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Twitch Plays Pokémon FireRed

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There was just a battle with Zapdos, Pidgey, and Articuno vs. Shuckle, Tentacool (or Tentacruel?), and Pineco. The team with two legendaries lost...with Shuckle taking down both legendaries singlehandedly. But Pidgey went through Shuckle and Tentacool, and got Pineco down to 35 HP with only 13 HP left!

The next turn, however, Clefairy's Psychic takes Onix down! Blue Team wins!

Onix survives an attack with a clutch 1 HP!

A Psychic attack brings Onix to 50% HP, meanwhile Onix continually uses Sandstorm over and over.

Earthquake does solid damage against Clefairy, but she undoes the work with Moonlight!

A Rock Throw KO's Totodile! Clefairy vs. Onix, this will be a close one!

Totodile is close to death, still neglecting his water moves.

Onix's Strength leaves Totodile at 50% HP, and Totodile follows with Screech.

Between Take Down's recoil and Totodile's Surf, Eevee faints! Last on Red is Onix!

Eevee's Take Down, err, takes down Psyduck! (I'm so sorry.) Next up is Totodile! Eevee is low on health.

Psyduck's attacks are doing chip damage against Eevee. I think this Psyduck just has awful stats.

Cyndaquil gets confused, hurts itself in confusion, then gets taken out by Psyduck! Red team sends out Eevee!

Psyduck uses Dig, which similarly does a surprisingly small amount of damage. Hm.

Cyndaquil leads with Flamethrower which does a surprisingly large amount of damage! Psyduck's attack misses.

Start time! Psyduck against Cyndaquil!

[Blue] Clefairy, Totodile, Psyduck vs. [Red] Onix, Eevee, Cyndaquil! Match starts in 3 minutes

Thunderpunch KO's Muk! Red Team wins!

Arcanine's Flame Wheel leaves Muk at 2 HP before Arcanine faints from Poison! Last up is Marowak!

A couple of Flame Wheels manage to take out Nidoran! Muk and Arcanine are both in the red.

Arcanine hurts itself in confusion then gets poisoned by Toxic.

Arcanine uses Roar, bringing out the Nidoran, which is actually Female. My bad.

Arcanine's Extremespeed does chip damage, then Muk's Dynamicpunch confuses Arcanine.

Muk takes out Tentacool but is very low on health. Red team sends out Arcanine!

It's even less effective now that Muk has used Acid Armor.

Tentacool is trying to use Sludge Bomb against Muk. It obviously is not working well.

Wooper goes down! Up next is Muk!

Here we go! Wooper against Tentacool.

[Blue] Wooper, Nidoran(M), Muk vs. [Red] Tentacool, Marowak, Arcanine! Match beings in 2:30

Togetic's Metronome begins a Solar Beam attack, but Kingler KO's Togetic with a Crab Hammer! Blue team wins!

Kingler's Vice Grip takes out half of Togetic's remaining health!

A Fly attack takes own Croconaw! Togetic has ~40% HP left to use against Kingler.

Togetic's Double Edge leaves both parties at ~50% HP

A crit Slash takes out Muk! Last up for Red team is Togetic! Will he be able to take down Croconaw and Kingler on his own?!

Muk is frozen solid by an Ice Punch and proceeds to get his health chipped away.

Hydro Pump does fair damage to Muk, but Muk Disables the attack!

Croconaw's Hydro Pump one shots Phanpy! Muk is up next!

Machop KO'd! Phanpy still at ~80% HP. Out comes Croconaw!

Both parties lead with Earthquake; Phanpy does about twice as much damage to Machop as Machop does to Phanpy.

Match begins! First up are Machop and Phanpy!

[Blue] Machop, Kingler, Croconaw vs. [Red] Muk, Phanpy, Togetic! Match begins in 2 minutes!

One last Body Slam takes out Chansey and Red Team wins!

Nidoqueen's Body Slam is doing work on Chansey! *My bad for calling it Blissey earlier, by the way.

Mareep nearly takes out Raikou but misses! Raikou uses Roar, bringing out Nidoqueen, who promptly KOs Raikou. Blissey v. Nidoqueen!

[Blue] Horsea, Raikou, Blissey vs. [Red] Farfetch'd, Nidoqueen, Mareep! So far, Horsea and Farfetch'd are both down. Raikou and Mareep are having a very close battle.


WEEPINBELL DOWN! Just Ledyba left, but hey, Zapdos is low health and paralyzed.

Zapdos is paralyzed thanks to a Stun Spore.

Zapdos up. Electric/Flying vs Grass/Poison.

But it still fainted to Weepinbell.

Whoa, Wartortle knows dig.

Sneasel down to Wartortle!

Wartortle up.

Pikachu is down. No damage at all to Red.

All three of Red's team is attacking a frozen Pikachu now.

Pikachu is frozen solid.

Alright, Pikachu vs Sneasel.

Final odds: 1:2.16.

Then again, Weepinbell alone has a type resistance/advantage against all three of Blue's Pokemon.

The odds are now 1:2.19 in favor of Red, shockingly.

Red team is Sneasel, Ledyba, and Weepinbell. Thanks to /u/traveling_cat for that information.

A lot of TPP-relevant Pokemon in these past few battles.

So it's Pikachu, Wartortle, and Zapdos on Blue versus something, something, and Weepinbell.




Fearow up!

Hype and stuff.






Charmeleon vs Parasect.


Charmander versus Piloswine.

1.14:1 odds.

The stream is currently favoring the Blue team, but Miltank's influence seems to be catching up.

/u/Rowgreen has told me that Blue team is Fearow, Magby, and Charmeleon.

(in my defense, I have to have the stream and the updater open at once and these Pokemon are tiny)

Something, something and Charmander on Blue and Parasect, Piloswine, and Miltank on Red.





And again.

Rollout again.







Magcargo keeps using Amnesia.

Finally, something that ISN'T attract. Giga Drain.


Dome just really wants to be loved, I guess.

Giga Drain again. This is a very tough fight.

it missed


How does smog miss?

Dome has Giga Drain too. What is this?

update: it worked



Yeah, okay, Pinsir's down.

Magcargo at full health and Pinsir with bad accuracy and red health.

Fire is super effective against bug . . .

Magcargo up.

BLISSEY DOWN! Critical hit by Pinsir.

Blissey has Flash and Defense Curl. This will probably take a while.

Actually, scratch that, it's just Blissey spamming defense curl.

The odds are 1:1.02 in favor of Red. This is interesting.

Defense curls all around.

Reminder: despite Articuno being a legendary, it's still weak to Hitmonchan and Magcargo.

Blissey versus Pinsir.

Clarification: Dome is in its Kabuto form.

Blue is Hitmonchan, Magcargo, and Blissey. Thanks to /u/Dustin102094 and /u/SlowpokeIsAGamer.


Red wins. That was closer than expected for the 1:2.15 odds.


Cyndaquil vs Lanturn! Both the last Pokemon, both full health.


Flaaffy vs Chincou!

Tentacruel down!

Butterfree down! Chinchou up!

Butterfree's been wrapped.

Butterfree vs Tentacruel.

/u/Dustin102094 has told me the something is a Lanturn.

Okay . . . with Blue it appears to be Cyndaquil, Chinchou, and Butterfree vs Red with something, Tentacruel, and Flaaffy.

Only Seadra had fainted on Blue's team.


Pichu's down.

Togetic's confused!

Pichu up. Type advantage, but there's still Haunter on the blue.

Togetic's Double Edge has KO'd Elekid!

Togetic up! Another type weakness to Elekid.

SEADRA OHKO'd by an attack from Elekid!

Sorry, it wasn't an Electabuzz, it was an Elekid. It's up now, anyway.

Azumarill down!

Seadra has an early lead. A yellow-health Azumarill keeps making it rain.

Azumarill vs Seadra!

So we're looking at Seadra, Haunter, and Togetic on blue vs Pichu, Azumarill, and Electabuzz on Red. I think.

The betting system is still on on the left side so, betting resumes :D

Stream back up and Platinum loaded! Just the video so far though. We can't press start :(

Stream is down.

Gotta head out now. If a live updater wants to take over updates for Belmont Stakes-I mean Stadium, please do.

Gligar fainted! Blue wins in a betting upset!

Slugma down! Granbull up!

It wasn't enough to sweep! Snubbull down, and Slugma comes out!

Rapidash down, too! Snubbull sweep, anyone?

...aaaand Snubbull instantly KOs Magby! Rapidash out!

It's Snubbull and Magby!

Blue: Slugma, Snubbull, and Granbull (lol); Red: Magby, Rapidash, and Gligar

Goldeen's Surf brings Eevee down enough for Sandstorm to finish the job. Blue wins!

Onix finished off by Shadow Ball. Goldeen's up!

Rock Throw defeats Venomoth! Out comes Eevee!

Onix against Venomoth now

Weezing Selfdestructs and takes out itself and Chinchou!

Weezing vs Chinchou, Fight!

24 hours till Platinum hype!

Blue team is Onix, Goldeen, and Weezing; Red team is Venomoth, Eevee, and Chinchou

Surf finally starts hitting, and Tyranitar is down! Blue wins!

...and Shellder's Surf somehow misses from Acc. loss. Yeah, because apparently an entire field of water can be avoided like that.

Clefable can't seem to land an Ice Punch with the Accuracy loss from Mud-Slap. Sandstorm eats away at its HP until it's down. Shellder out!

Wooper puts those invisible hands to work and downs Wartortle with Ice Punch! Clefable comes out and revenge KOs Wooper! Clefable vs Tyranitar

Dig vs Dig lol. Since Rhydon used it after Wartortle, his is the one that hits. No matter, as Wartortle KOs with Waterfall next turn! Wooper out!

Wartortle vs Rhydon

Wartortle, Clefable, and Shellder (Blue) vs Tyranitar, Wooper, and Rhydon (Red)

Squirtle down from Razor Leaf! Red team wins!

Bellossom almost finishes off Rapidash but succumbs to Toxic. Out comes Squirtle to finish the job with Surf! Squirtle vs Bayleef now.

Bellossom out, and she gets Toxic'd too! She's putting up a somewhat better fight, though.

And Toxic! A flaming horse vomiting toxic material! Hoo boy! Skiploom finished off by a Fire Spin!

Skiploom is just not having his day. Flinchhax from Stomp, Attracthax, and Fire Spin are making this very one-sided.

Skiploom vs Rapidash!

Azumarill won that last battle, btw.

In the Blue corner: Skiploom, Squirtle, and Bellossom! And in the Red corner: Gastly, Rapidash, and Bayleef!



Snorlax v Dragonite

FINALLY faints to poison

Persian's apparently survived through Azumarill and Weedle

Weedle up, Persian poisoned

I think Persian is taking a nap.

/u/SlowpokeIsAGamer confirmed the blue thingy to be an Azumarill.

Blue: Persian/Snorlax/Golbat vs Red: (Azu?)(marill?) / Weedle / Dragonite

Wooper probably deserved to win, actually


I've been told to calm down. I apologize, I got too hype.




/u/Soma_Ghost is very helpful





/u/Dustin102094 has confirmed Larvitar, Pidgeotto and Cloyster vs Wooper Stantler and Electrode

/u/SlowpokeIsAGamer has graciously hypothesized: Larvitar (I think), Pidgeotto(or -ot), Cloyster. Wooper, Stantler, Electrode


flareon's team wins
















nooo zubat

zubat has confuse ray, giga drain, wing attack, and toxic



wily zubat

very useful because it has 5 hp




zubat has the most hilarious animations ever

the sunlight is bright

SKIPLOOM is already poisoned!

overkill zubat

SKIPLOOM is already poisoned!

the sunlight is bright








How exactly does a Goldeen learn Supersonic?

there's still spearow and yanma though so






MOLTRES is already confused!


oh hey it's goldeen



either way, Hitmonchan is up now

wait nevermind I think Goldeen fainted, or maybe it got switched out


i was never good at who's that pokemon

thanks to /u/jaysan1292 for the Yanma information






the agility animation is hilarious

Girafarig vs Marowak. Marowak sweep?

or, rather, HOW does marowak know thunderpunch?

why does marowak know thunderpunch?


kakuna used harden

lolnope. marowak v kakuna.

ground type against electric. 99% the jolteon will still win given our stadium-playing history

Marowak v Jolteon

In other news, we're somehow second place in Mario Party

Blue: Marowak, Magby, Granbull vs Red: Kakuna, Jolteon, Girafarig

alright this one isn't good enough for caps lock





















Why the hell is Korg even here? We love the betting system, having this annoying noise from Korg ruins it completely

"The bet system works like that : Each viewer has 1000 pokedollars at the beginning and will always have at least 100 pokedollars. Even if he bets all his money and loose, he will keep 100 in his account. To bet, the command his : !bet AMOUNT TEAM (ammount is the money you bet, only >1, and TEAM is red or blue). Winners get their bet back + an extra, loosers lose their bets. There is no way to change team bet, and you can only increase the bet amount. No way to know how many pokedollars you have, except being in the first bets of each team (the streamer didn't put scrolling feature yet)." Thanks /u/KillerMapper for the info!

Ok, it's confirmed that we're playing Pokemon Stadium 2. Also, the streamer did in fact add the "betting ala Saltybelt" system for it. If anybody has more information about it please PM, I'm still trying to figure out how it works.

I'm not sure when it happened because I just came, but stream is back up. And probably has been for a few hours. Now playing Korg DS 10 and Pokemon Stadium 2. I'm not 100% sure it's 2 though, but I know it's not 1. (I never had any Pokemon Stadium :/)

Stream down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

We've been getting really good luck with the free ball thing at the bottom.

Streamer's words: "if Stadium works well I'll add betting ala Saltybet"

Porygon falls to the "Ancient Power" of the Helix!

Helix is out!

The 'mons just can't connect their shots...

New teams have appeared: one of them has Lord Helix!

STREAMER HAS SPOKEN: "random moves are selected for both players"

Okay apparently this is Stadium 2, not Stadium. MY BAD


Back up! Timer was reset to two minutes, there are different pokemon on the edges now. Hmmm.

Oh wait, back offline.

There is a mysterious new bar in the interface, with pokemon sprites on either side, and a timer in the middle. It's about a minute until the timer runs out. We'll see what happens!


Stream is completely Offline


[Correction] Manly... a single manly tear...

I'm not sure whether or not this is the first time it's happened, but the stream has officially dropped below 1000 viewers. May we all shed a single many tear as we remember what once was :'(

Some time ago we reached Level 8!

Alright level 7!

We grew to level 6!

So, I don't have the "AE" key on my keyboard, so I can't fully say Pikachu's name here.

What kind of name is Totodilnn?

And by we I mean Streamer-senpai.


Hold you finger gently to the bow... uh this is not working.

Now playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky.

...and the stream is back down, thanks for playing.

Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow

Here are our worms' team names.

Going nowhere fast, we can't get the double jump timing down to do a backflip.

What game uses B to jump??!

I'm not even going to act like I caught our full team name, the chat is saying "Erikflkk,,kt5cc7asvi"

Time for some sweet Worms action!


The stream seems to be stuck trying to find a player via Wi-Fi. And here I thought that Nintendo had not discontinued Wi-Fi support for the DS yet!

So we're playing Bob-omb Breakers in Mario Party. I tried making Layton jokes on the chat but I got a 10 minute ban for doing so. Awesome

[Snark] The RIOT reminds us that the past is real.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


I can't even right now...


Oh, we're in last by coins, not stars 9/10

"We sure do blow don't we guys?"- One chat member on us losing a mic minigame where we have to blow ice onto all the others. Since we can't actually blow into the mic, the chat was filled with hilarious PPHHHHHHFFF typings, trying to see if that would work

7/10 We go up to second, losing to Peach by 46 coins

We slip to second by some coins

6/10! We win a 3v1 minigame (we were the 3) and get 24 coins so we can buy a star! Also Bowser gives Toad a free star..

We spectacularly lose a minigame due to our inability to drag. Supermodel Luigi doesn't walk left or right!

4/10 Still in first!

18d 18h 26m [Plug] Join TPP PlugDJ We got the Beats and the Treats to have a good time! Current Song: The Video Game Evolution Rock Medley! Join Now http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

3/10 Still in first!

2/10 We get a star!! We're in first!

[Snark] TPP proves that smashing buttons is the best strategy ever forever.

2/10 We win a minigame again! And that means WE HAVE ENOUGH COINS TO GET THE FIRST STAR

We lose to Toad. Who loses to the final boss, again. Round and Round the same board we go!

We had enough spaces to get to the star...but we go the wrong way and land on a space which gives our remaining star to Toad...


We lose our star to Yoshi!

We Somehow use our double dice block and get NINETEEN which grabs us a star. But now we're duelling a star with Yoshi!

We're on the 7th turn and we're in first place!

Final score: Bad Mushrooms 1 star, Shy Sidekicks 11 stars. For shame Toad, for shame!

Almost at the last turn and Luigi just won a star from us. He won it right at the very end. We now have... one star. Sigh.

They just bought two more stars... Bowser didn't help at all.

Ok, this is so not our forte. 3 turns to go and we have 2 stars and 6 coins. They meanwhile have 5 stars and 23 coins and are about to get more stars.

Damn it. They just spent 25 coins in 5 stars. This is not teh urn.

Oh come on Toad! He falls in a Bowser trap. Then Bowser decides to help us by giving us half of the other team's coins.

We just got 2 stars for 10 coins. Take that Sidekicks!

Stars for 5 coins. That isn't so bad, we are very close to one :D.

Final 5 turns! SAVE US BOWSER!

Neither team has got any star yet, but we are close to getting one. The Toad is rising up to the challenge.

Bowser tried to mug us, but he ended up giving us money... Just kidding, we are broke. Save us Toad!

Oh noes! Shy sidekicks (Luigi and Peach) just got the lead after the 2nd turn!

We are currently playing teams. We are Waluigi and together with Toad we are the bad mushrooms. Oh and we are winning after the 1st turn :D.

Freakin' Peach won. Still didn't beat the boss, though.

End of turn 9; Peach, 3 stars, 62 coins, Position 2/4; Yoshi, 3 stars, 91 coins, Position 1/4; Toad, 1 stars, 69 coins, Position 3/4; Luigi (Us), 0 stars, 51 coins, Position 4/4

End of turn 8; Peach, 3 stars, 34 coins, Position 2/4; Yoshi, 3 stars, 68 coins, Position 1/4; Toad, 1 stars, 46 coins, Position 3/4; Luigi (Us), 0 stars, 81 coins, Position 4/4

End of turn 7; Peach, 3 stars, 39 coins, Position 1/4; Yoshi, 2 stars, 71 coins, Position 2/4; Toad, 1 stars, 33 coins, Position 3/4; Luigi (Us), 0 stars, 101 coins, Position 4/4

End of turn 6; Peach, 2 stars, 37 coins, Position 2/4; Yoshi, 2 stars, 50 coins, Position 1/4; Toad, 1 stars, 12 coins, Position 3/4; Luigi (Us), 0 stars, 80 coins, Position 4/4

Stars are only 5 coins now!

End of turn 5; Peach, 1 star, 37 coins, Position 2/4; Yoshi, 2 stars, 27 coins, Position 1/4; Toad, 0 stars, 47 coins, Position 4/4; Luigi (Us), 0 stars, 57 coins, Position 3/4

End of turn 4; Peach: 1 star, 15 coins, Position 2/4; Yoshi: 2 stars, 9 coins, Position 1/4; Toad: 0 stars, 27 coins, Position 4/4; Luigi (Us): 0 stars, 50 coins, Position 3/4

End of Turn 3 Peach: 0 stars, 22 coins, Position 1/4 Yoshi: 1 stars, 29 coins, Position 4/4 Toad: 0 stars, 24 coins, Position 3/4 Luigi (Us): 0 stars, 44 coins Position 2/4

The ride never ends! Yoshi is leading with a star and 6 coins after 3 turns.

Finally, a new minigame!

We play Rail Riders for a fourth time on practice. We've actually somehow managed to get faster and better at this minigame!

We ended up second... But no worries, we start it once more!

Toad, who had 0 stars a few turns ago is leading in the final turn. We are second also with 2 stars but only 13 coins.

We lose the Dust Buddies minigame, but so does everyone else so it's all good. And we're still first!


Yoshi duels us for 20 coins. Jokes on you Yoshi, we have 9!

Last 3 turns but we didn't have enough money to buy the star. Damn it.

Toad just got a star as well. We are the closest ones to the next one but we have... 6 coins. Damn it Luigi!

Still playing Mario Party and... WE ARE WINNING! We jus got our 2nd star. Yoshi and Peach have one and poor Toad has 0. Teh urn!

Looks like the crosshairs (as well as the letter/D-pad inputs, which were being shown the game screen as well) have been disabled for now.

The streamer added a new feature: when the UI processes a touch screen command, a crosshair flashes indicating where the screen was touched.

[Snark] Guess the streamer changed his mind on playing Mario Party earlier.

Time to party with Mario Party DS!

We're back to Spectrobes for now!

That poor soul doesn't know what he/she is asking for out of Superman 64...

We move exactly one step before re-opening the extremely ugly item menu

[From the chat] "looks like superman 64 wins yay? never played this game so dont know if its good or no" - Ninjazero126

We're back in-game, still having no idea what we're doing

Not to mention spamming coordinates around that area...

"HOLY **** THAT CLEAVAGE" Is what the chat have gathered of the plot. referring to a character..


The chat is hilarious by the way. Mass confusion as to how the hell we actually play this combined with HUGE surprise that we actually won without knowing what the hell we were doing makes it entertaining as hell to watch

Streamer has spoken: " I'm going to go AFK for shower + food, I'll leave while saying this: maybe the n64 shouldn't be dismissed so quickly (?)"

Updated poll with more games that I forgot about: http://strawpoll.me/1604573


We're playing some game called Spectrobes. No idea what it is; streamer said he never heard of it either!

Streamer: "Let's see how this goes"

Stream down! Streamer said "not mario party".

Vote for which game to play next: http://strawpoll.me/1604539 (Note: this isn't the streamer's poll; no guarantee we'll actually play the winner)

Based streamer disables r9k: "I'm not sure why there is so much opposition to R9K, it really does make the chat a lot richer in content."

[Boredom Intensifies]

Looks like we exited to the main menu and then picked a different save file that has loads more progress in-game. Sweet!

Peggle has been reset, and we picked the second save file, which has no saved data yet! Now we can start Peggle from the beginning all over again...!

Twitch maintenance issues solved! We are back to this

We have some words from twitch. Ehem, spilled coffee, ehem.

Ok, actually all twitch is down. In my experience thats what happens when you spill coffee in the wrong place.

Stream is completely down. The chat and the video are disabled. "Untitled Broadcast". ya right.

This is our current status until the streamer decides to show up. You may RIOT meanwhile.

The stream is stuck. I knew that Peggle: Dual Shot was gonna be trouble.

Still playing the pumpkin levels in Peggle.

[Music] If you are looking for some more community to hang out with, come on over to our YouTube radio station! Anybody is allowed to spin tunes and we have a very chill community!

[Snark] 2spooky

Sorry for not updatingin the last 10 hours, but there really isn't much happening in the game, we could mention some of our highscores though :P.

Welcome to H0e1n3r1y Plays Peggle!

Something about this level looks familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.................

We are making some serious progress in Peggle


Okay we just deleted a file, not sure if it was the good one or not. It was the one in the middle.

Anyone care to explain how a gopher can rock back and forth on a skateboard in mid-air while a rocket-powered guitar shoots off in the backgrou-I mean TEH URN! Onto the next stage! Do not question the Gopher!

As it glares at us with its cold, unblinking heartless eyes one must wonder whether we have actually stumbled upon a were-unicorn, who at night transforms into a brutal killing machine ready to stab you, The Cabin in the Woods style

ONE HUNDRED AND ONE THOUSAND POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR! Oh, we actually managed to clear a level

It doesn't even look where it's walking! That's how you end up hurt you fool!

I think I just figured out why there's a big empty space on the left--it's probably for the Pokemon status display. He did say he needed help getting it to work, but then that would just mean either he already got the help he needed, or he's optimistic enough to set aside space.

That is one retarded unicorn


What shall we see next?

Game change time!!

Twitch Plays Korg DS-10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMcaW7Qoygs

They say if you put an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of (piano) keyboards, they'll write the complete works of Mozart.

[Snark] Everybody REMEMBER: This is NOT a derivative work of the demo. Repeat after me. "THIS IS NOT A DERIVATIVE WORK OF THE DEMO."

[Snark] All tracks Copyright © 2014 TwitchPlaysPokemon. All rights reserved.

I actually like this loop!

bzzzzzz bzzt bzzzzzzz bzzt bzzzzzzz bzzt

[Information] The game we are playing is actually KORG DS-10. No, I did not know the game either.

WE HAVE SOUND (judging by what we are hearing, we probably should have kept it off)

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ QUIET RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

We don't even have audio while we play with a digital synthesier. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ time for riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

People in the chat are saying its Korg DS-10. A quick google image search confirms!

We're currenty playing........ some sort of Synthesizer application

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TWO DONG(ER)S DON'T MAKE A RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ (Oh wait, yes they do.)

Loving the Professor Layton jokes in the chat. My favourite is someone in the chat yelling about the red flying box saying "THERE'S A HIDDEN PUZZLE IN THERE!"

World 1-2 hype

oh wait, more level 2 now

level 2 too hard, more level 1 pls

Still tooling around Level 1-2

[Snark] Anyone think we'll beat this game? Y+A+Right.

Wow. Not only did we manage to get into a secret room full of coins that requires ground pounding, but we actually got ALL the coins.

[Snark] Anyone have parents that play like this? I know I do.

We just wall jumped to grab the fire flower from the red block, what a graceful snatch! Flower Hype :D

Another chance at the red block. Let's go.... annnnd we walked right past it again.

You could feel the frustration in the chat when Mario just walked past the flying red block.

Damn wall. The one time we actually want to stay as small Mario.

[Snark] 'Twitch plays League of Legends' - Anon. Yeah good luck with that.

[Snark] I wonder where my partner went?

We just pulled off the smoothest run on World 1-2. Felt like an actual player until we hit the wall.

Finally passed the first level of New Super Mario Bros. Reports still show mindless walking into Goombas...

Enjoy your 99 lives on New Super Mario Bros! :D


Names coming across in Chrono Trigger with Cron and his friend Luccay. Glad to see the DS engine working well.

Back up, same game. (Super Mario 64 DS)

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STREAM DOWN, LET'S RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Video of the "m**f" moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bdaGCZFhKc

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SOFT RESET OR RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ What could possibly go wrong?

Praise Helix

Uhh....guys? http://animalcrossing.neoseeker.com/wiki/Ammonite

Never mind; false alarm. Just a glitch with the filter script that was fixed by refreshing. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ANYWAY! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Slow mode time limit changed to 30 seconds?!?!?? ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Okay I'm busy now so don't expect anymore updates on Animal Crossing for a while unless some other updater wants to do it. Not like it really matters but yeah.

Our birthday is apparently January 1st. Not like that's a surprise or anything, considering it's the default option. Oh and we have Blood Type A, for the same reason. lol

I play so much New Leaf that looking at Wild World's older graphics just seems so weird!

Inb4 we start Platinum and people start spamming 75,96 or something around there.

We're a boy named Áò!

We're now playing Animal Crossing: Wild World! With less than great sound quality.

[Fluff] Does this music remind anyone else of the Simpsons theme?

Officially 5 days until Platinum!

VujSUS seems to be having trouble deciding on a breed...one of them is a Shiba Inu, so everyone wants that one.

nMnHnnNH was almost the name of our dog. That would've fit really well with VujSUS.... >_____>;

[Snark] "Hey little girl, you're telling me you're home alone? Good; how about you come to my car and I'll give you a puppy!"

Say hello to our character VujSUS! Go ahead, guess what the chat is calling her. I bet you'll NEVER guess!

We are playing Petz: Dogz: Fashion!

Stream down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

We just deleted our save game in Peggle. Well, one of them.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT JUST BECAUSE :) ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Yes, we still read the TPP chat stream from time to time.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SCRIBBLENAUTS OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

We are currently playing Peggle.

[Info] The DS's touch screen (well actually both screens, but the other one doesn't matter) has a resolution of 256 x 192. So the center of the screen is 128,196.

Hopefully the streamer will add a ruler or something like in Photoshop so you can see what numbers to type.

Looks like they figured out the touch screen. You specify two numbers as coordinates (x,y) (no parentheses), just as I had suspected before Platinum was even confirmed. :-)

Looks like we're finally playing DS games. Doesn't look like the transition is complete yet though, as there's a large portion of the display that's unused and no indication on how to use the touch screen. (Maybe that part hasn't even been programmed yet.)

BTW, stream is offline.

Many viewers have been rioting for Pokemon Stadium or so it seems. Wonder if it works...

Currently the chat is RIOTing for various different games. Especially Pinball. Looks like people are bored of Mystery Dungeon.

15d 22h 26m [Plug]For the people still here come on by to the Plug.DJ room we are still playing are music even during the mini games! http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

Once again, Charmander does all of the work while we faf about.

[Snark] Such a fearsome name, all I can do is scream.

Our name is aaaaaaaa

We are Pikachu this time around. Still have Charmander as a partner.

Game failed to save. Restarting Mystery Dungeon.

Here Is a helpful sped up replay of TEH URN than one us the E4! (Credit goes to /u/MrAwesomePossumz, who on his channel has a lot of recap and highlight videos of the whole game!)

Oh I figured it out. Our name is nccccc,¡ (that's an upside-down "!" not a lowercase "I") and our partner is ÁÁÄÅíîð I think. The last character I have no idea what it even is...? Don't hate me if I typed the wrong character. lol

[Addendum] Charmander's a mash of accented As, an I or two, and a D. Aid - it fits the Rescue Team theme, eh?

Our (Squirtle's) name is nccccc,! (the ! is upside down like in Spanish and stuff but I dunno how to type that.)

We're a Squirtle this time (I missed the gender unfortunately). We picked Charmander as our partner again. The nickname is a whole bunch of accented letters that I can't type. I mean, I could but not fast enough to catch it, so yeah. I'll try to get it later. Not that it really matters but I guess in case anyone's curious, yeah.

We just died in Mystery Dungeon. And for some reason the save failed so we are restarting (maybe we hadn't saved the game? I'm not sure).

Anyway, I totally just happened to open the stream out of curiosity just now and saw us die and then restart, so there's that.

[Congrats] For anyone wondering which updater called that we would beat the E4 on exactly the 8th run, it was /u/Inert_Berger! I owe him a month of Reddit Gold now.

Save has been uploaded!

To all those who missed the party, we finished Fire Red about an hour ago. We beat the Elite 4 on our 8th attempt as one of our live updaters predicted. Enjoy Pokémon Mystery Dungeon!


Easiest badge ever


inb4 Mudkip fires his lazor

Charm's gonna visit you in bed tonight


[Fluff] Who says there's no 'I' in 'team'?


Our team name is I

11 year old me was bawling at the ending of this game. It game me such FEEELLS



This is for you, SolidGoldMagikarp. Hope it's not too late.

By the way, in case people don't remember, this game has a hunger mechanic where in a certain time if your character doesn't eat he dies. We're going to be doing that. A LOT

I just give up. I got back to my computer right as Oak was yelling at Green.

[Info] We probably won't be updating this as strictly as the main games but we'll see what happens!

Welcome to Abby's Origin Story!

a,,AOOOzz I think?

15d 2h 17m Meet Aaaaooo and her Friend Charm the Charmander!

mudkip <3

Aaaand we're playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. Finally!

[Fluff] "Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly!" Uh oh, looks like our victory riot is going to turn into a regular riot! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

15d 2h 10m Don't forget; we're still going to play other games in between. Streamer confirmed it a minute or two ago.

15d 2h 10m The end of Pokémon FireRed! Come back in six days for Pokémon Platinum Version!

[Meta] I would never have thought in a million years that I would take A through the Elite 4 from start to finish in a single shift. I thought we would be up for at least another 2 days, but CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE WHO MADE THAT POSSIBLE AND THANK YOU!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ




that's a kingdra not a seadra

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ




15d 2h 0m PERSIAN DOWN

15d 2h 0m PORYGON 2 DOWN

15d 1h 59m Blastoise down! The King comes to take care of it all. KECLEON DOWN TO A CRIT

15d 1h 59m GREEN CHALLENGED Blastoise v Kecleon!

Status: Blastoise is 52%, Sandslash is it 100% and Slaking 79%.



15d 1h 57m Crobat Down to a Return!

15d 1h 56m Tuna Down! The King comes out and Returns Gloom, Weepinbell and Muk and levels up to Level 65!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

15d 1h 56m Tuna Down! The King comes out and Returns Gloom, Weepinbell and Muk and** levels up to Level 65!**


[Fluff] I anticipate a high probability that our current attempt will prove itself to be what is commonly referred to as "TEH URN."

15d 1h 53m Party Status: Only Altaria and Mew are dead, with Blastoise on 52% and Slaking 95%. The other two are on 100%. Could....could it be.....?

15d 1h 52m Milotic is down to Thrash and its own Hail! Agatha defeated!

15d 1h 51m Blastoise v Milotic now

15d 1h 50m Mantine used Harden! We use Thrash! We're confused! We thrash him anyway and Mantine is down! Blastoise is level 60!

15d 1h 49m Mantine is Full Restored! Because his Gusts are so scary

15d 1h 48m Blastoise v Mantine at the moment! Surf's Up!

15d 1h 48m Croconaw down! Mantine is out at the moment

15d 1h 47m Seadra down! Croconaw out!

15d 1h 46m Gorebyss down!

15d 1h 46m Mew v Gorebyss. AND THE CHOO CHOO TRAIN IS OUT

15d 1h 45m Agatha Challenged! We are not messing around!

15d 1h 45m Return takes down Snorlax and Bruno is defeated!

15d 1h 44m Also, the timer for Platinum was extended to 6 days. (and 15 minutes!)

15d 1h 44m We're back! With a Tri Attack which kills Zangoose!

15d 1h 43m Raticate down to a Tri Attack! But the Stream goes down like your mum on a Friday night!

15d 1h 42m The King is unleashed!

15d 1h 41m Altaria is finally down!

15d 1h 40m We have 2HP but used Return to take down that Pidgeotto!

Alitaria v Pidgeotto. We Cut him but he takes us down.

15d 1h 39m Brünö is chällenged! Wünderbar!

15d 1h 37m Love how she used Destiny Bond about 12 times and STILL didn't manage to take us down with her. Go home Lorelei, you don't belong here

15d 1h 37m We use Fly on it and take it down!! Lorelei defeated with none of our Pokemon down!

15d 1h 35m It loves us so much it does it to us three times. We attack it with useless moves. It does it again.

15d 1h 34m Gengar gave us a Destiny Bond! Isn't that sweet of him!

15d 1h 34m Gengar out now and we use Fly on his ghost ass

15d 1h 33m Dusclops is Full Restored! We use our last Drill Peck to get him down to red!And he's downed to a Fly!! Alitaria levels up to 54 and does not learn Mirror Move!

15d 1h 32m We're back to a Dusclops! Drill Pecks galore!

15d 1h 32m We spazz around choosing a move for Altaria to finish Banette off with, before picking Drill Peck!

15d 1h 30m Gengar down to a critical Drill Peck!

15d 1h 29m Dusclops down as Altaria gets level 53!

15d 1h 29m And she uses Grudge a lot too. Two equally useless moves!

15d 1h 27m We use Drill Peck to his Acid

[Snark] When Porygon2 took us down with Present

15d 1h 26m Altaria v Dusclops

15d 1h 26m Lorelei Challenged! Run #8 is underway

15d 1h 21m Return is out of PP! And we die to a move called Present! Presenting us with a big bag of bullcrap are you Green? A whites out!

15d 1h 20m Kecleon down!!

15d 1h 20m Green Challenged!! DAT MUSIC DOE

15d 1h 19m That's only 34 HP by the way. So yeah, GL with that

15d 1h 19m Second Crobat down! Lance defeated!! Slaking has only 13% health though because of a critical by Crobat. ONWARDS TO GREEN ANYWAY!

15d 1h 18m v Second Crobat now!

15d 1h 17m Slaking v Crobat now. Crobat down to a lucky critical and Level up to 64!

15d 1h 17m Gloom and Weepinbell tremble before us

15d 1h 16m Sandslash down to a Blast Burn. I think #7 is over, sadly. The King comes out to boss anyway

15d 1h 14m Sandslash v Muk at the moment. We use Metal Claw to get it down to the red. But it poisons us so we're doomed

15d 1h 13m Lancelot Challenged!

15d 1h 13m Status: Sandslash is 100% but the King is on 48%

15d 1h 12m Milotic is out and it uses Hail! But we use Return on its face and Agatha is deafeated!

15d 1h 11m The world's worst Croconaw, who has yet to land a single attack against us, goes down. So does his equally useless Mantine friend.

15d 1h 10m Seadra goes down, but not before Hydro Pumping our asses

15d 1h 10m Slaking comes out and kills that slimy bastard. Up to Level 63!

15d 1h 9m Blastoise down!

15d 1h 8m And then Moonlight, because she can

15d 1h 7m AAAnnd she uses a Full Restore!

15d 1h 7m Surf's Up! Gorebyss is on red!

15d 1h 5m Gorebyss uses Moonlight!! That cheating snake-thing!

15d 1h 4m Blastoise v Gorebyss. We do love our Octazooka

15d 1h 4m Agatha challenged! TPP picks up the pace!

15d 1h 3m Snorlax is down and Bruno is defeated!

15d 1h 2m Slaking takes care of everything, for he is love, and he is life. Zangoose and Pidgeotto bow before him

15d 1h 2m Hyperbug doing what he loves! Hyperbeaming! Sadly he goes down! Slaking out!

15d 1h 1m Mew down to a Zangoose's Aeroblast! Go Tuna!

15d 1h 0m Raticate down to a Body Slam too!

15d 0h 59m We Body Slam that Pidgeotto into Paralysis for the THIRD time in a row! And it's down!

15d 0h 58m Bruno Challenged!

15d 0h 56m Run #7 Status. Altaria down,Mew on 34%, everyone else on 100%.


15d 0h 54m Mew hits 55 as Gengar gets run over by the Choo Choo Mew

15d 0h 53m Mew takes down the Dusclops!!

15d 0h 52m CHOO CHOO MEW

15d 0h 51m Altaria down because of the fact it did nothing. Dusclops is on half HP because of its own Belly Drum


15d 0h 50m Dusclops v Altaria. It uses Cut repeatedly to no effect as Dusclops gives us Acid burns

15d 0h 48m Trolololei challenged!

[Info] We bought 67 Great Balls in the shop because why not

15d 0h 41m So we're in Lorelei's room. Let's start #7 off with a bang!

[Fluff] Well, and then 4 more of course.

15d 0h 34m A whites out due to poison! Blue has a Kecleon and a Porygon 2

15d 0h 33m KECLEON DOWN


15d 0h 33m Lance defeated!! But we're doomed due to our toxic Slaking, HELLO GREEN!!


15d 0h 31m Crobat down to a critical Return! His friend Crobat is out too and he uses freaking Toxic. We had a good chance here too.....

15d 0h 30m v Crobat now. Slaking is solo on these last two monsters

15d 0h 30m Slaking hits level 62!

Sandslash down to a Magical Leaf! Slaking is out!

15d 0h 29m And his idiot Weepinbell friend

15d 0h 28m We kill that Blast Burning Muk with three Metal Claws.

15d 0h 28m Muk v Sandslash!

15d 0h 27m Lance is challenged!

15d 0h 27m Team Status: Sandslash 100%, Slaking 94%.

15d 0h 27m We walk up to Lance but apparently he's so smexy that A can't handle it again so she runs away from him.

15d 0h 25m We kill Milotic with a combo of Fly and Return! Agatha Defeated!

15d 0h 24m Why not Croconaw too? And his Mantine friend

15d 0h 23m Slaking out and he slaughters that Gorebyss. And his friend Seadra

15d 0h 23m Mew uses Rollout but it does hardly any damage. And then it's confused by a water pulse and killed by a Sheer cold!

15d 0h 20m Agatha challenged!

15d 0h 19m Agatha's Room! Team Update: Sandlash and Slaking are at 100%, Mew at 84% and the others dead

15d 0h 15m Snorlax out and we Return it to death! Bruno deafeated!

15d 0h 14m Pidgeotto down too!

15d 0h 14m We kill Zangoose with Tri Attack! DJ Up to 61!

15d 0h 13m Slaking out! Return sweep? Raticate goes down

5d 0h 13m Tuna down to two Tri Attacks!

15d 0h 12m Tuna v Raticate!

15d 0h 12m Mew v Pidgeotto! We body slam him and get him down to red, and he takes himself down with Take down!

15d 0h 11m We challenge Bruno! Hoo Ha!

15d 0h 10m There seem to be about three people spamming start, which means that others spam B, and we go on like this.

15d 0h 8m No A, you can't get off Mr. Bruno's Mild Ride until you beat him!

15d 0h 5m Team Update:

Altaria dead, Blastoise dead, all others 100%

15d 0h 3m We hang out in Bruno's room

15d 0h 1m Welcome to Day 16! Also, the voices would be talking now, so they're officially gone.

14d 23h 58m It uses Destiny Bond. Crap. Blastoise down! and Lorelei defeated! Gengar demands blood sacrifices apparently

14d 23h 58m Blastoise v Gengar with the Gengar down to about 50%

14d 23h 57m Blastoise kills the Dusclops

14d 23h 56m We use Surf!!! Banette down and Blastoise is Up to level 59! But we lose all Surf PP.

14d 23h 55m We switch Mew for Blastoise!

14d 23h 55m Mew is out now. Rollout pls!

14d 23h 55m Banette sketches our Fly and takes Altaria down with it! Now that's just mean

14d 23h 54m Gengar down to Drill Peck! Banette out! We use Fly on it, but we miss!

14d 23h 53m v Gengar! We continue our Drill Peck spree as Grudge and Spite are used against us.

14d 23h 53m Dusclops down to our Drill Pecks!

14d 23h 52m We Drill Peck Dusclops but cheating Lorelei uses a Full Restore when her 'mon is only on yellow. Foul!

14d 23h 50m Lorelei Challenged on Run #6! Let's go Altaria v Dusclops!

14d 23h 48m And Crobat Drill Pecks us down!! A whited out! Daaaaaaaaaym

14d 23h 47m We take out Crobat and are rewarded with...another Crobat. Great!

14d 23h 46m Weepinbell down! Muk down! Crobat out!

14d 23h 45m Sandslash down to a Mega Drain! Just Slaking left, oh boy

14d 23h 45m Sandslash is poisoned!

14d 23h 44m Muk switched out for Weepinbell! We take down that thing with three Metal Claws.

14d 23h 44m And Muk is Full Restored as Blastoise is downed by his poison!

14d 23h 42m Muk v Blastoise! Blastoise is poisoned!!

14d 23h 41m Lance Challenged! Will we get to GREEN?

14d 23h 41m Milotic down and Agatha defeated!

14d 23h 40m It comes back! Milotic uses her second Full Restore

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 23h 39m Milotic out! We use Return and it uses Hail! BUT THE STREAM GOES DOWN!

14d 23h 38m Mantine also dead

14d 23h 38m Crononaw added to the pile of debris as Slaking is now Level 60!

14d 23h 37m Slaking out! We Return that Gorebyss to death. And that ugly Seadra too

14d 23h 37m Tuna v Gorebyss! Tuna is confused by a Water Pulse! It uses Fly and snaps out of confusion! But we go down to Water Pulse! Tuna Down!

14d 23h 35m Agatha Challenged! My body is ready

14d 23h 34m Oh, and it's Three Days until Platinum!

rip potato

14d 23h 33m We're Back! And the Voices and Democracy are both gone!!! Retro style Anarchy Baby!!!

Or maybe the voices are going to go away??

Oh yay, maybe Mr. Timer is coming back. Whoop de doo.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

I'll directly support you. With a RIOT!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 23h 24m STREAM DOWN! And all hell breaks lose

14d 23h 24m So as we enter Agatha's Room of Waterness, our team stands at:

Mew dead, Altaria dead, Slaking 94% and the others at 100%

14d 23h 23m Snorlax! We don't want your nonsense, so we Return it to death. The power of Love, baby. Bruno deafeated!!

14d 23h 22m Slaking out! It uses Tri Attack to finish Zangoose and Pidgetto!

14d 23h 20m Zangoose out! It uses Hyper Beam and Mew is down!

14d 23h 20m Raticate down to our Body Slams!

14d 23h 19m Surf's Up! We Surf Pidgeotto to death. Raticate is out!

14d 23h 19m Bruno Challenged! Mew v Pidgeotto!

14d 23h 17m So we head to board Bruno's Fairly Standard Ride and our team at the Moment is:

Altaria Dead, Mew 74%, everyone else is 100%. Let's do this!

14d 23h 13m #2kl4Bruno. We walk right past that mofo and head to the door. We don't need to deal with peasants like him

14d 23h 12m Gengar down! BUT WE LOSE ALL ROLLOUT PP! Mew up to 53! Dusclops is down and Lorelei is defeated with only Altaria down!!

Banette down!


14d 23h 10m Altaria is down! We send out Mew.

14d 23h 9m Gengar down to Fly! Altaria is down to 3HP!

14d 23h 9m Dusclops down to Fly! Altaria is up to Level 52! Gengar out!

14d 23h 7m Oh come on, Dusclops was down to like 1HP and of course she uses a Full Restore

14d 23h 7m Altaria v Dusclops. We use Fly a lot

14d 23h 6m Lorelei Challenged! Run #5 baby!

[Follow-up Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 23h 3m And Slaking is down to Muk! A whited out!

14d 23h 2m Lance Challenged!

14d 23h 1m We somehow win with 29 HP!! Agatha down!

14d 23h 0m Milotic out! We can't OHKO it with Return but Hail is going to take us down! Aannd the voices come back to annoy everyone and be useless

14d 22h 59m Mantine down to Return! Slaking up to 59!

14d 22h 58m Croconaw down to Return!

14d 22h 58m We take Seadra down with Tri Attack and Return!

14d 22h 57m We snap out of confusion and take Gorebyss down with Strength!

14d 22h 57m Slaking confused by Water Pulse! It hurts itself in confusion!

14d 22h 56m Agatha Challenged! It's Slaking v Gorebyss

14d 22h 53m The Snorlax is down! Bruno defeated! Slaking solo run it is then

14d 22h 51m Sandslash down!

14d 22h 49m Sandslash v Snorlax! We use Metal Claw and it uses Octazooka, which it Mimic 'd from Blastoise.

14d 22h 47m Blastoise is down to the OP Snorlax!

14d 22h 41m The poll's at a dead heat!

14d 22h 40m Snorlax also stockpiled 3. We're in trouble yo.

14d 22h 40m Polls open!

14d 22h 39m We switch to Thrash but Snorlax is still recovering crazy health from Softboiled

14d 22h 38m Blastoise v Snorlax atm. Snorlax is being a fatty and eating eggs to recover health and using Rapid Spin

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


14d 22h 36m Mew hits Level 52! AND PIDGEOTTO IS DOWN TO THE TRAIN!





14d 22h 33m It's Mew v Pidgeotto!

14d 22h 33m We challenge Bruno!

14d 22h 32m Team Update: Only Altaria and Hyperbug are down, all the others are alive and kicking.

Gengar Down! Tuna Down! Agatha defeated!

14d 22h 31m Dusclops commits suicide by halving its HP so we can kill it with Aerial Ace again. How nice of Lorelei's Pokemon to have such awful moves........aaaand we're Destiny Bonded to Gengar!

14d 22h 30m Banette out! Aerial Ace continues and takes it down!

14d 22h 29m Gengar is down to Ariel Ace!

14d 22h 28m Body Slam's out of PP! Now we can hit it....oh we switched to Tuna.

14d 22h 27m Gengar out! Surf's up! Gengar uses everything but an attacking move and he helpfully lowers our Body Slam by 7 PP!

14d 22h 26m Mew out! It Surfs Dusclops three times till it dies!! Mew hits level 51!

[Fluff] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql-HvKCYidA

14d 22h 23m We've got Battle Animations on! Altaria takes Dusclops down to like 1HP but she Full restores it. Altaria goes down to Acid!

14d 22h 22m Run 4 Begins with Lorelei challenged!

We're in Lorelei's room

[Meta] Hold on; we're betting? Why wasn't I informed of this?


[Meta] Updaters and mods placed their bets! Good luck TPP team!

14d 22h 8m Sandslash stands alone! We take down the Raticate! Zangoose is out! Zangoose down! Sandslash up to lv63 but it is down to Pidgeotto! A whites out!

[Snark] And here's where my Sandslash would be....If I could get it out...

14d 22h 2m We send out Sandslash to fight Bruno's Raticate

14d 22h 2m Blastoise down!

14d 22h 1m Pidgeotto down!

14d 22h 0m Bruno challenged! It's Blastoise v Pidgeotto!

14d 21h 49m We're in Bruno's room!

[Snark] "literally trololorelei" -hftf

14d 21h 47m We take down Gengar but a Destiny Bond means Tuna is down too! Lorelei is defeated though!

14d 21h 45m We take down Gengar with a bunch of Ariel Aces!

14d 21h 44m Gengar out! We send out Tuna!

14d 21h 41m Sandslash out! We use Metal Claw to take Dusclops down! But we use all PP for Metal Claw so we're in trouble

14d 21h 40m Mew uses nothing but Follow Me until he is downed. That celebrity lifestyle he had in Gen I clearly went to his head.

14d 21h 39m There's no PP left for Fly! We're in trouble now... it's our only move that damages Ghosts! Slaking is down!

14d 21h 36m Another Dusclops out! We try to run away like the brave souls we are.

14d 21h 35m We change Slaking for Mew! Uh ok... We immediately switch it back just in time to not be affected by its Lick! We use Fly and Banette is down!

14d 21h 34m We use Fly again! It's a crit and Dusclops is down!

14d 21h 33m Slaking out! We use fly!

14d 21h 32m Altaria down to Dusclop's Acid!

14d 21h 31m Lorelei challenged! It's Dusclops v Altaria!

14d 21h 29m We get Crobat down to Red twice and Lance uses a Full Restore both times! But it's too late and We're downed to a Drill Peck! A Whited Out!

14d 21h 28m Gloom down and Slaking is up to 58! Lance sends out Crobat!

14d 21h 27m Weepinbell is down to Strength! Lance sends out a Gloom (wow his 'mons are much worse than the non-randomised ones). It uses Mega Drain and Sandslash is down!

14d 21h 26m Lance sends out a Weepinbell. We use Take Down. Both Sandslash and Slaking are down to less than 50% HP

14d 21h 25m We use Take Down to kill the Muk!

14d 21h 25m Lance is Poison Type!! He sends out Muk to our Sandslash!


14d 21h 22m Agatha sends out Lazorgator! We kill it! She sends out a Mantine which we murder as well! Milotic out and we take that down too!! Agatha defeated!

14d 21h 22m Blastoise down! Go Slaking! Gorebyss down! Seadra out! Its Hydro Pump missed! We use Fly! Hydro Pump Hits! Fly again, and Seadra's down to red. We use Fly again and **Seadra is down!

14d 21h 19m Moonlight is being really annoying and continually healing this Gorebyss as we Thrash at it. We're down to about a third health.

14d 21h 18m She's a Water type and sends out Gorebyss! We Thrash it to a third health and it uses Moonlight. Blastoise is confused and it hits itself in confusion

14d 21h 17m Agatha challenged! We are not wasting time here

14d 21h 17m He's got a Snorlax! Return takes it down! Bruno defeated!

14d 21h 16m And Pidgeotto!

14d 21h 16m We take down his Zangoose! And Raticate with Return!

14d 21h 15m Slaking out!

14d 21h 15m 3 of our team are down, 3 to go. Blastoise, Slaking and Flameslash are all still alive. This isn't teh urn imo

14d 21h 14m We challenge Bruno and he's a Normal Type! We take down his Pidgeotto and he sends out Zangoose, which kills Tuna

14d 21h 12m Also the vote opens, with Anarchy in the lead

14d 21h 11m We're in Bruno's room as the Silph Co. music plays. So who's Mystery Bruno going to turn out to be?


14d 21h 9m We get Dusclops down to red pretty damn quickly but Lorelei uses a Full Restore. We hit it back down with repeated Claws until to it hitting us with Acid and Dusclops down! Sandslash up to lv62! And did not learn Metal Claw

14d 21h 9m Banette uses Grudge to our Metal Claw! It then uses Sketch (lol) and it murdered by our Metal Claw. Banette down, Dusclops out!

14d 21h 8m Gengar downed! Banette out!

14d 21h 7m Sandlash v Gengar! Gengar burned by Flame Body!

14d 21h 7m We try to select a new 'mon

14d 21h 6m Mew uses Follow ME! Gengar reduces its PP twice by 5 and 2 respectively. How helpful! But it shadow punches us so much as we still don't manage to land an attack and Mew is Down! We ain't doing so good

14d 21h 4m It's Mew v Gengar at the moment. We keep trying to use Body Slam to no effect

14d 21h 3m Gengar heals, we Fly, Altaria down to a Shadow Punch! Go Mew!

14d 21h 3m Gengar out! Altaria uses Fly, and hits, but Gengar knocks us down to a red HP bar with a crit Shadow Punch!

14d 21h 2m Dusclops is down to a FLY!

14d 21h 1m Altaria used Fly, but it barely affects the enemy. She uses it again, it goes down to a third, but Dusclops has a Grudge against us so Fly's going to vanish

14d 21h 0m Altaria v Dusclops! The voices cheer us on!

14d 21h 0m We engage Lorelei! I've never felt so confident about a team we've managed to gather since the first gen. Let's give this a proper go!

14d 20h 56m We stumble around Lorelei's place. 2nd run hype!

[Fluff] The nurse said she hopes she sees us again. Is she just being nice, or does she mean.......

14d 20h 49m Slaking is down, first run officially over.

But Dusclops #2 knows GRUDGE. Again, Phoebe all over again.

14d 20h 48m Nevermind, I was mistaken. Slaking can affect Dusclops, and gets it down to a sliver of health, prompting Lorelei to use a full restore.

14d 20h 45m Sandslash is down without scoring any additional hits on Dusclops because of move types.

14d 20h 39m Dusclops just used a Shadow Tag on us.

I rest my case.

14d 20h 38m Metal Claw is now out of PP, but Banette is down. Out comes another Dusclops. Jesus.

[Fluff] Anyone else feel like we're fighting Phoebe again?

14d 20h 37m Perhaps I was wrong. Sandslash has taken out both Dusclops and Gengar in relatively no time at all.


14d 20h 37m Sandslash has grown to level 61.

[Snark] You do realize we actually have to HEAL in order to save the checkpoint, right? (not really!)

14d 20h 36m Lorelai appears to be a ghost type trainer. This is DEFINITELY going to be a short run.

14d 20h 35m We've entered into the first E4's room without healing. This'll be a short run.

14d 20h 34m We've entered into the Elite 4 building.

ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ E4 HYPE ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

14d 20h 30m We are FINALLY out of Victory Road!

14d 20h 28m Blastoise is down. Let's not white out before we actually make it to Indigo Plateau.

14d 20h 23m Altaria is now holding the metal coat.


14d 20h 19m We are back in anarchy mode! I don't know for sure, but that may be our longest run in democracy for this generation.

14d 20h 9m [D] Sandlash successfully used Strength again. Now for the boulder tossing.

14d 20h 0m The voices return yet again.

14d 19h 52m [D] If anyone's curious, we're still in democracy. Still making our way through Victory Road, slowly but surely.

14d 19h 27m [D] Third puzzle officially complete.

14d 19h 25m [D] Somehow a Mantine interrupts our very last move for solving the puzzle. NOW IS NOT THE TIME, AQUATIC BEAST.

14d 19h 16m [D] We're very close to finishing this puzzle.

14d 19h 7m The boulder is officially past a significant danger point. In order to mess this up for the time being, we'd have to get on the other side of it and push it back.


14d 19h 4m So far, we seem to be moving the boulder with few problems.

14d 19h 0m The voices have arrived as well.

14d 18h 59m [D] Strength has been used. Now begins the weirdly delicate process of moving this huge boulder.

14d 18h 54m [D] Democracy is now in session.

14d 18h 32m Masquerain is down, but to a wild Remoraid.

14d 18h 27m Mew down! We send out Slaking.

14d 18h 24m Trainer battle! It's Mew up against a Skiploom. Unfortunately, Mew looks very close to fainting.

14d 18h 17m Vote splitting leads to democracy's demise, and we're catapulted back into anarchy.

14d 18h 13m [D] Slowly but surely, we are crawling our way to the third puzzle, which is literally just a few moves away.

14d 18h 2m Second puzzle successfully completed. Let's see if we can't progress further this time.

14d 18h 0m [D] Mew is attempting to learn Conversion. The chat almost unanimously agrees not to teach it, and starts spamming B. Also, the voices are back.

14d 17h 58m [D] Mew grows to level 50!

14d 17h 49m [D] We're moving the 2nd boulder. Let's see if we can successfully complete the 2nd puzzle.

14d 17h 43m [D] Democracy kicks in and we're in the middle of a battle.

14d 17h 32m Anarchy versus Democracy voting system kicks in.

14d 17h 28m Marc now leads the team.

14d 17h 28m Altaria down!

14d 17h 24m We're still on the first floor of Victory Road.

14d 17h 0m Voices are back!

14d 16h 58m Altaria grew to level 51!

14d 16h 35m Anarchy kicks back in.

14d 16h 34m [D] We turned on Teachy TV!

14d 16h 33m [D] We successfully completed the first puzzle.

14d 16h 10m [D] We're moving the boulder. Let's see if we can complete the puzzle!

14d 16h 7m [D] Looks like the Democrats united and are trying to move the boulder. Suddenly "B" spam arrived.

14d 16h 5m Democracy arrived. Will we use it to get passed the boulders? We will know, right after this commercial break we get rid of this Croconaw.

14d 15h 59m Ok relax guys, Take a moment and look at Marc and Altaria. We can do this... OH NOES! THE VOICES ARE BACK! PANIC ATTACK!

[Snark] I heard you like Mudkips.

14d 15h 56m Democracy voting opened up. Will we get passed the boulders with democracy?

14d 15h 50m We entered Victory Road cave! Will we manage to conquer the cave this time?

14d 15h 46m Aron took down Hyperbug hp to 54% Dang little block of iron.

14d 15h 42m We are approaching Victory Road cave, but we tripped over an annoying little Aron on the way to it.

14d 15h 31m [D] We open up Teachy TV in democracy, but Anarchist took over. Silly TPP. There is no school on Saturday.

14d 15h 29m We entered route 23. Wait a second, I've got a deja-vu feeling right now. Didn't I say this exact same thing yesterday?

14d 15h 26m And like it was no ones business! We ran right passed the ledge! Take that you stupid wall of dirt!

14d 15h 24m Quick reminder to all newly joined viewers: Keep in mind there is a delay in the inputs! It takes about 20-25 seconds.

14d 15h 20m Voting opened up. Vote for Democracy, they have icecream! Vote for Anarchy, they have cookies!

14d 15h 19m Damn you Slowpoke Rough Skin!

14d 15h 0m Making a lot of little progress towards Victory Road.

14d 14h 36m The crew hangs out in Viridian City, enjoying the catchy music.

14d 14h 8m Route 1, Ahh the memories...

14d 14h 5m Nostalgia runs through the chat as we arrive in Potato Pallet Town and take in the relaxing atmosphere. Good progress guys!

14d 13h 54m We find a wild Snubble in the Pokemon Mansion.

14d 13h 46m Democracies' reign of TPP was short as Anarchy comes back in order. Well, not in order I guess...

14d 13h 42m All aboard the Slaking Airlines to Cinnabar Island!

14d 13h 39m Democracy mode is in place!

14d 13h 31m We finally exit the cave and are instantly dragged into a Trainer battle!

14d 13h 23m Voting has begun once again, will Democracy finally succeed and help us get out of the island? Only time will tell...

14d 13h 13m Anarchy triumphs once again!

14d 13h 7m And the voting has begun between Anarchists and Democrats!

14d 13h 0m And as we face a Bird Jesus reincarnation, chat-to-speech begins its hilarious descent.

14d 12h 42m We go down a floor.

14d 12h 38m Sandslash takes down a young Bird Jesus!

[Snark] Someone in chat just made a wonderful Gulpin expression:(-3-)

14d 12h 30m We face a wild Armaldo in battle!

14d 12h 28m Sandslash gracefully accepts the award and becomes a Level 60!

[Snark] People sure know how to enjoy themselves on text voice.

14d 12h 4m: And there's young hyperbug!

14d 12h 3m: Hey its a mudkip!

14d 12h 1m: Up one more floor!


14d 11h 56m: Oh look its a reincarnation of bird jesus. Huh. Haven't seem him in a while.

[FYI] Back to the top floor.

14d 11h 40m: Back downstairs.

14d 11h 37m: Next floor!

14d 11h 34m: Confused TTABCIJIJD D:

14d 11h 24m: Went up a floor

[Snark] Zombie Fossil Water Spiders.

14d 11h 20m: Still surfin in the water.

14d 11h 14m: All of these anoriths. They're all water spiders. Don't trust them.

[Snark] If a battle is short enough for a gif, you're doing it right.- Twitch Plays Pokemon

[Snark] bits from the twitch chat after seeing the battle with 'articuno': "MARC'S FATHER" "HE EXPLODED" "SUICIDE BOMBER" "INSANE LAUGHTER"

[Snark] I'm guessing half the chat had exploded in laughter, literally.

[snark] Chat: Now what?

14d 11h 5m This is what I call a classic TPP moment...

[Snark] I guess that mew didn't want to be part of the team either. He went out with a bang.

[Snark] Well that was quite an explosive surprise.

14d 11d 4m We used our greatball but mew got out! MEW USED SELFDESTRUCT!!

14d 11h 3m Articuno is a MEW!

14d 10h 59m ... We just used our Ultraball to catch a Slakoth. I love TPP <3 1 Greatball left.

14d 10h 57m Anarchy returns. Lucky for me... I kept forgetting the [D] tag.

14d 10h 55m [D] Greatball taken from Hyperbug. Looks like Slaking isn't holding a pokéball after all.

14d 10h 50m ... Nvm. Ultraball taken from Altaria. Slaking and Hyperbug are also holding an Ultraball!

14d 10h 48m Just a reminder. We don't have any pokeballs left... We just came here to visit Articuno, drink a cup of tea, talk about our feelings and probably run away from him.

14d 10h 46m [D] Woops, forgot to mention we are still in Democracy. Looks like we try to change up our party order.

14d 10h 42m The boulder fell into the hole! Next stop: Articuno!

14d 10h 35m We ran away from Doduo. Back to moving boulders!

14d 10h 33m And our very delicate operation has been interrupted by a wild Doduo! Go get him Hyperbug!

14d 10h 32m [D] Here comes the tricky part...

14d 10h 27m [D] Strength has been activated. Boulders can be moved.

14d 10h 23m [D] Closing in on the boulders. Great Democracy teamwork, but our real test is just up ahead!

14d 10h 8m [D] We are slowly making our way to the boulders. For everyone who just drops in here is a plan /u/FaitfulForce submitted: http://i.imgur.com/yqEB28B.png.

14d 10h 0m The voices are potato! I mean back!

14d 9h 58m [D] There seems to be a struggle with the Anarchist and Democrats. Looks like we stay in Democracy to solve the boulder puzzle.

14d 9h 56m [D] Democracy mode activate!

14d 9h 51m Hyperbug level 58

14d 9h 43m We're back in front of the boulders. The chat promptly begins to spam start to carefully face the puzzle... aaand we fall down the hole before we can even touch one rock.

14d 9h 38m Stereo sound hype!

14d 9h 31m The UI appears to have restarted, making all inputs disappear for a moment. Probably nothing to worry about.

14d 9h 29m We just ran away from the False Prophet. Fitting!

14d 9h 29m We picked up a hidden Bead Mail. Hurray?

14d 9h 22m We picked up a Mystic Water twenty minutes ago. Sorry for missing it!

14d 9h 18m Inputs are slow and so is our progress.

14d 9h 9m Senapi.

14d 9h 7m Marc fainted earlier against a wild Seel.

14d 8h 59m Marc reached Lv.49.

14d 8h 51m And we jumped down the hole, after pushing a boulder in a not-so-ideal spot.

14d 8h 49m We dance around the boulders...

14d 8h 47m The wild encounters are slowing us down.

14d 8h 38m Back up on the correct floor, ready for another try.

14d 8h 24m Aww! We've pushed the boulder in the wrong place and then we threw ourselves down the hole in despair.

14d 8h 22m We've started spamming start like mad to compensate for the lag. We don't want to mess this up!

14d 8h 20m We've missed one boulder, right in front of the hole, but the puzzle can still be solved...

14d 8h 20m Aaand left goes the correct boulder. We're doing great!

14d 8h 19m We've moved a boulder in the right spot in Anarchy! Now we must just move up after this battle...

14d 8h 17m Anarchy has come back after a Golem has gotten in the way of the puzzle. We're consulting the pokédex now, just to make absolutely sure that Rattata's cry has stayed the same.

14d 8h 9m [D] We've moved one boulder away, in the right spot.

14d 7h 59m [D] It looks like we'll be finishing the puzzle with a little help from Democracy.

14d 7h 53m Found a hidden, convenient Light Ball.

Anarchy returns!

14d 7h 28m We're in Democracy! And we stay there

14d 7h 25m Democracy wins the election!

14d 7h 23m We walk around the Seafoam Islands

14d 7h 8m [Info] Apparently one of our team holds an Ultra Ball

14d 7h 7m We catch a female level 22 Pidgey with our last Ball! So catching Articuno is out of the window

14d 6h 57m A picked up a Poison Barb!

14d 6h 51m We use the other one on a Ledyba! Male lv22 no nickname!

14d 6h 48m We use an Ultra Ball on a Pidgey! Male lv22 no nickname. Also, one less ball for "Articuno*

14d 6h 45m We land in the Seafoam islands! Misty apparently trains here according to some guy. I find that hard to believe because of how much she sucks

14d 6h 42m We take down Barry's Milotic and win the battle!

14d 6h 39m We murder it and he sends out a Milotic! Isn't it funny how in this randomised version how the normal trainers actually can have decent teams now?

Swimmer Michael Phelps Barry takes us on! He sends out a Shellder

14d 6h 33m He sends out a Shedninja which we Drill Peck to death! Suck it David because we're done here!

14d 6h 33m We also kill the Armaldo with Fly

14d 6h 32m We kill that sucker's Pineco with Fly. He sends out an Armaldo

14d 6h 32m Swimmer David takes us on! He sends out a Pineco. We send out Alitaria

14d 6h 31m And we're surfing! Next stop, Seafoam Islands!

14d 6h 30m We head south of Fuschia!

14d 6h 29m We heal!

14d 6h 25m In the Pokémon Center

14d 6h 14m We're out of the Pokémart!

[Fluff] It's weird how Pokémon seem to be the center of everyone's life in the Pokémon universe. Their currency is named after them, almost every store has Pokémon supplies as their main specialty, Pokémon get free health care, and pretty much every crime you ever see committed involves Pokémon in some way.

14d 6h 11m Super Potion and a Great Ball too. Aaaandd we're out of money. Wow that was lucky!

14d 6h 11m We buy two Ultra Balls!

14d 6h 10m Nope, we got rid of that and we're back to our original flawless reply

[Fluff] So far I've seen: "ALT. COLOR" (OMG, shiny!), "BAG" (the secret to being a Pokemon master), "Aipom BAG", "AIR LOCK BAG", "BAG Abra", and "! Abra GAME A", which is still our reply from before. (Makes sense; we already know that "ABRA A GAME" from before, as well as "Caterpie".)

14d 6h 9m "BAG Abra" is our reply

14d 6h 7m We deleted our reply on the questionnaire!

14d 6h 6m We enter the Pokémart!

14d 5h 57m We use cut on a random tree

14d 5h 57m Democracy wins the poll, but Anarchy wins on the first vote. I don't really understand how that keeps happening

14d 5h 53m Fuschia City! Never thought we'd see you again, old friend!

14d 5h 52m [Fluff] Stop playing with my heart please

14d 5h 50m Never mind, scratch that, gonna go cry a bit now.

14d 5h 50m WE DID IT, HAIL HELIX

14d 5h 46m Up... down... up... down... the guard must be so confused

14d 5h 43m Nevermind, we are back in this thing!

14d 5h 37m Chat appears to have given up on trying to go through the guardhouse

14d 5h 35m And we are back in Anarchy!

14d 5h 25m We are attempting to fly, after failing to get into the guardhouse

14d 5h 16m IT'S THE POKEDUDE

14d 5h 11m The votes are amazingly close this time around

14d 5h 10m Goodbye voices, twas a good run

[Snark] Don't know why anarchy is winning. I thought we needed democracy to watch Teachy TV some more.

14d 5h 3m Voting begins. Anarchy has a clear lead right now.

14d 5h 2m A stops to read the notice that is blocking her path and potentially in a dangerous place. It says to watch out for discarded items!

14d 5h 2m Going down the slope!

14d 5h 0m The voices are back!

14d 4h 55m Mew sweeps Camron with two OHKO's and grows to level 47!

14d 4h 54m Cue Ball Camron would like to battle!

14d 4h 54m We defeated Biker Ruben!

14d 4h 51m Right now we're on Cycling Road battling a trainer. Altaria just fainted.

[Fluff] Oh my god, I forgot I was supposed to be updating now! Sorry!

14d 4h 38m Anarchy wins by a single vote at the last second.

14d 4h 36m [D] A decides to quit while she's ahead and exits the slot machine.

[Fluff] Here's a screenshot of the big win!


14d 4h 34m [D] JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!! 777!!!!! 300 coins get! Current total: 323

Twitch Plays Slots exists, you're seeing it happen right now folks

14d 4h 33m [D] We win again! Current total: 26

14d 4h 32m [D] Triple-Psyduck on the diagonal! We won 15 coins! Current total: 21

14d 4h 31m [D] 3 more down the drain. Current total: 9

14d 4h 30m [D] Just lost 3 more coins. Current total: 12.

14d 4h 29m [D] Didn't win there. Current coins: 15

14d 4h 28m [D] We won 8 coins! Current total: 18...minus the 3 we just bet = 15

14d 4h 27m [D] We bet three more coins.

14d 4h 27m [D] No such luck. 3 coins lost

14d 4h 26m [D] We bet 3 coins...looks like AAA is going to win. And hopefully A will win as well! :-)

[Fluff] From the chat: "What I expected: Pokemon. What I got: Teachy Friday and Gambling" -Cthaws

14d 4h 25m Slot 3 stopped on Psyduck...3 coins lost

14d 4h 24m [D] Slot 2 stopped on R!

14d 4h 24m [D] Slot 1 stopped on Pikachu!

14d 4h 23m [D] We also found 10 coins on the floor a few minutes ago in anarchy.

14d 4h 22m [D] We seem to be using democracy to gamble!

14d 4h 17m We are out of the hideout!

14d 4h 11m Max elixir acquired! The wild ride was not in vain!

14d 4h 0m The voices are back.

14d 3h 56m Currently in the rocket hideout. Back on the Giovanni wild ride anyone?

14d 3h 41m Debating indulging our gambling addiction

14d 3h 31m In the casino! Let the gambling begin!

[Fluff] Only pokemon can hear the pokeflute? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA VERY FUNNY

14d 3h 27m Marc is poisoned! Can we heal in time?

14d 3h 3m Also, the voices are back senpai

14d 2h 59m Good Bike GET!

14d 2h 37m Operation Bike is progressing relatively smoothly


14d 2h 29m [Snark] That seel has seen shit...

14d 2h 27m Playing around in Vermillion city

14d 2h 26m [Fluff] Anyone else find i weird that we can just walk into a house with an unattended small child in it?

14d 2h 10m Diglett cave* which we just got out of, now travelling east from vermilion through route 11

[Fluff] Bahamutffx89 can't seem to make up his mind whether he wants anarchy or democracy.

14d 2h 6m For those wondering, we are in diglett on our way to vermillion

14d 1h 35m Something about Bulbasaur and the Pokedex.

14d 1h 21m Altaria is promoted to level 47!

14d 1h 0m Healed our Pokemon. Thanks Mom!

14d 0h 47m Route 1 hype

14d 0h 43m Jumped over ledge, and on purpose this time!

14d 0h 30m Wandering down Victory Road

14d 0h 0m Welcome to Day 15!

13d 23h 59m Anarchy returns. We ain't gon' fly.

13d 23h 50m [D] Fly is turning out to be a bit unwieldy as we have to manually select each city from the grid.

13d 23h 43m [D] Looks like the hivemind wants to fly...

13d 23h 40m [D] Democracy kicks in.

13d 23h 32m DJ is promoted to level 56. SparkPlug3 gets a new pair of glasses!

13d 23h 32m DJ is promoted to level 52!

13d 23h 31m Voting for democracy commences.

13d 23h 24m Alice borks the boulder puzzle on the first push.

[Snark] The faffing reminds us that the past is real.

[Fluff] The guard refuses to let A pass before she shows him her Earth Badge. She's on the side where Victory Road is though. What if someone stole it from her? Would she be trapped?

13d 23h 15m In and out, in and out, in and out, Alice is worst than a cat!

13d 23h 0m The voices are back and we re-entered the cave. Exclamation Potato!

[snark] We did it! We got 100 signatures! https://www.change.org/petitions/gamefreak-and-nintendo-teachy-tv-season-2/u/Cortye

13d 22h 22m Oh noes! The Anarchist took control over the classroom! How are we supposed to pass our finals?

13d 22h 18m Welcome back TPP students. Teachy TV season 2 just started!

13d 22h 15m Democracy mode is here. We are currently in battle though.

13d 22h 5m We also left the cave, A needed a little bit of fresh air.

13d 22h 5m Democracy voting kicks in. Soon and season 2 of Teachy TV will begin! Grab your snacks everyone!

13d 21h 53m Just a short update after all the educational stuff. We are at Victory Road, still struggling with the first boulder puzzle. Our team is almost whipped out. Only our Slaking is standing strong with 80% hp.

[Snark] We need your help, to get back Teachy TV! https://www.change.org/petitions/gamefreak-and-nintendo-teachy-tv-season-2

13d 21h 38m Remember, during Anarchy mode, you can't put in the "select" command. Wait until Democracy mode and ask Poké dude for advice!

13d 21h 34m Teachy TV has been registered as our key item!

Need to catch up on the past few days? /u/Calabazal's got you covered! Day 13-14 Video Recap


ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ POKÉ DUDE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ TEACHY FRIDAY ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ


[Observation] I think the stream's viewer count has grown by about 300 since we started watching Teachy TV...



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ NEXT LESSON OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Thank you Nixitur for pointing out that the team status bar at the bottom of the screen showed Pokédude's Rattata instead of our own team. That is glorious.

[Snark] Wow, POKé DUDE's Rattata is so strong! He must have been trained by Joey-senpai~

[Snark] "Keep your eyes glued to the super POKé DUDE SHOW!" I don't think we have a choice notthatI'mcomplaining

13d 20h 10m [D] We are using Democracy to watch the Teachy TV. I have never been more proud of TPP.

13d 20h 6m [D] Democracy is active.

13d 19h 54m Slaking hits level 55

13d 19h 37m Back inside! Reminder: Slaking is our only conscious 'mon, at 79% health.

13d 19h 32m Faffing around outside.

13d 19h 26m Oh, wait. Now we've failed the run.

13d 19h 25m More backwards progress. I'm enjoying this now.

13d 19h 21m Well, we just pushed the boulder backwards but we didn't leave it in a place where it can't be moved again, so I guess that's sort of okay?

13d 19h 4m Slaking reaches level 54!

[Recap] With all that move teaching out of the way, we are still at the very start of Victory Road, with all of our team fainted except Slaking.


13d 18h 48m Back in Anarchy!

[Snark][D]Seems are Flame Body can't melt the Molten Metal Claws!

13d 18h 47m [D] Sandslash forgets Safeguard and learns Metal Claw.

13d 18h 32m [D] Blastoise forgets Bubble and learns Thrash.

13d 18h 21m [D] Slaking forgets Crush Claw and learns Fly.

13d 18h 13m [D] Altaria forgets Quick Attack and learns Fly.

13d 18h 2m [D] Democracy activates; Looks like the chat is wanting to teach a few TMs.

13d 18h 0m Blastoise faints.

13d 17h 47m Well, we're back inside Victory Road. Decided not to heal.

13d 17h 45m The chat is split between going to heal or just venturing forth in our current run.

13d 17h 39m A decides she needs another breath of fresh air.

13d 17h 36m We walk outside and back in surprisingly quickly!

13d 17h 36m Aaaand we've officially failed this attempt at the boulder puzzle. Time to reset!

13d 17h 34m For the record, we are still working on the very first boulder puzzle right inside the entrance. We have Blastoise at 87% HP and Slaking at full.

13d 17h 33m Blastoise levels up to 58!

13d 17h 27m Masquerain succumbs to posion!

13d 17h 18m Masquerain gets poisoned! Oh no D:

13d 17h 9m Masquerain reaches level 57!

13d 16h 59m Voting begins!

13d 16h 48m Mew has fainted! gg, growlithe

13d 16h 44m We defeat a wild Roselia, but Mew is crippled by paralysis and a measly 15 HP.

13d 16h 36m Just as I say that we enter Victory Road!

13d 16h 36m We've exited Victory Road to reset the boulder and now we are having difficulties getting back inside...

13d 16h 23m Boulder moved into wrong spot...

13d 16h 17m Marc is currently paralysed. But he still manages to take out a Growlithe.

13d 16h 14m Sandsplash down! I repeat: Sandsplash down!

13d 16h 8m Altaria is down. Hyperbug took over his fight. Onwards to the Indigo Plateau!

13d 16h 0m The voices are back! Prepare your Exclamation Potatoes!

13d 15h 56m We entered Victory Road cave. Will we be able to conquer the cave this time?

13d 15h 32m We entered route 23. Onwards to Victory Road! Democracy got enabled, but Anarchy took over right away!

13d 15h 31m Ledge has been conquered! our team is doing pretty good as well. Is this the URN?

[Snark] Live free or Ledge Hard.

13d 15h 10m Okay, just like nothing happened. The battle of the ledge continues!

13d 15h 5m We are back in Viridian City.

13d 14h ??m Oh forgot to mention, Mom healed up our party. Altaria isn't poisoned any more.

13d 14h 54m And back on route one. Looks like we won't visit "Articuno" after all.

13d 14h 47m We entered Pallet town. Say high to mom everybody!

13d 14h 36m Altaria is poisoned. 29% health right now.

13d 14h 28m We are back at route 1. Looks like we are going for "Articuno".

13d 13h 57m Back in anarchy, Altaria down to 30%!

13d 13h 48m Entered democracy mode.

13d 13h 35m Altaria still playing with the wild Pokémon over at route 22. Doesn't she know Green is waiting for us?

13d 13h 35m Still no progress on the ledge, maybe it is time to ask Shellock for some advice on passing the ledge...

13d 13h 29m For those wondering, nothing's changed, still murdering level 5 pokemon on route 22

13d 12h 59m Also, back in anarchy

13d 12h 57m Back down the ledge, in other news, grass green, party still Commewnist

13d 12h 55m Also we are in democracy

13d 12h 54m Marc switched in!

13d 12h 44m Streamer: It's voting time! TPP: No streamer no!

13d 12h 42m 13d 12h 40m Altairia continues the purge of the route 22 army

13d 12h 32m No Alice, you can't jump back up the ledge.

13d 12h 15m Made it all of the way to the far wall, but jumped over ledge.

13d 12h 4m Hey guess what? We jumped the ledge.

[Meta] I have to do the thing that people call 'sleep', so hopefully a live updater comes along and updates- if not, we're still moping on route one.

13d 11h 53m: Still beating up helpless wild pokemon.

13d 11h 50m: A has given up on going to the E4 and is loitering on route 1.

13d 11h 43m: Beating up level 3 pokemon. I.. feel sort of bad for them.

13d 11h 35m: What time is it? Voting time! (ITS OUR VACATION)

13d 11h 31m: Jumping ledges down to route one. Wild Marill, level 3!

13d 11h 31m: WHITE OUT. Viridian City D:

13d 11h 27m: GHOST TYPE TRAINER noOOooOoOoOo

13d 11h 23m: Slaking is now burnt D:

13d 11h 20m: If we don't go up the right ladder this time, puzzle resets. REMEMBER THAT.

13d 11h 11m: Back to anarchy! That democracy session was 50 minutes long.

13d 11h 10m: And back to silence.

13d 11h 10m: Also, the voices are back.


[Strategy]: [D] ACQUIRED A MAP!

13d 10h 55m: Still getting the rock to the switch.

13d 10h 47m: Still in democracy.

13d 10h 46m: Back to the puzzle. PUSH THE ROCK

13d 10h 35m [D] Sorry, never really updated while in democracy so I'm forgetting the [D] Tag.

13d 10h 35m: Slowly but surely we're getting there.

13d 10h 29m: TO THE ROCK!

13d 10h 26m: Distance to rock is set to far

13d 10h 25m [D]: Chat is attempting to solve puzzle with democracy.

13d 10h 25m [D]: a-are we trying to solve the puzzle?

13d 10h 24m [D]: no thoughts of anarchy just yet for the chat, only A's.


13d 10h 23m: Democracy is thinking of using A as first command. [braces self for last PP use of return]

13d 10h 20m: Text speed slow. Dome help us.

13d 10h 15m: FYI we have to reset the puzzle.


13d 10h 12m: AND NOW SO MUCH DEMOCRACY. I sense bots.

13d 10h 12m: It's voting time! SO MUCH ANARCHY.

13d 10h 7m: As of now currently running from all the wild pokemon battles. Not much to update.

[Edit] I meant slaking, not slacking. I swear I'm an okay speller okay :(

[FYI] 8 more reture PP's left.

13d 9h 52m: SLACKING ISN'T SLACKING- He's now level 53


[FYI] Still on the second floor.

13d 9h 47m: We beat up a wild grovyle.

13d 9h 45m: Ups- no, downstairs. Or should I say, downladder?

[Snark] A is grinding her muscles, too -Anon from IRC chat.

13d 9h 44m: Upstairs- no, downstairs.

13d 9h 42m: Downstairs again. A must be getting some exercise!

13d 9h 38m: Hey meowth, what's up?

13d 9h 35m: Back upstairs.

13d 9h 34m: Went downstairs.

13d 9h 33m: Ran from the wild meowth.

13d 9h 31m: It's a wild meowth!

13d 9h 27m: Checkin the DEX. It's about time we get a bulbasaur.

13d 9h 22m [Snark] Or lying down, as the case may be.

[Snark] Sla-king remainds the last one stand-ing.

13d 9h 19m Sandslash down against a wild Remoraid.

13d 9h 10m We run into a wild Remoraid. Mmm, cave fish.

13d 9h 6m Flameslash takes down Magcargo and Houndour in quick succession. Battle won!

13d 9h 5m The Magcargo is a trainer's. Sandslash is attracted to it.

13d 9h 2m [D] And we're back. In democracy, fighting a Magcargo. All our 'mons are fainted except Sandslash and DJ. Safeguard is Sandslash's first move, if that's a new development.

13d 8h 28m CORRECTION we WERE upstairs

[Note] Voting has begun.

13d 8h 24m Hyperbug gets tired of chip damage and blasts heracross away!

13d 8h 24m Heracross gone. Battle won.

13d 8h 23m Here comes a Heracross. Now Leech Lifing.

13d 8h 22m He takes out a Volbeat.

13d 8h 22m Fighting Cooltrainer Rolando. Hyperbug took out a Masquerain and levelled up to 56!.

13d 8h 9m Hyperbug leads.

13d 8h 6m Marc is taken out by a Roselia's Poison Sting.

13d 8h 0m The voices are back. We're still hanging around Victory Road.

13d 7h 54m Croconaws, Croconaws everywhere.

13d 7h 52m Marc is just slamming all these wild Pokemon despite being paralyzed and in the red.

13d 7h 50m And I'm back to see that we've done something to a boulder. Damn, wish I had my Prima Strategy Guide right now.

[Meta] I need to consume nutrients, so I am incapable of updating for the time being. Hopefully someone else turns up.

13d 7h 36m Marc takes out a Hitmonlee, but he's now in the red. Also, some time ago Marc levelled up to 45!

13d 7h 32m That strength puzzle completed.

13d 7h 25m Persians can sketch now?

13d 7h 23m Battle scenes are off.

13d 7h 22m Moving the strength boulder.

13d 7h 19m Just checking summaries.

13d 7h 16m Hanging around the entrance to Victory road pushing boulders about

[Addendum] Chat-tospeak

13d 7h 11m Chat-to-speed gone now.

13d 7h 9m Running from the scary aligators

13d 7h 7m Pushing boulders now.

[Fluff] You know, whenever I see Croconaw use Vicegrip, I get this image of it using Force Choke.

[Unimportant Note] The Voices are hanging about right now.

13d 7h 1m Marc is paralyzed.

13d 7h 0m Altaria fainted some time ago.

13d 6h 58m We're in the Victory Road, by the way.

13d 6h 41m oh and since I missed when it happened Altaria Levels up to 46!

13d 6h 39m Vibravas and Bagons, this really is the bay of Drake's dragons


13d 6h 29m Alice is now praying to the pokemon statues for good luck in her next victory road run.

13d 6h 21m We did it! Into victory road once again!

13d 6h 20m Well that didn't last long at all back to anarchy!

13d 6h 19m After a grueling fight with a level 5 Nidoran we are back in democracy

13d 5h 57m Back to anarchy, back to the bottom of the ledge.

13d 5h 50m Ladies and Gentlemen, Democracy.

13d 5h 41m Democracy taking quite a lead in the votes

13d 5h 40m Voting began a bit ago.

13d 5h 39m No, we didn't get past the ledges.

13d 5h 33m Will we get past the ledges?

13d 5h 27m On Route 22.

13d 5h 26m Heading west now to Route 22.

13d 5h 24m Just hanging around southern Viridian.

13d 5h 22m Nah, jumped down the ledge.

13d 5h 21m Now talking to the Move Tutor.

13d 5h 20m Still behind the Cut-tree.

13d 5h 15m Next to that fat Move Tutor behind the Cut-tree.

13d 5h 13m TIL Bulbasaurs are native to the Viridian Pond.

[Snark] We cannot get rid of Viridian.

13d 4h 22m Grinding on level 3 pokemon still...


[Voices] Also, this

[Voices]Come on and slam and welcome to the jam!

[Voices] Also, reciting the Space Jam song.

[Voices] There's some drama going down on the twitch chat, and the voices are reading it aloud for us!

13d 3h 59m For those wondering, we've not made much progress.

13d 3h 44m Pokemon Center left!

13d 3h 40m We're currently bumping around between Teala's desk and the side of the escalator.

13d 3h 37m HI TEALA!

13d 3h 31m Back in the Pokemon Center. What will we do next?

13d 3h 30m A dastardly Substitute used by a wild Exploud prolongs the battle, and DJ Stalin finally succumbs to his burn. Alice whites out!

13d 3h 24m Found TM03, Frustration!

13d 3h 22m We run from the Plusle, but get into another staring contest with a Loudred

[Snark] A staring contest ensues between the two bitter foes.

13d 3h 18m Uh oh. Another wild Plusle. Will this be our downfall?

13d 3h 14m A wild Plusle combined with no PP left for Return finally gives DJ Stalin some damage. We're down to 16% HP-- officially in the Red.

13d 3h 10m Due to OHKOing every wild Pokemon that appears, CCCDJCCCC5 doesn't seem to be taking any damage from his burn.

13d 2h 52m DJ Stalin down to 32% HP

[Snark] For those of you who wanted to see what happened next; someone uploaded the full episode to YouTube.

13d 2h 50m We run from a wild Meowth. Now that DJ Stalin is burned, running is an extremely important skill if we want any chance at all of making it to the other side.

[Fluff] That has to have been the longest we've gone without pressing B during Teachy TV. He actually had time to start a battle! Evolution, on the other hand......

13d 2h 46m The Poke Dude is teaching us how to...do something. We keep restarting the video.

13d 2h 45m TEACHY TV HYPE

~13d 2h 43m Side note, DJ Stalin was burned in our last battle, so a white out is all but guaranteed eventually.

13d 2h 41m Actually, it ENDS in 30 seconds.

13d 2h 35m Just a reminder that we're probably going to white out soon.

[Fluff] Does no one find it weird how a rock-fish is just lying on a cave floor, perfectly unharmed?

13d 2h 26m We defeat Trainer Vincent!

13d 2h 24m We pick up an antidote!

13d 2h 21m Well, we're going up and down the same ladder repeatedly. Good work, everyone. We're doing wonderfully.

[Fluff] Sorry if I'm doing anything incorrectly, everyone, DrewLinky should be back soon. I haven't really done anything like this, so it's probably going to be a little rough.

13d 2h 8m We defeat Cooltrainer George, and find a Soda Pop!

13d 2h 7m We defeat Typhlosion, and then Magmar, George sends out a houndoom who is quickly defeated, and CCCDJCCCC5 gains a level!

we have encountered Cooltrainer George, who sent out Typhlosion!

[Fluff] Drewlinky's going out for a little bit, this is his brother filling in for him. I'll try not to do anything too embarrassing.

[Fluff Continued] Someone in the chat says that, according to Google Docs, Altaria, Masquerain and Slaking are all holding a pokeball. Too bad we just wasted democracy.

[Fluff] Just as a general reminder, we have no pokeballs. I'm not even sure if any of our pokemon are holding one.

13d 1h 41m It looks like we're finally past these stairs.

13d 1h 40m After the successful ruination of our mastering the stairs, a push for democracy forms.

13d 1h 38m Aaaand we get pushed away from the stairs.

13d 1h 37m We're so close. People keep spamming up as much as possible, but there are a few spamming down so we get stuck again.

13d 1h 36m Anarchy/democracy voting is back up, and so soon. But it seems we've also made it up the stairs finally.

13d 1h 36m Slaking levels up to 50!

13d 1h 28m Sandslash faints! Slaking is all that's left now.

13d 1h 20m Also, voting for democracy and anarchy has begun.

13d 1h 20m Sandslash burns and is subsequently burned by a wild Banette.

13d 1h 17m For anyone who's curious, there's just one guy (maybe a bot?) that keeps spamming b+right and we don't have enough people using commands to counter it. We're literally stuck against a wall because of one person.

13d 1h 5m We pushed the boulder onto the correct tile!

13d 1h 0m The voices assault us once more.

13d 0h 57m We push the boulder one move closer to the correct position. As the chat would say, PUZZLE SOLVING HYPE

13d 0h 51m Sandslash levels up to 59!

13d 0h 42m Blastoise goes down to a wild Jumpluff. Sandslash and Slaking are the only two mons we've got left.

13d 0h 22m Found a hidden Leppa Berry!

13d 0h 15m We're walking in the right direction. Kinda. Overflow inputs from battles make us walk the wrong way too.

13d 0h 8m The vote is happening right now and it's extremely close, after zooming in, it seems democracy is barely winning. 3 minutes to go.

13d 0h 0m Looks like we have pushed the boulder in the right spot. We can continue now... But we have only half our team alive. And we're still right by the entrance. This will take a while.

12d 23h 52m We're one push away from either finishing the puzzle OR screwing it up and having to start all over.

12d 23h 47m A Blast Burn from a wild Growlithe takes out Masquerain.

12d 23h 44m Having trouble getting to the boulder to push it.

12d 23h 38m Fearow used Milk Drink. Where the heck does this milk even come from??

12d 23h 37m We saved the game.

12d 23h 24m We've pushed the boulder closer to where it has to go but this part is the hardest part.

Day 12/13 highlights here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR7nIxAe7i4

12d 23h 22m Masquerain leveled up to 55

12d 23h 15m We're managing to make some progress with this boulder puzzle but... not that much. Still a long way to go.

12d 23h 10m We used Strength again and have begun to push the boulder.

12d 22h 57m We exited and re-entered and exited again... At least the boulder puzzle reset to a solvable state?

12d 22h 54m We're still just wandering around in here... Trying to get out to reset the puzzle I think.

12d 22h 45m Looks like we'll have to restart this boulder puzzle unless I'm looking at this wrong, since the boulder is pushed against the stairs...

12d 22h 37m Mew fainted

12d 22h 33m Mew grew to level 44

12d 22h 27m We're back in.

12d 22h 24m We exited Victory Road.

12d 22h 19m Currently the vote is very close but it's leaning slightly toward Democracy.

12d 22h 16m Mew is paralyzed... Also, the voting has begun.

12d 22h 15m Altaria has fainted now and Mew leads the party.

12d 22h 11m Altaria is in the red now, from a battle with a wild Mudkip. We've got just 15 HP.

12d 22h 8m We've begun to push the boulder... Looks like it'll be difficult to push it as far as it needs to go in anarchy though.

12d 22h 6m We're trying to get in a position to push the boulder where it needs to go but it's not as easy as it seems. Or maybe it's just not easy at all.

12d 22h 3m Wild Azumarill appeared. It has Truant. So glad right now that Emerald wasn't randomized. XD

12d 22h 0m Also, potato.

12d 22h 0m We've attempted to use Strength many times. We FINALLY use it.

12d 21h 59m We send out Mew against a Roselia but we decide to run.

12d 21h 58m This thing knows Guillotine ;∆; Good thing we're a higher level. Still too scary for us apparently, so we run.

12d 21h 57m Wild lazorgator Croconaw appeared. We can't Quick Attack because There's no PP left for this move!

12d 21h 52m No more PP for Quick Attack.

12d 21h 51m We run from the Growlithe.

12d 21h 47m Battling a wild Growlithe and it just used Milk Drink. [Snark] Well now we know where all the milk we got from milking people went.

[Status] Altareon is at 35% and paralyzed, Flameslash is at 92%, and everyone else is at full.

12d 21h 46m Entered Victory Road.

12d 21h 43m We still haven't reached Victory Road yet. Altareon has been battling wild 'Mons in route 23 of the Indigo Plateau.

12d 21h 28m A wild Zexinja I mean, Shedinja appeared.

[snark] People in the chat are pretty outraged about Altareon not learning the new attack.

12d 21h 17m Altaria levels up to 45 and does not learn Outrage.

12d 21h 13m Wild Marshtomp are abundant here.

12d 21h 11m Altaria is paralyzed.

12d 21h 9m Alice lands on the other side.

[Information] Altaria learns a new attack at level 45. Just a heads up.

12d 21h 6m Stream back up. I see no visible changes except the voting period has stopped flashing.

12d 21h 4m Stream down! Commence riot!

12d 21h 1m potato voices back

12d 21h 0m Here comes the surfing test time. Alice makes a splash in the water.

12d 20h 57m Alice makes it into the building. Currently in route 23. Cue the epic music!

12d 20h 57m Master ledge avoided! Alice is steps away from the building. There's only one more ledge in Alice's way.

12d 20h 55m Up next is the master ledge. If we cross this ledge, it's all over. Will Alice be able to avoid the ledge?

12d 20h 54m Alice gracefully sticks the landing to her first ledge jump of the season. 10's across the board!

12d 20h 53m This is it. Ledge jumping Olympics.

12d 20h 51m Entered route 22. Ledge time guys let's do this!

12d 20h 50m Anarchy versus democracy voting period kicks in. 10 minutes to vote!

12d 20h 49m Altareon cuts down a tree in Viridian. Wow, we haven't done that in awhile.

12d 20h 47m We have entered the Pokemon Center in Viridian. Check point secured!

12d 20h 44m Just wandering around Viridian.

[Meta] The timer of the Anarchy vs Democracy is now fixed. It doesn't blink anymore.

12d 20h 36m: STREAM BACK UP. That was quick.

12d 20h 35m: STREAM DOWN. Riot

12d 20h 30m: Some want to go to the ledge directly, others want to checkpoint Viridian's Pokecenter first... Priorities, choose wisely

12d 20h 28m: We jumped Viridian's ledge and are trying to go back up. We'll see how that works out.

12d 20h 27m: We haven't even reached the actual ledge and we are already struggling with ledges. Come on guys!

12d 20h 23m: Viridian City reached once more!

12d 20h 18m: Route 1 once again.

12d 20h 15m: Home exited once again. A goes towards Oak's lab.

12d 20h 12m: Party healed. Thank you mother.

12d 20h 11m: We get home!!! Hello Mother.

12d 20h 10m: Back in Pallet town. Just FYI, If we heal at home that doesn't count as a checkpoint. Trust me, it happened last time we went to Victory Road.

12d 20h 6m: We get to route 1! A doesn't even stop to salute her mother.

12d 20h 4m: Anarchy took back control. A is hanging out outside her home.

12d 20h 0m:[D] Quick attack switched with return! B spams are leading A out of the start menu.

12d 19h 59m: [D] We are switching Return with another attack to prevent Altaria from overwriting return next level.

12d 19h 56m:[D] Pokemon Menu entered. We select Altaria.

12d 19h 54m: Pallet town reached. I'm finally home mama! Democracy takes over.

12d 19h 52m: Land reached! Almost in Pallet town. You hear me Mama?! I'm coming home!!!!

12d 19h 48m: Last Beldum down and trainer defeated, moving on.

12d 19h 47m: Blastoise keeps bubbling Beldum. Only one left to go.

12d 19h 45m: This guy only has Beldum. 2 of them are already down to Blastoise, bubble almost OHKOs Beldum #3. And another bubble finishes the job.

12d 19h 45m: Blastoise levels up to 57.

12d 19h 44m: Blastoise is switched in. Give Marky Mark a break.

12d 19h 42m: We get challenged by a trainer! Beldum vs Marc.

12d 19h 38m: We are still surfing up, and up, and up... Pallet Town is a hollow dream currently.

12d 19h 35m: We surf in route 21. Pallet town is our goal.

12d 19h 34m: We left the Mansion! HURRAY!

12d 19h 33m: Marc resorts to follow me against a wild Zubat. 22 hp left and Zubat is glowing. You know what's coming.

12d 19h 30m: I can't believe it, we are almost out of the Mansion. Marky Marc has ran out of PPs for surf.

[Recap] For those of you that just joined, we actually got to Victory Road once, pushed the first boulder, then we fainted and ended up in Cinnabar due to us not healing in Viridian City. That was our big facepalm

12d 19h 23m: There are Shelgon too?! And we of course did not bring Balls, Shame on you hivemind

12d 19h 21m: Current grinding status: Not working so well. We are running away most of the time.

12d 19h 9m: Marky Marc reached level 43. It's very low on hp though, around 25% left.

[Snark] Wild Cacturne with Psycho boost... WEIRD.

12d 19h 2m: Marc is down to 74 hp. It still lusts for other Pokemon's blood.

12d 18h 55m: There are Abra and Zubat here too?! Who knew?!

12d 18h 53m: We go back down and I'm not 100% sure but I think we are in the 1st floor.

12d 18h 49m: Marc reaches lvl 42. Grinding actually works

12d 18h 47m: Mew's rollouts are quite convincing, but it causes other Mon to be able to hit it first. 116 hp left for Marky Mark.

12d 18h 35m: A wild Nuzleaf! This makes me glad that Mew doesn't have a psychic move for now.

12d 18h 31m: A wild Nidorina with twister! Altaria's only weakness... Altaria faints. Mew leads the party now.

12d 18h 30m: Just a reminder, Altaria learns a new move next level. Just sayin'

12d 18h 26m: We go up to the 3rd floor! Altaria has 15 hp left.

12d 18h 18m: We go down to the first floor. Then back up to the 2nd floor.

12d 18h 11m: Democracy is voted, Anarchy takes back control.

12d 18h 6m: Phanpy haven't learned yet to stay away from Altaria's wrath. She can't be stopped, except for PPs.

12d 18h 5m: 5mins left of voting time. Democracy has the upper hand now, but not by much.

12d 18h 2m: By the way I'm not sure when it happened but Altaria healed her poison problems. 36 hp left for her.

12d 18h 0m: Anarchy vs democracy starts! Anarchy so far has the upper hand.

12d 17h 56m: 36 hp left. 15 more drill peck. Hoppip doesn't stand a chance!

12d 17h 52m: Altaria reached level 44. She learns a new attack next level.

12d 17h 46m: Out of return PPs. And Altaria is poisoned. Hm... A can still turn this around.

[Snark] Hmm... this is comfy. A might never leave that place again.

12d 17h 33m: Altaria reaches lvl 43. Wild Vibrava, thank you for your exp.

12d 17h 31m: A gets herself into a comfy corner, she just won't leave it.

12d 17h 29m: A wild Vibrava!!! Must catch! No balls! NOOOOOO.

12d 17h 26m: Return here, cut there, return and cut... Altaria is just on the zone now.

12d 17h 22m: Grimer in Pokemon Mansion? Buuuuuh he was also in the non-randomized version.

12d 17h 18m: Second floor of the Mansion reached. A struggles to find wild Pokemon.

12d 17h 13m: Mansion entered! Altaria fights some wild Cubone.

12d 17h 8m: We are surfing south of cinnabar island. Grabs popcorn

12d 17h 6m: We are in Cinnibar island! Of course, did you guys expect A to heal in Viridian City? Noooooo way :P

12d 17h 5m: Flamesplash fainted to a wild Croconaw, A whited out. Oh and That Croconaw took 2913 pokedollars from us. POLICE!

12d 17h 0m: TM 32 obtained, it contains present.

12d 16h 54m: We beat a trainer! yay! Zangoose went down to Flamesplash burning body! 32% HP left for Sandslash.

12d 16h 50m DJ is down!

12d 16h 38m Anarchy returns on cue!

12d 16h 37m [D] Boulder 1 is on switch 1!

12d 16h 27m [D] Nevermind, this could still be TEH URN.

12d 16h 24m [D] Alice pushes the boulder a BIT too far.

12d 16h 19m [D] Still moving the boulder. There are a lot of chain commands being used.

[Snark] It's too early to tell, but the hivemind might try to use demo to move that boulder.

12d 16h 3m [D] Democracy kicks in during a battle.

12d 16h 1m DJ is promoted to level 49! Also, he is paralyzed.

12d 15h 57m The guard let's A through because of her Earthbadge. Hmmm... time for some game glitch testing, anyone?

12d 15h 55m The boulder is lodged in a corner. Space time, rewind!

12d 15h 53m Making some progress with Boulder 1. Also, we are voting for anarchy/democracy.

12d 15h 36m Shellock is down! He was so close to leveling up, too...

12d 15h 33m Getting part A to fit into slot B, TPP style.

12d 15h 27m Hot bubble on bubble action on Victory Road!

12d 15h 21m Birds in caves. Because reasons.

12d 15h 17m: Bubble vs bubble. Not only does Azumarill have truant, she also knows bubble. Foam party guys.

12d 15h 14m: We encountered a wild Azumarill with truant. Sounds about right.

12d 15h 10m: Blastoise's bubbles don't do much against wild Pokemon. That liquid soap we charged his guns with is not working so far.

12d 15h 8m: A recovers from 2k people face palming at the same time and goes towards the exit. We'll get another chance.

12d 15h 5m: Guys, we went from this To a full lap around the boulder and overshooting up. So close.

12d 15h 4m: NOOOOOOO We overshot it!!!!! We where so close!!!

12d 15h 3m: Masquerain faints to a wild Roselia. Blastoise leads now.

12d 15h 1m: Hyperbug keeps honoring his name, hyperbeaming every1 it sees. 1 PP left.

12d 15h 1m: A wild Marill with thunder punch leaves Masquerain with 25 hp left. #believe

12d 14h 59m: The boulder is almost set in the spot. We just need to move it more spaces and then it's set! No overshooting so far guys, impressive.

[Strategie] To prevent overshooting we should be spamming mostly right so that we can go right ASAP instead of overshooting up.

12d 14h 55m: It's impressive so far, we are getting close to setting the boulder in the right place in anarchy with our first try. We'll see how this works out.

12d 14h 53m: Cries of "capture the GATOR" spam the chat. Croconaw with Static. Weird.

12d 14h 52m: So far we've moved the boulder without any mistakes. Masquerain also has 131 hp left. However Masquerain just got paralyzed by static. Damn it.

12d 14h 49m: Oh yeah, we are moving the boulder! To the right place! I'm impressed guys.

12d 14h 41m: Masquerain reaches level 54.

12d 14h 38m: Wild Roselia with sand stream? That's counter productive!

[Information] If any of you has a nice and clear Victory Road Walkthrough please PM me.

12d 14h 34m: Growlithe appears! Pattern dismembered :O.

[Music] Want some sweet jams to go with your Victory Road experience? Come on over to our radio station on plug.dj. You can listen to and broadcast music with the masses. Now with 25% less than 98% less borking than usual!

12d 14h 32m: Victory Road has Mudkip too. I'm sensing a pattern here.

12d 14h 31m: Mew goes down. Masquerain leads now. Croconaw has about 40% left.

12d 14h 30m: Croconaw is the 1st Pokemon we encounter inside. That's not so bad is it?

12d 14h 30m: Victory Road entered. Get comfortable guys, this might take a while.

12d 14h 28m: Volcano badge given! And Earthbadge given!

12d 14h 27m: Overshooting to the left, overshooting to the right. "And she got all 8 badges?" Yes we did guard.

12d 14h 25m: Nevermind, he used rollout, totally forgot about that. Mew is now lvl 41

12d 14h 24m: Spider web used! Marc can't escape now. And it also has no attack that affects Shedinja. 56 hp left.

12d 14h 24m: Shedinja too? Damn that's not good.

12d 14h 22m: Wow, this route is full with Pokemon. Hitmontop, Sandshrew, Aron, Zangoose, Hoothoot... Well played.

12d 14h 18m: Mew keeps using surf against wild Aron. Good thing Marc levels up quite fast.

12d 14h 17m: There are also wild Hoothoot here apparently. By the way, voting ended and Anarchy took this one home.

12d 14h 15m: Altaria faints to Zangoose's Hyperbeam. Marky Marc leads the party now.

12d 14h 13m: A wild lvl 42 Zangoose I should say. And Altaria has 18 hp and is paralyzed. This might not end well.

12d 14h 12m: We get out of the surf part. Almost there guys, a wild Zangoose is up!

12d 14h 9m: Rainbowbadge hurled as well. We may now surf.

12d 14h 7m: A throws the thunderbadge at the guard she doesn't even look at him.

12d 14h 7m: I did not expect this to be a problem, but we're struggling to advance through the guards. Democracy vs Anarchy voting starts.

12d 14h 5m: Route 23 entered. This familiar view takes me back... to gen 1, I never played FR/LG :(

12d 14h 4m: LEDGE PASSED! HURRAY!!!! \O/

12d 14h 3m: 3 downs away from jumping down the ledge! 1 more to be able to go left! #believe

12d 14h 0m: Too many ups still. Wild Surskit keep showing up. There can only be one HYPERBUG.

12d 13h 59m: A surskit just saved us from overshooting down according to the input box. Thanks, now Altaria get rid of it!

12d 13h 54m: 3 down spams from falling down the second ledge. A wild Surskit stops us.

[Strategie] Most people should be spamming left, while a few spam down and a few more spam up. The Ratio should be around 7:3:1 left:up:down. Yes, I know ratios apparently.

12d 13h 52m: First part done once more! Lets see if we can do the second part ò_ó

12d 13h 51m: Altaria is down to just 25 hp. That's not stopping her. What is stopping her is Return not having anymore PPs. RIP return.

[Snark] MRW the ledge was jumped once more

12d 13h 48m: We're trying it once more. This wild lvl 3 Pokemon never get tired of getting absolutely destroyed.

12d 13h 45m: Ledge jumped once more. B+down is really hurting us here.

12d 13h 44m: Slowpoke! Thank god you are here! 3 downs away from the ledge guys, no pressure.

12d 13h 43m: Lots of up spams pregent us from jumping the ledge down. They also prevent our advancement but we have time.

12d 13h 41m: First ledge jumped! So far so good. A Pidgey stops our advancement. We are 4 downs away from the ledge. Some people of course are spamming b+down. I'm not surprised.

12d 13h 40m: First ledge passed! Hurray! \o/

12d 13h 39m: Every wild Pokemon we encounter is just a big let down. Altaria is paralyzed most of the time it seems.

12d 13h 34m: Back to business. Almost up the 1st ledge. Altaria is currently down to just 49 hp left.

12d 13h 30m: We went up to the wrong side of the trees, then we overshot to the left. Back to spamming right.

12d 13h 26m: All the way to the right once again. We're attempting the ledge one more time.

[Pun] This is quite challedge-ing.

12d 13h 24m: Oh! We jumped down. There was still aftermath from the anarchy vs democracy.

12d 13h 23m: Anarchy is taking advantage of the split between down and left and Anarchy regains control! We are in route 22, in the second ledge.

12d 13h 23m: [D] Anarchy almost took over! Left one by 2 votes at the end. Man, this is really close now.

12d 13h 21m:[D] Anarchy is gaining support but left is still on control by 10+ votes. Down inputs will start shortly.

12d 13h 18m: [D] Left left left. We are above the water pond in route 22. Anarchy keeps gaining more and more votes but left still has a 20+ margin.

12d 13h 14m: [D] Big battle between anarchy and democracy. Anarchy almost took over but left took it at the end. We are going left currently.

12d 13h 12m:[D] Democracy is going to attempt to pass the second part of the ledge.

12d 13h 10m: Democracy is back in! We are fighting a Kirlia.

12d 13h 7m: The first ledge is resisting now. Altaria has 63 hp left and is still paralyzed. A doesn't give up though.

[Snark] The voices are strong.

12d 13h 0m: Altaria is now level 42. Who says we can't grind here huh?!

12d 12h 54m: Damn it so close once more. Jumped when we were 3 spaces away from being through.

12d 12h 54m: First ledge done once again. Time for part 2. Couldn't we just like jump the fence on the left?

12d 12h 49m: NOOOOOOO!!!!! Again, almost there, then b+down lead us to jump the ledge once more. Again to the right.

12d 12h 46m: A wild Pokemon saves us from jumping down the ledge. God bless you Slowpoke!

12d 12h 45m: First ledge officially passed. Second part once again.

12d 12h 45m: We beat the slowpoke, took 3 steps and a Kirlia comes up. Leave us alone Monsters!

12d 12h 44m: A wild Slowpoke is disturbing our progress. We are stuck in the bag in the mean time.

12d 12h 39m: First part of teh ledge almost done. A wild Pidgey briefs A on her progress.

12d 12h 38m: Ok, we try once again and overshoot to the left without going up. Tsk.

12d 12h 37m: Too many rights make A go towards The right side of route 22. Damn it guys, we've been through this!

12d 12h 36m: A sprints all the way to the right. Once again from the top.


12d 12h 35m: Nooo! We jumped down. We were almost there! Back to square one guys.

12d 12h 34m: Ok, We are almost there, more left and up should now suffice. Start inputs prevented our overshooting.

12d 12h 34m: We are one down and lots of left away from getting through it. We are also two downs away from falling down the ledge. No pressure A.

12d 12h 32m: Ok, once again, the first ledge is passed. Time for the second and harder part.

12d 12h 29m: Nevermind, we jumped down and get welcome back by a wild Nidoran (gawl). We are trying to get back up.

12d 12h 28m: First ledge passed! Now the second one.

12d 12h 27m: Ledge attempts once more. We can't get through the first time and overshoot to the left. Currently trying to get back to the right.

12d 12h 26m: We arrive at Viridian City and we go left to route 22. #progress.

12d 12h 24m: Altaria is paralyzed by a wild Smeargle. That shouldn't be so bad right? Right?!

12d 12h 23m: UP UP UP+B UP! We can't be stopped! That is unless you are a wild lvl 3 Pokemon in route 1

12d 12h 18m: Route 1 is already halfway through. Those lvl 5 pokemon are not giving us enough exp, oddly enough.

12d 12h 14m: Interesting, now we are no longer going down, but UP! Towards Viridian City I guess.

12d 12h 13m: A has no time to waste at home apparently so she immediately leaves.We need to beat the 8 gym leaders

12d 12h 11m: Party healed. Thanks mum.

12d 12h 10m: Voices end. Hello Mama! I told you I'll be back

12d 12h 6m: Ok so apparently the plan is to heal and then go to Articuno. Yes, that's what the hivemind wants.

12d 12h 5m: Route 21! No, Pallet town! No, surf and route 21! Pallet Town currently.

12d 12h 4m: Pallet Town! And more down spam! Fence reached

12d 12h 4m: A big battle continues between people that want to go to Pallet Town and people that want to get back to Viridian City. I am seriously confused right now.

12d 12h 1m: Almost in Pallet town for some reason. Is that you mama?! Mama! I'm coming home!

12d 11h 59m: OMG it's a level 3 Taillow! RUUUUUN! Still in route 1.


12d 11h 58m Still on Route 1.

12d 11h 54m Anarchy is back!

12d 11h 52m [D] We leave the menu.

12d 11h 51m [D] Exited Marc's page.

12d 11h 51m [D] Now Surf is the first slot, while Follow Me is in the last.

12d 11h 50m [D] Follow Me and Body Slam switch positions!

12d 11h 49m [D] Follow Me is selected again.

12d 11h 48m [D] Will it switch positions with Surf? Yes it does!

12d 11h 47m [D] Follow Me is being selected.

12d 11h 46m [D] It appears as if we are switching Marc's move order.

12d 11h 40m Oh yeah, we're in Democracy.

12d 11h 31m Oh yeah, voting started again. And look, it's a Punchbird!

12d 11h 25m Down on Route 1

12d 11h 19m Back in Viridian.

12d 11h 10m Anarchy promptly takes over.

12d 11h 10m Democracy activated!

12d 11h 8m Still trying to get past the ledges. Also, voting.

12d 10h 53m Marc is paralyzed. LEDGE JUMP.

12d 10h 46m Marc is now Level 40! Lost Ember for Follow Me.

12d 10h 43m wILL WE beat the ledge this time?

12d 10h 40m LEDGES.

12d 10h 37m In that alleyway thing.

12d 10h 35m Ledge jumped!

12d 10h 30m In the western patch of grass.

12d 10h 29m Back on the upper road.

[Snark] Altareon's high quantity of Normal moves isn't helping against Ghost-types like Gastly, even if they're thirty-five levels behind.

12d 10h 22m Altareon fainted!

12d 10h 22m Altareon is poisoned!

12d 10h 19m Altareon is confused.

12d 10h 18m Gastly has a tail? What? How does it use Poison Tail without one?

12d 10h 17m Huh, Gastly appears here as well.

12d 10h 11m Back in the grass. Screaming spiders!

12d 10h 8m We've reached the beginning of the ledge.

12d 10h 6m Aaaaand the ledge is jumped.

12d 10h 6m We've reached the end of that road. Now in the western grass patch.

12d 10h 5m Out of the grass patch and now on the upper road.

12d 10h 4m Still stuck in this patch of grass.


12d 10h 0m The voices return.

12d 9h 58m A Great Ball is thrown at a Slowpoke. It breaks free. No more Pokeballs now.

[Addendum] Pidgey was unnamed.

12d 9h 56m A Level 3 Female Pidgey is caught! There goes our Ultra Ball.

12d 9h 54m These poor Route 22 Pokemon are being absolutely trashed by Altareon.

12d 9h 52m Just in the patch of grass.


12d 9h 44m: Route 22 reached. The ledge strikes back.

12d 9h 42m: Anarchy back in control. We reached Viridian City!

12d 9h 41m: Democracy kicks in! I don't know where we are going but the hivemind seems split.

12d 9h 39m: Brace yourselves guys, democracy incoming. Last minute!

12d 9h 37m: Wild hyperbugs keep showing up. Altaria doesn't mind, she enjoys bullying through those.

12d 9h 35m: Voting starts once again! anarchy vs democracy. Democracy looks in control right now.

12d 9h 33m: Up through route 1 we go. Viridian City waves in the distance. We're coming!

12d 9h 27m Now outside once more!

12d 9h 26m Back home again.

12d 9h 26m Now out on the streets.

12d 9h 25m A checks out the kitchen.

12d 9h 24m Finally downstairs! Nope upstairs. Nope downstairs.

12d 9h 18m A's gone upstairs to check out her room.

12d 9h 17m Talked to Mum. Healed again!

12d 9h 14m Nah, back home again.

12d 9h 13m Outside on the streets of Pallet.

12d 9h 12m We healed sometime between the my final update before my computer crashed and now. That means we've got a checkpoint then!

12d 9h 12m Computer shut down. Sorry folks. However, we're at home right now.

12d 8h 54m Back in Pallet once more!

[Snark] How does tracing Poison Point work anyway. Does Altareon just look at Slugma's poisonous lava spikes and decide: "Hey, I'll grow poisonous spikes temporarily!" or something?

[Fluff] Oh god, the screaming spiders. The intimidating screaming spiders.

12d 8h 49m Altareon traced a Swinub's trace. The latter did the same.

12d 8h 47m Now in Pallet!

[Snark] Eh, it isn't strange anymore, especially after Cash Kakunas and Hydro Cannon Feebas back on Day 1.

12d 8h 46m Sevipers are native here. And can punch. Snakes. With fists.

12d 8h 45m In the patch of grass just south of Pallet.

12d 8h 44m The same thing is repeated. But Muk goes down! Battle won!

12d 8h 43m Altareon decides to attack Marc with Return. Fortunately, the cat decides not to retaliate in kid and Surfs Muk down to the red.

12d 8h 41m A Quick Attack from Altareon and a Surf from Marc take out Arbok!

12d 8h 39m A Rawst Berry is tossed in the heat of the battle.

12d 8h 38m Altareon and Marc promptly attack each other with Return and Ember respectively.

12d 8h 35m It's currently Marc and Altareon vs Muk and Arbok.

12d 8h 35m They send out an Arbok and Muk. Altareon traces Muk's Shadow Tag!

12d 8h 34m Battling the sibling duo of Lil and Ian!

12d 8h 33m Voting has begun!

12d 8h 30m Heading north towards Pallet at a rather leisurely pace.

12d 8h 28m Currently north of Cinnabar. Towards Pallet, we go!

12d 8h 27m Surfing again.

12d 8h 26m Back on Cinnabar Island!

12d 8h 26m Currently surfing to the west of the island.

12d 8h 25m The mansion has been left! Fresh sea air!

12d 8h 22m Battle style has been set to SET!

[Fluff] Are you feeling the grind?

12d 8h 10m Still in the mansion of horror and Zubats.

12d 8h 3m Altaria reached Lv.41.

12d 8h 1m Maybe they are in Luigi's Pokémon Mansion!

12d 7h 59m Alice appears to have lost her glasses and is looking all over the island for them.

12d 7h 52m We've sold a Fab Mail for 25. What a deal!

12d 7h 52m In the Pokémon Mart. Bought 1 Great Ball and 1 Revive so far. Alice has 1112 moneys left in her wallet.

12d 7h 46m Outside of the Center, surfing on Mew.

12d 7h 45m Anarchy restored.

12d 7h 43m [D] Alice flew to Cinnabar. Still in Democracy, we enter the Pokémon Center. You can start worrying now.

12d 7h 38m [D] We're attempting to Fly...

12d 7h 33m [D] Democracy is slowly taking us out of a wild encounter.

12d 7h 28m Sealeo goes down too and we win very easily.

12d 7h 25m The Twitch chat is a slightly unpleasant place to be at right now, so avoid it if you don't want to be involved in a fight. Meanwhile, we are up against a trainer we apparently never defeated on this route, and Sandsplash beats his Croconaw.

12d 7h 9m The voices are arguing between themselves and insulting each other. I love it!

12d 7h 7m And just as I type that, progress! We jump a few ledges, heading west.

12d 7h 4m We appear to be completely directionless, just fighting wild Lv.15 pokémon in the tall grass behind the Pokémon Center.

12d 6h 55m Anarchy comes back and we let out a sigh of relief.

[Meta] Meanwhile, if you've missed anything, you may want to check out this recap of day 11 and 12.

12d 6h 54m [D] We're in demo, and approaching the Pokémon Center... Uh oh...

12d 6h 49m Two minutes remaining 'til the end of this round of voting.

12d 6h 49m The Prof. Oak assistant in this Pokémon Center really wants to give us an Everstone. He must have witnessed just how often we cancel a Pokémon's evolution manually and wanted to make our task easier. How nice!

12d 6h 44m Hello Center, my old friend, I've come to heal my team again.

12d 6h 33m Oh crap it's a Cyndaquil RUN

12d 6h 27m Twitch appears scared of healing at the moment, due to that close encounter with the PC earlier.

12d 6h 26m A wild Cyndaquil just destroyed our poor Hyperbug, bringing him down to 3 HPs. He was in the top percentage of Cyndaquils!

12d 6h 18m And outside again.

12d 6h 17m Back at the PC, with Democracy out of the way.

12d 6h 15m Given a Shoal Shell to Marc in exchange for his Ultra Ball.

12d 6h 13m Out of the Pokémon Center. Meanwhile, democracy and anarchy are tied in this vote. We picked up a hidden Rawst Berry right outside of the center.

12d 6h 10m We were one "A" away from storing Altaria.

12d 6h 9m PC back on. You should probably follow the stream if you aren't already.

12d 6h 7m The A-team and the B-team are fighting once again!

12d 6h 6m Konnichiwa, PC senpai!

12d 6h 5m Currently in the "Move items" menu.

12d 6h 5m We're in the PC...

12d 5h 52m We go in and and out Rock Tunnel a few times.

12d 5h 49m We cut down not one, but two trees. DUX would be proud.

12d 5h 46m Landfall!

12d 5h 38m We're surfing again, heading back to mainland.

12d 5h 35m We've left the Power plant!

12d 5h 33m Democracy comes and goes as we try to leave the Power Plant.

[Info] If anyone was curious, Mewtwo's ability was Pure Power.

So much for that.

12d 5h 29m ...We ran on the very first turn. The battle lasted about 5 seconds.

12d 5h 29m We are challenging Zapdos! It's Mewtwo!

12d 5h 23m [Plug] If you are anticipating the battle music of this rare legend so are we at Plug.DJ! We have music of all genres to offer you! We even have a Rare Magikarp which is very different from others! Come join and you may be able to get this rare majestic Pokemon for your self! http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

12d 5h 25m Voting has begun! Will we try to get the Great Ball from HyperBug?

12d 5h 23m Big Tuna is paralyzed by a wild Rapidash, and this encounter rate sucks the soul away from everyone watching right now.

12d 5h 22m For those wanting an update, we're still trying to make it to the mysterious legendary, with Hyperbug making short work of all the wild pokemon in his way.

12d 5h 4m Karl Marc faints! HyperBug now leads our party.

12d 5h 4m Marc is in bad health and burned. This may be the end of Mew.

[Info] Apparently, Hyper Bug is holding a Great Ball. So if we took it from him and managed to catch the legendary pokemon with only a single Great Ball without killing it or wasting a ball, it's technically possible to catch Zapdos, but it would be the single greatest feat in TPP history.

12d 4h 38m Karl Marc now leads our party into battle.

12d 4h 36m Altaria faints to a wild Zangoose!

12d 4h 33m Voting period has arrived!

[snark] We need to Zap Catchdos!!!

12d 4h 32m Making our way to the Zapdos, getting through wild Pokemon.

[Info] We have no pokeballs at all. So those hoping to catch "Zapdos" will be disappointed unless we find a random master ball.

12d 4h 26m Obtained a stick!

12d 4h 25m Power Plant Entered!

12d 4h 23m Landfall has been made!


12d 4h 17m Text speed fast!

12d 4h 15m Aron down! Hiker Brice defeated! But Altaria was paralyzed in the process.

12d 4h 14m Geodude down, Aron comes out!

12d 4h 13m Larvitar down! Geodude out next!

12d 4h 12m Battling Hiker Brice! Larvitar vs Altaria!

12d 4h 11m I'm afraid to post this update in fear of jynxing it, but we're getting through this treacherous terrain quite well.

12d 4h 7m And here we are. The Ledge

12d 4h 7m Route 9 accessed!

12d 4h 6m Ledges escaped!

12d 4h 2m We're trapped in a loop. Some are trying to enter Cerulean, some are trying to practice our ledge hopping skills. So far, Team Ledge is winning.

12d 4h 0m Voices time!

12d 3h 58m Ledge jumped!

12d 3h 57m We're at the Daycare, though it's doubtful we'll actually make it through the door.

12d 3h 51m We jump a ledge before we can get to Cerulean!

12d 3h 50m We've left Saffron and are, once again, making surprisingly swift movement on this straight path to Cerulean.

12d 3h 42m Putzing around Saffron.

12d 3h 40m Pokemon Center exited.

12d 3h 38m We enter the Pokemon Center. We're either very interested in the map, or heading for the PC.

12d 3h 37m We've left the gym!

12d 3h 33m We've entered the Saffron City gym!

12d 3h 29m We enter Saffron City!

12d 3h 27m We've left Vermillion and are making surprisingly swift and straight-forward progress!

12d 3h 22m We have left the Pokemon center! Where to now?

12d 3h 21m That done, Anarchy resumes!

12d 3h 20m [D] Mew has learned Surf, replacing Self Destruct!

12d 3h 16m [D] Mew selected! Looks like we're going to try to overwrite Self Destruct (Which, just to remind anyone inputting commands right now, is in the 2nd slot)

12d 3h 15m [D] Alright, try number two! Surf once again selected.

12d 3h 12m [D] Altaria selected to learn Surf. This seems to be a mistake, as the last few votes have been B. (The target was Mew, I believe)

[Snark] Are you really going to let /u/RT-Pickred tell you what to do? Don't ignore that test, everyone.

12d 3h 8m [D] We're in the TM case, and we're about to select Surf.

[Fluff] test post please ignore

12d 3h 8m [Test]Please Ignore this test! @TPP-Update help

12d 3h 5m [D] Bag selected! It appears to be TM-teaching time.

12d 3h 4m [D] Self Destruct swapped with Ember! Karl Marc's moves are now (in order) Ember, Self Destruct, Rollout, and Body Slam!

12d 3h 2m [D] Self Destruct selected!

12d 3h 1m [D] We're on the screen for Mew's moves. The Plan seems to be to move Self Destruct so Mew has a better chance of using a move that will still let it gain Exp.

12d 2h 59m [D] Mew Selected

12d 2h 59m [D] Pokemon menu selected!

12d 2h 55m [D] Team healed!

12d 2h 54m Talking to Pokemon Center lady.

[Strategy] It appears the plan (if Democracy prevails) is to heal, then teach some TMs.

12d 2h 51m [D] On the first floor!

12d 2h 50m [D] Each vote is close, but it looks like we're trying to use democracy to heal.

12d 2h 48m [D] Democarcy has taken control as we stand in front of the PC! But the first democracy command gets us out of it.

12d 2h 46m Wireless Club girl is not nearly as friendly as Teala, but we try to talk to her for a while anyway.

12d 2h 43m We enter the Pokemon Center!

12d 2h 40m Hyper Bug is poisoned by a wild Pokemon and we enter Vermillion!

12d 2h 28m We exit out the other side of Diglett cave!

12d 2h 23m But we've gotten pretty adept at running away from wild Pokemon, so the encounter doesn't last long.

12d 2h 23m We run into an actual Diglett in Diglett cave!!

12d 2h 21m We run into a wild Mareep!

12d 2h 19m We enter Diglett Cave!

12d 2h 13m The B-Ups have us running into walls.

12d 2h 12m We leave the house with the trade and are back on Route 2

12d 2h 12m A guy offers to trade us a Camerupt for a Rhydon

[Voices] Last thing the voices said: "Goodbye cruel world"

[Voices] "Release the gator!" ...Little late for that, isn't it?

[Voices] "Hail HYDRA, Jabroni"

12d 2h 4m Since nothing's happening, I'll be posting some good quotes from the voices until something does happen.

12d 2h 2m We're on Route 2 as the voices treat us to a robotic version of this

12d 2h 0m Voices are back, and they start on an optimistic note! "We have to find the random master ball eventually"

12d 1h 56m Back in Viridian City.

12d 1h 52m And.....we jump over the ledge.

12d 1h 48m A battle comes just in time to interrupt the influx of B+Downs near the ledge.

12d 1h 48m The League building is in sight!

Also the voting timer is flashing ??:?? again.

[Fluff] According to the chat, we were planning on flying to the Power Plant.

12d 1h 41m We press Start to open the menu, and then Anarchy wins by two votes.

12d 1h 40m [D] Democracy begins, and it almost switches to Anarchy again.

12d 1h 32m Voting has begun, with a timer of at least 7 minutes.

12d 1h 21m Still just wandering around route 23, occasionally fighting wild Pokemon.

[Snark] Maybe people want to go to the power plant to complain about the blackout. Why else would the clock be flashing?

[Fluff] The voting timer is still flashing, as it was 42 minutes ago.

12d 1h 10m ....And the voices are gone.

12d 1h 0m The voices are back!

[Fluff] The chat seems to mainly be arguing about whether to continue trying to get to Victory Road or go to the Power Plant for "Zapdos". Someone posted a poll. (I'm striking that last update where I forgot to copy the link instead of deleting it because it made me laugh.)

[Fluff] The chat seems to mainly be arguing about whether to continue trying to get to Victory Road or go to the Power Plant for "Zapdos". Someone posted [a poll](Does long distance ever even cost extra anymore?).

12d 0h 55m Wild Kirlia appears! Surprisingly, the chat remains relatively quiet about it. We either ran away or it fainted.

12d 0h 52m I spy something with my eye that begins with A...

12d 0h 27m The voting timer is still flashing.

12d 0h 25m ....and it's gone!

12d 0h 25m [D] Democracy has taken over!

12d 0h 16m We are now voting for democracy.

12d 0h 4m Welcome to Day 13!

[Team Update] Since we aren't doing much right now, I figure I should post everyone's levels: Altaria is level 40, Marc is level 39, Hyperbug is level 53, Shellock is level 56, Slaking is level 48, and Flamesplash is level 57.


11d 23h 52m We jump the ledge again. Remember all that drama surrounding the original Route 9 ledge and how this one was going to be so much worse? Looks like we're actively trying to make that come true by sprinting everywhere!

11d 23h 44m Ledge jumped again. #8 anyone?

11d 23h 39m Ledge jumped again. #7 anyone?

11d 23h 35m Mew down to...erm...itself using Selfdestruct! At least the Surskuit died

[Info] The voting timer is now hidden, so there really is no telling when democracy may come up!

11d 23h 29m We're back!

11d 23h 26m Stream down! Predictably, the chat explodes

11d 23h 23m Ledge jumped again. #6 anyone?

11d 23h 13m Ledge jumped again. #5 anyone?

11d 23h 12m Alitaria levels up to 40 and does not learn Weather Ball!

11d 22h 58m We jump the ledge again. Attempt number 4, coming up

11d 22h 46m Democracy comes and goes as we enter Attempt number Three

11d 22h 43m Because I am psychic, I predicted that running would cause us to jump the ledge again. I was right

11d 22h 40m Voting begins! Democracy takes a narrow lead

11d 22h 37m We really should stop trying to run this

11d 22h 34m Halfway through attempt number 2

11d 22h 29m We make it almost to the door and then we jump the ledge!!

11d 22h 14m Important to note we didn't heal in Viridian so if we white out it's back to Pallet

11d 22h 12m Route 22!

11d 22h 10m A goes back to school to learn about the E4

More info about Pokemon Platinum! Also, Heartgold/Soulsilver confirmed!

11d 22h 7m We flirt with the entrance to Route 22

He also said there won't be a time limit! for the Platinum start!

The streamer has spoken!

11d 21h 58m We surf on a pond which actually is a useful shortcut. So useful, that we immediately sail straight back to the other side

11d 21h 56m Viridian City!

11d 21h 51m Alitaria is paralysed!

11d 21h 44m Grind or E4? Question of the chat right now

[Info] Earlier on in the Seafoam Islands we didn't catch ten Pokémon like I implied we did. All the ones we caught were stated below

[Info] We switched Ember to first position for Mew and Rollout to third

11d 21h 39m We're back in Anarchy! So much for that

11d 21h 38m [D] We back out of looking at our team, but we're still trying. Anarchy looks like it's going to come back though

11d 21h 34m [D] Looks like we're trying to teach Mew Surf in space of Selfdestruct

11d 21h 30m [D] We open up our team

11d 21h 28m We're in Democracy!

11d 21h 25m And it looks like we're headed to the Elite 4 as we go onto Route 1! On the Road to Viridian City!

11d 21h 24m Polls open! Democracy leads by a landslide, presumably to teach some new moves

11d 21h 22m Seems like the consensus is to go onto the Elite 4. Let's see what happens! Also, if someone who recently joined could explain where they came from that would be awesome as I am pretty confused/amazed by how many people joined at once

11d 21h 19m Mom heals us! kthxbye

11d 21h 18m We avoid our mother, presumably to avoid having her yell at us for being drunk

11d 21h 15m We're in our room! And a whole load of people come onto the updater to welcome her home!

11d 21h 13m We go our house! Ah, memories

11d 21h 10m We're In Pallet Town! Welcome home, A

11d 21h 9m We're heading up to Pallet Town

11d 21h 5m We find a Wobbuffet there

11d 21h 4m We land just south of Pallet Town!

[Info] It seems that we were trying to leave that Seafoam Island anyway because we couldn't reach Articuno from the entrance that we went into.

11d 20h 54m We visit our old friends, the Gym and the Mansion of Madness

11d 20h 52m We're back in Cinnabar Island! With its non-existent houses resulting in a higher than usual homeless population

11d 20h 50m We take down his Spoink and win the battle! Bird Keeper Roger defeated!. Evidently he's not Roger the Dodger.

11d 20h 48m Bird Keeper Roger takes us on! With his erm, Wobbuffet. Evidently all his birds flew away. We take it down, along with his Solrock. No damage taken!

11d 20h 46m We enter Democracy! Which vanishes in the first command

11d 20h 44m We leave the Seafoam Island! Back to Cinnabar for some Balls or straight to Victory Road? I'd bet on the former

[Info] Here is the recap of the last 24 hours of TPP, as provided by /u/calabazal!

11d 20h 37m We're still basically untouched. Let the grinding continue!

[Info] I have had it pointed out to me that this is also the Viridian Forest theme. So which is the remix of what I wonder?

11d 20h 26m We find another Flareon. Party health still about 95%

11d 20h 14m Party Update: Both Sandslash and Slaking have 100% HP

11d 20h 13m In case you haven't noticed, the Seafoam Island theme is a slower and slightly remixed version of the Silph Co. theme. We also fight some more Vulpix and Skitty. Looks like we're going to be here for a while

11d 20h 9m We kill the false prophet

11d 20h 9m A Wild Flareon appears! The chat goes crazy with calls to kill the false prophet

11d 20h 2m Summary: We made our way through the Seafoam Islands, and we caught 10 Pokémon which weren't Articuno and now here we are. With the voices to keep us company we continue. Also, I still don't get why the voices are a thing

11d 19h 59m So looks like we're going to be grinding in the Seafoam Islands until we white out

11d 19h 54m Blastoise goes down in a wild fight.

11d 19h 52m We throw an ultra ball at a Torkoal, and another. That's the last one, and we catch it. Level 26, female. No nickname.

11d 19h 46m We can't surf here, the current is too fast. GG no re.

11d 19h 44m About to hop in the water. Not trying to jinx it, but all this might be for naught.

11d 19h 39m On B4F. The water seems to be moving pretty fast...

11d 19h 36m Since we haven't completed the boulder puzzle yet, some folks are suggesting it's not possible to get to "Articuno" until we go do that.

11d 19h 32m [D] Not a lot of unity of purpose in the chat, and Anarchy returns.

11d 19h 30m [D] Anarchy almost wins the first vote, but Democracy finishes out a wild battle. Blastoise is fully paralyzed 3 consecutive times, slowing things down.

11d 19h 27m Blastoise is paralyzed.

11d 19h 27m Democracy seems to be incoming.

11d 19h 26m Caught a level 32 male cacnea, no nickname. 2 balls left.

11d 19h 25m Correction: 3 balls.

11d 19h 24m We catch a Cacnea. 4 balls left.

11d 19h 17m We flirt with throwing 1 of our 5 remaining balls at a Mudkip, but decide against it.

11d 19h 15m We flirt with B4F but end up back on B2F.

11d 19h 12m Down to B3F

11d 19h 4m We blow another Ultra Ball on a Teddiursa.

11d 18h 58m Up to the first floor again. Shellock is blowing bubbles.

11d 18h 49m Hyperbug down due to poison

11d 18h 48m We catch a lv22 male Marill

11d 18h 45m Anarchy resumes. Not enough unity of purpose. Masquerain levels up to 53 and learns Aerial Ace over Mirror Move!

11d 18h 43m We open the Bag

11d 18h 40m [D] Menu is opened.

11d 18h 39m [D] We run from a Rhyhorn.

11d 18h 37m We catch a full health female Nincada, lv 22, in an ultra ball.

11d 18h 35m Hyperbug takes his frustration out on a Mudkip and almost levels up.

11d 18h 33m Democracy voting begins as Hyperbug is reduced to just a few HP.

11d 18h 30m Hyperbug reduced to 45 hp.

11d 18h 27m Hyperbug is poisoned by a Slugma with Poison Point.

11d 18h 26m OHKO with Mirrored Body Slam.

11d 18h 25m This Teddiursa has Shadow Tag. Gotta kill or catch.

11d 18h 24m We use the first of our ultra balls on a full health Teddiursa. It predictably fails.

11d 18h 20m Marc goes nuclear on it. Marc down.

11d 18h 19m Back in. Aww, wild Teddiursa...

11d 18h 18m We make it into the islands. And out again.

11d 18h 13m Fighting a trainer near the entrance. M4rc is rolling and takes out Seel, Squirtle, and Horsea. Victory, and Marc levels to 39.

11d 18h 11m Heading up to the back end of the Seafoam Islands.

11d 18h 10m Cradily down! Swimmer Nora defeated. $120 for winning.

11d 18h 10m Cradily comes out against Marc. Marc has been rolling out all of Nora's Mons.

11d 18h 9m Marc takes out Geodude and reaches level 38!

11d 18h 8m Marc takes out Larvitar. Out comes a Geodude. Larvitar had also set up a sand storm before dying. Guys, there a sandstorm in the middle of the sea.

11d 18h 7m Battle against Swimmer Nora. Out comes a Larvitar against Marc

11d 18h 4m Encountered a wild Oddish in the water. Wet cabbage!

11d 18h 2m Picknicker defeated! Oh, and the voices are back.

11d 18h 2m Altaria down. Out comes Marc.

11d 18h 0m Battle against Picknicker Missey!

11d 17h 57m Alice defeated Swimmer Melissa and received $124 for winning. Wait, where does Melissa keep her money?

11d 17h 56m Well to be fair it was Nature Power turned into Surf. Altaria's holding on with just 7 HP.

11d 17h 56m Ponyta just used Surf. Um...

11d 17h 55m Altaria takes down Charmander and is up against Ponyta. She's burned and rapidly losing health.

11d 17h 53m Battle against Swimmer Melissa! She sends out a Charmander against Altaria.

11d 17h 53m Back in anarchy! We exit the Poke Mart.

11d 17h 50m [D] We purchased 10 Ultra Balls.

11d 17h 48m [D] Currently in democracy mode. Looks like we're buying balls!

11d 17h 40m Anarchy versus democracy voting system kicks in again!

11d 17h 40m Landed in Cinnabar!

11d 17h 33m Currently sailing the seas of route 21.

[Plug]Plug.DJ is a great place to share music and stratigize about are next goal! Join today and chill with us and DJ 7C5! http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

11d 17h 25m Healed back at home. And again and again...

11d 17h 24m We made it back to our house. Mum, we're home!

11d 17h 14m Alice is feeling a little homesick so she went back to Pallet Town.

11d 17h 0m Alice has been pacing back and forth in Viridian. To progress or not to progress? That is the question.

11d 17h 0m The voices are back!

11d 16h 53m Back to anarchy, well that was quick.

11d 16h 52m [D] Democracy kicks in.

11d 16h 49m Back in Viridian City!

11d 16h 47m Anarchy versus democracy voting system kicks in!

11d 16h 45m Place your bets, will we make it past the ledge? Stay tuned to find out folks!

11d 16h 38m Blastoise is just knocking out level 3 'Mons on the side of Viridian City now. Blowing bubbles in their faces.

[snark] Instead of smoke, Shellock Holmes blows bubbles from his pipe. Oh you fancy huh Shellock?

11d 16h 29m: No more Octazooka! Surf used! YES! AGGRON FAINTS AND GREEN DEFEATED Also Blastoise reaches lvl 56.

11d 16h 29m: Blastoise hits again! Kingdra has 1 hp and misses psycho boost! Kingdra faints! Aggron out! 43 hp left.

11d 16h 28m: More bubble vs Kingdra. 60 hp left. Kingdra is so close to dying though. Octazooka time!

11d 16h 27m: Shellock uses bubble. Kingdra misses. 91 hp left for Shellock.

11d 16h 26m: Beldum also faints. Kingdra comes in. More Octazooka from both sides.

11d 16h 26m: Octazooka launched! Aron goes down and so does Steelix. Beldum up next.

11d 16h 24m: Green switches Aron for Kingdra as Blastoise was ready to use cut. Damn it! Aron doesnt take too much damage.

11d 16h 23m: Shellock holmes is our only chance vs Green. #believe. Bubble will escalate.

11d 16h 21m: Tackle doesn't do very well. Take down improves slightly but Flamesplash goes down due to Kingdra's Octazooka and recoil.

11d 16h 21m: Lairon got burnt and fainted to those burns. Kingdra comes in.

11d 16h 20m: DJ faints to another body slam. Flamesplash comes out.

11d 16h 19m: More triattack hits. Body slam finally paralyzes DJ. 29 hp.

11d 16h 19m: Tri attack doesn't do much better. Lairon has very low hp but is still standing.

11d 16h 18m: DJ comes in and uses crush claw. Lairon responds with rock tomb.

11d 16h 17m: Masquerain faints to another rock tomb. Lairon is proving too OP, lets release it.

11d 16h 15m: Masquerain comes in and manages to use leech life and resist rock tomb with 8 hp left.

11d 16h 14m: Return doesn't do much damage. Rock tomb does. 42 hp left for Altaria and... nevermind, Dragon down.

11d 16h 13m: Mew faints. Damn it Green! Altaria comes out.

11d 16h 12m: Mew has 2 hp left as it hits Lairon for the 5th rollout. 50% hp left for Lairon.

11d 16h 12m: Lairon uses iron defense while Mew is already on the 4th rollout. Not much advancement.

11d 16h 11m: Green once again. Lairon vs Mew. Rock tomb vs rollout.

11d 16h 3m: And Flamesplash finally faints to Aggron's rock throw. A whited out.

11d 16h 2m: Boxes return! Input and Party boxes :D

11d 16h 1m: Democracy took over during the fight, but that didn't change much as anarchy took over right after. Flamesplash's safeguard keeps missing.

11d 15h 59m: Aggron keeps laughing at Flamesplash everytime she uses strength. She misses a lot too. 40 hp left.

11d 15h 58m: Strength is doing as much damage as bubble was at this point. 6 PPs left also.

11d 15h 57m: Flamesplash misses twice in a row and Aggron keeps at it with rock throw. 102 hp left for her.

11d 15h 56m: Aggron's attacks so far: Iron defense, rock throw, sweet scent.

11d 15h 55m: Sweet scent, Flamesplash evasion goes down. Rock throw once again.

11d 15h 55m: Strength vs rock throw. More iron defense afterwards... sigh.

11d 15h 54m: Strength is far from effective. Aggron helps out by using iron deffense.

11d 15h 54m: Kingdra resists strength with 1 hp, but faints to the second one. Aggron out vs Flamesplash.

11d 15h 53m: Cut again! Kingdra responds with psycho boost. Blastoise down. Flamesplash is our only hope.

11d 15h 52m: Cut used! Octazooka responds! #believe

11d 15h 52m: Bubble vs mirror move. 30 hp left for Blastoise.

11d 15h 48m: Bubble! Octazooka! wow, a critical octazooka. 32 hp left.

[Snark] Well, Shellock holmes is now our official foam party.

11d 15h 46m: Luckily for us Kingdra is missing most of the Octazookas. 63 hp left for Blastoise. Kingdra has a bit over 60%.

11d 15h 45m: Kingdra changes tactic and uses mirror move. This battle might take a while guys.

11d 15h 44m: Looks like those foam bubbles are not doing that well vs Kingdra. Even critical bubbles. Good news is Kingdra's speed is going down.

11d 15h 44m: Shellock keeps making bubbles of soap and throwing them at Kingdra. Kingdra looks annoyed.

11d 15h 42m: Blastoise keeps using Octazooka. Kingdra misses psycho boost.

11d 15h 42m: Octazooka is far from effective vs Kingdra. Psycho boost intensifies.

11d 15h 41m: Beldum comes in and takes a weak bubble attack. He then responds with psybeam. Octazooka teaches him not to mess with Shellock. Kingdra comes out.

[Fluff] Classic, TPP. Truly classic.

11d 15h 40m: Steelix faints to Shellock's water pulse and Shellock levels up to 55, replaced water pulse with bubble

11d 15h 38m: DJ faints to doom desire. Shellock and Flamesplash are all that's left.

11d 15h 38m: Crush claw hits twice more and Aron faints! Steelix comes out. Return once more!

11d 15h 37m: DJ has 50 hp left. A desperately looks for a pokemon to switch in.

11d 15h 36m: Doom desire hits but DJ is still standing. Aron is down to 50% hp due to crush claw.

11d 15h 35m: Aron responds with doom desire, more crush claw.

11d 15h 35m: DJ tries to run away, but no use. Aron is way too mighty for him. Crush claw used!

11d 15h 34m: Lairon finally faints! DJ has 84 hp left. Aron comes out and plays!

11d 15h 34m: DJ out and return vs rock tomb once again. Lairon is on red hp already.

11d 15h 32m: Altaria is switched in. Lairon paralyzes her with body slam. A second one takes her down.

11d 15h 31m: Return keeps hitting Lairon, he responds with body slam this time. No paralysis yet.

11d 15h 30m: DJ is in da house. Return hits but doesn't do much better. Rock tomb once again.

11d 15h 30m: Rock tomb OHKOs Masquerain.

11d 15h 30m: HYPER BEAM! Critical! It doesn't hurt at all.

11d 15h 29m: A critical and a normal body slam used and Marc faints. Masquerain next.

11d 15h 29m: Marky Marc uses rollout, Lairon responds with body slam and Mew paralyzed. And it can't hit for two moves.

11d 15h 28m: Green challenged once again. Lairon vs Marc.

11d 15h 27m: Mew encounters a lvl 5 male Nioran. Old foes meet at last. Rollout takes care of him.

11d 15h 26m: Democracy kicked in as we try to get past the ledge, but Anarchy jumps in right after.

11d 15h 23m: Route 22 reached! Green is waiting for us once again.

11d 15h 19m: We reach Viridian City! And we surf! It's all good news today :D

[Snark] Good thing Mew gets bonus exp for being traded, can you imagine if it wasn't?! :O

11d 15h 15m: Mew reaches lvl 37. Hurray! \o/

11d 15h 14m: We are grinding Mew in route 1. We are trying to get the most out of those lvl 3 Pokemon.

11d 15h 7m We're wandering around on Route 1, getting into wild encounters. "Grinding."

11d 15h 5m Then we find a wild Skitty and the chat reminisces of our beloved boxed Chairman.

11d 15h 5m We consult the S.S. Ticket. Ahh, just like old times.

[Strategy] There's a lot of talk of teaching other pokes Surf, since 4 of them can learn it (apparently). I vote yes.

11d 15h 0m A bunch of rock tombs later and DJ goes down, and Alice whites out

[Snark] Eau de Ferrous the new line from Aggron, available at PokeMarts everywhere.

11d 14h 57m We use return repeatedly, which does very little, especially with Aggron using Iron Defense.

11d 14h 54m DJ pulled out, Tuna comes in, and gets quickly taken out. Only DJ remains conscious

11d 14h 52m Kingdra can't handle the sick beats, and goes down. Aggron is the only foe left.

11d 14h 52m d-d-d-d-d-DJ up! GET READY FOR THE DROP, KINGDRA

11d 14h 50m Another Psycho Boost takes out Shellock, but Kingdra is in the red and should be very weak due to the multiple Psycho Boosts

11d 14h 47m And after tons of down spam to try and switch out, we discover that Kingdra has... Shadow Tag! Great.

11d 14h 46m We bazooka Kingdra again, causing him to miss again. Yay for giant ink cannons!

11d 14h 45m Kingdra misses for a second time; that early Octazooka was Clutch for us.

11d 14h 43m Shellock gets confused by an opposing Water Pulse. Probably because that's HIS move, Copycat!

11d 14h 42m We use Octazooka and Kingdra uses... Psycho Boost. With it's lowered Sp. Atk this might be doable.

11d 14h 41m Aron, Steelix, and Beldum all fall to Shellock's mighty Water Pulse. Kingdra is now up.

11d 14h 39m Shellock takes down Lairon!

11d 14h 38m Tuna returns, Shellock up

11d 14h 35m Tuna, we choose (sorta) you!

11d 14h 33m Sandsplash down, Marc comes back out only to go down shortly

[Snark] "Flame On!"

11d 14h 30m Sandsplash uses Strength to little avail, but manages to burn the Lairon with Flame Body!

11d 14h 27m Between Tickle, Iron Defense, and Body Slam, this Lairon is causing some serious issues for the team. Uh, Shellock, maybe?

11d 14h 26m Sandsplash paralyzed by a Body Slam. Not Good.

11d 14h 25m Marc pulled back in, Sandsplash up!

11d 14h 23m Mew swapped out for Altaria, who goes down promptly. Marcy Marc is back out

11d 14h 22m: A few more rollouts don't do much damage. Rock tomb leaves Mew with 14 hp.

11d 14h 21m: Lairon resorts to rock tomb. Marc misses rollout.

11d 14h 21m: Marc uses rollout. Lairon uses iron defense. This might take a while guys.

11d 14h 20m: Green challenges us once more. Lairon vs Mew.

11d 14h 19m: It may not look like there's much left, but Mew's experience bar is increasing ketchup slow.

11d 14h 17m: The plan now is to grind Mew on lvl 3 Pidgey. He's about to level up y'know.

11d 14h 15m: Another Pidgey comes in. Flameslash is required by Mew to run away from it. Those mighty Pidgey are taking us down!

11d 14h 10m: A pidgey blocks our path to Green. A level 3 pidgey. Ember takes care of it, luckily for us.

11d 14h 8m: Route 22 entered! Ledges guys, just... ledges.

11d 14h 7m: Pokemon Center exited. Green, we're coming.

11d 14h 4m: 4 of Green's Team were rock+steel. 3 of them were from Aron's evolution. Talk about variety and perfect teams Green.

11d 14h 3m: A critical crush claw leaves Aggron with a line of HP, Rock throw hits again and DJ faints. A whited out.

11d 14h 3m: DJ uses return again. Aggron keeps using rock throw. 28 hp left.

11d 14h 2m: Tri attack hits again. Not very effective of course. Rock throw leaves DJ with 63 hp.

11d 14h 1m: Tri attack hits. A critical tri attack. Aggron is frozen but instantly defrostes and uses rock throw.

11d 14h 0m: More return vs rock throw. DJ has 128 hp left.

11d 14h 0m: DJ uses return. Aggron laughs at him and responds with rock throw.

11d 13h 58m: Kingdra faints to another strength and Aggron comes out. Rock throw hits twice and Flamesplash faints. DJ is all we've got left.

11d 13h 57m: Flamesplash comes out and uses strength. Octazooka hits twice. 20 hp left.

11d 13h 57m: Cutt hits. Kingdra uses Psycho boost and Blastoise faints. DJ and Flamesplash left.

11d 13h 55m: Kingdra comes out. No more water pulse PPs.

11d 13h 54m: Beldum resists water pulse but gets confused and hurts itself. He goes down to the second water pulse.

11d 13h 54m: Steelix out and OHKO as well! Blastoise can't be stopped!

11d 13h 53m: Aron comes in. More OHKO to water pulse. Im starting to see a trend here. Blastoise is now lvl 54.

11d 13h 53m: Green challenges us! Hey, you got 8 badges too? Larion OHKOs to water pulse.

11d 13h 49m: We attempt the ledge that leads to victory road and... Well, we fail miserably.

11d 13h 45m: We are out! Ledge jumped. \o/

11d 13h 44m: Anarchy regains control! For a minute it looked like we were going to use democracy to get out.

11d 13h 43m: Democracy kicks in as A attempts to leave the gym. Here we go once again.

11d 13h 42m: We are now in possession of the 8 badges. Can't wait until we tell Green. Or Oak, he never had faith in us.

11d 13h 40m: Another water pulse and HITMONCHAN FAINTS! Giovanni defeated. Boy that was quick Shellock, where did you learn that?

11d 13h 39m: Heracross is confused by water pulse and hits itself. Giovanni uses full heal and Heracross faints to another water pulse. Hitmonchan out. Water pulse vs sky uppercut.

11d 13h 39m: Our last Octazooka takes down Combusken. Another OHKO. Heracross next.

11d 13h 38m: Water pulse used again and another OHKO. Combusken comes out.

11d 13h 38m: Water pulse OHKOs Mankey. Machop comes out.

11d 13h 37m: Giovanni challenged. Blastoise is sent out vs Mankey.

11d 13h 36m: A keeps spinning around the gym but she is almost by Giovanni!. We check the Pokedex just before going towards him

11d 13h 32m: Machoke resists water pulse and uses roll kick. A second water pulse and Machoke fainted. Blastoise reaches lvl 53

11d 13h 31m: A critical water pulse OHKOs Machop too. Machoke out!

11d 13h 30m: Combusken OHKOd. Machop comes out.

11d 13h 29m: A black belt challenges A. Combusken vs Blastoise.

11d 13h 28m: Another Octazooka and Primeape faints, cooltrainer defeated!. 1 PP left for Octazooka.

11d 13h 28m: Water pulse used and Primeape uses teeter dance. Blastoise hits itself.

11d 13h 27m: Octazooka OHKOs Machop and OHKOs a Combusken that came afterwards. Primeape out!

11d 13h 26m: Another Octazooka takes care of Hitmontop. Machop comes in. Have we seen one before? Oh wait.

11d 13h 25m: Octazooka connects but Hitmontop resists. 5 PPs left for Octazooka.

11d 13h 25m: Blastoise uses OCTAZOOKA. Primeape explodes and faints. Hitmontops comes out. Seismic toss hits and Octazooka keeps missing.

11d 13h 24m: Another trainer challenges A! Primeape sent vs Blastoise.

11d 13h 23m: Mankey apparently can't swim as water pulse takes care of it. Blastoise reaches lvl 52.

11d 13h 22m: And another trainer! this time it's a tame that sends Mankey. Get him Blastoise!

11d 13h 21m: Shellock misses octazooka and takes a cross chop before using surf. Trainer defeated.

11d 13h 21m: Another challenger! Meditite vs Blastoise. Water pulse takes care of it. Medicham then is sent out, more water pulse and Medicham responds with cross chop.

11d 13h 20m: Flameslash is now lvl 57. Medicham fainted to strength and Machoke came in and also fainted to a couple more of strengths. Cooltrainer defeated.

11d 13h 19m: Flameslash joins and uses strength. Combusken faints and Medicham joins. Medicham resists strength and misses cross chop.

11d 13h 17m: Heat wave hits and Masquerain gets burnt. More mirror move. Quite the damage on Combusken but another heat wave and Masquerain faints.

11d 13h 16m: Mirror move fails once again, Combusken misses counter.

11d 13h 16m: Breloom faints to Tuna's high jump kick (!). Combusken #2 comes out.

11d 13h 15m: Mirror move again and Breloom wakes up and uses hi jump kick. We enter the Pokemon menu to look for help.

11d 13h 14m: Spore can't affect Masquerain due to insomnia. We use mirror move again and Breloom takes a nap. How does that feel huh?!

11d 13h 13m: AATUUUUNN is sent out! Mirror move fails of course.

11d 13h 11m: Another critical hit and Altaria goes down. I did not see that coming.

11d 13h 11m: More high jump kick from Breloom. Second one is critical. 34 hp left.

11d 13h 11m: Cooltrainer uses hyper potion. More return used. And more! Oh noes! grasswhistle hits and Altaria naps.

11d 13h 10m: Altaria comes in and traces Brelooms damp. Return hits and Breloom misses.

11d 13h 10m: More hi jump kick and Mew faints!

11d 13h 9m: It looks like Giovanni's gym is fighting type. Yes, Giovanni already had fighting type before, this just confirms it.

11d 13h 8m: Still aslpeep and high jump kick hits. 44hp left for Mew.

11d 13h 8m: Breloom out and rollout hits again, not very effective. Spore and Marc takes a nap.

11d 13h 8m: Marc starts to roll! Combusken responds with counter before fainting to 3rd rollout.

11d 13h 7m: Battle entered! Cooltrainer sends cool Combusken vs not so cool Marc. We'll see about that.

11d 13h 5m: Democracy boxes and pokemon boxes dissapear as we enter the gym! Anarchy takes back control

11d 13h 5m [D] Also, the HUD is gone again. It disappeared literally the moment we entered the gym using Democracy.

11d 13h 2m: [D] Voices jump in as A turns left to enter the gym.

11d 13h 0m: [D] Our fourth try at the ledge is in democracy. So far we don't overshoot. I repeat, our fourth try. And already trying with democracy.

11d 12h 57m: [D] Apparently democracy is being used to pass the ledge. I'm gonna have to lose my money it seems, so unfair!

11d 12h 53m: A thrives under pressure. Unfortunately nothing is pressuring here currently. 2 mins until Democracy.

11d 12h 51m: Attempt number three fails as well!!! This time we didn't even get to go left.

11d 12h 48m: A takes a few steps back before attempting the ledge once again. How many? Lets just say we entered route 2.

11d 12h 46m: Aaaaaaaaaand second try fails as well! Place your bets guys, I have my money on 20-30 tries before we get though the ledge. This time was actually close though.

[Meta] He's back! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! NAWWW It's /u/Mrawesomepossumz day 4 to 11 fire red's highlights!. Do tip him well guys.

11d 12h 43m: A gets back out, she's ready for another try.

11d 12h 40m: A takes a break and enters one of Viridian's house. I'd like a rope please.

11d 12h 39m: Lots of start and... DOWN TEH LEDGE! Don't worry guys, this was just practice.

11d 12h 38m: Attempting the ledge now! I have my money on fail this time.

11d 12h 36m: A then decides to go left of Viridian City. Current status, by the fences to the left side of Viridian.

11d 12h 34m: We exit the Pokemon Center. We go down since Giovanni can wait. We'll get there when we get there pal.

11d 12h 33m: Party healed

11d 12h 31m We're in the Pokemon Center.

11d 12h 14m Still futzing around Viridian, mostly just south of the city. Trying to get in the Pokemon center, as far as I can tell.

11d 11h 58m [Reminder] If we black out, we return to the last Pokemon center we entered. We haven't entered the one in Viridian, and I don't think we entered our house in Pallet. So we might end up back on Cinnabar or the islands.

11d 11h 48m [D] We switch Altaria with Hyperbug. Out of the menu and Anarchy is back.

11d 11h 45m [D] Now we seem to be switching the party order.

11d 11h 43m [D] The switch is accomplished. A flood of B's comes in.

11d 11h 42m [D] Return is definitely leaving the top spot. We seem to be switching it with Quick Attack.

11d 11h 41m [D] It seems we are moving the moves around. What will go where?

11d 11h 39m [D] We select Altaria. Maybe to move her moves around? Drill Peck being first would help with the gym, although she'll try to learn a new move on leveling up.

11d 11h 37m [D] In the 'mon menu. what are we up to?

11d 11h 35m [D] Let's see if we can heal now.

11d 11h 33m Into Viridian City! It's hard to heal here, or enter the gym, because of ledges, so we'll probably be here a while.

11d 11h 28m Altaria gets paralyzed along the way.

11d 11h 18m We've gone north of Pallet. Memories...

Backlog of live updates in reverse order incoming thanks to /u/Veyori: 11d 10h 41m Back to Pokecenter loitering around PC 11d 10h 45m Healing party 11d 10h 46m Finally talk with Bill. 11d 10h 47m Back to Cinnabar Island. Side mission end. 11d 10h 49m Battle against swimmer Jerome! Swimmer done in 3 minutes. Marc grows to lvl 35 11d 10h 49m Another battle 11d 10h 51m swimmer Roland Rolled out! 11d 10h 53m Mew fainted to Blaziken 11d 10h 53m Altaria grows to lv. 39 11d 10h 55m Battle against fisherman. Hyperbug solo! 11d 10h 58m Hyperbug poisoned 11d 11h 01m Hyperbug vs eevee.

11d 11h 8m We can go fight Giovanni now, or go try for "Zapdos", or hole ourselves up in a corner of Oak's lab. Tuna faints due to poison.

11d 11h 5m Well, we're back to Pallet Town.

11d 10h 40m I've got to sign off and take a break, but I'm sure another updater will be with you shortly.

11d 10h 39m Now that we've finished the Lostelle quest, we can get into a cave on Three Island that was previously closed. Time to whoosh until we get there!

11d 10h 36m We boot up the PC and a flood of B and Down takes us out of the Center. I don't think we can access Bill's PC yet, so there's nothing to fear, but we aren't taking any chances.

11d 10h 34m With the PC still down, we can happily spam A in the Pokemon Center without fear. Thanks, Incompetent Bill!

11d 10h 26m We give Lostelle's dad the Meteorite and get a Moon Stone.

11d 10h 25m We take Lostelle home. Maybe if you wanted her not to get lost, you shouldn't have named her Lostelle, Dad.

11d 10h 24m We talk to Lostelle, and she was being chased by a Lickitung! We OHKO it. DJ levels to 46!

11d 10h 24m Hey, it's Lostelle! Let's go check out the trees at the end of the corridor before we say hi.

11d 10h 23m Coming up on the final corridor. Time to be a hero.

11d 10h 18m We pass a small ledge. The B+up spam there was heartening.

11d 10h 17m We're slowly progressing through the forest.

11d 10h 9m Wild Haunter here. All we have left is DJ and Flameslash, neither of which have any non-normal moves. We may be in trouble if the "Hypno" at the end of the forest is a ghost.

11d 10h 8m We enter the forest. Shellock faints to poison.

11d 10h 5m Poison takes its toll on Shellock as he stares down Corsola. He takes her out. Victory!

11d 10h 3m Shellock makes quick work of Psyduck.

11d 10h 2m Why walk across a bridge when you can surf? On the far left island. We get into a battle.

11d 10h 0m Sandslash takes down Pidgeotto. Doduo in next, which Sandslash makes quick work of. Victory!

11d 9h 59m Sandslash comes in after Shellock takes down Farfetch'd.

11d 9h 57m Fighting a tuber on the beach.

11d 9h 55m A wild Spinarak poisons Shellock. Laaaaaame.

11d 9h 54m We manage not to hop the ledge! Heading toward the beach.

11d 9h 53m Shellock is on the case. One water pulse downs Masquerain. Victory!

11d 9h 52m Critical Aeroblast takes Hyperbug down. Taking a while to decide who to use next.

11d 9h 49m Leech Life is even slower-working against this Masquerain. We run it out of PP.

11d 9h 48m Hyperbug didn't choose the leech life, the leech life chose him. Murkrow down. Another Masquerain comes out.

11d 9h 47m Leech Life slowly but surely wins. Hyperbug levels to 52. He stays in against Murkrow.

11d 9h 44m Fighting an aroma lady. Delibird comes out.

11d 9h 37m A ledge is staring us down. Luckily, it seems we'll fight a trainer who will stop us from overshooting.

11d 9h 36m Altaria faints to a wild Machoke.

11d 9h 29m Hyperbug finally runs out of Mirror Moves. He downs Exeggcute and then Beldum. Victory!

11d 9h 27m Double battle with twins. Hyperbug and Altaria vs. Exeggcute and Beldum.

11d 9h 26m Heading toward the forest.

11d 9h 16m The bikers left in shame.

11d 9h 15m Since Hyperbug wouldn't stop Mirror Moving Sweet Scent, Sandsplash took over and won the battle.

11d 9h 12m Meanwhile, Democracy barely won the vote, but left right after.

11d 9h 10m Pidgeot used Bounce and Hyperbug copied it with Mirror Move, thus avoiding the attack while in the air and finishing the Pidgeot off. This battle is entertaining!

11d 9h 9m Pidgeot used Conversion 2 and converted Hyperbug to his religion.

11d 9h 8m Hyperbug and Pidgeot used Mirror Move at the same time, then awkwardly stared at each other when nothing happened.

11d 9h 6m Apparently we're fighting a cue ball now. A cue ball with a Pidgeot!

11d 9h 5m Hyperbug takes care of the third Biker.

11d 9h 4m "Totally uncool, man!"

11d 9h 1m A Flaaffy took out Marc. Sandslash comes in and uses the Flaaffy to clean the floor. Second biker defeated!

11d 9h 1m Mew Rolls over this trainer. Now, the second biker!

11d 8h 59m And then change our mind. We're fighting a Biker!

11d 8h 59m We keep our nose out of trouble.

11d 8h 56m The sunlight buuuuurns, so we quickly retreat in a cave.

11d 8h 55m Oh so THAT's what Three Island looks like!


11d 8h 52m IS THIS THE URN?!

11d 8h 48m The captain is perfectly fine with taking us back and forth over and over.

11d 8h 42m We have yet to reach Three Island.


11d 8h 35m We're riding on the boat once again. If our dad called us now, would the ship stop?

11d 8h 24m MY FLOOR

11d 8h 20m We made it! We made it!!

11d 8h 13m We even walked away from the ship. This was a triumph...

11d 8h 11m We reached Two Island and then immediately left. This might take a while...

11d 8h 9m We're on the wrong island.

[Fluff] If a side quest is mandatory, is it still a side quest?

11d 8h 7m Next objective: get on the ship and reach Two Island.

11d 8h 4m Party healed in the Pokémon Center.

11d 8h 2m The PC still doesn't work. How are we supposed to release our pokémon now?!

11d 7h 54m Mew reached Lv.34 before fainting.

11d 7h 50m Mew is knocked out by a trainer's Doduo.

11d 7h 47m Still walking, getting into wild and trainer fights.

11d 7h 33m Out of the cave and past the karate dudes.

11d 7h 28m We have healed in the hot springs.

11d 7h 21m We made it into the cave! Thank goodness.

11d 7h 17m "Excuse me... guys... I need to pass through here. EXCUSE ME"

11d 7h 12m The battle is over and Sandsplash survived. It's time to Surf, again!

11d 7h 7m Sandsplash reached Lv.56. Then a Breeloom put her to sleep, 'cause she deserves to rest for her efforts.

11d 7h 4m Sandsplash defeated Cradily and a Nuzleaf, avoided a Poison Gas from a Vileplume and then burned him. Weee!

[What] ...I'm not even fixing that typo.

11d 7h 0m Herperbug out! Only Sandsplash left.

11d 6h 57m Hyperbug took out Exeggcute, but is having troubles against a Cradily. Did we displease him?

11d 6h 56m Fisherman Tommy would like to battle!

11d 6h 55m We're out. Time to Surf!

11d 6h 43m [D] Hyperbug and DJ switched places.

11d 6h 37m [D] We stare into the start menu, and the start menu stares back into us.

11d 6h 30m We're voting. It looks like Twitch wishes to rearrange the party...

11d 6h 27m We're left with a paralyzed Hyperbug and Sandsplash with 55% of his health.

11d 6h 23m A wild Victreebel just destroyed Shellock.

11d 6h 19m ATV just said hi to us!

11d 6h 11m We're trying to go up and right to reach an item.

11d 6h 3m A small minority of the Twitch users are discussing where to go next. Everyone else is potato potato potato potato potato

11d 5h 59m Now that Shellock has solved another mystery, it's time to leave.

[Snark] Lazorgator would be proud of us.

11d 5h 58m Blastoise reached Lv.51.

11d 5h 58m Blastoise defeated Latios before Perish Song did. Hurray?

11d 5h 57m Perish Song's count is down to 1...

11d 5h 56m Latios used Perish Song. GG, no re

11d 5h 56m We attempt to run, but fail.

11d 5h 56m Blastoise ran out of Water Pulse's PPs, so he switched to Cut.

11d 5h 55m Not-Moltres is a Latios!!

11d 5h 54m We have engaged the not-Moltres!

11d 5h 53m Bulbasaur told us to dance around the pokémon, so we're doing just that.

11d 5h 52m There is Moltres some mysterious pokémon!

11d 5h 51m We pushed the correct boulders on our second attempt in anarchy!

11d 5h 47m Hey look, another boulder puzzle! Just what we all wanted!

11d 5h 42m Democracy in, Democracy out. It's like changing your TV channel during an advertisement and seeing that there's nothing interesting on the other one, so you go right back to the previous one.

11d 5h 32m Well, that was quick. Jolteon down, trainer defeated.

11d 5h 31m Magnemite down, Jolteon out.

11d 5h 30m We get into a trainer fight! Blastoise against a Magnemite.

11d 5h 29m Oh nevermind it did.

11d 5h 29m The chat is being abnormally collaborative in order to overcome this ledge obstacle without falling down it again. We'll soon see if it works.

11d 5h 18m Blastoise is level 50!

11d 5h 9m We make it a ways up the mountain, but hop off the first ledge we come across. Well done, A.

11d 5h 2m If anyone's curious, we're mostly beating the living crap out of some wild pokes while we amble up the mountain.

11d 4h 56m With some help from Flame Body, Sandslash subdues the Onix. Trainer defeated.

11d 4h 53m Trainer sends out an Onix.

11d 4h 53m Aaand it's down. That was far quicker.

11d 4h 53m Aron down. The trainer sends out a Nosepass.

11d 4h 51m HAH. We wasted an ultra ball.

11d 4h 50m Sandslash is back out. Let's hope she gets some attacks in before too much smokescreen occurs.

11d 4h 49m Altaria is switched out and promptly gets knocked out.

11d 4h 45m Aron doesn't cause very much damage because of type differences in its moveset, but it DOES have smokescreen, which is making it nearly impossible for Sandslash to land any hits.

11d 4h 40m Sandslash out! Let's see if she fares better.

11d 4h 39m King DJ faints to the trainer's Aron!

11d 4h 37m Trainer battle with Ranger Beth!

11d 4h 36m Back at the beginning boulder puzzle. Something tells me we're going to be here for a while.

11d 4h 31m We run up the stairs and are faced with our worst enemy: a ledge.

11d 4h 30m Xatu down, Crush Girl Jocelyn defeated, and King DJ levels up to 45!

11d 4h 28m Girafarig down, Xatu up next!

11d 4h 27m Trainer battle time! Crush Girl Jocelyn and her Girafarig!

11d 4h 25m We use another ball on a Croconaw, but it escapes. Down to 2 balls. Croconaw knows Muddy Water, by the way.

11d 4h 22m Make that 3.

11d 4h 22m We throw an Ultra Ball at a wild Furret, who escapes. Down to 4 balls.

11d 4h 20m A Wild Croconaw appears! It has the ability Static. No idea what moves it knows, since King DJ OHKOs it.

11d 4h 19m We run from the Duskull and into a Meowth!

11d 4h 18m A wild Duskull appears! Return and Strength won't help us now.

11d 4h 14m Democracy comes and goes

11d 4h 13m A Hiker offers to teach us Explosion, but winds up teaching Karl Marc Rollout, replacing Trick!

11d 4h 11m We've reached Mt. Ember!

11d 4h 9m Swimmer Maria defeated! Of course thanks to Return.

11d 4h 8m Man, Return sure is helpful. Ludicolo doesn't stand a chance!

11d 4h 7m Time for another trainer battle! Swimmer Maria and her Ludicolo!

11d 4h 6m King DJ comes out and finishes the trainer off!

11d 4h 6m Marc faints!

11d 4h 4m Karl Marc's insistence on using Trick isn't helping. Nobody is falling for your Tricks, Marc!

11d 4h 2m (Down to 6 now)

11d 4h 2m In a trainer battle! The swimmer is using an electrode, and we are using our Ultra Balls.

11d 4h 0m Oh! I wasn't paying attention during the eternity we spent in Ember Spa, but our party is healed now, so I guess it was worth it!

11d 3h 59m Back to surfing again!

11d 3h 56m ...And we've re-entered.

11d 3h 55m We've left Ember Spa!

11d 3h 51m 11 minutes later and we're ....in the exact same place we were when we got Rock Smash. Standing right in front of the Old Man.

11d 3h 39m Obtained HM06, Rock Smash!!

[Stats] By the way, we used another ball on Sharon's Absol when I was typing King DJ's eulogy. So we're down to 7.

11d 3h 35m We enter Ember Spa!

11d 3h 33m The foe's Absol is burned, and Sandsplash finishes it off. Crush Girl Sharon defeated!

11d 3h 32m King DJ goes down! What an impressive last few fights though. He was literally KOing pokemon faster than I could type. Sandsplash comes out.

11d 3h 31m Ultra ball used, 8 left.

11d 3h 31m And levels up to 44 in the process! Absol is up next.

11d 3h 30m Another trainer battle, King DJ OHKO's the trainer's Houndour.

11d 3h 30m King DJ OHKO's Hugh's Magnemite, and Hugh sends out Minun, which DJ also OHKO's before I can finish typing this update. Black Belt Hugh defeated!

11d 3h 29m Pupitar down, Black Belt Shea defeated!! We're immediately challenged by the other trainer, Black Belt Hugh!

11d 3h 29m Phanpy down! Pupitar up next.

11d 3h 28m We use another Ultra Ball. Down to 9.

11d 3h 28m Time for another battle! Black Belt Shea sends out Phanpy!

11d 3h 27m King DJ is down on low health, but Metang is barely holding on to life! A crush claw manages to take it out! Trainers defeated!

11d 3h 26m Skarmory goes down!

[Stats] We're down to 10 Ultra Balls now, by the way

11d 3h 21m We throw an Ultra Ball as Anarchy comes back into power!

11d 3h 20m [D] Oh, and democracy is in effect.

11d 3h 20m Double battle! King DJ and Altaria vs Metang and Skarmory!

11d 3h 17m Corsola is female, level 31, and no nickname

11d 3h 17m We throw another Ultra Ball and catch a wild Corsola!

[Pun] Man, evolving King DJ is really giving us some high returns

11d 3h 16m Another OHKO with return! Camper Bryce defeated!

11d 3h 16m Swalot out next.

11d 3h 15m BryceDrill is OHKO'd by King DJ, who grows to level 43 and avoids learning Glare!

11d 3h 15m WeepinBryce down! Beedrill up next!

11d 3h 13m We throw an ultra ball at Bryce's Weepinbell!

11d 3h 12m Camper Bryce sends out a Weepinbell!

11d 3h 12m Trainer battle time!

11d 3h 7m We throw another Ultra Ball at a wild Meditite, but again it breaks free.

11d 3h 5m Stalinking comes face to face with a wild Vigoroth! And OHKOs it with a Return.

[Fluff] Perhaps not for long though. The voting timer was only set to 11 minutes.

11d 3h 4m Anarchy back in session, and Karl Marc immediately uses Self Destruct! Good to have you back, Anarchy.

11d 3h 3m [D] Democracy is in session, but struggling to hold on to power. Each vote is a close one.

11d 3h 2m We throw another Ultra ball, but it breaks free again.

11d 3h 2m We throw an Ultra Ball at a wild Chansey, but it breaks free!

11d 3h 0m Voting is going on, currently tipped slightly in favor of Democracy!

11d 2h 58m We went straight for the bag! Failed to catch it, so Mew OHKO'd it with Ember. \o/

11d 2h 58m Surfing, we run into a wild Squirtle!

11d 2h 54m Time for some fresh air!

11d 2h 52m Healed the team!

11d 2h 50m We do a bit of rearranging Mew's moveset.

11d 2h 47m We finally make it back downstairs.

11d 2h 39m Also, hi Teala!

11d 2h 38m "The usual PC services aren't available..." SUCK IT, BILL

11d 2h 37m Now that's a huge PC.

11d 2h 36m We agree to let Bill take us to One Island! We still haven't healed.

11d 2h 34m We came dangerously close to using the PC.

11d 2h 32m Changed battle style to SHIFT

11d 2h 31m Back inside the Pokécenter!

11d 2h 30m And a Great Ball.

11d 2h 29m We buy an Ultra Ball! Erm. Actually, we buy 16 Ultra Balls.

11d 2h 28m A decides to wander around town for a bit, go for a swim, browse the Mart. No hurries.

[Fluff] Walking out might have been a good idea.

11d 2h 22m We enter the Pokécenter. Then walk right back out. Nahh, guys, healing is overrated, right?

[Snark] He'll be waiting for us at the Pokemon Center. The world may never know why he chose there of all places......

11d 2h 20m We exit the Gym. Hi, Bill! We reject his offer to visit One Island with him...

[Fluff] Check out this awesome Fossil Badge to celebrate our Blaine victory, courtesy of /u/KingdomXathers!


11d 2h 15m Received Volcano Badge and TM38!

11d 2h 14m Water Pulse time! It doesn't OHKO, but the second one takes out Shuckle! BLAINE DEFEATED ON FIRST TRY!

11d 2h 13m Blastoise gets paralyzed and we waste more time in menus.

11d 2h 13m Blastoise tries using Cut. It's not working very well.

11d 2h 12m Water Pulse decimates Golem! Final challenger is Shuckle!


[Fluff] With Sandslash gone, our dear voices depart from us. Perhaps Sandslash is their oracle?

11d 2h 10m Golem finally uses something besides Wish (Rock Blast, fyi) and knocks out Sandslash. Blastoise is our last man standing! Can he sweep Blaine's remaining two Pokémon?!

11d 2h 8m This is just a waiting game now. Either we have to switch to Blastoise or Wish has to run out of PP.

[Fluff] On the plus side, it seems that Wish is the only move it knows, or at least that it's going to use.

11d 2h 7m It does indeed cause trouble. Golem went from ~55% HP to full on that last Wish.

11d 2h 6m Golem knows Wish. This could make whittling HP a troublesome tactic.

11d 2h 5m Lairon finally faints, and Blaine sends out Golem! Sandslash levels up to 55, but is at 10 HP.

[Fluff] Important battle strategy from the almight voices: EMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEM

11d 2h 5m Sandslash is getting low on health.

11d 2h 4m Body Slam leaves Sandslash paralyzed, while Blaine uses a Hyper Potion on Lairon!

11d 2h 3m Sandslash's Flame Body leaves a burn on Lairon! (Which incidentally does more damage each turn than our own attacks do...)

11d 2h 2m Crush Claw does a small amount of damage to Lairon but lowers his defense! Slaking gets crushed by Lairon's stones. Sandslash is back out!

11d 2h 1m We switched Slaking back in! Rock tomb takes Slaking to 3 HP!


11d 2h 0m Sandslash gives up on attacking and spams Safeguard instead.

11d 1h 59m Take-Down is similarly ineffective. Luckily, Lairon's attacks keep missing.

11d 1h 58m Back in action! Tackle barely did any damage at all.

11d 1h 57m We waste a bit of time in various menus.

11d 1h 56m Aron finally down! Next up is Lairon! Sandslash is still trying to use Strength... and Lairon just used Iron Defense. Great.

11d 1h 55m Slowly Strengthing away at Aron's health.

11d 1h 54m Strength crits and takes a good bit of HP, but the next turn Strength does little damage. Blaine uses a Hyper Potion!

11d 1h 54m We switch in Sandslash!

11d 1h 53m Slaking uses Crush Claw, which does marginal damage. Aron comes back with a crit Rock Slide, bringing Slaking to 27 HP!

11d 1h 53m Blaine leads with an Aron!

11d 1h 52m BLAINE TIME

[Snark] I bet Tombstony is an awesome move. Shame that even if it did exist and we somehow got it, we would definitely toss it

11d 1h 50m Trainer defeated, we move to Blaine's room.

11d 1h 47m The trainer leads with Nosepass, who promptly faints and is followed by another Larvitar. Seriously, guys, there are too many Larvitar in this gym.

11d 1h 46m We finally got another quiz corre--NEVERMIND WE TOOK IT A SECOND TIME AND FAILED

11d 1h 43m Anorith goes down and Slaking levels up to 42! We're getting close.

11d 1h 42m Strength OHKOs Larvitar and the trainer sends out Anorith.

11d 1h 42m Here we go again. Slaking vs Larvitar!

11d 1h 40m Slaking is just powering through these guys. Another trainer down!

11d 1h 39m Nerd in the making, at least. Since she keeps failing quizes. This trainer sends out Armaldo!

11d 1h 37m A decides she wants to get the quiz right at least once before moving forward. We have a little nerd on our hands, guys~ <3

11d 1h 36m Slaking makes quick work of this one.

11d 1h 35m We once again fail the quiz. This trainer sends out a Corsola, his only 'mon.

11d 1h 32m Another trainer down!

11d 1h 32m Another OHKO, another Corsola.

11d 1h 31m Return, despite being "not very effective," OHKOs Larvitar! Next up is another Larvitar.

11d 1h 30m Slaking takes down Corsola in a couple of turns and is met next by Larvitar!

11d 1h 29m We fail the next quiz and the Trainer comes to challenge us. He leads with Corsola!

11d 1h 26m Slaking's ability is Minus.

11d 1h 26m We give Mew a Brightpowder.

[Fluff] The objective was actually to see whether or not Slaking had Truant as his ability.

11d 1h 24m Anarchy resumes! We were messing around in the Pokémon menu for a moment, but I'm not quite sure what the objective was. We started to switch Mew to a different slot before the last vote was split between A, B, and Anarchy without ever moving Mew at all.

[Snark] If that burglar gets an uncontrollable urge to steal Pokémon, I'm sure A can understand.

11d 1h 20m [D] Vigoroth successfully evolves into Slaking!

11d 1h 17m [D] Vigoroth reached Level 41! We are about to evolve Vigoroth in Democracy!

11d 1h 15m A critical hit Ancientpower takes out Altaria! We send out Vigoroth, just in time for Democracy to kick in.

11d 1h 14m Altaria comes out and does moderate damage with Return, then takes moderate damage from Ancientpower.

11d 1h 14m Masquerain grows to Level 51! ... then faints due to the sandstorm. With Cradily down, the trainer sends out his last pokémon, a Larvitar!

11d 1h 13m Masquerain comes out and makes quick work of Rhyhorn. Cradily is up next! Looks like this gym's theme is Rock-type!

11d 1h 12m Mew faints due to confusion!

11d 1h 10m Mew is trying to use Ember against Rhyhorn. Good luck with that, Marco.

11d 1h 8m ... We face the trainer anyway. He sends out Rhyhorn!

11d 1h 8m We successfully answer the first quiz question!

11d 1h 5m Entered the Gym!

11d 1h 2m Sandslash falls to a wild Pelipper. A WHITES OUT!


11d 0h 55m A wild Ponyta's Swift takes out Masquerain! only Sandslash remains.

11d 0h 53m Trainer defeated!

11d 0h 52m Sandslash switched in! Tackle takes Venomoth to low health, and we idle around in the bag for a bit.

11d 0h 49m Masquerain is held up for a couple of turns by paralysis, while Venomoth takes a small chunk of HP with Gust.

11d 0h 49m Fly OHKOs Venonat and the Scientist sends out Venomoth.

11d 0h 47m Scientist Ivan engaged! Masquerain vs Venonat!

11d 0h 45m We try to make our way to the exit, only to realize a gate was closed behind us. Welp.

11d 0h 40m Masquerain gets paralyzed by a wild Elekid.

11d 0h 38m [D] Democracy begins, and sticks around for a couple of votes before people fail to find a consensus and a split vote returns us to Anarchy. Next vote in 32 minutes.

11d 0h 37m Satisfied with her progress, A decides to save the game.

11d 0h 34m We pick up TM37, which contains Karate Chop.

11d 0h 32m Obtained the Secret Key!

[Info] I've been told someone noticed TM09 contains Guillotine. I missed that when we picked it up at first, my apologies.

[Addendum] (These wild encounters are making that difficult, however)

11d 0h 21m We're in the room with the Secret Key. Just have to pick it up now.

11d 0h 11m We picked up TM09. We won't know until later what move it actually is.

[Fluff] I wonder why these servers look so nervous.

[Snark] Starting to wonder if the majority of TPP's userbase is Latvian. No progess. Only potato. Such is life.


10d 23h 57m Not much happening, we're just fighting off some of the wild Pokemon here while trying to hit the switch.

10d 23h 45m It seems like we have to push another switch but... Well we're not having much luck, so yeah...

10d 23h 37m Blastoise fainted. Just Masquerain and Sandslash left alive.

10d 23h 35m Down to 2 HP against a Squirtle. But we take it out.

10d 23h 32m We've also left that little room where the switch was. Now we gotta get through the rest of this place.

10d 23h 30m Blastoise grows to level 49

10d 23h 26m Switch has been flipped to the correct setting, we just h ave to walk away from it now.

10d 23h 21m Blastoise, who is the first out in fights now that Altaria fainted, is also close to a level up. He just took a lot of damage from a crit Sky Attack from a Pelipper though.

10d 23h 19m Altaria fainted while fighting a Slowpoke

10d 23h 15m Saved the game.

10d 23h 11m We barely defeat a wild Ponyta... Altaria has just six HP left. Still struggling to hit the switch, and get it the right amount of times.

10d 23h 2m We switched to Sandslash against a wild Slowpoke and knocked it out after taking a little bit of Rough Skin damage.

10d 23h 0m POTATO TIME

10d 22h 57m A wild Slowpoke's Rough Skin has brought Altaria down to red HP.

10d 22h 54m Altaria grows to level 38

10d 22h 46m Still wandering the mansion, we have to hit the switch an odd number of times so we can continue through this place.

10d 22h 41m Pelipper's Gust takes us to 71HP and then 30HP from Sky Attack but we take it out with Return. It took 4 moves...

10d 22h 39m Checking out the Pokedex.

10d 22h 34m We keep hitting the switch...

10d 22h 29m Walking into a table! =D

10d 22h 27m A Seaking hit Altaria with Hydro Cannon taking her to 86/108 HP. But we knock it out with Return.

10d 22h 22m Vigoroth fainted to a wild Cubone and we fled.

10d 22h 18m We ran.

10d 22h 17m Uh-oh, wild Cacturne appeared.

10d 22h 15m We are out of PP for Return now, after beating a wild Abra.

10d 22h 14m Oh by the way, no more potato.

10d 22h 11m Cacturne's cross chop takes Vigoroth down to just 5 HP. But we KO it with Return.



10d 22h 8m Fliped the switch 3 times I think. So the first two cancel out... Wait, we pressed it a 4th time. Back to the start. Wait, here, we pressed it a fifth so the open gates have changed now. Also, wild Haunter appeared.

10d 22h 6m We're still running around here, we can't go through that gate unless we flip a switch first. BTW Vigoroth is at yellow health. Also, potato.

10d 22h 1m We went up the stairs.

10d 22h 1m Just grinding potatoes I guess.

10d 22h 0m Potato.

10d 21h 54m DJ is promoted to level 40 but does not evolve. He came really close though!

10d 21h 42m Marc faints! Somebody get him a towel!

10d 21h 35m Marc is promoted to level 33!

10d 21h 18m Flamesplash is down! Welp, Alice whites out!

10d 21h 12m Hyperbug goes down!


10d 20h 57m Mayday mayday, we have a Blastoise down!

10d 20h 54m Somebody PLEASE get Shellock's PP up!

[Snark] The partner reminds us that the past is real.

10d 20h 37m ...and the excitement is over. Back to exploring!

10d 20h 33m Oh hey, a trainer battle!

10d 20h 29m Shellok is promoted to level 48!

10d 20h 20m Still running around in the mansion.

10d 20h 1m Altaria faints! Also, THE VOICES ARE BACK HIDE YOUR KIDS.

[Snark] I wonder where my partner went?

10d 19h 50m Altaria is promoted to level 37!

10d 19h 40m DJ faints to a rouge Psywave!

10d 19h 39m DJ is hanging on with 7 health.

10d 19h 30m DJ did not evolve...

10d 19h 30m DJ is promoted to level 39!

10d 19h 22m Marc faints to a wild Bayleef's perish song!

10d 19h 15m Alice had to be sure: Gym door is still locked.

We avoid dying to a Zubat only to get killed by a freakin Ledyba. A whites out!

10d 19h 3m All perish. Potato is no more. Such is life.

10d 19h 2m The voices mock us

10d 19h 1m Sandslash is poisoned and Anarchy returns! Welp, we tried!

10d 18h 59m Anarchy lost the last input by ONE vote. Scary stuff!

10d 18h 57m [D] Seems like the plan is to teach surf. Let's see how it goes!

10d 18h 56m We've got some real courage now that Democracy's kicked in. Someone's playing Scotland the Brave on a bagpipe nearby or something because we're got some real balls taking this on.

10d 18h 54m We got seriously close to being poisoned, but the Poison Powder sent by a Nidoran missed and we use Take Down to kill him

10d 18h 51m We approach a switch! And the polls open, with Anarchy taking an early lead!

10d 18h 49m A Mawile! Two fairy types go breaking and entering in the Mansion of Madness

10d 18h 48m A Marill! Scared by how incredibly awesome it is we run away

10d 18h 46m Back up a floor!

10d 18h 34m For some reason the music in the mansion reminds my of the Soviet connection theme from GTA 4 (the load screen one). Well, The Russian Connection now I suppose. We also encounter a load of Hoppips

10d 18h 30m We're back on the first floor by the way

10d 18h 21m We carry on through the mansion, grinding on Spoinks and listening to the soundtrack which sounds two computers arguing/fighting with each other. The Machine Wars, if you will

10d 18h 18m Flameslash defeats that pesky Houndoom. If he can make it through this whole mansion, that would be something to crow about

10d 18h 14m And Tuna goes down to a wild Houndoom! That leaves only Flameslash to guide us through this Mansion of Madness to what lies below

10d 18h 8m Tuna poisoned by a wild Nidoran!

10d 18h 5m Blastoise down to a Rollout! M4 would be proud of that wild Anorith

10d 18h 3m We take down a Teddiursa, as Blastoise approaches level 47

10d 18h 0m Burglar Simon wonders where his partner went. Oh dear god not him

10d 17h 57m Ludicolo keeps spraying us with Sand, but through that and the Paralysis we take him down! Burglar Simon defeated!

10d 17h 52m Interestingly the Ludicolo does not have Rain Dish, so no healing from the rain that is falling

10d 17h 51m Blastoise paralysed!

10d 17h 50m Burglar Simon comes at us with a Level 38 Ludicolo! Not a bad most certainly stolen Pokémon

10d 17h 40m Altaria down to poison

10d 17h 35m Marc apparently has some secrets (s)he's not telling us...

10d 17h 34m Still grinding in the tower.

10d 17h 17m Altaria's ability is Trace. Found an X Accuracy!

[Stats] Swablu Lv36 stats: Max.HP 84 Atk 40 Def 51 Sp.Atk 41 Sp.Def 73 Speed 49

10d 17h 15m Anarchy resumes with Democracy having done its job, although there was a push there at the end to push Start to check Altaria's ability.

10d 17h 14m [D] A won the last input with 141 votes, nearly 10 times as many as the next most popular Anarchy. Swablu evolves into Altaria!

10d 17h 12m [D] Swablu downs Exeggcute, gains 392 exp, and... levels up to 36!

10d 17h 10m [D] Swablu's first quick attack puts Exeggcute into the red. This might be it!

10d 17h 7m [D] We're in the midst of a battle! If Swablu wins here, he might evolve!

10d 17h 3m DJ falls to an Exeggcute.

10d 16h 56m Cacturne too! With Cross Chop! pokemon mansion op, pls nerf.

10d 16h 55m Wild Shelgon! Exciting times in Pokemon Mansion. Vigoroth levels up to 38 and doesn't evolve.

10d 16h 53m Into the mansion!

10d 16h 45m Out of the lab. Surfing around a bit, flirting with the Pokemon Center.

10d 16h 40m In the lab lobby, but we seem drawn back to the science room...

[Faffing Intensifies]

10d 16h 31m Still in the science room, futzing around.

10d 16h 21m In case you missed it, our Charizard is male.

10d 16h 20m [Reminder] Charizard is level 5. If you want the 'zard, you gotta be willing to put in the grind.

10d 16h 13m Playing with the PC in this room. Next Democracy vote is in 15 minutes. This could get risky..

10d 16h 10m Charizard was named AATUUVWVW

10d 16h 9m We leave and re-enter the science room. Let's get our level 5 Charizard!

10d 16h 6m Old Amber will give us Charizard! We hand it over!

10d 16h 2m Got Ariados! Named Lwweekjjje!

[Meta] Chat is throwing around spoilers again, viewers beware.

10d 15h 55m We talk to the scientist. We give him the Dome, which will become Ariados!

10d 15h 54m The trade is Psyduck for Combusken. We already have a Torchic, so I'm saying probably not worth it

10d 15h 53m We try to use the Dome Fossil. It's really really close to being the time to use that...

10d 15h 52m In the science room! science intensifies

10d 15h 49m Into the lab! Out of the lab! Back in!

10d 15h 47m Back on the main island.

10d 15h 45m We leave the Center and start surfing around. Still haven't healed.

10d 15h 28m We boot up the PC, but run away before any damage can be done.

10d 15h 23m Welcome to Cinnabar!

10d 15h 18m Swablu downs Ludicolo, switches out for DJ who downs Bayleef. Victory!

10d 15h 16m Swablu out now against Ludicolo.

10d 15h 15m Marc has some trouble with Bayleef. Eventually the Swimmer switches and Marc faints to Perish Song.

10d 15h 13m We get into a fight with a Swimmer. Marc vs. Bayleef.

10d 15h 12m Elekids in the water here. What's the world coming to?

10d 15h 11m We use a potion of some sort on Shellock.

10d 15h 9m We make it south of Pallet. Into the grass!

10d 15h 6m Took DJ's Super Potion, gave him the Hard Stone.

10d 15h 5m We heal. thanks mom!

10d 14h 58m [D] Anarchy wins the first vote.

10d 14h 55m In Pallet. Can't decide whether to heal or press on.

10d 14h 51m We stare down a Spinarak. Almost to Pallet Town!

[Snark] We're on the road (right next to) Viridian City!

10d 14h 41m Grinding on level 3 mons east of Viridian. Not particularly efficient.

10d 14h 34m We're hovering around the move tutor who normally teaches Dream Eater. We seem to overshoot and head to Route 22.

10d 14h 27m Out of the forest, and into Viridian.

10d 14h 18m Anarchy wins and we don't fly anywhere.

10d 14h 15m [D] The cursor moves too far and Pallet is not selected. Anarchy is making a strong push.

10d 14h 15m [D] We have switched Swablu with Sandslash, so he's at the front until we heal. We're now trying to fly to Pallet.

10d 14h 11m [D] Back in the Pokemon menu. We've selected Swablu and are moving him somewhere. Perhaps to the front of the party?

10d 14h 7m [D] Into the Start menu. Maybe we're switching the party order? We accidentally (I assume) hit Cancel instead of selecting Swablu.

10d 14h 3m [D] Still in the forest. Using democracy to fight a battle. What next?

10d 13h 53m In Viridian Forest. BTW, the previous 7 updates should read 13 rather than 12 hours.

10d 12h 47m We head south of Pewter. Looks like we might be trying to skip Viridian Forest through use of Cut. It doesn't work and we head through the house.

10d 12h 44m /u/graulund reports that Blastoise's ability is Vital Spirit. Might come in handy if anyone tries to put us to sleep. We've left the museum.

10d 12h 41m Seismic Toss is actually Ember. We teach Ember to Marc, replacing Smellingsalt

10d 12h 40m We talk to a move tutor who claims to be willing to teach Seismic Toss. Wonder what he'd actually teach us...

10d 12h 39m We succeed! Got the Old Amber!

10d 12h 38m Into the museum. Need to talk to the central professor for the amber.

10d 12h 38m We cut the bush.

10d 13h 35m We almost cut the bush to get close to the entrance, but alas.

10d 13h 14m Out of the museum and we jump the ledge. Assuming we still don't have the amber, since we seem to be trying to re-enter the museum.

10d 12h 59m Voting for democracy. We've made it into the museum.

10d 12h 47m We cut the bush and grind a bit against low level mons, then head up. Welcome back to Pewter City!

10d 12h 42m Still traipsing around outside the house. Need to cut the top bush to get to Pewter.

10d 12h 36m We enter the house. The trade is our Rhydon for his Camerupt. Not worth doing, in my opinion.

10d 12h 31m [D] Anarchy wins the first and only vote.

10d 12h 30m Out of the cave. Wonder what the Abra for Mr. Mime trade is?

10d 12h 28m A Diglett in Diglett's cave... What are the odds?

10d 12h 28m We punch out another Pumbloom as Democracy voting begins. Strength is out of PP. The exit is in sight.

10d 12h 20m We find a Spearow with Megahorn, which puts a small dent in Sandsplash before he takes it down.

10d 12h 14m Sandsplash is still flopping us through the cave.


10d 12h 5m Sandslash leads the party as we venture into Diglett's Nincada's Cave.

10d 12h 0m Into Diglett's Cave. No heals necessary, we seem to be thinking.

10d 11h 58m DJ finally faints to poison.

10d 11h 56m Dancing around the mart as DJ continues to succumb to poison. We finally leave.

10d 11h 52m Back in Vermilion

10d 11h 44m Ran into a wild Shedinja

10d 11h 40m DJ is poisoned by a wild Poke

10d 11h 36m DJ is Crush-Clawing his way through some low level wild pokemon

10d 11h 34m We're on Route 11 right now.

10d 11h 26m And we're back! Not much seems to have happened in the past 10 minutes.

10d 11h 16m Out of the maze. I've got to take a short break, but I'll be back on in a bit. Hopefully someone will step in while I'm out

10d 11h 12m Still grinding DJ in the grass.

10d 11h 9m We find a wild Beldum, but we have no balls. Pity.

10d 11h 8m We venture into grass. Pretty sure we can't escape the maze this way, guys. Currently fighting wild 'mons with DJ.

[Addendum] I'm not sure if the EXP share is randomized to something else. I imagine it isn't, since the other Oak aides' item gifts aren't, but I don't know.

10d 11h 4m We have 49 Pokemon caught in the Pokedex. 1 more and we can go get the EXP Share from Fuchsia! Although I'm not sure the chat will be up for going back there again.

10d 11h 2m Still in the fence maze. Having some difficulty escaping.

10d 10h 47m Swablu finishes Arbok. Trainer defeated. On to the fence maze.

10d 10h 43m Marc defeats Nidoran, levels to 32, and faints from poison immediately. Swablu vs. Arbok.

10d 10h 41m Fighting a Trainer. Nidoran against Marc; Marc is poisoned.

10d 10h 36m On Route 15.

10d 10h 4m In Fuchsia, staring at the wall.

10d 9h 46m Wild Linoone used Frustration. Swablu fainted! Whited out!

10d 9h 41m Masquerain fainted!

10d 9h 33m Found a BrightPowder

10d 9h 33m Blastoise fainted!

10d 9h 22m Blastoise leveled up to 46!

10d 9h 19m [I was out for lunch, and no other updater was available during the time I was gone]. I think we found found a Moon Stone.

10d 8h 43m WE DID IT!

10d 8h 42m IT'S HAPPENING

10d 8h 39m Wartortle forgot Water Gun and learned Octazooka!

10d 8h 37m Wartortle is trying to learn Octazooka.

10d 8h 36m Wartortle levels up to 45! Stats: Max.HP 112 Atk 70 Def 85 Sp.Atk 85 Sp.Def 86 Speed 77

10d 8h 30m Wartortle vs a Lv31 Rhydon.

10d 8h 26m [D] Obtained Retro Mail

10d 8h 17m Wild Lv24 Wynaut. Wynaut catch it?

10d 8h 0m Sandslash vs a wild Mudkip. Sandslash fainted!, but so did the wild Mudkip.

10d 7h 57m Wild Lv33 Armaldo (Claw Fossil)

10d 7h 52m Sandslash levels up to 53!

10d 7h 38m OHKO'd a Mudkip.

[Stats] Mew's Lv31 stats: Max.HP 110 Atk 75 Def 80 Sp.Atk 75 Sp.Def 73 Speed 66

10d 7h 25m [D] Sandslash forgot Defense Curl and learned Strength! Back in Anarchy mode.

[Stats] List of known TM's in the case: TM04 Haze TM06 Pin Missile TM12 Acid Armor TM17 Skill Swap TM19 Sweet Kiss TM25 Thrash TM28 Will-o-Wisp TM29 Focus Energy TM34 Spike Cannon TM44 Dream Eater TM46 Water Gun TM47 Metal Claw

10d 7h 16m Still trying to teach Strength.

10d 7h 13m [D] In Demo, trying to teach a TM.

10d 7h 5m She successfully awakens and dodges a Sleep Powder.

10d 7h 4m Ursaring knows Sleep Powder as well. Swablu is now asleep.

10d 7h 2m Swablu was switched in against Ursaring.

10d 7h 1m Huh, Ursaring.

10d 7h 0m The voices begin!

10d 7h 0m Back down the ladder.

10d 6h 59m Ooh, an item. We decide to go down the ladder instead. Nah, back up.

10d 6h 58m Looks like Delibird knows Metal Claw.

10d 6h 57m Huh, a Delibird.

10d 6h 57m Into the caves!

10d 6h 53m Just hanging around on the Seafoam Islands.

10d 6h 52m I can sea Seafoam!

[Snark] All these Pokemon seems native to the sea.

10d 6h 43m Anarchy is back.

10d 6h 43m Vigoroth forgets Growth for Crush Claw!

10d 6h 41m [D] Will Growth be replaced?

10d 6h 39m [D] Vigoroth is selected.

10d 6h 38m [D] Oh hey! Looks like Mew can learn Crush Claw! And Vigoroth too!

10d 6h 37m [D] Crush Claw is selected!

10d 6h 37m [D] Crush Claw lies in wait ...

[Grammar Edit] *Whom

10d 6h 34m [D] Inside the TM Case. What shall we teach ... and to who, I wonder?

10d 6h 32m [D] Oh, teaching TMs, are we?

10d 6h 31m [D] In the bag.

10d 6h 30m [D] Currently in the menu.

10d 6h 30m Democracy begins!

10d 6h 27m Lombre gone! Anya defeated.

10d 6h 27m Sandsplash manages to Tackle out Horsea. A Lombre is sent out.

[Snark] Sandsplash is continuously curling into a ball because she's sad she lost her club.

10d 6h 23m Voting begins!

10d 6h 22m According to the streamer, the stream went down for those few seconds just so the overlay could be reset in the case of it crashing.

10d 6h 22m A Horsea is sent out! What will Sandsplash do now?

10d 6h 21m It loses Bone Club for Defense Curl.

10d 6h 21m It gets clubbed, and Sandsplash levels up to 52!

10d 6h 20m A Goldeen ...? Why does Anya have so many Pokemon suited to her trainer class?

10d 6h 20m Clubbed.

10d 6h 20m It goes down to a Bone Club from Sandsplash. A Seaking is sent out.

10d 6h 19m Battling Swimmer Anya now. Oh hey, Horsea.

10d 6h 18m And so ends the battle with Swimmer Connie and her trio of Vibravas.

10d 6h 18m Aaaand a third Vibrava! Clubbed!

10d 6h 18m That Vibrava went down as well.

10d 6h 18m Bone Club takes out the Vibrava. Here comes another Vibrava.

10d 6h 17m Sandsplash is sent out.

10d 6h 15m Vigoroth is taken out by her Vibrava's Bonemerangs.

10d 6h 13m Vigoroth vs Vibrava.

10d 6h 13m Battling Swimmer Connie.

10d 6h 12m Same with Beldum. Battle won!

10d 6h 11m Metang is taken out.

10d 6h 11m The voices are gone~

10d 6h 9m Battling Lia and Luc, a sibling team with a Beldum and Metang. Sandsplash and Vigoroth are sent out.

10d 6h 8m ... Why is there a Cyndaquil in the sea?

10d 6h 7m Ooor we could be south of Fuschia. All sea routes look the same to me.

10d 6h 4m I think we're surfing along the route between Pallet and Cinnabar.

10d 6h 3m Just came in to see that we've defeated Swimmer Douglas and his Aron.

10d 5h 41m Sandslash used Take down on a Swimmer's Whishcash and faints! Whited out! (Back in Fuchsia)

10d 5h 39m Sandslash levels up to 51! Stats: Max.HP 149 Atk 130 Def 147 Sp.Atk 67 Sp.Def 65 Speed 97

10d 5h 30m A Natu with Hi Jump Kick? Ohohoh...

10d 5h 25m A Cyndaquil on Route 19? Awesome.

10d 5h 16m [Recap on Gym Battle] We went down to DJ while Koga had two and took both out with Take Down and a final Tackle!

Ledge is love.

Ledge is life.

[Fluff] I hear voices in my head They council me They understand They talk to me

You got your rules and your religion All designed to keep you safe But when rules start getting broken You start questioning your faith

Saved the Game after that hardcore Gym Leader Battle!

The Voices are Back and we have intercepted a chat argument!

[Snark] I think Flameslash deserves a new Bone after this Victory!

Time time to leave this place! Orange was so last fall!

DJ IS EVOLVING! But was canceled! :(

[Gym] We used Tackle and Beat KOGA!!!!!

[Gym] Koga sent out Noctowl his last pokemon we used Take down and brought it to a quarter of his health!

[Gym] Flame Slash Used Bone Club and Took down Ninjask!

[Gym] Go Flameslash you can do it!!!

[Gym][Snark] Hopefully Koga doesn't go buy a potion while we wait!

[Gym] Last Pokemon is FlameSlash hope he can take out Ninjask crosses fingers

[Gym] War Fainted on the Second hit from Aeroblast!

[Gym] Sent out War took a hit and used Water Pulse!

[Gym] Swablu Fainted in one hit with Aeroblast like the others!

[Gym] Can't Run just Yet A! We need to beat Koga First!

[Gym] We send out Swablu!

[Gym]We send out Uber Bug! against Ninjask and faintied in one hit

[Gym] Koga Sent out Ninjask and we used Growth! He used Aeroblash and DJ fainted!

[Gym]We forgot Moonlight and learned Growth!

[Gym]We use Return and one hit skiploom and leveled up to lvl 37

[Gym]We got hit first with and then used Return to take out farfetch in one hit!

[Gym]Saddly moonlight has no PP so we can't use that here!

[Gym]DJ is out first against Farfetch'D! We also are going through the bag!

Let the Gym Battle Commence!

Time to take on the Gym with Karl Down!

Decided to change to Type 4 Border! Green Edges with some Bubble like text box!

[Snark]The Voices Vs the Ledge! Goal to reach the Pokemon Center Door! Will we make it within the hour or will we reach it within a day! Who knows! I am just here waiting for some action to happen! SHAUN!!!!

We are currently in the Gym and now we are out of it!

[Meta]After that short Reddit Maintenance we are back!

[Fluff] [Snark]Wait if bill files his own Pokedex Data could he possibly be in cohorts with Professor Young!!! They could make a perfect Fake Pokemon!(Reference to Pokemon Movie Night in Plug.DJ)

We should head to the Pokemon Center and Heal up Karl just encase we decide to battle the gym! (The grinding has worked really well so far!)

Got to check the Pokedex! Some of locations might have changed!

[Snark] Now that we got this Mail we should so totally send it to are future Self's! "Would that be considered a Selfie?"

We used Strength and moved the boulder saved and got Wave Mail in the Warden's House!

10d 3h 29m A stops to admire the paintings on the wall in the warden's house.

10d 3h 28m We reach the bottom of the menu without teaching anything, an anarchy takes over. It looks like we were just trying to see what TM's we had for some reason.

10d 3h 21m [D] We continue scrolling down the TM list.

10d 3h 19m [D] We're in the TM case, and we press...down? Is there another TM we need to teach?

10d 3h 18m [D] There's talk in the chat about using a Rare Candy to evolve Vigoroth in Democracy. Not sure if we have one though.

10d 3h 17m [D] Vigoroth forgets Horn Drill and learns Strength!

10d 3h 15m [D] Looks like we're teaching Strength to Vigoroth.

[Fluff] I mean Mew cannot learn just any move. He can still learn moves. :-)

10d 3h 11m [D] Mew cannot learn Strength! We find this out the hard way when we select it, not noticing "NOT ABLE!" in time. Back to the TM case menu. (So with the randomizer, Mew cannot learn any move.)

10d 3h 10m [D] No such luck...we open the TM case instead. :-)

10d 3h 8m [D] We open the bag. It looks like we're about to teach the HM...or perhaps watch some Teachy TV.

10d 3h 7m [D] With the menu open, we almost press start again, only for Up to win by a single vote in the last second!

10d 3h 6m [D] Democracy begins!

10d 3h 1m And so does voting.

10d 3h 0m The voices begin!

[Info] The democracy timer must not have been set very high--only five minutes until voting. Could be useful considering we need to teach Strength.

[Snark] Now all that's left to do is teach the HM and get the item. Piece of cake, right?

10d 2h 51m We give him his gold teeth! HM04 GET!

10d 2h 51m We walk into the Warden's house!

10d 2h 44m We speak to an apparent Poképhile a few times, who may or may not end up teaching one of our Pokémon the move Substitute...we'll see.

10d 2h 41m We speak to the guy three or four times about re-entering, but say no every time. Back in Fuchsia!

10d 2h 40m ...only to re-enter! And exit again!

10d 2h 40m We're RIGHT NEXT to the item....and we exit the Safari Zone.

10d 2h 38m 92/600 steps.

10d 2h 37m We almost exit the Safari Zone early without getting the item! ALMOST.

[Fluff] Thanks for watching the Safari Zone Democracy Marathon Everybody! This is Tustin2121 and Silent Sam signing out! :D

10d 2h 36m We have left the house.

10d 2h 33m But Anarchy wins out and we break out of the TM Case and hide in a corner of the victory house!

10d 2h 33m [D] The chat doesn't think that's enough, though. We boot up HM Surf again!

10d 2h 31m [D] Please hold a moment while we sit through a TM-teaching animation.

10d 2h 29m [D] Down and A over Water Gun fight it out. Down wins 85 to 76. Odor Sleuth is overwritten in favor of Surf!

10d 2h 28m [D] Alice decides carefully from Shellock's moveset: Water Pulse, Cut, Water Gun, or Odor Sleuth...?

10d 2h 26m [D] We select one Mr. Shellock Holmes (Wartortle) to learn Surf.

10d 2h 24m [D] We select Surf! Our Mew, Vigoroth, Wartortle, and Hyperbug (despite being a flying type now) can learn it!

10d 2h 21m [D] Alice opens the TM Case. What might we find in here? (Well, TMs, obviously)

[Information] We have 272 steps remaining after getting Surf!

10d 2h 18m [D] As a celebratory ceremony, Alice opens the start menu, presumably to give this trophy to one of her beloved pokemon.

10d 2h 17m [D] The chat becomes fed up with how long this attendant guy is talking. Sir, you are supposed to hand out the trophy and be done with it! What do we pay you for?


10d 2h 14m [D] AND NOW B SPAMMING!!


10d 2h 13m [D] SHE'S DONE IT!!! A PHOTO FINISH!!




10d 2h 9m [D] SHE HAS A TREE TO DEAL WITH AHEAD!! She vyes for a position between the other racers!! IS SHE TOO LATE?!

10d 2h 8m [D] Alice disentangles herself from the sign and FINALLY HEADS INTO THE HOME STRETCH!!

10d 2h 6m [D] OH NO!!! Alice gets tangled in a SIGN!! COULD THIS BE IT FOR THE FIRST PLACE VICTORY?!


10d 2h 4m [D] Sam, the voices I mentioned earlier seem to think that item ball is a Potato. But no, it's A SET OF GOLD TEETH ew...

10d 2h 3m [D] Alice cuts across the curve and makes a detour for the item ball!

10d 2h 2m [D] After a near-deadly experience with a fence on the edge of the zone entrance, Alice heads into the final zone! For real this time.

10d 2h 0m [D] Voices arise cheer Alice on as she heads into THE FINAL AREA!!

10d 1h 58m [D] AND SHE MAKES IT THROUGH THE FINAL PATCH OF GRASS!!! It's all clear sailing from here on out, folks!!

10d 1h 57m [D] No she won't, Sam! Alice left that bug in the dust!! She breaks for the final exit to the next area!!

10d 1h 55m [D] You know, Sam, these Surskit are known around these parts for the amazing ability to use the attack Hyper Beam! Will Alice see this first hand today?!

10d 1h 55m [D] NOOOOOOO!!!! A Surskit trips her up!!

10d 1h 54m [D] Alice takes the outside of the next curve! She's going through some tall grass folks!! She may not make it through unscathed!! Will we see her fly through it like earlier?!

10d 1h 52m [D] Alice heads into a straightaway across the north edge of Area 3! The competition can't be far behind!!

[Clarification] The TM 49 we picked up is actually Softboiled. Normally it's supposed to be Snatch. The game told us what it actually is. The menu text in the TM Case, when we look, may lie however.

10d 1h 49m [D] She cuts right across the curve and heads for the item ball on the outside edge! She picked up a Poke Doll!

10d 1h 47m [D] She makes an S-bend around the tree and heads once more into the tall grass! She seems to be aiming for the inside of the curve!! Will she make up time?!

10d 1h 45m [D] She reaches and grabs it on the flyby!! It's a TM 49! SOFTBOILED!!

10d 1h 44m [D] She takes to the outside of the curve! It looks like she might be going for that item ball! Will it help her in this race?!

10d 1h 42m [D] Alice runs from the Rhyhorn as well and has an easier time of it! But the competition is catching up!! Will she pull this out?! Or will she be blindsided by yet another pokemon?!

10d 1h 40m [D] But just as she leaves the grasp of the Machop A RHYHORN COMES AND CUTS HER OFF!!! What a catastrophe, Sam! What! a! catastrophe! Feel free to cut in whenever Sam...

10d 1h 39m [D] She scrambles to her feet and flees! The Machop is about to give chase! But it decided to loaf about instead!!

10d 1h 36m [D] Alice slams right into that grass and A MACHOP SWEEPS HER LEGS!! OH THE POKEMANITY!!

10d 1h 35m [D] It almost looked like she was going to overshoot that curve, Sam, but she pulled it out in time!! Into another patch of grass!

10d 1h 33m [D] She takes that curve like a pro, Sam!! She's down and off the third rock ridge! Right curve ahead though!


10d 1h 29m [D] She heads into the next patch of grass! This is the longest stretch thus far and on a curve too!! What new roadblocks will pop out this time?!

10d 1h 27m [D] Alice breaks into the third zone!! She really has a lead on everyone else, Sam, even despite the trip up earlier!

10d 1h 25m [D] Alice flees from the Poliwag to the West, flailing her arms about! Soon she's on a clear path once again!

10d 1h 24m [D] NO!!! She runs headfirst into a Poliwag, tripping and breaking her stride!!! How will she recover, Sam?!

10d 1h 22m [D] Alice hits a straightaway along the top edge of that second rock ridge! This has a lot of grass in it! Will she make it through unscathed?!

10d 1h 20m [D] Some adept maneuvering has her skirting the edge of the that grass patch, Sam! She doesn't want to risk another interruption!

10d 1h 18m [D] OH! She takes that inside curve like a mad woman! But she makes it past the rock ridge and skids along the water's edge!!

10d 1h 16m [D] She zooms right by that patch of grass by the water's edge! Look at her go!! Right up that next rocky ridge and expertly into the turn!!

10d 1h 13m [D] Alice takes that curve on the rock ridge like a pro, Sam. She's down and expertly skidding that opposing curve below it, heading into a straightaway!

10d 1h 8m [D] Alice runs from the Rhyhorn and flees for the first rock ridge! Right as the voices rest once again.

10d 1h 6m [D] Alice plows right into that grass and runs into a Rhyhorn! horn! horn!

[Information] For those that want to follow the action, he's a handy map of the Safari Zone Race Track!

10d 1h 2m [D] And Alice enters the second area! area area She's making good progress for only being able to take three steps at a time, folks!

[Information] It seems that R9K mode was deactivated for our run through the Safari Zone! Commands of "right,right,right" are now going through!

10d 1h 0m [D] The voices have returned! Will this distract our voters?

10d 0h 55m [D] And Alice rounds the first corner! She's avoiding that grass like the plague, Sam!! I wouldn't be surprised if she just doesn't want to get into a pokemon battle right now! Things are tense! tense tense.

[Information] This generation of Democracy doesn't have the lovely "up9" ability like it did before, but you can still chain three commands together using commas! So "up,up,up" is a valid vote!

10d 0h 47m [D] Welcome Ladies and Gentlemon to the Safari Zone Democracy Marathon!! thon! thon! Please sit back and relax as Democracy begins its slow one-command-at-a-time run through to the coveted, glorious Surf HM! M! M!

10d 0h 46m [D] We listen slowly and carefully to each word the Safari Zone lady has to say, on our way in. We pay to enter!

10d 0h 44m We leave the Zone again, and democracy kicks in!

10d 0h 42m We enter the Safari Zone once more. Democracy a minute away still.

10d 0h 40m And we immediately leave again! And pay to re-enter! And leave again!

[Snark] "Start spam to save steps," someone said. And folks, that's what happens when you spam start in the Safari Zone.

10d 0h 39m We enter the Safari Zone! Democracy being voted for right now.

10d 0h 38m We enter the Safari Zone Building! Alice decides not to enter.

10d 0h 37m Input-mode voting in less than a minute!

10d 0h 36m Alice is currently inspecting the area around Chansey pen, possibly for holes in the fence.

10d 0h 34m Found some houses between the two instead! The horror! Alice jumps the ledge next to the PokeCenter in protest.

10d 0h 32m Making a beeline for the Gym right now. Or the PokeCenter. Or that space in the middle to examine some flowers.

10d 0h 30m Just milling about Fuschia City right now, checking out the Pokemon pens near the Safari Zone.

10d 0h 24m We're in Fuchsia. I'm going to have to sign off now. I'm hopeful another updater will be with you shortly.

10d 0h 17m Squirtle up next. And down! Solid sweep from DJ.

10d 0h 16m Having difficulty selecting a move with all but Return, in the bottom right, being out of PP. We finally use it, though, and Croconaw is in the red. Another one finishes the job, and a third Return takes out Seel.

10d 0h 12m Stopped by a trainer with a Croconaw. Let's see what DJ has up his sleeve...

10d 0h 12m Out of the maze, coming up on Fuchsia.

10d 0h 10m Fence mazes are hard, but we're almost to the exit.

[META] If you're available to update temporarily please PM me.

10d 0h 1m Welcome to Day 11! Currently traveling back through the fence maze.

9d 23h 53m Coming up on the fishing guru's house.

9d 23h 45m Straight down to route 12.

9d 23h 43m Out of Pokemon Tower!

9d 23h 40m Anarchy takes back over as we attempt to navigate the last set of stairs.

9d 23h 36m [D] Out of the floors with wild Pokemon on them.

9d 23h 32m This floor... Torchics, Totodiles and Eevees all over the place. It's like TPP memory lane in here.

9d 23h 25m Still a couple floors above the exit.

9d 23h 12m Slowly advancing down the tower.

9d 23h 5m DJ levels to 36 and does not evolve. No one is surprised.

9d 23h 3m Still running from all the wild pokemon we come across. B spam is contributing to the run epidemic.

[Reminder] DJ will try to evolve when he levels up. Spam Start and A if you want to displace all the B's!

9d 22h 48m Still grinding DJ. Taking a long time, since Horn Drill is out of PP and pressing right, to get to the only damaging moves he has, often leads us to run. We've gone down a floor.

9d 22h 29m Marc fainted. DJ grinding now.

9d 22h 20m Walking around, fighting battles with a poisoned Mew, running sometimes.

9d 22h 15m Mew is poisoned in the process.

9d 22h 14m Mew tries to go nuclear on a wild Ekans, but it has Damp. You can't make this stuff up.

9d 22h 10m We seem to be on our way out of the tower. Perhaps level 31 is sufficient grinding for Mew in the eyes of the hive.

9d 22h 8m Text speed is slow, battle scenes are off, and Marc is level 31

9d 22h 7m We make it into the pause menu, but anarchy returns before anything else happens.

9d 22h 5m [D] Fighting a wild Mankey. Maybe we'll try to use the democracy to do something special once we win...

[Recap] /u/Calabazal has a new recap! Find it here.

9d 22h 1m Healed like it ain't no thang.

9d 22h 0m Marc is going strong despite the burn. We approach the healpad.

9d 21h 54m Marc gets burned, but is still going strong. Running from a few encounters.

9d 21h 43m Marc levels to 30, learns Selfdestruct! Oh boy!

[Plug] Grinding can be a boring but with some music you can have your own Marathon like the great Rocky! Come join us at Plug.DJ and Experience that Feeling of Winning! http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

9d 21h 38m Apparently Marc Tricked his glasses onto a Bellsprout and left them there. His agonized attempts to get them back almost get him killed by a Remoraid.

9d 21h 35m Marc takes out a Flambékey and gets burned in the process.

9d 21h 32m Marc gets poisoned, and is futzing around giving his glasses to Bellsprout and taking them back. He wins and we heal, though.

9d 21h 23m Marc levels to 29. Deal with it.

9d 21h 22m Battle animations are back on.

9d 21h 19m Tossed a Belue Berry, in the middle of a battle no less.

9d 21h 14m Cool!Marc levels to 28

9d 21h 8m Marc is now holding the Blackglasses

9d 21h 1m We heal, in a shocking and unexpected twist.

9d 21h 0m A wild Remoraid is giving us trouble, but we get the cursor off of Trick and Marc levels to 27

9d 20h 56m Marc keeps grindin' and hustlin' his way to the top.

9d 20h 54m DJ gets a turn against a wild Remoraid after we switch him in for Marc. He has a chance to evolve when he levels up next. We heal afterward.

9d 20h 43m Marc levels to 26

9d 20h 41m Marc gets burnt and brought to the yellow in a wild battle, but he wins and we heal right after.

9d 20h 38m We heal again. We're doing it so often that I tire of bolding it.

9d 20h 36m Democracy comes and goes. Marc keeps on trucking through the area's wild Pokemon.

9d 20h 33m Someone in the IRC pointed out that the cross next to Mew's name is now gone. Sorry I didn't mention that earlier, didn't notice until now. Still not sure what it meant.

9d 20h 29m Marc levels to 25.

9d 20h 20m Still grinding, Marc is now level 24

9d 20h 16m Healed

9d 20h 12m We switch in DJ, who horn drills a Meditite. Equal opportunity grinding!

9d 20h 11m Healed 2x

9d 20h 10m Mew is badly poisoned by Toxic from a Bellsprout.

9d 20h 9m Defeated a Staryu and leveled up to 23

9d 20h 8m stream back!

9d 20h 8m stream down but potato continues


9d 20h 7m potatoed saved the game.


9d 20h 6m Bye Remoraid. BTW Masquerain leveled up to 50

9d 20h 5m Withdrew MARC for Masquerain against a wild Remoraid.

9d 20h 4m potato text speed is slow.

9d 20h 4m Pikachu has been potatoed knocked out!

9d 20h 3m MARC is potatoed paralyzed.

9d 20h 3m Wild potato Pikachu appeared!

9d 20h 3m Just potatoing grinding.

9d 20h 2m potatoed HEALED

9d 20h 2m potato level 22

9d 20h 0m POTATO Chat to speech time!

9d 20h 0m Still grinding... HEALED btw.

9d 19h 54m HEALED

9d 19h 54m leveled up to 21


9d 19h 50m Just grinding. It takes a few more fights to level up now that we've already leveled up a bit.

9d 19h 49m Defeated a wild Meditite and grew to level 19

9d 19h 49m Chat-to-speech in 12 minutes, voting in 43 minutes.


9d 19h 48m Defeated a wild Remoraid while Mew had only 2HP left! No level up yet. Oh and we just HEALED.

9d 19h 43m HEALED (yup, again)

9d 19h 43m HEALED (not that we needed to again)

9d 19h 43m HEALED

9d 19h 42m Leveled up to 18

9d 19h 39m Defeated a Staryu. No level up yet though.

9d 19h 39m Ran away. HEALED

9d 19h 38m Still not healed, now fighting a Mankey with Vigoroth.

9d 19h 38m Swablu comes out and finishes the job.

9d 19h 38m RIP MARC

9d 19h 37m Trapped in the vortex of Whirlpool... Down to 3 HP.

9d 19h 36m MARC grew to LV. 17!

9d 19h 36m Mew is at a bit less than half health. We're fighting a Machop right now.

9d 19h 34m Switched out Mew for Swablu against a Persian and SWABLU LEVELED UP TO 35 but DID NOT EVOLVE

9d 19h 32m While my wifi network was acting up, Mew leveled up to 16.

My wifi just completely died, sorry. >__<

9d 19h 27m Ouch, this Bellsprout knows Giga Drain and Toxic... But we defeat it and grow to level 15.

9d 19h 26m HEALED

9d 19h 25m We turned on battle scene, only to turn it right back off. Also we saved.

9d 19h 25m Ran from Gulpin but fainted from poison while walking.

9d 19h 23m Mew is poisoned from a wild Gulpin. I think we're trying to switch out now but we couldn't do it.

9d 19h 21m Mew is down to around half health from a Mankey. Teeter Dance isn't fun to deal with. We run away and heal

9d 19h 20m HEALED

9d 19h 17m RIP MEW (again)

9d 19h 14m HEALED

9d 19h 14m Vigoroth finishes off the Mankey.

9d 19h 14m RIP MARC Down from a burn.

9d 19h 12m Oh and we're confused too. Fun. And did I mention Crush Claw lowered our Defense? Yellow health. GL MARC. you'll need it.

9d 19h 12m Wild Mankey's Flame Body burned MARC.

9d 19h 11m We knocked out another Pokemon with MEW and grew to level 14

[Stats] Mew's Lv13 stats: Max.HP 52, Atk. 33, Def. 36, Sp. Atk. 33, Sp. Def. 33, Speed 28

9d 19h 9m Fighting a Remoraid, level 16. It's using Whirlpool but MEW TAKES IT OUT WITH SMELLINGSALT AND GAINS 267 EXP AND LEVELS UP TO 13

9d 19h 7m HEALED

9d 19h 7m Out comes our Sandslash... Only to run away from a red health Bellsprout..

9d 19h 6m MARC puts up a decent fight against Bellsprout but FAINTS. Bellsprout is in the red... it was close I guess? No exp for mew though.

9d 19h 6m We just used Trick on a Bellsprout but it failed. I think we lost TM04 (cmiiw)

9d 19h 5m We used Trick on a wild Machop and then ran. Not sure if our TM04 is gone permanently or not.

9d 19h 3m HEALED

9d 19h 2m Withdrew Mew and sent Vigoroth out instead. But then we run away. So much for EXP.

9d 19h 1m Mew is in the yellow again...

9d 18h 59m HEALED

9d 18h 59m We send out Vigoroth.

rip mew

9d 18h 58m VS Pikachu. We try to run but can't. Mew faints to Thunder

9d 18h 57m MARC down to half health against a Staryu, we SWITCH it out for Vigoroth and we FINALLY GAIN EXP.

9d 18h 56m MARC vs Bellsprout. We run. Oh boy, this'll take a while.

9d 18h 55m It seems ANARCHY HAS RETURNED.

9d 18h 55m [D] Exited out of the party menu. Seems we're done switching the party.

9d 18h 55m [D] Oh and we are still in Democracy btw.


9d 18h 53m [D] We're switching Vigoroth...!! Can we select Mew?

9d 18h 52m [D] WE ARE IN THE PARTY MENU. Still in invisible Democracy mode.

9d 18h 50m [D] We're in the menu. Still no UI though. Maybe we're switching our party. Good luck with that.

9d 18h 48m [D] Oh, apparently we've entered Democracy. The UI is still invisible so I didn't realize until I saw almost nothing happening. Yeah... Democracy with no UI, that's fun.

9d 18h 44m Just grinding, nothing much happening here.

9d 18h 39m We ran away...

9d 18h 38m We switched in Swablu against a wild Meditite.

9d 18h 36m Still just grinding. Vigoroth making some decent progress, as he's in the front of the party. Good luck grinding anyone else coughmewcough though.

9d 18h 32m We run. So much for grinding Mew.

9d 18h 32m We switched in Mew against a level 14 Staryu!

9d 18h 31m Vigoroth grew to level 35

9d 18h 26m As a reminder, Vigoroth is at the front of our party. Followed by Mew, Sandslash, Wartortle, Masquerain, and Swablu. In that order.

9d 18h 25m We have healed

9d 18h 22m We're very close to the healing spot.

9d 18h 19m Caught a level 15 male Machop with no nickname in a Great Ball

9d 18h 17m We climbed the stairs!

9d 18h 14m We Leech Life a Numel and get to 23 HP. We're now climbing and descending and climbing and descending (etc.) the stairs.

9d 18h 13m Down to just 9 HP after a wild Ekans crit us with Poison Tail. Still hanging in there though.

9d 18h 10m Still just grinding with Masquerain. Kinda. We're in red health but Leech Life does heal us a little bit. And we're overlevel by a lot so it's not like these Pokemon do much to us. Hopefully we'll get to heal soon so we can train our weaker Pokemon though.

9d 18h 5m Checking out our mostly fainted team... Then we run away from a Swablu.

9d 18h 0m Up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs, back up again.

9d 17h 59m We hit Shedinja with a Mirror Move Confuse Ray and it hit itself in confusion, finally that battle is over. Wandering around now.

9d 17h 58m We're in a fight with Shedinja but we keep trying to run. We're trapped here so that won't do any good. We keep using Mirror Move which turns into Fury Cutter but of course that's not gonna work on Shedinja. Now we've been hit with Confuse Ray. At 23HP right now.

9d 17h 52m: We are doing a great job at running from pokemon. Not so much at walking up. Or down for that matter. Or anywhere really.

9d 17h 49m: 4th floor reached! Then back to 3rd floor. Take it easy A, don't panic.

9d 17h 45m: Just a reminder, we only have Masquerain with 29 hp and Swablu left.

9d 17h 44m: Here we go. 3rd floor reached and walking towards the 4th.

9d 17h 40m: Finally we go up the stairs! A few more floors still.

9d 17h 38m: A keeps struggling to go up the stairs. They are right there

9d 17h 31m: A is struggling to go up the stairs. A lot. Security please?

9d 17h 26m: A enters the tower! Looks like we are going back to Grinding. sigh

9d 17h 23m: Poke Market entered. Right seems to be winning this one guys.

9d 17h 19m: House exited and back to Lavender town. Battle may continue once again.

9d 17h 18m: A can't decide on whether to change some nicknames or not. Name rater sips his coffee.

9d 17h 11m: Back in Lavender, in the name rater's house.

9d 17h 10m: Nevermind, you wont. Anarchy takes back control.

9d 17h 9m: [D] Down! It's hard to know what's going on in democracy though. Blind Democracy is... well, you'll see.

9d 17h 9m: And Democracy kicks in just in time for us to take a break from the battle.

9d 17h 8m: A enters Lavender and goes to the left, entering route 8. Input battle, right vs left.

9d 17h 7m: Wooden bridge almost finished. We see Lavender in the distance.

9d 17h 1m: UP UP UP to Lavender. Almost there guys, you may decide then what to do there.

9d 16h 54m: Trainer defeated! A walks takes her prize, a pokeball next to the trainer. TINYMUSHROOM OBTAINED.

9d 16h 53m: Masquerain uses fly and Ledian does too with mirror move. Both miss. Same routine once more, but this time Ledian hits. HYPERBEAM! OHKO.

[Snark] Take that you dried up zombie!

9d 16h 52m: Mirror move and night shade! Shedinja finally faints. Ledian comes in.

9d 16h 52m: More night shadow vs leech life. Shedinja just stares into Masqeurain's eyes.

9d 16h 51m: Masquerain uses leech life. Wonder guard strikes again.

[Information] For those of you just joining us, the stream has lost both the input box and party box a few hours ago. It looks like this

9d 16h 49m: Masquerain comes in and uses mirror move. Fails of course and gets confused by Shedinja.

9d 16h 47m: Wartortle uses odor sleuth. More nightshade. Then Wartortle hits itself and faints

[Snark] BREAKING NEWS! "There's no running from a TRAINER fight."

[Snark] Shedinja keeps staring at Shellock. His face starts to get really palid. Is it cold in here?

9d 16h 43m: More Poke Flute can't stop Shedinja's night shade.

9d 16h 42m: Shellock comes in. Water gun! no use, Spider web is launched once more. It's killing them one by one!

9d 16h 40m: Poke Flute! Damn it, no use! Flameslash faints to nightshade.

9d 16h 40m: Tackle! Bone club! Take Down! Oh god She's doomed!

9d 16h 38m: Shedinja uses night shade. lvl 29. 91 hp left for Flameslash.

9d 16h 37m: "From lost to the river" says Flameslash. She grabs here bone club and keeps trying to hit Shedinja. In my mind is kind of Tom and Jerry.

9d 16h 36m: Bone club can't hit. Take down either. Spider web used by Shedinja

9d 16h 33m: Justin sends out Shedinja vs Flameslash! Oh oh

9d 16h 32m: Shellock the tree killer kills another of those mighty creatures. A engages a trainer in a battle.

9d 16h 31m: Up up up we go. A cannot be stopped.

9d 16h 27m: We got out and reached route 12! Hurray! \o/

9d 16h 21m: A seems lost with all this fences but she's managing to advance. Halfway to the otherside now.

9d 16h 15m: On our way to the tower currently. We just entered route 13 and its lovely maze.

9d 16h 12m: Flameslash misses take down. Spoink used dizzy punch and got burnt. Take down hits and Spoink faints. 120 hp left for Sandslash.

9d 16h 7m: Sandslash misses bone club. Spoink helps with Kinesis. Sandslash then switches to safeguard.

9d 16h 6m: A bird keeper challenges A. He sends out Spoink vs Flamesplash.

9d 16h 3m: Currently grinding in route 14. Flameslash is the one that's grinding by the way.

9d 16h 2m: Biker defeated after that.

9d 16h 1m: Boneclub OHKOs Anorith. Venonat out and also down to Bone Club.

9d 16h 1m: Another Biker! They are everywhere. Anorith vs Sandslash.

9d 16h 0m: Return finishes Squirtle and biker defeated.

9d 15h 59m: More Poke Flute.

9d 15h 58m: Squirtle resists the first return.

9d 15h 58m: Corphish finally faints! Out comes Squirtle.

9d 15h 57m: Swablu out and uses quick attack. Corphish keeps drinking milk.

9d 15h 56m: Masquerain shifts. Corphish uses muddy water. Then Marc comes back out. Bubble hits. Smellingsalt once again. Mew goes down to muddy water.

9d 15h 55m: Mew is sent out vs Corphish and uses smelling salt. Crit smelling salt. Corphish uses bubble and milk drink. This might take a while guys.

9d 15h 54m: A keeps playing the Pokeflute. Apparently it doesn't help with poison. DJ fainted.

9d 15h 53m: DJ is poisoned by Totodile before he goes down to the burn. Corphish out.

9d 15h 53m: Totodile doesn't OHKO to tri attack, but he does get burnt. 39 hp left for Vigoroth. Poke Flute played.

9d 15h 52m: Another Biker challenges us. Totodile vs Vigoroth

[Snark] "Surskit the constipated" /u/Silky_Way

9d 15h 50m: Trainer defeated.

9d 15h 50m: Bagon also faints OHKO. A last Vibrava as well. This is how a Vigoroth sweeps guys.

9d 15h 49m: DJ OHKOs Vibrava with tri attack. Another Vibrava out and down OHKO again.

9d 15h 48m: Another Biker challenges us. Vigoroth vs Vibrava.

9d 15h 47m: Muk resists the return and misses his. A second tri attack and Muk down. Biker defeated.

9d 15h 44m: We also ran out of moonlight. Damn it!

9d 15h 43m: More great balls used. We have one left. Sludge bomb leaves Vigoroth with 59 hp.

9d 15h 42m: OHKOs with tri attack. DJ reached lvl 34. Muk out. Great ball used!

9d 15h 41m: Trainer battle! Biker Gerald sends out Bulbasaur vs DJ.

9d 15h 41m: Route 14 reached. There's some talk in the chat about going to the tower.

[Snark] The chat has seen that Ponyta as Abby's reincarnation. Screams for her escalate.

9d 15h 36m: We capture a lvl 28 female Ponyta named "AABBBKKKQQ"

[Snark] You can't make that stuff up! Nopoo is already the nick name the chat has given our new Surskit.

9d 15h 30m: We capture a lvl 25 wild female Surskit. nnnoopoo is his name

9d 15h 27m: We used a couple of great balls on a wild Surskit.

9d 15h 21m: Oh look! A wild female Mudkip! And of course DJ uses horn drill.

9d 15h 20m: Route 15 entered! Grinding once more.

9d 15h 18m: Back outside jumping down ledges to the left of the gym. Why not.

9d 15h 14m: A goes to the beach to jog while listening to the eye of the tiger. She feels confident enough and returns to Fuchsia.

9d 15h 11m: Skiploom uses solar beam and Shellock faints. A whited out. Another 3200 pokedollars taken from us.

9d 15h 11m: Skiploom resists water pulse and uses stun spore. Paralyzed!

9d 15h 10m: Water gun leaves Noctowl in red bar! Horn attack responds. Another water gun and Noctowl faints! Skiploom out.

9d 15h 9m: Water gun! and Noctowl responds with bubble(!) and drill peck.

9d 15h 8m: Water pulse vs aeroblast. This is not teh urn guys.

9d 15h 7m: Two aeroblasts later Swablu faints. All up to Shellock.

9d 15h 7m: Swablu in! It's flying vs flying. Great ball catch Noctowl!

[Information] By the way, Mew has relaxed nature. (powers up defense, powers down speed)

9d 15h 4m: A second critical aeroblast does it for Masquerain. Only Wartortle and Swablu left.

9d 15h 3m: Aeroblast hits but Masquerain is still standing. More leech life.

9d 15h 3m: More leech life and Koga switches Noctowl in.

9d 15h 3m: Leech life! Skiploom survives and paralyzes Masquerain. Then Koga uses hyper potion.

9d 15h 2m: Hyperbug comes out. Safeguard ends. Mirror move misses. So does stun spore.

9d 15h 0m: Safeguard protects flameslash. Tackle hits but solar beam responds and Sandslash faints.

9d 14h 59m: Skiploom in! Bone club doesn't affect.

9d 14h 59m: And of course Koga uses hyper potion. Flamesplash is tired and uses take down. OHKO. Sandslash reaches level 50.

9d 14h 58m: Safeguard ends. Don't worry, Sandsplash used it once again. 46 hp left.

9d 14h 57m: Flamesplash is letting her burning body speak for herself. Farfetch'D is down to 50% hp. Flamesplash has 69 hp left.

9d 14h 55m: Flamesplash uses safeguard. More Drill peck and more burn injuries.

9d 14h 53m: Farfetch'D got burnt. Thats what you get for playing with fire! Flamesplash tries to run away afterwards.

9d 14h 53m: Boneclub cannot hit. Farfetch'D uses drill peck over and over.

9d 14h 52m: Fake out takes care of DJ. DJ down. Flamesplash joins.

9d 14h 51m: DJ has 11 hp left. He tries to use horn drill but no use.

9d 14h 51m: Koga challenged. DJ vs Farfetch'D

9d 14h 49m: I'd tell you how much HP DJ has but apparently... well, no more boxes :/

[Snark] "So you mix brawn with brains?" Ye, something like that.

9d 14h 45m: Gym entered. A slams the invisible walls screaming "I'M BACK KOGA, COME HERE!"

[Meta] The chat's new trend is "spoiler+random message". I hope it never gets old, some of them are gold.

9d 14h 44m: Left it is! A glares at the ledge and immediately runs away.

9d 14h 42m: Back in Fuchsia City. A can't decide on going right or left.

9d 14h 40m: Ok, no more PPs for Moonlight or Horn Drill. DJ is poisoned.

9d 14h 39m: Poke Flute played! Now that's a catchy tune.

9d 14h 39m: Make that one. This Paras keeps damaging and DJ likes to stay perfect

9d 14h 38m: Dj healed. twice. 2 PPs left for moonlight.

9d 14h 36m: Anarchy takes back control. Blind Democracy can be very interesting and tricky though.

9d 14h 35m: Ok, I think we are fighting a Smeargle in Democracy. People want to keep blindingly spamming commands.

9d 14h 34m: I honestly don't know when democracy kicks in and when it doesn't anymore. Everytime the stream freezes I immediately think its democracy.

9d 14h 32m: This grinding session is going very slow. We keep trying to use horn drill even though it has no PPs, then after a while we normally run. Seems fair.

9d 14h 29m: Mew faints to a wild Snubbul. He didn't like his tricks apparently.

[Correction] It wasn't a super potion, it was moonlight. My bad!

9d 14h 22m: "I wish I had a bike". Us too. Still grinding vs Paras, Pineco, Chimecho and Nidoran.

9d 14h 19m: Still grinding. We are mostly running away now.

9d 14h 16m: Last horn drill's PP finally hits. 56 hp left for DJ.

9d 14h 15m: Horn drill misses vs a wild Pineco. She uses bind (!). I'd rather not comment on that.

9d 14h 13m: Grinding time left of Fuchsia city. DJ OHKOs with horn drill.

9d 14h 10m: Ledge jumped once again. A goes towards the fences outside of Fuchsia city.

[Snark] So basically, we just got our butts kicked by a frikking Ninjask. The humiliation... it hurts too much.

9d 14h 4m: Dj comes in and also faints to aeroblast. A whited out. Koga takes 3100 from us as fee for failing.

9d 14h 3m: Wartortle also OHKOs to aeroblast. Critical aeroblast. All up to DJ now.

9d 14h 3m: Masquerain comes in but faints OHKO to another aeroblast.

9d 14h 2m: Aeroblast OHKOs Swablu. 3 PPs to go.

9d 14h 1m: Swablu comes out! A looks for objects in the bag.

9d 14h 0m: Flameslash faints to aeroblast. Teh Urn?

9d 14h 0m: Flameslash again. Take down vs Aeroblast and Noctowl faints! Ninjask left. 13 hp

9d 13h 59m: Mew shifts in and OHKOs to aeroblast.

9d 13h 58m: Aeroblast vs tackle. Both do about the same damage. 56 hp left for Flamesplash.

9d 13h 58m: More tackle but Flamesplash gets paralyzed. No problem, Skiploom down as well. Noctowl next.

9d 13h 57m: Farfetch'D uses drill peck and Flamesplash switches to bone club. Then tackle finally finishes Farfetch'D. Skiploom up next.

9d 13h 57m: Flameslash is switched in vs Farfetch'D. Tackle hits.

9d 13h 56m: Horn drill (totally called it) doesn't affect Farfetch'd. He uses Fake out.

9d 13h 56m: Koga challenged. DJ vs Farfetch'D

9d 13h 54m: Slowly getting through the maze. Watch out for horn drill this time guys.

9d 13h 47m: Gym entered once more! We meet again wall.

9d 13h 45m: A goes to the beach to check on those swimmers. They won't teach her how to swim though.

9d 13h 43m: A decides to hangout in the pokemon center.

[Snark] Damn that Ninjask. If only there were a way for us to get one too... Oh wait.

9d 13h 37m: Water pulse hits but Wartortle faints to horn drill. A whited out

9d 13h 37m: Water pulse finally hits and Ninjask goes down! Noctowl left. 21 hp.

9d 13h 37m: Wartortle uses... odor sleuth. Air cutter once more and more odor sleuth.

9d 13h 36m: Flamesplash survives to a critical air cutter and uses tackle. A second one finishes her and only Wartortle left.

9d 13h 34m: Aeroblast once more. Moar Bone club.

9d 13h 33m: Ninjask uses feather dance. Bone Club of course cannot hit.

9d 13h 33m: Swablu comes in and also OHKOs to Ninjask. Sandslash in!

9d 13h 31m: Masquerain comes in and OHKOs to a critical Aeroblast.

9d 13h 31m: Mew comes in and Mew goes down to aeroblast.

9d 13h 30m: More tri attack hits but a critical aerial ace takes DJ down. Ninjask has 50% hp left.

9d 13h 30m: Triattack hits twice and Skiploom down. Dj is now lvl 33. Ninjask next.

9d 13h 29m: Drill peck hits but Farfetch'D goes down to tri attack. Skiploom out.

9d 13h 29m: No horn drill for you this time Farfetch'D. Not for lack of trying though. Tri attack!

9d 13h 28m: Koga challenged once more. Farfetch'd vs DJ.

9d 13h 27m: And anarchy took back control. I swear we have no way of knowing when Democracy is coming >_<.

9d 13h 26m: Surprise! Democracy kicked in!

9d 13h 23m: Koga's gym looks way bigger than I remember from my RBY games. Those walls are still so annoying though.

9d 13h 20m: Gym entered! Wall maze, please don't do this to us.

9d 13h 12m: A changes her approach to the gym's door. She now tries hedbutting the walls. "I can make my own door!"

[Music] Getting tired of the stream audio? Head on over to TPP's plug.dj station to hear and play some sweet tunes!

9d 13h 7m: Ledge jumped back down. The whole gym is mocking us at this point

9d 13h 5m: A keeps entering this family's house, then leaving without saying a word. How rude.

9d 12h 59m: More ledge jumped. Currently outside Fuchsia. A Lapras stares at A, craving for freedom perhaps. He doesn't know he's actually a Marowak and Marowak don't swim.

[Snark] Guys, I have some bad news. Apparently A cannot walk through walls. We'll make it work somehow.

9d 12h 50m: A keeps walking around Fuchsia. Ledge jumped, ledge climbed.

9d 12h 43m: A decides to break into a nice family's home. She demands a plate for dinner.

9d 12h 41m: A prepares to get into the gym. Teh Ledge!

9d 12h 40m: Back to Fuchsia. We defeated one Spearow. That was enough grinding.

[Information] This is how the stream looks right now. No boxes, only stream.

9d 12h 35m: Grinding it is! We are in route 15. Vigoroth's last horn drill PP is wasted on a Spearow. It didn't even hit it.

9d 12h 34m: Horn drill used once more and Arbok faints. Trainer down!

9d 12h 31m: More OHKOs. Too bad horn drill doesnt affect higher leveled pokemon though. Arbok is the last one!

9d 12h 31m: Horn drill OHKOs Ekans. Venonat up next.

9d 12h 30m: Trainer battle time! Picnicker Yazmin sends out Ekans vs Vigoroth.

9d 12h 29m: Route 15 entered! \o/

[Meta] For those of you wondering, those of you that just joined, the stream's party box and input box are gone. It happened a few hours ago and so far we don't know how/why.

9d 12h 26m: A returns to Fuchsia. She's still bumped about that bike, maybe Koga will help her self-esteem

9d 12h 22m: This guy won't let us go to the biking route. Apparently we need some kind of "bicycle". Thats racist man!

9d 12h 9m The chat is currently divided intensely between going back to Koga's gym for another shot at the badge and some grinding, or going to the Safari Zone.

9d 11h 57m Our party healed, anarchy returns!

9d 11h 56m Back in the Pokemon Center.

9d 11h 55m [D] And, because we whited out, Shellock of course does not evolve.

9d 11h 54m [D] Democracy is staying in power longer than usual. Solely because it's funny.

9d 11h 52m [D] Also, it appears we've entered Democracy, though we still can't see the HUD.

9d 11h 52m Shellock goes down to Solar Beam and Alice Whites Out!

[Snark] If this were the anime, this would be the point where Shellock evolved mid-battle for us to win.

9d 11h 51m Ninjask goes down and Shellock levels up to 44! Skiploom comes out.

9d 11h 50m Ninjask gets a critical hit and Hyperbug goes down! Only Shellock remains.

9d 11h 49m Swablu goes down! Hyperbug and Shellock left.

9d 11h 48m Sandsplash goes down! Swablu comes back out.

9d 11h 47m Swablu comes out and takes Farfetch'd down! Ninjask is up next.

9d 11h 46m Farfetch'd is burned by Sandsplash's Flame Body!

9d 11h 45m Karl Marc down!

9d 11h 44m DJ goes down!

9d 11h 43m Challenged Koga!

9d 11h 34m Back in the gym!

[Strategy] Since Koga's Ninjask has huge power, there is a very high chance that a Ninjask of our own would also have Huge Power and would also learn Aeroblast. And a Huge Power Ninjask has a greater attack stat than Slaking. Food for thought.

9d 11h 17m Back on the beach. As you might have guessed, no moves got deleted.

9d 11h 11m Talking to the Move Deleter! This could get dangerous.

[Meta] Also, Lugia's signature move probably doesn't hurt.

[Meta] If you thought Koga's Ninjask was particularly formidable, it's because it has Huge Power as an ability.

9d 10h 49m Left the Pokemon Center, back on the beach!

9d 10h 48m Back to the Pokemon Center!

9d 10h 47m So much for Swablu. OHKO, White out!

9d 10h 46m Sandsplash down! Only Swablu left.

9d 10h 43m Sandsplash comes out, but her....less than optimal move choices leave us in bad shape.

[Snark] Ninjask proves one thing: Even as a flying type gym leader, Koga is still a ninja.

9d 10h 41m Ninjask OHKO's Hyperbug with Aeroblast!

9d 10h 40m Skiploom goes down, but Hyperbug is paralyzed! Ninjask is next.

9d 10h 39m And Koga uses another Hyper Potion.

9d 10h 39m Shellock goes down to Solar Beam! We send out Hyperbug!

9d 10h 37m Shellock is working Skiploom down, but Koga's hyperpotion isn't helping.

9d 10h 35m Farfetch'd down!

9d 10h 34m Mew is OHKO'd by Farfetch'd. We send out Shellock.

9d 10h 33m We throw a great ball, and DJ faints! Mew comes out.

9d 10h 31m Farfetch'd vs DJ

9d 10h 31m Koga Challenged!

9d 10h 27m Display is gone! Only thing we can see is the game itself. No commands, no team, nothing.

9d 10h 22m Entered the Gym!

9d 10h 1m The voices are, once again, on but mysteriously mute.

9d 10h 0m We finally leave the Pokemon Center, and do some ledge-jumping to celebrate!

[Fun Fact] Posting that Fun Fact probably guaranteed the release of at least 15 pokemon.

[Fun Fact] So far, we've released fewer Pokemon (1) than in any other TPP game.

9d 9h 53m We almost deposited Karl Marc.

9d 9h 51m Pc Accessed!

9d 9h 51m We spent a little while running up and down the escalator, but are now on the 2nd floor

Back on the 2nd floor. Time for another episode of Teala-Talk?

9d 9h 48m Some people want to teach Mew some TMs. Some people want to leave the Pokemon Center. Some people want to go to the PC. What does Alice want to do? Apparently, bump into walls.

9d 9h 44m Anarchy back in power!

9d 9h 43m [D] Party healed!

9d 9h 42m Talking to the nurse. Chat is convinced she's Koga in ninja-disguise.

9d 9h 39m [D] Looks like Democracy is going to keep power long enough to heal us.

9d 9h 38m [D] Democracy is dragging us away from our BFF Teala and back downstairs.

9d 9h 36m [D] We enter democracy!

9d 9h 33m Chatting with Teala, letting her know how our day's going.

9d 9h 31m We head to the 2nd floor of the Pokemon Center.

9d 9h 28m Back in the Pokemon Center. We don't immediately rush to the PC, so this is a good sign.

[Meta] Since we've seemed to take a short break from the action, this poll has been popping up in the chat. I didn't make it, but I'm interested to see how it turns out. Vote if you'd like!

9d 9h 24m We enter the house next to the Gym

9d 9h 23m On the beach now, with an almost-entirely fainted party.

9d 9h 22m PC Accessed briefly, but we run away. So far away, we jump the route 19 ledges.

9d 9h 21m We leave the Gym and head to the Pokemon Center!

9d 9h 19m Clutch victory! With 10 HP, Sandsplash takes out Pelipper and the trainer is defeated!

9d 9h 16m Doduo down! Pelipper comes out.

9d 9h 14m We realize the position we're in and try to run. No luck...

9d 9h 12m We leave the Gym, then promptly head back in and get into another trainer battle. Sandsplash vs Doduo!

9d 9h 12m We start walking towards the Gym's exit. Looks like we're going to heal before challenging Koga. Not a bad idea.

9d 9h 11m Take Down does its job and takes Dodrio down! Trainer defeated!

9d 9h 10m And, just to make sure this trainer knows our whole team is equally thief-tastic, we throw a Great Ball as soon as Sandsplash comes out.

9d 9h 8m Hyperbug lives up to his namesake and takes down Pidgeot with a Hyper Beam! Dodrio comes out and finishes Hyperbug off. Only Sandsplash remains.

9d 9h 5m Tropius finally goes down! Pidgeot is up next.

9d 9h 4m Aaaand we throw another great ball. Come on, Hyperbug. I thought you were better than this.

9d 9h 4m Big Tuna comes out!

9d 9h 3m Shellock goes down!

[Fluff] Look in the top-right corner. The voices are supposed to be on right now.

9d 9h 1m Shellock returns!

9d 9h 1m Mew goes down!

9d 9h 0m Never mind, Marc's back out.

9d 9h 0m We switch out Marc for Shellock!

9d 8h 59m Remember, Mew is only level 12. Legendary or not, it's not going to last long in this fight.

9d 8h 58m Mew is put to sleep!

9d 8h 58m ...And we throw another Great Ball.

9d 8h 57m Our new Mew comes out!

9d 8h 57m We try to use a Great Ball on the Tropius. The trainer doesn't like that, so he has Tropus KO DJ.

9d 8h 54m DJ's Tri-Attacks aren't doing much damage, but Tropius isn't doing much damage either.

9d 8h 51m His HP on the other hand, is great, because he just used Moonlight.

9d 8h 51m By the way, we still haven't healed. So Swablu is fainted and DJ is low on PP.

9d 8h 49m DJ vs the trainer's Tropius

9d 8h 48m Trainer time!

9d 8h 47m Entered the Gym!

9d 8h 40m We're flirting with the door to the gym.

9d 8h 37m We're straddling the border between Fuchsia and Route 15

9d 8h 35m We're wandering aimlessly, conflicted about whether we should try to train Mew or start heading to the gym.

9d 8h 23m We leave the building. Also, at some point we switched Mew to the second member of our party, with DJ leading.

[Info] Also, Marc has a relaxed nature and apparently knows Smelling Salts and Trick, with the ability Magnet Pull!

[Snark] That's also the symbol that Wikipedia uses for those killed-in-action.

[Fluff] The bottom team display has a cross-like symbol next to Mew. Either to denote it as a legendary, a traded pokemon, or the messiah.

9d 8h 15m We have successfully traded Nidoran for Mew! As predicted, it is level 12 and named "Marc"

9d 8h 14m Trade initiated!

9d 8h 12m We almost make the trade!

[Fluff] Is it just me, or were the voices enabled for the last 10 minutes without them actually speaking?

9d 8h 10m Anarchy takes over again and we wander aimlessly around the room.

9d 8h 9m [D] Swablu switched with the sacrificial Nidoran! Nidoran now leads our party

9d 8h 1m [D] We appear to be switching the party order instead of just trading in Democracy.

9d 7h 57m We're voting.

9d 7h 54m "Nope. No Nidoran for you."

9d 7h 46m We tried to give the Mew guy our Swablu. He wasn't fooled.

9d 7h 41m "Wanna trade Nidoran for my Mew?" "WHAT NO NEVER"

9d 7h 40m I predict that selecting Nidoran for the trade won't be easy.

9d 7h 40m Upstairs!

9d 7h 39m We're on Route 18. It's happening!

9d 7h 35m Hyperbug reached Lv.49.

9d 7h 29m Another trainer battle. DJ heals himself.

9d 7h 27m Trainer defeated. Vigoroth reached Lv.32

9d 7h 26m That poor Delibird never stood a chance against Vigoroth's Horn Drill.

9d 7h 24m A trainer challenged us on Route 15. It's on!

9d 7h 16m We're lost on Route 13.

9d 7h 10m Walking down Route 12.

9d 7h 8m There is another trade in this building. Have we ever checked it out?

9d 7h 7m We've just walked past Vermilion City.

9d 7h 2m Trainer destroyed.

9d 7h 2m We're fighting a trainer and trying to catch their Pineco.

[Snark] So if Mew will be the continuation of the Commeownist regime, will he be...Karl Marc?

9d 6h 54m We have left Saffron through the south exit.

[Information] Mew's nickname is already known due to the randomizer settings not affecting it. His name will be Marc!

9d 6h 48m Well I've been proved wrong one second later. Anarchy is back!

9d 6h 48m [D] Looks like we're also walking out of the Pokémon Center in demo.

9d 6h 47m [D] The PC is off. No casualties, but some broken hearts.

9d 6h 45m [D] Nidoran withdrawn. Welcome, momentarily, in the party!

9d 6h 44m [D] Nidoran selected...

9d 6h 44m [D] The cursor is on Nidoran...

9d 6h 41m [D] Box changed. There's the Nidoran!

9d 6h 40m [D] We have selected "Withdraw Pokémon". Alice stares at a full, Nidoran-free box.

9d 6h 38m [D] Out of the deposit menu.

9d 6h 37m [D] Quagsire deposited.

9d 6h 37m [D] Quagsire selected for deposit.

9d 6h 37m [D] Swablu managed to avoid being deposited by a margin of just 3 votes.

9d 6h 35m [D] WHOA. That was quite the split vote if I've ever seen one. Swablu was almost selected.

9d 6h 35m [D] In the deposit screen.

9d 6h 34m [D] The cursor is on "Deposit Pokémon".

9d 6h 33m [D] Accessed Bill's PC.

[Fluff] This is excruciating

9d 6h 31m [D] The PC is on.

9d 6h 30m [D] One tile away from the PC.

9d 6h 27m [D] 62 votes for a direction and 32 votes for Anarchy as we approach the PC.

9d 6h 25m [D] This one mistake was enough to split the next vote in three almost equal parts. This is going to be good.

9d 6h 25m We missed the door and bumped against the sign. Classic TPP.

9d 6h 24m In front of the Pokémon Center building.

9d 6h 19m [D] Democracy engaged. The Pokémon Center is in sight.

[Snark] Yes A; I know you like spinning around. But we don't have any reason to go to Silph Co now.

9d 6h 16m Democracy currently leads the vote. We're outside of the Silph Co. building.

9d 6h 13m Back in Saffron, we're voting!

[Fluff] Alright guys, we have reached the tunnel, our favorite playing field for tug of war. This is the only way to decide who will be deposited. Press right for Swablu, left for Quagsire; then in round two, right for Slaking, left for no-one. The winners of both rounds will face each other in the final. GO! (not really)

9d 6h 6m We have entered Route 8.

9d 5h 57m This is gonna be one very important moment for this run. Are you excited? Whatever happens, this day will be remembered as Commewnism Monday. Hopefully it won't need a "Bloody" tag.

9d 5h 52m We are in Saffron City.

9d 5h 46m Back down one ledge...

9d 5h 43m Slowly making our way back up. We can either reach the Pokémon Center, or try to leave one pokémon in the daycare.

9d 5h 35m We caught him!! We caught a male Nidoran. No nickname, Lv12.

9d 5h 34m A wild male Nidoran appeared...

9d 5h 29m Wrong pokémon! We've caught an Aron. No nickname, female, level 16.

[Fluff] Maybe we could just roll a die to decide who, if anyone, will be deposited...?

9d 5h 24m We're heading towards the patch of grass where the fabled, legendary male Nidoran can be found.

[Strategy] Mew will gain additional experience when training due to it being a traded pokémon, so grinding it is going to be pretty easy.

9d 5h 18m Fasten your seat belts, here we go...

9d 5h 18m The PC... the PC is ON. In anarchy.

9d 5h 17m Hello Teala! Listen, you wouldn't believe what this guy I've just met is willing to do to get his hands on a Nidoran...

9d 5h 14m Anarchy takes over before we can turn the PC on. Disaster averted, or wasted opportunity?

9d 5h 12m [D] Would you like some french fries with your healing? Cerulean's Pokémon Center is our latest checkpoint.

[Snark] People are still undecided on who to deposit. When will they need to decide? While in the PC. And what often happens when the vote gets split? Premature anarchy. This'll definitely end well....

9d 5h 7m [D] We've entered the Pokémon Center. Could it be PC time...?

9d 5h 7m [D] This is a baby miracle. We have successfully flown to Cerulen City!

9d 5h 4m [D] Oh crap. The cursor moves too far with each direction input!

9d 5h 2m [D] We are attempting to fly! It's not easy in Gen 3 due to the cursor not skipping automatically between cities.

9d 5h 1m [D] The cursor slowly moves on Hyperbug's Fly...

9d 5h 0m [D] Welcome back voices! We've missed you.

9d 4h 56m [D] Democracy kicks in while we're walking on the bridges on Route 12.

9d 4h 55m Voting time is almost over...

9d 4h 40m Sandslash levels up to 49!

[Snark] Trainer: "I don't know much about Pokemon actually. The ones I use, I pick them for their looks!" Yeah, because Bulbasaur is quite the looker......

9d 4h 35m Another trainer down!

[Snark] Maybe A threw the Great Ball so she could hear the Bulbasaur cry.

9d 4h 33m Wartortle faints. Sandslash, at 35% HP, is our only standing 'mon left.


[Snark] I'm disappointed at the number of trainer battles we're getting into, guys. We should be more thorough.

9d 4h 27m We wiped out another trainer. On a roll here guys.

[Meta] I got another PM from someone telling me I should update about a certain topic that I initally didn't cover. This is a reminder that I don't see PM's until I refresh the page or open a new reddit tab. If you think I should update something, please contact me on the #twitchplayspokemon Freenode IRC channel so I see it in a timely manner.

9d 4h 23m Totally expected victory achieved

9d 4h 19m Seriously guys how did we miss all these trainers the first time through? DOUBLE BATTLE TIME

9d 4h 17m We're moving eastward. I think the chat wants that Mew after all. (Oh god that means there is an imminent PC shuffle)

9d 4h 15m Wartortle makes quick work of the trainer. Victory!

9d 4h 13m Quagsire faints and we waste yet another Great Ball. Come on guys, we bought these for catching stuff, not to throw at trainers.

9d 4h 12m If we plan on getting Nidoran and trade it for Mew, this is the plan.

9d 4h 5m Oh look, a trainer we avoided last time.

9d 4h 3m Aaand now we're getting into wild battles on Route 15. Our first sighting is a Mudkip. Also the chat is still rioting for Kirlia.

9d 4h 2m We're wandering all over the town, but we can't seem to find our way back to the Pokécenter.

9d 3h 56m ledge jumping 5ever

[Snark] Half the chat would rather get Kirlia than Mew. I think we've established TPP's target demographic.

9d 3h 53m We have returned to the great outdoors.

[Fluff] The twitch chat has completely flipped directions. The current riot is to "ignore mew"

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ mew or riotヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] They say that Mew has the DNA of all the TPP lore...

9d 3h 45m In this room, a man is willing to trade us a Mew for a male Nidoran. The Twitch chat just exploded.

9d 3h 44m Faffing about in the upstairs room of the route gate.

9d 3h 36m Quagsire and water pulse finally deal with that troublesome Lairon. Trainer defeated!

9d 3h 35m Rollout takes out Masquerain. We gettin rekt guys.

9d 3h 32m We send out Vigoroth, who immediately faints due to his burn.

9d 3h 32m Swablu faints at the hands of the foe's Lairon.

9d 3h 31m We are sighted by the third and final trainer in this area.

9d 3h 31m The trainer never stood a chance, in my opinion.

9d 3h 30m Vigoroth sustains a burn.

9d 3h 28m Horn Drill connects! It's a One Hit KO!

9d 3h 26m And we immediately engage another trainer. (For the record, we're wandering around a small area near the gate to Route 18)

9d 3h 26m We escape the battle with minimal damage. Swablu is at 70% HP.

9d 3h 23m Democracy ensues, but anarchy immediately regains control.

9d 3h 22m We get into a battle with a Bird Keeper who actually has birds!

9d 3h 16m We are really, really fascinated by this family that lives next to the gym. We visit them so much.

9d 3h 2m At the beach

9d 2h 41m Left the Safari Zone.

9d 2h 36m Caught a Larvitar, female, Lv22.

9d 2h 34m Caught a Shuppet, male, Lv24.

9d 2h 30m Caught a Shuppet, female, Lv24. No nickname.

9d 2h 30m Caught a Lileep, female, Lv23. No nickname. Still box "tbcdwdut".

9d 2h 28m Caught two Poliwags, first one male, second one female, both Lv26.

9d 2h 27m Caught a Tentacool, female, Lv33.

9d 2h 25m Current harvest: 6 Shuppets, 4 Tentacools, 2 Wingulls, 2 Lileeps, 2 Poliwags, a Pikachu, a Seel, a Gloom, a Carvanha, a Rhyhorn. much Pokémon very amount. wow

9d 2h 24m Caught a Shuppet, male, Lv24.

9d 2h 22m Opened the TM Case. TM04 - Haze; TM12 - Acid Armor; TM17 - Skill Swap

9d 2h 18m Left and re-entered the zone.

9d 2h 14m Anarchy again.

9d 2h 13m [D] It's Demo time.

9d 2h 12m Caught a Lileep, male, Lv23.

9d 2h 11m Caught a Poliwag, female, Lv26.

9d 2h 9m Correction, the Shuppet we just caught is Lv24. Caught a Shuppet, male, Lv 24. No nickname.

9d 2h 2m TTS is back on.

9d 2h 1m Caught a Shuppet, male, Lv25 i think. Nickname "TTTTTTAAAA".

9d 1h 59m Found a Belue berry. No, that's not a typo.

9d 1h 50m Found a Sun Stone.

[Info] Safari zone map, for great justice. http://i.imgur.com/T4xA9cT.jpg Thanks, /u/sir_rofl!

9d 1h 44m Caught a Wingull, male, Lv22. No nickname.

9d 1h 41m Back in the zone, 7780 PokéDollars left.

9d 1h 38m Left already.

9d 1h 38m Back in the zone, 9280 PokéDollars left.

9d 1h 27m Randomly left the zone.

[Snark] What's the best way to catch a wild bird? That's right, A! Keep throwing rocks at it until you scare it away!

9d 1h 23m Caught a Tentacool, female, Lv33. Nickname "T,,LRLLKKK"

9d 1h 21m Caught a Rhyhorn, male, Lv25. No nickname.

9d 1h 20m Caught a Carvanha, male, Lv22. Nickname "AATTTTWWWW". Also found TM46, Water Gun.

9d 1h 18m Caught a Shuppet, female, Lv24. No nickname.

9d 1h 17m A burns Safari Pokéballs like a rich man burns through money at a casino

[Info] We caught a Tentacool a couple of minutes ago. It should be a Lv31 male Tentacool.

9d 1h 15m A finds a Shell Bell!

9d 1h 10m We get a male Poliwag level 26!

9d 1h 8m We get a female level 24 Shuppet!

9d 1h 4m Caught a Lv31 Gloom, male, nickname "TTTTTTOOWJ"

9d 1h 1m We get another Tentacool level 33 and shove it in the PC. And we're back in the Safari Zone


9d 1h 0m We get a level 33 Tentacool called BMBBUHVVDW

9d 0h 57m ,,KQQQQ is its name

9d 0h 57m We get a level 23 Shuppet

9d 0h 53m We caught a level 23 female Lileep like a minute ago.

9d 0h 54m We try to catch some more Pokémons

9d 0h 43m We catch a Seel! Level 22 and it also has no name

9d 0h 41m We catch a Wingull named AAT. It is also Level 22

9d 0h 40m But we catch it! Level 22 Pikachu with no nickname!

9d 0h 39m We throw rocks at the Pikachu. About 8 so far. It must be angry.

9d 0h 38m We try and catch an eating Pikachu

9d 0h 37m And we go back in!

9d 0h 37m And then immediately bail!

9d 0h 37m We enter the Safari Zone!

9d 0h 34m We look at a Voltorb. Or maybe it's a Jigglypuff as seen from above?

9d 0h 29m We wander into every building bar the Gym

9d 0h 24m For some reason we keep heading down to Route 19

9d 0h 18m A walks around Fuschia City and its beach.

9d 0h 12m What is it about Route 19 that is so attractive to our dear A?

9d 0h 10m no more potato chat to speech for now.

9d 0h 9m Wartortle faints. WHITE OUT.

9d 0h 7m Take Down Missed! Nooo! Sandslash has fainted. Wartortle comes out with 9 HP.

9d 0h 6m We use another Great Ball. And another. Stop it guys. 16 Great Balls left.

9d 0h 4m Take Down... doesn't OHKO this time.

9d 0h 4m Another Take Down OHKO! Next up is Noctowl!

9d 0h 3m Take down OHKO's Farfetch'd! Out comes Skiploom!

9d 0h 2m We finally use Tackle instead of Bone Club, which leaves the foe at 1 HP, and Koga uses a Hyper Potion.

9d 0h 1m Sandslash comes out! Farfetch'd at 2/3 HP

9d 0h 0m A critical hit Drill Peck takes out Quagsire!

8d 23h 59m First up is Farfetch'd! Quagsire's Intimidate doin' werk

8d 23h 59m Challenging KOGA

[Recap] Almost to Koga, we have Quagsire and Sandslash at full health, Wartortle at very low health. All others are fainted.

8d 23h 56m Democracy comes and goes in a flash.

8d 23h 53m Wartortle does not evolve. We were only two minutes away from Democracy.

8d 23h 53m Wartortle takes out Jumpluff but is left with only 9 HP. He also grows to level 43.

8d 23h 51m Vigoroth goes down to the enemy Jumpluff. We send out Wartortle.

8d 23h 50m We use another two Great balls. Sigh. Down to 18.

[Information] Horn Drill is an OHKO move, and ever since Gen II, OHKO moves will never hit if the user is a lower level than the target. We need to do some grinding before that move has a chance of being useful.

8d 23h 47m Farfetch'd goes down. Vigoroth levels up to 31, forgets Hyper Fang and learned Horn Drill. Jumpluff comes out.

8d 23h 46m We confront the next trainer and Vigoroth faces a Farfetch'd.

8d 23h 45m Trainer defeated!

8d 23h 44m Skarmory down! Vigoroth vs Fearow

8d 23h 42m We're down to 20 Great Balls and Masquerain faints. Next up is Vigoroth.

8d 23h 40m Swablu down! We send out Masquerain.

8d 23h 39m We waste two Great Balls. 22 left.

8d 23h 39m We challenge the next trainer in line and he sends out Skarmory.

8d 23h 37m We manage to sneak by the trainer that beat us last time.

8d 23h 34m Back in the gym!

8d 23h 29m A critical hit razor leaf Takes out Sandslash. WHITE OUT

8d 23h 28m Sandslash gets put to sleep by the foe's Sleep Powder...

8d 23h 27m Anarchy wins the most recent vote!

8d 23h 26m The third trainer battle commences. Sandslash vs Tropius!

8d 23h 25m Doduo down! WIN GET. Sandslash has 85 HP.

8d 23h 24m Yanma gets burned by Flame Body! The burn gets the KO. Last up is Doduo!

8d 23h 24m Safeguard isn't going to work either, Sandslash. Sorry.

8d 23h 23m Bone Club doesn't work against Yanma... Who would have guessed.

8d 23h 22m Farfetch'd falls in two hits, and Yanma comes out. Yanma uses bounce to knock out Wartortle. Sandslash is our last man standing.

8d 23h 21m Water Pulse OHKOs Delibird and the trainer sends out Farfetch'd.

8d 23h 21m Second trainer battle START! Delibird!

8d 23h 21m Fearow down! Trainer down! First success! Wartortle only has 8 HP, however.

8d 23h 19m Challenged a trainer! He sends out Fearow. Looks like this gym is Flying-type.

8d 23h 19m Entered the gym without healing.

8d 23h 16m [Ledge jumping intensifies]

8d 23h 9m We're bouncing back and forth between these two homes. Still haven't healed.

8d 23h 2m Oh. This guy's the Move Deleter. This could be dangerous.

8d 23h 1m Rummaging around an old man's house again.

8d 22h 56m We leave the Center without healing. And jump down Route 19 again.

8d 22h 56m Flirting with the PC...

8d 22h 53m We enter the Pokécenter! Fuchsia checkpoint obtained!

8d 22h 53m Quagsire fainted...

8d 22h 50m We cross Fuchsia's border again. Poison is dwindling down Quagsire's HP. We've yet to enter the Pokécenter.

8d 22h 49m Aaaaand we jump back down the Route 19 ledges again. Whoops.

8d 22h 47m Back in Fuschia!

8d 22h 46m The trainer was defeated, by the way.

8d 22h 46m Quagsire takes down the Gastly, but now without getting poisoned.

8d 22h 44m Duskull downed! The trainer sends out a Gastly.

8d 22h 43m Versus SWIMMER REECE. Quagsire against Duskull.

8d 22h 42m We defeat the trainer. Wartortle levels up and does not evolve.

8d 22h 37m Masquerain vanquished D: This Aron is a tough one.

8d 22h 36m Masquerain comes out and uses Leech Life, which isn't very effective against Aron.

8d 22h 33m We enter a battle and Swablu faints. Meanwhile, Democracy is engaged and Anarchy immediately wins the vote.

8d 22h 30m Hopped down a ledge on Route 19.

8d 22h 17m Barging into random peoples' homes and going through all their stuff. Classic TPP.

8d 22h 14m Back outside. Whew.

8d 22h 12m We enter the Safari Zone lobby...

8d 22h 12m Entered the Pokécenter! Hopped the ledge!

8d 22h 8m Apparently there are about 12 steps of Route 15 after the gate before you enter Fuschia City. Speaking of which, we've entered Fuschia City.

8d 22h 5m: Chikorita also faints and Swablu reached lvl 34. Trainer defeated.

8d 22h 4m: Exeggcute comes in vs Swablu, who uses return. Around 50% hp left. Another return and Exeggcute faints! Swablu has 4 hp left.

8d 22h 3m: Another return does it and Shiftry faints after using beatdown again. 6hp left for Swablu.

8d 22h 2m: Swablu uses return and Shiftry is down to around 50% hp. Then hits with beatdown. 17 hp left for Swablu.

8d 22h 2m: Another trainer battle. Swablu vs Shiftry. A looks for things to use in her bag.

8d 22h 0m: Leech life finally hits and Gardevoir faints. Trainer defeated. Moving on A.

8d 21h 58m: DJ faints after missing hyper fang. Out comes Tuna once again.

8d 21h 57m: Hyper fang is doing damage to Gardevoir, but he's still standing. Meanwhile burns have taking Vigoroth to 8 hp. Next hyper fang might do it though guys.

8d 21h 55m: Masquerain is switched out for DJ. His burn still hurts. 41 hp left for him.

8d 21h 54m: Also Gardevoir's ability prevents him from getting any accuracy loss. Leech life misses.

8d 21h 53m: Mirror move is really proving counterproductive. So far nobody has done damage to the other yet. More kinesis.

8d 21h 52m: Mirror move fails, twice. Gardevoir also doesn't hit with cotton spore. Kinesis does hit though.

8d 21h 51m: Hyperbug uses body slam and Drowzee goes down. Gardevoir next.

8d 21h 51m: Masquerain gets switched in vs Drowzee. Body slam connects.

8d 21h 49m: Drowzee comes in vs Swablu.

8d 21h 49m: Time for a battle vs a trainer. Abra vs Swablu. Overheat intensifies. Return then OHKOs it.

8d 21h 47m: Maze exited! Down to route 114.

8d 21h 37m: Fence maze, we meet again. A can't jump fences yet, apparently.

8d 21h 36m: Route 13 reached! A is running towards Fuchsia at this point.

8d 21h 25m: A has done this route already a few times so she advances quite fast. Will we get to Fuchsia this time?

8d 21h 21m: Democracy comes and goes. Moving on.

8d 21h 20m: Route 12 entered! A stops by for some sight seeing. Democracy incoming.

[Snark] "Don't let A near the PC, she'll get hooked on Twitch Plays Pokemon and we'll never make progress!" /u/snugglefox

8d 21h 16m: Now we really did get to the bottom floor. A looks for the exit.

8d 21h 14m: Sorry my bad, apparently we are still not in the bottom floor! More stairs on our sight.

8d 21h 12m: Bottom floor reached! A walks towards the exit.

8d 21h 7m: We are slowly walking down towards the exit. We might be done grinding guys!

8d 21h 3m: Oh noes! Vigoroth is burnt by a wild Torchic. How could you do this to us?! Also, no healing floor around. The plot thickens.

8d 20h 59m: Still walking through the tower. We go downstairs. Still grinding, pretty much.

8d 20h 54m: Swablu manages to beat its image in a mighty battle. We are trying to get back to the healing floor.

[Snark] That's why we're here, right? To grind Swablu?

8d 20h 43m Swablu is now level 33!

[Fluff] We still have 24 Great Balls; I'm surprised we haven't caught more after so many wild encounters.

And of course, in case you didn't pick up on it, that means that Gen 4 is confirmed!

8d 20h 30m Streamer has spoken! "I'm going to need help with reading gen4's memory if the team display is going to make it past Fire Red"

8d 20h 26m At some point Vigoroth became level 30. I must have looked away.

8d 20h 18m Just switched Swablu and Vigoroth. Now Swablu is first.

[Fluff] Not anymore.

[Fluff] Masquerain and Persian don't care about fighting; they just don't want each other to escape.

8d 20h 10m The voices stop.

[Fluff] Inputs seem to be going very slowly.

8d 20h 0m The voices have started!

8d 19h 53m Made it back to the healing pad. Team healed

8d 19h 41m Quagsire faints!

8d 19h 40m Quagsire is taking a beating!

8d 19h 29m DJ is promoted to level 29!

8d 19h 21m Alice is wondering away from the healing pad.

8d 19h 10m [Grinding Intensifies]

8d 19h 7m The chat is entering more voice commands than game commands. DJ waits patiently to make a move.

8d 19h 1m The voices are back. Fling your Shauns and Potatoes!

8d 18h 57m DJ is promoted to level 28!

8d 18h 47m By the way, we healed again.

[Snark] KRAFF!

8d 18h 28m DJ is promoted to level 27!

8d 18h 21m Oh wait healing circle, everyone is healthy and nothing bad ever happened ever.

8d 18h 17m Swablu is poisoned!

8d 18h 10m The voices have left to their homeworld until the next hour.

8d 18h 8m DJ is promoted to level 26!

8d 18h 7m Anarchy reigns on.

8d 18h 2m Ladies and Gentlemen, we are voting on Demo with voices on. My body can't handle this!


8d 17h 59m One minute until the voices!

8d 17h 55m DJ knocks out another Mankey. Why do these Mankeys hang around in a graveyard? Are they graverobbers? Better call Officer Jenny!


[Snark] I still can't believe we evolved Slakoth, avoided Tackle, AND avoided Rain Dance. Well guys, that was rather vigorous wasn't it?

[Information] Vigoroth's ability is Insomnia. Basically he gets no sleep. Poor Vigoroth.

[snark] Vigoroth and Quagsire are officially the happiest looking 'Mons on our team. Just look at those smiles! Look at them!

[Information] For those of you just joining us, we are currently on the 5th Floor of Pokemon Tower. Grinding Vigoroth, possibly.

8d 17h 40m Anarchy kicks in!

8d 17h 39m [D] Vigoroth does not learn Rain Dance.

8d 17h 37m [D] Slakoth evolves into Vigoroth! Such big, much power!

8d 17h 36m Slakoth did not learn Tackle.

8d 17h 33m [D] Slakoth wants to learn Tackle. Uh oh. What now?

8d 17h 32m Slakoth levels up to 25!

8d 17h 31m [D] We are in the middle of a battle with a wild Remoraid. Slakoth is a few EXP from leveling up to 25 and evolving. Looks like the goal here is to fight the rest of the battle in democracy and evolve Slakoth.

8d 17h 30m [D] Democracy kicks in.

8d 17h 29m Fast text speed again! [snark] inb4 we change it back.

8d 17h 26m FAST TEXT SPEED! Oh, wait, nope. Back to slow text speed.

8d 17h 26m Anarchy versus democracy voting kicks in!

8d 17h 12m Also, chat to speech is disabled once again.

8d 17h 11m We have healed once again! Slakoth back in the lead.

8d 17h 5m Slakoth faints. Swablu now leads.

8d 17h 0m Voices are back. Potatoes anyone?

8d 16h 59m Oh god text speed set to slow.

8d 16h 59m We successfully entered the healing zone again.

8d 16h 58m We used a Great Ball and caught a lvl 15 male Mankey! No nickname.

[Information] Our Slakoth's ability is Magma Armor.

8d 16h 54m Swablu grows to level 32! Not much longer until evolution knocks on wood

8d 16h 51m Also, we managed to heal our party at the heal zone earlier. Slakoth's already fainted again though.

8d 16h 48m Slakoth grows to level 24 and doesn't evolve.

8d 16h 46m Swablu also gets poisoned by the same wild Bellsprout.

8d 16h 45m Slakoth gets poisoned by a wild Bellsprout.

8d 16h 32m We switch the order of Slakoth's moves. MoonLight is now 3rd while Return is 4th.

8d 16h 23m Slakoth grows to level 23! He tries evolving but fails.

8d 16h 2m Grind time. Slakoth is currently at level 22.

8d 16h 1m We made it to the healing circle! Party healed. Oh, and the voices are back.

8d 15h 58m Swablu down to a wild Machop!

8d 15h 49m Finally made it to the 5th Floor of Pokemon Tower! Heal circle in sight.

8d 15h 43m Stairs. We meet again.

8d 15h 39m Threw a Great Ball and a wild Swablu. We failed to catch it.

[snark] I've always thought Weepinbell looks like Homer Simpson. Does anyone else see it?

8d 15h 29m Battle against a wild Weepinbell!

8d 15h 28m I think we're on the 4th floor of the Pokemon Tower now. It's very foggy here.

8d 15h 27m Just kidding we ran.

8d 15h 27m Out comes a wild Totodile. CATCH IT!

8d 15h 27m Swablu now leads the team.

8d 15h 26m Shedinja gets burned and dies! Channeler Carly defeated!

8d 15h 21m Flameslash up next. Shedinja used Spider Web. Unless Flameslash gets off a burn its bye bye Flameslash.

8d 15h 21m Slakoth down to Shedinja's Fury Cutter!

8d 15h 17m Our only hope at this point is Swablu who has Drill Peck and Tuna who can fly.

8d 15h 15m Looks like Slakoth's not going to come out of this one alive.

8d 15h 11m Slakoth up against Shedinja. Uh oh, it has Wonder Guard! Slakoth can't touch it.

8d 15h 11m 3rd Floor of Pokemon Tower. Channeler Carly would like to battle!

8d 15h 10m Used a Great Ball and caught a lvl 15 male Koffing!

8d 15h 6m We're on the 2nd Floor of Pokemon Tower now.

8d 15h 0m Chat-to-speech enabled. Potatoes everywhere.

8d 14h 59m Chat seems to be divided between grinding Slakoth and progressing with the game.

8d 14h 57m Alice walks into the Pokemon Tower.

8d 14h 56m Back in Lavender Town!

8d 14h 55m: Sandsplash faints to overheat and A whited out. Good news is we burnt Abra just as we fainted. Take that!

8d 14h 53m: Another overheat and 6hp left on Flameslash. Moar bone club.

8d 14h 53m: Bone club can't hit Abra due to levitate. Overheat hits and leaves Sandslash with 25 hp.

8d 14h 52m: Another trainer challenges us. Sandsplash vs Abra. 62 hp left for her.

8d 14h 51m: Bone club misses the first time but not the second. Oddish OHKO. Gastly next and Gastly down to Bone club. Trainer defeated.

8d 14h 49m: Another OHKO. Venusaur then comes in. Oh boy. Another OHKO and Sandslash is now lvl 48. Oddish again.

8d 14h 49m: Sandsplash uses bone club and OHKO. Tentacool is sent out.

8d 14h 47m: Oddish vs Flamesplash.

8d 14h 47m: A goes down route 14 in a matter of seconds and enters route 15. Democracy vs Anarchy voting again. Biker challenges us.

8d 14h 45m: Oh and by the way, we are now in route 14.

8d 14h 45m: Bone club hits and Bird keeper defeated. Moving on guys.

8d 14h 45m: Tackle again and Grandbull uses pound. He gets burnt. Bone club misses and Grandbull once again pounds.

8d 14h 44m: Swablu goes down to tackle. Grandbull comes in and resists tackle. Then uses morning sun.

8d 14h 42m: Swablu uses bubblebeam, then quick attack and gets burnt. Sandsplash uses tackle.

8d 14h 41m: Flamesplash uses boneclub and Skitty is down. Swablu comes in and bone club of course cannot hit.

8d 14h 40m: Another bird keeper. Man they are everywhere. Skitty vs Sandsplash. It's the communist party again!

8d 14h 38m: Sandslash finally lands a crit tackle and Seadra's 1 hp bar goes down. Then another OHKO and the trainer is defeated. Only Sandsplash left.

8d 14h 38m: Sandslash hurts itself twice. Seadra keeps using teeter dance.

8d 14h 37m: Another tackle and Seadra resists with 1 hp. Sandsplash is confused and misses the next tackle attempt.

8d 14h 36m: A tries to run away. Probably to find that Masterball we just used. Then Sandsplash uses tackle.

8d 14h 36m: On a different note, Sandsplash finally uses tackle and Wingull the unworthy faints. Seadra comes in.

[Snark] Farewell to all those great operations about catching legendaries guys. Wingull is now the unworthy one.

8d 14h 33m: Masterball used on Wingull What?! we didn't get it?! What the hell!

8d 14h 33m: Flamesplash comes in and uses bone club. Wingull has to recharge.

8d 14h 31m. Wingull goes down to Hyperbeam but another one comes in. Masquerain faints to Hydro cannon.

8d 14h 31m. Wingull goes down to Hyperbeam but another one comes in. Masquerain faints to Hydro cannon.

8d 14h 29m: Masquerain comes out. A uses a great ball but apparently we cannot catch tha trainer's Wingull. Masquerain has 4 hp left.

8d 14h 28m: Wartortle comes in and faints to poison.. Flamesplash and Hyperbug left.

8d 14h 27m: Wingull uses water pulse and Quagsire faints.

8d 14h 25m: A attempts to switch Quagsire. We are getting good at grinding.

8d 14h 24m: A overshoots the exit of the fence maze and enters another battle. Birdkeeper sends Wingull.

8d 14h 19m: Oddish poisons Wartortle before going down to water pulse. Trainer defeated.

8d 14h 18m: Water gun hits and Bulbasaur hurts itself. One last water gun finishes him. Oddish next.

8d 14h 17m: Water gun vs Petal dance. Bulbasaur is now confused. 48 hp left for Wartortle.

8d 14h 16m: Wartortle tags in just in time to save Quagsire from petal dance. He resists with 77 hp left.

8d 14h 15m: Sand tomb hits too! Bulbasaur is far from over though. Around 70% hp left.

8d 14h 15m: Quagsire manages to use water pulse. Bulbasaur keeps using cotton spore.

8d 14h 14m: Bulbasaur hits stun spore and Quagsire couldn't use sand attack. It's his signature move now.

8d 14h 13m: Tentacool faints to hydro cannon and out comes Bulbasaur. He misses and Quagsire recharges.

[Fluff] Quagsire's popularity just dropped. A lot.

8d 14h 11m: More sand tomb. Who needs bone club anyways right? Tentacool almost down.

8d 14h 10m: Quagsire then uses sand tomb, which does much better. Tentacool used rain dance.

8d 14h 9m: Another trainer! Quagsire vs Tentacool. Water pulse is not very effective. Oktazooka leaves Quagsire with 2 hp.

8d 14h 8m: Quagsire forgets bone club for sand attack.

8d 14h 7m: Quagsire hurts itself after resisting a couple more superpower. Water pulse finally takes down Smeargle and Quagsire reached lvl 23.

8d 14h 6m: Quagsire takes a superpower then uses water pulse. Then Quagsire is confused by a sweet kiss but manages to hit again.

8d 14h 6m: Jigglypuff gets confused by water pulse but manages to use swift. A second water pulse and Jigglypuff hurts itself and faints. Smeargle next!

8d 14h 5m: Quagsire resists aeroblast then defeats Taillow with water pulse. Jigglypuff in!

8d 14h 4m: Quagsire comes in. We immediately look to tag him out.

8d 14h 1m: Voices return. Swablu is not affected by them and keeps to her game. Swablu faints to aeroblast.

8d 14h 0m: Taillow comes in and uses takedown. Swablu responds with cut. 13 hp left.

8d 13h 59m: Togepi takes a drill peck and two cuts before going down. Swablu has 38 hp left.

8d 13h 59m: Hoothoot resists the first drill peck but not the second. Togepi out!

8d 13h 58m: Another Bird Keeper rises to the challenge. Swablu vs Hoothoot.

8d 13h 52m: Oh noes! A reaches another dead end. Damn those Fences.

[Recap] Current party order: Slakoth Swablu Quagsire Wartortle Sandslash Masquerain

8d 13h 50m: And just like that, anarchy regains control. Those were rather ambitious goals

8d 13h 49m: [D] Democracy wasn't done and Sandslash is swapped with Quagsire.

8d 13h 46m: [D] Swablu and Masquerain exchange places. That's it right?

8d 13h 44m:[B] Swablu is going to get switched. With whom? Not Quagsire.

8d 13h 42m: [D] Swablu selected. It's not gonna be cut guys, that's for sure.

8d 13h 41m: [D] Pokemon menu entered. I have like no idea whatsoever what Democracy is trying to accomplish.

8d 13h 39m:[D] Democracy is in control We are currently in the start menu.

8d 13h 33m: Mirror move once again and Pelipper resists gust. Then Mirror move and sky attack. Pelipper's almost takes Masquerain down and Masquerain's finishes Pelipper. Trainer defeated. 22 hp left on Hyperbug.

8d 13h 32m: And of course right when i say that mirror move and Taillow faints to take down. Pelipper comes in.

8d 13h 32m: Taillow keeps using aerial ace and take down. We haven't done any damage to it yet.

8d 13h 30m: Masquerain uses hyper beam and Skiploom faints. Taillow comes in and uses take down.

8d 13h 29m: Mirror move fails the 1st time while Skiploom uses comet punch. 135 hp left.

8d 13h 28m: Skiploom uses cross chop and Slakoth faints. Masquerain comes in.

8d 13h 28m: Slakoth uses hyper fang twice against Hoppip and down it goes! Skiploom up next.

8d 13h 27m: Time for a trainer battle vs Bird Keeper Robert. He actually beat us yesterday, VENDETTA!

8d 13h 25m: Route 13 entered. Time for a fence maze!

8d 13h 20m: Snorlax's spot reached and passed. Heyo Fisherman Guru.

8d 13h 14m: Never mind that, she gets back on track. There's no stopping us now!

8d 13h 13m: Route 12 entered! A goes to the wrong side and reaches a dead end.

8d 13h 9m: A arrives to Lavender town. No casualties yet, But nevertheless she enters the Pokemon Center.

8d 13h 5m: Voting starts as A reaches route 7.

8d 13h 1m: Pokemon Center left. A has no time to waste.

8d 12h 58m: Party healed. That was quite fast and accurate.

8d 12h 58m: Pokemon Center entered. No overshooting this time... yet!

8d 12h 53m: A reaches the Pokemon Center. Then overshoots it.

8d 12h 47m: Gym exited and back in Saffron City. A shows around her brand new badge with pride.

8d 12h 46m: We are almost out! Come on A, I believe in you.

8d 12h 42m: Trying to exit the gym.

8d 12h 38m: Also we got the TM04. What can it possibly be?


8d 12h 37m: Sabrina with her hyper potions and tauros with his substitute. [sigh]

8d 12h 36m: The next bone club doesn't miss and takes down raticate! Next up is tauros.

8d 12h 36m: Another bone club miss.

8d 12h 35m: Her bone misses against a raticate.

8d 12h 35m: Man Sandslash just loves beating pokemon to death with her bone.

8d 12h 35m: Delcatty down! Kangaskhan is sent out.

8d 12h 34m: SABRINA ENGAGED: She sends out delcatty.

8d 12h 33m: [Apologies] Anarchy, trying to talk to Sabrina.

8d 12h 33m: In Sabrina's room, with democracy voting quickly approaching.

8d 12h 32m: We beat the trainer by beating her pokemon up with a bone.

8d 12h 29m: Two bone clubs deal with Clefable. Raticate comes in.

8d 12h 29m: Clefairy comes in and uses encore. Sandsplash uses bone club and OHKOd. Clefable comes in.

8d 12h 28m: Kecleon OHKOs and Sandsplash reaches lvl 46

8d 12h 27m: Another psychic challenges A. Kecleon vs Sandsplash.

8d 12h 26m: Eevee goes down to one last cut and Psychic Cameron defeated. Moving on.

8d 12h 25m: Eevee is confused and hirts itself and Wartortle misses cut. Eevee hurts itself once more.

8d 12h 24m: Eevee resists water pulse, then uses conversion 2 to change to water type and heals thank to wish. More water pulse used.

8d 12h 23m: Tauros uses wish before fainting to water pulse. Eevee comes in once again.

8d 12h 23m: Wartortle comes in and uses water pulse and cut. Tauros keeps headbutting him.

8d 12h 22m: Eevee uses baton pass and Tauros comes in. Swablu faints to headbutt.

8d 12h 21m: Swablu did not learn wing attack.Eevee comes out.

8d 12h 20m: Swablu comes and. Doduo uses gust then resists cut. A critical cut almost takes Doduo down. Doduo uses bounce but misses and goes down to cut. Swablu reached level 31

8d 12h 18m: First trainer battle! Masquerain resits with 4 hp vs a Doduo, then faints to burnt.

8d 12h 12m: Gym entered! Spinning time :D

8d 12h 10m: Sabrina's gym door resits A's advances. She won't give up easily.

8d 12h 7m: Currently walking around back in Saffron City. No goals, no Mons, only steps.

8d 11h 58m: Route 8 entered. A almost enters the underground path but then moves on.

8d 11h 55m: Shop exited. A goes towards route 8. Hi guard, did you enjoy our tea? Could we, uh... have it back?

8d 11h 51m: Shop entered! Let me guess, not enough with a Masterball, we need Greatballs too to ensure capture :P

8d 11h 49m: Silph Co. exited! Back walking around in Safron City.

8d 11h 47m: First floor finally reached. A is almost at the entrance.

8d 11h 44m: 1st floor! Second! First! Make up your mind A! Currently in the 2nd still.

8d 11h 43m: We arrive at the 2nd Floor. Almost there! A exits the lift.

8d 11h 41m: We are currently in the 3rd floor. Still in the lift.

8d 11h 38m: A enters the Lift. We might be going up and down for a bit.

8d 11h 34m: A struggles to find the exit to Siplh Co. I bet you guys are missing digrat now huh?!

[Snark] Masterball in Gen1: Zapdos, Gen2: wild Goldeen, Gen3: Trainer's Golbat. Gen 4? Math suggests we will just toss it.

8d 11h 23m We're voting!

8d 11h 22m Will we try to repeat history and go for "Zapdos" once more, or will we toss the Ball out of the bag?

8d 11h 19m "Because I am rich, I can give you anything." Master Ball received!


[Fluff] HyperJesusTunaBug OP release plz

8d 11h 17m Breloom survives the first Fly attack, surprisingly, but not the second one. Giovanni defeated!

8d 11h 16m Hyperbug sweep! Mankey down! Mankey burned him before fainting.

8d 11h 16m Hyperbug's type is great against a fighting team. Heracross is taken out by Fly and Masquerain reaches Lv.48.

8d 11h 14m We just fed Masquerain the Lemonade, healing 63 HPs. Well done!

8d 11h 13m Masquerain's Mirror Move got the job done surprisingly, and Machoke goes down like a fly. Heracross comes in.

8d 11h 12m The balance in the world is restored when we throw a Great Ball at the Machoke. Disaster averted!

8d 11h 12m Hyperbug out!

8d 11h 11m Machoke stomped Slakoth without breaking a sweat. Poor thing never stood a chance!

8d 11h 11m We're fighting Giovanni!

8d 11h 10m Giovanni is within sight!

[Meta] For those of you avid of TPP news and sites, here comes TPP news by /u/KMX85. Do check it out guys.

8d 11h 5m Alice practices her hiding-in-a-potted-plant skills.

8d 11h 0m Tomato-To-Speech time.

8d 10h 57m Here is the map. Reach the teleporter G on the third floor, then teleporter H, then it's Giovanni time!

8d 10h 51m: A uses the stairs like the healthy lad she is. Up! down! up! up! 2F currently

8d 10h 49m: Silph Co entered. Here we go.

8d 10h 47m: A walks around Saffron City. Full lap incoming, brace yourselves.

8d 10h 39m: We left the Pokemon Center. Well I guess that didn't take a while after all.

8d 10h 37m: Party healed.

8d 10h 35m: A enters the Pokemon center. Prepare for the big battle guys, this might take a while.

8d 10h 33m: A gets some advice from a fellow Rocket Grunt "My life as a criminal makes me feel so alive".

8d 10h 30m: We enter Saffron City. Aka Rocket Grunt City.

8d 10h 21m: Anarchy regains control. Just look at the grass A, just look at the grass...

8d 10h 19m: [D] Democracy kicks in as we encounter a wild Rattata. We run away.

8d 10h 16m: We're back on the grass. We are however running away. Our mighty foes include a Pineco and a Taillow.

8d 10h 12m: 1 minute to go until democracy. Make your bets guys.

8d 10h 9m: A+Start has decreased significantly, now B+direction has taken over.

8d 10h 2m: A finds a hidden guard spec. This is for you Slakoth!

8d 10h 1m: A keeps walking aimlessly around route 7, still depressed about Slakoth. "He's down... I-I don't know how I can ever get him back to life..."

[Fluff] Not much has happened so far. How about joining a conversation and telling us your thoughts? The comment stream of the daily thread can be found here, and the official subreddit's IRC channel is here. And why not draw something fun in Paint and sharing it with the subreddit?

8d 9h 48m Don't you just love that sexy new pink frame?

8d 9h 44m Whatever Slakoth's ability is, it's not something that triggers at the beginning of battles (like a weather-changing ability). Another Slakoth fact: he is in the "slow" leveling rate group, as opposed to M4 who was in the "fast" one. This means more experience points are required to level him up, making him much harder to train.

8d 9h 33m Slakoth fainted without gaining a single point of experience.

8d 9h 32m We are training - although it's not working out too well for Slakoth. His moveset is: Hyperfang, Tri Attack, Return and Moonlight.

8d 9h 20m Fresh air! We're on Route 7.

8d 9h 17m Slakoth's nature is Gentle (+SpDef, -Def).

8d 9h 9m Slakoth is now holding a Great Ball, as if to say "please don't catch anything else or there will be another poop storm, I'M SORRY I CAUSED THIS"

8d 9h 6m Anarchy resumed right after the switch. Slakoth's ability and moves are still unknown.

8d 9h 5m [D] Slakoth moved in front of the party, in Swablu's place. If you wish to riot, please get the ticket with the number on it and wait for it to show up on the big screen on the wall.

8d 9h 3m [D] We appear to be switching party order.

8d 9h 0m Democracy engaged, and so is text-to-speech.

8d 8h 54m We're voting for/against demo now.

[Fluff] I hope you're having as much fun as I do right now. This is amazing. I love Slakoth just for making this tug of war happen.

8d 8h 47m GOOOOOOAL! The score is 1-1 ladies and gentlemen, what a great game.

8d 8h 46m The left team is close to scoring!

[Fluff] Wouldn't it be incredibly hilarious if we hit that one chance out of 77 and our Slakoth has the Truant ability? I think that would make everyone smile, no matter their opinion on Slakoth. Be happy! <3

[Fluff] I have this mental image in my mind of Slakoth wearing a Machop costume and lifting weights while Machop is wearing a Slakoth costume and napping in a corner.


8d 8h 35m The right team has the advantage! The stairs are within sight...

8d 8h 35m The B+left team is fighting against the B+right team right now. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?!

8d 8h 26m Alice is losing some extra weight by running up and down the stairs.

8d 8h 25m Left right left right left right left right

8d 8h 22m There is a bit of a riot going on right now due to the withdrawal of Slakoth. The A+START spam is stopping us from making progress (or even approaching a PC to deposit), so we're... just stuck in the tunnel.

[Information] Current party, in order: Swablu, Masquerain, Sandslash, Wartortle, Quagsire and Slakoth.

8d 7h 49m We just withdrew a Slakoth.

(And we have deposited Cacnea, btw.)

8d 7h 46m We have been going in and out of the PC... danger looms.

[Organization] I can't stay (it's super late/early here, so I gotta sleep soon, too), but I can give you guys a quick run-down of what's going on now.

[Fluff] Unfortunately, I need sleep and I'm not sure if anyone is around to continue updating. I'll send out a general notice and hopefully someone will step in, but we may be without updates for a bit. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

8d 7h 0m Right now the chat is split between people who want to access the PC and deposite Swablu and Cacnea, and those who want to get as far away as possible from it.

8d 6h 49m Voting also ended in anarchy being chosen immediately, as usual.

8d 6h 45m It would seem we're traveling back to Saffron. We already got through Celadon and are on the route in between cities. (hush you little monkey child, it's like 4 AM here)

[Snark] We are on the route. Not our. (braces for trout)

8d 6h 42m Also, voting has begun again. Democracy is carrying the lead right now.

8d 6h 38m Caught a male Togepi! Nickname is AAT.

8d 6h 36m We just caught a male Slakoth, nicknamed CCCDJCCCC5. I kid you not.

8d 6h 27m We're just checking the bag back out on the route.

8d 6h 22m Back in Celadon now.

8d 6h 20m For anyone who's interested, we're just milling around in the building with Oak's assistant.

8d 6h 9m It sounds like the general idea now is just to grind Swablu.

8d 6h 4m We also just caught an Electrike, female, no nickname.

8d 6h 2m We just caught a Marill, male, nicknamed it CWOUDDWW or something along those lines.

8d 5h 59m It seems the general plan is to linger in this patch of grass in order to encounter a Bagon and catch it.

8d 5h 58m Back out west of Celadon City.

8d 5h 56m Now we're in the department store. Fat lotta good it'll do us.

[Fluff] Oh crap, that was the Snorlax? I thought it was a normal in-the-grass pokemon. That's butts.

[Snark] "THAT'S what was blocking the path?" What? I'm afraid of bugs...

8d 5h 53m Since nobody else is reporting this I guess I will. We awaken Snorlax.......and it's an Illumise.

8d 5h 49m We made it to Celadon City! Westward we go.

8d 5h 39m We've officially left Saffron City.

8d 5h 37m People are trying to leave Saffron City, presumably to face the second Snorlax.

8d 5h 35m (Democracy mode passed by without a chance, by the way.)

8d 5h 34m Back in the pokemon center, for some reason.

8d 5h 29m Scratch that. We bought 34 Great Balls.

8d 5h 29m Sold the Scope Lens, bought a great ball.

8d 5h 28m Voting between anarchy and democracy has begun. Who knows what'll happen?

8d 5h 20m Aaaaaand we faint. Back to the bottom of the building.

8d 5h 20m Sandslash is barely holding on, paralyzed by a lick!

8d 5h 16m Opponent's Breloom makes our Wartortle fall asleep and then faint. All we've got left is a severely weakened Sandslash.

8d 5h 15m Mankey overpowers Masquerain and makes it faint. We send out Wartortle.

8d 5h 12m Masquerain grows to level 47! We attempt to teach it Bounce, but to no avail. Back to fighting.

8d 5h 10m I've been informed that the Lapras is actually a Marowak. Also, we're fighting the Rocket Boss!

[Fluff] Amidst the flurry of POTATOES from the chat, we're trying to get to the Rocket Boss, behind the door.

8d 5h 6m Just for good measure, we check the TeachyTV.

8d 5h 4m Masquerain just one shotted everything on the Grunt's team. We nonchalantly move on.

8d 5h 1m Aw man, now we gotta beat up some Grunt punk. Opponent Mankey up against Masquerain.

8d 4h 59m We just got Lapras! Or more than likely not a Lapras, we'd have to check the box "T" before we know for sure.

8d 4h 57m Sandslash literally clubbed Green's poliwrath into submission, too. Green is defeated.

[Fluff] It was completely deserved. Also, Sandslash has taken out Goldeen, Seadra and another pokemon that I didn't happen to catch in time.

[Snark] Sure it wasn't a Goldeen?

An abnormally-large one, might I add.

[Fluff] I pointed this out to /u/DrewLinky in the IRC, and he slapped me with a trout!

[Info] This isn't just any trainer. It's Green.

8d 4h 46m Cacnea goes down a single turn later.

8d 4h 46m Fighting against a trainer! Opponent's Crawdaunt takes out our Swablu!

8d 4h 39m We have spoken to the prostitute healing lady! Repeat: our team has been healed!

8d 4h 34m Item #3 picked up! It's a Poison Barb!

[Fluff] Seriously, why does the game say "better not use it" about the telephone?

8d 4h 30m Item #2 picked up! It's a BLACKGLASSES.

8d 4h 26m First item picked up! It's a Magost Berry. Bulbasaur's thoughts on our find? Bwahhhhh!

[Snark] Better not use the telephone--we might accidentally call someone qualified to take the office building back from Team Rocket!

8d 4h 23m Sandslash OHKO's Flaaffy with something super effective and levels up to 45! Team Rocket Grunt down!

8d 4h 23m A Team Rocket Grunt challenges us and sends out Flaaffy! Also, we're on 10F. So kind of him to remind us! Once we finish, there's three Master Balls random items in the room for us to try to get.

[Fluff] After looking back at the stream, it looks like it was a scientist. As if that really affects anything.

8d 4h 21m Houndour suffers the same demise! Trainer has been defeated!

8d 4h 21m Enemy sends out Houndour.

8d 4h 20m Sandslash OHKO's Carvanha with Tackle of all things!

[Info] Also, "text-to-speech" was renamed to "chat-to-speech" like he said before.

8d 4h 19m A trainer challenges us and sends out Carvanha!

8d 4h 19m Stream back up. Democracy timer was changed to 41 minutes.

[Fluff] My guess is that the timer randomization wasn't working properly, as 60 seconds is what it used to always be.

8d 4h 18m Stream down. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 4h 18m Meant to type 60 minutes. That would be funny though!

8d 4h 17m Timer was set for....wait for it......60 seconds! :O

8d 4h 17m ......and ends.

8d 4h 16m Democracy begins!

8d 4h 16m A found a Metal Coat hidden in a potted plant!

8d 4h 14m Text speed changed to FAST!

8d 4h 12m Sandslash OHKO's Manectric with Bone Club, and......that was his only Pokemon. Rodney defeated!

8d 4h 12m Scientist Rodney challenged! He sends out Manectric!

8d 4h 11m Voting begins!

8d 4h 10m TTS has been disabled. But the timer skipped a second--it went right from 12 to 10!

[Info] 3/6 Pokemon remaining.

8d 4h 6m Oops! We switched out Quagsire because Quagsire had fainted. But so does the enemy Masquerain. Team Rocket Grunt defeated!

8d 4h 6m Masquerain was burned!

8d 4h 6m We switch out Quagsire for Sandslash.

To clarify, in case you misread that, the enemy sent out a Masquerain. We still have Quagsire out.

8d 4h 2m We switch out Cacnea for Quagsire. Delibird misses with Metal Claw, and then faints due to its burn. Enemy sends out Masquerain. Cacnea grows to level 16!

8d 4h 1m We switch out Sandslash for Cacnea.

8d 4h 0m The voices have started!

8d 3h 58m We've burned Delibird. Bone club has no effect, but Delibird keeps using Metal Claw, which does hardly any damage. At least the burn should kill it.

8d 3h 58m Nobody's attacked yet.

8d 3h 55m He sends out Delibird!

8d 3h 55m We challenge one of the four Rocket Brothers!

8d 3h 44m A finds TM26 (Thrash)!

[Snark] The only reason we had so much trouble teaching Cut before is because we wanted to.

8d 3h 43m Swablu forgot Bubblebeam and learned Cut!

[News] Streamer just said: "I'm going to rename text-to-speech to chat-to-speech for clarity"

[Info/Snark] According to one NPC, we can use the Card Key to open doors.

8d 3h 35m Text speed is now SLOW.

8d 3h 34m The timer was set for 38 minutes. Right now it's on 37.

8d 3h 33m Voting ends. Anarchy won.

8d 3h 30m Ghastly also goes down. Sandsplash defeated the Grunt single-handedly. Meanwhile, we're voting!

8d 3h 28m Sandsplash takes out two Gengars with Bone Club and reaches Lv.44.

8d 3h 27m Hyperbug is taken out by poison.

8d 3h 26m Grunt fight! He sends out a Gengar.

8d 3h 21m Due to the new changes, the next demo-vote will happen in 7 minutes.

[New stuff] This is important: the voting timer will be set to a random number of minutes between 10 and 100 every time. This means we won't get to vote for democracy exactly every hour. It will help with bots, I'd assume.

[New stuff] Things the streamer has been saying about the TTS timer: one, two, three, four. Please message me if I've missed something.

Stream back up.

Stream down once again.

8d 3h 6m Hyperbug successfully flies in Shedinja's face! Grunt defeated!

8d 3h 4m The stream went down just as the voting period for democracy was about to end. It looks like we're staying in anarchy. Now we must figure out a way to hit this Shedinja...

Stream back and voices gone.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ COOKIE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

/u/flarn2006 confirmed for oracle

flarn2006, have a cookie.

Called it.

Stream down

8d 3h 1m Masquerain takes out a Duskull while the times just... flashes. Now facing a Shedinja.

[Fluff] I foresee a stream pause, and subsequent riot.

8d 3h 0m We engage a Grunt just as the countdown reaches zero, aaaand nothing happens.

8d 2h 59m Smashing potatoes in one minute.

8d 2h 58m Shiny Milotic in the PC in 2 minutes.

8d 2h 57m Voting time!

8d 2h 56m Gen VII Pokémon games to be released in 4 minutes.

8d 2h 53m The moon will fall in seven minutes.

8d 2h 51m Croconaw didn't stand a chance. Masquerain just took out this Grunt's entire team.

8d 2h 51m Masquerain's sweeping! He took down a Marill and two Surskits, healing himself back to full with Leech Life in the process. Now facing a Croconaw!

8d 2h 49m Politoed wins the duel. Swablu fainted. Masquerain avenges her.

8d 2h 48m Swablu against Politoed, both using not very effective moves.

8d 2h 47m We're facing mnmnmnmn a Grunt!

[Information] The countdown to the end of the world has reached 16 minutes.

8d 2h 43m In front of the Silph. Co building.

[Fluff] I always hope a completely new viewer opens the stream right in the middle of these Tomato-To-Speech moments, because the thought of his/her confusion entertains me.

8d 2h 36m On the second floor of the Pokémon Center, relaxing on the sofa.

8d 2h 33m The PC is on... the PC if off...

[Fluff] Just imagine a bunch of potatoes suddenly falling from the ceiling on Alice and Green while they were in the middle of the fight.

8d 2h 31m Sandsplash took out Kabutops but fainted right after. Whited out!

8d 2h 29m Quagsire out! He fought well.

8d 2h 27m Goldeen faints to Shellock's attacks, but Shellock is taken out by Kabutops. Quagsire in!

8d 2h 24m Meanwhile, Shellock has taken out Crawdaunt, and is now facing Goldeen!

[News] The streamer explains what the timer counts down to. It's for the Text-To-Speech stuff!

8d 2h 23m Hyperbug down!

8d 2h 22m Crawdaunt against Hyperbug!

8d 2h 22m M-M-M-M-M-M-M-POTATO. We're facing Potato Green again!

[New stuff] Next to the new timer, the nicknames of the persons whose message is being spoken out loud are shown.

There's also a timer; not sure what happens after it runs out. Currently at about 40 minutes.

Now I just lost the game too.

Stream back, and voices too!!

Someone in the Twitch chat just made me lose the Game. To whomever it was: screw you.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down!

8d 2h 15m We try opening the door with a magic word. It doesn't work.

8d 2h 13m Shellock comes in to finish the job. Grunt defeated!

[Reminder] Both Swablu and Masquerain will learn a new move next level.

8d 2h 9m A critical hit allows the next normal-type move to deal enough damage to take Forretress out, allowing Hyperbug to reach Lv.46!

8d 2h 8m Hyperbug dispatches of the Metang with Hyper Beam. The next HB doesn't hurt Forretress too much.

8d 2h 8m Metang's Nature Power/Swift takes down Cacnea. This Grunt's getting a promotion.

8d 2h 7m Or not! Better send Sandsplash in. Or not! We switch her out for Cacnea, who gets confused right away.

8d 2h 5m Hyperbug time!

8d 2h 4m Swablu is taken out by a Swift attack. Poor girl didn't get any experience this run.

8d 2h 3m Grunt fight! Swablu comes out against a Metang.

8d 2h 1m Democracy failed to stick around and deposit Cacnea, so we've entered the Silph. Co building with the current party.

8d 1h 15m Going upstairs to chat with our friend Teala.

8d 1h 14m And out of it just as quickly. Look, a map!

8d 1h 13m Booting up the PC. Oh boy...

8d 1h 12m Wartortle down! We lose against Rival Green and pay him £2160 for the privilege. Back to the Center!

8d 1h 11m Wartortle out! It takes down Goldeen! Green sends out a Poliwrath! We're so dead.

[Snark] Looks like Green beat us to the Master Ball!

8d 1h 8m Goldeen out! It uses Bubble and Sandslash is down!

8d 1h 8m We Bone Club Kabutops to death! Take that, Dome Fossil!

8d 1h 7m Green sends out Kabutops! We use Safeguard! Kabutops is burned by Sandslash's Flame Body!

8d 1h 7m Go Sandslash! It Bone Clubs the Crawduant to death and Levels up to 43!

8d 1h 5m We use Leech Life! Crawdaunt takes pity and only uses Bubble! But we choose Mirror Move at the wrong time and Tuna is down to a Bubble!

8d 1h 3m Tuna's on Low Health thanks to a Water Spout!

8d 1h 3m Go Tuna! It uses Mirror Move to make Bubble and Fake Tears

8d 1h 2m Quagsire down to a Water Sport! Oh dear

8d 1h 1m Swablu v Crawdaunt! Swablu down!

8d 1h 1m And she does! Oh look, it's our Rival Green! He mocks us and takes us on!

8d 1h 0m A needs to use the warp pad in this room and she's basically made it through this place

8d 0h 56m We use the Card Key to get through the door. Making good progress here!

8d 0h 56m A finds a Lemonade! Refreshing

8d 0h 55m We zoom down to 3F!

8d 0h 54m Stalemate as Tuna mirrors the Electrike's non damaging moves. Then he takes him down with a Hyper Beam. That's our bug! Grunt defeated!

8d 0h 53m Cacnea down to another Electrike's Zap Cannon! Go Tuna!

8d 0h 52m Electrike uses Zap Cannon! He misses! Cacnea takes it out with a Sludge Bomb!

8d 0h 51m Grunt sends out an Electrike, which also uses Charge. And then Foresight. We then shift out Cacnea!

8d 0h 51m We encounter another Grunt! He sends out a Magnemite. Instead of doing any damage, it uses Charge as our Swablu BubbleBeams it to death.

8d 0h 49m Anarchy wins the poll!

[Snark] From the chat: "She keeps sexing us." Yeah, she just doesn't believe that A is female, so she keeps checking.

Also Polling begins, with Anarchy taking a narrow lead!

8d 0h 45m We heal in a Bed!

8d 0h 43m We use a Card Key on another door

8d 0h 42m [Info] We only have Sandslash and Wartortle left alive with 100% HP

8d 0h 42m Go Wartortle! It takes down Mantine and Grunt defeated!

8d 0h 41m And Mantine snaps out of confusion and uses drill peck with his beak? And then it's a Hydro Cannon and Quagsire goes down!!

8d 0h 39m Mantine is confused by a Water Pulse! It hurts itself in confusion

[Info] Cacnea's ability is Arena Trap

8d 0h 36m Go Quagsire!

8d 0h 36m Cacnea down! It has Sludge Bomb, Mega Drain and Nature power as moves and is of a Serious Nature

8d 0h 35m Tuna down to Mantine's Liquid Ooze and a Drill Peck! We send out Cacnea!

8d 0h 33m We take down the Natu with a Leech Life! Grunt sends out ...Mantine? Mamma mia

8d 0h 31m We Mirror Move it! Alitaria down! Grunt sends out a Natu

8d 0h 30m One of the "Four Rocket Brothers" takes us on with a freaking Alitaria. These randomised Grunts don't mess about

[Info] This is a useful map for this place

8d 0h 28m Card Key opens another door near the stairs

8d 0h 27m We HyperBug Ed's Lombre into submission! Ed defeated! Go back to working for your strangely creepy company

8d 0h 26m Tentacrap goes down having actually HEALED us. Ed sends out a Pelliper which we Hyper Beam to death!

8d 0h 24m Card Key opens the door! But Scientist Ed takes us on with his Tentacool of doom!

8d 0h 23m Back to 9F!

8d 0h 20m Tuna Mirror Moves a Dizzy Punch and takes out that Seviper! It levels up to 45 and Grunt is down!

8d 0h 20m Another Grunt! He sends out a Seviper! Jessie is that you?

8d 0h 18m A finds a Card Key! Progress!

8d 0h 17m And back to 5F! This is going to be hard to keep up with..

8d 0h 17m We warp up to 9F!

8d 0h 16m We take down the Dragonair with Fly! Grunt defeated!

8d 0h 15m Fighting a Grunt! He sends out a Dragonair! Wow, a real step up from their usual Zubat nonsense

8d 0h 11m A finds a Shell Bell!

8d 0h 7m Hyper Beam takes down the Swalot! Juggler Dalton down!

8d 0h 6m We take down Nidorino with a Fly! Dalton sends out Swalot! It uses Minimise but our Fly hits anyway! We use it again! It uses Leer and we Miss our fly!

8d 0h 6m Go Tuna!

8d 0h 5m Swablu poisoned! And it's down!

8d 0h 5m He sends out a Nidorino! Go Swablu!

8d 0h 4m There shouldn't be any children in here! Juggler Dalton takes us on!

8d 0h 1m We're on the FIFTH floor

Happy Day 8!

8d 0h 0m We go up in the lift!

7d 23h 58m From the chat " the music to this place ruined my life because i spent hours in here as a child". Sorry man, you're going to have to relive those lovely memories

7d 23h 56m We're in the elevator/lift

7d 23h 53m We enter Silph Co! Oh, how this music reminds me how epic even a GBA soundtrack can be

7d 23h 45m And we're back!

7d 23h 43m Stream down!

7d 23h 34m Saffron City

7d 23h 30m We continue our walk around Route 6. Possibly procrastinating until the next democracy vote?

7d 23h 19m One of the other small children we beat in a double battle asks us how we got stronger. Well, whilst you were in one place we've been walking around non stop for a week!

7d 23h 17m We're out of saffron and onto Route 6 fighting a Hyperbug clone

7d 23h 11m The number of inputs just shot up ridiculously. It's like a whole horde of angry lurkers just decided to join in

7d 23h 9m We're back on the PC!

[Snark]. It was an act of Helix that saved me from losing my bet, but not so useful for the whole Lapras thing.

7d 23h 5m And with that, Anarchy returns. Oh dear god, We withdraw Cacnea before running away from the PC. Simply typical TPP!

7d 23h 3m [D] We store Jumpluff in box A See you later buddy.

7d 23h 1m [D] Looks like Jumpluff is getting the boot.

7d 23h 1m [D] We select 'Deposit Pokémon'! This is actually going very well for whatever the plan is

7d 22h 59m [D] We enter Bill's PC, but Anarchy is hot at the heels of the lead input of A

7d 22h 57m [D] We select the PC! I do wonder what the plan is though

[Info] I meant to say it 'ticks' over to Democracy earlier at 7d22h53m

7d 22h 55m [D] We creep to the right

7d 22h 54m [Democracy Mode (D)]. We head up towards the PC

7d 22h 53m And we're in democracy! And that happens as we walk out of the center and onto the street. Somehow, we make in back inside when it talks over, but we're talking to that kid I mentioned earlier.

7d 22h 51m Democracy is well in the lead, so I'll assume that that's where we're headed. Also it seems like the hivemind has the rather good idea of staying as close to the PC as possible before Democracy comes in, so as to avoid losing a poll to Anarchy by having split votes on directions

7d 22h 47m Voting begins! Chances on anything useful happening are about eight hundred billion trillion to one. Takers to the right

7d 22h 43m We flirt with the PC and deposit the White Herb

7d 22h 33m In the Pokémon Center again. This last hour was super productive. I suggest y'all put some music on.

7d 22h 19m We go to the Pokémart!

7d 22h 10m The chat speculates what the "Lapras" could be

7d 22h 7m We're back in Saffron City

7d 21h 57m We see Nidorans and Hoppips and otherwise nothing interesting

7d 21h 56m We're on Route 6

7d 21h 54m We're back out in Saffron

7d 21h 51m We continue to achieve nothing in the Center. Whenever we go to the PC we run away from it so fast it's like we saw a ghost. I guess we don't have a ghost of a chance.

7d 21h 48m Democracy wins the poll! And it's gone in less than a minute.

7d 21h 45m The Anarchy/Democracy poll has been running and it seems like Democracy will win

We're still in the Center by the way

[Snark] Yeah kid, it would be great if the Elite 4 came and stopped Team Rocket. Or the police, the army, or at least an adult. Nope, they can't be bothered to so they leave it to us. This situation actually gets more absurd as the games progess, with X and Y's orbital space laser beam being able to wipe out the entire planet. Pokémon logic!

7d 21h 27m In the Pokémon Center!

7d 21h 20m We head towards the Pokémon Center

7d 21h 13m We're back in Saffron City. This city is meant to represent Tokyo by the way

7d 21h 11m The chat is exploding in debate as to what to do with our Jumpluff. Seems like we're trying to check its ability and moves. I will try and grab those if they show up.

7d 21h 10m We switch back to Sandslash, who uses Bone Club to defeat the Nidoqueen! Black Belt Hitoshi Defeated!

7d 21h 9m Tuna is hitting with ineffective Leech Lifes

7d 21h 8m We switch out to Tuna!

7d 21h 7m Hitoshi sends out a Nidoqueen! We switch to Wartortle!

7d 21h 7m We battle Black Belt Hitoshi! And we take down his Cubone and Barboach with Bone Club!

7d 21h 1m We're so happy with our new addition that we admire it and every other Pokémon we have several times

7d 20h 58m Jumpluff is at level 25.

7d 20h 57m We received JUMPLUFF from the Dojo.

7d 20h 56m Masquerain has just over half health but takes out Gengar with two Fly attacks. Masquerain levels up to 44 and we got $888 from winning the fight.

7d 20h 56m Qwilfish goes down to Fly, anad out comes Gengara level 37. It Shadow Punches us.

7d 20h 55m Qwilfish uses Water Sport.

7d 20h 55m Fighting the Karate Master, Black Belt Koichi, and his Qwilfish, level 37.

7d 20h 53m Forretress down! We got $864 from that fight.

7d 20h 53m It's Cursing, it'll be stronger and more resilient now. It's in the yellow from all our flying though. It tries to Meteor Mash but misses, and we Fly bringing it to the red.

7d 20h 52m No switching out now, Forretress has used Spider Web.

7d 20h 52m Pin missile misses since we flew up. But we don't do much damage.

7d 20h 51m Now fighting Blackbeld Aaron and his Forretress, level 36.

7d 20h 50m Pineco comes out and uses Pay Day. But it gets taken out by Fly like everything else. $744 earned.

7d 20h 49m Avoided Leech Seed, and then took out Armaldo.

7d 20h 49m We flew up and avoided Armaldo's Signal Beam.

Oops sorry for the double timestamp

7d 20h 48m 7d 20h 48m Fighting Blackbelt Mike now. He sends out Venonat level 31 and we Fly, avoiding its Lock On. Venonat goes down.

7d 20h 47m Gained $768. Now using the Fame Checker.

7d 20h 47m Bye Sunflora.

7d 20h 47m Level 32 Treecko used Leaf Blade but missed because we had flew up. Fly takes it out in one hit. Out comes Sunflora with Trace ability.

7d 20h 46m Fighting Blackbelt Hideki and his Treecko.

7d 20h 46m We've entered the dojo.

7d 20h 45m We are in the North-East part of town now. Probably trying to get into the dojo.

7d 20h 41m Exited the Pokemon Center.


7d 20h 41m [D] We have walked away from the PC. Inputs winning are between Down and Anarchy. Looks like we are done with the PC for now.

7d 20h 40m [D] PC HAS BEEN TURNED OFF.

7d 20h 39m [D] We have exited the Deposit menu.

7d 20h 37m [D] Nincada is deposited

7d 20h 35m [D] Crane Game Time!

7d 20h 33m [D] Accessed BILL's PC.

7d 20h 31m [D] It's PC time.

7d 20h 30m [D] Getting close to the PC.

7d 20h 28m [D] Looks like we are heading toward the PC.

7d 20h 26m [D] We've entered the Pokemon Center.

7d 20h 19m [D] Anarchy votes increasing in proportion with each input.

7d 20h 18m [D] Moving steadily towards the Pokecenter to checkpoint ourselves in Saffron.

7d 20h 14m We've arrived in Saffron, entering democracy shortly after

7d 20h 11m Making our way steadily westward

7d 20h 3m We leave Pokemon Tower! Say whaaaaaaaa?

7d 19h 44m Swablu grows to level 30. Finally

7d 19h 35m We've encountered a Duskull, an actual ghost! That's about it, folks.

7d 18h 47m I'd update about Swablu biting the dust but it's really not news at this point. But Quagsire gained a level, now at 22!

[Snark] TPP FireRed: more grinding than a high school dance without chaperones.

7d 18h 28m We heal. And again. And again.

7d 18h 27m Swablu faints to a wild Pikachu, but we've got that purified, protected zone, so it's not a big deal.

7d 18h 19m We heal Swablu mid-battle with an item. Fairly impressive, I suppose.

7d 18h 18m We're pretty much managing no grinding at all. We run from something like 80% of our encounters.

7d 18h 14m We heal in that nice little spot and Swablu is back up and fighting.

7d 18h 9m Swablu has fainted.

[Snark] Got away safely! Got away safely! Got away safely!

7d 17h 52m Swablu is now level 29!

7d 17h 49m We threw a Great Ball at a wild Smoochum... but failed to catch it.

7d 17h 39m Currently still grinding Swablu in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

7d 17h 25m Found a Macho Brace!

7d 17h 14m Swablu is proving to be a very, err, patient leveler.

7d 16h 59m Back in Anarchy, still grinding Swablu

7d 16h 56m [D] Swablu forgets Growth, and learns Drill Peck

7d 16h 53m [D] Democracy currently being used to teach Swablu Drill Peck, which it's trying to learn from level up.

7d 16h 52m After much grinding, Swablu grows to lvl. 28 right as we enter Democracy

7d 16h 8m Healed at the Zone. Hanging around here to grind Swablu a bit it seems.

7d 16h 3m Alice still hanging out in the Guilt Trip Tower. Chat is in a tizzy over which Pokemon to withdraw, which to deposit, or whether to even risk the PC at all.

7d 15h 58m We burn our last Great Ball failing to catch a Shedinja

7d 15h 55m Swablu faints to a wild electrike

7d 15h 52m We try to catch another Treecko but it breaks free twice. One great ball left.

7d 15h 51m Male Treecko caught, lvl 19, nicknamed TUVWWWWWWT

7d 15h 48m Anarchy takes back over quickly.

[Snark] And then chat went nuts


7d 15h 45m One minute left in the voting period, Democracy seems to be the favorite.

[Strategy] People in Twitch chat seem to agree that they want to deposit Nincada, but beyond that the votes split heavily over who to withdraw (or save the open slot for).

7d 15h 36m We enter Regret Tower again, where the only ghosts here this time are those from our past.

7d 15h 34m We exit the Mart and run around Lavender Town

7d 15h 31m Bought 3 Great Balls. Guess I picked the right cereal to be eating high fives Tony the Tiger

7d 15h 26m: Shop entered. We still have 4 or so Great Balls.

7d 15h 20m: And we are back in Lavender city. Oh, the memories.

7d 15h 20m: Another gust combined with clamp and Quagsire goes down. A whited out.

7d 15h 19m: Pelipper is now below 50% hp. Quagsire has 12 hp left.

7d 15h 19m: We throw a Great ball then Pelipper hits with clamp. More Water pulse.

7d 15h 18m: Gust doesn't do much damage but neither does water pulse.

7d 15h 18m: Pelipper is the last monster. Clamp misses and Quagsire uses water pulse.

7d 15h 18m: Taillow comes in and almost OHKOs to water pulse. A second one does the job.

7d 15h 17m: Quagsire uses water pulse too. Skiploom resists with a line of HP. Then Skiploom uses comet punch before going down to another water pulse. Quagsire is now lvl 21.

7d 15h 16m: Skiploom comes in and uses razor leaf after resisting cut. 16 hp left for Wartortle. Water gun hits but does not finish Skiploom. Wartortle faints to razor leaf.

7d 15h 15m: Wartortle uses cut and Hoppip faints. Wartortle is now lvl 40.

7d 15h 15m: Water gun hits. Hoppip responds with mega kick. With what leg? I do not know. Stay tuned for the unravelling truth.

7d 15h 14m: "Birdkeeper Robert wants to fight". Well duh! Wartortle out vs Hoppip.

[Snark] Boy, we hadn't done much since we captured "Snorlax", then suddenly it's trainers everywhere.

7d 15h 13m: Wartortle uses cut and Ledyba faints. Trainer defeated.

7d 15h 11m: Water pulse goes to his repertoir and uses water gun. Pineco down. Ledyba comes in and uses tail glow after resisting water gun.

7d 15h 11m: Anorith OHKOs to water pulse. Pineco comes out.

7d 15h 10m: Ledyba endures water pulse then hurts itself. Another water pulse and it's byebye Ledyba. Anorith next.

7d 15h 9m: We are in route 13 fighting all the trainers in the world apparently. This one sends a Ledyba. We try to capture it with a great ball.

7d 15h 7m: Water pulse hits Gulpin twice and takes her down. Trainer defeated.

7d 15h 6m: Another water pulse and Bulbasaur responds with acid. Then Bulbasaur faints to cut. Gulpin comes in.

7d 15h 6m: Another trainer battle. Bulbasaur vs Wartortle. Water pulse again. Not very effective but Bulbasaur then hurts itself.

7d 15h 5m: Trainer defeated and Wartortle again doesn't evolve.

7d 15h 5m: Another Beldum. And another one! Thats the 5th Beldum that OHKOs to water pulse.

7d 15h 4m: Another Beldum comes out and OHKOs to water pulse. Shelly is on a roll.

7d 15h 3m: Water pulse hits and OHKOs Beldum. Wartortle reached lvl 39.

7d 15h 3m: Beldum resists water gun and uses psybeam. Then goes down to a second Psybeam. Another Beldum comes in.

7d 15h 1m: Another trainer! Omg they are everywhere! Beldum vs Wartortle.

7d 15h 1m: A second water pulse deals with Natu. Trainer defeated.

7d 15h 0m: Natu is confused by Water pulse but uses peck. He's almost KO though.

7d 14h 59m: Water gun used. Wynaut responds with pain split. 66hp left for Wartortle. Water pulse hits but Wynaut resists. Another one and Wynaut down. Natu comes in.

7d 14h 58m: Another trainer challenges us. Bird keeper sends Wynaut vs Wartortle.

7d 14h 57m: Another Great ball and Metal Claw again. 78 hp left. Cut hits finally and Delibird faints. Trainer defeated.

7d 14h 57m: Great ball thrown at Delibird. More Metal Claw used.

7d 14h 56m: Delibird comes in and Wartortle switches to cut. Delibird uses metal claw.

7d 14h 56m: Another water pulse and it confuses Smoochum#2 again. It hurts itself then faints to a last water pulse.

7d 14h 55m: Water pulse deployed. Smoochum is confused and hurts itself to death. Smoochum #2 in.

7d 14h 53m: Another trainer challenges us. Picknicker alma sends out Smoochum. Wartortle defends A's honour.

7d 14h 50m: Fuchsia city takes the lead. We get back to the fisherman's house.

7d 14h 45m: We get back to route 12. Up vs down.

7d 14h 39m: Rattata captured. Lvl 15 female rattata. Happy easter everybody!

7d 14h 36m: Another Pokeball used on a wild Rattata. No luck.

[Information] Oh and we have around 7100 pokedollars. Viva las Celadon.

7d 14h 32m: Quagsire comes in to intimidate the poor thing. Then Torchic goes down to Water Pulse. 10 great balls left guys.

7d 14h 31m: First one doesnt do the job. Torchic uses softboiled. Second one! Also no use. Nincada faints to overheat.

7d 14h 31m: OMG its Torchic! Greatballs launched.

7d 14h 28m: A doesn't want to grind anymore, she wants to walk free through route 11. Far from Pokemon or trainers. Only the start menu matters now. Be free A, be free.

7d 14h 25m: Swablu is now holding a great ball, then her great ball got switched with another greatball. #progress

7d 14h 18m: Sandslash finally faints to a wild Wingull. Nincada leads the pack now.

7d 14h 15m: Current status: Grinding Sandslash with wild pokemon near Vermillion City.

7d 14h 13m: A enters route 11. A wild Treecko salutes us.

7d 14h 8m: A leaves the house. Still in route 12. Current plan, jog around the fisherman's house.

7d 14h 6m: A does not like fishing. Fisherman seems quite down about it.

7d 14h 2m: A enters the fisherman's hut.

7d 13h 59m: A decides to go up. Noes down! Noes up!

7d 13h 55m: Another take down connects and Zubat OHKOs. Trainer defeated. 11 hp left for Flameslash.

7d 13h 54m: Flameslash uses take down and Zubat faints. Another Zubat comes in!

7d 13h 54m: Sandslash once again is stuck on safeguard. More poison tail, acid and poison powder.

7d 13h 53m: Sandslash finally uses tackle. Zubat resists. Then Sandslash uses safeguard. 33 hp left.

7d 13h 51m: More bone club and more acid. 41 hp left for Flameslash.

7d 13h 50m: Bone club doesn't affect Zubat. He uses Acid, Acid armor and poison powder.

7d 13h 49m: A greatball is thrown once again. Zubat responds with poison tail.

7d 13h 48m: Another fisherman wants to battle. Zubat vs Sandslash.

7d 13h 48m: We are currently going towards Fuchsia City. Fisherman keep disturbing our advance.

[Snark] "Water conducts electricity so you should zap sea POKEMON". Oh, you mean like YOUR MUDKIP?! Thanks for the "tip" pal.

7d 13h 43m: And of course Wartortle did not evolve.

7d 13h 42m: Wartortle is sent vs Seadra. A critical water gun does the job and Wartortle reached lvl 38. Trainer defeated.

7d 13h 41m: Mudkip can't resist Masquerain's fly. Seadra comes in and resists it. Hydro pump then faints Masquerain.

7d 13h 38m: Time to battle another trainer. Rocker Luka sends a Mudkip. Masquerain jumps in.

7d 13h 37m: A goes down past Snorlax's spot. Some people want to get back up though. Hivemind seems split.

7d 13h 35m: [D] B beats Anarchy at the very last second and we exit the pokemon menu. Lots of people want to go down, but Anarchy regains control.

7d 13h 34m: [D] A exits Sandsplash's summary menu. More and More Bs follow.

7d 13h 32m: [D] Safeguard and Boneclub exchange position. Anarchy almost took over right there. More A input, then B.

7d 13h 31m: [D] Time to change Sandslash's moveset around. Safeguard is selected.

7d 13h 29m: [D] Sandslash's summary entered. Right input takes the lead now.

[Information] By the way we currently still have 14 Great Balls.

7d 13h 28m: [D] Anarchy and down battle to death. Down wins once more. Sandsplash selected.

7d 13h 27m :[D] Swablu selected, then unselected, then down input.

7d 13h 25m: [D] Democracy is currently working in the Pokemon Menu. Lots of Hypothesis so far.

7d 13h 22m: Nevermind, A is going back toward... well, the spot where Snorlax was. Democracy kicks in in 1 minute.

7d 13h 21m: A is currently going up towards Lavender. She's in a hurry, she's sprinting a lot.

7d 13h 18m: Leech seed leaves Sandsplash with 41% hp. Masquerain uses fly againd and Sandslash safeguard. Diglett faints! Trainers defeated.

7d 13h 16m: Great ball launched again. Fly defeats Larvitar. Only Diglett left. Leech seed on Sandsplash.

7d 13h 15m: Another Great ball used on Larvitar. Masquerain flies and Larvitar uses sandstorm.

7d 13h 14m: A decides to celebrate by having a double battle. Larvitar and Diglett vs Hyperbug and Sandsplash.

7d 13h 13m: AGreat ball used and Glalie captured. Lvl 30, no name given.

7d 13h 12m: A wakes up Snorlax with the pokeflute. And.... Glalie is Snorlax. Masquerain fails mirror move.

7d 13h 12m: Snorlax reached. Bets anyone?

7d 13h 10m: Natu finally faints to burns and Masquerain OHKOs the other three pokemon with fly. Trainer defeated.

7d 13h 7m: Boneclub doesn't affect Natu so we're back to square one. Burn meanwhile has Natu in red hp.

7d 13h 6m: More safeguard of course and Natu uses silver wind. Burnt is working wonders though.

7d 13h 4m: Safeguard keeps missing as Natu uses peck and burns himself. Thats what you get for pecking with fire.

7d 13h 2m: Natu's jump kick keeps missing. I'm not surprised considering how large his "legs" are.

7d 13h 2m: Luster purge doesn't do much damage to Sandslash. She meanwhile keeps using safeguard. Over and over and over again.

7d 13h 1m: And yet another fisherman. Where are they coming from geez?! Sandslash is subbed in for Masquerain.

7d 13h 0m: Abra resorts to struggle and Quagsire uses water pulse. Abra faints and Fisherman is defeated.

7d 12h 59m: Quagsire comes in and takes a less than powerful overheat. Water pulse connects.

7d 12h 58m: Abra uses Overheat. Swablu responds with growth. Swablu survives next overheat with just 2 hp. and uses Growth once again. Abra misses another overheat and more growth used. Then finally another overheat connects and Swablu faints.

7d 12h 57m: This fishermen are everywhere! Another challenger. Abra vs Swablu.

7d 12h 55m: Another fly takes down Enem. Swablu and trainer defeated. Moar Money :D.

7d 12h 55m: Masquerain is switched once again with Swablu. Fly OHKOs Farfetch'd and Masquerain reaches lvl 42. Enem. Swablu comes out

7d 12h 53m: Another trainer battle. Fisherman Chip sends out Farfetch'd vs Swablu.

7d 12h 52m: Steel wing doesn't do much damage to Masquerain and another leech life finishes Magnemite. Fisherman defeated.

7d 12h 52m: Magenmite resists fly and uses spark. Masquerain uses leech life and Magnemite has 1/4 hp left.

7d 12h 51m: Fly used and Chinchou finally faints. Magnemite up next. More fly.

7d 12h 50m: Chinchou uses thundershock, another leech life misses and Chinchou uses hydro cannon. Another missed leech life.

7d 12h 50m: Another Chinchou hops in. Masquerain uses leech life.

7d 12h 49m: Bubblebeam doesn't do much damage. Masquerain comes in and takes muddy water, then uses fly and Chinchou faints.

7d 12h 47m: We enter a fight with a fisherman. Chinchou vs Swablu.

7d 12h 44m: Route 12 entered. A enjoyes the sight of the blue mistress.

7d 12h 42m: A leaves the Pokemon Center. Lots of A+up are still flowing.

7d 12h 40m: A goes towards the PC and as always B+down takes back control. PC wars guys.

7d 12h 40m: Party healed.

7d 12h 38m: A enters the Pokemon Center.

7d 12h 36m: Back to Lavender. We miss the Pokemon Center.

7d 12h 32m: Vibrava uses dragon claw but faints to water pulse. Super nerd defeated.

7d 12h 30m: Quagsire's ability is intimidate.

7d 12h 29m: A great ball is used on Vibrava. He responds with another twister. Nincada faints. Sandslash and Quagsire left.

7d 12h 28m: Nincada comes out and takes a big twister. 19 hp left for her.

7d 12h 26m: More bubblebeam and Vibrava then uses twister. 3 hp. Another bubblebeam and another dragon claw and Swablu faints.

7d 12h 26m: Swablu uses bubblebeam and Vibrava responds with dragon claw. 12 hp left.

7d 12h 26m: A trainer challenges A. Super nerd sends out Vibrava vs Swablu.

7d 12h 25m: And just as I say that A moves towards the grass. Grind it seems.

7d 12h 23m: If you are not watching then you are missing the big fight the hivemind is having currently. Some want to grind, others want to heal. Choose your side guys.

7d 12h 18m: Anarchy takes back control. That's all Demo wanted to do folks, A gets back to route 8.

7d 12h 17m: [D] Swablu is switched with Wartortle. Lord Dome has spoken!

7d 12h 15m: Wartortle is being switched. With whom? Spoiler alert: I don't know yet.

7d 12h 13m: [D] Wartortle gets selected, then up is input. More up. WAY more up.

7d 12h 12m: [D] Bag is not our objective apparently. Pokemon menu entered.

7d 12h 11m: [D] Start input. Then up. Watch the wheel of fortune spin guys.

7d 12h 9m: Back to lavender. Democracy takes over!

7d 12h 8m: A enters route 8. We still havent healed.

[Spoiler alert] We can't buy more Greatballs because we have no more money.

7d 12h 7m: 18 Greatballs bought.

7d 12h 4m: We enter the Pokeshop. Voting time is 30 seconds away.

7d 12h 0m: Poke Flute obtained. A leaves Mr. Fuji's house.

7d 11h 55m: A talks to Mr. Fuji who invites her to his house. So much for not trusting strangers A.

7d 11h 52m: Wooper evolved to Quagsire. First try. See how it's done Wartortle?!

7d 11h 52m: Wooper sent. Water pulse used and Geodude faints. Wooper reached lvl 20. Rocket Grunt defeated and Tower cleared.

7d 11h 51m: Masquerain faints to rock throw.

7d 11h 51m: Masquerain uses fly and Geodude faints. Another Geodude out. More fly depolyed and Geodude resists.

7d 11h 50m: Geodude vs Masquerain. Leech life used. Geodude uses bone club. 35 hp left.

7d 11h 49m: Lunatone resists the next Hyper Beam. Masquerain has 24 hp left and uses fly. Lunatone fainted.

7d 11h 48m: Lunatone uses rock blast but only hits two times. 71 hp left for Masquerain.

7d 11h 48m: Here we go, last rocket grunt sends Larvitar vs AATUUUUNN. HYPER BEAMED AND OHKO. Lunatone next.

7d 11h 47m: Gastly vs Masquerain. More fly and Gastly OHKOs. A second Gastly comes out and also OHKOs to fly. Trainer defeated. One trainer to go.

7d 11h 46m: Another rocket up and by the way there were only 2 rocket grunts to go.

7d 11h 45m: Polywrath is the last one. He uses bulk up and resists fly. Submission is far from effective though. Fly again and Polywrath down. Trainer defeated. 3 to go.

7d 11h 45m: Masquerain reaches lvl 41. Another Marill comes out. Fly again and OHKO.

7d 11h 44m: First Grunt challenged. Marill vs Masquerain. Masquerain uses fly and Marill OHKOs.

7d 11h 43m: The stairs finally respond "polo" and A manages to go up to the next floor. Team Rocket time.

7d 11h 42m: A keeps trying to get up the stairs, but she just goes up and down in front of them. Marco? Marcoooo?!

7d 11h 38m: Wartortle succumbs to burnt injuries while fighting a wild Chimecho. Masquerain leads the party now.

7d 11h 37m: Marowak spirit time guys. Wartortle uses water pulse and almost OHKOs. A Water gun finishes the job. Marowak defeated.

7d 11h 36m: We encounter a wild Goldeen that actually heals our Swablu through pain split. Thanks pal.

7d 11h 33m: This is it, A is near the stairs now.A Vulpix tries to disrupt our advance. Move puny creature.

7d 11h 21m: We just healed and went up to the next floor. Then Wartortle by a wild pokemon. Currently advancing to greet Cubone's mum.

7d 11h 8m Somewhere in Pokemon Tower ...

7d 11h 3m We're in ... Democracy.

7d 10h 57m Voting has begun.

7d 10h 49m The greatest enemy of Shellock! Wild Shedinja!

7d 10h 47m Up a floor!

7d 10h 41m Finally on the next floor.

7d 10h 34m Checking the menu a lot.

7d 10h 33m Chilling on the ground floor of Pokemon Tower.

7d 10h 23m Now in the Tower.

7d 10h 22m Now outside.

7d 10h 20m Now in the Tower.

7d 10h 19m Running around Lavender.

7d 10h 18m Hanging around Lavender. Now on Route 12.

7d 10h 16m Text speed is slow.

7d 10h 14m Swablu down. White out!

7d 10h 13m Swablu sent out.

7d 10h 9m Digbug/Nincada down.

7d 10h 8m The final move in Marowak's repertoire is Attract. Unfortunately for it, Digbug isn't attracted to ghosts.

7d 10h 8m Back again.

7d 10h 8m Sandsplash down. A runs.

7d 10h 7m Ran again, only to meet it once more.

7d 10h 6m Marowak also knows Dragon Claw.

7d 10h 5m Ran again. Back again.

7d 10h 5m So the Marowak Ghost knows Dig and Horn Attack ...

7d 10h 4m Ran again, but back to the ghost we go again.

7d 10h 3m A runs ... and meets it again.

7d 10h 2m The Ghost appears! It's a Marowak!

7d 10h 2m Abra can Overheat as well, huh.

7d 10h 0m The item was a Grepa Berry.

7d 9h 58m Hey, Bagon too.

7d 9h 58m Why are there Goldeen here?

7d 9h 57m Oh hey, an item!

7d 9h 54m Voting started, by the way.

7d 9h 50m So this floor has Abra as well ...

7d 9h 46m Still hanging around the Tower. Voting begins in around five minutes.

7d 9h 45m: Wartortle faints to a wild Ariados. Sandslash leads now.

7d 9h 44m: Wartortle used water pulse and trainer defeated. Show me the money!

7d 9h 42m: Time to battle another Channeler. Wartortle vs Natu. Wartortle has 15 hp left.

7d 9h 40m: Wartortle levels up to 37 and does not learn rain dance, neither does he evolve.

7d 9h 38m: We get to the upper floor. Progress probably.

7d 9h 36m: Masquerain faints to a wild Smoochum. Poison finally got the best from him. Wartortle is also down to 26% hp.

7d 9h 25m: Masquerain's hp is already down to 45%. Wartortle has about 1/4 of the exp bar to go until the next level. 26 mins until voting.

7d 9h 17m: We haven't healed since that trainer battle and are by the stairs currently. Masquerain is still slowly dying to poison.

7d 9h 10m: Channeler defeated. Now there's officially no more trainers in this floor.

7d 9h 9m: Masquerain is switched in for Wartortle and gets poisoned. Then uses fly and Dustox faints.

[Snark] Well apparently there was still a possessed channeler in this floor.

7d 9h 9m: We enter a fight with another Channeler. Dustox vs Wartortle.

[Snark] Don't worry guys, we are going to keep grinding apparently. Persistence is just A's middle name.

7d 9h 0m: Wartortle reached lvl 36 and didn't evolve. What?! How could this be?!

7d 8h 55m: Wartortle is proving his alpha male personality by destroying almost every pokemon OHKO. Who needs a Blastoise?!

7d 8h 52m: Anarchy regains control. We basically used Democracy to get out of the Pokemon menu. The system works guys.

7d 8h 50m: [D] Demo time. B takes the lead.

7d 8h 49m: Democracy incoming! Countdown time :O.

7d 8h 46m: We are currently voting anarchy vs democracy. Still grinding Wartortle, he has a few more Pokemon to faint in order to reach lvl 36.

7d 8h 42m: More water pulse, more healing, more grinding... The order might change guys.

7d 8h 37m: Oh and by the way, Wartortle is holding a super potion. I'm not sure when that happened.

7d 8h 35m: Wartortle eaches lvl 35. He makes a coat out of the fainted Persian as a token of strength.

7d 8h 33m: We heal once again. Wartortle is close to leveling up. Stay tuned for more TPP shocking news.

7d 8h 32m: Oh noes! Wartortle is burnt by a wild Mankey (!). He still OHKOs most Pokemon though.

7d 8h 29m: Grave corners are A's worst enemies in this tower. They catch he off guard and trap her there for good. Damnit Wartortle, do something!

7d 8h 25m: Wartortle keeps taking matters into his own hands. He runs away from a Pikachu for instance. #commitment

7d 8h 18m: A keeps going around, healing and fighting. 2 more levels until Blastoise. Should we synchronize our watches? :P

7d 8h 11m: Current plan is keep shifting Wartortle out against every wild pokemon we encounter. Oh it's working.

7d 8h 6m: Masquerain finally faints to a wild Smoochum but we heal right after. God bless you weird drawing on the floor.

7d 8h 5m: We get down to the healing floor. A keeps running away from wild Pokemon.

7d 8h 2m: The hivemind has decided to get down to heal. Apparently the fact that Masquerain is very low on hp and Flamesplash has around 43% hp has convinced it.

7d 7h 59m: Nincada faints to a wild Goldeen.

7d 7h 56m: We encounter a wild Chimecho! I thought there were no wild G-g-ghosts here!

7d 7h 50m: Hivemind is once again split between healing and grinding Wartortle more and progressing. Masquerain gets poisoned by a wild Goldeen.

7d 7h 48m: Channeler defeated. Well, that was fast.

7d 7h 47m: Time for another trainer battle. Bulbasaur vs Masquerain. A looks for pokeballs, then instructs Hyperbug to use fly. Bulbasaur down.

[Snark] "I feel anemic and weak..." Welcome to our world Channeler.

7d 7h 44m: A super potion was just used in Masquerain. 3 super potions left.

7d 7h 43m: After succesfully finding that item, A attempts to get back to the healing floor.

7d 7h 40m: A found a star piece.

7d 7h 39m: A tries to get an object in the upper floor but fails. The hivemind is divided among those that want to heal and those that want that object.

7d 7h 35m: Another fly and Gastly also faints. Channeler defeated.

7d 7h 35m: Masquerain uses fly and Shedinja faints. Out comes Gastly.

7d 7h 34m: Hyperbug comes in. A tries to run once again.

7d 7h 32m: Shedinja knows all of Wartortle's tricks. Odor sleuth connects though. Progress? Wartortle goes down.

[Pun] Shellock simply couldn't cut it in this line of work.

7d 7h 29m: Cut doesn't hit Shedinja. Wartortle gets confused.

7d 7h 28m: Wartortle uses water pulse twice and Duskull goes down. Time for Shedinja!

[Snark] A looks at Wartortle "ok, don't panic, remember your training, use odor sleuth"

7d 7h 27m: We go up the stairs and enter a battle against a Channeler. Duskull vs Wartortle.

[Snark] Meanwhile, Nincada waits for her turn to grind. "They haven't forgotten about me have they?"

7d 7h 23m: "Take that Tentacool! You too Pikachu! And you Staryu!" A lets her rage flow. Are we sure she's not possessed?

7d 7h 20m: Wartortle reaches lvl 34. Two more levels until B spoils Blastoise.

7d 7h 12m: Wartortle still can't OHKO every pokemon in the area with any of his attacks (I'm not counting odor sleuth). There's room for improvement Shelly, get back to work.

7d 7h 7m: A is getting quite good at just walking in circles. Wartortle is getting also quite good at not using odor sleuth, but still manages to use it from time to time.

7d 7h 2m: Apparently we just tossed the Choice Band. I did not see that so I can't 100% confirm it.

7d 6h 53m: Wartortle reaches lvl 33.

[Snark] So apparently we mopped the floor with a shiny Pikachu... I'm sorry Gamefreak, but I hope somebody got fired for that poor color selection.

[Snark] This grinding plan is working so far. Wait, how many more levels? Dayum.

7d 6h 41m Back in anarchy now that we've dealt with our frustration zing!

[Snark] Someone explain to me how slamming a CD into our pokemon's face teaches it a move. Do pokemon have disk drives in their retinas?

7d 6h 35m [D] We teach Masquerain Fly in place of Frustration.

7d 6h 28m [D] Into the TM Case!

7d 6h 24m [D] Opened the Bag.

7d 6h 23m [D] We've opened the start menu and are moving up the list.

7d 6h 20m [D] Democracy enable, nobody is voting for Anarchy. The chat apparently has a plan.

7d 6h 14m Wartortle finally reaches Level 32.

[Oak Fact] Blastoise shares its species name with Kabuto and Kabutops. They are all known as the Shellfish Pokémon. The More you Know!

[Meta] Someone PM'd me telling me I should update about the shiny Pikachu (Sorry about missing that by the way!). Sometimes you guys have feedback on the updater, which is very welcome, but we don't see PM's until we either refresh the page or open a reddit page in a new tab. If you want to contribute something that is time-sensitive like an update suggestion, feel free to contact me in the #twitchplayspokemon Freenode IRC channel!

7d 5h 31m Poison does work on Masquerain, bringing her to 7 HP before she kills the wild Bellsprout and we step onto the healing tile. Nice save, guys!

[Snark] I see we found a shiny Pikachu! And in a randomized Fire Red! Though it'd be a real shame if we...killed it.

7d 5h 14m Democracy comes... democracy goes...

7d 5h 10m Wartortle grows to level 31 and does not learn Conversion.

7d 4h 46m Wartortle treaches Level 30. The exp gain is slowing down quite a bit now, though, so we're in for a long ride if we are trying to evolve, or go even further to level 40, as some people have suggested.

7d 4h 20m Masquerain is hogging EXP.

7d 4h 17m Healed, yay!

7d 4h 16m Wooper doesn't have any better luck. Darn it, Giga Drain! We give up on this Bellsprout and run.

7d 4h 15m Bellsprout was too much for Wartortle that time. Ouch.

[Fluff] Oh, Teachy TV. You make me so happy.

7d 4h 9m After the hourly vote, we're still in Anarchy.

7d 4h 6m Level 29!

7d 3h 49m Wartortle is Level 28! Movin' on up, guys.

7d 3h 34m Wartortle is now Level 27.

7d 3h 30m Persian used Guillotine on Wooper. Uhm. Well then.

7d 3h 24m Sandslash and Wooper got switched in against that Machop. Come on guys, it's Wartortle's turn for EXP right now.

[Snark] Come on Wartortle, I thought you were grinding here. Don't run away from a wimpy little Bellsprout.

7d 3h 13m And just like that, poison disappears.

7d 3h 13m Wartortle grows to level 26!

7d 3h 12m Wartortle gets poisoned, oh no! Er, wait, we have infinite healing two steps away. I guess we'll be alright.

7d 3h 10m TunaHyperbug takes down a Smoochum! And with that, I bid you all good night, thanks for spectating my first shift here on the updater!

7d 3h 5m He did so using SmellingSalt by the way

7d 3h 4m Gulpin heals our paralysis! How nice of him

7d 3h 3m Wartortle is paralysed!

7d 3h 1m Also we did not learn Crabhammer!

7d 3h 0m Wartortle levels up to 25! Screw you, Pikachu!

7d 2h 52m Smoochum sketched us! Didn't stop him from being killed.

[Info] It seems like the stream is here to grind Wartortle into a Blastoise. Looks like we're here for the long run!

7d 2h 43m Wartortle is poisoned! Not that it matters, with the magic square healing him instantly

7d 2h 36m Wartortle is up to level 24!

[Snark] Since we're having a little trouble leaving the floor, here's what it looks like. It's pretty simple

7d 2h 27m Saved the game! Badges: 4 PokéDex: 24 Play time: 150h42m

7d 2h 27m Tuna can't move because of his paralysis. And when he can, he hits himself in confusion. I'm about to hit myself too.. We run away from it and heal in the magic square.

7d 2h 25m Tuna is paralysed by the Pikachu!

7d 2h 22m Wartortle down to a wild Pikachu!

7d 2h 18m We use our Super Potion on the Wartortle. I can't think of a time more pointless to use it than just then

7d 2h 16m We admire our shiny new Wartortle's purple colour in battle. Everyone universally loves this colour, without any exceptions.

7d 2h 12m Wartortle levels up to 23!

7d 2h 8m We continue our random walking/grinding around the fifth floor. Such interesting viewing.

[Fluff] For a second after the Pokémon type actually changed in the game's memory, this appeared. Look familiar?

7d 1h 58m We're back in Anarchy! With all of its crazyness, it's kind of like the Italian Pokémon themes. Andate!

7d 1h 57m [D] Squirtle levels up to 22 and evolved into Wartortle! Stats: Max.HP 52 Atk 26 Def 36 Sp.Atk 33 Sp.Def 36 Speed 27

7d 1h 57m An A command is winning!

7d 1h 55m And we're in democracy! Holy crap this timing is perfect!

7d 1h 55m Squirtle approaches level 22!

7d 1h 52m We're still on that floor, battlin' and grindin'

7d 1h 35m And yes, we are still on the fifth floor of the Pokémon Tower

7d 1h 35m A heals again! Yay

[Snark] Maybe some Teachy TV can tell us how to evolve a Pokémon? As well as how to walk right?

7d 1h 32m Squirtle doesn't evolve again! Twitch pls...

7d 1h 30m We creep ever closer to level 21

7d 1h 29m A wild Persian tries to cut of Squirtle's head with Guillotine before giving it a Sweet Kiss, which misses. Seeing that this cat is cray, we got out of there

[Snark] If there were a way of teaching Splash instead of 100 other moves, Twitch will find a way to choose it

7d 1h 24m Tuna forgets Water Pulse and learns Mirror Move! Hooray for removing all our best moves!

7d 1h 22m We take it down with Wooper

7d 1h 22m A wild Corphish takes a leaf out of M4's book and Rollouts our Squirtle till it dies!

[Snark] Remember, the higher a Pokémon's level, the more exp it takes to level up again. So no pressure.

7d 1h 18m We continue grinding the Squirlte. Maybe some day it will evolve...

7d 1h 16m A continues to walk around the fifth floor, healing and battling. This is actually a stupidly good grinding spot.

[Fluff] "Try" being the key word.

7d 1h 15m Squirtle doesn't evolve!

7d 1h 14m Looks like Squirtle will level up + try to evolve again after this battle.

7d 1h 7m A wild Pikachu kills itself in confusion

7d 1h 2m Ermagerd, a Staryu!

[Fluff] That helpless feeling when the evolution screen comes and you see a B input at the bottom of the queue, and you know it's only a matter of time.....

[Snark] Somebody ban Kanishka42 please! (not really)

7d 1h 0m Squirtle is denied evolving! Guess we want to keep the 'lil fella around a little longer

7d 0h 56m We heal in the Zone! Again.

7d 0h 55m We kill the Vulpix!

7d 0h 53m Tuna is down to its burn! That's one foxy Vulpix. Why can't we have it??

7d 0h 50m Anarchy Returns

7d 0h 50m Just tied between 'A' and Anarchy with 30 votes each. 'A' was pressed. Just thought that was worth noting in case anyone was wondering how it handled ties. Now ties between two buttons, on the other hand.....

7d 0h 49m Vulpix uses Sacred Fire! It burns Tuna!

7d 0h 49m Democracy comes in!

7d 0h 48m "What does the Vulpix say" says one chat member. Oh dear...

7d 0h 47m You...shall..join...us says Channeler Ruth, sending out a Vulpix. Go Tuna!

7d 0h 46m Swablu takes down the Persian and levels up to 27!

7d 0h 44m We find a wild Persian! What a nice cat. Shame it murdered our Squirtle with a Slash

7d 0h 41m We continue faffing around the fifth floor fighting Mankeys and whatnot

[Snark] Alice sure seems to be in the zone today

7d 0h 37m We heal in the Zone

7d 0h 37m A wild Mankey uses Detect! That cheater!

7d 0h 35m We find a Tentacool! And we kill it with a Tackle

7d 0h 34m A finds a Red Flute! Now that's a catchy tune!

7d 0h 34m We encounter a Remoraid! It kills Wooper with a Water Spout and we run away

7d 0h 32m We defeated that Channeler. by the way

7d 0h 31m Oh god, Sandslash forgets Flamethrower and learns Safeguard at level 42. This is not good!

7d 0h 30m Tuna down due to its burn! We run away from the Mankey

7d 0h 30m Squirtle's attack boosted by an X Attack! But it goes down anyway!

7d 0h 28m Tuna burnt by a wild Mankey's Flame body. Apparently that's possible

7d 0h 25m We make our way around the fifth floor

7d 0h 21m We heal in the zone!

7d 0h 20m Swablu merks the Venonat with a critical hit Return! Zombies woman defeated!

7d 0h 19m Swablu swapped back in!

7d 0h 18m Tuna swapped in!

7d 0h 17m Squirtle Down to Venonat's Twineedle! Go Swablu!

7d 0h 16m Channeler Karina says ZOMBIES! to us before throwing her Venonat at our faces.

7d 0h 14m We catch a Wild Mankey with the Luxury Ball! It was named QQP! It's now in the PC forever

7d 0h 12m Squirtle's back out and fighting a Mankey!

7d 0h 12m We get a Luxury Ball in the weird zone! Also this isn't the last floor of the tower. The ghosts told me the wrong thing!

7d 0h 10m We get healed by the powers of the weird ghost Pokémon!

7d 0h 8m Staryu! We kill it with a Bone Club whilst having 1HP. Then we flee from a Mankey and encouter a Meditite, which we also run away from

7d 0h 7m A find a FAB MAIL! How fabulous

7d 0h 5m Aaaand we spend this momentous occasion stumbling around the Tower in the wrong direction. A's already drunk from celebrating?

7d 0h 0m Twitch Plays Pokémon Fire Red hits the 1 Week playtime! Thanks for sticking around everyone!

6d 23h 57m We encounter a Weepinbell! We run away from it

6d 23h 55m Sandslash battles a Swablu with 1HP. How long can he go for?

6d 23h 54m We Bone Club her Pineco into submission. Take that, you toothbrush wielding crazy person. Jody defeated!

6d 23h 53m Channeler Judy is up! She sends out a Pineco which gets Sandslash down to 1HP!

We take on Channeler Jody! She has a Vibrava, which we kill with Sandslash

6d 23h 50m We encounter a Numel! It looks like it could use some sleep

6d 23h 48m A wild Ekans! Are you one of the 3 people alive that didn't know it was Snake backwards? Well now you're not!

6d 23h 46m We meet another wild Swablu. It seems like our team is in trouble generally, with Sandslash only on 14HP and the only two others left are Nincada with 100% and Swablu with 54% on levels 20 and 26 respectively. We take down the Swablu

[Info] Seems like the plan was to teach FLY to someone. Seems sensible, but that ain't TPP's style

6d 23h 43m Oddly, START is the winning choice for the first round. Anarchy wins the next round though and it returns with gusto

6d 23h 41m We encounter a blue bird surrounded by clouds. Yes it's a Swablu. We kill it and gain 158 EXP points as Democracy takes over

6d 23h 38m We kill a wild Numel

6d 23h 37m We encounter a Delibird! Bone Club doesn't affect it, so we run away. The vote opens and Democracy takes a lead

6d 23h 35m A picks up an X Attack!

6d 23h 35m We encounter Channeler Laurel! We take down her Machop and her Meditite with a Bone Club to the face

6d 23h 26m We continue our journey up the tower, killing Eevees and stuff along the way

6d 23h 22m Shedninja is downed by a Flamethrower

[Info] By the way, this confirms that Shedninja's abilty is NOT switched around by the randomizer, as previously speculated.

6d 23h 18m Sandslash is confused!! It hurts itself in confusion as our attacks do nothing

6d 23h 17m We encounter another Shedninja! Wonder Guard means that Bone Club doesn't work!

6d 23h 16m We encounter Channeler Patricia with a Goldeen, which we Flamethrower to death.

6d 23h 15m As I was typing that We encounter a Shedninja! And we run away.

[Info] A now has no Balls left. I also think that we'll be having a trip to the PC soon

6d 23h 12m A catches an Eevee!! And it's called A! Welcome to the team!

6d 23h 10m We hang around the second floor of the tower

6d 23h 6m ATV is encountered in a Venonat! Too scared of the Dragonslayer, we run away

6d 23h 5m We turn an Electrike into crispy ashes with a Flamethrower. Appropriate considering where we are, no?

6d 23h 4m A Treeko! We Bone Club it to death. Sandslash is now Level 41!

6d 23h 3m An Eevee! We leg it

6d 23h 2m A finds an Ultra Ball! Now to find a trainer's Pokémon to use it on.

6d 23h 1m We murder a wild Smoochum with Flamethrower.

6d 23h 0m We defeat a Pyschic with a Pikachu

6d 22h 59m We run away from a Koffing

6d 22h 58m Electrike downed!

6d 22h 56m A encounters a wild Electrike (??)

6d 22h 56m We ascend the Tower

6d 22h 53m Metang is downed by a super effective Flamethrower! Green defeated! He wants to smell us later..

6d 22h 52m Green sends out a Metang!

6d 22h 51m Espeon uses Psychic! But it's too late! Espeon is down to a Flamethrower!

6d 22h 50m Flamethrower takes down the Solrock! And then the Unown!

6d 22h 50m Go Sandslash! It used Tackle!

6d 22h 50m A sandstorm rages! Solrock takes down Wooper with a critical hit Rock Blast!

6d 22h 48m Go Wooper! It used Water Pulse! It's Super Effective!

6d 22h 46m Frustration barely leaves a scratch on the Solrock, and it takes down Tuna.

6d 22h 46m Solrock used Rock Blast, it's super effective!

6d 22h 45m It's Tuna v Solrock at the moment

6d 22h 43m Green sends out a Solrock!

6d 22h 42m Tuna takes down the Seadra with a confused Hyper Beam!

6d 22h 42m Seadra uses Teeter Dance! Tuna is confused!

6d 22h 41m Seadra takes down Squirtle! Go Tuna!

6d 22h 40m We challenge Green! Dat music.

6d 22h 34m We're back in the Tower, about to face Green

[Info] Here is a recap of the last day in TPP. Thanks to /u/Calabazal for this!

6d 22h 25m Back in Lavender

6d 22h 22m Krabby is downed by a Return! The power of love wins our battle with the Pokémaniac!

Swablu is out! It takes down the Slowpoke! A Krabby is sent out!

6d 22h 19m Slowpoke keeps hitting itself from confusion.

6d 22h 19m Slowpoke uses Crabhammer...somehow.

6d 22h 19m Squirtle uses Water Pulse! Slowpoke is confused!

6d 22h 18m He sends out Slowpoke! We send out Squirtle!

6d 22h 18m Engaged battle with Pokémaniac Herman!

6d 22h 17m We go up to route 10 for some reason

6d 22h 15m Back in the town

6d 22h 14m In the Pokémart! Seems like we want to fill out the questionnaire again

6d 22h 13m We leave after doing nothing.

6d 22h 8m And we're back in the Name Rater's house.

6d 22h 8m We leave Mr Fuji's and wonder around the town. Such spooky!

6d 22h 2m Speaking of small children, A talks to some in Mr Fuji's house

6d 21h 59m An old man reminds us how evil and nasty Team Rocket are. Despite their reputation, they still just give up to small children beating them in Pokemon battles..

[Movie Night] Tonight is the final Pokemon Movie Night We are going to watch Pokemon Movies 13 to 16!!! Join here: http://plug.dj/5831754f/We hope you can make it!

6d 21h 54m We checkpoint at the Lavender Town Pokémon Centre

6d 21h 53m Lavender town!

6d 21h 50m Route 8!

6d 21h 47m Wandering around Saffron

6d 21h 43m Doing nothing special in the Saffron Pokémon Center

6d 21h 36m Welcome back to Saffron City!

6d 21h 35m Wooper out! And it's down to a critical hit Psychic!! A Whited out!

6d 21h 34m The chat is flooded with weird Go Wooper....things....

6d 21h 33m Sandslash down to a Confusion! Only Wooper remains!

[Snark] Seeing an Espeon, TPP reminisces of our beloved Burrito. Overwhelmed by nostalgia, we attempt to catch it, forgetting that we are in fact in a trainer battle.

6d 21h 31m A uses A great ball on the Espeon! Gotta catch 'em all I guess. Training for Team Rocket?

6d 21h 30m Solrock down! Green sends out an Espeon!

6d 21h 29m Sandslash out! It uses Flamethrower! Solrock's attack misses!

6d 21h 28m Swablu down!

6d 21h 28m Green sends out a Solrock!

6d 21h 27m Green sends out an Unown! And it's down to our Swablu!

6d 21h 26m Seadra down after it's Hydro Cannon misses! Wooper up to Level 19

6d 21h 26m Go Wooper!

6d 21h 25m Nincada down!

6d 21h 25m Seadra's Hydro Cannon takes down Tuna! Go Nincada!**

6d 21h 24m Tuna hurts himself in confusion, but recovers and hits with a Water Pulse

6d 21h 24m Tuna used Leechlife! It's still confused!

6d 21h 23m Tuna v Seadra!! Tuna uses Frustration! Seadra spams Teeter Dance!

6d 21h 22m Battle with Green! Let's go!

6d 21h 22m On the first floor!

[Fluff] "Maybe we'll see Abby, Dux and Jay Leno" says a chat member. Ouch, that's brutal

[Info] Also. we have not healed in Lavender. White out and it's back to Saffron

6d 21h 13m We're in the Pokémon tower!

6d 21h 11m We leave the Name Rater's house

6d 21h 2m Chat seems to be agreeing on dubbing Hyperbug as "Tuna"

6d 20h 59m Hyperbug's name was changed from AH to AATUUUUNN

6d 20h 53m Squirtle's White Herb was exchanged for a Super Potion.

6d 20h 53m Teachy TV time!

6d 20h 52m Nincada was renamed to MATMNIDJKR

[Info] Squirtle's name was changed to TTABCIJIJD

6d 20h 50m Hyperbug changed again to AH

6d 20h 50m Squirtle's name was changed as well, to something random

AAAAAAAAT is Hyperbug's new name

6d 20h 48m 6d 20h 48m AAAAAAGGG is our new name for Squirtle!

6d 20h 48m We choose Squirtle's name to change!

6d 20h 47m Back in the Name Rater's house

6d 20h 45m We leave the house. Well that was anticlimactic...

6d 20h 42m [Snark] "Would you like me to rate your team's names?" "Nah I need to hear Bulbasaur's cry for the tenth time"

6d 20h 36m Across the internet artists and lore writers await the new names of our team. If A ever stops watching TV and going through the Start menu

6d 20h 33m What exciting new nicknames will we give out team?? Find out after we get out of the Pokedex

6d 20h 31m Abra is love, Abra is life. A leaves the Pokemart and wanders around Lavender town. And we're at the Name Rater's house!

6d 20h 28m A fills out a questionnaire. ALL HAIL THE ABRA

6d 20h 27m ! A GAME Abra. Such an excellent answer

6d 20h 26m Democracy! And it's gone!

6d 20h 25m A hates the scary music so she tries some retail therapy

6d 20h 23m We're in Lavender Town! That music's so good that it's something that you would die for..

6d 20h 21m Voting began a minute ago, Anarchy leads

6d 20h 21m Teddiursa down! Glenn defeated!!

6d 20h 20m Teddiursa is out!

6d 20h 20m Glenn's Exploud is out! And it's down to a Flamethrower!

6d 20h 19m Farfetch'D down due to its burn!

6d 20h 17m Farfetch'D's Flash Fire means Flamethrower is useless! It continues to use Thrash and is losing health to its burn

6d 20h 17m Sandslash is battling, by the way

6d 20h 16m Farfetch'D burned!

6d 20h 15m Squirtle down to a Thrash against the Farfetch'D

6d 20h 14m Super Nerd Glenn challenged! Go Squirtle!

6d 20h 12m Onto Route 8!

6d 20h 11m Out of the Center!

6d 20h 9m We withdraw all but three items in the PC.

6d 20h 7m PC accessed

6d 19h 59m PC Booted up and immediately abandoned.

6d 19h 58m A talks to Teala about wireless trading. Also apparently Teala has to climb over her desk every time she wants to leave it

6d 19h 54m Hanging out on the top floor, it seems like there is a chance the PC is going to be used...

6d 19h 51m Alice wonders around the Center in despair at another white out

[Snark] You better sleep with one eye open tonight, Glenn...

6d 19h 48m This seems familiar... Nincada is down. Great, Alice whites out again!

6d 19h 45m ...nevermind, Wooper down!

6d 19h 45m Wooper takes out the Farfetch'd. Now for Exploud.

6d 19h 44m Swablu is down!

6d 19h 42m Alice gives all of her living Pokemon a chance to be thrashed by Farfetch'd.


6d 19h 36m Alice defeats the twins!

6d 19h 33m Sandslash nearly knocks out Wooper. The enemy's Spheal punishes Sandslash for her mistake and knocks her the frig out.

6d 19h 32m Oh good, Hyperbug has fainted, as well!

6d 19h 31m Squirtle is down!

[Snark] Screw you Super Nerd Glenn, logic cannot contain this force of nature!

6d 19h 28m Fighting some twins. Hyperbug is confused.

6d 19h 22m Swablu is down. Freaking hyperbeam... Alice whites out!

6d 19h 20m Single turn democracy comes and goes.

6d 19h 19m Nincada falls as well.

6d 19h 16m Hyperbug is downed by an Exploud!

6d 19h 12m Super Nerd Glenn says we need a strategy to win. Boy, is he in for a surprise!

6d 19h 11m Masquerain takes out the Surskit, but gets burned by the upcoming Poliwag before finishing the battle.

6d 19h 6m Another Hyper Beam and Goldeen is down! Next up is a second Surskit, who tries to use Hyper Beam against us. It does little damage. Filthy casual.

6d 19h 5m With a signature Hyper Beam, Horsea goes down. The trainer sends out a Goldeen.

6d 19h 4m Frustration is out of PP now. Thank Helix.

6d 19h 3m Our dear Hyperbug continues to chip away at the enemy Horsea's health with Frustration...

6d 18h 58m Masquerain takes down the Surskit. Next up is Horsea. A critical hit Frustration does a pitiful amount of damage, and Masquerain looks to our fallen Squirtle, wishing he would come back to help.

6d 18h 57m Wooper is switched in, but faints after two turns, before getting a chance to attack. Masquerain is back out.

6d 18h 55m Frightened by the enemy's Leech Life that did a staggering 1 damage, Masquerain tries several times to run.

6d 18h 54m Masquerain will avenge!

6d 18h 53m Squirtle gets taken out by the foe's Megahorn. I shed a single manly tear.

6d 18h 53m A bit of wandering later, we challenge LASS MEGAN. She leads with Surskit!

6d 18h 50m Squirtle does not evolve.

6d 18h 50m Well, it took three attacks this time, but Nidorina falls as well! Biker Ricardo REKT

6d 18h 49m Grimer comes out and is again 2HKOd. Now a Nidorina.

6d 18h 48m Two Returns take out Tentacool. Swablu grows to level 26. Squirtle grows to level 18 and does not learn Withdraw.

6d 18h 48m Switched in Swablu!

6d 18h 46m Another trainer battle! Squirtle vs. Tentacool. Squirtle has only 3 HP though...

6d 18h 44m: Another HYPER BEAM takes down Wartortle. Trainer defeated. A mugs him afterwards.

6d 18h 43m: Masquerain switches to hyper beam and Luvdisc down. Masquerain is now lvl 39. Wartortle next.

6d 18h 42m: Luvdisc heals with milk drink. Luvdisc changes tactic to bubble.

6d 18h 42m: Masquerain and uses frustration. Twice! Luvdisc keeps using water spout.

6d 18h 41m: More flamethrower but Sandslash faints to Luvdisc..

6d 18h 39m: Another couple of flamethrowers and Psyduck is down. Out comes Luvdisc.

6d 18h 38m: Flameslash is switched in for Squirtle. Psyduck takes a flamethrower then heals again.

6d 18h 37m: Psyduck heals and Squirtle hits himself. 3 hp left.

6d 18h 35m: Squirtle is confused but still uses water pulse. 9 hp left for him.

6d 18h 35m: Squirtle uses water pulse but doesn't damage much Psyduck.

6d 18h 33m: Time for a big ol' trainer battle. Psyduck vs ATUOQQQQEE.

6d 18h 32m: A walks towards Lavender Town. Route 8 entered

6d 18h 27m: We leave the Pokemon Center. Still ups and downs outside. Lots of ups and downs.

6d 18h 26m: Meanwhile we heal our party.

6d 18h 23m: A gives the nurse an awkward "hey" before getting away from her. We do not want to heal and/or make small talk.

6d 18h 23m: Many people keep pushing towards the PC, many others away.

6d 18h 21m: A moves away from the PC once again. Too many inputs currently.

6d 18h 21m: PC booted up again. Almost deposited Masquerain.

6d 18h 20m: Pc booted up then left once more. Then booted up again. Then left again. Boy, this is intense.

6d 18h 19m: A tries to heal while in the Poke Center. Not as easy as it sounds A.

6d 18h 16m: A takes the oportunity to walk around the PC. Democracy's aftermath is still flowing.

6d 18h 15m: Anarchy takes over. We were about to deposit Squirtle. Those B inputs lead A away from the pc.

6d 18h 14m: [D] Anarchy almost takes over but down clutches at the last second. Arrow over Deposit now.

6d 18h 12m: [D] "Pokemon Storage System opened." Oh boy.

6d 18h 11m: [D] PC booted. A inserts some coins for the PC crane. This is it.

6d 18h 9m: [D]Pc on sight. Up inputs rise drastically.

6d 18h 7m: [D] We are in front of the nurse. Right input. So, we are not healing?! Oh shucks!

6d 18h 5m: [D] We enter the Poke Center. Moar ups. Let's heal right?

6d 18h 4m: [D] A drumrolls reaches a crescendo as lots of input lead A up towards the Pokecenter. Here we go guys.

6d 18h 0m: [D] Poke Center's door is now onsight. A few more steps to the left.

6d 17h 55m: [D] A keeps walking to the left. Possible goals: Poke Center, Celadon City's Mall, Casino.

6d 17h 52m: [D] Democracy takes over as we exit Mr Psychic's house.

[Snark] If it ends up being Psychic, I'll have to publicly apologize to such Overlord, for he shall be the true god.

6d 17h 50m: A obtaines TM 29 from Psychic. He's a sucky psychic though, that TM is not Psychic... Or at least it doesn't have to be.

6d 17h 46m: Saffron City entered!. Rocket grunts guys. Rocket grunts everywhere!

6d 17h 44m: A gives the Tea to the guard. He shares it with the other guards like a good sport.

6d 17h 40m: We are currently grinding in route 7. Masquerain leads our party and is about to level up. Stay tuned for the unravelling truth.

[Snark] Man, Hyperbug must REALLY love us for frustration to be so weak.

6d 17h 32m Squirtle faints to a Wild Marill!

6d 17h 21m Don't worry, we healed after fainting.

6d 17h 20m We faint.

[Snark] 1hp on our only Pokemon, and running around in tall grass? Hmm, I wonder where this could lead us.

6d 17h 16m Flameslash defeats a wild Marill, clinging to consciousness with only 1hp.

6d 17h 14m Wild Horsea appears. Our rival has one of those.

[Snark] Fly hype! Will we get a flying Flameslash?!

6d 17h 5m: A keeps talking to the lady. So, what does this HM have again?

6d 17h 3m: HM02 obtained (yes, it's fly)

6d 16h 58m: We go towards the hiding lady that knows fly's house.

[Info] Just a reminder, since some people seem to be unclear: Shedinja will still have Wonder Guard. A wild one had it before, and it's exempt from the randomization.

6d 16h 57m: Nincada did not evolve to Ninjask

6d 16h 57m: Water pulse takes down Swablu and Bone Club takes down Whiscash. Couple defeated!

6d 16h 54m: Swablu defeats Nincada with bubblebeam. So much for Team battle. Sandsplash comes in.

6d 16h 53m: We sub Swablu for Sandsplash just in time. Swablu takes water pulse and muddy water. Whiscash still standing.

6d 16h 52m: Another flamethrower on Golduck. Burnt leaves him very low. Sandsplash takes a spring and gets paralyzed. Golduck faints to burnt. Nincada reaches lvl 20.

6d 16h 51m: Whiscash receives the next Flamethrower. Then Golduck takes dig.

6d 16h 51m: Sandslash lands a critical flamethrower on Golduck and gets burnt. Nincada uses dig.

6d 16h 50m: Double battle time against a young couple!. Whiscash and Golduck vs Flameslash and Nincada.

6d 16h 46m: Democracy comes and goes while capturing Hoppip. Anarchy back in control.

6d 16h 45m: We capture a wild lvl 22 female Hoppip. No Greatballs left. No nickname given. No Bagon for now.

6d 16h 45m: We used a great ball on a Togepi. Not successful.

6d 16h 43m: Voting time between Demo and Anarchy has started. Make your bets guys, 2:30 mins left.

6d 16h 41m: We throw a pokeball at a wild Bagon. She laughs at us before escaping. A leaves in shame.

6d 16h 38m: We capture a lvl 20 Male Wingull. No nickname given.

6d 16h 36m: Sandslash beats up a wild Bagon. She really lusts for blood.

6d 16h 34m: A keeps running away from wild Pokemon. Not sure why though :/.

6d 16h 33m: Back to "grinding". Another wild Bagon.

6d 16h 30m: Back to Celadon. We obviously have a plan.

6d 16h 27m: We use cut north of Snorlax and encounter a wild Bagon. Flamesplash runs away.

[Snark] Gosh A, get a grip, do you have any idea of all the starving children that are in other countries?!

6d 16h 18m: She also replaced a pokemon's held pokeball with a great ball. We now have 3 great balls and one pokeball.

6d 16h 17m: A just tossed 12 great balls and made Masquerain hold one.

6d 16h 17m: A starts to push Snorlax to move it around. She does not realize she needs a bike to advance through that path.

6d 16h 15m: We still haven't healed. And we are still going to the left side of Celadon. You know, because we can.

6d 16h 11m: We finally get out of the house and go left towards the Snorlax. If only we could wake him up...

6d 16h 3m: A is trapped inside the house. She won't even pay a visit to the game developpers. Forgive us Gamefreak.

6d 15h 59m: We enter the house where "Eevee" was. From the front.

6d 15h 55m: A exits the Mall. Still in Celadon City.

[Snark] Let's be honest, we could afford all those balls due to the orange mail. It was a good investment.

6d 15h 50m: We sell an Orange Mail And buy 17 great balls We only have 400 pokedollars.

6d 15h 45m: Still in the mall. Democracy took over but it didn't last at all.

6d 15h 35m: From floor to floor, from shop to shop... A is just a Mallrat, always looking never buying.

[Snark] We can rule banker off A's future career path.

6d 15h 27m: A decides to go to the mall to celebrate. Lets go to the mall guys

[Fluff] Correction: we're calling this the Snowflake Badge now.

[Fluff] We actually had more trouble against Cooltrainer Mary.

6d 15h 13m Rainbow badge obtained!! Well done!

6d 15h 12m Flamethrower takes out Cloyster! Sandsplash reaches Lv.39! ERIKA DEFEATED!!

6d 15h 12m Sandsplash is ready!

6d 15h 11m Wooper in, Wooper out. Poor guy didn't even see what hit him.

6d 15h 11m Hyperbug's last attack is Frustration before fainting to Muddy Water.

6d 15h 10m One Hyper Beam hits! Cloyster is healed by a Hyper Potion while Hyperbug recharges. One more Hyper Beam!

6d 15h 10m Hyperbug keeps attacking with Leech Life. Cloyster has no super effective moves!

6d 15h 10m Only one Cloyster left! THE URN?!

6d 15h 9m Leech Life is super effective and takes out Jynx in one hit, healing Hyperbug fully!

6d 15h 8m Hyperbug takes out Cloyster with Water Pulse. Jynx comes in!

6d 15h 8m Hyperbug is only slightly frustrated.

6d 15h 7m Masquerain's turn! Cloyster hurts itself while Masquerain attacks with Leech Life.

6d 15h 7m Water Pulse vs Muddy Water. Shellock confuses Cloyster before going down.

6d 15h 6m Ready for a rematch! Shellock faces Cloyster.

6d 15h 6m Back in the gym we go.

6d 15h 3m Hello creepy old man. Don't mind us.


6d 14h 57m Jynx comes in and Flamethrower almost OHKOs her. Almost. Jynx's attack does take down Sandsplash in one move though, and we whited out. That was intense!

6d 14h 56m Flamethrower burns the enemy Cloyster, who wastes her first turn with a non-damaging move. Erika heals her with a Hyper Potion, Sandsplash keeps attacking and takes her out without a scratch.

6d 14h 56m Did we seriously just destroy this gym. 'cause we totally did. It's Erika time!! Sandsplash solo run!

6d 14h 55m Sandsplash is on a roll. Delibird goes down to Flamethrower, and so does Sneasel. Trainer defeated!

6d 14h 54m Another battle inside the gym! Sandsplash, almost at full health, is facing a Delibird.

6d 14h 54m We ran immediately into the next battle, OHKO'd the only pokémon the trainer had and won in 10 seconds. Whoa.

6d 14h 53m Sealeo's Hydro Pump missed!! Sandsplash hits him with Firethrower and wins the match!! She reached Lv.38 and deserved it!

6d 14h 52m Amazing! Mary used a Super Potion and so did we!

6d 14h 51m CLUTCH

6d 14h 49m During the turn that Masquerain needed to recharge, Sealeo took him out with Hydro Pump. Sandsplash in!

6d 14h 48m Sneasel faints to Hyper Beam! Only one Sealeo left!

6d 14h 48m The second one hits, and Sealeo goes down. Two pokémon remaining on both sides!

6d 14h 47m Masquerain's Hyper Beam missed. We did not need that.

6d 14h 46m Hyperbug tanks the Blizzard attack. There's a good reason why Frustration is in the first slot, but it's definitely hurting us now.

6d 14h 44m We send in Nincada. Poor thing gets hit by a Hydro Pump in the face and faints.

6d 14h 43m Sealeo comes in and puts an end to Swablu's sweep.

6d 14h 42m Swablu lands a critical hit and also takes out a Spheal!

[Fluff] She likes us!

6d 14h 41m Wooper down. Swablu in to clean up the mess. Return gets the job done!

6d 14h 40m We send in Masquerain, then switch him with Wooper.

6d 14h 39m Shellock doesn't go too far and is taken out by Snorunt.

6d 14h 38m Rematch! Cooltrainer Mary won't be that cool once we're done with this battle.

6d 14h 31m We're going right back in without any extra grinding.

6d 14h 26m Sealeo also took out Nincada. Whited out! The Twitch chat explodes with screams of "TOLD YOU SO".

6d 14h 25m Wooper is ready to swoop-- nevermind, he fainted.

6d 14h 24m Another Sealeo. Sandsplash is taken out by Hydro Pump.

6d 14h 23m Sandsplash hits with Flamethrower, taking Sealeo all the way down to the red zone. Mary uses a Super Potion. Sandsplash still takes him down with Bone Club!

6d 14h 23m It's Sandsplash's turn.

6d 14h 22m Sealeo comes in and swipes with Blizzard. Swablu down.

6d 14h 20m Spheal takes down Masquerain. Swablu comes in and gets the kill.

6d 14h 20m Sneasel comes out and uses Aurora Beam. Masquerain takes her out, but she only has 12 HPs left.

6d 14h 19m Snorunt knows Thunderpunch and paralyzes Masquerain. Masquerain defeats him and reaches Lv.38

6d 14h 18m Back inside! Fighting Mary. Masquerain vs Snorunt!

6d 14h 17m Aaaaaaand we're outside.

[Fluff] Brace yourselves, the Frozen jokes are coming.

6d 14h 16m We're in the gym! Tactical save.

6d 14h 11m The tree is down.

6d 14h 8m ...but can't find the way.

6d 14h 5m The hivemind wishes to challenge the gym again.

6d 14h 3m Back to Celadon.

6d 14h 1m We just caught another Nincada. Female, Lv.20, no nickname.

6d 14h 0m Squirtle fainted without gaining a single level. We also wasted one more Great Ball.

6d 13h 56m The tree is down! Here we come!

6d 13h 55m Bulbasaur says, "Train in the tall grass!"

6d 13h 54m We have left the town. Maybe, like I speculated 30 minutes ago, we'll grind a bit.

6d 13h 50m Alice is doing her best impression of a mindless NPC.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ 暴動 ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

6d 13h 42m Alice is following a series of clues leading all over the city, trying to solve a mystery.

6d 13h 29m Democracy comes and goes, like a wave.

6d 13h 23m Oooooooor not. Maybe we'll buy some more Great Balls first? Either way, it's time to vote.

6d 13h 21m We're attempting to grind/catch some pokémon again, in the same patch of grass behind the tree.

6d 13h 14m Wooper fainted to a wild Togepi. Whited out!

6d 13h 12m Swablu has been knocked out. We're left with Wooper.

6d 13h 11m Another Bagon avoided capture. We have only 2 Great Balls left.

6d 13h 3m Nincada fainted too.

6d 13h 2m Sandsplash down.

6d 12h 58m We were this close to catching a Slakoth, but knocked him out instead.

[Information] There are wild Slakoths in this patch of grass! If you're not aware, Slaking's stats are legendary. In a normal game, this is balanced by its Truant ability, but in a randomized ROM, they are unlikely to have it, so they're pretty damn good.

6d 12h 51m It's male, Lv.18, and safe in the PC.

6d 12h 50m Did we just... we did. We caught that Marill.

6d 12h 50m Sandsplash gets hit in the face by a Marill's Hydro Pump. She barely feels it.

6d 12h 49m Another Bagon defeats our Masquerain... and so we run away from it!

6d 12h 46m We still have 4 Great Balls, after throwing one at a Wingull.

6d 12h 45m We ran away from a weakened Bagon... Sadness.

[Information] We have 5 Great Balls left.

6d 12h 41m Squirtle is down. We're now trying to catch a Bagon.

6d 12h 38m We cut down a tree! Looks like we'll be grinding on Route 16 this time.

6d 12h 23m No-one learned Aromatherapy, even though the votes were very divided. In the chaos, Anarchy returned.

6d 12h 21m The move is Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy.

6d 12h 20m Plan B: Shellock will try learning it instead.

6d 12h 19m Oh no! Only Shellock and Sandsplash can learn this mysterious move. Masquerain will have to keep Frustration for now.

6d 12h 15m Another plan that is being thrown around is the idea of giving the Sea Incense to Shellock.

[Information] Masquerain will learn a new move in three levels. If the Move Tutor teaches her something good, it might be worth moving it away from the first slot right after.

6d 12h 10m [D] Looks like we'll be doing this with Demo's help.

[Information] Frustration is Masquerain's first move.

6d 12h 7m Alice is examining the counter, looking for fingerprints.

6d 12h 6m The plan is to replace Frustration with anything.

6d 12h 4m This guy claims he's gonna teach us Counter. He's a well known lier.

6d 12h 3m As we dance around the move tutor, voting time approaches...

6d 12h 2m Approaching the move tutor now.

6d 11h 59m Bought 3 more, for a total of 9 Great Balls, and one Super Potion.

6d 11h 58m Bought 6 Great Balls.

6d 11h 53m We're in the Department Store. Will we buy some items, pay a visit to the move tutor on the third floor, or just window shop?

6d 11h 46m Party healed!

6d 11h 36m Good job guys! We successfully managed to cut some of the tall grass. We're getting paid for this, right?

6d 11h 35m Sandsplash reached Lv.37.

6d 11h 27m Hyperbug down.

6d 11h 19m Shellock fainted.

6d 11h 17m Nincada fainted.

6d 11h 16m A wild Horsea has appeared. It can learn Camouflage, huh.

6d 11h 15m As usual, he fails to evolve.

6d 11h 15m Shellock is now Level 17!

6d 11h 11m Squirtle revived.

6d 11h 9m In the wiiild.

6d 11h 5m Anarchy's back, and we're in Celadon.

6d 11h 5m Democracy mode activated.

6d 11h 4m Out into the wild once more.

6d 11h 2m Hanging around in Celadon. Also, voting is currently happening.

6d 10h 56m Now inside the back room of that large building.

6d 10h 52m Hanging around Celadon ...

6d 10h 48m Back in Celadon.


6d 10h 38m Koffing ... knows Constrict.

6d 10h 38m Hey, a Pidgeotto. Might not be a great matchup for Hyperbug. So we run.

6d 10h 36m Swablu sent out. It takes out Rattata.

6d 10h 35m It also takes out Wooper.


6d 10h 34m Rattata needles Shellock down!

6d 10h 34m Rattata knows ... Needle Arm? What.

6d 10h 33m We're out on the Route, by the way.

6d 10h 31m Grinding time?

6d 10h 29m Wooper down! White out!

6d 10h 28m Wooper is sent out.

6d 10h 27m Swablu taken out.

6d 10h 26m Battling Cooltrainer Mary and her Snorunt.

6d 10h 21m Stumbling around the Gym.

6d 10h 20m Swablu successfully takes out Sneasel despite being at 8HP! Battle won!

6d 10h 19m Swablu is sent out.

6d 10h 16m Hyperbug is taken out!

6d 10h 16m A Sneasel is sent out.

6d 10h 15m Spheal down, but Hyperbug is in the red.

6d 10h 15m It has Liquid Ooze ... that's not good for Hyperbug.

6d 10h 14m Battling Picknicker Tina and her SPHEAL.

6d 10h 13m "We only use GRASS-type Pokemon at our Gym." Really.

6d 10h 12m Battle won.

6d 10h 12m Smoochum is taken out in one hit.

6d 10h 12m Snorunt was taken out. A Smoochum is sent in.

6d 10h 11m Hyperbug vs Snorunt.

6d 10h 10m Except she has Snorunts. Too bad it isn't a Snover.

6d 10h 10m Now battling Beauty Tamia, who likes grass types.

6d 10h 9m Now in the bag.

6d 10h 8m Wooper is now Level 18! Battle won!

6d 10h 7m Wooper takes out Sealeo with his Stone Age Hydro Cannon.

6d 10h 7m Wooper is sent out to awe Sealeo with his Neanderthal ways.

6d 10h 6m Sandsplash faints to the Sealeo.

6d 10h 6m Hyperbug is switched out for Sandsplash.

[Snark] Octazooka? On a Sea Lion? Is it part octopus?

6d 10h 5m A Sealeo with Octazooka is sent out.

6d 10h 4m Hyperbug takes out Spheal.

6d 10h 3m Man, Hyperbug is taking out his frustration on Spheal ... not that it does much.

6d 10h 2m Masquerain sent out.

6d 10h 1m Nincada down.

6d 10h 1m Shellock faints. Here comes Nincada.

6d 9h 58m Shellock's in the red, so I don't think he'll last long.

6d 9h 58m More Spheals.

6d 9h 58m Bag has been exited. Now battling Lass Kay!

6d 9h 57m In the TM Case ...

6d 9h 57m Now stumbling around, hoping to get to Erika.

6d 9h 56m Hyperbug takes out the baby dragon yuki-onna snow hag witch thing. Battle won!


6d 9h 56m A Smoochum is sent out.

6d 9h 56m Third Spheal is taken out by Hyperbug.

6d 9h 55m Second Spheal is down. Here comes a third.

6d 9h 54m A second Spheal is sent out against Hyperbug. Voting has also begun.

6d 9h 54m Shellock is withdrawn for Hyperbug, who beams Spheal down!

6d 9h 53m Shellock's currently in a bad position.

6d 9h 53m Currently Shellock vs Spheal.

6d 9h 52m Into a battle with Beauty Bridget and her Spheal!

6d 9h 52m Gym entered!

6d 9h 50m Failing to enter the gym

6d 9h 47m Closer and closer to the gym's entrance.

6d 9h 46m Tree cut!

6d 9h 46m In front of the tree that blocks the path to the Celadon Gym.

6d 9h 45m Looks like we're heading to the Celadon gym.

6d 9h 42m Hanging out on the streets of Celadon.


6d 9h 37m We've left the PC and are stumbling around as usual.

6d 9h 36m PC Time.

6d 9h 35m The party has not been healed. Still standing around in the Pokemon Center.

6d 9h 32m Stumbling around the Pokemon Center.

6d 9h 32m PC Time ... Nope.

6d 9h 24m: We still can't manage to heal. Pokedex looks sharp though. Bulbasaur can swim :D

6d 9h 21m: And back in the Pokemon Center. Too many Right lead us to our comfy corner next to the map.

6d 9h 20m: A storms out of the Pokemon Center. She cannot stand that service anymore.

[Snark] Wow, I had to hold my breath a few times after almost depositing Squirtle and Flamesplash there. Way too close.

6d 9h 17m: PC accessed once more. We cant withdraw any more objects though. Then Bill's PC accessed and we almost deposit Squirtle. And Sandslash. Wow.

6d 9h 14m: A talks to the nurse a few times. She refuses to heal her party. No way.

6d 9h 10m: A moved past the Nurse two times already. Not even a glance given.

6d 9h 7m: PC accessed. B+down spam begins.

6d 9h 7m: Poke Center entered.

6d 9h 3m: We leave the Casino. We can go up to heal or down towards the gym among other options. We choose right towards the forest :D

6d 9h 0m: Back to the Casino. Ludopathy ensues.

6d 8h 58m: We get up to B1F. The last staircase resists as well.

6d 8h 55m: Anarchy back in control. Back to the staircase "puzzle".

6d 8h 53m: Squirtle learnt cut for Torment. That means Cut is now up and right in the attacking menu.

6d 8h 52m:[D] Torment is the chosen one.

6d 8h 49m: [D] Squirtle selected. What move will it be?

6d 8h 48m: [D] Cut selected. Most of the twitch chat want to use it in Squirtle.

[TM list] tm 12 Acid armor, tm 17 skill swap, tm 28 will o wisp, tm 34 spike cannon. Thats as far as I can see guys.

[Information] I'll post the list of moves we currently have for our tms.

6d 8h 46m: [D] Democracy doesn't give up easily and opens the TM case.

6d 8h 45m: [D] There we go, this time we enter the bag AND move to the left. Tm Case is selected. but left overshoots and we move towards the left again.

6d 8h 43m: [D] I think, I think, the hivemind is trying to teach cut. Bag entered and exited.

6d 8h 42m: [D] Start input. Anarchy was ahead but then down took over in the last minute.

6d 8h 41m: [D] Democracy kicks in! B is the first command input.

6d 8h 38m: We stand in between two plants and attempt to use white herb. Oak won't let us have any fun ù_ú.

6d 8h 37m: We are out of that arrow madness. A is near the staircase.

6d 8h 35m: At some point Battle style changed back to Shift. We're also out of the lift.

6d 8h 31m: There we go, B1F reached. Then we go back down to B2F.

6d 8h 30m: We go up to B2F floor. I'm gonna count that as a win.

6d 8h 29m: A finally gets in the lift. 7 mins until voting time.

6d 8h 23m: Time for lots of start inputs. Current Objective? Well, some want to heal, others want to teach cut.

6d 8h 22m: We also found some Brightpowder.

6d 8h 20m: Silph Scope obtained. I ain't affraid of no Ghosts.

6d 8h 18m: Sandsplash survives with 2 hp another self inflicted injury. Then boneclub used and Hitmonchan faints, Giovanni defeated.

6d 8h 18m: Sandslash then hits herself once again. Hitmonchan misses sky uppercut.

6d 8h 18m: Hitmonchan confuses Sandslash. Flamethrower hits again.

6d 8h 17m: Hitmonchan comes in and flamethrowe hits and burns Hitmonchan.

6d 8h 17m: Sandslash keeps using tackle. Then finally a flamethrower finishes Machop. One to go!

6d 8h 16m: Sandslash uses bone club then tackle. Medicham faints. Out comes Machop.

6d 8h 16m: There we go, Giovanni challenged. Flamesplash vs Medicham.

6d 8h 15m: Moar plants get on our way to Giovanni.

6d 8h 14m: Sandslash required two flamethrowers (second one crit) to finish Medicham. Second Bodyguard defeated.

6d 8h 13m: Meditite then succumbs to the burnt inflicted by flame body and Mecicham comes in. Another flamethrower please.

6d 8h 13m: Mankey faints to flamethrower. Meditite comes in and almost OHKOs to another flamethrower.

6d 8h 12m: Masquerain manages to use leech life once before fainting to burnt. Flamesplash comes in.

6d 8h 11m: Seeing the danger near A tries to shift Masquerain in for Masquerain. Apparently that's not allowed.

6d 8h 10m: Masquerain hits himself twice and survives burnt with 3 hp.

6d 8h 10m: Masquerain uses frustration and gets burnt by flame body. Then is confused by Mankey.

6d 8h 10m: A challenges the other Rocket Grunt. Mankey comes out vs Masquerain.

6d 8h 9m: Another flamethrower and Gastly faints. Rocket Grunt defeated. Flameslash is now lvl 36.

6d 8h 9m: Nidoran faints to another flamethrower and out comes Gastly, who is already quite low.

6d 8h 8m: Moar flamethrower. Nidoran survives. Leech seed keeps damaging Flamesplash.

6d 8h 8m: Victreebel OHKOs to flamethrower. Masquerain reaches lvl 37. Out comes Nidoran (male).

6d 8h 7m: Sandsplash tags in for Masquerain. Victreebel uses leech seed. 87 hp left.

6d 8h 6m: Victreebel uses icicle spear. Masquerain has 68 hp left.

6d 8h 6m: Masquerain comes in, Frustration starts.

6d 8h 5m: Victreebel tekes another hydro cannon but this one is not very effective. Then leech seed takes down Wooper.

6d 8h 5m: Ghastly uses night shade and Wooper reponds with hydro cannon. Grunt switches Victreebel in.

6d 8h 4m: Squirtle faints to another sludge bomb. Wooper out.

6d 8h 4m: Squirtle is poisoned by poison powder. Keeps using torment.

6d 8h 4m: Gastly vs Squirtle! Gastly uses Sludgebomb and Squirtle torment.

6d 8h 3m: A gets to the door where Giovanni's bodyguards rest. She challenges the one on the right.

6d 8h 2m: A found a Max Revive. She also tries to mess up all the machines and PCs in the room. They are Team Rocket so why not.

6d 8h 0m: A comes out of the Lift. Checks her bag and her Pokemon just in case she forgot something.

6d 7h 58m: We change battle style to SET

6d 7h 58m: There we go. We use the lift to get to floor... B4F!

6d 7h 56m: We're back in the lift. Well, almost, we're back BY the lift.

6d 7h 54m: More plants keep getting in A's way. I bet our Oddish from Emerald have something to do with that.

6d 7h 53m: We did it! we are back to B1F!

6d 7h 52m: The staircase is proving to be quite a challenge for A. She tries to approach it from the sides but to no use.

6d 7h 48m: We go down to B2F. Then up! Then down! Plants make our advance difficult!

6d 7h 46m: A keeps going away from the lift and towards the staircases. Sure, why not.

6d 7h 46m: Flamethrower again and Magnemite faints too. Rocket Grunt defeated.

6d 7h 45m: Another switch and Sandsplash comes in. Voltorb uses pound and gets burnt by Sandslash ability. Flamethrower then takes him down. Magnemite up next.

6d 7h 45m: Masquerain comes in and leads the way by trying to escape.

6d 7h 44m: We switch Squirtle with Swablu. Voltorb uses thunderbolt and more than 50% hp damage done. Another thunderbolt and Swablu goes down.

[Information] By the way, for those of you not watching, we are in the 1st floor, aka as the one Giovanni is NOT in. Isn't it nice when things work out?

6d 7h 42m: We enter a battle against another Rocket Grunt. Squirtle vs Voltorb.

6d 7h 40m: Squirtle did not evolve to Wartortle. What?! We always evolve on the first try!

6d 7h 40m: Masquerain finally uses leech life and Vibrava faints. Rocket Grunt defeated.

6d 7h 39m: MAsquerain switches to frustration and more dragon claw continues.

6d 7h 39m: Leech life is doing quite the damage. Vibrava uses dragon claw but only 8hp damage done.

6d 7h 38m: Masquerain comes in vs Vibrava. Leech life used.

6d 7h 38m: Water gun leaves Baltoy with 1 hp, before finally fainting to another water gun. ATUOQQQQEE REACHES LVL 16

6d 7h 37m: Baltoy uses mud slap and Squirtle uses water pulse.

6d 7h 37m: Time to fight a rocket grunt! Baltoy vs Squirtle.

6d 7h 36m: Anarchy takes advantage of indecission from Democracy and regains control.

6d 7h 34m: [D] First floor reached! We don't overshoot and make our way out.

6d 7h 32m: [D] "Which floor do you want?". Hm... How about all?! Will 5 dollars do?

6d 7h 29m: [D] Lift entered! Brace yourselves, this is NOT going to be a crazy ride.

6d 7h 26m: [D] Almost at the lift now. This should be watched with a drumroll guys.

6d 7h 24m: [D] Slow and steady wins the race right? We still don't have the lift in sight.

6d 7h 21m:[D] Democracy is proving to be an accurate weapon so far. No overshooting yet guys, I'm impressed.

6d 7h 20m: [D] There we go, we go past the last arrow and we are officially out of this arrow madness. We slowly make our way towards the lift.

6d 7h 19m: [D] We are about to reach the last arrow and then it's adios arrow madness.

6d 7h 17m: [D] Democracy is taking care of the maze. Currently goind down almost in the exit that leads to the lift.

6d 7h 7m Pretty good timing, considering the next vote is in only 4 minutes.

6d 7h 6m We are now on B2F.

[Snark] Anyone remember that MC Escher video I posted the other day? Yeah....

6d 7h 4m We enter the basement.

[Snark] Important PSA from Bulbasaur about gambling: "Bwahhhh! Bwahhhh! Bwahhhh! Bwahhhh! Bwahhhh!"

6d 7h 1m Entered the Game Corner!

6d 6h 46m Out of the Pokecenter.

6d 6h 40m We walk away from the PC.

6d 6h 39m A walks right up to the PC, but nobody's pressing A.

6d 6h 39m We enter the Pokecenter.

[Snark] Someone tells us to keep out of Team Rocket's way. Oh well, so much for going to fight Giovanni.

6d 6h 30m We've just been walking around Celadon.

6d 6h 14m ...and get out of the Pokemon center without even getting near the PC!

6d 6h 13m After watching a little Teachy TV, we heal our team.

6d 6h 12m In the Pokemon center.

6d 6h 11m And back to anarchy in only one cycle. With only 34 votes total, 16 of them for anarchy!

6d 6h 11m [D] Democracy takes over.

6d 6h 8m After knocking out a wild Marill on Route 7, we're back in Celadon.

6d 6h 5m Voting starts in 30 seconds!

6d 6h 5m On the route east of Celadon, and.....we jumped off a ledge.

6d 6h 4m Walked in and out of the condominiums.

6d 6h 0m Bought another Metapod. Not sure about nickname or anything.

[Info] Here's the contents of the left and middle NPCs in the prize building: http://i.imgur.com/slT1ms7.png

We actually did give it a nickname. ADDXXXXXXT or something like that.

6d 5h 55m Bought a Metapod from the Prize Shop! No nickname given.

6d 5h 49m Left Game Corner and went to the nextdoor Prize Shop.

6d 5h 43m Went outside for a bit of fresh air, but we're back in now.

[Snark] Considering we've found 120 coins on the floor so far, apparently A isn't the only one who doesn't care about the slots.

[Fluff] Alice doesn't care about the slot machines. She'd rather take pictures with her Pokemon and put them on her Trainer Card. Awww

6d 5h 37m Found some Coins lying around. I'm surprised nobody else has dogpiled for them yet. I mean they're all over the floor.

6d 5h 35m Look, it's the Game Corner! Hi Game Corner! Long time, no see! I hope you didn't miss us while we were on Mr. Rocket's Wild Ride.

[Snark] Don't these silly willies know they can't be BASTARTs without the B?

6d 5h 6m ...for a few commands anyways. Back to Anarchy!

6d 5h 5m Democracy time again!

[Fluff] Don't mind Alice, she's just checking out her Trainer Card. It's very shiny flips over oooh, really shiny!

6d 5h 0m Voting time again.

6d 4h 32m White Herb acquired

[Fluff] inb4 we give it to someone who wouldn't benefit from it right now, like Squirtle...

[Info] The Choice Band, when held by a Pokemon, increases attack by 50%, but then it can only use the first move it uses after every time it's sent out. http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Choice_Band

This could get interesting.

6d 4h 21m Choice band acquired

6d 4h 17m Shellock switched with Hyperbug and is now in the front of the party.

6d 4h 13m Lift key acquired, and I believe we acquired TM12 (Taunt) as well

[Snark] Oh no, I dropped the Lift Key! But I understand you have terrible coordination, so I'll wait for you.

6d 4h 8m The Grunt dropped the Lift Key!...And doesn't pick it back up. It's like he wants us to get it.

6d 4h 7m Nincada goes down against a Rocket Grunt. Sandslash is our only remaining Pokemon! Time for an epic solo urn!

[Bad luck imminent] "For good"... unless we white out...

6d 4h 0m ...and for good this time! Onto the next room!

6d 3h 56m We've successfully cleared the maze! For a second time

6d 3h 37m Perhaps 3rd time will be the charm for Democracy.

6d 3h 31m Voting in 1 minute in case you didn't notice.

[Snark] I think Alice has become addicted to the Wild Ride. Maybe she's been eating too many 'taters.

6d 2h 38m Aaand back in the maze.


6d 2h 37m Sandsplash burns down Clamperl. Grunt defeated!

6d 2h 36m Sandsplash is sent in.

6d 2h 36m Hyperbug is taken out by a Clamperl.

6d 2h 35m Despite being on only 3 HP, Hyperbug managed to take out Croconaw.

6d 2h 34m Hyperbug is confused!

6d 2h 34m Hyperbug takes out Surskit. A Croconaw is sent out.

6d 2h 33m Hyperbug vs his mafia cousin (would a Surskit be a nephew now?)

6d 2h 32m Anarchy is back! Now battling a Rocket Grunt.

6d 2h 15m And so has Democracy!

6d 2h 10m Voting has returned!

[Info] On the bright side, it seems the timer is still only an hour, not 24 again.

[Info] It seems anarchy returned because trolls saw us exiting the (wrong) maze, and said to spam anarchy cause "we're done with the maze!"


[Snark] Of course, when/if anarchy does win, there's a significant chance the timer will reset to 24 hours, so keep that in mind. ;-)

6d 1h 1m Of course, we're on the wrong floor. Slowly making our way out. Anarchy has a significant following but not enough to overpower yet.

6d 0h 59m We enter Democracy!

6d 0h 52m First FireRed voting period begins!

6d 0h 50m Voting in 2 minutes!

6d 0h 18m Don't know when, but I just noticed the voices have stopped.

6d 0h 3m Only 50 minutes until voting.

5d 23h 53m Saved the game! Play time: 125h 50m

5d 23h 26m Bouncing around in the wrong maze currently. Do we even need to wait for the voting period at this point?

[Fluff/Snark] Where did all of those potato references come from all of a sudden?

5d 22h 59m Less than 2 hours left on the voting timer. The Wild Ride continues.

[Plug]Going to be continuing the Pokemon Chronicles Episodes on plug.dj at the top of the hour! http://plug.dj/5831754f/

5d 21h 54m Potato potato potato, moist potato!

[Snark] Hey guys, did you know you can listen to the TPP chat spoken by a robot? It's awesome! The channel is called TwitchSpeaks!

(Or does he go "potato?" I can't tell the difference anymore.)

[Info] For those who are unaware, Bulbasaur goes "Bwurgggh!"

I potato. You potato. He- she- me... potato. potato; Potatoing; We'll have thee potato; Potatorama; Potatoology; the study of Potato. It's first grade, Alice!

5d 21h 34m Wild Potato appeared! It used Potato! It's super potato! Never mind; that's just the voices driving me mad. Still in the maze. A is now a potato!

[Fluff] So apparently John Madden is a potato...or does he eat potatoes? Because potato potato, right? Something like that; it's hard to tell.

5d 21h 23m ...and back.

5d 21h 23m Stream overlay is gone again.

5d 20h 49m Poor Alice, lost in this maze called life Mr Giovanni's Wild Ride

5d 19h 56m The blinking stopped.

5d 19h 55m Five hours left until voting begins! And for some reason, the timer is blinking...

5d 19h 38m Stuck in the corner.

5d 18h 22m Almost did it there. Almost.

5d 17h 29m Amazing maze, how sweet the sound!

5d 16h 23m Still no progress~

5d 16h 3m Saved the game! Badges: 3 PokéDex: 19 Play time: 119h1m

5d 16h 1m TTS is on

5d 16h 0m Stream was unpaused, here's where we are

5d 15h 57m WE'RE BACK!

Stream is running again!

[Snark] Ok guys, you may resume your RIOTs. This was just an intermission.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Snark] Thats what I get for typing that the Stream is down... I wonder if it would have been up before if I had posted that sooner...

Twitch Plays Pokémon will resume shortly! Stream is no longer offline!

Stream is down. Oh wait

[Even more follow-up Snark] He never asked for this?

[Follow-up Snark] It was more than the Streamer bargained for, clearly.

[Snark] The stream went down, down, in an earlier round.

[Snark adendum] No, the streamer did not actually say that. In fact he hasn't said a word yet. I'm sorry for deceiving you.

[Snark] The streamer just said: "I don't care how much you ask for it, you're not getting your money back".

Stream is still down. This would be a good time for a bathroom break if you have not already.

5d 12h 27m: Already 4 hours have passed since the stream went down. No improvement yet guys. Keep calm and RIOT.

[Meta] As always, for those of you that got tired of RIOTting, here is the link to listen to some nice music in the twitchplayspokemon channel. You can even put your own music. No potatoes though!

I'm unable to watch the stream for a few days, come back today and am faced with riots, potatoes and Giovanni's Wild Ride currently under repair? Harrumph!

[Meta Addendum] Surprisingly, despite the URL, it isn't porn.

[Meta] For those of you tpp addicts (the few of you that are, of course) here is a website by /u/KMX85 that covers quite a big deal of TPP logistics. Take a look at it!

[Snark] Surprisingly appropriate (Portal 2 spoiler warning)

5d 10h 47m: RIOT keeps intensifying drastically as we are 2 and a half hours down.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 10h 11m: Almost 2 hours have passed since the stream went down. Patience is a virtue guys.

5d 9h 22m: Riot keeps intensifying. The streamer is probably slamming the screen at this point. Thats what I'd do at least.

Still no word from the streamer and the Stream is still down. You may resume RIOTing

Stream offline!

5d 8h 3m The input feed seems to have stopped working.

[DID YOU KNOW] Squirtles are full of the vitamins and minerals a growing girl needs?

5d 7h 16m In the wrong maze.

5d 6h 37m We take a quick break from the monotony, ascend to the ground floor, and acquire 10 coins. Back into the basement!

[Very long sequence of advertisements that seem to never end]

5d 5h 43m Alice is focused. She hold her golf club tightly... aims... and putts the ball!! She takes it back out of the hole and rubs it in Giovanni's ugly red face. What a tense game. I'm so glad to be giving commentary here today.

5d 5h 30m Twitch team moves left and SCORES!! Twitch and Giovanni are tied at 1-1.

5d 5h 29m Come on guys, we will destroy team Rocket, right here, right now. Show Giovanni who's boss, just like last time. More START+A! MORE!

5d 5h 26m TWITCH TEAM MOVES LEFT. It's a left step ladies and gents. Incredible agility. I'm glad to be here to share this magical moment with you.

5d 5h 23m Alice chalks the tip of her cue and shoots. She pockets the white ball! Bad luck. Giovanni gets an easy shot.

5d 5h 16m Alice comes in for a pit-stop.

5d 5h 11m Alice on the radio is complaining about too much understeer. She misses a turn and goes off the track. The car appears to have suffered some damage!

5d 5h 10m Did you know? Bulbasaur's cry has been played 46 times since the beginning of this intense match. And it's still not enough. Keep up with the START+As!

[Mid-roll ads] Watch a summary of day 4 and 5 to know why Twitch team chose a watermelon-colored potato as their logo! Or not. Nobody actually knows.

5d 5h 1m Bulbasaur's cry has been played 19 times since the beginning of the match. And yet, it's not enough. Twitch team needs more START+A, many more.

5d 5h 0m Giovanni gets the ball! He takes advantage of Bulbasaur's absence... he approaches the penalty box... HE SCORES!! Twitch team is set back.

5d 4h 57m More START+A are required if they wish to score. The players wander around without Bulbasaur's guidance.

5d 4h 56m AND SO IT BEGINS. Twitch opens the match by checking Bulbasaur's cry. Great play!

5d 4h 55m The strategy of the Twitch team today is different. Their formation is A+START, which means very few strikers. Will it pay off?

5d 4h 52m Good evening ladies and gents, WintherMaw here. I'm in Rocket Hideout, bringing you this match of Giovanni vs Twitch on FireRed Updater channel. The players are doing warm ups, juggling with the contents of the bag.

[Snark] Even the streamer's computer wants to get off of this wild ride

[Info] The streamer also said in the chat: "TTS caused a memory leak that crashed chrome".

5d 2h 49m UI has returned.

5d 2h 46m I also took a screenshot! Because two isn't enough!!! =P

5d 2h 41m I took a screenshot too. =P

5d 2h 40m For those of you not watching, here is a screenshot.

5d 2h 35m We're not sure exactly when, but at some point the entire UI except for the pokemon game itself disappeared from the stream. We have no idea who is inputting what commands or what status our pokemon are in now.

[Fluff] I, for one, apologize for my updater buddies. We're all going crazy from Mr. Rocket's Wild Ride.

[Snark]We should all Praise Lord Spin Tile! If we praise him enough we might be spinned in A RIGHT direction!

[Snark] Anyone else concerned that Swablu and Shoop have just been fainted for like 12 hours? When does fainted become a coma?

[Pun] Well we're not on the wrong floor, so that's A START

[Pun] So i heard we people want Kirlia. Well i for one am getting ready to Hurlia from all this spinning.

[Pun] I'll be quite amazed if we successfully finish this hideout before the timer.


[snark]I wonder if we can just Bone Club the Maze to make it through or possibly turn the power off!

[Notice]Remember if you get bored of the music please remember we got some sweet beats in the TPP Plug.DJ! http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/ -L-

[snark]The Pokedex seems to be getting more video time then the Elite 4 in Emerald.

[Info] In case you hadn't heard, the Streamer has claimed he will disable the voting period countdown if we get through this first tile maze.

[Snark] Don't worry Bulbasaur, I'm crying too

4d 23h 37m Hey guys, we're in a corner! (Nothing new has happened.)

4d 22h 57m So I'm guessing the timer appeared during the earlier stream up/down, we just failed to note it. Anyways, things are still bouncing around slowly.

4d 22h 55m A timer has appeared, with 25 hours ticking down until a voting period I hope this isn't old news because I just saw it...

4d 22h 35m Hey guys, guess where we are? Guess, I dare you!

4d 21h 55m Aaaaaaaand it's back up.

4d 21h 53m Stream's down...

4d 20h 16m Voices have been enabled in the stream. CUE INSANITY!

4d 20h 7m I'm not sure whether to call this SNAFU or TPP. It's a little of column A, little of column B. Anyway, still in the same maze in the hideout.

4d 19h 36m Basically us right now

4d 18h 36m GUYS WE DID IT. Lol just kidding, still bouncing around on tiles

4d 18h 13m A continues to grind her walking stat in Mr. Rocket's Wild Ride. LEVEL 100 HERE WE COME.

[Snark] Update: Nothing to update.

[Music] Seeing as we are probably going to be on Mr. Rocket's Wild Ride for awhile, why not entertain yourself with some new music? Head on over to TPP's Radio Station for some sweet tunes! You can even broadcast your own selection of music!

[Snark] TEH URN...

4d 16h 0m Saved the game! Badges: 3 PokéDex: 19 Play time: 104h54m

4d 15h 48m Still in the wrong part of the maze...

4d 15h 30m We actually took the right entrance tile, but left the correct part of the maze almost immediately. Keep up the left spam once we get over there!

4d 15h 25m We take the wrong tile.

4d 15h 21m Close to the entrance...

4d 15h 14m And out again quickly.

4d 15h 14m Into the wrong maze again.

4d 15h 7m In case you were wondering, we took the wrong turn again.

4d 15h 0m Hey, we're kinda close to the good entrance again. Let's see how close we get this time before going off the wrong way.

4d 14h 37m Back on B3F. Keeping our distance from the maze.

4d 14h 30m Escaped the Wrong Maze. Time to return to the Right Maze?

4d 14h 28m Got a Shoal Shell. I don't think that does anything at all in this game. We'll see.

4d 14h 26m We play on the stairs for a bit, approach the B2F maze, and... enter. We can't progress here, but there are a few items we can pick up.

4d 14h 20m [Snark] Hey guys and gals, remember what it was like to progress?

4d 14h 10m If you couldn't guess, we goofed the entry again. Still in the wrong part of the maze.

4d 14h 0m We're trying not to go back to the right too far, but the effect has been to get us stuck in the corner. Still, continual left spam is what we need.

4d 13h 58m Close to the right way to go again...

4d 13h 51m At some point we acquired a Soda Pop and a Sea Incense.

4d 13h 43m Back down the stairs.

4d 13h 41m We go up the stairs. What fresh hell is this?

4d 13h 40m Once again, we stand within one step of going down the right path, and go the other way.

4d 13h 26m Closer to the maze entry. No closer to completing it though.

4d 13h 16m Outside the maze by a good ways.

[Addendum] Here's a better on that isn't mine.

[Strategy] Here's a neat little diagram I drew on how to get through this Hideout. Please excuse the terrible lines.

4d 13h 1m We found TM17, which contains Skill Swap!... lame.

4d 13h 0m Closing in on the item. Almost... there...

4d 12h 58m Outside the maze, we see an item down in the corner.

4d 12h 56m Hey, we came within one step of the right arrow tile! Of course, now we're mired in the arrow trap again, but that was fun for a second.

4d 12h 49m There is nothing new under the Game Corner.

4d 12h 34m yawn

4d 12h 21m Quick excursion up the stairs, but now we're back down again.

4d 12h 12m In and out again.

4d 12h 4m Out of the maze for now. Will probably re-enter soon.

4d 11h 49m Aaaaaaaand back in the wrong part of the maze.

4d 11h 45m We're close to the area of the maze we have to enter.

[META] Just finished adding new people to my Mod/Updater map. Check it out if you want to see where we're located around the world!

[Snark] Let the faffing continue!

4d 11h 39m No progress, just futzing around with the maze.

4d 11h 24m We re-enter the maze.

4d 11h 14m We leave the maze; hanging out atop the room now.

4d 11h 10m Fortunately, the arrows send you hurtling significantly faster in this gen. Also, we switch Water Pulse to Squirtle's first move! But, we also switch Frustration to Hyperbug's first move, so a mixed victory here.

[Snark] Looks like A's going to have the ride of her life.

4d 11h 9m Into the maze!

4d 11h 8m HyperBug comes out. Water Pulse OHKOs the second Doduo. Grunt defeated!

4d 11h 7m Swablu gets in the game and starts with Growth. 3 times. Doduo takes it out with Double-Edge, but faints in the process.

4d 11h 6m We switch in Wooper, who gets OHKO'd on the switch.

4d 11h 6m Down to B3F. Fighting another Grunt, who starts with Doduo. Leech Life is not very effective.

4d 11h 3m Togepi and Farfetch'd fall in 1 hit to the Pulse. It takes 2 for Vigoroth, but the Grunt is down.

4d 11h 2m Fighting a Grunt with a Hoothoot. Hyperbug one-shots it. Next up is Loudred. Another OHKO (Water Pulse OP). Masquerain levels to 36

4d 11h 2m Playing around on the stairs. We make it out on B2F.

4d 10h 56m [Commentary] It's easy to forget about the sheer numbers of useless items in these games, until non-key item pickups are completely randomized.

4d 10h 56m Found an Orange Mail.

4d 10h 51m Charmeleon OHKO'd. Combusken next; also OHKO'd by Water Pulse. Grunt down.

4d 10h 51m Fighting a Grunt. Hyperbug vs. Charmeleon.

4d 10h 50m Down the stairs and into the hideout we go.

4d 10h 48m We buy 50 coins, bringing our total to 240.

4d 10h 46m We've found a lot of coins. It might be worth going next door and seeing what we can get for them...

4d 10h 44m We almost play the slots, but think better of it.

4d 10h 39m We're finding a significant number of coins on the ground and being given some by random dudes.

4d 10h 38m We buy a sepia tone picture of ourselves that is now on the back of our trainer card. So hipster.

4d 10h 37m Water Pulse OHKO's Fearow, out comes Hoothoot which goes down too. Victory! Will all the Rockets have lots of flying types?

Additionally, we press the switch and reveal the entrance to the Rocket Hideout.

4d 10h 35m Fighting the Grunt! Hyperbug vs. Fearow.

4d 10h 34m In the Game Corner, found a few coins on the ground.

4d 10h 29m Still wandering around. Not a lot of Start being inputted - maybe we're trying to enter the game corner?

4d 10h 11m Got the Coin Case! We can now go see what the prize Pokemon are at the game corner. If they're good and relatively cheap, it might be worth trying for them.

4d 10h 10m Swablu and Wooper are switched in the party.

4d 10h 6m Still trying to teach Cut. Assume this is still happening until we say otherwise.

4d 10h 0m We have to teach Cut to someone to progress, so we're trying to do that now. Getting stuck in the Pokedex isn't helping.

4d 9h 54m Still strutting around Celadon like we own the place.

4d 9h 45m We use our white flute. Good luck attracting Pokemon here.

4d 9h 38m [Info] Swablu's moves are Growth, Return, Bubblebeam, and Quick Attack. Growth in the first slot is not optimal, but he learns another move at 28, so he should improve.

4d 9h 37m We traipse around Celadon.

4d 9h 29m We heal. Checkpoint set at Celadon!

4d 9h 24m We come pretty close to the Pokemon center. Will we go in?

4d 9h 19m Just escaped the stairs, if you were wondering.

4d 9h 3m Drunk on achievement, we accidentally walk all the way back up to the top of the stairs.

4d 9h 1m We succeed in putting Frustration as Masquerain's last move! Water Pulse is now first.

4d 8h 56m Text speed is fast, battle style is shift.

4d 8h 55m We advance down the stairs slowly but surely.

4d 8h 50m Time to challenge the stairs again.

4d 8h 48m Swablu has no nickname. It is female, level 25, with 60 HP.

4d 8h 47m "Eevee" is in fact a Swablu!

4d 8h 45m Atop the stairs for real! Get in that doorway!

4d 8h 43m Atop the stairs! Almost.

[Fluff] That link I posted is even more relevant now than it was before. Wish I had waited.

4d 8h 38m Climbing the stairs.

4d 8h 35m [Info] Apparently upon evolving, Hyperbug picked up the Insomnia ability.

4d 8h 34m Text is slow, battle scenes are off, battle style is set.

4d 8h 32m Stairs are hard.

4d 8h 31m Into the building with "Eevee."

4d 8h 29m We head immediately to the far north of the city. Found a Watmel Berry!

4d 8h 28m Entered Celadon City!

[Fluff] I'll just leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuLW1c8GtlQ#t=0m08s

4d 8h 25m The exit staircase trolls us for a bit, but we escape.

4d 8h 24m We make it into the underground path. Headed straight to Celadon!

4d 8h 11m Still in the same place, trying to do the same thing.

4d 8h 4m We appear to be spamming start in order to try to see what ability our evolved Hyperbug now has. Since Surskit changes abilities when it evolves, we have something other than Volt Absorb (most likely) now.

4d 7h 58m Gateway to the underground path entered.

4d 7h 56m Sandshrew is last. We take it out. Victory!

4d 7h 56m Vibrava is third. We unleash the Tackle and 2HKO.

4d 7h 55m Numel out next. We switch in Sandslash and KO with Take Down.

4d 7h 53m Leech Life takes down Larvitar.

4d 7h 51m We put Hyperbug back in. The 4x weakness to rock isn't doing us any favors...

4d 7h 50m Naturally, we immediately switch out for Nincada.

4d 7h 49m Fighting a Super Nerd with a Larvitar. First Masquerain battle! Get hype!

4d 7h 47m Text speed is Mid.

4d 7h 46m [Commentary] We finally hold off pressing B long enough to get the evolution through. Great job guys!


4d 7h 44m Leech Life is super effective, and 2 hits downs Drowzee. Hyperbug levels to 35!

4d 7h 43m Battle against a Biker next. Drowzee comes out against our Hyperbug.

4d 7h 42m Hyper Beam downs Baltoy, and another downs the following Trapinch. Victory!

4d 7h 42m We slowly and steadily leech Sandshrew's life, until wtfpwning it with Hyper Beam. Baltoy out!

4d 7h 40m Hyperbug back in, gets dug. We peruse our other 'mon.

4d 7h 39m Next Lass! Hyperbug vs. Sandshrew. We switch to squirtle, who torments Sandshrew, but faints.

4d 7h 38m Sandslash vs Spoink now. We burn it to death. Flamethrower is now Sandslash's first move.

4d 7h 37m This lass likes Nidoran, but sent out a Meditite. Odd. We put in Sandslah and take it out.

4d 7h 35m The Lass taunts us with tales of Moon Stones. The Chairman is unlikely to ever see one of those.

4d 7h 32m Exited the name rater's house without renaming anyone.

4d 7h 31m We move Odor Sleuth to Squirtle's last move! Torment is now first...

4d 7h 27m Stuck in the Pokedex for now.

4d 7h 24m Exploring the name rater's house. Haven't talked to him yet.

4d 7h 20m We flirt with the Route 12 entrance, then enter the name rater's house.

4d 7h 14m Headed down to Route 12. Or not.

4d 7h 11m [Reminder] Due to the randomizer, the Eevee we get in Celadon will almost assuredly not be an Eevee. It could be anything!

4d 7h 10m Meandering around the houses of Lavender.

4d 7h 7m Healed. Out of the Pokecenter. Where to next?

4d 7h 6m Sanslash falls to Exploud. Whited out! Gave up $1224 as prize money.

4d 7h 5m Tensions are high. Our only effective move that doesn't risk recoiling us to death is Tackle, which is in the bottom right of the move window. But we select it and win! 2 pokemon to go.

4d 7h 4m We use Flamethrower, but farfetch'd has Flash Fire. What are the odds...

4d 7h 3m Farfetch'd confuses itself with Thrash and has been burned by Flame Body. We're 4 HP from whiting out.

4d 7h 2m Fighting a farfetch'd! It's immune to bone club, which is giving us problems.

[Meta] Live updates will resume shortly.

4d 7h 1m Krabby down. Rich defeated.

4d 7h 0m Chinchou down. Here's a Krabby.

4d 6h 59m Fighting a Rambling, Gambling Dude. I mean, Gamer Rich. And his Chinchou.

4d 6h 58m Geodude down. Lass Julia defeated.

4d 6h 58m Sandsplash takes out the Phanpy. Here comes a Geodude.

4d 6h 56m Battling Lass Julia and her Phanpy. We only got Sandsplash.

4d 6h 55m Headed west onto Route 11.

4d 6h 54m We've left the Pokemon Center. Out and about in Lavender.

4d 6h 52m Now downstairs in the PokeCenter

4d 6h 51m Hey Teala.

4d 6h 48m Just stumbling around upstairs.

4d 6h 46m PC Time

4d 6h 45m Left the PokeCenter only to come back in. Up the escalator.

4d 6h 45m Left the PC.

4d 6h 44m PC Time.

4d 6h 44m Replaced TM39 with Full Heal on Hyperbug.

4d 6h 43m PokeCenter entered! Checkpoint obtained.

4d 6h 41m Lavender Town entered.



4d 6h 39m Sandsplash is now Level 34!

4d 6h 32m Another trainer has been defeated since Ariana. Stream was lagging quite a bit. Only Pokemon left is Sandsplash.

4d 6h 27m Sandsplash takes out her Nincada. Ledyba is sent out.

4d 6h 25m Battling Picnicker Ariana and her Nincada

4d 6h 21m Ah, the Pokemaniac was defeated.

4d 6h 21m Doduo is down.

4d 6h 20m Sandsplash forgets Mud Sport for Take Down!

4d 6h 19m Swablu down. Sandsplash is now Level 33.

4d 6h 18m Looks like Doduo didn't go down, but was recalled for Swablu. Now it's down and Sandsplash is currently fighting Swablu.

4d 6h 15m Wooper faints

4d 6h 13m Wooper has been sent out against Swablu.

4d 6h 12m Nincada down.

4d 6h 11m Doduo down, now Swablu has been sent out.

4d 6h 10m Nincada is currently fighting Doduo.

4d 6h 9m So did Squirtle

4d 6h 8m Hyperbug faints!

4d 6h 6m Currently it's Hyperbug vs Doduo. Our insectoid friend isn't in a very good position.

4d 6h 5m Battling Pokemaniac Cooper!

4d 5h 59m We should be near the trainer at N on this map.

4d 5h 59m Mightyenas in here? With Trace?

4d 5h 58m Still progressing through Rock Tunnel. No change.

4d 5h 30m Pretty close to J1.

4d 5h 19m Passed D.

4d 5h 16m We are east of D on that map.

4d 5h 15m Map of Rock Tunnel here

4d 5h 6m In Rock Tunnel as usual.

[Snark] Those decorative trees separating the Pokecenter and the cave but not blocking the passage can be cut...we really ought to get Skitty out of the PC so we can cut them.

4d 5h 0m Nincada takes out... A whites out!

4d 4h 58m Oh, and Nincada only has 1 HP....

4d 4h 57m We send out Nincada, but Cooper switches out Doduo for Swablu...so we're back to having a first attack that doesn't work.

4d 4h 56m Sandslash faints! 1/5 Pokemon left.....

4d 4h 54m Wooper faints to Cooper's Doduo! 2/5 Pokemon left.

4d 4h 52m We challenge Furry Pokémaniac Cooper...new trainer = progress! Apparently he wants to steal our his own Pokédex.

4d 4h 50m We are now officially at M2. Spam mostly B+Left for now. (Unless Surskit's exp bar gets to be near full; then just Left!)

4d 4h 48m We go down and back up ladder M twice. http://imgur.com/y5rzmVJ

[Information] So, spam B+Down and B+Right.

4d 4h 42m We have gone up the ladder and are now at J2. http://imgur.com/y5rzmVJ

[Fluff] Apparently a OHKO is considered "not very effective."

[Information] We now have 3/5 Pokemon left.

4d 4h 29m Surskit faints due to poison.

4d 4h 27m Surskit reaches level 34 and is prevented from evolving.

4d 4h 26m At some point Surskit was poisoned; probably should have mentioned that. :p

4d 4h 21m Squirtle faints to a wild Surskit's Megahorn. 4/5 Pokemon remaining.

4d 4h 16m Text speed is now MID. Also, these random encounters just won't stop. A can barely walk a few steps. Anyone know if using Flash (yeah, right) would make it less common?

4d 4h 10m We have gone down the first ladder. We are now at C2. http://imgur.com/y5rzmVJ

4d 3h 59m A reenters Rock Tunnel.

4d 3h 56m Swablu has hax and hangs on with 1HP after Sandslash's Flamethrower, to knock her out with a Bubblebeam. A whites out.

4d 3h 55m Wooper goes down to a critical Sky Attack from the Swablu.

4d 3h 49m Swablu's Sky Attack knocks out Nincada!

4d 3h 49m We're playing the switching game with our party currently.

4d 3h 48m That Doduo just Baton Pass'd off to Swablu. Sandslash is hanging on by a thread.

4d 3h 47m Silly Sandslash. Bone Club doesn't affect Doduo!

4d 3h 47m Ohay! A trainer!

[Fluff] Based off the colors of the stream, we've got a lot of Emerald people on right now. Hi guys nice of you to join us.

4d 3h 26m Sandslash grew to level 32!


4d 3h 16m Squirtle faints to a Whismur's Tri Attack.

4d 3h 11m Hyperbug faints to a wild Geodude!

[Snark] A has become a pro at running from battles.

4d 3h 2m A enters the Rock Tunnel once more.

4d 2h 58m A whites out.

4d 2h 55m Nincada fainted. Wooper remains. We're still not very far into the cave.

4d 2h 55m We keep trying to use Dig against Beautifly. It's not working.

4d 2h 51m Sandslash fainted. this is teh urn, guiz

4d 2h 42m We're down the first ladder.

4d 2h 40m Squirtle down as well.

4d 2h 36m Surskit fainted.

Who the hell is Dave? RIP inbox

4d 2h 30m Back in Rock Tunnel.

4d 2h 25m Sandslash faints to the Clefairy's Sky Attack. A whites out. That was a good run, guys, we made some progress.

4d 2h 24m We take out the Ditto, and Clefairy comes out. Sandslash has 8 HP and is paralyzed.

4d 2h 23m We made it up the ladder (finally) and challenged another trainer.

[Snark] First it was ledges. Then it was doors. Now it's corners. These are the weakness of TPP.

4d 2h 15m Hikey Dudley defeated! PROGRESS

4d 2h 14m We challenge Hiker Dudley. This is who we whited out on last time.

4d 2h 10m Swapped Surskit to the front of the party.

4d 2h 9m We're close to the Move Tutor. Sandslash is our only surviving 'mon, with only 35 HP.

4d 2h 6m Down on the second floor again. We're south of points N and P right now.

4d 1h 58m We're back on the first floor. Just left ladder J2 for those of you following the map

4d 1h 57m Trainer defeated!!

4d 1h 53m Sandslash grows to Level 30! The trainer's Taillow takes out Nincada!

4d 1h 49m We've taken out Doduo. Wooper has fainted.

4d 1h 45m Versus Hiker Lenny! He sends out Doduo.

4d 1h 40m Surskit fainted D:

4d 1h 35m We're at ladder J1 about to return to the first floor. (Map) Squirtle is down, Surskit is at almost half health, everyone else is full.

4d 1h 34m Trainer Defeated! Rather quickly.

4d 1h 33m Versus Hiker Allen! He has a single pokemon: Carvanha!

4d 1h 31m Leech Life is doing a pretty good job of counteracting Surskit's poison.

4d 1h 20m Surskit takes out a Bellsprout and gets poisoned in the process.

4d 1h 16m We've reached the first ladder and proceeded to the second floor.

4d 1h 7m Squirtle faints. Sigh. That kid really needs some levelling.

4d 1h 1m Entered Mauville Rock Tunnel.

4d 0h 57m A has whited out. We were so close to beating that trainer, too...

4d 0h 52m Nincada faints from a burn. Sandslash is the last man woman standing, with only 34 HP. This trainer still has three 'mon left.

4d 0h 51m We are actually not too far from the end. If we beat this trainer (no guarantees with the shape our team is in) then there is only one more ladder and four more trainers past this point. Progress!

4d 0h 50m We get into a battle with Hiker Dudley!

4d 0h 43m Sandsplash levels up again. On her way up

4d 0h 30m Sandsplash got to level 28 sometime while I was distracted. She's a sneaky one, that Sandsplash.

[Snark] "Should I make another Pumbloom joke?" "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

4d 0h 17m Sandsplash is now level 27. Knew I forgot to add something...

[Correction] Not a wild Natu, but a trainer's Natu. Even worse, keep that thing on leash, man.

[Snark] Natu keeps using Luster Purge. Maybe he should learn to keep it in his feathers.

4d 0h 11m BeamBug and Wooper faint to a wild Natu

4d 0h 0m Surskit leveled up to lv 33, but did not evolve

3d 23h 56m Surskit poisoned. Bellsprouts suck.

3d 23h 51m Shellock down

3d 23h 42m Rock Tunnel Redux

3d 23h 39m Woop is pooped, and faints. Alice whites out

3d 23h 33m Dig Bug down too. Not teh urn, it would seem

3d 23h 32m Sandsplash down. I was getting food, so I missed the how (poison, probably).

3d 23h 25m Sandsplash is poisoned. Doesn't bode well, folks.

3d 23h 9m BeamBug down Sandsplash now leads.

[Snark] BeamBug be all 'bout dat LEECH LYFE

3d 23h 1m Shellock Holmes goes down from a Volt Tackle to the face. No mystery here, folks.

3d 23h 0m Stream unpaused, inputs going through All seems well again.

[Snark] We've been having some issues with inputs this run, more-so than usual it seems. I blame the colors.

3d 22h 59m Stream unpaused, input list was empty. Paused again.

3d 22h 58m Stream briefly unpaused, then paused again. Commands appear to be frozen

3d 22h 58m Stream Paused

3d 22h 55m Back in Rock Tunnel. Bet you didn't see that coming.

3d 22h 50m Woop fails to Shoop hard enough and faints. Alice whites out

3d 22h 46m Dig Bug goes down to a wild Bellsprout. Shoop-da-Woop is our only Poke left.

3d 22h 35m Sandsplash goes down to a wild Beautifly Shoop-da-Woop is up.


[Snark] So, how long have we been wearing the same outfit? I mean we never change and we've been hiking all over Kanto...

3d 22h 22m Also, I seem to have missed Sandsplash leveling up to lvl 26 a few minutes ago

[Strategy] Alternate map with less info/clutter. Use one or both for all your horribly-unsafe-blind-spelunking needs!

[Strategy] If you're completely lost like I am, use this convenient map!

3d 22h 7m Back into Rock Tunnel! What a creative name, Game Freak.

3d 22h 4m Alice runs around outside the PokeCenter, in no particular direction

3d 21h 59m Surskit fainted!

3d 21h 50 Squirtle fainted!

3d 21h 39m Whited out again!

3d 21h 29m Nincada fainted!

3d 21h 28m Surskit fainted!

3d 21h 12m Seems like the streamer changed the FireRed color from red to orange.

3d 21h 9m Stream back up

3d 21h 9m Stream paused

3d 20h 52m Back in Rock Tunnel. Squirtle fainted!

3d 20h 46m Wooper fainted! Whited out!

3d 20h 42m Nincada fainted. Wooper is all that's left. Still near the entrance.


3d 20h 33m Nincada levels up to 19, forgets Silver Wind and learns Dig!

3d 20h 28m Sandslash faints. Darn wingulls.

3d 20h 28m We're going in circles between location A and where item X1 was. (Map)

3d 20h 20m Squirtle and Surskit have fainted to a wild Wingull.

[Info] "<twitchplayspokemon> I only tracked messages since gen 2, but I found a log of gen 1 that is being processed." He said the log is on archive.org. When I checked, the notes on the log said that there are between five and six hours worth of gaps in the log, but it is mostly complete. So it is possible you may have inputted in gen 1 and still be counted in gen 2 or later, if you only inputted once or twice and were unfortunate in your timing.

3d 20h 13m We're back inside Rock Tunnel. Wheeeee!

[Info] From the streamer: "if you were here for gen1 expect your color to change within the next 12 hours. give me 12 hours before complaining about the wrong color, please"

3d 20h 10m A whited out.

3d 20h 9m STREAM UP. Colors are still here. Streamer has said that it will take time for the database to process. Until then, some users may be colored incorrectly.


3d 20h 7m Actually we're going back and forth, up and down the ladder.

3d 20h 6m We made it down to the second floor.

3d 20h 5m Nincada fainted. All we have is Wooper. We're near the first ladder. That's point C1 for those of you using this map.

[Info] Colors revealed! <twitchplayspokemon> "it's supposed to be the first generation you were there for" White names have been here since Red, blue are from Crystal, green from Emerald, and red from this current Fire Red run.

3d 20h 2m Sandslash fainted.

3d 59h ??m Somewhere, in the midst of all this chaos, Surskit fainted.

3d 19h 59m Back up. Green is now a bolder shade of green.

3d 19h 58m Stream is down once again.

[Info] He also said: "expect more people to turn white as the database finishes processing"

[Info] From the streamer: "the colors aren't any indication of whether or not that person is botting"

[Info] So for those who aren't watching the stream and/or didn't hear about the last time this happened, right now on the side of the stream where user inputs are shown, the usernames are now in color. The four colors right now are purple, green, red, and white. No one is quite sure yet what each color indicates.

3d 19h 54m Back up. The colors are still here, with a fourth color (white) now.

3d 19h 53m Stream down again.

3d 19h 49m Squirtle fainted to the Voltorb's Thunderbolt. Wooper took 'im down.

3d 19h 47m Aaaaand Stream back down ... no, back up! Nothing has changed.

3d 19h 47m We made it into Rock Tunnel and found a wild Voltorb!

3d 19h 45m Stream back up! Colors have returned!

3d 19h 35m STREAM DOWN

[Snark] Doors have become more difficult than Ledges.

3d 19h 25m We entered Rock Tunnel a couple of times but kept exiting. Still wandering around outside.

3d 19h 20m A Bellsprout's Giga Drain takes out Wooper. A whites out!

3d 19h 19m Wooper gets Poisoned. Imminent fainting...

3d 19h 16m: Nincada faints to Baltoy. Wooper is all we have left.

3d 19h 14m: Sandsplash finally succumbs to poison and wild Pokemon. Nincada leads now but a Baltoy is causing her way too much trouble.

3d 19h 10m: We are almost in section B. Another trainer is nearby.

3d 19h 5m: Sandslash has 47 hp left, which guarantees she'll be able to stay with us for a bit if the pokemon we find are kind enough.

3d 19h 4m: Sandslash misses bone club once more and Gulpin uses poison sting. Sandslash poisoned! Gulpin down though and trainer defeated. We are finally making some progress. Sandslash reached lvl 25

3d 19h 3m: Sandslash misses bone club and Grimer uses rock throw. Not very effective. Sandslash uses bone club again and OHKO. Gulpin next!

3d 19h 3m: Here we go, trainer once again. Grimer vs Sandslash.

3d 19h 1m: We are very close to the trainer that has beat us the last few times. This time we have a nice chance of advancing though.

3d 18h 57m: We are finally down the ladder and reached section D. A Machop comes our way.

3d 18h 54m: Surskit fainted We reached the ladder then went up once more.

3d 18h 49m: We arrive to s