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Twitch Plays Pokémon Platinum

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EVERYONE GO HERE. Go go go go go!!

[Snark] Well that'll be fun.

[Meta] "19:58:07 @twitchplayspokemon : starters are completely randomized, not 3 evolutions only, since the starters don't tend to make it very far I didn't see the point in restricting it". Our lord has spoken!

HeartGold starts in 90 minutes! Click here to go to the new updater!

Nobody will read this, but...oh who am I kidding: everyone will.

Bonus points for the "select" at the beginning!

The Mob is already making it clear which character they want.

We are 4 hours out from HG-day. Do you know where your dongers are?

Beatboxcrisps now has 30 lives!

┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐

[Music] As we get hyped for Heart Gold, join us in our YouTube radio station! Anyone is allowed to play whatever music they want.

[Demonstration] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT LA RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ON TITAN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream is back up with the DS emulator playing the Heart Gold title screen! Let the teasing begin!

Stream has been down for a little while now. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] A female Azumarill just fainted against Rollout. The one responsible for turning the tables? A Marill.

[TPPChat]ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ full screen stadium or riotヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ONLY 734 VIEWERS RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Twitchplayspokemon: betting might be fixed for newcomers now

I'll just leave this here cause I promised I would: http://twitch.tv/twitchspeaks

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DOGZ OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Streamer? You watching this? :-)

Am I the only one who finds these slowed-down NES games boring?


Stadium is broken!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

It's quiet. TOO QUIET.

TwitchSpeaks streamer has spoken! http://i.imgur.com/lFu5dFw.png

[Fluff] Just messing with twitchspeaks in between games

[Stadium] A hot battle is unfolding!

For those who missed it here is the final run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evd_KmVP_Ow

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RANDOMIZED ΩR/ΑS OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[TS]Come Join the TPP Team speak to chat about Twitch Plays Pokemon Things while we bet and Plan Strategies for next game!

Hello, my name is Lyra. The L, Y, and R are silent.


[Sub-Reddit News]You can now Suggest Flairs and Backgrounds for the TPP Heart Gold. (We will be adding a Nipple Flair so hold on)!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: going slow is the point, if you can't see the reasoning behind that please don't offer your suggestions

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: what part of one frame per input do people have difficulty understanding?

[Fluff] Wild Ditto appeared!

[Live Updaters]ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ POSTGAME OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ POSTGAME OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[PokeNews] As of this moment, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has been taken down. This affects the games Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Battle Revolution, Black, White, Black 2, White 2 and several spin-off titles.The online functions of these games will unfortunately not return. 3DS and Wii U titles, including Pokémon X & Y, Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter are unaffected by this.

[Community Post] Two of are community members with the help of all the artists have made an amazing Park of all are Pokemon in are past Generations! You should check it out!!! http://tustin2121.github.io/TPPPark/

[Fluff] Apparently I must be really old, cause I said "The Mario game" instead of "Super Mario Bros." I say this generation complains too much.

Never mind; Mario isn't frozen. It's just going really slowly.

The Mario game is frozen, and Stadium has the sound. Inputs are still scrolling by, but they're in a generic font, and they seem to be appearing from the top and scrolling down instead of the other way around.

We die once in Contra and switch to Tennis.

Finally playing The Matrix, I mean Contra

[Pun] SparkPlug3? More like SnarkPlug3.

[Snark] Looks like Kirby ate a dial-up modem, because he is lagging up like the 90s.

[Snark] Doesn't matter what game we're playing. TPP is always bested by a ledge.

After making it past several pipes, TPP fails to conquer a ledge once again.

It seems that we're doing a tool-assisted speedrun with every command advancing the game one frame.

[Info] Platinum Save incase you guys want it

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ POSTGAME RIOT ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

Currently Playing Super Mario Bros.

17d 12h 10m AND STREAM IS OFFLINE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] I literally missed teh urn by 12 minutes, but nevertheless, here's the final win/loss tally.

  • Aaron: 47/2
  • Bertha: 33/14
  • Flint: 17/16
  • Lucian: 12/5
  • Cynthia: 1/11

17d 11h 59m Our Final Team is Sunshine lvl 60, 006 lvl 93, Solaireon lvl 97, Batman lvl 54, Bronzoger/Steve lvl 68 and Sunbrella lvl 71.

[Info] For those of you already hyping up for Randomized HeartGold, the Universal Randomizer we used for FireRed has had some upgrades since! Read about them ->here<-

[Streamer] NES games will be starting shortly

17d 11h 47m The inputs have stopped working. Betting is still running, though

17d 11h 46m 0s Dat fin screen doe

[Snark] Also lol at the guy who lost 110k betting on team Red when there is literally no way they should have lost. I hope you're okay man!

[Snark] 50 - 49 = 1! We're #1! VICTORY MATH!

17d 11h 42m Also it's the first time we didn't evolve a Pokémon that could have evolved AT ALL for the entire game and is a member of the Hall of Fame!

[Snark] So, uh, Game Corner dance party anyone?

17d 11h 42m It took 49 runs. That's one run less than 50!

17d 11h 41m Ladies and Gentlemen, that was our first Anarchy only run in TPP History!

[Snark] Victory Screech!

17d 11h 41m The game is saved, it's official

[Snark] At least Sunshine's cuteness is forever immortalized in the Hall of Fame

[Fanfare] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

17d 11h 40m Roll that beautiful Hall of Fame footage!


[Fanfare Intensifies]

17d 11h 39m To the Hall of Fame with us!

17d 11h 38m WE WIN

17d 11h 38m Solareon uses Strength. Cynthia REKT

17d 11h 38m Solareon out. Cynthia uses a Full Restore.

17d 11h 37m Miltoic is in the red.

17d 11h 37m Sunbrella falls to a Miltoic mirror coat!

17d 11h 37m Sunbrella level 71.


17d 11h 36m Sunbrella comes out to dance!

17d 11h 36m 3 of our 'mons remain.

17d 11h 36m Steve down!

17d 11h 35m Here comes the Chomp. Steve survives a flamethrower.

17d 11h 35m Togekiss keeps launching 'spheres, but Steve eventually takes it out. Steve HP 72

17d 11h 35m STEVE SAVE US!

17d 11h 34m 006 fires a Superpower. 006 falls to Togekiss!

17d 11h 33m Rock Climb confuses Lucario. LUCARIO GOES DOWN!!

17d 11h 33m Roserade down! 006 HP 81

17d 11h 32m Roserade takes a Waterfall and does heavy damage to 006



17d 11h 32m First up is Spiritomb vs. 006. Waterfall helps burn a Full Restore.



17d 11h 31m 006 sweeps the rest of Lucian's team under the rug. Lucian rekt!

[Stadium] Jigglypuff sweeps with Rollout and I actually win some money!!

17d 11h 29m Gallade and Alakazam down. 006 is promoted to level 93!

17d 11h 28m 006 leads with a Waterfall and KOs Mr. Mime

17d 11h 28m Lucian challenged

[Status] Only Shinx is down. Agent 006 is at 82% HP and Solareon is at 65%. Everyone else is at full.

17d 11h 21m Flareon is here. Surf used again and down it goes! Flint swept by the Agent!

17d 11h 21m Out comes Magmortar! OHKO'd as well!

[Snark] I'm starting to see a pattern here.

17d 11h 21m Rapidash comes out, and is also knocked out by surf.

17d 11h 20m Infernape out, but is quickly knocked out by the Agent's Surf.

17d 11h 20m Out comes Houndoom! Agent 006 immediately takes it out with Waterfall!

17d 11h 20m Flint finally engaged!

[Snark] Still just walking about in Flint's room. Trying the intimidation tactic this fight, it seems.

17d 11h 13m Hippowdown also taken out by Surf! Bertha defeated!

17d 11h 12m Rhyperior also OHKO'd.

17d 11h 12m Golem comes out and is immediately knocked out.

17d 11h 12m Agent 006 promoted to level 92!

17d 11h 11m Whiscash down! Gliscor comes out and is immediately taken down as well!

17d 11h 10m Whiscash almost knocked out by Agent 006's Surf, but not quite. We take a weak Earth Power before a full restore is used.

17d 11h 10m Solareon was promoted to level 97 at the end of the last fight!

17d 11h 10m Bertha engaged! Let's do this!

[Snark] After his victory, Napoleon checks his Pokedex. Yep, Torterra's cry is still the same.

17d 11h 7m Yanmega back out with very little HP, easily taken out by a Fire Fang. Aaron defeated!

17d 11h 6m Drapion OHKO'd! Out comes Scizor, who is OHKO'd by a Fire Blast!

17d 11h 6m Drapion out.

17d 11h 5m Heracross gets off a Stone Edge on Flareon, but Flareon quickly knocks it out with a Fire Fang! Out comes Vespiquen, who also gets dropped to Fire Fang!

17d 11h 4m Tactical switch out to Flareon, who tries to Rock Smash Heracross.

17d 11h 4m Shinx down to Heracross's Night Slash!

17d 11h 4m Shinx gets off a Discharge on Yanmega, but it quickly uses U-turn and switches to Heracross.

17d 11h 3m Aaron engaged!

17d 10h 58m Or not. Urn #49 beginning!

17d 10h 56m Outside the Elite Four. Grinding time, it seems.

17d 10h 56m We flirt with the PC for a bit. The wave of B+Down sends us out of the League building.

17d 10h 54m A critical Psychic downs Moonbat, black out.

17d 10h 53m Two Psychics take out Sunbrella. Golbat comes in, Lucian uses a Full Restore.

17d 10h 53m Steve down. Sunbrella comes in.

17d 10h 52m Alakazam and Espeon down. Time for the Bronzong vs. Bronzong cage match.

17d 10h 51m Gallade down. Raise your bronzongers.

17d 10h 50m Steve comes in, Lucian uses a Full Restore.

17d 10h 49m Stone Edge and poison take out Flareon. This is not teh urn, people.

17d 10h 48m Bibarel down to Gallade's Drain Punch. Flareon comes in.

Lucian challenged. Mr. Mime down to Waterfall.

17d 10h 47m Lucian challenged.* Mr. Mime down to Waterfall.

17d 10h 45m Napoleon and Lucian have become glitchy blocks. The chat thinks we might still be in the distortion world.

17d 10h 44m Same story as last time, folks: Bibarel sweeps Flint without a scratch.

17d 10h 42m Flint challenged. Houndoom and Infernape down.

17d 10h 39m Bibarel takes a few Earthquakes but sweeps Bertha.

17d 10h 37m Whiscash down, Bibarel to level 91.

17d 10h 34m Flareon's HP is slowly falling from poison. However, we manage to talk to Bertha before too much blood is shed.

17d 10h 32m Scizor down, Aaron defeated.

17d 10h 31m Heracross, Vespiquen, and Drapion down. Drapion poisons Flareon in the process.

17d 10h 30m Heracross drops Shnix with Megahorn, Flareon comes in.

[Notes] Run 48 underway

17d 10h 29m Shnix versus Yanmega, Shinx paralyzes off a Discharge. Aaron full restores, Discharge paralyzes again, and the third Discharge takes out Yanmega.

17d 10h 28m After some wandering, we challenge Aaron.

17d 10h 23m [Recap] Without that Reflect from Mr. Mime, Bibarel would have probably swept Lucian and made it to Cynthia in good health. And even without Agent 006, we KOd half of Cynthia's team. We're getting close, people.

17d 10h 21m After flirting with the PC, we are back into the league.

17d 10h 19m Garchomp takes out Bronzong with a couple of Flamethrowers. We black out.

17d 10h 18m Togekiss down, Chomp in.

17d 10h 17m Bronzong in. It tanks an Aura sphere and gives Togekiss some critical Payback.

17d 10h 16m We bring in Golbat, who leeches life from Garchomp. Cynthia switches in Togekiss, who Shock Waves Golbat out of the sky.

17d 10h 15m Garchomp comes in. Flareon takes her to red off a couple of Strengths, but is downed by Dragon Rush.

17d 10h 14m Milotic comes in and is down to Fire Fang and Strength.

17d 10h 13m Cynthia challenged. Spiritomb down to Fire Blast.

17d 10h 12m We have Flareon at 91% and Moonbat and Steve at full. teh urn?

17d 10h 11m We bring in Golbat, then Flareon. Rock Smash downs Bronzong, Lucian defeated.

17d 10h 10m Bibarel takes out Alakazam and Espeon, but goes down to Bronzong's Earthquake.

17d 10h 8m Gallade comes in and takes Bibarel to red with a Leaf Blade. Gallade takes the second Waterfall, but flinches. The third Waterfall drops him.

17d 10h 7m Mr. Mime goes down, but not before setting up a Reflect.

17d 10h 6m We walk right up to Lucian. We're getting good at these Elite Four rooms.

17d 10h 4m Magmortar and Flareon also OHKOd. Bibarel beats Flint in a clean sweep.

17d 10h 2m Bibarel is in, Houndoom, Infernape, and Rapidash OHKO'd by Waterfall.

17d 10h 1m We walk straight up to Flint and challenge him.

17d 10h 1m Bibarel OHKOs Hippowdon, Bertha defeated.

17d 10h 0m Agent 006 comes in, KOs Rhyperior, and grows to level 90.

17d 9h 59m Petal Dance takes down Golem, but Rhyperior's Earthquake takes down Sunbrella.

17d 9h 58m Roserade comes in and KOs Whiscash and Gliscor.

17d 9h 56m Bertha Challenged. Shinx in versus Whiscash. Sunshine nearly KOs, but faints to Earth Power.

17d 9h 55m Into Bertha's room.

17d 9h 54m Drapion goes down, and Aaron is defeated

17d 9h 53m As Solareon brings down Hercross and Scizor, he grows to Lv. 96

17d 9h 52m Quick switch out for Flareon, who makes short work of Yanmega and Vespiquen.

17d 9h 51m A-A-Ron engaged.

17d 9h 49m Back in the League, attempting Run #47

17d 9h 44m And Surf finishes us off. Napoleon blacks out

17d 9h 44m Fire Blast leaves a burn on Milotic! But Surf leaves us low on HP.

17d 9h 43m Spiritomb falls to a Fire Blast. Milotic out.

17d 9h 43m Champion battle go! Now facing Cynthia!

17d 9h 40m Espeom meets the same fate, as does Alakazam. Lucian defeated

17d 9h 39m Bronzong goes down. Espeon now in the ring.

17d 9h 38m Another burn on Gallade, which is an excellent stroke of luck for us. Bronzong now out.

17d 9h 37m Fire Fang almost OHKO's Mr. Mime, but a burn finishes the job for us.

17d 9h 37m Lucian battle up now. Only Solareon is left.

[Snark] "I didn’t take you for granted... But I didn’t expect you to win! I’d never even considered it!" Uh, isn't that basically taking your win for granted?

17d 9h 31m The opposing Flareon, Rapidash, and Magmortar all fall easily to Solareon's Strength. Flint defeated

17d 9h 30m Solareon takes out Infernape with Strength and grows to Lvl. 95. Five more levels, everyone.

17d 9h 27m Infernape makes short work of Steve as well. Solareon is the last Poke standing.

17d 9h 26m Unfortunately he Full Restores, another Superpower doesn't even bring him to the yellow, and Mach Punch takes out 006

17d 9h 26m Infernape's Mach Punch brings us down to 5 HP and a Superpower puts him down to the red.

17d 9h 25m Now facing Flint. A quick Waterfall takes out Houndoom.

[Status] Going into FLINT, we have 006 at 22%; Solareon at 90%; Steve at 21%

[Status] Going into Lucian, we have 006 at 22%; Solareon at 90%; Steve at 21%

17d 9h 18m 006 takes out the rest of Bertha's team. I'd say without batting an eyelash but we all know how suggestive our super-spy can be.

17d 9h 16m Whiscash finally goes down, with 006 at 55 HP

17d 9h 15m Still throwing Pokeballs. Now we're just being childish.

17d 9h 14m We surf Whiscash, but throw a Pokeball while Bertha Full Restores it. Brilliant tactics, TPP

17d 9h 13m Now up against Bertha

17d 9h 9m However, Fire Fang lands eventually and takes out Yanmega and Scizor. Aaron defeated

17d 9h 8m Vespiquen falls to Solareon as well, but Yanmega's Double Team cause a bit of annoyance.

17d 9h 7m Solareon finally takes out Drapion, and Steve grows to Lvl. 68

17d 9h 7m Ice Fangs eventually take out Sunbrella. Flareon up

17d 9h 5m Using Absorb and a Full Restore form Aaron not doing us any favors, though.

17d 9h 3m Steve gets a Future Sight and a Confuse Ray off before switching out for Sunbrella.

17d 9h 2m We use some Extrasensories and a Premier Ball twice. Not our greatest strategy.

17d 9h 1m Moonbat goes down to Drapion, Steve now up.

17d 9h 0m Moonbat comes out and takes out Heracross. Drapion up now.

17d 9h 0m Yanmega U-Turns out for Heracross, who Stone Edges Sunshine to death

17d 8h 59m Into the League again for Run 46. Aaron engaged.

17d 8h 57m Got 99 Pokeballs but a Masterball ain't one

17d 8h 56m Steve clutches out to 1 HP against the foe's Bronzong, but can't quite finish the job. Napoleon blacks out

17d 8h 55m Alakazam gets beaten out quickly, but Espeoon gets in two Shadow Balls before we get off a Payback. Steve is in the red.

17d 8h 54m Steve brings down Gallade, and is now up against Alakazam.

17d 8h 53m And a Full Restore on Gallade makes Steve's battle all the more difficult. Trading Drain Punches and Paybacks now.

17d 8h 52m Gallade takes out Solareon with a finishing Psycho Cut. Steve is our last pokemon.

17d 8h 51m Solareon takes out Mr. Mime, but misses a fire fang on Gallade that leaves it open to two nasty Stone Edges. Down in the red now.

[Snark] Dat flow doe

17d 8h 50m Now talking to Lucian. Finally

17d 8h 45m Flareon steps in and finishes off Magmortar and Flint's Flareon. Flint defeated

17d 8h 45m Magmortar Thunderbolts 006, leaving her paralyzed and at 7 HP, and then takes her out.

17d 8h 41m 006 easily takes out Houndoom, Infernape, and Rapidash, but can't quite OHKO Magmortar with Surf.

17d 8h 41m We move right on to Flint.

17d 8h 40m Hippowdon gets drowned as well, and 006 grows to Lvl. 89. Bertha defeated

17d 8h 39m Rhyperior surfed as well.

17d 8h 39m Gliscor, Golem both get surfed over.

17d 8h 38m After a Full Restore and a couple surfs, Whiscash goes down. Sandstorm is currently raging, however.

17d 8h 37m Now facing Bertha

17d 8h 34m [Status] 006 71%, Solaireon 100%, Steve 100%

17d 8h 34m Aaron defeated.

17d 8h 34m Yanmega. Surf OHKOs.

17d 8h 33m Vespiquen. Surf OHKOs.

17d 8h 33m Scizor is sent out. A Waterfall and Surf take it down.

17d 8h 33m Waterfall OHKOs.

17d 8h 32m 006 is sent in.

17d 8h 32m Moonbat down.

17d 8h 31m Drapion is in.

17d 8h 31m Moonbat takes out Heracross.

17d 8h 30m In comes Moonbat. Heracross is healed by a Full Restore.

17d 8h 30m Sunbrella faints.

17d 8h 30m Out comes the Queen.

17d 8h 29m Sparkles is down.

17d 8h 29m Yanmega U-Turned to Heracross.

17d 8h 29m Sparkles vs Yanmega.

17d 8h 28m Battling Aaron.

17d 8h 26m Run 45.

17d 8h 23m Steve is cooked. White out.

17d 8h 23m Steve vs Garchomp.

17d 8h 23m It's brought down to red by an Energy Ball, but manages to take out Roserade!

17d 8h 22m Steve is sent in!

17d 8h 22m Moonbat is promptly taken out by an Extrasensory.

17d 8h 22m Moonbat is sent in. Starts slashing.

17d 8h 21m Energy Ball takes out 006.

17d 8h 20m Roserade is sent out. 006 uses Surf. Doesn't do much.

17d 8h 20m Rock Climb does not affect a ghost, but Waterfall OHKOs.

17d 8h 20m 006 vs Spiritomb.

17d 8h 19m Alright folks! Time to show Cynthia who's boss!

17d 8h 18m Lucian was swept away.

17d 8h 18m Bronzong. Waterfall OHKOs.

17d 8h 18m 006 is now Level 88.

17d 8h 18m Espeon. Waterfall OHKOs.

17d 8h 17m Alakazam. Waterfall OHKOs.

17d 8h 17m Waterfall OHKOs.

17d 8h 17m 006 vs Mr Mime.

17d 8h 16m Battling Lucian.

17d 8h 16m In Lucian's room. Corner time.

17d 8h 10m Flint defeated.

17d 8h 9m Flareon. Surf OHKOs.

17d 8h 9m Magmortar in. Surf OHKOs.

17d 8h 9m Surf OHKOs.

17d 8h 9m Rapidash.

17d 8h 9m Surf OHKOs.

17d 8h 8m Infernape sent in.

17d 8h 8m Waterfall OHKOs.

17d 8h 8m 006 vs Houndoom.

17d 8h 8m Let's go Flint.

17d 8h 6m Bertha defeated.

17d 8h 6m 006 is sent out against Rhyperior. Bye Rhyperior.

17d 8h 4m The sandstorm takes out Solaireon.

17d 8h 4m Solaireon takes out Golem.

17d 8h 3m Solaireon is brought down to red. Golem is yellow.

17d 8h 3m Steve switched for Solaireon.

17d 8h 1m Steve is switched in against Golem.

17d 8h 1m Hippowdon down.

17d 8h 0m Solaireon burns Hippowdon.

17d 7h 59m Hippowdon is sent in.

17d 7h 59m Moonbat is switched for Solaireon, who takes out Gliscor.

17d 7h 58m Steve brings Gliscor to red and is switched for Moonbat.

17d 7h 58m Gliscor is sent in.

17d 7h 57m Whiscash down from Future Sight.

17d 7h 56m Steve brings Whiscash to red, but the fish is healed.

17d 7h 56m Steve is in. It confuses Whiscash.

17d 7h 55m Sparkles down.

17d 7h 55m Sparkles vs Whiscash.

17d 7h 55m Fighting Bertha.

17d 7h 53m In Bertha's room.

17d 7h 51m Sparkles does not evolve.

17d 7h 50m Aaron defeated.

17d 7h 50m Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 7h 50m Second Fire Fang takes it out. Here comes Scizor.

17d 7h 50m Drapion out. Its brought to red, and healed by a Sitrus.

17d 7h 50m Vespiquen sent out. Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 7h 49m Solaireon takes out Yanmega. Steve levels up to 67! IT DOESN'T LEARN HEAL BLOCK!

17d 7h 49m Yanmega is healed.

17d 7h 48m It brings Yanmega down to red, and Solaireon is switched in.

17d 7h 48m Here comes Steve.

17d 7h 48m Yanmega was sent out. It takes out Sunbrella.

17d 7h 47m Sunbrella started dancing and took out Heracross. Sparkles levels up to 63!

17d 7h 46m Sparkles is switched out for Sunbrella.

17d 7h 46m Sparkles vs Yanmega. Yanmega U-Turns for Heracross.

17d 7h 45m Vs. Aaron!

17d 7h 45m This is the forty-fourth run! WILL IT MEAN DEFEAT FOR CYNTHIA?

17d 7h 43m Sunbrella fainted. White out.


17d 7h 42m Sunbrella vs Spiritomb.

17d 7h 42m Yo Cynthia.


17d 7h 41m [Status] Sunbrella at only 14 HP.

17d 7h 41m Lucian defeated!

17d 7h 41m She dances, and Gallade goes down!

17d 7h 41m The Queen is brought low to 14 HP.

17d 7h 40m The Queen takes the stage.

17d 7h 40m Solaireon down against Gallade.

17d 7h 39m Out comes Solaireon.

17d 7h 39m Steve down.

17d 7h 38m No PP for Payback.

17d 7h 38m Steve finally takes out inferior Bronzong with one last Payback! Here comes Gallade.

17d 7h 38m Steve confuses inferior Bronzong once more.

17d 7h 37m Damn you inferior Bronzong. Go Steve, beat it up.

17d 7h 37m Aaaand inferior Bronzong is healed.

17d 7h 37m Steve is slowly whittling away at the inferior Bronzong.

17d 7h 36m Steve confuses inferior Bronzong.

17d 7h 36m Steve vs the inferior Bronzong.

17d 7h 36m Espeon gets taken out.

17d 7h 36m Steve is dishing out quite a bit of Payback here.

17d 7h 35m Alakazam down.

17d 7h 35m Alakazam is here.

17d 7h 35m Steve takes it out next turn.

17d 7h 35m Steve brought Mr. Mime to red, but it healed.

17d 7h 34m STEVE TIME.

17d 7h 33m 006 faints to a Thunderbolt, but did take Mr. Mime to yellow.

17d 7h 32m 006 vs Mr. Mime.

17d 7h 32m Lucian battle start.

17d 7h 28m In Lucian's room!

17d 7h 26m [Current Status] Bibarel 46% + Burnt, Flareon 100%, Bronzong 100%, Roserade 100%

17d 7h 26m Bibarel sweeps flint, but is burnt in the process!

17d 7h 26m Bibarel grows to level 87!

17d 7h 23m Flint Challenged!

17d 7h 23m Bibarel wipes Bertha!

17d 7h 19m Bertha challenged!

17d 7h 14m Golbat tries to evolve, but fails!

17d 7h 14m We defeat Aaron!

17d 7h 13m Flareon grows to level 94!

17d 7h 12m Golbat is knocked out by Drapion!

17d 7h 11m Golbat levels up to level 54!

17d 7h 10m Shinx is taken out by Heracross!

17d 7h 9m We challenge Aaron!

17d 7h 6m In Aaron's room.

17d 7h 5m Run 43.

17d 7h 1m Its Ice Fang takes out Moonbat. Black out!

17d 7h 1m Moonbat in and confuses Gliscor.

17d 7h 0m Having some trouble switching in Moonbat.

17d 6h 59m Steve is burnt! It faints from its burn!

17d 6h 58m Moonbat is switched for Steve.

17d 6h 57m Ah, Gliscor has Thunder Fang. That poses a problem.

17d 6h 55m Moonbat is sent in. Gliscor is healed.

17d 6h 54m Gliscor sent out. Sunbrella's dance takes it to the red. She faints to an Earthquake.

17d 6h 54m She starts dancing and takes out Whiscash.

17d 6h 54m Sunbrella sent in.

17d 6h 53m Solaireon taken out by a Zen Headbutt.

17d 6h 53m Solaireon vs Whiscash.

17d 6h 53m Battlin' Bertha.

17d 6h 51m In Bertha's room.

17d 6h 50m [Current Status] Flareon 4%, Golbat 76%, Bronzong 45%, Roserade 8%.

17d 6h 50m Solaireon takes it out with another Fire Fang. Aaron defeated.

17d 6h 49m Fire Fang brings it into the red, but it heals with a Sitrus Berry.

17d 6h 49m Here comes Drapion.

17d 6h 49m Solaireon finally takes out Scizor.

17d 6h 49m Moonbat is switched for Solaireon.

17d 6h 47m He brings Scizor to red, but it's restored! Moonbat decides to confuse it.

17d 6h 47m Then he's switched out for Moonbat.

17d 6h 47m She's switched out for Solaireon.

17d 6h 46m She paralyzes Scizor.

17d 6h 46m Solaireon switched out for Sunbrella.

17d 6h 45m Solaireon sent in.

17d 6h 45m Sparkles is switched in, and taken out by Quick Attack from Scizor.

17d 6h 44m Scizor arrives.

17d 6h 44m Steve takes out Heracross.

17d 6h 43m Solaireon switched for Steve.

17d 6h 43m Sunbrella switched for Solaireon.

17d 6h 42m Solaireon switched for Sunbrella.

17d 6h 42m Solaireon in again.

17d 6h 41m 006 taken out by Close Combat.

17d 6h 41m Solaireon is switched for 006.

17d 6h 41m Heracross sent in.

17d 6h 41m Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 6h 40m 006 switched out for Solaireon.

17d 6h 40m Vespiquen sent out. Switched in 006.

17d 6h 40m Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 6h 39m Fire Blast misses.

17d 6h 39m Sparkles is switched for Solaireon.

17d 6h 39m Sparkles' Thunderbolt brings it into the red.

17d 6h 38m Jesus Christ all this Double Team spam from Yanmega. Is it related to Shiftry or something?

17d 6h 38m Sparkles vs Yanmega.

17d 6h 37m Aaron battle go!

17d 6h 35m In Aaron's room.

17d 6h 33m Run 42. READY? GO!

17d 6h 32m "It doesn't matter if the going is slow. Nor does it matter how many challenges it takes. I'm never giving up! Not until I beat the Elite Four!" Wise words from a random Ace Trainer.

17d 6h 31m A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

17d 6h 31m Dragon Rush immediately takes him out! Black out!

17d 6h 30m Correction, this is Attempt #41

17d 6h 30m Moonbat is sent out.

17d 6h 29m All we have left now is Moonbat at 24% HP.

17d 6h 29m After three Flamethrowers, bye bye Bronzong.

17d 6h 28m Garchomp has a Flamethrower. Steve is in dangerous territory here.

17d 6h 28m Steve vs Garchomp!

17d 6h 28m Go Steve! It takes out Milotic with an Extrasensory!

17d 6h 28m Its a crit, and brings Milotic into the red! Solaireon faints to a Surf right after.

17d 6h 27m Milotic is in! Solaireon launches a Fire Blast.

17d 6h 27m Spiritomb is switched out for Lucario. Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 6h 27m Flareon down to 65HP.

17d 6h 27m Fire Fang brings Spiritomb down to red. Its healed by a Full Restore.

17d 6h 26m Solaireon vs Spiritomb starts. Fire Blast misses.

17d 6h 26m HYPE


17d 6h 26m Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cynthia's room.

17d 6h 25m Up the hallway. Closing in on Cynthia now.

17d 6h 25m [STATUS REPORT] Flareon 52%, Golbat 24%, Bronzong 100%.

17d 6h 24m Lucian defeated! Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 6h 24m Alakazam out. Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 6h 24m Espeon out. Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 6h 24m Bronzong out. Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 6h 23m Gallade is sent out. Fire Fang OHKOs.

17d 6h 23m Fire Fang OHKOs. Solaireon is now Level 93.

17d 6h 22m Solaireon vs Mr. Mime.

17d 6h 22m Battling Lucian!

17d 6h 22m Now in Lucian's room!

17d 6h 21m Flint defeated!

17d 6h 21m Another strength from Solaireon takes it out!

17d 6h 21m Magmortar ... barely survived a Strength huh.

17d 6h 20m Solaireon vs Magmortar!

17d 6h 20m Solaireon vs Rapidash. Rapidash goes down.

17d 6h 20m Flint's Flareon is down!

17d 6h 19m Flareon Mirror Match go!

17d 6h 19m Strength + Fire Fang takes out Infernape.

17d 6h 19m Solaireon is sent out.

17d 6h 18m Infernape is sent out and Mach Punches out 006!

17d 6h 17m 006 levels up to 86!

17d 6h 17m Waterfall OHKOs.

17d 6h 17m 006 vs Houndoom.

17d 6h 17m Battling Flint!

17d 6h 16m Entered Flint's room!

17d 6h 12m: Hippowdon is sent out and KO'd. Bertha defeated!

17d 6h 12m: Rhyperior KO'd.

17d 6h 11m: Vespiquen is KO'd by Bibarel! Golem is sent out and KO'd too.

17d 6h 10m: Bibarel uses Surf on Whiscash and it barely survives. Bertha uses a Full Restore on it and Whiscash is KO'd.

17d 6h 9m: Battling Bertha!

17d 6h 6m: Golbat confused Vespiquen! We switch into Bibarel while it hits itself. Vespiquen KO'd! Aaron defeated!

17d 6h 4m: Aaron uses a Full Restore on Scizor after it barely survives! Scizor is still KO'd though. Vespiquen gets sent out and we switch into Golbat.

17d 6h 3m: Switched into Bibarel with Golbat at hp24%. Tossed a Heal Ball! ...but he blocked the ball. Drapion KO'd by Bibarel's Surf!

[wat] Did we just ... try to use a ball?

17d 6h 2m: Heracross KO'd! Drapion is sent out and uses Ice Fang against Golbat!

17d 6h 1m: Roserade fainted!

17d 5h 59m: Yanmega is KO'd by Shinx! Heracross is sent out and OHKOs Shinx with Megahorn.

17d 5h 58m: Yanmega just barely survives the hit from Bibarel and we switch into Shinx. Aaron uses a Full Restore.

17d 5h 57m: Battling Aaron!

17d 5h 57m Another run begins!

17d 5h 54m: Wandering around the Pokemon League building... Touching the PC and going up and down the escalators.

[Snark] Well at least Sunbrella got a level up? Anyone?

lol rip

17d 5h 49m: Togekiss is hit by Stun Spore and we use Petal Dance.
Togekiss gets in an Air Slash on Roserade!
Blacked out!

17d 5h 48m: Roserade sent in! Roserade KOs Milotic. Roserade hits Lv70! Togekiss sent out.

17d 5h 47m: Switched into Bronzong! Milotic clutches on and then gets confused by Golbat! Milotic gets a critical hit on Bronzong! Bronzong fainted!

17d 5h 47m: Switched into Flareon! Milotic gets a CRITICAL HIT. Flareon fainted!

[Snark] Well, that just froze our urn.

17d 5h 46m: Switched into Golbat! Milotic gets in an Ice Beam and then gets confused by Golbat.
But that's not enough.
Golbat fainted!

17d 5h 45m: Flareon gets close to KOing Spiritomb! It survives and Cynthia uses a Full Restore! Then Cynthia switched into Milotic! We switch into Roserade!

[Snark] We're definitely feeling the pressure here.

17d 5h 44m: Battling Cynthia!

17d 5h 42m: Flareon attempts to Fire Fang Espeon and misses! But it hits the next turn. Espeon down!
Bronzong sent out. OHKO'd with Fire Fang!
Elite Four & Lucian defeated!

17d 5h 41m: Espeon survives being OHKO'd and gets in a Psychic! Bibarel fainted!

[Snark] Shut down by a clutch Espeon and its mind powers.

17d 5h 40m: Gallade sent out! It survives being OHKO'd and uses Leaf Blade, but gets KO'd next turn. Alakazam sent out! OHKO'd.

17d 5h 39m: Battling Lucian!
Mr. Mime OHKO'd!
Bibarel hit Lv85!

[Snark] Well we've successfully rained on Flint's parade.

17d 5h 37m: Magmortar OHKO'd without being burned!
Flareon OHKO'd!
Flint defeated!

17d 5h 36m: Houndoom OHKO'd!
Infernape OHKO'd!
Rapidash OHKO'd!

17d 5h 35m: Battling Flint! Houndoom vs Bibarel to start!

[Snark] Ah, corners. It's been a while.

[Pun] We're definitely rocking through the Elite Four fine (yes i know Bertha's a Ground-type she has two part-rocks)

17d 5h 29m: Golem sent out! Golem OHKO'd!
Rhyperior sent out! Rhyperior OHKO'd!
Hippowdon sent out! Hippowdon OHKO'd!
Bertha defeated!

17d 5h 28m: Whiscash survives Bibarel's Waterfall and Bertha uses a Full Restore! It doesn't help too much though. Whiscash KO'd!
Gliscor KO'd! Bibarel hit Lv84!

17d 5h 27m: Battling Bertha! It starts with Whiscash vs Bibarel.

17d 5h 24m: Yanmega is KO'd and Aaron is defeated again.

17d 5h 23m: Vespiquen is sent out and gets OHKO'd!
Drapion also gets KO'd right after being sent out.

17d 5h 22m: Shinx fainted! We send out Flareon and knocks out Heracross.

17d 5h 22m: Yanmega uses U-Turn on Shinx and Heracross is sent out!

17d 5h 21m: Battling Aaron!

17d 5h 19m So begins another run.

17d 5h 14m: Blacked out!

17d 5h 14m: Battling Flint!

17d 5h 10m: Bronzong is sent out and it uses Confuse Ray! Hippowdon knocks itself out in confusion and Beratha is defeated! Bronzong hits Lv66!

17d 5h 8m: Bibarel fainted while asleep!

17d 5h 7m: Hippowdon just barely survives and is healed by a Full Restore!
It clutches on yet again and the yawn is successful! Bibarel fell asleep!

17d 5h 6m: Rhyperior KO'd!

17d 5h 5m: Sent out Bibarel against the Golem!
Golem KO'd!

17d 5h 3m: Gliscor is KO'd! Golem is sent out!
Shinx fainted!

17d 5h 0m: Gliscor is sent out! Flareon fainted!

17d 4h 58m: Battling Bertha! Whiscash sent out and quickly KO'd!

[Info] Win/Loss tally of the Elite Four members + Champion as of 17d 4h 40m.

  • Aaron: 36/2 (defeated on 1st run)
  • Bertha: 23/13 (defeated on 1st run)
  • Flint: 8/15 (defeated on 22nd run)
  • Lucian: 5/3 (defeated on 33rd run)
  • Cynthia: 0/5 (undefeated)

17d 4h 54m: Flareon grew to Lv92! Aaron defeated!

17d 4h 53m: We switch around. From Shinx to Bibarel. Drapion was paralyzed, in the meantime.

17d 4h 51m: Scizor KO'd! Switched into Roserade against... Drapion. It gets in a critical Cross Poison!

17d 4h 50m: We finally get in a hit on Yanmega! Yanmega KO'd!
Vespiquen KO'd!
Heracross KO'd!

17d 4h 48m: Switched into Flareon after Golbat confuses Yanmega! Then we switched back into Golbat and Yanmega snaps out of confusion!

17d 4h 46m: We switch around. A lot. While Yanmega spams Double Team.


17d 4h 38m: Flareon tries to Rock Smash a Ghost type. It doesn't go too well. Blacked out!

17d 4h 37m: Battling Cynthia!

17d 4h 35m: Alakazam is OHKO'd too! Lucian defeated!

We're going to Cynthia with a team of: Flareon: hp44%
...and nobody else.

17d 4h 34m: Flareon handles Gallade and Bronzong(Lucian's) is sent out! But it's OHKO'd.
Espeon sent out! Espeon OHKO'd too.

17d 4h 33m: Lucian uses a Full Restore on Mr. Mime. But that didn't save it. Mr. Mime KO'd! Gallade sent out. Bibarel fainted!

17d 4h 32m: Battling Lucian! Mr. Mime vs Bibarel to start the battle. Annnd.. we use Superpower.

17d 4h 30m: Magmortar OHKO'd without being burned! Flareon is also OHKO'd! So, Bibarel got out of the battle without being burned. Elite Four Flint defeated!

17d 4h 29m: Infernape and Rapidash OHKO'd!

17d 4h 28m: Challenged Flint! Houndoom vs Bibarel to start! Houndoom is OHKO'd.

17d 4h 26m: Rhyperior sent out. Rhyperior OHKO'd. Hippowdon sent out. Hippowdon OHKO'd with a crit Superpower. Bertha defeated!

17d 4h 24m: Gliscor is KO'd by Bibarel. Golem also gets OHKO'd.

17d 4h 23m: Shinx sent out! Shinx fainted!

17d 4h 22m: Bronzong fainted!

17d 4h 22m: The stall wars end! Whiscash fainted! Gliscor sent out!

17d 4h 18m: "Nah." Bronzong sent back out! It uses Confuse Ray again.

17d 4h 17m: Chip damage continues on both sides until Shinx is sent out.

17d 4h 16m: Bertha uses a Full Restore and Bronzong uses another Confuse Ray after it snaps out of confusion.

17d 4h 15m: Bronzong uses Confuse Ray on Whiscash. Whiscash doesn't care though. Chip damage on all ends.

17d 4h 14m: Switched into Flareon! Switched into Bronzong! In the meantime, Whiscash sets up a sandstorm.

17d 4h 13m: Smooth walk to Bertha! Bertha challenged! Whiscash vs Shinx to start!

17d 4h 12m: Drapion sent out! It clutches and uses a Sitrus Berry. That's not enough to save it though. Elite Four Aaron defeated!

17d 4h 11m: Heracross sent out! Heracross fainted! Scizor sent out! Scizor fainted!

17d 4h 10m: Flareon handles Vespiquen without issues and Flareon hit Lv91!

17d 4h 9m: Flareon is sent out and he handles Yanmega pretty easily!

17d 4h 8m: Roserade sent out! But against Yanmega...? Roserade fainted!

17d 4h 7m: Battling Aaron! Golbat is switched in then Golbat fainted!

[rip] rip

17d 3h 59m: Togekiss sent out and Roserade doesn't stand a chance!
Blacked out!

this is not teh urn.

17d 3h 58m: Roserade sent out and uses Stun Spore on Garchomp! It can't move! Future Sight hits Garchomp and Roserade uses Petal Dance! But wait, Garchomp ignores being paralyzed and gets in a Giga Impact! A second Petal Dance KO's Garchomp!

17d 3h 57m: Bronzong fainted!

17d 3h 56m: Flareon is KO'd by Garchomp! Bronzong sent out!


17d 3h 55m: Flareon hadles Milotic and stays alive with HP53%! Garchomp sent out!

17d 3h 54m: Flareon sent out and Flareon handles Roserade with ease! Roserade KO'd, Milotic sent out!

17d 3h 54m: Cynthia sends out Roserade and it KOs Bibarel! Bibarel fainted!

17d 3h 54m: Battling Cynthia! Spiritomb OHKO'd!

17d 3h 51m: Bibarel takes care of Bronzong. Lucian defeated!

17d 3h 50m: Alakazam sent out, but gets quickly KO'd! Espeon sent out and quickly goes down too! Bronzong sent out.

17d 3h 49m: Gallade weakens Bibarel, but is quickly KO'd! Bibarel levels up to Lv82!

17d 3h 48m: Mr. Mime OHKO'd by Bibarel! Gallade sent out!

17d 3h 47m: Battling Lucian!

17d 3h 47m Our will is overpowering you? More like our surf. Flareon shot down. Flint Defeated.

17d 3h 46m Rapidash? GONE. Magmortar? GONE

17d 3h 46m There goes Houndoom and Infernape

17d 3h 45m Battling Flint

[Status Check] Bibarel at 77%m Flareon at 86%, Bronzong and Roserade at full health

17d 3h 41m OHKO-ed Rhyperior and Hippowdon. Bertha Defeated.

17d 3h 41m Bibarel grows to level 81

17d 3h 40m We're surfing our way to the top. Gliscor and Golem have both been OHKO-ed

17d 3h 39m The usual stuff... 006 uses surf, Whiscash uses Sandstorm, Whiscash faints

17d 3h 39m Challenged Bertha

17d 3h 37m As usual, Flareon has Fire Fang-ed everything like Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Aaron Defeated.

17d 3h 36m Golbat has fainted. Flareon is sent out.

17d 3h 35m Golbat is sent out and Air Cutter KOs Heracross. Out comes Drapion who critical Ice Fangs Golbat

17d 3h 34m U turn takes out half of Shinx's health and Heracross' Night Slash finishes her off

17d 3h 30m After rudely walking into him several times, we are challenging Aaron

17d 3h 30m Run #37 Activated

17d 3h 27m Earthquake destroys 006. Black out

17d 3h 27m Agent 006 is out to avenge Her Majesty

17d 3h 26m We send out Roserade who immediately falls to earthquake

[Status] Bibarel at 25% and Roserade at 43%. Not teh urn guys...

17d 3h 24m Hippowdown misses and Bronzong uses another extrasensory. But Hippowdown gets a critical stone edge and Bronzong faints

17d 3h 23m Megahorn brings us down to 1 HP, but a clutch Extrasensory destroys Bronzong's foe

17d 3h 22m Rhyperior is confused but still uses Avalanche. Bronzong retaliates with another Extrasensory, but Rhyperior restores health with her Sitrus Berry

17d 3h 21m Bronzong scores a critical hit with Extrasensory and kills Golem. Here comes Rhyperior

17d 3h 20m Golem snaps out of confusion and gives us a hearty fire punch. Then Bronzong confuses him again.

17d 3h 20m It's kinda dry around here. Bibarel needs to wet things up

[Snark] The latest Bond Movie in the 006 series, Waterfall

17d 3h 18m And then there's Steve, good old Steve. Inputs slow down as Bronzong and Napoleon ponder on life.

17d 3h 17m Shinx is here to avenge her lover, but hilariously faints to an Earthquake... Everyone's dying for love around here.

17d 3h 16m Flareon is switched and sacrifices her life to save 006. The hit soap opera has returned! (Flareon has fainted)

17d 3h 16m Surfed it to death. Golem is up next

17d 3h 15m Gliscor is down in the red. I sense a full restore coming. YUP what did I tell you

17d 3h 15m Waterfall downs that Whiscash. Gliscor has come!

17d 3h 14m Not to worry, Agent 006 is surfing as usual

17d 3h 14m Aaand now 006 who is buffeted by a random sandstorm!

17d 3h 13m Shinx vs. Whiscash, but we switch to Bronzonger

17d 3h 12m Challenging the one and only Big Bertha

17d 3h 11m Man Fire Fang is killing today. Takes out Scizor and Yanmega. Aaron defeated

17d 3h 10m Fire Fang OHKO's Vespiquen and Heracross as usual

17d 3h 9m Flareon avenges Golbat, killing Drapion with a fire blast and growing to level 90

17d 3h 8m Drapion avoids air cutter and downs Golbat with Ice Fang. Flareon is sent out

17d 3h 8m We panic and send out Golbat

17d 3h 8m Ice Fang is doing a good deal on her though

17d 3h 7m U-turn does minor damage to Her Majesty, but she absorbs some of it back from Drapion

17d 3h 7m Immediately shifted to Roserade

17d 3h 7m Engaging Aaron

17d 3h 5m Nope! Too dark out there. Going back in. Run #36 begins

17d 3h 1m Down the falls! Time to grind in the water... at night... in the dark... my worst fear

[Snark] I'm surprised we haven't tried to catch that Infernape with our heal ball... to somewhat heal our broken heart

17d 2h 55m We decide to take a quick stroll outside for some fresh air. Then we realize how cold it is without the sun and go back inside.

[Fluff] It's always been that democracy was disabled once the timer to the next game appears if I remember correctly. Except we haven't even had democracy this run...we can do it guys! :-)

17d 2h 53m Napoleon is pacing back and forth in the lobby furious over his defeat

17d 2h 51m Roserade faints and Napoleon blacks out. Oh well...

17d 2h 51m Uh-oh... Togekiss has arrived

17d 2h 50m Roserade comes out and paralyzes Garchomp. Then we petal dance it to death with a critical hit!

17d 2h 49m Here comes Garchomp. Strength reduces her HP to 2/3 before Earthquake makes Flareon faint.

17d 2h 48m A strength ALMOST takes Milotic out and the burn finishes her!!!

17d 2h 48m Milotic is sent out and Flareon bites her with a Fire Fang, burning her

17d 2h 47m Spiritomb is up first, but Flareon gets in a Fire Blast which OHKO's him!

17d 2h 47m Battling Champion Cynthia!

[Status] Flareon at 82% and Roserade at full health

17d 2h 46m Cynthia hype???

17d 2h 46m And on Bronzong. She just can't get enough. Lucian defeated!

17d 2h 45m Flareon bites with Fire Fang on both Espeon and Gallade. Hungry eh?

17d 2h 44m We send out the other Eeveelution, Flareon, to deal with his cousin

17d 2h 43m Espeon is confused but still hits Bronzong with Psychic. Bronzong faints

17d 2h 42m Bronzong gets revenge with Payback and OHKO's the Alakazam. False burrito is sent out

17d 2h 42m Bronzong wrecks that Mr. Mime and out comes Alakazam

17d 2h 41m We send out Bronzong who forsees an attack!

17d 2h 40m Bibarel faints from his burn

17d 2h 40m Battling Lucian

17d 2h 37m Flareon is taken out by 006, Flint is defeated

17d 2h 36m 006 is burned by Magmortar

[Snark] Burn killed teh urn

17d 2h 34m Flint Engaged

17d 2h 33m Hippodown falls to a Surf from 006, Bertha is defeated

17d 2h 30m Bertha Engaged

[snark] I think we bug Aaron too much

17d 2h 28m Yanmega is taken out by a Fire Fang from Solaireon Aaron is Defeated

17d 2h 26m Solaireon takes out Vespiquen with Fire Fang

[Snark] Well at least we're kepping Shinx alive for Bertha?

17d 2h 25m Golbat faints thanks to an Aerial Ace from Drapion Solaireon is sent out

17d 2h 25m Switched to Shinx for Golbat, Yanmega uses U-Turn bringing out Drapion.

17d 2h 24m Aaron Engaged

17d 2h 23m Run 35 begins

17d 2h 22m Togekiss uses Air Slash to finish it off. Bronzong down! Blackout.

[rip] rip

No!!!! The urn is gone!

17d 2h 21m Togekiss was taken down to about 0.0000000000000000001% HP before Cynthia uses a Full Restore. Bronzong down to 68 HP.

17d 2h 19m We are now down to a full health Bronzong as our last mon.


17d 2h 19m Togekiss Air Slashes Roserade twice for the KO. Roserade is down! Togekiss down to about 50% HP.

17d 2h 18m Critical Petal Dance takes down Garchomp! Garchomp down!

17d 2h 18m Flareon is down! Roserade gets sent out!

17d 2h 17m Garchomp takes < 50% HP damage from Strength, then KOs Flareon with EQ.

17d 2h 17m Flareon levels up to 89!

17d 2h 17m Flareon is down to 12 HP against Milotic, but uses Strength for the KO! Milotic down!

17d 2h 16m Spiritomb goes down to a critical Fire Fang!

17d 2h 16m Cynthia engaged! Elite Music Hype.

17d 2h 14m Flareon also takes down Alakazam with Fire Fang. Lucian defeated! CYNTHIA HYPE!

17d 2h 14m Flareon v. Espeon! Flareon proves to be the better evolution and OHKOs with Fire Fang.

17d 2h 13m Fire Fang KOs the enemy Bronzong!

17d 2h 13m Fire Fang misses the enemy Bronzong! Who begins to set up with Calm Mind. This could be bad...

17d 2h 12m Flareon takes heavy damage from Gallade's Stone Edge after failing to KO with Strength. But then Flareon takes down Gallade right after with Fire Fang.

17d 2h 12m Flareon takes down Mr. Mime with Strength!

17d 2h 11m Mr. Mime proves to be too formidable a foe, and takes down Bibarel with Thunderbolt. Bibarel KOd!

17d 2h 10m Lucian engaged!

17d 2h 7m Flareon goes down! But Bibarel is at 52 HP. Flint defeated!

17d 2h 6m Magmortar goes down to Waterfall, but the Waterfall was too steamy and Bibarel got burned.

17d 2h 5m Rapidash goes down to Waterfall!

17d 2h 5m Infernape goes down to Waterfall! Bibarel levels up to 79!

17d 2h 4m Houndoom down to Waterfall!

17d 2h 4m Flint Engaged!

17d 1h 58m Hippowdon goes down to Surf. Bertha defeated!

17d 1h 58m Rhyperior also down to Surf!

17d 1h 57m Golem down to Surf!

17d 1h 57m Bibarel uses Rock Climb on Gliscor, then takes some damage from Earthquake before KOing with Surf. Gliscor down!

17d 1h 57m Whiscash goes down to Bibarel's Surf!

17d 1h 56m Bertha engaged!

17d 1h 54m Golbat does not evolve.

17d 1h 53m and Fire Fang takes down Yanmega! Aaron defeated!

17d 1h 53m Fire Fang takes down Scizor!

17d 1h 52m Vespiqueen down to Fire Fang!

17d 1h 51m Flareon takes down Drapion with Fire Fang.

17d 1h 50m Golbat was frozen solid from Drapion's Ice fang, then Golbat gets KOd by another Ice Fang. Flareon is in!

17d 1h 50m Golbat takes down Heracross! Golbat levels up to 53!

17d 1h 49m Stone Edge takes down Shinx. Golbat is sent out as Aaron fully restores Heracross.

17d 1h 48m Shinx misses twice with Thunderbolt, then Yanma decides to reset its stat changes and run with U-Turn! Discharge hits Heracross.

17d 1h 47m Aaron engaged!

17d 1h 47m Run #34 has commenced! We save right as we enter for good measure.

17d 1h 46m The hivemind seems to have stopped trying for Ice Beam and is going back towards the E4.

17d 1h 36m The chat appears to be trying to get into the TM menu to teach some TMs... Ice Beam for Bibarel seems to be the goal.

17d 1h 28m Togekiss is out, Roserade keeps dancing, but it does little damage. Togekiss then KOs Roserade with Air Slash! Blackout. The dream is dead.

rip =(

[Fluff] False alarm. Not teh urn.

17d 1h 28m Roserade uses Cut once, takes heavy damage from Earthquake, but then takes down Garchomp with Petal Dance! Garchomp down!

not teh urn...?

17d 1h 26m Critical hit Flamethrower takes down Bronzong! Only the Queen remains...

17d 1h 26m Bronzong is out against Garchomp. Garchomp knows Flamethrower btw.

17d 1h 25m Flareon uses Strength on Garchomp! It doesn't even take down 50% of its HP. Garchomp then uses Earthquake. Flareon is down!


17d 1h 24m Flareon down to 9 HP against Milotic. But then uses a third Fire Fang for the KO! Milotic down! Flareon levels up to 88!

17d 1h 23m Flareon goes in for an opening Fire Fang on Spiritomb! Not enough! Dark Pulse takes down 37 HP before Flareon finishes it off. Spiritomb down!



[ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[TEH URN] Teh urn?


[Pro tip] Don't want to miss teh urn? Join #poketext on freenode IRC, and add something like "League Champion" to your IRC client's highlight list.

17d 1h 21m Flareon uses Strength on Bronzong............. which scores a critical hit and KOs! Lucian defeated! CYNTHIA HYPE!

17d 1h 20m Lucian's Bronzongerz uses Earthquake on Bibarel. Bibarel down!

17d 1h 20m Waterfall makes Espeon flinch! Then two more Waterfalls KO as Lucian heals. Espeon defeated! Only Bronzong left.

17d 1h 19m Bibarel levels up to 78!

17d 1h 19m Bibarel outspeeds Alakazam and KOs with Waterfall!

17d 1h 18m Gallade flinched from waterfall! But then raised its speed from Steadfast. But then was KOd by a second Waterfall! Bibarel at 40 HP.

17d 1h 18m Mr. Mime is down to Waterfall!

17d 1h 17m Lucian engaged!

17d 1h 16m and Fake Flareon goes down to Waterfall! Flint Defeated! Flawless Victory.

17d 1h 15m Magmortar goes down to Waterfall!

17d 1h 15m Rapdiash down to Waterfall!

17d 1h 15m Infernape is also KO'd by Waterfall!

17d 1h 14m Houndoom KO'd by Waterfall!

17d 1h 14m Flint engaged!

17d 1h 8m Bibarel is currently at 76% health, while Flareon/Bronzong/Roserade are all 100%.

17d 1h 7m Hippowdon down to Surf! Bibarel levels up to level 77! Bertha defeated!

17d 1h 7m Napoleon avoids switching and KOs Rhyperior with Bibarel's Surf.

17d 1h 6m Rhyperior is sent out, and Napoleon starts fiddling with the Switch menu. Shinx has no energy left to battle though!

17d 1h 6m And Golem down to Surf!

17d 1h 5m Gliscor down to Surf!

17d 1h 4m Bibarel takes down Whiscash with Surf.

17d 1h 3m Earth Agatha Bertha challenged!

17d 1h 3m Shinx and Golbat are currently KO'd, but the rest of the party is at full health. And both of those got exp last battle!

17d 1h 2m And Scizor goes down! Aaron defeated!

17d 1h 1m Flareon takes down Yanmega with Fire Fang! Only Scizor left.

17d 1h 1m Flareon uses Fire Fang to KO Vespiqueen too.

17d 1h 0m Flareon takes down Drapion!

17d 0h 59m Shinx also faints to Drapoion

17d 0h 59m Golbat faints to Drapion

17d 0h 59m Yanmega is almost KOd by Thunderbolt, but then uses U-Turn. Heracross sent out, and Napoleon switches to Golbat. Golbat takes down Heracross!

17d 0h 57m Challenging Aaron!

17d 0h 55m Napoleon goes in for run #33

17d 0h 51m Flipping coins in the Pokémon League Building to find our odds at winning

17d 0h 48m Roserade comes out and paralyzes Gallade with Stun Spore, but Psycho Cut OKHO's him. Black Out!

17d 0h 47m Flareon's attack misses at a crucial moment and Gallade's Stone Edge knocks him out

17d 0h 47m Flareon's Fire Fang OHKO's Mr. Mime. Here comes the Gallade.

17d 0h 46m Challenged Lucian!

[Status] Only Flareon at 38% and Roserade at full health are left

[Info] I believe that was our third win against Flint

17d 0h 45m Flareon also won't have any of Flint's terrible puns and defeats Flint

17d 0h 44m Rapidash does a sun dance, but Flareon won't have any of that. Out comes Magmortar!

17d 0h 43m Flareon kills that false one with a strength and reaches level 87

17d 0h 42m I hate full restores...

17d 0h 42m It's true prophet vs. false prophet! (not that false prophet)

17d 0h 41m Bronzonger suffers a heat stroke from Flareon's overheat and faints.

17d 0h 40m Bronzonger suffers a burn but still takes out that Infernape and reaches level 65

17d 0h 39m Also within the past 4 minutes, Bibarel has reached level 76.

17d 0h 39m Infernape uses Mach Punch and Bibarel faints

17d 0h 38m Clutch Bibarel against Houndoom. Waterfall takes out the fire doge

17d 0h 37m Napoleon walks into Flint's hell-hole and challenges him.

17d 0h 36m Bertha Wiped Out!

17d 0h 35m 006 happily surfing along

17d 0h 35m Takes down that Golem too

17d 0h 34m Gliscor's earthquake leaves 006 with 5 HP, but 006 retaliates and eliminates the threat.

17d 0h 33m Bibarel has been sent out and unleashes a waterfall then a surf against Whiscash who faints.

17d 0h 32m Walks straight to Bertha and she challenges Napoleon

17d 0h 31m Drapion has fainted. Scizor gets in a hit before Flareon Fire Fangs him to death. Aaron defeated!

17d 0h 30m Fire Fang OHKO's Vespiquen. Drapion sent out, and another Fire Fang hits him

17d 0h 29m Flareon has been sent out and finishes off the Heracross. Vespiquen out next

17d 0h 29m Air Cutter takes a chunk out of Heracross, but not enough before Golbat faints.

17d 0h 28m Heracross is utterly confused

17d 0h 28m A night slash kills Shinx. We send out Golbat

17d 0h 27m A final discharge takes down Yanmega. Aaron sends out Heracross

17d 0h 27m Full restore on Yanmega, but Shinx brings it back down with a Discharge and paralyzes Yanmega!

17d 0h 26m Shinx loses a great deal of HP to Yanmega's Bugbuzz

17d 0h 25m Out of frustration, Napoleon walks straight into the elevator and into Aaron's lair. Challenging Aaron! Urn #32

17d 0h 24m No evolve. Chat roars in anger, and the rain on the Touch Screen pond dies down.

17d 0h 23m Shinx levels up to 62 Thanks Wingull!

17d 0h 22m It's not enough experience points...

17d 0h 21m Here we go folks!

[Fluff] I always love when the touchpad looks like rain on a pond. Like the Pokémon Emerald intro.

17d 0h 18m With a fraction of experience points left to leveling up Shinx, Napoleon can't seem to find Pokémon and keeps leaving the water

17d 0h 15m Coordinates all over the place in a frenzied attempt to evolve Shinx

[Stadium] Twitchplayspokemon: match didn't complete properly, no one wins any money or loses any money (everyone refunded), I'm still trying to work out the bug, it rarely happens which makes it a pain to track down

Or that's at least what I've noticed... I may be wrong

[Strategy] Spamming A doesn't help during evolutions. Spamming multiple coordinates makes it more likely for the system to "skip" over a lone B.

17d 0h 9m Stadium's broken again. People are complaining that it's their money and they need it now.

[Strategy] I see a lot of B-pressing going on from people who may or may not be intentionally trying to stop evolution. Try not to press it as much. Unless you are trying to troll I guess, because then I'm sure you won't listen.

17d 0h 4m Grinding going slowly but steadily.

[Clarification] We are still in Set mode (our Poké's can't be switched out when we defeat one of our opponent's).

16d 23h 42m Nope No evo for Shinx

16d 23h 42m Shinx reaches level 61 anddd

16d 23h 42m Will Shinx evolve this time?

16d 23h 38m Left the Pokémon League building. Time to grind

16d 23h 34m Or not!

16d 23h 33m Down the escalator. Could be here for a while.

16d 23h 32m Healed our 'Mons

16d 23h 31m Into the Pokémon League! Let's try to heal

[Snark] Napoleon is testing waterfall physics after his horrible experience in the Dongstortion World

16d 23h 28m Grinding for Shinx may be coming to an end with only 12 HP left

[Fluff] It looks like we are trying to evolve Shinx, but at the same time people are spamming B to stop ascending the falls. Hmm...

16d 23h 18m Up the falls! (I think you get the idea)

16d 23h 17m Down the falls!

16d 23h 16m Looks like current goal is to grind our Poké's (Shinx) in the water

16d 23h 16m Up the falls!

16d 23h 14m Traumatized, we leave Victory Road

16d 23h 12m A wild Onix's Dragonbreath paralyzes Sunshine! We run

16d 23h 11m Entered Victory Road. Grinding or spelunking?

16d 23h 10m Enjoying a nice Surf aaaaaaand down the fall

16d 23h 9m Shinx and Flareon were swapped

16d 23h 6m Golbat and Roserade were swapped

[Strategy] Seems we're trying to switch our party order around.

16d 23h 1m Currently enjoying the scenery outside the Pokemon League.

16d 22h 50m Golbat gets torn to shreds too, and we black out

16d 22h 47m Bronzong get melted right off the bat by Houndoom. Golbat is our last poke left.

[Info] Also we might be back in shift mode. Not sure if the settings changes saved.

16d 22h 46m Flint battle is up, Bronzong out first.

16d 22h 41m Clutch critical hit brings down Rhyperior, and Bertha is defeated

16d 22h 37m An unfortunate Superpower leaves 006 open to Rhyperior's Earthquake, which crushes our secret agent.

16d 22h 35m 006 moves through Hippowdon, Gliscor, and Golem with ease.

16d 22h 33m Flareon goes down. 006 now out.

16d 22h 31m Whiscash goes down to Flareon's fiery fangs. Hippowdon now up.

16d 22h 30m We switch for 006 and then Sunshine, who goes down to Whiscash.

16d 22h 28m Now up against Bertha!

16d 22h 27m A switch to Bronzong carries us through, and Aaron is defeated

16d 22h 23m Sunbrella goes down to Drapion. Shinx out now.

16d 22h 22m Flareon WAS steamrolling Aaron until we switched for Sunbrella against Drapion. Oops.

16d 22h 17m We stop by the Mart and buy a single Heal Ball. Now we're sure to beat the E4!

16d 22h 12m Bronzong clutches out with 1 HP, but can't quite take out Gallade. Napoleon blacks out.

16d 22h 11m Golbat bites it as well.. Only Bronzong left, with 1/3 HP

16d 22h 9m 006 takes out Mr. Mime but not after heavy damage, and falls to Gallade

16d 22h 8m Now facing off against Lucian!

16d 22h 2m 006 steamrolls Flint and grows to Lvl. 75 in the process

16d 22h 0m Flint engaged!

16d 21h 57m Bronzong finally brings it down, defeating Bertha.

16d 21h 56m Bronzong comes close to beating Rhyperior but SCREW FULL RESTORES.

16d 21h 54m Sunbrella falls to Rhyperior

16d 21h 53m Sunbrella comes out, takes down Golem and Gliscor and grows to Lvl. 69. Giggity.

16d 21h 52m But he then falls to Golem. So does Shinx

16d 21h 52m Flareon brings Hippo-down (GET IT?!?)

16d 21h 50m Flareon takes down Whiscash and grows to Lvl. 86

16d 21h 50m Stadium is functioning and Bertha is up

[Stadium] A Google Error message saying it can't connect to an IP address makes the chat go wild

[Snark]Google is taking twitch by storm and it started with TPP! WERE DOOMED!

16d 21h 39m Flareon burns right through Aaron, even pulling out a clutch Fire Blast against Drapion, taking no damage.

[Stadium] Is...is the streamer choosing Pokemon? We seem to be flickering in the menu screen..

[Info] We also broke stadium whilst everyone went all in, having about 120k on blue and 7k on red, and I saw bets for like 60,000 in the chat not being registered

16d 21h 38m Aaron up.

[Meta] Apparently the HG countdown counter started... LET'S MAKE EACH RUN COUNT GUYS! WE HAVE TO BEAT UP CYNTHIA.


[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SHINUX OR RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Meta-Snark] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ linux or riotヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

[Meta] Twitchplayspokemon: Windows crashed

Twitchplayspokemon: Microsoft Windows "Server" 2008 is a piece of ***

[Snark] I recommend you grab a quick snack, go to the bathroom, maybe do some short circuit-training while you wait. Healthy body, healthy mind, and all that.

16d 21h 23m Stream went from offline to paused mode

16d 21h 18m STREAM DOWN RIOT

16d 21h 14m In the League again for Run #30

16d 21h 11m Burned and in the red, Bronzong falls to a Quick Attack and we black out

16d 21h 10m Bronzong extasenses through Infernape, but takes a burn from the foe's Flareon.

16d 21h 9m And Infernape takes out Sunshine and Sunbrella

16d 21h 7m Houndoom goes down, but Infernape's Mach Punch takes Bibarel out. That's probably the run, folks.

16d 21h 7m Flint battle initiated!

16d 20h 59m Rhyperior down, Bertha defeated!

16d 20h 59m Golem down, Rhyperior out.

16d 20h 58m 006 brings Gliscor down. Golem up

16d 20h 57m Gah, Full Restore and confusion, causing some issues. Switch out for 006.

16d 20h 56m Petal Dance takes out Hippowdon, brings Gliscor to the red.

16d 20h 55m Golbat OHKO by a Stone Edge. Sunbrella up now.

16d 20h 54m Flareon down to Hippowdon. Golbat up

16d 20h 54m Flareon takes out Whiscash, but is in the yellow and a Sandstorm is raging.

16d 20h 52m Drapion goes down (Scizor before that) and Aaron is defeated. Bertha up now.

16d 20h 51m Flareon can't OHKO Drapion and takes on some poison. Not good folks.

16d 20h 51m Vespiqueen and Heracross follow suit.

16d 20h 50m Yanmega goes down quick. Flareon up to Lvl. 85

16d 20h 50m Aaron engaged! How does he get his hair like that?

16d 20h 49m Currently putz-ing around Aaron. Anyone know the "time consumed trying to talk to an E4 member" record?

[Meta] Currently in Twitch Chat: People posting long-winded angry meta-rants.

16d 20h 37m Beginning Run #29

16d 20h 32m Nipple blacked out!

16d 20h 32m Not any more. Bronzong's down.

16d 20h 32m Bronzong holds on by 2 hp!

16d 20h 31m Hippowdon is down, and it's Bronzong against Bertha's remaining two. Golem's first.

16d 20h 30m Hippowdon holds on by the skin of its teeth, which it then uses to bite Bronzong.

16d 20h 29m Bronzong vs. Hippowdon...

16d 20h 26m Gliscor is down, and Bronzong levels up to 64.

16d 20h 24m "Flareon eyes its opponent warily..."

16d 20h 23m Overkill, Gliscor. Overkill. Bibarel is down.

16d 20h 23m But he finally picks Bibarel! (With 13 health.)

16d 20h 23m Napoleon is hesitant to send anyone else out...

16d 20h 20m And Shinx is down.

16d 20h 20m Shinx is out!

16d 20h 18m We rescue Bibarel from certain doom, only to have Bertha use a Full Restore on Gliscor. :(

16d 20h 17m Whiscash is down!

16d 20h 16m We swap Bronzong in for Flareon.

16d 20h 15m We approach Bertha, take a moment to save, and CHALLENGE HER!!!

16d 20h 14m Run 28... (more like Walk 28...)

~16d 20h 11m Bibarel leveled up to 74!

16d 20h 11m We take down Aaron!

16d 20h 10m Just as quickly, Golbat's down!

16d 20h 9m Roserade down! Moonbat's back out.

16d 20h 8m Drapion's Ice Fang takes a bite out of Roserade, but she holds on.

16d 20h 8m And now Sunbrella!

16d 20h 7m We swap in Moonbat.

16d 20h 7m After a momentary stream lapse, we're back with 2 of Aaron's pokémon down!

16d 20h 5m We bravely trek onwards! Aaron Challenged!

16d 20h 1m We take solace in browsing our Pokédex.

16d 19h 59m That was Run #27

16d 19h 59m Sparkles is down and Napoleon Whites Out!

16d 19h 57m iSu mono está aniquilandonos! Sólo tenemos uno más...

16d 19h 56m And then Bibarel! 2 left!

16d 19h 55m Infernape takes down Golbat!

16d 19h 54m iEstamos luchando Flint!

16d 19h 54m Is it hot in here? Or...

16d 19h 50m Buried Big Bertha!

16d 19h 50m We've got our remaining 5 (Roserade's down) against Bertha's last one.

16d 19h 47m Bertha swaps in Rhyperior.

16d 19h 47m Sunbrella! Sleeping on the job!

16d 19h 46m Sunbrella tags in!

16d 19h 46m Ouch! Flareon is down to 13 health!

16d 19h 45m Whiscash is down!

16d 19h 44m We swap out Sunbrella for Solareon, and then switch them back.

16d 19h 44m Time to challenge Big Bertha!

16d 19h 43m We seem to be examining the corner...

16d 19h 41m [Info] Also, the game timer is broken. Pay attention here for the true time.

16d 19h 40m Also, we beat Aaron!

16d 19h 40m [Info] A timer to HeartGold has been added. 4 days, 4 hours, 20 minutes. That is when the world will end... err... HeartGold will begin.

16d 19h 39m 2 Pokes down, 4 more to go.

16d 19h 39m Aaaaaaand we're back!

[Snark] Thissideup11 broke the stream. RIOT AGAINST HIM!

16d 19h 38m Stream is down!

16d 19h 37m Aaron challenged once again!

16d 19h 36m Napoleon spends some time examining his Pokémon and trying to use his non-existent registered item before entering the Elite Four once more!

16d 19h 35m: Full restore used on flareon. Waterfall is Bibarel's response. Flareon resists it. 54 hp left. Quick attack and Bibarel faints, Nqpppnl blacked out.

16d 19h 34m: Bibarel uses superpower and Flareon resists with red hp. He uses will o wisp and Flareon is now burnt.

16d 19h 33m: Magmortar up next. Waterfall hits and another OHKO! Flareon is the last chance for Flint.

16d 19h 33m: Rapidash comes out and more waterfall greets him. OHKOd.

16d 19h 33m: Infernape comes out. Waterfall again and Infernape OHKOs too. Bibarel is now level 73.

16d 19h 32m: Houndoom vs Bibarel. She uses waterfall and OHKOs Houndoom. Bring it Flint!

16d 19h 31m: We beat the elevator! Flint time

16d 19h 30m: Nqpppnl finally finds the door. Elevator is up next. #believe

16d 19h 27m: Waterfall used. Rhyperior OHKOs and faints. Bertha defeated.

16d 19h 27m: It's super effective. Rhyperior comes out. Bibarel has 103 hp left.

16d 19h 26m: Bibarel is hit by the storm and has 116 hp left, that doesn't stop her from using surf vs Golem and OHKOing it

16d 19h 25m: There we go, Bibarel out and Bibarel uses surf! Gliscor faints.

[Meta] Fine, she hasn't come out yet. Give her time...

16d 19h 23m: And one earthquake later, Shinx faints. Bibarel comes out. #believe.

16d 19h 23m: Cut again and Roserade faints to thunder fang. Out comes Shinx.

16d 19h 22m: Roserade is sent out vs Gliscor. She uses cut. Gliscor responds with fire fang. Roserade resists with 1 hp after sandstorm.

16d 19h 21m: Gliscor up vs Bibarel. We switch Flareon in. Earthquake does the rest as Flareon faints.

[Plug]Join Plug.DJ today! We got Music to Pump Up the Mood and Encourage are Success!!!! http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

16d 19h 21m: Surf this time and Hippowdon OHKOs 129 hp left for Bibarel after sandstorm

16d 19h 20m: We switch Bibarel in vs Hippowdon. Stone edge leaves her with 155 hp.

16d 19h 20m: Fire fang this time and Whiscash faints! Out comes Hippowdon.

16d 19h 20m: Flareon uses rock smash. Whiscash responds with aqua tail. Flareon has 88 hp left.

16d 19h 19m: Bertha time! Flareon vs Whiscash

16d 19h 18m: We advance to Bertha's room.

16d 19h 14m: Cross poison hits again and Petal dance once more takes care of Drapion. Aaron defeated. Roserade has 80 hp left.

16d 19h 13m: Cross poison hits. Roserade responds with absorb. Drapion misses ice fang. Petal dance started.

16d 19h 13m: Shinx comes in. We then try to run away from the fight, like the champs we are. Roserade is switched in now.

16d 19h 12m: Another x-scissor vs Payback. Bronzong then takes future sight. Bronzong faints to ice fang

16d 19h 11m: X-scissor leaves Bronzong with just 49 hp left.

16d 19h 11m: Full restore used in Drapion. Bronzong's extrasensory doesn't affect it. Future sight then used.

16d 19h 10m: X-scissor vs payback. Twice. Drapion is very low.

16d 19h 10m: Ice fang again and a critical hit takes care of Golbat. Bronzong out.

16d 19h 9m: Golbat is switched once again vs Drapion. Ice fang hits it and Golbat responds with air slash.

16d 19h 9m: Ice fang doesn't do much to Drapion, who takes a future sight. Drapion uses x-scissor and Bronzong responds with payback.

16d 19h 8m: X-scissor hits Golbat, who is then switched for Bronzong.

16d 19h 8m: Bronzong is switched in vs Drapion, uses future sight after taking a X-scissor attack. We then switch Golbat in.

16d 19h 7m: Fire fang OHKOs again. Scizor out and Flareon misses fire blast. Night slash hits crtical and Flareon uses fire fang to OHKO Scizor. Drapion comes out.

16d 19h 7m: Fire fang and Vespiquen OHKOs. Out comes Heracross.

16d 19h 6m: Doubleteam again but firefang takes care of it. Time for Vespiquen.

16d 19h 6m: Rock smash used. Yanmega responds with double team.

16d 19h 5m: Aaron challenged! Flareon vs Yanmega.

16d 19h 3m: Time for run #26! Ready?!?!

16d 19h 1m: We attempt to buy stuff in the shop. We are split about it so we keep walking away from it and back towards it.

16d 18h 54m: Earthquake is Hippowdon's response and Shinx faints, Nqpppnl blacked out.

16d 18h 53m: Shinx out and surprise! Bertha used full restore. Return time!

16d 18h 53m: Shinx is our last hope. She prepares herself for the show. Hippowdon survived with close to no hp, which means Bertha will probably heal it.

16d 18h 52m: Air slash used twice and Hippowdon hurt itself once due to confusion, then finished Golbat with stone edge.

[Recap] Shinx is also alive with 100% hp.

16d 18h 51m: Confuse ray used on Hippowdon, who hurts itself. Sandstorm leaves Golbat with 50 hp.

16d 18h 50m: Golbat is up vs Hippowdon.

16d 18h 50m: Hippowdon up next. Rock smash used and Hippowdon responds with stone edge. Flareon faints.

16d 18h 49m: Golem hurts itself once more and Flareon uses fire blast. Golem faints! Thats what I call Lava.

16d 18h 49m: Confuse ray again vs Golem, who finally hurts itself. We switch flareon in.

16d 18h 49m: Leech life vs Golem. Golem is no longer confused and uses thunderpunch. 59 hp left for Golbat.

16d 18h 48m: Confuse ray once again. Golem uss thunderpunch and Bronzong faints. Golbat out.

16d 18h 47m: Golem uses sandstorm. Bronzong is not impressed and keeps using confuse ray. Golem responds with fire punch and Bronzong has just 5 hp left.

16d 18h 47m: And switched for Bronzong once more. Confuse ray used on Golem.

16d 18h 47m: Shinx back out.

16d 18h 46m: Shinx switched for Roserade, who gets hit by earthquake and Roserade faints.

16d 18h 46m: Shinx comes out (!) vs Golem.

16d 18h 45m: Bibarel is switched in for Bronzong, Fire fang leaves it with 6 hp. Waterfall then almost takes down Gliscor. Another fire fang and Bibarel faints. Then future sight takes care of Gliscor.

16d 18h 45m: Fire fang this time against Bronzong, who uses future sight.

16d 18h 44m: Gliscor out. Roserade is switched for Bronzong. Ice fang hits.

16d 18h 44m: Aqua tail hits once again and Whiscash gets poisoned by Roserade. She uses cut and Whiscash resists it. Zen headbutt connects and She has 65 hp left. Whiscash faints to poison.

[Teamspeak]Come Join the TPP Team Speak!

16d 18h 43m: Flareon has 74 hp left. We switch Roserade in.

16d 18h 43m: Payback takes 50% of Whiscash's hp. We then switch Flareon in who tanks aqua tail.

16d 18h 42m: Flareon is switched with Bronzong. Aqua tail hits. Sandstorm then used and Bronzong uses payback.

16d 18h 42m: Bertha challenged. Whiscash vs Flaren.

16d 18h 41m: And the elevator lifts him up! #moresuccess

16d 18h 40m: Nqpppnl finally finds the door to the elevator room. #Success !!!

[Correction] I said a while ago that Flareon had reached level 83 when it was 82, then just now he reached level 83. My apologies >_<

16d 18h 35m: More X-scissor. We switch Flareon in. Ice fang used on him. Flareon uses rock smash. Drapion resists and uses cross poison. Then fireblast and Drapion finally down. Aaron defeated.

16d 18h 34m: X-scissor again. Drapion gets hit by future sight but it doesn't do much damage. out comes Golbat!

16d 18h 34m: X-scissor used. BRonzong responds with future sight. More x-scissor.

16d 18h 33m: Flareon is switched in for Bibarel and Drapion heals with a full restore from Aaron. We then switch Flareon for Bronzong.

16d 18h 32m: Rock climb used but Drapion resists it and heals with sitrus berry. Cross poison hits critically. surf and Drapion still resists. More cross poison and Bibarel has 21 hp.

16d 18h 32m: Only Drapion left. We switch Bibarel in. Cross poison hits.

16d 18h 32m: Flareon reaches lvl 83. Scizor up next and more fire fang. OHKO

16d 18h 31m: Heracross time. More fire fang! OHKOd!

16d 18h 31m: Fire Fang'd! OHKO and out comes Vespiquen. Fire fang'd too!

[Fluff] Go Flareon! (Both of them! Yes, I bet against Helix. Sue me.)

16d 18h 30m: Aaron challenged! Flareon vs Yanmega.

16d 18h 28m: Nqpppnl has no time to lose. He walks in for run #25.

16d 18h 26m: Another thunderbolt and Bibarel faints. Nqpppnl blacks out.

[Stadium] Lord Helix vs. False Prophet! Place your bets!

16d 18h 26m: 64 hp left for her. We try to switch Bibarel for Bibarel. Not working so far.

16d 18h 25m: Thunderbolt hits Bibarel but she takes it like a champ. She is now paralyzed though.

16d 18h 25m: Magmortar out! Surf this time and Magmortar tanks it!

16d 18h 24m: Bibarel is now lvl 72. Waterfall once again vs Rapidash. OHKOd!

16d 18h 24m: Infernape comes out. More waterfall. Infernape also OHKOs!

16d 18h 24m: Waterfall used. Houndoom OHKOs to it.

16d 18h 23m: Flint challenged. Houndoom vs Bibarel!

16d 18h 20m: Nqpppnl once again misses Flint. Bibarel grows impacient in her pokeball.

16d 18h 18m: Bibarel is our only Pokemon left vs Flint, will she make a difference? #believe

16d 18h 17m: Surf and Hippowdon faints. Bertha defeated. Bibarel waves at the crowd victoriously.

16d 18h 16m: Bibarel walks in. Waterfall used and Hippowdon resists it. Yawn used.

16d 18h 15m: Roserade hurts herself and Hippowdon uses earthquake. Roserade faints. Bibarel is our only hope.

16d 18h 15m: Rhyperior is out. Petal dance used once more. Rhyperior OHKOs to it and out comes Hyppowdon.

16d 18h 14m: Gliscor is sent out. More petal dance but Gliscor resists it with barely hp. Earthquake hits. A second Petal dance and Gliscor faints. Roserade is lvl 68 but confused.

16d 18h 13m: Roserade finally out. Petal dance takes care of Golem.

16d 18h 13m: Bronzong comes in. Extrasensory! Golem tanks it and responds with fire punch. Bronzong faints too.

16d 18h 12m: Air slash used. Golem responds with thunder punch and Golbat is down.

16d 18h 11m: Air slash finishes Whiscash! 69 hp left for Golbat as he fights Golem.

16d 18h 11m: Leech life this time and Whiscash resits. Whiscash then manages to use zen headbutt. Golbat has 78 left.

16d 18h 11m: Golbat out. Confuse ray deployed. Whiscash uses sandstorm.

[Information] Whiscash is now on red bar.

16d 18h 10m: Fire fang now and Whiscash resists it. Earth power finishes Flareon

16d 18h 9m: Whiscash tanks a second Fire fang but misses aqua tail. Bertha uses full restore and Flareon uses rock smash.

16d 18h 9m: Fire fang used. Whiscash nods and smiles. Aqua tail used and Flareon resists with just 39 hp.

16d 18h 9m: Bertha time! Whiscash vs Flareon.

16d 18h 6m: Nqpppnl enters Bertha's room. He stretches his muscles a bit before challenging her.

[Snark] Come on elevator, to the batcave.

[Fluff] Aaron: "Go on, go to the next room". You are in our way man!

16d 18h 1m: Another Fire fang and Drapion faints! Aaron defeated!

16d 18h 1m: Drapion tanks Fire Fang. He responds with Cross poison.

16d 18h 1m: Scizor out. Fire fang OHKOs him too. One left for Aaron.

16d 18h 0m: Heracross comes out. Fire blast OHKOs him!

16d 17h 59m: Fire fang once more but not before Aaron uses full restore. Just below 50%hp for Vespiquen. A second fire fang and finally Vespiquen faints.

16d 17h 59m: Flareon uses rock smash which is not very effective. Vespiquen is once again paralyzed. Fire fang finally used but Vespiquen tanks it. Power gem hits Flareon.

16d 17h 58m: Vespiquen doesn't mind about confusion and uses attack order. Future sight hits and Attack order leaves Bronzong with just 13 hp. We switch Flareon in.

16d 17h 58m: A critical attack order leaves Bronzong with just 40 hp. Confuse ray used.

16d 17h 57m: Future sight used. Vespiquen is paralyzed. We use future sight again, Vespiquen uses attack order. Future sight hits but does close to nothing, more future sight used and more attack order.

16d 17h 57m: Flareon out, Bronzong back in. Vespiquen uses heal order once more. (sigh)

16d 17h 56m: Payback! Vespiquen responds with attack order. Neither do much damage so Nqpppnl switch Flareon in. Vespiquen paralyzed.

16d 17h 56m: Extrasensory once more. Vespiquen flinches.

16d 17h 56m: Extrasensory hits but doesn't do much damage. Vespiquen is paralyzed.

16d 17h 55m: We switch Bronzong and Vespiquen uses power gem. Bronzong tanks it.

16d 17h 55m: Out comes Flareon once more. Attack order hits again and Flareon tanks it once more. Rock smash hits but doesn't do much. Defend order used once more.

16d 17h 54m: Bronzong comes out. We then switch Bibarel in. Heal order used by Vespiquen and is again 100% ok.

16d 17h 54m: Discharge is super effective but doesn't do much damage. Attack order leaves Shinx with 2 hp. Return hits and then Shinx faints to another attack order.

16d 17h 53m: Attack order hits but doesn't do much. We switch Shinx in. Power Gem used and Shinx resists it. Discharge!

16d 17h 53m: Stun spore hits and Vespiquen is now paralyzed. More defend order. We switch Flareon in.

16d 17h 52m: Vespiquen comes out and we switch Golbat in. We then switch Roserade. Vespiquen keeps using defend order.

16d 17h 52m: Fire fang OHKOs Yanmega.

16d 17h 51m: Run numer #24 time! Aaron Challenged. Flareon vs Yanmega.

16d 17h 46m: We come out and go down the waterfall. Then back up. Hivemind wants to either grind Golbat and Shinx or keep trying E4.

16d 17h 44m: Shinx is our last hope. Overheat once again by Flareon and Shinx faints to a critical overheat. We blacked out.

16d 17h 44m: Golbat resists with 33 hp. Air slash does slightly better but still not good enough. Flareon flinched but then used overheat and Golbat faints.

16d 17h 43m: Golbat comes out vs Flareon. Leech life is not very effective. Flareon uses overheat.

16d 17h 42m: Petal dance! It's not very effective. Flare blitz hits OHKOs Roserade. Infernape faints with recoil

16d 17h 42m: Roserade out! Stun spore connects and Infernape is paralyzed. More stun spore and Infernape is still paralyzed.

16d 17h 42m: Bibarel comes out but faints to mach punch

16d 17h 41m: We keep trying to send Flareon back out. Apparently he has no energy though...

16d 17h 40m: Infernape comes out. Rock smash once more. Flareon faints to earthquake.

16d 17h 39m: Rock smash used! Houndoom Almost OHKOd. Dark pulse leaves Flareon with just 45 hp and Flint uses full restore. More rock smash and Houndoom faints this time!

16d 17h 39m: Flint challenged! Houndoom vs Flareon!

16d 17h 36m: We move on to Flint's room. A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use apparently.

[Strategy] A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

16d 17h 34m: And Rhyperior OHKOd to Surf! Bertha defeated.

16d 17h 34m: Out comes Golem. Surf once more and Golem OHKOd. Sandstorm keeps hitting Bibarel though. She has 54 hp left. Rhyperior out.

16d 17h 33m: We switch Bibarel in. Stone edge hits her but surf finishes Hippowdon. Bibarel has 80 hp left.

16d 17h 32m: Hippowdon comes out. More Fire Fang follows. Hippowdon resists and uses stone edge. Flareon has 79 hp left.

16d 17h 32m: Flareon up next. Fire fang vs Gliscor who faints!

16d 17h 32m: Thunder fang and burnt finish Bronzong

16d 17h 31m: More fire fang. 42 hp left and Bronzong is burnt. Payback once more.

16d 17h 31m: A 3rd payback leaves Gliscore really low. Bertha uses full restore. Future sight used!

16d 17h 31m: More fire fang vs payback. Bronzong is just above 50%.

16d 17h 30m: Earthquake misses due to levitate. Gliscor then uses fire fang and Bronzong responds with payback.

16d 17h 30m: Gliscor comes out. We switch Bronzong in!

16d 17h 29m: We switch Flareon out for Bibarel. Aqua tail hits and does about 20% damage. Rock climb OHKOs Whiscash!

16d 17h 29m: Nqpppnl loses no time. Bertha challenged. Whiscash vs Flareon.

[Snark] "I lost with the most beautiful and toughest of the bug Pokémon" That might be the problem man, don't use them because they are beautiful just.

16d 17h 27m: Fire fang once more but Drapion resists. Cross poison hits and another fire fang finishes Drapion. Aaron defeated, Flareon reaches level 83.

16d 17h 27m: Fire fang again. Scizor is down and Drapion is all thats left for Aaron.

16d 17h 27m: More fire fang. Heracross OHKOd. Time for Scizor.

16d 17h 26m: Vespiquen comes out and also OHKOs to fire fang. So far so good. Heracross next.

[Snark] I guess this will be the fabled lvl 100 only team run we will get?

16d 17h 26m: Oh sorry I meant Yanmega* Flareon uses fire fang and Yanmega OHKOd.

16d 17h 25m: Aaron challenged. Flareon vs Yanma!

[Fluff] We repeatedly look at Infernape's Pokédex entry. Know your enemy? Or is nqpppnl thinking about Chimchar?

16d 17h 22m: Aaron keeps looking forward. Nqpppnl can't find it in him to challenge them. More mental preparation.

16d 17h 19m: Here we go, time for run #23! Elevator, take us to the E4!

[Meta] "SET" style means that we won't be asked if we want to switch out after defeating an opponent's Pokémon. This paves the way for a Flareon sweep.

16d 17h 18m: Done! Battle scene on, and Style changed to set.

[Meta] Apparently the goal is to change the settings so that we have battle animations on. That's not as easy as it sounds apparently.

16d 17h 8m: We keep saving. And Saving. And Saving. And yes, we are still outside, saving.

[Info] Current Win/Loss Tally of the Elite Four:

  • Aaron: 20/2
  • Bertha: 10/10
  • Flint: 1/9
  • Lucian: 0/1

16d 17h 5m: Yep, still outside. Nqpppnl is preparing himself mentally for the next run.

16d 17h 1m: We save the game. Multiple times.

16d 16h 59m: We got out of the building and went down the waterfall, then back up. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

16d 16h 57m Lucian Challenged, then Mr. Mime was taken down by Bibarel, then Bibarel was KO'd by Gallade. Blackout.

16d 16h 52m Also should mention that 006 grew to lvl 71

16d 16h 50m 006 kills Imposter Flareon and beat flint!

16d 16h 50m 006 has killed Magmortar and now flint sends out his own Flareon!

16d 16h 49m 006 kills flints Infernape with Surf and now kills Fire Unicorn with Surf.

16d 16h 48m We send out 006.

16d 16h 48m Sunbrella dies to Flare Blitz. Now we have 006 left.

16d 16h 47m We switch out for sunbrella facepalm

16d 16h 46m Flint sends out Firedoge and we sent out 006. She koes Firedoge and flint now sends out Infernape.

16d 16h 46m We challenge Flint!

16d 16h 46m Now heading for the next E4.

16d 16h 44m After a earth shaking battle we take our moment and check the pokedex before heading out for the Next E4 trainer.

16d 16h 43m Also should be mentioning this but 006 is now lvl 70.

16d 16h 42m We defeated Bertha and nabbed 6k pokedollars!

16d 16h 41m Bertha sends out Rhyperior and 006 kills it with a Surf!

16d 16h 41m 006 is out aaaand she kills Golem!

[Snark] It's not exactly Chintry, but Gliscor's upper body kind of looks disconnected from its lower half

16d 16h 40m Steve Faints to a thunderpunch by a Golem

16d 16h 39m Steve keeps tanking on and kills Gliscor

16d 16h 38m Steve kills Hippowdown! Bertha sends out Gliscor!

16d 16h 36m Sent out Bronzonger!

16d 16h 35m Flareon fainted!

16d 16h 35m Flareon survives the first Earthquake! Strength barely doesn't KO Hippowdown. Flareon goes down.

16d 16h 34m Crit strength takes out Whiscash. For the record, we never did manage to change battle style to set. But we left Flareon in for now.

16d 16h 34m Challenged Bertha!

16d 16h 16m No, we save a fourth time. (We're actually trying to change battle mode to set.)

16d 16h 16m Saved! Third time's the charm?

16d 16h 13m Twice. Can never be too careful.

16d 16h 12m We save the game. Just to be safe.

16d 16h 11m Night Slash does a small amount of damage, then Fire Fang finishes the job. Defeated Aaron!

16d 16h 10m Bibarel takes heavy damage from X-Scissor, but Scizor also took heavy damage from Superpower. We switch in Flareon.

16d 16h 9m Scizor comes out and we switch in Bibarel.

16d 16h 8m Flareon is back in. Fire Blast OHKOs Drapion.

16d 16h 7m Ice Fang KO's Golbat.

16d 16h 7m Still, Golbat manages to take out Heracross! Drapion comes out.

16d 16h 6m Golbat is up against Heracross. Heracross ended up in the red, and Aaron full restored. Golbat is in bad shape.

16d 16h 5m Heracross kills her glory moment.

16d 16h 4m Shinx was useful! She took out Vespiquen with a crit Thunderbolt!

16d 16h 3m As expected, Vespiquen spams Defense and Heal orders for a while. We switch in Shinx.

16d 16h 1m Yanmega OHKO'd, then Flareon switched out. As per usual. Roserade is in against Vespiquen.

16d 16h 0m Run #22 begins! Challenged Aaron!

16d 15h 58m Magmortoar survives our surf attack and KOs Bibarel with Thunderbolt. Blacked out!

16d 15h 57m Bibarel comes in and finishes of Infernape. And OHKOs Rapidash.

16d 15h 55m We switch in Roserade against Infernape, and she survives Mach Punch with 1 HP. Absorb does little damage, and she does down the next turn, but she did manage to poison Infernape in the process.

16d 15h 54m Houndoom survives Surf with literally 1 HP. I couldn't see even a sliver of red in the HP bar. He gets full restored, of course, and then still survives surf again. A third takes him down.

16d 15h 53m Challenged Flint.

[Recap] Bibarel is at 83% HP, Roserade at 11%, all others fainted.

16d 15h 51m Roserade clutch survives Earthquake and takes down Rhyperior with Petal Dance! Bertha defeated!

16d 15h 50m We switched in Roserade against Rhyperior...

16d 15h 50m Golem OHKOd!

16d 15h 49m Gliscor OHKOd! Time for Bibarel sweep?

16d 15h 49m Bibarel goes in, takes down Hippowdon, and levels up to 69!

16d 15h 47m Flareon takes down Whiscash and Bertha sends in Hippowdon, whose Earthquake takes out Flareon.

16d 15h 46m Challenged Bertha.

[Recap] Flareon is at 55%. Bibarel and Roserade are at full. Everyone else is fainted.

16d 15h 40m Shinx down (obviously) and Flareon goes back in to finish off Drapion. Aaron defeated! Flareon grows to level 81!

16d 15h 39m Bronzong down. Shinx back in (with 3 HP)

16d 15h 37m Heracross and Scizor both go down easily. We send in Bronzong against Drapion....

16d 15h 36m Vespiquen FINALLY down! Flareon is at 54% HP and Heracross comes in.

16d 15h 35m We switch Flareon back in. Fire Fang misses.

16d 15h 34m A crit extrasensory takes Vespiquen to red HP. Payback manages to not finish the job, and then she uses heal order. sigh

16d 15h 33m More heal order! Vespiquen is at full health! Agh!

16d 15h 32m Vespiquen has used Defense Order enough that even Air Cutter wasn't doing much damage. A few Power Gems take down Golbat. We send in Bronzong.

16d 15h 31m Vespiquen is confused. Air Cutter does good damage. Heal order negates that damage.

16d 15h 30m Attack Order takes out over 70% of Shinx's health. Thunderbolt leaves Vespiquen in the red. We switch in Golbat, and Aaron uses Full Restore.

16d 15h 29m Return does decent damage over a couple of turns, but then... heal order....

16d 15h 28m Yanmega down without touching Flareon! And of course, we switch in Shinx.

16d 15h 27m Aaron Engaged.

16d 15h 26m Run #21 begins!

16d 15h 19m Nevermind, we walked away.

16d 15h 18m We're at the PC?

16d 15h 17m Between Sandstorm and Poison damage, Bibarel faints. Blacked out!

16d 15h 16m Waterfall takes down Gliscor!

16d 15h 14m Gliscor is up. We're out-sped and Bronzong faints. Only a poisoned Bibarel with red HP remains. Gliscor takes the Future Sight attack.

16d 15h 14m Hippowdown down! Bronzong at 6 HP!

16d 15h 13m Hippowdon hurt itelf in confusion. We used future sight, and Hippodown already snaps out of confusion.

16d 15h 13m Bronzong comes out. Used Confuse Ray. Bertha did NOT full restore.

16d 15h 12m Hippowdon is out. A crit strength also puts him in the red. A crit Earthquake KO's Flareon.

16d 15h 12m Strength put Whiscash in the red, leading to a Full Restore. A following Rock Smash + Strenth takes him out.

16d 15h 11m Flareon is out against Whiscash. This can only go well.

16d 15h 11m Bertha Engaged!

[Recap] Flareon is at full HP, Bibarel is at 23% and poisoned, Bronzong is at 17%, all others are fainted. TEH URN?!

16d 15h 2m My mistake, we switched out Bronzong. He did not faint. Bibarel went in and took out Drapion. Bronzong leveled up to 63. Aaron defeated!

16d 15h 1m Bronzong down. Bibarel comes in and promptly gets poisoned.

16d 14h 59m Extrasensory doesn't affect Drapion? Well that's a problem.

16d 14h 58m After hurting itself a lot, Scizor goes down. Out comes Drapion.

16d 14h 57m Scizor gets Full Restored. Bronzong uses Confuse Ray.

16d 14h 56m Roserade is down as well. Bronzong up.

16d 14h 55m Shinx manages to do a small amount of damage with Discharge before getting taken out. Roserade is back in.

16d 14h 54m We switched in Roserade for Scizor, and she got taken to low health. Then we sent in Shinx, who despite being hit by Iron Head, which is not very effective, got taken to half HP. A second Iron Head takes him to 3 HP.

16d 14h 53m Heracross OHKOd!

16d 14h 52m Fire Blast takes down Vespiqueen!

16d 14h 52m Golbat is down, Vespiqueen at half. Flareon up.

16d 14h 51m More Heal Order.

16d 14h 50m A crit Air Cutter takes Vesp to 40% HP, and she doesn't do any damage this turn. Next turn we miss and she heals.

16d 14h 50m Vespiquen comes out, we switch in Golbat.

16d 14h 49m Fire Blast OHKOs Yanmega!

16d 14h 49m Yanmega comes out and we immediately go into the bag to waste time.

16d 14h 48m Challenged Aaron.

16d 14h 48m Entered the League door. Run #20 begins!

16d 14h 45m Drapion goes down to Roserade, who is taken out by Scizor. Blacked out!

16d 14h 40m Sunshine faints from an X-cisor by Drapion

16d 14h 35m Aarons Vespiquen falls to Solaireons fire blast, Solaireon is now level 80

16d 14h 30m Sunshine switched out for Solaireon, then Moonbat once more

16d 14h 28m Sunshine switched for Moonbat

16d 14h 27m Steve faints to an Attack Order by Vespiquen

16d 14h 25m Steve is sent out once more and confuses Vespiqueen

16d 14h 24m Steve is sent out once more, only to switch with Moonbat

16d 14h 23m 006 faints due to an Attack Order from Vespiqueen

16d 14h 21m Aarons Yanmega falls to Solaireons Fire Fang. We switch out Solaireon for Steve as Vespiquen is sent out.

16d 14h 20m Aaron Engaged

16d 14h 18m Run 19 Begins

16d 14h 16m Use of the PC is being attempted

16d 14h 14m 006 takes out Golem only to faint due to the Sandstorm, Napoleon blacks out

16d 14h 13m 006 is sent out

16d 14h 9m Solaireon falls thanks to an earthquake from Bertha's Hippowdown, 006 is our final pokemon

16d 14h 8m Solaireon is sent out again

16d 14h 7m Steve faints thanks to an Aqual Tail by Wishcash

16d 14h 6m We switch out Solaireon for Steve

16d 14h 5m Bertha Engaged

16d 14h 0m Drapion falls to Surf from 006, Aaron is defeated

16d 13h 58m We switch to Solaireon and take out Vespiqueen with Fire Fang, and then switch to 006 to fight Drapion

16d 13h 58m Sunbrella faints due to confusion

[Snark] Queen vs Queen? The ultimate battle!

16d 13h 53m Heracross falls to Steve, Aaron sends out Vespiquen in response

16d 13h 51m Scizor goes down thanks to an extrasensory from Steve

16d 13h 50m Aaron's Scizor takes out Golbat with Quick Attack

16D 13H 41m Run number 18 begins.

16d 13h 39m Hippowdon takes out Bronzong with a crunch attack, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

16d 13h 38m Before bronzong can take out hippowdon, Bertha uses a full restore and Bronzong falls asleep due to yawn.

16d 13h 37m We send in Bronzong, our last pokemon.

16d 13h 35m Flareon is taken out by Hippowdon's earthquake!

16d 13h 34m Bertha sends out Hippowdon.

16d 13h 34m Flareon takes out Whiscash.

16d 13h 32m Whiscash and Flareon are first into the fight.

16d 13h 31m Bertha Challenged!

16d 13h 27m Flareon takes out Drapion with strength, Aaron is defeated!

16d 13h 26m We switch out Bronzong and send in Flareon.

16d 13h 23m We send bronzong out to fight.

16d 13h 22m Bibarel is also taken out by Drapion's cross poison!

16d 13h 20m We send in Bibarel.

16d 13h 19m Shinx is taken out by Drapion's cross poison!

16d 13h 19m Aaron sends in Drapion as we send in Shinx.

16d 13h 18m Flareon takes out Scizor.

16d 13h 18m We switch Bronzong out for flareon.

16d 13h 18m Aaron sends out Scizor as we send in Bronzong.

16d 13h 18m Flareon takes out Heracross.

16d 13h 17m Aaron sends Heracross into battle.

16d 13h 17m Flareon takes out Vespiquen with strength.

16d 13h 17m Flareon is sent in.

16d 13h 17m Golbat is taken out by crit hit power gem!

16d 13h 16m Right as Vespiquen is about to be knocked out Aaron uses a full restore.

16d 13h 16m Golbat is sent into battle in its place.

16d 13h 15m Roserade goes down to Vespiquen's crit hit attack order!

16d 13h 14m We send Roserade into the battle once again.

16d 13h 14m We again switch out Roserade and switch Flareon back into the battle.

16d 13h 14m We switch in Roserade in for Flareon.

16d 13h 13m We switch in Flareon for Roserade.

16d 13h 13m We switch out Shinx for Roserade.

16d 13h 12m Shinx is sent in with Vespiquen.

16d 13h 12m Flareon takes out Yanmega on the word go.

16d 13h 12m Aaron challenged!

16d 13h 12m We again enter the E4 building, this is attempt #17!

16d 13h 9m Flareon goes down to Whiscash's earthquake, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

16d 13h 8m Flareon and Whiscash are first into the fight.

16d 13h 8m Bertha challenged!

16d 13h 5m Flareon takes out Scizor and Aaron is defeated!

16d 13h 4m Aaron sends out Scizor.

16d 13h 4m Flareon levels up to level 79!

16d 13h 4m One fireblast and drapion goes down.

16d 13h 3m Drapion is finally sent out.

16d 13h 3m Flareon uses firefang to finally take out Vespiquen.

16d 13h 1m Flareon is sent in.

16d 13h 0m Bibarel falls to Vespiquen's attack order!

16d 12h 59m Bibarel is sent into the fight

16d 12h 58m Golbat is taken out by Vespiquen's power gem!

16d 12h 54m Golbat is sent in.

16d 12h 54m Shinx also falls to Vespiquen's attack order!

16d 12h 52m Shinx enters the fight.

16d 12h 52m Bronzong is taken out by Vespiquen's attack order!

16d 12h 50m Bronzong is sent into the battle.

16d 12h 49m Roserade is taken out by Vespiquen's crit hit attack order!

16d 12h 48m We send out Roserade in place of Golbat.

16d 12h 48m We send out Golbat in place of Roserade.

16d 12h 47m We send out Roserade in place of Flareon.

16d 12h 47m We again switch out Bronzong and send in Flareon.

16d 12h 46m We switch out Flareon and send in Bronzong.

16d 12h 46m Vespiquen continues to use Heal and Defense orders.

16d 12h 45m We switch out Bronzong and send in Flareon.

16d 12h 44m A extrasensory and future sight combo take out Aaron's Heracross.

16d 12h 42m Aaron sends in Heracross.

16d 12h 42m Bronzong uses extrasensory and takes out Yanmega.

16d 12h 41m Yanmega continues to spam double team.

16d 12h 40m We switch out Flareon and send Bronzong in.

16d 12h 40m Flareon and Yanmega are first into the fight.

16d 12h 39m Aaron challenged!

16d 12h 39m We again enter the E4 bulding, this is attempt 16!

16d 12h 37m Golbat is taken out by sludge bomb, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

16d 12h 36m Golbat is sent in as flint uses a full restore on Houndoom.

16d 12h 36m Roserade goes down to the sunny day boosted flamethrower!

16d 12h 35m Houndoom and Roserade are first into the fight.

16d 12h 34m Flint challenged!

16d 12h 33m Bertha defeated!

16d 12h 33m Roserade uses absorb, knocking out Rhyperior and netting some nice hp.

16d 12h 32m We send in Roserade.

16d 12h 32m Rhyperior uses megahorn and Bronzong is knocked out!

16d 12h 31m Bertha sends out Rhyperior.

16d 12h 31m Bronzong levels up to level 62!

16d 12h 30m Bronzong almost takes out Gliscor with extrasensory, but future sight hits and Gliscor goes down.

16d 12h 29m Bertha sends out Gliscor as we send in Bronzong.

16d 12h 28m Roserade uses petal dance and takes out Golem.

16d 12h 28m We send out Roserade.

16d 12h 27m Golem uses another earthquake and Shinx is knocked out!

16d 12h 27m We send in Shinx.

16d 12h 27m Golem uses earthquake and Flareon is knocked out!

16d 12h 26m Bertha sends out Golem.

16d 12h 26m Flareon takes out Hippowdon with a critical hit fire fang.

16d 12h 25m Bertha sends out Hippowdon.

16d 12h 25m Whiscash is finally taken down by flareon.

16d 12h 24m After being put into the yellow by strength Bertha uses a full restore on Whiscash.

16d 12h 23m Whiscash and Flareon are first into the fight.

16d 12h 23m We challenge Bertha!

16d 12h 17m Golbat tries to evolve, but it failed.

16d 12h 17m Scizor is taken out by a fire fang and Aaron has been defeated!

16d 12h 17m Aaron sends out Scizor.

16d 12h 16m And drapion is taken down by two strength attacks from flareon.

16d 12h 16m Close to 0hp Aaron uses a full restore on Drapion.

16d 12h 15m Drapion uses a crit cross poison and Bibarel is down!

16d 12h 15m Bibarel uses super power and almost takes out Drapion.

16d 12h 14m Aaron sends out Drapion as we send out Bibarel.

16d 12h 14m Golbat takes out heracross with confuse ray and air slash and levels up to level 52!

16d 12h 13m Now we have sent out Golbat.

16d 12h 13m Aaron sends out Heracross and we send out Bibarel in response.

16d 12h 13m A fireblast from flareon OHKO's Vespiqeen.

16d 12h 12m A firefang form flareon OHKO's Yanmega.

16d 12h 11m Flareon and Yanmega are the first into the fight.

16d 12h 11m Aaron has been challenged!

16d 12h 9m We finally enter the building to challenge the E4 once again. This is attempt 15!

16d 12h 7m We access the pc again.

16d 12h 6m For variety we access the pc on the first floor.

16d 12h 3m We continue to use the Pc.

16d 11h 58m We begin to use the Pc.

16d 11h 43m Gliscor takes out Bibarel with an earthquake, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

16d 11h 41m Bertha sends out Gliscor.

16d 11h 41m Bibarel takes out Wiscash with superpower and levels up to level 68!

16d 11h 40m Bertha uses a full restore on Wiscash.

16d 11h 39m Its just Bibarel left now.

16d 11h 39m Flareon is taken out by an aqua tail!

16d 11h 39m Flareon and Wiscash are the first to be sent out.

16d 11h 38m We challenge Bertha!

16d 11h 35m Flareon beats drapion, levels up to level 78, does not learn lava plume, Aaron is defeated, Shinx does not evolve!

16d 11h 34m Aaron sends Drapion out into the fight.

16d 11h 34m Scizor is taken out be Flareons fire blast.

16d 11h 33m Aaron sends out his Scizor.

16d 11h 33m Flareon takes out Heracross with a rock smash.

16d 11h 32m Bronzong is taken out by megahorn!

16d 11h 32m We send Bronzong in its place.

16d 11h 32m Heracross takes out Golbat with a stone edge.

16d 11h 31m Golbat almost takes Heracross to 0 hp with an air cutter.

16d 11h 30m Golbat is sent in its place.

16d 11h 29m Shinx goes down to Aaron's Heracross.

16d 11h 29m Heracross is sent out by Aaron.

16d 11h 28m Another critical hit return takes out Vespiquen, Shinx levels up to level 60.

16d 11h 27m And Aaron just used a full restore.

16d 11h 27m A critical hit return takes vespiqueen to almost 0 health.

16d 11h 26m We switch out Flareon for Shinx.

16d 11h 26m Vespiquen once again uses heal order to restore itself to full health.

16d 11h 24m We switch out Golbat for Flareon.

16d 11h 24m We switch out Bronzong for Golbat.

16d 11h 23m Bronzong is working hard to defeat vespiquen, but the defend and heal orders make that difficult.

16d 11h 20m We switch golbat out for Bronzong.

16d 11h 19m Golbat is sent in her place.

16d 11h 19m Roserade goes down from a critical attack order!

16d 11h 17m Vespiquen is sent out and we switch to Roserade in response.

16d 11h 17m Flareon takes out the yanmega with a fire fang.

16d 11h 16m Flareon has been sent in once more

16d 11h 16m We switch out flareon for Bibarel.

16d 11h 16m Flareon and Yanmega are first into the fight.

16d 11h 15m Aaron Challenged!

16d 11h 12m Attempt 14

16d 11h 12m We again set out to challenge the E4.

16d 10h 55m Sunbrella faints! Napoleon blacks out! End of run 13.

16d 10h 54m Solareon falls to Infernape! Only Sunbrella remains.

16d 10h 53m Critical Strength from Solareon knocks out Houndoom!

16d 10h 53m Challenging Flint!

16d 10h 44m Sunbrella rolls through the rest of the team and is promoted to level 67! Bertha is defeated!

16d 10h 42m Another Absorb and Golem is down!. Sunbrella HP: 74.

16d 10h 42m Sunbrella regains a lot of health from Absorbing Golem, but a Fire Punch negates the gain and then some.

16d 10h 39m Gliscor and Paralyzed and confused. It does knock itself out eventually. Sunbrella is currently out.

16d 10h 38m Golbat confuses Gliscor, but faints to an Ice Fang.

16d 10h 37m Bronzong faints! Gliscor is low on health.

16d 10h 36m Bronzong subs in, but is in the Yellow thanks to a few Fire Fangs.

16d 10h 35m Golbat is down to 8 hp

16d 10h 34m Sunbrella knocks out Whiscash and Golbat subs in to fight Gliscor.

16d 10h 33m Bronzong subs in... and then Sunbrella subs in.

16d 10h 32m Sunbrella takes the field.

16d 10h 31m Sparkles is down!

16d 10h 31m Both Pokemon whiff their first attacks. Sparkles comes out but only has 35 hp

16d 10h 30m Bertha challenged!

16d 10h 25m Solareon launches a Fire Blast, negating a full restore and KOing Drapeon. Aaron defeated!

16d 10h 25m Drapion hangs in by the skin of his teeth. Solareon is at 21 hp

16d 10h 24m Gotta love Fire Fang, Scizor is down!

16d 10h 23m Solareon subs in and Scizor gets a weak attack in.

16d 10h 23m Bronzong knocks out Heracross.

16d 10h 22m Bronzong steps in and confuses Heracross

16d 10h 22m Agent 006 subs in against Heracross. 006 falls to close combats!

16d 10h 21m Solareon rekts Yanmega and Vespiquen!


16d 10h 20m Arron Challenged

[More snark] According to our coin, all things have gone the shape of the Magikarp.

[Snark] Napoleon wins!

16d 10h 17m Attempt 13 is underway. First up, Napoleon vs Teh Elevator

16d 10h 15m Bronzong does not fare well and faints to a Flamethrower. Napoleon blacks out!

16d 10h 13m Sparkles fainted!

16d 10h 12m Sparkles is the first out against Houndoom. She is down to 7 hp and has not done much to Houndoom.

16d 10h 12m Facing off against Flint!

16d 10h 7m Bronzong wakes up and knocks out Hippowdon. Bertha is defeated!

16d 10h 7m Bronzong is asleep, both Mon are in the yellow.

16d 10h 6m Bronzong gets a Future Sight ready, but will fall asleep due to Yawn.

16d 10h 6m Bronzong steps in and uses Extrasenosory

16d 10h 4m Sunbrella falls to Hippowdon!

16d 10h 4m Sunbrella is confused, but launches Stun Spore!

16d 10h 4m Rhyperior also falls to Petal Dance!

16d 10h 3m Sunbrella rekts Golem!

16d 10h 3m Sunbrella is promoted to level 66!

16d 10h 2m She does KO Gliscor, though!

16d 10h 2m Sunbrella comes out to fight, but is not holding up well.

16d 10h 1m Golbat subs in to face Gliscor, but is rekt by a Fire Fang!

16d 10h 0m Bronzong knocks out Whiscash!

16d 9h 57m Solareon falls to Whiscash!

16d 9h 56m Challenging Bertha!

16d 9h 54m Yanmega is rekt by Solarion. Solarion is promoted to level 77. Aaron rekt!

16d 9h 53m Solarion takes out Drapion. Yanmega is Aaron's last Pokemon!

16d 9h 52m Solarion is poisoned, but gets a strong Fire Fang in.

16d 9h 51m The jerkwad Drapion takes the field. Another Superpower doesn't do much. Agent 006 falls to Cross Poison!

16d 9h 51m Agent 006 KOs Scizor with her Superpower!

16d 9h 50 Agent 006 subs in against Scizor

16d 9h 50m Solarion rekts Heracross

16d 9h 50m Solarion KOs Vespiquen with Fire Fang!

16d 9h 49m Solarion keeps using Rock Smash on Vespiquen

16d 9h 49m (Attempt 12)

16d 9h 48m Now, Solarion subs in and Yanmega uses U-turn

16d 9h 48m Now Sparkles subs in

16d 9h 47m Solareon comes out and then Sunbrella subs in

16d 9h 47m Challenging Arron!

16d 9h 45m Left, then quickly re-entered the League building.

16d 9h 43m Roserade is confused and hurt herself in her confusion. Down to 57HP. Hippowdown used Earhtquake! Roserade fainted! Blacked out!

16d 9h 42m Roserade used Petal Dance! OHKO'd Rhyperior!

16d 9h 42m Roserade used Petal Dance! OHKO'd Golem!

16d 9h 41m Bertha used a Full Restore.

16d 9h 41m Sent out Roserade.

16d 9h 41m Golem used Earthquake! Flareon fainted!

16d 9h 41m Flareon used Fire Blast! Golem used Earthquake! Flareon down to 44/211HP. Flareon used Strength!

16d 9h 40m Sent out Flareon.

16d 9h 40m Gliscor used Earthquake! Roserade down to 91/175HP. Roserade used Petal Dance! Gliscor OHKO'd!

16d 9h 39m Whiscash down!

16d 9h 38m Switched out for Roserade.

16d 9h 38m Sent out Flareon.

16d 9h 37m Switched Flareon out for Bronzong. Whiscash used Aqua Tail! Bronzong fainted!

16d 9h 37m VS Bertha!

16d 9h 31m Flareon vs Scizor. Flareon used Fire Fang! Scizor down! Defeated Aaron!

16d 9h 31m Sent out Flareon. Flareon used Fire Fang. Vespiquen down.

16d 9h 29m Bibarel fainted!

16d 9h 28m 1, 2, and... ... Poof! Bronzong forgot how to use Faint Attack.
And... Bronzong learned Payback!

16d 9h 27m Drapion down! Bronzong levels up to 61!

16d 9h 25m Switched Bibarel out for Bronzong.

16d 9h 25m Bibarel down to 36/197HP. Bibarel used Surf! Drapion down!

16d 9h 24m Sent out Bibarel.

16d 9h 24m Drapion used Cross Poison! Shinx fainted!

16d 9h 23m Sent out Flareon.

16d 9h 23m Shinx down to 43HP! Shinx used Roar! Drapion was dragged out! Sent out Bronzong.

16d 9h 22m Trouble with Vespiquen. Shinx keeps using Discharge but Vespiquen keeps healing with Heal Order.

16d 9h 21m Sent out Shinx!

16d 9h 20m Golbat vs. Vespiquen. Golbat fainted!

[Info] Here's the list of Pokémon that we blacked out against: Drapion, Gliscor, Hippowdon, Golem × 2, Flareon, Infernape × 2, Magmortar × 2; [Source here]

16d 9h 18m VS Aaron! Sent out Flareon! So far so good. Yanmega down. Switched Flareon out for Golbat.

16d 9h 16m Saved the game! Badges: 8 PokéDex: 200 Play time: 367h 10m

16d 9h 12m Attempt 11.

[Info] Current Win/Loss tally of the first three Elite Four members:

  • Aaron: 9/1
  • Bertha: 5/4
  • Flint: 0/5

16d 9h 6m Infernape used Flare Blitz! Bronzong fainted! Blacked out!

16d 9h 5m Sent out Bronzong.

16d 9h 2m Infernape used Earthquake! Shinx fainted!

16d 9h 2m Sent out Shinx again! Shinx used Thunderbolt! Houndoom down!

16d 9h 0m Switched Shinx out for Golbat. Houndoom used Flame Thrower! Golbat down to 38 HP! Hondoom used Dark Pulse! Golbat fainted!

16d 8h 58m Shinx vs Houndoom! Hondoom used Sunny Day! Shinx used Thunderbolt!

16d 8h 57m VS Flint!

[Stats] Roserade Lv. 65 - Max. HP 175 Attack 143 Defense 89 Sp. Atk 184 Sp. Def 151 Speed 143

16d 8h 54m Opened the VS. Recorder

16d 8h 53m [Stats] Party - Shinx 100%, Bronzong 25%, Golbat 100%

16d 8h 52m Bronzong used Extrasensory! Hippowndon down to yelloworange. Bronzong used Extrasensory! Hippowdon down! Defeated Bertha!

16d 8h 51m Rhyperior down!

16d 8h 50m Rhyperior used Megahorn! Bronzong down to 126/176HP.

16d 8h 50m Sent out Bronzong.

16d 8h 49m Bibarel used Superpower! Down to yellow. Rhyperior used Earthquake! Bibarel fainted!

16d 8h 48m Sent out Bibarel.

16d 8h 48m Sent out Bronzong.

16d 8h 48m Rhyperior used Megahorn! Roserade fainted!

16d 8h 48m Roserade used Petal Dance! Golem OHKO!

16d 8h 47m Gliscor down!

16d 8h 47m Whiscash down!

16d 8h 47m Roserade leveled up to 65!

16d 8h 46m Sent out Roserade.

16d 8h 45m Whiscash used Aqual Tail! Flareon fainted!

16d 8h 44m VS Bertha!

[Stats] Flareon Lv. 76 - Max. HP 211 Attack 221 Defense 123 Sp. Atk 166 Sp. Def 185 Speed 150

16d 8h 40m Flareon sweep! Defeated Aaron! Flareon 96/211HP.

16d 8h 39m Flareon levels up to 76!

16d 8h 37m VS Aaron!

16d 8h 35m Attempt 10 has begun.

16d 8h 31m Left the Pokemon League, nah, back in.

16d 8h 29m Moonbat taken out by a Thunderpunch. White out!

16d 8h 27m Moonbat is sent in.

16d 8h 25m Steve faints to Golem's Fire Punch.

16d 8h 25m Bertha sends out Golem.

16d 8h 25m Despite being at 10 HP, STEVE TAKES OUT GLISCOR.

16d 8h 24m Steve confuses Gliscor.

16d 8h 23m Gliscor is restored.

16d 8h 22m In comes Gliscor. Go Steve.

16d 8h 21m Steve takes out Whiscash.

16d 8h 21m Steve confuses Whiscash.

16d 8h 20m In comes Steve.

16d 8h 19m She goes down to a Zen Headbutt.

16d 8h 19m Sunbrella is sent in.

16d 8h 19m Solaireon down.

16d 8h 18m Sunbrella switched for Solaireon, who Fire Fangs Whiscash.

16d 8h 18m Steve switched for Sunbrella.

16d 8h 17m Sunbrella is switched for Steve.

16d 8h 16m Sunbrella is sent in.

16d 8h 15m Sparkles faints.

16d 8h 15m Solaireon is switched out for Sparkles.

16d 8h 15m Solaireon vs Whiscash.

16d 8h 14m Bertha initiated.

16d 8h 13m Entering the Vs. Recorder.

16d 8h 7m Aaron defeated

16d 8h 6m After Drapion gets restored, it goes down to a Fire Blast.

16d 8h 6m Solaireon is out again.

16d 8h 5m Drapion is sent out and brings 006 to red. She returns in kind, but he's healed by his berry. She faints from an X-Scissor.

16d 8h 5m Two Surfs take out Scizor.

16d 8h 4m 006 swapped in against Scizor.

16d 8h 4m Heracross. Fire Fang OHKOs.

16d 8h 4m Vespiquen is sent out. Fire Fang OHKOs.

16d 8h 3m Fire Blast OHKOs.

16d 8h 3m Solaireon vs Yanmega.

16d 8h 3m Aaron initiated.

16d 8h 0m Attempt Number 9

16d 7h 55m "No I'm never giving up! Not until I beat the Elite Four!" Well, Miss Ace Trainer, we have the exact same idea.

16d 7h 54m Solaireon down. White out.

16d 7h 53m Here comes Hippowdon.

16d 7h 53m Solaireon's in the red from Whiscash. He does manage to crit Rock Smash it down! Solaireon levels up to 75!

16d 7h 53m Solaireon vs Whiscash.

16d 7h 52m Bertha initiated.

16d 7h 44m Aaron defeated.

16d 7h 44m Fire Fang takes out Drapion.

16d 7h 44m Solaireon is sent out. Brings Drapion down to the red. Is hit by a crit Cross Poison.

16d 7h 43m Aerial Ace Kreygasm takes out Moonbat.

16d 7h 42m Ice Fang is really hurting Moonbat.

16d 7h 41m Moonbat brings Drapion to red, but it's restored.

16d 7h 41m Moonbat is here.

16d 7h 39m Down goes the Queen.

16d 7h 39m The Queen is frozen!

16d 7h 38m Out comes the Queen.

16d 7h 37m Steve faints.

16d 7h 36m Drapion broke out of confusion, only to be confused again.

16d 7h 35m Okay Future Sight hits. And Drapion is confused.

16d 7h 35m As Drapion is part-Dark, none of Steve's attacks except for Confuse Ray and Feint Attack will affect it.

16d 7h 35m Solaireon switched out for Steve against Drapion.

16d 7h 34m Fire Fang OHKOs.

16d 7h 33m Scizor is here.

16d 7h 33m Fire Fang OHKOs.

16d 7h 33m Solaireon is sent in.

16d 7h 33m 006 down to a Close Combat.

16d 7h 32m Heracross is restored.

16d 7h 32m 006 is sent out.

16d 7h 31m Sparkles brings Heracross to red, but faints soon after to a Stone Edge.

16d 7h 31m Sparkles paralyzes Heracross.

16d 7h 31m Solaireon is switched out for Sparkles against Heracross.

16d 7h 30m Fire Fang OHKOs.

16d 7h 30m Vespiquen sent out.

16d 7h 30m Fire Fang OHKOs.

16d 7h 30m Solaireon vs Yanmega.

16d 7h 29m Aaron initiated.

16d 7h 29m Attempt 8 has begun.

16d 7h 28m Left the Pokemon League. Nope, back in.

16d 7h 28m And Napoleon escapes PC Tunnel.

16d 7h 27m Guess what time it is? PC Time!

16d 7h 27m Hanging around the E4 Building.

16d 7h 25m 8880 Pokedollars lost. White out!

16d 7h 25m Magmortar uses Thunderbolt. 006 FAINTS.

16d 7h 24m 006 vs Magmortar.

16d 7h 24m 006 out and surfs down Flareon.

16d 7h 23m Only 006 left now.

16d 7h 23m The other Flareon takes Solaireon out with a GIGA IMPACT!

16d 7h 22m Flareon vs Flareon. Mirror Match!

16d 7h 22m Rapidash down.

16d 7h 22m The sunlight faded.

16d 7h 21m Solaireon vs Rapidash.

16d 7h 21m Strength takes out Infernape.

16d 7h 21m Crit Rock Smash brings Infernape to yellow and reduces its defence.

16d 7h 21m Solaireon vs Infernape.

16d 7h 20m The sunlight is strong.

16d 7h 20m Rock Smash and Strength take it out. Solaireon reaches Level 74.

16d 7h 20m Solaireon vs Houndoom.

[Snark] How hot does our spirit burn?

16d 7h 19m Flint engaged.

16d 7h 16m Bertha defeated!

16d 7h 15m Hippowdon down.

16d 7h 15m 006 is in the yellow. Hippowdon was restored, but promptly sent back to red by another Surf.

16d 7h 15m Surf takes it to the red.

16d 7h 14m HIPPOWDON.

16d 7h 14m Rhyperior was sent out, and promptly waterfalled by 006. She levels up to 67.

16d 7h 13m She takes out Golem.

16d 7h 13m 006 is sent out.

16d 7h 12m Moonbat down.

[Snark] How does a rock monster punch lightning at people?

16d 7h 11m Moonbat is sent in. He confuses Golem.

16d 7h 11m Sunbrella down from confusion and an Earthquake.

16d 7h 10m Sunbrella vs Golem.

16d 7h 10m Sunbrella is now confused!

16d 7h 9m Gliscor is taken down by the Queen of the Sun with a dance.

16d 7h 9m Gliscor is sent out.

16d 7h 9m Sunbrella starts dancing. Whiscash down.

16d 7h 9m A sandstorm rages.

16d 7h 8m Solaireon vs Whiscash. Solaireon switched out for Sunbrella.

16d 7h 8m Bertha initiated.

16d 7h 6m A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

16d 7h 5m He takes out Drapion! Aaron defeated!

16d 7h 4m Solaireon sent in.

16d 7h 4m Sparkles faints.

16d 7h 4m Steve faints. Sparkles is sent out.

16d 7h 3m Drapion comes in and is confused by Steve.

16d 7h 3m Confusion brings Scizor down to the red, and a Future Sight takes it out! Steve levels up to 60!

16d 7h 2m Steve confuses Scizor again!

16d 7h 2m It manages to reach the red, but is restored.

16d 7h 1m Scizor is confused.

16d 7h 1m Scizor is out.

16d 7h 0m Steve takes out Heracross with Extrasensory.

16d 7h 0m Sunbrella switched for Steve.

16d 6h 59m Solaireon is switched out for Sunbrella against Heracross.

[Snark] I can just copy and past "Fire Fang OHKOs." all day long.

16d 6h 59m Fire Fang OHKOs.

16d 6h 59m Vespiquen is sent out.

16d 6h 58m Fire Fang OHKOs.

16d 6h 58m Solaireon vs Yanmega.

16d 6h 58m Aaron initiated.

16d 6h 58m ATTEMPT NUMBER 7.

16d 6h 56m A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

16d 6h 54m The urn is dead. Gliscor takes down Bronzong with Fire Fang. Bronzong down! Blackout hype.

16d 6h 53m Bronzong takes down Whiscash! Earth Agatha still has 4 pokemon though.

16d 6h 50m Aqua Tail scored a critical hit and KOs Flareon. Flareon down! Only Bronzong left.

16d 6h 49m Bertha engaged!

[Snark] Drapion's not even a bug.

16d 6h 42m Flareon takes down Drapion with Fire Blast! Aaron defeated!

16d 6h 41m Flareon KO's Scizor with Fire Fang. Best Bug Drapion is now out.

16d 6h 40m Scizor takes down Bibarel with Quick Attack. Bibarel down! Down to only Flareon and Bronzong.

16d 6h 39m We switch to Bibarel for Scizor, since the Flareon matchup wasn't very good.

16d 6h 38m Flareon uses Fire Fang to KO Heracross.

16d 6h 38m Heracross's Megahorn is a OHKO on Shinx. Shinx down!

16d 6h 37m Shinx takes down Vespiqueen without taking any damage!

16d 6h 36m Shinx is in! Discharge does great damage against Vespiqueen.

16d 6h 35m A critical Attack Order takes down Roserade. Roserade KOd! We try switching in Golbat but there's just no will to fight.

16d 6h 34m Roserade switched in for Vespiqueen. Queen v. Queen!

16d 6h 34m Flareon miraculously hits with Fire Blast, KOing Yanmega. Flareon levels up to 73!

16d 6h 34m Golbat is KO'd by Yanmega. Flareon back out.

16d 6h 32m We immediately switch out Flareon for Golbat. Better let that Yanmega set up for a more satisfying victory.

16d 6h 31m Aaron engaged!

16d 6h 27m E4 Attempt #6

16d 6h 22m Roserade faints to Golem's Fire Punch. Blackout! So much for type advantages.

16d 6h 21m Roserade KO's Gliscor with Petal Dance, but is at 51 HP and now confused.

16d 6h 20m Roserade KOs Hippowdon with Petal Dance.

16d 6h 17m Flareon does serious damage to Hippowdon with a critical Fire Fang. But Flareon is KO'd right after by Earthquake. Down to Roserade only.

16d 6h 16m Flareon has had enough and takes down Whiscash himself with Strength.

16d 6h 14m Bertha engaged!

16d 6h 9m Scizor down to Fire Fang! Aaron defeated!

16d 6h 8m Flareon finally uses Fire Blast to KO Drapion. We're down to Flareon and Roserade, both at full health.

16d 6h 7m Shinx faints to Cross Poison! But at least it got an attack in!

16d 6h 7m Shinx is up against Drapion! This should end well.

[Snark] Drapion is best Bug Type. Oh wait...

16d 6h 6m Bronzong is KO'd by Drapion.

16d 6h 3m Golbat is KO'd by Drapion. Bronzong sent in.

16d 6h 2m Golbat gets switched in and nearly faints to Stone Edge. But then it KO's Heracross with Air Slash!

16d 6h 2m Roserade is sent out! And then is immediately withdrawn for Flareon. The switching is real.

16d 6h 1m Bibarel gets switched in, and Heracross uses Close Combat. Bibarel is KO'd!

16d 6h 0m And Bronzong gets switched in to face Heracross. Too bad there's no more milk.

16d 6h 0m Vespiqueen also down to Fire Fang!

16d 5h 59m Yanmega goes down to Fire Fang!

16d 5h 59m Aaron engaged!

16d 5h 51m Urn #5!

16d 5h 50m And we're back up the waterfall! Meanwhile, we encounter a wild Wingull. Flareon KO's it with ease.

16d 5h 46m Napoleon goes down the waterfall! Looks like we're pushing towards Victory Road.

16d 5h 43m The chat seems to be torn between going back to the E4 or grinding Shinx. Luckily we opened the VS. RECORDER to help make our decision.

16d 5h 41m Napoleon has apparently had enough and exits the Pokemon League building.

16d 5h 39m Drapion uses Aerial Ace on Bibarel. Bibarel is KO'd! We blackout. Aaron wins his first battle.

16d 5h 38m Shinx faints to Drapion!

16d 5h 37m Bronzong faints to Scizor! And then Scizor faints to Future Sight. Don't worry, Bibarel got the exp.

[Info] Inputs are apparently very low right now - several users are getting multiple inputs in a row registered.

16d 5h 35m Used our last Moomoo Milk!

16d 5h 32m Bronzong switched back in! Napoleon is apparently very indecisive on his matchup strategy.

16d 5h 32m Bibarel gets switched in and takes some heavy damage from a critical X-Scissor.

16d 5h 30m Used another milk on Bronzong, narrowly avoiding a KO!

16d 5h 29m Heracross can't take the milk spam anymore and KO's itself in confusion. Scizor out vs. Bronzong.

16d 5h 26m Napoleon is stalling out Heracross by using milk to heal Bronzong after every Mega Horn. Will it be enough?

16d 5h 26m One more milk on Bronzong!

16d 5h 24m We use another Moomoo Milk, this time on Bronzong. Only 4 left!

16d 5h 24m It's currently Bronzong vs. Heracross.

16d 5h 23m Used Moo Moo Milk on Flareon! Then Stone Edge scores a critical hit and Flareon is KO'd!

16d 5h 21m And Roserade gets swapped back in, and faints to Close Combat. Roserade KO'd!

16d 5h 20m Flareon gets switched in, saving Roserade from being KO'd. Then immediately gets switched out for Bronzong.

16d 5h 20m Megahorn takes down about 83% of Roserade's HP in one hit. Ouch.

16d 5h 19m Sunbrella is currently out vs. Heracross, and we appear to be faffing about in the menus.

16d 5h 17m Vespiqueen goes down to Flareon's Fire Fang!

[Pun] Hive gotta guess that we'll bee seeing this a lot in the future.

16d 5h 16m Golbat goes down to Power Gem

16d 5h 15m Golbat gets switched in to Vespiqueen.

16d 5h 15m Yanmega immediately goes down to Fire Fang. Flareon levels up to level 72!*

16d 5h 14m Aaraon engaged!

16d 5h 11m Urn #4 started!

16d 5h 8m Did you guys know that Magmortar's can learn Thunderbolt? Because they can. And Bibarel gets KO'd by Thunderbolt! Blackout hype Kappa.

16d 5h 8m Rapidash goes down to Surf!

16d 5h 7m Bibarel takes down Infernape with Surf. Btw that's also our last Pokemon.

16d 5h 5m Flareon switched back in again. Flareon is KO'd by Thunder Punch.

16d 5h 4m Flareon survives with 10 HP From an Infernape Earthquake, and Napoleon immediately switches to Bibarel.

16d 5h 3m Flareon KO's Houndoom! That's right, Flareon's not dead yet.

16d 5h 3m Flint engaged!

16d 5h 0m Bibarel critical hax's Hippowdon with Waterfall. Hippowdon down! Bertha defeated!

16d 4h 58m Bibarel comes out and KO's Rhyperior with Surf. Bibarel leveled up to level 66!

16d 4h 58m Napoleon switches to Roserade mid-fight vs. Rhyperior. Rhyperior KO's Roserade with Mega Horn

16d 4h 57m Bibarel's out, uses Superpower twice, which is enough to KO Golem. But a Sandstorm is raging.

16d 4h 55m Napoleon decides Shinx is a good type matchup for Golem and switches. Shinx faints to Earthquake.

16d 4h 55m Gliscor down to Surf!

16d 4h 55m Bibarel out against Gliscor now

16d 4h 54m Bronzong faints from a burn. Gliscor at about 1/3 health.

16d 4h 53m Gliscor trolls with both Ice AND Thunder Fang. Golbat faints!

[Pun] This is a battle for the ages.

16d 4h 52m Bat vs. Bat! Golbat v. Gliscor

16d 4h 51m Petal Dance takes down Whiscash, but Roserade is at 19 HP.

16d 4h 50m Switched to Roserade, who immediately eats a SE Zen Headbutt from Whiscash.

16d 4h 50m Switched out to Golbat immediately. A Sandstorm brewed!

16d 4h 49m Bertha engaged!

16d 4h 48m Flareon is at 78% HP btw, no other mons were sent out v. Aaron.

16d 4h 47m Flareon decides to change it up and uses Fire Blast on Drapion. Not enough for the KO! But fire Fang KO's right after. Aaron Defeated!

16d 4h 45m Scizor becomes victim #4 of Flareon's Fire Fang.

16d 4h 45m The Triple Fire Fang Combo takes down Heracross too!

16d 4h 45m Vespiqueen also goes down to Fire Fang. Flareon too stronk.

16d 4h 44m Yanmega goes down to Fire Fang!

16d 4h 44m Aaron engaged

16d 4h 42m Checking the pokedex for pro strats

16d 4h 39m Urn #3 started!

[Snark] Brace yourselves, it's time for the first edition of Big Fat Updates!

16d 4h 34m A mach punch from Infernape knocks out Agent 006. Napoleon blacks out. End of run #2.

16d 4h 33m Infernape Thunderpunches and knocks Agent 006 down to 23%. Agent 006 gets paralyzed!

16d 4h 33m Agent 006 goes for the Waterfall and knocks Infernape down to a little less than half.

16d 4h 33m Surfs up! Houndoom down! Out comes Infernape.

16d 4h 32m Houndoom sets up a Sunny Day. Agent 006 goes for the Waterfall but doesn't quite knock out Houndoom. Houndoom retaliates with Dark Pulse and brings Agent 006 down to 65%.

16d 4h 31m Used a Moomoo milk on Agent 006. 190/192 HP!

16d 4h 31m Battle against Flint! Agent 006 versus Houndoom.

16d 4h 25m Another Surf from Agent 006 and Hippowdon goes down! Bertha defeated!

16d 4h 24m Hippowdon up. Agent 006 goes for the Waterfall but doesn't quite take it down. Hippowdon retaliates with Stone Edge and knocks Bibarel down to half.

16d 4h 24m In comes Rhyperior who gets OHKO'ed by Surf!

16d 4h 24m Agent 006 knocks Golem out with Surf. Agent 006 levels up to 65!

16d 4h 23m Golem uses Thunderpunch and knocks Moonbat down to red. Moonbat gets knocked out by sandstorm. Only Agent 006 left.

16d 4h 22m Moonbat goes for the Air Slash. It doesn't do much. Golem then sets up a sandstorm.

16d 4h 22m We switch in Moonbat who then confuses Golem. Confuse HAX kicks in!

16d 4h 22m In comes Agent 006 who knocks out Gliscor with Waterfall. In comes a Golem.

16d 4h 21m Gliscor uses Earthquake and lands a crit. Sunbrella down!

16d 4h 20m Gliscor takes the Future Sight Attack and Sunbrella comes in.

16d 4h 20m Steve takes another Fire Fang and hits back with Extrasensory. Gliscor Fire Fangs again and takes out Steve.

16d 4h 20m Steve takes a Fire Fang and sets up Future Sight.

16d 4h 19m Whiscash lives with -1000% BUT it then knocks itself out in confusion. Gliscor comes in against Steve.

16d 4h 18m Whiscash snaps out of its confusion and uses Aqua Tail. Steve tanks it and confuses it again. Whiscash hurts itself in its confusion and Steve lands a crit with Extrasensory!

16d 4h 18m Confusion HAX kicks in and Steve uses Future Sight.

16d 4h 18m Whiscash sets up a sandstorm while Steve confuses her.

16d 4h 17m In comes Sunbrella who immediately gets switched out for Steve. Bertha heals Whiscash back to full.

16d 4h 15m Sunshine comes in and uses Return. Sunshine gets OHKO'ed by Earth Power.

16d 4h 14m Whiscash tanks a Fire Fang and knocks out Solareon with Zen Headbutt.

16d 4h 14m Whiscash versus Solareon.

16d 4h 14m Bertha battle engaged!

[Status] Solareon is at 7%, Agent 006 is at full, Sunshine is at full, Sunbrella is at 24%, Steve is at 100%, and Moonbat is at 67%.

16d 4h 10m Solareon uses Fire Blast and takes out Drapion! Solareon levels up to 71! Aaron defeated!

16d 4h 9m Solareon takes Drapion down to half with Fire Fang and burns it! Drapion heals itself with a Sitrus Berry.

16d 4h 9m Scizor gets OHKO'ed by Fire Fang. Drapion comes out.

16d 4h 8m A fire fang from Solareon knocks out Heracross! Scizor up.

16d 4h 8m Solareon rock smashes and then gets taken down to red from Stone Edge.

16d 4h 8m Heracross night slashes but it doesn't do much.

16d 4h 7m Sunbrella lives a Megahorn with 37HP! We switch Solareon back in.

16d 4h 7m Out comes Heracross and we switch in Sunbrella.

16d 4h 6m Vespiquen sets up a Defense order. Flareon fire fangs. Vespiquen lives but gets burned! Vespiquen immediately goes down to burn damage.

16d 4h 6m Solareon comes back in and starts things off with Rock Smash.

16d 4h 6m Moonbat confuses Vespiquen. Vespiquen retaliates with Power Gem which knocks Moonbat down to 67%.

16d 4h 5m Vespiquen up. We switch in Moonbat.

16d 4h 5m Flareon manages to land a Fire Fang and knocks out Yanmega!

16d 4h 4m Yanmega begins Double Teaming. Uh oh.

16d 4h 4m Solareon versus Yanmega. Aaaand Rock Smash!

16d 4h 4m Battle against Aaron initiated!

16d 4h 3m Pokemon League Run #2 Up!

16d 4h 2m Back in the Elite Four.

16d 3h 59m Flareon uses Giga Impact and knocks out Sunbrella. Napoleon blacks out!

16d 3h 59m Sunbrella left. A Petal Dance from Sunbrella knocks Flareon down to red.

this is not teh urn.

16d 3h 58m Sunshine comes in and immediately gets OHKO'ed by Overheat.

16d 3h 58m Flareon goes for another quick attack. Agent 006 down!

16d 3h 58m Flareon lands a Quick Attack. Agent 006 uses Surf but doesn't quite take out Flareon.

16d 3h 58m Flareon comes out and Agent 006 is burned.

16d 3h 57m Agent 006 sweep! Magmortar down to Waterfall!

[Snark[ We're on fire tonight.

16d 3h 57m Agent 006 curbstomps Rapidash with Waterfall! Magmortar up.

[Snark] I will forever remember the day a Bibarel outsped an Infernape.

16d 3h 56m Agent 006 OHKO's Infernape with Waterfall! Out comes Rapidash.

16d 3h 56m Agent 006 goes for the rock climb and knocks out Houndoom! Infernape incoming.

16d 3h 56m Flint heals Houndoom back to full only for Agent 006 to bring it back down to red with Surf.

16d 3h 55m Rock climb takes Houndoom down to low health and confuses it! Houndoom hurts itself in confusion.

16d 3h 55m Battle against Flint! Houndoom up against Agent 006.

16d 3h 49m In comes Hippowdon who also gets OHKO'ed by Petal Dance! Sunbrella sweep! Bertha defeated!

16d 3h 48m Rhyperior gets OHKO'ed by Petal Dance! Sunbrella gets confused.

16d 3h 48m In comes Golem who gets rektd by Petal Dance!

16d 3h 47m Sunbrella knocks out Gliscor! Petal dance hype!

16d 3h 47m Steve goes down from another Fire Fang. Sunbrella comes in!

16d 3h 46m Steve tanks a Fire Fang and hits back with Faint Attack... which does nothing.

16d 3h 45m Whiscash sets up a sandstorm before getting knocked out by extrasensory. Gliscor up.

16d 3h 44m Clutch confusion HAX. Extrasensory knocks Whiscash down to low orange.

16d 3h 44m In comes Steve. Steve confuses Whiscash!

16d 3h 43m Solareon uses Rock Smash. Whiscash takes out Solareon with Aqua Tail.

16d 3h 43m Bertha battle engaged! Whiscash against Solareon.

[Snark] A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

[Status] Solareon is at 19%, Agent 006 is at 57%, Sunshine is at 100%, Sunbrella is at 60%, Steve is at 66%, and Moonbat is down for the count.

16d 3h 39m Flareon uses Fire Fang again and knocks out Drapion. Aaron defeated!

16d 3h 39m Aaaand we used Rock Smash. But at least we got the defense drop.

16d 3h 39m Drapion lives a Fire Fang and restores health with a Sitrus Berry.

16d 3h 38m Solareon takes out Scizor with Fire Fang! Drapion up.

[Snark] Our constant switches are really bugging me.

16d 3h 37m Steve starts off with Extrasensory and then we manage to switch Solareon back in!

16d 3h 37m Steve comes in but not before Scizor brings Agent 006 down to 57%.

16d 3h 36m Scizor knocks out Moonbat with Quick Attack. Agent 006 comes in.

16d 3h 36m Scizor up. We switch in Moonbat.

16d 3h 35m Heracross incoming. Solareon uses Fire Blast and OHKOs Heracross!

16d 3h 35m Solareon gets a crit with Strength and knocks out Vespiquen!

[Pun] Gotta take it down beefore it's too late.

16d 3h 35m Solareon goes for the Fire Fang but it only does about 35%.

16d 3h 34m Vespiquen uses Power Gem against Solareon but it doesn't do much.

[Snark] Not the bees!

16d 3h 34m Vespiquen heals herself back to full! We switch Solareon back in.

16d 3h 34m Vespiquen uses Poower Gem and knocks Golbat down to 54%.

16d 3h 33m Moonbat Air Slashes but it's doing very little after Vespiquen's multiple defense boosts.

[Pun] Batter take Vespiquen down before it gets too tanky.

16d 3h 33m Vespiquen uses heal order and heals herself nearly back to full!

16d 3h 33m We switch in Moonbat against Vespiquen.

16d 3h 33m Vespiquen uses Attack Order and brings Sunbrella down to 60%.

16d 3h 32m Vespiquen continues to build up her defense. Petal dance is doing minimal damage.

16d 3h 32m Vespiqueen uses Defense Order and Sunbrella goes for the Petal Dance, which also doesn't do much.

16d 3h 31m We switch Sunbrella in. Sunbrella uses absorb but it does nothing.

16d 3h 31m Solareon levels up to 70! Vespiquen up next.

16d 3h 30m Flareon OHKOs Yanmega with Fire Blast!

[Snark] This bugger's going down.

16d 3h 30m Flareon up against Yanmega.

16d 3h 30m Battle against Aaron engaged!

[Snark] This is some nice wallpaper.

16d 3h 27m Clutch Save!

16d 3h 26m Playing hide n seek with Aaron. Talking to the wall, no big deal.

[Snark] A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

16d 3h 25m Teh urn begins. Entered the chambers.

[Snark] Four shame Drac. That was worse than my puns.

[Fluff] It looks like we healed B4 the E4!

16d 3h 24m Healed our team.

16d 3h 23m Attempting to heal team.

16d 3h 21m Rival defeated! Get rekted Pearl!

16d 3h 21m Out comes Solareon who knocks out Roserade with Strength!

16d 3h 20m Roserade takes out Sunshine with Shadow Ball.

16d 3h 20m Roserade brings itself back to orange with Giga Drain.

16d 3h 20m Sunshine up against Roserade.

16d 3h 19m Roserade uses Shadow Ball and knocks out Steve.

16d 3h 19m Steve wakes up after 1 turn and uses confuse ray.

16d 3h 19m Roserade puts Steve to sleep!

16d 3h 18m Roserade up against Steve. Roserade goes for the Shadow Ball. Steve retaliates with Extrasensory and brings Roserade down to red.

16d 3h 17m Heracross takes a good chunk of Steve's health. Steve uses extrasensory and takes out Heracross! Steve levels up to 59!

16d 3h 17m Heracross up against Steve.

16d 3h 17m Also, sun is up.

16d 3h 17m Flareon lives two brines and takes out Empoleon with another Fire Fang.

16d 3h 16m Solareon uses Fire Fang and brings Empoleon to red.

16d 3h 16m Empoleon incoming!

16d 3h 16m Rapidash goes for the bounce, which does next to nothing. Solareon takes it out with Fire Fang!

16d 3h 15m Solareon rock smashes Rapidash and it does roughly 40%.

16d 3h 15m We switch out Steve for Solareon.

[Snark] And that's how you take down a Big Fat Snorlax

16d 3h 14m Bronzong uses one final extrasensory and finally takes out Pearl's Snorlax! Rapidash up.

16d 3h 14m Steve gets a faint attack in there and Snorlax hits itself in confusion!

16d 3h 13m More Extrasensory! With confuse ray thrown in there.

16d 3h 13m Steve brings Snorlax down to the red but Snorlax rests AGAIN.

16d 3h 12m Steve continues to go for the Extrasensory, each one does around 25%.

16d 3h 12m Steve hits with another extrasensory but Snorlax rests again.

16d 3h 12m Steve confuses Snorlax. Snorlax wakes up and hurts itself in confusion!

16d 3h 11m Steve continues to use extrasensory against Snorlax, bringing it down to orange.

16d 3h 11m Future Sight makes impact, but it had very little impact.

16d 3h 11m Snorlax lives two extrasensories and uses Rest!

16d 3h 10m Steve sets up a Future Sight as Snorlax crunches Steve.

16d 3h 10m Steve up!

16d 3h 10m Moonbat confuses Snorlax. Snorlax takes out Moonbat with another Body Slam.

16d 3h 9m Snorlax goes for the body slam but Moonbat lives!

16d 3h 9m Moonbat uses Air Slash against Snorlax which does next to nothing.

16d 3h 9m Snorlax out against Moonbat.

16d 3h 8m Staraptor hurts itself in confusion and Moonbat finishes it off with Air Slash!

16d 3h 7m Moonbat completely tanks a Close Combat and retaliates with Confuse Ray. Staraptor aerial aces Moonbat and Moonbat responds with Air Slash.

16d 3h 7m Solareon gets switched out for Moonbat.

16d 3h 7m Staraptor up against Flareon.

16d 3h 7m Rival battle re-engaged!

16d 3h 6m Snorlax uses Body Slam and knocks out Agent 006. Napoleon blacks out.

16d 3h 6m Superpower brings Snorlax to red.

16d 3h 5m Superpower incoming!

16d 3h 5m Agent 006 left. Both the rival and Napoleon are down to their last 'Mons.

16d 3h 4m Sunbrella hits herself in confusion and gets knocked out by Snorlax's Earthquake.

16d 3h 4m Snorlax up against Sunbrella. Sunbrella is only at 20%.

16d 3h 3m Heracross gets paraHAXed at a crucial moment! Sunbrella takes out Heracross with Petal Dance.

16d 3h 3m Sunbrella petal dances again but it's not quite enough to take out Heracross.

16d 3h 3m Heracross aerial aces Sunbrella. Petal dance incoming.

16d 3h 2m Sunbrella paralyzes Heracross.

16d 3h 2m Heracross comes in and we switch to Sunbrella. Uh oh.

16d 3h 2m Agent 006 up. She takes down Rapidash with Superpower.

16d 3h 2m Sunshine comes out and immediately gets OHKO'ed by Fire Blast.

16d 3h 1m Moonbat uses Air Slash and causes Rapidash to flinch! Only to die to burn.

16d 3h 0m Golbat just survived a stab, Sunny Day, Fire Blast from Rapidash.

16d 3h 0m Rapidash burns Moonbat.

16d 3h 0m Moonbat up! Rapidash sets up a Sunny Day.

16d 2h 59m Rapidash uses Fire Blast and knocks out Steve.

16d 2h 59m Steve wakes up before he could get knocked out and takes out Roserade! Rapidash up next.

16d 2h 58m Roserade puts Steve to sleep and then begins Shadow Balling.

16d 2h 57m Roserade up who almost gets OHKO'ed by Extrasensory.

16d 2h 57m Agent 006 uses Waterfall and knocks out Empoleon.

16d 2h 57m Out comes Moonbat, who immediately gets switched out for Agent 006.

16d 2h 56m Empoleon knocks out Solareon with brine.

16d 2h 56m Empoleon up next. Flareon uses Fire Fang and it does about 40%.

16d 2h 56m Flareon uses Fire Fang and wrecks Staraptor.

16d 2h 55m Flareon goes for the Rock Smash against Staraptor which does near nothing. Staraptor responds with a Close Combat, which takes 25%.

16d 2h 54m Pokemon Trainer Pearl would like to battle! Staraptor comes out against Solareon.

16d 2h 54m Rival battle engaged.

16d 2h 52m Healed our team. Also, checkpoint set.

16d 2h 51m Entered the Pokemon League!!! HYPE.

16d 2h 50m Up the Waterfall we go! POKEMON LEAGUE IN SIGHT.

16d 2h 49m Grass, oh how I've missed you.


16d 2h 49m EXIT IN SIGHT.

16d 2h 49m Massive B+Up spam being implemented right now!

16d 2h 48m Steve takes out Gabite. Dragon Tamer Clinton defeated!

16d 2h 47m Switched in Steve against Gabite.

16d 2h 47m Agent 006 uses Superpower and knocks out Swablu. Gabite up next.

16d 2h 46m Out comes a Swablu against Agent 006.

16d 2h 46m Agent 006 uses waterfall and OHKOs Gible.

16d 2h 46m Dragon Tamer Clinton wants to battle! Gible up against Agent 006.

16d 2h 46m Made it past the 2nd ledge on our first try!

16d 2h 45m Up against the 2nd ledge. Will we make it?

16d 2h 41m Used a Moomoo milk on Sunbrella! She only heals up to be a bit more than half though.

16d 2h 41m Agent 006 is only at 23%, Sunbrella is at 20%, Steve and Moonbat are at 100%. We have one trainer left to get through.

16d 2h 40m Out comes an Empoleon. Agent 006 OHKOs it with Superpower. Veteran Edgar defeated!

16d 2h 39m Agent 006 comes back out against Tangrowth and knocks it out.

16d 2h 39m Tangrowth takes out Sunshine.

16d 2h 37m Agent 006 took down Porygon-Z with some difficulty. Sunshine comes out against a Tangrowth.

16d 2h 37m Veteran Edgar would like to battle! Porygon-Z up against Agent 006.

16d 2h 36m Made it to the other side. We're on our final leg of Victory Road.

16d 2h 32m My bad, that wasn't a Psychic Trainer we just battled that was a Dragon Tamer.

16d 2h 32m We switch in Agent 006 against Gabite who then uses Superpower and takes out Gabite.

16d 2h 31m Altaria knocks itself out in confusion from Steve's Confuse Ray. Out comes a Gabite.

16d 2h 31m We switch in Steve as Altaria begins dragon dancing.

16d 2h 30m Up against another Psychic trainer. Altaria comes out against Agent 006.

16d 2h 29m Made it up the waterfall!

16d 2h 28m Here's the map again

16d 2h 27m Out comes a Dusknoir who goes down in the first turn. Psychic Valencia defeated.

16d 2h 26m Sunbrella takes out Absol with some difficulty. She's down to 32HP.

16d 2h 26m Clutch poison point!

16d 2h 25m Chimecho got curbstomped. Switched out Agent 006 for Sunbrella against Absol.

16d 2h 24m Psychic Valencia would like to battle! Chimecho against Agent 006.

16d 2h 24m Water! Oh, what a beautiful sight.

16d 2h 21m Sent in Sunbrella, who then proceeds to wreck Machamp. Karate guy defeated!

16d 2h 21m Switched out Agent 006 for Sunshine.

16d 2h 20m Battle against Karate guy! Machamp versus Agent 006.

16d 2h 19m Graveler just came along, used explosion and took down Solareon. Lulz jk, guys. Full team intact minus Flareon.


16d 2h 14m Cleared all three boulder puzzles, onto the ledge.

16d 2h 5m Back to the boulder puzzles!

16d 2h 2m Napoleon, Star Ledge Jumping Olympian. He nails the landing without realizing what he's just done.

16d 1h 58m Used Moomoo milk on Solareon! He's back at full.

16d 1h 58m We're still very cautiously trying to rock climb down without jumping the ledge.

16d 1h 57m Solareon down to 48%. Everyone else is still at full.

16d 1h 50m Ledge intensifies

16d 1h 50m Last boulder puzzle cleared.

16d 1h 45m 2/3 boulder puzzles cleared. 1 more to go!

16d 1h 39m First boulder puzzle down. Two more to go.

16d 1h 32m Fell down the ledge. Time to do everything over.

16d 1h 27m Passed the third boulder puzzle. Onto the ledge.

[Status] Everyone on our team is still at full.

16d 1h 24m Cleared the 1st and 2nd puzzle!

16d 1h 4m Back in Victory Road. Solareon leads the team again.

[Snark] Nope.

16d 1h 2m Moonbat gets immediately wiped out by a wild Rhyhorn. Napoleon blacks out.

16d 1h 2m WE MADE IT PAST THE LEDGE. HYPE HYPE HYPE. But can we actually make it through the rest of Victory Road with just Moonbat?

16d 0h 50m Third boulder puzzle cleared! Champion Ledge left.

16d 0h 46m Cleared the 2nd puzzle

16d 0h 41m First boulder puzzle cleared.

16d 0h 36m Steve faints from using Struggle! Only Moonbat left with 95%.

16d 0h 33m We healed up Steve back to full with Moomoo milk.

16d 0h 33m Bronzong out of PP and started Struggling!

16d 0h 28m Steve is out of PP for Extrasensory. Steve only has 2PP in Future Sight and 2PP in Faint Attack left.

16d 0h 18m AAAAAAAND WE SUCCESSFULLY jumped down the ledge. gg guys. Gotta go through everything again.

16d 0h 18m We're near the ledge. Here we go. Moment of truth!

16d 0h 16m Steve out of PP for Confuse Ray.

16d 0h 15m Correction: Moonbat back to 95% not full.

16d 0h 13m Moonbat was sent out to battle earlier and took massive damage. However, we just healed him back to full with a Moomoo milk.

16d 0h 12m Used a Moomoo milk on Steve. Steve is back at full health!

16d 0h 11m Steve leveled up to 58!

16d 0h 8m Third boulder puzzle cleared!

16d 0h 2m 2nd boulder puzzle cleared!

16d 0h 0m Cleared the first puzzle. Onto the real challenge AKA 2nd boulder puzzle.

15d 23h 59m Back at the first boulder puzzle!

[Bag] 14 Moomoo Milks remain.

15d 23h 35m Used yet another Moomoo Milk. Steve is back at full.

15d 23h 32m Bronzor healed to 130/167 with a Moomoo milk!

[Status] Bronzong is at 53%, Paralyzed, and only has 6PP left for Extrasensory.

15d 23h 16m Napoleon vs Ledge. Ledge OHKOs Napoleon and sends him down! Gotta redo everything over again now.

15d 23h 14m Steve was at 40-something-percent but we used a Moomoo milk and healed Steve back to full!

15d 23h 1m Steve tanks an explosion from a wild Graveler like a boss. Steve levels up to 57!

15d 22h 57m Used Moomoo Milk on Steve during a wild Pokemon battle. Steve is back to 92%!

15d 22h 55m Steve is back down to 37% and still paralyzed. We're a bit more than half way done with Victory Road.

[Snark] Wow guys, I guess all that milking we did along the way really paid off.

15d 22h 48m Used two Moomoo milks on Steve and brought him back to full.

15d 22h 47m Cleared the final boulder! Now for our next challenge: ledge.

15d 22h 46m After a difficult battle against a wild Magneton, Steve is back down to 33%.

15d 22h 41m Used a Moomoo milk on Steve! Steve is back to 158/165HP.

15d 22h 37m Steve also became paralyzed.

15d 22h 37m 1ST AND 2ND PUZZLE CLEARED! One more to go!

15d 22h 33m Caught a female, Onix. Nickname is 0E00oo0ecy.

15d 22h 18m Back to puzzle #1!

15d 22h 15m Steve is now only at 40%. Moonbat is still at 100% but we haven't made any progress with Victory Road.

15d 21h 57m Second puzzle ruined. This is not teh urn. We will now need to back track again to reset the puzzle.

[Status] Steve now leads the team with 100%, Moonbat is also at 100%. Everyone else has fainted.

15d 21h 50m Sunbrella goes down to a wild Graveler!

[Stadium] In case you were wondering, team Caterpie lost. There goes my 100 Pokedollars.

15d 21h 49m Caught a Graveler! 41, male, no nickname.

15d 21h 47m Smashed a rock, heading to the first puzzle.

15d 21h 44m Chucking balls at a Steelix (31 left). Sunbrella's in the red.

15d 21h 41m We've reset the puzzles, are are working our way through the strength puzzles. (Map|Source)

15d 21h 40m [Stadium] Forretress, Furret, and Growlithe are favoured 15:1 over Girafarig, Metapod, and Caterpie.

[Chat] Some people are praising our new Steelix as "lord Steelix", while others are focusing on her gender, calling her "Sheelix".

15d 21h 33m We failed the second strength puzzle and are back-tracking to staircase A to reset. (Map|Source)

15d 21h 32m Shinx faints to a Graveler's Explosion!

15d 21h 27m 38 Balls left.

[Chat] (555) 555-5555 hello this is 5nake

15d 21h 20m Finally caught a Steelix! Level 42, female, nickname: "5555555555."

15d 21h 18m We've gone up staircase A and are at the first strength puzzle. (Map|Source)

[Recap] 15d 21h 13m Flareon and Bibarel are down, Shinx is at 30%, and the rest of the team is at full health.

15d 21h 11m We made it past the ledges and are on our way to staircase A. (Map|Source)

15d 21h 8m Bibarel faints to wild Golbat. 45 balls left.

15d 21h 1m Total ledge count: 3

15d 20h 57m Off the platforms, past the ledges, down the left ledge.

15d 20h 43m Napoleon climbed the rock wall again, we're back on track. These ledges are killer.

15d 20h 40m Back to Bibarel. Superpower OHKOs Gardevoir, trainer defeated.

15d 20h 38m We send in Shinx against Bryce's Gengar. Shinx KOs Gengar but drops to about 30% health.

15d 20h 34m Fighting Psychic Bryce and his Haunter. Bibarel OHKOs with Waterfall.

15d 20h 32m Bad news: We jumped a ledge. Good news: Picked up TM41 Torment!

15d 20h 25m We've dropped down the next rock wall and are moving towards staircase A. (Map|Source)

15d 20h 18m Rock wall climbed, back on track now.

[Fluff] 15d 20h 13m Napoleon is standing by the lower ledge, trying to climb over it.

15d 20h 6m Caught a Graveler, level 42, male, nickname: "AG_XOA".

15d 20h 4m Bibarel grew to level 62! It failed to evolve into Mega Bibarel.

15d 20h 2m Caught a Graveler! Level 40, Male, nickname: "GOG"

15d 19h 58m We're wandering around the rock climb wall.

[Fluff] After jumping back to square one, Napoleon just wants to look at his badges and rummage through his bag.

15d 19h 48m Jumped another ledge. We're near the south wall now.

15d 19h 44m We jumped the ledge again. Back to staircase A. (Map|Source)

[Chat] Amid rumors that Google is buying Twitch, the chat is fillled with jokes that Google wants to own TPP. "[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] Google wants to diversify its donger portfolio [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]"

15d 19h 37m We went down staircase B and are approaching the new ledge of doom. (Map|Source)

15d 19h 36m Ran from Steelix, met another Steelix, threw a ball at it, then ran. 58 balls left.

15d 19h 35m [Stats] And another. Ball count: 59

15d 19h 33m Cleared the second strength puzzle, then wasted a ball on a Steelix.

15d 19h 32m Caught a Graveler! Level 41, Female, no nickname.

[Map] For those who may be just joining us, we're on our way to Staircase B towards the bottom right.

15d 19h 28m Made it through! On to the next one.

15d 19h 26m Successfully navigated back to strength puzzle #2.

15d 19h 25m Flareon knocked out while we were trying to catch a wild Steelix.

15d 19h 17m Graveler caught! Male, Level 41, nickname "252502522H".

[Snark] "Would you like to use Rock Smash?" Nah, we're good.

15d 19h 10m Successfully left the second floor and re-entered.

[Snark] In the meantime between boulder resets, we're drawing lovely pictures as always.

[Further info] Apparently the asterisk is a sun, as well. More glory to the sun team!

[Info] There's a space between the 5 and asterisk, by the way.

15d 18h 59m Caught a Magneton! Level 43, nicknamed 15 *.

15d 18h 56m Napoleon is still trying to fix the second puzzle.

15d 18h 51m Made it to the second puzzle... and pushed the boulder in the way of progress. Reset time!

15d 18h 47m Made our way to the first strength puzzle.

15d 18h 41m Flareon is now paralyzed.

[Info] Down to 84 Pokeballs.

15d 18h 39m Slowly but surely making our way to Staircase A.

15d 18h 32m Also, we picked up a Rare Candy earlier while walking around in Victory Road. So that's fun.

15d 18h 27m Wasted another Pokeball on a Rhyhorn before running away.

15d 18h 23m A wild Graveler used Explosion and knocked out Bibarel. Blacked out!

15d 18h 1m Making our way toward staircase A. (Map|Source)

15d 17h 57m We went down staircase B, Rock Climbed down, then hopped the ledge. (Map|Source)

[Info] Down to 93 Poké Balls

15d 17h 53m Wasted a Poke Ball on a wild Rhydon.

[Chat] People are calling out the twitch usernames who spammed B during the evolution. To protect the innocent, these people will go unnamed.

15d 17h 49m The evolution went for a surprisingly long time, actually. This has only intensified the riots.

15d 17h 47m Golbat does not evolve, as per usual.

15d 17h 47m Bibarel comes in and Superpowers. Trainer defeated.

15d 17h 46m Lickylicky comes in, and KOs Golbat with Slam.

[Chat] "aerial riot Kreygasm"

15d 17h 43m In a rare moment of insight, Napoleon uses a Moomoo Milk to heal Golbat. Golbat takes out Staraptor and levels to 51, learning Air Slash over Aerial Ace.

15d 17h 42m We go to Golbat, then Shinx. Shinx faints to Clayton's Staraptor.

15d 17h 40m Veteran Clayton sends out Staraptor.

15d 17h 40m We broke the strength puzzle and walk into a trainer.

15d 17h 35m [Recap] Bibarel is now out in front in good health. Shinx is paralyzed but healthy and Golbat is around 40%.

15d 17h 34m Golbat takes out Torterra, trainer defeated.

15d 17h 33m Flareon takes out Clefable, but faint's to Torterra's Earthquake.

15d 17h 31m Fighting Ace Trainer Sydney and her Clefable.

15d 17h 30m Flareon KOs said Gabite and grows to level 69.

15d 17h 29m We encounter a Gabite, chat cries for us to catch it.

15d 17h 24m Bibarel comes in and cleans up with Waterfall. Bibarel to Level 61, Trainer defeated.

15d 17h 23m Sunbrella down to Mothim's Psychic.

15d 17h 23m Mothim comes in, and Sunbrella hits itself in confusion.

15d 17h 22m We switch in Sunbrella, who takes out Omar's Rampardos with Petal Dance.

15d 17h 20m Fighting Ace Trainer Omar. Flareon's Fire Blast OHKOs his Mamoswine.

15d 17h 19m Shinx was paralyzed by a DragonBreath from a wild Steelix. Also, we cleared the first strength "puzzle".

[Info] Down to 25 Moomoo Milk.

15d 17h 16m We've gone up the first staircase and are at the strength puzzle south of Door A. Map

15d 17h 14m Fighting a wild Steelix. We miss with a Poke Ball and run.

[Stadium] Pidgeotto and Magikarp defeat Entei and Nidoking. Have faith in Bird Jesus.

15d 17h 8m Bronzong fainted! Sunbrella comes in and beats Magnezone, trainer defeated.

15d 17h 7m Mariah sends out a Magnezone. Time for a robot battle.

15d 17h 6m Bronzong raised to level 56!

15d 17h 6m Bronzong out vs. Glalie.

15d 17h 5m Ace Trainer Mariah sends out a Blissey. Flareon OKHOs with Strength.

15d 17h 2m Flareon leads, and keeps running away from wild Pokemon.

15d 17h 0m Back in Victory Road

[Recap] Bronzong flinched to the Ace Trainer's Noctowl twice and was downed by an Extrasensory.

15d 16h 56m Bronzong fainted! Whited out!

15d 16h 55m Fighting an Ace Trainer.

Here's a Victory Road map, courtesy of /u/VikingNipples.

15d 16h 49m Sorry I missed some stuff on the Onix. Twitch chat says it was a level 41 male.

[Pun] That was onixpected.

15d 16h 45m Caught Onix with an Ultra Ball. No nickname.

15d 16h 43m Bibarel fainted! Also, we wasted a ball on a Rhyhorn, which then KO'd Bibarel.

15d 16h 40m Entered Victory Road

Hi people, I'm one of the new updaters. You might know me from the subreddit or the various IRC streams. So, here goes.

15d 16h 38m We are now out of the pokemon center.

15d 16h 32m Still attempting to heal.

15d 16h 21m We are nw inside the pokemon center near the victory road. Currently we are trying to heal our team before venturing there.

15d 16h 21m We battle our way to Victory Road!! Checkpointed at the Center

15d 16h 20m Golbat Fainted!

15d 16h 1m We take down that Gastrodon and now face his Machoke, which we kill with a Rock Climb and Waterfall. Zachariah defeated! We get £1408 for it too

15d 16h 1m Sailor Zachariah engaged! We take down his Tentacool and at the moment it is Bibarel v Gastrodon

15d 15h 52m Shinx takes down both of them with a Discharge!! Colton and Paige defeated! We rob them of £1392

15d 15h 50m They send out a Pelipper. We derp around

15d 15h 48m Biberal swapped out for Shinx! We take down the Octillery and Bronzong levels up to 55!

15d 15h 46m They send out a Golduck. We switch Shinx out for Bronzong

15d 15h 45m Colton sends out an Octillery, which we try to catch again. Shinx Thunderbotls that Marill to death

15d 15h 44m Swimmer Colton and Swimmer Paige take us on with a Marrill and a Wingull against Shinx and Bibarel. Annnd we try to catch their Wingull

15d 15h 43m We take down his next Mantyke and beat his swimmer ass

15d 15h 41m He also takes down the Remoraid

15d 15h 41m We send out Golbat who takes down that Mantine

15d 15h 40m Flareon down!*

15d 15h 38m AAAnnndd we try to catch his Mantyke...

15d 15h 38m We try to catch a wild Mantyke but fail. Also we challenge Swimmer Oscar Wilde

15d 15h 36m Flareon is poisoned by a wid Tentacruel!

15d 15h 34m Used a MooMoo Milk on Bibarel again. Greedy beaver!

15d 15h 32m We use Strength to take down that Azumarill and got £608 for our trouble. Swimmer Aubrey Plaza defeated!

15d 15h 31m MooMoo Milk all round! Bibarel and Flareon both have a drink. Also the foe is down to like 10HP

15d 15h 29m It's Flareon v Azumarill. We use a MooMoo Milk to heal!

15d 15h 27m We take on Swimmer Aubrey who has....a Bibarel and an Azumarill. Of course she does

15d 15h 26m Surfing north of Sunyshore!

15d 15h 14m Judging by the inputs and the chat, we are indeed heading to Victory Road, not the Day Care. We are in Sunyshore and its absurd solar panel walkways

15d 15h 11m We re-enter Route 222, observe the Holy Honey Tree and then head back into the building to Sunyshore

15d 15h 5m I , along with many others, have no idea what the plan is/will be. More news when we have it

15d 15h 0m The chat seems to be discussing what to do now... something I'm not fully understanding

15d 14h 59m Sunyshore drags us back to its....sunny shores

15d 14h 58m Battlin' some Tentacruel

15d 14h 51m Surf's up! Next stop: Victory Road!

[Recap] Yes, we taught Bibarel waterfall!

15d 14h 41m Waterfall booted up and Bibarel taught Waterfall!

15d 14h 37m In case you're wondering, we still haven't taught Bibarel Waterfall

[Recap] Here's a video of the entire Volkner fight complete with commands and chat. Credit goes to /u/Erassus.

15d 14h 13m Used our last rare candy on Flareon again, taking him to Level 68.

15d 14h 9m Used a Rare Candy on Flareon, promoting him to level 67.

15d 14h 8m God knows what the inputs are doing. There are B commands cancelling out every time we try to open the menu, so it looks like we're stuck in Sunyshore for a while. At least it has good music!

[Recap] Oh hey, I'm somehow an updater now. Anyway, I did an after-the-fact recap on the Volkner battle. Click here to read it. PM me if I got something wrong.

15d 13h 56m We flirt with some HM's and VERY NEARLY teach Bronzong Strength

15d 13h 48m We are attempting to teach Bibarel Waterfall to try to progress.

Received the Beacon Badge and TM57 Charge Beam at 15d 12h 57m

[Video Recap] Shoutout to /u/Calabazal for the days 11/12/13/14/15 recap video! You can watch it here

15d 13h 30m Used a rare candy on Sunshine. Sunshine levels up to 59 and does not evolve! Well there goes our element of surprise.

15d 13h 29m Used a rare candy. Agent 006 levels up to 60!

15d 13h 29m Currently digging around our start menu. We're attempting to teach Waterfall to Agent 006.

15d 13h 27m Switched around Sunshine's moveset as well. From top going across to bottom going across: Return, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Roar.

15d 13h 26m Switched around Solareon's moveset. From top going across to bottom going across: Fire Fang, Fire Blast, Strength, Rock Smash.

15d 13h 23m Threw away 1 Zinc.

15d 13h 22m Replaced Bibarel's EXPShare with TM57.

15d 13h 18m Obtained HM07 Waterfall from Jasmine.

15d 13h 17m Encountered Jasmine north of Sunyshore!

Sorry we didn't have anyone online to update during the battle. Reminder that the updating team is just a group of people who volunteer their time to do this. But anyways, you can catch the battle once the recap video goes up. We'll link you to that once we get it.

15d 13h 13m We beat Volkner already. Eight gym badges obtained.

15d 13h 11m We exited the gym.

15d 13h 10m Still have yet to make it to Volkner.

15d:12h:20m Napoleon makes it to the second area.

15d:12h:12m Still haven't left the first room. Don't expect many updates.

15d:12h:01m Napoleon finally makes it back to the gym. This might take a while.

15d:11h:56m back up and running, Napoleon makes his way back to the gym.

15d:11h:48m Amazingly, another Moomoo milk is used, but Electivire's Fire Punch attack is too much for Bronzong, and Bronzong faints. Roserade is sent out and also gets a Fire punch to the face, making Roserade faint. With no more pokemon, *Napoleon blacks out**.

15h:11h:46m Bronzong takes multiple Fire Fang attacks from the Luxray but defeats it with 17 health to spare. Electivire is sent out and Napoleon, always looking out for his team, uses a Moomoo milk on Bronzong to regain his health.

15d:11h:44m Napoleon begins the battle with Volkner. Roserade nearly one-hit KOs the Jolteon but Volkner uses a Hyper Potion. It doesn't matter however, and Roserade takes it down two moves later. Luxray is sent out and Roserade is swapped with Bronzong.

15d:11h:42m With the puzzle finally complete, Napoleon heads to the gym leader with only Brozong and Roserade.

15d:11h:37m after much bumbling around, napoleon runs into another trainer. Roserade makes short work of the Electabuzz and following magneton. Roserade levels up to 62.

15d:11h:32m Cue trainer battle. Bronzong makes short work of the two Luxio.

15d 11h 29m: Raichu comes out. Fire fang misses. Raichu uses dig and Flareon endures a critical hit. 51 left but then OHKOs Raichu with a critical hit as well. Trainer defeated.

15d 11h 28m: Another trainer. Flareon takes care of Electabuzz with strength, but gets paralyzed due to Static.

15d 11h 26m: Fire Fangd! Trainer defeated!

15d 11h 25m: Another battle in the 3rd room. Raichu vs Flareon.

15d 11h 24m: Last Pikachu faints and trainer defeated. Second room cleared.

15d 11h 23m: One last Pikachu comes in vs Golbat. Discharge and Golbat faints.

15d 11h 22m: Pikachu faints to Flareon who got switched in. Another Pikachu comes in and also faints to fire fang. One left.

15d 11h 20m: Another Pikachu comes out and we switch Golbat in for it. Golbat has only 17hp.

15d 11h 19m: Another fight. Pikachu vs Flareon. Rock smash OHKOs it!

15d 11h 19m: Oh and yes, trainer defeated. Up we go, another trainer left to finish the room.

15d 11h 18m: Strength OHKOs Luxio. Oddly enough, there was also a Flareon fighting in Stadium at the same time. :O

15d 11h 17m: Oh my bad, there was another Fire Blast and was used to finish Luxio. Another Luxio is coming out.

15d 11h 17m: Oh and yeah, no more Fire blast PPs. Rock smash instead almost OHKOs Luxio.

15d 11h 16m: Magnemite first! FIREBLAST! Luxio then afterwards.

15d 11h 16m: Ok here we go, no harm done, we get it back into position and we battle a trainer!

15d 11h 15m: We overshoot and move the grind too far now. So close to do it in the first try!

15d 11h 14m: Awesome! We moved the other two gears perfectly and we can now advance to the next room! We just need to... uh... get there.

15d 11h 13m: Trainer uses x speed. Thats not gonna help you man. Fireblast OHKOs Magneton and Trainer defeated!

15d 11h 13m: Another trainer challenges us! Magneton vs Flareon.

15d 11h 12m: One gear moved to the right position. We need to move two more gears once each.

15d 11h 10m: We are in the second room now. This really grinds our gears...

[Snark] "Can you make it to the gym leader?" Shut up punk!

15d 11h 9m: And one strength later trainer defeated. Flareon is now level 66.

15d 11h 8m: Discharge leaves Bibarel with 48. Then a second one hits and Bibarel faints. Flareon comes out.

15d 11h 7m: Bibarel uses superpower vs Pachirisu. No more PPs left though. Trainer heals it with potions.

15d 11h 7m: We did it this time! On we go to the next room but first we fight a trainer!

15d 11h 6m: Uh... Make it x4 guys.

15d 11h 5m: Ok, same problem. x3

15d 11h 4m: We did it! But went to the wrong direction. We are going to have to spin it a few more times then...

15d 11h 3m: One gear moved to the right position. Now we just need to move the one on the left...

15d 11h 2m: Nqpppnl leaves the Gym in frustration. "Volkner just come to me!" Gym reentered.

15d 11h 1m: Take off your shoes guys, we're gonna be here a while.

15d 11h 0m: Flint moves and We enter the gym!.

[Snark] "Remember what you have to do hotshot". Ye, punch anyone who calls me hotshot.

15d 10h 58m: There we go! We are near the Gym now. This redhair guy guards the door. "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 10h 56m: House exited. We are going to try to get to the Gym this time it seems.

15d 10h 54m: We talk to this girl on the house and no ribbons. Tomorrow we have to go there to talk to her to start getting ribbons. Yay...

[Meta] Lots of people want to go to the house with the Ribbons. Right vs left currently.

[Snark] Nqpppnl starts screaming "I told you to take me with you Volkner! I told you!!!!"

[Information] The gym is to the left, the Pokemon Center is down and then left. Place your bets guys, place your bets.

[Snark] Overshooting! Overshooting for everybody!

15d 10h 43m: Looks like the gym is the popular Choice.

[Meta] Hivemind is split between healing and going direclty to the gym. Dumdumduuuuuuuuuuuuuum.

15d 10h 40m: We did it this time! We are out of the lighthouse! "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 10h 38m: Elevator once more. Twice for good measure. Back up. WEEEEEEEEEEE!

15d 10h 36m: We get out of the Lighthouse... then up again. The views are just too good here!

[Correction] Yes, I know the last part is wrong with the whole "I want to have battles that can I’m going to unleash everything in my arsenal on you." I tried my best u.U'

[Recap] "So, you’re the latest challenger up against the Sunyshore Gym... I’m all done with renovating the Gym, so I don’t need to be here. More than anything, I want to have battles that can I’m going to unleash everything in my arsenal on you."

[Pun] Gotta shock him outta that funk with an electrifying battle.

15d 10h 32m: There we go, we talk to Volkner and he leaves. Can't you just... take us with you? It's faster that way!

15d 10h 31m: We can't manage to talk to Mr. "I'm bored because I'm too powerful".

15d 10h 28m: We go up and manage not to go down once more! "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

[Snark] Oh and meanwhile: "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 10h 27m: Back up, back down. I'm seeing a trend here.

15d 10h 26m: We enter the lighthouse, then exit it immediately. Good visit.

15d 10h 25m: We go to the platform that goes on top of Sunyshore. Oh look! A lighthouse!

15d 10h 21m: We exit the Pokecenter without healing. Volkner is in the Lighthouse currently. What's boring about that?!

15d 10h 20m: We checkpoint in Sunyshore City. That was quick.

15d 10h 19m: Volkner's been bored lately, we need to give him a good show so that he doesnt lose his will to leave. #emo

15d 10h 18m: This is it, we finish route 222 and... We arrive at Sunyshore City!!!!

15d 10h 17m: Body slam twice and Aerial ace finishes Gastrodon. Golbat has 17 hp left. Trainer defeated.

15d 10h 17m: Hidden power proves way less effective. Aerial Ace doesn't do that well either.

15d 10h 16m: We switch Golbat in for Flareon. Muddy water hits.

15d 10h 15m: Fire Fang OHKOs Machoke. Gastrodon next.

15d 10h 15m: Quick attack barely tickles Bibarel. Headbutt OHKOs Wingull. Flareon then up vs Machoke.

15d 10h 15m: A sailor challenges Nqpppnl. Wingull vs Bibarel.

15d 10h 13m: We did it! We got out of the Pikachu Fan Club! Back in route 222.

[Snark] So that means there were only 5 Pikachu in the room... Good luck beating the E4 with just 5 Pikachu Pal.

15d 10h 9m: We send Flareon against that Pikachu. Fire blast OHKOs it and Trainer defeated!

15d 10h 8m: Superpower OHKOs Pikachu. Trainer sends a second Pikachu.

15d 10h 8m: We use milk on Bibarel. We have 39 Milks left. Bibarel has 143 hp.

15d 10h 7m: :O One of the Pikachu was a trainer! He sends a Pikachu (!) Vs Bibarel. Ninja'd.

15d 10h 6m: We exited! Only to enter again a second later. "So this is a Pikachu Fan Club you say?"

15d 10h 5m: Nqpppnl finally finds a way out of that trap. More Pikachu blocks and we are back at the same spot...

15d 10h 4m: Pikachu and the man try to block our way out. They have trapped Nqpppnl against the Tv.

15d 10h 0m: Nqpppnl enjoys his moment of fame in the TV. He then brags about it to the Pikachu Fan Club owner.

15d 9h 58m: There we go, we enter it. Its one man and 6 Pikachu. YAY!

15d 9h 57m: Nqpppnl wants to enter the Pikachu Fan Club. "I must have it".

15d 9h 54m: Flareon, slayer of rocks, gets us out of a nasty corner. Thanks pal.

15d 9h 53m: We enter the beach part of route 222. Right is the word.

15d 9h 50m: We enter route 222.

15d 9h 48m: On other news, Bibarel is paralyzed and only has around 43 hp left.

15d 9h 46m: We get out of Valor Lake and we enter to Valor Lakefront

15d 9h 43m: We exit the cave. Meanwhile, the Chat demands a sacrifice for running away.

[Meta] Chat is RIOTing now. A lot.

[Snark] "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 9h 41m: Nqpppnl keeps using Pokeballs. Azelf keeps using Uproar and... We run away from the battle!

15d 9h 40m: Another pokeball! 100 left. Azelf keeps using uproar.

15d 9h 40m: We use a Pokeball but nope! It did not work.

15d 9h 39m: Azelf challenged. Bibarel is paralyzed but in good form against it.

15d 9h 38m: Nqpppnl arrives to Azelf's island. Valor Cavern entered.

15d 9h 37m: Level 26 male Psyduck captured!. Nqpppnl calls it "0"

15d 9h 34m: We warm up our attempt at Azelf #2 by trying to catch a wild Psyduck. We have 104 Pokeballs left.

15d 9h 33m: Lake Valor entered once more! It's so peaceful in here.

15d 9h 30m: We then walk back to Valor Lakefront.

15d 9h 29m: Bibarel reaches level 59. Another Wild Electabuzz was her prey.

15d 9h 28m: We get to route 222. A wild Electabuzz jumps in vs Bibarel. Rock climb OHKOs it.

15d 9h 26m: We exit through the backdoor and arrive at Valor Lakefront!

15d 9h 24m: We enter the Hotel.

[Information] Since we did enter the Pokemon Center, we checkpointed in Pastoria City. I wasn't sure if entering was enough but apparently it is. Way to go team!

15d 9h 19m: After walking in the rain through a swamp, Nqpppnl decides to walk in the sand. I'm surprised he can still walk.

[Information] We currently have 108 pokeballs left.

15d 9h 17m: We also capture a level 23 male Buizel. No Nickname given.

15d 9h 15m: And he did! A lvl 26 female Wingull captured. No nickname given.

15d 9h 15m: Nqpppnl encounters a wild Wingull. "I must have it!" He says.

15d 9h 14m: We arrive at route 213.

15d 9h 11m: Hivemind decides not to go to the Pokemon Center to checkpoint. Something about it being "too risky" or whatever.

15d 9h 10m: We exit it once again. That was a nice visit to the Pokemon Center. Nice and short.

15d 9h 9m: Pokemon Center entered and we go to the right of the PC.

15d 9h 9m: B+right vs b+left. People want to avoid PC at all costs.

15d 9h 7m: We are near the Poke Center. The chat explodes with screams asking to checkpoint there.

15d 9h 6m: Gym exited. Bye Wake!

[Meta] There's some talk in the chat about whether to go to Sunyshore or to Lake Valor.

15d 9h 4m: We enter the gym! It hasn't changed at all, to be honest.

15d 9h 3m: Out once more. "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 9h 2m: Nqpppnl enters a random house. A Psyduck watches alarm as He stumbles trying to find the exit.

15d 8h 59m: Pastoria City arrived. Finally we came out of that god forsaken route!

15d 8h 58m: Swamp finished and we are almost done with route 212.

15d 8h 56m: Nqpppnl goes through the swamp. He should really take a bath after this.

15d 8h 55m: We finish the bridge. Trainers keep getting on our way to Pastoria!

15d 8h 53m: Time for route 212's bridge! We are halfway to Pastoria.

15d 8h 52m: Shinx finally faints to a wild Shellos.. Bibarel leads the pack now.

15d 8h 50m: We have around 110 Pokeballs left. These ones are not that easy to capture with those :/.

15d 8h 48m: A couple of return save the day for Shinx. That was close!

15d 8h 47m: Whats up with Quagsire and Shinx! Thunderbolt has no PPs left and Quagsire leaves Shinx with just 16 hp.

15d 8h 45m: We came out of it. Hurray! \o/.

15d 8h 44m: A wild Quagsire left Shinx with just 40 hp. We are really close to exiting this tree maze.

15d 8h 42m: Nqpppnl keeps zigzagging through route 212. Those trees won't move y'all.

15d 8h 39m: We are finally out of those corners. We are slowly making our way through this maze.

[Snark] Corners intensify. "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 8h 34m: Milk used once more in Shinx. She needs to grow.

[Snark] Too bad Cut can't get rid of these trees. They just don't let us progress!

15d 8h 33m: Wild Pokemon keep greeting us. We are going to the same corner the whole time. The. Whole. Time.

15d 8h 27m: Milk used on Shinx. Yummy!

15d 8h 25m: We enter the swamp part of route 212. Rain greets Nqpppnl.

15d 8h 24m: We attempt to catch a wild Marill. We have 120 pokeballs left. Also just 5 PPs for Thunderbolt.

15d 8h 23m: We keep going down through route 212. Grass entered. Oh check it out its a Kirlia!

15d 8h 15m: Route 212 reached! Too bad we did not have any egg to hatch today, we just walked over half of Sinnoh.

15d 8h 13m: We arrive at Hearthome City! "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 8h 11m: Nqpppnl is comfortable in the grass. So comfy he doesn't want to exit it. No matter how close he is to the exit.

15d 8h 8m: Shinx bullies her way through route 208. We are close to exiting it.

15d 8h 4m: We exit Mt. Coronet and enter route 208! Hurray!

15d 8h 1m: We use surf. No more Biking hype guys :(

15d 7h 56m: Nqpppnl enters Mt. Coronet. "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 7h 54m: We get to the other side of route 206. Biking makes things so much faster :O. Route 207 entered!

15d 7h 53m: Aerial ace OHKOs Shinx. Cyclist Ryan defeated.

15d 7h 52m: And we switch Golbat for Flareon. Spark is super effective!

[Snark] Nqpppnl is so considerate, he changed Shinx so that I didnt have to clarify enem Shinx the whole time... ^

15d 7h 51m: No worries! Another trainer challenges us! Shinx vs Enem Shinx. We switch Flareon to make my job easier.

15d 7h 50m: and... that was it? Trainer defeated? Great, I guess... :/

15d 7h 49m: Staravia vs Shinx. We apparently can't run away. Thunderbolt takes care of it.

15d 7h 49m: We enter route 206. There are still trainers here! Time to battle, Shinx.

15d 7h 47m: We exit the gym. Also, we start riding the bike. That guy was right, it is fun.

15d 7h 44m: We enter Eterna's Gym. Gardenia! I told you I'd be Back ò_ó.

[Snark] "It feels great riding a Bike with the wind in your face, doesn’t it?". I'm sorry, bike?

15d 7h 39m: Eterna City entered! Hello mud!

[Snark] You won't let me go through?! No problem! Bibarel uses surf and dodges the trainer. You are truly a genious Nqpppnl.

15d 7h 36m: We enter once again route 205, currently at the last bridge before Eterna City. Fishermen keep getting in our way.

15d 7h 36m: More Tree cutting! Take that Al Gore!

15d 7h 31m: Roserade not only cuts the plant, she makes it explode! Good luck growing back up!

15d 7h 31m: Eterna Forest entered! Boy this takes me back.

15d 7h 30m: We come out of the mountain section of route 205. "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 7h 25m: We arrive to the rocky part of route 205. Rock climbing is still useless against some of the small walls they have here.

15d 7h 23m: Now in Route 205. Those bridges don't look too safe.

15d 7h 21m: We come out of route 204 and enter Floaroma town!

15d 7h 5m: Nqpppnl finally accepts his defeat and moves away from the receptionist. One day...!

[Snark] Nqpppnl can't believe it and keeps asking the lady. "Are you sure we did not win?! Just check again please, just... check!"

15d 7h 4m: We entered the lottery building. We did not win anything though :(. "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 6h 59m: And we get back to Jubilife City. And we keep going down.

15d 6h 57m: We get out of the trap and advance through route 204. No fence is outsmarting us!

15d 6h 56m: We enter route 204 and get trapped by a fence. Yes. By a fence.

15d 6h 55m: Ok, this time we are really in Jubilife City. We have no time to waste so we just go all the way up.

15d 6h 54m: We arrive into Jubilife City! \o/. Then Immediately run into a corner. Not just any corner, one of those only one exit corners.

15d 6h 52m: Nqpppnl tries to advance but this trainer is on the way the whole time. "It was fun battling! Yup! I’m going to battle everyone!" Oh shut up!

15d 6h 51m: This route is proving much too difficult for Nqpppnl. The ledge does not like us.

[Meta] By the way, this just happened...

15d 6h 47m: We also capture a Bidoof lvl 3 male. We give it no name.

15d 6h 45m: We also catch a lvl 3 female Bidoof. A companion for Bibarel. We call it "20"

15d 6h 43m: I didn't quite exactly the nickname, it was 0 006*,,(umbrella?)~

15d 6h 41m: We let go of our frustration by catching a wild lvl 4 female Kricketot.

[Snark] But why Mesprit?! We just wanted to be your friends!!!!

15d 6h 39m: We use a Pokeball! It doesn't catch Mesprit. Mesprit ran away.

15d 6h 39m: Nqpppnl panicks and looks for items in the bag to heal our full healed party.

15d 6h 38m: We encounter a wild Mesprit!!!.

15d 6h 36m: We go down to sandgem town. And we keep goind down.

15d 6h 34m: Guess what! We jumped down one of the ledges to get back to the beginning of route 202! #classictpp

15d 6h 31m: Onwards we walk. Ledges are the only thing slowing our advance at this point. Because apparently we can't just climb them. You are useless rock climb.

15d 6h 27m: Nqpppnl is not wasting any time. Well, maybe just a little, but tppwise not much!

15d 6h 25m: We arrive at Sandgem town. We get back on track to route 202.

15d 6h 22m: We use moomoo milk on Shinx to heal 2hp.

15d 6h 21m: In route 201 currently. Apparently Pokemon lurk in the grass...

[Marker Map] Mesprit's right on Route 201. Must be waiting there to apologise for its sibling's total curbstomp.

15d 6h 15m Well, we're back home now with Mum. And out of money. Eh, let's just take some naps.

15d 6h 15m Sweet Jesus, did Azelf just mug Napoleon's 1773 dollars?

15d 6h 15m Napoleon blacks out and wakes up in Twinleaf Town!

15d 6h 14m Sunbrella at 7 HP. A Pokeball is thrown. One final Uproar takes her down!

15d 6h 14m Sunbrella is out! Her Stun Spore misses.

15d 6h 13m Only member on our team now is Sunbrella. We're having difficulties getting her out onto the field.

15d 6h 12m Solaireon faints.

15d 6h 12m The amount of Nasty Plots that Azelf has used has made it quite deadly.

15d 6h 11m Solaireon is sent out.

15d 6h 10m Napoleon can't escape, no matter how hard he tries.

15d 6h 10m I honestly lost track of the amount of balls used. Also, Moonbat fainted.

15d 6h 9m Steve faints.

15d 6h 9m Azelf has a catch rate of 3, meaning there's an 0.4% chance of catching it at full health with a Pokeball.

15d 6h 8m Balls used: 9

15d 6h 8m One Moo Moo Milk used on Steve.

15d 6h 7m Eight balls have been used.

15d 6h 7m Ball usage x7 (140 balls left.)

15d 6h 7m Azelf's in an Uproar. We have 141 balls left.

15d 6h 7m Ball usage x5.

15d 6h 6m Steve is sent out.

15d 6h 6m 006 faints!

15d 6h 5m Damnit, that fourth ball was so close!

15d 6h 5m Ball usage x4

15d 6h 5m Azelf is dangerous. Might actually cause us to faint.

15d 6h 5m Ball usage x2

15d 6h 5m Oh god Uproar. I hate that move.

15d 6h 4m Ball usage x1

15d 6h 4m 147 Pokeballs as of now. Will we catch it?


15d 6h 2m I'm getting flashbacks to Emerald from all these corners.

[Snark] "A key item in the bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

[Snark] "A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

15d 6h 1m Closing in on Azelf.

15d 6h 0m Now inside Valor Cavern. Corner time.

15d 6h 0m The Psyduck was Level 20.

15d 5h 58m After wasting one Pokeball, we catch a Male Psyduck. I missed its level. No nickname.

15d 5h 56m Closer and closer to the Valor Cavern.

15d 5h 51m Now on Lake Valor.

15d 5h 50m It appears we've deregistered the Coin Case.

15d 5h 45m Another ball wasted.

15d 5h 43m Wasted a ball earlier.

15d 5h 43m On the Valor Lakefront.

15d 5h 40m Level 23 Female Rhyhorn caught! Nicknamed " K".

15d 5h 38m Now a box of darkness.

15d 5h 36m Level 21 Male Geodude caught. Named "22".

15d 5h 34m Level 22 Female Zubat caught! Her nick is "266olc2 m2"

15d 5h 32m Just heading down south. Still on Route 214.

15d 5h 29m Heading south onto Route 214.

15d 5h 28m Just wandering around Veilstone.

15d 5h 19m In the Game Corner currently.

[Sadness] I really need to switch to an IRC client with Unicode so I can see what these symbols are.

15d 5h 18m We caught a Staravia earlier as well. Level 19. Male. Nickname is a lot of weird symbols.

15d 5h 12m In Veilstone now.

15d 5h 8m Level 21 Marill.

15d 5h 7m Didn't catch its level. Anyone who did tell me.

15d 5h 6m Caught a male Marill! Named "25202 2"

15d 5h 5m Wasted another ball earlier.

15d 4h 53m Route 215 now. It's raining.

15d 4h 51m Female Hoothoot, Level 20, caught! No nickname.

15d 4h 50m Wasted a ball.

15d 4h 48m And the fog's gone!

15d 4h 45m I can't see anything in this fog.

15d 4h 42m Route 210

15d 4h 37m No wait we were on Route 211. Now we're in Celestic.

15d 4h 35m On Route 208.

15d 4h 27m Very foggy.

15d 4h 22m Now within Mount Coronet.

15d 4h 17m Route 216. DADADADA.

15d 4h 11m Back on Route 217.

15d 4h 5m Left the Lake.

15d 4h 2m So yes, we actually did use a PokeDoll to flee from Uxie.

15d 4h 0m Congratulations TPP, my lungs are now dead from laughter.

15d 4h 0m We use the Poke Doll and flee! There goes Uxie.

15d 3h 58m [Correction] It's a 1/250 chance. I screwed up my numbers earlier.

15d 3h 58m Moonbat is sent out.

15d 3h 57m Sparkles faints.

[Snark] I swear, if we actually catch it, I'm going to buy an Uxie plushie.

15d 3h 55m Sparkles is asleep!

15d 3h 54m Rapidly firing balls at Uxie.

15d 3h 53m We currently have 173 Balls.

15d 3h 53m There's a 1/200 chance of catching Uxie with a Pokeball at full health.

15d 3h 53m UXIE ENGAGED.

15d 3h 52m Taking bets on how long it takes to talk to Uxie.

15d 3h 51m Inside Acuity Cavern.

15d 3h 43m At the Acuity Lakefront. Now at the actual Lake.

15d 3h 41m Huh, the battle scenes are off.

15d 3h 41m Third ball wasted.

15d 3h 41m Another ball wasted.

15d 3h 40m Wasted a ball on a Sneasel.

15d 3h 36m Route 217. More snow!

15d 3h 30m Near the lodge.

15d 3h 29m We're on Route 216.

15d 3h 26m Ah! Snow! It's like I didn't get enough of you yesterday!

15d 3h 23m Sparkles levels up to 58! She fails to evolve.

15d 3h 22m Man, it's foggy in Coronet.

15d 3h 6m Textspeedisfast.

15d 3h 3m Inside Mount Coronet.

15d 3h 2m East of Eterna.

15d 2h 58m Eterna City!

15d 2h 57m Passed the shortcut. Now on the bridge to Eterna.

15d 2h 49m Ah, shortcuts. Gotta love them.

15d 2h 49m Decided to ignore Eterna Forest for the random cuttable trees.

15d 2h 47m Heading northwards to Eterna.

15d 2h 47m No wait you aren't, and you're no longer a brown cage thing.

15d 2h 46m Well Napoleon, why are you a random brown box ... oh god you're trapped.

15d 2h 43m [Correction] It's next to Hearthome.

15d 2h 43m And Mesprit leaves for an area near Pastoria.

15d 2h 42m Huh, Mesprit is nearby according to the Marker Map.

15d 2h 40m Welcome to Floaroma! With its absolutely beauteous music!

15d 2h 38m Pokeball wasted.

15d 2h 35m We surpassed the Ravaged Path.

15d 2h 23m In the Ravaged Path.

15d 2h 18m Wasted a ball.

15d 2h 16m HP Up obtained.

15d 2h 13m Ah, Route 204.

15d 2h 9m Back on the streets.

15d 2h 6m Move Tester app obtained from the President of the Poketch Company.

15d 2h 3m Currently inside the Poketch Building.

15d 2h 1m Back on Jubilife's streets.

15d 1h 57m Nope, no matches with Napoleon's team. No fabulous prizes are obtained.

15d 1h 57m Spoke to Felicity, who runs the Lottery. What will we win from her, if anything?

[Fluff] Really digging the music.

15d 1h 56m 15d 1h 56m 181 Pokeballs in the bag.

15d 1h 53m Napoleon watches one of his interviews with a reporter after a contest. ACE CARD.

15d 1h 52m Watching TV in the Jubilife TV Station. Fantastic.

[Marker Map] Mesprit's currently in Eterna.

15d 1h 51m Welcome to Jubilife TV!

15d 1h 49m Still in Jubilife. No change mes amis.

[Snark] "we just mad it 2 da city. $W4G" - Not me.

15d 1h 32m Finally reached Jubilife!

15d 1h 31m Another Pokeball wasted.

15d 1h 29m Another Moo Moo Milk is used on Sparkles. Definitely a cat.

15d 1h 27m Wasted a ball on a Kricketot.

15d 1h 23m Pokeball wasted on a Bidoof.

15d 1h 18m I believe we have 48 Moo Moo Milks left.

15d 1h 18m A second Moo Moo Milk is used on Sparkles! 1 HP healed.

15d 1h 17m [Correction] 2 HP.

15d 1h 17m A Moo Moo Milk is used on Sparkles, healing 1 HP!

[Snark] Never doing that again.

15d 1h 16m #catchinglowlevelpokemon swag 1111

15d 1h 15m Level 4 Shinx, Female, no nickname.

15d 1h 15m Wasted a Pokeball on a random Shinx.

15d 1h 13m Level 4 Kricketot, Female, no nickname.

15d 1h 12m Currently on Route 202.

15d 1h 8m Or Giratina isn't there yet and we have to beat the E4 first. Can't remember my childhood that well.

[Addendum] We won't be able to access Turnback Cave until post-E4, however.

15d 1h 6m So for those just joining in, we're currently in the Sandgem Pokemart. Mesprit has been awoken and is roaming Sinnoh, the other two fairies are in their lakes, and Giratina in its Altered Forme is over at Turnback Cave.

15d 1h 5m Made it to Sandgem.

15d 1h 3m Ah, our goal is to find the rest of the fairies. Uxie and Azelf, here we come!

15d 1h 2m We ... have a Pokedoll?

15d 0h 59m Back on Route 201! What shall our goal be now?

15d 0h 58m Said goodbye to Mum and left home.

[Fluff] So it appears that Mum talks with Pearl's Mum about the two. That's nice.

15d 0h 56m That means we've healed.

15d 0h 56m Mum welcomes Napoleon home gladly.

15d 0h 55m Checked out the kitchen table where Mum does her delicious cooking. Napoleon probably dreams of becoming a great cook like her one day.

15d 0h 54m Napoleon's hanging around in the kitchen. Maybe he's putting some milk in the fridge?

15d 0h 54m Now at home! Mum's watching the telly as usual.

15d 0h 53m 188 Pokeballs huh? Not bad.

15d 0h 51m Napoleon's here to visit mum.

15d 0h 50m Back home in Twinleaf.

15d 0h 45m Mesprit is currently roaming Sinnoh. We can find it on the Marker Map.

15d 0h 44m Mesprit speaks to us, and runs away.

15d 0h 44m I'm getting flashbacks to the Emerald E4 and A's incompetence in getting to the centre of the room.

15d 0h 40m Now within Verity Cavern. Hey Mesprit, don't mind us.

15d 0h 38m On Lake Verity.

15d 0h 33m Napoleon resumes his Journey to the West, this time without a magic monkey.

15d 0h 33m Ah, Route 201.

15d 0h 32m Rowan tells us to go try out Sunyshore and the League. Gotcha boss.

15d 0h 31m The three fairies have returned to their lakes!

15d 0h 31m Napoleon has left Rowan speechless after defeating Cyrus and Giratina in the Distortion World.


15d 0h 30m In Sandgem.

15d 0h 25m Now in Jubilife.

15d 0h 25m Out of the Oreburgh Gate, and making our way to Jubilife.

15d 0h 21m Level 6 Female Zubat caught. No nick.

15d 0h 18m Oreburgh now.

15d 0h 16m Now on Route 207.

15d 0h 13m In Coronet.

15d 0h 12m On Route 208.

15d 0h 8m Hearthome has been reached.

15d 0h 4m Next to Mr. Backlot's Pokemon Mansion.

15d 0h 2m Female Roselia, Level 23. No nickname.

14d 23h 56m Level 23, Female Shellos, caught! No nickname.

14d 23h 53m Currently on Route 212, by the way.

14d 23h 46m We appear to be wasting balls.

14d 23h 45m Sparkles faints.

14d 23h 45m Third ball.

14d 23h 44m Another ball wasted.

14d 23h 43m Pokeball wasted on a Quagsire.

14d 23h 36m We have 50 Moo Moo Milk. And 197 Pokeballs.

14d 23h 34m Caught a Quigsire, female, Lv. 24! Nickname "E!" No, we're not in the Safari Zone. Box 7 is full, so it was put in Box 8 instead.

14d 23h 32m Rare Candy get.

14d 23h 28m In the rain @ Route 212.

14d 23h 17m Out of balls!

14d 23h 13m Caught a Bibarel, male, Lv.26! Nickname "_!E0EMFFWU"

[Snark] The swamp has mud it hard to walk.

14d 23h 12m Nickname "ef".

14d 23h 11m Caught a Qwaugsire, female, Lv. 28!

14d 23h 8m Caught a Hoothoot, female, Lv. 26, no nickname.

14d 23h 6m Caught a level 26, male Bibarel. Nickname is "2"

14d 23h 6m Its nickname is "2".

14d 23h 5m Caught a Bibarel, male, Lv.26!

14d 23h 1m Its nickname is "EBEE".

14d 23h 1m Caught a Carnivine, Male, Lv.27!

14d 22h 59m Caught a level 26, male Wooper. Nickname is EGee!

14d 22h 57m Found a Red Shard!

14d 22h 55m Caught a level 29, female Wooper. Nickname is EEELXEEE

14d 22h 54m Caught a level 27, male Wooper. Nickname is nmneend

14d 22h 50m Caught a level 27, female Bibarel. Nickname is _____

14d 22h 52m Caught a level 28, female Wooper. Nickname is EEELXEEE.

14d 22h 50m We caught a level 27, female Bibarel. No nickname.

14d 22h 31m We've saved near the beach house on Route 213!

14d 21h 53m We're out on Lake Valor now. We've used up a Great and Premier ball, by the way. Now we only have enough Pokeballs to catch the entire contents of the Lake and still have some left over.

[Info] By the way, we're going through the patrons of the restaurant again.

14d 21h 43m Yep, using our pokeballs effectively: in a double battle trying to steal from a school boy and a lady.

14d 21h 16m We found another Rare Candy hiding in the corner of a lake along Route 214!

14d 21h 14m And now we're picking Pomeg Berries. If we attempt to pull off that glitch, and succeed, I will eat my hat.

14d 21h 8m Managed to heal Bronzong with some Moomoo Milk. MMMmmm... tastes like home...

[Info Addendum] Oh yeah, and a couple Premier Balls because we ordered the pokeballs in two batches of 99.

[Info] I'm told we have 201 Pokeballs now, 1 Great ball, and possibly an Ultra ball or three.

14d 20h 57m We have only 89 Pokedollars left after spending all our money on Pokeballs.

14d 19h 49m Jackpot baby! We celebrate by running away

14d 19h 19m Our coins: 459

14d 19h 11m Flareon faints! We're down to Bronzonger!

14d 19h 10m Golbat faints!

[Info] We have 51 Moomoo Milk at the moment.

[Snark] A Cloyster appeared in Stadium--isn't there a band named "Cloyster Riot"?

14d 19h 3m Looks like people want to go to the Game Corner. That or riot, apparently. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 19h 1m Bibarel faints.

14d 19h 0m Bibarel is now level 58!

14d 18h 56m We try to teach Ice Beam to Flareon, but he's not compatible with the TM.

14d 18h 53m Next stop... isn't Sunyshore. My bad. We have to go back to Sandgem and report to Professor Rowan.

14d 18h 50m Out of the Distortion World! Welcome to Sendoff Spring! Next stop: Sunyshore!

14d 18h 49m Cyrus is resolute. Despite his failure, he remains intent on seeing his goals. He turns around and disappears into the void of the Distortion World. We will never see him again.

14d 18h 48m Bronzong in! Extrasensory TAKES DOWN GIRATINA

14d 18h 47m Roserade goes down!

14d 18h 47m Petal Dance does moderate damage to Giratina. A crit sends him to the red!

14d 18h 47m Strength doesn't affect Giratina... We switch out Flareon and send in Roserade

14d 18h 46m Shinx is down!

14d 18h 46m We have no poké balls

14d 18h 45m We try to run on the first turn but can't escape.

14d 18h 45m Giratina engaged!

14d 18h 44m Cynthia heals our team!

14d 18h 43m CYRUS DEFEATED!!!!

14d 18h 43m Roselia out! Petal dance takes out Crobat!

14d 18h 43m Crobat is very low, but Flareon is down!

14d 18h 42m Flareron survives the first hit and Burns Crobat! Full restore time!

14d 18h 42m Crobat!

14d 18h 42m Fake out flinches Flareon. Night slash hurts a bit, then FIRE BLAST OHKOs WEAVILE

14d 18h 41m Next turn Fire Blast OHKOs! Weavile out!

14d 18h 41m Honchkrow clutch survives, gets full restored

14d 18h 41m Strength takes out Gyarados! Honchkrow up!

14d 18h 40m Bibarel is down! He took out half of Gyarados's HP. We sent out Flareon.

14d 18h 40m Gyarados is out!


14d 18h 39m Bibarel against Houndoom!

14d 18h 39m CYRUS ENGAGED

14d 18h 36m We made it down without hitting the ledge this time! Now we just have to avoid going back...

14d 18h 0m We jumped the ledge AGAIN

14d 17h 50m Used an Iron on Shinx

14d 17h 16m Welp. We just went back to the upper floor and jumped the ledge. Now we have to go all the way back around again.

14d 17h 15m Nevermind. We went back up.

14d 17h 14m Down to the bottom floor!

14d 17h 14m We've made it to the lower floor where the boulder puzzle was. Very close to Cyrus now!

14d 17h 5m Hello, waterfall, old friend.

14d 16h 46m Looks like we're taking the waterfall route!

14d 16h 24m We hopped over the ledge again, meaning we have to go through the forest again. I wonder which path we will take next. Will we continue onto the waterfall, or loop around like last time?

14d 16h 13m Out of the forest... and over the ledge... Glad to see everything we did in the past 20 minutes was pointless!

14d 16h 5m Now we're back in this weird forest thing.

14d 15h 56m And down we go! That was relatively easy.

14d 15h 50m We reached the end of this area. All we have to do is work our way between these rocks, so we can hit the switch. (Getting between the rocks has proven quite challenging for TPP in the past...)

[Recap] Our current party status: Shinx is KO'd. Bronzong is at 92% HP. Everyone else is at full.

14d 15h 41m We've made it past the floating tile puzzle. Just one more "area" before we're back at the strength puzzle segment.

14d 15h 33m Currently stuck somewhere between floating platforms and a sideways wall thing. I assure you, that told you nothing about where we are in the Distortion World, in which case, you and me are on the same page.


24d 15h 10m Welcome (finally), my friends, back to the Distortion World.

14d 15h 7m We speak with Jupiter, who, even after several days of standing here, is still struck dumb by the shadowy Pokemon's appearance.

14d 15h 6m SAVED THE GAME! Standing next to the rift!

14d 15h 4m We spend a lot of time examining the rift. Perhaps there's a way I close it and just leave Cyrus to his fate?

24d 15h 1m We arrive back at the rift, and find Cynthia standing there starig at it. And two pink and blue blobs that presumably are Pikala and Diagla in some sort of rift.

14d 14h 59m Found a Rare Candy!

14d 14h 56m Nearly to the top. Still some caves to walk through.

14d 14h 45m We've hit the summit! Er, the climb to the summit, which I imagine would actually be Spear Pillar itself.

[Snark] Are these Galactic Grunts still hanging around here? Don't they know their boss has been sucked into an alternate dimension? Don't they have stuff they'd rather be doing than hanging around the mountain defeated and glum looking?!

[Snark] We've taken 4460+ steps since... the last time we reset the step counter...

14d 14h 31m Shinx faints to an exploding boulder! And we just healed her 4 points of damage with Moomoo Milk too...

14d 14h 31m Napoleon has trouble using Strength on a boulder.

[COINS] Still 459!

14d 14h 24m WE MAKE IT UP THE ROCK WALL SUCCESSFULLY! Only 3 jumps over the ledge this time.

14d 14h 23m Made it three squares right on the ledge before a wild battle. I think we just used a Moomoo milk on Shinx

14d 14h 22m Napoleon vigorously checks the Pokedex. He's gonna break that thing if he keeps this up.

14d 14h 17m Ledge Tally: 3 (24) Good effort though. Made it 2 blocks to the right.

14d 14h 9m Ledge Tally: 2 (23 total)

14d 14h 7m Chat currently doesn't seem interested in trying the ledge again. Something about candy...?

14d 13h 54m Ledge Tally: 1 (22 total)

14d 13h 53m Napoleon stares down the ledge. Current running total: Ledge: 21, Leon: 3.

14d 13h 47m We're back in Mt. Coronet! And since we healed in Hearthome, that's our checkpoint!

14d 13h 42m Onto Route 208!

14d 13h 34m We step into the silence of the church. It has a stain-glass window of Mt. Coronet and its giant rift into the Distortion World we have yet to deal with.

14d 13h 32m And we heal again!

14d 13h 28m Shinx goes down to an Ambipom. The Queen is not amused and takes it out for its insolence.

14d 13h 28m And now suddenly we're in a battle with a Juggler standing next to the counter in the center!

14d 13h 28m Twice!

14d 13h 28m We have healed!

14d 13h 27m The chat seems to want to go to the Pokemart. They missed though, because we're now in the PokeCenter. About a block away.

[Snark] So, for Napoleon, it's not here. It's in the Veilstone Game Corner.

14d 13h 23m We have arrived in Hearthome City! Home is where the heart is. <3

14d 13h 15m Napoleon gets into a brief shoving match with a runner on the route.

[COINS] 459!

14d 13h 13m And pass right on through southward to Route 209.

14d 13h 11m We arrive in the calm music of Solaceon Town!

[Clarification] That's 53 Moomoo Milks we bought in total from this excursion to Route 210.

14d 13h 2m We head back out again, with 44 more Moomoo Milks.

14d 13h 1m We finally head out the door... and walk right back in.

[Info] We've spent half our money on Milk thus far. I'm not counting, but I know we walked back in with 49,168P, and they cost 500P a bottle.

[Snark] Yes, lady, we understand, you choose to only sell Moomoo Milk. Not like a pastry counter or some chocolate wouldn't help sell Milk or anything...

[Snark] Maybe Napoleon wants to get the attention of the Moomoo company, so he can star in one of those "Got Milk?" ads? Can you picture Napoleon with a milk mustache?

14d 12h 44m Still hanging out inside the cabin. Occasionally buying milk, and talking with people.

[Snark] They're so obsessed with buying Milk, the chat barely noticed Kricketune's cry from the calculator.

14d 12h 33m Wait, no, we're back in again, buying more milk.

14d 12h 28m We have left. I believe that was about 9 Moomoo Milks total!

14d 12h 23m We head into the Cafe and begin buying Moomoo Milk!

14d 12h 20m Over the past hour, we traveled back through Mt. Coronet and are now on Route 210, heading south

[Meta] As I've been updating for just a bit more than thirteen hours, this is where I must bid adieu to you all. There aren't any updaters capable of replacing me for the moment, however, so please be patient until one logs on.

14d 10h 48m Just grinding as we have been for the last thirteen hours.

14d 10h 43m Sparkles leads.

14d 10h 41m On the Lakefront.


14d 10h 40m Chilling in Snowpoint.

14d 10h 38m Moonbat faints! Black out! Snowpoint Center we come!

14d 10h 36m Still have 459 coins.

14d 10h 33m Moonbat's on 1 HP. When will he faint?

14d 10h 32m Moonbat reached Level 50 and did not evolve.

14d 10h 31m Moonbat falls asleep.

14d 10h 30m We've been grinding on Route 216, 217, Verity Lakefront and Lake Acuity for twelve and a half hours. Possibly more. Wow.

14d 10h 24m The grind is real.

14d 10h 17m Moonbat hits Level 49 and does not evolve.

[Meta] Have any of you considered applying to be an updater?

14d 10h 10m We've been grinding in these snowy regions for twelve hours, and I've been updating for that long. Jesus.

14d 10h 1m Steve is down.

14d 9h 51m Sunbrella is down.

14d 9h 34m Sunbrella reached Level 61.

14d 9h 30m Steve reaches Level 53.

14d 9h 22m The non-fainted team currently consists of Sunbrella, Steve and Moonbat.

14d 9h 11m Solaireon fainted.

14d 9h 8m Solaireon reaches Level 65.

14d 8h 53m 006 fainted.

14d 8h 52m GRIND.

14d 8h 37m Sparkles faints.

14d 8h 36m The grind is real.

14d 8h 29m Another Moo Moo Milk used on Sparkles.

14d 8h 19m And another Moo Moo Milk has been used on Sparkles. We only have eight left.

14d 8h 18m Another Moo Moo Milk is used on Sparkles.

14d 8h 15m Another Moo Moo Milk is used.

14d 8h 8m 006 is now Level 56.

14d 8h 7m Still grinding. No change.

[Snark] I swear, if we end up defeat the Elite 4 and Cynthia with an overleveled Shinx ...

14d 7h 56m Sparkles levels up to 57 and fails to evolve.

[Snark] Acuity's probably filled with the unconscious bodies of a million ducks.

[Snark] After ten hours of pretty much updating for all this grind and listening to the music, I could pretty much hum every bar of this tune.

14d 7h 25m Moomoo Milk was used on Sparkles.

14d 7h 22m On Lake Acuity once more.

14d 7h 15m On the Lakefront.

14d 7h 10m Just browsing the Pokedex, yaknow?


14d 7h 0m Out in the snow.

14d 6h 55m Pokemon Center basement now. Also, our team has been healed.

14d 6h 53m In the Pokemon Center.

14d 6h 47m Back in Snowpoint.

14d 6h 37m Grinding on the Lakefront.

14d 6h 34m Reaper Cloth obtained.

14d 6h 32m Outside the Lake once more.

14d 6h 26m Back in the lake.

14d 6h 23m Left Acuity Lake for the Lakefront.

14d 6h 10m Moonbat levelled to 48 and DID NOT evolve!

14d 6h 9m 006 levelled to 55!

14d 6h 6m Sparkles fainted.

14d 5h 52m Still grinding.

14d 5h 31m No, contrary to her sunny demeanour, Sparkles/Sunshine cannot learn Sunny Day.

14d 5h 30m Still on Lake Acuity. Now inside Acuity Cavern.

14d 5h 21m Her nickname is " P"!

14d 5h 21m Caught a Level 39, Female Bibarel with our only Ultra Ball!

14d 5h 16m Moonbat's awake.

14d 5h 16m A Moo Moo Milk is used on Sparkles.

14d 5h 15m Moonbat is asleep, and a Moo Moo Milk was used on him.

14d 5h 11m Still grinding.

14d 4h 57m Sparkles hits Level 56 and fails to evolve.

14d 4h 43m Grinding on Lake Acuity.

14d 4h 33m On the Lakefront.

14d 4h 29m Flipping a coin and chilling in Snowpoint.

14d 4h 27m Ah, Snowpoint City.

14d 4h 26m Steve finally faints. White out.

[Snark] The Struggle is real.

14d 4h 25m Steve has no PP. Zilch. Nada. None at all.

14d 4h 24m Steve's still beating up ducks and Sweet Jesus it has like no PP.

14d 4h 8m Steve reached Level 52.

14d 3h 52m Currently the team consists of just Steve.

14d 3h 47m Sunbrella faints.

14d 3h 42m Solaireon down.

14d 3h 40m Moonbat fainted.

14d 3h 32m Sunbrella hits Level 60!

14d 3h 28m Solaireon hits Level 64 and fails to learn Scary Face!

14d 3h 24m 006 down.

[Info] We've checkpointed at Snowpoint, so if we faint here, we'll end up at their Pokemon Center.

14d 3h 21m Huh, Steve is frozen.

14d 3h 17m Still in Lake Acuity.

14d 2h 55m 006 reached Level 53 and did not learn Curse.

14d 2h 47m Sparkles fainted earlier.

14d 2h 24m 006 reaches level 52!

14d 2h 22m On Lake Acuity.

14d 2h 17m Back on the Lakefront.

14d 2h 11m Text speed is fast.

[Snark] I worry for the health of whoever eats it, especially seeing that it was in a snowdrift.


14d 2h 8m Healed.

14d 2h 8m In the Pokemon Center.

14d 2h 5m Welcome to Snowpoint.

14d 2h 1m Found an Ultra Ball.

14d 1h 56m Sparkles faints.

14d 1h 55m Now on the Acuity Lakefront.


14d 1h 50m Ah, Route 217. The land of perpetual blizzards.

14d 1h 49m Heading up north. Route 217 here we come.

14d 1h 43m So Sparkles is currently leading against wild Pokemon.

14d 1h 39m Healed.

14d 1h 38m In the lodge once more.

14d 1h 29m Sparkles fainted.

14d 1h 19m Sparkles reaches level 55 and does not evolve.

14d 1h 16m Back to fighting wild Pokemon, with Sparkles leading.

14d 1h 14m Healed.

14d 1h 12m Napoleon is watching TV in the house.

14d 1h 0m 006 reaches Level 51!

14d 0h 56m Sparkles faints.

14d 0h 46m Healed.

14d 0h 44m Sparkles is down.

14d 0h 42m Sparkles currently leads. Man, there must be a lot of unconscious Pokemon here.

[Streamer-senpai] Twitchplayspokemon: scripts to help with touchscreen is fine, anything that will automatically send a message using a timer might not be

14d 0h 38m Now watching the TV.

14d 0h 38m Pokemon have been healed.

14d 0h 33m Sparkles faints.

14d 0h 30m 006 reaches Level 50!

[STREAMER-SENPAI] Twitchplayspokemon: i've been banning people who have been using scripts to spam inputs, please send me a message if you feel they are unjustified (i can bring up logs)

14d 0h 27m Healed.

14d 0h 27m Just hanging around a house.

14d 0h 21m Still on Route 216.

14d 0h 17m Sparkles is down.

14d 0h 6m Successfully healed.

13d 23h 57m Sparkles is down.

13d 23h 51m Sparkles currently leads the team.

13d 23h 47m The team has been healed.

13d 23h 45m Checking the Pal Pad. Napoleon has no friends.

[Touchscreen] I'm coinfounded by the amount of flipping we're doing.

13d 23h 39m Sparkles faints.

13d 23h 38m Sparkles reached level 54 and failed to evolve as usual.

13d 23h 37m 006 reached level 49!

13d 23h 32m Party healed.

13d 23h 16m In the house.

13d 23h 0m She forgets Hyper Fang for SUPERPOWER.

13d 23h 0m 006 reaches level 48!

13d 22h 51m Sparkles is down.

13d 22h 44m Moving at quite a glacial pace through the snow.

13d 22h 42m Team healled.

13d 22h 37m In the house. Also, is it just me, or does the Hiker look like he has massive eyes of evil?

13d 22h 33m Still hanging around on Route 216.

13d 22h 29m 006 faints!

13d 22h 23m Sparkles is down.

13d 22h 20m 006 reaches Level 47!

13d 22h 17m Sparkles currently leads the team.

13d 22h 13m Napoleon goes to sleep and heals the team!

13d 22h 11m In the house on Route 216.

13d 22h 6m On Route 216, by the way folks.

[Pun] It's snow joke that our progress has been frozen by Cyrus.

[Snark] In recent news, the Snover population of Acuity Lakefront is rapidly dropping. Experts say that by the end of the week, there will only be sixty-four million of them left.

13d 21h 56m Oh god Napoleon, why are you a black square now?

13d 21h 54m 006 reaches Level 46!

[Touchscreen] What ... is this? I dot even know.

13d 21h 50m Sparkles faints!

[Pun] Or should I say, chilling.

13d 21h 47m Currently just hanging about Acuity Lakefront.

13d 21h 46m Ladies and gentlemen, we of the updating team apologise for the lack of updates in the last hour. However, now that I've arrived, you can expect us to keep you informed.

[Snark] Well that's a shocking situation to wake up to.


13d 20h 36m Bibarel faints! To a wild Geodude's SELFDESTRUCT, more specifically.


13d 20h 28m This is probably worth mentioning; I guess I missed it before: Roserade is burned.

13d 20h 26m We just bought another one. I'll stop announcing it every time now.

13d 20h 25m Actually that "third" was a dozen.

[Snark] Does Whitney work here, by any chance?

13d 20h 24m And a third.

13d 20h 24m And another one.

13d 20h 23m Just bought a Moomoo Milk for $500.

[Fluff] Now if only -386 would work.....

[Correction] Wait, never mind; it goes by the Pokemon's Sinnoh Pokedex number. So that was Turtwig, not Bulbasaur. False alarm!

13d 20h 19m We enter 1 into the calculator and press '=' and...hold on; that doesn't sound familiar at all. Bulbasaur's cry has CHANGED, people! Stop the presses!

Not completely, mind you; he's still only at 46%. Oh, and Chansey fainted, which some people may care about.

13d 20h 15m We used a Sitrus Berry to heal Bibarel.

13d 20h 14m A wild Chansey appears. "CATCH!"

13d 20h 10m Saved to 1 slot.......what? Slow news day since Cyrus beat us.

13d 20h 5m The calculator just played Pokémon #68's cry, which sounds like a bird. That's...(sound of pages turning)...Machamp?!?

[Fluff] "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LUXIO or DIET ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ" - So apparently evolving Shinx is an effective alternative method of losing weight?

[Fluff] When I was away in Las Vegas last week I was at the Luxor; does that count?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LUXIO or RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Don't get your hopes up just yet; she's nowhere near leveling up.

13d 19h 59m Everyone seems to be rioting for Shinx's evolution.

13d 19h 51m Golbat fainted! nqpppnl blacks out!

[rip] rip

13d 19h 51m Gyarados is in the red, and......Cyrus used a Full Restore. facepalm

13d 19h 51m this is not teh urn.

13d 19h 50m We send out Roserade. She's sleeping, but at least she's a grass typ-Gyarados knows an ice-type move too?!? Oh dear...Sunbrella fainted.

It's only at about 1/4 HP though.

13d 19h 49m Flareon faints to Cyrus' Gyarados!

13d 19h 48m Houndoom down!

13d 19h 47m Cyrus has been challenged, and Shinx and Bronzong have already fainted to his first Pokemon!

[Fluff] I just realized; we still haven't had democracy at all this run.

13d 19h 30m By the way, we are still wandering the distortion world -- from what I can tell, we haven't even reached the strength puzzles yet.

13d 19h 26m BREAKING NEWS coins: 459

13d 18h 51m Back in the Distortion World!

13d 18h 49m We've reached Spear Pillar! Distortion world, here we come!

13d 18h 40m We're continuing to make our way up the Summit. At some point, Bibarel managed to faint. Bronzong has sustained damage and Roserade is asleep.

13d 18h 24m We're on the Summit!

13d 18h 22m We managed to get past the second ledge on our first try! Making our way towards the summit now.

13d 18h 6m We made it up the ledge relatively quickly. For the record, the in the previous two attempts at Mt. Coronet, it took us 10 and 9 tries to get past the ledge. This time, only 5.

13d 17h 56m Ledge Tally: 4 (21)

13d 17h 52m Stadium is working again.

13d 17h 50m Ledge Tally: 3 (20)

13d 17h 40m Ledge Tally: 2 (19)

13d 17h 28m Found a hidden Stardust!

13d 17h 26m Ledge Tally: 1 (18)

13d 17h 24m Oh hello, Mt. Coronet, dear old friend. We have missed you so.

13d 17h 20m Route 208.

13d 17h 18m Welcome back to Hearthome, everyone!

13d 17h 14m We move on to Route 209.

13d 17h 10m Entered the Solaceon Pokécenter. Checkpoint!

13d 17h 6m We finally made it down to Solaceon!

13d 16h 58m We're incessantly faffing on Route 210. Not sure if we have any point or if we are wasting time for no reason.

13d 16h 27m We just bought quite a bit of Moomoo milk.

13d 16h 10m Looks like Stadium broke. Again.

[Fluff] I like to raise my Donger I do it all the time ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ and every time its lowered┌༼ຈلຈ༽┐ I cry and start to whine ┌༼@ل@༽┐But never need to worry ༼ ºلº༽ my Donger's staying strong ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノA Donger saved is a Donger earned so sing the Donger song! ᕦ༼ຈلຈ༽ᕤ

13d 16h 2m Two chanseys within two minutes! TPP always has the strangest luck.

13d 16h 0m We encountered a Chansey! That's a 5% encounter rate, folks.

13d 15h 34m We're on Route 210 now. [fogginess intensifies]

13d 15h 28m After a bit of faffing, we made it to Celestic Town. Also the black square left again.

13d 15h 23m The black net-square thing returns!

13d 15h 7m We've exited Mt. Coronet on the east side of Route 211, approaching Celestic Town.

13d 14h 57m We're in the northern underpass through Mt. Coronet. I don't think we can get where we want to go from here.

13d 14h 57m We move on to Route 211.

13d 14h 52m We made it back to Eterna!

13d 14h 49m People are ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ CYRUS OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ -ing in the chat right now. Do they not understand that's where we're going?! Ah, whatever. It's still fun. ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ CYRUS OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

13d 14h 47m Excuse us while we go around the Eterna Forest.

13d 14h 42m Route 205 now.

13d 14h 41m Hello, Floaroma!

13d 14h 38m Out the other side of the Ravaged Path.

13d 14h 33m Into the Ravaged Path.


13d 14h 23m Route 204!

13d 14h 21m Jubilife!

13d 14h 18m Route 203!

13d 14h 18m In the Oreburgh gate now. We're officially backtracking.

13d 14h 16m Back to the land of fresh air!

13d 14h 15m We gave up on the slope. We're down in Oreburgh now, and just went inside the Poké Mart.

13d 13h 53m Apologies for the lack of updates, people. In the past half hour or so, we've managed to wander down to Route 207, where we fell down the sloped and ended up trapped just north of Oreburgh. We're currently trying to bike back up it. As you can imagine, it isn't going well.

13d 13h 16m We're in Eterna City.

Alright, /u/HellFireOmega has come to my rescue: so we need to beat the distortion world. To get there, we have to go north through this forest we're in, head east through Eterna City, and go through Mt Coronet again. We apparently need Rock Smash and Strength, and Flareon has both.

13d 13h 09m In Eterna Forest again. By this point I'm just going to assume the Hivemind knows more than than I do and take what we're doing as progress.

[Snark] Grinding on Level 10 Buizel is really quite efficient.

[Fluff] I sound like a moron, don't I?

13d 12h 59m We went right past the Pokecenter. We don't really need to heal, but if we do black out, we're back somewhere where we're probably not going to want to be.

13d 12h 55m We're apparently on the edge of Floaroma Town, so . . .

[Fluff] If this is grinding, it's not very efficient; we keep running from everything we meet.

13d 12h 52m Picked a Kelpsy Berry.

13d 12h 52m Picked two more Wepear Berries.

[Updater] The GDoc lists our current goal as beating the Distortion World and our intermediate goal as grinding. I've never played Gen IV—is that the correct way to go about this?

[Snark] So if a trainer just stands there, fiddling idly with his Pokeballs, a Pokemon will respect his distraction and not attack?

13d 12h 44m We've apparently picked two Wepear berries.

13d 12h 41m We send out Golbat immediately—oh, now it's Bronzong.

13d 12h 40m We switch out Flareon for Shinx while facing a wild Tentacool. That's pretty smart.

13d 12h 35m We've left the Ironworks!

13d 12h 27m Still in the ironworks. Hard to escape with all the arrow tiles.

13d 12h 18m We trade our star pieces for Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green shards.

13d 12h 16m We make it to the center of the Ironworks. We find TM35, Flamethrower!

13d 12h 14m We OHKO with Flareon's Fire Blast and win.

13d 12h 14m Another battle. We throw our Heal Ball at the trainer's Magmar.

13d 12h 8m Still in the ironworks, playing on the arrow tiles.

13d 11h 59m Fighting another trainer. Flareon making short work of his Magnemites.

13d 11h 51m Fighting Worker Dillan. Flareon does the job. Victory!

13d 11h 44m We're in the Fuego Ironworks. Spinning tiles all over the place.

[Snark] Well too bad our Wi-fi servers are going to down so no Electivire for you!

13d 11h 20m Found an Electirizer! Gonna come in real handy when we trade our Electabuzz. /s

13d 11h 9m Strolling around the Valley Windworks.

13d 11h 2m Scratch that, we go to Floaroma instead.

13d 10h 59m We smash a rock. Here we come, Oreburgh.

13d 10h 51m We've gone north of Jubilife.

13d 10h 49m In Jubilife.

13d 10h 46m Just grinding up on some Bidoofs, rather inefficiently.

[Meta] If people want to get a Gyarados in Lake verity. That would then require a super rod and there's 65% Chance for a gyarados coming out and the other 35% is for Seaking. Make your choice wise.

13d 10h 24m Changed text speed to fast also we exit the house.

13d 10h 23m We talk to Mom and heal.

13d 10h 21m It's good to be back in Twinleaf Town.

13d 10h 21m We are in our home. Looks like Napoleon either was homesick or was there to criticize her for humiliating her.

13d 10h 17m Getting close to home, fighting some Bidoofs and Starlys.

13d 10h 10m Only Roserade, Golbat and Bronzong are still unfainted. Just made it to the north of Route 219.

[Meta] I'll need to go to sleep in five minutes, so there might not be any updates for a while.

13d 9h 26m Discharge takes it out. Battle won.

13d 9h 26m Battling Collector Ivan and his Togetic.

13d 9h 25m They're getting Pal Park ready, so Napoleon can't get in yet.

13d 9h 24m This was after beating an Ace Trainer.

13d 9h 23m Sparkles levels up to 53 and fails to evolve.

13d 9h 20m Solaireon faints.

13d 9h 17m Oh huh, the poison faded away.

13d 9h 9m Solaireon levels up to 62!

[Snkar] Is it just me, or do Floatzels look as if they're welcoming you to try and take them?

13d 9h 0m Solaireon is poisoned.

13d 8h 57m Still on Route 221, outside the Pal Park.

13d 8h 55m And I believe we revived Solaireon as well.

13d 8h 55m Max Revive successfully used on Sparkles.

13d 8h 51m Sunbrella falls asleep.

13d 8h 42m Leppa Berry obtained.

13d 8h 40m The Cherrim was defeated, as was the Azumarill and Lopunny. Sunbrella levelled up to 59! Battle won.

13d 8h 36m Sunbrella v Cherrim is progressing slowly.

13d 8h 33m Battling Ace Trainer Shannon and her Cherrim.

13d 8h 25m Just hanging around Route 221.

13d 8h 16m The Fisherman defeated!

13d 8h 14m Finneon was defeated. The first was as well. Final Finneon.

13d 8h 12m He has a Finneon, and it's currently Steve against the fish thing.

13d 8h 11m Battling Fisherman Cory.

13d 8h 2m Sparkles faints.


13d 7h 58m Ultra Ball get.

13d 7h 55m Protein obtained.

13d 7h 54m Arrived on the mainland.

13d 7h 52m Battling Swimmer Dillon. Sparkles takes out his Remoraid and Floatzel in quick succession. Battle won.

13d 7h 51m I can see land!

13d 7h 50m Now on Route 221. We're nearing Pal Park.

13d 7h 50m Sparkles leads.

13d 7h 48m Battling a Tentacruel. It faints Bibarel.

13d 7h 46m Battled Swimmer Erik and his Tentacruel. We win.

13d 7h 45m 006 takes her out. Battle won.

13d 7h 44m Battling Swimmer Claire and her Floatzel.

13d 7h 42m Gastrodon falls, and the battle is won.

13d 7h 41m A Gastrodon is sent out.

13d 7h 41m Battling Swimmer Vincent and his Pelipper. It falls, and Bibarel levels up to 42!

13d 7h 40m Max Repel obtained.

13d 7h 39m Fighting Swimmer Erica and her Finneon. She loses to us.

13d 7h 38m And then there was a Seaking. It fell as well. Battle won.

13d 7h 37m They're slowly falling to 006.

13d 7h 36m Battling Swimmer Jessica and her Goldeens.

13d 7h 34m Second Shellos is down. 006 level sup to 41!

13d 7h 33m Another Shellos is sent out.

13d 7h 33m Battling Tuber Trenton and his Shellos. It's taken out by 006.

13d 7h 33m Solaireon fainted.

13d 7h 30m South of Sandgem now, on the sea route.

13d 7h 27m In Sandgem.

13d 7h 24m South of Jubilife?

13d 7h 21m In Jubilife.

13d 7h 18m On the route between Oreburgh and Jubilife.

13d 7h 16m In the Oreburgh Gate.

13d 7h 13m In Oreburgh!

13d 7h 11m Heading southwards to Oreburgh?

13d 7h 6m Exited to the west of the Mountain.

13d 6h 44m Now in Mount Coronet.

13d 6h 38m Solaireon is poisoned by a random Roselia!

13d 6h 37m Welcome to Route 208.

13d 6h 36m Gatehouse between Hearthome and Route 208.


13d 6h 31m Just walking around aimlessly on the Route south of Solaceon.

13d 6h 26m TM19 Giga Drain obtained! (Again!)

13d 6h 22m We appear to be attempting to obtain Giga Drain.

13d 6h 14m South of Solaceon now.

13d 6h 13m Southbound for Solaceon.

13d 6h 8m Currently next to the Moo Moo Cafe.

13d 6h 7m Speed is Fast, Sound is Stereo, Battle Scenes are On, and Battle Style is Set.

13d 6h 4m Still on Route 215.

13d 5h 49m Route 215! And it's raining.

13d 5h 47m We've left the Galactic Building, and are now in a gatehouse.

13d 5h 31m A Dubious Disc is obtained.

13d 5h 25m Inside the Galactic Headquarters.

13d 5h 20m Within the bowels of the Galactic Basement. Or whatever it's called.

13d 5h 12m Welcome to Veilstone~!

13d 5h 8m Two Chesto Berries obtained.

13d 5h 5m Two Sitrus Berries were obtained.

13d 4h 57m While I wasn't looking, we moved north into Valor Lakefront, and should now be on Route 214.

13d 4h 48m The receptionist heals our team!

13d 4h 47m At the hotel reception.

13d 4h 44m Made it onto the beach!

13d 4h 41m Currently surfing. Will Napoleon make it back to the mainland?

13d 4h 36m Shoreside vacations. What Napoleon needs after such a weird day.

13d 4h 29m Currently stuck on one of the small islands.

13d 4h 28m Cursory glances at Bulbapedia fit my hypothesis.

13d 4h 27m From my garbled memories of Pokemon Diamond, we are most likely on the southern, sea area of Route 213.

Never mind. BYE!

[Meta] You thought it was another updater, but it was I! SUPER-REDGUY!

Or at least, I think so... I got that message fifteen minutes ago, and I didn't notice it until just now.

[Personal] super-redguy's here to take over! Well, it's been fun!

[13d 04h 22m] Another Tentacool! OHKO'd!

[13d 04h 22m] 'Found another one, and killed it. With fire.

[13d 04h 21m] Run awaaaay!

[13d 04h 21m] Found a Tentacool. Sent in Sunbrella!

[13d 04h 20m] Surfing again.

[13d 04h 19m] "Would you like to surf on it?" "Naaaah."

[Chat] ...I think they managed to get most of a donger done...

[13d 04h 17m] Tentacruel came, and went.

[13d 04h 15m] OHKO'd with pretty sound effects. (Petal Dance)

[13d 04h 14m] Tentacool attacks! Switch in Sunbrella!

[13d 04h 14m] Have you seen these rocks?!

[13d 04h 13m] Surfing again!

[Stadium] Uh... How are you doing that without any ARMS, Dodrio?

[13d 04h 10m] Maybe that guy will work at the restaurant again. Maybe not.

[13d 04h 09m] Oh hey! It worked!

[Chat] Somebody just said "fat man is absorbing us!" XD Maybe THIS time, staring at Prinplup will reverse the glitch.

[13d 04h 08m] Uh... You alright there, Napoleon and NPC?

[13d 04h 08m] Are you guys SERIOUSLY still upset that we didn't choose Piplup?

[Snark] I know that Napoleon doesn't have one, but the fear of water is aquaphobia... That was a bit obvious.

[13d 04h 05m] Agent 006 and The Sun Prophet ONLY like each other enough to have two babies.

[13d 04h 04m] Also surf.

[13d 04h 04m] That's an interesting thing they're working on on the second screen.

[13d 04h 04m] Back in, and then out. I guess we already beat this trainer, too.

[Fact] The fear of clocks is called chronomentrophobia.

[Snark] This is reminding me of Camilla A. Slash's fear of clocks.

[13d 04h 01m] Or not...

[13d 04h 01m] You know what I like to do after a long swim? Swim some more.

[13d 04h 00m] Squish Squish

[Snark] When somebody comes along, they'll see black ink and dead jellyfish floating in the water.

[13d 03h 59m] Moar Tentacools! Now dead Tentacools!

[13d 03h 58m] Sun Prophet, level 61, male killed Tentacool, level 20, female.

[13d 03h 57m] Tentacool, level 20, female found.

[13d 03h 56m] So apparently we have already battled this crazy spinning girl.

[13d 03h 55m] Wingull came, and then we killed it with Strength.

[Chat] I think we got as far down as we can go.

[13d 03h 54m] Tentacool found! Tentacool killed! Next!

[13d 03h 53m] Blue Shellos fainted!

[13d 03h 52m] Golbat fainted! Sparkles!

[13d 03h 52m] Another blue Shellos! Bring in Agent 006! I mean Golbat!

[Chat] In case you're watching- to whoever asked if we made it to Giratina yet, no. No we did not.

[13d 03h 50m] The urge to gamble is strong with this one.

[13d 03h 49m] Found east side Shellos... And then killed it!

[Chat] I think there's a bot named "Trololol... Jr." It's pressing Y. That's not annoying or anything.

[13d 03h 47m] Wingull comes, and then Wingull goes.

[13d 03h 47m] We have 459 coins.

[13d 03h 46m] Found another Tentacool. OHKO'd it.

[Snark] I'll laugh if we find a shiny Tentacool here. I'll laugh because we wasted all of our balls on normal Tentacools. And then I'll cry.

[13d 03h 45m] Found another Tentacool. Level 26, male. OHKO'd it.

[13d 03h 43m] And now that jellyfish is dead. That'll teach it to interrupt our VERY important search for nothing!

[13d 03h 42m] Make that Agent 006

[13d 03h 41m] Tentacool, male, level 30. Switched in Sunbrella.

[13d 03h 41m] I think we're looking for that one girl's keys in the water. 'Question is, why would they be in THERE?

[13d 03h 40m] Agent 006 leveled up to 40!

[13d 03h 40m] Bit it to death! That's...

[13d 03h 40m] Switched in Agent 006.

[13d 03h 39m] Found a level 28 Tentacool, female.

[13d 03h 38m] Back into the water.

[Chat] I think somebody's singing, though I'm not sure what.

I'm not sure what our current plan is, actually. Chat's not giving me clues.

[13d 03h ??m] At some point, when I wasn't looking at the second screen, chat managed to draw a straight line, instead of a dot. O-O

[Snark] That is, if you ever win against Cyrus.

[Snark] Napoleon, it's not THAT frustrating. You can stop running into the wall, now. It'll be okay.

[13d 03h 30m] Back on land, and found a Pearl!

[13d 03h 29m] Found a male Tentacool, level 25, and then OHKO'd it.

[13d 03h 28m] Tentacruel dead! Finally.

[13d 03h 27m] Tentacruel is confused! But it didn't hit itself. Boo.

[Stadium] Blue team actually won?! WOOHOO! I didn't mean to bet on that team, but sweet!

[13d 03h 26m] Saved in Slot 1! I don't know how to do that, and I don't care!

[13d 03h 26m] This Tentacruel is actually giving us a little bit of trouble. At least Golbat can't be switched out. No matter how hard they try.

[13d 03h 25m] And now Golbat. Juggling! =D

[13d 03h 25m] Switched in Agent 006!

[13d 03h 24m] Switched in Golbat!

I mean [13d 03h 24m]. We are NOT going back in time... Yet.

[13d 03h 22m] Switched in Agent 006!

[13d 03h 23m] Finally hit the thing! But didn't kill it.

[13d 03h 21m] Never mind! Sun Prophet, go!

[13d 03h 21m] Switched in Bronzongers!

[13d 03h 19m] Trying to switch in Golbat... Again! When he's already out... Yay!

[13d 03h 18m] Found a level 34 female Tentacruel. Switched in Golbat!

[13d 03h 18m] Who killed it.

[13d 03h 17m] Yet another Tentacool. Male, level 28. Switched in Sparkles.

[Snark] I JUST realized that that swimming lady is swimming in circles, and back and forth... At the same time. That takes effort.

[13d 03h 15m] That Tentacool is dead now.

[13d 03h 15m] Sunbrella let out... No, make that Sun Prophet.

[13d 03h 13m] Sparkles was let out!

[Fact] There's a 50% chance that you'll find a female Mr. Mime!

[Stadium] Bird Jesus was beat by a Mr. Mime...

[13d 03h 12m] Level 20 female Tentacool found! And we can't catch it, this time.

[13d 03h 11m] Entered the water!

[Stadium] Bird Jesus fight! May the better Jesus Bird win!

[13d 03h 09m] I think we're going south to grind again.

[Stadium] If Haunter's going down, Bellsprout's coming with him... Her... I wasn't paying much attention to Stadium.

[Snark] Such a lovely couple... But no, seriously. I'm glad that nobody's in the Daycare Center right now.

[Snark] Look at all of those Tentacools...

[13d 03h 03m] Don't you ever listen, Napoleon? That guy's telling you "no!"

[Stadium] Bird Jesus vs Bird Jesus! Or Brian, if you prefer!

[13d 03h 01m] I was annoyed by those teasing items too, once. Then I found out what to do.

[Snark] That Dratini was a fan of KT, so he changed his name. There. Let's go with that.

[Stadium] That's our KT! Making even Moltres faint with her... His... Awesomeness!

[Snark] Assuming that they didn't cancel that change. I was about to send that update with an "x" instead of "t" in "set." True story. 'Glad I caught it before I sent it.

[13d 02h 58m] Text speed set to medium!

[Stadium] Male KT kicked The JWittz's mascot's pink butt!

[13d 02h 55m] Well, swimming was fun for the minute we were in there.

[13d 02h 55m] What could have been... (Pokedex)

[13d 02h 54m] Speaking of which. Back into the water we go!

[Snark] No, honey. I bet that cloud tastes like water. 'Probably dirty water.

[13d 02h 50m] No Bulbasaur, but Turtwig's just as good, right? ....Right...?

[13d 02h 49m] Sweet, sweet land!

[13d 02h 48m] Never mind. We ran, found an east side Gastrodon, and then ran from THAT.

[13d 02h 48m] Make that Bronzong. Yay Bronzong!

[13d 02h 48m] Sparkles was brought out! Yay Sparkles!

[13d 02h 47m] That was our last ball.

No nickname, though.

[13d 02h 46m] Female level 30 Tentacool caught!

[13d 02h 45m] Failed at catching a Tentacool.

[13d 02h 44m] And yet, ANOTHER Tentacool. No nickname... I missed the gender and level. 'Sorry.

[13d 02h 44m] And he has berries. He keeps on staring at them.

Eeeeven though there's a restaurant north of here, and he has PLENTY of money... Pokedollars. Whatever.

Oh yeah. I think that was our last Great Ball. Well, I hope Napoleon's meal is a good one, then.

[13d 02h 41m] Killed a Tentacool. Poor girl.

[Correction] Jellyfish. I meant jellyfish. Tentacool is a jellyfish.

[Snark] Well, I was starting to think that Napoleon was catching all of these Tentacools for a reason, which, he is. It's just not the reason I was thinking. It turns out that he's just hungry, and want squid.

[13d 02h 39m] Yet ANOTHER Tentacool caught. Level 29, male. Named MMM M.

[Chat] I think people are discussing religion. They also miss Joey. I do too.

[13d 02h 36m] Or a Great Ball. Caught male level 30 Tentacool. No nickname.

[13d 02h 35m] The Sun Prophet is confused! Now would ACTUALLY be the time to use a berry!

[13d 02h 35m] Failed at catching yet, ANOTHER Tentacool.

[Stadium] Traitors. I meant to say "traitors."

[Stadium] It looks like we have betrayers among us.

[13d 02h 33m] Caught a level 22 male Tentacool!

[13d 02h 32m] Killed another Wingull, by the way.

[Stadium] The Dome team won?! What does this mean for US?!

[Snark] Well, besides Cubone's mother. If you're watching this, I'm sorry, Cubone.

[13d 02h 30m] Killed it... I mean, made it faint. There's no killing in Pokemon.

[13d 02h 27m] More Tentacool. This body of water has more tentacles than-

I guess you can watch TPP on the Internet APP on your Wii U! Awesome! That will make things easier for me. XD

[13d 02h 25m] Killed a Tentacool. Flareon leveled up to 61!

[13d 02h 25m] Bobobob. So close. (Calculator)

[13d 02h 24m] Tentacool caught! Nicknamed 0 1

[13d 02h 22m] Level 29 male Tentacool found. Switched to Agent 006.

[13d 02h 22m] No nickname for that Wingull.

[13d 02h 21m] Female level 26 Wingull caught, as well!

[13d 02h 21m] Male Tentacruel caught! I think it was level 26.

[13d 02h 20m] Tentacruel broke free, again!

[13d 02h 18m] Switched to Bronzong

[13d 02h 17m] Found a Tentacruel, who broke free of our Great Ball! Twice!

[13d 02h 16m] Caught a Tentacool! No nickname, and I missed the gender and level.

[13d 02h 15m] Caught an East side Shellos. Female, no nickname, and I missed the level.

Crap. 'Wrong time. I meant [13d 02h 15m]

[13d 02h 03m] Found and caught a blue Shellos! I'm gonna check which side of the world you can find those in...

[13d 02h 13m] And ran from it.

[13d 02h 13m] Almost caught it...

[13d 02h 12m] Found another Wingull!

[13d 02h 10m] Killed a poor Wingull.

[13d02h09m] Surfing! Yay!

[13d02h08m] Going back south...

[13d02h06m] Climbed back up.

[Snark] Don't lie to us, Poketch. The Sun Prophet and Agent 006 had a baby, and don't say that it wasn't out of love!

[13d02h03m] Yep. Still sexy. (Trainer card)

[13d02h02m] Napoleon just found a Protein!

[13d02h02m] Agent 006 used Rock Climb! Yay!

It is eleven o'clock at night, just in case anybody didn't know.

[13d01h59m] Playing with the PokeTech.

[13d 1h 57m] Napoleon got an App... I missed what kind though.

[Personal] Ah crap I'm sorry. I'm new to this, and I'm just filling in until somebody can step in.

[Advice Mode From The Horrifying Land That Is School] Timestamps are really useful.

Made it to Veilstone City.

13d 1h 54m healed and now I will be resting, hopefully a temp or another updater can fill in shortly.

[meta] The live updates may be going down temporarily because I'm extremely tired and have a headache, if you would be able to update in a strictly temporary capacity, please PM me!

13d 1h 44m We have rock climbed down from our training spot.

13d 1h 40m Shinx grew to level 52 but did not evolve

13d 1h 34m Out comes Bronzong to finish off the wild Shellos. Also, now Shinx will lead the party.

13d 1h 33m Bibarel fainted RIP


[Snark] In the past couple of hours, we've caught 9 Tentacool and 2 Wingull. Did this morning's paradox create a little bit of a Hoenn crossover?

13d 1h 31m Still grinding... But Bibarel is getting weak, only 26 HP out of 116 remains.

13d 1h 28m I had to step away for a bit but Bibarel grew to level 39 and we wasted one great ball on a Wingull who broke free. We currently have 6 Pokeballs and 16 Great Balls.

13d 1h 10m So yeah guys it looks like we are just grinding right now.

13d 1h 6m Bibarel DID NOT LEARN TAKE DOWN

13d 1h 5m Bibarel grew to level 38 yay progress.

13d 0h 55m We are a black box again.

13d 0h 49m Bibarel grew to level 37

13d 0h 48m The good news is Bibarel can OHKO Pokemon around here so grinding isn't too tough.

13d 0h 45m Bibarel currently leads our party.

13d 0h 43m We used leech life and then aerial ace to KO the Shellos.

13d 0h 42m Sent out Golbat.


13d 0h 41m Used another Pokeball, broke out again.

13d 0h 41m Used a Pokeball on a female lv26 Shellos but it broke out.


13d 0h 37m RAN without catching it.

13d 0h 37m Used ANOTHER Pokeball. Broke out AGAIN.

13d 0h 36m used another Pokeball, broke out again.

13d 0h 35m Another Pokeball used... Broke free again.

13d 0h 35m Used another Pokeball and shellos broke out again.

13d 0h 35m I don't think we need to use our Burn Heal now, but it's good we have one.

13d 0h 35m Used another Pokeball on the same Shellos and it broke out again.

13d 0h 34m Used a Pokeball on a level 24 male Shellos, and it broke free.

13d 0h 32m Aaaaaand we kill it with Fire Blast.

13d 0h 32m used a Pokeball on a lv26 Male Shellos but it broke out...

No nickname for Buizel.

13d 0h 30m Used a Pokeball on lv 23 male Buizel, CAUGHT.

13d 0h 26m Caught a level 24, female Shellos with a Pokeball! No nickname.

13d 0h 23m Caught a level 25, male Buizel in a Pokeball! No nickname.

13d 0h 20m 25 Pokeballs and 17 Greatballs left at this point.

13d 0h 17m Caught a level 23, male Buizel with a greatball! Nickname is 00000F09k.

13d 0h 17m Caught a level 23, male Buizel with a great ball! Nickname is 00000F09.

13d 0h 15m Caught a level 23, female Shellos in a great ball! Nickname is 0000gn.

13d 0h 9m Found TM05 Roar!

13d 0h 8m Caught a level 25, female Wingull with a Greatball! No nickname.

13d 0h 7m Rockclimbed up to a patch of grass.

[Meta] Chat erupts in ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ after Helix sweeps an entire team in Stadium.

13d 0h 3m Solareon receives the Footprint Ribbon!

12d 23h 58m Back on the beach.

12d 23h 55m Healed party.

12d 23h 53m After defeating every trainer in the restaurant, we're back at the front desk trying to talk to the receptionist to heal our party.

[Meta] Sarahgata in the TPP Chat: "Flareon's done enough grinding for the day Kappa" Oh god.

12d 23h 50m Chatot down to Sunbrella's Cut. Gentleman Leonardo and Socialite Rebecca defeated. We gained 10000 Pokedollars from this battle.

12d 23h 49m Purugly goes down. Chatot puts Sunshine to sleep!

12d 23h 49m Gentleman Leonardo and Socialite Rebecca would like to battle! Chatot and Purugly up against Sunshine and Sunbrella.

12d 23h 46m Swablu down to Sunshine's Return. Scientist Emilio and Breeder Kaylee defeated!

12d 23h 45m Last Pokemon out is a Swablu.

12d 23h 45m Breeder Kaylee sends out a Marill who immediately gets knocked out by Petal Dance.

12d 23h 44m Aipom down to Discharge.

12d 23h 44m Kadabra down to Petal Dance.

12d 23h 43m Battle against Scientist Emilio and Breeder Kaylee! Kadabra and Aipom up against Sunshine and Sunbrella.

12d 23h 42m Both Magnemite and Kirlia go down. Magnemite gets replaced with another Pokemon but I missed it. Either way, Cameraman and Reporter defeated!

[Stadium] Lazorgator and Burrito up against Lord Helix.

12d 23h 40m Cameraman Darryl and Reporter Valerie would like to battle! Magnemite and Kirlia up against Sunshine and Sunbrella.

12d 23h 39m Kricketune down! Artist Ismael and Beauty Harley defeated.

[Meta] DELELELELE WOOOOOOP in TPP chat (Kricketune's cry).

12d 23h 38m Sunbrella OHKOs Psyduck with Absorb. Only Kricketune left.

12d 23h 37m Double battle against Artist Ismael and Beauty Harley! Kricketune and Psyduck against Sunshine and Sunbrella.

12d 23h 35m Lickitung down to Discharge. Rich kids defeated and robbed!

12d 23h 35m Clefairy down to Moonbat's Aerial Ace!

12d 23h 33m Moonbat comes out. On the opponent side is a Clefairy and Lickitung now.

12d 23h 32m Sunshine also manages to take down Cleffa.

12d 23h 32m Sunshine wastes no time and OHKOs Agent 006 with Discharge. Is Sunshine out for some vengeance?

12d 23h 32m Double battle against a Lickitung and Cleffa. Agent 006 and Sunshine out.

[Snark] "She has a dreamy expression after every bite." THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.

12d 23h 30m Currently in the Valor Lakefront. We just entered a restaurant, about to get our grub on y'all!

12d 23h 30m We've reached land just south of the resort!

[Snark] EinsteinCruel confirmed! E=MCSquid.

12d 23h 19m Caught a level 21, female Tentacool! Nickname is E=

[Status] Agent 006 is at 34%, Sunshine is at 53%, Moonbat is at 80%, Solareon down, and Sunbrella and Capt. America are at full.

12d 23h 16m Obtained Water Stone.

12d 23h 15m Pelicopter down! Swimmer Mary defeated!

12d 23h 14m Pokeball go! What do you mean I can't get the Pelicopter? :(

12d 23h 14m We switch Agent 006 in against Pelicopter.

12d 23h 13m Out comes a Pelicopter who confuses Golbat after a Water Pulse.

12d 23h 13m Finneon down to Moonbat's Aerial Ace. Agent 006 levels up to 36!

12d 23h 12m We threw a great ball to try and catch Swimmer Mary's Finneon but failed epicly.

12d 23h 11m We switch out Agent 006 to Moonbat.

12d 23h 11m Swimmer Mary would like to battle! Out comes Finneon against Agent 006.

12d 23h 9m Golduck down to Discharge! Swimmer Evan defeated.

12d 23h 9m We switch Bibarel out to Sunshine.

12d 23h 8m Golduck down to Hyper Fang! Out comes another Golduck.

12d 23h 7m Swimmer Evan would like to battle! He sends out a Golduck against Agent 006.

12d 23h 7m We're still out at sea. This makes me nostalgic of our days in Hoenn.

12d 23h 4m Napoleon glitched again and became a black box with squiggly lines.

12d 22h 59m Agent 006 leads the team by the way. Everyone is at full except Shinx, who is at 92%.

12d 22h 58m Picked up a Max Revive.

12d 22h 57m Caught a level 26, female Tentacool! No nickname.

12d 22h 54m Agent 006 grew to level 35!

12d 22h 52m Solareon down to a wild Tentacruel!

[Meta] A lot of controversy and riots forming in the TPP chat around z33k at the moment.

12d 22h 41m Caught another Tentacool. No nickname. Unknown level and gender.

12d 22h 35m We got challenged by a Swimmer. He sent out a couple of Gyarados and we rekt him good.

12d 22h 32m Caught a Tentacool. Level 29, male, named 0000Z06Q

12d 22h 28m Caught a Tentacool. Level 23, female, no nickname.

12d 22h 19m Caught a Lvl 30 Tentacool! Gender male and he has no nickname

12d 22h 15m Caught Wingull! Gender is female and nickname is 0000s0r0n0! Maybe it's the Return of the birdcop squad?

12d 22h 11m We catch a level 27 female tentacool, no nickname.

12d 22h 5m We capture two tentacool a level 26 tentacool, female, nickname is Lc♂♂ _ and a level 22 tentacool female nickname 000000rcp

12d 21h 59m We have restored the health of our pokemon.

12d 21h 49m We threw away one CARBOS.

12d 21h 48m We arrive at route 213.

12d 21h 36m We capture a level 38 houndour, male, nickname (sunshine symbol)? (sunshine symbol)(sunshine symbo)lL0Qq)

12d 21h 33m We arrive at the valor lakefront.

12d 21h 31m We capture a level 22 male graveler, its nickname is EE0C0-Q0(sunshine symbol)Z

12d 21h 20m Shinx is knocked out by a wild self-destructing Graveller.

[Update] We apparently have 459 coins from the game corner.

12d 21h 14m We try another go at the interview, Abomasnow is apparently the third most important thing in Napoleons life.

12d 21h 14m We are interviewed we start to answer but ultimately decline to answer.

12d 21h 12m We leave the city and start our way southwards.

12d 21h 0m We have a go at the slots.

12d 20h 57m We have entered the game corner.

12d 20h 53m We step out of the rain and into Veilstone City.

We now have 30 Poké Balls, 50 Great Balls.

[Update] We now have 31 Poké Balls, 50 Great Balls.

12d 20h 41m Bibarel has fainted to a wild staravia.

12d 20h 34m We capture a level 19 abra, male, nickname is C RQO

12d 20h 17m It has begun to rain.

12d 20h 16m We caught a ponyta, level 20, male, no nickname.

12d 20h 14m We caught a level 20 roselia, male, no nickname.

12d 19h 57m: We try to plant a Water Stone. Apparently that's not how it works...

12d 19h 56m: We get 2 Chesto Berries.

12d 19h 53m: We advance through route 209's bridges.

12d 19h 50m: Also I forgot to mention, we are out of the tower. Sorry. Currently in route 209

[Information] The Zubat's nickname was " 1 0 ☁☼ " (3 spaces the last one). As I said, the one after had no nickname.

12d 19h 47m: We just caught another zubat. No nickname given but I did not catch the gender/level, if anybody did please PM me.

12d 19h 41m: We capture a lvl 19 male Zubat. We call it " 1 0 (weird symbol)* "

12d 19h 40m: We get to the basement of the tower. Why not right?

[Correction] Everytime you read me saying Ghastly I mean Gastly. Because spelling=reasons.

12d 19h 33m: We try to capture a wild Ghastly. It did not work out just yet.

12d 19h 23m: Flareon faints to a wild Ghastly. Bibarel now leads the party.

12d 19h 23m: We entered the Lost Tower. How ironic.

12d 19h 15m: We exit once again and get to route 209. I'm starting to see a trend here.

12d 19h 10m: Ok we can store Bibarel, and we almost did. Sigh.

12d 19h 9m: We access the PC. Too bad we can't store any Pokemon since we have mail... :(

12d 19h 5m: We got back to the Daycare Center. There's just no pleasing you is there Nqpppnl?!?!?!

12d 19h 0m: we exited the Daycare Center without any change and get back to route 209.

[Meta] According to our wonderful Gdoc people, the reset killed 6 Snover, 5 Meditite, 2 Ponyta and one each of Roselia, Psyduck, Geodude, Staravia, Swablu, Machoke, Bronzor, Clefairy and Sneasel. Thank /u/Nixitur for it. May their souls rest in peace.

12d 18h 53m: We get back to the daycare center. It seems people want to put Bibarel at the top of the party. For that we need to deposit Flareon then withdraw it.

[Meta] Ok, finally traced the exact point. It was what you guys said, when Hoothoot was deposited. Then after the reset while I wasn't looking Bibarel reached level 33. That means every pokemon we caught after Hoothoot did not really happen. It's called a repressed memory so just drop it!!!!!

12d 18h 46m: We are currently in between route 209 and Solaceon Town. Up vs Down everybody!

12d 18h 43m: Breaking news! We still have 372 coins.

12d 18h 42m: We get to route 209.

12d 18h 35m: Nqpppnl goes near the Daycare Center. The Hivemind is split about it.

12d 18h 33m: We get back to Solaceon town!. Daycare Center looks as it always did apparently.

[Correction] Seeing as reddit somehow did not recognize how I typed Geodude's nickname: "1L0M 7" is the name (two spaces).

12d 18h 28m: We capture a lvl 21 Ponyta male. Nicknamed "056516 "

[Snark] Who needs a safari zone when we have so many pokeballs/greatballs?!

12d 18h 25m: We also capture a Lvl 18 female Geodude. Nicknamed 1LOM7, where the "" mean spaces.

12d 18h 23m: Ponyta lvl 21 male captured with a greatball. Nicknamed GKZCIAV

[Correction] Ok, Bibarel couldn't have gained a level in the daycare center because then she would have learned amnesia. We are still looking for the exact time.

12d 18h 18m: Staravia lvl 19 male captured. Nicknamed NDKN

[Meta] We got back from the reset time after either the time when we deposited Hoothoot or the time we deposited the egg. We did not see the PC afterwords so we cannot tell which one it is.

12d 18h 15m: ** Ponyta lvl 19 male captured**. Nicknamed: "11M5 11nPH"

12d 18h 13m: We try to capture a Ponyta to no avail. Still in route 210, but no longer in the fog section.

12d 18h 11m: While Bibarel was in the Daycare Center after the reset, she leveled up to 33.

12d 18h 5m: We try to catch a wild Bibarel. He does not want to be locked up though.

12d 18h 2m: We capture a Scyther. AA00500000 is his name. I did not catch anything else from it :/.

[Meta] For those of you wondering, the Stream came back up at the point when we had just deposited Flareon and Bibarel's egg. "12d 4h 44m [PC] Deposited the Bidoof egg"

12d 17h 53m: Up up up we go. We are now in the fog section of route 210. Also, PP up used on Flareon's Fire Fang. Check out the moves on Solareon!

12d 17h 42m: We entered route 210. Because reasons.

[Reminder] If we truly want to see if flaredoof really happened we must check a pc outside daycare.

12d 17h 37m: We exited the daycare center.

12d 17h 36m: Current party order: Flareon (lvl 60), Bibarel (lvl 32), Shinx (lvl 51), Roserade (lvl 58), Bronzong (lvl 50) and Golbat (lvl 47).

12d 17h 35m: Bronzong and Golbat come back to the party.

[Meta] Basically the streamer loaded the game from the last saved spot, which was Daily care Center shenanigans. Remember when we managed to get Bibarel to the top of the party? Well, remember again, apparently it did not happen.

12d 17h 31m: Breaking news! We are struggling to talk to the day care lady.

12d 17h 30m: Back comes Roserade. We leave Golbat.

12d 17h 30m: We then deposited Roserade and Bronzong.

12d 17h 29m:We get Bibarel and Shinx back.

12d 17h 27m Apparently people say the egg is in the pc but we have yet to see that.

12d 17h 27m: Stream is back up. We are currently in the day care center with Bronzong Golbat Roserade and Flareon.

12d 17h 23m The stream is down!

It's been nearly 7 hours, by the way.

Eevee vs Flareon in stadium. That's interesting I suppose. Still nothing happening in Platinum, still frozen. RIP TPP?

Five hours and we still haven't saved the game. I don't think we are as capable as I thought we were.

12d 15h 8m Used Konami Code! But it wasn't very effective.

[Realization]Could this Pikachu on the watch be the cause of are problems? Wait...Is that bill's pikachu....

TwitchSpeaks is replaying the Gen 3 Zexy release, happens in about 4 minutes.

[Plug]Come down to Plug.DJ. You broke the game now its time to sooth are ears to your favorite music! If you make music you can become a special rank so join today!!! http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

12d 14h 25m [Snark] I want to get off Darkrai's Wild Ride

Party like it's 7:31!!!

[Snark] Clearly the False Prophet pretended to be good so that we'd trust him, only to unleash total hell onto our naive souls

[Snark] I don't want to point anybody, but we do have what we used to call a false prophet in our team... Coincidence?

[Snark] Breaking news! We are still saving the game!

[Snark] You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

The game sure is saving A LOT of data, and the process is taking a long while. Maybe catching all those pokémon was a bad idea...

That, or you can listen to Helix's opinion instead.

[Good news] It has been brought to my attention that, even if streamer-senpai doesn't backup the save-states, the game itself has a backup feature for save files. According to Bulbapedia, starting from Gen III, the game will restore the previous save file if the most recent one has been corrupted. Thanks to /u/TorchicBlaziken for reminding me.

Keep calm and listen to the Game Corner music!

The emulator just overwrote the previous savestate. This might be very bad.

ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ SAVE LIKE ITS 7:31 ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

Stadium is still up and inputs are going through normally, so we can still pass the time betting.

[Information] Our Daycare Roselia has forgotten Stun Spore and learned Grass Whistle. Courtesy of /u/Nixitur .

[Fluff] Maybe we should have gone and, you know, saved the world while we were still in time. Welp - Cyrus won!

[Snark] Are you guys sure this isn't Napoleon saving something else besides data? He's in a bed lol.


12d 10h 32m We have healed and saved in the healing house, and... the game locked up!

12d 10h 31m Daycare Roselia is at Lv.24.

12d 10h 29m Flareon hangs on with only 4% of his health remaining.

[Fluff] In the last 8 hours, Napoleon has caught 27 pokémon. Are we sure he doesn't love pokémon?

12d 10h 24m We are officially out of Balls!

[Information] We caught a Sneasel back at 12d 08h 33m, when there were no updaters online to announce it. Male, Lv.34, named A00000000 .

12d 10h 20m 5 Great Balls left.

12d 10h 15m We used our Revive on Flareon, and Roserade fainted on the very same turn! Now Flareon is our only pokémon still standing.

12d 10h 11m Snover caught, Lv.33, Male, nicknamed M .

12d 10h 10m Only 4 Poké Balls left.

[Fluff] With the end of the world approaching, Napoleon is trying to catch every pokémon he can and put them in an ark.

12d 10h 7m Napoleon picks up a Revive, wondering how anyone could ever throw one away.

12d 10h 3m Another Snover caught, female, Lv.32, no nickname.

12d 9h 57m The TV just talked about how great Napoleon is at shopping for Poké Balls. I'm not even making this up.

12d 9h 53m And he does! Male, Lv.35, no nickname.

12d 9h 53m Napoleon really wants to add this Snover to his collection.

12d 9h 49m Flareon fainted.

12d 9h 39m Golbat down.

[Fluff] Omg Napoleon, wear some clothes, will ya? (SFW)

12d 9h 27m The distortion world appears to be leaking.

12d 9h 19m Bronzong fainted!

12d 9h 14m Caught a Female Meditate, Lv33, no nickname.

12d 8h 51m Level I couldn't get a hold of Male Meditite, 0G0GG

[Meta] Homework is terrible in conjunction with Pokemon. Unless it's Pokemon homework. AKA I must take my leave of you guys, meaning that there'll be no updating until someone else comes on.

Seriously need some more updaters from this timezone.

12d 8h 27m Level 32 Male Snover, 10600001&(Sun)

12d 8h 24m Level 32 Female Snover, 000PC0w000.

12d 8h 21m Level 35 Female Snover, nicknamed 00--SunSunSun Sun

12d 8h 17m Level 33 Male Meditite, named 000000000.

12d 8h 15m We appear to be on Route 217.

12d 8h 15m Her nickname is "V 000p0(Sun Symbol)(

12d 8h 13m Level 32, Female Clefairy caught!

[Info] If the Regigigas event had been done, this would have been where Regice was chilling.

12d 8h 8m NeverMeltIce obtained!

12d 8h 2m Level 16 Meditite, no nickname, male.

[Meta] As I'm attempting to balance homework and updates and the same time, please be patient with moi.

12d 8h 1m Level 14 Bronzor caught, no nickname.

[Meta] I must leave. Updates will resume as soon as someone else is able take over. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy yourselves!

12d 7h 54m We have 56 Great Balls left after catching a Meditite. Female, Lv.14, no nickname.

12d 7h 53m In Mt. Coronet now.

12d 7h 50m A wild Graveler Selfdestructs and takes out Shinx.

12d 7h 46m On Route 211. We did not heal.

12d 7h 42m We have reached Celestic Town.

12d 7h 33m Caught a Machoke, female, Lv.30, she doesn't get a name either.

12d 7h 32m Caught a Swablu, Lv27, female, no nickname.

[Snark] I would tell you what is going on on the stream, but with all this fog I just can't see a thing...

12d 7h 26m We tried so hard to catch this one Ponyta, we finally succeeded. Male, Lv.20, called 000P*000 .

[Snark] How did we use sixty balls so quickly?

12d 7h 23m The wild Ponyta is sick of being used for target practice and knocks out Bibarel.

12d 7h 22m We have 39 Poké Balls remaining.

12d 7h 21m Catch all the Ponytas!

12d 7h 15m Caught a Ponyta, female, not sure about the level, no nickname.

12d 7h 12m Caught a Staravia, female, Lv.19, nicknamed 000 0, 6G* .

[Snark] Not again!

12d 7h 11m Caught a Geodude. Male, Lv18., nicknamed A004G000N .

12d 7h 8m Up and up we go, into Route 210.

12d 7h 7m Solaceon Town welcomes Napoleon back.

12d 6h 59m Caught a wild Psyduck! Female, Lv.26., nicknamed either "0" or "O", I'm not sure. 90 Poké Balls remaining in the bag.

12d 6h 57m We just found... Giga Drain. Déjà vu!

12d 6h 56m Streamer-senpai reminds you that spamming results in banning! <3

12d 6h 55m We threw a Great Ball and a Poké Ball at a wild Golduck and failed to catch it.

12d 6h 51m Stream online and functioning! We're still on Route 209.

12d 6h 50m The stream went offline once more.

12d 6h 42m And right as I'm about to close the stream, we're back online! But we're on the standby screen now.

12d 6h 24m [Riot] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 6h 19m [Stream] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ IT'S DOWN, RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 6h 18m Got TM54, Giga Drain!

[Stats] Bibarel Lv. 33 - Max. HP 98 Attack 66 Defense 48 Sp. Atk 50 Sp. Def 47 Speed 61

12d 5h 58m Bibarel grew to Lv33. It did not learn Amnesia.

12d 5h 54m Left the Daycare after getting our party into decent shape. [Bibarel|Shinx|Bronzong|Golbat|Flareon|Roserade]

12d 5h 52m [Daycare] Withdrew Roserade

[Fluff] How could something so simple go so wrong? Oh wait. TPP. Of course.

[Pun] I see that the amount of shipping has flowered today.

12d 5h 45m [Daycare] Rejected the Egg from the Day Care Man

12d 5h 38m [Daycare] Roserade and Roselia laid an egg.

12d 5h 33m [Daycare] Deposited Roselia, Withdrew Flareon

12d 5h 24m [Daycare] Deposited Flareon

[Oh god] Is this the beginning ... of another shuffle?

12d 5h 20m [Daycare] Deposited Roserade, Withdrew Golbat

12d 5h 20m [Daycare] Withdrew Bronzong

12d 5h 20m [Daycare] Withdrew Shinx, Deposited Golbat

12d 5h 19m [Daycare] Deposited Bronzong

12d 5h 18m [Daycare] Withdrew Bibarel

12d 5h 9m Caught a male Lv20 Roselia. No nickname. Added to our party.

[Snark] Goodbye, random nocturnal bird! You were a good companion for the entirety of five minutes.

12d 5h 0m [PC] Deposited Hoothoot

[Speechless] ...

12d 4h 55m Caught a male Lv20 Hoothoot! No nickname.

[Snark] Sweet Jesus, I log on and you guys deposit a child?

[Fluff] ...We're cruel people. It wasn't even hatched yet...

12d 4h 44m [PC] Deposited the Bidoof egg

[Fluff] Bibarel and Shinx are in the Day Care together now... looking at each other.

[Fluff] Well, Sunflare shipping is dead. Take that as you wish. Now it's... Flaredoof? Bibaflare?

12d 4h 34m [Daycare] Withdrew Flareon. Deposited Shinx.

12d 4h 31m UI spoilers! | Bidoof | Lv1 Male | Tackle, Rock Smash

12d 4h 31m Received the Egg from the Day Care Man

12d 4h 29m Flareon and Bibarel together in the Day Care, one of them laid an egg!

12d 4h 14m [Daycare] Deposited Bibarel

12d 4h 14m [Daycare] Deposited Flareon

12d 4h 9m Entered the Daycare.

12d 4h 4m Swapped around Bibarel's held item until we gave it the Exp Share.

12d 4h 1m Used a Calcium on Bibarel.

12d 4h 1m Used that rare candy on Bibarel, brought it up to level 32.

12d 3h 59m Well, the item switching is going well. We literally replaced that stardust with another stardust.

12d 3h 51m In the pokemon center!

12d 3h 51m We've arrived in Solaceon town.

12d 3h 41m We've left the town for route 209. PSST GO UNDERGROUND THAT GUY SAID SO

12d 3h 35m Now we're milling around in the Mart. This should be good.

12d 3h 31m The general idea now seems to be to go to Celestic.

12d 3h 28m We've gone back to Hearthome City, fiddling around with items now.


12d 2h 52m Caught a male Psyduck, level 20. Nickname 065 56;1 or something along those lines. Entirely too many numbers to tell.


12d 2h 45m There's some general confusion surrounding what we should do now. Some say we should focus on grinding the team, others say we should evolve the pokemon that still need it. Still others want to go back to the daycare and get the exp share.

12d 2h 41m Jumped over that ledge. Again. Repeat ad nauseam.

12d 2h 36m Caught a female level 20 Meditite, no nickname. Come on guys.

12d 2h 35m Caught a female Geodude, level 17, no nickname.

[Snark] I'm serious, the faces in the nicknames is one of my most hated things about this run.

12d 2h 27m Caught a level 18 Bronzor, nickname !!"@ (screaming face) (angry face).

12d 2h 20m Disregard, we climbed back down and jumped right over.

12d 2h 19m We defeated the ledge! Moving on to the rest of Mt. Coronet.

12d 2h 12m Saved the game! Badges: 7 PokéDex: 157 Play time: 280h 1m

[Stats] Flareon Lv. 60 - Max. HP 169 Attack 176 Defense 98 Sp. Atk 132 Sp. Def 147 Speed 119

12d 2h 10m Flareon levels up to 60!

12d 2h 0m Bibarel faints against a wild Bronzor.

12d 1h 59m WE GO OVER THE LEDGE AGAIN. That was attempt number three.

12d 1h 56m Found a Protein!

[Meta] The general plan right now is to grind Bibarel up to par with the rest of our team. Or to grind the team in general. Maybe evolve Shinx and Golbat while we're at it.

[Stats] Bibarel Lv. 31 - Max. HP 92 Attack 62 Defense 45 Sp. Atk 46 Sp. Def 45 Speed 57

12d 1h 34m Bibarel leveled up to 31!

[snark] cyrus too op pls nerf

[coins] 372

[rip] RIP





12d 1h 25m Roserade is Level 58!

12d 1h 25m HOUNDOOM DOWN!

12d 1h 24m GYARADOS DOWN! Roserade at half HP!

12d 1h 24m Ice Fang! Roserade is in bad position, but Gyarados is poisoned.

12d 1h 24m Sunbrella goes out! She used Cut...

this is not teh urn.

12d 1h 23m REKT


12d 1h 22m Earthquake OHKOs Shinx!

12d 1h 21m Shinx is in!

12d 1h 21m Flareon fainted!

12d 1h 20m Flareon clutch survives Waterfall. Our attacks are useless.

12d 1h 20m Cyrus switches in Gyarados!

12d 1h 20m Houndoom barely survives the Future Sight and Cyrus uses Full Restore!

12d 1h 19m We send in Flareon! Fire Blast does good damage.

12d 1h 19m Bronzong down!

12d 1h 18m Bronzong survives being OHKOd by Flamethrower! We waste a turn on Future sight....

12d 1h 18m Bronzong goes in!


12d 1h 17m Leech life does chip damage. Flamethrower takes out half of Golbat's HP. Air cutter does okay damage but another flamethrower takes out Golbat!

12d 1h 17m Golbat is up!

I will laugh so hard if we lose and have to do this whole thing over.

12d 1h 16m Houndoom outspeeds us and Bibarel faints!

12d 1h 16m Bibarel leads our party! Cyrus sends out Houndoom!

12d 1h 15m CYRUS ENGAGED

12d 1h 13m In classic TPP style, we decide to faff a little bit in our current location before moving forward.

12d 1h 12m We talked to Cynthia! Now we move on to the final portion of the Distortion World.

12d 1h 11m Distortion world is nearly complete! Here we come, Cyrus!

12d 1h 10m Pushed the boulder near Azelf in the hole! Pushed all three boulders in!

12d 1h 7m Pushed the boulder near Mesprit in the hole!

12d 0h 54m Here's the map people have been following. We were on our way from 6 to 7, but the ledge we jumped has led us back to 4. Basically all the progress we tried to make for the last hour after the boulder reset has gone to waste.

12d 0h 48m Pretty far back, actually.

12d 0h 46m We just... hopped a ledge... I'm not sure how much this sets us back, if at all.

12d 0h 45m Up the elevator we go!

12d 0h 40m We made it through the weird tree/kelp/something field.

12d 0h 31m Finally, more progress!

12d 0h 15m Twitchplayspokemon: twitch mentioned maintenance earlier, that might be why the stream is messing up for some people

12d 0h 12m Back online!


12d 0h 6m We pushed the boulder back to the lower level. Now just to make our way back around.

12d 0h 3m We've returned to the upper level and hopped the ledge. Now we have to go alllll the way back around, just because of this boulder we reset.

12d 0h 2m Pushed the boulder near Uxie in the hole!

11d 23h 57m The North and East boulders are locked into position and just need to be pushed into the pits. The West boulder was reset and we have to go back to retrieve it.

11d 23h 39m Welp. We messed up that puzzle.

11d 23h 30m We're having a lot of trouble with these strength puzzles. There's no consistency in the inputs so we're just wandering all over the place.

11d 23h 19m Backtracked to the upper floor... almost went over the ledge... we're back down now.

11d 23h 15m Progress! We managed to completely bypass the ledge without going over it! We're very close to the end now.

11d 23h 13m Narrowly avoided a ledge that would have set us very far back.

11d 23h 8m We have entered the Waterfall!

11d 23h 5m Giratina just flew by! 2spooky4me

11d 23h 4m We are approaching what is arguably the most notable landmark in the entire Distortion World: the Waterfall. (If it is really a waterfall and not a river. Hmm, gravity?)

11d 22h 52m Cyrus is staring us down from the other platform while Giratina acts like Strawpoii and screams at us.

11d 22h 40m Strength puzzles?! Nevermind, guys, we're gonna be here fore a loooooong time.

11d 22h 38m Now we've made some actual progress.

11d 22h 33m Nevermind. In classic TPP style, we tried to make progress but immediately went backwards.

11d 22h 31m After stumbling around for a while, we finally manage to hit the switch to make this platform move. Progress!

[Fun fact] Mewtwo is based on Giygas and to prove this even more some people from Ape.inc who participated in Earthbound moved over to Gamefreak.

The more you know

11d 22h 19m We're approximately halfway through the Distortion World at this point.

11d 22h 14m We talked to Cyrus. Cyrus asked if we understand the concept of genes. We/Napolean said no.

11d 21h 53m It's also difficult to track progress through this place, as there aren't many notable landmarks. So, apologies if updates become slow for a while.

[Snark] It'll also take a ridiculously long time.

11d 21h 51m REMINDER: There are no wild pokémon in the Distortion World! All we have to do is navigate the maze and challenge Cyrus.

[Snark] Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to hell. Literally.

11d 21h 50m Entered the Distortion World!

11d 21h 49m Hellooo, Cynthia! Care to join us on our trip to the ຈلノ༼ຈ༽DONGSTORTION WORLDຈلノ༼ຈ༽?????


11d 21h 48m Giratina intervenes! The portal to the Distortion World has opened!


11d 21h 46m Cyrus summons Dialga and Palkia...

11d 21h 45m Pearl fully healed nqpppnl's Pokémon!

11d 21h 45m Unfortunately, Golbat does not evolve, despite how celebratory that would have been.

11d 21h 45m Golbat goes down! Mars and Jupiter are DEFEATED!!

11d 21h 44m Heracross faints and Barry sends out Empoleon!

11d 21h 43m Heracross's Close Combat decimates the enemy Purugly! All that's left is Golbat!

11d 21h 43m Golbat KOs Rapidash and Pearl sends in Heracross. Next turn we use our move against Purugly.

11d 21h 42m All that's left are Purugly and Golbat, one of each at a time. We can do this!

11d 21h 42m Leech life does literally 1 damage to the enemy Golbat. Rapidash takes out the enemy Golbat!

11d 21h 41m Crit Air Cutter against the foe Golbat! Rapidash leaves Golbat in the red!

11d 21h 41m We send out Golbat! Jupiter sends out Golbat!

11d 21h 40m Bronzong fainted! Fortunately, Rapidash takes out Skuntank!

11d 21h 39m Purugly puts Bronzong to sleep! Skuntank restores health with a Sitrus Berry!

11d 21h 39m Skuntank uses Flamethrower on Bronzong, hurting it badly.

11d 21h 39m Purugly comes out! Rapidash replaces Staraptor!

11d 21h 38m D'oh... We Faint Attack Staraptor and faint it.

11d 21h 38m Staraptor's Close Combat takes out the second Bronzor! Now Pearl is helping us!

11d 21h 37m Skuntank takes out Munchlax. Pearl sends out Staraptor.

11d 21h 37m First Bronzor down! Skuntank is up!

11d 21h 36m We are making slow but sure progress on these Bronzors. Luckily Bronzong is a massive tank.

11d 21h 35m Munchlax swallows his stockpiles. Lovely.

11d 21h 34m Bronzong is confused. Munchlax continues to Stockpile.

11d 21h 33m Luckily, Bronzors' attacks are fairly useless against our dear Bronzonger!

11d 21h 32m Munchlax keeps using Stockpile. Thanks for the help, Pearl.

11d 21h 31m Bronzong leads our party, and Pearl shows up to help, sending out Munchlax! Mars and Jupiter send out dual Bronzors!

[Snark] Keep your eyes pearled for this team-up.

11d 21h 31m Commanders Mars and Jupiter engaged!

11d 21h 30m Petal Dance takes out Glameow! Extrasensory takes out Croagunk! Victory!

11d 21h 29m The first wave of enemies is down! Next up are Croagunk and Glameow!

11d 21h 29m We send out Roserade and Bronzong!

11d 21h 28m Bibarel and Flareon go down. That was just a really unlucky turn.

11d 21h 27m That said, We have reached Spear Pillar! We're challenged by the last two Galactic Grunts!

11d 21h 27m Hm. I apologize, but I seem to have erroneously counted the number of grunts we had defeated.

11d 21h 26m Roserade takes out the Murkrow, but not before taking decent damage. She is down to 60% HP now. Still, victory achieved!

11d 21h 25m We switch in Bibarel, then Roserade. Roserade manages to take out the Croagunk and the Grunt sends in Murkrow.

11d 21h 23m The leading Golbat is down! Next up is Croagunk.

11d 21h 23m Grunt #7!

11d 21h 22m Another OHKO! Victory is ours!

11d 21h 21m Re-engaged Galactic Grunt #6 of 10! Glameow comes out and is OHKO'd by Flareon's Fire Fang. Up next is Golbat!

11d 21h 19m We're getting close to where we blacked out last time. Our party is still in relatively good shape.

11d 20h 59m We're on the summit! Halfway there, guys!

11d 20h 53m Stadium is down! In other news, we are almost to the Summit area again. Also Stadium is back up. That was quick.

11d 20h 38m Ledge bypassed. We rock climbed up... then down... then back up... it was close, but we made it.

11d 20h 34m Caught a Zubat. Level 29, male, named □

11d 20h 32m Ledge Tally: 17

11d 20h 22m Caught a Bronzor. Level 18, genderless, no nickname.

11d 20h 20m Caught a Zubat. Level 26, male, no nickname.

11d 20h 18m Caught a Meditite. Level 20, male, named _♂♂

[Info] The earlier Meditite was Level 20, male.

11d 20h 12m Caught a Machop. Level 19, male, named 0□♠♠☼

11d 20h 08m Caught a Meditite, no nickname. I missed the level and gender.

11d 20h 7m Caught another Bronzor identical to the previous one.

11d 20h 6m Caught a Bronzor! Level 18, genderless, no nickname.

11d 20h 4m Caught a Meditite! Level 18, female, named A0♂♂ ♂

11d 20h 3m Ledge Tally: 16

11d 19h 57m Caught another Zubat! Level 30, male, no nickname.

11d 19h 56m Caught a Zubat! Level 29, male, no nickname.

11d 19h 55m Caught another Bronzor! Level 18, genderless, named 10C06

11d 19h 52m Caught a Bronzor! Level 19, genderless, named __GGF

11d 19h 45m Back in Mt. Coronet!

11d 19h 42m We... left Mt. Coronet?

11d 19h 36m Ledge Tally: 15

11d 19h 35m Caught a Geodude! Level 17, male, named EOWWLQGYPF

11d 19h 23m Caught a Geodude! Level 19, male, named A0

11d 19h 19m Caught a Zubat! Level 27, female, named GGX LL

11d 19h 11m Ledge Tally: 14

11d 19h 1m Ledge Tally: 13

11d 18h 57m Caught a Geodude! Level 19, male, no nickname.

11d 18h 53m Shinx faints to a wild Geodude's selfdestruct!

11d 18h 48m Ledge Tally: 12

11d 18h 35m Ledge Tally: 11

11d 18h 31m Shinx grows to Level 51 and does not evolve.

11d 18h 24m Ledge too stronk.

11d 18h 16m Back in Mt. Coronet.

11d 18h 5m Well... welcome back to Hearthome, everyone.

11d 18h 3m Golbat's Air Cutter and Poison Fang prove too much. Roserade fainted. BLACKED OUT

11d 18h 3m Glameow goes down but not without significantly hurting Roserade, who is at 42 HP.

11d 18h 2m Grunt #6! We use absorb, healing a bit of health, but unfortunately not OHKOing the foe's Glameow. The attack next turn leaves us with less HP than we started with.

11d 18h 1m Both Houndour and Glameow go down with little effort. Victory!

11d 18h 0m We engaged the fifth Grunt!

11d 17h 58m Picked up a Max Elixir!

11d 17h 56m More snow!

11d 17h 51m Foe's Golbat does down and the grunt is defeated! Roserade is at 84% HP.

11d 17h 50m Roserade takes out the enemy stunky and grows to level 57!

11d 17h 49m Ouch! Golbat goes down to a critical Night Slash!

11d 17h 49m Grunt #4!

11d 17h 47m We defeated the Grunt! Golbat does not evolve.

11d 17h 46m The enemy Golbat confuses our own Golbat. We resist and use Air Cutter.

11d 17h 46m Another OHKO! Last up is Golbat.

11d 17h 45m Aerial Ace OHKOs the Grunt's Houndour and Golbat levels up to 46!

11d 17h 44m More Pokéball wasting.

11d 17h 44m Grunt #3!

11d 17h 43m Inside. [progress intensifies]

11d 17h 42m Outside again.

11d 17h 39m Caught a Nosepass! Level 37, female, no nickname.


11d 17h 36m Back on the Summit Interior.

11d 17h 35m We're being chased by ghosts that look like Dawn...

11d 17h 34m We're outside! Much snow.

11d 17h 33m Golbat makes quick work of the grunt without even taking damage!

11d 17h 32m We use another Pokéball... sigh

11d 17h 32m Grunt #2 engaged! He sends out Murkrow.

11d 17h 31m Golbat takes out the Stunky, defeating the trainer!

11d 17h 30m Then immediately switch in Golbat.

11d 17h 29m Bronzong goes down! We send in Roserade.

11d 17h 28m We finally use an attack! Confuse ray! Then Extrasensory (which doesn't effect Stunky)

11d 17h 28m And the third turn...

11d 17h 28m And the second turn...

11d 17h 27m We use our first turn throwing a Ball at the trainer's Stunky...

11d 17h 27m First Grunt battle!

11d 17h 20m Recap: We're a little over halfway to the summit of Spear Pillar. Currently we have Bronzong, Golbat, and Roserade still standing. No one is at full health, but all are above 80%. We still have to fight several Grunts and the Plasma Commanders before we get to heal again. Can we do it without blacking out?

11d 17h 20m Bibarel down.

11d 17h 15m We proceed to the next level of Mt. Coronet. In other news, Flareon fainted.

11d 17h 14m Caught a Graveler! Level 38, male, no nickname.

11d 17h 11m Looker gives us the Black Flute. How generous!

11d 17h 10m Hello, Looker!

11d 17h 8m Bypassed Ledge II!

11d 17h 8m We caught a Machoke! Level 39, male, no nickname.

11d 16h 59m We fell down a ledge. Here we go again!

11d 16h 55m Found a Max Revive!

11d 16h 53m Shinx fainted!

11d 16h 45m Got an Escape Rope!

11d 16h 43m Caught another Golbat! Level 38, male, no nickname this time.

11d 16h 42m Caught a Golbat! Level 38, female, named 055055Q506

11d 16h 39m Found a Max Repel

11d 16h 38m Obtained a Red Shard

[Snark] "Rune3hsword: GUYS LETS BLACK OUT" uhmm... how about no

[Snark] Such Kreygasm


11d 16h 35m TEH URN

11d 16h 32m We switched Bibarel's EXP. Share for a Great Ball.

11d 16h 27m Ledge Tally:10

11d 16h 10m Ledge Tally: 9

11d 16h 4m Ledge Tally: 8

11d 15h 48m Ledge Tally: 7

[Snark] It's the ciiiiircle of Ledgeeeeee

11d 15h 5m Used a Full Restore on Shinx.

11d 14h 44m And again.

11d 14h 16m Jumped down the ledge again.


11d 14h 3m We jumped down the ledge, how predictable.

11d 13h 53m Caught a Geodude, female, Lv. 17. No nickname.

11d 13h 47m In Mt. Coronet.

11d 13h 43m On Route 208.

11d 13h 41m Coins: 372

11d 13h 36m Healed our party.

11d 13h 33m In Hearthome City.

11d 13h 24m Picked 2 Leppa berries.

11d 13h 19m On Route 209.

11d 13h 8m Caught a Marrill, male, Lv.25. No nickname.

11d 13h 3m On Route 215.

11d 12h 49m Jackpot!

11d 12h 39m In the Game Corner wasting our coins on the slots.

11d 12h 33m Back in Veilstone.

11d 12h 21m Interesting fact, the Red Chain is referenced here, but the item is completely unobtainable without hacking.

11d 12h 20m "nqpppnl pressed the button and set the Pokémon free."


11d 12h 18m Golbat used Air Cutter! Toxicroak OHKO! Defeated Commander Saturn!

11d 12h 18m Switched Bronzong out for Golbat.

11d 12h 17m Bronzong down to 63/148HP.

11d 12h 17m Bronzor down!

[Stats] Bronzong Lv. 50 - Max. HP 148 Attack 116 Defense 160 Sp. Atk 90 Sp. Def 135 Speed 63

11d 12h 15m Bronzong vs Bronzor.

11d 12h 15m Bronzong forgot Confusion and learned Faint Attack!

11d 12h 15m Bronzong levels up to 50!

11d 12h 14m Golbat down!

11d 12h 14m Flareon fainted!

11d 12h 14m VS Commander Saturn.

11d 12h 9m Found a Full Restore!

Cyrus: I see. You are indeed strong. And the basis of your power is your compassion toward Pokémon. ...How wasteful... Such emotions are but mere illusions. And, like all illusions, they fade over time until death banishes them forever. That is why I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality. ...But that doesn’t matter. I doubt you will ever understand my position. That said, I recognize that you are strong and courageous to come alone. This is your reward. (Master Ball) Unlike you Trainers, I do not make Pokémon my friends or partners. Unlike other Team Galactic members, I don’t use Pokémon as tools. Instead, I make the power of Pokémon my own. If you wish to save the Pokémon from the lakes, take the warp panel ahead. I am off to Mt. Coronet. I will ascend the mountain to its peak where destiny awaits me. It is there that I will create my new world...


11d 12h 4m Flareon used Fire Blast! Honchkrow OHKO'd! Defeated Galactic Boss Cyrus!

11d 12h 3m Flareon used Fire Fang! Crobat down! Flareon down to 48/163HP.

11d 12h 3m Flareon is poisoned.

11d 12h 2m Flareon used Strength! Sneasel down!

11d 12h 2m Sneasel used Ice Punch! Bibarel fainted!

11d 12h 1m Sneasel used Ice Punch! Shinx down to 24/130HP and frozen. Sneasel used Quick Attack! Shinx fainted!

11d 12h 1m VS Cyrus again.

11d 11h 47m Bronzong fainted! Blacked out!

11d 11h 46m Honchkrow used Drill Peck! Flareon fainted!

11d 11h 45m Sent out Flareon.

11d 11h 45m Honchkrow used Drill Peck! Roserade fainted! (OHKO)

11d 11h 45m Switched Bronzong out for Roserade.

11d 11h 44m Bronzong vs Honchkrow. Bronzong down to 16/145HP.

11d 11h 44m Crobat down!

11d 11h 43m Cyrus used a Full Restore.

11d 11h 42m Bronzong VS Crobat.

11d 11h 42m Sneasel down!

11d 11h 41m Switched Bronzong out for Flareon.

11d 11h 40m Bibarel fainted!

11d 11h 40m Golbat fainted!

11d 11h 40m Cyrus used a Hyper Potion.

11d 11h 39m Sneasel used Ice Punch! Shinx down to 7HP. Sneasel used Quick Attack! Shinx fainted!

11d 11h 38m VS Cyrus.

11d 11h 32m Bidoof leveled up to 30!

11d 11h 30m VS a grunt.

11d 11h 28m Healed our party.

11d 11h 25m Found a Poké Doll in one of the beds.

[Snark] Quite the speech you have cyrus, you should have become a president instead.

11d 11h 21m Cyrus cutscene.

11d 11h 19m VS Scientist Darrius.

11d 11h 18m Defeated the grunt.

11d 11h 16m VS the second grunt. Switched Flareon out for Bronzong.

11d 11h 14m Flareon sweep. (Shinx and Bibarel still fainted, btw)

11d 11h 13m VS a Grunt!

11d 11h 10m Entered the main building.

11d 10h 59m Obtained the Galactic Key!

11d 10h 57m Obtained TM36 Sludge Bomb!

11d 10h 54m Defeated Scientist Fredrick.

11d 10h 54m Flareon leveled up to 58!

11d 10h 40m Chat's pressing on Geodude's icon on the Pokétch.

11d 10h 38m Obtained TM49 Snatch!

11d 10h 35m Here's a Galactic HQ plan/map.

11d 10h 34m Traversed the warehouse, now inside Galactic HQ.

11d 10h 4m To the warehouse!

11d 10h 2m Talked to Looker @ Galactic HQ

[Snark] ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

11d 9h 19m In the Game Corner.

11d 9h 10m In the Veilstone Poké Center. Healed our party. We obtained the Full Incense about 11 minutes ago.

11d 8h 27m Arrived in Veilstone City.

11d 8h 15m Used the Max Potion on Bibarel.

11d 8h 6m [Stadium] M4 down. We encounter a female Lv.20 Marill at the same time in Platinum. Coincidence?

11d 8h 2m On Route 215.

[Stadium] M4 vs LazorGatr.

11d 8h 0m Caught a Geodude, female, Lv. 18. Nickname "F6".

11d 7h 52m No more fog, yay!

11d 7h 52m Wasted a Great Ball on a Swablu.

11d 7h 46m Still on Route 210. No change. Still foggy.

11d 7h 40m Great Ball wasted on a Bibarel.

11d 7h 39m On Route 210.

11d 7h 36m In Celestic.

[Sadness] Blargh, keep missing these random names.

11d 7h 33m Its nickname is "(Female)(Female);;; ' something"

11d 7h 33m Level 28 Male Meditite caught!

11d 7h 32m On Route 211.

11d 7h 22m Level 33 Bronzor, No nickname.

11d 7h 21m A Great Ball was wasted on a Bronzor. SECOND BALL CAUGHT IT.

11d 7h 20m FOOOOOOOG.

11d 7h 17m A second ball was wasted, and Solareon faints.

11d 7h 16m A Great Ball is wasted on a Meditite.

11d 7h 11m The current goal appears to return to Veilstone and confront Galactic at their Headquarters.

11d 7h 11m Now inside Mount Coronet.

11d 7h 0m We currently have 99 Pokeballs, 112 Great Balls, and 1 Ultra Ball.

11d 6h 59m An Ultra Ball is obtained!

11d 6h 58m Full Heal get.

[Snark] Why there's candy lying in the snow in the middle of a blizzard is beyond me.

11d 6h 52m Rare Candy obtained!

11d 6h 50m Oh god the snow is too much. Route 217 is terrible.

11d 6h 46m Oh yeah we had a Premier Ball from our 99 Pokeball purchase. Too bad we wasted it on a Swinub.

11d 6h 43m On the Acuity Lakefront.

11d 6h 39m Out in the snow of Snowpoint once again.

11d 6h 38m Coins: 248

11d 6h 38m Inside Candice's gym. 248 coins left.

11d 6h 37m With only 16 Pokebucks left, how is Napoleon going to gamble?

11d 6h 37m We also bought an extra 15 Great Balls as well.

11d 6h 35m We also uh, bought 99 Pokeballs.

11d 6h 35m Only ₱ 16 left.

11d 6h 34m 99 Great Balls were bought.

11d 6h 31m Twelve Snow Mail bought.

11d 6h 30m Inside the PokeMart.

11d 6h 30m Snowpoint City!

11d 6h 4m Found TM14 Blizzard!

11d 5h 51m Entered Acuity Cavern. Nope, there's no legendary Pokémon here. The BGM here is awesome.

[Snark] Nope, he isn't losing his way.

[Screaming] No Pearl! Don't lose faith!

11d 5h 45m Entered/At Lake Acuity.

11d 5h 44m Acuity Lakefront.

11d 5h 39m Found TM09 Hail in the snow.

11d 5h 38m Found an Iron in the snow.

11d 5h 34m Déjà vu

11d 5h 32m We left the cabin without healing.

[Snark] Yes, yes we do know what Thick Fat does. You know, Azumarill. And having Thick Fat instead of Huge Power... yeahh... You don't even know.

11d 5h 11m We enter a cabin and start watching TV. We know that we need to heal Shinx, but Napolean doesn't care.

11d 4h 59m Got into a battle with Skier Kaitlin! Bibarel grew to Lv27! Skier Kaitlin defeated!

11d 4h 56m Picked up a Mental Herb!

11d 4h 53m Picked up TM13, Ice Beam!

11d 4h 51m Picked up a Max Potion!

11d 4h 49m Challenged by Skier Andrea! She sent out... Snover! But it's OHKO'd by Flareon. Skier Andrea defeated!

11d 4h 47m Picked up an HP Up!

11d 4h 44m Snover KO'd! Skier Bradley defeated!

11d 4h 43m Flareon stays in and OHKOs his Swinub. Then we send out Roserade against his Snover!

11d 4h 42m Got into a battle with Skier Bradley! He sent out Snorunt, Lv36! Flareon rock smashes it though, and it's OHKO'd.

11d 4h 40m Machoke fainted! Bibarel grew to Lv26! Black Belt Philip defeated!

[Snark] Is it just me, or does Bronzong looks like it has engravings of leaves on its back?

11d 4h 39m Challenged by Black Belt Philip! He sent out Machoke! Flareon gets in a hit and we switch out to Bronzong.

11d 4h 27m Now we're on Route 216.

11d 4h 26m In Mt. Coronet.

11d 4h 22m Bibarel leveled up to 25!

11d 4h 18m Shinx fainted!

[Reddit News] Banner has been Updated with new Pokes! Also some added Easter Eggs ;) (Flairs coming tomorrow)

11d 4h 4m Found a Calcium

11d 4h 3m Found TM29 (Psychic)

11d 4h 2m [Info] We're on Route 211, west of Celestic Town. The further west we go, we'll end up in Eterna.

[Snark] We rock climb to the summit of a mountain. Lookit dat view. OF NOTHING


11d 3h 42m [Info] We're in Celestic Town.

11d 3h 41m Healed our party in the Poké Center.

11d 3h 40m Wherever we are, we're in the pokemon center.

11d 3h 38m We're SOMEWHERE now, at least we can see buildings and nonsense. Finding out the exact town now.

[Pun] Still quite hazy on where exactly we're going.

11d 3h 35m Eh. We're pretty much just wandering around in the fog. Nothing to see here, folks.

[Pun] I've fogotten how bad it was.

[Snark] Jesus Christ this fog.

11d 3h 19m Bibarel leveled up to 24!

[Snark] THE FOG IS DEEP. Deep like, a hole. Or something.

11d 2h 56m Shinx leveled up to 50!

11d 2h 47m Bibarel leveled up to 23, forgot Shock Wave and learned Hyper Fang!

[rip] rip scary face

11d 2h 23m Shinx forgot the move Scary Face and... Poof! Shinx learned Return!

11d 2h 18m No, Bidoof's cry hasn't changed.

11d 2h 16m We just re-organized a bunch of movesets by accident.

[Fluff] I would like to remind you all about an old reddit post. It's extremely relevant now. Check this out. AERIAL ACE Kreygasm

11d 2h 13m Golbat forgot Steel Wing and... Golbat learned Aerial Ace!

[rip] rip steel wing

[Fluff] AERIAL ACE Kreygasm

[rip] rip rollout

[Snark] Bibarel. The electric Pokemon. It can generate electrical shock waves with it's tail.

..apparently. Because it learned Shock Wave... an Electric type attack.

11d 2h 8m Bibarel forgot how to use Rollout and... Bibarel learned Shock Wave!

11d 2h 4m And just when the party order seems fine, we switch Bibarel and Golbat. | Shinx | Flareon | Bibarel | Bronzong | Golbat | Roserade |

[rip] rip poison fang

11d 2h 3m Golbat: Forgot Poison Fang, learned Steel Wing!

11d 1h 54m Here is the current party order, now that we seem to be done with the Daycare: Shinx | Flareon | Golbat | Bronzong | Bibarel | Roserade

[Daycare] 11d 1h 53m Withdrew Roserade, Withdrew Bibarel

[Daycare] 11d 1h 52m Deposited Bibarel

[Daycare] 11d 1h 51m Deposited Roserade

11d 1h 50m Hftf_: Streamer: I'll connect you with one of the two "seed reverse engineers" if you want.

Twitchplayspokemon: Htrf_: thanks

[Daycare] 11d 1h 49m Withdrew Golbat

11d 1h 48m Twitchplayspokemon: does anyone know how to randomize Heart Gold in a way that doesn't lead to spoilers?

11d 1h 46m Taught Bibarel Rock Climb over Water Gun!

11d 1h 45m Re-organized Bibarel's moveset again. It's still set to fluctuate while we try to teach Rock Climb.

| Water Gun | Rollout |
| Surf | Headbutt |

11d 1h 28m Re-organized Bibarel's moveset. New order.

| Rollout | Water Gun |
| Surf | Headbutt |

11d 1h 25m Taken Bibarel's Oval Stone and gave it the Exp. Share

11d 1h 21m Replaced Bibarel's Smoke Ball with an Oval Stone

11d 1h 21m Threw away our Insect Plate

11d 1h 19m Taken Bibarel's Pokeball and replaced it with a Smoke Ball

[Daycare] 11d 1h 14m Deposited Bronzong

[Daycare] 11d 1h 11m Withdrew Flareon

11d 1h 11m We have 841 uses of the Daycare right now, by the way.

[Daycare] 11d 1h 9m Deposited Golbat

[Daycare] 11d 1h 9m Deposited Flareon

11d 1h 7m Arrived at Soalceon Town. Daycare shuffle imminent.

11d 1h 3m We're coming up on Solaceon Town to do a Daycare shuffle. The streams goal is to move Bibarel in front to teach Rock Climb.

11d 0h 56m Caught a Lv19 female Staravia! No nickname.

11d 0h 54m Caught a Lv18 male Geodude! Nickname: BBHpf~( ",

11d 0h 49m Caught a Lv29 male Machop! Nickname: FNRPVDUAX

11d 0h 36m Caught a Lv29 female Meditite! Nickname canceled.

11d 0h 30m Arrived at Celestic Town!

11d 0h 29m Caught a Lv28 female Graveler! No nickname.

11d 0h 20m Golbat hit Lv45! It did not learn Haze. ...but then it fainted shortly after.

11d 0h 5m Got to Route 211!

11d 0h 0m Welcome to Day 12!

10d 23h 53m Wild Meditite used Force Palm! Flareon fainted!

10d 23h 47m Caught a Lv35 female Meditite! No nickname.

10d 23h 45m Bibarel fainted!

10d 23h 44m Entered Mt. Coronet from Route 216.

10d 23h 39m Fully healed our team at a bed!

10d 23h 35m Used a Super Repel indoors.

10d 23h 29m Flareon fainted!

10d 23h 25m We were going south down Route 217 and arrived on Route 216.

10d 23h 17m Luke sent out a Riolu. It wasn't evolved for some reason and Roserade OHKO'd it. Black Belt Luke defeated!

10d 23h 16m Roserade is sent out. We try to run a couple times. Roserade paralyzes Machoke with a stun spore then OHKOs Machoke.

10d 23h 14m He sends out Machoke while we send out Shinx. Shinx faints to the hands of Machoke!

10d 23h 13m Battling Black Belt Luke! He sent out Croagunk! Croagunk uses Swagger on Flareon while Flareon misses. Flareon gets in a Fire Fang and OHKOs Croagunk!

[Fluff] In other news, Flareon is now the highest leveled Pokemon on the team.

10d 22h 59m Found an Ultra Ball outside of the gym next to the ocean!

10d 22h 58m Got the Icicle Badge and TM72, Avalanche from Candice!

[Fluff] Candice... you just got wrecked by Flareon.

10d 22h 57m Froslass sent out! Frosslass OHKO'd! Defeated Candice! Flareon leveled up to Lv57! It did not learn Smog!

10d 22h 56m Piloswine sent out! Piloswing OHKO'd! Abomasnow sent out! Abomasnow OHKO'd!

10d 22h 56m Battling Candice! Sneasel sent out! Sneasel OHKO'd!

10d 22h 46m We've finished the puzzle!

[Snark] Napoleon checks his coin case repeatedly, anxious to get back to gambling.

10d 22h 25m Left the Gym and reset the puzzle.

10d 22h 23m [Twitch] Twitchplayspokemon: early on in Red there was only one chat, it's nice to see it return to how it was

10d 22h 17m Left the Gym and reset the puzzle. Again.

10d 22h 7m We've finished the puzzle! Now we just need to avoid leaving before we reach and talk to Candice again.

10d 21h 55m Sent out Shinx against her second Sneasel! Shinx handles it easily. Ace Trainer Alicia defeated!

10d 21h 54m Got into a battle with Ace Trainer Alicia! She sent out Sneasel! Sneasel got KO'd by Flareon!

10d 21h 47m We've re-entered the gym after stumbling around Snowpoint.

10d 21h 37m Left the Gym and... reset the puzzle! It was complete too.

10d 21h 34m Sent out Golbat against the Snover! Not a smart decision. Snover weakens Golbat, but Snover fainted! Defeated Ace Trainer Brenna!

10d 21h 33m Snover puts Bronzong asleep! After some time it KO'd Bronzong! Bronzong fainted!

10d 21h 32m Bronzong hits Lv49 after KOing Brenna's Snorunt! Brenna sent out Snover!

10d 21h 31m Ace Trainer Brenna sent out Sneasel! It was KO'd right away!

10d 21h 30m Challenged by Ace Trainer Brenna!

10d 21h 27m [Twitch] Moobot and Ackbot were kicked from the stream! This means that dongers, all caps, links, grapefruit and many more can be posted into the Twitch Chat without a ban now.

[Re-reminder] People Should deny smog incase it tries to sabotage our flareon's moveset.

10d 21h 14m Puzzle completed yet again! That was fast!

[Reminder] Remember that Flareon learns Smog at 57, and Scary Face at 64. On the other hand, it learns Fire Blast and Lava Plume at levels 71 and 78 respectively.

[Reminder] Remember we will have to do the puzzle all over again

10d 20h 51m Golbat is down as well and finally Frosslass knocks out Sunbrella! We black out back to the center!

10d 20h 50m Frosslass gets a critical hit on Flareon and... it faints!

10d 20h 49m Flareon is now level 56!

10d 20h 47m Piloswine KO'd by Flareon's Fire Blast!

10d 20h 47m Bibarel is down!

10d 20h 46m Battling Gym leader Candice! Flareon takes Sneasel down handily

10d 20h 40m Puzzle solved!

[Snark] Yes let's keep skating so we can learn how to use the roller skates in X/Y. #KalosOlympics2016

10d 20h 12m Still in the gym skating.

10d 19h 59m Defeated another trainer. 4 Members are still going but two of them are critically low on health. I expect a black out soon.

10d 19h 58m Sunshine is down!

10d 19h 56m Bronzong is down!

10d 19h 47m Back to the gym for the slippery floor to torture us.

10d 19h 45m Step counter was reset. RIP counter.

10d 19h 40m We are now goofing in the second floor of the center. Shame it doesn't have Wi-fi.

10d 19h 39m We entered and left the center and we entered again and left again and entered and left. Also we see a suspicious pink haired girl...

10d 19h 38m Almost close to the pokemon center. Checkpoint here we go!

10d 19h 37m Napoleon is now out of the gym and he is peeking outside the window's house while crying. Why does this reminds him of the time he invaded russia yet he failed due to blizzard? Past lifes are an harsh thing to poor leon.

10d 19h 32m Twitchplayspokemon: I emailed Twitch support about not banning people for posting links, haven't heard back yet

Twitchplayspokemon: I don't run the chat, Twitch does

10d 19h 31m Yet another trainer is down.

[Reminder] We still haven't done a checkpoint in the pokemon center. It'd be a good idea to go there before Candince freezes Napoleon's ass along with Flareon's.

10d 19h 25m Napoleon is enjoying skating around the gym while constantly checking the coin case but he can't skate freely with the snowballs blocking the way.

10d 19h 21m We sent Sunbrella in the snow, not too good. Bronzong is almost dead and Flareon is at 50% health.

10d 19h 18m Now we are in Candince's gym. Will we melt her pokemon or will we succumb to hypothermia? Stay tuned for more!

10d 19h 15m a bit earlier we caught a Swinub, it's name is " i" and we also reach our destination. Still cold thought.

10d 19h 07m Our rival taunts our inability to rock climb. Wonderful.

10d 18h 54m Defeated Skier Shawn and we resumed our long journey with the snow almost not letting Napoleon to see

10d 18h 47m STREAM IS BACK



[Snark] The great staring contest between Flareon and Sneasel continues to go on, with no sign of a winner.


10d 15h 41m Still down. Just in case anyone's wondering.

10d 13h 19m Chat server still down...

[Stadium] Helix vs Helixed Ditto

10d 11h 59m [Snark] Used a Revive on Flareon. It's not very effective..

Or, if you're bored, listen to TwitchSpeaks, they're feeding the chat logs from Bloody Sunday into the text-to-speech engine.

[Meta] It'll probably take a couple of hours before the chat server is back up. If you don't want to stare at Flareon's butt the stream during the downtime and still want to stay up to date, use the add-ons for [Firefox] and [Chrome] to stay updated!

10d 10h 3m TwitchPlaysPokemon: the timer is needed, teams can't be selected instantly, takes a minute or so

10d 10h 2m TwitchPlaysPokemon: I don't think the results are stored unless it's a DS battle which isn't emulatable

10d 10h 1m TwitchPlaysPokemon: I want Battle Revolution but the game doesn't show a results screen so I can't write a script to determine who wins

10d 10h 1m TwitchPlaysPokemon: you get to listen to the script select the teams in between matches

10d 10h 0m Stadium sound is now on.

[Music] While inputs are not being accepted, why not head over to our YouTube radio station on plug.dj for some entertainment? You can even broadcast your own music!

10d 9h 47m The stream right now

10d 9h 45m TwitchPlaysPokemon: chat's broken

Here's something to watch while the stream is offline/paused: the Day 7/8/9/10 recap video by /u/Calabazal

10d 9h 39m TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm going to keep it offline until the chat server comes back online

10d 9h 38m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 9h 37m Stream's paused. Hopefully a fix for the desynced chat.

10d 9h 35m Slwoly making our way towards Route 217, but in the meantime we healed at the house again

[Snark] In case you forgot, we have 248 coins.

10d 9h 18m Golbat grows to level 44, does not evolve

10d 9h 16m Sunshine goes down to a trainer's Dusclops

10d 9h 11m Sunshine down to 1 HP, so we send in Sunbrella

10d 9h 10m Healed at the house, now battleing Ace Trainer Garrett

10d 9h 5m So apparently only mobile inputs are working. This may be old news, so apologies for my tardiness

10d 9h 6m Healed our party at the healing house!

10d 8h 59m Golbat fainted!

10d 8h 57m On Route 216 again.

10d 8h 51m Surprise battle with Ninja Boy Matthew!

10d 8h 46m Golbat down to 9/127 HP. Defeated Skier Lexie!

10d 8h 42m Shinx vs. Piloswine.. Shinx fainted!

10d 8h 41m Piloswine used Ice Fang! Flareon fainted!

10d 8h 37m Found HM08 (Rock Climb) in the snow!

[Stats] Bronzong Lv. 48 - Max. HP 142 Attack 111 Defense 154 Sp. Atk 87 Sp. Def 129 Speed 60

10d 8h 32m Bronzong leveled up to 48!

10d 7h 53m Found a hidden Ultra Ball!

[Stats] Flareon Lv. 54 - Max. HP 153 Attack 158 Defense 88 Sp. Atk 120 Sp. Def 132 Speed 107

10d 7h 38m Obtained an Ice Heal.

10d 7h 37m Found a hidden Stardust.

Backlog incoming (Thanks Irisu_Kyouko!)

10d 8h 27m Flareon leveled up to 54!

10d 8h 24m Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm quite busy right now and all other updaters seem to be deadunavailable. Bibarel fainted at some point in the past hour. We're on Route 217.

10d 8h 7m Outside the cave, on Route 217.

10d 7h 42m Seriously, Red's team can't be beat: Fonz, Burrito and Helix.

10d 7h 41m On Route 211 in the cave. Stadium: Helix vs Master Ball Goldeen. Goldeen defeats Helix. Fonz was sent out.

10d 7h 26m In Eterna City.

10d 7h 23m Skipped Eterna Forest. On Route 205.

10d 7h 17m In Eterna Forest.

10d 7h 11m On Route 205.

10d 7h 7m Arrived in Floaroma Town.

10d 6h 56m On Route 204.

10d 6h 52m In Jubilife City again.

10d 6h 44m (Still) On Route 202.

10d 6h 32m In the Mart.

10d 6h 30m In Sandgem Town.

[Stats] Roserade Lv. 56 - Max. HP 153 Attack 123 Defense 77 Sp. Atk 158 Sp. Def 131 Speed 124

10d 6h 23m Healed party thanks to Mom.

10d 6h 22m Back home. "Mom's favorite dessert is in the refrigerator".

10d 6h 13m Roserade used Petal Dance! Roserade levels up to 56! Purugly down! Defeated Commander Mars!

10d 6h 12m Shinx fainted!

10d 6h 12m Switched Roserade out for Shinx.

10d 6h 10m Sent out Bibarel. Purugly used Slash! Bibarel fainted! (OHKO)

10d 6h 9m Flareon used Fire Fang! Purugly used Slash! Flareon fainted!

10d 6h 8m Bronzong fainted!

10d 6h 8m Switched Flareon out for Bronzong. (Only 7HP left). Down to 1HP!

10d 6h 7m Flareon used Fire Fang! Bronzor down!

10d 6h 7m Flareon used Strength! (Enemy) Golbat down!

10d 6h 6m Flareon was badly poisoned!

10d 6h 6m Vs Commander Mars!

10d 6h 4m Flareon is having trouble with a Lv. 2 Starly.

10d 6h 4m Defeated the two grunts!

10d 6h 3m Glameow down!

10d 6h 3m Flareon used Fire Fang on Bronzong! 5% HP left.

10d 6h 1m Houndour down!

10d 6h 1m Next battle. Flareon/Bronzong vs Stunky and Houndour.

10d 5h 59m Defeated two Galactic Grunts in a double battle. Golbat fainted.

10d 5h 54m We're at Lake Verity fighting Team Galactic right now.

10d 5h 38m Arrived in Jubilife City.

10d 5h 33m Arrived at Route 203!

10d 5h 29m Arrived in Oreburgh City!

10d 5h 27m Arrived on Route 207!

10d 5h 24m Flareon hit Lv53!

10d 5h 8m Saving a lot of data... Badges: 6 PokéDex: 137 Play time: 236h 21m

10d 5h 7m We're in the south Mt. Coronet tunnel to Oreburgh right now. And we drew some... inappropriate content onto the touch screen.

10d 4h 52m Arrived at Hearthome City! Left Hearthome City to Route 208!

10d 4h 47m Picked up an Iron!

[Fluff] Progress... it feels so good.

10d 4h 34m Picked up TM11, Sunny Day!

10d 4h 33m Picked up a Rose Incense!


10d 3h 48m We're still outside of the swamp! We're moving left, now.

10d 3h 45m We left the swamp!

10d 3h 29m Caught a female Lv25 eastern Shellos! Nickname canceled.

10d 3h 24m Caught a female Lv25 eastern Shellos! Name: "3H "

10d 2h 47m Twitchplayspokemon: still haven't heard anything from Twitch

10d 2h 25m Caught a male Lv23 eastern Shellos! Nickname: AA0EOYYYY

10d 2h 21m Caught a female Lv26 eastern Shellos! No nickname.

10d 2h 0m Roserade hit Lv55!

10d 1h 36m All 'mon except Roserade have fainted!

10d 1h 6m Caught a Buizel, female, Lv. 25. No nickname, Box 4.

10d 0h 40m Bronzong has recently fainted!

10d 0h 36m "Twitchplayspokemon: it has been 5 hours since I first contacted Twitch"

9d 23h 50m Twitchplayspokemon: I asked Twitch to switch the chat back from the event server (combining both chats into mobile chat) but I haven't heard back

Twitchplayspokemon: you can try complaining on Twitter I guess

[Fluff] I f***ed up and I'm not even going to fix it. Laugh at my expense if you choose.


[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE YOUR BRONZONGERS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
Man, I'm so glad that this finally happened.


9d 23h 16m Bronzor hit Lv47! IT EVOLVED INTO BRONZONG HOLY HELIX.

9d 23h 13m Caught a ♀Lv24 Quagsire! Name: " d .6,"

9d 22h 50m Twitchplayspokemon: Twitch staff said "Those servers are undergoing maintenance tonight." wordage suggests less than 24hours

9d 22h 38m Twitchplayspokemon: chat server still down, I'm waiting on twitch to bring it back up

9d 22h 31m Caught aLv24 Shellos! No nickname.

9d 22h 29m Golbat fainted a short while ago.

9d 22h 21m Caught a ♂Lv24 Quagsire! No nickname.

[Plug] Join Plug.DJ for some good beats and for a great time! We have almost complete the Plug3 Design to make it pumped up for OR and AS plus it has so many TPP References! JOIN TODAY AND BE WELCOMED TO THE FAMILY! http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

9d 21h 55m Golbat hit Lv43! Evolution canceled.

9d 21h 53m Twitchplayspokemon: the server running the IRC gateway is down for maintenance, no ETA on its return

9d 21h 46m Twitchplayspokemon: chat server will be fixed soon

9d 21h 10m Caught aLv24 Quagsire! No nickname.

9d 20h 58m Golbat hit Lv42! It did not evolve!

9d 20h 54m Twitchplayspokemon: are others also unable to connect to the main chat via IRC?

Twitchplayspokemon: IRC not working for the main chat is why commands aren't going through

9d 20h 47m Twitchplayspokemon: Twitch support is annoyingly unresponsive, if you want the chat to be fixed quicker you could try spamming their Twitter
Twitchplayspokemon: antimarsh is already banned

9d 20h 30m A horde of bots is pushing us out of the marsh.

9d 20h 28m Flareon fainted!

9d 20h 26m We're still stalling in the same spot while we wait for the main chat to get fixed.

9d 19h 59m Moobot is working again. Be careful with what you say in the main Twitch chat.

9d 19h 57m Twitchplayspokemon: TPP runs in a data center, too... |Source| Twitchplayspokemon: during most of Red mobile couldn't input commands, so now it's balancing out |Source|

9d 19h 54m Twitchplayspokemon: I spent an email to Twitch, they said they're looking into it (2) Source

9d 19h 53m Twitchplayspokemon: this is the second time TPP has been mobile chat only, the first time was during the start of Crystal where the primary chat got overloaded (1)

9d 19h 47m Caught a ♂Lv25 Buizel! No nickname.

9d 19h 39m Twitchplayspokemon: I'm trying to get in contact with twitch about the chat problems | Source

9d 19h 3m Bibarel fainted!

9d 18h 15m PSA: Don't be a twat.

[Snark] Welcome to TPP, where the canon is made up and the inputs don't matter!

9d 17h 57m Whoa, we're out of the mud and GOING somewhere somehow. It's like Christmas and Easter had a baby and it decided to belch on us.


[Stadium] CLUTCH ESPEON so on and so forth etc

[Snark] Man, seeing all these different kinds of spam makes me feel like a biologist, going around and cataloging all the different kinds of freaky animals and stuff. What an adventure! We should make a pokemon game based on them.

[Music] Need some music to distract you while this chat mess gets sorted out? Come on over to our radio station. You can even broadcast tunes of your choosing!

[Snark] Appropriately Napoleon is deluged in a swampy, smelly, mud-like compound, where the chat also seems to be right now. Maybe they can make better friends there?

[Snark] Oh look, the Fancy Spam from just before Emerald is back! I never thought I'd see that one again.

[Snark] "Pʟs ɴᴏ ᴄᴏᴘʏʀɪɴᴏ ɴᴀᴢɪʀɪɴᴏ Pᴀsterᴇʀɪɴᴏ ᴍᴏᴅᴇʀɪɴᴏ Aʟ Pᴀᴄɪɴᴏ" is by far my favorite copy pasta I've seen come out of this deluge of nonsense so far.

[Snark] This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a RIOT.

[Snark] This is it. These are the end times. The chat has completely dissolved into nothing but ASCII art and copy pastas, everyone's blaming each other for everything, we're not making any progress. We have been forsaken by whatever merciless deity controls us.

9d 17h 14m Nevermind. We're slowly edging back towards the wall again.


[Meta] More specifically, we're on route 212. At the moment, it seems only mobile chat commands are working.

9d 17h 1m We've left Pastoria Town.

9d 16h 12m Button input is severely lagging.

9d 16h 12m Wooper's nickname is "D)d;~;__;"

9d 16h 8m: Another Wooper, lvl 28 male. We capture it.

9d 16h 7m: We waste two safari balls on a wild Wooper. It did not happen.

9d 16h 4m: Nqppnl goes to the other side this time. We already explored the left side, y'know.

9d 16h 3m: We go to Area 1 once again.

9d 16h 3m: We pay once again to get inside. Safari Zone hype once again.

9d 16h 2m: We decide to exit the Safari zone. Best 500 pokedollars ever spent.

9d 16h 1m: And back in we go! Safari Zone for everybody!

9d 16h 0m: We use our last ball in a wild Wooper. Out we go!

9d 15h 59m: We use another safari ball on a Wooper which we also don't catch. Just one ball left!

9d 15h 58m: Oh and no, we did not capture said Quagsire.

9d 15h 58m: We use 2 safari balls on a wild Quagsire. We have 2 left.

9d 15h 56m It was named: 565f0v⍤'♂3

9d 15h 55m Found a Poké Ball!

9d 15h 54m: Tropius lvl 30 male captured. 4 balls left.

9d 15h 53m: a"db#):V is the name.

9d 15h 53m: Bibarel lvl 28 female caught! now it really is 5 balls, sorry!

9d 15h 52m: We use lots of balls on a wild Tropius that escapes. 5 Safari Balls left.

9d 15h 45m Its nickname is "-Dappkc: N".

9d 15h 45m: Wooper level 28 female captured. 19 balls left.

9d 15h 44m: No nickname given.

9d 15h 43m: Bibarel lvl 28 male captured. We have 21 balls left.

9d 15h 42m: We name it: Tropius.

9d 15h 42m: Tropius lvl 30 female captured

9d 15h 40m Nickname "AG " (3 spaces)

9d 15h 40m: Bibarel lvl 28 male captured

[Meta] The "_" stands for space

9d 15h 38m: Named "?__!)N_W,K"

9d 15h 38m: Wooper lvl 28 male captured.

9d 15h 37m: We used 3 Pokeballs on that last Bibarel, so we now have 26 left.

9d 15h 36m: Named " 00D"

9d 15h 36m: Bibarel female lvl 28 captured

9d 15h 34m: Our coins are still 248.

[Information] FFFF’WF♂♂E thats the actual name, just in case.

9d 15h 31m: Carnivine is the first Pokemon we find. Carnivine captured lvl 30 male. Named: FFFF'WF(male sign)(Male sign)E.

9d 15h 29m: We get to Area 1! We are playing it safe, we don't want to get lost.

9d 15h 28m: We enter the Safari zone! Safari balls obtained and HERE WE GO!

9d 15h 26m: We arrive at Pastoria City.

9d 15h 24m: Change of direction. We now go right right right. Back in the good ol' sand.

9d 15h 22m: Third time is the charm! We smash a rock and proceed to the east of route 213.

9d 15h 20m: Currently in the sand in route 213. Left and up seems to be the direction.

9d 15h 14m: We arrive at route 213. We then try to walk through cliffs.

9d 15h 11m: Nqpppnl finally shows his true colors by exiting Valor Lake without even attempting to pick up those poor Magikarps. Valor Lakefront entered!

[Snark] "By now, Mars should have captured the Pokémon of Lake Verity..." #famouslastwords.

9d 15h 7m: We come out once again to Lake Valor. Magikarps are still struggling on the ground.

9d 15h 6m: Saturn leaves in shame and we stumble towards the exit.

9d 15h 4m: Fire Fang once again OHKOs Bronzor. Commander Saturn defeated.

9d 15h 3m: Flareon uses fire blast and Toxicroak OHKOs! Flareon is now level 52. Enem Bronzor is sent out.

9d 15h 3m: Toxicroak up next!

9d 15h 2m: Fire fang does quite a lot. Bite doesnt. A second fire fang and Enem Golbat faints.

9d 15h 2m: Saturn time. Golbat vs Flareon.

[Snark] Breaking news! "Your coins: 248"

9d 15h 0m: Valor Cavern entered.

9d 14h 59m: "A MAGIKARP is weakly flopping about...". We shall avenge you friend.

9d 14h 58m: Air cutter again and Glameow faints. Trainer defeated!

9d 14h 57m: Glameow comes out vs Golbat. Air cutter almost OHKOs. Glameow responds with captive.

9d 14h 56m: Golbat comes in vs Stunky. Feint misses and air cutter finishes it.

9d 14h 55m: Surf again and Bibarel faints to poison.

9d 14h 54m: We switch in Bibarel once again. Toxic poisons Bibarel who responds with surf

9d 14h 54m: Flareon is then switched in and Fire fang hits again. Houndour fainted. Out comes Stunky.

[Correction] I meant beat up*

9d 14h 53m: We then switch Bibarel in for Bronzor. Beatdown doesn't do too well.

9d 14h 53m: Beat down does slightly worst. Bronzor uses future sight again.

9d 14h 52m: A critical bite does... 22 hp damage. Future sight leaves it below 50%.

9d 14h 52m: Feint misses and future sight used. Houndour is switched in for Stunky.

9d 14h 51m: Fire Fang'd! OHKOd and Stunky out vs Bronzor.

9d 14h 51m: Nqpppnl sneaks past one of the guards but not past the second one. Grunt sends Croagunk vs Flareon.

9d 14h 48m: Oh and that was it, just a Golbat. Trainer defeated. That was... uh... nice, I guess.

9d 14h 48m: Time to fight a galactic grunt! Golbat vs Flareon. Fire Fang OHKOs it.

9d 14h 45m: We of course run into one of those great corners that just have one exit a few times. Meanwhile, Magikarps keep suffocating.

9d 14h 43m: Magikarp dying on the ground. This is a sad day guys.

9d 14h 42m: And now we are in Lake valor.

9d 14h 41m: We arrive at valor Lakefront. It's always good to be back.

9d 14h 37m: Currently having the time of our lives in the grass. Rock Pokemon and Houndour just fulfill our every need.

9d 14h 32m: Shinx faints to a wild Graveler. Rollout to death, how ironic.

9d 14h 26m: Fire fang hits and BOOM SHAKALAKA! OHKOd. Trainer defeated!

9d 14h 26m: Time for a battle! Ruin Maniac Roland sends Shieldon vs Flareon!

9d 14h 19m: Route 214 entered. We manage to walk in straight lines... mostly.

9d 14h 16m: Currently just walking around Veilstone City. Nqpppnl doesn't need much to have fun.

9d 14h 5m Shiny Clefariy is back! We nope away from the machine out of fear.

9d 13h 59m Shiny Clefairy comes up in the slots. Does us no good though.

[Snark] └༼Kreygasm༽┐♫ ♪ └༼Kreygasm༽┐♫ ♪ └༼Kreygasm༽┐♫


9d 13h 46m I can feel a dance party coming on

9d 13h 43m We even healed!

9d 13h 42m Checkpoint set to Veilstone.

9d 13h 34m Napoleon has reached Veilstone City

[Snark] Still have those 328 coins.

9d 13h 13m Flareon is out of PP and is using Struggle.

9d 13h 12m On Route 210

9d 13h 2m Watering plants like a BA.

9d 12h 57m Flareon is promoted to level 51!

9d 12h 50m We leave town to the east.

9d 12h 46m We leave the contest hall.


9d 12h 44m We once again place 4th.

9d 12h 41m Flareon is doing quite well in the contest with his assortment of fire moves.

[Correction] This appears to be a beauty contest, not a cool contest.

9d 12h 38m Acting time. This is usually our best section of the contest.

9d 12h 37m We are not very good dancers.

9d 12h 36m No, the dress up portion goes as badly as it always does.

9d 12h 35m The theme of this dress up is "The Natural" we are good with the natural look, maybe this time we will get rewarded for no accessories.

9d 12h 33m We enter flareon in another cool contest.

9d 12h 31m The competition is over and we place 4th overall.

9d 12h 31m For our fourth and final round we perform fire fang once again, but it did not go over as well as it did in the first round.

9d 12h 30m For our third round, we perform fire blast with similar limited success.

9d 12h 28m In the second round flareon uses rock smash and meets less success.

9d 12h 27m We preform a fire fang, and do well in the first round.

9d 12h 25m Now we move on to the acting competition.

9d 12h 25m We manage to copy a single dance move, and show off some moves of our own.

9d 12h 24m Now we move on to the dancing portion of the competition.

9d 12h 23m It does not go over well with the audience.

9d 12h 23m As usual we go in sporting no accessories.

9d 12h 22m We enter a cool contest with flareon.

9d 12h 19m We access the pc again.

9d 12h 7m We walk away from the pc.

9d 12h 7m We approach the pc.

9d 12h 5m We enter the contest hall.

9d 12h 0m We arrive at Hearthome City.

9d 11h 54m We have exited the cave.

9d 11h 52m We are in the cave using rock smash like a pro.

9d 11h 48m We go east and have entered the cave.

9d 11h 46m We head back south and were dangerously close to going down the slope.

9d 11h 44m We are now entering, exiting, and re-entering route 206 in rapid succession

9d 11h 42m We rode the slope uphill.

[Snark] Cats Play Pokemon

9d 11h 2m On the bike, off the bike, on the bike, off the bike...

9d 10h 59m In Oreburgh now

9d 10h 48m Got a big pearl from the item ball up on the ledge.

[Observation part 2] I just had really bad observation skills back in elementary school.

[Sudden realization] Pecha berries. Peacha berries. Peaches. THATS WHY THEY LOOKED LIKE PEACHES.

9d 10h 13m: Bibarel down

9d 10h 8m: Found TM 31 Brick Break! Annie we miss you <3

9d 10h 7m: Beatin up wild pokemon.

9d 10h 6m: Surfin!

9d 10h 5m: Smashin!

[Snark] Napoleon's constantly checking his coin pocket to see that no one has stolen his coins. 328 coins.

[Stadium] The voices are in battle.

9d 9h 43m: Found a X-Accuracy.

9d 9h 39m: Defeated guitarist Tony.


9d 9h 39m: FLAREON LEVEL 50

[Stats] Roserade Lv. 54 - Max. HP 148 Attack 118 Defense 74 Sp. Atk 152 Sp. Def 127 Speed 120

9d 9h 33m Roserade leveled up to 54!

9d 9h 33m Defeated Guitarist Arturo!

9d 9h 29m Back outside.

9d 9h 22m TV cutscene.

9d 9h 19m ...

9d 9h 19m Second floor.

9d 9h 16m First floor.

9d 9h 15m Entered the library.

9d 9h 3m Pearl/Barry wants us to go to the library.

9d 9h 2m We're back outside!

9d 8h 59m Coins: 328

[Meta] Here's where I take my leave, folks! With Byron defeated, please give a warm welcome to your next updater.

9d 8h 49m So yes, we have defeated Byron. Next stop, explosions.

9d 8h 48m TM91 obtained! Flash Cannon!


9d 8h 48m She does not evolve!

9d 8h 47m Sparkles takes out Bastiodon and levels up to 49!

9d 8h 46m Sparkles has been sent out!

9d 8h 46m Solaireon faints to a Metal Sound!

9d 8h 44m Solaireon is sent out.

9d 8h 43m Golbat down.

9d 8h 43m Golbat sent out again.

9d 8h 43m Steve down.

9d 8h 43m Steve is sent out. It uses a Future Sight.

9d 8h 42m Golbat is switched out for 006. She faints to a Stone Edge.

9d 8h 42m Golbat confuses Bastiodon.

9d 8h 41m Steve is switched out for Golbat against Bastiodon.


9d 8h 40m Steve hangs on at 2 HP!

9d 8h 40m It decides to confuse Steelix.

9d 8h 39m Steve is in the red.

9d 8h 38m Back to Steve slowly trying to blow Steelix up with its mind.

9d 8h 38m A Full Restore is used on Steelix!

9d 8h 36m Go Steve! Slowly chip away at the Steelix.

9d 8h 35m Steve confuses Steelix.

9d 8h 35m Steve vs Steelix is going on smashingly.

9d 8h 34m After some time in the bag, Solaireon is switched out for Golbat, who's switched out for Steve.

[Snark] Napoleon is wondering whether to try and catch the Steelix or not.

9d 8h 33m Solaireon vs Steelix.

9d 8h 32m Solaireon vs Magneton. A Fire Blast takes out the magnets.


9d 8h 32m About to challenge Byron!

9d 8h 30m Next to the Byronic elevator.

9d 8h 19m Still trying to get to Byron.

9d 8h 11m In the gym once more.

9d 8h 8m In some guy's house.

9d 8h 6m On the streets of Canalave!

9d 8h 5m Her Discharge paralyses Bastiodon, but alas, she faints! WHITE OUT!

9d 8h 4m Sparkles is finally sent out! She starts leering.

[Snark] What must Bastiodon be thinking?

9d 8h 3m Having trouble sending out Sparkles.

9d 8h 1m It's up to you now, Sparkles.

9d 8h 1m Golbat has been taken out!

9d 8h 1m Oh dear, Bastiodon has snapped out of confusion.

9d 8h 0m Golbat is sent out and immediately confuses Bastiodon.

9d 8h 0m The remaining team consists of Golbat (Does he even have a name) and Sparkles.

9d 7h 59m The Queen faints to Bastiodon!

9d 7h 59m Wow, her dances are quite thorny.

9d 7h 59m Bastiodon is sent out!

9d 7h 59m The Queen starts dancing and she takes out Steelix.

9d 7h 58m Also Steelix was healed by Byron with a Full Restore. IT'S QUEEN SUNBRELLA'S TIME TO SHINE!

9d 7h 58m Steve uses Future Sight again. Then it faints!

9d 7h 57m Steve hangs at 3 HP!

9d 7h 57m Go Steve! Take out that giant metal snake thing.

9d 7h 57m Steven confuses Steelix!

9d 7h 56m Steve launches a future sight. Even if it gets taken out, it'll manage to land a hit.

9d 7h 56m It's also paralyzed, so is having trouble moving. Also, there's a sandstorm.

9d 7h 56m Steve is sent out.

9d 7h 55m Steelix's Flash Cannon takes out Solareon!

9d 7h 55m Flareon vs Steelix now.

9d 7h 55m Despite being at 4 HP, Flareon OHKOs Magneton.


9d 7h 54m Flareon vs Magneton!


9d 7h 53m BEHOLD! BYRON!

9d 7h 52m That red elevator looks suspicious. Could it be the one that leads to BYRON?

9d 7h 49m ELEVATORS.

9d 7h 47m Battle won! 2280 Pokedollars obtained!

9d 7h 47m The final Bronzor is taken out by a Fire Fang.

[Snark] Solareon's on 4 hp, and completely flippant about all these Bronzors.

9d 7h 46m Then the enemy Bronzor is taken out by the Future Sight Steven launched earlier.

9d 7h 46m Steve gets bored and is switched with Solareon.

9d 7h 41m The two mirror shield disc things are trying to blow each other up with their minds. News at eleven.

9d 7h 40m Steve is sent out to fight its fellow Bronzor. While paralyzed.

9d 7h 40m 006 down.

9d 7h 39m Solareon is switched out for 006 against the next Bronzor.

9d 7h 39m It instantly faints to Solareon.

9d 7h 38m After some playing around with elevators, we battle Ace Trainer Breanna and her Bronzor.

[Snark] It's quite amusing how Solareon has been winning battles left and right while only on 16% HP.

9d 7h 36m The Queen takes out the Steelix! Battle won!

9d 7h 35m Solareon takes it out with ease, and swaps with Queen Sunbrella against the second Steelix.

9d 7h 35m Battling Black Belt David and his Steelix.

9d 7h 33m Steve beats up the Magnemite and victory is obtained.

9d 7h 32m Steve is paralyzed.

9d 7h 31m Solareon is switched out for 006 against the next Magnemite. Then Steve is sent out instead.

9d 7h 30m Solareon immediately takes it out.

9d 7h 30m Battling Worker Gerardo and his Magnemite.

9d 7h 24m Battling Ace Trainer Cesar and his Scizor. Solareon immediately takes it out and levels up to 49! Battle won.

9d 7h 23m Up and down an elevator we go!

[super-redguy opinions] I'm actually incredibly proud of all of you guys. You definitely rose to the occasion today. When people in the future grassk me which parts of TPP I consider memorable, this evolution shall be considered to be one.

9d 7h 19m Battling Worker Gary. Flareon takes out his Magnemite. Victory.

9d 7h 19m We have 328 coins in our Coin Case, by the way.

9d 7h 18m Flareon takes down the Steelix with ease. Battle won.

9d 7h 17m Now battling Black Belt Ricky and his Steelix.

9d 7h 17m Now in the Gym. Will Sunbrella play an important role here, like she did against Byron's son all those days ago?

9d 7h 14m We nearly tossed the stone, ya know? But we managed to grassp victory from the jaws of defeat.



9d 7h 11m Nearly threw away the Shiny Stone.

9d 7h 8m Alright, will we be able to use the Shiny Stone?


9d 6h 47m Attempting to use the Shiny Stone, I believe.

9d 6h 45m In Eldritch's house.

9d 6h 37m Napoleon somehow found a Big Pearl.

9d 6h 31m "I LOVE ACE CARD". The mail is successfully given to Flareon.

9d 6h 30m Attempting to give mail.

9d 6h 26m Well, we are using the menu a lot.

9d 6h 26m I'm back, and it looks as if nothing is happening.

[META] I need to eat dinner, so hopefully nothing too drastic occurs while I'm off.

9d 6h 15m Oh yeah, we're back in Canalave.

9d 6h 14m Huh, Mail was removed from Flareon.

9d 6h 14m Just hanging around the Pokemon menu.

9d 6h 7m And uh, back to Iron Island.

9d 6h 7m Napoleon gets on the boat, and BACK TO CANALAVE WE GO.

9d 6h 6m Just next to Sailor Eldritch and his boat.

9d 6h 5m Ledges jumped. Now on the water.

9d 6h 4m Out of the mountain! Behold! Ledges!

9d 6h 0m Saved the game.


9d 5h 56m Current goal seems to be to obtain the Shiny Stone.

9d 5h 55m Oh my god what's with the placement of the markings on our Marker Map?

9d 5h 55m You know, Registeel can be found around here if we did that Regigigas event.

9d 5h 54m Successfully into the cave and now on another elevator.

9d 5h 53m Trying to get into the cave entrance. Or exit. I've forgotten.

9d 5h 52m Napoleon attempts to get on the elevator. HE SUCCESSFULLY GOES DOWN.

9d 5h 50m Napoleon no longer has Riley as a tagalong.

(That means no free healing.)

9d 5h 50m Riley gives us his fond farewells, and wishes to provide a Riolu egg. Sadly, we have no space, so we can't take it.

9d 5h 49m Oh and Golbat doesn't evolve.

9d 5h 49m It goes down easily. Battle won!

9d 5h 49m The final Galactic Pokemon is a Houndour! Finally, a Pokemon that isn't purple!

9d 5h 48m Their Golbat is down as well! So our Golbat levels up to 41!

9d 5h 48m Oh, the Stunky's down.

9d 5h 48m A Stunky is sent out. What's with Galactic and all these poison Pokemon?

9d 5h 47m So is Croagunk.

9d 5h 47m Zubat is taken out.

9d 5h 46m Glameow goes down. Here comes a Croagunk. Golbat is switched in for Flareon.

9d 5h 46m Riley says something inspirational and we enter a battle with the Grunts! Flareon and Lucario vs Glameow and Zubat.

9d 5h 45m Initiating battle with the Galactic Grunts. They look like they want to kidnap the Pokemon on the Island.

9d 5h 43m It was quite dangerous there, but we didn't black out! Oh hey look, Galactic Grunts.

9d 5h 43m A second Fire Fang takes out the Hippopotas! BATTLE WON!

9d 5h 42m A Hippopotas is sent out. Sand Stream is activated.

9d 5h 42m He bites Staraptor down with a Fire Fang! And levels up to 48!

9d 5h 42m Solareon is sent out.

9d 5h 41m She goes down to two Take Downs from Staraptor.

9d 5h 40m Sparkles is sent out!

9d 5h 40m Sunbrella is taken out by the Staraptor.

9d 5h 39m Sunbrella is now confused. HERE COMES A STARAPTOR FROM THE ACES.

9d 5h 38m Quagsire is poisoned by Sunbrella's Poison Point! It then faints to her Petal Dance.

9d 5h 38m Sunbrella takes out Kirlia.

9d 5h 37m Sunbrella paralyzes Kirlia, but Synchronise paralyzes her as well.

9d 5h 37m A Kirlia is sent out. It takes out Golbat. Here comes Sunbrella.

9d 5h 37m Golbat wakes and takes out Medicham!

9d 5h 36m Golbat is asleep!

9d 5h 35m Currently Golbat vs Quagsire and Medicham.

9d 5h 35m A Medicham is sent out by the Ace Trainer. Flareon is switched out for Steve, who is switched out for Golbat.

9d 5h 34m Flareon takes out Lopunny.

9d 5h 32m Lopunny and Quagsire successfully take out Lucario.

9d 5h 32m Battling two Ace Trainers! Flareon and Lucario vs Lopunny and Quagsire.

9d 5h 31m "You tell me, where else can I find a place as good as this to train?" Well Ace Trainer, I don't think there's really anyplace else I've seen that's as good as Iron Island.

9d 5h 28m A Red Shard has been obtained!

9d 5h 22m And then we run.

9d 5h 22m Woah, we actually managed to switch to 006!

9d 5h 16m Hopefully we'll reach the two bowl-haired idiots Galactic Grunts by the end of the day.

9d 5h 15m Medicham down as well. Battle won!

9d 5h 14m Golbat's Poison Fang manages to poison the Medicham. Yay.

9d 5h 14m Toxicroak is taken out!

9d 5h 13m Lucario is confused by Toxicroak's Swagger!

9d 5h 13m Flareon is switched out for Golbat.

9d 5h 13m Flareon and Lucario vs Toxicroak and Medicham.

9d 5h 12m Closing in on the exit. Now battling Black Belt Kendal and Battle Girl Tyler.

9d 5h 11m Ah, the Link Searcher. One of the more useless apps of the Poketch.

9d 5h 0m By the time we're through with all this grind, I'm pretty sure our levels will be on par with Aaron.

9d 4h 58m Flareon levels up to 47!

9d 4h 54m How many unconscious Pokemon are we leaving in our wake?

[Snark] No Nyxsi, I am not going to keep score of the amount of failed evolutions. I'm too lazy to.

9d 4h 50m Wait, why do we have 104 Heart Mail.

9d 4h 50m Golbat levelled up to 40 and did not evolve.

9d 4h 47m Still battlin' wild Pokemon.


9d 4h 26m Flareon levels up to 46!

9d 4h 24m Bronzor levels up to 46 and DOES NOT EVOLVE.

9d 4h 15m 11,232 Pokeyen in Napoleon's possession.

9d 4h 13m I believe we might be pretty near the end of the cave. Maybe.

9d 3h 57m Flareon hit Level 45!

9d 3h 27m Flareon hit Level 44!

9d 2h 52m We've recently picked up a HP Up and Max Potion.

9d 2h 35m We tried out Fire Fang. It definitely works. It OHKO'd Riley's Lucario.

9d 2h 32m Bibarel hit Level 21!

9d 2h 31m Flareon hit Level 43! It forgot Fire Spin and learned Fire Fang!

[Meta] We are in dire need of more updaters. If you are willing to volunteer to be an updater, even if you can only do it for a few hours a week, it would really help us out. It is currently very difficult for us to keep the live updater going with our low numbers. If you think you can assist, please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WNEWhDOP7zXQ4fkXcogTyl3u1DNi1X68MJlQsU0ibAE/viewform?edit_requested=true

9d 2h 5m Flareon grew to Level 42!

9d 1h 55m Golbat learned Poison Fang over Mean Look, by the way.

9d 1h 55m Golbat levels to 39 and does not evolve.

9d 1h 38m Flareon reached level 41

9d 1h 17m Bronzor levels up to 45 and does not evolve.

9d 1h 13m Flareon levels up to 40

9d 1h 11m Golbat hits Level 38 and does not evolve.

9d 0h 46m Caught a Golbat! Level 33, male, named 88zq7d z

9d 0h 38m Flareon is level 39!

9d 0h 34m We found a Magnet!

The Graveler was a Level 33 Female.

9d 0h 25m We caught a Graveler! It's nickname is Q8☹☹ ☹☹88. I missed the level and gender but I'll update when I find out.

9d 0h 14m Flareon grows to Level 38! And didn't evolve :( ... oh, wait

9d 0h 9m Golbat faints. Good thing we have our own personal slave a wonderful friend who is willing to heal our party!

9d 0h 2m Caught a Golbat! Level 31, Male, no nickname.

[Fluff] The chat is rioting at the moment. ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ VIVA LA EVOLUTION ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ (you guys are really milking this napoleon theme, aren't you?)

8d 23h 49m Caught a level 33, female Graveler with a Pokeball! Nickname is A (insert emoticon) ' (insert emoticon)

8d 23h 44m Bronzor levels up to 44! It tries evolving but fails.

8d 23h 29m We have been walking around in circles in Iron Island grinding our Pokemon.

8d 22h 55m Golbat levels up to 37 and doesn't evolve... again.

8d 22h 47m Flareon leveled up to 36 and learned Fire Spin over Helping Hand!

[Pun] Aurady 35? He's levelling up riley fast.

8d 22h 43m Flareon leveled up to 35.

[Snark] Riley's back must be breaking from carrying around all these healing supplies. Is he even certified?

8d 22h 41m Party healed again by Riley though so... there's that.

8d 22h 40m Wild Graveler also takes out Golbat.

8d 22h 40m Both Shinx and Lucario go down to a wild Graveler's Earthquake!

8d 22h 38m Shinx out against wild Gravelers. Poor Shinx can't do anything in this cave except against wild Golbats.

8d 22h 35m We're currently battling wild 'Mons in this cave. Flareon makes good use of Helping Hand in these double battles with Lucario/

8d 22h 30m Picked up a Dusk Ball!

8d 22h 27m Flareon levels up to 34!

8d 22h 27m Lulz jk Riley healed Flareon back from the dead.

8d 22h 23m Flareon down from a wild Graveler!

8d 22h 18m In Pokemon Stadium, it's Flareon against Pidgeotto. False Prophet versus Bird Jesus!

8d 22h 13m Flareon leveled up to 33!

[Reminder] Riley heals our team after each battle as long as we're with him.

8d 22h 3m Sunbrella takes out Steelix. Hiker Damon and Hiker Maurice defeated! Sunbrella grows to level 53!

8d 22h 1m Sunbrella knocks out Onix with Absorb. Just kidding, one of the Hikers had one more Pokemon - Steelix.

8d 22h 1m Lucario takes out Rhyhorn. Only Onix left.

8d 22h 0m Sunbrella now confused from Petal Dance. Onix comes out in place of the Nosepass Sunbrella took out.

8d 21h 59m Out comes a Rhyhorn to take its place. Sunbrella then knocks out Nosepass.

8d 21h 59m Sunbrella wastes no time and takes out Graveler.

[Snark] I'm riley hyped for what this team-up will bring.

8d 21h 58m Hiker Damon and Hiker Maurice would like to battle! Graveler and Nosepass versus Sunbrella and Lucario.

8d 21h 58m Teamed up with Riley!

8d 21h 56m Sunbrella takes out Raichu with one Petal Dance! Picnicker Summer defeated!

8d 21h 55m Raichu takes out Flareon with a Thunderbolt and Quick Attack. Only Sunbrella left.

8d 21h 54m Battle against Picnicker Summer! Raichu versus Flareon.

[Fluff] That was extremely impressive for TPP considering we had JUST received Strength and taught it within a matter of minutes. Good job everyone!

8d 21h 45m We taught Flareon Strength and overwrote Sand Attack!

8d 21h 40m Entered Iron Island.

8d 21h 40m Obtained HM04 Strength from Riley!

8d 21h 39m RILEY HYPE.


8d 21h 35m We woke up and used Stun Spore and paralyzed Roserade! It's been stunned for 2 turns straight now!!! And we are able to take it out!!!!!

8d 21h 34m After exchanging blows a few turns and each of our roses getting to yellow health, we are put to sleep by Roserade's grasswhistle.

8d 21h 33m We take out Empoleon and now must deal with Roserade.

8d 21h 32m Roselia is sent out now.

8d 21h 31m Bibarel comes out and takes a Bubblebeam very poorly. RIP

8d 21h 30m Shinx couldn't quite beat Empoleon and was taken out by Bubblebeam.

8d 21h 30m We got a bit of chip damage with Air Cutter but ultimately Empoleon won out against Golbat. We send out Shinx and use Discharge, bringing Empoleon to the red.

8d 21h 29m We took out Heracross with Golbat without taking any damage. Out comes Empoleon.

8d 21h 28m Heracross' night slash and Brick Break end up taking out Bronzor who only got in one Extrasensory on it before going down.

8d 21h 27m We end up taking out Rapidash after a few more exchanges of Extrasensory and Fire Spin, but Bronzor is down to 36% health. Out comes Heracross.

8d 21h 26m Out comes Rapidash who Fire Spins our Bronzor. We used Future Sight and then Extrasensory a couple times while Rapidash continued to Fire Spin.

8d 21h 25m We immediately switch Flareon out for Bronzor, and Staraptor's initial attack missed! We hit it with Confusion after it used Take Down. It got confused and hurt itself! Extrasensory then took it to the yellow, but Staraptor used Double Team. However we managed to hit it with another Extrasensory and took it out! Flareon grew to level 32 from the brief moment it was in the fight.

8d 21h 23m Another Pearl battle initiated!!

8d 21h 22m Bibarel was our last hope, but she ended up falling easily to Giga Drain... BLACK OUT and we lost 3264 money.

8d 21h 21m Pearl sent out his Roserade and easily takes out our Roselia with Giga Drain after being hit with our Petal Dance once.

8d 21h 21m We sent out Roselia and got Empoleon down to the red with Absorb and then Petal Dance, we got hit by an Aerial Ace and Metal Claw bringing us to the red, but we took out Empoleon.

[fixed] Bronzor leveled up to 43, not 42. Typo sorry.

8d 21h 19m Empoleon comes out and hits us with Bubblebeam bringing us down to just below half. Our Extrasensory doesn't do very much, and we're hit with another Bubblebeam. Another Extrasensory only barely dents Empoleon, who follows up with a third Bubblebeam and KOs Bronzor

8d 21h 18m Bronzor leveled up to 42

8d 21h 18m Bronzor is sent out and we use a super effective Extrasensory! Heracross hangs in there and hits us with Brick Break. But we hit back with another Extrasensory and KO Heracross!

8d 21h 16m We use Discharge on Heracross and paralyze it! But it uses Brick Break on us... Shinx Faints

8d 21h 16m 8d 21h 15m Out comes Shinx! We're hit by Take Down which takes down Rapidash with recoil damage. Heracross up next.

8d 21h 15m USED A POKEBALL ON PEARL'S RAPIDASH and then he stomped us and KOed Golbat

8d 21h 15m We're Tail Whipped but we follow up with Air Cutter. Another Tail Whip comes our way, and we continue to use Air Cutter. Rapidash uses Take Down and brings us to the yellow, and we Air Cutter it to the red.

8d 21h 14m More double team from Staraptor but we hit it with a second Air Cutter and take it out! Next up is Rapidash.

8d 21h 12m Golbat sent out. Staraptor uses Double Team and we use Air Cutter.

8d 21h 12m Flareon faints to Staraptor's take down


8d 21h 11m [Poketch] We're drawing lines! Fun.

8d 21h 8m Exited the Pokecenter.

8d 21h 7m We are in the Pokecenter right now.

8d 21h 0m Well, that didn't last long. BLACKED OUT!

8d 20h 59m Battling Rival Pearl! He sends out a Lv36 ♂Staraptor!

8d 20h 48m Arrived at Canalave City for the first time!

8d 20h 47m We meet Dawn's Father and Rowan's Assistant! He upgraded our Pokédex! It now displays images of male and female Pokemon.

8d 20h 46m A second Petal Dance OHKOs his ♂Lv.34 Machoke. Sailor Skyler defeated!

8d 20h 45m Got into a battle with Sailor Skyler! He sends out a ♂Lv32 Mantyke! Roselia uses Petal Dance to OHKO it.

8d 20h 40m Flareon is knocked out by a wild ♂Lv30 Tentacool! Only Roselia is left.

8d 20h 38m Fisherman Luc defeated! Only Flareon and Roselia are still ready for battle, and Flareon only has a few HP left.

8d 20h 37m Shinx knocks out the Remoraid with only 7HP. Luc sends out Gyrados. Shinx gets knocked out by Gyrados!

8d 20h 33m Bibarel got knocked out by Fisherman Miguel's Remoraid with... Bullet Seed? Flareon jumps in and knocks that Remoraid out.

8d 20h 32m He sent out another ♂Lv29 Remoraid. It got OHKO'd. This trainer has four Remoraid and a Gyrados. Anyway, we sent in Bibarel!

8d 20h 30m Started battling with Fisherman Luc! He sends out a ♂Lv29 Remoraid. Flareon is sent out on our side. Flareon knocks out the Remodaid with 15HP!

8d 20h 28m Shinx hits Level 48 after knocking out his Gyrados! Fisherman Miguel defeated! Shinx gets INCREDIBLY close to evolution, but fails to evolve.

8d 20h 27m Bronzor is knocked out by Fisherman Miguel's Gyrados. Shinx sent is out!

8d 20h 26m Golbat is knocked out by Fisherman Miguel's Gyrados.

8d 20h 26m Some low damage exchanges happen. Eventually Bronzor takes out Gyrados! Fisherman Miguel sends out another Gyrados while we switch into Golbat.

8d 20h 23m Withdrew Flareon and sent out Bronzor! Strategy! Bronzor resists Gyrados's Twister and only takes two damage! Bronzor is then hit by a critical Ice Fang, but it still doesn't do much! Confused Gyrados.

8d 20h 22m Used a Oran Berry on Flareon! Restored 10 health. But we're quickly knocked right back down by Gyrados.

8d 20h 21m Got into a battle with Fisherman Miguel! He sent out Gyrados, ♂Lv33!

8d 20h 21m Arrived at Route 218 and STARTED SURFING. We're finally going to Canalave City!

[Fluff] Male! Oooooo!

8d 20h 18m Created a group! Name: _♂oo

8d 20h 17m Arrived at Jubilife City yet again.

8d 20h 15m Caught a Lv3Bidoof! No nickname.

8d 20h 14m Caught a Lv3 ♂ Bidoof! No nickname.

8d 20h 12m Caught a Lv4 ♀ Starly! No nickname.

8d 20h 9m Caught a Lv3 ♀ Shinx! Name: wn♂<HurtFace>_'~

8d 20h 3m We're on Route 202 now. This time we can't jump down ledges to take a shortcut.

8d 20h 2m We're back at Sandgem Town.

8d 19h 59m We're back on Route 201 after talking to Mom.

8d 19h 56m In the words of the Twitch chat... ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ ...if it applies to your region.

8d 19h 54m Napolean: Mother, we're I'm home! | Talked to our Mom.

8d 19h 53m Entered our own house rather quickly.

8d 19h 53m Arrived at Twinleaf Town!

8d 19h 50m Jumped down the ledge on Route 201.

8d 19h 48m Arrived at Sandgem Town!

8d 19h 45m And now we're quickly biking south. We're on Route 202 now.

8d 19h 45m Arrived at Jubilife City!

8d 19h 43m Used a Hyper Potion on Flareon! It restored 8 HP. Well. At least we used 8 out of the 200HP that the potion can restore.

8d 19h 40m Caught a Psyduck! Name: A001 EEEE1

8d 19h 34m Arrived in Oreburgh City!

8d 19h 33m We slid down the one way slope to Oreburgh City.

8d 19h 31m Picked up a Super Potion!

8d 19h 30m Found a random Great Ball laying in the dirt

8d 19h 17m We're just above Oreburgh City on Route 207 right now.

8d 19h 15m Found an EnergyPowder in a rock!

8d 19h 14m Flareon grew to Level 31!

8d 19h 5m Onto Route 208 now.

8d 18h 59m We're in Hearthome City!

8d 18h 47m Found a Hyper Potion!

8d 18h 41m Current destination: Canalave!

8d 18h 38m We encounter a wild Ralts. The chat explodes in memory of the Kirlia from previous games.

8d 18h 36m New party order: Flareon, Roselia, Bronzor, Shinx, Golbat, Bibarel. We appear to be moving on now.

8d 18h 31m It appears we are cycling our Pokémon for a new party order.

8d 18h 29m We are back in the Daycare? DANGER ZONE

8d 18h 26m "Saving a lot of data . . ."

8d 18h 25m New party order: Roselia, Bronzor, Shinx, Golbat, Bibarel, Flareon

8d 18h 25m Retrieved Bibarel, deposited and retrieved Flareon. We finally get away safely.

8d 18h 22m Accidentally deposited Bibarel in the Daycare. Whoops.

8d 18h 21m Retrieved Shinx and Golbat from the Daycare. Golbat leveled up to 36 while he was there.

8d 18h 19m We deposited Togepi in the PC.

8d 18h 13m Bibarel forgets Defense Curl and learns Surf!!

8d 18h 9m Trying to teach Surf... It's going slowly... But Bibarel is at the top of the party now, so that helps.

8d 18h 0m Deposited Golbat

8d 18h 0m Retrieved Bronzor

8d 17h 53m Deposited Shinx

8d 17h 53m Deposited Bronzor, retrieved Roselia

8d 17h 48m Retrieved Flareon

8d 17h 46m Deposited Flareon and retrieved Togepi. We're doing this until Bibarel is in the first slot.

8d 17h 45m Gave Roselia to the Daycare.

8d 17h 41m Now we're in the daycare.

8d 17h 38m We are trying to get into the Daycare. And failing. (We're on the opposite side of town.)

8d 17h 28m Finally BLACKED OUT. We're back in Solaceon Town.

8d 17h 25m In other news, Bibarel levelled up to 20!

8d 17h 25m Another Gastly just did the exact same thing!

8d 17h 20m A Gastly killed itself with Curse while Bibarel, our only living 'mon, survives with 8 HP. Of course the time we are actually trying to black out, the game makes it hard on us!

8d 17h 14m Nope. We finish the battle with pitiful amounts of HP remaining.

8d 17h 10m Bronzor falls as well. I sense a blackout in the near future.

8d 17h 6m Roselia goes down. Poor girl. She only wanted to keep us safe.

8d 17h 4m We get stopped by a pair of trainers that we missed on our way up. Time for another double battle!

[Strategy] The current plan is to go back to Daycare, shuffle Bibarel to the front, and teach it Surf.

8d 17h 1m These ladies won't talk to us unless we use Defog, which no one in our team knows. Welp, time to leave emptyhanded!

8d 16h 54m We're up on the top floor of the Lost Tower!

8d 16h 48m Found the TM27: Return!

8d 16h 47m They go down fairly easily.

8d 16h 42m Double battle time! They send out double Ponyta, against our Roselia and Bronzor.

8d 16h 41m Pokéfan Rebekah sends out Bonsly, who is promptly decimated by Roselia. Quick and easy victory!

8d 16h 41m Time for another trainer battle! wheeeeeee

[Correction] Bibarel has not yet fainted. It was only switched out during the earlier battle.

8d 16h 38m Text speed was almost changed back to Fast. We cancelled out of the menu. :(

8d 16h 35m We move up a floor!

8d 16h 33m After an unnecessarily long battle, we finally win!

8d 16h 30m Bibarel falls prey to the Pikachu. Bronzor goes back in.

8d 16h 25m Bibarel Headbutts the Pichu to death and the trainer finishes with a Pikachu.

8d 16h 23m We switch in Bronzor, who takes out the first Pichu. The trainer sends out another Pichu and we switch in Bibarel, who gets paralyzed.

8d 16h 20m We get into another trainer battle and it's Golbat vs. Pichu!

8d 16h 18m He went down easily.

8d 16h 16m Challenged by Roughneck Kirby! Ironically, this "roughneck" only has a Cleffa. Very intimidating.

8d 16h 13m We've been in the Lost Tower for a while, making our way towards the top.

8d 16h 7m It also seems that we got Aerial Ace somewhere in the mix, but I might be mistaken.

8d 16h 6m We picked up an Oval Stone!

8d 16h 0m There is some argument over what to do next. Some wanna get Bibarel some experience, some want to keep moving forward.

[Reddit formatting] Bibarel's name is 00 space space 00 space 06

8d 15h 33m Caught a Bibarel nameed 00_0_06 ("_" means space). Level 19 female.

8d 15h 31m Flareon got rolled the frig out, man!

[Snark] Two shakes of a lamb's tail.

8d 15h 31m Two shakes!

8d 15h 15m Ray away safely...

8d 15h 15m No shakes again

8d 15h 15m POCKET SAND

8d 15h 14m No shakes that time

8d 15h 14m SOO close to catching that Bibarel!

8d 15h 10m ...and then we ran away.

8d 14h 9m We threw a Premier Ball at Bibarel, but it did not stick!

8d 14h 7m Also, I missed us picking up TM 47: Steel Wing. Thanks /u/draconicalvara

8d 14h 7m We used a Moomoo Milk instead of a Pokeball!

[Snark] Gotta catch 'em all, Bibarel!

8d 14h 55m Bought 2 more Pokeballs... and then 98 more.

8d 14h 55m Bought 3 pokeballs

8d 14h 51m Once again, I can't keep nicknames straight. The BIDOOF eulogies continue.

[Snark] I haven't heard this much pining since Michael Jackson died.

8d 14h 45m The chat is erupting in eulogies for Captain America

8d 14h 40m We encountered a Bibarel to catch, but we have no buals!

[Fluff] BIDOOF! I pine for you!


8d 14h 28m Retrieved Bidoof from Daycare.

8d 14h 16m [PC INTENSIFIES]

8d 14h 15m Looks like Bidoof is in the daycare as well.

[Meta] I must leave now. Updates will resume as soon as another updater drops by. Thank you for your patience! Also, if you wish to help updating this page, please consider signing up by following this link. Stay awesome!

8d 14h 0m Togepi is back in the Daycare. Have fun, little Princess!

8d 13h 52m Current party: Togepi, Flareon, Shinx, Roselia, Bronzor, Golbat.

8d 13h 52m Golbat received!

8d 13h 51m Napoleon is trying so hard to get noticed by the Daycare lady. He walks left and right, left and right, pretending to use the PC every once in a while but without actually doing anything.

[Fluff] Who would have thought that the hardest part of the plan would not have been giving Mails to each of our core party members?

8d 13h 45m Napoleon can't decide what to do with Togepi. To the Daycare, or to the PC...? Either way, Golbat is still with the old lady, and Bidoof still needs to get in her hotel room in the PC.

8d 13h 35m We attempted to deposit Togepi, but the box we selected was full and we failed.

8d 13h 34m The PC is on...

8d 13h 30m Bronzor is back with us as well.

8d 13h 30m Bidoof is back in the party and Golbat is in the Daycare in her place.

[Meta] Highlights of day 6/7/8 for all you lovelies out there. Click!

8d 13h 23m We turned on the PC once, then left the Daycare. This is probably a good moment for you to start inputting commands if you aren't already: some people wish to deposit Togepi, while others want to daycare her. Either way, we do not fear the PC anymore!

8d 13h 17m Golbat has been given an Air Mail. "Aww... That's really BUDEW".

8d 13h 15m We threw away one Bloom Mail. Golbat is still waiting for his turn.

8d 13h 5m Bronzor stored in the Daycare.

8d 12h 58m Roselia is back with us!

8d 12h 52m "Hello! AAH!" This certainly will get the Daycare lady's attention. Given a Bloom Mail to Bronzor!

8d 12h 45m Bidoof was given away in exchange for her life.

8d 12h 44m Shinx received from the Daycare lady. She's worth more than 100 pokedollars to us!

8d 12h 42m "Bidoof did not learn Shock Wave." Well, thank goodness!

8d 12h 35m And back off. The PC scared us so much, we ran outside of the building and into another.

8d 12h 35m We turned on the PC...

8d 12h 31m Bidoof is now holding a Star Piece, a symbol of true love. We took the Exp. Share from her!

8d 12h 28m He winks at the lady as he hands the pokémon over. She takes Roselia in the back of the building without noticing the letter, muttering "Come back for it later". Napoleon lowers his head and kicks the wall. Next time. Next time she'll notice the letter, she will read it, and she will know his true feelings for her.

8d 12h 25m Roselia left in the Daycare!

8d 12h 24m Napoleon walked all the way back to the Daycare to deliver the letter. He spends a couple of minutes staring at the PC. Soon it will be time to fight the machine once again.

8d 12h 10m That's when an idea sparks in his mind. He grabs the closest paper and jolts it down. He reads it over, nods to himself and gives Roselia the Bloom Mail to keep it safe. The message reads "Aww... That's really ADORE".

8d 12h 7m He glances at the TV, distracted by the commercials. Team Galactic has paid to advertise their motto on every channel. "Find peace in our world!", they say. Napoleon shakes his head and finishes the tea. Who do they think they're fooling?

8d 12h 3m Napoleon couldn't find the inspiration to finish the letter. He sips slowly and silently from the cup, eyelids closed, pinky finger raised.

8d 11h 58m It's time to write to another secret lover!

8d 11h 55m Napoleon is taking a break in the Pokémon News Press building, reading about Dusk Balls in front of a cup of tea.

8d 11h 51m Shinx deposited in the Daycare, Flareon received for 100 pokécoins.

8d 11h 45m We're outside of the Daycare now. Shinx really didn't want to leave our side.

8d 11h 41m Togepi received back. We payed 1000 pokémoneys.

8d 11h 30m Next, we are trying to put Shinx in the Daycare to easily give Roselia a Mail too.

8d 11h 22m We have given Shinx a Bloom Mail in exchange for the Insect Plate. The message reads "Hello! KADABRA".

8d 11h 20m We are writing a letter!

8d 11h 16m Yep. Still handsome.

8d 11h 13m Napoleon admires the picture on his trainer card.

8d 11h 8m We are now trying to give Mails to our pokémon.

8d 11h 7m Flareon left in the Daycare.

8d 11h 4m The Daycare lady noticed and called him inside to scold him. He's now cleaning the floor as punishment.

8d 11h 2m Napoleon pees behind the Daycare sign.

8d 11h 1m Walking up and down between Solaceon and Route 210.

8d 10h 56m In the Pokémon Center!

8d 10h 51m Hello Solaceon Town!

8d 10h 45m Well we just threw our Great ball and caught us a Roselia. Level 19, female, no nickname.

8d 10h 45m We didn't heal, so Flareon is still down. Shinx has just been paralyzed.

8d 10h 42m We take a walk down Route 209.

8d 10h 39m Saved. In-game time: 195:21.

8d 10h 38m Napoleon's sitting on the border of the fountains in Hearthome City.

8d 10h 33m We just tried to plant a pearl, hoping it would grow a pearl tree. We only got 2 Bluk Berries instead. Lame!

8d 10h 31m Trainer: "You and your Pokémon have so much energy." Napoleon: stares blankly

8d 10h 27m Entered the Berry Master's house on Route 208.

[Information] Our current party: Lv.30 Flareon (fainted), Lv.47 Shinx, Lv.50 Roselia, Lv.45 Bidoof, Lv.42 Bronzor, Lv.35 Golbat. We also received the Sprayduck.

8d 10h 15m Picked up a Great Ball.

[Information] I apologize for the lack of updates! In the past two hours, we have bought 117 Bloom Mails, got TM88 (Pluck), given a Super Repel to Roselia and traded berries for accessories. We have caught a Bidoof (Lv.12, female, called 066 QG6) and a Budew (Lv12, male, named G0SSSLLQQ0) as well. Please PM me additional details if possible!

8d 7h 59m Arrived at Floraroma Town to get mail.

8d 7h 45m Got TM39, Rock Tomb!

8d 7h 41m Got into a battle with Youngster Tyler! He had a... Magikarp! Well, defeated it in seconds. Younger Tyler defeated.

8d 7h 27m Took Flareon's TM40 and GAVE IT AIR MAIL.

8d 7h 19m Switched Shinx and Roselia in the party then switched Take Down and Amnesia on Bidoof.

8d 7h 17m We just threw away 1 Tunnel Mail. NOW we have 104 Tunnel Mail.

8d 7h 15m Switched Flareon's Smoke Ball with TM40, Aerial Ace.

[Meta] Turns out that it was 105 Tunnel Mail earlier, not 104! My mistake.

8d 7h 3m Picked up a Potion in Jubilife City!

8d 7h 0m Got the Link Searcher app for our Poketch.

8d 6h 56m We entered the Jubilife lottery and lost.

8d 6h 41m Arrived at Jubilife City.

8d 6h 39m Used MooMoo Milk on Roselia.

8d 6h 32m Bought 104 Tunnel Mail. It looks like we like collecting piles of 104 mail.

8d 6h 31m Bought 5 Pokeballs.

8d 6h 28m And now we're at Oreburgh City!

8d 6h 27m Now on Route 207.

8d 6h 19m We've entered the south Mt. Coronet tunnel. We're going to Oreburgh City now.

8d 6h 16m Went to Route 208 and then found an Ether!

8d 6h 10m Bought 104 Heart Mail and then sold two Full Heals.

8d 6h 6m We're now attempting to buy mail at the Pokemart.

8d 6h 1m BARBOACH is what we say to the interviewer. That's all that we said.

8d 5h 59m We wandered back into the Poffin House and switched around Flareon's moves. The new order is... | Sand Attack | Rock Smash | Helping Hand | Fire Blast

8d 5h 55m Pecha Poffin... then a Rawst Poffin. Yeah. And they were both foul. Apparently Napolean is a terrible cook.

8d 5h 51m Another Foul Poffin. Made with a Pecha Berry.

8d 5h 48m We made another Foul Poffin with a Pecha Berry.

8d 5h 47m We made yet another bad poffin. It was made with a Cheri Berry.

8d 5h 45m We didn't do so well. We're cooking another now!

8d 5h 44m Now we're cooking poffins! Here we go!

8d 5h 43m Text Speed: Fast | Sound: Stereo | Battle Animations: Off | Battle Style: Set

8d 5h 27m Got the Poffin Case!

8d 5h 23m Entered the Pokemon Fan Club.

8d 5h 19m Now at Hearthome City.

8d 4h 40m We tossed the Great Ball! It failed to capture the Noctowl. We're out of Great Balls now!

[Stadium] The return of pocket sand.

8d 4h 24m Bidoof hit level 45! It did not learn curse and did not evolve.

8d 4h 15m Flareon fainted!

8d 4h 11m Found a Great Ball!

8d 4h 5m We left Hearthome City and now we're on Route 209.

8d 3h 49m The PC risk is too much causing us to leave the Contest Hall.

8d 3h 42m We were ONE A away from depositing Flareon into the PC! Napolean ran!

8d 3h 33m We're trying to talk to the receptionist but keep getting close to using the PC.

8d 3h 27m We tapped the PC. It definitely works.

8d 3h 25m After leaving the chapel, we entered the Contest Hall.

[Snark] This is the best area song in the entire game. Here it is described in text form: ___________

8d 3h 21m And now we're not. There is a large push to do Pokemon Contests.

8d 3h 20m We're currently in the Hearthome City Pokemart.

8d 3h 11m Got an Aspear Berry from the Berry Master!

8d 3h 10m We just bought some Mulch from the Berry Master.

8d 3h 8m We're on Route 208 in the Berry Master's House now.

8d 3h 4m Thanks to the bike and the simplistic path that we had to take through Route 209 we're already in Hearthome City.

8d 3h 2m We're on Route 209 now. Just south of Solaceon Town and the Daycare.

8d 2h 59m Planted a Mago Berry!

8d 2h 57m Picked up Razz Berries and planted a Wiki Berry!

8d 2h 46m Napoleon confirmed to be a black box. The game glitched again!

8d 2h 39m Massive b+right spam overcomes TPP sending Napoleon into route 216. Unfortunately, Napoleon doesn't have an umbrella to accommodate for the rainy weather here.

8d 2h 34m Nope I lied we left again. But I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we go back in. Will update when something interesting happens.

8d 2h 31m Back in the Game Corner.

8d 2h 17m Successfully spelled boobs on the calculator again. Congrats everyone! TPP is done. We can all go home and carry on with our lives now.

8d 2h 14m We re-entered Team Galactic HQ in Veilstone.

8d 1h 51m Napoleon's still in the game corner, walking around and looking for some coins that may have dropped on the floor. We've been back to the game corner multiple times in these past few days. Napoleon, I say this because I care about you but I think you have a little gambling problem...

8d 1h 27m We're back in the Game Corner after wandering around Veilstone City.

8d 1h 13m We've left the Game Corner.

[Snark] Maylene's father is stuck at the slots? This is obviously why she didn't learn how to clean up her gym.

8d 0h 54m We got 777 in bonus mode yet again!

8d 0h 52m Replaced Flareon's Poison Barb with a Smoke Ball. It will always allow us to run from wild battles with Flareon on the field.

8d 0h 47m We enter bonus mode then get triple Galactic symbols! We're on a roll!

[Picture] Looks like somebody got a picture of the 777! It only showed up for a second because we closed the slot machine. Here it is! Credit to /u/Kauft

8d 0h 36m A lone start makes us leave bonus mode.

8d 0h 35m We've entered the bonus round! This time it's Ditto Clefairy.

8d 0h 21m There we go. We won a spin! Triple moonstones for 15 coins.

8d 0h 20m And then we start using the slots! It isn't going too well.

8d 0h 15m We've entered the Game Corner! ┌༼ຈلຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈلຈ༽┐♫

8d 0h 0m We're on Day 9, by the way!

8d 0h 0m Entered the Veilstone Pokemon Center and healed.

7d 23h 54m And now we're at Veilstone City!

7d 23h 40m Bronzor grew to Level 42! But it doesn't evolve.

7d 23h 34m Picked up a Hyper Potion!

7d 23h 28m We found a Fist Plate! "The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate."

7d 23h 25m We knock out another Machop... and then he sends out a third! Wait. It gets knocked out too. Black Belt Gregory defeated by Bronzor! How reliable.

7d 23h 25m Knocked out Gregory's Machop! And then he sends out... Machop!

7d 23h 22m Bidoof is defeated by Gregory's Machop!

7d 23h 21m We get into a battle with Black Belt Gregory! He sends out Machop against our Bidoof with 8HP!

7d 23h 6m Now we're on Route 215 and going in the direction of Veilstone City.

7d 23h 0m Bidoof is sent out. It's just over halfway to the next level where it attempts to learn Curse.

7d 22h 59m Rosalia is knocked out by a wild Ponyta with a critical Flame Wheel.

7d 22h 32m We're out of the northern(foggy) half of Route 210.

7d 22h 19m We're now grinding on Route 210. Bidoof is going to attempt to learn Curse at it's next level.

7d 21h 56m In Celestic Town once again.

7d 21h 49m Bidoof hits level 44 and does not evolve.

7d 21h 47m We went back to grinding without healing.

[Correction] That was Celestic Town. It and Eterna have the same soundtrack. shrug

7d 21h 43m Back in Eterna City now.

7d 21h 38m Flareon and Shinx are both fainted. No more grinding for them.

7d 21h 28m Apologies for the slow updates. We're just grinding, so there isn't much to tell.

7d 20h 54m Bronzor faints. Naploeon blacks out!

7d 20h 51m Still tooling around in the same patch of grass. We're on the bike, at least.

7d 20h 34m Bronzor is promoted to level 41! No evolution.

7d 20h 31m Excuse me, Bidoof is down!


7d 20h 21m Moonbat falls to a foe's Bronzor!

7d 20h 17m Bidoof is seriously hurting at 13% HP

7d 20h 14m We got the TM for Psych Up!

7d 20h 10m Sunshine is down!

7d 19h 54m The chat is in a full blown RIOT probably due to the evolution issue.

7d 19h 53m Finally grabbed the Carbos in the field.

7d 19h 53m Also, Sunbrella is down!

7d 19h 52m Sunshine reaches level 47 and Bidoof is promoted to level 43! Neither evolve.

7d 19h 44m Flareon faints to a wild Machoke!

7d 19h 40m Finally got out of the Pokemon Center.

7d 19h 29m: We blacked out in a battle vs a trainer's Machop.

7d 19h 20m: We come out of the ruins to find our Old Stalker Cynthia wating for us. How you doin'?

7d 19h 18m: Surf obtained!.

7d 19h 15m: Petal dance leaves Murkrow with below 50% hp. Then he gets poisoned and Faints to another Petal dance. Cyrus defeated and Roselia reaches lvl 50. Roselia had 24 hp at the end.

7d 19h 14m: Nqpppnl tries to send Shinx but it's not working out so far. Roselia vs Murkrow! #believe.

7d 19h 13m: Super fang and Take down take care of Golbat. Murkrow comes out and faints Bidoof with drill peck. All up to Roselia now.

7d 19h 12m: Bidoof comes out and uses yawn. Golbat uses air cutter. Amnesia and more Air Cutter. Golbat is asleep.

7d 19h 11m: Confusion only lasts a turn for Golbat too. Extrasensory leaves it very low then a couple of consecutive bites take down Bronzor

7d 19h 10m: Golbat uses bite, then gets confused with confuse ray. Golbat hurts itself then takes extrasensory but resists it.

7d 19h 10m: Confuse ray again! Sneasel hurts itself and Sneasel faints!. Out comes Golbat.

7d 19h 9m: Sneasel's confusion only lasts a turn and he proceeds on with ice punch.

7d 19h 9m: Bronzor comes out and uses confuse ray. Sneasel hurts itself.

7d 19h 8m: Golbat comes out and uses leech life. Ice punch leaves it with just 15 hp. Cyrus uses hyper potion. Air cutter connects but doesn't do much damage. Then Golbat resists quick attack with 1 hp to use air cutter again but then Golbat faints to quick attack.

7d 19h 7m: Scary face hits twice then Shinx faints to ice punch

7d 19h 7m: Shinx comes out screaming reveng. Ice punch leaves it with just 47 hp.

7d 19h 6m: Slash takes Flareon down to just 39 hp. Rock smash does way more damage. A second Slash finishes Flareon though

7d 19h 6m: Cyrus time once more. Sneasel vs Flareon!

7d 19h 4m: Back in the ruins! "Rowan's blablablablablabla". You guys get the image.

7d 19h 2m: Pokemon Center exited! Trees slow our advance.

7d 18h 59m: Ice punch is all it takes to take down Golbat. Nqpppnl blacked out.

7d 18h 58m: Cyrus time! Sneasel vs Golbat.

7d 18h 55m: Seeing as Cyrus saved us from Cinthia's grandmother's history lesson we decide not to challenge Cyrus. You got lucky there pal.

[Snark] I like how they let us choose if we want to battle or not. So considerate.

7d 18h 54m: Cyrus comes in and saves us from Granny's history lesson. We owe you one C!

7d 18h 52m: Nqpppnl Takes some pictures of the ruins, touches some stones and basically "Rowan’s words echoed... nqpppnl ! There’s a time and place for everything! But not now.".

7d 18h 50m: We enter the ruins. "Rowan’s words echoed... nqpppnl ! There’s a time and place for everything! But not now."

7d 18h 47m: We talk to Cynthia's grandmother, who sends us on another errand. I guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

7d 18h 46m: A third critical air cutter hits Enem Golbat down, and Golbat did not evolve. Trainer defeated.

7d 18h 45m: Air cutter vs Wing attack. Enem Golbat is down below 50% hp.

7d 18h 45m: Air cutter and confusion take down Houndour. Golbat grew to level 35. Golbat vs Golbat.

7d 18h 44m: Confuse ray connects and Houndour takes Bronzor down with fire fang. Golbat out.

7d 18h 44m: Fire fang leaves Bronzor with just 9 hp.

7d 18h 43m: Galactic Grunt challenged! Bronzor vs Houndour.

7d 18h 38m: We exit the Pokemon Center. Bicycle!

[Snark] "Rowan’s words echoed... nqpppnl ! There’s a time and place for everything! But not now." When then huh?! I am not ready for this Rowan!!!! YOU DID NOT PREPARE ME FOR THIS!!!!

7d 18h 36m: Nqpppnl walks with Rowan's words echoing. "Rowan’s words echoed... nqpppnl ! There’s a time and place for everything! But not now."

7d 18h 35m: Pokemon Centre entered! Finally!

7d 18h 34m: Lots of down save the day. Still lots of people pushing up though.

7d 18h 33m: We almost challenge the Galactic Grunt. Nevermind, we are still going up and are right next to it now.

7d 18h 32m: We have an amazing ability to walk into the hardest spots and getting stuck in those. Yet we can't manage to get inside the Pokemon Centre. Am I the only one that finds it fascinating?

7d 18h 26m: We find Dragon Fang.

7d 18h 24m: Overshooting it to the left... Overshooting it to the right... BICYCLE!

7d 18h 20m: Once again we get close to the Pokemon Center but overshoot it with ups.

[Snark] "I want to ride my bicicle I want to ride my bike..."

7d 18h 16m: House exited! Lots of jumping in and out of the bike. Seriously, lots of those, there were so many Ys.

7d 18h 16m: We decide to stay for a while in the house. Walking into corners and then struggling to get out of them is fun.

[Snark] "Rowan’s words echoed... nqpppnl ! There’s a time and place for everything! But not now." Is now the message of the hour. Be prepared to read it forever during gyms

7d 18h 13m: We break into some Karate trainer's house. He's oblivious to us.

7d 18h 11m: All the way back down to the Pokemon Center. Will we get in? Find out after this messages!

7d 18h 10m: Nevermind, we go up up up to the otherside of Celestic. We encounter a comfy-looking house.

7d 18h 10m: We are standing in front of the Pokemon Center. Biking around is just so much fun.

7d 18h 8m: Celestic town reached! Bye fog, we won't miss you!

7d 18h 8m: Pursuit also connects but Buizel OHKOs to a critical Extrasensory. Trainer defeated.

7d 18h 7m: Aqua Jet connects. We use extrasensory.

7d 18h 7m: Ponyta finally uses fire spin but doesn't do much damage. Ponyta then faints to extrasensory and out comes Buizel.

7d 18h 6m: Confusion deployed and Ponyta is hurting itself. Extrasensory now connects and Ponyta resists with 1 hp.

7d 18h 6m: Ponyta misses and gets confused.

7d 18h 6m: Another extrasensory and Tangela faints. Ponyta comes out!

7d 18h 5m: We use future sight and Extrasensory. Tangela heals a bit with ingrain, then hurts itself.

7d 18h 5m: Misses everywhere but Tangela finally manages to use ancientpower. About 6 hp damage done.

7d 18h 5m: Tangela misses a couple of ancientpower then gets confused by confuse ray.

7d 18h 4m: Tangela uses ingrain. Bronzor misses confusion.

7d 18h 4m: Another trainer. Tangela vs Bronzor!

7d 18h 4m: Crossing route 210's last bridge. Hurray! \o/

7d 18h 2m: It takes 2 more extrasensory to take down noctowl but it's down! Bronzor leveled up to 40 and didn't evolve. Not even close. Trainer defeated.

7d 18h 1m: Noctowl resists extrasensory. Then uses reflect once again.

7d 18h 1m: Bronzor out. Air slash doesn't do much damage to it.

7d 18h 0m: More misses, but finally Air Slash connects and Bidoof faints.

7d 18h 0m: Milk once again used in Golbat.

7d 17h 59m: Take down connects! Bidoof is down to just 12 hp. Super fang'd!

7d 17h 59m: Confusion! Bidoof keeps at it with super fang but misses.

7d 17h 58m: Bidoof misses super fang then Hoothoot uses reflect. Take down finally hits and Hoothoot faints. Noctowl comes out.

7d 17h 57m: Hoothoot insomnia prevents it from falling asleep. Meanwhile more confusion.

7d 17h 57m: Take down misses. Confusion doesn't do too well. Then Super fang is used.

7d 17h 57m: Another trainer challenges us! Hoothoot out vs Bidoof.

7d 17h 56m: Smoke ball obtained! Just what we need, more things that block our sight.

7d 17h 55m: Confuse ray once more and Golbat hurts itself! Trainer defeated!

7d 17h 55m: Golbat uses air cutter but Enem Golbat tanks it. A second one as well. Enem Golbat responds with wing attack.

7d 17h 54m: Golbat unleashed! Misses follow. Confuse ray then hits! Enem Golbat hits itself.

7d 17h 54m: Shinx hits itself and Shinx is down. Bidoof Bronzor and Golbat are our last options.

7d 17h 53m: Shinx comes out and uses scarey face. Golbat uses air cutter and hits the 1st but not the second. Discharge misses and Shinx is now confused.

7d 17h 52m: Roselia faints to wing attack.

7d 17h 52m: Petal dance finally takes down Stunky. Out comes an enem Golbat. Petal dance is not very effective.

7d 17h 51m: Another slash has her down to just 27. She missed petal dance as well. We use milk in Golbat.

7d 17h 51m: Roselia almost OHKOs Stunky with cut. Slash has her down to just 58 though.

7d 17h 50m: Nevermind, a ninja trainer just popped up. Stunky vs Roselia.

7d 17h 50m: According to the map we have 2 more trainers to go.

7d 17h 49m: Petal dance finally hits and Machoke faints. Trainer defeated!

7d 17h 48m: Roselia comes out and tanks a vital throw, then misses petal dance. Seismic toss used by Machoke.

7d 17h 47m: We enter a fight vs a Karate trainer. Machoke vs Flareon. Submission takes care of Flareon.

[Meta] You guys registered Bike to Y? But... what about "A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."?!?!?!

7d 17h 42m: We obtain TM30, Shadow Ball

[Info] Flareon did NOT learn Bite at Lv. 29

7d 17h 21m Was off eating, sorry. Flareon and Bidoof both grew a level, now at Lv. 29 and Lv 42, respectively

7d 16h 43m Aaaaaaaaand we black out. Solid run though.

7d 16h 42m Of course, now we only have a paralyzed Bidoof left with 1/3 of its HP, but at least we won't have to fight Ernest again

7d 16h 41m Bidoof does it! Ernest defeated! Hurray!

7d 16h 40m Shinx down. Oh man this is close.

7d 16h 39m Shinx out now. FINISH HIM

7d 16h 38m Clutch Moomoo Milk. We could actually do this!

7d 16h 38m Probopass goes down, just Scyther left and it's red

7d 16h 36m Bronzor goes down but leaves Probopass in the red. Bidoof up.

7d 16h 33m Probopass and Bronzor continue to whittle away at each other, but paralysis is really hindering Bronzor.

7d 16h 30m Golbat down, Bronzor up now.

7d 16h 29m We switched out for Golbat. facepalm

7d 16h 27m Battling Ernest again. Roselia is down, but Shinx took out Luxio and is now working on Probopass. This could be it, guys.

7d 16h 20m Also, the Bike appears to now be the registered key item

7d 15h 55m Flareon Down

7d 15h 47m Also Bidoof grew to Lv. 41 earlier and did not evolve

7d 15h 42m Flareon grew to Lv. 28!

7d 15h 31m Bronzor can't hold out. We black out again.

7d 15h 25m Bronzor takes down Luxio. Probopass remains.

[Info] Since Togepi is now level 42 in the Daycare, it should have learned Baton Pass, replacing Rock Smash.

7d 15h 21m Bidoof follows suit Only Bronzor left.

7d 15h 21m Shinx goes down to Luxio


7d 15h 18m Shinx brings down Ernest's Scyther. Luxio is our next obstacle.

7d 15h 17m We actually use a Moomoo Milk effectively, healing Shinx

7d 15h 17m Battling Ernest again. I earnestly detest him.

7d 15h 6m Our Golbat also goes down to the opposing Golbat. Not looking good for this run.

7d 15h 4m Roselia falls to a Trainer's Golbat

7d 14h 57m Flareon faints

[Stadium] Rhyhorn sweeping up and taking out the trash.

7d 14h 43m Apparently we had another Nest Ball (or just don't lose them when we chuck them at trainers) because we used one on a wild Roselia. Broke free though.

7d 14h 39m VS Seeker is registered to the Y button. Out of the cafe now.

7d 14h 30m Flareon makes short work of this Munchlax as well. Bidoof grows to level 40 but doesn't evolve

7d 14h 29m Another Collector battle.

7d 14h 28m We enter the Cafe and initiate a battle with a Collector. Flareon takes down his Heracross quickly.

7d 14h 27m Flareon grows to level 27

7d 14h 26m Making our way up Route 210, back towards the foggy area.

7d 14h 18m Then Bronzor goes down and we black out

7d 14h 17m In a last-ditch effort we attempt to catch the Probopass with our Nest Ball. It doesn't work.

7d 14h 16m Bronzor down to 2 HP and paralyzed. Blackout imminent.

7d 14h 12m Bronzor takes out Luxio, but this Probopass could be an issue...

7d 14h 10m Golbat brings Luxio to the red but goes down to a thunderbolt Bronzor is our only poke left.

7d 14h 6m Bidoof goes down, taking Ernest's Scyther with it. Golbat against his Luxio now.

[Snark] Fog! Because battles weren't infuriating enough!

7d 14h 3m Ace Trainer Ernest, we meet again.

[Info] The fog is deep... so use this handy map!

7d 14h 0m Roselia faints to a wild Bibarel.

7d:13h:50m Despite the loss of Flareo and Shinx, this run is going a bit more smoother than the last. It also helps that there's no item to sidetrack TPP.

7d:13h:39m A wild geodude uses self-destruct, and Flareon faints.

7d:13h:35m A wild geodude uses Magnitude against an already-weak shinx, and Shinx faints. We're off to a great start.

7d:13h:32m Shinx comes into a wild Geodude encounter just in time to catch an explosion to the face.

7d:13h:30m Napoleon heads back onto route 210. Flareon is back up and running.

7d:13h:26m Golbat is sent out and uses mean look. Scyther doesn't care and two wing attacks later, Golbat faints and Napoleon blacks out.

7d:13h:25m Bronzor goes down to the trainer's scyther. Only Golbat remains. #believe

7d:13h:24m Bronzor is down to 4 health from a Meditite encounter. Napoleon presses forward and is challenged by an ace trainer.

7d:13h:15m Napoleon leaves the patch of grass and heads into the thick fog. A swablu is encountered and taken down.

7d:13h:08m Napoloen finds a Nest Ball. It only took the loss of 2 team members to get it!

7d:13h Roselia faints from a wild ponyta. Only Bronzor and Golbat remain.

7d:12h:56m Shinx goes down to a geodude. Things look grim for the party.

7d:12h:53m TPP is locked in a battle with those who want the shiny new item and those who want to leaev before further casualties occur. All that happens is Napoleon walks around in the grass and encounters more pokemon.

7d:12h:48m In a battle with a wild scyther, Roselia is taken down to 13 health. Napoleon, stubborn as ever, presses onward to the item.

7d:12h:44m Napoleon spots an item deep in a grass patch and heads to retrieve it.

7d:12h:38m Napoleon finally makes it out of the tall grass. Roselia, Shinx, Golbat, and Bronzor remain, although low on health.

7d:12h:26m A Staravia leaves Roselia with 9 health to spare. But TPP, always looking out for their team, uses a Hyper Potion to regain its health. The next encounter is a ponyta, possibly making the potion useless.

7d:12h:20m Napoleon is still trudging through the tall grass on route 210, trying to reach Celestic Town. The wild encounters take up most of his time.

7d:12h:18m Flareon finally falls to a wild ponyta.

7d:12h:14m Roselia is swapped into a battle with a geodude just in time to get a self-destruct to the face. She survives with about 60 health to spare, making all but one pokemon in the party below 50% health.

7d:12h:04m Bidoof is sent out against a wild Scyther. After a heated exchange of blows, Bidoof goes down. Golbat finishes it off.

7d:12h:01m Napoleon continues his trek north. Flareon has been sitting at low health for quite some time now, but remains alive despite being at the front of the party. A combination of Flash Fire and tactical switches have made this possible.

7d:11h:56m Napoleon's step counter is reset. A moment of silence please. ;_;

7d:11h:46m Still wandering around, Napoleon continues to encounter wild pokemon. After a battle with a ponyta, Flareon levels up to 26.

7d 11h 35m: Currently in route 210. Up Up Up. Bidoof reaches lvl 39 and does not evolve.

7d 11h 26m: Out! It's nice outside, even better without fog :D

7d 11h 24m: Still in Poke Center. A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

7d 11h 21: Discharge misses and Scyther uses slash. Shinx down and Nqpppnl blacked out.

7d 11h 21m: Pursuit vs Discharge.

7d 11h 20m: Ace trainer Ernest sends out Scyther vs Shinx.

7d 11h 20m: We are trying to sneak past the guy who's guarding the bridge. We didn't do a good job.

7d 11h 19m: A last discharge takes care of Raichu and Trainers Zac and Jen defeated!

7d 11h 18m: Raichu uses thunderbolt and Shinx is down to half of its HP and paralyzed. Raichu resists another discharge.

7d 11h 18m: Aqua tail faints Bronzor. Discharge then takes care of Gyarados.

7d 11h 17m: Raichu uses quick attack on Shinx and Discharge misses Gyarados. Raichu is a tough bone.

7d 11h 16m: Thunderbolt paralyzes Bronzor. Discharge then leaves Gyarados really low.

7d 11h 16m: Double battle time. Zac and Jen send Gyarados and Raichu vs Bronzor and Shinx.

7d 11h 15m: We are trying to get up the stairs where two guys just chase each other. Oh noes! They spotted us!

7d 11h 13m: So basically we only have Shinx and Bronzor still standing in our party. And still a long way to go through route 210. #believe

[Meta] The B spam was done during the whole fight. I'm not saying just one person, lots of people were B spamming so don't worry creationists, Shinx is safe for now.

7d 11h 11m: Discharge once more and Grotle faints! Shinx reaches lvl 46. Trainer defeated. Shinx does not evolve.

7d 11h 10m: Grotle just uses curse. Discharge has almost finished it.

7d 11h 9m: Discharge hits and Grotle is paralyzed! More Discharge!

7d 11h 8m: Discharge hits this time and Girafarig faints. Grotle up next.

7d 11h 5m: Shinx out and uses discharge but Girafarig avoids the attack (!)

7d 11h 3m: Second psybeam hits and Bidoof faints. Girafarig then decides to take a nap.

7d 11h 3m: Bidoof uses yawn. Girafarig misses psybeam.

[Snark] Apparently the fog is deep.

7d 11h 2m: Girafarig out vs Golbat. Air cutter! Girafarig then faints Golbat with psybeam.

7d 11h 1m: Aipom survives leech life and uses shock wave. Golbat resists with just 7 hp. Air cutter finally takes down Aipom!

7d 11h 1m: Golbat misses leech life and shock wave hits again. Confuse ray makes Aipom confused but still uses shock wave.

7d 11h 0m: Golbat uses mean look and doesnt miss. Aipom then uses shock wave. Air cutter critically hits but Aipom survives and hits again with shock wave.

7d 10h 59m: Bronzor comes in, he then gets switched with Golbat. Water pulse hits.

7d 10h 58m: More misses from Roselia and Aipom finishes her with Aerial ace.

7d 10h 57m: Roselia is then switched in. Swift hits again. We finally use an attack but stun spore misses. aerial ace connects.

7d 10h 56m: Shinx switched with Bidoof. Aipom hits with swift once more.

7d 10h 54m: Stuck in the Pokemon menu. Apparently Flareon has no energy left to battle.

7d 10h 52m: Shinx is then switched in. Aipom uses aerial ace once more.

7d 10h 51m: Amnesia vs swift. Bidoof is down to just 54 hp.

7d 10h 51m: Bidoof is switched in. Aipom uses aerial ace. The fog is still deep

7d 10h 50m: Time to fight Ace Trainer Alyssa! Aipom vs Roselia.

7d 10h 49m: We find a red shard. How the hell did we see that with all this fog?!

[Snark] "The fog is deep" vs "A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

7d 10h 43m: We keep advancing and suddenly Fog is everywhere. In films, this is where the Zombies rise.

7d 10h 42m: We finally get the item!. It was a hyper potion. HURRAY! \o/

7d 10h 35m: We are circling around an Item that's on the ground. Looks like some sort of ritual of some kind.

7d 10h 30m: We beat a trainer that had two Croagunk. Roselia reaches lvl 49. Gimme your money!

[Snark] So let me get this straight. We have to take care of your grandmother? Friendzone intensifies.

7d 10h 23m: Old Charm Obtained. We shall go with you Cynthia.

7d 10h 22m: Hey Cynthia, do you mind not stalking us please?

7d 10h 22m: We used the secret potion in Psyduck. They don't even thank us.

7d 10h 21m: Upupup we go. Psyduck look really troubled.

7d 10h 8m Two Pinap Berries picked.

7d 10h 2m A Key Item in the Bag can be registered to this button for instant use.

7d 10h 2m I must say, Sunbrella is quite a stunning plant.

7d 9h 59m We're now on Route 210.

7d 9h 57m Heading towards the Solaceon Ruins?

7d 9h 56m Heading north.

7d 9h 56m We immediately leave the Pokemon Center.

7d 9h 56m Successfully checkpointed at Solaceon!

7d 9h 55m Back in Solaceon.

7d 9h 53m Now south of Solaceon.

7d 9h 53m Two Nanab Berries picked.

7d 9h 52m Now outside of the PokeMart. No shopping today.

7d 9h 52m A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

7d 9h 51m Solaceon PokeMart has been entered.

7d 9h 49m Welcome to Solcaeon Town!

7d 9h 47m Heading southwards. Solaceon is in our sights.

7d 9h 44m [BALANCE CHECK] Napoleon is currently in possession of 43,912 Pokedollars.

7d 9h 44m Now on Route 210, just south of the Moo Moo Milk Cafe.

7d 9h 42m [Daycare] If we haven't rearranged the moves of Togepi, she'll probably forget Rock Smash next level for Baton Pass next level.

7d 9h 42m Craig defeated! 768 Pokedollars obtained.

7d 9h 41m A second Luxio falls to Petal Dance as well.

7d 9h 41m Sunbrella takes out Luxio with Petal Dance.

7d 9h 40m Battling Jogger Craig and his Luxio!

7d 9h 39m Ledge jumping and heading in a westerly direction.

7d 9h 37m Jumped a ledge.

7d 9h 36m Ah, it seems as if we may not have checkpointed in Veilstone City, so if we faint, it's all the way back to Pastoria for us.

7d 9h 35m Stop Napoleon. Glitching into a black box is bad for you.


7d 9h 31m Still on Route 215.

[Snark] "A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use." Yes yes yes, random disembodied voice. We know this already. Stop bagging us about it already.

7d 9h 23m A tree has been cut! Behind it is TM34 Shock Wave!

[Snark] Y are we monkeying around with registered items?

7d 9h 13m: Currently in route 215. It's raining. A lot. A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

7d 9h 12m: We also pick 2 Mago Berries. A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use.

7d 9h 11m: We pick up 2 Wiki Berries.

7d 9h 1m: It really didn't take us long at all to start spamming Y. It was a matter of seconds. Oh and yes, we are just walking in Veilstone City.

[Snark] "I wonder if a Key Item in the Bag can be assigned on the Y button for instant use?" /u/lavaros

7d 8h 54m: We are moving VERY, VERY slowly. "A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use."

7d 8h 50m: Flareon's hidden power would be electric. #themoreyouknow.

[Snark] "A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use." We are gonna see a lot of that now. A whole lot.

7d 8h 44m: Oh and also Flareon fainted at some point when I left.

7d 8h 43m: Oh and by the way, seeing as I didn't mention it before when I was absent... We are in Veilstone City.

7d 8h 41m: So apparently we can now use start and Y.

7d 8h 39m: And Stadium is up as well. As if being in the Game Corner wasn't enough gambling.

7d 8h 38m: Back up. And we also exited the machines. Currently we have 196 coins.

7d 8h 37m: Stream down once more

7d 8h 36m: 174 coins! Viva las vegas :D

7d 8h 36m: We can't stop winning now. Up to 150 coins.

7d 8h 35m: We currently have 138 coins. Looking good.

7d 8h 35m: Another 100 coins! We are on a roll.

7d 8h 34m: Stadium is still down and we just one 15 coins. Hurray!

7d 8h 33m: Stream up once again. Still in the slot machine.

7d 8h 32m: Stream was up for a minute. Stadium was still down. We were still in the slot machine. Back down.

Lots of dance riot in the chat now. RIOT!

"Twitch walked in and out of Game Corner, dance riots ensued. Then we tried gambling, got stuck because we couldn't press Y. Streamer is currently saving us" That's a nice recap, courtesy of /u/pushatea

Apparently we trapped ourselves in the game corner's slots (no Y to play or leave). The streamer is now fixing it by the looks of it. Thank you /u/Xellotath4 for the info.

7d 8h 22m: I'm back and stream is down. And by the looks of it it has been for a while.

Ok I have to do a quick errand. Please PM me if any important stuff happens. I'll be right back (I'm hoping).

7d 7h 53m: Obtained secret potion. Thanks Cynthia.

7d 7h 52m: Pearl joins. #bff

7d 7h 51m: Cynthia comes to talk to us. How you doin'?

7d 7h 50m: Rock smash hits then fire blast finishes Croagunk. Grunt defeated.

7d 7h 50m: Time to battle Galactic grunt! FINALLY. Flareon vs Croagunk.

7d 7h 49m: Ok, I forgot to mention this earlier but we actually healed our party in the hotel.

7d 7h 47m: Nqpppnl gets back to chasing the guy. This time it doesn't take us that long... Nevermind we just overshot up.

[Snark] Will. You. Just. Stop. RUNNING?!

[Snark] There he is! We found him Looker! Are you proud of us :D

7d 7h 43m: Looker stares at Nqpppnl with a parental look on his face. "I'm not angry, I'm dissapointed". Fine, we get back to searching for the grunt outside.

7d 7h 36m: Back in the Hotel. Looker is still bargaining on the price. Don't be so cheap man.

7d 7h 31m: We get back to the beach. Footprints for everybody!

[Correction] Valor Lakefront.

7d 7h 27m: Currently in between route 213 and Valor Lakefort.

7d 7h 21m: Looker asks us to look outside for the suspect. Chasing intensifies.

[Snark] "Looker: Is that so? The champion of Hoenn has stayed here?" No way no way NO WAY!

7d 7h 19m: We enter the fancy Hotel this guy was telling us about. Looker is renting a room apparently.

7d 7h 17m: Looker proceeds to chase the grunt. We slowly follow. Was Looker talking to himself? :O

7d 7h 16m: Off he runs once again. 'Sup Looker?

7d 7h 13m: Nqpppnl can't bring himself to talk to the grunt. He's just too intimidating.

7d 7h 9m: We are at the beach now. Nqpppnl deserves a break once in a while and... There is that Grunt once more!

7d 7h 7m: TM 40 obtained. Aerial Ace Hype.

[Snark] "Flareon used rock smash!". I'm trying but I can't picture that

7d 7h 3m: The Galactic goon runs away once more. Could you just stop running please? We just wanna talk.

7d 7h 2m: She finally decides to use take down to... take it down.

7d 7h 1m: Bidoof is super fanging a Buizel... To death.

7d 6h 59m: Finished with his labours as a Gardner, Nqpppnl decides to ignore Team Galactic grunt and just go to the grass again.

7d 6h 58m: 2 Aguav berries also picked up. We plant a Persim Berry.

7d 6h 58m: 2 rawst berries picked up We then plant one of them. Then get 2 Iapapa Berries and plant another rawst berry. Another 2 rawst Berries and we plant a Rawst Berry.

7d 6h 55m: Bidoof reached lvl 38 and didn't evolve. Close this time though.

7d 6h 51m: Needless to say Shellos got his butt kicked. Now trying to get back to the Team Galactic guy.

7d 6h 50m: We overshoot "that Galactic goon" and enter a fight with a wild Shellos. Save us Roselia!

7d 6h 48m: "Don't you dare follow me!". Trouble is our middle name!

7d 6h 47m: We are looking for the, to quote our good pal Pearl, "that Galactic goon". There you were!

7d 6h 45m: Wake gets inside like a hero to defuse the bomb. We'll never forget you!

7d 6h 43m: We overshoot the observatory. Wake looked like he was in control afterall.

7d 6h 41m: Back out in Pastoria City. It's a lovely night isn't it?

7d 6h 39m: "There’s a Team Galactic goon in front of the Observatory Gate. He said something about using a bomb!" Oh noes! Pearl and Wake rush there while we break into a nice family's home. Oh look, a TV!

[Snark] 5 BADGES! HURRAY! \o/

7d 6h 34m Fen Badge obtained~! TM55 Brine obtained~!

7d 6h 34m A Petal Dance at 12 HP takes out Quagsire! Crasher Wake has been defeated!

7d 6h 33m Here comes Quagsire.

7d 6h 33m Floatzel is taken out by the second dance. Sunbrella is now confused!

7d 6h 33m Gyarados is taken out by Cut and Petal Dance. Here comes Floatzel.

7d 6h 32m Sunbrella vs Gyarados.


7d 6h 8m Into the gym!

7d 6h 5m Still hanging about Pastoria.

7d 6h 3m We have four in total. A Bluk Berry is planted.

7d 6h 3m Took some more Persim Berries.

7d 6h 2m Took some Persim Berries.

7d 5h 54m We've checkpointed in the Pokemon Center earlier, but didn't heal.

7d 5h 39m We've made it to Pastoria!

7d 5h 38m Also, it seems as if Napoleon has 37,464 Pokedollars. That might be enough to fund a campaign into Siberia Snowpoint.

7d 5h 37m Still on the route.

7d 5h 27m Just hanging around on this wooden platform. You know, with all this rain, wouldn't it be unsafe to walk on these things?

7d 5h 22m Last time on TPPP, our would-be conqueror, Emperor Napoleon, was travelling down Route 212 in the hopes of reaching Pastoria City.

7d 5h 0m Found a Full Heal!

7d 4h 57m Stephano's Kadabra goes down to Roselia's Petal Dance! Scientist Stephano defeated!

7d 4h 56m Battling a scientist! He sent out a Kadabra.

[Snark] Well that was a blast. Now what?

7d 4h 51m Deleted Quick Attack and learned Fire Blast on Flareon!

7d 4h 43m Flareon forgot Growl and learned Rock Smash!

7d 4h 24m Switched Shinx and Flareon. Flareon is first again, Shinx third.

7d 4h 21m Switched Flareon and Shinx. Shinx is now first, Flareon third!

7d 4h 15m Reached the swamp half of Route 212.

7d 4h 5m We jumped the ledge and missed TM11 Sunny Day. We can try again.

7d 3h 59m We continue to re-order moves on Pokemon. Again, it's Flareon. And now we got a new order! Growl, Quick Attack, Helping Hand and Sand-Attack.

7d 3h 58m Swapped Discharge and Roar on Shinx! Discharge is now in Slot 1, with Roar in Slot 4.

7d 3h 56m We re-ordered Flareon's moves. The new order: Growl, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Sand Attack.

7d 3h 51m Cut a tree and threw away 1 Yellow Shard.

7d 3h 40m Bidoof hit Level 37! It forgot Hyper Fang and learned Super Fang! No evolution. Policeman Dylan defeated!

7d 3h 40m Challenged by Policeman Dylan! They seem to have an affinity for Hoothoot and Machop.

7d 3h 35m Defeated Policemen Alex!

7d 3h 34m After defeating Policemen Bobby, we get into a battle with Policemen Alex.

7d 3h 27m We went to Route 212 then got into a battle with Policemen Bobby.

7d 3h 19m We've arrived at Hearthome City!

7d 3h 13m We're going down through Route 209 now.

7d 3h 8m We're currently struggling to decide between going down to leave Solaceon Town or to use the Daycare to deposit Flareon.

[Day Care] 7d 2h 42m Withdrew Bronzor from the Day Care

[Stats] Flareon Lv. 25 - Max. HP 75 Attack 73 Defense 31 Sp. Atk 54 Sp. Def 64 Speed 44

7d 2h 37m Flareon leveled up to 25!

[Day Care] 7d 2h 33m After storing Togepi into the Day Care, we accidentally use the PC then run from the Day Care.

[Day Care] 7d 2h 31m Stored Togepi into the Daycare.

7d 2h 28m Togepi fainted!

7d 2h 27m Then we scramble back outside the Daycare. This could be a while.

7d 2h 26m Entered the Daycare! We start by opening the PC.

7d 2h 23m We're steps from entering the Daycare.

7d 2h 11m [Day Care] Bronzor leveled up to 38!

[Recap] For those who missed it, here is the entire battle vs the Shiny Geodude in Gfy form! Enjoy this link!

7d 2h 0m On Route 208.

7d 1h 42m Found a Burn Heal!

7d 1h 33m Outside the cave.

7d 1h 22m Togepi leveled up to 38! She didn't evolve though.

[Stats] Roselia Lv. 48 - Max. HP 123 Attack 95 Defense 58 Sp. Atk 112 Sp. Def 89 Speed 83

7d 1h 10m Roselia levels up to 48!

7d 1h 3m We keep borrowing Mira's infinite supply of potions as we slowly progress through the cave.

[Snark] When she growls up, she'll learn the true worth of helpful moves like Mud Sport.

7d 0h 33m Mira: "I like helpful Pokémon moves... like Growl." Well you like some pretty crappy moves let me tell ya

[Information] Flareon's only damaging move is Quick Attack, meaning that it's going to be difficult to level him up without clutch switches or giving him the Exp. Share.

7d 0h 19m The Twitch chat is suggesting to drop Togepi to Chuck E. Cheese's.


7d 0h 16m In a wild battle, Kadabra used Flash; everyone screamed and covered their eyes.

7d 0h 12m Trainer defeated.


7d 0h 5m Now Bidoof is alseep as well.

7d 0h 4m The grinding, I mean an enemy Bronzor but Flareon and Princess Omellete to sleep.

7d 0h 0m Welcome to Day 8!

6d 23h 59m We found another trainer to battle in the cave.

6d 23h 52m Bidoof is promoted to level 36! Still no evolution.

6d 23h 50m Still faffing about in Wayward Cave

[Faffing Intensifies]

[Meta] Comments seem to be working now!

[Stadium] Rollout is too op, plz nerf gamefreak.

6d 23h 27m Still traveling the darkness of this damp infested bronzor cave with Mira.

[Meta] Confirmed, the comment problem is website wide. Reddit admins are updating something, so we will have to wait this storm out.

[Meta] I have no idea what is happening in the Subreddit, but nobody seems to be able to comment on posts. Afaik, the problem is website-wide. Stay tuned!

[Snark] No Napoleon, these are not the walls for mining.

6d 23h 1m Man this wall is interesting!

6d 22h 51m Still tooling around in the tunnel.

6d 22h 36m As a reminder, Mira can heal us whenever we talk to her.

6d 22h 33m Team healed to full health!

6d 22h 30m We reached Mira!

6d 22h 21m Sunbrella keeps Absorbing the life of other Pokemon. It's like renewable energy, right?

[Twitch]The chat seems to be fixed just in time! Also, "He's a picture". What a mistake to make in the midst of the Shiny Geodude hype.

6d 22h 9m Shiny Geodude hype!

7d 22h 07m We KO'd the Shiny Geodude. He's a picture!

6d 22h 06m SHINY GEODUDE

6d 22h 4m We ran away... still asleep though.

6d 22h 3m We woke up but now we are confused. Hurt ourself in confusion... Aaaaaand asleep again.

6d 22h 1m Aaaaand we are asleep again.

6d 21h 59m Plenty of Absorb left for now though.

6d 21h 59m Okay, we have ZERO PP on Petal Dance.

6d 21h 56m We have like... Either one or zero PP for Petal Dance. Not sure.

6d 21h 54m Roselia woke up but hurt itself in confusion. Not that it wasn't gonna happen because it totally was.

[Twitch]The chat is currently having issues. Your messages might not be getting through.

6d 21h 53m We're asleep and confused. That's nice.

6d 21h 50m Smashed another rock.

6d 21h 42m Only two rocks left to smash until we reach Mira!

6d 21h 41m Rosalia got put asleep by a wild Bronzor, and then we ran.

6d 21h 35m Smashed a rock.

6d 21h 35m found a Super Potion

6d 21h 34m I don't think trying to use a Pecha Berry will do us any good if we aren't poisoned.

[meta/snark] If I had a dollar for every time we opened an empty part of our bag in a battle...

6d 21h 26m Speaking of rocks, we've broken 4/8 of the required rocks to reach Mira.

6d 21h 26m Used an X Defend on Roselia against a wild Geodude Very productive use.

6d 21h 24m We've got like, 4 PP for Petal Dance left.

6d 21h 21m So many wild pokemon. Oh hey. Another Geodude.

6d 21h 16m Saved the game.

6d 21h 5m We just switched out Roselia for Golbat against a wild Onix. (why...) But we ran away after one Rage attack.

6d 21h 4m Smashin' rocks.

6d 21h 2m Riding a bike into a corner of a cave. Always productive.

6d 21h 1m Smashed a rock. Yay.

6d 21h 0m Switched Flareon and Togepi. Flareon is is now in Slot 2 with Togepi in Slot 1. Bidoof is still steadily gaining experience thanks to the Exp Share after Bidoof reached Level 35.

[snark] Watch us end up with a level 100 Bidoof and have to PC shuffle for a Bibarel.

6d 20h 53m Bidoof grew to Level 35, but it doesn't evolve.

6d 20h 46m We just broke the second rock. We're getting there!

6d 20h 45m Just in case anyone is wondering, we're still in the cave.

6d 20h 18m We break the first rock on our path through Wayward Cave.

[Twitch Chat]The riot has changed from a Gible riot to a Kappa riot over time. In the meantime, we're progressing through Wayward Cave.

6d 20h 12m We enter Wayward Cave!

6d 20h 9m Togepi gets burned by a Ponyta with just 14HP. I guess that makes it one fried egg! Anyway, we encounter a Machop and it KOs Togepi. Togepi fainted.

6d 20h 02m We cut the trees and start going up lower Route 206 to Wayward Cave!

[Twitch Chat]The Twitch Chat is rioting pretty hard for some reason.

6d 19h 58m Our own Shinx KO'd Nicole's Shinx! We win the battle and then leave Cycling Road.

6d 19h 55m Rosalia KO'd Nicole's Ponyta with Cut, then Nicole sends out Shinx! Then we switched into our own Shinx! Now it's Shinx vs Shinx!

6d 19h 54m Flareon fainted to Nicole's Ponyta!

6d 19h 53m Went BACK to Cycling Road and started a battle with Cyclist Rachel!

6d 19h 49m Reached Route 206.

6d 19h 47m Flareon survives the battle with 6HP. Cyclist Nicole defeated!

6d 19h 46m We get into a battle with Cyclist Nicole and quickly knock out two of her Starly with Flareon's Quick Attack!

6d 19h 45m Knocked out Jame's Ponyta with a Quick Attack from Flareon. Cyclist James defeated!

6h 19h 41m We get onto the bike and then start going down Cycling Road! We quickly get challenged by Cyclist James!

6d 19h 33m We get on and off of our bike. Then we get back on and ride into a house. We'll stay on it soon enough.

6d 19h 19m Arrived at Eterna City and then entered the Pokemon Center shortly after. Checkpoint set.

6d 19h 12m Planted a Bluk Berry, picked 2 Cheri Berries and then planted a Pecha Berry on the path around Eterna Forest.

6d 19h 7m Cut the tree and took the shortcut around Eterna Forest.

6d 19h 04m Fully healed the party at the house near Eterna Forest. Rosalia, Flareon and Togepi are back in action.

6d 19h 4m We have turned battle animations back on.

[Fluff] We have connected 2 lines on the memo pad. We are now officially drawing two-dimensional objects.

6d 18h 54m Roselia has knocked itself out in its struggle.

6d 18h 52m We go to route 205 without healing.

6d 18h 48m We arrive at Floaroma town.

6d 18h 43m We have exited the cave and are now on route 204.

6d 18h 42m Roselia has now begun to struggle.

6d 18h 39m We enter the Ravaged Path.

6d 18h 24m We obtained the Marking Map pokeapp.

6d 18h 24m We obtained the memo pad pokeapp.

6d 18h 12m We decided to play the lottery, we lost completely.

6d 18h 1m By reaching level 37 bronzor has forgotten hypnosis and has learned future sight.

6d 17h 58m Bronzor grew to level 37 at the daycare.

6d 17h 46m Bronzor grew to level 36 at the daycare.

6d 17h 39m Found an X Defend!

6d 17h 37m Made it through the gate with little trouble.

6d 17h 30m We enter the Oreburgh Gate and people in the chat are saying to go left. Looks like we've given up on biking back up the slope and are now taking the long way back.

6d 17h 7m Princess Omellete learns Rock Smash in place of Follow Me!

6d 17h 4m Heading to the other side of town.

6d 16h 55m Looks like we are attempting to get back up the hill.

6d 16h 53m ...and right back out. That should mean that our checkpoint is Oreburgh City.

6d 16h 52m Entered the Pokemon Center.

6d 16h 43m Back in Oreburgh!

6d 16h 40m Napoleon falls down a slope, cutting him off from Wayward Tunnel. Unless if he has sweet biking skills...

6d 16h 34m [Faffing Intensifies]

6d 16h 16m We set text speed to fast.

6d 16h 9m Bidoof reaches level 34, it does not evolve.

6d 15h 16m We just picked up a Poison Barb.

6d 15h 14m And outside. make up your mind, guys

6d 15h 6m Back inside the cave now.

6d 14h 49m We're outside. Seems our current plan is to teach Rock Smash.

6d 14h 35m Entered the Wayward Cave.

6d 14h 31m Onix #2 gets OHKO'ed by Sunbrella. Hiker Theodore defeated!

6d 14h 31m Sunbrella takes down Onix without getting a scratch. Hiker Theodore sends out another Onix!

6d 14h 30m Battle against Hiker Theodore. He sends out an Onix against Sunbrella.

6d 14h 30m Picked up a Super Repel.

6d 14h 25m Sunbrella grew to level 47.

6d 14h 24m We managed to cut down the tree out on route 206.

6d 14h 20m We made it out of Mt. Coronet! Trying to get onto Cycling Road.

6d 13h 50m In Mt. Coronet

6d 13h 47m Sunbrella OHKOs Onix. Hiker Jonathan defeated!

6d 13h 47m Battle against Hiker Jonathan! He sends out an Onix against Sunbrella.

6d 13h 45m Princess Omelette down due to a wild 'Mon.

6d 13h 43m We are currently battling wild 'Mons in a patch of grass in the route left of Hearthome City.

6d 13h 42m In a battle against a wild Budew. Princess Omelette is up and she just got paralyzed.

6d 13h 16m Back in Hearthome City!

6d 12h 58m We're leaving the DayCare. Our current party is Flareon, Togepi, Roselia, Shinx, Bidoof, and Golbat. We left behind Bronzor.

6d 12h 4m Biking around the Solaceon area like cool kids 8)

6d 12h 4m Bike activated!

6d 11h 57m Currently wandering around the DayCare. This poor old couple must think Napoleon's crazy.

6d 11h 47m DayCare Roulette we withdrew Sparkles! Not PC, sorry for the brain fart!

6d 11h 47m PC Roulette we withdrew Sparkles!

6d 11h 39m We just touched the PC a couple of times in the DayCare. Golbat and Capt. America almost got deposited a couple of times but we made it out!

6d 11h 35m Bidoof is also now left in the Daycare.

6d 11h 9m Sunshine in, Togepi out of Daycare.

6d 11h 2m Nearing the Daycare.

6d 10h 49m Sunbrella faints!

[Summary] /u/Calabazal has released his summary of Days 4-6, which can be found here.

6d 10h 16m Roselia now holds a Yellow Shard in place of the Up-grade it received somewhere in the shuffle.

6d 10h 12m Also, Sunbrella seems to be holding an Exp. Share.

6d 9h 46m Bidoof seems to be holding a TM 63 now.

[Meta] I have to be off, but hopefully another updater comes along quickly. As of now, we're still beating up poor pokemon, so that probably won't change for a while.

6d 9h 7m: Roselia v. Roselia

6d 9h 3m: Roselia Levels up to 46

[Stadium] The DOME vs. LAZORGATOR

6d 8h 45m: Ran out of balls.

6d 8h 44m: Caught a Quagsire, iiab QQPG

6d 8h 44m: Chat is shouting for "Belgium" as its nickname.

6d 8h 42m: Caught a Croagunk, name: BEJJLMTFF

6d 8h 40m: BIDOOF DOWN

6d 8h 37m: I suppose it can be called grinding?

6d 8h 37m: Still beating up wild pokemon.

6d 8h 26m: Beating up wild pokemon.

[Chat] Lots of talk about trolls going on, especially with Jorsun saying that he/she won't press b when Shinx tries to evolve.

6d 8h 21m: Bronzor did not learn gyro ball.

6d 8h 21m: Machop faints and Bronzor grows to level 35.

6d 8h 21m: Sent out Bronzor against Machop.

6d 8h 20m: Roselia grows to level 45.

6d 8h 20m Policeman Danny sends out Hoothoot, who Roselia downs in seconds.

[Stadium] In the end, there were no kings.

[Snark] History does repeat itself after all.



6d 8h 3m: And then Espeon (BURRITO WE MISS YOU) who is also knocked out.

6d 8h 3m: Collector Dean has a collection of Eeveeloutions to show us. First- Umbreon, who is knocked out by our Roselia.

6d 7h 59m: Sunbrella brings down Gyrados to beat Fisherman Travis.

6d 7h 57m: Nope its golbat time again.

6d 7h 56m: Back to sunbrella the roselia.

6d 7h 56m: We switch in golbat. And then bronzor.

6d 7h 54m: How many barboach's does this guy even have?

6d 7h 54m: Extrasensory brings down Travis's barboach.

6d 7h 53m: Fisherman Travis sends out barboach against our bronzor.

6d 7h 52m: Having pokeball roulette against this barboach, and we settle on golbat.

6d 7h 51m: Challenged .. a trainer!


6d 7h 44m: Turned goldeen into goldeen pieces. Oops.

6d 7h 43m: When will these fishermen learn? Josh sends out another goldeen.

6d 7h 43m: Dead goldeen.

6d 7h 43m: We challenge Fisherman Josh, who sends out goldeen.

6d 7h 41m: Sunbrella is now level 44!

6d 7h 41m: Sunbrella then knocks out some petals, which downs the gyrados.

6d 7h 40m: We challenge Fisherman Juan, who sends out gyrados.

(Flareon fainted @ 6d 7h 12m)

6d 7h 34m: I may not know many things, but I do know that I am stuck in mud. -Napoleon 2014

6d 7h 28m: Lady sends out bibarel, who also faints. We win and get 864 pokedollars!

6d 7h 28m: She sends out goldeen: We send out Sunbrella: Goldeen dies. (Short version)

6d 7h 28m: Challenged Parasol Lady Alexa!

[FYI] Flareon fainted sometime in the last 13 minutes

6d 6h 57m On Route 212.

6d 6h 51m [Day Care] Togepi leveled up to 36!

6d 6h 45m [Fluff] Katie @ Stadium

[Snark] The calculator clearly isn't a fan of TPP: it's booing at us.

6d 6h 44m In Pastoria.

6d 6h 42m ding dong! Out of Safari Balls.

6d 6h 41m Its nickname is "@,△#︎%%“♢☺".

6d 6h 40m Caught a Hoothoot, male, Lv26.

6d 6h 38m Its nickname is "G’~~b☺ .☺C".

6d 6h 37m Caught a Wooper, female, Lv27.

6d 6h 35m Its nickname is "AIBIIRNu ".

6d 6h 34m Caught a Bibarel, female, Lv26.

6d 6h 33m It's nickname is "IJI I".

6d 6h 32m Caught a Wooper, male, Lv26.

Information welcome about the levels of the Wooper and Yanma.

6d 6h 29m Caught a Wooper, female, level unknown. No nickname.

6d 6h 29m Caught a Yanma, female, level unknown. It's nickname is "MBBILYufB‘".

6d 6h 26m It's nickname is "P …… ,,'".

6d 6h 26m Caught a Quagsire, female, Lv28.

6d 6h 24m Down to 20 balls.

6d 6h 23m Caught a Bibarel, female, Lv26. It's nickname is "DDEOOD.Xe!". Deoxys?

6d 6h 21m Caughta Wooper, male, Lv28. It's nickname is "AA.. ??A ".

6d 6h 19m Found a Great Ball!

6d 6h 16m Paid 500 again.

6d 6h 16m Out of Safari Balls.

6d 6h 16m Caught a Hoothoot, male, Lv26. It's nickname is " 0@,☺♢%# ☺". Exotic.

6d 6h 13m Level 27 Female Wooper caught. Its nick is "A ))"OOP".

6d 6h 12m Level 27 Male Hoothoot caught. No nick.

6d 6h 10m Level 28 Male Noctowl caught. Its nickname is "A".

6d 6h 10m [Correction] The Yanmega we caught is not a Yanmega but a Yanma.

6d 6h 10m That Bibarel left us with only five balls.

6d 6h 9m Six balls left. THIS BIBAREL.

6d 6h 8m Ten balls left.

6d 6h 8m Twelve balls left. Is this the Ball Busting Bibarel from before?

6d 6h 7m Sixteen balls left.

6d 6h 01m Level 27 Female Wooper caught. Its nick is "A.F."

6d 6h 0m It's nickname is "KB????ff( ". Yes, that's 4 question marks and a space at the end.

6d 5h 59m Level 29 Female Wooper caught. Its nick is "Kb????ff(.

6d 5h 58m It's nickname is "☺ccl,uppfk".

6d 5h 56m Level 28 Male Noctowl caught. Its nick is "Smiley ccl,uppfk".

6d 5h 55m Level 27 Female Wooper caught. Nickname is "2p".

[Snark] I'm not exactly wooping for joy at our many captures.

6d 5h 53m Caught a Wooper, female, Lv26. No nickname.

6d 5h 51m [Fluff] Oreo, is that you?

[Snark] Finally, a name I can pronounce.

6d 5h 49m Level 26 Female Bibarel caught! Its nickname is "OREEIQQ"!

6d 5h 49m Twenty seven balls left.

6d 5h 47m Male Wooper, Level 28, caught. No nickname.

[Snark] Sure it's not a Weeper?

6d 5h 44m Male Wooper, Level 27 caught. Its nickname is "'QQ".

6d 5h 42m On a train, switching tracks.

6d 5h 39m [Correction] Wooper's nickname is ".AA’’DAAB0".

6d 5h 39m Another five hundred Pokebucks gone. Into the Marsh we go once more!

6d 5h 38m The Safari Game is over!

6d 5h 37m Final ball catches a Level 28 Male Wooper! Its nickname is ".AA''DAABO"

6d 5h 37m Caught a Wooper, male, Lv29 with our last ball.

6d 5h 37m Lost a ball to a Wooper. One left.

6d 5h 34m Napoleon decides to cut his losses and escape the Ball Busting Bibarel.

6d 5h 34m Two balls.

6d 5h 34m Three balls.

6d 5h 33m This Bibarel is resisting all attempts at catching it. We have four balls left.

6d 5h 33m Down to 5.

6d 5h 32m We currently are in possession of eight balls.

6d 5h 32m Another ball is lost to a Bibarel.

6d 5h 31m A ball is wasted on a Tangela. Eleven left.

6d 5h 28m Another Level 27 Female Bibarel caught. Its name is AA;HFD.A5O

6d 5h 28m The Yanmega's nickname is "♂NN ’ ))@N". Still Box 3.

6d 5h 26m Correction, the female Bibarel's nickname is "(00M ''P0". That's two spaces.

6d 5h 27m Great Ball obtained.

6d 5h 26m Level 30, Female Yanma caught! Its nick is MaleNN ')) something.

6d 5h 25m Female Bibarel, Level 27. Nickname is (OOM ''PO

6d 5h 24m Another ball on another Wooper is wasted.

6d 5h 23m A ball is wasted on a Wooper.

6d 5h 22m Seventeen balls left.

6d 5h 21m It's nickname is "☺☺O."

6d 5h 21m Female Bibarel, Level 27, caught! Its nickname is _SmileySmiley0.

6d 5h 21m Both Bibarel in Box 3.

6d 5h 20m Caught a BIbarel, female, Lv. 27.

6d 5h 20m Another ball was wasted and the Bibarel fled. Now we have nineteen balls.

6d 5h 18m It's nickname should be "F♂♂⊙⊙O△△" or something close to that.

6d 5h 19m A ball is wasted on a Bibarel. Twenty of them left.

6d 5h 17m Its nickname is F(Male)(Male)00O(Delta)(Delta).

6d 5h 17m Male Bibarel, Level 27 caught!

6d 5h 16m A ball is wasted on a Bibarel. We currently only have 22 balls.

6d 5h 15m After the seventh wasted ball, it does.

6d 5h 15m And the sixth ball. Usually most Pokemon would flee by now, but NOT TANGELA.

6d 5h 15m There goes the fifth ball.

[Snark] This Tangela is patient. Very patient.

6d 5h 15m Fourth ball.

6d 5h 14m Third ball gone.

6d 5h 14m One Safari Ball wasted on a Tangela. Make that two.

6d 5h 12m Ol' Roy the Togepi is currently Level 35 in the Daycare.

6d 5h 7m It's time for a Safari game!

6d 5h 6m Into the Safari Zone building.

6d 5h 4m Apologies, folks. My computer crashed, so I wasn't able to catch the end of the gym battle. But I can saefly say that we lost again.

6d 4h 56m Flareon is sent in! Faints.

6d 4h 56m Golbat faints!

6d 4h 55m Golbat is sent out.

6d 4h 54m Bronzor is switched out for Sunbrella, but she faints immediately to an Ice Fang! Here comes Bronzor again. And it faints as well!

6d 4h 53m She gets taken out by an Aqua Jet and Crunch! Here comes Captain Bronzor once more.

6d 4h 52m Bronzor is switched out for Sparkles.

6d 4h 51m Sunbrella is switched out for Bronzor against Floatzel.

6d 4h 51m Sunbrella vs Gyarados. Two uses of Petal Dance take down the Gyarados with ease.

6d 4h 51m Battle with Wake initiated!

6d 4h 49m Just running around Wake's gym.

[Clarification] Not reproduction; they seem to be referring more to homosexual activity among animals.

[Fluff] There's an ongoing theme in the chat of the reproduction methods of various types of animals for some reason.

6d 4h 40m We were close to the gym leader, but then we walked away, and sealed the deal by changing the water level.

6d 4h 25m Entered the gym

[From the chat] "<3 flarn is a precious lovely updater. all the hugs <3" - PokeApache - Thank you :3

[Fun Fact] I used to think that was illegal to do IRL for some reason.

6d 4h 17m Left the store without buying anything.

6d 4h 14m Entered the store.

6d 4h 10m Roselia levels up to 43 and does not learn Aromatherapy.

6d 4h 6m Doesn't look like we're going back in.

6d 4h 3m ...And we're out of the gym.

6d 4h 1m Stereo enabled! Hype!

6d 3h 59m We've finally entered the gym!

6d 3h 57m "Trying" being the key word. We're still stuck outside in front of the gym.

6d 3h 54m It looks like we're trying to go back to the gym.

[Snark] And that, kids, is where baby Safari Zones come from.

6d 3h 51m Looks like we're out for good this time.

6d 3h 50m Out!

6d 3h 50m In!

6d 3h 49m Back out!

6d 3h 48m Back in!

6d 3h 47m And back out....

6d 3h 47m And back in again!

6d 3h 47m And back out! Without catching anything.

6d 3h 45m Aaaaaand we go right back in...

6d 3h 44m We're out of Safari Balls! That concludes this round!

[Snark] Now we don't need to worry about trolls stopping Bidoof from evolving! It'll be as easy as going to the PC and getting Bibarel out!

[Fluff] I've been through the desert on a Bibarel with no name

6d 3h 41m Caught a Bibarel! Level 29, male, named _

6d 3h 40m Caught a Wooper! Level 27, male, named ♣'♥)ZL (#

6d 3h 38m Caught a Quagsire! Level 29, male, __(zz) (the zz is the sleeping symbol, two z's stacked)

6d 3h 36m Caught another Noctowl! Level 28, male, !☃3!☃……~Dr

[Correction - darn symbols] A.333☃☃ 3

6d 3h 31m Caught a Noctowl! Level 28, Female, named A.333▮▮ 3

6d 3h 28m We've used 13 of our Safari Balls now and caught nothing.

6d 3h 17m Oh boy. We've started a Safari Game. Time to fill another PC box!

6d 3h 12m Faffing intensifies. We're lounging upstairs in the gate to the Great Marsh. We've checked the binoculars once or twice. Mostly just walking in circles.

[Strategy] 200,90 seems to be the catch-all position for this gym battle. People are suggesting to spam those coordinates and things might go more smoothly.

6d 2h 52m Quagsire wakes up and takes out Flareon. BLACKED OUT

6d 2h 52m Flareon is our only hope! Quagsire is asleep for now, but Floatzel is still alive.

6d 2h 51m Bidoof comes out and manages to inflict Quagsire with Yawn. Shortly after, Bidoof faints.

6d 2h 50m Quagsire snaps out of confusion and uses Rock Tomb to KO Golbat.

6d 2h 50m Quagsire is confused and hits itself a couple times. He almost faints, but Wake uses another potion.

[Observation] The AI in this game is really good!

6d 2h 48m Golbat is here to save the day!

6d 2h 47m Shinx uses Roar and brings out Quagsire. Quagsire proceeds to Mud Shot Shinx to death.

6d 2h 47m Roselia rekt by Ice Fang! Shinx is up!

6d 2h 47m Bronzor down! We send Roselia back in.

6d 2h 46m When Floatzel comes out, we switch in Bronzor.

6d 2h 45m We accidentally use Cut the first turn, which ultimately results in Wake using a Hyper Potion. A couple turns later, Gyarados is down!

6d 2h 45m Challenged Crasher Wake!

6d 2h 25m Welp. We hit that darn green button again. Time to do the entire puzzle all over again!

6d 2h 24m We're very close to Wake! Also, Togepi is Level 34.

6d 2h 3m Back into the gym! the grind continues

6d 1h 52m We got a Piplup Mask!

6d 1h 41m In other news, our daycared Togepi is up to level 33.

6d 1h 39m Quick Attck crits and does chip damage. Flareon clutch survives Rock Tomb with 2 HP! Unfortunately, Flareon goes down the next turn. BLACKED OUT

6d 1h 38m Quagsire comes out and takes down Shinx with Mud Shot. It's up to Flareon now!

6d 1h 37m Shinx is up! She loses over half her HP from one of Floatzel's attacks, but Discharge takes out Floatzel!

6d 1h 37m Out comes Golbat, who goes down two turns later.

6d 1h 36m We send in Bidoof, who is promptly KO'd. Bronzor has about the same luck.

6d 1h 36m Floatzels Ice Fang takes out Roselia!! Poison Point leaves Floatzel poisoned, however.

6d 1h 35m Gyarados is down to two hits from Petal Dance! Up next is Floatzel!

6d 1h 35m Wake leads with Gyarados!

6d 1h 35m Crasher Wake Engaged! ROSELIA SWEEP HYPE

6d 1h 30m We're getting close!

6d 1h 24m Progress! But still a long way to go.

6d 1h 15m As always, patience is the utmost virtue here at TPP. (We keep going back and forth between two switches.)

6d 0h 58m It looks like Roselia has Pokérus too.

6d 0h 58m Whoops. We were almost to Crasher Wake... then we hit the wrong button. gg twitch

6d 0h 57m Roselia levels up to 42!

6d 0h 57m ... and a Shellos. Victory! (petal dance to op, pls dont nerf)

6d 0h 56m ... and a Golduck.

6d 0h 56m wheeee trainer battles! Roselia OHKOs a Wingull with Petal Dance.

6d 0h 47m We run into a bored Fisherman. Roselia OHKOs his only Whiscash with a Petal Dance.

6d 0h 46m We just taught Roselia Cut in place of Water Sport.

6d 0h 41m Back in the gym.

6d 0h 39m [Day Care] Togepi levels up to 32!

[Correction] Fortunately, simply walking into the Poke Center creates a checkpoint and we awaken in Pastoria City.

6d 0h 36m Bidoof knocks out Shellos. However, Golduck takes Bidoof down! Napoleon blacks out!

6d 0h 33m Bidoof is our last hope. If she falls, it's possibly back to Veilstone.

6d 0h 33m Sunshine is down!

6d 0h 32m Fortunately, Bidoof is on deck to support...IF WE COULD KEEP HER IN.

6d 0h 32m Sunshine is holding her own, but Shellos and PP could both be issues.

6d 0h 26m No evolution as usual.

6d 0h 25m Sunshine is promoted to level 45!

[Stadium] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

6d 0h 22m Sailor Damian rekt.

6d 0h 21m Fighting a Sailor. We are not even drunk!

6d 0h 13m Dukeing in out in Pastoria Gym.

6d 0h 6m Bidoof comes out and wins the fight! Suck it, Pearl!

6d 0h 4m Golbat faints! Freaking Leach Seed.

6d 0h 3m Air cutters are connecting, but not finishing the fight.

6d 0h 3m Golbat tags in!

6d 0h 2m Paralyzed Pearl's Roselia.

6d 0h 1m Sunshine rekts Prinplup with Discharge

6d 0h 0m Bronzor falls to Prinplup's bubbles!

6d 0h 0m Welcome to Day 7!

5d 23h 59m Ponyta faints due to poison.

5d 23h 59m Crit stomp takes out Flareon!

5d 23h 59m Sunbrella poisons Ponyta, but soon faints!

5d 23h 58m Roselia beat the crap out of Staravia.

5d 23h 57m Fighting Pearl!

5d 23h 56m ALMOST healed in Pastoria City.

5d 23h 48m Backup is 20% complete.

5d 23h 37m Roselia earned a footprint ribbon!

5d 23h 34m This backup is gonna take awhile. Currently at 10%.

[Streamer] Exact words: "doing a backup on the server, it might be slowing the game down a little, sorry"

[Streamer] The game is being backed up right now, which might cause some lag.

5d 23h 17m We have resurfaced.

5d 23h 16m We came THIS close to stepping on our own trap!

[Info] Unfortunately we can't find the Helix Fossil here until we have the National Pokedex. Streamer...can you hear me?

5d 23h 08m We disengaged a leaf trap.

5d 23h 08m Got some gems.

5d 23h 05m We are underground!

5d 22h 49m Out at the Valor Lakefront

[Meta] Sorry for the delay, it looks like Reddit borked for a few minutes. We now return you to your regularly scheduled updates.

[Daycare] Togepi is promoted to level 31!

[nope] nopenopenopenopenopenopenope

5d 22h 31m It looks like the nopes are winning.

5d 22h 30m There is an epic battle between those who want to gamble and those who want to get the hell away from the Game Corner.

5d 22h 28m The inputs are going a mile a minute.

5d 22h 22m Flareon is now holding a revive.



5d 22h 18m Faffing about in Veilstone

5d 22h 11m We left the Pokemon Center

5d 22h 09m [PC Intensifies]

5d 22h 02m A wild Graveler blows EVERYTHING up. Napoleon blacks out!

5d 22h 01m Bidoof is still trucking through Houndoors with 5h and paralysis.

5d 21h 59m Bidoof refuses to faint with 12hp left!

5d 21h 49m Napoleon opens up the PC and is so scared he dashes out of the Pokemon Center. The hivemind seems to be calling for a blackout.

5d 21h 47m Bidoof gets the W!

5d 21h 46m Bidoof knocks out Golbat!

5d 21h 45m I should mention, we are fighting reporters right next to the Nurse in the Pokemon Center. At least no one has to go far afterwards...

[Snark] PEOPLE (shotgun blast) ARE TRYING (shotgun blast) TO SLEEP!