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Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold

HeartGold has officially ended! We're heading over to the new updater for Pokemon Black! Come join us over there!

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Want to get even more hyped for the start of black? You can spend the next two hours checking out all of the final urns from each playthrough here

Just two and a half hours left. HYPE!

[Chat] We need to milk N!

3 Hours 8 minutes remain!

4 Hours 20 minutes to go. Not too long now!

[Other] TwitchSpeaks is going to be replaying the logs of the first Start9 riot in Red, so if you're interested check it out! www.twitch.tv/twitchspeaks

[Stadium] In other news, Ryokokonut leads with 597642 poké yen. Do you have the skill to overtake him?

12 hours left! HYPE!

14 Hours 40 minutes to go. HYPE!

Yep, Reshiram does look cool on the title screen of Pokemon Black. 15 Hours 34 minutes to go.

Update: We are still watching the title screen of Pokemon Black.

[CHAT] ♪♪♪ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DANCE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ♪♪♪

[Fluff] It wasn't a bug, it was an anti-piracy thing.

[Fluff] I hope the streamer used the ROM that fixed Exp. bug. I remembered when Black/White ROM first came and it had a bug that prevents Pokemon from gaining Exp. points.

[Fluff] I wonder what happened...

Stream up Same title screen for Pokemon Black

...and backed up

Stream down


Go HERE if you are bored and want to draw with fellow twitch players!

[Snark] I never realised how big Reshiram's wings/arm bat thingies were. It's like Reshiram has bat wings with the claws and stuff.


We need more people in our Plug.dj room! Come and listen with us!

[Snark] Inb4 we make a point every day to talk to the guy staring at the wall in Twist Mountain.

[Fluff] Is secretly the commentator from Stadium

[Fluff] Crimsonburn27, there is another commentator for Stadium, it's the commentator in the game itself. :P

[Stadium] And its Graveler vs Ninetails

[Stadium] In Bird Jesus/Brian fashion, Pidgeotto rolls through two opposing Pokemon

[Snark] N keeps losing his crown, this is his 12th crown. He has to be crowned every 2 minutes, because he is N and he does what he wants.

Update! There is currently nothing happening. (Kappa)

[Colours] The official colour for people who join during Black Version is a bold, white/grey outline!

[Stadium] Bellsprout makes Kadabra look like a chump with that Giga Drain

[Stadium] I once saw a Raikou being defeated by Bellossom.

[Stadium] Well that ended up being much closer than I expected, but Charizard did win in the end.

[Stadium] I think that the little Venonat will totally beat that big Charizard

[Stadium] Meanwhile we have a Venonat vs. a Charizard.... I wonder how this fight's gonna go

While waiting for Black to start, you can as always come jam with us in the TPP Plug.dj room

[Fluff] The thing that I loved best is the pokemon designs, they are sooo original.

[Fluff] I loved the plot and story of this gen.

[Fluff] I loved the music. It sounded epic when it first came out.

[Fluff] I've always liked the opening title for BW.

For Obvious reasons, we can not input. Instead, let's watch Reshiram, N, Ghestis, and the Titlescreen with many other things for 20 hours.

It looks like the new username-color for Black is....well, black. With a white outline. Thanks, Keep_tadpole_cute!

Pokemon Black screen is up, the final countdown has begun...

[Fluff] Aww, I missed the riot.....:(



Prepare to watch Reshiram for 20 hours straight!

[PMD] It went down just before we were going to quicksave...

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[PMD] Most of the inputs are either r+a+r, SELECT+b+008+135, or B.

[PMD] Since the save deletion, not many people have been inputting. R.I.P Team z33k.

[PMD] Suddenly, we change our minds and are back in action

[PMD] Looks like we are giving up on this adventure!

[PMD] And we are finally out of the intro!

[PMD] It seems that stream has decided to make progress, after heaps of denial!

[PMD] Oh we have successfully moved ahead by one dialogue box

[PMD] Everyone select+b+008,135 to keep things nice!

[PMD] Stream keeps voting for wait, we may be here for a while

[Snark] Democracy takes half an hour to just finish the intro, yet Anarchy would have made it so much faster... Well, in some areas anyway.

[Snark] This Butterfree looks familiar...in fact this whole situation seems very familiar... as if we were just here..

[PMD] Whoops, we are actually "aa". Sorry, no A-Chan or Alice here!

[PMD] We named ourselves A!

[PMD] Uh... is the charmander named C?

[PMD] Our team mate is a Charmander!

[Snark] I wonder if I'm the only one who read that in my head in the voice of the Medic from TF2. ("Anazza successful procedure...")

[PMD] Another SUCCESSFULL Deletion! Good job guys!

Save file deleted..... again

[PMD] Actually that's backwards. Machop's name is O, and Charmander's name is TRASH.

Charmander's name is O

[Meta] Anyone else interested in searching through the old live updates but don't want to scroll all the way to the bottom? I've got you covered.

[PMD] Our partner is a Charmander!


[PMD]Machop is named TRASH!

[PMD] Will it be Trash!?

[PMD] It looks like there is still a possibility of us naming Machop A!

[PMD] Guess what we almost named Charmander? Go on, guess.....A.

[Snark] INB4 Truant

[PMD] ... Machop?!

We are Machop!

[Snark] Become a true hero, TPP! Avenge the deaths of Team Z33K!

[PMD] The voices are a walking hero stereotype.

[PMD] "You have a strong sense of justice."

[CHAT] It seems like this whole disaster just started an argument about ponies for some reason.

[PMD] Answering questions now.

[PMD] We must rebuild what the trolls have destroyed!

poor abby died not once but twice. rip.

[PMD] Mourning the loss of Team Z33K.

I guess the majority of people do not like Democracy.

Waha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah!


rip abby. again.


THe save data was deleted!!!!!!!


[PMD] We were just a few votes away from deleting our save in PMD!

[PMD] Woah, we were close to deleting out save data just then.

[PMD] Quicksaved.

[PMD] We're actually in the Silent Chasm.

[PMD] Fainted. Back at Z33K base.

[PMD] On the menu.

[PMD] Quicksaved.

Dawn of the FINAL Day: 24 Hours Left Remaining!

[PMD] Went to Mt. Steel to do a mission.

[PMD] Back at Z33K HQ.

[PMD] Currently at the Pokemon Square.

[PMD] Grass Maze cleared.

[PMD] B3F of Grass Maze. Time to fight the minibosses.

[PMD] Really just grinding on the Mazes now.

[PMD] Entered the Grass Maze.

[PMD] Minibosses defeated!

[PMD] Yes, yes we are. And we're fighting the minibosses.

[PMD] We may be in one of the mazes of the Makuhita Dojo.

[PMD] In the Water Maze again.

[PMD] Fainted in the Water Maze.

[PMD] Entered the Water Maze.

[PMD] Hanging around the Makuhita Dojo.

[PMD] At the Pokémon Square.

[PMD] Decided against rescue. Back at Z33K HQ.

[PMD-Fluff] If we feel like getting rescued instead of simply failing the dungeon, I can probably find my copy of Red Rescue Team.

[PMD] Ah, we're Awaiting Rescue right now.

[PMD] Cuboner faints! We're teleported out.

[PMD] The Farfetch'd was defeated. We're safe.

[PMD] Hanging around Silent Chasm, and Team Z33K is having trouble dealing with a Farfetch'd.

[PMD] Back at the Z33K HQ.

[PMD] Hanging around the Power Plant with Wattson.

[Chat] "Twitch plays qwop [Kappa]" - Meloetta1

[PMD] Apparently it is! Welcome to our team, Weed!

[PMD] Is the name Weed OK?

[PMD] "Weed"...but we haven't confirmed it yet.

[PMD] "Wee" so far.

[PMD] Now all we have is "W".

[PMD] ...and the L....

[PMD] Erased the E....

[PMD] Looks like people want to name it "Weed" or "420".

[PMD] We're about to nickname a Weedle!

[PMD] Team status: Cuboner; lv15; holding Pecha Scarf; 11/49 HP Abby; lv11; holding Orange Gummi; 30/46 HP

[PMD] The current trending input is "SELECTB008,135".

[PMD] We're back at Z33K Team Base, as a new day begins

[PMD] Oh hey its that Metapod we've been looking for.

[PMD] We take down Gengar. Team Meanies defeated

[OffTopic] Netherlands just totally #REKT Spain (2014 FIFA World Cup) Score: 5 - 1

[PMD] We take down Ekans. We're looking like the Netherlands out there (sorry Spain fans)

[PMD] Managed to heal cuboner

[PMD] Failed to heal abby, but we put Gengar to sleep.

[PMD] Abby at 14/45 HP, looks like we're trying to heal her now

[PMD] Medicham down!

[PMD] We're in battle with Team Meanies!

[PMD] Team Meanies are mocking us, letting us know they will get Metapod first. That Medicham is so smug.

[Stadium] Ponyta sweeps the Blue team, victory for Red (and there goes more of my money)

[PMD] Wattson grew to level 7

[Snark] Oh good, the Hivemind has learned how to select 8008,135.

[PMD] We made it to Tiny Woods.

[PMD] So, our jobs now are delivering an Oran Berry and a White Gummi.

[PMD] We visited the power plant and finally got Wattson back to the Z33K team.

[Stadium] Another 726% payout to red team!

[PMD] We got 200 PoKé and 5 rescue points.

[PMD] We cleared the dungeon and returned to Pelipper Post Office.

[PMD] Proceeded to 9F. This mountain is taller than Silph Co.

[PMD] Proceeded to 8F. Do you know that there's a glitch item in red/blue called 8F. Using that item will execute the arbitrary code.

[PMD] abby is finally caught up with cuboner!

[PMD] Proceeded to 7F.

[PMD] cuboner is finally alone like what Pokedex said.

[PMD] Also Wattson fainted and was sent back to the Power Plant.

[PMD] Found Spearow!

[Snark] Why this mountain doesn't have 8 floors? If it was. I would going to pull out an 8F glitch item joke :/

[PMD] 6F now~! The destination floor.

[Snark] These zigzagoon don't really zig-zag. That's what they are supposed to do, yet it ain't happening.

[PMD] This is Mt. Steel, by the way.

[PMD] Still on 5F, hoping to save a life.

[PMD] Proceeded to 5F.

I mean, 4F. FailFish

[PMD] Proceeded to 3F.

[PMD] We just saved Pidgey!

[PMD] Can we talk to him?

[PMD] Pidgey is near.

[PMD] cuboner just defeated another Zigzagoon.

[PMD] Cuboner just defeated a Zigzagoon.

[PMD] Wattson just picked up a Switcher Orb.


[PMD] Proceeded to the second floor.

[PMD] abby just defeated an Aron

[Stadium] Seems like Metapod is really the high-efficient odd incraser. The match started with 1:61.79 odd.

[PMD] cuboner just defeated a Spearow

[PMD] Seems like banging a wall will open a menu in PMD...

[PMD] cuboner just defeated a Baltoy

Damn, Screech move in Stadium 2 is giving me an ear rape :/

[PMD] Aron is coming...

[PMD] The Z33K rescue team is slowly crawling due to the power of democracy voices.

[PMD] Finally made it to Mount Steel

[PMD] We also took job on helping the Pidgey too.

[PMD] We took job on delivering White Gummi to the sixth floor of Mount Steel

[PMD] Seems like Pidgey fainted at the third floor of Mount Steel

[PMD] Entered the Power Plant. Hey Wattson.

[PMD] Checking mail.

[PMD] Warning: open mailbox from the front.

[PMD] abby vows to make Team Meanies pay if they try stealing Team Z33K's mail again.

[PMD] Pelipper saves the day by giving us some more mail!

[Snark] Demands fisticuffs with Team Meanies

[Snark] That was a lot of talk just to take off on not even go fisticuffs with us.

[PMD] The disbelief is evident on abby's face.

[Snark] Truly a fitting name for would-be conquerors.

[PMD] Team Meanies wants WORLD DOMINATION.

[PMD] Ah, Team Meanies. Truly a team worthy of their name.

[PMD] They're Team Meanies actually ... and oh god are they seriously planning to steal our mail?

[PMD] They proceed to mock Team Z33K.

[PMD] Team Nasty! Or was that their name? Eh, it was something like that.

[PMD] It's the next morning, and with the snazzy text at the beginning, I smell plot.

[PMD] Pidgey gives us a Max Elixir and an item I missed.

[PMD] Reviver Seed obtained as well!

[PMD] Max Elixir, to be specific.

[PMD] Cash and Elixir obtained from Wurmple.

[PMD] Left Thunderwave Cave.

[PMD] Pidgey saved!

[PMD] Pidgey found! Will we save him?

[PMD] Still looking for the mystery Pokemon we must save.

[PMD] Welcome to B5F.

[PMD] B4F right now.


[PMD] Talking to Wurmple: Coming soon to theatres near you.

[PMD] And we miss Wurmple again!

Hello guys, I'm finally a live updater! I'll update here around 12am - 5pm UTC at weekdays and 2am - 5pm UTC at weekends. I am Asian who came to help US updaters.

[PMD] Next to Wurmple.

[PMD] Also we appear to have a second mission as well in Thunderwave, so we shouldn't leave after saving Wurmple.

[PMD] Found the Wurmple we are to save! Let us talk to him.

[PMD] Somewhere on this floor, our target lies in wait.

[PMD] Reached B3F! AKA the destination floor!

[PMD] cuboner grew to Level 12!

[PMD] Current status: cuboner Lv.11, abby Lv.10 - still in Thunderwave Cave.

[PMD] Entered Thunderwave Cave once again.

[PMD] Returned home, and I see that we have 15 points! What mission did we finish, I wonder?

If you continue to update PMD, I would reckon that we do so. <3

[Pondering] I wonder if we have hunger?

[PMD] We have applepriated an apple.

[PMD] I see an apple!

[PMD] B3F ... huhm, those buttons on the bottom seem really useful for TPP when accessing the menu and things.

[PMD] cuboner, abby and Wattson are traversing B2F, in search of something. Maybe a Pokémon to rescue.

[PMD] We appear to be in Thunderwave Cave now. Missions missions missions~

[PMD] Hanging outside of Z33K HQ.

[PMD] At the post office.

Dawn of The Second Day: 48 Hours Remain!

[PMD] Current progress in PMD Blue: We've most definitely progressed past Mt. Steel, due to the presence of Wattson. Shiftry has been seen in the Square, and now we're just ... doing missions I guess.

[PMD] We're in Tiny Woods, by the way.

[PMD Team Status] Cuboner Lv11, abby Lv9, Wattson Lv6

[PMD Correction] Level 6.

[PMD] And back from class I am. Currently on B2F of some dungeon. Wattson has joined us on our quest to do something. He's Level 7.

[PMD] A Jumpluff is pleading for a rescue team to help ... her? Him?

[PMD] We see a commotion in the Square!

[PMD] Team Z33K is Normal Rank, consists of the members "cuboner", "abby" and "Wattson", and is in possession of 44 Poké.

[PMD] And now we only have 44 Poké.

[PMD] Beau Plains Friend Area obtained! Yoomtah!

[Sadface] Oh god I miss him already.


[PMD] Wattson joined the team!

[PMD] They are naming it "Wattson", FYI.

[PMD] ... "Watt"

[PMD] I have no idea what the name is to be.

[PMD] Now it's "W"

[PMD] Currently "dd"

[PMD] Recruited Magnemite! What shall we name it?

Chat is currently rioting about which starter they want for the next game.

Flarn, I don't think that's quite appropriate here.

Someone (forgot who) voted for "select+b+008,5", which of course appears as "SELECTB008,5". Lol

inputs... YAY, ABY, BASTART... YAY won!!! YAY

[Snark] I don't understand the snark about RIP. Sleep isn't something to be taken lightly

[Correction] RIP = Rest In Peace.

[Chat from a LONG time ago] "RIP in peace stands for RIP in peace in peace Kappa."

RIP Z33K33.

[D] Don't know why we're in Democracy in Mystery Dungeon, but it appears as if we've named our team Z33K.

TwitchSpeaks currently has an intermission schedule set up. If you want to listen to some live TPP chat, or past game replay logs while we're waiting for Pokemon Black, please visit him.

[PMD] Cuboner is Lv. 10 now, Abby Lv. 7.

While we're on intermission, I'd like to say that this was my first time as a TPP Reddit updater. This experience has been nothing but a wonderful time. I actually started watching TPP during the first GB Pokemon Red run. I joined Reddit Updates right as TPP was half way through Pokemon Heart Gold. I met some new people joining the team. Some of them are pretty interesting. and a lot of them seem to be really nice. I had a lot of fun filling in at times during the HG run, keeping track of a few trainer battles, locations, and re-matching the Elite 4 runs. I expect Pokemon Black to be even more intense, as we no longer have YelnaX with us. Thank you everyone for the support. We love you all. <3

I just got back on, and now I see that we're playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. with Z33K's name no doubt. Z33K33 will surely be missed. <3

[Music] While we are on an intermission, why not stop by the TPP music channel? Everyone takes turns picking songs to play in the channel. It is a lot of fun and a good addition to any TPP experience!

[Meta] Well, sleep is needed. Sorry for the lack of updating on PMD. Bye for the night.

[PMD] Missions, missions, missions~

[PMD] Reading the Notice Board for missions.

[PMD] Arrived at the Post Office.

[PMD] Touring the Square. Gotta remember these snazzy buildings.

[pmd] Our mailbox is empty! gasp!

[PMD] Basically Magnemite got reunited with its bros and now we're back at Z33K HQ.

[PMD] And the day was saved, thanks to Team Z33K!

[PMD] Currently on B5F.

[PMD] Apple obtained.

[PMD] cuboner hits Level 7!

[PMD] Chillin' on B3F.

[PMD] cuboner and abby grew to Level 6!

[PMD] B2F.

[PMD] Thunderwave Cave B1F.

[PMD] Moved to Thunderwave Cave.

[PMD] Read the mail! Magnemite is in trouble!

[PMD] Mail was given to us! Got some Rescue Team Badges and the News.

[PMD] Hanging around the outside of Z33K HQ.


[PMD] "And that is how, cuboner and abby began their careers together as a rescue team."

[PMD] cuboner and abby, the founders of Team Z33K!

[PMD] "Z33K" is the current entry.

[Snark] Sorry, z33k, but it looks like we're having difficulties naming our team after you.

[PMD] "Z3k"

[PMD] Now it's "Z3"

[PMD] Currently ... "Z333"

[PMD] Inputted a "Z"

[PMD] Cleared all of the default name.

[PMD] Naming team.

[PMD] Agreed to forming a rescue team!

[PMD] Decided to join a rescue team with "abby". Currently in front of the base.

[PMD] Caterpie successfully saved and returned to Buterfree.

[PMD] Hi Caterpie!

[PMD] Currently on B3F.

[PMD] Still stumbling around the Tiny Woods.

[PMD] Into the Tiny Woods to save Butterfree's child!

[PMD] A Butterfree is here to request our services.

cuboner x abby otp

[Screams Internally]

Our name is cuboner (we are Cubone) and our partner is abby the Charmander!

[PMD] ... Will "cuboner" be the name?

[PMD] "cubone" now.

[PMD] Current name is "cubon"

[Fluff] Come on! Almost there! One more letter

Entered an "o" (huh with HG over it's not like I need a timestamp anymore)

19d 5h 19m Currently it's "cub"

[Nostalgia] God, the memories ... oh dear has it only been a few months?

[bastart] some bastart input bastart just now

so far we have c, and are hovering above u.

19d 5h 17m Ack, I got it wrong earlier. It's PMD Blue. I'm so sorry.

19d 5h 16m It's difficult to update with my laggy stream, but from what I can surmise, we're uh, naming ourselves in demo.

inb4 we name ourself cuboner

19d 5h 11m We're playing PMD Explorers of Sky. And we're in democracy as well!

19d 3h 29m Tossed a 10-Coin Hex...wait, never mind, this is Mario Party

This minigame requires you to blow into the microphone. Cue the chat saying "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF"

[Mario Party] ______ Wins/Loses by doing absolutely nothing.

Current minigame: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAFT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Correction] There's an error on the download link that /u/rctgamer3 posted here earlier. It directs you to the file with a decryption key required. [The correct link for the save can be found here] The file has been posted on TPP Streamers Twitch page.

[rip] rip yelnax

Sorry /u/yaycupcake. You missed a big victory party over Alice. But I saved you a couple of cookies. We love you. <3

[CupcakeUsedRage] Just woke up. Missed us win. FML

InB4 TwitchSpeaks gets trolled again during the intermission games.

And just like that, we're stuck. Thanks a lot, streamer! Kappa

[Info] 3 Days left until Pokemon Black starts. Dawn of the First Day!

I suspect B button being disabled may have something to do with us finally able to evolve our Pokemon! Proper evolution HYPE!

[Fluff] I have reason to believe that Streamer is testing our abilities as a group of people trying to play a game without a B button enabled. Maybe he has plans to permanently disable it during the Pokemon Black/White runs.

[Streamer] It appears ... as if he has disabled B.

[Mario Party] Aaaand we're losing again.

[Mario Party] Are we ... winning?

Stream up!

[Stream] That's 2 games down, 3rd game unsuccessful.4th game is Mario Party DS.

Stream DOWN!

Ignore the "The screen are sideways!" They are completely right side up.

Now Playing: Petz Rescue - Ocean Patrol

The screens are sideways!

Petz: Ocean Patrol!

There's a boat!

[Stream] BACK UP

Stream Down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ New game or RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Back to normal speed!

Who set Stadium to Turbo?

Stadium playing at double speed!

The HeartGold save was uploaded! [Download it here!]

[Snark] Well, that's TPP being TPP for you. They are always breaking something 24/7.

Okay, Now the Petz: BUNNYZ have Broken down too.

[Snark] Doesn't Nintendo have proofreaders?

Stream back up! Petz: Bunnyz!

Good bye, /u/yelnaX!

Goodbye everybody! And remember, i like trains! :D


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down!

0d 0h 0m Because, Y U No fix game, Streamer?

GG, we broke Electroplankton already.

18d 21h 58m ELECTROPLANKTON Borke, as it froze on us! ;_;

Good Bye, Pokemon Heart Gold! We had a good run while it lasted! Pokemon Heart Gold will be missed!

HeartGold is officially over!

[Stadium] Stadium now has sound!


3d 2h 7m until Pokémon Black!


For those who missed it: TEH URN!


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream Down!

Twitchplayspokemon: "haha, I missed it"

Sorry /u/sandyxdaydream. You should have been "The One"! That victory run should have been yours. (;_;)

That's a terrible idea. Go thank /u/sandyxdaydream instead!

Everyone please go report /u/bassofthe for taking away teh urn from me.

A big shoutout for /u/sandyxdaydream, who updated for five hours straight before letting me take over. Sorry I took teh urn from you.

It's Keepvibravacute Plays Pokemon!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

18d 21h 17m Got an HP UP from Joey!

18d 21h 16m Bibarel Surfed away! Joey defeated!

18d 21h 16m Battle! Vs Youngster Joey! Helix vs Bibarel!

18d 21h 11m Hi, Joey!

[Pun] I'm not Enteirely sure what just happened.

Good bye yelnaX. Thank you so much for all your updates, and all of the hard work you have done for us. You will be missed! <3

18d 21h 2m Surf! Entei defeated!

18d 21h 0m No balls though lulz.

18d 21h 0m Entei appeared!

18d 21h 0m Left the Mart!

18d 20h 59m Got Yache Berries from the mailman!

Thank you for staying with us through all of Heart Gold! We know this game has been quite long, however we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. At this time, I would like to mention that one of our beloved updaters, /u/yelnaX, is leaving. He's been with the updating team since Crystal and consistently has had one of the highest updating record numbers. Please spam his inbox with thank yous and farewells!

18d 20h 57m Mother called! She bought something for us!

18d 20h 56m Entered the Mart!

[Chat] Thanks Z33K33! We salute you! You will be missed! <3

18d 20h 55m Cherrygrove City!

[Fluff] Slowpoke here. Guys we beat Alice!

18d 20h 39m West! Battling lv 2 Pokés!

[Fluff] I'm in class right now, but I'm glad I got the urge to check the updater on my phone when I did. I predict a Random Interruption Of TPP soon!

18d 20h 37m Chilling in New Bark, trying to decide whether or not to use GB Sounds!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

18d 20h 33m Alice defeated!


18d 20h 33m Rock Wrecker! Altaria down!

18d 20h 33m Altaria down to half!

18d 20h 32m Skull down! Only Treesus left!

18d 20h 32m Skull at 11%!


18d 20h 31m Vs Altareon!

18d 20h 31m Skull used Magnitude 10! Sandslash down! Skull lv 71!

18d 20h 30m Lord Skull!

18d 20h 30m Sacred Fire! Vibrava down! Sandslash at 50%!

18d 20h 29m Vibrava!

18d 20h 29m Shield has no energy left to battle!

18d 20h 27m Shield down!

18d 20h 27m Vs Flameslash!

18d 20h 27m Shield in the red! Slaking down! Shield lv 89!

18d 20h 26m Shield and Slaking are slowly chipping each other's health! Shield in the lead!

18d 20h 25m Go! Lord Shield! Alice used a Full Restore!

18d 20h 25m Critical Fly! Slaking almost red! Oracle down!

18d 20h 23m Masquerain one-hit by the Oracle! Vs Slaking!

[Snark] "Death by hail, a book by Xatu" by Bleh

18d 20h 23m Vs Hyperbug!

18d 20h 23m Xatu is in the red! Shellock down!

18d 20h 22m Alice used a Full Restore on Shellock! Xatu is nearly red!

18d 20h 21m Helix down to Blastoise's Octazooka! Oracle!

18d 20h 20m Helix is in the red!

18d 20h 20m Vs Shellock!

18d 20h 19m Surf vs Surf! Mew down!

18d 20h 19m Mew down to half health!

18d 20h 19m Battle! Vs Alice! Lord Helix vs Marx!

Round # 6 Incoming!

18d 20h 17m Helix seems to be scared of something! Rapidly approaching Alice!

18d 20h 16m Made it!

18d 20h 13m Went up the right one! Then straight back down!

18d 20h 10m No, that was the wrong one.

18d 20h 6m It's the middle one! The middle one!

18d 19h 58m In the Rock Climb area!

18d 19h 48m Made it to the snowy part of Mt. Silver

[Info] It only took us 40 minutes to get the Alice last time from the time we entered Mt. Silver. We're getting faster at this!

[Snark] Long way to A but... No ledges :D #alwayslookonthebrightside

18d 19h 23m Confirmed that the TM for Fire Spin was TM08.

18d 19h 21m Obtained the TM for Fire Spin! Missed the # though.

[Info] The hacker has confirmed that Sacred Fire replaced Tackle. Flameslash's moveset now reads: Metal Claw, Sacred Fire, Take Down, and Strength.

18d 19h 2m Back inside Mt. Silver's cave. Here's the map once again.

[Info] Flameslash's original moveset was Metal Claw, Tackle, Take Down, and Strength. Flameslash is now confirmed to have Sacred Fire as one of its attacks. The only other attack that has been confirmed through battle at this point is Metal Claw.

18d 18h 59m Back at Mt. Silver's Pokemon Center. Once again, that was run #5.

18d 18h 58m Stalin goes for the strength. Lord Skull down! Aoooo blacks out!

18d 18h 58m Lord Skull pulls off a magnitude 9 on Stalin. After hail damage, Stalin has about 70% of his full health left.

18d 18h 57m Full restore brings Stalin back to full health.

18d 18h 57m Lord Skull hits Stalin back with Magnitude. Stalin is brought down to red!


18d 18h 57m Stalin lands the fly. Skull is down to 58%.

18d 18h 57m Stalin goes up in the air!

18d 18h 55m Sent out Lord Skull.

18d 18h 55m Armor surfs again. Stalin is down to a little less than half. Hail damage knocks out Armor!

18d 18h 54m Armor lives a return from Stalin with 5%!

18d 18h 54m Armor is at 15% after hail damage. Could this be it for Armor?

18d 18h 54m Armor keeps surfing. Stalin is at about 80% after hail damage.

18d 18h 53m Stalin is brought back to full health!

18d 18h 53m Hail damage brings Armor down to red as well!

18d 18h 53m Armor hits Stalin with another Surf. Stalin is in red now.

18d 18h 52m Stalin flies again, Armor is brought down to 27%.

18d 18h 52m A return from Stalin takes about 10% or so from Armor. Another Surf from Armor brings Stalin down to less than half.

18d 18h 51m Stalin's fly did little to nothing against Armor. Armor hits back with Surf. It takes about 20% from Stalin.

18d 18h 51m Stalin out! Stalin begins flying.

18d 18h 51m Bastiodon hits back with a super-effective Surf. Flameslash down

18d 18h 50m Flameslash uses Sacred Fire?! WTF

Believe guys!

18d 18h 50m Sent in Lord Armor.

18d 18h 50m Only Lord Skull and Lord Armor are left

18d 18h 49m Another Metal Claw from Flameslash takes out Treesus!

18d 18h 49m Treesus is stalled a turn from using Rock Wrecker.

18d 18h 49m Flameslash metal claws Treesus and gets a crit. Treesus down to 27%.

18d 18h 49m In comes Flameslash

18d 18h 48m Treesus uses Rock Wrecker and KO's Tuna!

18d 18h 49m Tuna takes 20% of Treesus's full HP.

18d 18h 48m Tuna flies again. Treesus misses the Rock Wrecker as a result.

18d 18h 47m Treesus comes in!

18d 18h 47m Vibrava down due to hail!

18d 18h 47m Vibrava hits back to with Hammer Arm. Tuna down to about 80%.

18d 18h 46m Tuna takes to the skies and gets a crit fly off on Vibrava! Vibrava is only at 5HP left.

18d 18h 46m Vibrava starts things off with Hammer Arm. It does very little to Tuna.

18d 18h 46m Sent in Vibrava. Out comes Tuna

18d 18h 45m Oracle faints from hail damagejust after taking out Shellock!

18d 18h 45m And Oracle NAILS the landing with fly. Shellock down!

18d 18h 45m Shellock becomes confused from Thrash!

18d 18h 45m Oracle flies. Both 'Mons take hail damage.

18d 18h 44m Shellock thrashes, Oracle is brought down to 16%.

18d 18h 44m Oracle hits Shellock with a Mist Ball. Shellock is brought down to red!

18d 18h 44m Shellock surfs, and oh it's a crit! Oracle is brought down to 41%.

18d 18h 43m Oracle sets up an Amnesia.

18d 18h 43m Oracle comes in.

18d 18h 43m After hail damage, Shellock has about 60% of his full health left.

18d 18h 43m Shellock hits Helix with an Octazooka. Helix down!

18d 18h 43m Helix isn't giving in yet, he surfs Shellock again.

18d 18h 42m And the full restore brings Shellock back to full!

18d 18h 42m Helix retaliates with his own Surf. Shellock has less than 30% left.

18d 18h 42m Shellock surfs again, Helix down to 50HP.

18d 18h 42m Helix is down to 57%. Helix surfs back and takes out about 30% of Shellocks health.

18d 18h 41m Shellock comes in and starts surfing.

18d 18h 41m Helix currently has 243/277HP after hail damage.

18d 18h 42m Marc uses follow me again. Helix takes out Marc with Surf!

18d 18h 41m Marc is taken down to just less than half!

18d 18h 40m Helix goes for the Surf as Marc uses Follow Me

18d 18h 40m It started to hail!

18d 18h 40m Marc versus Helix!

18d 18h 40m Versus Alice! Round 5!


18d 18h 39m Reached the Summit! Urn 5 upcoming!

18d 18h 38m We're at the last step before reaching the summit now. Tune in everyone!

18d 18h 37m Currently on step 9. And we don't overshoot! Made it on our first try!

18d 18h 26m Made it to the snowy part of Mt. Silver!

[Info] Here's a link to a map of Mt. Silver that you can follow along. We're currently on step 4!

18d 18h 16m We're on the 2nd level of Mt. Silver's cave now. Our whole team is still at full -knocks on wood-

18d 17h 59m Entered Mt. Silver's Cave

18d 17h 56m Looks like we're ready to face Alice now!

18d 17h 54m Switched party order: Helix is now in the lead, followed by Skull, Vibrava, Oracle, Armor, and Treesus.

18d 17h 52m We healed through the union room!

18d 17h 49m A lady at the Pokemon Center tells aoooo all about her trainer card. She doesn't mention that it's great for doodling on though.

18d 17h 49m In the Pokemon Center

18d 17h 41m Exited Mt. Silver again

18d 17h 31m Lord Skull reaches Lv. 70! It has now been 10 levels since Lord Skull evolved.

18d 17h 27m Still grinding Lord Skull

18d 17h 17m Lord Skull grew to lv. 69!

18d 17h 5m Entered Mt. Silver's Cave

18d 17h 4m Lord Armor gets paralyzed in a wild battle.

18d 17h 0m Exited the Pokemon Center

[Fluff] We must really like healing in the Union Room. I suppose it's one way to stay far away from the dreaded, evil PC.

18d 16h 58m Healed via Union room!

18d 16h 56m aoooo saves the game multiple times, as we're trying to enter the Union Room of the Pokemon Center.

18d 16h 48m Inside the Pokemon Center

18d 16h 45m Lord Skull is nearly out of PP for each of his attacks. He has already ran out of his PP for Waterfall.

18d 16h 36m We called mom, she's back at taking our money.

18d 16h 26m A wild Grotle puts Lord Skull to sleep.

18d 16h 24m Lord Skull reaches lv. 68!

18d 16h 23m We're still near the beginning of Mt. Silver, currently grinding Lord Skull.

18d 15h 54m Lord Skull grows to lv. 67!

18d 15h 53m Used our Liechi Berry on Lord Skull.

18d 15h 47m We call Josh a bunch of times just to hear him sneeze.

18d 15h 45m Erika calls us. Sorry Erika, we're with Sabrina. Kappa

18d 15h 42m A wild doge appeared! Camila/Slash/A must be near.

18d 15h 31m Back inside Mt. Silver's Cave

18d 15h 28m Lord Skull grew to lv. 66!

18d 15h 22m Back outside Mt. Silver

18d 15h 15m Lord Skull grows to lv. 65!

18d 15h 10m Sabrina-senpai calls us! She compliments us on how well rounded and balanced we are. <3

18d 15h 7m Entered Mt. Silver's Cave

18d 15h 3m Healed team via union room

18d 14h 57m Checkpoint at Mt. Silver's Pokemon Center

18d 14h 54m In front of the Pokemon Center at Mt. Silver currently trying to checkpoint

18d 14h 39m Route 28!

18d 14h 36m Entered the crossroads building!

18d 14h 34m Tropius down! Jamie defeated!

18d 14h 34m Tropius used Leaf Storm! Critical hit! Skull down! Vibrava!

18d 14h 32m Skull fell asleep!

18d 14h 32m Pidgeot one-hit by Surf! Tropius!

18d 14h 31m Battle! VS Ace Trainer Jamie! Skull vs Pidgeot!

18d 14h 28m Healed!

18d 14h 27m It's Pokédex time!

18d 14h 24m Outside the healing house!

[Fluff] We just passed an item, as we jumped over a ledge.

18d 14h 18m Left through the south exit! Route 26!

18d 14h 16m Back on as we enter the crossroads!

18d 14h 15m GB Sounds off! Passed the ledge!

18d 14h 6m Helix is at 1hp!

18d 14h 5m GB Sounds!

18d 14h 3m Almost made it! Jumped the ledge!

[Chat] See the power, do the impossible. See the do the row row invisible. Fight the row row.

[Chat] b-donger bots arrived to counter the save bots! b ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

18d 13h 58m Jumped the ledge!

18d 14h 54m Jk, bots are back and spamming the save coordinate. There's about 5 of them that all have variations of Slimoleq's name. Please report the bots if you can.

18d 13h 54m Route 22!

18d 13h 44m It seems like the bots died down for now.

18d 13h 46m GB Sounds time over for now!

18d 13h 44m It's GB Sounds time!

18d 13h 41m Viridian City!

18d 13h 40m Bot attack!

18d 13h 40m Lord Helix bravely slays a lv 3 Whismur!

18d 13h 39m Cut a tree!

18d 13h 38m GB sounds off once again!

18d 13h 38m Route 2!

18d 13h 37m And then back on as we slowly make our way southwards!

18d 13h 35m Off!

18d 13h 34m And turned it back on!

18d 13h 33m Left Diglett's cave and turned off GB sounds!

18d 13h 28m Aoooo sees the light at the end of the cave and transforms into a black-and-white werewolf form!

18d 13h 28m Helix used his last Muddy Water to crush a Paras!

18d 13h 27m Ran from a Starly! GB sounds back on!

18d 13h 26m GB sounds on! GB sounds back off!

18d 13h 25m It's another Paras! Was another paras!

18d 13h 24m The Oracle forgets everything and finally falls to Whismur's poison! Helix slays the Paras!

18d 13h 23m It's a wild Paras!

18d 13h 19m Checking the Pokédex!

18d 13h 18m Turned off GB sounds!

18d 13h 17m Entered Diglett's cave!

18d 13h 16m The Oracle wrecked several Whismur, but is down to 47% due to poison!

18d 13h 13m The Oracle defeated a wild Chimchar!

18d 13h 11m Bravely ran from a wild Mantyke!

18d 13h 8m Wishmur was Surfed away!

18d 13h 8m Switched out Lord Helix! Helix was poisoned as well!

18d 13h 8m The Pumbloom poisoned the Oracle!

18d 13h 7m It's a Pumbloom!

18d 13h 5m Oracle used Mist Ball! Wild Clamperl defeated!

18d 13h 3m A wild Clamperl appeared!

18d 13h 1m Turned on GB sounds!

18d 13h 1m Left Vermillion! Route 11!

18d 12h 58m Called Hiker Kenny! He bathes in rivers!

18d 12h 48m Back in the Vermilion City.

18d 12h 40m Suddenly a wild Mudkip Lv.14. appeared.

18d 12h 34m On route 6.

18d 12h 27m Aoooo transformed into "usual" shadow form.

[snark] Substitute of a roller-coaster!

18d 12h 24m Arrived at Saffron City. Congratulations!

18d 12h 22m Arrived at Goldenrod City.

18d 12h 19m Aoooo entered train station.

18d 12h 4m Aoooo went outside.

18d 12h 0m Aoooo is checking out flier inside Dojo. Flier says "Struggle for vengeance!"

18d 11h 57m Vance called, he is afraid of wild Butterfrees. What a weirdo.

18d 11h 56m Xatu looks like a shiny Missingno now.

18d 11h 55m Aoooo transformed.

18d 11h 47m We called Arnie. He wants to battle Aoooo on route 35.

18d 11h 46m We called Brent. He wants to show Aoooo his "rare pokémon" on route 43.

18d 11h 45m We beat Misty!

18d 11h 44m Misty sent Charizard!

18d 11h 44m Rapidash beaten.

18d 11h 43m Magmortar fainted.

18d 11h 43m Misty sent Magmortar.

18d 11h 43m Camerupt too.

18d 11h 42m Misty sent another Torkoal. It is OHKO'd.

18d 11h 42m Torkoal fainted.

18d 11h 41m Aoooo sent in Helix.

18d 11h 41m Skull burned to death.

18d 11h 41m Clutch. Both 'mons in red zone. Misty used Full restore.

18d 11h 40m Skull vs Torkoal. Skull burned.

18d 11h 39m Misty challenged.

18d 11h 32m Fighting Dojo entered. 5 steps from Misty.

18d 11h 26m Aooo went outside.

18d 11h 24m Saved the game! Badges: 16 Pokédex: 125 Play time: 423h 16m

18d 11h 23m In the Dojo.

18d 11h 14m Out of PokéCenter.

18d 11h 13m PokéCenter entered. Party healed.

18d 11h 7m PokéCenter checkpoint. Aoooo transformed shortly.

[fluff] We just keep saving and saving.

18d 11h 6m Saved the game! Badges: 16 Pokédex: 125 Play time: 422h 59m

18d 11h 2m In the Saffron City.

18d 10h 55m Out of Mart.

18d 10h 53m In PokéMart.

18d 10h 51m In the Vermilion City.

18d 10h 50m Back to route 11.

18d 10h 40m Found an Ice Heal!

18d 10h 35m In Diglett's Cave.

18d 10h 28m Correction, it was a Lepra Berry. Thanks inabox!

18d 10h 24m Obtained a (Wepear?) Berry!

[Stats] Rampardos Lv. 64 - Max. HP 214 Attack 243 Defense 103 Sp. Atk 134 Sp. Def 75 Speed 104

18d 9h 57m Rampardos leveled up to 64!

18d 9h 32m Rampardos leveled up to 63! Missed the stats.

18d 9h 31m In Victory Road.

18d 9h 29m Blacked out!

18d 9h 28m Armaldo used Rock Slide! Xatu fainted!

18d 9h 28m Armaldo used Rock Slide! Omastar fainted!

18d 9h 26m VS Karen!

18d 9h 25m Defeated Bruno!

18d 9h 16m Gliscor used Dig! Bastiodon fainted!

18d 9h 10m VS Bruno!

18d 9h 9m Defeated Koga!

[Stats] Bastiodon Lv. 88 - Max. HP 228 Attack 150 Defense 340 Sp. Atk 115 Sp. Def 251 Speed 109

18d 9h 6m Bastiodon leveled up to 88!

18d 9h 2m Vibrava fainted!

18d 8h 59m Sudowoodo fainted!

18d 8h 58m Gardevoir wrecked.

18d 8h 57m Koga's Xatu is down.

18d 8h 57m Switched for Sudo.

18d 8h 56m Vibrava is at 16HP.

18d 8h 54m Koga challenged.

18d 8h 49m Will defeated.

18d 8h 45m Currently battling Will.

18d 8h 42m Rampardos fainted.

[Meta] It's a school night for me, so I cannot update any longer if I want to function at an optimal standard tomorrow. Apologies for the lack of updates that will follow.

18d 8h 37m Dig takes out Armour. Black out!

18d 8h 36m In comes Gliscor.

18d 8h 36m Lord Armour takes out Altaria.

18d 8h 36m Sent in Lord Armour.

18d 8h 36m The Oracle is down.

18d 8h 34m The Oracle is attempting to forget ... something with Amnesia. At least her Sp. Def is now at max.

18d 8h 33m The Oracle vs Altaria!

18d 8h 33m Battling Bruno!

18d 8h 32m Current team consists of the Oracle at 66% and Lord Armour at 34%.

18d 8h 28m Koga defeated.

18d 8h 28m Second Magnet Bomb takes out Lunatone!

18d 8h 27m Full Restore brings it to full, but a Magnet Bomb sends it back to red.

18d 8h 27m Lunatone is brought down to red!

18d 8h 26m Lunatone is sent out by Koga.

18d 8h 26m Down goes Girafarig!

18d 8h 24m Lord Armour is sent in.

18d 8h 23m The second Girafarig arrives. It takes out Helix.

18d 8h 23m And Uxie finally goes down. Trick Room ends.

18d 8h 23m Helix down to 1 HP!

18d 8h 22m Switched back into Helix.

18d 8h 21m Switched Helix out for the Oracle.

18d 8h 21m Girafarig down. Here comes Uxie.

18d 8h 20m Gardevoir down. In comes Girafarig.

18d 8h 19m Xatu down. Gardevoir in.

18d 8h 19m Spoke too soon, switched out for Helix.

18d 8h 18m Truly like staring into a mirror.

18d 8h 16m The Oracle v Xatu.

18d 8h 15m Battling Koga.

18d 8h 14m Nidoqueen down. Will defeated.

18d 8h 13m Will sends out Nidoqueen.

18d 8h 13m Camerupt down.

18d 8h 13m The Oracle switched for Helix.

18d 8h 10m Camerupt arrives with Drizzle.

18d 8h 10m Donphan down.

18d 8h 8m Sent in the Oracle.

18d 8h 8m Vibrava down.

18d 8h 7m Donphan arrives.

18d 8h 7m Steelix 3 down.

18d 8h 5m Steelix 3 survives at 1 HP despite a Magnitude 10 from Vibrava.

18d 8h 5m Steelix 2 down. In comes Steelix 3.

18d 8h 4m Will sends out Steelix 2.

18d 8h 3m Vibrava sent out. Steelix 1 down. Armour hits 87.

18d 8h 3m Keep in mind we're fighting Will's first Steelix.

18d 8h 2m Treesus is down.

18d 8h 2m Armour switched for Treesus.

18d 8h 2m Vibrava switched for Armour.

18d 8h 1m Armour switched for Vibrava.

18d 8h 1m Treesus switched for Armour.

18d 7h 59m Treesus is sent in to deal with Steelix. Steelix hit red and was healed.

18d 7h 59m Skull down! But he burns Steelix with his Flame Body!

18d 7h 58m Skull vs Steelix.

18d 7h 58m Will challenged!

18d 7h 56m Entered the E4.

18d 7h 50m Camerupt down. 4chan defeated!

[Snark] I swear, Drizzle is the worst ability for Camerupt.

18d 7h 48m The Oracle switched out for Lord Skull.

18d 7h 48m Lord Armour switched for the Oracle against Camerupt.

18d 7h 48m Down goes DELELELELE WOOOOP.

18d 7h 47m So uh ... Kricketune has bee-commanding powers? Despite being a cricket?

18d 7h 47m Helix switched for Lord Armour.


18d 7h 46m Helix switched in against Kricketune.

18d 7h 46m Flareon down.

18d 7h 46m Skull is switched in against Flareon.

18d 7h 46m Magmar down.

18d 7h 45m Oh wow did Magmar just halve Vibrava's health with Spacial Rend?

18d 7h 45m Helix switched for Vibrava.

18d 7h 45m Magmortar down. Magmar sent in.

18d 7h 45m Skull switched out for Helix against Magmortar.

18d 7h 44m Torkoal down. Skull hits 62.

18d 7h 44m Rampardos v Torkoal.

18d 7h 43m Battling 4 once more!

[snark] we can but don't need to go beat misty again

18d 7h 38m It appears that we want to ... call Misty?

18d 7h 23m Just calling people.

18d 7h 15m Healed.

18d 7h 6m Inside the Pokemon League building.

18d 7h 4m Left the Victory Road.

18d 7h 3m Next to the Victory Road exit.

18d 6h 47m STREAM BACK UP.

18d 6h 46m STREAM DOWN.

18d 6h 32m STREAM BACK UP.

18d 6h 20m STREAM DOWN.

18d 6h 6m Vibrava is paralyzed.

[Snark] I will do the Pokerap if she evolves.

18d 5h 49m Vibrava hits Level 86. No evolution here.

18d 5h 36m [Radio] Was the radio playing Gen 3 music just then?

18d 5h 27m [Team Order] Rampardos (FNT), Vibrava, Xatu, Omastar, Bastiodon, Sudowoodo

18d 5h 11m Our slow trek through Victory Road continues.

18d 4h 47m Skull faints.

18d 4h 46m Current plan appears to get to the E4 and grind ol' Skull here.

18d 4h 39m Still pretty close to the entrance.

18d 4h 22m Currently in the Victory Road.

18d 4h 11m Ethan calls us asking if we've met Misty... Oh we did more than just meet her, Ethan. Kappa

18d 4h 6m Entered route 22

[Snark] Well Aoooo, maybe if you kept less stuff in your bag it wouldn't take like half an hour to look through it.

18d 3h 57m Spoke to soon, it seems like people are now giving up on teaching TMs.

18d 3h 55m We've been trying to teach TMs to our 'Mons for awhile now. A couple of people in the chat suggested ExtremeSpeed over Trump Card for Vibrava.

18d 3h 48m The TMs and HMs are quite interesting.

18d 3h 38m Skull levels up to 61!

18d 3h 32m Switched our party order again. Skull is back in front, followed by Helix, Vibrator, Oracle, Armor, and Treesus.

18d 3h 20m We take another photo, this time with our new Rampardos!

[Pun] With Rampardos in our possession, our foreward progress is looking great.

18d 3h 10m Now Vibrava is first, eager to evolve as well. If only...

18d 3h 9m Xatu, jealous of the attention Rampardos is getting, decides to be first in the party

[Snark] Great. I go to bed and already find out that Lord Skull evolves. That's just great!

[Meta] So, it looks like I have to keep that promise to sing for you all.


[Fluff] That cry is glorious to hear

[Info] Rampardos has flame body ability

18d 3h 6m Thank you kind Porygon for your sacrifice


18d 3h 5m Rampardos get!!!


[Info] That was urn 4

18d 3h 2m Took a nice picture after the defeat to boost our spirits

18d 3h 1m So close... but not enough

18d 3h 0m Strength OHKOS Vibrava and we BLACK OUT.

18d 3h 0m We sent her out!

18d 3h 0m Vibrava is our only hope

18d 3h 0m Slaking down to two thirds of his health. Bastiodon has fainted.

18d 2h 59m Bastiodon is down in the red. Comon we're so close

[No] Noooooooooooo


18d 2h 58m Almost there!!!

18d 2h 58m Bastiodon uses surf. SLAKING IS IN THE yellow

18d 2h 58m SLAKING DOWN TO half health

18d 2h 57m Return... ah the signature move of Slaking

18d 2h 57m Surf does some damage to Slaking

18d 2h 56m A has fainted to the fly. Bastiodon is sent out.

18d 2h 56m LEVEL 84 SLAKING JUST used Fly...

18d 2h 55m Metal claw reduces A to 23%, but not before SANDSPLASH FALLS TEH URN PLEASE


18d 2h 54m Alice sends in her level 80 Sandsplash

18d 2h 54m Strength takes out Hyperbug, and A grows to level 90 WOOT

18d 2h 53m Sudowoodo is here! Hyperbug uses fly. But not before we fiddle with our party!

18d 2h 52m Mist Ball takes out half of Beam bug's hp. Xatu down to 5 HP, misses, and falls to a Fly

18d 2h 51m Mist Ball takes out Blastoise! Masquerain is sent out!

18d 2h 51m Blastoise is in the yellow and Xatu is in the red after a surf

18d 2h 50m Mist ball takes out a fourth of Blastoise's health. Xatu down to half hp

18d 2h 50m Red uses a full restore on Blastoise... oh mysterious Red where do you come from?

18d 2h 49m Fly takes out a good chunk of Blastoise's health. Xatu is hit moderately with Surf as well

18d 2h 49m We send out Xatu who uses Fly

18d 2h 49m **Omastar faints to Surf

18d 2h 48m Mew taken out. Shellock is here!

18d 2h 47m It's surf vs. surf as omastar takes half of Mew's damage. It is hailing as well. Omastar down to 94 hp

18d 2h 47m ALICE ENGAGED Mew is first


18d 2h 44m Third wall done! Inside again

18d 2h 41m Second wall down! One to go!

18d 2h 37m First wall has been scaled!

18d 2h 35m Todd calls us. He and his Drifloon didn't defeat Venonat. We sympathize

18d 2h 35m Back in the snow. The next star is directly north. We'll have to use rock climb to get to it I believe

18d 2h 31m Making swift progress

18d 2h 30m Onto the snow! The location of the next star is right and down

[Snark] Our weather tonight is relatively fair in Mt. Silver, a few Sharpedonados but not too many

18d 2h 18m We encounter a Vibrava. "Pokemonlunar: we should catch one of those for our team, flygon is really good Kappa"

18d 2h 16m Into the next section. Time for some fun with direction changes!

18d 2h 14m Invisible Omastar seems to be happy to have found something. But he is scared of something as well

18d 2h 12m Never mind. Just happened. Cranidos first, but Omastar leads

18d 2h 12m Guess the chat has determined it is bad. Most of the hivemind is trying to make Cranidos first, but seeing as he is dead

18d 2h 9m Bastiodon now leads the party. Is that good or bad?

18d 2h 7m Back inside the mountain. Our next destination is directly north

18d 2h 4m Back to reality. Took off Harry's invisibility cloak

18d 2h 0m We have disappeared again. Aoooo Koga confirmed

18d 1h 57m Our Lord Helix now leads the party

18d 1h 55m Sent out Vibrava for revenge for Cranidos. But we ran away.

18d 1h 54m Encountered a wild Slowbro. Cranidos poison kicks in, as it faints. Cranidos down!

18d 1h 52m Outside of a section of Mt.Silver, as we climb higher to reach Alice.

18d 1h 42m Cranidos is now in the red, at 12% hp with Poison, losing some on the way.

18d 1h 42m Encountered a wild Banette. Cranidos is Poisoned!

18d 1h 40m Encountered a wild Castform. Cranidos gets attacked by Endeavor, and is now in the yellow at 25% hp.

18d 1h 36m Entered Mt.Silver Cave.

[Info] After checking 3 times, Bulbasaur's cry STILL hasn't changed.

18d 1h 33m Encountered a wild Seadra. Cranidos attacks! Cranidos Levels up to 59. Does NOT evolve.

18d 1h 31m Obtained a Petaya Berry!

18d 1h 28m Subtly grinding Lord Skull

18d 1h 26m We're attempting to grab an item in this area, but we keep over shooting, and jumping over ledges. LEDGES!

18d 1h 14m Back at Mt. Silver's base

18d 1h 13m Another Surf from Shellock takes out Lord Armor! Aoooo blacks out!

18d 1h 13m Lord Armor surfs back, Shellock is brought down to red.

18d 1h 12m Shellock surfs, Lord Armor is knocked down to 97HP.

18d 1h 12m Only Lord Armor left.

18d 1h 12m Shellock surfs, Treesus gets OHKOed!

18d 1h 11m Sent in Treesus!


Regret: NOT teh URN.

18d 1h 10m Shellock gets off a crit Surf on Vibrava. Vibrava down!

18d 1h 10m Vibrava hits Shellock with a hammer arm. Blastoise is down to about 25%.

18d 1h 10m Vibrava takes a Surf and is brought down to less than half.

18d 1h 10m We switch in Vibrava.

18d 1h 9m Helix surfs but it only does about 30% to Shellock. Shellock uses Octozooka and knocks out Helix.

18d 1h 9m Alice uses a full restore on Shellock!

18d 1h 9m Helix retaliates and brings Shellock down to orange.

18d 1h 8m Another Surf from Shellock brings Helix down to 25%.

18d 1h 8m Helix water spouts but it only does about 30% to Shellock.

18d 1h 8m Shellock surfs and takes about 40% of Helix's health.

18d 1h 8m Shellock in coming!

18d 1h 7m Sent in Lord Helix. Water Spout knocks out Tuna!

18d 1h 7m A leech life from Tuna takes out Oracle.

18d 1h 7m Oracle switches to Mist Ball and brings Tuna down to about 30%.

18d 1h 6m Since Oracle is faster, we miss while Tuna lands the fly.

18d 1h 6m Both Oracle and Tuna take to the sky.

18d 1h 6m In comes Tuna.

Xatu Level 100 HYPE!


18d 1h 6m Oracle lands ANOTHER fly! Marc down! Oracle hits lv. 100!

18d 1h 5m We land the fly! Marc down to less than half.

18d 1h 5m Oracle flies. Both 'Mon take hail damage.

18d 1h 5m Oracle versus Marc!

18d 1h 4m Versus Alice Round 3!

18d 1h 4m Made it to the summit

18d 1h 3m We ended up getting into a wild battle with a Swampert... Oracle is now down to 66%.

18d 1h 0m Finally took the right path! Now for the final leg up to the summit!

[Info] Xatu is VERY CLOSE to Lvl.100, but we keep running from wild pokemon encounters.

18d 0h 59m Spoke too soon, Oracle just took a crit Aeroblast from a Doduo. Although it only took 10HP from her.

[Status] Everyone on our team is still at 100% except Lord Skull who has fainted.

18d 0h 51m Currently stuck at Step 9, AKA the part with all the rocky wall paths we can take. We keep overshooting. Source

18d 0h 49m aoooo saved the game, as we're still climbing to the top.

18d 0h 36m Made it to the snowy part of Mt. Silver! More than half way there!

18d 0h 29m Xatu is STILL very close to level 100 But it's still at Lvl.99 at this point. Will we grind him to Level 100 before we meet Alice again?

[Info] Bulbasaur's cry has NOT changed.

18d 0h 22m Lord Skull faints to a wild Spinda

18d 0h 17m We're making good progress. We're on step 3 currently, or the 2nd level of the cave. Source

[Chat] "S_sonick: How does Bastiondon climb? Bash its face up the mountain?" You know, now that you mention it I've never really thought about it...

[Info] Here's the map for Mt. Silver

18d 0h 2m Reached Mt. Silver Cave

[Fluff] Interestingly enough, we didn't go to the nurse to heal this time around. Instead, we went inside the Union Room on the 2nd floor of the Pokemon Center which healed our team back to full.

17d 23h 58m Current party order: Cranidos, Xatu, Vibrava, Sudowoodo, Bastiodon, Omastar

[Fluff] Dat HEAL!

17d 23h 58m Healed our team

17d 23h 50m Checkpoint at the Pokemon Center on Mt. Silver

17d 23h 48m Misty calls us. Looks like beating her 4 times wasn't enough. Kappa.

17d 23h 39m Reached Mt. Silver, but we didn't check point.

17d 23h 36m Called Sabrina-senpai. The OTP is real.

[Snark] Even with 2 Lvl.100 Pokemon on our team by the time we get there, I doubt we'll beat Alice in less than 10 runs.

[Fluff] Watch out Alice, we're coming back for you now stronger than ever! Get hyped for Alice round 3!

17d 23h 21m Oracle has no more PP for Fly or Mist Ball.


[Status] Oracle leads the team at 78%, Helix is at 97%, everyone else is at full except for Lord Skull who has fainted.

17d 23h 15m Entered Route 28

17d 23h 14m Exited Victory Road.

17d 23h 12m Current Plan seems to be heading back to Mt.Silver.

17d 23h 0m Spoiler: Got a call, but did not bother picking up the phone.

[Spoiler] Xatu is almost up to Lvl.100! Two Lvl.100 Pokemon HYPE!

17d 22h 43m [Chat] Spoiler. We're still grinding our Pokemon around Victory Road!

17d 22h 26m Lord Skull is down!

[Snark] You ever get the feeling that the characters we control know something about the walls that we don't? They sure seem fascinated by walls.



[snark] inb4 cranidos never evolves

17d 22h 11m Treesus is out front now.

17d 22h 8m Lord Skull is promoted to level 58. No evolution.

17d 22h 6m It's raining indoors. I gotta lay off of the 'nip.

17d 22h 2m Caught Ariados lvl 32 Male. Nick: 6L2Z6I3Z22


17d 21h 56m Entered Victory Road

17d 21h 53m Heading down South.

17d 21h 48m Correction, Karen slightly inconvenienced. Aooo blacks out!

17d 21h 48m Karen challenged.


17d 21h 45m Just switching around fainted 'mons, don't mind us.

17d 21h 40m Gliscor down. Bruno ded.

17d 21h 40m Clutch Vibrava hangs on with 4 health.

17d 21h 39m Vibrava is depleting Trump Card's PP.

17d 21h 37m Helix is down RIOT

17d 21h 36m Gliscor flatters Helix. YOU DON'T FLATTER A GOD.

17d 21h 36m Crobat falls to Helix.

17d 21h 35m Lord Armor is quickly subdued.

17d 21h 35m Vibrava comes in, takes some damage, and is swapped out for Lord Armor.

17d 21h 34m Xatu falls to Crobat

17d 21h 33m Knocked out Fearow, Glisgor comes back in and out.

[Snark] This is worse than a friggen cat looking for the door into summer.

17d 21h 32m Glisgor is back in, and back out!

17d 21h 32m False hyperbug is down!

[Snark] "Regret, WRONG BALL," says the Bruno.

17d 21h 31m Bruno...withdrew Glisgor for Masquerain

17d 21h 31m Down goes Scyther!

17d 21h 30m Xatu is seriously hurt, but KOs Altaria.

17d 21h 30m Xatu is down to 91 health. Altaria is in the yellow.

17d 21h 29m Bruno challenged

17d 21h 27m Gardevoir rekt. Koga goes back into hiding.

[Snark] Are you wishing for Koga to hide again, Gardevoir?

17d 21h 26m Koga is down to his last mon

17d 21h 26m Lunatone down. Xatu is promoted to level 99!

17d 21h 25m Lunatone is on the ropes

17d 21h 24m ..and we're back! Currently fighting Koga, Uxie is down.

17d 20h 50m Helix down! Blacked out!

17d 20h 49m It wasn't enough! Helix down! Dome next!

17d 20h 48m Karen used a Full Restore on Helix!

17d 20h 48m Helix won! Helix down! Another Helix comes out!

17d 20h 47m One hit! Helix vs Helix!

17d 20h 47m Vs Relicanth!

17d 20h 47m Armaldo down!

17d 20h 46m Battle! Lord Helix vs Armaldo!

[Snark] Our lv. 100 Helix definitely needs more grinding.

17d 20h 46m Versus Karen

17d 20h 39m Helix comes in and finally takes out Gliscor. Bruno defeated.

[Fluff] Yeah guys, keep grinding. If a Lv. 62 Gliscor can wipe out half our team that's a problem LOL.

17d 20h 35m Vibrator comes in and gets taken down by Gliscor.

17d 20h 33m Gliscor also takes out Lord Armor!

17d 20h 33m Gliscor takes out Oracle.

17d 20h 31m Crobat down, Gliscor comes in again.

17d 20h 30m Fearow came in and got taken out by Oracle. Koga sends in Gliscor but immediately switches to Crobat.

17d 20h 25m Scyther down

17d 20h 25m Scyther comes in

17d 20h 25m Masquerain down.

17d 20h 25m Koga switches to Masquerain

17d 20h 25m Switched in Oracle.

17d 20h 24m Altaria down! In comes Gliscor.

17d 20h 21m Switched in Helix.

17d 20h 21m Threw another ball at Altaria. The desire is real.

17d 20h 20m Just tried to throw a net ball at Koga's Altaria. We just want Altareon back, Koga :(

17d 20h 19m Bastiodon leads the team with only 44HP left. Treesus is at 73%, Vibrava is at 85%, and Oracle is at full. Treesus and Lord Skull have fainted.

17d 20h 15m Bastiodon lv 86!

17d 20h 12m Team Update:

Sudowoodo Lvl 79

Cranidos Lvl 57

Bastiodon Lvl 85

Omastar Lvl 100 HYPE

Vibrava Lvl 85

Xatu Lvl 98

[Meta] Live updates will resume momentarily. We apologize for the interruption and thank you for your patience.

17d 19h 2m Xatu down! Black out!

17d 19h 1m But first we must consult the Helix, even though it's fainted.

17d 19h 1m Vibrava fainted! It's all up to you, Xatu!

17d 19h 0m Sent out Vibrava!

17d 18h 59m Helix fainted!

17d 18h 59m Electabuzz down!

17d 18h 58m Raikou down to Surf!

17d 18h 58m Lance uses a Full Restore on Raikou!

17d 18h 57m Lance challenged! HYPE

17d 18h 56m Entered Lance's room!

[Info] Injury report: Sudowoodo FNT, Cranidos FNT, Bastiodon FNT, Omastar 72%, Vibrava 43%, Xatu 52%

17d 18h 54m Probopass down! Karen defeated! TEH URN?

17d 18h 53m Magnitude 7! Relicanth down!

17d 18h 53m Dome down! Relicanth out!

17d 18h 51m Dark Helix #2 down! Dome time!

17d 18h 51m Vibrava out. Dark Helix #1 down! Dark Helix #2 out!

17d 18h 50m Bastiodon fainted!

17d 18h 50m Dark Helix #1 is confused!

17d 18h 48m Karen's first Pokemon (forgot its name) goes down to Magnet Bomb.

17d 18h 47m Karen challenged!

17d 18h 42m Omastar switched with Sudowoodo. Doesn't affect this run though, unless we have (and use) a Revive.

[Fluff] ヽ༼︶ل͜︶༽ノ Sleeping riot...zzzzzzz ヽ༼︶ل͜︶༽ノ

17d 18h 41m Entered Karen's room.

[Info] Injury report: Cranidos FNT, Sudowoodo FNT, Omastar 72%, Xatu 52%

17d 18h 41m Gliscor down to Mist Ball! Bruno defeated!

17d 18h 40m Gliscor flatters Xatu. Isn't Gliscor the enemy though? Thinking about this, Xatu becomes confused.

17d 18h 40m Full Restore used on Gliscor.

17d 18h 39m Crobat down! Gliscor back out, for real this time!

[Snark] Go ahead Bruno; we'll wait. We know you need to level up Gliscor.

17d 18h 38m ...And withdrew Gliscor yet again. Crobat out!

17d 18h 38m Nope; he switched it out for Fearow, who immediately goes down to Fly. Gliscor back out!

17d 18h 38m Gliscor is out.

17d 18h 37m Xatu is now level 98! HYPE

17d 18h 37m Masquerain uses Fly, but we do immediately after! Sometimes it's better to attack last...Masquerain down!

17d 18h 36m Bruno uses Full Restore on Masquerain!

17d 18h 36m Bruno sent out Masquerain. Didn't catch what happened to his Gliscor.

17d 18h 35m Scyther down to Fly!

17d 18h 34m Altaria goes down to Mist Ball!

17d 18h 34m We sent out Xatu.

17d 18h 34m Sudowoodo faints to Altaria's Fly!

17d 18h 32m Bruno challenged!

17d 18h 31m Entered Bruno's room.

[Info] Injury report: Cranidos FNT, Sudowoodo 13%, Omastar 72%, Xatu 82%

17d 18h 26m Lunatone down to Surf! Koga defeated!

17d 18h 26m Now Lord Helix is out.

17d 18h 24m Second Girafarig down to Fly!

17d 18h 23m Uxie down to Fly!

[Chat] Preheat the broiler. Grease a baking sheet. Toss the chicken with the fajita seasoning.....what next, /u/Archeopsiscool?

17d 18h 22m Girafarig down to Fly!

17d 18h 21m Xatu tries to attack, but she has amnesia.

17d 18h 20m Switched out A for our normal-colored Xatu...

17d 18h 20m A is now level 79!

17d 18h 19m Gardevoir goes down in the same way!

[Snark] Koga has a shiny Xatu?!? Ours is normal-colored! That's not fair!

17d 18h 19m Xatu down to Sudowoodo's Rock Wrecker! OHKO!

17d 18h 18m Koga challenged!

[Chat] Marsadeptenten: Is not finding Koga some kind of gag here? (He is a ninja...)

17d 18h 13m Entered Koga's room!

[Info] Injury report: Cranidos FNT, Sudowoodo 67%, Omastar 92%

17d 18h 12m Camerupt down! Will defeated!

17d 18h 12m Nidoqueen down!

17d 18h 11m And so does his third Steelix!

17d 18h 11m Steelix goes down to Muddy Water!

17d 18h 10m Switched out Sudowoodo for Helix!

17d 18h 9m Donphan goes down in a similar manner.

17d 18h 8m Steelix goes down to two Surfs!

17d 18h 7m Will challenged!

17d 18h 6m Entered Will's room.

17d 18h 5m: Building entered. Aoooo tries to walk through walls.

17d 18h 4m: Out of Victory Road and walking towards E4 once more.

17d 18h 2m: Cranidos finally faints to a wild Golduck.

17d 18h 1m: Currently by the entrance/exit of Victory Road (the one that leads to Indigo Plateau).

17d 18h 0m: A wild Ariados leaves Cranidos with 14 hp. 2 PPs for double hit.

17d 17h 59m: 4 PPs left for Double hit and 14 for magnitude. Cranidos Roars as he beats another Camerupt.

17d 17h 57m: Cranidos has 28 hp but is still standing. Magnitude used vs a wild Octillery, who is OHKO. BOOMSHAKALAKA.

[Meta] The B spam started long before we even got into a battle. Also there are many people spamming B+direction to move, which also affects the chances of evolving Cranidos. #justsaying

17d 17h 55m [Chat] It wouldn't be bad to grind with Cranidos up to a higher lvl...

17d 17h 55m: Cranidos is now level 57. No, he doesn't evolve. What, you exected different?

17d 17h 53m: Looks like we are walking once more towards the exit of Victory Road and towards the E4 building.

17d 17h 50m: Still walking around Victory Road. Cranidos has 25 hp left.

17d 17h 48m: Currently in Victory Road. Aoooo still hasn't decided where to go.

[Meta] Seems like the chat isn't in the same page as to what to do next. Some want to progress to the other side of Victory Road to go for Alice, while others want to keep grinding at the E4.

17d 17h 40m: We encounter some wild Pokemon and Cranidos just bullies his way out of most encounters through magnitude.

17d 17h 37m: Cranidos levels up to 56. He also doesn't evolve. I am shocked

17d 17h 35m: We keep advancing through Victory Road, checking our menu consistently to see if our Pokemon are still there.

17d 17h 33m: Magnitude takes care of that Banette. Come along Cranidos, we have much to do!

17d 17h 33m: We entered Victory Road! A Banette greets us. Hello!

17d 17h 31m: We are now walking towards the E4 building. Cranidos is enjoying the fresh air.

[Snark] "There's a large, formidable tree that looks like it can be headbutted!" I shall break my Pokemon's skull against it!

17d 17h 23m: We turn on the radio, then switch text speed to slow.

17d 17h 22m: Entrance keeps eluding us. Cranidos could you just... make another one?

17d 17h 20m Chad calls us. He tells us about Blue, being Prof. Oaks Grandson. Thanks.

17d 17h 20m: We exit the E4 building and walk towards Victory Road. For crying out loud Cranidos, don't faint until we come out of the other side!

17d 17h 19m: Helix vs Electabuzz. Night slash and Omastar faints. Aoooo blacked out.

17d 17h 18m: Mud bomb leaves Omastar with 13 hp. Surf hits and OHKOs Raikou.

17d 17h 18m: Raikou uses fake out and Omastar flinches. 99hp left.

17d 17h 17m: Lance challenged! Omastar out vs Raikou.

[Snark] "Turned on the power for the GB Sounds!" "Turned off the power for the GB Sounds!" "Turned on the power for the GB Sounds!" "Turned off the power for the GB Sounds!" "Turned on the power for the GB Sounds!" "Turned off the power for the GB Sounds!"

17d 17h 16m: Aoooo tries to sign her autograph. She draws 4 lines. Good enough!

17d 17h 15m: We enter Lance's room. We change the music a lot during our walk towards him.

17d 17h 13m: We also try to call Arnie, but to no avail. Where are we, in an Island?!

17d 17h 13m: We try to call Alan but apparently that number is out of the area. Come to us Alan!

17d 17h 12m: Helix took no hits in the battle vs Karen, so he still has 38% hp (105 hp I believe)

[Snark] Karen: "I like your style, you understand what is important" Kappa?

17d 17h 9m: Surfs up! Probopass notices this and OHKOs. Karen defeated.

17d 17h 9m: Surf used and Relicanth faints. Out comes Probopass.

17d 17h 9m: Relicanth comes out now. Water spout used and Relicanth tanks it with red hp.

17d 17h 8m: Muddy water takes care of that other infidel. Kabutops then comes out and takes a surf right in the face. Another false god down!

17d 17h 7m: A second Omastar comes out vs Helix.

17d 17h 7m: Helix uses muddy water and Omastar faints. Who is the true helix now?!?!

17d 17h 7m: Magnet bomb hits Omastar, who responds with crabhammer which this time hits. Bastiodon down. Helix out.

17d 17h 6m: Surf hits Omastar. Bastiodon has 32 hp left.

17d 17h 5m: Enem Omastar comes out and tanks a magnet bomb, responding with water pulse. Bastiodon then uses surf and Omastar misses crabhamer. Another Magnet bomb and another miss by Omastar. Karen uses full restore on Omastar.

17d 17h 4m: Magnet bomb hits and Armaldo tanks it with very low hp. Armaldo responds with howl. Another magnet bomb and Armaldo faints.

17d 17h 3m: Time to challenge Karen. Bastiodon vs Armaldo.

[Information] Our party currently consists of Bastiodon with 43% hp and Omastar with 38% hp.

17d 17h 1m: Fearow hurts itself and Fearow faints, Bruno defeated.

17d 17h 0m: Wing attack hits Bastiodon, who uses rock climb once more and Fearow gets confused once more.

17d 17h 0m: Bruno uses full restore on Fearow and Bastiodon uses another rock climb.

17d 16h 59m: Fearow uses tailwind and Bastiodon uses another rock climb. Fearow is confused and has almost no hp.

17d 16h 58m: Fearow comes out vs Bastiodon, who uses rock climb vs super fang.

17d 16h 58m: Bastiodon is now level 84.

17d 16h 58m: Bastiodon comes out vs Scyther. Magnet bomb hits and finishes Scyther.

17d 16h 57m: Mist ball used once more but Scyther resists and responds with wing attack. Xatu down.

17d 16h 56m: Mist ball used and Crobat finally faints. Out comes Scyther. Xrr has 5 hp left.

17d 16h 56m: Poison jab crit hits Xrr and poisons her. She has 39 hp left.

17d 16h 55m: Aoooo switches Xatu out for Helix. Crobat uses hidden power and Xatu resists with 179 hp left. Whirlpool used on Crobat.

17d 16h 55m: We struggle to do anything vs Crobat. We try to switch Sudowoodo out but he gives us the finger.

17d 16h 53m: Out comes Crobat. Aoooo tries to switch Helix for Helix.

17d 16h 52m: Gliscor uses dig again and muddy water misses. Dig hits and leaves Omastar with 105, then water spout takes care of Gliscor. OHKO.

17d 16h 52m: Aoooo decides not to in the end. Omastar tanks dig with 167 hp left, then uses muddy water but Gliscor avoids the attack.

17d 16h 51m: Gliscor uses dig once more and Omastar misses. We then look to tag out Omastar.

17d 16h 49m: Lord Helix steps in the battle. We then look to switch him out for Vibrava. Nice thinking Aoooo! Oh wait...

17d 16h 49m: Dig hits and Sudowoodo down.

17d 16h 49m: Gliscor uses dig once more while Sudowoodo recharges.

17d 16h 48m: Sudowoodo has 32 hp left after the last fly, then uses rock wrecker to finish Masquerain. Out comes Gliscor.

17d 16h 48m: Masquerain uses fly once more.

17d 16h 47m: We shift Sudowoodo in, who tanks another fly. Sudowoodo has 47 hp left.

17d 16h 47m: Bruno uses full restore on Masquerain. Xrr then uses mist ball and Masquerain resists it only to fly after.

17d 16h 46m: Masquerain hits with fly and Sudowoodo responds with strength. Masquerain resists it with almost no HP. We switch Xatu in.

17d 16h 46m: We send Sudowoodo out vs Masquerain. Masquerain flies once more.

17d 16h 45m: Fly leaves Vibrava with 51, and then Vibrava uses trump card again. Masquerain hits with fly once more and Vibrava faints.

17d 16h 44m: Bruno switches Masquerain in and We switch Vibrava in. We then attempt to catch Masquerain with a Netball. Masquerain responds by flying

17d 16h 43m: We switch Xatu in just in time, as Gliscor uses dig.

17d 16h 42m: Muddy water hits critically and Altaria faints. Out comes Gliscor.

17d 16h 41m: Altaria uses fly and Sudowoodo misses rock wrecker. We switch Helix in for Sudowoodo, who tanks the fly. 235 hp left

17d 16h 41m: Bruno challenged. Sudowoodo is out vs Altaria.

17d 16h 39m: Aoooo chats a bit with Koga before advancing to challenge Bruno. He's not so good at hiding now, is he?!

17d 16h 38m: Luster purge now on Bastiodon, who now has 196 hp left. Bastiodon then uses surf and Lunatone faints. Koga defeated!

17d 16h 37m: Xatu is switched with Bastiodon. Lunatone uses dragon dance once again.

17d 16h 37m: Koga sighs loudly after Lunatone tanks that fly with yellow hp. We attempt to switch Xatu out for some other Pokemon.

17d 16h 36m: Xatu gives fly another try and Lunatone uses dragon dance once more. Fly hits this time but Lunatone resists it. More dragon dance.

17d 16h 36m: Xatu misses with fly and Lunatone uses dragon dance.

17d 16h 35m: Lunatone is out and Koga warns us that he has us where he wanted. We'll see. Lunatone uses luster purge and Xatu uses fly. 185 left for Xatu.

17d 16h 34m: Psycho boost misses and fly takes care of Girafarig.

17d 16h 34m: Another Girafarig is out, and uses psycho boost. Xatu has 212 hp left. Xatu once again uses fly.

17d 16h 33m: Fly used and Uxie responds with trick room once more. Then luster purge (but misses) and then Uxie faints to a critical Fly.

17d 16h 33m: Vibrava is switched out for Xatu. Uxie uses psycho boost again, which does way worst than it did vs Vibrava. 252 hp left for Xrr..

17d 16h 31m: Vibrava takes a psycho boost that leaves her with 106 hp and then responds with bone club. Uxie doesn't take much damage.

17d 16h 31m: Koga uses full restore on Uxie while Xrr is subbed out for Vibrava.

17d 16h 30m: Almighty Uxie is next. Xatu uses fly vs Uxie's trick room and psycho boost. Uxie tanks it with red hp.

17d 16h 29m: Girafarig comes out and Xatu uses fly once more. Girafarig faints OHKO.

17d 16h 29m: Gardevoir heals and then faints to fly.

17d 16h 29m: Gardevoir uses wish again. Xatu responds using fly.

17d 16h 28m: Xrr comes out vs Gardevoir, who uses wish again. Xrr uses mist ball. Gardevoir is not impressed.

17d 16h 28m: Gardevoir comes out and uses wish. A must recharge.

17d 16h 27m: Xatu uses meditate and A responds with strength. Xatu tanks it with low HP. Mega kick then hits A and leaves him with 77 hp. Rock wrecker finishes Xatu.

17d 16h 26m: Aoooo finds and challenges Koga. Sudowoodo is out vs Xatu.

17d 16h 26m: We have entered Koga's room. Aoooo struggles yet again to find that Ninja.

[Meta] Chat is celebrating Lord Helix's final form and Aoooo switches her party around a bit. Now its Cranidos Sudowoodo Vibrava Bastiodon Omastar Xatu.

[Information] At some point before challenging Will we changed our party order, now Sudowoodo is 2nd while Omastar is 3rd.

17d 16h 20m: Water Spout and Camerupt faints too. Will defeated

17d 16h 19m: Aoooo decides to let lord Helix have this one. Water pulse takes care of Nidoqueen and out comes Camerupt.

[Chat] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Congratulations, Lord Helix!

17d 16h 18m: Nidoqueen comes out and we look to switch Lord Helix out.

17d 16h 17m: Steelix #3 is out and also OHKOs to water pulse. Helix is now level 100 HURRAY! \o/

[Hype] Lord Helix Level 100 HYPE!

17d 16h 17m: Steelix #2 faints OHKO to another Water pulse.

17d 16h 17m: Donphan is out but OHKOs to water pulse. Omastar is close to level 100.

17d 16h 16m: Aoooo sends Omastar out for Sudowoodo. Meteor mash hits but doesn't do much damage. Water pulse then finishes Steelix.

17d 16h 15m: Will challenged. A vs Steelix #1. Meteor smash vs surf. Sudowoodo has 144 hp

17d 16h 12m: Aoooo finally gets in. Time for another E4 run!

[Snark] "You cannot exit once you enter." Not even if there's fire?! Harsh terms.

17d 16h 10m: Aoooo is standing in front of the guard of the E4. She kindly asks him to let her in.

17d 16h 4m: We are going back towards the E4 building. Healing? Challenging the E4? PC? Plays dramatic music

17d 16h 4m: Omastar enters a staring contest vs a wild Ponyta. Ponyta cannot stand the sight of mighty helix

17d 16h 3m: Omastar is now the one chasing Aoooo around.

17d 15h 59m: Poliwhirl uses octazooka and Cranidos faints. Poliwhirl survived with almost no hp, so Sudowoodo takes care of it.

17d 15h 59m: Poliwhirl shows his water abilities by burning Cranidos with flame body. Cranidos currently has 59 hp.

17d 15h 58m: She got out! And was immediately stopped by the rock in the other side... Oh hey wild Poliwhirl.

17d 15h 57m: Aoooo seems to be "stuck" between two rocks. That's what you get for not walking in straight lines kids.

17d 15h 56m: Victory road entered! Aoooo zigzags through it.

[Snark] Aoooo: "Come on Cranidos, if you find the entrance I'll let you evolve!"

17d 15h 54m: Aoooo saves the game while trying to enter Victory Road. The entrance eludes her so far.

17d 15h 52m: Aoooo exits the E4 building. Hm... fresh air :D

17d 15h 51m We get a call from Irwin. He is deeply impressed by our little escapades. Nice.

17d 15h 50m Probopass continues to use Ancient Power against us. Xatu down. We Blacked out!

17d 15h 49m Probopass used Ancient Power against us. As we use WhirlPool.

17d 15h 48m Karen's Omastar switched out for Probopass.

17d 15h 47m Anoter Mist Ball used. Still does not KO Karen's Omastar.

17d 15h 47m Xatu used Mist Ball, but does not KO false Helix. Karen uses Full Restore on Omastar.

17d 15h 46m We sent out Xatu.

17d 15h 45m Treesus used Rock Wrecker. Armaldo down! Treesus Levels up to Lvl.78. Karen sends out Omastar, who quickly finishes off Treesus. Sudowoodo down!

17d 15h 44m Karen sends out Armaldo. Sudowoodo sent out!

17d 15h 44m Karen Engaged!

[Fluff] I think aoooo is lost without a full team behind her back.

17d 15h 41m Checking our bags, looking at the Pokedex, walking around her room to prepare for our battle against Karen.

17d 15h 38m Entered Karen's room.

[Info] Xatu at 61% hp. Sudowoodo in thr yellow, at 34% hp. Everyone else is down.

17d 15h 36m Xatu still hurts itself in confusion due to Amnesia. It quickly snaps out of confusion, as we attack with Mist ball. Gliscor down! Bruno Defeated!

17d 15h 34m Xatu uses fly against Gliscor. But we attack ourselves in confusion.

17d 15h 33m Bruno sends back out Gliscor.

17d 15h 33m Gliscor switeched back out for Crobat. We use fly. Crobat down.

17d 15h 32m Xatu levels up to Lvl.97 Brunmo sends out Gliscor again.

17d 15h 32m Bruno switched out for his Fearow. We use fly. Fearow down!

17d 15h 31m Xatu uses fly on Scyther. Scyther down! Bruno sends out Gliscor.

17d 15h 31m Xatu uses fly on Scyther. Scyther down! Bruno sends out Gliscor.

17d 15h 30m Bruno switches out Gliscor for Masquerain. We attack. Masquerain down! Bruno sends out Scyther.

[Music] Looking for something to listen to as we close in on the end? Come on over to our radio station! Come on over and enjoy the fun!

17d 15h 30m We sent out Xatu.

17d 15h 29m Bastiodon uses surf. It super effective. But not enough for a KO. Gliscor digs down under, and attacks us. Bastiodon down!

17d 15h 29m We sent out Bastiodon.

17d 15h 26m Sudowoodo switched out for Lord Helix, who has fainted to Gliscors Dig. Lord Helix Down!

17d 15h 25m Gliscor uses dig on Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo in the yellow. Bruno uses a Full Restore on Gliscor.

17d 15h 25m Sudowoodo used Rock Wrecker. Altaria down! Bruno sends out Gliscor.

17d 15h 24m Helix switched out for Sudowoodo.

17d 15h 24m Bruno sends out Altaria. Go Lord Helix!

17d 15h 24m Bruno Engaged!

17d 15h 23m Entered Bruno's room.

17d 15h 23m Helix surfs again. Lunatone down! Koga Defeated!

17d 15h 22m Helix attacks. Girafarig down. Koga sends out Lunatone.

17d 15h 22m Girafarig attacks. Helix in the red.

17d 15h 21m Lord Helix surfs. Uxie Down! Koga sends out another Girafarig.

17d 15h 21m Uxie used Mist Ball. Vibrava Down! Lord Helix out!

17d 15h 20m Vibrava gets attacked. Vibrava in the red.

17d 15h 20m We switched out for Vibrava.

17d 15h 20m Helix continues to surf. Girafarig down! Koga sent out Uxie.

17d 15h 19m Helix used Surf. Gardevoir down! Koga sent out Girafarig.

17d 15h 19m Helix uses Water Spout. Xatu Down. Koga sent out Gardevoir.

17d 15h 18m Koga sends out Xatu. Go Lord Helix.

17d 15h 17m Koga Engaged!

17d 15h 15m Entered Koga's room.

17d 15h 13m Vibrava used Magnitude 7. Nidoqueen down! Will Defeated!

17d 15h 12m Vibrava used Magnitude 8. Camerupt down! Will sent out Nidoqueen.

17d 15h 11m Vibrava uses Trump Card on Steelix #3. Steelix Down! Will sends out Camerupt.

17d 15h 10m Will uses Full Restore on his Steelix.

17d 15h 9m Lord Helix out for Vibrava again. Seriously?

17d 15h 8m Vibrava switched back out for Lord Helix.

17d 15h 7m Helix switched out for Vibrava. WAT?


17d 15h 6m Helix surfs again. Steelix #2 down. Will sends out Steelix #3.

17d 15h 6m Helix surfs. Donphan down! Will sends out Steelix #2.

17d 15h 5m Helix uses surf. Steelix down! Lord Helix up to Lvl.99 Will sends out Donphan.

17d 15h 4m Will sends out his Steelix. Go Lord Helix!

17d 15h 4m Will Engaged!

17d 15h 2m Entered Wills room.

17d 15h 1m We get a call from Doug. Doug tells us that he got beaten up pretty badly. Sorry Doug.

17d 15h 0m Still wondering around inside the Pokemon League building.

17d 14h 57m Entered the Pokemon League.

17d 14h 55m Exited Victory Road. Back outside the Indigo Plateau.

[Snark] Lord Helix Has SPOKEN!

17d 14h 51m "Lord Helix is concerned about the trap."

17d 14h 50m Attacked by another wild Golduck. Cranidos down! We sent out Xatu. We attacked the wild Golduck.

17d 14h 45m We're attacked by a wild Golduck. Cranidos is now in the yellow, at 48% hp.

17d 14h 41m We're encountering some wild Pokemon along the way back. We're also calling some of our friends on the phone, like Anthony who is waiting for us in Route 33. Baoba still wants us to catch a Geodude.

17d 14h 40m Back into Victory Road.

17d 14h 40m Entered Victory Road, and back outside.

17d 14h 38m Exited the Pokemon League. Outside the Indigo Plateau.

17d 14h 37m False Helix attacks us with Crabhammer! We Blacked out!

17d 14h 36m Magnitude 6. Omastar attacks, we're in the red.

17d 14h 36m Karen sends out Omastar.

17d 14h 35m Vibrava uses Magnitude. Kabutops down! Vibrava Level up to 84.

17d 14h 35m We sent out Vibrava. Karen sends out Kabutops.

17d 14h 34m Relicanth uses Head Smash. Xatu Down! But Relicanth is down too!

17d 14h 33m Xatu uses Mist Ball. Armaldo down! Karen sends out Relicanth.

17d 14h 33m Karen sends out Armaldo. Go Xatu.

17d 14h 33m Karen Engaged!

[Info] Xatu is at 54% hp. Vibrava at 100% HP. Everyone else is down.

17d 14h 31m Entered Karen's room.

17d 14h 30m Xatsu uses fly against Gliscor. Gliscor down! Bruno Defeated!

17d 14h 29m Crobat down. Bruno sends back out his Gliscor!

17d 14h 29m Gliscor switched out for Crobat. We use Fly.

17d 14h 28m Bruno Swicthed out to his Fearow. We attack. Fearow down. Gliscor back out!

17d 14h 27m Scyther down. Bruno Sends out his Gliscor.

17d 14h 27m Scyther trapped in Whirlpool, as Xatu uses Mist Ball.

17d 14h 26m Xatsu attacks with Mist Ball. Masquerain down! Bruno sends out Scyther.

17d 14h 25m Xatu flies up, as Bruno's Masquerain flies up as well. We missed.

17d 14h 25m Bruno switches out for Masquerain.

17d 14h 24m We sent out Xatu.

17d 14h 22m Gliscor continues to dig, and attack us. Sudowoodo down!

17d 14h 22m Gliscor atatcks with Dig. We attack with Surf. Both pokemon now in the red. That is until Bruno uses Full Restore on Gliscor.

17d 14h 20m Sudowoodo uses surf on Gliscor. Gliscor continues to attack with dig. Both moves are super effective against each other.

17d 14h 19m Gliscor attacks! Lord Helix Down! We sent out Sudowoodo.

17d 14h 18m Helix uses surf. Altaria down! Bruno sends out Gliscor, and digs down.

17d 14h 17m Helix uses surf, but it's not effective enough. Altaria continues to fly.

17d 14h 16m Bruno sends out Altaria. Go Helix!

17d 14h 16m Bruno Engaged!

17d 14h 16m Entered Bruno's room.

17d 14h 15m Helix uses Water Pulse. Lunatone down! Koga Defeated!

17d 14h 14m Helix attacks with Surf. Girafarig Down! Koga sends out Lunatone.

17d 14h 14m Girafarig attacks. Helix in the red.

17d 14h 13m Helix attacks. Uxie down! Koga sends another Girafarig.

17d 14h 13m Uxie attacks. Helix in the yellow.

17d 14h 13m Helix uses surf. Girafarig down! Koga sends out Uxie.

17d 14h 12m Helix sues surf. Gardevoir don! Koga sends out Girafarig.

17d 14h 11m Helix uses surf on Xatu. Xatu down! Koga sends out Gardevoir.

17d 14h 11m Koga sends out Xatu. Go Lord Helix.

17d 14h 10m Koga Engaged!

17d 14h 9m Entered Koga's room.

17d 14h 7m Lord Helix continues assult with Water Pulse. Camerupt down! Will defeated!

17d 14h 6m Helix uses Water Pulse again. Nidoqueen down!. Will sends out Camerupt.

17d 14h 6m Helix uses Water Pulse. Donphan down. Will sends out Nidoqueen.

17d 14h 5m Helix uses water Pulse on Steelix, Steelix down! Will sent out Donphan.

17d 14h 4m Xatu Switched out for Lord Helix. Go,Helix!

17d 14h 3m Bastiodon uses surf on Steelix. Steelix uses Bone Club, Bastiodon down. We sent out Xatu.

17d 14h 3m Bastiodon continues to use Surf. Steelix down. Will sends out another Steelix.

17d 14h 2m Will uses Full Restore on Steelix

17d 14h 2m Steelix uses Bone Club on us, Bastiodon in the yellow.

17d 14h 1m Bastiodon uses Surf. Steelix down. Will sends out another Steelix.

17d 14h 0m Cranidos uses waterfall, but does not KO. Steelix uses Bone Club. Cranidos Down. Bastiodon up.

17d 14h 0m Will sends out Steelix. Cranidos up.

17d 13h 59m Will Enganged!

17d 13h 59m Entered Wills room.

17d 13h 56m We get a call from Arnie. He tells us about his Meowth, an asks if we have a Dratini. I don't think so.

17d 13h 56m Still wondering around the Pokemon League. We talked to the old man's Abra.

17d 13h 52m Back inside the League.

17d 13h 51m Exiting, and Re-Entering Victory Road multiple times. Leaving Victory Road.

17d 13h 50m Entered Victory Road.

17d 13h 48m Back outside the Plateau.

17d 13h 46m Omastar attacks using Water Pulse. Bastiodon down. We Blacked Out

17d 13h 46m Omastar uses surf, it's super effective against Bastiodon.

17d 13h 45m Bastiodon gets attacked. He's in the yellow now.

17d 13h 43m Bastiodon uses Surf against Armaldo, but did not KO yet. Then used Magnnet Bomb. Armaldo down. Omaster up.

17d 13h 42m Sent out Bastiodon.

17d 13h 41m Xatu faints to Armaldo.

17d 13h 41m Karen Challenged! Karen sends out Armaldo.

17d 13h 40m Xatu used fly on Gliscor! Gliscor down. Bruno Defeated!

17d 13h 37m Crobat down! Gliscor again!

17d 13h 36m Xatu levels up to Lvl.96.

17d 13h 36m Gliscor back out! Nope, Crobat!

17d 13h 36m Nope, Bruno switched Gliscor for Fearow! Fearow down!

17d 13h 35m Masquerain down! Gliscor next!

17d 13h 35m Scyther KOd by Xatu's fly

17d 13h 34m Mist ball KOs Altaria, Xatu down to 37%

17d 13h 33m The Elite Soar? Ok, that's the last one I promise

17d 13h 33m Both Xatu and Altaria use Fly!

17d 13h 33m Bruno Engaged!

[Snark] Clearly Bruno has learnt a thing or two from Koga about how to hide in plain sight in the middle of a room... darn ninjas

Ok I'll stop now

[Snark] 8 minutes since we entered Bruno's room, still no challenge... The Elite Bore?

[Snark] Maybe we should call this whole God team defeating Bill the Elite Lore?

[Snark] Aooo seems desperate to leave this room without first battling... the door is locked however. The Elite Door?

17d 13h 20m Walked right up to Bruno... and then around him. No Aooo, you can't get out of the door without fighting

17d 13h 18m A Surf and a Magnet Bomb take out Lunatone - Koga Defeated!

17d 13h 18m Magnet Bomb leaves Lunatone with a sliver of health, Koga full restores

17d 13h 17m Bastiodon vs Lunatone

17d 13h 16m Sent out Treesus again, Luster Purge KOs Sudowoodo!

17d 13h 16m Whilst we blunder about in the menus, team update:

Cranidos FTD

Omastar FTD

Xatu 86%

Sudowoodo 28%

Bastiodon 89%

Vibrava FTD

17d 13h 12m Bastiodon back out for Sudowoodo

17d 13h 11m Bastiodon switched out for Sudowoodo, who tanks two Luster Purges

17d 13h 10m Three Magnet Bombs take out Girafarig! Bastiodon up to level 83!

17d 13h 10m Bastiodon vs Lunatone

17d 13h 9m Bastiodon losing only a few HP from Mist Ball, and takes out Uxie with Magnet Bomb! Girafarig out

17d 13h 8m Vibrava had left Uxie with just a couple of HP, and Xatu fails to make contact with a Whirlpool to take it out! Xatu out for Bastiodon

17d 13h 7m Xatu vs Uxie

17d 13h 7m Uxie's Mist Ball is Critical! Vibrava Fainted

17d 13h 4m Lord Helix Levels up to Lvl98 before getting knocked down by Uxie.

17d 13h 5m Psycho boost now doing very little due to Uxie's reduce Sp. Attack, and a couple of Magnitude 7's takes Uxie to yellow

17d 13h 4m Vibrava vs Uxie

17d 13h 4m Psycho Boost from Enemy Uxie is Critical! Helix Down! haxxxxx cries chat

17d 13h 3m Psycho Boost from an Enemy Girafarig takes Omastar down to 61%, so in revenge Helix drowns faints it with surf

17d 13h 2m Surf takes out Gardevoir!

17d 13h 2m A couple of water spouts finally take out Enemy Xatu

17d 13h 1m Water Pulse & Surf take Enemy Xatu down to Orange, before a full restore brings it back up to top

17d 13h 0m Omastar switched out for Vibrava, and then Vibrava out for Omastar again! Make your mind up guys...

17d 13h 0m Koga Engaged!

[Snark] Excuse me random man in the middle of the room, I'm just trying to find Koga

17d 12h 57m Changed our signature - now a completely blank square rectangle. Mwahahaha, that's 100% forge-proof!

17d 12h 53m [Snark] Entered Koga's room... Can't seem to find him though. Any ninja spotting experts, please PM me

17d 12h 51m Sure enough Omastar executes a perfect sweep on Will - Will defeated!

17d 12h 49m I feel updating for Omastar vs Will is somewhat superfluous, he's just OHKOing everything right now (Steelix #1-3 all down so far)

17d 12h 48m Omastar vs Steelix

17d 12h 47m Elite 4 entered, Will Challenged!

17d 12h 46m Out of Victory Road, looks like we're heading for another E4 urn

17d 12h 41m Cranidos fainted.

17d 12h 37m Back to grinding.

17d 12h 36m Out of Victory Road.

17d 12h 34m Cranidos leveled up to 55, didn't evolve.

17d 12h 24m It's Victory Road grinding time.

17d 12h 21m Black out.

17d 12h 20m Armor is at 7HP.

17d 12h 20m Armor vs Raikou.

17d 12h 19m Lance challenged.

17d 12h 18m Karen defeated.

17d 12h 17m Karen sent Probopass.

17d 12h 16m Kabutops killed by recoil.

17d 12h 16m Bastiodon is the only option.

17d 12h 15m Sudo fainted.

17d 12h 15m Clutch. Both 'mons in red zone.

17d 12h 14m Karen sent Kabutops.

17d 12h 14m Omastar #2 fainted.

17d 12h 14m Aoooo sent Sudo.

17d 12h 13m Vibrava fainted. Omastar is at 1HP.

17d 12h 12m Karen sent Omastar #2.

17d 12h 12m Omastar fainted.

17d 12h 12m Vibrava is at 8HP.

17d 12h 11m Omastar restored health with Morning Sun.

17d 12h 11m Karen sent Omastar.

17d 12h 11m Relicnath fainted.

17d 12h 10m Vibrava, we choose you!

17d 12h 10m Xatu fainted.

17d 12h 9m Karen sent Relicanth.

17d 12h 9m Armaldo fainted.

17d 12h 8m Karen used Full restore on Armaldo.

17d 12h 7m Karen challenged.

17d 12h 4m Gliscor is down. Bruno defeated. Oracle solo.

17d 12h 3m Gliscor confused Xatu.

[Off-topic] Nintendo's E3 event is streaming now on Twitch. There should be ORAS coverage.

17d 12h 2m Crobat is down.

17d 12h 1m Fearow is down.

17d 12h 0m Masquerain is down.

17d 11h 59m Skyther is down.

17d 11h 59m Bruno sent Skyther.

17d 11h 58m Altaria is down.

17d 11h 56m Bruno challenged.

17d 11h 55m Koga defeated.

17d 11h 55m Girafarig is down.

17d 11h 54m Koga used Full restore on Girafarig.

17d 11h 53m Aoooo sent in Vibrava.

17d 11h 53m Helix fainted.

17d 11h 52m Uxie is down.

17d 11h 51m Girafarig #1 is down.

17d 11h 50m Gardevoir is down.

17d 11h 49m Xatu is down.

17d 11h 48m Koga challenged.

17d 11h 44m Helix sweep. Omastar leveled up to 97.

17d 11h 40m Water Pulse lost all PP due to Grudge.

17d 11h 39m Will challenged.

17d 11h 35m Cranidos fainted.

17d 11h 25m Cranidos leveled up to 54.

17d 11h 22m Ariados male lv. 32 caught with net ball. No nickname.

17d 11h 22m It's time for another Victory Road grinding session.

17d 11h 18m Black out.

17d 11h 17m Gliscor keeps digging. Vibrava is at 1 HP.

17d 11h 16m Vibrava is the only option!

17d 11h 15m Gliscor used dig. Armor fainted.

17d 11h 15m Armor ups to Lv. 82.

17d 11h 14m Scyther is down. Rock Climb was grudged.

17d 11h 13m Aoooo sent Bastiodon.

17d 11h 11m Xatu fainted.

17d 11h 10m Oracle is down to 16HP.

17d 11h 9m Bruno sent Skyther. Xatu is at 25%.

17d 11h 8m Altaria is beaten. Xatu grew up to Lv. 95

17d 11h 7m Xatu vs Altaria. Altria outflied Xatu twice.

17d 11h 7m Bruno challeneged.

[status] Xatu 100%, Bastiodon 100%, Vibrava 49%.

17d 11h 5m Lunatone is down. Koga defeated.

17d 11h 5m Koga used Full restore.

17d 11h 5m Koga sent Lunatone. Lunatone is in red zone.

17d 11h 4m Girafarig is down.

17d 11h 3m Vibrava, go back!

17d 11h 2m Switched for Sudo. Sudo fainted.

17d 11h 1m Vibrava is chosen.

17d 11h 1m Helix fainted.

17d 11h 0m Aoooo desperately looking for HP restores in her bag.

17d 10h 59m Next foe's 'mon is Girafarig.

17d 10h 59m Helix is only at 29HP. Uxie is down.

17d 10h 58m Uxie too, but Koga used Full restore.

17d 10h 57m Helix is down to 19%.

17d 10h 57m Koga sent Uxie.

17d 10h 57m It is beaten.

17d 10h 56m Girafarig is sent in.

17d 10h 56m Gardevoir is down.

17d 10h 56m Koga sent Gardevoir.

17d 10h 55m Helix OHKOed Xatu.

17d 10h 55m Koga challeneged.

17d 10h 52m Autograph erased.

17d 10h 40m Helix sweep. Flawless Victory. Will defeated.

17d 10h 40m Nidoqueen too. Helix ups to Lv. 96.

17d 10h 39m 3 Steelixes and Donphan were OHKOed.

17d 10h 36m Will challenged.

17d 10h 34m Back to E4.

17d 10h 31m Cranidos fainted.

17d 10h 27m Victory Road grinding.

17d 10h 19m Suicide. Black out.

17d 10h 19m Xatu hurts itself down to 19 HP.

17d 10h 18m Gliscor is in the red zone. Bruno used Full restore again.

17d 10h 16m Gliscor confuses Xatu. Bruno used Full restore.

17d 10h 16m Crobat is down. Gliscor cannot be switched.

17d 10h 16m Bruno sent Gliscor -> Crobat.

17d 10h 15m Fearow is down. OHKO.

17d 10h 14m Bruno sent Gliscor->Fearow.

17d 10h 14m Scyther was OHKO'd.

17d 10h 14m HYperbug is outflied.

17d 10h 11m Gliscor switched for Masquerain.

17d 10h 11m Aoooo sent in Xatu.

17d 10h 10m Helix fainted.

17d 10h 9m Bruno sent Gliscor. Gliscor uses dig.

17d 10h 9m Helix is in red zone. Altaria is down.

17d 10h 8m Helix vs Altaria.

17d 10h 8m Bruno challenged.

17d 9h 58m Koga defeated.

17d 9h 57m Aoooo sent Helix.

17d 9h 56m Sudo fainted.

17d 9h 55m Sudo go!

17d 9h 55m Vibrava fainted.

17d 9h 55m Koga sent Lunatone.

17d 9h 54m Vibrava is down to 24HP., Girafarig is Bone clubbed to death.

17d 9h 53m Koga used Full restore.

17d 9h 52m Psycho boost took half of Vibrava's health.

17d 9h 52m Helix switched for Vibrava.

17d 9h 50m Girafarig #2 is sent in.

17d 9h 50m Uxie is down.

17d 9h 50m Psycho boost damaged Helix down to 40%.

17d 9h 49m Koga sent Uxie.

17d 9h 48m Koga sent Girafarig. Girafarig OHKO'd.

17d 9h 48m Koga sent in Gardevoir. It is OHKO'd by Surf.

17d 9h 47m Helix used water pulse, OHKO.

17d 9h 47m Helix vs Xatu.

17d 9h 46m Koga challenged.

[Status] Skull and Shield fainted, Treesus at 15%, everyone else at 100%.

17d 9h 45m Surf is super effective! Camerupt down! Will defeated!

17d 9h 45m Nidoqueen critically Surfed away! Camerupt!

17d 9h 44m Treesus down to half health!

17d 9h 44m Nidoqueen!

17d 9h 43m Steelix fell to Treesus' Strength!

17d 9h 43m Sent out Treesus!

17d 9h 42m Xatu used Fly! It's not very effective! Steelix 1hp clutch!

17d 9h 41m Surf wasn't enough! Shield down! Go, Xatu!

17d 9h 40m Second Steelix down! Third Steelix!

17d 9h 39m Will used a Full Restore on Steelix!

17d 9h 38m Surf takes Steelix down to red! Bone Club takes Shield down to red!

17d 9h 38m Second Steelix!

17d 9h 37m Donphan Surfed down! Helix lv 95!

17d 9h 36m Sent out Lord Shield!

17d 9h 36m Donphan next!

17d 9h 36m Water Spout! Steelix down!

17d 9h 35m Battle! Vs Elite Four Will! Helix vs Steelix!

[Status] Party order: Skull (fainted), Helix, Xatu, Treesus, Shield, Vibrava

17d 9h 23m Challenged the E4!

17d 9h 23m Left the PC!

17d 9h 20m Accessed the PC!

17d 9h 14m Shuffling the party order.

[Status] Cranidos fainted, everyone else at 100%.

17d 9h 8m Flew to Indigo Plateau!

17d 9h 6m Switcheroo continues.

[Battle formation] Bastiodon, Omastar, Vibrava, Xatu, Cranidos, Sudowoodo.

[info] Vibrava is holding Shuca Berry.

17d 8h 49m On route 28.

17d 8h 40m Out of PCenter.

17d 8h 37m Enter PokéCenter.

[Battle formation] Cranidos, Omastar, Xatu, Bastiodon, Vibrava, Sudowoodo.

17d 8h 34m Switcheroo.

17d 8h 32m Flew to Mt. Silver.

17d 8h 31m Saved the game.

17d 8h 30m We used fly to go to Indigo Plateau. Good Job!

[info] Xatu is holding TM04, Bastiodon - TM57, Cranidos - None.

17d 8h 27m Sudo and Cranidos switched their positions.

17d 8h 26m Out to Indigo Plateau.

17d 8h 25m Gliscor used dig. It is super effective. Black out.

17d 8h 25m Aoooo sent Cranidos (15%).

17d 8h 24m Vibrava fainted.

17d 8h 24m Gliscor used dig, Vibrava is only 2 HP. Another dig.

17d 8h 23m Vibrava is at 25%. Trump card beats Gliscor to yellow zone.

17d 8h 23m Vibrava, we choose you!

17d 8h 23m Sudo fainted to dig.

17d 8h 22m Bruno sent Gliscor. Gliscor cannot be switched.

17d 8h 21m Sudo is in red zone. Crobat is beaten.

17d 8h 20m Aoooo sent Sudo.

17d 8h 19m Crobat used Sludge. Xatu fainted.

17d 8h 19m Xatu is down to 5HP.

17d 8h 18m Bruno sent Gliscor->Crobat.

17d 8h 17m Fearow beaten.

17d 8h 17m Bruno sent Gliscor->Fearow.

17d 8h 16m Hyperbug is down.

17d 8h 16m Bruno used full restore.

17d 8h 15m Oracle cannot be switched for Helix for obvious reason.

17d 8h 14m Xatu is in orange zone (33%).

17d 8h 13m Gliscor is sent then switched for Hyperbug.

17d 8h 13m Scyther is OHKO'd.

17d 8h 13m Scyther is sent out.

17d 8h 12m Altaria is down.

17d 8h 11m Altaria outflied Xatu. Those tactics!

17d 8h 10m Bruno challenged.

17d 8h 4m Looks like inputs were broken for last 4 minutes.

17d 7h 49m Vibrava does not evolve.

17d 7h 49m Camerupt down. Will defeated.

17d 7h 49m Nidoqueen down.

17d 7h 48m Steelix 3 down. Helix loses all PP for Surf.

17d 7h 47m Steelix 2 down.

17d 7h 47m Donphan down.

17d 7h 46m Steelix down. Vibrava levels up to 83.

17d 7h 45m Sent in Vibrava, but switched for Helix.

17d 7h 45m Armour faints.

17d 7h 44m Armour v Steelix.

17d 7h 44m Battling Will

17d 7h 43m E4 challenge started!

17d 7h 41m Entered the Pokemon League building.

17d 7h 39m Right outside the Pokemon League building.

17d 7h 39m Exited the Victory Road~!

17d 7h 31m Still in the Victory Road. No change.

17d 7h 11m Lord Armour hits Level 81.

17d 6h 21m Still progressing through the Victory Road.

17d 6h 20m Lord Armour hits Level 80.

17d 6h 4m Helix hits Level 94.

17d 6h 0m Lord Armour hits Level 79.

17d 5h 58m [Party Order] Bastiodon, Omastar, Xatu, Cranidos, Vibrava, Sudowoodo

17d 5h 57m Entered the Victory Road.

17d 5h 56m In the Pokemon League Reception Gate.

17d 5h 46m Stumbling around Route 26. Also glitched.

17d 5h 27m Obtained a phone number from this Ace Trainer girl.

17d 4h 57m He evolves- Haha no, he doesn't.

17d 4h 56m Skull hits Lv. 53.

17d 4h 50m Making a few phone calls.

17d 4h 44m Can you feel the grind, ladies and gentlemen?

17d 4h 38m Skull hits Level 52. Doesn't evolve.

17d 4h 25m [Team Order] Cranidos, Omastar, Xatu, Bastiodon, Vibrava, Sudowoodo

[Snark] If you guys successfully evolve Skull, I will record myself singing the original Pokemon opening.

17d 4h 23m As usual, he doesn't evolve.

17d 4h 22m Skull hits Level 51!

17d 4h 22m Grinding hard.

17d 4h 11m Healed.

17d 4h 3m Skull fainted.

17d 3h 56m Skull hits Level 50 and doesn't evolve.

17d 3h 51m Healed again.

17d 3h 33m Skull hits Level 49 and doesn't evolve.

17d 3h 27m Healed in the healing house.

17d 3h 21m Back on Route 26.

17d 3h 16m Currently on Route 27.

17d 3h 15m Joey calls.

17d 3h 11m Skull faints.

17d 3h 8m Fighting wild Pokemon.

17d 3h 2m Ah, it was the healing house. Team healed.

17d 2h 58m In somebody's house.

17d 2h 50m Ursaring down. Battle won.

17d 2h 49m Ursarings confirmed for Monotremes.

17d 2h 49m Helix is switched out for Lord Armour.

17d 2h 48m Ursaring camouflages itself into a Ground type.

17d 2h 48m Pidgeot down. In comes Ursaring.

17d 2h 47m Staraptor faints. Pidgeot is next.

17d 2h 46m Helix v Staraptor.

17d 2h 46m Battling Ace Trainer Gaven!

17d 2h 42m On Route 26.

17d 2h 37m Current order: Cranidos, Omastar, Xatu, Bastiodon, Vibrava, Sudowoodo.

17d 2h 37m Left for the Pokemon League Reception.

17d 2h 30m Still doing the switcheroo. I'll report when we finalise the order.

17d 2h 28m Current order: Cranidos, Omastar, Xatu, Vibrava, Bastiodon, Sudowoodo

17d 2h 28m Next to the Pokemon Center.

17d 2h 26m Still switching positions around.

17d 2h 21m Switched Pokemon positions - currently: Cranidos, Omastar, Xatu, Vibrava, Bastiodon, Sudowoodo

17d 2h 14m Here's the map, by the way.

17d 2h 13m Inside Mt. Silver.

17d 2h 5m Cranidos switches positions with Xatu.

17d 2h 1m It Thunderpunches the Oracle into submission.

17d 2h 1m Oh wow, a wild Electivire.

17d 2h 0m Still hanging outside Mt Silver.

17d 1h 54m Left the Pokemon Center.

17d 1h 51m Back inside the Pokemon Center.

17d 1h 42m Switched positions of our Pokemon. It's currently: Xatu, Cranidos, Omastar, Vibrava, Bastiodon, Sudowoodo.

17d 1h 30m Skull went down earlier.

17d 1h 25m Still outside Mt. Silver

17d 1h 20m Lord Helix Levels up to Lvl 93.

17d 1h 17m A self-destructing Glalie takes out Vibrava.

17d 1h 13m ... Paras has DRACO METEOR?!

17d 1h 12m Hanging around the grass outside the Pokemon Center outside Mt. Silver.



[rip] rip

17d 1h 0m Shellock thrashes. Helix down. Aoooo blacks out.

17d 1h 0m Helix comes in.


[Fluff] Not Deh URN.

17d 0h 58m Only Helix is left with 3% of his full HP.

[Snark] My sediment is that this is not "TEH URN".

17d 0h 58m Shellock OHKO's Skull with Surf!

17d 0h 58m We send in Lord Skull.

[Snark] Wow, if only we had a Pokemon with water absorb. Kappa.

17d 0h 56m Magnet Bomb does around 10% to Shellock. Shellock surfs again. Lord Armor down!

17d 0h 56m Shellock hits Armor with a surf. Armor lives with 55HP and hits back with Magnet Bomb!

17d 0h 56m We switch in Lord Armor as Shellock goes for the cut.

17d 0h 55m After hail damage, Helix only has 6HP left.

17d 0h 55m Shellock brings Helix to red with Surf.


17d 0h 54m Marc uses follow me again. Helix uses Muddy Water. Marc down!

17d 0h 54m Surf does roughly 60% to Marc.

17d 0h 54m Marc uses Follow Me while Helix hits him with a Surf.

17d 0h 54m We send in Helix!

17d 0h 54m Lord Helix, Lord Skull, and Lord Armor left.

[Snark] She isn't treeting us well.

17d 0h 53m Marc OHKO's Treesus.

17d 0h 53m In comes Treesus. Surfs up from Marc!

17d 0h 53m Oracle faints from hail damage!

17d 0h 52m A body slam from Marc brings Oracle to 4HP and paralyzes her!

17d 0h 52m Oracle flies again and misses!

17d 0h 52m A full restore brings Marc back to full!

[Snark] Incoming Full Restore

17d 0h 52m Marc body slams Oracle. Oracle is down to 90HP.

17d 0h 52m Oracle nails the landing. Marc down to less than 20%.

17d 0h 51m Oracle takes to the skies, will it land?

17d 0h 51m Marc uses follow me again, Oracle misses the fly!

17d 0h 51m Both 'Mons rack up hail damage.

17d 0h 51m Marc uses follow me again. Oracle begins flying.

17d 0h 50m Marc uses Follow Me while Oracle sets up an Amnesia.

17d 0h 50m Sent out Oracle.

17d 0h 50m Marc bodyslams Vibrava. Vibrava down!

17d 0h 49m Lv. 88 Marc versus Vibrava

[Snark] Alice we talked to her that time.

17d 0h 49m Battle against Alice engaged!

17d 0h 48m Aaaaand we walked right past Alice.

[Fluff] It arrives.

17d 0h 48m Urn #2 incoming!


17d 0h 47m We were THIS close to making it to Alice with Vibrava at full. But then we got into a battle against a Mismagius and couldn't flee. Long story short, Vibrava now is only at 38%.

[Snark] I can feel the suspense.

17d 0h 45m The final leg before reaching the summit!

17d 0h 32m Encountered a lv. 20 Jigglypuff. Isaac is that you?

17d 0h 28m Here we go. The dreaded path from G to M filled with multiple rocky walls we can accidently overshoot with. Source

[Status] Everyone on our team is at full except for Oracle at 91%. Let's hope it stays that way.

17d 0h 6m Made it to the snowy region of Mt. Silver

16d 23h 47m Back inside the cave. This time on the 2nd level. Currently making our way to F. Source

16d 23h 36m Found Brick Mail! [Snark] This one's for you Kenya tear

16d 23h 35m Finally outside, we have quite a way to go!

16d 23h 34m Rockclimbed up! We haven't made much progress...

16d 23h 26m Inside Mt. Silver's Cave

16d 23h 22m Back outside.

16d 23h 22m Healed our team!

16d 23h 20m Back in the Pokemon Center!

[Bag] No Pokeballs left!

16d 23h 15m Exited the Pokemon Center without healing.

16d 23h 13m Entered the Pokemon Center.

16d 23h 12m Back outside Mt. Silver's cave. We're in front of the Pokemon Center again.

16d 23h 8m Still at the beginning of Mt. Silver's cave

16d 23h 0m Only three Net Balls left.

16d 22h 58m Nickname is "EK0"(sun symbol)(sunsymbol)(sunsymbol)..(sunsymbol)"

16d 22h 58m Caught a lv. 45, female Nidoqueen.

16d 22h 53m Threw away 32 net balls. Oops. 10 left.

16d 22h 50m Nickname is "000000)(sun symbol)(sun symbol)"

16d 22h 49m Caught a lv. 44, female Drifblim.

16d 22h 38m Switched Vibrava's Liechi Berry with a Shuca Berry.

16d 22h 32m Used a Net Ball on a wild Castform. It broke free, so we ran away.

16d 22h 30m Saved the game! (clutch!)

[Info] Right now we have 52 Net Balls.

16d 22h 23m Got on the bicycle!

16d 22h 22m Messing with the Vs. Recorder.

[Info] Here's a map for the route through Mt. Silver to the summit again in case you guys need it.

16d 22h 20m Threw away 2 Net Balls.

16d 22h 20m Entered Mt. Silver Cave.

rip lansat berry

16d 22h 18m Threw away a Lansat Berry.

16d 22h 14m Lord Armor gets paralyzed during a fight with a wild Electivire.

16d 22h 11m Changed our party order as well. It now reads: Vibrava, Helix, Lord Skull, Oracle, Lord Armor, and Treesus.

16d 22h 10m Healed our team!

16d 22h 7m Made it inside the Pokemon Center.

16d 21h 47m Nickname is "EXXQXCCA"

16d 21h 46m Caught a lv. 41, female Seadra

16d 21h 41m Ethan calls us and gives us advice about going to Pokemon Centers. Ethan, we're trying OK!?

[Bag] 60 Net Balls left.

16d 21h 38m The wild Misdreavus paralyzes Vibrava.

16d 21h 37m Only Lord Armor and Vibrava left.

16d 21h 36m A wild Misdreavus takes out Oracle

[Snark] /u/Flareonthehero + XQ_ OTP. Sunshine won't be happy to hear this.

[Fluff] Seems like we're going on another 'Pokemon Catching Spree' before heading back up to Alice.

16d 21h 23m Caught a lv. 42, male Glaceon! Nickname is "XQ_"

16d 21h 20m No nickname for the Paras

16d 21h 20m Caught a lv. 41, male Paras!

16d 21h 17m Nickname is "663"

16d 21h 17m Caught a lv. 43, female Scyther

16d 21h 14m Still in front of Mt. Silver

16d 21h 6m Nickname is "D"

16d 21h 6m Caught a lv. 42 Porygon!

[Bag] Ran out of Pokeballs, 79 Net Balls left.

16d 21h 2m Xatu's face shows a drop of sweat.

[Status] Oracle leads the team at 54%, Lord Armor is at 100%, Vibrava is at 88%. The rest have fainted.

16d 21h 1m Wild Glaceon again. Insta-Ran!

16d 20h 55m ...RAN!

16d 20h 53m Wild Glaceon takes out Treesus.


16d 20h 51m Wild Glaceon!

16d 20h 47m Nickname is 00055♀FF3

16d 20h 46m Caught a lv. 42, male Electivire

[Stats] Xatu Lv. 94 - Max. HP 265 Attack 186 Defense 167 Sp. Atk 210 Sp. Def 156 Speed 235

16d 20h 40m A wild Electivire takes out Helix.

16d 20h 36m Exited Mt. Silver Cave, we're in front of the Pokemon Center now.

[Bag] Only 13 Pokeballs left. Not sure about Net balls.

16d 20h 29m Into the water we go!

16d 20h 27m "Omastar is dizzy!"

16d 20h 27m Caught a lv. 44, female Drifblim. Nickname is "1LC33DEII"

16d 20h 23m Nickname is "AK3M_(symbol)z(symbol)(umbrella)d"

16d 20h 23m Caught a lv. 44, female Drifblim!

[Status] Helix leads with 42%, Treesus is at 12%, everyone else is at 100% except Lord Skull who has fainted. We're still at the very beginning of the cave as well (literally, the entrance is right in front of us).

16d 20h 20m Brent calls us and tells us where Bill lives. Thanks.

16d 20h 20m Lv. 43, male Castform caught! No nickname.

16d 20h 10m Helix now leads out party.

16d 20h 10m Back inside Mt. Silver Cave

16d 20h 5m A wild Seadra knocks out Lord Skull.

16d 20h 0m No nickname for the Granbull.

16d 20h 0m Caught a lv. 42, male Granbull.

16d 19h 59m Back at Mt. Silver Pokemon Center

16d 19h 58m Tuna takes to the skies and hits Vibrava with fly. Vibrava down. Aoooo blacks out.

16d 19h 57m Vibrava uses Trump Card, it does less than 20% to Tuna.

16d 19h 57m Tuna is lv. 82 by the way

16d 19h 57m Tuna takes the skies and misses! Hail damage racks up on both Tuna and Vibrava.

16d 19h 56m Tuna/Masquerain incoming.

16d 19h 56m Mew's surf knocks Vibrava down to 88HP. Vibrava hits Mew with magnitude 8. Mew down!

16d 19h 55m Only Vibrava is left with full HP.

16d 19h 54m Armor uses Magnet bomb which only does a bit more than 20%. Another surf from Mew takes out Lord Armor.

16d 19h 54m Mew uses Surf. Armor is taken down to 50HP!

16d 19h 54m Sent in Lord Armor.

16d 19h 53m Oracle tanks a surf from Mew but then faints due to hail damage.

16d 19h 52m Oracle uses fly again. Mew down to a little less than half.

16d 19h 52m Alice heals Mew back to full.

[Runs] Alice Run #1 Will we succeeed?

16d 19h 51m Oracle finally lands a fly. Mew is taken down to about 20% of its full HP.

16d 19h 51m Oracle misses ANOTHER fly.

16d 19h 51m Mew continues to use follow me as Oracle flies again.

16d 19h 51m Oracle misses the fly and both 'Mons take hail damage.

16d 19h 50m Mew uses follow me as Oracle heads to the skies!

16d 19h 50m Lv. 88 Mew versus Oracle!


16d 19h 49m Reached the summit

[Fluff] Red/Alice HYPE INCOMING!

16d 19h 49m Oracle reached lv. 94!

16d 19h 47m Made it to Point M! Straight up ahead is the summit! Only a few steps away!

[Snark] not teh urn :(

16d 19h 36m Oracle now leads the team with 97%, Lord Armor is at 92%, and Vibrava is at 100%.

16d 19h 36m A wild Floatzel takes out Treesus.

16d 19h 31m Obtained Kebia Berry!

[Chat] <3 LOVE RIOT <3 ...no idea why.

[Snark] So THAT'S what the Wiki Berry does. I've been wondering that for the longest time, but had no idea where to look it up!

16d 19h 19m Since we used the berry in battle, Treesus is no longer holding anything.

16d 19h 19m Treesus was holding a Wiki berry and it actually restored health in battle! Item successfully used!

16d 19h 17m Struggling to reach point M. There's a series of rocky walls we can climb up and we keep overshooting. Source

[Snark] Now Arceus can use Splash!

16d 19h 13m Obtained Splash Plate!

16d 19h 10m "Treesus seems to be scared of something" Anticipation intensifies

[Stream] Current Viewer count is at 1700+

16d 19h 8m Treesus now leads the party at 70%.

16d 19h 7m A wild Floatzel takes out Helix.

16d 19h 7m Wild battle: HELIX VERSUS LORD ROOT.

16d 18h 59m Currently at point G. We just need to rock climb all the way up to point M, head up inside in the cave, and we'll be at the summit. In other words, not far from the peak now. Should be in front of Red/A soon. Source

16d 18h 51m Made it onto the snowy region of Mt. Silver. We're getting close to the peak.

16d 18h 42m Caught a lv. 50, female Sharpedo. No nickname.

16d 18h 36m Back in the cave as well by the way.

16d 18h 35m Caught a lv. 44, female Banette. No nickname.

16d 18h 32m Here's another map of Mt. Silver with a direct route to the peak

[Status] Helix leads with 77% and asleep, Lord Armor is at 92%, everyone else is at full except Lord Skull who has fainted.

[Snark] How is Lord Helix still following us while he's still sleeping?

16d 18h 23m In a battle against a wild Raticate. [Snark] Guys I found Ace! Right where we left him too!

16d 18h 23m Helix is put to sleep in a battle against a wild Pokemon.

16d 18h 17m Caught a lv. 48, female Victreebel. Nickname is "CBp"

[Fluff] I wish we had caught Entei and named it that. That would have been hilarious.

16d 18h 16m Took Lord Skull's Lansat berry.

16d 18h 15m Nickname is "pA"

16d 18h 15m Caught a lv. 51 Magneton in a Pokeball.

16d 18h 13m Made it to the outside of Mt. Silver, the mountainside that is.

16d 18h 8m Caught a lv. 43, male Tentacool. Nickname is "4 "

16d 18h 5m Back at the entrance of Mt. Silver cave

16d 18h 2m A wild Domalakazam traps Helix in a battle with Arena Trap!

16d 17h 57m Nickname is "i~@"

16d 17h 56m Caught a lv. 42, female Castform.

16d 17h 51m No nickname for the Alakazam we just caught.

16d 17h 51m Caught a lv. 38, male Alakazam.

16d 17h 48m Exited Moltres's cavern and down the waterfall.

16d 17h 43m Caught a lv. 48, male Gardevoir. No nickname.

[Chat] Nobody would EVER have expected this reaction.....

16d 17h 37m Caught a female, lv. 48 Gardevoir nickname is "030310"

16d 17h 36m Received a Pretty Dewdrop from Helix.

[Bag] 59 Pokeballs, 92 Net Balls

[Snark] I think we're nicknaming this Moltres, Moltrita.


16d 17h 32m Moltres is a lv. 50 Male Chikorita!

16d 17h 32m "Moltres", here we come!

[Meta] Totally just made up that berry name if anyone can confirm what berry we gave to Skull and Treesus please message me!

[Snark] We've found both wild Lopunny and Gardevoir in Mt. Silver. Just what exactly is Red/A doing here?

16d 17h 25m Switched Skull's nugget to a Lanana Berry (or something like that).

16d 17h 25m We saved the game before heading to "Moltres".

16d 17h 20m Obtained a Power Herb.

16d 17h 17m Moltres in sight!

16d 17h 16m Treesus was given a berry to hold, I'm not sure which it started with a "W"

16d 17h 16m Castform's nickname is "6"

16d 17h 16m Caught a lv. 42 male Castform in a pokeball!

16d 17h 14m According to the map, we are currently right beneath the entrance of Moltres. We went up the 2nd waterfall already.

[Map] Here's a map of the Mt. Silver Cave in case you need it.

16d 17h 1m Surfed up the waterfall.


16d 16h 57m Entered Mt. Silver Cave

16d 16h 55m Shadow tag wild Misdreavus. Welp, looks like we'll be forced to fight these wild battles.

16d 16h 54m Helix now leads the team.


16d 16h 51m Skull is down to a wild Seadra. We didn't even enter the mountain yet.

16d 16h 48m Healed! Back outside the Pokecenter.

16d 16h 47m Checkpointed at Mt. Silver. Thank Helix.

16d 16h 41m Caught a level 41 male Paras, nicknamed "30.".

16d 16h 40m Treesus is at 11% and Bastiodon is at full. We are by the cave entrance.

16d 16h 39m Mt. Silver grass has Glaceon, Electivire, Porygon, and Scyther, from what we have seen so far.

16d 16h 37m Outside of Mt. Silver. The battle music has changed back over to the Johto theme.

16d 16h 30m Xatu down from poison. Treesus is at 53%, Bastiodon at full.

16d 16h 24m A wild Victreebel used Toxic! Xatu was badly poisoned!

16d 16h 22m We've encountered Electabuzz, Marshtomp, Victreebel, and Glalie in the grass so far.

[Snark] What is a Glalie doing just CHILLING here?

16d 16h 19m Onto Route 28! It has same music as Indigo Plateau.

16d 16h 18m Entered the Pokemon League Reception Gate. The guard says we'll encounter some scary-strong Pokemon at Mt. Silver.

16d 16h 17m Cleared the Route 22 ledge! That was anticlimactic.

16d 16h 16m We encounter another Kirlia. It avoids our attempts to get it with Substitute.

16d 16h 13m Encountered a level 3 Kirlia. I believe this route had Kirlia in FireRed as well. The chat erupts in "get kirlia."

16d 16h 12m We keep opening the Bag, potentially to toss things.

16d 16h 10m Onto Route 22. We still haven't healed.

16d 16h 3m Up to 112 Steel Mail in bag. Left the Pokemart with 255474 Poke-yen to our name.

16d 16h 2m Bought 98 Net Balls.

16d 15h 58m Bought more mail, we now have 110 or so in our bag.

16d 15h 57m Bought 92 Steel Mail and a Heal Ball.

16d 15h 51m Entered the Pokemart. Everyone is glitching out.

[Correction] That was Route 2 earlier, sorry.

16d 15h 46m Entered Viridian City.

16d 15h 44m Treesus found something! We put the Yellow Fluff in our Fashion Case.

16d 15h 38m Out of Diglett's Cave, moving south on Route 3.

16d 15h 37m Registered Brock in the Pokegear! He asks us to give him a call on Saturday nights.

16d 15h 34m Caught a level 17 male Paras with no nickname.

16d 15h 33m Made it to the ladder on the other side of Diglett's Cave. Brock is hanging out by the exit.

16d 15h 25m Caught a level 15 female Starly, no nickname.

16d 15h 24m Caught a level 17 male Nidoran, no nickname.

[Info] 98 Poké Balls left

16d 15h 20m Correction: Whismur, not Whimsur.

16d 15h 19m Entered Diglett's Cave.

[Snark] Do you remember the episode where aoooo caught a Pumbloom?

16d 15h 16m 15m Caught a level 15 male Pumbloom Whimsur. Nickname: ".".

16d 15h 15m We passed the cave entrance and are walking in the grass.

16d 15h 12m Onto Route 11.

[Info] Our route to Mt. Silver appears to be taking Diglett's Cave to Route 3, then heading south to Viridian City and west to the mountain through Route 22, the Pokemon League Reception Gate, and Route 28.

16d 14h 58m In Vermillion City.

16d 14h 54m Onto Route 6, moving towards Diglett's Cave.

16d 14h 53m Used our PP Max on Xatu's Mist Ball! It now has a maximum of 8 PP.

[Chat] "Faithfulforce: back in my day, we walked to mt. silver"

16d 14h 49m Milling about in Saffron City. The chat finally seems ready to ascend Mt. Silver.

[Correction] Sabrina had a Lickilicky, not a Lickylicky.

[OTP] "I know... you will call again sometime."

16d 14h 43m Porygon comes in; Strength OHKOs. Sabrina defeated!

16d 14h 42m Treesus comes in. A Strength takes out Miltank.

16d 14h 41m Sabrina heals Miltank. Surf and Cut from Armor drop her back to yellow.

16d 14h 40m Even with the defense boost, Bibarel goes down to a Fly. Miltank comes in and Roars out Xatu. Armor in.

16d 14h 39m Fly drops Noctowl. Bibarel comes in and Bulks Up.

16d 14h 39m Fly OHKOs Lickylicky. Noctowl in.

16d 14h 38m A Mist Ball drops Pidgeot. Xatu grows to level 93! Lickylicky in.

16d 14h 37m We swap to Xatu, then back to Treesus, then back to Xatu. Pidgeot starts Skull Bashing.

16d 14h 36m Two turns of ExtremeSpeed and confusion damage are too much for Vibrava. Treesus in.

16d 14h 36m Vibrava's Hammer Arm does about 40%, but Pidgeot confuses her.

16d 14h 35m Vs. Sabrina! She sends out a level 60 Female Pidgeot.

16d 14h 34m Playing with the menus and approaching Sabrina.

16d 14h 33m Opened the VS. Recorder.

16d 14h 31m Defeated Erika!

16d 14h 31m Sent out Vibrava! Vivrava used Magnitude! Luxray (female, Lv. 55) down!

16d 14h 29m Erikas sent out Luxray! Switched Vibrava out for Sudowoodo.

16d 14h 28m Correction, that was Cranidos, not Xatu.

16d 14h 28m Omastar fainted!

16d 14h 27m Jolteon used Charge Beam!

16d 14h 27m Erika sent out Raichu! Omastar used Surf! Raichu down!

16d 14h 25m Omastar used Surf! Lanturn down!

16d 14h 25m VS Erika! Xatu fainted!

16d 14h 19m Entered the gym!

16d 14h 14m In Saffron City.

16d 14h 12m On Route 6.

16d 14h 8m Threw away 2 Yellow Flutes.

16d 14h 0m In the Poké Mart.

16d 13h 58m Obtained a PP Max from a guy because we beat all Kanto Gym Leaders!

16d 13h 49m Slept and healed our party! Arrived in Vermillion City!

16d 13h 48m Glitching again.

16d 13h 41m Boarded the S.S. Aqua!

[Snark] Best, flight. EVER!

16d 13h 28m Flew from Olivine City to Olivine City.

16d 13h 25m In the Olivine City Poké Center.

[OffTopic] There's an awesome bundle @ Humble Bundle right now! Nets you one month of Twitch Turbo too!

16d 13h 12m In Olivine City. Are we planning on going to the Safari Zone or something?

16d 13h 9m Bastiodon forgot Stealth Rock and learned Rock Climb!

16d 12h 53m Switched Cranidos' Ultra Ball for the Nugget.

16d 12h 47m Joey gave us a present: A HP Up!

16d 12h 47m Sent out Vibrava! Vibrava used Magnitude! Bibarel used Clamp! Vibrava down to 179HP! Vibrava used Magnitude! Magnitude 5! Bibarel down to orange! Vibrava is hurt by Clamp! DOwn to 134HP! Vibrava used Hammer Arm! Defeated Joey! GG Joey.

16d 12h 44m Bibarel used Water Pulse! Cranidos down to 7HP! Cranidos is confused and it hurt itself in its confusion! Cranidos down!

16d 12h 42m Joey has a Lv. 54 male Bibarel!

16d 12h 42m Turned GB Sounds back on! VS JOEY!

16d 12h 42m Threw away 1 Figy Berry.

16d 12h 40m Omastar gained 4 Experience Points!

16d 12h 40m Helix vs a Lv. 3 female Magikarp. This should be fun.

16d 12h 35m Defeated a female Lv. 4 Spinarak.

16d 12h 33m On Route 30.

16d 12h 31m It seems we first need to teach Rock Climb before we can go to Mt. SilverAlice.

16d 12h 28m Currently shifting through our stuff in our bag, as we're heading West.

[Offtopic] If i calculated correctly, Microsoft's E3 event should start in 4 minutes.

16d 12h 16m I think we trashed some Mail.

16d 12h 13m Having trouble with a Lv. 3 male Cascoon.

[Runs] The Elite 4 Run #34 Confirmed!

16d 12h 11m On Route 29.

[Snark] R.....34? OMG

16d 12h 2m TEH URN was URN #34, according to hytag in the IRC chat.

16d 12h 1m Back in New Bark Town! Now let's go call Joey!

16d 12h 1m Credits were skipped. ROM confirmed for the US one, because of the ESRB warning.

16d 11h 59m THAT WAS CLOSE

16d 11h 59m Saved the game! The game restarted, we're in the PokéWalker menu! BACK HOME! We didn't press New Game!

16d 11h 57m Hall of Fame Credits!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[TEH URN] VICTORY! Nice work guys!

16d 11h 56m DEFEATED LANCE!!!!

16d 11h 56m Vibrava leveled up to 82!

16d 11h 55m Vibrava used Magnitude! OHKO'd Electivire!

16d 11h 54m Vibrava used Magnitude! RAIKOU DOWN!

16d 11h 54m Vibrava used Magnitude! Lance used a Full Restore! Vibrava used Magnitude! Raikou down to orange! Vibrava down to 45HP!

16d 11h 53m Raikou used Mud Bomb! Vibrava down to 101HP! Raikou down to red! Lance used a Full Restore!

16d 11h 53m Sent out Vibrava! Vibrava used Magnitude! Raikou down to red! Lance used a Full Restore!

16d 11h 52m Raikou used Thunder! Omastar fainted!

16d 11h 52m Omastar leveled up to 92!

16d 11h 52m Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Ampharos!

16d 11h 51m Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Electivire!

16d 11h 51m Electabuzz used Night Slash! Omastar down to 71HP! Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Electabuzz!

Teh Urn?

16d 11h 50m Raikou used Fake Out! Omastar flinched! Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Raikou!

16d 11h 49m VS Lance!

16d 11h 47m Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Probopass! Defeated Karen!

16d 11h 46m Kabutops used Bubble Beam! Omastar down to 119HP! Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Kabutops!

16d 11h 46m Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Karen's second Omastar!

16d 11h 45m Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Karen's Omastar!

16d 11h 44m Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd Relicanth!

16d 11h 44m Omastar used Water Pulse! OHKO'd Armaldo!

16d 11h 43m VS Karen!

16d 11h 36m Xatu used Mist Ball! Gliscor down! Defeated Bruno!

16d 11h 36m Bruno sent out his Gliscor! Bruno used a Full Restore! Xatu used Fly! Gliscor down to red!

16d 11h 35m Bruno sent out Crobat! Xatu used Mist Ball! Crobat down!

16d 11h 35m Bruno switched Gliscor out for Fearow! Fearow used Tailwind! Xatu used Fly! Fearow down!

16d 11h 34m Xatu vs Gliscor (50%HP!)

16d 11h 33m Xatu used Fly! Scyther down!

16d 11h 33m Bruno sent out Masquerain! Xatu used Fly! Masquerain down!

16d 11h 32m Gliscor used Dig! Sudowoodo fainted!

16d 11h 31m Switched Xatu out for Sudowoodo!

16d 11h 31m Switched Sudowoodo out for Xatu.

16d 11h 30m Switched Bastiodon out for Sudowoodo.

16d 11h 29m Bastiodon used Magnet Bomb! Altaria down to orange! Altaria used Dragon Claw! Bastiodon used Surf! Altaria used Dragon Claw! Bastiodon used Magnet Bomb! Altaria used Dragon Claw! Bastiodon used Magnet Bomb! Altaria down!

16d 11h 27m Altaria used Fly! Bastiodon used Magnet Bomb! Bruno used a Full Restore!

16d 11h 27m Switched Omastar out for Bastiodon!

16d 11h 27m Altaria used Dragon Claw! Omastar down to 153HP! Omastar used Muddy Water! Altaria down to orange! Altaria used Fly!

16d 11h 26m Switched Bastiodon out for Omastar!

16d 11h 26m Switched Omastar out for Bastiodon!

16d 11h 25m VS Bruno!

16d 11h 24m Xatu used Fly! OHKO'd Gardevoir! Defeated Koga!

16d 11h 23m Xatu used Fly! Lunatone down to orange! Xatu used Fly! Lunatone down!

16d 11h 22m Xatu leveled up to 93!

16d 11h 22m Xatu used Fly! OHKO'd Girafarig!

16d 11h 21m Xatu used Fly! Uxie down!

16d 11h 20m Uxie used Psycho Boost! Xatu down to 216/260HP! Xatu used Fly! Uxie down to orange!

16d 11h 19m Xatu used Fly! OHKO'd Girafarig!

16d 11h 19m Xatu used Fly! Koga's Xatu down!

16d 11h 18m Xatu vs Xatu!

16d 11h 18m Switched Vibrava out for Xatu!

16d 11h 17m Switched Omastar out for Vibrava.

16d 11h 16m Vs Koga!

16d 11h 12m Omastar leveled up to 91!

16d 11h 12m Omastar used Surf! Camerupt down! Defeated Will! Helix sweep!

16d 11h 11m Omastar used Surf! Nidoqueen down!

16d 11h 11m Déjà vu.

16d 11h 10m Omastar used Water Pulse! OHKO'd Steelix!

16d 11h 10m Omastar used Water Pulse! OHKO'd Steelix!

16d 11h 9m Omastar used Water Pulse! OHKO'd Donphan!

16d 11h 9m Omastar used Water Pulse! OHKO'd Steelix!

16d 11h 8m VS Will!

16d 11h 8m In the Elite Four building.

16d 11h 5m Wild Golduck used Octazooka! Cranidos fainted!

16d 11h 1m [Stats] Cranidos Lv. 48 - Max. HP 131 Attack 133 Defense 55 Sp. Atk 57 Sp. Def 39 Speed 72

16d 11h 0m Cranidos levels up to 48!

16d 10h 51m Cranidos levels up to 47!

16d 10h 51m Currently holding: Bastiodon TM57 - Cranidos Ultra Ball - Vibrava Hyper Potion - Sudowoodo Mail - Xatu Poké Ball

16d 10h 49m Battling a wild Raticate in Victory Road.

16d 10h 45m Electivire used Seed Flare! Bastiodon fainted! Blacked out!

16d 10h 45m Seed Flare takes out Lord Armour.

16d 10h 45m Electivire used Thunder! Bastiodon down to 43HP! Bastiodon used Surf! Electivire down to red! Lance used a Full Restore!

16d 10h 44m Electivire brought down to red, but healed by Lance!

16d 10h 44m He's paralyzed and at 43 HP!

16d 10h 44m Will Lord Armour be able to win?

16d 10h 44m Sent out Bastiodon!

16d 10h 43m The Oracle goes down!

16d 10h 43m Mist Ball brings Electivire down to half.

16d 10h 43m Sent out Xatu.

16d 10h 42m He goes down to a Seed Flare.

16d 10h 42m Treesus is sent in!

16d 10h 41m Seed Flare immediately takes out Vibrava!

16d 10h 41m Electivire comes out!

16d 10h 41m Vibrava used Magnitude! Ampharos down!

16d 10h 40m Magnitude 9 takes Ampharos to tiny amounts of HP.

16d 10h 40m Full Restore heals Ampharos to full.

16d 10h 40m Magnitude 7 brings Ampharos back down to red.

16d 10h 40m Vibrava's Trump Cards aren't working quite well.

16d 10h 40m Ampharos used Rock Throw! Vibrava down to 69HP!

16d 10h 39m Full Restore heals Ampharos back to full.

16d 10h 39m A second Magnitude takes Ampharos down into the red.

16d 10h 39m Lance sends out Ampharos.

16d 10h 38m A critical Magnitude 10 takes out Electivire!

16d 10h 38m Seed Flare halves Vibrava's health!

16d 10h 38m Sent out Vibrava.

16d 10h 37m Helix goes down to a Thunder.

16d 10h 37m Electivire is sent in against Helix.

16d 10h 37m Omastar used Surf! OHKO'D ELECTABUZZ!

16d 10h 37m Surf takes out the Electabuzz!

16d 10h 36m Helix vs Electabuzz!

16d 10h 37m Omastar used Surf! OHKO'd RAIKOU!

16d 10h 36m Fake Out keeps Helix from hitting on the first turn. Second turn it dodges a Mud Bomb and takes out Raikou with a Surf!

16d 10h 35m Helix vs Raikou. It begins to rain!

16d 10h 35m Ao vs Lance! READY? GO!

16d 10h 35m Into the Champion's Chamber.

16d 10h 35m Defeated Karen!

16d 10h 34m Karen defeated!

16d 10h 34m Probopass down.

16d 10h 34m Kabutops down.

16d 10h 33m Helix hits Level 90.

16d 10h 33m Omastar 2 down.

16d 10h 33m Omastar 1 down.

16d 10h 33m Relicanth down.

16d 10h 32m Helix v Relicanth.

16d 10h 32m Armaldo down.

16d 10h 32m Battling Karen.

16d 10h 31m Gliscor down. Bruno defeated.

16d 10h 31m The Oracle is confused.

16d 10h 30m Crobat down.

16d 10h 29m Gliscor in. Gliscor switched for Crobat.

16d 10h 29m Fearow taken out. The Oracle at 6HP.

16d 10h 29m Fearow to red. Fearow healed.

16d 10h 28m Masquerain down. Gliscor in. Gliscor switched out for Fearow.

16d 10h 28m Gliscor in. Switched for Masquerain.

16d 10h 27m Scyther down.

16d 10h 27m Oracle is in the red. Altaria is down.

16d 10h 27m Switched to the Oracle.

16d 10h 25m Bastiodon switched for Helix.

16d 10h 25m Helix switched for Bastiodon.

16d 10h 24m Battling Bruno.

16d 10h 22m Lunatone down. Koga defeated.

16d 10h 20m Girafarig 2 down. Lunatone in.

16d 10h 19m The Oracle v Girafarig 2

16d 10h 19m The Oracle hit Level 92 earlier.

16d 10h 19m Uxie down.

16d 10h 19m Trick Room activated.

16d 10h 18m Uxie is sent out.

16d 10h 18m Girafarig 1 down.

16d 10h 17m Gardevoir down.

16d 10h 15m Switched to the Oracle.

16d 10h 15m Switched back to Bastiodon.

16d 10h 14m Switched to Bastiodon and back to Helix.

16d 10h 14m Gardevoir sent in. Brought to red. Healed.

16d 10h 14m Xatu down.

16d 10h 13m Helix v Xatu

16d 10h 13m Battling Koga

16d 10h 11m Will defeated.

16d 10h 10m Camerupt down.

16d 10h 9m Nidoqueen down.

16d 10h 9m Steelix 3 down.

16d 10h 8m Steelix 2 down.

16d 10h 8m Helix is Lv 89

16d 10h 8m Donphan down.

16d 10h 8m Steelix 1 down.

16d 10h 7m Battling Will.

16d 10h 5m Back in the E4 building.


16d 9h 59m Skull faints.

16d 9h 53m Into the Victory Road.

16d 9h 49m Left the E4 Building.

16d 9h 47m Black out!

16d 9h 46m Treesus is sent in. Seed Flare immediately takes him out.

16d 9h 45m It uses Seed Flare. Vibrava down!

16d 9h 45m Electivire is sent out!

16d 9h 44m Raikou is down!

16d 9h 44m Trump Card isn't quite useful for Vibrava today.

16d 9h 44m Vibrava vs Raikou.

16d 9h 43m Ao vs Lance!

16d 9h 43m It's just Vibrava and Sudowoodo vs Lance.

16d 9h 42m Vibrava does not evolve.

16d 9h 42m Probopass down. Karen defeated.

16d 9h 41m Vibrava hits Lv. 81!

16d 9h 41m Vibrava is sent in. It takes out Kabutops.

16d 9h 40m Helix is taken out.

16d 9h 39m Kabutops was sent in.

16d 9h 38m Omastar 2 down.

16d 9h 38m Omastar 1 down

16d 9h 38m Helix v Omastar 1

16d 9h 38m Helix OHKOs Relicanth.

16d 9h 37m Helix OHKOs Armaldo.

16d 9h 37m Battling Karen.

16d 9h 33m Gliscor down. Bruno defeated.

16d 9h 32m Treesus is sent in.

16d 9h 30m The Oracle faints.

16d 9h 30m Crobat down.

16d 9h 29m The Oracle is poisoned!

16d 9h 29m Gliscor sent in. Switched for Crobat.

16d 9h 28m Fearow down.

16d 9h 27m Gliscor sent in. Swapped for Fearow.

16d 9h 27m Masquerain down.

16d 9h 27m Scyther down.

16d 9h 25m Altaria down.

16d 9h 23m Helix switched for the Oracle.

16d 9h 21m Helix v Altaria

16d 9h 21m Bruno challenged.

16d 9h 16m Koga defeated.

16d 9h 16m Lunatone down.

16d 9h 16m Koga's Lunatone arrives.

16d 9h 16m Girafarig 2 in. It goes down.

16d 9h 15m Helix hits Lv88

16d 9h 15m Helix is in red. It takes out Uxie.

16d 9h 14m Girafarig 1 down. Uxie comes in.

16d 9h 13m Girafarig 1 is in.

16d 9h 13m Gardevoir down.

16d 9h 12m Gardevoir sent in.

16d 9h 12m Xatu down.

16d 9h 12m Helix v Xatu.

16d 9h 11m Battling Koga.

16d 9h 11m Stumbling around Koga's room.

16d 9h 5m Will defeated

16d 9h 5m Camerupt down.

16d 9h 4m Nidoqueen down.

16d 9h 3m Steelix 3 down.

16d 9h 3m Steelix 2 down.

16d 9h 3m Helix is sent in. Donphan switched for Steelix 2.

16d 9h 1m Lord Armour faints.

16d 9h 0m Donphan sent in. Helix switched for Bastiodon.

16d 8h 59m Steelix 1 down.

16d 8h 59m Battling Will.

16d 8h 59m Entered the E4.

16d 8h 48m Skull fainted.

16d 8h 44m Skull is paralyzed.

16d 8h 43m He didn't evolve.

16d 8h 43m Skull hit Level 46.

16d 8h 41m Entered the Victory Road.

16d 8h 39m Left the E4 building.

16d 8h 38m Eh, he's gone. Black out.

16d 8h 38m Here comes our "last hope", Lord Armour.

RIP in peace: Not Teh Urn 2014-2014

16d 8h 37m Treesus down.

16d 8h 37m Lance heals Raikou.

16d 8h 36m Rock Wrecker takes Raikou to a bare amount of health.

16d 8h 36m Treesus is sent in.

16d 8h 36m Oracle down.

16d 8h 36m The Oracle is sent out! It uses Whirlpool, misses, and gets shocked by Thunderbolt.

16d 8h 35m VIBRAVA DOWN.

16d 8h 35m Lance heals Raikou with a Full Restore.

16d 8h 34m Vibrava brings Raikou 2 down to red.

[Snark] For a Trump Card, she uses it early on a lot.

16d 8h 34m She activates her Trump Card.

16d 8h 33m Vibrava is sent out against Raikou.

16d 8h 33m (Electabuzz was male, Lv. 72, Ampharos is male, Lv. 73, Raikou Lv. 68)

16d 8h 33m Helix goes down.

16d 8h 32m Ampharos down. Lance sends out his second Raikou.

16d 8h 33m Omastar levels up to 87!


16d 8h 32m Lance sends out Ampharos.

16d 8h 32m Helix sweeps it away!

16d 8h 32m Lance sends out Electivire!

16d 8h 31m Electabuzz goes down to a rain-empowered Surf!

16d 8h 31m IT'S TEH URN

16d 8h 31m Lance sends out Electabuzz.

16d 8h 31m Raikou goes down to Helix!

16d 8h 30m Helix brings Raikou down to red, but it's healed by a Full Restore.

16d 8h 30m It's raining.

16d 8h 29m Helix vs Raikou

16d 8h 29m Ao vs Lance! Begin!

16d 8h 29m LAAAAANCE.

16d 8h 28m Karen defeated.

16d 8h 28m Probopass down!

16d 8h 28m Kabutops down.

16d 8h 27m Omastar 2 down.

16d 8h 27m Omastar 1 down.

16d 8h 26m Helix hits Level 86.

16d 8h 26m Relicanth down.

16d 8h 26m Helix takes down Armaldo.

16d 8h 26m Battling Karen.

16d 8h 18m Bruno defeated.

16d 8h 17m Gliscor down.

16d 8h 17m Gliscor is sent in again.

16d 8h 16m Gliscor switched out for Crobat.

16d 8h 16m Fearow down. Gliscor is sent in.

16d 8h 16m Fearow is sent in.

16d 8h 15m Scyther down.

16d 8h 15m Masquerain down. Scyther in.

16d 8h 14m Gliscor switched for Masquerain.

16d 8h 14m Altaria down. Gliscor is sent in. Bastiodon switched for Helix. Helix switched for the Oracle.

16d 8h 12m Altaria brought down to red, but was healed by Full Restore.

16d 8h 11m Stealth Rock set up.

16d 8h 10m Helix v Altaria. Helix is switched out for Bastiodon.

16d 8h 10m Battling Bruno.

16d 8h 8m Koga defeated.

16d 8h 8m The Oracle hits Lv91

16d 8h 8m Lunatone down.

16d 8h 7m Both the Oracle and Lunatone are on yellow health.

16d 8h 6m Koga sends out Lunatone.

16d 8h 6m Girafarig 2 down.

16d 8h 6m Uxie down.

16d 8h 4m Uxie is sent in. Trick Room activated.

16d 8h 4m Girafarig 1 down.

16d 8h 3m Gardevoir down.

16d 8h 3m Treesus swapped out for the Oracle.

16d 8h 2m Gardevoir sent in. Helix switched out for Treesus.

16d 8h 1m Helix v Xatu. Xatu down.

16d 8h 1m Battling Koga.

16d 7h 59m Camerupt down.

16d 7h 58m Nidoqueen down.

16d 7h 58m Steelix 3 down.

16d 7h 57m Steelix 2 down.

16d 7h 56m Donphan down.

16d 7h 56m Helix hits Lv.85

16d 7h 56m Steelix 1 down.

16d 7h 56m Battling Will.

16d 7h 55m Just stumbling around Will's room.

16d 7h 55m E4 challenge begins.

16d 7h 52m Left the Victory Road. Back in the E4 building.

16d 7h 47m Skull fainted.

16d 7h 46m Inside the Victory Road.

16d 7h 44m Calling people. Current outside of the Victory Road entrance.

16d 7h 42m Healed at the Pokemon Center.

16d 7h 37m Stumbling around the League Building.

16d 7h 30m Left the PC.

16d 7h 30m ACCESSED THE PC.

16d 7h 25m Accessed the PC, but left.

16d 7h 24m Entered Basement.

16d 7h 22m The Oracle faints! Black out!

16d 7h 21m The Oracle is confused and at 25HP.

16d 7h 21m The Oracle is sent out.

16d 7h 19m Treesus is down.

16d 7h 18m Although having been on red health, Omastar has healed to near-full with Morning Sun.

16d 7h 18m Treesus is sent in.

16d 7h 16m Vibrava down.

16d 7h 16m Omastar 2 is sent out.

16d 7h 16m Deciding that fossils should understand the magnitude of card-games, she takes out Relicanth.

16d 7h 15m Vibrava sent in. Her Trump Card isn't effective against Pokemon who lived long before cards existed.

16d 7h 15m Lord Armour down.

16d 7h 15m Karen sends in Relicanth.

16d 7h 15m Armour levels up to 78!

16d 7h 15m Well, Omastar just fell.

16d 7h 14m Both Omastar and Armour are on red!

16d 7h 14m Omastar 1 is sent in.

16d 7h 13m Armaldo is down.

16d 7h 12m Armour sets up Stealth Rock.

16d 7h 12m Armaldo somehow survives at a scrap of health, and is healed by a Full Restore.

16d 7h 12m Lord Armour vs Armaldo.

16d 7h 11m Battling Karen.

16d 7h 7m Gliscor down! Bruno defeated.

16d 7h 7m Gliscor is sent back in.

16d 7h 6m Crobat down.

16d 7h 6m Gliscor switched out for Crobat.

16d 7h 6m Fearow is down. Gliscor back in.

16d 7h 5m Gliscor is switched out for Fearow.

16d 7h 5m Gliscor is back in.

16d 7h 5m Scyther down.

16d 7h 4m In comes Scyther.

16d 7h 4m Masquerain down.

16d 7h 3m Gliscor switched for Masquerain.

16d 7h 3m Bastiodon switched for XaTU.

16d 7h 3m Altaria down. Gliscor sent out.

16d 7h 1m Altaria was brought down to red, but was healed by a Full Restore.

16d 7h 0m Bastiodon vs Altaria. Stealth Rock has been set up.

16d 6h 59m Battling Bruno.

16d 6h 58m In Bruno's room.

16d 6h 56m Koga defeated.

16d 6h 55m It keeps dancing and purging while Oracle keep missing with his Fly.

16d 6h 54m Lunatone is Koga's last hope.

16d 6h 54m Girafarig is down. Xatu grew up to Lv. 90.

16d 6h 53m Koga sent Girafarig #2.

16d 6h 52m Uxie down.

16d 6h 52m Xatu go!

16d 6h 52m Helix is taken out by Luster Purge.

16d 6h 50m Koga sent in Uxie. Helix is down to 6HP.

16d 6h 50m Girafarig is down.

16d 6h 49m Koga sent Gardevoir. It is OHKOed.

16d 6h 49m Helix vs Xatu. Xatu is down.

16d 6h 48m Koga challenged.

16d 6h 45m Helix sweep. Flawless. Will defeated.

16d 6h 44m Nidoqueen as well.

16d 6h 44m Steelix #3 too.

16d 6h 44m Steelix #2 OHKOed.

16d 6h 43m Donphan is down. Helix grew up to Lv. 84.

16d 6h 43m Helix go! Steelix #1 down.

16d 6h 42m Will challenged.

16d 6h 41m Out of Victory Road. Back to E4.

16d 6h 40m Cranidos fainted to a wild Camerupt.

16d 6h 35m Cranidos is in the red zone.

16d 6h 31m Cranidos grew up to Lv. 45. Didn't evolve.

[Info] We have 101 Pokéballs.

16d 6h 27m On the Victory Road.

16d 6h 26m Out of E4.

16d 6h 25m Tim&Sue called, Aoooo ignored them.

16d 6h 24m A fainted. Black out.

16d 6h 23m Treesus vs Armaldo. A used surf.

16d 6h 23m Karen challenged.

16d 6h 23m Bruno defeated.

16d 6h 22m Scyther down..

16d 6h 21m Scyther is sent in.

16d 6h 21m Fearow is taken out.

16d 6h 21m Fearow is sent in.

16d 6h 20m Masquerain is sent in. Masquerain out.

16d 6h 19m Treesus takes out Crobat.

[Musings] Crobat's Hidden Power is super-effective against Rock.

16d 6h 19m Treesus in as well.

16d 6h 18m Helix down

16d 6h 18m Treesus switched out for Helix. Helix takes out Gliscor.

16d 6h 17m Treesus is sent in.

16d 6h 15m Armour faints.

16d 6h 15m Bastiodon down to red.

16d 6h 14m Altaria down. Gliscor in.

16d 6h 12m Earlier, Altaria went down to red, but was healed by a Full Restore.

16d 6h 12m Bastiodon is back.

16d 6h 12m Vibrava switched in. She faints.

16d 6h 11m Stealth Rock is used.

16d 6h 10m Bastiodon is sent in.

16d 6h 10m The Oracle faints to a Drill Peck.

16d 6h 8m Vibrava switched for the Oracle.

16d 6h 7m Helix switched for Vibrava.

16d 6h 7m Bastiodon switched out for Helix.

16d 6h 7m Helix switched out for Bastiodon.

16d 6h 6m Helix vs Altaria.

16d 6h 6m Bruno engaged.

16d 6h 4m Koga defeated.

16d 6h 4m Lunatone down.

16d 6h 3m Lunatone is in.

16d 6h 3m Girafarig 2 is down.

16d 6h 2m Girafarig 2 is in.

16d 6h 1m Uxie is down.

16d 6h 1m Trick Room activated.

16d 6h 0m Girafarig 1 down. Uxie in.

16d 6h 0m In comes Girafarig 1.

16d 6h 0m Gardevoir down.

16d 6h 0m Switched Treesus in for the Oracle.

16d 5h 59m Gardevoir in.

16d 5h 59m Rock Wrecker takes out Xatu.

16d 5h 57m Helix is switched out for Treesus.

16d 5h 57m Helix vs Xatu.

16d 5h 57m Koga engaged.

16d 5h 56m Will defeated.

16d 5h 56m Camerupt down.

16d 5h 55m Nidoqueen down.

16d 5h 54m Steelix 3 down.

16d 5h 54m Steelix 2 down.

16d 5h 53m Donphan down.

16d 5h 53m Steelix 1 down.

16d 5h 53m Will engaged.

16d 5h 52m Stumbling around Will's room.

16d 5h 51m Entered the E4.

16d 5h 50m Back in the E4 building.

16d 5h 47m Skull faints.

16d 5h 46m Victory Road time.

16d 5h 45m Left the E4 building.

16d 5h 42m The Oracle is taken out. Black out.

[Wat] .... Probopass has a tail?

16d 5h 41m Karen sends out Probopass.

16d 5h 41m Relicanth down.

16d 5h 41m The Oracle is sent in.

16d 5h 40m Vibrava is down.

16d 5h 40m Relicanth is sent in.

16d 5h 40m Kabutops down.

16d 5h 40m Kabutops is sent in.

16d 5h 39m Omastar 2 is taken down by a Magnitude.

16d 5h 38m Omastar 2 has arrived.

16d 5h 38m Vibrava is sent in. Omastar 1 down.

16d 5h 37m Lord Armour falls to a Crabhammer.

16d 5h 36m Omastar is sent out.

16d 5h 36m Armaldo down.

16d 5h 35m Lord Armour is subjected to Torment. It can't use the same move twice, IIRC.

16d 5h 35m Bastiodon v Armaldo. Stealth Rock is set up.

16d 5h 35m Karen battle.

16d 5h 34m Bruno defeated.

16d 5h 34m Gliscor down.

16d 5h 34m Gliscor is back in. Half its health is gone from Stealth Rock.

16d 5h 33m Crobat is down.

16d 5h 33m Gliscor is switched out for Crobat.

16d 5h 33m Gliscor is sent back in.

16d 5h 33m Fearow down.

16d 5h 32m Gliscor is switched out for Fearow.

16d 5h 32m The Oracle hits Lv.89!

16d 5h 32m Scyther down.

16d 5h 31m Scyther is sent in.

16d 5h 31m The Oracle is in the red. Masquerain down.

16d 5h 29m Bruno does the same, switching Gliscor for Masquerain.

16d 5h 28m Switched out Bastiodon for the Oracle.

16d 5h 28m Man, Stealth Rock is great for Bruno.

16d 5h 27m Altaria down. In comes Gliscor.

16d 5h 25m Altaria brought down to red. Full Restore used.

16d 5h 24m Bastiodon v Altaria.

16d 5h 23m Bruno engaged.

16d 5h 20m Lunatone down. Koga defeated.

16d 5h 18m Girafarig down. Lunatone in.

16d 5h 16m Uxie down. Girafarig in.

16d 5h 15m Trick Room activated.

16d 5h 15m Uxie is sent in.

16d 5h 15m Girafarig down.

16d 5h 14m The Oracle is sent in.

16d 5h 13m Helix down.

16d 5h 12m Helix is brought down to 3HP.

16d 5h 12m In comes Helix.

16d 5h 12m Two Psycho Boosts take out Treesus.

16d 5h 11m Gardevoir down. Girafarig in.

16d 5h 10m Xatu down. Gardevoir in.

16d 5h 10m The Oracle switched for Treesus.

16d 5h 9m Helix switched for the Oracle.

16d 5h 9m Helix v Xatu.

16d 5h 9m Battling Koga.

16d 5h 5m Camerupt down. Will defeated.

16d 5h 5m Nidoqueen down.

16d 5h 4m Steelix 3 down.

16d 5h 3m Steelix 2 down.

16d 5h 3m Donphan down.

16d 5h 3m Steelix down.

16d 5h 2m Helix v Steelix.

16d 5h 2m Challenging Will!

16d 5h 1m Back in the Pokemon League.

16d 5h 0m Skull faints.

16d 4h 56m Now in the Victory Road.

16d 4h 54m Vibrava faints. Black out.

16d 4h 53m ... Omastar has Morning Sun?

16d 4h 53m Vibrava is confused.

16d 4h 52m Vibrava is sent in.

16d 4h 50m Treesus down.

16d 4h 50m Treesus is sent in.

16d 4h 49m Bastiodon down.

16d 4h 49m Bastiodon is confused.

16d 4h 48m Armaldo down. Omastar in.

16d 4h 48m Bastiodon v Armaldo.

16d 4h 47m Battling Karen.

16d 4h 45m Treesus takes out Gliscor. Bruno defeated.

16d 4h 44m Gliscor is sent in. It confuses Treesus.

16d 4h 43m Rock Wrecker takes out Crobat.

16d 4h 43m Treesus is sent in.

16d 4h 42m She's brought down to 1HP and poisoned! Xatu down!

16d 4h 42m The Oracle is in the red.

16d 4h 41m Bruno withdraws Gliscor for Crobat.

16d 4h 41m Fearow down. Gliscor in.

16d 4h 40m Scyther down. In comes Fearow.

16d 4h 40m In comes Scyther.

16d 4h 39m Combined with the power of Stealth Rock, the Oracle's Fly takes out Masquerain.

16d 4h 39m Bruno does the same with Gliscor, bringing out Masquerain.

16d 4h 39m Bastiodon is switched for the Oracle.

16d 4h 38m Altaria down. Gliscor is sent in.

16d 4h 36m Altaria brought down to red. Healed.

16d 4h 35m It's going to be a long battle. Both Armour and Altaria do little damage to each other, or Armour misses with Magnet Bomb.

16d 4h 33m Bastiodon sets up Stealth Rock.

16d 4h 32m Bastiodon v Altaria.

16d 4h 32m Battling Bruno.

16d 4h 29m Lunatone finally goes down! Koga defeated.

16d 4h 27m It gets brought down to red again. It gets healed.

16d 4h 26m Lunatone is brought to red, but then healed.

[Snark] How does a Lunatone use Dragon Dance?

16d 4h 24m Lunatone is sent in!

16d 4h 24m The Oracle hits Lv. 88!

16d 4h 23m Girafarig down.

16d 4h 22m The second Girafarig has arrived.

16d 4h 22m Uxie goes down to a Fly.

16d 4h 21m The Oracle is sent in! Trick Room is activated.

16d 4h 19m Helix is brought down to red by Psycho Boost. A second one takes him out.

16d 4h 19m Girafarig 1 goes down. Uxie arrives.

16d 4h 18m Girafarig 1 is sent in.

16d 4h 18m Gardevoir down. Helix hits Level 82.

16d 4h 17m Gardevoir in.

16d 4h 17m Xatu down.

16d 4h 17m Helix v Xatu.

16d 4h 17m Battling Koga.

16d 4h 11m Camerupt down. Will defeated.

16d 4h 11m Camerupt is sent in. It starts to rain.

16d 4h 10m A Water Pulse takes it out.

16d 4h 10m Nidoqueen is sent in.

16d 4h 10m Steelix 3 in and out.

16d 4h 10m Steelix 2 in and out.

16d 4h 9m Donphan down.

16d 4h 9m Donphan is sent in.

16d 4h 8m Water Pulse takes it out.

16d 4h 7m Helix v Steelix.

16d 4h 7m Battling Will.

16d 4h 7m Challenging the E4.

16d 4h 7m Left the Victory Road.

16d 4h 4m Threw an Ultra Ball at a Raticate. It breaks out.

16d 4h 2m Skull goes down to an Octillery.

16d 4h 0m Skull doesn't evolve.

16d 4h 0m Skull hits Level 44.

16d 3h 59m Now in La Route de la Victoire.

16d 3h 58m Left the Pokemon League Building.

16d 3h 55m And he's OHKOed by a Water Spout. Black out!

16d 3h 55m Treesus is sent in.

16d 3h 54m She forgets what she was supposed to be doing and goes down to a Water Pulse.

16d 3h 54m The Oracle is sent in.

16d 3h 54m A Water Pulse takes out Vibrava.

16d 3h 53m In comes the second Omastar.

16d 3h 53m This does not stop her from understanding the magnitude of the situation and taking out the first Omastar.

16d 3h 53m Vibrava is brought down to red!

16d 3h 52m It uses Water Pulse and confuses Vibrava!

16d 3h 52m Karen sends out her Omastar.

16d 3h 52m Armaldo goes down to some hammering.

16d 3h 51m Vibrava vs Armaldo.

16d 3h 51m Time to fight Karen!

16d 3h 49m [Status] Vibrava Lv80 - 100%, Xatu Lv87 - 11%, Sudowoodo Lv75 - 100%

[Snark] Smogon-approved tactics even work in TPP!

16d 3h 47m And down goes Gliscor! Bruno defeated!

16d 3h 47m Gliscor is sent in for the final time! Half of its health is bloody gone because of all the Stealth Rock damage.

[Snark] All this switching.

16d 3h 47m It's finished off by a Fly from the Oracle.

16d 3h 46m Here comes Crobat. Stealth Rock hits it.

16d 3h 46m And it's switched out. Again.

16d 3h 46m Gliscor is in again.

16d 3h 46m With the assistance of Stealth Rock, a Fly takes out Fearow.

16d 3h 46m Gliscor is switched for Fearow.

16d 3h 45m Gliscor is back in. It takes a bit of damage from Stealth Rock.

16d 3h 45m Scyther goes down!

16d 3h 45m In comes Scyther. It too, has its health halved by Stealth Rock.

16d 3h 44m After a few hijinks and a near-death experience due to a Hyper Beam, the Oracle takes out the Masquerain.

16d 3h 44m ... Hyperbug's cousin?

16d 3h 44m Oh wow, Stealth Rock basically cut Masquerain in twain.

16d 3h 43m The Oracle is sent in! Gliscor is withdrawn for Masquerain!

16d 3h 43m A Dig from Gliscor takes out Armour!

16d 3h 43m Here comes Gliscor. It takes some damage from the Stealth Rock.

16d 3h 43m A final Magnet Bomb takes it out!

16d 3h 42m Altaria is down in the red again.

16d 3h 41m Armour brings Altaria down to red, but it's healed by a Full Restore.

16d 3h 41m Armour's aren't really either. Or he misses. One of the two.

16d 3h 40m Altaria's attacks aren't doing much damage.

16d 3h 40m Lord Armour starts off with Stealth Rock. That'll show dem Flying types.

16d 3h 39m Bastiodon v Altaria!

16d 3h 39m Bruno challenged!

16d 3h 39m In Bruno's room! GB Sounds are on!

16d 3h 37m Critical Fly takes out Lunatone! Koga defeated!

[Snark] I wonder if Ao transforms when she sees Lunatone.

16d 3h 37m Koga's final Pokemon! THE MOOOOON.

16d 3h 37m Giraffe down.

16d 3h 37m Trick Room's effects are over. Xatu is fast again.

16d 3h 36m The second Girafarig is in! It uses Role Play to copy Hustle.

[Stats] Xatu Lv. 87 - Max. HP 246 Attack 172 Defense 155 Sp. Atk 195 Sp. Def 145 Speed 218

16d 3h 36m With two usages of Fly, Uxie is down!

16d 3h 35m It was lucky for the Oracle that Uxie struck first. Luster Purge would hurt.

16d 3h 35m Here comes Uxie! Trick Room, ho!

16d 3h 35m The Oracle hits Level 87!

16d 3h 35m Giraffe down.

16d 3h 34m Whirlpools are quite ineffective against giraffes.

16d 3h 33m The Oracle is sent in to fight the Girafarig.

[Stats] Omastar Lv. 81 - Max. HP 226 Attack 137 Defense 249 Sp. Atk 236 Sp. Def 131 Speed 107

[Snark] I swear, that attack is pretty much a OHKO no matter who uses it.

16d 3h 32m Helix is taken out by Psycho Boost.

16d 3h 32m In comes Girafarig.

16d 3h 32m A Water Pulse and Muddy Water take it down.

16d 3h 31m Gardevoir is sent in.

16d 3h 31m Helix hits Level 81!

16d 3h 31m A second Water Pulse brings it down.

16d 3h 31m Water Pulse brings Xatu down to yellow, and confuses it.

16d 3h 31m Helix v Xatu.

16d 3h 30m Battlin' Koga

16d 3h 29m Now in Koga's room.

[Run] Urn 26

16d 3h 28m Will defeated.

16d 3h 28m After a few misses, Muddy Water finally hits! Camerupt down!

[Snark] I still don't understand how Camerupt can pull off Blaze Kick.

16d 3h 27m Will's final Pokemon, Camerupt! With obligatory Drizzle.

16d 3h 27m Down it goes to a critical Water Pulse. What is a queen to a god?

16d 3h 27m Nidoqueen is sent in.

16d 3h 26m Water Pulse takes it out.

16d 3h 26m Steelix 3 in as well.

16d 3h 26m Steelix 2 has been sent in. It goes down to Muddy Water.

16d 3h 25m Second Muddy Water hits. Donphan is down.

16d 3h 25m It dodges a Muddy Water and uses a Bone Club on Omastar. 118/223 for the fossil now.

16d 3h 25m In comes Donphan.

16d 3h 24m Steelix starts off with a Grudge. Helix takes it out with a Surf, and promptly loses all PP for the attack.

16d 3h 24m Helix v Steelix 1

16d 3h 24m Engaged Will.

16d 3h 24m E4 challenged.

16d 3h 23m Even wished us luck and everything! Also told us to heal. We haven't done that yet.

16d 3h 22m 4's pretty meek these days. Definitely changed a lot from jerkish prick to a kid who's trying to believe in Pokemon more.

[Stats] Omastar Lv. 80 - Max. HP 223 Attack 135 Defense 246 Sp. Atk 233 Sp. Def 129 Speed 106

16d 3h 22m Surf takes that out too. Helix sweep complete. 4chan defeated.

16d 3h 21m Here comes 4's final Pokemon, Camerupt!

16d 3h 21m Helix hits Level 80!

16d 3h 21m 4'S Kricketune is sent in, but it instantly goes down to a Surf.



16d 3h 21m That goes down to a Surf as well.

16d 3h 21m Magmar goes down! Flareon is sent in!

16d 3h 20m 4chan sends out a Magmar that ... SPACIAL REND?!

16d 3h 20m That goes down too!

16d 3h 19m 4 sends out Magmortar!

16d 3h 19m Helix v Torkoal. Torkoal goes down to a Surf!

16d 3h 19m BATTLING 4CHAN!

16d 3h 19m 4chan?!

16d 3h 17m Skull fainted earlier.

16d 3h 10m Into the Victory Road.

16d 3h 4m Gliscor takes out Lord Armor. Aoooo blacks out.

16d 3h 3m Gliscor incoming.

16d 3h 3m Finally, Altaria gets taken down! Lord Armor grows to lv. 76!

16d 3h 1m Lord Armor comes back.

[Snark] Definitely not a rock-solid run.

16d 2h 59m Switched in Vibrava who gets knocked out by Altaria.

16d 2h 57m Lord Armor comes in.

16d 2h 56m Altaria takes out Oracle.

16d 2h 50m In comes Oracle with only 19% left.

16d 2h 49m Switched Helix back in. Altaria uses Dragon Claw. Helix down!

16d 2h Lord Armor comes back in. Bruno heals Altaria back to full.

16d 2h 47m We switch in Oracle against Altaria.

[Snark] I'm surprised at how useful Stealth Rock is to us.

16d 2h 44m Set up Stealth Rocks and then switched Helix back in!

16d 2h 43m Switched in Lord Armor who TANKS a fly from Altaria. Lulz 6HP damage.

16d 2h 43m Versus Bruno! Helix versus Altaria

16d 2h 38m Oracle takes out Lunatone. Koga defeated!

16d 2h 37m Lunatone dragon dances up and unleashes a Luster Purge which did practically nothing.

16d 2h 36m Girafarig #2 down! Lunatone next.

16d 2h 35m Oracle takes down Uxie. Girafarig #2 up!

16d 2h 34m We also revived Omastar with a Revive. Neat.

16d 2h 34m Oracle comes in against Uxie.

16d 2h 33m Treesus faints! Uxie still has about 75% of its health left.

16d 2h 32m Psycho Boost from Uxie knocks Treesus down to 44%.

16d 2h 31m A Mist Ball from Uxie takes out Helix. Treesus comes out.

16d 2h 31m Girafarig uses Psycho boost and knocks Helix down to 16% before Helix takes it out. Uxie incoming.

[Stats] Omastar Lv. 79 - Max. HP 220 Attack 133 Defense 243 Sp. Atk 230 Sp. Def 128 Speed 105

16d 2h 30m Helix lands a crit on Gardevoir and knocks it out. Girafarig comes in.

16d 2h 30m Gardevoir bone rushes Helix. Helix is down to 56% now.

16d 2h 29m Threw an Ultra ball at Gardevoir. FailFish

16d 2h 28m Gardevoir comes in.

16d 2h 28m Helix takes out Xatu. Helix up to lv. 79!

16d 2h 27m Koga challenged! Helix versus Xatu.

[Snark] Helix just went Cambrian on Will.

[Runs] This is The Elite 4 Run #25.

16d 2h 26m Perfect sweep by Helix.

16d 2h 26m Camerupt comes in and gets rekt'd by Helix. Will defeated!

16d 2h 25m Nidoqueen comes in against Helix and gets OHKO'ed as well.

16d 2h 24m Steelix #3 in, and out she goes! Helix is showing no mercy!

16d 2h 24m Steelix #2 OHKO'ed! Helix sweep incoming!

16d 2h 24m And Donphan down! Steelix #2 out now.

16d 2h 23m Steelix #1 OHKO'ed by Surf! Donphan incoming.

16d 2h 23m Versus Will! Helix versus Steelix.

[Pun] Looks like we didn't geo too well.

[Snark] Great grinding session guys.

16d 2h 21m Looked away for a minute but Lord Skull fainted.

[Pun] So we're bashing our skulls against wild Pokemon in the Victory Road now, eh? Dino if it'll work, but hopefully we get a Rampardos outta this.

16d 2h 16m Lord Skull gets into a fight with a wild Golduck. He manages to take it down but lives with only 10%.

16d 2h 14m Into Victory Road we go!

16d 2h 13m Oracle down. Blacked out.

16d 2h 9m Oracle is out of PP for Fly and Mist Ball. Only Whirlpool and Amnesia left Uh-oh.

16d 2h 8m Oracle knocks out Omastar! Relicanth comes in.

16d 2h 3m A water pulse from Omastar knocks out Treesus. Only Oracle is left.

16d 2h 3m Treesus knocks out Armaldo but gets tormented. In comes Omastar.

[Runs] FYI, this is currently The Elite 4 Run #24. I couldn't post this earlier because of coordination issues with the team.

[Snark] I warned you, Theobserver99.

16d 2h 1m Lord Skull gets OHKO'ed by Karen's Armaldo. Treesus comes in.

16d 2h 0m Karen initiated! Skull versus Claw.

[Warning] Apparently you can get banned ("message deleted") now for posting "ヽ༼︶ل͜︶༽ノ Sleeping riot...zzzzzzz ヽ༼︶ل͜︶༽ノ". Didn't happen to me before.

16d 1h 55m Bruno defeated! Lord Skull to level 43 as well, but no evolution.

16d 1h 54m Fearow down. Gliscor comes back in.

16d 1h 52m Gliscor comes in but gets switched out for Fearow.

16d 1h 52m Masquerain comes in and immediately gets taken out by the Oracle.

16d 1h 50m Scyther comes in. Scyther down.

16d 1h 50m Oracle to level 86! Not 85, my bad.

16d 1h 49m Oracle takes out Altaria. Oracle grows to level 85!

16d 1h 47m Switched in Oracle.

16d 1h 47m Challenged Bruno! Altaria versus Lord Skull.

16d 1h 42m Lunatone taken out. Koga defeated!

16d 1h 41m And down goes Girafarig #2! Lunatone comes in.

16d 1h 40m Uxie down! Girafarig #2 up.

16d 1h 38m Girafarig OHKO'ed! Uxie now.

16d 1h 38m Girafarig incoming.

16d 1h 37m Oracle OHKOs Gardevoir with fly.

16d 1h 36m Switched in the Oracle.

16d 1h 35m Lord Skull comes in to avenge Helix!

16d 1h 34m Helix takes out Xatu. Gardevoir comes in and knocks out Helix.

16d 1h 33m Koga challenged! Helix versus Xatu.

16d 1h 29m Camerupt goes down! Helix grows to level 78! Will defeated!

16d 1h 28m Nidoqueen down! Only Camerupt left.

16d 1h 27m Donphan down to Water Spout! Nidoqueen incoming.

16d 1h 27m Helix comes back in and knocks out Steelix #3. Donphan comes in.

16d 1h 25m A meteor mash from Steelix #3 knocks out Vibrava.

16d 1h 24m Vibrava lost all of its PP for Magnitude. I think from grudge.

16d 1h 23m Magnitude knocks out Steelix #2. Steelix #3 incoming.

16d 1h 23m In comes Vibrava.

16d 1h 21m We switch Lord Armor in again. Lord Armor faints to Steelix's Bone Club.

16d 1h 21m Helix incoming. All these switches allow Steelix to get free attacks in against Helix. Helix is down to 40% now.

16d 1h 21m We switch Lord Skull in.

16d 1h 20m Aaaaaand back out into Lord Armor. No Helix. Hopefully it stays this way.

16d 1h 20m We switch Helix back in.

16d 1h 18m Steelix #2 incoming.

16d 1h 18m Bastiodon wrecks Steelix with a couple of Surfs but takes massive damage from Steelix's Bone Club.

16d 1h 17m Helix sweep incoming! Nope jk we switched to Lord Armor against Steelix.

16d 1h 17m Versus Will.

16d 1h 15m Re-ordered our team so that Helix is back in the front again.

16d 1h 9m Relicanth comes in with a Head Smash. Xatu faints, Relicanth faints from recoil. Blackout.

16d 1h 8m Challenged Karen! Anorith down to a Mist Ball.

16d 1h 5m Wandering in Karen's room, cycling the GB Sounds and generally delaying our defeat.

16d 0h 59m Bruno uses a Full Restore. A couple of Flys finally take out Fearow, Bruno defeated.

16d 0h 57m Fearow in. We heal Xatu with a Hyper Potion.

16d 0h 54m Scyther down to a Fly, Masquerain in. A Mist Bal takes it out.

16d 0h 53m Xatu takes down Crobat with a Fly. Scyther looses half its health to Stealth Rock #SmogonStrats

[Snark] I'd go batty with laughter if it is.

16d 0h 49m Vibrava down after a few Hidden Powers. If this is teh urn, I will eat cro.

[Snark] I'm croing in laughter here.

16d 0h 47m We stare at the Pokemon menu, unwilling to accept that this is not the urn.

16d 0h 45m Vibrava in, after much contemplation. It's just her and Xatu now.

16d 0h 40m Whatever it is, it's enough to KO Armor after a few more hits.

[Chat] People are discussing what type Hidden Power is. Either Fighting or Ground, it seems.

16d 0h 37m Armor back in. Hidden Power drops him to 47% while we set up rocks.

16d 0h 35m Crobat in, we do a tactical switch to Bastiodon to block the Poison Jab... then go back to Treesus. Hidden Power KOs.

16d 0h 33m Gliscor in. Treesus clutches two Digs with 4HP, and takes out Gliscor with a Rock Wrecker and Surf.

16d 0h 33m Altaria gets Rock Rekt! Treesus to level 75!

16d 0h 32m Versus Bruno! Treesus out front.

16d 0h 27m Koga defeated! Treesus at full, Xatu at 90%, Bastiodon at 84%, Vibrava at 71%, Helix and Skull down.

[Snark] Sometimes Koga holds back his Lunatone, and sometimes he saves Gardevoir, but he says he was always counting on his last one from the very beginning. Is he adaptive, or just lying?

16d 0h 25m Xatu back in; Fly OHKOs. Lunatone in.

16d 0h 24m Girafarig in. We bring in Skull to eat the Psycho Boost; he gets rekt, of course.

16d 0h 23m Uxie survives a Fly with 1HP again. Our second Fly misses, and the third KOs Uxie.

16d 0h 21m Skull comes in and drops to red without accomplishing much. We finally get the Xatu switch.

16d 0h 20m We stick with Vibrava and start spamming Bone Club. Uxie is left with a sliver of health and gets Full Restored.

16d 0h 18m Vibrava in, then Treesus in, then Vibrava back in. We're probably searching for Xatu.

16d 0h 17m Armor in. Uxie's Psycho Boosts aren't worth much now.

16d 0h 15m Uxie's Psycho Boost drops Helix. [ ] TEH URN [X] NOT TEH URN

16d 0h 15m Girafarig down to a Surf! Uxie in.

16d 0h 14m Gardevoir in and also down to two Surfs. She drops Helix to 52% from a couple of Bone Rushes, however.

16d 0h 13m Well, two Surfs took down Xatu. There's still hope.

16d 0h 12m Koga challenged! Helix is in front... not the urn.

16d 0h 5m Will swept! Helix to level 77! Helix is at 87% from a Mud-Slap, all others are fresh.

16d 0h 2m Will challenged! We got Helix back in front, so get ready for the sweep.

[Runs] Elite 4 run #23 Incoming!

[Stadium] Not content with fighting during Karen Battles, Helix and Dome are battling in Stadium as well.

15d 23h 53m Electivire in. We fail to heal, and a Seed Flare does in Vibrava. Blacked out.

15d 23h 52m Two Mud Bombs, one critical, drop Vibrava to 11 HP, but two Magnitudes take out Raikou. Vibrava to level 80!

15d 23h 51m Raikou misses a few Mud Bombs, but Armor fails to capitalize on it and keeps using Magnet Bomb. Eventually, one connects and KOs Armor.

15d 23h 50m AncientPower takes out Helix. Armor comes in with a Magnet Bomb, Lance Full Restores.

15d 23h 49m Helix falls to 12 HP from a Fake out and Mud Bomb, but his Surf drops Raikou to around 25%.


15d 23h 49m Versus Lance! Raikou's Drizzle could help out Helix.

[Fluff] "Omastar nodded slowly." Let's do this.

15d 23h 47m Used a Hyper Potion on Vibrava. aoooo turns on the GB Sounds for her encounter with Lance.

15d 23h 46m Probopass in and down to a Surf. Karen swept! Helix dropped to 63% from a Head Smash, all others are the same.


15d 23h 45m Helix downs Dome with Water Spout and grows to level 76!

15d 23h 44m A critical hit Water Spout OHKOs False Helix! Second False Helix comes in, and we get another crit Water Spout!

15d 23h 44m Helix Surfs down Relicanth. False Helix in.

15d 23h 43m Used an Ultra Ball on Armaldo. A Surf the takes him out.

15d 23h 42m Tossed a Hyper Potion. Versus Karen!

15d 23h 40m Bastiodon takes a Dig and Surfs down Gliscor. Bruno defeated. Helix is at full, Vibrava is at 52%, Bastiodon is at 25%, all others are fainted.

15d 23h 39m Treesus comes in and takes exactly 200 damage from a critical dig. We heal him, but after the third dig crits, Treesus goes down.

15d 23h 37m Gliscor flatters three times. Due to poison and confusion damage, Xatu faints.

15d 23h 36m Crobat down. Gliscor has nowhere to hide now.

15d 23h 35m Crobat in via Gliscor. Crobat's Poison Jab poisons Xatu.

15d 23h 34m Gliscor in again, then Fearow. I'm not sure if the AI is borked or Bruno has been reading too many threads on Smogon.

15d 23h 33m Scyther down, Gliscor in. Bruno takes out Gliscor and sends in Masquerain, who is OHKOd.

15d 23h 32m Used a Hyper Potion on Xatu. Scyther responds with a fearsome String Shot.

15d 23h 31m Altaria down. Xatu is at 37%.

15d 23h 30m Bruno challenged! Altaria gets a critical Fly versus Xatu.

15d 23h 25m Gardevoir down, Koga defeated! Vibrava is at 52%, Skull is out, all other party members are at full health.

15d 23h 25m 3 Magnitudes take out Lunatone. Gardevoir in.

15d 23h 23m DoT from Whirlpool and a Fly are nearly enough to take out Lunatone, but Koga Full Restores. We bring in Vibrava.

15d 23h 21m Hyper Potion on Xatu. The moon rock begins to dance.

15d 23h 20m Girafarig 2 in and down. Lunatone in, we use a Hyper Potion on Helix.

15d 23h 19m Uxie down, Xatu to level 84.

15d 23h 18m Girafarig down, Uxie comes in and sets up his trick house.

15d 23h 17m Koga's Xatu down. Girafarig in. Xatu is down to 49%.

15d 23h 16m Xatu vs. Xatu. Hustle means they are both missing a lot.

15d 23h 14m A boosted Mega Kick fells Skull. Xatu in.

15d 23h 13m Challenging Koga! Party order is Skull, Xatu, Helix, Treesus, Vibrava, Armor.

15d 23h 9m Milling about Koga's room, probably trying to switch Helix out of the top slot. In the meantime, we are playing with GB Sounds and accidentally switching the party order.

[Stats] At 422 Pokemon seen , aoooo has a more complete Pokedex than Alice could have in Generation III. Who's the researcher now?

15d 23h 4m Will swept! Helix is at 85% and 8/15 PP for Surf, all others are fresh.

15d 23h 3m Nidoqueen decided to attack with a Mud-Slap for once. Helix loses his perfect sweep but still grows to level 75.

[Runs] This is The Elite 4 Run #22.

15d 23h 1m Challenged Will! Get ready for the Helix Sweep.

15d 22h 58m Helix switched back to the front... Omastar, Xatu, Cranidos, Sudowoodo, Vibrava, Bastiodon.

15d 22h 57m sudowoodo holds steel mail, everyone else holds another item or nothing.

15d 22h 55m Oh and we reordered the party too... Sudowoodo, Xatu, Cranidos, Omastar, Vibrava, Bastiodon.

15d 22h 55m REMOVED MAIL FROM HELIX oh god

15d 22h 52m We walk away from the counter. We bought 2 ultra balls, 1 hyper potion, 1 revive, and 1 full restore

15d 22h 51m also got 1 full restore...

15d 22h 51m 1 hyper potion bought. and one revive.

15d 22h 50m bought 2 ultra balls.

15d 22h 50m We're at the pokemart guy. I guess trying to get more potions.

15d 22h 50m Walt calls us to cheer us up.

[Snark] If we can't even beat the E4, or the Champion, we are not worthy to face Mt.Silver.

15d 22h 49m Black out... =( not teh urn

15d 22h 49m It uses Seed Flare ;∆; we lose =(

15d 22h 48m another Electivire up now.

15d 22h 48m MAGNITUDE 10!!! not that we need it when Ampharos is in the red but it does the job.

15d 22h 48m Another Magnitude 6 brings it to red...

15d 22h 47m We get a puny magnitude 6, not even half health to Ampharos =/

15d 22h 47m Lance full restores...

15d 22h 47m Magnitude time again!! Magnitude 9!!! Ampharos is in the red.

15d 22h 47m Ampharos rock throws for minimal damage on us. We use... trump card. >__>


hyper potion hype

15d 22h 46m USED HYPER POTION!!!

15d 22h 46m Ampharos is up now. We desperately try to use Hyper Potion.

15d 22h 45m We KO Electivire.

15d 22h 45m Electivire is in the low yellow HP but uses Seed Flare on us........... we are at 5 HP. FIVE.

15d 22h 45m We took damage from mud bombs though and are at 109/209 HP. Out comes Electivire. We get a Magnitude 6...

15d 22h 44m Magnitude on Raikou, we got 7 and it went to below half. 9 KOs Raikou.

15d 22h 44m We walked into Lance's room! FIGHT BEGINS!!!

15d 22h 43m WE USED HYPER POTION ON VIBRAVA so we are at 100% health... on one Pokemon.

15d 22h 41m Vibrava did NOT evolve. =(

15d 22h 41m We hit Magnitude 9 on Probopass, 4x weak, and win!!! KAREN DEFEATED

15d 22h 41m Our next Magnitude takes out Relicanth and WE GROW TO LEVEL 79 and are up against Probopass now.

15d 22h 40m Relicanth is up now and Magnitude 7 brings it below half. We take a head smash though, and despite it being not very effective, we are in the red now.

15d 22h 40m It uses Bubblebeam on us and we get a Magnitude 6 and KO dome.

15d 22h 40m Omastar morning suns again but our Magnitude 8 KOs it! Another false Helix out now... and we Magnitude 9 it into the yellow. Its water spout does minimal damage but Karen full restores. Our Magnitude 8 brings it to yellow again and we follow up with Magnitude 7 and KO it. Dome out now. We Magnitude 7 it as it rock polishes.

15d 22h 38m Sent out Vibrava and used Magnitude (6) which brought Omastar to the red. But it used Morning Sun and healed to the green. We use Magnitude again (7) and bring it back to red.

15d 22h 37m vibrava is our last hope... at 100% health and neutral to water types.

[Recap] Here's Episode 6 of /u/Calabazal's HeartGold highlight series.

15d 22h 36m We send out Cranidos and get Water Pulsed. rip

15d 22h 36m Omastar is at about 1/2 health but it KOs us with water pulse

15d 22h 36m Omastar's crabhammer brings us to 20 HP. We use Surf.

15d 22h 36m We use Magnet Bomb... as Omastar uses Morning Sun.

15d 22h 35m We send out Bastiodon. FOSSIL BATTLE!!! And our fossil wins. =D False Helix out next.

15d 22h 35m Armaldo used Howl and then Rock Slide... Xatu faints. =(

15d 22h 33m Bruno has been defeated. Party is Xatu at 60% health, Cranidos, Vibrava, and Bastiodon at 100. Helix and Treesus are fainted. Karen is next. We talk to her and begin the fight.

15d 22h 32m We mist ball it... and it's down to yellow HP. AND its attack missed! We fly now and avoid Wing Attack. Fly hits and WE WIN

15d 22h 32m WE USED MIST BALL! YAY We kill the Masquerain and out comes Fearow the last pokemon

15d 22h 31m Masquerain aerial aced us... and now it's a losing fly battle again. =(


15d 22h 31m We are hit with fly and at 14 HP.

15d 22h 30m We switch to Mist Ball and actually hit Masquerain! Aaaand it flies and we don't.

15d 22h 29m This... isn't good. the slower Pokemon in a fly battle will win, and in this case it's Masquerain...

15d 22h 29m Masquerain out now. Another bug type to fly against.......but it flies too and we miss =/

rip scyther

15d 22h 28m Scyther now... that thing won't stand up to a fly from us.

15d 22h 28m Xatu is sent out and we fly. OHKO'd Crobat!

15d 22h 27m Crobat's Hidden Power brought us to the yellow and we hurt ourself in confustion from being flattered by Gliscor. =( Another hp from Crobat KOs Helix =(

15d 22h 26m We easily take out Gliscor. Crobat out now.

15d 22h 26m Another surf takes out Altaria. Next is Gliscor.

15d 22h 25m Altaria's fly missed!! =D We surf it to the yellow.

15d 22h 25m We got hit by a dragon claw, but we landed 2 water spouts and got Altaria to red. Bruno healed and we attacked again. Now Altaria is in the air.

15d 22h 24m Altaria flew and avoided Helix's attack. =(


15d 22h 23m Currently standing next to Bruno..... or not. we walked away. Still toggling GB SOUNDS instead of fighting.

15d 22h 22m Making a new signature!

15d 22h 20m Our party right now is Helix Cranidos Vibrava and Bastiodon at 100% HP, Xatu at 79%, and Sudowoodo fainted. BTW, we are toggling GB SOUNDS a lot again! =D

15d 22h 19m Lunatone is Dragon Dancing but in the end it just hurts it because it strikes before us while we are still in the air. We fly and KO it, KOGA DEFEATED

15d 22h 18m NVE but still brings Lunatone below half for a 2HKO as long as we hit.

15d 22h 18m Lunatone up now, the last Pokemon. Fly won't be very effective but we fly anyway.

15d 22h 17m Bastiodon to level 75 from that fight. Out comes the second Girafarig whose attack misses because we flew up high. And that easily KOs Girafarig.

15d 22h 17m We continue to fly and finally KO Uxie with a crit.

15d 22h 15m Tookk a Luster Purge during that turn but Xatu resists so we hardly took any damage. Time to fly.

15d 22h 15m We healed Bastiodon's HP w/ a Hyper Potion

15d 22h 14m Full restore was used on Uxie. We switched out Bastiodon for Xatu.

15d 22h 13m Luster Purge lowered our Sp.def.

15d 22h 13m Uxie used Psycho Boost and got Bastiodon below half HP. Our Magnet Bomb does the same though.

15d 22h 12m Magnet Bomb for the KO on Girafarig! Uxie up next.

15d 22h 12m We're using Stealth Rock...

15d 22h 11m Girafarig got a crit Psycho Boost on us but we hang on with 70 HP remaining still!

15d 22h 11m Bastiodon sent out. Girafarig copied our soundproof ability with Role Play while we surf.

15d 22h 10m We beat Gardevoir but Girafarig comes out and Psycho Boosts us to death. rip tree

15d 22h 9m Next is Gardevoir... who Bone Rushes us. And we must recharge... as we get bone rushed again.

15d 22h 9m We used Surf... hardly dents Xatu. Then we use Rock Wrecker. GJ. Xatu down.

15d 22h 8m We switch HELIX for Sudowoodo

[snark] lol his xatu isn't shiny. lame


[Snark] Lord Helix, The Clean Sweepah!

15d 22h 6m DEFEATED WILL without a scratch. Helix is still at full HP. Also, LORD HELIX GREW TO LEVEL 74. PRAISE HELIX.

[Snark] Surf's up!

15d 22h 4m We're just surfing everything to death here.

15d 22h 3m Helix wins! =D

15d 22h 3m Steelix vs Helix!

15d 22h 2m TALKED TO WILL, FIGHT STARTED I mean, as long as we push A or B enough times.

[Runs] The Elite 4 Run #21 Incoming!

15d 22h 1m FINALLY ENTERED THE E4 AREA Aaaaaand we walk right past Will.

[Troll] I'm in your TPP, messin' with your GB Sounds.

[snark] damn it game freak y u no give us wider doors

15d 22h 1m Also, we are having difficulty walking through the door.

15d 22h 0m BTW, still toggling the GB SOUNDS. We hardly get past the intro to the background music before it gets toggled. That's how often it's been toggled.

15d 22h 0m We have talked to the guy in front of the E4 entrance but have not walked in yet.

[Stadium] Red team, the one Helix was on, won. Not that I'm surprised or anything.

15d 21h 56m Talked to the Abra guy! But he doesn't teleport you home in this gen, for better or worse.

[Fluff] aoooo really loves checking her bags, status reports, and through the pokedex.

15d 21h 55m BTW for those curious, we haven't actually done anything else since blacking out.

15d 21h 54m I have officially lost track of how many times in the past 5 minutes we have toggled on or off GB SOUNDS.

15d 21h 52m We keep toggling GB SOUNDS.



15d 21h 49m Called Sabrina, she's also waiting in the Saffron Fighting Dojo to fight us.

15d 21h 48m Gaven on route 26 is also waiting for us to battle... so many people want to fight us.

15d 21h 47m Called Tully who is on route 42. He's also waiting to battle.

15d 21h 46m Billy is waiting on route 15 to battle us. Somehow I don't think we'll get there... We're just messing with the Pokegear.

[Info] Everyone in our party, except a certain Canidos, is around levels 70-80. While our poor Cranidos is left behind somewhere at level 42. Maybe we should either try to grind our poor fellow, or do something else about him.


15d 21h 43m Called Erika! She's waiting for us at the Fighting Dojo in Saffron.

15d 21h 43m Called Baoba again.

15d 21h 42m 15d 21h 42m TURNED OFF GB SOUNDS Apparently we are indecisive today. Also called Baoba, he wants us to catch a Geodude in the Safari Zone. Probably not gonna happen, sorry.

15d 21h 41m TURNED ON GB SOUNDS =D

15d 21h 40m TURNED OFF GB SOUNDS Totally bold-worthy.

15d 21h 39m Called Professor Oak. He sees that we are trying to complete the Pokedex.





15d 21h 34m Crobat poisons Xatu with Poison Jab. ALERT: WE ARE ABOUT TO LOSE TO BRUNO.

15d 21h 33m Xatu takes down Fearow and levels up to 83! Gliscor sent out/withdrawn Crobat now out.

15d 21h 33m Xatu takes out Scyther. Gliscor is sent out, and immediately withdrawn for Fearow.

15d 21h 32m Xatu takes down Masquerain with Fly! Mantis Hype!

15d 21h 31m Bruno switches out to Masquerain.

15d 21h 28m Vibrava is KO'd by a Critical Magnitude! We are down to just Xatu.

15d 21h 27m Bastiodon is KO'd by Mud Slap! We send out Vibrava, who immediately starts Trumping.

15d 21h 26m We try to catch Gliscor! It doesn't work because A) he was underground, and B) DON'T BE A THIEF.

15d 21h 25m Bastiodon takes down Altaria! Out comes the dreaded Gliscor.

15d 21h 25m We switched out Xatu for Bastiodon against the opposing Altaria.

15d 21h 24m We swap in Bastiodon.

15d 21h 23m Bruno challenged!

15d 21h 18m Bastiodon takes down Lunatone! Koga defeated! Xatu, Vibrava, and Bastiodon are the only ones left standing.

15d 21h 16m Bastiodon takes down Girafarig! Out comes Lunatone!

15d 21h 15m Sudowoodo is KO'd by Psycho Boost. Bastiodon sent in.

15d 21h 14m Uxie gets Rock Wrekt by Sudowoodo! Twice actually. Girafarig out!

15d 21h 13m Sudowoodo is sent out!

15d 21h 11m Helix is KO'd by Psycho Boost!

15d 21h 10m We immediately switch to Cranidos who is KO'd by Mist Ball. Helix back out.

15d 21h 10m Helix takes down Girafarig and levels up to 73! Helix down to 17 HP. Uxie out!

15d 21h 9m Helix takes down Gardevoir with Water Spout! Girafarig out.

15d 21h 8m Helix takes down Xatu with Muddy Water! Out comes Gardevoir!

15d 21h 6m Koga challenged!

15d 21h 4m Helix takes down Camerupt! Will defeated!

15d 21h 3m Water Pulse is NOT a OHKO on Nidoqueen apparently. But almost! 84% HP Water Spout is though. Nidoqueen down!

[Chat] Twinturbo_123: I HAVE A PENIS (Thanks for letting us know.)

15d 21h 2m Helix takes down Steelix #3! Nidoqueen out now.

15d 21h 1m Helix takes down Steelix #2, but not before Steelix uses Grudge. Surf is now out of PP. Muddy Water hype?

15d 21h 0m Helix takes down Donphan and levels up to 72! Steelix #2 out.

15d 21h 0m Helix takes down Steelix #1! Donphan is sent out.

15d 20h 59m Will challenged!

[Runs] Yes, this is the Elite 4 Run #20.

15d 20h 56m We enter the E4! Run #20 I believe. If I'm wrong, someone can correct me.

15d 20h 53m Todd calls us. His Drifloon is looking more and more like him.

15d 20h 52m Vibrava is KO'd by False Helix #2. Blackout hype!

15d 20h 52m Vibrava takes down False Helix #1! Out comes False Helix #2!

15d 20h 51m Vibrava takes out Armaldo!

15d 20h 48m Armaldo takes out Sudowoodo with Rock Slide! Vibrava is our last hope.

15d 20h 47m Karen challenged!

[Snark] Sadly, dis is not deh Urn, I'm afraid.

15d 20h 42m Sudowoodo takes down Gliscor with Surf! Bruno defeated! Sudowoodo has 16% HP left, Vibrava is at full health, everyone else is KO'd.

15d 20h 41m Gliscor scores a Critical Hit with Dig and Helix is KO'd! Sudowoodo is sent out.

15d 20h 40m Ok down to Sudowood, Vibrava, AND Helix. Helix gets sent out and KO's Crobat with Surf!

15d 20h 38m Crobat scores a Critical Hit with Poison Jab, and also poisons Xatu. Xatu is then KO'd by poison! Down to just Sudowoodo and Vibrava.

15d 20h 37m Oh whoops, down to Gliscor AND Crobat. Crobat gets switched in and eats a Mist Ball from Xatu.

15d 20h 36m Gliscor switched out for Fearow! Xatu then takes down Fearow! Down to Gliscor only.

15d 20h 36m Xatu takes down Masquerain! Scyther out! Oh and Xatu takes out Scyther before I finished typing this update. Gliscor out again!

15d 20h 35m We swap in Xatu against Gliscor! Bruno then swaps in Masquerain!

15d 20h 34m We switch Sudowoodo in for Helix. Sudowoodo eventually takes down Altaria with Rock Wrecker!

15d 20h 32m Bruno challenged!

15d 20h 28m Xatu finally takes down Lunatone! Koga defeated! NEXT

15d 20h 25m Xatu takes down Girafarig. Out comes Lunatone!

15d 20h 24m Uxie is defeated by excess Whirpool damage. Xatu is in the air currently.

15d 20h 23m Xatu keeps trying to Fly, but keeps missing. It should really settle down and stop Hustling so much.

15d 20h 21m We send out Cranidos, who immediately is KO'd by another Psycho Boost. Xatu out now!

15d 20h 20m Uxie takes down Bastiodon with Psycho Boost

15d 20h 18m Bastiodon takes down Girafarig! Out comes Uxie!

15d 20h 17m We switch in Bastiodon, who takes a Psycho Boost from Girafarig.

15d 20h 16m Helix also takes down Gardevoir with Water Spout. Out comes Girafarig!

15d 20h 16m Helix takes down Xatu with Water Spout!

15d 20h 15m Koga instantly challenged!

15d 20h 14m Helix takes down Camerupt. Clean sweep! Helix levels up to 71! Clean Sweep Hype! Will is defeated!

15d 20h 13m Helix takes down Nidoqueen. Camerupt Drizzle time!

15d 20h 13m Helix > Steelix #3. Nidoqueen next!

15d 20h 12m Helix > Steelix #2. Surf is a OHKO. Out comes Steelix #3!

15d 20h 12m Omastar outspeeds Donphan and KO's with Surf.

15d 20h 11m Helix > Steelix. Water Pulse is a OHKO. Out comes Donphan!

15d 20h 11m Will challenged!

[Meta] In case you haven't seen /u/Calabazal's new recap video, go check it out here!

[Runs] Elite 4 Run #19 Incoming!

15d 20h 9m We enter the E4!

15d 20h 7m We visit the store, but don't buy anything.

15d 20h 5m Turned on the PC!

15d 20h 3m We heal our already healed party two additional times.

15d 20h 0m Doug calls us. He really loves pokemon.

15d 19h 59m Lord Armor comes out and we use Cut. Helix uses water pulse and Armor goes down. aoooo blacks out!

15d 19h 57m Our last Pokemon is Lord Armor. He has 32% HP remaining.

15d 19h 57m We use a Pokeball trying to catch another Lord Helix. Vibrava down to a Water Pulse!

15d 19h 56m Up against Karen's Lord Helix now. We use Magnitude again and it barely lives. We survive a Water Pulse with just enough HP to take it out. Another Lord Helix comes out.

15d 19h 56m Karen uses a full restore on Armaldo just as we're getting it to low health. A critical Magnitude finally takes it out though!

15d 19h 55m Trump Card doesn't do much to Armaldo, plus we're hurt by its Rough Skin. It isn't doing much to us, either, so that's a definite benefit.

15d 19h 54m We immediately talk to Karen. Battle begins with Armaldo versus Vibrava!

15d 19h 53m Bruno defeated!

15d 19h 53m One last Magnet Bomb takes Fearow out! Lord Armor grows to level 74!

15d 19h 52m Fearow was almost knocked out but a Full Restore kept it alive. We keep switching between Magnet Bomb and Surf.

15d 19h 51m Slowly dealing damage to Masquerain. It took a while, but after some cuts and Magnet Bombs, it goes down! Only Fearow left.

15d 19h 50m Scyther down! Masquerain comes out.

15d 19h 50m Armor comes out. We're slowly chipping away at Scyther's HP with Magnet Bomb. It can't really hurt us with Wing Attack.

15d 19h 49m Xatu faints to Scyther's Wing attack. Only Vibrava and Lord Armor left.

15d 19h 48m Out comes Scyther. Xatu's only remaining attack is Waterfall.

15d 19h 48m Xatu grew to level 82!

15d 19h 47m Bruno uses a Full Restore on Crobat. We use Mist Ball again and almost knock out Crobat again. A Whirlpool doesn't take it down immediately, but the damage after the turn takes it out!

[Fluff] Maybe this is not so much teh urn after all...

15d 19h 46m Xatu uses Mist Ball and barely doesn't take out Crobat. It uses Poison Jab and poisons Xatu.

15d 19h 45m Out comes Lord Skull. Skull takes a Hidden Power to the face and Skull goes down. Out comes Xatu.

15d 19h 45m Out comes Crobat. It uses hidden power and takes out Lord Helix.

15d 19h 44m Currently Lord Helix versus Gliscor. Helix is at 20% HP, but was able to successfully take down Gliscor! Helix grew to level 70!

15d 19h 44m Updating has resumed! We're currently fighting Bruno. Only Treesus has fainted so far. This could be TEH URN!

15d 19h 25m We have started another E4 run and defeated Will, and challenged Bruno. I can't update currently and there won't be another updater for a short while it seems, but rest assured someone will come around if we reach Lance again.

15d 19h 23m Omastar is now level 69! How is the chat reacting? How do you think?!?

[Recap] I checked some logs, Bruno was a straight Fly sweep after Xatu came in.

15d 19h 4m Input back up, riot is over. aoooo ignores Chad's call.

15d 19h 3m Input is down. The stream couldn't handle the Lance rematch hype.

[Info] Raikou used Fake Out on Treesus as well. We haven't seen his other attacks.

15d 19h 2m A second Mud Bomb takes out Treesus! Blacked out!

15d 19h 1m A Mud Bomb drops Treesus to 60 HP. Rock Wrecker drops Raikou to around 25%. We recharge while Lance Full Restores.

[Fluff] GB Sounds champion music is easily the best part of this battle.

15d 18h 59m We bring in Vibrava. Raikou's Mud Bomb KOs her!

15d 18h 57m Challenged Lance! Level 72 Male Raikou in!

15d 18h 56m Vibrava goes down to 14 HP, but survives another Water Pulse and returns with a Magnitude 10! Karen Defeated! Vibrava grows to level 78 and fails to evolve.

15d 18h 55m False Helix 2 comes in. His Water Pulse confuses Vibrava!

15d 18h 54m Vibrava in! A couple of Magnitudes drop Probopass.

15d 18h 52m Probopass comes in. Two Mist Balls do little, but two Iron Tails bring down Xatu.

15d 18h 51m Dark Helix down to a Mist Ball!

15d 18h 51m Karen's Omastar comes in and KOs Helix with Water Pulse! Xatu in.

15d 18h 50m Surf brings Dome to a sliver of health, and a Full Restore brings it back. A second Surf and Kabutops's Head Smash take it out.

15d 18h 49m Armaldo and Relicanth down. Kabutops in!

[Recap] Sorry for the gap. Looks like Xatu swept Bruno, no one else's HP has changed.

15d 18h 48m Bruno Defeated! Karen challenged!

15d 18h 43m Skull in, Skull down. Xatu in.

15d 18h 42m Bruno brings in Gliscor, we bring in Armor. A few Digs and Armor is down.

15d 18h 41m Two Water Spouts, one critical, takes down Altaria. Helix to level 68!

15d 18h 40m Versus Bruno! Helix still leads.

15d 18h 39m Milling about in Bruno's room. Some people want to switch Armor into the top slot.

[Urn Status] Xatu is at 87%. Everyone else is at full HP.

15d 18h 33m Gardevoir OHKOd! Koga defeated!

15d 18h 32m Lunatone down, Gardevoir in. We're actually hitting with Fly this run.

15d 18h 31m Xatu drops Lunatone to half with a Fly. Xatu was down to around 80 HP, so we use a Hyper Potion.

15d 18h 30m Girafarig #2 in and out. Lunatone in and starts Dragon Dancing.

15d 18h 29m Uxie down to a couple of Flys.

15d 18h 28m Uxie comes in and uses Trick Room.

15d 18h 28m Girafarig in. One Fly drops it.

15d 18h 27m Xatu down to red from a Surf. We bring in our own Xatu and KO with Mist Ball. Xatu to level 80!

15d 18h 26m Versus Koga!* Helix in versus Xatu.

15d 18h 25m Walked right up to Koga. aooo is beginning to see through his ninja tricks.

15d 18h 22m Camerupt down to a Water Pulse. Clean sweep by Helix.

15d 18h 21m Nidoqueen down. Camerupt brings the rain with him.

15d 18h 20m Steelix #3 down to a Muddy Water.

15d 18h 19m Donphan in, Donphan down. Steelix #2 in and out.

15d 18h 18m Steelix down! Helix grows to level 67 and learns Muddy Water over Crabhammer!

15d 18h 17m Wil engaged! Steelix vs. Helix.

15d 18h 15m Entered Will's room. Rematch Urn #18!

[Urn] Starting urn #18 now.

[Snark] PC Intensifies

15d 18h 7m Dig takes out Skull and aoooo blacks out!

15d 18h 6m Lord Skull comes out. Gliscor Digs again, and our Surf misses.

15d 18h 5m Vibrava hurts herself in confusion and Dig hurts some more. Another confusion hit puts Vibrava in red, and another dig knocks Vibrava out!

15d 18h 5m We use Trump Card which doesn't do much, and Gliscor confuses us. The Trump Card train continues while Gliscor digs.

15d 18h 4m We finally send out Vibrava and use a Hyper Potion on it. Gliscor digs.

15d 18h 1m Dig takes out Lord Armor!

15d 18h 1m Pokeball wasted on Gliscor, who digs again.

15d 17h 58m Magnet Bomb takes out Fearow! Out comes Gliscor!

15d 17h 57m Super Fang takes Lord Armor down below half. Armor sets ups Stealth Rocks and takes a few Wing attacks.

15d 17h 56m Fearow's wing attack does nothing against Lord Armor, and Lord Armor's Cut isn't much better.

15d 17h 55m Fearow is restored to full HP during the switch with a full restore! We're in the bag now.

15d 17h 54m Super Fang takes out half of Vibrava's health, and we use Hammer Arm. A Trump Card on top of that isn't quite enough to knock it out, so we swap for Armor.

15d 17h 53m Fearow misses Super Fang, and Vibrava's Bone Club doesn't affect Fearow.

15d 17h 53m Whirlpool keeps missing, and Fearow takes out Xatu. We send out Vibrava.

15d 17h 52m Gliscor out, and is switched for Fearow. Fearow is using Wing attack and slowly chipping away at us, while we're doing even less damage with Whirlpool.

[Info] Xatu's only attacking move now is Whirlpool.

15d 17h 51m Another Mist Ball takes out Masqerain. No more PP for Mist Ball, either.

15d 17h 51m Gliscor comes out, and is immediately withdrawn. Masquerain takes its place and is hit with a Mist Ball.

15d 17h 50m We use Fly and Scyther misses a Wing Attack. Fly hits, and Scyther down! No more PP for Fly.

15d 17h 50m Scyther uses Grudge, and we Fly. Fly misses.

15d 17h 49m Xatu uses Mist Ball against the Scyther, which takes it down to half. Scyther uses String Shot.

15d 17h 49m Altaria down! Bruno sends out Scyther.

15d 17h 48m Xatu uses Mist Ball, while Altaria flies. We counter with our own Fly.

15d 17h 48m Altaria's fly takes out a quarter of Xatu's HP. We're back in the bag again and almost use another hyper potion.

15d 17h 47m Clutch healed Xatu with a Hyper Potion! Back at full health.

15d 17h 46m Altaria is sent out against Xatu, who is in red health. Xatu uses Fly, and Altaria uses Return. Fly misses AGAIN, and Altaria uses Fly.

15d 17h 46m We walk to the next room and immediately talk to Bruno. Battle on!

15d 17h 45m A critical Fly knocks out Lunatone. After a long and very hax-filled battle, Koga is defeated!

15d 17h 44m Lunatone uses Dragon Dance again, but its stats won't go higher. We use Fly again, knocking it down to half. It uses Teleport and Dragon Dance, which are both useless at this point.

15d 17h 43m Another Luster Purge gets Xatu in red health and lowers Special Defence again. Another Fly missed.

15d 17h 43m Luster Purge and Fly both miss.

15d 17h 43m Lunatone uses another Dragon Dance. We use Mist Ball, which takes a little HP off. Enough, in fact, that a Full Restore is used.

15d 17h 42m Luster Purge used again. Xatu's Special Defence goes down. Fly finally hits and Lunatone is down to half HP.

15d 17h 41m Lunatone is now at six Dragon Dances. Fly misses for a third time.

15d 17h 41m Luster Purge from Lunatone doesn't hurt much, so Xatu Flies again. Dragon Dance continues, while Fly misses again.

[Snark] Smogon approved moveset.

15d 17h 40m Xatu flies, and Lunatone uses Dragon Dance. Fly misses while Lunatone uses Dragon Dance again.

15d 17h 40m Girafarig OHKO'd by Fly! Lunatone comes out.

15d 17h 39m Girafarig's Psycho Boost isn't very effective, and Xatu flies again.

15d 17h 39m Uxie down to Fly! Out comes Girafarig.

15d 17h 38m Fly hits and knocks Uxie down to half health. It uses Psycho Boost, but doesn't affect us much. Fly is used again.

15d 17h 38m We send out Xatu, who starts Flying.

[Snark] Stuck trying to send out Omastar. CONSULT THE HELIX.

15d 17h 36m Out comes Uxie. Unable to attack, Treesus is knocked out by a critical Psycho Boost.

15d 17h 35m Girafarig uses Psycho Boost again, and after three surfs Treesus finally uses Rock Wrecker. Girafarig down!

15d 17h 34m Treesus comes out. Girafarig uses Psycho Boost again which doesn't hurt thanks to the Special Attack Drop. Treesus is just surfing.

15d 17h 34m Girafarig comes out and knocks out Lord Helix with Psycho Boost.

15d 17h 33m Helix uses Crabhammer, and Gardevoir uses Wish. Gardevoir's Bone Rush hits Helix, but we knock it out with Water Spout!

15d 17h 33m Xatu uses Mega Kick, which does very little. Koga's Xatu down to another surf! Out comes Gardevoir.

15d 17h 32m Xatu uses Kinesis, and Helix's accuracy goes down. That doesn't stop Surf from hitting, though. Koga uses a full restore, and we surf again.

15d 17h 32m Koga engaged! Out comes Xatu, and we send out Helix.

[Info] All Pokemon are still at full HP. We're just trying to talk to Koga now.

15d 17h 28m Out comes Camerupt, and it starts raining. Helix uses Surf one last time and takes it out. Will swept by Lord Helix!

15d 17h 27m Nidoqueen comes out, and Helix keeps surfing. Nidoqueen down!

15d 17h 27m A third Steelix comes in. Big surprise, it's OHKO'd by Surf. Helix grows to level 66!

15d 17h 26m Another Steelix comes in, another Steelix down to Surf.

15d 17h 26m Out comes Donphan. It uses Sketch to copy Surf, but then we use Surf and take it out!

15d 17h 25m Helix uses Surf on Will's first Steelix and it goes down immediately.

[Fluff] The GB sound effect music is nice for this battle.

15d 17h 25m Back in the Elite 4 we go, and we talk to Will! Urn #17 beginning!

[Info] Level/Party Order Update:

Omastar Lvl 65

Xatu Lvl 79

Cranidos Lvl 42

Sudowoodo Lvl 74

Vibrava Lvl 77

Bastiodon Lvl 73

15d 17h 21m Wasted a Pokeball on Scyther, and it uses Wing Attack to take out Xatu. aoooo blacks out!

15d 17h 20m A Drill Peck from Altaria almost takes out Xatu. We're able to take out Altaria first with a Mist Ball, however. Out comes Scyther.

15d 17h 20m Bruno uses a full restore. Both mon fly again.

15d 17h 19m Another Mist Ball knocks Altaria down to red health. It flies again.

15d 17h 19m We use Mist Ball, which doesn't do much. Altaria uses Fly, which does about the same amount.

15d 17h 19m Both Fly attacks miss.

15d 17h 18m Altaria out against Xatu! Xatu flies, and so does Altaria.

15d 17h 18m Bruno engaged!

15d 17h 17m Still just hanging out in Bruno's room.

[Correction] We just defeated Koga just now, FYI.

[Info] Xatu has full HP right now and is the only mon we have that hasn't fainted.

15d 17h 11m Fly easily takes out Girafarig! Will defeated!

15d 17h 11m Xatu finally sent out. We immediately use Fly.

15d 17h 9m Only Xatu remains.

15d 17h 9m Psycho Boost takes out Helix! Out comes Cranidos. Another Psycho Boost takes out Lord Skull as well.

15d 17h 8m Uxie faints from hitting itself! Out comes another Girafarig!

15d 17h 7m Mist Ball does very little damage against Helix, but lowers our Special Attack. We use Water Pulse, not quite killing it, but confusing it.

15d 17h 7m Another Psycho Boost takes out Treesus! We send out Lord Helix again.

15d 17h 6m Our attack against Uxie does very little, and its Psycho Boost takes out half of Treesus' HP. A Rock Wrecker doesn't quite finish it off.

15d 17h 6m Surf from Treesus takes Girafarig out. Treesus grows to level 74! Out comes Uxie.

15d 17h 5m Girafarig uses Psycho Boost, almost knocking out Vibrava. A couple of Magnitudes leave it with a little HP, and another Psycho Boost knocks out Vibrava. Treesus out again.

15d 17h 4m Another Bone Club takes out Lunatone in one hit! Out comes Girafarig.

15d 17h 4m A Bone Rush from Vibrava takes out Gardevoir! Out comes Lunatone.

15d 17h 3m We almost take out Gardevoir with Trump Card, but not quite. It regains half its HP from the wish.

15d 17h 3m We immediately switch again to Vibrava. Gardevoir sets up a wish.

15d 17h 3m Lord Armor down to another Bone Rush! Out comes Treesus.

15d 17h 2m It uses Bone Rush again, getting is to below half, and we almost take it out with another Magnet Bomb.

15d 17h 1m Out comes Gardevoir. It misses Bone Rush, and we get it down to half HP with Magnet Bomb.

15d 17h 1m We set up Stealth Rocks, and Xatu's Mega Kick misses twice. One last Magnet Bomb takes Xatu out.

15d 17h 0m Xatu uses Kinesis, lowering Armor's accuracy. His surf isn't doing much against Xatu, but Xatu can't do much with Mega Kick.

15d 17h 0m Xatu out against Helix. Surf almost takes it out, but Koga uses a full restore. We switch for Lord Armor.

15d 16h 59m We waste not time, walking straight in a line to talk to Koga. Battle beginning!

15d 16h 59m Will defeated with a Helix sweep!

15d 16h 58m Out comes Camerupt. Drizzle powers up Surf, allowing us to easily OHKO it. Helix grew to level 65!

15d 16h 58m Nidoqueen out. It uses Acid Armor, which is useless against our Special Attack Surf. Nidoqueen down as well!

15d 16h 57m A third, slightly stronger Steelix out. This one goes down to a single surf, as well.

15d 16h 57m Another Steelix out. Surf takes this one down as well.

15d 16h 57m Donphan's Bone Club takes Helix's HP down quite a bit, but a Water Spout knocks it out.

15d 16h 56m Helix grew to level 64!

15d 16h 56m Steelix out against our Lord Helix. Surf immediately takes it out.

15d 16h 56m Talked to Will finally! Urn #16 beginning!

[Runs] This is the Elite 4 Run #16. Still counting.

15d 16h 54m Just entered the door! We walk right past Will.

15d 16h 54m We're attempting to enter the door to the Elite 4 again. Not having much luck between the tree and the wall.

15d 16h 52m We hurt ourselves from confusion. aoooo blacks out!

15d 16h 51m The false Helix gets a critical Water Pulse, leaving us with 5 HP, and confuses us. Magnitudes are doing very little.

15d 16h 50m Vibrava out. We use Bone Club and almost take out Relicanth, but not quite. It uses Head Rush, and it dies from Recoil. Out comes... Lord Helix.

15d 16h 49m Out comes Relicanth. Mist Ball takes out half its HP, but a critical Bubble knocks out Xatu. We only have Vibrava left.

15d 16h 49m We take out Lord Claw with Mist Ball. Xatu up to level 79!

15d 16h 48m Armaldo out against Xatu. Fly takes half its HP, but Lord Claw uses Rock Slide and leaves Xatu with 4 HP.

15d 16h 48m Once in the room, we immediately talk to Karen, wasting no time.

15d 16h 47m Noting our victory, we check our Pokedex and head to the next room.

[Snark] Smogon-approved tactics.

15d 16h 46m Xatu uses Fly again and takes out Crobat. Gliscor comes out again. Xatu flies one last time and knocks out Gliscor. Bruno down!

15d 16h 45m Gliscor withdrawn again and Crobat comes out. Stealth Rocks are actually helping this battle.

15d 16h 45m We try using fly a couple of times, the first one missing and the second knocking out Fearow. Gliscor out again.

15d 16h 44m Gliscor back out, but then immediately gets switched for Fearow. Not sure what's up with the AI here today.

15d 16h 44m Out comes Scyther. It, too, loses half its HP to Stealth Rocks and goes down to Xatu's Fly.

15d 16h 43m We send out Xatu, and Bruno switches to Masquerain. It loses half its HP to Stealth Rocks, and then Fly takes the rest out.

15d 16h 43m Magnet Bomb does very little, however, and Gliscor digs again. A crit Dig knocks out Armor!

15d 16h 42m Gliscor Digs, and we have no choice but to take it. Armor lives with a clutch 6 HP!

15d 16h 42m A third Magnet Bomb takes out Altaria! Out comes Gliscor.

15d 16h 41m Another Fly used against Armor, and we set up Stealth Rocks. Altaria uses Dragon Claw, and we keep chipping away with Magnet Bomb.

15d 16h 41m We toss a Pokeball at Altaria, thinking its HP is low enough to catch.

15d 16h 40m Altaria uses Fly on Armor, which does nothing. We land a critical Magnet Bomb, and Altaria goes down to half HP.

15d 16h 39m Altaria comes out and we send out Lord Skull. Skull takes a critical Dragon Claw and faints! We send out Armor.

15d 16h 39m We talk to Bruno. Battle on!

15d 16h 34m: Xatu uses fly once more and Lunatone uses dragon dance once more, then misses luster purge. Xatu then uses second fly and Lunatone faints. Koga defeated

15d 16h 34m: Fly hits Lunatone who had used dragon dance. Now Lunatone responds with luster purge. Lunatone has just above 50%.

15d 16h 33m: Lunatone comes out. Koga has been counting on that one since the beginning...

15d 16h 33m: 198 hp left for Xatu, who then uses fly. Girafarig misses psycho boost then faints to fly.

15d 16h 32m: Xatu is out vs Girafarig. Mist ball doesn't do too well vs Girafarig, who keeps using psycho boost.

15d 16h 31m: Girafarig numero 2 is up next. Psycho boost hits Sudowoodo, who faints

15d 16h 31m: Another rock wrecker vs mist ball. Uxie faints and A has 128 hp left.

15d 16h 31m: Sudowoodo comes out and uses rock wrecker, which leaves Uxie very low. Luster purge then hits A.

15d 16h 30m: Psycho boost once more and Omastar faints.

15d 16h 30m: Another surf and Girafarig faints. Out comes Uxie!

15d 16h 29m: 114 hp this time. Psycho boost once more leaves Helix with 77 hp, who then uses surf. Girafarig has below 50% hp

15d 16h 29m: Omastar had 48 hp after that psycho boost and we use another hyper potion. Psycho boost hits again.

15d 16h 28m: Aoooo uses a hyper potion on Omastar. Girafarig uses psycho boost.

15d 16h 27m: Bone club hits twice and leaves Helix with 28 hp, then surf finishes Gardevoir. Girafarig out next.

15d 16h 26m: Gardevoir comes out and uses wish. Omastar uses surf once more. Gardevoir tanks it, and a second one leaves Gardevoir with red bar, but wish heals it.

15d 16h 26m: Mega kick hits and Omastar resists it with 58 hp left, and a second surf takes care of Xatu.

15d 16h 26m: Omastar uses surf vs Xatu's meditate. Xatu tanks it.

15d 16h 25m: Koga challenged. Aoooo wasted no time there.

15d 16h 24m: Surf swept! Will defeated.

15d 16h 24m: Omastar is now level 63. Camerupt comes out.

15d 16h 24m: Nidoqueen up next. Surf hits and Nidoqueen faints!

15d 16h 23m: Steelix #2 and #3 both OHKO to surf.

15d 16h 22m: Bone club leaves Omastar with 97 hp, Surf takes care of Donphan.

15d 16h 22m: Surf is still up! Steelix OHKOd.

15d 16h 22m: Will challenged. Steelix vs Omastar.

[Snark] Accessories: 15, Backdrops: 3

[Runs] This is the Elite 4 Run #15, and counting.

15d 16h 19m: Aoooo decides to walk in circles around Will like a shark before atacking its prey.

15d 16h 16m: There we go, E4 entered once more. Aoooo dodges Will.

15d 16h 15m: Aoooo prepares for yet another E4 run. Omastar follows her closely, mumbling some advices.

15d 16h 14m: Joey calls to talk about his Bonsly. I swear he said Bonsly like 8 times or so.

15d 16h 13m: Dig once more and A faints. Aoooo blacked out.

15d 16h 11m: Another dig and Bastiodon faints. A is our last Pokemon.

15d 16h 10m: Bastiodon has 55 hp left, and surf leaves Gliscor with 50% hp.

15d 16h 9m: We switch Bastiodon in. Dig once more.

15d 16h 9m: Rock wrecker leaves Gliscor very low but Bruno uses a full restore.

15d 16h 9m: Gliscor comes out and uses dig. Sudowoodo has 23 hp left.

15d 16h 8m: Sudowoodo is next. Dragon claw leaves it with 165, he uses strength which does a little below 50%, then rock wrecker takes care of Altaria.

15d 16h 8m: Vibrava up next and uses trump card, then faints to dragon claw

15d 16h 7m: Same thing and a critical hit this time for Altaria. Xrr faints

15d 16h 7m: Xatu misses her Fly, Altaria leaves her with 89 hp. More flying.

15d 16h 7m: Xatu is up vs Altaria. Fly used by both.

15d 16h 6m: Bruno challenged. Flying battle incoming

15d 16h 4m: We keep switching the sounds on our way to Bruno.

15d 16h 4m: Magnitude hits crit and Gardevoir is OHKOd. Koga defeated.

15d 16h 3m: Xatu is now level 78. Gardevoir is next.

15d 16h 3m: Luster purge hits Vibrava, who is down to just 117 hp. Magnitude connects though and Lunatone faints.

15d 16h 3m: Lunatone keeps using dragon dance. Vibrava is up against it with trump card.

15d 16h 2m: Cranidos gaints to Lunatone's luster purge

15d 16h 1m: Fly connects and Girafarig OHKOs. Lunatone is up next and we send Cranidos.

15d 16h 1m: Fly misses vs Girafarig, who uses psycho boost. Xatu has 161 hp left.

15d 16h 1m: A second fly does the trick, Uxie faints and out comes #2 Girafarig.

15d 16h 0m: Fly leaves Uxie just below of 50%. Moar Fly!

15d 16h 0m: Uxie out. More fly!

15d 15h 59m: Girafarig up next. Fly used and Girafarig OHKOs.

15d 15h 59m: Fly once more and enem Xatu faints.

15d 15h 58m: Hyper potion used on Xatu, who now has 206 hp.

15d 15h 58m: Xrr uses fly on enem Xatu, who resists with almost no hp.

15d 15h 57m: Mist ball once again and Xatu tanks it once more. Mega kick then leaves xrr with 6 hp and Koga uses full restore.

15d 15h 57m: We switch Xrr vs Xatu and mega kick finally hits. 122 hp for xrr. Mist ball doesn't do too well on enem Xatu.

15d 15h 57m: More waterfall and more mega kick misses.

15d 15h 56m: Xatu now uses meditate and magnitude doesn't affect Xatu. Now waterfall and Xatu takes it. Mega kick keeps missing.

15d 15h 56m: Xatu vs Cranidos. Amnesia used by Xatu, Cranidos uses surf.

15d 15h 55m: Koga challenged. The GB sounds are off by the way.

[Snark] "Turned on the power for the GB Sounds! Turned off the power for the GB Sounds! Turned on the power for the GB Sounds! Turned off the power for the GB Sounds!"

15d 15h 53m: Aoooo keeps playing with the GB sounds. On, Off, On, Off...

15d 15h 52m: Aoooo smalltalks Will for a bit before advancing. Koga can wait.

15d 15h 51m: Xatu uses mist ball and Nidoqueen finally faints. Will defeated!

[Snark] "We psychics don't give up even when we are at the last pokemon" That's a Nidoqueen bro...

15d 15h 49m: Fly OHKOs Camerupt. Nidoqueen time.

15d 15h 49m: Xatu time. Will sends Camerupt instead of Nidoqueen. Fly used.

15d 15h 49m: Nidoqueen uses Fissure and Omastar faints.

15d 15h 48m: Omastar is now level 62

15d 15h 48m: And yet a 3rd Steelix. Surf's up! OHKOd.

15d 15h 48m: Steelix once more. When will they learn? OHKOd.

15d 15h 47m: Donphan up next. Bone club leaves Omastar with 85 hp and then surf OHKOs it.

15d 15h 46m: Omastar is sent out and prepares to start surf sweeing. Steelix against it. OHKOd

[Runs] Run #14 Incoming!

15d 15h 46m: Time for another E4 run! Will challenged

15d 15h 42m Aooo blacks out! NOT TEH URN

15d 15h 40m We send in Vibrava.

15d 15h 39m Altaria defeated, Bruno sends in scyther and Xatu fainted.

15d 15h 38m It's now a sky high duel...

15d 15h 37m Bruno challlenged

15d 15h 36m Mail given to Helix

15d 15h 33m Bruno's room reached.

15d 15h 31m on a minor note we also gain 7440 Pokeyen.

15d 15h 31m Koga defeated and Xatu is now lvl 77

15d 15h 30m Xatu rekts Lunatone

[Snark] This Lunatone was Clearly born for.... Dance! He's showing us the Dance of his people.

15d 15h 29m We send out Shiny Xatu

15d 15h 28m Lord Skull was sent and killed by Lunatone.

15d 15h 27m Bastiodon Fainted!!

15d 15h 27m We tried to catch Koga's lunatone. lel.

15d 15h 26m Another Roleplayer killed by Bastiodon and now Bastiodon is lvl 73

[Flareon's Comment] Guys why didn't we go to E3 instead? You guys got 1 letter off....

15d 15h 25m Another roleplayer is now annoying Bastiodon.

15d 15h 25m Bastiodon defeated Uxie

15d 15h 23m Uxie is out and our Bastiodon keeps tanking.

15d 15h 22m Bastiodon denies the request to roleplay. DENIED.

15d 15h 22m This girarafarig wants to Roleplay.

15d 15h 21m We send in Bastiodon

15d 15h 20m We send in Treesus who also faints to Psycho boost as well. Hax

15d 15h 20m Helix fainted!

15d 15h 19m Helix is now lvl 61!

15d 15h 18m Koga's Gardevoir... knows Bone rush and this Gardevoir is male...?

15d 15h 18m Helix koes Xatu

15d 15h 17m Koga sends out Xatu but we send Helix.

15d 15h 17m Koga challenged!

15d 15h 16m Defeated Will and got 7440 pokeyen!

15d 15h 15m The Helix sweep is still happening

15d 15h 15m Helix leveled up to lvl 60. PRAISE HELIX

15d 15h 14m Incoming Helix sweep

15d 15h 13m Will Starts with Steeling and we send out Helix. Helix rekts Steelix and Will proceeds to Send out Donphan

15d 15h 13m Finally challenged Will

15d 15h 12m Still wandering around Will's room.

[Stadium] As usual entei always loses.

[Runs] This is Run #13, I believe.

15d 15h 8m We attempt yet another challenge... Will this be the urn?

[Stadium] Entei had just read too much Hentei to even bother battling.

15d 15h 2m Also this GB Sounds would probably have been broken by now if this was real life.

15d 15h 1m We are now trying to use the pc. Why.

15d 15h 0m Xatu is taken out by Altaria's drill peck. Aoooo blacked out!

15d 14h 58m Bruno challenged! It's Xatu vs. Altaria. Now where have I seen this before?

[Snark] Cranidos fails to evolve after leveling up, as usual.

15d 14h 54m Xatu beats Girafarig and we win! We move on to Bruno.

15d 14h 52m Xatu eradicates Uxie with Fly. Koga sends in Girafarig.

15d 14h 49m Uxie makes short work of Bastiodon and Cranidos. We send in our last pokemon, Xatu!

15d 14h 48m Bastiodon defeats Girafarig with surf. Uxie gets sent in!

15d 14h 46m Vibrava takes out Girafarig and is then beaten by Lunatone. We respond by sending out Bastiodon.

15d 14h 44m Sudowoodo takes out Gardevoir with rock wrecker and is then taken out by Girafarig. We send in Vibrava!

15d 14h 42m Cranidos is switched out for Sudowoodo who proceeds to rock reck Xatu. Cranidos levels up to 42.

15d 14h 41m We challenge Koga! It's Cranidos vs. Xatu.

15d 14h 39m Surf's up! Sudowoodo defeats Camerupt with surf and we defeat Will.

15d 14h 39m Sudowoodo takes out Nidoqueen with surf and levels up to 73. Camerupt is sent in.

15d 14h 38m Helix faints to Nidoqueen's Mud Slap. How dare she! We send in Sudowoodo.

15d 14h 37m Steelix #3 is also taken out by surf.

15d 14h 36m Steelix #2 is taken out by surf and Helix levels up to 59.

15d 14h 35m Steelix and the newly switched in Donphan are quickly taken out by surf.

15d 14h 35m We challenge Will to a match! It's Helix vs. Steelix (GB sounds are on).

15d 14h 31m Re-entered Will's room. E4 Run #12 hype!

15d 14h 28m Bastiodon is taken out by Gliscor's Dig. Aoooo blacked out*!

15d 14h 27m Bastiodon takes out Altaria and levels up to 72!

15d 14h 25m Hyper potion is used on Bastiodon.

15d 14h 22m Xatu faints to Altaria's fly and we send in Bastiodon to avenge her.

15d 14h 20m It's a battle of Fly! We send in Xatu to face Altaria.

15d 14h 18m We rush into battle against Bruno. Cranidos faints to his Altaria.

15d 14h 17m Xatu takes out Girafarig with Fly. Koga is defeated!

15d 14h 17m Xatu then finishes off Lunatone. Koga sends in Girafarig!

15d 14h 16m Vibrava takes out Uxie with magnitude but then faints to Lunatone's luster purge.

15d 14h 14m We switch out Bastiodon for Vibrava. Koga uses a full restore on Uxie.

15d 14h 12m Sudowoodo then takes out girafarig with rock wrecker and is taken out by Uxie's psycho boost. We send out Bastiodon!

15d 14h 11m Gardevoir just got rock wrekt by Sudowoodo.

15d 14h 9m Helix gets taken out by Gardevoir's sand tomb!

15d 14h 8m And we use another hyper potion before getting hit by mega kick. Xatu then gets taken out by surf.

15d 14h 7m Hyper potion used on Helix! HP is back at full now.

15d 14h 6m We found Koga! It's our Helix vs. his Xatu!

[info] Helix's current stats are:

hp- 160 attack- 96 defense- 167 sp. attack- 165 sp. defense- 94 speed- 76

15d 14h 3m Helix takes out camerupt and levels up to 58. Will is defeated!

15d 14h 2m Steelix #3 and nidoqueen were also taken out by surf.

15d 14h 1m Another steelix downed by surf!

15d 14h 0m Helix knocks out Steelix and Donphan and levels up to 57

15d 13h 59m Challenged Will! It's Steelix vs. Helix. (GB sounds are off.)

[snark] Now taking bets on whether we battle Will with GB sounds on or off.

15d 13h 53m We blacked out somewhere challenging the E4. Re-entered Wills room.

[meta] Sorry, but can't hold any longer. Hopefully another updater come soon.

15d 13h 47m Bruno defeated.

15d 13h 46m Gliscor is fully restored.

Crobat is down. Gliscor is back.

15d 13h 45m Bruno sent Crobat.

15d 13h 44m Fearow is down. Xatu grew up to Lv. 76

15d 13h 44m Scyther is OHKOed, Bruno sent Fearow.

15d 13h 43m Bruno sent Scyther.

15d 13h 43m Masquerain is down.

15d 13h 42m Xatu go! Gliscor is switched for Masquerain.

15d 13h 42m Armor fainted.

15d 13h 41m Altaria is down. Bruno sent Gliscor.

15d 13h 40m Armor is in charge. Bruno used Full restore.

15d 13h 39m Helix fainted.

15d 13h 38m Helix vs Altaria.

15d 13h 37m Bruno challenged.

15d 13h 33m Koga defeated. Vibrava didn't evolve.

15d 13h 33m Koga used full restore.

15d 13h 31m Uxie is down. Koga sent Girafarig.

15d 13h 30m Cranidos OHKOed. Xatu go!

15d 13h 29m Uxie KOed Vibrava.

15d 13h 28m Koga sent Girafarig. It is down. Vibrava Lv. 77.

15d 13h 28m Koga sent Lunatone. It is OHKOed.

15d 13h 27m Gardevoir is down.

15d 13h 27m Helix switched for Vibrava, Koga used full restore.

15d 13h 26m Gardevoir regenerates health with Wish.

15d 13h 25m Foe's Xatu fainted.

15d 13h 25m Koga challenged.

[Flawless victory]

15d 13h 20m Helix sweep. Will defeated.

15d 13h 19m Helix didn't learn Morning Sun.

15d 13h 18m Nidoqueen is down. Helix Lv. 56.

15d 13h 17m 2 more Steelixes OHKOed by surf.

15d 13h 17m Helix Lv. 55 Hype

15d 13h 17m Donphan as well.

15d 13h 16m First Steelix OHKOed.

15d 13h 16m Will challenged.

15d 13h 4m Looking at rankings.

15d 13h 3m Vibrava fainted. Black out.

15d 13h 2m Vibrava hurt itself in confusion. Gliscor used dig.

15d 13h 2m PokéBall wasted.

15d 13h 1m Hammer vs Flatter. Vibrava is confused.

15d 13h 1m Vibrava, we choose you!

[fluff] Dig is 2HKO(80%) against Bastiodon.

15d 12h 59m It used dig. Hyper potion used on Bastiodon. Armor fainted.

15d 12h 59m Altaria is down. Bruno sent Gliscor.

15d 12h 56m Altaria is abusing Fly. Bruno used Full restore.

15d 12h 56m Bastiodon is in charge now.

15d 12h 54m Altaria used Return, Xatu fainted.

15d 12h 53m Xatu vs Altaria.

15d 12h 53m Bruno challenged.

15d 12h 51m Lunatone is down. Koga defeated.

15d 12h 51m Xatu switched for Vibrava and then back.

15d 12h 49m Hyper Potion used on Xatu. Back to 100%.

15d 12h 49m Koga used Full restore again!

15d 12h 48m Cluth. Both 'mons in red!

15d 12h 47m Xatu is down to 23HP, Lunatone is at 60%.

15d 12h 46m Lunatone is Fully restored from red zone. Now Xatu is in red.

15d 12h 45m Amnesia vs Dragon Dance and Fly vs Luster Purge.

15d 12h 44m Girafarig is down. Lunatone is next.

15d 12h 44m Uxie is down. Koga sent Girafarig.

15d 12h 43m Uxie used Psycho Boost.

15d 12h 42m Xatu is trying Fly.

15d 12h 41m Xatu go! Xatu and Uxie exchange Mist Balls.

15d 12h 41m Koga sent Uxie. Sudo fainted.

15d 12h 40m Same fate as Gardevoir.

15d 12h 40m Koga sent Girafarig.

15d 12h 39m Rock wrecker made it faint.

15d 12h 39m Koga sent Gardevoir.

15d 12h 39m Xatu is down.

15d 12h 38m Sudowoodo, go!

15d 12h 38m Xatu OHKOed Cranidos with Mega Kick.

15d 12h 37m Cranidos vs Xatu.

15d 12h 36m Koga challenged.

15d 12h 34m Xatu ups to Lv. 75. Will defeated.

15d 12h 33m Nidoqueen switched back, it was Fully restored.

15d 12h 32m Camerupt KOed by Whirpool.

15d 12h 30m Nidoqueen is in red zone, OHKOed Helix with Fissure.

15d 12h 29m Helix ups to Lv. 54. Another 2 Steelixes OHKOed.

15d 12h 28m Will used Full restore. It didn't help.

15d 12h 28m Donphan used Bone Club, Helix surfed Don[han to 1 HP.

15d 12h 28m Water Spout OHKOed Steelix.

15d 12h 27m Helix vs Steelix.

15d 12h 27m Will chalenged.

15d 12h 23m It uses dig. Black out.

15d 12h 22m Altaria is down. Bruno sent Gliscor Lv. 62.

15d 12h 21m 2 PokéBalls wasted. Hyper Potion used. Armor is at 173HP.

15d 12h 20m Armor is down to 16 HP.

15d 12h 19m Altaria knows Fly.

15d 12h 19m Bruno used Full restore.

15d 12h 19m Armor used Magnet Bomb.

15d 12h 18m Altaria knows Dragon Claw.

15d 12h 17m Lord Armor is only at 50% of health.

15d 12h 17m Vibrava fainted.

15d 12h 16m Vibrava vs Altaria.

15d 12h 15m Bruno challenged.

15d 12h 15m Lunatone is down. Armor ups to Lv. 71. Koga defeated.

15d 12h 14m Bastiodon used Surf, Lunatone used Luster Purge, Koga used Full restore.

15d 12h 13m Girafarig is down. Lunatone is next.

15d 12h 12m Bastiodon vs Girafarig.

15d 12h 12m Girafarig KOed Sudo.

15d 12h 11m A used Rock Wrecker. Gardevoir is wrecked! Sudo ups to Lv. 72.

15d 12h 10m Uxie is down! Next is male Gardevoir.

15d 12h 10m Treesus go!

15d 12h 9m Luster purge. Xatu fainted.

15d 12h 9m Xatu is down to 9HP. Fly used.

15d 12h 9m Xatu vs Uxie.

15d 12h 8m Girafarig is down.

15d 12h 7m Enemy's Xatu done.

15d 12h 7m Xatu vs Xatu.

15d 12h 7m Cranidos OHKOed.

15d 12h 6m Mega Kick made Helix faint.

15d 12h 5m Helix vs Xatu. Helix used surf twice, Koga used Full restore.

15d 12h 4m Koga challenged.

[Formation] Omastar, Cranidos, Sudowoodo, Xatu, Vibrava, Bastiodon.

15d 12h 2m Aoooo can't find Koga for 10 minutes.

15d 12h 0m Battle formation is constantly shuffled.

15d 11h 54m Xatu and Omastar exchanged places.

15d 11h 53m Helix is burned. Will defeated.

15d 11h 52m Nidoqueen is down.

15d 11h 51m And one more, Helix is Lv. 53

15d 11h 51m Another Steelix OHKOed.

15d 11h 50m Steelix #1 and Donphan are down.

15d 11h 50m Omastar reached lv. 52

15d 11h 49m Will challenged.

15d 11h 48m TM30 taken from Helix.

15d 11h 45m Not the PC, just Rankings.

15d 11h 43m ACCESSED THE PC

15d 11h 43m Steelix used Meteor Mash! Vibrava fainted! Blacked out!

15d 11h 42m Vibrava usd Magnitude! Steelix down to orange! Steelix used Meteor Mash! Vibrava down to 111/201HP!

15d 11h 41m Sent out Vibrava! Vibrava used Hammer Arm! Steelix Lv. 59 down!

15d 11h 39m Steelix Lv. 59 used Meteor Mash! Xatu fainted!

15d 11h 38m Donphan down!

15d 11h 37m Sent out Xatu. Donphan used Sketch and sketched Amnesia!

15d 11h 35m Donphan used Bone Club! Cranidos fainted!

15d 11h 34m Donphan used Bone Club! Bastiodon down to 63/183HP! Bastiodon used Surf! Donphan down to red! Donphan used Bone Club! Bastiodon fainted!

15d 11h 32m Donphan usd Bone Club! Sudowoodo fainted!

15d 11h 32m Steelix down!

15d 11h 32m Will used a Full Restore.

15d 11h 30m Sudowoodo used Surf! Lv. 58 Steelix down to ~5%!

15d 11h 30m VS Will!

15d 11h 15m It seems "Latias" is roaming Kanto already.

15d 11h 14m Omastar fainted!

15d 10h 59m Omastar levels up to 51!

15d 10h 49m We're invisible!

15d 10h 36m Omastar leveled up to 50!

15d 10h 27m A wild Articun-- err Sunflora appeared!

[Stats] Omastar Lv. 49 - Max. HP 136 Attack 80 Defense 135 Sp. Atk 136 Sp. Def 78 Speed 63

15d 10h 25m Omastar leveled up to 49!

15d 10h 25m Grinding in Victory Road.

[Stats] Vibrava Lv. 76 - Max. HP 201 Attack 145 Defense 111 Sp. Atk 97 Sp. Def 103 Speed 142

[Stats] Xatu Lv. 74 - Max. HP 211 Attack 147 Defense 133 Sp. Atk 167 Sp. Def 124 Speed 186

15d 9h 57m Vibrava down to Lunatone! Black out!

15d 9h 57m Uxie is taken out by Vibrava!

15d 9h 56m ... Luster Purge?

15d 9h 56m Vibrava is sent in.

15d 9h 56m Skull down.

15d 9h 55m Surprisingly, Skull is doing well.

15d 9h 55m Lord Skull is sent in.

15d 9h 53m The Oracle is down.

15d 9h 52m The Oracle takes a third Psycho Boost to the face. By now, Uxie's Sp. Atk is definitely terrible.

15d 9h 52m Somehow, the Oracle survives two Psycho Boosts.

15d 9h 51m Uxie used Trick Room.


15d 9h 51m Girafarig down.

15d 9h 51m Girafarig now in the red.

15d 9h 50m The Oracle v Girafarig.

15d 9h 50m Xatu down! The Oracle finally got a Fly in.

15d 9h 50m Fly's accuracy ain't that great, thanks to Kinesis.

15d 9h 49m Xatu was brought down to red, but healed. The Oracle brings Xatu down to red once more.

15d 9h 48m The Oracle vs her fellow Xatu.

15d 9h 47m Koga battle begins.

15d 9h 46m In Koga's room.

15d 9h 41m Vibrava does not evolve.

15d 9h 41m Will defeated.

15d 9h 41m Nidoqueen in. Nidoqueen out.

15d 9h 41m Camerupt down.

15d 9h 40m Camerupt is sent out!

15d 9h 40m Vibrava hits Level 76.

15d 9h 40m Steelix #3 down.

15d 9h 40m Out comes Vibrava.

15d 9h 40m Treesus down.

15d 9h 39m Steelix #3 comes out.

15d 9h 39m Steelix #2 goes down.

15d 9h 38m Vibrava switched out for Treesus.

15d 9h 38m Vibrava sent in.

15d 9h 37m Down goes Lord Armour.

15d 9h 37m Steelix #2 sent in.

15d 9h 37m Two Surfs takes out Donphan.

15d 9h 36m Bastiodon sent in.

15d 9h 36m Donphan is sent in. Helix down.

15d 9h 36m Helix takes out Steelix!

15d 9h 35m Helix brings Steelix to red, but Steelix is healed.

15d 9h 35m Helix v Steelix.

15d 9h 35m Will engaged.

15d 9h 34m Back in the E4.

15d 9h 30m Right behind the Abra Guy.

15d 9h 26m Stumbling around the Pokemon League building.

15d 9h 22m Vibrava down. Black out!

15d 9h 21m Steelix #3 in!

15d 9h 21m Vibrava in. Takes out Steelix.

15d 9h 20m Skull in. Skull out.

15d 9h 20m Xatu down.

15d 9h 19m Xatu is at 8HP.

15d 9h 18m Whirpooling Steelix.

15d 9h 17m Xatu brings Steelix down to red. It's healed.

15d 9h 16m Steelix is sent out. It erupts!

15d 9h 16m Xatu hits Level 74.

15d 9h 16m Xatu sent in. Takes out Donphan.

15d 9h 15m Bastiodon down.

15d 9h 15m Sent out Bastiodon.

15d 9h 14m Bone Clubs from Donphan take out Treesus.

15d 9h 13m Treesus v Donphan.

15d 9h 13m Treesus takes out Steelix, but Grudge depletes Surf's PP.

15d 9h 13m Engaged Will.

15d 9h 8m Back in the League Building.

15d 9h 7m Treesus leads.

15d 9h 5m Helix faints to a Volbeat.

15d 8h 58m Omastar hits Level 48! It forgets Rock Polish for Water Pulse!

15d 8h 53m Still on the phone. It's 5:53 am on a Sunday morning, Ao. You don't just call people so early!

15d 8h 44m Well, the PokeGear's playing some rocking music now.

15d 8h 33m Calling people on the PokeGear.

15d 8h 23m Helix is poisoned.

15d 8h 11m Victory Road time.

15d 8h 8m Left the building.

15d 8h 6m It uses Bone Rush! Bastiodon goes down! Black out!

15d 8h 6m Gardevoir is sent out!

15d 8h 6m Xatu goes down to a Surf.

15d 8h 5m Lord Armour brings the bird down to the red, but a Full Restore heals it.

15d 8h 4m Bastiodon v Xatu.

15d 8h 4m Koga engaged.

15d 8h 2m Stumbling around Koga's room.

15d 7h 57m Decided against teaching HMs.

15d 7h 57m Bastiodon can learn Fly. Waitwhat?

15d 7h 57m Attempting to teach Fly ... Bastiodon can fly?

15d 7h 56m In Koga's room.

[Stats] Bastiodon Lv. 70 - Max. HP 183 Attack 121 Defense 271 Sp. Atk 92 Sp. Def 201 Speed 88

15d 7h 54m Defeated Will!

15d 7h 54m Will sent out Camerupt! Bastiodon used Surf and OHKO's Camerupt! Bastiodon levels up to 70!

15d 7h 52m Wil sent out Nidoqueen! Bastiodon used Surf! Nidoqueen usd Mud-Slap! Bastiodon used Surf! Nidoqueen down to red! Nidoqueen used Mud-Slap! Bastiodon down to 105HP! Bastiodon used Surf! Nidoqueen down!

15d 7h 51m Sent out Bastiodon! Bastiodon used Surf! Steelix down!

15d 7h 50m Sent out Cranidos! Cranidos used Earthquake Steelix down to orange! Steelix used Bone Club! Cranidos fainted! (OHKO)

15d 7h 48m Will sent out his Lv. 61 Steelix! Steelix used Meteor Mash! Vibrava down to 34/199HP! Steelix used Bone Club! Vibrava fainted!

15d 7h 47m Sent out Vibrava! Vibrava used Earthquake! Steelix down!

15d 7h 44m Will sent out Steelix Lv. 59. Steelix used Meteor Mash! Xatu fainted!

15d 7h 43m Xatu used Fly! Donphan down!

15d 7h 42m Donphan used Dizzy Punch! Xatu down to 91/208HP and dizzy!

15d 7h 42m Will used a Full Restore!

15d 7h 41m Xatu used Fly but smisses! Donphan used Dizzy Punch! Xatu down to 129/208HP!

15d 7h 40m Donphan used Sketch and sketched Whirlpool!

15d 7h 39m Sent out Xatu!

15d 7h 38m Donphan used Bone Club! Sudowoodo fainted!

15d 7h 38m Sudowoodo used Surf! Steelix Lv. 58 down to orange! Steelix used Meteor Mash! Sudowoodo down to 121/205 HP. Sudowoodo used Surf! Steelix down!

15d 7h 36m VS WILL!

15d 7h 34m Entered the Elite Four building.

15d 7h 24m Octillery used Water Spout! Omastar fainted!

[Stats] Omastar Lv. 47 - Max. HP 131 Attack 75 Defense 130 Sp. Atk 130 Sp. Def 75 Speed 60

15d 7h 22m Omastar levels up to 47!

15d 7h 13m We appear to be grinding.

15d 7h 11m Left for Victory Road.

15d 7h 10m A Psycho Boost, despite being weakened, takes out Vibrava. Black out!

15d 7h 9m Vibrava is now in the red!

15d 7h 8m Oh wow it has Psycho Boost.

15d 7h 8m Vibrava is sent in.

15d 7h 6m Level 64 Uxie, owned by Koga. It takes out the Oracle.

15d 7h 6m Sweet Jesus it's an Uxie!

15d 7h 6m Two uses of Fly from the Oracle takes it out.

15d 7h 5m Koga sends out his Lv. 62 male Girafarig!

15d 7h 5m Fly from the Oracle takes out the Xatu.

15d 7h 4m A Mega Kick from Koga's Xatu brings the Oracle into the red!

15d 7h 4m Xatu is healed by a Full Restore.

15d 7h 4m A Fly finally hits! Brings Xatu down to red.

15d 7h 3m The Oracle's attempts at Flying aren't succeeding. Meanwhile, Koga's Xatu is buffing itself up quite well.

15d 7h 3m Xatu vs Xatu!

15d 7h 2m Fightin' Koga.

15d 7h 1m Vibrava takes out Nidoqueen. Will defeated.

15d 7h 0m Vibrava is sent out to deal with Nidoqueen.

15d 6h 59m Skull is down!

15d 6h 59m Nidoqueen is sent in!

15d 6h 58m Skull takes out Camerupt!

15d 6h 58m Thanks to the rain and resistance, Blaze Kick does barely any damage to Skull. Thanks to the rain and Camerupt's weakness, Skull's Surfs do quite a bit of damage.

[Snark] Why does Camerupt have Drizzl- JESUS CHRIST BLAZE KICK?!

15d 6h 57m Will's Nidoqueen is switched out for Camerupt! It starts to rain!

15d 6h 57m Xatu is switched out for Skull.

15d 6h 57m Xatu is sent in!

15d 6h 57m Treesus down.

15d 6h 56m Treesus' Surfs don't seem quite effective against Nidoqueen.

[Stats] Sudowoodo Lv. 71 - Max. HP 205 Attack 182 Defense 198 Sp. Atk 77 Sp. Def 99 Speed 83

15d 6h 56m In comes Nidoqueen!

15d 6h 55m Treesus takes out Steelix and levels up to 71.

15d 6h 55m Treesus is sent in!

15d 6h 54m Third Steelix arrives. It's brought down to yellow, but takes out Bastiodon.

[Fluff] Man, I love Surf.

15d 6h 53m Two Surfs from Bastiodon takes out Steelix.

15d 6h 53m The second Steelix has arrived.

15d 6h 53m Bastiodon hits Level 69!

15d 6h 52m Bastiodon is sent in to finish the job. Donphan is now Downphan.

15d 6h 52m Surf brings Donphan into yellow. Helix is taken out.

15d 6h 52m Donphan is sent out.

15d 6h 51m Helix levels up to 46!

15d 6h 51m Third Surf takes it out!

15d 6h 51m Surf takes Steelix down to yellow, but it heals. A second Surf brings it back down to yellow.

15d 6h 51m Helix v Steelix.

15d 6h 51m Will engaged.

15d 6h 49m Checking the radio.

15d 6h 47m GB Sounds off.

15d 6h 47m GB SOUNDS ON.

15d 6h 46m In Will's room.

15d 6h 45m We go in! We're committed now.

15d 6h 44m It seems we're attempting to rechallenge the Elite 4.

15d 6h 38m Oh look, the GB sounds is back on.

15d 6h 37m Omastar finally forgot Sandstorm for Surf. Good teamwork, guys. NOW GET OUT OF THE BAG

15d 6h 35m Turned off the GB sounds. Not sure if I'm relieved or saddened.

15d 6h 33m Bastiodon forgot Meteor Mash in place of Surf. Not quite Omastar.

15d 6h 27m We play around with TMs and radio for a bit. No moves taught, though.


15d 6h 23m XATU DOWN. WHITE OUT.

15d 6h 22m Xatu is down in the red.

15d 6h 20m Xatu's Whirlpools keep missing, but Steelix keeps using Grudge.

15d 6h 18m Xatu is sent out.

15d 6h 16m Skull faints.

15d 6h 16m Skull is sent in.

15d 6h 15m The next Steelix takes him out.

15d 6h 15m Treesus takes out Donphan, but is left at 2HP.

15d 6h 14m Treesus is sent in.

15d 6h 12m Chucked a Pokeball at Donphan. Unwise decision. Down goes Vibrava.

15d 6h 11m Donphan was brought down to the yellow, but then healed.

15d 6h 10m ... Donphan can use Sketch?!

15d 6h 10m Vibrava is sent in.

15d 6h 8m Armour takes two Bone Clubs to the face and goes down.

15d 6h 8m Treesus switched out for Lord Armour.

15d 6h 8m Treesus sent in.

[Snark] Do Donphans even have hands?

15d 6h 7m A Bone Club and Dizzy Punch take out Helix.

15d 6h 7m Donphan sent in.

15d 6h 6m Helix v Steelix. Steelix goes down to a Water Spout.

15d 6h 6m Battling Will.

15d 6h 5m Challenging the E4!

15d 6h 2m Entered the Building!

15d 6h 1m Heading northwards towards the League Building.

15d 5h 58m Gave Helix TM30 to hold.

15d 5h 57m Didn't teach Hidden Power to Xatu.

15d 5h 56m Selected Mach Punch. Nearly taught it to Skull.

15d 5h 54m Called Joey. He wants to battle.

15d 5h 53m Called some Gym Leaders about what times they were available.

15d 5h 49m Calls once more.

15d 5h 47m And back to TMs and HMs.

15d 5h 46m Calling people on the PokeGear.

15d 5h 43m We appear to be trying to teach HMs.

15d 5h 43m Mom has 12780 saved up. Started saving again.

15d 5h 41m Left the Pokemon League building.

15d 5h 41m Kenji: Beautiful moonlight, eh? AOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

15d 5h 40m Called Arnie twice!

15d 5h 38m Koga's Xatu used Mega Kick! Xatu fainted! Blacked out!

[What] ... Mega Kick?

15d 5h 36m Xatu VS Xatu! (male, Lv. 61)

[Snark] I'm struggling on whether Koga is Psychic again or Flying.

15d 5h 36m VS KOGA!

15d 5h 36m Yay me, I personally turned the GB Sounds back on!

15d 5h 35m Tried calling Mom but her number is outside of the area.

15d 5h 34m DEFEATED WILL!

15d 5h 34m Xatu used Struggle! Nidoqueen down!

15d 5h 33m 2 PP left!

15d 5h 32m Only Amnesia has PP left, we're bound to use Struggle.

15d 5h 31m Threw a Poké Ball at Nidoqueen!

15d 5h 29m Used a Hyper Potion on Xatu!

15d 5h 27m Xatu used Fly! Nidoqueen down to ~1HP!

15d 5h 24m Xatu used Amnesia! Nidoqueen used Fissure but it failed!

15d 5h 24m Xatu used Fly! Nidoqueen down to red!

15d 5h 22m Nidoqueen is hurt by Whirlpool! Xatu used Fly but misses!

15d 5h 20m Xatu used Whirlpool! Nidoqueen down to orange! Nidoqueen used Sand-Attack!

15d 5h 20m Nidoqueen is hurt by Whirlpool! Will used a Full Restore!

15d 5h 19m Xatu used Whirlpool! Nidoqueen down to red!

15d 5h 18m Nidoqueen down to orange! Nidoqueen used Acid Armor!

15d 5h 18m Last Pokémon! VS Will's Lv. 62 Nidoqueen! Xatu used Fly!

15d 5h 17m Camerupt used Blaze Kick! Xatu used Fly! Camerupt down!

15d 5h 17m Used a Hyper Potion on Xatu!

15d 5h 16m Camerupt is hurt by Whirlpool! Camerupt used Blaze Kick! Camerupt was freed from Whirlpool! (IN B4 Full Restore)

15d 5h 16m Xatu used Whirlpool! Camerupt down to red!

15d 5h 15m Will sent out his Lv. 60 female Camerupt. Camerupt used Blaze Kick!

15d 5h 14m Sent out Xatu! Steelix used Eruption but failed! Xatu used Mist Ball! Steelix Lv. 61 down! (and Mist Ball lost all of it's HP)

15d 5h 12m Sudowoodo used Surf! Steelix down to red! Steelix used Meteor Mash! Sudowoodo down to 34HP! Steelix used Meteor Mash! Sudowoodo fainted!

15d 5h 11m Sudowoodo used Rock Wrecker! Steelix down! Will sent out Steelix Lv. 61.

15d 5h 11m Sudowoodo used Surf! Steelix Lv. 59 down to red!

15d 5h 10m Sent out Sudowoodo! Donphan used Hammer Arm! SUdowoodo down to 132HP! Sudowoodo used Surf! Donphan down!

15d 5h 8m Switched Sudowoodo out for Cranidos. Donphan used Hammer Arm! OHKO'd Cranidos!

[Stats] Omastar Lv. 45 - Max. HP 126 Attack 72 Defense 124 Sp. Atk 124 Sp. Def 72 Speed 58

15d 5h 7m Vibrava fainted!

15d 5h 6m Vibrava used Earthquake! Donphan down to red! Donphan used Hammer Arm Vibrava down to 60/199HP! Will used a Full Restore! Vibrava used Earthquake!

15d 5h 6m Donphan used Sketch!

15d 5h 5m Donphan used Bone Club Bastiodon fainted!

15d 5h 4m Donphan used Dizzy Punch! Omastar fainted!

15d 5h 3m Omastar levels up to 45!

15d 5h 3m Omastar used Water Spout on Will's Lv.58 Steelix! OHKO!

15d 5h 3m VS WILL!

15d 5h 2m IS THIS TEH URN? Attempt 2 START

[Snark] In a flash, we lost one of our better moves.

15d 5h 2m Bastiodon forgot Flash Cannot and learned Cut!

Poké Balls: 101

15d 4h 58m Removed Helix' Air Mail.

15d 4h 57m "Respawned" in the Elite Four building.

15d 4h 56m Bastiodon down to 22HP. Nidoqueen used Mud-Slap! Bastiodon fainted! Blacked out! (Lost our 75 yen)

15d 4h 56m WIll sent out his Nidoqueen! (female, Lv. 62)

15d 4h 55m Donphan used Bone Club! Bastiodon down to 58/178HP! Bastiodon used Meteor Mash! Donphan down!

15d 4h 54m Donphan used Bone Club! Vibrava fainted!

15d 4h 53m Will sent out his Donphan! (female, Lv. 60)

15d 4h 53m Vibrava used Bone Club! Steelix #3 down! (and Bone Club lost all of its PP due to the grudge)

15d 4h 52m Will sent out his third Steelix, also female, Lv. 61! (Is his team all-Steelix or what?)

15d 4h 52m Steelix #1 down! (and out of Magnitude PP due to the Grudge)

15d 4h 51m Vibrava used Earthquake! Steelix #1 down to red!

15d 4h 51m Will sent out Steelix #1.

15d 4h 51m Sent out Vibrava! Vibrava used Hammer Arm! Steelix #2 down!

15d 4h 50m Steelix #2 used Meteor Mash! Xatu down to 62/208HP. Xatu used Fly! Steelix down to red! Steelix #2 used Meteor Mash! Xatu down to 4/208HP! Xatu used Whirlpool but misses ! Steelix used Meteor Mash! Xatu fainted!

15d 4h 49m Xatu used Fly! Steelix #2 down to orange! Steelix was hurt by Whirlpool!

[Snark] I steel can't believe we're rematching the E4. This is definitely out-of-the-oredinary.

15d 4h 48m Steelix used Grudge! Xatu used Fly but misses!

15d 4h 47m Will sent out his second Steelix, also female, Lv. 59!

15d 4h 46m Will used a Full Restore!

15d 4h 45m Xatu used Mist Ball! Steelix down to orange!

15d 4h 45m Will sent out his Lv. 58 female Steelix!

15d 4h 44m VS WILL!

15d 4h 42m Flew to Indigo Plateau!

15d 4h 42m Removed mail from Bastiodon.

15d 4h 39m Switched Cranidos' Yellow Flute out for a Lansat Berry.

15d 4h 37m Threw away 1 Tango Berry.


15d 4h 26m Back on route 20.


[Status] Vibrava, Xatu and Armor at 100%, others are fainted.

[Snark] We beat the game, people! (Credits tune is playing on the radio :3)

15d 3h 59m Found an Up-Grade!

15d 3h 57m VS a wild Horsea!

15d 3h 49m Bastiodon leveled up to 68!

15d 3h 45m Used a Hyper Potion on Bastiodon.

[No Regrets] this is NMario84 saying that I Stayed up for a bit to see our Articuno ended up being a sunflora. Now I'm off to sleep now. Good night.

A level 50 Sunflora, caught with just a Poké Ball and on full health? OHOHOH

15d 3h 28m Found a Tamato berry.


[Snark] Flower Power.


15d 4h 25m Bastiodon is trying very hard to keep up with us.


15d 3h 17m Bastiodon is put to sleep by a wild Jynx.

15d 3h 14m Wild Armaldo! No 'Mons only Gods!

15d 3h 14m No nickname for the Scyther by the way.

[Bag Information] 117 Pokeballs left.

15d 3h 13m Caught a level 35, male Scyther with a Pokeball.

15d 3h 7m Used a hyper potion and healed Bastiodon back to full.

[Team Status] Bastiodon leads the team with 71%, Vibrava is at 100%, Cranidos is at 8%, and Xatu is at 100%. Both Helix and Treesus have fainted.

15d 2h 50m Treesus fainted from poison. In the middle of a battle against a wild Wailord too.

15d 2h 41m Made it to B4, the same floor Articuno is on. Plot twist: We actually need to go up a floor or two and then back down to be able to reach Articuno. So we technically have quite a way to go!

15d 2h 37m Passed the first ice block puzzle!

[Snark] Definitely on a roll.

15d 2h 33m Used another hyper potion and healed Treesus back to full.

[Info] Actually, I think it's the 2nd time we've successfully done something right, if memory serves. We've used a potion on Helix at least once in this run somewhere earlier before.

[Snark] Well that's a first.

15d 2h 27m Successfully used a hyper potion to heal Treesus.

15d 2h 21m On the first ice blocks puzzle.

[Chat] Hey, my name is aoooo, and I've lost my pet Groudon. Here is a picture of it.

15d 2h 18m A wild Drapion poisons Treesus.

15d 2h 17m B3 of the Seafoam Islands! We're coming for you 'Articuno'

[Chat] Faithfulforce: Fun Fact - Helix has higher defense than Vibrava #themoreyouknow

15d 2h 14m Treesus currently leads the team.

[Info] At some point in the game, Lord Helix fainted to a wild pokemon encounter.

15d 2h 12m Caught a level 35, male Scyther with a pokeball. No nickname.

[Map] You can follow a map of the Seafoam Islands here.

15d 1h 52m Currently on floor B2 of the Seafoam Islands.

15d 1h 44m Threw 1 Pokeball on a wild pokemon, but it escaped.

[Pun] It'd be ice to see what "Articuno" is. I'll be freezed if it's non-Legendary because then my hypothesis shall be proven and that'll be cool.

15d 1h 37m Encountered a wild Phione!

15d 1h 35m Reached the Seafoam Islands!

15d 1h 31m South of Fuschia. We hit the water!

[Pun] Water we doing today?

15d 1h 31m Surfing in Route 20.

15d 1h 30m Surfing down in Route 19.

[Radio] Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sleepy music is sleepy.


[Info] The grass mail we sold earlier was Kenya's mail. Sorry, Kenya!

15d 1h 7m After that massive shopping spree, we currently have 75 Pokédollars.

[Fluff] Gahh, I can't watch these shopping sprees. It's like trying to watch us fiddle with the PC, trying to release, or Withdraw some caught Pokemon.

15d 1h 4m Sold 1 Paralyze Heal, 1 Moon Stone, 1 Splash Plate, 1 Red Shard, 1 Heart Scale, TM79 Fire Blast, TM62 Dark Void, TM80 Gravity, TM77 Hydro Pump, Rose Incense, Sun Stone, Water Stone. Currently have up to 137 Pokeballs in our bag and received 1 Premiere Ball. Also, we managed to sell everything item in our bag EXCEPT the nugget.

15d 1h 4m Another Shopping Spree guys!

15d 0h 57m Heal pocket of our bag: 2 Paralyze Heals (not from the recent shopping spree) and 35 Hyper Potions. Also, yes that was me continuously opening up the bag to check.

15d 0h 52m Currently have 33 Pokeballs.

[Snark] That was a great shopping trip.

15d 0h 45m Bought 35 Hyper Potions. Sold the TM for Magnet Rise, TM89 Flatter, Snow Mail, Grass Mail, 1 Steel Mail, TM84 Steel Wing (1), and a black belt. Also threw away 1 HP Up.

15d 0h 44m Bought over 100 pokeballs and then just sold them, along with our premiere ball LOL. We ended up losing money this way. But wait the Pokemart shopping spree isn't done yet!

15d 0h 41m Sold a couple of Pokeballs. Down to 31. A bit counterproductive isn't it?

15d 0h 39m Entered the Pokemon Mart. The plan is to buy some more Pokeballs.

[Snark] It's official. aoooo ignores all her calls from her friends.

15d 0h 37m We get a call from someone, but we failed to answer it, as we're messing with the GB Sounds.

[Fluff] aooo Can't decide if she want's to go East, or West to the next destination. She is literally walking back and forth in Fucshia City.

15d 0h 32m East, Back in Fucshia City.

15d 0h 32m Left the city. Currently heading West, on Route 18.

[Info] With our Pokemon back fully healed, Lord Helix is now following behind aoooo.

15d 0h 24m Back out from the Pokemon Center of Fucshia City.

15d 0h 23m Threw 3 Pokeballs on a wild Sudowoodo. It escaped. It used Rock Slide against us. Xatu faints. BLACKED OUT!

15d 0h 19m Used fly on the wild Wailord, and faints.

15d 0h 18m Threw a Pokeball on another Wailord. It escaped, and hides under water.

15d 0h 17m Xatu used Fly on Wailord, and faints. Xatu grew to Level 73

[Inventory] 50 Pokeballs left.

15d 0h 17m Threw another Pokeball on Wailord. It escapes, and heads down under water.

15d 0h 16m Threw 3 Pokeballs on a wild Wailord. It escaped.

[Info] 1% HP left on Xatu. Black out HYPE!

15d 0h 13m Threw a Pokeball on a wild Torkoal. It escapes and attacks us. We flew up high. Wild Torkoal defeated.

15d 0h 11m Defeated the wild Wailord. As Xatu is in the red at 9% hp, we're about to black out.

[Inventory] 55 Pokeballs left.

15d 0h 9m Used 3 Pokeballs on a wild Wailord. It continues to escape!

15d 0h 8m Xatu gets hit, and is now in the red.

15d 0h 8m Xatu is hurting itself in confusion, and gets hit by Wailord.

15d 0h 7m Threw a Pokeball on a wild Wailord. It escapes, and hid under water.

15d 0h 6m Heading back toward the ladder.

15d 0h 5m Found a TM79 Fire Blast

15d 0h 3m We're heading away from the ladder, as we get a call from someone, but we failed to pick it up, as we're turning on and off the GB sounds.

[Stadium] It appears that Pokemon Stadium is COMPLETELY Broken now. As it is frozen on one screen.

15d 0h 0m And back down the ladder.

14d 23h 59m Back up the ladder to reset the ice puzzle.

14d 23h 59m Went down the ladder. I guess we over shot somewhere again.

14d 23h 55m Pushed the right ice cube downwards.

14d 23h 54m Pushed the center ice cube downwards.

14d 23h 53m We got a quick phone call, but we got interrupted by a wild Pokemon encounter, which we ran from.

[Snark] Inb4 Blackout HYPE!

14d 23h 51m Xatu is our only remaining Pokemon left. It defeats the wild Turtwig.

14d 23h 49m Encountered a wild Turtwig, who attacks us. Cranidos fainted. We sent out Xatu.

14d 23h 48m Pushed the far left ice block upwards.

[Stadium] Still bugged on the team display for each side.

14d 23h 46m Back up the ladder. Ice puzzle reset.

14d 23h 45m Back down the ladder.

14d 23h 44m Used a Pokeball on a wild Seviper. It escaped, and we ran away.

14d 23h 43m Got a call from someone, but we checked our Pokedex again.

14d 23h 41m Pushed an ice block to a corner. Sounds like we over shot.

[Stadium] While up and running, it appears that some pokemon are not appearing correctly on the list. But instead a small, gray box in the center.

14d 23h 38m We ran away.

14d 23h 37m We sent out Xatu.

14d 23h 35m Threw a Pokeball on a wild Stantler. It escapes and attacks us. Vibrava down!

[Info] We're still trying to solve the ice puzzle in this area.

14d 23h 32m Threw a Pokeball on a wild Shinx. It escaped, and we ran off

14d 23h 31m Got a call from someone, but we checked the Pokedex instead.

[Snark] "Hello, my name is Male!"

14d 23h 25m Threw a Pokeball on a wild Seviper. Caught a Level 35 Male, Seviper! Nicknamed (♂

14d 23h 22m Threw a Pokeball on a wild Armaldo. It escaped and attacks us. Vibrava is now in the red at 19% hp. We ran off.

14d 23h 20m Up and Down another ladder to reset some ice puzzle.

14d 23h 15m Down another ladder in Seaform Islands.

14d 23h 13m Used a Pokeball on a wild Golduck. It escapes, and attacks. We ran off.

[Recap] With 3 of our Pokemon down, we have Vibrava at 34% hp, Cranidos, who is Paralyzed at 16% hp, and Xatu, who is at 97% hp.

14d 23h 8m Used another Pokeball on Scyther. We caught a Female Scyther, Level 35! Nickname 0xo

14d 23h 7m Used 4 Pokeballs on Scyther. It escapes, and attacks us! Vibrava is now in the Yellow.

[Info] Encountered some Scythers during our wild Pokemon encounters! Inb4 we get hugs from Scyther's "hands".

[Inventory] We currently have about 70 Pokeballs left in our inventory.

14d 23h 1m Used another Pokeball on Corphish. It escapes, and attacks us again. We defeated it. Vibrava Levels up to Lvl 75. Does NOT evolve.

14d 23h 0m Used a Pokeball on a wild Corphish. It escapes and attacks. Bastiodon down. Vibrava is sent out.

[Info] Bastiodon now 3% hp.

14d 22h 57m We get attacked by a wild Golduck. Bastiodon is now in the red. We use a Pokeball on Golduck. But it escapes, and attacks. We ran off.

14d 22h 53m As Bastiodon gets attacked by wild Pokemon, it's now in the yellow, at 24% hp.

14d 22h 53m Bastiodon wakes up.

14d 22h 52m Bastiodon fell asleep again during a wild Pokemon encounter.

14d 22h 51m Threw a bunch of Pokeballs on Magmortar. It kept escaping, but we ran off.

14d 22h 48m Headed down the ladder finally!

14d 22h 46m aoooo was completely invisible for a second.

14d 22h 44m Got a call, but we were checking our Pokeball inventory instead.

[Fluff] Stop overshooting, and head down that ladder near by.

14d 22h 38m Switched out for Vibrava during a wild Pokemon encounter.

14d 22h 36m Climbed Up a ladder, then back down a ladder. Back up the ladder.

14d 22h 34m We used Strength to move some boulders around in this cave.

14d 22h 32m Headed downstairs, down in Seaform Islands.

14d 22h 32m Bastiodon woke up from sleep when encountering a wild Pokemon.

14d 22h 30m Encountering some wild Pokemon inside Seaform Islands. Threw a Pokeball on a Shelgon, but it escaped.

14d 22h 28m Entered the Seaform Islands cave.

14d 22h 25m We're challenged by a trainer. We got attacked by trainers Sealeo, Treesus down, and Xatu is sent out. Xatu defeats Sealeo, and we defeated the trainer.

[Info] So after all that, we now have 2 sleeping Pokemon on our team.

14d 22h 21m Used one more Pokeball on Totodile, and escapes. We ran away.

14d 22h 21m Switched out for Treesus, and gets attacked, and is now sleeping.

14d 22h 20m Threw another pokeball, and Totodile escapes again.

14d 22h 20m Used a Pokeball on a wild Totodile, it escapes, and attacks.

14d 22h 19m Switched out for Bastiodon during a wild Totodile encounter. It attacks, and Bastiodon fell asleep.

[Info/Recap] Treesus is currently in the red at 5% hp, as well as Cranidos, who is also in the red at 16% hp, and is Paralyzed. Also, Lord Helix is still down.

14d 22h 14m Crawdaunt down. Trainer defeated.

14d 22h 14m Wailord down. Treesus levels up to Lvl 70. Trainer sends out a Crawdaunt.

14d 22h 13m Huntail down. Trainer sends out a Wailord.

14d 22h 11m We're challenged by a Swimmer, who sends out a Huntail. We used a Pokeball, but trainer threw it away.

14d 22h 11m Encountering some wild Pokemon while surfing around.

14d 22h 9m And we've just defeated a trainer, who had challenged us apparently.

14d 22h 2m Sorry did I say Route 17? I meant 19, and we're surfing on it right now

14d 22h 1m Made it to Route 17. Prepare your flippers and swim trunks cause we're going swimmin

14d 21h 59m Jumped the ledge, but landed on the right side this time

14d 21h 58m We have entered the Pokemon Center in Fuchsia and have checkpointed there

[Correction] We have 82 balls left

14d 21h 53m Billy calls just a few minutes after we got his number. His excitement scaring us, we don't answer

14d 21h 50m Jumped the ledge! Here we go again...

14d 21h 47m Enjoying the nice lamp posts of Fuchsia

[Meta] TPPKMN.net, the improved version of twitchplayspokemon.net, is now live! This enables you to see the live updater page, the stream, twitchplayspokemon.org, and more all in one page. Go check it out here!

[Fluff] Don't you mean..... "Articuno"?

14d 21h 43m We made it into Fuchsia! Articuno here we come! kinda

14d 21h 42m Listening to the "E" and "F#" of the BGM as we switch from GB sounds to regular.

14d 21h 41m Never mind, we're in the gate now

14d 21h 41m Almost to the Route 15/Fuchsia City Gate

14d 21h 40m We didn't get the twin's numbers... but we "Gotta Call 'Em All!"

14d 21h 39m We try to catch the Wormadam. 81 balls left. Furious, Trump Card destroys Wormadam.

14d 21h 38m A takes down the Sunflora with Strength

14d 21h 38m It's a Double Battle! A and Bastidon vs. Wormadam and Sunflora

14d 21h 37m "It's not that my Pokemon are weak, it's that you're Pokemon are too strong!" Hear that? Our pokemon are OP

14d 21h 37m Vibrava almost OHKOed Buffet with Magnitude, then finishes him off with Trump Card

14d 21h 36m A cracks those eggs. A Warren Wobbuffet comes out

14d 21h 35m We have been challenged by Pokefan Eleanor who sends out Exeggcute

14d 21h 34m One ledge to go

14d 21h 34m Our sudo takes her out with two surfs from the sea.

14d 21h 33m Teacher Colette asks us if we've forgotten anything, then she sends out a Bagon. Ok

[Chat] Greenedn: twitch collects phone numbers

14d 21h 31m We hammer the fake Dux as well. Defeated Billy and obtained his number!

14d 21h 30m Here comes Spearow. We nail that one too.

14d 21h 30m We send out Vibrava who Hammers Togetic into the ground

14d 21h 29m Our Lard is down

14d 21h 28m Togetic reduced Omastar to the red. Not so cute now is it?

14d 21h 28m Challenging Schoolkid Billy and his adorable Togetic.

14d 21h 27m More people have come online. The night crew is finally here!

14d 21h 28m Reached Route 15.

14d 21h 23m And made it onto Route 14

14d 21h 23m We are out of the maze! Good work guys!

14d 21h 19m Also, we registered Hiker Kenny's phone number

14d 21h 17m Almost had it! but no evolve

[Fluff] Evolve time? Will Operation Block out the Sun work?

14d 21h 16m Cranidos kills dat Noctowl and grows to level 61

14d 21h 15m Out comes a Noctowl!

14d 21h 13m Finally! A challenger! He sends out a Chansey

14d 21h 16m Don't delete this post, because "We got this." Also, do not mess with da Shuckle in Stadium. While we're at it, we get challenged by a Hiker.

[Info] We have two TMs of Steel Wing. That's the only one I saw

14d 21h 1m Here comes the bag spam again. Ready your "230,180" and your "b+direction" commands

[Info] If you want to go to "Articuno", it is south of Fuschia City. So we need to go southwest of where we are now.

14d 20h 44m Onto the confusing and inexplicable boardwalks of Route 12

[Stadium] Feraligatr, Shuckle, and Drowsee win a match. Ahh the team that could have been

14d 20h 39m Found TM47 Miracle Eye

14d 20h 39m We flee from it, afraid it may sting us

14d 20h 38m Tossed another. 82 Poke Balls left.

14d 20h 37m Tossed 1 ball at the Combee. It's persistent. We have 83 balls left

14d 20h 35m Fighting more 'mons on Route 11

14d 20h 34m Some guy is bumping into us from behind. Sorry sir...

[Info] As the timer appears, it seems that it SHOULD follow on to a Friday night. Like all the other games we have started on. So we have exactly a week to complete Pokemon Heart Gold. Enough time to catch "Articuno", and defeat "Red" on Mt. Silver.

[Correction] I meant 3 hours not 21


14d 20h 30m Fighting Youngster Owen and his Exeggcute

14d 20h 30m Stadium's back working again


14d 20h 29m A timer has appeared by the way. Pokemon Black starts in 7 days and 21 hours

[Fluff] The sun is setting. Are we here to watch the hatching of Omastars from the beach?

14d 20h 25m We are back in Vermi Lion City

14d 20h 23m Irwin calls. It's official: he's stalking us

[Fluff] Battles in GB sounds are amazing

14d 20h 20m Past the gate into Route 6 now

14d 20h 17m Back to normal!

14d 20h 16m It appears as if aoooo and Omastar have used Bill's pokemon fusion machine to morph together... Only it has gone terribly wrong

14d 20h 14m Oh god this transformation is terrifying

14d 20h 13m Better check the Fashion Case again!

14d 20h 12m Made it past the gate into Saffron City! With GB Sounds on too

[Fluff] You guys are better at getting this kind of exact info & specifics than I am.

[Info] Fashion Case Inventory: 15 Accessories, 3 Backdrops.

14d 20h 9m Looks like "the night shift" (as some of you have called it) is starting early tonight. Barely anyone inputting commands.

14d 20h 5m Switching some of Omastar's moves. You know, strategy...

14d 20h 4m Made it to the route south of Cerulean on our way to the daycare. Inb4 we jump the ledge

14d 19h 56m Hopped the ledge nearby the gym. This ledge is actually kinda useful

14d 19h 54m In Cerulean City

14d 19h 52m Walkin' on the Nugget Bridge to Cerulean City

14d 19h 49m Then again, only about 20 people are inputting commands

14d 19h 48m We're making good progress on Route 25. Not much bag spam happening. Hivemind is working together for once.

[Break] Taking a short 15 minute break to have dinner. I will be back later to finish with the updates. Right now, we're still heading West, stuck on Route 25, fidgeting with our bag, inventory, etc.

[Snark] aoooo's werewolf transformation is so powerful, it infects other people in the game as well, turning them into other things like a Dark Helix.

[Glitches] Bill's grandfather transformed into a black silhouette of Lord Helix. the chat begins discussing "Dark Helix" and its implications.

14d 19h 31m Currently heading back West, from Bills House.

14d 19h 31m Left Bills House, back on Route 25.

14d 19h 28m Talked to Bill's Grandfather. He wants us to show him a Pokemon.

14d 19h 26m Entered Bill's House.

[Chat] So, what's the plan now guys? More phone numbers? "Articuno", or Mt. Silver?

14d 19h 19m Heading back West.

14d 19h 17m Booted up some TMs.

14d 19h 17m Registered Misty's Phone Number!

14d 19h 17m Found Misty.

14d 19h 13m Take one step, hit the GB Sounds player. Take another step, hit the GB sounds player. Take another step, hit the GB Sounds player.

[Fluff] Chat can't decide whether to leave the power on, or turn the power off on the GB Sounds player.

14d 19h 9m Currently hitting the GB Sounds power on and off. On and of...... etc.

[Info] While we are obtaining phone numbers, current party stats is Lord Helix 97% hp, Treesus at 91% hp, Vibrava at 99% hp. Bastiodon at 100% hp. Cranidos at 94% hp, and Xatu, who is at 100% hp.

14d 19h 5m Heading up North, crossing a bridge, on Route 25.

[Fluff] We've missed a lot of phone calls during this run. Does aoooo not care about anyone but herself? Instead of answering her calls, she usually checks her bags, status reports, and a brief look at the pokedex.

14d 18h 57m We got a call, but we are checking our bags instead of picking it up.

14d 18h 55m Arrived in Cerulean City.

[Chat] We are currently going up to get Misty's Phone Number.

14d 18h 52m Now on Route 5.

14d 18h 51m We left the city, heading up North.

14d 18h 47m Got a call from Gaven. He tells us about his Golem.

[Info] It seems like the plan is to get everyone's phone number possible, before we finish the game.

14d 18h 45m Arrived at Saffron City.

14d 18h 44m We left Celadon City, heading East, back on Route 7.

14d 18h 41m Registered Erika's Phone Number.

14d 18h 40m Talked to Erika, who is talking to Jasmine.

14d 18h 38m Arrived at Celadon City, we're beside a fountain.

14d 18h 36m We're heading West, on to Route 7.

14d 18h 33m Continuing up North, we've arrived at Saffron City.

14d 18h 31m On Route 6.

14d 18h 30m Rapidly turning on and off the GB Sounds. Still checking our bags, as we're heading North.

14d 18h 24m Got a call from someone, but we decided to check our bags instead.

14d 18h 22m Currently heading West, we've arrived back on Vermilion City.

14d 18h 21m We've Exited Diglett's Cave. Back out on Route 11.

[Info] Apparently, we were too late to get Brock's phone number, as we could not find him anywhere. So we are attempting to leave Diglett's Cave.

14d 18h 8m Switched out Lord Helix for Cranidos during a wild Pokemon encounter, Cranidos defeated it.

14d 18h 5m Switched out Lord Helix for Vibrava during a wild Pokemon encounter. We ran off.

14d 18h 5m While attempting to find Brock in this cave for his number, we ran into a bunch of Wild Pokemon, that is NOT Diglett.

14d 18h 2m Entered Diglett's Cave!

[Info] It appears we only have a short time to get Brock's phone number while attempting to enter Diglett's Cave.

[Info] As we are trying to enter Diglett's Cave, we over shoot a bunch of times. We get into some wild Pokemon encounters because of over shooting.

14d 17h 52m Lord Helix Switched out for Treesus during a wild Pokemon encounter. We ran off.

14d 17h 51m We get a call, but didn't answer, as we get encountered by a wild Pokemon, and ran away from it.

[info] Current party order: Omastar (Lord Helix), Sudowoodo (Treesus), Vibrava, Bastiodon, Cranidos, followed by Xatu in th back.

4d 17h 47m We have left the city, heading East. We are now on Route 11.

14d 17h 45m Lord Helix back up front of our team. It's following us behind again!

14d 17h 40m Threw another Pokeball, and it escapes again, and we ran off.

14d 17h 39m Threw 2 more Pokeballs on Loudred. Escapes, and attacks.

14d 17h 38m Currently surfing, as we used a Pokeball on Loudred. It escaped, and attacks us.

14d 17h 36m Arrived at Vermilion City

[Info] It appears that user 'Elite_tookis' is the one turning on and off the GB Sounds rapidly, as we head down South.

14d 17h 33m Now on Route 6.

14d 17h 30m Left the city, as we are now heading down South.

14d 17h 28m We have healed 2 more times in the Pokemon Center. now back outside Saffron City.

14d 17h 27m Talked to Nurse Joy in Pokemon Center. We have Healed!

14d 17h 26m We have checkpointed inside the Pokemon Center.

14d 17h 18m We successfully re-registered GB Sounds.

[Info] I believe the current plan is to register GB Sounds back on, and go to Diglett's Cave for Brock's phone number.

14d 17h 11m Heading down South, now arrived on Saffron City.

14d 17h 7m In the VS. Recorder for a bit.

14d 17h 5m Got a call from someone. Did not pick up the phone.

14d 17h 3m We have left the city by jumping over a ledge, heading down south, on to Route 5.

[Info] Seems like we have unregistered GB Sounds from the key items. I'm unsure if we're trying to re-register it, or register something else into the key items. Someone please PM me with more details. Thanks.

[Quote] There is a time and place for everything. Now's not the time to use that.

14d 16h 55m aoooo saved the game.

[Info] Apparently, we are either trying to either teach some TMs, or putting some items on some of our Pokemon. I'm not entirely sure with all the shuffle going on. We are also checking the pokedex for a bit.

14d 16h 48m As aoooo is going through her bags, the party order has been re-arranged a bit. The party order is now Sudowoodo (Treesus), Bastiodon, Cranidos, Omastar (Lord Helix), Vibrava, and Xatu, who are still in the back.

14d 16h 42m aoooo is currently checking her bags, status reports, and messing through the VS. Recorder for a bit.

[Info] Current Party order: Cranidos, Bastiodon, Sudowoodo (Treesus), Omastar (Lord Helix), Vibrava, followed by Xatu in the back.

[Info/Recap] Since our encounter with "Zapdos" we still have not healed since. Xatu is at 75% hp, and is Paralyzed. Everyone else is down.

14d 16h 28m Arrived at Cerulean City, I believe.

[Snark] Hello, my name is Paras. The P, R, and S are silent!

14d 16h 25m Jumped down over a ledge of wild pokemon encounters, now Heading up North West.

14d 16h 23m Caught a Level 13, Female, Paras. Nicknamed A

14d 16h 21m Threw another Pokeball on Rattata. We caught the Rattata, Level 15, Male. Nicknamed 00

14d 16h 20m Threw a Pokeball on Rattata. It escaped and attacked.

14d 16h 18m Threw another Pokeball on Prinplup. Caught the Prinplup, Level 15, Male. Nicknamed A

14d 16h 17m Threw a Pokeball on a Prinplup. It escaped, and attacked us!

14d 16h 15m Another Pokeball used. Caught a Level 13, Male, Kirlia! Nickname 0_00__U

14d 16h 15m Used a Pokeball on Kirlia. It escaped again!

[Info] 95 Pokeballs left!

14d 16h 14m Used a Pokeball on Kirlia. It escaped, and attacked us!

14d 16h 12m Finally headed Up North West. We got some wild Pokemon encounters.

14d 16h 8m Hopped on our Bike!

14d 16h 8m We appear to be registering a friends name. It's no good.

14d 16h 7m aoooo saved the game.

[Snark] Ledges..... Our WORST enemy of TPP!

14d 16h 2m As we are struggling against ledges, aoooo randomly checks her bag, her current party, and the pokedex for a bit.

14d 15h 56m We jumped down a ledge on this route. If we're to continue heading west, we must "cut something" to continue. As all of the ledges above us have trapped us down.

14d 15h 54m Heading back West, on Route 9.

14d 15h 53m Got a call from Tully. Her Ponyta has grown!

14d 15h 50m Used a Pokeball on a wild Exeggcute. It escaped and attacked us. We ran off.

[Info] I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the current plan is to face all of the "Legendary Birds" before we head on to Mt. Silver.

[Snark] Surfing on dead weight? Sounds logical. But then again, this IS TPP we're talking about here.

14d 15h 48m Surfing back down to our next destination.

[Recap] With everyone down at the moment, all that is left alive is our shiny Xatu, who is following close behind aoooo.

14d 15h 41m We ran away from "Zapdos"

14d 15h 39m Threw another Pokeball at Gliscor. It escaped, no surprise.

14d 15h 36m Threw 3 Pokeballs on Gliscor. It escaped! It continues to attack us.

14d 15h 33m Sent out Xatu.

14d 15h 33m Gliscor attacked us once again. Vibrava fainted!

14d 15h 31m "Zapdos", who is a Gliscor, continues to attack us! We try to use more Pokeballs on it, but no good. Vibrava is in the red!

14d 15h 29m We used a Pokeball on "Zapdos". But it escaped.

14d 15h 28m Ecountered "Zapdos"! Zapdos turns out to be a Gliscor!

14d 15h 27m There is a Zapdos sitting outside the Power Plant. Who will "Zapdos" be?

14d 15h 25m As we switched out Vibrava for Xatu, we threw 2 Pokeballs on an Infernape. It escaped, and continues to attack. We ran off.

14d 15h 21m Near the Power Plant.

14d 15h 20m Caught an Exeggcute, male, Lv. 15! No nickname.

14d 15h 18m Used a Pokeball on a Skorupi. It escaped, and attacked us. We ran off.

[Snark] Fire types surfing in the water? Because Luck Fogic.

14d 15h 16m Surfing South, to our next destination.

14d 15h 13m Got a call from someone, but we did not pick up the phone. We were checking our pokedex instead.

14d 15h 12m Used a Pokeball on a Snover. It escaped. It attacked Vibrava, and it's now in the yellow. And another Pokeball was wasted. Escaped and we ran off.

[Fluff] Mewtwo drawn as Heimlich from A Bug's Life. You know, the caterpillar who says he's a beautiful butterfly

14d 15h 10m Heading up, as we have used cut to trim down a tree.

14d 15h 1m Now on Route 9, heading South East.

14d 14h 59m Arrived at a town somewhere, didn't catch the name? I believe the plan is to go to Mt. Silver. I don't think there is anything left to do now.

14d 14h 54m Crossing a bridge, heading back South, on Route 24.

14d 14h 52m On foot.

14d 14h 50m We are currently surfing North East. Route 28 I believe. Mostly North though, and encountered some wild pokemon.

[Fluff] Someone with art skills. We need to draw Mewtwo with Beautifly wings! Or maybe we could add Beautifly's antenna's while we're at it!

14d 14h 46m Exited the Cerulean Cave.

14d 14h 40m Got a call from Anthony. "Always stay focused on the job."

[Stadium] Rule 3 of Stadium: Never bet against Dunsparce.

14d 14h 38m Threw a Pokeball on a wild Floatzel. It escaped, and we ran away.

[Snark] Bewtwifly?

[Snark] Mewtifly? or maybe, Beautiflytwo?

14d 14h 32m Used 4 Pokeballs on a Ninjask, it escaped. We ran away.

14d 14h 28m We encountered "Mewtwo"! but this "Mewtwo" ended up being a Beautifly.

14d 14h 27m Sent out Xatu. Used another Pokeball on Prinplup, and escaped.

14d 14h 25m Used Pokeball on a Prinplup. It escaped, attacked Lord Helix. Lord Helix fainted.

[Info] The Ninjask's name is "03333   ".

14d 14h 24m Caught a Female Ninjask, Level 46 Nicknamed 03333

14d 14h 23m aoooo saved the game.

14d 14h 20m Caught a Level 47 Male Floatzel. Nicknamed 0_2.

14d 14h 19m Encountered a wild Floatzel. It attacks, and Lord Helix is now in the yellow.

14d 14h 18m aoooo saved the game.

14d 14h 16m Encountered a wild Sneasel. It attacked, and Lord Helix is now Frozen.

[Recap] As I'm filling in the updates, currently both Cranidos and Bastidon are down. Treesus is down, Lord Helix is okay at 100%, followed by Vibrava, and Xatu is Paralized. We apparently have GB Sounds, which we have placed in key items. So we are randomly pressing the button to turn it on and off during our "catching spree" in Cerulean Cave.

[Info] Our Pokémon are holding:

  • Cranidos: Yellow Flute
  • Bastiodon: Bubble Mail
  • Sudowoodo: Steel Mail
  • Omastar: Air Mail
  • Vibrava: Steel Mail
  • Xatu: Nevermeltice

14d 14h 11m Sent out Xatu, but we ran away.

14d 14h 9m Used a Pokeball on an Ivysaur. It attacked, Sudowoodo fainted.

14d 14h 7m Used a Pokeball on a Prinplup. It escaped and we ran away.

14d 14h 5m Used 2 Pokeballs on another female Beedrill, it escaped. We ran away from it.

14d 14h 3m Caught a Beedrill, Level 45 Female No Nickname

[Snark] "You wouldn't download a fish." - Rjri

14d 13h 58m Caught a Level 40 Male Lumineon No Nickname.

[Info] This is NMario84 Reporting for duty. As while we are in Cerulean Cave heading for "Mewtwo", we are on a catching spree like we did back in "Lugia's" cave. Maybe we should hold on to some of these Pokeballs just in case we come across something"important" later.

14d 13h 49m Encounted wild Whis$$$$, chat wants to catch (we run - didn't see that coming)

[Snark] Hey, guys, we only have 126 pokeballs! Scribbles down "pokeballs" on our shopping list

[Info] Just a quick reminder of the map of Cerulean Cave - currently in the last few zig-zags before ladder A on floor 2F

14d 13h 42m Caught Roselia! Female, level 40, nickname "O V OOXO"

14d 13h 40m Caught Geodude! Level 42, male, nickname "BOO OO1 O"

14d 13h 36m Sudowoodo now leads the party. Also, back to 2spooky4me music.

14d 13h 35m Bastiodon fainted to Minun!

14d 13h 34m Hm. The music on this floor is surprisingly light, particularly given the 2spooky4me tune we had on the previous floor. I don't think it's possible to be sad listening to this!

14d 13h 32m Wow, that nickname guys...

14d 13h 31m Caught Roselia! Female, level 40, nickname "☀ ☀☂☂". HAIL QUEEN SUNBRELLA

14d 13h 28m Bastiodon is down to 11/178 HP

14d 13h 25m In revenge, we have caught it, and trapped it into the PC forever! (Nickname "0", level 40)

14d 13h 23m Bastiodon paralyzed by wild Minun!

14d 13h 20m Successfully ascended ladder D on the map!

14d 13h 19m Caught Vigoroth! Male, level 39, Nickname "3600G60Z03"

14d 13h 14m Caught Carvana! Female, level 40, no nickname

Nickname "00*g"

14d 13h 12m Caught wild Wynaut! Male, level 39

14d 13h 11m Encountered wild Aerodactyl again, and after several (close) attempts at capture, we become frustrated and Meteor Mash it into oblivion instead ("fainted")

14d 13h 7m Still on 1F, but getting pretty close to the correct ladder to the next floor

14d 13h 6m Current Party Status & Order

Cranidos 0%

Bastiodon 79%

Sudowoodo 100%

Helix 100%

Vibrava 100%

Xatu 97% (Paralyzed)

14d 12h 56m Wild Aerodactyl appeared! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE AMB... We've run away

14d 12h 53m Encounter rate is so high right now. So high. We can't seem to walk more than about 5 steps without a wild Pokemon jumping us

14d 12h 52m We seem to be continually switching between regular and GB sounds, but according to the chat though, both are "2spooky4me"

14d 12h 49m For once we are trying not to climb a ladder, and seem unable to stop ourselves... Must climb ladder (Btw, we've finished the 1F surfing, and are trying to currently work our way around the floor to the right ladder)

14d 12h 46m Xatu paralyed by wild Drifloon's lick! We leg it out of there, which we appear to be trying to do most battles...

14d 12h 44m Female Barboach caught! Level 40, no nickname

[Stadium] And we have a draw in stadium as Graveler self-destructs "fainting" both himself, and the false prophet he was facing, leaving both teams with no pokemon! Betting system decided to give the victory to blue though, for no apparent reason

14d 12h 40m Cranidos faints to wild Drifloon's Aeroblast!

[Info] We should theoretically be heading towards D on the map, and currently we are surfing underneath the bridge on 1F. Progress is slowly but surely being made

14d 12h 34m Cranidos was paralyzed by a wild Barboach

14d 12h 30m Caught a Male Arbok! Level 38 - Nickame "M uu"

14d 12h 27m It's dark inside the cave, this is going to be difficult to say the least... Here is a map of the various floors of this cave

14d 12h 26m Encountered wild Marshtomp! Chat wants to catch it, but predicta... yeah, I'll stop saying that now

14d 12h 25m Entered Cerulean Cave - NotMewtwo, we're coming for you!

14d 12h 24m Encountered wild Eevee! Chat wants to catch it, but predictably, we run instead

14d 12h 17m Encountered wild Treecko! Chat wants to catch it, but predictably, we run instead

14d 12h 15m I believe we are now heading to Cerulean Cave to find "Mewtwo" - currently surfing in the water near the Nugget Bridge

14d 12h 13m Mind you, this 8-bit soundtrack is pretty funky

14d 12h 12m Having crossed the Nugget Bridge, we are now beating up level 10 Caterpies... Grinding takes a new low I feel

Currently heading north of Cerulean

[Radio] It seems the Poke Flute station doesn't have a GB sounds remix. Perhaps the tune was just too catchy for the sound designer.

14d 11h 12m Registered the GB Sounds!

14d 11h 10m GB SOUNDS GET

14d 11h 8m Glitching again... No wonder, since it's the GameFreak office.

14d 11h 8m Ethan greets us, and tells us to go see the Sound Designer for something neat.

14d 11h 8m Went up the Game Freak offices.

14d 11h 1m Celadon!

14d 10h 55m Saffron now.

14d 10h 51m Now in Vermilion.

14d 10h 50m Left the cave for Route 11.

14d 10h 40m In Diglett's Cave.

14d 10h 37m Still on Route 2.

14d 10h 32m STREAM UP

[Musings] The streamer may be making some modifications to Red on Mt. Silver. Hopefully this is the case.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 10h 27m STREAM DOWN.

14d 10h 26m On the eastern portion of Route 2: AKA that bit past the cut tree.

14d 10h 22m Route 2!

14d 10h 21m Just running around town with Lord Skull.

[Stats] Badges: 16 Money: ¥50162 Poké Balls: 167 Species caught: 93 Species seen: 410

14d 10h 19m So yes, ladies and gentlemen. We've returned to the city of greenery, instead of a half-destroyed island.

14d 10h 19m No wait it's Viridian. Looks like we had to heal at Cinnabar to actually checkpoint.

14d 10h 18m Back in Cinnabar.

14d 10h 18m Vibrava punched out by a Seviper. Black out!

[What] It has ... hands? Punching Snakes? What?

14d 10h 17m Huh, Sevipers have Snow Warning.

14d 10h 15m Threw a Poké Ball at a wild Shinx! Caught a Shinx! Male Lv. 32! Nickname "NXTfqq__".

14d 10h 15m Its nickname is "NXTfqq".

14d 10h 15m Level 32 Male Shinx caught!

14d 10h 14m [Correction] Tanner. He saw a Whismur.

14d 10h 14m Answered a call from Whismur.

14d 10h 13m And we run! Vibrava is currently at 2HP.

14d 10h 13m Vibrava down to 2HP. Ran!

14d 10h 13m Wasting a lot of balls on this Nidoking.

14d 10h 11m These Pokeballs can't contain even a lookalike of the Fonz.

14d 10h 11m Threw a ball at a Lv. 36 male Fonz-lookalike.

14d 10h 11m Oh wow a wild Nidoking.

14d 10h 10m Currently on B3F.

14d 10h 7m Oh huh, Turtwigs here.

14d 10h 6m Tentacruel is down to Magnitude 8. Battle won.

14d 10h 5m Qwilfish goes down. Tentacruel sent out.

14d 10h 5m With the rain, the Qwilfish is taking huge chunks outta Vibrava.

14d 10h 4m Battling Boarder Bryce and his Qwilfish.

[Snark] Imagine... Scyther shouting RIOT

14d 10h 3m Scythers can Chatter. Interesting.

14d 10h 2m Map is here, by the way.

[Snark] It's going to be another non-Legendary. I can feel it.

4d 10h 1m Current goal appears to reach "Articuno".

...and Geodude.

[Seafoam Pokemon] Phione, Shieldons, Exeggcutes (with Luster Purge and Destiny Bond), Shinx, Corphish, Bidoofs, Magmortars, Scythers ...

14d 9h 59m Oh wow Scythers too. This cave is great.

14d 9h 59m ... Bidoof?

14d 9h 59m BIDOOF

14d 9h 57m Oh wow Magmortar is in Seafoam.

14d 9h 51m Battle won.

14d 9h 51m Zangoose gets hammered.

14d 9h 50m Vibrava is sent out as the only member left on the team capable of battling.

14d 9h 49m Helix faints.

14d 9h 49m Helix is switched out for Vibrava by Roar. Another Roar brings Helix back in.

14d 9h 48m Zangoose has Drought. And it puts Helix to sleep.

14d 9h 48m Staraptor goes down. A Zangoose is sent in.

14d 9h 46m Battling Boarder Shaun and his Staraptor. Helix is sent out to deal with it.

14d 9h 45m Treesus faints to an Exeggcute with Luster Purge.

14d 9h 42m Air Mail found.

14d 9h 41m Its nickname is "0000"

14d 9h 41m Caught Level 29, Female Cubone.

14d 9h 39m Took a photo in the Seafoam Cave!

14d 9h 38m Oh hey Shieldons here as well.

[What] Phione ... have Pay Day.

14d 9h 33m ... Huh, wild Phione are in this cave. Looks like "Ho-oh" wasn't unique.

14d 9h 28m Inside Seafoam.

14d 9h 24m On the Seafoam Islands.

14d 9h 15m Surfing east of Cinnabar.

14d 9h 14m And we run from the Swampert. Can't use our 182 balls today.

14d 9h 14m Poké Balls: 182

14d 9h 13m Attempts are being made at catching it, but alas, it has dived underwater.

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14d 9h 12m Oh hey, a wild Swampert.

14d 9h 7m Entered Cinnabar Pokemon Center! Checkpoint obtained!

14d 9h 6m Arrived on Cinnabar!

14d 9h 2m Treesus takes it out. Battle won.

14d 9h 1m Battling Swimmer Esteban and his Muk!

[Snark] Does the menu revert Ao's transformations?

14d 8h 59m Glitched for a moment. Back to normal.

14d 8h 55m South of Pallet Town.

[Snark] Blue already has Articuno and Moltres, so only Zapdos is left.


14d 8h 49m [Strategy] Now lets fetch the GB Sounds in Celadon.

14d 8h 48m Obtained HM08 Rock Climb from Prof. Oak!

[Snark] Oak has redecorated his lab quite a bit.

14d 8h 40m We're in Blue's house.

[Musings] Even after all these years, I remember the Pallet Town theme like the back of my hand.

[Stats] Sudowoodo Lv. 69 - Max. HP 199 Attack 177 Defense 193 Sp. Atk 75 Sp. Def 96 Speed 81

VS School Kid Danny! Sudowoodo levels up to 69!

14d 8h 27m [Strategy] After we visit Prof. Oak, we should head to Celadon to get the GB Sounds item.

14d 8h 25m Prof. Oak called and wants us to drop by his lab, seems he has a present for us. What could it be?

14d 8h 24m Also received TM92 (unknown what it is)

14d 8h 23m Received the Earth Badge from Blue! BADGE 16 GET!

14d 8h 23m Sudowoodo used Rock Wrecker! Jumpluff down! DEFEATED BLUE!

14d 8h 22m VS Jumpluff again, which Bullet Seed's Sudowoodo.

14d 8h 22m Xatu down!

14d 8h 21m Sent out Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo used Strength! Xatu down to orange!

14d 8h 21m Blue's Xatu used Mist Ball! Xatu fainted!

14d 8h 20m XATU VS XATU

14d 8h 20m Blue sent out Pelipper! Pelipper used Body Slam! Xatu down to 16/205 HP. Xatu used Fly! Pelipper down!

14d 8h 19m Xatu used Fly! Moltres down!

14d 8h 19m Blue sent out Moltres, Lv. 58 and instantly used Heal Order.

14d 8h 18m Xatu used Fly! Articuno down!

14d 8h 18m Xatu used Fly! Articuno down to orange.

14d 8h 18m Xatu used Mist Ball! Articuno down to red! Blue used a Full Restore.

14d 8h 17m Blue sent out his Lv. 52 Articuno!

14d 8h 16m Xatu used Fly! Gyarados down!

14d 8h 16m Sent out Xatu.

14d 8h 14m Gyarados used Water Spout! Bastiodon down to 5/176HP! Gyarados used Muddy Water Bastiodon fainted!

14d 8h 13m VS BLUE! (#2)

14d 8h 12m Staring at the wall behind Blue.

14d 8h 9m Having trouble with the puzzle in the Gym.

14d 7h 47m In the gym.

[Meta] Add-on test message to see if everything is working, please ignore this.

14d 7h 35m There's a large, formidable tree that looks like it can be headbutted!

14d 7h 22m Left the gym and jumped the ledge™

14d 7h 18m Bastiodon leveled up to 67!

14d 7h 17m Threw another PokéBall, this time at Crobat.

14d 7h 16m Bastiodon used Meteor Mash! Pidgeot down! Ace Trainer Salma sent out Crobat!

Flying type gym confirmed if you haven't figured it out yet.

14d 7h 14m Threw a Poké Ball at the trainer's Lv. 49 female Pidgeot. Pidgeot used ExtremeSpeed! Cranidos fainted! (OHKO)

14d 7h 14m VS one of the trainers in the Gym! Cranidos used Surf!

14d 7h 12m Back in the gym.

14d 7h 4m Outside the gym, sightseeing.

14d 6h 55m Re-entered the gym.

14d 6h 45m Vibrava fainted! Blacked out!

14d 6h 45m Vibrava down to 51/196HP! Vibrava used Hammer Arm! Jumpluff down to orange!

14d 6h 43m Sent out Vibrava. Jumpluff used Bullet Seed! Vibrava down to 168/196HP!

14d 6h 42m Our only hope left is Vibrava.

14d 6h 41m Jumpluff used Bullet Seed! Omastar down!

14d 6h 41m Pelipper down! Blue sent out Jumpluff! (male, Lv. 58)

14d 6h 40m Pelipper used Water Spout! Omastar down to 3HP!

14d 6h 40m Pelipper used Body Slam! Omastar used Water Spout! Both not very effective..

14d 6h 39m Sent out Omastar.

14d 6h 38m Pelipper(male, Lv. 60) used Water Spout! Bastiodon fainted!

14d 6h 38m Bastiodon used Meteor Mash! Gyarados down!

14d 6h 37m Sent out Bastiodon.

14d 6h 37m Gyarados used Wing Attack! Xatu fainted!

14d 6h 37m Xatu used Mist Ball! Gyaradow down to red!

14d 6h 36m Gyarados used Muddy Water! Xatu down to 63/205 HP!

14d 6h 36m Xatu used Fly but failed!

14d 6h 35m Blue used a Full Restore.

14d 6h 35m Blue's Lv.55 male Gyarados used Water Spout! Sudowoodo fainted!

14d 6h 34m VS BLUE

14d 6h 33m Well, that was fast, we bypassed all of the other trainers \o/

14d 6h 32m Defeated Ace Trainer Bonita!

14d 6h 32m Cranidos fainted!

14d 6h 30m VS Ace Trainer Bonita!

14d 6h 18m Entered the Gym!

14d 6h 13m Bugsy called!

14d 5h 59m Healed our party.

14d 5h 59m Entered the Poké Center.

14d 5h 52m In Viridian City.

14d 5h 42m On Route 2.

14d 5h 35m Wasted a ball on a wild Paras.

14d 5h 32m Entered Diglett's Cave.

14d 5h 30m Glitching again.

14d 5h 26m In Vermillion City.

14d 5h 26m On Route 6, just encountered a wild Squirtle!

14d 5h 17m Wandering around Saffron City.

14d 5h 14m HYPE TRAIN HYPE

14d 5h 7m We are in Goldenrod.

14d 5h 4m She received no nickname.

14d 5h 3m Caught a wild Dratini! Female, Lv.12.

14d 5h 0m On Route 35, heading to Goldenrod.

14d 4h 40m We have reached Ecruteak.

14d 4h 31m We found a wild Rampardos and threw a pokéball at it. Replace Cranidos? (jk jk)

14d 4h 27m Missed Joey's call! RIOT

14d 4h 25m Omastar has been given mail.

14d 4h 18m Heading north; still no heal.

14d 4h 16m We answer Todd's call. It appears that no-one likes Todd, though...

14d 4h 9m Reached Olivine!

14d 4h 6m Wild Steelix are swimming in these waters. I would not swim in them, myself...

14d 4h 4m Another trainer fight cleared in seconds.

14d 4h 3m Ball thrown at a wild Slowbro.

14d 4h 2m A trainer challenged us and got his behind kicked.

14d 3h 59m We start Surfing. No heal.

14d 3h 57m Found a Water Stone! Wow!

14d 3h 52m We have registered Chuck's number!

[Information] Sudowoodo, Vibrava and Bastiodon are all holding mail.

14d 3h 50m In Cianwood again!

[Fluff] Sleep riot! Sleep riot! Slee-- falls asleep

14d 3h 41m We're outside! Freedom! Joy! Riot!

14d 3h 36m She wasn't given a nickname.

14d 3h 35m The third ball catches the Hoppip! Female, Lv.23.

14d 3h 34m Two more balls thrown at a wild Hoppip.

14d 3h 27m We have changed our party order by switching Bastiodon and Omastar around.

14d 3h 25m Picked up a Heart Scale.

14d 3h 24m We try to throw more balls, but we're not allowed to while the wild pokémon is digging. Our only weakness! We ran away.

14d 3h 23m We have thrown a pokéball at a wild Gible and were incredibly close to catching it. She knows Dig!

14d 3h 21m We answered Tiffany's call. She was scared by a wild Jigglypuff. Must have been a friend of Isaac's...

14d 3h 12m Pokéball wasted on a wild Shellder. (195 Pokéballs left).

14d 3h 10m Pokéball wasted on a wild Dratini.

14d 3h 1m Snow mail found.

14d 2h 57m Pokéball wasted on a wild Skitty.

14d 2h 54m Lv. 22 Baltoy caught. No nickname.

14d 2h 53m Aoooo put away the Shed Horn in the Fashion Case.

14d 2h 51m TM59 was recovered from one of party 'mons.

14d 2h 45m Spinarak female lv. 24 caught. Name is 3___333_T3.

14d 2h 43m Vibrava male lv. 23 caught. No nickname.

14d 2h 39m Spinarak caught. No nickname.

14d 2h 35m Natu lv. 25 male caught. Name is 3G6L53 G53.

14d 2h 30m Caught a female spinarak and nicknamed it 3 B3t33f3 

14d 2h 22m Caught a level 24 female spinarak and nicknamed it 33S3X3S3 ☃

14d 2h 19m We listen to Bulbasaur's cry to make sure it didn't change. Good thing too, as I don't think we've checked in a while. After checking at least 6 times, I can conclude that it did not change.

[snark] Bulbasaur's cry is still the same after all this time!

14d 2h 14m Caught another spinarak and did not nickname it. I believe the level is 21.

14d 2h 12m Caught a level 25 female natu and nicknamed it 333S☃☃ ☃@*

14d 2h 7m Caught a level 25 female shuppet and nicknamed it KKK3R33kk☃ Make of that nickname what you will.

14d 2h 2m Caught a male spinarak and nicknamed it 313k-3r i. I believe it is level 22.

14d 2h 0m Bastiodon levels up to lvl. 66!

[Clarification] That Vibrava we caught earlier had a snowman at the end of it: "A3333K3ZZ☃"

[Fluff] You know that Vibrava we just caught? Read its name backwards.

[Chat] It appears that the people are calling the "Lugia" that we found as Shrewgia.

14d 1h 48m Caught a level 23 female vibrava and nicknamed it A3333K3ZZ (with an ASCII symbol I can't type at the moment).

[Chat] Pokebaaaaawls: So TPP walks into a bar, then out of the bar, then back inside. [Kappa]

14d 1h 45m Caught a female mantyke and nicknamed it 33B334X333.

14d 1h 39m Obtained a rose incense while we admire the view of the waterfall below.

14d 1h 37m Caught a level 22 baltoy and nicknamed it 3 3033PPPE.

[Info] As of our last encounter against a wild slowking, we have 256 pokeballs left.

14d 1h 26m Aooo proceeds to peck away at her autograph page while the chat digests this recent turn of events. New autograph saved!

[Chat] Hivemind is confused as to why both Suicune and Lugia weren't randomized legendaries.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STREAMER EXPLAIN OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ .

14d 1h 20m Xatu finishes off sandshrew with a fly. RIP "LUGIA"

14d 1h 19m Sudowoodo faints to sandshrew's fissure attack. Xatu is sent in!

14d 1h 18m Lugia is a level 70 female sandshrew. Wow.


14d 1h 16m We are now in "Lugia"s chamber!

14d 1h 9m For anyone curious on our exact location, here is a map.

[Info] There are also a lot of items hanging out around here.

14d 1h 8m We are now out of the dark and inching ever closer to the "Lugia."

14d 1h 6m It is so dark in this cave, even we can't see Aoooo.

[Snark] It's so dark in here, I've gone blind!

14d 1h 0m We have entered the Whirl Islands! My is it dark in here.

14d 0h 56m We finally cross the dreaded whirlpool! Could this be progress?

[FYI] Swimmer Matthew had a SNUBBULL. I believe

[Info] Apparently we were challenged by a trainer, Swimmer Matthew along the way. We quickly defeated him. Now back to you, ShadowOfSilver.

14d 0h 48m And we catch it! It's a level 25 male aron, nicknamed B6M ED6BBM.

14d 0h 44m Cranidos faints to a wild aron's rock blast. We also wasted a pokeball on it.

14d 0h 39m We fail at catching a steelix so we opt to faint it instead. Cranidos is now at 14% health.

14d 0h 34m 1 PokéBall wasted on Cradily. "Don't be a thief". Helix fainted.

14d 0h 33m Helix is down to 2HP.

14d 0h 33m Swimmer Kaylee challenged.

14d 0h 31m 5 PokéBalls wasted on a wild Aron. (269 PokéBalls Left).

14d 0h 29m 1 PokéBall wasted on a wild Steelix.

14d 0h 25m 3 PokéBalls wasted on a wild Aron.

14d 0h 23m X defend used on Helix.

14d 0h 22m Charlie defeated.

[Stats] Omastar Lv. 44 - Max. HP 123 Attack 69 Defense 120 Sp. Atk 122 Sp. Def 71 Speed 56

14d 0h 17m Helix leveled up to lv. 44.

14d 0h 16m Swimmer Charlie challenged. He has Trapinch!

14d 0h 14m Paula defeated.

14d 0h 13m Wasted PokéBall on Barboach. "Don't be a thief".

14d 0h 12m Swimmer Paula challenged.

[Snark] Now we officially hold a grudge.

[Break] Okay I am taking a break now. If any Reddit updaters want to continue posting updates for me, please do so.

14d 0h 6m Found a TM41 Grudge!

13d 23h 57m Wasted 2 pokeballs on a Muk.

13d 23h 53m Wasted another Pokeball on Abra.

13d 23h 52m Got a call from Tanner.

13d 23h 50m Caught a Level 17 Female Abra. Nicknamed AAMLNUPPF.

13d 23h 49m Wasted a Pokeball on an Abra.

13d 23h 46m We are currently surfing down South on Route 40.

13d 23h 44m Left Olivine City, on Route 40, heading West.

13d 23h 43m Exited the Pokemon Center.

13d 23h 43m We have healed at the Pokemon Center!

13d 23h 43m Talking to Nurse Joy.

13d 23h 39m Exited, and back in the Pokemon Center.

13d 23h 37m We have checkpointed in the Pokemon Center in Olivine City.

13d 23h 36m Entered, then exited the PokeMart.

13d 23h 35m Back on Olivine City.

13d 23h 30m Got a call from Anthony.

13d 23h 27m Left Olivine City, on to Route 40, heading West.

[Info] Now that we have her phone number, looks like all that is left is to find and cath "Lugia" frist, and then on to fight Blue for the final Gym Badge.

13d 23h 26m Left the boat station. Back on Olivine City

13d 23h 25m Back inside the boat station.

13d 23h 22m Talked to Sabrina. Successfully registered Sabrina's Number!

[Fluff] Sabrina must have a confused look on her face, unknown to her, as we try to attempt to get her number.

13d 23h 20m Back outside on the port.

13d 23h 19m Back inside the boat station.

13d 23h 19m Attempting to get Sabrinas number.

13d 23h 18m Back outside, on the port of Olivine City.

13d 23h 16m We get a call, but did not answer it.

13d 23h 16m Arrived inside the house, at the boat station.

"Sabrina, we are coming for your number this time!"

13d 23h 14m Arrived back on Olivine City.

13d 23h 12m Arrived on Route 39, heading South.

13d 23h 8m While we are back tracking to Sabrina for her number, we get some wild Pokemon encounters.

13d 23h 6m We get a call from Ian.

13d 23h 4m On Route 38.

[Info] Looks like we are going in circles. Since we over shoot Sabrina the first time, we are trying to get back to her to get her number.

13d 23h 2m Back on Ecruteak City

13d 23h 1m On Route 37.

13d 22h 57m Heading North, now on Route 36.

13d 22h 56m aoooo saved the game.

13d 22h 56m Used Cut on a small tree.

13d 22h 50m We left Goldenrod City, heading North, On Route 35.

13d 22h 46m Back outside in Goldenrod City.

13d 22h 44m Back in the train station.

13d 22h 42m Back out, on to Goldenrod City.

13d 22h 42m Left the train ride.

13d 22h 41m The train arrives and we hop on.

13d 22h 41m Getting ready for a train ride over to Goldenrod City.

[Info] I believe we are trying to take a train ride somewhere.

13d 22h 38m Entered a building.

13d 22h 37m at Saffron City.

13d 22h 36m aoooo Saved the game.

[Info] Apparently we are in Kanto by Accident. We wanted to go here for Sabrina's number. she was in the Olivine port, but we over shoot. The original plan was that we were going to get Sabrina's number first, and then go for "Lugia".

13d 22h 33m Yanma down. Pelipper down. Xatu Grew to level 72. Trainers defeated.

13d 22h 32m Bastiodon switched back out for Vibrava. Lord Helix switched out for Xatu.

13d 22h 29m Xatu switched back out for Bastiodon.

[Info] Lord Helix is also out for battle.

13d 22h 28m Bastioon switched out for Xatu.

13d 22h 27m Cranidos Faints. Bastioon sent out.

[Info] Trainers are Twins Day and Dani.

13d 22h 26m Trainers sent out a Pelipper and a Yanma.

13d 22h 26m Double Battle time!

13d 22h 24m On Route 6. Heading North.

13d 22h 23m "Omastar seems to want to play with aoooo" Oh Lord Helix.

[Info] Wait..... If we're in Kanto somewhere... Does that mean we are going to Blue for the final Gym Badge?

13d 22h 18m Back outside the city.

13d 22h 17m Entered a building in Vermillion City.

13d 22h 16m Back in Vermillion City.

13d 22h 15m Left Vermillion City, Heading East, on Route 11.

13d 22h 12m Back out on Vermillion City. Apparently we took a nice boat ride while we were sleeping in our cabins.

13d 22h 11m Heading back up North.

13d 22h 10m Left the boat.

13d 22h 7m Left the cabin.

13d 22h 6m Lord Helix is back out in front!

13d 22h 5m We go to bed inside the cabin. We have Healed!

13d 22h 3m Entered a cabin inside the boat.

[Info] I guess we are going on for a boat ride to go try to find "Lugia".

13d 21h 59m Entered the boat

13d 21h 58m We get a call from Rob. Calling a few others like Vance.

13d 21h 57m Back outside Olivine City. Still heading South.

13d 21h 56m Heading South. We've entered a building from behind.

13d 21h 54m Exited the Gym.

13d 21h 51m Entered the Gym.

13d 21h 50m Heading South, Arrived at Olivine City.

13d 21h 45m Heading West on Route 38.

3d 21h 44m Arrived at Ecruteak Town

13d 21h 42m On Route 37, Heading North West-ish.

[Info] I believe the current plan of the hive mind is to go and try to catch "Lugia".

13d 21h 37m Arrived on Route 36.

13d 21h 36m Left Violet City, heading West.

13d 21h 34m Arrived at Violet City.

[Info] Currently on Route 32, I believe.

13d 21h 24m Seedot down. Youngster Gordon defeated!

13d 21h 23m Currently heading North. Encountered by a trainer Youngster Gordon, who sends out a Seedot.

13d 21h 19m We've successfully exited out of Union Cave!

13d 21h 17m Heading away from the entrance of Union Cave. Encountering more wild Pokemon.

[Snark] Go home Diglett, you're drunk.

13d 21h 13m "Cranidos Bumped into aoooo."

13d 21h 9m Another lonely Diglett encounter.

13d 21h 5m Wondering around toward the entrance of the Union Cave. I believe we're still trying to leave here.

13d 21h 2m Encountered some Surfin' Birds again. Inb4 Playing the Surfin Bird song by The TrashMan.

13d 20h 57m Cranidos currently leads the team.

13d 20h 56m Lord Helix Down due to poison by wild Ekans.

13d 20h 55m Helix is in the red.

13d 20h 54m Encountered a wild Ekans. Lord Helix gets damaged, and is now in the yellow. Lord Helix is Poisoned!

13d 20h 52m * TM shuffling intensifies *

[Info] We have 284 Poké Balls. No Great, Ultra or any other kind.

13d 20h 44m Stopped surfing, and heading upstairs in Union Cave. We're still faffing about in our bag, booting up TMs and shuffling stuff around.

13d 20h 38m Surfing around Union Cave.

13d 20h 30m The TM Hydro Pump has been booted up several times. Looks like we're trying to teach Lord Helix Hydro Pump?

13d 20h 28m Still 'surfing around' our TMs bag and booting some up.

13d 20h 24m Cranidos forgets Rock Polish, and we teach Surf to it.

13d 20h 23m Surfing, and booting up some TMs.

13d 20h 18m Found an X Defend!

13d 20h 18m Aooooo saved the game.

13d 20h 15m We've encountered a wild Diglett in Union Cave. A very, lonely Diglett that is NOT present in its very own cave!

13d 20h 15m Used a Potion on Lord Helix.

13d 20h 15m Used a potion on one of our Pokemon.

13d 20h 10m We appear to be opening up our bag, and booting up some TMs.

[Snark] If we want an Ursaring, we'd better hope it's not Bear Jorsun.

[Chat] It appears some of the users in the chat are calling our new "Laparas" Bear Jordan, due to the fact it was randomized as a Teddiursa.

13d 20h 0m Lord Helix currently has up to 69% HP now.

13d 20h 0m Successfully used a Super Potion on Lord Helix.

13d 19h 59m Currently encountering some wild Pokemon along the way out.

13d 19h 51m "Omastar seems pretty happy, and is rolling around." That's our Lord Helix!

13d 19h 50m Lord Helix is now in the yellow.

[Meta] TwitchSpeaks has returned from his successful move. For those unaware, TwitchSpeaks streams a live audio speech engine of the TwitchPlaysPokemon Hive Mind. You can visit him here. Twitch.tv/TwitchSpeaks

13d 19h 47m Claydol down. Ace Trainer defeated!

13d 19h 43m Exeggutor down. Trainer sends out a Claydol.

13d 19h 42m Hypno down. Trainer sends out Exeggutor.

13d 19h 40m Aooooo wants to be a thief by throwing random Pokeballs on the opponent's Hypno.

13d 19h 39m Xatu switched out for Vibrava.

13d 19h 38m Still wasting Pokeballs on opponent's Hypno.

13d 19h 37m Wasted some Pokeballs. "Don't be a Thief!"

13d 19h 36m Exeggcute fainted. Trainer sends out Hypno.

13d 19h 34m Switched out to Xatu.

13d 19h 34m Challenged by Ace Trainer Gwen, who sends out Exeggcute.

[Help] If you have any information about the missing levels/genders/nicknames of the two pokemon listed below, please contact the Police Department... just kidding. Please PM one of the updaters or speak up in the IRC. Thanks!

13d 19h 26m Caught Pidgeot!

13d 19h 24m Caught a Quilava!

13d 19h 19m We encountered "Lapras", who is a female Teddiursa, lv 20. Caught "Lapras"! Nickname 03O;

[Break] I'm going on for a break for a while. Dinner time, so someone please keep updating for us. Thanks.

13d 19h 0m Xatu defeats Beldum. Ace Pokemon Tariner defeated.

13d 19h 0m Lord Helix switched out to Xatu.

13d 18h 58m Unown down. Trainer sends out Beldum.

13d 18h 58m Drowzee down. Trainer sends out an Unown.

13d 18h 57m Challenged by Ace Pokemon trainer Nick, who sends out Drowzee.

13d 18h 54m Heading down the stairs in Union Cave.

13d 18h 51m Roserade down. Lord Helix Grows to level 43. Trainer defeated!

13d 18h 50m Another Pokemon Maniac encounter, who sends out Roserade.

[Snark] With everything low leveled around here in this cave, Lord Helix can pretty much OHKO anything.

13d 18h 49m Helix OHKO's Beautifly. Trainer defeated.

13d 18h 48m Swellow down. Poke Maniac sends out a Beautifly!

13d 18h 48m Encountered a Poke Maniac who sends out a Swellow.

[Snark] It's better than birds with punching arms

[Fluff] Surfin' Birds in Union Cave? Only in HeartGold Randomization.

13d 18h 40m Encountering some low level wild pokemon in Union Cave.

13d 18h 37m Aooooo Saved the game.

13d 18h 34m Used a potion on one of our Pokemon.

13d 18h 33m Entered Union Cave

13d 18h 32m Aooooo goes into Wolf (glitch) mode for a while. AOOOOOOOOOOO

[Fluff] Random trainer: "If you don't want to battle, simply avoid eye contact." In other words, don't feel like battling? Well then you'd better hope nobody sees you! See the third panel in this comic.

13d 18h 22m Helix OHKO's Pidgey. Camper Rola defeated.

13d 18h 22m Encountered a trainer Camper Rola who sends out a Pidey.

13d 18h 18m We've encountered some low level wild pokemon in this route. Moving along South.

13d 18h 16m Heading South, from Violet City, On to Route 32.

13d 18h 13m We used fly to get to Violet City.

[Fluff] I don't think this is the right route to be grinding your Pokemon at.

13d 18h 7m Heading back West on Route 29.

13d 18h 3m Aooooo can't decide if she wants to go surfing East, or go somewhere else in this town. We have attempted surfing twice, but then got out of the water.

13d 17h 55m Arrived at New Bark Town.

13d 17h 49m We've finally encountered some wild pokemon, which seemed like forever since the last time.

13d 17h 45m Heading South, as we've just jumped over a ledge.

13d 17h 45m Back down South on Route 29.

13d 17h 41m Headed back up North.

[Info] Not entirely sure what the hive mind wants to do scuffling around her bag. Are we trying to teach something to someone, or using a stone on someone? There is no foot movement what so ever.

[Info] Current Party order: Omastar (Lord Helix), Cranidos, Sudowoodo (Treesus), Bastiodon, Vibrava, and Xatu down at the bottom.

13d 17h 19m Lord Helix moved back at the top. HAIL HELIX!

[Fluff] Aooooo sure does like to look at her inventory and stuff a lot.

13d 17h 16m Arrived at Route 29.

13d 17h 14m Still checking our stuff. We've arrived at mid point somewhere passed Route 46.

13d 17h 8m Checking her bags, and inventory, status of pokemon, the usual.

13d 17h 2m South now, apparently. As we have just jumped over some ledges.

13d 16h 57m On Route 46, passed the Dark Cave, heading South West.

13d 16h 52m Finally out of the tall grass!

13d 16h 50m Just walked past another item. Down a ledge, more specifically.

13d 16h 48m Found a Max Elixir. We'd been trying to pick up that item for quite a while now; items in tall grass aren't particularly easy to get in TPP.

[Fluff] First Natu, now Chinchou, and I'm sure some other stuff we've seen in the past...why do so many wild Pokemon have to have Shadow Tag of all things?

[Fluff] If only that 1 was a 0 like it originally was...now that would have been funny.

13d 16h 41m Caught a Natu. Level 20, female, nickname "A001 000 ". Ability is Shadow Tag.

13d 16h 38m We have used more Pokeballs, but haven't caught anything since the Graveler.

13d 16h 31m Caught a Graveler after using 3 Poke Balls. Didn't catch its level or gender, but I don't think we gave it a nickname.

13d 16h 29m Wasted a Pokeball on a wild Graveler.

13d 16h 25m Our Red Apricorn continues to assail our nostrils as we open the box.

13d 16h 24m Caught a Graveler. Level 23 (I believe), male, no nickname. 314 Poke Balls remaining, not including any other types of balls we may have.

13d 16h 22m Caught a Chatot, which took 3 Poke Balls. Level 24, male, nickname "000 0. ".

13d 16h 19m Just used a Pokeball on a Monferno...it didn't work. Using another one...same thing. So that's 2 we just wasted.

13d 16h 16m Just wasted a Pokeball on a Cubone.

13d 16h 15m Caught a Female Cubone Level 23 No Nickname.

13d 16h 13m Back on Route 45.

13d 16h 2m Back on Blackthorn City.

13d 16h 1m Xatu fainted to trainers Aron. BLACKED OUT!

13d 16h 1m Corsola fainted. Aron up.

13d 16h 0m Another trainer encounter, Picnicker Erin who sent out Corsola.

13d 15h 59m Carvanha fainted. Campter Ted defeated.

13d 15h 58m Encountered a trainer Camper Ted, who sends out Carvanha.

13d 15h 58m Back on Route 45?

13d 15h 57m Left the patch of trees with the apricorn trees in the center.

13d 15h 54m Obtained Ylw Apricorn.

13d 15h 54m Obtained a Grn Apricorn.

13d 15h 51m Cornered by a bunch of trees, going through our bag, checking the Pokedex. There is a cave nearby though.

13d 15h 48m Heading West somewhere, new route (I missed the #)

[Info] Still wondering around in Route 45, I think, With a bunch of injured pokemon, and an Xatu that is about to faint soon.

13d 15h 29m Wasted a Pokeball on escaped Chinchou.

[Info] Xatu is in the red. Blackout HYPE.

13d 15h 25m Caught a Lvl 27 male Wigglytuff. Nicknamed _00

13d 15h 23m Wasted 6 more Pokeballs on an escaped Kadabra. 7th time FINALLY caught the wild Kadabra Female Level 24. Nickname 010N__0R0

[Info] Xatu is the only one left alive in our party, and is still in the yellow.

13d 15h 17m Lord Helix Down

13d 15h 17m Wasted a Poke Ball on an escaped Kadabra.

[Info] We have used up all our Great Balls and Ultra Balls. All that is left in our bag are regular Poke Balls.

13d 15h 16m Caught a Level 23 Female Cubone. Nickname IHHOIOOE

13d 15h 11m Caught a Lvl 23 Male Chinchou Nicknamed IIGOOIRRI

[Info] Both Lord Helix and Xatu are in the yellow. 4 Pokemon are still fainted. Maybe we should heal somewhere first?

13d 15h 7m Wasted 2 Ultra Balls on an escaped Chimecho.

13d 15h 2m Wasted another Great Ball on an escaped Chimecho.

13d 15h 0m Found a Red Shard.

13d 14h 59m Wasted 2 Great Balls on an escaped Koffing.

13d 14h 58m wasted 2 Great Balls on an escaped Chimecho.

13d 14h 56m Wasted a ball on an escaped Chatot.

13d 14h 53m Caught a Lvl 20 Male Natu Nicknamed OBIXI8___i

13d 14h 44m Heading South, Route 45

13d 14h 42m At Blackthorn City.

[Snark] Don't let Triple D near Guy Fiere, otherwise she will turn into a Caterpie Pie

13d 14h 38m Caught a Lvl 13 Female Caterpie. Nickname ddd

13d 14h 35m Wasted a couple of Great Balls on some Caterpie that have broke free out of them.

13d 14h 31m Currently surfing outside, against some wild pokemon.

13d 14h 26m We've successfully exited Dragon's Den!

[Snark] Still struggling inside Dragons Den, against one single ladder, which will lead us out of here. Either that, or the Hive Mind has no idea what to do next.

[Items] Our items pocket currently contains a Nugget, Sun Stone, Splash Plate, Nevermeltice, Moon Stone, and Black Belt.

13d 14h 10m Up and down the ladder near the entrance of Dragons Den.

13d 14h 3m Found a Blackbelt.

13d 13h 55m Current ideas for what to do next include getting the Silver Wing and going after Lugia, or going to Union Cave to check out the weekly Lapras.

13d 13h 54m With 4 pokemon down in our team, Lord Helix is now in front, following Aoooooo. Still a bit under leveled though. How long will he survive until our next heal?

[Comment] TEH URN! It is real!

13d 13h 53m Vibrava does not evolve.

13d 13h 53m Last mist ball and Electabuzz goes down! Clair and Lance defeated!

13d 13h 52m Another Mist Ball and Electabuzz is in the red. Xatu survives the next Night Slash!

13d 13h 52m Xatu goes in. We use Mist Ball, bringing Electabuzz to half HP. Night Slash does moderate damage to Xatu.

13d 13h 50m Sudowoodo down to Electabuzz's Night Slash.

13d 13h 49m Sudowoodo comes in, barely survives Mud Bomb, then takes out Raikou with Strength!

13d 13h 48m We send in Cranidos, who is swiftly shot down by Raikou.

13d 13h 47m Vibrava faints.

13d 13h 47m Darkrai goes down and Raikou is in the red. Could this be teh urn?!

13d 13h 46m Registeel survives Raikou's Mud Bomb, and takes a Thrash from Darkrai. Another Magnitude brings Raikou to half HP and Darkrai to red. Darkrai is confused now.

13d 13h 45m Magnitude 7 finishes off Jolteon! The past couple of turns Jolteon has been charging and Darkrai has been attacking Registeel, so Vibrava is still at full HP. Also, Vibrava leveled up to 74!

13d 13h 45m Vibrava uses Magnitude 6, which puts Jolteon at half HP and chips away about a fifth of Darkrai's HP.

13d 13h 44m We send in Vibrava.

13d 13h 43m Bastiodon faints. Neither Darkrai nor Jolteon have taken damage at this point.

13d 13h 42m Jolteon's Zap Cannon OHKOs Forretress. Bastiodon's Meteor Mash OHKOs Weavile. Darkrai and Registeel come out.

13d 13h 41m Sharpedo down. Bastiodon is at 62%.

13d 13h 41m Sharpedo is at red HP, and Kricketune faints.

13d 13h 40m Jolteon's Zap Cannon misses, meaning Kricketune survives the first turn. Not that it matters because Kricketune's attack also misses anyway.

13d 13h 38m Time for another round of the battle.

13d 13h 34m Used a Super Potion on Cranidos during a battle with a wild Caterpie. We have 5 Super Potions and 1 Potion remaining.

13d 13h 31m Back in the Dragon's Den.

[Meta] As TwitchSpeaks is currently offline, it's harder for me to determine what the TPP hive mind wants to do. I hope his moving experience is successful though. I hope for the best of him.

13d 13h 12m Helix manages to survive a single turn with 4% HP and uses Sandstorm. Next turn however, Helix faints and we black out again. (Also, we wasted a Poke ball on Electabuzz)

13d 13h 11m Cranidos in and out in a single turn. Helix is left.

13d 13h 9m Weavile and Electabuzz. Weavile's Night Slash KOs Vibrava. All we have left are Cranidos and Omastar, who are both seriously underlevelled. Despite KOing Raikou, it seems we still will fall short of victory.

13d 13h 9m Another Magnitude takes out both Raikou and Sharpedo! Unfortunately, Vibrava is in the red now.

13d 13h 8m Vibrava is in! Mud Bomb leaves her at 63% HP, and she unleashes a Magnitude 7, which heavily hurts both members but does not KO either.

13d 13h 7m Mud Bomb finishes off Sudowoodo.

13d 13h 7m Raikou's Mud Bomb takes out Registeel, meaning we are in this on our own now. Sudo uses Surf, which does less than moderate damage to both enemies.

13d 13h 6m Raikou comes in and makes it rain. Registeel lowers Raikous Sp.Def with Metal Sound, and Sudowoodo has to recharge.

13d 13h 5m Jolteon's attack misses, Sharpedo uses Fake Tears, Registeel uses Iron Defense. So far Sudowoodo is the only useful mon this turn, who takes out Jolteon with a Rock Wrecker and levels up to 68!

13d 13h 5m Sudowoodo in.

13d 13h 4m Xatu OHKOd by Zap Cannon. Lance has seriously beefy AI for this battle, jeez.

13d 13h 3m We send in Xatu, 4 sends in Registeel. Jolteon's attack misses, and Xatu hits Jolteon with a Mist Ball, doing moderate damage.

13d 13h 2m Forretress comes in and is OHKOd by Zap Cannon. Bastiodon OHKOd by Water Spout. Jolteon and Sharpedo have not yet been scratched. We are off to a bad start.

13d 13h 1m Once again Jolteon's Zap Cannon OHKOs Kricketune.

13d 13h 0m Here we go again! Third time's the charm, right guys?

13d 12h 57m Back into the Dragon's Den once more!

[Comment] It appears that while I was away, at some point in the game, Lord Helix was switched around in our party. He is no longer up front. So we have Bastiodon up front now. Maybe Lord Helix got switched around sometime during all the mail/item holding shuffle earlier? But in any case, I guess we can't grind Lord Helix up any more, as well as not following behind aoooo in the over world.

13d 12h 46m Helix OHKOd. Blacked out.

13d 12h 45m Darkrai comes in. Raikou's Ancientpower KOs Xatu. Only Helix remains.

13d 12h 45m Fly takes out Weavile!

13d 12h 44m Xatu survives Ancientpower and starts flying.

13d 12h 44m Xatu goes in.

13d 12h 43m Cranidos OHKOd by Mud Bomb.

13d 12h 43m Cranidos goes in!

13d 12h 42m Vibrava is left at 2 HP and flinched. The next turn, Vibrava goes down. Things are looking grim.

13d 12h 41m Weavile and Raikou come in. Stealth rock hurts them each a little bit.

13d 12h 41m MAGNITUDE 10! It takes out Jolteon and Sharpedo!

13d 12h 40m We use Trump Card, which does little damage with its high PP.

13d 12h 40m Bastiodon goes down and we send in Sudowoodo, who also gets taken out quickly. Vibrava in.

13d 12h 39m 4 has no more pokemon to send in it seems. We're on our own!

13d 12h 39m Zap cannon paralyzes Registeel. Water Spout from Sharpedo puts Bastiodon at red HP and KOs Registeel.

13d 12h 38m Two Zap Cannons take out Forretress. Bastiodon uses Stealth Rock! Registeel comes in.

13d 12h 37m Jolteon takes out Kricketune quickly, and 4 sends in Forretress.

13d 12h 37m The battle begins! Bastiodon and Kricketune against Sharpedo and Jolteon!

13d 12h 35m Rematch hype!

13d 12h 32m Back in the Dragon's den!

[Plug] Join Plug.DJ and share us your Favorite Songs :D The More of you guys the more we can have an awesome Discussion while watching the Stream. (Plug.dj has a Bot which feeds Live Update Posts to plus other commands.) http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

[Fluff] darkraikou too op pls nerf

13d 12h 25m Mud Bomb KOs Omastar. We black out.

13d 12h 24m We waste time in the menus, afraid to face our fate.

13d 12h 22m Helix is our last hope!

13d 12h 21m Registeel's earlier Doom Desire failed to take out Darkrai. Xatu faints.

13d 12h 20m Xatu is in! Raikou uses Ancient power, which takes out 60% of Xatu's HP. Darkrai's Thrash leaves Xatu in the red.

13d 12h 19m Another Mud Bomb KOs Sudowoodo right after we send him in. We have Helix and Xatu left.

13d 12h 18m Raikou's Mud Bomb takes out Bastiodon. Registeel uses Doom Desire. Also, Lance's Raikou is Level 75. That will be tough to beat.

13d 12h 17m A crit Meteor Mash leaves Jolteon in the red, and Lance switches out Jolteon for Raikou. It's a battle of legendaries!

13d 12h 16m Jolteon's Zap Cannon takes out Forretress. Bastiodon still has most of his HP. 4 sends in Registeel!

13d 12h 16m Another Magnet Bomb takes out Weavile and Bastiodon levels up to 65! Clair sends in DARKRAI?!

13d 12h 15m Bastiodon's Magnet Bomb leaves Weavile in the red. 4 sends in Forretress.

13d 12h 15m Jolteon's Zap Cannon KOs Kricketune.

13d 12h 14m Clair sends in Weavile.

13d 12h 14m Kricketune's Megahorn OHKOs Sharpedo!

13d 12h 13m They send out Jolteon and Sharpedo. 4 sends out Kricketune, and we send in Bastiodon.

13d 12h 13m Time for a double battle! Ao and 4 versus Lance and Clair!

13d 12h 12m Encountered Rival 4 in the Dragon's Den!

13d 12h 8m It seems we can input Select now. Though I'm not sure what good that does us, as I'm pretty sure Select does nothing in this game.

13d 12h 6m Entered the Dragon's Den.

13d 12h 5m Stream up and everything looks normal. Stadium works again, and I can't see any new information on the UI.

13d 12h 3m Stream down again!

13d 12h 3m The party info panel is back. Stadium is still down.

13d 12h 2m Stream back up. Our party info panel has disappeared, as well as the Stadium stream.

13d 11h 59m STREAM DOWN RIOT

[Info] We currently have 333 Poke Balls, 11 Great Balls, 3 Ultra Balls

13d 11h 57m Also, the Apricorn Box is now registered to the Y button, which means a menu pops open every time the Y button is hit now, rather than just Oak's words of wisdom. Guess what the trolls are doing now?

13d 11h 55m There's a tug of war between people who want to put mail back on Helix and people who want to toss all the mail before the former happens. So far, we have not come close to either result; the menu keeps closing too quickly.

13d 11h 38m We checkpointed in the Pokecenter but didn't heal, and now we are wandering around the town.

13d 11h 35m We flew to Blackthorn City.

13d 11h 34m Removed the Air Mail from Omastar. TM50 was given to Cranidos.

13d 11h 33m Some people are talking about putting mail on everyone except Cranidos, then going to the PC to trade Cranidos for Phione. Others want to go to Union Cave to receive "Lapras".

13d 11h 31m Proud of our success, we save the game to solidify this victory.

13d 11h 29m Caught Phione! It's level 45 and has no gender. The nickname is 0___0K033K (that's three spaces). We caught it in a Poke Ball. Its moves are Aurora Beam, Aqua Ring, Withdraw, and Pay Day.

13d 11h 29m Another failed ball.

13d 11h 28m The next Poke Ball continues to fail.

13d 11h 27m Another Ultra Ball, then a Poke Ball. Still no success.

13d 11h 27m Tried an Ultra Ball this time. It rocked twice, but still broke.

13d 11h 26m Sent in Sudowoodo. Threw another Pokeball, still to no success.

13d 11h 26m Vibrava faints to Aurora Beam.

13d 11h 25m Threw a Pokeball. Broke out again.

13d 11h 25m We finally try throwing a Great Ball, but Phione immediately breaks out.

13d 11h 25m Used the X Attack on Vibrava. It was our only one.

13d 11h 24m Vibrava uses Hammer Arm, which still doesn't do a lot of damage. Thanks, Withdraw!

13d 11h 23m We used another Super Potion on Bastiodon. Then we switched in Vibrava.

13d 11h 23m We run again and still can't escape. I find that strange considering we ran on the first attempt last time.

13d 11h 22m Meteor Mash again. Even less damage this time, thanks to Phione's Withdraw.

13d 11h 22m We used a Super Potion on Vibrava.

13d 11h 21m Another attempted run, still couldn't escape. Third one, too.

13d 11h 20m Used another Super Potion. We're doing every possible thing besides throwing balls.

13d 11h 20m Hit Phione with a Meteor Mash, but it didn't do much damage.

13d 11h 19m We almost ran, but couldn't escape!

13d 11h 18m We use a Super Potion on Bastiodon.

13d 11h 18m Phione engaged!

13d 11h 17m We are on the top floor! PHIONE HYPE

13d 11h 13m We've reached 10F. Just one more ladder to go. (Except we keep going back down the ladder to 9F...)

13d 11h 11m Caught a Nincada. Female, level 20, named 0

13d 11h 8m Down to 8 Floor. "EF" part.

13d 11h 7m Up to 9 Floor.

13d 11h 6m Female lv. 21 Shinx caught with Ultraball. No name.

13d 11h 5m Up to 8th floor. "CD" part. Map.

13d 11h 2m Up to 7th floor.

13d 10h 51m Ethan called, he'd like to have Miltank on route 39.

13d 10h 49m Cranidos fainted to wild Zubat lv. 22.

13d 10h 46m Wild Skitty lv. 24 appeared.

13d 10h 45m Up to 6th floor.

[snark] What a weirdo!

13d 10h 38m Arnie called, he loves his Meowth, but wants Beldum.

[fluff] I am not sure, but looks like further money deposition has been canceled.

13d 10h 28m Aoooo called Mom to ask about money. Mother keeps ¥12780.

13d 10h 27m Vance called, he is preparing his Farfetch'd against Sealeo.

13d 10h 26m Moon stone found.

13d 10h 25m Down to 4th floor.

13d 10h 19m Zubat caught, female, lv. 22, Ultraball, name OSOK33JOR.

[info] Current balance is ¥46970.

13d 10h 13m Bastiodon and Cranidos exchanged their places.

13d 10h 12m Another Ultraball wasted.

13d 10h 12m Ultraball wasted on Smeargle.

[info] PokeBalls 340, Great Balls 12, Ultraballs 10.

13d 10h 9m Wynaut caught. Female, lv. 24 name D H KKOXPO.

13d 10h 7m PokéBall wasted on Wynaut.

13d 10h 5m Great ball wasted on Spinarak.

13d 10h 4m Aoooo called Vance. He is waiting her on route 44.

13d 10h 3m Up to the 5th floor.

13d 10h 1m Great ball wasted on Cherubi.

13d 9h 57m Super potion used on Cranidos. (10 left).

[info] Vibrava is holding paralyze heal.

13d 9h 34m Current location is Bell Tower. Cranidos ups to lv. 40. Didn't evolve.

We're taking a brief break with the live updater. We'll be back soon!

13d 7h 53m Now we are in route 6. You simply don't force eventful things.

13d 7h 51m Back to Vermilion I guess?

13d 7h 48m We eventually defeated psychic Fidel.

13d 7h 44m Ninjask counter magnitudes Cranidos and due to this Lord Skull faints.

13d 7h 44m We challenge psychic Fidel.

[Reminder] Guys let's fist mis- oh wait can't fist her anymore.

13d 7h 41m Messing with the touch screen.

Yo guys. Tagging in for now I'll be your updater briefly.

13d 7h 40m Left the Cave.

13d 7h 24m Tailows!

13d 7h 21m In Diglett's Nidoran's Cave.

13d 7h 12m Route 2 now.

13d 7h 7m Left the PokeCenter.

13d 7h 6m In the PokeCenter.

13d 7h 3m Listening to the radio.

13d 7h 2m Left the Mart.

[Snark] At least we're not steeling all this mail.

13d 7h 0m Bought 1 Steel Mail.

13d 7h 0m Bought 1 Steel Mail.

13d 6h 59m Bought 3 Steel Mail.

13d 6h 59m Bought 11 Steel Mail.

13d 6h 58m Browsing the shelves.

13d 6h 57m Rindo Berries obtained.

[Snark] Mum, stop giving us berries.

13d 6h 57m Obtained Chople Berries.

13d 6h 57m Obtained Tanga Berries from the Deliveryman.

13d 6h 57m Obtained Papaya Berries from the Deliveryman.

13d 6h 56m Bought 11? Great Balls.

13d 6h 56m Wait what the heck happened to OH MY GOD the glitching.

13d 6h 56m Bought 1 Potion.

13d 6h 56m Bought 11 Ultra Balls.

13d 6h 55m Bought 1 Great Ball.

13d 6h 55m Sold some berries.

13d 6h 54m In the Mart. Bought one Pokeball and two Great Balls.

13d 6h 51m Left the gym and jumped the ledge.

13d 6h 49m The Oracle takes out the Xatu with a Fly! Battle won!

13d 6h 47m The Oracle is sent out to fight her cousin.

13d 6h 46m VIBRAVA DOWN.

13d 6h 46m Vibrava is having difficulties with this Xatu.

13d 6h 45m Flying-type Gym confirmed.

13d 6h 45m Ace Trainer Arabella sends out Xatu!

13d 6h 45m Vibrava successfully takes it out.

13d 6h 44m Battling an Ace Trainer and his Fearow!

13d 6h 41m [Current Status] Omastar: 0%, Vibrava: 82%, Cranidos: 100%, Sudowoodo: 100%, Bastiodon: 100%, Xatu: 57%

13d 6h 40m According to the Jim Guy, Blue ain't a pushover. We'll keep that in mind.

13d 6h 39m Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Elite Floor.

13d 6h 39m Entered Viridian Gym.

13d 6h 38m Actually quite close to the door.

13d 6h 38m Next to the Viridian Gym.

13d 6h 26m On Route 22. Behold~! Ledges!

13d 6h 19m Back in Viridian.

13d 6h 16m Tailows are here. I wonder ... are they PUNCHBIRDS?

13d 6h 14m [Correction] Grandfather.

13d 6h 14m Now on Route 2.

13d 6h 14m [Correction] Well, grandson.

13d 6h 12m Currently next to Primo's dad, the Weedle Guy/Old Man.

13d 6h 10m Ah, the Viridian Ledge. It's been a while.

13d 6h 9m Successfully went northwards to Viridian!

13d 6h 7m Oh hey, Whismur.

13d 6h 4m Zubats on Route 1. ZUBATS EVERYWHERE.

13d 6h 0m Welcome to Route 1.

13d 5h 58m Welcome to Pallet Town.

13d 5h 56m Battle won.

13d 5h 55m Snover in, Snover hammered.

13d 5h 55m Piloswine in, Piloswine hammered.

13d 5h 54m Battling Bird Keep Kinsley and his Delibird. It falls instantly to Vibrava.

[Snark] One day ... one day ...

13d 5h 53m As usual, Vibrava doesn't evolve.

13d 5h 53m Battle won.

13d 5h 52m Chansey goes down. Vibrava hits Level 73.

13d 5h 52m Battling Swimmer Chelan (who wants an electric bikini?) and her Chansey.

13d 5h 50m Still heading north. Vibrava leads.

13d 5h 48m Whirlpool takes out Rampardos. Battle won!

13d 5h 48m Xatu is sent out and loses a lot of health from Stealth Rock.

13d 5h 47m Crabhammer brings Rampardos to red! Helix faints!

13d 5h 47m RAMPARDOS is sent out by the Bird Keeper! It uses Stealth Rock!

13d 5h 47m Helix hits Level 42!

13d 5h 47m Armaldo keeps using String Shot. It's brought down by Omastar.

13d 5h 46m A sandstorm is raging, but it makes no difference with the rock-types on the Bird Keeper's team.

13d 5h 46m Armaldo is sent out by the Birdkeeper!

13d 5h 46m A Geodude is sent out and Crabhammered down by Helix.

13d 5h 45m Water Spout takes out the Larvitar.

13d 5h 45m Helix v Larvitar. Helix is poisoned by a Poison Jab!

[Snark] Somebody was talking about Tyranitars RIGHT THEN when the battle was initiated.

13d 5h 44m Battling Bird Keeper Easton and his Larvitar.

13d 5h 43m Heading northwards.

13d 5h 40m Now on the waters surrounding the island.

13d 5h 40m Oh yeah, we healed at Cinnabar's PokeCenter earlier.

13d 5h 30m Left the PokeCenter. We're on Cinnabar.

13d 5h 29m Left the Union Room.

13d 5h 29m Inside the Union Room!

13d 5h 28m Entering ... the Wireless Club?

13d 5h 27m Top floor of the PokeCenter.

13d 5h 22m Left the PC.

13d 5h 21m PC Accessed.

13d 5h 19m We have entered the pokemon center.

13d 5h 17m Wild Rampardos encountered! And fled from!

13d 5h 16m The bird keeper was defeated, sorry people my stream is some what laggy, trying to get another updater to take over, in the meantime please bare with me.

13d 5h 13m Engaged Bird Keeper Bert, he sends out a shinx.

13d 5h 10m Defeated Cheyenne.

13d 5h 10m Engaged Picknicker Cheyenne and her Female Nidoran.

13d 5h 7m Engaged a Bird Keeper with a Slugma, we defeated him resulting in Xatu's growing to level 71

13d 5h 3m Cranidos Fainted

13d 4h 59m Encountering lots of Gators.

13d 4h 53m We have left Blaines Gym.

13d 4h 41m Oracle is sent out and uses fly, Exeggutor faints, Blaine sends out Gallade, but it's defeated. Blaine is defeated, 15th Gym Badge obtained!

13d 4h 40m Lord Armor has fainted

13d 4h 39m Lord Armor is sent out.

13d 4h 38m Vibrava fainted thanks to Exeggutors energy ball, as does Treesus

13d 4h 38m Wobuffet is down, Blaine sends out exeggutor.

13d 4h 37m Psychic Type Gym Leader, Blaine, engaged! He sends out Wobuffet.

13d 4h 35m Fought and defeated the final trainer aside from Blaine.

13d 4h 33m Scientist Daniel is defeated.

13d 4h 32m Scientis Daniel and his Claydol, engaged.

13d 4h 30m And defeated just as quickly.

13d 4h 30m Super Nerd Merle and his Medicham, Engaged.

13d 4h 28m Scientist Linden is defeated.

13d 4h 27m Engaged Scientis Linden and his Exeggutor.

13d 4h 24m Super Nerd Cary is defeated

13d 4h 24m Super Nerd Cary engaged, he sent out a Claydol

13d 4h 20m Scientist Lowell is defeated.

13d 4h 19m Lord Helix fainted, Vibrava is sent out in response

13d 4h 18m Helix is out of PP for attack moves

13d 4h 18m Foes Cresselia used rest.

13d 4h 17m Switched out Helix for Xatu and then back to Helix.

13d 4h 14m A scientists cresselia is sent out, this means Blaines gym is Psychic Types

13d 4h 14m We have entered Blaines Gym.

13d 4h 13m We have defeated Adrian and her Baltoy, but Lord Helix is left with 1hp.

13d 4h 12m We're fighting Picknicker Adrian and her Baltoy.

13d 4h 10m Swimmer Leona is defeated.

13d 4h 8m We're fighting Simmer Leona and her Smeargle.

13d 4h 5m Male Tododile Caught, no nickname, level 35

13d 4h 4m Another Tododile encountered.

13d 4h 2m Defeated Swimmer Frankie

13d 4h 1m Up against Swimmer Frankie and his Wigglytuff!

[Snark] All gods, all kings, no crocs.

13d 3h 59m Tododile defeated.

13d 3h 58m Yet another tododile encountered.

13d 3h 57m Shellos is defeated.

13d 3h 56m Wild shellos encountered.

[snark] Do you think Helix might be bitter?

13d 3h 54m Wild Tododile encountered and defeated.

13d 3h 52m We fled again.

13d 3h 51m Fighting another Carvanha

13d 3h 51m We fled.

13d 3h 50m Wild Carvana encountered!

13d 3h 50m We're surfing!

[Snark] Yeah Blue, we're way too weak to fight you, never mind that half our pokemon are gods, we're the Johto League Champion, and we have defeated several legendaries, but you! Oh no we're just not ready with our 6 easily obtained Kanto badges

13d 3h 48m Blue is boasting to us, telling us we're not strong enough.

13d 3h 46m We left the pokemon center rather easily.

13d 3h 45m Our pokemon have been healed

13d 3h 45m Entered the pokemon Center.

13d 3h 44m Looks like we're trying to enter the pokemon center to heal.

13d 3h 42m Wild Carvanna encountered, then ran away from.

13d 3h 40m Caught a Female Clamperl, it's name is ALELAAC XC, and it's level 30

13d 3h 38m A wild Clamperl appeared!

[Info] Clefairy's Nickname: http://i.imgur.com/G0aqV5w.png

13d 3h 39m Level 30 Clamperl's are also in the water here.

13d 3h 37m Caught a level 35 female Clefairy!

[Photo] Here is the recent photo we took in Pallet Town, courtesy of SacredBlazeX: http://i.imgur.com/DxSEVt6.jpg

[Info] Mismagius knows Ominous Wind and Shadow Ball. We didn't see any other moves though.

[Info] Mismagius's nickname 000MAJF. That's actually a very fitting nickname for it...

13d 3h 22m We catch a male level 35 Mismagius!

13d 3h 19m We run into a wild level 35 Mismagius! And it has Shadow Tag!

[Stadium] A team with Caterpie was favored to win for once... and then it lost.

13d 3h 16m We found a hidden NeverMeltIce!

[Info] Streamer: http://i.imgur.com/IZYVwj5.png

13d 3h 12m We run into a wild level 35 Clefairy in the water, and run away.

13d 3h 12m We run from the wild Manectric. Bastiodon is also paralyzed and at 37% HP.

13d 3h 10m Sudowoodo faints to wild Manectric! We send in Bastiodon, who is too slow to escape. Manectric knows Shock Wave and Zap Cannon btw.

13d 3h 9m We run into a level 30 Doduo in the water! We seem to be surfing towards Cinnabar now away from the grass. Oh and there's also a level 35 Manectric in the water.

13d 3h 8m Level 30 Primeapes are also in this grass.


13d 3h 6m Streamer: Too many URLs = auto timeout by modbot.

13d 3h 4m Wild level 28 Seaking in the grass! I would make a comment, but I'm prohibited from using profanity to do so.

13d 3h 4m Wild level 25 Pupitar in the grass! Oh that one's pretty good actually...

13d 3h 2m Wild level 25 Plusle in the grass!

13d 3h 1m We also run into a wild ugly cat at level 20. Purugly cat. So Grass = Purugly, Girafarig. Water = Mantyke, Buneary for now.

13d 3h 0m Level 30 Girafarigs in the grass!

13d 2h 58m There are also level 35 Buneary's in this water.

13d 2h 57m Surfing down to Cinnabar! We run into a wild level 30 Mantyke.

13d 2h 53m We take a picture with our team in Pallet Town!

13d 2h 51m Red's mom talks about her son Red... Where is Alice's mom?

13d 2h 42m Our mother calls us again, and we don't pick up.

13d 2h 42m We are in Pallet Town. The music is as soothing as I remembered.

13d 2h 36m And now we run into a level 2 Nidoran M. We still have lots of pokeballs!

13d 2h 34m We run into a wild level 6 Beedrill on Route 1.

13d 2h 33m We exit the pokecenter without healing. On our way to Pallet Town!

13d 2h 32m We briefly entered the basement of the pokecenter before escaping.

13d 2h 29m We've entered the pokecenter. Checkpoint set! Will we heal without any casualties? Stay tuned!

13d 2h 24m We made it to Viridian City!

13d 2h 23m Registered a random bug catcher's phone number on Route 2.

[Snark] ♫ WE'RE ON THE ROAD TO VIRIDIAN CITY. ♫ Who else remembers this song?

13d 2h 19m Our mother was calling us, but we didn't answer. How rude.

13d 2h 17m We are finally out of the forest, now on Route 2!

13d 2h 13m We registered Bugsy in the pokegear!

13d 2h 11m We are apparently trying to find Bugsy in the forest. Somebody also really wants to look at our Trainer Card over and over again.

13d 2h 0m Found TM77 Hydro Pump and a Haban Berry!

13d 1h 57m Bug catcher defeated!

13d 1h 56m Dugtrio knocks Sudowoodo down to 1HP! Treesus uses Surf and OHKOs Dugtrio.

13d 1h 56m Onix down! In comes Dugtrio.

13d 1h 56m Versus a Bug Catcher. Onix versus Treesus.

[Snark] The objective is to get to New Bark Town, right guys?

13d 1h 45m Found a PP Max!

[Comment] It appears that "bug catcher" was a fan of our team. He had a baby Helix, and a Baby Treesus in his team.

13d 1h 33m Bonsly gets taken down with two strengths. Bug Catcher Ellis defeated!

13d 1h 33m A strength from Treesus takes out Omanyte. In comes another Bonsly.

13d 1h 33m Treesus is down to the red zone.

13d 1h 32m Bonsly down. Out comes an Omanyte. HELIX?

13d 1h 31m Battle against another Bug Catcher! Bonsly versus Treesus.

13d 1h 25m Obtained Splash Plate!

[Comment] Poor Helix. Still have not healed him since he fainted. He can't help support us in our victory until he's been healed. But least we still have 3 Pokemon left alive in our party, right?

[Snark] Wow, a bug catcher with actual bug trainer. That's a change.

13d 1h 20m Another strength from Treesus takes down Pineco. Bug Catcher Abner defeated!

13d 1h 19m Treesus uses Strength and knocks Pineco down to red. Pineco retaliates with leech life. Treesus is currently at 53%.

13d 1h 19m Treesus uses another Strength and knocks out Parasect. Pineco next.

13d 1h 19m Parasect gets knocked down to red from Strength and uses Bug Buzz.

13d 1h 18m Treesus uses Strength and OHKOs Dustox. Parasect up.

13d 1h 18m Bug Catcher Abner would like to battle! Dustox versus Treesus.

13d 1h 15m Entered Viridian Forest.

13d 1h 11m Currently in route 2.

13d 1h 6m Back in Pewter City!

13d 0h 54m Found a X Attack!

13d 0h 48m Treesus is still asleep by the way.

13d 0h 48m Another Magnet Bomb from Lord Armor knocks out Raticate. Double Team Zac and Jen defeated!

13d 0h 47m Raticate keeps hitting us with Weather Balls but they don't do much.

13d 0h 47m Zangoose used Aerial Ace (Kreygasm) on Lord Armor. Lord Armor then knocks out Zangoose with Magnet Bomb. Treesus levels up to 67!

13d 0h 46m The opposing team set up a Sunny Day.

13d 0h 46m Treesus is put to sleep. Bastiodon hits both Raticate and Zangoose with Magnet Bomb.

13d 0h 45m Engaged in a double battle against Double Team Zac & Jen! Raticate and Zangoose versus Treesus and Lord Armor.

13d 0h 35m Exited Mt. Moon!

13d 0h 33m Used our Max Ether to restore Vibrava's Magnitude back to full... which isn't really helpful considering Vibrava has fainted.

13d 0h 31m Used a Super Potion on Treesus and healed it an astounding 1HP!

[Comment] We wasted some poke balls. But the last one we caught something...... But probably still useless as high as our team is. So, maybe, I'm thinking still wasted a pokeball?

13d 0h 28m Nickname is "000 00ff"

13d 0h 28m Used a Pokeball and caught a level 6, female Wynaut.

13d 0h 27m Wasted a Pokeball on a wild Wynaut. Regret didn't catch.

13d 0h 26m Wasted another pokeball on this wild Drowzee. RIP Pokeball.

13d 0h 25m Used a super potion on Treesus. Treesus was close to full so it was kinda a waste.

13d 0h 24m Threw a premiere ball at a Drowzee but failed to catch it.

13d 0h 23m Treesus now leads the team.

13d 0h 20m Mom called and said she bought us something. Yay presents!

13d 0h 19m Threw a premiere ball at a Delibird and failed to catch it.

13d 0h 19m We successfully used one of our Super Potions on Stare Jesus.

13d 0h 17m I missed it but Lord Skull down

[Comment] TwitchSpeaks, who streams a live speech of the Hive Mind's chat over in TwitchPlaysPokemon is going to be down for several hours on Friday due to moving. He will dearly be missed until his internet kicks in over in his new place.

13d 0h 10m Also, entered Mt. Moon

13d 0h 9m Bastiodon uses Magnet Bomb and takes out Pinsir. Rival 4 defeated!

13d 0h 8m Bastiodon runs out of PP for Meteor Mash.

13d 0h 8m Pinsir is 4's final Pokemon. It begins bouncing as Bastiodon struggles to land a hit.

13d 0h 8m Bastiodon knocks out Kricketune. DELELELELE WOOOOOOOOOP.

13d 0h 7m Kricketune takes a Magnet Bomb and lives with roughly 30%. Bastiodon tanks a Megahorn.

Kricketune! Delelele WOOOOOP HYPE


13d 0h 6m Forretress hits Bastiodon back with a Mirror shot. Forretress finally falls after 4 Meteor Mashes.

13d 0h 6m Forretress takes a Meteor Mash from Bastiodon and uses Defense Order.

13d 0h 5m In comes Lord Armor who uses Magnet bomb and finishes off Armaldo. 4 sends out Forretress.

13d 0h 5m A bone club from Vibrava brings Armaldo down to red but doesn't quite take it out. Another Megahorn from Armaldo takes out Vibrava!

[Comment] Wait, Rival 4 followed us all the way to Kanto? Like we have enough on our hands dealing with Team Rocket Grunts, and obtaining Kanto Gym Badges.

13d 0h 4m Vibrava dishes out another Magnitude, which does less than half. Vibrava takes a Megahorn and lives it with less than half!

13d 0h 4m Vibrava bone clubs Armaldo to death. In comes another Armaldo!

13d 0h 3m Vibrava uses Magnitude, which does less than half. Vibrava also gets taunted.

13d 0h 3m Vibrava takes down Illumise after a few hits. Armaldo is sent out.

13d 0h 3m 4 sends out Illumise against Vibrava.

13d 0h 3m Versus Rival 4!

12d 23h 55m Aaand there is a major riot that we didn't evolve Vibrava. Am I the only one here who is not surprised that she didn't evolve?

[CHAT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Suggestion] Maybe people shouldn't spam the link to the plan in the chat so the enemy trolls won't get their hands on it? Just a thought. A simple, logical thought

12d 23h 54m Vibrava grows to level 72 and doesn't evolve. Like I predicted

12d 23h 54m Changed our autograph to a bunch of lines.

12d 23h 51m Used a super potion on Vibrava

[Weather] It's still raining pretty heavily on the touch screen pond

12d 23h 50m Used our last Max Potion on Vibrava

12d 23h 49m Our Vibrava is obviously very elated at all the attention it's getting in the chat

[Comment] We got hugged by our Vibrava. It loves us! <3

12d 23h 45m There is a downpour of touchscreen inputs on the touchscreen pond. I love when it looks like rain

12d 23h 44m Hey look a Rampardos!... Meh it was a lofty dream anyway

12d 23h 42m A trainer just sent out an Omastar. Hey have you been to Vermilion City too? It's the City of the Gods!

[Snark] Vibrava, This is NOT Yu-gi-oh. Stop activating your trump cards against your foes.

12d 23h 35m Still fighting trainers on Route 3. I'll let you know if we encounter any other gods

[Fluff] I am mortally afraid of Vespiquen's cry

12d 23h 32m Masquerain uses Mirror Move and copies Trump Card, our signature move. "Don't be a thief!"

12d 23h 31m Hiker Bruce sends out Masquerain. You can guess what the chat erupts in

12d 23h 30m Got revenge on Firebreather Otis! Onwards

12d 23h 29m Bastiodon is sent out! No more roar!

Actually I think that was his roar... aren't they the same? I'll get back to what I was originally doing...

[Fluff] In case anyone is wondering, Cherim's cry is "G Bb C" #perfectpitchproblems

[Chat] Naminator5: how does a cherry blossom roar?

[Snark] A fire breather with a flower Pokemon. Seems totally legit.

12d 23h 26m Challenging Firebreather Otis again! Omastar is up first, but faints to Cherim. RIP. again

12d 23h 24m We're back fighting about where we want to go. We make it onto Route 3 though

12d 23h 23m We're back in soft bossa Pewter City

12d 23h 22m Arm Thrust knocks out Bastiodon. Blacked out!

12d 23h 22m Grass Knot reduces Bastiodon to the red. Black out hype!

12d 23h 20m Firebreather Otis just sent out a Cherrim! I call pokemon abuse right there...

12d 23h 19m Bastiodon grew to level 63

12d 23h 17m Youngster Jimmy is next. He sends out a Wobbuffet. It would have been funnier if Youngster Warren had a Wobbuffet... you know

12d 23h 16m Youngster Warren is a Dragon Trainer. And he just said that he doesn't know what to do. Why don't you go fly off with your Dragon?

12d 23h 15m Youngster Warren doesn't like shorts though. We're fighting him now

[Quote] "Youngster? Goodness, how rude! Call me Shorts Boy!"

12d 23h 14m We're on Route 3 by the way

[Snark] Defeated Youngster Regis. Now we have to defeat Youngster Kelly

12d 23h 13m Bastiodon takes care of it though and grows to level 62

12d 23h 12m Youngster Regis sends out Kabutops!

[Snark] Xaixas, Ice princess Brock? Just let it go

12d 23h 10m We call mom. She is now saving our money. I guess she realized that we don't know anything about finances considering we spent all of our money on 349 pokeballs.

12d 23h 10m We got the Silver Wing. Moar Bronzors???

12d 23h 9m Vance wants us to fly over to Route 44... Somehow I feel like we won't make it there

[Snark] Ice princess Brock? Come on artists let's go

[Snark] It seems like the cold never bothered us anyway.

12d 23h 4m The bees in the hive are trying to decide where to go. Mt. Moon for rival battle, get the silver wing, or move on to the next gym?

[Checklist] 2 Gym Leaders left! Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride is waiting for us at one of them...

12d 23h 2m We make a bee line outta Brock's gym, Bastiodon trailing behind us

12d 23h 1m Meteor Mash OHKO's Delibird. Brock Defeated and Boulder Badge obtained! We also receive TM80

12d 23h 0m Glalie's Aurora Beam is not very effective, and we Meteor Mash Glalie. Out comes a Delibird!

12d 22h 59m Bastiodon reduces the Glalie to red, but Brock uses a Full Restore... again

12d 22h 59m Avalanche does some damage to Bastiodon, but a critical Meteor Mash takes out Mamoswine

12d 22h 58m We choose Xatu who uses Amnesia. It is taken out by Mamoswine

12d 22h 58m Icicle Spear knocks out A. Only Bastiodon and Xatu are left.

[Comment] We have not healed since Helix fainted. Will we win VS Brock?

12d 22h 57m Avalanche reduces A to 9 HP. Then Brock uses a full restore...

12d 22h 57m Time for Mamoswine! It rock wrecks the pig

12d 22h 56m Rock Wrecker wrecks the second Sealeo

12d 22h 56m Another Sealeo! Water gun does some damage to A

12d 22h 56m Sealeo vs. Sudo! Sudo Rock Wrecks Sealeo, KOing it!

12d 22h 55m Brock! Here we go!

12d 22h 55m Mist ball takes out Glalie! I think we need to heal now...

12d 22h 54m Second trainer out! We reduce Glalie to the yellow, but it kills Vibrava

Ice Type Confirmed

12d 22h 53m Vibrava comes out and OHKO's Mamoswine with a super effective Hammer Arm!

12d 22h 52m Cranidos faints at 2 HP to Avalanche. We'll need a search team right away

12d 22h 51m I believe Brock is Ice Type. First trainer just sent out a Mamoswine

12d 22h 51m Helix is in a coma again... We can't seem to heal

[Snark] But we need more pokeballs!

12d 22h 47m Entered the mart, said hi, and left

12d 22h 46m Some guy in the PC wanted to give us his Carnivine for a Salamance. Or was it the other way around. Either way, it is not applicable to us...

12d 22h 45m Entered the Pewter City Pokemon Center and checkpointed there!

12d 22h 44m Item Pocket Inventory: 1 Nugget and 1 Sun Stone

[Fluff] I have to hand it to Game Freak. They really did a good job with the atmosphere. It's like you can almost relax.... Oh wait aoooo never does that

12d 22h 38m Made it into Pewter City! Soft bossa music hype!

12d 22h 37m But first let's fight this Wurmple

12d 22h 37m We cut the tree! On to Pewter City we go!

[Fluff] This is our 3rd Sun Stone... No matter how many times we try to get rid of it, it always comes back

12d 22h 34m The poke ball opens and inside is a Sun Stone.

12d 22h 33m We've almost got the next item on our scavenger hunt!

12d 22h 31m After realizing what we've done, we fix him, then hastily leave

12d 22h 30m Aooo's werewolf transformation even affected the other person in the cabin! He now has a black face and blue hair. What monsters...

[Snark] Apparently, the guys don't like it when I take my commentary a little too far. So I'm just going to lay back and watch for a while until someone actually needs a new updater for the next shift.

12d 22h 29m We've entered the cozy cabin on Route 2

12d 22h 28m We made it to the other side of Route 2

12d 22h 27m We're listening to the music of Route 201. Ahh... nostalgia from 12 days ago

12d 22h 27m Cut the other tree! Good work guys!

12d 22h 26m Some tactic lets us get to the item. It's a Max Ether.

12d 22h 25m We're having fun with the ledges and trying to get to the item. Getting in some cardio is always good.

12d 22h 25m Didn't answer Brent. We missed out on some important information about Bill

[Clarification] Thank you to /u/windier. The Caterpie whose level I missed earlier was level 3.

12d 22h 22m Almost to the item!

12d 22h 21m We just cut the tree directly below the gate.

12d 22h 21m Used a Premier Ball on the level 5 Lotad. It immediately escapes. Impressed and terrified by it's persistence, we flee.

12d 22h 20m Ball Pocket Inventory: 349 Poke Balls, 6 Premier, and 4 Great Balls. We just used our last Ultra Ball.

12d 22h 15m We almost made it to the Viridian Forest gate, but we jump the ledge.

[Fluff] He makes fun of girls, we defeat him, and gives us his number... How boy-ish of him

12d 22h 12m Cranidos' earthbending powers a Magnitude 7 earthquake and takes out Sableye. We also register Bug Catcher Doug 's number

12d 22h 11m Night Slash reduces Cranidos to the red.

12d 22h 10m Sableye is slowly taking out Xatu with Astonish. We decide to switch out for Cranidos instead.

[Commentary] We're really trying to get an item instead of healing our dear lord Helix? What has become of us?

[Fluff] You call yourself a bug catcher?

Yes I realize Vibrava isn't bug. It just looks like a bug

12d 22h 8m Bug Catcher Doug asks us why girls dislike bug pokemon so much. Well, I don't know because we have a Vibrava for Helix's sake...

12d 22h 7m The hive is still trying to get the item. Inb4 Pokeball

12d 22h 5m Bastiodon OHKO's his pokemon, and in the process grows to level 61

[Commentary] Bug catcher? More like "Rock/Ground type collecter".

12d 22h 4m Then he sends out a Graveler

12d 22h 3m We are challenged by Bug Catcher Rob! He says his bug pokemon are tough

12d 22h 2m Caught a male Weedle with an Ultra Ball. Didn't catch it's level. If anyone caught it, please PM me or speak up in the IRC

12d 22h 0m With Helix down, Vibrava currently leads the team.

[Commentary] Poor Helix

[Commentary] Ledges, ledges, and ledges everywhere. If it weren't for ledges, classic TPP would not be classic TPP at all. This would be regular TPP without ledges.

12d 21h 56m Helix down to Pumbloom's Hyper Voice.

[Snark] Oh, it's a Pumbloom!

12d 21h 54m We're trying to pick up the item here, but this ledge is persistent. We cut a tree and walk off to the west.

12d 21h 51m Moving south on Route 2. Pewter City is north, either through Viridian Forest or by cutting a tree near Diglett's Cave.

12d 21h 43m Received a Nugget from the man in the house on Route 2.

[Snark] We passed another Apricorn tree. There weren't any in Kanto three years ago, but they're everywhere now.

[Commentary] We appear to be running to the nearest possible Pokemon Center to heal our dear Lord Helix.

12d 21h 34m Onto Route 2. Helix dropped to 1HP from poisoning.

[Commentary] Yup. Not a single Diglett in this cave so far. We kept running into a bunch of Paras, and some nidoran, and Ladyba's.

12d 21h 31m We climbed the ladder at the other end. aoooo is kicking it old school and listening to Pokedex cries.

[Commentary] Since this is randomized Pokemon HeartGold, this is not entirely Diglett's cave, now is it?

12d 21h 25m Caught a level 17 female Paras, nickname "YA[Angry][Delta]#HYA".

[Radio] aoooo has taken a liking to the relaxing tune of the Poke Flute.

[Commentary] Glitched out again AND toxic to Helix. Truly MissingNo.'s work.

12d 21h 19m Caught a level 17 male Nidoran, no nickname.

[Commentary] Every time we glitch out in the game, we assume the role of Werewolf Aoooo. Chat explodes "AOOOOOOOO" and howls when this happens.

12d 21h 16m Caught a level 15 male Ledyba, nickname: "_".

[Mildly Interesting] Streamer's UI distinguishes between regular and Toxic poison. Helix has a purple [TXC] next to his name.

12d 21h 15m Also, we've entered Diglett's Cave. Or perhaps, Bonsly's Cave.

12d 21h 14m Caught a level 13 female Bonsly! Nickname: "AAOL_AO_".

[Commentary] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つHEAL HELIX༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

12d 21h 11m Helix was also badly poisoned by Snor-ekans.

12d 21h 10m Caught the level 50 female Ekans! Nickname:"330330[Delta]0QQ".

[Commentary] Snorlax transformed into a wild Ekans. Now THIS is Randomization at its finest!

12d 21h 9m Played the Poke Flute for Snorlax! Snorlax is an Ekans!

12d 21h 6m Found the Poke Flute... and then lost it. It seems to be on the top of the radio dial.

[Commentary] Arrived at a sleeping Snorlax. Stupid Snorlax is ALWAYS sleeping somewhere where we need to progress through the game.

12d 21h 1m Caught a level 16 male Clamperl with no nickname.

12d 20h 58m Helix OHKOs Dome with Crabhammer, then makes short work of Geodude and Probopass. Dome Worshipper Herman defeated.

[Commentary] A Psychic trainer with stone type pokemon? I don't even.....

12d 20h 57m Battling Psychic Herman. He sends out Kabuto!

12d 20h 55m Onto Route 11. Currently battling a wild Chimchar.

[Fluff] Lavender Town's theme in HeartGold is more peaceful than creepy, which left many in the chat asking for the old music back. However, the shift in tone actually took place in Generation II, and this remix is faithful to that version.

[Commentary] As a TPP viewer myself, I used to go to http://twitchplayspokemon.net/ to watch TwitchPlaysPokemon, and keep my TPP viewing organized for convenience. But since they stopped updating in the middle of the Platinum run, there has not been any update on that site since. They didn't even change to the next Reddit update page. R.I.P. twitchplayspokemon.net. You will be missed. :(

12d 20h 49m Caught a level 25 male Stunky, nicknamed "GGINOIQQQI".

[Commentary] At least we Healed.

12d 20h 46m On Route 12, heading towards "Snorlax."

[Commentary] Take note we still have not healed. Only 2 members on our team are alive.

12d 20h 40m Got the EXPN Card! Out of the Radio Tower.

12d 20h 34m Entered the Radio Tower.

12d 20h 32m In Lavender Town.

12d 21h 29m Defeated Gentleman Milton! aoooo got ₱9000 for winning!

12d 20h 29m Battling Gentleman Milton and his Oddish.

12d 20h 28m Corphish and Remoraid down, Trainer defeated.

12d 20h 27m Battling Super Nerd Tyrone and his Shellos. Treesus takes it out, in comes a Slow Start Corphish.

[Recap] We also found TM21 Skull Bash.

12d 20h 25m Defeated Young Couple Moe and Lulu. They had two Poochyena.

[Recap] Dwayne had a Houndour, Harris had a Skuntank, and Zeke (or z33k) had a Exeggcute and a Spoink.

12d 20h 23m Jolteon down, Trainer defeated.

12d 20h 22m Battling Super Nerd Sam. Treesus OHKOs Electrike and grows to level 66.

12d 20h 22m Defeated Bikers Dwayne, Harris, and Zeke.

[Info] We need the EXPN Card in the Lavender Radio Tower to wake up the Snorlax blocking our path on Route 11. Thus, we are moving towards Lavender Town.

12d 20h 13m Moving east onto Route 8.

12d 19h 58m Returned the Clefairy Doll to the Copycat and received train Pass!

12d 19h 51m Copycat girl's house.

[Plug] Join Plug.DJ and share us your Favorite Songs :D The More of you guys the more we can have an awesome Discussion while watching the Stream. (Plug.dj has a Bot which feeds Live Update Posts to plus other commands.) http://plug.dj/twitch-plays-pokemon/

12d 19h 48m Back in Saffron City!

[Chat] This poll is now circulating. Seriously guys?

[Chat] Flyingdeathbird: "MUM I'M GONNA MARRY STEVEN AND JOEY AND HAVE THEIR CHILDREN." Chat is now picking sides between Steven and Joey.

[Chat] "Lyracharles77: STEVEN-SENPAI SHOW US YOUR PRECIOUS STONES" Oh god you guys.

12d 19h 42m Steven shows us Latias and leaves. LATIAS UNLOCKED!


12d 19h 39m Obtained the Lost Item from the guy in the Pokemon Fan Club!

12d 19h 39m In the Pokemon Fan Club house.

12d 19h 26m Vermillion City!

12d 19h 23m On route 6.

[Game] Copycat girl says she's missing her Clefairy Poke Doll. She wants us to find it. Thus a side quest has been initiated. A member of the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion found it. If we return the doll to her, she'll give us a ticket to ride the Magnet Train between Kanto and Johto.

12d 19h 15m Talked to the Copycat girl.

12d 19h 14m In the Copycat girl's house.

12d 18h 57m Saffron City!

12d 18h 53m Currently in Route 5.

12d 18h 47m Back in Cerulean City.

[Snark] Totally worth the 80000 Pokéyen we spent.

12d 18h 40m The Bronzor is level 40 by the way.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Raise your Bronzongers! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 18h 38m Used a Quick Ball and caught the Bronzor. Nickname is AA330000

12d 18h 37m Versus Suicune. JK It's a Bronzor.

12d 18h 36m Eusine comes up and talks to us.


12d 18h 33m After our shopping spree we have 454 Pokédollars left.

12d 18h 31m Currently north of Cerulean. Checking to see if Suicune came back after beating Misty.

12d 18h 27m Received Yache Berries from Delivery Guy.

12d 18h 22m Mega Shopping Spree Results: 349 Pokeballs in total, 6 Premiere Balls, 8 Great Balls, 8 Ultra Balls, and 18 Super Potions. Sold 2 Twisted Spoons, Rose Incense, Big Pearl, Fire Stone, Star Piece, Big Mushroom, Focus Sash, Poison Barb, and Muscle Band. Basically the items pocket of our bag is now empty.

[Snark] Now the only question is paper or plastic?

12d 18h 19m I think we're done with our shopping spree. Hang on folks this is gonna take a couple of minutes to add up!

12d 18h 12m Currently going on a mega shopping spree. Will update the total list of stuff we bought/sold once we're done.

12d 18h 6m Received Tanga Berries from Delivery Guy as well.

12d 18h 6m Entered Pokemart. Received Wacan Berries from Delivery guy.

12d 18h 3m We leave the gym.

[snark] Guys, we never have to beat Misty again.

12d 17h 54m Received TM 03 from Misty.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Helix died for our sins. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

[Snark] Get those digits!

[Info] Helix may have been beaten down, but we still BEAT MISTY!

[Snark] We no longer need to beat Misty.


12d 17h 54m Vibrava does not evolve.

12d 17h 54m Xatu takes down entei, Misty is defeated!!!

12d 17h 53m We send it xatu.

12d 17h 53m Cranidos is sent in but instantly is taken down!

12d 17h 53m Vibrava faints!

12d 17h 52m Misty sends in Entei, yes you did read that correctly.

12d 17h 51m Vibrava levels up.

[Snark] Cerebral_Harlot fails to recognize our god Helix.

12d 17h 51m Infernape is down.

12d 17h 51m After being hit misty uses a full restore on infernape.

12d 17h 50m Monferno is down, Misty sends out a Infernape.

12d 17h 50m We send vibraba into the fray.

[Fluff] Currently more people online for Misty than when we beat Lance.

12d 17h 49m The enemy monferno takes out Bastiodon!

12d 17h 49m Omastar is down!

12d 17h 48m Omastar levels up to 40 it forgets hydro cannon for water spout.

12d 17h 48m Omastar is hit with a crit flamethrower but counters with hydrocannon, flareon is down.


12d 17h 47m Misty starts out by sending out a flareon.


12d 17h 46m We challenge Misty!

12d 17h 45m Vibrava takes down Magcargo and magmar, the swimmer is defeated.

12d 17h 45m We switch out Omastar and send in Vibrava.

12d 17h 44m We are challenged by swimmer Briana, who sends out a Magcargo.

12d 17h 43m Swimmer joy has been soundly defeated.

12d 17h 43m We are challenged by swimmer joy, who sends out a flareon.

12d 17h 42m We decide it is time to change out autograph.

[Info] Helix is under leveled, but it is sweeping the trainer battles in this gym. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ HAIL THE MIGHTY HELIX! つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

12d 17h 40m Omastar is defeating these fire trainers like they were nothing.

12d 17h 38m We challenge swimmer Dianna who sends out typhlosion.

12d 17h 38m Omastar takes an eruption and a flamethrower, but due to its x8 resistance against fire this does not do much and he easily takes out charmeleon with a critical crabhammer.

12d 17h 37m We challenge sailor Eddie once again.

12d 17h 35m We enter Misty's gym.

12d 17h 33m Charmeleon takes out Bastiodon, we have no usable pokemon, we black out.

[Info] Since Thick Fat reduces damage taken by Fire and Ice moves and since Omastar has two Water-type moves, Lard Helix could very well sweep this. Then again, Misty has a Pokémon at level 54, so it might be difficult.

12d 17h 31m We challenge sailor Eddie, who sends out a charmeleon.

12d 17h 31m Sailor Parker has been defeated.


12d 17h 30m Sailor Parker is defeated and sends out magcargo this appears to be a fire gym people.

12d 17h 28m Sailor Parker sends out a numel.

12d 17h 28m We have entered Misty's gym.

12d 17h 26m We leave the Pokemon center without healing.

12d 17h 25m We turn on the pc, and quickly turn it off again.

12d 17h 22m We enter the Pokemon center.

12d 17h 16m We hop over the ledge to the south and have arrived at Cerulean city.

12d 17h 12m We leave once again.

12d 17h 11m We re-enter the house.

12d 17h 7m We leave his residence without talking to the man sitting by himself.

12d 17h 6m We enter Bill's residence.

12d 17h 2m Found a TwistedSpoon!

[Info] I'm done updating for the day. But I just want to say that maybe it would be a good idea to go and heal before going through the gym and beating Misty. Someone else will be here to give you the live feed.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ We're going to beat Misty ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 16h 58m We have successfully sabotaged Misty's date.

12d 16h 55m Removed mail from Lord Skull.

12d 16h 54m We quickly defeat the super nerd.

12d 16h 53m We engage in a battle with super nerd Pat.

12d 16h 51m Snubbull down, trainers defeated. We'll see if Armor can tank these trainers and Misty at 80%.

12d 16h 50m Xatu down, Armor to level 60.

12d 16h 50m Armor in. His Flash Cannon drops Xatu to 1%

12d 16h 49m Vibrava down to Yanmega's Signal Beam.

[Stats] Xatu Lv. 70 - Max. HP 200 Attack 140 Defense 126 Sp. Atk 158 Sp. Def 117 Speed 176

12d 16h 46m Xatu comes in and grows to level 70.

12d 16h 45m In a double battle. Vibrava's Magnitude KOs Treesus and the opposing Jigglypuff.

12d 16h 45m Double Battle HYPE!

12d 16h 43m Just fought a Camper and his Gallade.

12d 16h 41m School Kid Joe has a Venusaur.

[Stats] Vibrava Lv. 70 - Max. HP 186 Attack 134 Defense 102 Sp. Atk 90 Sp. Def 95 Speed 131

12d 16h 36m Trainer Defeated. Vibrava Levels up to Lvl 70. Does NOT evolve.

12d 16h 36m Trainer battle. Trainer sends out Barboach!

[Fluff] After the menu opens, press B to encounter a Mew.

12d 16h 35m Route 25.

[Sorry] I have been misspelling Cranidos for Cranados in the past messages. Cranidos is the correct spelling.


12d 16h 29m Cranados does NOT evolve.

12d 16h 29m Cranados Down! Raichu Down. Trainer defeated!

12d 16h 28m Magnezone down! Trainer sends out a Raichu!

12d 16h 28m Trainer sends out Magnezone.

12d 16h 28m Plusle down. Cranados Levels up to Lvl 39.

12d 16h 27m Cranados sent out.

12d 16h 27m Helix Down!

12d 16h 25m Trainer sends a Plusle.

12d 16h 25m Trainer time!

[Radio] Now that we turned the power on, we can listen to DJ Ben play the sweet sounds of Sinnoh.

12d 16h 22m We are heading back from the Power Plant, to Cerulean City. Will we beat Misty?

12d 16h 19m Caught a Female Natu Level 15 No Nickname.

12d 16h 15m Caught a Female Geodude, Level 10 Nicknamed "22GG2G_G".

12d 16h 13m Left the Power Plant.

12d 16h 10m Stream back up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TIME OUT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 16h 9m Something is happening to the stream? I'm not entirely sure. It froze right after we obtained the TM57.

[Info] There is a TM at the top of the Route 9 ledge if we make it across. Map

12d 16h 7m Returned the part at the Power Plant. Obtained TM57

12d 16h 2m We arrived at the Power Plant.

12d 15h 58m Caught a Natu Level 15 Male. Nicknamed MLI GPPJG.

[Recap] We cut the tree at the end of the route to avoid the ledge.

12d 15h 55m Caught a wild Paras Level 13 Male. Nicknamed pgggG&4.

12d 15h 54m Doduo down. Trainer Defeated!

12d 15h 53m Pidgeotto Down. Helix Levels up to 38 Trainer sends Doduo.

12d 15h 53m Pidgeotto sent out by trainer.

12d 15h 52m Trainer time!

12d 15h 45m Currently struggling against a ton of ledges. Possibly backtracking to the Power Plant.

12d 15h 42m Obtained Wiki Berry.

[LEDGE HYPE] We meet our old enemy for the fourth time. Don't forget... you're here forever...

12d 15h 41m Manectric down. Trainer Defeated.

12d 15h 41m Flaaffy down. Manectric is sent out.

12d 15h 39m Trainer Battle!

12d 15h 31m Apparently, this Gym will remain completely empty until we finish the Power Plant side quest. We have found the missing part, so we need to return to the Power Plant.

12d 15h 31m Apparently, this Gym will remain completely empty until we finish the Power Plant side quest. We have found the part we needed to return to the Power Plant.

12d 15h 30m Obtained Machine Part.

[Fluff] Silly Werewolf Girl, we can't find wild Pokemon Surfing here.

12d 15h 22m Surfing inside the gym.

12d 15h 18m Back into the Gym.

12d 15h 13m Grunt has a single Whiscash. It was KO'd by Helix. Team Rocket Grunt Defeated.

12d 15h 12m Team Rocket Grunt Battle!

[Fluff] aoooo scolds Helix for pushing her. It is not your place to question a god, young one.

12d 15h 10m Apparently we are tracking down a Team Rocket Grunt.

12d 15h 8m Heading North, on a bridge.

12d 15h 1m We got encountered by Team Rocket when we first entered this gym. And now, we are out of the gym.

12d 15h 0m Entered the Gym.

12d 14h 49m Caught a Level 14 Female Pidgey. Nickname is 3#! # R

12d 14h 48m Randomly walking in and out about in some houses in Cerulean City.

12d 14h 44m Exited the Pokemon Center.

12d 14h 43m Out of battle arena.

12d 14h 39m Upstairs in Poké Center. In a battle arena. We Healed.

12d 14h 28m Entered the Poké Center.

12d 14h 21m Treesus Levels up to 65.

12d 14h 20m With the first 3 members of our team down, Sudowoodo currently leads, following aoooo.

12d 14h 19m Picked up a TwistedSpoon.

12d 14h 17m Parasect down. Hiker Clarke defeated.

12d 14h 17m Xatu back out.

12d 14h 16m Switched to Cranados. Faints

12d 14h 15m Vibrava Fainted

12d 14h 13m Hiker Clarke sent out Parasect.

[Fluff] Wait, that's not Bulbasaur's cry! It changed! Wait, that's because it evolved into Ivysaur. Never mind!

12d 14h 12m Battling Hiker

12d 14h 9m Chat is constantly restarting the BGM by opening the Pokégear.

12d 14h 8m So, we are currently out of the power plant, wondering about catching Pokemon. Not like we can catch anything inside the power plant.

12d 14h 3m Caught a Natu, female, Lv. 15! No nickname.

12d 14h 0m Geodude's nickname is unreadable, pics of its name are welcome.

12d 14h 0m Caught a Geodude, male, Lv. 10!

12d 13h 58m Nickname is "343__gqg_3".

12d 13h 58m Caught a Zubat, female, Lv. 16!

12d 13h 56m Brent called us.

12d 13h 46m We are currently in the Power Plant, south of Route 10.

12d 13h 39m Caught level 17 female Poliwag. Nick: G _ _ _ ( _

12d 13h 38m Caught level 10 female Geodude! No nick.

[Snark] Welcome to the G club

[Fluff] This should come as no surprise.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ get kirlia ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

12d 13h 33m Caught Kirlia female level 13. Nick: _ K _ GGK female symbol _ 0 _

12d 13h 31m Caught Paras female level 13. Nick: _ _ G

12d 13h 30m So, I wake up to find we now have 12 badges. "Lard" Helix is fainted and we have not healed. Cranados currently leads, following Aoooooo.

[Chat] ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ Sorry, I've dropped my bag of dorritos. ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼► ▼ ◄ ◄ ▲▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ◄ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ►

12d 13h 27m Out on Route 10

12d 13h 23m Caught lvl 12 female Goldeen. Nick: GG _ G _ G _ G _ G

12d 13h 18m Caught a Gastly male lvl 12. Nick: _ 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ 00

12d 13h 8m Caught a level 12 male Voltorb nicknamed "RGRG G "

12d 13h 3m Caught a level 10 female Electrike, nickname: " GI ".

12d 12h 59m Caught a level 12 male Cacnea, nickname:"G G ”"

[Snark] This run is brought to you by the letter G!

12d 12h 55m Caught a level 8 male Swinub! Nickname: "GGNGGNGGN"

12d 12h 53m Caught another level 12 male Gastly. No nickname.

12d 12h 52m Helix down to a wild Gastly.

[Corrections] The Goldeen was level 12, not level 42, sorry. The first Illumise was nicknamed "0G00GC0 G", and the Gastly was nicknamed " 6 MG G 0C".

12d 12h 49m Caught a level 12 female Krabby nicknamed "3GG g hhg".

12d 12h 47m ** Caught a level 16 female Illumise nicknamed " G ". **

12d 12h 44m Caught a level 12 male Gastly and a level 16 female Illumise.

12d 12h 36m Caught a level 10 male Snorunt with nickname "GGllg o ".

[Clarification] Goldeen was level 42 and female. It has a nickname, but I didn't catch it.

[Recap] Sorry I missed some stuff, folks. We are in Rock Tunnel (entered around 12d 12h 13m) and have caught a Goldeen.

12d 12h 3m Robert is currently blocking our path, however, so we head back into Lavender. Here's a map of the area.

[Info] There's a blackout in Kanto, so we need to head to the Power Plant. We can get there from Saffron City via Cerulean, but the chat wants to go through Rock Tunnel now that we're already in Lavender.

12d 11h 58m Trainer defeated. Helix grew to level 37 and forgot Rock Blast for Crabhammer!

12d 11h 57m Fighting Pokefan Robert and his Venomoth.

12d 11h 53m Found TM84 Steel Wing!

12d 11h 44m Healed. We've been wandering around Lavender Town and the new Kanto Radio Tower.

12d 11h 26m Lavender Town. The BGM is different.

12d 11h 18m Dewgong used Ice Shard! Vibrava fainted!

12d 11h 17m Vibrava used Magnitude! Sudowoodo fainted!

12d 11h 16m Used a (Max/Hyper?) Potion on Vibrava.

12d 11h 13m Used a Max Potion on Xatu.

12d 11h 12m Used a Quick Ball on Fisherman Stephen's Lucario.

12d 11h 1m Obtained the Super Rod!

12d 10h 52m On Route 12.

12d 10h 36m Defeated Young Couple Tim & Sue! Registered their phone number in the Pokégear.

12d 10h 30m Just fought a Pokefan. He had a Honchkrow, a Skuntank, and a level 65 Poochyena (originally a Magikarp).

12d 10h 21m Registered Camper Tanner's phone number.

[Correction] Bird Keeper Josh, of course. We also registered his phone number.

[Stats] Vibrava Lv. 69 - Max. HP 183 Attack 132 Defense 101 Sp. Atk 88 Sp. Def 94 Speed 129

12d 10h 15m Defeated Bird Keerp Josh! Vibrava leveled up to 69!

12d 10h 12m Spotted Suicune!

12d 10h 6m VS Bird Keeper Roy! Golbat used Air Cutter! Cranidos fainted!

12d 10h 1m VS Pokéfan Boone! Omastar fainted!

12d 9h 49m VS Teacher Hillary! Her Weedle poisoned Xatu! Xatu fainted! Blacked out!

12d 9h 48m Xatu only has 34/197HP left! Xatu used Fly! Defeated School Kid Tommy!

12d 9h 42m VS School Kid Tommy! Bastiodon fainted!

[Meta] I need to do other things, so apologies if there are no updates.

12d 9h 34m Out of gym.

12d 9h 19m Soul badge and TM84 are obtained.

12d 9h 18m Another Sunflora is down. Janine defeated.

12d 9h 18m Meteor Mash works! Bastiodon is up to Lv. 59.

12d 9h 17m Sunflora used Ingrain to regenerate.

12d 9h 17m Wormadam is down, Sunflora is sent.

12d 9h 16m Armor is paralyzed by static.

12d 9h 16m Janine sent Wormadam lv. 50.

12d 9h 15m Sceptile beaten.

12d 9h 14m Aoooo tried to praise Helix, but he is deaf (and fainted). Lord Armor, go!

12d 9h 14m Sudo fainted to Sceptile.

12d 9h 14m Cradily is beaten by Sudo.

12d 9h 13m Janine used Full restore.

12d 9h 13m Cradily used stealth rock.

12d 9h 12m It switched for Cradily lv. 44.

12d 9h 11m She sent Sceptile lv. 47.

12d 9h 11m Leader Janine challenged!

12d 9h 9m Good job, Xatu. Alice defeated!

12d 9h 8m Parasect KOed Vibrava.

12d 9h 7m Bayleef is down, Tangela is down. Vibrava is at 7HP!

[fluff] Alice? Sure.

12d 9h 6m Lass Alice challenged! Bayleef lv. 41.

12d 9h 4m Trump card success. Belossom was hammered too. Linda defeated.

12d 9h 3m Wormadam's static paralyzed Vibarava.

12d 9h 2m Wormadam is using Heal order and regenerate.

12d 9h 0m Oddish is hammered down. Linda sent Wormadam.

12d 9h 0m Lass Linda challenged. Oddish lv. 41.

12d 8h 55m Back into the gym. Picnicker Cindy challenged. Cradily lv.48 OHKOed by Vibrava. Cindy defeated.

12d 8h 51m Out of center.

12d 8h 48m In the PokéCenter. Checkpoint!

12d 8h 47m Out of gym.

12d 8h 45m Went in the gym.

12d 8h 44m Fuchsia City.

12d 8h 43m Route 18.

12d 8h 36m Charles defeated. Xatu grew to lv. 69.

12d 8h 34m Onix is down, Nidoqueen is next.

12d 8h 33m Phanpy is down, next is Onix. Vibra switched to Xatu.

12d 8h 32m Biker Charles challenged. Phanpy lv. 41.

12d 8h 30m Aoooo refused to give him her telephone number. (No wonder).

12d 8h 29m Vibrava hammered Clefairy down. Smeargle as well.

12d 8h 29m Cranidos fainted.

12d 8h 27m Biker Ernest challenged (what a psycho!). Cleafairy lv. 45.

12d 8h 26m Another fly, Swalot, good bye.

12d 8h 26m Xatu used fly, Roserade is down. Jacob sent Swalot.

12d 8h 25m Helix fainted.

12d 8h 24m Biker Jacob challenged. He has Roserade lv. 43.

12d 8h 23m And Victreebel. Joel defeated.

12d 8h 21m Biker Joel challenged. He has Venomoth.

12d 8h 20m Helix OHKOed his Meditite.

12d 8h 20m Biker Dale challenged.

[fluff] Aoooo has uncomfortable seat, but she can't dismount bike.

12d 8h 19m Route 17.

12d 8h 18m Bicycle activated. On Route 16.

12d 8h 5m Access denied by Cycling road security guard.

12d 8h 3m On the route 16.

12d 8h 1m Out of Center.

12d 8h 0m Party restored.

12d 7h 58m Went away from PC.

12d 7h 57m Entered PokéCenter and booted the PC.

12d 7h 50m Out of gym.

12d 7h 34m TM19 obtained.

12d 7h 33m Rainbow badge obtained!

12d 7h 33m Lanturn is down. Vibrava is lv. 68. Didn't evolve.

12d 7h 32m Twice in a row!

12d 7h 32m Erika used Full restore.

12d 7h 32m Lanturn is the last.

12d 7h 31m Raichu is down!

12d 7h 31m Vibrava, go!

12d 7h 30m Raichu's spark finished Xatu.

12d 7h 30m Rotom defeated!

12d 7h 29m Xatu is paralyzed by Rotom.

12d 7h 29m Xatu managed to KO Minun.

12d 7h 28m Lord Scull OHKOed.

12d 7h 28m Bastiodon fainted too.

12d 7h 27m Erika challenged. Helix fainted to Minun.

12d 7h 5m Stepped into gym.

12d 6h 50m Out of PokéCenter.

12d 6h 50m Armor fainted. Aoooo blacked out!

12d 6h 49m Bastiodon come back.

[snark] Yeah, that was a tactical switch.

12d 6h 48m Xatu fainted.

12d 6h 48m Rotom paralyzed Bastiodon. Time to shift it for Xatu.

12d 6h 47m Bastiodon, go!

12d 6h 47m 2 thunderbolts KOed Sudo.

12d 6h 46m Next is Rotom!

12d 6h 45m Lanturn is down, but paralyzed Sudo before.

12d 6h 44m A wrecked Minun.

12d 6h 43m Vibrava fainted.

12d 6h 43m Vibrava vs Minun lv. 51.

12d 6h 43m Leader Erika challenged!

[Meta] I need to do other things, so apologies if there are no updates.

12d 5h 16m Copycat turned into us, and then back into herself.

12d 5h 16m Talking to Copycat.

12d 5h 14m In Copycat's house.

12d 5h 7m Left the gym.

12d 4h 44m Taking the long route out of Sabrina's gym.

12d 4h 40m Marsh Badge obtained! TM48 obtained!

12d 4h 40m It's OHKOed by the Oracle. Sabrina defeated.

12d 4h 39m Sabrina sends out a Noctowl.

12d 4h 39m Kangaskhan brings Xatu down to the red, but is taken out by Mist Ball.

12d 4h 39m Vibrava is switched out for Xatu after sending a Hammer Arm into Kangaskhan's face.

12d 4h 38m Kangaskhan is sent out! It has Extremespeed.

12d 4h 38m Vibrava's Trump Card couldn't take down Clefable. Now outta PP. BUT HAMMER ARM CAN!

12d 4h 37m Vibrava vs Clefable!


12d 4h 26m In her room. Still haven't gotten onto the platform.

12d 3h 55m Escaped Sabrina's room. Time to head back.

12d 3h 44m Back in Sabrina's room.

12d 3h 41m Left Sabrina's room.

[Meta-Snark] Going to eat. Will be back soon. Hopefully the platform is traversed.

12d 3h 35m Still trying to get onto Sabrina's platform.

12d 3h 33m Nope, no longer.

12d 3h 33m Aligned with the platform once more.

12d 3h 32m This platform is truly ingenious.

12d 3h 31m Nah, we moved left.

12d 3h 31m We're currently aligned with the platform.

12d 3h 29m Will we make it onto the platform within the next hour?

12d 3h 27m Ah, corners. Truly we have gone far too long without running into them.

12d 3h 27m We keep overshooting.

12d 3h 25m Back in her chamber.

12d 3h 23m Left Sabrina's room.

12d 3h 22m Still haven't gotten onto the 1-space platform.

[Pun] Our team definitely rocks right now.

[Snark] Inb4 Sabrina has a Slaking. (Remember, it probably won't have Truant.)

12d 3h 19m Currently facing some difficulties.

12d 3h 18m In Sabrina's room! Shall we be able to ascend her one-tile platform?

12d 3h 17m And despite having Future Sight, Pidgeot is immediately hammered by Vibrava! Battle won!

12d 3h 17m She ends up activating Vibrava's TRUMP CARD.

12d 3h 17m Staravia goes down! Pidgeot is sent out next.

12d 3h 16m Vibrava activates her TRUMP CARD.

12d 3h 16m She sends out a Staravia. A sleeping Vibrava is sent out, and promptly wakes up. Magnitude, alas, does not affect Flying-types.

12d 3h 15m Battling Fufufufu Woman. Also known as Medium Darcy.

12d 3h 15m Still trying to get back to Sabrina's chamber.

12d 3h 11m Vibrava is asleep, yet she can still walk behind us.

12d 3h 10m Okay, time to head back.

12d 3h 10m We just left her room. And the room before.

12d 3h 10m This is going to be a difficult room to surpass, she has a plat-

12d 3h 9m We made it to Sabrina's room!

12d 3h 8m Jared defeated.

12d 3h 8m Xatu finally takes out Glameow! Phew, I thought we might have been in a bind there.

12d 3h 7m The Oracle cannot get a hit in because of the Protects. At least she's been freed from Bind.

12d 3h 7m Jared's Pokemon are definitely the most annoying Pokemon ever.

12d 3h 6m ... Glameow has Bind? And Yawn? And Protect? What?

12d 3h 6m Oh yes, and Vibrava was asleep. She is switched out for Xatu.

12d 3h 6m All these Protects.

12d 3h 5m Protect and Yawn. I cat believe what this Glameow is doing.

12d 3h 5m Glameow is sent out. Vibrava is switched in against it.

12d 3h 4m Deciding that he was tired of Buneary's Smogon-approved moveset, Treesus beats it up.

12d 3h 4m Treesus is seeded again!

12d 3h 4m Switched out for Vibrava. She was promptly Whirlwinded out by Buneary for Treesus.

12d 3h 3m Protect and Leech Seed? Goddamn this Buneary. Eh, we'll rabbit it out of its hole soon enough.

12d 3h 2m ... Buneary? With Leech Seed?

12d 3h 2m Sudowoodo is sent out to defeat Vigoroth.

12d 3h 2m Down goes Skull. He just got pounded.

12d 3h 1m Jump Kick immediately brings Skull down to 3 HP!

12d 3h 1m Skull vs Vigoroth! Go!

12d 3h 0m Battling Psychic Jared! He has a Vigoroth!

12d 3h 0m Teleporting through the rooms.

12d 2h 56m Battle won! 7912 cash obtained!

12d 2h 56m Sandstorm takes out Porygon2 right after!

12d 2h 56m Helix goes down to a Copycat Hydro Cannon from Porygon2!

12d 2h 55m A Sandstorm rages - what the heck? Porygon2 has Sweet Scent?!

12d 2h 54m Now fighting Porygon2.

12d 2h 54m Meowth faints. Helix hits Level 36!

[Snark] I'm surprised at how normal this Meowth is. It has Pay Day!

12d 2h 53m Lard Helix vs Meowth!

12d 2h 52m Battling Medium Rebecca and her Meowth!

12d 2h 52m Portalling around.

12d 2h 50m Inside the Saffron Gym!

12d 2h 48m Back on the streets.

12d 2h 42m Swapped Bastiodon and Xatu's positions.

12d 2h 41m [Important Settings] TEXT SPEED SLOW; BATTLE SCENES ON

12d 2h 40m BATTLE SCENES ON.

12d 2h 39m Walking with Lard Helix in the Silph Co. Building. Current goal appears to be turning the battle scenes on.

12d 2h 35m The streets of Saffron are beautiful at night.

[Good Night] This is NMario84, signing off for the night. I'll be back sometime tomorrow afternoon. Until then, PRAISE HELIX!

12d 2h 32m HEALED!

[Saving Intensifies] 4th time save.

12d 2h 30m Saved twice..... Three times.

12d 2h 28m Entered the Poke Center.

12d 2h 26m Heading North, on Saffron City.

[Snark] Yes, Really Super-Redguy. Only in TPP Randomization.

[Snark] Sea-Loudred. Really? Sea-Loudred?

12d 2h 19m Saved twice.

12d 2h 17m Found a Poison Barb.

12d 2h 15m We are currently outside, surfing around and about. Have not healed since our first Gym victory.

12d 2h 13m Vibrava grew to Lvl 67. Does NOT evolve.

12d 2h 7m Exited the Gym.

12d 2h 5m Vibrava was given the Paralyz Heal to hold

This makes it our First Kanto Region Victory!

12d 2h 4m Recieved TM34!

[Fluff] Victory at last!!!

12d 2h 4m Lt. Surge DEFEATED!

12d 2h 3m 2 Pinsirs sent out. 1 KO'd, anotehr one sent out

12d 2h 3m Ninjask faints to Xatu.

12d 2h 2m Also, Lt. Surge had a Scizor out earlier which Treesus OHKO'ed.

12d 2h 2m Xatu is sent out.

12d 2h 2m Ninjask is sent out, and KO's Treesus.

12d 2h 1m Treesus sent out. KO's Scyther.

12d 2h 0m 6 0 is out, and then faints to Scyther.

12d 1h 59m Helix fainted to Scyther

12d 1h 59m First up. Scyther lvl. 51

12d 1h 58m Lt.Surge Challenged!

12d 1h 55m Mail was taken from Vibrava. Our starter is now PC vulnerable.

"Surge. We're coming 4 U!"

12d 1h 55m Both electric fences unlocked.

[Fluff] Lt.Surge is literally protected by 2 energy fences in front of him. "Forever Alone"? Or afraid of WereWorlf Girl?

[Obligatory] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

12d 1h 44m Exited, and re-entered the gym. Still struggling with the puzzle.

Twitchplayspokemon: "I don't have any puppet accounts."

12d 1h 28m We are currently struggling against the puzzle in this gym. We have done it at least once. Can we do it again?

12d 1h 25m Entered the gym.

Caught a female Loudred. Level 35. Nick name "s". I believe.

12d 1h 20m We apparently healed. Now out of the Poke Center.

Pokemon Red: Helix was revived on the 11th Day.Pokemon Heart Gold: Helix was Caught on the 11th day.

11th HYPE!

[Chat] After someone referred to pressing "B" as a double-edged sword, everyone is discussing the literal meaning of that metaphor and the mechanics of swordplay.

12d 1h 8m Still in Poke Center. Still not healed. Upstaris.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ HEAL Pokemon, or RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ

12d 1h 1m Prof. Oak calls but we don't answer in time. Aoooo answered her fishing rod instead...and what do you know? She still heard Prof. Oak! He was probably calling to tell her there was a time and a place for everything. (But not now.)

12d 0h 53m In the Poke Center.

12d 0h 38m Currently faffing in and out of the gym. Party still not healed since I joined.

Hello everyone. This is new updater NMario84. I'll try to be a nice updater when some people are away and can't post. Thanks everyone!

12d 0h 17m Returned to the gym. We still haven't healed.

[Snark] Oak, how can you scold us about fishing when you're calling us on the phone?

11d 23h 54m We've returned to Vermillion City. (For a while we were faffing in a patch of grass just north of the town)

[Info] The Hoppip was Level 14

[Addendum] I missed the level of the Hoppip. If anyone caught it, please let me know.

11d 23h 48m We caught a Female Hoppip named 7 78

11d 23h 34m Found TM04: Focus Energy

11d 23h 20m We leave the center without healing.

11d 23h 15m Entered the Pokemon Center!

11d 23h 8m Finally run away from Meganium

[Clarification] It was indeed a Hyper Potion

11d 23h 2m I believe we used another Hyper Potion (it could have been max potion) on Cranidos this time

11d 23h 1m Used 1 Hyper Potion on Vibrava. We have 2 left

11d 23h 0m Surfing around again. Still haven't healed

11d 22h 52m Cut the tree in front of the gym. Looks like Omastar and Cranidos will finally be woken up!

[Chat] Back to work trash slaves

11d 22h 40m We've encountered a Pokémon on the water. Finally, something after 2+ hours of nothing...

[Fluff] Inb4 democracy? We will see...

11d 22h 27m If any of y'all want to go grab a bite to eat, you can if you want. But it would be appreciated if you could help us get out of this mess

11d 21h 56m Looks like most people are off having fun at the Pokemon Stadium

11d 21h 49m Still struggling in Lt. Surge's gym. Helix and Cranidos have been unconscious for more than an hour... Is that healthy?

11d 21h 23m We failed at finding the second one... Back on

11d 21h 21m Deactivated first gate again!

11d 21h 6m Aaand first door is back on...

11d 21h 0m First door has been opened! Now for the second

Never mind they've been reset since we've blacked out

[Info] Switches have been reset...

11d 20h 35m Back in the gym. Guess Helix and Cranidos will miss the fight...

11d 20h 31m We leave the gym, possibly attempting to heal?

11d 20h 13m One gate down and in Werewolf mode.

11d 19h 58m Found a switch, SAME RESULT.

11d 19h 46m Got one switch again, but failed to get the second.

11d 19h 43m Still stuck on the switch puzzle.

11d 19h 26m Found one switch, but decided to check that trash can again just to be sure and reactivated the gate.

11d 19h 17m CALLED IT. Last mail is now in the trash. Maybe we'll find it before we find the buttons...

[Snark] Friggen' buttertrunks

11d 19h 14m Treesus lost it's mail somewhere in the scuffle.

11d 19h 11m OK, NOW Lord Helix is holding an Air Mail! "Hello, GTS" is the message.

11d 19h 8m Still faffing about in our bag.

[Info] Sudowoodo, Bastiodon, Cranidos and Vibrava are carrying mail. Xatu and Omastar are not.

11d 18h 54m Nevermind, the mail is on the Dino.

11d 18h 53m Helix got some mail! "Aw, that's so... BABY"

11d 18h 50m Looks like we may have tossed a yellow flute.

11d 18h 46m Aooo is considering throwing more crap in the rubbish bins just to make the puzzle THAT much harder.

11d 18h 40m Looks like we are trying to get mail on Helix.

11d 18h 38m Oh good, TIME TO DIG THROUGH MORE TRASH.

11d 18h 36m Entered Surge's Gym

[Info] The nickname is "000   ♀  1"

11d 18h 29m Caught a level 35 male Meganium! Nickname: "00 [Female] 0" or something like that.

11d 18h 29m Throwing Quick Balls at a Meganium. It keeps breaking free.

11d 18h 25m Helix down.

11d 18h 15m It seems we're grinding Helix on the water.

[Info] Helix's ability is Thick Fat. He has a 1/4x Ice and a 1/8x Fire resistance.

11d 18h 8m Caught a Level 35 Female Loudred. Nickname: "GF".

11d 18h 5m Caught a Level 35 Male Loudred with no nickname.

[Info] Helix has a Quirky nature, and is mischievous.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

[Info] Helix knows Hydro Cannon, Rock Blast, Rock Polish, and Sandstorm.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

11d 17h 56m CAUGHT HELIX!!! Level 35, Male, no nickname, in our party.

11d 17h 42m Still searching. We encountered Helix while surfing, so all our fishing isn't doing much good.

11d 17h 23m Yep, still looking for our Lord.

[Chat] "If Lord Helix was common he would not be Lord!" - Dragonight02.

11d 17h 7m Treesus to level 64!

11d 17h 4m We used both our Dusk Balls on Loudred, which escaped, thankfully. Still searching these waters for Helix.

11d 16h 52m Found Helix... and ran away. aoooo did not feel worthy of His presence.

11d 16h 41m Surfing and fishing, searching for our Lord in the water.

11d 16h 37m Bought 3 Air Mail, 2 Dusk Balls, and 50 Quick Balls. We have 880 Poke-yen left.

11d 16h 35m Received a Muscle Band and Focus Sash from the delivery man.

11d 16h 34m Into the Pokemart. Everyone seems onboard with catching Helix.

11d 16h 31m We start moving back up. Calls are being made for us to buy balls.

11d 16h 27m Encountered a wild Omastar while Surfing! The chat calls for us to catch Helix, but we have no Pokeballs, unfortunately.

11d 16h 19m Wandering back towards the Gym. We lost about 10000 Poke-yen for blacking out, but we still have 53030 from the Elite Four run.

11d 16h 18m Armor goes down! Blackout!

11d 16h 16m Xatu down!

11d 16h 14m We bring in Treesus, who goes down to a Wing Attack. Armor back in, then Xatu.

11d 16h 13m Scyther keeps using Defend Order, so Bastiodon's attacks aren't doing much.

11d 16h 9m Versus Lt. Surge! He sends out Scyther.

11d 16h 8m Turned off the fence, time to fight Surge.

11d 16h 7m We have found the switches, we just need to turn them off without turning them back on.

11d 16h 2m Anorith in and down, trainer defeated.

11d 15h 59m Skorupi in, down to a Meteor Mash.

11d 15h 58m Vespiquen down, Armor to level 58!

11d 15h 56m Versus Guitarist Vincent and his Vespiquen.

11d 15h 55m Trolls are trying to remove mail from our party. Come by IRC channel #twitchplayspokemon on irc.blitzed.org to discuss.

11d 15h 51m Treesus comes in and takes down Scyther, Armaldo, and Venonat with Surf. Trainer defeated.

11d 15h 49m Vibrava down to a Chatter. Treesus in.

[Correction] Treesus beat Gentleman Gregory's Venonat with Rock Wrecker earlier. Sorry I forgot to mention it.

11d 15h 47m Challenging Juggler Horton and his Scyther. Bug Gym confirmed.

11d 15h 38m Tossed a Sun Stone, Leftovers, and a Metal Coat. Yeah, that's why the trolls are opening the bag.

11d 15h 36m We bring in Treesus, who wrecks Shedinja with rocks. Venonat in.

11d 15h 33m Versus a Gentleman and his Shedinja.

11d 15h 32m In Surge's Gym! Time to look for the switches.

11d 15h 27m We surf and encounter a wlkd Machop. The chat goes crazy over the Kanto wild battle theme.

[Meta] /u/Calabazal has released his new recap of TwitchPlaysPokémon HeartGold. Go check it out here!

11d 15h 23m Moving towards the Gym. A faction is opening up the bag repeatedly.

11d 15h 19m Entered the Pokecenter, checkpointed in Vermillion.

11d 15h 15m Entered the Pokemart.

11d 15h 13m Encountered Suicune on the water. Eusine comes by to discuss how much Suicune linkes water, then runs off.

11d 15h 9m Off the boat, into Kanto!

[Stats] We went down to 944 viewers a bit ago. <Obligatory End-of-TPP Doomsaying>

[Chat] "Misty, we're here!"

11d 15h 2m Found the girl, received a Metal Coat from her grandfather, landed in Vermillion. Kanto hype!

[Stats] We have 966 viewers and at least a dozen inputters.

11d 14h 52m Finally spoke to the girl. Hopefully it doesn't take another hour to find her.

[Chat] The girl keeps asking the captain to play with her. The chat reacts as you would expect.

11d 14h 47m In the captain's room.

11d 14h 37m Climbed the ladder.

11d 14h 34m Hammer arm knocks Swellow out of the sky, Trainer defeated.

11d 14h 33m Versus Picknicker Debra and her Swellow.

11d 14h 32m Spoke to the sailor and entered the engine room. We need to climb the ladder to find the girl.

11d 14h 25m Milling about on the bottom deck. I think we need to talk to the sailor at 1 on this map.

11d 14h 15m Onix down, Trainer defeated. Vibrava to level 66, no evo.

11d 14h 14m Battling Sailor Jeff. Vibrava KOs Bonsly.

11d 14h 1m Treesus comes in and KOs Slowking and Drowzee, trainer defeated.

11d 14h 0m Spoink goes down, but Slowking comes in and KOs Skull.

11d 13h 59m Versus Firebreather Lyle and Spoink.

11d 13h 48m Skull also OHKOs Bronzor with Magnitude. Trainer defeated.

11d 13h 48m Magnemite and Mawile OHKOd with Magnitude.

11d 13h 46m Woke up Sailor Stanley who challenged us. He sent out Magnemite.

11d 13h 30m Spoke to a sailor, who asked us to find his buddy. He's up on the top deck.

11d 13h 24m Wandering around the staircase. Here's a map.

11d 13h 18m Boarded the S.S. Aqua!

11d 13h 15m aoooo flashed her S.S. Ticket and entered the Harbour.

[Radio] DJ Ben's station now plays one of the Hoenn early route themes. aoooo must be getting hyped for OR/AS.

[Fluff] aoooo plays with her newly-upgraded Pokedex.

11d 13h 7m Met Oak at Olivine Harbour. He upgraded our Pokedex to National Mode!

11d 13h 5m Back in Olivine.

11d 13h 0m Outside the Battle Frontier, now in Frontier Access.

11d 12h 56m Left the Battle Tower.

11d 12h 47m Moved over to the Multi Battle clerk. This is where we can fight with one of the AI trainers from Platinum (Cheryl, Riley, Buck, etc.)

11d 12h 41m Entered the Battle Tower. Currently speaking to the Battle Room clerk.

11d 12h 40m Left the Factory, milling about in the Frontier plaza.

11d 12h 38m We tried the Multi Battle thing, but that would require aoooo to have friends.

11d 12h 31m And now we trashed our last Air Mail. I've gotta say, I'm impressed.

11d 12h 29m We play one turn and then forfeit. Where my trolls at?

11d 12h 28m Selected Haunter, Skiploom, and Wobbuffet. Fighting Jogger Steve and his Shellos.

[Chat] Skiploom and Mantyke both know Aerial Ace. The chat collectively Kreygasms.

[Info] Wobb has Run Away and wears lipstick, because it is female.

11d 12h 22m Re-entered L50 singles. New choices are Krabby, Haunter, Skiploom, Wobbuffet, Mantyke, Cyndaquil.

11d 12h 21m Forfeited the match. That's right: the run button just ends the battle.

11d 12h 20m Bronzor down, Ponyta in. Gimer has +6 Defense and at least +3 evasion.

[Info] Grimer has Toxic, Shadow Sneak, Acid Armor, Minimize. It seems these movesets and items were not randomized.

11d 12h 17m Bronzor is using Gyro Ball, but our Black Sludge heals it off. Grimer is minimizing and attacking with Shadow Sneak.

[Snark] "The prince among short-wearing Youngsters, that is me!"

11d 12h 15m We pick Grimer, Nosepass, Drowzee. Fighting Youngster Casimir and his Bronzor.

11d 12h 12m Our options are Delibird, Tentacool, Grimer, Drowzee, Haunter, and Nosepass. Delibird has Snow Warning.

11d 12h 10m Entered a level 50 single contest.

[Chat] This music is pretty funky. "♫ ┌༼ຈلຈ༽┘ ♪ techno riot ♫ ┌༼ຈلຈ༽┘"

11d 12h 6m In the Battle Factory.

[Chat] People seem to want to try the Battle Factory for maximum randomness.

11d 11h 59m VS Recorder upgraded.

11d 11h 58m Battle Frontier.

11d 11h 54m On route 40.

11d 11h 49m Olivine City.

11d 11h 46m On route 39.

11d 11h 39m The wild Polywhirl's flame body burned Cranidos.

11d 11h 37m On route 38.

11d 11h 35m Out of tower.

11d 11h 22m Went in the Bell Tower.

11d 11h 15m Out of cursed Dancing hall.

11d 11h 14m Brent called. Aoooo transformed again.

11d 11h 11m Back to usual form.


11d 11h 9m Suddenly Henshin!

11d 11h 8m Talking with dancers.

11d 11h 1m Into Dancing hall.

11d 10h 59m Out of Center.

11d 10h 59m Party was healed (twice).

11d 10h 43m Into the PokéCenter. Checkpoint!

11d 10h 38m Ecruteak City.

[info] Current balance is ¥46110.

11d 10h 35m Onward to route 37.

[Snark] This must be some dirty Starly disliking the shower.

11d 10h 33m Foe is Starly lv.20 We run from her immediately.

11d 10h 33m SquirtBottle used.

11d 10h 30m Irwin called. But Aoooo is too busy looking at big trees.

11d 10h 29m On route 36.

11d 10h 25m Aoooo tried to transform briefly.

[fluff] I remember that house from PVC: "little strawberry me baby".

11d 10h 22m Into someone's house.

11d 10h 15m Violet city reached.

11d 10h 11m Up to route 31.

11d 10h 9m Playing around with radio.

11d 9h 57m Armor's flash cannon kills Dragonair. Joey defeated. Got HP Up.

11d 9h 56m And he KOed Cranidos.

11d 9h 55m He has Dragonair lv. 40.

11d 9h 55m Youngster Joey challenged us!

11d 9h 51m Lord Scull and Lord Armor graciously exchanged places.

11d 9h 47m On the route 30.

11d 9h 41m Went to Cherrygrove City.

[snark] But they are so ...formidable.

11d 9h 35m No Aoooo, don't headbutt the trees.

11d 9h 34m Did that Cascoon really have a Flame Orb?

11d 9h 32m Beating up weak Pokemon ... oh hey Magikarp has Effect Spore, so now Treesus is asleep.

11d 9h 29m Ah, Route 29! Memories!

11d 9h 28m Stumbling around New Bark Town.

[Current Team] Sudowoodo Lv 63, Cranidos Lv 37, Bastiodon Lv 57, Vibrava Lv 65, Xatu Lv 67.

11d 9h 25m Left the Lab.

11d 9h 23m The S.S. Ticket allows us to take the Fast Ship from Olivine.


11d 9h 22m Inside the lab!

11d 9h 21m House successfully left! Next stop, Elm's Lab!

11d 9h 20m Current goal: leave the house and go find Elm.

[Fluff] You know, after seeing our wallet be at 0 for so long, it's nice seeing it full of moolah.

11d 9h 18m Went downstairs! Mum greets us and mentions Elm wanting to give us something.

11d 9h 16m Just signing our autograph.

11d 9h 15m Ao finds herself back at home! She gets to work messing around with the options!

11d 9h 15m Why hello there, title screen!

11d 9h 12m Kenya ... this is for you buddy!

11d 9h 12m The credits! Oh the beautiful credits!

[Fluff] Behold! The rock-solid team of Aooooooors.

11d 9h 10m Hall of Fame!

11d 9h 9m Congratulations!




11d 9h 9m Last is another Electabuzz.

11d 9h 8m Electabuzz is next! It is down!

11d 9h 8m It is down anyway.

11d 9h 8m Lance has another Raikou?

[...] There's another Raikou?!

11d 9h 7m Raikou too!


11d 9h 7m Electivire OHKOed.

11d 9h 6m Vibrava vs Luxray. Luxray is down.

[... What] Aqua Ring? AQUA RING?!

[Snark] In a quite shocking turn of events, our chances of victory just disappeared.

11d 9h 5m Xatu is down.