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Twitch Plays Pokémon X / Arena

[Snark] Good bye to the Pokémon X Updater while you can!


We will see you there! Say good bye to the Pokémon X Updater while you can!

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[Snark] About time.


If you are watching this, you are viewing the WRONG UPDATER! THIS updater will be used for Pokémon Omega Ruby! Join us!

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[Snark] Well then, just mute the audio. Kappa

[Fluff] I have been watching this title screen for the past 4 hours. I think I am going insane with this music stuck in my head.

click me for the live updater for Omega Ruby! We will not be using this in the next hour!

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1 hour left until Pokémon Omega Ruby HYPE!

2 hours left!

3 hours left until Pokémon Omega Ruby HYPE!

[Meta] TwitchSpeaks Pre-Game show is starting now!

4 Hours left to go until Pokémon Omega Ruby HYPE!

[Meta] While Pokémon Omega Ruby starts in 5 hours, TwitchSpeaks is going to be holding a Pre-Game party in 1 hour from now. That's 4 hours before the actual game starts tonight. So, come on in and hang out if you're interested.

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from Anonymously large name: This is a note testing the maximum length that notes can possibly be to do this it goes on for awhile in order to use up the 200 character limit for tip notes, still more characters to use up, ok done

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Raise your Groudongers! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream back up! We're still on Omega Ruby.

[Snark] Riot? What is that? Just raise your arms and hope you get noticed. Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down!

[Donation] $1.00 USD donation from ShinySapphire: Alpha Sapphire > Omega Ruby *Grabs even more popcorn* TriHard

[Donation] $1.00 USD donation from FF: Kenyaaaaaaaaaa! After months, we've come back for you!

[Fluff] Donations still work.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: is the donation overlay still working?


[OR] We picked English, and are watching the intro.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm drowning in water KappaHD

[OR] We're in the language select, but the code is showing!

[Snark] Looks like Streamer just cast his vote for our character's name.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: a

By which I mean the title card. Not even in the game.


[Chat] Kyuremtrainer: OMG WII U EVOLVED INTO 3DS

Now we are on 3DS.

We are on the Wii U menu.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I made a dump of the match and betting history of Stadium 2: https://mega.co.nz/#!hwc31Jzb!2L2qolqGnjbKzmnTz3USI9FTq0bxZsJXtSo8odqav4Q

[SSB4] WE UNLOCKED ROB! Well, Deku did for us, but it's the thought that counts.

[SSB4] Okay, now we just flat out beat Deku in stats. Both of us got creamed by the CPUs.

[SSB4] We tied Deku? Anyways, another ROB encounter go!

[SSB4] We are now playing some Team Battles offline, but we also have a player 2, who I assume is Deku, and an Amiibo character on the field.

[SSB4] We just got Mr. Game and Watch, and got Duck Hunt Dog a while ago. Now we are facing ROB.

[SSB4] We are currently jamming out to some Sanic music on the Lost World stage.

[SSB4] We got Dark Pit! (Around 10 minutes ago)

[SSB4] On the character select screen! ...As expected.

[SSB4] Looks like we're having a start9 riot for some reason.

Just a little FYI: Pokemon Omega Ruby starts in 19 hours, 20 minutes.

[SSB4] Okay we have picture/audio now!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[SSB4] No device...

[SSB4] Apparently, there seems to be some Audio/Video desync going on now.

[SSB4] I like how you can choose to play in regular stages with disasters, or play in a flat, final destination type map for each stage design without all the disasters in the way.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I liked to raise my donger, ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I did it all the time. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ And every time it lowered, ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I'd cry and start to whine. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Since dongers are now banned, ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I'll RIOT all day long. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ A donger earned is a donger saved, ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ so sing the RIOT song. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[SSB4] Just as I said that, Captain Falcon had won the match!

[Fluff] Obligatory "FALCON, PUNCH!"

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: by the way, spam b at character selection screen will get you out

[Fluff] Just not necessarily good AT playing online.

[Fluff] Don't worry, we're still good for playing online.


[Context] "Twitch_Plays_3DS: I'm going to bed so you're on your own now. Try not to get me banned for too long "

[Streamer] @Twitchplayspokemon as usual feel free to put the back up stream on if this one goes off line for more than half an hour

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: up/down/left/right for left stick, cup/cdown, etc for right stick, dup/ddown, etc for d-pad

[SSB4] We are now playing Online. HYPE!

[SSB4] Welp, that was Smash Tour.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Mr saturn PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: how to unlock characters in smash Wii U? still doing matches?

[SSB4] Okay, we got last this time.



[SSB4] ...we won the impromptu Smash. HOW!?!?

[SSB4] We started Smash Tour!

[SSB4] The menus were playing SSB Melee's theme. That takes me back.

[SSB4] Link (us) vs. Link (Deku)

[SSB4] Looks like we also get Ganondorf at the start, as well as Jigglypuff. Anyone else I missed?

[SSB4] So we get Bowser Jr. from the start. Unlike the 3DS version, where we had to unlock him.


[SSB4] We already got a milestone for starting the game.

[Fluff] NMario, we obviously loaded up Smash 64 on the Wii Virtual Console. Kappa

[Fluff] Like if it wasn't obvious enough. Kappa

[SSB4] We are now playing Super Smash Bros for Wii U


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OK

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds shows "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" here

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds yes, but I needed to refresh

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon I changed it to ssb but is still says bayonetta for me even after refreshing

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon did you see the channel game title change?

Now going on for Smash Bros for Wii U. It's preparing updates.

We quit Bayonetta.

[Snark] He got disbanded from TPP Players. Kappa.

[Bayonetta] Now we died because we didn't press B. Where's Jorsun when we need him?

[Bayonetta] QTE passed! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] "a lot." indeed. Kappa

[Snark] Let's just say "a lot."

[Bayonetta] ...make that 3.

[Bayonetta] We've been doing fine, but here comes a quick-time event. 2 deaths so far.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U starts in 15 min. BTW.

[Fluff] I guess we're just stalling now for until the midnight eShop releases of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Pokémon ORAS. Kappa

Next game is: Bayonetta

Okay, so we exited Super Mario 3D World.

[SM3DW] We completed the stage, and Peach came in 1st place! And we saved!

[SM3DW] We choose stage 1-4 this time.

[SM3DW] And so did Peach, GAME OVER.

[SM3DW] Mario just ran out of lives. (;_;)

[Fluff] "It's-ah me! MARIO!"

[SM3DW] And we choose Mario this time!

[SM3DW] Exited stage 1-2, and now on to stage 1-5.

[Donation] $1.00 USD donation from Catz: http://www.deviantart.com/art/A-Morning-Kitty-213667475

[SM3DW] I believe We are controlling Toad, and Peach has joined us!

Now playing: Super Mario 3D Worlds.

[Snark] Master Pie Quadforce, fighting for AARDVARK RIGHTS

[Miiverse] Our final, submitted post: "c masterpieqqquadforcet@@!aardvarkrightqqi"

[Donation] $1.00 USD donation from Cancer: My friend Ebola told me to come

[Fluff] Typing Noises Kappa


[Miiverse] We had previously: c (newline) masterpieceqwwwwwwquitist

[Snark] Looks like we're creating a "masterpiece"

[Miiverse] Back in the posting screen.

[Miiverse] We're trying to make a post. We've gotten several consecutive lowercase 'd's, followed by nonsense, but exited out of the posting screen.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish

[Miiverse] We have received a notice from the Miiverse administrators! Let's see here: *ahem* "Your post contained inappropriate or harmful content, so it was removed. For information on the proper use of Miiverse, please see Miiverse Code of Conduct. Continued violations may result in restrictions on your use of Miiverse."

Started Miiverse!

Pikmin 3 has been exited!

Meanwhile, Pokémon ORAS Starts in 23 Hours!

Reminder: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to be played in 1 Hour HYPE!

[Snark] Apparently we've been reading it wrong the whole time: this is Twitch Plays Pikmin.

[Pkmn3] Dat, WHISTLE!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: up

[Snark] PNF-404 stands for "Planet Not Found - 404"

[Snark] Nintendo doesn't care about fonts. Kappa

[Fluff] Is it just me, or does almost every 3DS and Wii U game use the same font?

[Donation] $1.00 donation from Ebola: If u read dis u have Ebola now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Kappa (right after the announcer in-game mentions Koppai)

Now we're playing Pikmin 3!

System Settings hype!

Something else for 1 hour, 30 min until Smash Bros.? Okay then. Kappa

We quit Earthbound!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Alright, guys, time for something else

[EB] We beat the Starman.


[EB] We run into a Starman Jr. (iirc)


[Snark] Buzz Buzz? What an original name for a bee! Kappa

[EB] Also, forgot the Bee's name was Buzz Buzz. Considering how he's with us for like 10 minutes, I could see why. (Buzz Buzz joined our party)

[Streamer] Deku has too much Zelda still in him. WE NEED TO PUMP IT OUT!

[EB] It tells us about Gigyas basically destroying everything in a few years. Hooray for the future! Kappa

[EB] We meet the Future Bee

[Snark] Don't test me with these mind-games.Kappa

[Snark] Picky? Don't you mean, Pokey? or IS it Picky? Kappa

[EB] Picky joins our party!

[EB] We're almost at the meteor!

[EB] We're making some progress, luckily we haven't run into a problem.

[EB/Snark] "No Problem here." Kappa

[EB] LEVEL 3!!!

[EB] Dad called. Is he the new Joey? Kappa

[EB] Also we revived and left the house again.

[Chat] Will O is in spotlight hell.

[EB] Game Over! ;_;

[EB] Offense went up by 1, HP by 3, we learned Lifeup Alpha

[EB] There's a green snake on the screen. Wait, never mind, the chat says it's a shiny Ekans.

[EB] LEVEL 2!!!


[EB] Also Pokey is doing a horrible wonderful job fighting. Kappa


[EB] Our first battle we get back-attacked! It's against a very Spiteful Crow.

[EB] We're outside!

[Streamer] FrankerZ = Bab M (no space)

...Our Dog joined our party!

[Snark] Clearly the only person who can WAHAHA is Wattson. Our dad totally isn't anyone else. Kappa

[EB] We picked up the phone and got $30 from our Dad. #MadCash

[EB] Pokey joined us!

Just a little reminder: We will be playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in 3 hours.

[EB] WE GOT CHANGED! Now we can go out of our house!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: what happened to that guys eye danScare

[EB] There's someone knocking on the door, and they just won't stop.

[Snark] "Wii U" Kappa

[Meta] I apologize for that. My brother got on my computer without my permission.

Here's everything we typed.

[EB] Our favorite food is PGGG.

[EB] We just named a guy "KatEE". Wasn't even a Dragonite.

[EB] We name our Ness "Will0"

Next Game is Earthbound now.

[Fluff] Right as I say/post things, a new game is changed.....

[KA] We seem to be having trouble entering doors to the next stage.

New game: Kirby's Adventure. Fun fact: initially I made a typo and typed "Nes game" instead of "New game", but that's accurate as well.

[Fluff] "Teeteeteeteeteeteeteepeepeeteeteeteeteeteeteeqeeqeeqeeqeeqeemeemeemeemekeekeekeekee". That's the sound FX in this game.

Next game: Balloon Fight!

Game exited! Apparently we have a new friend request.

[Snark] And just like any other racing game, we fail at it. Kappa

Next game is F-Zero.

Back to the menu! (Our bikes are safe!)

We're now playing Punch-Out! I have a feeling as if my bike is in danger...

Back to the Wii U Menu!

[SM] Not this time, apparently.

[Snark] Don't worry guys, the streamer has always extended the time limit if we don't finish in time!

We have a minute to escape the colony...no, more like 30 seconds. Good luck everyone!

Looks like we're now playing Super Metroid on Virtual Console.

Streamer has ended Hyrule Warriors! We are now playing.......well, I don't know yet.

[HW] Progress Quote from Pioxys: "we passed him and got to a part where we needed to get the chest to unlock bombs. problem is theres a timer to destroy the rocks guarding the path and if we lose we have to get the chest all over again which takes like 10 - 20 minutes. so that keept going on till we i guess now just hit restart from the beginning"

[HW] Progress Quote from s_SoNick: "We fought some Volga guy last night and then we restarted and we haven't gotten back up to him?"

[HW/Fluff] Are we starting new games? I feel like we've been here before, time and time again.

[HW] Link has finally found a treasure chest, and it contained some bombs!

[HW] Link hasn't fought any enemies, or had any real action in a long while now. He's just wandering around the castle fields. Is he lost?

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BRING BACK STADIUM OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[HW] So, Volga Retreated. I guess the mission was 'slightly' successful in a manner of speaking.

[Hw] And we just went backwards into battling more Dark Forces.

[HW] Time to fight Volga!

[Fluff] Why, Hello there Mars, Bringer of War.

We're now playing Hyrule Warriors!

So, we gave up on poor young Link, and closed out of Zelda: Wind Waker. Switching to another game perhaps?

[Fluff] We really like making Link drown a lot. Because of that, we just got a Game Over. So..... Back outside for more swimming lessons?

We switched out games! Now we're playing Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker!

[Snark] We're so bad, we placed 12th place.... IN LEGEND OF ZELDA! Kappa

[MK8] We're playing as Baby Mario, and are getting constantly lapped. :P

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[MK8] Internet borked!


[MK8] Back in it, DLC installed, ready to go!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: it only accepts gamepad control now





[SM3W] Finished 1-3!

[SM3W] Deku threw us into the star. lol


[SM3W] Game over!

[SM3W] Btw, we're on 1-2.

[SM3W] Welp that's Deku's first death.

[Stadium]Here's the final leader board for stadium: http://i.imgur.com/7R1P2OH.jpg

[SM3W] Deku's playing with us!

[Snark] What a twist!

We died

[SM3W] We enter World 1-1!

[Chat] Dem Graphics

Our First WiiU Game is Super Mario 3D World!

We're playing Super Mario 3D World!!!

"Omega Ruby starts in 1d 23:46:30"

Never mind, we're on WII U!!!


[Snark] 7.8/10. Too many Pioxys x Starmie OTPs

And that it for Stadium 2

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> PraiseIt (Helix Fossil Emote)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: please look forward to PBR scheduled to commence after Omega Ruby

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: please look forward to PBR scheduled to commence after Omega Ruby

[Stadium] Final scores coming up!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thank you everyone for playing Twitch Plays Pokemon Stadium 2

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Wii U starts after leaderboard

final leaderboard!

[Stadium] Goodbye Stadium 2. We'll miss you. ;_;

that's all from stadium folks. It's been fun!





Earthquake from phanmpy, hits!

Smokescreen from typhlosion!

Typhlosion out!


Azumarill hurts itself, faints!

Followed by an earthquake!

More confusion!

Azumarill confused! Hit itself!

Phanpy with earthquake, M4 with waterfall, misses!


Azumarill uses waterfall



Phampy with double edge!

phampy continues to swagger!

TIMER HAS HIT zero, match continues!

phanpy with swagger!

10 seconds!


flash misses!

Phanpy continues to doubleteam!

another flash, another miss from zapdos!

panphy uses doubleteam!

Zapdos with flash, miss!

Zapdos with rocksmash, doubleteam for phanpy

Zapdos hits, OHKO's, phanpy out!

rattata uses shadowball! hits!

Zapdos uses thunder, misses!

rattata out!

zapdos uses thunder! psyduck down!

[Stadium] Final battle! Zapdos, Typhlosion, Azumarill vs. Phanpy, Psyduck, Rattata! Odds are 2.98:1, $560,657 $188,043!

[Stadium]Coming up, we have Zapdos, typhlosion azumarill, vs phanpy, rattata, and psyduck

[Stadium] We just witness an almost 9M game. The teams? Metapod, Kakuna, and Weedle vs. Starmie, Aerodactyl, and Umbreon.

[Stadium] Last Leaderboard.

[Stadium] We've been back for a bit, but now we're frozen again.

[Twitch] "Hold your Kappas tight, we are working to bring back chat! AC"

[Snark] Kappa

[Chat] Is still down tho

Pokémon Stadium 2 is now back online!

[Stadium] Twitch chat is down, and the stream is broken!

[Fluff] If you haven't checked the stream recently, we have a timer that's counting down until when we say goodbye to Stadium and hello to the world of Wii U. It'll be in around 27 hours at this point.

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> I like how top betters in blue aren't even trying

[Snark] OTP OTP

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> @Twitchplayspokemon

<twitchplayspokemon> @twitch_plays_3ds hi

<twitch_plays_3ds> @Twitchplayspokemon private room

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: this is the second to last day for stadium

Pokémon Stadium 2 is now back online!

We're broken, btw.

Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire in less than 1 week away! GET HYPED!

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by DuplexBeGreat, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Stadium] 120 turns later and team Wobbuffet wins!

[Stadium] Kakuna got Magikarp down to 45HP before being downed.

[Stadium] KAKUNA HAS FINALLY BEEN DEFEATED! Now Magikarp vs. Metagod. It's already turn 51.

[Stadium] Metapod is taking the lead. A HOT BATTLE IS UNFOLDING!

[Chat] The struggle is real


[Stadium] Next up: Entei-Magikarp-Kakuna vs Metapod-Ditto-Wobbuffet.

[Stadium] Back to normal randomized teams.

[Stadium] Streamer is currently setting custom teams in Stadium. Just had a Tyrogue-Magikarp-Kakuna vs Metapod-Ditto-Suicune battle

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: as of 12 hours ago donations are functional again, please consider donating to support the purchase of TPP's new server for PBR and future runs: https://streamtip.com/t/twitchplayspokemon

[Fluff] Btw, in the last few hours, the Stream went down twice, but only temporarily. Everything is good now.

Also, 9d 1h 38m Until OR/AS!

[Stadium] Weezing had the opportunity for a KAPOW, but just didn't pull through. It seems like it actually wanted to win the match. Kappa

[Stadium] Turns out it wasn't was. (Forgot how I worded my last update.)

[Stadium] Everyone seems to have decided betting on Entei isn't a bad idea after all.

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by Iriomote14, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Stadium] The overlay thinks we are fighting. Boy, is it wrong!

[Stadium] The parser is still accepting bets, but the Pokemon to be selected are remaining as silhouettes.

[Stadium] Guess what? The stream is stuck on a menu again!

[Chat] BEXXXXXXX: I'm snorting Sharpie, I feel like I'm in middle school again

[Stadium] Pokémon Stadium has returned!

[Stadium] Screen just turned black!

[Stadium][Fluff] Well, looks like it's going to stay on the menu until streamer comes back online to fix the problem. Not like it can be fixed by anyone else sooner than that.

[Stadium] Stadium has been stuck on the End Battle Menu for about 3.5 hours now.

[Stadium] Flareon just beat Pidgeotto for the match with the power of Smog and Bex Luck!

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by Poksonkirmar, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Meta] Twitch Corrupts Pokemon is now running on /u/pigdevil2010's channel!

[Meta] /u/pigdevil2010 is doing a Halloween special over at his channel right now! Currently we're playing Pokemon Red TPP Edition; Twitch Corrupts Pokemon is next. Here's the channel.

[Chat] Spindaftw: Toast is toasty confirmed Kappa

[Streamer] TwilightWarrior: @Twitchplayspokemon Hey, I have a fresh, never before used ORAS demo code. Would you put it on stream if I gave it to you?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @twilightwarrior we've already played ORAS demo

[Chat] Deku's body is ready Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: @Twitchplayspokemon I'm ready

[Chat] poke_presence: It really is a date Kappa

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds I don't see it

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: @Twitchplayspokemon I sent you an invite to a private twitch group chat

It was directed more to Flarns strike through Post. So this conversation shouldn't exist. Kappa

@NMario84 What was your first clue?

[Fluff] I think it's safe to say that since last night, the Pokémon ORAS Demo is finally over, everything has returned back to normal, including TPP with Stadium 2 betting going on once again! Kappa

[Meta] Twitch Plays Smash Bros Brawl is running right now on TwitchSpeaks's channel!

[Streamer] yoshimitsu126: you can use level 9 computers

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @yoshimitsu126 I don't think CPU Smash battles are fun to watch for very long

[Streamer]TwitchPlaysPokemon: @mencee before Omega Ruby

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the noninteractive PBR test broadcast will take place on another channel

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm looking forward to when Stadium 2 is over

[Streamer] @twitchplayspokemon good point, goes to show what stuck with you about our runs

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @ep1cnights what do you mean "our" you weren't around then

[Streamer] @twitchplayspokemon did you remember it because it froze for 7 hours?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @ep1cnights so did Red

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Diamond was the one I played from that generation

[Meta] Were you hoping to see more Smash? TwitchSpeaks will have you covered soon.

[Streamer] Discord211 @Twitchplayspokemon What gave you the idea of TPP, and did you expect it to get as big as it did?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @discord211 pretty much every blog that interviewed me asked that question, go read their articles

[Streamer] TwilightWarrior: @Twitchplayspokemon Any way to get a jukebox for all the music that plays? Maybe a bot you can ask, like with balance

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @twilightwarrior eventually I'd like to add a feature that allows people in chat to move songs up the queue but there's more pressing things to work on first

[Streamer] SinR2014: Twitchplayspokemon it might be too much to ask, but can we get Catz song next betting sequence?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @sinr2014 I don't have control over that

[Stadium] Streamer's balance is actually visible on the leaderboard right now; he's #116. And I'm #29

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: !balance

TPPbankbot: @Twitchplayspokemon your balance is 1074

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> it's been longer than an hour since the last leaderboard

More like Leaderbored.

Leaderboard PogChamp

Pokémon Stadium 2 is now back online!

Why are we back here? Waste of an updater. Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Welcome back everyone! Did you enjoy your stay?

[Fluff] RIP what? I'm still here. Kappa

[Fluff] RIP in Kappas.

[Fluff] RIP NMario84 BibleThump Kappa

[Fluff] Nobody will read this message. But apparently, some live updaters are unable to make a live update post in the ORAS Demo updater due to a transparent, slightly invisible [make update] button, including me.

[Snark] I think Flarn is just trolling the link now. He posted it once before.

[Snark] And that new updater is here, since nobody's posted the link until now.

Link to Demo Updater Archive

Well, as the Pokemon ORAS Demo is starting very soon, looks like we will be losing this updater page in favor of the Pokemon ORAS updater. It's been a real nice time updating over here! But It's time for everyone to move on over to the new page!

v Deadinsky66 already posted that reminder. Kappa

[Meta] Just a reminder, there is a new updater for the OR/AS demo. You can find it here: http://www.reddit.com/live/trttx20cuaad

Link to Demo Updater Archive

English is the chosen Language


We load up the Demo

Reminder: OR/AS Demo Updater is here

Link to Demo Updater Archive


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon of course

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds remember to restart the stream 30min or so before it starts so an email notification is sent out and to split the video archive

Stream back up, sorry, forgot to post. Demo is downloading!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: downloading hype baubles

Stream down. Not very fitting music for a ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ.

[Snark] Both.

[Snark] Wait, you mean a character as in a letter and whatnot, or as in a protagonist?

[eShop] Now it only says "a" in the code box. You're supposed to type a code here, not name a character!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish


[eShop] Current code entered: a90-0000--009-99

[eShop] We're trying to enter in a code. It's not working so well. :P

Also, demo in less than one hour!

[Eshop] We're in the Eshop!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !disable home

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !cmd a

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Alright let's me test something

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !cmd x

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !cmd home

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !enable home

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !pause


[Smash] Link is at Master Hand.

[Smash] Death by Cheese

[Smash] and we ded



[Smash] Master Hand! How's it going?

[Smash] Yoshi!

[Smash] We quit.

[Smash] At MH with Pit.

[Smash] Death by lazers

[Fluff] I just really like saying Cheese every-time we die to it.

[Smash] CHEESE!

[Smash] We've reached Master Hand as Zelda

[Snark] Too cheesy for us

[Smash] We quit. Hizzah!

[Smash] Well, we didn't die from cheese that time


[Smash] Killed by the cheese again

[Smash] At MH with Samus.




ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Inputs dead

[Hype] 3 HOURS!!!

[Snark] When aren't we killed by the cheese in that stage? When we kill ourselves...

[Smash] Killed by the cheese

[Smash] We lost, and quit.

[Smash] Also we're at Master Hand again!

[Fluff] Also, apparently we won as Peach, but no one posted it in the updated, as far as I can tell. So, ya, we did.

[Smash] We be fighting for our friends as Ike. Against Wario currently

[Smash] Now we're ROB.

[Smash] We were 12 HP away from doing it first try.

[Smash] We're already at Master Hand again.

[Smash] Lucario, who is a Steel/Fighting Type, is currently facing us in its metal form...

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I didn't know Ike was in Starfox PogChamp

[Smash] We try again with Mr. Moustache.


[Smash] Now we are there with Zero Suit Samus.


[Smash] We a Weegee, Numba 1!

[Smash] At Master Hand with Fox.

[Smash] Just chilling around as Meta Knight.

[Smash] We restarted as Mario.


[Smash] At Master Hand.

[Smash] We beat Captain Falcon in literally less than two seconds.

[Smash] Currently trying it as Lucario.

[Smash] We quit.

[Smash] We are currently fighting Master Hand as Yoshi.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: they should make another Advance Wars, and it has to be in that weird jovial tone of the first 3 and not that serious and dark tone of the last one

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Gameboy songs other than Red are pretty much impossible unless I can split the tracks out somehow like with Red

[Streamer] 100club: @Twitchplayspokemon add some telefang songs too SwiftRage

Twitchplayspokemon: @100club I don't have loose files for telefang so I can reference specific tracks, someone managed to split up Red's soundtrack into separate files for me but I don't know who

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: so now that Super Smash Bros has been played that means it's fine if I add songs from its soundtrack to PBR's playlist, right?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Star Fox by Chris Roberts would be pretty crazy, too

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I wish Platinum Games would make a Star Fox

[Streamer] Boltingslash: @Twitchplayspokemon I subbed, so there will be emotes for tpp in the future?

Twitchplayspokemon: @boltingslash yes, during Red

(Just a reconfirmation)

[Fluff] Also, some Streamer quotes from the past:

[Smash] And now as Yoshi!

[Smash] We restarted.... as Jiggles.

[Fluff] Also, because apparently nobody updated this for 12 hours, we beat Master Hand with Bowser like 3 hours ago.

[Smash] About to do Master Hand with Jiggles.

[Smash] Playing Online again.

[Smash] Spectating and betting now. Like stadium! Chat erupts in !bet xxx

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: got banned because we broke the meta

[Smash] Aaaaand we are banned for 20 more minutes

[Smash] Streamer has taken wheel and we are starting a for glory online match


[Smash] We are about to take on Master Hand again as Dr. Mario on 0.0 difficulty again

[Chat] WE DID IT insert anything here

[Fluff/Snark] Seriously, a victory riot at difficulty 0.0? Try Difficulty level 9.0 Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Smash] now at 7HP

[Smash] now at 14HP

[Smash] Master hand at 44HP

[Smash] We are at Master Hand with Ganondorf at difficulty 0.0

Inputs back up!

We have 54 viewers according to the broken view count

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> give me a second

Stream back up. Inputs still down.

Stream Online

Stream Offline

Stream goes down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Commands are Down

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> I can't connect to IRC

[Smash] We are now Falco playing on difficulty 0.0

[Smash] We quit. Hooray!

[Smash] Bowser Jr. tried to KO us with a star, but ended up KOing Sonic, winning it for us.

[Smash] and we exit in shame and briefly restart with Mario at 0.0

[Smash] 0-7 now on this stage

[Smash] So close to winning that battle but no cigar

[Smash] 0-5 on this stage

[Smash] 0-4 right now in this stage

Lol nope

[Snark] Third time's the charm?

[Smash] Twice now

[Smash] We lost... on 0.0

[Streamer] <flarn2006> @Twitchplayspokemon Is there any way you can edit the modbot so it just blocks the message from being sent rather than timing people out? That would work much better.

twitchplayspokemon> @flarn2006 nope, I don't run the chat server

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> modbot can detect copypastas

[Smash] We enter Classic Mode with Mario at difficulty 0.0

[Smash] and we exit without beating Master Hand. rip

[Smash] After many losses, we quit.

[Snark] Dying gets a Mega before Flygon

[Smash] Also, we keep Mega-Dying with Mega Man.

[Fluff] Hype? HYPE!!!

Less than 24hr until we begin the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Demo!

[Smash] We be Master-handing with Mega Man.

[Smash] We made it to Master Hand in Classic Mode with Jiggles, but then restarted it with Mega Man.

[Smash] Inputs are working again.

[Smash] Inputs are frozen. Yoshi decides to pass the time by dancing. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: tip the what? PogChamp

Commands now registering


Stream Online!

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> I tried other servers, they don't work as well

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Good thing is that the chat seems to be working again

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> I have asked streamer to put stadium back on, I hope he's working on it.

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> I'm not able to start streaming from my location

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> My roulette server is down as well

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STADIUM OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I looked at a couple of other channels, some are fine some are offline

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: @Twitchplayspokemon try to put stadium back?

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TAX NKEKEV ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> It looks like a lot of messages are not showing up, that's why the chat is so slow

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> @Twitchplayspokemon does yours work?

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Network crash huh? Figures.... They did maintenance yesterday if I recall. Guess something messed up somewhere.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: anyone can hear me?

[Info] https://twitter.com/TwitchSupport/status/525440177087737856 - Twitch is having some issues.

[Info] CORRECTION: Twitch is down for maintenance, or the entire network has crashed.

[Streamer] "It's not just me? I can't connect to chat or start stream either. Please let the streamer know to put stadium back on if he can, I'm not sure if it's me or the entire twitch."

TPP is currently down!

[Smash] And, just like that we're back to Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Exited Animal Crossing New Leaf.

[ACNL] and we hit 1 AM in our town

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> something is wrong with my chat

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> ? did anyone see my previous message

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> You know what, how about this:

[ACNL] Our inventory is filled with flowers apparently

[ACNL] Club LOL should be open

[ACNL] Its 12:44 AM on the 3DS.

[ACNL] We took a picture!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I changed the game title

[ACNL] Hola Resetti!

[ACNL] Apparently we are in 2015. Chat seems to like BTTF references.

Now Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf <3


Currently on the 3DS menu screen.

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> Alright what else?

and we leave Youtube. rip


[Streamer] twitch_plays_3ds> that is a issue

[Snark] FailFish - Twitch_Plays_3DS, 2014

[Snark] And this is why Google didn't buyout Twitch. We couldn't navigate their own 3DS Youtube app.

ty - TPP 2014

feu:fnu,s - TPP 2014

[YouTube] and we keep reloading the same video.

[Snark] What about the second one? What did it say?

[YouTube] "firstspfoosaidpic" - TPP 2014

[YouTube] We are trying to watch something or trying to look for something...

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: ready?


[Snark] Safesearch Off. Kappa (Hopefully)

This might not end good...

[Store] "Thank You."


We hit the E-Shop!


[Info] Seems we might have a game change

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: let me try something else

[Streamer] twitch_plays_3ds> Too much for 1 day though..

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> Fire Emblem with democracy mode would be nice

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> maybe we can try something else?

<twitch_plays_3ds> I don't know, we still have a day to fill

[Fluff] Iz good song to get stuck in your head.

[Fluff] Thanks to Streamer, I now have the music Stage 1 of Touhou 6 in my head and I can't get it out SwiftRage

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I watched the Smash Bros. Direct but I was planning on getting the Wii U version anyway

[Streamer] <poochyexe> @Twitchplayspokemon Do you have any of the CAVE PCBs?

<twitchplayspokemon> @poochyexe no, but I've been thinking about it

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> yes, I like cave story

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> it's impressive that it's all done by one person

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> CAVE spoiled me for quality I guess

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I tried to like Touhou but couldn't get into it

[Fluff] Streamer confirmed to be 30 years old or more Kappa

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> it wasn't until Half-Life and Quake 2 where I started using the mouse

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> when I first started playing shooters it was keyboard, no mouse

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> playing something like CoD or Battlefield with a controller is intolerable to me

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I don't like playing shooters with a controller unless they were designed specifically for that controller (Halo, Vanquish and stealth shooters like MGS)

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> Microsoft's exclusivity deal with CAVE forced me to buy an Xbox 360

[Streamer] gamebrojeremy> So streamer sempai likes FPS? Kappa

<twitchplayspokemon> @GameBroJeremy, no, shmups

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> my TV only has two HDMI ports and one is taken up by my PC, so I use the Nintendo HDMI cable for all my consoles, even my Xbox 360

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I used the Nintendo branded HDMI cable to connect my PS3 to my TV, guess it's going back to the Wii U


[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't mean button spam, I mean chat spam

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm turning the modbot's spam detector back on

[Info] Just a little reminder. While TPP is playing Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Nintendo is having a live stream of 50-Fact Extravaganza for Super Smash Bros Wii U version 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET, lasting approx. 35 minutes in length.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I think my modbot is better than Nintendo's

[Smash] Now we're doing some offline play.

[Smash] Apparently we got banned for 20 minutes.

[Smash] We somehow got ourselves into a For Glory match.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: How did we unlock stages? danScare

[Smash] In some 2v1 stock matches. Well, more like 1v1, because our teammate usually has to carry us.

[Smash] We're playing some smash matches with all 3 possible computers. We won one time with Villager.

[Smash] Created a Room for our Friend's list to join in.

[Smash] In Smash Run.

[Smash] Playing some matches on For Fun!

[Smash] We're just doing some random team matches.

[Smash] We witness none other then Misty charging Palutena and Bowser Jr. She's coming for us!

[Smash] Kuno challenges us using a Mii. This mii seems to have a Gray Face.

[Smash] We added a Computer to our Friend's Lobby. Kuno is currently gathering some Miis.

[Smash] Kuno appears to us as a Swimsuit Shulk, talking about how much he is feeling praising Helix.

[Smash] In a Friend's Match with Kuno!

[Smash] Exiting the Character Select Screen has taken over the ledge position from Bowser Jr, as one input can mess up our entire attempt.

[Smash] Looking at the Streetsmash menus. Our current Token is Diddy Kong.

[Smash] We're on the character select screen. Apparently we're trying to exit the menu.

[Smash] It was a FFA with Wario.

[Smash] We just won a game!

[Fluff] The hivemind really works together when they want to quit after losing many, many times. If only they would put that teamwork into doing the opposite.

[Smash] No longer playing story mode. Just Solo FFA.

[Smash] We died, said "No" to a continue. Currently on the title screen.

[Smash] Back to the start. We are now using Zero suit Samus.

[Smash] We lost for the final time, and said "no" to the continue.

[Smash] Lost again. Used another continue.

[Smash] We lost, but we used a continue.

[Smash] Back at Master Hand, this time with Ganondorf!

[Smash] We're one stage away from Master Hand again.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Actual teammork PogChamp

[Smash] We have started another round of Classic with Ganondorf.

[Smash] And that is our third loss. Will we continue? No! And that is the end.

[Smash] We have been defeated a second time! We hit continue twice.

[Smash] We got defeated by Master Hand and decided to continue!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: strats PogChamp

[Smash] We have got to Master Hand for the second time as Dark Pit!

[Smash] We're currently up to Stage 5 of Classic.

[Streamer] PogChamp Twitch_Plays_3DS: dat skill

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: 0.7 difficulty too op

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: It worked out much better

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I though we're just going to fall off constantly

[Smash] Starting Classic!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Have you ever wondered how much money was lost by people betting on us?

[Smash] We're currently spectating online.

[Smash] Twitch_Plays_3DS: FailFish

[Smash] 9

Unlocked Ness with Mr. Game & Watch! EVERY FIGHTER UNLOCKED!

[Smash] 99 minute match hype!
[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: PogChamp

[Smash] 3... 2... 1... Launch! Rosalina Blast Off! RIP attempt 2.

[Smash] Failure...

[Smash] This is our final unlock!

[Smash] A challenger approaches... Ness!

[Smash] That ain't Falc- Oh wait, hyes it is. Unlocked Falco!

[Smash] After a long battle, we teleported off of the stage as Zelda.

[Smash] We rolled off of the stage as Yoshi. There goes the first attempt!

[Smash] A challenger approaches! Falco!

[Smash] Twitch_plays_3ds fixed the timer. No more 98 minute matches!

[Smash] Unlocked the WarioWare Inc. stage!

[Smash] We unlocked Wario using Luigi!

[Chat] Jirachi_Sauce: This smash is now in slow mode. You may spam start every 98 minutes.

[Smash] Mario casually walked off of the side of the stage. Attempt 9 is a failure.

[Smash] Attempt 8 failed in standard Bowser fashion.

[Smash] We sent the time limit to 98 minutes! Looks like we need to use the menu to quit now.

[Smash] Jigglypuff sings her last words as she falls off of the stage to end our seventh attempt.

[Recap] Yoshi hopped into an egg and rolled off the stage. It's amazing how we can go from competent play to suicide so fast.

[Smash] We escaped! Wario appeared after leaving the room, but attempt 6 was a failure.

[Smash] Twitch is having issues trying to get out of group mode because it requires tons of Bs and an A to confirm leaving the room.

[Smash] We attempted to unlock Wario on local wireless, but it didn't work.

[Smash] And off the side we go. Attempt 5 was a failure.

[Smash] We ground pounded off of the stage as Yoshi in order to fail our fourth attempt.

[Smash] Game! Attempt 2 was a failure.

[Recap] Yoshi took a look at Wario and promptly jumped off the stage. It was probably the smell of garlic that got to him.

[Smash] Well, there goes that.

[Smash] A new challenger is approaching! Wario!

[Fluff] Link's too busy taking selfies to fight Lucina.

[Smash] Unlocked Lucina on attempt 9 using Link!

[Smash] Attempt 8 failed. The recent attempts have been as Little Mac. I will stop updating on every attempt after 10.

[Smash] We won a local match with Little Mac!

[Smash] We have failed attempt 7 rather quickly.

Make that attempt number 6, sorry.

[Smash] DK down to Lucina in attempt number 8.

[Smash] We falcon-punched off of the side. Failure.

[Smash] Our fourth attempt to unlock Lucina was a failure.

[Smash] Inputs are fixed!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: PogChamp again?

[Smash] Inputs have frozen!

[Smash] Attempt #3 to defeat Lucina was a failure. We got off of the stage in record time!

[Smash] We got Lucina to 87% and fell off the stage.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> there's so many anime characters in Smash now

[Smash] Attempt 1 to defeat Lucina is a failure!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> not an appealing colour

[Smash] A new challenger approaches! Lucina!

[Recap] ROB followed off the stage; he died first. #smashboardsstrats

[Smash] A new challenger approaches! R.O.B.!
Unlocked R.O.B.!

[Smash] Did you miss it? Here is what happened!
The right size of the stage was covered in frozen spikes. Both TPP(Mario) and Ganondorf got hit, but Ganondorf was KO'd from the knockback first after some bouncing on the spikes.

[Smash] Unlocked Ganondorf!

[Smash] Sheik runs away from Ganon and off the stage in out 6th attempt. Guess she didn't want to get kidnapped.

[Smash] Ganon attempt 5 failed. Guess Shulk wasn't really feeling it.

[Chat] I'm really feeling it!

[Streamer] tetoh> @Twitchplayspokemon Whose your favourite character in SSBIV so far?

<twitchplayspokemon> @tetoh I haven't played it beyond the demo, I'm thinking of just holding out for the Wii U version

[Streamer] d_steves> @Twitchplayspokemon regardless, Ness never starred in Mother 1 or Mother 3 :3

<twitchplayspokemon> @d_steve that's what I mean, you wouldn't expect him to be in other games, Captain Falcon is a recurring character in F-Zero, despite recurring more in Smash

[Smash] ... and this last one. Four attempts failed.

[Streamer] <d_steves> @Twitchplayspokemon amount of games Ness has been in for his own game (1) amount of games Ness has been in for the smash games (4)

<twitchplayspokemon> @D_steves that's a JRPG series though

[Smash] Back up to the plate vs. Ganon. We failed our last Falcon-Punching attempt.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I thought it would be an obvious pick for the 3DS with how well stereoscopy is suited to racing games and how it helps convey a sense of speed, but I guess Star Fox works too

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> why wont Nintendo rehash F-Zero?

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> Captain Falcon has been in more non-F-Zero games than F-Zero games

[Smash] We landed Captain Falcon's Final Smash... in the last second of the match.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> probably Twtich chat issues, my setup suffers from the same issue

[Smash] Attempt #2 to defeat Ganondorf was a failure.

[Smash] We already lost.

[Smash] A new challenger approaches! Ganondorf!

[Chat] @Faithfulforce: BOWSER JR. 11 HOURS. GAME AND WATCH: 3 TRIES, 11 MINUTES

[Smash] Unlocked Mr. Game & Watch!

[Smash] Attempt 3 vs. G&W, with Ike this time.

[Smash] vs. challenger Mr. Game & Watch! Attempt 2!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 15 second smash master OneHand

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds okay

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: @Twitchplayspokemon I think I'm going in for the night, if the stream goes offline or crashes for more than 30 minutes feel free to take over?

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 1V1 OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
[Smash] And now we're doing 1v1.

[Smash] Twitch_Plays_3DS has manually taken us online. We have did one round of For Fun FFA and we're on the third For Glory FFA.

[Smash] For those who missed it: Bowser Jr. fell below some donut platforms and failed to recover from the pit.

[Smash] In case anyone is curious, we used Palutena.

[Smash] We just unlocked Bowser Jr.! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @kamiathewolf thank you for subscribing

[Smash] Playing as Palutena!

[Smash] We tried practicing StreetSmash, and we lost. :P

[Smash] We're unbanned from online again!

[Smash] Still doing Bowser Jr runs.

[Smash] Banned for 50 minutes.

[Smash] We're now playing in For Fun FFA.

[Smash] We're currently unbanned from Sm4sh online. I wonder how long it will last?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danPalm OneHand

[Smash] In the Lumiose City stage. It's true what they say: this is one wild ride you really never can get off!

[Smash] We are now doing offline play.

[Smash] Aaaaaand we are banned again. 40 Minutes this time.

[Smash] Seems like after a minute it fixed itself.

[Smash] The 3DS is apparently lagging. Now we have a weird noise.

[Info] Here are the reasons as to why we are being banned a lot:

  • Repeated self-destructs

    • Dropping matches

Other reasons as to why Nintendo bans players can be found here. Scroll to the bottom.

[Chat] (After repeatedly accidentally cancelling Nintendo Network connection by pressing B) JORSUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN

[Smash] We have been unbanned from playing online!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg scale

[Smash] We quit and got banned for 30 minutes.

[Streamer] <beedle10> Earthbound was released on Wii U streamer

<twitchplayspokemon> @beedle10 that was the SNES one wasn't it? there was a game before it and one after it too

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> what a strange game to have a stage for, it didn't get released outside of Japan, did it? I know there was an unreleased official English version

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> the meta can't handle these strats

[Smash] We're currently playing For Glory FFAs. Our High Low Score in this session of For Glory is -14!

[Smash] We just won an online battle!

[Smash] Doing more online battles.

[Smash] We beat /u/Dracyoshi!

[Smash] He beat us! And I think he was going easy on us too...

[Smash] Starting a game with /u/Dracyoshi!

[Fluff] Nice face you have there, Marth.

[Streamer] <hatethemost> I MISS POKEMON RED

<twitchplayspokemon> @HateTheMost there will be a second run of Pokemon Red in February

[Streamer] <spindaftw> Streamer who do you main PogChamp

<twitchplayspokemon> @spindaftw used to main Fox but I heard he got nerfed in the last couple of games

[Chat] Abcdefgeeee: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PK RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] My bike's missing again.

[Info] We have now unlocked the ability to disable the pause button!

[Smash] According to the game, we have just fought our 200th battle!

[Meta] By that last update, I meant in the chat. I've seen it posted before, but it just appeared in TPP.

[Smash] Seriously? NOBODY noticed this? http://i.imgur.com/DIGVezv.png

[Smash] Still playing online.

[Snark] Now it's 1987. Who's playing with the time machine?

[Info] Actually, it's now 2,005 BibleThump

[Info] 2,000 viewers! Exactly!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> was ~400 when I went to sleep

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> wow, the viewercount really jumped up overnight

[Smash] Now we're playing as Lucario. Jose left!

[Smash] We got -10! NEW RECORD! Kappa

[Smash] Jose (Kirby) won!

[Smash] We're playing as a black Yoshi in the Green Hill Zone.

[Smash] It's TRSRSRSRS vs. Frank vs. jose vs. Brittney!

[Smash] Never mind, starting an online match in "For Glory" mode!

[Smash] Error 018-0501 when trying to play online!

[Smash] Inputs working again.

[Smash] Inputs seem to be broken.

[Chat] This music is playing. Incidentally, much of the chat seems to be complaining about stolen bicycles.

[Smash] Obtained a Global Smash Power of 100000!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 9 second gg danRekt

[Smash] We almost hit Little Mac with Galaxia Darkness, but we turned around at the last second.

Back to Classic Mode. We can now select our Mii.

[Smash] Well, we unlocked it. We haven't put it on him though.

[Smash] Our Mii got a Football Helmet!

[Smash] We have created a new Fighter Mii named "6wgraggxh"

[Smash] Currently we are still going through Classic Mode. We are clearing through stages and we are also saying "no" to continues.

[Smash] We lose against Master Hand. Continue? We press No.

[Smash] We defeated the Mii Team in a VERY clutch victory--we were falling into the bottomless pit, but the last Mii fell in before us and we won! Vs. Master Hand!




[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: anyone want to try classic mode?

[Chat] Pause Buffering Kreygasm

[Smash] We won as Pikachu!

[Smash] At least our shiny Pikachu is the right color.

[Smash] Fastest Suicide I've seen to date.

[Smash] Now we're playing as a white Charizard. But I thought shiny Charizard was black...

[Smash] Or not. NO CONTEST

[Smash] We keep losing on the Super Mario 3D World Stage, so why not practice it in regular Smash?

[Smash] We were 1 second away from unlocking Bowser Jr, but choked. :(

[Smash] We are also playing offline as Little Mac.

[Smash] We almost ragequit just as we were about to die.

[Smash] (We're playing as Pit now)

[Snark] While playing as Mario, we lose to Dark Pit. If you can't beat them, join them!


[Chat] ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ I'M REALLY FEELING IT! ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

[Info] We are playing as Marth.

[Snark] ♪ Make a Mii of Me ♪

[Fluff] Why aren't any of you pressing 1 BibleThump Kappa

[Snark] Press 1 for more puns.

[Pun] A certain robot ROB-bed us of our win.

[Smash] We got second as Sonic, and another Sonic beat us to the victory. YOU'RE TOO SLOW!!

[Smash] We somehow aren't the first ones to die, as two people sd'd before us.

[Smash] We missed our Chain Attack Opportunity. I guess Dunban and Riki didn't respond to our call.

[Snark] [Smash] "When exerting yourself, remember to keep breathing!"

[Smash] We won a match thanks to the assistance of Zamar.

[Smash] In the middle of some For Fun matches.

[Smash] Deku got us back into the game.

[Smash] It appears we crashed the game, as it's stuck in the loading screen. Whoops.

[Snark] Obligatory "Can't defeat Bowser Jr. due to auto scrolling stage." Don't forget, you are here forever! Kappa

[Smash] Sadly though, our team didn't pull out in the end. Ike wins, after a snark at how he fights for his friends.

[Smash] We're in a match as Little Mac, all ganged up on Ike.

[Smash] Smash Run exited.

[Smash] We begin a round of Smash Run as Palutena!

We lost to Bowser Jr.

[Info] So far, it seems that we have unlocked Jigglypuff, Duck Hunt, Dark Pit, Dr. Mario in Super Smash Bros. 3DS.

[Info] Stream is back online

[Info] Twitch has gone down for site maintenance.

I have to step out, hopefully another updater will take over soon.

We are defeated.

A new challenger Mr. Game and Watch has appeared!

[Info] Apparently some time in the last 15 minutes we have managed to get ourselves banned for a period of 10 minutes.

We go back to fighting bots.

We leave the lobby.

We win our third game online in sudden death as fox.

We have won again, this time as Rosilina!

We have won our first Online Battle!!

We are in sudden death in an online battle.

We have come in third place in an online battle.

Despite his efforts we come in last.

This player is apparently jseakle the ROB.

Apparently a member of the stream chat is in the game and is trying to assist us.

We have come in last for our fight for glory.

That quickly changes as we are now entering the "For Glory" mode.

A communication error has occurred, we are no longer playing online.

[Fluff] I wont be updating every game anymore, just the ones that are significant.

We select King Dedede.

Gannondorf wins this round, but We tie for third!

Going for a change of pace, we decide to play as the villager.

Marth wins the third round, we come in last.

FreakyJ... has left and now we are playing with That Guy.

Shadow Toon Link wins the second match in sudden death, we again place last.

Richy has left and in his place is FreakyJ... with Toon Link in a Dark Link alt.

For our second online match we again choose Toon Link.

Romann has won the match, we come in dead last.

Our opponents are Richy with Kriby, Romann with Marth, and Stormy64 who is playing with Ness. We chose Toon Link as our champion

We are playing online!

We have just entered a "With Anyone" match!

We are connecting to the Nintendo network again.

We leave the friends lobby after no-one joins.

Apparently we are attempting to go online.

We are very promptly defeated.

A new challenger ROB approaches.

We used our mastery of Palutena to accomplish this.

We have just defeated the challenger Dark Pit!

We have defeated the challenger Dr.Mario.

Lost again. Also, I'm off for the night, if any updater sees this, please take over.

[Fluff] I'm not going to update every game, but if we win I'll update. It's a bit too many updates.

Red Yoshi (Us) VS Pit and Little Mac.

Lost again. Also lost to Ness. back to character select screen.

New game. Blue Yoshi (us) vs Lucario and Samus.

We lost against Ness again.

VS Ness

End Battle! Captain Falcon won.

Games only go for 1 minute now.

New Game! Marth (us) vs Captain Falcon vs Link.

[Info] We have now fought 10 battles!

We could have unlocked Ness, but we lost against him.

Stream online.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: guys, I'm going to reboot my computer now to prepare it for the next few days, it will go offline for a minute or two

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


Rosalina (Us) vs Mario and Pit.

We were Sonic.

Sonic VS Link VS Sheik. Sheik won.

We did another match and lost. We were Peach that time.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Are you guys OK with lv3 or should I turn them down a notch?

We lost. -3 points.

New game. Luigi (Us) vs Shulk vs Fox.

Pac Man wins the game!

Pac-man K.O's us.

2 minutes remain.

We were K.O'd

The current timer for these games is 7 minutes.

Bowser vs Pac-Man vs Palutena

We chose Bowser! VS 2 Random CPUs.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: my computer is acting up slightly

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: alright I think it works now

We caught a glimpse of Streamer #2's computer.

Twitch_Plays_3ds is now controlling the stream.

We end the game. No contest.

5 Minutes remain.

Bowser vs Robin vs Pikachu.

3 CPUs are now fighting. We chose Random.

Currently considering life at the Character Select screen.

Game end! Zelda won! We came last.

Smash ball has despawned, like usual.

Smash ball has respawned again. 40 seconds to go.

We were K.O'd again. Took a picture of our sad face after our loss.

[Fluff] Gotta go fast.

Smash Ball Despawned again. Taking a picture of our loss now ;-;

Smash Ball has respawned!

we now just took a picture of Greninja in a headlock from Sonic.

We get K.O'd soon after.

[Snark] Seems like sonic is staring Zelda down with contempt after we just rekt her.

Now pausing, showing Sonic looking at Zelda. We take a picture in celebration of what just happened.

We K.O'd Zelda!

Smash ball has disappeared BibleThump

The Smash Ball has spawned!

[Chat] Samzy_123: Screw fighting we care for the photos

We now pause at a great sonic pose. We take a picture of it.

Unpaused, paused, unpaused. We are still battling. Paused again.

Now taking pictures!

Paused the game! Stuck on pause!

Game started! Sonic (us) vs Zeldz vs Greninja!

Inputs are now fixed...

We are having trouble selecting gamemodes as the arrow inputs are being pressed longer than usual.

Currently hosting a game! I wonder if Deku's other 3DS will join it. Kappa

[Info] Since this is an actual 3DS, we can go online if we choose to.

Olimar won the round! Next round starting.

Back, sorry. Nobody was able to update for me while I was having dinner. Anyway, it seems like we won our first game! Currently 4 CPUs are battling it out.

We are playing! Robin (us) vs Captain Falcon VS Sheik

Back on the menu. We can input again.

[Info] Pause is unlockable after around 200 matches.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no disable pause D:

Deku is currently looking at options to disable the "pause' feature.

Ended the game again.

The type of game is a Time based game. 1 minute left.

Aqua Megaman vs Bowser vs Little Mac.

Started another game! 3 Random CPUs again.

Oh, and we are back on the character select screen because the game was quit.

[Chat] !bet 100 (character)

[Streamer] Mega Man vs Diddy Kong vs Little Mac

[Streamer] We are starting again. Same CPUs selecting Random. Rainbow Road is selected.

[Smash] Ended the game! Nobody won!

[Info] We can end the game if we want.

Start is pausing and resuming the game.

[Smash] Fight started! All are CPUs. Mega man, vs Pikachu vs Little Mac.

[Smash] Still on the character select menu.

[Smash] Megaman is selected, then deselected.

[Smash] We select the Solo gamemode!

[Smash] We don't get SpotPass, and we are now at the menu.

[Smash] Data created. We are asked if we want SpotPass.

[Smash] Extra Data is being created.

[Info] Download has completed. Super Smash Bros. is now starting.

[Streamer] Shinysapphire: @Twitch_plays_3ds Do you have everything unlocked?

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Shinysapphire I have nothing unlocked

[Snark] Let's just see how fast Deku's internet is while he is streaming Kappa

[Info] We are currently updating the game!

[Info] The results are in! Super Smash Bros. 3DS had 29 votes, coming in second was Animal Crossing, with 9 votes. We are now playing Super Smash.

[Info] On Twitchspeaks's stream, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was played and the hivemind there was able to get up to stage 2 in Story Mode.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: looks like Smash Bros 3DS is going to win, I guess we'll find out why it doesn't work, or maybe one of the minigames could be fun

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Here it is: http://strawpoll.me/2835059 Vote on what game to play for the next 8 hours

Twitch_plays_3ds: 5 minutes to vote

We are now Dipping ww3w4ea green.

ww3w4ea is sleeping.

Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm going to make a strawpoll with all the game I have, and I'll put it on and go to sleep for tonight

Still shopping / Saving.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon not really..

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds do you have any turn-based RPGs other than Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I haven't really considered the viability of the 3DS games, and I'm also not sure what you have

[Fluff] Democracy hype?!? PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon yes

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds does your setup support something like a democracy mode?

We are continuing to save multiple times. Is this a protest?

[Meta] Here is a strawpoll to see if Streamer should use a strawpoll or not. Kappa http://strawpoll.me/2835047

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon I do have a copy of Pokemon Y, do you think it would be out of line to play another one during the intermission?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: let me find something first

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon good idea

[Fluff] Official Strawpoll hype?!?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds you could make a poll and then it's on the community if a bad choice is made

We bought 4 salmon meuniere.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon Well that's one thing I learned

[Pun] Does this mean that people want a ... butter game?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds people are going to whine anyway, so don't let that get to you

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds perhaps switch to another game if this one isn't working out too well?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds it can be hard to judge these things

[Fluff] Solution: Refund at gamestop and give us a new game

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon I thought this game was going to be fun, but it looking at it now it's actually not..

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon still there?

Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds yes, what happened?

Continuing to save the game.

[Snark] "Always remember to save the game when you are ready to stop playing!" Yep, we sure are ready.

Saving the game multiple times.

ww3w4ea said: Don't stare! It makes me nervous!

Back home. TRSRSRSRSRS is sleepy.

Back to the fountain.

Out of the Mii Maker.

[Snark] TwitchStalksdekuNukem

The room's lights have been turned on again!

The room in Twitch_Plays_3DS's house is now darker!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm going to bed soon, any game you guys want to play for the next 8 hours?

Making a new Mii.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: well I thought this game was going to be fun like everyone told me

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm also performing maintenance on Stadium 2's server and database

Back to the Mii config menu.

We bought 4 veggie burgers.

[Info] We can come back here to find the Morning Market and the Rap Battle, at specific times of the day.

Nobody is here, just like the beach.

To the Fountain.

[Fluff] Sorry, I had to afk and nobody could take over. Back to updating.

We can delete ww3w4ea! We are too poor to do so, so z33k33 is safe.

Currently looking at our collection. Nothing is there, for what can be seen.

[Chat] Myrmidon_mamori: We're practicing searching through the sand for when we get the Claw or Root Fossil!

[Fluff] We seem to like the beach a lot.

To the shop! We decide not to buy anything.

We are now looking at TRSRSRS's house. He goes to the beach.

Back to the beach.

Looks like we can edit Z33k33 the Mii! Currently in Options menu.

[Fluff] Or a roll animation, depends. We can't see the ground.

Z33k33 does a flip animation while we are saving.

Back to the map. We save our progress.

Now to the beach.

Now at ww3w4ea's home.

We also had a news flash by yours truly, Z33k33.

Now checking the island map.

We are now looking at TRSRSRSRS and a vision of his baby.

We now have a Z33k33 mii named ww3w3ea!

Z33k33 Mii is named frupbctk'

The Mii looks like the emote DBStyle (z33k33)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: DBStyle

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the modbot wasn't designed for when 3DS inputs were being entered, so they were getting detected as spam due to oversights

[Streamer] Omnibussu: is reddy unbanned though Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: I unbanned @reddylion

almost named this mii fCKZ... glad we didn't.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: modbot was still acting up, should be fine now

[Streamer] Iatias: just remove the modbot :/

Twitchplayspokemon: @latias modbot is needed to keep the hilter ascii spam at bay

current mii is wearing sunglasses.

[rip] streamer cuz he hasn't banned me yet

[rip] ShinkoNetCavy (only I can rip)

[rip] rip (I can rip what I want)

[rip] rip t #2

SO MUCH FOR THAT. We started over. AGAIN.

uyigukx is her last name.

We are working on a mii whose name is also t. Working on her last name... uyiguk so far...

[rip] rip t ,

Resetted the Mii! D:

last name is ,

[Snark] Can this girl be mai waifu?

So far her first name is t

Still working on our second mii.


[Fluff] Actual footage from this game. Not intentional; it's randomly generated from a long list of items and scenarios from my understanding.

We have to drag the food to our mii... AND WE DID IT! We have eaten the pancakes!

We have some pancakes. 3 it seems. We need to eat them.

[Fluff] Treesus looks just like the KevinTurtle emote.

We are in the store buying food.

[Fluff] He has the most hilarious grin.

[Fluff] and no I'm not racist BibleThump

[Fluff] He is a short, cute black kid :D so kawaii

TRSRSRSRS is his nickname, seems he's a very edited version of deku's default mii.

[Fluff] Why is it only now that I'm seeing "TRSRSRSRS" as "TREESUS"?

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

He's an easygoing dreamer apparently.


messing around with the voice options...

First name: iediai (the e has some kind of accent) gh.g is his last name. short fat kid. Still have not finalized him though...

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: b

Milazatron: streamer is a jorsun in his spare time

Working on a mii right now... He's exceptionally short.

Meanwhile, we're trying to work on another mii.

[Info] The countdown timer for the DEMO has been added to the stream!


We deleted that new mii too. rip.

[Snark] I wonder if we're going to ever get to playing this game.

So much for that mii, we deleted it and are starting over. AGAIN.

[Info] Team has been removed from the bottom of the screen.

[Info] Our team is being moved around on the bottom bar... or something. It was put back. Not sure what's going on with that.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon that's for the best

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds if I notice it going down for awhile I'll bring Stadium 2 back up

Twitch_plays_3ds: another sleepless week starts

We're still having trouble making a mii. Looks like we deleted that last one.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds if it managed TPPX I think ORAS demo + other games will be fine

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon because it's a residential internet after all, although from TPPX it looks it's stable enough but who knows what will happen

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon do you think you can keep a backup stream ready just in case?

Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds yes but I won't always be online to start it up

87d 1h 45m We are now creating a new mii named umYBAYSuoi!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon Is it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds sounds good

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon how about that?

Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds sure

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: so we can start on friday night and do it over the weekend

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I just think if we do the demo over the weekend there would be more people

[Streamer] yoshifan123: @Twitchplayspokemon Can we play random fun games until the real game?

Twitchplayspokemon: @yoshifan123 I'll leave that up to Deku

Relsre: @twitchplayspokemon 48 hours perhaps? Not sure if having just 2-3 hours for some time zones is a good idea.

Twitchplayspokemon: @relsre maybe 48 hours, we'll see nearing the end of the first 24 if it's worth doing another

[rip] RIP ybytajka y

87d 1h 41m Now, our changes have erased!

[Fluff] It's so hard documenting all of these settings! BibleThump

[Fluff] Isn't this the first time one of TPP's trademark names has had an official pronunciation?

Mii name info... first name: ybytajka:'/,, last name: y nickname:<1[o-y (I think, someone correct me if I'm wrong)

87d 1h 40m Now changing our Mii's voice.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: 24 hours of ORAS demo sounds good, each timezone gets a chance to mess about with it

87d 1h 39m Now adding extra symbols to our Mii's name.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds set a time that suits you, I don't think it matters much anyway

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon We do need to come up with a time, I need to put the countdown up

Twitchplayspokemon: I think looping the demo a bunch of times sounds good, it can start it after Deku is done showing other games

87d 1h 37m We have a Mii saying "Yibby tajka" because her name is "Ybbytajka"

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: maybe it's worth restarting the demo multiple times?

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon that might be a good idea

[Snark] Inb4 "OR/AS demo" is the streamer's way of saying "OR/AS will be played in democracy."

[Snark] Surely, Link's face would register as a Mii! >:c

87d 1h 35m Still trying to take a photo.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds I was thinking to when waiting until the viewercount is at its peak tomorrow, but again I don't know what the contents of the demo is, you could just put it on now and have it run for a day or two, I don't know

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon usual time as in weekend?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds maybe it's worth waiting until the usual time to start it?

[Streamer] @Twitchplayspokemon when do you think we should start the demo itself?

Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds I'm not sure, I haven't played it, but it's short, right?

[Snark] Unable to detect a face! Kappa

87d 1h 31m Now taking a photo of a Super Smash bros 3DS case!

[Fluff] Wait... that looks like a Heracross sideways... Is deku a Heracross!?!

87d 1h 30m Currently taking a picture for our Mii! Too bad there is nobody there in the room except for a bunch of gadgets.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Twitch_plays_3ds no

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon Did you see the invite?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon still there?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Twitch_plays_3ds yes

87d 1h 28m Still deciding on what we should do for a Mii.

[Snark] 87d 1h 28m Yes we are still using timestamps. Or something. IDK.

[Fluff] Yep, someone needs to reset lol

[Fluff] W8, we're still using time stamps even after Pokémon X has been through for months? Kappa

87d 1h 25m Now making a new Mii from scratch.

87d 1h 25m We discarded our changes.

87d 1h 25m Currently selecting our Mii. We are editing TRSRSRSRSRS

87d 1h 24m We named it "]<</dojwiu3"!

87d 1h 23m Currently giving our island a name.

87d 1h 22m We are now playing Tomodachi Life!

[RIP] rip

87d 1h 22m Nintendogs has been shut down

[Fluff] Smash hype?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ready to try it out?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I have another one that might just be better

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Alright guys this game is a bit boring

[Derp] We just saw Deku's computer for a second.

87d 1h 18m We saved the game.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: r

87d 1h 16m By the way, the phonetic spelling of that is "FrankerZ", according to the voice playback we heard.

87d 1h 16m We typed the name "fjsaaak7tr"!

[Fluff] Too bad we don't know what it is.

87d 1h 15m We taught our dog his name!

87d 1h 14m Oh wait, back to square 1

87d 1h 14m Somehow, we said something and he understood!

[Chat] Pikaballz: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ USE TWITCHSPEAKS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Do we, the voices, have actual voices?


87d 1h 12m We must now say our puppies name.

87d 1h 11m Our dog just ate his food.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I might put on another game in a second

Twitch_plays_3ds: I brought this game just for TPP

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'll might on another game in a second

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: This isn't working particularly well

It appears saving in this game only requires a single touch...

[rip] rip deku's SD card

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: r

[Chat] (after taking tons of pictures) Dracyoshi: @twitch_plays_3ds I think you're going to need a bigger SD card..

87d 1h 3m We bought a miniature dachshund!

87d 1h 0m The streamer has gotten us past the title screen, which requires you to pet a dog (oops, make that "doge") quicker than the Mob seems to be able to.

[Snark] It seems our party hasn't changed. Though it says the last update was about 3 minutes ago, so it might have changed in that short time.

[Chat] Twitchspeaks: GO AHEAD, TRY PUNCHING THEM

[Info] We are petting doge.

[Info] Touch screens are working.


[Chat] FrankerZ

[Info] The touch screen doesn't seem to be working.

87d 0h 55m Nintendogs+Cats has been loaded! Also, the Smash demo is visible on the home screen, but wasn't selected.

87d 0h 55m Menu opened, cartridge removed.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I just got this game

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: of course, I didn't write the emulators or anything like that

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: We're going to play an intermission game for a little while before starting the demo

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the 3DS stuff is mostly Deku's work, with some oversight and direction, everything else is mostly my work with others helping with accomplishing specific goals (Lua scripts to read Gameboy memory, or construction of a save file for PB

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Well I guess stuff is working now

87d 0h 52m Stream back up!

87d 0h 52m Stream is offline! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[rip] rip dr. 0

87d 0h 51m Traded Dr. 0 to Shauna for Froabble!

[Info] It appears that the streamer has reloaded our save from immediately after defeating the Elite Four.

[Snark] inb4 we trade our team away again

[X] Stepped outside our house.

[Streamer] Yoshifan123:@Twitchplayspokemon Are you going to play the demo with us?

Twitchplayspokemon: maybe, I haven't played the demo yet, so it's all going to be new to me

[Info] Inputs are working!

[Info] Inputs have appeared on the screen, but it still isn't working.

87d 0h 47m The party display is visible, and it's showing our party we used to beat the Elite Four. (And yes, that's actually the time shown on the stream.)

[Info] Inputs are currently not working.

Pokemon X is running! Li'l D is back!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Twitch_plays_3ds oh, you are available, so do you want to put the demo on now?

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon I already have the code, and I have done some testing on the setup

Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds alright, just a moment, I'll bring down Stadium 2

Twitch_plays_3ds: So everything's ready, just have to pick a time

Twitch_plays_3ds: not right now

The stream has been paused. There is talk of starting something with Twitch_plays_3ds. The stream is now labeled as "playing Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire!" DEMO HYPE?

[Meta] Special thanks to TwitchSpeaks, Bowser was successfully defeated in Super Mario Bros. 3 by yours truly, along with some help from /u/MrCheeze, who contributed to some of the progress. We had some struggle with the movements in the stages, but it finally come down to a happy ending for Mario! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

[Stadium] A very long fight with a Tyranitar and a Ditto just happened, eventually Tyranitar won against it's clone.

[Fluff] Is.. Is that a Pokedex entry at the bottom of the screenshot? :O

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: new screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Sih5LQ5.png

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I just received a email

Twitch_Plays_3DS: it's the code for you-know-what

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon okay, the modbot should be much more accurate at detecting copypasta now (much fewer false positives from donger spam)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon there's no reason to be using /me for every single message you post

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: @Twitchplayspokemon : You didn't answer my query. Does using /me text constitute a bannable offense now? Because I got banned for doing that once.

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten if you spam it, sure

[Streamer] Leraposa: @Twitchplayspokemon Is it possible for the modbot to ban you?

Twitchplayspokemon: @leraposa no, I put in exceptions for the bots and moderators

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: modbot is going to be a little overbearing for awhile while I tune it

[Streamer] Partyof3: @Twitchplayspokemon i get that you want this chat to be neat and clean, but... doesn't that kinda devalue from the original vision of TPP? to me, TPP is unabashed chaotic behavior. Granted, it's probably for stadium, but still

Twitchplayspokemon: @partyof3 I'm making it more chaotic by banning patterns

[Streamer] Danielsan555: @Twitchplayspokemon thank you for making such a fun and awesome channel! :) My friends and family have many good memories from this stream!

Twitchplayspokemon: @Danielsan555 thank you, I'm glad you and you're friends+family have enjoyed it so much

(Updater's Note: Positivity! Yay! :3 )

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon can you do something about spam? like if 5 different people post the same thing, all 5 of them get banned

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking just this hour I added such functionality

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: Why is it that you can get banned for simply existing on the channel? BloodTrail

Twitchplayspokemon: @FaithfulForce trolls trying to make a name for themselves can't make a name for themselves when the bot autobans their name

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @LeRaposa what's wrong with the modbot?

Leraposa: @Twitchplayspokemon I got a timeout and I wasn't posting!

Twitchplayspokemon: @LeRaposa the bot only ever timeouts in response to a posted message, you can get banned for simply existing in the channel, but not timed out

Leraposa: @Twitchplayspokemon I did. I came back to the stream and I found I had a timeout. I wasn't even posting. I'm sure of it.

Twitchplayspokemon: @LeRaposa you probably used ctrl-c or capslock too much or something

[Fluff] More comments, this time from like 5 hours ago.

[Stadium] Also Magikarp just won a match with 7 HP left a few minutes ago against a Squirtle. HOW!?!?

[Streamer] Thethunderbyte: Twitchplayspokemon, you have 1k? Ive never seen you play chibiKawaii

Twitchplayspokemon: @TheThunderByte I doubled my 500 in one match recently

(Hence the "Streamer is apparently #776 on the leaderboards")

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: infinite odds drains everyone's bank account and splits it amongst the winners KappaHD

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I once played a perfect game of Scorched Earth against a human opponent, that was the only time I was there to witness someone ragequit from being defeated by me

[Fluff] Also, some quotes from him from yesterday:

[Streamer] Ponder361: LEAVE TwitchPlaysPokemon is dead

Twitchplayspokemon: /me isn't dead

[Streamer] Mencee: @Twitchplayspokemon Quick question, but are all pokemon giving modest natures?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee don't know, ask the team working on it

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee No, the screen you see has all natures Modest due to a PID quirk, that will be fixed before PBR debuts.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: balances will carry over and everyone below 1000 will be reset to 1000

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm planning for PBR to start after ORAS, but if it's fully featured enough in time I'd like to test it before ORAS starts (dunno if this will happen or not)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: another screenshot of the pokemon selection: http://i.imgur.com/UvT7mYm.png

[Fluff] I'll put in some streamer quotes from last night that no one got :P

[Meta] GameBroJeremy just showed up in chat last second to do human mode! :-O

[Meta][Streamer] Twitchspeaks: tonight's speaker will be Iriomote14

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by GameBroJeremy, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

Streamer is apparently #776 on the leaderboards

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> !balance

<tppbankbot> @Twitchplayspokemon your balance is 1002

[Chat] Vagjj just subscribed!

[Streamer] Tbmchristopher: @Twitchplayspokemon What's the point of having the Gen V Pokemon on the slot machine if they just won't be selected?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @tbmchristopher false hope

[Streamer] Spartan_Paladin: Twitchplayspokemon You're screenshot shows Gen V Pokemon, but I thought PBR was Gen IV?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Spartan_Paladin they just won't get selected ;)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I tried to take a screenshot of the team selection slot machine thing, but it might be hard to understand from a still image: http://i.imgur.com/5epUEQy.png

[Streamer] Rcmaehl: @Twitchplayspokemon are we going to do the OR/AS demo at all? Have I already missed it?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @rcmaehl you haven't missed it, I haven't heard from Deku yet

[Streamer] Zzyyvux: hey @twirchplayspokemon, how are the pokemon chosen before the selection on screen? You can see their shadows where theyre going to be before theyre picked

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @zzyyvux no, no shadows anymore, it's picked like a slot machine where you'll see potential choices fly past before one is picked

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'd have to really plan it out and get someone who can commentate for awhile for the effort to be worth it

[Streamer] DeadInSky66: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Speaking of announcing, remember when you did some live commentator tests way back when. Are you going to bring those back eventually, or no?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @DeadInSky66 I would like to but it's a pain to set up, I need to change the buffer amount and that requires a restart of the stream and such, plus I have to manually mess about with Skype when bringing people on and set up desktop sharing etc

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: PBR has an announcer too

[Streamer] ShinySapphire: @Twitchplayspokemon Any examples of new music you will be adding to the playlist?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @shinyshapphire XY, PBR and XD(?)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it also shows the results of the last match and Pokedex entries for random Pokemon

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: money will carry over and everyone below 1000 will be reset to 1000

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: yes, I'll be adding a bunch of songs, I'm also testing out having another song category that plays when it's down to 1v1

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the bottom text scrolls left constantly and shows other information like currently playing song and users who and joining and leaving the chat

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: ready for a new PBR screenshot? it's been awhile since the last one

TwitchPlaysPokemon: one moment, uploading it now

TwitchPlaysPokemon: http://i.imgur.com/EjU5OM5.jpg

TwitchPlaysPokemon: much of it is still very rough, it'll look much better when it's done

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> thank you for subscribing

(v0lt_ subscribed!)

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> the code starts with an "A" so I'm thinking it might be region locked

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> Nintendo sent me a code for ORAS demo, but I don't know if Deku can use it

[Chat] KAPOW

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: just don't spam them

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if you spam you'll get timed out by the modbot, dongers are fine

[Stadium] Solareon is up against Moonbat.

[Stadium] Abby Sweep!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Slowpoke and Lapras have the same ears

[Snark] WTF we can't even Praise Helix? RIOT

[Streamer] pikaballz: @Twitchplayspokemon Can you whitelist the Praise Helix emote please?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @pikaballz I can't for some reason, it's on the whitelist but it still causes timeouts

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @assassinskye it's pretty much non-stop ASCII hitler and penis spam

[Snark] modbot or riot

[Streamer] AssassinSkye: @Twitchplayspokemon why is the modbot here? i never learned why.

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @assassinskye have you been on channels without a modbot?

[Streamer] Markbu: <message deleted>

Healsplz: <message deleted>

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @markbu @healsplz that one isn't whitelisting for some reason


[Streamer]TwitchPlaysPokemon: @BlueInfinity22 try again

BlueInfinity22: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: what characters are used for dance riot?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @faithfulforce should be fine now

[Streamer] FaithfulForce <message deleted>

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @faithfulforce try again

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: no, SaltyBet inspired all of TPP, not just Stadium 2

[Streamer] EliteAnax17: If you don't mind us asking, where did the idea to bet on Stadium 2 matches come from? Was it a personal experience from your earlier outside-Twitch life that you'd rather not elaborate on or inspired by Salty Bets?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @EliteAnax17 I publicly stated awhile back that it was SaltyBet that inspired me to make an "automated game channel" on Twitch

[Streamer] Pokemonisawesome12345: @Twitchplayspokemon As far as PBR, is it not until Omega Ruby or is there going to be a “demo” before Omega Ruby?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @pokemonisawesome12345 I didn't know people used those quotes, I've added them to the whitelist

[Context] <leonys2> @TwitchPlaysPokemon, do you know how many slots of emotes you have?

[Streamer] @Leonys2 right now it's 8, but I imagine that would increase a little when emotes are added (maybe 10~12?)

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon Implementing a watchdog timer (so if the match takes too long) that would auto-reset would be a solution to the freezes.

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Geforcefly that's how it works with PBR

[Streamer] HankHillVidyaGames: @Twitchplayspokemon Would Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal be another good intermission game?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @HankHillVidyaGames I would like to but I'm not sure how I can deal with the crashes

[Streamer] Beesafree: @Twitchplayspokemon are you doing emotes now, did you look at mine?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Beesafree I'm not doing emotes until Red, I tried submitting an emote recently to test the waters and it got denied as I suspected it might

[Streamer]TwitchPlaysPokemon: I don't mind that it was denied, TPP is already breaking some policies regarding copyright and trademarks, I can understand Twitch's desire to limit it as much as possible

[Context] <leonys2> mind giving us a link to the rejected emote twitchplayspokemon?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: this was the emote that got denied: http://i.imgur.com/QVzPRfB.png

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I've seen a Vaporeon and a Snorlax emote in chat sometimes

[Streamer] DeadInSky66: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I know you said earlier that you were going to put in sub emotes during Red and you tested them, and they didn't go through. Have you ever considered using FrankerFaceZ emotes?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @DeadInSky66 I only tested one that I suspected would be denied as it was an emote of a Pokemon and not TPP related in any way as other channels have gotten away with such emotes

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> gen 6 would be a graphical downgrade compared to PBR

<twitchplayspokemon> 240p vs 1080p

<twitchplayspokemon> literally

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: gen 6 would be a graphical downgrade compared to PBR

Pokémon Stadium 2 is now back online!


Pokémon Stadium 2 has frozen! AW SNAP!

[Fluff] DPPt Credits Theme plays during the leaderboard. Fitting.

Pokémon Stadium 2 is now back online!

[Snark] "I keep freezing, keep, keep freezing the game."

[Chat] Twitch_Plays_3DS: If you're killed by roulette, I'll show one of the comments you said before

Twitch_Plays_3DS: This is just for the broken stream, I'll turn it off as soon as it's fixed

[Chat] Deku's courteous enough to give everyone a nice little message before timing them out.

Pokémon Stadium 2 froze literally 6 hours Those quick updates...

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'll be adding emotes when Red is playing

<twitchplayspokemon> I tried adding an emote recently but it got denied as I expected it might

<twitchplayspokemon> Twitch's guidelines on emotes aren't clear, they seem to let a lot of emotes through that violate their rules so I tried adding a "worst case scenario" emote to see if they'd let it through or not

Pokémon Stadium 2 is now back online!

Pokémon Stadium 2 is currently down!

[Stadium] Burrito just took out Brian!

Stream back up

Stream down!

[Stadium] Healsplz has subbed!

[Stadium] Everything is fixed now!

[Stadium] Either that or the game itself broke. Either way, not good. :(

[Stadium] Pretty sure the bots broke. :P

[Stadium] The game is running fine, but the list of betters and odds are gone!

[Stadium] At the end of the battle, the remaining victors are Ace and Burrito.

[Stadium] Burrito beats Oracle in a close finish.

[Snark] "What's this? It's not very effective!"

[Stadium] HELIX VS. LAZERGATOR VS. BIRD JESUS (vs. Swagsire c:)

[Chat] Hisoka624 has subscribed!

[Chat] MTDot7 has just subscribed!

[Meta] In 30 minutes, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by Karel101 (PeptoDysmal), followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Chat] TheAwfulTrainer has just subscribed!

[Meta] Congrats to TwitchSpeaks for completing ALTTP. Special congrats to /u/NMario84 and /u/MrCheeze for guiding us through most of the game, especially the end. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

[Stadium] Helix just slayed Brian!

[Stadium] Twitchplayspokemon: @bareisu in some ways it's harder in others it's easier, Pokemon selection was so much easier in PBR than Stadium 2 where I had to emulate how the Pokemon list functioned in order to determine what buttons to press

[Stadium] Twitchplayspokemon: money will transfer to PBR and everyone below 1000 will be reset to 1000

[Stadium] Omanyte, Kabuto, and Feraligatr are all working together, for some strange reason...

[Chat] Yamayamadingdong has subscribed!

[Stadium] Pokémon Stadium has resumed from the results screen, and is ready for battle!

[Stadium] So apparently, Stadium has been frozen at the results screen for 3 hours now, according to user Marsadeptenten on chat.

[Stadium] So Amberzard, Dome, and Bird Jesus are on the same team. What could possibly stop this dream team? Starmie Sweep.

[Streamer] goosethemaster : @Twitchplayspokemon Can you give a window of when PBR is coming?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @goosethemaster after Omega Ruby has finished, probably

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for subscribing

[Chat] Paxafarus has subscribed!

[Stadium] We (Unown) get behind Slowpoke and Burrito as they win the match for us.

[Stadium] AA-j turned against Helix and is now battling him!

[Streamer] <ep1cnights> @twitchplayspokemon will we know the abilities of the pokemon in PBR? Some pokemon hwve more than one ability. <3

<twitchplayspokemon> @ep1cnight I still need to design that part of the layout so I can't say for certain yet, but probably

[Streamer] <reddash9> @Twitchplayspokemon: Would it be possible to have a second channel made just for PBR/Stadium2?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Reddash9 I'm happy for PBR to take a break, it's probably going to end up the most played game in terms of hours by a long shot anyway <twitchplayspokemon> take a break between other games*

[Streamer] <Mencee> @Twitchplayspokemon Will PBR be a side-betting game during Red and the hack roms we play?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Mencee definitely not during Red, but other than that I don't know

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I don't think double battles will happen due to the complexity of selecting a target

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> Stadium 2's code turned into a huge mess, it originally started as a clean re-implementation of TPP's overlay

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> yes, I'll be adding PBR and X/Y's soundtrack, but it take until PBR depending on how easily I can backport the new music system

[Context] <yoshifan123> @Twitchplayspokemon does money transfer to PBR from here? and are the subscriber smilies coming after PBR?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Yoshifan123 money will transfer and sub emotes will be added during Red

[Chat] Kooma9 has just subscribed!

[Meta] In half an hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode with TwitchSpeaks as the speaker himself, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I like Slowpoke

[Stadium] Burrito takes another match!

[Chat] Rynbowl has subscribed!

[Chat] Reddash 9 has just subscribed!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm sure we all felt that moment of wonder when we discovered how to copy and paste text, but you eventually have to realize you're not being funny or clever

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @GrazinBullets oh well, see you in 24h

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @GrazinBullets how do you feel about the chat rules?

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by MarsAdeptEnten, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Stadium] Flareon takes out Red's first two mons, and Magcargo on Red proceeds to sweep Blue team. The odds? 1:47/73 in favour of Red team.

[Stadium] Helix wins another match for Blue!

[Streamer] AquaticXi: @twitchplayspokemon How do I have "9" when I've only completed four adventures with TPP?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @AquaticXi it shows the first run you participated in

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @batmanji the database I'm using doesn't have a way to represent infinity

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I put in code to specifically handle that situation, but I haven't tested it very much so it might not work properly

[Streamer] @Twitchplayspokemon what happens if everyone bets on one team and then loses? we have an infinite pokedongers theory going here

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @batmanji I think it defaults to 1:1 or crashes

[Streamer] Rasera00: @Twitchplayspokemon if I spot a match where it happens in the future, I'll record the stream time and let you know, so you can look through VOD if you want

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Resera00 in either case the code is almost certainly going to be re-written for PBR so the alledged bug might just disappear on its own

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: RNG seeming to act strangely and the RNG actually acting strangely are completely different states that are difficult to distinguish between

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @bexxxxxxx do you complain when people will the lottery because the % is low?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: win*

[Streamer] Rasera00: It's not confirmation bias, I've seen 0% moves be picked as well. No one on the team will have picked that move, and all of the other moves have at least 1 PP in them.

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Rasera00 if there's a problem why hasn't it happened more often?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @BEXXXXXX if you haven't ruled out confirmation bias I'm not interested in hearing about RNG "glitches"

[Streamer] TheThunderByte: Various Emotes

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @TheThunderByte

TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's coming

TwitchPlaysPokemon: you hear it?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: the ban hammer

TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's falling

[Chat] So there's Bexxxxxxx, who's been having really good luck, and now that's spawned Bexxx_Luck and Bexxxxx_Luck. THE NEXT EVOLUTION OF ZETSU CLONES ARE HERE!

[Chat] Is having a Kappa attack right now. No Survivors. Kappa

[Stadium] Kabuto against Omastar. The battle of the century!

[Stadium] Magikarp's team won, with 15.93:1 odds against it.

[Stadium] Burrito Sweep!

[Stadium] Oracle, Swagsire, and Burrito are on Blue. Against a Spinarak, Caterpie, and Oddish. 62.93:1 odds.

[Fluff] A snap laid is a snap played.

Unsnap those fingers!

Pokémon Stadium 2 is now back online!


Pokémon Stadium 2 has frozen!

[Streamer] FshyNuketastical: Its better than it was, though, TwitchPlaysPokemon, in the morning it was running at 45 seconds or so. I don't think its your end, just Twitches.

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @fshynuketastical it doesn't seem like the delay is on my end so I'm unable to do anything about it

[Streamer] MarsAdeptEnten: The simple fact that multiple Voices are experiencing more lag than their norm isn't enough for you, Streamer-sempai?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @marsadeptenten correct, it would have to be everyone for it to be enough for me, it only affecting some people indicates that the issue lies with Twitch or the connections of the viewer, do you have a problem with my line of reasoning?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: nothing out of the ordinary

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I get ~20 seconds, which is what I almost always get, I don't see any problem at all

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: input delay is nothing new, there's been an on-screen mention of it for months now

[Streamer] StormpikeCommando: @Twitchplayspokemon oh sure i totally understand. i mean no disrespect of any of the sort. it just feels odd that lag has somehow spiked without reason since last night

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @stormpikecommando is also dropped without reason since Red

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: you didn't complain when it dropped

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: remember when it was 30?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: and? the input lag changes sometimes


[Fluff] Example Screen

[Stream] It's okay for people already there, but IT'S UNABLE TO JOIN NEW PEOPLE!

[Info] https://twitter.com/TwitchSupport/status/511033198885629953

[Stream] IS DOWN!

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by JukeBiscuit, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Stadium] Helix swept!

[Stadium] LazerGator (Feraligatr) is up to take down Lord Helix and his prophet (Pidgeotto), but must also face himself (Croconaw)!

[Stadium] Katie swept for Red team!

[Twitch] "Recent login issue is resolved. Thanks again for alerting us to issues!" AC

[Twitch] "We are looking into reports of not being able to log into the site." AC

Just FYI, for anyone who can't log in to Twitch to play Pokémon with TPP. It looks like it's an issue to some people for the moment.

[Stadium] Umbreon and Vaporeon are against Jolteon. It's the Eevee show tonight. Also, Brian is with against Jolteon, and Fonz and Issac are with Jolteon.

[Stadium] It's fixed. Yay!

[Stadium] Broke, somehow, I think. There are no bets, no odds, the percentages are locked. More info to come shortly maybe.

[Stadium] So Jumpluff, a Grass-Flying type, beat up Entei and Flareon, two Fire types. Nothing unusual here, it seems. Kappa

[Stadium] Chikorita just swept? Against Drowsee, Pikachu, and Togepi. :P

[Stadium] Gods lost. Unown didn't even have to fight.

[Stadium] Dome and Helix are against the Voices (Unown).

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @EliteAnax17 I'll likely start messaging you about PBR in the coming weeks, please tell me what's going on then

[Streamer] <eliteanax17> Okay okay then I wont say anything more until you make an official announcement, I sent a new save to you and thats the only thing that happened
<eliteanax17> So basically the project is going into hibernation until streamer decides he wishes to pursue PBR

<twitchplayspokemon> @EliteAnax17 again, you're not official, so you're incapable of making an official announcement

[Streamer] <eliteanax17> @Twitchplayspokemon Are you active streamer?

<twitchplayspokemon> @EliteAnax17 yes, but not thinking about PBR right now (when will you understand?)

Pokémon Stadium 2 is now back online!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Pokémon Stadium 2 has frozen! AW SNAP!

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by FlyingDeathBird, followed by more shenanigans! Come hang out!

[Stadium] Burrito, Dome, and Helix are all on a team together. Dream team baby!

[Stadium] ATV and Burrito are against Dome.

[76d 13h 40m Until OR/AS!]

[Streamer] BEXXXXXXX: I agree!! I've met so many awesome people here and have stayed so long solely due to the community, thank you @twitchplayspokemon for uniting us all through your efforts

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @bexxxxxxx I'm happy that TPP has had such a positive effect on your life

[Streamer] The_Chef1337: @Twitchplayspokemon Can we get a Magikarp, Magikarp, and Magikarp vs Magikarp, Magikarp, and Magikarp match?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @the_chef1337 the rental menu won't let you select a pokemon more than once, it's an edge case I had to account for as the pokemon are selected entirely deterministically

[Streamer] reshiram19: @twitchplayspokemon why don't you ever bet on matches?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @reshiram19 I do occasionally, that's how I lost all my money

[Streamer] Weirdman3214: @Twitchplayspokemon do you think you would ever be able to manage a mystery dungr=eon game?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @weirdman3214 already have

[Streamer] TheFrozenGlaceon: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I really appreciate thath you've done this kind of thing not only for everyone, but I have found it to be somewhat therapeutic after a stressful day. Hence my support goes to you

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @thefrozenglaceon thank you, I'm happy that you've enjoyed the stream

[Streamer] Markbu: @twitchplayspokemon when are we switching to PBR?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @markbu when it's ready

[Streamer] MarsAdeptEnten: @Twitchplayspokemon : Can you get "ENDING~To Their Respective Futures~" for the leaderboard playlist? TwitchPlaysPokemon: @marsadeptenten I'll definitely be adding songs to the playlist in the future

[Streamer] Mencee: Streamer, when's the next Stadium update? TwitchPlaysPokemon: @mencee when it's ready

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I haven't had to reset it for a few days now, I wonder why it's so stable

[Info] The picture in question: http://i.imgur.com/WEYovFL.png

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2cwfu2/i_am_twitch_ceo_emmett_shear_ask_me_almost/cjjpkf4

[Streamer] Raikou__: What offer? @Twitchplayspokemon TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Raikou_ for exporting all of TPP's videos to YouTube, since Twitch's built-in tools were incapable of handling such long video

[Streamer] MarsAdeptEnten: Did you try talking to the Twitch higher-ups and send them a PM about this, @Twitchplayspokemon ? TwitchPlaysPokemon: @marsadeptenten yes, I sent an email to support saying that I want to take the Twitch CEO up on his offer

[Streamer] Pikaballz: @Twitchplayspokemon why were they deleted? i thought twitch said they wouldn't TwitchPlaysPokemon: @pikaballz so did I

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: most of Red's videos are deleted already as they were the oldest

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: some of the earlier archives are already deleted

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: http://i.imgur.com/ZJXRF4P.png

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Lapras' ears are the same as Slowpoke's

[Stadium] So the scenario that happened on Stadium was freaking amazing. Team Blue's last Pokemon was Omastar which KOed 2 of Red's mon initially, and by the time it got to Red's last Pokemon, he had 4 HP left. Red's last mon? LazorGator. And somehow, Helix came out on top. With 1:9.9 odds against it. (Blue also had Omanyte :P) SOMEBODY PLEASE YOUTUBE THAT EPIC MATCH!


[Meta] TwitchSpeaks is having another Open Mic by SirSkitty, followed by more shenanigans! Come hang out!

[Stadium] Blue team barely won with 24.21:1 odds for them. Moltres, their last Pokemon, had 17 HP left. Clutch!

84d Until OR/AS! Pre-Hype?

[Stadium] Sweepyu strikes again!

[Twitch] "We're investigating site issues presently. Thanks for your continued patience! JM"

[Twitch] Twitch.tv appears to be running normal once again! Twitch emoticons are working too!

[Twitch] We're currently investigating issues with the site. Please stay tuned

This was a quote from Twitch Support's Twitter account. Apparently, Twitch has been experiencing problems recently. Even the Twitch emoticons are not working/functioning properly. Unfortunately, we don't have any other information when everything will be fixed again.

[Stadium] Eeveelution battle! Solareon vs. Burrito. Burrito wins :P

[Stadium] MAGMAR SWEEP! With 1:2.08 odds against it. You can guess how interesting the match was. :)

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> if you've got interested stats put them in a spreadsheet, no bots please

[Stadium] Is back!


[Snark] "Try again" it hovers over. Taunting us. :(

[Stadium] The game appears to be frozen, stuck at the win(s) screen.

[Stadium] Now RED TEAM is all WATER-typed. To be fair, blue team does have 2 Water-types.

[Stadium] All of blue team right now is water-typed.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: really?

The Kappa Count has stopped.

[Streamer] <2155720> How do you get Stadium 2 w/o music @twitchplayspokemon

<twitchplayspokemon> @2155720 Bobthepigeon made me a romhack that mutes the music
~7:58:00 AM UTC

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I made the victory detection look at frames more often, so this bug should hopefully not happen again
~7:57:00 AM UTC

[Streamer] <tehlockeness> @Twitchplayspokemon what is the inactive time limit before you're removed from the leaderboards until active again? just curious

<twitchplayspokemon> @tehlockeness it's 48 hours
~7:55:00 AM UTC

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> !balance
<twitchplayspokemon> still not working
<twitchplayspokemon> oh well, still fixed a moveset bug <twitchplayspokemon> also the "hours since last active" is now properly dimmed on the leaderboard
~7:54:00 AM UTC

[Context] TwitchSpeaks had a error during a certain part of Twitch Makes a Music Video segment and then he said "The Black Guy is under repair" and the rest is history. (gg twitch chat)

[Chat] Was spamming: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ THE BLACK GUY HAS BEEN FIXED ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Long story...

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> do I need to start banning?

[Snark] Kappa 1 Kappa 2 Kappa 3..... oh wait please don't ban me streamer senpai D:

[Chat] Multiple users were recently banned for counting and spamming Kappas. This is the streamers response.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> Chat rules: No spammy messages
<twitchplayspokemon> I gave out lengthy timeouts, they'll be back tomorrow
<twitchplayspokemon> when it was 600 seconds people thought it was fun to get timed out

[Meta] s_SoNick is going to read tonights Human Mode live chat on TwitchSpeaks channel in about 30 minutes, starting at 22:30 EDT. Come join us, and support s_SoNick's live reading of the TPP chat!


[Stadium] Cruella, The Keeper, and C3KO are repping Blue team. They're up against Eevee, Skarmory, and Suicune.

[Stadium] Kappa is facing off against Colonel N and Apostrichu!

[Info] This was in response to:

<eliteanax17> http://strawpoll.me/2395840 PBR Poll on what to do with legendary doges, please vote carefully as this will ACTUALLY affect their movesets in the PBR save that will be sent to streamer!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @EliteAnax17 I appreciate what you're doing but I don't want you to be so noisy, try to make the best decision within your group and go with that, if it doesn't work out it can be changed later. I'm not thinking about PBR at all until maybe sometime in September and bringing it up like this forces me to think about it and address it

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm not thinking about PBR until I start work on it in September after I upgrade my PC, I've got other things I need to focus on

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @eliteanax17 who said you had any say about TPP?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @eliteanax17 who are you?

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: dammit OpieOP

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @bigborbor you weren't banned, you were timedout for spamming, now you're banned for timeout evaision

[Stadium] Amber is against Randomized Amber :P


Slowbro just disabled Slowking's disable. I don't even...


[Chat] TwitchSpeaks: 131638 MINUTES TO ORAS HYPE!!!

[Stadium] Lord Amber is against LazorGator and Brian. Interesting...


[Stadium] AW SNAP! Stadium crashed!

[Stadium] LazorGator (Totodile) is against Flameslash (Sandshrew) and Dome (Kabutops).

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I changed the leaderboard to show the top 2000, I want to see how it affects performance

[Stadium] Stream Up!

[Stadium] Stream down!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I just think it's funny seeing adblockers complain about the lack of ads, I can change that if they have a problem with it, Twitch has an override checkbox

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @kmeao maybe if you disabled your adblock you'd have something to watch, thank you for supporting the stream

[Info] The End Screen/Leaderboard Glitch happened again.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: didn't patch all the files KappaHD

[Streamer] yoshimitsu126: When Is Pokemon Battle Revolution PogChamp

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @yoshimitsu126 I'll likely start work on it in September

[Stadium] Last match, Jynx swept Red team, with 1:34.12 odds. Needless to say, Blue team was very happy.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: leaderboard break should happen after this match

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: fixed the leaderboard not clearing and made it so the bankbot works during the leaderboard break


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] STREAM DOWN!

[Info] No leaderboard on the match end screen anymore.



[Stadium] STREAM DOWN!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it only shows users who are active in the past 48 hours

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I need to confirm that the rank difference is showing properly, anyway

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's hourly, it's a new hour

[Info] Now we are having an hourly break. After one match...

[Info] It appears it shows the top 129. This is with the overlapping text.

[Stadium] The leaderboard shows after every game!


[Stadium] The leaderboard now should EVERYBODY.

[Stadium] BACK ONLINE!

[Stadium] Stream Down!

[Info] Now there is an hourly break of 10 minutes, which showcases the Leaderboard.


[Stadium] BACK ONLINE!

[Chat] a_______b_______z: Guys can we calm down Kappa

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm patching

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] Stream Down!

[Stadium] Amber and Flameslash are on Blue against Kappa on Red. Blue also has Dodiro and Red also has Tedurisa and Vulpix. Who will win? Let's find out!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !balance

TPPbankbot: @Twitch_plays_3ds your balance is 3999

Under 4000 club Hype!

[Stadium] Blue team had 1:67.84 odds. They knocked out 2 Pokemon and almost won!

[Stadium] Flareon ended up taking out Ariados, and Magneton as well winning the match!

[Stadium] Randomized Dome is against the Martyr and AA-j. This should be interesting.

[Stadium] Abby, Helix, and the Keeper are on Red.

[Stadium] So, Machoke took out Kabutops, and Flareon took out Machoke. Squirtle took out Flareon. Unown then proceed to KO Squirtle and Smoochum missed Blizzard 3 times. Unown finally fainted though.

[Stadium] So Dome, the False Prophet, and the Voices walk into a bar... where they fight on Red team.

[Stadium] Dodrio Sweep!

[Stadium] Doge (Raikou) Sweep!

[Stadium] So Starmie won against Shellock, Bird Jesus, and Brian. Pioxys would be proud. Kappa

[Stadium] Amber won the match.

[Stadium] Helix (Omastar) is paired with us (Unown) against randomized Amber (Charizard). Our devotion will pull us through (Or Water against Fire :P)


[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'll start work on PBR when I upgrade my PC, my current one isn't powerful enough which might cause timing issues, I expect to upgrade next month or less likely the month after.

[Fluff] The actual quote had a r. Not the streamer's end. :P

[Snark] "the month afte" ? No r. Kappa

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'll start work on PBR when I upgrade my PC, my current one isn't powerful enough which might cause timing issues, I expect to upgrade next month or less likely the month afte

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !balance

TPPbankbot: @Twitch_plays_3ds your balance is 4380

[Stadium] We just heard Bulbasaur's cry! It's back to normal. Phew!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance

Tppbankbot: @Twitch_plays_3ds your balance is 4572

[Meta] In a few minutes, TwitchSpeaks will have an hour of Human Mode with Pokemonisawesome12345, plus a TPP Narrates (maybe), and an Open Mic. Come join!

[Stadium] Blue wins!

[Stadium] Blue: Chikorita - Hypno - Smeargle vs. Red: Caterpie - Goldeen - Suicune

[Stadium] Red team wins!

[Stadium] Blue: Psyduck - Snubbull - Weezing vs. Red: Clefable - Cyndaquil - Smoochum

[Stadium] Red wins!

[Stadium] Blue: Bellsprout - Slowpoke - Snubbull vs. Red: Forretress - Porygon - Yanma

[Stadium] Blue wins!

[Stadium] Blue: Krabby - Psyduck - Zapdos vs. Red: Ekans - Growlithe - Magby

[Stadium] Red won with a Muk counter sweep!

[Stadium] Blue: Bellossom - Jumpluff - Wobbuffet vs. Red: Blastoise - Jigglypuff - Muk

[Stadium] Blue wins!

[Stadium] Blue: Bellossom - Golbat - Xatu vs. Red: Ledyba - Quagsire - Sunflora

[Stadium] Red team wins!

[Stadium] Blue: Pidgeot - Pikachu - Smeargle vs. Red: Azumarill - Crobat - Magnemite

[Stadium] Red team wins!

[Stadium] Blue: Dratini - Jumpluff - Marill vs. Red: Bellossom - Espeon - Poliwhirl

[Stadium] Red team wins!

[Info] Ledyba has gotten double freeze 3 times in the past week with Ice Punch!

[Stadium] Blue: Ledyba - Sentret - "Ursaring" vs. Red: Eevee - Pikachu - Poliwrath

[Stadium] Blue team wins with Doot Doot in for the kill!

[Stadium] Blue team: Piloswine - Sudowoodo - Xatu vs. Red team: Gengar - Weedle - Weepinbell

[Stadium] Blue team wins with a spaghetti sweep!

[Stadium] Blue team: Entei - Steelix - Tangela vs. Red team: Gastly - Poliwag - Wartortle

[Stadium] Red team wins with 6.15:1 odds!

[Stadium] Blue team: Meganium - Teddiursa - Weezing vs. Red team: Igglybuff - Onix - Tyranitar

[Stadium] Blue team wins with an almost Tauros sweep!

[Stadium] Blue team: Espeon - Slowpoke - Tauros vs. Red team: Ivysaur - Kabutops - Weepinbell

[Stadium] Blue team wins!

[Stadium] Blue team: Alakazam - Heracross - Lapras vs. Red team: Gyarados - Nidoking - Teddiursa

[Stadium] Blue team won with the predictions!

[Stadium] Blue team: Bellossom - Ledyba - Machamp vs. Red team: Igglybuff - Psyduck - Wobbuffet

[Stadium] Red team wins with flinch hax!

[Stadium] Blue team: Croconaw - Growlithe - Koffing vs. Red team: Magcargo - Persian - Seaking

[Stadium] Blue team won!

[Stadium] Blue team: Abra - Miltank - Tyranitar vs. Red team: Cubone - Fearow - Mareep

[Stadium] Red team wins!

[Stadium] Blue team: Beedrill - Golem - Lapras vs. Red team: Qwilfish - Totodile - Wobbuffet

[Stadium] Blue team wins! Magikarp got a kill in at least.

[Stadium] Blue team: Qwilfish - Smoochum - Tauros vs. Red team: Cyndaquil - Diglett - Magikarp

[Stadium] Red team wins!

[Stadium] Blue team: Kadabra - Ledian - Remoraid vs. Red team: Dragonite - Octillery - Wobbuffet

[Stadium] Red team wins!

[Stadium] Blue team: Entei - Metapod - Weedle vs. Red team: Dragonite - Flareon - Krabby

[Stadium] Blue team wins!

[Stadium] Blue team: Bellossom - Forretress - Gengar vs. Red team: Katie - Larvitar - Qwilfish

[Stadium] Blue team wins, go Dewgong!

[Stadium] Blue team: Dewgong - Dratini - Fearow vs. Red team: Jigglypuff - Magikarp - Pineco

[Stadium] Blue team wins with a slap of mud!

[Stadium] Blue team: Jynx - Moltres - Tyranitar vs. Red team: Exeggutor - Octillery - Umbreon

[Stadium] Red team wins! Master Goldeen strikes again with a Horn Drill victory!

[Stadium] Blue team: Gastly - Poliwhirl - "Ursaring" vs. Red team: Crobat - Master Goldeen - Godpip

[Stadium] Red team wins! Clefairy takes out Meowth with a Psychic! That's right!

[Stadium] Not looking good! Mantine was frozen solid to Articuno's Blizzard.

[Snark] Treesus I'm counting on you to Rock Rekt, I have 100 bucks in your hands right now.

[Stadium] Blue team: Articuno - Meowth - Weedle vs. Red team: Clefairy - Mantine - Treesus!

[Chat/Snark] How was that Machamp female?

[Stadium] Blue team wins. ATV takes out Forretress with Psychic!

[Stadium] Blue team: Machamp - Marowak - ATV vs. Red team: Bellossom - Forretress - Poliwhirl.

[Fluff] I hope this makes up for lack of updates, real sorry for no updates at all.

[Stadium] Hitmonchan goes down, Blue team wins.

[Stadium] Poliwhirl vs. Hitmonchan right now, both at yellow HP.

[Snark] He just messed with Shuckle!

[Stadium] Poliwhirl quickly revenge kills Shuckle with Surf.

[Stadium] Shuckle takes out Sunflora with Sludge Bomb! Poliwhirl is next up.

[Stadium] Another 3-5% Bide for Red team, RNG'd?

[Stadium] Shuckle is out and uses Bide against Sunflora.

[Stadium] Sunflora's Razor Leaf takes out Rhydon instantly.

[Stadium] Sunflora vs. Rhydon!

[Stadium] A match is about to begin with Golem - Poliwhirl - Sunflora vs. Hitmonchan - Rhydon - Shuckle


[Stadium] Helix takes out Worms with Ancientpower! Helix wins.

[Stadium] Weepinbell down to Worm's Sludge Bomb! Helix out.

[Stadium] Dome is down, Worms is out.

[Stadium] Bird Jesus goes down to Dome's Blizzard. Dome has no more Blizzard's left for Weepinbell!

[Stadium] Metagod down, Dome is out against Bird Jesus.

[Stadium] The match begins! Pidgeotto leads against Metapod.

[Stadium] Beedrill - Kabuto - Metapod vs. Omanyte - Pidgeotto - Weepinbell. Who will win?

[Stadium] A little late, but Dux just swept a team of Venonat - Tyranitar - Weepinbell!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !roulette

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Only one way to find out

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Only one way to find out Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !roulette

Maybe not? Or maybe it's back.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: No I turned it off

RIP !roulette

[Stadium] Helix just swept. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: using cheat codes at all was causing Stadium 2 to stutter and mess up the menu navigation timings, Bobthepigeon has prepared a romhack that disables the music

[Stadium] BACK ONLINE!

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RITO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] DOWN!

[Stadium] Donphan Sweep!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !bet 100 red

[Stadium] Burrito is against Helix, with M4 up after Helix.


[Stadium] Dome and Helix are teaming up while on Red team.

[Music] Vermilion City - Pokemon Gold/Silver

[Stadium] Back Up

Stream is loading back up

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: performing maintenance on the server

[Chat] RIOT

[Stadium] DOWN!

[Stadium] Glitched selection again. Red team was supposed to be Exeggcute, Gastly, and Machop, but is now Electrode, Flaaffy, Ledian.

[Stadium] Oddish Sweep!

[Stadium] Helix Sweep!


[Stadium] Dewgong has been in Stadium surprising often the last few matches. I think he's overtaking us... o_O

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: personally I'd prefer if the order of teams were known beforehand but I understand this can result in less interesting matches, I ask those who are passionate about this to think of ways of selecting interesting teams of pokemon instead of making the making the match artificially unpredictable

[Stadium] Suicune swept blue team taking minimum damage.

animefan1998: @ TwitchPlaysPokemon, is the infobot order suppose to be pre-shuffle or post-shuffle?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @animefan1998 alphabetical

[Streamer] <bm01> @TwitchPlaysPokemon you could add it on the stream (i.e. video, not chat) instead

<twitchplayspokemon> @bm01 that's what I'm planning on doing but there's no space and no metadata

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I would really like the music track to be displayed too but it's a bigger ask than it seems and I don't want to use chatbots unless there's a good enough reason to (dealing with the stream delay, supporting data mining)

[Streamer] <stormpikecommando> stupid? why is that? thinking it would spam a bit too much?

<twitchplayspokemon> @stormpikecommando it's both spammy and hard to align with the audio stream

[Streamer] <howlback> streamer, would you consider having the infobot tell what song is playing?

<twitchplayspokemon> @howlback I considered it and quickly realized it was a stupid idea

[Stadium] Back online!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: not sure why that happened, maybe the music code doesn't work?

[Stadium] Is still playing music in the background. Weird.

[Stadium] OFFLINE!

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has selected Clefairy instead of the displayed Crobat!

[Stadium] BACK ONLINE!

[Info] Patch time!

[Stadium] DOWN!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Dr_clipper you're correct, it's still using the same order from last match, but it will re-shuffle when betting is over

[Stadium] Tppinfobot now says what the teams are at the start of the match. The GUI also updates to show the new, randomized order.

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been patched!

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been taken down for a patch!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: undefined balance bug should now be fixed at least

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh, I know what went wrong, I'll fix it next match

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: didn't shuffle?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the order of pokemon is now shuffled right as the match starts

[Stadium] Stadium 2 is back up!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been taken down for a patch!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: patch time

[Stadium] Piloswine just swept Red team.

[Stadium] As of a recent update, Pokemon are now selected in alphabetical order in order to speed up the Pokemon selection process and thus leaving more time to bet.

[Stadium] Blue Team was supposed to be Espeon, Seaking, Starmie. Instead it was Espeon, Sandslash, Spearow.

[Stadium] Both Amber's and Dome's alternative forms were on the same team. They won.

Stream back up

Stream down ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] Announcer is back! (He was gone for a few days.)

[Stadium] Another never bet on Entei match!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I did if(!result) {var balance = 1000;} but then Javascript

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> undefined = no balance = defaults to 1000

56 minutes ago
[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> is the Nidoran bug fixed?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> just making betting luck based isn't a good idea, the "luck" should come from unpredictability

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> Pokemon order is now random

[Stadium] Stadium 2 is back up!

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been taken down for a patch!

Actually right now
[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> patch time

38 minutes ago
[Streamer] <misiekf71> http://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/2d5flv/stadium_discussion/

<twitchplayspokemon> @misiekf71 I can look into making the order of Pokemon random

[Stadium] Helix sweep! Took out Entei - Aipom - Elekid! Never bet Entei.

Stream back up!

Stream down!

[Info] The match that it froze on did not count.

[Stadium] It's been back for 2 matches now! Apologies for delay.

[Stadium] Froze about 10 Minutes Ago! Sorry for the delayed reaction.

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> test

[Streamer] <cheesecake_og> I haven't betted and want to start betting but it's not working and it also doesn't show my balance Please help me

<twitchplayspokemon> @Cheesecake_og it not working if you haven't betted on a successful match before is a known issue, you probably have 1000

[Streamer]<peppey_pep> It don not show my balence..

<twitchplayspokemon> @Peppey_pep have you betted before?

[Streamer] <dr_clipper> @Twitchplayspokemon Do you get upped to $500 or $100 if you go all in?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Dr_clipper 500, because I'm subscribed by default

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I wonder if I made it through in time
Spoilers: He did.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> !bet 200 red

[Stadium] 488,284 is bet on blue. 3,965 is bet on red.

[Stadium] The odds are 123.15:1.
In the words of the streamer...

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> gg

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> !bet 100 red
<twitchplayspokemon> can't resist those odds

[Streamer] <mrpieman10> @Twitchplayspokemon Will the announcer ever come back? D:

<twitchplayspokemon> @Mrpieman10 yes, Bobthepigeon is working on a non-buggy music disable code

[Streamer] <czerwona_latarnia> Since when did !(check)balance work?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Czerwona_latarnia an hour or so ago

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> only during betting phase

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been patched!

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been taken down for a patch!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> yet another patch

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm changing the bankbot to only respond to !balance during betting phase

[Stadium] Tppbankbot is now a moderator again.

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has returned!
Tppbankbot seems to be no longer a moderator.

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been taken down for a patch!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> patching again

[Streamer] !balance has been re-enabled and it now uses Tppbankbot!

[Stadium] Stadium 2 is back up!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> !balance

[Stadium] !balance has been disabled!

[Info] Due to the amount of !balance spam, any messages from the streamer may be missed for the time being.

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been taken down!

[Stadium] Stadium 2 is back up!

[Info] !checkbalance is real now. Just type "!balance!" and you will get your balance will be posted on chat

[Stadium] You can now check your balance with !balance
Oh Helix why... I notice streamer messages quickly because his messages make a ping...

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> !balance <twitchplayspokemon> @Twitchplayspokemon your balance is 900

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been taken down for a patch!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> alright, time to patch

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> test
<twitchplayspokemon> testing something

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> !test
<twitchplayspokemon> @Twitchplayspokemon your balance is undefined

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> !test

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈلຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈلຈ༽┘ ♪

[Fluff] D/P Game Corner intensifies

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> emotes are something that can wait until Red

[Streamer] <sirskitty> @Twitchplayspokemon Are there any benefits to subscribing? Besides the pokemoney not falling below 500?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Sirskitty not currently, but maybe there will be more things in the future

[Streamer] <bexxxxxxx> @twitchplayspokemon when someone subscribes, how much of the $5 goes directly to you?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Bexxxxxxx half of it

[Streamer] <kevin_the_noodles> Streamer can I buy a subscription with my pokemoney?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Kevin_the_noodles no, that would devalue the already pretty poor value subscription

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !bet 100 red

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Zero3k I'm waiting on @Bobthepigeon for that

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: scrollbar bug should be fixed now

[Stadium] BACK UP!

[Stadium] DOWN!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: patching again

[Meta] In about 15 Minutes, TwitchSpeaks is Doing a Human Mode with /u/antiquatedCreator. Afterwards, There Will Be "TPP Runs For President", and an Open Mic. Come Join!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bexxxxxxx I'm not sure, I'd like to change the way the audio is setup to account for Skype's lag before testing, I might do that later tonight (4~8 hours from now)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Geforcefly when your local clock says 0 seconds, that's when betting closes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @S_sonick that's why you use a clock that isn't in the stream, so there's no stream delay

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Trainer Tip: if you want to bet late watch the second hand on an accurate clock, when it hits 0 that's when betting closes. http://time.is/UTC

[Info] Description was updated: "Pokemon Stadium 2's audio has been disabled as the music disable code was causing a bug with Pokemon selection. It will return soon."

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it doesn't matter if it's imbalanced, the variable odds will account for it

<Pokemon_playstwitch:> @Twitchplayspokemon Any chance we can unlock the higher legendaries like Mew and Mewtwo in Stadium 2?

<Twitchplayspokemon:> @Pokemon_playstwitch possibly

[Info] Timer was reduced to 3 minutes and 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

<Twitchplayspokemon> @Estasigma if you want to be technical about it, soon Stadium 2 might be a romhack, a romhack to disable music but a romhack none the less

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm going to try to only announce events during events, I don't want people to feel like they have to stick around between runs

Stream online!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: match is still going and will resume

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: connection to twitch was interrupted

Stream offline!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: timer and nidoran bugs should be fixed now

Stream up!

[Info] Timer is being patched.

Stream down!

<Estasigma> @Twitchplayspokemon - So I assume you're working only on Stadium still?

<Twitchplayspokemon> @Estasigma yes, and then I'll likely be working on PBR, Twitch_plays_3ds is going to be working on the upcoming run

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: okay, going to fix that timer, I know why it messed up

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: next up on the chopping block is the nidoran and scrollbar bug

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that change is that the timer is now synced to the minute, so those who want to be really late can look at their clock and get a good sense of when betting is ending

[Info] Place-to-bet timer was extended out to 5 minutes, originally was 4 minutes.

[Info] Pokemon are no longer in alphabetical order, similar to old Stadium.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Spartan_paladin spotted the biggest change, there is one other smaller change and one (unconfirmed) bugfix

Stream up!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: time to patch

[Streamer] <goofrygaming> @TwitchPlaysPokemon, if ya give an Englishman a try at commentating your stream I would love to do it

<twitchplayspokemon> @Goofrygaming sure, but not right now, please keep an eye out for future commentary tests


<twitchplayspokemon> @Faithfulforce that's all true, and I intend on doing more commentary in the future, I want to fix that 3 second lag problem too

[Streamer] <gamebrojeremy> @twitchplayspokemon, if you can attend to do the streaming commentary latter on in the day, I can definitely commentate. That one time was just a test :)

<twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy good to know, you did well, I'd like to have you on again

[Stadium] And then to top off the live commentary... Catz.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Switch_z: @mrbubbles121 and his brother were commentating just now

[Stadium] That concludes the live commentary for today!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> that concludes today's commentary test

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> thank you to all of today's commentators

[Streamer] <gamebrojeremy> @twitchplayspokemon You can have a schedule for commentaries then considering this was a SUCESS.

<twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy yeah, I'll have to put a schedule together

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy I agree, this match will be the final commentated match for today

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> final commentary match for today

[Info] For those who just joined, @mrbubbles121 is live commentating with his brother.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Poksonkirmar yes, there will be more commentary, but these guys are going to be it for today, next time I'll like to address the latency issue

[Commentator] The call has been closed and re-opened!

[Stadium] The video has frozen!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> just a moment, I'll reset the videocall

[Commentators] They have lost their direct video off of Twitch, so they are now working with a large delay!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubble121 just bring it to a conclusion when you feel appropriate

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121 go for as long as you want

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> sure, another

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy it seemed fine

[Commentator] <gamebrojeremy> @twitchplayspokemon, my mic is very old, I am getting a new one in the future. Sorry if it cut out during my match. I was talking with my sister so I clicked the mute button which causes the mic to go into a static like trance...


<twitchplayspokemon> @maafighter it's fine, thank you for considering

[Commentators] Their Skype call is currently having issues!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121 I'll put it on in a moment, sorry

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has resumed!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> okay, @mrbubbles121 is commentating now with his brother

[Stadium] Stadium 2 is currently and has been down while the the next commentators come on.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121 is checking with his brother

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121 are you still available to commentate?

[Commentator] <maafighter> I WOULD HAVE BUT I WANTED A DUO TriHard

[Commentator] <gamebrojeremy> No my sister lives in the same house as I do

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @gamebrojeremy sure, it's okay, thank you for commentating

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121, you want to go back on?

[Commentator] I'd love to, but my sister needs to sleep.
[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> okay

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @gamebrojeremy another match?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @gamebrojeremy this is a fast match, let's do another

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has resumed!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> coming back now

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> thank you very much @mrbubbles121 for commentating, bringing on @Gamebrojeremy now

[Commentator] <gamebrojeremy> Because my I have a loud voice.

<gamebrojeremy> I want to test how well my mic works before I do dual commentary

[Commentator] <maafighter> HELLO? WHO WANTS TO JOIN ME ? SwiftRage

[Commentator] <maafighter> can someone duo commentate with me anyways? anyone?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Maafighter I'll ask you during @Gamebrojeremy 's match

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Maafighter you don't have to go afterwards if you don't want

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Maafighter all solo commentators do 1 match, I think it's a good policy for now

[Commentary] <gamebrojeremy> Oh 1? Okay!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy I'll have you on for one match, it's unfair to have @maafighter wait so long

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> okay, one more, and then it'll be @gamebrojeremy doing some solo commentary

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121 if you don't mind of course

<twitchplayspokemon> everybody want that?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121 at least one more match

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Maafighter I don't have a lot of it but I can easily create it if needed at cost to my income

[Stadium] The Entei sweep is a success!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy if you're going to go for 3 it's only fair we let these guys go for at least one more

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @gamebrojeremy how many matches you want to go for?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy send me your skype details if you haven't already

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy alright, I'll have you on next commentator switch

[Stadium] Team Red + Magikarp + Entei = ???

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'll work on solving the lag problem for future matches, I do have a potential solution

[Commentator] <gamebrojeremy> I agree @Twitchplayspokemon so give them a few more matches, then have me on, then put maafighter on.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm happy for you to be on too, @Maafighter

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy I'm happy to have you on too, but I don't want to force you on a tough crowd

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Maafighter @Gamebrojeremy you would like them to stay on instead?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> alright, another match

[Stadium] Red team won!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121, you're on

[Stadium] And we have returned to Stadium 2 with commentary!

[Stadium] And Stadium 2 has been temporarily turned off!

[Streamer] <gamebrojeremy> Yeah @Twitchplayspokemon I'm better off with a solo trust me Kappa

<twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy okay

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira and @Pixley thank you very much for commentating, I'll end your call when the timer runs out and bring on @mrbubbles121

[Stadium] Red, the team with the Magikarp, actually won the match! And that ends @Pixley and @Zekira commentating!

[Stadium] The hype is building as a Magikarp KOs Mankey with Flail at 18HP while Mankey had fully maxed evasion!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121 use this time to make sure your mic works well

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Maafighter it's Skype, you'll be watching a Skype shared desktop with a couple of seconds of latency

[Commentator] <gamebrojeremy> Execelent

[Commentator] <maafighter> yes @twitchplayspokemon thats okay Keepo/ i sent you a message, im still not even sure how you guys have this set up Keepo/

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy okay, good to know, I'll ask you again later as well

[Commentator] <gamebrojeremy> Sure @Twitchplayspokemon
<gamebrojeremy> I'm fine with that

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy and @Maafighter you'll be on after @Mrbubbles121 does two matches, that okay?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @mrbubbles121 are you still available to commentate?

<mrbubbles121> Yessir!

[Streamer] * faithfulforce @Twitchplayspokemon, do you ever plan to do commentary a few hours earlier? <3

<twitchplayspokemon> @Faithfulforce yes, I'm aware of the bad timing

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @zekira and @pixley one more match, and we'll have two more on

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @zekira still not perfect, but better

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira's mic seems better now

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> what does everyone want?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira and @Pixley, another match?

[Streamer] <schadenfreude555> @Twitchplayspokemon do you think it will be successful tho? It seems like tpp has this sort of hivemind while fpp is just a fish

<twitchplayspokemon> @Schadenfreude555 it's essentially RNG plays Pokemon with a very slow, but endearing random number generator, interest will undoubtedly die down but it may still have a small following, there was a TV show called fishcam in my home city that was very similar sans the Pokemon

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Gamebrojeremy if you and @Maafighter want to commentate we can have you on

[Streamer] <maafighter> @twitchplayspokemon i know i wont get picked to commentate any time soon but where do i sign up? i really want to do it Keepo/

<twitchplayspokemon> @Maafighter send me a message

[Streamer] <schadenfreude555> @Twitchplayspokemon what do you think of fish plays pokemon

<twitchplayspokemon> @Schadenfreude555 I like it, it's fun to see all of these twists on TPP pop up to fill a content vacuum now that X is over

[Commentator] Zekira is currently dealing with some slight mic quality and volume issues, but they are improving.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira it's getting better

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira it's okay, don't worry, it's a test, and bad mics and connections are just the way of things

[Commentator] <zekira> SwiftRage MY MIC SUCKS BibleThump

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> doing great so far guys!

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has resumed with live commentary!
@Zekira and @Pixley will be commentating this match.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> okay coming back on now

[Stadium] <twitchplayspokemon> sending you an invite @Zekira

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been taken down temporarily!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> alright, time for commentary

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm going to send out invites at the end of this match

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira you'll get to watch over Skype which is low latency

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> the match after this one will have commentary, stay tuned

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I have @Zekira and @Pixley 's Skype details but not @mrbubbles121 and his brother's, so we'll start with @Zekira and @Pixley next match

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> 5 minutes until commentary, have a couple of pairs available

[Streamer] <zekira> Oh ok

<twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira you can do solo commentary instead if you'd prefer

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira @mrbubbles121 is going to commentate with his brother

[Streamer] <zekira> >9 minutes until commentary >I'm not invited BibleThump

<twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira if you're interested in commentating with Pixley you can be on

<zekira> wait, I thought mrbubbles was on

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> 9 minutes until commentary

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> 13 minutes until commentary

[Streamer] <gbaconator> @Twitchplayspokemon do you have to have a microphone to do commentary?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Gbaconator yes

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @zekira and @mrbubbles121 signed up for commentary so far

[Streamer] <blacky777> streamer, will there be music with commentary BibleThimp

<twitchplayspokemon> @Blacky777 yes, but I'll turn it down

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> live commentary test in 22 minutes!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> also @mrbubbles121 is interested in commentating

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> preferably dual commentary, but we'll see how it goes

[Streamer] <wonwonwonwon> 24 minutes until what?

<twitchplayspokemon> commentary test

[Streamer] <tehlockeness> @Twitchplayspokemon when is that streamer?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Tehlockeness 24 minutes from now

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I have @Zekira so far

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> at 11:30:00Z stream time I'll do a commentary test, anyone wanting to commentate please send me a message with your skype username

[Streamer] <jamkin74> @Twitchplayspokemon I think it'd be best if each pair of commentators commentate 2 games each

<twitchplayspokemon> @Jamkin74 I think so too, but we'll see how many there are first

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> if no pairs step up I could also put two individuals on at once

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm going to be testing dual commentary soon, any pairs of commentators please contact me with your skype details

[Chat] <zekira> @Twitchplayspokemon ah okay, I'll be back in a jiffy. I'll be waiting for the Skype invite then~

[Streamer] <mariosyoshi> @twitchplayspokemon why is there no game sonds?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Mariosyoshi because the music disable code was causing the pokemon selection bug so Stadium 2's audio is muted until Bobthepigeon works out a new code or romhack

[Streamer] <zekira> @Twitchplayspokemon hey dude, are we doing the commentary thingy today or no? Haven't seen you in skype yet BibleThump

<twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira yeah, I will like to, hopefully within the next few hours
<twitchplayspokemon> I'd like to try dual commentary, do you have someone you could commentate with @Zekira ?

<zekira> @Twitchplayspokemon oh crap, I'm not sure yet. Is anyone else on? Also I'll be eating dinner, I'll be back in like 5-10 minutes...

<twitchplayspokemon> @Zekira it'll be longer than 10 min away, yes, on skype

[Snark] Always bet on Entei.

[Stadium] Blue still wins, at least.

[Stadium] This just in, a Ledbya freezes Entei and knocks it out! Now it just froze a Gastly and knocking it out.

[Stadium] <spartan_paladin> @Twitchplayspokemon Is there any reason the pokemon teams are still on alphabetical order?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Spartan_paladin that was at attempt to reduce the pokemon selection bug from happening, I'm going to change it back in a later update

[Streamer] <resist_this13> @Twitchplayspokemon what is you job even? What do you do when not watching stream?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Resist_this13 computer programming, web development and some light system administration

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Kevin_the_noodles maybe, I have ideas for an interface specifically for Peggle

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Fishycheeze I do that with the browser so it doesn't break and I guess I'll be doing that to the emulator now as well

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Fishycheeze I was going to do that, but then I worked out the pokemon selection bug, the emulator freezing could happen at any time and it completely broke shortly after, I don't think a watchdog would help in this case

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> web browsers and emulators aren't usually designed to run for days on end

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> Project64 was running for a few days straight, it might've developed a memory leak

[Streamer] <jacobjr1> Streamer it picked a fourth pokemon accidently and just borked up

<twitchplayspokemon> @Jacobjr1 it would have messed up shortly before selecting the fourth Pokemon

[Streamer] <darkuraiontwitch> The emulator froze while picking Pokemon.

<darkuraiontwitch> It unfroze, but the buttons were desynced.

<twitchplayspokemon> @Darkuraiontwitch ah, thought that might've been the case, not sure why that happened but good to know it wasn't my fault

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> anyone see it break and remember how it happened? Project64 crashed while I was trying to reset it so maybe it was an emulator glitch

[Stadium] IT'S ALIVE

Stream back up, Stadium up and running!

Stream down!

[Stadium] Is Stuck!

[Stadium] Back Up!

[Stadium] Black Screen!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: now I have thermal grease all over my hands

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: getting an "INVALID SYSTEM DISK" for a dead CPU is extremely counter intuitive

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Estasigma so I was using an old stock CPU cooler that was totally inadequate for a few days

[Snark] RIP in pieces.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Estasigma nah, my CPU cooler died

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I thought my SSD was toast, most of everything is backed up but still turned out it was my CPU that was toast

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @lethay a couple of months ago I was having cooling issues, that might have damaged it, but I don't know why it broke now instead of then

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I would have fixed it earlier but I was having PC troubles, woke up this morning to a "OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND" error followed by a system that won't POST at all.

[Stadium] It's now working again!

[Stadium] We are still snapping.

[Info] Apparently this was a while ago. :P

[Stadium] HAS "AW SNAP"ED!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm used to playing these games on arcade difficulty because I thought that's what everyone played on

<twitchplayspokemon> was I doing it wrong?

[Streamer] <tarotprophet> @Twitchplayspokemon I do agree Touhou games are easier compared to other shmups though.

<twitchplayspokemon> @Tarotprophet I noticed, I had to turn the difficulty all the way up when I played and I still got through a few bosses on my first try

[Streamer] <nuggetbuster> @TwitchPlaysPokemon Is there any chance of us playing Tomodachi Life in the future?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Nuggetbuster you'll have to ask Twitch_plays_3ds

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> why do people like Touhou so much? the gameplay is so bland compared to Cave

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> pokeballs are like $2 seems reasonable

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> the designers of Pokemon wanted you to equate the value of the in-world Pokemon currency to yen, that's why the currency is literally yen in the Japanese version

[Streamer] * faithfulforce: @Twitchplayspokemon, do you call it pokeyen or pokedollar?
* faithfulforce: @Twitchplayspokemon officially it's pokedollar, but it's your currency <3

<twitchplayspokemon> @Faithfulforce pokeyen, because I equate it in value to the yen

[Streamer] <gerym> @Twitchplayspokemon minimal bet should be 100, people bet 1 and troll moves.

<twitchplayspokemon> @Gerym 1% is an approximation, each pokeyen counts

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'd want to mute the in-game announcer if commentators are on, of course

[Streamer] <sm64player123> @Twitchplayspokemon who selects the poke mon you or a random bot?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Sm64player123 random.shuffle function in Python

[Streamer] <jc90xx> @Twitchplayspokemon will Stadium money transfer to PBR??

<twitchplayspokemon> @Jc90xx yes

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm going to not rush PBR at all, I'm going to continue to work on Stadium 2 so I can take what I learn and apply it to PBR which will be recreated from near nothing

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> PBR is when it's ready

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> that can wait for PBR I guess

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I might have it be a pop-up like the subscriber notification, it sucks that it won't be on constantly though which would be ideal

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I don't like scrolling bars for content like song titles, it's distracting and hard to read

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> that's why I'm thinking of having it as a PBR feature

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> even if I had the metadata I don't know where I'd display it

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Flashmanbro I'm thinking about uploading my reference file for the music and have everyone fill in the metadata, I've seen people in the chat with a much better ear for pokemon music than me

[Streamer] <sm64player123> @Twitchplayspokemon is your stream ONLINE 24/7?

<twitchplayspokemon> @sm64player123 since February 12

[Streamer] <minedreigon> @Twitchplayspokemon could we have, as already said, the song name on screen?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Minedreigon I'd like to do that but there isn't really a sport for it and the songs don't all have metadata

[Streamer] <shinysapphire> Sweet! I like it!<3

<twichplayspokemon> @Shinysapphire I have a soft-spot for real-time music rendering, which is probably why I put so much thought into its integration with the stream

[Streamer] <shinysapphire> Streamer, how did you get Gameboy music in there all of the sudden?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Shinysapphire I'm using Winamp + Chipamp plugin set

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> around the same time, maybe up to a few hours earlier, depending on what I'm doing

[Streamer] <flashmanbro> @TwitchPlaysPokemon are you going to have more commentators?

<twitchplayspokemon> @Flashmanbro yes, I'd like to try dual commentary tomorrow

[Streamer] * faithfulforce: I don't think the streamer is on anymore <3 Maybe he is, I don't know
* faithfulforce: @Redpotato15, the streamer rotated in 3 commentators, but the test is done for the day <3
* faithfulforce: Strange, now i can @Twitchplayspokemon you. Maybe it's if you've talked recently

<twitchplayspokemon> @Faithfulforce that's not true
<twitchplayspokemon> @Faithfulforce even if I'm not on my bot shares the same account, and that's always on

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> the moderator position isn't a trophy position

<twitchplayspokemon> if the moderator position was a trophy position there would be a lot more moderators

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> Skype has a delay of a second or two, but I could configure OBS to compensate for it so the commentator's speech aligns more closely to in-game events

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> so, what does everyone think? is commentary an idea worth pursuing further?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> That concludes today's live commentary test, thank you to @Animefan210 @Pixley and @Razzcastic for commentating

[Stadium] Red, the team with the Magikarp, won the match!

[Stadium] Razzcastic is the commentator!

[Chat] Kappa//

[Stadium] The stream has resumed with another live commentator!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ADD LIVE RIOTER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] The stream has changed to the idle screen!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> you did very well, @pixley

[Stadium] Blue team wins the match that Pixley was commentating!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> can skype share desktop to two people?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm bringing in someone for the next match too, anyone who wants to commentate please send me a message and get your skype set up correctly

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> he can only see Stadium's window, not the overlay

[Stadium] There was a small hiccup and the video froze for a second!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> just a moment, I'll adjust volume

[Streamer] <reeznovisback> @twitchplayspokemon let all ppl commentate 1 game and we will select the best one !

<twitchplayspokemon> @Reeznovisback good idea

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Pikaballz I would definitely like dual commentators, but I'm just testing one at the time to make sure that works okay

[Stadium] We have resumed Stadium 2 with Pixley on the mic!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Pixley is on as commentator

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> trying to connect to another commentator

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> anyone available to commentate?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Doghan4 send me your Skype account name

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> now all the other commentators are scared

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I was hoping to bring in Gamebrojeremy but it looks like he went afk

[Chat] * animefan210 hides in corner now

[Stadium] The stream has changed to the idle screen!

[Stadium] Red won the match that animefan210 was commentating!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @animefan210 thank you for being the first to stand up and commentate, after this match I'll rotate someone else in

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Pixley I'll see how it goes in-battle, I can pause and turn the music down

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has resumed with Animefan210 on the mic!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> okay, resuming stream

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Animefan210 the video coming through okay?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> oh, nevermind, animefan210 came through

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> ok, how about Zekira instead?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Animefan210 I need your skype username to add you

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] The stream has changed to the idle screen!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Animefan210 send me your skype name via twitch message and I'll add you

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> vote over, Animefan210 comes in at position #1

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> 1 minute left: http://strawpoll.me/2292717

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> 3 minutes left to vote for your favorite commentators: http://strawpoll.me/2292717

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> poll closes at 10:00:00Z, 5 minutes left: http://strawpoll.me/2292717

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> if we have time we'll go through more than one commentator

[Snark] Witch Plays Pokemon! Find it in theaters this October!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I have Gamebrojeremy, Yoyodude123, Animefan210 and Zekira, am I missing anyone?

[Streamer] witchplayspokemon> I have Gamebrojeremy, Yoyodude123, Animefan210 and Zekira, am I missing anyone?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> now have four potential commentators

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> if it turns out commentary is something worth doing then I'll need an announcer disable code, right now Stadium 2's audio is disabled because of a bug so I'm taking this opportunity to test it out

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> one hour

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'll be testing the live commentary functionality at 10:00:00Z, anybody interested in being a commentator please send me a message, you must have a Skype account and a working microphone

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Misiekf71 it was interfering with the sound effect event system causing random unexpected menu navigation timings

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Mistrauss currently the music disable code has been disabled because it was causing the pokemon selection bug, I have muted Stadium 2 until I have a better solution (I have asked Bobthepigeon to look into it)

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Euphoriaburgers64 send me a message

[Streamer] <the_brofist_tfm> @Twitchplayspokemon Are you going to speak, or is some one else going to?

<twitchplayspokemon> @The_brofist_tfm someone else will

<twitchplayspokemon> @The_brofist_tfm I don't have a microphone connected to this PC

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Faithfulforce two hours

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'll be testing the live commentary functionality at 10:00:00Z, anybody interested in being a commentator please send me a message, you must have a Skype account and a working microphone

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'll be testing the live commentary functionality at 10:00:00Z, anybody interested in being a commentator please send me a message, you must have a Skype account and a working microphone

[Meta] It may have a few quirks to it, but the GDoc for X is finally updated up until the end of X-Postgame

[Streamer] koolkreeper15: twitchplayspokemon, how do you check your points?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Koolkreeper15 your balance is the dimmed value next to your bet amount

[Streamer] killagod47: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I only have 100 coins yet I am sub?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Killagod47 that shouldn't be the case, try making a bet and see if the cap gets applied after the match rends

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> the gen 1 and 2 music didn't have timestamps so I have have chosen some songs that are too short

[Streamer] (on FishPlaysPokemon) Twitchplayspokemon is attempting to tap the glass, enter !tap in chat to charge the tap meter

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> 10:00:00Z

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> 10am Z? that's not right

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'll ask around in the chat and put a poll together around 10AMZ

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's going to be fully supervised, the setup isn't elaborate enough to do it any other way at the moment

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Rayquaza1090 I'm in Australia UTC+11 or UTC+10 depending on DST (IIRC)

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> it'll just be one person at a time to keep it simple, I chose a time with low viewers (and me having free time) in case it doesn't go great

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I can't be bothered converting to American time, it's too far away

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> compare time to stream time

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how about I do a test of the live commentary system at 10:00:00Z?

[Streamer] <bexxxxxxx> @twitchplayspokemon would there be an application one would have to fill out?
<twitchplayspokemon> @Bexxxxxxx I don't know, I didn't think about it that far, I only checked to see if it was technically possible, I haven't thought about putting it into practice yet

[Context] <death2danoobs> So what you're saying streamer is that people could call in and announce the stream? Would you screen share for them to see the game to announce it?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Death2danoobs yes, that's what I'm saying

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I won't have it so everyone can join, I'll manually add commentators

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I did set up a Skype account so people could call in and commentate (with screen sharing for low-latency gameplay footage)

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Countneko Stadium 2 audio is disabled because the music disable code was causing the pokemon selection and crash bug

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> oh really? I thought they had on-screen keyboards

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> are there people here watching on consoles?

[Stadium] Burrito sweeps Red team.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I took the Twitch CEO up on his offer to export a large number of VODs all at once: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2cwfu2/i_am_twitch_ceo_emmett_shear_ask_me_almost/cjjpkf4

[Stadium] Gen 1 & 2 music has been added!

[Stadium] Stadium 2 restarted, patch applied!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: all bets refunded, deploying patch

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has been shut off to apply a patch!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: but not battle music unfortunately, haven't worked out how to make it loop yet

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll be adding some gen 1 and gen 2 music today

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Stadium 2's audio will be disabled until then

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I sent a message to Bobthepigeon asking about a revised code or romhack that doesn't interfere with Pokemon selection

[Context] <estasigma> @Twitchplayspokemon - If you see this, could you please tell us when you plan to start the romhacks/other runs intermission?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Estasigma not working on anything but Stadium 2 right now, ask me again later

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> I'm working on an alternate method to disable music

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> with how reliable Pokemon selection has been I think it's safe to conclude that the problem was the music disable code was randomly changing the timings of the pokemon selection menu causing a desync

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I fixed a few small errors in the overlay in the last update

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> "turning it off and on again"

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> toggling chrome's visibility in OBS fixed it

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> OBS acting strangly...


[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Ell_akuro it explains why bugs showed up in code that hadn't been touched for a month

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it seems as though the music disable code was the culprit for the pokemon selection bug

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: any errors in the past 4 hours?

[Stadium] Burrito is against The False Prophet. This should be interesting.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it seems like FPP's popularity has also boosted TPP's viewercount so there's that to be appreciative of

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Python and Javascript

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Stadium is muted until it messes up

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm going to disable the code next match and see if that helps (5 min ago)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: now that I think about it, it's possible that the music disable code is causing the pokemon selection glitch (6 min ago)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's just a dramatic pause, it's a "feature" of the music disable code

[Stadium] Working!

[Stadium] FROZE!

[Stadium] not.

[Stadium] Broke again...

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: at least that time

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: that means the hard part is done

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'd rather it fail after correctly selecting pokemon

[Stadium] ONLINE!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: trying another patch...

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I don't understand why it is breaking there

[Stadium] DOWN!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh, it broke?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: so far so good, I hope it holds up overnight

[Snark] When a Flareon's on screen? What could that mean?

[Stadium] Froze again!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there should be less chance of it breaking now than this time yesterday, but maybe that's not something I should say out loud

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: my affinity for FPP is an indicator of which city I live in

[Stadium] Back Up!

[Stadium] DOWN!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: alright, patching now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: okay, going to be increasing the direction hold duration from 0.15 seconds to 0.18 seconds next match

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm testing different input timings locally, trying to find something with better tolerances

[Stadium] Unfrozen!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Misiekf71 I'm not resetting, put up with the bug until it's fixed or find something else to entertain yourself, I don't see you helping

[Stadium] Frozen!

[Stadium] BACK UP!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: another patch, trying to fix that pokemon order selection bug

[Stadium] Stream down!

[Stadium] Stadium is back up!

[Stadium] Stream down!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Fish Plays Pokemon is awesome

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: maybe if we continue to talk about fish plays pokemon we'll stop hemorrhaging viewers KappaHD

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I recently made a change that sorted the teams of pokemon by the order that the pokemon appear in the list, this should reduce the opportunities for that bug to present itself

[Stadium] Red's Doduo just swept Blue without taking any damage!
Flawless victory!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: soon I'll be making an update that reduces the probability that a pokemon selection error will occur (but not eliminate it, unfortunately), and also add a lot of music

[Info] Because the UI is displaying the wrong Pokemon, here are the movesets.

SolarbeamHeadbuttFaint Attack
Sleep PowderRoarNight Shade

[Stadium] All of the Pokemon selections on Red are incorrect! Wartortle, Pidgetto and Nidoran was the intended lineup, but it is Victreebell, Persian and Murkrow instead!

[Stadium] Stadium has been restarted!

[Stadium] Stadium has failed to select a third Pokemon on Red!
I was watching Fish Plays Pokemon again...

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Answer

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Which Electric type Pokemon has the highest base Speed?

[Snark] Voltorb is Jigglypuff... confirmed!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: jigglypuff in red team Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FrankerZ

[Info] Note: Stadium bets are case sensitive.
I didn't win my cash because of that...

[Stadium] Stadium has returned with new teams.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] The stream has been paused.

[Stadium] A second round is beginning with the same matchup that the streamer has been using for testing the Pokemon selection bug.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: this is a matchup I have been using to test the pokemon selection bug

[Stadium] The stream is back!
Stadium 2 has restarted.

[Stadium] The stream has been paused.

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has recovered from being frozen, but the Pokemon on Red are not selected.

[Stadium] Stadium 2 has frozen during Pokemon selection!

[Stadium] Two wrong Pokemon selections on Red!
It meant to select Murkrow, but it selected Misdreavus instead! [A:Shadow Ball|B:Thunder|C:Psywave|D:Pain Split]
It meant to select Bulbasaur, but it selected Bellossom instead!
[A:Petal Dance|B:Cut|C:Poisonpowder|D:Attract]
I was looking at Fish Plays Pokemon so I missed the cause.

[Stadium] In both recent cases of incorrect Pokemon selection the system ended one up or down input short after a pause in scrolling before selecting the correct Pokemon.

[Stadium] Wrong Pokemon selection on Blue! It meant to select Tentacruel, but it selected Tangela instead! [A:Giga Drain|B:Thief|C:Sleep Powder|D:Growth]

There was a small pause in scrolling down while the system was scrolling down to select Tentacruel.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Dracyoshi I appreciate your notes in the live updater about incorrect pokemon selection, if possible could you also make a note of how it messed up, did it overshoot or undershoot its target? did you notice any other irregularities? that sort of thing, it could be very helpful in fixing the bug

[Stadium] Wrong Pokemon selection on Blue! It meant to select Delibird, but it selected Dodrio instead!
[A:Fly|B:Tri Attack|C:Pursuit|D:Growl]

[Stadium] RNGPharos swept by not missing one Zap Cannon or DynamicPunch with -1 Accuracy from Mud Slap late game!

[Stadium] Used ICE HEAL on STADIUM 2! STADIUM 2 recovered from being frozen!

[Stadium] Stadium has frozen.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Orderlyearthdragon I'm going to wait until Twitch/Google sorts out their music policy before I add unsequenced music

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I still have plenty of songs to add to the playlist, it has over 200 already, I'm working on more important things (such as pokemon selection losing sync)

[Stadium] After having multiple battles in a row of Nidoran, Gengar and Snubbull vs Arbok, Graveler and Sandshrew, the streamer has restarted Stadium.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: deployed new stadium 2 reference file and tried a (yet another) new fix for the pokemon selection bug

[Stadium] Stadium is now back online!

[Stadium] Entered standby!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Dracyoshi I will like to set up an official YouTube channel for archives and maybe highlights

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Estasigma as long as Twitch/Google enforces their overbearing rules correctly it shouldn't affect this stream

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Radiant_poomph not yet, working on show-stopper bugs and better effortutput things

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Toysrmi yes, I am, I just don't just to fix it so often during peak

[Snark] PBR confirmed?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Lunaticriven Celebi doesn't show up as a renal Pokemon, you might have to wait for PBR to see Celebi

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Gameplayer144 if you didn't here it is: http://pastebin.com/nSvsYLJz

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Gameplayer144 did you get that pastebin link I posed a little while earlier?


[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @leonys2 thank you

[Context] <bm01> @Twitchplayspokemon nice, you should post that on their reddit, there's some action there already

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @bm01 I don't have a Reddit account for TPP and I don't have the time to maintain one

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> http://i.imgur.com/YrwrQAR.png

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> that's the biggest offense of it all, it's technically not even music streaming, it's live music performance with the tools I purchased

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @radicaltrain you're listening to live emulations of the soundtracks of various Pokemon games, not even rips from CDs or MP3 sites, actual raw files extracted from the game

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Biozim98 I want to see Twitch/Google explain why my videos were muted, there's no typical takedown targets in there at all

[Chat] TriHard Cheren...

[Music] Rival Battle - Pokémon Black & White

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm getting them confused a lot lately

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> oh wait, that's Ubisoft, not EA

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: EA wants their Catz money?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: wow, I'm surprised it got muted, there's no non-videogame music in that entire video, it's 100% Pokemon music + a few Catz songs

[Context] <raphy963> @Twitchplayspokemon What are you using to get the information directly from the game? Like who won and when the battle end i'm really curious

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @raphy963 a Python script that determines what buttons to press based on what pixels are which color and presses them through the Windows API

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Dr_clipper I'm glad you asked, http://pastebin.com/nSvsYLJz

[Chat] <dr_clipper> KevinTurtle Streamer, on the move list database... would you like some of us to manually proof the database for you? I'd be happy to try fixing the bugs in the one you are using

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @jjwalker12master at some point, sure, busy fixing show-stopper bugs right now

[Context] <jjwalker12master> @TwitchPlaysPokemon I have to ask. But are we getting Gen6 music playing at some point?

[Snark] The battle ended. BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

[Context] <mencee> @Twitchplayspokemon Vileplume needs to be fixed btw.

[Fluff] The music playing for this battle, the Lance/Red Battle Theme from G/S/C/Etc. is one of my favorite songs in Pokemon <33

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> @mencee I tried to fix it but the other resource I used for moveset information was even worse and caused crashes due to incorrect move names

[Info] "Eitehr"

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if the sound doesn't start playing, it'll never technically stop playing eitehr

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's a glitch with the music disable code, the game depends on sound ending to trigger animation ends (similar to my problem with the subscription notifier when Stadium 2 started)

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> not a crash, just a dramatic pause

[Stadium] Dome just swept the entire team.

[Stadium] Flareon is against Kabuto. o_O

[Context] sgv_sth> @Twitchplayspokemon I will admit that I do not know how Twitch handles streams, but can you download the streams from somewhere and be able to edit them later?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @sgv_sth and then do what with the edited footage? my upstream bandwidth is so small I'd be uploading one or two videos a day, not fast enough to not lose content to Twitch's cull

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I doubt Twitch's music muting changes will affect TPP, however the video archive expiry will, maybe it's time for TPP to get an official YouTube channel, but there's no way I can upload so much data and export has length limits that TPP blows way past

[Stadium] BACK!*

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: wow

[Meta] The Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon is now available until August 12 in North America! More here at the Official Pokémon Website!

[Chat] Is counting Kappas. Yay!

Stadium down!

[Stadium] Crashed!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'll be sleeping soon, I hope it holds up overnight

└༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫ PARTY LIKE IT'S 10PM ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘♪

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm just testing out different button timings to find one that works well


[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I may have fixed the laggy scrolling (or at least made it less laggy) and I have changed the probability display to show 1% for < 0.5% bets too

Aaaaand, it's back!

Stream Down!

Stream back online!

10d 6h 4m Stream offline!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: no move named "flash " Twitchplayspokemon: does anyone know of an accurate Stadium 2 moveset list?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I have tried another fix for the pokemon selection bug, probably won't help but you never know

[Info] The stream went down for a few minutes earlier.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: no one lost or won any money

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !roulette

Stream Back Up

[Stadium] Ivysaur and Totodile is read by the UI but the game selected Houndoom and Tentacool. Stream Down

*and by ubsquish i mean unsquish

[Stadium] The Betting lists are still squished but they will ubsquish and scroll after every match now.

[Stadium] Winnings now scroll after every match

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> I updated the movesets so it should be accurate now

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> yesterday someone sent me a link in chat to a spreadsheet that had the correct Stadium 2 movesets on it, I copied it down but now I can't find it, does anyone have it?

[Chat] Grazinbullets: @Twitchplayspokemon Will it be Staidum 2 for 107 days or will there be a intermission before OR?

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> @GrazinBullets there will be an intermission before to make sure the 3DS setup still functions correctly and reliably

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @EasyQuest there's 90 songs for battling

Stadium Back Up

Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly! Thank You for watching!

Stream Down

Twitchspeaks Human Mode w/ several of the TwitchDatesPokemon cast (http://redd.it/2bub87 is their info page) begins in 5 minutes. It will be followed by TPP Sells A Product & Open Mic. http://www.twitch.tv/twitchspeaks

Stream Back up

Stream Down

[Snark] Still never bet Entei, those are baby mons.

[Stadium] Igglybuff and Sunkern was the Pokémon Entei took down

[Stadium] Entei actually took out 2 Pokemon and caused his team to win.

[Stadium] Entei's team wins but Entei wasn't use in battle at all

[Stadium] Entei, Charmeleon, and Dunsparce vs Caperpie, Bayleef, and Magikarp. Entei's theme is playing during the battle

[Stadium] Dodrio swept an Onix, Golbat, and Jumpluff. Incredible!

[Snark] 8 hours? That's a world record \o/

[Fluff] How many hours was that stream being down for? About 8 hours?.

[Stadium] Not Dead Anymore

Stadium is running!


[Chat] BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

[Stadium] Still Dead

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE LIKE IT'S "AW SNAP!" ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Chat] TriHard Streamer...

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ AW SNAP ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] We are back to 0 Kappa's!

[Fluff] Can TwitchPlays3DS get tempa-banned from a chat he's moderating?

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !roulette

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !roulette

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: OpieOP

[Stadium/Snark] Streamer should get a riot alarm for times like this. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] Black Screen uses "Aw, Snap!" Its super effective! Stream Fainted!

[Stadium] I still got the "Aw, Snap!" screen showing on the stream!

[Stadium] Its a Black Screen!

[Stadium] Still Down

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Is counting back down from -1000.


[Stadium] Down for 7 HOURS!

Streamer is sleeping! Kappa

[Stadium] Has been down for 6.5 Hours. Still on the Kappa count, past -500.

[Snark] Now some are doing negatives. Classy.


[Chat] The Final (Kappa) Countdown!

[Chat] They are counting down from 1000 Kappas.

[Chat] Counted to 1000 Kappas again. I think. Yay!

[Stadium] Stream has been crashed for 5 hours now.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: 4911 FrankerZ, 27147 Keepo, 2982 PMSTwin

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: PogChamp 66141 , OpieOP 6542

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: TPP emote count: Kreygasm : 73019, DBstyle : 23570

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS 卅(◕‿◕)卅 = Wooper Z (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: GreyFace

[Streamer] Emote count during TPPX: 34016 FailFish, 178411 Kappa, 100136 BibleThump, 22631 BloodTrail, 63353 SwiftRage

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: what chat stats?

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Dorito is unbanned ?

[Meta] TwitchSpeaks is doing an open mic while the stream is broken. Come join!

[Stadium] Aw, snap! Stream still isn't fixed.

[Chat] Looks like they're counting Kappas again.

[Info] What the stream looks like. Credit to /u/pieandstuff who submitted the original post on reddit.

[Chat] Way2evil4that: I WON OR LOST Kappa

[Stadium] A team won. Who knows which team did.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ AW SNAP ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ‎

[Stadium] Stadium's still running, however there is a Chrome browser (which crashed) on screen. The announcer's still going on about a battle we cannot see.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: music should be fixed now

Stream is back up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down!

[Stadium] Alder's battle theme has been playing every battle for quite a while.

[Snark] Spearow went out with Frustration. I think this says something about that battle.


[Stadium] This is the second Mirror Move vs. Counter stalemate here. Wobbuffet vs. Spearow.

[Stadium] Nidoran is still broken. Female Nidoran was shown as male again.


[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there's still a lot of things I want to add, in particular a "results of last match" during betting phase

Stadium Reset


[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> not sure why it is losing sync like that

[Fluff] D-O-G-A-R-S DOGARS (That music is playing... the theme for Roxie's gym)

Back up

[Stadium] Stream Down

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Mencee for that I'd want to properly label every song with the system and game it's from, right now only songs have an appropriate title (the rest are fan-translations from the Japanese title or internal reference IDs)

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> it seems like most of the music on brawlcustommusic.com doesn't loop appropriately (see "Loop Type: Song Loops Normally" and the way the waveform shrinks near the end), MP3 to BRSTM converters don't magically make it loop properly

[Stadium] Streamer forgot to start the IRC Bot and bets didn't start flooding in until after teams were picked.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> sorry, forgot to start the IRC bot, it's up now

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @EliteAnax17 it won't run on Intel integrated, a new server is needed

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @tacoballs7 but does it also support infinite length playback?

[Stadium] Betting seem to Reset again

[Streamer] Everyone starts with 1000 and are prevented from dropping below 100, subscribers are prevented from dropping below 500.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm going to recreate the Stadium 2 reference data, so all movesets should be fixed

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> Vileplume has Bulbasaur's moveset, I intend to fix this with the next update

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> when deciding a song the selector gets the 10 least-recently-played songs and selects one at random, songs are also divided up into four categories: betting, warning, battle and result

[Stadium] Reset!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> oh? it broke again?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @AwesomeKuno not yet but I'm working on it, there's a different Stadium 2 resource that I'm going to scrape from, apparently Serebii wasn't completely accurate

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Orderlyearthdragon remixes aren't long enough, short songs don't work well at all

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> most of the music added is from HGSS but some from RSE and Conquest too

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I want PBR eventually, it was originally supposed to be PBR, that's why the blue and red teams are on the same sides as they are in PBR

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @pieandstuff not really thinking about PBR yet, needs new code, new layout and new server, it's months away at the least

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @Orderlyearthdragon same problem, not long enough, they need to be of preferably indefinite length

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @GalladeXtreme it doesn't loop, so it won't, 3 min song to cover a 5 min battle just plain doesn't work

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @GalladeXtreme X/Y's soundtrack doesn't exist in a loopable form

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I added ~100 songs and changed the way the songs are selected to reduce repetition, also Nidoran should be fixed now

[Stadium] Is running again!


"Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly. Thank you for watching!"

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream Offline!

[Meta] Pokémon X update archive has been posted!

[Stadium] Helix and LazorGator are on the same team. This can only end well.

[Snark] inb4 it freezes once again

[Stadium] It's Finally Fixed!

[Stadium] RESTART!

[Stadium] Has been frozen for 4 Hours!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ POTATO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Stadium] Has been frozen for 3 Hours!

[Stadium] Has been frozen for about 2 Hours now!

[Chat] Hit 1000 Kappas

[Stadium] It's been about an hour since Stadium froze.

[Chat] ヽ̕༼́ຈ̢ل̴͏͚ຈ̷༽͘͏̶ノ̢͏͜ ̀G҉͠L̵I̺TͅC̡H̶ ̢R͢I̸͏̼O͘T̘ヽ͝༼͡ຈ̵ل͘ຈ҉̨༽͝͏͍ノ͝

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: 5411 roulettes were attempted during TPPX

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: During TPPX run you entered 3 millions chat messages.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: http://i.imgur.com/L3uxxWc.jpg

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: FrankerZ = Franker 2 (no space)

[Chat] The Kappa Count is happening.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Try it

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] As in, Everything Is Working, Except The Game Isn't Starting.

[Stadium] The Stream Froze!

[Staduim] Heracross just swept Red team and won the match for Blue.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it could be that the site I scraped Stadium 2 data from isn't entirely correct

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon : please tell me if you ever see a move being selected that no one voted for (and it isn't being used as a fallback, ie: the "winning" move is out of PP)

[Snark] ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ WIFI DANCE ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫ (GTS Music playing)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I thought I did fix the Nidoran glitch

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm very thankful for the music disable code that Bobthepigeon provided me, without it this would be considerably less enjoyable

[Chat] JORSUUUUUUUUUUN (Evolution music was playing)

[Chat] GIVE ME WHAT I NEEEEEEEED!!! (Elesa gym music)

[Snark] Entei still sucks confirmed

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't know why that happened, I haven't changed the Pokemon selection code, I don't see why it would fail now and not before

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: huh? this shouldn't happen

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm going to be adding more music, right now there's 179 but I've got more songs to sift through

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: no gen 6 music yet

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: there's still some bugs that need to be worked out

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that was a close one

[Info] Stadium was stuck at bulbasaur before streamer fixed it.

[Snark] └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫ PARTY LIKE IT'S 10PM ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘♪ (Catz music playing)

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ D-O-N-G-E-R-S DONGERS ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ (It's playing Roxie's gym music while we wait for a battle to start.)


[Stadium] Before Stadium went down, Blue won the match!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

v No Time stamp!

8d 0h 58m STREAM DOWN!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: ah, I worked out the bug! my last-minute switch from Chrome to Chromium to fix a font rendering bug also cost me mp3 support (the format of the sound effect), I'll be replacing it with a wav shortly

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the subscriber alert is supposed to disappear after a sound effect has finished playing but the sound effect won't play for some reason, and if it won't play it won't end

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the music disable code has a glitch that sometimes causes the announcer and some sound effects to drop out

[Info] Another glitch: It said NidoranM is on the Red team, but a female one came out instead.

[Snark] Who's That Pokémon?

[Meta] It's 20 Sec Behind, So It Sync's Up With The Commentary.

[Meta] So...... TwitchSpeaks is ALSO showing TPP streamers Pokémon Stadium? Kind of redundant, no?

[Stadium] Forretress With a Clutch Win for Red. 8 HP Left!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Dracyoshi if that's the case then it might not be an isolated issue, please keep an eye out for other discrepencies

[Snark] Hoppip too strong pls nerf

[Info] There appears to be a glitch with Hoppip's moveset displayed on the screen. It has been seen using both Leech Seed and Sleep Powder, neither of which are displayed.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I adjusted the audio balance, Stadium announcer and sound effects should come through better now

[Stadium] Red team wins!

8d 0h 16m Blue has Sentret, Poliwrath, and Zapdos, while Red has Sandshrew, Hoppip, and Porygon.

[Info] Betting on a team is the same as Stadium during Platinum - Black 2. !bet amount team

[Info] Moves can be selected by entering !move selection where selection is 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd' or '-', this corresponds to the moves listed under the Pokemon in the sidebar, selecting '-' (the default selection) will result in no influence on the selected move. Example: !move a.

[Info] The Streamer updated the description below the stream stating how to play this new Stadium game.

8d 0h 11m Blue wins!

8d 0h 11m Seadra uses DragonBreath, and KOs Wartortle.

8d 0h 11m Seadra's Surf misses, and Wartortle's Dig hits!

8d 0h 11m Another Swift Brings Wartortle down to 18 HP. It uses Dig.

8d 0h 10m Seadra uses Dragon Breath again, and paralyzes Wartortle,

8d 0h 10m Seadra uses Swift, and Wartortle responds with Rapid Spin. A Critical Hit!

8d 0h 10m Seadra's Swift misses, and Wartortle's Dig hits!

8d 0h 9m Seadra uses another Surf, and Wartortle uses Dig.

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> sorry about the subscription message, it's supposed to disappear after a few seconds, but it hasn't for some reason, it's not supposed to stay up

8d 0h 9m Seadra misses Dragon Breath, Dig hits from Wartortle!

8d 0h 9m Seadra uses Surf, while Wartortle uses Dig.

8d 0h 9m Red sent out Wartortle!

8d 0h 8m Seadra uses Dragon Breath, and KO Nidoran.

8d 0h 8m Seadra uses Surf. Down to 55 HP, Nidoran uses Iron Tail.

8d 0h 8m Nidoran uses Headbutt.

8d 0h 7m Sent out Nidoran!

8d 0h 7m Seadra sent out! She uses Surf. Smoochum down!

8d 0h 6m Butterfree uses Gust. Smoochum uses Blizzard. Butterfree faints!

[Fluff] I SERIOUSLY Have no idea what is going on..... I am SERIOUSLY Confused.....

8d 0h 6m Cleffa, Seadra, and Butterfree against Smoochum, Nidoran, and Wartortle.

8d 0h 6m We start!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> it's supposed to disappear after a couple of seconds...

8d 0h 4m OBNDO Subscribed!

[Snark]Slateport Music plays. HOENN CONFIRMED

8d 0h 2m WE START!

3 Months isn't shortly BibleThump



8d 0h 1m "Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly! Thank you for watching!" ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> Well I guess this is it guys. In the end I want to thank twitchplayspokemon for allowing me to stream to this channel, /u/velocikoopa for lending me a capture-card-equipped 3DS to work on, without him TPPX will be impossible. And I want to thank every single one of you for participating in this amazing run of the final Pokemon main series game. I’m really looking forward to seeing you on the release day of ORAS.

8d 0h 1m ONLINE!

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> Okay, starting up the stream.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> It has been very stressful running TPP during the past 6 months but I have also enjoyed it immensely. In the future I would like to pace myself better so I can put more care and effort into each run but for now I want to focus on Stadium (and eventually PBR) so that there's something to play in between runs (which I'd like to be longer than two weeks apart so I can recover).

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> Pokemon Battle Revolution is also on the horizon but the extremely demanding hardware requirements will require TPP to switch servers to one that is custom-built to handle it. The hardware side alone is going to cost a lot of time, effort and money. The different aspect ratio may require the layout to be completely overhauled. This is months away.

8d 0h 0m Happy New Year! Oh wait....

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I'm considering various Pokemon romhacks for future TPP runs. I would also like to put on democracy-only runs of Pokemon Blue, Mystery Dungeon and TCG sometime after Red, there's also plenty of romhacks to consider such as Moemon, Touhoumon, Brown, Prism, Quartz, Marble et al.

You will be missed, d. (;_;)

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> Pokemon Stadium will begin shortly, it has undergone extensive changes since Black 2 and is now almost unrecognisably different, while it can be played in the same way the addition of selectable moves changes the balance and speed of matches into something much more entertaining.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I want to start off with a big thank you to dekuNukem/Twitch_plays_3ds for running the stream and managing the hardware during the Pokemon X run and for helping manage the chat since even earlier than that.


8d 0h 0m OFFLINE!

Arena Updater begins here


Hivemind, we have triumphed. Twitch beat Pokémon. It's all over now. Thank you, everyone. We all love you.

8d 0h 0m 5,4,3,2,1

7d 23h 59m 10 Seconds Left!

7d 23h 59m Lil 'd, we will miss you.


Goodbye, d

7d 23h 59m 1 Minute Left.

7d 23h 59m RESET!


Final Save.

7d 23h 58m We save!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !pause

7d 23h 57m Final cryot are everywhere now.

I just wanted to say, from us over at the TPP GDoc, thank you all so much for being here, playing along, and making this community what it is!

7d 23h 57m 3 Minutes Left...

7d 23h 56m Sadness is in the air, as d is just getting up and returning to sitting on his bed.....

The End is near...

[Chat] BibleThumps!!!!!!!!

7d 23h 55m 5 Minutes Left...

7d 23h 54m BibleThump Never forget BibleThump

7d 23h 54m Sitting on the bed.

7d 23h 52m We look at the TV. SO MANY BibleThumps!

[Chat] ヽ༼ [BibleThump]༽ノ FINAL RIOT ヽ༼ [BibleThump] ༽ノ

ヽ༼BibleThumpノ FINAL RIOT ヽ༼BibleThump༽ノ


[Cryot] CRYOT

[Fluff] The clock is ticking, and time winding down. The voices are about to go to hibernation in 10 minutes...

7d 23h 50m 10 Minutes Left...

7d 23h 48m Inside of our room.


7d 23h 46m Outside!

7d 23h 45m In Serena's Room!

7d 23h 45m 15 Minutes Left...

7d 23h 44m THEYRE BACK!

7d 23h 44m THE INPUTS BROKE!

7d 23h 41m We enter Serena's House!

[Chat] ヽ༼BibleThumpノ FINAL RIOT ヽ༼BibleThump༽ノ

7d 23h 40m 20 Minutes left...

7d 23h 39m On Route 1!

7d 23h 38m Outside!

7d 23h 36m Back upstairs!

Less than 25 minutes left...

7d 23h 34m We head down!

7d 23h 30m We enter the last 30 minutes of the game...

[Chat] DEM BibleThump's, EVERYWHERE!

7d 23h 25m In our room. Ahh, memories.

7d 23h 23m We heal!

[Snark] I Subbed before it was cool

7d 23h 21m In our home!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if you're going to subscribe, wait until Stadium, an alert shows on the overlay when someone subscribes (assuming it works properly, haven't done a real-world test yet)

7d 23h 20m We fly to Vaniville Town, our hometown!

7d 23h 14m We switch Hydreigon and Electrike!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ FINAL RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Kangaskhan

7d 23h 1m We trade a Level 60 Female Pidgeot for the (Kangaroo) Pokemon! I know my Pokemon names :)

7d 22h 58m We trade away that Level 1 Male Deino with a Japanese Girl for an Eevee!

7d 22h 57m We trade our Lv. 15 Love Riot Luvdisc for a Deino!

7d 22h 55m We trade our Level 100 Starmie, named Pioxys, equipped with Old Amber for Goomy!

7d 22h 54m We trade that Level 1 (NOT-Shiny) Honedge (Japanese) with Raido for a Charmander named Tatem!

7d 22h 53m We trade a Lv. 59 Male Gurdurr (é) with Sader for a Shiny Honedge!

7d 22h 51m We trade our Lv. 50 Female Hootowl (11tt!aho) with Toni for a Sentret!

[Snark] Everything Must GO!

7d 22h 49m We trade our Level 81 HOF Charizard to Dez for an Inkay with Weird Characters for a Nickname!

7d 22h 48m We trade our Level 1 Eevee to Darknezz for a Charmander!

[Info] That was our HOF Lapras! RIP!

7d 22h 47m We trade a level 68 Lapras with a Zap Plate to Morgan for a Japanese Eevee!

7d 22h 45m We trade our Level 70 Zygarde to Austin for a Dratini!

[Meta] TwitchSpeaks is holding a open mic in 15 Minutes for the last 1 Hour of X. Come join!

7d 22h 44m We trade a Lv. 49 Ditto (/ usr rbarh), with Quick Powder to Jon for a Zangoose!

[Snark] All of these Wonder Trades are rather bold moves.

7d 22h 43m We trade a Level 15 Female Sandile(2g222) wirh Dane for a Shiny Flabebe!

7d 22h 40m We trade a Lv. 31 Weepingbell (!ugyrnNnnbn) for Beldum!

7d 22h 38m We trade a Level 6 Male Fennekin for a Foongus!

7d 22h 37m We trade a Level 58 Female Gurdurr(yyie) with Wolfy for a Purrloin!


7d 22h 35m We send a Level 15 Male Luvdisc to Andou San for a Vivillon!

7d 22h 34m We send a Level 8 Male Combee to Red for a Fennekin!

7d 22h 33m We trade our Lv. 49 Male Hootowl !aka44w4h39 for Absol!

7d 22h 32m We trade our Level 16 Female Sandile with a weird nickname (R"4n7oi something) for a Golem!

7d 22h 30m We trade our Bulbizarre (Bulbasaur) Lv. 10 Male with Joomin for Weedle!

7d 22h 29m We trade our Lv. 47 Male Gliscor (Strongy) with Dre for a Combee!

7d 22h 27m We trade a Lv. 32 Female Quagsire with Meiko for a Tentacool with a Japanese Nickname!

7d 22h 25m We trade our Level 1 Male Charmander to P AURORA for an Electrike!

7d 22h 23m We trade a Level 7 Male Froakie "Froxy" with Melissa for a Mawille!

7d 22h 21m We trade our level 13 Female Solosis with Hunter for a Gigalith!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: 230, 120 overlaps with the cancel button

7d 22h 13m We trade a Level 30 Female Karrablast for a Ducklett with Josh!

7d 22h 12m We trade our level 1 Male Croagunk for a Gyarados with Nathan!

7d 22h 10m We trade a Level 97 Male Greninja for Wonder Roope, a Sand Hippo Pokemon!

7d 22h 9m We trade a Level 15 Male Pansear with Shinkya for a Blue Pokemon named Claw Launch!

[Info] The Croagunk is level 1, and the Gliiscor is Lv. 47

7d 22h 7m We trade the Level 1 Female Fletching we got for a Croagunk with a Japanese person in Hiroshima!

7d 22h 6m We trade our Lvl 1 Male Trevenant for a Shiny Gliscot named Strongy from Elliot!

7d 22h 4m We trade away that Giratina with Flecthling from Tre!

[Info] Giratina was Level 74 and had a Griseous Orb!

7d 22h 2m We Wondertrade our level 30 Male Machoke for a Turtwig from Sarah!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: It's up to you

[Info] Oskar was apparently /u/Harald12


7d 22h 0m We register Oskar's Friend Code, the person we just traded with.

7d 21h 59m We trade away our Oddish with a lot of yyyyy's in its name for Callum the Scrafty!


[Fluff] Apparently some people didn't already know its cry changed.

7d 21h 56m That trade was with /u/Leonys!

7d 21h 55m We trade Male Lv. 35 Klefki "Keys" for a Level 1 Male Bulbasaur!

[Info] We almost traded for a Ditto named Cheren...

7d 21h 53m We trade our Lv. 100 Female Dusknoir for a Giratina! With Jason!

[Fluff] Congrats to Liria, for getting a free 40 Levels, and a Cool Japanese Nickname, from a TPP Mon.



7d 21h 50m We traded our Lv. 41 Male Charizard for a Lv. 1 Male Charmander!

7d 21h 50m /u/liria12 is currently trading with us.

7d 21h 42m We trade T-Wrecks, a Tyrantrum Male Level 64 Shiny with a Life Orb for a Level 100 Arceus with Spooky Plate (Nickname is Japanese)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it was much easier dealing with bots during the earlier runs, there were so many inputs coming in that I could shadowban bots without the botmaster realizing

7d 21h 35m We trade our Lv. 76 Shiny Raquaza for a Lv. 1 Male Torchic named Zexy!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Passerby only in half an hour

7d 21h 30m We forfeit immediately!

7d 21h 30m We send out Dusknoir, and our partner Haxorus (Shiny) against Shiny Clefairy and Poliwrath!

7d 21h 29m We enter Dusknoir and Charizard!

7d 21h 28m We start a double battle, with Cassidy, against Drexal and Gab!

7d 21h 19m We send out Charizard. We forfeit!

7d 21h 17m Ansol and Tyranitar Mega-Evolve, we miss Draco Meteor, Azu uses Water Jet, Absol KOs Hydreigon!

[Chat] We just counted to 1000 TriHard Cherens. Congrats!

[Snark] Fat Pikachu!

7d 21h 16m We send out Hydreigon, our partner a shiny Azumaril, against Tyranitar and Absol!

7d 21h 16m We submit Hydreigon and Charizard!

7d 21h 15m Another Double battle! Partnered with Daniel, against Lorraine (with d's HoF Team!) and Josie!

7d 21h 13m Communication interrupted!

[Chat] TriHard Cheren... reached #900, 100 more to go!

7d 21h 11m Blaziken Mega-Evolves! We use Draco Meteor on Metagross, Xerneas used Moonblast, Blaziken used Sky Uppercut and OHKOed Hydreigon! Metagross takes down Xerneas!

7d 21h 11m Against Blaziken and Metagross, we send out Hydreigon, and our partner Xerneas!

7d 21h 10m We only pick Hydreigon!

7d 21h 9m Same matchup for the fourth time!

7d 21h 7m We forfeit!

7d 21h 7m We send out Garchomp, and our partner Xerneas, against Fearow and Zekrom!

7d 21h 6m Another match! We only pick Garchomp though.

[Info] That match featured d (us) partnered with Calem (/u/Duplex_be_great) against E.J. (/u/metalthrasher) and Nick (/u/Griever1337).

7d 21h 4m WE FOREFEIT!

7d 21h 4m Against Yvetal!

7d 21h 4m Xerneas used Moonblast and OHKOed Deoxys! Fearow used Drill Peck, we use Fire Fang on our teammate!

7d 21h 3m Against Deoxys!

7d 21h 3m Xerneas used Moonblast and OHKOed Kyurem, Fearow attacks us, we fail to hit Xerneas.

7d 21h 2m We send out Charizard, our partner Xerneas, against Fearow and Kyurem!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I don't think it's possible to set pss to battle/trade only, is it?

7d 21h 0m Same set-up as before! We try and re-battle!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: How do I do that?

7d 20h 59m We forefeit!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I will change PSS to passerby only in an hour so those who haven't had the chance to play with d will have a better chance.

7d 20h 58m Kyurem used Dragon Pulse, we use Fire Fang, Lapras used Ice Beam, Ariados used Stickie Web!

7d 20h 57m We send out Charizard, our partner Lapras, against Kyurem and Ariados (Lord Dome).

7d 20h 57m We enter in Charizard, and Aegislash.

[Chat] People are counting the # of "TriHard Cheren", still.

7d 20h 55m We battle with Calem against E.J. and Nick. E.J. appears to have a team full of Ubers. :P

7d 20h 52m We go into a lot of trades, but they are getting canceled.

[Info] keys was level 35 and Male.

7d 20h 42m Gothorita was level 48, Female, and it's nickname is jh_j_tss88

7d 20h 42m We throw another Dusk Ball at a wild Gothorita! It's a catch!

7d 20h 40m Aegislash grows to level 62!

7d 20h 36m Roserade traded for a Klefki with the nickname 'keys'.

7d 20h 33m Greninja takes out Delphox with Hydro Pump. We lose!

7d 20h 33m Baz switches to Greninja. Gengar uses Dazzling Gleam, and Delphox uses Fire Blast.

7d 20h 33m Delphox is sent out.

7d 20h 32m Gengar's Dazzling Gleam takes out Raichu.

7d 20h 31m Gengar uses Dark Pulse, and Thunder misses Gengar. Blaziken can't move!

7d 20h 31m Brownie sends in Mega Gengar.

7d 20h 31m Thunder takes out Pidgeot in one hit. Sky Uppcut does not hit Raichu.

7d 20h 30m Brownie switches in Pidgeot. Blaziken attacks with Aerial Ace, but static paralyzes it. Raichu uses Thunder.

7d 20h 29m Kurupi sends in Raichu.

7d 20h 29m Blaziken Mega Evolves. Gengar uses Dark Pulse to take out Gogoat.

7d 20h 28m Baz sends in Blaziken.

7d 20h 28m Gengar Mega Evolves and uses Dazzling Gleam. Xerneas takes out Aegislash! Gogoat uses Leaf Blade to finish off Xerneas.

7d 20h 27m Brownie sends in Gengar.

7d 20h 26m Xerneas uses Moonblast on Gogoat, who uses Surf. Golem down in one hit! We attack with Iron Head.

7d 20h 25m We send in Aegislash, while Kurupi sends in Gogoat. Baz sends in Xerneas, and Brownie sends in Golem.

[Chat] TriHard Cheren...

7d 20h 25m We only enter Aegislash. The battle begins!

Screen is Black!

7d 20h 23m We team up with Kurupi to battle Baz and Brownie.

7d 20h 21m We got into two trades, but we cancel them before we can make any.

[Chat] <3 TPP <3 Kappa <3

7d 20h 16m It fails to work.

7d 20h 16m We throw another one!

7d 20h 15m Duskball used on a Gothorita! It didn't catch it.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I hope Stadium will work well with so many people, I was planning on it being played after Black 2 when the population was lower, the lists scale to fit everyone on screen at once which might make it unreadable if there's a lot of bets

7d 20h 12m Match Forfeited.

7d 20h 11m We send in Charizard and Gardevoir to face Xerneas and Aegislash.

7d 20h 10m We're teamed up with MALLON☆ against Aurora and Yurka.

7d 20h 9m In the screen before a multi battle.

[Fluff] I keep requesting for d to battle me, or trade with him. But all I get is d'NIED!.

7d 20h 2m In a trade!

7d 19h 59m Ditto, level 49, No Gender, Nickname is U(3spaces)vk av jp

7d 19h 59m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Ditto. Caught!

[rip] Lolmuh's Hopes and Dreams

[Fluff] Now I can't connect with d anymore.

7d 19h 51m We register SwagYolo's (/u/Lolmuhhhhhhh) Friend Code!

7d 19h 45m We registered Joanne's Friend Code!

7d 19h 38m Another Dusk Ball fails. We throw a third one. It fails.

7d 19h 38m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Ditto. It fails. 10 Remain.

7d 19h 34m Lv. 49, Ditto, no gender, Nickname is /(2spaces)usr rbarh

7d 19h 34m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Ditto. It catches!

7d 19h 31m Jigglypuff's nickname is !i irssarfaj

7d 19h 30m Jigglypuff is level 50, Female

7d 19h 30m Charizard level 41!

7d 19h 29m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Jigglypuff. Catches!

7d 19h 25m We exit the cave!

7d 19h 23m The match was forefeited.

7d 19h 23m Against Chespie and Hawlucha, we send out Charizard and our partner's Mr. Mime.

7d 19h 23m We enter Charizard!

7d 19h 21m Now we are partnered with Montrell, against Joanne and Ani!

7d 19h 20m We forefeit immediately!

7d 19h 19m We send out Drifblim and our partner Hawluhca, against Chespie and Hippowdon!

7d 19h 19m We enter Drifblim.

7d 19h 19m We enter a double battle, with Ani,, against Joanne and Montrell!

7d 19h 12m We register Jason's Friend Code!

7d 19h 9m We forfeit!

7d 19h 9m We send out Aegislash!

[Info] That Absol has the same nickname as ours that we traded. Can't confirm it's the same one though.

7d 19h 8m Fly hits, our foe uses X-Scissor. Hydreigon down!

7d 19h 8m Absol Mega-Evolves. We use Fly, and Absol uses Sword Dance.

7d 19h 7m We send out Hydreigon against Absol.

7d 19h 7m We battle online against Parsly! We entered Aegislash and Hydreigon.

7d 19h 5m We leave and re-enter the Unknown Dungeon.


[rip] Mewtwo

7d 19h 2m WE RUN!

7d 19h 2m Seventh Ball, no shakes. Mewtwo uses Psychic.

7d 19h 2m Sixth Ball. 3 Shakes, no catch. Mewtwo uses Recover.

7d 19h 1m Fifth Dusk Ball! No Shakes, Mewtwo uses Aura Sphere.

7d 19h 1m A fourth Dusk Ball! 3 Shakes, no catch. Mewtwo uses Barrier!

7d 19h 0m A third Dusk Ball, and 2 Shakes. Mewtwo uses Aura Sphere.

7d 19h 0m We use another Dusk Ball. After 1 Shake, it fails. Mewtwo uses Psychic.

7d 18h 59m We use a Dusk Ball. It fails. Mewtwo uses Recover.

7d 18h 59m We send out Aegislash against Mewtwo!

7d 18h 59m Engaged Mewtwo!

7d 18h 59m We switch Garchomp and Aegislash!

<3 MEWTWO <3

7d 18h 57m Inside of the Cave with Mewtwo!

7d 18h 55m We swap Drifblim and Smogon Sword.

7d 18h 54m Or not. Back on land!

7d 18h 53m Surfin'!

7d 18h 52m Obtained a Pretty Wing!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I’m thinking about changing PSS to passerby only in the final hours so those who haven't had the chance to play with d will have a better chance.

7d 18h 45m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Ditto. It fails. 20 Balls remaining.

[Snark] Inb4 we hop over the ledge right next to the cave!

7d 18h 41m Back on land!

7d 18h 38m We surf!

7d 18h 35m A wild Zoroark appears! We OHKO it! RIP.

7d 18h 32m In the Pokemon Village!

[Fluff] Hacker confirmed

7d 18h 26m Shiny everything, seems too legit for us. We forefeit.

7d 18h 26m Against a Shiny Yveltal.

[Fluff] Shiny Mew? Seems legit.

7d 18h 24m Jason sent out Zygarde (Shiny). We use Draco Meteor, and OHKO Zygarde! Mew used Aura Sphere, Blatoise used Surf.

7d 18h 24m Against Blaziken and Shiny Mew, we send out Hydreigon, and our partner Blastoise.

7d 18h 23m We enter Hydreigon, Aegislash, and Dusknoir.

[Info] Jason has Blaziken, Yvetal, Arceus, Zekrom, Xerneas, and Zygarde.

7d 18h 22m Double Battle! We partner with Yu, against Serena and Jason. Jason has 6 Ubers. This will be fun :)

7d 18h 16m The match was forfeited!

7d 18h 16m Noivern confuses Delphox, Delphox uses Psychic, while Dragonite uses Waterfall. Delphox down!

7d 18h 15m Our partner send out Delphox, and our foe Noivern.

7d 18h 14m Aerodactyl uses Rock Slide, Kerple fainted! Dragonite used Waterfall, Aerodactyl fainted.

7d 18h 14m Yu sends out Dragonite.

7d 18h 13m Aerodactyl Mega-evovles, and uses Earthquake! Pikachu down! We use Surf, and Kerple uses Dragon Pulse! Garchomp down!

7d 18h 12m We send out Garchomp, our partner Aerodactyl, against Pikachu and Kerple!

7d 18h 12m We enter in Garchomp only.

7d 18h 12m We start a battle, partnered with Baltrak, against Yu and Joanne!

7d 18h 10m We got a Black Wallpaper from a few people!

7d 18h 4m We trade our level 100 Female Glaceon for a level 100 Male Garchomp named Ulquiorra

7d 18h 1m Canceled the trade!

[Snark] We froze Vaporeon! (And made it gain some levels)

7d 17h 59m Traded over Vaporeon for Zac's Glaceon, Female Lv.100!

7d 17h 57m Canceled trade with Claire.

7d 17h 55m We saved the battle video!

7d 17h 55m And..... Forfeited the match.

7d 17h 54m Chatot and Dusknoir vs. "Kappa" and "Mars"!

7d 17h 53m We're going to try again! Serena and d vs. Yu and Aurora!

7d 17h 51m The match was forfeited. Kappa

7d 17h 50m Venusaur was sent out!

[Snark] Kappa

7d 17h 50m Chatot goes down!

7d 17h 49m Charizard and Chatot vs. "Kappa" and Gardevoir!

7d 17h 47m Wi-Fi Battle Yu Aurora, and d, Serena!

7d 17h 46m Canceled Trading with James.

7d 17h 45m Traded over "WT OR RIOT" back for our "Deer God"

7d 17h 43m Traded over Deer God for Jame's Charizard Male Lv.40 (Japanese Name)!

7d 17h 42m Traded over Grenijna for Jame's Dusknoir, Female Lv.100!

7d 17h 40m Canceled trade with Serre. Serre's friend code was registered!

7d 17h 39m Traded over Zapdos "AA-j" for Serre's Greninja Male Lv.39!

[Snark] RIP Neon

7d 17h 37m Traded "Neon" over for GameBro's Vaporeon Male Lv.55

7d 17h 35m Canceled a trade with GameBro.

7d 17h 33m Canceled a trade with James.

[Snark] TriHard Pioxsys...

[Snark] Pioxys x Starmie OTP

7d 17h 32m Canceled trade with Leonys.

7d 17h 31m Traded "FATTY007" for Leony's Starmie "Pioxys"!

7d 17h 30m Trading now.....

7d 17h 28m Connected to the Internet!

7d 17h 25m On Route 20 "Winding Woods"

7d 17h 20m Disconnected from the Internet!

7d 17h 20m Canceled trade with Matt.

7d 17h 19m Trading with someone.

7d 17h 18m Communication was Interrupted.

[Info] We were on Zac's team, BTW.

7d 17h 16m The battle video was saved.

7d 17h 15m Match was Forfeited! Kappa

7d 17h 15m Trapinch was sent out!

7d 17h 14m Flebebe goes down!

7d 17h 14m Deer God and Flebebe vs. "Rainbow Dash" and Zapdos!

7d 17h 12m Wi-Fi Multi Battle with Swagyolo Zac and Horst!

7d 17h 11m Canceled a trade with Christian. We registered his friend code!

[Fluff] Or maybe... Lil'd Tracy, is a little more appropriate for his title.

[Snark] DAT Outfit! Lil'd-ick Tracy, anyone?

7d 17h 2m Canceled the trade.

7d 17h 0m In a trading session with someone.

7d 16h 59m Back outside Snowbelle City!

[Info] We bought the yellow shirt for 4,800!

7d 16h 57m We are now wearing the new Fedora we bought, as well as changed into a matching yellow shirt! We bought the outfit

7d 16h 54m Trying out some new clothes on us!

7d 16h 50m We buy the Checkered Fedora!

7d 16h 48m Entered the Clothes shoppe!

7d 16h 39m We flew to Snowbelle City!

7d 16h 37m Communications were Interrupted.

7d 16h 37m [Fluff] Serre has.... THREE Mewtwo's, AND a Mew??? Seems Legit.

7d 16h 35m Wi-Fi Multi-Battle with Zayed, Serre, and E.J!

7d 16h 28m Communication was Interrupted.

7d 16h 28m "Schleimi" goes down! We lost the match!

7d 16h 27m "Schleimi" the Zygarde sent out!

7d 16h 26m Yveltal goes down! Raticate also goes down!

7d 16h 25m Yveltal sent out!

7d 16h 25m "Hirsch?" goes down!

7d 16h 24m "AlCapone" sent out!

7d 16h 24m And "Derp" goes down!

7d 16h 23m Raticate and "Derp" is sent out now!

7d 16h 23m "Bird Jesus" goes down!

7d 16h 22m "Bird Jesus" sent out!

7d 16h 21m "PeterSparker" goes down!

7d 16h 21m Hydreigon goes down!

7d 16h 20m Hydreigon "Hirsch?" vs. "CREEPLEON" and "PeterSparker"

7d 16h 18m Wi-Fi battle with Swagyolo, Horst, and Oskar

7d 16h 16m Obtained a Dusk Stone from a Team Flare Member!

7d 16h 15m Canceled trade with Rubens!

7d 16h 11m Canceled trade with Gary, and registered his friend code!

7d 16h 9m Canceled a trade with Leaf.

7d 16h 5m Canceled trade with Yu.

7d 16h 4m Traded Froakie "Grenousse" for Yu's Zapdos "AA-j" Lv.71

7d 16h 2m Canceled trade with Leaf.

7d 16h 1m Trading with someone.

7d 15h 58m Back outside the city!

7d 15h 56m Entered a house!

7d 15h 55m Entered Laverre City!

[Fluff] We're not letting d get the checkered fedora!

7d 15h 44m And down goes Sylveon! We lost the match!

7d 15h 43m Zapdos goes down and Yveltal sent back out!

7d 15h 43m Challenger Switched out for a Zapdos!

7d 15h 42m Another Yveltal up? OH COME ON HERE!

7d 15h 42m Another Yveltal down!

[Snark] HAAAXXXXX!!!!!

7d 15h 41m Another Yveltal sent out?

7d 15h 41m One Yveltal down!

7d 15h 39m "muh priority" goes down! Sylvian up!

7d 15h 39m "muh priority" sent out!

7d 15h 39m Galvantula goes down!

7d 15h 38m Another Yveltal sent out by opposing team! I'm seeing double!

7d 15h 38m Guude goes down!

7d 15h 38m Driftblim goes down!

7d 15h 36m Driftblim and Galvantula vs. Guude and Yveltal!

7d 15h 36m d Gary vs Leaf and Swagyolo!

7d 15h 35m We saved the battle video anyway!

7d 15h 35m Forfeited the match!

7d 15h 34m d & Leaf vs Gary and Swagyolo!

7d 15h 33m Wi-Fi Multi Battle with some folks!

7d 15h 30m Trade denied, FC denied too. ;_;

[Fluff] I just wanna add some TPPers to d's list ;_;

7d 15h 29m I'm TRADING?!?!?!

Including yours truely, gets rejected by d. ;_;

7d 15h 25m TONS of requests for trades and battles are rejected by d! The chat seems to want a Checkered Fedora instead!

7d 15h 10m Vale's Friend code was registered!

[Snark] Vale is now our friend Kappa (The battle had firend/rival music)

[Fluff] Just give up Vale. d apparently doesn't WANT you.

7d 15h 6m Match was forfeited. Kappa

7d 15h 5m Another battle with Vale! "Smogon Sword" vs. "Lord Helix"!

[Fluff] Ok this is really getting boring

7d 15h 2m Match was Forfeited once again!

7d 15h 2m "Lord Helix" goes down! Vale sends out Purrloin!

[Fluff] Vale REALLY wants to finish this battle against us!

7d 14h 58m "Neon" vs. "Lord Helix"!

7d 14h 58m One more match against Vale!

7d 14h 56m Saved the Battle Video!

7d 14h 56m Forfeited the match!

7d 14h 55m We sent out "Neon"!

7d 14h 53m "Deer God" goes down!

7d 14h 51m "Deer God" vs. "Lord Helix"!

7d 14h 50m Another match attempt against Vale!

7d 14h 49m The Match was forfeited!

7d 14h 47m "Smogon Sword" against "Lord Helix"!

7d 14h 46m Another Match against Vale!

7d 14h 44m Forfeited the Match!

7d 14h 43m Purrloin "(Japense Name)" sent out by Vale!

7d 14h 42m Lord Helix goes down!


7d 14h 39m Only Neon was selected for this battle! Lord Helix out by Vale!

7d 14h 38m Starting a Wi-Fi battle against Vale!

7d 14h 36m Gardevoir down! d's team lost!

7d 14h 35m Gardevoir sent out, and "Firefox" sent out! Garevoir Mega Evolves!

7d 14h 35m So does Xerneas and Neon!

7d 14h 35m Zapdos goes down!

7d 14h 33m James sent out Xerneas!

7d 14h 33m Zapdos is also out! Tornadus goes down!

7d 14h 32m Groudon sent out by opposing team!

7d 14h 31m Milotic goes down!

7d 14h 31m Milotic sent out by opposing team!

7d 14h 30m Gardevoir switched out for "Firefox"!

7d 14h 30m Togepi went down!

7d 14h 28m Gardevoir Mega Evolves!

7d 14h 28m James sends out Tornadus against Gardevoir "Rydia" and Togepi "Z33K33 KAPPA"!

7d 14h 27m We only send out Neon! James on our side!

7d 14h 25m Wi-Fi Battle with James, Rubens and Brian!

7d 14h 24m Grenousee the Froakie appears to be at Level 10!

7d 14h 21m Threw a Dusk Ball at a Quagsire, and Caught it! MULTIPLE LEVEL UPS FOR Grenousse!

[Info] 2 pokemon "Nicknames" were the german names of the pokemon. Infernape = Panferno, Aegislash = Durengard

[Info] I was the one in the battle who started it, and fought with you. Was a fun battle.

7d 14h 6m d is now on my Acquaintances list! AWESOME!

[Info] I was the one we just battled with the Destiny Bond Ralts :P

7d 14h 4m I'm Having a Wi-Fi Battle with d! YUS!

7d 14h 1m Gardevoir goes down! We lost the Match against Leonys and Zayed!

7d 14h 1m Roserade goes down!

7d 14h 0m Gardevoir Mega Evolves!

7d 14h 0m Gardevoir comes in!

7d 13h 59m Durengard goes down!

7d 13h 58m Another Aegislash comes out from the opposing team!

7d 13h 58m Lucario goes down!

7d 13h 58m Neon goes down!

[Fluff] Zet888 Plays Pokemon X!

7d 13h 57m Lucario Mega Evolves!

7d 13h 56m Roserade sent out!

7d 13h 56m Bronzong goes down!

7d 13h 56m Ralts switched out for Lucario!

7d 13h 55m Durengard The Aegislash was sent out!

7d 13h 55m Panferno goes down!

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE YOUR BRONZONGERS! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 13h 53m Bronzong comes up!

7d 13h 53m Flareon goes down!

7d 13h 51m Neon Panferno vs. Ralts and Flareon!

7d 13h 50m Wi-Fi Battle against Leonys and Zayed!

[Fluff] Where are you d? I can't find you on my Passersby list. (;_;)

7d 13h 47m Registered Jonjon's friend code.

[Fluff] What's more likely? You get your Wondertraded Pokemon back, or your Pokemon "comes back" to you in Emerald because it is the only one on your team that knows an HM necessary to escape the town you are in?

[Fluff] Well..... That's what the release button does on the PC. You can't get them back, once they are released.

[Snark] Its worse, since u cant get them back ;-;

[Snark] So..... Wonder Trade is the "New Evil PC?"

7d 13h 33m We registered Nashuim's friend code!

7d 13h 32m Traded over Magnezone back for Umbreon "Neon" that Nashuim had!

7d 13h 27m Wonder Traded Espeon Lv.100 Female for a Froakie "Grebousse"!

7d 13h 17m We lose

7d 13h 17m Our Xerneas down

7d 13h 17m Mawile down

7d 13h 17m Aegislash out

7d 13h 16m Garchomp down

7d 13h 16m Mawile mega evolves

7d 13h 15m Mawile and Xerneas in

7d 13h 15m Clawitzer down

7d 13h 14m Magnezone down

7d 13h 14m Noivern down

7d 13h 13m Noivern and Magnezone vs. Xerneas and Garchomp

7d 13h 10m Entering a Double Battle!

7d 13h 4m We trade our Level 100 Umbreon for a Level 100 Magnezone from Nashium

7d 13h 0m We traded our Level 1 Shiny Eevee (Male) for a Lv. 34 Female Charmeleon, ABBBBBBK (

7d 12h 57m Thunderbolt from Zapdos, Aegislash used Sacred Sword, and Umbreon faints! We lose!

7d 12h 56m Another Thunderbolt hits us, Aegislash used Sword Dance, and we miss.

7d 12h 55m Zapdos used Aerial Ace, Aegislash uses Sword Dance, and we miss.

7d 12h 54m Against Aegislash!

7d 12h 54m Tornadus uses Hurricane and KOs Unfezant, Zapdos uses Thunderbolt on us, we use Moonlight! Tornadus faints due to Poison.

7d 12h 53m Another Hurricane from Tornadus, Unfezant used Fly, both Zapdos and us miss.

7d 12h 51m Tornadus used Hurricane, Unfezant was actually Zoroark, he uses Foul Play, Zapdos uses Thunderbolt and KOs Zoroark, we use Curse.

7d 12h 50m Partner sends out Unfezant!

7d 12h 50m Tornadus KOs Emboar, Fly hits us, we use Toxic on Tornadus.

7d 12h 49m Tornadus uses Focus Blast, Zapdos uses Fly, we use Moonlight, Emboar misses Flamethrower!

7d 12h 49m Against Zapdos!

7d 12h 48m Tornadus misses Focus Blast, Emboar uses Flamethrower and KOs Farfetch'd, we use Moonlight.

7d 12h 48m Emboar attacks, we use Moonlight, Farfetch'd cuts us.

7d 12h 46m We send out Umbreon and Emboar against Tornadus and Farfetch'd.

7d 12h 46m We enter in Umbreon!

7d 12h 45m It looks like we're paired with another copy of CLY's team (not CLY though), and one of the opponents we're against is a TPP All-Stars team.

7d 12h 44m In another double battle!

7d 12h 42m Communication interrupted!

7d 12h 40m We use Moonblast, OHKO! Defeated CLY!

7d 12h 40m We use Moonblast, and OHKO what is actually Zoroark!

7d 12h 40m Against Feraligatr!

7d 12h 39m We use Moonblast, OHKO!

7d 12h 39m We use Geomancy! Sceptile uses Energy Ball.

7d 12h 38m Against Sceptile!

7d 12h 38m We use Moonblast, OHKO!

7d 12h 38m Against Unfezant!

7d 12h 37m We use Moonblast, and OHKO it!

7d 12h 37m Against Emboar!

7d 12h 37m We use Moonblast, and OHKO Leavanny!

7d 12h 36m We send out Xerneas against Leavanny!

7d 12h 36m Against CLY again!

7d 12h 35m We enter Xerneas, Umbreon, Drifblim, and Espeon.

7d 12h 35m In an online singles battle!

7d 12h 34m We switch Xerneas and Hydreigon!

7d 12h 31m We use Fly! Fly hits, and Unfezant uses Air Slash. Hydreigon faints! We lose!

7d 12h 31m Against Unfezant!

7d 12h 31m Also, we only enter Hydreigon.

7d 12h 30m We use Fly. Fly hits, and Emboar faints!

7d 12h 30m We use Fly! Fly hits, and Emboar uses Brick Break!

7d 12h 30m Against Emboar!

7d 12h 29m We use Fly! Fly hits, and Sceptile is down!

7d 12h 28m We start with Draco Meteor, and Sceptile responds with Rock Slide.

7d 12h 28m We send out Hydreigon against Sceptile!

7d 12h 28m Against CLY!

7d 12h 28m Were are going into a Singles Battle!

7d 12h 21m Took Umbreon's Pixie Plate and gave it an Awakening!

[Info] Just wanted to show everyone Lord Hexil

7d 12h 20m We cancel it. RIP lolmuh's dreams.

7d 12h 19m In a trade with SwagYolo, aka /u/lolmuhhhhhhh

7d 12h 18m We register William!

7d 12h 13m Currently in a trade.

[Info] I was Swagyolo

7d 12h 7m Lugia falls to Absol's attack. We lose.

7d 12h 7m Lugia uses Roost to heal itself, preventing a Sucker Punch. Gardevoir uses Dazzling Gleam.

7d 12h 6m Absol Mega Evolves and attacks with Sucker Punch. Gardevoir uses Dazzling Gleam, and Lugia's dragon tail misses.

7d 12h 5m Gardevoir uses Dazzling Gleam. The sunlight fades.

7d 12h 5m Ninetales is switched into Absol. Lugia uses Psycho Boost on Gardevoir.

7d 12h 5m Cyander sends in Lugia!

7d 12h 4m Ninetales uses Fire Blast, and Scolipede goes down in one hit.

7d 12h 4m Cyander sends in her Scolipede.

7d 12h 4m Ninetales uses Fire Blast, and Metagross goes down.

7d 12h 2m Gardevoir mega evolves. Xerneas uses Moonblast on Ninetales. Ninetailes uses Fire Blast on Xerneas. Gardevoir uses Psychic on us! Xerneas down! Metagross uses Zen Headbutt on Gardevoir.

7d 12h 2m We send in Xerneas. Swagyolo sends in Gardevoir.

7d 12h 0m Braviary uses U-Turn on Metagross and switches into Ninetales. It brings the sun with it, and Metagross takes out Greninja with Meteor Mash.

7d 12h 0m We use Draco Meteor on Greninja. Greninja attacks us with Ice Beam, Hydregion down!

7d 11h 59m Swagyolo sends in a Greninja.

7d 11h 59m Our Drago meteor misses. Infernape attacks Metagross with Earthquake and Braviary attacks us with Brave Bird. Metagross uses Zen Heabutt, and Infernape falls.

7d 11h 58m Hydregion and Metagroess versus Braviary and Infernape!

7d 11h 57m The battle begins! We only choose Hydregion and Xerneas.

7d 11h 56m We're teamed up with someone named Cyander against Kevin and Swagyolo.

7d 11h 55m We accept to have a Multi Battle.

7d 11h 54m We then exit the menu. A lot of people are asking for battles with us.

7d 11h 52m We accept to have a single battle with CLY.

7d 11h 49m We forfeit the match.

7d 11h 49m Only Armaldo is left!

7d 11h 49m Greninja out. We use Thunderbolt, and it's down in one hit.

7d 11h 48m We finally use Moonblast. Delpox down in one hit.

7d 11h 48m Delpox attacks with Flamethrower. Xerneas in the red!

7d 11h 47m Eliza switches to Delphox. We keep using Geomancy.

7d 11h 47m We use Geomancy. Armaldo uses Earth Power.

7d 11h 46m We use Geomancy! Armaldo uses Iron Tail.

7d 11h 46m The battle begins! Xerneas versus Armaldo.

7d 11h 45m We choose to only enter Xerneas.

7d 11h 44m We are challenged by Eliza. Currently selecting our team.

7d 11h 41m Blaziken used Flare Blitz and KOed Gardevoir. We lost!

7d 11h 40m Gardevoir Mega-Evolves, and so does Blaziken. We use Shadow Ball, Gardevoir used Thunder, Blaziken used Flare Blitz and KOed Espeon! Blastoise used Ice Beam.

7d 11h 39m Our partner sends out Gardevoir, our foe Blaziken!

7d 11h 39m We use Shadow Ball and KO Meowsitc, Garchomp used Rock Slide, Blastoise used Ice Beam. Garchomp down!

7d 11h 38m We use Morning Sun, Garchomp used Rock Slide, Meowsitc used Shadow Ball, Blastoise flinched.

7d 11h 37m We send out Espeon!

7d 11h 37m Garchomp missed, Meowstic used Shadow Ball and KOed Aegislash!, Blastoise used Surf.

7d 11h 36m Against Meowstic!

7d 11h 36m Garchomp used Earthquake, Blastoise used Rest, foe Aegislash used Sword Dance, we use Shadow Claw. Foe Aegislash down.

7d 11h 35m Foe Aegislash used Protect, we use King's Shield, Garchomp used Earthquake, and Blastoise used Ice Beam.

7d 11h 34m Our partner sends out Garchomp.

7d 11h 33m Foe Aegislash used Shadow Sneak, Tornadus Down. Blastoise uses Ice Beam, we use Iron Head back.

7d 11h 32m Against Blastoise.

7d 11h 32m Tornadus uses Dark Pulse, Gardevoir uses Moonblast, foe Aegislash uses Sword Dance, we use Iron Head. Gardevoir down.

7d 11h 31m We send out Aegislash, partner Tornadus, against Gardevoir and Aegislash.

7d 11h 29m Another Online Double Battle! We enter Aegislash, and Espeon!

7d 11h 26m We trade our Level 8 Male Budew for a Trevenant from Japan.

7d 11h 20m We forefeit.

7d 11h 19m Another Focus Blast from Tornadus, we use Geomancy. Charizard misses, Lapras uses Waterfall.

7d 11h 19m Against Lapras and Charizard!

7d 11h 18m Tornadus uses Focus Blast and KOs Bidoof. we use Moonblast and KO Goodra.

7d 11h 17m We send out Xerneas, our partner Tornadus, against Bidoof and Goodra.

7d 11h 15m Another Double Battle! We enter in Xerneas, Hydreigon, and Espeon.

7d 11h 11m Caught level 31 Male Carnivine. Nickname is o6éd7eeeommu

7d 11h 10m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Carnivine. It catches.

7d 11h 6m Communication Error.

7d 11h 5m We went 6 and 0 that match. We saved our battle video!

7d 11h 5m We use Moonblast, and OHKO Feraligatr! DEFEATED CLY AND KEVIN!

7d 11h 4m We use Moonblast, and KO Sceptile. Against Feraligatr!

7d 11h 4m We use Moonblast, and Garchomp used Rock Slide. Flareon down. Sceptile used Energy Ball on Garchomp.

7d 11h 4m Against Flareon and Sceptile!

7d 11h 3m We use Moonblast, and KO Shinx! Garchomp used Earthquake and KOed Zoroark!

7d 11h 3m Against Shinx!

7d 11h 2m We use Moonblast and KO Roserade! Garchomp used Rock Slide. Zoroark used Dig.

7d 11h 1m Garchomp used Rock Slide, the Gator was a Zoroark! We use Geomancy, Zoroark flinched, Roserade used Petal Dance.

7d 11h 1m We send out Xenreas, our partner sends out Garchomp, against Roserade and Feraligatr!

7d 11h 0m We enter Xerneas, Umbreon, and Hydreigon!

7d 11h 0m One of the teams we're against is CLY's team. Another (Kevin) is Napoeleon's!

7d 10h 59m Engaging in an Online Double Battle!

7d 10h 57m Caught Lv. 30 Female Karrablast. Nickname is (1space)6oo

7d 10h 57m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Karrablast. It catches.

7d 10h 52m Caught level 31 Male Weepinbell. Nickname is !ugyrnNnnbn

7d 10h 52m A Second one fails. A third one is tossed.

7d 10h 51m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Weepinbell. It fails.

7d 10h 44m We use a Dusk Ball and fail to catch a wild Skorupi.

7d 10h 43m We save!

7d 10h 37m A third Dusk Ball catches! Caught Lv. 30 Female Karrablast, Nickname utttuyt(2spaces)55r

7d 10h 36m We used another Dusk Ball. It fails too.

7d 10h 35m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Karablast. It fails.

7d 10h 29m Received a "Nice!" from Katie.

7d 10h 28m Saved as Battle Video.

7d 10h 28m d and Katie loses! Derek and Tonie~! wins.

7d 10h 27m Aqua Jet from M4 finishes off Skitty.

7d 10h 27m Zygarde and Skitty are still asleep.

7d 10h 27m d-nusaur the Venusaur is withdrawn for M4 the Azumarill.

7d 10h 26m Kreygasm the Zygarde fell asleep.

7d 10h 26m PogChamp the Charizard is withdrawn. Kreygasm the Zygarde sent out.

7d 10h 25m PogChamp flies down. Skitty in red.

7d 10h 25m Skitty's asleep from sleep powder.

7d 10h 25m Ally sends in Skitty.

7d 10h 25m The foe's Venusaur uses Sludge Bomb. Our ally's Venusaur faints. PogChamp the Charizard flies.

7d 10h 25m Another Venusaur comes in the field.

7d 10h 24m Frenzy Plant from Venusaur faints Groudon

7d 10h 24m PogChamp uses Fly on Venusaur! Venusaur in yellow.

7d 10h 24m M4 is withdrawn. Tonie sends in a Groudon.

7d 10h 24m PogChamp the Charizard is flying.

7d 10h 24m M4 uses Aqua Jet on Xerneas! Xerneas faints.

7d 10h 23m PogChamp the Charizard mega-evolves into zard X.

7d 10h 23m Venusaur's Frenzy Plant has Charizard in yellow.

7d 10h 23m Moonblast hits Charizard. Charizard in about half.

7d 10h 22m Venusaur mega-evolves!

7d 10h 22m Derek withdraws his Xerneas and sends out Charizard (PogChamp)

7d 10h 22m Our Xerneas is in red from Play Rough. Our ally sends in Venusaur.

7d 10h 21m Moonblast from the other Xerneas faints Greninja.

7d 10h 21m Xerneas uses Moonblast on Azumarill. Azumarill in red after Extrasensory from Greninja.

[Meta] GDoc is updated on status, party, and recent catches. Almost done the backlog of Pokemon too.

7d 10h 20m The opponent sends in another Xerneas (HELLO TPP) and Azumarill (M4).

7d 10h 20m Katie sends out Greninja. d sends out Xerneas.

7d 10h 20m d only enters Xerneas.

7d 10h 19m Battle start!

7d 10h 17m Tonie~! + Derek, d + Katie.

7d 10h 16m In another multi-battle.

7d 10h 16m Aegislash grows to level 61.

7d 10h 13m Nickname is Skorupicu2

7d 10h 12m Caught lv 30 female Skorupi.

7d 10h 11m Umbreon's poisoned from a Skorupi.

7d 10h 7m d and Vale loses! James and his partner wins!

7d 10h 7m Focus Blast from Gardevoir has Aurorus in red. An additional Close Combat faints our Ally's Aurorus.

7d 10h 5m Ally sends in Aurorus.

7d 10h 5m Aegislash uses Iron Head on Staraptor. Aegislash then down from Curse damage.

7d 10h 5m Gardevoir mega-evolves and uses Moonblast on Burrito. Staraptor's Double-Edge faints Burrito.

7d 10h 4m James sends in Gardevoir. His ally sends in Staraptor.

7d 10h 4m Curse has Aegislash in red.

7d 10h 4m Xerneas faints from Iron Head from Aegislash.

7d 10h 4m Xerneas uses Thunder on Aegislash. Aegislash in yellow. Curse is laid on Aegislash from Golurk. Golurk down.

7d 10h 3m Sent in Smogon Sword the Aegislash. Ally sends in Burrito the Eevee.

7d 10h 3m Both Xerneas and Golurk are still standing. Xerneas in about half, Golurk in red.

7d 10h 3m Our ally's Meowstic also faints from a hit from Golurk.

7d 10h 3m Drifblim faints.

7d 10h 2m Meowstic uses Shadow Ball on Golurk. Our Drifblim explodes.

7d 10h 2m Xerneas is using Geomancy. Power Herb makes it fully charged.

7d 10h 1m James sends in Xerneas. We send out Drifblim.

7d 10h 1m Garchomp faints. Hydreigon also faints to a Dynamicpunch from Golurk.

7d 10h 0m We engage in another battle but the stream is buffering for me, sorry

7d 10h 0m In another multi-battle. Our side has Hydreigon and Meowstic. The other side has Golurk and Garchomp.

7d 9h 56m They send in Gyarados and Gardevoir who both Mega-volve and Espeon uses Shadow ball on Gyarados and Gardevoir takes Omastar down with a Thunderbolt, Gyarados defeats Espeon with a Bite We are defeated

7d 9h 55m Espeon Dazzling Gleams and takes Garchomp down, Omstar uses Surf and takes Diancie out.

7d 9h 54m Espeon uses Morning Sun andd Garchom Outrages On Omastar, Omastar uses Surf.

7d 9h 53m Partner send in Omastar

[Info] They didnt use Poison Jab twice, the other move was Iron head

7d 9h 53m We send Espeon

7d 9h 52m Garchomp use Iron Head on Xerneas and defeated i, Eeeve used a move i didnt catch and is defeated by Diamond Storm

7d 9h 52m They send in Diancie

7d 9h 51m They send another Garchomp who uses Poison Jab x2 and Xerneas uses Moonblast to defeat of of them

7d 9h 50m We send in Xerneas

7d 9h 49m Garchomp uses Earthquake again and Starator uses Brave Bird on Umbreon and defeats it, Eevee uses Retaliate and Staraptor is down.

7d 9h 49m Partner sends Eevee

7d 9h 48m Umbreon Moonlights and recovers HP

7d 9h 48m Absol Mega evolves and Garchomp uses Earthquake, Starator uses Brave Bird and they defeat Absol

7d 9h 47m We send Umbreon first, partner sens Absol vs Starator and Garchomp

7d 9h 47m We choose Espeon, Umbreon and Xerneas

7d 9h 46m We enter a multi battle with Vale, James and a Japanese person

7d 9h 39m Caught a male Carnivine and nicknamed it Carnivineuya atr level 31

7d 9h 35m Caught another level 30 female Karrablast nicknamed Karrablaso60

7d 9h 32m Caught a level 30 male Karrablast named Karrablastk

7d 9h 29m They offer a male japanese level 58 Conkelldurr but we canceled the trade

7d 9h 28m Entered a trade

7d 9h 24m Caught a female level 30 Karrablast, didnt nickname it

7d 9h 9m Its nicknamed Karrabzz and its level 31

7d 9h 7m We caught a Female Karrablast

7d 9h 2m We keep walking around the swamp

7d 8h 53m We canceled the trade while they offered a Groudon

7d 8h 52m Entered a trade

7d 8h 51m It uses Bide and we wasted a Dusk Ball and ran away

7d 8h 49m Fighting a wild Goomy

[Snark] Hw do these people expect us to beat them while they play at smogon level tactics?

7d 8h 41m d loses! Natsume and James wins!

7d 8h 40m Psychic finishes off Meloetta!

7d 8h 40m Meloetta uses Acrobatics. Gardevoir in yellow.

7d 8h 40m Gardevoir mega-evolves.

7d 8h 40m Out comes Gardevoir.

7d 8h 40m Xerneas falls asleep. Garchomp faints. Meloetta transforms.

7d 8h 39m Garchomp hurts itself and is in yellow. Meloetta uses Relic Song.

7d 8h 39m Greninja was switched for Xerneas.

7d 8h 38m Our ally sends in another Meloetta.

7d 8h 38m Garchomp's Dragon Claw faints Meloetta.

7d 8h 38m Greninja uses Water Shuriken. Meloetta's in the low yellow.

7d 8h 37m Garchomp is confused and hurts itself. Greninja uses Hydro Pump! Meloetta in about half now and flinches.

7d 8h 36m "Communicating. Please stand by..."

7d 8h 35m On our side, our ally sends in another Meloetta. d doesn't have any more Pokémon.

7d 8h 34m Water Shuriken from Greninja on Meloetta! Meloetta faints.

7d 8h 34m Garchomp is in about half from Relic Song.

7d 8h 34m Out comes Greninja on James' side.

7d 8h 34m Meloetta uses Relic Song and changes forme!

7d 8h 33m Garchomp uses Outrage! Espeon faints.

7d 8h 33m Espeon uses Shadow Ball! Gardevoir down.

7d 8h 33m Espeon and Meloetta in yellow as well.

7d 8h 33m Espeon uses Shadow Ball on Gardevoir. Gardevoir in about half.

7d 8h 32m Meloetta was withdrawn for another Meloetta.

7d 8h 31m Natsume sends in Garchomp.

7d 8h 31m Meloetta uses Psychic on Infernape. Infernape faints.

7d 8h 31m Infernape hurts itself in its confusion. Espeon heals up with Morning Sun and is in green.

7d 8h 30m Gardevoir mega-evolves!

7d 8h 30m Teeter Dance from Meloetta has all the Pokémon on field confused.

7d 8h 30m Greninja uses U-Turn on Espeon. Espeon in yellow. James sends in Gardevoir.

7d 8h 29m Espeon is d's only Pokémon.

7d 8h 29m On our side, we have Espeon and Meloetta. Out comes Greninja and Infernape on the opponent's side.

7d 8h 28m Battle begins! d and (Japanese name) vs. James and Natsume.

7d 8h 26m The battle's set on Normal Rules. Selecting our Pokémon.

7d 8h 26m In a multi-battle screen. It's Natsume - (Japanese name) and James - d.

7d 8h 23m Challenged to a battle with Natsume. d declines.

7d 8h 20m Messing around in the party menu and checking the summaries of our Pokémon.

7d 8h 18m Switched the order of the party. It's now Espeon, Drifblim, Umbreon, Hydreigon, Xerneas and Aegislash.

7d 8h 3m At the swampy area.

7d 8h 2m It's raining. The road ahead also looks quite dark.

7d 8h 0m Entered Route 14!

7d 7h 59m At the gatehouse.

7d 7h 59m Near the gateway to route 14.

7d 7h 56m At North Boulevard.

7d 7h 53m Near the Looker Bureau.

7d 7h 52m Left the restaurant.

7d 7h 51m The receptionist greets d warmly.

7d 7h 51m Back inside.

7d 7h 51m Exited the restaurant.

7d 7h 45m Saved as a battle video.

7d 7h 45m Jonjon defeated! d wins!

7d 7h 45m With a Thunderbolt from Xerneas, Kabuto is finished!

7d 7h 44m Our team's attacks all miss. Kabuto uses Dig on Umbreon. Umbreon's still in green.

7d 7h 44m Two of Jonjon's Pokémon are down. Only Kabuto remains on his side!

7d 7h 43m Kabuto's digging.

7d 7h 43m Unown uses Hidden Power on Umbreon. Umbreon hits back with Payback. Unown faints!

7d 7h 43m Xerneas uses Moonblast on Snivy. Snivy down!

7d 7h 42m Kabuto's nickname is DOME.

7d 7h 42m d sends out Xerneas, Umbreon and Espeon. Jonjon sends in Unown, Snivy and Kabuto!

7d 7h 42m Battle vs. Jonjon! All sides have three Pokemon.

7d 7h 41m Jonjon's team consists of Kabuto, Snivy, Unown (?), Entei, Granbull and a Bidoof.

7d 7h 40m Having a triple battle with Jonjon.

7d 7h 38m Interacted with a Fletchling in the restaurant. Twee-twee-tweet!

7d 7h 37m Cancelled the request.

7d 7h 37m Acquaintance Leon challenges d to a Triple battle.

7d 7h 33m d loses! Mojo wins the battle.

7d 7h 33m Bastiodon uses Earthquake! Xerneas faints.

7d 7h 33m Xerneas uses Moonblast on Hydreigon. Hydreigon down.

7d 7h 32m Out comes Bastiodon.

7d 7h 32m Hydreigon goes for U-Turn on Charizard. It doesn't affect Charizard much. One Fire Blast later and Xerneas is in red.

7d 7h 32m Xerneas uses Moonblast on Dewgong! Dewgong down.

7d 7h 31m Charizard uses Fire Bllast on Hydreigon. It doesn't do much. Xerneas in yellow after a hit from Dewgong.

7d 7h 31m Power Herb helps Xerneas to charge fully.

7d 7h 31m Charizard's in red. Xerneas uses Geomancy!

7d 7h 31m The sun shines harshly. Hydreigon uses Draco Meteor!

7d 7h 30m Charizard mega evolves into zard Y!

7d 7h 30m Mojo's Pokes have TPP-themed names.

7d 7h 30m d sends in Hydreigon and Xerneas. Mojo sends in Charizard and Dewgong.

7d 7h 29m Battle with Mojo! Mojo has six, d has two Pokémon.

7d 7h 28m Mojo's team currently consists of Bastiodon, Dewgong, Charizard, Aerodactyl, Greninja and Druddigon.

7d 7h 27m Having a double battle vs. Mojo.

7d 7h 25m We also had another match with Natsume. It was forfeited.

7d 7h 23m The match ended. Not sure who won.

7d 7h 18m Darkrai uses Dark pulse and Aegislash is down

They switch to Darkrai who uses Dark Void while we Kings Shield, we are put to sleep

7d 7h 17m We send in Aegislash

7d 7h 16m Garchomp uses Dragon Claw and defeats Hydreigon

7d 7h 16m Darkrai switches out to Garchomp

7d 7h 15m Darkrai Dark Voids

7d 7h 15m The time ends and we Enter Hydreigon and Aegislash only

7d 7h 13m She has Darkrai, Hydreigon, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp and Talonflame

7d 7h 12m We enter a battle with Natsume

They offer a shiny Granbull lvl 100 but we cancel the trade

7d 7h 9m We enter a trade

7d 7h 7m We win 17 Big Nuggets!

7d 7h 6m Owner of restaurant defeated.

7d 7h 6m Espeons Psychic doesnt do much and Smogon Swords's Shadow claw? (i didnt see it) defeates Bronzong

7d 7h 5m We send in Smogon Sword

7d 7h 4m Espeon Critcal Psychic takes Cofagrigus down and Drifblim levels up to level 61, Drifblim Explodes yet again, Bronzong uses Trick Room

7d 7h 3m Bronzong and Cofaggrigus vs Espeon and Drifblim

7d 7h 2m Trainer defeated

7d 7h 2m Espeon uses Shadow Ball to defeat Abomasnow, Smogon Sword levels up to level 60

7d 7h 1m Espeon uses Dazzling Gleam and Mamoswine is down, Umbreon uses Moonlight and Abomasnow uses Blizzard

7d 7h 1m We send out Umbreon

7d 7h 0m Abamosnow uses Protect and Espeon's Psychic is blocked, Driblim explodes and damages Mamoswine and Espeon, Mamoswine uses Earthquake

7d 6h 59m Abamosnow and Mamoswine vs Espeon and Drifblim

7d 6h 58m Espeon uses Psychic on Politoed to take it down, Trainer defeated

7d 6h 57m We send in Xerneas

7d 6h 56m Politoed used Protect and Espeon uses Psychic to take down Beartic, Drifblim Explodes again on Espeon only

7d 6h 56m Politoad and Beartic vs Espeon and Drifblim

7d 6h 55m Trainer defeated

7d 6h 55m Espeon use Psychic and Gliscor is down

7d 6h 54m Espeon misses Shadow Ball Umbreon misses Payback and Gliscor hits Espeon with Dig

7d 6h 53m Espeon uses Morning Sun and Umbreon uses Payback and Gliscor Digs again

7d 6h 52m We send out Umbreon and Gliscor is under Dig so didnt egt affect by Psychic

7d 6h 51m Espeon uses psychic and and defeats Hippowdon and Gliscor uses Dig, Drifblim explsodes and Espeon is damaged a bit

7d 6h 51m Gliscor and Hippowdon vs Espeon and Drifblim

7d 6h 50m Beat the trainer

7d 6h 49m Espeons Psychic beats Ninetales

7d 6h 49m Ninetales Heat waves

7d 6h 49m We forget theif and learn Explosion

7d 6h 48m Espeons Shadow Ball beats Tropuis, Drifblim levels up to level 60, its trying to learn Explosion

7d 6h 47m We Dazzling Gleam, Ninetales uses Heat Wave didnt catch the others

7d 6h 47m Ninetals and Tropuis vs our Espeon and Drifblim

7d 6h 46m We ask for a double battle and use up 500,000 poke

7d 6h 46m We enter the restaurant again

7d 6h 42m We leave the restaurant.

7d 6h 40m Leon is asking for a single battle but we enter the Sushi high roll restaurant.

7d 6h 39m We open wifi

7d 6h 37m We enter and try to talk to Emma

7d 6h 34m We are put outside of the Bureau

7d 6h 34m And that ends the Looker Quest

7d 6h 33m Emma and Espurr look back at this quest.

7d 6h 33m Looker leaves

7d 6h 33m Looker looks to the camera and thanks us all

7d 6h 32m Emma thanks Xerosic for making her a trainer. She says she will use the suit for the Bureau

7d 6h 32m Xerosic gives Emma the suit and admits defeat

7d 6h 31m Looker gives Emma the Bureau

[Chat] BibleThumps and CRYOTS start up again

7d 6h 30m Emma comes into the scene. Sad Music plays

7d 6h 29m We See Looker talking to Xerosic

7d 6h 29m We enter the Cafe

7d 6h 26m We are still trying to get to the Cafe but the camera isn't helping us at all

7d 6h 18m We are near the Lysandre Cafe but the camera keeps messing things up for us

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> my plans for Red are for it to be a Pokedex completion run and for it to be anarchy-only until a location-sensitive countdown timer runs down (so no grinding while waiting for it to tick down)

[Correction] Avenue, not Street

7d 6h 14m and we enter Autumnal Street

7d 6h 13m We are in the Magenta Plaza currently

7d 6h 12m We head in and then out of Centrico Plaze

7d 6h 9m Slowly easing ourselfs to the Cafe

[Info] Current Party order is Espeon, Drifblim, Smogon Sword, Hydreigon, Deer God, and Neon

7d 6h 8m More party shuffles in trying to fly! We then fly towards Center Lumiose

[Mispelling] Drifblim not Drifblem

7d 6h 5m Looks like we accidently switch our party a little trying to fly. Current order is Hydriegon, Drifblem, Smogon Sword, Espeon, Deer God, and Neon

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> there's still more runs to do, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Diamond (Telefang), Touhoumon, Moemon, democracy-only runs of Pokemon Blue, TCG and Mystery Dungeon

[Info] It is almost over Folks

7d 6h 0m Emma calls us on the Holo Caster to go to the Lysandre Cafe

7d 5h 59m We return the Audio Guide and end our visit to the Museum

7d 5h 56m We also see paintings of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier and Castelia City

7d 5h 55m We receive it in-front of a painting of Ecruteak City

7d 5h 55m We receive TM 82 Dragon Tail

7d 5h 52m We head on down back to the first floor

7d 5h 51m We pass by a painting of a boat and a wingull.

7d 5h 48m We head back on down to the 2nd Floor of the museum

7d 5h 47m We talk to the manager of the museum

7d 5h 46m We head up to the third floor of the Museum

7d 5h 42m We head upstairs

7d 5h 41m We talk to the receptionist and pay ¥200 to enter the museum

7d 5h 39m We enter the Museum

7d 5h 35m We head out onto North Boulevard looking for the Museum

7d 5h 31m We finally exit the Bureau. Next stop is the Museum

7d 5h 30m Sadder Music now plays

[Chat] CRYOTS and BibleThumps are flying in chat again along with the sad Looker music

7d 5h 29m Also reveals he is really a part of the International Police

7d 5h 28m Espurr comes in the gives a letter to Emma. The letter says that Looker is leaving

7d 5h 27m We enter the Bureau and Emma reveals Looker is getting out of the Hospital

Final Chapter: Here's Lookin' At You Kid

7d 5h 26m We get a call for the Halo-Caster. Emma wants to see us

7d 5h 23m The cutscene ends and we reenter the Bureau. Emma reveals that Looker is sick

[Chat] BibleThumps and CRYOTS flying in chat

7d 5h 22m Sad Looker music is playing as he talks with Xerosic

7d 5h 17m Malamar is sent out after Crobat faints. Espeon takes cares of it. Essentia defeated

[Snark] We have defeated the E4!
We defeated Essentia four times.

7d 5h 17m 2 Dazzling Gleams puts Crobat in the red

7d 5h 16m vs Essentia again. Crobat is sent out vs Espeon

[Snark] omg, it was Emma? After we helped her why did she betray us?

7d 5h 15m Espurr goes in to reach to Emma

7d 5h 15m Essentia is revealed to be Emma

[Info] Defeating Mawile defeated Essentia for the second time, and then we got into the third battle with Essentia. She sent out Persian and got defeated first turn.

7d 5h 14m Looker shows up

7d 5h 13m Espeon uses Dazzling Gleam on Persian. Essentia defeated again

7d 5h 12m Psychic takes it down, and Mawile is next

7d 5h 12m Espeon vs Granbull

[Snark] We seem to be fighting the E4!

7d 5h 11m Fighting Essentia again

7d 5h 11m Essentia defeated

7d 5h 10m And another Psychic takes it down

7d 5h 10m We psychic and it quiver dances

7d 5h 10m 7d 5h 10m Espeon vs Volcarona

7d 5h 9m Its her Jellicent vs our Espeon, we use Psychic and it faints.

7d 5h 9m We are fighting Essentia

7d 5h 8m We read the last shelf and Xerosic appears

7d 5h 1m Here is a website you can see what we have to do, we currently are on chapter 5

7d 5h 0m Looks like we only have a few shelf's to read

[Info] We have to read all the secret notes in the shelf's to advance

7d 4h 41m We keep reading the bookshelf's and they point out stuff from Lysandre and about a expansion suit

7d 4h 39m we try to pick up a ball but it says its someone's else

7d 4h 31m We reached the room with the stolen pokeballs!

7d 4h 12m Spinning and spinning around, just like in Kanto

7d 4h 3m Spinning in the maze

7d 3h 58m In front of the elevator.

7d 3h 56m Eris defeated!

7d 3h 55m Psychic faints Bouffalant

7d 3h 55m Bouffalant in!

7d 3h 54m Dazzling Gleam and pangoro faints!

7d 3h 54m Espeon vs. Pangoro

7d 3h 54m vs.Lumiose ganngmemeber eris!

7d 3h 52m Still spining around.

7d 3h 43m Back on the 1st floor.

7d 3h 42m We're now on the second floor, near the teleporter.

7d 3h 38m We're still on the first floor of the old Team Flare hideout.

7d 3h 33m We're doing some not progressing progress.

7d 3h 27m We're spining and teleporting.

7d 3h 21m We disconnected from the wi-fi.

7d 3h 19m We succecfully connect to the wi-fi !

7d 3h 18m We're still spinning around.

7d 3h 13m We try to connect to the wi-fi, but fail.

[Info] Yes, we are STILL on the Looker Quest - Story Mission #5. I believe we have to look up more info on the Expansion Suit that Emma wears, if my memory serves me. Oh wait, I think we also have to track down the missing Poké Balls from the other trainers.

[Snark] Good ol times eh?

7d 2h 56m Still spinning around on this floor.

[Fluff] Spinning, spinning, and more spinning! Hope d doesn't get too dizzy, cause I sure am, just watching this! (@_@)

7d 2h 47m d saves the game multipe times, as an attempt to connect to the internet!

7d 2h 44m d Saves the game!

7d 2h 38m Smogon Sword Levels up to Level 56! Gang Member Seda defeated! d gets 4960 for winning!

7d 2h 38m Dazzling Gleam. Mandibuzz goes down!

7d 2h 37m Another Whirlwind. but bounced but no effect!

7d 2h 37m We use Shadow Claw! Whirlwind against us! Espeon sent out!

7d 2h 36m Switched out for Deer God! Mandibuzz uses Whirlwind and Smogon Sword sent out!

7d 2h 36m Challenged Gang Member Sedna! Espeon vs. Mandibuss!

[Info] This floor appears to have the same layout as the original floor, except with a few rooms blocked off, and some different trainers are here too. No Team Flare suits though.

7d 2h 32m Scientist Ernst defeated! d gets 4248 for winning!

7d 2h 31m Driftblim Level 58! Heliolisk out! Psychic against it and it goes down!

7d 2h 31m Shadow ball against it! Weezing goes down!

7d 2h 30m Challenged by Scientist Ernst! Espeon vs. Weezing!

7d 2h 29m Currently spinning, and teleporting around on this floor.

7d 2h 29m Disconnected from the Internet!

7d 2h 27m Canceled trade with Will. We registered his friend code.

7d 2h 26m Trading with someone

7d 2h 25m So, we're on the secret floor now?

7d 2h 24m Scientist Sonia defeated! d gets 6480 for winning!

7d 2h 24m Psychic against it! Klinklank goes down!

7d 2h 24m Psychic against it! It uses Lock-On!

7d 2h 22m Klinklang sent out!

7d 2h 22m Shadow Ball against it! It goes down!

7d 2h 22m Espeon vs. Elgyem!

7d 2h 22m VS Scientist Sonia!

7d 2h 20m We used the elevator, but wrong floor!

7d 2h 16m She is letting us go down to a secret floor through the Elevator!

7d 2h 16m Entered Lysandre Labs!

7d 2h 15m Entered a Cafe! Malva is here!

7d 2h 12m Canceled out!

7d 2h 11m At the Wonder Trade!

7d 2h 5m Canceled trade with Bex.

7d 2h 4m Trading time!

7d 1h 57m d Saves the game!

7d 1h 56m Autumnal Avenue again!

7d 1h 56m At Centrico Plaza!

7d 1h 54m Now at Autumnal Avenue!

7d 1h 51m Outside.

7d 1h 50m Entered a Café, I believe.

7d 1h 48m Re-Connected, once again!

7d 1h 47m Disconnected from TEH Intrahnetz!

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Yes I have a Riot alarm I made myself :)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm going to bed now, if something goes wrong do a massive riot and I'll wake up.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Look what I got here : http://imgur.com/2Tp9qWJ

7d 1h 36m We Connected to the Internet once again!

7d 1h 35m Okay, so apparently, We are now Disconnected from the Internet.

7d 1h 33m Finally back outside on North Boulevard!

[Snark] DEM Camera Angles!

7d 1h 31m Exited, Entered, Exited, Entered, Exited, Entered the Hotel Richissime, etc.

7d 1h 31m We entered the elevator again, and picked 1F!

7d 1h 30m We entered the elevator, and went down some floors!

7d 1h 26m Re-Connected to the Internet!

7d 1h 25m And... Just like that, we Disconnected from the Internet.

7d 1h 23m We receive some "Nice!" from some people.

7d 1h 23m Connected to the Internet!

7d 1h 21m d saves the game!

[Info] Just some nifty information for you:
Yes, this is the same hotel where you can actually work at, and get paid for doing a good job. Some of the job offers here are finding lost items, and keeping some rooms clean, fixing the beds up.


7d 1h 16m She tells us about Emma, and that she wears the suit as Essentia!

7d 1h 15m She tells us about the Expansion Suit! She apparently also worked for Team Flare!

7d 1h 14m Smogon Sword Level 55! Malva defeated! d gets 12,600 for winning!

7d 1h 14m Psychic against it! Pyroar goes down!

7d 1h 14m Espeon vs. Pyroar!

7d 1h 13m Battle against Malva!

7d 1h 9m We ride the elevator up to 5F!

7d 1h 9m And we ride it back down to 1F!

7d 1h 9m We go up the Elevator up to 2F.

[Info] Apparently, we are currently Disconnected from the Internet!

7d 1h 7m Entered the fancy hotel called "Hotel Richissime"!

7d 1h 3m Did we just disconnect from the internet?

7d 1h 2m Back on North Boulevard!

7d 1h 0m Exited the Looker Bureau!

[Fluff] He needs to go rush off, and he's just........STANDING THERE?!?!?!?


7d 0h 57m The butler tells us that he needs to rush off to Hotel Richissime's Royal Suite!

7d 0h 56m He tells us he was a former of Team Flare!

7d 0h 56m We use Psychic! OHKO! Braviary goes down! Butler Shalmers defeated! d gets 4960 for winning!

7d 0h 54m Battle against Butler Chalmers! Espeon vs. Braviary!

7d 0h 53m Emma rushes out! And we're greeted by some person who is visiting the Bureau.

7d 0h 53m We find out that Looker is in the hospital!

7d 0h 53m We talk to Emma!

7d 0h 52m Emma, and Mimi the Espurr is in here!

7d 0h 52m Entered the Looker Bureau!

[Info] Our new non-shiny Espeon's move set is Morning Sun, Shadow Ball, Psychic, and Dazzling Gleam, FYI.

7d 0h 42m North Boulevard, as we get a call from Loo.... Emma?

7d 0h 41m We have exited the Looker Bureau!

7d 0h 41m It appears that Looker got attacked with our encounter with Essentia. He's down to his knees!

[Chat] DEM BibleThump!

7d 0h 40m Essentia leaps up into the air!

7d 0h 39m Essentia breaks down!

7d 0h 39m The figure says that she, err... it is Essentia!

[Fluff] Emma?

7d 0h 38m Mimi is acting friendly to the suspicious figure!

7d 0h 37m Mimi the Espurr comes in now!

7d 0h 36m We meet the suspicious figure! Looker rushes in!

7d 0h 36m Suspicious Lady defeated! d gets 960 for winning!

7d 0h 36m We use Psychic against it! Persian goes down!

7d 0h 34m Morning Sun. It uses Assurance!

7d 0h 33m Challenge against Suspicious Lady! Espeon vs. Persian!

7d 0h 33m We approach another woman!

7d 0h 32m Canceled Keawan's trade, and registered his friend code to the list!

7d 0h 30m Entered the alley! We get another Holo Caster call from Looker!

[Snark] Burrito is back, without Guacamelee!Kappa

7d 0h 28m Traded over Snubbul "FrankerZ" with Jonjon's Espeon! Normal color, non-shiny.

7d 0h 27m Canceled trade with NcSaam.

7d 0h 25m Traded Venomoth "AATTVV 3000" for NcSaam's Shiny Jirachi "(Japanese text)"

7d 0h 24m We're trading with someone!

7d 0h 22m Now on South Boulevard!

7d 0h 20m Or not..... Communication was interrupted.

7d 0h 19m Having a Wi-Fi Battle!

7d 0h 18m Out of the alley.

7d 0h 14m Looks like we're going to take a trip to South Boulevard. There is only one alley there, and it's the same alley that we met the girls, and Emma. We're finally going to catch this person!

7d 0h 13m He was training in this alley, when she battled against a strange girl, and took his Pokéballs.

7d 0h 13m We talk to the karate man in this alley!

7d 0h 11m Entered an Alley. Another call from Looker on our Holo Caster!

7d 0h 10m Deer God goes down! We lost against Bex!

7d 0h 9m We sent out Deer God vs. Mayuri!

7d 0h 8m Hydreigon goes down, as well as Shutara, due to explosion!

7d 0h 7m Hydreigon vs. Bex's Shutara!

7d 0h 7m We only entered 2 of our Pokemon!

7d 0h 5m Having a Wi-Fi Battle with Bex! Single Battle, Normal Rules!

7d 0h 4m Canceled trade with Keawan.

7d 0h 2m Traded Lord Sail for Keawan's Shiny Rayquaza!

Welcome to Day 8 of Pokémon X!

We have reached over 24 Hours without a single Black Out!
Good job guys! Nice work, everyone!

6d 23h 56m Exited the Pokémon Center.

6d 23h 55m And Re-Connected to the Internet!

6d 23h 54m Disconnected from the Internet!

6d 23h 53m Entered the Pokémon Center.

6d 23h 52m Faffing about between roads, checking our bags, Pokémon stats, etc.

6d 23h 43m Back on North Boulevard!

6d 23h 42m Looker Heals our team again! Thanks Looker!

6d 23h 41m The figure appears again, as it jumps off the stage once more! Looker is beside us!

6d 23h 40m Suspicious Girl defeated! d gets 1824 for winning!

6d 23h 40m We use Iron Head! Mawile down!

6d 23h 39m Switched out for Smogon Sword! It uses Iron Head against us!

6d 23h 38m Switched out for Hydreigon, as Mawile continues to Stockpile!

6d 23h 38m Mawile uses Stockpile!

6d 23h 37m We attack it! and switch out for Neon!

6d 23h 37m Smogon Sword Level 54! Mawile sent out by girl!

6d 23h 37m Dark Pulse against it! Granbull goes down!

6d 23h 36m We use Moonlight! It uses Roar! Hydreigon sent out!

6d 23h 35m We got switched out for Neon!

6d 23h 35m Iron Head against it!

6d 23h 35m Granbull sent out by Suspicious girl!

6d 23h 34m Tailwind on us! Iron Head against it! Whimsicott down!

6d 23h 34m Sent out Smogon Sword!

6d 23h 33m Moonblast against us! FrankerZ goes down!

6d 23h 33m Talked to the girl and challenged her! Suspicious Child sends out Whimsicott! Go FrankerZ!

6d 23h 32m In the alley, there is now a small child here.

[Info] FrankerZ is a Snubbull. It was a shiny color.

6d 23h 30m Entered an alley and received a call from Looker on the Holo Caster!

[Chat] FrankerZ

6d 23h 26m Traded over Blaziken for Tonie~'s FrankerZ It appears to be a shiny color!

6d 23h 25m On the Trading Screen with someone.

6d 23h 24m Allison no longer wishes to trade, and we saved her to our friend code list.

6d 23h 23m Gonna try to trade with Allison again.

6d 23h 22m Canceled trade with Tonie~!

[Info] "Lord Sail" is an Aurorus, not an Amaura.

6d 23h 20m Traded Thundurus for Lord Sail!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Someone actually found d on passerby!

[Meta] TwitchSpeaks is now starting. /u/super-redguy will be speaking. Come watch.

6d 23h 18m Canceled trade with Leon.

6d 23h 18m More Trading.....?

6d 23h 16m On North Boulevard!

6d 23h 16m Canceled trade with Allison.

6d 23h 14m Trading again.

6d 23h 13m We connected to the Internet!

6d 23h 12m We're back in Luminose City now. Currently on Autumn Avenue!

6d 23h 11m Well.... Internet seems to have disconnected, since we had to restart the game.

6d 23h 10m We Re-Entered Pokémon X!

6d 23h 9m Game Reset!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Not again

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: What?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Well..... Here we go again!

6d 23h 8m Command inputs are broken too!

6d 23h 7m Screen just went black!

6d 23h 5m Traded over (Inappropriate) for Allisons Roserade!

[Meta] In a few minutes, /u/super-redguy is doing Human Mode tonight on TwitchSpeaks. Afterward there will be another "TPP Narrates A 1950's Short Film" and Open Mic, as usual. Come join and hang out!

6d 23h 4m So, we are going to trade again?

6d 23h 3m Back on North Boulevard!

6d 23h 0m Looker heals our team! What a great guy!

6d 22h 59m Looker runs and appears next to us! A Suspicious figure jumps high into the air!

6d 22h 59m Suspicious Woman "???" defeated! d gets 8400 for winning!

6d 22h 58m We use Fly! Volcarona down!

6d 22h 58m We use Draco Meteor against it! It uses Quiver Dance!

6d 22h 57m It uses Quiver Dance!

6d 22h 56m Woman sends out Volcarona!

6d 22h 56m Draco Meteor! Jellicent down! Smogon Sword Level 53!

6d 22h 56m We sent out Hydreigon!

6d 22h 55m We use Thief! Hydro Pump on us! Driftblim goes down!

6d 22h 55m It uses Fly! Hydro Pump against us!

6d 22h 55m We sent out Driftblim!

6d 22h 54m Hydro Pump against us! Blaziken down!

6d 22h 53m We challenge the person! Suspisious Woman sends out Jellicent! Go Blaziken!

6d 22h 51m There appears to be some ransom person standing in this alley!

6d 22h 49m Up an alley! We get a message from Looker in the Holo Caster!

6d 22h 48m We saved the game. Connected to the Internet!

6d 22h 47m North Boulevard again.

6d 22h 46m On Autumnal Avenue!

6d 22h 41m On North Boulevard!

6d 22h 36m Exited the Looker Bureau now!

6d 22h 35m Exited, entered, exited, and entered the Looker Bureau!

6d 22h 33m We accept Lookers request! We're going to play the role of the victim, and track down the enemy!

6d 22h 32m Talked to Looker! He's concerned about what has happened!

6d 22h 31m Disconnected from the Internet!

6d 22h 29m Entered the Looker Bureau!

[Info] Our new Braségali that we have now is a Blaziken!

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> There's no good way of doing this, people get pissed off either way, so I'll leave it up to you. If you want battle/trade just accept it, if you don't spam b and change a page or turn wifi off.

[rip] Burrito, the Espeon!

6d 22h 23m Traded Espeon with Allison's Braségali

6d 22h 22m We're gonna trade now?

6d 22h 20m Another call in the Holo Caster. This time its Looker!

6d 22h 19m Exited the Museum! We get a call from a Newscaster in the Holo Caster!

6d 22h 18m Returned the audio guide for the museum!

6d 22h 15m Gave up trade with Allison.

6d 22h 15m Going to trade, maybe?

6d 22h 10m Down the 1st floor of the Museum!

6d 22h 8m [Snark] Fail'd to connect Wi-Fi with Bex.

6d 22h 5m Down the 2nd floor of the Museum.

[Info] The guy appears to be the Museum Director.

6d 22h 1m We talked to the old man who is looking at the graffiti.

6d 22h 0m We listen to the audio guide about the painting that has the new deformed graffiti on it.

6d 21h 58m Up on the 3rd floor! The graffiti is right in front of us!

6d 21h 57m We canceled the trade.

6d 21h 56m Looks like we're gonna trade now.

6d 21h 56m Lil'd gets a "Nice"!

6d 21h 54m We forfeit the match against Eliza.

6d 21h 52m d vs. Eliza! It's a Single Battle! Neon vs. Ragnarok!

6d 21h 49m d Saves the game! We're gonna have a Wi-Fi battle with Eliza!

[Snark] We GOT #REKT!

6d 21h 47m Smogon Sword goes down! We lost the match!

6d 21h 47m Leon sent out Noivern and Grenninja!

6d 21h 46m Golem went down! So did Regigigas and Espeon!

6d 21h 46m Driftblim goes down!

6d 21h 43m We sent out Smogon Sword, Espeon, and Driftblim against Regigigas Goolem, and Blastoise!

6d 21h 43m Another Wi-Fi battle with Leon!

[Meta] If anyone from TPP finds someone named 'TrainerMario' on the Passersby list on Wi-Fi. That is me. Giving a shout out to Lil'd, in case I actually find him somewhere on Wi-Fi.

[Fluff] In true Kalos style!

6d 21h 40m And just like that we just forfeit the match. ;_;

6d 21h 39m It's a triple battle with Leon! Deer God Smogon Sword and Espeon! vs. Talonflame Noivern and Goolem!

6d 21h 37m We're having a Wi-Fi battle with Leon!

6d 21h 35m Up the 2nd floor in the Museum!

[Fluff] So much for a battle/trade request from yours truely. Not like I can find Lil'd on my wi-fi list anyway..... ;_;

6d 21h 29m We get multiple requests for battles/trades from familiar faces on d's list. But re reject them all!

6d 21h 25m We paid 200 for the Audio guide and entered the Museum!

6d 21h 23m Apparently someone left Grafitti on the third floor. We need to investigate.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: If wifi gets annoying you can turn it off or switch to other pages

6d 21h 23m In the museum!

6d 21h 20m Traded a Lv. 30 Male Japanese Wooper to /u/Bexxxxxxx for a shiny Lv. 15 Female Luvdisc named ♥Love Riot♥, equipped with a Sweet Heart.

6d 21h 17m We save!

6d 21h 11m Back outside!

6d 21h 9m We have to investigate it! But Looker can't, he has an appointment.

6d 21h 9m Apparently a museum was robbed!

6d 21h 8m Chapter 4 Begins! We get a HoloClip!

6d 21h 8m Back in the Looker Bureau!

6d 21h 3m Wandering around the City!

6d 21h 0m We swapped Umbreon and Drifblim!

[Meta] So, with all of the wondertrading happening in post-game, the GDoc team is a bit behind for Traded and PC Pokemon. However, we're keeping our status info and Party Pokemon up to date, so give it a look if you want.

6d 20h 58m It's Looker. He wants us to go to the Bureau.

6d 20h 58m In the North Boulevard! We get a Holo Clip!

6d 20h 56m She feels guilty staying there for free and doing nothing.

6d 20h 55m Emma talks to Mimi. She discusses getting part-time work

6d 20h 54m More BibleThumps! Looker has a heart-felt discussion with Emma.

6d 20h 53m Apparently they have put away their violent ways.

6d 20h 52m We head back to the Bureau. The gang visits.

6d 20h 51m Apparently the gang wants to be friends with Emma and not fight, but Looker gives them a speech about not being cruel to Pokemon.

6d 20h 50m Emma confronts Nix.

6d 20h 49m Drifblim Level 57! Defeated Nix!

6d 20h 49m We OHKO it with Dazzling Gleam!

6d 20h 48m We use Morning Sun, and we bounce back Krookodile's Scary Face.

6d 20h 48m Against Krookodile!

6d 20h 47m We use Dazzling Gleam, and OHKO it!

6d 20h 47m We send out Espeon against Druddigon!

6d 20h 47m Facing Lumiose Gang Member Nix!

6d 20h 43m We OHKO it with Dazzling Gleam! Defeated Eris!

6d 20h 43m Against Bouffalant!

6d 20h 42m We use Dazzling Gleam, and OHKO Pangoro!

6d 20h 42m We send out Espeon against Pangoro!

6d 20h 42m Facing Lumiose Gang Member Eris!

6d 20h 41m Smogon Sword is now level 52! Defeated Sedna!

6d 20h 41m We use Dazzling Gleam, OHKOing our foe!

6d 20h 40m We send out Espeon against Mandibuzz!

6d 20h 40m Facing Lumiose Gang Member Sedna.

6d 20h 39m Looker heals us!

6d 20h 38m Looker is about to leave, but we arrive.

6d 20h 38m He requests they return the person's Pokemon.

6d 20h 37m Looker encounters some of the Lumiose Gang!

6d 20h 34m At the Lumiose Station!

6d 20h 32m We look at two Skiddos sleeping.

6d 20h 30m Still wandering around!

6d 20h 20m In the North Boulevard! We save!

6d 20h 16m We talk to a Marill!

6d 20h 13m BACK ONLINE!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 20h 4m Stream is offline!!

6d 20h 3m Gogoat takes us to North Blvd. East Shop!

6d 20h 1m We take a ride on the Gogoat for $200!

6d 19h 58m Capture Power Lv. 1 wore off.

6d 19h 57m We opened up Super Training! But cancelled out.

6d 19h 55m Toilet's friend code was registered!

6d 19h 54m Scratch that, we cancelled it. The passerby did show us our traded Meloetta.

6d 19h 53m We are now trading with a passerby.

6d 19h 51m We changed the music to "Music 3" but the battle was cancelled.

6d 19h 50m We forfeit the match immediately.

6d 19h 50m Clipper and Bex send out Scizor and Forretress, we send out Drifblim and Slowpoke sends out Bibarel.

6d 19h 49m We enter only Drifblim.

6d 19h 49m We are on Slowpoke's team! Battling against Clipper and Bex.

6d 19h 47m We accept Clipper's Multi-Battle request!

6d 19h 45m Still haven't successfully accepted a request yet.

6d 19h 40m A bunch of people are asking us to trade/battle, but we deny them all.

6d 19h 39m We select Espeon, but ended up cancelling the trade with Leon.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Isn't this what you wanted?

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: You see? This is what happens when you do a game with WiFi on

6d 19h 27m Outside!

6d 19h 26m Wifi reset.

6d 19h 20m We have to go to the Train Station in the North Boulevard.

6d 19h 17m Looker storms off to find the gang. Without any Pokemon. Smooth.

6d 19h 15m We have to find the woman's stolen Pokemon, that were stolen from the Lumiose Gang.

6d 19h 13m Also, Emma can speak back to her in Japanese.

[Snark] If the thoughts were in Japanese...

6d 19h 12m We can now hear the women's thoughts. Apparently she is sorry for being rude to Looker and Emma. The real reason she is troubled is because she can't find her Pokemon.

6d 19h 11m Mimi has powers, and is trying to help Emma.


6d 19h 9m Emma and Mimi come home. Looker went off to get tea.

6d 19h 9m Apparently, she is highly offended she has come and not been offered tea. We need to find some!

[Fluff] In the Japanese version, what language does she speak?

6d 19h 7m She speaks to us in Japanese.

6d 19h 7m Started Chapter 3! A Tourist walks in!

6d 19h 6m Apparently Emma is stressed. We need to find out what's wrong!

6d 19h 6m In the Bureau again!

6d 19h 1m We save!

6d 19h 0m We get a Holo Clip from Looker. Looks like it's back to work!

6d 18h 59m BibleThump! Looker talks about Emma and Mimi.

6d 18h 58m The girl introduces herself as Emma.

6d 18h 57m We go back to the bureau!

6d 18h 56m The girl now joins us!

[Chat] ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ DANCE RIOT ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫


[Fluff] We actually selected Dance? WOW!

6d 18h 55m We DANCE!

6d 18h 54m We see Mimi!

6d 18h 54m In an alleyway!

6d 18h 48m Outside!

6d 18h 43m And we leave to the North Boulevard. Or not.

6d 18h 43m Inside of a building!

Some of the common ones I've seen in chat now are:

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WIFI RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STADIUM RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Chat seems to be in some sort of RIOT mode at the moment.

[Info] Whenever we find Mimi the Espurr again, the correct answer we need to choose is "Dance". If we choose any other option, Mimi will just run away from us.

6d 18h 34m Inside of more alleyways!

6d 18h 31m We save!

6d 18h 30m We smile at it. It runs off, with a hint of smile.

6d 18h 30m We talk to Mimi, the Espurr!

6d 18h 30m Inside of an alleyway!

6d 18h 15m In Centrico Plaza!

6d 18h 6m Rollerskating around at the speed of sound!

6d 18h 1m On the South Boulevard!

6d 18h 1m We save!

6d 17h 58m We watch someone change into a celebrity. Fascinating!

6d 17h 56m In a cafe!

6d 17h 50m In Vert Plaza!

6d 17h 49m Wandering the city!

[Snark] Stranger Danger!

6d 17h 48m Mimi doesn't like being pet by strangers. Good to know!

6d 17h 47m We get another Holo Clip!

6d 17h 45m Our assignment is to befriend Mimi.

6d 17h 45m She declines our offer.

6d 17h 44m Same with Mimi. Mimi runs off.

6d 17h 43m Looker invites her to work at his Bureau!

[Chat] BibleThump EVERYWHERE!

6d 17h 43m The BibleThump is real.

6d 17h 42m "Mimi and I have always lived in alleys. We don't know about sunshine." "No, they're gone. I'm alone."

6d 17h 41m We investigate them.

6d 17h 40m Apparently, it's "trainer" doesn't have money to buy Pokeballs.

[Chat] O _ O

6d 17h 40m It's Espurr! It's named Mimi!

6d 17h 39m Looker meets up with us, and we encounter a strange noise.

[Snark] This is the K4. Kappa.

6d 17h 38m We are allowed to pass through the alleyway!

6d 17h 38m Defeated Macon!

6d 17h 38m We use Dazzling Gleam, and OHKO it!

6d 17h 38m Another Morning Sun, Spiritomb uses Dark Tomb.

6d 17h 37m We use Morning Sun again, our foe uses Nasty Plot.

6d 17h 37m We use Morning Sun! Spiritomb misses Sucker Punch.

6d 17h 37m We send out Espeon against Spiritomb!

6d 17h 37m Battling Schoolboy Macon!

6d 17h 36m Defeated Schoolgirl!

6d 17h 36m Drifblim is now level 56!

6d 17h 35m We use Shadow Ball, and OHKO it!

6d 17h 35m Against Kingler!

6d 17h 35m We use Dazzling Gleam, and OHKO it!


6d 17h 34m Against Leavanny!

6d 17h 34m Smogon Sword is level 51!

6d 17h 34m We use Psyshock and KO Rapidash!

6d 17h 33m We use Morning Sun. Rapidash uses Flare Blitz.

6d 17h 33m Against Rapidash, we send out Espeon!

6d 17h 33m Battling Schoolgirl Callie!

6d 17h 32m Defeated Lily!

6d 17h 31m We use Psyshock and OHKO it!

6d 17h 31m Against Iggybuff! We send out Espeon!

6d 17h 31m We challenge Preschooler Lily!

6d 17h 30m We save!

6d 17h 30m Defeated Preschooler!

6d 17h 29m Another Sucker Punch from Bonsly, and another Psyshock from us. Bonsly down.

6d 17h 29m Bonsly uses Sucker Punch. We use Psyshock.

6d 17h 28m Against Bonsly!

6d 17h 28m Espeon uses Psyshock, and OKHOs it!

6d 17h 28m We send out Espeon against Swinub!

6d 17h 28m We challenge Preschooler Natalie!

6d 17h 26m We refuse to battle them.

6d 17h 26m We find the little kids. It' their secret base apparently.

6d 17h 24m Still wandering the city. In South Boulevard now!

[Snark] That style...

6d 17h 10m Outside!

6d 17h 7m We should start on the South Boulevard, according to him. He wrote down of the alleys in Lumiose City.

6d 17h 6m Looker says we need to find some kids! They'll be in one of the alleys.

6d 17h 5m We read the notes. Chapter 2 Starts!

6d 16h 59m Looker is counting on us to solve the case. He tells us to read the notes on the desk.

6d 16h 59m Back in the Bureau!

6d 16h 58m We save!

6d 16h 52m We get a message on the Holo Caster from Looker. He wants us to come to the Bureau.

[Fluff] We're the Champion of the Kalos Region, and we can't even enter a fancy restaurant?

6d 16h 51m Outside of the restaurant!

[Snark] We beat the Elite 4, and we aren't famous?

6d 16h 46m We can't get in because we aren't VIP.

6d 16h 46m Inside of a restaurant!

[Snark] "My name is d! The E T E C T I V E is silent!"

6d 16h 43m Exited the Looker Bureau!

6d 16h 42m We say Yes to Lookers request! We're now detectives!

6d 16h 42m We talk to Looker! We completed the training!

6d 16h 40m Inside the Looker Bureau!

6d 16h 38m Black Belt Killian defeated! d gets 600 for winning! Killian quickly disappears after the battle!

6d 16h 38m Machoke OHKO by Shadow Ball!

6d 16h 37m Espeon vs. Machoke!

6d 16h 37m Challenged Black Belt Killian!

6d 16h 37m In an alley.

6d 16h 28m In Rouge Plaza!

6d 16h 28m We save!

6d 16h 19m Back outside once more!

6d 16h 19m Inside of the Gym again!

6d 16h 17m In Centrico Plaza!

6d 16h 9m Inside of a cafe!

6d 16h 8m Outside!

6d 16h 0m In a different store.

6d 15h 57m We save!

6d 15h 56m Obtained the Last Looker Ticket!

6d 15h 55m We enter the Herb shop!

6d 15h 52m Back on Vernal Avenue!

6d 15h 51m Inside of the shop NEXT to the Herb Shop.

6d 15h 42m In Estival Avenue!

6d 15h 41m Outside!

[Info] Just one more ticket left! That ticket is in the herb shop in Vernal Avenue.

6d 15h 39m Found a Looker Ticket!

[Snark] So these are Boat Tickets we're dealing with. Interesting...

[Snark] The light shines so bright, it hurts my eyes!

[Snark] In order to figure out what happened, the Looker Detective Agency must "consult the tickets."

6d 15h 37m Entered the Lumiose Gym!

6d 15h 36m In Centrico Plaza!

6d 15h 34m Back outside!

6d 15h 33m We receive 19 Rare Candies!

6d 15h 31m We heal!

[Info] That's 3 Tickets down! Just 2 more to go!

6d 15h 28m Found a Looker Ticket!

[Snark] Shiny floor spot! Must, CATCH!

6d 15h 27m We save!

6d 15h 26m Back in the Pokecenter!

6d 15h 25m Out of the Pokecenter!

6d 15h 24m We fly to the Pokecenter in Lumiose City. Checkpoint!

[Party] Espeon, Umbreon, Aegislash, Hydreigon, Xerneas, Drifblim.

6d 15h 19m WE'RE OUT!

[Meta] The TPPLeague is hosting the finals to the Little Cup Tournament they're holding. Come watch!

[Fluff] and we keep going inside, and getting stuck in the hotel due to the camera angles rotation that messes with our inputs.

6d 15h 11m Going back and forth from the hotel and outside!

6d 15h 7m Back outside!

6d 15h 3m Found Another Looker Ticket!

6d 15h 1m We enter the hotel!

6d 15h 1m On the North Boulevard!

6d 14h 55m Outside!

6d 14h 50m Literally right by where we found the ticket. Progress!

6d 14h 37m Found a Looker Ticket!



6d 14h 32m Inside of the museum!

6d 14h 31m Mocha Poke Puff!

6d 14h 29m Got a Citrus Pokepuff!

[Info] Again, here are the locations of the 5 Tickets:
Magenta Plaza: In the Pokémon Center
Centrico Plaza: In the Gym
Vernal Avenue: In the herb shop
North Boulevard: In the hotel
North Boulevard: In the Museum

6d 14h 26m Got a Frosted Spice Poke Puff.

6d 14h 21m We get a Pink Star Object!

6d 14h 19m He tells us hints to the locations of them.

6d 14h 18m Outside of the building, we get a message from Looker on our Holo Caster!

6d 14h 17m We've found 0 Tickets so far. Hooray!

6d 14h 16m These Looker Tickets are also glittery and sparkly. Hurray!

6d 14h 16m Looker says that d has to find 5 Looker Tickets around Lumiose and bring them back.

6d 14h 14m Looker asks d to reconsider. d accepts this time.

6d 14h 14m d rejects his offer!

6d 14h 14m He invites d to be his assistant.

6d 14h 13m Looker introduces himself-- as Looker! A grim, middle-aged man.

6d 14h 12m As well as the one to save the world from Team Flare.

6d 14h 12m He commends d for being the newest champion of Kalos.

6d 14h 12m Entered a house. We meet Looker!

6d 14h 10m Deluxe Spic Poke Puff got!

6d 14h 9m We also get a Fire Heart Object.

6d 14h 6m We get a Green Cube Object from people.

6d 14h 3m In the Rouge Plaza!

6d 14h 1m We also got a Fire Wallpaper.

6d 14h 0m In the Centrico Plaza!

6d 13h 59m We got a Purple Wallpaper from multiple people!

[Info] The Smeargle was also Male.

6d 13h 57m We said "Nice!" to Toilet.

[Info] The Smeargle we got before was Lvl. 14!

[Info] That guys username was Toilet. It shows.

6d 13h 46m We trade our lv. 46 Male QOOQ"O to a lv.24 Smeargle FATTY007 (something)

6d 13h 40m Trying to trade.

6d 13h 38m In the Autumnal Avenue!

[Snark] It's just covered in Guacamole, people.

[Chat] Rotten Burrito lol

6d 13h 29m In the Poke Amie area with Espeon!

6d 13h 21m We trade our level 50 Melotta for a Lv. 11 Femal Sentret with the Nickname that looks like a very inappropriate thing.

6d 13h 16m In Magenta Plaza.

6d 13h 13m We finish our first attempt with a score of 0/1800.

6d 13h 10m Against an Aurorus Balloon!

6d 13h 9m We do some Super Training!

6d 13h 7m Wandering the city.

6d 13h 1m We are told to go to the Looker Building by the Rouge Plaza. Chapter 1 Begins!

6d 13h 1m Watching a Holo Clip.

6d 13h 1m We received a Bargain Power 2 from a Passerby.

6d 12h 59m Flew to Lumiose City!

6d 12h 45m Asking Passerby Sherlock to trade with us.

6d 12h 30m d now seems interested in trying Tile Puzzles.

6d 12h 26m We get a new high score! ....7.

6d 12h 17m d isn't very good at directing his Pokémon to bounce yarn up.

6d 12h 14m Playing Head It!

6d 12h 12m Inside the Anistar center.

6d 12h 3m Traded a Vivillon for an Egg.

6d 11h 56m The Memory Girl keeps telling us memories about a Budew Juan caught for us.

6d 11h 50m We add Adrizel to our friend's list.

6d 11h 47m Currently talking to the memory girl.

6d 11h 45m Dani G. complements d .

6d 11h 43m We forfeit the match.

6d 11h 43m The battle begins! Xerneas and Espeon versus Politoad and Ludicolo.

6d 11h 41m We choose to have another battle with Dani G.

6d 11h 40m The match ended. Not sure who won.

6d 11h 38m Dani G. sends in Jolteon.

6d 11h 38m Vaporeon uses Toxic! Espeon's Magic Bounce makes Vaporeon poisoned.

6d 11h 37m Espeon uses Psyshock on Ditto. Ditto down.

6d 11h 37m Dani sends in Ditto!

6d 11h 37m Jolteon uses Volt Switch! Drifblim knocked out!

6d 11h 37m Battle with Dani G.! Double Battle! d sends in Drifblim and Espeon. Dani G. sends in Jolteon and Vaporeon.

6d 11h 36m The timer ends! Battle start!

6d 11h 35m Looks like another battle with Dani G. will be starting soon.

[Chat] Signal_beam: Great battle videoKappa

6d 11h 33m Saved the battle as a battle video.

6d 11h 33m d forfeits! Dani G. wins!

6d 11h 33m Double Battle! Go, Hydreigon and Espeon! Dani G. sends in Jolteon and Vaporeon.

6d 11h 32m Battle with Dani G.!

6d 11h 31m At the party menu screen right now.

6d 11h 30m In a double battle with Dani G.!

6d 11h 28m Declining some more battles and trades.

6d 11h 27m Challenged to a battle with Pixel. d declines.

6d 11h 27m Cancelled.

6d 11h 27m Dani G. offers Floofeh, a female lv. 72 Flareon.

6d 11h 26m The trade was accepted! Dani G. sends over Neon the lv 100 shiny male Umbreon. d trades a lv. 1 male Spiritomb over.

6d 11h 26m Offering a lv. 1 male Spiritomb.

6d 11h 25m The other party offers Neon, a level 100 male shiny Umbreon.

6d 11h 25m In a trade menu with someone.

6d 11h 9m We canceled

6d 11h 8m We get offered a d unown on lv 19

6d 11h 5m We get offered a shiny Kyogre on level 100, but we cancel the trade.

[Info] I think it had the Ocean Pattern

6d 11h 4m We trade Fletchling for Vivillion

[Info] It was a shiny Tyrantrum

6d 11h 2m We trade Flareon for "T-Wrecks" from Dani G.

6d 11h 0m Nickname is (diamond)DEER GOD(diamond)

6d 11h 0m We trade Goomy for Dani G.'s Xerneas!

6d 10h 59m And again, Xerneas offered.

6d 10h 56m Cancelled

6d 10h 55m We get Xerneas offered again

6d 10h 54m In tradin screen again.

[Snark] With these Powers is raising our dongers way easier! ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

6d 10h 49m Receiving many O-Powers

6d 10h 46m Trade cancelled

6d 10h 46m We get offered a Xerneas

6d 10h 46m At the trading screen.

6d 10h 43m We left wondertrade

6d 10h 42m Wondertrade intensifies

6d 10h 42m We trade it for Kalm's... Spiritomb!

6d 10h 41m We trade away the Bunnelby in our team

6d 10h 41m More Wondertrade

[Snark] Juan pls

6d 10h 40m We trade it for JUAN's Budew

6d 10h 39m And we trade the Vulpix we just got away.

6d 10h 39m We trade it for Vicky's Vulpix

6d 10h 38m We trade away a snover, it isn't holding anything

6d 10h 38m In wondertrade again

6d 10h 37m We trade it for a Froakie from a Japanese

6d 10h 36m We trade a Noibat with a Draco Plate away

6d 10h 36m In Wondertrade.

[Snark] We got Burnt so much we ragequitted.

6d 10h 32m We forfeited, again

6d 10h 32m Our hydreigon got burned

6d 10h 31m This battle is progressing pretty slow.

6d 10h 30m Started the battle! Hydreigon vs. Braixen

[Snark] Burrito's Return! Oh wait, that must have been a long time ago

[Info] The Espeon we got was male

6d 10h 28m We're choosing our Pokemon to fight pixel!

6d 10h 27m We're getting many tradin & battling requests

6d 10h 25m We cancelled the trade

[Snark] Green Burrito DansGame

6d 10h 24m We trade Gligar for a shiny level 100 Espeon!!

6d 10h 24m We're at the trading screen right now

[Chat] "He rage quitted"

6d 10h 21m Communication error! Battle ends!

6d 10h 19m Chandelure OHKO Gligar

6d 10h 19m Medicham OHKO Bunnelby

6d 10h 18m Gligar, Bunnelby, Drifblim vs. Medicham (Shiny), Chandelure(Shiny) and Gardevoir.

6d 10h 18m Started battling "Misaki"!

6d 10h 16m Choosing our Pokemon to battle "Misaki"

6d 10h 15m Saved the battle video.

6d 10h 14m We forfeited the match

6d 10h 14m Gengar evolves into Mega-Gengar

6d 10h 13m Goomy & Aegislash out

6d 10h 13m Gengar OHKO Gligar

6d 10h 13m Greninja OHKO Bunnelby

6d 10h 11m Gligar, Drifblim & Bunnelby vs. Greninja, Gengar & Spinda

6d 10h 11m Battling "Jacky"!

6d 10h 9m We're choosing our Pokemon to battle "Jacky" in the Battle Spot

6d 10h 8m In Battle spot right now

6d 10h 4m We said "Nice" to pixel.

6d 10h 2m Looks like we cancelled.

6d 10h 0m The other party offers up a female lv. 70 Absol.

6d 9h 58m d's friend Mallory wants to trade. d cancels.

6d 9h 53m Challenged to a single battle by Acquaintance Hunter. d rejects.

6d 9h 52m Regardless, the trade was cancelled in the end.

6d 9h 52m A level 30 female Ninetales is shown.

6d 9h 51m Cancelled the trade.

6d 9h 51m Offering up Scorplane the lv 1 male Gligar. The other party offers a level 30 female Lampent.

6d 9h 50m In a trade screen.

6d 9h 50m Hunter challenges us again. It was cancelled.

6d 9h 49m Cancelled. We also receive a "Nice!"

6d 9h 49m Challenged to a single battle by Acquaintance Hunter.

6d 9h 49m Oh, it's Malva! She's reporting about the 2014 World Championships.

6d 9h 46m Tried to participate in an online competition. Too bad! There is none at the moment.

6d 9h 46m Exited the menu.

6d 9h 43m Started another Wonder Trade.

6d 9h 42m Our lv. 7 male Scyther was traded for a Gligar from Javier. Nickname is Scorplane.

6d 9h 42m Found trade partner Javier from US.

6d 9h 42m Offering up lv. 7 male Japanese Scyther this time.

6d 9h 41m Wonder-trading once more.

6d 9h 41m Lv 15. female Luvdisc traded for a Bunnelby from a Japanese person.

6d 9h 41m Found a Japanese trade partner.

6d 9h 40m We offer up that same Luvdisc. It's level 15 and female.

6d 9h 40m Wonder-trading again!

6d 9h 40m Regis the lv. 38 Rotom was wonder-traded for a Luvdisc from ratchet.

6d 9h 39m Found trade partner ratchet from Canada.

6d 9h 39m Offering up Regis the lv. 38 Rotom.

6d 9h 38m In a Wonder Trade menu.

6d 9h 37m What does d say when he's happy? 3WW4____!p. He tells that to everyone.

6d 9h 36m Asking a passerby Sky if s/he would like to trade. Called off the request soon after.

6d 9h 32m Cancelled the photo-taking session.

6d 9h 32m Taking a photo once more.

6d 9h 31m Called Phil again.

6d 9h 31m Phil leaves.

6d 9h 31m Currently viewing our photos.

6d 9h 31m Taking another photo with Phil.

6d 9h 30m Phil: "Yay, this is a great shot!" d does not tip him.

6d 9h 30m Looking good, d! Snapped a nice photo.

6d 9h 30m At the Photo Spot. Called up Phil the photo guy.

6d 9h 28m Exited the Wonder Trade menu.

6d 9h 27m As usual, Drifblim cannot be offered.

6d 9h 27m In another Wonder Trade menu.

6d 9h 26m Our male lv.34 Meowstic was traded with Simon's Scyther. It has a Japanese name.

6d 9h 26m Found trade partner Simon from England.

6d 9h 26m Now offering up a male lv.34 Meowstic.

6d 9h 25m In the Wonder Trade menu again.

6d 9h 25m Our level 3 female Pikachu was traded for a Goomy with a Japanese name.

6d 9h 24m The Pikachu has a Japanese name. Found a trade partner Brandon from US.

6d 9h 23m Offering up a level 3 female Pikachu in the party which we received in a wonder trade earlier.

6d 9h 23m Tried to offer a Drifblim but it didn't go through as Drifblim knew a HM Move.

6d 9h 22m In the Wonder Trade menu.

6d 9h 20m Cancelled a battle request.

6d 9h 15m It's Matt! "Come on, then!". The PR Video ends.

6d 9h 15m Exchanged PR Videos with someone.

6d 9h 8m Lv. 2 female Weedle traded for a Pikachu from a Japanese person!

6d 9h 8m Found a Japanese trade partner!

6d 9h 7m Wonder trading our lv. 2 female Weedle.

6d 9h 4m Sycamore tells d to try and find the mega stones around Kalos. After that, he leaves.

6d 9h 3m A light emerges! The mega ring has absorbed the power of the sundial!

6d 9h 3m Sycamore asks d to try touching the sundial.

6d 9h 1m He says he found a way to power up the Mega-Ring. He talks about Mega Stones now.

6d 9h 1m Met Professor Sycamore!

6d 8h 56m Backed out.

6d 8h 54m In a Super-Training minigame.

6d 8h 49m Cancelled.

6d 8h 48m Requesting a trade with a passerby named Sherlock this time.

6d 8h 47m The trade was cancelled.

6d 8h 46m Asking a Japanese passerby if s/he would like to trade!

6d 8h 42m On the bridge near the sundial in Anistar City.

6d 8h 41m Declined the offer.

6d 8h 40m Jester challenges d again.

6d 8h 40m d rejects.

6d 8h 39m Acquaintance Jester challenges us to a single battle!

6d 8h 39m We have a lot of presents in the Poké-Amie screen.

6d 8h 37m Got a Weedle in return!

6d 8h 36m Offered our female lv 68 Luxray! Trading with a Japanese.

6d 8h 36m Started a Wonder Trade.

[Info] Smogon Sword is also holding a Lax Incense.

6d 8h 34m Exited the trade screen with Clipper.

6d 8h 33m "Smogon Sword" is female and level 50.

6d 8h 32m Traded level 49 male Zoroark for an Aegislash named "Smogon Sword".

6d 8h 31m In another trade screen with Clipper.

[Info] The Pokemon that I used in the recent battle vs. Joseph(me) were all Pokemon previously owned or caught by TPP.

6d 8h 29m d cancels the trade.

6d 8h 28m Voice Chat is on.

6d 8h 28m Accepted a trade request with Clipper.

6d 8h 26m Saved the battle as a Battle Video.

6d 8h 26m d wins! Joseph defeated!

6d 8h 25m Discharge once more! Illumise faints!

6d 8h 25m Luxray uses Discharge! Illumise is in yellow. Tackle brings Luxray to red.

6d 8h 25m Joseph sends in Illumise.

6d 8h 25m One more Discharge! Throh down.

6d 8h 25m Luxray uses Discharge again! Throh is in red. Vital Throw puts Luxray in yellow.

6d 8h 24m Luxray uses Discharge! Throh is in yellow and uses Vital Throw! Luxray in about half.

6d 8h 24m d sends in Luxray!

6d 8h 24m Dark Pulse on Throh! It isn't very effective. Storm Throw faints Hydreigon.

6d 8h 23m Joseph sends in Throh.

6d 8h 23m Draco Meteor deals the final blow to Aegislash!

6d 8h 22m Aegislash uses Sacred Sword! Hydreigon in yellow.

6d 8h 22m Hydreigon leads with Dark Pulse! Aegislash is brought to red.

6d 8h 22m Sent out Hydreigon! Joseph sends in Aegislash.

6d 8h 21m d vs. Joseph!

6d 8h 21m Participated in a Single Battle with Joseph.

6d 8h 20m At the Game Sync menu. Exited later.

6d 8h 18m Closed the trade w/ Clipper.

6d 8h 17m Trading w/ Clipper using voice chat!

6d 8h 15m Rotom-W is Lv38.

6d 8h 13m Traded Yvetal for Regis, the Rotom-W!

6d 8h 12m We're attempting a trade with Bryce.

6d 8h 9m Canceled the trade.

6d 8h 8m Accepted Clipper's trade w/ voice chat.

6d 8h 7m Clipper closed the trade.

6d 8h 4m Clipper accepted the trade. No voice chat.

6d 8h 4m Opened a trade offer with Clipper.

6d 8h 2m "Here he is, ladies and gentlemen! Thats right, it's Clipper!"

6d 8h 2m Clipper accepted the offer!

6d 8h 1m Asking to see Clipper's PR Video.

6d 8h 1m Left the GTS.

6d 8h 0m Entered the GTS.

6d 7h 57m Closed interaction with Jester.

6d 7h 56m Lost the battle vs. Jester!

6d 7h 49m Attempting a battle vs. Jester.

6d 7h 46m Closed the trade with Aidan and registered his friend code.

6d 7h 45m Trading with Aiden.

6d 7h 43m Closed the trade with Clipper.

[Snark] The voices are communicating with us by using their voices!

6d 7h 40m Now trading with Clipper! Game Chat is on!

6d 7h 36m We're currently checking the memories of our Pokemon.

6d 7h 32m Added Clipper to our favorite list.

6d 7h 29m Used an Exp. Point O-Power Lv1 on Clipper.

6d 7h 21m Left the GTS.

6d 7h 20m We're currently in the GTS, attempting a search for a Bagon.

6d 7h 18m Connected to Wi-Fi!

6d 7h 17m Entered Anistar Pokemon Center and checkpointed.

6d 7h 13m Flew to Anistar City!

6d 7h 3m We are currently in the Pokemon menu. Attempts to fly to Anistar City are being made.

6d 6h 42m Wi-Fi is currently disabled.

6d 6h 41m Disabled and re-enabled the PSS.

6d 6h 35m Passerby requests, acquaintance requests and friend requests are all enabled.

6d 6h 32m Fiddling around with the PSS and declining invites.

6d 6h 28m Stopped playing with Leon and switched to amie!

6d 6h 26m Started another battle vs Leon and forfeited first turn!

6d 6h 22m Blastoise took out Hyreigon and a Rock Slide takes out Meowstic! Lost the link battle vs. Leon!

6d 6h 21m Leon switched out Talonflame for Deoxys-D and Giratina for Regigigas!

6d 6h 21m Damage flies all around the battlefield, leaving Giratina at around half health and Meowstic with ~4.

6d 6h 19m Leon switched out Rotom-W for Talonflame and Regigigas for Giratina!

6d 6h 19m Our Hydreigon stands at 27HP. Meowstic at 94. Leon's Blastoise is around half health, with the rest full health.

6d 6h 18m Yvetal is taken out by Blastoise after getting paralyzed by Discharge!

6d 6h 18m Leon's Blastoise is mega evolved!

6d 6h 16m The battle begins! Hydreigon, Meowstic and Yvetal vs Regigigas, Rotom-W and Blastoise!

6d 6h 14m Attempting a battle with Leon!

6d 6h 10m And d forfeited!

6d 6h 9m Aegislash and Drifblim vs Regigigas and Reshiram!

6d 6h 9m And the battle begins!

6d 6h 8m The teams are Joseph and d vs GameBro and Leon!

6d 6h 7m GameBro, d, Leon and Joseph are in this Multi Battle!

6d 6h 7m Started a Multi Battle!

6d 6h 4m Closed Pokémon Amie!

6d 6h 4m Score: 2! And now we quit playing Head It! Will this be the time where we leave Amie? ...find out next update!

6d 6h 3m We started another round of Head It! Now we're on Round 12.

6d 6h 1m Wandered back into Head It! It never ends!

6d 6h 0m Score: 2! Head It! was closed.

6d 5h 59m New High Score: 6! We're up to Round 10, now!

6d 5h 58m Score: 0! And now we're doing Round 9!

6d 5h 56m Started playing Head It! again!

6d 5h 56m Score: 2! And we quit playing Head It!

6d 5h 54m New Low Score: 0! And now Round 7 begins!

6d 5h 53m Score: 3! Starting Round 6!

6d 5h 52m Score: 4! Starting Round 5!

6d 5h 51m New High Score: 4! And we're playing Round 4!

6d 5h 49m Score: 2! And now... Round 3!

6d 5h 48m New High Score: 2! And we're playing again!

6d 5h 48m We hit a ball of yarn!

6d 5h 47m Playing Head It!(Easy)

6d 5h 46m Closed out of Puzzle Swap.

6d 5h 46m Entered Pokemon Amie and started Puzzle Swap(Easy)!

6d 5h 39m We're trading with Bryce again. And then Bryce cancels the trade.

6d 5h 36m Asking to see Passerby Benson's Trainer PR Video.

6d 5h 35m Closed the trade with Clipper.

6d 5h 34m Now we're trading with Clipper! He is offering an Aegislash named "Smogon Sword". Female, Lv35.

6d 5h 32m And yet again, we stopped trading with Bryce.

6d 5h 31m Trading with Bryce again!

6d 5h 29m Stopped trading with Bryce.

6d 5h 29m Trading with Bryce!

6d 5h 26m Stopped trading with Jonjon.

6d 5h 25m Traded a shiny PC Basculin(Lv35) for Jonjon's shiny Ditto!

6d 5h 23m Traded Lapras(Lv36, Male) for Jonjon's Yvetal(Lv50)!

6d 5h 23m We're still in the trade window.

6d 5h 20m Traded Throh(Male, Lv34) for Jonjon's Hydreigon(Lv100)!

6d 5h 19m We're currently trading with another person. They are offering a Lv100 Hydreigon.

6d 5h 16m Traded Throh(Male, Lv35) for Joseph's Drifblim!

6d 5h 12m Traded Throh(Male, Lv34) for Clipper's Zoroark(Male, Lv49)!

6d 5h 9m Trading with Clipper!

6d 5h 7m At one point, A♀Q, the only Throh with a nickname, grew to Lv35!

6d 5h 6m Serena tells us to go visit Professor Sycamore at Anistar City!
And then all of the O-Powers wear off.

6d 5h 5m Serena gave us the Absolite!

6d 5h 4m Espurr evolved into Meowstic!

6d 5h 4m Defeated Pokemon Trainer Serena!
Lapras grew to Lv36!
Espurr grew to 34!

6d 5h 4m Luxray OHKOs Absol next turn.

6d 5h 3m Serena switched into Absol and turned it into Mega Absol! Luxray starts by using Electric Terrain.

6d 5h 2m Luxray grew to Lv68!
Lapras grew to Lv65!
Mankey grew to Lv35!
All three Throh grew to Lv34!

6d 5h 1m Serena switched into Altaria! HP O-Powers come in and Luxray takes out Altaria!

[Info] Due to the sheer amount of level ups and move learns, I couldn't catch them all in time.

6d 4h 59m Throh grew to Lv33 and learned Bulk Up over Revenge!
Throh grew to Lv33 and learned Bulk Up over Storm Throw!
Throh grew to Lv33 and learned Bulk Up over Body Slam!

6d 4h 59m Delphox is sent out and promptly taken out by Luxray!

6d 4h 58m Lapras grew to Lv33!
Mankey grew to Lv33!
Espurr grew to Lv33!
Throh grew to Lv32!
Throh grew to Lv32!
Throh grew to Lv32!

6d 4h 58m Luxray learns Electric Terrain over Roar.

6d 4h 56m With 83 HP, Luxray defeats Jolteon and Luxray grows to Lv67!

6d 4h 55m Luxray nails yet another Return crit onto Jolteon, and Jolteon barely survives.

6d 4h 55m Luxray gets a Return crit on Jolteon, taking it to around half health.

6d 4h 54m HP O-Powers save Luxray from certain doom, and Serena switches out Delphox for Jolteon again.

6d 4h 54m Luxray manages to paralyze Delphox and knock it into the red!

6d 4h 53m Luxray uses Roar, and Delphox is forcefully switched out for Serena!

6d 4h 53m Serena switched out Delphox for Jolteon!

6d 4h 52m A surge of level ups hit the team! Serena switched into Delphox.

6d 4h 51m Lapras grew to Lv32! Rain Dance was overwrote with Ice Beam!

6d 4h 51m Luxray took out Clefable and Luxray grew to Lv66!

6d 4h 50m Serena switched into Clefable. O-Powers are still coming in while Luxray uses Discharge against Clefable

6d 4h 49m Lapras grew to Lv31! Meowstic grew to Lv37!

6d 4h 49m Luxray paralyzes Meowstic with Discharge. O-Powers are coming in.

6d 4h 48m Offered HP Power Lv3 by Jonjon! Luxray is fully restored.

6d 4h 48m Serena begins the battle with Fake Out! We take minimal damage and get stalled to another turn.

6d 4h 48m The battle starts with Meowstic(Lv66) vs Luxray(Lv65).

6d 4h 47m Battling Rival Serena!

[Fluff] It's kind of ironic that it's not easy to find a specific player in the Player Search System.

6d 4h 47m We're back on the PSS menu.

6d 4h 43m Started another game and quit! After that, we slapped Luxray in the face and closed Amie.

6d 4h 42m We completed Puzzle Swap(Easy)!

6d 4h 40m We're about halfway done with the puzzle.

6d 4h 37m We're swapping around puzzle pieces. We have got a couple into place already!

6d 4h 36m We're now playing Puzzle Swap(Easy).

6d 4h 34m Because we're currently unable to drag, we're unable to get a single point.

6d 4h 33m Started playing Berry Picker(Easy!)

6d 4h 32m Started playing with Luxray in Pokémon Amie!

6d 4h 31m Got a Spice Poké Puff!

6d 4h 29m We have recently traded away PC Alakazam to JonJon and got a shiny Thundurus in exchange!

At some point, we were also in a battle against our Aegislash!

[Info] As live updates have been out recently, I'll summarize what has happened.

1| We did multiple trades, ending with Luxray(0"☀ ☀0☀☺) and Lapras(Fresh Prince.)

2| We got into a multi battle. It was d and Jester vs Coryn and Joseph! In the end, Coryn and Joseph won.

3| We caught multiple Pokemon at the Friend Safari. They are:
Mankey - PP QTTTSD - Female, Lv10
Throh - A♀Q - Male, Lv30
Throh - Throh - Male, Lv30
Throh - Throh - Male, Lv30

4| We then traded Mankey(PP QTTTSD) for Daniel's Espurr. We also did another trade with him by trading away our shiny Vaporeon in the PC.

[info] We got Luxray from that last trade from when we handed over Druddigon.

6d 3h 12m Traded over Mawile for Cleffina's Yvetal "Y"!

6d 3h 9m Traded over our Druddigon for one of Aissurteivos Pokémon! (Sorry, don't know the name. Not familiar)

6d 3h 8m Canceled the trade.

6d 3h 6m Trading with Dr.Clipper, I think?

6d 3h 6m Canceled trade with Alex.

6d 3h 4m RE-Traded over Gyrados for Meloetta!

6d 3h 3m Traded Meloetta for Alex's Shiny Gyrados!

6d 3h 2m Traded Sylveon for Alex's Mawile!

6d 3h 0m We exited out of the 4 person battle match up.

6d 2h 59m Battle ended, with the opposing team..... Winning?

6d 2h 58m Against Pokémon "Dr. Clipper" and Khangaskhan!

6d 2h 57m d's Druddigon is sent out!

6d 2h 57m d & Aissurteivos vs. Clipper & GameBro!

6d 2h 55m Another Wi-Fi Battle! Looks like its a 4 person group, which means 2 vs. 2 battle!

6d 2h 53m And we exit out of Lloyds request.

6d 2h 52m It was a "Draw". Or did we cancel? Either way, the battle ended.

6d 2h 51m Lloyd switched out "Master Bait" for "It'll be ok"

[Snark] and Lloyd has 3 Pokemon selected. NUMBER MISMATCH!

[Info] We only entered Sylveon. If Trainer Lloyd defeats it, that's it for us!

6d 2h 49m Trainer Lloyed switched out his Lloyd for "Master Bait"

6d 2h 47m Sylveon vs. Shiny Lloyd!

6d 2h 47m d vs. Lloyd!

6d 2h 46m We're going to have a Wi-Fi Single Battle with someone!

6d 2h 44m Canceled trade with Cleffina.

6d 2h 43m Traded Gengar for Cleffina's Sylveon!

6d 2h 42m Canceled trade with Alex.

6d 2h 41m Trading with someone else. You know the drill....

6d 2h 39m Canceled trade with Cleffina. We received a "Nice!" from some folks!

6d 2h 38m Trading with someone else now.

[Fluff] I guess Kuno's Haunter probably evolved as well!

6d 2h 36m Haunter is evolving! It evolved into Gengar!

6d 2h 35m Traded our Female Haunter (Weird Nickname) with Kuno's Male Haunter!

6d 2h 35m Trading again.

6d 2h 33m Trade was Canceled by Jenny.

6d 2h 33m Trading with someone else now!

[Info] And Jonjon got his Unown back too.

6d 2h 31m We just Retraded back our same Pokemon! We got back Meloetta!

[Info] Jonjon's Unown.

6d 2h 29m Traded our Meloetta for an Unown Lvl.100

6d 2h 28m Looks like we're going to trade with someone else now!

6d 2h 27m Canceled out of Trading.

6d 2h 26m Kadabra is evolving! It evolved into Alakazam!

6d 2h 26m Traded Skiddo for Drexal's Kadabra!

6d 2h 25m We save the game, and at the Trading session once again!

6d 2h 24m And we left the trading screen.

6d 2h 20m d Saves the game! And we're going to trade, from what I can tell.

6d 2h 19m Looks like we're going to be a Wi-Fi Battle with someone! Single Battle Normal Rules, but we declined it!

6d 2h 19m We have closed out of the GTS Menu.

6d 2h 16m We're in the GTS Menu, seeking Pokemon.

6d 2h 16m we saved the game, and Turned back on the Internet!

6d 2h 14m Closed out of Super Training menu, and back to Wi-Fi.

6d 2h 13m [Fluff] And it rapidly hurts us with Shadow Soccer Balls! We canceled out of it!

6d 2h 12m We're against the Tentacruel Balloon! We need to score 1000 points to defeat this!

6d 2h 12m Okay THIS TIME We're in Super Training with Druddigon!

[Fluff] Seems like we're completely lost without our old team. ;_;

6d 2h 8m Maybe? Or no? We keep going in and out of Super Training!

6d 2h 7m Or not.....?

6d 2h 6m Back to Super Training! This time with Druddigon!

6d 2h 5m Acquaintances are turned on!

6d 2h 5m Friends turned on!

6d 2h 4m [Info] Friends and Acquaintances are off. Passerby is on!

6d 2h 4m Game Chat is disabled!

6d 2h 2m Added user 'Brandon' to our Favorites List.

[Fluff] Not sure what the goal was there. Not like that it matters anyway, since we don't have a decent team any more to work online with.

6d 1h 57m Looks like we're turning Off and On PSS settings.

6d 1h 56m Game Chat is enabled!

6d 1h 55m Acquaintances turned back off! Also, our Trainer PR video appears to be private.

6d 1h 52m We turned Acquaintances On again! Passerby List was turned off!

6d 1h 47m We turned Acquaintances On briefly, and then turned them back off.

6d 1h 45m We have Disconnected from the Internet!

[Options] Text Speed: Slow, Battle FX: On, Battle Style: Set, Batlle BG: Stickers, Button Mode: L=A

Haunter's Summary:

[Stats] Haunter Lv. 58 - Max. HP 127 Attack 81 Defense 65 Sp. Atk 143 Sp. Def 72 Speed 122

[Meta] Someone is playing the sad Memory Link song from Pokemon Black in TwitchSpeaks. There is a load of this:

BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

6d 1h 35m We save the game.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ __________ OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 1h 31m Exited the Battle Maison building. Back outside Kiloude City.

6d 1h 24m Switched to the Wi-Fi touch screen menu.

6d 1h 21m Got a White Feather Cushion from Nicholas, Brian, and some Japanese/Chinese person.

6d 1h 20m Exited out of Haunters play room on Poké Amie.

6d 1h 19m Looking at Haunter in Poké Amie.

[Chat] "Twitch Plays __________"

6d 1h 17m Switched to the Poké Amie touch screen menu. Haunter is currently in it.

[Snark] aka the Battle HAXson

6d 1h 13m Entered the Battle Maison building!

6d 1h 12m Inputs were cleared again.

[Fluff] I wasn't here when our original whole team from the Elite 4 Run was disbanded through all the Trades, but whatever happened then, we have to live with now. And currently, we have just one Haunter, and a single Druddigon. "RIP d's original Team."

6d 1h 6m Exited out of Super Training, and switched menus.

6d 1h 5m Ran out of time. Kappa

6d 1h 1m On to the Magneton Balloon stage this time! We need to score 1500 points for this one.

6d 1h 1m We canceled out of the stage before the timer ran out.

[Info] As of phase 2 of Super Training, the scores we need to finish off the balloons are a little higher. For this balloon, we need 1000 points.

6d 0h 57m We are now attempting an Aerodactyl Balloon stage!

6d 0h 56m We have now phase 2 of Haunter's training stage. 6 more balloons were added.

6d 0h 55m Haunter's SP.ATK goes up by 4! We get a SP.ATK Bag M! "TEH URN!"

6d 0h 55m SUCCESS! We beat the Magnemite Balloon!

6d 0h 53m Attempt #5 against the Magnemite Balloon!

6d 0h 51m Time ran out once again! Still got some strength bags though.

6d 0h 47m Against the Magnemite Balloon again! Attempt #4?

6d 0h 47m Ran out of time again. Kappa But we did receive a complimentary Strength Bag.

6d 0h 43m Looks like we're gonna retry the Magnemite Balloon stage with Haunter again!

6d 0h 41m Inputs were cleared for a brief moment.

6d 0h 40m Defeated the Geodude Balloon! Haunters Defense raised by 4, and got Training Bag S.

6d 0h 38m Now trying the Geodude Balloon stage! This time, we need 400 points to defeat the Geodude balloon.

6d 0h 37m We defeated the Tentacool Balloon! Haunter's Sp. Def is raised by 4, and received some more training bags!

6d 0h 34m Now trying the Tentacool Balloon stage in Super Training! Need 200 points to finish!

6d 0h 34m We beat the Noibat balloon, with little time remaining left. Haunter's Speed was increased by 4!

[Info] We need 200 points to beat this stage.

6d 0h 30m We are now trying a Noibat Balloon stage.

6d 0h 29m Timer ran out again. We lost.

[Info] To beat the Magnetite Balloon stage in Super Training, we need to score 300 points. But we keep getting hit by dark soccer balls thrown by the enemy.

6d 0h 27m Currently retrying the Magnemite Balloon stage.

[Info] For each win/lose attempt at super training, it appears that we receive some complimentary punching bags to use on the training touch screen display.

6d 0h 26m We ran out of time before we could defeat it.

6d 0h 23m Against a Magnemite Balloon, as we continue to shoot soccer balls in the floating goals.

6d 0h 22m We re-entered super training with Haunter.

6d 0h 21m We discarded an Attack M Bag from training menu.

6d 0h 19m Haunter's Super Training done. It's Attack was increased by 4!

6d 0h 4m Super-Training Haunter,Defense increased by 4!

6d 0h 3m Opened the Super-Training Menu.

6d 0h 2m Messing with the settings,and exited the menu.

6d 0h 0m We're in Poké Amie, messing with Haunter.

== Welcome to the seventh day (a.k.a the second day of post game) of TPP Pokemon X!==

5d 23h 56m Got Supreme Honor PokePuff from Joseph,Mallory and Jake!

5d 23h 53m Exited Pokemon Center.

[Info] The PC Contains a Level 70 Japan Zygarde.

5d 23h 42m Opened the PC!

5d 23h 35m Send out Sawk that faints,lost the battle!

5d 23h 33m We send out Haunter,and faints

5d 23h 31m Diancie faints from Archeops' Earthquake!

5d 23h 29m Battling John via Wi-Fi battle!

[Fluff] If we have our old team... ;-;

5d 23h 15m Gigalith faints from Psychic! Black out!

5d 23h 14m We send out our Gigalith!

5d 23h 12m Haunter faints!

5d 23h 11m Meowstic used Psychic,Druddigon Faints! Send out Haunter!

5d 23h 10m Meowstic OHKOs Sawk! We send out Druddigon!

5d 23h 10m Diancie faints from Meowstic's Psychic,send out Sawk!

5d 23h 9m Diancie vs Meowstic!

5d 23h 9m d VS. Serena!

5d 23h 4m Exited the Battle Maison.

5d 22h 59m Exited the battle room.

5d 22h 57m We have saved this Battle Video.

5d 22h 57m We lost to Schoolboy Kevin!

5d 22h 53m Against Schoolboy Kevin!

5d 22h 52m Defeated the kid trainer, and the receptionist healed our team! We recieved 1 BP

[Info] We have currently entered Sawk, Gigalith, and a Haunter in the fight.

5d 22h 48m We have begun to battle some trainers inside the Battlle Maison!

[Snark] Battle Maison members are Google supporters.

5d 22h 22m Entered the Battle Maison!

5d 22h 18m Saved the game,entered Wonder Trade menu and exited it.

5d 22h 12m Entered the Online Competition menu and exited it.

5d 22h 9m Entered the Battle Spot menu....and closed it.

5d 22h 0m Entered the Wonder Trade menu and exited it.

5d 21h 57m Denied a battle against Passerby Cole.

5d 21h 56m Exited the Friend Safari

5d 21h 43m We viewing video 3 in PR Videos

5d 21h 42m Sandile deposited to Box 3

5d 21h 41m Apparently there's a second Diancie in the PC with a PP UP

[Info] Our party is Diancie, Haunter, Sawk, Druggigon, Gigalith, and Sandile

5d 21h 33m We still in the PC

5d 21h 31m Sawk, Druddigon, Haunter, Sandile, and Gigalith were withdrew and now in the party.

[Info] Our party currently only contains Diancie.

5d 21h 24m We deposit Spinda, Solosis, and Mew, and Greninja, and Pansear in Box 2

5d 21h 23m PC accessed

5d 21h 22m We reconnect to the internet!

5d 21h 17m We turn off the WiFi

[Correction] Brandon canceled the trade, not us.

5d 21h 13m Brandon offers up a Shiny Suicune this time. We cancel the trade

5d 21h 11m Mew is offered in this trade we entered. We trade AATTVVV to Brandon for the Mew

5d 21h 9m We exit the Friend Safari. Back at the Front Desk

5d 21h 8m Pansear lv up to 15, Solosis to 13, No nickname givin to Machoke

5d 21h 7m We use the Dusk Ball on a lv. 30 Machoke.

Solosis lv. up to Lv 12 and learns Scratch

Pansear Levels up by 1

Sawk gets no nickname

5d 21h 2m We use the Dusk Ball to catch the lv. 30 Male Sawk.

[Snark] Mr. Toilet sir, may I use you for a minute? Oh wait, never mind.

5d 20h 59m We encouter a Sawk!

5d 20h 59m We then Cancel the trade

5d 20h 58m Passerby Toilet wants to trade with us. We accept

5d 20h 57m !________uu7 is our Machoke's nickname

[Fluff] DEM Level Ups!

5d 20h 57m Pansear lvs up to Lv. 13 It does learn Fury Swipes over Scratch Solosis lv. up to Lv. 9. Learns Reflect and Rollout

[Stats] Pansear Lv. 13 - Max. HP 36 Attack 23 Defense 18 Sp. Atk 19 Sp. Def 20 Speed 21

5d 20h 56m Pansear gains three levels and is now level 13!

5d 20h 55m We use the Dusk Ball to catch Machoke.

5d 20h 52m Spinda goes down vs the Machoke

5d 20h 52m We find another Machoke

5d 20h 52m Machoke is defeated

5d 20h 50m We find a Machoke

5d 20h 50m We enter Dracyoshi's Friend Safari


5d 20h 49m We're Lil D agin


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 20h 49m STREAM DOWN!


[Info] Apparently we're on a diffrent Save. We're Bryce now

[Fluff] Wait... This is NOT Lil'd! WHO IS THIS?

5d 20h 45m We are in Camphrier Town Currently.

[Fluff] Wait... What team is this?


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


5d 20h 38m We save the game and enter Wonder Trade. We then quickly exit it

5d 20h 36m PC Accessed at the Friend Safari reception desk. We quickly exit it

[Correction] Its name is AATTVVV, not AATTVV. Same as Dragonslayer from Red.

5d 20h 35m Passerby Yoshi (So Happy) wants to trade. We decline

[Info] AATTVV is lv. 30 and Male

5d 20h 33m We then offer up Diancie but we pull. We then end the trade

5d 20h 33m Pansear is offered up for trade. Allison offers Dragonair but we decline

5d 20h 30m Allison offers a Haxorus but we decline. Now she offers a Venomoth named "AATTVV." We trade for it for a Solosis

5d 20h 30m We offer the Spinda we just got. Lv. 52 Female

5d 20h 29m We are trading a Snorlax for Spinda from Allison

5d 20h 28m We Sp. Attack Power from Passerby Orca

We are back in Wonder Trade. We send out Heracross lv 27 Female for trade. Christian picks it up and sends us a Japanese Solosis

5d 20h 23m Our Aromatisse is put up for trade. A Giancarlo trades it for a Snorlax

5d 20h 23m We enter Wonder Trade once Again

5d 20h 22m We disconnect and then reconnect to the Internet

5d 20h 18m We then exit it

5d 20h 18m We enter Battle Spot.

5d 20h 15m We trade a Lv. 27 Fennikin to a Mike from Kentucky and we recieve a Mienfoo for it

5d 20h 13m Our Drifloon is traded for a Heracross from a Jovanni

5d 20h 12m We enter Wonder Trade again

5d 20h 10m lv. 1 Tevenant is offered up for trade. We get a Solosis from Liam

[Snark] Brian Kappa

5d 20h 9m We trade our Skorupi to Lucas for a Pidgeot

5d 20h 8m Skorupi lv 38 Female if offered up for trade

5d 20h 7m We then save the game and enter Wonder Trade

We look at our trainer card, d's beautiful face, our ¥566956, and our badges.

5d 20h 6m Passerby Phantom gives up Bargain Power lv. 1

5d 20h 5m We exit Battle Spot

[Snark] Shortest Battle Video Ever

5d 20h 4m vs. Jacob. It's Aggron, Volcorona, and Porygon-z vs... and we forfiet

5d 20h 0m We find "Jacob" from California.

5d 20h 0m We participate in a Free Battle on Battle Spot! We do Triple Battles!

5d 19h 58m Reconnected, and we're on Battle Spot no-- nevermind.

5d 19h 57m Disconnected from the internet!


[Snark] Waifu for Waifu!

5d 19h 56m We get a Jynx. A Jynx for our Kirila.

5d 19h 56m We are back Wonder Trading, and we send off our girl Kirlia that's holding the Master Ball!


5d 19h 54m SHE GIVES US A WOOPER!!!!

5d 19h 54m We send off our other Slowpoke!

5d 19h 53m We reconnect by Wonder Trading!

5d 19h 53m Battle Spot closed, then we disconnect ourselves from the internet.

5d 19h 52m Battle Spot is up, we tried to participate in everything but "free battles"

5d 19h 51m Waffles sends us a Zorua!

[Meta] FaithfulForce will be doing "Human Mode" in 10 minutes on TwitchSpeaks. (8:00 PM EDT)

5d 19h 51m We find someone named "Waffles"

5d 19h 50m Wonder Trading.. again! We trade our Slowpoke.

5d 19h 50m We opened up Battle Spot! But then closed out of it.

5d 19h 49m We could not find anyone apparently.

5d 19h 48m Taking awhile to find a trade partner.

5d 19h 48m Wonder Trading our party Pansear!

5d 19h 46m And we reconnected ourselves.

5d 19h 44m We disconnected from the internet.

5d 19h 43m Inputs disappeared for a split second.

5d 19h 40m We tell the world "TlftejaaH17xxx"

[Fluff] Yes, its cry changed. But we already knew that.

5d 19h 39m Lysol gives us a Bulbasaur for Metang.

5d 19h 39m Metang is up for trade!

5d 19h 37m Pablo gives us a Skiddo for our shiny Mudkip.

5d 19h 37m We trade away our shiny Mudkip!

5d 19h 36m More Wonder Trading.

5d 19h 34m Tomas will be receiving baby Smogon, he gives us a Smogon Tree! Trevenant!

5d 19h 33m We trade Honedge! Bye Smogon Sword!

5d 19h 33m Nicknamed "SCHNECKMAG".

5d 19h 32m We find a boy named Sandro. He gives us a Slugma!

5d 19h 31m Wonder Trading a Bagon!

5d 19h 29m RAZAK gave us a Sunflora.

5d 19h 28m We trade a Zigzagoon to RAZAK!

5d 19h 28m Wonder Trading again!

5d 19h 27m Qwerty cancelled our trade.

5d 19h 27m Spritzee evolved into Aromatisse.

5d 19h 26m We offered a Blissey for Spritzee. Bye Blissey!

5d 19h 25m Passerby Qwerty wants to trade with us.

5d 19h 24m Yoshi from Ohio has been found! Froakie for a Drifloon!

5d 19h 24m More Wonder Trading, we trade a Froakie!

[Snark] Our Aegislash devolved! JORSUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN


5d 19h 23m Shiki gives us a Honedge for Gengar!

5d 19h 22m We trade a Level 99 Gengar!

5d 19h 21m We reconnect and now we're Wonder Trading!

5d 19h 20m We disconnected ourselves from the internet.


5d 19h 20m He gives us a Snover!

5d 19h 19m A japanese person is the winner, let's see what he gives us!

5d 19h 18m More random trades! We trade Nekito's Pancham!

5d 19h 18m We received a Pancham for Josh's Scatterbug.

5d 19h 18m Lucky winner goes to... Nekito from Mexico!

5d 19h 17m Who will be the lucky winner?

5d 19h 15m Wonder Trading again, we trade a Scatterbug.

5d 19h 14m Josh gives us a Scatterbug..!

5d 19h 14m Wonder Trading a Charmander!

5d 19h 13m Wonder Trading now.

5d 19h 12m Back outside Kiloude City!

5d 19h 10m Trade cancelled with Ryne.

5d 19h 8m We offer a Japanese Fletchling, he offers us a Larvitar! But we cancelled the trade.

5d 19h 7m Traded Boldore evolved into Gigalith.

5d 19h 6m We put a German Garchomp up for trade! He gives us a Boldore.

5d 19h 6m Trading with Passerby Ryhe!

5d 19h 5m Trade with Bryce was cancelled.

[Correction] Shiny Greninja.

5d 19h 3m We trade a Snover for a Greninja named "Gregor" with the Helix Fossil!

5d 19h 3m We are trading with Passerby Bryce!

5d 19h 1m Pansear grew to Level 10! We did not learn Incinerate!

5d 19h 1m We now have control of the game again.

5d 19h 0m Streamer reconnects us to the internet.

5d 18h 59m Pokémon X booted back up after 4 hours!

5d 18h 58m 3DS is off!

[Snark] Welcome to Pokémon Friend Safari Version.

5d 18h 54m We have now been frozen for 4 strait hours, blacked out at the Pokémon X Friend Safari Music Theme!

[Info] We're up to 500 Kappa's now.

[Snark] I see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Seven Kappas.

[Chat] Chat is counting Kappas right now.

5d 18h 27m 3 hours, 30 Minutes.

[Pun] Maybe having d blacked out FOREVER was the final "PUN"ishment of TPP for breaking the input system.

[Snark] It could be reciprocal, just saying.

[Snark] All these exponents are making a parabolic snark.

[Chat] Kappa

5d 17h 54m Literally 3 hours now, FROZEN!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

While we're waiting for Streamer to wake up, why don't we listen to some Nimbasa City Music!


[Info] 2 hours, 20 min. to be exact. Not quite 2 hr.30 min yet.

5d 17h 18m Incase you are wondering, Pokémon X is still down.

♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ DANCE RIOT ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♪

[Chat] Command Inputs: A0000000000

[Snark] Stream isn't frozen guys, we've managed to get on 3DS Browser to listen to the 2 Hour-Loop version of the Friend Safari soundtrack.

5d 16h 54m Literally 2 hours now.

5d 16h 50m Stream has been frozen for approximately 2 hours now.

[Info] Spam bot filter seems to be broken as well. There's a lot of ASCII art pics being spammed in chat.

5d 16h 38m Riots are back.

[Info] Riots have settled down, but we're still playing Pokémon Black.

5d 16h 25m Stream is still frozen.

[Meta] While we are waiting for the stream to be fixed, for those that have missed TEH URN, You can watch them here.

Trainer d VS. The Elite 4 Run!

Trainer d VS. The Champion + AZ Fight!

Credit goes to the uploader.

[Info] nevermind it is back again

[Info] The riot somewhat stopped.

5d 16h 10m News? What news? The stream is frozen and the chat is rioting.

[Snark] The stream went with us RIOTing

[Snark] The stream is still frozen. Maybe it went on strike?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] A000000000

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] riot and all that junk. I'm too lazy to copy-paste dongers.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ EMEUTE ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ

[Snark] Let it goooooooooo!

5d 15h 46m The stream has been frozen for 50 minutes now!

ヽ̉༼̒ྚ̓ຈ̓ິ̻ل͋ຈ̋ັ̔༽́ノ̈́ ͨG̔L̏I͋T̚CͣHͥ ̄ ̍R̓ĨO͆Tͬ ̆ヽͮ༼ͪ͏̱ྚͣຈ͂ິ͝لͨຈ̓ັ̈༽ͧノ̄

[Snark] This is 3D DARKNESS!

[Snark] This isn't your average everyday darkness, this is ADVANCED DARKNESS

[Info] This Riot is going on for 35 minutes now, maybe a new Riot record?

[Meta] Due to the riot, TwitchSpeaks has started an open mic session. Come join!

[Snark] Seems like we're playing pokemon black again.

ヽ゚༼ྚຈິلٍຈັ༽ུノ͌ G̯L̯I̯͏̯T̯C̯H̯ ̯ ̯R̯I̯O̯T̯ ヽ゚༼ྚຈິلٍຈັ༽ུノ͌

ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ

[Chat] A00000000000

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Inb4 3DS Streamer is sleeping (AGAIN)

[Snark] 3DS Down! d blacked out!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

The screen suddenly turned Black!

5d 14h 54m Currently in a trade.

5d 14h 43m We find TidusP from France! We get a Patrat.

5d 14h 43m Wonder Traded Amoongus!

5d 14h 41m We find Daniel From Spain! We trade Worms to him, and get a Noibat.

5d 14h 41m Wondertraded Beedrill!

5d 14h 36m We tell everyone we're feeling happy with the letter "T".

5d 14h 35m We had a battle with Cleffina, but we lost or forfeited.

5d 14h 29m We get a Japanese Girl! She gives us a Froakie.

5d 14h 29m Vaporeon wonder traded!

5d 14h 28m Wi-Fi Back on!

5d 14h 25m Wi-Fi disconnected.

[Info] Apparently, we turned Wi-Fi off for a few minutes. We have now saved the game, and turned it back on!

5d 14h 11m We meet Karuosu from Spain! We get a Pansear.

5d 14h 11m We wondertrade Omastar!

5d 14h 5m Pidgeot traded for Meloetta.

5d 14h 3m Ninetales traded for a Blissey!

[Fluff] Daniel: Help me find d !

5d 14h 0m Lampet traded for a Level 30 Female Ninetales.

5d 13h 57m Chesnaught traded for a Lampent!

5d 13h 53m Greninja down to Aerial Ace! We lost.

5d 13h 52m Chesnaught down to Roserade's Petal Dance!

5d 13h 52m Diance down to Greninja's Water Pulse!

5d 13h 51m Daniel sends in Hawlucha.

5d 13h 50m We are to send in Greninja!

5d 13h 50m Ampharos falls to Poison Damage.

5d 13h 49m Omastar down to Roserade's Petal Dance!

5d 13h 48m Nothing really happens this turn! No one made a significant beating other then Diancie diamond storming Ampharos.

5d 13h 47m Chesnaught and Omastar out.

5d 13h 46m Ampharos uses Light Screen. Diancie attacked Ampharos.

5d 13h 46m Vaporeon down to Roserade's Petal Dance!

5d 13h 46m Greninja takes out Gengar with Night Slash!

5d 13h 45m Diancie, Gengar, and Vaporeon versus Ampharos, Greninja, and Roserade.

5d 13h 45m Battle! Versus Daniel!


5d 13h 43m We meet up with Daniel from California!

5d 13h 42m We choose to enter Battle Spot!

5d 13h 40m Only Passerbys can contact d now. Good luck!

5d 13h 39m We will no longer get from Acquaintances!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !pause

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !resume

5d 13h 38m Wi-Fi turned back on.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !pause

5d 13h 38m We get a communication error. Wi Fi was shut down.

5d 13h 37m Omastar holds a Carbos.

5d 13h 36m We forfeit the match.

5d 13h 36m Adrizel sends in Talonflame. We use Thunder. It's actually a Zoroark!

5d 13h 35m We only selected Omastar and Gengar. Gengar is our only mon left!

5d 13h 34m Garchomp mega evolves. It uses Earthquake. Omastar down!

5d 13h 34m Adrizel sends in his Garchomp.

5d 13h 34m Delphox uses Psychic. Omastar continues to rollout. Delphox faints.

5d 13h 33m Will o Wisp hits! Omastar keeps rolling out.

5d 13h 33m We avoid a Will O Wisp and use Rollout.

5d 13h 32m Omastar versus Delphox.

5d 13h 32m We have a rematch with Adrizel.

5d 13h 30m Greninja uses Hydro Cannon. Diancie down! We lost!

5d 13h 30m Adrizel sends in his Greninja.

5d 13h 30m We use Moonblast! Zoroark down.

5d 13h 29m We are attacked by Hyper Beam and use Diamond Storm! It was a Zoroark.

5d 13h 29m Diancie versus Talonflame.

5d 13h 29m We are challenged by Adrizel!

5d 13h 19m Giratina traded for a Level 100 Shiny Vaporeon.

5d 13h 17m Tepig traded for a Level 100 Male Omastar.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Jakob and Adrizel can you ease off a little bit? There are 1300 people watching the stream and they want to have a change as well.

5d 13h 8m Traded our Heracross for the Diancie again.

5d 13h 7m We trade it back. Chesnaught returns!

5d 13h 6m Chesnaught traded for a level 50 Diancie.

5d 13h 4m Wi-fi Refreshed.

5d 13h 1m Traded the Vivillion for a level 6 Giratina.

[Info] Vivillion is level 13, German, and Male.

5d 12h 57m Traded our other Paras for a Vivillion!

5d 12h 55m (Well, the nicknamed one.)

5d 12h 55m Traded our Paras for a level 99 Gengar!

5d 12h 51m We choose to quit.

5d 12h 50m We accept a battle with Adrizel.

5d 12h 48m Traded our Level 30 Volbeat for a Level 97 Male Greninja.

5d 12h 43m We send out Volbeat with all of the e's and receive a Level 1 Male Shiny Tepig!

5d 12h 40m We trade our Lv. 20 Kabuto with our Lv. 86 Male Chesnaught!

5d 12h 36m We left the Safari.

5d 12h 34m Another Ball, and It catches! Lvl. 30 Male Heracross, nickname is Téé"" httth

5d 12h 33m Used a Dusk Ball on a wild Heracross! It fails.

5d 12h 30m Another Dusk Ball, caught. Lvl. 30 Female Paras. Nickname is !(2 spaces)é6 u4é6u(1 space)

5d 12h 29m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Paras. It fails.

5d 12h 26m Another Dusk Ball! Caught level 30 Volbeat Male. Nickname is !tééé eeéé(2 spaces)

5d 12h 25m We use 2 More Dusk Balls on it.

5d 12h 20m We used a Dusk Ball on a wild Volbeat. The Volbeat KOs Paras!

5d 12h 14m Kabuto faints to a Wild Heracross!

5d 12h 10m We send our Level 1 Vaporeon and get a Lvl. 52 Male Floatzel (Also Adrizel)!

[Meta] Hey guys. Just letting you know that I'm going to be trying to hook my Pokemon online. But before I do that, I may transfer my 3DS stuff over to my 3DS_XL (My original 3DS R button is broken, and the system is a little worn from usage). Anyway, if you happen to see some trainer named "TrainerMario" in the bottom of the list, that is me, in Pokémon X. Just a little heads up. :)

5d 12h 8m We trade our Poliwhirl for a Lv. 20 Male Kabuto! Adriznel sent it!

5d 12h 6m Another Dusk Ball Catches a Lv. 30 Female Paras! No Nickname.

5d 12h 6m We use a Dusk Ball on a wild Paras. It fails.

5d 12h 0m Graveler evolves into a Golem!

5d 11h 59m We give our True Prophet Vaporeon and get a Lv. 57 Male Graveler named God.

5d 11h 58m We use a Quick Ball and Catch a Lv. 30 Female Volbeat! No nickname.

[Info] Our Poliwhirl is Shiny.

5d 11h 55m We go on a Friend Safari with Kuno!

[Info] Jenny sent that to us!

5d 11h 52m We give a level 1 Female Bunnelby, and we receive a level 21 Female Kirlia named Jenny Jr.! It has a Masterball!

5d 11h 50m We trade our level 70 Groundon for a level 94 Male Garchomp (Knackrack)!

[Snark] A guy is trying to trade a Weepingbell named JORSUUUUUUUUUUN!

5d 11h 45m We enter the Friend Safari!

5d 11h 41m Back outside!

[Info] The Poseidon nickname has a diamond on each side, and it has Leftovers.

5d 11h 37m We trade a level 17 Male Machop for a level 100 Male SHINY Vaporeon! (Poseidon)

5d 11h 36m Currently in a house.

5d 11h 28m We exit the pokecenter, still with only Poliwhirl in our team.


5d 11h 26m Traded a level 17 Solrock for a level 70 Groudon! The chat erupts for Kenya.

5d 11h 21m We were offered a shiny level 100 Vaporeon in a trade, but the trade was cancelled.

5d 11h 20m Deposited Lapras, Zygarde, Diancie, and Hawlucha. Poliwhirl remains.

5d 11h 18m Deposited Charizard.

5d 11h 18m We try to withdraw an Amoonguss, but the party is full :(

5d 11h 16m We got wallpapers! For beating the game!

5d 11h 16m Accessed the PC! Or not.

5d 11h 16m We save!

5d 11h 14m In the Pokecenter!

5d 11h 14m We checkpoint!

5d 11h 11m We register Frank!

5d 11h 9m Received the Vs. Recorder!

5d 11h 9m A man confronts us about the parade.

5d 11h 8m In Kiloude City!

5d 11h 6m We scan our pass. Boarded the TMV Train!

5d 11h 3m We add Chipsy!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Because otherwise it will just be those acquaintances spamming endlessly as you have seen here

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: How about this, I disable requests from friends but not acquaintances, so if those acquaintances become annoying you just vote them into friends and they can't interact with d anymore.

5d 11h 0m We add Kuno!

5d 10h 59m We register Kaiosu!

5d 10h 55m We head down to the Train Station!

5d 10h 53m Obtained the TMV Pass!

5d 10h 53m We talk to the Professor!

5d 10h 45m Communication was interrupted just as we were adding Kuno as a friend.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I'm testing an auto refresh mode, so far it's not working FailFish

5d 10h 42m We forfeit. It's a draw!

5d 10h 41m We use Strength again, and avoid Mawile's Attack!

5d 10h 41m Charizard uses Strength, Mawile uses Iron Head and KOs Dianice!

5d 10h 38m Filia Mega-Evolves (Mawile), attacks, we use Flamethrower on Ditto, and Diancie used Return, KOing Ditto!

5d 10h 38m Filia is the nickname, not the actual Pokemon.

5d 10h 37m We send them out against Filia and Sa-Sd the Ditto!

5d 10h 35m We enter Diancie and Charizard!

5d 10h 35m We engage in a Double Battle with Pixel!

5d 10h 32m Actual game! 2 People meet us, and they tell us about the 3 Pokedexs. National Pokedex obtained!

5d 10h 32m We transfer our Trainer PR video to someone!

5d 10h 29m Communication error!

5d 10h 26m We give Diancie a PP UP! (To hold)

5d 10h 23m Received a Befriending Power Lv. 2 O-Power!

5d 10h 21m We use another Hydro Pump, Zygarde uses Land's Wrath. Poliwhirl faints! We lose!

5d 10h 21m We use Hydro Pump, Zygarde uses Coil!

5d 10h 20m Another Wake-Up Slap, another Coil!

5d 10h 20m Poliwhirl uses Wake-Up Slap, Zygarde uses Coil!

5d 10h 19m Xerneas uses Geomancy, we use Wake-Up Slap, KOing Xerneas. Zygarde uses Coil.

5d 10h 19m Against Zygarde!

5d 10h 19m Yveltal uses Thief, we use Mod Bomb on Xerneas, Xerneas KOs Yveltal!

5d 10h 18m Yvetal uses Oblivion Wing, not Ring, we miss, Xerneas finishes Geomancy!

5d 10h 17m Yvetal used Oblivian Ring, we fail, Xerneas uses Geomancy!

5d 10h 17m T use Dragon Claw and KOs Giratina, we fail Belly Drum. Against Xerneas!

5d 10h 16m Y uses Dragon Claw on Giratina, Zygarde uses Crunch on it, Giratina KOs Zygarde! Poliwhirl misses.

5d 10h 16m Agaisnt Yveltal!

5d 10h 15m Palkia used Hydro Pump, Zygarde uses Crunch, Giratina used Dragon Punch and KOed its own Palkia! Poliwhirl misses.

5d 10h 15m Against Giratina!

5d 10h 15m Palkia used Dracio Meteor on Dialga, Zygarde KOS Palkia, Poliwhirl cuts it own HP to maximize damage!

5d 10h 13m We send out Poliwhirl and Zygarde against Dialga and Palkia!

5d 10h 12m We enter Poliwhirl and Zygarde!

5d 10h 11m GameBro's team is filled with Legendaries!

5d 10h 11m We start a Double Battle with GameBro!

[Chat] тo proтecт тнe cнaт ғroм devaѕтaтιon,тo υnιтe тнe ѕpaммerѕ wιтнιn oυr naтιon, тo denoυnce тнe evιlѕ oғ вanѕ and мodѕ, тo eхтend oυr ѕpaм тo тнe ѕpace aвove. copy! paѕтe! тwιтcн cнaт ѕcrolls aт тнe ѕpeed oғ lιgнт! Sυrrender now or prepare тo ғιgнт! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) тнaт'ѕ rιgнт!

[Chat] Pixel_trainer: Hope you like my Diancie TPP-Senpai!!!!!


5d 10h 8m We trade a Lv. 48 Goodra for a Lv. 50 Diancie!


[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: If you have already traded with d, slow down and give others a chance.

5d 10h 0m We trade a level 2 Male Weedle for a level 21 Male Vaporeon, namde True Prophet!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Shotouts in PSS menu is enabled as well

5d 9h 58m We register Zach!

5d 9h 56m We trade our level 1 Ponyta for a level 55 Male Basculin (with Zack)!

5d 9h 55m We trade our level 1 Charmander for a Level 25 Male Poliwhirl (with Zack)!

5d 9h 54m We are trading currently!

5d 9h 52m We register Shade' friend code!

5d 9h 51m We send a level 40 Male Helix to Shade in Return for a Level 1 Vaporeon!

5d 9h 50m We send a Level 30 Dusclops (Male) to get a level 48 Male Goodra (Sliggoo)!

5d 9h 49m It has Bird Jesus' nickname!

5d 9h 48m We get a level 40 Pidgeot from Shade in exchange for a level 14 Male Inkay!

5d 9h 46m In-game, I mean. Stream is still working fine.

5d 9h 46m Communication interupted!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Don't overdo it, acquaintances.

5d 9h 45m We save!

5d 9h 43m We register Zero as a friend!

5d 9h 43m Starting a trade!

5d 9h 41m We get a Helix traded

[Snark] Oh shit we lost the Charizardite

5d 9h 40m We trade Aggron for Zygarde!!!

5d 9h 38m Streamer turned on Aquaitances!

5d 9h 38m We cancelled the trade.

5d 9h 36m OBTAINED RAINBOW DASH /)^3^(\

[Info] He was called Zack

5d 9h 36m We trade Abra for a Ponyta called Rainbow dash

5d 9h 35m Trading with someone.

5d 9h 34m Regret, didn't trade "True Prophet" Vaporeon

5d 9h 33m We cancelled after he/she has shown us a Vaporeon

5d 9h 32m We are at the trading screen with someone.

5d 9h 31m We get a Metang from a Korean

5d 9h 31m We trade away Druddigon

5d 9h 30m We get a Nice from Zack

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It works!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !wifi_refresh

5d 9h 23m We get another Fletchling

5d 9h 23m japan pls

5d 9h 23m We trade away OEM the Spoink

[Snark] What does the fox say?

[Snark] RELEASE IT Kappa

5d 9h 21m We get a Fennekin!

5d 9h 21m We trade away Noctowl

5d 9h 19m We trade with Ivan and get a Pancham

5d 9h 19m We trade away a Combee

5d 9h 18m Couldn't find a trade partner! Charmander stays!

5d 9h 17m We trade away Charmander!

5d 9h 16m We trade with Jicé and get a Dusclops

5d 9h 15m We trade away Dwebble

[Snark] Now Espurr wil haunt us

5d 9h 14m We get an Abra.

5d 9h 14m A Japanese

5d 9h 13m We trade away Espurr O __ O

5d 9h 13m we get Dwebble

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I have enabled automatic wifi refreshing, it should refresh wifi every 20 minutes. But I'll have to wait and see if it works.

5d 9h 12m We trade away Parsleys Onix

5d 9h 11m Slowpoke get!

5d 9h 11m Trade with Canadian, but with a name I cannot say...

5d 9h 11m We trade away Fearow

[Snark] I think Parsley is now REALLY happy

5d 9h 8m Get Onix from Parsley

[Snark] THIS LUCKY GUY! He tries to get a TPP mon!!!



[Snark] Wow we have now Charmander and Charizard in our team

5d 9h 7m We get a Charmander!

5d 9h 6m We trade with another Japanese.

5d 9h 6m We trade the Pikachu in our Team!

5d 9h 5m We get a Fearow

5d 9h 5m Trading with a Japanese again.

5d 9h 5m And we trade Tirtouga away.


5d 9h 3m We get Tortuga!

5d 9h 3m We trade with a Japanese

5d 9h 2m We trade away Fletchling

[Info] So the only one of our original team who is able to get traded away now is Absol.

5d 8h 58m Gave Charizardite X to Aggron

5d 8h 58m We enter Lumiose city!

5d 8h 58m We get a Druddigon from Dogsi!

5d 8h 57m We trade away Lady Helix!

[Info] Charizard is save from Wondertrade

5d 8h 56m We forfeited the match.

5d 8h 55m Absol and Pikachu out.

[Snark] Inb4 Pikachu sweep

5d 8h 54m Reshiram OHKO Aggron

5d 8h 54m Zekrom OHKO Charizard.

5d 8h 54m Charizard used Heatwave but dealt almost no damage.

5d 8h 53m Aggron & Charizard vs. Reshiram and Zekrom!

5d 8h 53m 4 vs 4 Battle ! Double

[Snark] GAFU CAUGHT OUR STREAMER! We must safe him!

5d 8h 51m Choosing our Pokemon vs. GAFU!

5d 8h 50m We're in the Battle Spot, doing a Double Battle.

5d 8h 49m We get a Bunnelby from Jacob

5d 8h 48m We trade Woobat away in Wondertrade

[Info] The Mudkip is 42, Male.

[Snark] So I herd u liek mudkipz?

5d 8h 47m We cancelled the trade!

5d 8h 47m We almost traded Absol for a shiny Zoroark.

[Info] The Sneasel we traded was Male.

[Info] The guy we traded with is called Zero

5d 8h 45m We trade Sneasel for Aggron!

5d 8h 44m We are trading with someone.

[Info] The Wobbuffet before was Brave and had Shadow Tag.

[Snark] RIP Lord Sail

5d 8h 43m Mo sends us Skorupi

[Info] The Fletching we got was Level 4, Female.

5d 8h 43m We trade Lord Helix


5d 8h 41m We get a Fletchling

5d 8h 41m We trade with a Japanese.

5d 8h 41m We trade the Eevee we just got

[Info] Lapras and Hawlucha are save from Wondertrade.

[Info] Don't worry, Deku backed up the save beforehand.

[Info] Sneasel level 39, Pikachu level 4

[Snark] Pikachu took Revenge on us.

5d 8h 38m Pikachu is female

5d 8h 37m We get a Pikachu from Braders...



5d 8h 36m We get a Sneasel....


[Info] The Eevee we have is Level 1. Male.

[Snark] Use the Fire stone Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Eevee is so cute <3

5d 8h 34m We get an Eevee!

5d 8h 33m We are trading with a Japanese via Wondertrade

[Info] The Wobbuffet we had was level 22, Female.

5d 8h 33m Aaand we trade the Wobbuffet we just got.

5d 8h 32m We tried to trade Lapras 3 times, but can't because of Surf.

5d 8h 31m We cancelled Wondertrade after almost trading Absol & Lord Helix!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Looks like my wifi auto refresh is not working afterall FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: Wait,

[Info] It was japanese so I couldn't read the name of the one who traded and the name of the pokemon

5d 8h 30m We get a female Wobbuffet!

5d 8h 29m We trade the Riolu we traded for Dr. 0 via Wondertrade.

[Snark] Seeing Articuno 10 times? Challenge accepted!

5d 8h 27m But it fled.

5d 8h 27m We encountered Articuno!

5d 8h 26m We got in again but then got out.

5d 8h 25m We somewhat entered wondertrade and ALMOST traded Aegislash! But then we cancelled out of wondertrade.

[Info] Seems like the streamer really did something against wondertrade. Everytime we enter and save, we get instantly cancelled at the yes/no screen.

5d 8h 22m Game bro has shown us a shiny dialga, but we cancelled.

5d 8h 21m Entered Route 4.

5d 8h 19m We're at the trading screen and instantly got out.

[Correction] He withdrew.

5d 8h 16m We forfeited!

5d 8h 16m Hew withrew and took out Kyle (Blastoise)

5d 8h 15m Aegislash out vs Chess... (the evolution of quilladin, forgot the name)

5d 8h 15m 6 vs 2... We are going to lose.

5d 8h 14m Choosing our mon to battle Aidan!

5d 8h 14m Entered A city (forgot the name)

[correction] trading. What is with me today?

5d 8h 12m We were at the traing screen, but cancelled fast.

5d 8h 10m 3 Moonblasts take out Blastoise! We win!

5d 8h 9m Xerneas vs. Blastoise

5d 8h 9m Another Moonblast takes it out.

5d 8h 9m Heracross almost defeated with Moonblast

5d 8h 8m Hercross mega-evolves.

5d 8h 8m Heracross in

5d 8h 8m Moonblast defeats it.

5d 8h 8m Xerneas in.

5d 8h 7m But Charizard faints!

5d 8h 7m Flare Blitz deals massive damage

5d 8h 7m Charizard Mega evolves!

5d 8h 6m Charizard vs. Porygon-Z

5d 8h 6m Entered with only Charizard and Xerneas!

5d 8h 4m Currently choosing our Pokemon to battle Jacob.

5d 8h 3m Some passerbys are trying to battle with us.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: It works!

5d 8h 0m Streamer resets Wifi

5d 7h 59m Wut Lloyd entered with only 1 mon! We won!

5d 7h 59m Flying Press kills it..

5d 7h 58m And taking it again to the sky.

5d 7h 58m Master Bait used Aqua ring.

5d 7h 57m We take Seaking to the Sky.

[Correction] Master Bait.

5d 7h 57m Hawlucha vs... Mast Bait? Shiny Seaking!

5d 7h 56m Battling Lloyd again.


5d 7h 55m Lol we cancelled.

5d 7h 54m Lloyd sends out... LLOYD. Shiny Beldum!

5d 7h 54m Battling Lloyd with only a Sandile....

5d 7h 51m Streamer refreshed Wi-Fi

5d 7h 49m Defeated him!

5d 7h 49m Me First --> Scratch. OHKO!

5d 7h 49m Panpour out.

5d 7h 49m Pursuit OHKO

5d 7h 48m Pansear out.

5d 7h 48m Sucker Punch OHKO.

5d 7h 48m Pansage vs Absol

5d 7h 48m Battling a Schoolboy!


5d 7h 47m Aaaand Bidoof gets over killed by Sucker Punch. Schoolgirl Bridget defeated!

5d 7h 46m Schoolgirl Bridget would like to battle! It's a lv. 6 Bidoof against Absol!

5d 7h 46m Riolu is lv. 7 and male.

5d 7h 44m Seth sent us a Riolu nicknamed "Wonder eric" in exchange for PIkachu!

5d 7h 44m Trading our Dr. 0 aka Pikachu!

5d 7h 42m Heracross takes out Charizard with Rock Tomb! We lose to Jacob!

5d 7h 41m Volcarona down! It's just Heracross and Porygon-Z on the opponent's side now.

5d 7h 41m Charizard mega evolves!

5d 7h 40m It's all up to Charizard.

5d 7h 40m Absol down!

5d 7h 39m Absol uses Psycho-cut and takes out Gengar! A Porygon-Z comes out on Jacob's side.

5d 7h 39m Xerneas down!

5d 7h 38m Mega-gengar uses Sludge Bomb. Xerneas is down to 12HP.

5d 7h 38m We sent in Xerneas

5d 7h 38m Hawlucha down!

5d 7h 38m Gengar mega evolves! Hawlucha lands a crit fly on Gengar! Gengar is down to red!

5d 7h 37m Hawlucha leads on our side followed by Absol and Charizard. The opponent has Gengar leading along with Heracross and Volcarona

5d 7h 36m Triple rotational battle again!

5d 7h 36m Jacob issued a challenge over wi-fi!

5d 7h 34m We forfeit the match!

5d 7h 34m Opponent's Xerneas uses Moonblast on Mega-Charizard! Charizard down!

5d 7h 33m The opponent's Talonflame goes for the Flame Charge.

5d 7h 33m Our Charizard mega evolves!

5d 7h 33m Aegislash sets up a Swords Dance.

5d 7h 32m We send in Aegislash!

5d 7h 32m Brave bird incoming! Xerneas down!

5d 7h 32m Zhu sends in a Talonflame!

5d 7h 31m Mega-mewtwo uses Psychic! Our Xerneas is down to red! Another Moonblast from Xerneas takes out Mewtwo!

5d 7h 31m Our Xerneas's Moonblast brings Mewtwo down to red!

5d 7h 30m Mewtwo mega-evolves into Mega-mewtwo X!

5d 7h 30m Xerneas is first along with Lapras second and Charizard third. The opponent's side has Zygarde, Xerneas, and Mewtwo.

5d 7h 30m It's a triple rotational battle!

5d 7h 29m Entered a wi-fi battle against male trainer Zhu!

[rip] rip dead-redguy

[Meta] It is at this time that /u/super-redguy has retired from the updating team. He has consistently had one of the highest updating numbers on the team throughout each game and has been updating for us since TPP Emerald. /u/super-redguy currently holds the record for highest overall total number of updates and pun master. Thanks for everything /u/super-redguy! Please shoot him a message on reddit expressing your gratitude!


5d 7h 19m Received a Zigzagoon in return for Quilladin from Flinn

5d 7h 18m Trading our Quilladin!

[Snark] Sorry /u/Slowpokeisagamer

5d 7h 16m Received Luvdisc from Teru!

5d 7h 16m Wonder trading our lv. 24, female Slowpoke ARQQPPKKKQ!

5d 7h 15m Faffing around with our lower screen. Joining and exiting Wonder Trade repeatedly.

[Info] The initial trade we had with Joseph giving him Aegislash back in exchange for a Garchomp was performed by Deku. The most recent trade we had where we received Aegislash back in exchange for the same Garchomp was performed by the hivemind. Impressive!

[Info] /u/dracyoshi has confirmed with me that indeed, this is the same Aegislash. We once again traded with Joseph for it. Nothing has been changed to it.

[Chat] It's been 3000 years

5d 7h 3m Traded Garchomp back for our Aegislash!

5d 7h 2m What's this!? It's our Aegislash!

5d 7h 2m We're trading!

[Info] According to one of our fellow updaters and original owner of Garchomp, /u/dracyoshi, Garchomp has been caught with a Master Ball in Pokemon Platinum. /u/dracyoshi has continuously taken it through every generation of the Pokemon games since Gible was introduced. Its moveset consists of Rock Climb and other HMs.

5d 6h 55m Reached Santalune Forest

5d 6h 51m Reached Route 2!

5d 6h 47m Arrived at Aquacorde Town.

5d 6h 46m In Route 1.

5d 6h 42m Traded Oi!oiswhhve the Aegislash in return for Joseph's level 93 male Garchomp!

5d 6h 41m Joseph offers a level 93 male Garchomp.

[Note] Deku is currently in control of the game.

[Info] We're now handing Aegislash back to Dracyoshi.

5d 6h 39m d offers up Oi!oiswhhve the Aegislash.

5d 6h 39m Trading with Joseph.

5d 6h 37m The match was forfeited. The battle ends in a draw!

5d 6h 36m Xerneas' stats cannot go any higher.

5d 6h 35m Scizor continues doing Swords Dance.

5d 6h 35m Politoed uses Protect. Xerneas can only use Geomancy.

5d 6h 34m Politoed uses Encore on Xerneas. Scizor still uses Swords Dance.

5d 6h 33m Xerneas continues using Geomancy.

5d 6h 33m Politoed uses Scald on Xerneas. Scizor's using Swords Dance.

5d 6h 32m Xerneas meanwhile is still using Geomancy. The rain stops.

5d 6h 32m Ludicolo was switched out for Scizor.

5d 6h 31m Politoed uses Scald on Xerneas.

5d 6h 31m Xerneas continues using Geomancy. Ludicolo hits Aegislash with Hydro Pump! Aegislash faints.

5d 6h 30m Encore is used on Xerneas.

5d 6h 30m Aegislash goes for Swords Dance.

5d 6h 30m Ludicolo hits Aegislash with Hydro Pump! Aegislash in yellow.

5d 6h 29m Politoed's using Protect. Aegislash avoids Hydro Pump. Xerneas uses Geomancy.

[Info] After this final battle, Deku will be trading Aegislash back to /u/Dracyoshi.

5d 6h 28m Politoed in about half.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: After this battle

5d 6h 28m Ludicolo goes for Fake Out on Xerneas. Xerneas flinches.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: OK I'll stop the stream and give it back to you

5d 6h 28m It's raining.

5d 6h 27m Sent in Xerneas and Aegislash! Ben sends in Ludicolo and Politoed.

5d 6h 27m VS. Ben

5d 6h 27m d enters two Pokémon.

5d 6h 27m His team consists of Politoed, Scizor, Hydreigon, Manectric, Ludicolo and Talonflame.

5d 6h 26m Having a double battle with Ben.

5d 6h 25m Cancelled.

5d 6h 25m In a trade screen. A level 50 shiny Sceptile was offered.

5d 6h 23m d forfeits. Darius wins!

5d 6h 23m Togekiss in yellow after a Flamethrower.

5d 6h 23m Xerneas uses Tri Attack! Togekiss is paralysed.

5d 6h 22m Hawlucha flies down! Togepi faints.

5d 6h 22m Metronome again. Togepi uses Nuzzle on Charizard! Charizard paralysed.

5d 6h 22m Charizard faints Togetic with Strength.

5d 6h 21m Xerneas uses Megahorn on Togepi. Togepi still in green.

5d 6h 21m Hawlucha flies.

5d 6h 21m Extremespeed on Charizard doesn't hurt it much.

5d 6h 21m The Togepi family are using Metronome.

5d 6h 20m Togetic is in yellow.

5d 6h 20m Hawlucha uses Aerial Ace on Togekiss! Xerneas goes for Megahorn on Togekiss! Charizard uses Strength on Togetic.

5d 6h 20m Sent in Xerneas, Charizard, and Hawlucha. He sends in Togepi, Togetic, and Togekiss.

5d 6h 19m VS. Darius.

5d 6h 19m So far, Xerneas, Charizard, and Hawlucha are entered.

5d 6h 17m Having a Triple Battle with Darius.

5d 6h 16m d loses again. Nicholas gets the win.

5d 6h 15m Absol down from Snorlax's Return.

5d 6h 15m Absol uses Return. Snorlax does the same.

5d 6h 14m d only has one Pokémon.

5d 6h 14m Sent in Absol! Nicholas sends in Snorlax.

5d 6h 14m VS. Nicholas.

5d 6h 13m Having a single battle with Nicholas this time.

5d 6h 12m d loses! Jake wins!

5d 6h 12m Earthquake again! Aegislash down.

5d 6h 11m Aegislash uses Slash! Terrakion in green.

5d 6h 11m Terrakion uses Earthquake! Aegislash in red.

5d 6h 11m Sent in Aegislash! Jake sends in Terrakion.

5d 6h 11m d enters just one Pokémon.

5d 6h 9m Having a single battle with Jake now.

[Snark] And Dracyoshi is rejected again.

5d 6h 9m Cancelled.

5d 6h 8m Trading with Joseph.

[Snark] Told you! Never bet on Entei.

5d 6h 7m Defeated Matt!

5d 6h 7m Fly lands. Shuckle down.

5d 6h 6m Hawlucha flies!

5d 6h 6m Hawlucha's in yellow from the rollouts.

5d 6h 6m Flying Press brings Shuckle to yellow.

5d 6h 6m Shuckle's using Rollout.

5d 6h 5m Matt sends in a shiny Shuckle!

5d 6h 5m Flying Press ends off Helix!

5d 6h 5m Omanyte's Scald doesn't hurt Hawlucha too much.

5d 6h 5m Flying Press again! Omanyte is brought to red.

5d 6h 4m Hawlucha's in love with Helix.

5d 6h 4m Flying Press once more! Helix in about half.

5d 6h 4m Omanyte uses Protect! Hawlucha fails Flying Press.

5d 6h 4m Matt sends in Omanyte, nicknamed LORD HELIX.

5d 6h 4m Entei faints!

5d 6h 4m Hawlucha uses Flying Press!

5d 6h 3m Entei roars again. Hawlucha is dragged in.

5d 6h 3m Charizard goes at Entei with Flare Blitz! Entei is in yellow.

5d 6h 3m Maga-evolved Charizard!

5d 6h 3m Charizard is sent in.

5d 6h 3m Sky Drop lands! Entei is still in green and uses Roar.

5d 6h 2m Hawlucha uses Sky Drop!

5d 6h 2m Sent out Hawlucha! Matt sends in Entei!

5d 6h 2m VS. Matt!

[Snark] He has Entei! Finally a battle we'll win!

5d 6h 1m In a battle with Matt. Selecting some Pokémon.

5d 5h 58m Cancelled.

5d 5h 57m Accepted a challenge from passerby Danny.

5d 5h 57m Looks like we cancelled.

5d 5h 57m In a single battle challenge with Kati.

5d 5h 55m Umbreon, Genesect, Kyogre, for example. In the end, d cancels.

5d 5h 55m The player shows us a lot of shinies.

5d 5h 55m Mudkip is level 42, shiny and male.

5d 5h 54m Traded Spoink for the Mudkip!

5d 5h 54m We offer a level 14 male Spoink RQ?eeqpgoy q.

5d 5h 54m In a trade screen. A level 42 shiny male Mudkip is offer.

5d 5h 53m We're in Vaniville Town, by the way.

5d 5h 51m Traded level 16 male Machop in the PC AMmu in exchange for Shauna's Froakie Froabble!

5d 5h 50m Cancelled her request to trade once.

5d 5h 50m Talking to Shauna.

[Snark] Well he is from Kalos; what do you expect?

5d 5h 47m d forfeits the match. Cecily wins!

5d 5h 46m Go, Absol!

5d 5h 46m Flareon also in yellow from poison.

5d 5h 46m Charizard hits with Flamethrower on Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee in yellow.

5d 5h 46m C-3K0 uses Fake-Out on Xerneas. Flareon uses Flare Blitz on Xerneas! Xerneas down.

5d 5h 45m Sent in Charizard.

5d 5h 44m Hawlucha faints.

5d 5h 44m Charizard is switched out for Hitmonlee! C-3KO

5d 5h 43m Flareon's poisoned by Toxic Orb.

5d 5h 43m Flareon uses Flame Charge on Hawlucha! Hawlucha in yellow.

5d 5h 43m The sun shines harshly! Charizard uses Protect!

5d 5h 43m Cecily mega-evolves her Charizard!

5d 5h 42m Sent out Xerneas and Hawlucha! It's a double battle! Out comes Flareon and Charizard. They have TPP-based nicks!

5d 5h 42m Battle! VS. Cecily

5d 5h 41m Cecily's team consists of Flareon, Charizard, Vileplume, Hitmonlee, Crobat and Rhyperior.

5d 5h 41m Accepted a request for a battle with Cecily.

5d 5h 39m A lv. 50 male Zoroark was shown for a second. Then we cancelled.

5d 5h 39m Trading again.

5d 5h 38m Cancelled.

5d 5h 38m d hasn't offered anything yet.

5d 5h 38m A lv. 42 male Shiny Mudkip is offered.

5d 5h 38m Trading again.

5d 5h 37m Rejected her request.

5d 5h 37m Left the house. d encounters Shauna! She wants to trade.

5d 5h 36m Cancelled trade.

5d 5h 35m A lv. 1 Gible is shown.

5d 5h 35m In another trade screen.

5d 5h 35m d's getting trades and battle requests here and there.

5d 5h 34m Cancelled.

5d 5h 34m A Lv.15 Meloetta is shown.

5d 5h 34m We're in a trade screen. The player shows a shiny Venusaur for a second.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It's all up to you, after all this.


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It's time for a new message

5d 5h 31m Successfully connected to the Internet.

5d 5h 31m "Is it okay to begin connecting to the Internet?"

5d 5h 31m She tells Li'l d that Sycamore wants to talk at us at Lumiose Station.

5d 5h 30m Mum greets us. She saw the parade on TV.

5d 5h 30m Headed down the stairs.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Just a second

5d 5h 29m Li'l d's now at home.

5d 5h 29m Back in the game.




5d 5h 26m Streamer turned on the Wi-Fi! Thank you for staying with me and thanks to every updaters! It's been a pleasure to update with you guys but I have to go away from this community now. Good bye everybody!

[Snark] Start the game already! It's been 3000 years!

5d 5h 22m Seven minutes left.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm really sorry guys, I need a bit more time on this

[Snark] "My name is twitch_plays_3ds! The T W I T C H _ P L A Y S _ 3 S is Silent!"

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WAITING RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 5h 18m Less than five minutes until the online postgame begins.

[Snark] "My name is twitch_plays_3ds! The T W I T C H _ P L Y S _ 3 D S is Silent!"

[Google Doc] Updated.

[Fluff] This 3DS has a folder named A on the home screen.

[Snark] twitch_plays_3ds broke the record by having the shortest intermission ever!

5d 5h 11m Game card was removed...could he be using Powersaves?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 3DS MENU RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 5h 11m Just being treated to a view of his 3DS menu.

Post game starts in 0:12:00!

5d 5h 10m Also the online postgame starts in twelve minutes.

5d 5h 10m It appears as if he may be backing up the save?

5d 5h 10m Looks like Deku took out the game card.

5d 5h 10m The game is suspended!

5d 5h 9m He's got 308 Pokémon seen in his Dex.

5d 5h 9m Li'l d's back home now.

5d 5h 9m And we're back at the title screen.


5d 5h 9m Li'l d saved the game.

5d 5h 8m The credits roll to a stop. Pokémon X's main story ... has been finished.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Thank you Twitch_plays_3ds for streaming Pokemon X

Yes we just beat every Pokémon Game guys. Let that sink in

5d 5h 7m "When we share in our love, we make a beautiful world."

5d 5h 5m KISEKI begins to play!

5d 5h 5m So, from the updating team, thank you all.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 3 DAYS RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 5h 4m You know what - I doubt all this could've happened without Game Freak. And the Streamer. And Deku.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: 3 days post-game! then stadium!

[Snark] No seriously, these credits are so long.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Thank you, everyone.

5d 5h 4m Get ready for the longest credits scene ever.

And the main story of Kalos is end...

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I was here for the end this time

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Nice Job, Everyone!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CREDITS RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 5h 3m And the credits roll!

5d 5h 2m Three millennia ago, they were separated, but it has returned to him!

[Info] We made a new record of the shortest run! 5 days and 5 hours! that damn AZ...

[Snark] Catch that Flabebe!

5d 5h 2m AZ's Floette has arrived.

[Chat] BibleThump

5d 5h 1m It's been three thousand years ...

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 3000 YEARS RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 5h 1m Something descends from the skies! A Floette?!

5d 5h 1m This has freed him from the part of him that has been mired in sorrow from so long.

5d 5h 1m It looks like he truly understands what being a trainer is.

[Snark] AZ expected of d!


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 5h 1m Pokémon Trainer AZ defeated!

5d 5h 1m A second Pursuit takes out Golurk!

5d 5h 0m Mega Punch does the same to Moondoge.

5d 5h 0m Pursuit again! Golurk straight to red.

5d 5h 0m In comes AZ's Golurk.

5d 5h 0m Pursuit promptly downs Sigilyph.

5d 5h 0m Persim Berry has no effect. Air Slash takes a quarter of Moondoge's health out.

5d 4h 59m Searching through the items.

5d 4h 59m Moondoge is sent in.

5d 4h 58m Tiger down to an Air Slash.

[rip] rip charizard

5d 4h 58m Flamethrower promptly brings Sigilyph to red.


5d 4h 58m He Mega Evolves!

5d 4h 58m Tiger hanging on at 2 HP.

5d 4h 57m A Quick Ball is thrown! Don't be a thief!

[Fluff] Inb4 We lose this!

5d 4h 57m In comes Sigilyph.

5d 4h 57m Heat Wave finishes Torkoal off!

5d 4h 57m Lava Plume does the same to Tiger.

5d 4h 57m Second Flare Blitz takes Torkoal to red.

5d 4h 57m Stone Edge brings Tiger to yellow.

5d 4h 57m Flare Blitz halves Torkoal's health.

[rip] rip lapras

5d 4h 56m In comes Tiger.

5d 4h 56m Lapras gets stoned.

5d 4h 56m In the red now. Sheer Cold misses again.

5d 4h 56m Lapras is in yellow. Sheer Cold misses.

5d 4h 56m Quick Ball again! Don't be a thief!

[Snark] AZ doesn't deserve Pokemon, here, let us take them from you.

[Snark] AZ is the real challenge is the best plot twist.

5d 4h 55m Stone Edge does little damage to Lapras.

5d 4h 55m Li'l d throws a Quick Ball! Don't be a thief!

5d 4h 55m Lapras vs Torkoal.

5d 4h 55m Battling Pokémon Trainer AZ.

5d 4h 55m He wants to know what a trainer is.

5d 4h 54m He slowly approaches, demanding a battle.

5d 4h 54m AZ watches us.

5d 4h 54m Professor Sycamore hands all of them the Medal of Kalos!

[Snark] what did the friends even do, d did all the work.

5d 4h 54m Li'l d and friends dramatically walk towards some stage in Lumiose.

5d 4h 53m A few days later, crowds come to celebrate the saviours of Kalos.

5d 4h 53m Congratulations, Li'l d, on becoming the Champion!

5d 4h 53m Aegislash!

5d 4h 53m Hawlucha!

5d 4h 53m Xerneas!

5d 4h 53m Absol!

5d 4h 53m Charizard!

5d 4h 53m Lapras!


5d 4h 52m The Pokémon are recorded one by one.

5d 4h 52m Diantha leads us to the Hall of Fame's machine.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ INPUT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 4h 52m Inputs return!


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ REGULAR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 4h 52m The inputs appear to have stopped.

[Fluff] d has had a short but absolutely wonderful journey! :)

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 4h 51m Welcome, Li'l d, to the Hall of Fame.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 4h 51m Oh yeah and Aegislash leveled up to 93.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] We made a new record of the shortest run! 5d4h50m!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


5d 4h 51m HE REFUSES!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 4h 50m The Lord of Deers wants to learn Close Combat!**



TEH URN!!!!! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 4h 50m Xerneas to Level 80!

5d 4h 50m Moonblast proceeds to take it out anyway!

5d 4h 50m Gardevoir is sent in! It Mega Evolves!

5d 4h 50m Aurorus' Reflect (not Light Screen) wears off.


5d 4h 49m Moonblast proceeds to one-shot it.

5d 4h 49m In comes Diantha's Gourgeist.

5d 4h 49m Hawlucha to Level 72.

5d 4h 49m It gets one-shotted by Moonblast.

5d 4h 49m Diantha sends in her Goodra.

5d 4h 49m Moonblast on the other hand takes out Aurorus immediately.

5d 4h 48m Blizzard does little damage to Xerneas.

5d 4h 48m Geomancy activates. Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Speed rise!

5d 4h 48m Aurorus uses Light Screen.

5d 4h 48m Xerneas uses Geomancy!

5d 4h 48m Diantha sends in Aurorus.

5d 4h 48m Moonblast is used again! Tyrantrum is OHKOed!

5d 4h 47m Diantha sends in Tyrantrum.

5d 4h 47m Moonblast immediately takes out Hawlucha!

5d 4h 47m Xerneas vs Hawlucha.


5d 4h 46m Li'l d approaches Diantha.

5d 4h 46m We head up the elevator.

5d 4h 46m Into the Radiant Chamber.

5d 4h 45m The door to the Radiant Chamber is open! The Elite Four has been defeated!

5d 4h 45m Siebold defeated!

5d 4h 44m Moonblast OHKOs.

5d 4h 44m In comes Starmie.

5d 4h 44m Moonblast OHKOs it.

5d 4h 44m In comes Barbaracle.

5d 4h 44m Moonblast OHKOs it.

5d 4h 44m In comes Gyarados.

5d 4h 43m Moonblast OHKOs Clawitzer.

5d 4h 43m Geomancy activates. Xerneas' offensive skills rise sharply.

5d 4h 43m Water Pulse from Clawitzer does little damage.

5d 4h 43m Xerneas uses Geomancy!

5d 4h 42m Xerneas v Clawitzer.

5d 4h 42m VS. Siebold!

5d 4h 42m Li'l d annoys Siebold about chefs.

5d 4h 41m And all this water promptly drenches us.

5d 4h 41m Arrived at Siebold's chamber.

5d 4h 40m Into the Flood Chamber.

5d 4h 40m Back in the lobby.

5d 4h 39m Drasna defeated.

5d 4h 39m Xerneas to Level 79.

5d 4h 39m Moonblast OHKOs.

5d 4h 38m In comes Noivern.

5d 4h 38m Moonblast OHKOs Druddigon.

5d 4h 38m Xerneas is sent in.

5d 4h 38m Moondoge faints to a Revenge.

5d 4h 37m Moondoge uses Me First. She hits Druddigon with Revenge. It's brought to yellow.

5d 4h 37m In comes Druddigon.

5d 4h 37m Critical Psycho Cut downs Altaria.

5d 4h 37m Psycho Cuts does a quarter of Altaria's health in damage. Moonblast brings Moondoge to yellow.

5d 4h 37m In comes Altaria.

5d 4h 36m Psycho Cut takes out Dragalge.

5d 4h 36m We send in Moondoge.

5d 4h 36m Tiger down to Thunderbolt.

5d 4h 36m Strength takes a decent chunk outta Dragalge. Tiger gets poisoned.

5d 4h 36m Tiger vs Dragalge.

5d 4h 35m VS. Drasna!

5d 4h 35m Dragon wings, yay!

5d 4h 35m Up the elevator.

5d 4h 33m Entered the Dragonmark Chamber.

5d 4h 33m Back in the lobby.

5d 4h 31m Wikstrom defeated.

5d 4h 31m Flamethrower OHKOs.

5d 4h 31m In comes Scizor.

5d 4h 31m Aegislash to Level 92.

5d 4h 31m Tiger to Level 81.

5d 4h 31m Heat Wave downs Probopass.

5d 4h 30m Tiger's brought to 34 HP by a Power Gem.

5d 4h 30m Probopass to yellow.

5d 4h 30m Tiger Mega Evolves and throws out a Flamethrower.

5d 4h 30m In comes Probopass.

5d 4h 30m Hawlucha to Level 71.

5d 4h 30m Tiger takes out Aegislash with a second Flamethrower.

5d 4h 29m It uses King's Shield, switches to Shield Form, and blocks a Flamethrower.

5d 4h 29m Tiger's health is halved by a critical attack from Aegislash.

5d 4h 29m Strength does little damage.

5d 4h 29m In comes Tiger.

5d 4h 29m Lapras down from a Sacred Sword.

5d 4h 28m Thunderbolt does little damage to it.

5d 4h 28m Aegislash is sent in by Wikstrom.

5d 4h 28m Second Surf takes out Klefki.

5d 4h 28m Klefki brings Lapras to five hp.

5d 4h 28m Surf halves Klefki's health.

5d 4h 27m Lapras v Klefki.

5d 4h 27m VS. Wikstrom!

5d 4h 26m Swords everywhere.

5d 4h 26m Up we go.

5d 4h 26m Entered the Ironworks Chamber again.

5d 4h 25m In and out, in and out. Back in the lobby.

5d 4h 25m Entered the Ironworks Chamber.

5d 4h 24m Back in the lobby.

5d 4h 21m Stumbling around the Blazing Chamber.

5d 4h 20m Malva defeated.

5d 4h 20m Surf OHKOs.

5d 4h 19m Malva sends in Chandelure. It brings Lapras to red with Flamethrower.

5d 4h 19m Absol hits Level 70.

5d 4h 19m Lapras hits Level 68.

5d 4h 19m Surf OHKOs Talonflame.

5d 4h 19m Lapras down in yellow.

5d 4h 18m Talonflame is sent in.

5d 4h 18m Surf OHKOs Torkoal.

5d 4h 18m Torkoal in.

5d 4h 18m Surf OHKOs Pyroar.

5d 4h 18m Wild Charge does little damage to Lapras.

5d 4h 18m Lapras v Pyroar.

5d 4h 17m VS. Malva!

5d 4h 16m Entered the Blazing Chamber. Behold, Malva!

5d 4h 16m Entered the Lobby. Elite Four Run 21 begins!

5d 4h 13m Into the building.

5d 4h 13m Heading up the road to the League Building.

5d 4h 11m Shadow Claw downs Aegislash! Black out!

5d 4h 11m Slash has no effect.

5d 4h 11m Wikstrom sends in his own Aegislash.

5d 4h 10m Scizor goes down to another Sacred Sword.

5d 4h 10m Night Slash does the same to Aegislash.

5d 4h 10m Sacred Sword brings it to red.

5d 4h 10m In comes Scizor.

5d 4h 10m Probopass goes straight down to Aegislash's next attack.

5d 4h 9m Sacred Sword proceeds to bring it right to 1 HP.

5d 4h 9m Probopass gets restored.

5d 4h 9m Earth Power from Probopass takes a chunk outta Aegislash.

5d 4h 9m Aegislash switches to Sword Form and slashes Probopass. It's brought to red.

5d 4h 8m We send in Aegislash.

5d 4h 7m Absol got taken out.

5d 4h 7m Sucker Punch takes Probopass to yellow.

5d 4h 7m Flash Cannon brings Absol to red.

5d 4h 7m We throw a Quick Ball and waste a turn.

5d 4h 6m Power Gem from Probopass takes a decent chunk out of Absol.

5d 4h 6m Me First from Absol turns into Power Gem. It does little damage.

5d 4h 6m Me First from Absol fails.

5d 4h 5m Probopass is restored to full.

5d 4h 5m Absol is sent in.

5d 4h 4m Probopass and poison takes down Xerneas.

5d 4h 4m Nature Power is used again. More Tri Attack.

5d 4h 4m Flash Cannon brings Xerneas to yellow.

5d 4h 4m It does little damage to Probopass, but paralyzes it.

5d 4h 3m Nature Power is used! It becomes Tri Attack.

5d 4h 3m Xerneas in.

5d 4h 3m Power Gem takes out Tiger.

5d 4h 3m Flare Blitz brings Probopass to yellow.

5d 4h 2m Probopass in.

5d 4h 2m Klefki gets OHKOed by Flamethrower.

5d 4h 2m Tiger vs Klefki.

5d 4h 2m Verily, shall this duel be one for the bards to sing over campfires!

5d 4h 1m VS. Wikstrom!

5d 4h 1m Up into the main chamber! Swords! Swords everywhere!

5d 4h 0m Nope, back inside.

5d 4h 0m We enter the Ironworks Chamber and leave.

5d 4h 0m Tiger leads.

5d 4h 0m Back in the lobby.

5d 3h 59m [Team Status] Hawlucha (fainted), Lapras (fainted), Absol, Xerneas (poisoned), Charizard (poisoned), Aegislash.

5d 3h 57m Drasna defeated.

5d 3h 57m Druddigon gets OHKO by Moonblast.

5d 3h 57m Druddigon in.

5d 3h 57m Aegislash grows to Level 91.

5d 3h 57m Noivern OHKOed.

5d 3h 56m Noivern in.

5d 3h 56m Xerneas grows to Level 78.

5d 3h 56m Moonblast OHKOs.

5d 3h 56m Drasna sends in Altaria.

5d 3h 55m Megahorn takes out Dragalge! Xerneas is poisoned.

5d 3h 55m Moonblast brings it back to yellow.

5d 3h 55m Dragalge is healed by Full Restore.

5d 3h 55m Xerneas is sent in.

5d 3h 54m Thunderbolt and poison take out Hawlucha.

5d 3h 54m Hawlucha whacks Dragalge with Flying Press. It's brought to yellow. Hawlucha gets poisoned.

5d 3h 53m Thunderbolt halves her health.

5d 3h 53m We switch to Hawlucha.

5d 3h 53m Poison Point poisons Tiger! Thunderbolt then takes him down a quarter of his health.

5d 3h 53m He uses Strength. Dragalge is brought to yellow.

5d 3h 53m Tiger is sent in.

5d 3h 52m Lapras gets Thunderbolted.

5d 3h 52m Lapras' Sheer Cold misses!

5d 3h 52m Lapras v Dragalge.

5d 3h 52m VS. Drasna!

5d 3h 51m The display's slightly outta date.

5d 3h 51m [Team Status] Lapras in the red, everyone else at full.

5d 3h 50m Dragons! Dragons everywhere!

5d 3h 50m Heading up the floating elevator into the main part of the chamber.

5d 3h 50m Entered the Dragonmark Chamber.

5d 3h 49m Back in the lobby.

5d 3h 49m Malva defeated.

5d 3h 48m Surf takes out Chandelure.

5d 3h 48m Flamethrower brings Lapras to red.

5d 3h 48m Chandelure in.

5d 3h 48m Talonflame goes down to a Surf.

5d 3h 48m Brave Bird from Talonflame brings Lapras to about half health.

5d 3h 48m Talonflame is sent in.

5d 3h 48m Tiger grew to Level 80.

5d 3h 47m Surf OHKOs the Torkoal.

5d 3h 47m Torkoal is sent out.

5d 3h 47m Surf OHKOs Pyroar.

5d 3h 47m Lapras gets hit by Flamethrower. It does little damage.

5d 3h 47m Lapras vs Pyroar!

5d 3h 46m VS. Malva!

5d 3h 46m Kablooey! All the fire.

5d 3h 46m Heading upwards towards the main part of the Blazing Chamber.

5d 3h 45m Back in the Chamber.

5d 3h 45m Entered the Blazing Chamber ... left it.

5d 3h 43m Entered the lobby! Run 20 begins!

5d 3h 41m Entered the League Building.

5d 3h 40m AKA random rows of bushes. Li'l d's on the path towards the League building.

5d 3h 40m Stumbling against these mysterious bushes.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: If it still lags in the end, I'll pause the input stream until it catches up

5d 3h 38m We use Slash, it uses Bullet Punch. Aegislash down! Black Out!

5d 3h 37m Against Scizor!

5d 3h 37m We use Iron Head, and KO Probopass!

5d 3h 37m Another Full Restore, another Sacred Sword!

5d 3h 36m Wikstrom uses a Full Restore, we use Sacred Sword!

5d 3h 36m We use Sacred Sword, Probopass uses Earth Power!

5d 3h 36m Against Probopass!

5d 3h 36m We use Sacred Sword, and KO Klefki!

5d 3h 35m We use Swords Dance, Klefki uses Dazzling Gleam!

5d 3h 35m We send out Aegislash!

5d 3h 34m We use Moonblast, our foe uses Flash Cannon. Xerneas faints!

5d 3h 34m We send out Xerneas against Klefki!

5d 3h 33m Against Wikstrom!

5d 3h 32m In the main lobby again!

5d 3h 27m We save!

5d 3h 26m Siebold defeated!

5d 3h 26m We use Megahorn, and OHKO it!

5d 3h 26m Against Starmie!

5d 3h 25m We use Moonblast, and KO Barbaracle!

5d 3h 25m We use Moonblast, and Barbar uses Stone Edge!

5d 3h 25m Against Barbaracle!

5d 3h 25m One more Moonblast KOS Gyarados!

5d 3h 24m Siebold uses a Full Restore, we use Moonblast again.

5d 3h 24m We use Moonblast, it uses Dragon Dance!

5d 3h 24m Against Gyrardos!

5d 3h 24m Aegislash level 90!

5d 3h 23m Siebold uses a Full Restore. We use Moonblast again. Claw fainted.

5d 3h 23m We use Moonblast, and our foe uses Water Pulse.

5d 3h 23m We send out Xerneas against Clawitizer!

5d 3h 24m Against Siebold!

[Stats] Xerneas Lv. 77 - Max. HP 309 Attack 253 Defense 192 Sp. Atk 209 Sp. Def 191 Speed 193

5d 3h 19m In the main lobby!

5d 3h 17m Defeated Drasna!

5d 3h 17m We OHKO it with Moonblast!

5d 3h 17m Against Druddigon!

5d 3h 17m Against Noivern! We OHKO it with Moonblast!

5d 3h 17m Xerneas level 77!

5d 3h 16m We use Moonblast, and KO Altaria!

5d 3h 16m Geomancy is successful, Altaria uses Cotton Guard!

5d 3h 16m We use Geomancy! We avoid Sing!

5d 3h 15m We send out Xerneas!

5d 3h 15m Against Altaria! We use Pyscho Cut, Altaria uses Moonblast. Absol down!

5d 3h 14m Absol level 69!

5d 3h 14m Dragalge uses a Full Restore. We use Psycho Cut. Foe down!

5d 3h 14m We use Pyscho Cut, and Dragalge uses Sludge Bomb.

5d 3h 14m We send out Absol against Dragalge!

5d 3h 13m Against Drasna!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: x

5d 3h 11m Back in the Main Lobby!

5d 3h 10m Malva defeated!

5d 3h 10m We use Moonblast, and KO Chandelure!

5d 3h 10m We hit ourselves. Our foe uses Flamethrower!

5d 3h 9m We use Geomancy! It uses Confuse Ray!

5d 3h 8m Malva uses a Full Restore, we use Moonblast.

5d 3h 8m We send out Xerneas!

5d 3h 8m Fly hits, and Chandelure uses Flamethrower. Hawlucha down!

5d 3h 8m We use Fly again!

5d 3h 7m We use Fly. Fly hits, we get burnt. Chandelure uses Flamethrower!

5d 3h 7m Sent out Hawlucha!

5d 3h 7m We hit ourselves, and get hit by Shadow Ball. Charizard fainted!

5d 3h 6m We Mega-Evolve, and we hit ourselves. Chandelure uses Shadow Ball!

5d 3h 6m It uses Confusion Ray on us!

5d 3h 6m We send out Charizard!

[Stats] Lapras Lv. 67 - Max. HP 280 Attack 153 Defense 135 Sp. Atk 144 Sp. Def 153 Speed 122

5d 3h 6m The foe uses Flamethrower, and KOs Lapras!

5d 3h 6m Against Chandelure!

5d 3h 5m Lapras level 67!

5d 3h 5m It uses Flare Blitz, we use Surf. OHKO!

5d 3h 5m Against Talonflame!

5d 3h 5m Another Surf KOs Torkoal!

5d 3h 4m Torkoal uses a Full Restore, we use Surf.

5d 3h 4m Against Torkoal. Surf is used by us, it uses Stone Edge.

5d 3h 4m Hawlucha level 70!

5d 3h 4m We surf again and KO Pyroar!

5d 3h 3m Pyroar uses Noble Roar, we use Surf!

5d 3h 3m We send Lapras against Pyroar!

5d 3h 3m Against Malva!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I think it might be twitch IRC, however i did restart the program and chang some settings, so it should get better.

5d 2h 59m Run 19 Starts!

5d 2h 56m We save!

5d 2h 54m Outside of the Pokemon Center!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: You broke it...

[rip] rip

[Fluff] "Hello? No, I'm sorry. This is NOT the Run!"

5d 2h 53m Gourgeist used Shadow Sneak, Aegislash down! Black Out!

5d 2h 52m We use miss, Gourgeist hits!

5d 2h 52m We use Sacred Sword, which fails. Our foe uses Phantom Force.

5d 2h 52m We send out Aegislash!

5d 2h 51m Fly misses, Phantom hits! Hawlucha down!

5d 2h 51m We use Fly, and it uses Phantom Force.

5d 2h 50m We fail using FlyingPress, and it vanishes!

5d 2h 50m We send out Hawlucha!

5d 2h 50m Gourgeist used Shadow Sneak. Xerneas down!

5d 2h 50m Against Gourgeist!

5d 2h 49m We use Moonblast, OHKO!

5d 2h 49m Against Goodra!

5d 2h 49m TEH URN!

5d 2h 49m We use Moonblast, and OHKO it!

5d 2h 49m Against Aurorus!

5d 2h 49m We use Moonblast and OHKO!

5d 2h 49m Against Tyrantrum!

5d 2h 48m 7 HP! We use Moonblast! Hawlucha down!

5d 2h 48m We finish Geomancy, Hawlucha uses Poison Jab!

5d 2h 47m We use Geomancy! Hawlucha uses Sword Dance!

5d 2h 47m We send out Xerneas against Hawlucha!

5d 2h 48m Engaged Diantha!

5d 2h 46m Onto the Champ!

[Stats] Xerneas Lv. 76 - Max. HP 305 Attack 250 Defense 190 Sp. Atk 207 Sp. Def 189 Speed 191

5d 2h 45m Aegislash level 89! Defeated Siebold!

5d 2h 45m Xerneas level 76!

5d 2h 45m We use Moonblast, and OHKO Starmie!

5d 2h 45m Against Starmie!

5d 2h 45m We use Moonblast, and OHKO it!

5d 2h 45m Against Barbaracle!

5d 2h 44m We use Moonblast, OHKO!

5d 2h 44m Against Gyarados!

5d 2h 44m We use Moonblast, and OHKO Claw!

5d 2h 43m Our Geomancy goes through, and we get hit by another Water Pulse.

5d 2h 43m Xerneas uses Geomancy, while our for uses Water Pulse.

5d 2h 43m We send out Xerneas against Clawitizer!

5d 2h 43m Engaged Siebold!

5d 2h 43m We save!

5d 2h 41m In the main lobby!

5d 2h 40m Drasna defeated!

5d 2h 40m We use Moonblast, OHKO!

5d 2h 40m Against Druddigon!

5d 2h 40m We OHKO it with Moonblast!

5d 2h 39m Against Noivern!

5d 2h 39m We OHKO it with Moonblast!

5d 2h 39m Against Altaria!

5d 2h 39m Hawlucha level 69!

5d 2h 39m We use Moon Blast, and KO Dragalge!

5d 2h 38m We use Moonblast, and Dragalge responds with Sludge Bomb.

5d 2h 38m We send out Xerneas against Dragalge!

5d 2h 38m Against Drasna!

5d 2h 36m In the main lobby.

5d 2h 35m Defeated Wikstrom!

5d 2h 35m We use Sacred Sword, and Scizor faints!

5d 2h 35m We use Swords Dance, while Scizor uses Night Slash.

5d 2h 35m We send out Aegislash!

5d 2h 34m We use Sucker Punch, and Scizor uses Bullet Punch. Absol down!

5d 2h 34m Against Scizor!

5d 2h 34m We use Sucker Punch, and KO Aegislash!

5d 2h 33m We use Psycho Cut, and Aegislash uses Sacred Sword.

5d 2h 33m Aegislash uses King's Shield, blocking our attack.

5d 2h 33m Against Aegislash!

5d 2h 33m We use Sucker Punch, and KO Probopass!

5d 2h 33m Sent out Absol!

5d 2h 32m We use Flamethrower, Probopass uses Power Gem. Charizard faints!

5d 2h 32m Against Probopass!

5d 2h 31m Charizard Mega-Evolves, and uses Flare Blitz! Klefki down!

5d 2h 31m We send out Charizard against Klefki!

5d 2h 31m Challenged Wikstrom!

5d 2h 29m Back in the Main Lobby!

5d 2h 27m Xerneas level 75, Aegislash 88, Malva defeated!

5d 2h 27m We use Heat Wave, and KO Chandelure!

5d 2h 26m We use Flamethrower again, our foe uses Confuse Ray!

5d 2h 26m We use Flamethrower, it uses Shadow Ball.

5d 2h 26m We send out Charizard!

5d 2h 26m It use Flamethrower and OHKOs Lapras!

5d 2h 26m Against Chandelure!

5d 2h 25m Absol is level 68!

5d 2h 25m Talonflame uses Flare Blitz, we use Surf! Talonflame down!

5d 2h 25m Malva uses a Full Restore, while we use Surf!

5d 2h 24m It uses Brave Bird, while we use Surf.

5d 2h 24m Against Talonflame!

5d 2h 24m Another Surf by us KOs Torkoal!

5d 2h 24m Malva uses a Full Restore, we use Surf.

5d 2h 23m We use Surf, and Torkoal uses Curse.

5d 2h 23m Up against Torkoal!

5d 2h 23m We use Surf again, and KO it!

5d 2h 22m Pyroar starts off with a Wild Charge, but we use Surf and OHKO it!

5d 2h 22m We send out Lapras against Pyroar!

5d 2h 22m Engaged Malva!

5d 2h 20m Run 18 Starts!

5d 2h 17m We hang up several times.

5d 2h 17m We call Phil the Photo Guy!

5d 2h 16m Back outside!

5d 2h 15m We heal again!

5d 2h 15m We save!


[rip] rip

5d 2h 15m It uses Shadow Sneak, and Hawlucha faints! Black Out!

5d 2h 14m Phantom Force hits, and we miss Flying Press.

5d 2h 14m We fail Flying Press twice, and our foe uses Tick-or-Treat, and Phantom Force.

5d 2h 14m Sent out Hawlucha!

5d 2h 13m Gougeist uses Shadow Sneak, Xerneas down!

5d 2h 13m Against Gourgeist!

5d 2h 13m We use Moonblast, and OHKOs it!

5d 2h 13m Against Goodra!

5d 2h 13m We use Moonblast again and KO Aurorus!

5d 2h 12m We use Moonblast, while our foe misses Blizzard!

5d 2h 12m Hawlucha level 68!

5d 2h 12m Against Aurorus!

5d 2h 12m We use Moonblast and OHKO it!

5d 2h 11m Against Tyrantrum!

5d 2h 11m We use Moonblast to OHKO it!

5d 2h 11m We send Xerneas out against Hawlucha!

5d 2h 11m Against Diantha!


5d 2h 9m Heading to the Champion!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Smogon Sweep Kreygasm

5d 2h 8m Defeated Siebold!

5d 2h 8m Against Starmie! We use Moonblast! It OHKOS it!

5d 2h 7m Against Barbarcle! We OHKO it!

[Stats] Xerneas Lv. 74 - Max. HP 297 Attack 242 Defense 185 Sp. Atk 201 Sp. Def 183 Speed 185

5d 2h 7m Xerneas level 74!

5d 2h 7m We OHKO it with Moonblast!

5d 2h 7m Against Gyarados!

5d 2h 7m We snap out of confusion and use Moonblast! OHKO!


5d 2h 7m We hit ourselves, and we get hit with Water Pulse.

5d 2h 6m Another own hit, another Water Pulse.

5d 2h 6m Water Pulse confuses us! We hit ourselves! Another Water Pulse hits us!

5d 2h 6m Our Geomancy finishes, and we face another Water Pulse!

5d 2h 5m Xerneas starts off with a Geomancy! Claw uses Water Pulse!

5d 2h 5m We send out Xerneas against Clawitizer!

5d 2h 5m Engaged Siebold!

5d 2h 2m In the lobby!

5d 2h 1m Drasna defeated!

5d 2h 1m Xerneas uses Moonblast, and OHKOs Druddigon!

5d 2h 0m Against Druddigon!

5d 2h 0m We use Moonblast, and OHKO it!

5d 2h 0m Against Noivern!

5d 2h 0m We use Moonblast, and KO Altaria!

5d 2h 0m Sent out Xerneas!

5d 1h 59m We use Pyscho Cut, and Altaria uses Moonblast. Absol down!

5d 1h 59m Against Altaria!

5d 1h 59m We use Psycho Cut, and OHKO it!

5d 1h 59m We send out Absol against Dragalge!

5d 1h 59m Engaged Drasna!

5d 1h 56m In the main lobby!

5d 1h 54m Hawlucha level 67! Defeated Wikstrom!

5d 1h 54m We use Sucker Punch, and KO Aegislash!

5d 1h 53m We use Pursuit, and Aegislash uses Sacred Sword!

5d 1h 53m We send out Absol instead. Foe Aegislash uses King's Shield.

5d 1h 53m Sent out Hawlucha!

5d 1h 53m We fail Slash, another Shadow Claw KOs Aegislash!

5d 1h 52m We fail Sacred Sword, it uses Shadow Claw!

5d 1h 52m Against Aegislash!

5d 1h 52m We use Sacred Sword, OHKO!

5d 1h 52m Against Scizor!

5d 1h 52m We use Sacred Sword, and KO Probopass!

5d 1h 51m We send out Aegislash!

5d 1h 51m We use Flamethrower, it uses Power Gem. Charizard down!

5d 1h 51m We use Strength, while our foe uses Power Gem!

5d 1h 51m Against Probopass!

5d 1h 50m Our foe uses Torment, we use Flamethrower. OHKO!

[Chat] SPAM FLAMETHROWER (Right after Torment was used...)

5d 1h 50m We send out Charizard!

5d 1h 50m We start off with Surf, while our foe uses Flash Cannon. Lapras fainted!

5d 1h 49m We send out Lapras against Klefki!

5d 1h 50m Challenging Wikstrom!

[Stats] Xerneas Lv. 73 - Max. HP 293 Attack 238 Defense 182 Sp. Atk 198 Sp. Def 180 Speed 183

5d 1h 47m Back in the E4 Lobby!

[Stats] Lapras Lv. 66 - Max. HP 275 Attack 151 Defense 133 Sp. Atk 142 Sp. Def 151 Speed 121

5d 1h 47m Lapras level 66! Defeated Malva!

5d 1h 47m We use Surf and OHKO it!

5d 1h 46m Against Chandelure!

5d 1h 46m Absol level 67!

5d 1h 46m It uses Brave Bird, we use Surf. Talon down.

5d 1h 46m Against Talonflame!

5d 1h 46m Xerneas is level 73!

5d 1h 46m We use Surf, OHKO it!

5d 1h 45m Against Torkoal!

5d 1h 45m Charizard 79, Aegislash 87!

5d 1h 45m Pyroar uses Wild Charge, and Lapras starts off with a Surf. Pyroar faints.

5d 1h 44m We send out Lapras againt Pyroar!

5d 1h 45m Engaged Mavla!

[Party] Lapras, Charizard, Absol, Xerneas, Hawlucha, Aegislash!

[Party] Xerneas, Charizard, Absol, Aegislash, Hawlucha, Lapras.

5d 1h 36m Entered the E4 Hall! Run 17 Begins!

[Correction] We didn't waste a Quick Ball before. We still have the ball. We did waste a turn, however, which cost us the match. Not that we would likely have won anyway without hax

5d 1h 35m Back at the Pokemon League!

[Snark] Versus the Champion, last Pokemon at low health... and we throw a Pokeball. Never change, TPP.

5d 1h 34m On Victory Road, battling Wild Pokemon!

5d 1h 33m We re-heal at the Pokecenter!


[rip] rip

[Snark] GOT #REKT!

5d 1h 32m We waste a Quick Ball. Aurorus uses Thunder. Charizard down! Black Out!

5d 1h 31m We send out Charizard!

5d 1h 30m We use Moonblast, Aurorus uses Blizzard, Xerneas down!

5d 1h 30m Against Aurorus!

5d 1h 30m TEH URN?!?!?

5d 1h 30m We use Moonblast, OHKO!

5d 1h 30m Against Tyrantrum!

5d 1h 29m We use Moonblast, and OHKO it!

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

5d 1h 29m We send out Xenreas against Hawlucha!

5d 1h 29m Engaged Diantha!


5d 1h 29m We talk to Diantha!

5d 1h 28m In the Radiant Chamber!

[Chat] Akimbochickenstrips: EV TRAINING LET'S GO

5d 1h 27m We use an Iron on Xerneas!

5d 1h 26m We're going to see the Champ!

5d 1h 26m Defeated Drasna!

5d 1h 25m Against Druddigon! We use Moonblast. It OHKOs!

5d 1h 25m We use Moonblast and OHKO it!

5d 1h 25m Against Noivern!

5d 1h 25m We use Moonblast, and OHKO it!

5d 1h 25m Against Altaria!

5d 1h 24m We use Moonblast, and KO Dragalge!

5d 1h 24m Geomancy works, but Sludge Bomb hits.

5d 1h 24m We use Geomancy, against another Sludge Bomb.

5d 1h 23m We use Moonblast, while Dragalge uses Sludge Bomb.

5d 1h 23m We send out Xerneas against Dragalge!

5d 1h 23m Engaged Drasna!

[Snark] I never made a comment about how I bold Siebold's name. It's fitting.

5d 1h 17m In the Main Lobby!

5d 1h 16m Defeated Siebold!

5d 1h 16m We use Megahorn, and KO Starmie!

5d 1h 16m Another Full Restore, another Moonblast.

5d 1h 16m Starmie uses a Full Restore, we use Moonblast!

5d 1h 15m We use Nature Power-Tri Attack, it uses Light Screen.

5d 1h 15m Against Starmie!

5d 1h 15m We forget Horn Leech and learn Nature Power!

[Stats] Xerneas Lv. 72 - Max. HP 289 Attack 233 Defense 177 Sp. Atk 194 Sp. Def 177 Speed 179

5d 1h 15m Xerneas level 72!

5d 1h 14m We use Horn Leech, restoring us to full health! Barbaracle down!

5d 1h 14m Against Barbaracle!

5d 1h 14m We use Moonblast, and KO Gyarados!

5d 1h 14m We use Horn Leech, while our foe uses Dragon Dance!

5d 1h 13m Against Gyarados!

5d 1h 13m Xerneas uses Moonblast, and KOs Claw!

5d 1h 13m Geomancy finishes, we face another Water Pulse!

5d 1h 12m Xerneas starts off with a Geomancy! Our foe uses Water Pulse!

5d 1h 12m We send out Xerneas against Clawitizer!

5d 1h 12m Engaged Siebold!

5d 1h 12m We save!

[Stats] Aegislash Lv. 86 - Max. HP 212 Attack 140 Defense 289 Sp. Atk 141 Sp. Def 277 Speed 135

[Party] Xerneas, Charizard, Absol, Aegislash, Hawlucha, Lapras!

5d 1h 1m We use a Max Revive on Xerneas!

[Stats] Charizard Lv. 78 - Max. HP 243 Attack 200 Defense 157 Sp. Atk 172 Sp. Def 161 Speed 185

5d 0h 56m We switch many Pokemon! Will update the current party once we get into the main hall!

5d 0h 52m Absol and Charizard moved!

[Party] Lapras, Xerneas, Charizard, Aegislash, Hawlucha, Absol!

5d 0h 46m We save!

5d 0h 45m Defeated Wikstrom!

5d 0h 45m We use Heat Wave, and KO Aegislash!

5d 0h 45m We send out Charizard!

5d 0h 44m We fail Body Slam. It uses Sacred Sword and KOs Lapras!

5d 0h 44m We send out Lapras!

5d 0h 44m We use Pyscho Cut, it uses Sacred Sword. Absol down!

5d 0h 43m Foe Aegislash uses King's Shield, protecting it from out Me First.

5d 0h 43m Against Aegislash!

5d 0h 43m Absol uses Me First, using X-Scissor! Scizor faints!

5d 0h 42m We send out Absol!

5d 0h 42m Scizor used Bullet Punch, and KOs Aegislash!

5d 0h 41m We use Sword Dance, and Scizor attacks us!

5d 0h 41m We send out Aegislash!

5d 0h 40m Scizor used Bullet Punch, KOing Xerneas!

5d 0h 40m Against Scizor!

5d 0h 40m We use Horn Leech, and KO Probopass!

5d 0h 39m We use Moonblast, and Probopass uses Flash Cannon!

5d 0h 39m We use Megahorn, and Probopass responds with Flash Cannon!

5d 0h 38m Wikstrom used a Full Restore! Xerneas used Horn Leech!

5d 0h 38m We use Moonblast once more, while Probopass uses Flash Cannon again!

5d 0h 38m We use Moonblast, and Probopass uses Flash Cannon!

5d 0h 37m Wikstrom uses a Full Restore, we use Horn Leech.

5d 0h 37m We send out Xerneas!

5d 0h 37m We use Flying Press, and Probopass uses Discharge. Hawlucha faints!

5d 0h 36m We use Aerial Ace! Probopass uses Discharge!

5d 0h 36m We switch to Hawlucha! Probopass uses Power Gem.

5d 0h 36m We use Flamethrower, it uses Power Gem!

5d 0h 35m Against Probopass!

5d 0h 35m Charizard level 78!

5d 0h 35m We use Flare Blitz! It OHKOs Klefki!

5d 0h 35m We switch to Charizard! Klefki uses Torment!

5d 0h 34m Klefki uses Spikes, we use Body Slam!

5d 0h 34m Lapras starts the battle with a Body Slam! Klefki uses Flash Cannon.

5d 0h 34m We send out Lapras against Klefki!

5d 0h 33m Engaged Wikstrom!

[Party] Lapras, Xerneas, Hawlucha, Aegislash, Charizard, Absol. Forgot to mention that before the battle!

5d 0h 26m Defeated Malva!

[Stats] Lapras Lv. 65 - Max. HP 271 Attack 149 Defense 131 Sp. Atk 140 Sp. Def 149 Speed 119

5d 0h 26m Against Chandelure! It uses Confuse Ray, and we use Surf. OHKO!

5d 0h 26m Hawlucha level 66!

5d 0h 25m Lapras level 65!

5d 0h 25m Talonflame down!

5d 0h 25m Talonflame used Brave Bird, we use Surf!

5d 0h 25m Against Talonflame!

5d 0h 25m We use Surf again, and OHKO!

5d 0h 25m Against Torkoal!

5d 0h 24m Pyroar uses Wild Charge, we use Surf. OHKO@

5d 0h 24m We send out Lapras against Pyroar!

5d 0h 24m Against Malva!

[Stats] Lapras Lv. 64 - Max. HP 267 Attack 147 Defense 129 Sp. Atk 138 Sp. Def 147 Speed 117

5d 0h 19m In the E4 Hall! Run 16 Begins!

5d 0h 18m Says there are 72 viewers right now. Most likely a glitch.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ONLINE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 0h 18m Online!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: On it

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 0h 16m OFFLINE!

[Party] Absol, Xerneas, Hawlucha, Aegislash, Charizard, Lapras

[Stats] Charizard Lv. 77 - Max. HP 240 Attack 196 Defense 155 Sp. Atk 171 Sp. Def 159 Speed 182

5d 0h 14m We save!

5d 0h 9m In Victory Road! Battling Wild Pokemon!

5d 0h 9m Pyroar uses Flamethrower, and KOs Aegislash! Black Out!

5d 0h 8m We send out Aegislash!

5d 0h 8m We use Megahorn, while Pyroar used Hyper Voice. Xerneas faints!

5d 0h 8m We send out Xerneas against Pyroar!

5d 0h 8m Against Malva!

5d 0h 5m Messing with some menus.

5d 0h 0m Somehow the PSS was opened. Still no Wi-Fi though.

Welcome to Day 6 of Pokémon X!

4d 23h 59m Back in the Main Lobby!

4d 23h 58m Wikstrom defeated!

4d 23h 57m We use Sacred Sworsd, and KO Scizor!

4d 23h 57m We use Swords Dance, Scizor uses Night Slash.

4d 23h 57m Aegislash uses Swords Dance, while it uses Nigh Slash.

4d 23h 56m We send out Aegislash!

4d 23h 56m We use Surf, and Scizor uses X-Scissor. Lapras down!

4d 23h 55m Against Scizor!

4d 23h 55m We use Surf again, and KO Aegislash!

4d 23h 55m We use Surf, our foe uses Sacred Sword!

4d 23h 55m Aegislash's King Shield protects itself.

4d 23h 55m We send out Lapras!

4d 23h 54m We use Aerial Ace, but Aegislash KOs Hawlucha!

4d 23h 54m Fly hits!

4d 23h 54m We use Fly again, missing Iron Head.

4d 23h 53m Aegislash uses King's Shield, Fly doesn't hit.

4d 23h 53m Aegislash uses a Full Restore, we miss Flying Press.

4d 23h 52m We send out Hawlucha!

4d 23h 52m We use Flamethrower, and it responds with Shadow Claw. Charizard down!

4d 23h 52m Against Aegislash!

4d 23h 52m Down to 5 HP! Xerneas level 71!

4d 23h 51m We use Flare Blitz, and KO Probopass!

4d 23h 51m Flamethrower vs. Power Gem!

4d 23h 51m We send out Charizard! Wikstrom uses a Full Restore!

4d 23h 50m We use Hron Leech, our foe uses Earth Power!

4d 23h 50m We finish Geomancy!

4d 23h 50m We use Geomancy, and Probopass uses Flash Cannon.

4d 23h 49m Probopass uses Power Gem.

4d 23h 49m We send out Xerneas!

4d 23h 49m We use Flamethrower, and Probopass uses Power Gem.

4d 23h 49m Against Probopass!

4d 23h 48m We Mega-Evolve and use Flamethrower! Klefki down!

4d 23h 48m We use Strength, and Klefki responds with Flash Cannon!

4d 23h 47m We send out Charizard! Klefki uses Spikes!

4d 23h 47m We send out Xerneas against Klefki!

4d 23h 47m Against Wikstrom!

4d 23h 46m We save!

4d 23h 44m Back in the main lobby!

4d 23h 43m Aegislash 86! Siebold defeated!

4d 23h 43m We use Horn Leech again, and KO Starmie.

4d 23h 43m We use Horn Leech, it uses Light Screen.

4d 23h 42m Against Starmie!

4d 23h 42m Another Horn Leech, and Barbaracle down!

4d 23h 42m We use Horn Leech, it misses Stone Edge.

4d 23h 41m Geomancy finishes, and it uses Stone Edge again!

4d 23h 41m We use Geomancy, it uses Stone Edge.

4d 23h 41m Against Barbaracle!

4d 23h 41m We use Moonblast again, and KO it!

4d 23h 41m We use Moonblast, it uses Waterfall!

4d 23h 40m Against Gyarados!

4d 23h 40m Lapras level 64!

4d 23h 40m We use Moonblast again, and KO Claw!

4d 23h 40m Another Full Restore, another Moonblast.

4d 23h 39m Our foe uses a Full Restore, and we use Moonblast.

4d 23h 39m We start off with a Horn Leech, while our foe uses Water Pulse!

4d 23h 39m We send out Xerneas against Clawitizer!

4d 23h 39m Against Siebold!

4d 23h 36m Back in the E4 Lobby!

4d 23h 34m Drasna defeated!

4d 23h 34m We use Moonblast once more, OHKO!

4d 23h 33m Against Druddigon!

4d 23h 33m Against Noivern! We OHKO it with Moonblast!

4d 23h 33m We forget Slash and learn Flare Blitz!

4d 23h 32m We try to learn Flare Blitz!

4d 23h 32m Charizard 77!

4d 23h 32m We use Moonblast, and KO Altaria!

4d 23h 32m We send out Xerneas!

[Stats] Absol Lv. 66 - Max. HP 179 Attack 234 Defense 105 Sp. Atk 135 Sp. Def 82 Speed 129

4d 23h 31m We use Psycho Cut, while our foe repsonds with Moonblast. Absol down!

4d 23h 31m Against Altaria!

4d 23h 31m Xerneas level 70, Hawlucha level 65!

4d 23h 31m Absol level 66!

4d 23h 31m We use Psycho Cut, and KO it!

4d 23h 30m We use Sucker Punch, and get poisoned in the process. Our foe uses Sludge Bomb!

4d 23h 30m We send out Absol against Dragalge!

4d 23h 30m Engaged Drasna!

4d 23h 26m Run 15 Starts!

4d 23h 19m Back outside!


4d 23h 19m Aegislash's Iron Head KOs Hawlucha! Black Out!

4d 23h 18m We fail Flying Press. Our foe uses Iron Head.

4d 23h 18m We send out Hawlucha!

4d 23h 18m Geomancy is successful, Aegislash uses Iron Head. Xerneas down!

4d 23h 17m We use Geomancy! Aegislash uses Iron Head.

4d 23h 17m Aegislash uses King's Shield, while we fail Moonblast!

4d 23h 17m We send out Xerneas!

4d 23h 16m We use Sacred Sword, not effecting our foe. Foe Aegislash uses Shadow Claw, and KOs our Aegislash!

4d 23h 16m Foe Aegislash uses King's Shield. We use fail Slash.

[Fluff] I'm seeing DOUBLE!

[Snark] Sword Fight!

4d 23h 15m We send out Aegislash! Foe Aegislash uses Iron Head.

4d 23h 14m Aegislash uses King's Shield, our Fly misses.

4d 23h 14m We use Fly, Aegislash uses Iron Head.

4d 23h 13m Aegislash uses King's Shield, making our Fly miss.

4d 23h 13m We use Fly, while Aegislash misses Iron Head.

4d 23h 12m Aegislash uses King's Shield, protecting itself from Sky Drop.

4d 23h 12m Sky Drop hits!

4d 23h 12m Wikstrom uses a Full Restore! We use Sky Drop.

4d 23h 12m Sky Drop hits!

4d 23h 12m We use Sky Drop!

4d 23h 11m We send out Hawlucha!

4d 23h 10m We use Surf, and Aegislash uses Sacred Sword. Lapras down!

4d 23h 10m We fail Sheer Cold, and Aegislash uses Sacred Sword.

4d 23h 9m Aegislash uses King's Shield, we fail Sheer Cold.

4d 23h 9m Sent out Lapras!

4d 23h 9m Another Slash that fails. Aegislash uses Shadow Claw. Charizard down!

4d 23h 8m Another King's Shield. We use Slash, it fails.

4d 23h 8m It uses King's Shield, protecting from Charizard's Flamethrower.

4d 23h 8m Against Aegislash!

4d 23h 8m We use Flamethrower once more, and KO Probopass!