40m Mightyena down! Vileplume!

19d 22h 39m Banette down! Mightyena level 45! Sableye!

19d 22h 38m Dusclops down! Banette!

19d 22h 38m Dusclops almost down! Full restore! Mightyena is confused!

19d 22h 37m Nope, Mightyena vs Dusclops!

19d 22h 36m And back to battling! Vs Phoebe! Annie vs Dusclops!

19d 22h 35m After a quick battle break, back to loitering!

/u/radpo "Annie is Ok. So very, very Ok."

19d 22h 33m Annie is at 73%!

19d 22h 32m ...and down! Victory!

19d 22h 31m Cacturne down! Only Crawdaunt left!

19d 22h 31m Absolutely! Next is Cacturne!

19d 22h 30m Shiftry! Also down in one hit!

19d 22h 30m Mightyena down quicly, as usual!

19d 22h 29m There we go! It's Sidney time! Annie vs Mightyena!

19d 22h 29m ...at loitering! #HoennOlympics2016

19d 22h 19m Back for another try!

19d 22h 18m Corner inspection!

19d 22h 16m M4 down! Whited out in the face of the mighty Dragon!

19d 22h 15m Flygon joins the roll! Salamence!

19d 22h 15m Altaria Rolled Out! Flygon!

19d 22h 15m Shoo be doo, Kingdra down! Altaria!

19d 22h 14m It's up to M4 now!

19d 22h 14m Tentacruel down! Kingdra almost down!

19d 22h 13m Both Pokémon are getting low on health!

19d 22h 13m Tentacruel is paralyzed!

19d 22h 11m Released the kraken!

19d 22h 11m 5'7" down!

19d 22h 11m Shelgon down! 5'7" grew to level 66! Kingdra!

19d 22h 9m Shelgon almost down! Full restore!

19d 22h 8m It's DRAGON time again! 5'7" vs Shelgon!

19d 22h 7m [D] Talking to Drake!

19d 22h 5m [D] Democracy!

19d 21h 56m Walrein rode the train into the sunset! Glacia defeated!

19d 21h 55m And a second one! Glalie down anyway! Walrein!

19d 21h 55m And the train begins to roll! Glacia used a Full Restore!

19d 21h 54m Go! M4!

19d 21h 53m Spree was ended by the second Glalie!

19d 21h 53m Annie is on a sweeping spree again! Second Glalie!

19d 21h 53m Glalie down! Annie grew to level 60! Second Sealeo!

19d 21h 52m Sealeo broken! Glalie!

19d 21h 52m It's Glacia time! Annie vs Sealeo!

19d 21h 49m Phoebe used a Full Restore! Dusclops down anyway! Phoebe defeated!

19d 21h 48m Vileplume down! Go, M4!

19d 21h 47m Sent out Vileplume!

19d 21h 47m Finally connects! Second Dusclops!

19d 21h 46m Double Team! Rollout keeps missing!

19d 21h 46m Second Banette down! Sableye!

19d 21h 45m Banette down! Second Banette!

19d 21h 45m Dusclops down! Banette!

19d 21h 44m Mighty falls to the Curse! Go! M4!

19d 21h 43m Then Mightyena! Mightyena was Cursed!

19d 21h 43m Annie was almost down before she was switched out!

19d 21h 42m Sent out Tentacruel!

19d 21h 41m It's Phoebe time! Annie vs Dusclops!

19d 21h 41m Crawdaunt joins the victims of Annie's sweep! Sidney down!

19d 21h 40m Cacturne down! Crawdaunt!

19d 21h 39m Absol down! Cacturne!

19d 21h 39m Shiftry down! Absol!

19d 21h 38m Mightyena down! Shiftry!

19d 21h 37m Sidney again! Annie vs Mightyena!

19d 21h 34m Tentacruel down! Whited out!

19d 21h 34m Tentacruel down to 50HP, Milotic has full HP again.

19d 21h 31m Tentacruel used Hidden Power! Milotic used Recover, back to ~95%HP.

19d 21h 31m Both used Surf!

19d 21h 30m Tentacruel used Hidden Power, Milotic used Recover and has ~60%HP again.

19d 21h 29m Tentacruel used Hidden Power! Milotic used Recover! Used Surf! Almost in the red! Milotic used Recover again

19d 21h 29m Milotic is slowly wearing Tentacruel down! Can we do this?

19d 21h 28m Tentacrual used Surf. Almost OHKO'd Milotic. Tentacruel used Hidden Power. Milotic down to yellow. Used Surf again!

19d 21h 28m Milotic keeps Recovering!

19d 21h 26m 10k viewers right now!

19d 21h 25m Milotic used Surf! M4 fainted!

19d 21h 23m Tentacruel on the train! Milotic!

19d 21h 23m Ludicolo Rolled Out! Tentacruel!

19d 21h 22m Wailord down! Ludicolo!

19d 21h 21m Mightyena down! Go! M4!


19d 21h 21m It's Champion time! Mightyena vs Wailord!

19d 21h 19m Salamence Rolled Out! Drake down!

19d 21h 18m Flygon washed away! Salamence!

19d 21h 18m Kingdra joins the roll! Flygon!

19d 21h 17m Altaria Rolled Out! Kingdra!

19d 21h 17m Shelgon down! Altaria!

19d 21h 16m Go! M4!

19d 21h 14m Vileplume down!

19d 21h 14m It's Dragon time! Vileplume vs Shelgon!

19d 21h 12m Current status: Vileplume at 32%, Mightydoge at full, Tentacruel at full, M4 at 76%. Annie and 5'7" down.

19d 21h 8m Walrein Rolled Out! Victory!

19d 21h 7m Glalie Rolled Out! Walrein!

19d 21h 7m Annie down! Go! M4!

19d 21h 6m Sealeo down! Second Glalie!

19d 21h 5m Glalie down! Second Sealeo!

19d 21h 4m Sealeo down! Glalie!

19d 21h 3m BAG seizure!

19d 21h 2m It's Glacia time! Annie vs Sealeo!

19d 21h 0m Democracy comes and goes!

19d 20h 58m Sableye joins the train! Dusclops down! Phoebe down!

19d 20h 58m Vileplume grew to level 48! Banette joins the train!

19d 20h 57m And the train is Rolling! Banette down!

19d 20h 57m 5'7" down! Go! M4!

19d 20h 56m 5'7" getting low on health! Phoebe used a Full Restore!

19d 20h 56m Sent out 5'7" again!

19d 20h 55m Vileplume is confused!

19d 20h 55m Dusclops lost to the Petal Dance! Banette!

19d 20h 54m Actually, it's Vileplume vs Dusclops!

19d 20h 54m Nope, it's 5'7" vs Dusclops!

19d 20h 53m It's Ghost time! Annie vs Dusclops!

19d 20h 52m A just can't work up the courage to talk to this girl!


19d 20h 44m Crawdaunt falls to Annie's sweeping spree! Annie reaches level 59 as we neat Sidney!

19d 20h 44m Cacturne broken! Crawdaunt!

19d 20h 43m Absol broken! Cacturne!

19d 20h 42m Annie is confused! Shiftry down anyway! Absol!

19d 20h 42m Shiftry almost down, then Full Restore!

19d 20h 41m Mightyena down! Shiftry!

19d 20h 41m Vs Sidney! Annie vs Mightyena!

19d 20h 40m Here we go!

19d 20h 39m PC time again!

19d 20h 38m Potential PC disaster averted!

19d 20h 37m We did get Salamence below half health before we whited out.

19d 20h 37m 5'7" down! Whited out!

19d 20h 36m Go! 5'7"!

19d 20h 34m Waterfall is not very effective! Tentacruel down!

19d 20h 34m Flygon down anyway! Salamence!

19d 20h 33m Drake used a Full Restore!

19d 20h 33m Surf is out of PP!

19d 20h 32m Flygon clutch! Tentacruel almost down too!

19d 20h 31m Go! Tentacruel!

(I can't type)

19d 20h 30m M4's down to Flygon'r Earthquake!

19d 20h 29m And then Rock Smash! Kingdra down! Flygon!

19d 20h 29m M4 has settled for using Strength!

19d 20h 28m Altaria down! Kingdra!

19d 20h 28m M4 is paralyzed by Altaria's Dragonbreath! Rollout train crashes after the second station!

19d 20h 27m And the Rollout train begins! Shelgon down!

19d 20h 27m Switched out M4!

19d 20h 27m Rock Blast reduces Shelgon's health to almost nothing!

19d 20h 26m Drake used a Full Restore! 5'7" is still at nearly full health!

19d 20h 25m It's DRAGON time! 5'7" vs Shelgon!

19d 20h 18m Remember kids, always save before the boss battle!

19d 20h 17m On our left: spikes! On our right: a wall! In front of us: another wall!

19d 20h 16m It's Drake's corner time!

19d 20h 14m Team now is 5'7" at 94%, Tentacruel at 42%, and M4 at full health!

19d 20h 13m Walrein Blasted by Rocks! Glacia down!

19d 20h 12m Go! 5'7"!

19d 20h 12m Annie down!

19d 20h 11m But Brick Break is out of PP! Glacia used a Full Restore!

19d 20h 11m Walrein was almost a brick!

19d 20h 10m Glalie is also a brick! Walrein!

19d 20h 10m Sealeo up and down! Second Glalie!

19d 20h 10m Ice Beam does next to nothing! Glalie down! Annie reaches level 58!

19d 20h 9m Sealeo is a brick! Glalie!

19d 20h 8m Vs Glacia! Annie vs Sealeo!

19d 20h 7m Dive lost all PP to Grudge! Banette down! Sableye down! Phoebe down!

19d 20h 6m Tentacruel is at 42% health!

19d 20h 5m Another Full Restore!

19d 20h 5m Second Dusclops down! Banette!

19d 20h 5m "Super effective" doesn't mean much here! Phoebe used a Full Restore!

19d 20h 4m Second Dusclops used Earthquake!

19d 20h 4m Dusclops down! Banette down!

19d 20h 3m Switched out Tentacruel!

19d 20h 2m Battle! Vs Elite Four Phoebe! Annie vs Dusclops!

19d 20h 0m Annie does what she was born to do, and finishes off Sidney's team. Three to go!

19d 20h 0m With regards to the poll results, we are a very optimistic bunch clearly!

19d 19h 58m Sidney switches in to Cacturne. Mightydoge wrecks it, but Torment is seriously messing with us, forcing a Shadow Ball out on Crawdaunt who follows it. The doge faints to a Surf.

[Poll results] Here are the results from the poll earlier: 43% of you said it will take between 76-100 tries to beat the Elite Four + Wallace. 37% said it will take between 101 and 125 tries, and 19% said it would take between 126 and 150 tries

19d 19h 56m Democracy has quite firmly come and gone the last two times, by the way. It doesn't exactly help build the tension in battles.

19d 19h 55m Mightydoge hits itself for half of its health in one go :(

19d 19h 51m Mightydoge is staring down Shiftry. It reacts with Swagger. Confusion abound!

19d 19h 49m Vileplume down!

19d 19h 47m We switch out with no damage suffered though. Vileplume is facing down Shiftry right now in an intense confrontation.

19d 19h 44m We're back! Challenging Sidney, whose Mightyena throws sand in our face.

19d 19h 41m Ah you know what they say, 77th time's the charm...

19d 19h 38m We lose to Drake!

19d 19h 36m We challenge Drake!

19d 19h 33m We are yet to talk to Drake. Is A delaying the inevitable?

19d 19h 29m If this were Hollywood the plucky M4 would come through in the clutch and solo the rest of the League. However, this is not Hollywood, this is Pokémon, which is much, much more brutal.

19d 19h 29m Walrein too! Glacia defeated

19d 19h 27m Sealeo the second gets rolled out the door. Glalie follows soon after.

19d 19h 24m Make it 15, Glalie gets rekt by a critical Surf. GJK falls to hail though.

19d 19h 23m Okay, Sit-rep: We have what, 16 Pokémon left to beat? GJK is at 36hp and paralyzed and M4 has 70% left.

19d 19h 21m Okay, Glacia time. Surf would have dealt with Sealeo, but GJK gets paralysed by Body Slam. A lot. **** paralysis.

[Poll] How many runs will it take to beat the Elite Four + Wallace? You tell us!

19d 19h 17m GJK destroys Dusclops, leveling up to 73! Banette comes in and is also dealt with. Phoebe defeated!

19d 19h 16m Annie is down too.

19d 19h 16m This is in essence an identical but less successful mirror of our last run. 5'7" comes in and faints to Dusclops' Ice Beam. Oh the humanity!

19d 19h 10m Five more levels on each of our Pokémon and this would be a cakewalk, we are so close to one-hitting stuff with our super-effective move. Mightydoge and Vileplume are down, Hariyama is squaring off to Sableye.


19d 19h 9m Mirroring last time, we get Annie back to safety and send out Mightydoge. Who gets confused. **** confusion.

[Snark] Vileplume's cry sounds so sad once it's fainted. But it still does that happy looking dance, despite apparently being completely unconscious. Such sadness.

19d 19h 8m Hey you know what they say, 76th time's the charm...

[Interesting Info] For anyone that's interested, at the time of this update we've been battling the Elite Four for exactly 5 days, 4 hours 32 minutes. And I might be off by quite a few, but I believe this is our 75th attempt

19d 19h 7m Back in to Hariyama. Errr...

19d 19h 5m We manage to switch out Annie for Vileplume, who gets cursed and confused. She gets in two Petal Dances off before fainting, burning a Full Restore on Dusclops in the process.

19d 19h 3m Evidently trying a new psych-out tactic to last time, A immediately challenges Pheobe!

19d 19h 2m The rest of Sidney's team thus falls in quick order! Still, the minor hiccups cost Annie half of her health, so not perfect...

19d 19h 1m We still barely can't one-hit Shiftry. I mean it must have 5HP left. Annie finishes it off, unconfused and buffed by Swagger, AND levels up to 57

19d 19h 0m Mightyena gets a Sand Attack off before dying to Brick Break. Shiftry double teams. Twice. Bird Jesus help us.

19d 18h 59m Alrighty, here we go! Bring it on Sidney.

19d 18h 55m Oh, and we're hiding in Sidney's room. I don't think that's really news to anyone at this point, but still. We're hiding.

19d 18h 53m Also, here is the previous day's video recap, courtesy of /u/Calabazal!

19d 18h 50m Seriously though, that was a very hope-inducing run. We've got a lot of heart, and will keep moving forward.

This was looking to be one of our best runs yet, but that all changed when the Dragon nation attacked.

19d 18h 48m It's over.

RIP to that fantastic run

19d 18h 46m After some minor faffing about in the bag, GJK falls to a Body Slam. M4 comes out and is instantly paralysed by another one -_-

19d 18h 44m Stream chat is moving so fast it's giving me lag. I need to be accurate to the decisecond, be more considerate.

19d 18h 41m GJK takes out Altaria, but has 18% health remaining. Kingdra looms.

19d 18h 41m Altaria is in and Dragon Dancing. Scary times, we just can't seem to pick Hidden Power.

19d 18h 40m We outspeed it though. FLYGON DOWN

19d 18h 39m GJK quickly deals with Shelgon. Surfing our troubles away. Flygon comes out and doesn't die in one hit. Earthquake hurts, yo.

19d 18h 38m Here we go folks, this'll be a piece of Drake.

19d 18h 36m Whatever happens, this run has definitely been the watershed coming-of-age montage moment for Annie the Hariyama. She is nearing River Tam levels of unexpected badassery.

19d 18h 33m M4 puts an end to Glacia with Rollout. Hoenn Dragon Drake Long, you're next!

19d 18h 32m However, Annie can't take a Surf from Walrein and faints. Only two Pokémon left now, but they're our ringers. Taking bets, anyone?

19d 18h 30m Sealeo no. 2 down. Hariyama, you are reckless, a danger to a force and a loose cannon! Birdcop would be so proud.

19d 18h 29m Annie keeps the magic coming and shreds Sealeo, but we're all out of Brick Breaks! Never mind, Reversal does the business and Glalie faints too.

19d 18h 28m We learn from our time spent in Phoebe's room and get right down to business. Glacia challenged

19d 18h 26m Sableye is no longer left. Phoebe defeated!

19d 18h 25m Our Pokémon keep getting right to the edge of one-hit range, it's infuriating. Thankfully GJK takes down Banette no. 2 with no damage taken. Only Sableye is left.

19d 18h 24m 5'7" is robbed of a kill and falls to Ice Beam. GJK comes in and takes revenge with a Surf.

19d 18h 23m 5'7" comes in and restores some order to proceedings, finishing off Banette with Rock Blast and quickly laying some hurt on Dusclops. That Ice Beam is nasty though.

19d 18h 22m The Doge is down, taking Banette to half health with it. Much Shadow Ball, very damage.

19d 18h 22m Found 'em! Go Mightydoge

19d 18h 21m Oh boy, we switch in to Annie. We've dropped our tactics on the floor, find them quick!

19d 18h 20m A Banette Psychic quickly puts an end to the flower power, sadly. Cabbage down!

19d 18h 19m Cabbage puts it to sleep and Petal Dances, taking it down! What a player.

19d 18h 18m We go in to Vileplume for the second time. Dusclops is protecting her important bits and Shadow Punching.


19d 18h 18m As you may expect, she is now confused.

19d 18h 18m M4's out. She's rolling one up.

19d 18h 16m Wow, we actually switch out Anice immediately...only to switch her back in.

19d 18h 15m Holy crap we talked to Pheobe!

19d 18h 13m We listen to Bulb-I mean Hariyama's cry a few times. It's soothing.

19d 18h 11m (AND that damage was self-inflicted. Sidney technically didn't touch us once)

19d 18h 9m (Okay fine, Hariyama is at 83% health. That's 583/600, I rounded up)

19d 18h 7m Come to think of it,surely one of the most intimidating things that Pheobe could ever see would be A walking up to battle her with all 6 of her Pokémon at full health. She's already been losing to us!

19d 18h 4m We still have yet to talk to Phoebe, but that's okay. Savour the Hariyama sweep some more, we've plenty of time.


19d 18h 1m To celebrate the victory over Sidney, A checks out Hariyama's Pokédex entry. There's nothing in there about creaming Absols, but it's still nice.

19d 17h 59m Anice was terrifying there, Break Break one hit everything except for Shiftry.

19d 17h 58m RNGesus forsakes us as we smack ourselves in the face, but only once! Sidney is defeated!

19d 17h 56m Mightyena in, and down! Brick Break is doing the business so far. It brings Shiftry to minimal health, who unleashes a Swagger. Anice laughs and brings it down.

19d 17h 55m Alright Sidney, bring it on! I wonder if he feels a little sorry for us yet?

19d 17h 53m Is this teh urn?

19d 17h 50m M4 comes out and beats Glalie down, but Walrein's Body Slam finishes the job. A whited out.

19d 17h 50m Also hi everyone, hope you're having a pleasant day :D

19d 17h 49m Sealeo gets taken down with Hidden Power! GJK faints to hail though.

19d 17h 47m First Sealeo faints, Glalie is up!

19d 17h 47m GJK gets paralyzed by Body Slam!

19d 17h 46m The battle with Glacia begins!

19d 17h 43m Anarchy resumes and we make our way to Glacia's room.

19d 17h 41m [D] Battle Scene ON

19d 17h 35m [D] Brick Break was moved to the first slot.

19d 17h 31m [D] We enter Hariyama's Summary page.

19d 17h 29m [D] We open the start menu.

19d 17h 24m [D] None can withstand the almighty Rollout. Not even Sableye. Phoebe defeated!

19d 17h 23m [D] M4 is hit with a critical hit Thunderbolt. Ouch. Banette faints and another Banette takes her place. That one also faints.

19d 17h 22m [D] Rollout takes down Dusclops.

19d 17h 22m [D] It seems the chat wants to fight this battle in Democracy. Anarchy is far form the leading vote.

19d 17h 21m We finally use Rollout instead! But it misses. Next one works, though!

19d 17h 20m Silly M4. Rock Smash won't work here.

19d 17h 20m Out comes M4!

19d 17h 19m 5'7 is down.

19d 17h 18m Dusclops down! 5'7 still at full health. Next Dusclops comes out.

19d 17h 18m Rock Blast takes Dusclops to low health, and 5'7 gets confused. Phoebe used full restore.

19d 17h 16m We challenge Phoebe! 5'7 is up against Dusclops, who leads with Protect. Naturally.

[Recap] Going up against Phoebe, we still have GJK, 5'7, and M4, all of them at full health.

19d 17h 12m Crawdaunt and Absol fall quickly to Rollout. Sidney defeated!

19d 17h 11m Mightyena faints! We send out M4. Cacturn is at low health.

19d 17h 9m Mightdoge snaps out of confusion and takes out Shiftry with a critical hit shadow ball!

19d 17h 8m Aaaaaand it hits this time.

19d 17h 8m Swagger misses! Suck it, Shiftry.

19d 17h 8m We send out Mightyena.

19d 17h 6m Vileplume faints at the hands of Shiftry and Swagger.

19d 17h 5m Vileplume is up, gets Swaggered, and hurts herself. We aren't off to a good start here.

19d 17h 4m Annie almost OHKO's Shiftry, who is promptly Full Restored. Annie faints shortly thereafter.

19d 17h 4m Mightyena goes down with two Reversals! Shiftry is up!

19d 17h 3m We approach Sidney rather quickly. Annie vs. Mightyena!

19d 17h 2m Time for another challenge!

19d 16h 59m Glalie exploded! GJK faints and A whites out!

19d 16h 59m Sealeo uses Hail but faints quickly. Next Glalie is up.

19d 16h 58m GJ takes out Glalie. GJ promoted to level 72!

19d 16h 56m GJ gets a crit surf and knocks out Sealeo. HP 110/240

19d 16h 55m Sealeo makes it hail. GJ HP 140/240

19d 16h 55m Glacia would like to battle!

19d 16h 53m ...and Sableye. No damage again. Pheobe down!

19d 16h 52m GJ surfs over Banette, as well. No damage.

19d 16h 51 GJ surfs over Dusclops. HP 190/240

19d 16h 50m 5'7" is frozen from an ice beam. She never gets a chance to thaw. 5'7" down!

19d 16h 50m 5'7" takes out Banette!

19d 16h 48m Doge tags in, only to quickly faint. Doge? Doge? DOGE?!?!?!?!

19d 16h 47m 5'7" takes her stand!

[Summary] M4, Vileplume, and Annie are down right now.

19d 16h 46m M4 takes out Dusclops, but faints due to the curse!

19d 16h 46m M4 is hurting! HP 53/340

19d 16h 46m M4 steps up to bat. However, she gets cursed!

19d 16h 45m Pheobe steps up to the plate! ANNIE DOWN!

19d 16h 43m Annie takes out the rest of the team, but her health is in the red. Sidney rekt!

19d 16h 41m Annie takes out Absol. Annie promoted to level 55. Also, Reversal overwrites Smellingsalt!

19d 16h 40m Vileplume swaps in because she wanted a claw to the face. Vileplume down!

19d 16h 40m Shifty falls to Annie's fists! Annie HP 144/229

19d 16h 39m Annie defeats Mightyena.

19d 16h 37m Vileplume wants some of that doge action and tags in.

19d 16h 37m A challenges Sidney!

19d 16h 34m Back into the E4.

19d 16h 31m M4 makes her last stand against Flygon. Unfortunately, M4 is down. A-chan whites out!

19d 16h 30m Rollout train steams over Kingdra. HP 78 and paralyzed.

19d 16h 30m M4 plays Punch-Out with Altaria and wins. HP 176

19d 16h 29m M4 is having trouble landing shots. Eventually knocks out Shelgon. HP 209/340

19d 16h 28m M4 gets rolling. HP 247/340

19d 16h 28m Bring it on, Drake! Those abs don't stand a chance!

19d 16h 26m Walrein rekt. Glacia defeated!

19d 16h 25m Sealo and Glalie 2 fall as well.

19d 16h 25m M4 takes out Glalie. No health loss.

19d 16h 25m M4 is out and rolling. HP 288/340

19d 16h 24m GJ takes down a Sealo. However, GJ falls to Glalie.

19d 16h 23m Glacia challenged.

19d 16h 19m: Sableye finally goes down to hidden power and Phoebe defeated. GJK has about 40sh hp left.

19d 16h 18m: Sableye gets healed by Phoebe and more hidden power ensues. Nightshade then used vs GJK.

19d 16h 18m: Hidden power used! Twice! Meanwhile Sableye keeps using double team.

19d 16h 17m: A keeps trying to use surf, she obiously can't be tricked by ghosts.

19d 16h 16m: Democracy stops by to say hi, then anarchy gets back to business.

19d 16h 15m: Banette uses grudge before fainting to dive. Sableye comes out.

19d 16h 14m: Banette comes out and surf has no PPs left.

19d 16h 14m: Dusclops resists two surf and responds with powerful earthquake. Then goes down to a final surf.

19d 16h 14m: Banette OHKO to surf, Dusclops out.

19d 16h 13m: Full restored used but Dusclops faints to 2 more surf. Banette out.

19d 16h 12m: First surf misses to protect, second surf does a lot of damage. Shadow punch is Dusclops' response.

19d 16h 12m: Phoebe challenged. Dusclops vs GJK.

19d 16h 10m: Surf and Cacturne faints. Sidney defeated.

19d 16h 10m: M4 uses strength and Crawdaunt goes down. Then rock smash vs Cacturne.

19d 16h 9m: M4 steps in.

19d 16h 7m: Mightyena comes out and uses shadowball. Crawdaunt is unimpressed and uses surf two times. Mightyena down.

19d 16h 6m: Absol faints to rock throw and out comes Crawdaunt. Rock throw again before fainting to surf.

19d 16h 5m: 5'7 comes out and uses rock throw. Absol uses rock slide and slash.

19d 16h 4m: Vileplume comes out and uses petal dance. Absol then OHKOs her with aerial ace.

19d 16h 4m: Torment prevents Anice from using brick break and hits herself while trying to use smellingsalt. Absol used sword dance and slash. Anice down.

19d 16h 3m: Shiftry used swagger and Anice hits herself. Then used torment and Anice used brick break. Shiftry down, Absol in.

19d 16h 2m: Double edge vs Smellingsalt. Double edge again and Mightyena goes down to brick break. Shiftry out.

19d 16h 2m: A loses no time, Sidney challenged once more. Anice vs Mightyena.

19d 15h 59m And then she surfs her way to victory! Well, against Flygon at least. Altaria takes her out and we white out.

19d 15h 59m GJ falls to Flygon. We throw M4's poké ball and she just sort of falls on her face, paralyzed.

19d 15h 57m Tentacruel takes Shelgon out with two Surfs easily. It faces Flygon, who is healed immediately of GJ's damage.

19d 15h 56m Drake found!

19d 15h 50m: A critical rock smash finishes Walrein. Glacia beaten.

19d 15h 49m: Another surf vs another rock smash. Walrein's defense goes down again.

19d 15h 49m: More Body slam and surf vs rock smash. 97 hp left for M4

19d 15h 49m: Full restore used and M4 responds with rock smash.

19d 15h 49m: Full restore used and M4 responds with rock smash.

19d 15h 48m: M4 uses surf once more and Walrein survives with a line of HP. We look for a Pokemon to switch.

19d 15h 47m: Surf vs body slam. M4 is paralyzed.

19d 15h 47m: Surf hits and Glalie goes down. Walrein greets us.

[Snark] We can't use rollout A, just pick a different attack!

19d 15h 45m: Glacia used a full restore, M4 responds with a critical surf. Glalie next.

19d 15h 45m: Sealeo hits a crit double edge, M4 is down to 231 hp.

19d 15h 44m: M4 uses rock smash once again. Sealeo starts hail all over. Rock smash keeps getting Sealeo's defense lower and lower.

19d 15h 44m: Glalie uses crunch and then goes down to rock smash. Sealeo next.

19d 15h 43m: Rock smash takes rollout's place. Icy wind is Glalie's response.

19d 15h 43m: Ice beam and hail take down Anice. M4 out once more.

19d 15h 43m: Brick break finally hits and Sealeo goes down. Glalie out.

19d 15h 42m: Smellingsalt hits again and Anice gets paralyzed by body slam.

19d 15h 41m: Smellingsalt vs Hail. We immediately look in the bag.

19d 15h 41m: Glacia challenged. Sealeo vs Anice.

19d 15h 40m: Well, we are off to Glacia with: Hariyama, Tentacruel and M4. No rollout though.

19d 15h 38m: Grudge causes M4 to lose all PPs for rollout. Banette one and two down. So is Sableye, Phoebe defeated.

19d 15h 37m: Mightyena faints to shadow ball (!) and M4 jumps in with rollout.

19d 15h 37m: Shadowball hits two more times and Dusclops goes down. Banette comes out.

19d 15h 37m: Shadowball vs ice beam. Dusclops takes a big hit. Then we switch to take down.

19d 15h 36m: Graveler faints to Dusclops. Mightyena out.

19d 15h 36m: 5'7 is frozen while Dusclops uses more ice beam.

19d 15h 35m: Rock throw vs ice beam and Graveler is frozen!

19d 15h 34m: Rock throw finally hits and Dusclops goes down. Dusclops2 comes out.

19d 15h 34m: A last rock blast hits 2 times and leaves Dusclops very low.

19d 15h 34m: Rock blast again and it hits 3 times, then protect once again.

19d 15h 33m: 5'7 hits rock blast 5 times. Dusclops is healed with a full restore.

19d 15h 33m: Dusclops protects herself once again and rock blast misses.

19d 15h 32m: Anice gets switched with 5'7. Protect misses.

19d 15h 31m: Phoebe up next. Dusclops vs Hariyama.

[Correction] Apparently Anice did receive some damage from Mightyena but I didnt catch the attack, probably double edge. She has 80% hp left.

19d 15h 28m: And Absol goes down too, Sidney defeated.

19d 15h 28m: Crawdaunt down as well, #rolling

19d 15h 28m: A second critical rollout takes down Shiftry and also OHKOs Cacturne.

19d 15h 27m: Vileplume down to extrasensory. M4 unleashed.

19d 15h 27m: Petal dance and double edge take down Mightyena. Shiftry up next.

19d 15h 26m: We switch Vileplume for Anice before Mightyena can do anything. Double edge hits V.

19d 15h 25m:Sidney challenged. Anice vs Mightyena.

19d 15h 23m: We have entered Sidney's room but so far can't find the courage to talk to him.

19d 15h 19m: Back to E4 building. That was a quick grinding session wasn't it?

19d 15h 17m: A goes down towards victory road. Some people want to level Anice to 55 so we can finally move Brick Break back to the top.

19d 15h 16m: A is in the PC, lots of A and B spams.

[Snark] I have to say this isn't the first time this has happened. Damn double team.

19d 15h 15m: Ludicolo resists the second rollout and M4 goes down to giga drain, A whited out

19d 15h 15m: More giga drain and another rollout hits.

19d 15h 15m: 2nd rollout hits Ludicolo who used giga drain. 3rd rollout missed.

19d 15h 15m: Ludicolo used double team and M4 missed. More double team and rollout hits.

19d 15h 14m: Double edge used by Wailord before going down to 3rd rollout, ludicolo out

19d 15h 14m: Wailord uses rollout. Rain dance used.

[Puns] Wave hello to the champion, folks!

19d 15h 13m: Wallace challenged M4 vs Wailord. #believe

19d 15h 12m: Democracy doesn't last a minute. We are going up the stairs. #hype #believe

19d 15h 10m: We do not currently own any potions and/or revives. Democracy is about to take over.

19d 15h 8m: Anarchy vs Democracy votes are in progress. 1:30 mins until voting time ends.

19d 15h 8m: "Go onwards, the champion is waiting". Well, get comfortable Wallace.

19d 15h 7m: Salamence uses dragon claw before fainting to rollout and Drake defeated. Wallace is all that stands in our way.

[Sound of horrible singing in the distance] AND WE'RE ROLLIN.. ROLLIN.. ROLLIN.. ALL NIGHT LONG

[Pun] We're on a roll

19d 15h 7m: Kingdra down! Salamence can take the last rollout!

19d 15h 6m: Altaria down! Kingdra in!

19d 15h 6m: Shelgon's protect makes m4 miss, but the second time hits! Shelgon resists the 1st but not the second one! Altaria in!

19d 15h 5m: Second rollout takes Flygon down. Shelgon in!

19d 15h 5m: M4 steps up for the occation. First rollout resisted by Flygon!

19d 15h 5m: So, do you guys believe in miracles? M4 has 290 hp left.

19d 15h 4m: Flygon resists dive with very low hp. All up to M4 now.

19d 15h 4m: GJK comes out and is no longer frozen! dive hits!

19d 15h 2m: 5'7 survives earthquake the 1st time but not the second time. Rock blast got him down to around 60-70%

19d 15h 2m: Rock blast hits. Then Flygon comes out for Shelgon.

19d 15h 2m: 5"7 used strength and Shelgon survives. Full restores again.

19d 15h 1m: Protect once more.

[Pun] 5'7? She'll be gon by Drake's second Pokemon.

19d 15h 1m: Second rock blast attempt hits 4 times! Shelgon used dragon claw.

19d 15h 1m: 5"7 starts us off with rock blast but Shelgon protects himself.

19d 15h 0m: Drake challenged. Graveler vs Shelgon.

19d 14h 59m: Second rollout takes Walrein down and Glacia defeated. Graveler Tentacruel and Azumarill left.

19d 14h 59m: M4 vs Walrein. Rollout once more.

19d 14h 58m: Hariyama comes out and Glalie uses explosion. Both KO. GJK is lvl 71

[Pun] Well, that wasn't very ice.

19d 14h 58m: Surf used! Glalie down to around 30 hp. Ice beam then freezes GJK.

19d 14h 57m: Sealeo faints and out comes Glalie. GJK has 81 hp left.

19d 14h 57m: Hidden power hits and Sealeo survives with red hp. Blizzard hits.

19d 14h 56m: Hail in progress once more. Waterfall yet again.

19d 14h 56m: Glalie faints to another surf and out comes Sealeo. Waterfall!

19d 14h 56m: Surf vs crunch. Hail stopped.

19d 14h 56m: Hidden power used. Glalie responds with light screen.

19d 14h 55m: GJK used hidden power and Sealeo goes down. Glalie up next.

19d 14h 54m: Glacia used full restore on Sealeo. GJK used surf once again.

19d 14h 54m: GJK comes out vs Sealeo. Surf leaves him with few hp.

19d 14h 54m: Mightyena can't move as she faints to two more body slams.

19d 14h 53m: Take down vs Body slam. Mightyena gets paralyzed.

19d 14h 53m: We shift mightyena in. Sealeo used body slam.

19d 14h 52m: Smellingsalt used vs Hail.

19d 14h 52m: Glacia challenged. Hariyama vs Sealeo.

19d 14h 52m: We are currently in Glacia's room. We check Hariyama's pokedex for good luck.

[Puns] It'd be cool if we could beat Glacia with as little casualties as possible. I snow it might not be possible, but it's ice to believe, ya know?

19d 14h 48m: Things are looking good so far, only Vileplume is down and Hariyama leads the party. Glacia up next.

[Confirmation] Yes, yes I will.

[Even more thoughts] Will super-redguy sing if we beat the champion in this run?


19d 14h 46m: Dusclops also goes down to surf and Phoebe defeated.

19d 14h 46m: Second Banette down as well, Sableye OHKO too. Dusclops comes out.

19d 14h 45m: Another protect prevents the rollout, but surf finishes Dusclops, then OHKOs Banette.

19d 14h 44m: A unleashes M4.

19d 14h 43m: Dusclops then proceeds with shadow punch. Anice is going down very quickly.

19d 14h 43m: Smellingsalt cant hit Dusclops who responds with confuse ray. Brick break? doesn't hit either. Curse used.

19d 14h 43m: Phoebe time. Dusclops of course comes out vs Anice. Protect will be used.

19d 14h 41m: Absol uses sword dance but faints to rollout and Sidney bites the dust. We only lost Vileplume this time.

19d 14h 41m: Mightyena down to another rollout. Crawdaunt also OHKOd. Absol next!

19d 14h 41m: Rollout starts, Cacturne goes down to two rollouts. Mightyena out.

19d 14h 40m: Surf does some decent damage to Shiftry but torment prevents M4 from using it again. Strength finishes Shiftry, Cacturne comes out.

19d 14h 40m: Rollout hits but doesn't OHKO. Full restore and once again M4 misses.

19d 14h 39m: M4 misses over and over again rollout. Shiftry uses torment.

[Snark] Shiftry has tapped into the powers of the Random Number Generator.

19d 14h 39m: M4 is out! Rollout misses.

19d 14h 38m: Shiftry uses swagger and Vileplume hits herself, then goes down to extrasensory.

19d 14h 38m: Extrasensory used, Vileplume manages to use a critical petal dance.

19d 14h 37m: Sand attack used vs Petal dance. Shiftry gets switched in.

19d 14h 36m: Vileplume comes out for Anice.

19d 14h 36m: Sidney challenged. Mightyena vs Hariyama.

19d 14h 35m: E4 entered once again. Come on A, just talk to your sidekick Sidney.

19d 14h 34m: Full restore used. M4 resorts to rollout and then faints to hail. A whited out.

19d 14h 33m: More rock smash and Glalie uses shadow ball over and over again. 20 hp left for M4

19d 14h 33m: M4 keeps missing rollout over and over again. She then switches to rock smash.

19d 14h 32m: M4 out and we try to run away. Sure M4, show them your pride.

19d 14h 31m: Glalie comes out and GJK goes down to hail. M4 is our only hope.

19d 14h 31m: More of the same, lightscreen falls off. Hidden power takes down Sealeo.

19d 14h 31m: More surf vs double edge. GJK has 50 hp left.

19d 14h 30m: Sealeo out. Surf intensifies. Hail used.

19d 14h 30m: Light screen deployed. Glalie finally faints to surf.

19d 14h 30m: Glalie changes strategie to crunch. Glacia uses full restore when Glalie's health drops a lot.

19d 14h 29m: GJK used hidden power (!) vs Glalie. Glalie keeps using icy wind.

19d 14h 29m: Surf is used. Two times! Sealeo went down. Glalie next.

19d 14h 28m: Waterfall is used. Hail is used by Sealeo of course.

19d 14h 27m: Glacia challenged.GJK out vs Sealeo.

19d 14h 25m: We enter Glacia's room. Azumarill has 131 hp left.

19d 14h 23m: M4 used rollout once again and it took 3 to take her down. Sableye then came out and fainted OHKO to rollout. Phoebe defeated

19d 14h 23m: Banette OHKOs. Banette 2 comes out and M4 missed rollout.

19d 14h 22m: M4 finally hits dusclops with rollout. A critical rollout. A 3rd one is required to defeat her. Banette comes out.

19d 14h 22m: M4 misses rollout over and over again. Shadowball intensifies.

19d 14h 21m: M4 misses rock smash. Dusclops responds with shadow ball. Twice.

19d 14h 21m: M4 out. We then look to switch her.

19d 14h 19m: Dusclops#2 comes out comes out and Graveler faints to a couple of ice beams and curse damages.

19d 14h 19m: Dusclops used curse and fainted. 5'7 reached level 65.

19d 14h 19m: M4 switched for 5'7. Confused ray used. Rock blast hits 5 times though.

19d 14h 18m: Anice goes down to one last shadow punch. M4 out.

19d 14h 16m: Anice keeps receiving shadow punches. Anice is down to 25 hp.

19d 14h 16m: Protect once again. Anice has no move that can hit Dusclops though.

19d 14h 16m: Phoebe challenged. Hariyama vs Dusclops.

19d 14h 12m: Sidney defeated.

19d 14h 11m: Another surf and Crawdaunt OHKO. Absol out, sword dance vs surf. Absol goes down OHKO.

19d 14h 11m: M4 steps in. Misses. Cotton spores. Surf and Cacturne goes down.

19d 14h 10m: It takes 4 faint attack to take down Vileplume. Cacturne has around 40% hp left.

19d 14h 10m: Faint attack vs Petal dance. Not very effective so far V.

19d 14h 9m: Mightyena hits himself and has only 8hp. Then goes down to faint attack. Vileplume out.

19d 14h 9m: Cacturne comes out vs Mightyena. Torment is preventing Mightyena to use strength once again, no matter how many As we use.

19d 14h 8m: Swagger is used once again, Mightyena manages to use strength and Shiftry went down. Anice reached lvl 54.

19d 14h 8m: More double team and Mightyena, who is not confused anymore, uses shadow ball. Misses the 1st hits the second.

19d 14h 7m: Shiftry uses double team. Mightyena hits himself with take down.

19d 14h 7m: GJK is switched for Anice. Then Mightyena is switched. Swagger used.

19d 14h 6m: Mightyena faints to a 3rd smellingsalt. The third one was ofc the critical one. Shiftry out.

19d 14h 6m: Double edge vs smellingsalt. Twice. Mightyena is very low.

19d 14h 6m: Sidney challenged. Anice vs Mightyena.

19d 14h 5m: Anarchy takes control when we get to Sidney.

19d 14h 4m: [D] Democracy is used to go up the stairs. Anarchy gains more and more votes.

19d 14h 2m: [D] E4 entered. Lots of up inputs.

19d 14h 1m: [D] Democracy time. Up spam takes control.

19d 14h 0m: 1 minute left until voting ends. Oh look! A map!

19d 13h 57m: We go up towards the PC. Anarchy vs Democracy voting in progress.

19d 13h 56m: Dive used. It's not very effective. Double edge again and GJK goes down to hail. A whited out.

19d 13h 55m: A tries to run away. A is desperate right now.

19d 13h 53m: Sealeo uses double edge. GJK has 40 hp left.

19d 13h 53m: No surf PPs left. GJK used dive instead. More hail.

19d 13h 52m: 5'7 misses rock throw and goes down to blizzard. GJK with 79 hp left is our only hope.

19d 13h 51m: Glalie misses icy wind and Graveler takes her down with rockthrow. Sealeo out.

19d 13h 51m: A second rock throw takes Sealeo down. Glalie comes out.

19d 13h 50m: Glacia challenged. Rock throw vs Hail.

19d 13h 47m: Surf twice in a row finally takes down Dusclops. Phoebe defeated

19d 13h 46m: Another surf leaves Dusclops with close to 1 hp left. Full restore used of course.

19d 13h 46m: GJK comes out and uses surf. Dusclops responds with earthquake.

19d 13h 46m: M4 goes down to rock slide. GJK and 5'7 are all that's left.

19d 13h 45m: M4 misses rollout once more. Shadow ball leaves her with 12 hp. Rollout runs out of hps.

19d 13h 44m: Sableye comes out and goes down to rollout. Dusclops is all thats left.

19d 13h 44m: Shadowball has left M4 with 109 hp.

19d 13h 43m: Rollout starts once again. The third rollout misses. Banette finally goes down to rollout.

19d 13h 43m: M4 misses rollout again. Shadowball launched.

19d 13h 42m: M4 keeps using rollout, it takes 3 to take down Banette. Banette#2 comes out.

19d 13h 42m: Banette comes out. More rollout missed. Thunderbolts, thunderbolts everywhere.

19d 13h 41m: Dusclops faints to another rollout. But its the 1st rollout because Protect was used in between.

19d 13h 41m: M4 comes out. Rollout starts. Dusclops survives with 1 hp.

19d 13h 40m: Full restored used on Dusclops. And curse. Mightyena then faints to shadow punch.

19d 13h 39m: Another Shadow ball used. Confuse ray used.

19d 13h 39m: Of course, as always, the first attack used by Dusclops is protect. The second Shadow ball hits. Dusclops responds with Shadow punch.

19d 13h 38m: Phoebe challenged. Dusclops vs Mightyena.

19d 13h 37m: Another surf and OHKO. Sidney defeated.

19d 13h 37m: Crawdaunt goes down. Absol comes out.

19d 13h 36m: Surf finishes Cacturne. Crawdaunt comes out.

19d 13h 36m: Cacturne used faint attack and Vileplume survived with 1 hp. She then suicides. GJK comes out!

19d 13h 35m: We try to switch Vielplume out. We also try to run away. Down spam is taking control.

19d 13h 34m: A couple more times of the same routine. Vileplume has 37 hp left and is confused.

19d 13h 33m: Cacturne uses faint attack vs Vileplume's petal dance. Not very effective, but is critical.

19d 13h 33m: GJK reaches lvl 70. Vileplume gets switched for M4. Cacturne comes out for Sidney.

19d 13h 32m: Shiftry uses swagger while M4 keeps missing. Rollout finally connects. Shiftry goes down.

19d 13h 32m: M4 gets switched for GJK. Extrasensory used.

19d 13h 31m: Another dive used, but missed. Shiftry uses swagger once more.

19d 13h 30m: Surf used! No more confusion! Shiftry uses double team once again.

19d 13h 30m: Hidden power launched! Not very effective. Then GJK hits herslef. Shiftry used torment.

19d 13h 29m: GJK uses dive and leaves Shiftry with just 1 hp. Shiftry gets healed with full restore after using extra sensory.

19d 13h 29m: GJK uses surf, Shiftry responds with swagger.

[Snark] /u/yelnaX, A needs Go-Go-Goggles!

19d 13h 28m: Tentacruel comes out vs Shiftry. Shiftry uses double team.

19d 13h 27m: Shiftry uses extrasensory twice and Anice goes down.

19d 13h 26m: Correction, the second attack from Anice was brick break. Mightyena doown, Shiftry out.

19d 13h 26m: Mightyena uses double edge. Hariyama responds with smellingsalt. Twice.

19d 13h 26m: A looks for a secret weapon in the bag. Go-Googles?

19d 13h 25m: Sidney challenged. Hariyama vs Mightyena.

19d 13h 22m: A keeps missing Sidney. Sidney keeps looking unimpressed.

19d 13h 18m: We enter Sidney's room. Wall intensifies.

19d 13h 15m: Party healed. Twice just in case.

[Correction] So, apparently a bunch of people have informed me the wait spams weren't done by bots but by people. Apparently some of them wanted to get a reaction from the streamer that way (?).

19d 13h 12m: We exit Victory Road and try to get back to E4. Our running shoes help a lot.

19d 13h 9m: "Got away Safely!" is the topic currently in TPP. Not sure why though.

19d 13h 6m: We exit the Victory Road and when we reentered we encountered a wild Pumbloom Whismur.

19d 13h 4m: Mightyena just beat a Zubat with Shadow Ball!. That's impressive guys, considering we run away most of the time.

19d 13h 0m: The stream is suffering from some down spams that keep us from fighting. A lot. I dont think we have defeated more than 4 wild Pokemon this grinding session.

19d 12h 57m: Anice faints to a wild Golbat. She hasn't gained much experience guys... Just sayin'.

19d 12h 56m: Anarchy regains control. We change the text speed to medium.

19d 12h 55m: [D] Anarchy gains votes but Wate is still in control. 46 votes for wait? Seriously?

19d 12h 53m: [D] Wait spams keeps us in a lockdown so far. I'm just gonna go ahead and say those are bots, who else would just spam wait over and over again?

19d 12h 53m: [D] Democracy in control. I'm not sure where we are going with this.

19d 12h 48m: Vileplume goes down to Hariyama's smellingsalt. Hariyama is still leading the party though.

19d 12h 46m: For those of you just joining us, we are grinding Anice so that she learns Reversal for Smellingsalt. That's in 2 levels.

19d 12h 42m: Wild Golbats are tearing our team to pieces. Who knew?

19d 12h 39m: Mightyena levels up to 43. And Vileplume has only 10 hp left.

18d 12h 33m Into Victory Road.

19d 12h 32m To Victory Road to grind ...

19d 12h 31m Bernie calls and tells us about how he lost another battle. Same here Bernie, same here ...

19d 12h 30m M4 down. White out.

19d 12h 30m All these down commands keep getting her to Rock Smash.

19d 12h 30m Misses.

19d 12h 30m She starts rolling.

19d 12h 28m M4 sent out.

19d 12h 27m GJ is taken down by Sableye

19d 12h 25m Man, our chances are simply ghastly today.

19d 12h 24m Sableye is out.

19d 12h 24m Banette 2 down.

19d 12h 24m A lot of down-spamming. Probably bots?

19d 12h 23m Full Restores are so annoying.

19d 12h 22m No wait that was the first Banette. Here comes the second one.

19d 12h 21m Banette is taken out.

19d 12h 21m GJ gets paralyzed.

19d 12h 21m Here comes the other Banette.

19d 12h 20m She surfs out the 2nd Dusclops.

19d 12h 20m GJ is sent out.

19d 12h 19m 5'7 gets iced.

19d 12h 18m Wow, never knew 5'7 could survive a hit from Dusclops 2's Ice Beam. That's cool.

19d 12h 16m Dusclops 1 gets taken out by a Rock Throw.

19d 12h 16m She gets switched out for 5'7

19d 12h 15m 5'7 switched out for M4.

[Snark] Maybe 5'7 simply doesn't have the spirit to take on Dusclops?

19d 12h 12m Switched M4 out for 5'7

19d 12h 12m Out comes M4 again.

19d 12h 12m Cabbage faints.

19d 12h 11m We switch out Cabbage.

19d 12h 11m M4 tries smashing Dusclops like a rock. She fails.

19d 12h 9m Protect shuts her down.

19d 12h 9m She starts rolling

19d 12h 8m M4 switched in for Cabbage.

19d 12h 7m Cabbage is confused.

[Fluff] Man, I'm digging these petals.

19d 12h 7m Cabbage vs Dusclops

19d 12h 6m Phoebe initiated

19d 12h 6m We're in the corner.

19d 12h 3m In her room now.

19d 12h 3m Missing the door as usual. Battle scenes are on.

19d 12h 2m Heading up the stairs to Phoebe's room.

19d 12h 0m Absol down. Sidney defeated.

19d 11h 59m Lobster down. Here comes Absol.

19d 11h 58m Hi Crawdaunt.

19d 11h 58m GJ takes out Cacturne.

19d 11h 57m GJ is switched in.

19d 11h 56m Cabbage switched in against Cacturne.

19d 11h 56m We definitely had a rocky start, but maybe we can salvage this.

19d 11h 56m Rock Smash promptly takes down Shiftry.

19d 11h 56m M4 snaps out of confusion and tries to Roll, but alas, she misses.

19d 11h 55m Switched in M4. She gets Swaggered. Confusion yay~!

19d 11h 54m Cabbage is switched in.

19d 11h 54m M4 is confused and hitting herself.

19d 11h 50m She's switched out for M4.

19d 11h 50m She's confused. Goddamnit Rowgreen Shiftry.

19d 11h 50m 5'7 is sent out

19d 11h 49m Mighty takes itself out in its confusion.

19d 11h 49m Mighty switched in. He's now confused.

19d 11h 48m Switched to M4.

19d 11h 47m Cabbage sent out.

19d 11h 47m Annie down. Shiftry did its usual thing ya know?

19d 11h 46m Annie versus Shiftry. Anarchy is back by the way.

19d 11h 45m [D] Annie takes out Mightyena.

19d 11h 42m [D] Just battlin' Sidney in Democracy.

19d 11h 40m [D] Democracy begins

19d 11h 40m Sidney initiated

19d 11h 39m Democracy in under less than a minute.

19d 11h 38m Just checking the Pokedex while in Sidney's room.

19d 11h 37m These are some dark times man.

19d 11h 36m Christ we're just going in and out and in and out and oh god we just entered the E4.

19d 11h 36m. Out.

19d 11h 36m In.

19d 11h 36m Heading in and out of the Pokemon Centre.

19d 11h 36 Voting has started.

19d 11h 35m GJ fainted. White out.

19d 11h 34m Voting inbound.

19d 11h 34m Ouch, GJ is paralyzed.

19d 11h 34m GJ vs Sealeo

19d 11h 34m Glacia fight initiated

[Snark] After one day grinding and learning some moves, we still did better when we had just GJK and M4 than when we had our party 100% healed. Welcome to TPP everybody!

[Schwarzenegger] Ah Glacia, it's ice to see you.

19d 11h 33m Hopefully only GJ will suffice against Glacia.

19d 11h 32m With 5/6 of our team having given up the ghost, I really doubt this is the run.

19d 11h 31m GJ manages to take out Sabelye with a Surf. Phoebe defeated.

19d 11h 31m Ah, Full Restore.

19d 11h 30m GJ vs Sableye

19d 11h 30m Dusclops 2 is taken down by GJ.

19d 11h 29m GJ is sent out.

19d 11h 28m 5'7 down by Shadow Ball

19d 11h 28m Dusclops 2 nearly takes out 5'7 with an Ice Beam.

19d 11h 26m 5'7 takes out Banette, but she loses all PP for Rock Blast.

19d 11h 26m Ah, grudge.

19d 11h 25m We've definitely gotten off to a rocky start.

19d 11h 24m 5'7 vs Banette

19d 11h 24m Switched GJ out for 5'7

19d 11h 23m We send out GJ.

19d 11h 23m M4 down due to curse

19d 11h 23m It's down too.

19d 11h 23m Anyway, Dusclops down and Banette sent out.

19d 11h 22m Jeeze, all these Full Restores are going to send me to the grave.

19d 11h 22m She starts rolling. Now she's cursed.

19d 11h 22m We shift 5'7 for M4.

19d 11h 21m 5'7 sent out.

19d 11h 20m We simply didn't have a ghost of a chance defeating Phoebe with a weakened Mighty.

19d 11h 19m Mighty vs Dusclops ends in Mighty fainting.

[Thoughts] There's a specter of doubt shadowing us right now. This is not the run.

19d 11h 18m Phoebe fight initiated

19d 11h 18m Crawdaunt in and rolled too. Sidney defeated.

19d 11h 17m She starts rolling and Cacturne is gone.

19d 11h 17m We switch 5'7 for M4.

19d 11h 16m M4 switched out for 5'7 against Cacturne.

19d 11h 16m Absol down.

19d 11h 16m M4 out and rolling.

19d 11h 15m Aaand she's gone.

19d 11h 15m Cabbage is out.

19d 1h 15m Annie is back. Aaand she faints to Absol.

19d 11h 14m I'd like to say that our switching shenanigans seem a bit disastrous.

19d 11h 14m We just switched to 5'7.

19d 11h 14m We switch to Mighty again.

19d 11h 13m We switch back to Annie. A Rock Slide misses her.

19d 11h 13m We switch to Mighty against Absol.

19d 11h 13m Annie OHKOs Shiftry.

19d 11h 12m Annie takes out Mightyena.

19d 11h 12m Man, Full Restores are pretty nasty.

19d 11h 11m Annie vs Mightyena

19d 11h 11m Battle with Sidney initiated

19d 11h 10m Man, I must say that our choice in options has taken quite a dark turn.

19d 11h 10m And I think animations are OFF.

19d 11h 10m Battle is now Shift.

19d 11h 9m Walking past Sidney like usual.

19d 11h 9m In we go to the E4.

19d 11h 8m Next to the PC.

19d 11h 8m We turn Battle Scenes back ON.

19d 11h 7m Double-Edge. M4 faints. White out.

19d 11h 7m Ah, the full restore.

19d 11h 6m Man, that Altaria held on with so little health.

19d 11h 6m Here comes Altaria. Our chances of victory have gotten much cloudier.

19d 11h 5m Shelgon down.

19d 11h 5m M4 vs Shelgon.

19d 11h 5m Drake battle initiated.

19d 11h 4m We're finally dragon ourselves to Drake.

19d 11h 3m I must say, I find it quite cool that we managed to defeat Glacia.

19d 11h 1m Glacia defeated.

19d 11h 1m Wow, M4 actually rolled out Walrein with 38 HP.

19d 11h 0m I guessed right. Walrein is now fully healed. Then M4 started rolling.

19d 10h 59m M4's in red, and Glacia's probably going to use a Full Restore. This run looks over.

19d 10h 58m Okay Sitrus Berry brought Walrein to yellow.

19d 10h 58m M4 vs Walrein. Both are in the red.

[Commentary] I swear, if we go through the whole Elite Four without even using the Pokemon that we just spent a day improving...

19d 10h 58m And the other Glalie.

19d 10h 57m Same with the other Sealeo.

19d 10h 57m Sealeo rolled out. Same with Glalie.

19d 10h 57m She starts rolling.

19d 10h 55m Battle with Glacia starts. M4 vs Sealeo.

19d 10h 55m Oh hey look, we did.

19d 10h 55m Man, it'd be ice if we could talk to Glacia.

19d 10h 53m Did we just turn Battle Scenes off?

[Snark] Man my puns are terrible.

19d 10h 51m Just chilling in the corner.

19d 10h 50m Checking out the map.

19d 10h 49m In Glacia's room.

19d 10h 47m Phoebe defeated.

19d 10h 46m Dusclops 2 too.

19d 10h 46m Sableye too.

19d 10h 46m Banette 2 rolled.

19d 10h 46m She starts rolling again.

19d 10h 45m Wow so many misses.

19d 10h 45m Next Rollout misses. So does Banette 2's Shadow Ball.

19d 10h 45m She starts rolling and takes out a Banette

19d 10h 44m Hi M4.

[Fluff] GJ actually managed to hang on to 8 health from Banette's Thunderbolt before being taken out by that Curse. Looks like I was right at assuming she was probably part-eel.

19d 10h 42m GJ taken out by her curse.

19d 10h 42m GJ vs Banette.

19d 10h 41m Ah, she's cursed. And Dusclops doing so.

19d 10h 41m Except Waterfall. Maybe Hidden Power.

19d 10h 41m Okay let's just say pretty much all her moves are PPless.

19d 10h 39m Having some difficulty, because GJ doesn't have PP for Surf.

19d 10h 37m GJ vs Dusclops.

19d 10h 37m Phoebe battle initiated.

19d 10h 37m Just in Phoebe's room right now.

19d 10h 36m We try to call Mr. Stone for advice again, but no signal in the E4.

19d 10h 35m Anarchy is back.

19d 10h 34m [D] Just turned battle scenes to ON.

19d 10h 33m [D] Huhm, text speed is MID, battle scenes are OFF, and battle style is SET.

19d 10h 32m [D] Looks like we're going to mess about with options.

19d 10h 31m [D] Final position of Pokemon: Annie, Mighty, Cabbage, 5'7, GJ and M4.

19d 10h 29m [D] Mighty and Cabbage switch positions.

19d 10h 26m [D] Annie and Mighty swapped positions.

19d 10h 22m [D] Looks like we're going to be switching Pokemon order.

19d 10h 19m [D] Democracy activated

19d 10h 18m Ten seconds left.

19d 10h 15m Democracy looks to be winning.

19d 10h 14m Voting begins

19d 10h 13m Oh yeah, voting in less than a minute.

19d 10h 10m So begins A's standard fare of stumbling around Sidney's room until she hits the door.

19d 10h 9m: WE BEAT SIDNEY (with only GJ and M4)

19d 10h 9m: Well too bad because M4's gonna knock you out anyways. Crawdaunt down, Absol up.

19d 10h 8m: Another full restore? How big is Sidney's BAG to hold all of these things?

19d 10h 6m: STRENGTH. Cacturne down, crawdaunt up!

19d 10h 5m: M4 smashes up Shiftry! Cacturne up.

19d 10h 3m: M4 smashes some rocks!

19d 10h 2m: We send out M4. Bringing out the big guns.

19d 9h 59m: Sidney uses a full restore. Does he have like an unlimited supply of them or something? Where do these full restores come from? He never leaves his room..

19d 9h 57m: Shiftry survives, in the red.. but GJ becomes confused.

19d 9h 54m: GJ faints off Sidney's mightyena!

19d 9h 54m: Wow that was fast. Sidney challenged!

19d 9h 53m: INTO THE E4 WE GO presumably to white out and heal while battling Sidney.


[Snark] I know a lot of you are probably amused right now.

19d 9h 41m Ah yes, GJ is now Level 69.

19d 9h 40m Crossing the bridge ...

19d 9h 39m This is the home stretch folks. Soon we'll be out of the cave and breathing fresh Ever Grande air.

19d 9h 38m WE'VE MADE IT UP.

19d 9h 37m The puzzle looks to be complete.

19d 9h 35m Look to be getting through the puzzle well ...

19d 9h 34m Man, Lairons everywhere.

[Huhm] Looks like if you have two HM users, the one using it outside of battle will be the one closer to the front of your party.

19d 9h 30m The ladder to the ground floor is close, but in our way is a combined Strength + Rock Smash puzzle.

19d 9h 30m Just running from Lairons.

19d 9h 28m Ladder climbing is fun.

19d 9h 28m No wait we went down again. But yeah we're on B1 now after going up and down the ladder.

19d 9h 28m We go up the ladder.

19d 9h 26m Dropped to H on that map. We're going great folks.

19d 9h 23m According to the previously linked map, which has letters, we're at G.

19d 9h 21m Here's another map of Victory Road.

19d 9h 20m GJ has no PP for Surf. Cannot drown everything.

19d 9h 18m I think I can water.

19d 9h 14m Back in anarchy

19d 9h 13m [D] We're out of the BAG and just in the menu.

19d 9h 12m [D] M4 successfully holding a Lax Incense

19d 9h 11m [D] Switching Lax Incense with M4's held Stardust ...

19d 9h 11m [D] M4 selected.

19d 9h 10m [D] In the Pokemon menu, hoping to give it to M4 ...

19d 9h 7m [D] Selected Lax Incense ...

19d 9h 5m [D] Sea Incense successfully given to GJ

19d 9h 5m [D] Giving Sea Incense to GJ ...

19d 9h 2m [D] Sea Incense selected.

19d 8h 58m [D] Next looks to be giving Cruella some extra oomph to her water powers.

19d 8h 56m [D] Shadow Ball is now in the first slot. Strength is now in the second.

19d 8h 56m [D] Strength selected ...

19d 8h 55m [D] At the moves page ...

19d 8h 54m [D] In Mighty's summary ...

19d 8h 48m [D] Looks like we're switching Shadow Ball's position.

19d 8h 47m [D] Democracy has activated.

19d 8h 47m Surf has no more PP, so looks like GJ can't drown everything in the Victory Road.

19d 8h 42m Voting has begun.

19d 8h 39m Voting in 3 minutes.

19d 8h 30m Here's a map of Victory Road that /u/Rurfs made five days ago to get us through.

19d 8h 28m When we last left our wayward protagonist, A was stumbling around through the darkness of Victory Road. She still is.

19d 8h 26m Still wandering in the dark, I'm not actually 100% sure which floor we're on since we went up and down so many times.

19d 8h 21m GJ levels up to 68

Looks like there's a BASTART bot in the chat...

19d 8h 19m 57 faints while taking out a wild Golbat, due to using Double Edge

19d 8h 15m We went back up again.

19d 8h 13m We descended the ladder and went back up and down again... Can we stay down here until we get to where we need to go? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON TPP! Just kidding, you can find out now.

19d 8h 7m 57's HP is in the red now thanks to a wild Mawile.

19d 8h 6m We are really close to the next ladder to go down.

19d 8h 6m 57 levels up to level 64

19d 7h 53m We've been making some progress in victory road, but I'm not quite sure where we are. We went up some stairs and crossed a bridge, and went past a male cooltrainer. By the way, 57's HP is in the yellow.

19d 7h 49m We're still in the dark.

19d 7h 43m Anarchy time

19d 7h 42m [D] Democracy time

19d 7h 40m We smashed a rock.

19d 7h 38m We're in voting mode.

19d 7h 36m 57's Rock Blast PP is down to 0. Rock Blast is the top-left move, by the way.

19d 7h 31m Wandering in the dark~

19d 7h 27 Okay it seems like we're in the lower level for real this time

19d 7h 22m Down, up, down, up...

19d 7h 16m We've descended the ladder, only to climb it again.

19d 7h 14m We are near the ladder going down, but have not climbed down yet.

19d 7h 10m Annie goes down...

19d 7h 7m Annie beats Golbat but not before being knocked down to just 35 HP.

19d 7h 7m We're still battling Golbat.

19d 7h 1m Vileplume faints to a wild Golbat

19d 6h 58m Vileplume levels up to level 47

19d 6h 56m Mightyena has fainted


19d 6h 49m Okay so we're by the cave entrance again... We can't seem to go in though.

19d 6h 48m We've made it up the waterfall but we can't seem to decide if we want to stay on dry land or not.

19d 6h 45m Guess what happened again~ Do I have to say it?

19d 6h 41m We totally just climbed and fell again.

19d 6h 37m Anarchy is back. Guess Democracy won't be climbing that waterfall.

19d 6h 37m Before we were able to climb the waterfall, we got into a wild battle...

19d 6h 35m Exited the menu, maybe we'll climb the waterfall.

19d 6h 35m Oh it looks like we're in democracy now. In the Pokemon menu.

19d 6h 27m Or not. We're back at the waterfall.

19d 6h 27m Well it looks like we are heading West.

19d 6h 21m We're up, made land, and... surfed again. And went back on land, and surfed again... AND WENT DOWN THE WATERFALL. You know what, I'm just gonna let you guys know when we leave the area with the waterfall.

19d 6h 20m Climbed and descended the waterfall again. Oh boy... lol

19d 6h 19m We're up the waterfall----- and back down. Oops.

19d 6h 17m We keep overshooting our Ups and that makes us go into the waterfall and turn around.......

Actually let me rephrase that. We're very successful at hitting A (the trainer) on the waterfall. Just not the A button.

19d 6h 15m We're surfing into the waterfall... We can't seem to hit A on it.

19d 6h 14m Mightyena leveled up to 42 and DID NOT LEARN TAUNT

19d 6h 13m Oh I guess we're surfing. We went down the waterfall.

19d 6h 12m We're outside, I guess attempting to go back into the cave. Attempting.

19d 6h 11m HEALED AGAIN!

19d 6h 11m HEALED

19d 6h 10m Nevermind. Inside now.

19d 6h 10m Outside the Pokecenter.

19d 6h 9m Inside the Pokecenter.

19d 6h 7m Back outside.

19d 6h 6m Mightyena down!

19d 6h 2m Mightyena runs away with 1 hp left.

19d 5h 58m Back inside the Victory Road.

19d 5h 57m Outside now.

19d 5h 55m Very close to the pc.

19d 5h 55m Back outside. Aaaaaand back inside.

19d 5h 53m We healed up.

19d 5h 51m In the PokeCenter!

19d 5h 47m Left Victory Road!

19d 5h 46m Appears to be a bot attack going on right now.

19d 5h 40m Hariyama Down!

19d 5h 34m Currently in Victory Road, are we grinding or trying to get to the E4?

19d 5h 24m Democracy Anarchy voting period begins.

19d 5h 21m Vileplume has fainted to a wild golbat.

[Info] I was asked to remind everyone that next time Mightyena is in a battle, it will level up and ask to learn Taunt. Keep that in mind next time we heal.

19d 5h 9m Mightydoge has fainted. RIP :(

19d 5h 9m We try to run from a wild golbat, Can't Escape! What is this sorcery?!

19d 5h 5m We caught a wild Golbat with an ultra ball. No nickname.

Here's a map with a route to the other side of Victory Road

19d 5h 1m Doge is down to 30% of health. A wild Golbat did a good amount of damage to it.

19d 4h 58m We're still near the entrance of Victory Road however Vileplume has only 54% of her health left. Everyone else is still at full.

19d 4h 55m First thing we encounter in Victory Road is a wild Golbat. It's good to be back.

[snark] Why is Ever Grande City even called a city? There's nothing there but some flowers and a Pokemon Center.

19d 4h 52m We entered Victory Road. We didn't check point in the Pokemon Center at Ever Grande City.

19d 4h 52m We went up the waterfall and touched land!

19d 4h 51m We have reached Ever Grande City. Well, we're technically there. We still have yet to touch land.

19d 4h 47m Reached route 128. We keep fleeing from battles so Doge hasn't gotten much EXP yet.

19d 4h 41m Currently surfing south of Mossdeep City. We are in route 127.

19d 4h 38m A leaves the Pokemon Center. She's now on her way out of Mossdeep City. That was a relatively short and painless pit stop!

19d 4h 37m Party successfully healed!

19d 4h 35m We have entered the Pokemon Center in Mossdeep. Will we heal?

19d 4h 32m We reached Mossdeep City. However, we're still out at sea.

19d 4h 31m Vileplume takes down Pelicopter with two petal dances. Beautiful yet deadly attack.

19d 4h 30m Currently in a fight with a wild Pelicopter, Vileplume is out.

19d 4h 28m We are now travelling out at sea east of Lilycove.

19d 4h 24m Anarchy kicks in!

19d 4h 24 [D] Successfully left Lilycove City

19d 4h 18m [D] We receive a call from Isabel. Hi Isabel! What's up?

19d 4h 3m [D] Still trying to leave the city I think. People must be really desperate to leave this place if we're still in democracy mode!

19d 4h 1m [D] I think the hivemind is trying to use democracy mode to leave Lilycove.

19d 3h 59m [D] Democracy mode kicks in.

19d 3h 59m We've been wandering around Lilycove for over an hour now.

19d 3h 56m Anarchy versus democracy voting kicks in.

19d 3h 53m For some reason there's a huge rise of Kappa face input in the chat.

[Snark] THIS JUST IN: Mauville has officially bought out Lilycove!

[snark] Bill created Lilycove to trap us here forever.

19d 3h 42m We're having trouble leaving Lilycove, there are a couple of ledges in the top right corner of the city that we have to jump down. However, if we overshoot we end up right back in the heart of the city.

19d 3h 40m We received an oran berry from an old man on the top right side of Lilycove.

19d 3h 36m We left the Pokemon Center without healing again. I don't think we're going back anymore.

19d 3h 23m Back in the Pokemon Center, still have yet to heal.

19d 3h 23m This was a few minutes ago but we went into the museum and saw a statue of an ancient bird Pokemon. Could it have been Bird Jesus?

19d 3h 14m We left the Pokemon Center, without healing as usual.

19d 3h 1m Nothing happened when we touched the PC. However, we still haven't healed.

19d 3m 1m We accessed the PC.

19d 2h 59m We have entered the Lilycove Pokemon Center. Will we heal? Doge is at 64% and Plume is at 84%. Everyone else is at full.

19d 2h 54m And we're back to anarchy, that was quick.

19d 2h 54 [D] Democracy mode kicks in.

19d 2h 53m We left the department store, currently wandering around Lilycove

19d 2h 52m We enter the Lilycove department store.

19d 2h 48m Anarchy versus democracy voting time!

19d 2h 46m We are back in Lilycove City.

19d 2h 42m We just finished beating up an old man and taking his money.

19d 2h 41m Tactical switch to Vileplume. Walter sends out Manectric. Vileplume throws some petals in its face and knocks it down.

19d 2h 41m Linoone throws some pocket sand in Doge's face. Doge takes down Linoone.

19d 2h 40m Doge is out of PP for Strength

19d 2h 40m Currently battling Gentleman Walter. He sends out Linoone and we send out Doge.

19d 2h 35m We are currently still battling wild Pokemon with Doge in the route east of Lilycove.

19d 2h 32m Back to land. Not much else to say about it.

19d 2h 22m Mighty hits level 41!

19d 2h 21m And now we're Surfing outside of Mt. Pyre.

19d 2h 13m After bumbling about for 10 minutes, we travel back to Route 121 for some wild battles.

19d 1h 59m The Silph Scope uncovers a wild Kecleon that we passed a while back! Mighty defeats it.

19d 1h 56m We're in Route 120 now. We call Prof. Birch to see how he's doing.

19d 1h 49m No Democracy this time!

19d 1h 44m Voting has begun!

19d 1h 32m We head west to Route 121 for a little more grinding.

19d 1h 28m Back in Lilycove

19d 1h 23m Haley calls and tells us she gets challenged to battles a lot and has a 5-3 streak today. Cool story, girl.

19d 1h 17m Back to surfing on the "Trumpet Ocean".

19d 1h 5m Entered Mossdeep's Pokemon Center. We have healed.

19d 0h 55m We've landed at Mossdeep's coast.

19d 0h 42m Surfing off the coast now.

19d 0h 39m Back to strolling outside. We head to the coast for some beachcombing.

19d 0h 33m Used a Repel at some point. We also almost tried to teach Mighty Rest but didn't, then tried to give Vileplume Rest to hold but also didn't.

19d 0h 27m Back to the Pokemon Center.

19d 0h 19m Just strolling around Lilycove and visiting people in their homes without even knocking.

19d 0h 16m The coast seems clear, so we walk back to Lilycove and head near the Move Deleter's house.

19d 0h 16m We get close to the PC but hightail it out of there and head away from Lilycove.

19d 0h 14m Inside the Center now.

19d 0h 13m Hi there, Lilycove!

19d 0h 10m Vileplume goes down to Curse! (No, we're not facing Phoebe.)

19d 0h 9m Mighty fainted

18d 23h 50m Mighty's now at level 40!

18d 23h 38m Anarchy is back!

18d 23h 37m [D] Mighty switched places with Vileplume!

18d 23h 32m [D] Democracy is in session

18d 23h 23m Stream online and up again!

18d 23h 21m Stream offline this time. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

18d 23h 20m Stream down for a sec but went back up.

18d 22h 49m Vileplume keeps hanging on and grows to level 46!

18d 22h 44m We just keep running around in the same patch of grass.

8d 22h 32m Vileplume levels to 45!

18d 22h 21m Now we're near grass, so we can at least gain a bit of experience now. Vileplume's pretty much OHKOing everything, no worries there.

18d 22h 1m Minorities in the chat include entering a contest and going back to Evergrande. The majority is, of course, Kappa.

[Snark] So...much...Kappa...

18d 21h 34m A-chan talks to some honeymooners. You think A-chan would ever marry the voices in her head?

[Faffing Intensifies]

18d 21h 20m Not quite sure if Jessica called to tell us she almost caught a Tentacool or was almost stung by a Tentacool.

18d 21h 18m Anarchy resumes

[D] 18d 21h 17m Glory to the PokeCenter, we have healed!

[D] 18d 21h 16m Talking to Nurse...erm...Mindy?

[D] 18d 21h 13m Entered Demo Mode!

18d 21h 10m Now we're faffing about on the 1st floor.

18d 21h 5m On the 2nd floor of the PokeCenter.

18d 20h 59m SNATU. Situation Nominal: All TPP'd UP.

18d 20h 52m Faffing about in the Contest Tent.

18d 20h 50m I can SMELL the tension building in the chat. A-chan's going to throw a rod soon if this keeps up.

[Snark] Maybe the fan club can heal our Pokemon?

18d 20h 41m Pretty sure the hivemind has NO idea of what it wants to do right now. Funny how deadline extensions make you feel like that, no?

18d 20h 37m Also, A leaves the PokeCenter without healing.

18d 20h 35m Just to be clear, nobody has been deposited.

[Snark] Phase 1: Heal, Phase 2: ???, Phase 3: Contests!

18d 20h 30m Well, technically putting mons in the PC DOES heal them...

18d 20h 26m A-chan pesters a man about BERRY BLENDER. He seems very intent on teaching us.

18d 20h 22m A-chan results to hiding next to the tent. Vandalism, perhaps?


18d 20h 19m A-chan exits the tent and wonders Lilycove.

18d 20h 17m A-chan tries to stick fainted Pokemon in the contests. Too bad it isn't a sleeping contest because we could win that.

18d 20h 15m A seems really interested in contests...

18d 20h 13m We have entered the contest tent!

18d 20h 10m: We get closer to the contest tent. Pokeblock intensifies

18d 20h 8m: Never mind, anarchy back in control, we go all the way to the right and try to climb a ledge. Not working so far A.

18d 20h 8m: Democracy takes over as we get closer to the P.C. (Pokemon Center ofc).

18d 20h 5m: We enter Lilycove City. GJK is still alive, who saw that coming?!

18d 20h 2m: GJK is down to 115 hp. Still colapsing on Shuppet. Ok, that might just be how I picture struggle.

[Snark] "If some vines drop down this tree can be climbed". Ok, is it just me or does that totally sound like a riddle?!

18d 19h 54m: OMG its a Kecleon! GJK struggles him to death. That must be so hilarious to watch though.

18d 19h 53m: A is starting to show her improvement with her tpp movement skills. We don't overshoot, we just keep going. Amazing.

18d 19h 52m: We move north of Mt Pyre. GJK keeps struggling and OHKOing everything. Land reached.

18d 19h 47m: A exits mount pyre and enters route 122. I see the light! It's just how i remembered!

18d 19h 44m: We are down to the 1st floor! Is that the exit?!

18d 19h 43m: Struggle intensifies. GJK still has 205 hp left so it might take a while.

18d 19h 42m: Previously in TPP, A was trapped in Mt. pyre. Currently trying to get away before GJK struggles to death.

18d 19h 37m Defeated a Shuppet. Now fighting a Shuppet.

18d 19h 33m Down another hole!

18d 19h 30m Finally fell down the hole.

18d 19h 30m The chat seems to want to teach rest to M4.

[Fluff] Battles seem to be taking longer because we only have one move that still has PP.

18d 19h 26m Aaaaaannnddd another Shuppet. This could take a while.

18d 19h 23m Fighting a Duskull, finally something other than Shuppet.

18d 19h 19m Found one sea incense.

18d 19h 17m Tentacruel only has PP left for waterfall now.

18d 19h 15m Shuppet put a curse on M4, over half of M4's health is gone.

18d 19h 14m Fighting a shuppet, sent out M4.

18d 19h 10m Also just fell down another hole.

18d 19h 9m A found Lax Incense!

18d 19h 7m Fell down a hole.

18d 19h 6m More shuppet.

18d 19h 5m We ran away.

18d 19h 4m Fighting a wild shuppet with Tentacruel.

18d 19h 3m Anarchy resumes.

18d 19h 0m [D] Mightyena forgot sand-attack and learned Shadow Ball!

18d 18h 57m [D] Currently trying to teach Mightyena Shadow Ball.

18d 18h ??m At some point recently, GJK hit level 67

18d 17h 55m Picked up a Super Repel!

18d 17h 39m Democracy was trying to do something but Anarchy took over after we got spotted by a trainer.

18d 17h 37m Floor three! Floor two! Floor three! Floor two! Floor three! Wild Shuppet!

18d 17h 23m Another trainer. Between these and wild Shuppets, this is gonna be a long climb.

18d 17h 18m Plot twist: Tentacruel won.

18d 17h 16m Time for a trainer battle! Lv 66 GJK vs. a Lv 31 Rhyhorn. I wonder who will win.

18d 17h 12m Made it to the second floor!

18d 17h 1m We're just wandering around Mt. Pyre's first floor going in circles and fighting off Shuppets.

[Music] We have a really good DJ wave going in TPP's DJ room. Come join us for some sweet tunes and laughs!

18d 16h 52m Poison takes Annie down.

18d 16h 46m Mightyena also falls to the wild Shuppet.

18d 16h 45m Vileplume faints from Curse.

18d 16h 42m We enter Mt. Pyre.

18d 16h 38m Graveler fainted from poison.

18d 16h 30m Annie has been poisoned.

18d 16h 20m Vileplume reaches Level 44 and learns Petal Dance in place of Acid!

18d 16h 17m We've reached water and are surfing towards Mt. Pyre.

18d 16h 10m Vileplume is Cursed by a wild Shuppet, but the battle ends before she takes any damage.

18d 16h 4m Vileplume goes up against a wild Oddish but can't handle the pressure of fighting a brother. She tags in 5'7 who gets poisoned before we run away.

18d 16h 2m: Party healed. A leaves the Poke Center.

[Snark] /u/yaycupcakes: "Maybe if we grind up Cabbage enough it'll make a nice salad. (i'm not sorry)"

18d 15h 58m: We enter the Pokemon Center and immediately go to our favourite place. Hoenn's map.

[Snark]: Looks like operation back track will have to backtrack to lilycove's Pokemon Center. (See what I did there? Fine, I'll leave the snarks to others...)

18d 15h 48m: Mightyena is having a hard time fighting another wild Mightyena. 20 hp left for him.

18d 15h 45m: Manecritic's ability paralyzes Mightyena, who then takes him down with strength. Trainer defeated.

18d 15h 45m: Linoone faints to a 3rd strength and Mightyena levels up to 39. Manectritic comes out next.

18d 15h 44m: Another trainer wants a rematch. Mightyena is out vs Linoone. Strength vs fury swipes.

18d 15h 40m: M4 takes offense on Vileplume going down and steps out claiming vengeance. Two rollouts is all it takes. Trainer defeated.

18d 15h 40m: Vigoroth is sent out and finishes Vileplume with slash.

18d 15h 39m: Loudred used stomp and Vileplume survives with 3 hp. Loudred goes down to acid.

18d 15h 39m: Loudred out vs Vileplume. Acid intensifies. Loudred responds with howl.

18d 15h 38m: Vileplume starts with acid, but then gets confused by Spinda. She hits herself once and then receives a psybeam before finishing Spinda with two more acid.

18d 15h 37m: We enter a rematch against a random trainer. Spinda out vs Vileplume. Just FYI, we haven't healed in lilycove.

18d 15h 34m: We are going left of Lilycove City. Route 121 entered.

18d 15h 31m: A resorts to jumping ledges to get fully in Lilycove mode. We are right next to the contest hall. HYPE.

[Information] For those of you that don't know, Tm 44 is Rest. Just sayin'.

18d 15h 27m: Anarchy back in control. We enter the house just above the staircase. Hi random man, nice home! We obtained tm 44. Why thank you.

18d 15h 26m: [D] We are doing it! We went up the stairs!

18d 15h 25m: [D] Democracy takes over. We need it to go up the stairs apparently.

18d 15h 23m: A just found a hidden Heart Scale. That was impressive for TPP to be honest.

18d 15h 22m: A is currently struggling to get up the stairs. Who doesn't enjoy long walks on the beach though.

18d 15h 18m: For those of you wondering what the heck got us to Lilycove City, I hope this helps.

18d 15h 16m: We reach Lilycove City. Well, so much for me thinking we were in route 127-126 >_<.

18d 15h 12m: We keep surfing surf of Mossdeep City. I'm not sure if we are still in route 127 or if we actually reached route 126.

18d 15h 0m: We leave Mossdeep City and make our way down.

18d 14h 58m: We turn on the PC, twice. Three times. 4 times! B down spam intensifes.

18d 14h 58m: Party healed.

[Information] Apparently Battle style has been set in the option menu. Some of you might want to know about it lol.

18d 14h 53m: Vileplume likes red Pokeblocks apparently. Thank you creepy guy dressed as a Martial Artist.

18d 14h 50m: Time to enter random houses. Word on the street is, we want to heal.

18d 14h 44m: We reached Mossdeep City. We seem to be here quite a lot lately.

18d 14h 43m: Still just going down the sea. Vileplume is down to 23% of her HP.

18d 14h 32m: We are back surfing towards Mossdeep City. Or well, just south, no need to stop by Mossdeep :D.

18d 14h 28m: Horsea goes down to another acid and trainer defeated.

18d 14h 27m: Another trainer. Vileplume vs Horsea. Acid used and Horsea survives with low hp. Leer used.

18d 14h 25m: Trainer defeated and Vileplume is now lvl 43

18d 14h 25m: Manectritic goes down to acid and sludgebomb. Machamp comes out next and goes down to a couple of sludge bomb.

18d 14h 23m: Another battle vs a trainer. Vileplume vs Manectric. This brings backs memories, right Wattson?

18d 14h 21m: We encounter a lvl 5 tentacool and instead of using acid we use... sludge bomb. OHKO! :D

18d 14h 20m: Anarchy back in control. We go back to surfing route 125 up.

18d 14h 18m: [D] Acid switched with Giga drain. We exit the start menu. What will it be now A?

[Snark] I like the fact that Vileplume will still be able to sleep powder our enemies to death. Right?

18d 14h 13m: [D] Acid seems to be the move chosen to replace giga drain. It might have something to do with petal dance in 2 levels. It just might.

18d 14h 11m: [D] It seems the plan is to switch Vileplume's move so that Giga drain isn't the first move anymore.

18d 14h 8m: [D] Democracy takes control. Apparently we are trying to head down on the start menu.

18d 14h 4m: Xatu uses nightshade again before fainting to another sludge bomb. Trainer defeated.

18d 14h 3m: Vileplume uses Sludge Bomb and Tropius OHKOs. Xatu comes out and uses night shade, only to suffer another sludge bomb. Xatu resisted with 5% hp

18d 14h 2m: Another battle vs a bird keeper. Tropius vs Vileplume.

18d 14h 1m: Vileplume OHKOs Luvdisc with giga drain. Trainer defeated and Vileplume levels up to 42.

18d 14h 0m: We enter a fight against a trainer in route 125. Swimmer Tania sends Luvdisc vs Vileplume.

18d 13h 59m: Our current plan seems to be to weak pokemon then run away before finishing them. We can't just leave fainted pokemon around guys.

18d 13h 55m: We are going up north of Mossdeep City, either towards Shoal cave or just to route 125.

18d 13h 52m: We exit the Pokemon Center and are back surfing just outside Mossdeep City.

18d 13h 49m: Party healed. You win this one nurse. Just this one.

18d 13h 48m: Here we go. Right in front of the nurse. We tell her we don't want to heal. Why does she assume we do?!

18d 13h 46m: Pokemon Center entered. A is very close to the PC.

18d 13h 45m: We try to enter a tree right next to the PokemonCenter. Not working so far.

18d 13h 43m: We save the game. 420:36 hours played, 39 Pokemon captured.

18d 13h 41m: We enter Mossdeep City. Healing seems to be the general idea.

18d 13h 35m: Brooke tells us about how he lost at the last second. Man up Brooke, nobody likes a douchebag.

18d 13h 32m: Anice used smellingsalt and Machoke went down. Anice leads the party now. Trainer defeated.

18d 13h 30m: Hariyama is sent out to deal with Machoke, who has just above 50%

18d 13h 28m: Strength is not that effective against Machoke. Mightyena faints.

18d 13h 27m: Wingull OHKOs to strength. Machoke comes in ext.

18d 13h 26m: We enter another trainer fight. Mightyena vs Wingull.

18d 13h 16m: Mightyena woke up and is currently feasting on the wild Pokemon just outside of Mossdeep City.

18d 13h 14m: Mightyena leads the party now. I should mention he is currently asleep. Who cares right?

18d 13h 13m: Vileplume prooves she is far from weak and almost OHKOs Seaking with Sludge bomb, but then faints to flail. Seaking poisoned and we send out M4. Seaking faints to poison and trainer defeated.

18d 13h 12m: We enter a trainer battle. A Seaking comes out vs our low health Vileplume.

18d 13h 11m: We are currently in route 125, near the Shoal Cave and Mosdeep City. "Grinding".

18d 13h 6m Just surfing and grinding...


18d 13h 2m [D] Inputs are very close between Anarchy and A.

18d 13h 1m [D] Swimmer defeated.

18d 12h 59 [D] Democracy has started.

18d 12h 58m We switch out Vileplume for Annie.

18d 12h 58m Fighting a swimmer now.

18d 12h 55m Annie uses Smellingsalt on Vileplume knocking her into the red. Vileplume finishes off the trainers' Pokemon.

18d 12h 54m Vileplume attacks Annie with Sludge Bomb. That wasn't very nice. =(

18d 12h 54m We send out Annie in place of Mightyena.

18d 12h 51m Mightyena is put to sleep by Sing.

18d 12h 49m In a double battle with some trainers. Vileplume and Mightyena are out.

18d 12h 47m Back outside.

18d 12h 44m We have reached the Shoal Cave!

18d 12h 42 Surfing again. Ran into a wild Wingull. Vileplume easily defeats it. Let the grinding continue!

18d 12h 41m Oh we're back on land... Trying to surf again it seems.

18d 12h 40m We're surfing!

18d 12h 38m HEALED!

18d 12h 35m In the Pokecenter again. Have not yet healed though.

18d 12h 33m Still wandering.

18d 12h 29m Yeah we're just wandering around the island. Have not healed or anything, just... wandering.

18d 12h 23m We left the Pokemon center but didn't heal.

18d 12h 21m Saving ...

18d 12h 19m Checking out the menu

18d 12h 18m Hanging near the map.

18d 12h 17m A enters the Pokemon Centre

18d 12h 15m We run into the trees next to the Pokemon Centre. For those just joining us, we're in Mossdeep City.

18d 12h 8m We've reached Mossedeep

18d 12h 1m Just grinding our Pokemon in the sea.

18d 11h 58m On the last episode of TPPE, we were grinding Vipelume, hoping to make it more useful for the Elite Four.

18d 11h 57m Back up. But will it last?

So the stream's going online and offline erratically. Technical issues. I'll alert you guys when it's actually up properly.

Stream is just offline now.

[Snark] The snippets of music are horrifying.

We're back to the "Will resume shortly!" screen.


Lolnope. "Will resume shortly."

We're back. Hopefully for longer.

Came back for a bit, but now it's back on the "Will resume shortly" screen.

Nope it's offline now.

And back to the "Will resume shortly" screen.

Just incase anyone wasn't counting, that's 2 hours and 6 minutes in total the stream was down.

Aaand it's back up!

It's down folks.

The channel is up... But it has the "TPP will resume shortly" message.


[PSA] No major stuff going on here in Australia, so you guys can all rule out a natural disaster for interfering with the stream.

[PSA] Honestly, it's totally possible that his power or internet may have gone out, or there was a simple disconnect somewhere. However, if he isn't available right now, we may have to wait for him to get back to even realize something's wrong. Thank you for your patience, but I think it's probably safe if you check back in in an hour or two.

[snark] rip in pieces tpp

senpai please don't abandon us ;∆;

It's also a liiiiiittle bit concerning that it's the straight "OFFLINE" instead of the congenial "TPP will resume shortly!" screen... streeeeeeamer....... where'd you go?

Well... the stream's been down now for 5 minutes... whatever he's doing, it's taking a while...

[Reply-Snark] ohgeeznoplease

[Snark] Maybe the streamer decided time's up?

Wow...umm... Stream is still down.

Wow mobile app doesn't even tell me the stream went down. Just looked like it was my phone lagging (which happens). Oops. Wonder if there's anything the streamer is changing again...

Stream is down.

8d 9h 8m We are still grinding but things are going quite slow because we are still selecting Giga Drain which has no PP.

8d 9h 2m We went underwater again... and came back up. You know unless we do something underwater I'm not even gonna mention it anymore. We just dive so often.

8d 8h 57m We went underwater only to come right back up... Again.

8d 8h 55m Vileplume is now level 41

8d 8h 47m we keep trying to Giga Drain but there's no PP left for that move...

8d 8h 42m We are underwater... Oh wait nevermind we went back up.

8d 8h 40m Still grinding. Progress is being made. Slowly but surely.

8d 8h 35m We're just surfing around grinding Vileplume it seems.

8d 8h 29m Anarchy has returned. The party order is now Vileplume, Mightyena, Annie, 57, GJ, M4.

8d 8h 29 [D] Vileplume switched to the front of the party.

8d 8h 28m [D] Looks like we're switching the party order.

8d 8h 24m [D] We are in the menu, looks like we're going to the Pokemon menu screen.

8d 8h 22m [D] We have entered Democracy.

8d 8h 20m We're in voting right now.

18d 8h 18m Tentacools, Wingulls, Trumpets. Oh, and democracy voting.

18d 8h 14m Travelling along the sea.


18d 8h 9m Travelling along the sea route.

18d 8h 4m Grinding ...

18d 8h 2m Checking our PokeNav contacts.

18d 7h 59m We get a call from Maria.

18d 7h 57m Annie is now Level 53

18d 7h 53m Waterfalls man, waterfalls.

18d 7h 51m Still fighting in the sea.

18d 7h 47m At the botto of a waterfall.

18d 7h 43m Training in the ocean.

18d 7h 41m Just HEADING INTO THE SEA

18d 7h 40m We be chilling

18d 7h 36m We enter and heal.

18d 7h 35m Just hanging outside the southern Pokemon Centre.

18d 7h 32m Up the waterfall.

18d 7h 27m Ah, a Wingull. Been a while.

18d 7h 27m We get a call from Brooke just before we fall down the Waterfall.

18d 7h 23m Anyway back into the Victory Roaaad.

[Fun Fact] If we count Electrike as a "Doge", Mighty is the ninth Doge A has caught.

[Snark] Woah, a Level 11 Tentacool!


[Snark] No A, you do not have Rock Climb. Stop trying to walk down cliffs.

18d 7h 19m Out of Victory Road.

18d 7h 16m [D] Anarchy is back

18d 7h 14m [D] Smellingsalt has been successfully switched with Brick Break.

18d 7h 11m [D] Switching Brick Break's position so we don't accidentally forget it when she learns Reversal.

18d 7h 10m [D] Looks like we're playing around with Annie's moves.

18d 7h 6m [D] Democracy begins

18d 7h 5m Voting ends in under a minute

18d 7h 2m Ah, voting has begun.

18d 7h 2m Oh hey look, it's Wally. We can actually rematch him for EXP.

18d 6h 53m Rock Blast has no PP

18d 6h 45m Battle style is still SHIFT

18d 6h 45m Still chilling in the dark.

[Snark] Man, Rock Blast is pretty lackluster. Wish we still had EQ.

18d 6h 34m GJ is now Lv. 66

18d 6h 32m Annie faints

18d 6h 17m Cabbage down

18d 6h 2m Looks like it was the anarchy bots that prevented us from teaching Hidden Power.

18d 6h 1m Anarchy comes in, and teaching is a failure.

18d 6h 0m Mighty has fainted, by the way.

18d 6h 0m [D] Teaching Hidden Power

18d 5h 42m Strength'ing around some boulders. We seem to be backtracking?

18d 5h 36m It's dark.

18d 5h 35m Moving through Victory Road.

18d 5h 28m Just biking around in Victory Road somehow.

18d 5h 27m Grind~

18d 5h 26m Annie is now Lv. 52

18d 5h 26m We're in and grinding.

18d 5h 26m We entered and immediately left the Victory Road.

18d 5h 25m Having some difficulty heading down ...

[Snark] Shiftry feeds off our suffering.

18d 5h 23m Oh, are we grinding again?

18d 5h 22m He uses another Extrasensory and GJ is down. WHITE OUT.

18d 5h 22m GJ finally got a hit in with Surf, but Shiftry managed to hang on.

18d 5h 21m GJ is no longer confused, but she can't even land a hit.

18d 5h 20m Those Extrasensories are hurting GJ pretty badly.

18d 5h 19m Did Shiftry become even more annoying compared to last time? Because he just got a whole lot more annoying.

18d 5h 19m GJ sent out. She can't hit Shiftry either. Also now confused.

18d 5h 18m M4 takes herself out in confusion!

18d 5h 17m She's in the red!

18d 5h 17m She tries to Surf, only to hurt herself in her confusion.

18d 5h 17m M4 not allowed to roll due to Torment. Time to shake it up a bit.

18d 5h 16m Of course, the next Rollout misses and M4 is confused again.

18d 5h 15m He stops laughing when a Rollout chunks over half of his health.

[Snark] Man, Shiftry's a jackass. He's probably laughing at us right now.

18d 5h 15m M4 tries to Strength, but you know, Double Team.

18d 5h 14m M4 can't roll because of Torment.

18d 5h 12m M4 has been Tormented

18d 5h 11m M4 snaps out of confusion to try and roll, but you know, Double Team.

18d 5h 11m Man, Shiftry's annoying. All those Double Teams and Swagger.

18d 5h 10m Shiftry confuses M4.

18d 5h 10m M4's surf knocks him to the red, but as usual, Full Restore.

18d 5h 10m Guess who? IT'S SHIFTRY.

18d 5h 9m Bye Cacturne

18d 5h 9m M4 vs Cacturne

18d 5h 8m Mightyena down to a Surf.

18d 5h 8m M4 successfully started rolling, but ya know, pocket sand really hurts your accuracy. Can't even launch a giant wave.

18d 5h 7m Rolling. Missed.

18d 5h 6m We send out M4

18d 5h 5m Man, you know what probably wouldn't have missed? Earthquake.

18d 5h 4m 5"7 keeps missing. Aaand she's down.

18d 5h 2m 5"7 vs Mightyena. Sand Attack really hurts her accuracy.

18d 5h 1m Battling Sidney

18d 5h 0m We haven't healed, by the way, so all we have are 5"7, GJ and M4

18d 5h 0m E4 time!

18d 4h 57m We've exited VR and possibly heading up towards the Pokemon League.

18d 4h 48m With our move switching done, Anarchy resumes.

18d 4h 45m [D] We have also switched Strength and Take Down on Mightyena.

18d 4h 38m [D] Not teaching a new move. We're switching Double-Edge with Rock Blast.

18d 4h 28m [D] Democracy is active, and it looks like the chat is running from this battle. We are probably trying to replace Double-Edge, if I had to guess.

18d 4h 22m Graveler levels up to 62 and replaces Earthquake with Double-Edge.

[Information] 5"7 learns Double Edge at Lv. 62. Hopefully we can cancel it if we want to keep Earthquake.

18d 4h 12m Vileplume faints. How will we ever make progress if things keep fainting before gaining levels?

[Correction] He. I know how much you guys care about genders around here.

18d 4h 7m Mightyena faints. She was too young. :'(

18d 4h 6m Mightydoge reaches Level 38!

18d 4h 4m Annie faints! Poor girl, you were so close to levelling up.

18d 3h 59m We enter Victory Road. Time to grind!

[Info] For the curious, that was Attempt #61.

18d 3h 54m M4 tries to roll out, but it's interrupted by paralysis on the second turn. Shortly after, M4 faints. A whites out!

18d 3h 53m Kindgra comes out and paralyzes M4 with Body Slam. She is low on health as well.

18d 3h 52m Ohh, so close! Strength takes Altaria to just a sliver of health! Drake doesn't use a Full Restore, however, so Altaria is down the next turn.

18d 3h 52m Shelgon is down! M4 vs. Altaria!

18d 3h 51m The first landed Surf takes Shelgon to red HP, but Drake uses Full Restore.

18d 3h 50m Versus Drake! M4 has 60% health.

18d 3h 44m These guys should know a Full Restore never stops a Rollout! Glalie and Walrein are both down! Glacia defeated!

18d 3h 44m M4 starts Rolling Out. Sealeo is down, but Glalie survives with a sliver of health, only to be Full Restored! D'oh!

18d 3h 43m Surf also OHKO's the first Glacia!

18d 3h 43m M4 drowns the first Sealeo with Surfs.

18d 3h 41m Glacia time!

18d 3h 37m M4 rollin' out. Takes down Banette and Sableye without getting scratched once. Phoebe defeated!

18d 3h 36m GJK takes down Dusclops and Banette in successive terms. She then faints to the next Banette's Shadow Ball. Only M4 is left now.

[Correction] I accidentally said GJK killed the first Dusclops, but I got nicknames mixed up. 5'7 was fighting first.

18d 3h 34m 5'7 survives the foe's Earthquake with 3HP! ..... then tries to use Strength against a Ghost type. 5'7 has fainted. GJK is up next.

18d 3h 31m After incessant Protect spamming, Dusclops falls to GJK's Earthquakes. Phoebe sends out her second Dusclops.

18d 3h 30m Time for Phoebe!

[Recap] Tentacruel is at 80% health. 5'7 and M4 are both at full. The others are all fainted.

18d 3h 23m Absol's Sitrus Berry keeps Sidney from using his second Full Restore, leaving room for GJK to take him out! Sidney defeated!

18d 3h 22m Crawdaunt down!

18d 3h 21m Mightyena faints to Crawdaunt's Facade. We send GJK back out.

18d 3h 21m We enter Democracy but Anarchy wins the first vote.

18d 3h 20m Cacturn does down and Sidney sends out Crawdaunt.

18d 3h 18m Vileplume survives Faint Attack with 3HP, follows with Giga Drain, then survives Needle Arm with 1HP! Wow, so clutch. It doesn't last long, though. Vileplume has fainted. Mightydoge goes in!

18d 3h 17m We switch out GJK for Vileplume.

18d 3h 16m Shiftry is Surf'd out to sea! GJK vs. Cacturne!

[Info] Just for the record, we don't have any healing items for this run. No revives or potions, so any damage is permanent.

18d 3h 13m Brick Break misses, and Shiftry's retaliation makes Annie faint! We send out Tentacruel in her place.

18d 3h 13m Aw, c'mon Sidney, Shiftry didn't even get health to the red zone before you used that Full Restore!

18d 3h 12m Annie takes down Mightyena with half health remaining. Next up is Shiftry!

18d 3h 11m We challenge Sidney! Annie vs. Mightyena!

18d 3h 8m Began another E4 attempt!

18d 3h 4m Healed!

18d 3h 2m We're back inside the Elite Four building.

18d 2h 39m 5'7" grows to level 61! Making some (slow) progress here.

18d 2h 9m Vileplume goes down to a wild Loudred. We're backtracking a bit in Victory Road currently, not hanging near the exit as we have been.

[Info] Just to keep the spirit up a bit, here's a breakdown of how many levels our team has gained since their first shot of battling the E4. M4: 11 levels; 5'7: 17 levels; Mightydoge: 6 levels; Tentacruel: 27 levels; Vileplume: 7 levels; Annie: 11 levels

18d 1h 54m Another wild Golbat knocks out Mightydoge. Poor fella can't get any luck.

18d 1h 52m Annie faints after a wild Golbat Wing Attack'd her away.

18d 1h 42m We're apparently now grinding in the cave.

18d 1h 36m M4 faints after Dusclops uses Shadow Punch. A whites out.

18d 1h 34m Phoebe challenged!

18d 1h 31m M4 knocks out the rest of Sidney's team. Sidney defeated!

18d 1h 28m Tentacruel faints after a super-effective Extrasensory!

18d 1h 26m Sidney uses a Full Restore on Shiftry.

18d 1h 23m A has entered the league and, without healing, challenges Sidney!

18d 1h 9m 5'7" goes down to a wild Golbat as Anarchy comes back into play.

18d 1h 4m [D] Democracy starts up after the hourly vote.

18d 0h 56m Annie faints to a Golbat's Wing Attack!

18d 0h 51m Vileplume goes down to a Zubat's Wing Attack!

18d 0h 46m Vileplume grows to level 40 after taking out the fiendish Golbat!

18d 0h 44m Mightydoge knocks itself out after being confused! Annie comes back out and goes down to Wing Attack!

18d 0h 43m 1HP clutch by Annie to a Golbat's Wing Attack!

18d 0h 36m A enters Victory Road. With the time extended, people seem to be more energized about grinding.

18d 0h 34m Sealeo number two down! Glalie comes out and M4 faints! A whites out

18d 0h 33m Hanging on with 11% health, M4 knocks out Glalie.

18d 0h 30m M4 is our last hope left for this run; she's at 29% health AND paralyzed.

18d 0h 30m Ice Beam takes out 5'7"!

18d 0h 30m 5'7" knocks out Sealeo and grows to level 60

18d 0h 29m Glacia challenged!

18d 0h 27m Dusclops number two gets knocked out, and Phoebe is defeated!

18d 0h 26m Sableye also goes down to Rollout.

18d 0h 26m Banette number two goes down as well.

18d 0h 26m M4 comes out, losing more than half her health to Banette before she rolls it away.

18d 0h 24m Tentacruel goes down to Banette's Shadowball!

[Snark] And Cruella officially qualifies for Social Security!

18d 0h 23m Tentacruel comes out and takes down Dusclops! Tentacruel grows to level 65!

18d 0h 21m Mightydoge goes down after Dusclops finally knocks it away with Shadow Punch.

18d 0h 20m Mightydoge keeps trying to use Take Down on Dusclops. It's not going too well.

18d 0h 19m Vileplume faints to Dusclops' Shadow Punch!

[Quintuple-Snark] Fifthed, and if we win this one, I will record myself singing. Completely Serious.

[Quadruple-Snark] Fourthed!

18d 0h 15m We switch from Mightydoge to Vileplume; Dusclops tries to use Protect and fails.

[Triple-Snark] Thirded!

18d 0h 13m Phoebe challenged!

[Double-Snark] Seconded!

[Snark] inb4 we beat the E4 and Wallace this run.

18d 0h 6m Hidden Power OHKO's Crawdaunt. SIDNEY DEFEATED!

[Snark] No Cacturne, you should obviously absorb nutrients from a poisonous jellyfish.

18d 0h 6m Cacturne goes down thanks to Liquid Ooze! Awwwh yeah.

18d 0h 5m We use a Hyper Potion on Tentacruel, who had most of her life still left. GG.

[Fluff] I am laughing so hard right now. Way to un(?)intentionally troll us, based Streamer!

18d 0h 3m Three days, one hour on the clock. We've got this, guys.

18d 0h 3m Aaaand we're back!

[Fluff] So ... grinding time then?

" 9:00 Twitchplayspokemon: so it looks like I overestimated everyone's ability to finish Pokemon Emerald, the time limit was never intended as a hard limit, I'm going to to add a few days, sorry to everyone who tuned in for Fire Red, please come back in a few days"

The Streamer Speaks! We're coming back!


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

17d 23h 59m STREAM PAUSED

17d 23h 59m 5 SECONDS

[Fluff] Looks like I'm not gonna have to sing, huh.

17d 23h 59m 30 SECONDS

One Minute Till Curtains

17d 23h 58m ONE MINUTE LEFT. Tentacruel knocks out Absol with Surf!

17d 23h 58m Aerial Ace from Absol faints Annie!

[Fluff] For once, Anarchy is taking a lead in the vote!

17d 23h 57m Shiftry down! Go, Annie, go! Break them bricks in their faces!

[Snark] Rowgreen, I will never forgive you for the chin thing.

[Fluff] In our end-of-countdown haze we seem to be intent on causing as much damage as possible.

17d 23h 56m Mightyena kills itself with Recoil! 3 minutes until FR timer drops to 0!

[Fluff] One last battle, huh ... even as the clock continues to tick ...

17d 23h 54m Sidney challenged! A is not backing down yet!

17d 23h 53m A thinks she has a chance to beat the E4 with 5 minutes left. We appreciate your effort, A.

[Snarl] One last shopping spree?

[Snark] We totally need to buy something now

[moddy thing] not sure if I should make a day 19 thread or if the streamer will just switch to firered. Open communication sure would be nice.

17d 23h 51m Aerial Ace, no! Annie goes down... and A whites out.

[Feels] Feels

17d 23h 50m We have 10 minutes left to win this, guys. WE BELIEVE IN YOU, ANNIE. YOU CAN TOTALLY TAKE DOWN BOTH DRAKE AND WALLACE!

17d 23h 48m Annie takes out Shelgon and levels up to 51!

[Snark] Looks like GJ simply didn't have the EDGE needed to get one over Shelgon.

17d 23h 48m Tentacruel goes down after a Double Edge! Go, Annie!

17d 23h 46m Drake uses a Full Restore! We go in for a Waterfall.

17d 23h 45m Another Hidden Power sends Shelgon down to the yellow. Tentacruel down to 43% of her health.

17d 23h 45m Used a Revive on ANNIE!

17d 23h 44m Tentacruel goes for a Hidden Power, which does a bit of damage to Shelgon (at least, more than it's Rock Tomb did to us.)

[Snark] (Last One) Either way, guys, we're going home

[Snark It's now or never y'all; YOLO

17d 23h 43m Dragon Claw knocks out Vileplume! Tentacruel is our only option left.

[Snark] Started from Littleroot, now we here

17d 23h 42m A single Double Edge from Shelgon knocks half of Vileplume's health, while Sludge Bomb only takes out a quarter of his health.

[Snark] Oh Drake, I will miss those abs. How can find your love?

17d 23h 41m Shelgon starts off with Protect, stopping Vileplume's Sludge Bomb in its tracks.

17d 23h 40m We have now entered Drake's room. Battle initiated without healing!

[Fluff] Isn't it a bit coincidental that it's 15 minutes to voting, with a voting period of 5 minutes, and 20 minutes to FR start... how could we have timed that one so easily?

Sorry, stream is lagging too much for me right now. I couldn't keep up.

[Snark Warning] I have a million Drake jokes and this is my last chance to use them, so take care to be ready for the snark

17d 23h 37m Currently in the process of attempting to revive M4. Good luck, soldiers.

17d 23h 36m Glacia defeated! We've used the last of our Full Restores as well.

17d 23h 34m Walrein!

17d 23h 33m Glalie exploded!

17d 23h 32m Ice Beam is less than effective against Tentacruel! Glalie down to half!

17d 23h 31m Go! Tentacruel!

17d 23h 31m M4 down!

17d 23h 30m Vileplume Revived!

17d 23h 30m Mightyena time over! Go! M4!

17d 23h 29m Vileplume down! It's Mightyena time!

17d 23h 29m Sent out Vileplume!

17d 23h 28m It's a BAG seizure!

17d 23h 27m Healed Mightyena!

17d 23h 27m Sealeo washed away! Glalie!

17d 23h 25m Glalie Rolled Out! Sealeo!

17d 23h 25m Glalie almost down! Annie down! Go! M4!

17d 23h 24m Sealeo down! Annie low on health! Glalie!

17d 23h 24m Glacia used a Full Restore!

17d 23h 23m Annie is paralyzed after a Body Slam from Sealeo!

17d 23h 23m It started to hail!

17d 23h 22m It's Ice time! Annie vs Sealeo!

17d 23h 19m Annie healed!

17d 23h 19m Sableye finally Surfed away! Phoebe defeated!

17d 23h 17m Sableye keeps using Double Team! M4 can't land a hit!

17d 23h 17m M4 down to half health!

17d 23h 15m Sableye almost down! Phoebe used a Full Restore!

17d 23h 14m Dusclops joins the roll! Banette joins the roll! Sableye!

17d 23h 13m Dusclops Rolled Out! First Dusclops is back! And still sleeping!

17d 23h 13m 5'7" down! Dusclops almost down!

17d 23h 12m Banette down! Second Dusclops!

17d 23h 11m Sent out 5'7"!

17d 23h 11m Phoebe switched out Banette! Banette was poisoned!

17d 23h 10m Phoebe used a Full Restore! Dusclops was put to sleep!

17d 23h 10m Giga Drain is out of PP!

17d 23h 9m Dusclops keeps Protecting herself!

17d 23h 8m Sent Vileplume back out again!

17d 23h 7m Annie is Cursed!

17d 23h 6m And back!

17d 23h 5m Switched out Vileplume!

17d 23h 5m It's Phoebe time! Annie vs Dusclops!

17d 23h 3m Full restore! It's not enough, Absol down! Sidney down!

17d 23h 2m M4 is Rolling!

17d 23h 2m Crawdaunt Surfed away! Absol!

17d 23h 2m Cacturne down! Crawdaunt!

17d 23h 1m Shiftry drowned! Cacturne!

17d 23h 1m Mightyena knocked himself out! Go! M4!

17d 23h 0m Both Pokémon at half health!

17d 23h 0m And subjected to Torment!

17d 23h 0m Mightyena is confused!

[Snark] Have I mentioned how much I hate Double Team and Swagger? Because I hate Double Team and Swagger.

[Snark] Just in case you managed to unsee it: CHIN-TRY!

17d 22h 59m Mightyena down! Annie at half health!

17d 22h 58m Sidney used a Full Restore!

17d 22h 58m Mightyena almost down!

17d 22h 57m Sidney! Annie vs Mightyena!

[Serious] Offer of me singing if we win is still there.

17d 22h 56m Next run is starting!

[Feels] This feels like the trash furnace scene of Toy Story 3.

17d 22h 54m Anarchy returns!

17d 22h 53m [D] And a second!

17d 22h 51m [D] And a Full Restore!

17d 22h 49m [D] Bought another!

17d 22h 46m [D] Bought one Max Potion!

17d 22h 45m [D] Selected Max Potion again!

17d 22h 44m [D] Didn't buy any!

17d 22h 43m [D] Selected Max Potion!

17d 22h 40m [D] And talking to him!

17d 22h 38m [D] And then right, towards the shopkeep!

17d 22h 36m [D] Slowly walking up!

17d 22h 34m [D] Democracy has arrived!

17d 22h 31m M4 down! Whited out!

17d 22h 31m Then quicly down to half! M4 is paralyzed!

17d 22h 30m And here comes the Full Restore! Walrein is back to full health!

17d 22h 29m M4 and Walrein are slowly wearing each other down!

17d 22h 29m /u/Calabazal used Daily Recap! It's super effective!

17d 22h 28m Glalie Surfed away! Walrein!

17d 22h 28m Go! M4!

17d 22h 27m Second Glalie stopped 5'7"'s streak!

17d 22h 27m Second Sealeo down! 5'7 is really going for it!

17d 22h 26m Glalie down, 5'7 very low on health!

17d 22h 25m Go! 5'7"!

17d 22h 25m Annie down!

17d 22h 24m Glalie!

17d 22h 24m Sealeo down! Annie down to half health!

17d 22h 22m Glacia! Annie vs Sealeo!

17d 22h 18m M4 has 117 HP left!

17d 22h 18m Sableye rolled out! Phoebe beaten!

17d 22h 17m Banette down! Sableye!

17d 22h 17m Rollout lost all PP due to Banette's Grudge!

17d 22h 16m Go! M4!

17d 22h 15m Tentacruel down after almost beating Banette!

17d 22h 15m Second Banette!

17d 22h 15m Dusclops down! Tentacruel very low on health!

17d 22h 14m Banette down! Second Dusclops!

17d 22h 13m Dusclops down! Banette!

17d 22h 12m Sent out Tentacruel!

17d 22h 12m M4's HP is below the halfway point!

17d 22h 12m Rollout missed!

17d 22h 12m And cursed!

17d 22h 11m M4 is confused!

17d 22h 11m Go! M4! Rollout!

17d 22h 10m Vileplume down! Dusclops is getting low on health!

17d 22h 9m Sent out Vileplume instead!

17d 22h 9m Annie's attacks have no effect! Annie is Cursed!

17d 22h 8m It's Ghost time! Vs Phoebe! Annie against Dusclops!

17d 22h 4m Trying to talk to Phoebe!

17d 22h 0m Trying to teach Cut!

17d 21h 57m Crawdaunt down! Absol down! Sidney down!

17d 21h 57m Rolled out! Crawdaunt next!

17d 21h 56m Cacturne! Almost down!

17d 21h 56m Shiftry down!

Sorry, Shiftry is still up

17d 21h 52m Go! M4!

17d 21h 52m Mightyena fainted from the recoil!

17d 21h 52m Mightyena's Attack maxed! Shiftry taken down!

17d 21h 50m Mightyena's health is getting low!

17d 21h 50m Mightyena is confused!

17d 21h 49m Healed Annie!

17d 21h 48m Mightyena was subjected to Torment!

17d 21h 47m Sidney sent out Shiftry, and A sent out Mightyena!

17d 21h 46m Mightyena down! Annie is low on health!

17d 21h 46m Both Pokemon are at about half health!

17d 21h 45m Sidney! Annie vs Mightyena!

17d 21h 44m It's challenge time!

17d 21h 39m Noped away into a corner!

17d 21h 38m Accessed the PC!

17d 21h 38m M4 down! Whited out!

17d 21h 37m Vs Tentacruel!

17d 21h 36m Azumarill was seeded! Ludicolo down!

17d 21h 36m M4 was seeded!

17d 21h 34m Wailord down! Ludicolo next!

17d 21h 34m M4 begins to roll!

17d 21h 33m It's raining!

17d 21h 33m It's Champion time! Vs Wallace! M4 vs Wailord!

17d 21h 29m Anarchy returns!

17d 21h 28m [D] Democracy!

17d 21h 27m The dragon has been slain! Drake defeated!

17d 21h 27m Full Restore is not enough! Kingdra rolls! It's Salamence time!

17d 21h 26m Altaria first to fall!

17d 21h 26m And the roll begins!

17d 21h 25m Flygon fell to M4's Strength! Altaria!

17d 21h 24m Go for it, M4!

17d 21h 24m Earthquake vs Surf! Earthquake wins! Tentacruel down!

17d 21h 23m Shelgon down! Next is Flygon!

17d 21h 23m Shelgon almost downed by a critical Surf! Drake used a Full Restore!

17d 21h 22m Dragons! Elite Four Drake! Tentacruel vs Shelgon!

17d 21h 21m It's voting time!

17d 21h 20m Walrein down! Glacia down!

17d 21h 19m Healed M4 with a Hyper Potion! Glacia responds with Full Restore!

17d 21h 18m Walrein isn't as rock-like as M4 thought!

17d 21h 18m Second Glalie joins the fun! Walrein appears!

17d 21h 17m Glalie is second to join the roll! Second Sealeo is third!

17d 21h 16m Sealeo is the first to join the Roll!

17d 21h 16m Roll initiated!

17d 21h 15m Sealeo woke up! Vileplume down! Go! M4!

17d 21h 15m Sleep powder doesn't work on someone who's already asleep!

17d 21h 14m Vileplume is pelted by hail!

17d 21h 14m Sealeo was put to sleep!

17d 21h 13m It's Glacia time! Vileplume vs Sealeo!

17d 21h 10m Glacia's corners are pretty neat. Perfect for checking the PokéNav.

17d 21h 7m It's Pokédex time!

17d 21h 5m Phoebe used Full Restore! It's too little, too late! Phoebe Rolled Out!

17d 21h 5m And a new Roll begins!

17d 21h 5m Second Banette joins the final Roll! Sableye!

17d 21h 4m M4 keeps rolling! Banette down!

17d 21h 4m M4 is rolling! Dusclops down!

17d 21h 3m Go! M4! Glacia spams Full Restore!

17d 21h 3m 5'7" valiantly Quakes the Earth, but it's not enough! 5'7" Ice Beamed down!

17d 21h 1m Dusclops down! Second Dusclops up next!

17d 21h 1m Dusclops keeps using Protect! 5'7" is confused!

17d 21h 0m It's Phoebe time! 5'7" vs Dusclops!

17d 20h 54m Used a Hyper Potion on M4!

17d 20h 53m Crawdaunt down! Sidney wrecked!

17d 20h 53m Crawdaunt successfully stopped Annie! M4!

17d 20h 53m After Cacturne comes Crawdaunt!

17d 20h 52m Annie just breaks everything! Including her own barriers! Level 50!

17d 20h 52m Vs Cacturne!

17d 20h 51m Annie is on a rampage! Absol thorougly crushed!

17d 20h 51m Shiftry Broken! One hit KO by Annie! Absol next!

17d 20h 50m Mightyena down! Shiftry!

[Snark] Sacrifice the Doge!

17d 20h 49m Doge down! Annie sent out again!

17d 20h 49m Switched! It's Mightyena vs Mightyena time!

17d 20h 48m Mightyena opens with Sand Attack, while Annie apparently considers Mightyena a brick!

17d 20h 47m It's Sidney time! Annie vs Mightyena!

17d 20h 46m Ready for another run!

17d 20h 45m And back again! A isn't very good at hitting the door.

17d 20h 44m Walking the path towards Victory Road!

17d 20h 43m Outside by the bushes!

17d 20h 40m The mighty dragon did not roll! M4 Clawed down! Whited out!

17d 20h 39m It's Salamence time! Behold the majestic Dragon!

17d 20h 38m Altaria successfully Rolled! Kingdra as well!

17d 20h 38m Flygon taken by the Roll! Altaria next!

17d 20h 37m It's Rollout time!

17d 20h 36m A is vigorously looking through the BAG!

17d 20h 35m Go! M4! Face those dragons!

17d 20h 35m ...if A wants to send her out, that is.

17d 20h 33m It's M4 against ALL THE DRAGONS now!

17d 20h 33m Flygon is awesome! Tentacruel down to a super effective Earthquake!

17d 20h 32m Shelgon Surfed out! Tentacruel grew to level 64! Flygon!

17d 20h 31m Used a healing item to heal <20HP from Tentacruel!

17d 20h 30m Tentacruel's Surf deals decent damage!

17d 20h 29m It's Drake time! DRAGONS! Tentacruel vs Shelgon!

17d 20h 27m Some furious BAG opening and team checking going on!

17d 20h 26m Walrein rolls as well! Glacia down!

17d 20h 25m The Roll continues! Walrein enters the battle!

17d 20h 24m Second Sealeo joins the roll! Second Glalie up!

17d 20h 24m M4 is rolling! Glalie down!

17d 20h 23m Sealeo out! Glalie!

17d 20h 23m Vileplume down to Sealeo's Icce Ball!

17d 20h 21m Anarchy returned!

17d 20h 21m [D] The voices seem intent on battling in Democracy.

17d 20h 19m [D] Democracy sets in!

17d 20h 17m It's Glacia time! Vileplume vs Sealeo!

17d 20h 17m Phoebe rolled out!

17d 20h 17m M4 keeps rolling! Sableye down! Second Dusclops!

17d 20h 16m M4 is rolling, Banette fainted! Sableye!

17d 20h 16m Beach party gone horribly wrong! Banette down, second Banette up!

17d 20h 15m Dusclops swept away! Vs Banette!

17d 20h 14m 5'7" Shadow Punched down! M4!

17d 20h 13m 5'7" is Cursed!

17d 20h 12m It's Phoebe time! 5'7" vs Dusclops!

17d 20h 8m: Crawdaunt goes down to another rollout. Absol comes out and goes down AGAIN to rollout. Sidney defeated

17d 20h 7m: Cacturne is out and M4 once again uses rollout. Cacturne down!

17d 20h 7m: M4 gets swaggered and tormented. She obviously hits herself before finally landing a rollout. Rolling time.

17d 20h 6m: Anice misses smelling salt and receives a powerful extrasensory. Then Anice decides to hit herself. Another extrasensory and Anice down.

17d 20h 5m: Mightyena takes himself down due to swagger. Anice comes out. Swager once again.

17d 20h 5m: Torment prevents Mightyena from using the same attack twice. Take down is used instead. Shiftry keeps using double team and swagger.

17d 20h 4m: A powerful double edge leaves Shiftry with red hp. Full restore intensifies.

17d 20h 4m: Mightyena switches to sand attack vs Shiftry. Then double edge.

17d 20h 3m: Mightyena manages to score a take down. Shiftry uses swagger.

17d 20h 3m: Mightyena is switched for Hariyama. Shiftry uses torment and double team.

17d 20h 2m: Mightyena starts off with sand attack. Anice uses strength then brick break. Mightyena down. Shiftry next.

17d 20h 2m: Sidney challenged. Anice vs Mightyena.

17d 20h 1m: GJK comes out. 62 hp left. Kingdra's stats are so boosted one Body Slam is all it takes. GJK down and A whited out

[Fluff] Meanwhile in TPP, only 15 min until voting time.

17d 19h 56m: M4 survives with 4 hp. Uses surf again but then faints to Kingdra's body slam. All up to Tentacruel.

17d 19h 55m: Body smash finally manages to paralyze M4 who now only has 51 hp.

17d 19h 55m: M4 keeps at it with surf, but its taking down Kingdra very slow. Meanwhile Kingdra has left m4 with 103 hp.

17d 19h 54m: M4 uses surf and Kingdra keeps using dragon dance.

17d 19h 54m: M4 uses rock smash and Kingdra responds with smokescreen. M4 misses next and Kingdra uses dragon dance.

17d 19h 53m: Kingdra comes out. M4 has 184 hp left.

17d 19h 53m: M4 uses strength vs Altaria's dragon dance. Altaria faints to another strength.

17d 19h 51m: Rock smash once more and once more earth quake. Once again and Flygon goes down. Altaria out!

17d 19h 51m: M4 uses rock smash vs Flygon. Flygon keeps at it with earthquake.

17d 19h 50m: Flygon comes out! Uses earthquake which does tremendous damage to GJK. Surf is used but it doesnt OHKO Flygon. We switch M4 in.

17d 19h 50m: Rocktomb is used on GJK but GJK responds with hidden power. Shelgon faints.

17d 19h 49m: Once again surf used, then protect vs surf used, then once again surf. Shelgon has red hp.

17d 19h 49m: Shelgon protects himself from surf then takes another one. Full restore is used in Shelgon.

17d 19h 49m: Tentacruel starts off with surf vs Shelgon's rock tomb. Neither is very effective but Shelgon is just above 50%

17d 19h 48m: Drake challenged. Tentacruel vs Shelgon

17d 19h 43m: Tentacruel leads the party now against Drake. M4 has 89% of her HP left.

17d 19h 42m: A goes around Glacia's corners for a while. Drake is an imposing figure.

17d 19h 41m: Walrein finally faints to surf. Glacia defeated.

[Snark] Boy, we are consuming most potions in one sitting

17d 19h 39m: We go back to using surf and we used a hyper potion on M4. Then we use rock smash on Walrein.

17d 19h 39m: Glacia uses a full restore (damn it, not you too!). We use strength and Walrein survives just barely. Another full restore.

17d 19h 38m: Surf proves to be much less effective against Walrein. It takes 2 surf to get her down to low hp.

[Snark] Who needs rollout when you have surf huh?!

17d 19h 37m: Glalie#2 also faints to surf. Walrein next!

17d 19h 37m: M4 uses surf and Glalie OHKOs. Glalie#2 comes out.

[Snark] Well, so much for those full restores. Lets revive Vileplume next.

17d 19h 35m: Without rollout M4 improvises with surf. Sealeo down. Glalie next!

17d 19h 34m: M4 is out and uses rock smash vs Sealeo. Sealeo has more than 50% left.

17d 19h 33m: We used another full restore on Vileplume. THEN Sealeo OHKOs Vileplume with blizzard.

17d 19h 33m: We used full restore on Vileplume. Sealeo responded ice ball.

17d 19h 32m: Vileplume survives with 3 hp ice ball and then defeats Sealeo with giga drain. Sealeo number two out.

17d 19h 32m: Sealeo uses ice ball and Vileplume keeps using giga drain.

17d 19h 31m: Sealeo used hail. Vileplume responds with Giga drain. Super effective.

17d 19h 30m: Glacia challenged. Vileplume comes out vs Sealeo.

17d 19h 29m: Well, that could've gone better. We have no more rollout due to Banette's grudge.

17d 19h 28m: M4 keeps using rollout ignoring Banette's grudge. Banette goes down and Sableye does so too. Phoebe defeated

17d 19h 27m: Banette comes out and goes down to the final rollout. We have to start it over again. Another Banette comes out.

17d 19h 27m: It takes 4 rollouts to take down Dusclops who just kept using Shadow Ball and got healed.

17d 19h 26m: M4 comes out to avenge her rock. Rollout is of course the one used.

[Snark] Ok Dusclops, you got so lucky there.

17d 19h 25m: Graveler goes down to two more ice beam.

17d 19h 24m: Another earthquake takes Dusclops down to 50%. Dusclops then freezes 5'7 with ice beam, has no EQ PP left and Dusclops heals with a berry. Damn it luck.

17d 19h 24m: Dusclops finally goes down to earthquake but we don't have many PPs left.

17d 19h 23m: M4 uses protect. We miss the first earthquake but hit the second one. Dusclops protects two more times.

17d 19h 23m: Phoebe challenged. Dusclops vs Graveler.

[Correction] Actually enemy Mightyena fainted to his own recoil. Sorry about that >_<-

17d 19h 20m: Cacturne goes down to rollout and Crawdaunt comes out. OHKO and Sidney defeated. M4 has 300 hp left.

17d 19h 20m: There we go. Rollout starts once more. Absol goes down to a couple of rollouts and Cacturne comes out.

17d 19h 19m: We use a hyper potion in M4. Absol responds with rock slide.

17d 19h 19m: M4 out once again. Bag intensifies.

17d 19h 18m: Rock slide gets a crit hit and we switch Mightyena in. Mightyena goes down to another rock slide. Damn Sword Dance.

17d 19h 18m: M4 steps in vs Absol. Rock smash vs rock slide.

17d 19h 17m: Anice faints to Absol's aerial ace.

17d 19h 17m: Mightyena's double edge is not doing much damage to Absol. He meanwhile prepares himself with Sword Dance. Anice is switched in.

17d 19h 16m: Shiftry used swagger and Anice crit OHKO Shiftry with Brick break. Mightyena is switched in vs Absol.

17d 19h 15m: We miss brick break while Mightyena uses a couple of double edges. Another Brick break connects and Mightyena is down. Shiftry out.

17d 19h 15m: Sand attack vs brick break. Mightyena barely survives. Sidney uses full restore and we use another brick break.

17d 19h 14m: Sidney challenged. Mightyena vs Anice.

17d 19h 13m: Anarchy back in control We go straight to the E4.

17d 19h 12m: [D] Still in demo and we once again say goodbye to our "dealer". We don't know you and you don't know us.

17d 19h 11m: [D] Ok, another Hyper Potion bought. We have 5 Hyper Potions, 3 Full Restores and 4 Revives And 464 Poke Dollars.

17d 19h 7m: [D] Another Hyper Potion bought. And another one is on the way. We have enough for 2 more (5 in total)

17d 19h 6m: [D] We are going to buy more hyper potions. Moar!

17d 19h 4m: We buy another Hyper Potion. We currently have 2.

17d 19h 3m: [D] We currently have 5264 Poke Dollars. What will it be?

17d 19h 1m: [D] We exit once again the shop menu only to start it once again. Isn't it nice to just let your shopaholism get the best off you?

17d 18h 59m: [D] A is desperate right now. She sells a Heart Scale for 50 Poke Dollars. I think we might be getting hustled.

17d 18h 57m: [D] Nugget sold. There goes our chance of bribing Wallace...

17d 18h 56m: [D] There we go, we are moving up towards the Nugget.

17d 18h 54m: [D] "Old rod? oh, no. I can't buy that." Damn it. We'll give it for free. PLEASE TAKE IT.

17d 18h 52m: [D] There we go. We are going to sell the nugget. Moar Money!

17d 18h 52m: [D] We farewell our potion dealer. Then we greet him again. I bet it has something to do with the nugget. Damn it /u/Buttertits3

[Snark] And a nugget! Don't forget the nugget.

17d 18h 48m: [D] We spent all our money. We now have 4 Revives, 1 Hyper Potion and 3 Full Restores

[Meta] I'm just going to wait until they buy all the revives, then I'll post it all together. 'kay?

17d 18h 42m: [D] We are going to buy them one by one once more. First revive bought.

17d 18h 40m: [D] Third Full restore bought. Down spam is directing us towards revive.

[Poll] What do you want to happen when the timer runs out?

17d 18h 39m: [D] There is a current struggle between down and A. Too bad Full restore is already selected I guess.

17d 18h 37m: [D] Second Full Restore bought. If the E4 can use it, so can we. Hopefully.

[Strategie] With our current money we can buy up to 5 full restores (4 more). Thank you high school maths.

17d 18h 35m: [D] We are going to buy them one by one it seems. First one bought.

17d 18h 34m: [D] Well, it's not Max Potion for sure. We are going to buy Full restore it seems.

17d 18h 33m: [D] We have 15214 poke dollars. So far we are going down, maybe to select either Max potion or full restore or revive.

17d 18h 32m: [D] There we go. We are talking to the nice gentleman. Good thing there's not more people in the line.

17d 18h 30m: [D] We approximate the Poke Market. Will we overshoot?

17d 18h 28m: [D] There we go, Democracy in control. So far the objective seems to be to get out of the start menu.

17d 18h 27m: 1 min left until the vote is decided. Democracy seems to have the upper hand. People want to sell the nugget and get some Potions. We'll see what happens.

17d 18h 26m: Anarchy vs Democracy starts now. I have my bets on Communism of course.

[Meta] Yes, the layout of the Live Updater has changed. Trust me, I noticed lol.

17d 18h 23m: A couple of earthquakes and a dragonbreath later and M4 faints. A whited out

17d 18h 22m: Flygon uses earthquake and M4 responds with rollout. Not very effective.

17d 18h 22m: Kingdra uses dragon dance but then goes down to Rollout. Thats our 5th rollout guys.

17d 18h 22m: Altaria comes out and uses double edge before fainting to rollout. Out comes Kingdra.

17d 18h 21m: Rollout used vs Rock tomb. Again. Shelgon goes down after the 3rd rollout.

17d 18h 20m: Shelgon protects himself from surf. We look for items in the bag.

17d 18h 19m: Drake challenged. Shelgon comes out vs M4.

17d 18h 17m: V(B)oting starts in 6m: We advance towards Drake.

17d 18h 15m: Walrein uses body smash then surf while M4 uses rollout 2 times to take down Walrein. Glacia defeated

17d 18h 15m: Sealeo also down to rollout. And so is Glalie. Walrein out but M4 misses.

17d 18h 14m: Rollout launched. Glalie survives the first one and uses light screen. Then she goes down to the second one.

17d 18h 12m: Another ice ball and Vileplume faints. All up to M4. Sealeo goes down to poison and out comes Glalie.

17d 18h 12m: Sealeo uses ice ball and Vileplume responds with another sludge bomb. Sealeo hangs on with 1 hp.

17d 18h 11m: Sealeo used hail vs Vileplume's critical sludge bomb. Sealeo is poisoned.

17d 18h 10m: We challenge Glacia. Sealeo comes out vs Vileplume.

17d 18h 7m: Banette uses shadow ball a few times while M4 charges the rollout. Banette fainted and Sableye as well to OHKO rollout.Phoebe defeated

17d 18h 6m: M4 uses rollout and hits but Dusclops survives and uses shadow punch. Next hit KOs Dusclops. Banette out and M4 misses rollout.

17d 18h 6m: M4 protects herself once again from M4's surf.

17d 18h 4m: Dusclops faints to surf. 1st Dusclops comes out.

17d 18h 4m: M4 comes out and uses strength. Dusclops responds with shadow ball.

17d 18h 3m: Dusclops survived with very low hp. Vileplume and M4 are all we have left.

17d 18h 3m: GJK defeats Banette and out comes the second Dusclops, who resists 2 surf before defeating GJK with shadow ball.

17d 18h 2m: Banette is switched in for Dusclops. Two hidden power take her down to low hp. Thunderbolt does a bit of damage.

17d 18h 1m: Protect prevents surf from hitting once, but not twice. Phoebe uses full restore but GJK does a crit. hidden power.

17d 18h 0m: We switch the kraken in. Dusclops keeps her protect strategy.

17d 18h 0m: We use a potion on vileplume. Only one Hyper potion left.

17d 17h 59m: Dusclops falls asleep to sleep powder. Vileplume then proceeds to use acid. Dusclops wakes up and uses shadow punch.

17d 17h 59m: Vileplume hits the second Giga drain but has no PPs anymore.

17d 17h 58m: Vileplume misses the first attempt due to Dusclops protect. Giga drain down to few PPs.

17d 17h 57m: Phoebe challenged. Dusclops out vs Vileplume.

17d 17h 54m: Crawdaunt is out and OHKO to rollout. Absol comes out and down to rollout. Sidney defeated

17d 17h 54m: M4 comes out and finishes Cacturne with rollout. Vileplume levels up to 39.

17d 17h 53m: 5'7 misses rock throw and then faints to needle arm.

17d 17h 52m: We switch Graveler for Vileplume while Cacturne still sleeps.

17d 17h 52m: Vileplume comes out and uses sleep powder and giga drain. Cacturne responds with faint attack and napping.

17d 17h 51m: Another needle arm and Mightyena is down.

17d 17h 51m: Graveler is tag in for Tentacruel. Then Mightyena is switched for Graveler. Needle arm proves to be quite powerful.

17d 17h 50m: Another waterfall finally conects and Shiftry goes down. Cacturne out!

17d 17h 50m: More misses. Damn that double team.

17d 17h 50m: GJK misses hidden power and receives torment and extrasensory.

17d 17h 49m: Shiftry resists another surf and uses swagger.

17d 17h 49m: GJK comes out and uses surf. Shiftry uses more double team.

17d 17h 48m: Anice misses again and goes down to another extrasensory.

17d 17h 48m: Another double team and another brick break missed. Shiftry then uses extra sensory.

17d 17h 48m: Shiftry comes out and uses double team. Anice misses smellingsalt.

17d 17h 47m: Another Brick break and Mightyena down. Anice is lvl 49

17d 17h 47m: Mightyena is healed by full restore. Another Brick break and Again very low on hp.

17d 17h 47m: Mightyena uses double edge. Anice responds with brick break.

17d 17h 45m: Sidney challenged. Hariyama vs Mightyena.

17d 17h 44m: A "It's not over until I say it's over." We are back to challenging the E4. 6 hours and 15 mins left til fire red.

17d 17h 41m: Altaria finishes M4 with another double edge. A whited out

17d 17h 40m: M4 starts off by protecting himself from M4. Then continues by using double edge. M4 OHKOs him with surf. Altaria.

17d 17h 40m: Drake challenged. Time for M4 vs Shelgon.

17d 17h 33m: Oh and Glacia defeated

17d 17h 32m: M4 missed rollout and Walrein keeps using surf and Body slam. A second rollout takes Walrein down. M4 is paralyzed though.

17d 17h 32m: M4 uses rollout once again and Glalie faints. Walrein out.

17d 17h 31m: Rollout once again used. Sealeo uses double edge. Rollout once again and Sealeo is down. M4 has 132 hp left.

17d 17h 30m: Sealeo comes out. M4 missed rollout. Hail is once again deployed.

17d 17h 29m: M4 starts to rollout against Glalie's icy wind. A second rollout takes Glalie down after Glalia restores her.

17d 17h 29m: Another rock smash and Sealeo goes down. Glalie is up next.

17d 17h 27m: M4 changes tactic to rock smash. Sealeo uses body smash.

17d 17h 27m: M4 missed the first rollout. Sealeo responded with hail.

17d 17h 26m: Glacia challenged. M4 vs Sealeo.

17d 17h 24m: And just like that Anarchy is back in control.

17d 17h 23m: [D] Democracy takes control of the situation as we are near Glacia. Stakes are high.

17d 17h 21m: Another surf and Sableye down. Phoebe defeated

17d 17h 20m: Another OHKO. Sableye out.

17d 17h 20m: Banette goes down to surf as well. Another Banette out.

17d 17h 19m: M4 changes tactic and uses surf. Dusclops down. Banette in.

17d 17h 18m: M4 comes out and uses... strength. Dusclops responds with shadowball.

17d 17h 16m: Vileplume comes out and uses giga drain. Not very effective. Then survives an ice beam with one hp, only to die with the next one. M4 left.

17d 17h 16m: Anice faints to earthquake. Vileplume and M4 left.

17d 17h 15m: Anice comes out and uses rock smash. Dusclops responds with shadow ball. Anice has 34 hp left.

17d 17h 14m: Second Dusclops comes out and uses ice beam. 5'7 is down.

17d 17h 14m: Rock blast now! and then strength! And finally Earthquake! Dusclops down. 58 hp left on Graveler.

17d 17h 13m: Rock throw used, more shadow punch.

17d 17h 13m: Vileplume then is switched by Graveler who receives a crit shadow punch.

17d 17h 12m: Vileplume tags in for Hariyama. Dusclops greets here with a shadow punch.

17d 17h 11m: Brick break? nope. smellingsalt? nope. Strenght? nope. Meanwhile shadow punch is slowly taking Anice down.

17d 17h 11m: Dusclops protects herself once more and Annie decides to use all her innefective attacks.

17d 17h 10m: Dusclops protected herself vs Strength. We then proceed to try to run away.

17d 17h 10m: Hariyama comes out vs Dusclops.

17d 17h 9m: People are already saying this run is over since Tentacruel is down. Well, we'll see. Phoebe challenged

17d 17h 7m: M4 comes out and uses surf. Absol OHKOd. Sidney defeated

17d 17h 7m: Absol used aerial ace and GJK fainted.

17d 17h 6m: Crawdaunt is out vs GJK. Hidden power and Leech seed OHKO him. Absol left.

17d 17h 6m: Shiftry goes down to well timed poisonous leech seed. GJK is down to 53 hp.

17d 17h 5m: GJK is fighting Shiftry but extrasensory is doing quite the damage. GJK keeps using hidden power.

17d 17h 4m: GJK uses surf and Cacturne responds with leech seed. Liquid oze prevents Cacturne from getting health. Cacturne down.

17d 17h 3m: Full restore used on Cacturne. GJK uses hidden power, which is not very effective.

17d 17h 3m: GJK uses surf once again. Cacturne almost down. Needle arm doesnt do much.

17d 17h 2m: Tentacruel gets sent vs Cacturne. Surf is not very effective. Cotton spore is used by Cacturne.

17d 17h 1m: M4 comes out and uses rollout. Mightyena is down.

17d 17h 0m: We take Hariyama out for Mightyena. We receive a couple of double edge and respond with... sand attack. Mightyena down after the 3rd attempt.

17d 16h 59m: Sidney challenged. Mightyena vs Anice.

17d 16h 57m: We enter Sidney's room and proceed to save multiple times. 39 pokemon captured. Looking good.

17d 16h 55m: Back to the E4. Currently trying to get in Sidney's room.

17d 16h 53m: Well, that was intense. At least now we know it would take 3 rollouts to take down Wailord.

17d 16h 53m: M4 used rollout. Wailord responded with double edge. Twice, M4 faints. A whited out

[Information] Just a reminder, we have 2 hyper potions.

17d 16h 52m: Right spam is crazy as we browse through the bag. Almost only down and right inputs currently. And a few "a".

17d 16h 51m: People want to keep this going until democracy apparently, to use potions on M4. Stay tuned for the unraveling truth.

17d 16h 50m: We go from the bag to the pokemon menu. Then try to run away. Boy, we are hitting everything BUT attack.

17d 16h 48m: Wailord comes out vs Azumarill. We immediately go to the bag.

17d 16h 48m: We cross the door and are challenging Wallace. Azumarill is very low on health but... #believe

[Snark] Someone in Game Freak should get a raise for making these stairs so long. Suspense is building up a lot currently.

17d 16h 46m: Lots of inputs. Both down and up. We are almost at the door.

17d 16h 42m: We are stranded in the stairs. Some people want to wait for demo to use it to heal M4.

[Snark] What is this, an escalator?

[Snark] If we manage to use hyper potion on Azumarill I'm gonna lose it lol.

17d 16h 36m: Wallace is all thats left. Azumarill has 15% hp left. Some people are attempting to use hyper potion in anarchy. We'll see.

17d 16h 34m: Rollout launched vs Salamence's dragon claw. It takes M4 3 rollouts to take Salamence down. Drake defeated

17d 16h 33m: M4 uses surf and takes down Flygon. Salamence out!

17d 16h 32m: Kingdra faints to the 5th rollout and out comes Flygon.

17d 16h 32m: Second rollout used and shelgon uses double edge, then fainted to the 3rd rollout. Altaria down too.

17d 16h 31m: Rollout used, Shelgon responds with rock tomb.

17d 16h 31m: Shelgon starts off by protecting himself from rollout. Round 2!

17d 16h 30m: Drake challenged Shelgon vs M4.

17d 16h 28m: Well there we go, we get to Drake's room. M4 is all we have right now. #believe

17d 16h 24m M4 finishes of Walrein. **Glacia is defeated!" M4 HP 243/340



17d 16h 22m Glacie falls as well!

17d 16h 22m M4 knocks out Sealo and the hail stops!


17d 16h 21m Glacia uses a Full Restore as M4 uses Rock Smash. HP 298/340

17d 16h 21m M4 is ready to make her stand!

17d 16h 19m It's all up to M4 now... once we huck her out.

17d 16h 19m GJ falls to Sealo!

17d 16h 17m A-chan engages Glacia!

17d 16h 17m Anarchy bots are a-go and slap Democracy down.

[Snark] A is split between walking forward and Anarchy. Aren't we all?

[D] 17d 16h 14m A dances around the exit.

[D] 17d 16h 12m Democracy mode is in effect! There seems to be a move to heal Tentacruel with one of our hyper potions.

17d 16h 9m GJ takes out Sableye. Phoebe is defeated!

17d 16h 8m GJ is promoted to level 63!

17d 16h 7m GJ surfs all up on the second Dusclops for the frag! Banette also falls to GJ, but grudge eliminates Surf's PP.

17d 16h 7m GJ keeps on surfing as Democracy voting starts.

17d 16h 6m GJ takes out Banette!

17d 16h 4m GJ surfs on Dusclops' parade!

17d 16h 3m Vileplume falls to Dusclops!

17d 16h 1m Vileplume is confused and cursed. BAH!

17d 15h 59m A-chan takes on Phoebe!

17d 15h 58m M4's train can't be stopped and rolls over Crawdaunt and Absol. Sidney is defeated!

17d 15h 57m M4 steps in and takes out Cacturne!

17d 15h 56m Cacturne holds on by the skin of his teeth and knocks out 5'7"!

17d 15h 55m 5'7" steps into the ring!

17d 15h 34m Cacturne knocks out Doge!

17d 15h 53m Doge knocks out Shiftry. Doge also has +4 stages of attack.

17d 15h 51m Oh hey, Doge is back in.

17d 15h 51m 5'7" tags in, and A-chan spams ultra balls.

17d 15h 50m A-chan hucks an Ultra Ball at Shiftry, who then knocks out Annie. Sidney is probably dumb-founded by all of this.

17d 15h 49 A continues the shell game and tags in Annie, who then takes a Swagger.

17d 15h 48m So much for the attack boost, 5'7" in for Doge.

17d 15h 47m Shiftry has maxed out Doge's attack.

17d 15h 46m Doge can't even land Pocket Sand right now. Also, more Swagger.

17d 15h 45m The Chinned Wonder (aka Shiftry) gets a Swagger in on Doge.

17d 15h 44m Doge steps in to fight Shiftry.

17d 15h 43m Annie knocks out Mightyena!

17d 15h 43m Annie lands some blows on Mightyena, but Full Restore happens.

[Snark] I wonder what the Elite Four Full Restore budget is...

17d 15h 42m A-chan engages Sidney! Could this be the run?

[Moar Snark] Twitch Saves Pokemon is in full effect.

[Snark] 17d 15h 37m SO MANY SAVES

17d 15h 35m Flygon ends the rekt train and knocks out M4. A-chan whites out!

17d 15h 34m ...and Kingdra is down! HP 67/340

17d 15h 34m M4 rolls right through Altaria. HP 88/340

17d 15h 33m M4 gets the Rollout train going and knocks out Shelgon. HP 107/340.

17d 15h 33m M4 tries to Rollout but Shelgon protects itself.

17d 15h 32m A quickly engages Drake!

17d 15h 30m M4 rolled her way to victory! She's left with 130HPs, alone against Drake.

17d 15h 30m She's rolling! Glalie down!

17d 15h 29m Sealeo's Double-Edge seals GJ's fate. Only M4 left!

17d 15h 26m Sealeo finally fainted. GJ is facing Glalie now. Tentacruel's HPs are in the red zone when Glalie goes down.

17d 15h 23m GJ slowly takes out Sealeo's health, until Glacia uses a Full Restore.

17d 15h 20m GJ faces Sealeo under the Hail.

17d 15h 18m A booted up Hidden Power a couple of times, but didn't teach it to anyone. Glacia would like to fight!

17d 15h 16m M4 rolls through what's left of Phoebe's team without getting any more damage. She has 45% of her health left, while Tentacruel is still at full.

17d 15h 15m Banette's Thunderbolts really hurt M4 and take half of her health away before she rolls all over the foe.

17d 15h 13m Vileplume tried to put Banette to sleep, but her ability negated the attack. Shucks. The Ultra Ball fails to catch her, and Vileplume faints.

17d 15h 8m We throw an Ultra Ball at Graveler and knock her out. Woopsie.

17d 15h 7m Graveler throws rocks at Dusclops and gets frozen by Ice Beam. Ouch!

17d 15h 4m [D] Graveler lands a critical Earthquake, taking out Dusclops and reaching Lv.59.

17d 15h 1m [D] Well this battle is going to take a while...

17d 14h 59m [D] We found Phoebe!

17d 14h 54m M4 takes out Crawdaunt. Sidney defeated. It's also voting time!

17d 14h 53m Absol's down, and so is Cacturne. M4, Graveler, Vileplume and GJ are still at full health.

17d 14h 52m We switches Annie out for Mightyena. He didn't get far, so we sent Annie's back. She also fainted. M4 comes in to face Absol.

17d 14h 50m Shiftry falls to Brick Break!


17d 14h 50m Sidney heals Mightyena, but Annie's Brick Break gets the job done and knocks him out. Annie's health is at 50%.

17d 14h 49m Hariyama faces Mightyena once again. They're like nemesis by now.

17d 14h 48m A pokes the pc with the fishing rod. The PC moves, so she screams and runs out of the Pokémon Center from the northmost exist. It's E4 time, again!

17d 14h 47m A couple of Earthquakes later Tentacruel is down. This was the most disastrous, yet at the same time the funniest E4 run.

17d 14h 45m Tentacruel hit Sableye with Surf and took her down! Huzzah!

17d 14h 41m M4 just can't hit this Sableye anymore. Slowly, turn after turn, Sableye has taken her HPs down, and she has fainted. We're left with Tentacruel only.

[Correction] That would be 4 now.

[Information] We have 5 Ultra Balls left.

17d 14h 37m Another Ball lost. I think we need to train our throwing skills. Less fishing, more baseball?

17d 14h 35m Sableye raised her evasiveness. M4's having issues landing a hit now. Our Ultra Ball missed too!

17d 14h 34m Banette didn't stand a chance. Neither did the second one.

17d 14h 33m M4 starts rolling right after Dusclops got a heal. Her Protect move is getting in the way of Rollout though. Eventually Surf takes her out.

17d 14h 31m Vileplume falls to the curse. Poor thing.

17d 14h 30m Vileplume's been cursed!

17d 14h 27m Phoebe would like to battle!

[Snark] "Next time spam A+B+DOWN while catching them!" - /u/GlitcherRed

17d 14h 21m M4 starts rolling and sets things right. Crawdaunt, Cacturne, Shiftry and Absol, she takes 'em all out in one smooth sweep. Sidney defeated once again.

17d 14h 20m Crawdaunt defeats Graveler. Since it's such a strong pokémon, we try to catch it. It doesn't work for some reason. Must be a bug?

17d 14h 19m Graveler comes in and a couple of Earthquakes later we've gotten past the first pokémon of the E4. Little steps!

17d 14h 18m Mightyena takes out Mightyena! I mean, uh... Our Mightyena fainted.

17d 14h 17m Mightyena faces Mightyena. Second Ultra Ball thrown. Third one. Don't be a thief!

17d 14h 16m Annie fainted to Mightyena's attacks.

17d 14h 15m I mean, we just threw an Ultra Ball at Mightyena.

17d 14h 15m I TOLD YOU SO

17d 14h 13m HELLO SIDNEY! We've missed you.

[Fluff] I'm calling it: we'll try to catch the E4's pokémon with our new shiny Ultra Balls and get a bunch of damage in the process.

17d 14h 11m We're ready for a re-re-re-[...]-re-rematch!

17d 14h 7m We just bought 12 Ultra Balls and 2 Hyper Potions.

17d 14h 5m Mightyena forgetting Bite saddened all of us, but GJ's performance just now has definitely reinvigorated the Twitch chat. Now everyone's asking to buy potions.

[Yknow] In light of the last problem we just had, we should probably pick up some potions or something.

17d 14h 2m Ludicolo comes in. The second Rollout only takes half of his health away. Giga Drain steals M4's remaining health away and A whites out. Aww!

[TOTALLY SERIOUS] If this is the victory, I will, coupled with recording myself singing the first Pokemon OP, sing the first Japanese Pokemon OP.

17d 14h 1m M4 starts rolling! Gyarados falls!

17d 14h 1m Gyarados takes out GJ with Earthquake. Only M4 is left!

17d 13h 59m GJ takes Wailord's HPs to the minimum. Wailord faints due to recoil! Facing Whiscash now. GJ takes him down too, Surf after Surf!

17d 13h 58m Wailord vs Tentacruel. GJ starts the fight with Surf, Wailord calls in some rain.

17d 13h 57m Hello Wallace!

[Information] Vileplume is only holding a Poké Ball. We have no potions whatsoever, anywhere.

17d 13h 55m Anarchy comes back after an unsuccessful trip to Democracy land. The first thing we do is discovering that Hariyama is taller than us. We never stop learning!

17d 13h 53m [D] A turns her bag inside-out, but not one potion falls out of it.

17d 13h 50m [D] We consider throwing a Nugget on Drake's head.

17d 13h 47m [D] Democracy is in control and slowly accesses the inventory.

[Fluff] "You deserve every credit for coming this far as a TRAINER of POKEMON. You do seem to know what is needed." "A crazy silly number of voices in my head controlling my every move? Oh you mean a virtuous heart. Nevermind."

17d 13h 44m Now don't fall on the spikes, please!

17d 13h 43m Salamance's ability reduces M4's already weak attack. Two Dragon Claws later, M4 has 16HPs left, but she takes him out! Drake defeated!!

17d 13h 43m Flygon comes in. Rollout is not very effective, but it's now powerful enough to take him out in one hit!

17d 13h 42m Altaria hits M4 with Double-Edge. M4 is down to 97 HPs, but Rolling. She takes out both Altaria and Kingdra without taking more damage.

17d 13h 41m Altaria tanks the next Surf and Dragon-Dances. Rollout takes him down to red HPs, so Drake heals him.

17d 13h 40m Welp, one Double-Edge was enough to take Vileplume down. M4 comes in and Surfs. It's a OHKO!

17d 13h 40m Vileplume comes in against Drake's Shelgon. ROUND ONE, FIGHT!

17d 13h 38m Walrein falls to M4's mighty rolls. Glacia defeated, pretty easily too! Tentacruel and Vileplume are still at full health, while Azumarill has 41% left.

17d 13h 37m M4 Rolls over Sealeo, Glalie, the second Sealeo and the second Glalie. She's taking them out faster than I can type.

[Strategy] Twitch is currently discussing Mightyena's situation. From what I can see, two plans are being thrown around: teaching Mightyena Hidden Power to see what happens, and buying a ridiculous amount of potions in hopes of using them during the E4.

17d 13h 34m Mightyena's first Take Down is a critical hit. He faints later to the hail, but it's like he was trying to show us he's still useful...

17d 13h 33m We're facing Glacia!

17d 13h 27m Two more Rollouts take care of both Banette and Sableye. Phoebe defeated, but Mightyena's situation ruins the mood.

17d 13h 25m The next Rollout misses. M4 is hit by a super effective Thunderbolt; her HPs are currently 218, 65%.

[Relief] Thank god it's not Gen VI. Mightyena learns Crunch there at Lv. 65.

17d 13h 25m M4 comes in to clean up the mess. Dusclops falls to Rollout.

[Information] Mightyena learns Crunch at Lv.47 in this gen.

17d 13h 24m Graveler faints to Dusclops' Rock Slide.

17d 13h 23m Graveler's HPs are critical, but she took Banette down.

17d 13h 22m We send Graveler in Mightyena's place. She gets burned by Will-o-wisp.

[Snark] Well it looks like Mighty's all bark .... but no BITE.

17d 13h 20m Mightyena has finally taken out Dusclops all by himself, bite after bite. He reached Lv.37 and learns Take Down! ...in place of Bite. Uh oh...

17d 13h 18m Phoebe uses a Full Restore. Mightyena doesn't give up and lands a critical hit!

17d 13h 17m Mightyena bites Dusclops over and over, even while confused. Dusclops flinches.

17d 13h 15m M4 mops up the floor with Sidney's team. Time to face Phoebe!

17d 13h 15m Crawdaunt didn't stand a chance.

17d 13h 14m The she rolls over Shiftry in her confusion. Cacturne comes in and doesn't last a turn.

17d 13h 13m She follows Annie's example and slaps herself.

17d 13h 13m M4 comes in early this run!

17d 13h 13m With Mightyena out, Annie faces Shiftry, who opens up with Swagger. Annie punches herself, then she faints to Extrasensory.

17d 13h 12m Facing Sydney! One Full Restore already used on the enemy Mightyena after Annie kicked its butt.

17d 13h 6m We check the map in the Pokemon Center, trying to figure out where our good luck has gone. Then we head back towards the E4 for another rematch.

17d 13h 5m Another Body Slam takes M4 out. A whited out!

17d 13h 4m Kingdra's Body Slam paralyzes M4 after bringing her down to 30HPs.

17d 13h 4m M4 misses her second Rollout. Bad news.

17d 13h 3m There's the Full Restore. Kingdra's healed. M4 finally starts Rolling!

17d 13h 2m M4 faces Kingdra and Surfs, Surfs, Surfs some more. Kingdra uses Body Slam after a Dragon Dance, then one more DD.

17d 13h 1m Azumarill has 133 HPs left. One Strength and one Surf later, Altaria's down!

17d 13h 1m Surf hits! It's not very effective, but effective enough to take out Shelgon. Altaria comes in!

17d 13h 0m Rock Smash hits, but deals very little damage. One Rollout misses, the others are blocked by Protect.

17d 13h 0m Shelgon protects himself from M4's Strength. The battle is on!

17d 12h 59m OH HEY DRAKE! Have you been here the whole time?

[Fluff] The spikes are also giving me flashbacks of I Wanna Be The Guy. Now that would be an evil game for Twitch to play...

17d 12h 52m Why are there spikes in Drake's room anyways? Is he going to try to throw A on 'em in case we win, to save his reputation?

17d 12h 46m We check the map for Drake's location in the wild.

17d 12h 43m A's trying to change this room's wallpaper, much like the box's.

17d 12h 40m We miss the door again.

17d 12h 39m [D] Anarchy resumes

17d 12h 39m [D] Democracy has begun

17d 12h 39m Glacia defeated

17d 12h 38m Walrein taken out by Rollout.

17d 12h 38m Glalie 2 down

17d 12h 38m Rolling again

17d 12h 37m Sealeo 2 down. Here comes another Glalie. Rollout misses.

17d 12h 36m She starts rolling.

17d 12h 35m M4's time.

17d 12h 35m GJ is down

17d 12h 34m Voting begins!

17d 12h 33m Can GJ take on Sealeo?

17d 12h 33m Less than a minute until voting begins.

17d 12h 32m Well! That critical Waterfall took out Glalie! Good Job, GJ!

17d 12h 30m GJ nearly takes out Glalie, but Full Restore

17d 12h 30m A sends in GJ

17d 12h 28m Choosing who to sacrifice to Glalie ...

17d 12h 27m Voting is in about 6 minutes.

17d 12h 27m Cabbage faints

17d 12h 26m Cabbage is sent in

17d 12h 25m Who shall be sent in?

17d 12h 23m 5"7 is down

17d 12h 23m Glalie is sent out against 5"7

17d 12h 23m Sealeo's down.

17d 12h 22m 5"7 versus Sealeo

17d 12h 22m Battlin' Glacia

17d 12h 20m I was going to say how impressed I was on how well we got through the doors to Glacia, but then we walked past her.

17d 12h 19m Phoebe defeated

17d 12h 19m And there goes the final Dusclops

17d 12h 19m Sableye is taken out by a Rollout as well.

17d 12h 18m The other Banette is taken out by a Rollout

17d 12h 18m M4 starts rolling

17d 12h 17m Banette is taken out by Surf as well.

17d 12h 17m M4 takes out Dusclops with Surf.

17d 12h 16m Oh dear, M4 is confused.

17d 12h 16m M4 is sent out

17d 12h 15m Mighty faints!

17d 12h 15m As usual, Dusclops is healed by a Full Restore before Mighty can take it down.

17d 12h 14m The Protects are saving Dusclops

17d 12h 14m Mighty, after snapping out of confusion, finally lands a Bite.

17d 12h 13m Mighty is confused

17d 12h 13m Mighty versus Dusclops

17d 12h 12m Battle with Phoebe start!

17d 12h 12m In the corner of Phoebe's room.

17d 12h 9m Sidney defeated

17d 12h 9m GJ takes out Absol, at the cost of only having 26 HP left.

17d 12h 8m Here comes Absol!

17d 12h 8m GJ takes out Crawdaunt**

[Huh] Text speed is slow

17d 12h 7m GJ versus Crawdaunt

17d 12h 7m GJ takes out Cacturne

17d 12h 6m GJ versus Cacturne

17d 12h 5m Shiftry is taken down by GJ

17d 12h 5m Annie's down after two Extrasensorys from Shiftry

17d 12h 4m Annie versus Shiftry.

17d 12h 4m Annie is now level 48!

17d 12h 4m Annie takes down Mightyena!

17d 12h 3m That Pocket Sand really ruined Annie's concentration.

17d 12h 3m Annie versus Mightyena

17d 12h 2m Battle with Sidney has begun!

17d 12h 1m 11 hours and 59-ish minutes left, and we're still in the corner of Sidney's room.

17d 11h 58m Checking the Pokedex ...

17d 11h 57m Stuck in the top right corner of Sidney's room.

[REMINDER] We have half a day left.

[Snark] If only Sidney was in a corner ...

17d 11h 53m We're in Sidney's room now. As usual, we walk past him.

17d 11h 53m Checking out the menu instead of entering the door

17d 11h 50m We keep missing the door

17d 11h 49m E4 time again!

17d 11h 48m What are our goals, I wonder ...?

17d 11h 48m Running around the Center. Moving dangerously close to the PC.

17d 11h 47m Double Edge takes her out. WHITE OUT.

17d 11h 47m She starts rolling again though.

17d 11h 46m M4 starts rolling ... nah, Protect shuts her down

17d 11h 46m Battle with Drake initiated

17d 11h 44m A really likes her Pokedex

17d 11h 42m Glacia defeated!

17d 11h 42m Too bad he gets rolled out by M4 right after.

17d 11h 42m Well, there's a Full Restore for Walrein.

17d 11h 41m M4 starts rolling

17d 11h 40m M4 has been sent out to deal with Walrein.

[Snark] Jesus, as if being a cannibalistic ice rock head thing wasn't enough, Glalie can also blow up.

17d 11h 40m Glalie blows itself up and GJ along with it!

17d 11h 39m Hail starts up again.

17d 11h 39m GJ versus Glalie! No hail right now.

17d 11h 38m GJ takes out Sealeo 2

17d 11h 37m Curse you Full Restore!

17d 11h 35m GJ vs. Sealeo 2

17d 11h 35m GJ is sent out. She surfs down Glalie.

17d 11h 35m Annie down to an Ice Beam

17d 11h 34m [D] Anarchy's back, by the way.

17d 11h 33m [D] It's Annie vs. Glalie!

17d 11h 32m [D] Anarchy and A are neck and neck, nope, the letter A wins.

[Snark] I wonder what type of Martial Arts does Annie practice? And how does it let her break apart sea lions like bricks?


17d 11h 30m Oh? It looks as if Anarchy is getting quite a few votes. But can it stand up to the A BUTTON?!

17d 11h 30m Annie vs Sealeo!

17d 11h 29m [D] Battle finally starts!

17d 11h 29m [D] "It would please me to no end if I could go all out against you!" Sure Glacia, give us a few seconds.

[Whoosh] This music is seriously catchy.

17d 11h 27m [D] Battle with Glacia initiated

17d 11h 26m [D] After some trouble getting into the door, we finally make it to the tile in front of Glacia

17d 11h 25m [D] ...aaaand we overshoot the door.

17d 11h 23m [D] We seem to be using democracy to get to the door

17d 11h 22m Annie's entry in the 'Dex looks quite interesting.

17d 11h 21m A minute left until voting ends. Democracy looks to be in the lead.

17d 11h 20m Checking the Dex ...

17d 11h 18m Voting has begun.

17d 11h 17m Phoebe defeated

17d 11h 17m Dusclops 2 rolled

17d 11h 17m Sableye gone

17d 11h 16m M4 vs Sableye

17d 11h 16m Democracy voting in less than thirty seconds

17d 11h 16m The other Banette rolled

17d 11h 15m Banette rolled

17d 11h 15m Dusclops faints

17d 11h 15m She starts rolling

17d 11h 14m M4 is sent out

17d 11h 13m Cabbage is down!

17d 11h 12m Dusclops is awake. Didn't even take a turn.

17d 11h 11m Cabbage puts Dusclops to sleep.

17d 11h 10m Annie is switched out for Cabbage

17d 11h 10m Sorry Annie, but we ain't got no Smelling Salt left in the cupboard.

17d 11h 8m Dusclops is not a brick. Annie cannot break it.

17d 11h 8m Cabbage switched out for Annie

17d 11h 7m Protect is truly annoying, dont'cha think?

17d 11h 6m Annie is switched out for Cabbage, who is, ah, cursed instantly

17d 11h 5m Does Annie have any moves that can touch Dusclops?

17d 11h 3m Annie vs Dusclops

17d 11h 3m Battlin' Pheebs

17d 11h 0m Saving ...

17d 11h 0m Up the stairs

17d 10h 58m Having bit of trouble getting out of the room

17d 10h 56m: A third rollout is used and Crawdaunt goes down. Cacturne up next and OHKO. Sidney defeated

17d 10h 56m: Rollout is used again. Crawdaunt uses strength to get M4 down to 212 hp. Then Sidney used a full restore after the 2nd rollout.

17d 10h 54m: After the second rollout, Sidney heals Crawdaunt with full restore. M4 then missed the 3rd rollout.

17d 10h 54m: M4 comes out. Rollout starts.

17d 10h 53m: 5'7 used rock throw and then went down to surf. Oh, and missed rock throw too.

17d 10h 52m: Graveler is up vs Crawdaunt. We are trying to switch her but so far no good.

17d 10h 49m: Graveler is switched in for Annie. Absol responds with rock slide. Then Annie uses earthquake and almost OHKO. Absol misses rock slide and goes down to earthquake.

17d 10h 48m: Absol used sword dance and then slash while mightyena just used bite twice. Then Absol finished Mightyena with rock slide. Annie out.

17d 10h 48m: Mightyena is switched in to face Absol.

17d 10h 48m: Shiftry uses swagger. Annie is confused but hits Shiftry who goes down OHKO.

17d 10h 47m: Another double team and another brick break missed. And again.

17d 10h 47m: Hariyama missed brick break and Shiftry used double team. Well, the other way around. Shiftry is faster.

17d 10h 46m: Shiftry comes in vs Hariyama. We look for something useful in the bag.

17d 10h 45m: Brick break used and Mightyena responds with sand attack. Then double edge and another brick break and down he goes. Hariyama has 146hp left.

17d 10h 44m: Sidney challenged. Hariyama vs Mightyena.

17d 10h 44m: Here we go, E4 here we come once again.

17d 10h 43m: A entered the PC briefly, then tried to buy some stuff from the Poke Mart, then gave up and just walked around the Poke Center.

17d 10h 38m: Walrein comes in but hail finishes M4. A whited out

17d 10h 38m: Glalie used hail and Glacia used full restore. Then rollout took Glalie down.

17d 10h 37m: M4 used rollout and Sealeo fainted. Glalie is up next. Hail stopped and rollout takes Glalie to just 1 hp.

17d 10h 37m: Surf yet again. Sealeo survives the 1st one, then used double edge. M4 down to 34 hp.

17d 10h 36m: Another surf used and Glalie faints. Sealeo up next.

17d 10h 36m: M4 used another surf and Sealeo went down. Glalie up next.

17d 10h 35m: Glacia challenged. M4 used surf vs Sealeo. Sealeo responds with hail.

17d 10h 31m: Second banette is down to rollout too. Sableye goes down as well and well you see where this is going. Dusclops faints too. Phoebe defeated

17d 10h 30m: M4 uses rollout but Phoebe heals Banette before hand. Another rollout and Banette down.

17d 10h 29m: GJK used hidden power which wasn't very effective and facade finishes Tentacruel off. M4 is our only hope.

17d 10h 28m: GJK used dive and another curse used. Dive hits and does about 50% hp damage. Banette then used thunderbolt. Low hp now.

17d 10h 26m: Banette is up next. Curse does some damage to GJK. Since she leveled up it will require 5 turns to faint to curse.

17d 10h 26m: GJK is now lvl 61

17d 10h 25m: First surf fails due to Dusclops protect. Second one again. But the third one hits and Dusclops faints to curse.

17d 10h 25m: Phoebe challenged. Dusclops vs Tentacruel.

17d 10h 24m: Sidney: "Now, go on to the next room and enjoy your next battle!". Oh we will, trust me.

17d 10h 24m: Rollout is launched. Absol survives the first attack but not the second. Sidney down. GJK and Azumarill left.

17d 10h 20m: A attempts to teach surf during the battle. Not even close.

17d 10h 19m: Cacturne gets OHKO with rock smash. Torment once again prevents us from using it again vs Crawdaunt. Surf used instead and down goes Crawdaunt. Absol up next!

17d 10h 19m: Oh and I forgot to say, Anarchy took over again

17d 10h 18m: Shiftry faints to strength. Cacturne comes out. Torment doesn't let us use strength once again.

17d 10h 16m: [D] M4 is not confused anymore but misses rollout. Extrasensory is used once again. Torment then prevents rollout from being used again.

17d 10h 15m: [D] M4 hits herself once again. Shiftry responds with extrasensory. M4's hp is below 50%.

17d 10h 13m: [D] The second rollout hurts M4 again due to confusion. Shiftry then used torment.

17d 10h 12m: [D] Democracy is looking to direct M4's attacks vs Shiftry. Rollout launched.

17d 10h 11m: M4 hits herself. Democracy takes over!

17d 10h 10m: M4 comes out and uses rollout. Shiftry responds with double team. Another rollout and swagger counters. Shiftry is healed by full restore.

17d 10h 9m: Vileplume faints to extra sensory. GJK and M4 left.

17d 10h 9m: Double edge leaves mightyena very low on hp and giga drain finish him. Vileplume vs Shiftry.

17d 10h 8m: 5'7 fainted to crunch, but did manage to use rock throw one more time. Vileplume is up next.

17d 10h 7m: 5'7 is switched in again. Sand attack is used. It's not like there's need for it though.

17d 10h 6m: Vileplume is switched in. Crunch does quite the damage but still over 50%.

17d 10h 6m: Another missed rock throw and another crunch. 1 hp left for Graveler.

17d 10h 6m: Rock throw doesn't do much the first time and misses the second time. Mightyena used sand attack and crunch.

17d 10h 5m: Sidney challanged. Mightyena vs 5'7.

17d 10h 3m: We are still walking around Sidney. It's been a while. We are using Helix's shell design to gain courage.

17d 9h 55m: Ok, that was a rather short intermission. No, we did not heal. Watch out Sidney! Here we come! Well, eventually.

17d 9h 54m: We leave Victory Road. Off er go to the Pokemon League. Will we heal? Stay tuned for the unravelling truth!

17d 9h 42m: Graveler is still just feasting on wild Pokemon in victory road. For those of you that do not know, we got to Wallace once a while ago. \o/

17d 9h 30m: No more earthquake for Graveler. Keep using A, it will have to work at some point.

17d 9h 28m: Graveler is looking confident and fit in victory road. Wait for PP to run out...

17d 9h 23m: 5'7 reached level 58

17d 9h 17m: Mightyena faints to a wild Golbat. 5'7 leads the party. She's our rock.

17d 9h 15m: Mightyena is having trouble grinding off wild Pokemon in victory road. Run away intensifies

17d 9h 10m: Hariyama faints to a wild Golbat. Mightyena leads the pack now.

17d 9h 5m [D] Anarchy has returned

17d 9h 5m [D] We have entered democracy

17d 9h 5m Democracy looks as if it's going to win.

17d 9h 4m Oh yeah, demo voting.

17d 8h 54m Still grinding ...

[Note] If we actually win, I will record myself singing the Pokemon opening.

17d 8h 48m Grinding in the Victory Road

17d 8h 45m These bushes ...

17d 8h 43m We seem to be heading towards the Victory Road

17d 8h 42m Stuck behind some plants

17d 8h 41m Hanging around the PokeCenter

17d 8h 40m Ah crap, the PC.

17d 8h 40m M4 taken out by Double Edge. White out!

17d 8h 39m M4 sent out. Rolling.

17d 8h 39m GJ faints

17d 8h 39m Altaria got a Full Restore in.

17d 8h 38m Jesus Christ that Double Edge!

17d 8h 38m Oh dear, all those Dragon Dances ...

17d 8h 37m We send out Good Job.

17d 8h 37m Cabbage faints

17d 8h 36m Flygon withdrawn for Altaria! Sleep Powder misses.

17d 8h 36m Having some problems choosing moves.

17d 8h 34m Can Cabbage take on a giant sand dragon thing?

17d 8h 33m Shelgon swithced out for Flygon

17d 8h 33m Man, it would have been great if that Sludge Bomb had poisoned Shelgon.

17d 8h 29m Vipleume vs Shelgon

17d 8h 29m Battling Drake

17d 8h 28m Checking our PokeNav

17d 8h 24m Glacia defeated

17d 8h 24m Walrein rolled out.

17d 8h 24m Glalie 2 down

17d 8h 24m Sealeo 2 down

17d 8h 23m Thank god the hail is gone

17d 8h 23m M4 rolling

17d 8h 23m 5"7 down

17d 8h 21m 5"7 vs Glalie

17d 8h 21m 5"7 takes out Sealeo

17d 8h 20m 5"7 vs Sealeo

17d 8h 20m Glacia battle start

17d 8h 18m Phoebe defeated

17d 8h 18m Dusclops 2 sent out and rolled

17d 8h 17m Sableye rolled

17d 8h 16m Sableye comes in

17d 8h 16m Banette 2 down

17d 8h 15m Banette 2 survives because Rollout missed. Ah, Grudge.

17d 8h 14m Banette rolled.

17d 8h 14m Dusclops down

17d 8h 14m M4 is confused!

17d 8h 13m M4 now rollin

17d 8h 13m Mighty down

17d 8h 13m Mighty is confused and cursed. Not a good combo.

17d 8h 12m Dusclops is now Full Restored.

17d 8h 12m Mighty is now confused. So close ...

17d 8h 11m Except for when Dusclops is protecting.

17d 8h 11m Mighty's doing well with biting.

17d 8h 11m PROOOTEEECT.

17d 8h 10m Mighty vs Dusclops

17d 8h 10m Phoebe battle start.

17d 8h 9m Still in Sidney's room

17d 8h 6m Sidney defeated

17d 8h 6m Absol sent out and rolled.

17d 8h 5m Rolled

17d 8h 5m Crawdaunt sent out.

17d 8h 5m Cacturne rolled

17d 8h 4m M4 starts rolling again.

17d 8h 4m M4 vs Cacturne.

[Snark] Shiftry had a drawn-out cry there.

17d 8h 3m M4 starts rolling. Shiftry down.

17d 8h 3m M4 sent out!

17d 8h 2m Annie down

17d 8h 2m Annie vs Shiftry

17d 8h 2m Annie takes out Mightyena

17d 8h 1m Mightyena's Pocket Sand is reducing Annie's effectiveness.

17d 8h 1m Annie versus Mightyena

17d 8h 0m Battle initiated

17d 8h 0m Into Sidney's room.

17d 8h 0m [D] Anarchy takes over.

17d 7h 59m [D] Annie and Mighty switched places. Annie is now in the first slot, while Mighty is in the second.

[Reminder] Sixteen hours left.

17d 7h 55m [D] Hoping to switch our Annie and Mighty's positions, it seems.

17d 7h 53m Democracy mode activated.

17d 7h 53m Less than 30 seconds til' voting ends. Demo is winning.

[Addendum] Then again, he hangs around a cave now.

17d 7h 51m We try to call Mr Stone, but the E4 building has no service. Maybe this is why Steven retired? So he could call his dad more?

17d 7h 48m Voting time

17d 7h 48m E4 time again

17d 7h 46m We ah, whited out against Wailord.



17d 7h 44m Democracy vote is coming in four minutes

17d 7h 43m Still in Drake's room.

17d 7h 42m Checking our Pokedex.

17d 7h 40m We're coming for you Wallace!

17d 7h 39m M4's taken the safety off, folks.

17d 7h 39m DRAKE. DEFEATED.


17d 7h 39m Kingdra taken out by Rollout.

17d 7h 38m Rollout takes out Altaria. Kingdra is sent in.

17d 7h 37m Rolling

17d 7h 37m M4 surfs out Shelgon

17d 7h 37m Rollout missed!

17d 7h 36m Shelgon is sent out and shuts down Rollout.

17d 7h 36m Salamence down!

17d 7h 35m Rolling

17d 7h 35m M4 vs a giant dragon! Go!

17d 7h 34m Looks like it's M4's job now.

17d 7h 34m M4's status: Gathering no moss.

17d 7h 34m Cabbage down from a Flamethrower

17d 7h 33m Shelgon is withdrawn for Salamence.

17d 7h 32m Vipelume vs Shelgon.

17d 7h 32m My stream is so slow. DRAKE FIGHT

17d 7h 30m Glacia defeated!

17d 7h 30m Walrein comes out and is rolled.

17d 7h 29m Glalie 2 rolled

17d 7h 29m Sealeo 2 rolled

17d 7h 28m Hey M4. START ROLLING.

17d 7h 28m Annie falls to Sealeo2

17d 7h 27m Annie's frozen. No wait. She decided she didn't like the cold and broke Glalie in half.

17d 7h 26m Annie takes out Sealeo like a champ. Here comes Glalie.

17d 7h 26m We're fighting Glacia

17d 7h 24m Phoebe defeated

17d 7h 24m Rolled.

17d 7h 24m Hi Sableye

17d 7h 23m It gets rolled

17d 7h 23m Here comes the second Banette

17d 7h 23m Time to roll.

17d 7h 22m M4 is sent out

17d 7h 22m GJ taken out by the second Dusclop's EQ

17d 7h 21m Banette is taken out.

17d 7h 21m GJ vs Banette.


17d 7h 20m Dusclops is pretty luck with Protects.

17d 7h 18m Annie switched out for Good Job. She gets hit by a Confuse Ray immediately.

17d 7h 17m Dusclops is not a brick, so trying to break it apart isn't exactly working for Annie.

17d 7h 17m Hariyama vs Dusclops. This is ah, going to be fun.


17d 7h 16m Too busy playing with the menu to start a battle ...

17d 7h 15m In Phoebe's room. Still haven't talked to her.

17d 7h 12m Checking out our Pokenav.

17d 7h 10m Sidney tells us to enjoy our next battle. THANKS SIDNEY.

17d 7h 10m Sidney defeated

17d 7h 10m And Absol

17d 7h 9m So's Shiftry.

17d 7h 9m M4's rolling today. Both Crawdaunt and Cacturne down.

17d 7h 8m Mighty fainted earlier. 5"7 fainted to a Surf by Crawdaunt. It's M4 vs a giant evil lobster now.

17d 7h 6m We're back up against Sidney!

17d 6h 56m Yeah, with several critical hits from Flygon's earthquake (both M4 and Tentacruel), we are sentenced to yet another white out and go back to the pokecenter.

17d 6h 54m M4 goes down to Flygon, this run is almost officially over.

17d 6h 53m Kingdra is also down, and our fifth Rollout misses against Flygon!

17d 6h 52m Drake's Shelgon and Altaria are both down now!

17d 6h 50m It looks like the RNG is against us this time. M4 missed on the third rollout and it's still Drake's first pokemon.

17d 6h 49m M4 is out, hopefully this goes well!

17d 6h 49m Back in Anarchy mode.

[D] 7d 6h 48m With almost 300 votes, we successfully heal M4 with a hyper potion!

[D] 17d 6h 40m We accidentally use our Max Potion on Vileplume!

[D] 17d 6h 38m After a false positive with the Rawst berry, we slowly maneuver to the potions.

[D] 17d 6h 35m Democracy mode enabled, and with it a bot attack begins!

17d 6h 30m Voting for democracy has begun, with demo taking a very strong lead as per the plan.

17d 6h 30m We send out Vileplume, temporarily delaying destruction of our more valuable members Tentacruel and Azumarill.

17d 6h 29m Hariyama is down!

17d 6h 29m The chat desperately attempts to stall until voting for democracy starts in less than a minute.

17d 6h 27m Nevermind. Somehow we already entered battle against Drake.

17d 6h 24m There are many ideas floating around: some people want to heal during the battle, some want to do it before. The only clear cut idea is that we use surf until we wear down Drake's team so that rollout will take care of the rest of them. Remember that Rollout is a five turn move as long as it doesn't miss or we get a status condition, and Drake has five pokemon.

17d 6h 18m The current consensus is to spam ups and downs until democracy kicks in and we use a potion on Azumarill.

17d 6h 17m We actually have multiple conscious Pokemon for Drake. What a miracle. M4 is REALLY low on HP though.

Sorry about my formatting fails with Glalie >__< I can only type so fast and so accurately... haha Rollout is boss.

17d 6h 16m Glacia defeated

17d 6h 16m Bye Walrein

17d 6h 16m Glalie 2 is down

Glalie 2 is down

17d 6h 16m Sealeo goes down as well!

17d 6h 15m Glalie has been rolled out

17d 6h 15m Time to roll.

M4 is switched in.

17d 6h 14m Annie to level 46

17d 6h 14m Annie takes out Sealeo, but not before the Hail starts.

17d 6h 13m Glacia time

17d 6h 12m Bye Sableye, Bye Phoebe

17d 6h 12m Bye Banette 2

17d 6h 11m Bye Banette

17d 6h 11m Dusclops 2 down

17d 6h 10m M4 is rolling!

17d 6h 10m 57 faints to Ice Beam

17d 6h 9m Dusclops down to EQ

17d 6h 9m Switched out for 57

17d 6h 7m So guys. Annie isn't exactly the greatest Pokemon to take on ghosts.

17d 6h 7m Phoebe time


17d 6h 3m Yay no more confusion. Crawdaunt down to Surf

17d 6h 2m Yay we surfed and hit. BYE SHIFTRY

17d 6h 2m M4 hurt itself in confusion.

17d 6h 1m Rollout missed...

17d 6h 1m Swagger... oh boy.

17d 6h 1m NOOOO Rollout missed Shiftry because of double team.

17d 6h 0m RIP in pieces Cacturne

17d 6h 0m We sent out M4 and start to roll. Mightyena down

17d 5h 59m Doge faints to Mightyena

17d 5h 58m Sidney challenged

17d 5h 53m Ah yes, we do seem to love the corner of this room...

17d 5h 52m We're back in the E4 for another round.

[Snark] Not such a GJ when we white out.

17d 5h 52m Down to 8 HP but we're paralyzed! Walrein attacks again and GJ FAINTS AND WE WHITE OUT

17d 5h 51m GJ down to red...

17d 5h 49m GJ down to yellow, and of course still paralyzed.

17d 5h 49m Dive isn't doing much damage, sadly.

17d 5h 48m GJ uses Surf and brings Walrein to the red. Walrein uses body slam and PARALYZES GJ. Glacis FULL RESTORES Walrein. GJ Dives.

17d 5h 48m M4 GOES DOWN TO BODY SLAM. GJ remains.

17d 5h 47m M4 has 14 HP left and gets Walrein to the red, but Walrein recovers with a Sitrus Berry.

17d 5h 47m Rollout's power reset as Walrein comes out to Body Slam and paralyze M4. It surfs and gets a crit, and M4 is paralyzed.

RIP in pieces Glalie 2

17d 5h 46m Bye bye Sealeo 2.

17d 5h 45m Glalie has been rolled out!

17d 5h 45m Glalie uses Icy Wind and lowers M4's speed. The hail stops.

17d 5h 44m We send out M4. Down to 118 HP because of hail. We begin to roll and get a crit KOing Sealeo

17d 5h 43m Cabbage faints to Ice Ball.

17d 5h 42m Here comes the hail...

17d 5h 41m Hi Glacia we're back.

17d 5h 38m Vileplume and Tentacruel are at 100% health and M4 is at 41%.

17d 5h 38m Phoebe defeated (apparently I missed us taking out one of her pokemon but no matter, we won.)

17d 5h 38m Bye Dusclops.

17d 5h 37m Sableye is rolled out as well.

17d 5h 36m Banette goes down to Rollout

17d 5h 36m Dusclops has been rolled out!

17d 5h 35m Doge down! Out comes M4.

17d 5h 33m We ALMOST overwrote Bite with Hidden Power but didn't. Phoebe challenged

17d 5h 33m We took Mightyena's held TM10 and replaced it with TM10.

17d 5h 32m Surfing Absol and it goes down, Sidney defeated

17d 5h 31m Crawdaunt goes down as well.

17d 5h 31m M4 snapped out of confusion! We beat Cacturne

17d 5h 30m We're having a hard time hitting but finally land a surt and take out Shiftry

17d 5h 30m [D] WE VOTE FOR ANARCHY

17d 5h 29m Entering democracy...

BTW just to make sure people know, we do indeed have one max potion and one hyper potion.

17d 5h 28m And then hurts herself in confusion. At least Shiftry missed. But then M4 missed too and Shiftry hit.

17d 5h 27m M4 is sent out. And misses her attack. And get swaggered.

17d 5h 27m We try to Strength but miss... And then 57 goes down to extrasensory

17d 5h 27m Another EQ from 57 brings Shiftry to the yellow. But we are tormented so we can't EQ again this turn.

17d 5h 26m We used EQ on Shiftry and it got to the red but Sidney used a full restore. Our next attack missed.

17d 5h 25m We switch for 57

17d 5h 24m Shiftry is double teaming, we are sand attacking...

(The level growth was from the fight against Sidney's Mightyena BTW)

17d 5h 23m Annie faints to Shiftry! Mightyena is back out, and it grew to level 36 too.

17d 5h 22m Annie KOs Sidney's Mightyena

17d 5h 22m Doge is weakened into the yellow, Annie is sent out but gets hit by a crit.

17d 5h 21m Doge vs Doge! =D

17d 5h 21m Finally challenged Sidney!

17d 5h 16m We try to make a phone call but we don't get reception in here.

17d 5h 15m We're in a corner again.

17d 5h 13m Anyway we're back in the E4... How many tries was this? XD

17d 5h 12m We have a max potion and I think a hyper potion... Let me know if I'm wrong.

17d 5h 12m We are buying potions!

17d 5h 10m M4 surfs Shelgon but it's not enough, and she is taken out by Dragon Claw, WHITE OUT!

17d 5h 9m VS Drake!

17d 5h 7m WALREIN AND GLACIA DEFEATED M4 has 22 HP left and we have no healing items.

17d 5h 6m M4 surfs Walrein, but a low damage roll leaves it in the red. M4 is surfed and down to 22 HP.

17d 5h 6m We try to run but we can't.

17d 5h 6m Trying to use a Rawst Berry... Sadly, it won't have any effect.

17d 5h 5m Glacia uses Full Restore. M4 is in the red.

17d 5h 3m Surf is a 2-hit KO on Walrein... or WOULD be if not for that sitrus berry.

17d 5h 3m Out comes Walrein

17d 5h 2m VS Glalie 2 now. M4 is down to the yellow due to hail. Glalie goes down to Surf

17d 5h 2m Bye Sealeo.

17d 5h 2m More hail.

17d 5h 2m Surfed Glalie to death. Out comes Sealeo 2.

17d 4h 59m We settle for Rock Smash and take out Sealeo. Out comes Glalie.

17d 4h 59m We want to use Rollout but there's no PP left for this move. =(

17d 4h 57m Vileplume faints M4 is our last hope.

17d 4h 55m Sealeo vs Cabbage. Hail is set up.


17d 4h 52m Dusclops goes down as well. PHOEBE DEFEATED And RIP Rollout for this run.

17d 4h 51m We're still rolling and KO Sableye.

17d 4h 51m Banette did faint though. But no more rollout after this roll ends. We KO another Banette though.

17d 4h 51m All PP for Rollout lost =(

17d 4h 50m We're rolling! But Banette used Grudge!

17d 4h 50m M4 is out now.

17d 4h 49m Mightyena down!

17d 4h 48m Dusclops down and Banette sent out.

17d 4h 46m Bite does around 1/4 to Dusclops.

17d 4h 45m Phoebe challenged!

17d 4h 42m Having trouble talking to Phoebe...

[Fluff] Have you guys ever noticed that the shape of the routes in Hoenn slightly resemble a trumpet?

17d 4h 37m Or was that surf? Not sure but no matter, it missed. We hit the next Surf though. Sidney defeated!

17d 4h 36m Rollout missed =(

17d 4h 35m M4 comes out next. She begins to roll!

17d 4h 35m Sidney sends out Absol and rock slides GJ. Leech Seed knocks out GJ.

17d 4h 34m Cacturne finally goes down to a Surf!

17d 4h 33m Liquid Ooze is actually helpful.

17d 4h 33m HP Electric on Cacturne isn't very effective... We are leech seeded in exchange.

Just a PSA here, we don't have healing items right now.

17d 4h 32m Cacturne comes out.

17d 4h 32m YEAHHH HIDDEN POWER ELECTRIC finishes off Crawdaunt

17d 4h 31m We send in GJ again.

17d 4h 31m Crawdaunt takes out 57

17d 4h 30m We Earthquake Shiftry and it goes down!

17d 4h 29m We send out 57 next.

17d 4h 29m Annie goes down to Extrasensory

17d 4h 29m Used Strength but missed. Stupid double team...

17d 4h 29m Annie has been Swaggered.

17d 4h 28m Shiftry's defense is lowered by Rock Smash.

17d 4h 28m We switch out for Annie.

17d 4h 27m Shiftry is up next. Surf doesn't do much and Shiftry starts double teaming. We hit the next Surf anyway though.

17d 4h 27m Sidney's Mightyena goes down to Surf!

17d 4h 27m We've switched out Mightyena for GJ. GJ Twitch.

17d 4h 25m Sidney has been challenged!!

17d 4h 25m ...and we walk into a wall. Smooth.


17d 4h 23m [D] Earthquake, Strength, Rock Throw, Rock Blast. That's the order of 57's moves now. Looks like we're going for B again so we're done with this one.

17d 4h 23m [D] Swapped the places of Strength and Earthquake.

17d 4h 20m [D] On the moves screen.

17d 4h 19m [D] We're in 57's summary screen!

17d 4h 17m [D] Oh it looks like we're doing more move reordering on other Pokemon... haha this could take a while!

17d 4h 16m [D] Looks like we're done here...? Rollout, Surf, Rock Smash, and Strength are M4's moves in order.

17d 4h 15m [D] Strength and Surf swapped places!

17d 4h 13m [D] Rollout has been switched with Strength!

PSA: During Democracy, REMEMBER THE LAG and input accordingly!

17d 4h 10m [D] We seem to keep overshooting with A and our timing is off.

17d 4h 8m [D] We've reached her move screen.

17d 4h 6m [D] We are in M4's summary screen!

17d 4h 4m [D] We're in the Pokemon menu!

17d 4h 4m Apparently we're trying to change around our moves...

17d 4h 2m [D] Democracy time. We're in the menu in democracy...

17d 4h 1m Also, it's voting time...

17d 4h 0m We're re-entered the elite four again!

17d 3h 59m More Hoenn Map time! Yay.

17d 3h 58m ...and we're down almost instantly. White out time!

17d 3h 57m Drake Time!

17d 3h 48m M4 pulls through and beats Walrein! Glacia defeated!

17d 3h 47m M4 going with the Rollout maneuver. Sealeo and another Glalie beaten!

17d 3h 45m GJ manages to hold out and beat it with Waterfall! But the next Sealeo Double-Edges her. GJ down! M4 up!

17d 3h 43m GJ almost beats Glalie with some Surfs, but a Full Restore heals Glalie.

17d 3h 42m GJ is paralyzed by Sealeo's Body Slam but retaliates with Hidden Power and defeats it! Glalie up!

17d 3h 41m Glacia! Long time no see! Let's battle!

17d 3h 40m M4 starts a Rollout barrage, taking down the two Banettes and Sableye. Phoebe defeated!

17d 3h 38m Ride that Surf! M4 defeats Dusclops.

17d 3h 37m Cabbage comes in, but an Ice Beam and a Shadow Ball put her down!

17d 3h 35m ...But the other Dusclops revenge kills 5'7" with Ice Beam.

17d 3h 34m Dusclops' Protect fails just in time for a 5'7" Earthquake to take it down!

17d 3h 30m Hi Phoebe! Ready to battle?

17d 3h 28m M4 rolls through Absol despite a Full Restore and then Cacturne and Crawdaunt as well. Sidney defeated again!

17d 3h 26m Absol defeats Annie, however, so M4 is sent in!

17d 3h 25m Annie Brick Breaks Shiftry, and it faints! Or would it be Wood Break?

17d 3h 25m Annie takes revenge and defeats the other Mighty! Shiftry next!

17d 3h 23m It's a Doge-Eat-Doge world out there. Our Mighty faints from Sidney's Mighty!

17d 3h 23m Sidney Hype!......

17d 3h 19m Back to the E4 we go.

[Snark] Has anyone recorded how many times A has looked at the Hoenn Map? She must really love looking at it.

17d 3h 16m Back in the Center. Just hanging out with the PC and #Believe guy for a sec.

17d 3h 13m Thunderbolt shocks M4 until she's down. We white out!

17d 3h 10m M4 Surfs down Dusclops! Banette 1 next!

17d 3h 9m M4 hurts herself in confusion. Because hitting yourself sounds like the best thing to do when you're confused.

17d 3h 8m Phoebe challenged. She sends out Dusclops 1.

17d 3h 5m M4's on a Roll...out! Cacturne, Crawdaunt, and Absol all defeated! Beat Sidney!

17d 3h 5m M4 defeats Shiftry. Cacturne next!

17d 3h 2m Unfortunately, she's downed by Shiftry. Awaiting M4 to switch in.

17d 3h 1m GJ clutches with 1HP and finishes off Mightyena with a Dive! Great Job, GJ!

17d 2h 57m Anarchy pulls through!

17d 2h 55m Sidney challenged as well! Mightyena vs GJ!

17d 2h 54m Voting time once again!

17d 2h 52m E4 time, everyone! I'm sure you're all stoked to hear about it after not having an E4 battle for almost half a day!

[Fluff] A tries to do a little breakdancing in one spot for Mr. Believe. Not sure if he's impressed or not.

17d 2h 44m A is struggling to decide where she should go: the PC, the Nurse, or that guy who keeps telling us to #Believe.

17d 2h 42m And immediately back out. What could A be thinking about right now?

17d 2h 41m Back in the PC.

17d 2h 40m Inside the Center and booting up the PC. Oh, never mind.

17d 2h 35m We're outside!

17d 2h 32m We're nearing the other side of Victory Road, just a little further.

17d 2h 29m GJ's doing a Good Job at grinding. She's now level 60!

17d 1h 52m Anarchybots arrive, and we're back in Anarchy!

[Fluff] Demobots are trying to run from battle. Why not just finish off that Golbat?

17d 1h 48m [D] Democracy has kicked in during a battle.

[Snark] After using Knock Off on GJ, the wild Hariyama must be thinking "Hah! You better have Burn Heal! Oh wait, you don't!"

17d 1h 43m Voting has started once more.

17d 1h 37m We get the puzzle right this time and head in further.

17d 1h 26m Still hanging around in the first boulder puzzle. We went upstairs then back downstairs, so boulders are reset.

17d 1h 15m GJ grows to level 59! Good Job, GJ. Good Job.

17d 1h 4m 5'7" also faints to a wild Golbat.

17d 0h 56m Vileplume faints to a wild Golbat

17d 0h 53m 5' 7" becomes Lv 57 SO META

[Strategy] Now that we're back in Victory Road, use this convenient map to help navigate it!

17d 0h 42m Stream paused momentarily, now running

17d 0h 42m A critical hit from a Golbat faints Hariyama

[Information] The Voting timer seems to have reset during both pauses.

17d 0h 39m Stream Un-Paused

[Snark] Given the approaching Apocalypse, now more than ever is the the time to ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

17d 0h 38m Stream Paused again

17d 0h 37m Mightyena Fainted to a wild Golbat

17d 0h 33m Stream back up Still unsure on bot issue.

17d 0h 32m Streamer may be addressing Bot issue. fingers crossed

17d 0h 32m Stream Paused

17d 0h 31m Bots are back, spamming Start

17d 0h 27m We have made our way back to the waterfall before Victory Road

17d 0h 20m Bots briefly spam Wait command. It's like that one movie where everyone just suddenly... stops. Or something.

17d 0h 19m Bots now spamming up. Is our war against the bots, or against ourselves? (It's against the bots).

17d 0h 12m And our almighty Bot overlords, knowing what's best for us meager humans, swarm the input system with lefts, moving us away from Ever Grande Coty and back towards the rest of Hoenn. Hail Bots.

17d 0h 6m We appeared to have healed. Full health party again.

17d 0h 3m Voting period is in effect. Still haven't healed.

[Snark] Struggling against this E4 has been pretty miserable

17d 0h 0m Welcome to Day 18 everyone. THE LAST MELON DAY (maybe)

17d 0h 0m Fire Red Countdown has hit 1 day left

16d 23h 52m So we went back down the waterfall. Yeah...

[PSA] For all of you with your finger over the PrtSc key, you probably won't be the first to post the "Final Day" screenshot and you probably will have your post deleted. Are you that desperate for imaginary internet points?

16d 23h 45m A rifles through the PokeCenter's bookshelf. hrmm Revelations must be in here somewhere

16d 23h 37m We walk around the PokeCenter, and chat with the Nurse for awhile. We don't heal, mind you. A just wants to chat.

[Snark] Meanwhile at Gamefreak: "So here's the design for Hoenn's Victory Road entrance" "But what if someone playing somehow enters dozens of semi-random inputs per second? Won't they get stuck?" SMACK

[Strategy] Looks like folks want to go back out to heal before re-entering Victory Road, so as to give our weaker pokes some training as we go.

[Snark] They're probably the Golbats we deserve, but they're definitely not the Golbats we need right now

16d 23h 27m Vileplume faints to a wild Golbat

16d 23h 24m And we're back in Victory Road!

16d 23h 22m We're back in Ever Grande. Victory Road redux upcoming.

[Fluff] Syrupofjemima and Thewafflmaster win today's TPP username combo award. Excellent work guys.

16d 23h 5m Vileplume take heavy damage from a wild tentacool, down to 45% HP. Stupid Liquid Ooze

16d 23h 1m With 30s of voting left, Skynet strikes, pushing the vote further into Anarchy, where we remain.

16d 22h 59m Vileplume grows to Lv 38!

16d 22h 58m Early votes favor anarchy. No sign of bots...yet

16d 22h 56m Voting period begins

16d 22h 53m: Hariyama fainted to one of those damn wildings. Vileplume leads the party. Currently in route 124.

16d 22h 48m: We are currently in between route 124 and 126 as a big bot attack seems to be spamming up. A lot. 7min until voting time.

16d 22h 40m: A keeps bullying wild Tentacool and Wingull. She beats the weak wins then runs from the strong ones. 28 hp left for her.

16d 22h 31m: Annie is unnimpressed by Chinchou and beats the crap out of him. We had a good run though.

16d 22h 29m: We encounter a shiny Chinchou. No Pokeballs of course, not like they would help.

16d 22h 26m: We are diving, surfing, fighting, but Hariyama has had around 15% HP for a LONG time now and is still alive. Thats a hero guys.

16d 22h 21m: Hariyama reached lvl 45

16d 22h 14m: ** We make it all the way to route 126**. Now thank you bots, you have made our way back way more interesting. No I know how Ulysses/Odyseus felt.

16d 22h 10m: A seems to be drifting farther and farther away from victory road, like Tom Hanks at the end of stranded. WILSON!

[Meta] People are suggesting it might actually be bots that are pushing A to the left. To be honest, there are way too many left commands input.

16d 22h 4m: Lots of left spams. Apparently route 128 is not good enough for A.

16d 21h 57m: And just like that, anarchy takes over. Back to grinding it seems.

16d 21h 55m: Hariyama learns Rock Smash for endure

16d 21h 54m: [D] Bots join in the fun of democracy to replace endure with Rock smash.

16d 21h 51m: [D] Annie is going to learn rock smash. I don't want to jynx it but the first move is brick break...

16d 21h 50m: [D] Ok I was wrong. So very very wrong. Rock smash selected.

16d 21h 47m: [D] We are currently attempting to teach surf. Word on the street is, it will replace Hidden Power.

16d 21h 44m [D] Hariyama forgot Hidden Power and learned Brick Break!

16d 21h 42m: [D] Time to choose the move. This is what the last hours have been all about.

16d 21h 42m: [D] "Annie wants to learn the move Brick Break". Well then our work here is done right?

16d 21h 39m: [D] The TM text is going slow. Ketchup slow. Rush hour traffic slow.

16d 21h 37m: [D] There we go, brick break selected. This is it guys, remember to overwrite rollout. I mean, endure ofc :P.

16d 21h 36m: [D] We overshoot the Tm bag and have to get back to the left.

16d 21h 35m: [D] Finally going to the bag. Brick Break is the goal so far.

16d 21h 33m: [D] Start gets input again and we get out of the menu. Then down is input and we move down. Amazing.

16d 21h 32m: [D] There are a couple of start inputs before we manage to get out of the fight completely. We are now in the start menu.

16d 21h 31m: [D] Hariyama manages to run away from a fight against a Tentacool. Showtime.

16d 21h 29m: [D] Democracy takes over. Congratulations to the winners, maybe next time anarchists. B is the first input.

16d 21h 24m: Anarchy vs Democracy starts. So far democracy is taking this home. Lots of left spam though.

[Recap] Ok guys, for all of those with the /u/calabazal fever here is his recap of today's events. Bots intensify :O.

16d 21h 20m: Annie wastes all her hidden power on a Tentacool. It is not very effective. Down to about 24 hp.

16d 21h 16m: We are currently near the waterfall. 8 mins left until voting guys! I bet you wish communism was an option now right?

16d 21h 12m: Mightyena gives his life to defeating a wild Wingull. He was on the verge of levelling up.

16d 21h 8m: We are almost at the waterfall that leads to Victory Road. Mightyena is down to 27% but gets closer to leveling up.

16d 20h 55m: We have reached route 128. The plan seems to be to grind near the entrance of victory road, in the water.

16d 20h 52m: We are once again in route 127. Mightyena's hp is down to 54%.

[Snark] Don't worry guys, 37 minutes until Democracy. We should be near a Pokecenter then in case we need to heal... :P

16d 20h 45m: We get back to route 126 and keep grinding against wild wingulls. Double edge is looking sharp.

16d 20h 39m: We arrive to route 127. Slow and steady wins the race apparently.

16d 20h 35m: Mightyena is leading the party at the moment but we are running away from most fights currently. Just outside of sootopolis, route 126

16d 20h 30m: We get out of Sootopolis while bots conspiracies keep growing in the chat.

16d 20h 27m: Ok guys, we make it out of the Pokemon Center and out of Sootopolis. I'm too old for this s**t

16d 20h 24m: Anarchy takes over as we were close to the pc. Some Bot harvesting Vigilante saved the day (400 votes for anarchy out of the blue guys.)

16d 20h 23m: [D] Anarchy almosts takes over as bots are now directing A right. PC right guys.

16d 20h 22m: [D] We are currently inside the Pokemon Center, right now standing in front of nurse Joy.

16d 20h 21m: This is proving to be a big battle between bots and anarchy. So far bots have got it but anarchy keeps getting more people. We don't know why is A going to the Pokemon Center.

16d 20h 18m: I can't tell right now but it seems we are going to the Pokemon Center currently. To be honest, this has "bot" written all over it.

16d 20h 14m: [D] Democracy outscores anarchy. We are currently going up in the water back to the land I guess.

16d 20h 12m: Voting is currently in progress. Please remember you can only vote once. Communism is not an accepted input (damn!)

16d 20h 10m: We heal our party. Twice for good measures

16d 20h 9m: We go to the pc but manage not to do anything noteworthy.

16d 20h 8m: We entered the Poke Center once again. We cant find nurse Joy though. Marco? Marco?

16d 20h 4m: A walks around sootopolis. 5 mins until voting guys, choose wisely

16d 20h 0m: We almost heal! But then we immediately change our mind and leave the Poke Center.

16d 19h 57m: We are actually attempting to teach the tm in anarchy. Of course, it's not working out so far. Those start spam are way too many.

16d 19h 50m: Still in the Pokemon Center. Second floor to be more precise.

16d 19h 43m Mightyena learns Double Edge in place of Roar from a lady in the Sootopolis Pokemon Center.

16d 19h 38m A stares intently at the magazine shelf in the Pokemon Center.

16d 19h 30m We still haven't healed by the way. A is just browsing around the Pokemon Center and checking her Pokedex.

16d 19h 22m A makes it to the right side of Sootopolis and enters the Pokemon Center.

16d 19h 20m A leaves the Black Belt guy's house. She is now surfing around Sootopolis.

16d 19h 17m A receives TM31 Brick Break from the Black Belt guy.

16d 19h 16m We are now in a house in Sootopolis with a Black Belt guy and a Kecleon.

16d 19h 13m A leaves the Poke Mart.

16d 19h 13m A looks at the Pokedex entries of her dear Shedinja and Castform. Don't worry guys, A still remembers you.

16d 19h 11m A walks into Sootopolis's Poke Mart. She then proceeds to check her Pokedex.

16d 19h 10m A is now on the left side of Sootopolis. We save the game.

16d 19h 9m Anarchy takes over again by a very narrow margin.

16d 19h 8m [D] A makes it onto the parcel of land of Juan's gym.

16d 19h 4m [D] A resurfaces in Sootopolis City.

[snark] Gee, A sure can hold her breath for a long time! She's been underwater for awhile now.

16d 19h 2m [D] We make it to the underwater entrance of Sootopolis.

16d 18h 56m [D] A slowly makes her way towards the entrance of Sootopolis underwater.

16d 18h 53m [D] A exits the Start menu.

16d 18h 51m [D] We switch Annie's position in the team with Doge. Doge now leads.

16d 18h 45m [D] A opens up the start menu.

16d 18h 44m [D] Democracy takes over. The first command that goes through is B.

16d 18h 43m Vileplume continues to take down wild Wingull left and right.

16d 18h 42m A dives down again and resurfaces!

16d 18h 40m Vileplume ran out of PP for Giga Drain. She takes down a couple of wild Wingull.

16d 18h 38m Let the Anarchy versus Democracy voting battle begin!

16d 18h 36m We listen to Azumarill's battle cry a few times in the Pokedex.

16d 18h 35m A gets a call from Steve. Hi Steve! What's up?

16d 18h 35m A resurfaces back to route 126.

16d 18h 34m A dives down into the water. Vileplume takes down a wild Clamperl.

16d 18h 29m A saves the game a couple of times. You know... just in case.

16d 18h 28m We are now in route 126.

16d 18h 27m Vileplume puts a wild Pelipper to sleep and takes it down with some Acid.

16d 18h 24m Vileplume now leads our team. She takes down a wild Tentacool.

16d 18h 24m Doge takes down a wild Tentacool. He also faints from poison damage. So much for grinding him.

16d 18h 21m We are now in route 127.

16d 18h 19m We dive down and resurface a couple more times.

16d 18h 19m Mightyena rapidly loses HP from poison. He's in the red zone.

16d 18h 17m Mightyena now leads the team. We get into a wild battle against a Tentacool and Mightyena gets poisoned.

16d 18h 16m A dives down and resurfaces. She does this a few times.

16d 18h 15m M4 takes down Nosepass with 2 RollOuts! But gets paralyzed by Nosepass. Cool Trainer Ruben defeated.

16d 18h 14m M4 uses Strength and takes out Shiftry! Nosepass is left.

16d 18h 13m Shiftry uses Pound and takes down Annie.

16d 18h 12m Battle against Cool Trainer Ruben! Ruben sends out Shiftry while A sends out Annie.

16d 18h 11m A dives down into the water. And now we're up again!

16d 18h 10m We continue to surf West on route 128.

16d 18h 9m A registers Triathlete Katelyn in her Pokenav.

16d 18h 8m Doge takes another Bubblebeam but retaliates with Strength and takes down Staryu. Triathlete Katelyn defeated!

16d 18h 8m Doge continues to try roaring out Staryu but it fails. Staryu hits Doge with a bubblebeam to the face.

16d 18h 7m Staryu goes for another minimize. Doge tries roaring it out but he misses!

16d 18h 7m A switches out Annie for Doge. Staryu uses minimize.

16d 18h 6m Staryu used Camouflage while Annie hits it with another Hidden Power. Annie is holding on with just 5HP now.

16d 18h 5m Staryu hits Annie with a couple of Bubblebeams. Annie retaliates back with Hidden Power but it's not very effective. Annie only has 13HP left.

16d 18h 4m Battle in the ocean against Triathlete Katelyn! She sends out Staryu while A sends out Annie.

16d 18h 3m Whoops, I meant Tentacool! Sorry about that guys.

16d 18h 2m We keep encountering wild Tentacruel. Annie leads the team.

16d 18h 1m A's made it to the bottom of the waterfall. We are now on route 128.

16d 18h 0m A makes it out of the Pokemon Center and is now attempting to surf down the waterfall.

16d 17h 58m Here's a map of the surrounding area to Sootopolis.

16d 7h 56m A manages to heal her team!

16d 7h 54m A walks into the Pokemon Center in Ever Grande. Will she be able to heal her team?

16d 7h 53m We are finally back on land in Ever Grande City!

16d 17h 50m We make it up the waterfall! Hallelujah!

16d 7h 48m Tentacruel just ran out of PP for Dive. The only attack it has left is Waterfall.

16d 7h 47m A pushes herself against the waterfall in front of Ever Grande City. We are struggling to make it back up the waterfall to the Pokemon Center.

16d 7h 42m We are now in Ever Grande City. We surf down the waterfall without going to the Pokemon Center first.

16d 7h 41m The entrance is in sight! But we get into a battle with a wild Lairon before we could exit.

16d 7h 40m We are currently very close to the entrance of Victory Road. Tentacruel is hanging on by a thread while M4 is at 79% HP.

16d 7h 39m A passes by Wally and decides to not even say hi.

16d 7h 38m Just kidding, we're back in Anarchy again.

16d 7h 38 [D] Democracy kicks in!

16d 7h 37m We went up and down the ladder again and finally ended up at the top...again.

16d 7h 36m We went back down the ladder again. Back to the darkness.

16d 7h 34m We made it up the ladder! I can see the light!

16d 7h 33m Tentacruel also just ran out of PP for Hidden Power. She is at 19% for HP. Could this be it for Tentacruel?

16d 7h 33m Tentacruel only has 4PP left for Dive. Our wild Pokemon encounters are taking longer and longer.

16d 7h 31m Tentacruel takes down a wild Lairon. Half way there to level 59!

16d 7h 30m M4 smashes a rock into a million pieces and A makes her way through.

16d 7h 29m A repeatedly checks on her team during this battle against a wild Lairon, making sure that that no one magically gained a pulse.

16d 7h 24m A has been fleeing from the wild battles that occur every few seconds. She has fled from at least three in a row.

16d 7h 21m We are slowly making our way to the other side of Victory Road. It's still very dark.

16d 7h 18m With no more PP in Tentacruel's Surf, A finds herself looking through her bag a lot during battles and consulting our items.

16d 7h 16m All these wild Pokemon encounters is slowly taking its toll on Tentacruel. She is at 36%.

[Snark] Be sure to refresh your page if you got the loading circle.

16d 7h 13m The stream experiences some major lag... I'm glad I'm not the only one getting the loading circle.

16d 7h 12m For those of you who don't already know, Tentacruel's Hidden Power is Electric.

16d 7h 9m Tentacruel is out of PP for Surf.

16d 7h 8m We repeat the process of going up and down the ladder again... Except this time we finally landed at the top! Yippee!

[Snark] I think the ladders are conspiring with the ledges...

16d 17h 1m A makes it up the ladder again! Then back down... and then up! Then back down...

16d 17h 0m Tentacruel levels up to 58.

16d 16h 58m Here's the map of the route to backtrack through Victory Road.

16d 16h 55m By stairs I mean ladder, sorry about that folks!

16d 16h 55m A goes up the stairs! And back down. And up again! ...And back down. She does this at least 5 times.

16d 16h 53m Tentacruel is doing pretty well against all these foes. She's still at 73%.

16d 16h 52m The wild Pokemon just keep coming. A literally just took two steps and encountered another wild Pokemon... and another.

16d 16h 50m Tentacruel gets its Burn Heal knocked off by a wild Sableye.

16d 16h 47m The Golbats... they just keep coming. Where does it end!?

16d 16h 39m Current Pokemon still alive on our team are Tentacruel and M4.

16d 16h 37m Tentacruel now leads. Guess what wild Pokemon popped up? That's right, another Golbat!

16d 16h 37m 5'7" gets knocked out by a wild Golbat.

16d 16h 36m We're still wandering around in the dark, encountering wild Pokemon along the way. 5'7" is at 29%.

16d 16h 33m Aaaaand we're back in Anarchy!

16d 16h 32m [D] Democracy kicks in.

16d 16h 28m Anarchy versus democracy tug-pull time!

16d 16h 26m Our team is slashing through these Golbats left and right like it's a sport.

16d 16h 25m Make that five wild Golbats in a row.

16d 16h 24m 5'7" took down four wild Golbats in a row.

16d 16h 21m Golbats. Golbats everywhere.

16d 16h 20m 5'7 takes down another wild Golbat. 5'7" grows to level 56.

16d 16h 18m We are struggling to make it up this waterfall.

16d 16h 17m 5'7" takes down a wild Golbat! Current team members still alive are Graveler, Tentacruel, and Azumarill.

16d 16h 16m Tentacruel successfully used Surf. We are now playing around in the water in Victory Road. I wonder if A knows how to swim.

16d 16h 14m 5'7" decides to retreat from its battle with Sableye. We're currently wandering around in the dark in Victory Road.

16d 16h 13m Fled from Sableye only to encounter another wild Sableye! 5'7" is leading.

16d 16h 12m M4 likes to show off its power through Strength and Rock Smashes... Sableye is not impressed. M4 also got confused by Sableye and hit itself.

16d 16h 10m We send out M4 against Sableye

16d 16h 9m Vileplume faints to a wild Sableye

16d 16h 4m: Vileplume runs out of giga drain. Please Lairon, leave us alone for a while.

16d 16h 1m: Vileplume levels up to 37

16d 15h 59m: A comes across a particular tough to beat ladder. Everytime we go down we go up right away.

16d 15h 57m: Mightyena faints to a wild Hariyama. Vileplume leads the party now.

16d 15h 51m: Hariyama succumbs to its worst enemy, a flying bat. Mightyena leads the party.

16d 15h 50m: Annie and Mightyena take turns at taking hits from wild Golbats. They are a very good team.

16d 15h 44m: Rock smash! I've missed that adrenaline when breaking rocks :D.

16d 15h 43m: We are doing a good job are getting to the other side of Victory Road. Many strategies will emerge from the other side, from going to sootopolis to grinding in the water. Start making your choices people, this might be a good battle.

[Snark] "You've made it this far. Keep the momentum going and become the CHAMPION! If anyone can, it's you!" Those are words from a fellow cooltrainer in victory road. Your momentum is long gone man.

16d 15h 38m: A is currently going down through Victory Road. Some people want to make it to the other side.

16d 15h 33m: A enters Victory Road. Come on Hariyama, make us proud. A Makuhita is the first pokemon that shows up. Coincidence?

16d 15h 31m: Another grinding vs E4 battle. This never gets old. Oh wait.

16d 15h 27m: Anarchy takes over for just one vote! Against up, nevertheless. A then proceeds up.

16d 15h 27m: [D] Democracy takes over as we were going towards Victory Road. Lots of up down and anarchy spams.

[Snark] Ok, it wasn't a miracle this time but YOU JUST WATCH! You'll see... I hope :S.

16d 15h 26m: A missed rollout causes the last curse to bring M4 down. A whited out

16d 15h 25m: Dusclops gets healed by full restore. Curse is taking her down very fast.

16d 15h 24m: Finally rollout is used. Dusclops then resorts to curse. I jynxed it again guys.

16d 15h 24m: Dusclops uses protect, as always. Literally always. Strength used, no use though so Dusclops might as well just use curse.

16d 15h 23m: A loses no time in challenging Phoebe. Dusclops vs M4

16d 15h 19m: Strength a couple more times and Absol down. Sidney defeated. Azumarill has around 220 hp left (62%)

16d 15h 19m: M4 uses strength and brings Absol to 50%. Sitrus berry, I hate thee. Absol responds with sword dance.

16d 15h 18m: Another rock smash and sidney decides to heal Crawdaunt. Good thing its defense was lower. Two more rock smashes bring him down. Absol!

16d 15h 18m: Rock smash used. Crawdaunt responds with swords dance. Rock smash again and Crawdaunt responds with facade.

16d 15h 16m: Crawdaunt up next. #believe

16d 15h 15m: M4 comes out and Shiftry faints to rock smash. Mightyena out. Used double edge and receive another dose of rock smash. Down!

16d 15h 13m: A struggles to send M4 out. Do you believe in miracles guys?

16d 15h 12m: Vileplume faints to another extrasensory. M4 is all that's left.

16d 15h 11m: Extrasensory used again. Vileplume responds with acid. 37 hp left for her.

16d 15h 10m: Liquid doze is proving quite useful vs leech seed as it lowers enemy's hp. as well. However GJK faints to extrasensory and leech seed. Vileplume in.

16d 15h 9m: GJK uses surf and Cacnea faints. Shiftry comes out and resists the first surf. Then responds with swagger.

16d 15h 7m: Tentacruel used Hidden power but it isn't very effective against Cacturne. Leech seed proves way more challenging. Cacturne is low on health though.

16d 15h 6m: GJK comes out. We immediately look for a pokemon to switch in.

16d 15h 5m: Strength does its fair deal of damage but Graveler faints to Needle arm.

16d 15h 5m: Mightyena faints to Cacturne's Needle Arm. 5'7 comes out.

16d 15h 4m: Double edge used. We respond with roar and Cacturne comes out. 42 hp left for the dog.

16d 15h 3m: Mightyena is switched in for Vileplume. Another sand attack used by enem Mightyena.

16d 15h 2m: Vileplume comes out against Mightyena. Sand attack used vs Giga Drain. Vileplume missed.

16d 15h 2m: Hariyama faints to another double edge from Mightyena.

16d 15h 1m: Another double edge and Hariyama uses hidden power which does even LESS damage. Sidney used full restore on Mightyena and we use once again smellingsalt.

16d 14h 59m: Mightyena uses Double edge and Hariyama responds with smellingsalt. FYI Double edge does more damage to Mightyena than smellingsalt.

16d 14h 59m: A tries to run away, then she tries to switch pokemon in. Are you in a hurry Sidney? Sorry, we have all day long.

16d 14h 56m: Annie starts with smellingsalt while Mightyena uses sand attack. Smellingsalt is just a bit more damaging.

16d 14h 56m: There we go, Sidney challenged. Mightyena vs Hariyama.

16d 14h 49m: Ok, I think it's safe to say Sidney knows we are here. I don't know what gave us away though...

16d 14h 44m: A goes around Sidney looking for hidden traps or mechanisms. He's a dark trainer, he's surely trickier than Koga.

[Music] Elite 4 getting you down? Cheer up with some music over at the TPP Radio Station! You can play your own songs if you wish.

16d 14h 40m: There we go, A goes straight to the E4. Get ready Sidney, we're coming. It might take a while though.

16d 14h 39m: Up seems to be winning the battle. We enter the Pokemon League once again.

16d 14h 37m: A walks down and tries to make it to Victory Road. Lots of up and down spams. No agreement reached yet

16d 14h 32m M4 goes down to Sableye's Night Shade. Whited out!

16d 14h 29m M4 finally decides to Surf and KO's Banette, but Grudge drops Surf's PP to 0!

16d 14h 25m M4 is still using ineffective moves while Banette Shadow Balls her.

[Fluff] This one's a Ghost type too, M4. Strength and Rock Smash still can't help you.

16d 14h 19m Strength and Rock Smash can't help M4 against Dusclops, so she Surfs instead and KO's Dusclops.

[Fluff] M4 is staring down Dusclops while A tries to send out one of her fainted party members.

16d 14h 13m But is taken down by Dusclops 2's Shadow Ball.

16d 14h 13m As well as Banette 1! She also levels up to 57!

16d 14h 12m GJ defeats Dusclops 1!

16d 14h 10m Battling Phoebe!

[Snark] Okay, A, NOW you can go through the door.

16d 14h 4m A Strength takes down Crawdaunt. Sidney defeated!

16d 14h 2m Crawdaunt Surfs over 5'7" and KO's her! M4 is back out!

16d 14h 0m Shiftry's Swagger and Torment couldn't stop M4 from taking him down with Rollout! Sidney brings out Crawdaunt while A switches to 5'7".

16d 13h 58m M4 tries the Rollout strategy, but Shiftry's Double Team causes her to miss! She tries a Strength and lands it!

16d 13h 56m M4's Strength almost OHKO's Cacturne! Sidney uses a Full Restore, but M4 made sure her Strength was a KO this time! Cacturne down! Mightyena also just went down from M4's Strength!

16d 13h 54m M4 uses her brute Strength to bring down Absol! Cacturne is next!

16d 13h 52m 5'7" has a Blast with Rocks while Absol Dances with Swords. 5'7" gets switched out for Vileplume, who is defeated! M4, you're up!

16d 13h 51m 5'7" vs Absol now! A tries to run from a Trainer battle for the thousandth time.

16d 13h 49m Mighty got tired of seeing Sidney's Mighty, so he Roared him away. But then he got KO'd by Absol!

16d 13h 48m Annie braced herself for Mightyena's Double-Edge, but it wasn't enough! She's taken down by the next Bite! Out comes our own Mighty!

16d 13h 47m Sidney Challenged! Annie vs Mightyena!

[Snarky Snark] No, A, the door doesn't open until AFTER you beat Sidney!

[Snark] Y'know what would really help us? Putting the E4 members in the corners of these rooms.

16d 13h 34m Oh, never mind. A wants to try her hand at the E4 with a slightly higher-leveled team.

16d 13h 31m A boots the PC again before trying to make a break for the outdoors.

16d 13h 30m We hightail it and go upstairs, then come back downstairs. Time to heal!

16d 13h 29m Booted the PC. And a collective "NOPE" can be heard from the chat.

16d 13h 27m Heading towards the Pokemon League. Will we heal, take on E4, or something else?

16d 13h 24m We're outside Victory Road again.

16d 13h 14m Not much has happened lately, so I went to get some breakfast. Then I came back, and 5'7" fainted.

16d 12h 31m Vileplume has fainted.

[Snark] Annie's Earthquake would've been a good idea for beating that wild Hariyama earl-oh wait...

16d 12h 18m Mighty is also down!

16d 12h 16m Annie almost defeats a wild Hariyama but is taken down instead!

16d 12h 13m Annie toughs out a wild Golbat battle and grows to level 44! However, she also forgot Earthquake and learned Endure!

16d 12h 10m Democracy finished up a battle, and Anarchy took over from there.

16d 12h 2m Voting time! The bar slid all the way to the edge of Anarchy before shifting into Democracy territory!

[Fluff] I'm actually a bit surprised that we healed and then headed straight outside. No E4 or PC or anything like that. Way to go!

16d 11h 54m "Trainer! Believe in yourself and your Pokémon and go forth!" Nah, let's stay back here by the Nurse and check our Dex. Actually, let's heal while we're at it. Party Healed!

16d 11h 49m Back outside now. A wanted to stop and smell the flowers.

16d 11h 41m 5'7" is now level 55!

16d 11h 25m After a little stroll outside for some fresh air, we head back into Victory Road.

16d 11h 21m We exit Victory Road and check our Dex! Perhaps it doesn't have enough backlight?

16d 11h 5m Ah! I left for a minute, and apparently the streamer disabled Select while I was gone!

16d 10h 50m 5'7" grew to level 54!

16d 10h 47m Vileplume taken down as well.

16d 10h 43m Mighty also fainted!

16d 10h 36m Annie fainted

16d 10h 31m Anarchy si back

16d 10h 31m "Anarchy" just barely inches past "A" in votes, so back to Anarchy!

16d 10h 27m [D] Just grinding in Victory Road.

16d 10h 27m [D] And we're in Democracy for the moment. What will happen, I wonder...?

16d 10h 22m On the road to Victory Road

16d 10h 21m Oh yeah, voting time

16d 10h 20m Looks like our Pokemon might need a bit more training before they can survive the E4.

16d 10h 19m M4 taken out. WHITE OUT.

16d 10h 18m Altaria down

16d 10h 18m Shelgon down!

16d 10h 15m M4 starts rolling

16d 10h 15m M4 versus Shelgon

16d 10h 14m Drake engaged

[Advice] Flygon is resistant to Rollout.

16d 10h 13m A decides to walk past Drake

16d 10h 10m Glacia defeated!

16d 10h 10m Walrein taken out by a final Rollout

16d 10h 10m Glalie 2 out

16d 10h 9m Sealeo 2 out

16d 10h 8m Glalie out

16d 10h 8m Sealeo taken out

16d 10h 7m M4 starts ROLLING

16d 10h 7m Tentacruel taken out by Hail

16d 10h 4m Tentacruel is having a bit of a hard time

16d 10h 4m Tentacruel is paralyzed!

16d 10h 2m Tentacruel vs Sealeo

16d 10h 2m Glacia fight start!

16d 10h 1m Will we actually make it to the next room?

16d 9h 58m So many Selects.

16d 9h 56m Phoebe defeated!

16d 9h 56m Surf takes out Sableye

16d 9h 56m Rock Smash won't work A, gotta change tactics.

16d 9h 54m M4 surfs out another Banette

16d 9h 54m M4 takes out Dusclops

16d 9h 53m M4 versus Dusclops.

16d 9h 53m Who shall we send out to fight the second Dusclops?

16d 9h 52m 5"7 down

16d 9h 51m 5"7 defeats Banette

16d 9h 50m M4 switched out for 5"7

16d 9h 50m M4 defeats Dusclops.

16d 9h 49m M4 is sent out against Dusclops

16d 9h 49m Mighty faints

16d 9h 48m Mightyena versus Dusclops

16d 9h 48m Phoebe engaged

[TIME TO BII SRZ] If we succeed here, I will film myself singing the first Pokemon Opening.

16d 9h 47m Saving ...

16d 9h 46m Sidney defeated!

16d 9h 46m Absol taken out by M4!

16d 9h 45m Absol is sent out against M4.

16d 9h 45m M4 takes out Cacturne with Rock Smash.

16d 9h 44m Tentacruel switched out for M4.

16d 9h 43m Liquid Ooze OP

16d 9h 42m Tentacruel takes out Crawdaunt!

16d 9h 41m 5"7 switched out for Tentacruel. Crawdaunt sent out.

16d 9h 41m Mighty levels up!

16d 9h 41m Shiftry down to 5"7's Rock Blast!

16d 9h 40m Mighty switched out for 5"7

16d 9h 40m Mighty is confused by Swagger.

16d 9h 39m Mightyena is sent out against Shiftry.

16d 9h 39m DOUBLE-KO. Mightyena defeated. Vipelume down.

16d 9h 38m Vipelume is sent out.

16d 9h 38m Annie falls to a Double-Edge. If only she hadn't missed ...

16d 9h 37m Pocket sand allows Mightyena to survive.

16d 9h 36m Hariyama vs Mightyena!

16d 9h 36m HI SIDNEY

16d 9h 35m A decided not to ... E4 AGAIN

16d 9h 33m Just chilling near the bottom-right corner of the building

16d 9h 30m I wonder what the plan is now

16d 9h 29m Checking out the map.

16d 9h 28m In the Building now.

16d 9h 27m Another double edge knocks out both Altaria and M4. White out!

16d 9h 27m Altaria is up next... it Dragon Dances and then uses Double Edge. M4 is at 25 HP.

16d 9h 26m Drake used up a full restore on Shelgon, and then M4 takes it out.

16d 9h 25m Fight with Drake initiated! Much easier than with Glacia.

16d 9h 23m M4 has 68 HP (20%).

16d 9h 23m Walrein and Glacia are defeated!

16d 9h 22m We've rolled out the second Glalie!

16d 9h 21m M4 begins to roll, and the second Sealeo is knocked out!!

16d 9h 21m Second Sealeo has activated hail.

16d 9h 21m Glalie is down!

16d 9h 20m Sealeo is down!

16d 9h 20m Anarchy is back! 169 HP for M4.

16d 9h 19m [D] The fight itself has started! A inputs still holding strong, but Anarchy is fighting back...

16d 9h 19m [D] So many voting rounds just passed with A and Anarchy inputs fighting for first place... A kept winning though.

16d 9h 17m Fight initiated with Glacia! M4 is at 50% health for this.

16d 9h 17m [D] We're using Democracy to talk to Glacia.

16d 9h 14m Saved again. Just to be safe I guess.

16d 9h 13m I wonder if we'll talk to Glacia before the voting is over.

16d 9h 13m We save

16d 9h 12m Oh yes, democracy voting

[M4 speaking] I sense the bots coming.

16d 9h 11m Text speed is FAST

[wat] Jesus Christ the Selects

You know what's cool? Select.

16d 9h 9m Still checking out the Pokedex

16d 9h 6m A decides her Pokedex is more interesting than Glacia

16d 9h 4m We're having trouble talking to Glacia.

16d 9h 3m A decides to walk past Glacia.

16d 9h 2m Checking out the DEx.

16d 8h 59m Phoebe defeated

16d 8h 59m M4 defeats Sableye

16d 8h 58m This is looking bad. ROLLOUT.

16d 8h 57m She's Rock Smashing to no real effect.

[Note] M4 decided that being confused was uncool earlier, so she isn't now.

16d 8h 57m Another Surf takes out the second Banette

16d 8h 56m She surfs out both Dusclops and Banette

16d 8h 55m M4 can't punch ghosts. Now she's confused.

16d 8h 55m M4 vs Dusclops

16d 8h 54m HI PHOEBE. LET'S FIGHT.

16d 8h 53m Sidney defeated

16d 8h 52m M4 sent out. Absol is gone now.

[Grammar fix] *Taken out

16d 8h 51m Tentacruel taking out by a boosted Rock Slide.

16d 8h 50m I fear Absol's next attack. Two uses of Swords Dance won't be pretty.

16d 8h 50m Torment is keeping Tentacruel from repeating moves.

16d 8h 48m Tentacruel vs Absol

16d 8h 47m Tentacruel is level 56 now

16d 8h 47m Tentacruel takes out Cacturne with a Dive!

[Snark] This is tense


16d 8h 45m Tentacruel takes out Shiftry with a Surf!

16d 8h 45m Torment shuts her down anyway.

16d 8h 44m Tentacruel is intent on Waterfalling Shiftry to death. But can she do it?!

16d 8h 43m Tentacruel is sent out

16d 8h 42m Cabbages faints to SHIFTRY

16d 8h 41m Cabbage is now level 36!

16d 8h 41m Cabbage is sent out and she takes out CRAWDAUNT!

16d 8h 40m 5"7 is taken out by Crawdaunt after halving its health with an Earthquake

16d 8h 40m She takes out Mightyena

16d 8h 40m 5"7 is sent out

16d 8h 37m Mighty faints

16d 8h 36m Mighty is sent out to fight his cousin!

16d 8h 35m Annie faints. Good showing though.

16d 8h 34m Annie vs Mightyena.



16d 8h 33m Elite Four time!

16d 8h 32m Okay! We've gotten away!

16d 8h 32m PC.

16d 8h 30m We heal!


16d 8h 26m Oh god the PC

16d 8h 26m Inside the Building

16d 8h 23m We left the Victory Road

16d 7h 57m Waterfall and Dive have no PP left.

16d 7h 49m Forgot this, but Tentacruel DID NOT learn Hydro Pump

16d 7h 47m Tentacruel is now Level 55

16d 7h 27m We're grinding Tentacruel right now.

16d 7h 16m 5"7 down

16d 7h 4m Mighty down

16d 7h 3m Vipelume down

16d 7h 2m Annie is down

16d 6h 53m Annie is now Level 43

16d 6h 36m INTO THE CAAAVE.

16d 6h 33m Having some difficulties getting to the Victory Road, eh?

16d 6h 28m Heading back down to Victory Road.

16d 6h 26m M4 faints to Walrein! WHITE OUT!

16d 6h 26m M4 is paralyzed from a Body Slam

16d 6h 26m Glalie 2 down

16d 6h 25m Sealeo 2 down

16d 6h 25m Glalie down

16d 6h 24m Sealeo down

16d 6h 23m HI GLACIA

16d 6h 22m Phoebe defeated

16d 6h 22m Dusclops 2 down

16d 6h 21m Sableye down

16d 6j 21m Banette 2 down

16d 6h 21m Banette 1 down

16d 6h 20m Surf takes out Dusclops 1

16d 6h 19m Phoebe engaged

16d 6h 18m Sidney defeated

16d 6h 17m Absol down

16d 6h 16m Crawdaunt down

16d 6h 15m Cacturne went down

16d 6h 14m Shiftry is healed by a Full Restore, but it falls to two consecutive Surfs.

16d 6h 14m M4 TIME

16d 6h 13m Tentacruel taken out by an Extrasensory

16d 6h 12m Actually surprised at how well Tentacruel is taking this battle.

16d 6h 8m Shiftry is sent out.

16d 6h 8m Tentacruel takes out Mightyena and levels up to 54.

16d 6h 7m First battle: Tentacruel vs Mightyena

16d 6h 6m Sidney Engaged

16d 6h 5m Checking out the Pokedex.

16d 6h 4m Why are we in the corner of Sidney's room?

16d 6h 3m E4 time.

16d 6h 2m Heading back towards the Building

16d 6h 0m Back in anarchy

16d 5h 59m [D] Explosion has been replaced for Strength.

16d 5h 57m [D] Now teaching Strength to Graveler.

16d 5h 53m [D] Strength has been booted up.

16d 5h 49m [D] Bag has been entered

16d 5h 47m [D] We've entered the menu. Can we get rid of Explosion for a move that'll work better?

16d 5h 45m [D] It's democracy time.

16d 5h 45m Out of the Road.

16d 5h 43m Grinding.

16d 5h 40m 10 seconds

16d 5h 39m A minute left.

16d 5h 37m Democracy is coming up in 3 and a half minutes or so.

16d 5h 26m 5"7 makes use of her new Explosion technique on an Aron. She fails to defeat it.

16d 5h 26m 5"7 levels up to 53 and replaces Rollout with Explosion

16d 5h 18m Cabbage is down

16d 5h 10m Mightyena fainted

16d 5h 4m Annie's down for the count against a Golbat

16d 5h 2m Annie is now Level 42

16d 5h 1m Back in the Road

[What] Just me, or did everything go whacky? Lots of zings?


16d 4h 59m Exited the Building

16d 4h 59m Healed!

16d 4h 58m Will we ever heal? Find out next time, on TPPE!

16d 4h 57m Downstairs

16d 4h 56m Upstairs

16d 4h 55m Downstairs

16d 4h 54m We're back up

16d 4h 53m Down the stairs

16d 4h 52m We've gone upstairs

16d 4h 51m In the Pokemon League Building. WILL WE HEAL?

16d 4h 47m We've headed up towards the Pokemon League

16d 4h 43m Out of the Road

16d 4h 27m Tentacruel is now Level 53!

[Snark] Tentacruel must be part-eel with her Electric Hidden Power.

16d 4h 9m 5"7 has fainted

16d 3h 59m Still trying to grind.

16d 3h 48m In case anyone's wondering, we're still just grinding in victory road.

16d 3h 29m Sure enough, Vileplume is down. We proceed to run from the weakened Golbat. This grinding thing is going great!

16d 3h 28m Annie is also down, with Vileplume to follow shortly.

16d 3h 21m Mightyena goes down to a Golbat

16d 3h 19m Looks like we're back to grinding on Victory Road

16d 3h 17m The collective "nope" of the chat in response to the PC sends us out of the Pokemon Center and back to Victory Road.

16d 3h 17m We have accessed the PC

16d 3h 16m We don't even make a scratch on Dusclops. M4 Goes down and A whites out

16d 3h 14m We challenge Phoebe!!

[Completely Serious] I will literally rob a bank if we beat the Elite Four on this run.

16d 3h 5m Hanging on strong, M4 finally takes down Absol. Sidney defeated!

16d 3h 2m Even though it wasn't very effective, Surf OHKO's Crawdaunt quickly.

16d 3h 2m Cacturne goes down after a well-placed Rock Smash.

16d 3h 2m M4 finally snaps out of confusion, landing a critical Surf on Shiftry. However, she's in the red after repeated times of hitting herself.

16d 2h 57m Shiftry continues to use Double Team, making it increasingly more difficult to hit him, on top of also being confused.

16d 2h 53m Full Restore used on Shiftry! M4 is currently under Torment, and she's failing in trying to get a Rollout going.

16d 2h 51m Tentacruel faints after a super-effective Extrasensory!

16d 2h 50m Tentacruel tries Hidden Power on Shiftry, but it's not very effective. Shiftry sets up a Double Team.

16d 2h 50m Tentacruel uses Hidden Power, and it knocks out Sidney's Mightyena.

16d 2h 48m Sidney challenged! Tentacruel has 29% of her life remaining, while M4 has 93% left.

16d 2h 44m A has now exited Victory Road, and is heading back up to the league.

16d 2h 40m Tentacruel leveled to 52! He's actually benefiting a lot from this grinding session. He's able to hit a lot of the wild Pokemon without them doing a lot of damage to him. Good stuff.

16d 2h 29m Anarchy bot saves the day again, overwhelming the vote with over 300 votes cast for anarchy.

16d 2h 28m [D] Democracy comes into play after the vote.

16d 2h 13m Tentacruel grew to level 51!

16d 2h 11m Still battling some wild 'mons; Tentacruel is making some good progress in grinding right now.

[Correction] 16d 1h 45m 5'7" leveled up to 52.

16d 1h 46m What is with Golbats and bite!? 5'7" faints!

16d 1h 45m 5'7" grows to level 51 after defeating a wild Lairon!

16d 1h 36m Vileplume bites the dust of a Golbat's Wing Attack.

16d 1h 27m Doge goes down as yet another wild Golbat bites him.

16d 1h 23m Annie faints after a wild Golbat bites her!

[Fluff] Whoa! Major Anarchy botnet just pushed its way through, turning the vote from Democracy to Anarchy in about .2 seconds.

16d 1h 19m A enters Victory Road; democracy is currently leading the vote.

16d 1h 16m There's a minute and thirty seconds left until the hourly vote, and A seems to be wanting to run far away from the league, heading towards Victory Road.

16d 1h 15m M4 starts a rollin' again, but paralysis is hindering her. M4 goes down to a Dragon Claw and A whites out ending run 31.

[Fluff] We look to our Golden Nuggets for good luck.

16d 1h 15m Surf knocks out Flygon! Salamance is the final Pokemon left on Drake's team! Go, M4, go!

16d 1h 14m Kingdra also goes down to Rollout!

16d 1h 14m Altaria is knocked out after paralyzing M4, our Rollout ain't stoppin' for nobody.

16d 1h 13m Shelgon down as we start up a Rollout streak!

16d 1h 12m Just as I say that, she finally talks to Drake. Battle initiated!

16d 1h 12m A is browsing between her Pokedex and her map, not wanting to battle Drake just yet.

16d 0h 56m Walrein also goes down quickly to Rollout, and Glacia is defeated!

16d 0h 56m Aaaaand so does Glalie number two! M4 just keeps on rollin'.

16d 0h 55m Sealeo numero dos goes down as the Rollout continues its glorious run.

16d 0h 55m Glalie falls as the Rollout continues.

16d 0h 55m Rollout works this time around, even landing a critical hit, knocking out Sealeo!

16d 0h 54m Sealeo sets up a Hail while M4 misses her first attempt at Rollout.

16d 0h 53m Glacia engaged!

16d 0h 47m Phoebe's second Dusclops comes out and manages to hang on with a single HP left. It doesn't matter, though, because she doesn't think to heal him. Phoebe defeated.

16d 0h 46m Phoebe's second Banette goes down the same way. Sableye comes out next, and it, took gets Surf'd away.

16d 0h 46m A single Surf knocks out Phoebe's Dusclops and Banette. NBD there.

16d 0h 45m A heads straight on up to Phoebe. Battle time!

16d 0h 44m M4's rollout streak continues, knocking out Absol as well. Sidney defeated!

16d 0h 43m M4 takes out Shiftry with a single Surf. She's now going at Cacturne with a Rollout, taking it down as well.

16d 0h 42m Tentacruel goes down after Sidney's Shiftry uses Extrasensory against us. M4 is now our only Pokemon left standing.

16d 0h 40m We send out Tentacruel and knock down Crawdaunt with a critical Surf!

16d 0h 38m Oh no! Sidney sends out Crawdaunt next, and after a single Surf 5'7" faints.

16d 0h 37m 5'7" comes out and takes down Sidney's Mightyena with an Earthquake.

16d 0h 35m We send out Doge again. We decide to go for a Sand Attack to lower the Mightyena's accuracy, but he was too slow. Doge goes down after a Double Edge.

16d 0h 33m Vileplume faints to Sidney's Mightyena after a Crunch attack!

16d 0h 32m We switch away from Doge, switching instead to our Vileplume.

16d 0h 31m We switch into the Doge next, who immediately loses half of his health to a Double Edge. Sidney uses a Full Restore on his own Mightyena.

16d 0h 30m After a critical Double Edge, Annie goes down to Sidney's Mightyena!

16d 0h 29m After fiddling around for 10 minutes, A challenges Siney to start run 31!

16d 0h 18m Anarchy back on, we still make a straightforward path back into the league. Looks like we're back to try and battle our way through again!

16d 0h 17m [D] With Democracy in place after the vote, it looks like we're heading away from Victory Road.

16d 0h 13m As the hourly vote is underway, the hivemind seems torn between going back and challenging the E4 again or heading onto Victory Road to grind.

16d 0h 10m Shadow Ball take out Tentacruel and A whites out. Attempt #30 was unsuccessful.

16d 0h 7m GJK reaches level 50! Banette is down and Dusclops comes out.

16d 0h 7m Banette used Thunderbolt! Darn this type-matchup-aware AI!

16d 0h 6m Dusclops rekt. GJK vs. Banette.

16d 0h 4m 5'7 falls at the hands of Dusclops. It's up to Tentacruel to fail miserably save the day!

16d 0h 2m Out comes 5'7.

16d 0h 0m Curse takes the strength of M4. We applaud your courage, faithful partner.

16d 0h 0m M4 is cursed!

15d 23h 57m Rollout denied by confusion!

15d 23h 57m M4 is up and rolling out.

15d 23h 56m Mightydoge falls!

15d 23h 53m The battle with Phoebe begins!

15d 23h 50m 5'7 takes down Absol! Sidney defeated!

15d 23h 50m Sidney used Full Restore! Too bad 5'7 can't OHKO like M4 can.

15d 23h 48m 5'7 is up!

15d 23h 47m We switch in Vileplume against Absol, but she promptly faints.

15d 23h 46m M4 takes down Cacturne, but not before getting hit with Leech Seed!

15d 23h 45m Shiftry faints! M4 is still at full health. Vs. Cacturne!

15d 23h 43m Annie faints at the hands of Shiftry! We send out M4!

15d 23h 43m Annie takes down Sidney's Mightyena with a couple of Strengths. She and Mightyena are in the 30% range on health.

15d 23h 42m We challenge Sidney, switch in Mightyena immediately, who take a fair amount of damage before Annie comes back out.

15d 23h 36m We walk right back into the E4 entrance. Here goes Attempt #30! This time with a fully healed party!

15d 23h 34m Salamence outspeeds M4 and faints her with Flamethrower. A whites out. That was Attempt #29.

15d 23h 34m With M4 at 3HP, Flygon faints!

15d 23h 32m So is Kingdra! ROLLOUT HYPE

15d 23h 31m Altaria is down as well!

15d 23h 30m Drake used Full Restore! Rollout doesn't care! Shelgon faints!

15d 23h 30m Rollout is again cancelled by Protect before Shelgon faints.

15d 23h 29m M4 tries to Rollout and is denied by Protect. She starts it again on the next turn.

15d 23h 29m We use the Hyper Potion on M4! But double edge brings us down to nearly half health right away...

15d 23h 28m We... don't. We are challenging Drake; M4 has 11 HP.

15d 23h 21m The chat seems determined to use our Hyper Potion on M4 before the next battle. Will we pull it off?

15d 23h 19m The hail stops as Walrein comes out! M4 continues rollout and defeats Glacia!

15d 23h 19m Glalie and the next Sealeo both fall to Rollout. M4 is very low on health.

15d 23h 18m Sealeo used Hail! Looks like that will be the death of M4 in a few turns. For now, M4 surfs Sealeo to death.

15d 23h 17m We walk straight to Glacia and challenge her immediately.

15d 23h 14m Full Restore, oh how futile you are. Sableye and Dusclops fall to Rollout! Phoebe defeated!

15d 23h 13m M4 takes down the second Banette, but loses the rest of Surf's PP to Grudge.

15d 23h 12m We're back in Anarchy!

15d 23h 10m [D] Bots seem to be fighting the battle for us. There is potential for an Anarchy botnet to win one of the votes.

15d 23h 9m [D] Democracy begins and the botnets are heavily in control.

15d 23h 7m Phoebe uses Full Restore! Darn it! Oh well, M4 OHKO's Dusclops with a Surf the next turn anyway. Banette suffers the same fate!

15d 23h 6m Tentacruel faints to Dusclops. She managed to start Struggling, first, though.

15d 23h 5m The fight with Phoebe begins! Tentacruel leads with 80% health.

15d 23h 1m Absol falls to Surf! Sidney defeated!

15d 23h 1m Crawdaunt down!

15d 23h 1m Rollout takes down Cacturn. M4 is at 56% health.

15d 22h 59m Mightyena falls to a crit surf from GJK, then we switch out M4 against Shiftry. M4 Rolls out and takes out Shiftry in just a couple of turns.

15d 22h 58m We have re-entered the E4 building and challenged Sidney without healing!

15d 22h 55m SUNLIGHT

15d 22h 36m We manage to use a Hyper Potion on Tentacruel, who shortly after levels up to 49!

15d 22h ??m At some point, Tentacruel reached Level 48.

[Recap] There's a new recap available from /u/Calabazal. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfJ2k1cwiJo

15d 21h 55m We re-enter Victory Road and a wild Aron promptly smashes our Graveler into submission.

15d 21h 53m We left Victory Road, presumably to heal our team. We did get rather banged up in there.

15d 21h 32m Graveler reaches level 51!

15d 21h 26m Seems there are still some bots lingering around. Not sure what they're trying to accomplish at the moment.

15d 21h 19m Vileplume is subsequently bested by a wild Golbat.

15d 21h 18m Vileplume seems to be in front now, absolutely wrecking some poor Whismur that happened to cross paths with her.

15d 21h 16m Amidst cries of "SALT HIM", Hariyama fights with a few members of her own kind, eventually falling to one.

15d 21h 11m We send out Mightyena but he's really quickly downed.

15d 21h 7m Back in Victory Road. Let's see if we can make any progress for Hariyama.

15d 21h 5m We leave the Pokemon Center, presumably for a return to Victory Road and some grinding.

[Meta] That was seriously one of the worst bot attacks I've ever seen.

15d 20h 59m Officially punted back into Anarchy mode by a botmaster or two. Sorry Mightyena, Hidden Power's gonna have to wait.

[D] 15d 20h 59m They're spamming Anarchy en masse now, it seems Democracy has met its match.

[D] 15d 20h 56m All of a sudden, we seemed to be set upon by bots! They're spamming B right now.

[D] 15d 20h 52m We successfully replaced Hariyama's Knock Off with Hidden Power.

[D]15d 20h 49m Upon further inspection, Tentacruel already knows Hidden Power. Instead, we're teaching it to Hariyama like I originally thought. We'll also have two of the same TM left, so there's a possibility that people will want to replace other moves.

[Clarification] Tentacruel already knows Hidden Power. We're teaching it to Annie.

[D] 15d 20h 43m Democracy doesn't seem to be done just yet. Now we're inexorably coming closer to the TM section of the bag. Based on the chat I think we're trying to teach Hidden Power to someone, possibly Tentacruel.

[D] 15d 20h 40m Hariyama was successfully switched to the first position in the party.

[D] 15d 20h 39m I won't lie: I'm utterly impressed with the complex level of coordination on display from the chat right now. They're navigating the Twitch delay with some rather stunning accuracy, messing up on the order switch only once so far.

[D] 15d 20h 36m In fact, it seems we're switching Hariyama to the front of the party to grind her more effectively. I'm not even sure of which TMs we have at the moment. Time will tell.

[D] 15d 20h 32m If I understand correctly, we're attempting to teach Hariyama one of our TMs in place of Knockoff.

[D] 15d 20h 31m We're officially in Democracy mode. What does the hivemind mean to accomplish now, I wonder?

15d 20h 29m We manage to heal our pokemon AND avoid permanent PC damage. Good job, team!

15d 20h 25m We're fiddling with the PC. This can only lead to bad things.

15d 20h 22m With Graveler down, we've decided to leave Victory Road and heal the team. If we go back for more grinding or bum rush the E4 again is up in the air.

15d 20h 17m Graveler finally gets her head on straight after being reduced to the brink of unconsciousness and knocks out a few wild pokemon, but goes down to a wild Lairon.

[Snark] That Whismur was not having any of our nonsense.

15d 19h 59m Hey, congrats to Graveler! Our first pokemon to make it halfway to Azumarill. Graveler is now level 50.

15d 19h 53m Vileplume is down. Halfway to a white out.

15d 19h 45m Tentacruel succumbs to a wild Golbat, and we run away.

15d 19h 39m Repeatedly, a bunch of Lairons with Protect keep avoiding our stronger attacks. It seems nature is against us.

15d 19h 33m Wow. A wild Hariyama OHKO's Mighty Doge with Smelling Salt.

15d 19h 31m We seem to be hitting a dry spell--either pokemon use Whirlwind to forcibly eject us from battle or we show ourselves out by running. Grinding's going to take a while if people keep spamming down+right.

15d 19h 23m We've entered Victory Road. Time to grind!

15d 19h 21m: Anarchy vs Democracy voting starts. May the better political system win.

15d 19h 18m: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?! Well dont. Hail took down M4. A whited out

15d 19h 17m: Another Glalie and another Rollout. Glalie faints and M4 has only 3 hp left. Walrein!

15d 19h 17m: Glalie goes down to rollout. Sealeo out. Used hail and went down to rollout. #believe

15d 19h 16m: M4 lands another rollout and Sealeo goes down. M4 has 57hp left and is up against Glalie.

15d 19h 15m: Paralyzed over and over again, hail and body slam are doing the dirty job for Glacia.

15d 19h 14m: Sealeo uses hail and M4 misses rollout. M4 gets paralyzed. Damn, so close.

15d 19h 14m:Glacia gets challenged. Sealeo vs M4. Rolling!

15d 19h 10m: M4 finally lands a surf and Sableye goes down. Phoebe defeated. M4 is just above 50% hp

15d 19h 9m: "M ---/'/'4 used ROCK SMASH! It doesn't affect Foe SABLEYE... Foe SABLEYE used DOUBLE TEAM! Foe SABLEYE's evasiveness rose!" Imagine an endless loop of this.

15d 19h 8m: Rock smash doesn't affect Sableye as she uses night shade and double team. Rock smash is now on the 1st slot.

15d 19h 7m: The second Banette falls too and its a Sableye vs Azumarill battle. Rollout misses and Sableye uses double team.

15d 19h 6m: M4 starts to roll. Dusclops responds with shadow ball. Another rollout resisted and Dusclops finally goes down to the 3rd rollout. Banette down as well.

15d 19h 5m: Vileplume comes out. She wants to make up for the other Dusclops that got her to 38. Sludge bomb is not very effective and she goes down to rock throw. M4, its all up to you.

15d 19h 4m: Graveler goes down to an ice beam after missing rock throw. Vileplume and M4 are our only hope. #believe

15d 19h 4m: Shadow punch used. Graveler down to below 50%. A looks desperately for something in her bag before using Earthquake and taking down Dusclops. Another one comes out.

15d 19h 3m: Confuse ray and protect cut rollout down. 5'7 manages to not hit herself much and to actually land a rock throw.

15d 19h 2m: Graveler gets subbed in for Vileplume. Dusclops takes a rock throw then gets healed with a full restore. Rollout time.

15d 19h 0m: Vileplume keeps using sleep powder way too much against a sleeping ghost. Dusclops wakes up and uses protect. She then takes a sludge bomb before using curse.

15d 18h 58m: Dusclops wakes up after we manage to use sludge bomb. We then use sleep powder again. Napping time Dus.

15d 18h 57m: Vileplume uses sleep powder but dusclops uses protect. The second try Vileplume manages to sleep Dusclops.

15d 18h 56m: A keeps trying to run away to no use. Dusclops looks amused.

15d 18h 55m:** Phoebe challenged. **Dusclops vs Vileplume.

15d 18h 49m: Shiftry goes down to rollout and out comes Crawdaunt. Rollout once more. 1st attack this time though. A second one is needed and Crawdaunt goes down. Sidney defeated

15d 18h 48m: Cacturne out vs M4. Rollout launched and Cacturne goes down. Shiftry out.

15d 18h 47m: Sidney uses full restore on a 1hp Absol and then another rollout takes Absol down.

15d 18h 46m: M4 gets switched in. Absol responds with sword dance. Rollout starts vs rock slide.

15d 18h 46m: Vileplume up next vs Absol. We immediately look for a pokemon to switch in.

15d 18h 45m: Absol taked a strength attack then responded with aerial ace. Annie down.

15d 18h 44m: Knock off used but it isn't very effective. Meanwhile surf takes Annie down to below 50%. Absol is switched in for Crawdaunt

15d 18h 44m: Surf doesn't do much damage to Crawdaunt and GJK faints. Annie comes out.

15d 18h 43m: Mightyena faints to facade. GJK comes out.

15d 18h 43m: More swagger and more sand attack from Mightyena. Thank God for torment. Mightyena hits himself then uses roar. Crawdaunt comes out.

15d 18h 42m: Mightyena manages to use strength but Shiftry takes it like a champ. Torment is then used.

15d 18h 41m: We sub Mightyena in for Tentacruel, who has only 21 hp. Shiftry uses swagger and Mightyena hurts himself.

15d 18h 41m: Shiftry dodges surf and then receives a weak waterfall. He uses torment and double team and then extrasensory. Tentacruel manages to use dive.

15d 18h 39m: A couple of surf take down Mightyena. Double edge did do its fair od damage. Shiftry is out next.

15d 18h 38m: We challenge Sidney once more. Mightyena vs Tentacruel

15d 18h 35m: Hariyama quickly faints and A whited out. We then go to challenge them once again.

15d 18h 33m: Leech seed and needle arm take down M4. Hariyama is all thats left.

15d 18h 31m: M4 misses surf and Cacturne heals completely. We change back to rock smash, which once again hits.

15d 18h 30m: Mightyena faints to rock smash. Cacturne comes out and uses leech seed while resisting more rock smash.

15d 18h 29m: Graveler misses two rock throws and faints to crunch. M4 and Annie are all thats left. And Annie only has 15 hp.

15d 18h 28m: *We challenge Sidney. Mightyena is up vs 5'7. *

15d 18h 25m: A goes straight to challenge the E4. Well, not straight, she hits a few bumps on her way.

15d 18h 23m: A seems lost on her way to the Pokemon League. Lots of up and down spams.

15d 18h 20m: And Anarchy takes control as we were about to exit Victory Road. We do however exit it in Anarchy. A phone call awaits us outside.

15d 18h 18m: Ok, there seems to be a HUGE amount of bots directing A right now. Where? To what purpose? Only time will tell.

15d 18h 16m: [D] 5'7 manages to defeat Golbat. Time to keep going towards the exit.

15d 18h 13m: [D] Wild golbat spoils hivemind's attempts to get out. They will put up a fight this time.

15d 18h 11m: [D] Well, getting out of Victory Road takes the lead here. Once out my guess is that we will try to heal. Who knows :/.

15d 18h 10m: [D] Rumour is that the hivemind wants to either get away of victory road or change our party order.

15d 18h 8m: [D] A decides to flee from the battle. No need to waste our time with a wild Aron.

15d 18h 7m: Democracy takes over as Graveler takes a wild Aron. They want to claim this victory.

15d 18h 4m: Graveler joined the rollout club. Who knew?

15d 18h 2m: Vileplume goes down to a wild Hariyama when she got him to red bar. We ran away. Why finish a wounded enemy? We have more honor than that.

15d 18h 1m: Vileplume reaches lvl 35. 40 hp left.

15d 17h 59m: With Tentacruel down the hive mind has decided to spam right and down to keep running away from fights. Vileplume is getting better at it.

15d 17h 56m: GJK finally faints to a wild Hariyama. She did manage to do quite the damage. Vileplume leads the party now.

15d 17h 54m: This Golbat is proving quite persistent. It got Tentacruel and Hariyama to below 10% hp. Then we obviously ran away.

15d 17h 52m: Mightyena faints to a wild Golbat. We keep switching Pokemon against it. GJK has 15 hp left.

15d 17h 49m: GJK is proving to be a real bone in Victory road. If only it still had Ice Beam... :(

15d 17h 40m: Tentacruel reaches lvl 47

15d 17h 36m: Time to grind in victory road. Am I the only one bumped at that name?

15d 17h 34m: More sludgebomb and more shadow punches. Vileplume faints and A whited out.

15d 17h 34m: Well, when I said quite the damage I meant 1/16 of damage. Dusclops wakes up and uses shadow punch. Vileplume resists.

15d 17h 33m: A second sleep powder proves innefective but sludgebomb does quite the damage. Dusclops still naps

15d 17h 32m: A finds the courage to send Vileplume out. Dusclops falls asleep to sleep powder. #believe.

15d 17h 31m: M4 goes down to Dusclops after Phoebe uses a full restore. Vileplume is all thats left.

15d 17h 30m: Dusclops uses curse while we keep using inefective moves against her. Rollout comes too late and M4 only has 13 hp left.

15d 17h 29m: M4 comes out. Autobots, lets roll.

15d 17h 27m: Shadow Punch takes care of Annie and her ineffective strength. M4 and Vileplume left.

15d 17h 26m: Annie gets subbed in for Vileplume and immediately gets confused by Dusclops. Knock off is super effective though.

15d 17h 26m: Another protect and Acid misses. I'm starting to see a trend here.

15d 17h 25m: Dusclops starts off with protect. Sleep powder fails of course.

15d 17h 24m: Time to battle Phoebe! Dusclops vs Vileplume

[Meta] That feeling when you look down upon your updates and realize you forgot a word.

15d 17h 17m M4 KOs Absol. Sidney defeated!

15d 17h 17m M4 defeats Crawdaunt.

15d 17h 16m Shiftry down!

15d 17h 16m Sidney uses a Full Restore on his Shiftry, but M4 puts him right back down into the red.

15d 17h 15m M4 OHKOs Cacturne!

15d 17h 15m M4 is up against Cacturne.

15d 17h 14m 5'7" faints to Cacturne.

15d 17h 13m Sidney withdraws Shiftry and sends out Cacturne

15d 17h 13m We finally get a hit in on Shiftry, who's down to the red now.

15d 17h 13m We just can't handle Shiftry's Swagger.

[Snark] I guess A really likes shuffling. PC Shuffles, Party Shuffles. She start a Jazz Band. I mean, Hoenn definitely has enough trumpets.

15d 17h 10m We send out 5'7".

15d 17h 9m Annie's got Leech Seed on it now, can't be good.

15d 17h 9m Annie up.

15d 17h 9m Mightyena faints to Cacturne.

15d 17h 8m Scratch that, we're back to Mightyena.

15d 17h 8m . . . and Vileplume is out.

15d 17h 8m Mightyena manages to scare Shiftry off. Versus Cacturne now.

15d 17h 5m We somehow manage to get Tentacruel's status effects removed, but Tentacruel faints soon after anyway. Mightyena versus Shiftry, now.

15d 17h 4m Tentacruel is confused.

15d 17h 4m Tentacruel is hard-pressed to defeat Sidney's Shiftry.

15d 17h 2m Tentacruel takes down Sidney's Mightyena.

15d 17h 2m We challenge Sidney as we leave Democracy.

15d 17h 1m [D] Whoa, there was just a huge surge of votes for anarchy. Botting . . .

15d 16h 57m Voting has begun.

15d 16h 52m A runs right back into Sidney's room, this time with a fully healed party.

15d 16h 49m Annie faints to Cacturne. A whites out.

15d 16h 49m Just Annie now.

15d 16h 49m M4 faints to Sidney's Cacturne.

15d 16h 48m M4 is already in the red, and we've only beaten one of Sidney's Pokemon.

15d 16h 46m M4 rolls over Sidney's Mightyena, who faints.

15d 16h 45m M4's been hit with a bunch of Sand Attacks, so this looks to be a long battle.

[Recap] Remember, we've just got M4 and Annie.

15d 16h 44m We finally challenge Sidney. I'm beginning to think he took lessons from Koga.

15d 16h 39m So apparently we just tossed the Big Pearl and Macho Brace. Can anybody confirm or deconfirm that?

[Snark] Yes, it's a brilliant idea to challenge the Elite Four with only M4 and a weak Annie.

15d 16h 35m We've entered the Elite Four building.

15d 16h 33m And we've left the cave and entered Ever Grande City.

15d 16h 32m ... ... ... ... Nope! There's no response.

15d 16h 31m 5'7" faints to a wild Golbat after a vicious and meandering battle.

15d 16h 28m 5'7" is confused. It hurt itself in its confusion!

[Recap] Tentacruel just knocked itself out, so now we've just got 5'7", M4, and Annie. And, of course, we're still in Victory Road.

15d 16h 25m Tentacruel faints.

15d 16h 25m Tentacruel confused and at 6HP.

15d 16h 24m No PP for Waterfall either.

15d 16h 22m Tentacruel has no PP left for Surf, so that's something.

15d 16h 19m A wild Hariyama knocked off 5'7"'s TM03! Careful with that man, you'll scratch the disc on the floor in here.

15d 16h 16m Tentacruel has been hanging on in there at 27hp for a long time now. I'm impressed by the tenacity.

15d 16h 9m Tentacruel Surfs her way to level 46.

15d 16h 4m For those of you just tuning in (Hi to all 672 of you though!) we are grinding in Victory Road. Tentacruel is making mincemeat of everything in here right now.

15d 16h 1m I feel a sharp pain in my heart any time I see Tentacruel's current moveset. Either it really sucks that she doesn't have Ice Beam anymore, or looking at the word 'Hidden Power' is triggering a minor cardiac arrest in my body.

15d 15h 55m Annnnd Anarchy is back!

15d 15h 52m [D] I should add, it took the place of Acid. We will greatly miss that move, it was so very useful.

15d 15h 51m [D] We did it! Tentacruel has learned Surf.

[Strategy] Hariyama could potentially benefit from knowing Rock Smash? Given that it gets STAB, would be good against Sidney and avoids using Annie's horrendous SpAtk stat.

15d 15h 42m [D] I...I think we might be doing it everyone. We're going to teach Surf to Tentacruel, this is almost unprecedented.

15d 15h 41m [D] Democracy is in, ladies and gentlemen.

15d 15h 34m Thanks to a couple of redditors for messaging me about Hidden Power doing neutral damage to a Lairon, which narrows it down to Hidden Power Electric!

15d 15h 33m So to clarify, we have Hidden Power Electric, Psychic, Rock or Ice.

15d 15h 32m Our Hidden Power is super effective against either Flying or Poison Types! Hmmm...

15d 15h 31m Vileplume gets wrecked by an errant Golbat

15d 15h 29m Tentacruel goes old school on a Lairon and levels up to 45.

15d 15h 25m Hariyama are meant to be 7' tall, you'd think we'd see them all wandering about this cave, wouldn't you?

15d 15h 16m Mightydoge has fainted :(

15d 15h 11m We're now back in Victory Road. Hope we brought our sharpening stones.

15d 15h 7m Unsurprisingly, Sealeo takes down our incredibly weakened M4. A whited out!

15d 15h 5m A is done with waiting around in the battle room and immediately challenges Glacia. This can only go well.

15d 15h 3m Not bad enough that we can't finish off the rest of her team, though! Phoebe defeated!

15d 15h 1m We were about to Sweep like nothing else, but Banette takes the Rollout and responds with Thunderbolt, paralysing M4. This looks bad...

15d 15h 1m Phoebe's first Dusclops finally faints!

15d 14h 56m Confused and Cursed, 5'7" also faints. Only M4 remains.

15d 14h 52m Vileplume has been Shadow Punched into unconsciousness.

15d 14h 50m Side note: I always loathed Pheobe's team when I played Emerald. Stupid bulky Dusclops...

15d 14h 50m It's on!

15d 14h 43m We're hanging out in Pheobe's room. I guess not talking to her for so long is some kind of psych-out tactic?

15d 14h 40m Current party situation: Tentacruel, Mightyena and Hariyama are all seeing stars, M4 has 78% HP remaining.

15d 14h 39m Crawdaunt down, and Absol melts to a few Rock Smashes. Sidney is defeated. Yay!

15d 14h 36m Cacturne also falls quickly, Crawdaunt isn't looking too healthy either. Sidney must be dreading our Azumarill by this point.

15d 14h 35m M4 comes out already sick of this Shiftry's shit and eradicates it.

15d 14h 34m Hariyama is brought out, and instantly confused...maybe due to amazement at how a member of the Elite Four decided that Shiftry was a good Pokémon? Either way, she quickly falls

15d 14h 32m And Mightyena goes down

15d 14h 31m Seriously, this Shiftry is tormenting and confusing our Mightyena, making him hit himself as he dances out of reach. What an asshole.

15d 14h 28m Out comes Mightyena. Shiftry gives him that Swagger.

15d 14h 28m Shiftry takes revenge, Tentacruel is down.

15d 14h 27m GJKLFFZ takes down Mightydoge, leveling up to 44!

15d 14h 25m WE TALKED TO SIDNEY. You'd think having 8 badges would have helped A's self-confidence a bit.

15d 14h 22m /u/Spoon_rhythm, I love it


15d 14h 16m Hanging around Sidney's room. Democracy in approx 11 minutes.

15d 14h 15m AAAAND we're back in the E4 again.

15d 14h 13m We reenter the Pokemon League building

15d 14h 12m Is it time ... to grind?

15d 14h 12m We called Mr Stone. He's as helpful as always.

15d 14h 11m Curse finishes M4 off. WHITE OUT

15d 14h 11m M4 tries a last ditch Rollout, but Dusclops protected itself.

15d 14h 10m CUUURSE

15d 14h 9m M4 attempts to visualise Dusclops as a rock, but it isn't working.


15d 14h 6m A doesn't want to talk to Phoebe.

15d 14h 5m We save.


15d 14h 4m So we've beaten Sidney, but can we beat Phoebe and her ghosts?

15d 14h 2m Drowns Absol too.

15d 14h 2m She decides to break open Crawdunt's shell like a rock instead.

15d 14h 2m She misses.

15d 14h 1m M4 starts rolling.

15d 14h 0m After snapping out of confuzzlement, M4 drowns a tree demon thing.

15d 14h 0m Tormented! Cannot use same move!

15d 13h 58m Confused and facing an opponent with high evasion. This is definitely no M4's day.

15d 13h 58m M4 has been swaggered.

15d 13h 57m: how is this even possible. PENTA-MISS


15d 3h 57m Four times

15d 13h 57m That's a hat trick. Three times has Rollout missed.

15d 13h 57m Shiftry survives due to Rollout missing. Twice.

15d 13h 56m So is Cacturne

15d 13h 56m Mightyena taken out by M4.

15d 13h 56m ROLLING

15d 13h 55m Mightyena vs M4! GO!

15d 13h 55m HI SIDNEY.

15d 13h 54m We cannot into door

15d 13h 53m We ah, enter the E4 without healing.

15d 13h 52m Getting phone calls.

[Snark] I think A thinks she can go through the wall to heal her pokemon.

15d 13h 51m Just hanging outside the Pokemon League building. No hurry.

15d 13h 47m In and out

15d 13h 45m All of our party has fainted except M4. Looks like healing time.

15d 13h 40m Annie faints to a Golbat

15d 13h 37m 5"7 knocks herself out.

15d 13h 37m No PP left for Earthquake.

15d 13h 28m Back in anarchy now

15d 13h 28m Oh right, we've entered ... democracy

15d 13h 26m Battle scenes are ON. Text speed is SLOW.

15d 13h 23m Cabbage falls to a Golbat

[SNARK] Can we even put sleeping Pokemon even further asleep? CAN WE TRULY DO THIS?

15d 13h 17m Tentacruel stomped out by a wild Loudred

15d 13h 16m Waterfall's outta PP folks.

15d 13h 15m Grinding and checking the Pokedex. Great activities to enjoy inside the Victory Road.

15d 13h 9m Spending some time checking our bag in battle

[snark] No A, Mr Stone isn't going to buy us an Exp Share with his infinite wealth to help us out.

15d 3h 3m We try to call Mr Stone from Victory Road, hoping that he might have some advice, but alas, there's no service inside a cave.

15d 13h 0m We're on MID text speed, by the way.

15d 12h 59m Mightyena down to a wild Golbat

15d 12h 49m It's Victory Road time! Back to grinding!

15d 12h 46m Sealeo down! M4 fainted from the hail! Whited out! End of twenty-second run!

15d 12h 46m It's Glacia time! M4 vs Sealeo!

15d 12h 37m Banette down! Sableye down! Phoebe defeated!

[Snark] Everyone else up and right!

15d 12h 35m 5'7" down! M4 left!

15d 12h 34m Switched out 5'7"!

15d 12h 33m Dusclops Rolled Out! Second Banette!

15d 12h 32m Banette down! First Dusclops again!

15d 12h 32m Dusclops down! Banette!

15d 12h 30m Go! M4!

15d 12h 29m Annie down from Earthquake!

15d 12h 25m Go! Annie!

15d 12h 25m Vileplume down!

15d 12h 24m Other Dusclops used Ice Beam!

15d 12h 24m Dusclops went to sleep. Phoebe sent out other Dusclops instead.

15d 12h 19m Hey, Phoebe! You got an Ice Beam to spare? No? Dusclops!

15d 12h 12m Tentacruel forgot Ice Beam and learned Hidden Power!

15d 12h 8m Loitering in Phoebe's room!

15d 11h 55m Absol joined the roll! Sidney defeated!

15d 11h 55m Cacturne and Crawdaunt Rolled Out!

15d 11h 53m Shiftry was a rock! Cacturne!

15d 11h 51m M4 was subjected to Torment!

15d 11h 49m Mightyena punched his own face! Go, M4!

15d 11h 46m Mightyena was subjected to Torment!

15d 11h 44m Mightyena took himself down, and brought Tentacruel with him! Mightyena vs Shiftry!

15d 11h 41m Vs Sidney! Tentacruel vs Mightyena!

15d 11h 40m Up for another challenge!

15d 11h 39m Annie Surfed by Walrein and then finished off by the hail! Whited out! Twenty-first attempt over!

15d 11h 37m M4 fainted from the hail! Only Annie left now!

15d 11h 36m Second Glalie joins the Roll! Walrein!

15d 11h 36m Second Sealeo Rolled Out! Second Glalie!

15d 11h 35m Glalie smashed like a rock! Second Sealeo!

15d 11h 34m Glacia used a Full Restore! Paralysis ended M4's Roll!

15d 11h 33m Sealeo Rolled Out! Glalie!

15d 11h 33m M4 is paralyzed!

15d 11h 32m It's Glacia time! M4 vs Sealeo!

15d 11h 26m Sableye and second Dusclops get caught in the roll! Phoebe defeated!

15d 11h 26m Banette and Banette Rolled Out! Sableye!

15d 11h 24m Dusclops swept away! Banette!

15d 11h 23m It's Phoebe time! M4 vs Dusclops!

15d 11h 18m Absol down! Sidney defeated!

15d 11h 18m Crawdaunt was taken by the waves! Absol!

15d 11h 17m Shiftry down! Crawdaunt!

15d 11h 16m Cacturne washed away! Shiftry!

15d 11h 16m Mightyena down! Cacturne!

15d 11h 15m Go! M4!

15d 11h 14m 5'7" down!

15d 11h 13m Anarchy returns!

15d 11h 12m [D] Twenty-first challenge! It's Sidney time! 5'7" vs Mightyena!

15d 11h 9m [D] Democracy is taking us straight for Sidney!

15d 11h 7m Democracy incoming!

15d 11h 4m It's challenge time! 5'7", M4 and Annie are our conscious Pokémon!

15d 11h 4m And then noped straight back out and down towards Victory Road.

15d 11h 1m Walked straight to the PC!

15d 11h 1m Back in the lobby!

[Fluff] Has anyone else noticed how absolutely ridiculous Hariyama's animation is?

15d 10h 23m 5'7" grew to level 48!

15d 10h 10m Vileplume down to a wild Zubat!

15d 10h 6m Avenged by Annie!

15d 10h 6m Mightyena down to a wild Hariyama!

15d 10h 4m Tentacruel down to a wild Golbat!

15d 10h 2m Democracy won, but Anarchy was quickly voted back in.

15d 10h 0m Democracy is in the lead!

15d 9h 58m Tentacruel hit level 43!

15d 9h 56m Anarchy vs Democracy! Cast your votes!

15d 9h 47m Back in Victory Road!

15d 9h 43m Twice, as usual!

15d 9h 43m Healed!

15d 9h 40m Entered the League lobby, studying the map on the wall!

15d 9h 35m Avenged by Annie!

15d 9h 33m 5'7" down! (That was a typo last post)

15d 9h 20m Avenged by 4'7"!

15d 9h 16m Vileplume down to a wild Lairon!

15d 8h 59m Mightyena down to his own confusion!

15d 8h 56m Democracy! The people want Anarchy!

15d 8h 51m Avenged by Annie! Annie grew to level 41!

15d 8h 49m Tentacruel down to a wild Hariyama!

15d 8h 40m It's Victory Road time!

15d 8h 34m M4 fainted from the Hail! Whited out! Twentieth attempt over!

15d 8h 33m M4's HP is in the red!

15d 8h 31m Glalie Rolled Out! Second Sealeo!

15d 8h 31m Sealeo down! Glalie!

15d 8h 31m M4 can't move!

15d 8h 30m Glacia used a Full Restore!

15d 8h 29m M4 is paralyzed!

15d 8h 28m Battle! Vs Elite Four Glacia! Sealeo!

15d 8h 26m Sableye down! Second Dusclops down! Phoebe down!

15d 8h 25m Second Banette down! Sableye!

15d 8h 24m Go, M4! Banette down!

15d 8h 23m Annie down!

15d 8h 22m Dusclops down! Banette!

15d 8h 21m 5'7" fell to the Curse! Go, Annie!

15d 8h 20m 5'7" is Cursed!

15d 8h 19m 5'7" is no longer confused! Phoebe used a Full Restore!

15d 8h 18m 5'7" is confused!

15d 8h 17m Go! 5'7"!

15d 8h 17m Vileplume down!

15d 8h 13m Battle! Vs Elite Four Phoebe! Dusclops!

15d 8h 7m Crawdaunt down! Absol down! Sidney down!

15d 8h 6m Cacturne fell to M4's Strength! Crawdaunt!

15d 8h 5m M4 is no longer confused! Shiftry down! Cacturne!

15d 8h 4m M4 is confused! Sidney used Full Restore on Shiftry!

15d 8h 3m Mightyena brought himself down! Go, M4!

15d 8h 3m A is conflicted!

15d 8h 1m Mightyena is confused and subjected to Torment!

15d 8h 1m It's Mightyena time!

15d 8h 0m Tentacruel down to Shiftry's Extrasensory!

15d 8h 0m Mightyena down! Shiftry!

15d 7h 58m Out twentieth battle against Elite Four Sidney! Mightyena!

15d 7h 51m Democracy begins. Anarchy resumes.

15d 7h 47m We begin Attempt #20.

15d 7h 45m The vote for Democracy begins, and it seems the hivemind is leaning heavily towards Democracy.

15d 7h 41m We defeat Dusclops, but then M4 falls to Curse! A whites out, and Attempt #19 is unsuccessful.

15d 7h 38m We approach Phoebe surprisingly quickly.

15d 7h 36m ... and Absol. Sidney defeated!

15d 7h 36m ... as do Shiftry and Crawdaunt.

15d 7h 35m Mightyena and Cacturne go down to successive Rollouts.

15d 7h 33m Here we go! Versus Sidney! M4 against Mightyena!

15d 7h 31m Aaaaand we once again enter the next room without healing. Welp. Here goes "attempt" #19.

15d 7h 31m Back in the League building!

15d 7h 25m We have exited Victory Road.

15d 7h 8m Annie is also down!

15d 7h 5m Graveller has fainted!

15d 7h 0m: Graveler levels up to 47

15d 6h 29m Vileplume faints to a wild Golbat!

15d 6h 21m Mightyena faints to a wild Golbat!

15d 6h 17m Tentacruel faints to a wild Loudred!

15d 6h 3m Tentacruel levels up to 42!

15d 5h 53m We're grinding for now.

15d 5h 47m We have entered Victory road. And left. And entered again.

15d 5h 44m Needle arm OHKOs 5'7! A whites out! Attempt #18 was unsuccessful!

15d 5h 42m We finally send out 5'7!

15d 5h 39m Anarchy is in control again.

15d 5h 39m [D] M4 faints to Leech Seed!

15d 5h 37m [D] Democracy hits and we use Rollout. Anarchy hasn't taken over yet.

15d 5h 36m Mightyena is down, M4 vs. Cacturne.

15d 5h 33m Annie is down! We send out M4! LEVEL 100HYPEHPEHYPE

[Snark] Annie misses with Earthquake three times in a row. Either she has terrible aim, or that Mightyena secretly has Levitate.

15d 5h 29m Unsurprisingly, Vileplume quickly faints. Next up is Annie!

15d 5h 29m And the battle begins! Here goes Attempt #18! We lead with Vileplume, who has 4 HP.

15d 5h 24m We start another attempt without healing.

15d 5h 21m We've left Victory Road and are making our way back to the League building.

[Snark] It's a Whismur in Victory Road. Very threatening. We just had to run from it in terror.

15d 5h 13m We continue to grind our team in Victory Road.

15d 5h 6m Mightyena faints to a wild Golbat.

15d 5h 4m Tentacruel goes down to a wild Golbat. Mightyena now leads.

15d 5h 2m Tentacruel knocks out a wild Golbat and levels up to level 41!

15d 5h 0m Tentacruel knocks out a wild Lairon with Waterfall.

15d 4h 59m Back into Victory Road we go!

15d 4h 57m M4 continues to use Rock Smash and Strength on Sableye. Sableye knocks out M4. A whites out.

15d 4h 53m And a feint attack by Sableye knocks out 5'7"! Looks like it's up to M4.

15d 4h 52m 5'7" is also having trouble getting off a hit on this Sableye! Sableye knocks 5'7" down to Red.

15d 4h 52m We switch out M4 for 5'7" who gets hit by Sableye's Night Shade

15d 4h 50m M4 goes for the surf! ...But misses! Sableye continues to rack up damage on M4.

15d 4h 49m Sableye hits M4 with a Night Shade. M4 still has yet to get off damage on Sableye.

15d 4h 47m A sends out M4 to avenge Vileplume.

15d 4h 46m Vileplume finally manages to land a couple of hits on Sableye! She gets off 2 Giga Drains in a row before fainting to Sableye's Shadow Ball.

15d 4h 44m Sableye uses multiple Double Teams in a row as Vileplume misses her Sleep Powders left and right.

15d 4h 43m Sableye knocks out Doge with a Shadow Ball to the face. Out comes Vileplume!

15d 4h 42m Dusclops confuses Doge. Before we could finish it off with another Bite, we roar out Dusclops and out comes Sableye.

15d 4h 41m Doge slowly brings Dusclops's HP back down with Bite.

15d 4h 39m Doge continues to bite Dusclops and gets it in the Red! But then Phoebe ruined it by healing Dusclops back to full.

15d 4h 38m Dusclops goes for two protects in a row as Doge tries to bite it. Doge snaps out of its confusion!

15d 4h 37m Doge hits Dusclops with Bite. Dusclops uses Confuse Ray on Doge.

15d 4h 36m A versus Phoebe! Out comes Doge against Dusclops.

15d 4h 34m The stream continues to erupt with comments about M4 reaching level 100.

15d 4h 31m Cacturne, Crawdaunt, and Absol go down to M4's Roll Out. Sydney defeated!

15d 4h 30m A brings out M4 who gets a critical hit and knocks out Shiftry with Rock Smash! M4 REACHES LEVEL 100!

15d 4h 30m M4 IS NOW LEVEL 100!!!

15d 4h 29m Out comes Shiftry. Annie managed to get off a couple of Knock Outs but faints to Shiftry's Extrasensory.

15d 4h 27m Mightyena uses Double Edge on Annie. Annie retaliates back with an Earthquake and knocks out Mightyena!

15d 4h 27m Tentacruel down! Out comes Annie to avenge Tentacruel.

15d 4h 26m Tentacruel dives again! Mightyena hits Tentacruel with another Double Edge. Tentacruel is now in the red zone while Sydney heals Mightyena back up.

15d 4h 25m Tentacruel versus Mightyena. Tentacruel immediately goes for the dive while Mightyena hits her back with a Double Edge.

15d 4h 25m A versus Sydney. LETS DO THIS.

15d 4h 23m We try making a few calls to the Devon President but it fails. Hey Mr. Devon, did you know we're in the Pokemon League?

15d 4h 20m A immediately heads back up into the Pokemon League.

15d 4h 19m M4 uses Strength against Sealeo. Sealeo down. Glacia sends out Glalie, but M4 goes down to hail damage. A whites out.

15d 4h 19m A versus Glacia. M4 is only at 6%. Sealeo uses hail.

[Info] A neat yet comprehensive visual representation of our attempts at the E4.

15d 4h 15m M4 knocks out Dusclops #2 with RollOut. Phoebe down!

15d 4h 15m Phoebe sends out Dusclops #2. M4 uses RollOut while Dusclops retaliates with Shadow Ball.

15d 4h 13m Out comes Sableye. It goes down to M4's Surf after M4 missed a few RollOuts.

15d 4h 12m Banette #2 comes out and goes down to Surf! Wow, these tides sure are high today!

15d 4h 11m M4 takes down Dusclops #1 with Surf. Out comes Banette who also goes down to Surf!

15d 4h 10m M4 tries hitting Dusclops a couple of times but Dusclops protects.

15d 4h 10m A versus Phoebe! We send out M4 against Dusclops.

15d 4h 9m Sydney sends out Absol who immediately goes down to M4's Surf. Sydney down!

15d 4h 8m Out comes Crawdaunt. M4 continues to get its health sucked by leech seed. M4 knocks out Crawdaunt with Surf.

15d 4h 8m Despite the type disadvantage, M4 knocks out Cacturne with Surf.

15d 4h 7m M4 hits Cacturne with Rock Smash but doesn't knock it out. Cacturne uses Leech Seed.

15d 4h 7m M4 goes for the Rock Smash and knocks out Shiftry. Out comes Cacturne.

15d 4h 6m 5'7" goes down. M4 is our only Pokemon left!

15d 4h 3m Shiftry hits 5'7" with an Extrasensory. 5'7" is now in the red. Can she pull this one through?

15d 4h 2m 5'7" finally manages to land a hit on Shiftry! She uses Rock Blast but it doesn't quite knock it out.

15d 4h 1m 5'7" snaps out of its confusion. She tries attacking but misses! All of Shiftry's Double Teams must have racked up.

15d 4h 1m Out comes 5'7". Shiftry uses Swagger and 5'7" hits itself.

15d 4h 0m We send out Vileplume who goes down to 2 of Shiftry's Extrasensories! 5'7" and M4 are our only 'Mons left.

15d 3h 59m We send out Annie who immediately goes down to Shiftry's Extrasensory.

15d 3h 58m Shiftry spams a couple of Double Teams and then hits Doge with a Swagger. Doge hits itself three times in a row from confusion. Doge knocks itself out.

15d 3h 57m Annie knocks out Mightyena. Out comes Shiftry. A switches Annie out for our Doge.

15d 3h 56m Out comes Annie the Hariyama against Sydney's Mightyena.

15d 3h 55m Sydney uses full restore on Mightyena! Tentacruel uses dive and then goes down to Mightyena's Double Edge.

15d 3h 55m Mightyena hits Tentacruel with a few Double Edges while Tentacruel retaliates back with Acid. Tentacruel is now in the red, but so is Sydney's Mightyena!

15d 3h 53m A versus Sydney! We send out Tentacruel against Mightyena.

15d 3h 48m Aaaaand we're back in the Pokemon League. Heading to Sydney's room!

15d 3h 41m Glalie #2 comes out and immediately goes down to RollOut. Out comes Walrein who uses Body Slam on M4. M4 faints. A whites out.

15d 3h 40m M4 knocks down Glalie and Sealeo #2 with RollOut.

15d 3h 39m M4 knocks Sealeo out with RollOut and levels up to level 99! One more level guys!

15d 3h 39m M4 comes in and gets hit by hail. She only has 26HP left! This might not end well...

15d 3h 37m Out comes Doge again, who immediately goes down to Sealeo's Ice Ball.

15d 3h 36m We send out Vileplume. Sealeo uses Ice Ball against Vileplume. She lives with 1HP but then gets knocked out by Hail!

15d 3h 34m Sealeo uses body slam and paralyzes Doge!

15d 3h 33m Sealeo sets up hail while Doge hits it with Strength.

15d 3h 33m A versus Glacia. Mightyena comes out against Sealeo.

15d 3h 31m Phoebe's last three Pokemon go down to RollOut. Phoebe down!

15d 3h 31m Doge is now level 33!

15d 3h 30m M4 knocks out Dusclops and Banette with RollOut.

15d 3h 29m M4 decides to switch to Rock Smash against Dusclops! Unfortunately it has the same result that Strength did...

15d 3h 28m M4 tries using Strength on Dusclops, but fails. Dusclops hits M4 with a Shadow Ball.

15d 3h 27m Dusclops afflicts Mightyena with curse. We switch him out for M4 who gets hit by Earthquake.

15d 3h 25m Anarchy versus Democracy tug-pull system kicks in! Democracy wins but Anarchy immediatley kicks in.

15d 3h 25m A versus Phoebe. A sends out Doge and Phoebe sends out Dusclops.

15d 3h 22m M4 knocks out Shiftry, Crawdaunt, and Absol with Rollout. Some great bowling on M4's part. Sydney down!

15d 3h 19m Tentacruel goes for the Ice Beam and misses! Shiftry hits Tentacruel with three Extrasensories in a row and Tentacruel goes down!

15d 3h 19m We send out Tentacruel and Shiftry immediately uses Swagger. Tentacruel hits itself.

15d 3h 18m Hariyama misses the Smelling Salt and goes down to Shiftry's Extrasensory!

15d 3h 17m Hariyama goes for the Knock Out. It doesn't do much. Shiftry uses Swagger again. Hariyama hits itself.

15d 3h 16m Shiftry uses Swagger on Hariyama. Hariyama is confused!

15d 3h 15m We successfully used a healing item and restored Mightyena's HP back to full. What are the chances of us correctly using an item?

15d 3h 14m Shiftry hits Mightyena with Torment. Mightyena is confused and hits itself!

15d 3h 14m We switch out M4 for Mightyena. Shiftry uses Swagger!

15d 3h 11m Shiftry comes out. M4 goes for the Rollout but misses since Shiftry used Double Team!

15d 3h 11m M4 takes down Cacturne with Rollout.

15d 3h 9m M4 knocks out Mightyena with Rollout! Out comes Cacturne.

15d 3h 7m Mightyena knocks 5'7" out with Double Edge. We send out M4.

15d 3h 7m Sydney heals Mightyena back to full. 5'7" only has 10HP left.

15d 3h 7m We send out 5'7" against Mightyena and hit it with Rock Blast. It doesn't quite knock it out.

15d 3h 5m A versus Sydney. Tentacruel versus Mightyena!

15d 3h 2m We continue checking to make sure there's no hidden items in Sydney's room again. Nope, all clear!

15d 3h 1m Back in Sydney's room.

15d 2h 52m Out comes Glalie. It crunches M4. We white out.

15d 2h 51m M4 used Strength Sealeo down! M4 is paralyzed and only has 13HP left.

15d 2h 51m Glacia uses Full Restore on Sealeo. We hit Sealeo with Rock Smash but it doesn't quite take it down.

15d 2h 50m A versus Glacia. Glacia sends out Sealeo and we send out M4!

15d 2h 47m M4 defeats Phoebe's last Dusclops with Rollout. Phoebe defeated!

15d 2h 47m Phoebe's 2nd Banette goes down to Rollout and so does Sableye.

15d 2h 46m M4 levels up to 98!

15d 2h 46m Phoebe tries to heal Banette but it's too late. M4 knocks it out with Rollout.

15d 2h 45m M4 hits Banette with a couple of Rollouts. Banette tries to fight back with Thunderbolt.

15d 2h 45m Dusclops goes down to M4's Surf. Banette next.

15d 2h 44m We walk in a striaght line to Phoebe. M4 versus Dusclops!

15d 2h 43m M4 takes down Absol with Rollout. Sydney down!

15d 2h 42m Shiftry goes down to M4's rollout!

15d 2h 42m Crawdaunt goes down to M4's rollout as well! We're on a roll!

15d 2h 42m Shiftry goes down to M4's rollout!

15d 2h 41m M4 knocks out Mightyena with Rollout!

15d 2h 40m We send out our last team member M4 against Mightyena.

15d 2h 40m Mightyena uses Double Edge. Hariyama down!

15d 2h 39m Hariyama versus Mightyena. Hariyama is at 28% health.

15d 2h 38m 5'7" hits Mightyena with another Earthquake but it doesn't quite KO him. Mightyena comes back with a vicious Crunch. 5'7" down!

15d 2h 37m 5'7" versus Mightyena. Mightyena uses Sand Attack while 5'7" retaliates with Earthquake.

15d 2h 36m We talked to Sydney. It's go time!

15d 2h 35m We thoroughly search Sydney's room for any hidden items. Haven't found anything yet.

15d 2h 34m We have turned battle scenes off.

15d 2h 32m About to face Sydney, we haven't healed. M4 is the only Pokemon on our team at full health. Tentacruel, Mightyena, and Vileplume are down.

15d 2h 26m A enters inside the Pokemon League again.

15d 2h 22m Anarchy kicks back in and we leave Victory Road!

15d 2h 18m [D] Annie the Hariyama learns Earthquake in place of Whirlwind.

15d 2h 13m We have selected Earthquake.

15d 2h 9m Annie the Hariyama learns Strength in place of Belly Drum.

15d 2h 0m We have selected strength.

15d 1h 57m A has opened her bag. Apparently the goal is to teach some TMs.

15d 1h 55m Democracy mode kicks in!

15d 1h 54m 5'7" knocks out a wild Golbat

15d 1h 51m Anarchy and democracy tug-pull system kicks in! It's leaning heavily towards democracy.

15d 1h 49m 5'7" versus wild Lairon. 5'7" OHKOs it with Earthquake!

15d 1h 43m Vileplume faints to the same wild Golbat. We flee and 5' 7" is now in the lead.

15d 1h 41m Mightyena faints to a wild Golbat Vileplume is now the lead.

15d 1h 37m A boots up HM02 and attempts to teach fly. Oh XX-wing, where did you go?

15d 1h 34m Tentacruel faints to a wild Golbat

[Meta] Annie seems to be the dominant moniker for our new Hariyama amidst Twitch Chat and Reddit

15d 1h 27m Currently in Victory Road, grinding on wild 'mons. Tentacruel is lead.

[Snark] New Hariyama was almost named "ATUTU", which is just comedy gold. So close, so close.

[Information] Nickname is "A♀NIIIIc33"

15d 1h 20m We catch a wild Hariyama! Level 40, female

15d 1h 16m As A slowly wanders towards Victory Road, she open up the Pokedex, perusing for her next victim team member

15d 1h 11m Also bought 6 hyper potions, apparently. Those might be helpful. But probably not.

15d 1h 10m We buy 2 (?) Ultra balls

15d 1h 5m Still trying to buy balls. Bets on when we'll accidentally re-enter the League?

[Snark] Rollin.

15d 0h 59m M4 rolls through Shelgon, Altaria, and Kingdra, but can't sustain it for Flygon. She goes down and A whites out

[SNARK] Jesus Christ ...

[Snark] What's with the no-shirt-overcoat look?

15d 0h 57m Drake is up!

15d 0h 54m [Current Party Status] M4 is our only team member left, with 48% HP going into the battle against Drake.

[Snark] Serves you right for having such a weird name. I mean, "Glacia"? Really?

15d 0h 50m And Walrein goes down! We defeat Glacia for the first time!

15d 0h 49m The 2nd Sealeo and Glalie both get trumped by Rollout.

15d 0h 49m Glalie 1 goes down, and M4 moves up to level 97!

15d 0h 49m Anarchy takes over again after Rollout gets, well, rolling.

15d 0h 47m We enter Democracy, and we appear to hang around in Demo Mode for now, entering "a" commands.

15d 0h 45m M4 takes out Sealeo with rollout, but not before it turns the weather into Hail The first Glalie dodges rollout.

15d 0h 44m We engage Glacia as the voting period winds to a close. It's just M4 left against her Icy team.

15d 0h 40m Voting Period begins!

15d 0h 38m M4 surfs/rolls straight through Phoebe's entire roster, with barely a scratch on her! Onwards to Glacia!

15d 0h 34m Confusion and Shadow Punch put Vileplume out of commission. M4 is our last hope.

15d 0h 32m Vileplume poisons Dusclops 1 with Sludge Bomb!

15d 0h 31m A approaches Phoebe for battle #2 of this run. Vileplume up first.

[Correction] Two updates prior, I said Phoebe when I meant Sidney

15d 0h 30m M4 rolls through Shiftry and Absol, beating Sidney unscathed!

15d 0h 27m M4 brings down Crawdaunt and Cacturne. Shiftry is Phoebe's next choice.

[SNARK] Did M4 just drown a giant lobster?

15d 0h 26m Crawdaunt is next, and powers through 5' 7" and Mightyena. M4 is sent out.

15d 0h 26m 5' 7" comes out and thrashes Sidneyena, growing to levl 46!

15d 0h 25m Tentacruel goes down quickly to Sidneyena

15d 0h 24m Sidney engaged! So dark, so cool

15d 0h 17m Back into the League. A is a cup-half-full gal, apparently.

15d 0h 15m A consults the map on the wall... again. She may have a budding career as a cartographer.

15d 0h 13m We move towards the androgynous Mart person looking to buy some balls.

15d 0h 10m Vileplume makes a go at it, but she too goes down to Phoebe's 2nd Dusclops. A whites out

15d 0h 8m 5' 7" goes out, takes down Banette 1, but she faints to Dusclops 2

15d 0h 6m And Tentacruel also goes down to Banette 1

15d 0h 6m Tentacruel back out

15d 0h 6m Dusclops 1 goes down, and Phoebe's Banette 1 moves in and takes out M4.

15d 0h 5m Phoebe uses a Full Restore on Dusclops 1, and Vileplume puts it to sleep afterwards. M4 gets switched in, and Dusclops curses her shortly after.

15d 0h 3m After being cursed, we pull her back and switch in Vileplume!

15d 0h 2m Phoebe time! Tentacruel is up first against Dusclops 1

14d 23h 57m M4 continues to blast right through Sidney's Pokemon with Strength, defeating him and leveling up to lvl 96 in the process. Only 4 more...

14d 23h 55m M4 takes down Shiftry, and GJKLFFZ gains a level, now lvl 40!

14d 23h 53m Mightyena is so perplexed by Shiftry's unfortunate design that it knocks itself out. M4 is up.

14d 23h 51m Shiftry's Double Team and Torment combo makes things difficult for us, both in terms of landing hits and actually issuing commands.

14d 23h 49m A spend a lot time trying to run. Mightyena hurts itself in confusion.

14d 23h 47m Tentacruel is pulled back, and Mightyena is sent out.

[Snark] Am I the only one who thinks Shiftry's lower half looks like its giant chin?

14d 23h 45m Shiftry comes out

14d 23h 45m With about half of her HP lost, Tentacruel brings down Sidneyena

14d 23h 42m We engage Sidney! Tentacruel vs. Sidneyena!

14d 23h 39m We enter Democracy only to return to Anarchy with the first input.

14d 23h 38m 2 minutes left in the voting period as A enters the Pokemon League once again. Looks like we won't be buying balls just yet.

14d 23h 35m Voting period begins, Democracy is the early favorite as usual.

14d 23h 32m We were one input away from depositing 5' 7" but escape the PC unharmed. Now we're outside, fleeing the PC as quickly as possible.

14d 23h 31m A approaches the Mart attendant but gets shy and leaves. Then she goes to the PC and Twitch collectively freaks out.

14d 23h 25m A consults her Pokedex to listen to Kadabra's cry. Y'know we DO have an open slot now...KADABRA5EVER

[Snark] "I have to get stronger!!!" - Cheren A

14d 23h 20m A bumbles around outside, contemplating her most recent defeat.

14d 23h 15m M4 takes out Sealeo but can't hold on any longer. M4 faints and we white out, ending our 11th E4 run

14d 23h 13m Sealeo is first up from Glacia, and takes over half his HP in damage from M4's surf. But it uses Hail, which doesn't bode well.

14d 23h 11m After Phoebe, M4 is our only poke standing, and she's down to 11% HP. Could be a rough battle battle against Glacia.

14d 23h 10m But M4 pulls out a clutch surf! Phoebe defeated!

14d 23h 9m M4 uses Strength, the worst move choice we have against Phoebe. And Sableye uses Night Shade, which is probably the best move against M4. Yikes.

14d 23h 7m Sableye uses numerous Double Teams, and M4 is having trouble landing a hit. Stand still you little gem ghost dwarf thing.

14d 23h 6m Phoebe sends Sableye out, and full restores it after M4 brings it down to red.

14d 23h 5m 5' 7" faints to Banette. M4 goes out an rolls through both Banettes.

[Information] 5' 7" is now level 45, for clarification.

14d 23h 3m 5'7" now facing down Phoebe's Banette

14d 23h 2m 5'7" takes down Dusclops and gains a level. She learns Earthquake in place of Dynamic Punch

14d 23h 1m Dusclops 1 curses Mightyena, whom eventually faints. But not before he gets in a few Sand-Attacks. 5-7 up now.

14d 22h 58m We finally decide to challenge Phoebe. Mightyena vs. Phoebe's Dusclops.

[Movie Night] Need even MORE Pokemon in your life? Go to the TPP plug.dj Movie Room to watch Many 'Mon Mini Movies (followed by Pokemon Chronicles)! Maybe you'll see more Mightyena?

14d 22h 51m Absol down too! Sidney is defeated!

14d 22h 49m M4 rolls right through Cacturne with a critical hit, and follows up with OHKO's of Shiftry and Crawdaunt! You go girl!

14d 22h 49m Sidney's Mightyena goes down to a rollout from M4

14d 22h 48m We send out our fearless leader, M4

14d 22h 48m Vileplume faints from a Double-Edge

14d 22h 46m Vileplume and Sidney's Mightyena are both in the Red. A panics and tries to run. A lot.

14d 22h 45m We pull Mightydoge for Vileplume, and Sidney uses a full restore on the opposing Mightyena

14d 22h 43m Tentacruel faints to Sidney's Mightyena, our Mightyena is now up

14d 22h 42m We enter the League! And go right up to Sidney for battle (for once).

14d 22h 40m Battle scene switched off. Now you'll just have to use your imagination.

[Fluff] Goodbye XX-Wing. You may not have been strong, but you were certainly loved.

14d 22h 36m Anarchy takes over after exiting the PC. Looks like the hivemind is trying to get some balls to use in victory road.

14d 22h 32m [D] Left the Deposit menu!

14d 22h 31m Deposited X-Wing!

14d 22h 30m Selected X-Wing instead!

14d 22h 28m [D] Selected Tentacruel!

14d 22h 28m [D] Entered the Deposit menu!

14d 22h 26m [D] Accessed the PC!

14d 22h 18m M4 killed by the curse! Whited out! Tenth attempt over!

14d 22h 17m Phoebe used a Full Restore! M4 is Cursed!

14d 22h 16m It's Ghost time! Phoebe! Dusclops!

14d 22h 13m Loitering in Phoebe's room!

14d 22h 8m Absol down! Sidney defeated once more!!

14d 22h 8m Cacturne down! Absol!

14d 22h 7m Crawdaunt down! M4 is now level 95! Cacturne!

14d 22h 7m It's up to M4 now!

14d 22h 4m 5'7" washed away!

14d 22h 4m Shiftry Dynamically Punched out! Crawdaunt!

14d 22h 3m Go! 5'7"!

14d 22h 3m Vileplume down!

14d 22h 2m Nope, switched for Vileplume!

14d 22h 0m Go! M4! Beat up that tengu tree!

14d 21h 58m Mightyena punched himself in the face!

14d 21h 57m Mightyena is confused!

14d 21h 56m Shiftry used Double Team! Shiftry used Double Team!

14d 21h 53m Mightyena was subjected to Torment!

14d 21h 50m Our Doge is the strongest Mightyena! Level 32!

14d 21h 48m That was quick! It's Mightyena time!

14d 21h 48m Tentacruel down! Go, X-Wing!

14d 21h 47m Time to fight the darkness again! Sidney! Mightyena! Battle!

14d 21h 46m Back in for another go!

14d 21h 45m 5'7" down to an Ice beam! Whited out! Ninth attempt failed!

14d 21h 44m Banette blasted by rocks! Second Dusclops!

14d 21h 40m 5'7" is our last hope!

14d 21h 39m M4 down!

14d 21h 38m Banette caught in the tide! Second Banette!

14d 21h 38m Dusclops sailed away! Banette!

14d 21h 34m Go, M4!

14d 21h 34m Vileplume is dead!

14d 21h 33m Vileplume is cursed!

14d 21h 31m Vileplume is confused!

14d 21h 30m Time to face our phobias! Phoebe! Dusclops!

14d 21h 25m Absol smashed! The battle is over, and Sidney lies defeated!

14d 21h 23m Crawdaunt down! Absol!

14d 21h 22m Shiftry Rolled Out! Crawdaunt!

14d 21h 21m M4 was subjected to Torment!

14d 21h 20m M4 is confused!

14d 21h 20m Cacturne Rolled Out! Shiftry!

14d 21h 19m Mightyena smashed! Cacturne!

14d 21h 17m Go! M4!

14d 21h 17m Tentacruel down! X-Wing down!

14d 21h 16m Sidney used Full Restore!

14d 21h 15m Mightyena down! Go, Tentacruel!

14d 21h 14m It's Mightyena vs Mightyena time!

14d 21h 11m The man of darkness! Master of shadows! Elite Four Sidney and his Mightyena! Let's battle!!

14d 21h 8m The people have voted: we're moving towards Sidney!

14d 21h 7m [D] It's Democracy time!

14d 21h 4m Back in Sidney's room, ready for the ninth attempt at the Pokémon League!

14d 21h 0m Getting close to the PC!

14d 20h 57m Still, M4 shocked! Whited out! Eighth attempt done!

14d 20h 56m Banette used Thunderbolt! It's super effective! Doesn't actually look that way, though!

14d 20h 55m M4 is rolling! Dusclops down! Banette!

14d 20h 54m It's M4 time!

14d 20h 53m 5'7" fell to Earthquake!

14d 20h 52m Dusclops used Ice Beam! 5'7" clutched 1HP, but was frozen solid!

14d 20h 52m Dusclops Rolled Out! Second Dusclops!

14d 20h 51m Sent out 5'7"!

14d 20h 50m Dusclops woke up! Vileplume down!

14d 20h 49m Vileplume put Dusclops to sleep despite being confused!

14d 20h 48m Ghosts and mummies and stuff! Phoebe! Dusclops!

14d 20h 39m Absol down! Sidney down!

14d 20h 38m Crawdaunt out and Rolled Out! Absol!

14d 20h 38m My bad, apparently plants are rocks. Shiftry Smashed!

14d 20h 36m Cacti aren't rocks, but M4 doesn't care! M4 instead hits level 94! Shiftry!

14d 20h 36m Mightyena Smashed like a Rock! Cacturne!

14d 20h 34m You can do it! M4!

14d 20h 33m Mightyena down!

14d 20h 32m It's Mightyena vs Mightyena time!

14d 20h 31m Mightyena and Tentacruel were both in the red, but Sidney used a Full Restore! Tentacruel down!

14d 20h 30m Go! Tentacruel!

14d 20h 29m Immediately switched out X-Wing! X-Wing down!

14d 20h 29m Time to face the darkness again! Sidney! Mightyena!

14d 20h 27m It's challenge time!

14d 20h 23m Banette was defrosted and used Thunderbolt! Tentacruel down, whited out! Seventh attempt is over!

14d 20h 22m Banette was frozen solid by Ice Beam!

14d 20h 21m Go! Tentacruel!

14d 20h 19m M4 down from the Curse just as Banette is sent out!

14d 20h 18m M4 is Cursed! Dusclops rolled out!

14d 20h 18m Switched out for M4 anyway!

14d 20h 17m Tentacruel was Revived just before the match!

14d 20h 16m It's Ghost time! Vs Elite Four Phoebe! Dusclops!

14d 20h 15m Sidney defeated again!

14d 20h 15m Shiftry finally Rolled Out! Crawdaunt and Absol followed!

14d 20h 12m M4 was subjected to Torment!

14d 20h 11m Those Double Teams stack up! M4's attacks won't connect!

14d 20h 9m M4 is confused!

14d 20h 8m It's Shiftry time!

14d 20h 8m Cacturne rolled out!

14d 20h 7m Mightyena rolled out!

14d 20h 6m Darkness all around! Elite Four Sidney! Mightyena!

14d 20h 2m It's challenge time! M4 is our only conscious Pokémon!

14d 19h 46m 5'7" down!

14d 19h 42m 5'7" grew to level 44!

14d 19h 28m Vileplume down!

14d 19h 21m Mightyena down!

14d 19h 4m Tentacruel down!

14d 19h 0m Back inside Victory Road!

[Recap] It's /u/Calabazal's daily recap time!

14d 18h 57m Walked a few steps before Anarchy took back over.

14d 18h 53m [D] Left Victory Road!

14d 18h 47m X-Wing down!

14d 18h 29m It's Victory Road time!

14d 18h 25m Vileplume out and down! Whited out! Sixth attempt is over!

14d 18h 22m 5'7" almost defeats Dusclops twice, but is eventually downed!

14d 18h 21m Go, 5'7"!

14d 18h 20m M4 down!

14d 18h 19m Switched for M4!

14d 18h 18m Go! Vileplume!

14d 18h 17m Mightyena down!

14d 18h 16m Dusclops fled from Mightyena's Roar, replaced by the other Dusclops!

14d 18h 15m Mightyena is Cursed!

14d 18h 15m Dusclops Protected itself, as usual!

14d 18h 14m It's Phoebe time! Dusclops!

14d 18h 13m M4's HP is red!

14d 18h 12m Absol rolled out! Sidney beaten!

14d 18h 11m Crawdaunt fell to M4's Strength! Absol!

14d 18h 11m Shiftry defeated! Crawdaunt crawls out!

14d 18h 10m Both M4 and Shiftry have their HP in the yellow! M4 is confused!

14d 18h 6m M4 was subjected to Torment!

14d 18h 4m Cacturne Surfed down! Shiftry!

14d 18h 4m Mightyena down! M4 hit level 93! Cacturne!

14d 18h 3m Go! M4!

14d 18h 2m Tentacruel down!

14d 18h 2m Switched out X-Wing, who was immediately downed! Tentacruel back out!

14d 17h 59m Sidney! Mightyena!

14d 17h 55m It's Elite Four time!

14d 17h 50m Teasing the second floor PC.

14d 17h 39m And back out!

14d 17h 32m Victory road!

14d 17h 30m M4 fell to the hailstorm! Whited out! Fifth attempt failed!

14d 17h 29m It's Walrein time!

14d 17h 28m They see M4 rolling! Second Sealeo and second Glalie fainted!

14d 17h 28m Glalie Rolled Out! Second Sealeo!

14d 17h 25m Sealeo fell to M4's Strength! Glalie!

14d 17h 22m 5'7" smashed by Ice Ball! It's all up to M4 now!

14d 17h 21m It's freezing! Vs Elite Four Glacia! Sealeo!

14d 17h 18m Second Dusclops woke up on a distant shore! Phoebe beaten!

14d 17h 18m Sableye drowned! Second Dusclops!

14d 17h 16m Both Banette felt the wind on the beach! Sableye!

14d 17h 15m Dusclops sailed away! Banette!

14d 17h 14m Vileplume punched down! Go, M4!

14d 17h 13m Vileplume was Cursed! I knew the ghosts were a bad sign!

14d 17h 12m Spooky ghosts! It's Phoebe time! Dusclops!

14d 17h 8m M4 rolls on! Sidney defeated again!

14d 17h 8m Crawdaunt Rolled out! Absol!

14d 17h 7m Shiftry Smashed! M4 hit level 92! Crawdaunt!

14d 17h 6m Cacturne washed away! Out comes Shiftry!

14d 17h 5m Mightyena couldn't take the waves! Cacturne!

14d 17h 5m Mightyena down! Go, M4!

14d 17h 4m It's Mightyena vs Mightyena time!

14d 17h 3m Tentacruel down!

14d 17h 2m Tentacruel almost beat Mightyena, but then A switched out X-Wing instead! X-Wing down, and Mightyena Fully Restored! Tentacruel back out!

14d 17h 1m Darkness and shadows! It's Sidney time! Mightyena!

14d 16h 56m Right back to Sidney's room!

14d 16h 56m M4 fell to the Curse! Whited out! Fourth attempt over!

14d 16h 55m Dusclops down! Banette!

14d 16h 55m M4 is Cursed!

14d 16h 54m Ghosts! Ghosts! Elite Four Phoebe! Dusclops!

14d 16h 45m Used a Protein on Mightyena!

14d 16h 44m Absol down! Sidney defeated!

14d 16h 43m Crawdaunt Smashed! Absol!

14d 16h 42m Vileplume down! Go, M4!

14d 16h 41m Go! Vileplume!

14d 16h 40m Mightyena time is over for now!

14d 16h 39m It's Mightyena time!

14d 16h 37m Shiftry was taken by the tides! From the stormy seas, Crawdaunt emerges and lays waste to 5'7"!

14d 16h 35m Cacturne followed Mightyena into the sunset! Shiftry!

14d 16h 35m Go, M4! Mightyena sailed away!

14d 16h 34m XX-Wing Crunched!

14d 16h 33m Go, XX-Wing!

14d 16h 32m Tentacruel down! She totally would have won if not for that Full Restore!

14d 16h 30m It's Dark time! Vs Elite Four Sidney! Mightyena!

14d 16h 28m Entered Sidney's room!

14d 16h 26m A took a close look at the PC, but decided not to switch it on.

14d 16h 25m Twice!

14d 16h 24m Healed!

14d 16h 24m Inside the building, loitering.

14d 16h 21m Hiding behind the bushes.

14d 16h 18m Left Victory Road!

14d 16h 16m Both Slakings Surfed out! Dusclops is sent out to meet the same fate! Victory!

14d 16h 15m Another Slaking! Vileplume down!

14d 16h 14m Gardevior beaten! Vileplume hits level 34, M4 hits level 91!

14d 16h 13m Sent out M4!

14d 16h 12m 5'7" Giga Drained by Vileplume!

14d 16h 10m Mightyena down to Slaking's Flamethrower!

14d 16h 9m Sneaky Trainers! Vs Cooltrainers Katelynn and Quincy! Gardevoir and Slaking!

14d 16h 7m X-Wing down to the same Hariyama! Avenged by M4!

14d 16h 5m Tentacruel down to a wild Hariyama!

14d 16h 1m Tentacruel is now level 39!

14d 16h 0m Back in Victory Road!

14d 15h 57m Downed by Hail! Whited out! Thus ends A's third attempt at the Ever Grande Pokémon League.

14d 15h 56m M4 is beeping in pain!

14d 15h 56m A walked right up and challenged Elite Four Glacia! Sealeo!

14d 15h 51m M4 is on a roll again! Phoebe defeated for the second time!

14d 15h 50m Sableye Rolled Out! Second Dusclops!

14d 15h 50m Sableye!

14d 15h 49m Second Banette Surfed away into the sunset!

14d 15h 49m Dusclops Surfed out! Banette Surfed out!

14d 15h 47m Only M4 left now!

14d 15h 47m Vileplume was Cursed! Vileplume down!

14d 15h 45m It's Ghost time! Vs Elite Four Phoebe! Dusclops!

14d 15h 43m Standing in the corner of Phoebe's room!

14d 15h 39m Absol down! Beat Sidney again!

14d 15h 38m Crawdaunt down! Absol!

14d 15h 35m Shiftry disposed of! Crawdaunt!

14d 15h 35m Cacturne Surfed away as well! Shiftry!

14d 15h 34m It's cactus time!

14d 15h 34m M4! Mightyena Surfed away!

14d 15h 33m After only one Rollout, 5'7" gets Crunched!

14d 15h 32m Mightyena down! Go, 5'7"!

14d 15h 31m It's Superdoge vs Superdoge!

14d 15h 31m X-Wing Crunched by Mightyena! Sent out Mightyena!

14d 15h 30m Go, xx!

14d 15h 29m Tentacruel down!

14d 15h 28m Again! Vs Elite Four Sidney! Mightyena!

14d 15h 26m M4 Crunched! Whited out!

14d 15h 25m Vs Glalie! M4's HP is in the red!

14d 15h 25m Sealeo Surfed out! M4 hits level 90!

14d 15h 24m Ice time! Vs Elite Four Glacia! Sealeo!

14d 15h 22m Sableye down! Defeated Elite Four Phoebe for the first time!

14d 15h 22m Banette keeps using Thunderbolt, but to no avail! Banette still falls to M4!

14d 15h 21m Banette Surfed out! Second Banette comes in!

14d 15h 20m M4 is our last standing Pokémon!

14d 15h 20m 5'7" down to Banette's Faint Attack!

14d 15h 19m Banette!

14d 15h 19m Dusclops Rolled out! Another Dusclops takes its place and meets the same fate!

14d 15h 18m Go, 5'7"!

14d 15h 17m Mightyena down!

14d 15h 16m Phoebe used Full Restore on Dusclops!

14d 15h 15m Dusclops protected itself from Mightyena's Roar!

14d 15h 14m Battle! Vs Elite Four Phoebe! Dusclops!

14d 15h 11m Entered Phoebe's room!

14d 15h 10m Sidney's room has very interesting corners.

14d 15h 8m Absol fell to M4's Strength! Defeated Sidney for the first time!

14d 15h 8m Crawdaunt beaten! Absol!

14d 15h 6m Cacturne defeated! Crawdaunt!

14d 15h 5m Shiftry smashed like a rock! Cacturne!

14d 15h 4m Sent out M4!

14d 15h 4m Vileplume down!

14d 15h 4m Mightyena down! Shiftry!

14d 15h 3m No, it's not! Switched for Vileplume! Sidney used Full Restore!

14d 15h 2m It's Mightyena vs Mightyena time!

14d 15h 2m X-Wing down!

14d 15h 1m Tentacruel down! Go, X-Wing!

14d 15h 0m Tentacruel's Acid isn't damaging Mightyena all that much.

14d 14h 59m It's rematch time! Vs Elite Four Sidney! Mightyena!

14d 14h 58m Back to the League!

14d 14h 54m M4 down! Whited out!

14d 14h 53m Not even the BAG can help against Crawdaunt!

14d 14h 50m Shiftry fell to M4's Strength!

14d 14h 49m Vs Shiftry, M4's HP is in the red!

14d 14h 49m M4 opens with Rollout, defeating Mightyena, then rolling over Cacturne as well!

14d 14h 48m It's battle time! Vs Elite Four Sidney! Mightyena!

14d 14h 40m Realizing this might have been a bad idea, A is reluctant to challenge Sidney and instead engages in her favorite sport, loitering.

14d 14h 36m Entered the Pokémon League! Without healing. M4 is our only conscious Pokémon, at less than half HP.

14d 14h 29m We made it out! Victory Road is behind us!

14d 14h 29m Anarchy returns! Almost at the exit!

14d 14h 26m [D] Slowly walking towards the exit!

14d 14h 24m Democracy won!

14d 14h 21m Voting Anarchy vs Democracy, Democracy in the lead!

14d 14h 18m M4 reaches level 89!

14d 14h 12m Back into the light!

14d 14h 7m Working the Strength/Rock Smash puzzle on the negative second floor. At some point, Itemfinder was Selected. Nope! There's no response.

14d 13h 46m Up the waterfall!

14d 13h 39m Made it down to the negative third floor.

14d 13h 19m Stumbling around in the dark.

14d 13h 2m A finally went down the ladder!

14d 12h 58m 5'7" down to a wild Golbat!

14d 12h 57m A is alternately walking and biking around the ladder down to the first basement floor, but seems reluctant to actually go down.

14d 12h 37m Vileplume down to a wild Golbat! We're still on the first half of the first part of the first floor.

14d 12h 28m Mightyena down against a wild Golbat!

14d 12h 25m Mightydoge has 1HP remaining.

14d 12h 16m X-Wing down to a wild Golbat!

14d 12h 13m Stream back up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 12h 7m Stream down!

14d 12h 6m Tentacruel down to a wild Aron!

14d 12h 3m It's Democracy time! The people voted for Anarchy!

14d 11h 55m We have re-entered Victory Road.

14d 11h 53m Loitering outside Victory Road... Will we go in again? This'll be our 4th try...

14d 11h 49m ...So much for that run. =/ Stupid ambush from trainers under the bridge.

14d 11h 49m Slaking just Earthquaked... M4 down. WHITE OUT.

14d 11h 49m Oh god. Gardevoir had Thunderbolt. We're down to 49 HP.

14d 11h 48m Gotta beat this Gardevoir >__> M4 has 93 HP left.

14d 11h 48m There were trainers HIDING ;∆;

14d 11h 47m We are nearly out, just a little further!

14d 11h 47m Pelipper has been rolled out. M4 wins!

14d 11h 44m Rock Smash does a pathetic amount. WTF M4, you're more than 2x this thing's level.

14d 11h 43m Beat Cacturne. Next up is Pelipper.

14d 11h 42m Fighting Cooltrainer Edgar and his Cacturne.

14d 11h 38m Back up into the light!

14d 11h 37m We smashed the rocks and are heading toward the next ladder.

14d 11h 28m Finally moved on from the water area. We're at the strength/rock smash "puzzle" now.

14d 11h 25m We're surfing again... (why??)

14d 11h 23m And down... Guess we can't decide if we want to progress or not. Up and down and up and down...

14d 11h 23m We've gone up the correct ladder.

14d 11h 18m We beat Kadabra and Shiftry. We've officially beat this guy's whole family.

14d 11h 17m M4 leveled up to 87

14d 11h 17m Easily beat his Dodrio. And Electrode.

14d 11h 17m Fighting Cooltrainer Vito

14d 11h 16m We've gone up the waterfall again.

14d 11h 15m We've been in the area with the waterfalls for the past half hour...

14d 11h 10m Saved the game, just for good measure. =)

14d 11h 6m Descended the waterfall.

14d 10h 59m And we easily kill it with Rollout. So OP.

14d 10h 59m Beat Skarmory. Out comes Sableye.

14d 10h 58m Stream back up. =)


14d 10h 56m M4 vs her Skarmory.

14d 10h 56m Oh, we're at the top of the waterfall. Seems I missed that, sorry. Anyway, battling a trainer, cooltrainer Caroline.

14d 10h 47m At the base of the waterfall...

14d 10h 41m We've gone down the ladder.

14d 10h 32m 57 fainted M4 is the only one left standing.

14d 10h 28m 57 leveled up to level 43

14d 10h 27m So close to the next ladder... stupid wild Lairon.

14d 10h 19m Just fighting our way through... not much exciting.

14d 10h 11m Sent out M4. That only took us 3 minutes...

14d 10h 8m Mightyena faints to a critical hit Wing Attack from a wild Golbat.

14d 10h 5m Mightyena leveled up to level 31

14d 10h 4m Sent out Mightyena.

14d 10h 3m This Golbat knocked out half our party already >__>

14d 10h 3m Vileplume down!

14d 10h 3m We sent out Vileplume.

14d 10h 1m xx fainted. Not that I'm surprised or anything.

14d 10h 1m Sent out xx. Level 20 vs a wild level 40 Golbat. Good luck with that.

14d 10h 0m Tentacruel has fainted!

14d 9h 58m Smashed a rock.

14d 9h 58m We entered democracy mode but anarchy took over again easily.

14d 9h 52m Tentacruel levels up to 38 and DOES NOT LEARN BARRIER. Good. lol

14d 9h 48m Derping around in our bag, while Tentacruel is sitting here with just 26 HP.

14d 9h 45m Working on the strength "puzzle" in here (though as long as we just push left and right and not up and down it's impossible to screw up). Interrupted by a wild Lairon, which we run away from.

14d 9h 43m Bunny hops! The acro bike is fun.

14d 9h 42m We've reached the second floor, only to be greeted by a wild Golbat.

14d 9h 37m Encountered a wild Zubat! Totally not the first time we've seen Zubat in caves.

14d 9h 33m We're back in Victory Road.

14d 9h 27m: Well, back to square one, except we have actually beaten some trainers in the way. 3rd try is the charm! :D

14d 9h 25m: A wild Hariyama finishes M4 with smelling salt. A whites out.

14d 9h 24m: M4 finishes solrock and we move on. We are in front of the last boulder puzzle and M4 only has 17hp left.

14d 9h 21m: M4 is out of strength PP, only has 1PP for rock smash and Solrock used light screen. Stakes are high.

14d 9h 19m: Lunatone goes down to surf. Solrock then comes out.

14d 9h 17m: Another trainer greets us. Lunatone comes out against M4.

14d 9h 16m: M4 finally used rollout against Sableye and he faints. M4 is level 86. Absol comes out and faints to rollout. M4 has 29hp left.

14d 9h 13m: Sableye comes out against M4 and uses Shadowball. Meanwhile strength didn't hit him.

14d 9h 12m: We get up to the 1st basment floor. We get greeted by another trainer.

14d 9h 11m: Golbats are getting annoying. Paparazzi level. M4 just keeps smacking them and they just keep coming back.

14d 9h 8m: A went too much down and too much right. We are currently trying to get back to the water. We are not very far from the exit though.

14d 9h 3m: Strength is down to 5 PPs and M4 currantly only has 82 hp. Will it last?

14d 9h 1m: We did it! A gets down....! The waterfall, she gets down the waterfall.

14d 8h 59m: We dont make it down the waterfall, instead we stop by the land near the waterfall that leads down.

14d 8h 57m: We manage to climb the waterfall! I'm the king of the world! We then proceed down.

14d 8h 55m: We are currently attempting to get over the waterfall with just surf, but it somehow isn't enough. Come on M4, try harder.

14d 8h 53m: Democracy is in control but its inability to reach a common goal leads to Anarchy taking over. I saw it coming to be honest.

14d 8h 50m: We have reached the waterfall but so far we haven't been able to climb it. Democracy vs Anarchy is on at the moment.

14d 8h 48m: Ninetales came out and fainted after a few strengths. We beat the trainer.

14d 8h 47m: A Tropius comes out and M4 uses rollout. Hits the first then misses the second one. Meanwhile magical leaf takes M4 down to 99hp. Strength finishes Tropius.

14d 8h 45m: Slash takes M4 down to 153hp. Only 3 PPs left for rock smash though. Surf finishes Sandslash.

14d 8h 44m: Sandslash greets M4. Rock smash doesn't help much though.

14d 8h 44m: We reach the second floor. We enter a battle against another lost trainer. Bring it!

14d 8h 41m: Ok just as I said that we've spent the last minutes getting nowhere. I jynxed it again ó_ò.

14d 8h 32m: We are actually advancing at a very fast pace, considering its us playing TPP. We are near the stairs to the 2nd floor.

14d 8h 28m: Kadabra OHKOs to another rollout and Cooltrainer Samuel defeated. Not so cool now huh?!

14d 8h 27m: M4 uses rollout and Swellow KOs. Mawile comes out and resists the 2nd rollout, but not the 3rd. Down.

14d 8h 26m: M4 uses rock smash then misses with rollout. Swellow is not doing much, double team and aerial ace.

14d 8h 24m: M4 out against a Swellow. We try to escape, we are so used to it at this point.

14d 8h 23m: We cross the bridge and get into a trainer battle! HURRAY \o/

14d 8h 21m: We climb some stairs and are about to cross a bridge. Progress guys, who saw THIS coming.

14d 8h 18m: A lets Azumarill sharpen her rock smashing skills. The rock doesn't stand a chance.

14d 8h 15m: We manage to get past the first two boulders. That wasn't that hard was it?

[Information] This is once again the walkthrough image for those of you unsure of the way to go.

14d 8h 6m: Graveler faints to a wild Golbat. M4 is our lonely warrior now.

14d 8h 1m: We reach the 2nd floor of victory road. This is where it all went wrong the 1st time.

14d 8h 0m : Hariyama are proving to be the main threat so far (apart from ourselves). It's specially annoying when we get them to low hp and they use whirwind. How can a fighter create a whirlwind so strong it sends a rock flying?!

14d 7h 52m: Graveler runs out of dynamic punch against a wild Zubat. I would've paid to watch that actually.

14d 7h 46m: Democracy takes over for 30 seconds, then Anarchy takes back control.

14d 7h 44m: A walks past Wally and gives him a cold blooded look. He doesn't even dare to talk.

14d 7h 42m: Vileplume goes down to a wild Golbat. -5'"7"Y and M4 left

14d 7h 38m: We are in the bridge about to greet Wally. About 3 mins until voting time.

14d 7h 34m: A struggles to go up the stairs to cross the bridge and greet Wally. I'm not sure if we have to beat him again however.

14d 7h 29m: Mightyena is down as well. Vileplume is now the leader. This reminds me of those low budget slasher movies where the teenagers die one by one. Or predator, your choice.

14d 7h 27m: xx fainted too and Mightyena leads the pack now. Who saw it coming right?

14d 7h 25m: GJK faints and xx now leads the party.

14d 7h 20m: GJK reaches level 37. I had no idea she had ice beam :O

14d 7h 18m: We get back in Victory Road. GJKLFFZ leads the party.

14d 7h 16m: A finally whites out after a Hariyama finishes M4. She fought like a champ though.

14d 7h 11m: Ok, I got the chance to see and M4 has no strength and rock smash PPs. Also down to 5hp due to wild Hariyama.

14d 7h 9m: M4 is down to just 14 HP, rollout also very low...

14d 7h 2m: A moves some boulders around. Of course she doesn't move them in the right direction so we're gonna have to climb back up.

14d 7h 0m: We have 8 PPs left for Rollout. 0 for rock smash and I'm not sure about the other ones. Also M4 has gone down to 43 hp.

[Correction] I did not mean M4 has no ROCK SMASH anymore, I meant to say she has no PPs left for it

14d 6h 49m: We are currently in the second floor. M4 has no rock smash anymore and I'm not sure about the other attacks. We however try to teach TMs during battles. Why not right?

14d 6h 42m: Current status: Pretty close to whiting out. M4 has 49 hp left and very few PPs left.

14d 6h 41m: Democracy takes over. It doesn't last long though, due to people not being in the same page. Anarchy back

14d 6h 36m Democracy voting is coming up soon.


14d 6h 31m Didn't notice earlier, but M4 is now level 85.

[STRATEGY] Here's the labelled map of Victory Road again. Credit to /u/Rurfs for making it.

[observance] Lotsa bots inputting commands today.

14d 6h 12m Still in the ROAD OF VICTORRRYY

14d 6h 9m I always thought that Whismurs were Evil Jigglypuffs as a kid.

14d 6h 8m A has potential to be the Champion. Interesting.

14d 6h 6m M4 is low on PP. Very low.

14d 6h 5m You know what would be really useful? ROCK CLIMB.

14d 6h 4m Oh hey Text Speed is SLOW.

14d 6h 3m 54/287 HP left for our dear M4. HOW MUCH MORE CAN SHE TAKE?

14d 6h 2m It roared us away.

14d 6h 1m WOAH AN ARON. KILL IT.

14d 6h 0m SAVE OFTEN

14d 5h 59m We left the hole.

14d 5h 59m Now we're in

14d 5h 59m We don't want to get in the hole right now.

14d 5h 52m We've escaped to the upper level again


14d 5h 49m IT'S DAAARK.

14d 5h 39m I missed this when it was sent 30 minutes ago, but here's a labelled map of Victory Road that can be used to get through. Credit to /u/Rurfs for the map.

14d 5h 38m It's dark.

14d 5h 25m In a dark cave, trying to Strength our way through


14d 5h 1m No PP left for Strength.

14d 4h 57m Up the ladder again.

14d 4h 52m Boulder puzzles

14d 4h 45m Strength puzzles in darkness are not a good combo

14d 4h 44m Stuck inside a dark cave with no Flash.

14d 4h 41m Still not inside the hole

14d 4h 36m Stumbling around Victory Road with M4 and Slow text speed

14d 4h 32m We're bliiind

14d 4h 31m Battle scenes are on. Text speed is mid.

14d 4h 22m 5"7 is down.

14d 4h 15m Battle scenes on.

14d 4h 14m We down in the dark floors below

14d 4h 2m Vipelume down

14d 3h 58m Back upstairs

14d 3h 56m Boulders! And it's dark.

14d 3h 56m We go down a floor.

14d 3h 55m Even the wild Pokemon here have higher levels than most of A's team.

14d 3h 54m A wins! Surprisingly, M4 wasn't the one responsible for the quick victory.

14d 3h 53m Switching to Giga Drain, but switched back to Sludge Bombs.

14d 3h 52m Vipelume's just Sludge Bombing the Roselia over and over again.

14d 3h 51m A battle against Ace Trainer Hope! Go Vipelume.

14d 3h 51m A decides against teaching Tentacruel cut.

14d 3h 51m A decides against biking in a cave.

14d 3h 50m Victory against Wally GET.

14d 3h 50m Here comes Gardevoir, who is taken down immediately by a rolling water mouse.

14d 3h 50m Delcatty's gone. None can defeat M4.

14d 3h 49m Delcatty is sent out. ROLLING TIME.

14d 3h 49m Altaria's back. Nope he's gone. M4's got some muscles.

14d 3h 48m The Roselia Wally sends out falls to another Strength.

14d 3h 48m A Strength takes down Magneton

14d 3h 46m Magneton is quite successful at confusing M4. She's hurting herself a lot.

14d 3h 45m Altaria was withdrawn for Magneton

14d 3h 44m We send out M4. Chances of victory: 100%

14d 3h 44m He's down.

14d 3h 43m No he can't, and he's DANGEROUSLY LOW.

14d 3h 43m Can Mighty bite a cloud to death, I wonder?

14d 3h 40m Mighty's currently up against Altaria. BUT WILL HE TAKE IT DOWN? Or will he fall to a Dragon Dance'd dragon bird thing cloud?

14d 3h 38m Wally's Altaria is quite a beast, it seems. Both Tentacruel and X-Wing have been taken down by its Dragonbreaths.


[Strategy] Here is a map of Victory Road.

14d 3h 33m We have entered Victory Road.

14d 3h 29m We heal almost immediately. To Victory Road!

14d 3h 28m We finally enter the Pokécenter!

14d 3h 26m A is currently biking in circles instead of checkpointing in the Pokécenter. She is apparently in no hurry to become a Champion.

14d 3h 23m We climbed the waterfall! Welcome to Ever Grande City, folks!

14d 3h 22m [D] We enter democracy, but anarchy immediately resumes.

14d 3h 20m We are getting defeated by the waterfall.

14d 3h 16m We have reached the waterfall leading to Ever Grande!

14d 3h 12m Trainer defeated! Moving on, I think we are getting close to the waterfall.

14d 3h 10m Just as I say that, we choose Vileplume!

14d 3h 9m Mightydoge survives one attack with a clutch 1 HP! ..... aaand then faints the next turn. We can't decide who to send out next.

14d 3h 6m Time for another trainer battle! Vs. Swimmer Harrison.

14d 3h 3m Mightyena took out the trainer's Pokemon and has 26% HP remaining.

14d 3h 1m Seems while me and the other updaters were talking about stuff being distracted, Tentacruel and Wingull fainted Sorry about missing that guys.

14d 3h 1m Fighting swimmer Carlee. Not much exciting really...

14d 2h 53m We're surfing... and stuff. I think we are trying to find our way to Ever Grande City but... It's taking a while. On Route 127 now.

14d 2h 31m A has finally left the Gym.

[Snark] Can someone please tell me how Gamefreak never found this bug in all its testing?

14d 2h 23m A also receives TM03. Now, time to take on Victory Road and the Elite 4!

14d 2h 22m Juan uses his Hyper Potion on Kingdra, but it's no good because the next rollout KO's him. Juan defeated, A has earned her eighth and FINAL BADGE!

14d 2h 22m A critical hit Rollout knocks down Crawdaunt! Kingdra comes out next.

14d 2h 22m Rollout streak continuing, we land a super-effective hit on Sealio! It's down for the count as well.

14d 2h 21m Whiscash down! Luvdisc comes back out, not that it'll even dent our wonderful tank. Sure enough, a single hit and Luvdisc is down as well!

14d 2h 21m M4 comes out, and starts a streak with Rollout. Roll, baby, roll!

14d 2h 20m Tentacruel goes down to Whiscash, Wingull falling just behind him.

14d 2h 18m Slowly chipping away at Luvdisc's HP.

14d 2h 17m Anarchy has returned for our final gym badge.

14d 2h 16m [D] FIGHT INITIAT