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Twitch Plays Pokémon Black 2

CLY is suddenly in 3D!

Oh wait, we're not playing Black 2 anymore!


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3122 viewers 5 minutes before game time

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> Do you think we can make it to 3K?

[HYPE] 2,476 viewers!

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1,000 seconds left!

Stream back up.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


About half an hour remains until the start of Pokémon X!

[Meta] Viewers of the updater, please start making your way to the new updater.


[Snark] How do we know Streamer's computer wasn't made with some of the Wii's hardware?

Right around an hour and thirty minutes to go, our first playthough on actual Nintendo hardware! This is going to be fun

[Meta] Just letting you guys now, in a few minutes, /u/bexxxxxxx is going to be live-speaking chat for an hour at TwitchSpeaks. Maybe you can get some fedora points in the process :)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 1000 viewers with 2 hours to go? This is going to be big.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Psybeast I'd rather it draw attention to the release date disparity

[Snark] Keepo was exposed to Kappaite. Keepo mega-evolves into KappaHD!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: MiniK --lv16--> Kappa --lv36--> Keepo

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: But it is running on a emulator MiniK

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: No, just commands on its own, it's too late to change the software now

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: You guys said more than 3 million chat messages during B2W2

[Intermission] Pokémon X is slowly approaching its beginning! Four hours are left!

[Chat] Jacobjr1: !roulette If this roulette gets me banned... I will go on twitchspeaks (It did.)

[Info] L and R can now be inputted.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: l

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'll look into that.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: L and R?

[Snark] Why don't you make every Kreygasm a !roulette, so the ones that go through are even more clutch.

[Intermission] Just about eight hours left for X.

[Chat] Djnnascarfan2: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ the wild donger is reacting to the dongerite ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: What if I turn every Kappa into a roulette... just kidding

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: You'll find out after 10 hours

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: No I'm not going to manually disable commands during evo

[Snark] I think his performance was absoRuby amazing. Someone should Sapphire him.

[Chat] !roulette

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] After the Job he did at the PWT Tournament, maybe we should FireRed! He did LeafGreen in Kanto.

[Snark] I won't be Yellow to this situation.

[Snark] Pearlhaps we should cool it down a little?

[Snark] Some of these jokes are as hard to crack as a Diamond!

[Snark] Platinum-quality jokes as always, guys.

[Snark] Let's not go all red team-blue team on these debates.

[Snark] Well, we know that my puns are Gold and yours are Silver.

[Snark] Is it Crystal-clear to you?

[Snark] I don't know, there is nothing Black and White about this issue. Whether this will happen with Gen 6 is a little grey to me.

[Snark] Dang it, Deadinsky, Pokemon Z doesn't even exist AS it is... OR does it?

[Snark] You may just be getting some Zs

[Snark] Y Wouldn't I be?

[Intermission] Twelve hours left to Twitch Plays Pokémon X! Are you X-cited?

[Snark] No updates for 5 hours? Well, then, silence breaker!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It's 3 minutes now.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It's a French word after all, so it's fitting.

[Streamer] Mrgamer419: Is 3ds streamer even here
Twitch_plays_3ds: yes

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: This won't be on forever, I'll probably turn this off after the game starts.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I changed the odds now, but I'm not going to tell what it is. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Chance of getting timed out is 30% right now

[Snark] <message deleted>

[Info] Spoiler alert! You have a chance of being timed out for 2 minutes.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I wrote a little script, type in !roulette and try your luck Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Anyone still here?

[Meta] For anyone who has missed TEH URN from the Pokémon World Tournament, You can watch it right here!

Aissurteivos has also uploaded ALL of the TPP Trainer battles. You can view TEH URNS right here.

[Streamer] Dracyoshi: deku, the control stick commands are no longer working, fyi.
Twitch_plays_3ds: i disabled them, they're really not needed for the beginning
Dracyoshi: mmk, will you enable them when we get the skates?
Twitch_plays_3ds: yes

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: This is a top secret 3DS emulator I developed

[Info] Start and select are working again.

[Info] C-Stick inputs appear to be no longer working.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Fixed Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: wait, countdown timer is not working

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: already? Red was half a year ago

[Fluff] Is it REALLY necessary for anyone to watch a 24 hour marathon of a game's title screen for that long?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Stadium is only gone temporarily, look at what's on its way: http://i.imgur.com/NENssdW.jpg

[Chat] Fishycheeze: "start" doesn't work, how am I supposed to spam start+x not?

[Info] Pokemon X will be in D-Pad mode.
Up, Down, Deft and Right use the D-Pad.
Cup, Cdown, Cleft and Cright use the control stick.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Mencee I did, you need to refresh or wait for the update to come through

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: this for 23 hours FailFish

[Snark] 3DStreamer trolled us by making it look like he would pick Japanese. DekuNukem for best streamer 2014 Kappa

[Intermission] Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the title screen of Pokémon X!

[Intermission] English has been selected.

[Intermission] Scrolling up and down the language list.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds what language? Kappa

[Intermission] At the language selection screen.


[Intermission] Back at the home menu.

[Miiverse] Errors, errors everywhere.

[Miiverse] Error in posting the weird thing we just wrote.

[Crying] I don't even understand anymore.

[Miiverse] Our post https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAAYUKleyJghmA

[Miiverse] Now we're ... typing something.

[Miiverse] These are some truly beautiful dots.

[Miiverse] We appear to be posting something.

[Miiverse] Found the Pokémon X and Y Community.

[Miiverse] Currently on the Pokemon X and Y page.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: where is pokemon FailFish

[Miiverse] Welcome to the Miiverse again, TPP.

[Intermission] And uh, we enter the Miiverse.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !cmd 298,18

[Intermission] Pokémon X is the currently selected tile.

[Snark] We won't be in Termina when the moon sets down. Bummer :P

[Intermission] Game-switching time.

Pokémon X Dawn of The Final Day!

24 Hours Remain!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: It's time guys

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: 5 minutes

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 10 minutes left guys

[ACNLChat] phlo

[Snark] This is the snazziest tent I've seen.

[ACNL] 5332r1ts: help

[ACNL] Looks like Tia left and now Filbert the Squirrel is partying with us like its 10PM!

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ PARTY LIKE IT'S 10PM! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[ACNL] Party like it's 10 PM! (Still too good for Dongers.)

[ACNL] It's 10 PM in Termina! You know what that means...

[ACNL] Back in Club LOL! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[ACNL] We exited the club.

[ACNL] 5332r1ts: "kok3", "kkok" - Well at least now we know what they use at this rave.

[ACNL] No, that's not his name. You apologize for that now.

[ACNL] We have Fortune Cookie #7 that will give us Peach's Parasol when we redeem it at the Nookling Store

[ACNL] We exit and renenter Club LOL and Tia the elephant is joining us in clubing too!!

[ACNL] Still in Club LOL, Dance Rioting indefinitely.

[Chat] ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ A E I O U O I E A ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ IS MAKING A RETURN

[ACNL] Gigi the Frog is also clubing with us!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: FrankerZ

\o/ DANCE RIOT \o/ [Snark] I'm too good for dongers.

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Snark] Club Laugh Out Loud?

[ACNL] It's also 8-Bit night at Club LOL too

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[ACNL] We enter Club LOL

[ACNL] We exit back onto Main Street and see Club LOL all lit up!

[ACNL] We are asked about BAD Town and said it was a nightmare and never send us there again.

[ACNL] We leave the dream and we wake up back at the Dream Suite

[ACNL] We are wondering around the Dream Town trying to leave it since Club LOL is open

[ACNL] we just typed in fu in the game

[Chat] We type in aoi in the game, chat goes AOOOOOOOOO

[ACNL] We are now visiting BAD Town

[ACNL] We pay 500 Bells to enter someone else's town via the Dream Suite!

[Snark] 5332r1ts: "ev" - SMOGON APPROVED

[ACNL] We buy Kidd's Dandelions he put up for sale.

[ACNL] We Sell our umbrella to Reese in Re-Tail

[ACNL] Turnips are selling for 64 bells here. Take your turnips to other towns guys.

[Snark] Sorry Arctic_kitten, it's too late for release coordinates.

[ACNL] Just bit by another mosquito

[ACNL] We see Scoot the duck waddling around!

[ACNL] Just got bitten by Mosquitoes


[Snark] We are now really zexy. Kappa

[ACNL] We put the rose back in our mouths

[Snark] He likes to say weird things like "sasssssss"

[ACNL] Important to note before putting on the Skirt, we made our character say "fml"

[ACNL] and we removed the rose

[ACNL] We put on the Sailor Skirt

[ACNL] Next thing we do is blurt out "gay".

[ACNL] We buy the Sailor Skirt for 600 Bells

[ACNL] We sell most of our items to bring us to 636 Bells

[Snark] 404: Bells not found

[ACNL] We sell the apple to bring our bell count to 404

[ACNL] We buy a Fortune Cookie for 2 Play Coins

[ACNL] We see Biff the Hippo and Nan the Goat.

[ACNL] We head back into Main Street

[ACNL] The actual Club doesn't open until 8 PM.

[Chat] ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. Together we can stop this. Please spread the word ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[ACNL] We picked up a Perfect Apple. We can see Dr. Shrunk at Club LOL to hear a Joke.

[ACNL] 5332r1ts: o3o

[ACNL] We see Tia, the elephant pass on by

[ACNL] Club LOL opens at 8 PM. Its 5:40 PM in-game time right now

[ACNL] The cat wondering around outside the Nookling Store on Main Street is called Rosie

[ACNL] We exit the Clothing Store

[ACNL] The Alligator walking around in the Able Sister's store is named Alfonso

[ACNL] We buy the Blue Denim pants. Not enough money to buy the skirt now.

[ACNL] and left it

[ACNL] Currently in the Town of Termina, we see the mayor spinning his umbrella and trying to enter the Able Sister's Clothing Shop. We just finally entered it

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sell some stuff FailFish

[Recap] Prelude recap video by /u/Calabazal


We wiped our Dream Address, the second one doesn't work anymore.

Dream Address Pre-TPP: 5300-2496-7182
Dream Address TPP: 5300-4410-3562

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: we don't have enough money FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds Most of the shops are open right now, and you can visit other peoples towns over internet, just sell some stuff.

[PMD] We exit PMD and play Animal Crossing

[PMD] A Deino missed two dragon rages that would make us faint.

[PMD] We are damaged from Bubble from palpitoad

[Info] Sorry it was Kilionea Road, i forgot the o.

[PMD] Axew picks up a Pecha Berry

[PMD] Axew levels up to level 37 and doesn't learn Taunt

[PMD] Tepig Levels to level 38 upon entering the dungeon, we didnt learn Head Smash

[PMD] We go to the dungeon called Kilineo Road with Tepig and Axew only!

[PMD] We see Umbreon and Espeon, they ask us if we are ready to save Munna


[PMD] We wonder around the place

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I haven't played this game myself

[PMD] We go in companion mode and off

[PMD] We are currently Tepig and our friend is Axew.

[PMD] We click continue


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds Hmm.. Does it only have one save?

[Info] We open up PMD: Gates to Infinity!

[Info] We close Sticker Star!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds let me see if I have anything else

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds Looks I picked the wrong game

[PMSS] We keep jumping in place!

[PMSS] A toad asks us to see him!

[PMSS] Mario jumped on him, and faints!

[PMSS] Now Bowser has a crown! He's also really powerful now!

[PMSS] He blasts off with it, and explosions!

[PMSS] At the Sticker Festival! Bowser shows up, and tries to get the Sticker Star!

[PMSS] We start the game!

[Info] Paper Mario: Sticker Star!

[TLOZ] Streamer quits the game!

[TLOZ] Back outside!

[TLOZ] We continue! Back in our house!

[TLOZ] We die to some wild enemies!

[TLOZ] We say we're scared, but end up taking the sword! Sword got!

[Info] Dampé. Don't forget the accent. ;)

[TLOZ] Seres get sucked inside the house behind her! Dampes can't open the door!

[TLOZ] We talk to Seres. The captain is her father!

[Chat] Are we playing Borderlands now? Let's go to Sanctuary. Kappa

[TLOZ] We talk to the soldier. He tells us to head North of the Castle, to the Sanctuary!

[TLOZ] Outside of the castle's gate!

[TLOZ] We trying lifting a rock, but we can't. We settle for bushes instead.

[TLOZ] Going around the castle!

[TLOZ] Back outside!

[TLOZ] We got the Captain's Sword!

[TLOZ] Also, our name isn't Link, but it's filled with random characters I can't even use.

[TLOZ] We're late! We need to work!

[Info] For those who wants the QR code for the third Mii that was made, here it is the link for it.

[TLOZ] We enter the house!

[Snark] The Ledge returns!

[TLOZ] We can't wander Hyrule yet guys! Gulley wants us to follow!

[TLOZ] We left our house, and are outside by the weather vane. We just saved.

[Info] Back on home page, TLOZ A Link Between Worlds booted up!

[Info] We created a QR Code for our female Mii!

[Info] Making another Mii, it's female once again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !it crashed

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds Want to make another one?

[Info] The QR Code for our new Mii!

[Info] We created a QR Code for our newly made Mii!

[Info] Here is Streamers QR Code

[Info] We made a QR Code of the Streamer's Mii!

[Info] Trying to create a QR Code for our Mii!

[Info] We are now trying to connect and receive miis from the Wii Mii Maker.

[Info] Our female creation: http://i.imgur.com/mAM3G8J.png

[Info] Editing a new Mii! Female this time!

[Info] 8's final form before it was deleted: http://i.imgur.com/aCPf1Ki.png

[rip] 8Kappa


[Info] We turned our male Mmii into a female!

[Snark] http://i.imgur.com/HKaZwtU.png Is this the face of mercy?

[Info] Editing our Mii again!

[Info] We named our Mii "8"!

[Info] Our Mii in the makings if anyone is interested: http://i.imgur.com/oF6jWla.png

[Info] We're taking photos to make our Mii! No detection of a face found!

[Info] Our Mii is a boy!

[Info] Streamer opened up Mii Maker!

[Info] Back on the home page!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Let's try something else shall we?

[Info] We're trying to add a Pandora Ring to our cart, for $7.99!

[Info] We type "1pr" and it took us to Pandora Charms!

[Info] We're on the official Tomodachi Life website!

[Info] PHAV stands for "Private Hospitals Association of Victoria (Australia)" and "Panasonic Home Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd. (est. 2003)"

[Info] "What does PHAV stand for?"

[Info] We type in more random letters and numbers, no results can be found.

[Info] We bookmarked the Google Account Sign Up page!

[Snark] Burrito used Flash! ...but it failed!

[Info] We currently have Over 1000 views in chat. And we have just began, while in intermission time too!

[Info] On Youtube now! "Britney Spears - 3 This video is unavailable."

[Info] We typed "Hairi Presentation -insert more spam letters here-

[Info] We opened up Yahoo Images.

[Snark] Yahoo! Powered by Bing Kappa

[Info] Scrolling through a before/after article about breakthrough cure. Just to clarify.. it works!

[Chat] BibleThump Sad Riot BibleThump

[Info] We're on Yahoo News now. Reading an article about Taiwan plane survivors.

[Chat] BibleThump NOOOOO THE CHILDREN BibleThump

[Info] Loaded Google News and Google Maps!

[Info] We search up a long post of spam, Google could not find anything related!

[Info] We type "animo" and "ow/o'tp"

[Info] Currently on Google Search.

[Snark] /2urgencew couleuriq

[Info] We're on the Internet Browser now.

[Snark] Us live updaters, Live Updating the update, since February 2014!

[Snark] Updating in TPP? I'm speechless! ;_;

[Snark] Twitch Plays System Update!

[Snark] I hope deku didn't link a credit card or something. inb4 we spend his money.

[Info] Closed Miiverse, and opened up eShop!

[Info] Opened up Miiverse again.

[Info] We keep exiting Miiverse, we now opened up "Instructions" for ANCL.

[Info] We were at the Youtube Community. Checking our notifications now.

[Info] Anything we post will be viewable through here: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/Shott133/posts

[Info] You can view our beautiful Miiverse post here with comments!

[Info] Here is our beautiful Miiverse post: http://i.imgur.com/374XaBW.png

[Info] Twitch Chat is currently typing up a message to post to the X & Y Community on Miiverse!

[Chat] CATCH

[Info] Pokemon X and Y Community loaded up.

[Info] Streamer loaded Miiverse!

[ACNL] and back down!

[ACNL] Back up!

[Info/Settings] Pick a security question: "What did you call your first pet?" "frankerz"

[Info] He's fixing the parental controls.

[ACNL] Streamer is taking over, we're now on the home page!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays 3ds: I'll fix it.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Try the couch?

[ACNL] 5332r1ts swears like a sailor confirmed.

[ACNL] Stream went offline for a second, but now it's back up.

[ACNL] Late, but we did buy the Mario Hat.

[ACNL] 800 Bells now.

[ACNL] Sold some stuff. We're at 660 Bells. Our pockets are looking emptier with just a few flowers and an apple left.


[ACNL] Down to 280 Bells after buying Red Glasses.

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[ACNL] 5332r1ts: riot

[ACNL] We sell off several flowers, and end up with 520 Bells total.

[ACNL] Timmy leaves not long after. Reese offers to buy things we no longer need.

[ACNL] With Timmy and Reese.

[ACNL] Tommy greets us, then we leave.

[ACNL] In Super T&T.

[ACNL] Browsing some items. We're a little short of money though.

[ACNL] We go to redeem our complementary haircut!

[ACNL] A balloon floats by. We can't get it, as we don't have the slingshot. :(

[ACNLChat] -tarr-

[ACNLChat] ixwxd

[ACNL] "helixx"

[Snark] 9,900 bells left before we can afford the loan.

[ACNL] We pick the 100 Bells up!

[Snark] WE'RE RICH!!!!

[ACNL] Shook a tree. A coin comes down.

[ACNL] "hoel"

[ACNLChat] ixg

[ACNLChat] dnel

[ACNL] .. But we're broke!

[ACNL] Our loan cost is 10,000 Bells!

[ACNL] Entered Nook's Homes and talking to Tom Nook.

[ACNL] At Main Street.

[ACNL] 7/25 Fri 10:10AM. Pokémon X timer countdown is approximately 1 day and 13 hours.

[ACNL] By a river.

[ACNL] Talked to Pete.

[ACNL] We have on a flower shirt with blue polka-dots.

[ACNL] Came outside.

[ACNL] At Termina Station.

[ACNL] Wandering around the cobbled streets. The flowers around are bright and lovely.

[ACNL] Looks like the umbrella with the bug design is now gone.

[ACNL] We said "dome:"

[ACNL] In a plain white shirt this time.

[ACNL] This time its "dompemrdomee 9hgel".

[ACNL] Wrote "Dome".

[ACNL] Dream Address is 5300-2496-7182.

[Snark] !bet 101 club

[ACNL] Went into Club lol and left shortly after. We met Luna in there.

[ACNL] Went away from the beach and now on the grass. Our character is constantly spinning his oddly-designed umbrella with a bug design.

[ACNL] His shirt also has the same bug design.

[ACNL] Our character has on an umbrella with a bug pattern.

[ACNL] By the beach.

[ACNL] It's 7/25 Fri, 7:08AM

[ACNL] Apples are falling from the trees.

[ACNL] "praise h6ex]",f;<"

[ACNL] Dropped the fossil we picked up earlier. It's spiral-shaped.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE HELIX ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[ACNL] Dropped a pair of socks.

[ACNL] Outside the house now.

[ACNL] Real mature.

[Snark] "Um, 6 ( ". I think he's talking about Zexxy.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I used my house as a warehouseKappa

[ACNL] They contain an assortment of items. Mostly flowers.

[ACNL] Our pockets are full.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: my flowers FailFish

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: you'd be able to hear the ocean if you didn't build your tent inland

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: too bad it's not near the ocean

[ACNL] Ammonite aka Helix, donated July 3rd, 2013 by Allen.
"Ammonites were sea creatures with shells ranging from a few inches to a few feet in diameter. However, theories speculate that giant varieties existed as well, with shells six feet in diameter. Oddly, the ammonite is a closer relative to the squid or octopus than to the chambered nautilus."

[ACNL] Amber, Donated June 22 2013 by Allen.
"Amber is simply fossilized tree sap, formed and hardened over many thousands of years. Prized for its beauty, amber is often used in accessories such as necklaces and earrings. Amber containing a trapped insect, such as a bee or ant, can fetch a particularly high price."

[ACNL] Dream Address doesn't work until we visit the Dream Suite once more.

[ACNL] Downloaded DLC: Leo Sculpture

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: museum open Kappa

[ACNL] On Main Street!

[ACNL] We erase our post!

[ACNL] We write "4ffldk"on the bulletin board.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Facepalm

[ACNL] We erase messages on the message board!

[ACNL] Don't bother going to streamer's house, you can't move other people's furniture.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: you can have trailing spaces, just not comments

[Streamer] Follow-up to Twitch_plays_3ds: the commands only works on its own this time, you can't follow them up with comments

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's kind of too late now, so just enter commands on its own.

[ACNL] We have shoes!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: don't worry about it

[ACNL] We're sock-less!

[ACNL] We shake an item from a tree!

[ACNL] We are now an official resident of Termina!

[ACNL][Strategy] Let's grab elusive DLC from the Post Office!

[ACNL] We receive our TPC!

[ACNL] We set June 6th to be our birthday!

[ACNL] We talk to Isabelle!

[ACNL] We enter town hall!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: i'm still here, but deku has gone to sleep

[ACNL] We have 2 red roses and a Daffodil.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: i intend on implementing fainted pokemon detection into the stadium 2 interface so it's possible to check the progress of a match at a glance

[Info] Streamer does have internet connection! In-between one of the games, the "Friend Online" notification showed!

[ACNL] There are some items on the ground we can pick up! We pass them by.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @the_brofist_tfm is there a reason it should be pst over whatever it is now?

[ACNL] Shaking some trees!

[Fluff] Durians are great. I recommend eating one. There's a reason why they're the King of Fruits. The smell might be a bit off-putting if you aren't used to them, but the taste is godly.

[ACNL] We shake Durians from a tree.

[ACNL] Scoot is a duck with a hat.

[ACNL] One of our villager's name is Scoot.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Tom Nook has an illegal monopoly on real estate and is attempting a takeover of retail

[ACNL] We apparently dropped our red rose.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !invest 1000 tomnook

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: and now you have sold your soul to tom nook

[ACNL] Our house is a tent! How lovely!

[ACNL] We set a location to build our house!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: a


[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: 160,240

[Info] Building spot for our home/tent.

[ACNL] Nook tags along with us to find a building spot!

[ACNL] Isabelle apparently introduced us already to Nook.

[ACNL] We enter Nook Homes!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: 0,0

[ACNL] Back in-town!

[Info] Trying to enter Nook's Homes.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلರೃ༽ノ inputs from the streamer or civil disobedience ヽ༼ຈلರೃ༽ノ

[ACNL] Outside the Dream Suite. It appears not to be open!

[ACNL] Back outside!

[Chat] Kenya's Office.

[ACNL] Entered the Postal Office!

[Info] Because the mayor is dekuNukem, the Club K.K. may already be unlocked.

[ACNL] We try to go to Club K.K., but is currently closed. Tomorrow guys!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ streamer input or riot ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: i like rune factory because time stops when i'm not playing it

[ACNLChat] aiqqm7pqse

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's like you can never stop playing it until the save file is deleted

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: i played animal crossing, having it progress in real-time while i'm away makes me feel neglectful when i don't play it

[ACNL] We enter Main Street!

[Info] In mythology, the big balls are related to having good wealth. Fits Tom like a bell.

[Info] Tanuki are renowned in folk tales for their ... honking huge testicles.

[Snark] How about the theory of Tom Nook being the leader of a child-abducting cult? Too dark?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: getting obvious jokes about Tom Nook out of the way

[ACNL] We head outside!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: TOM NOOK HAS BIG BALLS BECAUSE HES A TANUKI ALSO HE'S A CROOKnow no one else needs to say that

[ACNL] Sitting on a couch. It's comfy and easy to wear!

[ACNL] We are told to head down to Main Street!

[ACNL] The mayor on this save file is Allen, aka Deku. Thus, we can't have those privledges in-game.

[ACNL] We talk to Isabelle!

[ACNL] We enter town hall!

[ACNLChat] 21arr 1d

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: 3:30am, deku was up late

[Snark] There are also a lack of good lawyers apparently.

[Snark] Don't you know? There are no psychologists!

[ACNL] This is what it would be like if Red (or any of our protagonists) could speak. Someone walking around aimlessly shouting nonsense words. Is there a psychologist anywhere?

[ACNLChat] 77aq7t722./*/.'''.fE..&''. There's probably a word in there somewhere.

[ACNL] We appear to have a red rose in our inventory.

[ACNL] We are also typing some messages with the bottom screen.

[ACNL] We are outside of Town Hall

[Fluff] I am so confused.

[Animal Crossing] Off we go to the Town Hall.

[Animal Crossing] There was a message for us to head to the Town Hall.

[Chat] 5332Ralts

[Animal Crossing] The cat hasn't been train-travelling since 2002. S/he then leaves us and we step off at the station in Termina.

[Correction] 5332r1ts is the name.

[Animal Crossing] Oh wow this cat knows that a mysterious power is guiding this guy.

[Animal Crossing] So we're actually a guy named 5332r11ts.

[Animal Crossing] We weren't d either.

[Animal Crossing] We were about to say our name was ,h - however, we misspoke!

[Animal Crossing] Oh my god a talking cat is sitting next to us on a train.

[Animal Crossing] To be specific, New Leaf Crossing.

[Intermission] We begin Animal Crossing!

[Intermission] Back to the Menu.

[Mario] Game Over!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds how about we try a new game?

[Mario] Cliffjumped! No lives left!

[Mario] Climbed a tree and near the checkpoint. A Goomba murders us.

[Mario] Currently pretty small.

[Mario] Killed a Goomba! Ambush from below!

[Mario] Two lives left.

[Mario] Fell off another ledge.

[Mario] We'd jumped off the ledge ... right next to the checkpoint.

[Mario] Up some elevator. Getting some hay fever ... died.

[Mario] This is a very jiggly tree.

[Mario] Control stick inputs have been disabled for this game, by the way. This may change in the future.

[Mario] 1 UP get!

[Mario] Making a surprising amount of progress. And somehow killed a Goomba successfully.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Pokemon_playstwitch it's based on essentially random inputs triggered by you sending any message, they're all randomly placed bets and the participation emblems are wrong too

[Mario] Three lives left.

[Mario] And down we go to a Goomba.

[Mario] At least we escaped.

[Mario] We're also stuck underneath a cliff and next to a river.

[Mario] A Goomba shrinks us.

[Mario] World 1-1 time.

[Mario] And their quest begins!

[Mario] Mario and his Toad buddies discover that Bowser has kidnapped Peach. Again.

[Info] The 3DS' time zone is in Central Daylight Time (UTC -5)

[Intermission] Koopas! Waves! Mushroom Kingdom!

[Intermission] A file has been deleted. A new game is made.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !cpad

[Intermission] Opened up Super Mario 3D Land!

[Intermission] In the Games folder.

[Intermission] Changing games now!

[Fluff] Yes, the Streamer made a joke.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: you know what, let's try something else Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm a time-traveller from the future running a 3DS emulator on a quantum computer made from graphene

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: i have mystery dungeon, paper mario, mario 3d land, paper mario, oot, a link between worlds

[AA] It's uh, his attorney badge. Again.

[AA] There's something fishy about Tonate's statement. Wright presents his evidence to prove so!

[Snark] The gods are deliberating.....

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: almost be properly*

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it can be almost properly played in democracy

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hmmm...

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's much more of a democracy game

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is that game suitable for anarchy? i haven't played it myself

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: how about pokémon mystery dungeon: gates to infinity?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: i'll reset everyone below 1000 to 1000, but everyone else will keep their balance, although i'm considering adding a tax to prevent inflation

[AA] "I saw that the bomb's timer was counting down." is the statement to note.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: i don't have tomodachi life or nintendoge

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: i do have a bunch of other games

[AA] Penalties! Penalties everywhere!

[AA] Objecting again.

[Snark] Phoenix is really badgering the judge about this particular case.

[Snark] Phoenix, your name is Wright! Why are you wrong so often?

[Snark] I thought Phoenix learnt not to shove his badge in everybody's faces years ago.

[AA] We present the attorney's badge again. "Well, it clearly contradicts the statement...er, doesn't it?"

[AA] Objected to the wrong statement.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Twitch_plays_3ds aka dekuNukem is running the stream, I'll still be here though

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's nice not being the one running the stream for a change, it was stressful

[AA] Phoenix is constantly pressing Tonate. I must applawd the guy's patience in this matter.

[Snark] Bass, I bet if I dropped that thing on your foot, you'd be hoppin'!


[AA] "I bet if I dropped that thing on your foot, you'd be hoppin'!"

[Chat] The_brofist_tfm: Consult the attorney badge!

[AA] It looks like "I saw the bomb counting down", AKA the final part of his testimony, is suspicious.

[AA] Athena has sensed something wrong about Tonate's testimony.

[Snark] We're so bad it's almost criminal.

[Fluff] We've asked streamer-senpai for AA during intermission for most of the DS games, but he always said it wouldn't work with TPP. Well, dekuNukem let the community have it... and we are horrible at it.

[AA] Athena and Phoenix snark about the toy's weight.

[AA] Looking at this cute little plush toy, I mean, overly heavy plush toy that may or may not conceal a bomb.

[Chat] Omnibussu: The new "HOW DID WE GET A [pokemon name]?" is "What emulator is this" I just know it DansGame


[Snark] HOLD IT!

[AA] If Phoenix finds any contradictions, he better present evidence that proves that there's something fishy.

[AA] Tonate practices assembling and disassembling bombs every day. Athena does the same with presenting evidence. Somehow. Maybe she's taken to Apollo's Chords of Steel workout.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ phoenix riot aerial acetorney ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ


[AA] Phoenix presses Tonate about his presence in the gallery.


[AA] Saving data.

[AA] We find ourselves back at the cross-examination.

[AA] Enough penalties! The defense has failed! Juniper Woods is guilty!

[AA] The Judge isn't seeing anything contradictory in what Phoenix is objecting to.


[AA] Phoenix better get his groove back on, otherwise his defense will be ashes.

[Chat] Universesurfer: we need real lawyers in the chat

[AA] More penalties. Our health bar isn't looking very good now.

[Snark] Press X to consult the helix fossil


[AA] Phoenix gets another penalty.

[AA] Hmm this doesn't look good. Better call Saul!

[Chat] Haloelite2: being an attorney is complicated

[Ace Attorney] Another penalty.

[AA] OBJECTION! Phoenix Wright presents his attorney's badge.

[AA] Objections for everyone!

[Ace Attorney] Mr. Wright objects, but the judge says he doesn't see anything contradictory. We get a penalty.

[Snark] I CUP Kappa

[AA] So many objections!!!

[Info] The control stick has been enabled!
Up: cup
Down: cdown
Left: cleft
Right: cright

[Ace Attorney] Cross Examination time!

[Ace Attorney] Phoenix commends Athena for remembering correctly.

[Ace Attorney] Cross-examination is about to start! Phoenix asks Athena if she remembers how to do so.

[Ace Attorney] HH-3000 Bomb updated in Court Record.

[Snark] This is not Winston Payne, but rather his older brother Gaspen Payne. Gasp!

[Snark] Guys, this is what we need to get in order to win.

[Ace Attorney] Tonate says he was the first one on the scene of the incident.

[Ace Attorney] Payne calls forth a witness. Ted Tonate is here.

[Ace Attorney] Athena surmises that Junie was afraid of the courtroom since the bomb incident. The Judge grants some time off for Junie.

[Ace Attorney] Now let's turn things around!

[Ace Attorney] Phoenix apologises that he took so long to arrive and offers to help.

[Ace Attorney] Phoenix Wright enters the room!


[Ace Attorney] Athena is in panic.

[Ace Attorney] Phony Phanty tail added to Court Record.

[Ace Attorney] Payne tries to pitch the blame on Junie.

[Snark] Objection! Phanpy can't learn Self Destruct!

[Ace Attorney] It goes through this time. The Judge accepts that the bomb was in the stuffed animal.


[Ace Attorney] The Judge dismisses that immediately. Athena tries the stuffed animal this time.

[Ace Attorney] What was unique about the bomb that blew up in the courtroom? That was because it was in the Judge's pocket!!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ OBJECTION ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ objection or riot ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

[Ace Attorney] The courtroom's sure getting heated up.



[Ace Attorney] Payne presents his opening statement. There was a tragedy when the bomb went off. The victim was supposed to be a witness.

[Snark] "I was under the impression that Mr. Red Monkey was going to be my opponent today" RIP Chimchar ;_;

[Fluff] Why is Athena allowed to bring her "computer" into the courtroom? I thought you had to leave smartphones and the like outside.

[Ace Attorney] Payne is on the Prosecutor's Stand.

[Ace Attorney] Athena resolves to take on the case. Day 1 of Court begins!

19d 3h 0m We just released overwrote a save that was on Episode 5...rip?

[Ace Attorney] At the District Court. Apollo Justice is here, and so is Athena. We're speaking to Woods.

19d 2h 57m [PW] We save for the first time.



Athena Kreygasm

[Fluff] That's Only One! We must locate the others!

[Snark] Darn it, Burrito! I knew that Love Bomb wasn't going to be good!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3DS: !dpad


We get signal.

Someone set up us the bomb.

[Snark] Like us with Black 2's Timer.


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3DS: !mode dpad





Welcome to Twitch Plays Phoenix Wright!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds Alright to the main game

[Fluff] RickRoll'd by streamer? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

And...dekuNukem Rickrolls us all!

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RICK OR ROLL ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Magmarfire: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RICK RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: This is the final song

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds very last one!

[Meta] His Powerduino can be seen here.

[Fluff] All these songs are bringing back some fond memories.

Now the theme of Celadon City is playing!

[Info] dekuNukem is doing this through his Powerduino, which can be used as a MIDI player.

[Chat] Skytherider: This stream is actually GAINING viewers just from this.

This time it's New Bark Town's melody playing.

[Snark] Twitch plays Miiverse!


A tune! It's Pallet Town!

[Meta] Save file Uploaded! Come and get it!


Now he's playing Ecruteak City!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @The_brofist_tfm, it's Twitch_plays_3ds, not me

[Info] dekuNukem likes to play these kind of tunes a lot.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: oh right, the save file, got distracted

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Next one

[Snark] Alright guys, simon says!

[Fluff] Now that's a catchy tune!

[Fluff] Deku has really good Ocarina skills! He's playing a song for us!

[Streamer]Twitchplayspokemon: it's running on a real 3ds at twitch_plays_3ds' place

[Chat] AOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (a wolf howled, so...)

19d 2h 36m DekuNukem is playing for us right now!

Not yet! We started Allen's save file again.

[Snark] RIP Ocarina of Time. I guess Zelda is doomed :(

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds alright let me stop this really quickly, we're moving onto the main intermission game

[Snark] ♪ M-A-R-I-O MARIO!

[Snark] That doesn't even sound right. It needs 6 letters.

[Snark] ♪ S-H-I-N-K-O Sandy's mom ♫

[Snark] ♪ Z-E-L-D-A ZELDA! ♫

What, that starts with P too.

[Snark] ♪ P-O-K-É-M-ON POKÉMON! ♫

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds this is just for fun, the real intermission game starts with p, but not pokemon

[Streamer] Pokemon Stadium 2 will be absent for Pokemon X and the intermission preceding it, but wil return as the main game in-between runs of other games, here's a screenshot of the new interface: http://i.imgur.com/NENssdW.jpg

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll be posting the Black 2 save file shortly

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: speedrun strats Kappa

[Info] End stats: Money: ¥907083 Pokémon: Caught: 50 - Seen: 622

[Info] 19d 2h 19m 3s was the last video frame of the Black 2 stream.

[Chat] Our first Fairy Type, get hype!

[Snark] And still no accent on Pokémon on the stream FailFish

[Fluff] Sounds a lot like ALLQ♂♂Y.

[Snark] We could have hit Erase, you know.

[Ocarina] Our character is named "33q54_y"!

19d 2h 24m dekuNukem just reloaded our game. Back on the title screen.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: start your own game FailFish

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SONG OF STORMS OR RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

19d 2h 22m We loaded...Allen's save file?

19d 2h 22m Regular Game Selected!

[Snark] The breadth of what I am seeing leaves me in awe.

Never mind; it's working. Just somehow took us a while to get past the game mode selection screen.

Inputs appear to be broken.


Ocarina of Time 3D!


We are now looking at the 3DS!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 3D RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Why not spend our new victory to reflect on the past ones? Also Riot and blablabla I ain't like that

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


I believe some Victory Fanfare is in order.


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


Twitchplayspokemon: soon the stream will transition to him

Twitchplayspokemon: just one moment


[Fluff] It's been a wonderful time, everyone! Big congratulations to our protagonist, CLY!

We definitely rocked there at the end.

[Chat] START+X

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Twitch_plays_3ds (aka dekuNukem) will be streaming Pokemon X using his capture+input kit

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIP RED RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Pokémon Blaze Black 2 has finished as our second longest run! Thank you all, and congratulations from the live updater team on another great run!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Contratulations on your victory at Fishycheeze's modified PWT!

19d 2h 17m CLY is walking down the stairs alongside Iris. The E4 are on the stairs too.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RANDOM IRIS RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Hey, close enough. It was only one level guys, chin up. Better than 98 Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


19d 2h 17m We Saved the game!










19d 2h 16m Venomoth's Disable! We use Rock Slide against Venomoth! Venomoth down! TRAINER RED DEFEATED!

[Fluff] Red: start




[Snark] ATV, you could have dragon-slain Sceptile... if this were ORAS.

19d 2h 16m Another Engergy ball! Venomoths Stun Spore!

19d 2h 15m Venomoth sent out and we use Engery Ball against it! Stun Spore but no effct

19d 2h 15m Energy Ball against Nidoking! Nidoking down! Sceptile Level 99!


19d 2h 15m Energy Ball against Nidoking! Strength against us!

[Snark] Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's the King Fonz!

19d 2h 14m Energy Ball against Laparas! Laparas down! Nidoking up!

[Snark] He was always dead. As a rock

19d 2h 14m Mist against us!

19d 2h 14m Energy Ball against Laparas!

[Snark] PRAISE HELIX! wait nevermind he's dead now

19d 2h 13m Energy Ball against Lord Helix! Lord Helix down! Laparas sent out!

19d 2h 13m Rock Slide against Lord Helix!

19d 2h 13m Rock Slide against it! Zapdos down! Lord Helix sent out!

19d 2h 13m We sent out Sceptile!

19d 2h 12m Feraligatr down!

[Info] 4 Us vs. 5 Red

19d 2h 12m We srnt out Feraligatr! Thunder against us!

[Snark] It's a bit of a shock we've come this far.

19d 2h 12m Thunder against us! Zoroark down!

19d 2h 11m We get Paralyzed and Zoroarks illusion is off! Nigth Daze against it!

[Screams] This truly is an electrifying battle!

19d 2h 11m Foul Play against it! Thunder against us!

19d 2h 10m 19d 2h 10m Switched out for Zoroark (Unfezant)! it uses Sky Attack! We use Night Daze! Pidgeot down! Zapdos sent out!

19d 2h 10m Rock Slide against it!

19d 2h 9m Sceptile vs. Pidgeot!


[Fluff] Regardless, it's time to shine, CLY!

[Hype] hype

[Fluff] CLY seems scared. Rapidly approaching Red!

[Hype] From the looks of it, this might be the last fight we get. You only get one shot...

19d 2h 8m Talked to the black agent. RED, HERE WE COME!

19d 2h 8m At the PC just to turn it off

19d 2h 8m Talked to the green lady a bit.

[Hype] Hype. Hype! HYPE!!

[Chat] Mindentropy: WE DEFEATED THE ELITE DOOR Kreygasm

19d 2h 6m Entered the PWT Building!

Dusk of The Final Day
- -3 Minutes Remain -

[Snark] Animesque endings are or bred and butter.

[Info] It's 3 minutes past the former deadline now. It seems that the Streamers will allow us to beat Red! <3 u based streamers

[Snark] Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A Start for Unlimited Time!

[Snark] This is like some stuff straight out of a cheesy anime- The clock ticking, everyone yelling out words of encouragement...

[Snark] ↓ A → ↓ A →

[Chat] Twitch_plays_3ds: do it

19d 1h 59m Found a Zinc!

[Snark] Streamer played Inverted Song of Time!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Twitch_plays_3ds will decide when to transition, but it would be nice to see another fight, wouldn't it?

[Info] 3 Minutes remain... Will streamer extend the time limit? Find out next time... on T. P. P!

19d 1h 57m Back on PWT!

[Snark] CLY saw black this time.

19d 1h 57m Back outside Driftveil City!

Not Teh Urn. BibleThump



19d 1h 56m Emboar down! CLY Blacked out!

19d 1h 56m Heat Crash against it! Surf against us!

19d 1h 55m Bric Break against it! Lord Helix Down! Laparas sent out!


19d 1h 55m Omastar sent out (LORD HELIX!)

19d 1h 55m Drill Peck against us! Brck Break against it! Zapdos down!

[Info] For all who didn't know, Thunder can hit any pokemon using Fly, similar to how EQ hits diggers and surf hits divers.

19d 1h 55m Emboar is our only Pokemon left and we sent it out!

19d 1h 54m We use Fly! But it attacks us with thunder! Unfezant down!

[Info] Unfezant and Emboar are both at disadvantages against AA-J. It has Drill Peck and Thunder.

19d 1h 54m We sent out Unfezant!

19d 1h 53m Zoroark down!

19d 1h 53m Night Slash against it! Thunder but we avoided it! another night slash against it! Thunder against us!

19d 1h 52m Another Night Slash! Pidgeot down! Zapdos sent out!

19d 1h 52m Night Slash against it!

[Chat] Bird Jesus!

19d 1h 52m Zoroark vs. Pidgeot!

19d 1h 52m HYPE!

[Yes!] And everything's crystal clear!


[Snark] Come on, CLY! With just a silver of hope, you can finally speak with Red!

[Info] We have 10 minutes to beat Red and claim Cly the host to end all hosts. So far anyways

[Snark] Pretty sure our puns are really colouring people's opinions of the updater.

[Snark] Well, she's gold past the rest of the trainers. I'm sure she'll be fine!

[Snark] She's feeling a bit yellow at the moment.

[Snark] Now to think of something with green....

[Snark] I don't think she wants to blue it out and leave, though.

[Pun] Maybe she doesn't think she's reddy.

[Snark] Well, she can't even get to the good part yet; Starting the fight.

[Fluff] The final challenge lies ahead! Can CLY pull this off?

19d 1h 46m Talked to the black agent again! We're back in TPP!

[Info] We have 15 minutes left to beat Red and help Cly become the best host ever.

[Info] Sceptile Leavanny and Feraligatr are down. Zoroark in the yellow 35% hp. Emboar and Unfezant 100% HP.

[Snark] I can imagine the look on Streamer's face now.

19d 1h 43m Exited PWT TPP.

[Snark] Hid as well as Koga and Raquaza.

[Chat] Where's Koga: Red Edition

[Info] Red is now the LAST Trainer left!

[Snark] Oh woops we missed. Well see ya Red Kappa

19d 1h 42m We just passed Red

19d 1h 41m Got 86k prize money!

19d 1h 41m Espeon keeps using Flash! We use Night Slash! Espeon down! AJDNNW DEFEATED!

[Snark] Burrito is flashing us. Even better than attract!

[Snark] Zoro's probably blind now.

19d 1h 41m ANother Flash from Espeon!

19d 1h 41m Another Flash against us! Night Slash fails!

19d 1h 40m Flash against us! Zoroark uses Dig!

[Chat] Burrito! <3

19d 1h 40m Night Daze against the Gator! Feraligatr down! Espeon sent out!

[Snark] Tick Tock, we killed the croc!

19d 1h 39m Ice Wind against us!

19d 1h 39m Feraligatr sent out! We use Night Daze!

19d 1h 39m Night Daze against Dragonite! Dragonite down!

19d 1h 39m Night Daze aaginst Pidgeot! Pidgeot down! Dragonite up!

19d 1h 38m Zoroarks illusion is off! Ful Restore on Pidgeot! Zoroark uses Nigth Daze!

19d 1h 38m AJDNNW used a Full Restore.

19d 1h 38m Pidgeot flies up high!

19d 1h 37m Sent out UnZoroark and use Night Daze!

19d 1h 36m Sent out Feraligatr only to get it fainted!

19d 1h 36m Leavanny down!

19d 1h 36m Grass Knot! Steelix down! Pidgeot up! Grass Knot against it! Wind Attack!

19d 1h 35m Grass Knot vs Iron Tail!

[Chat] Snaaaaake? Snaaaaaaake!

19d 1h 35m HYPE!

19d 1h 35m Leavanny vs. Steelix!

19d 1h 34m AJDNNW Challenged!

[Fluff] CLY, make us proud!

19d 1h 34m We're in TPP!

19d 1h 34m Talked to the black agent!

[Snark] But they have little power being trapped. Releasing them would put them back in their most powerful form!

19d 1h 33m PC off

19d 1h 33m The PC

19d 1h 31m Entered the PWT building!

[Snark] I have a solution to our time problem! We caught Dialga and Celebi didn't we? All we have to do is get them from the PC!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 30 minutes

19d 1h 28m Arrived at PWT!

19d 1h 26m Exited the Pokémon Center.

19d 1h 25m Entered the Pokémon Center.

19d 1h 24m Flew to Driftveil City!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: don't discount the exp gained from fighting in the PWT

19d 1h 23m Gave Dusk Ball to Zoroark!

[Info] Turns out that we Flew to Route 4 before, and landed right at the entrance of Join Avenue.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if you fail to get Sceptile to 100 at least you'll have failed in true TPP style

19d 1h 18m Outside Route 4.

19d 1h 16m Went into Training Lvl. 1 option. but did not select the correct Pokémon, or that we can't train it due to it being fainted.

[Info] Currently at Josie's Fitness section.

19d 1h 14m Trying to train a Pokemon. but we keep canceling out.

19d 1h 6m Back on Join Avenue

19d 1h 6m Now on Nimbasa City!

19d 1h 5m Arrived on Join Avenue!

19d 1h 3m Twisted Spoon was swapped with Silk Scarf on Sceptile.

19d 1h 2m Now off of our bike.

19d 0h 58m Riding on our bike!

19d 0h 52m [Info] 9 (3%) HP Left for Feraligatr.

19d 0h 47m Back on Route 8.

[Stats] Sceptile is currently down. Feraligatr is burned, and in the red at 16% HP. Leavanny Zoroark Emboar and Unfezant all 100% HP.

19d 0h 44m Surf against it! Torkoal down! Ranger Parker defeated! CLY gets 4620 for winning. CLY receives a Lum Berry!

19d 0h 43m We get burned by the attack! We use Waterfall against it! Inferno against us!

19d 0h 43m Cheri Berry but no effect. We get atatcked!

19d 0h 43m Waterfall against it! Skuntank down! Torkoal up!

19d 0h 42m Ice Beam against it! Flamethrower against us!

19d 0h 42m Ice Beam against it! Tropius down! Skuntank up!

19d 0h 42m Ice Beam against it! Escavalier down! Tropius up!

19d 0h 41m Ice Beam against it! Reversal against us!

19d 0h 41m We sent out Feraligatr and use Strength! X-Scissor against us!

19d 0h 41m Rock Slide against it! X-Scissor against us! Sceptile down!

19d 0h 40m Challenged by Ranger Parker! Sceptile vs. Escavalier!

19d 0h 40m We also used 2 PP Ups.

19d 0h 39m And just like that We trashed the Rare Candy!

[SNark] Item GET: TEH URN

19d 0h 38m Picked up a Rare Candy!

[Chat/Fluff] "Pokemon X in 1 Direction?"

[Info] Sceptile currently has 108/300 (36%) HP Left!

19d 0h 29m Entered Moor of Icirrus

19d 0h 28m Night Daze! Castform down! Parasol Lady Tyra defeated! CLY gets 2432 for winning!

19d 0h 27m Night Daze & Rock Slide! Roserade down! X-Scissor! Lucicolo down! Ice Beam against us!

19d 0h 26m Challenged by Parasol Lady Tyra! Triple Battle Sceptile Leavanny Zoroark vs Castform Roserade and Ludicolo!

19d 0h 25m Energy Ball aginst it! Gastrodon down! Lass Mai defeated! CLY gets 1216 for winning!

19d 0h 25m Another Rock Slide! Wormadam down! Gastrodon up! Rock Slide against it!

19d 0h 24m Rock Slide against it!

19d 0h 24m Energy Ball against it! Final Gambit against us! Accelgor down! Wormadam up!

19d 0h 24m Challenged by Lass Mai! Sceptile vs. Accelgor!

19d 0h 19m Entered Route 8.

19d 0h 13m Exited the Center.

19d 0h 13m Entered the Pokémon Center. Checkpoint Icirrus City.

19d 0h 13m Flew to Icirrus City!

[Music] To help set the mood

19d 0h 4m Energy Ball against it! Zorua down! Preschooler Buster defeated! CLY gets 312 for winning.

19d 0h 3m Challenged by Preschooler Buster! Sceptile vs. Zorua!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: please finish it by 1d 22:00:00, Twitch_plays_3ds is waiting to do the transition and I think it's late in his timezone

19d 0h 1m Used a Rare Candy on Sceptile! Level 98

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: for those tuning in: I delayed it by 2 hours

Welcome to (Partial) Day 20 Pokémon Black 2?

Pokémon X Dawn of the 2nd day

18d 23h 58m Off the bike.

18d 23h 54m On our Bike!

[Snark] "A Hyper Beam? Hmm...no. Maybe I want to do a Giga Impact now."

[Info] Sceptile currently has 73% HP left.

18d 23h 43m Another Energy Ball! Zweilous fainted! Preschooler Tyrone defeated!

18d 23h 43m Energy Ball against it!

18d 23h 42m Sceptile uses Dig! Metang down! Zweilous up!

18d 23h 42m Energy Ball against it! Iron Defense!

18d 23h 42m Meteor Smash against us!

18d 23h 41m Challenged by Preschooler Tyrone! Sceptile vs. Metang!

18d 23h 40m Energy Ball against it! Pikachu down! Preschooler Eva defeated! CLY gets 304 for winning!

18d 23h 40m Energy Ball against it! Kirlia down! Pikachu up!

18d 23h 40m Energy Ball against it! Ralts down! Kirlia up!

18d 23h 39m Challenged by Preschooler Eva! Sceptile vs. Ralts!

[Stadium] Helix just sweeped a whole team.

18d 23h 38m Exited the Kids Day Care building.

18d 23h 37m Picked up a Rare Candy!

18d 23h 37m We healed inside the kids daycare!

18d 23h 36m X-Scissor against it! Lickilicky down! Nursery Aide Autum defeated! CLY gets 3080 for winning!

18d 23h 36m Screech against us!

18d 23h 35m X-Scissor! Blissey down! Lickilicky up! We use X-Scissor!

18d 23h 35m X-Sxissor! Wigglytuff down! Blissey up!

18d 23h 34m Challenged by Nursery Aide Autumn! Leavanny vs. Wigglytuff!

18d 23h 34m Entered Route 3. We're right at the Day Care.

[Info] Leavanny, I believe got the Twisted Spoon.

18d 23h 32m We flew to Striaton City!

18d 23h 31m We switched Heart Scale with Twisted Spoon with one of our Pokemon.

[Stadium] Helix and Dome are on the same team? And Shellock is there too? Impossible!

[Info] We have a Rare Candy in our bag. The amount of them is unknown, though.

18d 23h 29m Kangaskhan down! Breeder Marcus defeated! CLY gets 1184 for winning!

18d 23h 29m Leavanny wakes up and uses X-Scissor! Simisear down! Kangaskhan up!

18d 23h 29m Flame Burst against us!

18d 23h 29m Fury Swipes against us!

18d 23h 28m X-Scissor! Chimecho down! Simisear up! Levanny fell asleep! Lick against us!

18d 23h 28m CLY sues Berry Juice!

18d 23h 27m Challenged by Breeder Marcus! Leavanny vs. Chimecho!

18d 23h 26m Entered Route 7.

18d 23h 24m We flew to Mistralton City!

18d 23h 22m Left The Cave. Back on Driftveil City!

[Info] Leavanny now in the front due to Sceptile being down.

18d 23h 17m Attacked by a wild Lairon! Sceptile down!

18d 23h 15m Attacked by a wild Onix! Sceptile 59/297 (20%) HP left!

[Snark] So, I was thinking of what Streamer meant by "Wasm." It definitely wasn't a typo because Streamer is our intelligent senpai and he is right, so it must be shorthand for World-Tournament Kreygasm! This means we must go to the world tournament Kappa

[Info] Sceptile at 27% HP left.

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 97 - Max. HP 297 Attack 216 Defense 135 Sp. Atk 256 Sp. Def 213 Speed 264

18d 23h 12m Energy Ball on Mawile! Mawile down! Hiker Teppei Defeated! CLY gets 2400 for winning!

18d 23h 11m Sabeleye down! Sceptile Level 97! Mawile up!

18d 23h 11m Energy Ball on Sabeleye!

18d 23h 11m Rock Slide on Sabeleye!

18d 23h 11m Rock Slide on Golbat! Golbat down! Sabeleye up!

18d 23h 10m Energy Ball on Golbat! Poison Fang against us!

18d 23h 10m Energy Ball on Golbat! Mean Look against us!

18d 23h 10m Energy Ball on Aron! Aron down! Golbat up!

18d 23h 9m Challenged by Hiker Teppei! Sceptile vs. Aron!

18d 23h 8m Encountering some wild Pokémon in this cave.

18d 23h 7m Entered Clay Tunnel.

18d 23h 7m We are now in the north side of Driftveil City.

18d 23h 5m Back outside of PWT.

18d 23h 4m Keep hitting up and down, making us enter and exit the building many times.

18d 23h 1m Entered the PWT Building.


[Fluff] Streamer is being such a wise senpai to us <3

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: when I misspell a word I press CTRL+Backspace and type the entire word again, I find it faster to fix it that way (and good for muscle memory)

18d 22h 56m Arrived at PWT.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll end it with victory at the PWT

[Snark] wasm confirmed for TPP

[Fluff] Streamer what are you doing? stahp!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: wasn't my intention to prevent all 100

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: wasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll extend the deadline by 2 hours, it wasm

18d 22h 52m Now back outside.

18d 22h 52m Entered the Pokemon Center. Checkpoint Driftveil City!

18d 22h 51m We Flew to Driftveil City!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I really want the 3DS to get some intermission time in before Pokemon X starts to make sure it works properly, it's a shift in "studio location" for TPP

18d 22h 48m Left the Pokémon Center, and back out on Icirrus City.

18d 22h 48m Another Heat Crash! Earthquake against us! Emboar Down! CLY Blacked Out!

18d 22h 47m Heat Crash against it! Claydols Light Screen!

18d 22h 47m Earthquake against Empoleon! it goes down! Claydol sent out!

18d 22h 46m Zoroark goes down! Emboar left!

18d 22h 46m Foul Play, and Earthquake against us!

18d 22h 45m Emboar, and Zoroark are our only pokemon left. (Im seeing double!) Empoleon sent out!

18d 22h 45m Bullet Punch against Unfezant. Unfezant down! Metagross also faints!

18d 22h 44m Zoroark uses Foul Play. Unfezant uses Roost

18d 22h 44m Starmie down to Zoroarks attack! Unfezant uses Roost.

18d 22h 43m We sent out Zoroark (As Emboar)

18d 22h 43m Feraligatr down to Thunder

18d 22h 42m Steven uses Hyper Potion on Metagross

18d 22h 41m Ludicolo down to Facade! Starmie sent out!

18d 22h 40m We sent out Unfezant!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's only the latest patch I didn't bother with

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Pokeapache I did apply his patches, and I have openly thanked him after the Pokemon Champion was defeated, I also applied his follow-up patches

18d 22h 39m Leavanny Down to Bullet Punch!

18d 22h 38m Leavanny Frozen and in the red!

18d 22h 36m Milotic down! Sceptile goes down to Meteor Smash! We sent out Feraligatr and Ludicolo is sent out.

18d 22h 36m Double Battle Sceptile Leavanny vs. Milotic and Metagross!

18d 22h 36m Challenged Wallace and Steven!

18d 22h 35m Entered a House with the previous Champions.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Mencee the problem with PBR isn't the lack of a save file, it's the lack of a method to programmatically determine the outcome of a match

18d 22h 28m Exited the PokéCenter.

18d 22h 28m Entered the Pokémon Center. Checkpoint Icirrus City.

18d 22h 27m We Flew to Icirrus City!

[Info] Judging by what just happened. We have already defeated all our previous TPP trainers. We only have AJDNNW, and Trainer Red left to battle against.

[Correction] AJDNNW is the correct trainer name we just fought.

18d 22h 20m Exited the Pokémon Center, and left Accumula town!

Not teh urn.

18d 22h 20m Unfezant down! CLY Blacked out!

18d 22h 20m We fly again, but another flight from Pidgeot!

18d 22h 19m We use Fly again! Pidgeot also flies!

18d 22h 19m We sent out Unfezant and use Fly! Pidgeot also uses fly!

18d 22h 19m Unfezant is our only Pokémon left!

18d 22h 18m We attack it! Wing Aattack against us! Leavanny down!

18d 22h 18m Grass Kknot against it Steelix down! Pidgeot up!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: seems like it is balanced fine, why was the patch needed?

18d 22h 17m X-Scissor on Steelix! Steelix attacks us! Levanny is up BTW

18d 22h 17m Trainer AJAY Challenged

18d 22h 17m Azumarill down! Trainer A (May) DEFEATED!

18d 22h 16m We use Fly!

18d 22h 16m Surf against us!

18d 22h 16m Sent out Unfezant! We use Facade! Tentacruel down! Azumarill up! (M4!)

18d 22h 15m Emboar down!

18d 22h 15m Tentacruel uses Dive!

18d 22h 14m Surf against us! Heat Crash against it!

18d 22h 14m Sent out Emboar!

My Heart Is literally beating.. ;_;

18d 22h 13m Zoroark down!

18d 22h 13m Night Daze against it! Tentacruel uses Dive

18d 22h 13m Graveler down! Tentacruel up!

18d 22h 12m Night Daze against it! Double Edge against us!

18d 22h 12m Another Night Daze! Mightyena down! Graveler up!

18d 22h 12m Night Daze against it!

18d 22h 11m Foul Play against it! Vileplume down! Mightyena up!

18d 22h 11m We sent out Zoroark (Unfezant) and use Foul Play! Petal Dance Aagainst us!

18d 22h 11m Feraligatr down!

18d 22h 10m Surf against it! Petal Dance against us!

18d 22h 10m Surf against it! Hariyana down! Vileplume up!

18d 22h 10m We use Surf! Brick Break against us!

18d 22h 10m Brick Break against us!

18d 22h 9m Sceptile vs. Hariyajna! it atatcks us. Sceptile Down! Sent out Feraligatr!

18d 22h 9m Challenged by Trainer A! (MAY)

18d 22h 8m Body Slam against us! Energy Ball on Mew! Mew down! Trainer A defeated!

18d 22h 8m Energy Ball on Mew! Body Slam against us!

18d 22h 8m Energy Ball on Sandslash! Sandslash down! Mew up!

18d 22h 8m Blastoise down! SandSlash up!

18d 22h 7m Energy Ball on Blastoise!

18d 22h 7m Energy Ball on Blastoise! Thrash against us!

18d 22h 7m Energy Ball on Slaking again! Slaking down! Blastoise up!

18d 22h 7m Energy Ball against Slaking! Slaking flies again!

[Fluff] It takes us 2 days to stall the PWT, but with a simple threat by the streamer, we get here in 5 minutes.

18d 22h 6m Slaking Flies!

18d 22h 6m Sceptile uses Dig!

18d 22h 6m Rock Slide against Slaking! Slaking Flies!

18d 22h 6m Rock Slide against Masquerain! It's down! Slaking up!

18d 22h 5m Rock Slide! Altaria down! Sceptile Level 96!

18d 22h 5m Sceptile vs. Altaria!

18d 22h 5m Challenged by Trainer A!

18d 22h 4m Hit the Black Agent! TPP Here we come!

18d 22h 4m Accessed the PC and back out.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I've already deployed his PWT rebalance patches, if they were ineffectual it stands to reason this one would be too

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Fishycheeze can rebalance BW2 to the end of time, what does it matter?

18d 22h 2m Entered the PWT Building.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if you wanted to do every little thing it will take forever, game is beaten already

18d 22h 1m We Flew to PWT!

Well, guess we're going to go to PWT now.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: BW2 is finished already, hurry up

18d 21h 59m Party order is now Sceptile, Leavanny, Zoroark, Feraligatr, Emboar, and Unfezant in the back.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll end it at 2d remaining

18d 21h 56m Switching the party order.

18d 21h 53m Back walking on the land.

[Fluff] Five lv 100 Pokémon HYPE!


[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 100 - Max. HP 320 Attack 259 Defense 182 Sp. Atk 173 Sp. Def 147 Speed 232

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: oh? I missed it again?

18d 21h 35m Surfing back on the water in Route 1. We are continuing to grind our Pokémon.

18d 21h 33m Back on Route 1.

18d 21h 31m Left GMYC's house.

18d 21h 31m GMYC's mom healed our team! Leavanny back up front.

18d 21h 29m Entered GMYC's house.

18d 21h 27m Exited Cheren's house.

[Fluff] So, this is me too? http://i.imgur.com/hwqbaOm.jpg

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> this is me: http://i.imgur.com/hwqbaOm.jpg

[Fluff] Well... That explains all the 'Cheren" in the chat.

18d 21h 21m We entered Cheren's House. We received a Berry Juice from his dad!

18d 21h 12m Entered Nuvema Town!

[Chat] And we have "CHEREN" back.

18d 21h 8m We're back walking on the land.

18d 21h 6m Zoroark currently leads the party (Posing as Unfezant).

18d 21h 6m Sceptile down to the wild Basculin's Flail

18d 21h 3m Sceptile in the red, at 49/291 (17%) HP.

18d 21h 0m Sceptile has no more PP left for Rock Slide.

18d 20h 58m Sceptile In the Yellow, at 92/291 (32%) HP.

18d 20h 56m Sceptile has 153/291 (53%) HP Left.

18d 20h 48m [Info] Sceptile has 0 PP left for Energy Ball.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MEGA SCEPTILE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

18d 20h 37m [Info] Sceptile currently leads the team.

18d 20h 36m Leavanny down to a wild Basculin!

18d 20h 35m [Info] Leavanny has no more PP left for Grass Knot. Only Entrainment is left.

18d 20h 29m Attacked by a wild Basculin. Leavanny has 140/316 HP Left (45%).

18d 20h 22m Leavanny Levels up to Lvl.99!

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 99 - Max. HP 316 Attack 256 Defense 180 Sp. Atk 171 Sp. Def 145 Speed 229

[Fluff] Australian here. You are half right, but during our mornings, America is still awake. So it's during our afternoons when there is progress :3

[Fluff] Day Time EST Time Zone = The Wild Grinders.

Night Time EST Time Zone = Actual Progress.

Australians. Am I right?

18d 20h 15m [Info] Leavanny has no more 0/15 PP left for Razor Leaf.

18d 20h 6m [Info] Leavanny has 8/15 PP left for Razor Leaf.

18d 20h 1m Leavanny now has 0/15 PP left for X-Scissor.

18d 19h 59m [Info] Levanny has 2/15 PP for X-Scissor.

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 98 - Max. HP 313 Attack 253 Defense 178 Sp. Atk 169 Sp. Def 144 Speed 227

18d 19h 47m Leavanny is now level 98!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Did something happen to Cheren?


18d 19h 37m Back in route 1, surfing.

18d 19h 34m We left the house!

18d 19h 32m We went upstairs.

18d 19h 28m We're now just walking around.

[Snark] Give me Teachy TV back!

18d 19h 25m We're currently watching Celebrity TV

18d 19h 25m We entered a house in Nuvema.

18d 19h 24m We left the house

18d 19h 22m Healed our team!

18d 19h 22m We entered Jimmy's house!

18d 19h 19m Entered Nuvema!

18d 19h 18m We're back on land.

18d 19h 14m Sceptile fainted!

18d 19h 10m Sceptile has 35% left!

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 95 - Max. HP 291 Attack 212 Defense 132 Sp. Atk 251 Sp. Def 209 Speed 259

18d 19h 8m Sceptile is up to lv. 95!

18d 19h 7m Sceptile has no PP left for Grass Knot.

18d 18h 55m We're surfing again.Sceptile leads our team.

18d 18h 53m Back on land.

18d 18h 53m Zenny fainted! to a wild Basculin!

18d 18h 52m Zenny has no PP left for Razor Leaf either, her only attack is Entraînement!

18d 18h 52m Zenny has now only 18% left!

18d 18h 50m Zenny is down to 28%

18d 18h 48m We go back to surfing.

18d 18h 46m Back on land!

18d 18h 33m Zenny has no PP left for X-Scissor and Grass Knot

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 97 - Max. HP 310 Attack 251 Defense 176 Sp. Atk 168 Sp. Def 143 Speed 225

18d 18h 28m Zenny up to lv. 97

[Snark] Welcome to YoutubePlaysPokémon.


18d 18h 19m Grinding on route1.

18d 18h 11m We're still surfing on Route 1.

18d 18h 2m We are currently grinding our Pokémon while surfing in the water.

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 96 - Max. HP 307 Attack 248 Defense 174 Sp. Atk 166 Sp. Def 141 Speed 222

18d 17h 56m Encountered a wild Basculin and we attacked it with Razor Leaf. Leavanny Levels up to Lvl.96!

18d 17h 53m Surfing in the water in Route 1.

18d 17h 50m Encountered a wild Stoutland! It attacks us. Leavanny 190/304 HP (63%)

18d 17h 48m Encountering some wild Pokémon.

18d 17h 47m Back on Route 1.

18d 17h 44m Party order is now Leavanny, Sceptile, Zoroark, Feraligatr, Emboar, and Unfezant in the back.

18d 17h 41m We are switching party orders around a bit. I will give the final order in a few minutes..

.18d 17h 38m Exited GMYC's house.

18d 17h 37m GMYC's mom heals our team!

18d 17h 36m Watching the Celebrity Channel on TV.

18d 17h 35m Entered GMYC's house.

18d 17h 32m Entered Nuvema Town!

18d 17h 30m Entered Route 1.

18d 17h 29m We entered the Pokémon Center and exited. Checkpoint!

18d 17h 29m Flew to Accumula town!

18d 17h 28m Feraligatr and Unfezant just switched places.

18d 17h 27m Switching party orders.

The order is now Unfezant, Sceptile, Zoroark, Leavanny, Emboar, and Feraligatr.

[Info] Feraligatr is currently Paralyzed, at 82% HP. Everyone else is down.

18d 17h 22m Back outside on Route 16.

18d 17h 21m Re-Entered the tunnel.

18d 17h 21m back on Route 16.

18d 17h 20m Got off the bike.



18d 17h 15m Entered a tunnel!

18d 17h 10m Currently on Route 16.

18d 17h 9m Left Nimbasa City heading East.

18d 17h 6m Arrived back on Nimbasa City!

18d 17h 6m Pokemon outbreak at route 22!

18d 17h 6m Riding on our bike!

18d 17h 5m Another U-Turn against us! Ice Beam against it! Whimsicott down! Cheren Defeated! CLY gets 10800 for winning!

18d 17h 4m U-Turn against us!

18d 17h 4m Sent out Feraligatr and use Waterfall! Samurott down! Whimsicott up! It attacks and we're Paralyzed! We use Strength!

18d 17h 3m Emboar Down! Feraligatr is the only one left!

18d 17h 2m Earthquake vs. Aqua Tail!

18d 17h 2m Earquake vs. Swords Dance!

18d 17h 2m Simisear down! Samurott up!

18d 17h 2m Nasty Plot vs. Brick Break!

18d 17h 1m Sent out Emboar!

18d 17h 0m X-Scissor vs. Fire Blast! Leavanny down!

18d 17h 0m Psychic against us! X-Scissor against it! Alakazam down! Cheren sends out Simisear!

18d 16h 59m We sent out Leavanny. Cheren sends out Alakazam!

18d 16h 59m Rock Slide against it! Brave Bird against us! Sceptile Down! Staraptor also faints!

18d 16h 59m Cheren sues full restore! We use Rock Slide!

18d 16h 58m We sent out Sceptile and use Rock Slide! Gigalith down! Staraptor sent out!

18d 16h 58m Air slash vs. Stone Edge! Unfezant down!

18d 16h 57m Another Air Slash! Gravity!

18d 16h 57m Air Slash!

18d 16h 57m We sent out Unfezant!

18d 16h 57m Zoroark down! Cheren switches out for Gigalith!

18d 16h 56m Night Dazevs. U-Turn!

18d 16h 56m Zoroark (Feraligatr) vs. Staraptor!

18d 16h 56m Battle VS. Cheren!

18d 16h 55m Left Nimbasa City. Heading west. On to Route 5.

[Streamer] (regarding intermission games)

<twitch_plays_3ds> That's up to the streamer, but I would love to. There are plenty of fun games on 3DS.

18d 16h 46m Switched Zoroark to up front of the party.

Current order is now Zoroark, Sceptile, Unfezant, Leavanny, Emboar, and Feraligatr.

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> I have a fun interesting 3DS intermission game beginning in P lined up for you Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: You'll know it when it happens Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Oh, about WiFi

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 3 copies 2 X and 1 Y

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I bought a new Pokemon X

18d 16h 38m Exited Elesa's Gym.

[Snark] Inb4 we start recording the # of steps we take each time we're dancing in here.

[Fluff] Am I the only one thinking that we're just wandering around now, stalling for time?

[Chat] ♫┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘♪

18d 16h 14m Entered Elesa's Gym. Looks like we're gonna be dancing!

18d 16h 11m We talked to Hiker Andy next to the Ferris Wheel a couple of times. But seems like we can't ride with him right now.

18d 16h 6m Back outside Nimbasa City.

18d 16h 5m Another Focus Blast against us! Feraligatr down! CLY Blacked Out!

18d 16h 5m Energy Ball against us! Surf against Alakazam!

18d 16h 5m We sent out Feraligatr!

18d 16h 4m Focus Blast against us! Unfezant down!

18d 16h 4m Psychic against us! Air Slash against Alakazam!

18d 16h 4m We sent out Unfezant! Cheren sends out Alakazam!

18d 16h 4m Gravity returns to normal!

18d 16h 3m Brave Bird against us! Sceptile down! Also Staraptor fainted as well!

18d 16h 3m We sent out Sceptile! We use Dig!

18d 16h 2m Brave Bird against us! Emboar Down!

18d 16h 2m Earthquake! Gigalith down! Staraptor up!

18d 16h 1m Switched out for Emboar! Gravity against us!

18d 16h 1m Unfezant sent out!

18d 16h 0m Earthquake against us! Zoroark down!

18d 16h 0m Zoroark uses dig!

18d 15h 59m We use Dig, vs U-Turn against us! Cheren switches out for Gigalith!

18d 15h 59m Sent out Zoroark (Feraligatr). Cheren uses full restore!

18d 15h 58m X-Scissor vs. Brave Bird! Levanny down!

18d 15h 58m Battle vs. Cheren! Leavanny vs. Staraptor!

18d 15h 56m Air Slash! Miltank down! Baker Jenn defeated! CLY gets 1120 for winning!

18d 15h 55m Switched out for Unfezant! Miltanks Bide!

18d 15h 55m Night Daze! Combee down! Miltank sent up!

18d 15h 55m Switched out for Zoroark (Feraligatr). Sweet Scent against us!

18d 15h 54m Challenged against Baker Jenn! Leavanny vs. Combee!

18d 15h 47m Left the city heading West. Back on Route 5.

18d 15h 41m Back outside Nimbasa City.

18d 15h 41m CLY Blacked Out! Kappa

18d 15h 40m Night Daze against it! MegaHorn against us! Zoroark down!

18d 15h 40m Night Slash against it!

18d 15h 40m Simisear down! Samurott up!

18d 15h 40m Zoroark uses Dig!

18d 15h 39m Night Daze! Alakazam down! Simisear up!

18d 15h 39m We sent out Zoroark.

[Fluff/Snark] "Battle vs. Chenen", really? CHEREN, Ungh. Derp

18d 15h 38m Emboar down!

18d 15h 38m We sent out Emboar! Psychic against us!

18d 15h 37m Shadow Ball against us! Feraligatr down!

18d 15h 37m Energy Ball against us!

18d 15h 37m Waterfall! Gigalith down! Cheren's Alakazam up!

18d 15h 36m Cheren uses full restore! We use Waterfall!

18d 15h 36m We use Waterfall! Gigalith attacks us!

18d 15h 35m Feraligatr sent out! Strength vs Gravity!

18d 15h 35m Stone Edge against us! Unfezant down!

18d 15h 35m We use Fly! Staraptor down! Gigalith up! We use Fly!

18d 15h 34m Facade vs. Brave Bird!

18d 15h 34m Battle vs. Chenen! Unfezant vs. Staraptor!

18d 15h 33m Left the city, heading West. Now on Route 5.

18d 15h 33m Exited the basketball stadium.

18d 15h 32m Teleported out of the field again.

18d 15h 31m Teleported out of the basketball field, and teleported right back into the field.

18d 15h 21m Teleported into the field.

18d 15h 17m Entered another Sports Stadium. I believe this is the basketball stadium.

18d 15h 15m Back in Nimbasa City!

18d 15h 13m Left the city, and into the gateway tunnel heading West.

18d 15h 12m CLY Exits the sports stadium.

18d 15h 11m Entered the sports stadium.

18d 15h 9m Entered the Gear Station and back outside.

18d 15h 8m CLY enters the Pokémon Center and quickly exits. Checkpoint Nimbasa City!

18d 15h 7m Left the building.

18d 15h 5m Entered the Battle Institute building.

[Snark] Pokémon X starts in 2d. Seems legit.

[Info] Unfezant is now at 70% HP due to Roost.

18d 14h 59m Left the Sports Stadium building.

18d 14h 58m Left the baseball field!

18d 14h 57m Air Slash! Crawdaunt down! Roughneck Fletcher defeated! CLU gets 1440 for winning! We received a Dusk Ball!

18d 14h 57m Air Slash! Skuntank down! Crawdaunt up!

18d 14h 56m Air Slash Mightyena down! Skuntank up!

18d 14h 55m We use Roost! Embargo against us!

18d 14h 54m Challenged Roughneck Fletcher! Unfezant vs. Mightyena!

[Info] During the trainer match, we got buffered by sandstorm a bit. Leavanny and Sceptile are currently down. Unfezant currently in the red at 20% HP. Zoroark Emboar and Feraligatr at full strength.

18d 14h 51m Air Slash! Sandslash down! Veteran Arlen defeated! CLY gets 5040 for winning! We recieved a PP MAX!

18d 14h 51m Rock Slide vs Slash! Sceptile down! We sent out Unfezant! Slash against us!

18d 14h 51m Rock Slide! Skarmory down! Sandslash up!

18d 14h 50m Rock Slide vs Steel wing!

18d 14h 50m Night Slash against us!

18d 14h 50m Rock Slide against Skarmory! We use dig!

18d 14h 50m Silver Wing against us!

18d 14h 50m We use Dig!

18d 14h 49m We sent out Sceptile!

18d 14h 49m X-Scissor! Tyranitar down! Skarmory up! We attack with Razor Leaf! Air Slash against us! Leavanny down!

18d 14h 48m Entrainment vs. Stone Edge!

18d 14h 48m We switched out for Levanny! Stone Edge against us!

18d 14h 48m Air Slash! Jolteon down! Tyranitar up!

18d 14h 47m We use Fly! Thunder against us!

18d 14h 47m We use Roost! Thunder aaginst us but we avoided it.

18d 14h 47m Switched out for Unfezant!

18d 14h 46m We Challenged Veteran Arlen! Leavanny vs. Jolteon!

18d 14h 39m We teleported into the baseball field.

18d 14h 36m Entered the sports stadium.

18d 14h 32m We flew to Nimbasa City!

[Info] Current party order is Levanny Lvl.95, Sceptile Lvl.94, Unfezant, Zoroark, Emboar, and Feraligatr all at Lvl.100

18d 14h 26m Entered Victory Road.

18d 14h 25m Back outside the Pokémon League.

18d 14h 25m Stone Edge against us! Feraligatr down! CLY Blacked Out! Kappa

18d 14h 24m Circle Throw against us! Gator in the red!

18d 14h 24m Stone Edge against us!

18d 14h 23m We try to use Full Heal, Earthquake against us!

18d 14h 22m Feraligatr sent out and we use Surf! Stone Edge against us!

18d 14h 21m Feraligatr is our only Pokémon left!

18d 14h 21m FlameThrower vs Earthquake! Emboar down!

18d 14h 21m Lucario down! Throh sent out!

18d 14h 20m Sent out Emboar! We attack with FlameThrower!

18d 14h 20m ExtreemeSpeed against us! Unfezant down!

18d 14h 20m Roost vs H Jump Kick!

18d 14h 19m Marshal uses full restore on Lucario! We attack with Fly!

18d 14h 19m Sent out Unfezant! We use fly!

18d 14h 17m Lucario's ExtreemeSpeed against us! Sceptile down!

18d 14h 17m Switched out for Sceptile! H Jump against us!

18d 14h 17m Sent out Unfezant finally!

18d 14h 11m Selecting our Pokémon.

18d 14h 9m Zoroark fainted!

18d 14h 8m Zoroark used Dig! Lucario used Hi Jump Kick! (Correction: Zoroark, not Feraligatr)

18d 14h 7m Sent out Feraligatr! Feraligatr used Dig! Infernape fainted!

18d 14h 6m Infernape used Overheat! Leavanny fainted!

18d 14h 5m VS. Marshal!

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 94 - Max. HP 288 Attack 209 Defense 131 Sp. Atk 248 Sp. Def 207 Speed 256

18d 13h 39m Sceptile fainted! Blacked out!

18d 13h 38m Used a Max Revive on Sceptile! Feraligatr fainted! (Shouldn't we save these revives until the PWT?)

18d 13h 37m VS. Grimsley!

18d 13h 33m Gothitelle used Calm Mind! Gothitelle used Psychoshock! Feraligatr used Waterfall! Gothitelle fainted! Defeated Caitlin!

18d 13h 32m Feraligatr used Ice Beam! Feraligatr was paralyzed!

18d 13h 31m Feraligatr used Ice Beam! Musharna was frozen solid! Feraligatr used Waterfall!

18d 13h 31m Feraligatr used Waterfall! Musharna used Moonlight! Feraligatr used Ice Beam! Musharna used Psychic!

18d 13h 29m Sent out Feraligatr! Feraligatr used Surf! Musharna used Moonlight!

18d 13h 29m Unfezant used Fly! Musharna used Psychic! Unfezant down to 96/331HP! Musharna used Air Slash! Unfezant fainted!

18d 13h 27m Sent out Unfezant! Unfezant used Façade! Musharna used Moonlight!

18d 13h 26m Caitlin sent out Musharna! Emboar used Brick Break! Musharna used Psychic! Emboar fainted!

18d 13h 26m Sent out Emboar! Metagross used Earthquake! Emboar down to 96/364HP! Emboar used Brick Break! Metagross fainted!

18d 13h 25m Metagross used ThunderPunch! Zoroark down to 187/280HP! Metagross used Meteor Mash! Zoroark fainted!

18d 13h 24m Sent out Zoroark! Zoroark used Night Daze! Alakazam fainted!

18d 13h 23m Sceptile used Energy Ball! Reuniclused used Thunder! Sceptile fainted!

18d 13h 22m Sceptile used Energy Ball! Switched Sceptile out for Zoroark!

18d 13h 22m Caitlin used a Full Restore. Sceptile used Strength! Sceptile used Rock Slide! Gallade used Stone Edge!

18d 13h 12m Leavanny used Entrainment! Gallade used Stone Edge! Leavanny used X-Scissor! Gallade used Stone Edge! Leavanny fainted!

18d 13h 20m VS. Caitlin!

18d 13h 16m Oh, and Sceptile leveled up to 94! Missed the stats.

[Fluff] Trainer Card says CLY's a Naïve Ace Trainer.

[rip] teh urn.

18d 13h 13m Alice sent out Slaking! Feraligatr used Ice Beam! Slaking fainted! Feraligatr fainted due to the poison! Blacked out!

18d 13h 12m Feraligatr used Strength! Mew used Body Slam! Feraligatr down to 108HP! Feraligatr used Waterfall! Mew fainted! Alice sent out Sandslash! Sandslash fainted!

18d 13h 12m Sent out Feraligatr!

18d 13h 12m Unfezant used Fly! Mew used Body Slam! Unfezant fainted!

18d 13h 12m Alice sent out Marc! Marc used Surf! Unfezant down to 22HP!

18d 13h 11m Blastoise used Surf! Unfezantr down to 88HP! Unfezant used Air Slash! Blastoise fainted!

18d 13h 11m Blastoise used Surf! Unfezant down to 238/331HP! Unfezant used Fly!

18d 13h 11m A sent out Shellock! Unfezant used Fly!

18d 13h 10m OHKO'd Masquerain!

18d 13h 10m A sent out Hyperbug/Masquerain! Unfezant used Fly

18d 13h 10m Altaria used Fly! Unfezant used Fly! Altaria fainted!

18d 13h 9m VS. A!

18d 13h 9m Feraligatr used Waterfall! Bronzong fainted! Defeated nqpppnl!

18d 13h 8m Feraligatr used Waterfall! Bronzong down to yellow! Bronzong used Payback!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ raise your bronzongersヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

18d 13h 7m nqpppnl sent out Bronzong!

18d 13h 7m Sent out Feraligatr! Feraligatr used Waterfall! Roserade fainted! Feraligatr was poisoned!

18d 13h 6m nqpppnl sent out Roserade! Zoroark used Night Daze! Roserade down to red! Zoroark fainted!

18d 13h 5m Zoroark used Night Daze! Bibarel fainted!

18d 13h 5m Sent out Zoroark! Zoroark's HP: 3/280HP! Zoroark used Night Daze! Golbat fainted!

18d 13h 5m Golbat used Air Slash! Sceptile hurt itself in its confusion! Golbat used AIr Cutter! Sceptile down to 70HP! Golbat used Air Slash! Sceptile fainted!

18d 13h 4m nqpppnl sent out Golbat! Golbat used Confuse Ray! Sceptile used Dig!

18d 13h 3m Sceptile used Rock Slide! Flareon down to orange! Sceptile used Dig! Flareon fainted!

18d 13h 3m Sceptile used Energy ball! Shinx fainted!

18d 13h 3m VS. nqpppnl!

18d 13h 2m Sent out Sceptile! Sceptile used Dig! Bastiodon fainted! Defeated aoooo!

18d 13h 2m aooo sent out Bastiodon! Zoroark used Night Daze! Bastiodon used Magnet Bomb! Zoroark fainted!

18d 13h 1m aoooo sent out Sudowoodo! Zoroark used Night Daze! Zoroark endured the hit! Zoroark down to 39HP! Sudowoodo fainted!

18d 13h 1m aoooo sent out Omastar! Zoroark used Night Daze! Omastar fainted!

18d 13h 0m aoooo sent out Vibrava! Vibrava fainted!

18d 13h 0m Sent out Zoroark! Zoroark used Night Slash! Xatu fainted!

18d 12h 58m Xatu used Fly! Emboar fainted!

18d 12h 59m aooo sent out a NON-SHINY Xatu!

18d 12h 59m Sceptile used Energy Ball! OHKO'd Rampardos!

This is like the TPP League, and it's truely amazing! ;_;

18d 12h 58m VS. aoooo!

18d 12h 57m Joltik fainted! Defeated GMYC! Got 76k prize money!

18d 12h 57m GMYC sent out Tympole/Nonon! Tympole fainted! Sent out Druddigon! Druddion used Outrage! Emboar used Brick Break! Druddigon fainted!

18d 12h 56m Leavanny used X-Scissor! Tranquil fainted! Levanny fainted! Sent out Emboar! Zebstrika used Flame Charge! Emboar used Brick Break! Zebstrika fainted!

[Info] These trainers should be all our protagonist trainers throughout TPP.

[Info] When we talked to the Black Agent, he sent us to an area full of Pokémon Trainers.

18d 12h 54m Leavanny used X-Scissor! Deerling fainted! Leavanny Used X-Scissor! Tranquill used Fly! Leavanny used X-Scissor! Tranquill used Fly! Levanny down to 88/304HP!

18d 12h 52m VS. GMYC!

18d 12h 50m Entered the PWT building!

18d 12h 46m Gallade used Close Combat! Feraligatr fainted! Blacked out!

18d 12h 45m VS. Caitlin!

18d 12h 34m Grimsley sent out Liepard! Liepard used Fake Out! Liepard used Thunder Wave! Feraligatr was paralyzed! Feraligatr used Waterfall! Liepard fainted! Defeated Grimsley!

18d 12h 33m Sent out Feraligatr. Krookodile used Earthquake! Feraligatr used Waterfall! Krookodile fainted!

18d 12h 30m Grimsley sent out Krookodile! Krookodile used Earthquake! Emboar fainted!

18d 12h 29m Sent out Emboar! Emboar used Flamethrower! Bisharp fainted!

18d 12h 26m Zoroark used Dig! Bisharp down to orange! Bisharp used X-Scissor! Zoroark fainted!

18d 12h 25m Scrafty kept going and crashed ! Scrafty fainted! Grimsley sent out his Lv. 88 female Bisharp!

18d 12h 24m Scrafty used Dragon Dance! Zoroark used Dig!

18d 12h 24m Sent out Zoroark! Zoroark used Night Daze!

18d 12h 22m Sceptile used Dig! Scrafty used Hi Jump Kick! Sceptile fainted!

18d 12h 22m Sceptile used Dig! Scrafty used Dragon Dance!

18d 12h 22m Sent out Sceptile.

18d 12h 21m Grimsley sent out Scrafty! Unfezant used Fly... but it failed! Unfezant was buffeted by the sandstorm! Unfezant fainted!

18d 12h 21m Grimsley sent out Zoroark! Sent out Unfezant! Unfezant used Fly! Zoroark aka Krookodile fainted!

18d 12h 21m Leavanny was buffeted by the sandstorm and fainted!

18d 12h 20m Leavanny used X-Scissor! Tyranitar used Stone Edge! Tyranitar fainted!

18d 12h 18m VS. Grimsley!

18d 12h 9m Emboar used Flamethrower! Musharna was burned! Emboar fainted! Blacked out!

18d 12h 9m Caitlin sent out her Lv. 86 Musharna!

18d 12h 8m Sent out Emboar! Emboar used Heat Crash! Metagross used Earthquake! Emboar used Heat Crash! Metagross fainted!

18d 12h 8m Caitlin sent out her Lv. 88 Metagross! Metagross used Bullet Punch! Zoroark fainted!

18d 12h 7m Caitlin sent out her Lv .86 Alakazam! Zoroark used Night Daze! Alakazam fainted!

18d 12h 5m Zoroark used Night Slash! Zoroark used Night Daze! Reuniclus fainted!

18d 12h 5m Caitlin used a Full Restore!

18d 12h 5m Zoroark used Night Slash! Reuniclus down to ~2% health!

18d 12h 4m Sent out Zoroark!

18d 12h 3m Caitlin sent out her Lv. 86 female Reuniclus! Reuniclus used Thunder! Unfezant fainted!

18d 12h 2m Unfezant used Fly! Gallade fainted!

18d 12h 2m Caitlin sent out her male Lv. 86 Gallade! Unfezant used Air Slash! Gallade down to orange!

18d 12h 1m VS. Caitlin!

18d 11h 49m Flew to the Pokémon League!

18d 11h 43m Kingdra fainted! Defeated Juan!

18d 11h 42m Sent out Zoroark! Kingdra used Outrage! Zoroark down to 25/280HP! Zoroark used Night Slash!

18d 11h 39m Juan sent out his Lv. 77 male Kingdra! Sceptile used Energy Ball! Kingdra used Outrage! Sceptile fainted!

18d 11h 39m Juan sent out his Lv. 77 male Crawdaunt! Sceptile OHKO'd Crawdaunt!

18d 11h 38m Sent out Sceptile! Sceptile used Energy Ball! Gorebyss fainted!

18d 11h 38m Sent out Feraligatr! Gorebyss used Hydro Pump! Feraligatr fainted!

18d 11h 37m Juan sent out his Lv. 77 female Gorebyss! Gorebyss used Ice Beam! Leavanny fainted!

18d 11h 36m Whiscash used Strength! Leavanny used Razor Leaf! Whiscash fainted!

18d 11h 35m Juan sent out his Lv. 77 male Whiscash! Feraligatr used Strength! Whiscash used Earthquake! Switched Feraligatr out for Leavanny!

18d 11h 34m Feraligatr used Strength! Lapras fainted!

18d 11h 33m Lapras used Rest again!

18d 11h 32m Lapras used Rest!

18d 11h 31m Lapras used Hydro Pump! Feraligatr down to 178/308HP! Feraligatr used Strength! Lapras used Sing! Feraligatr fell asleep!

18d 11h 30m Used a Max Revive on Leavanny! We have 2 Max Revives left.

18d 11h 30m Used a Max Revive on Sceptile! We have 3 Max Revives left.

18d 11h 28m Sent out Feraligatr!

18d 11h 26m Switched Zoroark out for Sceptile! Sceptile used Energy Ball! Lapras used Blizzard! Sceptile down to 43/285HP and (was) frozen solid! Sceptile fainted!

18d 11h 25m Sent out Zoroark! Lapras used Rest!

18d 11h 24m Juan sent out his Lv. 77 male Lapras. Leavanny used Rzor Leaf! Lapras down to orange! Lapras used Hydro Pump! Leavanny fainted!

18d 11h 23m Politoed used Ice Beam! Leavanny down to 12/304HP! Leavanny used Razor Leaf! Politoed fainted!

18d 11h 23m Politoed used Ice Beam! Leavanny woke up and used Razor Leaf!

18d 11h 22m Leavanny used Razor Leaf! Juan's Lv. 77 male Politoed is in the red! Juan used a Full Restore!

18d 11h 22m VS. Juan!

18d 11h 17m Entered, then left the Poké Center.

18d 11h 13m Milotic used Hydro Pump on Emboar! OHKO'd Emboar! Metagross used Hammer Arm on Feraligatr! Feraligatr fainted! Blacked out!

18d 11h 12m Sent out Emboar! Feraligatr used Strength on Emboar! Emboar used Flamethrower on Feraligatr! Metagross used Hammer Arm on Feraligatr!

18d 11h 10m Sent out Unfezant! Unfezant fainted!

18d 11h 6m Metagross used Hammer Arm! Zoroark fainted!

18d 11h 6m Feraligatr used Surf! Zoroark down to 178/280HP!

18d 11h 5m Sent out Zoroark!

18d 11h 2m Milotic used Recover! Metagross used Meteor Mash! Sceptile fainted!

18d 11h 2m Sent out Feraligatr! Both Feraligatr and Sceptile used Dig!

18d 11h 1m Wallace used a Full Restore. Metagross used Bullet Punch! Leavanny fainted!

18d 11h 1m Leavanny used Razor Leaf! Milotic used Ice Beam! Sceptile down to 133HP! Meteor Mash! Metagross used Meteor Mash! Leavanny down to 70/304HP!

18d 10h 59m VS. Wallace and Steven!

18d 10h 52m Entered, then left the Poké Center.

18d 10h 46m Left the Poké Center in Mistralton City.

18d 10h 45m Sent out Sceptile! Sceptile used Dig! Sceptile used Dig! Zekrom used Outrage! Sceptile fainted! Blacked out!

18d 10h 43m Zekrom used Bolt Strike! OHKO'd Emboar!

18d 10h 42m Sent out Emboar!

18d 10h 42m Hilda used a Full Restore! Feraligatr used Ice Beam! Zekrom used Bolt Strike! Feraligatr fainted!

18d 10h 41m Sent out Feraligatr!

18d 10h 39m Sent out Leavanny! Leavanny fainted!

18d 10h 39m Zoroark used Dig! Zekrom down to orange! Zekrom used Bolt Strike! OHKO'd Zoroark!

18d 10h 38m Sent out Zoroark!

18d 10h 35m Zekrom used Stone Edge! Unfezant fainted!

18d 10h 35m Hilda sent out her Lv. 100 Zekrom!

18d 10h 35m ....? VS. Hilda!

18d 10h 32m Two wild Leafeon' appeared!

18d 10h 28m Caught a Lv. 91 male Dewott! Nickname "DewottX"

18d 10h 27m And another one! (#3)

18d 10h 26m And another one!

18d 10h 26m Threw a Dusk ball at a Lv. 91 male Dewott!

18d 10h 21m VS. a wild Lv. 45 male Kecleon!

18d 10h 4m By Skyla and her plane.

18d 10h 3m Back on land.

18d 10h 1m Still surfing on the water.

18d 10h 1m It looks like Pokémon Trainer Hilbert isn't anywhere in sight. Hilda was encountered earlier.

18d 9h 58m Came down the waterfall.

18d 9h 57m Went up the waterfall.

18d 9h 55m Surfing.

18d 9h 55m Flew to the Nature Preserve.

18d 9h 49m Entered the cargo building.

18d 9h 48m On the streets.

18d 9h 46m Returned to Mistralton City.

18d 9h 46m CLY blacks out!

18d 9h 45m Outrage cleanly takes out Emboar!

18d 9h 45m Zekrom's still using Outrage!

18d 9h 45m Go! Emboar!

18d 9h 42m Zekrom is using Outrage! Sceptile brought to its demise!

18d 9h 42m Dig brings Zekrom to yellow.

18d 9h 42m Sceptile digs again. Zekrom misses Outrage.

18d 9h 42m Dig doesn't hurt Zekrom too much.

18d 9h 42m Hilda uses the Full Restore. Zekrom in green.

18d 9h 41m Sceptile digs. Zekrom misses Outrage.

18d 9h 41m Sent in Sceptile.

18d 9h 41m Zoroark is knocked out!

18d 9h 40m Zekrom's down to red and using Outrage.

[Correction] Zoroark.

18d 9h 40m Go, Emboar!

18d 9h 40m Bolt Strike hits! Feraligatr is brought down!

18d 9h 39m Zekrom misses Bolt strike! Strength hits from Feraligatr. Zekrom in about half.

18d 9h 39m Sent in Feraligatr!

18d 9h 39m Sceptile, Zoroark, Emboar and Feraligatr remains.

18d 9h 39m Zekrom is still standing on the field at about 80% health.

18d 9h 38m Leavanny is instantly knocked out!

18d 9h 38m Grass Knot on Zekrom doesn't hurt it much either. Stone Edge hits!

18d 9h 38m Leavanny uses Entrainment. Zekrom misses Stone Edge.

18d 9h 38m Go, Leavanny!

18d 9h 38m Fly comes down. Zekrom isn't hurt much. Stone Edge at Unfezant knocks our bird out!

18d 9h 37m Unfezant flies! Zekrom misses Stone Edge!

18d 9h 37m Teravolt activates! Zekrom is on a balloon!

18d 9h 37m Unfezant vs. Zekrom!

18d 9h 36m Battle! VS. Pokémon Trainer Hilda!

18d 9h 33m Now in a clearing. This was where Arceus once stood!

18d 9h 32m In the end, we ran away from that Chansey.

18d 9h 32m 78 Dusk Balls remain. We throw one! Capture failed.

18d 9h 30m Threw a Dusk Ball at a wild Chansey. Capture failed.

18d 9h 29m No nickname was given.

18d 9h 29m Another Dusk Ball comes flying. Captured a female level 89 Girafarig.

18d 9h 28m Threw a Dusk Ball at a wild Girafarig. The Pokémon breaks free.

18d 9h 24m Making our way through the forest.

18d 9h 21m Back on land.

18d 9h 21m Surfing.

18d 9h 19m Flew to the Nature Preserve!

18d 9h 18m Back in Mistralton.

18d 9h 18m Once more to Lentimas!

[Fluff] CLY's sure enjoying these plane rides.

18d 9h 17m Flew to Mistralton once more.

18d 9h 16m Looks like we've flown to Lentimas yet again.

18d 9h 16m Spoke to the lady and we've arrived in Mistralton again.

18d 9h 15m Went back to Lentimas Town.

18d 9h 12m Flew back to Mistralton again.

18d 9h 11m Flew back to Lentimas Town.

18d 9h 11m We talk to the lady next to the plane and we're back at Mistralton.

18d 9h 10m Flew to Lentimas Town.

18d 9h 9m Entered the cargo building.

18d 9h 3m Left the gym. Back in Mistralton City.

18d 9h 3m Entered the Mistralton Gym.

18d 9h 2m We're at the aeroplane runway.

[Chat] Saturn_kun: SwiftRage Lets go back to Jorsun Island!

(Since most of the wild pokemon are unevolved)

18d 8h 57m Back in Mistralton City.

18d 8h 57m Black out!

18d 8h 57m Zekrom uses Bolt Strike! Feraligatr cannot take the hit! Feraligatr faints!

18d 8h 57m Feraligatr launches Ice Beam! Zekrom in about half.

18d 8h 56m Hilda heals up Zekrom! Zekrom is back to full.

18d 8h 56m Go, Feraligatr!

18d 8h 55m Feraligatr is the only one remaining.

18d 8h 55m Leavanny is knocked out!

18d 8h 55m Leavanny uses X-Scissor. Zekrom barely survives! Stone Edge hits Leavanny!

18d 8h 55m Leavanny, go!

18d 8h 54m Only Leavanny and the actual Feraligatr is left.

18d 8h 54m Bolt Strike hits! Zoroark's illusion wears off and is taken down immediately!

18d 8h 54m Feraligatr is Zoroark! Zoroark uses Foul Play! Zekrom in yellow.

18d 8h 53m Go, Feraligatr!

18d 8h 52m Emboar is taken down!

18d 8h 52m Zekrom isn't hurt much. Zekrom uses Bolt Strike!

18d 8h 51m Zekrom misses Bolt Strike! Emboar uses Brick Break!

18d 8h 51m Go, Emboar!

18d 8h 51m Sceptile faints!

18d 8h 51m Zekrom misses Outrage. Dig doesn't affect Zekrom who is on a balloon!

18d 8h 51m Sceptile digs!

18d 8h 50m Zekrom is level 100!

18d 8h 50m Sceptile vs. Zekrom!

18d 8h 50m Battle! VS. Pokémon Trainer Hilda!

18d 8h 50m Nickname is Leafeo.

18d 8h 49m Captured a level 83 male Leafeon with a Dusk Ball.

18d 8h 46m Another Dusk Ball captures it. Captured level 28 male Servine. No nickname.

18d 8h 46m Threw a Dusk Ball at a wild Servine. It is not captured.

18d 8h 46m Sceptile's clinging on with just 14HP.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

18d 8h 43m RAN FROM ARCEUS.

18d 8h 43m Hyper Beam is launched at Sceptile! Sceptile in red.

18d 8h 43m Dusk Ball again! Arceus is not caught!

18d 8h 43m Arceus recovers!

18d 8h 43m Nope! Capture failed.

18d 8h 42m One more Dusk Ball, go!

18d 8h 42m Arceus fails to be captured!

18d 8h 42m Dusk Ball again!

18d 8h 42m Arceus uses Hyper Beam! Sceptile in about half.

18d 8h 42m Dusk Ball! Go! Capture failed.

18d 8h 42m Arceus isn't hurt much. Arceus needs to recharge!

18d 8h 42m Sceptile uses Rock Slide!

18d 8h 41m Sent in Sceptile!

18d 8h 41m Arceus is standing on the field at full health!

18d 8h 40m Tried to use Dire Hit again. Hit by Hyper Beam! Unfezant faints.

18d 8h 40m Wasted a turn on a Dire Hit. Arceus uses Refresh to no avail.

18d 8h 40m Threw another Dusk Ball! Nope! Failed.

18d 8h 39m Unfezant is in yellow!

18d 8h 39m Arceus launches Hyper Beam at Unfezant!

18d 8h 39m Threw a Dusk Ball! Failed!

18d 8h 39m Unfezant roosts!

18d 8h 37m VS Arceus!

18d 8h 37m We're just in front of Arceus.

18d 8h 37m Is that? It is! Arceus is in sight!

18d 8h 35m Making our way through the maze of trees.

18d 8h 35m Encountered a level 100 wild Pignite! Whoa!

18d 8h 34m Reached a dead end. At a forest area in the Nature Preserve.

18d 8h 34m Back on land.

18d 8h 31m Yet another Dusk Ball is thrown. Nope, no capture!

18d 8h 31m Threw another Dusk Ball at another wild Dratini. It fails to be captured.

18d 8h 29m Threw a Dusk Ball at a wild Dratini. Capture failed.

18d 8h 25m We're surfing through a stream.

18d 8h 25m Oh, it's a level 96 wild Psyduck! The wild Pokémon here are strong!

18d 8h 24m Surfing again.

[Correction] Max Potion.

18d 8h 22m Back on land.

18d 8h 22m Found a Max Poiton.

18d 8h 20m Surfing.

18d 8h 18m Welcome to Unova's Nature Preserve!

18d 8h 18m We're now on a plane!

18d 8h 18m Talked to the receptionist.

18d 8h 15m Entered the cargo building.

18d 8h 14m Back in Mistralton City.

18d 8h 12m Arrived at Chargestone Cave.

18d 8h 12m Entered the Pokécentre in Mistralton. Checkpoint.

18d 8h 7m At the streets.

18d 8h 1m On the aeroplane runway.

18d 7h 59m Flew to Mistralton City!

18d 7h 56m Exited the lab.

18d 7h 56m With the Permit, CLY is now allowed to go to the Nature Preserve.

18d 7h 55m Received the Permit from Professor Juniper!

18d 7h 55m She commends us for meeting every single Pokémon in the Unova region!

18d 7h 55m Juniper inspects our Pokédex.

18d 7h 54m Entered the lab! Juniper is there!

18d 7h 54m Next to the lab.

18d 7h 53m Entered a house and left. Now on the streets.

18d 7h 52m Flew to Nuvema Town!

18d 7h 51m Unfezant given the Escape Rope to hold.

18d 7h 51m Feraligatr is given the Super Repel to hold.

18d 7h 50m Looks like we're trying to fly now!

18d 7h 49m In Route 9 currently.

18d 7h 49m Exited Shopping Mall Nine.

18d 7h 48m Waitress Olwen defeated.

18d 7h 48m Fly lands. Delcatty down.

18d 7h 48m Unfezant flies! Delcatty misses Sing.

18d 7h 48m Butterfree faints! Olwen sends in Delcatty.

18d 7h 48m Butterfree comes out and gets hit by Air Slash.

18d 7h 48m Unfezant wakes up and hits with Air Slash! Skitty down.

18d 7h 47m Unfezant is asleep. Skitty hits with Double Edge!

18d 7h 47m We have completed the New Unova Dex!

18d 7h 47m She sends out Skitty! Go, Unfezant!

18d 7h 47m Challenged! By Waitress Olwen!

18d 7h 47m Spoke to a waitress at the shopping mall.

18d 7h 45m Came down again.

18d 7h 43m Went up the stairs.

18d 7h 41m The receptionist greets us warmly. "Done Shopping? Nein."

18d 7h 41m Entered Shopping Mall Nine.

18d 7h 39m Into Route 9.

18d 7h 38m Flew to Opelucid City.

18d 7h 37m Only one Pokémon left to be seen in order to complete the Unova Pokédex!

18d 7h 36m Encountered Eevee!

18d 7h 34m We're still wandering around Castelia's gardens.

18d 7h 19m Unfezant's now asleep.

18d 7h 16m CLY is a Timid Ace Trainer, according to her trainer card.

18d 7h 12m Skitty and Eevee are in this area.

18d 7h 11m We're at Castelia City, or more specifically, the garden above the sewers.

18d 7h 11m Went up the stairs!

18d 7h 8m Arrived at Castelia Sewers.

18d 7h 8m An exit is up ahead.

18d 7h 7m Used Strength! The boulder is pushed into the hole.

18d 7h 6m Another large boulder is in sight.

18d 7h 0m Back at Relic Passage.

18d 6h 53m Looks like CLY's heading back now.

18d 6h 51m Encountered a wild Omanyte! We ran.

18d 6h 49m Still wandering around.

18d 6h 34m At another section of Relic Castle.

18d 6h 30m Back at Relic Castle.

[Info] Only Skitty and Eevee need to be spotted to complete the New Unova Dex! They are both at Castelia Garden!

18d 6h 28m Returned to the Relic Passage.

18d 6h 27m Archen encountered!

[Info] Archen only appears in this room, at a 5% encounter rate. It is one of the last 3 Pokemon that we need to see to complete the Unova Dex.

18d 6h 20m Wandering around the area.

18d 6h 16m An entrance is in sight. Headed through the entrance. In Relic Castle now.

18d 6h 14m The boulder is lodged into the hole in front. The path is now cleared!

18d 6h 13m Used Strength! Pushed the boulder.

18d 6h 13m A large boulder is up ahead.

18d 6h 12m Walked away from the water. We're heading right it seems.

18d 6h 10m Headed through a doorway. In another part of the Relic Passage. This time there's water.

18d 6h 10m Navigating through the Relic Passage.

18d 6h 3m Pupitar faints. Backpacker Eileen defeated.

18d 6h 3m Inputs are working again!

[Snark] More like Unfezareon vs. Sneasitar.

18d 5h 59m Inputs are currently not working for the main game. Stadium is going on with 0 bets on each team.

[Info] We're stuck in a trainer battle with Unfezant vs. Pupitar. The inputs are not working, but the stream is still up.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

18d 5h 53m Looks like the inputs have frozen!

[Info] Only three Pokemon remain that need to seen in the Unova Dex!

18d 5h 50m Eileen sends in Pupitar.

18d 5h 50m Trapinch is hit by Air Slash and faints.

18d 5h 50m Eileen sends in Trapinch.

18d 5h 49m Air Slash! Larvitar down.

18d 5h 49m Unfezant vs. Larvitar.

18d 5h 49m VS. Backpacker Eileen.

18d 5h 49m Challenged by a trainer.

18d 5h 46m Entered Relic Passage.

18d 5h 45m Arrived at PWT.

18d 5h 45m On the streets.

18d 5h 40m Welcome to Driftveil City!

[Stadium] And yes, that was the highest bet in Stadium 2 history.

18d 5h 38m Making our way through the bridge.

[Stadium] The cause of the unbalanced odds in Stadium 2 was that Fitatabo bet a total of 1,000,000. In the end, blue won, and Fitatabo kept his/her bet!

18d 5h 35m At Driftveil Drawbridge.

18d 5h 34m Jumped past the ledge. On the pavement.

18d 5h 33m Wandering the area. In a patch of dark grass.

[Stadium] Look at the odds! It's currently 68.47:1 blue/red. Blue team has 1107955 in bets and red team has 16181.

18d 5h 30m Jigglypuff found.

18d 5h 29m Artist Horton defeated.

18d 5h 29m Air Slash! Smeargle is no match for Unfezant.

18d 5h 29m Smeargle is next.

18d 5h 29m It faints to Air Slash as well.

18d 5h 29m Jigglypuff comes out.

18d 5h 29m Sigilyph hit by Air Slash. Sigilyph down.

18d 5h 28m Sigilyph is next.

18d 5h 28m Unfezant uses Air Slash. Mime Jr. down.

18d 5h 28m Unfezant vs. Mime Jr.

18d 5h 28m Challenged by Artist Horton.

18d 5h 28m Oh, a trainer spots us! Battle!

18d 5h 26m Onto Route 5.

18d 5h 26m Heading west.

18d 5h 24m Left the amusement park area earlier. Now in the city area of Nimbasa.

18d 5h 20m Off the Ferris Wheel. Hiker Andy is quite sad. He offers some advice to CLY.

18d 5h 19m He reminisces about an event that occurred two years ago in summer.

18d 5h 19m Rode the Ferris Wheel with Hiker Andy.

18d 5h 18m Hiker Andy defeated.

18d 5h 18m Boldore faints to Air Slash.

18d 5h 18m Rock Blast is launched at Unfezant. Unfezant still in green.

18d 5h 18m Unfezant uses Air Slash. Boldore survives due to Sturdy.

18d 5h 18m Unfezant vs. Boldore.

18d 5h 18m Battle! Hiker Andy.

18d 5h 17m Spoke to the Hiker at the Ferris Wheel.

18d 5h 16m Left the gym. Back in Nimbasa's amusement park area.

[Chat] ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ DANCE RIOT ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

18d 5h 12m On the catwalk!

18d 5h 11m Arrived at Nimbasa City's Gym.

18d 5h 8m In the amusement park area.

18d 5h 7m Flew to Nimbasa City.

18d 5h 6m Looks like we're trying to fly now.

18d 5h 4m At the western half of the desert

18d 4h 59m Just wandering the area.

18d 4h 57m Tympole now found.

18d 4h 57m Backpacker Walt defeated.

18d 4h 56m Barboach faints to Air Slash.

18d 4h 56m Barboach comes in.

18d 4h 56m Air Slash! Tympole is brought down.

18d 4h 56m He sends in Tympole. Go, Unfezant!

18d 4h 56m Challenged by Backpacker Walt!

18d 4h 54m Wandering the desert.

18d 4h 50m Arrived at Desert Resort.

18d 4h 48m Onto the desert area.

[Snark] Ah, memories...

18d 4h 47m Breeder Irene defeated.

18d 4h 46m Zoroark hits with Night Daze. Happiny down.

18d 4h 46m Zoroark misses another Night Daze. Happiny copies Night Daze. Zoroark is at 221HP.

18d 4h 46m The confused Zoroark hurts itself. Happiny uses Copycat but fails Sweet Kiss.

18d 4h 45m Zoroark misses a Night Daze. Happiny uses Sweet Kiss. Zoroark is confused.

18d 4h 45m Happiny copies that as well.

18d 4h 44m Zoroark digs again.

18d 4h 44m Zoroark comes out, but there's no target! Happiny comes out after. Zoroark is not hurt by much.

18d 4h 44m Zoroark digs. Happiny copies Zoroark and burrows under.

18d 4h 44m Happiny comes out.

18d 4h 43m Feraligatr was Zoroark, apparently! Togepi down to Night Slash.

18d 4h 43m Switched to Feraligatr.

18d 4h 42m Unfezant vs. Togepi. Long time no see, Irene!

18d 4h 42m Oh, it's Irene! PKMN Breeder Irene here we come!

18d 4h 42m Onto Route 4.

18d 4h 39m Looks like we're heading north.

18d 4h 38m Arrived at the plaza in Castelia City.

18d 4h 37m At Casteliacone street.

18d 4h 35m Back in Castelia City.

18d 4h 35m Took the lift to the first floor.

18d 4h 34m Heading back to the lift.

18d 4h 34m Pansear is now found.

18d 4h 33m Clerk Gilligan defeated.

18d 4h 33m It's down to Air Slash.

18d 4h 33m Panpour comes next.

18d 4h 33m Air Slash takes it out.

18d 4h 33m Pansear is sent in.

18d 4h 33m Unfezant finishes off Pansage quickly.

18d 4h 32m Out comes Pansage. We send in Unfezant.

18d 4h 32m VS. Clerk Gilligan.

18d 4h 32m A trainer spots us! Challenge.

18d 4h 30m Took the lift to the 47th floor.

18d 4h 29m Entered the Battle Company building.

18d 4h 26m Arrived in Castelia City.

18d 4h 26m Made into the gatehouse.

18d 4h 16m The music is great here.

18d 4h 15m Onto the Skyarrow Bridge.

18d 4h 13m Entered the foresty part of the Pinwheel Forest.

18d 4h 10m Into the Pinwheel Forest.

18d 4h 10m Headed west.

18d 4h 6m Back in Nacrene City.

18d 4h 5m Low Sweep takes out Wilbur. Black out!

18d 4h 5m Wilbur in the yellow.

18d 4h 4m Wilbur is slowed, and promptly put to sleep the next turn.

18d 4h 4m Breloom brought to 1hp by Flamethrower.

18d 4h 4m Breloom in.

18d 4h 4m Second Flamethrower takes out Hariyama.

18d 4h 3m Flamethrower bring Hariyama to yellow. Wilbur dodges a Cross Chop.

18d 4h 3m Wilbur is sent in.

18d 4h 1m Hariyama in. Gator goes down to confusion damage and Cross Chop.

18d 4h 1m Machamp out to Waterfall.

18d 4h 1m Gator down in yellow thanks to Dynamicpunch damage and confusion.

18d 4h 0m Waterfall brings it it to yellow. Dynamicpunch hits Gator and confuses him.

18d 4h 0m Machamp in.

18d 4h 0m Second Waterfall takes out Scrafty.

18d 3h 59m Waterfall brings it to yellow. It sets up a Dragon Dance.

18d 3h 59m In comes Scrafty.

18d 3h 59m Second Waterfall takes out Medicham.

18d 3h 59m Brawly heals it with a Full Restore.

18d 3h 59m Brawly sends in Medicham. Waterfall brings it to red. It flinches.

18d 3h 58m Sent in Gator. He finishes off Mienshao.

18d 3h 57m Mienshao is currently in the yellow.

18d 3h 56m Zoro v Mienshao. Zoro down.

18d 3h 55m Battling Brawly!

18d 3h 53m Back in Virbank City.

[Info] This handy list contains the 'mons we still have to see.

18d 3h 51m The quest to complete the Pokédex continues.

18d 3h 49m We found Magby! That was fast.

18d 3h 47m Entered the Virbank Complex.

18d 3h 46m Hanging around on the streets.

18d 3h 44m Arrived in Virbank City.

18d 3h 43m Entered the gatehouse. Exited. Entered.

18d 3h 43m Hanging around next to the gatehouse.

18d 3h 42m Flew to Pokéstar Studios!

18d 3h 41m We can't dig here in the forest. Not a cave, you see?

18d 3h 38m Wandering around the Pinwheel Forest.

18d 3h 36m Nugget obtained.

18d 3h 34m Defeated Ace Trainer Kelsey!

18d 3h 34m We use Dig, avoiding Mighty's attack. Dig hits, and Mightyena is down!

18d 3h 34m We use Night Daze, it uses Crunch.

18d 3h 33m Sent out Zoroark.

18d 3h 33m Sent out Sceptile. We use Energy Ball, it KOs Sceptile with a Crunch.

18d 3h 33m Mighty avoids our attack, KOs Leavanny with a Fire Fang.

18d 3h 32m Against Mightyena!

18d 3h 32m We use Razor Leaf, and Milotic faints!

18d 3h 32m We send out Leavanny. Milotic uses Ice Beam.

18d 3h 31m Against Milotic!

18d 3h 31m We use Energy Ball, and OHKO it!

18d 3h 31m It uses Fake Out, flinching us!

18d 3h 31m Against Delcatty!

18d 3h 31m Against Castform. We OHKO it!

18d 3h 30m We use Strength, Plusle faints!

18d 3h 30m We use Energy Ball, Plusle uses Signal Beam!

18d 3h 29m We send out Sceptile. We use Dig! It misses. Plusle uses Signal Beam!

18d 3h 28m We use Fly, but Plusle KOs Unfezant with a Thunder.

18d 3h 28m Against Plusle.

18d 3h 28m We Fly, avoiding Swampert's Attack. Fly hits, Swampert down!

18d 3h 27m We use Air Slash, flinching Swampert!

18d 3h 27m We waster another turn, Swampert uses Hydro Pump!

18d 3h 26m We waste a turn, Swampert uses Hammer Arm!

18d 3h 25m Fly hits, Swampert uses Hammer Arm!

18d 3h 25m We Fly, avoiding a Hydro Pump.

18d 3h 24m We send out Unfezant against Swampert.

18d 3h 24m Battling Ace Trainer Kelsey!

18d 3h 23m Found an HP Up!

18d 3h 23m We save!

18d 3h 20m Outside of the Forest!

18d 3h 18m In Pinwheel Forest!

18d 3h 15m Left the Pokecenter!

18d 3h 13m Checkpointed at the Pokecenter!

18d 3h 12m Outside.

18d 3h 11m Inside of a house.

18d 3h 9m Outside!

18d 3h 9m Inside the Gym Leaders House!

18d 3h 7m Flew to Nacrene City!

18d 3h 6m Feraligatr's King's Rock and Unfezant's Max Repel were swapped!

[Party] Unfezant, Sceptile, Zoroark, Leavanny, Emboar, Feraligatr!

[Party] Leavanny, Sceptile, Zoroark, Unfezant, Emboar, Feraligatr!

18d 2h 56m Party swap!

18d 2h 54m Emboar now switched his Water Gem for a Max Repel.

18d 2h 54m Quiffle is now holding a Max Repel.

18d 2h 53m Zoroark's Water Gem and Emboar's Shiny Stone were switched!

18d 2h 51m We switch Emboar and Feraligatr!

18d 2h 50m Still surfing around!

18d 2h 42m 9 Unova Pokemon left!

18d 2h 41m Doctor heals us!

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 93 - Max. HP 285 Attack 207 Defense 129 Sp. Atk 246 Sp. Def 204 Speed 254

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 95 - Max. HP 304 Attack 246 Defense 173 Sp. Atk 165 Sp. Def 140 Speed 220

18d 2h 37m Found a PP Up!

18d 2h 36m Fisherman Kenzo defeated!

18d 2h 36m Dig hits, Golduck down!

18d 2h 36m We use Dig, it uses Amnesia!

18d 2h 36m Against Golduck!

18d 2h 35m We use Strength, OHKO!

18d 2h 35m Against Palpitoad!

18d 2h 35m We use Dig. Dig hits, OHKO!

18d 2h 35m Against Frillish!

18d 2h 35m Sceptile level 93!

18d 2h 34m Against Corsola! We use Energy Ball to OHKO it!

18d 2h 34m We use Energy Ball. Tirtogua down!

18d 2h 34m We send out Sceptile against Tirtogua!

18d 2h 33m Battling Fisherman Kenzo!

18d 2h 33m Surfing!

18d 2h 31m On Route 21!

[Info] Now we only have 11 Unova Pokemon left to see. Progress!

18d 2h 28m Rocky disappears!

18d 2h 27m Another Energy Ball KOs Gigalith. Black Belt Rocky defeated!

18d 2h 27m Against Gigalith. We use Energy Ball, it uses Heavy Slam.

18d 2h 26m Sceptile uses Energy Ball. Boldore down.

18d 2h 26m We send out Sceptile!

18d 2h 25m Boldore KOs Leavanny!

18d 2h 24m Against Boldore!

18d 2h 24m Leavanny level 95!

18d 2h 24m Another Razor Leaf KOs Raggen.

18d 2h 24m We use Razor Leaf, avoiding a Stone Edge.

[Info] We are in Seaside Cave currently.

18d 2h 23m Against another Raggenrola!

18d 2h 23m Leavanny at 15 HP. He KOs Roggen with Grass Knot.

18d 2h 22m Against another Rogenrola! Razor Leaf vs. Stone Edge!

18d 2h 22m Another Razor Leaf KOs it!

18d 2h 22m We use Razor Leaf, it misses Stone Edge.

18d 2h 22m We send out Leavanny against Roggenrola!

18d 2h 21m We challenge Black Belt Rocky!

18d 2h 21m We enter a cave!

18d 2h 20m Arisa defeated!

18d 2h 19m We use Razor Leaf, and OHKO Seadra!

18d 2h 19m We use Entrainment, it uses Brine.

18d 2h 19m Against a Seadra!

[Snark] RIP Lord Cover.

18d 2h 19m We use Razor Leaf, and OHKO it!

18d 2h 18m Against Tortouga!

18d 2h 18m We OHKO it with Razor Leaf.

18d 2h 18m We send out Leavanny against Finneon.

18d 2h 18m Facing Swimmer Arisa!

18d 2h 15m Swimmer Matt defeated!

18d 2h 14m Against Seel, Seel uses Aqua Jet, we OHKO it with Razor Leaf.

18d 2h 14m Against Spheal, OHKO!

18d 2h 14m Against Wingull. We OHKO it too!

18d 2h 14m We OHKO Mantyke with Razor Leaf!

18d 2h 13m We send out Leavanny against Mantyke.

18d 2h 13m Battling Swimmer Matt!

18d 2h 11m Found a Splash Plate!

18d 2h 9m Defeated Ace Swimmer Summer!

18d 2h 9m We use Razor Leaf, and OHKO it!

18d 2h 9m We use Grass Knot, and OHKO it! Against Milotic!

18d 2h 9m We send out Leavanny against Gyrados!

18d 2h 8m Challenged Ace Swimmer Summer!

18d 2h 5m We surf!

18d 2h 4m In Undella Town!

18d 1h 59m On Route 14!

18d 1h 53m We keep exiting and re-entering.

18d 1h 52m We enter the Black Tower.

[Info] Apparently we are going to look for Archen now. Fun!

18d 1h 41m We save!

18d 1h 29m In Black City!

18d 1h 24m We get TM20 Safeguard!


Well, Guess I'm gonna go sign up for TwitchSpeaks Human Mode.

18d 1h 22m We use a Max Revive on Zoroark!

18d 1h 11m Still trying to get the item, battling wild Pokemon in the process.

[Info] As we're pushing the boulder, we are apparently overshooting the commands, and trapping the item in the corner. So we keep resetting the boulder back until we can successfully grab the item.

18d 0h 46m We push more boulders!

[Meta] As TwitchSpeaks goes offline, We've now ended the "Human Mode" Live Reading over on TwitchSpeaks.

18d 0h 37m Back in the transition area. And out!

18d 0h 29m Battling more wild Pokemon!

18d 0h 27m We use Strength on more boulders!

18d 0h 24m Back on Route 15!

18d 0h 23m We enter a Route Transition Area.

[Fluff] Wait... We actually successfully managed to max revive 2 of our Pokémon without needing a doctor, or healer, or the Pokémon Center? If we manage to revive Zoroark like this, I'll sign up for TwitchSpeaks live reading for sure!

18d 0h 20m We use Strength on a Boulder!

[Info] Only Zoroark is down.

18d 0h 15m We also used a Max Revive on Leavanny!

18d 0h 13m Still wandering Route 15!

18d 0h 11m We use a Max Revive on Sceptile!

18d 0h 7m Used a Dusk Ball on another Gliscor! It fails.

18d 0h 4m Level 64 Female Gliscor. Nickname is FQA_

18d 0h 4m Fourth dusk ball catches it!

18d 0h 3m Third dusk ball fails.

18d 0h 3m We use another Dusk Ball. 98 left!

18d 0h 2m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Gliscor. It fails!

18d 0h 1m Just battling wild Pokemon!

Welcome to Day 19 of Pokémon Black 2

Pokémon X Dawn of the First Day!

17d 23h 59m Male, nickname ALWER___CT, didn't catch level.

17d 23h 58m Caught the Throh with a Dusk Ball!

17d 23h 56m We keep using Roost and attempting to use items that won't work against a wild Throh.

17d 23h 50m Houndoom knocked out! Trainer defeated!

17d 23h 50m Houndoom is in the red! Another flinch!

17d 23h 49m Fly lands again! Stoutland knocked out! Houndoom sent out.

17d 23h 48m Stoutland is in the red! It flinched!

17d 23h 48m Qwiffle uses Fly!

17d 23h 48m Looking through the Bag.

17d 23h 47m Stoutland is down to just over half HP, and Unfezant is just under half HP.

17d 23h 45m Qwiffle uses Fly and knocks out Arcanine! Elliot sends out Stoutland.

17d 23h 45m Arcanine is in the red again! Unfezant is at about half HP.

17d 23h 44m Arcanine at about half HP, Unfezant at about 2/3

17d 23h 44m Elliot uses Full Restore!

17d 23h 44m Arcanine is in the red, and Unfezant was identified.

17d 23h 43m Arcanine's ExtremeSpeed does little damage; Unfezant's Air Slash takes Arcanine down to just above half HP!

17d 23h 42m Challenged by Pokefan Elliot! Unfezant vs Arcanine!

17d 23h 42m On Route 15.

17d 23h 39m Left the bridge; in a gate now.

17d 23h 37m Still on the bridge. Right next to a door right now.

17d 23h 33m Picked up a Swift Wing!

17d 23h 33m Arrived on Marvelous Bridge!

17d 23h 32m Left the route, and entered a tunnel heading East.

17d 23h 30m Another Air Slash! Farfetch'd down! Cyclist Krissa defeated! CLY gets 864 for winning!

17d 23h 30m Air Slash against Ducklett! Ducklett down! Farfetch'd up!

17d 23h 29m Air Slash against Torchic! Torchic down! Ducklett up!

17d 23h 28m Challenged by Cyclist Krissa! Unfezant vs. Torchic!

[Meta] Omnibussu is now reading the hivemind chat aloud over at http://www.twitch.tv/twitchspeaks ! Head on over!

17d 23h 26m Threw a Dusk Ball on a wild Pawniard! It was caught! It's a Level 25 Male! Nicknamed BPMQ

17d 23h 24m Breeder Galen defeated! Now on Route 16!

17d 23h 22m Challenged Breeder Galen again! Run #12 it is!

17d 23h 21m Threw a Dusk Ball on a wild Exeggcute! We caught it! It's a Level 24 Female! No Nickname.

17d 23h 17m Left the narrow grotto.

17d 23h 12m We're checking the grotto again.

[Info] I believe that we are currently counting the # of steps before we reset the item/Pokémon that appears in the grotto that we keep entering/exiting.

[SecondStreamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I press buttons for you

17d 22h 50m Breeder Galen defeated!

17d 22h 42m Challenged by Breeder Galen again! Run #11!

17d 22h 39m Left the Narrow path.

17d 22h 38m Entered the narrow path again.

[Info] Levanny, Sceptile, and Zoroark are currently down. Unfezant 99% HP. Feraligatr and Emboar at 100% HP.

17d 22h 23m Registering one of our favorite medals, only to get it removed from favorites. Also, we exited the narrow path again.

17d 22h 22m Entered the narrow path again.

17d 22h 20m Still wandering around the Lostlorn Forest

17d 22h 10m Exited the narrow path/grotto.

17d 22h 7m Entered the narrow path/grotto again.

17d 21h 59m Encountering some wild Pokémon.

[Fluff] It's glasses-free 3D! At least that's what the advertising said.

[Fluff] I was about to post that people were saying that. To clarify, they're referring to the timer which starts with "Pokemon X starts in 3d".

[Fluff] Pokémon X starts in 3d. Wait, so does that mean I need 3D glasses? Kappa

17d 21h 46m Left the narrow path.

[Fluff] Okay, So I was wrong about that about something not being there.

17d 21h 45m Found a Stable Mulch!

[Snark] And there is absolutely nothing in here.

17d 21h 43m We find a narrow path, and follow it!

[Snark] Mudkipz... So I heard you like?

17d 21h 38m Brick Break! Togetic down! Breeder Galen defeated! CLY gets 832 for winning!

[Snark] This breeder is so strong... I don't think we will make it.

17d 21h 38m Brick Break! Sudowoodo down! Togetic up!

17d 21h 37m Bide vs. Brick Break! Mudkip down! Sudowoodo up!

17d 21h 37m Another Brick Break! Bonsly down! Mudkip up!

17d 21h 36m Brick Break against Bonsley. Rock Tomb against us but it failed.

17d 21h 36m We switched out for Emboar.

[Info] If you're curious, this is our 10th time facing Galen this game.

17d 21h 35m Challenged by Breeder Galen! Unfezant vs. Bonsley!

17d 21h 35m Entered Lostlorn Forest.

17d 21h 34m Raikou Spotted!

[Info] We're looking for Tympole in Route 16. He has a 4% Spawn Rate in the regular grass here.

17d 21h 31m Entered Route 16.

17d 21h 30m Left the city, in the tunnel heading East.

17d 21h 27m We're in Nimbasa right now. Something tells me someone's going to get what she needs soon.

17d 21h 28m Flew to Nimbasa City!

[Meta] GDoc is now updated!

17d 21h 11m Out in the chasm's forest now.

17d 20h 58m Inside to the front area. Still checking Pokedex.

17d 20h 51m Still looking. We also are outside.

17d 20h 38m Checking the Pokedex a lot.

17d 20h 33m Out of Kyurem's room.

17d 20h 25m Just wandering around Kyurem's room right now.

[Correction] We were versing Lass Crevett and Lass Peso in that video. Sorry about that.

[rip] Memoires. ;_;

17d 20h 21m We Delete the video. I guess we didn't like it.

17d 20h 20m We keep pausing and replaying.

17d 20h 19m It's Grovyle and Excadrill VS Krokorok and Blitzle.

17d 20h 19m VS Las Crevett and Las Peso.

17d 20h 19m We watch a Battle Subway video.

[Fluff] Maybe we are trying to find our battle with Kyurem and see what went wrong?

17d 20h 17m Opened up the VS Recorder.

17d 20h 16m Obtained the DNA Splicers.

17d 20h 16m WE RUN FROM KYUREM.

17d 20h 14m In comes Quiffle.

17d 20h 14m Zoroark faints soon after.

17d 20h 14m We use another Dusk Ball. It fails.

17d 20h 13m We weaken Kyurem with Night Daze next.

17d 20h 13m We use a Dusk Ball. It fails.

17d 20h 13m VS Kyurem.

[Info] It was a male Piloswine, BTW.

17d 20h 11m Caught a wild Pilsowine. Lv 61, No nickname.

[Snark] How are we going to beat this pile of swine now?

17d 20h 9m Sceptile faints to a wild Piloswine.

17d 20h 8m Back into another part of Giant Chasm.

[Snark] CLY put her PP Up? I thought she was a girl!?!?

17d 20h 3m Found a PP-Up!

17d 19h 59m Out to a forest area.

17d 19h 57m Wandering around at the first floor.

17d 19h 49m Inside Giant Chasm.

17d 19h 47m Slowly going down into the middle.

17d 19h 46m Outside Giant Chasm.

17d 19h 42m On Route 13!

17d 19h 41m We fly to Lacunosa Town!

17d 19h 34m We left the tower and are now battling wild Pokemon.

17d 19h 29m We enter the tower!

17d 19h 27m Back on land!

17d 19h 18m Dusk Ball #2 fails. We run!

17d 19h 18m We send out Gator!

17d 19h 16m Dusk Ball #1 fails. Hit with Psychic. Leavanny faints!

17d 19h 15m We send out Leavanny!

17d 19h 15m Engaged Latias!

17d 19h 14m Caught level 67 Female Tranquill! Nickname is 111ME

17d 19h 13m Used a Dusk Ball on a wild Tranquill. It catches!

17d 19h 12m Found a Carbos!

17d 19h 9m Back on land!

17d 19h 8m We surf!

17d 19h 7m Back outside!

17d 19h 6m The game froze tempoarirly! It's good now!

17d 19h 5m Inside of the Tower!

17d 19h 4m Sawsbuck Caught! Level 65, Male, No Nickname!

17d 19h 3m We use 2 Dusk Balls on a wild Sawsbuck. Second one catches!

17d 19h 1m Heading to Dragonspiral Tower!

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 94 - Max. HP 301 Attack 243 Defense 171 Sp. Atk 162 Sp. Def 138 Speed 218

17d 18h 53m Out of the Pokecenter!

17d 18h 53m Black Out!

17d 18h 52m Metagross KOs Gator!

17d 18h 52m Gator against Milotic and Metagross!


17d 18h 52m Challenged Wallace and Steven!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ double victory riotヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

17d 18h 49m Wallace and Steven Defeated Again!!

17d 18h 49m We use Waterfall and KO Claydol!

17d 18h 49m Ice Beam freezes it!

17d 18h 48m Against Claydol!

17d 18h 48m Empoleon used Grass Knot, we use Waterfall! Empoleon down!

17d 18h 48m Empoleon used Hydro Pump, we use Strength!

17d 18h 48m Empoleon used Hydro Pump, we use Waterfall!

17d 18h 47m Steven used A Hyper Potion, we used Waterfall!

17d 18h 47m Leavanny faints! Gator used Waterfall!

17d 18h 46m Empoleon used Flash Cannon! Leavanny at 2 HP, used X-Scissor, and Gator used Ice Beam!

17d 18h 46m Leavanny used X-Scissor, Gator used Ice Beam, Empoleon used Agility!

17d 18h 46m TEH URN 2.0!

17d 18h 46m We use X-Scissor to KO Metagross! Against Empoleon!

17d 18h 46m We send out Feraligatr!

17d 18h 45m Starmie's Hydro Pump KOs Emboar! We use Razor Leaf, Starmie down! Meta uses Hammer Arm!

17d 18h 44m Against Starmie! Leavanny used Razor Leaf, Emboar used Brick Break, Meta used Hammer Arm (Emboar at 3HP)

17d 18h 44m Against Ludicolo! We use Razor Leaf and Brick Break, Ludicolo down!

17d 18h 43m Wallace used a Full Restore on Milotic, Leavanny used Razor Leaf. Emboar used Brick Break, Milotic down! Metagross used Hammer Arm.

17d 18h 42m We send out Emboar to replace Zoro!

17d 18h 42m Zoro used Night Slash, Leavanny used Razor Leaf! Metagross used Hammer Arm to KO Zoroark!

17d 18h 41m Leavanny and Zoroark against Milotic and Metagross!

17d 18h 41m We rebattle them!

17d 18h 41m TEH URN!!!!!

17d 18h 41m Defeated Wallace and Steven!

17d 18h 41m Zoro used Night Daze again, Empoleon fainted!

17d 18h 40m Zoro used Night Daze, Leavanny used Grass Knot!

17d 18h 40m Zoro used Night Daze, and Empoleon used Hydro Pump!

17d 18h 40m Zoro used Night Slash, Claydol down. Against Empoleon!

17d 18h 39m Zoroark used Night Daze (Starmie faints), Leavanny level 94!

17d 18h 38m Zoroark used Night Daze (Metagross faints). Sent out Claydol to replace Metagross!

17d 18h 38m Metagross used Protect, everything missed!

17d 18h 37m We send out Zoroark against Starmie!

17d 18h 37m Ludicolo KOs Unfezant with Ice Beam, Leavanny KOs Ludicolo with Razor Leaf. Metagross uses Hammer Arm.

17d 18h 36m Unfezant used Facade, Leavanny used Razor Leaf. Ludicolo used Rain Dance, and Metagross used Meteor Mash.

17d 18h 36m Metagross used Protect, Unfezant KOs Milotic with Air Slash. Against Ludicolo!

17d 18h 35m We send out Unfezant!

17d 18h 35m Wallace used a Full Restore! Sceptile used Energy Ball, and Leavanny used Razor Leaf. A Hammer Arm from Metagross KOs Sceptile!

17d 18h 34m Metagross used Protect, Sceptile used Energy Ball on Milotic. So did Leavanny with Razor Leaf. Milotic uses Ice Beam on Sceptile!

17d 18h 33m We send out Leavanny and Sceptile against Milotic and Metagross!

17d 18h 33m Engaged Wallace and Steven!

17d 18h 32m Inside of the house!

17d 18h 28m Back Outside!

17d 18h 28m Back inside the Pokemon Center!

[ríp] ríp the non-urn

17d 18h 28m Black Out!

17d 18h 27m Milotic used Hydro Pump. Emboar fainted!

17d 18h 27m We send out Emboar against Milotic and Metagross!

17d 18h 27m We are battling Wallace and Steven!

17d 18h 26m Inside of a house!

17d 18h 21m Talking to the circling people. We're blocking them!

17d 18h 19m Checkpointed! In the Pokecenter!

17d 18h 19m We fly to Icirrus City!

17d 18h 18m Walking along Route 13!

[Party] Leavanny, Sceptile, Zoroark, Unfezant, Feraligatr, Emboar!

17d 18h 9m Party swap!

[Info] Emboar is at 26% health, everyone else is fainted!

17d 18h 6m And Zoroark and Leavanny!

17d 18h 6m Switch Emboar and Zoroark!

17d 18h 4m On Route 13!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ victory riot ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

17d 18h 2m Back outside!

17d 18h 2m Defeated Cynthia!

17d 18h 1m Togekiss uses Air Slash! We use Heat Crash!

17d 18h 1m We use Heat Crash!

17d 18h 1m Emboar becomes paralyzed!

17d 18h 1m Against Togekiss!

17d 18h 1m Garchomp KOs itself!

17d 18h 0m We send out Emboar!

17d 18h 0m Another Outrage KOs Gator! Garchomp is confused!

17d 17h 59m We use Ice Beam!

17d 17h 59m Garchomp uses Outrage!

17d 17h 59m We send out Feraligatr!

17d 17h 59m Garchomp uses Stone Edge, Unfezant down!

17d 17h 58m Against Garchomp! It uses Sword Dance, we use Fly!

17d 17h 58m Fly hits, Roserade down!

17d 17h 58m We use Fly, avoiding Sludge Bomb.

17d 17h 58m Cynthia used Full Restore, we use Air Slash!

17d 17h 58m We send out Unfezant!

17d 17h 57m We use X-Scissor, are poisoned! Sludge Bomb used on us KOs Leavanny!

17d 17h 57m Sent out Leavanny!

17d 17h 56m We use Energy Bomb, she KOs Sceptile with Sludge Bomb!

17d 17h 56m Against Roserade!

17d 17h 56m Teh urn?

17d 17h 56m We use Energy Ball, and Milotic is down!

17d 17h 56m We use Stenfgth, Milotic uses Ice Beam!

17d 17h 56m Against Milotic!

17d 17h 55m We use Dig, Dig hits! Lucario down!

17d 17h 55m We send out Sceptile!

17d 17h 55m Zoroark down!

17d 17h 55m We use Night Daze again, it uses Close Combat!

17d 17h 54m Against Lucario!

17d 17h 54m We use Night Daze again, Spiritomb faints!

17d 17h 54m We use Night Daze, Spiritomb misses.

17d 17h 54m We send out Zoroark against Spiritomb!

17d 17h 53m Battling Cynthia once more!

17d 17h 51m In Cynthia's House!

17d 17h 50m Back outside!

17d 17h 49m Back in the Pokecenter!

[ríp] ríp

17d 17h 49m Black Out!

17d 17h 48m Garchomp uses Stone Edge. Sceptile down!

17d 17h 48m We use Dig, Dig hits!

17d 17h 47m We use Strength, Garchomp uses Sword Dance!

17d 17h 47m Sent out Sceptile!

[Chat] Lots of talk about wanting to use a Max Revive on Gator.

17d 17h 46m Garchomp OHKOs Emboar with Earthquake!

17d 17h 46m Sent out Emboar!

17d 17h 45m Against Garchomp. Leavanny down to a Garchomp!

17d 17h 45m We use X-Scissor again, Roserade down!

17d 17h 44m We use X-Scissor, we are poisoned! Sludge Bomb used on us!

17d 17h 44m Looks like some people are trying to use a Max Revive. We currently have 7.

17d 17h 44m Sent out Leavanny!

17d 17h 44m Roserade KOs Gator with Leaf Storm!

17d 17h 43m Messing around with bags.

17d 17h 43m Against Roserade!

17d 17h 43m We use Ice Beam. Togekiss down!

17d 17h 43m We both don't move.

17d 17h 42m Togekiss uses Air Slash, we use Ice Beam. Togekiss frozen!

17d 17h 42m We use Ice Beam, and Togekiss responds with a Thunder Wave. Gator paralyzed!

17d 17h 42m We use Strength, it uses Roost.

17d 17h 42m Sent out Feraligatr!

17d 17h 41m A third Air Slash KOs Unfezant!

17d 17h 41m Togekiss uses Air Slash twice, flinching us!

17d 17h 40m Fly hits, but so does Thunder Wave. Unfezant paralyzed!

17d 17h 40m We use Fly, avoiding Thunder Wave.

17d 17h 40m Unfezant against Togekiss!

17d 17h 40m Lucario also fainted!

17d 17h 40m Dig hits, but so does Close Combat. Zoroark down!

17d 17h 39m We use Dig, avoiding Close Combat.

17d 17h 39m Against Lucario!

17d 17h 39m Another Night Daze KOS Spiritomb!

17d 17h 39m Cynthia used a Full Restore, we use Night Daze!

17d 17h 38m We use Night Daze, and we avoid a Confuse Ray!

17d 17h 38m We use Night Slash, avoiding Spirit's attack.

17d 17h 38m We send out Zoroark against Spiritomb!

17d 17h 38m Challenged Cynthia!

17d 17h 36m Back in Cynthia's House!

17d 17h 35m Back outside!

17d 17h 34m Entering the Marine Tube!

17d 17h 32m Outside the Pokecenter!

[ríp] ríp

[rip] teh urn.

17d 17h 31m Black Out!

17d 17h 31m We use Ice Beam, it uses Leaf Storm. Gator down!

17d 17h 31m Against Roserade.

17d 17h 31m An Ice Beam takes care of Togekiss!

17d 17h 30m We send out Feraligatr!

17d 17h 30m Togekiss KOs Unfezant with an Aura Sphere!

17d 17h 30m Togekiss uses Air Slash, and we can't move.

17d 17h 29m We use Fly, Togekiss misses Thunder Wave. Fly hits, and so does Thunder Wave. Unfezant paralyzed!

17d 17h 29m We send out Unfezant!

17d 17h 28m We use X-Scissor, and Togekiss uses Air Slash. Leavanny down!

17d 17h 28m Against Togekiss!

17d 17h 28m Another Razor Leaf by Leavanny KOs Milotic!

17d 17h 27m We use Grass Knot, and Milotic uses Ice Beam!

17d 17h 27m We use Razor Leaf, Milotic uses Recover!

17d 17h 27m We send out Leavanny!

17d 17h 26m Milotic uses Scald, it OHKOs Emboar!

17d 17h 25m We send out Emboar!

[Fluff] RNGesus, why?

17d 17h 25m Sceptile faints to an Ice Beam!

17d 17h 25m 2 HP left on Sceptile. We're frozen!

17d 17h 24m We use Energy Ball, Milotic uses Ice Beam.

17d 17h 24m We use Dig, it uses Aqua Ring. Dig hits, Milotic uses Ice Beam!

17d 17h 24m Against Milotic!

17d 17h 23m We use Dig, avoiding an Ice Punch. Dig hits, Lucario faints!

17d 17h 23m We send out Sceptile!

17d 17h 23m We use Night Slash, our foe OHKOs Zoroark!

17d 17h 23m Against Lucario!

17d 17h 22m We end up using Night Daze correctly, KOing Spiritomb!

17d 17h 22m We use Night Daze, while Spiritomb responds with a Confuse Ray. Zoroark is confused!

17d 17h 22m We send out Zoroark against Spiritomb!

17d 17h 21m Battled Cynthia!

17d 17h 21m At Cynthia again!

17d 17h 20m Walking around Undella!

17d 17h 19m Back outside!

17d 17h 19m Back in the Pokecenter!

[rip] rip

17d 17h 18m Black Out!

17d 17h 18m Togekiss uses Air Slash, it OHKOs Emboar!

17d 17h 18m We send out Emboar!

17d 17h 16m Leavanny down!

17d 17h 16m We send out Leavanny. We uses X-Scissor, and Togekiss uses Air Slash!

17d 17h 16m We use Ice Beam, it KOs Feraligatr with Air Slash!

17d 17h 16m Against Togekiss!

17d 17h 15m Garchomp uses Outrage again, and we use Ice Beam. Garchomp faints!

17d 17h 15m Our foe uses Outrage, we use Ice Beam!

17d 17h 15m Send out the Gator!

17d 17h 14m Garchomp uses Stone Edge. Unfezant down!

17d 17h 14m Fly hits!

17d 17h 14m It uses Stone Edge, while we use Fly!

17d 17h 14m Against Garchomp!

17d 17h 13m We use Fly, missing a Sludge Bomb. Fly hits, Roserade down!

17d 17h 13m Cynthia uses Full Restore, we use Air Slash!

17d 17h 13m We use Facade, we avoid Sleep Power.

17d 17h 13m We send out Unfezant!

17d 17h 13m We use Energy Ball, and Roserade KOs Sceptile!

17d 17h 12m Against Roserade!

17d 17h 12m We use Energy Ball, and KO Milotic!

17d 17h 12m We use Energy Ball AGAIN, and Milotic uses Ice Beam!

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 92 - Max. HP 282 Attack 205 Defense 128 Sp. Atk 244 Sp. Def 202 Speed 251

17d 17h 11m We use Energy Ball again, Milotic uses Recover!

17d 17h 11m We uses Energy Ball, it uses Aqua Ring!

17d 17h 11m Against Milotic!

17d 17h 11m Sceptile level 92!

17d 17h 11m Dig hits, Lucario down!

17d 17h 10m We use Dig, Lucario uses Sword Dance.

17d 17h 10m Sent out Sceptile!

17d 17h 10m Zoroark down!

17d 17h 10m We use Dig! Dig hits, Lucario uses Close Combat!

17d 17h 10m Against Lucario!

17d 17h 10m We use Night Daze again and KO Spiritomb!

17d 17h 9m We use Night Daze, our foe uses Will-o-Wisp. We're burnt!

17d 17h 9m We send out Zoroark against Spiritomb!

17d 17h 9m Another Cynthia challenge!

17d 17h 7m We're raiding her goods again. Kappa

17d 17h 7m We enter Cynthia's place again.

[Fluff] Not TEH URN Kappa

17d 17h 5m We ice beam her, only just barely not KOing her... She in turn Leaf Storms and KOs us. Black Out.

17d 17h 5m Roserade comes in, and we use Waterfall on her, Flinching her.

17d 17h 4m We send in Feraligatr... and try to run, and then use ice beam. We actually manage to KO Lucario.

17d 17h 2m We send in Leavanny, and go into the items. We try to use a full heal on Sceptile to no avail and get ice Punch OHKOed. sigh

17d 17h 1m We send in sceptile, and Lucario uses Extreme Speed. His devistating attack boosts OHKO sceptile.

17d 17h 1m We send in emboar, and then get close combated out promptly. [rip] rip emboar

17d 17h 0m We miss fly, and then get Ice Punched. [rip] RIP unfezant.

17d 17h 0m In comes Unfezant, flying away from all danger. Except there was none with Lucario's swords dance.

17d 16h 59m We do like nothing to Lucario. it justifies itself against us, and OHKOes Zoro with Close Combat.

17d 16h 59m We Night Daze again, easily KOing Spritomb. Incoming Lucario hype.

17d 16h 59m The normal lead moves, Night Daze and-- Psychic. Really.

17d 16h 58m The Normal leads, Spiritomb and Zoro.

17d 16h 58m FINALLY back in Cynthia's Suite. Challenged her!

17d 16h 53m We're just wandering Undella right now, enjoying the nice beach view. Because who walks on beaches?

17d 16h 52m We finally escape the Aquarium.

17d 16h 48m We enter... the aquarium. Sorry, Ma'am, but you have the wrong house number.

17d 16h 46m We Icebeam the newly-sent out Roserade... but it leaf storms us. RIP not teh urn Black out.

17d 16h 45m Feraligatr, our last mon, charges in. Garchomp hits itself, and we Ice beam and KO Garchomp! yesss

17d 16h 45m We send in Leavanny, and get Outraged. As per usual, it OHKOes Leavanny.

17d 16h 44m Buuut It KOes Emboar. Sigh

17d 16h 44m We send in Emboar, Brick Breaking Garchomp.

17d 16h 43m And that outrage is the end of Unfezant.

17d 16h 43m We don't even manage half damage on it, getting hurt by rough skin and then Outraged.

17d 16h 43m It Swords Dances, as we Fly the heck out of there.

17d 16h 42m In goes Unfezant, bravely Facading for us. It KOes the Lucario, and oh god Garchomp.

17d 16h 42m Unfortunately, we don't KO Lucario and get close combated, and that's a Dead Sceptile.

17d 16h 41m We send in Sceptile and Dig out of that biz, while Lucario sets up a swords dance.

17d 16h 41m It uses Extreme Speed, KOing Zoro.

17d 16h 41m We use Night Slash, FINALLY KOing the Spiritomb. Incoming Lucario.

17d 16h 41m We dig for some reason, and hit Spiritomb, again only almost KOing it.

17d 16h 40m Spiritomb gets a full restore on him, and we night daze again.

17d 16h 40m Hit ourselves a 3rd time. Finally out of confusion, we use night daze and ... almost KO spiritomb.

17d 16h 40m Hurt ourselves again, Spiritomb misses the will-o-wisp.

17d 16h 39m Hurt ourselves in confusion, and Spiritomb does something that doens't effect us.

[Snark] You know. The usual.

17d 16h 39m Spiritomb and Zoro are sent in, as usual. Night Daze, on spiritomb, confuse ray on us, Zoro confused.

17d 16h 38m Challenged Cynthia again!

17d 16h 36m Back in Cynthia's place again.

17d 16h 32m We send in Emboar, and try to use a dire hit... Garchomp EQs Emboar Right out of there. Still not teh urn! Black out!

[Snark] RNGesus whyyyy!?

17d 16h 31m It outrages us again, and manages to KO Feraligatr.

17d 16h 31m We send in Feraligatr, and Get outraged again. He tanks, Ice beaming the fearsome chomp.

17d 16h 30m It Outrages, easily KOing Unfezant.

17d 16h 29m We're airslashed, but refuse to flinch! RIP Togekiss and incoming Garchomp!

17d 16h 29m We fly after getting hit by Togekiss' attack, then ALMOST KO it.

17d 16h 29m We use a berry on Unfezant to no avail, then get T-waved and paralyzed.

17d 16h 28m We send in unfezant, air slashing and getting the flinch!

17d 16h 27m We x scissor Togekiss, doing half it's health, then get air slashed Into oblivion.

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 93 - Max. HP 298 Attack 241 Defense 169 Sp. Atk 161 Sp. Def 136 Speed 216

17d 16h 27m We razor leaf again, our best move, and KO Milotic before it ice beams us! Leavanny levels up to 93!

17d 16h 26m In comes Leavanny. It uses Razor Leaf, doing decent damage. Milotic ice beams again, doing quite a lot.

17d 16h 26m Fortunately, Sceptile survives and rock slides, still doing little. We get ice beamed once more and RIP Sceptile.

17d 16h 25m We do very little with dig, and then get ice beamed.

17d 16h 25m We dig again against Milotic, which Aqua rings.

17d 16h 25m In comes Sceptile. It finishes Lucario with dig!

17d 16h 24m We still only almost KO it... it Close Combats and KOes Zoro.

17d 16h 24m Cynthia full restores. Cheater! We dig again.

17d 16h 23m In comes Lucario. We dig away, avoiding it's attack and hit it, nearly KOing it. It Sword dances!

17d 16h 23m We Night Daze it, doing over half health... we do it again and KO it!

17d 16h 23m She leads with Spiritomb, us with Zoro.

17d 16h 22m Challenged Cynthia! Again!

[Snark] "Goods are arranged in an orderly fashion!" Good to know Cynthia is organized.

17d 16h 20m We go back in.

17d 16h 19m We enter and then leave where Cynthia is.

17d 16h 15m Walking around Undella, admiring the beach/water/sky/everything.

17d 16h 11m Back on the serene shores of Undella, standing next to the Female Ace Trainer.

17d 16h 11m We get Outraged, and Wilbur is OHKOed! Not Teh urn, black out!!

17d 16h 10m We send in Emboar, and Cynthia uses a full restore on Garchomp. We Brick Break it.

17d 16h 9m We ice beam Garchomp, but don't manage to KO it... RIP Feraligatr.

17d 16h 9m In comes Feraligatr... but we get absolutely WRECKED and into red!

17d 16h 8m And we get wrecked by a crit stone edge! RIP Unfezant!

17d 16h 8m We fly, avoiding it's punishment and hurt by rough skin.

17d 16h 7m Roserade gets rekt. In comes that signature garchomp, leading with smogon-approved Swords dance!

17d 16h 7m We send in Unfezant and fly. Good matchup for us!

17d 16h 7m Leavanny is sent out and entrains roserade, but is then OHKOed! Bye Leavanny!

17d 16h 6m We energy ball again, but it KOes Sceptile!

17d 16h 6m Energy ball was thrown again, and milotic is out of here! In comes Roserade next!

17d 16h 6m We use energy ball, knocking milotic to yellow, and it ice beams us doing almost half damage.

17d 16h 5m We hit it with dig, and it uses aqua ring to restore health after each turn.

17d 16h 5m Milotic comes in, so we dig again avoiding it's ice beam!

17d 16h 5m We send in Sceptile and Dig, so Lucario misses us. Then we rise up from under him and KO the Lucario!

17d 16h 4m Cynthia sends out Lucario. We Night Daze for a 3rd time, doing little damage. Justified boosts Lucario's attack, and he OHKOes Zoro!

17d 16h 4m Night daze again! Spiritomb KOed!

17d 16h 3m We hurt ourselves in confusion, and the Spiritomb tries to psychic. No effect.

17d 16h 2m She sends in Spiritomb, we send Zoroark and Night Daze! Spiritomb confuses us with confuse ray and restores HP.

17d 16h 1m 3 times. We finally start the battle with Cynthia!

17d 16h 1m We almost challenged Cynthia... twice now.

17d 15h 55m Blacked out.

17d 15h 55m Second Air Slash knocks out Emboar.

17d 15h 55m Togekiss uses Air Slash! Emboar taken to yellow and flinches.

17d 15h 55m Emboar uses Flamethrower! Togekiss is in about half.

17d 15h 54m Togekiss uses T-Wave. Emboar paralysed.

17d 15h 54m Sent in Emboar.

17d 15h 53m Emboar's the only one left.

17d 15h 53m Air Slash from Togekiss knocks out Leavanny.

17d 15h 52m Leavanny uses X-Scissor. It isn't very effective.

17d 15h 52m Togekiss comes in.

17d 15h 52m Leavanny strikes with X-Scissor! Roserade out.

17d 15h 52m Go, Leavanny!

17d 15h 51m Leaf Storm comes at Feraligatr. Feraligatr faints.

17d 15h 51m Ice Beam again! Roserade taken to yellow.

17d 15h 51m Roserade is sent in.

17d 15h 51m Strength takes out Garchomp!

17d 15h 51m Garchomp is in red and frozen.

17d 15h 51m Garchomp uses Stone Edge. Gator still in green and hits with Ice Beam!

17d 15h 50m Go, Feraligatr!

17d 15h 50m Garchomp still in green from Fly. Stone Edge hits. Unfezant faints.

17d 15h 50m Garchomp uses Stone Edge. Unfezant to yellow and currently flying.

17d 15h 49m Garchomp comes on the field.

17d 15h 49m Lucario misses Close Combat. Fly lands. Lucario down.

17d 15h 49m Unfezant flies!

17d 15h 49m Go, Unfezant!

17d 15h 49m Sceptile hit by Ice Punch! Sceptile faints.

17d 15h 49m Dig lands a hit! Lucario is brought to yellow.

17d 15h 48m Lucario builds up on Swords Dance.

17d 15h 48m Sceptile digs.

17d 15h 48m Go, Sceptile!

17d 15h 48m Lucario uses Extremespeed. Zoroark faints!

17d 15h 48m Out comes Lucario.

17d 15h 48m Night Daze once more! Spiritomb knocked out.

17d 15h 47m Zoroark continues using Night Daze! Spiritomb sent back to yellow.

17d 15h 47m Cynthia heals up Spiritomb.

17d 15h 47m Zoroark uses Night Daze! Spiritomb sent to red.

17d 15h 47m Zoroark continues hitting itself. Zoroark in yellow.

17d 15h 46m Zoroark hurts itself in its confusion. Spiritomb's psychic attacks isn't doing anything.

17d 15h 46m Spiritomb taken to yellow. Spiritomb uses Confuse Ray! Zoro's confused!

17d 15h 46m Zoroark uses Night Daze!

17d 15h 45m Zoroark vs. Spiritomb.

17d 15h 45m Battle! VS. Pokémon Trainer Cynthia!

17d 15h 44m Saved the game.

17d 15h 43m In Cynthia's house.

17d 15h 42m On the streets of Undella Town.

[Info] Zoroark is currently holding a Water Gem

17d 15h 40m Switching the move order on Zoroark. Dig is now first, followed by Night Daze, Foul Play, and then Night Slash.

17d 15h 32m Returned to Undella.

17d 15h 31m Back in the Pokémon Centre.

17d 15h 31m Blacked out.

17d 15h 31m Garchomp strikes at Emboar with Earthquake. Emboar faints.

17d 15h 31m Roserade faints. Garchomp is sent in!

17d 15h 30m Extrasensory again. Emboar taken to 2HP! Emboar wakes up and uses Heat Crash!

17d 15h 30m Roserade uses Extrasensory. Emboar is in half health.

17d 15h 30m Roserade uses Sleep Powder. Emboar's asleep.

17d 15h 30m It's your show, Emboar!

17d 15h 29m Emboar's the only one left.

17d 15h 29m Energy Ball doesn't do much to Roserade. Roserade uses Sludge Bomb. Sceptile faints.

17d 15h 28m Out comes Roserade.

17d 15h 28m Energy Ball flies at Milotic! Milotic faints.

17d 15h 28m Wasted a turn using Cheri Berry. Milotic strikes with Ice Beam. Sceptile in yellow.

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 91 - Max. HP 279 Attack 203 Defense 126 Sp. Atk 240 Sp. Def 200 Speed 248

17d 15h 28m Milotic is sent in.

17d 15h 28m Sceptile to level 91!

17d 15h 27m Dig takes out Lucario!

17d 15h 27m Sceptile starts digging. Lucario misses Ice Punch.

17d 15h 27m Go, Sceptile!

17d 15h 27m Lucario uses Extremespeed! Feraligatr faints.

17d 15h 27m Strength hits. Lucario down by a quarter.

17d 15h 26m Cynthia heals Lucario to green.

17d 15h 26m Feraligatr's brought to 3HP. Lucario now in red from Life Orb.

17d 15h 26m Lucario down to yellow and Lucario uses Close Combat!

17d 15h 26m Feraligatr uses Strength!

17d 15h 26m Go, Feraligatr!

17d 15h 24m Roost fails. Lucario strikes with Close Combat. Unfezant is knocked out.

17d 15h 24m Sent in Unfezant!

17d 15h 23m Ice Punch from Lucario! Leavanny faints.

17d 15h 23m Leavanny uses X-Scissor. Lucario isn't hurt much.

17d 15h 23m Go, Leavanny!

17d 15h 23m Lucario uses Extremespeed! Zoroark is knocked out.

17d 15h 23m Zoroark hurts itself in its confusion. Lucario sets up on Swords Dance.

17d 15h 22m Lucario comes out.

17d 15h 22m Zoroark uses Night Daze again. Spiritomb is finished.

17d 15h 22m Zoroark starts with Night Daze! Spiritomb sent to yellow and it uses Confuse Ray. Zoro's now confused.

17d 15h 21m Zoroark vs. Spiritomb.

17d 15h 21m Battle! VS. Cynthia.

17d 15h 21m Arrived at Cynthia's house.

17d 15h 20m On the streets now.

17d 15h 18m At the beach.

17d 15h 16m Surfed. Back in Undella Town.

17d 15h 14m On shore. In Route 14 again.

17d 15h 14m Surfed on the body of water.

17d 15h 12m Back on shore. It's Route 14.

17d 15h 11m Surfing.

17d 15h 8m Back in Undella.

17d 15h 7m Black out!

17d 15h 7m A second Air Slash knocks out Emboar!

17d 15h 7m Togekiss comes at Emboar with Air Slash! Emboar to yellow and Emboar flinches!

17d 15h 6m The actual Emboar is the only one left.

17d 15h 6m Aura Sphere comes at Zoroark. Zoroark faints.

17d 15h 6m Night Daze again. Togekiss brought to red health and heals using a berry.

17d 15h 6m Togekiss uses Air Slash. Zoro's in yellow.

17d 15h 6m Night Daze hits at Togekiss. Togekiss in about half and paralyses Zoroark.

Foul Play faints Garchomp. Out comes Togekiss.

[Correction] Zoroark.

17d 15h 5m Go, Emboar!

17d 15h 5m The dragon does Outrage again. Sceptile is instantly knocked out.

17d 15h 5m Garchomp is confused. Dig hits. Garchomp in yellow.

17d 15h 4m Sceptile digs.

17d 15h 4m Sent in Sceptile.

17d 15h 4m Another turn wasted using pointless items. Outrage faints Feraligatr.

17d 15h 3m Wasted a turn trying to use Aspear Berry. Garchomp goes on Outrage. Gator in red.

17d 15h 3m Go, Feraligatr!

17d 15h 2m Wasted a turn trying to use Full Restore. Unfezant hit by Stone Edge. Unfezant faints.

17d 15h 2m Dodged another Stone Edge! This time Fly misses as well.

17d 15h 2m Fly lands! Garchomp down by about a quarter.

17d 15h 2m Unfezant continues flying.

17d 15h 1m Cynthia heals Garchomp back to full.

17d 15h 1m Fly comes down! Garchomp in red.

17d 15h 1m Garchomp down by a quarter. Unfezant dodges Stone Edge and flies!

17d 15h 1m Cynthia sends in Garchomp, who starts off with Swords Dance whilst Unfezant flies.

17d 15h 0m Lucario misses Ice Punch. Unfezant flies down! Lucario knocked out!

17d 15h 0m Unfezant soars!

17d 15h 0m Go, Unfezant!

17d 14h 59m X-Scissor doesn't do much to Lucario. Lucario lands an Ice Punch! Leavanny faints.

17d 14h 59m Used a Max Revive on Zoroark! Zoroark is now at full health.

17d 14h 59m Sent in Leavanny.

17d 14h 58m It isn't very effective. Lucario uses Close Combat! Zoroark knocked out!

17d 14h 58m Zoroark uses Night Daze again!

17d 14h 58m Cynthia sends in Lucario!

17d 14h 58m Night Daze again! Spiritomb faints.

17d 14h 58m Zoro's hit by Will-O-Wisp and burnt. Second Night Daze hits and Spiritomb is in yellow.

17d 14h 57m Zoroark leads with Night Daze! Miss!

17d 14h 57m Zoroark vs. Spiritomb!

17d 14h 57m Battle! VS. Pokémon Trainer Cynthia!

17d 14h 56m In Cynthia's house.

17d 14h 56m On the streets.

17d 14h 53m Back in Undella.

17d 14h 52m Entered the Pokécentre. Checkpoint.

17d 14h 51m Flew to Undella Town.

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 90 - Max. HP 276 Attack 201 Defense 126 Sp. Atk 238 Sp. Def 198 Speed 246

17d 14h 48m CLY's now a Relaxed Ace Trainer.

17d 14h 42m It appears we're trying to fly.

17d 14h 35m Left Black Tower. Now in Black City.

17d 14h 34m Returned to the lobby. We forfeit the challenge.

[Snark] Nope.

17d 14h 33m Challenged Area 1 of Black Tower.

17d 14h 31m The receptionist gives CLY a Hp Up as a reward. Area 2 of Black Tower is now unlocked.

17d 14h 30m He gives us some helpful advice about the trainers in the Black Tower, and how they all give hints.

17d 14h 30m Boss Trainer Abed defeated. Area 1 of Black Tower cleared!

17d 14h 29m Amoonguss is in about half health. Leavanny wakes up and uses X-Scissor. Amoonguss faints.

[Correction] Amoonguss.

17d 14h 29m Amoongus is sent in. Leavanny is put to sleep.

17d 14h 29m Leavanny uses Razor Leaf! Salamence is knocked down from a critical! Zenny defeats another dragon once more!

17d 14h 28m Sent in Leavanny!

17d 14h 28m Salamence hits with Draco Meteor! Zoroark faints!

17d 14h 28m Night Daze again. Salamence is taken to red.

17d 14h 28m Salamence is sent out. Intimidate is activated.

17d 14h 27m Next Night Daze knocks out Arcanine.

17d 14h 27m Night Daze brings it to red. Arcanine uses Close Combat. Zoro in yellow.

17d 14h 27m Arcanine is hit by Night Daze!

17d 14h 27m Abed sends in Arcanine!

17d 14h 26m Dig lands a hit. Carracosta down.

17d 14h 26m Zoroark starts digging.

17d 14h 26m It uses Shell Smash.

17d 14h 25m Zoroark uses Night Daze. Carracosta brought to 1HP thanks to Sturdy.

17d 14h 25m Battle VS. Boss Trainer Abed. Zoroark vs. Carracosta.

17d 14h 25m Challenged the Boss Trainer of Area 1 in Black Tower!

17d 14h 23m The boss trainer is up ahead!

17d 14h 23m Went into another empty room. The boss room is unlocked and nearby.

17d 14h 21m Back to the room with the two trainers running about.

17d 14h 18m Now in the empty room.

17d 14h 17m Entered the room with the doctor.

17d 14h 16m Now in the room with the backpacker from earlier.

17d 14h 13m The doctor heals our team. It was already in full health, but thanks. The extra PP helps.

17d 14h 12m Re-entered the room with the doctor.

17d 14h 10m In another room. This one is empty.

17d 14h 9m Left the room. Now in the one with the doctor.

17d 14h 8m Sergeo encourages CLY to have a go at the Boss Trainer.

17d 14h 8m He opens the gate for us!

17d 14h 8m Backpacker Sergeo defeated.

17d 14h 7m Pansage down to Night Daze as well.

17d 14h 7m Sergeo sends in Pansage.

17d 14h 7m Night Daze finishes off the bird.

17d 14h 7m Zoroark vs. Staravia.

17d 14h 7m Challenged by Backpacker Sergeo! Gate trainer!

17d 14h 6m Oh hey, it's the person from before! Turns out he's the gate trainer!

[Fluff] The party is at full strength. Do we really need his help?

17d 14h 6m Went through another doorway!

17d 14h 5m We reject his offer to heal the team.

17d 14h 5m Doctor Wyatt defeated.

17d 14h 4m Night Daze finishes off Petilil as well.

17d 14h 4m Petilil is next.

17d 14h 4m Zoroark uses Night Daze. Chingling is KO'ed.

17d 14h 4m Zoroark vs. Chingling.

17d 14h 4m Battle vs. Doctor Wyatt.

17d 14h 4m Challenged by a doctor!

17d 14h 3m Doctors sure are helpful. They heal our party's pokémon. CLY already knows that however, doesn't she?

17d 14h 2m Came through the eastern one. The trainer from before offers us some advice about doctors.

17d 14h 2m This room has only the southern doorway blocked. We came in through the northern doorway and recently went to the western one, only to meet a dead-end.

17d 14h 0m We're back in the room with the two trainers running around in a circle.

17d 13h 58m Scratch what I've said earlier. Three exits in this room are blocked off, not two. There's only the way back.

17d 13h 56m Psychic Laurent defeated.

17d 13h 55m Horsea faints to Night Daze as well.

17d 13h 55m Laurent sends in Horsea.

17d 13h 55m Zoroark uses Night Slash. Houndour is taken out!

17d 13h 55m Zoroark vs. Houndour.

17d 13h 55m Challenged by Psychic Laurent.

17d 13h 54m Two of the exits are blocked off. There's only one path ahead, and the way back.

17d 13h 54m This one has one trainer in it.

17d 13h 54m Arrived at another room.

17d 13h 49m Bill says that the gate trainer is in a room alone.

17d 13h 49m School Kid Bill defeated.

17d 13h 49m Duskull goes down to Foul Play.

17d 13h 49m Out comes Duskull.

17d 13h 48m Zoroark uses Night Daze! Drowzee is taken down.

[Fluff] IT'S BILL?

17d 13h 48m Zoroark vs. Drowzee.

17d 13h 48m Challenged by School Kid Bill.

17d 13h 44m She hints that the gate trainer is male.

17d 13h 44m Scientist Bridget defeated.

17d 13h 44m Night Daze once more, Zoro! Cacnea down.

17d 13h 44m Cacnea is out next.

17d 13h 43m Zoroark uses Night Daze! The candle is extinguished.

17d 13h 43m Zoroark vs. Litwick.

17d 13h 43m VS. Scientist Bridget.

17d 13h 43m Not long after, we're challenged by one.

17d 13h 42m Arrived at another room. Two trainers are walking around.

17d 13h 42m Received the Leftovers from Leavanny. Leavanny is now not holding anything.

17d 13h 40m Entered another room. A kind person gives us some advice about the area.

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ JAZZ RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫:♫

17d 13h 39m Lady Adriana defeated. She gives us a hint that the boss trainer has an Unfezant.

17d 13h 39m Night Daze on Blitzle. Blitzle knocked out.

17d 13h 38m Out comes Blitzle.

17d 13h 38m Night Daze! Diglett doesn't stand a chance! Diglett down.

17d 13h 37m Zoroark vs. Diglett.

17d 13h 37m Challenged by Lady Adriana!

17d 13h 37m Went through a doorway. A trainer is in sight.

17d 13h 35m Challenged Area 1 of Black Tower!

17d 13h 35m She gives us some helpful information about the place.

17d 13h 34m Spoke to the receptionist.

17d 13h 33m Running around the area.

17d 13h 28m Entered Black Tower.

17d 13h 26m On the streets.

17d 13h 23m The city is viewed from at a high angle. Clouds drift by up ahead. Skyscrapers pierce the sky. CLY looks so tiny from down here.

17d 13h 22m Welcome to Black City!

17d 13h 22m Going east.

17d 13h 21m In another gatehouse now.

17d 13h 19m Pokéfan Lydia defeated.

17d 13h 19m Liepard is taken down to 0 health. Liepard down!

17d 13h 18m Sceptile uses Energy Ball once more!

17d 13h 18m Liepard is in next.

17d 13h 18m Purugly faints!

17d 13h 18m Sceptile launches Energy Ball!

17d 13h 18m Dig lands a hit. Purugly is in yellow. It uses Hone Claws.

17d 13h 18m Sceptile starts digging.

17d 13h 18m Lydia sends in Purugly.

17d 13h 17m Sceptile chucks an Energy Ball at Persian. Persian is knocked out.

17d 13h 17m Sceptile vs. Persian.

17d 13h 17m VS. Pokéfan Lydia.

17d 13h 17m Another trainer spots us! Battle!

[Party] Zoroark FNT, Sceptile 53%, the rest - 100%.

17d 13h 16m Sceptile's health is in about half now.

17d 13h 14m In the grass. Wild Pokémon are lurking about.

17d 13h 13m Backpacker Corin defeated.

17d 13h 13m Raichu misses Tail Whip. Raichu faints to Dig.

17d 13h 13m Sceptile digs underground.

17d 13h 12m Raichu's brought to red.

17d 13h 12m Sceptile uses Energy Ball again!

17d 13h 12m Out comes Raichu.

17d 13h 12m Sceptile launches an Energy Ball! Poliwhirl is knocked out.

17d 13h 12m Corrin sends in Poliwhirl.

17d 13h 12m Dig lands a hit. Camerupt faints.

17d 13h 11m Sceptile's now digging. Camerupt misses Eruption.

17d 13h 11m Sceptile leads with Rock Slide. Camerupt in about half and it flinches.

17d 13h 11m Sceptile vs. Camerupt.

17d 13h 11m VS. Backpacker Corin.

17d 13h 11m Challenged by a trainer!

17d 13h 11m Jumped past some ledges.

17d 13h 6m Zoroark's knocked out by the same wild Sawk.

17d 13h 6m Used a Timer Ball on a wild Sawk. Capture failed.

17d 13h 5m We're currently in Route 15.

[Map] Marvelous Bridge serves as the connector between Routes 15 and 16, or more significantly, it lies between Nimbasa City and Black City.

17d 13h 3m Entered Route 15.

17d 13h 1m Entered the gateway.

17d 12h 57m Arrived at the other end of the bridge.

17d 12h 56m Cresselia is knocked out immediately!

17d 12h 56m Cresselia uses Future Sight. Zoroark uses Night Daze!

17d 12h 55m Chucked a Timer Ball at Cresselia! Capture failed.

17d 12h 55m Zoroark is sent out. Cresselia is female and is level 68.

17d 12h 55m Battle! VS. Cresselia!

17d 12h 55m Messing around on the bag, after that CLY saves the game.

17d 12h 54m CLY holds it up high! Cresselia appears nearby!

17d 12h 53m The Lunar Wing is shining!

17d 12h 53m Reached the other side and went back.

17d 12h 52m Heading east.

17d 12h 50m The bridge sure has quite a nice view!

17d 12h 50m Found a Pretty Wing.

17d 12h 49m CLY rejects his offer initially, but accepts this time. Too bad! CLY doesn't have room in her party.

17d 12h 49m A man is up ahead. He says he has a deal. He offers to sell CLY a Magikarp for 500 pokédollars.

17d 12h 47m Arrived back at Marvelous Bridge.

17d 12h 46m Back in the building and by the doorway.

17d 12h 45m At Marvelous Bridge.

17d 12h 44m Entered a building. It's a snazzy place.

17d 12h 41m On the pavement. A cyclist is riding around the area.

17d 12h 39m In Route 16.

17d 12h 38m In the western gateway now.

17d 12h 37m Still hanging around Nimbasa. By two archways and some fountains not far away from the musical building.

17d 12h 26m Out in the streets of Nimbasa.

17d 12h 26m Left the musical building. Back in.

17d 12h 23m Back down the stairs now.

17d 12h 22m The nickname is Meloetta_E.

17d 12h 21m Caught level 65 Meloetta!

17d 12h 20m Threw a Master Ball!

17d 12h 20m Sent in Zoroark! Meloetta is level 65.

17d 12h 20m Battle! VS. Meloetta!

17d 12h 18m It's in front of a large picture, flanked by two statues.

17d 12h 18m Oh, Meloetta is in sight!

17d 12h 17m The musical building's decorated quite nicely, with little pictures lining the walls and an extravagant scenery.

17d 12h 16m Up the stairs!

17d 12h 16m By the stairs.

17d 12h 14m A bright red carpet greets us. A few receptionists are up ahead. What would CLY choose to do here, hmm?

17d 12h 14m Entered the musical building.

17d 12h 12m At the front of the musical building.

17d 12h 11m CLY's whizzing around on the bicycle.

17d 12h 10m Left the amusement park place. Back at Nimbasa's city area.

17d 12h 8m Riding around the pavement.

17d 12h 7m On the bike!

17d 12h 6m Bianca said that the ride with CLY made her smile. She then hurries off.

17d 12h 6m She comments about the scenery and says that this (Ferris Wheel) is very neat.

17d 12h 5m CLY rides the Ferris Wheel with Bianca.

17d 12h 5m Spoke to Bianca!

17d 12h 3m Bianca is outside the Ferris Wheel today.

17d 12h 3m Still heading east! The Ferris Wheel is just visible.

17d 12h 3m Entered the amusement park section of Nimbasa.

17d 12h 1m Heading east.

17d 12h 0m Flew to Nimbasa City!

17d 11h 55m Back outside at the PWT.

17d 11h 54m Wild Gurdurrs are popping up here and there.

17d 11h 45m Inside the cave. Relic Passage.

17d 11h 44m By a cave.

17d 11h 44m Checked the Medal Case. CLY's got a fair amount.

17d 11h 43m Safely back outside.

17d 11h 43m Leaving and re-entering many times.

17d 11h 43m Left the PWT building! Re-entered!

17d 11h 42m CLY's at the bottom part of the PWT building, by a few chairs.

17d 11h 40m Running around the building.

17d 11h 38m Ran away!

17d 11h 38m PC booted up!

17d 11h 37m Just running around the blue carpet.

17d 11h 35m A green lady and a man wearing a dark suit are in sight.

17d 11h 35m Heading up the blue carpet.

17d 11h 35m Entered the PWT building.

17d 11h 33m Next to the building again.

17d 11h 31m Nearby some vending machines.

17d 11h 28m Hanging around outside the PWT building.

17d 11h 25m Flew to the PWT!

17d 11h 25m It appears as if we're trying to fly again. In the party menu.

17d 11h 19m CLY is an Adamant Ace Trainer, according to her trainer card.

17d 11h 18m Moved Leavanny's Water Gem with Zoroark's Leftovers. Zoroark is now holding Water Gem and Leavanny is holding Leftovers.

17d 11h 17m Out on the streets of Aspertia now.

17d 11h 16m Left our home.

17d 11h 14m Mum heals our team! Thank you, mum!

17d 11h 13m Back home! Hey mum!

17d 11h 13m Flew to Aspertia City.

17d 11h 11m Messing around in the party menu. Looks like we're trying to fly?

17d 11h 3m On the streets of Undella.

17d 10h 59m Back in Undella Town.

17d 10h 59m Zoroark uses Dig! We exit the cave!

17d 10h 58m Heading back the way we came from.


17d 10h 51m Exited the cave.

[Chat] KENYA!

17d 10h 50m Captured Lv. 75 Groudon. No nickname.

17d 10h 50m CAUGHT GROUDON!

17d 10h 50m Threw a Master Ball!

17d 10h 49m Yet another Dusk Ball! It fails!

17d 10h 49m It doesn't capture Groudon. Groudon's dishing out hits on Zoroark. Zoroark at 43HP.

17d 10h 49m Dusk Ball again!

17d 10h 49m Zoroark in yellow.

17d 10h 48m Groudon uses Eruption!

17d 10h 48m Nope! Capture failed.

17d 10h 48m Go! Dusk Ball!

17d 10h 48m Groudon's building its bulk.

17d 10h 48m Threw yet another Dusk Ball. It doesn't work again.

17d 10h 48m Groudon breaks free! Groudon misses Earth Power!

17d 10h 47m Another Dusk Ball!

17d 10h 47m It fails as well.

17d 10h 47m Threw a Dusk Ball!

17d 10h 46m Groudon is brought to yellow. Groudon uses Earth Power again! Zoroark clings with 62HP.

17d 10h 46m Zoroark uses Night Daze against Groudon!

17d 10h 46m Zoroark is in yellow.

17d 10h 46m Groudon breaks free! Groudon uses Earth Power!

17d 10h 45m CLY chucks her last Ultra Ball at Groudon.

17d 10h 45m Capture failed again! Groudon continues using Bulk Up.

17d 10h 45m Another Ultra Ball!

17d 10h 45m Threw an Ultra Ball. Capture failed!

17d 10h 44m The sun shines brightly. It's a cave though.

17d 10h 44m Zoroark is sent out! Groudon is level 75.

17d 10h 44m Battle! VS. Groudon!

17d 10h 43m Re-entered the cave. Groudon is visible!

17d 10h 42m Exited Heatran's lair.

17d 10h 42m Heatran faints! It vanishes into the fiery depths of the volcano.

17d 10h 42m Dig lands a hit on Heatran!

17d 10h 41m Zoroark is in yellow from the fiery vortex. The fox starts digging.

17d 10h 41m Capture failed again. Heatran puts on a Scary Face.

17d 10h 41m Go! Ultra Ball!

17d 10h 41m Failed to capture Heatran again! Zoroark in about half.

17d 10h 40m Heatran hits with Iron Head. Zoroark is down by a quarter. Another Timer Ball comes!

17d 10h 40m Threw another Timer Ball! It fails as well.

17d 10h 40m Used Night Slash against Heatran! Heatran in yellow.

17d 10h 39m Heatran breaks free!

17d 10h 39m Another Timer Ball is thrown!

17d 10h 39m Threw a Timer Ball! Failed.

17d 10h 39m Zoroark is trapped in a vortex of fire.

17d 10h 38m Zoroark uses Night Slash! Heatran is still in green. It uses Fire Spin!

17d 10h 38m Zoroark vs. Heatran.

17d 10h 38m Battle! VS. Heatran!

17d 10h 38m Set down the Magma Stone. A cry comes from somewhere! Heatran is ahead!

17d 10h 37m Went into a cave. The Magma Stone reacts!

17d 10h 35m Through another passageway now.

17d 10h 34m By two hikers and heading downwards.

17d 10h 34m Heading back the way we came from. Wild encounters make progress a little slow as usual.

17d 10h 32m We seem to have arrived at a dead end.

17d 10h 29m Navigating through a passageway.

[Stadium] Kakuna vs. Metapod! The battle of the ages!

17d 10h 24m Two Ace Trainers are also visible ahead.

17d 10h 24m Went through a doorway. We're by some scientist guy and still heading west.

17d 10h 21m In Reversal Mountain.

17d 10h 21m Near a cave.

17d 10h 20m We're heading west.

17d 10h 17m Back in Undella.

17d 10h 16m We're in the building with the Marine Tube.

17d 10h 16m On the streets of Undella.

17d 10h 13m Back in Undella Town.

17d 10h 12m Black out!

17d 10h 12m Sceptile faints!

17d 10h 12m Sceptile launches Energy Ball! Milotic in yellow and using Ice Beam!

17d 10h 12m Another Rock Slide hit! It doesn't do much. Sceptile hit at with Ice Beam! Sceptile in yellow.

17d 10h 12m Sceptile misses a Rock Slide! Milotic uses Aqua Ring.

17d 10h 11m Cynthia sends in Milotic.

17d 10h 11m Dig lands a hit. Critical! Roserade faints.

17d 10h 11m Sceptile digs. Roserade misses Sludge Bomb.

17d 10h 11m Go for it, Sceptile!

17d 10h 10m The only one remaining is Sceptile.

17d 10h 10m It uses Leaf Storm. Feraligatr taken down.

17d 10h 9m Roserade comes out.

17d 10h 9m Garchomp is brought down to its demise!

17d 10h 9m Feraligatr uses Ice Beam once more!

17d 10h 9m Cynthia uses the Full Restore.

17d 10h 9m Garchomp uses Swords Dance. Feraligatr goes at it with Ice Beam! Garchomp is taken to red.

17d 10h 8m Only Sceptile and Feraligatr left. Go, Feraligatr!

17d 10h 8m Unfezant hit by Stone Edge this time. Unfezant is knocked out immediately.

17d 10h 7m Garchomp misses an Outrage. Unfezant comes down. Garchomp still in green.

17d 10h 7m Garchomp sets up on Swords Dance. Unfezant soars.

17d 10h 7m Out comes Garchomp.

17d 10h 7m Lucario down from Fly.

17d 10h 6m Unfezant flies up! Lucario misses its attack.

17d 10h 6m Unfezant is sent in.

17d 10h 6m Lucario in yellow from Life Orb damage.

17d 10h 6m Lucario uses Close Combat! Emboar is taken down.

17d 10h 5m Sent in the actual Emboar.

[Snark] What an emboarrassing mistake to make.

17d 10h 5m Leavanny is hit by Ice Punch. Leavanny faints.

[Correction] All the "Emboars" just now was Zoroark, sorry.

17d 10h 4m Sent in Leavanny.

17d 10h 4m Lucario uses Extremespeed. Zoroark is taken down!

17d 10h 3m Spiritomb is out. Now it's vs. Lucario. Zoroark is Emboar in disguise.

17d 10h 3m Battling Cynthia. Emboar vs. Spiritomb.

17d 9h 51m Leavanny fainted to Stone Edge! Blacked out!

17d 9h 51m We sent out Leavanny!

17d 9h 49m Emboar fainted!

17d 9h 48m Emboar's Flamethrower OHKO'd Roserade! Cynthia sent out Garchomp!

17d 9h 48m We sent out Emboar!

17d 9h 47m Cynthia sent out Roserade and knocked out Sceptile!

17d 9h 46m Sceptile leveled up to lv. 90!

17d 9h 46m Milotic fainted!

17d 9h 45m Cynthia didn't use Full Restore so her Togekiss is fainted. She sent out Milotic!

17d 9h 45m We sent out Sceptile!

17d 9h 45m Feraligatr fainted! that clutch Air Slash...

17d 9h 44m Feraligatr is paralyzed!

17d 9h 43m We sent out Feraligatr!

17d 9h 42m Unfeazant fainted!

17d 9h 41m Unfeazant is paralyzed!

17d 9h 41m Unfezant vs. Togekiss!

17d 9h 39m Zoro fainted because of being burnt!

17d 9h 38m Because Spiritomb keep using Psychic. Zoro managed to knock it out!

17d 9h 37m Cynthia used Full Restore!

17d 9h 37m Zoro keep hurting himself...

17d 9h 36m Zoro is burned!

17d 9h 36m Zoro is confused!

17d 9h 36m Zoro vs Spiritomb!

17d 9h 35m Challenged Pokemon Trainer Cynthia!

17d 9h 34m Entered Cynthia's house! Let's watch her TV!

[Stadium] Red team won the battle! 381% payout to Red Team!

17d 9h 29m ...then exited.

17d 9h 29m Entered Marine Tube

[Snark] Outrage OP pls nerf

17d 9h 26m Sceptile fainted! Blacked out!

17d 9h 26m We sent out Sceptile.

17d 9h 23m Feraligatr fainted!

17d 9h 23m We sent Feraligatr!

17d 9h 22m Cynthia sent out Garchomp and made Unfezant fainted!

17d 9h 22m Facade doubled up and made Togekiss fainted!

17d 9h 21m Unfezant is paralyzed to Togekiss' Thunder Wave!

17d 9h 20m We sent out Unfezant!

17d 9h 20m Emboar fainted!

17d 9h 20m Emboar is paralyzed!

17d 9h 20m Emboar vs. Togekiss!

17d 9h 19m Lucario fainted because of recoil?

17d 9h 18m Leavanny fainted immediately to Lucario's Ice Punch!

17d 9h 17m We sent out Leavanny

17d 9h 17m Zoro fainted immediately to Lucario!

17d 9h 16m Spiritomb fainted to Zoro's Night Daze! Cynthia sent out Lucario!

17d 9h 16m Zoro vs. Spiritomb!

17d 9h 16m Challenged Pokemon Trainer Cynthia!

17d 9h 11m Calling Professor Juniper. CLY decides against it and hangs up.

17d 9h 10m Entered Cynthia's house.

17d 9h 7m Back in Undella.

17d 9h 5m In the northern gatehouse.

17d 9h 3m Back in Undella.

17d 9h 2m Entered the Marine Tube gatehouse.

17d 9h 1m [Order] Zoro, Sceptile, Zenny, Quiffle, Umbrellagator, Wilbur.

17d 9h 1m Switching positions again.

17d 9h 0m [Order] Zenny, Sceptile, Wilbur, Quiffle, Umbrellagator and Zoro.

17d 8h 59m Switching team positions.

17d 8h 59m Hanging around on the beach.

17d 8h 58m Exited the Pokémon Center.

17d 8h 57m A second Air Slash takes him out. Black out!

17d 8h 57m Air Slash brings Sceptile to yellow! He flinches!

17d 8h 57m Thunder Wave proceeds to paralyze Sceptile.

17d 8h 57m Rock Slide brings Togekiss to yellow. Sitrus Berry heals it back into green.

17d 8h 57m Sceptile is sent in.

17d 8h 56m Air Slash OHKOs Zenny.

17d 8h 56m X-Scissor does little damage.

17d 8h 56m Cynthia sends in Togekiss.

17d 8h 56m X-Scissor takes out Roserade.

17d 8h 55m Zenny is sent in.

17d 8h 55m Cynthia sends in Roserade, who gets hit by Ice Beam. Feraligatr faints after from Roserade's attack.

17d 8h 54m Garchomp hurts itself in its confusion and faints.

17d 8h 54m Garchomp is hit by Ice Beam and in red as well.

17d 8h 54m Feraligatr sent in and hit by Outrage. Feraligatr in red!

17d 8h 52m Garchomp is now using Outrage. Unfezant faints!

17d 8h 52m Garchomp uses Swords Dance whilst Unfezant flies down.

17d 8h 52m Garchomp misses Stone Edge. Unfezant soars.

17d 8h 52m Cynthia sends in Garchomp.

17d 8h 52m Spiritomb taken out by Fly!

17d 8h 52m Spiritomb misses Confuse Ray. Unfezant flies down!

17d 8h 51m Unfezant takes to the skies!

17d 8h 51m Go, Unfezant!

17d 8h 51m Emboar hurts itself in its confusion and is in red. Spiritomb uses Psychic. Emboar faints.

17d 8h 50m Emboar hit by Psychic! Emboar in yellow.

17d 8h 50m Flamethrower hits Spiritomb this time. Spiritomb in yellow.

17d 8h 50m Emboar hurts itself from confusion.

17d 8h 50m Cynthia uses the Full Restore. Spiritomb is in green.

17d 8h 49m Spiritomb barely survives! Emboar is now confused by Confuse Ray.

17d 8h 49m Emboar launches Flamethrower!

17d 8h 49m Sent in Emboar!

17d 8h 49m Spiritomb's leftovers has healed it back to green.

17d 8h 48m Spiritomb continues sucker-punching. Zoroark faints itself from confusion.

17d 8h 48m Hit by Sucker Punch! Zoroark's illusion wore off. Zoroark now in yellow from confusion and burn.

17d 8h 47m Spiritomb is slowly healing by leftovers.

17d 8h 47m Zoroark misses a Night Daze and gets confused by Spiritomb's Confuse Ray.

17d 8h 47m Spiritomb taken to yellow. Zoroark burned by Will-o-wisp.

17d 8h 47m Zoroark leads with Night Daze!

17d 8h 46m Zoroark vs. Spiritomb.

17d 8h 46m CLY accepts her challenge for a battle. Battle! VS. Pokémon Trainer Cynthia!

17d 8h 45m In Cynthia's house.

17d 8h 44m Returned to Undella Town.

17d 8h 43m Back in the Pokémon Centre.

17d 8h 43m Black out!

17d 8h 43m Leavanny uses X-Scissor. It doesn't hurt Togekiss much. Air Slash is thrown against Leavanny. Leavanny is knocked out!

17d 8h 43m Cynthia sends in Togekiss.

17d 8h 42m Leavanny uses X-Scissor. Roserade is knocked out.

17d 8h 42m Only Leavanny is left. Go, Leavanny!

17d 8h 42m Roserade uses Leaf Storm! Feraligatr faints.

17d 8h 42m Feraligatr launches Ice Beam! Roserade is in yellow.

17d 8h 42m Cynthia sends in Roserade.

17d 8h 42m Next Waterfall faints Spiritomb!

17d 8h 41m Sucker Punch doesn't hurt Feraligatr much. Another Waterfall and Spiritom survives by just a tiny bit!

17d 8h 41m Feraligatr charges at Spiritomb with Waterfall! Spiritomb in about half.

17d 8h 41m Cynthia uses the Full Restore. Spiritomb back in full.

17d 8h 41m Feraligatr dodges a Will-O-Wisp.

17d 8h 40m Feraligatr uses Waterfall! Spiritomb taken to red.

17d 8h 40m Sent in Feraligatr.

17d 8h 38m Spiritomb is back to green from Leftovers.

17d 8h 38m Poison eats at Unfezant. Unfezant is in red now. She hurts herself in her confusion and faints.

17d 8h 38m Spiritomb uses Sucker Punch. Unfezant in yellow. Unfezant flies.

17d 8h 37m Spiritomb uses Confuse Ray. Unfezant is confused.

17d 8h 37m Unfezant uses Air Slash! Spiritomb taken to yellow.

17d 8h 37m Unfezant is poisoned.

17d 8h 36m Quiffle vs Spiritomb.

17d 8h 36m Battling Cynthia!

17d 8h 35m Wandering around.

17d 8h 35m Entered Cynthia's house.

17d 8h 33m Zinzolin did such an act as a form of redemption, in a way.

17d 8h 33m CLY is now capable of reading the Abyssal Ruins script!

17d 8h 33m He hands papers that Lord Ghetsis left behind to CLY.

17d 8h 33m Zinzolin appears!

17d 8h 32m He's really glad that CLY's his friend, and walks off.

17d 8h 32m HughMR defeated!

17d 8h 32m Poison Point poisons her!

17d 8h 32m She dodges a Sleep Power and OHKOs Roserade.

17d 8h 32m Roserade in. Quiffle flies.

17d 8h 32m Confusion damage brings Salamence to red. This allows it to be easily finished off by Fly.

17d 8h 32m Quiffle flies upwards.

17d 8h 31m Salamence is brought to yellow by its confusion damage.

17d 8h 31m Quiffle is sent in.

17d 8h 31m Moxie raises Salamence's attack. Outrage ends! It's confused!

17d 8h 31m Wilbur is OHKOed by an Outrage!

17d 8h 30m Wilbur is sent in.

17d 8h 30m Moxie raises Salamence's attack.

17d 8h 30m Outrage proceeds to OHKO!

17d 8h 30m Energy Ball does barely any damage. The dragon sets up a Dragon Dance.

17d 8h 30m Salamence is sent in!

17d 8h 29m After dodging a Megahorn, his Dig strikes true and down goes Samurott.

17d 8h 29m He digs underground.

17d 8h 29m Sceptile is sent in.

17d 8h 29m Megahorn downs Zoro.

17d 8h 29m Night Daze sends it to yellow.

17d 8h 29m Samurott is sent in.

17d 8h 29m Zoro heals into yellow with Leftovers.

17d 8h 29m Night Daze finishes Bouffalant off.

17d 8h 28m Megahorn sends Zoro straight into red health!

17d 8h 28m Night Slash then brings the bull to red.

17d 8h 28m His Dig lands, taking out a quarter of the bull's health. He dodges a Megahorn.

17d 8h 28m Zoro digs underground.

17d 8h 28m Afro Bull Bouffalant is sent in.

17d 8h 27m A second Night Daze takes the eel out.

17d 8h 27m Night Daze takes it to red.

17d 8h 27m Zoro heals to green with Leftovers. Eelektross healed by Full Restore.

17d 8h 27m It's brought to yellow by a Night Daze. Wild Charge takes Zoro to yellow and the eel to red.

17d 8h 27m In comes an Eelektross.

17d 8h 26m Zoro slowly heals with Leftovers.

17d 8h 26m A second Night Daze takes out Togekiss.

17d 8h 26m A Fire Blast takes a bit of health out of Zoro and breaks his Illusion.

17d 8h 26m Zoro, disguised as Zenny, takes Togekiss to yellow with a Night Daze.

17d 8h 26m Zoro vs Togekiss.

17d 8h 25m The Champion vs the B4 Champion! Go!

17d 8h 25m His second request is accepted.

17d 8h 25m He challenges CLY to a battle, but she refuses.

17d 8h 25m We're given a Master Ball.

17d 8h 25m Talking to HughMR. He came here due to the rumours of Cynthia hanging around.

17d 8h 25m Back in Undella.

17d 8h 23m Entered the northern gatehouse.

17d 8h 21m Hanging around the streets.

17d 8h 18m Walked by HughMR.

17d 8h 17m Exited onto the streets.

17d 8h 17m Back in the Undella Pokémon Center.

17d 8h 17m Earthquake takes out Wilbur. Black out!

17d 8h 16m In comes Garchomp.

17d 8h 16m An Extrasensory takes Wilbur to yellow. Flamethrower downs Roserade.

17d 8h 16m Wilbur is sent in.

17d 8h 15m Leaf Storm takes out Gator.

17d 8h 15m It's brought down to yellow by Ice Beam.

17d 8h 15m Cynthia sends in Roserade.

17d 8h 15m Waterfall then finishes off Spiritomb.

17d 8h 14m Confusion damage hits Gator! A Psychic takes him down to three-quarters of his HP.

17d 8h 14m Surf brings Spiritomb down a third of its HP.

17d 8h 14m Gator is confused! Cynthia heals Spiritomb with a Full Restore.

17d 8h 13m Leftovers healed Spiritomb to green. It's brought to red the next turn by Waterfall.

17d 8h 13m He hits Spiritomb with a Waterfall. It goes down to yellow. Its attack misses Gator.

17d 8h 13m Umbrellagator is sent in.

17d 8h 12m Spiritomb finishes him off.

17d 8h 12m Spiritomb Sucker Punches Sceptile. He goes down to yellow. Confusion damage takes him to red.

17d 8h 11m He hits himself in confusion.

17d 8h 11m Spiritomb hits Sceptile with a Confuse Ray! He's now paralyzed and confused.

17d 8h 11m Sceptile vs Spiritomb!

17d 8h 11m In the flood of Bs, an A gets in! Battling Pokémon Trainer Cynthia!

17d 8h 11m Entered Cynthia's house!

17d 8h 8m Back in Undella.

17d 8h 8m Entered the Marine Tube gatehouse.

17d 8h 7m Hanging around on the beach.

17d 8h 5m Oh hey look, it's HughMR.

17d 8h 2m Out on the streets.

17d 7h 59m Entered and checkpointed at the Center.

17d 7h 58m Flew to Undella Town.

17d 7h 58m Plan appears to be flying.

17d 7h 57m The current order is: Zoro, Sceptile, Wilbur, Quiffle, Umbrellagator and Zenny.

17d 7h 54m Switched the team order around a bit.

17d 7h 53m And back out onto Route 17.

17d 7h 52m Onto the Frigate.

[Trivia] Genesect's Pokédex entry says that it is an ancient bug Pokémon that was altered by Team Plasma. Makes sense that N had rejected the project in the first place.

17d 7h 48m Back outside now.

17d 7h 47m CLY flees from Genesect!

17d 7h 47m Zap Cannon does little damage to Sceptile, but he's paralyzed!

17d 7h 46m CLY throws a Net Ball! It fails!

17d 7h 46m Sceptile vs Genesect! Download increases Genesect's attack!

17d 7h 46m Battling Genesect!

17d 7h 44m According to this half-torn memo, it appears as if Genesect was designed as the strongest Pokémon, even though the project had been rejected by Lord N.

17d 7h 43m Entered the P2 Laboratory ... oh god it's Genesect.

17d 7h 41m Back onto Route 17 - more specifically, the location of the P2 Laboratory.

17d 7h 40m Exited onto the deck.

17d 7h 37m Hanging around this inner part of the frigate.

17d 7h 35m Teleported out of the bridge.

17d 7h 34m It's ice to have another Master Ball.

17d 7h 33m Just chilling around on the bridge of the frigate.

17d 7h 31m Colress gives CLY a Master Ball!

17d 7h 31m Colress defeated!

17d 7h 31m Emboar uses Brick Break! Magnezone down.

17d 7h 31m Magnezone uses Volt Switch on emboar. Emboar isn't hurt much.

17d 7h 30m Emboar uses Flamethrower. Magnezone is in yellow. The balloon pops.

17d 7h 30m Colress sends in Magnezone. It floats on an Air Balloon.

17d 7h 29m Flamethrower brings down Klinklang.

17d 7h 29m Klinklang uses T-Wave. Emboar is paralysed.

17d 7h 29m Colress sends in Klinklang.

17d 7h 29m Emboar leads with Flamethrower! Metagross down.

17d 7h 29m Go! Emboar!

17d 7h 28m Metagross is brought to yellow. It uses Meteor Mash. Zoroark faints.

17d 7h 28m Zoroark uses Night Daze!

17d 7h 28m Colress sends in Metagross.

17d 7h 27m Night Daze again! Rotom is knocked out.

17d 7h 27m Zoroark back to green from Leftovers.

17d 7h 27m Rotom uses Hydro Pump. Zoroark is in yellow. The illusion is ruined.

17d 7h 27m Trick room ends. Colress sends in Rotom, who gets hit by Night Daze.

17d 7h 26m Beheeyem is brought to yellow. A second Night Daze finishes off Beheeyem.

17d 7h 26m Beheeyem fails Psychic. Zoroark uses Night Daze.

17d 7h 25m Out comes Beheeyem.

17d 7h 25m Zoroark uses Night Slash! Porygon-Z is finished.

17d 7h 25m Sent in Zoroark.

17d 7h 25m Porygon-Z launches Hyper Beam! Unfezant faints.

17d 7h 25m Porygon-Z is hit and it brought to yellow. Trick room starts.

17d 7h 25m Unfezant flies!

17d 7h 24m Unfezant uses Air Slash! Porygon-Z barely survives. Colress heals Porygon-Z.

17d 7h 24m Sent in Unfezant!

17d 7h 24m Leavanny is brought down!

17d 7h 24m Leavanny uses X-Scissor. Porygon-Z is in yellow and it uses Hyper Beam!

17d 7h 23m Leavanny vs. Porygon-Z

17d 7h 23m Battle! VS. Colress!

17d 7h 23m Speaking to Colress.

17d 7h 21m In Colress' room.

17d 7h 21m Stepped on another teleport pad.

17d 7h 20m A Plasma member comments that Colress doesn't know N and wonders how he'll react if they both meet.

17d 7h 18m Several Plasma members are in sight.

17d 7h 18m Stepped on a teleport pad and warped somewhere.

17d 7h 17m Went through the southern doorway.

17d 7h 14m Back on the main deck now.

17d 7h 13m Got up the stairs.

17d 7h 9m Also went down the stairs and we're back to the hallway.

17d 7h 9m Left the room.

17d 7h 7m In the room with teleport pads.

17d 7h 6m Went up the stairs.

17d 7h 1m Still wandering the hallway.

17d 6h 57m Left the room.

17d 6h 56m CLY took a nap on a bed. Our team is healed!

17d 6h 56m Entered a room at the top-right. There are many beds too.

17d 6h 55m Exited the room.

17d 6h 53m In a room with lots of beds.

17d 6h 53m Went down a stairs to a hallway.

17d 6h 53m Left the room with the teleport pads. Back on the main deck.

17d 6h 52m Warped back.

17d 6h 52m Warped somewhere.

17d 6h 52m Went through the northern doorway. In a room with lots of teleport pads.

17d 6h 50m Entered the Plasma Frigate.

17d 6h 50m The Frigate is also in sight.

17d 6h 50m There is a lab nearby, and a Team Plasma member walking around.

[Fluff] Oh hey, Neo-Plasma!

17d 6h 49m Arrived at another shore!

17d 6h 49m We ride on the currents!

17d 6h 49m At Route 17.

17d 6h 48m Surfing!

17d 6h 47m Went down the stairs on the other side.

17d 6h 44m We go up another flight of stairs.

17d 6h 42m Hiker Stephan defeated.

17d 6h 42m Sceptile launches Energy Ball! Hippowdon faints immediately.

17d 6h 42m Sceptile hit by Crunch and still in green.

17d 6h 42m Switched out to Sceptile.

17d 6h 41m Stephan sends in Hippowdon.

17d 6h 41m Air Slash again! Donphan hit. Donphan faints.

17d 6h 41m Unfezant's speed is reduced by Scary Face.

17d 6h 40m Unfezant uses Air Slash! Donphan is taken to yellow.

17d 6h 40m Stephan sends in Donphan.

17d 6h 40m Fly lands. Crustle faints.

17d 6h 40m Qwiffle flies up!

17d 6h 40m Unfezant, go!

17d 6h 40m Super effective! Leavanny faints!

17d 6h 39m Leavanny uses Grass Knot. Crustle in red. It uses Rock Wrecker.

17d 6h 39m Crustle uses X-Scissor. Leavanny is in yellow. Crustle is still in green.

17d 6h 39m Razor Leaf, Leavanny!

17d 6h 39m Crustle is sent in.

17d 6h 39m Leavanny uses Razor Leaf. Super effective! Hippopotas barely survives and hits with Double-Edge. It faints from recoil.

17d 6h 38m Leavanny vs. Hippopotas. Sand Stream kicks up a sandstorm.

17d 6h 38m Vs. Hiker Stephan.

17d 6h 38m Challenged by another trainer.

17d 6h 37m In a sandy area now.

17d 6h 37m Down a flight of stairs!

17d 6h 35m Left the house.

17d 6h 35m A person in the house heals our Pokémon!

17d 6h 33m Man: "...Nope, nothing cool in your bag."

17d 6h 32m A shady looking man stands in a corner. He asks if CLY has found something cool for him. It appears that CLY doesn't have anything.

17d 6h 31m Entered the house. There are lots of beds.

17d 6h 30m Near a house!

[Party] Leavanny FNT, Sceptile FNT, Unfezant 64%, Zoroark 57%, Feraligatr FNT, Emboar 100%

17d 6h 28m Unfezant roosted during a wild encounter with a Scrafty. Unfezant is in green now.

17d 6h 26m At the grassy area.

17d 6h 23m On the beach now.

17d 6h 22m CLY rides on the currents and arrives near another shore!

17d 6h 21m Swimmer Jeffery defeated.

17d 6h 21m Fly is also disabled by Cursed Body. Jellicent knocked out by Air Slash.

17d 6h 21m Jellicent barely survives and hits with Hydro Pump. Unfezant in yellow.

17d 6h 20m Jellicent misses Water Spout and is hit by Fly!

17d 6h 20m Unfezant flies again!

17d 6h 20m Jellicent is sent in.

17d 6h 20m Unfezant flies down and knocks out Tentacruel.

17d 6h 20m Tentacruel misses Hydrop Pump.

17d 6h 20m Unfezant flies!

17d 6h 19m Unfezant vs. Tentacruel.

17d 6h 19m Battle with Swimmer Jeffery!

17d 6h 19m Challenged by a trainer.

17d 6h 19m In a place with lots of fast currents.

17d 6h 17m We surf!

17d 6h 16m Landed on a patch of land.

17d 6h 15m We're surfing again.

17d 6h 14m In Route 17.

17d 6h 12m Ace Trainer Sean defeated.

17d 6h 12m Unfezant flies down. Espeon is knocked out.

17d 6h 12m Espeon leads with Psychic. Unfezant still in green and flies.

17d 6h 11m Sean sends in Espeon.

17d 6h 11m Fly lands. Emboar is knocked out instantly.

17d 6h 11m Unfezant snaps out of its confusion and soars to the skies.

17d 6h 10m Sean sends in Emboar.

17d 6h 10m Unfezant is confused but uses Facade. Glalie down.

17d 6h 10m Unfezant uses Facade. Glalie's health is halved. Glalie uses Swagger on Unfezant.

17d 6h 9m Unfezant vs. Sean's Glalie.

17d 6h 9m Vs. Ace Trainer Sean. He has three Pokémon.

17d 6h 9m Challenged by another trainer.

17d 6h 7m Defeated Ace Trainer Cheyenne.

17d 6h 7m Zoroark does easy work of Alakazam with Night Daze.

17d 6h 7m Cheyenne sends in Alakazam.

17d 6h 7m Zoroark uses Night Daze again. Samurott faints.

17d 6h 7m Samurott uses Surf and brings Zoroark to about half.

17d 6h 6m It appears Emboar was Zoroark in disguise! Zoroark uses Night Daze. Samurott in yellow.

17d 6h 6m Cheyenne sends in Samurott. CLY sends in Emboar!

17d 6h 5m Both fields are now empty. Who shall we send in?

17d 6h 5m Froslass faints and takes Feraligatr down with it!

17d 6h 4m Froslass uses Destiny Bond. Feraligatr uses Surf.

17d 6h 4m Sent in Feraligatr.

17d 6h 1m Sceptile misses Rock Slide and is hit by Ice Beam. Sceptile faints.

17d 6h 1m Sceptile uses Rock Slide. Froslass is in yellow. Froslass flinches.

17d 6h 0m Sceptile vs. Froslass.

17d 6h 0m Vs. Ace trainer Cheyenne.

17d 6h 0m Challenged by a trainer.

17d 5h 57m Back on land.

[Party] Leavanny FNT, Sceptile 50%. The rest - 100%.

17d 5h 55m Surfing!

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 89 - Max. HP 273 Attack 199 Defense 124 Sp. Atk 236 Sp. Def 196 Speed 243

17d 5h 52m Backpacker Shane defeated.

17d 5h 52m Another Energy Ball flies at Cradily. Cradily faints.

17d 5h 51m Sceptile uses Energy Ball on Cradily. Cradily in about half. Sceptile in yellow now.

17d 5h 51m Shane sends in Cradily.

17d 5h 50m Carracosta down to another Energy Ball.

17d 5h 50m Carracosta survives Energy Ball just barely and makes it rain.

17d 5h 50m Out comes Carracosta.

17d 5h 50m Sceptile to level 89.

17d 5h 49m Sceptile uses Energy Ball. Rampardos is brought to its demise.

17d 5h 49m Shane sends in Rampardos.

17d 5h 49m Sceptile launches Energy Ball. Kabutops is taken down.

[Fluff] This time, Dome!?

17d 5h 49m Sceptile vs. Kabutops.

17d 5h 48m Challenged by Backpacker Shane.

17d 5h 48m Another trainer challenges us.

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 92 - Max. HP 295 Attack 238 Defense 167 Sp. Atk 159 Sp. Def 135 Speed 213

17d 5h 46m Backpacker Jill defeated.

17d 5h 46m Dig is super effective. Bastiodon faints.

17d 5h 45m Heavy Slam is used on Sceptile. It doesn't do much. Sceptile digs.

17d 5h 45m Sceptile shoots an Energy Ball. Bastiodon is in yellow.

17d 5h 45m Bastiodon is next.

17d 5h 45m Sceptile uses Energy Ball. Critical hit! Archeops is taken down!

17d 5h 44m Jill sends in Archeops.

17d 5h 44m Sceptile does quick work of Armaldo with Energy Ball.

17d 5h 44m Sent in Sceptile!

17d 5h 43m Grass Knot brings Armaldo to red. Armaldo uses Slash. Leavanny down.

17d 5h 43m Leavanny cuts with Razor Leaf. It doesn't do much. Armaldo hits with Rock Blast. Leavanny in red.

17d 5h 42m Leavanny uses Entrainment and that changes Armaldo's ability. Armaldo uses Crush Claw. Leavanny is still in green.

17d 5h 42m Jill sends in Armaldo.

17d 5h 42m Leavanny grows to level 92.

17d 5h 41m Razor Leaf this time! Omastar is defeated.

17d 5h 41m Omastar is in yellow.

17d 5h 41m Leavanny uses X-Scissor. Omastar tickles Leavanny.

[Fluff] Helix!

17d 5h 41m It's Leavanny vs. Omastar.

17d 5h 40m Battle! vs. Backpacker Jill.

17d 5h 40m Challenged by a trainer.

17d 5h 38m Headed to Route 1.

17d 5h 37m Back in Accumula Town.

17d 5h 36m Inside the Pokémon Centre.

17d 5h 36m CLY has no more Pokémon left and blacks out.

17d 5h 36m Hippowdon leads with Double-Edge. Emboar faints.

17d 5h 35m Hippowdon is out next.

17d 5h 35m Brick Break on Donphan faints it.

17d 5h 34m Donphan uses Earthquake. Emboar is taken to red.

17d 5h 34m Tried to chuck a Net Ball at Donphan to no avail. Donphan puts on a Scary Face after that.

17d 5h 33m Donphan is put in yellow and scares Emboar with Scary Face.

17d 5h 33m Emboar starts with Brick Break.

17d 5h 33m Stephan sends in Donphan.

17d 5h 33m Emboar uses Brick Break. Hipopotas is taken down.

17d 5h 32m Sand Stream kicks up a sandstorm.

17d 5h 32m Emboar vs. Hippopotas.

17d 5h 32m Versus Hiker Stephan.

17d 5h 32m Challenged by a hiker.

17d 5h 29m Picked up TM19 Telekinesis.

17d 5h 28m Veteran Maya defeated.

17d 5h 28m Too bad the copies weren't enough. Pachirisu faints to Flamethrower.

17d 5h 28m Pachirisu continues making copies of itself.

17d 5h 28m The actual Emboar is the only Pokémon left in our team. Sent in Emboar!

17d 5h 27m Zoroark faints to poison damage.

17d 5h 27m Zoroark is in red from poison damage, and also falls in love again.

17d 5h 26m Night Daze this time strikes Pachirisu. Pachirisu is now in yellow, and continues uses Double Team.

17d 5h 26m Zoroark misses Night Daze. Pachirisu uses Double Team.

17d 5h 26m Zoroark is in yellow from toxic damage. Pachirisu is sent out.

17d 5h 25m Zoroark uses Night Slash. Lopunny faints.

17d 5h 25m Lopunny uses Toxic. Zoroark is poisoned.

17d 5h 25m Whilst Zoroark is busy in love, Lopunny stocks on Double Team.

17d 5h 24m Zoroark falls in love.

17d 5h 24m Night Daze again! Lopunny in yellow.

17d 5h 24m Lopunny comes in.

17d 5h 24m Emboar -- no Zoroark, sorry, uses Night Daze! Rapidash faints.

17d 5h 23m Sent in Emboar. Rapidash in red from recoil.

17d 5h 23m Rapidash uses Double-Edge. Feraligatr faints.

17d 5h 23m Rapidash in yellow. Feraligatr is the same.

17d 5h 23m Rapidash is sent in.

17d 5h 22m Before a Solarbeam could be launches, Cherrim is taken down by a critical Surf.

17d 5h 22m Waterfall again. Cherrim is brought to yellow. It starts absorbing light.

17d 5h 22m Feraligatr uses Waterfall. Cherrim is still in green and it flinches.

17d 5h 22m Cherrim is sent in.

17d 5h 21m Froslass uses Thunderbolt on Feraligatr. u2E is in yellow and uses Surf. Froslass faints.

17d 5h 21m Sent in Feraligatr.

17d 5h 21m Unfezant is hit by Blizzard. Unfezant faints.

17d 5h 21m Fly brings Froslass to yellow.

17d 5h 20m Unfezant soars. Froslass misses Blizzard.

17d 5h 20m Maya sends in Froslass.

17d 5h 20m Empoleon misses an Ice Beam. Fly hits. Empoleon faints.

17d 5h 20m Empoleon uses Hydro Pump on Unfezant. Unfezant is brought to yellow and starts flying.

17d 5h 19m Sent in Unfezant.

[Correction] *being faster. Typos happen, apologies

17d 5h 19m Empoleon uses Flash Cannon. Sceptile is taken down!

17d 5h 18m Empoleon, bring faster, uses Ice Beam again. Sceptile hangs on with 20 HP. Rock Slide puts Empoleon to red.

17d 5h 18m Empoleon hits with Ice Beam. Sceptile in about half. Sceptile uses Energy Ball! Empoleon is in the low yellow.

17d 5h 18m Empoleon is hit. Empoleon is still in green and it uses Agility.

17d 5h 17m Sceptile starts off with Energy Ball.

17d 5h 17m Sceptile vs. Empoleon.

17d 5h 17m Battle VS. Veteran Maya.

17d 5h 17m Challenged by a trainer.

17d 5h 8m Picked up a Magma Stone.

17d 5h 6m We use Night Slash again, and KO Tauros! Defeated Veteran Chester!

17d 5h 5m Zoro uses Night Daze on Tauros! Tauros uses Rock Climb.

17d 5h 5m We use Night Slash on Floatzel, OHKO!

17d 5h 4m We use Night Slash on Luxray. Luxray faints!

17d 5h 4m We use Night Slash on Dugtrio. It faints, gets replaced by Tauros!

17d 5h 4m Against Floatzel!

17d 5h 3m We use Night Daze on Chatot, Chatot faints!

17d 5h 3m We use Night Daze on Dugtrio! Dugtrio uses Stone Edge.

17d 5h 2m We use Waterfall on Chatot. Chatot's Red Card drags out Zoroark!

17d 5h 2m Infernape faints! Replaced with Dugtrio!

17d 5h 2m Infernape uses Fire Blitz, Gator uses Waterfall!

17d 5h 2m We send out Feraligatr!

17d 4h 59m We use X-Scissor, Luxray uses Fire Fang. Leavanny faints!

17d 4h 59m Rotation Battle, btw.

17d 4h 59m We use Entrainment, while Luxray uses Fire Fang.

17d 4h 58m Againsst Infernape, Chatot, and Luxray. We have Leavanny, Sceptile, and Unfezant.

17d 4h 58m Battling Veteran Chester!

17d 4h 57m He just left us. He said he's heading for Driftveil City.

17d 4h 57m He's a Sinnoh Gym Leader, btw.

[What] Wait, why is Crasher Wake here?

[What] ... Crasher Wake?

17d 4h 57m Talked to Crasher Wake!

17d 4h 48m Down by the beach!

17d 4h 46m Out of the house!

17d 4h 44m "You know how Pokemon like to hide behind stones and rocks?" Happens everyday!

17d 4h 42m Lady inside the house heals us!

17d 4h 41m We enter a house, and immediately leave and re-enter!

17d 4h 40m Facing wild Pokemon. Right now, a Hoppip!

17d 4h 37m Back on land!

17d 4h 36m Ah, rapids. Reminds me of Pacifidlog.

17d 4h 35m Oh look, a Mantyke! That's another Pokémon sighted for the 'Dex.

17d 4h 32m Surfing around.

17d 4h 31m Blue Shard obtained.

17d 4h 29m Route 17 is a water-based route.

17d 4h 29m Surfing ohohoho.

17d 4h 28m Onto Route 17!

17d 4h 28m Entered the gatehouse.

17d 4h 26m Obtained a Lum Berry!

17d 4h 26m Vileplume uses Petal Dance, we use X-Scissor. Out goes Vileplume. PKMN Ranger defeated!

17d 4h 25m We use X-Scissor, Vileplume uses Stun Spore. We're paralyzed!

17d 4h 25m Against Vileplume!

17d 4h 25m We use X-Scissor, OHKOs Girafarig!

17d 4h 25m Against Girafarig!

17d 4h 24m We use Razor Leaf, and Wigglytuff faints!

17d 4h 24m We are still in love, and avoid a DoubleSlap.

17d 4h 24m We wake up, immobilized by love. DoubleSlap hits 3 times!

17d 4h 23m Sleeping while Wiggly uses Defense Curl!

17d 4h 23m Still asleep. DoubleSlap hits 2 times, like the name says.

17d 4h 23m We're asleep, Wiggly disables X-Scissor again!

17d 4h 22m Still can't move, Wiggly puts us back to sleep.

17d 4h 22m Immobilized, vs. Defense Curl!

17d 4h 22m We wake up, are immobilized by love. DoubleSlap hit 5 times.

17d 4h 21m Still asleep, we avoid a DoubleSlap.

17d 4h 21m We are still sleeping, Wigglytuff disables X-Scissor!

17d 4h 20m We can't move, Wiggly uses Defense Curl!

17d 4h 20m We use X-Scissor, and are attracted by Wiggly! Wiggly uses Sing, we fall asleep!

17d 4h 19m Challenged PKMN Ranger! Leavanny vs. Wigglytuff!

17d 4h 15m Found a Full Restore!

17d 4h 15m On land.

17d 4h 13m We surf!

17d 4h 11m Fighting wild Pokemon!

17d 4h 8m Back on Route 1!

[Info] The list is currently here

17d 4h 7m Our to do list!

  • 39 - Pansear
  • 53 - Magby
  • 78 - Skitty
  • 79 - Delcatty
  • 91 - Eevee
  • 126 - Archen
  • 128 - Tirtogua
  • 153 - Ducklett
  • 228 - Tympole
  • 237 - Corola
  • 243 - Spheal
  • 282 - Jigglypuff
  • 292 - Lavitar

17d 4h 7m 243 Spheal!

17d 4h 2m 39! Pansear!

17d 4h 2m 53 is Magby.

17d 4h 1m 53!

17d 4h 1m 78 is Skitty, 79 is Delcatty!

17d 4h 0m 91 is Eevee

17d 4h 0m 91, 79, 78

17d 3h 56m 126 and 128! Archen and Tirtuoga!

17d 3h 55m Missing 153- Ducklett.

17d 3h 52m Missing 228 (Tympole). We only need to see the Unova Dex to see Jimmy and Arceus!

[Info] Apparently Lavitar is 292, and we're missing Ducklett. Also missing #282 Unova (Jigglypuff)

[Info] We don't have #292 Unova

17d 3h 44m We're opening the Pokedex. But it appears that this time we're actually doing it for a reason--we need to see what's left in the Unova Pokedex so we can fight GMYC and Arceus!

17d 3h 39m Back Outside!

17d 3h 38m We've seen 287 Pokemon in the Unova Region!

17d 3h 38m We talk to Juniper.

17d 3h 38m Inside Juniper's Lab!

17d 3h 34m Back outside!

17d 3h 33m Back downstairs!

[Fluff] Luckily, it was only 3 weeks for us!

[Fluff] Two years ago in Unova, GMYC began his adventure in this very room!

17d 3h 29m Found a King's Rock!

17d 3h 27m Enter GMYC's Bedroom. It's clean, thankfully!

17d 3h 26m Jimmy's Mom Heals Us!

[Snark] "I'm not CLY. See this totally fake moustache? I'm just the milkwoman."

17d 3h 25m GYMC's Mom knows our Mom. She was a trainer when our Mom worked at the Pokecenter!

17d 3h 25m In Jimmy's Home!

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 88 - Max. HP 270 Attack 196 Defense 123 Sp. Atk 233 Sp. Def 194 Speed 240

[Stats] Emboar Lv. 100 - Max. HP 364 Attack 334 Defense 136 Sp. Atk 253 Sp. Def 157 Speed 165

[Fluff] It's only been three and a bit weeks, but coming back here brings back memories.

17d 3h 23m In Nuvema Town!

17d 3h 23m Bianca leaves.

17d 3h 23m Sceptile level 88! Bianca defeated!

17d 3h 22m An Energy Ball from us KOs Persian.

17d 3h 22m We send out Sceptile!

17d 3h 21m Persian uses Return, KOs Emboar!

17d 3h 20m Persian uses Fake Out, flinches us!

17d 3h 20m Against Persian!

17d 3h 20m We use Earthquake on it, KOed Simisear!

17d 3h 20m Against Simisear.

17d 3h 19m EMBOAR LEVEL 100!

17d 3h 19m Lilligant uses Quiver Dance, we use Flamethrower. Lilligant faints!

17d 3h 18m Against Lily Lilligant! We send out Emboar!

17d 3h 17m We use Night Daze, Persian uses U-turn. Zoroark faints!

17d 3h 17m Against Persian!

17d 3h 17m We use Night Daze again, and Samurott faints!

17d 3h 16m We use Night Daze! Samurott uses Hydro Cannon!

17d 3h 16m Against Samurott!

17d 3h 16m We use Night Daze, while Mienshao fails Hi-Jump Kick. Mienshao faints!

17d 3h 16m Mien uses Fake Out. We flinch!

17d 3h 16m We KO Musharna! Against Mienshao!

17d 3h 15m We send out Zoroark.

17d 3h 15m Musharna uses Psychic again, Unfezant faints!

17d 3h 15m Mush uses Psychic, we use Facade!

17d 3h 14m Mush uses Psychic, and we can't move!

17d 3h 14m Fly hits, Musharna uses Thunder Wave. We are paralyzed!

17d 3h 14m We use Fly, avoiding Musharna's Thunder Wave.

17d 3h 13m We send out Unfezant against Musharna!

17d 3h 13m Persian uses U-turn. Leavanny faints!

17d 3h 12m Persian uses Fake Out, we flinch.

17d 3h 12m Leavanny vs. Persian!

17d 3h 12m Battling Bianca!

[Chat] Nostalgic!

17d 3h 12m We take our "First" Steps on Route 1!

17d 3h 12m Encounter Bianca!

17d 3h 7m On Route 1!

17d 3h 7m Back outside!

17d 3h 6m Checkpointed at the Pokecenter!

17d 3h 4m In Accumula Town!

17d 2h 59m Fighting wild Pokemon.

17d 2h 58m On Route 2.

17d 2h 58m Back at the Pokecenter.

[ríp] ríp

17d 2h 57m Zoroark down! Black Out!

17d 2h 57m We use Night Daze, it uses Brave Bird.

17d 2h 56m We use Night Daze, it misses Brave Bird.

17d 2h 56m Against Honchkrow!

17d 2h 56m Ice Shard misses, Dig hits. Weaville down!

17d 2h 55m Weavile uses Ice Shard, we use Dig.

17d 2h 55m Weavile misses Ice Shard, we hit Dig.

17d 2h 55m Weavile uses Ice Shard, we use Dig!

17d 2h 54m Weavile uses Fake Out, we flinch.

17d 2h 54m Against Weavile.

17d 2h 54m Kingdra hits itself, we use Night Daze. Kingdra down!

17d 2h 54m We send out Zoroark!

17d 2h 53m Kingdra uses Outrage again, Unfezant down! Kingdra confused.

17d 2h 53m Kingdra uses Outrage, we use Air Slash.

17d 2h 53m We send out Unfezant!

17d 2h 51m Kingdra uses Outrage, Feraligatr down!

17d 2h 51m Kingdra uses Dragon Dance, we use Strength.

17d 2h 51m We use Waterfall, Kingdra uses Dragon Dance!

17d 2h 50m Against Kingdra!

17d 2h 50m We use Ice Beam again, Rhyperior down!

17d 2h 50m We use Ice Beam, and Rhy uses Psyback!

17d 2h 50m Against Rhyperior!

17d 2h 49m Enemy Gator uses Crunch, we use Waterfall! Foe Gator faints!

17d 2h 49m Feraligatr vs. Feraligatr! My bets on the Gator!

17d 2h 48m It uses Waterfall, Emboar down!

17d 2h 47m Emboar vs. Feraligatr!

17d 2h 47m Feraligatr uses Ice Punch, Sceptile faints!

17d 2h 47m We use Energy Ball, and it uses Dragon Dance.

17d 2h 47m Sceptile vs. Feraligatr!

17d 2h 47m Against Veteran Orian!

17d 2h 46m Leavanny faints to a wild Beautifly's Giga Drain!

17d 2h 45m Lass Mali defeated.

17d 2h 44m It uses Agility, we OHKO it with Flamethrower!

17d 2h 44m Against Swellow!

17d 2h 44m Another Flamethrower takes out Noctowl!

17d 2h 44m We use Flamethrower, Noctowl used Extrasensory!

17d 2h 44m Against Noctowl!

17d 2h 43m Confused, we use Flamethrower and OHKO it!

17d 2h 43m Apparently we killed Unfezant! Against Staraptor!

17d 2h 43m Back up!

17d 2h 43m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

17d 2h 43m Stream is offline!

17d 2h 42m Unfezant used Swagger!

17d 2h 42m We send out Emboar!

17d 2h 42m Against Unfezant!

17d 2h 42m Another X-Scissor takes out Brian Pidgeot!

[Snark] Do unto others exactly what they just did to you!

17d 2h 42m We use X-Scissor, it uses Mirror Move!

17d 2h 41m Leavanny against Bird Jesus Pidgeot!

17d 2h 41m Battling Lass Mali!

17d 2h 38m On Route 2!

17d 2h 36m Obtained Dusk Balls!

17d 2h 34m Exited the Pokémon Center.

[ríp] ríp

17d 2h 34m It attacks us! Emboar down! CLY Blacked out! Kappa

17d 2h 33m Challenged by Veteran Rayne!! Emboar vs Typhlosion!

17d 2h 31m [Info] Emboar has 4 PP left for Heat Crash.

17d 2h 30m [Info] Emboar currently has 1 PP left for Flame Thrower and Brock Break!

17d 2h 24m Butterfree continues to use Bug Buzz against us! Emboar 89/360 (25%) HP left.

17d 2h 23m Encountered a wild Butterfree. Butterfly HYPE!

17d 2h 20m Encountered N's Purrloin!

17d 2h 18m Picked up a Full Heal!

17d 2h 17m Picked up TM32 Double Team!

17d 2h 14m Emboar has 114/360 (32%) HP remaining!

[Stats] Emboar Lv. 99 - Max. HP 360 Attack 331 Defense 135 Sp. Atk 250 Sp. Def 155 Speed 163

17d 2h 6m We attack a wild Dustox with Heat Crash! Emboar Levels up to Lvl.99!

17d 2h 5m Picked up an Ultra Ball!

17d 2h 4m Encountered a wild Beautifly! It's so beautiful! ;_;

17d 2h 3m Attacked by a wild Mightyena! Emboar in the yellow at 48% HP.

17d 2h 2m Brick Break on Linoone! Linoone down! Youngster Jimmy defeated! CLY gets 1232 for winning!

17d 2h 1m Watchog down to Flamethrower! Linoone up!

17d 2h 1m Brick Break against Furret! Furret down! Watchog up!

17d 2h 0m Brick Break on Bibarel! Bibarel down! Furret up!

17d 2h 0m Brick Break against Raticate! Raticate down! Bibarel up!

17d 1h 59m Challenged by Youngster Jimmy! Emboar vs. Raticate!

[Info] We got attacked by Scolipede's Double Edge during the trainer battle.

17d 1h 58m Flamethrower against Dustox! Dustox down! Youngster Mikey defeated! CLY gets 1232 for winning!

17d 1h 57m It attacks us! Flamethrower against Scolipede! Scolipede down! Dustox up!

17d 1h 57m FLamethrower against Volbeat! Volbeat down! Scolipede up!

17d 1h 56m Flamethrower against Mothim! Mothim down! Volbeat up!

17d 1h 56m Flamethrowser against Beedrill! Beedrill down! Mothim up!

17d 1h 55m Challenged by Youngster Mikey! Emboar vs. Beedrill!

17d 1h 55m Entered Route 2.

17d 1h 54m Left the Restaurant, and right back in! And right back outside!

[Info] Emboar is at 79% HP. Everyone else is down.

17d 1h 51m Simipour attacks Darmanitan! Darmanitan down! Cilan and Chili Defeated!

[Stats] Emboar Lv. 98 - Max. HP 356 Attack 327 Defense 134 Sp. Atk 248 Sp. Def 153 Speed 161

17d 1h 51m FlameThrwser against Lilligant! Lilligant down! Emboar Lvl.98!

17d 1h 50m Slowking down! We attack Simisage! Simisage down! Lilligant sent out! Cress Simipour out!

17d 1h 49m We sent out Emboar & Simisage sent out!

17d 1h 48m Pearl Whip against Azumarill! Cress Azumarill down! He sends out SLowking! We get attacked! Feraligatr down!

17d 1h 47m Grass Knot against Feraligar! We use Waterfall! Simisear down! Azumarill's Aqua Tail!

17d 1h 47m Simisear sent out!

17d 1h 46m Feraligatr used Surf! Azumarill attacks Arcanine! Arcanine down!

17d 1h 46m Double Battle with Cress against Cilan and Chili! Feraligatr and Azumarill vs Ferrothorn and Arcanine!

17d 1h 45m They lost, and talk about it to each other. Memory Link shut off.

17d 1h 44m They were engaged by the ShadowTraid!

[Fluff] BibleThump

[Chat] BibleThump everywhere!

17d 1h 42m We talked to Cress! Memory Link open!

17d 1h 40m Cilan: "This place used to be a Pokémon Gym, but a lot happened." Thanks for the info, Cilan.

[Info] The old Gym Leaders in this building that is now a restaurant are Cilan (Green), Chili (Red), and Cress (Blue). We talked to Chili, but he says there is no Trio Badge.

17d 1h 34m There are 3 Pansages! We choose the middle one. We were correct! We received a Big Mushroom!

17d 1h 34m Oh, we have to choose a Pansage that we were asked to follow!

17d 1h 33m We're watching Pansages on the stage!

17d 1h 32m We talked to the guy at the building that used to be a Gym. It's a restaurant now.

17d 1h 29m Left the Dreamyard. Back in Striaton City!

17d 1h 27m We use Strength to move a huge boulder!

17d 1h 26m Back upstairs and outside the Dreamyard!

17d 1h 23m Found a Psychic Gem!

[Chat] Pump iron!

17d 1h 19m Picked up an Iron!

17d 1h 18m Went downstairs in another section of the Dreamyard!

17d 1h 9m Picked up Reaper Cloth!

17d 1h 8m Waterfall against Togekiss! Togekiss down! School Kid Rita defeated! CLY gets 1580 for winning!

17d 1h 7m Waterfall against Clefairy! Clefairy down! Togekiss up! We use Waterfall! Air Slash against us!

17d 1h 7m Challenged by School Kid Rita! Feraligatr vs. Clefairy!

17d 1h 5m Waterfall against Zoroark! Zoroark down! Youngster Keita defeated! CLY gets 1280 for winning!

17d 1h 5m Challenged by Youngster Keita! Feraligatr vs. Zoroark (No, not ours)!

[Info] Looks like we went up in another section of the Dreamyard.

17d 1h 2m Went back upstairs, and back outside the Dreamyard!

[Snark] Now we just need to find a Napoleon Stone....

17d 0h 58m Picked up a Dawn Stone!

17d 0h 55m Picked up an HP Up!

17d 0h 53m There are some kids walking around down here, but they hop, and run away when we get close to them.

17d 0h 50m Went downstairs!

17d 0h 48m Encountering some wild Pokémon in the Dreamyard.

[Snark] The old god returns! Wait, we praise rocks now? What ever happened to stones? ;_;

17d 0h 47m Picked up a Moon Stone!

17d 0h 41m Looks like Jirachi is flying around this area. We're gonna follow it, perhaps?

[Snark] CLY ., received the Standing Medal!

17d 0h 38m Jirachi notices us!

17d 0h 38m Entered the Dreamyard!

[Snark] "And! I have another medal I want to give! Please? Please?" CL Y ., received the Breathing Medal! "And! I have another medal I want to give! Please? Please?" CL Y ., received the Walking Medal!

[Info] The Medals we got are as follows: Wonder Writer, Easy Cycling, Ace Pilot, Hustle Muscle, Dowsing Specialist, Television Kid, Moderate Customer, Great Customer, Smart Shopper, Sweet Home, Lucky Color, Battle Virtuoso, Exp. Millionaire, and Driftveil's Mightiest.

17d 0h 34m We're back outside Striaton City!

17d 0h 33m We're receiving many multiple medals from one single person!

17d 0h 33m Entered the Pokémon Center. Checkpoint Striaton City!

17d 0h 28m Entered Striaton City!

17d 0h 27m We've reached the day care! There are children around.

17d 0h 25m Watterfall against Heatmor! Heatmor down! Lass Shannon defeated! CLY gets 1200 for winning!

17d 0h 24m Waterfall against Litwick! Litwick down! Heatmor up!

17d 0h 24m Surf against Ponyta! Ponyta down! Litwick up!

17d 0h 23m Waterfall against Growlithe! Growlithe down! Ponyta up!

17d 0h 23m Waterfall against Vulpix! Vulpix down! Growlithe up!

17d 0h 23m Challenged by Lass Shannon! Feraligatr vs. Vulpix!

Thank you, /u/BOOXMOWO, for bringing that to my attention!

[Correction] Sorry, I wasn't aware we had actually caught many legendaries earlier. Which is actually pretty amazing!

17d 0h 18m Encountering some wild Pokémon.

[Info] I believe this is still Route 3 that we are currently on.

17d 0h 14m Zoroark uses Dig, so we escaped the Cave!

[Info] The Mewtwo we caught is Level 75. I forgot to record it.

[Fluff] That was the first time we actually caught an optional legendary since Zapdos.

[Snark] It's #1, and N's Mewtwo?

[Fluff] Does anyone else appreciate the irony in the fact that we used a Timer Ball, of all balls?

17d 0h 10m We nicknamed it Mewtwo1N.

17d 0h 9m Timer Ball used on Mewtwo! WE CAUGHT MEWTWO ON THE FIRST TRY!

Mewtwo! <3

17d 0h 9m Mewtwo Engaged!


17d 0h 8m Mewtwo in sight!

17d 0h 7m Used a Timer Ball on a wild Swoobat! But it escapes!

17d 0h 6m Found a Dusk Stone!

17d 0h 5m Surfing on the water in the cave for some short, brief moments only to get back on land.

17d 0h 2m Flamethrower against Machamp! Machamp down! Black Belt Edward Defeated! CLY gets 2528 for winning!

17d 0h 2m We sent out Emboar!

17d 0h 0m We get attacked by Machomp! Zoroark down!

Welcome to Day 18 of Pokémon Black 2!

16d 23h 59m Another Night Daze from Zoroark! Hitmontop down! Machamp up!

16d 23h 59m Hitmontop's Quick Guard! We use Night Daze!

16d 23h 59m Hitmontop uses Detect! We use Night Daze but it failed.

16d 23h 58m Night Daze against Throh! Throh down! Hitmontop up!

16d 23h 57m Zoroark uses Dig!

16d 23h 57m Night Daze against Throh!

16d 23h 56m Challenged by Black Belt Edward! Zoroark (Emboar) vs. Throh!

16d 23h 56m CLY uses another Elixir!

[Info] Zoroark, Feraligar, and Emboar are the only ones left! Zoroark currently leads, posing as Emboar!

16d 23h 51m Surf against Scrafty! Scrafty down! Battle Girl Xiao defeated! CLY gets 2528 for winning!

16d 23h 51m Surf against Scrafty! Facade against us!

16d 23h 50m Another Waterfall against Hitmonchan! Hitmonchan down! Scrafty up!

16d 23h 50m It uses Detect! We use Waterfall, but it protected itself!

16d 23h 49m Waterfall against Primeape! Primeape down! Hitmonchan up!

16d 23h 49m We sent out Feraligatr!

16d 23h 49m Primeape's Thrash! Unfezant down!

16d 23h 48m Challenged by Battle Girl Xiao! Unfezant vs. Primeape!

16d 23h 46m Went downstairs. It is literally now dark down here!

16d 23h 45m We finally ran away from the wild Golbat.

[Chat] Twitchspeaks just said something, and people are reacting almost as excitedly as if the streamer had said something.

16d 23h 43m We're sending out Emboar against the wild Golbat that we're stuck on.

16d 23h 39m Golbat's Air Slash on Sceptile! Sceptile down!

16d 23h 38m One more Timer Ball used on Golbat! But it escapes!

16d 23h 38m Another Timer Ball used on Golbat! But it escapes again!

16d 23h 38m Used a Timer Ball on the wild Golbat but it escapes!

16d 23h 37m CLY uses an Elixr!

16d 23h 37m Used a Quick Ball, but it escaped!

16d 23h 37m Attacked by a wild Golbat via Air Slash! Sceptile 8/267 HP.

[Info] Leavanny currently down. Sceptile in the yellow at 26% HP. Unfezant in the red at 18% HP. Everyone else is at 100% HP.

16d 23h 33m Hitmonlee's Close Combat! Unfezant in the red! Air Slash against Hitmonlee! Hitmonlee down! Battle Girl Maggie defeated! CLY gets 2528 for winning!

16d 23h 32m H Jump Kick against us! Air SLash against Mienshao! Mienshao down! Hitmonlee up!

16d 23h 32m We sent out Unfezant!

16d 23h 31m Leavanny down to Mienshao's bounce!

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 91 - Max. HP 292 Attack 236 Defense 166 Sp. Atk 158 Sp. Def 134 Speed 211

16d 23h 31m X-Scissor vs Bounce!

16d 23h 30m X-Scissor on Medicham! Medicham down! Leavanny Lvl.91! Mienshao sent out!

16d 23h 30m Challenged by Battle Girl Maggie! Leavanny vs. Medicham!

16d 23h 29m Picked up an Escape Rope!

16d 23h 29m Surfing in the cave.

16d 23h 28m Used a Dusk Ball on the Woobat! Caught the Male Level 55 Woobat! No Nickname.

16d 23h 28m We encountered one of N's Woobats!

16d 23h 28m Entered Wellspring Cave!

16d 23h 25m Used a Dusk Ball on a wild Yanma, but didn't catch it.

16d 23h 24m Picked up an Ultra Ball!

[Snark] May? If these M's are also silent, does that mean one of them is named Al?

16d 23h 21m Scpetile's Rock Slide! Pachirisu down! Backers May and Mal defeated ! CLY gets 3744 fro winning!

16d 23h 20m Sceptiles Rock Slide! Leavanny's Razor Leaf! Emolga down! Hyper Fang against Sceptile!

16d 23h 19m We're challenged by Backers May and Mal! Double battle vs. Emolga and Pachirisu!

16d 23h 18m Left the narrow grotto.

16d 23h 16m Dusk Ball used on the wild Manectric! It was caught on the first try! It's a Female, Level 68! No nickname.

16d 23h 16m A Wild Manectric Engaged!

16d 23h 16m Entered a narrow path.

16d 23h 14m Encountering some wild Pokémon, as well as some double wild battle encounters.

16d 23h 13m Picked up a Big Nugget!

[Info] Leavanny in the yellow at 30% HP. Sceptile in the yellow at 38% HP. Unfezant is Paralyzed, but is 100% HP. Everyone else full strength!

16d 23h 10m Entered a narrow path, and back out.

16d 23h 8m Sceptile uses Rock Slide again! Sigilyph down! School Kid Edgar defeated! CLY gets 1500 for winning!

16d 23h 7m Unfezant uses Roost!

16d 23h 7m Sceptile sues Rock Slide! Razor Leaf against Swoobat! Swoobat down!

16d 23h 6m Swoobat sent out! Sigilyph sent out!

16d 23h 5m Scpetile's Rock Slide! All opposing! Pokémon down!

16d 23h 3m Sceptiles Energy Ball. X-Scissor on Xatu! Psychic against Sceptile! Air Slash against Leavanny! Psychic against Sceptile. Unfezant uses Roost!

16d 23h 2m Triple battle! Leavanny Sceptile and Unfezant vs. Natu, Woobat, and Xatu!

16d 23h 2m Challenged by School Kid Edgar!

16d 23h 1m Found a Quick Ball!

[Info] Unfezant down in the yellow at 44% HP, and got Paralyzed by the wild Zebstrika.

16d 22h 59m Used a Dusk Ball on Zebstrika but did not catch.

[Info] BTW, that was actually my first time attempting to update a rotation battle.

[Snark] Dem Typos. Derp

[Fluff] I seriously have no idea what just happened.....

16d 22h 55m Skiploom down to X-Scissor! Challenger Rotated to Hoppip! Hoppip down! Jumpluff down! School Kid Marsha defeated! CLY gets 1540 for winning!.

16d 22h 55m Leavanny Sceptile Unfezant vs. Hoppip Jumpludd and Skiploom.

16d 22h 54m Challenged by School Kid Marsha! Rotation Battle! OH GOD NO!

16d 22h 54m Entered Route 3.

16d 22h 53m Let the City heading East.

16d 22h 50m Left the museum building!

16d 22h 46m Left the Library. Back in the museum section of the building.

16d 22h 45m Left Lenora's room, and back upstairs!

[Info] Currently in Lenora's room. As we selected Cover Fossil, Lenora hands over the fossil to us! Also, Lenora met us at the beginning of the museum as we entered, but I failed to mention it.

16d 22h 42m Recieved the Cover Fossil!

[Info] Leavanny is holding Water Gem.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it would be nice to get some 3DS intermission before Pokemon X starts to make sure the whole loop works as intended

16d 22h 38m Headed downstairs!

[Fluff] Being made of bonesKappa

[Fluff] That was an interesting Memory Link. Burgh, Lenora, and Clay all talked about what bones mean to them. Clay even found a fossil, but Lenora says it's ordinary. What exactly is ordinary?

[Fluff] Were they just having a discussion about what fossils mean to them personally?

16d 22h 36m Entered the Library!

16d 22h 36m Memory Link off.

[Fluff] BibleThump

[Fluff] Dat, sad, music!

16d 22h 33m Memory Link time!

[Snark] "Have you heard of the Dark Stone?" Pulls out 2 Zekroms No, do tell!

16d 22h 33m He tells us that the Library is upstairs!

16d 22h 32m We're walking with a scientist to look at some fossils!

16d 22h 31m We've entered what appears to be the museum.

[Snark] Now 4d 01:35:00 to be the most up to date

[Info] 4d 01:36:00 to be exact.

16d 22h 24m Pokemon X Starts in 4 Days!

16d 22h 24m Stream Back Up!

"Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly!"

"Thank you for watching!"

[Chat] Mojo120: I bet he's just putting up a timer or something

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

16d 22h 21m RIOT!

16d 22h 21m Stream Down!

16d 22h 16m Back in the Pokémon Center, and quickly right back outside!

16d 22h 16m Feraligatr down! CLY Blacked out to Drayden! FailFish

16d 22h 15m Outrage against us! Gator in the red! Ice Beam against Flygon! Flygon down! Druddigon up! Ice Beam against Druddigon! Outrage against us!

16d 22h 15m Feraligatr vs. Flygon!

16d 22h 15m Gym Leader Drayden Rematched!

16d 22h 12m Razor Shell against us! Waterfall against Cloyster! Cloyster down! Gym Leader Marlon Defeated! CLY gets 10200 for winning!

16d 22h 12m Razor Shell against us! Strength against Cloyster!

16d 22h 11m Waterfall against Cloyster again!

16d 22h 11m We sent out Feraligatr! Cloyster sent out! We use Waterfall!

16d 22h 10m Aqua Tail against us again! Unfezant down! Floatzel goes down as well!

16d 22h 9m Aqua Tail against us! Unfezant Flies up high!

16d 22h 9m We sent out Unfezant!

16d 22h 7m Aqua Tail against us! Emboar down!

16d 22h 6m Kingdra hurs itself in confusion! Brick break against Kingdra! Kingdra down! Floatzel up!

16d 22h 6m We sent out Emboar!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: only the pokemon will be on the 3DS' overlay, not their movesets

16d 22h 5m Outrage against us once again! Sceptile down!

16d 22h 5m Outrage against us! Rock Slide against Kingdra!

16d 22h 4m We sent out Sceptile!

16d 22h 4m Waterfall against us! Zoroark down!

16d 22h 3m Another Night Slash on Ludicolo! Ludicolo down! Kindra up!

16d 22h 3m Marlon uses Full Restore on Ludicolo! Night Slash on Ludicolo!

16d 22h 2m Night Daze on Ludicolo! Hydro Pump against us! Zoroark in the red, its illusion wore off!

16d 22h 1m We sent out Zoroark (Emboar)! Night Slash on Jellicent! Jellicent down! Ludicolo sent out!

16d 22h 0m Razor Leaf on Jellicent! Shadow Ball against us! Leavanny down!

16d 22h 0m Entrainment vs. Blizzard!

16d 21h 59m Another Razor Leaf! Politoed down! Jellicent sent in!

16d 21h 59m Razor Leaf on Politoed!

16d 21h 59m Leavanny vs. Politoed!

16d 21h 59m Gym Leader Marlon Rematched!

16d 21h 57m Back in the Gym Leader hangout building.

[Fluff] I felt like that was my first time doing a triple battle update.

16d 21h 55m Quickly exited the Pokémon Center.

16d 21h 55m Thunderbolt against Unfezant! Unfezant down! CLY Blacked out to Skyla! Kappa

Hurricane against Feraligatr! Feraligatr down! Earthquake on Unfezant but it failed!

16d 21h 53m Hurricane against Emboar! Emboar down! Fly against Feraligatr (what?). Hurricane against Feraligatr!

16d 21h 52m Zoroark down! Hurricane against Unfezant! We sent out Feraligatr!

16d 21h 51m Hurricane against Emboar! Oh wait thats Zoroark! Unfezant uses fly!

16d 21h 50m We sent out Emboar, and Zoroark as Emoar!

16d 21h 50m Switching Pokemon order.

16d 21h 47m Leavanny down! Hurricane against Sceptile! Sceptile down!

16d 21h 47m Skyla uses Full Restore! Sceptile uses Rock Slide!

16d 21h 45m Sceptile's Rock Slide! Unfezants Facade! Swanna down! X-Scissor against Sigilyph! Skyla sends out Archeops!

16d 21h 44m It's a triple battle! Leavany Sceptile Unfezant vs. Swanna Drifblim and Sigilyph!

16d 21h 44m Gym Leader Skyla Rematched!

16d 21h 43m Re-Entered the Gym Leader hangout building.

16d 21h 42m Back in the Pokémon Center, and right back outside.

16d 21h 41m Waterfall on Leavanny! Leaf Blade against us! Feraligatr down! CLY Blacked out again! Kappa

16d 21h 41m Waterfall against Heracross! Heracross down! Leavanny sent in!

16d 21h 40m Full Restore on Heracross! We use Surf!

16d 21h 40m Feraligatr sent in! We use Waterfall!Megahorn against us!

16d 21h 39m We sent out Sceptile! Rock Slide vs. Megahorn! Sceptile down to Megahorn before Sceptile can attack!

16d 21h 36m Mega Horn against us! Emboar down! Heracross is poisoned by Toxic Orb!

16d 21h 36m Yanmega attacks us with Air Slash! Flamethrower against Yanmega! Yanmega down! Heracross up!

16d 21h 35m Flamethrower on Masquerain! Masquerain down! Yanmega sent out!

16d 21h 34m Bullet Punch against us! Heat Crash on Scizor! Scizor down! Masquerain up!

16d 21h 34m We sent out Emboar!

[Snark] Scisor, what the... derp

16d 21h 33m Bullet Punch against us! Zoroark down!

16d 21h 32m Night Daze against Scizor! Scisor's Superpower! Zoroark in the red, and it's illusion wore off!

16d 21h 32m Night Daze! Crustle down! Scizor up!

16d 21h 31m We sent out Zoroark (as Emboar)!

16d 21h 31m It avoided the attack! Stone Edge against us! Unfezant down!

16d 21h 31m We sent out Unfezant! It flies up high!

16d 21h 30m Another X-Scissor! Crustle attacks with Stone Edge! Our Levanny down!

16d 21h 30m X-Scissor against Crustle!

16d 21h 29m Leavanny vs. Crustle!

16d 21h 29m Gym Leader Burgh Rematched Again!

16d 21h 28m Re-Entered the building with the Gym Leaders.

16d 21h 27m Back outside Nacrene City!

[Snark] CLEARLY Not our own Leavanny!

16d 21h 27m Ice Beam on Leavanny! Leaf Blade against us! Feraligatr down! CLY Blacked Out! Kappa

16d 21h 26m Ice Beam on Yanmega! Yanmega down! Leavanny sent out!

16d 21h 26m Another Bug Buzz against us! It finally wakes up!

16d 21h 26m Bug Buzz against us! It's still sleeping!

16d 21h 25m Hypnosis against us! It fell asleep!

16d 21h 25m We sent Feraligatr out!

16d 21h 24m Feraligatr is our only Pokémon left!

16d 21h 24m Bug Buzz against us! Sceptile down!

16d 21h 24m We sent out Sceptile!

16d 21h 23m Bug Buzz against us! Zoroark down!

16d 21h 22m Hypnosis against us! Zoroark fell asleep!

16d 21h 22m Zoroark uses dig! Bug Buzz against us but was avoided!

16d 21h 21m We sent out Zoroark (as Feraligatr)!

16d 21h 21m Psychic against us! Emboar down!

16d 21h 20m Heat Crash against Masquerain! Masquerain down! Yanmega sent out!

16d 21h 20m Heracross down from poison! Masquerain sent out!

16d 21h 20m Close Combat against us! Brick Break against Heracross!

16d 21h 19m We sent out Emboar!

16d 21h 19m Unfezant flies again. But it was avoided! Unfezant down to Heracross's attack!

16d 21h 18m Unfezant Flies up high! Heracross is poisoned.

16d 21h 17m Unfezant Flies again! Crustle down! Heracross sent out!

16d 21h 17m Unfezant uses Fly on Crustle!

16d 21h 17m Sent out Unfezant!

16d 21h 16m Razor Leaf against Crustle! Stone Edge against us! Leavanny down!

16d 21h 16m Leavanny vs. Crustle!

16d 21h 16m Rematched Gym Leader Burgh!

16d 21h 14m Watching the Celebrity Channel again!

16d 21h 13m Entered the house with the Gym Leaders inside!

16d 21h 12m Exietd back out of the building.

16d 21h 12m Entered a different building.

16d 21h 10m Back in the Pokémon Center and quickly exited.

16d 21h 10m Surf on Golurk! ThunderPunch against us! Feraligatr down! CLY blacked out!

16d 21h 9m Surf again! Hippowdon down! Golurk sent out!

16d 21h 9m Surf against Hippowdon! Earthquake against us! We're buffered by sandstorm!

16d 21h 9m We sent him out!

16d 21h 7m Feraligatr is our only Pokémon left!

16d 21h 6m Heat Crash vs Earthquake! Emboar down!

16d 21h 6m We sent out Emboar!

16d 21h 5m Zoroark down!

16d 21h 5m Zoroark uses Dig!

16d 21h 4m Zoroark vs. Hippowdon!

[Snark] Hello, my name is Clay. The A is silent.

16d 21h 4m Clay Rematched!

[Info] Gym Leaders are inside this building.

16d 21h 4m Now watching the Battle Channel.

16d 21h 2m We are watching the Celebrity Channel on TV.

16d 21h 2m There's some familiar faces hanging around here.

16d 21h 2m Entered a building!

16d 20h 59m Left the Pokémon Center without healing.

16d 20h 56m Wallpapers were added to our boxes! We close out of the PC

16d 20h 56m Accessed the PC.

16d 20h 56m Entered the Pokémon Center! CHeckpoint Nacrene City!

16d 20h 55m Got off the bike.

16d 20h 53m Riding around on our bike!

16d 20h 51m "My accordion’s heavy! It weighs over 20 pounds."

16d 20h 51m We have reached Nacrene City!

16d 20h 49m Waterfall against Surskit! Surskit down! School Kid Keston defeated! CLY gets 1520 for winning! Kappa

16d 20h 49m Ice Beam on Yanmega! Yanmega down! Surskit sent out!

16d 20h 48m Strength on Yanmega! Bug Buzz against us!

16d 20h 48m We sent out Feraligatr!

16d 20h 48m Yanmega sent out! It uses Air Slash against us! Unfezant down!

16d 20h 47m Baton Pass! Venomoth sent out by Keston! Venomoth down to Fly!

16d 20h 47m Mist vs. Fly!

16d 20h 47m Challenged by School Kid Keston! Unfezant vs. Surskit!

16d 20h 46m Block vs. Facade! Tangrowth down! School Kid Millie Defeated! CLY gets 1520 for winning!

16d 20h 46m Wring Out vs. Facade!

16d 20h 45m We're attacked by Victreebel! Air Slash against Victreebel! Victreebel down! Tangrowth up!

16d 20h 44m Fly on Shiftry! Shiftry down! Victreebel up!

16d 20h 43m Left Pinsheel Forrest & quickly challenegd by School Kid Millie! Unfezant vs. Shiftry!

16d 20h 43m Twins Ally & Amy defeated! CLY gets 1216 for winning!

16d 20h 41m Challenged by Twins Ally & Amy! Unfezant & Zoroark (Emboar) sent out!

16d 20h 40m Still hanging around Pinwheel Forest.

16d 20h 29m Encountering some wild Pokémon.

[Info] Leavanny & Sceptile are currently down! Unfezant Paralyzed at 75% HP. Everyone else is full strength.

16d 20h 23m Found a BalmMushroom!

16d 20h 21m Another Night Slash on Kakuna! Kakuna down! Challengers Lass Helia & Youngster Henley Defeated!

16d 20h 21m Unfezant returns from flying without attacking.

16d 20h 20m Unfezant uses fly! Night Slash on Kakuna!

16d 20h 20m Night Slash on Nidorina! Nidorina down!

16d 20h 19m Nidorina sent out by challenger!

16d 20h 19m Night Daze on Nidoqueen! Nidoqueen down!

16d 20h 19m Challenger sends out Nidoqueen!

16d 20h 18m ANother Night Daze! Nidoroan down! Unfezant uses fly!

16d 20h 18m Night Daze vs Crunch! Unfezant still can't move.

[Correction] Zoroark posing as Emboar!

16d 20h 16m We sent out Emboar! Challenger sends out Kakuna!

16d 20h 15m Sceptile down to poison!

16d 20h 15m Another Rock Slide! Scolipede down!

16d 20h 14m Sceptile uses Rock Slide! Unfezant can't move due to Paralyzed.

16d 20h 13m Scolipede sent out by challenger!

16d 20h 13m Sceptile is Poisoned! Unfezant uses Roost!

16d 20h 13m Metapod down!

16d 20h 11m Challenged by Lasses! Sceptile & Unfezant vs. Metapod & Nidoran!

16d 20h 10m Attacked by a wild Pokémon. Sceptile now 201/267 HP (76%).

[Snark] G_MVN HYPE!

16d 20h 3m Another Dusk Ball on Pikachu! Pikachu caught! Level 62 Male! Nickname is G_MVNHPPE

16d 20h 2m Dusk Ball on a wild Pikachu, did not catch.

16d 20h 2m CLY uses a full restore on Sceptile!

16d 20h 0m Riding our bike again.

[Info] Sceptile now in the yellow at 45% HP.

16d 19h 57m Out of the water. Back walking on land.

16d 19h 56m Currently swimming around in the water. Encountering wild Pokémon.

16d 19h 48m We're on our bike!

16d 19h 47m Found a TM51 Ally Switch!

[Stadium] Red Team PERFECT SWEEP!

16d 19h 39m Encountering some wild Pokémon.

16d 19h 36m [Info] Celebi was caught in Rumination Field. We are now currently walking around the Pinwheel Forest.

16d 19h 33m Currently on Rumination Field

16d 19h 28m Dusk Ball used on Celebi! Celebi was caught on the first try! Celebi is Level 65! Nickname is Celebiq_0N

16d 19h 28m Wild Celebi Engaged!

[Info] Leavanny currently down. Sceptile 59% HP and Paralyzed. Unfezant in the yellow at 48% HP and Paralyzed. Everyone else is at 100% HP.

16d 19h 24m Raichu down! Youngster Nicholas defeated! CLY gets 1216 for winning!

16d 19h 24m Sceptile uses dig against Raichu!

16d 19h 23m We switched out for Sceptile!

16d 19h 23m Raichu's Quick Attack!

16d 19h 22m Unfezant flies again and hits Raichu!

16d 19h 21m Unfezant flies up high! Dodrio's Agility! Dodrio down! Raichu up!

16d 19h 21m We sent out Unfezant!

16d 19h 20m Leavanny down to Drill Peck!

16d 19h 20m Donphan down! Dodrio sent out!

16d 19h 20m Leavanny vs. Donphan!

16d 19h 19m Challenged by Youngster Nicholas!

16d 19h 18m Used a Dusk Ball on a Swadloon! Level 68 Female No Nickname

16d 19h 13m Used a Casteliacone!

16d 19h 8m Defeated Nursery Aide Ethel.

[Stats] Levanny Lv. 90 - Max. HP 289 Attack 233 Defense 164 Sp. Atk 156 Sp. Def 133 Speed 209

16d 19h 8m Leavanny level 90!

16d 19h 8m Another X-Scissor KOs Miltank.

16d 19h 7m Against Miltank! We use X-Scissor, it uses Gyro Ball!

16d 19h 7m Leavanny against Executor. We OHKO it with X-Scissor.

16d 19h 7m Nursery Aide Ethel challenged us!

[Info] We left Cheren a little while ago. That means no free heals.

16d 19h 4m Defeated Preschooler Jojo!

16d 19h 4m We use Fly. Fly hits, and Magmar faints. We get burnt though.

16d 19h 3m We send out Unfezant, Magmar uses Flamethrower!

16d 19h 3m Against Magmar!

16d 19h 3m We use X-Scissor, and OHKO it!

16d 19h 2m Leavanny vs. Elekid!

16d 19h 2m Preschooler Jojo challenged us!

16d 18h 59m Obtained a Lum Berry!

16d 18h 58m PKMN Ranger Melita defeated!

16d 18h 58m Zebstrika uses Thrash, we use X-Scissor. Zebstrika down!

16d 18h 58m We use X-Scissor, it uses Agility.

16d 18h 58m Against Zebstrika!

16d 18h 58m Another X-Scissor KOs it!

16d 18h 57m We use X-Scissor, he uses Perish Song.

16d 18h 57m Against Kricketune!


16d 18h 57m We OHKO it with X-Scissor!

16d 18h 57m Leavanny vs. Kricketot.

16d 18h 56m Against a PKMN Ranger!

16d 18h 56m Found a Woodland Ore!

16d 18h 55m Obtained an Up-Grade!

16d 18h 54m Encountered Gorm, one of the 7 Team Plasma Sages.

16d 18h 52m Found a Net Ball!

16d 18h 48m Defeated Veterans!

16d 18h 47m Crobat uses Cross-Poison, we use Surf. Crobat fainterd.

16d 18h 47m Crobat uses Cross-Poison, we use Ice Beam (Forretress down!)

16d 18h 47m Crobat uses Sunny Day, we use Surf, Fortress uses SolarBeam.

16d 18h 46m Crobat uses Rain Dance, we use Ice Beam on Forretress.

16d 18h 46m We send out Gator.

16d 18h 45m We use Rock Slide, Crobat uses U-turn. Sceptile faints!

16d 18h 45m Dig hits, Cro uses Cross Poison, Fort uses Psyback.

16d 18h 44m We use Dig, avoiding Cross Poison and Double-Edge.

16d 18h 44m We send out Sceptile!

16d 18h 44m Crobat's Cross-Poison KOs Unfezant!

16d 18h 43m Crobat uses Cross-Poison, Fort uses Double Edge, we can't move!

16d 18h 43m Against Forretress.

16d 18h 42m Crobat uses Cross-Poison, we avoid Electivire's Thunder, we use Facade, Elect faints!

16d 18h 41m Cro's Cross-Poison misses, our Fly hits, Elect's Thunder Wave hits. We're paralyzed!

16d 18h 41m Crobat uses Cross-Poison, we use Fly, avoid Thunder Wave.

16d 18h 41m We send out Unfezant.

16d 18h 40m Crobat uses Cross-Poison (Emboar faints!)

16d 18h 40m Emboar Level 97!

[Stats] Emboar Lv. 97 - Max. HP 353 Attack 324 Defense 132 Sp. Atk 245 Sp. Def 152 Speed 160

16d 18h 40m Crobat uses Cross-Poison (poisoned!), our Brick Break fails!

16d 18h 40m Against Electrvie and Crobat.

16d 18h 39m Cinccino uses Bullet Seed (Ludicolo down), Leafeon uses Leaf Blade (Cinccino down), Emboar uses Flamethrower (Leafeon down).

16d 18h 38m We send out Emboar. Leafeon uses Quick Attack, Snorlax faints. Out goes Cinccino!

16d 18h 37m We send out Zoroark. Leafeon uses Leaf Blade, Ludicolo uses Hydro Pump. Snorlax used Seed Bomb.

16d 18h 36m We use Facade, Stoutland uses Superpower. Leafeon uses Swords Dance, Ludicolo uses Hydro Pump. Stoutland down. Out goes Snorlax.

16d 18h 36m We send out Unfezant against Leafeon.

16d 18h 35m We use X-Scissor, Stoutland uses Superpower (Magmortar faints), Ludicolo uses Ice Beam. Leavanny faints!

16d 18h 34m We use X-Scissor, Stoutland uses Superpower, and Ludicolo uses Ice Beam.

16d 18h 34m We send out Unfezant and Stoutlan against Ludicolo and Magmortar.

16d 18h 33m Battling 2 Veteran Trainers!

16d 18h 29m Still battling wild Pokemon.

16d 18h 25m Obtained a Lum Berry!

16d 18h 25m Ranger Ralph defeated!

16d 18h 24m We use Fly, the foe misses Double-Edge. Fly hits, Sawbuck down!

16d 18h 24m Against Sawbuck!

16d 18h 24m Unfezant uses Air Slash, Farfetch'd fainted!

16d 18h 23m We send out Unfezant!

16d 18h 23m It uses Brave Bird, Leavanny faints!

16d 18h 23m Against Farfetch'd!

16d 18h 23m We use X-Scissor again, and KO it!

16d 18h 22m We use X-Scissor, it charges power.

16d 18h 22m Leavanny vs. Manectric!

16d 18h 21m Engaged PKMN Ranger Ralph!

16d 18h 20m Found a Max Revive!

[Stats] Levanny Lv. 89 - Max. HP 285 Attack 231 Defense 162 Sp. Atk 155 Sp. Def 131 Speed 207

16d 18h 10m Leavanny level 89!

16d 18h 7m Youngster Keita defeated!

16d 18h 7m We use X-Scissor again, and KO Granbull!

16d 18h 6m We use X-Scissor and Granbull uses Psyback!

16d 18h 6m Against Granbull!

16d 18h 6m We use X-Scissor and KO Primeape!

16d 18h 5m We use X-Scissor again, it uses Close Combat!

16d 18h 5m We use X-Scissor, it uses Punishment.

16d 18h 5m Leavanny vs. Primeape!

16d 18h 5m Engaged Youngster Keita!

16d 18h 2m Found an Ultra Ball!

[Snark] Slum'mon Millionaire.

[Snark] Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, TPP Edition?

[Stadium] Twitch user Fitatabo has 983679 Pokedongers. Could he be the first millionaire?

[Meta] If anyone has missed TEH URN, you can watch it again right here. Thanks Aissurteivos for the upload.

16d 17h 40m Obtained a Sitrus Berry!

16d 17h 40m PKMN Ranger Hillary defeated!

16d 17h 40m We use Brick Break, Sudowoodo faints!

16d 17h 39m We use Brick Break, Sudo uses Rock Slide.

16d 17h 38m We send out Emboar! Sudo uses Hammer Arm!

16d 17h 37m We use Roost, our foe uses Stone Edge.

16d 17h 36m Against Sudowoodo!

16d 17h 36m We KO Rapidash.

[Stadium] Rapidash comes out to battle, and we're battling a trainers Rapidash. Coincidence?

16d 17h 35m We use Roost, while Rapidash uses Flare Blitz again.

[Chat] The struggle is real.

16d 17h 34m We become burned!

16d 17h 34m We use Air Slash, it uses Flare Blitz.

[Chat] Spoon_rhythm: you know a battle just got real when you see metapod's attack animation Kappa

16d 17h 33m We send out Unfezant!

16d 17h 33m Bounce hits, and Leavanny faints!

16d 17h 33m It uses Bounce, we miss X-Scissor.

16d 17h 33m Against Rapidash!

16d 17h 32m Vile uses Petal Dance, we use X-Scissor. Vileplume down!

16d 17h 32m Vile uses Petal Dance, confuses itself, we use X-Scissor.

[Stadium] They're both down to using Struggle, but after all that Hardening, it's taking some time. Looks like Ditto is going to win though.

16d 17h 32m Vile uses Petal Dance, we can't move!

16d 17h 31m We use Razor Leaf, while Vileplume uses Stun Spore! Leavanny paralyzed!

16d 17h 31m Leavanny vs. Vileplume!

16d 17h 31m Battling PKMN Ranger Hillary!

[Stadium] Ditto vs. Metapod.

16d 17h 26m Fighting wild Pokemon!

16d 17h 26m We were in a trainer battle, sorry about that!

16d 17h 26m Nursery Aide Roselyn and Preschooler Ike defeated!

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 88 - Max. HP 282 Attack 228 Defense 160 Sp. Atk 152 Sp. Def 129 Speed 204

16d 17h 25m Leavanny leveled up to 88!

16d 17h 25m We use Razor Leaf, Stoutland used Crunch. Musharna down!

16d 17h 25m Against a Musharna.

16d 17h 25m We use Razor Leaf and KO Blissey.

16d 17h 24m Clefable fainted, Blissey used Double Edge.

16d 17h 24m We have a Leavanny and Stoutland against BLissey and Clefable.

16d 17h 21m Teamed up with Cheren!

[Stadium] Ditto vs. Metapod!

16d 17h 18m Defeated Samantha!

16d 17h 18m We use Ice Beam, Dru goes down!

16d 17h 18m We use X-Scissor, it uses Dragon Tail. Sent out the Gator!

16d 17h 17m Against Druddigon!

16d 17h 17m Against Dragonair! We OHKO it with X-Scissor.

16d 17h 17m Leavanny vs. Dratini. X-Scissor OHKOs it.

16d 17h 17m Battling Pre-schooler Samantha!

16d 17h 16m In the Pinwheel Forest!

16d 17h 13m We gave someone Fresh Water! She felt very hydrated!

16d 17h 8m On Skyarrow Bridge!

16d 17h 8m The sign also says we're champions. More Victory RIOTS!

16d 17h 7m The electronic sign says there's a Pokemon outbreak on route 12.

16d 17h 7m Heading towards the Skyarrow Bridge!

16d 17h 5m Wandering around the city!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Pokemon X with 3DS game intermission after PWT

16d 17h 1m Hi Castelia City!

16d 17h 0m Back at the Pokemon Center! Out of the Pokemon Center!

[ríp] ríp

16d 17h 0m Black Out!

16d 17h 0m We use Air Slash again, and Wiggly uses Thunder. Unfezant down!

16d 16h 59m We use Air Slash, Wiggly uses Thunder.


16d 16h 59m We use Air Slash, it uses Gravity.

16d 16h 59m Against Wigglytuff.

16d 16h 59m We use Facade, Clefable down!

16d 16h 58m We use Roost, Clefable uses Thunder.

16d 16h 58m We use Roost, Clefable misses Blizzard.

16d 16h 57m Nishino uses a Full Restore, we use Facade.

16d 16h 57m We use Facade, and it uses Blizzard.

16d 16h 57m Unfezant vs. Clefable!

16d 16h 56m "I'm Snorlax. No, I'm the Trainer!" GAME FREAK Nishino engaged!

16d 16h 54m Still in the Game Freak building.

16d 16h 52m We got the Up-Grade!

[Info] To clarify, we faced GAMEFREAK Morimoto.

[Fluff] Well, FINALLY!

16d 16h 48m Trainer defeated!

16d 16h 47m Liepard finally faints!

16d 16h 47m We use both miss.

16d 16h 47m Liepard uses Dig, we Roost.

16d 16h 46m We use Facade, Dive hits.

16d 16h 46m He uses Dive, we miss.

16d 16h 46m We use Fly, he misses.

16d 16h 46m He uses Bounce, we miss.

16d 16h 46m We use Fly, he misses.

16d 16h 46m He uses Dig, we miss.

16d 16h 46m We use Fly, he misses.

16d 16h 45m Liepard uses Assist-Bounce, we miss.

16d 16h 45m We use Fly, Liepard misses.

[Fluff] Liepard is "literally" untouchable!

16d 16h 45m Liepard uses Bounce, we miss.

16d 16h 45m We use Fly, Liepard misses.

16d 16h 45m Liepard uses Dig, we miss.

16d 16h 44m We Fly, Liepard misses.

16d 16h 44m Liepard uses Dig, we Roost.

16d 16h 44m We miss, Liepard hits.

16d 16h 44m Liepard uses Bounce, we use Fly.

16d 16h 44m We both miss.

16d 16h 43m Liepard uses Dig, we use Fly.

16d 16h 43m We use Air Slash, Liepard hits.

16d 16h 43m Liepard uses Assist-Dive, we miss.

16d 16h 43m We use Fly, Liepard misses.

16d 16h 43m Liepard uses Assist-Dive, we miss.

16d 16h 42m We use Fly, Liepard misses.

16d 16h 42m Liepard uses Assist-Fly again, causing our Fly to miss.

16d 16h 42m We use Fly, avoiding Liepard's Fly.

16d 16h 42m Liepard uses Assist-Fly. We use Roost.

16d 16h 41m We send out Unfezant!

16d 16h 40m We only have Unfezant left!

16d 16h 39m Liepard uses Assist-Bounce. Our Earthquake misses. Bounce hits, Emboar down!

16d 16h 39m Liepard uses Assist-Dive. Our Brick Break misses. Earthquake misses, Dive hits. Down to 3 HP.

16d 16h 38m Liepard uses Assist, using Fly in the process. Our Brick Break misses twice. Fly hits.

16d 16h 38m We send out Emboar!

16d 16h 37m We use Energy Ball, we miss. Fly hits, and Sceptile is down!

16d 16h 37m Liepard uses Fly (through Assist), our Dig misses.

16d 16h 37m We use Dig, avoiding Liepard's Dig.

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 87 - Max. HP 267 Attack 194 Defense 121 Sp. Atk 231 Sp. Def 192 Speed 238

16d 16h 37m Against Liepard.

16d 16h 36m Sceptile level 87!

16d 16h 36m We use Energy Ball, and Alomonola is down!

16d 16h 36m We use Dig again, but we miss the attack. Alomonola uses Dive.

16d 16h 35m Dig vs. Dive, Dig hits and takes Alomonola to red.

16d 16h 35m We switch into Sceptile.

16d 16h 34m Alomonola uses Dive and avoids Facade.

16d 16h 34m Quiffle uses Roost! We then use Air Slash!

16d 16h 33m Air Slash on Alomonola! Alomonola Dives!

16d 16h 33m Alomonola goes for Dive to avoid Fly, Dive hits!

16d 16h 32m Dive hits in one turn from Power Herb! Quiffle goes for Fly.

16d 16h 32m A critical Air Slash takes out Excadrill! Out comes Alomonola.

16d 16h 32m A few more Air Slashes will take out Excadrill! It just keeps using Dig.

16d 16h 31m Another Air Slash hits, Excadrill does not flinch and uses Dig.

16d 16h 31m Air Slash hits and flinches Excadrill!

16d 16h 31m We Fly up, Excadrill uses Dig again.

16d 16h 30m Air Slash avoided because of Dig.

16d 16h 30m Roost with full HP, but Excadrill goes for Dig!

16d 16h 30m Fly once more, Excadrill keeps countering with Dig!

16d 16h 29m Quiffle sent in, we go for Fly! Excadrill uses Dig to avoid Fly.

16d 16h 29m Night Daze does nothing! Excadrill's Dig knocks out Zoroark!

16d 16h 29m Excadrill sent in, Mold Breaker activated.

16d 16h 28m Bounce lands, but Night Daze takes out Zebstrika.

16d 16h 28m Zebstrika sent in, Zoroark goes for Night Daze! We get the accuracy drop off! Zebstrika goes for Bounce.

16d 16h 27m Night Daze lands and knocks out Mew!

16d 16h 27m Zoroark uses Dig, while Mew uses Fly.

16d 16h 27m Night Daze avoided, Fly lands!

16d 16h 26m Zoroark sent in, we use Foul Play, Mew goes for another Fly.

16d 16h 26m Ice Beam does nothing, Mew goes for Fly, Power Herb activated and knocks out Feraligatr!

16d 16h 26m Mew sent in.

16d 16h 25m Fly takes us down to 12HP, Ice Beam knocks Braviary out.

16d 16h 25m Ice Beam takes it down to yellow, but we go for Strength the next turn and take it to red. Braviary goes for Fly again!

16d 16h 24m Ice Beam avoided, and then uses a Full Restore.

16d 16h 24m Feraligatr is sent in! Ice Beam lands and takes it down to red! Braivary uses Fly again.

16d 16h 23m Leavanny goes for X-Scissor! Does nothing, and Braviary goes for Fly! RIP Leavanny

16d 16h 23m Battle! Vs. GAMEFREAK Morimoto! Leavanny vs. Braviary

16d 16h 21m On the 22F again!

16d 16h 20m Back inside the GameFreak building.

[Chat] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I have some interesting 3DS games lined up for intermission

16d 16h 14m Castelia City welcomes us back.

16d 16h 13m Paralyzed again, and Porygon2 knocks us out with Thunder! Black Out!

16d 16h 12m Thunder hits and paralyzes us! Parahaxed on the same turn.

16d 16h 12m Poryong2 now outspeeds and goes for Blizzard! We use Night Daze once more! Porygon2 survives with 1HP.

16d 16h 12m Zoroark goes for Night Daze, but Porygon2 sets up Trick Room!

16d 16h 11m Another Night Slash takes it out, Porygon2 is out!

16d 16h 11m Blissey sent in, but does not die to Night Slash.

16d 16h 10m Zoroark sent in and goes for Night Slash! Wigglytuff down.

16d 16h 10m Fly gets tanked, Focus Miss hits and knocks out Quiffle!

16d 16h 10m We use Fly! Focus Miss misses!

16d 16h 9m Wigglytuff up next!

16d 16h 9m Fly hits and knocks out Snorlax.

16d 16h 9m Quiffle up in the air to avoid DynamicPunch!

16d 16h 8m Fly lands and almost takes out Snorlax, Body Slam hits but does not paralyze us.

16d 16h 8m Out comes Quiffle, and we go for Fly to avoid Body Slam.

16d 16h 7m Snorlax takes Feraligatr out with Earthquake!

16d 16h 7m Snorlax uses Body Slam again and takes us to red, Feraligatr paralyzed.

16d 16h 6m Feraligatr uses Waterfall and takes Snorlax to red, but another Body Slam paralyzes us!

16d 16h 6m We go for Strength! Snorlax tanks it and goes for Body Slam.

16d 16h 6m Feraligatr sent in.

16d 16h 4m Sceptile uses Energy Ball, but faints to a Gunk Shot from Snorlax!

16d 16h 4m We avoid DynamicPunch again! Dig did nothing though.

16d 16h 3m Sceptile uses Dig and avoids DynamicPunch!

16d 16h 3m We switch out to Sceptile to take the Body Slam!

16d 16h 2m Zoroark sent in.

16d 16h 2m Snorlax knocks out Emboar with Earthquake!

16d 16h 2m Snorlax sent in.

16d 16h 2m Audino's Psychic does a good chunk, but Emboar takes it out with a Brick Break.

16d 16h 1m Gravity is back up! Brick Break takes Audino to red because of a berry!

16d 16h 1m Full Restore on Audino, Emboar goes for Flamethrower and takes it down to yellow. Audino sets up a Trick Room!

16d 16h 0m Gravity was returned to normal, Quiffle switches out to Emboar!

16d 16h 0m Quiffle sent in and Air Slashes Audino! Audino uses Fire Blast and gets a crit!

16d 15h 59m Audino is sent in. X-Scissor takes it down to almost half! Audino's Psychic takes out Leavanny!

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 87 - Max. HP 279 Attack 225 Defense 158 Sp. Atk 151 Sp. Def 128 Speed 202

16d 15h 59m Swarm activated! X-Scissor takes out Clefable and levels up to 87!

16d 15h 58m More X-Scissor! Clefable goes for a Blizzard and takes us to red!

16d 15h 58m Leavanny uses X-Scissor, Clefable defies Gravity!

16d 15h 57m Battle! Vs. GAME FREAK Nishino! Leavanny vs. Clefable!

16d 15h 55m Inside a building, and we climb up to the 22F.

16d 15h 52m Trashed some Damp Mulch!

[rip] Exp.Share

16d 15h 49m Exp. Share trashed!

16d 15h 46m Trashed the Adamant Orb!

16d 15h 44m Out of the Center, now we're back on the streets of Castelia City.

16d 15h 43m One more Thunderbolt knocks out Feraligatr! Black Out!

16d 15h 42m Full Restore activated on Magnezone! We go for another Strength!

16d 15h 42m Magnzone's Thunderbolt takes Feraligatr down to yellow, we use Strength again.

16d 15h 41m Feraligatr goes for Strength! Feraligatr suffers a Thunder Wave from Mangezone.

16d 15h 40m Feraligatr remains.

16d 15h 40m Magnezone takes out Quiffle with a Thunderbolt!

16d 15h 39m Thunderbolt takes Quiffle down to red, we use Facade!

16d 15h 39m Quiffle uses Roost with full HP! Magnezone lands a Thunder Wave.

16d 15h 38m He sends in Magnezone, out comes Quiffle!

16d 15h 38m Wattson Challenged again!

16d 15h 36m Facade takes out Minun, Wattson defeated. WAHAHAHA!

16d 15h 36m Minun almost goes down to a Facade! It uses Fake Tears!

16d 15h 36m Facade takes out Plusle! Out comes Minun.

16d 15h 35m Fly almost knocks out Plusle, but Plusle uses another Nasty Plot!

16d 15h 35m Quiffle up in the air, while Plusle uses Nasty Plot!

16d 15h 35m Plusle is next.

16d 15h 35m We fly up again to avoid another Will-o-Wisp! Down goes Rotom-W!

16d 15h 34m Fly crits it, and we avoid Will-o-wisp!

16d 15h 34m Quiffle flies up to avoid a Thunderbolt!

16d 15h 34m We send in Quiffle!

16d 15h 33m Hydro Pump takes out Wilbur.

16d 15h 33m Hydro Pump from Rotom-W hits Wilbur hard, we use Earthquake but Levitate is activated!

16d 15h 32m We send in Wilbur. Rotom-W out!

We avoid Thunder with Dig and land it! Electrode down! Electrode's Aftermath takes Zoro out!

16d 15h 31m More parahax on Zoro, Electrode Thunders again and takes us to red.

16d 15h 31m Dig does not hit because of Paralysis, Electrode hits another Thunder!

16d 15h 30m Electrode is send in and uses Thunder on Zoro, Zoro borrows underground!

16d 15h 30m Zoro uses Night Slash to take out Manectric, but Static activates as it goes down!

16d 15h 30m We send in Zoro.

16d 15h 29m Flamethrower takes out Sceptile.

16d 15h 29m Dig takes it down to yellow, Static activated on Sceptile.

16d 15h 29m Full Restore on Manectric, Sceptile goes for Dig!

16d 15h 28m Manectric holds onto his Focus Sash and uses Flamethrower!

16d 15h 28m Wattson sends in Manectric and we use Dig once more!

16d 15h 28m Down goes the Magnezone!

16d 15h 27m We send in Sceptile and use Dig!

16d 15h 27m Leavanny down to a Flash Cannon!

16d 15h 27m Bug Buzz takes us down to yellow. Leavanny uses X-Scissor once more.

16d 15h 26m Leavanny uses X-Scissor and pops the Air Balloon! Magnezone uses T-Wave!

16d 15h 26m Out comes Magnezone! Leavanny is out!

16d 15h 25m Challenged Wattson! WAHAHAHA!

16d 15h 16m Feraligatr used Waterfall! Magnezone (Lv. 77) used Thunderbolt! Feraligatr fainted! Blacked out!

16d 15h 15m VS. Wattson. WHAHAHAHAHAHA

16d 15h 8m Entered the Poké Center.

16d 15h 4m Flew to Castelia City.

16d 15h 2m Switched Zoroark and Emboars places.

16d 15h 2m Switched Emboar and Zoroarks places. Switched Leavanny and Unfezants places and back again.

16d 14h 56m Found a PP Up!

16d 14h 56m Sent out Feraligatr! Feraligat used Waterfall! Scizor down to red! Scizor used U-Turn! Scizor fainted! Defeated Shadow!

16d 14h 55m Crobat fainted! Shadow sent out Scizor! (male, Lv. 81) Unfezant fainted!

16d 14h 54m Unfezant used Fly! Crobat down to orange! Crobat used Cross Posion! Unfezant used Fly!

16d 14h 54m Unfezant used Fly! Flygon fainted! Shadow sent out Crobat!

16d 14h 53m Unfezant used Roost! Flygon used Outrage!

16d 14h 52m Sent out Unfezant! Unfezant used Air Slash! Flygon used Outrage!

16d 14h 52m Flygon used Outrage! Zoroark fainted!

16d 14h 51m Crobat used Hypnosis! Zoroark fell asleep! Crobat used U-Turn!

16d 14h 51m Sent out Zoroark! Zoroark used Dig!

16d 14h 50m Shadow sent out Crobat, male, Lv. 81! Crobat used Cross Posion! Sceptile fainted!

16d 14h 49m Sent out Sceptile! Sceptile used Dig! Flygon used U-Turn!

16d 14h 47m VS. Flygon, male, Lv. 81! Emboar fainted!

16d 14h 47m Emboar used Brick Break! Absol down!

16d 14h 46m Switched out Emboar (Zoroark) for Emboar.

16d 14h 46m Bisharp fainted! Tem Plasma Shadow sent out Absol, male, Lv. 83.

[Stadium] Oddish won on team Blue. Remember, winners don't use drugs (except A), they are them!Kappa

16d 14h 46m Sent out Emboar. Emboar used Dig!

16d 14h 46m X-Scissor battle! Leavanny fainted!

16d 14h 46m VS. a Lv. 81 male Bisharp! Leavanny used X-Scissor!

16d 14h 44m VS Shadow Triade!

16d 14h 42m Empoleon used Flash Cannon! Feraligatr fainted! Blacked out!

16d 14h 41m Empoleon used Flash Cannon! Feraligatr used Strength!

16d 14h 41m Milotic was frozen solid!

16d 14h 40m Milotic used Recover!

16d 14h 40m Empoleon used Hydro Pump! OHKO'd Emboar!

16d 14h 39m Sent out Emboar.

16d 14h 39m Unfezant fainted! Milotic used Ice Beam!

16d 14h 38m Unfezant use Fly!

16d 14h 37m Feraligatr used Surf! Milotic used Recover!

16d 14h 37m Unfezant used Fly! Feraligatr used Ice Beam on Milotic!

16d 14h 36m Sent out Unfezant. Wallace used a Full Restore.

16d 14h 36m Metagross fainted! Zoroark fainted!

16d 14h 35m Sent out Feraligatr.

16d 14h 34m Milotic used Hydro Pump! Zoroark down to 125HP!

16d 14h 33m Leavanny fainted!

16d 14h 33m Sceptile used Energy Ball! Leavanny used X-Scissor! Sceptile fainted!

16d 14h 32m VS. Wallace and Steven!

16d 14h 30m Still joyriding.

16d 14h 5m CLY's on her bike!

16d 14h 4m Empoleon used Grass Knot! Feraligatr fainted! Blacked out!

16d 14h 3m Milotic used Hydro Pump! Feraligatr down to 2HP!

16d 14h 2m Steven sent out his Lv. 90 male Empoleon. Feraligatr used Waterfall!

16d 14h 2m Milotic used Hydro Pump! Metagross used Hammer Arm! Feraligatr down to 77/308HP! Metagross fainted!

16d 14h 1m Sent out Feraligatr. Feraligatr used Surf! Emboar fainted!

16d 14h 0m Milotic used Hydro Pump! Unfezant fainted!

16d 13h 59m Sent out Emboar.

16d 13h 59m Sceptile fainted! Metagross used Meteor Mash!

16d 13h 58m Zoroark used Night Slash! Unfezant used Fly! Milotic used Hydro Pump! Zoroark fainted!

16d 13h 58m Sent out Unfezant.

16d 13h 58m Leavanny fainted!

16d 13h 57m VS Wallace and Steven!

16d 13h 56m Dual Battle VS. a Lv. 92 Milotic and Lv. 92 Metagross!

16d 13h 49m Near the house near the dancing Icirrus City people.

16d 13h 37m VS. a wild Druddigon! Emboar fainted! Blacked out!

16d 13h 34m Brozong's nickname is "Bronzbe". We almost nicknamed it "Bronzongres".

16d 13h 33m Caught a Lv. 67 Bronzong!

[Chat] raise your bronzongers!

16d 13h 33m Threw a Dusk Ball at a Lv. 67 Bronzong!

16d 13h 31m Saved the game! Badges: 8 Pokédex: 575 Play time: 355h 51m

16d 13h 27m Obtained an Elixir!

16d 13h 22m Mienshao's nickname is "QLEEGUXEOY".

16d 13h 21m Caught a female Lv. 67 Mienshao!

16d 13h 21m Threw another Dusk Ball!

16d 13h 20m Threw another Dusk Ball!

16d 13h 20m Threw a Luxury Ball!

16d 13h 19m VS a Lv. 67 female Mienshao! Used a Dusk Ball!

16d 13h 10m Professor Juniper says we've seen 286 Unova Pokémon so far! (Counter says 575)

[Info] We've seen 286 Pokemon in the Unova region! music plays

16d 13h 8m Called Professor Juniper!

16d 13h 5m Druddigon used Superpower! Feraligatr fainted!

16d 13h 4m VS. a wild female Lv. 68 Druddigon!

16d 13h 1m Obtained a Protein!

16d 12h 51m Still jumping ledges in the tower.

16d 12h 27m Tried registering a friend code.

[Info] This Zekrom is also Lv. 75.

[Snark] CLY really pursues Ideals. Enough that she needs to catch two Zekroms.

16d 12h 10m N appeared, then left!

16d 12h 9m Caught Zekrom! No nickname, Zekrom was sent to Box 6!

16d 12h 9m Used a Dusk Ball! (#5)

[Chat] "We're gonna run out of Dusk Balls" lol

16d 12h 9m Used a Dusk Ball! Aargh, almost had it! (#4)

16d 12h 8m Zekrom sealed our moves! Used a Dusk Ball! (#3)

16d 12h 8m Zekrom used Crunch! Feraligatr down to 3HP! Used a Dusk Ball! (#2)

16d 12h 7m Threw a Dusk Ball.

16d 12h 7m Bazzazzazzash! VS. Dark Stone Zekrom!

[Fluff] That's some intense lightning.

16d 12h 5m Dark Stone cutscene.

[Correction] Reshiram was shiny as well.

16d 11 59m CAUGHT A SHINY Lv. 75 ZEKROM! Nickname "LLAAM____3P"

16d 12h 0m Zekrom used Dragon Claw! Feraligatr down to 50 HP! Threw another Dusk Ball! (#2)

16d 11h 59m Threw a Dusk Ball.

16d 11h 58m VS. shiny Zekrom!

16d 11h 58m RAN!

16d 11h 58m Threw a Dusk Ball!

16d 11h 57m VS. Reshiram!

16d 11h 53m Obtained a Comet Shard!

16d 11h 53m Obtained a Max Revive earlier.

16d 11h 38m Obtained the Choice Specs!

For those curious:

[Stats] Unfezant Lv. 100 - Max. HP 331 Attack 261 Defense 181 Sp. Atk 172 Sp. Def 162 Speed 223

[Stats] Feraligatr Lv. 100 - Max. HP 208 Attack 254 Defense 261 Sp. Atk 198 Sp. Def 195 Speed 198

16d 11h 36m Still walking around inside Dragonspiral Tower.

16d 11h 20m Obtained a PP Max!

16d 11h 13m Obtained the Griseous Orb!

16d 11h 12m Obtained the Lustrous Orb!

16d 11h 11m Obtained the Adamant Orb!

16d 11h 10m Ran!

16d 11h 10m Rayquaza used Fly! We keep trying to use Dusk Balls even though we can't since Rayquaza is in the air. (Use a random heal item!)

16d 11h 8m Rayquaza hurt itself in its confusion! Down to Red! Used a Dusk Ball! (#5)

16d 11h 6m Threw another Dusk Ball! (#4)

16d 11h 6m Threw another Dusk Ball! (#3)

16d 11h 6m Feraligatr used Strength! Rayquaza used Outrage! Tried using a Cheri Berry!

16d 11h 6m Rayquaza used Outrage! Unfezant fainted!

16d 11h 6m Rayquaza used Outrage! Threw another Dusk Ball! (#2)

16d 11h 5m Threw a Dusk Ball!

16d 11h 5m 39s VS. Rayquaza!

16d 11h 1m RAN!

16d 11h 1m Unfezant used Roost!

16d 11h 0m Giratina vanished!

16d 11h 0m Giratina used Aura Sphere! Threw a Dusk Ball ! (#3)

16d 11h 59m Threw a Dusk Ball.

16d 10h 59m VS. Giratina!

16d 10h 56m Ledges™!

16d 10h 53m Ran!

16d 10h 52m Threw a Dusk all at a Lv. 68 Golurk.

16d 10h 51m VS. a wild Lv. 68 Bronzong!

16d 10h 47m Palkia used Earth Power! Emboar used Heat Crash! Palkia fainted!

16d 10h 47m Sent out Emboar! Palkia used Aura Sphere! Emboar used Heat Crash! Almost KO'd Palkia! Used a Dusk Ball!

16d 10h 44m Palkia used Hydro Pump! Zoroark fainted!

16d 10h 44m Threw a Dusk Ball!

16d 10h 44m Palkia used Hydro Pump on Zoroark!

16d 10h 43m Sceptile used Dig! Palkia used Spacial Rend! Sceptile fainted!

16d 10h 42m Sceptile used Rock Slide! Palkia used Aura Sphere!

16d 10h 41m Palkia used Spacial Rend! Leavanny fainted!

16d 10h 41m Threw a Dusk Ball!

16d 10h 40m VS. Palkia!

16d 10h 39m Dialga's nickname: "_DQ3XY__K". Oh and Dialga is Lv. 75.

16d 10h 39m CAUGHT DIALGA!

16d 10h 38m Threw a Dusk Ball!

16d 10h 37m Dialga used Roar of Time! Almost OHKO'd Leavanny! (20/276HP)

16d 10h 37m VS. Dialga!

16d 10h 35m [Snark] VS a wild Golurk, We're all lurkers.

16d 10h 26m Cedric noticed the Dark Stone and gave us an Old Gateau!

16d 10h 25m On Dragonspiral Tower road.

16d 10h 21m Bought a Quick Ball. We have 147 Dusk Balls. Left the Poké Center.

16d 10h 20m Bought 99 Dusk Balls.

16d 10h 20m Bought 37 Dusk balls so far.

16d 10h 20m Bought 1 Timer Ball.

16d 10h 19m Sold an Ultra Ball. Sold a Big Pearl. Almost sold our Choice Scarf.

16d 10h 17m Bought several Dusk Balls.

16d 10h 15m Blacked out!

16d 10h 15m Milotic used Hydro Pump! Steven used a Hyper Potion. Feraligatr used Surf! Milotic used Hydro Pump! Feraligatr fainted!

16d 10h 14m Feraligatr used Surf! Emboar fainted!

16d 10h 14m VS. Wallace and Steven!

16d 10h 7m Entered the Icirrus City Gym.

16d 10h 4m Talking to the four walking / dancing people.

16d 10h 0m Entered the Poké Center.

16d 9h 53m Arrived at Icirrus City!

16d 9h 44m Defeated Astor's Mothim! Youngster Astor defeated!

16d 9h 43m Feraligatr used Waterfall! Toxicroak fainted!

16d 9h 42m VS. a Lv. 76 Quagsire! Feraligatr used Strength! Quagsire used Muddy Water! Feraligatr used Strength! Quagsire down!

16d 9h 41m VS. Youngster J---err, Astor!

16d 9h 40m Found a Choice Scarf!

16d 9h 35m On Route 8.

16d 9h 30m On Tubeline Bridge.

16d 9h 21m We enter Route 9 again

16d 9h 21m We enter the Shopping Mall.

16d 9h 17m We enter Route 9!

16d 9h 15m We enter the mid-way tunnel between Opelucid and Route 9!

16d 9h 14m Zenny fainted!

16d 9h 13m We checkpoint at the pokécenter!

16d 9h 12m Flew to Opelucid !

16d 9h 10m We left the cave!

16d 9h 7m We're still in this cave, fighting wild pokémons

16d 8h 59m We enter another cave

16d 8h 57m And we left the cave!

16d 8h 55m We left the Castle!

16d 8h 47m We entered N's Room

16d 8h 47m We're near the exit

16d 8h 39m Still in N's Castle, walking around.

16d 8h 33m Found a Flame Orb!

16d 8h 30m We go down the stairs.

16d 8h 26m We left the room.

16d 8h 25m We speak to N again.

16d 8h 21m We reenter it.

16d 8h 21m We left the room ( and N)

[Info] Zenny is at 6%, Gator and Wilbur at 100%, and the rest fainted.

16d 8h 17m N stays behind in the room.

16d 8h 16m N is going to look for Jimmy!

[Snark] GMYC x N 4ever.

16d 8h 16m We need to go to Dragon spiral tower to meet Zekrom again!

16d 8h 16m N give us the Black Stone!

16d 8h 15m Zekrom goes back to being the black Stone!

16d 8h 15m He release Zekrom!

[Fluff] I told you folks! Never underestimate this feisty little bugger!

16d 8h 14m N defeated!

16d 8h 14m ZEKROM FAINTS!

16d 8h 14m Outrage put him in the red!

16d 8h 14m Zenny is in!

16d 8h 13m Zekrom in the red! Zoro faints to outrage!

16d 8h 13m Zoro used one more dig! His leftover put him in hte yellow!

16d 8h 13m Another dig put zekrom in ht eyellow!

16d 8h 12m Zekrom is confused!

16d 8h 12m Zoro in the red to outrage!

16d 8h 12m Zekrom to half health!

16d 8h 12m We used Dig!

16d 8h 12m Zoro is in!

16d 8h 11m Zekrom is N's only pokemon!

16d 8h 11m Aipom fainted! To outrage!

16d 8h 10m We sent Aipom in!

16d 8h 10m Unfezant is down!

16d 8h 10m Unfezant is in!

16d 8h 9m Zekrom lv. 100 out!

16d 8h 9m N challenged!

16d 8h 9m He put Zekrom out of the Pokeball.

16d 8h 9m N joined us again in the room where Jimmy catched Reshiram.

16d 8h 8m N is no longer following us.

[Google Doc] Successfully updated. Also now with a snazzy new Rematch E4 Chart that no longer has a Slowbro as Alakazam.

16d 8h 7m We went upstairs.

16d 8h 4m Found a Protein!

[Fluff] Thank goodness, room 2spooky4me!

16d 8h 3m We can't reenter his room

16d 8h 2m We left the room, N is following us again.

16d 8h 1m Found a Luxury Ball!

16d 8h 1m He goes outside of the room.

16d 8h 1m He talks about is life.

[Screaming] Oh god no not this place oh god why.

16d 8h 0m We enter N's Room!

[Snark] CLY refused at first. What girl would want a date in the ruins of a castle?

16d 8h 0m N is following us.

16d 7h 59m N want us to guide him to the deepest room of the castle!

16d 7h 59m We enter N's Castle!N's here!

16d 7h 59m We go down the stairs.

16d 7h 58m Zoroark lead us to some stairs.

16d 7h 57m He ran away in another cave. We follow him.

16d 7h 56m We left the cave. Zoroark is waiting for us outside.

16d 7h 52m We enter the cave.

16d 7h 51m Zoroark ran away in a cave.

16d 7h 50m There's a Zoroark near us.

16d 7h 45m We left the cave.

16d 7h 43m We entered the cave !

16d 7h 43m At the top of Victory Road!

16d 7h 42m We're back at the pokécenter!

16d 7h 41m BLACK OUT!

16d 7h 41m Wilbur fainted to Night Daze!

16d 7h 41m We send Wilbur in!

16d 7h 41m Zenny fainted!

16d 7h 41m Krookodile is in!

16d 7h 40m X-Scissor and Tyranitar fainted!

16d 7h 40m A sandstorm started!

16d 7h 40m Zenny vs. Tyranitar!

16d 7h 40m Grimsley Challenged!

16d 7h 39m We entered Grimsley's tower!

[Info] Everyone fainted, except Leavanny who's at 100% and Wilbur who has 2% left

16d 7h 37m Back in the lobby!

[Info] This is our first attempt at post-game Unova League.

16d 7h 35m Caitlin defeated!

16d 7h 35m x-Scissor put Gothitelle down! Zenny up to lv. 86!

16d 7h 35m Zenny is sent in!

16d 7h Gator fainted!

16d 7h 34m Waterfall and Gothtitelle is in the red!

16d 7h 33m Gothitelle out!

16d 7h 33m Gator in the red! Another Waterfall and Musharna faints!

16d 7h 33m Waterfall put it in the yellow again!

16d 7h 33m Full Restore on Musharna!

16d 7h 32m Waterfall brought Musharna in the yellow too!

16d 7h 32m Psychic put gator in the yellow!

16d 7h 32m Musharna's turn!

16d 7h 32m Waterfall bring Metagross down!

16d 7h 31m Gator out! Metagross in the red!

16d 7h 31m Zoro illusion's wore off! Zoro faints To meteor mash!

16d 7h 31m Metagross out! Night Slash isn't very effective aginst him!

16d 7h 30m Alakazam faints !

16d 7h 30m Reuniclus down! Alakazam out!

16d 7h 30m Reuniclus in the red due to Nigth Daze!

16d 7h 30m Reuniclus is out!

16d 7h 29m Nigth Slash and Gallade faints!

16d 7h 29m Night daze once more! Gallade to half health!

16d 7h 29m Zen headbutt doesn't affect Zoro! Full Restore on Gallade!

16d 7h 28m Another Nigth Daze put Gallade in the red!

16d 7h 28m Nigth Daze and Gallade is at half health!

16d 7h 28m Zoro vs. Gallade!

16d 7h 28m Challenged Caitlin!

[Info] Now that we have defeated Iris, the Elite Four will have higher level Pokémon.

16d 7h 27m We're in Caitlin's tower!

16d 7h 27m Entered E4's lobby!

16d 7h 23m Flew to the Pokémon League.

16d 7h 20m Added the grass flute to the track after talking to the grass flute player and walking away!

16d 7h 14m We're currently back on land. The flute player is in sight.

16d 7h 10m We're encountering multiple Marill while on the water. We're almost at the area that the flute player is at.

16d 7h 3m Surfing up below the Village Bridge, in the direction of the grass flute player.

[Chat] Masterdragoon57: DAMN IT, HOW COULD I MISS IT SwiftRage (I feel for you.)

[Chat] Masterdragoon57: guys did i miss anything

Randomletters42: @Master, the urn.

[Chat] ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

16d 6h 57m Wandered into the secret room under the bridge. As usual, the girl pushes us out for intruding her private singing.

16d 6h 57m Talked to the vocalist and walked away!

16d 6h 55m Went down to the grass patch. We're going in the direction of the vocalist now.

16d 6h 52m Re-entered the Village Bridge.

16d 6h 51m Entered the west gate and reset the music!

16d 6h 49m Talked to Russo, the beatboxer, and then walked away! Beatboxing is now laid into the music!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: please do PWT as the final thing in the Black 2 run, I would like it to end there

16d 6h 47m Crossed back to the left in the direction of the beatboxer.

16d 6h 45m Crossed the center of the Village Bridge.

[Correction] Magnolia, not Mangolia.

16d 6h 42m Exit the gate to the Village Bridge!

16d 6h 42m Went right in the gate to the Village Bridge!

16d 6h 40m Defeated Pokemon Breeder Mangolia!

16d 6h 39m Zoroark sweeps down Emogla, Noctowl and Hitmontop.

16d 6h 39m Went right and got into a battle with Breeder Mangolia!

16d 6h 38m Defeated Virizion after a Swords Dance!

16d 6h 37m Used a potion on Leavanny! But it had no effect.

16d 6h 37m Emboar digs down underground while Virizon continues to set up. Mid-dig, Virizon uses Quick Guard. Virizon is now below 25%.

16d 6h 36m Emboar uses Night Daze on Virizon! It brings Virizon to near half health and triggers Justified! Virizon sets up in the meantime.

16d 6h 35m Battling Virizion!

16d 6h 34m Went back down the waterfall.

16d 6h 32m Climbed the waterfall.

16d 6h 32m Surfing on water.

16d 6h 32m Surfing time. Nope.

16d 6h 32m And decided to head back towards it again.

16d 6h 31m Ignored it again.

16d 6h 31m Heading back in Virizion's general direction.

16d 6h 30m On Route 11 and ... did we just run past Virizion?

16d 6h 27m Left the Pokémon Center. Heading east.

16d 6h 27m Entered the Pokémon Center.

16d 6h 24m The Memory Link ends. Drayden leaves.

16d 6h 24m After hearing about her gramps' past, she decides to become a Champion that helps people and Pokémon become closer.

16d 6h 24m Iris is given her Champion outfit.

[Snark] Back in my day, Poké Balls didn't exist yet.

16d 6h 23m Iris admits that the victory was a difficult one, and that she still has a lot to learn.

16d 6h 23m It appeared that Alder wished to push himself to become a stronger Champion to fight against Iris.

16d 6h 22m Drayden had been teaching Iris as a Trainer and Gym Leader when an order from Alder had arrived.

16d 6h 22m It seemed that Drayden chose Iris to be his successor from watching the way she battled.

16d 6h 22m Drayden talks about how he searched the world for a successor, and how he found Iris at the Village of Dragons.

16d 6h 22m We're treated to a scene of Drayden and Iris talking.

16d 6h 22m A Memory Link activates!

16d 6h 21m Hey Drayden.

16d 6h 20m Flew to Opelucid City!

16d 6h 17m Benga says he feels that CLY is a tough trainer. He then leaves shortly after. Alder encourages CLY to take the Black Tower challenge.

[Correction] Grandson.

16d 6h 16m He talks about the Black Tower. Benga is Alder's son.

[Correction] Grandson.

16d 6h 16m His son appears.

16d 6h 15m Alder defeated!

16d 6h 15m Volcarona taken down as well.

16d 6h 15m Now Volcarona vs. Emboar.

16d 6h 15m Emboar is taken to red after Brave Bird. Braviary faints not long after, and so does Reuniclus.

16d 6h 14m Emboar uses Brick Break. Bouffalant faints. Out comes Braviary.

16d 6h 14m Emboar is sent into the field.

16d 6h 13m Sceptile faints from the bull's Earthquake.

16d 6h 13m Sceptile uses Energy Ball! Galvantula down and Bouffalant comes in.

16d 6h 12m Dig brings the bug to yellow. Bug Buzz carries Sceptile to red.

16d 6h 12m Sceptile digs. Galvantula misses Bug Buzz.

16d 6h 12m Sent out Sceptile.

16d 6h 12m Unfezant back in full before being struck at with Thunder! Unfezant faints.

16d 6h 11m Galvantula is sent out. Unfezant roosts.

16d 6h 11m Second Fly knocks out Escavalier.

16d 6h 11m Unfezant flies down. Escavalier in yellow. Unfezant is hit but still in green and flying.

16d 6h 10m Unfezant flies up! Escavalier misses Iron Head.

16d 6h 10m Unfezant vs. Escavalier.

16d 6h 10m We speak to Alder! Challenged Alder!

[Streamer] Misiekf71: BloodTrail So Stadium is going to be like that - People vote which move they want to use. Then each move is given a probability with which it can be chosen by RNG based on the number of votes given on this move. Am I right? BloodTrail

Twitchplayspokemon: @Misiekf71, almost, votes are weighted by bet amount

16d 6h 10m We're still in Floccesy. Just entered Alder's house.

[Steamer] twitchplayspokemon: http://imgur.com/yvOxRz1.jpg

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: talk to the edited NPC

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon: I'm not sure exactly, Fishycheeze is the one the edited it

[Info] In politics, sortition (also known as allotment or the drawing of lots) is the selection of decision makers by lottery. - Wikipedia.

[Streamer] misiekf71: BibleThump KEEP STADIUM RANDOM BibleThump BibleThump NO DEMO STADIUM PLS BibleThump

twitchplayspokemon: @Misiekf71, it's not like democracy it's like sortition

16d 6h 2m Back in Floccesy.

16d 6h 1m In Floccesy Town's Pokémon Centre.

6:00 AM EST Time Zone. Back to bed for me.

Congratulations EVERYONE!

16d 5h 59m Arrived at Floccessy Town!

16d 5h 56m In Route 19.

16d 5h 54m On the streets of Aspertia.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: those dates may not be final and ORAS depends on Twitch_plays_3ds' willingness

16d 5h 50m His sister thanks us for finding Purrloin and says that a Zoroark is waiting for CLY at Victory Road.

16d 5h 49m We leave our home and meet HughMR and his sister.

[Correction] That was Cedric Juniper just now. It's a he, not a she. Cedric is Professor Juniper's father.

16d 5h 48m Obtained Max Revives from mum!

16d 5h 47m Uhh, guys? Take a look at the bottom of that screenshot for a second? http://i.imgur.com/NENssdW.png

16d 5h 47m Juniper upgrades CLY's Pokédex.

16d 5h 47m A person enters the house. She introduces herself as Juniper.

[Google Doc] Successfully updated.

16d 5h 46m Mum welcomes CLY back home.

[Snark] We just gotta beat the PWT and we'll be fine.

[Fluff] I...don't know what to make of this.

[Streamer] Here it is: http://i.imgur.com/NENssdW.png

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: As for the game after Pokemon X I will announce it as a screenshot.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: The Pokemon Stadium 2 betting side-game similarly depends on the database to function and will be finishing when the stream switches from the DS layout.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: The Pokemon Black 2 run concludes with victory at the PWT.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Thank you to Fishycheeze for making the Black 2 run that much better with his rom editing and Lua scripting, Prismata for helping with the Memory Link and Bobthepigeon and others for helping with Action Replay codes.

[Stadium] Twitchplayspokemon: The current system of color-coding to show the first run the user has pariticipated in has become unusable due to the number of colors in use. After Pokemon X the first run a user has participated in will be indicated by a colored emblem next to the user's name and the name's color will continue to be the color used in chat.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Twitch_plays_3ds aka dekuNukem will be streaming Pokemon X through this channel, while this is happening I will be performing maintainence on TPP's server and so the database will be unavailable, this means that the color-coded names in their current form won't be possible during this run, instead the color will be based on your chosen chat color.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Okay, here are some announcements on the future of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

[Info] It's Autumn.

16d 5h 42m CLY's back in her home.

16d 5h 42m The game starts up! We hit Continue!

CLY arrives home at Aspertia! It's been a wonderful journey!

It's currently 5:40 AM in the EST Time Zone! I'm glad I got up to see TEH URN!

[Tears] This is the first time I've ever viewed a victory urn!

We meet familiar faces whom we've met on our journey through Unova!

On the road home!

16d 5h 37m CLY runs ahead! The credits roll!

So...... BEAUTIFUL! ;_;

16d 5h 37m We shake hands with each of the Elite Four members.

[Fluff] The feels!

16d 5h 36m The fireworks are starting! CLY heads out the Champion's building.

16d 5h 36m Congratulations, CLY!

16d 5h 36m Our Pokémon are inducted into the Hall Of Fame one by one!

16d 5h 35m This was a no release run!

16d 5h 35m Iris congratulates us. We enter the Hall Of Fame!

16d 5h 35m We now have a Fire-type starter in the Hall of Fame.

16d 5h 35m The statue in the middle of the room vanishes. A flight of stairs appears. We head in!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ TEH URN ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


16d 5h 34m TEH URN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16d 5h 34m Iris' Feraligatr crunches! We use Strength! Iris' Feraligatr is taken down!

16d 5h 34m u2E uses Ice Beam! Iris' Feraligatr in yellow and using Dragon Dance!

[Screaming] Umbrellagator, take it out!

16d 5h 33m Sent in our own Feraligatr!

16d 5h 33m Ice Punch hits from Feraligatr! Leavanny down.

16d 5h 33m Leavanny uses Razor Leaf! Feraligatr is taken to yellow.

16d 5h 32m Out comes Feraligatr.

16d 5h 32m X-Scissor brings the dragon to its demise! Haxorus down!


16d 5h 32m Leavanny leads with X-Scissor! Haxorus survives just barely! The dragon rages! Leavanny is brought to yellow.

16d 5h 31m Sent in Leavanny.

16d 5h 31m Energy Ball again! Haxorus is in about half and starts using Outrage! Sceptile faints.

16d 5h 30m Energy Ball flies to the dragon, but doesn't do much.

16d 5h 30m Iris uses the Full Restore. Haxorus in green again.

16d 5h 29m Sceptile's health is brought to red! Haxorus is confused.

16d 5h 29m Sceptile uses Strength! Haxorus is brought to red and continues raging!

16d 5h 29m Sent in Sceptile.

[Fluff] RIP Zoro!

16d 5h 29m Haxorus in yellow. It uses Outrage. Zoroark down!

16d 5h 28m Zoroark goes at the dragon with Night Slash!

16d 5h 28m Out comes Haxorus!

16d 5h 28m Night Slash once more! Serperior is taken down!

16d 5h 28m Light Screen activates on Serperior's side.

16d 5h 28m Zoroark comes at the snake with Night Slash! Serperior is to yellow.

16d 5h 27m Iris sends in Serperior!

[Pun] I've been waiting daze for this urn!

16d 5h 27m Archeops doesn't stand a chance! Archeops down!

16d 5h 27m Zoroark uses Night Daze!

16d 5h 27m Out comes Archeops.

[Screaming] A critical, baby!

16d 5h 27m Zoroark uses Night Daze! The dragon is brought to its demise!

16d 5h 26m The illusion is gone!

16d 5h 26m Hydreigon hits with Draco Meteor! Zoro is down to yellow.

16d 5h 26m Zoroark uses Night Daze. Hydreigon's health is not down by much.

[Screaming] GO ZORO GO!

16d 5h 25m Iris sends in Hydreigon!

16d 5h 25m Night Daze again! Dragonite is now down!

16d 5h 25m Dragonite is brought to about half. Dragonite misses Hurricane!

16d 5h 24m Zoroark leads with Night Daze!

16d 5h 24m Zoroark vs. Dragonite!

16d 5h 24m Battle! VS. Unova Champion Iris!

16d 5h 23m The golden room lights up. We see Iris up ahead!

16d 5h 22m Entered the Champion's building!

16d 5h 22m We head up the magnificent stairs.

16d 5h 22m Tried to head back. Nope! Nothing happens.


[Screaming] YES!

16d 5h 21m Finally took the lift down. The final challenge awaits.

16d 5h 21m CLY's just constantly walking around the statue. Could she muster up the courage to head down into the place where Iris awaits?

[Snark] This statue has ninja powers.

16d 5h 14m We're having difficulties actually touching the statue, for those currently viewing the updater.

[Snark] I don't think CLY's thinking clyearly right now.

[Snark] Overshooting! Overshooting everywhere~!

[Party] Zoroark 70%, Leavanny 100%, Sceptile 100%, Feraligatr 100%, Emboar 45%

[Snark] We were marshalling our determination over in Marshal's room.

16d 5h 6m The statue in the middle is shining a bright blue!

[Hype] TEH URN?

16d 5h 5m Warped to the lobby. All four E4 members are down!

16d 5h 5m Elite Four Shauntal defeated!

16d 5h 5m Shadow Ball again doesn't do much to Zoro. Zoroark comes at the coffin with Night Slash! Cofagrigus down.

16d 5h 4m Night Daze is diabled.

16d 5h 4m Cofagrigus hits with Shadow Ball and doesn't do much to Zoro. Zoroark misses Night Daze!

16d 5h 4m Out comes Cofagrigus.

16d 5h 4m Sableye uses Trick. Zoroark has the Lagging Tail. Zoroark uses Night Daze! Sableye faints.

16d 5h 3m Sableye comes out.

16d 5h 3m Zoro uses Night Daze! Golurk is brought down!

16d 5h 3m Out comes Golurk.

16d 5h 3m Zoroark's using Night Daze again. Drifblim knocked out immediately.

16d 5h 3m Shauntal sends in Drifblim.

16d 5h 2m We use Night Daze! Chandelure is knocked out!

16d 5h 2m Out comes Chandelure!

16d 5h 2m Zoroark leads with Night Slash! This cleanly knocks out Jellicent!

16d 5h 2m Zoroark vs. Jellicent.

16d 5h 1m Battle! VS. Elite Four Shauntal!

16d 5h 1m In Shauntal's room.

[Party] Unfezant FNT, Zoroark 100%, Leavanny 100%, Sceptile 100%, Feraligatr 100%, Emboar 45%

16d 5h 0m Warped to the lobby.

16d 4h 59m Elite Four Caitlin defeated.

16d 4h 59m Musharna is taken down!

16d 4h 59m Caitlin sends in Musharna, who also gets hit by Night Slash.

16d 4h 58m Gothitelle now in! Zoro uses Night Slash once more! Gothitelle knocked out!

16d 4h 58m Psychic attacks aren't doing anything to Zoroark. Foul Play, and Metagross is down!

16d 4h 58m Zoroark uses Night Slash! Metagross in yellow.

16d 4h 58m Metagross is out next.

16d 4h 57m Night Slash on Slowbro! Slowbro faints.

16d 4h 57m Slowbro is sent out.

16d 4h 57m Night Slash! Reuniclus is taken down!

16d 4h 57m Caitlin sends in Reuniclus. Trick Room ends.

16d 4h 57m Zoroark uses Night Slash this time! Beheeyem knocked out!

16d 4h 56m Dig brings Beheeyem to yellow.

16d 4h 56m Zoroark digs again. Beheeyem misses Psychic.

16d 4h 56m Caitlin uses the Full Restore.

16d 4h 56m Zoroark comes out from Dig. Beheeyem in yellow.

16d 4h 56m Zoroark digs. Beheeyem uses Trick Room.

16d 4h 55m Zoroark vs. Beheeyem.

16d 4h 55m Battle! VS. Elite Four Caitlin!

16d 4h 52m Entered Caitlin's room.

[Party] Unfezant FNT, Zoroark 100%, Leavanny 100%, Sceptile 100%, Feraligatr 100%, Emboar 45%

[Google Doc] Successfully updated.

16d 4h 51m Elite Four Grimsley defeated.

16d 4h 51m Emboar to level 96!

16d 4h 51m A next Brick Break deals the final blow to Houndoom!

16d 4h 51m Emboar's in yellow. Grimsley heals Houndoom.

16d 4h 51m Emboar uses Brick Break! Houndoom in red and it uses Overheat! It doesn't hurt Emboar too much.

16d 4h 50m Out comes Houndoom!

16d 4h 50m Bisharp faints to Brick Break!

16d 4h 50m Scrafty swept by Brick Break! Bisharp now.

16d 4h 50m Honchkrow also out by Brick Break! Scrafty's next.

16d 4h 49m Krookodile uses Stone Edge and Emboar is taken to about half. Krookodile taken out by Brick Break and out comes Honchkrow!

16d 4h 49m Sent in Emboar!

16d 4h 49m Stone Edge faints Unfezant!

16d 4h 49m Krookodile uses Stone Edge! Unfezant cannot move!

16d 4h 48m Out comes Krookodile.

16d 4h 48m Liepard paralyses Unfezant with T-Wave. Unfezant paralysed and uses Facade! Liepard down.

16d 4h 48m Unfezant vs. Liepard!

16d 4h 48m Battle! VS. Elite Four Grimsley!

16d 4h 47m Entered Grimsley's room. A path framed by thorns opens before us.

16d 4h 46m Warped back to the lobby.

[Party] Unfezant 48%, Zoroark 100%, Leavanny 100%, Sceptile 100%, Feraligatr 100%, Emboar 100%.

16d 4h 43m We fly again! Medicham crashes. Unfezant flies down. Medicham out! Marshal defeated.

16d 4h 42m Medicham's out next.

16d 4h 42m Unfezant flies again! Lucario crashes, and Fly takes out Lucario!

16d 4h 42m Lucario is sent in.

16d 4h 42m Unfezant soars! Unfezant comes down! Conkeldurr out!

16d 4h 41m Conkeldurr is next.

16d 4h 41m Unfezant takes to the skies! Mienshao crashes on Hi-Jump Kick and is taken down by Fly!

16d 4h 41m Mienshao comes out! We get hit by Fake Out.

16d 4h 41m Second Air Slash! Sawk is down!

16d 4h 41m Air Slash again! Sawk is brought to red.

16d 4h 40m Sawk uses Stone Edge. Unfezant in about half. Marshal heals up Sawk.

16d 4h 40m We use Air Slash! Sawk in red!

16d 4h 40m Out comes Sawk!

16d 4h 40m Unfezant soars to the skies! Throh misses Stone Edge. We fly down. Throh is defeated!

16d 4h 39m Unfezant vs. Throh!

16d 4h 39m Battle! VS. Elite Four Marshal!

16d 4h 38m Arrived at Marshal's room.

16d 4h 37m Entered the lobby. Attempt #67 begins.

16d 4h 36m Went out immediately. Back outside the lobby.

16d 4h 36m In the Pokécentre.

16d 4h 35m Slowbro launches Fire Blast at Sceptile! Sceptile faints! Black out.

16d 4h 35m Slowbro is sent in by Caitlin.

16d 4h 35m Reuniclus uses Psychic again. Sceptile is in red now, but Sceptile takes out Reuniclus with another Energy Ball!

16d 4h 34m Reuniclus hits with Psychic, Sceptile with Energy Ball! Reuniclus in red.

16d 4h 34m Sceptile starts with Energy Ball! Reuniiclus is taken to about half. Trick Room activated again.

16d 4h 33m Sent in Sceptile.

16d 4h 31m The only Pokémon left now is Sceptile.

16d 4h 31m Reuniclus starts off with Psychic. It crits, and Feraligatr faints!

16d 4h 30m Caitlin sends in Reuniclus.

16d 4h 30m Gothitelle strikes with Thunderbolt! Gator is still in green and hitting with Waterfall! Gothitelle faints.

16d 4h 30m Feraligatr uses Ice Beam! Gothitelle still in green. Trick Room activates.

16d 4h 29m It's now Feraligatr vs. Slowbro. Slowbro ejected out and Gothitelle comes out.

16d 4h 28m Slowbro hits with Fire Blast! Leavanny faints.

16d 4h 27m Slowbro comes out.

16d 4h 27m Leavanny uses X-Scissor! Beheeyem taken down!

16d 4h 27m Caitlin heals Beheeyem to full.

16d 4h 27m Leavanny uses X-Scissor! Beheeyem is brought to red. Beheeyem starts Trick Room.

16d 4h 26m Leavanny vs. Beheeyem.

16d 4h 26m Battle! VS. Elite Four Caitlin.

16d 4h 25m Entered Caitlin's room.

16d 4h 23m Back in the lobby.

16d 4h 21m Grimsley defeated.

16d 4h 21m Liepard uses U-Turn! Gator loses a bit of health and hits the cat with Surf! Liepard down.

16d 4h 20m Liepard paralyses Gator with Thunder Wave.

16d 4h 20m Sent out Feraligatr.

16d 4h 20m Liepard uses Fake Out! Emboar faints.

16d 4h 19m Grimsley sends in Liepard.

16d 4h 19m Emboar uses Brick Break again! Houndoom taken down!

16d 4h 19m Houndoom survives by Focus Sash and uses Overheat. Emboar is in red.

16d 4h 19m Brick Break at Houndoom brings it to red.

16d 4h 19m Grimsley sends in Houndoom.

16d 4h 19m Brick Break at Bisharp! Bisharp knocked out.

16d 4h 18m Grimsley sends in Bisharp.

16d 4h 18m Krook launches Earthquake! Emboar to yellow. Emboar finishes off Krookodile with Brick Break!

16d 4h 18m Krookodile comes out.

16d 4h 18m Emboar uses Brick Break again. Honchkrow is knocked out!

16d 4h 17m Out comes Honchkrow.

16d 4h 17m Emboar uses Brick Break! Scrafty is finished.

16d 4h 17m Sent out Emboar.

16d 4h 16m Scrafty's boosted by Moxie.

16d 4h 16m Scrafty launches Hi-Jump Kick at Zoroark! Zoroark down.

16d 4h 16m Scrafty doesn't take much damage from Zoro's attack.

16d 4h 16m Liepard U-Turns. Out comes Scrafty.

16d 4h 15m Zoroark is paralysed and unable to move.

16d 4h 15m Grimsley heals Liepard back to full.

16d 4h 15m Liepard starts sucker-punching. Zoroark's illusion wore off. Zoroark's Foul Play brings Liepard to red.

16d 4h 14m Liepard paralyses Zoroark with Thunder Wave! Zoroark uses Foul Play! Liepard is brought to yellow.

16d 4h 14m Zoroark vs. Liepard.

16d 4h 14m Battle! VS. Elite Four Grimsley!

16d 4h 12m Into Grimsley's room.

16d 4h 11m Warped to the main lobby.

16d 4h 10m Elite Four Marshal defeated.

16d 4h 10m Sent in Sceptile. Sceptile starts digging. Medicham faints from Hi-Jump Kick recoil.

16d 4h 10m Medicham uses Zen Headbutt. Unfezant faints.

16d 4h 10m Medicham's out. We use Fly again! Fly brings Medicham to red.

16d 4h 9m Unfezant soars! Lucario misses Hi-Jump Kick and is brought crashing. Lucario down from Fly!

16d 4h 9m Lucario's next.

16d 4h 9m Fly comes down. Conkeldurr is taken out!

16d 4h 9m Conkeldurr next. We fly!

16d 4h 8m Unfezant takes to the skies! Mienshao crashes. Unfezant takes Mienshao out with Fly!

16d 4h 8m Second Air Slash finishes off Sawk! Out comes Mienshao.

16d 4h 8m Air Slash puts Sawk back to red.

16d 4h 8m Marshal heals Sawk. Sawk in full.

16d 4h 8m We use Air Slash! Sawk barely survives. Sawk uses Stone Edge. Unfezant in yellow!

16d 4h 7m Out comes Sawk.

16d 4h 7m Unfezant flies down! Throh is taken down!

16d 4h 7m Unfezant vs. Throh!

16d 4h 6m We would have just Dug out of Marshal's room if it was possible.

16d 4h 7m Battle! VS. Elite Four Marshal!

16d 4h 5m Arrived at Marshal's room.

16d 4h 4m Entered the lobby. Attempt #66 begins.

16d 4h 4m Checkpointed at the League. Back outside the lobby.

[Party] Unfezant, Zoroark, Leavanny, Sceptile, Feraligatr, Emboar.

16d 4h 2m Swapped the positions of our party. Unfezant leads. Emboar is last.

16d 4h 1m Flew to the Pokémon League!

16d 3h 57m Out of the house.

16d 3h 56m Healed our team.

16d 3h 52m In the girl's house.

[Stats] Emboar Lv. 95 - Max. HP 346 Attack 317 Defense 129 Sp. Atk 240 Sp. Def 149 Speed 157

16d 3h 48m At Village Bridge.

16d 3h 47m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 46m Emboar takes down Magnolia's Noctowl! Emboar at level 95!

16d 3h 45m Magnolia #67 challenge!

16d 3h 44m Hitmontop down from Earthquake. Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 43m That Noctowl faints. Magnolia sends in Hitmontop.

16d 3h 43m Emboar in red. He's facing Magnolia's Noctowl.

16d 3h 41m Magnolia #66 challenge!

16d 3h 39m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 38m Emboar's now in the low yellow from all that grinding.

16d 3h 37m Magnolia #65 challenge!

16d 3h 36m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 36m Emboar has no more PP left in the moves Heat Crash and Flamethrower.

16d 3h 33m Magnolia #64 challenge!

16d 3h 32m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 30m Magnolia #63 challenge!

16d 3h 29m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 27m Magnolia #62 challenge!

16d 3h 25m Just grinding on PKMN Breeder Magnolia at the moment. Emboar easily takes care of her team consisting of an Emolga, a Noctowl, and a Hitmontop.

16d 3h 24m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 23m Magnolia #61 challenge!

16d 3h 22m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 20m Emboar's paralysed.

16d 3h 18m Magnolia #60 challenge!

16d 3h 17m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 16m Magnolia #59 challenge!

16d 3h 15m Emboar defeats her team. Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 13m Magnolia #58 challenge!

16d 3h 12m Emboar sweeps her team easily. Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 10m Magnolia #57 challenge!

16d 3h 9m Emboar as usual does quick work of Magnolia's team. Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 8m Challenged Magnolia! 56th challenge!

16d 3h 3m Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 3m Emboar to level 94.

16d 3h 2m Hitmontop faints to Flamethrower.

16d 3h 2m Magnolia sends in Hitmontop.

16d 3h 2m Noctowl goes down to Heat Crash.

16d 3h 2m Noctowl is next.

16d 3h 2m Emolga vs. Emboar again. Emboar does quick work of Emolga with Flamethrower.

16d 3h 1m Challenged Magnolia! 55th time!

16d 3h 0m Breeder Magnolia defeated.

16d 3h 0m Emboar knocks it out with Flamethrower.

16d 3h 0m Hitmontop is sent in.

16d 3h 0m Noctowl next. It faints to Flamethrower.

16d 2h 59m Emboar uses Brick Break. Emolga faints.

16d 2h 59m Emboar vs. Emolga.

16d 2h 59m Magnolia challenged.

16d 2h 59m In Route 11.

16d 2h 56m Emboar now has Shiny Stone. Zoroark given the Leftovers.

16d 2h 54m Leavanny now has Water Gem. Emboar has Leftovers.

16d 2h 53m Leftovers are currently on Leavanny.

16d 2h 50m We're swapping some items around at the moment. Will update again when we stop swapping.

16d 2h 45m A kind girl in the house heals our team.

16d 2h 45m Entered a house.

[Info] This makes for 53 Breeder Magnolia victories.

16d 2h 41m At Village Bridge.

16d 2h 40m Hitmontop OHKO'ed. Magnolia defeated.

16d 2h 40m Magnolia sends in Hitmontop. Emboar in the low yellow from all that poison damage racking up.

16d 2h 40m Flamethrower takes the bird out!

16d 2h 40m Noctowl is sent in by Magnolia.

16d 2h 40m Emboar's currently poisoned. Emboar uses Flamethrower and Emolga is down.

16d 2h 39m Emboar vs. Emolga

16d 2h 39m Breeder Magnolia challenged!

16d 2h 26m We have officially begun grinding Emboar.

16d 2h 25m Went right onto Route 11.

[Info] Party order is now Emboar, Zoroark, Leavanny, Sceptile, Feraligatr, Unfezant.

16d 2h 24m After a lot of shuffling, Emboar now leads the party!

16d 2h 22m Trying to shuffle the party. Almost moved Emboar to the front spot, but shifted him back immediately.

16d 2h 20m Exited Opelucid altogether. Currently headed to the Route to the right.

16d 2h 18m Escaped the vending machines a second time and have slid far away from both them and the Pokecenter.

[Info] I believe we've bought a grand total of seventeen Fresh Waters since coming to Opelucid.

16d 2h 16m We keep buying water. SO MUCH WATER.

16d 2h 15m Left the center without healing and proceeded to buy another Fresh Water.

16d 2h 14m Made it into the Pokecenter!

16d 2h 13m Finally escaped from the wrath of the vending machines. Now sliding around the ice.

16d 2h 11m Added to the collection won in the end. Bought three more waters for a total of 9.

16d 2h 11m Cly is currently struggling between going to the Pokecenter or adding to her collection of Fresh Waters.

16d 2h 10m Stopped again after the sixth one. Hooray counting!

16d 2h 9m Stopped buying after acquiring four Fresh Waters. Then proceeded to go to the next machine and buy another, for a total of five.

[Fluff] 3, 4, ad infinitum.

16d 2h 8m Make that two Fresh Waters.

16d 2h 8m Bought a Fresh Water!

16d 2h 8m Made it away from Winona and to the vending machines.

16d 2h 6m A final Rock Slide takes out Altaria. Winona defeated a second time!

16d 2h 5m Rock Slide used again, and it hits this time. Altaria lives and uses Toxic on Sceptile!

16d 2h 5m Used Rock Slide, but Altaria dodged. Flamethrower was used on Sceptile, but it didn't do too much more than Dragon Pulse.

16d 2h 4m Shifted to Sceptile. Altaria uses Dragon Pulse, which does very little damage.

16d 2h 2m Air Slash takes Altaria down to below half. It uses Cotton Guard.

16d 2h 2m Pelipper down too. Out comes Altaria.

16d 2h 2m Facade takes down Swellow. Pelipper out.

16d 2h 1m Skarmory down form Unfezant's attack and recoil damage! Out comes Swellow.

16d 2h 0m Skarmory used Roost. It's back to green health.

16d 2h 0m A full restore was used on Skarmory. Unfezant's Air Slash got it down to about 1/3 health.

16d 1h 59m Used Facade and got a critical hit. Skarmory is now in red health. Skarmory used Stealth Rocks.

16d 1h 59m Unfezant used Air Slash and knocked out Tropius. VS Skarmory!

[Fluff] This seems familiar.

16d 1h 58m Talked to Winona again! Tropius VS Unfezant once more.

16d 1h 57m Winona defeated!

16d 1h 57m Flamethrower again. Altaria down!

16d 1h 57m Flamethrower used. It gets Altaria to half health while it poisons Emboar.

16d 1h 56m Heat Crash used on Skarmory, but Sturdy saves it. It then faints from recoil damage from Brave Bird. Out comes Altaria!

16d 1h 56m Emboar VS Skarmory now. Wasted a turn using Earthquake while Skarmory sets up Stealth Rocks.

16d 1h 55m Swellow uses Brave bird and knocks out Zenny. Swellow faints to recoil damage.

16d 1h 55m Winona uses a hyper potion on Swellow. Zenny uses Razor Leaf and gets Swellow to half health. Swellow is poisoned.

16d 1h 54m Zenny goes for Razor Leaf and knocks out Pelipper! Swellow back out.

16d 1h 54m Zenny keeps using X-Scissor. Pelipper is at half health and uses Tailwind.

16d 1h 54m X-Scissor again. Swellow is down to red. It uses U-Turn and Pelipper comes out.

16d 1h 53m Used X-Scissor and Tropius goes down! Out comes Swellow.

16d 1h 53m Zenny uses Grass Knot. It does very little. Tropius is still using Swords Dance.

16d 1h 53m Switched to Zenny. Tropius sets up a Swords Dance.

16d 1h 52m Engaged in battle with Winona! Tropius VS Unfezant.



16d 1h 50m Flew to Opelucid City and checkpointed in the Pokecenter.

16d 1h 45m Looking around the Pokemon menu. Looks like we're trying to fly.

16d 1h 44m Made our way through the first cavern in Victory Road. Back outside now.

16d 1h 41m While running away from the PC, we've left the Pokemon League and have entered Victory Road.

16d 1h 41m Emboar uses Brick Break! Gothitelle still in green. Psychic hits Emboar and Emboar faints! Black out.

16d 1h 40m Metagross finished off by Flamethrower. Caitlin sends in Gothitelle.

16d 1h 39m Metagross uses Zen Headbutt. Emboar in yellow.

16d 1h 39m Metagross is in. It's brought to yellow.

16d 1h 36m Reuniclus comes out. We use Energy Ball again and it does a little over half. Sceptile down to Reuniclus' Psychic!

16d 1h 36m Used Energy Ball on Slowbro. Slowbro down!

16d 1h 36m Sceptile out.

16d 1h 34m Used another Persim Berry. Slowbro uses Fire Blast and knocks out Zenny.

16d 1h 34m Zenny comes out. He tanks a Psychic and takes out Beheeyem with X-Scissor! Out comes Slowbro.

[Snark] rip teh urn

16d 1h 33m Swapped to UmbrellaGator. Gator immediately goes down to Psychic.

16d 1h 32m Used another Persim Berry. Sceptile takes a Psychic attack and is in very low yellow health.

16d 1h 32m Out comes Sceptile! Strength used against Beheeyem does a little damage. Trick Room has been set up.

16d 1h 31m Hidden Power from Beheeyem takes out Zoroark.

16d 1h 31m Battle VS Caitlin has begun! Zorark VS Beheeyem.

16d 1h 30m Talking to Caitlin!

16d 1h 29m Entered Caitlin's room.

[Party] Unfezant has fainted. Zorark is paralyzed and has 1 HP, Sceptile has 50% HP remaining, UmbrellaGator has 12% HP left and is paralyzed, and both Zenny and Wilbur are at full health.

16d 1h 26m Just hanging out in Shauntal's room.

[Info] A total of one Max Elixer, one Full Heal, and two Persim Berries were used during that battle.

16d 1h 24m Shauntal defeated!

16d 1h 23m Night Slash used. Cofagrigus down!

16d 1h 23m Another Persim Berry wasted. Zorark hangs on with 1 HP from another Shadow Ball.

16d 1h 21m Used a Persim Berry to no effect. Zorark is now in red health thanks to a Shadow Ball.

16d 1h 21m Zorark is paralyzed and Cofagrigus uses Shadow Ball. Zorark digs.

16d 1h 20m Night Slash is back, used against Sableye, and down it goes! VS Cofagrigus now.

16d 1h 20m Zorark digs. Sableye is in red health. Full Restore used.

16d 1h 19m Golurk down! Out comes Sableye.

16d 1h 19m Out comes Golurk. It uses Earthquake. Zorark uses Night Daze.

16d 1h 19m Against Drifblim now. Night Daze used again, down goes Drifblim.

16d 1h 18m Zorark used Night Daze! Chandelure down!

16d 1h 18m Cly also used a Full Heal. Chandelure keeps using Psychic to no use.

16d 1h 18m CLY Used a Max Elixer.

16d 1h 17m Currently Jellicent VS Zorark. Night Slash takes it out but is disabled by Cursed Body.

16d 1h 17m VS Shauntal!

[Chat] Solareon_of_the_flame: I'm calling it Teh Urn will happen in the next hour (Let's all hope you're right!)

16d 1h 13m Warped to the main lobby.

16d 1h 11m Grimsley defeated.

16d 1h 11m Bisharp in yellow now. Sucker punch has Gator in red. Gator knocks out Bisharp by Surf.

16d 1h 11m Bisharp uses Sucker Punch. Gator in yellow. Gator uses Strength and Bisharp is mostly unscathed.

16d 1h 10m Bisharp out now.

16d 1h 10m Liepard paralyses Feraligatr using Thunder Wave. Feraligatr hits with Ice Beam. Liepard down.

16d 1h 9m Hyper Potion is used on Feraligatr. Feraligatr is now in green.

16d 1h 8m Surf faints Krookodile. Out comes Liepard.

16d 1h 8m We're wasting turns using items. An Earthquake from Krookodile has Feraligatr in red now.

16d 1h 7m Honchkrow down! Krookodile next.

16d 1h 7m Feraligatr uses Surf! Honchkrow in yellow.

16d 1h 7m Also wasted another turn with the same potion. Honchkrow uses Brave Bird and Feraligatr is in yellow.

16d 1h 6m Wasted a turn using a Hyper Potion on Zoroark. Honchkrow uses Sucker Punch.

16d 1h 6m Scrafty faints from Waterfall. Honchkrow next.

16d 1h 6m Scrafty's building up on Dragon Dance.

16d 1h 5m Used Revive on Sceptile! Sceptile lives!

16d 1h 5m Scrafty's in about half from Surf.

16d 1h 5m Feraligatr uses Surf! Houndoom faints. It's now Scrafty.

16d 1h 4m Sent out Feraligatr.

16d 1h 4m Houndoom uses Overheat. Sceptile is knocked out!

16d 1h 4m Liepard uses U-Turn. Out comes Houndoom.

16d 1h 4m Switched out Zoroark for Sceptile.

16d 1h 4m Grimsley heals Liepard. Zoroark uses Foul Play and puts Liepard in red.

16d 1h 3m Zoroark comes out from Dig! Liepard is in red.

16d 1h 3m Zoroark is paralysed by Thunder Wave. Zoroark digs.

16d 1h 3m Zoroark vs. Liepard.

16d 1h 3m Battle! VS. Elite Four Grimsley!

16d 0h 59m Into Grimsley's room.

16d 0h 54m Warped back to the lobby.

16d 0h 53m Sceptile's digging, and Medicham crashes. Marshal defeated.

16d 0h 53m Sent out Sceptile.

16d 0h 53m Fly lands a hit! Medicham barely survives and kicks at Unfezant! Unfezant faints.

16d 0h 52m Medicham is next. The bird is flying again.

16d 0h 52m Lucario's knocked out by Fly!

16d 0h 52m Unfezant's flying again! Lucario crashes.

16d 0h 52m Out comes Lucario.

16d 0h 52m Fly comes down! Conkeldurr knocked out!

16d 0h 52m Unfezant takes to the sky! Conkeldurr misses Stone Edge.

[Fluff] Unfezant: "Hello 100 Club!"

16d 0h 51m Conkeldurr comes out.

16d 0h 51m We fly down! Mienshao faints!

16d 0h 51m Unfezant's flying again.

16d 0h 51m Out comes Mienshao.

16d 0h 51m UNFEZANT TO LEVEL 100!

16d 0h 51m The bird flies down this time! Sawk faints.

16d 0h 50m Unfezant uses Air Slash again. Sawk is in red.

16d 0h 50m Marshal heals Sawk to full.

16d 0h 50m Air Slash! Sawk barely survives and uses Stone Edge! Unfezant in yellow.

16d 0h 49m Sawk comes out.

16d 0h 49m Another Fly knocks out Throh.

16d 0h 49m Fly misses. Throh hits with Stone Edge.

16d 0h 49m Unfezant takes to the skies!

16d 0h 49m Unfezant vs. Throh.

16d 0h 49m Battle! VS. Elite Four Marshal!

16d 0h 48m Arrived at Marshal's room.

16d 0h 46m Entered the lobby. Attempt #65 starts.

16d 0h 46m Outside the lobby now.

[Snark] Dragonite SWEEP!

16d 0h 45m Wasted a turn using a Dire Hit. Dragonite uses Fire Punch. Sceptile down. Black out.

16d 0h 44m Sceptile in red from poison damage.

16d 0h 44m Sceptile uses Rock Slide. Dragonite is in yellow and flinches!

16d 0h 44m Both miss their attacks.

16d 0h 43m Sceptile vs. Dragonite.

16d 0h 43m Challenged Iris!

16d 0h 42m Inside the Champion's building. Iris is in sight.

16d 0h 41m Approaching Iris.

16d 0h 41m Took the lift down.

16d 0h 37m We only have a poisoned Sceptile at 30% health left.

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 86 - Max. HP 264 Attack 192 Defense 120 Sp. Atk 227 Sp. Def 189 Speed 235

16d 0h 36m Shauntal defeated.

16d 0h 36m Sceptile to level 86.

16d 0h 36m Sceptile uses Energy Ball. Cofagrigus faints.

16d 0h 36m Cofagrigus hits with Shadow Ball. Sceptile in yellow.

16d 0h 35m Currently it's our Sceptile vs. Shauntal's Cofagrigus.

16d 0h 35m Sceptile uses Energy Ball. Cofagrigus in yellow. Sceptile poisoned by Toxic.

16d 0h 34m Sent in Sceptile.

16d 0h 33m Sableye faints from Night Daze. Zoroark then faints from burn damage.

16d 0h 33m Sableye is next. Sableye burns Zoroark with Will-O-Wisp. Zoroark in red.

16d 0h 32m Zoroark uses Night Daze. Golurk faints.

16d 0h 32m Golurk is sent out.

16d 0h 32m Night Slash takes down Drifblim.

16d 0h 31m Zoroark now in yellow. Drifblim burned by Flame Orb.

16d 0h 31m Night Slash faints Chandelure. Drifblim is next.

16d 0h 30m Used Night Slash. Jellicent faints. Out comes Chandelure.

[Info] We have 41 Fresh Water

16d 0h 29m Jellicent still in green and using Double Team.

16d 0h 28m Zoroark digs. Jellicent uses Double Team.

16d 0h 28m Zoroark vs. Jellicent.

16d 0h 28m Battle! VS. Elite Four Shauntal!

16d 0h 27m In Shauntal's room.

16d 0h 24m Warped to the main lobby.

16d 0h 23m Caitlin defeated.

16d 0h 22m Zoroark is in yellow from all the Shadow Balls. This time zoroark uses Night Daze and faints Musharna.

16d 0h 22m Another Fresh Water brings Zoroark to green.

16d 0h 22m Tried to use Fresh Water to no avail. Trick room starts.

16d 0h 21m More Soda Pop is used to no effect. Zoroark is now in yellow from Musharna's Shadow Ball.

16d 0h 21m Wasted a turn using another Soda Pop. We're hit by more Shadow Balls.

16d 0h 20m Shadow Ball from Musharna hits, but it doesn't do much.

16d 0h 20m Used another Soda Pop. Zoroark is at 246/280 health.

16d 0h 20m Trick room is active.

16d 0h 19m Used a Soda Pop on Zoroark. Zoroark is in green.

16d 0h 19m Musharna comes out.

16d 0h 19m Zoroark uses Dig. Gothitelle faints.

16d 0h 19m The fox starts digging.

16d 0h 18m Zoroark is still in green after those Thunderbolts.

16d 0h 18m We decide to throw the ball again to no success. More Thunderbolt.

[Snark] We try and be a thief. The game disapproves.

16d 0h 17m Tried to use an Ultra Ball on Gothitelle to no success. We waste a turn, and Zoroark is zapped at by lightning.

16d 0h 17m Messing around with the bag.

16d 0h 16m Zoroark uses Dig. Gothitelle in yellow. Trick Room activates.

16d 0h 16m Zoroark is digging again. Gothitelle misses Thunderbolt.

16d 0h 15m Caitlin sends in Gothitelle.

16d 0h 15m Metagross faints from Dig.

16d 0h 15m Zoroark dodges a Meteor Mash and digs.

16d 0h 15m Zoroark uses Night Daze. Metagross is brought to red.

16d 0h 15m Zoroark sent in again.

16d 0h 15m Feraligatr faints from Bullet Punch.

16d 0h 14m Gator uses Strength to not much success and is brought to 4HP by Zen Headbutt.

16d 0h 14m Metagross uses Zen Headbutt. Feraligatr in the low yellow.

16d 0h 14m Switched out Zoroark for the real Feraligatr.

16d 0h 13m Metagross is next.

16d 0h 13m Slowbro down to Night Daze.

16d 0h 13m Wasted a turn using a Max Ether. After that, we hit at Reuniclus again using Night Slash. Slowbro comes out next after Reuniclus faints.

16d 0h 13m Now shuffling through the bag.

16d 0h 12m Dig hits. Reuniclus still in green.

16d 0h 12m Reuniclus fails Psychic. Zoroark digs.

16d 0h 12m Out comes Reuniclus.

16d 0h 12m Zoroark uses Night Daze this time. Beheeyem is knocked out!

16d 0h 12m Caitlin heals Beheeyem.

16d 0h 11m Zoroark leads with Night Slash. Beheeyem is left at 1HP from Focus Sash and uses Trick Room.

16d 0h 11m Zoroark vs. Beheeyem.

16d 0h 11m Battle! VS. Elite Four Caitlin!

16d 0h 9m Arrived at Caitlin's magical room.

16d 0h 8m [Status] Unfezant FNT, Zoroark 100%, Leavanny FNT, Sceptile 100%, Feraligatr 41%, Emboar FNT.

16d 0h 5m Elite Four Grimsley defeated.

16d 0h 5m Bisharp's attacks carry Feraligatr to yellow. Another Waterfall later, and Bisharp is finished.

16d 0h 4m Waterfall again! Bisharp is brought to yellow.

16d 0h 4m Houndoom now tries Sucker Punch. Gator still in green and hits with Waterfall. Houndoom faints, and out comes Bisharp.

16d 0h 3m Used a Full Restore to no effect. Houndoom bites at Gator with Thunder Fang.

16d 0h 3m Sent out Feraligatr.

16d 0h 3m Houndoom uses Overheat. Leavanny faints.

16d 0h 2m Leavanny's still in green and hitting with Razor Leaf. Too bad it doesn't do much.

16d 0h 2m Switched for Leavanny. Houndoom uses Dark Pulse.

16d 0h 2m Sent in Feraligatr. Grimsley sends in Houndoom.

16d 0h 1m Honchkrow also down from recoil.

16d 0h 1m Emboar faints.

16d 0h 1m Used Brick Break and Honchkrow is in red. Brave Bird hits!

Happy Day 17 of Pokémon Blaze Black 2, Everybody!

16d 0h 0m Honchkrow out!

16d 0h 0m Scrafty down to Brick Break!

16d 0h 0m Sent in Emboar, who starts using Brick Break.

16d 0h 0m Scrafty lands an Ice Punch. Unfezant faints.

16d 0h 0m Out comes Scrafty.

15d 23h 59m Krookodile down!

15d 23h 59m Krookodile hits with Stone Edge. Unfezant in red! Facade hits!

15d 23h 59m Krookodile is next.

15d 23h 59m Liepard faints from Facade.

15d 23h 59m Liepard paralyses Unfezant on the first turn with Thunder Wave. Unfezant uses Facade.

15d 23h 58m Unfezant vs. Liepard.

15d 23h 58m Battle! VS. Elite Four Grimsley!

15d 23h 58m Arrived at Grimsley's room.

15d 23h 56m Entered Shauntal's room and left.

15d 23h 54m Warped to the main lobby.

15d 23h 54m Elite Four Marshal defeated!

15d 23h 53m We fly again, causing Medicham to hit the floor! Fly hits, and Medicham is knocked out!

15d 23h 53m Medicham is next.

15d 23h 53m Unfezant soars down! Lucario faints.

15d 23h 53m Our bird takes to the skies! Lucario crashes to the ground.

15d 23h 53m Lucario is sent in.

15d 23h 53m Unfezant flies down! Conkeldurr KO'ed.

15d 23h 52m Fly, Unfezant! Conkeldurr misses Stone Edge.

15d 23h 52m Conkeldurr comes out.

15d 23h 52m Mienshao knocked out by Fly!

15d 23h 52m Unfezant flies! Mienshao crashes on Hi-Jump Kick.

15d 23h 52m Out comes Mienshao. Unfezant hit by Fake Out.

15d 23h 51m Air Slash again! Sawk faints.

15d 23h 51m We use Air Slash! Sawk in red.

15d 23h 51m Marshal heals Sawk.

15d 23h 51m Fly comes down. Sawk in red. Stone Edge hits, and Unfezant in about half!

15d 23h 51m Unfezant flies again! Sawk misses Stone Edge.

15d 23h 50m Out comes Sawk.

15d 23h 50m Unfezant takes to the skies! Throh misses Payback! Fly hits and Throh is down!

15d 23h 50m Unfezant vs. Throh.

15d 23h 50m Battle! VS. Elite Four Marshal.

15d 23h 49m Arrived at Marshal's room. A flight of mechanical stairs unfolds before us.

15d 23h 48m Re-entered the lobby. Attempt #64 begins!

15d 23h 47m Back to the Pokémon League.

15d 23h 45m In Victory Road.

15d 23h 45m Left the centre. We're now outside the lobby.

15d 23h 44m In the Pokécentre.

15d 23h 43m Dragonite sweeps Feraligatr away with Hurricane. Feraligatr faints. Black out.

15d 23h 43m Feraligatr vs. Dragonite.

15d 23h 43m Battle! VS. Champion Iris!

15d 23h 41m In the Champion's building.

15d 23h 40m On the way to Iris. We ascend the magnificent stairs.

15d 23h 39m Took the lift down.

15d 23h 37m [Status] Feraligatr PAR 7%, everyone else - FNT.

15d 23h 37m Grimsley defeated.

15d 23h 36m Feraligatr in red. Ice Beam knocks out Bisharp.

15d 23h 36m It Sucker Punches as well. We use Waterfall to bring Bisharp to red.

15d 23h 36m Bisharp is next on a balloon.

15d 23h 36m Feraligatr uses Waterfall and Liepard faints.

15d 23h 36m Liepard's now sucker-punching.

15d 23h 35m Wasted a turn using Full Heal. Feraligatr is paralysed by Thunder Wave.

15d 23h 35m Liepard comes in.

15d 23h 35m Used Strength this time. Houndoom faints.

15d 23h 35m Ice Beam isn't doing much against Houndoom.

15d 23h 35m Houndoom brought to red by Waterfall. Grimsley heals.

15d 23h 34m Krookodile uses Stone Edge. Gator doesn't lose much. We land Waterfall and Krookodile faints. Houndoom's next.

15d 23h 34m Gator is sent in.

15d 23h 33m Only Feraligatr is left.

15d 23h 33m Krookodile uses Stone Edge again. Leavanny is knocked out!

15d 23h 32m The Krook hits with Stone Edge. Leavanny in about half. Leavanny uses Entrainment.

15d 23h 32m Sent in Leavanny. Grimsley sends in Krookodile.

15d 23h 31m Honchkrow also faints from recoil.

15d 23h 31m Used Brick Break against Honchkrow. The bird is in red. It lands a Brave Bird. Emboar faints.

15d 23h 30m Honchkrow is up against Emboar now.

15d 23h 30m We use Brick Break. Scrafty's down.

15d 23h 30m Sent in Emboar.

15d 23h 30m Scrafty boosted by Moxie.

15d 23h 30m Zoroark's Foul Play doesn't do much. Scrafty lands a Hi-Jump Kick! Zoroark faints.

15d 23h 29m Liepard uses U-Turn! Zoroark is still in green, but the illusion is deestroyed! Out comes Scrafty.

15d 23h 29m Liepard paralyses Zoroark. Zoroark is unable to move.

15d 23h 28m Zoroark vs. Liepard.

15d 23h 28m Battle! VS. Elite Four Grimsley.

15d 23h 28m Looks like Battle Style is now back to Set.

[Options] Text Speed: Fast. Battle Scene: On. Battle Style: Shift. Sound: Stereo, Save Before IR: Save.

15d 23h 26m Battle Style is in Shift.

15d 23h 25m In Grimsley's room.

[Info] Golurk was also taken down earlier by Zoroark. I lagged a bit there, apologies.

15d 23h 23m Shauntal defeated.

15d 23h 23m Cofagrigus is down by Night Daze.

15d 23h 22m Cofagrigus out!

15d 23h 22m Sableye comes out this time. Night Daze finishes it.

15d 23h 21m Night Daze! The balloon pops! Drifblim is knocked out.

15d 23h 21m Shauntal sends in Drifblim.

15d 23h 21m Chandelure is next! It faints to Night Daze!

15d 23h 21m Zoroark is going at it with Night Slash! Jellicent faints immediately!

15d 23h 20m Zoroark vs. Jellicent.

15d 23h 20m Battle! VS. Elite Four Shauntal!

15d 23h 19m In Shauntal's room.

15d 23h 18m Warped to the main lobby.

15d 23h 17m Caitlin defeated.

15d 23h 17m Night Slash! Musharna is knocked out!

15d 23h 16m Caitlin sends out Musharna.

15d 23h 16m Gothitelle doesn't stand a chance at Night Slash either.

15d 23h 16m Metagross down from Night Slash. Gothitelle comes out.

15d 23h 16m Zoro's going at it with Night Slash! Metagross in about half.

15d 23h 15m Out comes Metagross.

15d 23h 15m We use Night Slash. Slowbro is knocked out.

15d 23h 15m Trick Room ends. Slowbro is sent out.

15d 23h 15m Zoroark uses Night Slash. Reuniclus faints.

15d 23h 15m Dig comes! Reuniclus in yellow.

15d 23h 15m Reuniclus' Psychic isn't doing anything. Zoroark digs.

15d 23h 14m Reuniclus is next.

15d 23h 14m Zoroark goes at it with Night Slash. Beheeyem faints!

15d 23h 14m Caitlin heals Beheeyem.

15d 23h 14m Zoroark leads with Night Slash. Beheeyem taken to 1HP from Focus Sash and uses Trick Room.

15d 23h 14m Zoroark vs. Beheeyem.

15d 23h 13m Battling Caitlin.

15d 23h 13m In Caitlin's room.

15d 23h 11m Warped to the main lobby.

15d 23h 10m Marshal defeated.

15d 23h 10m Another Foul Play takes out Medicham.

15d 23h 10m Medicham in red from Foul Play.

15d 23h 9m Sent in Zoroark.

15d 23h 8m Sceptile down to Hi-Jump Kick.

15d 23h 8m Lucario faints itself from a crash. Medicham comes out.

[Stadium] HELIX SWEEP!!!

15d 23h 8m Sent out Sceptile.

15d 23h 8m Unfezant faints from Extremespeed.

15d 23h 7m Lucario in yellow.

15d 23h 7m Lucario is next.

15d 23h 7m Fly strikes down Conkeldurr! Conkeldurr faints.

15d 23h 7m Unfezant soars! Conkeldurr misses Stone Edge.

15d 23h 6m Mienshao down! Out comes Conkeldurr.

15d 23h 6m Unfezant takes to the skies again! Mienshao crashes.

[Stats] Unfezant Lv. 99 - Max. HP 327 Attack 258 Defense 180 Sp. Atk 170 Sp. Def 160 Speed 220

15d 23h 6m Mienshao is next. We get hit by Fake Out.

15d 23h 6m Unfezant to level 99.

15d 23h 6m Fly comes down. Sawk out.

15d 23h 5m Stone Edge hits. Unfezant in about half and currently flying.

15d 23h 5m Unfezant flies down! Sawk back at 1HP.

15d 23h 5m Unfezant soars!

15d 23h 5m Sawk flinches! Marshal heals up Sawk.

15d 23h 5m Qwiffle uses Air Slash! Sawk is left at 1HP from Sturdy.

15d 23h 4m Out comes Sawk.

15d 23h 4m Our bird takes to the skies! Throh misses Stone Edge. Fly comes down, and Throh faints.

15d 23h 3m Unfezant vs. Throh.

15d 23h 3m To the fighting ring with Marshal! Battle! VS. Elite Four Marshal!

15d 23h 3m In Marshal's room.

15d 23h 2m Re-entered the lobby. Attempt #63 begins!

15d 23h 1m Out of the Pokécentre.

[ríp] ríp

15d 23h 0m Gator down! Black Out!

15d 23h 0m Against Serperior. We use Ice Beam! It uses Leaf Storm.

15d 23h 0m We use Ice Beam. Hydreigon down!

15d 22h 59m We send out Feraligatr!

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ FINAL DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

15d 22h 58m We use Foul Plat, and Hydreigon uses Fire Blast. Zoroark fainted!

15d 22h 58m Night Daze vs. Drago Meteor!

15d 22h 58m Against Hydreigon!

15d 22h 57m Dragonite misses Outrage, we hit with Night Daze. Dragonite down!

15d 22h 57m Zoroark misses Night Daze, Dragonite uses Dragon Dance.

15d 22h 57m We use Night Daze, while Dragonite uses Dragon Dance.

15d 22h 56m We send out Zoroark against Dragonite!

15d 22h 56m Engaged Iris!

15d 22h 55m In Iris' room!

15d 22h 53m Heading to Iris' room!

15d 22h 51m Teh urn?

15d 22h 50m Shauntal defeated!

15d 22h 50m Dig hits, and Cofag faints!

15d 22h 50m We use Dig again.

15d 22h 49m We use Dig. Dig hits, but so does Cofag's Attract!

15d 22h 49m Against Cofagrigus!

15d 22h 49m We use Night Daze, it OHKOs Sable!

15d 22h 49m Against Sableye!

15d 22h 49m We use Night Daze, and OHKO it!

15d 22h 49m Against Golurk!

15d 22h 48m We use Night Daze, and KO it!

15d 22h 48m Against Drifblim!

15d 22h 48m We use Night Daze, and it OHKOs Chandelure!

15d 22h 48m It uses Energy Ball!

15d 22h 47m Against Chandelure!

15d 22h 47m We use Night Daze, and OHKO Jelly!

15d 22h 47m We send out Zoroark against Jellicent!

15d 22h 47m Chauntal engaged!

15d 22h 46m Entered Chauntal's Room!

15d 22h 45m Back in the E4 Hall!

15d 22h 42m Caitlin defeated!

15d 22h 42m We use Night Slash, KOed Musharna!

15d 22h 41m We miss Night Daze, Musharna uses Trick Room!

15d 22h 41m Against Musharna!

15d 22h 41m Night Slash OHKOs it!

15d 22h 41m Against Gothitelle!

15d 22h 41m We use Dig, it KOs Metagross!

15d 22h 40m We use Night Slash, Metagross misses a Zen Headbutt!

15d 22h 40m Against Metagross!

15d 22h 39m We use Night Slash, it OHKOs!

15d 22h 39m We KO Reuniclus! Against Slowbro!

15d 22h 38m We use Dig! It hits!

15d 22h 38m Against Reuniclus!

15d 22h 38m Caitlin uses a Full Restore, we use Night Slash. Beeheeyen fainted!

15d 22h 37m We use Night Slash, Beeheeyen uses Trick Room!

15d 22h 37m We send out Zoroark against Beeheeyen!

15d 22h 37m Challenged Caitlin!

15d 22h 36m Entered Caitlin's Room!

15d 22h 32m Back in the E4 Hall!

15d 22h 27m Grimsley defeated!

15d 22h 27m Krook uses Earthquake, we use Waterfall! Krookodile down!

15d 22h 26m Against Krookodile!

15d 22h 26m Scrafty uses Hi-Jump Kick, we use Surf. Scrafty down!

15d 22h 26m We use Surf, it uses Dragon Dance!

15d 22h 25m We use Ice Beam, Scrafty uses Dragon Dance!

15d 22h 25m Against Scrafty!

15d 22h 25m We use Surf, Bisharp down!

15d 22h 25m We use Waterfall! Bisharp uses Iron Head!

15d 22h 24m We send out Feraligatr!

15d 22h 23m Bisharp uses Sucker Punch, KOing Sceptile!

15d 22h 23m We use Strength, Bisharp uses X-Scissor!

15d 22h 22m Against Bisharp!

15d 22h 22m We use Dig, and it hits! Houndoom down!

15d 22h 22m Grimsley uses a Full Restore, we use an Energy Ball!

15d 22h 21m We send out Sceptile!

15d 22h 20m Leavanny OHKOed!

15d 22h 19m We use X-Scissor, Houndoom uses Overheat!

15d 22h 19m Against Houndoom!

15d 22h 19m We use X-Scissor, and OHKO Honchkrow!

15d 22h 19m We send out Leavanny!

15d 22h 16m Honch uses Brave Bird. Emboar down!

15d 22h 16m Against Honchkrow!

15d 22h 16m Liepard uses Sucker Punch, and we use Brick Break. Liepard down!

15d 22h 16m Liepard uses Thunder Wave. Emboar paralyzed!

15d 22h 15m We send out Emboar!

15d 22h 15m Liepard uses Fake Out, and KOs Unfezant!

15d 22h 15m Unfezant against Liepard!

15d 22h 14m Engaged Grimsley!

15d 22h 14m In Grimsley's Room!

15d 22h 11m In the E4 Hall!

15d 22h 10m Medicham fainted! Marshal defeated!

15d 22h 10m We use Fly! Fly hits, we miss. Hi-Jump Kick hits from Medicham!

15d 22h 9m Against Medicham!

15d 22h 9m We use Fly, avoiding a Hi-Jump Kick. Fly hits, and Lucario is down!

15d 22h 9m Against Lucario!

15d 22h 9m We use Fly! Fly hits, and Conkeldurrr goes down!

15d 22h 9m Against Conkeldurr!

15d 22h 8m We use Fly, avoiding a Hi-Jump Kick. Fly hits, and down goes Mienshao!

15d 22h 8m Mien uses Fake Out, flinching us!

15d 22h 8m Against Mienshao!

15d 22h 8m We use Air Slash again to KO Sawk!

15d 22h 7m Marshal uses a Full Restore, while we use an Air Slash!

15d 22h 7m We use Fly, avoiding Stone Edge. Fly hits, and Sawk uses Stone Edge!

15d 22h 7m Against Sawk!

15d 22h 7m We use Facade, OHKOing Throh!

15d 22h 6m We send out Unfezant against Throh!

15d 22h 6m Challenged Marshal!

15d 22h 6m Entered Marshal's Room!

15d 22h 4m Entered the E4 Hall! Run 62 Begins!

15d 21h 58m Flew to the Pokemon League!

15d 21h 55m Outside of the house!

15d 21h 54m We switch Unfezant and Emboar in the party!

15d 21h 52m We heal!

15d 21h 51m Entered the Healer's House!

15d 21h 48m Entered Village Bridge!

15d 21h 47m Magnolia defeated!

15d 21h 46m Emboar up to Lvl.93!

[Stats] Emoar Lv. 93 - Max. HP 339 Attack 311 Defense 126 Sp. Atk 235 Sp. Def 146 Speed 153

15d 21h 45m Breeder Magnolia #52!

5d 21h 44m Breeder Magnolia defeated #51!

15d 21h 43m Breeder Magnolia Challenge #51!

15d 21h 42m Breeder Magnolia defeat #50!

15d 21h 41m @ Breeder Magnolia #50!

15d 21h 40m Breeder Magnolia defeated!

15d 21h 38m Breeder Magnolia Run #49!

15d 21h 38m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 21h 36m Vs Magnolia (48)

15d 21h 35m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 21h 34m Vs Magnolia (47)

15d 21h 33m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 21h 31m Vs Magnolia (46)

15d 21h 29m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 21h 29m Vs Magnolia (45)

15d 21h 27m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 21h 25m Vs Magnolia (44)

15d 21h 25m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 21h 23m Vs Magnolia (43)

15d 21h 23m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 21h 21m Vs Magnolia (42)

15d 21h 21m Route 11!

15d 21h 19m Back at the Village Bridge!

15d 21h 12m On Route 12!

15d 21h 6m WE CALL CURTIS!!!

[Snark] Prof. Juniper: "No one has found a way to evolve this Pokemon." JORSUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

[Snark] "Something's up? Yea something is up. We're trying to call Curtis!" * Hangs up on Hugh. *

15d 20h 55m We called Hugh. "Something's up?"

15d 20h 49m Back in Lacunosa Town!

15d 20h 48m Back on Route 12!

[Info] We have called Bianca a couple of times too, only to hang up on her. We're still trying to call Curtis.

[Fluff] Yeah, we kept calling Juniper and hanging up, in case you didn't see the relevance of that.

[Chat] Kamiathewolf: "Is your refrigerator running?"

15d 20h 35m We bike!

[Snark] An Adamant Lass is better than a Brave Preschooler.

[Options] Text Speed: Fast. Battle Scene: On. Battle Style: Set. Sound: Mono. Save Before IR: Save.

[Snark] A Brave, Preschooler challenging the Pokémon League?

15d 20h 29m CL Y ., is a Brave Preschooler now. She also has this to say: "Yo! I'm AHAHA!" and "Yo! I'm DOWSING!"

[Info] We have also called Charen, and CLY's Mom on the Xtransceiver.

[Info] Chat wants to call Curtis, but we keep calling Juniper instead.

15d 20h 14m In Lacunosa Town!

15d 20h 13m On Route 12!

15d 20h 7m Outside of the house!

15d 20h 3m We heal!

15d 20h 2m In the healing lady's room!

15d 19h 50m On our bike!

[Chat] ♫ └༼ຈلຈ༽┐♫ a b c d e f g e e ♫ └༼ຈلຈ༽┐ ♫

[Chat] ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

15d 19h 40m On the Village Bridge!

[Stats] Emboar Lv. 92 - Max. HP 335 Attack 308 Defense 126 Sp. Atk 233 Sp. Def 144 Speed 152

15d 19h 38m Emboar is now level 92!

15d 19h 38m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 19h 37m We become paralyzed.

15d 19h 36m Vs Magnolia (41)

15d 19h 35m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 19h 34m Vs Magnolia (40)

15d 19h 33m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 19h 31m Vs Magnolia (39)

15d 19h 30m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 19h 29m Vs Magnolia (38)

15d 19h 27m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 19h 25m Vs Magnolia (37)

15d 19h 23m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 19h 20 Fighting Magnolia (36)

15d 19h 19m Victory against Magnolia!

15d 19h 17m Battling Magnolia (35)

15d 19h 18m Defeated! (34)

15d 19h 16m Battling Magnolia (34)

15d 19h 15m Defeated Breeder Magnolia!

15d 19h 13m Hi Magnolia! Let's Duel!

15d 19h 12m Defeated Magnolia!

15d 19h 11m Engaged Breeder Magnolia for the 32nd time!

15d 19h 5m On Route 11!

15d 19h 4m We flew to Opelucid City!

15d 19h 0m On the Mountain Range of Victory Road!

[Stats] Emboar Lv. 91 - Max. HP 332 Attack 304 Defense 124 Sp. Atk 230 Sp. Def 143 Speed 150

15d 18h 57m Emboar is now level 91!

15d 18h 55m Inside Victory Road!

15d 18h 54m Outside Victory Road!

15d 18h 53m We leave the Pokecenter!

[ríp] ríp urn 61

15d 18h 52m Unfezant down! Black Out!

15d 18h 52m Marshal uses a Full Restore, we use Fly. Fly hits, Sawk uses Stone Edge.

15d 18h 51m We use Fly, avoiding a Close Combat. Stone Edge hits, Sawk flinches!

15d 18h 51m Against Sawk.

15d 18h 51m We use Fly, it hits, Lucario down!

15d 18h 51m We use Roost, Lucario use Hi-Jump Kick!

15d 18h 50m We send out Unfezant!

15d 18h 50m We uses Night Daze, Lucario uses Hi-Jump Kick. Zoroark down!

15d 18h 49m Against Lucario!

15d 18h 49m Another Night Daze KOs Throh!

15d 18h 48m We use Night Daze, and Throh uses Bulldoze!

15d 18h 48m We use Night Slash, and Throh uses Stone Edge.

15d 18h 48m Zoroark against Throh!

15d 18h 48m Challenged Marshal!

[Fluff] We currently have more than 1,000 viewers! .....which used to be nothing special.

15d 18h 47m Entered Marshal's Room!

15d 18h 46m Back in the E4 Hall!

15d 18h 45m Shauntal defeated!

15d 18h 44m We use Fly, it hits, and Cofagrigus faints!

15d 18h 44m We use Air Slash, Cofag flinches!

15d 18h 44m Sent out Unfezant!

15d 18h 43m We fail Entrainment, another Shadow Ball KOs Leavanny!

15d 18h 43m We're immobilized, Cofag uses Shadow Ball.

15d 18h 42m We use Grass Knot, Cofag uses Toxic. We're poisoned!

15d 18h 42m We failed Entrainment, she uses Attract.

15d 18h 42m We use X-Scissor, it uses Disable (X-Scissor).

15d 18h 42m We use Entrainment, it uses Shadow Ball!

15d 18h 41m Against Cofagrigus!

15d 18h 41m Sable uses Recover, we use X-Scissor. Sableye fainted!

15d 18h 41m Sent out Leavanny.

15d 18h 41m Another Foul Play KOs Gator!

15d 18h 40m Sableye used Foul Play, our Strength doesn't work.

15d 18h 40m She uses Trick, we use Ice Beam.

15d 18h 40m Against Sableye.

15d 18h 40m Drifblim fainted!

15d 18h 39m We avoid her Thunder and use Ice Beam!

15d 18h 38m We miss Waterfall, get hit by Thunder. Gator paralyzed!

15d 18h 38m Drifblim Protects herself from our Waterfall!

15d 18h 38mAgainst Drifblim!

15d 18h 38m Surf KOs Chandelure!

15d 18h 37m Sent out Gator!

15d 18h 34m We are picking Pokemon!

15d 18h 33m We use Energy Ball again, while Chandelure use Overheat! Sceptile down!

15d 18h 32m Against Chandelure!

15d 18h 32m We use Energy Ball, and OHKO it!

15d 18h 32m Go Sceptile!

15d 18h 32m Our Brick Break doesn't effect Golurk. Doesn't matter, he OHKOs Emboar!

15d 18h 32m Against Golurk!

15d 18h 31m We use Earthquake again and KO Jellicent!

15d 18h 31m We miss our Earthquake, and are hit with Scald!

15d 18h 31m We use Earthquake, while Jellicent uses Double Team again!

15d 18h 30m Emboar starts off with a Flamethrower, countered with a Double Team!

15d 18h 30m We send out Emboar versus her Jellicent!

15d 18h 30m Challenged Shauntal!

15d 18h 29m Entered Shauntal's Room!

15d 18h 28m Inside the E4 Hall! Run 61 Starts!

15d 18h 26m Back Outside the Pokemon League!

15d 18h 21m Back outside on the mountains!

[Fluff] Male Annie. <3

15d 18h 10m Wild Annie! OHKOed.

15d 18h 8m In the caves of Victory Road!

15d 18h 5m We saved!

15d 18h 3m Emboar and Unfezant switched party positions!

15d 17h 58m On the Mountain Range region!

15d 17h 55m Currently in Victory Road.

15d 17h 54m Back outside the Pokémon League.

[Info] That was Run #60 that we just lost.

15d 17h 53m We keep using Strength but no effect! Thunder against us! Feraligatr down! CLY Blacked out! Kappa

15d 17h 53m Waterfall against Jellicent! Jellicent down! Drifblim up!

15d 17h 52m Shadow Ball against us again!

15d 17h 52m Strength again! but no effect! Shadow Ball against us!

15d 17h 52m Ice Beam on Jellicent!

15d 17h 51m Jellicent attacks us! Strength against Jellicent but no effect.

15d 17h 50m Feraligatr is our last Pokémon left.

15d 17h 49m Razor Leaf against Jellicent! Razor Leaf disabled to cursed body! Shadow Ball against us! Leavanny down!

15d 17h 49m Leavanny vs. Jellicent!

15d 17h 48m Elite 4 Shauntal Engaged!

15d 17h 47m Entered Shauntal's room.

[Info] Leavanny in the red at 7% HP. Feraligatr 100% HP. Everyone else is down.

15d 17h 45m Left Caitlin's room! Back in the E4 Lobby.

15d 17h 43m Psyshock against us! X-Scissor against Musharna! Elite 4 Caitlin defeated!

15d 17h 42m Musharna up! it attacks! X-Scissor against Mucharna!

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 85 - Max. HP 273 Attack 220 Defense 155 Sp. Atk 148 Sp. Def 126 Speed 197

15d 17h 42m Psychic against us! X-Scissor against Gothitelle! Gothitelle down! Leavanny Lvl.85!

15d 17h 42m Razor Leaf against Gothitelle! It uses Trick Room!

15d 17h 41m X-Scissor on Slowbro! Slowbro down! Gothitelle up!

15d 17h 41m X-Scissor against Metagross! Metagross down! Slowbro sent back out! X-Scissor against Slowbro!

15d 17h 41m We sent out Leavanny.

[Snark] Illusion Odd? I meant Illusion wore off. derp

15d 17h 40m Bullet Punch against Zoroark! Zoroark down!

15d 17h 39m Metagross sent out for Slowbro! Night Slash against Metagross! it attacks us!

15d 17h 39m Scald against us! Zoroark illusion odd! It uses dig!

15d 17h 39m Night Slash against Reuniclus! Reuniclus down! Slowbrow up!

15d 17h 38m Caitlin uses Full Restore! Night Slash on Beheeyem! Beheeyem down! Reuniclus up!

15d 17h 38m Night Slash on Beheeyem! It uses Trick Room!

15d 17h 38m Zoroark (Feraligatr) vs. Beheeyam!

15d 17h 37m Elite 4 Caitlin Engaged!

15d 17h 36m Entered Caitlin's room.

[Info] Zoroark 82% HP. Leavany and Feraligatr 100% HP. Everyone else is down.

15d 17h 35m Left Grimsley's room. Back in the E4 Lobby.

15d 17h 33m Bisharp down! Elite 4 Grimsley defeated!

15d 17h 33m Sucker Punch against us! Zoroark's illusion is off! We use Dig!

15d 17h 32m We sent in Zoroark (Feraligatr)

15d 17h 31m Energy Ball against Bisharp. Iron Head against us! Sceptile down!

15d 17h 31m Dig once again! X-Scissor against us!

15d 17h 30m Sceptile uses Dig!

15d 17h 30m We sent out Sceptile, Bisharp sent out!

15d 17h 30m It attacks us! Emboar down! Honchkrow also down!

15d 17h 29m Brick Break on Houndoom! Houndoom down! Honchkrow out! Brick Break against Honchkrow!

15d 17h 29m Grimsley uses Full Restore!

15d 17h 29m Brick Break against Houndoom! Dark Pulse against us!

15d 17h 29m Thunder Fang on us!

15d 17h 28m Unfezant down to Houndoom! We sent out Emboar!

15d 17h 28m H Jump Kick against us! We attack Scrafty. Scrafty down! Houndoom up!

15d 17h 27m We attack it! Krookodile down! Scrafty up!

[Stats] Unfezant Lv. 98 - Max. HP 324 Attack 255 Defense 178 Sp. Atk 168 Sp. Def 159 Speed 218

15d 17h 27m Thunder Wave against us! Paralyzed! Liepard attacked with Facade! Unfezant Lvl.98! Krookodile up!

15d 17h 27m Unfezant vs. Liepard!

15d 17h 27m Elite 4 Grimsley Engaged!

15d 17h 26m Entered Grimsley's room!

15d 17h 25m Left Marshal's room, back in the E4 lobby.

15d 17h 24m Unfezant flies again! Medicham down! Elite 4 Marshal Defeated!

15d 17h 24m Unfezant flies high to destroy Lucario! Lucario down! Medicham up!

15d 17h 23m Unfezant uses Fly! Conkeldurr down! Lucario up!

15d 17h 23m Unfezant flies up high again!

15d 17h 22m Air SLash against Mienshao! Mienshao down! Conkeldurr up!

15d 17h 22m Fake Out against us!

15d 17h 22m Unfezant flies up again! Sawk down! Mienshao up!

15d 17h 22m Marshal uses Full Restore! Unfezant uses fly!

15d 17h 21m Air slash against Sawk!

15d 17h 21m Unfezant uses Fly! Throh down! Sawk up!

15d 17h 20m Facade against Throh!

15d 17h 20m Unfezant vs. Throh!

15d 17h 20m Elite 4 Marshal Engaged!

[Correction] Run #60!

15d 17h 19m Entered Marshal's room.

15d 17h 17m Entered the E4 Lobby. Incoming Run #59

15d 17h 13m Back outside the Pokémon League.

[rip] BOOM goes the dynamite!

15d 17h 12m Archeops Acrobatics! Brick Break on Archeops! Archeops attacks again! Emboar down! CLY Blacked Out! Kappa

15d 17h 12m Fire Blast against us! Brick Break on Hydreigon! Hydreigon down! Archeops up!

15d 17h 11m Emboar sent out!

15d 17h 11m Ice Beam against Hydreigon! Draco Meteor against us! Feraligatr down!

15d 17h 10m Ice Beam against Serperior! Serperior down! Hydreigon up!

15d 17h 10m Ice Beam against Serperior! Leaf Storm against us!

15d 17h 9m Dragonite is confused! Ice Beam against Dragonite! Dragonite down! Serperior up!

15d 17h 9m We sent in Feraligatr!

15d 17h 8m Outrage against us once again! Leavanny down!

15d 17h 7m Outrage against us! Razor Leaf against Dragonite!

15d 17h 7m We sent in Leavanny!

15d 17h 6m Outrage against us! Sceptile down!

15d 17h 6m Iris uses Full Restore! Rock Slide against Dragonite!

15d 17h 6m Rock Slide against Dragonite! it uses Dragon Dance!

15d 17h 5m We sent out Sceptile!

15d 17h 5m Night Daze on Dragonite! Hurricane on Zoroark! Zoroark down!

15d 17h 4m Zoroark vs. Dragonite!

15d 17h 4m Champion Iris Engaged!

15d 17h 3m Entered the Champion building! Iris in sight!

[Fluff] The path to potential victory lies just ahead! Could this be it?

15d 17h 2m Elevated downwards! Heading up the stairs to fight Iris!


[Info] Unfezant still down. Zoroark currently BURNED at 20% HP left. Everyone else at full strength!

15d 16h 59m Left Shauntal's room! Back in the E4 Lobby.

15d 16h 58m Confagrigus up! We attack with Night Daze! Confagrigus down! Elite Shauntal defeated!

15d 16h 58m Will-O-Wisp against us! Night Daze against Sabeleye! Sabeleye down!

[Snark] Shauntal must be rather dazze-led by our performance by now!

15d 16h 58m Night Daze against Golurk! Golurk down! Sabeleye up!

15d 16h 57m Night Daze against Drifblim! Drifblim down! Golurk up!

15d 16h 57m Night Slash against Chandelure! Chandelure down! Drifblim up!

15d 16h 56m Night Daze on Jellicent! Jellicent down! Chandelure up!

15d 16h 56m Zoroark (Emboar) vs. Jellicent!

15d 16h 56m Elite 4 Shauntal Engaged!

15d 16h 54m Entered Shauntal's room!

15d 16h 53m Left Caitlin's room. Back in the Elite 4 Lobby.

[Info] Unfezant is down. Zoroark 33% HP. Everyone else at full strength.

15d 16h 50m Night Slash against Musharna! Musharna down! Elite 4 Caitlin Defeated!

15d 16h 50m Night Slash against Gothitelle! Gothitelle down! Musharna up!

15d 16h 50m Night Slash against slowbro! Slowbro down! Gothitelle up!

15d 16h 49m Night Slash against Metagross! Metagross down! Slowbro sent back out!

15d 16h 49m Night Slash against Metagross! Metagross attacks us!

15d 16h 49m Metagross sent out for Slowbro!

15d 16h 48m Scald against Zoroark! Zoroark's illusion wore off. It uses Dig!

15d 16h 48m Night Slash against Reuniclus! Reuniclus down! Slowbro up!

15d 16h 48m Caitlin uses Full Restore! Night Slash on Beheeyem! Beheeyem down! Reuniclus up!

15d 16h 47m Night Slash against Beheeyem! Trick Room against us!

15d 16h 47m Zoroark (Emboar) vs. Beheeyem!

15d 16h 47m Elite 4 Caitlin Engaged!

15d 16h 46m Entered Caitlin's room!

[Info] Sceptile was given the Leftovers to hold earlier on. Sceptile returned the Focus Band.

15d 16h 45m Left Grimsley's room. Back in the Elite 4 Lobby.

[Stats] Unfezant down! Everyone else at full 100% HP. TEH URN!?!?

15d 16h 43m Brick Break against Bisharp! Bisharp down! Elite 4 Grimsley defeated!

15d 16h 43m Heat Crash! Honchkrow down! Bisharp up!

15d 16h 43m It attacks us! Unfezant down! We sent out Emboar!

15d 16h 42m Grimsley uses Full Restore! Facade against Houndoom! Houndoom down! Honchkrow up!

15d 16h 42m Houndoom attacks! Facade against Houndoom!

15d 16h 41m Sucker Punch agaainst us! Facade against Scrafty! Scrafty down! Houndoom in!

15d 16h 41m Sucker Punch against us! We attack Krookodile! Krookodile down! Scrafty up!

15d 16h 40m Tunder Wave against us! Paralyzed! We attack Liepard! Liepard down! Krookodile up!

15d 16h 40m Unfezant vs. Liepard!

15d 16h 40m Elite 4 Grimsley Engaged!

15d 16h 37m Entered Grimsley's room!

15d 16h 35m Left Marshal's room. Back in the Elite 4 Lobby.

15d 16h 34m Unfezant flies up high again! Medicham down! Elite 4 Marshal defeated!

15d 16h 33m We use fly against Lucario! Lucario down! Unfezant Lvl.97! Medichan up!

15d 16h 33m Conkeldurr Down! Lucario up!

15d 16h 33m Unfezant flies again!

15d 16h 33m Unfezant flies! Mienshao down! Conkeldurr up!

15d 16h 32m Fake Out against us! we flinched!

15d 16h 32m Another Air Slash! Sawk down! Mienshao up!

15d 16h 32m Marshal uses Full Restore. We use Air Slash!

15d 16h 32m Air slash against Sawk!

15d 16h 31m Unfezant Flies! Throh down! Sawk up!

15d 16h 31m Unfezant vs. Throh!

15d 16h 31m Elite 4 Marshal Engaged!

15d 16h 30m Entered Marshal's room!

15d 16h 28m Entered the Elite 4 Lobby. Incoming Run #58

15d 16h 26m Back outside the Pokémon League.

15d 16h 25m Strength against Drifblim. But it attacks. Feraligatr down! CLY Blacked out! Kappa

15d 16h 25m Waterfall against Jellicent! Jellicent down! Drfblim out!

15d 16h 25m Feraligatr vs. Jellicent!

15d 16h 24m Elite 4 Shauntal Engaged!

15d 16h 24m Entered Shauntal's room!

[Snark] Inb4 Gator blacks out. Kappa

15d 16h 21m Left Caitlin's room. Back in the Elite 4 lobby.

[Stats] Feraligatr in the yellow at 34% HP. Everyone else is down.

15d 16h 17m Scald against Feraligatr! Waterfall against Slowbro! Slowbro down! Elite 4 Caitlin Defeated!

15d 16h 16m Psyshock against us! Strength against Musharna! Musharna down! Slowbro back out!

15d 16h 16m Psyshock against us! Watterfall on Musharna!

15d 16h 16m Thunderbolt against us! Ice Beam on Gothitelle! Gothitelle down! Musharna up!

15d 16h 15m Ice Beam against Gothitelle! It uses Trick Room!

15d 16h 15m Ice Beam on Metagross! Metagross down! Gothitelle up!

15d 16h 14m Feraligatr is our last Pokémon left.

15d 16h 14m Metagross attacks us! Sceptile down!

15d 16h 13m We sent out Sceptile! it uses Dig!

15d 16h 13m Bullet Punch on Zoroark! Zoroark down!

15d 16h 12m Night Slash against Metagross! Biut it attacks us!

15d 16h 12m Night Slash against Slowbro! Caitlin switched out for Metagross!

15d 16h 12m Night Slash against Reuniclus! Reuniclus down! Slowbro out!

15d 16h 11m Caitlin uses full restore! Night Daze against Beheeyen! Beheeyen down! Reuniclus up!

15d 16h 11m We attacked Beheeyen! but it attacks us! Zoroark illusion wore off

15d 16h 11m Zoroark (Feraligatr) vs. Beheeyen!

15d 16h 10m Elite 4 Caitlin Engaged!

15d 16h 9m Going through the menus and items before we fight her.

15d 16h 6m Booted up X-Scissor TM. But didn't teach it.

15d 16h 4m Entered Caitlin's room!

[Fluff] Regret, didn't catch Pokémon level up stats.

[Info] Zoroark, Sceptile, and Feraligatr at 100% HP. Everyone else is down.

15d 16h 1m Back in the Lobby.

15d 16h 0m Bisharp down! Elite 4 Grimsley Defeated!

15d 16h 0m Sceptile uses dig!

15d 16h 0m We sent out Sceptile!

15d 15h 59m Xscissor on Bisharp! It attacks us! Leavanny down!

15d 15h 59m Stone Edge against us! X-Scissor on Krookodile! Bisharp sent out!

15d 15h 58m X-Scissor on Scrafty! Scrafty down! Krookodile out!

15d 15h 58m We sent out Leavanny! Scrafty attacks! We attack scrafty!

15d 15h 58m Scrafty sent out!

15d 15h 58m It attacks Emboar! We attack Honchkrow! Emboar down!

15d 15h 57m Honchkrow sent out!

15d 15h 57m Houndoom down! Emboar Lvl.90!

15d 15h 57m We attacked but Grimsley uses Full Restore!

15d 15h 56m Grimsley switched out for Houndoom!

15d 15h 56m Sucker Punch on Emboar! We attacked!

15d 15h 56m We sent out Emboar.

15d 15h 56m Sucker Punch again! Unfezant down!

15d 15h 56m Sucker Punch against us!

15d 15h 55m Thunder Wave against us! Paralyzed! We attack Liepard! Liepard down! Krookodile up!

15d 15h 55m Unfezant vs. Liepard!

15d 15h 55m Elite 4 Grimsley Engaged!

15d 15h 54m CLY saves the game inside Grimsley's room.

15d 15h 53m Entered Grimsley's room.

15d 15h 52m We entered Marshal's room once again, only to leave.

15d 15h 52m Back in the lobby.

15d 15h 50m Unfezant flies again! Medicham down! Elite 4 Marshal defeated!

15d 15h 50m Lucario down! Medicham up!

15d 15h 50m Fly again, against Lucario!

15d 15h 49m Unfezant uses fly! Conkeldurr down! Lucario is up!

15d 15h 49m Mienshao down! Conkeldurr up!

15d 15h 49m Unfezant uses Fly!

15d 15h 48m Unfezant uses Fly! Sawk down! Mienshao up!

15d 15h 48m Marshal uses Full Restore! We attack with Air Slash!

15d 15h 47m Air Slash against Sawk! Stone Edge against Unfezant!

15d 15h 47m Throh down! Sawk in!

15d 15h 47m Unfezant uses Fly!

Unfezant vs. Throh!

15d 15h 46m Marshal Engaged!

15d 15h 45m Entered Marshal's room.

15d 15h 44m Entered the Lobby. Incoming Run # 57!

15d 15h 39m Back outside the Pokémon League.

15d 15h 38m Bullet Punch against Feraligatr down! CLY BLACKED OUT! Kappa. Victory Caitlin.

15d 15h 37m Gothitelle attacks! Waterfall against Gothitelle! Gothitelle down! Metagross sent out!

15d 15h 37m Going through our bags for items before we black out.

15d 15h 35m Psychic against Feraligatr! Waterfall against Reuniclus! Reuniclus down! Gothitelle sent out!

15d 15h 34m Caitlin uses full restore! We used waterfall!

15d 15h 34m Feraligatr's Waterfall! Reuniclus Trick Room!

[Fluff] Catlin, really? It's Caitlin! Derp

15d 15h 32m Feraligatr is our last 'mon left.

15d 15h 31m Leavanny down to Psychic!

15d 15h 31m Entrainment vs Psychic!

15d 15h 31m We sent out Leavanny!

15d 15h 30m Focus Blast against Zoroark! Zoroark down!

15d 15h 30m Beheeyem down! Reuniculus up!

15d 15h 29m Thunderbolt on Zoroark! Dig against Beheeyem!

15d 15h 29m Dig on Beheeyem! Beeheyen's Trick room!

15d 15h 28m Zoroark vs. Beheeyem!

15d 15h 28m Catlin Engaged!

15d 15h 27m Entered Catlin's room.

15d 15h 24m Back in the Elite 4 Hall/Lobby.

15d 15h 23m Leavanny is hit by Ice Punch. It survives. One more X-Scissor, and Medicham is down! Marshal defeated.

15d 15h 22m Leavanny is sent out! We use Razor Leaf.

15d 15h 22m We keep using Brick Break. Medicham uses Hi Jump Kick. Emboar down!

15d 15h 22m Medicham is sent out to replace Lucario.

15d 15h 21m Lucario uses Hi Jump Kick! Emboar uses Brick Break. Lucario fainted!

15d 15h 21m Emboar is sent out.

15d 15h 21m Lucario uses Extreamespeed. Sceptile has fainted!

15d 15h 21m Sceptile surives a Mach Punch and uses Energy ball! Conkeldurr is down! Lucario is sent in.

15d 15h 20m Sceptile tries energy ball. Conkeldurr uses Drain Punch and gets some HP back.

15d 15h 20m Dig hits! Conkeldurr uses payback on Sceptile.

15d 15h 19m Go! Sceptile! We use dig.

[Stats] Unfezant Lv. 96 - Max. HP 318 Attack 250 Defense 174 Sp. Atk 165 Sp. Def 156 Speed 214

15d 15h 19m Conkeldurr is out and uses Mach Punch. Unfezant is down!

15d 15h 19m Unfezant uses Air Slash, and Mienshao is down! Unfezant is level 96!

15d 15h 19m Sawk out by an Air Slash! Mienshao is out.

15d 15h 19m Fly hits, Sawk survives! We're hit by another Stone Edge.

15d 15h 18m Unfezant soars up! Stone Edge misses.

15d 15h 18m Marshal uses a Full Restore on Unfezant. It avoids an Air Slash!

15d 15h 18m Unfezant uses Air Slash! Sawk uses Stone Edge, and it his Unfezant.

15d 15h 18m Fly! Throh is down! Sawk is sent out to replace it.

15d 15h 17m Unfezant flew up high! Stone Edge does not hit.

15d 15h 17m Unfezant versus Throh.

15d 15h 17m CLY versus Elite Four Member Marshal!

15d 15h 17m We enter Marshal's room.

15d 15h 15m Run #56 begins!

15d 15h 12m Feraligatr down! CLY blacked out to Shauntal!

15d 15h 12m We use Ice Beam. Driftblim uses Thunder!

15d 15h 12m Strength can't touch Driftblim.

15d 15h 11m Golurk down to Gator! Driftblim is sent out.

15d 15h 11m Feraligatr is our only Pokémon left.

15d 15h 10m Golurk is still a ghost type. No Brick Break Damage is done. One earthquake from Golurk, and Emboar is down!

15d 15h 10m Shauntal sends in her Golurk.

15d 15h 10m Emboar used earthquake! Jellicent is down!

15d 15h 9m Jellicent is not hit by earthquake and uses Scald to send Emboar to the red.

15d 15h 9m Brick Break can't hit ghost types! Emboar is hit by scald.

15d 15h 9m We use flamethrower! It is disabled by cursed body, and Jellicent uses double team again.

15d 15h 8m Shauntal heals Jellicent back up. Emboar uses Earthquake.

15d 15h 7m We send in Emboar and check out our bag.

15d 15h 7m Sceptile digs his way underground, and attacks the next turn! Jellicent uses ice beam, and Sceptile is down!

15d 15h 5m We try strength again, but it will not work! Jellicent keeps pounding Scepitle with Ice Beams.

15d 15h 5m Jellicent attacks with Ice Beam.

15d 15h 5m We attack with Energy Ball. Jellicent's cursed body disables Energy Ball from further use.

15d 15h 5m Strength doesn't affect Ghost Types! Jellicent uses Double Team.

15d 15h 4m Sceptile versus Jellicent.

15d 15h 4m CLY versus Elite Four Member Shauntal!

15d 15h 4m She faces her fear and climbs up the staircase!

15d 15h 3m CLY peeps into Shauntal's room multiple times, but appears to be too frightened to go in too far.

15d 14h 59m One more Ice Beam, and Conkeldurr is down! Marshal defeated.

15d 14h 58m Ice Beam and Payback continue to be used. Ice Beam does more damage to Conkeldurr then Payback does to us.

15d 14h 58m Feraligatr is sent out! We use Ice Beam. Conkeldurr uses payback.

15d 14h 57m Dig doesn't get Conkeldurr, who uses Drain Punch. Zoroark is down!

15d 14h 57m Zoroark burrows underground! Drain Punch does not hit.

15d 14h 57m Conkeldurr is sent out.

15d 14h 56m Zoroark tries the same trick against Medicham. It avoids Hi Jump Kick with dig and attacks the next turn. It works, and Medicham is out!

15d 14h 56m Dig hits, and Lucario is down! Out comes Medicham!

15d 14h 56m Lucario is sent out. We use dig and avoid a Hi Jump Kick.

15d 14h 55m Night Slash is resisted by Mienshao. But it does go down after two of them!

15d 14h 55m Zoroark is sent out.

15d 14h 52m Leavanny is hit with Acrobatics! Leavanny has fainted!

[Stats] Leavanny Lv. 84 - Max. HP 270 Attack 218 Defense 153 Sp. Atk 146 Sp. Def 124 Speed 195

15d 14h 52m Mienshao is sent out. It uses Fake out and Leavanny flinches.

15d 14h 51m Leavanny is sent out and uses Razor Leaf. Sawk is down! Leavanny reaches level 84!

15d 14h 51m Unfezant is hit with stone edge! Unfezant down!

15d 14h 51m We heal with Roost once more. Sawk uses Ice Punch. Still not super effective, but Unfezant is frozen!

15d 14h 50m Unfezant heals with Roost! Sawk uses Stone Edge. Not super effective this time, but Unfezant is still in the red!

15d 14h 50m Unfezant in the red! Sawk is healed while we use Air Slash.

15d 14h 50m We use Air Slash! Sawk down to 1 HP, and he uses Stone Edge again.

15d 14h 49m We use roost. Our HP is already full. Stone Edge is used on us.

15d 14h 49m Sawk is sent out!

15d 14h 49m We attack! Throh is down.

15d 14h 49m We begin things off by using fly! Payback doesn't hit.

15d 14h 49m Unfezant versus Throh!

15d 14h 48m CLY versus Elite Four Member Marshal!

15d 14h 47m We enter Marshal's room!

15d 14h 46m Run #56 has begun!

15d 14h 43m One more thunderbolt. Feraligatr down! CLY blacks out to Caitlin!

15d 14h 43m Gothitelle uses thunderbolt! We ice ice beam once more.

15d 14h 43m We use ice beam! Gothitelle twists the dimensions with Trick Room.

15d 14h 43m Gothitelle is out.

15d 14h 42m One more waterfall, and Beheeyem is down!

15d 14h 42m Caitlin heals Beheeyem. We keep using waterfall.

15d 14h 42m We use waterfall. Beheeyem uses thunderbolt.

15d 14h 41m Beheeyem versus Feraligatr, our only 'mon left.

15d 14h 41m CLY versus Elite Four Member Caitlin!

15d 14h 40m We enter Caitlin's room.

15d 14h 39m Back in the lobby!

15d 14h 37m Waterfall brought conkeldurr down! Marshal defeated!

15d 14h 37m Gator is sent in!

15d 14h 35m Only gator left!

15d 14h 35m Sceptile fainted!

15d 14h 35m Another Energy ball bring Conkeldurr in the red, whil Payback put Sceptile in the yellow!

15d 14h 34m Energy ball isn't really usefull!

15d 14h 34m Conkelldurr is in!

15d 14h 34m Sceptile is in!Medicham is down!

15d 14h 33m Wilbur fainted!

15d 14h 33m Medichal is sent in

15d 14h 33m hi Jump Kick put Wilbur in the yellow while Birk Break put Mienshao down!

15d 14h 33m Wilbur is sent in!

15d 14h 31m Night Daze doesn't hit! We're attacked. Zoroark down!

15d 14h 30m Lucario down to dig! Mienshao is sent out.

15d 14h 30m Zoroark uses dig again. Lucario is hit by Hi Jump Kick.

15d 14h 30m Sawk down! Lucario is sent out!

15d 14h 30m Earthquake hits Zoroark underground! It sprouts back up as a Zoroark.

15d 14h 29m Night Daze is resisted by Sawk.

15d 14h 29m We send in Zoroark!

15d 14h 26m Entrainment still fails. Leavanny down to stone edge!

15d 14h 26m Entrainment fails! Sawk uses Stone Edge.

15d 14h 26m Leavanny uses Entrainment. Sawk doesn't have Sturdy anymore.

15d 14h 26m We send in Leavanny! Sawk is healed by Marshal.

15d 14h 25m We keep using Air Slash. Sawk uses Close Combat! Unfezant down!

15d 14h 25m We use Air Slash! It misses! We are hit by Stone Edge.

15d 14h 24m Marshal sends out Sawk!

15d 14h 24m Unfezant used fly! Throh down in a single hit!

15d 14h 24m Unfezant flew up high! Throh's stone edge missed!

15d 14h 24m Unfezant versus Throh!

15d 14h 23m CLY versus Elite Four Member Marshall!

15d 14h 22m We enter Marshal's room.

15d 14h 20m Run #55 begins!

15d 14h 17m We rush out of the Center.

[Snark] Boom goes the dynamite!

15d 14h 16m Sceptile down! CLY blacked out to Caitlin!

15d 14h 16m Trick Room wears off! Sceptile is fast again and uses Strength. Musharna survives and uses Shadow Ball.

15d 14h 15m Musharna uses Psyshock again! Sceptile holds on with it's Focus Band and uses Energy Ball.

15d 14h 15m Musharna uses Psyshock. Sceptile uses Strength. Musharna still has lots of HP left.

[Stats] Sceptile Lv. 85 - Max. HP 261 Attack 190 Defense 118 Sp. Atk 225 Sp. Def 187 Speed 232

15d 14h 15m Musharna is sent out.

15d 14h 14m Slowbro uses Fire Blast. Sceptile uses Energy Ball. Slowbro is down! Sceptile is level 85!

15d 14h 14m Slowbro is sent out.

15d 14h 14m Sceptile attacks! Gothitelle is down.

15d 14h 14m Sceptile burrows underground. Trick room goes into effect.

15d 14h 12m Sceptile is our only Pokémon left!

15d 14h 12m We use Ice Beam! Gothitelle uses Thunderbolt. Feraligatr down!

15d 14h 11m Gothitelle is sent out.

15d 14h 11m We use surf. Metagross is down.

15d 14h 11m We use Waterfall, and Metagross flinches!

15d 14h 11m Full Heal doesn't do anything. Ferligatr takes a Zen headbutt.

15d 14h 10m We send in our Feraligatr.

15d 14h 8m We try to use a Full Heal. No effect on Gator. Zoroark down to Meteor Mash!

15d 14h 8m Zoroark is determined to have dig hit, but it's no use. Metagross uses Meteor Mash, and Zoroark is in the red.

15d 14h 7m Zoroark uses dig again. Metagross is floating, it doesn't hit!

15d 14h 7m Zoroark is hit with Scald and uses Dig. Slowbrow ejects to Metagross.

15d 14h 7m Slowbro sees through Zoroark and uses Fire Blast. Our attack misses.

15d 14h 7m Night Slash! Reuniclus is down! Slowbro is sent out!

15d 14h 6m Out comes Reuniclus. Psychic has no effect.

15d 14h 6m Beheeyem is healed. Zoroark uses Night Slash and Beheeyem is down!

15d 14h 6m Zoroark uses Night Slash. Beheeyem sets up Trick Room.

15d 14h 5m Zoroark (As Feraligatr) versus Beheeyem.

15d 14h 5m CLY versus Elite Four Member Caitlin!

15d 14h 4m We enter Caitlin's room.

15d 14h 0m We use Waterfall! Bisharp is finally down. Grimsley defeated.

15d 14h 0m We use Ice Beam. Bisharp survives and tries Brick Break.

15d 14h 0m We use Waterfall once more! Bisharp uses X-Scissor.

15d 14h 0m Bisharp is out!

15d 13h 59m Sucker Punch hits Gator! We use waterfall, and Houndoom is down.

15d 13h 59m We use Ice Beam. Not very effective.

15d 13h 59m Feraligatr is sent out! Grimsley heals up Houndoom.

15d 13h 58m X-Scissor is used from Leavanny, and Overheat by Houndoom. Leavanny is the one taken out!

15d 13h 58m Leavanny and Houndoom are sent out.

15d 13h 57m Emboar down! Honchkrow is down to Brave Bird Recoil.

15d 13h 57m We use Brick Break. Honchkrow uses Brave Bird!

15d 13h 57m Honchkrow is sent out!

15d 13h 57m Emboar uses Heat Crash! Scrafty is down!

15d 13h 57m Go! Emboar!

15d 13h 56m Ice Punch is used on us! Unfezant is down!

15d 13h 56m Scrafty is sent out!

15d 13h 56m Stone Edge hits us! Unfezant is not down! Facade takes out Krookodile.

15d 13h 56m Liepard down in one hit! Krookodile is out!

15d 13h 56m Liepard uses Thunder Wave. Unfezant uses Facade!

15d 13h 55m Liepard versus Unfezant!

15d 13h 55m CLY versus Elite Four Member Grimsley!

[Snark] CLY doesn't want to talk to Grimsley. He looks like a vampire! What if he'll bite?!

15d 13h 50m Grimsley's room is entered.

15d 13h 48m Fly hits, Medicham down. Marshal defeated!

15d 13h 48m We keep on using fly! Medicham's Hi Jump Kick also misses.

15d 13h 48m Lucario is down to fly! Medicham is sent out!

15d 13h 48m We use fly, Lucario's Hi Jump Kick misses..where have we seen this before? Oh, a few seconds ago.

15d 13h 48m Out comes Lucario.

15d 13h 47m Fly hits, Conkeldurr is down!

15d 13h 47m We use fly again! Stone Edge does not hit.

15d 13h 47m Fly hits, Mienshao down! Marshal sends in Conkeldurr.

15d 13h 47m Unfezant flew up high! Mienshao's Hi Jump Kick isn't high enough to hit us.

15d 13h 46m Mienshao is out! We are hit by Fake out and flinch.

15d 13h 46m Fly hits, and Sawk is down! Unfezant is level 96!

15d 13h 46m Unfezant uses fly! It is not hit by Stone Edge.

15d 13h 45m Marshal heals up Sawk. Unfezant uses Air Slash.

15d 13h 45m Sawk out! We use Air Slash. Sawk's Stone Edge hits.

15d 13h 45m Fly hits! Throh is down.

15d 13h 44m Unfezant soars up! Throh's attack misses.

15d 13h 44m We use Air Slash. Throh flinches.

15d 13h 44m Unfezant versus Throh.

15d 13h 44m CLY versus Elite Four Member Marshal!

15d 13h 40m We enter Marshal's room.

15d 13h 39m However, we exit it now. Back outside.

15d 13h 39m We enter Caitlin's room.

15d 13h 33m Run #54 begins!

[Fluff] It was a great battle, at least. RIP

[rip] teh urn

15d 13h 29m NOT TEH URN! :(

15d 13h 29m Haxorus uses Outrage. Sceptile down! CLY blacked out!

15d 13h 29m We use a max revive...on Sceptile. No effect.

15d 13h 28m Sceptile is sent out! Our last hope!

15d 13h 28m Haxorus uses outrage! Leavanny down!

15d 13h 27m We use Grass Knot. Haxorus resists it. Haxorus sets up Dragon Dance.

15d 13h 27m Go! Leavanny!

15d 13h 26m Only our grass types are left!

15d 13h 26m Haxorus uses Aqua Tail. Emboar is out!

15d 13h 26m Haxorus is our final challenge! To the Hall of Fame?

15d 13h 26m Serperior uses Dragon Pulse versus our Earthquake. Serperior falls!

15d 13h 25m We use the Max Revive. Sceptile is back up!

15d 13h 25m Go! Emboar! Unova Starter fight.

15d 13h 24m We use Ice Beam! Serperior survives and uses Leaf Storm! Feraliagatr down!

15d 13h 24m Serperior is out!

15d 13h 24m Ice Beam is finally used! Archeops down!

15d 13h 23m We use strength again. Archeops uses Stone Edge! Ferliagatr does not go down!

15d 13h 23m We use Strength! Archeops uses Acrobatics. Gator in the red!

15d 13h 23m Go! Feraligatr!

15d 13h 22m Dig can't hit Archeops. Acrobatics hits this time! Sceptile is down!

15d 13h 22m Scepitle tries dig. Acrobatics misses.

15d 13h 22m Iris sends in Archeops!

15d 13h 21m Sceptile uses Energy Ball! Feraliagatr is DOWN!

15d 13h 21m Sceptile uses Rock Slide. Feraligatr uses Dragon Dance!

15d 13h 21m Feraligatr is sent out!

15d 13h 21m We use Rock Slide. Hydregion is down!

15d 13h 21m TEH URN!!!

15d 13h 20m One more strength! Hydregion misses it's fire Blast AGAIN!

15d 13h 20m Sceptile uses Strength! Hydregion misses its attack again!

15d 13h 20m Iris heals up Hydreigon. Sceptile uses Rock Slide.

15d 13h 20m Sceptile uses Strength! Hydreigon misses its attack!

15d 13h 19m Go! Sceptile!

15d 13h 19m Zoroark is out of Night Daze PP! We use foul play instead, and Hydregion uses Focus Blast. Zoroark is down!

15d 13h 18m Zoroark uses its Final Night Daze. Hydregion uses Drago Meteor! Zoroark takes it. It's illusion is off.

15d 13h 18m One more Night Daze, and Dragonite is down! Iris sends in Hydreigon!

15d 13h 17m Zoroark uses Night Daze! Dragonite takes it with Multiscale and uses Dragon Dance.

15d 13h 17m Zoroark versus Dragonite!

15d 13h 17m CLY versus Unova Champion Iris!

15d 13h 16m We enter the champion's chamber! Iris still laments on how people didn't expect her to be the Champion.

15d 13h 15m She tries to go back up. No turning back!

15d 13h 15m CLY finally drops down!

[Fluff] Would she eventually be brave enough to go down the lift to confront Iris?

[Info] According to her Trainer Card, CLY is a Brave Nurse! Most fitting!

15d 13h 9m CLY refuses to examine the statue and instead do other things, like running around and trying to turn on her C-Gear.

[Info] The chat is now reached over 1000 Views!

15d 13h 3m CLY tries to visit Caitlin. She's already defeated.

15d 13h 3m The middle statue is glowing!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

15d 13h 2m One last night daze. Cofagrigus is down! Shauntal defeated!

15d 13h 2m Cofagrigus is out!

15d 13h 2m We keep on trucking with Night Daze! Sableye is down!

15d 13h 1m Sableye is up next!

15d 13h 1m Zoroark keeps using Night Daze! Golurk is down!

15d 13h 1m Shauntal sends in Golurk!

15d 13h 1m Zoroark uses Night Daze! Driftblim down!

15d 13h 1m Drifblim is sent out and protects from Night Daze.

15d 13h 0m Out comes Chandelure! It's down to a single Night Daze!

15d 13h 0m We use Night Daze! Jellicent is down!

15d 12h 59m Zoroark versus Jellicent! Zoroark still looks like Emboar.

15d 12h 59m CLY versus Elite Four Member Shauntal!

15d 12h 59m We enter Shauntal's spooky room.

[Fluff] We stand a pretty good chance of this being the final stretch against the League! Go, CLY!

[Status] Unfezant is down. Feraligatr is at 44% HP, everyone else perfectly fine. Only Shauntal is left!

15d 12h 57m Night Slash hits Musharna! It is down! Caitlin defeated!

15d 12h 57m Out comes Musharna, Caitlin's last stand.

15d 12h 56m Night Slash party from Zoroark! Gothitelle down!

15d 12h 56m Gothitelle is out!

15d 12h 56m Zoroark keeps using Night Slash! Metagross down! More critical hits.

15d 12h 56m Metagross is sent out! It floats in the air.

15d 12h 56m More Night Slash! Slowbro is down! Critical hit.

15d 12h 55m Out comes Slowbro.

15d 12h 55m We keep using Night Slash. Reuniclus is down.

15d 12h 55m Reuniclus is sent out!

15d 12h 55m Caitlin heals up her Beheeyem. Focus stash is gone, so Night Slash takes Beheeyem out in a single hit!

15d 12h 54m Zoroark uses Night Slash. Beheeyem survives thanks to Focus Stash and uses Psychic. No effect.

15d 12h 54m Zoroark versus Beheeyem! Zoroark looks like Emboar.

15d 12h 54m CLY versus Elite Four Member Caitlin!

15d 12h 53m We enter Caitlin's room.

15d 12h 51m Sucker Punch and Waterfall clash one more, and Bisharp is the one who falls! Grimsley defeated!

15d 12h 51m It uses Sucker Punch to our Waterfall.

15d 12h 51m Bisharp is up!

15d 12h 51m We attack with Ice Beam! Honchkroow is down!

15d 12h 51m In comes Honchkrow!

15d 12h 50m We use Waterfall! Focus stash can't save it this time, Houndoom is down!

15d 12h 50m Houndoom uses Dark Pulse. Grimsley heals it up the next turn.

15d 12h 50m Houndoom is sent in. We keep up with Waterfall, Houndoom is down to 1 HP!

15d 12h 50m Dragon Dance is still being used. Feraliagatr uses Waterfall. Scrafty is down!

15d 12h 49m We use Ice Beam, Scrafty keeps using Dragon Dance.

15d 12h 49m We use surf, Scrafty uses Dragon Dance.

15d 12h 49m We send in Feraligatr.

15d 12h 49m Unfezant can't move! Hi Jump kick hits, and Unfezant is down!

[Fluff] Could this be the urn!?

15d 12h 48m Scrafty out. Hi Jump Hits!

15d 12h 48m Unfezant avoids a stone edge, and attacks with Facade! Krookodile down!

15d 12h 48m Grimsley sends in Krrokodile.

15d 12h 48m Liepard uses Thunder Wave! Unfezant uses Facade, and Liepard is down!

15d 12h 47m It's Unfezant at 44% HP against Liepard!

15d 12h 47m CLY versus Elite Four Member Grimsley!

15d 12h 47m We enter Grimsley's room.

15d 12h 45m One more fly, and Medicham is down! Marshal defeated!

15d 12h 45m Unfezant soars up! Hi Jump Kick causes Medicham to crash.

15d 12h 45m Fly hits, Lucario down! Marshal sends in Medicham.

15d 12h 44m Unfezant flew up high! Hi Jump Kick misses. Lucario crashes.

15d 12h 44m Marshal sends in Lucario.

15d 12h 44m We attack with Fly! Conkeldurr is down!

15d 12h 44m Unfezant flies up again! Stone Edge misses.

15d 12h 44m Fly hits! Mienshao is down. Conkeldurr!

15d 12h 43m Unfezant flies up high! Hi Jump Kick misses.

15d 12h 43m Unfezant is hit by fake out, and flinches.

15d 12h 43m We keep using Air Slash. Sawk has fainted! Mienshao is sent out.

15d 12h 43m Marshal heals Sawk. We use Air Slash, and Sawk is once again down to 1 Hit Point.

15d 12h 42m Fly hits! Sawk survives with Sturdy, and we take a Stone Edge.

15d 12h 42m Unfezant flies up! Stone Edge missed.

15d 12h 42m Unfezant used Fly! Throh is down. In comes Sawk.

15d 12h 42m Unfezant soars upward. Stone Edge misses.

15d 12h 41m Unfezant versus Throh.

15d 12h 41m CLY versus Elite Four Member Marshal!

15d 12h 40m We enter Marshal's room.

15d 12h 38m Gates entered! Run #53 begins.

15d 12h 32m We quickly exit the League Center. Back outside.

15d 12h 31m Reuniclus uses Focus Blast. Feraligatr is down! CLY blacked out!

15d 12h 31m Reuniclus is out!

15d 12h 31m Feraligatr in the red. We use Waterfall, Gothitelle down!

15d 12h 30m Gothitelle uses Thunderbolt!

15d 12h 30m We keep on using Ice Beam. Gothitelle uses Trick Room, twisting the dimensions.

15d 12h 30m Gothitelle is sent out!

15d 12h 30m We use Ice Beam. Beheeyem is down.

15d 12h 29m Feraligatr uses Strength. Beheeyem uses thunderbolt.

15d 12h 29m Feraligatr versus Beheeyem.

15d 12h 28m CLY versus Elite Four Member Caitlin!

15d 12h 27m Caitlin's room is entered.

[Status] Everyone is down except Feraligatr, who is at 78% HP. We have defeated Grimsley and Marshal.

15d 12h 20m We use waterfall after another Ice beam. Bisharp down! Grimsley defeated.

15d 12h 20m We use Ice Beam. Bisharp balloon pops and it uses X-Scissor.

15d 12h 19m Scrafty misses its Hi Jump Kick and faints itself. Out comes Bisharp.

15d 12h 18m Feraligatr is our last Pokémon left.

15d 12h 17m Scrafy finally out speeds us and uses Hi Jump Kick! Zoroark down!

15d 12h 17m We use Night Daze. Scrafty still uses Dragon Dance.

15d 12h 16m Zoroark uses dig! Scrafty still uses Dragon Dance.

15d 12h 16m Zoroark burries its way underground. Scrafty keeps using Dragon Dnace.

15d 12h 16m We try Night Slash. Quad resist. Scrafty uses Dragon Dance.

15d 12h 15m CLY sends in Zoroark. Grimsley sends in Scrafty.

15d 12h 14m Honchkrow goes down to Recoil.

15d 12h 14m Brick Break is used once more, while Honckrow uses Brave Bird. Emboar down!

15d 12h 14m Emboar uses Brick Break, and Houndoom is down! Honchkrow!

15d 12h 13m Thunder fang from Houndoom, and Emboar flinches.

15d 12h 13m Emboar uses Brick Break. Houndoom survives with a focus stash and uses Thunder Fang.

15d 12h 13m Grimsley uses a full restore. We use Heat Crash, which Houndoom is immune to!

15d 12h 13m Emboar is out!

15d 12h 12m Grass Knot doesn't do much. Houndoom uses overheat. Leavanny is down.

15d 12h 12m Leavanny is sent out.

15d 12h 11m Energy Ball again, but it still doesn't do much. One dark pulse, and Sceptile is down!

15d 12h 11m Energy Ball! It's not very effective. Houndoom uses overheat. Sceptile in the red.

15d 12h 11m Houndoom is sent out.

[Fluff] Our beautiful bird fought well this time.

15d 12h 10m We use Energy Ball! Krookodile down!

15d 12h 10m Sceptile is sent out.

15d 12h 10m Stone Edge is used on us! Unfezant is down!

[Stats] Unfezant Lv. 94 - Max. HP 311 Attack 245 Defense 171 Sp. Atk 161 Sp. Def 152 Speed 209

15d 12h 10m Unfezant is level 94! in comes Krookodile.

15d 12h 10m Liepard paralyzes Unfezant. We use Facade to count it, and Liepard is down!

15d 12h 10m Liepard begins with Fake out. Unfezant flinches.

15d 12h 9m Unfezant as 48% Hp versus Liepard.

15d 12h 9m CLY versus Elite Four Member Grimsely!

15d 12h 9m We enter Grimsely's room.

15d 12h 7m Fly hits! Medicham down! Marshal defeated.

15d 12h 7m Medicham is up! We use fly again.

15d 12h 7m Fly! Lucario is down.

15d 12h 6m Unfezant soars! Hi Jump kick misses and damages Lucario.

15d 12h 6m Marshal sends in Lucario.

15d 12h 6m Fly hits! Conkeldurr is down!

15d 12h 6m In comes Conkeldurr. We take to the skies once more, avoiding a Stone Edge.

15d 12h 6m We hit with Fly! Mienshao down!

15d 12h 6m Unfezant flies up high, avoiding a Hi Jump Kick

15d 12h 5m One more Air Slash and Sawk is down! In comes Mienshao!

15d 12h 5m Marshal heals up Sawk and we use Air Slash again, with Sawk surviving due to Sturdy.

15d 12h 5m Unfezant uses Air Slash! Sawk survives with Sturdy and uses Stone Edge. We also survive.

15d 12h 4m Unfezant KOs Throh in one fly! Sawk is up next.

15d 12h 4m Unfezant soars up, avoiding a Stone Edge.

15d 12h 4m Unfezant versus Throh.

15d 12h 4m CLY versus Elite Four Member Marshal!

15d 12h 2m We enter Marshal's room.

15d 12h 0m We enter the gates! Run #52 begins.

15d 11h 58m Out of the Pokémon center.

15d 11h 57m Back in the pokémon center.

15d 11h 57m BLACK OUT!

15d 11h 57m Thunderbolt and Gator fainted!

15d 11h 56m Full Restore was used on Beheeyem!

15d 11h 56m Waterfall brought Beheeyem in the red too!

15d 11h 56m Thunderbolt put Gator in the red!

15d 11h 55m Gator vs. Beheeyem!

15d 11h 55m Challenged Caitlin!

15d 11h 54m Entered Caitlin's tower.

15d 11h 51m In the lobby again.

[Info] Only Gator is left with 51% , the rest fainted.

15d 11h 44m Grimsley defeated!

15d 11h 43m Sucker Punch put gator to half health! Liepard is down to Surf!

15d 11h 43m Thunder wave paralyzed Gator! He can't move!

15d 11h 43m Liepard is sent in!

15d 11h 42m Waterfall and Houndoom fainted!

15d 11h 42m Houndoom in!

15d 11h 42mBisharp down!

15d 11h 42m Waterfall and Bisharp is in the yellow!

15d 11h 40m Sent Gator in!

15d 11h 39m Only Gator is left!

15d 11h 39m Brick Break andWilbur fainted!

15d 11h 38m bisharp is sent in!

15d 11h 38m Krookodile fainted!

15d 11h 38m Earthquake put Wilbur in the yellow!

15d 11h 38m Krookodile is in!

15d 11h 37m honchkrow is down!

15d 11h 37m Honchkrow is out!

15d 11h 37m Wilbut up to lv. 89!

[Stats] Emboar Lv. 89 - Max. HP 325 Attack 298 Defense 121 Sp. Atk 225 Sp. Def 140 Speed 147

15d 11h 37m Brick break brought Scrafty down!

15d 11h 37m Wilbur is sent in!

15d 11h 36m High jump kick put Zoro down!

15d 11h 35m Zoro is at Halfhealth, Scrafty is in!

15d 11h 35m Liepard used U-Turn!

15d 11h 35m Liepard is in the red!

15d 11h 35m Full restore was used on liepard! Zoro used Dig!

15d 11h 34m Night Daze put Liepard in the yellow!

15d 11h 34m We wasted a Full Heal!

15d 11h 33m Zoro was paralyzed before by Thunder Wave!

15d 11h 33m Zoro vs. Liepard!

15d 11h 33m Challenged Grimsley!

15d 11h 32m We entered Grimsley's tower.

[Info] Team statuts : Unfezant ( FNT ) , Zoro 100%, Zenny and Sceptile FNT, Gator and Wilbur 100%

15d 11h 27m Back in the lobby.

15d 11h 25m Marshal defeated!