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Pokémon ORAS Demo is currently down!



[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: !pause

Twitch_Plays_3DS: !reset




[Meta] It's going alright now, and Human Mode has started! Head on over to http://twitch.tv/twitchspeaks to hear me read out TPP chat!

30 MIN LEFT for ORAS Demo!

[Snark] Apparently, ShinkoNet is having last minute internet issues just before human mode Kappa

0d 23h 28m On mission 40/45!

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> @Twitchplayspokemon ok OneHand

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @twitch_plays_3ds sometime afterward

[Streamer] twitch_plays_3ds> @Twitchplayspokemon are you planning to put that certain server back online when stadium starts?

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> as I've been saying if there are loopable BRSTMs I can add them, key word being loopable

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> most loopable game music on YouTube*

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: most loopable game music on YouTube*

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @titanium_twitch no, he doesn't, most loopable game music comes from brawlcustommusic

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @HankHillVidyaGames I said last night that PBR will have gen 6 music

[Fluff] Oh god... Stadium 2 again? Next plz.....

[Streamer] twitchplayspokemon> !balance

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> @twitch_plays_3ds I'll have Stadium 2 ready to take over

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> @Twitchplayspokemon I'll take the stream offline when the timer runs out, as usual.

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> @Twitchplayspokemon you there?

0d 23h 1m We hit the last hour of the ORAS Demo

[Fluff] I'm really feeling the hype to start the human mode! o3o

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by ShinkoNet, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Fluff] I'm a sub out now, probably done for the night. o/

0d 21h 9m We start mission 34/39!

0d 21h 6m We found the Whismur. Mission Cleared!

0d 21h 4m We bite, Pelipper faints. Defeated Huey!

0d 21h 3m We use Ice Fang, while it attacks back.

0d 21h 2m We send out Glalie against Sailor Huey's Pelipper!

3 Hours of Demo Left!

[Chat] Pioxys: we ran away and left it froze to death

0d 20h 51m We froze a wild Absol. We run from it.

0d 20h 40m Blasting off again! We start mission 33/38!

0d 20h 36m We found the Shroomish! Mission 32/37 cleared!

0d 20h 33m We use Ice Fang, OHKO, Violet defeated.

0d 20h 33m Hey Aroma Lady Violet! We send out Glalie against her Shroomish.

0d 20h 31m Back on the island for Mission 32/37!

0d 20h 27m We completed mission 31/36!

0d 20h 26m Ice Fang KOs Loudred and defeats Jody!

0d 20h 26m We finally use Frost Breath, while our foe uses Uproar.

0d 20h 26m We keep Protecting ourselves.

0d 20h 24m We protect ourselves. (Use TM17, kids)

0d 20h 24m Against Ace Trainer Jody! We send out Glalie against Loudred.

0d 20h 23m We heal!

0d 20h 5m Another Frost Breath from us will KO Absol, defeating Ace Trainer Lori in the process.

0d 20h 4m We use Frost Breath, and it uses Taunt.

0d 20h 4m We use Protect, making Absol's Slash null.

0d 20h 4m Against Ace Trainer Lori! We send out Glalie against Absol!

0d 20h 0m We beat Ace Trainer's Mary Absol in one hit. What else did you expect?

0d 19h 57m We talked to Steven, and are now in mission 31/36! Let's face some trainers!

0d 19h 44m Chilling in Mossdeep City.

0d 19h 42m MISSION 30 or 35 COMPLETED!

0d 19h 41m We head back to Mossdeep City.


0d 19h 39m We send out Swampert. It MEGA-EVOLVES and uses Water Cannon. Hariyama faints!

0d 19h 36m We use Aerial Ace, but it KOs Sceptile with another Vital Throw.

0d 19h 36m We use Leaf Blade, while it uses Vital Throw.

0d 19h 35m Against Hariyama!

0d 19h 33m We send out Sceptile and use Leaf Blade. Swampert down.

0d 19h 32m Against Swampert. We use Flamethrower, while it uses Waterfall. Blaziken down!

0d 19h 31m Sceptile uses Aerial Ace, but we OHKO it with Flamethrower. Sceptile down. Swampert level 37!

0d 19h 31m Against Sceptile! We send out Blaziken, while it uses Leaf Blade!

0d 19h 29m A Slash from Blaziken, and another Waterfall from us. Blaziken faints!

0d 19h 28m We send out Swampert! Our opponent uses Bulk Up, while we use Waterfall.

0d 19h 28m We start off with Ice Fang, while our opponent uses Flamethrower. Glalie down!

0d 19h 27m He sends out Blaziken against out Glalie!

0d 19h 27m Engaging Theodore once again!

0d 19h 24m Inside of the cave.

0d 19h 21m We start mission 30/35!

0d 19h 19m We defeated all of the trainers. Mission 29 or 34 cleared!

0d 19h 18m Defeated Camper Shane!

[Fluff] Like it matters, it's going to get reset in two secs.

0d 19h 18m Swellow uses Quick Attack, and we respond with Ice Fang. OHKO! Glalie is level 41!

0d 19h 17m Against Camper Shane! We send out Glalie against Swellow!

0d 19h 15m Still fighting wild mon.

0d 18h 52m Steven heals us!

0d 18h 47m We chat with someone who says there's a secret space. He can really smell it.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: NoSpace = No Space (no space)

[Snark] Guys, we can't grind in this version. :P

0d 18h 44m More wild battles!

[Chat] Ninjagamer1337: EXTREME CLOSEUPS

0d 18h 42m Still battling a wild Pelipper.

0d 18h 38m Camper Larry defeated!

0d 18h 37m Swellow uses Quick Guard, while we OHKO it with Ice Fang!

0d 18h 37m Challenged by Camper Larry! We send out Glalie against Swellow!

0d 18h 31m We finally killed it. And then ran into a Tropius. :P

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: @Mrblase A emulator I wrote myself OneHand

[Streamer] MrBlase: btw how the *** is he streaming this when they only released it on console and no emulator is made for the 3DS yet

Twitch_Plays_3DS: @Mrblase It's a rmulator

0d 18h 27m We are currently fighting a wild Pelipper.

0d 18h 24m Defeated Camper!

0d 18h 21m Flying off with Steven for what I believe is Mission #29 or 34.

0d 18h 17m Flying back with Steven. Mission Complete!

0d 18h 17m We find the Poochyena!

0d 18h 15m We take down his Carvanha. Victory!

0d 18h 15m Battle against Sailor Ernest!

[Info] We're likely between mission 25 and 30, or mission 30 and 35. We will encounter Expert Theodore on missions that are multiples of 5.

0d 18h 13m Looking for a Poochyena.

0d 18h 13m We're off to search for a Pokemon on a nearby island.

0d 18h 10m We're who trains the trainers. Mission Complete.

0d 18h 9m We use Mega-Swampert to crush Ethan's Numel. Victory!

0d 18h 4m Challenged by Camper Ethan!

[Snark] So many Moon Doges, so few Pokeballs.

0d 17h 52m Fighting an Absol. Because Pelipper? #Pelipper?

0d 17h 47m Fighting a Pelipper. Because Pelipper. #Pelipper

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LET'S JUST RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Why is everyone saying "end demo"? We've been in anarchy this entire time!

0d 17h 32m We cut our losses and run.

0d 17h 31m Absol survives with a sliver of health and takes a bite out of Sceptile.

0d 17h 29m We tear ourselves away from the ruins for long enough to encounter a wild Absol!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Chat] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ END DEMO ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ / !roulette

0d 17h 23m Wandering around in the ruins.

0d 17h 22m We run.

0d 17h 21m Encountered a wild Absol!

[Info] The Trainer's name was Larry.

0d 17h 20m We take it down with an Ice Fang. Victory!

0d 17h 20m Oop, nevermind. He sends out Swellow.

0d 17h 20m We manage to sneak by the first trainer!

0d 17h 18m We start right in on the next mission!

0d 17h 17m Hi, again, Steven!

[Snark] ...but, who are we kidding, we'll be back in a minute...

0d 17h 16m We say goodbye to Steven for now...

0d 17h 15m We found the girl! Mission Complete!

0d 17h 13m We Mega-Evolve Sceptile and use Aerial Ace! Meditite is blown away! Defeated Battle Girl Cora!

0d 17h 13m We try several times to run...

0d 17h 12m We're up against Battle Girl Cora! We send out Sceptile against her Meditite.

[Snark] "There are very dark areas in Granite Cave in Dewford Town." If only we could see them for ourselves...

0d 17h 10m We pull off a Hydro Cannon, and Hariyama falls! Defeated Battle Girl Laura!

0d 17h 9m We use Waterfall! Hariyama yet stands.

0d 17h 8m After pondering our options for a while, we send out Swampert!

0d 17h 7m Our Ice Fang isn't enough to put Hariyama down, and, with another Vital Throw, Glalie faints!

0d 17h 7m Hariyama avoids our attack and lands a super-effective Vital Throw!

0d 17h 6m She sends out Hariyama.

0d 17h 6m Trainer Battle! Fighting Battle Girl Laura!

0d 17h 5m Another appears, but we flee.

0d 17h 5m An Ice Fang and it's down.

0d 17h 4m Our first battle in a while! A wild Meditite appears.

0d 17h 2m And we fly away with Steven!

0d 16h 53m We've mostly been wandering around the island.

[Meta] Sorry for the downtime, everyone, we're working on it.

0d 14h 47m Hariyama takes out our Sceptile and We blacked out

0d 14h 47m Hariyama is sent out!

0d 14h 46m Second Aerial Ace takes out Theodore's Sceptile and it Levels up to lv. 37

0d 14h 45m We Mega Evolve Sceptile and then use Aerial Ace on Theodore's Sceptile.

0d 14h 45m Theodore sends out his own Sceptile!

0d 14h 45m Sceptile uses Aerial Ace to take out Swampert!

0d 14h 44m Sceptile is sent out!

0d 14h 44m Swampert uses Mud Bomb to take out Blaziken

0d 14h 43m Swampert gets burned by Blaziken's Flamethrower!

0d 14h 42m Our Blaziken takes out Theodore's Blaziken but Theodore sends out his Swampert!

0d 14h 42m We send out our own Blaziken

0d 14h 40m 2 Slashes from Blaziken brings us to the red. The third one missed. But the 4th one takes Blaziken out!

0d 14h 39m We use a Hyper Potion. It has no affect.

0d 14h 38m Blaziken uses Bulk Up but we use Mud Bomb and Blaziken's accuracy is lowered!

0d 14h 38m We send out Swampert!

0d 14h 38m Flamethrower takes out Glalie

0d 14h 35m Veteran Theodore wants to battle! Theodore sends out Blaziken. We send out Glalie!

0d 14h 28m We respawn back to Mossdeep City

0d 14h 28m Blaziken uses Flamethrow to take out Glalie. Blacked Out

0d 14h 26m We Mega Evolve Glalie and then use protect!

0d 14h 24m Theodore's Blaziken takes out our Blaziken

0d 14h 23m Theodore's Blaziken uses Slash and brings us to the Red. We use Flamethrower to bring Theodore's Blaziken to the yellow

0d 14h 23m We send out our own Blaziken!

0d 14h 22m Swampert uses Waterfall but its does about 1/4 damage. Blaziken uses two slash attacks to take out Swampert

0d 14h 22m We send out Swampert!

0d 14h 21m We switch out for Sceptile, but Blaziken uses Flamethrower and Sceptile Faints

0d 14h 20m Blazkien has used Bulk Up three times now

0d 14h 20m Glalie uses Protect while Blaziken uses Bulk Up

0d 14h 19m Veteran Theodore wants to battle! Theodore sends out Blaziken. We send out Glalie!

0d 14h 12m We decide to take another swing at Mission #25: Defeating Theodore.

0d 14h 5m We spawn back at Mossdeep city and Steven tells us about HP and healing items

0d 14h 4m We Mega Evolve Blaziken but Sceptile is too fast and takes us out. Blacked Out

0d 14h 3m Sceptile uses Aerial Ace to bring us to the Red

0d 14h 2m We use a Hyper Potion to heal Blaziken but then Sceptile uses Aerial Ace to negate the heal. That also happens again while writing this

0d 14h 2m Blaziken uses Flamethrower to bring Sceptile to the red but Sceptile uses Aerial Ace to bring Blaziken down close to the yellow

0d 13h 59m We send out our last mon, Blaziken

0d 13h 59m Sceptile uses Leaf Blade and takes out our Swampert

0d 13h 59m We try running away but it doesn't work since its a trainer battle!

0d 13h 58m Theodore sends out his Sceptile.

0d 13h 57m We use waterfall and Blaziken finally falls

0d 13h 57m We send out Swampert!

0d 13h 56m Blaziken uses Flamethrower and takes out Sceptile!

0d 13h 56m Sceptile uses Aerial Ace Kreygrasm

0d 13h 55m Sceptile is sent out!

0d 13h 55m Blaziken uses Flamethrower and takes out Glalie!

0d 13h 54m Glalie lands 2 headbutts while Blaziken sets up

0d 13h 54m Veteran Theodore wants to battle! Theodore sends out Blaziken. We send out Glalie!

0d 13h 49m And we begin Mission #25!

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> have you unlocked the secret mission? OneHand

0d 13h 15m "It's a white rock."

0d 13h 3m We try to enter the Gym but Tate and Liza tells us no and pushes us away

0d 12h 49m I guess we decided to look around town for a while

0d 12h 48m We comeback for another adventure Steven!

0d 12h 45m We found the lost little girl. Mission #24 Completed!

0d 12h 44m Glalie takes it out in one hit. Ethan Defeated!

0d 12h 44m Camper Ethan wants to battle! He sends out Numel, we send out Glalie!

0d 12h 37m We are wondering around in the grass, hopefully looking for the lost kid.

0d 12h 31m We Mega Evolve Glalie and then use Frost Breath on Swellow. It takes Swellow out in one hit! Shane Defeated!

0d 12h 30m Camper Shane wants to battle! He sends out Swellow. We send out Glalie!

0d 12h 28m Mission #24: Find the Lost Person... again

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STADIUM OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

0d 12h 27m We come back to Steven for more adventures

0d 12h 25m Steven tells us thanks and the preview trailer for the whole game plays

0d 12h 24m That also concludes Mission #23

0d 12h 23m We use Ice Fang to take out the opponent! Jody Defeated!

0d 12h 23m We use frost breath to bring it to the red. Loudred attacks but we take little damage

0d 12h 22m Ace Trainer Jody wants to battle! She sends out Loudred! We send out Glalie!

0d 12h 22m We are wondering around trying to find that last Ace Trainer!

[Info] We also have one more Ace Trainer to defeat before Mission #23 is passed

[Info] This is Mission #23 if I'm counting correctly

0d 12h 16m Another Ice Fang brings Absol down. Lori Defeated

0d 12h 15m We use Ice Fang to bring Absol to the yellow but are hit with Taunt

Ace Trainer Lori wants to battle! She sends out Absol. We send out Glalie

0d 12h 10m Glalie's headbutt takes out Absol! Mary Defeated!

0d 12h 9m We try running away. It doesn't work!

0d 12h 9m We use Ice Fang to bring Absol to the yellow but then are hit with Taunt

0d 12h 8m Ace Trainer Mary wants to battle! She sends out Absol, we send out Glalie

0d 12h 7m We head out for another adventure helping some trainers... train

0d 12h 6m Steven thanks us and we watch the preview trailer for the whole game again

0d 12h 5m We look behind the tree to find a lost Youngster. Mission Completed!

0d 12h 0m We use ice fang to take out Shroomish. Violet Defeated

0d 12h 0m Aroma Lady Violet sends out Shroomish! We send out our Glalie

0d 11h 59m Someone's got lost so we gotta look for him/her

0d 11h 58m And we restart the demo right back at good ol Mossdeep City

[Fluff] Anyways, gonna head out for a bit, was funny updating again!

0d 11h 55m Cleared mission 21!

0d 11h 55m We use Ice Fang again, and KO it! Defeated Lori!

0d 11h 55m We use Ice Fang, and it uses Taunt!

0d 11h 54m Against Ace Trainer Lori! We send out Glalie against Absol!

[Fluff] I'm assuming for this, we have to defeat all of the trainers.

0d 11h 50m We use Ice Fang again, and KO it! Defeated Mary!

0d 11h 50m We use Ice Fang, and it uses Swords Dance. Its Attack rose sharply!

0d 11h 49m Against Ace Trainer Mary! We send out Glalie against its Absol!

0d 11h 49m We are beside the one Palm Tree.

0d 11h 48m In another mission now, #21.

0d 11h 44m WE ARE DONE MISSION 20!

0d 11h 43m Steven-Senpai congratulates us.

0d 11h 42m We send out Swampert, which uses Waterfall. Hariyama Down! DEFEATED THEODORE!

0d 11h 41m Another Headbutt from us, and Haruyama's Vital Throw KOs Glalie!

0d 11h 41m We send out Glalie. We use Headbuttt, it uses Vital Throw.

0d 11h 41m We start off with a Leaf Blade, and Hariyama uses Vital Throw. Sceptile down!

0d 11h 41m Against Hariyama!

[Fluff] So clutch it's not even funny

0d 11h 40m SCEPTILE MEGA-EVOLVES! We use Leaf Blade and KO Swampert!

0d 11h 40m A third Aerial Ace, and we managed to avoid a Rock Slide.

0d 11h 39m Another Aerial Ace, and another Rock Slide.

0d 11h 39m Swampert uses Protect, making our Aerial Ace null.

0d 11h 39m We use Aerial Ace, and our opponent uses Rock Slide.


0d 11h 38m We send out Sceptile against Swampert.

0d 11h 37m Another Aerial Ace, another Flamethrower, and Sceptile is down for the count!

0d 11h 37m Sceptile used Aerial Ace, and we use Flamethrower!

0d 11h 36m We send out Blaziken against Sceptile. STRATS!!!

0d 11h 35m Another Waterfall KOs Blaziken!

0d 11h 35m We use Waterfall, and Blaziken can't move.

0d 11h 35m We send out Swampert, and our opponent can't attack.

0d 11h 33m We start off by using Ice Fang, which freezes our opponent!

0d 11h 33m We send out Glalie against his Blaziken.

0d 11h 32m Theodore! How's it going?

0d 11h 30m Inside of the cave.

0d 11h 29m We head back to the Island of Crushed Hopes and Dreams

0d 11h 28m We're back in it.

0d 11h 27m We quit the demo. #RageQuit

0d 11h 24m It appears the chat is divided on where it wants to head.

0d 11h 21m Back in Mossdeep City.

[Fluff] We would have had it if we didn't waste the turn. FailFish

0d 11h 18m We use Waterfall, but that own't be enough, as Hariyama KOs us with another Vital Throw. Black Out!

0d 11h 18m We waste a Full Heal, while Hariyama uses Vital Throw.

0d 11h 17m We send out Swampert! This is our last Pokemon!

0d 11h 16m We use Ice Fang, while Hariyama uses Vital Throw, which is Super Effective. Glalie faints!

0d 11h 16m Against Hariyama! We keep our mon in battle.

0d 11h 15m Our opponent uses Leaf Blade, and we respond with an Ice Fang. Down goes Sceptile!

0d 11h 15m We send out Glalie. Go get them!

0d 11h 14m Our opponent KOs Sceptile with another Aerial Ace.

0d 11h 14m We both use Aerial Ace on each other. KREYGASM!

0d 11h 14m Our opponent uses Aerial Ace, while we uses Leaf Blade again.

0d 11h 13m We use Leaf Blade, and our opponent uses Agility to raise its speed.

0d 11h 13m Now Theodore sends out Sceptile!

0d 11h 13m We use Leaf Blade again, which is Super Effective! Down goes Swampert.

0d 11h 12m Swampert uses Protect, making our Leaf Blade null.

0d 11h 12m We're deciding who to send out next. We make up our mind and send out Sceptile.

0d 11h 11m We start off by using Blast Burn, which crits, but Swampert KOs Blaziken with a Waterfall.

0d 11h 11m As a result of our kill, Blaziken's speed goes up! Against Swampert.

0d 11h 11m We Mega-Evolve! The opponent Blaziken. uses Slash, while we use Double Kick and KO the opponent's Blaziken.

0d 11h 10m We pull back Swampert and send out Blaziken! The opponent's Blaziken uses Slash!

0d 11h 9m We finally manage to attack with Waterfall, but not before Blaziken pulls in a Slash on us. Our attack is super effective!

0d 11h 9m We then proceed to try repeatedly to switch with Swampert, but it's already in the battle.

0d 11h 7m We then try pulling back Glalie and subbing it in for Swampert! Blaziken proceeds to use Bulk Up, raising its Attack and Defense!

0d 11h 7m We start of attacking Blaziken with Ice Fang, which is not very effective. It flinches out opponent!

0d 11h 7m He sends out Blaziken, and we respond by throwing out Glalie. Go!

0d 11h 6m We engage Expert Theodore once again!

0d 11h 3m Inside of the cave.

0d 11h 1m We head back to the island once again! Wheeeeeeee!

0d 11h 0m Wallace is giving us a speech once again.

0d 10h 59m We waste a Hyper Potion, and another Leaf Blade KOs Glalie! Black out!

0d 10h 59m Also, chat confirmed we are on mission 20!

0d 10h 59m Sceptile uses Leaf Blade, and we respond with Ice Fang! It's super effective!

0d 10h 58m We waste our turn failing a potion. Klappa

0d 10h 58m We send out Glalie! Make us proud!

[Fluff] Also, since the 5s and 0s missions after 10 are repeats of 10 but with harder difficulty, we still may be on Mission 15 or 20.

0d 10h 55m Sceptile uses Aerial Ace (Kreygasm) again to KO Blaziken!

0d 10h 54m We waste our turn trying to use a potion, while Sceptile AERIAL ACES FOR A CRIT! Kreygasm

0d 10h 54m We try to run, but there's no escaping!

0d 10h 54m We send out Blaziken!

0d 10h 53m Sceptile uses Leaf Blade, and KOs Swampert off of a crit.

0d 10h 53m Theodore sends in Sceptile!

0d 10h 53m Blaziken responds with Slash, as we Mud Bomb it to death.

0d 10h 52m We send out Swampert. Blaziken used Bulk Up while we use Mud Bomb!

[Fluff] Also, yes I know these are repeat missions, but I'm a update cause wynaut?

0d 10h 52m We send out Sceptile as Blaziken uses Flamethrower. SCEPTILE DOWN!!

Deku's script showed!

0d 10h 51m We send out Glalie while he sends out Blaziken!

0d 10h 50m We engage in battle with Theodore!

0d 10h 45m We enter the cave.

0d 10h 44m We fly to another island, as a gentleman who sent us a challenge is apparently here.

0d 10h 42m We blacked out!

0d 7h 50m We are apparently still at the mission #15 having troubles against the Expert.

0d 7h 10m We are on our 15th mission, which is the exact same than the 10th. It will be the same for 20, 25 etc...

0d 4h 6m Well, we decided to continue missions! We have to defeat all the trainers on this island.

[Chat] Steven can't count to 11 Kappa


0d 4h 1m Flamethrower! HARIYAMA FAINTS! WE WON!

0d 4h 0m Blaziken for us! Flamethrower, vs Vital Throw.

0d 4h 0m Aerial Ace! And Leaf Blade! While Hariyama uses Vital Throw. Sceptile faints.

0d 4h 0m And now Expert Theodore sends out Hariyama!

0d 3h 59m Leaf Blade! Swampert faints!

0d 3h 59m Protect for Swampert, too bad for our Leaf Blade

0d 3h 59m Sceptile for us! But Aerial Ace.

0d 3h 58m We use Frost Breath, he uses Rock Slide. Glalie faints.

0d 3h 58m Expert Theodore sends out Swampert.

0d 3h 57m Ice Fang VS Leaf Blade! Then Frost Breath! Foe Sceptile faints!

0d 3h 57m We managed to switch to Glalie against Sceptile!

0d 3h 56m Swampert Hydro Cannon, works! Foe Blaziken faints!

0d 3h 56m Swampert Mega-evolves! Hydro Cannon, missed!

0d 3h 55m Oh! We managed do put Swampert first! Nice! We use Waterfall against Blaziken!

Nevermind, back!

I have to go away for a little while. Nobody else is here apparently Keep going guys, you can do it, you saw it!

0d 3h 48m Hyper Potion for us, Rock Slide for him. again. Glalie faints. We black out again!

0d 3h 47m Frost Breath for us, Rock Slide for him.

0d 3h 47m We send out Glalie.

0d 3h 46m Theodore sends out Swampert. Waterfall. oOur Blaziken faints.

0d 3h 45m Aerial Ace for Sceptile but Blast Burn for us! Foe Sceptile faints!

0d 3h 45m Blaziken for us!

0d 3h 45m Our Sceptile fainted!

0d 3h 44m Leaf Blade for us, Aerial Ace for him! Then Frenzy Plant for us, and Agility for him.Then Aerial Ace...

0d 3h 44m Sceptile for us too!

0d 3h 43m Leaf Blade. Our Swampert faints.

0d 3h 42m Theodore sends out Sceptile

0d 3h 42m We are in the red but Waterfall again! Foe Blaziken is defeated!

0d 3h 41m We switch for Swampert and we use Waterfall!

0d 3h 41m The fight against Expert Theodore begins again! Blaziken! Glalie for us

0d 3h 38m We are back to Mossdeep City. We have to do the mission again. Let's go to the island, Latias!

0d 3h 37 Glalie has only 4 HP. And sadly Harimaya attacks. Orlando blacked out!

0d 3h 36m Are we gonna lose this final fight? Make it a no! Keep going!

0d 3h 35m Our Blaziken fainted. We only have Glalie now.

0d 3h 35m Expert Theodore sends his final Pokémon! Lv42 Hariyama!

0d 3h 35m Foe Sceptile spams Aerial Ace! But Blast Burn! Foe Sceptile defeated!

0d 3h 34 We send Blaziken! Double Kick!

0d 3h 34 Frenzy Plant didn't do a lot of damage. Our Sceptile faints!

0d 3h 34 Expert Theodore sends out Lv40 Sceptile! Mirror match!

0d 3h 33m Leaf Blade! Foe Swampert fainted!

0d 3h 33m Frenzy Plant missed!

0d 3h 32m We used Leaf Blade but Foe Swampert used Protect :(

0d 3h 32m Aerial ace!

0d 3h 32m We switch for Sceptile! Nice!

0d 3h 31m We switch to Glalie while Expert Theodore sends out Lv40 Swampert.

0d 3h 31m Blaziken mirror! Foe Blaziken is defeated!

0d 3h 30m But fainted.

0d 3h 30m Mega-Swampert appears!

0d 3h 30m We switched! Swampert! Nice choice!

0d 3h 28m Expert Theodore sends out Lv40 Blaziken!

0d 3h 28m The fight against Expert Theodore begins!

0d 3h 23m HERE WE ARE. Mission #10 begins! We have to fight the brother of Expert Timothy from Mission #5. It will be hard but we can do it!

0d 3h 22m We cleared the Demo version 9 times! We can now transfer a set of 5 Heart Scales to the final game!

0d 3h 21m We found the Poochyena! Mission #9 cleared!

0d 3h 20m We are fighting wild Pokémon for a little while now

0d 3h 9m We fought and defeated Aroma Lady Rose

0d 3h 3m We use Frost Breath. OHKO. RIP Shroomish. Fight is over!

0d 3h 2m We are facing Aroma Lady Violet! She sends out Shroomish!

0d 3h 01m We are on Single Tree Island. Again. And we have to find a Poochyena. Again. But it's cool because RSE remake <3

0d 3h 01m We talked to Steven. Mission #9 begins!

0d 2h 57m Chat is enjoying the NPCs

[Chat] Rydel Rydel Rydel Rydel Rydel Rydel


[Info] There is also 1 NPC near the Space Center: a storyteller, an ex singer, or... WATTSON <3

[Info] There is now 1 NPC at the left of the Gym: A Shroomish, or the Lavandia Sea guy.

0d 2h 46m Chat knows. They know. They want WATTSON.

0d 2h 43m We cleared the Demo version 8 times! There is a new NPC in Mossdeep City!

0d 2h 42m We found the lost child! Mission #8 cleared!

0d 2h 41m We won. Frozen solid HYPE.

0d 2h 40m We are facing Ace Trainer Jody. She sends out Loudred.

[Info] We still didn't mega evolved Swampert or Sceptile...

0d 2h 35m We used Ice Fang, then Mega evolved and used Ice Fang again. Absol fainted! Fight is over!

0d 2h 34m We are facing Ace Trainer Lori. She sends out Absol.

0d 2h 33m We have to find someone lost. Again.

0d 2h 33m We directly talk to Steven. Mission #8 begins!

0d 2h 32m We cleared the Demo version 7 times! There is a new NPC in Mossdeep City!

0d 2h 30m Well, we found the Skitty already... Mission #7 cleared!

0d 2h 29m We are facing Sailor Ernest! He sends out Carvanha. Glalie crits, fight is over. Well...

0d 2h 28m Once again we are on the "Single tree Island" and this time we are looking for Skitty.

0d 2h 28m We are talking to Steven! Mission #7 starts!

[Info] We need to do more missions to unlock more NPCs.

[Info] There are also 2 NPCs on the bottom right of the island. They can be Roxanne+Brawly, Stern+Dock, or the Lavandia Noodles guy + his assistant.

0d 2h 15m Near the Space Center, admiring the Rocket.

[Info] Stream is back online

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I think it's twitch again FailFish

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Stream is offline

0d 2h 10m Mossdeep City is such a touristic place ~

[Info] And the one next to the Pokémon Center can be a Triathlete Biker, a Scientist or a Rich.

[Info] About the NPCs. The 3 on the beach on the leaft can be 3 swimmers, or Flannery+2 reporters, or 3 Team Aqua Grunts, or 3 Team Magma Grunts.

0d 2h 0m 2 hours HYPE! <3

0d 1h 59m We cleared the Demo version 6 times! There is a new NPC in Mossdeep City!

0d 1h 57 We found the lost child! Mission #6 cleared!

0d 1h 49m And we directly go to the 6th mission! Someone is lost on an island.

0d 1h 48m We cleared the Demo version 5 times! We can now transfer a set of 10 Heal Balls to the final game! We cannot use them in the demo though.

0d 1h 46m Blaziken against Swellow! Flamethrower, and we won! Mission #5 completed!

0d 1h 45m Multiple Cyclones put Sceptile then Glalie on fight. We mega evolved Glalie and we defeated him, then Absol! Swellow is sent now.

0d 1h 43m We switched to Swampert!

0d 1h 42m We are fighting Expert Timothy! He send a Lv36 Hariyama! Our Lv40 Glalie is in danger!

0d 1h 39m For this mission we just have to defeat the Expert that is waiting for us!

0d 1h 39m We talked to Steven! Let's go for the Mission #5 !

0d 1h 37m We are still having fun in Mossdeep City, enjoying the remake place.

[Streamer] <twitch_plays_3ds> ShibeZ = Franker Z (no space)


0d 1h 23m We talked to Steven but we decided not to follow him. Let's have a walk in Mossdeep City!

0d 1h 21m We completed the Demo version 4 times! There is a new NPC in Mossdeep City!

0d 1h 20m We lost the find Poochyena! Mission #4 completed!

0d 1h 15m We are fighting a sailor! He sends Pelipper! As usual in the demo, Glalie begins!

[Snark] If it's a Poochyena you're after, just ask A.

0d 1h 14m Mission #4 we have to find a lost Poochyena!

[Info] There will also be rewards for missions #5 and #10 !

0d 1h 13m We completed the Demo version 3 times! We can now transfer a set of 10 Poké Balls to the final game! We cannot use them in the demo though.

0d 1h 11m We found the lost Whismur! Mission #3 completed!


[Info] During missions, we can heal by talking to Steven.

0d 1h 5m We fought and defeated a first battle Girl

0d 1h 3m We have to find someone lost. But some trainers are on the way!

0d 1h 2m We talked to Steven! We begin the Mission #3 !

0d 1h 2m Third mission began!


[Info] The demo itself is full of references of RSE. We just met 2 sellers in front of the shops for example, and one of them will the the kind seller in Oldale Town!

0d 1h 0m Our first hour in Hoenn v2014!


0d 0h 53m We are in front of the space center. And we are enjoying the view of a rocket! <3

[Snark] And this is why we could be unable to do the first 10 missions in 24 hours...

0d 0h 47m We are still walking on the beach of Mossdeep City, enjoying the remade city with remade music and remade everything. <3

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it'll be like the early days of Stadium 2 where it's random moves with no betting

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: when it has betting it will on this channel

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it wont have betting at the start

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: @Twitchplayspokemon Done, archives enabled

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @projectrevotpp great, I'll probably start using it next week or the week after sometime

[Context] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon You could broadcast to our channel as the beta broadcast if you'd like since we're the ones creating the PBR save. Your choice though, as usual.

Twitchplayspokemon: @projectrevotpp, that's a good idea, send me your stream key in a PM

[Info] The NPCs that appeared after the mission #2 are 3 people on the beach on the left of the city! They can be random, but this time, they are 3 Team Aqua Grunt! They just talk, we don't fight them.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @projectrevotpp, enable archiving if you haven't already, it might be useful to have footage to check if it breaks in a strange way when I'm not looking

[Chat] TriHard <insert text here>

0d 0h 40m This time, instead of talking to Steven to begin mission #3, we are walking in Mossdeep City!

0d 0h 39m Because we defeated the demo twice, there are new NPCs in Mossdeep City!

0d 0h 38m We defeated all the trainers! Mission #2 complete!

[Context] ProjectRevoTPP: @Twitchplayspokemon You could broadcast to our channel as the beta broadcast if you'd like since we're the ones creating the PBR save. Your choice though, as usual.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @projectrevotpp, that's a good idea, send me your stream key in a PM

0d 0h 37m Vesrus Ace Trainer Lori. Blaziken destroyed Absol. We won!

[Info] Oh yes it is "Refrigerate" I just translated from my language, sorry!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: when betting is possible it will be on this stream, before then it will be on another

[Info] Frozen Skin may also be more familiar to the English-speaking community as "Refrigerate".


[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @pokemonisawesome12345 there will be a separate stream running PBR matches without betting or overlay or community interaction just to stress test the part of the system that is by its nature the least reliable

[Info] Mega Glalie has been sent! He has the Frozen Skin ability, Headbutt is Normal and will become Ice type! It is its strongest attack if mega-evolved!

0d 0h 34m Challenged Ace Trainer Lori! Glalie vs Absol

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: @Twitchplayspokemon OK one day then, I'll set up the countdown

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds sure

[Info] The items also reset.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: @Twitchplayspokemon how long do you think the demo should last? How about tomorrow this time?

[Info] The levels are reset for every missions! RIP Blaziken level 37, let's come back to 36!

0d 0h 32m Absol fainted to Ice Fang! We won!

0d 0h 31m Challenged Ace Trainer Mary! Glalie vs Absol

[Info] The missions 2, 3 and 4 will be more or less random. Save a Pokémon, defeat all trainers etc. Also, there are 7 different possible islands!

Let's name this island "Single Tree Island"!

0d 0h 28m We are back for the Mission #2! We directly talked to Steven and we are in an island for a mission!

[Info] So, we have all starters and Glalie in our party mon

[Chat] Wellokaythen14: ORLANDO x STEVEN OTP <3 <3

0d 0h 26m We completed the first mission!

[Info] There's 3 spaces between the w and 4.

[Info] There are 3 spaces in the name. Also, the Poké Balls were 100% catchrate in the demo.

0d 0h 25m Its name is "♂w 4311wuu"

0d 0h 25m Caught a lv 40 male Glalie! Nicknamed w 4311wuu

0d 0h 25m We caught Glalie!

[Stats] Blaziken Lv. 37 - Max. HP 112 Attack 85 Defense 66 Sp. Atk 97 Sp. Def 60 Speed 71

0d 0h 23m Steven says that we have to catch it. Let's do it again!

0d 0h 23m The wild Glalie fainted!

0d 0h 22m It's Glalie!

0d 0h 22m There is a single Tall Grass...

0d 0h 22m We reached the place! Steven gave us 5 Poké Balls!

0d 0h 22m Obtained Poke Balls!

0d 0h 20m We now have to find the wild secret Pokémonthat can Mega-Evolve. Who's that Pokémon?

[Snark] I guess we'll never know...

[Info] We have no Pokedex so we can't check Bulbasaur's cry

[Mistake] Blaziken learned Blast Burn, not Fire Blast.

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> I didn't notice the A button sound was the same

[Snark] Did they do that with Bulbasaur's cry? Let's check Kappa

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: they've kept the same sound effect since Red

0d 0h 18m We're walking into a corner. Beautiful.

0d 0h 18m Mega-Blaziken! And we won!

0d 0h 17m Metagross fainted! Camerupt too!

0d 0h 16m. Our Blaziken and Mega-Metagross are facing Camerupt and Sharpedo

0d 0h 15m Steven Shiny Metagross Mega-evolved!

0d 0h 14m Steven joined us for a 2vs2 fight! But first he gave us the Mega Stone for Blaziken and the Mega Braceletet, and Blaziken forgot Bulk Up for Fire Blast!

0d 0h 13m May healed our Pokemon. And now we are in front of Admin Magma Kelvin and Admin Aqua

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: dansRekt

0d 0h 10m We are now fighting another Team Aqua Grunt. He sent Carvanha, but we used Double Kick! It's super effective! We won too!

0d 0h 10m We are now fighting Team Aqua Grunt! He sent Poochyena, but Blaziken destructed him with Flamethrower. We won!

[Info] The evolution was unstoppable in the demo.

0d 0h 9m Combusken leveled up to lv 36 and evolved into Blaziken!

0d 0h 8m We fought off both team Magma grunts. Combusken used Flamethrower on a Numel.

0d 0h 9m We used Slash, Flamethrower and Double Kick to defeat him!

0d 0h 8m We are now fighting a second Team Magma Grunt! He sent Numel!

0d 0h 7m He sent Zubat but a Flamethrower defeated it! We won!

0d 0h 7m We are now fighting Team Magma Grunt!

0d 0h 6m And we defeated it! That was our first wild Pokémon!

0d 0h 6m We used one Hyper Potion on our Combusken

0d 0h 5m A wild Linoone appears!

0d 0h 4m We are riding Latios and we reached the island of the first mission!

0d 0h 1m The demo begins at Mossdeep City. We are the boy, named Orlando, and Steven Stone is our mentor.

0d 0h 1m We chose Combusken! release hype

0d 0h 0m Demo started!



Demo starts in 5 minutes!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I haven't played the demo myself, I only have 1 code.

Twitch_Plays_3DS: So I have no idea how it goes

Demo starts in 20 minutes!

[Info] Like for X, English is the chosen Language

[Warning spoilers of course] There are a lot of facts about the demo, there are all at the bottom of the site http://twitchplayspokemon.info

Demo in less than 30 Minutes!

But we can when the final game is released Kappa

@NMario84 we cannot rename the trainer in the demo <3

The demo starts in 35 minutes! <3

Inb4 our trainer name is "A" Kappa

Twitch Plays Pokémon ORAS Demo starts in 2 hours! I'm really feeling it! <3

Twitch Plays Pokémon ORAS Demo starts Friday 8PM PST / Friday 11PM EST / Saturday 5AM CEST !