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Twitch Plays Pokémon Black

With the start of Pokemon Black 2 beginning, Pokemon Black 1 has Officially Ended!

Thank you for joining us!

POKEMON BLACK 2 IS STARTING NOW! HEAD ON OVER!http://www.reddit.com/live/t62j38i5dw54/

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10 Minutes HYPE!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: There will now be a run of Pokemon Black 2 with the Blaze Black 2 romhack applied (vanilla) and evolutions forced.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I am collaborating with dekuNukem (Twitch_plays_3ds) to make Twitch Plays Pokemon X a possibility using his 3DS capture kit + input kit running at his location, a run of Pokemon X will take place in this stream after Pokemon Black 2.

20 Minutes left HYPE!

30 Minutes left until Pokemon Black 2 HYPE!

One hour HYPE! Head over here for Blaze Black 2 Live Updates!

And it appears to be moving again.

The Black 2 title screen froze. Stadium is still fine, but Black 2 isn't feeling so hot.

1 Hour, 22 minutes remaining HYPE!

Back up!

...and it goes full offline!

Stream back up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream Down!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] ENTEI'S TEAM LOSES!!! Not that it's a surprise or anything.

[Stadium] The team against Entei is all water types.

[Stadium] Entei's in Stadium. Watch its team lose.

[Meta] Several new flairs have been added to the subreddit! (Nonon, Tranquill, Deerling, Druddigon, BBQ, Purrloin, Vullaby, Lillil, Cover and Plume)

[Fluff] Enjoy your 24 hour marathon of the Pokemon Black 2 title screen. Not like there is anything else on TV to watch..... Right?..... RIGHT???

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: not going to be randomized, I decided on Blaze Black 2 instead

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: vanilla

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: normal mode, Blaze Black 2 is already more difficult at standard difficulty

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think GameFreak used both of the NDS' CPUs to render one of the screens, which is why the other is so plain

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: got the code*

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: yes, I code the code

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: anti-aliasing + reflection = slow

Dawn of the final day. 24 hours remain.

[Pun] I'd say it's most eeriegular.

[Snark] This slight distortion to the music is definitely very eerie.

Ladies and gentlemen, it begins.

[Fluff] Inb4 Blaze Black 2 title screen loop

Stream down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] This "spiral" shape on the sides...it looks like DNA, but it's single instead of double. What's that kind of spiral called again?

And up once again!

And down!

Stream up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down!

[Intermission] It's Peggle time!

[Twitch Speaks] Currently midway through replaying Bloody Sunday on twitch.tv/twitchspeaks -- start9 riots begin tomorrow as well.

[Intermission] I'm sure it's been like this since we started Mario Party DS, but nobody mentioned it: we're in Anarchy!

[Info] Here is the official forum post for Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2, if you want more information on what we're probably going to be playing next run.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there will be forced evos if someone can get me a code that works with Blaze Black 2

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: announcement time: Pokemon Black 2 will be the Blaze Black 2 romhack

[Intermission] Now playing Mario Party DS

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream Down

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'll put Mario Party DS on later

Stream went back up at some point. Still playing Advance Wars.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

I almost forgot: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream appears to be offline. It has been for at least an hour apparently.

2 days, 18 hours hype, and Advance Wars is still going on! !bet 100 red .

Only 2 days, 19 hours, and 46 minutes until Black 2!

[Advance Wars] Title screen.

[Advance Wars] There are things blowing up. And that's all I know.

[Advance Wars] Will hasn't eaten in a long time.

[Advance Wars] The Beast's forces have been defeated.

[Advance Wars] Gotta defeat the Beast. GWAR HAR HAR.

[Advance Wars] Started the game again.

[Advance Wars] Title screen now, folks.

[Advance Wars] We uh, return to the world map?

Down agai- Stream back up!

Stream back up!

Stream down!

[Advance Wars] Will's escape efforts from the Beast are helped by the arrival of others from his nation!

[Streamer] (Earlier) Twitchplayspokemon: The attract mode turns on before you get another input in

[Advance Wars] But then he meets the Beast, who's gonna loot him and leave his corpse where it falls. GWAR HAR HAR.

[Advance Wars] We meet our protagonist, Will, a Cadet at Rubinelle Military Academy. He is in despair at finding nobody alive.


[Intermission] More specifically, Days of Ruin.

[Intermission] It's Advance Wars time!

Stream back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down!

[Chat] Start+Start+Start riot.

[Math] 1k/k = 1. Just letting you all know.

[Peggle] We loaded 1k/k.

[Chat] Siradvantageous: This is going to drag on

[Peggle] We loaded one of them. Didn't see which.

[Peggle] HHELLI...Cancel. We still have files called "yyy-sssm" and "1k/k", presumably from the FR-Platinum intermission.

[Peggle] Still at the name entry screen. So far we've entered "SSSSSSF", "S5F", and "SFUC", among other things, and we now have "HHEL". Inb4 IX.

[Intermission] Still in democracy, so at least it's not the same as before.

[Intermission] It's Peggle Time!

[Chat] 1eamannan: Streamer needs us to give him an AR code [Kappa]

[Stadium] Streamer lost $100! Now he's down to $600.

[SimCity] Big Treat got attacked by a giant monster? What?

[SimCity] Back to the title screen.

[SimCity] And we turned off the music! Good riddance.

[SimCity] We set the disaster difficulty to Hard. Good strategy there.

[Snark] I don't think this game is going to be very simple.

[Snark] EA Sports! Yeah, we're on a strict quality budget!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it seems like it's paused, maybe it won't respond to inputs until it has been resumed?

Twitchplayspokemon: oh, it wanted you to click the flashing icon

[Chat] Randomletters42: "What do you mean you released your Post Office! >: ("

[SimCity] Julie is telling us about the postal service. Cue responses from the chat about Kenya and releasing Pokémon.

[Fluff] /u/NMario84, the Y isn't silent. She's the Mayor. The M is silent. And the O and the R. The Y was never silent.

[SimCity] A population of 100 people have been acquired. So we get a ... Post Office?

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: !bet 100 red
Blue: Pikachu, Victreebell, Dragonair
Red: Misdreavus, Kabutops, Togepi

[Fluff] Hello, I am the mayor of this new city. The M, Y, O, R are silent!


[SimCity] Mayor name: "a". Yep. A.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: is it going to ask for a dog's name as well?

[SimCity] We named our city "qq".

[SimCity] I believe the Touch Screen is disabled during this screen. So they have to input the name the old fashioned way via directional and command inputs.

[SimCity] Nope; we erased it.

[SimCity] We've entered "qqq"...what, are we naming a city after our Tranquill now?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: EA quality

[SimCity] The touch screen appears to be broken.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: these tunes make me glad I chose simcity

[SimCity] We typed in 1111111, but now we're erasing that. The most popular choice seems to be "Ransei", which isn't surprising.

[SimCity] Oh god, it's time to name our city.

[Chat] Dr_clipper: She believes we're mentally prepared to be mayor because we drew two dots? This town is doomed!

[SimCity] Julie's profile is still on the top screen. Apparently gender is an important qualification when selecting an advisor. Also she won't tell us her age. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ JULIE'S AGE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[SimCity] "What a splendid signature!"

[SimCity] This is like Aoooo's trainer card, only we're in democracy. This will be interesting.

[SimCity] Time to sign an oath.

[SimCity] Julie McSim is our advisor, and she wishes to test if we're fit to be the mayor.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Pokemon Conquest save: https://mega.co.nz/#!Uh9GWbBA!5B8NNuNd41jPdvopyUs81hd4jgXp29Iff_HGMVq8y5k

[Intermission] Hey guys, it's SimCity DS!

[Fluff] You know, that was ridiculously fun. I wonder what the Streamer will pull out next?

[Fluff] Streamer actually input a command? Now I actually HAVE seen everything!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stream] And the Stream goes down, Conquest is over.

[Conquest] He saves the game.

[Conquest] The Streamer is inputting!

[Conquest] Oichi: Congratulations, Lady ABnp3a! You've cleared this story!

[Conquest] The credits roll!

[Conquest] Peace and laughter fill Ransei. And Nobunaga is happy.

[Conquest] Oichi wishes to stay with Lady ABnp3a.

[Conquest] Mitsunari, Kiyomasa and Masanori are totally not super happy about Lady ABnp3a's victory. Nope, they're not crying at all.

[Snark] Kiyomasa, have some faith in Lady ABnp3a, wouldya?

[Conquest] [Conquest] Lady ABnp3a parts with her enemies on friendly terms. Hideyoshi, Ieyasu, Mitsuhide ...

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Simcity or Civilization next?

[Conquest] I haven't been paying attention to the game, but I suppose being late to the party is better than never at all.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Congratulations, everyone for your victory!

[Conquest] Now, Lady ABnp3a says farewell to Shingen and Kenshin, her loyal comrades throughout her war against Nobunaga.

[Conquest] An agreement was made to protect Ransei's Pokemon.

[Conquest] ABnp3a, now having conquered Ransei, returns all the castles to their original warlords.

[Conquest] Arceus states that he will not be seen again by us and leaves.

[Fluff] Streamer-senpai finally noticed us.

[Conquest] Arceus has seen how much Lady ABnp3a cares for the region of Ransei! He now leaves it in her care.

[Chat] Chat explodes praising Streamer-Arceus once Arceus came up on screen

Remember when we beat Platinum in 100% anarchy and it was so special? Well we've now beaten a game in 100% democracy! Unless you count that brief period of anarchy toward the beginning, but that only affected naming our character.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Archeopsiscool: Will TEH URN detract the differing season? Before the wisest hello swims TEH URN. The turning synthesis beams throughout this attack tome. TEH URN stumbles! A prisoner bucks.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Conquest] Charizard takes down Nobunaga's Rayquaza. Lucario is the only opponent left!

[Conqust] Rayquaza's attack then misses Arceus

[Conquest] Oh No! Charizard's Flamthrower missed Rayquaza

[Conquest] Charizard's Flamethrower also disposes of the enemy's Lapras

[Conquest] Arceus takes out the opposing Aggron on a critical hit!

[Conquest] We used Courage on Arceus to boost its Attack and Range

[Conquest] Rhyperior is taken down by Lapras

[Conquest] Looks like we missed a big move. Probably will cost us the run

[Conquest] Arceus takes out both Mismagius and Infernape

[Conquest] Shiny Rayquaza's dragon pulse takes out our Quagsire.

[Conquest] Mud Bomb brings down Infernape to 3 HP but activates its Blaze ability.

[Conquest] We seem to already lost our Jigglypuff and now lost our Gallade.

[Conquest] If we lose, we would have to relink with Arceus again apparently.

[Conquest] Nobunaga seems to be the true Final Boss, and has a Shiny Rayquaza with him

[Conquest] We have successfully linked up with Arceus thanks to the Streamer

[Conquest] TEH URN

[Conquest] We are warming up to Arceus little by little thanks to Streamer taking control during the linking mini-game. We seem to be getting closer little by little.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I have to halt Stadium to press buttons, so it's off until the link is done

[Conquest] Streamer missed a few orbs on this link attempt but were getting close

[Conquest] Streamer took control, and completes a link. I think we need to do it a few more times?

[Conquest] Streamer will attempt the linking mini-game needed to complete the game that is impossible for Democracy (and maybe Anarchy too) to do!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'll try mashing A when it gets to that point again, but if the game punishes mis-presses then there's no way I'll be able to finish it with the low framerate and lag that the remote desktop has

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: how do you even expect to start linking in anarchy mode? haha

[Conquest] We sure are selecting a lot of B008,135........

[Snark] Don't forget you're here forever!

[Conquest] Due to Omnipotent, all our attacks are useless

[Conquest] After three attempts to link with Arceu, ABnp3a and him are still not warm to eachother

[Conquest] And it's finally back to Arceus turns

[Conquest] We've finally moved Jigglypuff, and are now trying to move Rhyperior.

[Conquest] We aren't moving at all, not even tyring to end our turn, or doing anything.

[Conquest] Our second attempt at linking is not much brighter than our first

[Snark] If you want to wait, it's Down+A.

[Conquest] The wait command is being spammed to halt progress! Looks like we're rioting! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Anarchy or riot? Huge difference that decision makes!

[Conquest] The chat is now rioting for anarchy

[Conquest] Our first attempt at linking with Arceus wasn't a very bright success

[Snark] I thought we were already all linked with Him! Through Twitch, right?

[Conquest] Now we just have to link with Arceus... Easy right ?

[Conquest] We're now in control of the entire nation of Ransei !

[Conquest] Gaben down! (Meant to type Gabite, but I'm keeping that.) ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Conquest] Okay, that was a minor setback, but Rhyperior's got th...AGAIN??!?!?

[Conquest] Yes, our last hit to win the game! What? Missed????!?

[Conquest] Only Gabite is left!

[Conquest] Nobunaga's Zekrom is down !

[Conquest] Charizard and Gallade are down !

[Conquest] We're up against Nobunaga once more, we have 9 turns left, and Nobunaga's army Dragonair, Simisage, Deino and Fraxure are down. On our side, Vaporeon and Jigglypuff are down.

[Conquest] And we challenged Dragnor once again !

[Conquest] No more turns left! We lost the battle!

[Conquest] Only one turns left and Rhyperior can't attack twice in a row...

[Conquest] Zekrom vs. Rhyperior ! Only 2 turns left !

[Conquest] Oichi and Jigglypuff faints to Zekrom too!

[Conquest] Kenshin and his Gallade falls to Zekrom

[Conquest] Dragonair is down, now only Nobunaga's Zekrom is left !

[Conquest] Vaporeon faints !

[Conquest] The advantages is back to Lady ABnp3a's army thanks to the healing nodes

[Conquest] Fraxure from Nobunaga's army faints !

[Conquest] The momentum of the battle is swinging towards Nobunaga now - many of Lady ABnp3a's troops are low on health in comparison.

[Conquest] But Nobunaga closes the gap between the relative strength of each army!

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a holds a slight advantage.


[Conquest] The Gabite in Nobunaga's army falls.

[Conquest] Can Lady Abnp3a recover from Nobunaga's powerful attack and retake the battle's momentum?

[Conquest] Takatora and his Charizard fall in one blow to Nobunaga's Zekrom! Is this the power of the strongest warlord?!

[Conquest] Nobunaga has lost his Deino.

[Conquest] Nobunaga's army loses their Simisage.

[Conquest] Morichika and his Quagsire are the first to fall!

[Conquest] The two armies have closed in on one another!

[Conquest] If a Pokemon is placed next to a node, the type of the node (indicated by colour) will damage that Pokemon.

[Conquest] Nobunaga is waiting for Lady ABnp3a on his side of the map.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a's forces are slowly moving through the castle towards Nobunaga's army.

[Conquest] Watch out for the pillars. They can do damage. There are also revival nodes present in the castle which can heal.

[Conquest] There are fifteen turns for her to defeat each and every one of Nobunaga's forces.

[Conquest] And the invasion begins! Lady ABnp3a's soldiers assault Dragnor Castle.

[Conquest] Nobunaga arrives! He states that he will not tolerate anyone who stands in his way, even if they are family.

[Conquest] Ranmaru begs Oichi to reconsider her allegiances. She will not be swayed from her path.

[Conquest] Kenshin: "The time for battle is upon us."

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a begins the invasion of Dragnor. Nobunaga and his army awaits. Also, Ranmaru's a guy, just saying. A very, very, very pretty guy.

[Conquest] January, Year 8.

[Conquest] Dragnor awaits Lady ABnp3a's Coalition. There, she shall fight against Lord Nobunaga himself, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven greatest of any warlord ABnp3a may have faced.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a's territory has now expanded to include all of Nobunaga's kingdoms but Dragnor, the home of he and Oichi.

[Conquest] Oichi and Mitsuhide talk about Nobunaga once more.

[Conquest] Nixtorm falls! Lady ABnp3a has taken control of the final castle in the east of Ransei. Only Nobunaga himself remains.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a is winning this battle for Nixtorm.

[Conquest] After the defeat previously at Nixtorm, ABnp3a is now greatly advantaged against Mitsuhide.

[Conquest] The advantage is in Lady ABnp3a's favour.

[Conquest] The invasion of Nixtorm begins anew.

[Conquest] December, Year 7.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a's forces retreat.

[Conquest] Time-up. The invasion of Nixtorm fails.

[Conquest] Gracia leads Lady ABnp3a on a goose-chase around Nixtorm. It looks like victory will go to Nobunaga's forces.

[Conquest] Two turns.

[Conquest] Three turns left.

[Conquest] There are four turns remaining. Can Lady ABnp3a finish Gracia off in that time?

[Conquest] And Munna is down! Fujitaka retreats. Only Gracia and her Musharna remain.

[Conquest] Munna puts Vaporeon to sleep.

[Conquest] Lapras down! Mitsuhide retreats. Only his daughter with Musharna and his retainer with the Munna remain.

[Conquest] Just Vaporeon vs Lapras, Musharna and Munna.

[Conquest] Nobunaga's army has a clear advantage now.

[Conquest] Mitsuhide has the advantage again.

[Conquest] And the advantage is with Lady ABnp3a, after she took out one of Mitsuhide's retainers.

[Conquest] It is a close battle once again.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a is regaining the advantage.

[Conquest] Mitsuhide holds a slight advantage now.

[Conquest] Oichi and Jigglypuff are forced to retreat from the battlefield.

[Conquest] Also, Pokemon can travel upon the drifting ice.

[Conquest] The effects of the terrain are splitting up Lady ABnp3a's forces.

[Conquest] Fortunately, one of Lady ABnp3a's retainers, Takatora, is partnered with the part-Flying Charizard, which if I recall correctly is immune to the effects of the terrain.

[Conquest] The thin ice will crack from time to time. That is dangerous as well.

[Conquest] The ice is dangerous to walk on, especially when one will slide uncontrollably. Also, the snow will reduce range.

[Conquest] ABnp3a has a slight advantage in numbers, but can she take out Akechi's forces?

[Conquest] Oichi and Mitsuhide discuss Nobunaga, and the battle begins!

[Conquest] Shingen: "I'll put this one to bed in no time."

[Conquest] Meanwhile, the bulk of Lady ABnp3a's army prepares for the assault on Nixtorm, which is ruled by Akechi Mitsuhide, Nobunaga's closest aide.

[Conquest] Takeyoshi and Crew retreat!

[Conquest] Kunoichi is here as well. She's an unique minor warlord.

[Conquest] Sent Takeyoshi and crew to handle the folks in the Pugilis Park.

[Conquest] Looks like there's an Eevee there.

[Conquest] Supposedly there's a rare Pokemon in the Pugilis Park.

[Conquest] November, Year 7.

[Conquest] Nō tell the Lady that she should keep moving forward, for Nobunaga would be disappointed if she didn't.

[Conquest] Nō falls! Spectra has been taken by Lady ABnp3a!

[Conquest] It is clear that victory is at hand for Lady ABnp3a.

[Conquest] Nō is the last of her army on the field, with Mismagius.

[Conquest] Takatora's Charizard finishes off Okuni's Scolipede, and Morichika's Quagsire does the same for the Lampent.

[Conquest] Oichi's Jigglypuff slaps Vaporeon awake. Things are looking good.

[Conquest] She has a clear advantage in strength, but will she be able to use that advantage?

[Conquest] Vaporeon has been afflicted with sleep. Will ABnp3a be able to pull off a victory today?

[Conquest] Gallade goes down.

[Conquest] A third of Nō's soldiers has fallen.

[Conquest] Gallade has been poisoned.

[Conquest] Two of Nō's soldiers have fallen. The battle is swinging towards Lady ABnp3a's advantage.

[Conquest] The flames have paralyzed Quagsire, and put one of the enemy Pokemon to sleep.

[Conquest] The positioning of ABnp3a's army seems quite dangerous, especially with close proximity to the flames and statues.


[Snark] If only we could steal that Gallade, then maybe Jorsun could help reverse its evolution. If not I guess we need to riot! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Conquest] The two opposing armies are closing in on each other.

[Conquest] The fireballs and statues on this map are dangerous - I believe the fireballs can inflict statuses, and the statues may do damage.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a begins her invasion of Spectra. Her opponent here is Lady Nō, the wife of Lord Nobunaga and a master of ghost-types.

[Conquest] October, Year 7.

[Conquest] Spectra and Nixtorm remain in this part of Ransei.

[Conquest] In his usual gentlemanly manner, Ieyasu praises Lady ABnp3a on defeating him.

[Conquest] Ieyasu's last retainer, Inahime, falls. Valora has been taken!

[Conquest] Ieyasu's last-ditch attempt has failed. His forces barely stand against the overwhelming force of Lady ABnp3a's army. Victory is close.

[Conquest] Ieyasu's forces are pushing back. Will Lady ABnp3a be able to defend against this renewed onslaught?

[Conquest] ABnp3a's army, as of the moment, consists of the Lady and her Vaporeon, Takatora and his Charizard, Shingen with his Rhyperior, and Morichika with his Quagsire.

[Conquest] Only Ieyasu, Tadakatsu and Ina are left on the fields of Valora.

[Conquest] The battle is swinging in ABnp3a's advantage even further.

[Stadium] Dome's team won, so if you're mad at yourself for missing the 13.77x payout, be glad you didn't bet instead!

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a has a clear advantage now. 2061 to 1448 against Ieyasu.

[Stadium] 13.77:1 odds in favor of team DOME

[Snark] And a huge disadvantage in being controlled by hundreds of people at once.

[Conquest] ABnp3a has a slight advantage.

[Fun Fact] Ieyasu's weapon in Samurai Warriors is a lance that shoots cannonballs.

[Conquest] Valora's warlord, Ieyasu, is a gentleman, but alas, he has sided himself with Nobunaga. No matter, the Lady shall have to defeat him and his steel-types.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a invades Valora! Her foe, Ieyasu, arrives to meet her.

[Conquest] It's September, Year 7.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a is now open to invade Nixstorm, Valora and Spectra.

[Conquest] August, Year 7.

[Conquest] As if Lady ABnp3a would listen to Mitsuhide! Ransei shall be hers.

[Conquest] He suggests to Lady ABnp3a that her course of action would lead to failure, and that she should stop.

[Conquest] Mitsuhide appears! He's here to check out who would be so "foolish" to oppose Lord Nobunaga.

[Conquest] All of the eastern Nobunaga territories have been taken. Only the north remains.

[Conquest] Masamune and Magoichi head back to Nobunaga, with Magoichi flirting with the Lady one last time before they leave.

[Conquest] Masamune has been defeated! Avia has now fallen under the control of Lady ABnp3a.

[Stadium] Streamer continues to make bets!

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a has a 4:1 ratio in strength against Masamune's forces.

[Conquest] Ten turns remaining.

That was shortly after "Twitchplayspokemoon" got banned after betting 1000 on red.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !bet 100 red

[Conquest] There is a clear advantage in ABnp3a's favour.

[Conquest] The Lady has greater strength, but the Quagsire in her army will not be overly useful here due to its reliance on Mud Bomb, something that will not affect the flying-types in Masamune's army.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a vs Date Masamune!


[Conquest] The invasion of Avia begins once again.

[Streamer] (A bit late, but) Twitchplayspokemon: if you've figured out a way to programmatically determine the winner of a Pokemon Battle Revolution match without impacting performance too much then please contact me

[Conquest] Looks like only Avia remains now.

[Conquest] It's July, Year 7.

[Conquest] Takatora: Well this is some result.

[Conquest] What is this?! Takatora's Charmeleon evolves into Charizard!

[Conquest] Yaksha falls! Lady ABnp3a reigns supreme!

[Conquest] It is clear that Lady ABnp3a holds a distinct advantage against Kotaro.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a invades Yaksha!

[Conquest] June, Year 7. It looks like we have not successfully conquered Yaksha.

[Conquest] Fun fact, the minor warlord with the Charmeleon on our team, Takatora, was known to constantly switch sides, preferring to align himself with those he would consider "winners". Looks like Lady ABnp3a's going to definitely take over Ransei then.

[Conquest] Currently in the caves of Viperia, either looking for new Pokemon or recruiting.

[Conquest] I'm back and updating, gentlemen. From what I hear, it appears that our Lady ABnp3a has conquered Yaksha and Viperia since the last update.

[Stadium] Ditto used Transform! Ditto transformed into Pineco! Ditto used Explosion! Pineco fainted! Ditto fainted!

[Conquest] The two armies seem equally matched.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a has a slight advantage.

[Conquest] Kotaro is going to show us things that Lady ABnp3a can't see anywhere else. Let's see if he can prove that.

[Conquest] Invading Yaksha now.

[Conquest] September, Year 6.

[Conquest] August, Year 6.

[Conquest] July, Year 6.

[Conquest] April, Year 6.

[Conquest] March, Year 6.

[Conquest] February, Year 6.

[Conquest] January, Year 6 now.

[Conquest] December, Year 5.

[Conquest] It's November, Year 5.

[Conquest] A ninja tells us that there was a interesting creature in the Pugilis Park.

[Conquest] October, Year 5.

[Conquest] And back in the game.

[Conquest] And back to the title screen.

[Conquest] It's September, Year 5.

[Conquest] Returned to the title screen, but we've saved prior.

[Conquest] Seikurō has been recruited.

[Conquest] "I'm shocked at your strength! Shocked!"

[Conquest] Further recruitment efforts.

[Conquest] It is August, Year 5. Three of Nobunaga's kingdoms still stand here, in eastern Ransei. Will ABnp3a take Avia, Yaksha or Viperia first, I wonder?

[Conquest] The game has been saved.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a too, has changed. She has taken up a new garb to signify her position as the leader of a mighty empire opposed to Nobunaga, and such is reflected in the evolution of her partner.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a's Eevee has taken in the power of the Water Stone, and has become Vaporeon!

[Conquest] Morikiyo and his Riolu have joined the Lady's army.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think Catz was completed

[Conquest] Current goal appears to be recruiting a Riolu-partnered warrior to Lady ABnp3a's cause.

[Conquest] Recruiting some troops now.

[Conquest-Info] To evolve, Eevee must win a battle while holding a Water Stone.

[Conquest] It is July, Year 5. Lady ABnp3a has recently taken a kingdom away from Nobunaga's empire, and has equipped her Eevee with a Water Stone kindly provided by the Wandering Vagabond, Keiji.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a decided on giving her Eevee the Water Stone.

[Conquest] Kenji came by earlier to congratulate us for our first victory against Nobunaga - specifically, he provided us with a Fire Stone, Water Stone and Thunder Stone.

[Conquest] Cragspur has been taken!

[Conquest] Both armies are equal in strength now.

[Conquest] ABnp3a now has the advantage over Ujiyasu.

[Conquest] The armies are evenly matched in strength.

[Conquest] And the invasion begins!

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a picks Cragspur to attack first. The warlord there is Hojo Ujiyasu. A formidable opponent indeed, especially with his rock-type Pokemon.

[Conquest] Cragspur, Avia, Viperia and Yaksha are now open to conquest.

[Conquest] Oichi wishes to assist Lady ABnp3a conquer the region and awaken the creator of Ransei. Nobunaga dares them to come at him, for he waits at Dragnor.

[Conquest] The Lady's army relaxes for a while, but who arrives, but Nobunaga! Oichi's older brother comes to ask what is it that we desire.

[Conquest] Two powers remain on Ransei. In the south and west, Lady ABnp3a's coalition has now obtained the assistance of the two great warlords, Shingen and Kenshin. In the north and east, Nobunaga's empire lies.

[Conquest] Morichika's Wooper has evolved into Quagsire following the successful battle for Terrera.

[Conquest] Shingen has joined our army. His retainers however, have left.

[Conquest] Kenshin, upon seeing that we have defeated his rival, offers his services to Lady ABnp3a.

[Conquest] Terrera has been conquered! The flag of Lady ABnp3a rises above the walls of this kingdom!

[Conquest] Despite the difference in army strength, Shingen has been defeated! Lady ABnp3a reigns supreme!

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a has at least one flag.

[Conquest] Shingen appears to have a clear advantage.

[Conquest] Oh wow that Rock Wrecker of Shingen's is dangerous as hell.

[Conquest] Shingen has claimed a banner.

[Conquest] The invasion of Terrera begins anew!

[Conquest] Recruitment time, it sems.

[Conquest] Current objective for Lady Abnp3a is to conquer Terrera.

[Conquest] Our main army is incapable of assaulting Terrera again. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Kenshin and Shingen may attempt to invade.

[Conquest] April, Year 5. The invasion of Terrera has failed.

[Conquest] Is Shingen too strong for us?! As of this moment, the strength of his army is greater than ours.

[Conquest] As if a mere new game can defeat Lady ABnp3a~! Our invasion of Shingen's territory will not be stalled!

[Conquest] By which /u/Leonys means that's our name. It's our gender too.

[Conquest] Started a new game. We're ♀ now.

[Conquest] April, Year 4.

[Conquest] ABnp3a decides to try recruit some wild Pokemon to her cause instead.

[Conquest] Will Lady ABnp3a invade Terrera or Illusio first?

[Conquest] It's still August, Year 2. We saved the game prior to leaving for the main menu, and now we're back.

[Conquest] We uh, returned to the main menu.

[Conquest] August, Year 2.

[Conquest] Only Shingen and Kenshin remain independent in central Ransei. And guess where we're going next?

[Conquest] All the warlords in this region of Ransei have been defeated. Lady ABnp3a has solidified her control over these seven south-western kingdoms. Nobunaga himself controls eight kingdoms to the north.

[Conquest] We've recruited Sorin. And Muneshige as well, it seems.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a has routed the forces of Tachibana Ginchiyo! Violight is hers!

[Conquest] Victory is close. Ginchiyo's forces are falling to the might of the Lady.

[Conquest] If someone steps on the switches, some of the panels will electrify, doing damage, so the Lady better be cautious in her movements.

[Conquest] Ginchiyo's over on the other side of all these electric panels.

[Conquest] The invasion of Violight begins. It's like proot-Mauville here or something.

[Snark] Or as Takayoshi said: "Ready, set ... TOTAL DESTRUCTION."

[Conquest] The army has been assembled. Lady ABnp3a's soldiers are ready to do battle against those of Lady Ginchiyo.

[Conquest] Electric-types await us. And Muneshige with his Starly. And that guy with a Panpour. But electric-types!

[Conquest] The Lady is mustering her forces for the attack on Violight, the castle ruled by the Warlord Ginchiyo.

[Conquest] Chrysalia was taken.

[Conquest] The momentum of the battle appears to be swinging in the Lady's way.

[Conquest] Gimmick here is the spread of Pokemari Balls. You can kick them around.

[Conquest] We've invaded Yoshimoto's castle of Chrysalia! Imagawa, it would be wise to bow to the Lady!

[Conquest] He tells us that if we want, we could recruit different Pokemon to work with.

[Conquest] It's Kenji, the Wandering Vagabond!

[Conquest] May, Year 2.

[Conquest] With Pugilis now under our control, the Lady is now ready to launch further attacks on the other warlords in western Pugilis. Shall we fight Ginchiyo or Yoshimoto first, I wonder?

[Conquest] Will the Lady be a competent and just ruler, I wonder?

[Conquest] He and his tag-alongs (Kiyomasa and Masanori) provide advice on how to manage our castles properly - eg. assigning tasks, delegating - stuff that a ruler must learn to do.

[Conquest] We bump into Mitsunari again.

[Conquest] Yoshihiro has been defeated! He and his retainers have fled the castle. Pugilis falls to Lady ABnp3a.

[Conquest] The Lady has taken every flag. Now she just has to hold onto them.

[Conquest] Three flags under the Lady's control. Only one flag left, and that's Yoshi's.

[Conquest] Took one of Yoshihiro's flags.

[Conquest] Two flags for Yoshihiro. One flag for the Lady.

[Conquest] Yoshihiro holds two flags. Lady ABnp3a holds none.

[Conquest] We need to hold all the flags, but if we're attacked while on the edges, we'll be forced off the arena.

[Conquest] Yoshihiro's castle is a fighting arena.

[Conquest] He cares not for the trouble brewing further north, but expects a proper fight from the Lady.

[Conquest] It appears as if Yoshihiro has been waiting for us!

[Conquest] Invading Pugilis! Yoshihiro will fall beneath the might of Lady ABnp3a.

[Conquest] Lady ABnp3a is moving her troops from castle to castle. Best to defend her territory from the northern warlords.

[Conquest] It's February, Year 2.

[Conquest] These northerners are more aggressive, and might attack us when the bulk of our army is gone. Gotta defend our castles. Care is required.

[Conquest] The castles we must conquer: Pugilis, ruled by Yoshihiro; Violight, ruled by Ginchiyo; and Chrysalia, ruled by Yoshimoto.

[Conquest] The southern lands have fallen under the influence of Lady ABnp3a. Now we're heading north in order to recruit the assistance of the warlords there.

[Conquest] The plan of action! Find the Legendary Pokemon first in order to stop Nobunaga.

[Conquest] Well uh, destroy Ransei.

[Conquest] We're shown a scene of Nobunaga, the man whose ambition is to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

[Conquest] Oichi asks Lady ABnp3a if she's heard the stories about the Legendary Pokemon who shall appear to those who conquer Ransei.

[Conquest] We've recruited Nobuchika and his pals into our army.

[Conquest] We have overtaken Motochika's castle! Fontaine is now under the control of ABnp3a!

[Conquest] We're doing quite well against Motochika. I can sea our victory already.

[Conquest] Both floodgates have been closed.

[Conquest] Gotta close these floodgates to reach Motochika.

[Conquest] This shy-looking Takamoto guy with the Sewaddle on the other hand, is Motonari's heir.

[Conquest] We've definitely got a type-advantage here with all of Motonari's retainers serving us. We'll grassp control of Fontaine from Motochika.

[Conquest] Takayoshi here with the Carnivine, on the other hand, is one of Motonari's naval officers.

[Conquest] Fun fact: the currently selected warrior, Motoharu, is the second son of Mōri Motonari, some daimyō in western Japan the Warlord of Greenleaf prior to our conquest of its castle.

[Conquest] We have twenty turns to defeat Motochika.

[Conquest] Gimmick here are the floodgates.

[Conquest] The forces of ABnp3a assemble! Will we be able to defeat Motochika's Will of Water?

[Conquest] He's surprised that we've dared attack him in his own castle.

[Conquest] Invading Motochika's Kingdom of Fontaine!

[Conquest] It is December, Year 1. Fontaine's forces are the only remaining opposition to the forces of ABnp3a in this part of Ransei.

[Conquest] It appears as if the conquest of Ransei continues. Three castles already, not bad.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I only bet blue because everyone was betting red

[Fluff] Streamer is actually betting? Now I've seen everything!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !bet 1 blue

Twitchplayspokemon: !bet 11 blue

I've posted the TPP Black update history!

[Conquest] Hideyoshi defeated.

[Stadium] Twitch user Fitatabo tops the leaderboard with 803,769 Pokeyen. /u/Spoon_rhythm wrote a guide on Stadium betting here if you are trying to escape the 100 club.

[Conquest] Fighting Hideyoshi and minions now.

[Fluff] delelelelelele wooooop

[Conquest] It's a Wooper.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: don't rule out gen 6 yet

[Conquest] Hideyoshi wants to get his act together and defeat us.

[Fluff] Ladies and gentlemen! The conquest of Ransei is at hand! Maybe.

Conquest Begins!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: they'd take much longer in anarchy

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I never said it wouldn't be challenge mode

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: haven't decided anything for black 2 yet

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: 8 days lines up with an ideal time to start a run of TPP, alternatively it would be 1~2 days which is too short

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm undecided and there's 8 days, no rush

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: random wild trainers? I mean random wild pokemon, random trainer pokemon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: random starters? random items? random wild trainers? mix up the moves a little?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm thinking about partially randomizing Black 2

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I didn't want Unova to get too stale since Black 2 is next

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: okay, so at the end of the Red run I got a lot of messages telling me to do another Red run on TPP's anniversary, if there's still enough interest I intend on putting on a Pokemon Red full anarchy mode run

Save file has been posted! https://mega.co.nz/#!QkdQACIR!aUEuSCMFdeFVrlm0-SGg2TG1BNZxPDd_khlOMdaBNUE

Inputs are working again, so we are back to actually playing Pokemon Conquest

For people who didn't notice: That was our shortest run ever so far. And we did it without democracy again.

Sound is back!

[yay] YAY

The issues with inputs have left people to input various words for fun such as 'BRA' and 'YAY'

No sound? Maybe the game is just frozen. Though no inputs are being sent as democracy is apparently glitched.

No sound either!


[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if you wanted postgame, why didn't you select it? :S

Streamer did bring us Democracy in the first place...


[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



It seems we can input and vote for Anarchy

COUNTDOWN TO BLACK 2 8 days 5 hours

[yay] Y+A+Y




COUNTDOWN TO BLACK 8 days 5 hours

[CONQUEST] We are now playing Pokemon Conquest. THE INTERMISSION IS REAL

Nobody said TPP is over. It's gone offline before.

[rip] rip tpp

[OFFLINE] Stream is offline. TPP over, goodbye forever.


[RIOT] ‎ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノRIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[RIOT] Stream still down ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume "shortly"! Thank you for watching!

Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly!

Thank you for watching!

[RIOT] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Bye Bye Booty


12d 18h 32m STREAM DOWN. RIOT!

12d 18h 32m Hi mom!

12d 18h 31m OSHAWOTT IS MALE

12d 18h 30m Crit Tackle! Snivy down! Oshawott to lv. 6! Cheren defeated!

[HELP] senpai pls notice us

12d 18h 30m Tail Whips and Leers all up in here!


12d 18h 30m Tackle against Tackle! This battle looks kinda familiar

12d 18h 30m Snivy comes out against our Oshawott!

12d 18h 29m Versus Cheren!

[rip] rip room. RIP IS MY TAG

12d 18h 29m Oshawott healed back to full by Cheren!

[Rip] rip room.

12d 18h 29m Room officially destroyed!

12d 18h 28m TACKLE! Tepig down! Bianca defeated!

12d 18h 28m A couple of tail whips thrown in there as well!

12d 18h 28m It's Tackle versus Tackle in the most intense battle ever!

12d 18h 28m TACKLE IT TO DEATH!

12d 18h 27m Our Oshawott versus her Tepig!

12d 18h 27m Versus Bianca!


12d 18h 27m CHOSE OSHAWOTT!

12d 18h 26m Time to pick our starter!

12d 18h 26m Bianca and Cheren hype!





12d 18h 24m STARTED A NEW GAME

12d 18h 24m NEW GAME HYPE

12d 18h 24m Back to the game menu!

12d 18h 24m SAVED GAME.

[Meta] I was the first to update Black, I was the last to update Black. Thank you guys for staying with us for this long and dealing with our sometimes ridiculous updates! We did it!

[Pun] Go Ichinose is in the credits? Go, Itchy Nose!


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 18h 21m ROLL THE CREDITS

12d 18h 21m GAME FINISHED

12d 18h 21m N tells us to follow our dreams!


12d 18h 20m Cue romantic music

12d 18h 20m N brings us up the aisle

12d 18h 20m N talks to us. The ship is real

12d 18h 20m Alder and Cheren take Ghetsis away

12d 18h 19m Alder tries to reason with N

12d 18h 19m N is conflicted and says he has no right to be a hero


[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 18h 19m Q4 doesn't evolve either

12d 18h 18m Joltik doesn't evolve


12d 18h 18m We get a crit on the Razor Wind! Q4 to lv. 56! GHETSIS DEFEATED!

12d 18h 18m Razor Wind set up! Eelektross uses Acrobatics!

12d 18h 17m It's all up to Q4

12d 18h 17m Hydro pump! Eelektross to 40%. A wild charge from Eelektross takes out Nonon!

12d 18h 17m Eelektross up!

12d 18h 17m Hydro pump takes out Bisharp!

12d 18h 17m Nonon comes back out!

12d 18h 16m Joltik goes for the Sucker Punch. Bisharp uses Stone Edge. Joltik down!

12d 18h 16m Night slash! Joltik down to 106HP

12d 18h 16m Switched out to Joltik!

12d 18h 15m Nonon up!

12d 18h 16m The Mummy virus hasn't died yet.

12d 18h 15m Dru faints to Night Slash!

12d 18h 15m Outrage! Bisharp lives with about 40%

12d 18h 15m Bisharp next!

12d 18h 14m Outrage! It's a crit! Seismitoad down!

12d 18h 14m Seismitoad comes out

12d 18h 14m An outrage from Dru takes out Hydreigon!

12d 18h 14m Dru takes a dragon pulse! Dru in red!

12d 18h 14m Hydreigon next!

[Snark] Kappa

12d 18h 14m Sparky to lv. 69!

12d 18h 14m Dru up! Dru uses Strength. Bouffalant down!

12d 18h 13m Wild Charge! Bouffalant down to about 25%. aMH faints to recoil damage

12d 18h 13m Full restore used on Bouffalant!

12d 18h 13m Bouffalant up!

12d 18h 12m Wild Charge! Cofagrigus down!

12d 18h 12m Leech seed sucks away at Cofagrigus's health!

12d 18h 12m Toxic! aMH poisoned!

12d 18h 12m Flame Charge! Cofagrigus down to orange!

12d 18h 12m Sent in aMH!

12d 18h 12m Another Psychic takes out 5!

12d 18h 11m Psychic brings 5 to red!

12d 18h 11m Poison damage racks up!

12d 18h 11m Cofagrigus is seeded!

12d 18h 11m Have yet to land a hit on Cofagrigus

12d 18h 11m 5 gets poisoned!

12d 18h 11m Ghetsis: "A Pokemon, even one who is revered as a deity, is still just a Pokemon." Apparently Ghetsis hasn't met Lord Helix.

12d 18h 10m 5 versus Cofagrigus!

12d 18h 10m Versus Ghetsis!

12d 18h 10m team healed

12d 18h 10m Alder and Cheren arrive!

12d 18h 9m Ghetsis reveals that he was just using N

12d 18h 9m Ghetsis arrives!

12d 18h 8m N DEFEATED!

12d 18h 8m Wild charge knocks out Carracosta!

12d 18h 8m Carracosta is paralyzed!

12d 18h 8m Spark again! Sturdy!

12d 18h 8m Full restore incoming!

12d 18h 8m It's a crit! Zebstrika down to 94HP!

12d 18h 8m Carracosta down to Sturdy! Stone Edge!

12d 18h 7m Zebstrika up! Spark!

12d 18h 7m Aqua Jet! Joltik down!

12d 18h 7m Carracosta up!

12d 18h 7m Joltik takes a flamethrower and OHKOs Zoroark with Bug Buzz!

12d 18h 7m Joltik up!

12d 18h 6m A flamethrower takes out Q4!

12d 18h 5m Focus Blast! Q4 down to 4HP!

12d 18h 5m Q4 up!

12d 18h 5m Zoroark up! Focus Blast! Dru down!

12d 18h 4m Klinklang lives an outrage but is recharging! Dru uses Outrage again. Klinklang down! Dru to lv. 68!

12d 18h 4m Klinklang uses Hyber Beam! Dru down to 37HP!

12d 18h 4m Dru hurts himself in confusion!

12d 18h 4m Klinklang in!

12d 18h 4m An Outrage takes out Archeops

12d 18h 3m Archeops goes for the D-Claw. Dru down to 115

12d 18h 3m Archeops up!

12d 18h 3m Vanilluxe comes out! Dru lands an outrage. Vanilluxe down!

12d 18h 3m Outrage! Zekrom down!

12d 18h 3m Sent in Dru!

12d 18h 3m 5 down!

12d 18h 2m Another Double Edge from 5 brings Zekrom down to red as well!

12d 18h 2m Giga Impact from Zekrom brings 5 down to red!

12d 18h 2m Zekrom sets up a light screen. Jump Kick! Zekrom is in orange!

12d 18h 2m Fusion Flare! 5 tanks it and goes for the double edge!

12d 18h 1m Zekrom versus Deerling!

12d 18h 1m N heals us. Versus N!


12d 18h 0m Nickname is 0000M!

12d 18h 0m Dusk ball go! RESHIRAM CAUGHT!

12d 18h 0m Joltik lands a Bug Buzz and takes a Dragon Breath

12d 17h 59m Battle #9 against Reshiram! Joltik up!

12d 17h 59m Ran!

12d 17h 59m Battle #8 against Reshiram!

12d 17h 58m Dru goes for the Outrage. Reshiram down!

12d 17h 58m Dusk Ball used! Unsuccessful! Reshiram is still at full

12d 17h 58m Sent in Dru!

12d 17h 56m Fusion Flare takes out Q4!

12d 17h 56m Sent in Q4!

12d 17h 56m Nonon down!

12d 17h 56m No catch! Nonon takes an extrasensory

12d 17h 56m Threw another Dusk Ball!

12d 17h 55m Nonon up!

12d 17h 55m Fusion Flare! 5 down!

12d 17h 55m Regret didn't Catch. 5 takes a Dragon breath and gets paralyzed

12d 17h 54m Threw a dusk ball!

12d 17h 54m Versus Reshiram! Round 7! Fight!

12d 17h 53m Back in the room with Reshiram and Zekrom

[Snark] Team Plasma sure has a lot of Ultra Balls for an organization dedicated to freeing Pokemon.

12d 17h 43m The grunt will only give us more Ultraballs once we run out of Pokeballs altogether. Only 1 Ball though. 1 Ball at a time.

12d 17h 43m Received 1 Ultra Ball from a grunt!

12d 17h 41m In N's castle again!

12d 17h 39m The Rocket Grunt just brought us back to N's Castle! ....And back to Elite Four Hall!

[FalseInfoSnark] We have to beat Misty.

[Info] That Plasma grunt in the Pokecenter will teleport us back to Reshiram.

[Info] For people who haven't played this game, we do NOT need to fight the Elite Four again.

[rip] rip

12d 17h 31m Back outside Elite Four Hall

12d 17h 31m Extrasensory takes out Nonon. Black out!

12d 17h 31m 4 Dusk Balls and 1 Ultra Ball remain!

12d 17h 31m Used a Dusk Ball! Reshiram is still at full by the way.

12d 17h 30m Nonon takes a crit Slash!

12d 17h 28m It's all up to Nonon!

12d 17h 28m Q4 faints to extrasensory!

12d 17h 28m Q4 up!

12d 17h 27m Tried using a Rawst Berry. Reshiram takes out aMH with dragon breath

12d 17h 27m Zeb up!

12d 17h 27m Versus Reshiram once more! #6!

12d 17h 27m Ran!

12d 17h 27m Zebstrika up!

12d 17h 27m Battle #5 against Reshiram!

[Info] There's a guy in the building that will gives us some Ultra Balls if we talk to him.

[Info] Reshiram doesn't give us any EXP if we faint it.

12d 17h 24m Jimmy C tries talking to Zekrom. Zekrom: ROARRRR

12d 17h 21m Jimmy C appears to have given up catching Reshiram and is now proceeding to try and jump out the building.

[Info] Stream is now up to 1300 viewers

12d 17h 19m Reshiram respawned again saying "try to catch me!"

12d 17h 19m Another wild charge. Knocked out Reshiram!

12d 17h 18m Dragon breath brings aMH down to 11HP!

12d 17h 18m Wild Charge again! Reshiram is in the red!

12d 17h 18m We keep trying to use the old Gateau.

12d 17h 18m Dragon Breath! aMH down to 111HP

12d 17h 17m Wild Charge! Reshiram down to about 45%

12d 17h 17m Sent out Zebstrika!

12d 17h 16m Fusion Flare takes out Joltik!

12d 17h 16m Joltik up!

12d 17h 15m Versus Reshiram #4!

12d 17h 15m Joltik up again! Ran!

12d 17h 15m Battle #3 with Reshiram!

12d 17h 15m Ran again?

12d 17h 15m Joltik up!



12d 17h 14m Q4 takes an Extrasensory. Down to 32HP

12d 17h 14m Switched in Q4!

12d 17h 13m Sent out Joltik!

12d 17h 12m Dru takes another dragon breath. Dru down!

12d 17h 12m Strength! Reshiram down to about 55%

12d 17h 12m Reshiram uses Dragon Breath! Dru down to less than half and paralyzed.

12d 17h 12m Sent out Dru!

12d 17h 12m Reshiram goes for the fusion Flare. 5 down!

12d 17h 12m 5 comes out!

12d 17h 11m Reminder: We are REQUIRED to catch Reshiram

12d 17h 11m VERSUS RESHIRAM.

12d 17h 10m Reshiram comes out and begins charging up in flames.

12d 17h 10m Reshiram is being called out by the light stone!

12d 17h 10m Our Light Stone is glowing!

12d 17h 9m Zekrom crashes in through the building and lands behind N.

12d 17h 9m Zekrom cut scene!

12d 17h 8m Encountered N!

12d 17h 8m Ghetsis tells us to go onward into the room where we will meet N.

12d 17h 7m Ran into Ghetsis!

12d 17h 7m 4th floor!

[Snark] Goal: Abandon mission of trying to stop N from liberating all Pokemon and instead play with his toys.

[Snark] Defeating N will be like taking candy from a baby.

[Snark] I think we just stole N's candy.

12d 17h 4m Picked up a Rare Candy!

[Snark] N must've had great parents. Look at all the cool toys he has! Kappa.

12d 17h 3m Yay toys!

12d 17h 2m Currently trying to enter N's old room.

12d 17h 2m Up the stairs onto the third floor.

[Fluff] Screw N. This scientist is the real villain. (Or hero, depending on how you see it.) http://imgur.com/clHNv2b

12d 17h 2m Another encounter with a member of the Shadow Triad!

12d 17h 1m The scientists talk about harnessing the evil powers of the PC.

12d 17h 0m Entered what seems to be a room that's meant to be a lab. There are a couple of scientists here.

12d 16h 58m Talked to Anthea. Healed! We also talk to Concordia and learn more of N's past.

[Fluff] In sight, and in range of the chat's comments. Take a guess.

12d 16h 56m Entered the healing room! Anthea and Concordia in sight!

12d 16h 53m Obtained Max Potion!

[Chat] 100% Totally legit!

[Chat] Zephymastyx: "access the pc" and "fear not" in one sentence.. seems legit

12d 16h 51m A Shadow Triad member appears before us and tells us where to heal... and where the PC is. Is this a trap?

12d 16h 48m The gym leaders handle the six sages while we're off to look for N.

12d 16h 48m Well, all except the gym leaders of the 1st gym. Iris takes their place.

12d 16h 47m Clay appears followed by all the gym leaders of Unova!

12d 16h 47m The six sages appear before us.

12d 16h 47m Up the stairs we go!

12d 16h 46m Alder pleads us to go teach N a lesson or two.

12d 16h 46m N climbs the stairs. Cheren comes in.

12d 16h 45m Stairways shoot down into the building.

12d 16h 45m Lightning fills the skies.

12d 16h 44m A castle rises up from the ground.

12d 16h 44m Cut scene!

12d 16h 44m N and Alder in sight!

12d 16h 43m Time for the elite stairs!


[Fluff] Stream is at over 1000 viewers

[Snark] Elevators are magical? I never knew that!

12d 16h 41m Stood on the magical platform thing and got brought to a different area.

Shauntal Won 15 Lost 17 Grimsley Won 30 Lost 7 Caitlin Won 9 Lost 25 Marshal Won 15 Lost 12



12d 16h 39m RUN #62 WAS TEH URN!

12d 16h 39m TEH URN!

12d 16h 39m Discharge! Mienshao OHKO'ed! Marshal defeated!

12d 16h 39m Mienshao now!

12d 16h 39m Another Discharge takes out Conkeldurr!

12d 16h 38m Zebstrika takes a hammer arm! Down to 80HP!

12d 16h 38m Discharge! Conkeldurr down to red and paralyzed!

12d 16h 38m Conkeldurr comes out!

12d 16h 38m Wild Charge! Sawk down!

12d 16h 37m It's all up to Zebstrika now!

12d 16h 36m A Stone Edge by Sawk knocks out Dru!

12d 16h 36m Another Outrage brings Sawk down to red! Dru is at 26HP!

12d 16h 36m Dru lands the outrage and Sawk gets knocked down to sturdy before Marshal heals it back to full!

12d 16h 36m Dru takes a stone edge and hurts itself in confusion!

12d 16h 35m Dru gets confused! Sawk up!

12d 16h 35m Outrage #2! Throh gets OHKO'ed!

12d 16h 35m Dru gets hit with a Bull Doze. Throh is healed back to full!

12d 16h 35m Outrage! Throh down to red!

12d 16h 34m Dru versus Throh!

12d 16h 35m Versus Marshal!

[Status} Dru leads at 73% followed by Zeb at 71%. Everyone else has fainted. Only Marshal is left.

[Fluff] Teh urn?

12d 16h 31m 2 minute battle folks!

12d 16h 31m Dru lands the Outrage! Jellicent OHKO'd! SHAUNTAL SWEPT BY DRU.

12d 16h 31m Dru is confused! Jellicent up!

12d 16h 30m Outrage #3! Chandelure down!

12d 16h 30m Chandelure next!

12d 16h 30m Outrage! Golurk down!

12d 16h 30m Out comes golurk!

12d 16h 30m Outrage! Cofagrigus OHKO'ed!

12d 16h 30m Dru versus Cofagrigus!

12d 16h 29m Versus Shauntal!

[Status] Dru leads at 73% followed by Zeb with 71%. The rest have fainted. We still have Shauntal and Marshal left.

12d 16h 27m aMH grows to lv. 75!

12d 16h 26m Discharge! Gothitelle down! Caitlin defeated!

12d 16h 26m Wild Charge! Gothitelle down to red!

12d 16h 26m Only Gothitelle left!

12d 16h 26m Wild Charge! Musharna down!

12d 16h 26m Sent out aMH!

12d 16h 25m Musharna takes out Joltik with Psychic!

12d 16h 25m Musharna up! Thunderbolt again!

12d 16h 25m Sigilyph down!

12d 16h 25m Sent Sparky back in. T-bolt!

12d 16h 25m Q4 takes a Psychic and gets OHKO'ed.

12d 16h 24m Sigilyph comes out. Q4 up!

12d 16h 24m Reuniclus goes down!

12d 16h 24m Another Full restore! Bug Buzz train continues!

12d 16h 24m Full Restore on Reuniclus! Sparky gets off a Bug Buzz and brings Reuniclus back to red.

12d 16h 23m Bug Buzz! Reuniclus down to red! Joltik takes a Psychic!

12d 16h 23m Joltik versus Reuniclus!

12d 16h 23m Versus Caitlin!

12d 16h 17m Krook down! Dru grows to lv. 67! Grimsley defeated!

12d 16h 17m Krook goes for the Dragon Claw, Dru goes for the revenge.

12d 16h 16m Dru comes in!

12d 16h 16m Another earthquake takes out Nonon!

12d 16h 16m Krook gets off an Earthquake and we miss the muddy water!

12d 16h 16m Sent out Nonon!

12d 16h 16m Crunch! 5 down!

12d 16h 16m Krookodile comes in!

12d 16h 15m Sparky to lv. 68!

12d 16h 15m 5 lives an Aerial Ace and hits back with Jump Kick! Liepard down!

12d 16h 15m Liepard up! Fake out incoming!

12d 16h 15m Bisharp comes in and gets OHKO'd by Jump Kick!

12d 16h 15m Scrafty down!

12d 16h 14m 5 versus Scrafty!

12d 16h 14m Versus Grimsley!

12d 16h 11m Run #62 Incoming!

12d 16h 6m Surf! aMH down! Black out!

12d 16h 6m Shauntal heals Jellicent back to full again.

12d 16h 5m aMH gets inflicted with Curse Body, Discharge is disabled!

12d 16h 5m Discharge! Jellicent back in red and paralyzed!

12d 16h 5m Full restore used on Jellicent!

12d 16h 5m Surfs up! Zebstrika down to less than half.

12d 16h 4m Spark! Jellicent down to red.

12d 16h 4m Jellicent up.

12d 16h 4m Spark! Chandelure down! aMH gets inflicted with flame body and gets burned!

12d 16h 4m Discharge! Chandelure down to 25% and paralyzed!

12d 16h 3m It's all up to Zebstrika

12d 16h 2m Dru knocks itself out in confusion.

12d 16h 2m Dru gets confused. Chandelure comes out.

12d 16h 2m Outrage! Golurk down!

12d 16h 2m Golurk up!

12d 16h 2m Dru comes against Cofagrigus and OHKO's it with Outrage!

12d 16h 1m Versus Shauntal!

[Status] Dru is alive at 4% followed by Zeb who is still at full. The rest have fainted.

12d 15h 56m Outrage! Gothitelle OHKO'd! Caitlin defeated!

12d 15h 56m Gothitelle up!

12d 15h 56m Dru goes for the Outrage and OHKO's Musharna!

12d 15h 56m Musharna next!

12d 15h 55m Shadow Claw takes out Sigilyph!

12d 15h 55m Dru gets hit with an ice beam and lives with 6HP!

12d 15h 55m Dru up.

12d 15h 55m Q4 comes out and gets OHKO'd by Ice Beam.

12d 15h 55m Bug Buzz! Joltik goes down to Psychic!

12d 15h 55m Sigilyph comes out.

12d 15h 54m Bug Buzz! It's a crit! Reuniclus OHKO'ed!

12d 15h 54m Full Restore incoming!

12d 15h 54m Joltik takes a Psychic and lives with 55HP

12d 15h 54m Bug Buzz! Reuniclus down to about 15%.

12d 15h 54m Caitlin sends out Reuniclus! Joltik up!

12d 15h 54m Versus Caitlin!

[Status] Joltik leads with 100% along with Zebstrika and Tranquill. Dru is at 44%. Both 5 and Nonon have fainted.

12d 15h 50m Dru takes ANOTHER Dragon Claw before knocking out Krook with Outrage. Grimsley defeated!

12d 15h 50m Sent in Dru! Dru takes a dragon claw

12d 15h 49m It was a crit! Nonon OHKO'ed!

12d 15h 49m Sent in Nonon who takes an earthquake!

12d 15h 49m Foul Play and we miss the Jump Kick! Deerling down!

12d 15h 49m Krookodile comes in and gets off the intimidate!

12d 15h 49m Liepard goes for the Aerial Ace before getting OHKO'ed by Jump Kick!

12d 15h 48m Liepard up! Fake out incoming!

12d 15h 48m Bisharp comes in! Bisharp gets OHKOed by Jump Kick!

12d 15h 48m Pocket Sand! Deerling hits with Jump Kick! Scrafty down!

12d 15h 47m Deerling versus Scrafty!

12d 15h 47m Versus Grimsley!

12d 15h 46m Attempt #61 Hype!

[Snark] inb4 103+ urns and surpassing emerald.

12d 15h 41m And that concludes urn --- erm, how many is that now? 60? No it can't possibly be 60 already. What, it really IS 60? Wow. Ok. And that concludes urn #60!

12d 15h 40m And surprise surprise, Zeb down! Black out!

12d 15h 40m Zebstrika at 5HP and paralyzed versus Throh!

12d 15h 40m Versus Marshal!

[Snark] If you're hearing this, you're spending an awfully long time on the catwalks between Elite Four members. The lab boys say that's a fear reaction.

12d 15h 31m Jellicent OHKO'd! Shauntal defeated!

12d 15h 31m Brine brings Zeb down to 5HP.

12d 15h 31m Jellicent up!

12d 15h 31m Mummy spreads like wild fire across the battle.

12d 15h 30m Wild Charge! It's a crit! Chandelure down!

12d 15h 30m Chandelure is healed back to full.

12d 15h 30m Zeb up!

12d 15h 30m A shadow ball from Chandelure takes out Dru!

12d 15h 30m Dru snaps out of confusion and hits Chandelure with Shadow Claw! Chandelure down to red!

12d 15h 29m Dru takes a Shadow Ball and hits himself again in confusion.

12d 15h 29m Chandelure up next! Dru hits himself in confusion!

12d 15h 29m Golurk OHKO'ed by Outrage as well! Dru is confused!

12d 15h 29m Golurk comes in!

12d 15h 28m Dru to lv. 66!

12d 15h 28m An Outrage OHKO's Cofagrigus!

12d 15h 28m Cofagrigus comes out against Dru!

12d 15h 28m Versus Shauntal!

12d 15h 25m Another Spark takes out Musharna! Caitlin defeated!

12d 15h 24m Spark brings Musharna down to about 30% and paralyzes it! aMH also gets paralyzed from synchronize!

12d 15h 24m Musharna comes in.

12d 15h 23m Another Spark takes out Gothitelle.

12d 15h 23m Spark! Gothitelle down to about 35%.

12d 15h 23m Sent out aMH!

12d 15h 22m Gothitelle up! Nonon misses the Hydro Pump and hits back with T-bolt! Nonon down!

12d 15h 22m Hydro Pump! Sigilyph down!

12d 15h 22m Go Nonon!

12d 15h 21m Q4 gets OHKO'ed by an ice beam

12d 15h 21m A Psychic from Sigilyph takes out Joltik. Sent in Q4

12d 15h 21m Sigilyph comes in. Bug Buzz! Sigilyph down to about 55%.

12d 15h 21m Another Bug Buzz takes out Reuniclus!

12d 15h 20m Caitlin heals Reuniclus back to full again!

12d 15h 20m Bug Buzz again brings Reuniclus to red!

12d 15h 20m Full Restore used on Reuniclus!

12d 15h 20m Psychic brings Joltik down to 52HP!

12d 15h 20m Bug Buzz! Reuniclus brought down to about 15%

12d 15h 20m Joltik versus Reuniclus!

12d 15h 19m Versus Caitlin!

[Status] Joltik leads followed by Dru, Zebstrika, and Q4 all at full. Nonon is last in the party with 37% and Deerling has fainted.

12d 15h 16m Grimsley defeated!

12d 15h 16m Nonon goes for the Muddy Water. Krook gets OHKO'ed!

12d 15h 16m Nonon comes out and takes an Earthquake.

12d 15h 15m Krook's faster and uses Foul Play. 5 down!

12d 15h 15m Krook comes out and gets off the intimidate!

12d 15h 15m Liepard gets OHKO'ed by Jump Kick!

12d 15h 15m Liepard uses Aerial Ace. 5 down to 28HP!

12d 15h 15m Liepard comes in. Fake out incoming!

12d 15h 14m Bisharp in and gets OHKO'ed by Jump Kick!

12d 15h 14m Jump kicks! Scrafty down!

12d 15h 14m 5 versus Scrafty!

12d 15h 14m Versus Grimsley!

[rip] rip

12d 15h 7m Flame Charge from Zeb brings Sigilyph down to red. Psychic takes out aMH. Blacked out.

12d 15h 4m It's all up to Zebstrika now.

12d 15h 4m Nonon faints to a crit Air Slash!

12d 15h 4m Sent in Nonon!

12d 15h 3m Q4 faints to an Air Slash!

12d 15h 3m Sent in Q4!

12d 15h 2m Bug Buzz! Sigilyph down to about 55%. Joltik down!

12d 15h 2m Sigilyph comes in!

12d 15h 2m Joltik to lv. 67!

12d 15h 2m Another Bug Buzz from Joltik takes out Reuniclus!

12d 15h 1m Bug Buzz! Reuniclus down to orange! Joltik takes a Psychic and is brought down to red!

12d 15h 1m Joltik versus Reuniclus!

12d 15h 1m Versus Caitlin!

[Snark] This party order seems very effective.

[Status] Joltik 73% hp. Zebstrika 21% hp. Tranquill 46% hp. and Tympole at 43% hp.

12d 14h 53m Attacked! Tranquill 63/139 hp! Liepard down to Tranquill's Fly! Grimsley Defeated!

12d 14h 52m Switched back out for Tranquill! Grimsley used another Full Restore!

12d 14h 52m Thunderbolt on Liepard! but not down yet. Grimsley used Full Restore!

12d 14h 51m Joltik attacked! 114/157.

12d 14h 51m Switched out for Joltik!

12d 14h 51m We sent out QQQQ Tranquill!

12d 14h 50m Hit by Night Slash. Druddigon down!

12d 14h 49m Druddigon 45/184 hp.

12d 14h 49m Kokodile down! Grimsley sent out Liepard!

12d 14h 48m Switched out for Druddigon!

12d 14h 48m Tympole attacked! 66/157 hp.

12d 14h 48m We switched out for Tympole!

12d 14h 47m Zebstrika hit by Earthquake! 44/218 hp.

12d 14h 46m Zebstrika attacked. 164/218. We attacked Bisharp! Bisharp down! Grimsley sent out Krokodile!

[Fluff] Has anyone else noticed this bug with the status display? http://imgur.com/7VIsz9x

12d 14h 45m Deerling down! We sent out Zebstrika!

12d 14h 45m Grimsley sent out Bisharp.

12d 14h 45m Jump Kick! but not down! Another Jump Kick! Scrafty down!

12d 14h 45m Scrafty vs. Deerling!

12d 14h 44m Grimsley Engaged!

12d 14h 44m Entered Grimsley's room.

12d 14h 42m Switched party order. Deerling, Joltik, Druddigon, Zebstrika, Tranquill, Tympole.

12d 14h 39m Zebstrika up front now. Followed by Deerling, Druddigon, Joltik, Tranquill, then Tympole.

12d 14h 31m Attempt 59 incoming!

[Regret] Not TEH URN.

12d 14h 28m Krook takes out Joltik with Crunch. Black out.

12d 14h 25m It's all up to Joltik

12d 14h 25m Krook's crunch knocks out Nonon.

12d 14h 25m Krook comes in and gets off the intimidate.

12d 14h 25m Nonon's Hydro Pump takes out Scrafty!

12d 14h 24m Nonon takes a Crunch and lives with 37HP.

12d 14h 24m Nonon comes in!

12d 14h 23m Scrafty is now at +2 with the Moxie Boost

12d 14h 22m Scrafty's Brick Break takes out aMH!

12d 14h 22m Full Restore used on Scrafty again!

12d 14h 22m Spark brings Scrafty to red. aMH takes another Crunch.

12d 14h 21m Full Restore used on Scrafty

12d 14h 21m Sent in aMH!

12d 14h 20m Scrafty gets the Moxie Boost. +1 Attack

12d 14h 19m 5 misses a double edge and gets knocked out by Brick Break.

12d 14h 19m 5 misses a Jump Kick, down to 11HP!

12d 14h 19m Jump kick! Scrafty down to orange! 5 lives a Brick Break with more than half!

12d 14h 19m Deerling versus Scrafty!

12d 14h 19m Versus Grimsley!

[Status] Deerling leads with 100%, Joltik and Tympole are both also at 100%, Zebstrika is at 84%, Tranquill and Dru have fainted.

12d 14h 14m Sent in Zeb! Zeb OHKOs Mienshao with Wild Charge! Marshal defeated!

12d 14h 12m Mienshao lands the Jump Kick. Dru down!

12d 14h 12m Dru becomes confused! Mienshao next!

12d 14h 12m Outrage again! Conkeldurr gets OHKO'ed!

12d 14h 12m Full Restore incoming!

12d 14h 12m Outrage! Conkeldurr down to red! Hammer Arm! Dru down to 43HP

12d 14h 11m Conkeldurr comes in!

12d 14h 11m Dru takes another Stone Edge before taking out Sawk with Outrage.

12d 14h 11m Stone Edge! Dru hits back with Strength.

12d 14h 11m Dru sent in!

12d 14h 11m Sawk comes in and lands a stone edge.Q4 down!

12d 14h 10m Fly! Throh down!

12d 14h 10m Aerial Ace! Throh down to less than half. Q4 takes a Stone Edge and lives with also, slightly less than half

12d 14h 10m Q4 versus Throh!

12d 14h 10m Versus Marshal!

12d 14h 8m Urn 58 incomng!

[Snark] Don't forget. You are here forever!

12d 14h 5m Leech seed! 5 gets knocked out by Psychic! Black out!

12d 14h 5m 5 versus Cofagrigus!

12d 14h 5m Versus Shauntal!

[Status] 5 is our only 'Mon alive with 19% and we still have 2 Elite Four members left.

12d 13h 59m No evolution for 5.

12d 13h 58m Liepard goes for the Aerial Ace. 5 down to 30HP. A jump kick from 5 OHKOs Liepard! Grimsley defeated!

12d 13h 58m Fake out flinches Bambi

12d 13h 58m Liepard comes out.

12d 13h 58m 5 levels up to 63!

12d 13h 58m Jump kick OHKO's Bisharp!

12d 13h 55m It's all up to 5.

12d 13h 55m Hyper voice again! It does nothing to Bisharp. Bisharp hits back with Night Slash and Nonon goes down.

12d 13h 55m Bisharp comes in.

12d 13h 54m Hyper voice! Krook knocked out!

12d 13h 54m Nonon comes in and takes an Earthquake!

12d 13h 53m A crunch from Krook takes out Zebstrika

12d 13h 53m Sent in Zebstrika!

12d 13h 44m Krook goes for the earthquake. Dru down!

12d 13h 44m Krook lands another Dragon Claw. Dru down to 66HP! Dru hits himself in confusion!

12d 13h 44m Dru takes a Dragon Claw and lives with about 65%

12d 13h 42m Krookodile comes in and gets off the intimidate

12d 13h 42m Dru gets confused!

12d 13h 42m OUTRAGE! Scrafty down to red! Another outrage takes out Scrafty.

12d 13h 42m Full Restore incoming on Scrafty!

12d 13h 42m Sent in Dru!

12d 13h 41m Scrafty gets the Moxie Boost and is now at +1 Attack

12d 13h 41m Sparky pulls off a Bug Buzz bringing Scrafty to red before getting knocked out by Brick Break.

12d 13h 41m T-bolt! Scrafty down to orange. Sparky takes another Crunch which brings him to red.

12d 13h 40m Scrafty gets off a crit Crunch! Sparky down to 55HP! Full Restore incoming on Scrafty!

12d 13h 40m Sparky tanks a Brick Break and hits back with Slash. Scrafty down to about 15%

12d 13h 40m Switched to Sparky!

12d 13h 39m Jump kick! Scrafty down to less than half. 5 takes a Brick Break with about 55%

12d 13h 39m Deerling versus Scrafty!

12d 13h 39m Versus Grimsley!

[B-Spam] Joltik does not evolve. B

[Status] Deerling leads at 100%, followed by Dru, Joltik, and Tympole who are also all at full, Zebstrika is only at 12% while Q4 has fainted.

12d 13h 31m Flame Charge takes out Mienshao! Marshal defeated!

12d 13h 31m Spark! Mienshao down to red! Zeb takes a jump kick and lives with 26HP.

12d 13h 31m Mienshao incoming!

12d 13h 30m Another Discharge by Zebstrika takes out Conkeldurr!

12d 13h 30m Conkeldurr comes in. Discharge! Conkeldurr down to red! Zebstrika takes a hammer arm.

12d 13h 30m aMH to lv. 74!

12d 13h 30m Discharge takes out Sawk!

12d 13h 30m Spark! Sawk down to sturdy once more!

12d 13h 29m Marshal goes for the full restore again!

12d 13h 29m Discharge! Sawk is paralyzed and in red!

12d 13h 29m Full Restore incoming on Sawk!

12d 13h 29m Flame Charge and it's a crit! Sawk lives with Sturdy!

12d 13h 28m Sent in aMH!

12d 13h 28m Sawk comes in and lands the stone edge! Q4 down!

12d 13h 28m Sparky to lv. 66!

12d 13h 28m Another Aerial Ace takes out Throh!

12d 13h 28m Aerial Ace! Throh down to less than half! Stone Edge! Q4 down to 53HP!

12d 13h 27m Throh versus Q4!

12d 13h 27m Versus Marshal!

12d 13h 24m Entered the Elite 4 Hall. Run 57 incoming.

12d 13h 20m We wasted two turns in our battle with Shauntal using useless items on our other 'Mons such as the rawst berry. Some people were trying to heal Zebstrika during our battle but that didn't work out so well.

12d 13h 20m Shadow Punch from Golurk knocks out Zebstrika! Black out!

12d 13h 20m In comes Golurk.

12d 13h 19m aMH takes a Shadow Ball and goes down to 15HP before knocking out Cofagrigus

12d 13h 19m Discharge! Cof down to less than half! Shadow ball! Zeb down to 60HP!

12d 13h 19m Cofagrigus versus Zebstrika!

12d 13h 18m Versus Shauntal!

[Snark] Go hide under your bed Caitlin! I'm done with you #Kappa.

12d 13h 12m Caitlin down. To bad a lot of our 'mons are unable to battle. Zebra is the only one left with 47%.

12d 13h 11m Zebra takes out Musharna and Gothitelle is up next.

12d 13h 10m Sigilyph taken down by Joltik, but Musharna is to strong for Joltik. Zebra is the only one left... To bad, sush a great run, but I blame the controller!

12d 13h 09m And Tympole btw also taken down by Caitlin her first mon... with the damn anoying name!

12d 13h 08 Sorry got distracted: Caitlin vs Jimmy. Deerling takes out Caitlin her first mon, but Sigilyph is to much for her. Joltik is up next!

12d 13h 06m Our team so far: Deeling 46%, Zebra, Joltik an Tympole 100%. 2 E4s are down. Tranquil sweeped Marshal's whole team and Dru and Deerling did an amazing job against Grimsley!

12d 13h 05m Grimsley defeated! What a battle!

12d 13h 04m Deerling vs Liepard. Liepard down by an amazing BDoubleEdge!

12d 13h 03m Dru vs Bisharp and Dru outrages Bisharp! Bisharp down! Liepard is the only mon left! Dru taken out by Liepard's night slash!

12d 13h 02m The Krok is playing unfair by using foul play and takes out Tranquill. Dru, it is your turn! Dru takes out The Krok and Bisharp is up!

12d 13h 01m Tranquill vs Scrafty and Scrafty 1h KO by Tranquills fly attack! The Krok is up!

12d 13h 01m "Welcome back Grimsley here, and today..." ".. I'M GONNA REK YA!" Jimmy vs Grimsley

12d 12h 58m INDEED! let's take a good look at those well earned badges.

12d 12h 58m Our team after beating 1 of the E4: Tranquill 39% and all other 'mons 100%!

12d 12h 56m Tranquill vs Mienshao. Mienshao gets REKT by an amazing fly by Tranquill! Take care and brush your hair Marshal! Marshall down. Clean sweep by Tranquill.

12d 12h 55m Tranquill vs Conkeldurr, Tranquill mannaged to avoid yet another stone edge and because of that Tranquill takes out Conkeldurr!

12d 12h 55m Tranquill took out Throh without any problem. Sawk up next. Tranquill almost took out Sawk, but Sturdy and a full restore saved his life.

12d 12h 54m Run 56 starts of with a battle against Marshal! Tranquill vs Throh it is!

12d 12h 50m Run 56 starts of with a battle against Marshal! Tranquill vs Throh it is!

[Stadium] Looks like Abba Jesus just won from Battery Jesus.

12d 12h 45m GET HYPED! Run #56 on its way!

12d 12h 43m Jimmy blacks out.

12d 12h 42m Sigiliph taken down by Joltik and Musharna out. But Musharna to stronk for Joltik!

12d 12h 42m Carefull Joltik Carefull Joltik Carefull Joltik!

12d 12h 42m Crit on Reuniclus. Sigilyph out!

12d 12h 42m Joltik vs Reuniclus!

12d 12h 41m Caitlin vs Jimmy! I wonder who will win.

[Snark] Psst, she is hiding under the bed!

[Snark] "Alright guys! This is Joltik, and I'm about to take out Caitlin on my own! So let's get started!"

12d 12h 35m Our team: Joltik 100% Only Caitlin left.

12d 12h 32m Zebra takes out Jellicent, but the recoil is to much. Still, Shauntel out!

12d 12h 32m Dru vs Jellicent. Jellicent uses shadowball and Dru got REKT.

12d 12h 31m Chandelure out... nhaa guess not, he took a hike to the Farlands!

12d 12h 30m Dru takes him out in 1 hit. Golurk is up next! Also got REKT in 1 hit.

12d 12h 26m And Shauntel is next up! Dru VS Cofagrigus!

12d 12h 24m Zebra takes him out with discharge! INDEED! Get REKT Marshal!

12d 12h 23m Take care Conkeldurr, you got REKT! Mienshao vs Zebra! Both in red HP.

12d 12h 23m Zebra vs Conkeldurr.

12d 12h 23m Dangit guy, Sturdy is doing work for Sawk. But Zebra does not care! After 2 full restores, Zebra takes out Sawk, but took a lot of recoil damage.

12d 12h 21m Hells blazes! Sawk takes out Tranquill! Zebra takes over.

12d 12h 20m Tranquill takes out Throh. Sawk next in line!

12d 12h 19m Come get some! Marshal is up next! Throh vs Tranquill!

12d 12h 1m Come get some! Marshal is up next!

12d 12d 15m Our team after 1 E4: Tranquill 100%, Dru 37%, Zebra 100%, Joltik 100%.

12d 12h 13m Joltik lvled up, but his evolution got canceled.

12d 12h 12m (hehe 12 12 12 :P) Dru vs Liepard! And Dru fell in love with Liepard, but he still knocks her out! The Krok is up next and gets taken out by Dru his outrage! Grimsley down!

12d 12h 11m Tympole faints after 3 great surf attacks... damnit full restore!

12d 12h 10m Bisharp gets REKT! Liepard out and takes out Deerling. GO TYMPOLE!

12d 12h 09m Scrafty got REKT by Deerling! Joltik lvls up to 64. Bisharp vs Deerling!

12d 12h 08m Grimsley VS Jimmy! Our first E4 of run 55! Deerling vs Scrafty!

12d 12h 03m Get ready for run #55!

[snark] See.. Never listen to the Dutch. It is well known that run #55 is the best one! At least according to my grandma.

12d 12h 1m We black out

12d 12h 1m Joltik takes out Musharna, but only has 64hp left for Gothitelle. Joltik faints after 1 attack of Gothitelle.

12d 12h 00m Last one in our team: Joltik! Go Sparky!

12d 11h 57m Sigilph got taken out in 1 hit and Musharna is up. Zebra taken down by ShadowBall.

12d 11h 56m Zebra takes out Reuniclus, but has lost quite a lot of hp.

12d 11h 56 m Caitlin here we come! Zebra vs Reuniclus.

12d 11h 49m Our team: Zebra left with 100%, same as Joltik. 2 E4 left.

12d 11h 48m Marshal out! And... Tranquill did not evolve.

12d 11h 47m Mienshao left with 1 hp. Marshal uses ful restore, but we take out Mienshao with a salvo of spark attacks.

12d 11h 47m Mienshao vs Dru, but Dru taken out right away! Zebra out! Are you in for a shocking fight?!

12d 11h 46m Dru vs Sawk. Sawk down! Conkeldurr out! He got rekt!

12d 11h 45m Tranquill takes out Throh in 1 hit and levels up to 55. Sawk out and takes out Tranquill right away!

12d 11h 45 m Marshal is up next. We start with Tranquill vs Throh

12d 11h 40m 1 E4 down, 3 to go. Our team so far: Tranquill 100%, Dru 84%, Zebra 100% and Joltik 100%.

12d 11h 39m Joltik lvl 63 and Tympole lvl 64.

12d 11h 39m And Tympole and Joltik both got their evolutions cancelled.

12d 11h 38m Liepard takes out Tympole. Dru is up! Dru takes out Liepard! Grimsley got REKT.

12d 11h 37m The Krok uses Earthquacke, but Tympole laughed and Rekt him with Surf!

12d 11h 37m Tympole vs Bisharp. Surf does the trick and Bisharp got Rekt.

12d 11h 36m Deerling VS Scrafty, but Scrafty takend down straight away. Bisharp out and takes out Deerling.

12d 11h 36m Grimsley is first on our #54th run.

12d 11h 31m Grimsley is first on our #54th run.

12d 11h 31m Get ready for run #54, like the Dutch always say: Nothing better then a good run of 54! .. Or am I making stuff up?

12d 11h 30m With only 1 hp left on Gothitelle Joltik got taken out by a shadowball. Black out

12d 11h 29m Gothiltelle vs Joltik!

12d 11h 29m Zebra took himself out by the recoil damage. Joltik is our only 'mon left. Joltik vs Musharna! Musharna ded!

12d 11h 28m Sigilyph out.. But just said hi and got REKT!

12d 11h 17m Caitlin uses Full restore, but Zebra is able to do take Reuniclus out with a crit spark!

12d 11h 27m E4's Caitlin is up next! We start with Zebra vs Reuniclus.

[Snark] Have we looked under the bed already? Maybe she is hiding there, because she know she will get REKT!

12d 11h 16m 'Mons left: Zebra and Joltik. At 84% and 100%. 2 mons left and 2 E4 left... WE CAN DO THIS!

12d 11m 14m Last battle of Marshal goes to Zebra who takes out Marshal's last pokemon in 1 hit!

12d 11h 13m. Sawk down, Conkeldurr (or something) is up next, but Dru takes him out in a blink of an eye!

12d 11h 13m Tranquill out. Go DRU, AVANGE HIM!

12d 11h 12m Damit studry, Sawk left with 1 hp!

12d 11h 12m Tranquill takes out Throh! Sawk is next up!

12d 11h 11m We send out Tranquill, Marshal starts with Throh.

12d 11h 10m Elite four number 2! Get REKT Marshal!

12d 11h 09m BTW, Joltik levels up to 62

[Snark] Two months of eating nothing more but cookies... this is hard work! It is hard to keep up with the events!

12d 11h 07m Dru takes out the Krok! Grimley defeated! And Joltik lvls up. No evolution.

12d 11h 03m Dru takes out the Krok! Grimley defeated! And Joltik lvls up. No evolution.

12d 11h 05m Tympole no match for the Krok, Tympole faints, GO DRU.

12d 11h 05 Deeling taken out by Krokodile. Tympole send in!

12d 11h 4m Nevermind... Bisharp got Rekt by Deerling and righ after that Lipard as well!

12d 11h 04 min Deerling vs Scrafty Scrafty down and Bisharp in.

12d 11h 02m run 53 starts with Grimsley. Let's do this!

12d 11h 0m Run 53.

12d 10h 57m Black out.

12d 10h 56m Sparky pulls off a Thunderbolt, but Shadow Ball finishes him.

12d 10h 56m Shauntal sends in Chandelure.

12d 10h 56m Jellicent goes down.

12d 10h 56m He brings Jellicent to yellow.

12d 10h 55m Sent in Sparky.

12d 10h 54m Nonon blasted by an Energy Ball.

12d 10h 54m Non down to yellow.

12d 10h 54m We send in Nonon against Jellicent.

12d 10h 53m Dru is confused. And burnt. And down.

12d 10h 53m Two Outrages later, Cofagrigus is down.

12d 10h 52m Cofagrigus restored. Dru is burnt.

12d 10h 52m Outrage. Dru's ability is now Munny. Cofagrigus down to a sliver of health.

12d 10h 52m Dru v Cofagrigus.

12d 10h 52m Shauntal, let's rumble.

12d 10h 51m Entered the Library. Shauntal awaits us.

12d 10h 48m In the lobby.

12d 10h 46m Grimsley defeated

12d 10h 46m Dru is at yellow. Outraged. Liepard down.

12d 10h 45m It flinches Dru. His Outrage ends. Now confused.

12d 10h 45m Liepard is sent in.

12d 10h 45m Dru takes a claw to the face. He is outraged! Krookodile down.

12d 10h 44m Dru is sent in.

12d 10h 44m QQQQ down.

12d 10h 44m A second Razor Wind is set up.

12d 10h 44m QQQQ at 7 HP. Krookodile is restored.

12d 10h 44m QQQQ takes two Foul Plays to the face. Razor Wind then brings the Krook to red.

12d 10h 43m QQQQ is sent in.

12d 10h 43m aMH down.

12d 10h 42m Flame Charge does little to it. Earthquake brings aMH down to red.

12d 10h 42m The Krook is in.

12d 10h 42m Bisharp down.

12d 10h 41m aMH is sent in.

12d 10h 41m Jump Kick misses against Bisharp. Faints.

12d 10h 41m Jump Kick. Scrafty down.

12d 10h 40m Fives vs Scrafty. She starts off with a Double-Edge. Accuracy falls.

12d 10h 40m Battling Grimsley!

12d 10h 39m Entered Grimsley's room.

12d 10h 38m Run 52 begins.

[Pun] We definitely dropped the ball last run.

12d 10h 36m And back in the League.

12d 10h 36m Back on Victory Road.

12d 10h 34m Threw a Dusk Ball. Turn wasted. aMH down. Black out.

12d 10h 34m In comes aMH.

12d 10h 33m All that remains is aMH at 22%. In our way lies a Sigilyph, Musharna and a Gothitelle. The outlook is bad.

12d 10h 32m She's down.

12d 10h 32m In comes Nonon!

12d 10h 32m Having trouble deciding on who to switch to.

12d 10h 31m In comes Sigilyph. It shuts Dru down.

12d 10h 31m He's outraged! Reuniclus down.

12d 10h 30m Dru vs Reuniclus.

12d 10h 30m Here it goes! Caitlin, let's hope we're not too boring.

12d 10h 29m Nervously stumbling around and checking our bag.

12d 10h 28m Entered Caitlin's room.

12d 10h 26m The team isn't in great shape: it's Dru at 21%, aMH at 22% and Nonon at 36%.

12d 10h 25m Back to the lobby. Only Caitlin remains.

12d 10h 24m Shauntal defeated!

12d 10h 23m He snaps out of confusion! Jellicent down!

12d 10h 23m Can Dru defeat Jellicent?

12d 10h 23m Dru hurts himself in confusion!

12d 10h 23m Dru is confused! Dru is Level 64!

12d 10h 22m Chandelure brings Dru to 118/178. It then goes down.

12d 10h 22m Golurk down.

12d 10h 22m Dru enters Outrage. Ability becomes Munny. Cofagrigus down.

12d 10h 22m Dru vs Cofagrigus.

12d 10h 21m This shall be one for the books!

12d 10h 21m Will we defeat Shauntal, I wonder?

12d 10h 20m Entered the Library again.

12d 10h 18m Marshal defeated.

12d 10h 18m Discharge finishes Mienshao off.

12d 10h 18m Mienshao restored again. Flame Charge from aMH halves its health.

12d 10h 18m Mienshao restored. Another Discharge brings it to red.

12d 10h 17m Discharge brings Mienshao to red. aMH at 47 hp.

12d 10h 17m aMH hits 73.

12d 10h 17m Spark brings it to yellow. aMH at 112/213 HP now. Discharge takes out Conkeldurr.

12d 10h 17m In comes Conkeldurr.

12d 10h 16m aMH is sent in. His Wild Charge takes out Sawk.

12d 10h 16m Sparky gets hit by more stones and falls.

12d 10h 15m He's brought to 40 HP by Stone Edge. Manages to throw a Thunderbolt at Sawk.

12d 10h 15m Sparky is sent in.

12d 10h 15m Stone Edge takes out QQQQ.

12d 10h 15m In comes Sawk.

12d 10h 15m The power of Aerial Ace is critical! Throh down.

12d 10h 15m QQQQ vs Throh.

12d 10h 14m Marshal challenged! Ready go!

12d 10h 14m Entered Marshal's room.

12d 10h 11m Neither does Sparky.

12d 10h 11m Fives does not evolve.

12d 10h 11m Grimsley defeated.

12d 10h 11m Nonon is sent in. She's brought to yellow by a quake. The Krook is drowned.

12d 10h 10m Jump Kick halves the Krook's health. Fives down.

12d 10h 10m The Krook is in.

12d 10h 10m Jump Kick takes it out.

12d 10h 10m It flinches Fives and brings her to 98 HP with Aerial Ace.

12d 10h 10m Liepard is sent in.

12d 10h 9m Fives hits Level 62.

12d 10h 9m Bisharp instantly down to a Jump Kick.

12d 10h 9m Sparky hits Level 61.

12d 10h 9m Scrafty down to a second Jump Kick.

12d 10h 9m Scrafty to yellow. Fives lost accuracy to Sand-Attack.

12d 10h 9m Fives v Scrafty.

12d 10h 8m Battling Grimsley.

12d 10h 7m Entered Grimsley's room.

[Snark] I swear to god, if we do the post-game E4, we may possibly surpass Emerald.

12d 10h 6m Run 51.

12d 10h 2m Alas, he faints. Black out.

12d 10h 2m Cofagrigus restored. Dru is outraged!

12d 10h 1m Cofagrigus down to red again. Dru now at 6 HP and burnt.

12d 10h 1m He's burnt by Will-o-Wisp. Shauntal restores Cofagrigus.

12d 10h 1m Shadow Claw brings Cofagrigus to red. Dru's ability becomes Munny.

12d 10h 0m Dru vs Cofagrigus.

12d 9h 59m So begins another meeting of the Unovan Book Club.

12d 9h 59m The Library of Darkness! AKA Shauntal's room.

12d 9h 56m Back in the lobby. Where to next?

12d 9h 54m Marshal defeated.

12d 9h 54m Mienshao down to Outrage as well.

12d 9h 54m Marshal sends in Mienshao.

12d 9h 53m Outrage begins. Conkeldurr down.

12d 9h 53m Dru is sent in.

12d 9h 52m aMH down to a Hammer Arm.

12d 9h 52m aMH paralyzes Conkeldurr. A Flame Charge brings it to red.

12d 9h 52m Marshal sends in Conkeldurr.

12d 9h 51m Sawk red again. Sawk down.

12d 9h 51m Sawk back in the red. Sawk healed.

12d 9h 51m Sawk is restored.

12d 9h 50m Sawk is brought to red. So is aMH.

12d 9h 50m In comes Sawk.

12d 9h 50m A Wild Charge takes out Throh.

12d 9h 50m We send in aMH.

12d 9h 48m Aerial Ace halves Throh's health. Stone Edge takes out QQQQ.

12d 9h 47m QQQQ v Throh.

12d 9h 47m Marshal challenged.

12d 9h 46m Entered Marshal's room.

12d 9h 43m Back in the E4 lobby.

12d 9h 40m Grimsley has been defeated.

12d 9h 40m His health is halved by an Earthquake, but he takes out Krookodile.

12d 9h 40m aMH is sent in.

12d 9h 39m Earthquake takes out Sparky.

12d 9h 39m Bug Buzz brings it to red.

12d 9h 39m The Krook is in the yellow now. It's restored again.

12d 9h 39m Grimsley restores Krookodile. Sparky buzzes again.

12d 9h 38m His health is halved by a quake. Brings the Krook into the red.

12d 9h 38m Sparky is sent in.

12d 9h 38m Nonon faints to a quake.

12d 9h 37m In comes the Krook.

12d 9h 37m Nonon is sent in. She's brought to 97 HP. Takes out Liepard.

12d 9h 36m Fives faints.

12d 9h 36m Aerial Ace and a missed Jump Kick bring Fives to red.

12d 9h 36m Fake Out! Fives flinches.

12d 9h 36m Liepard is sent in.

12d 9h 36m It goes down instantly to a Jump Kick.

12d 9h 36m Bisharp is sent in.

12d 9h 35m Scrafty down.

12d 9h 35m Jump Kick halves the health of Scrafty. But Fives is hit by a Sand-Attack.

12d 9h 35m Fives v Scrafty.

12d 9h 35m Battling Grimsley.

12d 9h 34m Entered Grimsley's room.

12d 9h 33m Run 50 begins.

12d 9h 30m Stone Edge takes him out. Black out.

12d 9h 29m Sparky starts hitting it with Thunderbolts.

12d 9h 29m Sawk is restored. Now at full HP and no longer paralyzed.

12d 9h 29m Sparky arrives on-scene.

12d 9h 27m Sawk is brought to red and paralyzed! It stones aMH.

12d 9h 27m Marshal brings out Sawk.

12d 9h 26m Throh back in the yellow now. Discharge takes it out.

12d 9h 26m Marshal restores Throh! aMH hits it with a Flame Charge.

12d 9h 26m Throh in the red. aMH as well!

12d 9h 25m But Throh's bulldozing is slowing him down.

12d 9h 25m Another Flame Charge hits Throh. aMH is speeding up.

12d 9h 25m Flame Charge starts it off. Throh bulldozes into aMH.

12d 9h 24m aMH is sent out against Throh.

12d 9h 24m Pokémon fight! Ready? Go!

12d 9h 24m The challenger, GMYC, arrives to do battle! Will the mighty Marshal accept this?

12d 9h 23m Entered Marshal's room.

12d 9h 20m In the E4 lobby now.

12d 9h 18m Bug Buzz Overdrive brings down Liepard! Grimsley defeated.

12d 9h 17m We send in Sparky to deal with the leopard.

12d 9h 15m The lovestruck dragon goes down.

12d 9h 14m Alas! Love's powers are too strong for Dru to overcome.

12d 9h 14m Liepard is restored.

12d 9h 14m But love will not stop Dru from bringing Liepard down to red! His confusion is gone now!

12d 9h 13m Liepard attracts Dru! He's confused and in love!

12d 9h 13m Night Slash takes him to yellow. Confusion damage hurts as well.

12d 9h 13m The cat flinches Dru, ending his outrage! He's confused!

12d 9h 13m The Krook goes down. Liepard is in.

12d 9h 12m He takes a Dragon Claw, and becomes Outraged.

12d 9h 12m Dru arrives.

12d 9h 12m Foul Play halves his health. More Foul Play ends him.

12d 9h 12m QQQQ is sent in.

12d 9h 11m She's brought to yellow by a quake. Second quake takes her out.

12d 9h 11m Brought Nonon out to replace aMH.

12d 9h 10m The Krook is in! Will aMH be able to take this croc on?

12d 9h 10m Second Spark takes out the chess piece.

12d 9h 9m Spark is used. Bisharp at yellow.

12d 9h 9m We send in aMH.

12d 9h 9m Bisharp avoids Fives' Jump Kick! She faints.

12d 9h 9m Second kick takes out Scrafty.

12d 9h 9m Fives vs Scrafty. She Jump Kicks. He Karate Chops.

12d 9h 8m Behold Grimsley! This is the power of the Ripple!

12d 9h 8m Entered the room of the fabulously snazzy dresser, Grimsley. Also possibly a vampire. Maybe. Not sure.

[Info] This, I believe, was the run in which Napoleon triumphed over Cynthia and became the Sinnoh Champion.

12d 9h 6m So begins our 49th Run!

12d 9h 3m Our recent success has refilled GMYC's wallet. 19,680 Pokébucks, lad and ladettes!

12d 9h 3m Shadow Ball takes out Nonon. Black out.

12d 9h 2m Hydro Pump brings Cofagrigus to yellow.

12d 9h 2m Nonon vs Cofagrigus. Ready? Go!

12d 9h 2m Shauntal! Remember to include us in your next novel!

12d 9h 1m Also our team is just Nonon at 32% HP.

12d 9h 1m Reached her platform! Lighting strikes ominously in the background.

[Fluff] Really digging the ambience. It's especially fitting for our little ghost-type author.

12d 8h 59m Entered Shauntal's Library of Horrors and Scooby-Doo Novels.

12d 8h 58m We've returned to the lobby.

12d 8h 54m The Krook is down!~ Grimsley defeated!

12d 8h 54m She screams loudly at the Krook after being brought down to 49 HP.

12d 8h 54m Here she comes, ladies and gentlemen! Will our tadpole prevail today?

12d 8h 53m The only member of the team capable of fighting is Nonon.

12d 8h 52m Foul Play is suspected in the fainting of QQQQ.

12d 8h 52m His health is halved by Foul Play! He brings the Krook to yellow.

12d 8h 52m QQQQ arrives on scene in a gust of feathers!

12d 8h 51m A critical Dragon Claw from the Krook brings down Dru!

12d 8h 51m Dru is at 114/178. Krookodile is still in the green.

12d 8h 50m Krookodile is in the red. Restored.

12d 8h 50m They start clawing away at each other.

12d 8h 50m In comes Dru.

12d 8h 50m Second quake takes out Sparky.

[Snark] Ticks confirmed for being more quake-resistant than zebras.

12d 8h 49m He sucker punches the Krookodile. Health gets halved by an earthquake.

12d 8h 49m We send in Sparky.

12d 8h 48m Tries out some Flame Charges. Goes down to a quake.

12d 8h 48m His health is halved by an Earthquake!

12d 8h 48m We send in aMH.

12d 8h 48m The earth shakes! Fives goes down.

12d 8h 47m The Krookodile is here, and it's ready to rumble.

12d 8h 47m She's brought down into the red, but Liepard goes down.

12d 8h 47m Fives must face Liepard now.

12d 8h 47m Sparky hits Level 60.

12d 8h 47m It takes a Jump Kick in the chesst and faints.

12d 8h 46m In comes Bisharp.

12d 8h 46m Second Jump Kick takes out Scrafty.

12d 8h 46m Jump Kick halves its health. Scrafty does the same to Fives with a Karate Chop.

12d 8h 46m Fives comes in to face her archenemy, Scrafty.

12d 8h 46m Let's rock and roll, baby.

12d 8h 45m Just hanging around in Grimsley's room, enjoying the Draculaesque atmosphere.

12d 8h 44m Accessing the Vs. Recorder.

12d 8h 42m Entered Grimsley's room.

12d 8h 41m Run 48 begins.

12d 8h 41m Back at the League.

12d 8h 40m Left for the Victory Road.

12d 8h 39m Spark brings Gothitelle to yellow. Shadow Ball takes out aMH. Black out.

12d 8h 38m Musharna down! Gothitelle is sent in!

12d 8h 38m Psychic brings aMH down to 12 hp! In the red!

12d 8h 38m Musharna in. It's brought to yellow.

12d 8h 38m Sigilyph down.

12d 8h 38m Caitlin sends in Sigilyph.

12d 8h 38m Reuniclus down.

12d 8h 37m Reuniclus paralyzed.

12d 8h 37m Brought Reuniclus to red a few times. It was restored. aMH down on 64 hp.

12d 8h 37m Battling Caitlin.

12d 8h 35m Entered Caitlin's room.

12d 8h 33m Only Caitlin is left.

12d 8h 33m Warped back to the lobby.

12d 8h 32m Zebstrika takes down Jellicent with Spark. Defeated Shauntal!

12d 8h 31m Sent in Zebstrika!

12d 8h 31m Jellicent takes down Druddigon who was confused from Outrage and burnt by Chandelure. Zebstrika is the only Pokemon left.

12d 8h 30m Shauntal sends in Jellicent.

12d 8h 29m Chandelure's Shadow Ball brings Dru to yellow. Druddigon uses Outrage and takes down Chandelure, but is burnt by Flame Body!

12d 8h 29m Shauntal sends in Chandelure.

12d 8h 29m Golurk down to Outrage! Druddigon levels up to 63!

12d 8h 29m Druddigon starts off the battle with Outrage! Cofagrigus is KOed! Shauntal sends in Golurk!

12d 8h 28m Battle! Elite Four Shauntal. Druddigon vs. Cofagrigus!

12d 8h 27m Inside Shauntal's room.

12d 8h 26m Back in the lobby. GMYC is rather close to Shauntal's room.

12d 8h 24m Team Status: Druddigon 65%, Zebstrika 99%. The rest of our team have fainted.

12d 8h 24m Zebstrika goes at Mienshao with Wild Charge and takes it out! Zebstrika grows to 72! Marshal defeated!

12d 8h 23m Sent in Zebstrika.

12d 8h 23m Mienshao barely survives two Thunderbolts and hits Joltik with Rock Slide! Joltik faints.

12d 8h 22m Marshal sends in Mienshao.

12d 8h 22m Conkeldurr down!

12d 8h 22m Sent in Joltik.

12d 8h 21m 4Q is on an Aerial Ace spree... and is knocked out by Conkeldurr!

12d 8h 21m Marshal sends in Conkeldurr.

12d 8h 21m Two more Aerial Aces later and Sawk is down!

12d 8h 21m Marshal uses another Full Restore.

12d 8h 20m Sawk barely survives an Aerial Ace and hits back at Tranquill with Stone Edge!

12d 8h 20m Marshal uses a Full Restore after Tranquill brings it to the red with Aerial Ace.

12d 8h 20m Marshal sends in Sawk! Tranquill avoids another Stone Edge!

12d 8h 20m Another Aerial Ace takes out Throh!

12d 8h 20m Tranquill leads with Aerial Ace! Throh misses a Stone Edge!

12d 8h 19m Battle! Elite Four Marshal. Tranquill vs. Throh!

12d 8h 18m Looks like it's Marshal. Entered Marshal's room.

12d 8h 16m Warped back to the lobby. Who shall GMYC challenge next?

12d 8h 15m Grimsley defeated!

12d 8h 14m Druddigon goes on a rampage with Outrage! Krookodile is taken down!

12d 8h 14m Sent in Druddigon. Druddigon faces off Krookodile.

12d 8h 13m Krookodile uses Earthquake! This brings Tympole to yellow! A Foul Play from Krookodile faints Tympole!

12d 8h 13m Switched in to Tympole!

12d 8h 12m Krookodile vs. Zebstrika. Can we make it?

12d 8h 12m Grimsley sends in Krookodile.

12d 8h 12m Zebstrika starts off with Spark and faints Liepard!

12d 8h 11m Sent in Zebstrika.

12d 8h 11m Deerling misses a Jump Kick and is brought down to red! Liepard uses Aerial Ace and faints Deerling!

12d 8h 10m Grimsley responds with Liepard.

12d 8h 10m Bisharp faints to another Jump Kick. 5 is on a roll.

12d 8h 10m Grimsley sends in Bisharp!

12d 8h 10m Another Jump Kick takes out Scrafty!

12d 8h 10m Deerling starts off with Jump Kick! Scrafty responds with Sand Attack!

12d 8h 8m Battle! Elite Four Grimsley. Deerling vs. Scrafty!

12d 8h 8m Entered Grimsley's room.

[snark] And everyone knows. #47 is the lucky number!

12d 8h 5m Entered the Pokemon League! Attempt #47 begins.

12d 8h 4m Outside the Elite Four lobby.

12d 8h 2m That was so close!! What a shocking battle.

12d 8h 2m Musharna takes down Zebstrika! GMYC has no more Pokemon and blacks out!

12d 8h 2m Caitlin sends out Musharna.

12d 8h 1m Caitlin sends out Sigilyph! Sigilyph down from Spark!

12d 8h 1m Zebstrika now down to red. However, a Spark paralyses Reuniclus and another Spark takes out Reuniclus!

12d 8h 1m Zebstrika starts off with Wild Charge and brings Reuniclus to red. Caitlin promptly uses a Full Restore. Zebstrika continues charging!

12d 8h 0m Battle! Elite Four Caitlin. Zebstrika vs. Reuniclus.

12d 7h 58m Entered Caitlin's room.

[Info] We defeated three members of the Elite Four in a row!

12d 7h 56m Shauntal defeated!

12d 7h 55m Zebstrika goes at Jellicent with Spark! Jellicent faints!

12d 7h 55m Shauntal sends in Jellicent.

12d 7h 55m Zebstrika wild charges at Chandelure and takes down Chandelure!

12d 7h 55m Flame Charge did not do much against Chandelure.

12d 7h 55m Shauntal uses a Full Restore on Chandelure.

12d 7h 54m Sent in Zebstrika.

12d 7h 53m Only Zebstrika left.

12d 7h 52m Tympole starts off with Surf. This is super effective and takes Chandelure to red! Chandelure proceeds to blast Tympole with fire and Tympole faints.

12d 7h 52m Tympole sent in.

12d 7h 51m Chandelure's Shadow Ball takes down Druddigon!

12d 7h 51m Shauntal sends in Chandelure!

12d 7h 51m Shauntal sends in Golurk. Druddigon is still on a rampage! Golurk faints!

12d 7h 51m Druddigon starts off with Outrage! This takes out Cofagrigus!

12d 7h 50m Battle! Elite Four Shauntal. Druddigon vs. Cofagrigus!

12d 7h 49m Entered Shauntal's room.

12d 7h 45m Warped back to the lobby.

12d 7h 41m Team Status: Druddigon at 35%, Zebstrika at full health, Tympole at 41%.

12d 7h 41m Joltik does not evolve.

12d 7h 40m Another Outrage from Druddigon faints Mienshao! That power! Marshal defeated!

12d 7h 40m Druddigon goes on a rampage with Outrage and Conkeldurr faints! Marshal sends in Mienshao!

12d 7h 40m Druddigon forgot Dragon Claw, and learns Outrage! Marshal sends in Conkeldurr!

12d 7h 39m Druddigon goes at Sawk with Dragon Claw and faints Sawk! Druddigon grows to level 62!

12d 7h 39m Sent in Druddigon. Druddigon vs. Sawk. Marshal uses a Full Restore on Sawk!

12d 7h 38m Sawk destroys Joltik with Stone Edge!

12d 7h 38m Sawk is paralysed from Joltik's Thunderbolt.

12d 7h 37m A critical hit from Sawk takes down Tranquill! Sent in Joltik!

12d 7h 37m Another Aerial Ace takes down Throh! Joltik grows to level 59!

12d 7h 37m Tranquill leads with Aerial Ace! This brought down Throh's HP to yellow. Throh misses with Stone Edge!

12d 7h 36m Battle! Elite Four Marshal. Tranquill vs. Throh!

12d 7h 35m Entered Marshal's room.

12d 7h 33m Warped back to the lobby.

12d 7h 33m As usual, Deerling does not evolve.

12d 7h 32m Grimsley defeated!

12d 7h 32m Tympole proceeds to sweep Krookodile with Hydro Pump!

12d 7h 32m Sent out Tympole. Tympole vs. Krookodile.

12d 7h 31m A powerful Earthquake from Krookodile faints Deerling!

12d 7h 31m Liepard uses Aerial Ace! This brings Deerling to the red. Deerling Jump Kicks again and defeats Liepard! Grimsley sends in Krookodile.

12d 7h 30m Jump Kick pummels Bisharp! Grimsley sends in Liepard!

12d 7h 30m Grimsley sends in Bisharp.

12d 7h 30m Another Jump Kick promptly takes out Scrafty! Deerling grows to level 61!

12d 7h 30m Deerling starts off with a Jump Kick! This takes Scrafty to the yellow. Scrafty hits back and brings Deerling to yellow as well!

12d 7h 29m Battle! Elite Four Grimsley. Deerling vs. Scrafty!

12d 7h 28m Inside Grimsley's room.

12d 7h 26m Elite Four Attempt #46

12d 7h 22m Blacked Out

12d 7h 21m Psychic takes Nonon down

12d 7h 21m Send in Nonon

12d 7h 19m Psychic takes Dru down

12d 7h 18m Dru vs Reuniclus

12d 7h 18m Battling Caitlin

12d 7h 17m Entered Caitlin's room

12d 7h 15m Warped out of Marshal's room

12d 7h 13m Marshal Defeated

12d 7h 13m Another Dragon Claw takes down Mienshao

12d 7h 12m Dragon Claw takes Mienshao to the yellow

12d 7h 12m Send in Mienshao

12d 7h 12m Dragon Claw takes Conkeldurr down

12d 7h 12m We send in Dru

12d 7h 10m Hammer Arm takes aMH down

12d 7h 10m Flame Charge takes Conkeldurr down to the red

12d 7h 10m aMH survives a Hammer Arm from Conkeldurr

12d 7h 9m Send in Conkeldurr

12d 7h 9m aMH takes Sawk down with Wild Charge

12d 7h 9m Sawk heals again

12d 7h 8m Sawk yet again survives a Wild Charge with Sturdy

12d 7h 8m Sawk heals with a Full Restore

12d 7h 8m Sawk lives a Wild Charge with Sturdy

12d 7h 8m We send in aMH

12d 7h 6m Jolitik down to Stone Edge

12d 7h 6m We send in Sparky

12d 7h 5m Q4 down to Stone Edge

12d 7h 5m Send in Sawk

12d 7h 5m Aerial Ace takes out Throh

12d 7h 4m Q4 vs Throh

12d 7h 4m Battling Marshal

12d 7h 2m Entered Marshal's room

12d 7h 0m Warped out of Grimsley's room

12d 6h 59m Grimsley defeated.

12d 6h 58m Her health is halved by Krookodile, but Surf takes it out.

12d 6h 58m We send in Nonon to finish the job.

12d 6h 57m A Crunch takes out Fives.

12d 6h 57m Foul Play brings Fives to yellow. Jump Kick halves the croc's health.

12d 6h 56m Grimsley brings out his final Pokémon, Krookodile.

12d 6h 56m Too bad the cat couldn't handle the power of Fives' mighty Jump Kicks.

12d 6h 56m It flinches Fives with a Fake Out and promptly strikes true with an Aerial Ace.

12d 6h 56m Grimsley brings out the ever-annoying Liepard.

12d 6h 55m Bisharp is sent in, and it goes down to a Jump Kick as well.

12d 6h 55m Scrafty down to a Jump Kick.

[Snark] That scrafty bastard better not be another Shiftry.

12d 6h 55m She starts off with a Double-Edge to take Scrafty to yellow. Her accuracy is reduced by Sand Attack.

12d 6h 54m Fives vs Scrafty.

12d 6h 54m Battling Grimsley

12d 6h 52m Entered Grimsley's room

12d 6h 50m Elite Four Attempt #45

12d 6h 46m Blacked Out

12d 6h 45m Retaliate takes Sparky down

12d 6h 45m Sparky survives a Stone Edge

12d 6h 45m Sawk heals with a Full Restore

12d 6h 44m We send in Sparky

12d 6h 43m Sawk takes aMH down

12d 6h 43m Sawk survives a discharge with sturdy

12d 6h 43m Sparky levels up to lv 58

12d 6h 42m Discharge takes down Throh

12d 6h 42m Throh heals with a Full Restore

12d 6h 41m Wild Charge takes Throh down to yellow

12d 6h 41m aMH vs Throh

12d 6h 40m Battling Marshal

12d 6h 39m Entered Marshal's room

12d 6h 36m Grimsley Defeated

12d 6h 36m aMH takes Liepard down with Wild Charge

12d 6h 36m Send in aMH

12d 6h 36m Fake Out takes Q4 down

12d 6h 34m Q4 takes down Krookodile

12d 6h 34m We send in Q4

12d 6h 33m Krookodile is in the yellow

12d 6h 33m Foul Play takes down Dru

12d 6h 32m Dru vs Krookodile

12d 6h 32m Revenge takes down Bisharp

12d 6h 32m Bisharp heals with a Full Restore

12d 6h 31m Dragon Claw nearly kills Bisharp

12d 6h 31m Send in Dru

12d 6h 31m Night Slash takes Nonon down

12d 6h 30m Hydro Pump takes Bisharp down to yellow

12d 6h 30m Send out Nonon

12d 6h 29m Bisharp takes down 5

12d 6h 29m Another Jump Kick takes down Scrafty

12d 6h 29m Jump Kick takes Scrafty down yellow

12d 6h 28m 5 vs Scrafty

12d 6h 28m Battling Grimsley

12d 6h 26m Entered Grimsley's room

12d 6h 23m Elite Four Attempt #44

12d 6h 20m Blacked Out

12d 6h 20m Sawk OHKO Sparky with Stone Edge

12d 6h 20m Sent out Sparky

12d 6h 19m Only Sparky left

12d 6h 19m Sawk takes down Nonon with Stone Edge

12d 6h 19m Marshal sents out Sawk

12d 6h 18m Nonon takes Throh down with Surf

12d 6h 18m Sent out Nonon

12d 6h 17m Throh Takes out Q4 with Stone Edge

12d 6h 16m Throh heals with a Full Restore

12d 6h 16m Q4 vs Throh

12d 6h 16m Marshal sends out Throh

12d 6h 15m Battling Marshal

12d 6h 14m Entered Marshal's room

12d 6h 12m Warp out of Grimsley's room

12d 6h 11m Sparky did not evolve

12d 6h 10m Grimsley Defeated

12d 6h 10m Nonon takes Krookodile down with surf

12d 6h 10m Krookodile heals with a full restore

12d 6h 9m Sent out Nonon

12d 6h 7m Krookodile takes aMH down with Earthquake

12d 6h 7m Sent out aMH

12d 6h 5m Krookodile takes down Dru with dragon claw

12d 6h 5m Dru takes down Liepard with dragon claw

12d 6h 5m Liepard attracts Dru

12d 6h 4m Send out Dru

12d 6h 4m 5 fainted from liepard

12d 6h 3m 5 takes down Bisharp with jump kick

12d 6h 3m Sparky Grows to lv 57

12d 6h 2m 5 takes Scrafty down with Jump kick

12d 6h 2m Grimsley sends out Scrafty

12d 6h 2m Battling Grimsley

12d 6h 0m Entered Grimsley's room

12d 5h 59m Run #43

12d 5h 57m Druddigon taken out by krookodile black out

12d 5h 57m Dru takes down Scrafty with dragon claw

12d 5h 56m Scrafty heals again

12d 5h 56m Scrafty heals with full restore

12d 5h 55m Dragon claw takes Scrafty to the red

12d 5h 55m Grimsley sends out Scrafty

12d 5h 54m Entered Grimsley's room.

12d 5h 48m Caitlin defeated!

12d 5h 48m Dru Level 61!

12d 5h 47m Revenge and Shadow Claw take it out!

12d 5h 47m Caitlin sends out Gothitelle.

12d 5h 47m He takes out Musharna.

12d 5h 46m Dru is sent in.

12d 5h 45m Sparky down to a Psychic.

12d 5h 45m Thunderbolt brings Musharna to red.

12d 5h 45m Sparky is sent in.

12d 5h 44m Charge Beam takes out Nonon.

12d 5h 44m Nonon tries Surf out this time. Musharna to yellow.

12d 5h 43m Nonon uses Hydro Pump. Musharna tanks it quite well.

12d 5h 43m Caitlin restores Musharna.

12d 5h 43m We send in Nonon.

12d 5h 43m aMH down to a Psychic.

12d 5h 42m Musharna is sent in. It's brought down to yellow.

12d 5h 42m Sigilyph down to a Wild Charge.

12d 5h 42m Sigilyph restored.

12d 5h 42m Tailwind peters out.

12d 5h 41m Another Flame Charge to start off! A critical. Sigilyph to the yellow.

12d 5h 41m Caitlin sends in Sigilyph.

12d 5h 41m Spark finishes off Reuniclus.

12d 5h 41m Sent in aMH. He starts off with a Flame Charge.

12d 5h 40m It was 4Q v Reuniclus. 4Q immediately fainted.

12d 5h 39m Battling Caitlin

12d 5h 38m Entered Caitlin's Room

12d 5h 35m Elite four attempt #42

12d 5h 31m Exited Pokemon Center

12d 5h 31m Inside the Pokemon Center

12d 5h 29m Flew To Pokemon League

12d 5h 29m We were one button away to fly to the League

12d 5h 23m Still trying to fly back to the League.

12d 5h 16m Flew to Striaton City again

12d 5h 11m Exited The Pokemon Center

12d 5h 10m Entered Pokemon Center

12d 5h 8m Flew to Striation City

12d 4h 55m Just checking summaries.

12d 4h 42m He forgets Featherdance for Tailwind.

12d 4h 42m 4Q hits Level 54.

12d 4h 36m 4Q leads as of the moment.

12d 4h 32m Fives faints.

12d 4h 30m Grinding now.

12d 4h 29m At the bottom. Near a patch.

12d 4h 25m Left the caves. Slid down a level.

12d 4h 22m We obtain a Bug Gem.

12d 4h 19m Doctor Logan heals us.

12d 4h 18m Not to fear though. The Doc is close by.

12d 4h 18m QQQQ as well.

12d 4h 17m Fives faints.

12d 4h 14m Just grinding.

12d 4h 13m Healed earlier.

12d 3h 54m Dru down.

12d 3h 42m Back in the caves.

12d 3h 40m Dru currently leads.

12d 3h 39m 4Q faints.

12d 3h 35m No evolution.

12d 3h 35m Sparky hits 56.

12d 3h 30m Currently located in a rough patch on Victory Road.

12d 3h 28m The grind. It is real.

12d 3h 16m Deerling fainted.

[Rebecca Black] The game says it's now Friday, Friday, Friday....

[Stadium] Meanwhile in Stadium, it shows that a Rapidash is about as tall as a Moltres. Talk about scale!

12d 3h 0m Still grinding at the bottom of Victory Road.

[BSpam] b

12d 2h 59m Fives grew to level 60. Did not evolve.

[BSpam] b

12d 2h 53m Joltik grew to level 55. Did not evolve.

12d 2h 48m Two slopes, actually****

12d 2h 48m Crossed a bridge, only to be greeted by another slope, which brings us down to the bottom. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

12d 2h 47m Down a slope. Wheeee!!!

[Update] We are doing nothing except grinding and slowly hiking our way back up to the top.

12d 2h 39m Dr. Pepper is in sight, and he gives us some pop to heal us. Time to grind it out!

12d 2h 36m Deer Helix, Deerling has fainted

12d 2h 34m Deerling is now down to 27%

[Inventory] Pokèballs: 1 ultra, 4 dusk

12d 2h 29m We have entered the mountain and are battling wild Pokemon now

12d 2h 29m Run 42 will have to wait

12d 2h 28m Weeeeeeeeeeeee fall down the slope of Victory Road. Chat erupts in anger. Time to grind!

12d 2h 26m Time for run "the answer to life, the universe, and everything," aka 42!

12d 2h 25m Dru fainted. Blacked out! Well that was short...

12d 2h 24m We send out Joltik. We try to use an Aspear Berry, but fail to do so and Joltik is reduced to 39 HP. Now Joltik has fainted to Earthquake

12d 2h 23m Golurk is sent out. Earthquake takes out Zebstrika.

12d 2h 23m Zebstrika grew to level 71

12d 2h 22m Zebstrika is out and paralyzed Cofagrigus. Wild charge takes it out!

12d 2h 22m We just used a dusk ball on Cofagrigus...

12d 2h 21m QQQQ uses fly and scores a critical hit which reduces Cofagrigus to the red. Psychic take out QQQQ. So much for that

12d 2h 20m Challenged Shauntal. It's a heated battle between our QQQQ and Cofagrigus

12d 2h 19m We've chosen Shauntal's room! Good now can the Chat please stop talking about Rebecca Black? Kappa

[Chat] Skylas_big_titties: Oh god a Rebecca Black tag and it's almost Friday in the game right?

[Rebecca Black] Which door should I take?

12d 2h 14m Do I dare use another Rebecca Black tag? If we haven't chosen a door in 3 minutes I will

I should have either said "left" or "to go." Instead I amalgamated the two...

12d 2h 12m Back in the hall. 3 Elite Four left to go!

12d 2h 11m Night Slash reduces Dru to the red, but Dru takes out the cat. Grimsley defeated!

12d 2h 10m Dru is down to 64 HP when Liepard uses Fake out

12d 2h 10m Bisharp has been sent out. She uses Night Slash, then we use Reverse and take out Bisharp. Liepard is sent out

12d 2h 9m Dru takes out Krookodile, but not before the foe uses Dragon Claw

12d 2h 8m Here comes Krookodile. Nonon faints to her earthquake. We send out Dru

12d 2h 7m We switch out Nonon! Scrafty's crunch does some damage. But we use hydro pump and it faints

[Correction] Sorry 5 is a she not a he

12d 2h 7m Scrafty is back in the yellow

12d 2h 5m 5 fainted because he kept going and crashed... Zebstrika is sent out and reduces Scrafty to the red before Grimsley uses ANOTHER full restore

12d 2h 5m Brick Break reduces 5 to half health, and Grimsely uses a full restore

12d 2h 4m 5 uses Jump Kick and does some damage, but her accuracy falls with a sand attack

12d 2h 4m *Grimsely Challenged *. It's a heated battle between Deerling and his Scrafty!

12d 2h 2m We have decided on Grimsley!

12d 2h 1m But some people don't want to go. Prepare yourselves for the b+up vs. b+down wars

12d 2h 0m We are heading towards Shauntal's room

[Money] ¥3720

12d 1h 58m We have entered the chamber and are locked in!

12d 1h 57m Night crew is doing well on the inputs... Relateively

12d 1h 56m We are outside the hall. Time to begin run 41!

12d 1h 53m And that concludes run #40.

12d 1h 52m Another Energy Ball takes out Nonon. Black Out!

12d 1h 52m Energy ball brings Nonon down to 54HP.

12d 1h 52m Jellicent comes in! Nonon uses Muddy Water. It doesn't do much.

12d 1h 52m Nonon levels up to 63!

12d 1h 51m Hydro pump! Golurk OHKO'ed!

12d 1h 51m Full Restore used on Golurk!

12d 1h 51m It's all up to Nonon.

12d 1h 50m Shadow Claw! Golurk down to red. Earthquake takes out Dru.

12d 1h 50m Golurk next!

12d 1h 49m Shadow Claw! Cofagrigus OHKO'ed!

12d 1h 49m Dru versus Cofagrigus!

12d 1h 49m Versus Shauntal!

[Status] Dru leads at 26% followed by Tympole at 100%. Everyone else has fainted.

12d 1h 44m Sparky does not evolve.

12d 1h 43m Another Dragon Claw from Krook brings Dru down to 42HP. Dru goes for the revenge and takes out Krook. Dru grows to lv. 60! Grimsley defeated!

12d 1h 42m Full Restore on Krook!

12d 1h 42m Krook's Dragon Claw brings Dru down to about half.

12d 1h 42m Dru comes in.

12d 1h 42m Foul play takes out Sparky.

12d 1h 42m Sparky in! Earthquake! Sparky down to 52HP.

12d 1h 40m Another Foul Play takes out Q4!

12d 1h 40m Foul Play! Q4 down to 65HP!

12d 1h 39m Q4 comes in!

12d 1h 38m Earthquake! aMH knocked out!

12d 1h 38m Flame Charge! Krook down to 75%.

12d 1h 38m Another Flame Charge! Liepard down! Krookodile comes in!

12d 1h 37m Flame Charge brings Liepard down to 40%

12d 1h 36m Sent in aMH!

12d 1h 36m Liepard in! Fake out! 5 down!

12d 1h 36m Sparky to lv. 54!

12d 1h 36m Jump kick OHKOs Bisharp!

12d 1h 35m Bisharp in.

12d 1h 35m Another Jump kick takes out Scrafty.

12d 1h 35m Missed the Jump Kick! Another brick break brings 5 down to 3HP

12d 1h 34m Pocket sand!

12d 1h 34m Jump kick! Scrafty down to less than half.

12d 1h 34m Scrafty versus 5!

12d 1h 34m Versus Grimsley!

12d 1h 32m Entered the Elite 4 Hall. Run #40 Incoming!

12d 1h 28m Sparky down! Black out!

12d 1h 26m It's all up to Sparky

12d 1h 26m Psychic! And it's a crit, Q4 down!

12d 1h 26m Reuniclus versus Tranquill!

12d 1h 26m Versus Caitlin!

12d 1h 22m No evolutions.

[Status] Q4 leads with 47% followed by Joltik at 100%.

12d 1h 21m Krookodile down! Q4 levels up to 53! Grimsley defeated!

12d 1h 21m Q4 heads to the skies!

12d 1h 21m Sent in Q4!

12d 1h 20m Only Sparky and Q4 left.

12d 1h 19m Dragon claw from Krook takes out Dru!

12d 1h 19m Revenge brings Krook down to about 25%.

12d 1h 19m Full restore on Krookodile!

12d 1h 19m Dru comes in.

12d 1h 18m Another hit by Krook takes out Nonon!

12d 1h 18m Hyper Voice does about 40% to NOnon.

12d 1h 18m Earthquake! Nonon down to 56HP.

12d 1h 18m Sent in Nonon!

12d 1h 18m We keep trying to use Electric attacks. Another Earthquake takes out aMH

12d 1h 17m Earthquake! aMH down to 91/207

12d 1h 17m Krookodile in!

12d 1h 17m Krookodile in!

12d 1h 17m Spark! Liepard OHKOed!

12d 1h 17m Sent in aMH!

12d 1h 16m Liepard comes in! Fake out! 5 down!

12d 1h 16m Bisharp in! Jump kick! Bisharp OHKOed!

12d 1h 16m Another Jump kick takes out Scrafty!

12d 1h 16m Jump kick! Scrafty is down to less than half.

12d 1h 16m Full restore incoming!

12d 1h 15m Brick Break! 5 is down to 3HP.

12d 1h 15m Another Jump Kick from 5 brings Scrafty down to red.

12d 1h 15m Brick Break! 5 down to about half.

12d 1h 15m Jump kick! Scrafty down to 55%

12d 1h 15m Scrafty versus 5!

12d 1h 14m Versus Grimsley!

12d 1h 12m Run 39 incoming!

12d 1h 9m Hammer Arm! Dru down! Black out!

12d 1h 7m It's all up to Dru

12d 1h 7m aMH knocked out!

12d 1h 7m Spark! Conkeldurr down to 45%

12d 1h 6m Conkeldurr comes in

12d 1h 6m Wild Charge! Sawk down!

12d 1h 6m aMH in!

12d 1h 4m Sparky down!

12d 1h 4m Thunderbolt! Crit! Sawk down to 30%

12d 1h 4m Stone Edge brings Sparky down to 12HP!

12d 1h 4m Sparky up!

12d 1h 4m Sawk is faster than Q4. Lands the Stone Edge! Q4 down!

12d 1h 3m Sawk comes in!

12d 1h 3m We flyin'! Throh down!

12d 1h 3m Throh down to 55% or so.

12d 1h 3m Aerial Ace -kreygasm-

12d 1h 3m Full Restore again! Throh back at full!

12d 1h 3m Flying again! Throh down to about 15%

12d 1h 2m Full Restore used on Throh

12d 1h 2m Stone Edge! Q4 down to 54HP

12d 1h 2m Q4 heads to the skies! Fly lands and takes Throh down to like 10%

12d 1h 2m Throh versus Q4!

12d 1h 1m Versus Marshal!

12d 1h 1m Gave aMH a Great Ball to hold.

12d 0h 54m Aaaand Sparky doesn't evolve.

12d 0h 54m Sparky grows to lv. 53! Grimsley defeated!

12d 0h 53m Dru goes for the revenge. Krook OHKOed!

12d 0h 53m Dragon Claw from Krook brings Dru down to 52HP.

12d 0h 53m Earthquake! Dru down to 110HP

12d 0h 53m Switched to Dru!

12d 0h 53m Sent in aMH again!

12d 0h 52m Krook too fast, Earthquake! Nonon down!

12d 0h 52m Earthquake! Nonon down to 52HP!

12d 0h 52m Sent in Nonon!

12d 0h 51m Earthquake! aMH down to 87HP.

12d 0h 51m Krookodile comes in. Intimidate makes us at -1 Attack

12d 0h 51m aMH in! Spark! Liepard OHKO'ed!

12d 0h 51m A night slash knocks out 5!

12d 0h 50m We miss the jump kick! 5 down to 13HP.

12d 0h 50m Fake out brings 5 down to 135HP.

12d 0h 50m Liepard next!

12d 0h 50m Jump kick! Bisharp OHKOed!

12d 0h 50m Bisharp in!

12d 0h 50m Another Jump kick knocks out Scrafty!

12d 0h 49m Ahhhh! Pocket sand!

12d 0h 49m 5 versus Scrafty! Jump kick! Scrafty down to less than half.

12d 0h 49m Urn 38! Versus Grimsley!

12d 0h 39m Faffing around outside the Pokemon Center

12d 0h 29m Removed Spell Tag from 5.

12d 0h 27m Shadow Ball takes out Dru. Black out!

12d 0h 27m Chandelure in!

12d 0h 26m A crit Shadow Claw OHKOs Golurk!

12d 0h 26m Another full restore!

12d 0h 26m Shadow Claw brings Golurk back to red.

12d 0h 26m Full Restore on Golurk!

12d 0h 26m Earthquake brings Dru down to 55hp

12d 0h 26m Shadow Claw! Golurk down to red!

12d 0h 25m Another Shadow Claw takes out Cofagrigus! Golurk in!

12d 0h 25m Shadow Claw! Cofagrigus down to 30%. Shadow ball brings Drew down to 119HP.

12d 0h 25m Dru versus Cofagrigus!

12d 0h 25m Versus Shauntal!

12d 0h 22m Took Nonon's Heart Scale.

[Status] Dru is the only Pokemon on our team still alive with 100%. We still have Marshall and Shauntal to face.

[Status] Changed team order: Deerling, Tranquill, Dru, Zebstrika, Sparky, and Nonon.

12d 0h 10m Sent Dru in! Gothitelle down! Caitlin defeated!

12d 0h 10m Flame Charge does about 25%. A psychic takes out aMH.

12d 0h 9m Gothitelle comes in.

12d 0h 9m Spark takes out Musharna!

12d 0h 9m Switched aMH back in.

12d 0h 9m Nonon down!

12d 0h 9m Psychic brings aMH to red. Switched to Nonon.

12d 0h 8m A couple of Discharges bring Musharna down to about 20%.

12d 0h 8m Wild charge brings Musharna to red. Caitlin uses a full Restore!

12d 0h 8m Musharna's Psychic only takes about 50HP from aMH.

12d 0h 8m Discharge again! Musharna taken down to about 60%

12d 0h 8m Musharna comes in!

12d 0h 8m Discharge OHKOs Sigilyph!

12d 0h 7m Another discharge takes out Reuniclus! Sigilyph in!

12d 0h 7m Sent in amh. Discharge! Clutch paralyze hax!

12d 0h 7m Feather Dance! Psychic OHKO's Q4


12d 0h 6m Q4 versus Reuniclus!

12d 0h 6m Versus Caitlyn!

12d 0h 4m Faffing around our bag and Pokemon menu

11d 23h 58m Back in the Hall of Promise

11d 23h 56m 1 Leaf Stone Trashed!

11d 23h 53m Aaand we're back to faffing around the items bag. Let's see who get's what now.

[BSpam] b

11d 23h 52m 5 doesn't evolve.

11d 23h 52m Rebecca has decided on Tympole! We surf Krookodile, but not before Nonon takes some damage. Grimsley defeated!

[Rebecca Black] Which Pokemon should I take?

[Info] Four 'mon left.

11d 23h 49m Krookodile has been sent out. She uses foul play and 5 faints.

11d 23h 48m Fake out does some damage, then Kreygasm Aerial Ace hits us again. We take out the cat though and 5 grows to level 59.

[Fluff] inb4 Bambi sweep

11d 23h 48m Jump Kick takes out Bisharp. Here comes Liepard. Meow!

11d 23h 47m Full restore used. We reduce Scrafty to half damage and take it out with Jump Kick. Bisharp next!

11d 23h 47m 5 has been sent out

[Snark] Grimsley: "Challengers coming one right after another." Don't you mean WE challenging YOU GUYS 37 times?

[Fluff] Holy mother updating on fast text speed is tough

11d 23h 46m Crunch reduces Joltik to 2 HP, Brick Break takes it out.

11d 23h 46m It's a heated battle between Scrafty and Joltik! Sucker punch does little damage. And yes it was a bad choice...

11d 23h 45m "Challengers coming one right after another." Umm I think it's just us. Grimsley challenged! Urn 37 begins!

11d 23h 43m A giant Chandelure I mean Chandelier is blocking the camera.

11d 23h 43m We give up on the items and enter Grimsley's chamber

11d 23h 42m QQQQ is now holding the Poison Gem

11d 23h 41m Dru is now holding a Great Ball. We have one left in the inventory

I will never use that tag again. I promise *crosses fingers*

[Rebecca Black] Which door should I take?

11d 23h 36m Tympole was given Heart Scale and Spell Tag was received.

11d 23h 36m Gave Tympole Spell Tag.

11d 23h 34m Took away Dru's Leaf Stone

[Info] Current Party Order: Joltik, Trnaquill, Dru, Deerling, Zebstrika, Tympole

11d 23h 33m I think we're trying to get Lucky Egg off of Tympole???

11d 23h 33m Dru is now holding the Leaf Stone

11d 23h 31m Leaders are trying to get some pokemon to hold some item.

[Info] Run #37 Incoming!

11d 23h 31m Joltik is back in front

11d 23h 28m We have entered the hall!

11d 23h 25m Almost there! Just a little bit further! Oh and we have just switched Dru with Sparky. Never mind we switch them back.

11d 23h 19m We walk outside. We can't handle the heat. Oh wait

11d 23h 18m And so ends Run 36

11d 23h 18m Zebra uses Wild Charge which takes out Reuniclus. But Zebstrika is hit by recoil. Blacked out!

11d 23h 18m We have finally sent out Zebstrika

11d 23h 16m We have challenged Caitlin. It's heated battle between Reuniclus and 5. 5 uses Jump Kick, but it's not very effective. Focus Blast takes out 5.

11d 23h 15m We're flying momma!

11d 23h 14m We head towards Caitlin Stark

[Info] We have defeated two E4 members in a row twice in a row.

11d 23h 13m Back in the main hall. To whom should we next venture?

[Status] Zebstrika at 14%, Deerling at full health. Others are unconscious.

11d 23h 11m Liepard OHKOed by Spark. Grimsley defeated!

11d 23h 11m We Spark the Bisharp, but she Night Slashes the zebra down to the red. Zebstrika still takes out the Bisharp with a Flame Charge!

11d 23h 10m Zebstrika is hit hard with Earthquake, but manages to take out the crocodile. He hits level 70 in the process!

11d 23h 9m Both Pokemon are down to the yellow. And Tranquill down to Foul Play. Zebstrika is out.

11d 23h 9m "I never thought you would use that move." Really

11d 23h 9m Scrafty falls to the bird. Krookodile is next!

11d 23h 8m Challenged Grimsley. It's a heated battle between Scrafty and our Tranquill. QQQQ uses fly

[Correction] Grimsley

11d 23h 7m We have entered Grimsly's spiral tower with flaming torches to scare us

[Chat] The Unown are arguing who to battle. With occasional grunts of agony over the Stadium game.

[Snark] I guess defeating Shontelle is not Impossible. No one remembers that song? Oh

11d 23h 3m We use Spark and take out Jellicent. Shauntal defeated.

11d 23h 2m We send out Zebstrika

11d 23h 1m We muddy up these waters, but she avoids the attack. Nonon falls to Shadow Ball.

11d 23h 0m Jellicent is here. We surf those waves, but Jellicent isn't pleased. She uses Energy Ball and Nonon is reduced to 50 HP

11d 23h 0m Nonon finishes off Chandelure with a Hydro Pump! We have 4 'mon left

11d 22h 59m A Fire Blast burns up Joltik

11d 22h 59m We send out Bambi, but switch for Joltik

11d 22h 58m Chandelier kills Dru.

11d 22h 57m Dru OHKO's Golurk with a CRit. Chandelure reduces Dru to the yellow, then Shauntal uses a Full Restore. But we reduce it back down with Shadow Cl- ANOTHER full restore...

11d 22h 57m Dr. Dru destroys the Sarcophagus. Out comes Golurk

11d 22h 56m It's a heated battle between Druddigon and Cofagrigus! We use Shadow Claw and Cofragrigus loses most of it's HP

11d 22h 55m Challenged Shauntal! This is RUN 36

11d 22h 52m Still haven't decided which portal we should take

11d 22h 50m We have entered the portal chamber!

11d 22h 48m Healed. There we're all happy and healthy! Well maybe not happy

11d 22h 47m Sparky is down, end of Run 35!

11d 22h 47m Sparky steps in and almost defeats Throh. Too bad he got a full restore.

11d 22h 45m A wild charge deals heavy damage, but Throh ain't taking any of that crap. Henry is down!

11d 22h 45m Throh versus Henry!

11d 22h 44m Marshal challenged!


[BSpam] b

11d 22h 42m Sparky does not evolve.

11d 22h 41m A couple of Sparks ends that story. We beat Caitlin!

11d 22h 41m Gothitelle remains.

11d 22h 41m Musharna down. Sparky is promoted to level 52!

11d 22h 40m Musharna is out now.

11d 22h 40m Reuniclus down. Out comes Siglyph, who also goes down.

11d 22h 39m Out comes Mega Henry. AGAIN with the Full Restore, Caitlin?

11d 22h 38m Caitlin burns a Full Restore. Reuniclus is in the red but KOs NON.

11d 22h 37m Out comes NON, surfing away the competition.

11d 22h Quadquill down!

11d 22h 36m VS Caitlin! Reuniclus against Quadquill.

11d 22h 34m Approaching Caitlin.

[Snark] But I wanna evolve!

[BSpam] b

11d 22h 30m Sparky does not evolve.

11d 22h 29m GIT REKT JELLICENT! Shauntal is defeated!

11d 22h 29m It's down to Jellicent

11d 22h 29m Chandelure down!

11d 22h 29m Maybe Mega Henry can change the tides of war.

11d 22h 28m Bambi gets rekt, too.

11d 22h 28m Dru faints to Cahndelure.

11d 22h 28m Also, Sparky is promoted to level 51!

11d 22h 27m Golurk down. Dru is promoted to level 59.

11d 22h 27m Dru still can't one hit Golurk. At least we are burning through Shauntal's Full Restores.

11d 22h 27m One full restore on Golurk.

11d 22h 26m Here he comes, here comes Golurk. He's a demon made of rock!

11d 22h 26m Cofagrigus down!

[Snark] Imma just keep spelling its name different every time.

11d 22h 26m Dru vs. Cogagrigus

11d 22h 25m Shauntal challenged.

[Info] According to thefreedictionary.com, Urn means "A vase of varying size and shape, usually having a footed base or pedestal." This is our 35th vase.

11d 22h 22m And so begins run 35.

[Info] We are getting closer to defeating 2 Elite 4s every run!

11d 22h 17m More sparks, for great justice. Conkeldurr is paralyzed, but he knocks out Mega Henry! Urn 34 ends in a black out!

11d 22h 16m Sawk is down. Now for Conkeldurr.

11d 22h 16m Throh is down. Out comes Sawk.

11d 22h 15m Flame Charge raises Henry's speed, Bulldoze drops it.

11d 22h 15m Another Full Restore for Throh.

11d 22h 13m It's all down to Mega Henry

11d 22h 12m Sparky is hit hard by Stone Edge. Sparky down!

11d 22h 12m Throh is paralyzed!

[Snark] Don't you mean Stone Edge? I didn't think Throh used Payback on QQQQ to knock him out. :P

11d 22h 12m Joltik steps in as Marshal burns a full restore.

11d 22h 11m Aerial ace almost knocks out Throh. Suddenly payback. QQQQ down!

11d 22h 10m Throh versus Quad Q.

11d 22h 10m Marshal challenged!

11d 22h 7m Back in the main lobby.

11d 22h 4m Jellicent rekt. Shantal is defeated!

11d 22h 4m Mega Henry steps onto the pitch

11d 22h 3m NON fainted!

11d 22h 3m More dodges. MOAR DODGES!

11d 22h 2m Muddy Water is causing Jellicent's attacks to miss!

11d 22h 1m Energy ball is a massive problem for NON, but she hangs in there.

11d 22h 1m It's down to Jellicent.

11d 22h 0m The chandelier comes crashing down!

11d 22h 0m NON takes the field.

11d 22h 0m 5 is down!

11d 21h 58m BAMBEH SAVE US.*

11d 21h 58m Dru is down!

11d 21h 57m Out comes Chandelure with its massive Sp Atk.

11d 21h 57m Just can't seem to one-hit Golurk, but it finally goes down.

11d 21h 57m Shauntal burns through 2 full restores.

11d 21h 56m Golurk is hurt, but comes out swinging with an Earthquake

11d 21h 56m Confagrigus down. Out comes Golurk.

11d 21h 56m Good ol' Mummy screwing over abilities.

11d 21h 56m Confagrius out vs. Dru

11d 21h 55m Shauntal challenged.

11d 21h 55m Entered Shauntal's room.

[Fluff] 69 is best number, we can do this!

11d 21h 53m To the E4. Urn 34 here we come!

11d 21h 51m Mega Henry down! Black out!

11d 21h 48m Mega Henry is the only 'mon left standing on our team.

11d 21h 41m Dru is down!

11d 21h 38m Dru is on the ropes!

11d 21h 25m Joltik's dragon gem was switched for the EXP share.

11d 21h 15m Dru now leads the team.

[Snark] Giggidy giggidy.

11d 21h 11m Mega Henry is promoted to level 69!

11d 21h 6m We entered the first Victory Road cave!

11d 21h 1m Joltik is down!

11d 20h 57m NON is down!

11d 20h 56m No more surf, no more hydro pump. Man, we are squeezing NON dry.

[VictoryRoadBSpam] b

11d 20h 50m 1 PP left on Surf.

11d 20h 45m Still in the same area of Victory Road.

11d 20h 40m NON is promoted to level 62! No evolution.

11d 20h 25m Faffing around at the speed of sound!

11d 20h 11m Tranquill fainted to a wild Vullaby

11d 20h 5m Tranquill in the red ( 14%)

11d 20h 2m We continue to grind Tranquill on the bottom of Victory Road

11d 19h 55m Did not evolve!

11d 19h 55m Tranquill up to lv.52!

11d 19h 45m Still grinding at the bottom of Victory Road

11d 19h 37m He did not evolve!

11d 19h 37m Tranquill up to lv.51!

11d 19h 33m Tranquill leads our team now!

11d 19h 32m 5 fainted to a wild Heatmor!

11d 19h 30m 5 down to 31%!

11d 19h 24m Battle style to set!

11d 19h 22m 5 leads our team now !

11d 19h 20m And we slid again, to the bottom of Victory Road!

11d 19h 18m And we slid down a wall!

11d 19h 17m Outside of Victory Road!

11d 19h 13m Dru down to 41%

11d 19h 12m Used an Aspear Berry

11d 19h 8m And up a floor again!

11d 19h 5m This is the doctor's floor!

11d 19h 4m And up another floor

11d 19h 3m We went up a floor!

11d 18h 58m On the inside of Victory Road!

11d 18h 54m We slid down to the bottom of the road!

11d 18h 53m Back on Victory Road!

11d 18h 52m We're in the league!

11d 18h 51m Switching between Victory Road and the League

11d 18h 51m Back on the Pokemon League!

11d 18h 50m On Victory Road!

11d 18h 48m Out of the pokecenter

11d 18h 48m Black out!

11d 18h 47m 5 faints to his own Jump Kick!

11d 18h 47m 5 in the low yellow!

11d 18h 46m 5 was cursed, golurk in the low yellow!

11d 18h 46m 5 seeded Golurk!

11d 18h 46m Full Restore used on Golurk!

11d 18h 46m 5 out!

11d 18h 45m Only 5 left!

11d 18h 45m Dru's shadow claw put Golurk in the red, butDru faints!

11d 18h 45m Dru back in!

11d 18h 41m aMH faints to earthquake!

11d 18h 41m Golurk out!

11d 18h 40m Discharge take Jellicent down!

11d 18h 40m aMH out!

11d 18h 38m we wasted a dusk ball on Jellicent , Tranquill faints!

11d 18h 37m Tranquill in the red!

11d 18h 37m Tranquill out!

11d 18h 36m Nonon faints !

11d 18h 36m Jellicent out!

11d 18h 36m Dru up to lv.58, Nonon in the red!

11d 18h 35m Shadow ball put Nonon in the yellow, and Surf faints Cofagrigus!

11d 18h 35m Nonon's surf put Cofagrigus back in the yellow, but Nonon is burned!

11d 18h 34m Nonon out!

11d 18h 34m Joltik faints to Psychic!

11d 18h 34m Shadow ball put Joltik in the yellow!

11d 18h 33m Switched to Joltik!

11d 18h 33m Dru down to 5 hp!

11d 18h 33m Full Restores used on Cofegrigus!

11d 18h 33m Cofagrigus in the red, and Dru is too!

11d 18h 32m Dru's Dragon claw ptu Cofagrigus in the yellow, but now Dru is burned and has Mummy!

11d 18h 32m Dru vs. Cofarigus!

11d 18h 31m Challenged Shauntal

11d 18h 30m Inside Shauntal's room

[Team order] Dru, Tranquill, Nonon, Joltik, Zebra, 5

11d 18h 26m Dru leads again

11d 18h 23m 5 leads now

11d 18h 21m Dru leads our team

11d 18h 21m On the E4 lobby! Attempt 33

11d 18h 20m Back on the pokemon league!

11d 18h 20m On victory road

11d 18h 19m 5 leads our party now

11d 18h 16m Out of the Pokecenter

11d 18h 16m Deerling is taken out with psychic, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

11d 18h 15m Caitlin sends out Gothitelle.

11d 18h 15m The seeds take out Musharna.

11d 18h 15m Deerling seeds the enemy Musharna.

11d 18h 14m We send in deerling.

11d 18h 14m Deerling is the last one remaining.

11d 18h 14m Musharna takes out Zebstrika!

11d 18h 13m A full restore is used on Musharna.

11d 18h 13m Zebstrika is paralyzed due to synchronize.

11d 18h 12m A full restore is used on Musharna.

11d 18h 12m sigilyph is quickly taken out by zebstrika.

11d 18h 12m Caitlin sends out sigilyph.

11d 18h 11m Reuniclus is taken out.

11d 18h 11m We send in zebstrika to fight.

11d 18h 10m Dru is taken out!

11d 18h 10m It is dru against reuniclus.

11d 18h 10m We are challenging Caitlin!

11d 17h 53m Shauntal is defeated!

11d 17h 53m Dru takes out jellicent with shadow claw.

11d 17h 53m Dru is sent in to fight.

11d 17h 52m Joltik is taken out by brine from jellicent!

11d 17h 52m We manage to switch out deerling and we send in Joltik.

11d 17h 51m At this point deerling can do nothing more to fight against jellicent.

11d 17h 50m Deerling seeds Jellicent.

11d 17h 50m Deerling is sent in to fight.

11d 17h 49m Tympole is taken out by shadow ball!

11d 17h 49m Jellicent is sent in.

11d 17h 49m Tympole finally takes out chandelure with surf.

11d 17h 48m Another full restore is used on an almost fainted chandelure.

11d 17h 48m Shauntal uses a full restore on chandelure.

11d 17h 47m We send in tympole to fight.

11d 17h 47m QQQQ is taken out due to a fire blast from Chandelure!

11d 17h 47m We switch Dru out and send in QQQQ.

11d 17h 46m Shauntal sends out Chandelure.

11d 17h 46m Golurk causes itself to faint while laying a curse on Dru.

11d 17h 46m Shauntal sends in golurk.

11d 17h 46m Dru takes out cofagrigus with shadow claw.

11d 17h 45m It is Dru against Cofagrigus.

11d 17h 44m We are challenging Shauntal!

11d 17h 42m We begin attempt #32!

11d 17h 38m Zebstrika is taken out by shadowball, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

11d 17h 38m Musharna is taken out.

11d 17h 37m Zebstrika is paralyzed as a result of Musharnas synchronize.

11d 17h 37m Sigilyph is taken out by zebstrika.

11d 17h 36m Reuniclus is finally taken down.

11d 17h 36m Another full restore is used by Caitlin.

11d 17h 36m Caitlin uses a full restore on reuniclus.

11d 17h 35m Zebstrika is sent in.

11d 17h 35m Zebstrika is our last remaining pokemon.

11d 17h 35m Deerling is knocked out due to its own recoil!

11d 17h 34m We send deerling in to fight.

11d 17h 34m Tympole is quickly taken out by thunder!

11d 17h 33m It is tympole up against reuniclus.

11d 17h 33m We are challenging Caitlin!

11d 17h 25m Deerling takes out Liepard, Grimsley defeated, Deerling advances to level 58, it does not evolve!

11d 17h 24m Grimsley sends out Liepard.

11d 17h 24m Deerling takes out Bisharp with a jump kick.

11d 17h 23m We send deerling in to fight.

11d 17h 23m Bisharp takes out joltik with an X-scissor!

11d 17h 22m Joltik is sent in to fight.

11d 17h 21m QQQQ is quickly taken down!

11d 17h 21m QQQQ is sent in to fight.

11d 17h 21m Dru is taken out by Bisharp!

11d 17h 20m Dru takes out Krokoodile.

11d 17h 20m Dru takes out scrafty and advances to level 57!

11d 17h 19m It is Dru up against scrafty.

11d 17h 18m We are challenging Grimsley!

11d 17h 13m We challenge the E4 once again, this is attempt #31!

11d 17h 6m Deerling is taken out by brick break, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

11d 17h 5m Deerling is sent in.

11d 17h 3m Only deerling remains.

11d 17h 2m Zebstrika is taken out by an earthquake!

11d 17h 2m Zebstrika is afflicted with a curse by golurk.

11d 17h 2m Shauntal sends in golurk.

11d 17h 1m Zebstrika takes out jellicent with wild charge.

11d 17h 1m We send zebstrika in.

11d 17h 1m Jellicent takes out tympole with energy ball!

11d 17h 0m Tympole takes out chandelure with hydro pump.

11d 17h 0m We send in tympole to fight.

11d 16h 59m Joltik is taken out by chandelure!

11d 16h 59m Joltik defeats cofagrigus, joltik advances to level 50!

11d 16h 58m Joltik almost gets hit by will-o-wisp but avoids the attack.

11d 16h 58m Joltik is sent in to fight.

11d 16h 56m QQQQ is taken down!

11d 16h 56m QQQQ is hit by will-o-wisp and is burned.

11d 16h 55m Shauntal uses another full restore.

11d 16h 55m QQQQ is sent in to fight.

11d 16h 55m Dru is taken out by a shadow ball!

11d 16h 54m Shauntal uses a full restore.

11d 16h 54m Dru is burned due to will-o-wisp.

11d 16h 53m It is Dru against cofagrigus.

11d 16h 52m We challenge Shauntal!

11d 16h 49m We are now beginning attempt #30!

[Info] Run #29 was the first run we were successfully able to take down 2 Elite Four members.

11d 16h 43m Deerling is taken out by the recoil of its own double edge, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

11d 16h 42m Deerling is thown into the fight.

11d 16h 41m Deerling is yet again the last one remaining.

11d 16h 41m Zebstrika is taken out by Musharna!

11d 16h 40m Zebstrika takes out sigilyph and advances to level 68!

11d 16h 40m Sigilyph is sent in.

11d 16h 39m Zebstrika takes out Reuniclus.

11d 16h 39m A psychic attack put zebsrika into the red.

11d 16h 39m It is zebstrika against Reuniclus.

11d 16h 38m We are challenging Caitlin!

11d 16h 34m Tympole did not evolve.

11d 16h 34m Deerling defeats liepard, Grimsley defeated!

11d 16h 33m Deerling takes out Bisharp.

11d 16h 33m We send in deerling

11d 16h 32m Tympole is taken out by Bisharps metal claw!

11d 16h 32m Tympole reaches level 61!

11d 16h 31m Tympole takes out scrafty with hydro pump.

11d 16h 31m Grimsely uses a full restore on the almost fainted scrafty.

11d 16h 30m It is tympole up against scrafty.

11d 16h 30m We are challenging Grimsley!

11d 16h 24m Zebstrika takes out jellicent, Shauntal is defeated!

11d 16h 23m Shauntal sends in Jellicent.

11d 16h 23m Chandelure is taken out.

11d 16h 23m We send zebstrika in to fight.

11d 16h 22m Chanelure takes out joltik with a fire blast!

11d 16h 22m We send in Joltik.

11d 16h 21m QQQQ is taken out by chandelure!

11d 16h 21m QQQQ is sent in.

11d 16h 21m Chandelure takes out Dru with psychic!

11d 16h 21m Chandelure is sent in.

11d 16h 20m Golurk is taken out by shadow claw.

11d 16h 20m Shauntal sends out Golurk.

11d 16h 20m Dru takes out Cofagrigus with shadow claw.

11d 16h 19m It is Dru up against Confagrigus.

11d 16h 18m We challenge Shauntal once again!

11d 16h 16m We enter to challenge the E4, this is attempt #29!

11d 16h 12m Deerling is taken out by surf, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!


11d 16h 11m Deerling has seeded the enemy Jellicent.

11d 16h 11m Deerling is sent out.

[rip] lol more rip. killed by ghosts, how fun.

11d 16h 9m Once again only deerling remains.

11d 16h 9m Tympole is taken out with an energy ball!

11d 16h 8m Tympole takes out Golurk with surf.

11d 16h 8m Tympole is sent in to fight.

[rip] so much rip.

[rip] rip

11d 16h 5m Zebstrika is taken out with an earthquake/curse combo!

11d 16h 5m Golurk afflicts zebstrika with a curse.

[rip] rip coffin

11d 16h 4m Cofagrigus is finaly taken out.

11d 16h 4m We send Zebstrika in to fight.

[snark] Since our Pokemon keep dying, we can just bury them in that coffin over there.

[rip] rip

11d 16h 2m Joltik is taken out by psychic!

11d 16h 1m Our pokemon is once again burned due to will-o-wisp.

[rip] rip

11d 16h 1m We send Joltik into the battle.

11d 16h 1m QQQQ succumbs to its burns and faints!

11d 16h 0m Confagrigus burns QQQQ and then is restored to health.

11d 15h 59m we send QQQQ in to fight.

[rip] rip

11d 15h 59m Dru is taken down by shadow ball!

11d 15h 58m Shauntal uses a full restore on the almost fainted Cofagrigus.

11d 15h 58m Dru has been burnt from will-o-wisp.

11d 15h 57m It is Dru up against Cofagrigus.

11d 15h 57m We are challenging Shauntal!

11d 15h 53m We enter the E4 building, this is attempt #28!

[rip] rip

11d 15h 50m Deerling is taken out, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

11d 15h 49m Deerling takes out conkeldurr, levels up to level 57!

11d 15h 49m Deerling is sent into the fight.

11d 15h 49m Joltik has been taken out!

11d 15h 48m We send Joltik into the fight.

11d 15h 47m Zebstrika has been taken out by Conkeldurr!

11d 15h 46m Zebstrika takes out Sawk with flame charge.

11d 15h 45m We send Zebstrika into fight.

11d 15h 44m Tympole has been taken out!

11d 15h 43m Tympole almost takes out throh with hydro pump, but it gets a full restore.

11d 15h 42m It is Tympole up against Throh.

11d 15h 42m We are challenging Marshal!

11d 15h 38m We defeated Caitlin!

11d 15h 37m Zebstrika takes out Musharana and levels up to level 67!

11d 15h 36m Zebstrika is sent into the battle.

11d 15h 35m QQQQ has been taken out!

11d 15h 35mWe send QQQQ into the battle.

11d 15h 34m Dru has been taken out!

11d 15h 34m Reuniclus is taken out.

11d 15h 34m It is Dru up against Reuniclus.

11d 15h 33m We are challenging Caitlin!

11d 15h 30m We enter to challenge the E4, this is attempt #27

11d 15h 29m We have taken the exp share off of deerling.

11d 15h 26m Liepard takes out Deerling with a fake out, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

11d 15h 26m Deerling takes out Bisharp.

11d 15h 26m Deerling almost takes out Bisharp, but it gets a full restore.

11d 15h 25m Deerling takes out Krookodile.

11d 15h 24m Deerling is sent in.

11d 15h 21m Once again deerling is our last pokemon.

11d 15h 21m Zebstrika is taken out by earthquake!

11d 15h 21m We send Zebstrika in to fight.

11d 15h 18m Krookodile takes out Tympole with a critical earthquake!

11d 15h 17m Tympole is sent in.

11d 15h 17m Krookodile takes out Tranquill with foul play!

11d 15h 16m Tranquill is sent in.

11d 15h 14m Joltik has been taken out by Krookodile!

11d 15h 14m Joltik is sent in.

11d 15h 14m Dru is taken out!

11d 15h 13m Dru takes out Scrafty and levels up to level 56!

11d 15h 13m Its Druddigon against Scrafty.

11d 15h 12m We have challenged Grimsley!

11d 15h 7m We have entered to challenge the E4. This is attempt #26!

11d 15h 3m Deerling faints, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

11d 15h 2m Sawk is taken out.

11d 15h 0m Only deerling is left.

11d 15h 0m Sawk takes out Zebstrika!

11d 15h 0m Sawk takes out Tranquill!

11d 14h 59m Throh is taken out and Sawk is sent in.

11d 14h 59m Its Tranqill against Throh.

11d 14h 59m We are challenging Marshal!

11d 14h 56m 5 levels up to 56! It does not evolve.

11d 14h 55m Shauntal is defeated!

11d 14h 54m Shauntal uses a full restore on Jellicent.

11d 14h 54m Chandelure is finally taken out.

11d 14h 53m Full restore is used on Chandelure.

11d 14h 53m Joltik is taken out by Chandelure!

11d 14h 53m Tympole is taken out by Chandelure!

11d 14h 52m Druddigon is taken out by Chandelure!

11d 14h 52m Cofragrigus is taken down, Golurk is sent out.

11d 14h 51m Dru is up against Cofagrigus.

11d 14h 51m We are challenging Shauntal!

11d 14h 45m This is attempt #25

11d 14h 44m We enter to challenge the elite 4.

11d 14h 41m Deerling is taken out, we are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

11d 14h 33m Zebstrika is taken out by a wild Heatnor!

11d 14h 30m We jump off the second floor ledge to the outside of the first floor.

11d 14h 26m Zebstrika is taken to red health by a wild Boldore.

11d 14h 20m We take the stairs to the second floor.

11d 14h 19m We take the stairs back to the first floor.

11d 14h 14m We enter the cave on the second floor.

11d 14h 11m We jump down to the cave entrance at the second floor.

11d 14h 10m We leave the cave and head outside.

11d 14h 8m We take the stairs back down to the third floor.

11d 14h 3m It does not evolve.

11d 14h 2m 5 evolves to level 55!

11d 13h 53m With no exit in sight we return to the cave.

11d 13h 52m We leave the cave to find ourselves on a balcony.

11d 13h 47m We take the stairs to the fourth floor.

11d 13h 42m We enter the third floor of the cave.

11d 13h 40m We enter the second floor of the cave.

11d 13h 38m We capture a wild level 40 female durant, nickname is GGGGGGGGXX

11d 13h 24m Tranquill faints to a wild Durant!

11d 13h 21m Joltik faints to a wild Durant!

11d 13h 16m Our Tympole faints to a wild Durant!

11d 13h 3m We enter the cave and into victory road.

11d 12h 56m We're currently at the bottom of Victory Road

11d 12h 53m We slid down a wall

11d 12h 53m And back outside.

11d 12h 51m We went back inside Victory Road

11d 12h 50m Did not evolve...

11d 12h 50m 5 up to lv.54

11d 12h 47m We're on one of the outside part of Victory road now

11d 12h 44m Still grinding on Victory Road

11d 12h 38m A Force Palm from a wild Mienfoo faints Druddigon.

11d 12h 36m Druddigon is now at red health.

11d 12h 32m Up another floor.

11d 12h 31m Druddigon now at around half health (85/157) after a battle with a Durant.

11d 12h 28m Went up a floor! This room has one Ace Trainer in it that we battled a long time ago.

11d 12h 26m Entered Victory Road cave, this time at the base of it.

11d 12h 25m Jumped across a ledge!

11d 12h 18m After many battles with wild Heatmors and Mienfoos, Druddigon has no more PP in the move Dragon Claw.

11d 12h 1m Swapped party order again. Druddigon is now at the front and Deerling is at the back.

11d 11h 59m Used TM65 Shadow Claw. Druddigon learns Shadow Claw over Superpower!

11d 11h 55m Battle Scene now set to OFF.

11d 11h 54m Rummaging around in the bag.

11d 11h 52m Party Order: Deerling, Tympole, Joltik, Tranquill, Zebstrika, and Druddigon.

11d 11h 51m Swapped party order again. Deerling now leads the party.

11d 11h 50m Swapped the order of our party twice; first Druddigon with Deerling and then Deerling with Druddigon. Overall there are no changes to party order.

11d 11h 46m Joltik is down to red health (4/119) after a battle with a wild Mienfoo.

11d 11h 40m It appears as if we are somewhere at the bottom of Victory Road. The grinding gets real.

11d 11h 35m GMYC slides down more cliffs.

11d 11h 35m Slid down a cliff!

11d 11h 34m Debating whether or not to enter Victory Road or the Pokemon League.

11d 11h 32m Now hanging outside the Elite Four lobby.

11d 11h 31m Earlier we booted up the PC once but turned it back off.

11d 11h 30m Saved the game!

11d 11h 27m Wandering around the Pokemon Centre. GMYC is dangerously close to the PC.

11d 11h 25m GMYC has no more Pokemon and blacks out!

11d 11h 24m Tympole's water attacks don't do much against Jellicent. Jellicent uses Energy Ball and Tympole faints!

11d 11h 24m Shauntal sends in Jellicent!

11d 11h 23m Tympole uses Hydro Pump! It's super effective! One-hit KO and Golurk is out!

11d 11h 23m And Shauntal uses a Full Restore on Golurk!

11d 11h 23m Tympole sent out!

11d 11h 21m Zebstrika Flame Charges and brought Golurk to red! Golurk uses Earthquake and brings Zebstrika to red health. Zebstrika faints to Curse.

11d 11h 20m Spark doesn't affect Shauntal's Golurk. Golurk uses Curse on Zebstrika!

11d 11h 19m Wild Charge did the work! Cofagrigus faints! Shauntal sends out Golurk!

11d 11h 19m Sent out Zebstrika! Zebstrika vs. Cofagrigus.

11d 11h 18m We have Tympole at 82% left and Zebstrika at full health.

11d 11h 16m Cofagrigus uses Psychic! Tranquill faints!

11d 11h 16m Sent in Tranquill! Cofagrigus is currently in the low yellow from Joltik's attacks.

11d 11h 15m Joltik is inflicted with a burn from Cofagrigus! The burn takes out Joltik!

11d 11h 14m Sent out Joltik!

11d 11h 13m Dru fainted to Cofagrigus' Psychic!

11d 11h 12m Challenged Elite Four Shauntal! Dru vs. Cofagrigus!

11d 11h 8m 24th run! Here we go!

11d 11h 6m Entered the Pokemon League.

11d 11h 5m Finally got to the top of Victory Road.

11d 10h 54m Deerling fainted to a wild Durant.

11d 10h 48m Deerling leveled up to level 53 and didn't evolve!

11d 10h 44m Obtained a Flying Gem

11d 10h 35m Dru's HP is 13%

11d 10h 24m Still grinding around Victory Road.

11d 10h 21m Healed our party by a Doctor.

11d 10h 15m Nonon leveled up to level 60 and didn't evolved!

11d 10h 5m Dru fainted to a wild Durant.

11d 9h 49m Dru leveled up to level 55 and Learned Superpower by replacing Shadow Claw!

11d 9h 48m Healed our party by a Doctor.

11d 9h 43m Dru fainted to a wild Durant.

11d 9h 37m Healed our party by a Doctor.

11d 9h 36m Dru fainted to a wild Durant.

11d 9h 34m Healed our party by a Doctor.

11d 9h 27m Dru fainted to a wild Durant

11d 9h 21m Dru in the red!

11d 9h 16m 11d 9h 16m And the doctor heals our team once more!

11d 9h 16m Did not evolve...

11d 9h 15m 5 up to lv.52!

11d 9h 13m And down the stairs again

11d 9h 11m We went up a floor.

11d 9h 8m Dru fainted to a wild Boldore!

11d 9h 7m Dru in the red!

11d 9h 2m Joltik down to 46%!

11d 9h 1m Dru down to 42% !

11d 8h 58m The doctor heals our team again

11d 8h 51m Nonon leads our team now!

11d 8h 51m Tranquill down to 47%

11d 8h 49m Joltik fainted to the same Durant

11d 8h 47m Dru fainted to wild Durant

11d 8h 46m Dru in the red!

11d 8h 39m The doctor healed our team

11d 8h 38m Joltik down to 38% too!

11d 8h 37m Dru in the red!

11d 8h 36m Found a Poison Gem

11d 8h 33m Down to the doctor's floor again

11d 8h 31m Dru down to 38%

11d 8h 27m And we're one floor upstairs

11d 8h 25m Tranquill has fainted to a wild Boldore.

11d 8h 22m A Doctor heals our team!

11d 8h 20m Deerling also fails to evolve once more.

11d 8h 20m Deerling levels up to 51 and did not learn Solarbeam.

11d 8h 18m Came up the stairs and we're up on another floor.

11d 8h 14m Went up a floor.

11d 8h 11m Tympole is now leading our party.

11d 8h 8m Druddigon faints to another wild Durant.

11d 8h 6m Found a hidden Max Potion!

11d 8h 4m A battle with a wild Durant has left Druddigon in red health.

11d 7h 56m Picked up a Max Revive.

11d 7h 54m Back to wandering around in Victory Road, where wild Durants and Boldores lurk at every corner!

[Snark] I'm surprised his trousers hasn't ripped after sliding all that way.

11d 7h 49m Slid a long way down a cliff!

11d 7h 47m Entered Victory Road.

11d 7h 42m Outside the Elite Four lobby again.

11d 7h 36m Deerling uses Nature Power which turns into Tri Attack! This very nearly takes out Reuniclus. Reuniclus Focus Blasts again and knocks out Deerling! Black out!

11d 7h 35m Sent in Deerling.

11d 7h 35m Zebstrika uses Wild Charge and almost takes out Reuniclus! Reuniclus responds with Focus Blast and faints Zebstrika!

11d 7h 34m Battle! Elite Four Caitlin. Zebstrika vs. Reuniclus!

11d 7h 32m Inside Caitlin's room.

11d 7h 29m GMYC returns to the Elite Four lobby.

11d 7h 29m Our current status is a Zebstrika at 27% health and Deerling at full health. The rest of our team have fainted.

[BSpam] b

11d 7h 28m Deerling does not evolve as usual.

11d 7h 28m Zebstrika grows to level 66! Grimsley defeated!

11d 7h 27m Zebstrika wild charges again, and takes down Grimsley's Liepard!

11d 7h 26m Zebstrika charges at Bisharp and takes it out! Grimsley sends in Liepard.

11d 7h 25m Sent in Zebstrika. Zebstrika vs. Bisharp.

11d 7h 25m Bisharp's Night Slash destroys Joltik. Joltik faints!

11d 7h 25m Grimsley sends in Bisharp.

11d 7h 24m Krookodile uses an Earthquake which brings Joltik down to the low yellow. Joltik uses a Bug Buzz and takes down Grimsley's Krookodile!

11d 7h 24m Sent in Joltik.

11d 7h 21m Krookodile uses Crunch! Tympole faints!

11d 7h 21m Krookodile's Earthquake brings Tympole to the low yellow.

11d 7h 20m Switched in to Tympole.

11d 7h 19m We send in Joltik! Joltik vs. Krookodile.

11d 7h 19m Fly brings Krookodile to yellow! Another Foul Play knocks out Tranquill!

11d 7h 19m Krookodile's Foul Play brings Tranquill to yellow! Tranquill responds with Fly!

11d 7h 18m Sent in Tranquill.

11d 7h 17m Krookodile's Crunch takes out Dru!

11d 7h 16m Deerling levels up to 50! Grimsley sends in Krookodile.

11d 7h 16m A Dragon Claw brings down Scrafty! Druddigon grows to level 54!

11d 7h 16m Druddigon goes at Scrafty and brings it to yellow!

11d 7h 15m Battle! Elite Four Grimsley. Druddigon vs. Scrafty!

11d 7h 14m Back in again, and GMYC goes up the stairs!

11d 7h 14m Back outside.

11d 7h 13m Entered Grimsley's room.

11d 7h 10m Still wandering in the lobby. Looks like GMYC can't make up his mind on who to challenge. Decisions, decisions.

11d 7h 1m We are back to challenge the Elite Four. Attempt #24 begins.

11d 6h 59m We are back outside the Pokemon League lobby.

11d 6h 53m Musharna uses Psychic and faints Deerling! GMYC has no more Pokemon and blacks out!

11d 6h 52m Sent in Deerling! It is now Deerling vs. Musharna.

11d 6h 52m We only have Deerling at full health left.

11d 6h 51m Musharna uses Shadow Ball and takes down Zebstrika!

11d 6h 51m A Discharge brings down Sigilyph! Caitlin sends out Musharna in response.

11d 6h 50m Caitlin sends out Sigilyph!

11d 6h 49m A Discharge brings Reuinclus to the low yellow. Reuniclus uses Psychic and brings Zebstrika to red! Zebstrika uses Wild Charge and defeats Reuniclus!

11d 6h 49m Reuniclus vs. Zebstrika

11d 6h 48m Challenged Caitlin!

11d 6h 48m Entered Caitlin's room.

11d 6h 44m [Status] Zebstrika: 54%, Deerling: 100%

11d 6h 44m No evolution for Deerling.

11d 6h 44m Shauntal defeated.

11d 6h 43m It's restored, but a Wild Charge brings it down to zero.

11d 6h 43m Discharge takes Jellicent into the red.

11d 6h 42m Sent in aMH.

11d 6h 40m Nonon's water attacks don't do much. She faints.

11d 6h 40m Shauntal sends in Jellicent.

11d 6h 39m Sent in Nonon. She takes out Chandelure.

11d 6h 37m Sparky sucker punches Chandelure, but then he goes down to Fire Blast.

11d 6h 35m We send in Sparky.

11d 6h 34m Chandelure is sent in. Dru down.

11d 6h 34m Golurk down, but curses Dru. Fives to 49.

11d 6h 33m Cofagrigus goes down. Golurk in.

11d 6h 32m Sent in Dru. Cofagrigus restores.

11d 6h 32m QQQQ down.

11d 6h 31m QQQQ down to 6 HP and burning, and brings Cofagrigus to red as well.

11d 6h 31m Switched to QQQQ. He gets burnt.

11d 6h 30m Dru vs Cofagrigus.

11d 6h 29m Time to write a novel with Shauntal.

11d 6h 27m Entered Shauntal's room.

11d 6h 26m Run 23 begins.

11d 6h 24m Black out.

11d 6h 23m We send in Nonon. She brings Gothitelle to red, and is promptly taken out by a critical Psychic.

11d 6h 22m Two Double-Edges take Gothitelle to yellow, but Fives goes down to Psychic.

11d 6h 22m Caitlin restores Gothitelle.

11d 6h 21m Fives is in.

11d 6h 19m Psychic promptly takes out aMH.

11d 6h 19m Discharge and Spark brings it to red, paralyzing it!

11d 6h 18m Caitlin sends in Gothitelle!

11d 6h 18m Second charge takes out Musharna.

11d 6h 18m Wild Charge takes Musharna into the yellow.

11d 6h 17m Caitlin sends out Musharna.

11d 6h 17m aMH comes in. He discharges into Sigilyph and it's gone.

11d 6h 17m Gets off to a start with Sucker Punch. Immediately gets Psychic'ed.

11d 6h 16m We send in Sparky.

11d 6h 16m QQQQ in. He's iced.

11d 6h 16m Sigilyph in. It ices Dru.

11d 6h 15m Second claw takes out Reuniclus.

11d 6h 15m Shadow Claw brings Reuniclus to yellow. Psychic does the same for Dru.

11d 6h 15m Dru vs Reuniclus.

11d 6h 15m Hopefully not a yawn-inducing battle.

11d 6h 14m Entered Caitlin's room.

11d 6h 12m We begin Run 22.

11d 6h 7m aMH down. Black out.

11d 6h 6m aMH paralyzes Musharna. Synchronise kicks in, and he's paralyzed too.

11d 6h 6m Sigilyph in. aMH charges. Sigilyph out.

11d 6h 5m Charges straight into Reuniclus. It immediately goes down.

11d 6h 5m aMH is sent in. He's the last standing 'mon on our team.

11d 6h 4m And is one-hitted by a Focus Blast.

11d 6h 4m She immediately leeches Reuniclus.

11d 6h 3m Fives arrives.

11d 6h 3m He manages to pull off a Bug Buzz, but Psychic promptly OHKOs him.

11d 6h 3m Sparky is sent out against Reuniclus.

11d 6h 2m We're definitely not gonna bore ya, Caitlin.

11d 6h 2m Entered Caitlin's room.

11d 6h 1m In the lobby now.

11d 5h 59m As usual, Fives doesn't evolve.

11d 5h 58m Shauntal defeated!

11d 5h 58m Discharge then takes out Jellicent.

11d 5h 58m aMH comes in. He starts off with a Flame Charge.

11d 5h 57m Nonon out to an Energy Ball.

11d 5h 56m Shauntal sends in Jellicent.

11d 5h 56m Fives hits Level 48!

11d 5h 56m Hydro Pump finishes it off.

11d 5h 56m Second Surf drives Chandelure back into yellow.

11d 5h 56m Shauntal restores Chandelure.

11d 5h 56m Nonon's down in the yellow from Payback.

11d 5h 55m Surf immediately brings Chandelure into the low yellow.

11d 5h 55m We send in Nonon.

11d 5h 54m He immediately goes down to a Fire Blast.

11d 5h 54m QQQQ is sent in.

11d 5h 53m Chandelure is sent out. Dru faints to a Shadow Ball.

11d 5h 53m A Curse has been placed on Dru! Golurk faints in doing so!

11d 5h 53m Shauntal sends out Golurk.

11d 5h 52m Shadow Claw finishes the coffin off!

11d 5h 52m We Crunch. It brings Cofagrigus beyond half HP.

11d 5h 52m Dru vs Cofagrigus.

11d 5h 51m Let's rock and roll, Shauntal.

11d 5h 50m In Shauntal's room.

11d 5h 49m Started the E4 Challenge! Run 21!

11d 5h 48m In the Pokemon League.

11d 5h 47m Entire team fainted. Black out.

11d 5h 40m On the rough ground.

11d 5h 36m Left the caves.

11d 5h 28m Fives hits Level 47. No evolution.

11d 5h 20m aMH hits Level 65!

11d 5h 16m Only aMH and Fives are still conscious. aMH leads.

11d 5h 10m Sparky goes down.

11d 4h 58m Nonon down.

11d 4h 50m Nonon currently leads.

11d 4h 47m Down goes QQQQ.

11d 4h 44m All these Durants are really steeling away our health.

11d 4h 41m As usual, no evolution.

[Pun] This will definitely provide her with an extra edge in future battles.

11d 4h 41m Fives hits Level 45! She forgets Take Down for Double-Edge!

11d 4h 39m I like how endurant our Pokemon are becoming.

11d 4h 39m Into the caves!

11d 4h 35m Oh huh, a Fraxure. They're pretty rare.

11d 4h 30m Grinding away.

11d 4h 25m Nonon hit Level 59 earlier.

11d 4h 14m Dru faints.

11d 4h 11m Slid way down to the bottom. In the rough ground.

11d 4h 7m She doesn't evolve.

11d 4h 7m Fives hits 45.

11d 4h 2m Exited the caves.

11d 3h 56m The grind is real. That's why Dru just hit Level 53.

11d 3h 50m Healed by The Doctor.

11d 3h 49m Druddigon faints to another wild Durant. Tranquill is also down.

11d 3h 47m Chats now reminiscing. Although I'm pretty sure that 38% of this hasn't happened before

[Snark] Cavemen need doctors too.

[Chat] Blazichu: best doctor in the world, lives in a cave

11d 3h 39m Doctor Cottle healed us. I'm gonna keep this up you know

11d 3h 33m Oh now look what I've started. Chat's now talking about endings to terrible TV shows and games

[Fluff] Let's hope those of you with a good taste in TV shows understood that...

11d 3h 24m Doctor Jack Shepard heals us. Just kidding that doctor's still LOST

11d 3h 23m 5 grew to level 44. An influx of B stops her from evolving

11d 3h 21m I should have also mentioned we made it back inside the cave

11d 3h 19m Found a Calcium. On a bike too. I'm impressed

[Maps] If ye be searching for an escape passage, it be here. Right now, ye be stuck next to number 24. Credit to the tpphelper site

11d 3h 15m Inputs are running slow as usual. In addition to the small "night crew," there is the 10 second slow mode

11d 3h 13m Out of the cave!

11d 3h 6m The Durant lands a crit on Dru and he faints. Nonnon now leads

11d 3h 6m Another wild Durant takes Dru down to 8 HP!

11d 3h 3m Druddigon down to 62% after an encounter with a wild Durant

11d 3h 1m Biking around a cave doesn't seem like a good idea to me...

[Status] Druddigon at 88%, all other 'mons in perfect condition. Physically at least

11d 2h 56m We just opened up the VS. Recorder. What could the hivemind have in... mind?

[BSpam] b (wow nearly forgot)

11d 2h 38m Druddigon faints to, you guessed it, a wild Durant!

11d 2h 35m 5 the Deerling levels up to 43! She also fails to evolve.

11d 2h 23m We talk to the Doctor/Surgeon/Nurse guy and heal all our pokemon.

11d 2h 19m Ledge jump hype! We're still in Victory Road.

11d 2h 14m For anyone tuning in, we are currently in Victory Road and appear to be grinding.

11d 2h 7m Another Durant comes to take revenge and our Druddigon faints.

11d 2h 6m After taking down a wild Durant, Dru is now at 48% health.

11d 1h 56m Went down to Victory Road and slid down the ledge to the bottom of Victory Road.

11d 1h 55m Zebstrika is quickly KO'd by a critical, stat-boosted Crunch. GMYC blacked out!

11d 1h 54m Switched into our paralyzed Zebstrika!

11d 1h 52m Tympole fainted. Scrafty is stat boosted by Moxie!

11d 1h 52m Grimsley used a Full Restore on Scrafty after it gets a critical Crunch on Tympole.

11d 1h 51m Scrafty sand-attacks Tympole. Thankfully, Tympole doesn't miss. But wait! Scrafty survives two hits.

11d 1h 51m The battle starts with Scrafty vs Tympole!

11d 1h 50m Started the battle with Grimsley!

11d 1h 49m Entered Grimsley's room.

[BSpam] b

11d 1h 45m Deerling does not evolve!

11d 1h 45m Zebstrika takes out Gothitelle! Elite 4 Caitlin defeated!

11d 1h 44m Zebstrika gets solid damage on Gothitelle and paralyzes Gothitelle.

Is this teh urn where we beat Caitlin?

11d 1h 43m Zebstrika takes out Musharna. Caitlin switched into Gothitelle! Last Pokemon!

11d 1h 42m Zebstrika uses Spark on Musharna. It paralyzes Musharna, and thanks to Musharna's Synchronize ability, Zebstrika is also paralyzed!

11d 1h 42m Switched into Zebstrika. Zebstrika finally handles the Sigilyph menace.

11d 1h 41m Switched into Deerling. Sigilyph used Air Slash! Deerling fainted.

11d 1h 39m Switched into Joltik. It gets some solid damage on Sigilyph with Thunderbolt, but Joltik is KO'd.

11d 1h 39m Switched into Tranquill. It doesn't last long. Tranquill fainted!

11d 1h 38m Sigilyph is sent out. Druddigon is taken out by Sigilyph's Ice Beam!

11d 1h 38m Druddigon KO'd Reuniclus. Deerling grew to Lv42!

11d 1h 37m The battles starts with Reuniclus vs Druddigon!

11d 1h 37m Started the battle against Caitlin.

11d 1h 36m Entered Caitlin's room.

[Fluff] That was a smooth move.

11d 1h 34m Changed the battle style to set.

11d 1h 33m Started another Elite 4 challenge. Attempt: 20

11d 1h 30m Due to a black out, Deerling did not attempt to evolve.

11d 1h 29m Deerling does minimal damage to Gothitelle with Nature Power. Deerling gets KO'd by Gothitelle's Psychic next turn. GMYC blacked out!

11d 1h 28m We switched into Deerling, our last Pokemon. Gothitelle uses Calm Mind and delays the inevitable.

11d 1h 26m Zebstrika brings Gothitelle to just below half HP, but Zebstrika is KO'd due to the abuse of Wild Charge and the damage from Psychic.

11d 1h 25m Zebstrika takes out Musharna! Caitlin sends out Gothitelle.

11d 1h 24m Caitlin sent out Musharna! Zebstrika uses Wild Charge to bring Musharna just below half health.

11d 1h 24m Zebstrika takes out Sigilyph.

11d 1h 23m Switched into Zebstrika!

11d 1h 22m Switched into Tympole! Tympole just barely survives a hit from Sigilyph and uses Hyper Voice. But Sigilyph clutches yet again. Tympole is KO'd next turn.

11d 1h 21m Joltik was KO'd by Sigilyph.

11d 1h 21m Caitlin used a Full Restore on Sigilyph.

11d 1h 20m Joltik uses Sucker Punch and gets a critical hit on Sigilyph. Sigilyph barely survives, along with Joltik once Sigilyph attacks!

11d 1h 20m Switched into Joltik!

11d 1h 18m Sent out Tranquill. Sigilyph OHKOs our Tranquill.

11d 1h 18m Caitlin sent out Sigilyph. Sigilyph takes down Druddigon.

11d 1h 17m Deerling grew to Lv41! It forgot Aromatherapy and... learned Nature Power!

11d 1h 17m Druddigon KO'd Reuniclus with two Shadow Claw.

11d 1h 16m Druddigon just barely fails to OHKO Reuniclus with a critical hit. Caitlin used a Full Restore on Reuniclus.

11d 1h 16m And the battle starts with Druddigon vs Reuniclus!

[Snark] Caitlin is a horse, she sleeps standing up.

11d 1h 15m Started the battle with Caitlin.

11d 1h 14m Entered Caitlin's room.

11d 1h 13m Started the Elite 4 challenge. Attempt: 19

11d 1h 9m Shauntal sends in Chandelure. The type advantage is too strong. Joltik fainted, GMYC blacked out!

11d 1h 9m We switched into Joltik. Joltik is able to knock out Golurk with just ~11HP and Joltik levels up to Lv49!

11d 1h 8m Switched into Deerling! Golurk used Brick Break! Deerling fainted!

11d 1h 7m Zebstrika gets in some solid damage on Golurk and Zebstrika is KO'd by Golurk.

11d 1h 7m Switched into Zebstrika.

11d 1h 6m Golurk KOs Tranquill.

11d 1h 6m Zebstrika takes down Confagrigus! We switch to Tranquill(HP22%) and Shantaul ends out Golurk!

11d 1h 5m Confagrigus takes down Tympole after just barely surviving. Shauntal uses a Full Restore on her next turn. Sent in Zebstrika!

11d 1h 4m And the battle starts with Confagrigus vs Tympole. Druddigon is still fainted while Tympole and Tranquill are damaged from previous battles.

11d 1h 4m Started the battle with Shauntal.

11d 1h 2m Entered Shauntal's room.

11d 0h 58m Started the Elite 4 Challenge. Attempt: 18

11d 0h 55m Flew to the Pokemon League.

11d 0h 48m Arrived at the 7th floor of Victory Road. Went outside. Then we slid down the ledge.. all the way down to the 4th floor again.

11d 0h 43m Went up to the 6th floor of Victory Road. We're still indoors.

11d 0h 38m Druddigon is KO'd by a wild Durant.

[Chat] Riot: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RE-BAN HFTF_ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
Twitchplayspokemon: wouldn't it be re-re-re-re-ban Hftf_?

11d 0h 33m Fully healed at the Doctor.


11d 0h 31m Druddigon grew to Lv52!

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: FaithfulFarce can use his or her original account

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: clones aren't allowed either, please RP elsewhere

[BSpam] b

11d 0h 26m Deerling grew to Lv40! She does not evolve.

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: FaithfulFarce was banned for being a fake account

11d 0h 24m Fully healed at the Doctor.

11d 0h 23m Switched Druddigon and Zebstrika in our party. The new order is now: | Druddigon:1 | Tympole:2 | Joltik:3 | Tranquill:4 | Zebstrika:5 | Deerling:6 |

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: I have unbanned Hftf_ more times than anyone else

11d 0h 20m Switched the position of Druddigon and Zebstrika in the party, then right back again.

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: I have decided to reverse the bans of those affiliated with Elite_tookis

11d 0h 9m Healed our team at the Doctor on the 4th floor.

11d 0h 7m Druddigon forgot Rock Climb and... Druddigon learned Shadow Claw!

[Snark] We're literally on trial? As in we're actually in a court room defending ourselves? Because that's what "literally" means. (Yes, I know I'm 13 minutes late. What are you going to do, "snarl" at me?)

10d 23h 59m Went back outside of Victory Road.

10d 23h 49m Switched into Joltik. It took damage from the Stealth Rock and defeated the Boldore.

10d 23h 48m Zebstrika is taken out after using Wild Charge on a Boldore. The Boldore uses Stealth Rock afterwards just to damage our next Pokemon.

[Snarl] In, out, in out, we are literally on trial getting out of here.

10d 23h 45m Left the Trial Chamber.

10d 23h 43m Zebstrika is taken down to 4HP by a wild Boldore.

10d 23h 42m Entered the Trial Chamber.

10d 23h 41m GMYC found a Normal Gym!

10d 23h 40m We're currently on the 6th floor of Victory Road, inside the cave.

[BSpam] b

10d 23h 34m Deerling grew to Lv39! It did not evolve.

10d 23h 25m 666 viewers right now. Be scared.

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: does Black 2 have the same endgame?

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll think about it for awhile

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: oh, will it take a long time? maybe not then

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: okay, I'll take it to the hall of fame then, or slightly beyond if I'm sleeping

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: it's not a secret, I just don't know how Black ends, I didn't finish it

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: in the meantime they can sit out and discuss it with me via Twitch messaging

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: Coryn216, if they come to the conclusion that Elite_tookis was indeed botting then I will consider their request to be unbanned, or if it turns out Elite_tookis hasn't been banning I will unban them too

[Status] Zebstrika in the yellow, at 48% hp.

[BSpam] b

10d 23h 6m Deerling grew to Lv38! It does not evolve.

10d 23h 4m Went down the stairs to the right.

10d 23h 0m Entered the inside of Victory Road.

10d 22h 59m We're going back and forth between Victory Road and the Pokemon League.

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: I haven't banned Z33k33

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: Hafkie and Inabox44 may yet be unbanned, they need to decide for themselves whether or not they think Elite_tookis is botting or not, and if not, they need to provide evidence (as alleged friends this shouldn't be too difficult)

10d 22h 54m Bisharp takes down Deerling. GMYC blacked out!

10d 22h 53m Switched into Deerling!

10d 22h 53m Bisharp takes down Druddigon.

10d 22h 53m Switched into Druddigon. But Druddigon takes heavy damage.

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: I won't have prominent users that defend botting or scripting

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: Inabox44 and Hafkie are temporarily banned until they can figure out where they stand

10d 22h 50m Tympole gets close to taking down Bisharp to half health, but Tympole is KO'd by Bisharp.

10d 22h 50m Grimsley switched into Bisharp.

10d 22h 49m Switched into Tympole! Tympole takes out Krookodile with Muddy Water.

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: Elite_tookis was also ban evading
[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: but that's not what triggered the ban

10d 22h 48m Krookodile takes out Tranquill next turn.

10d 22h 48m Grimsley uses a Full Restore on Krookodile.

10d 22h 47m Switched into Tranquill.

10d 22h 46m Joltik is KO'd by Krookodile.

10d 22h 45m Deerling levels up to Lv37!

10d 22h 45m Zebstrika is taken out by Krookodile.

10d 22h 44m We start with Zebstrika vs Scrafty. Zebstrika takes out Scrafty on the second turn after taking considerably damage.

10d 22h 44m Started the battle with Grimsley.

10d 22h 43m Entered Grimsley's Room.

10d 22h 42m Started the Elite 4 Challenge. Attempt: 17

10d 22h 41m Went back to the Pokemon League after wandering around for a minute at Victory Road.

10d 22h 40m Went south to Victory Road.

10d 22h 37m Gothitelle takes down Druddigon. GMYC blacked out!

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: if they truly believe Elite_tookis isn't botting then they can bet their accounts on it, I await convincing evidence

10d 22h 36m Druddigon takes out Musharna, at the cost of being taken down to 74HP. Caitlin switched into Gothitelle!

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: I will unban them when Elite_tookis is unbanned

10d 22h 35m Switched into Druddigon!

10d 22h 33m Musharna uses Charge Beam and takes down Joltik. Joltik fainted.

10d 22h 32m Joltik is taken down to 8HP by Musharna. Afterwards, Caitlin uses a Full Restore on Musharna.

10d 22h 32m Switched into Joltik!

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: elite_tookis ran his bot for 24hours+ and it got caught

10d 22h 30m Musharna mows over Tympole. Tympole fainted!

10d 22h 30m Musharna KOs Zebstrika. We switched into Tympole!

10d 22h 29m Sigilyph is quickly taken down by Zebstrika. Musharna is sent out!

10d 22h 28m Zebstrika uses Wild Charge twice against Reuniclus. Reuniclus taken down, Sigilyph sent out!

10d 22h 28m Reuniclus vs Zebstrika to start the battle!

10d 22h 27m Started the battle with Caitlin!

10d 22h 27m Entered Caitlin's room.

This will be urn #16

10d 22h 25m Started the E4 challenge.

10d 22h 23m Checkpoint'd at the Pokemon League's Pokemon Center

10d 22h 22m Flew to the Pokemon League!

10d 22h 22m Entered Icirrus City again

10d 22h 19m Entered route before Dragon Spiral Tower but quickly reentered town then reenter the Route again.

10d 22h 14m EXP Share is Given to 5.

10d 22h 12m Gave Dragon Gem to Joltik

10d 22h 8m Now messing with the bag. Trying to give the EXP Share to 5 who is currently last in the Party.

10d 22h 7m Swapped aMH's spot for 5's spot. aMH is currently leading.

10d 22h 6m We swap Q4 and 5's spots again. 5 is leading again.

[snark] inb4 we toss it

10d 22h 4m We show him Nonon. Is impressed and Gives us the EXP Share

10d 22h 4m We show the man Dru and is impressed. Doesn't give us anything

10d 22h 2m We find and enter the Fan Club

10d 22h 1m As we hit 19:00 ingame time we see the color change slightly to represent evening.

10d 21h 59m Walking around in town. Trying to get to the Fan Club

10d 21h 55m Checkpoint'd at Icirrus City Pokemon Center

10d 21h 55m We Fly to Icirrus City after swapping the two Pokemon

10d 21h 54m Switch spots between 5 and Q4

10d 21h 52m Nearly flew to Icirrus City but was one input short and end up closing out the map

10d 21h 47m We opened up the Map to Fly but quickly close it

10d 21h 45m Looking at our badges. They might need a little shining

10d 21h 42m We fall down a ledge trying to fly

10d 21h 38m We head outside now. Looks like chat wants to Fly to Icirrus to get the 2nd EXP Share in the game

10d 21h 36m We head upstairs now.

10d 21h 33m Currently trying to head upstairs now

10d 21h 28m aMH takes out said wild Durant.

10d 21h 27m Wild Durant's crunch takes out 5

10d 21h 21m Healed up again

10d 21h 20m Wild Boldore takes out 5 the Deerling

10d 21h 16m Joltik is now brought out. 2 Thunderbolts takes out the Woobat

10d 21h 13m Wild Woobat bring 5 down to the red. Q4 is brought out quickly.

10d 21h 12m The Doctor Heals Up our Team! Three times actually!

10d 21h 8m Wild Durant makes quick work of 5. 5 Faints

10d 21h 6m Swapped party order. Now is 5, Nonon, Joltik, Q4, Dru, and aMH

10d 21h 4m Healed Up

10d 21h 3m Dru's Dragon Claw finally ends the battle

10d 21h 2m Still fighting the same Wild Woobat. Dru is currently out right now

10d 20h 58m Woobat takes out 5 the Deerling

10d 20h 57m Q4 is switch out for 5

10d 20h 56m 5 is switched out for Q4

10d 20h 55m Meanwhile in Black, its 5 vs a male wild Lv. 40 Woobat

[Stadium] Farfetch'd uses Fly and gets a Critical Hit to complete a sweep of the Red Team containing Porygon 2, Machoke, and Corsola. TAKE THAT SMOGON

10d 20h 51m Currently in a wild Pokemon Battle vs a female lv. 41 Mienfoo. Aerial Ace Kreygasm takes it out!

10d 20h 46m We healed up one more time just to be sure.

10d 20h 46m Healed

10d 20h 45m Went back up a level to hang out with the Doctor again.

10d 20h 44m Ghost Gem Found in Dust Cloud

[Stadium] With 2 HP,Blue Team's Dugtrio defeats Remoraid to complete a sweep. Igglybuff and Lord Helix (Omanyte) was also on the Red Team

10d 20h 37m And back down the stairs we go

10d 20h 35m Went up the stairs. Hi Doc!

10d 20h 27m Nonon Levels up to Lv. 58. Does not Evolve

10d 20h 27m Finally a wild Pokemon appears. Wild Durant

10d 20h 25m Head Back inside. This time a different portion of the area.

10d 20h 22m Headed outside to the outer portion of Victory Road

10d 20h 17m We head down the stairs back to the Third Level of Victory Road

10d 20h 13m Little going on. Messing with the C-Gear and occasionally moving

10d 20h 10m We head outside to find out we took the wrong exit. Now back inside

10d 20h 4m We go up the stairs to the 4th level of Victory Road

10d 20h 0m Standing around with little movement. Also trying to turn on the C-Gear apparently.

10d 19h 54m We head up to the third level of Victory Road.

10d 18h 49m Back in Victory Road

10d 19h 38m Nickname is Vullab

10d 19h 38m Caught a lv. 38, female Vullaby!

10d 19h 36m Q4 down!

10d 19h 33m Did not learn Facade, did not evolve.

10d 19h 32m Q4 grew to level 50!

10d 19h Slid to the entrance of Victory Road.

10d 19h 12m Another D-claw knocks out Dru! Black out!

10d 19h 12m Strength! Krook down to 25%.

10d 19h 11m Krook uses Dragon Claw! Dru down to 70HP.

10d 19h 9m Only Dru left.

10d 19h 8m Another hit by the Krook and aMH goes down!

10d 19h 8m Flame charge brings Krook down to 70%.

10d 19h 8m Spark! It doesn't affect Krookodile. Earthquake! aMH down to 41 HP.

10d 19h 8m Sent in aMH!

10d 19h 7m Dragon claw! Joltik down!

10d 19h 7m Krookodile comes in and gets off the intimidate

10d 19h 7m Thunderbolt! Scrafty down!

10d 19h 6m Crunch brings Joltik down to 30HP.

10d 19h 6m Another bug buzz brings Scrafty to red!

10d 19h 6m Scrafty used pocket sand.

10d 19h 6m Bug buzz! Crit! Scrafty down to about 25%.

10d 19h 6m Scrafty gets another Moxie boost. Sent in Joltik!

10d 19h 5m We miss a hydro pump, Nonon goes down to brick break.

10d 19h 5m Surf! Scrafty down to about 70%.

10d 19h 5m Full restore again! Scrafty back to full!

10d 19h 5m A crit crunch brings Nonon down to 21hp!

10d 19h 5m Surf! Scrafty down to red!

10d 19h 4m Sent in Tympole!

10d 19h 4m Moxie boost! Scrafty is at +2!

10d 19h 4m Brick break OHKOs 5!

10d 19h 4m Sent in 5!

10d 19h 4m Another Crunch takes out Q4! Scrafty's Moxie kicks in.

10d 19h 4m Q4 is down to 28HP.

10d 19h 3m Another Aerial Ace brings Scrafty down to red! Full restore!

10d 19h 3m Aerial Ace! Scrafty down to less than half.

10d 19h 3m Scrafty goes for the Crunch as Q4 feather dances.

10d 19h 2m Scrafty versus Q4!

10d 19h 2m Versus Grimsley

10d 18h 58m Entered the Pokemon League. Urn #15 incoming.

10d 18h 53m Back at the Pokemon League's Pokemon Center.

aMH fainted. A wild Woobat takes all our money. Black out.

10d 18h 48m Still in Victory Road. We're on floor 4 now.

10d 18h 25m Found a Full Restore!

10d 18h 23m Simisear down! aMH grows to level 63! Ace Trainer Cathy defeated!

10d 18h 22m Simipour down! Simisear comes out.

10d 18h 21m Simipour comes out

10d 18h 21m Flame charge OHKOs Simisage.

10d 18h 21m Battle against a female Ace Trainer. Simisage comes out against aMH

10d 18h 12m Floor 3!

10d 18h 8m Floor 2

10d 18h 3m Dru fainted.

10d 18h 0m Back inside Victory Road

10d 17h 52m Still standing around in front of Victory Road

[Info] The berry was used on our Druddigon.

10d 17h 47m Used a Strus Berry on one of our Pokemon!

10d 17h 39m Threw away 1 Rawst Berry!

10d 17h 30m Dru grew to lv. 51!

10d 17h 29m Joltik fainted.

10d 17h 25m Joltik in the red!

10d 17h 23m And he did not evolve!

10d 17h 23m We overwrite Signal beam by Bug Buzz!

10d 17h 22m Joltik up to lv. 48!

10d 17h 15m Joltik leads our team now!

10d 17h 14m 5 fainted to the same Heatmor!

10d 17h 13m Nonon fainted to a wild Heatmor!

10d 17h 13m Nonon in the red!

10d 17h 11m Nonon ran out of PP for Muddy Water too!

10d 17h 5m Nonon down to 63/141 HP!

10d 17h 2m We're grinding at the base of Victory Road, and Nonon has no PP left for Surf

10d 16h 52m Battle scene on!

10d 16h 49m She did not evolve

10d 16h 49m Nonon up to lv. 57!

10d 16h 41m Nonon currently leads our team

10d 16h 38m Tranquill fainted to a wild Vullaby!

10d 16h 36m Tranquill is in the red ( 1HP left!)

10d 16h 35m Tranquill is down to 48% of his HP!

10d 16h 35m And did not evolve!

10d 16h 34m Tranquill leveled up tp lv.49

10d 16h 31m Still grinding on Victory Road

[Run] That was Elite 4 Run #14 we just did, by the way.

10d 16h 23m Found an Ultra Ball!

10d 16h 21m Left the league, and back on Victory Road! Presumably to grind more!

10d 16h 21m Back outside the Pokemon League!

[Spelling] Reuniclus

10d 16h 19m Zebstrika down! No more Pokemon left! We Blacked out!

10d 16h 19m Requicles vs. Zebstrika!

10d 16h 19m Caitlin Engaged!

10d 16h 18m Entered Caitlin's room!

10d 16h 16m Teleported out of Grimsley's room, and back in the main hall!

[Status] Zebstrika in the yellow, at 35% hp.

10d 16h 12m Zebstrika used Wild Charge! Liepard down! Grimsley Defeated!

10d 16h 11m Flame Charge. It's super effective! Bisharp down! Grimsley sent out Liepard!

10d 16h 9m Only our Zebstrika is left remaining!

10d 16h 9m Druddigon down!

10d 16h 9m Kokodile down! Grimsley sent out Bisharp!

10d 16h 8m We sent out Druddigon!

10d 16h 7m Dragon Claw on Joltik! Joltik down!

10d 16h 7m Grimsley used Full Restore on Krokodile!

10d 16h 6m Tympole down to Earthquake! We sent out Joltik!

10d 16h 6m We sent out Tympole!

10d 16h 6m Another Foul Play! Deerling Down!

10d 16h 5m Tranquill down to Foul Play! Deerling sent out!

10d 16h 4m Scrafty down to Fly! Grimsley sent out Krokodile!

10d 16h 4m Scraffy vs. Tranquill!

10d 16h 4m Grimsley Engaged!

10d 16h 2m Entered Grimsley's room again!

10d 15h 52m Entered the Elite 4 Tower.

10d 15h 46m Back outside the Pokemon League.

10d 15h 46m Joltik down to Earthquake! No more Pokemon left! We blacked out!

10d 15h 45m We sent out Joltik!

10d 15h 45m Zebstrika is down to Earthquake!

10d 15h 44m Druddigon down! We sent out Zebstrika!

10d 15h 44m Scruffy down by Dragon Claw! Krokodile sent out!

10d 15h 43m We sent out Druddigon!

10d 15h 43m Tympole down!

10d 15h 43m Scraffy vs. Tympole!

10d 15h 41m Entered Grimsley's room! Grimsley Engaged!

[Status] Tympole in the yellow at 29% hp. Druddigon at 54% hp. Joltik and Zebstrika at 100% hp. Both Tranquill and Deerling are still down.

10d 15h 39m Entered the Elite 4 without healing.

10d 15h 38m Back in the Pokemon League!

10d 15h 33m Deerling 5 down!

10d 15h 16m Tranquill down!

[Meta] We'll be taking a short break for a while, while we're still on a grinding session at the moment. We'll continue to update with any important info such as items obtained, level ups, or fainted Pokemon.

10d 14h 55m We healed by the Doctor again! Thanks, doc!

10d 14h 55m Another wild Durant uses Metal Claw on Tranquill. Tranquill down! We ran away!

10d 14h 53m Switched out Tranquill for Deerling, as the wild Durant attacks it. Deerling down!

10d 14h 51m Another wild Durant uses Metal Claw against Tranquill. Tranquill in the red! (1/123)

10d 14h 50m Attacked by a wild Durant. It used dig, but it doesn't effect our Tranquill. Tranquill now at 31% hp (37/123).

10d 14h 44m Used a fresh water, but it had no effect. Tranquill gets attacked by a wild Mienfoo, and now is at 78% hp. It has also been Paralyzed.

10d 14h 40m We attacked a wild Mienfoo. Tranquill Promoted to Lvl.48! Did not evolve!

10d 14h 38m The Doctor healed our fainted Tranquill!

10d 14h 37m Attacked by a wild Durant. Tranquill down once again!

10d 14h 35m The doctor healed us again!

10d 14h 34m Exited the VS. Recorder.

10d 14h 31m Accessed the VS. Recorder again. Only to find that we have no more videos to watch.

10d 14h 30m Attacked by a wild Boldore. Tympole now at 58% hp (80/138).

[Chat] It seems like the chat is torn between going back to the Subway to record new videos, or more grinding to progress through the game.

10d 14h 26m Tympole currently leads the party. Followed by Joltik, Deerling, Druddigon, and Zebstrika.

[Info] Oh, it appears that the battle animations have been turned off at some point earlier.

10d 14h 25m Attacked by a wild Boldre! Tranquill down! We ran away.

10d 14h 23m Attacked by another wild Durant. Tranquill now in the yellow, at 27% hp (32/120).

10d 14h 21m Attacked by a wild Durant. Tranquill at 60% hp (71/120).

10d 14h 19m Healed by the doctor again!


[RIP] Rip memories of Princess Lily, and our dear partner Hilda.

10d 14h 14m Exited out of the VS. Recorder.

10d 14h 13m Deleted Video Battle Data!

10d 14h 12m Attempting to delete videos. Your efforts do nothing, as the slots you have accessed are empty.

[Fluff] * Stop/Replay Intensifies *

10d 14h 6m We keep stopping, and replaying the recorded video before it even reaches to the end!

[Info] Apparently, these are the Battle Subway fights we did earlier that we are watching.

10d 14h 3m Stopped the video, and replaying it.

10d 14h 2m Looks like we actually DO have a video to watch! We're currently watching the video now!

10d 14h 1m Accessed the VS. Recorder again.

10d 14h 0m We sent out Tympole, and used Hydro Pump on it.

10d 13h 59m Tranquill down to a wild Boldre!

10d 13h 58m Encountered a wild Durant. Tranquill in the Yellow at 27% hp (32/120).

10d 13h 55m We were almost close to deleting some of GMYC's battle videos in the VS. Recorder. Though it's not like we recorded anything. All the slots appear to be empty.

10d 13h 51m Accessed the VS. Recorder.

[Fluff] We may be going under another grinding session. You know, since we can't make it past the Elite 4 without any of our Pokemon fainting.

10d 13h 45m Messing with the C-Gear power button, going through our bags. Haven't moved much since we healed.

10d 13h 39m We healed by the doctor! Thanks, doc!

10d 13h 38m We were so close to obtaining an item, but we just jumped over a ledge.

[Status] Everyone is down except for Zebstrika, who is 90% hp. Currently wandering around Victory Road.

10d 13h 25m And Dru's gone down to the same Durant.

10d 13h 20m Joltik faints to yet another wild Durant. To Joltik's credit, though, it must have defeated at least 5 wild Pokemon with only 12 hp.

10d 13h 14m Deerling faints to a wild Durant as well.

10d 13h 11m Nonnon faints to a wild Durant.

[Chat] The input log on the stream was almost completely filled with 'B'.

10d 13h 05m Nonnon grows to level 56. Her evolution is cancelled on the very first input.

10d 12h 52m Dragon claw. Terrakion only has a sliver of health left---and we run from Terrakion.

10d 12h 51m Rock climb used. Terrakion at maybe 3/4 health.

10d 12h 51m Dru's out.

10d 12h 49m Tranquill's down to a single rock-type move, though to be fair, it had half-health going into battle.

10s 12h 49m Challenged Terrakion!

10d 12h 47m In the cave-room with a stationary Pokemon.

10d 12h 40m We're all healed up.

10d 12h 37m Megahenry grows to Level 62.

10d 12h 27m Druddigon fainted!

10d 12h 23m Wild Durant used Crunch! Joltik fainted!

10d 12h 21m Druddigon leveled up to 50! Missed the stats.

10d 12h 20m Deerling and Tympole also fainted!

10d 11h 59m Tranquill fainted!

10d 11h 56m Healed our party @ the doctor.

10d 11h 49m Tranquill fainted! (against a wild female Lv. 37 Durant)

10d 11h 44m In Victory Road.

[Stats] Tympole Lv. 55 - Max. HP 136 Attack 106 Defense 67 Sp. Atk 85 Sp. Def 55 Speed 94

[rip] rip

10d 11h 36m Tympole fainted! Blacked out!

10d 11h 35m Tympole leveled up to 55!

10d 11h 35m Cofagrigus still sapped by Deerling's Leech Seed and fainted!

10d 11h 34m Sent out Tympole.

10d 11h 33m Deerling used Leech Seed! Deerling used Hi Jump Kick and crashed! Deerling fainted!

10d 11h 33m Sent out Deerling.

10d 11h 33m Zebstrika used Discharge! Zebstrika was hurt by its burn and fainted!

10d 11h 32m Shauntal used a Full Restore.

10d 11h 31m Zebstrika used Discharge! Cofagrigus was paralyzed!

10d 11h 31m Shauntal used a Full Restore.

10d 11h 31m Cofagrigus used Will-o-Wisp! Zebstrika was burned!

10d 11h 30m Sent out Zebstrika! Zebstrika used Flame Charge! Cofagrigus down to 50% HP. Cofagrigus used Shadow Ball! Zebstrika down to 76/182HP!

10d 11h 29m Cofagrigus used Shadow Ball! Druddigon fainted!

10d 11h 29m Cofagrigus used Shadow Ball! Druddigon down to 86/140HP!

10d 11h 27m Sent out Druddigon.

10d 11h 27m Joltik used Signal Beam! Cofagrigus used Psychic! Joltik fainted!

10d 11h 27m ..and was burned.

10d 11h 26m Sent out Joltik. Joltik used Signal Beam! Cofagrigus used Will-o-Wisp!

10d 11h 26m Cofagrigus used Psychic! Tranquill fainted!

10d 11h 25m Cofagrigus used Will-o-Wisp! Tranquill was burned!

10d 11h 24m VS. Shauntal!

10d 11h 3m Outside.

10d 10h 55m BLACK OUT!

10d 10h 55m 5 faints

10d 10h 54m 5 sent in!

10d 10h 52m We have only 5 left!

10d 10h 52m Zebstrika fainted!

10d 10h 51m Zebra in the red!

10d 10h 51m Conkeldurr out!

10d 10h 50m Sawk faints!

10d 10h 50m Marshal used FullRestore on Sawk but Zebra paralyzed him!

10d 10h 49m Sawk in the red!

10d 10h 49m Switched to Zebra!

10d 10h 48m 5 sent in!

10d 10h 48m Nonon faints!

10d 10h 47m Nonon sent in!

10d 10h 46m Dru faints

10d 10h 46m Sawk in!

10d 10h 46m Throh down!

10d 10h 44m Marshal used Full Restore on Throh!

10d 10h 44m Dru sent in!

10d 10h 42m Throh in the red but Joltik faints!

10d 10h 42m Joltik sent in!

10d 10h 42m Tranquill faints!

10d 10h 41m Both Tranquill and Throh to half their HP!

10d 10h 40m Throh against Tranquill!

10d 10h 40m Challenged Marshal!

10d 10h 38m Turned the VS recorder on!

10d 10h 37m Entered Marshal's room!

10d 10h 34m Attempt # 11

10d 10h 31m Out of the pokecenter

10d 10h 30m Zebra faints, and BLACK OUT!

10d 10h 30m Golurk sent in!

10d 10h 30m Cofarigus down!

10d 10h 29m Zerbra has Mummy now!

10d 10h 29m Cofarigus against Zebra!

10d 10h 28m Challenged Shauntal!

10d 10h 28m Entered Shauntal's room!

10d 10h 21m Tranquill doesn't evolve

10d 10h 20m Liepard down, Grismley defeated

10d 10h 20m Zebra sent in!

10d 10h 19m only Zebra left!

10d 10h 19m Dru faints

10d 10h 18m Bisharp down, but Dru in the red!

10d 10h 18m bisharp in the red again, and Full Restore again!

10d 10h 17m Bisharp is in the red but Grimsley used a Full restore!

10d 10h 17m Dru sent in!

10d 10h 17m Bisharp is down to half his HP!

10d 10h 16m Joltik faints

10d 10h 16m Joltik sent in!

10d 10h 15m 5 faints

10d 10h 15m 5 in!

10d 10h 14m Nonon faints!

10d 10h 14m Bisharp sent in!

10d 10h 13m Nonon in the red, but Krookodile down!

10d 10h 13m Nonon out!

10d 10h 12m Tranquill faints

10d 10h 12m Tranquill in the red!

10d 10h 11m Krookidile out!

10d 10h 11m Tranquill up to lv.47

10d 10h 11m Scrafty down!

10d 10h 10m Tranquill Vs. Scrafty!

10d 10h 10m Challenged Grimsley!

10d 10h 9m Entered Grimsley's Room!

10d 10h 7m Attempt #10

10d 10h 6m Just outside the E4 entrance, checking our bag and badges again

10d 9h 59m Out and in and out again...

10d 9h 59m Back in the Pokecenter!

10d 9h 58m Still out of the Pokecenter, walking around and opening the menu

10d 9h 49m Out of the Pokecenter!

10d 9h 48m Zebra faints, Black out!

10d 9h 47m Mushana out!

10d 9h 47m Sigilyph down!

10d 9h 46m Zebra sent in!

10d 9h 46m Only Zebra left, and he has 6 HP left...

10d 9h 45m 5 faints!

10d 9h 45m 5 sent in!

10d 9h 44m Dru faints

10d 9h 44m Dru down to 32 HP!

10d 9h 43m Sigilyph in!

10d 9h 42m Reuniclus faints to Crunch, Dru to lv. 49, Forgot Crunch and leanr Rock Climb..

10d 9h 42m Dru out!

10d 9h 42m Nonon faints to Thunder!

10d 9h 41m Reuniclus vs.Nonon!

10d 9h 41m Challenged Caitlin!

10d 9h 40m Entered Caitlin's room!

10d 9h 37m Joltik doesn't evolve

10d 9h 37m Mienshao donw, Marshal defeated, Zebra to lv.61

10d 9h 37m Mienshao to half health, Zebra in the red!

10d 9h 36m Mienshao out!

10d 9h 36m Conkeldurr down!

10d 9h 36m Zebra out!

10d 9h 35m Joltik faints!

10d 9h 35m Conkeldurr out!

10d 9h 35m Sawk fainted, Joltik to lv.47!

10d 9h 34m Joltik out!

10d 9h 34m Sawk almost down, but Tranquill faints

10d 9h 33m And again Sawk is almost OHKO by fly before Marshall used a Full Restore on him!

10d 9h 33m Marshal used a max potion on Sawk!

10d 9h 33m Fly almost take Sawk out!

10d 9h 32m Sawk out!

10d 9h 32m Throh faints !

10d 9h 32m Throh Vs.Tranquill!

10d 9h 31m Challenged Marshal!

10d 9h 30m Entered Marshal's room!

10d 9h 26m Attempts #9

10d 9h 20m Still in front of the E4, just walking around and opening the menu, but not actually doing anything.

10d 9h 14m Out of the Pokemon Center!

10d 9h 13m Zebra faints! BLACK OUT!

10d 9h 12m Mushana out!

10d 9h 12m Zerba discharge Sigilyph and he faints!

10d 9h 11m Zebra out!

10d 9h 10m Dru faints

10d 9h 10m Sigiglyph out!

10d 9h 9m Reuniclus down!

10d 9h 9m Reuniclus agains Dru!

10d 9h 8m Challenged Caitlin

10d 9h 7m Entered Caitlin's room!

10d 9h 3m We only have Dru and Zebra left, and Zebra only has 19% left!

10d 9h 3m Tranquill did not evolve!

10d 9h 2m Mienschao down ,Marschal down

10d 9h 2m Mienshao out!

10d 9h 2m Conkeldurr fainted!

10d 9h 1m Conkeldurr out!

10d 9h 1m And Sawk is down! Zebstrik up to lv. 60

10d 9h 0m Sawk is still up, but Zebra paralyzed him!

10d 9h 0m Zebstrika out!

10d 9h 0m Nonon faints

10d 8h 59m Nonon out against Sawk!

10d 8h 59m 5 faints

[correction] Tranquill up to level 46!

10d 8h 58m Jolitk faints!

10d 8h 58m Joltik out!

10d 8h 58m Tranquill faints to Sawk

10d 8h 57m Tranquill lv.49

10d 8h 57m Throh put Tranquill in the red but Tranquill mange to faint Throh

10d 8h 56m Throh Vs. Tranquill!

10d 8h 56m Challenged Marshal

10d 8h 54m Inside Marshall's room

10d 8h 51m Attempt #8.

10d 8h 45m We send out Fives, which faints very quickly. BLACK OUT.

10d 8h 44m Our discharges brought it's HP down, though.

10d 8h 43m Musharna comes out, it uses Psychic, and aMH faints.

10d 8h 43m aMH is switched out and quickly demolishes Sigilyph.

10d 8h 42m Sigilyph comes out and Dru faints.

[Stats] Druddigon Lv. 48 - Max. HP 138 Attack 136 Defense 95 Sp. Atk 67 Sp. Def 87 Speed 72

10d 8h 41m Dru was promoted to level 48.

10d 8h 40m Reuniclus uses Psychic, we use Revenge, and Reuniclus uses Full Restore. One crunch later we OHKO Reuniclus.

10d 8h 40m Dru is sent out.

10d 8h 39m Sparky faints soon afterwards.

10d 8h 38m After Nonon faints, we switch out to Sparky.

10d 8h 38m Psychic knocks us out, after we Hydro Pump and Surf down Reuniclus's HP.

10d 8h 37m Sent out Nonon.

10d 8h 36m We fly into the air, but Reuniclus still gets us and QQQQ Faints.

10d 8h 36m QQQQ vs Reuniclus.

10d 8h 36m VS Caitlin.

[Fluff] Caitlin's supposedly sleeping, but she is standing up. Who ever sleeps standing up? Is she a horse?

10d 8h 33m Entered Caitlin's Room.

10d 8h 29m Attempt #7.

10d 8h 24m Out of the Pokemon Center, strolling through the League.

10d 8h 23m Reuniclus Focus Blasts aMH and we black out.

10d 8h 22m aMH VS Reuniclus.

10d 8h 22m Challenged Caitlin.

10d 8h 21m We enter Caitlin's room.

10d 8h 18m We zap Chandelure, who faints, and then we sweep Jellicent. Shauntal defeated.

10d 8h 17m Our last hope for this run is aMH. We send him out.

10d 8h 16m Before we can Hydro Pump, Chandelure OHKO's Nonon.

10d 8h 16m We send out Nonon.

10d 8h 15m With Chandelure's newfound health, Sparky faints.

10d 8h 15m Chandelure is Full Restored.

10d 8h 14m Sparky comes out.

10d 8h 13m Chandelure comes in, does some damage, and Dru faints from Curse.

10d 8h 13m Golurk Faints, but not without cursing Dru.

10d 8h 12m Dru is sent back out.

10d 8h 12m Golurk comes in and OHKOs Fives with it's Brick Break.

10d 8h 11m Switched Dru for Fives.

10d 8h 11m We crunch the coffin and it faints.

10d 8h 10m Sent out Dru.

10d 8h 10m Cofagrgus's Psychic knocks QQQQ out.

10d 8h 9m Cofagrigus VS QQQQ.

10d 8h 9m Challenged Shauntal.

10d 8h 9m We finally get up and see Shauntal.

10d 8h 5m Waddling around at the entrance.

10d 8h 3m We enter Shauntal's room.

10d 8h 2m Attempt #6.

10d 8h 0m Mienshao clutches to aMH and we black out.

10d 7h 59m aMH takes out Conkeldurr, and Marshal sends out Mienshao.

10d 7h 59m Marshal sends out Conkeldurr, and aMH paralyses it.

[Stats] Zebstrika Lv. 59 - Max. HP 176 Attack 156 Defense 103 Sp. Atk 123 Sp. Def 99 Speed 147

10d 7h 58m aMH comes in and K.Os Sawk.

10d 7h 58m Fives is sent out, but quickly faints to Sawk.

10d 7h 57m Sawk's Karate Chop knocks out Dru.

10d 7h 56m Dru's Dragon Claw nearly knocks out Sawk, but Sawk survives and Full Restores.

10d 7h 56m Dru is sent out.

10d 7h 54m Sawk's stone edge hits Nonon and Nonon faints.

10d 7h 53m Sawk is next.

10d 7h 53m We surf once more and defeat Throh.

10d 7h 52m Throh is Full Restored and we Hydro pump it in our rage.

10d 7h 52m Sent out Nonon.

10d 7h 50m Correction, we are on Attempt #5

10d 7h 49m Throh bulldozes through Sparky. Sparky faints.

10d 7h 49m QQQQ faints from Throh, Sparky out.

10d 7h 49m QQQQ vs Throh.

10d 7h 48m Challenged Marshal.

10d 7h 46m Entered Marshal's room.

10d 7h 45m Now on Attempt #3 of the Elite 4.

10d 7h 45m Wandering outside the Pokemon League.

10d 7h 42m Correction, it's just a Pokemon Centre.

10d 7h 41m Out of the Pokemon Centre Tower.

10d 7h 39m It breaks aMH. Black out.

10d 7h 39m Cofagrigus down. Golurk in.

10d 7h 39m aMH is burnt.

10d 7h 38m Aaaaand another full restore.

10d 7h 37m Shauntal used a Full Restore.

10d 7h 37m aMH sent out.

10d 7h 37m Dru down.

10d 7h 37m Dru vs Cofagrigus.

10d 7h 37m Battling Shauntal.

10d 7h 33m In Shauntal's room.

10d 7h 29m Back in the Lobby.

10d 7h 27m Grimsley defeated.

10d 7h 27m Liepard is taken out by Spark and Wild Charge!

10d 7h 26m Grimsley sends in Liepard.

10d 7h 25m Bisharp goes down.

10d 7h 25m aMH is sent in.

10d 7h 25m Sparky down.

10d 7h 24m Sparky in.

10d 7h 23m Fives down.

10d 7h 23m Fives is sent in.

10d 7h 23m Nonon down.

10d 7h 22m Bisharp is sent in.

10d 7h 22m Hydro Pump manages to take it out this time!

[Snark] What a crook.

10d 7h 22m Krookodile restored again.

10d 7h 21m Krookodile is restored. A Hydro Pump promptly takes it back to the red.

10d 7h 21m Nonon is brought into the red! She does the same to Krookodile.

10d 7h 21m Nonon sent in.

10d 7h 21m Tranquill down.

10d 7h 20m Krookodile is sent in.

10d 7h 20m Fly takes out Scrafty!

10d 7h 20m 16hp! Two Crunches have nearly defeated QQQQ.

10d 7h 20m Tranquill brings Scrafty to yellow.

10d 7h 18m Tranquill vs Scrafty.

10d 7h 18m Grimsley challenged.

10d 7h 17m Entered Grimsley's room.

10d 7h 12m Entered the E4 Lobby again.

10d 7h 10m Victory Road now.

10d 7h 6m Thunderbolt OHKOs. Black out.

10d 7h 6m Nonon is sent in.

10d 7h 4m Caitlin sends out Gothitelle. It faints Dru.

[Stats] Druddigon Lv. 47 - Max. HP 135 Attack 133 Defense 93 Sp. Atk 65 Sp. Def 85 Speed 71

10d 7h 4m Dru hits Level 47!

10d 7h 3m Dru starts clawing and crunching into Musharna. It goes down.

10d 7h 3m Musharna is restored.

10d 7h 3m Dru is sent in.

10d 7h 3m aMH is in the red! He brings Musharna to red, but faints.

10d 7h 2m It is brought to yellow by Wild Charge.

10d 7h 2m Caitlin sends in Musharna.

10d 7h 2m Flame Charge and Discharge take out Sigilyph.

10d 7h 2m Sent in aMH.

10d 7h 1m Fives is down.

10d 7h 1m Caitlin sends in Sigilyph.

10d 7h 1m Dru is switched for Fives.

10d 7h 0m Dragon Claw and Crunch take out Reuniclus.

10d 7h 0m Reuniclus restored.

10d 7h 0m Reuniclus is crunched into the red. Dru in yellow now.

10d 6h 59m Dru is sent in.

10d 6h 59m Sparky gone.

10d 6h 59m Sent in Sparky.

10d 6h 58m Tranquill down.

10d 6h 57m Tranquill v Reuniclus.

10d 6h 57m Battling Caitlin!

10d 6h 57m Entered Caitlin's room!

10d 6h 55m Entered the E4 lobby.

10d 6h 51m aMH is paralyzed. He faints. Black out.

10d 6h 50m aMH v Cofagrigus.

10d 6h 50m Battling Shauntal!

10d 6h 50m Top of her library now.

10d 6h 49m Entered Shauntal's room.

10d 6h 44m Back to the E4 Lobby. Who to battle next?

10d 6h 43m [Status] Zebstrika: 10 HP.

[Stats] Zebstrika Lv. 58 - Max. HP 173 Attack 154 Defense 101 Sp. Atk 121 Sp. Def 97 Speed 145

10d 6h 42m Nonon does not evolve.

10d 6h 42m Grimsley defeated!

10d 6h 42m aMH in the red! He takes out Liepard! Level 58!

10d 6h 41m Grimsley sends in Liepard.

10d 6h 41m He starts Flame Charging. Bisharp goes down!

10d 6h 41m In comes aMH.

10d 6h 40m Fives out.

10d 6h 40m Fives in.

10d 6h 40m Dru down.

10d 6h 40m Dru sent in. Bisharp restored.

10d 6h 40m Bisharp is brought down to red, and Nonon faints.

10d 6h 39m Grimsley sends in Bisharp.

10d 6h 39m Level 54!

10d 6h 39m Sent in Nonon. She's down to the red, but takes out Krookodile!

10d 6h 37m Sparky down.

10d 6h 37m Sent in Sparky.

10d 6h 36m Tranquill down.

10d 6h 36m Tranquill takes out Scrafty! Grimsley sends out Krookodile.

10d 6h 35m Tranquill v Scrafty.

10d 6h 34m Grimsley challenged.

10d 6h 34m A very Dracula-esque place.

10d 6h 33m Entered Grimsley's room!

10d 6h 32m Entered the E4 again!

10d 6h 29m Brings it to red again, but she goes down. Black out.

10d 6h 29m Nonon brings Conkeldurr down to red. It's restored again.

10d 6h 29m She's sent in! Marshal Full Restores Conkeldurr.

10d 6h 28m Only Nonon left.

10d 6h 28m Second Hammer Arm takes out aMH!

10d 6h 28m aMH starts sparking. He's brought into yellow by a Hammer Arm.

10d 6h 27m Marshal sends in Conkeldurr.

10d 6h 27m Two Sparks and Sawk's gone.

10d 6h 26m We send in aMH.

10d 6h 25m And Dru's gone.

10d 6h 25m Marshal sends in Sawk.

[Stats] Druddigon Lv. 46 - Max. HP 132 Attack 131 Defense 91 Sp. Atk 63 Sp. Def 83 Speed 70

10d 6h 25m Level 46 now!

10d 6h 24m He crunches and claws out Throh!

10d 6h 24m Dru is sent in.

10d 6h 22m Sucker Punches Throh, but gets stoned.

10d 6h 21m Sparky is in!

10d 6h 21m Sent in Fives. She's gone.

10d 6h 21m Throh takes him out.

10d 6h 21m Tranquill starts off with an Aerial Ace. He's brought down to red by a Stone Edge!

10d 6h 20m Tranquill vs Throh! #UnovaWorldChampionship 2014

10d 6h 20m Marshal engaged!

10d 6h 19m Welcome to the wrestling ring!

10d 6h 19m Jumped onto the stage! The lights flash!

10d 6h 18m Entered Marshal's room!

10d 6h 18m We can choose which member of the Four to fight first.

10d 6h 17m Entered the Elite Four!

10d 6h 14m Pokémon League!

10d 6h 14m Back in the Poké Center now.

10d 6h 13m Terrakion takes out Dru! Black out!

10d 6h 13m Another Great Ball. Fails.

10d 6h 13m We waste one turn on a Hyper Potion. We then use a Great Ball. It fails.

10d 6h 13m We send in Dru.

10d 6h 11m Another turn wasted! aMH faints!

10d 6h 11m A turn is wasted using a Hyper Potion.

10d 6h 11m Wild Charge brings Terrakion down to red!

10d 6h 10m We send in aMH. He starts off with a Flame Charge. It doesn't do much.

10d 6h 9m Sparky vs Terrakion! Sparky faints!

10d 6h 9m Battling Terrakion!

10d 6h 8m Fives faints.

10d 6h 6m Nonon faints.

10d 6h 4m In the Trial Chamber! Terrakion is only a few steps away.

10d 5h 59m Tranquill faints.

10d 5h 54m He doesn't evolve either.

10d 5h 53m He did not learn Swagger.

10d 5h 53m QQQQ hits Level 45!

10d 5h 50m Heading upwards again.

10d 5h 47m Healed.

10d 5h 44m Next to the Doc.

10d 5h 41m Obtained TM02 Dragon Claw!

10d 5h 40m Only aMH stands against the hordes of wild Pokémon.

10d 5h 39m Heading upwards now.

[Fluff] We are victorious over Victory Road! We, as a team, can climb mountains!

10d 5h 37m Ah, ledges.

10d 5h 37m Dropped down all the way to the bottom!

10d 5h 36m Back on Victory Road.

10d 5h 35m Dispute is arising over whether to fight Terrakion or the Elite Four.

10d 5h 33m Exited the Center.

10d 5h 32m Checkpointed at the Pokémon League Center!

10d 5h 31m Now trying to checkpoint.

10d 5h 30m Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, to the Unova Elite Four.

10d 5h 30m POKÉMON LEAGUE!

10d 5h 29m Nearly dropped off the left ledge. Currently next to the gates.

10d 5h 29m Oh god, this is tense folks.

10d 5h 29m We're against the railings now! Will we make it?

10d 5h 29m Exited the door!

10d 5h 26m Left the Vs. Recorder.

10d 5h 24m Oh wow it's so red.

10d 5h 24m And we turn on the Vs Recorder.

10d 5h 22m Dru faints.

10d 5h 21m Top floor now!

10d 5h 20m Fives faints. Just Dru and aMH left.

10d 5h 17m The plan appears to be trying to approach the exit from the left.

10d 5h 16m Currently on the 4th floor. Once we get up these stairs, we'll be on the home stretch.

10d 5h 15m Getting closer and closer to the exit.

10d 5h 12m Leading with Fives right now.

10d 5h 10m Oh hey a Woobat.

10d 5h 6m Time to try again.

10d 5h 6m Exited the door! And down the ledge we go.

10d 5h 5m Slowly trying to exit the door.

10d 5h 4m jOLtik is down!

10d 5h 2m Boldores and Durants. Oh my.

10d 5h 1m Having difficulties exiting the door.

10d 4h 57m Durants. Durants everywhere.

10d 4h 56m Top floor. Will we succeed today?

10d 4h 56m Nonon faints.

10d 4h 53m Heading upwards then.

10d 4h 53m Sixth. I wonder whether we're doing Terrakion, or heading towards the League.

10d 4h 52m Fifth floor now.

10d 4h 50m Tranquill faints anyway.

10d 4h 49m Gotta get those heals in for our progression towards the summit.

10d 4h 49m And again.

10d 4h 49m And we healed again.

10d 4h 49m Healed.

10d 4h 48m Fourth floor now. Hey Doc.

10d 4h 47m Currently on the third floor.

10d 4h 46m Next to Black Belt Tyrone. Jumped a ledge and missed an item.

10d 4h 46m oBTAINED AN iCE gEM.

10d 4h 43m Now we just gotta go up all these stairs.

10d 4h 43m At least we obtained a Nugget.

10d 4h 42m Currently at the bottom of Victory Road. To be more specific, outside entrance 25 on this map.

10d 4h 42m Well then folks, we'll just have to try again.

10d 4h 41m And uh, we just dropped all the way down the left ledge to the bottom.

10d 4h 41m Avoided the right ledge!

10d 4h 41m We're nearly there folks! Nearly there.

10d 4h 40m Top floor now.

10d 4h 39m On the sixth floor. Heading to the right to progress towards the Pokémon League.

[Info] Exact words for everything the streamer's said today. Sorry for the lazy formatting; I pasted it directly from Notepad++'s Find All window

10d 4h 35m Tranquill faints.

10d 4h 35m An album of everything the Streamer has said recently. Credit to /u/Leonys for compiling this.

10d 4h 34m Up a floor now. This is the fifth.

10d 4h 30m We've healed.

10d 4h 29m [Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: telefang crashes too much

10d 4h 28m This is the 4th floor.

10d 4h 28m Currently next to the Doc.

[Fluff] I just realized, now people who want evolutions have a reason to spam B, and the people who don't have a reason not to. (Considering what the streamer said about Black 2.) This could be interesting.

10d 4h 27m The map of Unova's Victory Road, by the way.

[Streamer] Streamer-senpai talks about his CPU and graphics card.

10d 4h 23m Currently hanging around where Black Belt Tyrone is running.

10d 4h 20m Currently leading is Nonon.

10d 4h 16m Fives as well.

10d 4h 16m Tranquill fainted, by the way.

[Streamer] He'll reduce slowmode in Black 2, will talk about the future of TPP after Black finishes, talks a bit about his Internet connection, and some other comments about evolution.

[Amused] Ah streamer, you are truly a comedian.

10d 4h 10m [Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if you don't want forced evolution, let's see an evolution during the rest of black!

10d 4h 7m Entered the Victory Road.

10d 3h 56m Entered the gates. Progressing slowly.

10d 3h 52m Near the gatehouse now.

10d 3h 46m Slowly moving. Just taking in the scenery.

10d 3h 41m Slowly making our way towards the gates.

10d 3h 36m Route 10 once more.

[Fluff] The exit was literally, right there. BUT NOPE.

10d 3h 33m Just hanging around Opelucid now.

10d 3h 28m Blacked out to a wild Durant.

10d 3h 27m Back to floor 6

10d 3h 26m Cross your fingers guys!

10d 3h 26m 7th Floor.

10d 3h 24m Exit is close yet so far.

10d 3h 23m Zebstrika is our only 'Mon alive with 21HP.

10d 3h 23m Dru also fainted to a wild Durant.

10d 3h 16m Joltik faints to a wild Durant.

10d 3h 16m Veteran Martell defeated!

[BSpam] b

10d 3h 16m Deerling tries to evolve and fails.

10d 3h 15m aMH defeats Elektross and evolves to Level 57.

10d 3h 15m Elektross uses Crunch while we discharge.

10d 3h 14m aMH out.

10d 3h 13m Poor Deerling faints, that eel was too strong.

10d 3h 13m Martell brings in Elektross.

10d 3h 12m Deerling is now Level 36

10d 3h 12m We switch in to Deerling, who takes down Giglalith.

10d 3h 11m Nonon down.

10d 3h 11m Nonon VS Gigilith.

10d 3h 11m Challenged Veteran Martell.

10d 3h 5m We slid down the right side this time!

[BSpam] b

10d 2h 54m Tympole grows to lv. 53!

10d 2h 53m Back on the 5th Floor

10d 2h 51m We slid down the wrong side. This takes us quite a bit of a ways back.

10d 2h 49m Tranquill down. Someone call the exterminator, these durants are all over the place.

10d 2h 48m Back up to the 6th Floor!

[Meta] I do it for my fans.


10d 2h 43m We slid down a whole level to get an item, and then ended up jumping over a ledge before we could get it. GG guys, gg.


10d 2h 41m Back outside, and we slid down a level.

10d 2h 36m Floor 5!

10d 2h 34m Healed our team back to full!

[Snark] Our team seems to have poor endurantce

10d 2h 31m The same durant takes out Joltik.


[Snark] Seems like our Pokemon aren't that *durantable

10d 2h 26m Deerling comes in and gets OHKO'ed by Durant.

10d 2h 24m Tranquill down!

10d 2h 20m Healed team back to full!

10d 2h 18m 4th floor! Hi Doctor, I know it's only been half an hour but we hurt ourselves again :(

10d 2h 15m Back to the 5th floor. Plan seems to be to heal our team back to full via the doctor.

10d 2h 15m Dru down!


[Snark] /u/Shinkonetcavy: Guys, let's spam B now. Because if we spam b, we get evolutions next game. Kappa.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if there's no evolutions during black I'll use a force evolution code for black 2

[Chat] Faithfulforce: Streamer, can you reverse our cancelled evolutions, our little brothers did it. Kappa.

10d 2h 9m Joltik down!

[Streamer] I had someone send me a message asking me to reverse a failed bet of 27455 claiming his little brother did it.

10d 1h 59m Tympole down!

10d 1h 56m Seismitoad down! Ace Trainer David defeated!

10d 1h 55m Nonon gets poisoned!

10d 1h 54m Darmanitan down. Seismitoad next.

10d 1h 53m Darmanitan incoming!

10d 1h 53m Klang down!

10d 1h 53m Sent in Nonon!

10d 1h 52m 5 down!

10d 1h 51m Sent in 5!

10d 1h 51m Q4 down!

10d 1h 50m Klang versus Q4!

10d 1h 50m Versus Ace Trainer David!

10d 1h 49m Obtained Full Heal!

[Info] Terrakion is on this floor.

10d 1h 44m 6th Floor!

10d 1h 43m 5th Floor!

10d 1h 42m Healed our team back to full again!

10d 1h 40m Found a Revive!

10d 1h 39m Tranquill down!

10d 1h 32m Also, we are currently on the 4th Floor.

10d 1h 27m Doctor Logan healed our team back to full!

10d 1h 26m Flame Charge OHKOs Leavanny! Doctor Logan defeated!

10d 1h 26m Gothorita down! Out comes Leavanny!

10d 1h 23m Joltik down! It's all up to Zebstrika now.

10d 1h 22m Battle against Doctor Logan! Joltik versus Gothorita

10d 1h 22m DOCTOR IN SIGHT!

[Status] Joltik leads with 100% followed by Zebstrika who is at 38%. The rest have fainted.

10d 1h 20m Conkeldurr down! Black Belt Tyrone defeated!

inb4 aMH sweep

10d 1h 19m Mienfoo down! Conkeldurr comes out.

10d 1h 19m Mienfoo incoming!

10d 1h 19m aMH knocks out Scrafty and levels up to 56!

10d 1h 18m Sent in aMH!

[Fluff] Scrafty's crafty attacks and abilities really gets us into a fuddle.

inb4 Scrafty sweep!

[Snark] I could say that I did moxie this coming, but I actually did.

10d 1h 17m Scrafty is now at +3 Attack from the Moxie boosts.

10d 1h 17m Dru down to a Crunch!

10d 1h 17m Dru comes out!

10d 1h 17m Oh god this Moxie boost.

10d 1h 16m 5 the Deerling down!

10d 1h 16m Tympole goes down!

10d 1h 15m Versus Blackbelt Tyrone! Scrafty versus Nonon.

[Snark] Gee, if only we had a fire type Pokemon to get us through all these Durants. Kappa.

10d 1h 10m Nonon levelled up to 52! and didn't evolve

10d 1h 6m Q4 down!

10d 1h 2m And did not evolve. Wow, didn't see that coming.

10d 1h 2m Q4 grew to lv. 44!

10d 0h 57m Entered Victory Road

10d 0h 50m Going through the gates leading up to Victory Road.

10d 0h 39m Route 10!

10d 0h 23m Back in Opelucid City

10d 0h 20m Zebstrika down. Black out.

Rip Exp.Share.


10d 0h 11m We're messing around in our bag a lot.

[Status] Zebstrika in the yellow at 31% hp.

Welcome to Day 11!

9d 23h 40m Only Zeb is left.

9d 23h 34m A wild Durant takes out Dru

9d 23h 31m Joltik down!

[Snark] We definitely didn't anticipate how powerful they were.

9d 23h 26m A wild Durant also takes out Tympole. Wow, these Durants are powerful.

9d 23h 23m A wild Durant takes out 5

9d 23h 19m Just reached the 2nd floor

9d 23h 18m Still on the 1st Floor of Victory Road by the way

9d 23h 18m Tranquil down!

9d 23h 15m Picked up a Dusk Stone earlier

9d 23h 1m I mean, it was only from Opelucid City but still. It's the thought that counts.

9d 23h 1m Successfully flew to Victory Road!!!

9d 22h 55m A wild Durant knocks out Druddigon. GMYC blacks out.

9d 22h 53m Veteran Tiffany defeated!

9d 22h 53m Dru did not learn Dragon Tail.

9d 22h 53m Liligant down! Dru levels up to 45!

9d 22h 52m Heatmor down! In comes a Lilligant.

9d 22h 49m Zebstrika down! Only Dru is left.

9d 22h 49m Sent Zeb back in.

9d 22h 48m 5 faints to a flamethrower from Heatmor! ...Don't know what else we were expecting there.

9d 22h 48m Switched in 5 as Tiffany sends out a Heatmor.

9d 22h 48m Beheeyen down!

9d 22h 47m Sent in Zebstrika

9d 22h 46m Beheeyen takes out Nonon with Thunderbolt!

9d 22h 46m Beheeyen versus Nonon!

9d 22h 46m Versus Veteran Tiffany!

9d 22h 36m Surfs up!

[Status] Tympole leads with 49%, Deerling, Druddigon and Zebstrika are all at 100% while Tranquill and Joltik have fainted.

9d 22h 21m Tympole now leads our team.

9d 22h 20m Joltik down!

9d 22h 14m A wild Durant takes out Tranquill.

9d 22h 13m Entered Victory Road again

9d 22h 1m Slowly crossing Route 10 back to the Badge Check gates again

9d 21h 58m Entered Route 10

[Money Status] We only have 184 Poke-yen left due to black outs and using it to buy Fresh Water.

[Snark] The drink machines have been taking more money than the PC has been taking our Pokemon away from us.

9d 21h 54m And Another Fresh Water Can't afford anymore sadly.

9d 21h 54m Another Fresh Water

9d 21h 54m We got a Fresh Water

9d 21h 52m Outside the Opelucid Pokemon Center again.

[Snark] Maybe we shouldn't of released Princess Lilly guys.

9d 21h 51m Lilligant takes out Dru on a Energy Ball. Blacked Out

9d 21h 50m Lilligant barley survives Dru's attack

9d 21h 50m Dru is sent out!

9d 21h 48m Energy Ball from Lilligant takes out Joltik

9d 21h 48m Joltik is sent out!

[Status] Joltik is at yellow (32/133) while Dru is at Full Health

9d 21h 45m Lilligant takes out aMH

9d 21h 45m Lilligant is sent out!

9d 21h 45m After taking another dig, aMH is at red, uses discharge to take out Heatmor, and Levels up to lv. 55

9d 21h 43m Flame Charge does little to the Heatmor, and the foe uses dig

9d 21h 42m aMH is sent out again!

9d 21h 42m 5 can't take the heat from Heatmor's Flamethrower. 5 Faints

9d 21h 42m Heatmor is sent out. We switch out aMH for 5

9d 21h 41m Wild charge takes out Beheeyen!

9d 21h 40m aMH is sent out!

9d 21h 40m Beheeyen OHKOs Tympole!

9d 21h 39m Ace Trainer Tiffany wants to battle! It's Beheeyen vs Tympole

9d 21h 38m Now back in the inner portion of Victory Road

9d 21h 38m Nearly close of sliding off the ledge and having to go back in circles

9d 21h 36m Vullaby's punishment KOs Q4

9d 21h 34m In the outer portion of Victory Road again now

9d 21h 32m Up to the third level of Victory Road. In the same room we blacked out earlier now!

9d 21h 31m Power Gem from Boldore brings Q4 into the red with 15% of his HP remaining

9d 21h 27m We are in our bag again

9d 21h 24m We take the wrong exit to the outer portion of Victory Road and quickly went back inside.

9d 21h 23m Up to the second floor of Victory Road. Pretty much back were we blacked out with a nearly healed up team

9d 21h 20m Surfing on Tympole hoping to get to the stairs and the second level of Victory Road quicker

9d 21h 18m We are rustling in our bag again.

9d 21h 17m Back into the inner portion of Victory Road. Same room we got the Rare Candy earlier

9d 21h 14m Slid down the "super" ledge. We're getting back to where we blacked out slowly.

9d 21h 12m Now in the outer portion of Victory Road.

9d 21h 9m We've gone up a level in Victory Road

9d 21h 7m Entered Victory Road

9d 21h 4m Almost entered Victory Road

9d 20h 58m Finally going through the badge gates again.

9d 20h 54m Near the entrance to the Badge Checkpoints

9d 20h 48m Looking at our Pokemon stats before we switched in Joltik in this wild Bouffalant fight.

9d 20h 45m Entered Route 10

9d 20h 41m Moving slowly through Opelucid City.

9d 20h 39m We exit the Opelucid Pokemon Center

9d 20h 38m Wild Boldore takes out aMH. Blacked Out

9d 20h 36m Scolipede is sent out! aMH disposes of it in a few turns. Trainer Dwayne Defeated!

9d 20h 36m 9d 20h 36m Zebstrika takes out Stoutland but Wild Charge takes his health to 75 HP

9d 20h 35m Zebstrika is sent out as the only healthy Pokemon left.

9d 20h 35m Stoutland's crunch KOs Dru

9d 20h 34m Ace Trainer Dwayne wants to battle! Stoutland is sent out vs a weaken Dru

9d 20h 34m We went up the stairs to the 3rd level of Victory Road.

9d 20h 32m Dru only has 3 HP remaining after that Wild Boldore battle. Zebstrika is the only one in the party other than Dru that can battle.

9d 20h 28m We went up the stairs to the second level of Victory Road

9d 20h 27m Dru is in the red zone with only 18% of his health remaining.

9d 20h 23m We're messing in our bag trying to find the Rare Candy I believe

9d 20h 20m Just standing around wondering if we should use a Rare Candy or not in Chat

9d 20h 16m Found Rare Candy

9d 20h 14m We're surfing to get an item

9d 20h 14m Dru levels up to Lv. 44

9d 20h 13m After 5 minutes in the switch menu we decided to bring out Dru, and he disposes of Meinfoo easily.

9d 20h 10m Trying to bring in a tired Q4 into battle instead of the healthy Zebstrika and Druddigon in our team.

9d 20h 6m 5 the Deerling Faints vs a Wild Meinfoo

9d 20h 3m 5 levels up to Lv. 35. Fails to Evolve

9d 20h 2m Joltik is switched in, but Crunch is too much for it to handle. Joltik Faints

9d 20h 0m 5 is also in the red zone now (15/89) after taking a Dragon Pulse from a lv. 38 Deino.

Deino was Lv. 37 and Female

9d 19h 57m Deino caught using a Dusk Ball. Nickname None

9d 19h 57m Joltik is now in the red (20/133) after being attack vs a wild Deino. Switched out for 5

9d 19h 54m We head back into the inner portion of Victory Road.

9d 19h 51m Back in the outer portion of Victory Road. A guy tells us we need to go down a ledge. We have lots of experience with that as we fall down a ledge.

9d 19h 48m Boldore's sturdy allows to get a hit off Tympole. Tympole Faints

9d 19h 46m Q4 Faints vs a wild Boldore

9d 19h 45m We are moving along Victory Road slowly.

9d 19h 42m We go up a level, down a level, and up a level.

9d 19h 40m Entered Victory Road

9d 19h 39m We clear the puzzle easily. Almost to Victory Road

9d 19h 38m The 7th badge check gate has a Ice puzzle

9d 19h 36m We're are now "flying" to the next check gate

9d 19h 36m Already passed half of these check gates

9d 19h 32m We enter the Badge Check gates

9d 19h 30m This battle puts Tympole in the yellow with only a quarter of its HP remaining.

9d 19h 27m Crossed the bridge where we battled Cheren. We then hit the dark grass for a wild double battle!

9d 19h 25m Entered Route 10

9d 19h 21m Still wandering around Opelucid City. Heading towards Route 10 and Victory Road slowly.

9d 19h 17m Healed at the Pokemon Center! We exited, and now back outside.

9d 19h 14m Stepped into the Pokemon Center. Checkpointed in Opelucid City!

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT!♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

9d 19h 9m Arrived in Opelucid. Now to find the Pokemon Center!

9d 19h 7m Making our way left back to Opelucid.

[Info] More accurately, they want to Checkpoint back in Opelucid City.

9d 18h 59m The hivemind seems dead-set on walking away from Victory Road.

9d 18h 55m Much further away from Victory Road now. We've passed the ice floor and wind path.

9d 18h 50m We've moved away from Victory Road now. We're just below it right now.

[Info] Also, welcome to Victory Road. You'll be here a while.

9d 18h 46m We're in a cave now, fighting Pokemon inside. We just wasted a Pokeball on a Deino. Tympole fainted, and then we ran.

9d 18h 44m Apparently, we're back in Victory Road somewhere. Currently encountering some wild Pokemon.

[Status] At some point we got into a battle with a wild Durant. QQQQ has fainted.

9d 18h 33m Picked up TM22, SolarBeam!

[Chat] Some people seem interested in going to get the Solar Beam TM as well, which is to our right.

9d 18h 27m Still trying to make our way out of Pinwheel Forest.

[Info] The last of the Sword of Justice, Terrakion, is in Victory Road. All that's left is to start trekking towards it and the Pokemon League.

9d 18h 21m Picked up a Hyper Potion that was sitting on a stump in Pinwheel Forest. A consolation prize for Virizion.

9d 18h 16m Slowly walking out of Rumination Field now. Inputs picked up during the encounter, but now it's slow going again.

[Snark] AERIAL ACE Kreygasm

[Snark] Well, that was quick...

9d 18h 15m QQQQ levels up to 43! Does not evolve.

9d 18h 14m QQQQ uses Aerial Ace. It's an OHKO...

9d 18h 14m We immediately go into the bag and chuck a Dusk Ball. Only 8 Dusk Balls and 5 Great Balls remain.

9d 18h 14m We talk to Virizion, and the battle is on!

9d 18h 13m In Rumination Field now. Virizion is dead ahead.

9d 18h 12m We've reached the entrance to Virizion's cave... tree patch... forest? Hard to say what it is, but Virizion is indeed inside.

9d 18h 10m We're well into the path now. Heading up again through a hollow log and some grass patches.

9d 18h 7m Still walking through the forest. We seem to have arrived at the path to Virizion we've been looking for.

9d 18h 3m Made it to the Pinwheel Forest. Progress!

9d 17h 59m Chat is pleased with this. Off to Virizion!

9d 17h 59m Successfully flew to Nacrene City.

9d 17h 56m In the Pokemon menu. Looks like we're trying to fly, folks.

9d 17h 53m Walking around Driftveil City some more.

9d 17h 49m Exited the Pokemon Center.

9d 17h 47m GMYC Saved the game upstairs. We Healed our team!

9d 17h 45m Entered the Pokemon Center!

9d 17h 32m Accessed the VS. Recorder.

9d 17h 17m Crossing the bridge again. Back on Driftveil City!

9d 17h 12m Switched out for Druddigon, and gets attacked by a wild Pokemon. Druddigon now at 80% hp (99/124).

9d 17h 9m Joltik uses it's last Thunderbolt on a wild Herdier. No more PP left for that move. Only Slash, and Sucker Punch are left.

[Info] We've been grinding around Cold Storage for over an hour now. Still no actual progress has been made since.

9d 16h 59m Joltik damaged during a wild Pokemon double battle! Joltik is now at 67% hp. (75/113)

[Status] Joltik's Thunderbolt is at 3/15. Sucker Punch at 3/5, and Slash at 15/20.

9d 16h 51m Double Battling some more wild Pokemon.

[Snark] Twitch Plays Pokemon. Where none of our Pokemon ever evolve. EVER!

9d 16h 36m Joltik Promoted to Level 46! Sadly, does not evolve. However, we were SO CLOSE to it.

9d 16h 34m Joltik used the last 2 of its Signal Beams. No more PP left for that move.

[Status] Joltik at 80% hp (88/110). Joltik's Signal Beam at 2/15, Joltik's Thunderbolt at 4/15.

9d 16h 19m Still wandering around the Cold Storage, going through our things, checking our Pokemon.

9d 16h 11m Found a Protein!

9d 16h 11m Used one Max Ether!

[Status] Joltik 90% hp. Druddigon 100% hp. Zebstrika 47% hp.

9d 16h 9m Used another Hyper Potion on Joltik!

9d 16h 8m Used a Hyper potion on one of our Pokemon!

9d 16h 4m More double wild Pokemon encounters, as we try to obtain an item that is near by here.

9d 16h 2m Joltik's Thunderbolt on Herdier, and faints!

9d 16h 1m Joltik's Signal Beam on Vanillite, and faints.

9d 15h 59m Double wild Pokemon battle vs. Herdier and Vanillite!

[Status] Zebstrika now in the yellow at 47% hp.

9d 15h 53m Flame Charge on Timburr! Timburr fainted! Zebstrika Promoted to Level 54! Trainer defeated!

9d 15h 52m Zebstrika uses discharge! Pansage fainted! Trainer is sending out a Timburr.

9d 15h 51m Switched out for Zebstrika. Zebstrika was seeded!

9d 15h 50m Trainer battle vs. Worker Eddie! Pansage vs. Joltik!

[Info] Both of Joltik's Signal Beam and Thunderbolt moves are in the yellow. Signal Beam at 7/15, Thunderbolt at 6/15.

[Spelling] Wandering. Derp. X_X

[Status] Joltik at 36% hp (39/110).

9d 15h 29m Used one Ice Heal during a wild Pokemon encounter. But it had no effect.

9d 15h 26m Found an Ether!

9d 15h 25m Encountered some wild Pokemon in this area after a long while of wondering around.

9d 15h 21m Walked over a bridge. Reached Cold Storage!

9d 15h 16m Still wondering around the city. Going through our bags. Checking up on our Pokemon.

9d 15h 4m Exited. Back outside the city.

9d 15h 2m Entered someones building.

9d 14h 47m Exited the Gym.

9d 14h 44m Inside the Gym!

9d 14h 39m Reached Driftveil City!

9d 14h 19m Obtained an Elixir.

9d 13h 59m VS. a fake Poké Ball (Foongus)!

9d 13h 56m Found a hidden Leaf Stone!

[Status] Joltik in the yellow at 48% hp. Zebstrika at 58% hp. Druddigon 100% hp. Everyone else is down.

9d 13h 50m Reached Route 6.

9d 13h 37m OUTSIDE

9d 13h 31m Found a hidden Hyper Potion!

9d 13h 5m Cobalion confirmed for returning every time we beat the Elite Four.

[rip] rip

9d 13h 4m Zebstrika used Flame Charge! Cobalion fainted!

9d 13h 4m Used an Ice Heal twice! Cobalion is paralyzed!

9d 13h 3m Sent out Zebstrika.

9d 13h 2m Cobalion used Secret Sword! Tympole fainted!


9d 13h 1m Used a Max Potion on Nonon!

9d 13h 1m VS Cobalion!

9d 12h 55m Cobalion spotted.

9d 12h 55m Found a hidden Carbos!

9d 12h 55m Found a Rare Candy!

9d 12h 51m Listened to the old man's story.

9d 12h 25m Defeated Hiker Clarke!

9d 12h 23m Tranquill used Fly! Boldore used Smack Down! Tranquill fainted!

9d 12h 23m VS Hiker Clarke!

9d 12h 12m Deerling fainted against Gurdurr!

[Stadium] And it holds true: With a Venomoth sweeping Totodile and Squirtle and a Chinchou wrecking the legendary--never bet on Entei.

9d 11h 58m Still in Mistralton Cave.

9d 11h 50m Opened the VS Recorder.

9d 11h 43m We're on Route 6.

[Stats] Tranquill Lv. 42 - Max. HP 109 Attack 107 Defense 86 Sp. Atk 63 Sp. Def 40 Speed 63

9d 11h 22m Tranquill leveled up to 42!

9d 11h 10m Healed our party in the Poké Center!

9d 11h 3m Druddigon forgot Slash and learned Strength!

[Stats] Tympole Lv. 51 - Max. HP 127 Attack 99 Defense 63 Sp. Atk 79 Sp. Def 51 Speed 88

9d 10h 51m Tympole leveled up to 51!

9d 10h 48m Joltik forgot Electro Ball and learned Thunderbolt!

9d 10h 41m We entered the laboratory again.

9d 10h 35m Found the TM Thunderbolt

9d 10h 34m Nonon take down Garbodor, Nathan defeated!

9d 10h 33m He sent out a Garbodor.

9d 10h 33m VS. Scientist Nathan

9d 10h 32m We left the laboratory

9d 10h 25m Found Dubious Disc

9d 10h 24m We entered the laboratory P2

9d 10h 20m Nonon is in the red, but take down Simisage and defeat Ray!

9d 10h 19m He send out Simisage.

9d 10h 19m Nonon take down Darmanitan.

9d 10h 18m Joltik faints

9d 10h 18m We send out Joltik

Ray sent out a Darmanitan who take down Tranquill

9d 10h 17m Basculin down!

9d 10h 16m Tranquill vs. Basculin !

9d 10h 16m Battle against Veteran Ray

9d 10h 13m We left the house again.

9d 10h 12m Healed our team

9d 10h 10m We entered the house again.

9d 10h 6m Backpacker Kumiko defeated!

9d 10h 6m Emolga faints!

9d 10h 6m 5 is paralyzed!

9d 10h 5m We send out 5.

9d 10h 4m She sent out an Emolga who take down Tranquill

9d 10h 3m Battle against a Trainer

9d 10h 1m We left the house

9d 9h 58m Healed our Pokemons

9d 9h 55m We entered a house.

9d 9h 49m Still grinding on Route 17.

9d 9h 42m Used a Max Potion on Nonon

9d 9h 41m Nonon take down Alomomola and defeat Joyce.

9d 9h 40m She send out an Alomomola

9d 9h 39m Battle agains Swimmer Joyce

9d 9h 38m Found TM 06 Toxic

9d 9h 36m Grinding on route 17

9d 9h 30m Entered Route 17

9d 9h 25m Ranger Brenda defeated Obtained Persim Berry

9d 9h 24m Nonon killed simisear and Levels up to lv 50 and fails to evolve

9d 9h 23m She sends out simisear and Knocks out Tranquill

9d 9h 22m She sends out a swoobat

9d 9h 22m Battling Ranger Brenda

9d 9h 20m We are now walking around in Route 1

9d 9h 19m Surfing on Route 1

9d 9h 15m Entered Route 1

9d 9h 8m Mom heals our team

9d 9h 8m Hi Mom!

9d 9h 6m We flew to Nuvema Town

9d 8h 55m We are back in Opelucid City once more.

9d 8h 54m Zebstrika faints to its own attack. GMYC blacks out and paid out all his money.

9d 8h 53m Zebstrika goes at Stoutland and takes it down! Recoil hurts Zebstrika into red health! Scolipede sent in by Dwayne!

9d 8h 52m Battle! Ace Trainer Dwayne. Zebstrika vs. Stoutland.

9d 8h 51m Went up a floor.

9d 8h 46m We couldn't run away from a wild Durant. Durant uses Metal Claw and finishes off Druddigon.

9d 8h 43m Druddigon's health is now down to red after a battle with a Woobat. Nevertheless, Jimmy is still pressing on.

9d 8h 39m Back in Victory Road cave through one of the many numerous entrances littered around the area.

9d 8h 36m Nevermind. GMYC slides down a cliff.

[Fluff] Doesn't sliding down cliffs hurt, though?

9d 8h 34m A random trainer shouts from above, "You can slide down the cliffs!" and slides down. GMYC watches from below whilst the other trainer protests.

9d 8h 33m We went past one of the exits. What a view!

9d 8h 32m Recently went up a floor and past a trainer we battled earlier.

9d 8h 30m Zebstrika and Druddigon, the last two surviving members of our team, are at yellow/orange health.

9d 8h 27m Back on land with some more random wild encounters.

9d 8h 15m Picked up a Max Revive!

[Fluff] GMYC must be really thirsty...

[Info] We have three Max Potions, two Max Ethers, two Hyper Potions, fifty Fresh Waters, and one Sitrus Berry in our HP/PP Restore menu.

9d 8h 3m Four members of our party are down with Druddigon at full health leading. GMYC also decides to surf on a body of water.

9d 7h 59m Used a Max Potion without any effect. Deino promptly takes out Joltik.

9d 7h 58m Used a Dusk Ball on a wild male lv. 38 Deino! It broke free..

9d 7h 55m Joltik also fails to evolve once more.

9d 7h 54m Joltik levels up to 45 and did not learn Discharge.

9d 7h 52m Tympole faints to a wild Boldore! We run away just in time!

9d 7h 48m Our team is quite battered after some wild encounters. Tranquill and Deerling have fainted, and the rest except Druddigon at full health are in the yellow/orange.

9d 7h 40m Deerling proves to be no match for a wild Boldore and faints from its own attack.

9d 7h 36m Nonon the Tympole is now leading the party.

9d 7h 35m Tranquill has fainted to a wild Durant's Crunch!

9d 7h 34m Welcome back to Victory Road.

9d 7h 33m Past the ice gates! We're now in a place with tremendous dragon sculptures. Whoa!

9d 7h 28m We pass multiple gates and walk on air! Now GMYC is skating on some ice.

9d 7h 19m Back in the badge check area.

9d 7h 5m Obtained a Full Restore!

9d 7h 3m Nearing the gate to Victory Road once more!

9d 6h 56m We head northwards into Route 10.

9d 6h 47m Back in Opelucid City.

9d 6h 44m A wild Durant takes out Dru! GMYC has no more Pokemon and blacks out!

9d 6h 40m He gets Stomped to red. But he takes out Zebstrika! Shanta defeated.

9d 6h 40m Sent in Dru.

9d 6h 38m aMH is down in the red. Enemy Zebstrika is in the yellow. aMH faints.

9d 6h 38m It's Flame Charge time.

9d 6h 37m Looks like hers might be able to outspeed aMH now. Shouldn't spam all these electric moves.

9d 6h 37m Shanta sends in Zebstrika. We bring in aMH to fight hers.

9d 6h 35m Dru hits Level 43.

9d 6h 35m We send in Dru. He takes out Whimsicott.

9d 6h 33m Sparky faints.

9d 6h 33m Sparky vs Whimsicott.

9d 6h 33m Battling Shanta again.

9d 6h 19m [Team Status] Tympole: 26%, Joltik: 42%, Druddigon: 65%, Zebstrika: 100%

9d 6h 19m Welcome to Victory Road!

9d 6h 18m Crossed the ice.

9d 6h 17m Our forwards motion has been frozen here at the Freeze Badge area.

9d 6h 16m Heading northwards. It's a beautiful sight.

9d 6h 14m Currently in the Trio Badge area. It's pretty nice looking.

9d 6h 11m The wind is eerie ... this is it folks, the path we must take towards saving Unova.

9d 6h 11m Onwards!

9d 6h 8m We've made it to the Victory Road Gate. Time to pass it again.

[Stadium] What's with these weird matchups these days?

9d 6h 1m Back on Route 10.

9d 6h 0m Route 10 Gatehouse now.

9d 5h 57m Left the house. Goodbye, Rotation Battlers.

9d 5h 54m A second Electro Ball takes out Elgyem. Lou defeated!

9d 5h 54m Sparky uses Electro Ball. Elgyem is brought down to red.

9d 5h 53m Elgyem is switched in. Sparky rotates onto the field.

9d 5h 53m Elgyem is switched for Mienfoo. It goes down to a Surf.

9d 5h 53m Nonon's ability becomes Simple.

9d 5h 53m Mienfoo is rotated in to fight Nonon again. No wait, Elgyem now.

9d 5h 53m Pawniard goes down.

9d 5h 52m Mienfoo is switched for Pawniard.

9d 5h 52m Nope, it's Mienfoo now, and it gets brought down to yellow by a Hyper Voice.

9d 5h 52m Nonon's current opponent is Pawniard.

9d 5h 51m Nonon, Sparky and Dru vs Mienfoo, Pawniard and Elgyem.

9d 5h 51m Battling another Rotation Battle expert! Ace Trainer Lou!

9d 5h 49m Just chilling in this house.

9d 5h 43m 5 does not evolve!

9d 5h 43m Two Revenges later, Simipour goes down! Eileen is defeated!

9d 5h 42m Simipour is rotated in to face him.

9d 5h 42m Sent in Dru. He takes out Simisear.

9d 5h 40m Wasted a turn trying to throw a Dusk Ball. 5 goes down to a Flame Burst.

9d 5h 39m Eileen rotates Simisear to face us.

9d 5h 39m We sent in 5 to replace QQQQ, and she takes out Simisage. Levels up to 34.

[Note] He had been injured earlier by Simisear, and was taken out easily.

9d 5h 38m Wasted a turn using an Ether. Simisage is switched to face QQQQ. He goes down to a Seed Bomb.

9d 5h 37m QQQQ was fighting against Simipour, but now his opponent is Simisear.

9d 5h 36m It's currently QQQQ, Nonon and Sparky out against a trio of Simis.

9d 5h 36m Started a Rotation Battle with Ace Trainer Eileen!

9d 5h 34m Just hanging around Opelucid now.

[Snark] Water way to lose our money.

9d 5h 29m Well, that's how much we bought in this run-in with the Vending Machine. We've already got a lot of drinks in our bag.

9d 5h 28m We have fifteen Fresh Waters, one Soda Pop, and one Lemonade.

9d 5h 28m Wallet currently holds 90 bucks.

9d 5h 27m And a Soda Pop finishes off our purchases.

9d 5h 27m More water.

9d 5h 27m Humans are 70% water, or something.

9d 5h 27m Bought a Lemonade.

9d 5h 26m Hydration is important.

9d 5h 26m GMYC demands more water.

9d 5h 26m Okay another bottle.

9d 5h 26m One more.

9d 5h 26m And here's another.

9d 5h 26m Nope, another Fresh Water.

9d 5h 25m Escaped the Vending Machine.

9d 5h 25m Aaaand another.

9d 5h 25m And another.

9d 5h 25m And another.

9d 5h 25m And another.

9d 5h 24m And another.

9d 5h 24m We buy another.

9d 5h 24m We buy one Fresh Water.

9d 5h 23m In the streets of Opelucid.

9d 5h 21m Welcome back to Opelucid Pokémon Center.

9d 5h 21m Sparky is promptly stomped on like a bug. Black out.

9d 5h 20m Whimsicott goes down. Shanta sends out a Zebstrika!

9d 5h 20m This Signal Beam of yours shall be the Signal of Justice! Spam it Sparky, spam!

9d 5h 19m The first of our foes on the road to VIIIIICTORY! Go Sparky! Take out her Whimsicott!

9d 5h 19m Battling Ace Trainer Shanta!

9d 5h 18m Victory Road, ladies and gentlemen! The final journey to the hallowed halls of the Pokémon League!

9d 5h 17m Crossed the Legend Badge Gate!

[Rimshot] Badum-TSS

9d 5h 16m Aaaaand our attempts at getting to the Legend Badge Gate have been put on ice.

9d 5h 16m Crossed the Freeze Badge Gate!

[Snark] Crossed the Line of Deciding What's Update-Worthy!

9d 5h 15m Crossed the Jet Badge Gate!

9d 5h 15m Crossed the Quake Badge Gate!

9d 5h 14m Crossed the Bolt Badge Gate!

9d 5h 14m Crossed the Insect Badge Gate!

9d 5h 14m Crossed the Basic Badge Gate!

9d 5h 14m Crossed the Trio Badge Gate!

9d 5h 13m We've arrived at the Victory Road gate!

[Snark] If we manage to evolve even one Pokémon, I swear I will sing all the 4Kids dub openings.

9d 5h 12m As usual, Sparky does not evolve.

9d 5h 12m Chester defeated.

9d 5h 12m Sparky comes in. He promptly balls into Escavalier. Level 44!

9d 5h 11m It's all up to you now, Sparky!

9d 5h 11m She brings Escavalier to red, but faints.

9d 5h 11m Nonon is sent in.

9d 5h 9m Dru goes down.

9d 5h 8m Chester sends in an Escavalier.

9d 5h 8m He hits 42!

9d 5h 7m Two quakes bring him to 10 HP, but Dru takes out the toad!

9d 5h 7m Dru is in again.

9d 5h 7m aMH tries a Discharge, but fails. He immediately goes down to Earthquake.

9d 5h 6m Electric attacks ain't gonna work here, especially with Seismitoad's Ground-typing.

9d 5h 6m He's promptly switched out for aMH.

9d 5h 6m Sparky is switched in against Seismitoad.

9d 5h 5m A Surf and two Hydro Pumps later, Beartic goes down.

9d 5h 4m Nonon vs Beartic.

9d 5h 4m The final trainer before the Victory Road gate! It's Veteran Chester!

9d 5h 4m Jellicent goes down. Cheyenne defeated.

9d 5h 3m Dru is sent in.

9d 5h 3m 5 has managed to leech off Jellicent, but she faints to a Brine.

9d 5h 2m We send in 5, who takes out Sawsbuck. Now we've got a Jellicent to fight.

9d 5h 1m Tranquill faints to an Energy Ball.

9d 5h 0m QQQQ vs Sawsbuck.

9d 5h 0m We set foot onto Ace Trainer Stargate Cheyenne.

9d 4h 59m Bianca attempts to be inspirational. "Best foot forward!"

9d 4h 59m Cheren vows to help GMYC and Alder in any way possible. He warns us not to be reckless.

9d 4h 59m The trio reminisces together. It's surprising how much they've changed.

9d 4h 58m Bianca gives us some Max Revives!

9d 4h 58m Cheren defeated! And he heals our Pokemon!

9d 4h 58m He's brought down to yellow as well, but he immediately finishes Samurott off with a Flame Charge.

9d 4h 57m aMH arrives~! His Discharge brings Samurott to red and paralyzes it!

9d 4h 56m We send in Sparky. Sparky faints as well.

9d 4h 56m Dru goes down to a critical hit from Samurott!

9d 4h 55m Out comes Samurott! Dragon vs Samurai Sea Lion!

9d 4h 55m He tanks a Flame Burst, and promptly takes out Simisear with a second Claw.

9d 4h 55m Drew immediately brings Simisear into yellow with a Dragon Claw.

9d 4h 54m Sparky is switched out for Dru against Simisear.

9d 4h 54m Night Slash brings Sparky down into red, but he manages to take out Liepard!

9d 4h 54m A Signal Beam from him brings Liepard down to red and confuses it!

9d 4h 53m Sparky is down to half HP. He's taunted.

9d 4h 53m Dru is switched out for Sparky the Joltik against Cheren's Liepard.

9d 4h 53m Unfezant goes down. Dru hits Level 41!

9d 4h 52m Unfezant taunts him. Now all he can do is attack.

9d 4h 52m We send in Dru!

9d 4h 52m Second Fly brings Unfezant to red, but QQQQ faints and is incapable of capitalising.

9d 4h 52m This also allowed it to set up a Razor Wind that brings 4Q down to red!

9d 4h 51m Unfezant sets up a Detect, allowing QQQQ to Fly upwards unharmed.

9d 4h 51m QQQQ vs his Unfezant!

9d 4h 51m The battle begins once again!

9d 4h 50m Cheren arrives once more!

9d 4h 34m In the grass. Just hangin'.

9d 4h 32m On Route 10 now.

9d 4h 27m [Correction] Route 10.

9d 4h 27m North gatehouse. Failing to get onto Route 20.

9d 4h 20m Just hanging around the city.

9d 4h 13m Trying to get onto Route 11. The road's closed, so we can't.

9d 4h 13m We seem to be hanging around the gatehouse. Must not want to fight Cheren again.

[Fluff] Man, the Black Opelucid music seems a lot more snazzy and tech-based than the one I heard back in White.

9d 4h 0m Exited into the city.

9d 3h 59m Inside the Opelucid Center.

9d 3h 57m A turn is wasted on using an Ether! aMH goes down to another attack from Samurott, and we black out!

9d 3h 56m He immediately brings Samurott down into the red.

9d 3h 56m aMH comes in like a horse zebra on fire. Possibly literally.

9d 3h 55m Only aMH is left to fight against Samurott. Will he succeed?

9d 3h 55m In comes the Samurai Sea Lion! It jets into Nonon and takes her out.

9d 3h 54m Nonon levels up to 49!

9d 3h 54m She's down in the red as well, but she manages to take out Simisear!

9d 3h 54m She promptly starts off with a Surf, bringing Simisear to the red.

9d 3h 53m Nonon is sent in.

9d 3h 52m Simisear in now. Will Cheren's monkey gangster defeat us again? It takes out Deerling at least.

9d 3h 52m Deerling hits Level 33!

9d 3h 52m She's brought down to red. Her Take Down defeats Liepard and surprisingly she doesn't faint, sitting at 3 HP.

9d 3h 51m 5 the Deerling is sent in. She's taunted. There goes the usage of Leech Seed for a bit.

9d 3h 50m Sparky the Joltik brings Liepard down to red, but faints.

9d 3h 49m Another Sucker Punch from our little fellow. He's pretty sneaky eh?

9d 3h 49m In comes Sparky, who sucker punches Liepard.

9d 3h 49m Not fast enough. He goes down.

9d 3h 48m Dru's down to the yellow from Liepard's slashing, but manages to take Liepard down to the same as well.

9d 3h 48m Dru vs Liepard now!

9d 3h 48m He did not learn Night Slash.

9d 3h 47m Dru takes out Unfezant with a Claw! He levels up to 40!

9d 3h 47m We send in Dru!

9d 3h 46m 4Q puts up a good effort, but he's not fast enough. He's down.

9d 3h 45m QQQQ the Tranquill vs Unfezant!

9d 3h 45m Cheren! Let's rock and roll, baby!

9d 3h 42m Back on route 10

9d 3h 38m Wandering around Opelucid City

[Snark] I thought Cheren was caring.

9d 3h 17m Cheren took the rest of our money, we're officially broke :(

9d 3h 16m Simisear's Flame Burst takes out Zebstrika. Black out!

9d 3h 13m Only aMH is left

9d 3h 13m Simisear OHKOs Q4

9d 3h 13m Switched in Q4

9d 3h 12m Simisear incoming!

9d 3h 12m aMH did not learn Thrash.

9d 3h 11m Wild Charge knocks out Samurott! aMH levels up to 53!

9d 3h 11m Wild charge takes out Liepard! Samurott in coming.

9d 3h 11m Sent in aMH.

9d 3h 10m A crit Night Slash knocks out 5.

9d 3h 10m 5 comes in.

9d 3h 10m Liepard is down to a little less than half.

9d 3h 9m A crit Slash from Liepard knocks out Dru!

9d 3h 9m Dru sent in.

9d 3h 8m Liepard comes in and lands a crit on Nonon. Nonon down!

9d 3h 8m Forgot Air Cutter for Feather Dance

9d 3h 7m Surf takes out Unfezant! Q4 levels up to 41!

9d 3h 6m Nonon sent in.

9d 3h 6m Joltik faints to an Air Slash!

9d 3h 5m Switched to Joltik

9d 3h 5m Unfezant versus Q4!

9d 3h 5m Rematch with Cheren!

[Snark] We definitely haven't mastered the usage of the ball over the course of all these games.

9d 3h 2m We held onto the Master Ball for 1 hour and 28 minutes. Good job everyone.

[Fluff] gg guys, gg.

9d 3h 0m Nickname is "GMHM"


9d 2h 59m Nickname is "Herdier,"

9d 2h 59m Caught a lv. 33, male Herdier!

9d 2h 57m Entered Route 10.

9d 2h 55m Party order switched again: Tranquill, Tympole, Joltik, Deerling, Druddigon, and Zebstrika.

9d 2h 47m We also switched Deerling's position in the party with Joltik's.

9d 2h 45m Took Joltik's paralyze heal.

9d 2h 44m Took Deerling's Max Elixir.

9d 2h 41m We're also still hanging around in Opelucid City.

9d 2h 41m Switched our party order: Zebstrika leads, followed by Tympole, Tranquill, Joltik, Druddigon, and Deerling.

9d 2h 28m Back in Opelucid City.

9d 2h 24m We keep using Flame Charge against Samurott. It proves unsuccessful. Another slash takes out aMH! Black out!

9d 2h 24m Spark! Unfezant down! In comes Samurott.

9d 2h 20m Unfezant versus aMH!

9d 2h 20m Versus Cheren!

9d 2h 19m Alomomola down! Veteran Karla defeated!

9d 2h 12m Only Zebstrika left.

9d 2h 12m Alomomola takes out 5!

9d 2h 10m Switched in 5.

9d 2h 9m Cryogonal down! Alomomola incoming.

9d 2h 9m Sent in aMH.

9d 2h 8m Sent in Dru. Dru gets OHKO'ed!

9d 2h 8m Q4 down!

9d 2h 7m Maractus down! Cryogonal sent in.

9d 2h 7m Battle against Veteran Karla! Maractus versus Q4

9d 2h 6m Accelgor down! Zebstrika hits level 52! Ace Trainer Johan defeated!

9d 2h 5m Nonon down! Sent out Zebstrika.

9d 2h 4m Switched to Nonon.

9d 2h 4m Eelektrik down! Accelgor!

9d 2h 3m Sent in Dru.

9d 2h 2m Fraxure down! Elektrik incoming.

9d 2h 2m Switched to Zebstrika.

9d 1h 58m Fraxure versus Nonon.

9d 1h 58m Versus Ace Trainer Johan!

9d 1h 58m Also, obtained a Full Heal earlier

9d 1h 57m Threw a Premier Ball at a Herdier and failed to catch it.

9d 1h 56m Mienfoo down! Battle Girl Amy defeated!

[Fluff] Battle Girl Amy? What if the M is silent?

9d 1h 55m Switched out to Zebstrika.

9d 1h 55m Scrafty down! Mienfoo incoming.

9d 1h 54m Sent out Nonon.

9d 1h 54m Joltik down!

9d 1h 53m Threw a Premier Ball!

9d 1h 52m Rematch with Battle Girl Amy! Joltik versus Scrafty

9d 1h 52m Caught a lv. 35, female Bouffalant! No nickname.

9d 1h 49m Nickname is "3GG_DO♀PAB"

9d 1h 49m Caught a lv. 34, female Herdier!

9d 1h 47m Back on route 10.

9d 1h 43m Bought a Fresh Water! Only ¥120 left.

9d 1h 39m Back in Opelucid City.

9d 1h 38m Hi jump kick takes out Nonon! Black out!

9d 1h 38m Versus Battle Girl Amy! Scrafty versus Nonon.

9d 1h 37m First Pokemon we encountered on this route is a doge with a mustache. CATCH IT!

9d 1h 36m Entered Route 10.

[Info] Tornadus is now roaming.

[Fluff] 5's Leech Seed, that she barely pulled off before being taken down, was critical in that defeat of Haxorus

9d 1h 33m The gate lady pulls us aside to tell us about a big storm on route 7.

[Info] Remember, we don't need to worry about wasting it on a trainer battle this time, as it won't be consumed. Of course that doesn't mean we won't end up wasting it.

9d 1h 32m Thanks Professor! We'll try to not waste this on a useless Pokemon. Kappa.


9d 1h 31m Left the gym only to be met with Professor Juniper!

[Fluff] Nonon is still at 100%. She remained untouched the entire battle.

[Fluff] Nonon is still at 100% HP too. Just...wow.

[Chat] Khornatesquirrel: I need to see a Nonnon vs ATV now


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 8 BADGES VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] How do you like it, Haxorus?

9d 1h 27m Received TM82 Dragon Tail!

9d 1h 27m Legend Badge received! 8/8!

9d 1h 27m Drayden defeated!

9d 1h 26m Tympole uses Hyper voice again and Haxorus down!

9d 1h 26m D-Dance #3! Hyper voice and leech seed rack up damage.

9d 1h 26m Drayden heals Haxorus back to full.

9d 1h 25m Haxorus sets up a 2nd D-Dance as Tympole goes for the hyper voice. Haxorus looses some health due to leech seed.

9d 1h 24m It's all up to Tympole

9d 1h 24m Joltik! Signal beam doesn't do much. Dragon Tail knocks out Joltik!

9d 1h 24m Haxorus's Dragon Tail takes out 5!

9d 1h 23m Haxorus is seeded!

9d 1h 23m 5 comes in. Haxorus sets up a d-dance

9d 1h 22m Haxorus goes for the slash and knocks out Druddigon!

9d 1h 22m Haxorus sent in!

9d 1h 22m 2 Dragon Claws from Dru takes out Drayden's Druddigon!

9d 1h 22m Drayden brings out his own Druddigon.

9d 1h 21m Brought in Dru! Fraxure down! Dru levels up to 39!

9d 1h 20m Tranquill out! Tranquill down!

9d 1h 20m Switched to flame charge! Fraxure finally attacks. Zebstrika down!

9d 1h 20m Wild charge brings Fraxure down to less than half.

9d 1h 20m Fraxure is healed back to full!

9d 1h 20m 3 D-Dances! Wild Charge! Fraxure BARELY lives

9d 1h 19m Wild charge! Fraxure taken down to about 55%. Fraxure sets up another D-Dance!

9d 1h 19m Switched to Zebstrika while Fraxure sets up a D-dance

9d 1h 19m Joltik versus Fraxure!

9d 1h 18m Versus Drayden!

[Pun] Just sitting here waiting for this stream to "dragon" to the next Gym Leader. Then more actual progress.

[Snark] Flarn2006 hatin' on my swag. Nothing new here or in the stream. I think we've been resetting the same buttons over and over.

9d 1h 8m Mostly going through the gym again. Pressing buttons, etc. Nothing that we already covered before though. We're still trying to reach to the Gym Leader.

[Snark] In other news, Sandy isn't doing her job as an updater. Because there's definitely tons of stuff happening that's worth updating...../s

[Snark] It's a good thing Jimmy C isn't afraid of heights...or dragons

9d 0h 31m Entered the gym again!

9d 0h 22m Haxorus is paralyzed, but lives up to its name and knocks out Zebstrika! Black out!

9d 0h 21m Druddigon down! Haxorus out!

9d 0h 20m Dreyden's Druddigon is paralyzed!

9d 0h 20m Dreyden's Fraxure is down! He sent out a Druddigon.

9d 0h 19m 5 fainted! Zebstrika is the only team member left, but he's at full health!

[Fluff] Dreyden didn't see that move coming, apparently.

9d 0h 18m We've sent out 5, who uses Leech Seed.

9d 0h 18m It's our Tranquill vs. a Fraxure! And...Tranquill faints.

9d 0h 17m Dreyden finally challenged!

9d 0h 17m Switch #8 pressed!

9d 0h 14m Fraxure #2 faints with little difficulty thanks to the AI not choosing a single damaging move. Trainer defeated!

9d 0h 13m Fraxure defeated! aMH is now level 51! Kim sends out another Fraxure.

9d 0h 12m Dru faints in one hit! Zebstrika is sent out.

9d 0h 12m Tympole fainted! We sent out Dru.

9d 0h 11m Battling Veteran Kim! Fraxure is sent out.

[Chat] The parrot infestation continues.

9d 0h 7m Switch #7 pressed...STILL NOT THE GYM LEADER???

9d 0h 6m Tranquill takes out Druddigon with Aerial Ace! (Kreygasm) Trainer defeated!

9d 0h 5m We've sent out QQQQ (Tranquill).

9d 0h 5m Joltik fainted!

9d 0h 5m Dara sent out Druddigon.

9d 0h 4m Joltik knocks out Deino in two hits using Sucker Punch thanks to two lucky critical hits!

9d 0h 4m We're actually in a battle! Ace Trainer Dara sends out Deino.

9d 0h 0m Switch #6 pressed! ...and it's STILL not leading to the gym leader's platform? Also, welcome to day 9 10!

[Chat] Did someone open a cage full of parrots?

8d 23h 54m Switch #5 pressed!

8d 23h 48m Yet another switch pressed! That's four so far since we've entered the gym.

8d 23h 40m Another switch! Forgot what happened, but I don't think it matters exactly.

8d 23h 35m Landed on another switch! Left hand moved up; head rotated right 90 degrees and moved up a bit.

8d 23h 31m Landed on a switch! The dragon's right arm went up and its head turned left 90 degrees.

[Fluff] Why is the slow mode time limit set to 9 seconds? ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 23h 25m Slowly making progress through the gym's pathways.

8d 23h 22m It appeared like we were stuck on a tile we weren't supposed to be able to be on for a second.

8d 23h 20m GMYC opens the Pokedex, but closes it after realizing it hadn't recorded Bulbasaur's cry yet.

8d 23h 18m Entered Opelucid Gym

[Fluff] I guess the spelling changed.


8d 23h 14m That hasn't changed yet.

8d 23h 7m Just walking around Ocelupid City.

[Snark] Crit mattered. Kappa

8d 23h 4m Dara sends out Druddigon. We use Discharge, but it does little. A crit Night Slash knocks out aMH. GMYC blacks out!

8d 23h 3m A second Wild Charge takes Deino out. We're dangerously close to fainting from recoil.

8d 23h 3m aMH immediately goes for Wild Charge and almost knocks Deino out. Deino flinches.

8d 23h 2m Engaged in a battle with Ace Trainer Dara! She sends out a Deino!

[Fixed info] There are two more trainers aside from the leader in this gym for us to battle; we're about to go up against the first right now.

8d 23h 0m Jumped on the switch again. We can go onward now!

[Addendum] In the name of progress, it turns out. A loop around is needed in order to press the switch a second time.

8d 22h 55m Hopped a ledge up. Not entirely sure if that was in the name of progress or not, but everyone seems intent on moving this direction.

8d 22h 52m Jumped on a switch. Another dragon head moves.

[Info] There should be just one more trainer in this gym that we haven't battled yet.

[Status] aMH the Zebstrika, our only remaining Pokemon, has 26% HP. We continue the trek through the dragon gym.

8d 22h 50m We use Discharge and the Fraxure goes down! Ace Trainer Tom defeated!

8d 22h 50m Tom sends out a Fraxure. We use Wild Charge again, and it does about half. Dragon Claw from the Fraxure does quite a bit, but we're still in.

8d 22h 49m Another Discharge and a clutch paralysis and parahax keep Druddigon from attacking! A Wild Charge takes Druddigon out!

8d 22h 48m We finally send out aMH. We go for a Discharge, which doesn't do much. Dragon Claw in turn, does about the same amount. aMH heals some from the Leech Seed.

8d 22h 47m 5 uses Leech Seed on Druddigon. The dragon responds with a Dragon Claw, which takes out 5. Only aMH is left.

8d 22h 45m We send out 5. Take Down knocks out the Deino finally. Tom sends out a Druddigon!

[Snark] Deino 2 op. pls nerf

8d 22h 43m Finally sent out Drew. Drew uses Crunch, which almost takes Deino out. Drew down to an OHKO Dragon Pulse!

8d 22h 42m Nonon finally uses Surf, which doesn't quite do half damage to Deino. Nonon faints to another Crunch.

8d 22h 41m Used a full heal, which had no effect. Deino almost OHKO's Nonon with Crunch, leaving her with just 2 HP.

8d 22h 41m Looking through our bag, staring at Full Heals. We have yet to even attack.

8d 22h 40m Now intimidated by the potential sweep, we switch back to Nonon. Deino gets in a second Work Up.

8d 22h 39m Being quite intimidated, we switch for Drew. Deino uses Work Up, giving us a free switch but raising its stats.

8d 22h 38m Tom sends out a Deino against our Nonon.

8d 22h 38m Just engaged in another trainer battle! Up against Ace Trainer Tom!

8d 22h 36m Working our way around the corner. Looking at the map I posted earlier, we've just passed point B on the left segment.

8d 22h 31m Stepped on the left hand switch of the dragon. We can access the third level now.

[Map] Continuing on with the gym. For those who aren't familiar with this gym's layout, this is a pretty detailed map of the path we need to take.

[Status] Joltik and QQQQ are down. All the rest are at full HP.

8d 22h 21m Nonon does not evolve. We were very close that time, though.

8d 22h 20m Nonon takes out Druddigon with Surf! Veteran Hugo defeated! Nonon grows to level 48!

8d 22h 19m Druddigon is barely hanging on in red health. We send out Nonon.

8d 22h 19m We get in a last second Aerial Ace with QQQQ before Druddigon knocks out QQQQ.

8d 22h 18m QQQQ charges up a Razor Wind and Druddigon hits with Revenge. Razor Wind doesn't do much, and a Dragon Claw activates teh clutch song (red HP).

8d 22h 18m We land a Sucker Punch. Druddigon responds with Dragon Claw. Another attack and Joltik faints! Out comes QQQQ.

[Snark] inb4 ohko

8d 22h 17m Got in a trainer battle against Veteran Hugo! He sends out Druddigon against our Joltik.

8d 22h 15m Hopped a tail ledge. Chat is very angry.

8d 22h 14m Stepped on another switch. The dragon head moved and we can go to the next part now.

8d 22h 12m Working our way around the second level. No new switches or battles yet.

8d 22h 8m Second switch activated. We can go up a level

8d 22h 4m Re-activated the switch again

[Chat] Amazon_Prime just showed up in chat. Then quickly got banned, or timed out right after.

[Chat] State_Farm_Insurance has been timed out.

8d 21h 58m We hit the same switch again. Right now chat is too distracted with spam bots and other spam

[Fluff] Seems like we're getting more and more spam bots than we are actual command inputs by players at this rate.

8d 21h 56m [Chat] Now a State Farm bot popped up. A Home Depot bot popped up earilier

8d 21h 53m We activate the first switch and jump down the ledge

8d 21h 51m Slowly making our way through the puzzle

8d 21h 46m Entered the Opelucid Gym

8d 21h 45m Still wondering Opelucid City. Heading to gym it looks like. And the spam bot is also finally banned.

[Chat] Starbucks spam bot returns again.

[Money Status] Broke. Again

[Encounter] Wild Pokemon was a Foongus that attacked earlier.

8d 21h 41m Back in Opelucid City, outside of the Pokemon Center, fully healed.

8d 21h 40m Vullaby's punishment punishes 5. Black Out

8d 21h 38m Picked up what we thought was an item, but instead turned out to be a wild Pokemon. Zebstrika fainted to a wild Pokemon attack!

8d 21h 35m Found Full Heal

8d 21h 32m Entered Route 10

8d 21h 31m There seems to be a push to go to Route 10 just for the awesome music

[Chat] Some of chat seem to be happy we did that

8d 21h 28m Talking with the electric guitarist

8d 21h 27m Comparing Male and Female Sawaddle

8d 21h 25m We are also near the Vending Machines. Another Water Run?

8d 21h 22m Wondering around Opelucid City. Near the electric guitarist again

8d 21h 18m And we exit the Battle House

8d 21h 17m Still in the battle house messing with out Trainer Card

[Chat] Starbuck spam bot is at full throttle right now

[Status] Only Zebstrika and Deerling are left available for battle but have lost more than half of their health. Zebstrika is at 42% and Deerling is at 35%.

8d 21h 11m QQQQ Did not evolve, 5 did not learn Energy Ball. Trainer is defeated.

8d 21h 10m Wild Charge takes out Simipour. 5 levels up too lv 32

8d 21h 10m Scald takes out Dru

8d 21h 9m Dru is burned!

8d 21h 9m Simipour takes out QQQ. Dru is sent out

8d 21h 9m QQQ takes out Simisage

8d 21h 8m Fury Swipes from Simisage and Scald form Simipour brings Deerling to the yellow

8d 21h 8m 5 is sent out to battle


8d 21h 6m Tympole faints after tying to KO Simipour

8d 21h 6m QQQQ levels up to Lv. 40

8d 21h 6m Wild Charge disposes of Simisear

8d 21h 5m Wild Charge on aMH puts Simisage on yellow

8d 21h 5m aMH is sent out!

8d 21h 4m Its the elemental monkeys, Simipour, Simisear, and Simisage vs Joltik, Tympole, and Tranquill. Joltik Faints quickly

8d 21h 3m Ace Trainer Eileen wants a rotation battle!

8d 21h 2m Gave Joltik a Paralyze Heal for a Stardust

8d 20h 59m Now back in the Battle House

8d 20h 59m Oh, were in the Battle House. We could do a rotation battle. And we just left

[Chat] Seems like the spam bot left or was banned

8d 20h 56m Entered another house

8d 20h 54m Briefly enter the Route 10 gate and down spam sends us back to Opelucid City

8d 20h 53m Now we're heading to Route 10

8d 20h 52m and we leave. Gym is just next door

8d 20h 51m Entered someone's house

[Chat] a Starbucks spam bot has taken over chat

8d 20h 48m Walking around Opelucid City. Near the electric guitarist

8d 20h 45m We are also broke from getting Dusk Balls and blacking out. No water run for now :(

8d 20h 44m We make a quick dash for the exit out of the Pokemon Center.

8d 20h 43m Pawniard Metal Claws 5. Blacked Out

8d 20h 43m Recoil from Wild Charge is too much! aMH Faints

8d 20h 43m aMH and 5 are both in the red zone.

8d 20h 39m aMH takes out both Dru and the Pawniard in this double wild battle! Dru Faints

8d 20h 38m Found HP UP

8d 20h 36m Double Wild Battle! Gothorita & Liepard vs aMH & Dru!

8d 20h 35m Found Max Ether

8d 20h 35m We're in the dark grass that can also hold Double Battles with wild Pokemon!

8d 20h 32m aMH takes out a female Wild lv 32 Minccino. Levels up to Lv. 50

8d 20h 29m Now in Route 9

8d 20h 28m Entered Route 9 Gate

8d 20h 28m Walking around Opelucid City

8d 20h 25m Exited Pokemon Center

8d 20h 24m Bought few more Dusk Balls. Missed how much we bought that time

8d 20h 23m Bought 2 more Dusk Balls

8d 20h 23m Bought 2 Dusk Balls

8d 20h 21m Entered Pokemon Center. Checkpoint Opelucid City

8d 20h 19m Arrived in Opelucid City!

8d 20h 16m On to Route 9!

8d 20h 12m Tubeline Bridge!

[Status] Joltik, Non-non and Tranquill down, Zebstrika at 64%, Dru at 23% and 5 at 100%!

8d 20h 7m Basculin Clawed down! Bruce defeated!

8d 20h 7m Aqua Tail vs Dragon Claw!

8d 20h 6m Vs second Basculin!

8d 20h 6m Go! Dru! Basculin down! Dru lv 38!

8d 20h 6m Surf! Basculin amost down! Non-non down!

8d 20h 5m Hydro Pump! Basculin dodged! Take down!

8d 20h 5m Battle! Vs Fisherman Bruce! Non-non vs Basculin!

8d 19h 57m Found a Max Elixir!

8d 19h 47m Icirrus City!

8d 19h 43m Walking around the bottom area of Twist Mountain!

8d 19h 39m Non-non lv 47!

8d 19h 37m Found an Ultra Ball!

8d 19h 36m Joltik down!

8d 19h 35m Joltik lv 43!

8d 19h 28m Tranquill struck down by a wild Boldore!

8d 19h 23m Healed by the Doctor!

8d 19h 19m Slowly making our way through Twist Mountain!

8d 19h 10m Found a Stardust!

8d 19h 0m Joltik down!

[Derp] Derp.

8d 18h 58m Twist Mountain!

8d 18h 58m Chargestone cave!

8d 18h 53m Back in the grass!

8d 18h 50m Healed!

8d 18h 50m Back in the healing house!

8d 18h 44m Entered the healing house, watched some TV and then left! Didn't heal!

8d 18h 32m 5 was put to sleep by a wild Foongus before reaching lv 31! Still asleep, and it shows up in the status thingy!

8d 18h 26m Encountered a wild Audino! Music is different!

8d 18h 25m Reached Route 7!

[Stadium] Despite M4 Azumarill's downfall, Red team still won the match!

[Status] Joltik still down. Tympole at 92% hp. Everyone else at full strength at 100% hp.

8d 18h 21m Deerling 5 is now holding max elixir.

8d 18h 21m Entered someones house, and exited.

[Stadium] Azumarill (M4) just lost to a Dodrio!

[Stadium] Meanwhile in Pokemon Stadium, Azumarill (M4) vs. Dome!

8d 18h 18m Exited Chargestone Cave.

8d 18h 15m Entered the Chargestone Cave!

8d 18h 12m Still roaming around outside Mistralton City after seeing Skyla for a bit.

Still no noticeable changes yet.

8d 18h 10m Stream back up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTS ALL AROUND ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 18h 9m Stream down again!

8d 18h 3m Launched back to the front of the gym, and exited.

8d 18h 2m We talked to her, but she just mentions where the next gym location is. Sorry guys, no Gym rematch yet.

8d 18h 1m Reached Skyla's platform!

8d 17h 58m Still in Skyla's Gym.

No obvious changes seen yet since stream down.

8d 17h 56m Stream back up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 17h 52m Stream Down!

[Info] I believe our Deerling 5 is either holding a Tiny Mushroom, or a Great Ball. So much shuffling going around, I couldn't keep up.

8d 17h 49m Threw away 1 Macho Brace

8d 17h 47m Threw away 33 Pokeballs, and 1 Star Piece

8d 17h 41m Still blasting around from Cannons inside the Mistralton City Gym.

rip sun stone. ;_;

8d 17h 33m Threw away our LAST Sun Stone!

8d 17h 32m Macho Brace was given to one of our Pokemon. Tranquill, I believe.

8d 17h 26m Gave a Big Root to one of our Pokemon.

[Info] Apparently, we're here to see Skyla for whatever reason.

8d 17h 22m Inside the Gym.

8d 17h 16m We're at the airport.

[Info] I believe people are now split between going back to the 8th Gym, or still after Cobalion. We may end up doing some PC shuffling around to make room if we do end up trying to catch it.

8d 17h 3m Back on Mistralton City.

8d 17h 3m Tympole currently leads the party.

8d 17h 1m Sent out our Tympole to get revenge.

[Meta] In case you haven't heard of them, we also have an add-on for both Firefox and Chrome that send these updates as (desktop) notifications. Keeping the updater page open isn't required! Get it now [for Firefox] or [for Chrome]!

8d 17h 0m Attacked by a wild Zebtrika. Joltik down!

8d 16h 58m Attacked by some wild Pokemon. Joltik now in the yellow at 46% hp. (47/104).

8d 16h 57m Joltik used Electro Ball! Defeated a wild Tranquill!

8d 16h 54m Reached Route 7.

8d 16h 47m Deerling is currently holding a Dragon Gem.

8d 16h 37m Changed sound to glorious Stereo.

8d 16h 35m Took Deerling's Moon Stone.

8d 16h 28m As we checkpointed to the Pokemon Center of Mistralton City, it appears the chat wants to obtain a Cobalion from the cave near here.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノCOBALION OR RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 16h 18m Flew to Mistralton City.

[Info] After all that we spent on, we still have about $10012 Pokedollars left.

8d 16h 12m We bought ~27 Fresh Waters just now. Might be off by one or two.

8d 16h 12m ~25 so far.

[Snark] Stop stealing all our money, you evil Drink Machine!

8d 16h 11m Five more.

8d 16h 10m Aand, another one.

8d 16h 10m Aand, another one.

8d 16h 10m Aand, another one.

8d 16h 10m Bought another one.

8d 16h 10m Bought a Fresh Water!

8d 16h 8m Zebstrika fainted! Blacked out!

[Info] We used a revive (Max Revive?) on Zebstrika, which explains the sudden switch back to Zebstrika after fainting.

8d 16h 6m Switched Zebstrika out for Tympole. Nonon fainted!

8d 16h 3m Tympole down to 36/115HP! Switched Tympole out for Deerling! Druddigon OHKO's Deerling!

8d 16h 3m Zebstrika fainted!

8d 16h 3m Used a Max Revive on Deerling!

8d 16h 2m Used a Max Revive on Nonon/Tympole!

8d 16h 1m VS Veteran Hugo!

8d 15h 56m Zebstrika used Discharge! Fraxure down! Defeated Ace Trainer Clara!

8d 15h 55m VS Ace Trainer Clara! She has a Lv. 41 female Fraxure.

8d 15h 48m Fraxure down! Defeated Ace Trainer Jose!

8d 15h 47m Fraxure down! Jose sent out another Fraxure. Switced Zebstrika out for Deerling. Fraxure used Dragon Claw! Deerling fainted!

8d 15h 45m Sent out Zebstrika.

8d 15h 44m Switched Deerling out for Druddigon. Fraxure used Dragon Claw! Druddigon fainted!

8d 15h 42m Fraxure used Dragon Claw! Tranquill fainted!

8d 15h 42m VS Ace Trainer Jose!

8d 15h 37m Tranquill down to 41/102HP! Tranquill used Fly! Deino down! Defeated Ace Trainer Olwen!

8d 15h 34m VS Ace Trainer Olwen!

8d 15h 28m Slowly progressing through the gym

8d 15h 25m Going through our stuff. Messing around in the options menu.

8d 15h 26m A glitch makes it look like we are stuck.. Not to worry! Everything is A-okay!

[Status] Zebstrika at 92% hp. Everyone else who is alive at full strength 100% hp.

8d 15h 19m With Joltik and Tympole both down, Tranquill currently leads the party.

8d 15h 17m Fraxure down! Trainer defeated!

8d 15h 16m Joltik down! We sent out Zebstrika!

8d 15h 15m Trainer battle vs. Ace trainer! Fraxure vs. Joltik!

8d 15h 15m Back outside, and re-entered the gym. Back outside, and back in. Back out, back in!

8d 15h 14m Entered the Opelucid City Gym!

Regret: Did not heal (again).

8d 15h 7m Back outside Opelucid City.

8d 15h 7m Entered the Pokemon Center. Checkpoint!

[Spelling] Opelucid City

8d 14h 59m We headed back outside as well.

8d 14h 58m Drayden heads back out.

8d 14h 56m They're telling us something about the legendary Pokemon.

8d 14h 56m Oh hi, Drayden and Iris again!

8d 14h 55m Iris is pointing us the direction where she is headed.

8d 14h 54m Drayden now leaves. We're left with Iris.

8d 14h 54m Alder leaves us.

8d 14h 53m We're talking with Drayden and Iris.

8d 14h 53m Alder's with us for the moment. Oh hi Iris!

8d 14h 51m Team Plasma walk away from the crowd.

8d 14h 50m Oh, we're in a crowd! It's Team Plasma again!

8d 14h 50m Opeloud City (sp?)

[Info] Joltik currently at 68% hp.

8d 14h 49m Heading East, on the mid-way point.

8d 14h 48m Signal beam, and Pawniard down! Biker defeated!

8d 14h 47m Trainer challenge vs. Biker Zeke! Pawniard vs. Joltik!

8d 14h 45m Joltik's Signal beam on 2nd Scraggy. Trainers defeated! Neither Joltik or Tympole evolve!

8d 14h 45m Tympole down! We sent out Tranquill!

8d 14h 44m 1 Scraggy down! Joltik promoted to Lvl.42! Tympole Promoted to Lvl.46!

8d 14h 43m Double trainer battle! Jim and Cas! 2 Scraggy vs. Joltik and Tympole!

8d 14h 43m Scraggy down! Biker Phillip Defeated!

8d 14h 42m Krokorak down to signal beam! Trainer sends out Scraggy. We switched out for Tranquill

8d 14h 41m Trainer battle vs. Biker Phillip! Krokorak vs. Joltik!

8d 14h 41m Reached Route 9.

8d 14h 40m Off the bridge.

8d 14h 39m Reached Tubeline Bridge!

8d 14h 37m Joltik uses Electro Ball! Alomomola down! Trainer defeated!

8d 14h 37m Trainer battle! Alonomola vs. Joltik!

8d 14h 36m Attacked by a wild Shelnet! Joltik at 81% hp. (81/101)

[Snark] Dat Encounter rate!

8d 14h 32m We appear to be getting some nice rain in this route. A bit foggy though.

8d 14h 29m Back on Route 8.

8d 14h 29m Next to the windmill. Heading under a bridge.

8d 14h 27m Encountered some more wild Pokemon in the swamp area.

8d 14h 21m Back outside Icirrus City!

8d 14h 21m Back in the Pokemon Center.

8d 14h 21m Zebstrika down! We blacked out!

8d 14h 20m Trainer challenge Vs. Biker Phillip! Krokorak vs. Zebstrika!


8d 14h 19m We're heading East. Obtained TM56 Fling!

8d 14h 18m Team plasma leaves along with their leader.

8d 14h 16m Encountered Team Plasma!

8d 14h 15m Reached Tumbeline Bridge!

8d 14h 13m Musharna down! Zebstrika Promoted to Lvl.49 Bianca Defeated! Bianca gives us a Full Restore!

8d 14h 13m Simipour down! Mushara up!

8d 14h 12m Seperior down! Bianca sent out Simipour!

8d 14h 12m Deerling 5 down! Our last remaining Pokemon is Zebstrika!

8d 14h 11m Switched out for Deerling 5!

8d 14h 11m We sent out Zebstrika!

8d 14h 10m Druddigon down by Bianca's Seperior!

8d 14h 10m Bianca uses another Full Restore on Seperior!

8d 14h 9m Bianca uses a Full Restore!

8d 14h 9m Tympole down! We sent out Dru!

8d 14h 9m Tympole surfs down Stoutland! Seperioir out!

8d 14h 7m Challenged by Bianca! Stoutland vs. Tympole!

[Fluff] Regret: Did not heal earlier.

8d 14h 3m Tympole currently leads the party.

8d 14h 2m Sent out our Druddigon.

[Typo Correction] Palpitoad.

8d 14h 1m Got attacked again. Tranquill down!

8d 14h 1m Sent out Tranquill, who is also in the red.

8d 14h 0m Attacked by a wild Stunfisk. Joltik down!

8d 13h 57m Attacked by a wild Paltptoad. Joltik in the red at 11% hp. (11/101)

8d 13h 56m Some of Joltiks attacks don't effect wild Paltptoads.

8d 13h 52m Reached Route 8.

8d 13h 51m Threw away 1 Lucky Egg!

8d 13h 51m Deerling confirmed to be holding a Macho Brace.

[Snark] Awful LOT of B pressing in the command inputs just went by. An entire row at least.

8d 13h 45m Encountering some wild Shelnet & more Palpitoad in the swamp area. Joltik at 36% hp. (36/101)

8d 13h 40m Joltik is attacked, and now in the yellow at 39% hp. (39/101) Found a Max Revive!

8d 13h 39m Encountered some wild Palpitoad in the swamp area.

8d 13h 35m GMYC saved the game!

8d 13h 32m Inside the Pokemon Center, and back out! Checkpoint?

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

8d 13h 29m Successfully Flew to Icirrus City!

8d 13h 27m Inside the Pokemon Center, and back outside.

8d 13h 27m We just flew to Nimbasa City. Our CURRENT location! Boy, that was a short flight trip!

8d 13h 22m From what I can tell, Tranquill is now holding a Dragon Flare.

8d 13h 20m We've switched some items on/off of our party. I believe we switched around Exp.Share to someone else, and used a Macho Brace on someone.

[Status] Party order is now Joltik, Tympole, Deerling, Zebstrika, Druddigon, and Tranquill. All of them 100% hp except for a wounded Tranquill, who is at 18% hp. As we're attempting to fly, we may be shuffling our party around a bit.

[Info] I believe we're going to try and attempt to fly back to where we just were. Or at least, close to it since we did not checkpoint there.

8d 13h 6m Got off the Ferris Wheel.

8d 13h 4m Hiker Andy defeated! Looks like we're going to ride the Ferris Wheel with him again.

8d 13h 3m Challenged Hiker Andy at the Ferris Wheel.

8d 13h 1m Still in Nimbasa City, trying to fly out of this.

[Fluff] GYMC found himself in Nimbasa City after he scurried for like a half of Unova.

8d 12h 54m We forgot to checkpoint back there. Now we're back in Nimbasa City.

8d 12h 53m Deerling fainted! Blacked out!

8d 12h 48m Exited Moor of Icirrus.

8d 12h 47m Dru fainted!

8d 12h 46m Oh, we had a trainer battle with Fisherman Damon before.

8d 12h 45m Dru leveled up to level 37!

[Stadium] Red team won with just 5.5% payout...

[Stadium] The match started with 1:18.17 odd.

8d 12h 32m Zebstrika fainted!

[Stadium] Wow, that Magikarp and Metapod on blue team...

8d 12h 30m Wasted some Great Balls on a wild Palpitoad.

[Fluff] GG New Zealand! It's been a nice morning!

8d 12h 26m Caught a lv.33 female Palpitoad! Nicknamed GGZZ NZ!

8d 12h 25m Obtained a Max Elixir.

8d 12h 24m Fraxure fainted! Defeated PKMN Ranger Harry and obtained a Sitrus Berry.

8d 12h 23m Vanilish melted! Sent Fraxure!

8d 12h 22m Challenged a Poke Ranger! Zebstrika vs. Vanilish!

8d 12h 19m Obtained a Max Potion.

8d 12h 18m Wasted a Great ball on a wild Stunfisk.

8d 12h 18m Joltik fainted!

8d 12h 16m Joltik leveled up to level 41 and didn't evolve.

8d 12h 14m Caught a male lv.33 Shelmet! Didn't nickname him.

8d 12h 12m Entered Moor of Icirrus for a first time.

8d 12h 11m Obtained an Ultra Ball.

8d 12h 8m Nonon fainted!

8d 11h 59m Wasted a ball on a wild Stunfisk.

8d 11h 55m Caught a female lv.31 Stunfisk! Didn't nickname her.

8d 11h 54m GMYC is looking at the windmill while trying to find a Pokemon in the swamp.

8d 11h 53m Tranquill has fainted to a Stunfisk. Tympole is now leading the team.

8d 11h 43m GMYC is under a bridge and near a house.

8d 11h 40m Exited through the eastern exit and back in Icirrus City.

8d 11h 37m Came out again and went back in. Many times.

8d 11h 36m Went away and we are back inside.

8d 11h 35m Behind a vehicle and near a vending machine and a dustbin.

8d 11h 33m Exited the cave.

8d 11h 26m We are in Twist Mountain.

[Correction] Icirrus City and now GMYC is wandering around the path.

8d 11h 21m Flew to Iccirus City!

8d 11h 14m Still in Nacrene hanging around outside the museum.

[Info] In White. We will get Dark Stone instead of Light Stone.

8d 11h 3m Alder advises GMYC to go to Opelucid City because the Gym Leader could know something about the Light Stone.

8d 11h 2m Obtained the Light Stone from Lenora!

8d 11h 2m Lenora comes out from the museum and talks to us.

8d 11h 1m Bianca, Alder and Juniper are outside the museum! We have a chat with them.

8d 11h 1m Slowly making our way to the museum.

8d 10h 59m Exited the house. Back in Nacrene.

8d 10h 57m Received Macho Brace from Dru. Druddigon is now not holding an item.

8d 10h 52m Now inside a random house.

8d 10h 48m Flew to Nacrene City!

8d 10h 39m Entered Desert Resort.

8d 10h 34m Healed our team multiple times.

8d 10h 34m We appear to be trying to fly.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 10h 26m GMYC is wandering around the desert.

8d 10h 24m Professor Juniper tells us to go to Nacrene. Alder promptly flies off. Cheren still stands in the desert.

8d 10h 24m Our Xtransceiver rings. The professor is on the line!

8d 10h 22m We are now outside the ruins talking to Cheren and Alder.

8d 10h 21m Fell down the sand pit! We met Alder, Cheren and Ghetsis!

8d 10h 21m Dru the Druddigon takes out Liepard, and we win the battle!

8d 10h 21m We switch in to Druddigon. Druddigon faces down Team Plasma's Liepard!

8d 10h 20m Another Plasma battle comes! Tympole vs. Trubbish.

8d 10h 19m Zebstrika sent in! We defeat the Scraggy, and win the battle!

8d 10h 19m Joltik is taken out by Scraggy.

8d 10h 18m We switch in to Joltik. It is now Joltik vs. Scraggy.

8d 10h 17m Tranquill is taken out by Watchog's Super Fang! Zebstrika sent in and sweeps Watchog.

8d 10h 17m Battle! Team Plasma Grunt. Tranquill vs. Watchog

8d 10h 16m Tranquill fails to evolve, but we seem to be making more progress! Team Plasma Grunt challenged!

8d 10h 15m Fly takes out Team Plasma Grunt's Trubbish! We defeat Team Plasma Grunt with Tranquill in the orange.

8d 10h 15m Tranquill grows to level 39!

8d 10h 14m Challenged Team Plasma Grunt! Tranquill vs. Liepard.

8d 9h 38m Back inside Relic Castle.

[Fluff] Fluff

[Fluff] Fluff

8d 9h 22m Healed our party by a doctor in Desert Resort.

8d 9h 11m Joltik leveled up to level 40. Learned Sucker Punch by replacing Bug Bite. Didn't evolve.

8d 9h 5m Aaaand back inside.

8d 9h 4m Exited the ruins.

8d 8h 52m Dru fainted.

8d 8h 40m More sand surfing.

8d 8h 25m Other than ascending a staircase, not much has happened. Still in Relic Castle.

8d 8h 13m Fell down more holes.

8d 8h 5m Up moar stairs.

[Snark] I guess our accuracy in navigating this castle has been lowered, due to the Relic Castle's Sand Attack!

8d 8h 0m Saved the game! Badges: 7 Pokédex: 89 Play time: 193h 37m

8d 8h 0m Up the stairs, more stairs to go.

8d 7h 57m Still in the Relic Castle, falling down sand pits and climbing up stairs.

8d 7h 35m GMYC found a Max Revive!

8d 7h 13m Went down the hole next to the grunt.

8d 7h 12m We manage to get down the stairs! Progress!

8d 7h 11m Finally got through the sand pit! Can we get down the stairs?

[Info] Druddigon is inflicted with a burn. Not sure why it shows up as SLP on the stream but it is confirmed as a burn when we opened the party menu.

8d 6h 25m Druddigon gets inflicted with a burn from a wild Yamask's Will-o-wisp.

8d 5h 48m Tympole lv. 45 now leads the team.

8d 5h 47m Tranquill has no moves left and faints while struggling.

8d 5h 28m ... And we fall down again. RIP progress.

8d 5h 27m Got through the sand pit, now trying to get down the stairs.

[Snark] I fort we would have gotten through Relic Castle already.

8d 4h 52m Nothing much to update. We're still struggling with the sand pits, and Tranquill's having his PP gradually drained away from multiple wild encounters.

8d 4h 8m Up the stairs and down the sand pit we go.

8d 3h 54m Joltik leveled up to level 39.

8d 3h 53m Joltik is evolving! Will Joltik evolve? B OH NOPE.

[Info] Tranquill is currently at 32% health. The rest of our team is at full health. GMYC also has no money in his wallet.

8d 3h 30m GMYC keeps falling down sand pits.

8d 3h 17m ...Nope! We fall down another level.

8d 3h 15m Went back up the stairs. Will we get to the correct sandpit this time?

[Maps] Get yer maps here. Thanks to tpphelper

8d 2h 42m Fell down the hole

8d 2h 38m Entered Relic Castle. Puzzles here we come!

[Fluff] Darn this 10 second slow mode

8d 2h 36m Wow it looks like we're utterly lost in the sand...

8d 2h 32m Still faffing about the Desert Resort trying to get to Relic Castle. Don't look like much of a resort to me...

8d 2h 28m Entered the gate that led to the northern part of the Desert Resort

8d 2h 26m Tranquill is down to 50% health after a battle with a Dwebble

8d 2h 23m We're now fighting wild 'mons

8d 2h 21m Made it to the Desert Resort!

8d 2h 19m Back under the bridge, this time west of where we were before

8d 2h 17m Fiddling with the C-Gear where the sidewalk ends

[Chat] seems to love the truck sounds. WRROOOOOMM

8d 2h 13m We are under one of the bridges

8d 2h 11m Battling between the gate and Route 4. I think we finally agreed on Route 4 though.

8d 2h 8m We made it to the gate south of Nimbasa

8d 2h 5m Back outside Nimbasa City.

8d 2h 4m Joltik down. We Blacked out!

8d 2h 3m Joltik now at 4% hp. (3/95)

8d 2h 0m Joltik now at 52% hp. (49/95)

8d 1h 58m GMYC Saves the game.

8d 1h 56m Joltik Promoted to Lvl.38 No evolution.

8d 1h 53m Everyone is down now, except for our lone Joltik at 75% hp.

8d 1h 52m Druddigon Promoted to Lvl.36

8d 1h 48m Obtained TM30 Shadow Ball!

8d 1h 33m Druddigon Promoted to Lvl.35. Forgot Chip Away, and learned Revenge.

8d 1h 22m Joltik Promoted to Lvl.37 Did not learn the move Agility. Did not evolve.

[Meta] The live updater is now taking a break considering the past 10+ hours consisted of little to no progress of starting the Relic Castle puzzle over and over again. Hopefully we'll still be able to update all the catches that happen in the mean time. Thanks!

8d 0h 29m Caught a lv. 36, male Cofragigus! Nickname is "EHF"

8d 0h 15m Bambi got rekt!

8d 0h 0m Made it past the 3rd hole again.

8d 0h 0m Welcome to Day 9!

8d 0h 0m NON is down!

7d 23h 53m Back on the first floor of dreams.

7d 23h 49m ANNNNNDD back down...

7d 23h 48m Hey, looke there, FIRST FLOOR.

[Snark] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sqswtd_9Ow

7d 23h 46m Still haven't made it back to the first room.

7d 23h 32m Welp, back to the first room I guess...

7d 23h 27m Faffing about in the sand.

[Stadium] ABRA SWEEP

7d 23h 10m Made it past the 3rd hole!

[Chat] Reminiscing about "Back in my day..."

7d 22h 55m Twas a close urn, but we fell down again.

7d 22h 53m NON is down to Hyper Voice.


7d 22h 45m Non is promoted to level 45. Non learned Hyper Voice in place of Uproar. No evolution. This concludes the Pokemon Level Up Broadcast.

7d 22h 42m Let's try this again...

[Snark] This map needs more sand.

7d 22h 40m Second hole devours us.

7d 22h 34m Nope!

7d 22h 33m Back on the first floor. Could this be teh urn?

7d 22h 28m Our concentration broken, we fall through the last pit

7d 22h 28m Everyone is on the edge of their seats and then a wild Yamask decides to attack shakes head

7d 22h 27m Past the second pit, about to reach the last one

7d 22h 26m First floor again. Where there's a will there's a way!

7d 22h 22m We made it to the last pit again before falling through. The good news is we are getting better at this. At least, I think we are.

7d 22h 21m Man: "There's two things I've learned about quick sand! If you try to walk through the middle, you'll fall...." THANKS GUY!

7d 22h 20m Top floor hype

7d 22h 15m aMH says why not Zebstrika? So we decide to send him out against a Sandile

7d 22h 13m We made it to the final sand pit again, but couldn't get past it

[Stadium] Its Katie on Blue vs...uh...Katie also on Red

7d 22h 7m Okay, top floor once again. Breathe Jimmy. You got this

7d 22h 4m Regret, didn't make it. Back down the sand pit

7d 22h 2m We're back on the top floor

[Stadium] Oddish #14 from Emerald will be fighting for Blue this round, and Jay Leno will be fighting for Red

7d 22h 0m Nonon is making the slow march to level 44. We aren't getting a lot of EXP out of these wild battles

[Stadium] Shellock Holmes (Squirtle edition) takes down an Articuno all on his own

7d 21h 54m SO CLOSE! We just fall down the pit

7d 21h 53m Okay, we've made it to the left of the last sand pit. We entered the menu to stall for down inputs to go through

7d 21h 52m We're suddenly on a saving spree, evidently extremely concerned about losing all this progress we have been making

7d 21h 51m We are currently back up on the top floor, preparing for another attempt at getting around the sand pits

[Stadium] A young Shellock Holmes is fighting for team Red

7d 21h 45m Meanwhile Nonon is getting close to leveling up

7d 21h 45m And back down a sand pit

7d 21h 43m Back upon top floor

[Snark] The amount of Surf nonon has used here should have turned this desert to an oasis by now

7d 21h 36m Oh, and while I was making that stadium update, we did indeed fall through another sand pit

[Stadium] We've got Dome for team Blue and Treesus for team Red

7d 21h Back to the first floor. Jimmy and the sand pits take #983472938

[Stadium] A Noctowl is in vs Katie. Could this be the return of Doctor Hoot?

7d 21h 30m We pull up the menu just in time to freeze the screen with GMYC halfway through falling into a sand pit

7d 21h 30m We climb the stairs to the top floor again. Inb4 falling through sand pit

7d 21h 27m So good old Nonon, the survivor and perpetually cute tadpole, now leads the party

7d 21h 26m Tranquill finally faints

7d 21h 24m And GMYC reaches the third sand pit, he's walking along the edge. Steady now, steady. Steady now.....aaaaaaand he's fallen through

[Stadium] Team Blue is getting all the classics, has Katie in the line-up

7d 21h 22m In a brief moment of serendipity, GMYC wisely switches out Tranquill for aMH the Zebstrike

7d 21h 20m Tranquill finishes off another wild Yamask but only has 8 hp left

7d 21h 19m Tranquill is still burnt, and has been slowly losing hp due to that

[Stadium] Now Oddish #24 from Emerald is in for team Red

[Stadium] Bird Jesus/Brian successfully milks Miltank

[Snark] I think the Relic Castle may actually be on the island from Lost. SPOILER: Jimmy's been dead this whole time

7d 21h 11m Of course, Tranquill still leads the party, so after that quick dispatch of Yamask, we probably won't be seeing aMH for a bit

7d 21h 11m We switch out Tranquill and decide to let aMH the Zebstrike stretch his legs a bit

7d 21h 10m Chat is once again in 10 second slow mode

[Stadium] Alright! Team Blue has Bird Jesus/Brian again. And they'll be up against Whitney's Miltank on team Red. GUYS, WE HAVE TO MILK....

7d 21h 6m We finally leveled up Tranquill! Tranquill hits level 38. Does not evolve

7d 21h 5m Tranquill was burnt by a wild Yamask. U wanna go m8?

7d 21h 4m Guess what. We fell down a hole again!

7d 21h 1m GMYC is messing with the menu right now, apparently he wants to give all the wild 'Mons a break from these beat-downs we've been issuing

7d 20h 56m Tranquill has been repeatedly using Fly for victories over wild 'Mon, meanwhile EXP Share is on Joltik which is how he recently leveled up

[Snark] Jimmy went to the desert, And fell down a hole. He fell and fell, And we all lol'd.

7d 20h 51m Tranquill continues to slowly progress towards leveling up

[Stadium] Bird Jesus/Brian gets the win for team Blue

7d 20h 49m Joltik grows to level 36! Does not evolve

[Stadium] Little Pidgey Bird Jesus/Brian in

[Stadium] Digrat nuuuuuuuuu! Falls to Muk's poison

7d 20h 42m Tranquill is still grinding away at Sandiles. I wish we had a count for the number of Sandiles we have destroyed in this playthrough

[Stadium] In the upcoming match, team Blue has TPP classic characters Digrat and Bird Jesus fighting together. Or is that Brian... Meanwhile, watch out! Weedle is fighting for team Red

7d 20h 34m No further progress. No levels gained, though the small amounts of experience from all the Yamasks and Sandiles are adding up for Tranquill.

7d 20h 13m Seems like more sand shenanigans is what the voices decided on.

7d 20h 6m Briefly stepped outside of the Relic Castle, then went right back in. Not sure if just too much down spam on accident or if people legitimately want out.

7d 19h 53m We have officially been at this attempt of Relic Castle for an hour. In that time, we've fallen down the sand pits many times, the team has received no damage from the Yamasks and Sandiles we've knocked out, and gained no levels. Here's to a better next hour!

[Snark] b+direction intensifies

[Fluff] With all the B-spam this run, it's almost as if Game Freak saw us coming again and put in these sand traps.

7d 19h 15m Still at it, for those wondering. We made it really close last attempt, but a last second B made us fall.

7d 19h 12m Seems we have some pretty eager trolls here. Release coordinates are being input despite the lack of a PC in the area.

7d 19h 3m Back up the stairs, back down the pits. Will inform of any actual progress, but I get the impression we're in for more of the same this Relic Castle attempt.

7d 18h 59m Still stuck in the basement level after that first fall. Progress is slow, to say the least.

7d 18h 53m Made it past the first pit, but fell prey to the second. Buckle in, everyone, we're in for a wild ride.

7d 18h 51m Inside Relic Castle. sand pits intensify

7d 18h 49m Made it to the entrance to the Relic Castle. Just wandering outside right now, though.

7d 18h 46m Reached the second portion of the Desert Resort. Healed at the doctor.

7d 18h 42m Made it to the Desert Resort.

7d 18h 37m Cottonee down! Backpacker Anna defeated!

7d 18h 37m Back on route 4

7d 18h 36m Versus Backpacker Anna! Cottonee versus Tranquill

7d 18h 28m Back in the streets of Castelia

lulz, Drew

7d 18h 19m Druddigon's new nickname is "Dru"

[Snark] Insert -censored- name here.

7d 18h 17m Joltik's new nickname is "____"(sun symbol)(sun symbol)(sun symbol)"

7d 18h 15m Tranquill's new nickname is "QQQQ"

7d 18h 13m Zebstrika's new nickname is "aMH"

7d 18h 11m Druddigon's new nickname is "YXRCOCDD!!"

7d 18h 11m We're at the name rater.

7d 18h 5m Back in Castelia City

7d 17h 57m Onto route 4

7d 17h 44m Ferris Wheel with Hiker Andy! Wait... you're not N :(

7d 17h 44m Boldore down! Hiker Andy defeated!

7d 17h 43m Boldore versus Tranquill.

7d 17h 42m Battle with Hiker Andy in front of the Ferris Wheel!

7d 17h 37m Exited the Musical Building.

7d 17h 35m aaaaaand we're last. -hair flip- This audience just can't recognize talent when they see it.

7d 17h 34m Feedback time!

[Fluff] I think we're here only to see our long, released Princess Lilly doing well, performing in the musical.

7d 17h 33m Joltik proves to be light on his feet.

7d 17h 32m No props for Joltik.

7d 17h 30m Another attempt at dress up!

7d 17h 30m Let's hope our audience will be able to see him out on stage with his size and all.

7d 17h 29m Joltik joins the musical!

7d 17h 28m Last again :( It's OK Druddigon, you did your best.

[Snark] Druddigon was clearly born to be a star.

7d 17h 26m Druddigon seems to be enjoying himself. Let's hope he doesn't accidentally break the stage with his stomping around!

7d 17h 26m It's Druddigon dancing next to a Throh, Petilil, and Patrat. I don't know who seems more out of place, our Druddigon or the Throh...

7d 17h 26m No props for Druddigon. Musical time!

7d 17h 25m Time to make our Druddigon all pretty!

7d 17h 24m Joining another Musical! This time it's Druddigon in the Stardom musical.

7d 17h 24m Musical over! ...I think we came in last

7d 17h 23m The audience said our Dress Up Performance was very distinctive. Kappa.

7d 17h 22m Front rolls and flips all up in here

7d 17h 21m Tranquill shows off her mad dancing skillz. The other 'Mons can't get on our level!

7d 17h 20m We decide to go with the all natural look with Tranquill.

7d 17h 17m Dress up time with Tranquill! :D

7d 17h 17m Entered Tranquill in the Stardom Musical!

7d 17h 14m Entered the Musical Building.

7d 17h 7m Alrighty folks, our black out landed us back in Nimbasa City

7d 17h 7m Back in the Pokemon Center.

7d 17h 7m Joltik down to a wild Yamask! We blacked out!

[Snark] Not a single Plasma Grunt gives a share of what we're doing wondering around at the top of the Relic Castle.

7d 17h 3m Still falling through sand pits.

7d 17h 0m Running away from wild Pokemon encounters at this point.

7d 16h 59m Joltik now in the red at 13% hp. (11/88).

7d 16h 52m Joltik now in the yellow at 39% hp (34/88).

7d 16h 51m Joltik keeps using slash on a wild Yamask, but it has no effect. Joltik gets burned!

7d 16h 48m Joltik promoted to Lvl.35. No evo.. Wait a minute....

7d 16h 47m Joltik is the last remaining Pokemon left in our party.

7d 16h 47m Druddigon fainted to a wild Yamask!

7d 16h 46m Druddigon now in the red, at 11% hp (10/99).

7d 16h 45m Druddigon gets burned by a wild Yamask!

7d 16h 39m Druddigon currently now at 62% hp (61/99).

7d 16h 37m Zebstrika faints to its own attack while attacking a wild Yamask. Druddigon currently leads.

7d 16h 32m Zebstrika attacked by a wild Sandile, and is now in the red, at 13% hp (18/142).

[Snark] Don't forget. You are here forever!

7d 16h 26m Zebstrika gets attacked, and now in the yellow at 34% hp (48/142).

7d 16h 23m Zebstrika now at 58% hp (82/142) at this point. Still falling into sand pits, and returning to the top.

7d 16h 20m Chat is STILL Rioting for several reasons. Progress, Democracy, Evolution, etc.

7d 16h 15m Still attempting to go downstairs, but we keep falling into the sand pits. Because of them, we're still grinding around wild Pokemon encounters.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 16h 7m Zebstrika now up front.

7d 16h 6m Deerling 5 Fainted during a wild Yamask encounter.

7d 16h 2m Deerling now up front of the party. Followed by Zebstrika, Druddigon, and Joltik, who is holding the Exp.Share.

7d 16h 0m Tympole has no moves left. STRUGGLE. Tympole down to a wild Yamask!

[Info] Tympole's Uproar has no effect on Yamask. So it can't do any harm to it right now with the rest of its moves at 0. We either run away, or switch to one of our other pokemon if we continue to grind.

7d 15h 49m The chat room has been going up and down in slow modes every 3, and every 10 seconds, which makes the command inputs slower each time it hits 10 seconds. It's almost sad to watch.

[Chat] Is this still a thing?

7d 15h 39m All of Tyjmpol's moves except Uproar are in the red. There's only Uproar left.

7d 15h 30m Still no progress since we entered the Relic Castle. We appear to be going up and down. Besides grinding our team, that's pretty much it. Tranquill is still down. Tympole 73% hp. Everyone else is at full strength.

7d 15h 21m We fell again.

7d 15h 16m We're back up again.

7d 15h 9m We fell again. Oops.

7d 15h 8m We're back up to the entrance floor.

7d 15h 6m Got into a battle with a wild Yamask right in front of the stairs.

7d 15h 3m Walking toward the stairs now.

7d 15h 2m Still in the same area we fell to 5 minutes ago.

7d 14h 56m So we did go back to the beginning somehow. We just fell down a pit though.

7d 14h 55m Wait is this the beginning...? Haven't played this game in ages. Not sure if we went the right way or not.

7d 14h 54m FINALLY climbed the next stairs.

7d 14h 54m We're still like, here. Right at the top of the stairs we climbed 7 minutes ago.

7d 14h 46m Went up the next stairs.

7d 14h 43m Went up the stairs and hopped the ledge. Now fighting a wild Krokorok.

7d 14h 40m And we still can't climb the stairs.

7d 14h 39m Joltik leveled up to 34 and forgot Struggle Bug and learned Signal Beam in its place

[Stadium] Someone just !bet 97958 blue.

7d 14h 38m Tranquill fainted to a wild Cofagrigus.

7d 14h 33m Having trouble climbing the stairs. We're currently behind them.

7d 14h 28m Fell down another pit.

7d 14h 27m Fell down a sand pit.

7d 14h 24m I think we're safely downstairs now... but we're looking at our Pokedex.

[Stadium] Pidgeot, Sunflora, and Ariados defeated Porygon2, Electabuzz, and Dewgong.

7d 14h 22m Went downstairs. And then back upstairs. And then back downstairs. And then back upstairs.

7d 14h 19m On the left side of the first room, did not yet fall down any sand pits.

7d 14h 13m Encountered a wild Yamask. Tried to use a normal attack on it. Great job.

[Stadium] Pidgeot is female.

7d 14h 12m We are in our items at the moment.

7d 14h 11m ENTERED THE RELIC CASTLE FINALLY only took us like 15 minutes.

[Stadium] Ariados and Pidgeot (and Sunflora) on team red.

7d 14h 7m Still here.

7d 14h 4m Have not yet entered. Walked past about 50 times though.

7d 13h 59m We walked past the entrance. Good job.

7d 13h 58m We're near the ruins. By all those Darmanitan.

7d 13h 54m Healed by the Doctor!

7d 13h 54m Entered the Resort!

7d 13h 51m Heading towards the Desert Resort!

7d 13h 41m Entered Route 4 and swapped Joltik and 5's spots on the team!

7d 13h 34m Nimbasa City!

7d 13h 34m Druddigon down! Blacked out!

7d 13h 30m Druddigon is red!

7d 13h 26m Found a Sun Stone!

7d 13h 25m Fell down the Grunt's hole!

7d 13h 24m Dragon Claw! Krokorok down! Druddigon lv 34! Grunt defeated!

7d 13h 23m Only Druddigon left!

7d 13h 23m Crunch brings 5 down to half! Jump Kick, then 5 gets Bitten too hard!

7d 13h 22m Zebstrika hurt himself! Zebstrika down! Go! 5!

7d 13h 22m Discharge has no effect either! Swagger!

7d 13h 21m Wild Charge! It doesn't affect Krokorok! Bite!

7d 13h 21m Battle! Vs Team Plasma Grunt! Zebstrika vs Krokorok!

7d 13h 20m Fell down the hole guarded by the Grunt!

7d 13h 20m A second Wild Charge crushes Garbodor! Grunt defeated!

7d 13h 19m Wild Charge! Garbodor almost down!

7d 13h 19m Battle! Vs Team Plasma Grunt! Zebstrika vs Garbador!

7d 13h 16m Went up the stairs!

7d 13h 12m Grinding near the stairs!

7d 13h 3m Avenged by Druddigon!

7d 13h 1m Joltik down!

7d 12h 56m Joltik lv 33!

7d 12h 54m Non-non fell to a wild Krokorok!

7d 12h 47m Fell down the hole!

7d 12h 46m Caught a Cofagrigus! Female, lv 35, no nickname!

7d 12h 44m Two Surfs knock out Watchog as well! Joltik lv 32! Grunt defeated!

7d 12h 44m Scragggy Surfed away! Vs Watchog!

7d 12h 43m Battle! Vs Team Plasma Grunt! Non-non vs Scraggy!

7d 12h 43m Found a Max Potion!

7d 12h 40m Non-non lv 44!

7d 12h 40m Fell down the hole by the Grunt!

7d 12h 39m Muddy Water! Second Krokorok down! Joltik lv 31! Grunt defeated!

7d 12h 39m Non-non Surfs again! Krokorok instantly down! Vs second Krokorok!

7d 12h 38m Then Hydro Pump brings Watchog down! Vs Krokorok!

7d 12h 38m Surf vs Hyper Fang!

7d 12h 38m Battle! Vs Team Plasma Grunt! Non-non vs Watchog!

7d 12h 37m Oh hey, there's some Plasma guys!

7d 12h 36m Successfully passed the holes and went down the stairs!

7d 12h 30m We're currently using the Dowsing Machine.

7d 12h 28m And we fell down the second sand pit

7d 12h 25m We went back up the stairs

7d 12h 22m Joltik grew up tp lv.30

7d 12h 21m Fell down the first sand pit

7d 12h 19m Tranquill faints

7d 12h 19m Tranquill has only 7% left!

7d 12h 18m Went back up the stairs

7d 12h 11m Passed the first sand pit, fell down the second.

7d 12h 5m We went back up the stairs

7d 12h 2m And we fell down the second pit again

7d 11h 59m Went back up the stairs again

7d 11h 58m Tranquill is in the red!

7d 11h 56m Jimmy pass once again the first sand pit, only to fall quickly in the second!

7d 11h 53m Tranquill is burned and down to 44%

7d 11h 52m And we went back up the stairs again!

7d 11h 50m And did not evolve

7d 11h 50m Tranquill grew up to level 37

7d 11h 44m And once again, Jimmy fell down the sand pit...

7d 11h 42m The first sand pit is easily passed, now to the second

7d 11h 38m And back up the stairs again!

[Snark] Don't forget you're here forever! !

7d 11h 34m But the second sand pit is too much for us and we fall

7d 11h 33m And we manage to pass the first sand pit again!

7d 11h 30m We went back up the stairs

[Stadium] A Kakuna just defeated a Venusaur...

7d 11h 25m But we fell down the second one...

7d 11h 25m We succesfully pass the first sand pit!

7d 11h 22m And we went back up the stairs!

7d 11h 18m And down the sand pit once more

7d 11h 16m Went back up the stairs

7d 11h 9m Down the sand pit again...

7d 11h 7m Went back up the stairs!

7d 11h 2m And we fell down the sand pit again.

7d 11h 0m Went back up the stairs

7d 10h 57m Fell down the sand pit again

7d 10h 50m Went back up the stairs

7d 10h 47m Jolitik Leveled up to Lv 29 and Learned Electro Ball over Gastro Acid

7d 10h 43m Obtained an Elixir

7d 10h 38m We failed to get through the sand pit again and fell down

7d 10h 36m We got off the bike

7d 10h 31m Went up the stairs

7d 10h 26m We fell down the sand pit

[Meta] Several new flairs have been added. Check 'em out!

7d 10h 20m Entered Relic Castle

7d 10h 20m Talking with Cheren

7d 10h 14m Slowly walking to the relic castle

7d 10h 11m Gave Jolitik Exp Share

7d 10h 8m Switched Jolitik with deerling

7d 10h 2m Tranquill now leads the party

7d 9h 59m Healed Our Team

7d 9h 54m Entered Desert Resort

7d 9h 44m We registered the bike

7d 9h 36m Entered Route 4

7d 9h 31m Obtained HM04 Strength!

7d 9h 22m Left the building and into Nimbasa once more.

7d 9h 19m Entered a building and currently running around inside it.

7d 9h 9m Hanging around the streets of Nimbasa.

7d 9h 4m We flew to Nimbasa City

7d 9h 4m It looks like we are trying to fly

[Correction] Zebstrika recently leveled to 47 and learned Wild Charge over Pursuit.

7d 8h 54m N flew away and we are now outside of Dragonspiral Tower

7d 8h 52m Went up another floor.

[Info] Zebstrika also leveled to 47

7d 8h 49m Zebstrika takes down Watchog and learns Wild Charge!

7d 8h 49m Plasma Grunt Battle. Watchog vs. Zebstrika.

7d 8h 47m Another Plasma battle. Zebstrika vs. Trubbish

7d 8h 46m 5 the Deerling levels up to level 30

7d 8h 46m Tranquill faints! We switch in to Deerling once more.

7d 8h 45m Deerling goes up one level, we defeat a Plasma Grunt, and is promptly challenged by another

7d 8h 43m Switched in to Deerling Deerling v Krokorok

7d 8h 43m Sent out Zebstrika!

7d 8h 42m Joltik faints

7d 8h 41m Engaged Team Plasma grunt! Joltik v Watchog

7d 8h 39m Went up a floor!

7d 8h 38m Still making our way through the maze.

7d 8h 35m Star Piece Obtained

[Info] Heres a Dragonspiral Tower Map

7d 8h 20m Druddigon Fainted to a wild Golett

7d 8h 16m Druddigon Grows to Lv33

[Fluff] Druddigon appears to be crunching away at several wild Goletts!

7d 8h 6m Druddigon Grows to Lv32

7d 7h 58m Slowly progressing through the tower

7d 7h 50m Druddigon Now Leads The Party

7d 7h 49m Inside Dragonspiral Tower

7d 7h 43m Headed north towards Dragonspiral again.

7d 7h 40m Back in the Icirrus City Pokémon Center. Currently have 680 Pokébucks.

7d 7h 39m He hurts himself in confusion again, and Dig takes him out! Black out!

7d 7h 39m He hurts himself in confusion, and Krokorok begins digging.

7d 7h 39m He gets swaggered!

7d 7h 38m With Moxie's effects raising the Krokorok's attack, Zebstrika needs to take out the crocodile in one-hit or it's a goner.

7d 7h 38m He gets OHKOed by Krokorok's Crunch.

7d 7h 38m We send in Druddigon!

7d 7h 37m Tranquill faints.

7d 7h 37m Tranquill at 15% versus a Krokorok.

7d 7h 37m Another grunt attacks us.

7d 7h 36m A swagger-boosted Flame Charges takes out Krokorok! Grunt defeated!

7d 7h 36m Krokorok swaggers our Zebstrika. His attack rises, but now he's confused!

7d 7h 36m Switched back to Zebstrika.

7d 7h 36m Nonon faints.

7d 7h 35m We switch to Nonon.

7d 7h 35m The grunt sends in Krokorok, and we switch to Zebstrika.

7d 7h 35m A Hydro Pump instantly OHKos it!

7d 7h 34m Nonon vs Watchog.

7d 7h 34m A grunt is sent to challenge us!

7d 7h 34m Oh hey Gallo! Hi Plasma Grunts!

7d 7h 33m GMYC attempts to jump off the ledge, but he's limited by the invisible walls that surround it. Those Golett developers who made this tower must have known their stuff.

7d 7h 33m Obtained a Max Elixir.

7d 7h 32m Sounds like something is on a rampage at the top of the tower.

7d 7h 31m GMYC: "It's shocking!"

7d 7h 31m There's a rumble!

7d 7h 31m Went up a floor! We've escaped the loopy-loopy place.

7d 7h 29m [Info] After the events of this tower, our goal will mostly revolve around Team Plasma.

7d 7h 27m We're nearing stairs. Good, it should stop all these puns from spiralling out of control.

7d 7h 26m Revive obtained.

7d 7h 25m This place is puffect for stopping TPP in their tracks.

7d 7h 21m Definitely dragon our feet here.

7d 7h 20m It really adds another dimension of difficulty.

7d 7h 20m This 3D maze is truly confuzzling.

7d 7h 19m I think that's the door out of this loopy-loopy maze. Maybe. Or it could be the exit. Dunno.

7d 7h 19m Slowly progressing.

7d 7h 15m Entered. We arrive in this weird loopy-loopy maze thing. Items present. No Plasma in sight.

7d 7h 15m Currently near a door with a light. This appears to be the entrance to the top.

7d 7h 13m Dragon Fang obtained.

[Snark] If we evolve Tranquill, I will sing a rather unfezant rendition of the Johto Journeys theme.

7d 7h 12m Tranquill doesn't evolve.

7d 7h 12m Two Flies take out Krokorok. Grunt defeated.

7d 7h 12m Two Flies take out Tranquill!

7d 7h 12m The Grunt sends out a Krokorok.

7d 7h 11m Fly takes out Scraggy.

7d 7h 11m Tranquill is sent in!

7d 7h 11m We send in Deerling. Deerling faints.

7d 7h 10m Joltik is constantly biting, but he goes down to a Payback.

7d 7h 9m We send in Joltik against Scraggy.

7d 7h 9m Forgets Air Slash for Razor Wind!

7d 7h 8m Aerial Ace takes out Watchog. Hits Level 36.

7d 7h 8m HP halved again. Tranquill pulls off a Fly. Now it's in the red.

7d 7h 7m Tranquill is sent in. HP halved by Super Fang.

7d 7h 7m Wasted a turn trying to use a Full Heal (it's still in the bag though), now Nonon is on red.

7d 7h 6m Nonon v Watchog.

7d 7h 6m Battling another grunt!

7d 7h 5m Nonon doesn't evolve.

7d 7h 5m Surf takes it out. Grunt defeated.

7d 7h 5m A second Liepard enters.

7d 7h 4m A Hydro Pump OHKos it! Nonon hits Level 43!

7d 7h 4m Battling another Grunt! Nonon v Liepard.

7d 7h 3m The Scraggy goes down to a Surf and Uproar. Grunt defeated.

7d 7h 2m Nonon vs the Scraggy that defeated us earlier.

7d 7h 2m Battling a Grunt!

7d 7h 0m Back with the Grunts.

7d 6h 55m Stardust obtained.

7d 6h 49m Still travelling the Tower.

7d 6h 41m Hyper Potion obtained.

7d 6h 32m In the Tower.

7d 6h 30m Outside the Tower.

7d 6h 28m Heading back north to Dragonspiral.

7d 6h 23m [Info] Druddigon has the ability Sheer Force (because Watchog didn't get damaged when it attacked the dragon with a physical attack), which boosts the power of attacking moves with additional effects (eg. Crunch). However, the additional effects don't take effect.

7d 6h 22m [Wallet] No money.

7d 6h 21m Back in Icirrus City.

7d 6h 21m Black out!

7d 6h 21m We use Pursuit, and Zebstrika is promptly taken out by the Scraggy.

7d 6h 20m Zebstrika vs Scragy.

7d 6h 20m Batting a third Grunt!

7d 6h 19m Zebstrika is currently at 3% HP.

7d 6h 19m He OHKOs the Liepard. Grunt defeated.

7d 6h 19m We send in our last 'mon, Zebstrika.

7d 6h 18m Tranquill goes down.

7d 6h 18m Tranquill vs Liepard.

7d 6h 18m Battling a second Grunt!

7d 6h 17m Cheren and Brycen are currently engaged against some grunts.

7d 6h 17m Plasma Grunt defeated.

7d 6h 17m Watchog goes down to a Fly!

7d 6h 17m He dodges a Hyper Fang and flies up.

7d 6h 17m We send in Tranquill again.

7d 6h 16m Druddigon is in the red. It faints.

7d 6h 16m Switched Tranquill out for Druddigon.

7d 6h 15m Battling a Grunt! Tranquill vs Watchog.

7d 6h 15m Oh wow, that's where all the Team Plasma guys are.

7d 6h 11m Went up a level. Very shiny maze thing here.

7d 6h 6m Just travellin' through this tower.

7d 6h 1m Went up a floor. Cheren tells GMYC that he's off to find Team Plasma, and that we can walk on columns.

7d 5h 59m It has no nickname.

7d 5h 59m Third Great Ball succeeds! Level 31, Male Druddigon caught!

7d 5h 58m Second Great Ball fails. Zebstrika is in the red now.

7d 5h 58m Threw a Great Ball at Druddigon. It failed.

7d 5h 58m We revive Tranquill.

7d 5h 57m Another Druddigon! Will we catch it?

7d 5h 57m Catching a Druddigon is truly a difficult task.

7d 5h 55m Nonon faints.

7d 5h 55m We uh, revive Zebstrika.

7d 5h 48m She's brought down to red by a Slash, and we run.

7d 5h 48m Nonon is sent in.

7d 5h 45m Zebstrika promptly gets crunched by Druddigon.

7d 5h 45m We use a Revive on Nonon!

7d 5h 43m Another Druddigon appears! Will we catch it?

7d 5h 43m Just hanging around the tower.

7d 5h 42m A wild Druddigon appeared! The chat seems hellbent on catching. And we run.

7d 5h 41m We haven't healed, so our current team really consists just of Zebstrika at 31%.

7d 5h 41m Entered the tower.

7d 5h 41m On the bridge. Just walked past some Plasma guy.

7d 5h 40m Hey Bianca, hey Cedric Juniper.

7d 5h 38m Just outside Dragonspiral Tower.

7d 5h 36m Flew to Icirrus City!

[Info] We lost Detect for Aerial Ace.

[Fluff] Aerial Ace Kreygasm

7d 5h 31m Tranquill learned Aerial Ace!

7d 5h 30m Threw away a Scope Lens

7d 5h 29m We tossed a Smoke Ball earlier

7d 5h 20m Still trying to do stuff with TMs and HMs.

7d 5h 16m Tranquill learnt Fly over Work Up.

7d 5h 14m The quest to teach Tranquill TMs and HMs continues.

[Snark] Work Up (Kreygasm)

7d 5h 10m Tranquill learned Work Up by replacing Aerial Ace! WRIP...

7d 5h 3m Entered the Dreamyard.

7d 4h 59m We appear to be trying to teach Fly to our surviving Tranquill.

7d 4h 52m Currently in Striaton.


[Correction] Flybird was released!

7d 4h 45m Exited the daycare.

7d 4h 44m Deposited a Flybird!

7d 4h 27m Got away from the PC. No any Pokemon harmed.

7d 4h 26m Turned on the PC.

7d 4h 23m Entered the daycare.

7d 4h 19m Exited the daycare.

7d 4h 18m Entered the daycare.

7d 4h 11m Flew to Striaton City.

[Correction] Our shopping trip netted us 34 Poké Balls, 21 Great Balls and 3 Premier Balls. Our current balance is 584.

7d 4h 4m Bought 10 Great Balls.

7d 4h 3m Bought 11 Poke Balls.

[Info] The Shadow Triad have passed on Ghetsis' request for us to meet him at the Dragonspiral Tower.

[Snark] Stop jumpscaring me please Shadow Triad...

7d 3h 58m Exited the gym. Hello Bianca and Cheren!

[Snark] Zebstrika is on fire tonight.

7d 3h 56m Damn, that Zebstrika's Fire Charge sweep...

7d 3h 56m Obtained the Freeze Badge and TM79 Frost Breath!

7d 3h 55m Cryogonal fainted! Brycen defeated!

7d 3h 55m Beartic fainted by Fire Charge! Sent out Cryogonal!

7d 3h 54m Sent out Beartic!

7d 3h 54m Vanilish melted by Fire Charge!

7d 3h 54m Challenged Leader Brycen! Zebstrika vs Vanilish!

7d 3h 51m Finally get through the elite floor!

[Chat] Twitchplayspokemon: ban evaders are way more obvious than they think they are

7d 3h 30m Cubchoo fainted! Defeated Thomas!

7d 3h 30m Vanilish melted! Sent Cubchoo!

7d 3h 29m Challenged Back Belt Thomas! Zebstrika vs Vanilish!

7d 3h 16m Faffing about on the third floor. At least Brycen is close.

7d 3h 9m Melted another ice cream. GREAT SUCCESS.

7d 3h 9m Zebstrika is promoted to level 45.


7d 3h 8m Zebstrika vs. Vanillish

7d 3h 8m Fighting battle girl Chandra!

7d 2h 41m Jimmy just will not let this floor go.

[Snark] This corner is my friend. I shall call him Geroge and I shall hug him and squeeze him AND NEVER LET GO.

7d 2h 29m Spun to the end of the second floor! ...then proceed to nope back to the start of the floor.

7d 2h 19m We spun the spinner!

7d 2h 17m We made it past the first spin on the second floor!

7d 2h 4m Still in just about the same place

7d 1h 50m Jimmy tries to push forward despite the save spamming

7d 1h 37m All of this stadium takes me back to the days of Red...

[Stadium] Some Google Chrome error came up on Stadium. Everything seems to be working fine now, though.

[Snark] Well at least it's harder to slip commands in.

[Stream] Chat is now in 10-second Slow Mode.

[Faffing Intensifies... ON ICE]

7d 1h 11m Jimmy is showing of his smooth moves on the jumps.

[Snark] This sure is a mind-numbing puzzle.

7d 1h 5m Heading between the first and second floors.

[Snark] Scratch that, we reached the fourth corner.

7d 1h 2m If the goal was to reach the four corners of this floor, we'd be 75% of the way there.

7d 0h 59m At the top right of the second floor repeatedly saving the game.

[Snark] Slip-slidin' away!

7d 0h 53m We are now sliding around the second floor of the Gym

7d 0h 52m We made it to a flight of stairs, and then we jumped. Progress!

7d 0h 48m We obtain a Fresh Water off the old guy at the Gym's entrance

7d 0h 47m We leave the gym, we reenter. We leave the gym, we reenter. We leave the.... well you get the point

7d 0h 45m Perhaps our Pokedex has answers for how to solve this gym. I doubt it, but you never know

7d 0h 41m But we decide that this rain storm sucks, so we reenter the Gym

7d 0h 40m We get tired of skating around on the ice and exit the Gym

7d 0h 37m GMYC confirmed for next winter olympics

7d 0h 29m Sliding all around the Gym!

7d 0h 17m Sliding back and forth across the jump!

7d 0h 14m Flame Charge strikes again! Mikiko defeated!

7d 0h 13m Flyquill down! Only Zebstrika left!

7d 0h 13m Finally, Zebstrika Charges down Cubchoo! Sent out Flyquill to face Vanillish!

7d 0h 12m Cubchoo keeps Enduring!

7d 0h 11m Flame Charge! Cubchoo holds on!

7d 0h 11m Battle! Vs Battle Girl Mikiko! Zebstrika vs Cubchoo!

7d 0h 10m Flame Charge! Victory!

7d 0h 9m Battle! Vs Black Belt Kendrew! Zebstrika vs Cubchoo!

7d 0h 8m Flame Charge! Cryogonal down! Miriam defeated!

7d 0h 8m Battle! Vs Battle Girl Miriam! Zebstrika vs Cryogonal!

7d 0h 5m Wheee!

7d 0h 0m Jimmy seems to enjoy walking through the Gym gate!

6d 23h 55m And into the cold once again!

6d 23h 54m And back out!

6d 23h 51m Back inside!

6d 23h 48m Left the Gym!

6d 23h 46m Stepped on the switch a bunch of times!

6d 23h 45m Cubchoo down! Grant defeated!

6d 23h 43m Vs Cubchoo!

6d 23h 42m Flame Charge! Cryogonal down! Zebstrika lv 44!

6d 23h 42m Go! Zebstrika!

6d 23h 38m Non-non out! Non-non down!

6d 23h 36m Go! Nonquill! Nonquill down! Go! Joltik! Joltik down!

6d 23h 36m Nope, Non-non back out! Dow to red and frozen solid!

6d 23h 36m Sent out Nonquill!

6d 23h 35m Tried to Revive Noquil! Crygonal used Ice Beam!

6d 23h 34m Then switched out Non-non!

6d 23h 34m Sent out Joltik!

6d 23h 32m Checking Joltik's moveset!

6d 23h 30m Vs Crygonal! 5 down!

6d 23h 30m Jump Kick vs Slash! Cubchoo down by the second Kick!

6d 23h 29m Battle! Vs Black Belt Grant! 5 vs Cubchoo!

6d 23h 27m Entered the Gym!

6d 23h 26m Nope, back to Icirrus!

6d 23h 25m Dragonspiral Tower!

[Chat] ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

6d 23h 24m Now those people are dancing around us!

6d 23h 21m Then walked straight out of the Center!

6d 23h 21m Healed by the Nurse like a normal person!

6d 23h 20m Entered the Poké Center! Checkpoint: Icirrus City!

6d 23h 15m Are those people dancing?

6d 23h 12m Icirrus City!

6d 23h 11m Plasma guys ran away!

6d 23h 10m Oh hey, it's Cheren and some Plasma guy!

6d 23h 5m Non-non down to a wild Boldore!

6d 23h 4m Boldore Surfed away! Rich defeated!

6d 23h 4m Surf! Gurdurr down! Vs Boldore!

6d 23h 3m Nope! Go! Non-non!

6d 23h 3m Go! Nonquill!

6d 23h 2m Joltik down!

6d 23h 2m 5 down! Go! Joltik!

6d 23h 1m Battle! Vs Worker Rich! 5 vs Gurdurr!

6d 23h 1m Found a Protein and a Dark Gem!

6d 23h 0m Making slow progress through Twist Mountain!

6d 22h 50m Healed by Doctor Hank!

6d 22h 40m Found a Dragon Gem in a dust cloud!

6d 22h 37m Found a Nugget and a Revive!

6d 22h 32m Flame Charge! Sawk down! Teppei defeated!

6d 22h 30m Joltik down! Only Zebstrika left!

6d 22h 30m Battle! Vs Black Belt Teppei! Joltik vs Sawk!

6d 22h 25m Flyquill down!

6d 22h 22m Boldore down! Neil defeated!

6d 22h 22m Non-non down! Go! Zebstrika!

6d 22h 21m Vs Boldore! Surf again! Boldore is Sturdy!

6d 22h 21m Surf! Critical hit! Woobat down!

6d 22h 21m Battle! Vs Hiker Neil! Non-non vs Woobat!

6d 22h 16m 5 Took herself Down fighting a wild Woobat!

6d 22h 14m Noquill down!

[Stadium] If Shuckle is ATTRACTed to Kabuto, doesn't that make Shuckle a dome worshiper?

6d 22h 6m Healed by Doctor Hank!

6d 22h 6m Musharna down! Hank defeated!

6d 22h 5m Pursuit vs Psybeam!

6d 22h 5m Struggle Bug! Joltik's attacks don't do much damage! Sent out Zebstrika instead!

6d 22h 4m Bug Bite! Joltik was Hypnotized!

6d 22h 4m Non-non was struck down by Future Sight! Sent out Joltik to face Musharna!

6d 22h 3m Duosion down! Non-non lv 42! Forgot Mud-Shot in favor of Hydro Pump!

6d 22h 2m Surf! Duosion answers with Future Sight!

6d 22h 2m Battle! Vs Doctor Hank! Non-non vs Duosion!

6d 22h 1m Switched Non-non and Noquill's spots in the team!

6d 21h 58m Found a PP Up!

6d 21h 57m Non-non washes away Excadrill with one Surf! Cairn defeated!

6d 21h 57m Battle! Vs Worker Cairn! Non-non vs Excadrill!

6d 21h 49m Found an Ether!

6d 21h 43m Non-non smacked down to half! Surf and then Muddy Water finishes Boldore off! Rob defeated!

6d 21h 43m But not sturdy enough! Vs third Boldore!

6d 21h 43m Surf! Boldore is Sturdy!

6d 21h 41m Vs second Boldore!

6d 21h 41m Surf! Boldore down!

6d 21h 40m Go! Non-non!

6d 21h 39m Power Gem! Noquill down!

6d 21h 39m Aerial Ace! Noquill gets Smacked Down!

6d 21h 39m Battle! Vs Worker Rob! Noquill vs Boldore!

6d 21h 28m Found a Revive!

6d 21h 25m Inside!

6d 21h 23m Nearing Twist Mountain!

6d 21h 20m 5 down to a wild Tranquill!

6d 21h 14m Healed at the house!

6d 21h 11m Non-non lv 41!

6d 21h 9m Nyquill down!

[Joltik] Max. HP 72, Attack 39, Defense 34, Sp. Atk 36, Sp Def 36, Speed 50!

[Fluff] If that had been able to, it probably would have actually evolved then, based on the inputs that were coming in. Then again, if it could evolve, there would probably be more B spam.

6d 21h 2m Joltik lv 28!

6d 21h 0m 5 fell to a wild Tranquill!

6d 20h 53m Zebstrika fell to Musharna's Psybeam! Blacked out!

6d 20h 53m Discharge does less damage to Musharna! Zeb is hit by Duosion's attack!

6d 20h 52m Second discharge, and Duosion down! Vs Musharna!

6d 20h 52m Discharge! Duosion red and paralyzed!

6d 20h 51m Battle! Vs Doctor Hank! Zebstrika vs Duosion!

6d 20h 49m Joltik down to a wild Boldore!

[Status] Joltik leads at 30%, Zebstrika is at 100%, everyone else is fainted!

6d 20h 39m Found a Max Potion!

6d 20h 32m Swoobat down! Zebstrika lv 43! Heath defeted!

6d 20h 32m Air Slash brings down Flyquill too! Zebstrika!

6d 20h 31m Go! Flyquill! Taunt!

6d 20h 31m Swoobat used Attract! Air Slash cut down Non-non!

6d 20h 31m Surf does! Air Slash brings Non-non down to red!

6d 20h 30m Amnesia! Mud Shot doesn't affect Swoobat!

6d 20h 30m Battle! Vs Worker Heath! Non-non vs Swoobat!

6d 20h 28m It's Bag time!

6d 20h 24m Muddy water brings Throh down to red, and another Surf finishes it off! Trainer defeated!

6d 20h 24m Another Surf, and Throh is down to half! Throh keeps bulking up!

6d 20h 23m Surf! Throh Bulks Up!

6d 20h 23m Battle! Vs Battle Girl Sharon! Non-non vs Throh!

6d 20h 18m Entered the Mountain!

6d 20h 17m Approaching Twist Mountain!

6d 20h 9m Noflyquill down to another Zebstrika!

6d 19h 59m Deerling down to a wild Zebstrika!

6d 19h 55m Route 7!

6d 19h 53m Entered the Poké Center! Checkpoint: Mistralton City!

6d 19h 52m Flew to Mistralton City!

6d 19h 49m Flew to Striaton City!

6d 19h 47m Left the Gear Station!

6d 19h 36m JESUS, FINALLY. We lost a battle. We leave the multi-train.

6d 19h 26m Versus Chubchoo and Deino!

[Snark] Oh dear god another one god help me please

6d 19h 25m Excadrill takes out Vanillite, but then Litwick gets Excadrill. Mienshao comes out and finishes off the opponent, winning us our fourth battle.

6d 19h 22m Excadrill takes care of Ferroseed. Tranquill and an opponent Vanillite come out.

6d 19h 21m With some assistance, Joltik Scruggle Bugs the Scraggy, and a Litwick comes out instead. Joltik goes down next round.

6d 19h 20m Our team versus a Ferroseed and a Scraggy.

6d 19h 20m Fourth battle! I cannot handle this for much longer, guys.

6d 19h 19m Excadrill goes down! Mienshao comes in to clean up the mess, taking care of Ferroseed in one hit, and we win the battle! That's three so far.

6d 19h 18m Larvesta makes Tranquill faint, but Excadrill takes out the Larvesta.

6d 19h 17m Excadrill continues to do the work for us, making opponent Yamask faint. A Larvesta is sent out as a replacement.

6d 19h 16m Roggenrola is reduced to a sliver of health, and in the next turn a Dig from Excadrill makes it faint. Opponent sends out a Ferroseed.

6d 19h 15m Our team is up against a Roggenrola and a Yamask. Predictably, Joltik goes down and Tranquill comes out.

[Snark 2.0] That shouldn't have even been a snark, it was more of a whine.

[Snark] Holy crap, I cannot keep up with the frenetic pace of these double battles.

6d 19h 13m Excadrill also gets rid of Lampent, dragging out the Minccino from earlier that I didn't quite see. A second pokemon for one of the preschoolers went down when I couldn't see. We win.

6d 19h 13m Joltik down again. Tranquill comes out to play. Excadrill destroys an opponent Trubbish.

6d 19h 12m Joltik and Excadrill up again, versus Gothorita and... well, it was something else, but now it's a Lampent.

6d 19h 11m We're up against preschoolers now. If we lose, I will laugh in all of your faces.

6d 19h 11m Team healed! That's nifty.

6d 19h 10m Ducklett water pulses Excadrill into submission. Out comes a Mienshao, who promptly wins the battle for us.

6d 19h 10m Excadrill makes the Dwebble faint, and Ducklett makes our Tranquill faint. It's all on our partner now?

6d 19h 9m Out comes an opponent Ducklett, and our Tranquill.

6d 19h 7m Holy crap, all these pokemon. It's our Joltik with an Excadrill against a Krokorok and a Dwebble. By the way, Joltik just fainted. Our partner's Excadrill takes out Krokorok though.

6d 19h 6m WE ON DA TRAIN. Apparently it's a double battle?


6d 18h 53m ALL ABOARD THE MULTI-TRAIN, WHOO WHOO. Nah but we're choosing pokemon for it, whatever that entails.

6d 18h 46m Oh, it's a train station. That's interesting.

6d 18h 44m Now we're in a massive building, but I'm not sure what it or anything in it is.

[Buh] Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Just walking around and getting nothing done.

6d 18h 26m Walking around outside of Nimbasa City. Not much progress other than going through our bags.




6d 18h 12m In the dressing room again, this time with Tympole!

6d 18h 9m Nevermind, false alarm. We were just in the dressing room.

6d 18h 9m We're in the musical again! Dress up time, for one of our Tranquills this time around.


[Subreddit] For those who are interested, we have a few new flairs out today. Ignore the graphical error in the choose menu if you can, that last one is a redo of Lazor Gator (I know some of you were clamoring for that one), taken from TPP Park courtesy of Tustin and Carlotta.

6d 17h 46m Back in Musical. I guess I'm okay with this.

[Stadium] So close, Red. Dragonite spammed twister until it seemed it was going down, but it pulled out a wing attack and saved Blue team from humiliation.

6d 17h 39m We've left Musical. OUT ON THE TOWN

[Snark] I would imagine showing up to a musical naked would draw at least some attention.

6d 17h 35m We receive the TM Echo Voice.

6d 17h 34m Apparently our dress-up performance was "very distinctive." I guess 5 was the only one without any props, so it was unique in that way.


6d 17h 33m One of the other participants is a Petilil. People are claiming it's ours that we released.

6d 17h 32m Unfortunately, 5 has no props on. The musical begins!

[Snark] This is all morbidly hilarious when you remember that 5 is actually fainted right now.

[Snark] The 3 D's. Dead Deer Dancing!


[Chat] Demonsanddragons1: Vending Machine DEMANDS MONEY SwiftRage

[Chat] Tehurrner: Vending machine demands blood...

6d 17h 27m Instead we attempt to purchase more water. SORRY, NO MONEY

6d 17h 26m A single Twitch user drives us towards the PC. I am not ashamed to admit that I assisted in driving us away.

6d 17h 22m We've walked into "Musical". Oh, how I wonder what could be going on in here.

6d 17h 16m We just got more money, so what does the chat do? Immediately goes to buy more water. We purchase four fresh waters and are promptly broke again.

6d 17h 13m Predictably, it was awkward and the Hiker didn't enjoy himself that much. The chat meanwhile, is practically peeing all over themselves. A successful ride, all in all.

[Snark] Inb4 N finds out and releases our whole team as revenge.


6d 17h 12m Joltik faints against the same. Tympole out, and defeats the trainer!

6d 17h 11m Deerling goes down to a Boldore. We send out Joltik.

6d 17h 10m We're in a battle with the guy outside the Ferris Wheel.

6d 17h 8m In the fairgrounds, we find an X Attack.

6d 17h 6m We're out of the desert now, in Nimbasa City.

6d 16h 58m We head north out of the city onto Route 4. DESERT TIME

[Chat] Adrizel16: 200$ FOR A FRESH WATER

6d 16h 55m After messing around in the settings, we purchase more water. We buy three more for a grand total of six, and then run out of money. We have 24 pokedollars left.

6d 16h 54m Now it's 3. Jimmy must be thirsty after all that walking.

6d 16h 53m We bought a Fresh... make that 2 Fresh Waters!



6d 16h 51m We've crossed the bridge. That was very nice.

6d 16h 46m Holy CRAP this bridge is impressive. We begin an arduous walk across.

6d 16h 45m We exit the forest and take a long look at this scenic bridge.

6d 16h 43m We are in the forest proper now. Very dark in here.

[Stadium] Helix vs Air Jordan, what a match up.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium Snark] As one chatter aptly states it, Feraligatr from Red team "crawled in a hole and died". Definitely one of the funnier matches I've seen.

[Stadium] MASSIVE upset for Red team. Odds of 1:11. Twitch user comes away with a hefty 22k, everyone on Red team laments the loss of all of their money.

6d 16h 33m We stroll into Pinwheel Forest.

6d 16h 29m I stand corrected! We successfully fly to what I can only assume is Nacrene.

6d 16h 28m We've actually chosen the Fly option a few times, but end up backing out of the town map before choosing a place.

6d 16h 25m Back on route 3, barreling our way towards the daycare.

6d 16h 22m Not 100% sure, but I think we just threw away our NeverMeltIce.

6d 16h 18m Accessed the Vs. Recorder.


6d 16h 14m More specifically, they're suggesting we fly to Nacrene.

6d 16h 12m We're near the pond in Striaton again. Many are suggesting that we attempt to use fly.

6d 16h 10m Hmm. Now we're running away from the daycare, towards Striaton.

6d 16h 8m Well, we're not in it yet, but we're closer than we were to the daycare.

[Snark] "PC is the bone and you guys is the DOGE" I am just laaaaaaaauuuuughing over here, I love the chat sometimes.

6d 15h 56m We found an ultra ball in the sand pit.

6d 15h 53m We inexorably drift towards the Pokemon Daycare, it seems. This could be interesting.

6d 15h 51m We went north on Route 3, but many are making us go back into town. Conflicting interests rise once again.

[Snark] Dude, that surfing theme is so awesome. I've found some new listening material.

6d 15h 48m I was GOING to say that we're trapped on a bit of land with this burly fellow.

6d 15h 47m Welp. We're trapped on--FOUND A BIG PEARL

6d 15h 45m OH WE SURFIN' NOW BOY

6d 15h 44m Still attempting to go to the Daycare.

6d 15h 41m Members of the chat wish to use the PC to deposit one of our Tranquills to make room for a Druddigon from the Dragonspiral Tower. Intricate plan.

6d 15h 39m The chat is divided on what to do now. I see people flinging out suggestions that involve the PC or the daycare, but I'm not sure why.

[Double Snark]I come back and we are still stuck at the first gym? seriously guys?

6d 15h 37m Just for clarification, we flew all the way to Striaton.

[Snark] Pssst guys why don't we get back that Cottonee we traded? WE MUST FREE HIM TOO.

6d 15h 33m Aaaaand back to the start we go. DON'T MESS WITH CREEPY TOWERS.


6d 15h 31m The stream seems to be so decided to ring that bell.

6d 15h 30m We made it to the top of this weird tower. What are we even doing? What is happening?

6d 15h 31m At the top of the tower at the moment.

Can we ring the bell? YES WE CAN

6d 15h 29m Nothing much yet.

[Snark] A BATTLE, I WONDER WHAT IT COULD POSSIBLY B oh it's another Litwick

6d 15h 27m Ran into a wild Litwick! Ran from the wild Litwick! Nothing new here folks.

6d 15h 23m woot more healing

6d 15h 22m We healed at the nurse. Multiple times.

[snark] [chat] b


6d 15h 19m We're messing around in the check moves screen in the battle rather than actually trying to use moves. Again. We'll probably be here a while. Again.

[snark] great job twitch


6d 15h 15m We finally did something... Leech seeded Litwick... But Litwick's attack brought Deerling to the yellow. ouch... 31% health remaining. (Guys I think training Deerling here is gonna take a while.)

6d 15h 14m We are not doing anything. Still in this fight.

6d 15h 9m We're like... in a battle. But not doing anything. We're in the screen to check moves but not actually use them...

6d 15h 3m HEALED MULTIPLE TIMES thanks nurse

6d 15h 2m We totally just walked past the nurse.

6d 15h 1m Zebstrika is the only one alive, the nurse is like 4 steps away or something.

6d 14h 58m Non-non down!

6d 14h 49m Non-non lv 40!

6d 14h 36m Flyquill down!

6d 14h 33m Flyquill is down to 20%!

6d 14h 25m Noflyquill felled by his Burn!

6d 14h 23m Now the other Tranquill was burned as well!

6d 14h 22m Still grinding!

6d 14h 12m Flyquill lv 32!

6d 14h 7m Flyquill was burned by a wild Litwick!

6d 14h 5m We're still in the tower, grinding.

6d 14h 0m Oh look, a not-Litwick. Hi Elgyem.

6d 13h 55m We're not on the third floor anymore.

6d 13h 52m Joltik fainted and we send out Tympole. We defeat Litwick.

6d 13h 51m Deerling fainted against a Litwick which isn't really surprising. Joltik is also burned... This isn't really going so well.

6d 13h 49m Reordered the party slightly. Actually it seems only Zebstrika and Tranquill (31) switched places.

6d 13h 46m We switched Deerling out for Tympole. Took out a wild Litwick! yay

6d 13h 44m Deerling can't directly attack Litwick -- the only way to damage it is with Leech Seed. Just saying.

6d 13h 42m Seems people want to grind after all. (It's what I figured but I wasn't sure...) Anyway, we're here, may as well try and grind. Hi Litwick.


6d 13h 41m Looks like there's a lot of down+A spam. Seems we are trying to talk to the nurse, who we're almost standing directly above right now.

6d 13h 38m Still walking around on the third floor, Litwicks for days here folks.

6d 13h 37m We defeated the Litwick. Ran into another but ran away.

[Meta] I'm honestly not sure what we're trying to do... if we're trying to faint we're doing a pretty good job (except for the stalling around in the menus and clicking the already fainted mon). If we're trying to get to the nurse on this floor of the tower, good luck with that.

6d 13h 36m ...Welp. Tranquill fainted. Zebstrika is the only one alive.

6d 13h 35m Current party status for those who may be wondering: Tranquill (lv31) 42% HP and burned, Zebstrika 100% HP. Everyone else fainted. Currently battling another Litwick.

6d 13h 32m We defeated the wild Litwick! yay

6d 13h 32m Finally decided on a Pokemon to send out, our level 31 Tranquill.

6d 13h 29m Joltik fainted to a wild Litwick after getting burned and then hit with Flame Burst

6d 13h 23m FINALLY made it to the third floor.

6d 13h 22m Joltik has 18 HP left. We find another wild Litwick and switch to Zebstrika but then run. We're currently climbing the stairs (or is it a ramp?) to the third floor.

6d 13h 20m Bug bite does like, nothing. We run away from that thing.

6d 13h 19m Tympole fainted and we sent out Joltik.

6d 13h 16m Tranquill was switched in and is currently burned. We're still fighting this Litwick.

6d 13h 14m We switched in and out of a few mon, went back to Tympole, and got hit and are at 41 (yellow) HP. Still sleeping.

6d 13h 10m Just noticed (sorry) that Tympole is sleeping. We are in a fight with a wild Litwick right now.

6d 13h 6m So we're in the tower, made it to floor two. Having a little trouble navigating up the rest of the way.

6d 13h 3m So we're in the grass but we continue running. WE COULD BE HERE A WHILE...

6d 13h 0m We keep running from random wild Pokemon.

6d 12h 59m We didn't even beat the Zebstrika, we ran. Not really sure what we're trying to do, but if it's grinding, we're failing. Tympole is the first out in battle now, since our first two party Pokemon Deerling and Tranquill fainted.

6d 12h 57m Got in a fight with a wild Zebstrika. Couldn't run, it used Pursuit. A second attack KOs our lv34 Tranquill

6d 12h 53m We're still here.

6d 12h 49m We are back in the corner (next to the celestial tower)... Really, nothing is happening.

6d 12h 42m Okay we are going south...? Well there's conflicting inputs of up and down. We wandered into the grass.

6d 12h 41m Well we are out of that corner anyway... wait, nevermind, we're back. (why...)

[Info/snark] I don't think we can get through the mountain by walking into the wall.

6d 12h 39m We keep walking into the wall for some reason...

6d 12h 22m Deerling fainted!

6d 12h 15m Entered Route 7.

6d 12h 5m Zebstrika fainted! Blacked out!

[Info] It has been 6 days now and streamer still didn't fix the status ailment in party screen... (It always marked as Sleep)

6d 12h 0m Zebstrika is poisoned from wild Foongus' ability

6d 11h 53m Exited Celestial Tower.

6d 11h 50m Entered Celestial Tower.

6d 11h 44m lv.31 Tranquill fainted!

6d 11h 40m Joltik fainted!

6d 11h 32m Joltik leads the team now.

6d 11h 32m Nonon faints

6d 11h 27m Nonon is down to 41%!

6d 11h 25m Still grinding on Route 7 with Nonon in leads of the team.

6d 11h 20m Found a PP Up!

[Stats] Tympole Lv. 39 - Max. HP 99 Attack 72 Defense 47 Sp. Atk 59 Sp. Def 40 Speed 66

6d 11h 17m Nonon up to lv. 39, did not evolve

6d 11h 15m Grinding on Route 7

6d 11h 8m Nonon up to lv.38, did not evolve

6d 11h 3m Tranquill (lv.34) faints!

6d 11h 3m Tranquill leveled up to lv.34 and did not evolve

6d 11h 1m 5 fainted to a wild Deerling

6d 11h 0m Back on Route 7!

6d 10h 59m And we're back in Mistralton City!

6d 10h 57m We enter Route 7 !

6d 10h 56m We left the house!

6d 10h 54m We entered a random house in the town

6d 10h 54m And we left the Center!

6d 10h 53m Still running around in the Pokemon center

6d 10h 49m Tranquill faints, Black out

6d 10h 48m Tranquill lv.31 sent in!

6d 10h 47m Nonon faints

6d 10h 47m Throh vs. Nonon!

6d 10h 46m Battle against Battle Girl Sharon!

[Stats] Tranquill Lv. 31 - Max. HP 85 Attack 57 Defense 45 Sp. Atk 38 Sp. Def 37 Speed 48

6d 10h 45m Darell defeated!

6d 10h 44m Gurdurr down, Tranquill level up to lv.31

6d 10h 43m we send Tranquill lv.30 in!

6d 10h 41m we only have Tranquill lv.30 and Nonon left

6d 10h 39m Darell send Gurdurr, and 30FHF faints

6d 10h 38m Boldore down, 30FHF level up to lv.42, did not learn Agility

6d 10h 37m 30FHF sent back in!

6d 10h 36m Joltik faints

6d 10h 35m Darell send Boldore in, we switch to Joltik.

6d 10h 35m Woobat down!

6d 10h 35m 30FHF in!

6d 10h 33m Tranquill faints

6d 10h 33m Woobat VS. Tranquill lv.33

6d 10h 33m Against Hiker Darell!

6d 10h 29m Still in the mountains

6d 10h 23m We entered the Twist Mountains

6d 10h 20m 5 fainted

6d 10h 18m 5 is paralized

6d 10h 14m Now 5 leads our team

6d 10h 12m And we left the house!

6d 10h 12m 30FHF leads our team

6d 10h 11m Healed our team

6d 10h 9m we gave the Lucky Egg to Tympole

6d 10h 8m Entered the healing house

6d 10h 4m we only have Nonon and 5 left

6d 10h 3m Joltik faints!

6d 10h 3m 30FHF faints

6d 10h 2m Tranquill lv.30 faints

6d 10h 1m Tranquill lv.33 faints!

6d 9h 59m we used an antidote

6d 9h 57m And back on Route 7!

6d 9h 56m Healed our team!

6d 9h 55m and back in again.

6d 9h 54m Left the house!

6d 9h 53m Nonon learned Surf and Forgot Round

6d 9h 49m 1 thunder stone and 1 black Glasses and 1 bug gem thrown away

6d 9h 48m We throw away 1 flying gem

6d 9h 47m We're trying to teach Surf to Nonon

6d 9h 45m We throw away 1 casteliacone

6d 9h 44m And back in the house

6d 9h 43m Outside the healing house, back on the route

6d 9h 37m Inside the Healing House of Route 7.

6d 9h 34m Tranquill 33 leads.

6d 9h 32m Joltik faints.

6d 9h 29m Tauntquill faints.

6d 9h 27m Still on the Route.

6d 9h 17m Route 7 now.

6d 9h 15m Next to the airfield.

6d 9h 14m Left.

6d 9h 14m Left. Back in. Left. Back in.

6d 9h 14m In the Pokemon Center.

6d 9h 13m Back in Mistralton now.

6d 9h 13m Zebstrika fainted. Black out.

6d 9h 12m Zebstrika is burnt.

6d 9h 10m Currently only Zebstrika stands.

6d 9h 7m Deerling faints.

6d 9h 5m Nonon faints.

6d 8h 59m Still "grinding".

6d 8h 51m Aliens and candles are falling to the might of Nonon's waves.

[Stats] Tympole Lv. 37 - Max. HP 94 Attack 67 Defense 45 Sp. Atk 54 Sp. Def 38 Speed 62

6d 8h 47m Currently in the Celestial Tower. Leading at the moment is Nonon the Tympole.

6d 8h 47m She doesn't evolve.

6d 8h 47m Nonon hits Level 37!

6d 8h 47m NeverMeltIce is currently on Zebstrika.

6d 8h 45m [Current Status] Tympole: 100%, Deerling: 100%, Zebstrika: 100%

6d 8h 44m Tranquill (Lv. 33) fainted.

6d 8h 43m Joltik fainted.

[Stats] Tranquill Lv. 33 - Max. HP 87 Attack 67 Defense 56 Sp. Atk 48 Sp. Def 33 Speed 49

6d 8h 37m Tranquill leveled up to 33!

6d 8h 35m Tranquill (Lv. 30) fainted.

[Stats] Tranquill Lv. 30 - Max. HP 82 Attack 54 Defense 44 Sp. Atk 37 Sp. Def 36 Speed 47

6d 8h 34m Tranquill leveled up to 30!

6d 8h 26m Healed.

6d 8h 20m Almost absolutely no progress in the past three hours.

6d 8h 17m Tranquill (Lv. 29) fainted!

6d 8h 4m Healed our party multiple times.

6d 7h 58m Joltik fainted!

6d 7h 57m Tympole fainted!

6d 7h 42m Deerling fainted! (VS. a wild Litwick)

6d 7h 24m Tranquill (Lv. 32) fainted!

6d 7h 19m Tranquill (Lv. 29) fainted!

6d 7h 9m Healed our party again!

6d 7h 8m Tranquill (Lv. 32) fainted!

6d 7h 4m Tranquill (Lv. 29) fainted!

6d 6h 54m Healed our Pokémon!

6d 6h 40m Deerling fainted against a wild Elygem!

6d 6h 36m Tranquill (Lv. 29) fainted!

6d 6h 33m Rang the bell again.

6d 6h 32m Tympole fainted!

[Stats] Tympole (Nonon) Lv. 36 - Max. HP 92 Attack 65 Defense 44 Sp. Atk 50 Sp. Def 37 Speed 61

6d 6h 30m Tympole (Nonon) levels up to 36!

6d 6h 24m Tranquill (lvl 32) faints to a wild Litwick

[Info] Air Slash was learned over Quick Attack

6d 6h 19m Did not evolve. Learned Air Slash however

6d 6h 19m Tranquill (lvl 31) grows to level 32

6d 6h 13m We're still exploring the roof of Celestial Tower

6d 6h 9m Still ringing that bell...

6d 6h 6m GMYC rings the bell on top of Celestial Tower a few times

[Stadium] And Kakuna takes down Wobuffet! My I have never seen such a matchup before!

[Stadium] Kakuna, out of PP for Harden, starts using Struggle against Wobuffet

6d 6h 4m Oh and we are at the top of Celestial Tower

[Stadium] Concerned about the mounting offensive assualt she faces from Kakuna, Wobuffet fortifies defenses with Safe Guard. GOOD CALL

[Stadium] My Helix, Kakuna used Harden. Did not see that coming

[Stadium] I have never seen two more equally matched opponents than these two before. This is truly amongst the greatest matchups of all time. Tesla vs Edison level right here

[Stadium] Wut!?! Wobuffet uses and offensive move! But it misses...

[Stadium] !bet 100 on longest individual matchup in TPP stadium history

[Stadium] Literally its Harden vs Safe Guard, its been almost nothing but defensive moves

[Stadium] Dat Harden from Kakuna too OP

[Stadium] Battle of the century! Wobuffet vs Kakuna!

6d 5h 54m We run from battle and finally reach the fourth floor

6d 5h 52m We switch Tauntquill in for Tranquill (31)

6d 5h 49m We finally start moving and of course encounter a wild Litwick. It uses Hex on Joltik and takes him down. We decide to run. Joltik faints

6d 5h 47m A wave of 'B's have been inputted, and we are standing still on the stairs to floor 4

6d 5h 46m Joltik in versus a wild Litwick and Joltik gets burnt

6d 5h 44m We heal once again on the third floor

6d 5h 41m Tranquill (31) gets burnt by a Litwick. After a few more moves Tranquill goes down and we decide to get out of dodge. Tranquill (lvl 31) faints

6d 5h 37m GMYC checks out his impressive collection of berries

6d 5h 31m In against another Litwick, and Hex takes down Joltik. Joltik faints

6d 5h 30m Luckily Nonon has no problem taking down the Litwick

6d 5h 30m We switch Nonon in and she gets burnt too

6d 5h 29m Joltik gets burnt against a wild Litwick

6d 5h 26m We've been healed on the third floor

6d 5h 22m Climbing the stairs to floor 3

6d 5h 19m Litwicks keep attacking us but we have no interest in playing with candles and keep running

6d 5h 16m We climb the stairs to the second floor

6d 5h 15m We enter Celestial Tower, because why not

6d 5h 13m We've been wandering around the tall grass of Route 7 outside of the tower, running from wild encounters

6d 5h 8m GMYC inspects the base of the tower. In constant rain like this it is important to periodically check on the foundation of a building

6d 5h 5m Next to the Tower.

6d 5h 1m It forgets Faint Attack for Aromatherapy.

6d 5h 0m Deerling hits Level 28.

6d 4h 57m Level 31 Tranquill faints.

6d 4h 51m Joltik faints.

6d 4h 43m Tauntquill is poisoned by a Foongus' Effect Spore.

6d 4h 40m On Route 7 once again.

6d 4h 35m Back in Mistralton.

6d 4h 35m Tympole faints. Black out.

6d 4h 34m Tympole is sent in.

6d 4h 33m Deerling faints.

6d 4h 33m Battling a Hiker. Deerling is sent in against Woobat.

6d 4h 32m Back in the caves, by the way.

6d 4h 32m Zebstrika goes down to a wild Gurdurr.

6d 4h 31m Found a Full Heal.

6d 4h 29m In the outdoors part of Twist Mountain. This place changes depending on the season.

[Snark] These sturdy little buggers will always take two hits to defeat, and were the bane of my middle school years.

6d 4h 26m Wild Boldores. Be prepared to see them. A lot.

6d 4h 26m After asking if we've seen Team Plasma, Clay suggests we do what "squirts" do and explore the mountain and train.

6d 4h 25m Oh hey, it's Cheren and Clay!

6d 4h 25m Entered Twist Mountain!

6d 4h 24m Nonon takes out the Gurdurr. Battle won.

6d 4h 24m Terrell sends out Gurdurr, so we switch for Nonon.

6d 4h 23m A few Sparks and a Discharge do the job. Zebstrika hit Level 41.

6d 4h 23m At 9HP, will he be able to take out the sturdy-lookin' rock?

6d 4h 22m Zebstrika is sent in to fight Boldore.

6d 4h 22m Battling Hiker Terrell!

6d 4h 21m From Cheren's words, I think I understand why Alder considers the kid's attitude to be complete alderdash.

6d 4h 20m Alder tells us what Surf does, before running off to who-knows-where.

6d 4h 19m Alder admonishes Cheren for his attitude, and promptly gives both of us HM03: Surf.

6d 4h 19m We're at the base of Twist Mountain, and Alder jumps outta nowhere to praise our battle.

6d 4h 18m Zebstrika is brought down to 9HP. But he takes out Liepard! Cheren defeated.

6d 4h 17m Dewott falls to our zebra. Cheren sends in Liepard.

6d 4h 17m Cheren brings out his Dewott.

6d 4h 16m Simisear falls to 30FHF, who levels up to 40.

6d 4h 16m Cheren sent in a Simisear.

6d 4h 16m Oh yes, we're fighting Cheren.

6d 4h 16m A Discharge and Spark bring down Unfezant.

6d 4h 15m Sent in 30FHF the Zebstrika.

6d 4h 14m Tranquill 29 is sent in to deal with it. Faints.

6d 4h 14m Fighting a Trainer with an Unfezant! It takes out Joltik.

6d 4h 7m The rain. It's cold.

6d 4h 6m TM81 X-Scissor obtained.

6d 4h 4m Level 31 Tranquill fainted.

6d 4h 3m Ah yes, the double battle grass.

6d 4h 0m Still in the rain.

6d 3h 55m Back into the storm... But I like it in there it is cozy!

6d 3h 55m Healed at the Route 7 Cabin

6d 3h 54m Entered a cabin. Of course! It had a TV!

[Status] Only Zebstrika, Deerling, and Tympole are left

6d 3h 51m What did I tell you level 31? Don't go fighting Zebstrikas. Tranquill level 31 has fainted

6d 3h 50m Nevermind, back in it. Remember, to advance in the story, we have to head towards Twist Mountain

6d 3h 48m We made it out of the grass

6d 3h 46m He defeated the Zebstrika and grew to level 31

6d 3h 46m Our older Tranquill is going up against a wild Zebstrika. Good luck bud.

Make that level 29 Tranquill

6d 3h 41m Tranquill has fainted

6d 3h 41m Tranquill down to 3 HP after a Zebstrika electrocutes it.

6d 3h 40m Joltik has fainted

6d 3h 38m We test out Fly, and Level 28 Tranquil just became Level 29 Tranquill. Joltik also just reached Level 27

6d 3h 38m Chat's still going strong. As a result, only 3 people are inputting commands

6d 3h 36m Both Roosts are gone. People are now realizing this

6d 3h 35m Half of the chat is fan girling, while the other half is raging at the lost of Roost

[Chat] Well... You know

6d 3h 34m Level 28 Tranquill forgot Roost and learned AERIAL ACE

6d 3h 33m Joltik forgot Electroweb and learned Struggle Bug

[Clarification] That was level 28 Tranquill. Helix this is annoying

6d 3h 32m We just made our way onto Route 7

[Chat] Aerial Fly Kreygasm

6d 3h 30m Tranquill learned fly over Air Cutter

[Info] Our trainer nature is now Brave and Level 28 Tranquill's nature is Strong Willed

6d 3h 27m Booted up Aerial Ace. We're trying to teach it to the other Tranquill, called affectionately taunt-bird by some

It wasn't F 30, I repeat

[Correction] it was just the regular ole level 30 Tranquill. Chat was calling it F 30 bird

[Chat] You can probably guess...

6d 3h 20m F 30 Bird forgot Roost and learned AERIAL ACE

6d 3h 19m Tried to teach TM41 Torment a couple of times, but failed. We are back to selecting Aerial Ace

6d 3h 19m In exchange for the water gun

6d 3h 18m Joltik is now holding the Scope Lens

6d 3h 18m But didn't make it forget a move

6d 3h 18m Booted it up, tried to teach it to Joltik. Selected tranquill

6d 3h 17m Selected Aerial Ace

6d 3h 16m Looks like chat wants to teach AERIAL ACE Kreygadm-- I mean Kreygasm right now

6d 3h 15m We are back in Mistralton. In the rain

6d 3h 15m 8860 Poké Yen left

6d 3h 14m Tranquill has fainted to a Spark. Blacked out!

6d 3h 13m Guess I was wrong. Our chicken-dove-pigeon-Pokémon is down to 11 HP after a nasty attack from a Zebstrika

[Apology] I know Tranquill evolves from pidove. But look at those angry chicken eyes

6d 3h 10m Only our tame level 28 chicken is left. Oh look chicken vs zebra. After that last battle I doubt that zebstrika will win. Nope we run away

6d 3h 10m Aaaand what did I tell you. Zebstrika has fainted to an angry chicken

6d 3h 9m Zebstrika down to 7 hp after that last air cutter

6d 3h 8m Here we go again, trying to get Bambi I mean Deerling to fight

6d 3h 8m Please don't get knocked out by a chicken

[Chat] Sprogepede: Dammit Bambi, get up and battle!

6d 3h 6m We try to get Deerling up

6d 3h 3m Zebstrika is down in the red. Darn chickens

6d 3h 3m Zebstrika is down to less than 30% after that last battle with his cousin

6d 3h 0m Zebstrika takes out a wild Tranquill and grows to level 39

[Status] Zebstrika at 44% and Tranquill level 28 at full health

6d 2h 57m A wild Deerling brings Zebstrika down to half health

6d 2h 55m Fighting wild Tranquills, but there's no Tirtouga to bounce along with them...

6d 2h 53m Entered Route 7. Hooray for semi glorious music!

[Info] To the gdoc/TPP.org people, we still have that one Max ether

6d 2h 50m Nevermind. Trying to teach Aerial Ace Kreygasm (I spelled it right that time)

6d 2h 48m Now to get off this darned runway...

6d 2h 46m That spelling screwed me up. And I forgot to bold. I repeat TM40 AERIAL ACE obtained

[Cheer] And guess what? It's REUSABLE.

6d 2h 45m Successfully obtained TM40 AERIAL ACE Kreygasm

6d 2h 43m We've already talked to the two kids who have hidden the TM at the airfield. Now to find it...

6d 2h 43m But first, we're trying to get AERIAL ACE Kreygasm

6d 2h 40m We entered our favorite TV house, but left when we saw the people glaring at us. Never mind, we're back and watching TV

6d 2h 39m To advance in the story, we have to battle Cheren again. To heal or not to heal? That is the question

6d 2h 37m We just "turned on" the C Gear and we're near a Pokémon Center AND an airport. Don't you ever follow the rules Jimmy?

6d 2h 37m Twist Mountain here we come!

6d 2h 36m We made it out of the airport! Heal time or no?

6d 2h 36m Almost on the road outta here

6d 2h 33m We are outside at the runway in the rain

6d 2h 32m After stalking us through Zebstrika, he tells us about the stones and how he will befriend a legendary dragon. We go back inside the gym afraid, but exit after

6d 2h 31m Pokemon never tell lies... Ok N

6d 2h 31m We jump the last cannon and exit!

[Correction] I meant Swoobat. Guess I was playing too much skeeball today

6d 2h 29m We also obtained TM62 Acrobatics

6d 2h 27m We switch out Zebstrika again. Uses discharge and OHKOs Swanna. JET BADGE obtained

6d 2h 26m Unfezant sent out. Zebstrika uses discharge and OHKOS that too and grows to level 38

6d 2h 26m Battle initiated. She sends out a skoobat. We use discharge and take it out

[Info] Zebstrika has a relaxed nature

6d 2h 24m Nevermind. 2 more!

6d 2h 24m Now were at the bottom right. 3 more to go!

6d 2h 23m Almost there! We're at the bottom left corner of the gym

[Strategy] Map is here. We're currently trying to get to step 8

6d 2h 22m 5 More cannons left I believe

6d 2h 20m Made it to the next level! Great work guys!

6d 2h 18m Checking out how many gym badges we have because we're not sure

6d 2h 16m Did the same combination. Now we are no longer novices at this stunt!

[Status] Only Zebstrika, Tranquill level 28, and Tympole are alive

6d 2h 13m Jumped to another platform, then jumped back. We should be circus performers

6d 2h 1m Still travellin' the GYM.

6d 1h 56m And uh, back to the entrance we go.

6d 1h 55m On Skyla's platform.

6d 1h 51m Still cannoning.

6d 1h 45m Trying to cannon around.

6d 1h 43m Still in the Gym.

6d 1h 40m Obtained Fresh Water from the guy in the front.

6d 1h 40m AND WE'RE OFF. Back to the start.

6d 1h 36m Back on Skyla's platform.

6d 1h 17m Cannon time.

6d 1h 16m Reentered the Gym.

6d 1h 15m Exited the gym.

6d 1h 15m Aaaaaaand we jumped in the cannon back to the start.

6d 1h 11m After crashing into a wall at high-speeds, we finally make it to Skyla's platform.

[Pun] Getting shot out of a cannon is definitely quite an Unfezant feeling.

6d 1h 7m Getting closer.

6d 0h 56m Slowly cannoning around the gym.

6d 0h 54m Reentered the Gym.

6d 0h 46m Hanging around on the airstrip.

6d 0h 41m Exited the gym. Into the rain.

6d 0h 40m And we uh, cannoned right back to the start.

6d 0h 38m Trying to register friends in the Pal Pad.

6d 0h 37m Currently near Skyla.

6d 0h 32m Swoobat down! Worker defeated!

6d 0h 31m Battling a worker. Zebstrika versus Swoobat!

6d 0h 30m Pilot defeated (my mistake, it wasn't a worker).

6d 0h 30m Unfezant down! Zebstrika levels up to 37!

6d 0h 29m Battling a worker. Unfezant versus Zeb

6d 0h 28m Weeeee! Cannons!

6d 0h 23m Worker Brady defeated!

6d 0h 23m Switched Zeb in against Woobat. Woobat down!

6d 0h 22m Switched in 5 against Woobat

6d 0h 21m Ducklett defeated! Woobat incoming.

6d 0h 21m Switched in Zebstrika

6d 0h 21m In comes Tranquill lv. 28.

6d 0h 20m Tranquill lv. 30 down!

6d 0h 20m Versus Worker Brady! Ducklett versus Tranquill lv. 30

6d 0h 19m Sigilyph down. Pilot Ted defeated!

6d 0h 18m Ducklett down! In comes a Sigilyph.

6d 0h 17m Switched in Nonon.

6d 0h 16m Ducklett down! In comes another Ducklett

6d 0h 14m Pilot Ted would like to battle! Ducklett versus Lv. 30 Tranquill

6d 0h 11m Opponent's Tranquill down! Worker Cliff defeated!

6d 0h 9m The opponent sends out another Tranquill.

6d 0h 9m Switched to our lv. 29 Tranquill. The opponent's Tranquil goes down! Lv. 29 Tranquill grows to lv. 30!

6d 0h 7m Sent in our own Tranquill

6d 0h 7m Joltik down!

6d 0h 5m Versus a trainer. Our Joltik versus Tranquill.

6d 0h 2m Entered Skyla's Gym!

5d 23h 58m 5 down. Blacked out.

5d 23h 57m Only Pokemon still alive in our team is 5

5d 23h 53m nonon goes down to a wild Zebstrika

5d 23h 47m Zeb fainted

5d 23h 46m Left the Celestial Tower!

5d 23h 33m Slowly descending the Tower!

5d 23h 19m Joltik down!

5d 23h 15m Began descending the Tower!

5d 23h 12m Exploring the top of the Tower!

[Snark] └(oѪo)┘ Ring those ding dongers! └(oѪo)┘

5d 23h 9m Rang the bell several more times!

5d 23h 8m Skyla left!

[Serious] The bell tolls for all who we've released.

5d 23h 8m Rang the bell!

5d 23h 7m Oh hey, there's Skyla!

5d 23h 3m Reached the top floor of the Tower!

5d 22h 58m Tranquill lv29 down to a wild Elgyem!

5d 22h 51m Running more than actually grinding, really!

5d 22h 44m Grinding in the Tower! Miraculously, Joltik hasn't fainted yet!

5d 22h 31m Healed by the kind Nurse!

[Stadium] Vaporeon just swept Azumarill, Togepi, and Exeggcute after Azumarill took down Onix and Rhyhorn without a sweat . . . Vaporeon sweep against two ineffective types as a 3:1 underdog.

5d 22h 23m 30FHF down to a wild Litwick!

5d 22h 21m Non-non lv 35!

5d 22h 15m Picked up TM 65, Shadow Claw.

[Snark] Aliens, aliens everywhere.

[Status] Tympole and 30FHF have full HP, Tranquill lv28 has 62%. All others are fainted.

5d 22h 11m 30FHF replaces Shock Wave with Discharge.

5d 22h 11m Two hits and Gothorita goes down. 30FHF grows to level 36!

5d 22h 10m Swoobat gets knocked out in one hit. Out comes a Gothorita.

[Info] Joltik, one of the Tranquills and Deerling have fainted.

5d 22h 10m Got in a trainer battle with Ace Trainer Kassandra on the fourth floor! It's Swoobat VS 30FHF.

5d 22h 6m Made it up to the fourth floor. Joltik fainted somewhere along the way, if anyone was wondering.

[Fluff] Healed. Let's see how long it takes for Joltik to faint again.

[Snark] We can definitely tick him off the list of Pokémon that can grind properly in Celestial Tower.

[Further Addendum] Missed a heal or two, it turns out. Moral of the story is that Joltik faints repeatedly ad infinitum.

5d 21h 55m Joltik has fainted again.

[Addendum] We'd healed earlier, ya see?

5d 21h 53m Joltik has been brought down to 17% HP and Tranquill lv.28 has been burned. Litwicks are vicious, it turns out.

5d 21h 50m Joltik knocked out in one hit by a Litwick.

5d 21h 47m Healed the party a few times with the nurse. Good to go to battle more Litwicks! Kappa

[Snark] All these Litwicks don't hold a candle to the hordes of Sea Zubats.

5d 21h 45m On the third floor of Celestial Tower. Slowly making our way towards the nurse.

[Snark] So many Litwicks. 2spooky4me

5d 21h 42m Switched out to Tympole, then right back to Zebstrika. Zebstrika faints to his burn.

5d 21h 41m In another Litwick battle. We're flipping through our Pokemon, attempting a tactical switch.

5d 21h 39m Zebstrika almost OHKO'd a Litwick, but it burned him instead. Good old 30FHF is down to 11% HP and burned.

5d 21h 38m Entered Celestial Tower. We've walked on the stairs and started climbing.

5d 21h 35m Found a Max Ether on the ground on Route 7.

5d 21h 33m Doing a lot of running and very little grinding at the moment.

5d 21h 31m The level 29 Tranquill down to another Zebstrika. We seem to have a real problem with these things.

5d 21h 29m Joltik down to a wild Zebstrika. So much for that level...

5d 21h 26m Back to grinding on Route 7. We're running from mostly everything, but the good news is that Joltik is very close to a level up.

5d 21h 23m Wandering about some more. Currently stuck behind a sign.

5d 21h 22m Back out in the town. Just standing in front of the Center right now.

5d 21h 20m In the Pokemon Center in Milstralton. Nothing dangerous happening yet.

5d 21h 18m Tympole fainted to a wild Zebstrika. GMYC blacked out!

5d 21h 12m Deerling has recently fainted. All down to Tympole now, who currently has 74% HP.

5d 21h 10m 5 the Deerling grew to level 27!

5d 21h 8m Entered Route 7. Haven't healed yet.

[Fluff] Stuck in a corner in some guy's house. None of the residents seem to care, as usual.

5d 21h 4m Left the cave for a moment. Wandering around Milstralton City.

[Status] Currently in a heated battle with a Joltik. Deerling is at full HP, Tympole has 91%. All else have fainted.

5d 20h 58m Our Zebstrika and the other Tranquill fainted!

5d 20h 49m 30FHF reaches level 35 and doesn't evolve. Because Zebstrika doesn't evolve anyway.

5d 20h 40m Lv 29 Tranquill fainted! And we run.

5d 20h 37m Joltik fainted!

5d 20h 37m Joltik paralyzed by a wild Tynamo!

5d 20h 35m Back in Chargestone Cave.

5d 20h 34m Left the Pokemon Center; back in Mistralton City.

5d 20h 32m ...And Tranquill promptly faints in one hit. Black out!

5d 20h 32m We finally send out Tranquill. Against the electric-type Zebstrika!

5d 20h 30m And now it fainted.

5d 20h 29m Tympole down to 7 HP and paralyzed!

5d 20h 29m We finally send out Tympole, who knocks out Drilbur. Allison sends out Zebstrika. Against our water-type.

5d 20h 27m We only have our level 28 Tranquill and Tympole left.

5d 20h 27m We sent out 5. Eventually, 5 faints due to Take Down recoil.

5d 20h 26m 30FHF faints against Drilbur!

5d 20h 25m In a battle with Ace Trainer Allison! She sends out Drilbur.

5d 20h 21m Level 29 Tranquill faints

5d 20h 15m The input rate is so low right now it's almost sad.

5d 20h 13m Joltik faints

5d 20h 5m Doctor heals us up again

5d 20h 2m Joltik Faints to a Ferroseed to to it's ability, Iron Barbs

5d 19h 59m We healed up again.

5d 19h 51m Joltik fainted vs a same level wild Joltik

5d 19h 46m Healed

5d 19h 44m Now healing

5d 19h 43m Lv. 29 Tranquill faints to a Rock Blast from a wild Boldore.

5d 19h 41m We're trying to friend the Doctor it looks like

5d 19h 39m Tranquill Levels up to Lv. 28 after that starring contest.

5d 19h 38m A command went through. IT'S ALIVE

5d 19h 34m Inputs are totally frozen.

Chat is Rioting

5d 19h 33m Inputs dead?

5d 19h 33m Inputs have stopped! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 19h 30m Joltik fainted after a gear grind and binding duo from Klink!

5d 19h 22m We healed again. Hooray for Free Healthcare!

[Fluff] Camila A. Slash the Replacer of Fury Cutter

5d 19h 19m Joltik levels up to Lv. 26. Learns Slash over Fury Cutter

5d 19h 19m Tranquill (27) fainted after tying to take out Klink to level up Joltik

5d 19h 15m Healed Again. Thankfully heathcare is free in the Pokemon World.

5d 19h 13m Wild Ferroseed takes out Joltik easily. Joltik fainted

5d 19h 11m [Healing Intensifies]

5d 19h 5m Joltik faints

5d 19h 4m More Healing

5d 19h 2m Joltik faints to a wild Klink

5d 18h 59m After a wild pokemon battle, we heal up a few more times!

5d 18h 57m Healed up with doctor

Joltik has PokeRus apparently according to chat

5d 18h 53m Drilbur! But we ran away

5d 18h 48m Tranquill (29) faints to a Wild Klink

5d 18h 45m Went down a floor.

5d 18h 43m Joltik faints to a wild Lv. 26 Klink. We then immediately run away!

5d 18h 36m Entered Chargestone Cave

5d 18h 33m Quickly exited the Pokemon Center and now in the rain again.

5d 18h 32m Deerling Faints. Blacked out!

5d 18h 27m Tranquill is briefly send out and then Tranquill faints

5d 18h 25m Tympole also fainted

5d 18h 24m 30FHF Fainted

5d 18h 24m It woke up pretty quickly and defeated the wild pokemon.

5d 18h 23m Foongus's effect spore ability activates and puts 30FHF to sleep

5d 18h 22m 30FHF levels up to Lv. 34

Watchog's confuse ray makes our Tranquill (29) hit itself and faint.

5d 18h 14m After each Zebstrika's absorbing each other's electric type moves, our Zebstrika defeats the Wild Zebstrika.

5d 18h 11m Joltik faints after spamming a electric type move that Zebstrika absorbs easily.

5d 18h 8m We left the house. Now running in the rain.

5d 18h 5m We watch some TV, learn about a familiar trainer named GMYC, and then we Healed thanks to the girl

5d 18h 3m Entered the Healing House

5d 18h 1m 30FHF takes care of Swoobat. Trainer defeated!

5d 18h 1m Tranquill Levels up to 27, learns Taunt

5d 18h 0m 30HFH takes down Liepard but is in the red.

5d 17h 59m 30FHF takes down the Watchog

5d 17h 59m 30HFH puts Swoobat in the red zone.

5d 17h 58m 30FHF is in the yellow

Liepard, Swoobat, and Watchog vs Tranquill, Zebstrika, and Deerling

5d 17h 57m Ace Trainer Elmer wants to rotation battle.

5d 17h 55m We're in a house now. Drier than outside obviously.

Tranquill (29) faints to a Deerling thanks to an critical hit.

Tranquill (28) gets a crit to level up to Level 29.

5d 17h 49m 30FHF levels up to Lv. 33

5d 17h 46m Joltik faints by hitting himself with confusion given by a Lv. 29 Watchhog

5d 17h 45m Joltik hanging on with 1 HP

5d 17h 42m Joltik levels up to Lv. 25.

5d 17h 40m Entered Route 7

5d 17h 39m Just standing. In the rain.

5d 17h 37m We quickly exit the Pokemon Center

5d 17h 36m Tympole is left but quickly faints in 2 turns. Blacked Out

5d 17h 35m OP Swoobat OHKOs Tranquill

5d 17h 34m Tranquill (28) is now in battle!

5d 17h 32m Airslash OHKOs it. 5 faints.

5d 17h 32m 5 is sent out!

5d 17h 31m Tranquill (26) also faints from a crit

5d 17h 31m Kassandra's strat of Love and flinching is too much for 30FHF. He Faints

5d 17h 29m 30FHF is attracted to Swoobat now

5d 17h 28m Zebstrika sent out!

5d 17h 27m Swoobat's Airslash OHKOs Joltik... Again

5d 17h 26m Ace Trainer Kassandra sends out Swoobat. Its Swoobat vs Joltik

5d 17h 24m Went down a floor. Healed with the Nurse

[Fluff] What would a Revive be doing a cemetery anyways?

5d 17h 21m Found an Revive

5d 17h 19m Zebstrika currently leads

5d 17h 18m Levels up to Lv. 34. It wants to learn Flail. It Did not Also did not evolve

5d 17h 17m Tympole uses Muddy Water to finally bring Down Stoutland

5d 17h 16m Lv. 28 Tranquill lands a critical on Stoutland but Tranquill then faints

5d 17h 16m Tranquill (26) is send out next, survives a Ice Fang, damages Stoutland a little with Air Cutter, and then faints on the next turn

5d 17h 14m ...and Joltik faints.

5d 17h 14m Ace Trainer Beckett sends out Stoutland! It's Stoutland vs Joltik

5d 17h 12m We are now in the next floor of Celestial Tower.

5d 17h 10m Healed with the Nurse Again

5d 17h 9m We Got a Spell Tag

5d 17h 8m Zebstrika OHKOs Duosion and saves the day!

5d 17h 8m Zebstrika, our last Pokemon is sent out.

5d 17h 7m Tympole is sent out, and then quickly faints

Zebstrika and Tympole are the only Pokemon available for battle.

5d 17h 5m Tranquill faints.

5d 17h 3m Lv. 26 Tranquill now in battle

5d 17h 2m Tranquill gets 2 critical hits but reversed with Duosion's recover move. Tranquill then faints on a Future Sight.

5d 17h 2m Lv. 28 Tranquill is back in battle

5d 17h 1m We switched out to 5 and it faints

5d 17h 0m Psycic Bryce sends out Duosion. We send out Lv. 28 Tranquill

5d 16h 59m Tympole is sent out and we run away.

5d 16h 57m Litwik OHKO Joltik

5d 16h 54m Healed our party with the Nurse

5d 16h 51m 30FHF Burned

5d 16h 50m Zebstrika lv 32! Lin defeated!

5d 16h 50m Calm Mind vs Spark! Swoobat down in one!

5d 16h 50m A Pursuit and a Spark, and Litwick is down! Vs Swoobat!

5d 16h 49m Flame Charge! It didn't work!

5d 16h 48m Battle! Vs Psychic Lin! Zebstrika vs Litwick!

5d 16h 43m Found TM61 Will-O-Whisp!

5d 16h 40m Found a Hyper Potion!

5d 16h 29m Entered the Celestial Tower!

[Chat] 卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅 Sorry, I dropped my bag of Woopers™ 卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅卅(◕‿◕)卅