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[Meta] Due to unforeseen computer issues, /u/TPPStreamerBot is temporarily down, and may not be updating for the beginning of the Red run. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hey everyone, we are officially closing the PBR/Intermission updater and switching over to the Anniversary Red Updater! See you there!

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30 minutes till Red Anniversary!

1 Hr. to Red Anniversary HYPE!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Chat filter is fixed. https://github.com/jpgohlke/twitch-chat-filter

1 Hr, 30 Min. to Red Anniversary HYPE!

[Streamer] Thegunrun: With lower delay and better event servers, this will be the hardest TPP of Red possible

Twitch_plays_3ds: @TheGunrun is the chat on event server or regular server

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: the delay is 12 seconds at my place

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

Red anniversary pre-game party begins in 15 minutes @ TwitchSpeaks with TPP Tweets, Human Mode w/ TS streamer's wife speaking, <secret game>, and round 2 of TPP Plays Internet!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: start

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Yes I did OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it was fun beating you in mario kart today, Jkrexx OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hi Jkrexx OneHand

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: start

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: start

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what's the tree with a face on itDansGame

[Streamer] Jessicac5: start9 ResidentSleeper

Twitchplayspokemon: @JessicaC5 you'll have to get in contact with @projectrevotpp for that, I don't choose the PBR movesets

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I plan on fixing PBR's tppRng tppHax during Red

We are NOW at the Pokémon TPP Title Screen! Kreygasm

We are now playing 'Lil Monster (RIP BoBo)

With Igglybuff at full HP, Bobo faints the next turn. RIP

Moved into attack with Igglybuff again. Let's see if we can faint it.

Used a Life Stone on Bobo.

After Bobo tries to fight Igglybuff and gets down quite a bit, we choose Load to try a different tactic.

Fully Healed!

Using a2upa and upaupaupa each turn, we are slowly healing.

We heal again, and we are now at 63HP. Looks like it takes many turns to heal.

First time we use one of the tiles on the map to heal. It says we are at 45HP still, is this a bug in the game?

[Pun] It's a Baerla laughs (dedicated to super-redguy)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: My riot alarm's not set up yet OneHand

[Snark] You wear your pants over your nipples?

[Snark] My (insert former player name here) is covered by my pants

[Chat] (insert move name here) in my pants

[Chat] We stopped the Kappa count at 162.

[Chat] We're doing the Kappa Count boys.

[Snark] Chat is screaming for Piku. We apparently lost a bit of progress to revive nir.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: is it a delta or wedge formation?

We're back, by the way!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: emulator was set to pause when its window lost focus

For the past few hours, the game has frozen. Democracy mode still takes inputs, there is about 1,600 start9 votes.

Also, strangely enough TPPinfobot and TPPbankbot have become active. Skynet has become active

We are currently in the midst of a Start9 riot! The demands are for a new game.

[Fluff] As it happens, it's also the name of a company.

[Fluff] "Celerity" is actually a word. It means "swiftness of movement". Source

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sound seems like it's fixed

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: China doesn't line break

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: alright, new game

[Streamer] Pandulcesabrosongo: STREAMER SAVE US FROM THIS BibleThump

Twitchplayspokemon: @Pandulcesabrosongo I was poor growing up and mostly played games from PC shareware and retro console game rom collection CDs

Glorious navy has achieved ultimate victory for great leader!

We won!

[Fluff] Anyone else notice that the voting timer sometimes acts as a "T-minus" countdown for launching missiles?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: vote on the game to play after battleship http://strawpoll.me/3607109

[Streamer] Z33k33: Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @z33k33, B then A opens the item menu, each item there will help you use tactics against the enemy

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I will make a png showing what each item does

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Listen guys: B then A opens up item menu

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You guys, you know you have utilities to help you fight

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Switch to a wide arrange, use SELECT

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: KAPOW

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Admiral Z33, save us! WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We need.. Z33K33 WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We need a commander to command our fleet WutFace

[Streamer] Leopardfire123: wait8

Twitchplayspokemon: @leopardfire123 when you win a round of battleship

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: KAPOW!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: KAPOW the ship already

[Battleship] We get two hits with a five shot round. There may be hope here.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Carbuncle seems to be winning still http://strawpoll.me/3607109

[Streamer] Orangemario: SO. Can someone help guide me to using a emote, just like all you cool cats?

Projectrevotpp: @Orangemario subscribe

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Carbuncle seems to be winning so far http://strawpoll.me/3607109

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What if streamer is literally an Arceus with a trollface.gif on its face PogChamp

[Streamer] Leopardfire123: Can we please play a different game? It's too time consuming for TPP, and we can't strategy

Twitchplayspokemon: @leopardfire123 no strategy in Battleship what are you talking about? KappaHD

[Streamer] Aissurtievos: Glad to see we are actually playing games again, hope to have a good red run

Projectrevotpp: @aissurtievos, Interested in highlighting for Red?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: try to win this time: http://strawpoll.me/3607109

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What if this was the conflict that destroyed the Pokemon World once before because of a war of ideals vs truth PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kim Jong Un isnt dead WutFace

[Streamer] Chimecho24: @Projectrevotpp Where does the 15% go?

Projectrevotpp: @Chimecho24, To Paypal?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Paypal fees and streamtip fees, and such

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its important to note that even though it might say $2.00 was donated, I only receive about 85% of that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm not going into specific details, thats just how finance works

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The money doesnt go to him directly, I hold TPP's money until it is applied by either request from streamer or a necessary server cost or fee or such

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I actually fix and add examples there

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: I've seen that MissingNo. curse cut short comic on TV Tropes.

Projectrevotpp: @MarsAdeptEnten, TV Tropes? I'm a troper there

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 please!

Projectrevotpp: @MarsAdeptEnten, http://www.vgcats.com/super/images/080423.gif

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Pokemon Carbuncle or Dragon Warrior Monsters?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Who's that Pokemon?! It's Missingn--... F&*#K!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: win a match and I'll put a new game on


[Streamer] Shinkonet: @Projectrevotpp Do you pay streamer your stuff? PogChamp

Projectrevotpp: @ShinkoNet, I dont even have any info related to streamer personally to send him money in the first place, and even if I did, I wouldnt say a peep of it here.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The donations help, but remember, donations go to my paypal account, not streamer's directly, if you want to help him directly, consider a subscription.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Commander z33k33, you've been christened as Admiral of our fleet, save us! PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: See? Like I said. Helix is richer. Praise tppHelix.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is this that war Mr President is fighting?

[Snark] So apparently Helix is about WutFace, Dome is about DatSheffy, and Arceus is about ResidentSleeper. I wonder what Amber's favourite emote is.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppHelix DBstyle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All TPP emotes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Z33, tppRng tppHelix tppHax tppMiss tppCrit tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Z33K33, we have emotes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A wild DBstyle appeared!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS Z33K33 PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Z33K33 PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 5 months in a row WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Can we have a tppDome emote? WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The tppHelix spam WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Though, I'm sure helix is richer.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Why thank you Dome for the money, praise be to you. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: democracy 2.0 WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guess who's back, back again

[Battleship] Good news: we have figured out how to rotate our ships when setting up our side of the map, so we got that going for us, which is nice

[Battleship] Game Over. BibleThump

[Battleship] They sank our Destroyer!


[Battleship] Victory Riot! Semi-Kappa


This enemy uses hax! 5 shots at once!?!?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppMiss tppHax

We get a hit!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppCrit

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: fixed, on my way to lunch now

Somehow our opponent was able to take three shots in one turn.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !setmaxframes 1 1 1

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !setmaxframes 0 1

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !setmaxframes 0 5

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !setmaxframes 0 10

[Chat] Faithfulforce: THIS STRATEGY IS FOOLPROOF, because it RELIES ON FOOLS BloodTrail

We lay down our battleships, all spaced out.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !setmaxframes 10

We begin a 1 player game.

[Snark] Main menu: 1 HUMAN / 2 HUMANS. Where's the option for 610?

We are now playing Battleship

[Snark] Streamer is officially my mother

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm going out to lunch soon, I'll put on a new game now, depending on how well you play it depends on the game I put on when I come back

Aaaaand we are attempting to reset again.

[Snark] !bet 10000 reset

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

We go with a default name: Cody

I want to get off Robopon naming screen's wild ride

The struggle is real

We reset once more.

[Snark] Startdown8 is the new start9.

[Snark] Who needs Robopon battles when you have voting battles?

Looks like we are trying to reset now. It's a stalemate once again!

Votes coming in for start+down8 coming in, we could be looking at another reset soon

[Fluff] a9 rhymes with it PogChamp

We named him "A**L"

Yep, we have a new name.


We're trying that... "name" again. It starts with A

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand back into the naming screen

[Snark] If only we had one more B first...

Last two letters deleted via some 'b's, name officially selected as AN

PogChamp, name entered currently is 'ANNN'

Gonna take a guess on the next two letters: 'N' and 'A'

Currently naming, we start with A.

We reset again

C*** Wars Episode V The Continuers Strike Back

Despite their defeat at the great Game Select Menu, it seems that the Continuers are striking back with an offensive from the west in the Name Menu.

[Fluff] I think I see where this re-naming session is headed.

Naming time part three

[Fluff] We Riot?

[Breaking News] RESETTERS HAVE CLAIMED VICTORY WITHIN THE STREAM. We are being told now that the game has been reset.


[Breaking News] This is Crimson reporting live on the ground in what has been termed by some as the C*** Wars. So far, both sides have worked themselves to a standstill. While Resetters continue to make strides within the actual game, Continuers have had significant victories at the Title Screen. Neither side shows signs of relenting. The question we are all asking now is: when all this is over, how will either side recover? Both sides have been throwing all of their dongers into this fight. For TPPNN, this is Crimson from the Stream battlegrounds.

And the a9 inputs win out again and Continue is hit

Another exit

We just exited again, and once again hit Continue.

A war has essentially broken out in chat. There have been multiple attempts to exit to the game's home screen. One attempt was successful, but then the game was reentered. It is all over the name of the character. Well, I guess this wouldn't be the lead up to a replay of the first TPP game ever (Red) without a little chat infighting.

[Ship Alert] Chat is now shipping C*** and Lisa. Is this the celebrity shipping of the year?

[Snark] It's official, GF has run out of ideas.

That's right everyone, TPP Season 2 has begun with our 'hero' C*** fighting an actual screw with legs. Should be a good season

Finally the first battle of 2015. Let's see what C*** can do

[inb4] Banned from Twitch

Our new character's name is actually a word this time. It begins with "CU", it's 4 letters, and it's not a very nice word.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: donation messages should work now

Started a new game!

[Fluff] Don't ever change, TPP.

New donation! $2.00 From: Select+b+008,135

New subscriber! Nkekev

New donation! $2.00 From: helix.demands.anarchy

New subscriber! Gamebrojeremy

New follower: Ghostroast

Healed our Robopon!

New donation! $2.00 From: b

Justinwong: start9

New donation! $2.00 From: START9FORANARCHY

Everyone saying "AAAA" in the chat after seeing the name unknowingly voted for "a4" as the next input.

New follower: Murdock129

New donation! $2.00 From: Lord Helix

A very TPP name.

Our character is called AAAA and his birthday is Jan. 1st.

New donation! $2.00 From: /u/Crimsonburn27

New follower! Justinde75

New donation! $2.00 From: Rick Gastly

New donation! $2.00 From: Rayquaza1090

New subscriber! Updater /u/ flarn2006 !

[Streamer] Lade1rex: @Twitchplayspokemon I know, i was just mentioning :P

Twitchplayspokemon: @lade1rex I'm aware of it too, I spent a lot of time trying different settings but I wasn't able to get rid of it, I think it's a problem with the emulator itself

New donation! $2.00 From: TaropProphet

New follower: Neop216

[Streamer] Lade1rex: @Twitchplayspokemon Only complaint is the occasional audio hickup, but idk if that's just the game. Other then that though, it's good :P

Twitchplayspokemon: @Lade1rex I didn't write the emulator

New follower: Frankisshalb

New follower: Megabassx0

New follower: Rycca

(Sun Version)

In democracy, apparently.

We're playing RoboPon!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: anarchy


Start of Robopon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: start

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: start

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I see the game PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: start

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: a

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Type !roulette to start stream

[Fluff] ヽ༼ OneHand ༽ノ WOW DEKU ヽ༼ OneHand ༽ノ


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I tried to eat a clock, but it was too time consuming ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TOIR ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RITO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] STREAM IS NOW OFFLINE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ riots harder ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[rip] rip PBR

Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Chat] BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

[Chat] Tarotprophet: This chat is so fast, no one will notice that I am Jorsun Kappa

[Snark] Stream's probably going to go down before the intermission starts--I predict a ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[PBR] Red team wins the last PBR match!

[Chat] Yesmikemetal: REJECT DOME MONEY DansGame

[Donation] $50.00 from sitharc: "Had a blast this past month so this big donation as this segment of it comes to an end. Here's to Abby becoming a Charizard in new run! Let's collect them all! Hail Dome! 3 boxes of Dome to WT off!"

[Info] This is the last PBR Battle before Intermission!

On Blue: Machoke, Masquerain and Lairon

On Red: Venonat, Smoochum and Bronzong

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !bet 500 red

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: subscription pop-up for recurrent subscriptions will be fixed soon


[Donation] $2.00 from Jorsun: "I am back guys"

Scratch that, looks like we're having one more match, with about half the viewers in the 100 club.

Lots of all-in betting on what is most likely the final match of PBR!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move -

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: blue move b now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !sonic

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppRng tppHelix tppHax tppMiss tppCrit tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We WANT Random order!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: And hopefully with random order. STREAMER. You better listen to the community!

[Chat] BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm watching dan danBad

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It will come back without the RNG bug.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wait wrong chat

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDead

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But for now, it will rest.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR will return after Red Anniversary

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fitting music BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Final leaderboard BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: KAPOW

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ tppHelix <༼ ◕_◕< ༽

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ tppHelix

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppRng

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Last hour of PBR BibleThump

[Streamer] Icanhazlyfe: @Projectrevotpp What one do you know?

Projectrevotpp: @Icanhazlyfe, ITS A SECRET BabyRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 2 new emotes? I know what one is, but the other makes me wonder.

[Streamer] Awesomekuno: @Twitchplayspokemon whats gonna happen to the extra donation matches?

Twitchplayspokemon: @AwesomeKuno they'll stay in the queue until PBR comes back

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thanks for subscribing, I submitted two new emotes a short while ago

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So I cant rig it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Theres no !match command

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont know that the last PBR match will be that special

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Press wavedash to win DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Melee sucks DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Paypal cannot go from itself to itself

[Streamer] Killermapper: Projectrevo isn't paypal account yours? just make a donaion with it OMGScoots

Projectrevotpp: @KillerMapper, I cannot make a donation from the paypal to my paypal

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I challenge somebody to try and throw this match: 10,13,265/68,67,66

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Almost final leaderboard BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 2spooky4me BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The donation query will resume when PBR returns?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: at least temporarily

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'd like to see this match before PBR ends

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If somebody wants it: Unwinnable: 10,13,265/68,67,66, it is impossible to throw this match, machamp has but attacks and since guaranteed hits, all will eventually KO and will not fall to the bug mons

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ok it died

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !roulette

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: can someone do a !roulette? need to test something

[Streamer] Mencee: @Projectrevotpp like stadium, will the last match of PBR be the first one we played?

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee, I dont have the ability to force the match

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @projectrevotpp isnt there an !match command, or was that just Stadium?

Projectrevotpp: @1hlixed1, There is no !match for PBR

[Streamer] Pokemonisawesome12345: @Projectrevotpp I am working on better movesets for future PBR games. I am considering giving the legends their power back, (e.g. Mewtwo with Thunder, Fire Blast, etc.) I will send you a doc on suggestions for future movesets

Projectrevotpp: @PokemonisAwesome12345, Talk to Chauzu about that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If you rich pokedollar people want a safe match to all in for for the last hours of PBR, here's one: Unwinnable: 10,13,265/68,67,66 it is impossible to throw this match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Are there any millionaires here?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Unwinnable: 10,13,265/68,67,66 it is impossible to throw this match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Somebody donate for this match, this is a completely unwinnable match, absolutely no chance of winning: Caterpie,Metapod,Wurmple/Machamp/Machoke/Machop, you cant even intentionally throw this, the other moves besides Fire Punch will eventually kill

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As it occured

[Streamer] Masterz15: @ProjectRevoTPP, there is a chrome exstenion that records chat

Projectrevotpp: @Masterz15, I want to see the chat itself, not just logs

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Could somebody do that for me?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Somebody record the last 30 or so minutes and the first 30 minutes of intermission? With chat?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dislike past broadcasts, I cant see the chat reaction

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: ProjectRevoTPP past broadcasts TriHard

Projectrevotpp: @Mariosyoshi, No chat

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Nice, streamer.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Again, I wont be able to see it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whats this running joke of events occuring when I'm at college?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Why did the intermission have to start at 6?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: you had a better chance with Endeavour

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is the last time I get to see PBR for a long time

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hi Pokemonisawesome12345 danWave

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: WutFace

[Streamer] Renaturnip: Twitchplayspokemon Will our dongers remain?

Twitchplayspokemon: @RenaTurnip yes

[Streamer] Skylerbunny: @Twitchplayspokemon Can you go on record that any undone donation matches WILL be before intermission?

Twitchplayspokemon: @skylerbunny any donation matches left in the queue will be there when PBR returns

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: at least got my money back danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: rip OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move a now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: test

[Streamer] Faraldd: not at the same time ProjectRevoTPP, play one game in-between

Projectrevotpp: @Faraldd, I'm not sure of streamer's approach to the problem, either he will use leaderboards to reset the save state, or immediately get to resetting the state between battles, but this may or may not increase the duration of the victory screen.

[Streamer] Faraldd: Streamer could have 9 different save states and then randomly choose one of those save states to avoid this RNG abuse.

Projectrevotpp: @Faraldd, That wouldnt make sense, if the save states are made at the same time, it'd have the same RNG stats anyway

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RANDOM ORDER OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm going to go out on a weird lore thing here, but normal order is equivalent to democracy. Known, precise, and BORING.

[Streamer] Pyrofarukon: Dunno, just thinking of a reason

Projectrevotpp: @PyroFarukon, But its just a simple random order on the overlay, the game can still choose the actual order

[Streamer] Pyrofarukon: Maybe random order is making the code a disorder ?

Projectrevotpp: @PyroFarukon, .. maybe.

[Streamer] Faraldd: Zen Headbutt OpieOP

Projectrevotpp: @Faraldd, I've pretty much told streamer that random order is helping PBR more than hurting, any point he made in counter I think I was able to refute easily, but he still hasnt confirmed or unconfirmed random order returnning. I am sure he is still lugging over it

[Streamer] Empoleonpaladin: He was bapped

Projectrevotpp: @EmpoleonPaladin, Showdown? ..PBR?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It hurt TPP in the long run

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Short intermissions really hurt TPP Season 1, I think they didnt give people enough time to collect their thoughts and stories on the games that just happened, we jumped immediately into another game, and thats actually bad.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thats what I think will occur

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR isnt going away, it will serve long intermission between games, I think.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I am pretty sure streamer will rewrite part of PBR during Red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR RNG issue has gotten out of control

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I remember when Nkekev was the undisputed #1

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Back in the day, Nkekev was the king, not this stupid "Adda" person SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppPokeyen NO PAYOUT..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: no tppPokeYen PAYOUT..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: (Danananana)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Quick guys! To the redditmobile!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A LEGITIMATE DRAW SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I tried very hard to break this interface, but failed

[Streamer] Keredau: !bet 104 red

Projectrevotpp: @kereDAU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=\_mi4sZj\_86o ignore the girl sprite, that is from an earlier build and save when it was enabled, i'd like to stress there wont be a girl option in Red Anniversary

[Streamer] Keredau: @Projectrevotpp don't forget the qa testing phase FUNgineer

Projectrevotpp: @kereDAU, I've been rigoriously testing behind the scenes and making changes myself

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We just need to finish the tent and minor functionality changes

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: How is the hack going Projectrevotpp will it be ready for the big day OpieOP

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_VGC, It is almost ready, its like 95.8% ready

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Would you guys be ok with importing a change gen 2 had to its battles into the hack TPP will use? Specifically, a pokeball shown on the UI if the wild pokemon is already caught.

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @ProjectRevoTPP You're going to publish the ROM (at least as a patch file) when the run is over right?

Projectrevotpp: @flarn2006, Yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I will go into those "conditions" during the run

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There are other conditions, but the Diploma must be obtained in Red Anniversary, which means you must capture and see all 151 pokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We need a Mime Sr Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Or give Mr. Mime an evolution. Mime Sr. Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Farfetch'd needs a mega evo Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: To complete Red Anniversary, you must capture all 151 pokemon.

[Streamer] Wertx24: Wait yeah is pokedec complete means all 'catch' or all 'see'? thats a very big diffference

Projectrevotpp: @wertx24, It means CATCH all

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The delay is not the game's fault, its an inherient twitch stream property

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 18 hours intermission hype Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: "b"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I was around for Red and Crystal (barely red, popped in a few times to watch) but I actually registered to participate after Crystal ended

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://i.imgur.com/B4iDQ70.png

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Get hype, the Red Anniversary (TPP Version) is coming,.

[Streamer] Pikabowser2082: I missed it Project! :(

Projectrevotpp: @Pikabowser2082, http://i.imgur.com/fRigzRW.png

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 2nd menu: http://i.imgur.com/fRigzRW.png

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Projectrevotpp What is that supposed to be?

Projectrevotpp: @WhatAboutGamingLive, That is my debug file, it is Battle Tent

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: argh: http://i.imgur.com/GTEjxZP.png

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Try again: http://imgur.com/GTEjxZP.png

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: hype

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://imgur.com/GTEjxZP.png

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIP BibIeThump BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibIeThump is broken? BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: My favorite Pokemon Stadium theme

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: -==(iii)=0 ♫ ♫ ♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: why does intermission have to start on monday 6 PM..

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp it's still on

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: does the sub pop-up not show when months are displayed?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: marsa is here so early today.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: rip blue

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: psychic is against dark, I think, NOT ghosts, ghost > psychic

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !superkapow to get perma banned

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2s29LFTPH8

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: wow. how original.

[Streamer] Addarash1: BANNED EleGiggle

Projectrevotpp: @Addarash1 WHY DID YOU GET BANNED? SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: You don't seem to understand the root cause of inflation

Projectrevotpp: @geneticGarbage which is a good thing, as thats the intended, you shouldnt get rich because of knowledge, but of skill

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What fun is it when you know what the 1st few turns is gonna happen?

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: @Ramdonperson No i wasnt but it seems lame

Projectrevotpp: @geneticGarbage its not about inflation, its about fun, random order invoked your skill to adapt to the changing battle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RANDOM ORDER OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RANDOM ORDER OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIOT AUTHORIZED

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guile's Theme Goes With Everything - TwitchPlaysPokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: do you want random order? do you think it has hurt TPP arena? what are your thoughts?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Once again guys

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I won a cool $25 dongers Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @ramdomperson there is no way red can wil. It is statically impossible, PP WILL run out before then.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Why in the world you you bet on red?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: murdered how?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Please do not create alternate polls for this question of random order, stick to the community one I created

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR isnt going away, it will return after red, most likely as "long intermissions" between games.. I think.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Yes, a doom desire.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Vote, I want there to be a very, very clear desire for it.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://strawpoll.me/3590803

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I want streamer to see that the community is what makes the channel, not the game mechanics.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Start a random order or riot, if you want it that badly.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Do you guys want random order?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand should have bet more

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move a now red

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move b now red

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: only mewtwo left

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: move a now red

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand should have bet more

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: blue move b now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance OneHand PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand = Poker Face (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Trainertimmy danWave me too

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: move b now red

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Acquasacredwaterfallamor go all in

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Blaziken PogChamp ... danRekt

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Yes, it is. Previously, we hacked in a prompt that let the 1st A or B decide the fate of an evolution. However, because of overwhelming community response and consulting streamer about the direction of the hack.. I decided that it should be saved for democracy blue. (If streamer permits)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Therefore, it will probably return in demo blue

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It is better to give the community the option to respond to the evolution attempt.

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Projectrevotpp I don't see why we would need that in a full democracy game... We have perfect control over what happens in the game

Projectrevotpp: @WhatAboutGamingLive with demo, it is impossible to cancel evolutions due to the delay.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If streamer allows, I have.. "plans".. for democracy blue. But we will come to that when we come to that.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: However, it will be in democracy blue, most likely..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I hereby revert that change, it will not be in Anniversary Red.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You guys remember the evolution prompt leak earlier today?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: test

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Yup Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oops, I meant IRIS Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ISIS Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Do not worry about "spoilers"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Theres still a few surprises I intend to keep until they come up in the hack

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I wouldnt have said anything if streamer let it through

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I was quoting streamer

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: "the female character sprite is a great idea but acknowledge the reality of it, if female is picked it will become the focus of discussion throughout the entire run and may give the impression that it's a fangame or more pervasively modified, it's counter to nostalgia in a way that I don't think will be appreciated as much as it should"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://imgur.com/TZVEFiA.png ignore the RED name, this was a test screenshot to make sure the feature worked, before streamer veto'd the feature

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Which was "Blue", not Green

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The sprite used was based on the original concept art for the female character

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There was going to be a girl option

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Originally, in TPP Red Anniversary, you guys would have been able to choose Boy or Girl, as opposed to just the Red sprite, but streamer chose to veto this, so you'll be playing as Red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If Jorsun !bet 100 red, would be !move b? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thats the only reason it's there

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Gen 1 has trouble cancelling evolutions, that lets people either force an evo or cancel it with the 1st input

[Streamer] Sinr2014: Projectrevotpp question: Do you know if forced evolution will be enabled in Red 151?

Projectrevotpp: @SinR2014 http://i.imgur.com/KesnI9U.png

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: and I wont say Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont, actually, but I do know what game is after Anniversary Red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppHax

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS COMING PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: INTERMISSION PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: do tppCrit tppHax tppMiss tppPokeyen show up properly in stream now?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sub emotes might work now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: for refund type !kapow

[Streamer] Shinkonet: @Twitchplayspokemon are you still not working on music? :/

Twitchplayspokemon: @shinkonet there's no music during Red (?)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I went all in OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: All in Blaziken Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Blaziken PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Fluffydu go all in

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is group chat still down?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I want to test out the overlay and setup for playing gameboy games before red starts, especially democracy mode

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://pastebin.com/aCnznK8Q

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wrong chat

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: https://www.google.fi/maps/place/33870 Tampere/@61.336093,23.7691346,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x468edf554593da5d:0x6adfe3bd1e0b22c0?hl=en

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is group chat down?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: AAHHHH SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: well I didnt see him

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DBstyle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: z33k33 please come back BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Addarash1 y u no sub?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Beesafree

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppHax

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt = OJ Salt (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: #362 danYay

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I should mention, some shinies have illegal movesets, which is the intention

[Streamer] Shinysapphire: @ProjectRevoTPP What are the odds of getting a Shiny here?

Projectrevotpp: @ShinySapphire on average, 1/8192 matches will contain a shiny

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Argh, wtf is this, seriously?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Has a shiny appeared yet?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RNG PogChamp

[Streamer] Cubeman99: What's a god to a nonbeliever?

Projectrevotpp: @cubeman99 Fiction

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: psych up FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is Beesafree here?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Twitch is having chat server issues right now: twitchstatus.com

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WHAT I NEED Kreygasm

[Streamer] Wertx24: Ban\tmanji no it doesnt fail because its not about draw

Projectrevotpp: @Wertx24 that wasnt promised, its just likely that it will be fixed during Red, I dont know if streamer will commit to the fix during Red

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: blue move d on sand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 10K club Kreygasm danWave

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand danRekt PJSalt danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: payout OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: move c now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move c now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move c now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 8k club danyay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: should have all in'd OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay danYay danYay danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: which team should I bet

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: bad news for blue OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: blue is done

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: dududu

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: lol OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 7k club danYay danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay danRekt PJSalt OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand red wins

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: huntail's dead

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: RaccAttack

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: did chatot just win a match DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: headache duck

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 4k gg danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp danYay danRekt PJSalt OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: YES

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Kesi_Miao DansGame

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thank you for subscribing?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: no shiny match yet?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit tppCrit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit

[Fluff] It took you five hours :')

[Meta] I just realized the bot crashed; don't know why I didn't get the messages before. Sorry for the inconvenience! It's back up now, in case it wasn't obvious.

Streamer bot crashed, so I'll just put this here:

[Streamer] Shinkonet: @Twitchplayspokemon I messaged you about the brstm conversions yesterday, did you get it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @shinkonet probably, just haven't responded yet, not working on music right now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys, you need to move the truck to get a Mew! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !mew

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Stop with these *** Grey Goo ads, im sick of them FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thanks for your moneyz tppPokeyen tppPokeyen tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppPokeyen P A Y O U T tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppPokeyen PAYOUT tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: unless somebody has an idea?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Yes I know there should, but I'd rather not upset the delicate balance of the three tppHax tppMiss tppCrit emotes, .. the real reason is that I wouldnt be able to have the "FLINCH" emote be unique in that regard

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So you too can become as rich as Addarash if you unlock the secrets to RNG determination

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: in the match that is

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Moves with a 30% chance of para are guaranteed to para if used first

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I know that 30% moves and status effects used first will be guaranteed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It only changes whenever a move is used.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: And that var is the same for the same save state

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is because the variables that roll for accuracy are predetermined after every move is used

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: if the pokemon is faster, and it is 1st.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No, genuinely, I'm not. Unless an enemy pokemon is immune like Fissure on Pidgeot, or Sturdy, OHKO will hit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There is no chance the 1st move being OHKO will miss

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If the 1st pokemon has an OHKO move and is faster, using OHKO first guarantees an OHKO

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I will share with you plebians one such secret. (Kappa)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Addarash1 knows how to manipulate the RNG due to the save state nature of the game

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppMiss mattered

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: odds ruined

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No shiny battles YET?

[Streamer] Alphatoronado: HOW DO YOU SWITCH OUT???

Projectrevotpp: @Alphatoronado you don't

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppHax

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: also, Kappa.

[Streamer] Superkirby54321: @Projectrevotpp what about tppPokeyen

Projectrevotpp: @SuperKirby54321 NOONE CARES ABOUT THAT SwiftRage (i do..)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: They go SO WELL TOGETHER PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Now the collection is complete: tppHax tppMiss tppCrit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppHax tppMiss

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NEW EMOTES PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Keredau: @Twitchplayspokemon at one stage Bulbasaur seemed like it couldn't be selected for donations, did that get fixed?

Twitchplayspokemon: @kereDAU not sure

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: another great submission from the community Kappa //

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp all in blaziken

[Streamer] Keredau: @Twitchplayspokemon users have the ability to announce their re-subscription monthly now.

Twitchplayspokemon: @kereDAU it's optional (unreliable)

[Streamer] Maafighter: Keepo who were you told by Keepo

Twitchplayspokemon: @maafighter since PBR started because unsubscription is hard to detect reliably

[Streamer] Goldtex: @twitchplayspokemon they already have it on their site http://twitchemotes.com/channel/twitchplayspokemon

Twitchplayspokemon: @goldtex maybe their API is lagging behind?

[Streamer] Goldtex: @twitchplayspokemon You think you'll be able to fix your sub emotes on the stream?

Twitchplayspokemon: @goldtex waiting on twitchemotes.com

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: ah, right, DNS just being slow

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: \ OpieOP / CRIT \ OpieOP /

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere tried my US proxy and it shows the same error

[Streamer] Shinkonet: @Twitchplayspokemon I have experience with brstms, so I can help you with fixing the songs if you want.

Twitchplayspokemon: @shinkonet there's a couple of songs that have been often requested that I would like converted into brstms, if you can do that send me a message

[Streamer] Keredau: @Twitchplayspokemon was it brawlcustommusic? It's working for me now but I know it has been up and down a few times in the last week.

Twitchplayspokemon: @kereDAU I get a domain expired error

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think the site I went to to get all the song files went down permanently

[Streamer] Keredau: @Twitchplayspokemon so many songs aren't working today

Twitchplayspokemon: @kereDAU I don't know much about that but I've stopped taking suggestions because of the increase in errors

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon We were hoping you could change tppCrit into CritMattered PogChamp Is that possible?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere tppCritmattered mattered?

[Streamer] Batmanji: Twitchplayspokemon would you be up for trying though

Twitchplayspokemon: @batmanji I already tried submitting a slowpoke emote awhile ago, it got denied

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: @Twitchplayspokemon http://imgur.com/a/NEjRt MAKE IT HAPPEN

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticGarbage @batmanji I'm pretty sure it'd get denied, no copyrighted stuff

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: @Twitchplayspokemon Please accept @Batmanji 's emote

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticgarbage I don't think I have it, when did @batmanji send it?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !commercials

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Subscription is needed for emotes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @TwitchPlaysPokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That is a streamer question, not something I could answer

[Streamer] Darkvexon: @Projectrevotpp Any responce about maybe X/Y slots in roullette?

Projectrevotpp: @DarkVexon What do you mean X/Y slots?

[Streamer] Mencee: @Projectrevotpp Are you serious about the move animation thing?

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Thinking about it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont think thats something that can be fixed considering the input is always P1 then P2

[Streamer] Awesomekuno: @Projectrevotpp any way to have inputs for blue and red decided at the same time? So red doesnt have advantage?

Projectrevotpp: @AwesomeKuno what do you mean?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This will make it more like Stadium 2

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We're considering hacking PBR to make move animations move before showing if it missed or not

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RNG manipulation yay

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRD7SPJaNGQ Raticate WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Therefore

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Pikachu can learn fly and dig

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: rip mencee

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Beesafree Gold chat

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppPokeyen P A Y O U T tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: YES MAGNEZONE PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://imgur.com/JTuP6sB.png one of my larger rockets carrying a lifter into orbit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm actually really good at Kerbal Space Program and can build things which can actually get into orbit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: argh

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Has a shiny appeared yet?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MUSIC Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It was intended to be the final day playlist for Stadium 2

[Streamer] Rayquaza1090: !move a

Projectrevotpp: @Rayquaza1090 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enwuefhXX3E&list=PL7aaGSVPJcEqPLvlyy0yTiPn8krNaV8Fp&index=9 this one?

[Streamer] Mencee: possibly*

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee the loop code has to be rewritten for resetting manually to be applied as a fix eventually

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Mencee: BabyRage

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee ME TOO BabyRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If this were gen 6, I bet someone would have donated for Braviery vs Staraptor.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp when did I get that much

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame what the fudge

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: tppCrit

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppCrit tppPokeyen emotes have been added by the way

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: zoroark

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Magnezone is my favorite pokemon ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼tppPokeyenل͜tppPokeyen༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So original Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 420 viewers, blaze it Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Soulless1 I do not think anybody is concerned about your "notes"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There you go

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If the first move is a 30% move like OHKO move, it will ALWAYS hit

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: So why did TPP use this save state

Projectrevotpp: @geneticGarbage because we didnt even know using save states would be an issue

[Streamer] Wertx24: !bet 1000 redChauzu_vgc first turn BRN is not gurenteed you were just unlucky

Projectrevotpp: @wertx24 yes it is due to save state nature

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A fix will probably eventually come for it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: yes, there is a bug in the RNG, we know that now because its been verified recently, has to do with the nature of save states

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: thanks special split

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: keep in mind Entei's actually kinda good Gen 4

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppHax

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT OVER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Protomanfan25: Stupid question from a stupid guy. When is the anniversary stream?

Projectrevotpp: @Protomanfan25 Feb 12

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: IF ONLY WE HAD A RIOT EMOTE SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: welp, there goes team red's tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Mencee: @Twitchplayspokemon how many emotes were submitted in? just those two for now?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee just those two

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If you have any ideas for emotes forward them to Beesafree and/or streamer, Beesafree is who contributed these two emotes that are now official emotes, thank him for his work and contributions if you'd like

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll add Red-specific emotes near the start of Red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @TwitchPlaysPokemon as I recall I do not think a general spiral fossil or a horseshoe crab fossil are "copyrighted", so those may be safe

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @projectrevotpp not for emotes but Twitch has a strict policy against copyright characters, so it may effectively be yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Sorry, then.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh dear.. I guess I was mistaken, oh well

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @TwitchPlaysPokemon it isnt?

[Streamer] Mencee: @Twitchplayspokemon how many sub emote slots do you have right now?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee 10

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @ProjectRevoTPP that's not right

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I doubt TPP will endorse "Helix" and "Dome" emotes as that violates the lore upstream implied rule

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We will miss you BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIP ShibeZ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ShibeZ is retired

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit works

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: These emotes are Beesafree's, so thank him

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppPokeyen HERE COMES THE MONEY tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: SO AWESOME Kreygasm tppCrit tppPokeyen tppCrit tppPokeyen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppCrit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Ctrl F5

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: THEY ARE HERE Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EMOTES Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whats the word you guys had for this? #BexLuck?

[Streamer] Awipe: Psycho Shift OneHand

Projectrevotpp: @Awipe if thats not unwinnable, this is Unwinnable: 10,13,265/68,67,66

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If anyone wants an unwinnable match, here's one: 380,484,486/292,10,13

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Unwinnable 2: 380,484,486/292,10,13

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I submitted two emotes today, I think one of them will be accepted but the other I'm not sure

[Streamer] Pokemonisawesome12345: !move c

Twitchplayspokemon: @pokemonisawesome12345 subscription doesn't count because I don't have a way of going back and checking how much has been made from each user, it has to be streamtip, dogecoin isn't accepted right now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Subs will go directly to streamer, donations go to me, which still goes to TPP because the funds are used to manage anything TPP needs

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So that means I am in charge of TPP's "real life dongers", so to speak.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I also settle PayPal disputes and issue refunds if necessary, and make the purchases TPP needs

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I hold the funds for TPP, I basically act as TPP's accountant and keep track of the donations

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @minimap03 https://streamtip.com/t/twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whenever a shiny can actually get picked, we will have a special match

[Streamer] Ninten_: !move a

Twitchplayspokemon: @ninten_ no? I think it has a lot of duplicates or variants

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: emotes? This soon?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sub emotes are coming soon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thanks for subscribing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is the longest evolution ever DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I have a clan? OpieOP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NO SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No, PLEASE, No pewdiepie, I HATE THAT GUY SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lugia's wing covers the odds KAppa

In one hour, Human Mode begins at twitchspeaks: /u/MakeOurDay reads the live TPP chat aloud for an hour, then TPP Voices Drake & Josh + TPP Plays Twitter via Alice Catson (our usual avatar), come hang out!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANZA DE PROTESTA ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Bowiefan14: lamest mew ever -_-

Projectrevotpp: @Bowiefan14 Matches would be severely one sided

[Streamer] Bowiefan14: lamest mew ever -_-

Projectrevotpp: @Bowiefan14 We cant have legendaries too OP in PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I hope you have the music from F-Zero X's expansion pack

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Projectrevotpp Good Evening

Projectrevotpp: @Geforcefly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TftHMvE19II

[Streamer] Geforcefly: I finally show up and see stuff like this FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Geforcefly

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Never mind.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Uh oh. Here it comes.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As long as red stays on fire blast, blue cannot win. at all.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Unwinnable: 10,13,265/68,67,66

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: EleGiggle MUSIC

Projectrevotpp: @1hlixed1 No, 3 pokemon weak to machamp or machoke as No Guard locks off RNG mattering

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fine, then, I'll design a match that there is absolutely NO RNG possible that would lead to a victory for Blue.

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @projectrevotpp Fog is a thing, remember?

Projectrevotpp: @1hlixed1 Caterpie Weedle Wurmple vs Moltres Heatran and Charizard.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You guys take no risks.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Bet $1,000,000 for once, sheesh

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: all in red danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ! balance

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 3ds is 100 club EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !mega

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Ok, thats enough harassment, people.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: *** danRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: if Addarash went all in, this would have been a historic match PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Uh oh Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Addarash go all in BigBrother

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Somebody bet a million already SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ~Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ~Kappa~

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's happening Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: yes Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wait that's not my team danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: YES

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: all in blue

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Are you guys dumb or something? Fissure will not hit flying

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: blaziken didn't work danRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DEKU! OpieOP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DEKU PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But I havent tested any other moves yet

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I've already determined that OHKO moves are treated seperately

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I will do more research regarding the Turn 1 RNG behavior later on

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: all in blaziken

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: blaziken PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: making sure

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Have any shinies appeared in the reels other than Gen 5 shinies?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Are you sure guys? No fake shinies that cant be selected appear in the reels?

[Streamer] Growlie19: remember the episode where ash won the pokemon league? Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Growlie19 No, but remember the episode where ash caught a pumbloom? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Has anybody seen any fake shinies lately?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !mewthree

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !dimonix

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !pikablu

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !missingno

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: did I mention Magnezone was my favorite pokemon?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is Geforcefly here?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @Kilcoyne1337, you there?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: has a shiny match happened yet?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DBstyle will the real z33k33 stand up, please stand up, please stand up

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Total victory BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red, stay on A to win. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Kilcoyne1337 ?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is that greninja PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 blue&#32

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 165 blue&#32

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance&#32

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance&#32

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 red&#32

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move -

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move -

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance&#32

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: or should I say @HaruhoKitsune? (just send me a message if you're not there)

[Streamer] Beefhash: !balance

Twitchplayspokemon: @beefhash sorry to disappoint, it's just the name of someone who was wanting a donation to be resent

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: is there someone here who had a broken donation needing it to be re-sent?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: WAFFLEkitsune9

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance&#32

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: RaccAttack

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 175.0 blue&#32

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: what happen?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wtf

[Streamer] Bunz987: @TwitchPlaysPokemon donation match? Or naw?

Twitchplayspokemon: @bunz987 I don't think there was a donation match in the queue

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: TwitchPlaysPokemon xatu rhyperior spiritomb shiftry and many legendaries

Twitchplayspokemon: @mariosyoshi when did you last check? I put in an update a few days ago that might've fixed it

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: twitchplayspokemon alot of pokemon are missing on the leaderboard

Twitchplayspokemon: @mariosyoshi like what?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay danRekt PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: BibleThump I lost!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Kreygasm

[Streamer] Beesafree: @TwitchPlaysPokemon even if it doesnt directly consider win rate, win rate HAS to be a part of it BrokeBack

Twitchplayspokemon: @beesafree wins and losses matter if that's what you mean, but the ratio doesn't matter so much, on the leaderboard you see lower winratio pokemon above higher winraitio pokemon

[Streamer] Addarash1: !move a

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 the matchmaker doesn't consider winrate at all, it considers rank which is based on TrueSkill rating

[Streamer] Iatias: @TwitchPlaysPokemon my username isn't latias, it's Iatias :\

Twitchplayspokemon: @Iatias or like this?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @latias am I doing it right?

[Streamer] Markbu: @Twitchplayspokemon how much money have you made from donations?

Twitchplayspokemon: @markbu a lot, but most of it has gone on hardware for the stream

[Streamer] Awesomekuno: !move a

Twitchplayspokemon: @awesomekuno I've never put in any passwords

[Streamer] Thefrozenglaceon: @twitchplayspokemon how are you this evening?

Twitchplayspokemon: @thefrozenglaceon hungry, haven't eaten anything today yet, going to get a pizza soon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @latias I never said there was a code, that was a rumor/hoax someone made up

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @latias no

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @latias yes

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thanks for subscribing

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: which team should I bet, I want to get 1mil in 2 days

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 red DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: see you at red OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: *** danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: electric is weak to fighting right

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: which team should I bet

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I keep winning danYay gg

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: which team should I bet

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ResidentSleeper... PogChamp danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: which team should I bet

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: type !kapow for refund

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I believe streamer mentioned it before

[Streamer] Shinkonet: @Projectrevotpp I have an idea for donations, you could request a specific music track from the brstm library

Projectrevotpp: @Shinkonet Thats an idea thats rolling around lately, streamer will eventually get around to prioritized jukebox requests

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There are 22 selectable shinies, and I dont think donation matches will roll for shinies

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: THe odds of a match containing a shiny should be roughly 1/8192, also

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Projectrevotpp Hmm...couldn't you just make the bot go back to the same place after each match, without the save state usage?

Projectrevotpp: @Xenonatmosphere Streamer took the easy way out

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RNG is predetermined everytime a move is used for the next move, so using a save state writes in the accuracy for the next move, for moves like OHKO ones, the next OHKO always hits when the save state is reloaded

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Projectrevotpp Have you seen the turn 1 rng? OpieOP Do you think it can be fixed?

Projectrevotpp: @Xenonatmosphere Nothing we can do about that, Turn 1 RNG is save state behavior

[Streamer] Shinkonet: @Projectrevotpp does inputting !(pokemon) do anything during intermission?

Projectrevotpp: @Shinkonet As far as Im aware, it doesn't.

[Streamer] Sarochiiiii: @Projectrevotpp when i bet 100 and i win, i dont get 200

Projectrevotpp: @Sarochiiiii If you bet on the obvious winner, you win 1x 0.25x

[Streamer] Sarochiiiii: @Projectrevotpp when i bet 100 and i win, i dont get 200

Projectrevotpp: @Sarochiiiii If you bet on the underdog for say a 1:4 match, you win x4

[Streamer] Sarochiiiii: @Projectrevotpp when i bet 100 and i win, i dont get 200

Projectrevotpp: @Sarochiiiii The odds determine what you win if your team wins


Projectrevotpp: @Sarochiiiii use !balance to check balance

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Troll music EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It should look better at lower bitrates thanks to the compression

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Woohoo!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is it back at 1080p60?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !missingno

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: again?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Ketchupman7000: what happens if I run out of money?

Projectrevotpp: @Ketchupman7000 You dont, amount is always $100

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Theme of Fog PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its a trap, one dynamic punch to Magneton and Red's advantage is over.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its easy to work with.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Sorry if that seemed lengthy, but MIDIs are a good format for storing note information.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Because, you have to understand that doing anything orchestrated or real-time music related is extremely demanding and back then with limited memory required the use of things like MIDIs and audio samples of the instruments to playback the music and basically "fake" the autnenticity of the sound

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Actually this http://vgmusic.com/ is the largest collection of MIDI music on the entire Internet

[Streamer] Batmanji: you can't play a trumpet, translate it through midi and say "oh that's a trumpet" the midi conversion makes it a digital instrument that is completely different. you can play any midi instrument on a keyboard

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji , a MIDI is just the information regarding the notes and their locations. It makes as much sense as a naked "font", you cant see letters without a font. You are seeing the font, just like you are hearing the soundfont, not the MIDI.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I would be drinking (beer) right now, but I have a sore throat apparently.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The N64 soundfont can vary depending on the game's implementation of instruments.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What you're actually hearing is the soundfont, not the MIDI, MIDI is just a collection of channels telling the system what notes and when those notes play

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You have no idea how the N64 sound engine works, apparently.

[Streamer] Batmanji: none of these instruments are acutal instruments... they're midis OpieOP

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji You are also incorrect, this is processed from a MIDI, instruments overlay the MIDI channels to make the actual song, this song is not itself a "MIDI"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No, it isnt a Trumpet.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I would say it's an Alto, but thats just me.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That is definitely a saxophone.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: also

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: P97 and 98 are the cups at the Nintendo Cup

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Pokemon Stadium music PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It wasnt sturdy, it was just RNG

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No, but double crit did. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: KAPOW so Minun can vs Plusle! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: *** YOU DUSKNOIR SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This music: BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The music said: Screw you guys, I'mma going home. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Have there been any shiny matches yet?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I won the match while doing something else Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: YES Kreygasm

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: Is this in 60 fps?

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticgarbage source quality is 60fps, all others are 30fps

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Crashwriter are you there?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 200 red

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: blaziken Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FrankerZ see ?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: fish and FrankerZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: milk

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: down

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: how long has it been done?

[Streamer] Antiquatedcreator: @Twitchplayspokemon Will we have PBR running in an inset during the Red run, or will Red be full screen like it was to start with?

Twitchplayspokemon: @antiquatedcreator full-screen like it was to start with

[Streamer] Sp1900: lest b!

Twitchplayspokemon: @sp1900 I don't understand

[Streamer] Meeaat: @Twitchplayspokemon I request the Kappa face with a lombre 'hat' on top as tppKappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @meeaat you'd have to find someone to make it, I'm not an artist

[Streamer] Beesafree: @TwitchPlaysPokemon im sure it's found its way to you by now Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @beesafree I think I already have the emotes you made

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: subscriber emotes will be added in February, I'll be taking submissions from the community, I already have a few I'm planning to submit to Twitch for approval soon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame bullcrap

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: winnie the poo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: inb4 odds ruined

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I SEE MEWTWO PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Mewtwo PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shell Armor and Battle Armor prevent crits

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: do not underestimate the sparce.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: inb4 Dunsparce mega evolves into a Fairy/Dragon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its Arceus Kreugasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: so TACTICAL WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MY POKEYBALLS ARE REGI Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh wait, its just $500 Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MY MONEY WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Original match inbound Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its a Stadium 2 match WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB2W870UuDs seems to think so Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: so if you mega evolved giratina would it turn into its origin form? Kappa

[Streamer] Spartan_paladin: Projectrevotpp Why weren't they appearing b4?

Projectrevotpp: @Spartan_paladin Technical reasons, thats all I'm allowed to say on the matter.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: yes, all of them

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: they should actually appear in battle now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oh, that also means the legendary dogs

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This goes for shuckle, Electivire, rhyperior, etc

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The missing pokemon should now appear in battles

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: the missing PBR pokemon that havent been showing up's cause has been found, it will be fixed soon I think

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: RIOT

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: TwitchPlaysPokemon ready

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that's why it looks blocky and awful when the battle starts

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the dedicated encoder PC isn't used yet, it's currently using Nvidia's GPU encoding on the PBR PC

[Streamer] Thefrozenglaceon: @twitchplayspokemon I plan on having something like that every 1-2 weeks

Twitchplayspokemon: @thefrozenglaceon cool, looking forward to it

[Streamer] Thefrozenglaceon: @twitchplayspokemon *$20-$100

Twitchplayspokemon: @thefrozenglaceon alright, thanks, remember that you can spread it out over many donation matches, even if you can't think of any you can accept suggestions from chat

[Streamer] Thefrozenglaceon: !move a

Twitchplayspokemon: @thefrozenglaceon 150.45 by the looks of it, unless you made more donations way earlier

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: TwitchPlaysPokemon skype

[Streamer] Geforcefly: Go Metagross!

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly try watching the stream with something other than Flash if your frame rate is inconsistent

[Streamer] Geforcefly: Go Metagross!

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly don't know about the framerate being more consistent but it will be 60fps

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: RIOT

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Blind bet OpieOP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Blue's getting revenge for all the earlier losses. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchspeaks: @twitch_plays_3ds it's ready

Projectrevotpp: @Twitchspeaks What is?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You gen 4 noobs, Lunar Dance cannot be used if its the last pokemon that isnt fainted

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @TwitchPlaysPokemon it's ready

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @TwitchPlaysPokemon

[Streamer] Brohoofingbrony: How Long Has It Been? Since We Played An Actual game?

Projectrevotpp: @Brohoofingbrony 2 months

[Streamer] Zerotwo107: I'm probably going to get rioted at for this, but I never liked the game corner games Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Zerotwo107 ♫┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ FUTURE DOWNTIME RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PC is built, there will be potential downtime for PBR soon to make the encoder upgrades

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Am I rite? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: More like, SHOW ME YOUR !MOVES.. A Kappa

[Info] Correct URL: http://www.twitch.tv/twitch_plays_3DS

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm building a PC that will be used in PBR and upcoming Red run right now on my own channel http://www.twitch.tv/twitch\_plays\_3DS so feel free to have a look

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm building a PC that will be used in PBR and upcoming Red run right now on my own channel http://www.twitch.tv/twitch\_plays\_3DS so feel free to have a look

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage bull manure

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Kreygasm danRekt danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp I suddenly have so money

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 red danRage

[Streamer] Tokowh: Arial Ace Kreygasm

Projectrevotpp: @Tokowh Arial? Like the font? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The variable isnt affected by matchs being ended or started as well, it carries over, only using an OHKO move will affect the variable

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I found this out through extensive testing trying to figure out what the issue was

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whenever an OHKO move is used, the game determines if the next OHKO move will hit beforehand, so the savestate has "nextOHKOhit = true" in it somewhere, or if its false, the 1st one will always miss

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is an unintended behavior caused by PBR itself

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Btw, I should probably tell you guys, because the game uses a save-state to return the game to a certain state after every match, the next OHKO move will always miss or hit if the same save state is used because accuracy for that is predetermined

[Streamer] Tobendj: !balance

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Tobendj Your balance is 50000

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: diglett

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: how do you bring rain if you're buried in the ground danPuzzle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I need more info on the problem

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Can anybody see if the pokemon that arent appearing in PBR have leaderboard ranks?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont know about you but I think Furret is the new Shuckle

[Streamer] Keybug55: @Projectrevotpp I meant for trade evolutions

Projectrevotpp: @Keybug55 Slowbro is Lv 40 I think?

[Streamer] Keybug55: @Projectrevotpp I meant for trade evolutions

Projectrevotpp: @Keybug55 Those are now level up evos instead of trade evos

[Streamer] Keybug55: !move a

Projectrevotpp: @Keybug55 In-game trades as in talking to people and hitting yes, example, the Mr Mime one

[Streamer] Keybug55: !move d

Projectrevotpp: @Keybug55 A ROM hack that makes every pokemon in some way shape or form available either via wild grass or in-game trades, and as for Mew, we've got that covered

[Streamer] Scootlad: !bet 50 blue

Twitch_plays_3ds: @ScootLad Your balance is 20000

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Well, Streamer in a private chat told me "random order is dumb", so since Im still for random order, you will have to convince him every way to sunday that it is better than the current system

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You dont know if it'll happen until the match starts

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: "Fog" is your random order for PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Well, consider it like this

[Streamer] Batmanji: Projectrevotpp pls bring it back I hate not knowing, who the *** was complaining I'll fight them

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji Streamer was, he wanted the feature

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: SUB Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A new dolphin build came out supporting keybinds muting audio

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: are*

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There is no more sounds of the pokemon being picked

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Anybody noticed now that Dolphin is now quiet?

[Streamer] Wonwonwonwon: I would rather Gabe Newell become a pokemon than have fog as a legitimate weather Keepo

Projectrevotpp: @Wonwonwonwon Praise GabeN?

[Streamer] Keybug55: I'm not the only one who remembers Fox Box?

Projectrevotpp: @Keybug55 No, you're not

[Streamer] Nspanamera: @ProjectRevoTPP Your balance is OpieOP

Projectrevotpp: @Nspanamera Well your balance is OneHand! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oh dear

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I sent an email to Twitch's support about getting the bankbot unblocked, I think the block automatically expires after 8 or so hours, I also asked Twitch to look into making changes so it wont happen again

[Streamer] Lavendergoddess: ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Lavendergoddess Your balance is 100

[Streamer] Alekstraszababy: !bet 1000 blue

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Alekstraszababy Your balance is 32153453

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Infernalvoid so tsundere Kreygasm

Twitch_plays_3ds: @ep1cnights Your balance is 100

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Twitch_plays_3ds What is my balance? OneHand

Twitch_plays_3ds: @WhatAboutGamingLive your balance is 100

[Streamer] Kuzari: !balance

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Kuzari your balance is 100

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds not if it's happening at the network layer

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: a rate limiter on tppbots would prevent this

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: There were a inrush of !balance

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds did it get banned again?

[Streamer] Frumpy4: deku what is my balance Kappa

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Frumpy4 your balance is 100

[Streamer] Evolem: !balance i cant read sorry guys Kappa

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Evolem your balance is 100

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: you guys got tppbot chat banned for 8 hours, so modbot doesn't work now. Don't spam

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: where's the "1000 arms" part? DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Machamp

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: chatbar had two memory leak issues so it got progressively slower

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: chatbar should be fixed now and matchmaking improved slightly

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm drunk

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Wertx24 type !kapow for the payout

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: there's more PJSalt than actually losing a battle

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame c-word pokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: gg guys regroup next week

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Now if anybody has any more complaints about the movesets send your angry hatemail and revo you idiot emails to revoyouidiotyouhavenorespectforgenerationfourmetagame@badmanager.com. Kappa

[Streamer] Hydrite: @projectrevotpp did you fix the thing where growlithe has aeroblast?

Projectrevotpp: @Hydrite Yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: any problems you guys had?

[Streamer] Thelzor_noktyn: @Twitchplayspokemon I hope you have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbqgoAxpCsw please tell me you have it :D

Twitchplayspokemon: @thelzor_noktyn it's not available on brawlcustommusic

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FrankerZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: in retrospect listening to N64 music makes it obvious that Sony designed the SNES' sound chip

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that N64 soundtrack though

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Knock Off is the new Stealth Rocjk

[Streamer] Mencee: Yes in gen 6

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Then don't use items in battle, its designed to piss off people that use Smogon item competition.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is Beldum normal?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I've never seen Beldum picked

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: where's Kecleon? DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Kappa = One Hand (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: type !kapow for refund

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: why are colors like that? is the capture card failing?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wait that doesn't look right

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon 3D overlay

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BORT works

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 3D Glasses? Kreygasm

[Snark] Everyone put on your 3D glasses now! You're about to see some serious shit.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !togepi

[Streamer] Shinysapphire: @ProjectRevoTPP This is DKC1 btw Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Shinysapphire Shush Kappa

[Streamer] Sparkpad: When did we play DKC?

Projectrevotpp: @Sparkpad Any Nintendo music is fair game

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DKC2 Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: LOAD"*",8,1

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MONEY WutFace

[Streamer] Jermaine2525: @Jacobjr1 there are like 7 entire shinys that can be chosen

Projectrevotpp: @Jermaine2525 No, 22

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Or Piplup?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Such as Electivire?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Have any offending pokemon that havent appeared appeared yet?

[Streamer] Jacobjr1: @ProjectRevoTPP This has probably been asked before, but can shinies be chosen? Or are they just there to *** with people?

Projectrevotpp: @Jacobjr1 Some shinies can be chosen

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ PARTY LIKE ITS 4:49 PM ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: "No more donations"

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @projectrevotpp @Twitchplayspokemon can't you and streamer come up with some sort of filter for donation messages?

Projectrevotpp: @Whataboutgaminglive Was thinking about that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That was as Marsa said sexual harassment

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Okay, seriously guys, don't do that again.

[Streamer] Green_plesioth: @projectrevotpp The donations today EleGiggle

Projectrevotpp: @Green_plesioth For about an hour or two?

[Streamer] Green_plesioth: @projectrevotpp How long has this been going on? EleGiggle

Projectrevotpp: @Green_plesioth How long has PBR going on or TPP?

[Streamer] Green_plesioth: @projectrevotpp I have a question OpieOP

Projectrevotpp: @Green_plesioth Yes?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Wait, wrong troll. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NYYYYYYYYXXXXSSSSSIIIIIII SwiftRage

[Streamer] Canceldentist: @Projectrevotpp it happened, you missed it.

Projectrevotpp: @Canceldentist Paypal summary says it didnt. It'd have to be $1000 in one donation, not several.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If somebody did donate $1000, I would seriously consider going on Twitchspeaks

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: is it over? are the donations over? BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: $13.37 is nothing, $313.37 is even more l33t. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND (pennies) SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whoever the streamer-donations belong to, its the same person as the Kim_Jong-un donations

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Praise GabeN Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its Electivire! PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: inb4 Zalgo donates

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIP Sound WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fitting music for all these donations WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Regirock is likely here a replacement for "The Golem", a famous Jewish folklore monster resembling a rock golem.

[Streamer] Ninjanitor: Is it possible to mod some Stadium 2 announcer clips in PBR? OMGScoots

Projectrevotpp: @Ninjanitor In theory yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I don't know Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WILL IT EVER END WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ GIMME WHAT I NEED ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: THESE DONATIONS WutFace

The donations are in the wrong order in the queue, and some of the sprites aren't loading.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thank you Dome, but Amber is still richer than you. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♪ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANZA DE PROTESTA ♪ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANZA DE PROTESTA ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ALL THESE DONATIONS EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So much money Kreygasm

The match is working fine, but the announcer is under the influence of Lord Claw isn't talking for some reason.

A minor graphical glitch on the stream, but it went away.

Stream is back to normal...for now at least.

This is what the stream is frozen on now.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa -->[̲$̲(̲ιοο̲)̲$̲]

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT OVER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PRAISE PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Praise the Supreme Leader PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GET A LOBBY IN CONGRESS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Projectrevotpp what does crowd favorite do OpieOP

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights It's just an easter egg Kappa

[Streamer] Alsldlfl: @Projectrevotpp can u fix this?

Projectrevotpp: @Alsldlfl I can't, but I just let streamer know

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Btw "Crowd Favorite" is yet another PBR easter egg, its being forced by code

[Snark] !missingno

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Unsure when he'll be awake

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I just notified streamer

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED FOR YOUR AREA ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Will this Dolphin ever melt? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FRZ PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: See the colors arent flashing?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Not PBR system's fault, Dolphin froze

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It looks like Dolphin froze

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT AUTHORIZED ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Btw, Dolphin now silences between matches

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !megaevolve

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Awesome, FINALLY.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Did it have Color Change?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DONGEY KONG Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Invalid match FailFish

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I also tried implementing a fix for the chatbar getting jittery over time

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the donation system is upgraded too, selected pokemon are displayed for a little longer and if the donation is the highest in various timespans it shows little pop-ups for each new record

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the save file is updated too

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Dolphin should now mute and unmute automatically so there's no annoying selection sounds

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shiftry is actually showing up now?

[Streamer] Glitchologteam: they managed to plug nintendo ds emulator with dolphin?

Projectrevotpp: @Glitchologteam Actual DS was used with a softmodded wii to simulate DS import and save manager GX was used to extract the save

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Marsa, try and pronounce this: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Sorry about that, Twitchspeaks is going on, and when thats ever happening, pasta is more common

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: :Projectrevotpp [Streamer]

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No guys, no girls, only grills Kappa

[Streamer] Superdanielmon: why is everybody talking about marsa

Projectrevotpp: @Superdanielmon Twitchspeaks

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa = Twitch Standards (no spacerino)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm Marsa, You're Marsa, everybody is Marsa! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 500 green

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Marsa read this pl0x BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Can anybody recall if Electivire's sprite has ever appeared on the PBR reels?

[Streamer] Soar2344: !balance

Twitchplayspokemon: @soar2344 meat pies? but they're not really comparable to cake

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Have you seen these pokemon lately in matches?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What about these pokemon: Manaphy, Shiftry, Spiritomb

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: just restarting to fix the chatbar (a permanent fix isn't far off)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Was Electivire ever chosen for PBR?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: When was the last time Electivire was chosen?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Anybody that has really good PBR memory can answer this for me

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I have a weird question for you guys

In one hour, Human Mode begins at twitchspeaks: /u/MarsAdeptEnten reads the live TPP chat aloud for an hour, then TPP Commentates A Football Game + TPP Phones Australia, come hang out!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I just see grass. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Water? What water? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa didnt work

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PMSTwin works

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lunar Dance will fail if there are no other pokemon that arent fainted

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lunar Dance will fail if Cresselia is last

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: "Zen Headbutt will never hit"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: At all?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Did any shiny pokemon appear?

[Streamer] Haxorus0101: projectrevotpp, make shiny pokemon get picked more often BabyRage

Projectrevotpp: @Haxorus0101 You'll have to ask streamer about that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This will probably mean better "slow" compression, which means lower bitrate 60FPS potentially, we'll have to see.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thanks to the very generous donations yesterday you can expect to see a hardware upgrade next week for the PBR PC

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Best troll match music Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Using the arms the other way works now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Alternate arms test: └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No, its east FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its Gastrodon-E

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Donation Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: -=iii=<() ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: -=iii=<()

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E I A U E U E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: O E A

[Streamer] Richardstf: !move b

Projectrevotpp: @Richardstf Its getting fixed soon

[Streamer] Richardstf: !move b

Projectrevotpp: @Richardstf JSON and save mistake

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer said he'll update with the new PBR save next update

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Still Color Change FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It only stops OHKO moves from working

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Sturdy's Gen 4 mechanic is different than later gens

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: My body is Regirock Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: he said "33"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I prayed to my random number god yesterday, he replied back

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hail cancelled Fog EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I must not be paying attention FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds chat

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds

[Streamer] The_brofist_tfm: PogChamp Saturn_kun improved PBR for us http://imgur.com/2u7R78j

Projectrevotpp: @The_brofist_tfm Thats some pretty crappy artwork, who the hell drew that? OpieOP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It was opposite day Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lets have a moment of silence for Blue team, whos about to get the floor wiped with. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Will this stream ever- oh, it melted. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't like making big updates during peak

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FROZEN WutFace

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @projectrevotpp not yet, that takes a couple of minutes so I'll do that with a music update later today

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Did you update PBR save yet?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: just fixing chatbar jitteryness

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: that must have been the legal update

[Streamer] The_brofist_tfm: @TwitchPlaysPokemon PogChamp Here is a video of the $500 donation from dendeyn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbX1JACztpQ

Twitchplayspokemon: @the_brofist_tfm I was sleeping when it happened

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I can't go all in, because I'll lose everything or win and everyone will think I rigged it

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it didn't cause parsing to break, good

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Twitch shows how many months in a row now?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I want me a Cold Cut Sub Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Sub Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa didnt work

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds deku

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Er, I guess it isnt?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No more Aeroblast Growlithe

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If blue and red had a child, would they name it purple? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Just asking.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Would you guys appreciate the ability to donate for a random order match?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: big donations PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR save update soon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: quiet PogChamp

[Streamer] Generickittens: why are gen 5 pokemon here

Projectrevotpp: @Generickittens False hope

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYqay danYqay

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shiny please BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !forceshiny

[Streamer] Pioxys: @ProjectRevoTPP so you is a man thank you for clearing up that long awaited reddit question Keepo

Projectrevotpp: @Pioxys What if I'm a robot or an it? Kappa

[Streamer] Pioxys: @ProjectRevoTPP so you is a man thank you for clearing up that long awaited reddit question Keepo

Projectrevotpp: @Pioxys Never said I was, just said I wasnt a grill Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh wait, no Bible Thumps allowed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I wish I was a grill BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Feminists won Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Queen vs King Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Deku Kreygasm

[Streamer] Dendeyn: @ProjectRevoTPP pls no BibleThump

Projectrevotpp: @Dendeyn no BibleThump?

[Streamer] Dendeyn: My Mommy's richer than yours Keepo

Projectrevotpp: @Dendeyn Anything special you want me to do?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Heres a hint about streamer's identity: Streamer is.. not.. a walrus! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Donation messages now show the pokemon team

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: To put that into perspective, the highest donation I've ever seen on Twitch.tv was $10,000

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MASSIVE DAMAGE TO ITS WEAK POINT PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oops I mispelled Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ FENCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: yes, streamer didnt update save file (again) FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Machoke isnt supposed to have it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: STREAMER SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 4'33" again PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I think we should force a shiny match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As a result of the two consecutative $400-500 donations

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Machoke doesnt have COlor Change anymore since the 1.05 Gold update

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The big donation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5NuZcaF2Po

[Streamer] Batmanji: $500 donation DansGame so many better things they could use that money for

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji Like not betting on blue! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MONNNNNEEYYYYYY Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Did you guys see the $500 donation earlier?! Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: now when someone makes a donation match it will briefly display the pokemon in that donation match, this should help track down that incorrect pokemon selection bug

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I forgot to look at the pokemon before going for odds danRage

[Streamer] Ramdonperson: @Twitchplayspokemon the donation did make them show up in the game, which they won, but then they weren't on the leaderboard after that

Twitchplayspokemon: @ramdonperson that doesn't matter, not on leaderboard = not on leaderboard

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: leaderboard should be showing all pokemon except shiny versions and alternate form versions, otherwise is a bug

[Streamer] Kamiathewolf: @Ramdonperson I heard from someone that they still aren't on the leaderboard. Or something like that. So no, I don't think it worked.

Twitchplayspokemon: @kamiathewolf if they aren't on the leaderboard then it's possibly a savefile metadata issue, maybe those pokemon aren't enabled or are disabling themselves due to incorrect data

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: glitch is because of Dolphin, I'm resetting it in the hopes that will fix it

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: rip

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: @Twitchplayspokemon : Is there any way to request alternate formes in donation matches? And if not, do you plan to implement such a thing?

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten considering there are more important things to work on, no

[Streamer] N1doking: match ID? as in the pokemon number?

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking the string that was entered to select the pokemon matchup

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon http://www.twitchplaysleaderboard.info/#search=Xatu is an example, Abra, Heatran, and Honchkrow haven't been in any battles that weren't donations

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking what was the match ID?

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon there are a bunch of pokemon that aren't being chosen in random battles at all

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking where?

[Streamer] Slicedapart: Lmao ignored to no end BrokeBack

Twitchplayspokemon: @slicedapart it should only be excluding pokemon according to the description, some IDs might not be accurate, all other issues are non existent according to my inbox

[Streamer] Issuebubble: @Twitchplayspokemon they might not be being canceled... don't matches have a weird timing to finish by?

Twitchplayspokemon: @issuebubble no

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon What?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere with all the details about this issue, where is it?

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon If a cancer match gets donated, it's cancelled without refund, and no warning. I understand that it's a reasonable rule, but I feel there should be a warning...

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere where's the message in my inbox?

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon are you just ignoring me now? BrokeBack

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking you didn't say anything

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon Whenever someone donates a cancer match, it gets cancelled without refund.

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere do I need to ask again?

[Streamer] Conffetitheamazingcat: @Twitchplayspokemon This is a legitimate question. What's your favorite pokemon?

Twitchplayspokemon: @conffetitheamazingcat Slowpoke

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: That was in the past two days, I think @Twitchplayspokemon .

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten a lot of matches every day?

[Streamer] Blab140: @Twitchplayspokemon *cough* snakewood *cough*

Twitchplayspokemon: @blab140 ?

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: Not starting the flame war again. That's all I'm doing BloodTrail

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere what do you mean about matches being cancelled without warning? when did that happen?

[Streamer] Supernapalm: @twitchplayspokemon Got an opinion on possibly getting Xander Mobus to commentate on a match at some point? http://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/2tbtmx/operation\_xander\_lets\_ask\_the\_smash\_bros/

Twitchplayspokemon: @supernapalm not set up for live commentary right now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I thought I fixed that already

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it didn't skip the queue?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: MartinTheCrumpet already done

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DogFace

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wrong chat FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I didn't know you can use toad PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gen4 grass starter thing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: deku OpieOP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If I had a !match command, I'd simply make a match to ensure they'd win to get them going again, but it seems its locked down to donor battles, for good reasons to prevent abuse.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 430 and 485

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Would someone mind donor battling Honchkrow and Heatran together against something that seems way too weak to fight back to jumpstart them again?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oh dear.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What's Honchkrow's % rate?

[Streamer] Batmanji: Projectrevotpp when will we actually get shinies BabyRage

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji When you guys get lucky.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fun fact, Pickup was so OP in Gen 3, it'd pick up Full Restores and Max Revives sometimes before the 1st gym

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No, not even dance rioting around it.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As a legal disclaimer, we do own the game physically, but the technical requirements of hooking the system up to the game -requires- an emulator, theres no dancing around it.

[Streamer] Appleskates876: wat system is this???

Projectrevotpp: @Appleskates876 TPP? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The specifics of the version is still secret until otherwise

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We'll be using a modified version of the Red 151 hack, that much will be made known.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I think its time I said something about Red 151 run anyway, but only general information, no specifics.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sun danHype

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 2 won 1st and 4 won 2nd

[Streamer] Renaturnip: OH BOY IS THIS A STARTER BATTLE? Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Renaturnip The "finale" to the gen tournament, gen 1v2, 3v4

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The finale to which gen is the best I guess is right after this?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Music: 4' 33" PogChamp

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: Projectrevotpp Thinks he is funny Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Whataboutgaminglive But I am BibleThump

[Streamer] Tokowh: GAME OF THROW BrokeBack

Projectrevotpp: @Tokowh More like.. GAME OF THROWNES, AM I RITE? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NO, NOT THE RNG, AAAAAA SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Donor PogCHamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: \m/BabyRage\m/

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: \m/SwiftRage\m/

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: at least IMHO

[Streamer] Yourrtys: Allowing $2.01 shenanigans would probably net the Streamer more money

Projectrevotpp: @Yourrtys Enforcing this makes the donor match system more like an auction each new bid is more than just $1 over the new bid

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: okay, that was it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: To prevent $2.01 exploits

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer recently changed the system, I think you need to way overbid a match to out donate for it now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It was just an idea

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Donate for whatever you wish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: gen 2 wins 1st round of non existent imaginary tournament, gen 3 vs 4?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Would you care to stop complaining and just leave if you dont want to watch a match? Noone is forcing you to

[Streamer] Mencee: Wow 0/10 to the guy who thought of this request, APPLAUSE CLAP CLAP LADY GAGA APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE.

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee They get what they paid for, simple

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: okay, actually, 2nd stage evo fight seems fair according to PBR balance

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpastabeforeitstarts

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That might not even parse

[Streamer] Geforcefly: There's a phrase the announcer says referring to an absolute victory, but that might be played in a different situation

Projectrevotpp: @Geforcefly "It's a total victory for the _____ corner!"?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I think those are the correct matches, guys?

[Streamer] Hikarichino: @Projectrevotpp I got 6 bucks to blow lol, and we'll do 1st evos.

Projectrevotpp: @Hikarichino 9,6,3/154,157,160 & 260,257,254/389,392,395 ?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This can be done with 3 donation matches, $2 each minimum, just for fun though.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That will determine the ultimate starter generation

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Why not have a tournament of starter matches? first Gen 1 vs Gen 2, then Gen 3 vs Gen 4, then winner of 1v2 vs winner of 3v4

[Streamer] Hikarichino: Anyone have suggestions for a donation match?

Projectrevotpp: @Hikarichino Gen 3 starters vs Gen 4 starters?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oh my god this match FailFish

[Streamer] Hikarichino: By the by, have the donation matches been fixed? If so, I feel like making a match.

Projectrevotpp: @Hikarichino Yes they have been?

[Streamer] Enderman102: also Twitch why are you distracting me from finishing overdue homework

Projectrevotpp: @Enderman102 It simulates Gen 4 fighting, thats all it needs to do

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: More like hastily influence the RNG of what move might be picked

[Streamer] Enderman102: people actually play this?

Projectrevotpp: @Enderman102 Yes?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Ill give you a hint.. streamer is.. not a jellyfish Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Where is Beesafree?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Speaking of which

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: !bet 100 red

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights Working on it (trying to make a case for it)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Things were so much simpler.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I miss the days of Nkekev's reign

[Streamer] Asahi9tales: why are there 5th Gen pokes if Battle Revolution is 4th gen?

Projectrevotpp: @Asahi9tales "false hope"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 500 green

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Unown-A wasnt capitalized, thats why it didnt sweep. Kappa

[Streamer] Magicman25: How do battles working

Projectrevotpp: @Magicman25 Read the server description

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼͞ຈ͞ل̸ຈ̪༽͞ノ̛ D͎I͝S͟T͓O͈R̗T̛IO̠N҉̼ ͏̗RÍO̠T̛ ヽ༼ͅຈ͏̩ل̶ຈ̘༽̠ノ͏̳

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Any issues with Paypal donations should be forwarded to me, not streamer, as I host that account

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If you have any problems PM me or streamer

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I hope ya'll enjoy the PBR betting

[Streamer] Theleafeon1: @Projectrevotpp Did MatPat mention us ? PogChamp

Projectrevotpp: @Theleafeon1 Yes PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Influx of vistors from game theory soon maybe? PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: i can haz victory? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: if only Entei was shiny Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: game theory referenced us PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I was throwing anyway, i want back in 500 club Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: what if.. shiny.. slowbro Kreygasm

[Streamer] Batmanji: curse TriHard

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji I plead the 5th

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: CHATOT Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No, I thought, never mind.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Nope, false alarm.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: something isnt right about this match..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This wont fix the chatbar.. BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You forgot the secret number combination! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Best troll music. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm gonna troll. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I am donating my $500 to the (Red) Cross. Who's with me? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No Guard Machoke, fixed!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We're in the slow lane (down) and corporations want the fast lane (top) FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys, look, the chat bars are demonstrating what will happen if Net Neutrality is struck down! We'll be the bottom chat bar, and corporations are the top bar. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh no I lost my 500 dongers but since Im subscribed I dont lose anything, here, have 500 free dongers! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lets have a momemt of silence for the red team BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keppo? Is that some offbrand counterfeit Keepo? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Why Dialga why BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Dialga is trying to stop time for TPP BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Almost a legitimate draw.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PAYOUT? Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont host it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds DEKU SwiftRage

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: You know, for Streamer-sempai to fix this, they'd probably have to take the stream offline for a little while, and you all know how well we tend to react to THAT.

Projectrevotpp: @Marsadeptenten The systems on the producer PC are likely hanging

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Bottom bar is on Cocaine Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hi, this is Burger King, I'll take 3 Junior DELELELELELELELE WHOOOOOOOOPPERS. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: <(<(< . . . Volcania . . . <(<(< vroom, vroom! SPEED BY, Kappa The Hedgehog!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I told you, noone saw my message BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: <(<(< . . . Kappa . . . <(<(< don't mind me, I'm just running by!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Noone will see this message in chatbar.. BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Don't blink or you'll miss this comment Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: My comment is in first place! PogChamp

[Streamer] Infernalvoid: Please don't tell me people still think ice is SE on bug

Projectrevotpp: @Infernalvoid It should be SE logically, bugs freeze in the winter

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Have any "special" matches happened lately?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It's not so useful here, but on other channels people don't have to cancel and resub if they want attention from the owner. I heard they might have rewards if you sub for a long time

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: twitch is rolling out a new sub system that also keeps track how many months you subbed to one channel

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: new sub system PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: such a sweet battle

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: now that's dead sea level of PJSalt

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DISTORTION WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: To unlock Bronzong in Melee, beat Cruel Melee Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: okay seriously modbot, stop it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NUCLEAR ALARM, TAKE SHELTER SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: VUVUZELA WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Noise WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: hexadecimal joke Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TPP has FF viewers PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Tonight we shall dine in TPP OpieOP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TPP is dying? I thought it was dining! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm a sub, does that mean I can be made into a cold-cut and then eaten? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm not about to "ask" Streamer for the position, I'm just TPP's accountant for the moment.

[Streamer] Wowqueprecioss: /Kappa/ \Keepo\

Projectrevotpp: @Wowqueprecioss What? Oh, i'm not a mod.. never mind

[Streamer] Batmanji: Twitchplayspokemon pls perma-ban Snugglevixen OpieOP/

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji What is it now?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: if people want leave they'll just do it. those who say it over and over again is just looking for attention

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Twitchplayspokemon Can you please send me the playlist?

Twitchplayspokemon: @whataboutgaminglive send me a message

[Streamer] Supernapalm: @twitchplayspokemon any chance of resubmitting my donation battle from last night or is that likely to mess up?

Twitchplayspokemon: @supernapalm was it 385,176,36/151,113,446?

[Streamer] Supernapalm: @twitchplayspokemon any chance of resubmitting my donation battle from last night or is that likely to mess up?

Twitchplayspokemon: @supernapalm sure, one moment

[Streamer] Supernapalm: @twitchplayspokemon streamer around? are donation matches working properly now?

Twitchplayspokemon: @supernapalm IDs and queue positions might still be messed up, but otherwise functional

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: how?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Le5raposa are you the real one?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: This appeared twice today already danPuzzle

[Streamer] Bewmbewmbewmbewm: !balance doesnt work help

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Bewmbewmbewmbewm your balance is 100

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I used to a banker, but I lost interest

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Beesafree

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is Beesafree on?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: it should fluctuate between 75% and 85% to prevent predictable randomization, if thats the case

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: i wonder if streamer's system could integrate Beesafree's battle predictor and preemptively decide if it needs random order or not?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: hm, it just occured to me.

[Streamer] Jermaine2525: @Projectrevotpp random order is like having every match with fog

Projectrevotpp: @Jermaine2525 But what fun is it when almost every match will certainly swing one way?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: stadium 2 depended on the inputters too

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: great

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So because blue didnt win this one, im presuming that streamer will use this match as proof that random order isnt needed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What swung the match in red's favor?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I wouldnt even care if the system flipped a coin to determine if order stays or is randomized

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I have no idea why he's still so insistent it isnt needed, it was not broken

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm trying to prove to the streamer that random order is now a necessity now that theres a battle predictor

[Streamer] Addarash1: predicting battles is so easy with no random order

Projectrevotpp: @Addarash1 Did you bet on this match?

[Streamer] Wowqueprecioss: @Projectrevotpp Wailking is the Earth in disguise. Don't tell anybody Keepo

Projectrevotpp: @Wowqueprecioss I wont Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: what does Wailord evolve into, Wailking? Wailking is the size of Rhode Island Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: we're going to be hearing a lot of this next month

[Streamer] Wertx24: Twitchplayspokemon I am not talking about spamming I am talking about ppl saying this matchmaking system iss stupid * can you say something about a lot of ppl complaining about matchmaking system?

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 does "ok" suffice?

[Streamer] Wertx24: !

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 don't know why you were timed out

[Streamer] Wertx24: The_brofist_tfm I am just curious about what streamer thinks of ppls opinion Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 in my experience Addarash has had strong opinions and was good at responding to tough questions regarding them, I don't recall him spamming obnoxiously

[Streamer] Wertx24: Twitchplayspokemon So you dont mind addarash and others calling you dictator making fun of matchmaking system?

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 where?

[Streamer] Drewkloha: @Twitchplayspokemon what is your personal favorite pokemon game

Twitchplayspokemon: @drewkloha I enjoyed Gold the most

[Streamer] Wertx24: Twitchplayspokemon Its kinda surprising, he called you even Kim Jung en and things because you ban ppl 24hours who talk bad about matchmaking system

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 I was giving out 24hours timeouts for spamming when they knew full well not to

[Streamer] Wertx24: Twitchplayspokemon What do you think about addarash's behavior? he hates you so much

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 Addarash's behavior? He's had strong opinions in chat but other than that he seems fine, is there something I've missed?

[Streamer] Sugar_cake: @Twitchplayspokemon I wish I knew that before I threw away 60k as a joke DansGame

Twitchplayspokemon: @sugar_cake I'm pretty sure it was in the description that the balance would be kept

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the balance won't be reset when Red starts, but everyone below 1000 will be bumped back up to 1000 as usual

[Streamer] Sullenclown: @Twitchplayspokemon I recall it was a jolteon that was there but cubone got picked,

Twitchplayspokemon: @sullenclown this happened recently? first I heard of it, I'll consider adjusting balances when I learn more about it

[Streamer] Phuckin__: @twitchplayspokemon are our dongers going to go away after 23 days?

Twitchplayspokemon: @phuckin__ I'm not sure I understand, if you mean your balance expires after 23 days, it doesn't

[Streamer] Sugar_cake: @Twitchplayspokemon so will donating do anything during the red run?

Twitchplayspokemon: @sugar_cake it will show the pop-up much like the one you see on PBR (with sound effects), but there wont be any impact on the game for donating

[Streamer] Wertx24: Twitchplayspokemon oh yeah about that to, just because glitch happened and other pokemon showed up someone lost 23k at once, and I lost 1k too, what do you say about that glitch

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 when did that happen?

[Streamer] Beesafree: @Twitchplayspokemon have you received my PM on inflation?

Twitchplayspokemon: @beesafree yes, but haven't read it yet, will do so later today

[Streamer] Bunz987: twitchplays F-ZERO Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @bunz987 I think it has no effect, for a long time my modbot was attempting to permaban me every time I sent a message because my name was too similar to twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Wertx24: Streamer do you have any thoughts of refund wasted on donation glitch?

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 it's easier for me to resubmit the donation when the donator is back online, or do you mean glitch as in not correct pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it might have saved the 3DS' launch

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think no F-Zero on 3DS at launch was a wasted opportunity, the game has historically been used to show off new Nintendo hardware, and would have showcased the circlepad and stereoscopy very well

[Streamer] Wertx24: !bet 1000 blue

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 if they have an actual problem with the rules why aren't they talking about them instead of engaging in hyperbolic character attacks?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: donation matches seem to be working again

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I like python34

[Streamer] Beesafree: @Substantiallosses thanks for the donation

Projectrevotpp: @Beesafree PBR gold chat

[Streamer] Beesafree: @Substantiallosses thanks for the donation

Projectrevotpp: @Beesafree

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is Beesafree on?

[Streamer] Reshiram19: @Twitchplayspokemon How far into your anal cavity is projectrevotpp's micro-penis? Is the reason you're such a cunt because he's not satisfying your needs?

Twitchplayspokemon: @reshiram19 that was all of a sudden, please don't project on me

[Streamer] Reshiram19: an hour is perfect, the user won't get all butthurt and start a riot TriHard

Twitchplayspokemon: @reshiram19 an hour has been tried before, apparently a longer timeout was needed

[Streamer] Tuwu: @twitchplayspokemon is donation matches fixed senpai?

Twitchplayspokemon: @tuwu not yet, I'm going to work on it today

[Streamer] Reshiram19: @deluxvendingmachine nah he's just on his daily period

Twitchplayspokemon: @reshiram19 apparently a long timeout is needed

[Streamer] Reshiram19: !bet 1000 red

Twitchplayspokemon: @reshiram19 rule against spamming has been in place since Red (?)

[Streamer] Squirrelkeeper: BabyRage = This chat

Twitchplayspokemon: @Squirrelkeeper no alts, sorry

[Streamer] Tarantula_fever: Ya know what, I don't know if you agree with this TwitchPlaysPokemon, but at first, that whole post wasn't too bad, but at this point, just make it ban worthy, chat is going full FailFish

Twitchplayspokemon: @tarantula_fever rules against spam have been in place since Red, I'm afraid I don't follow

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Twitch bans the alts, remember when Slimoleq got a global ban? alts.

[Streamer] Matchmakerisworkingwell: 13 Jan 5:31 PM [Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: de cris matchmakin' system seems fe be workin' welI

Twitchplayspokemon: @MatchmakerIsWorkingWell RIP alts

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys, seriously, calm down.

[Streamer] Orphancrippler886: @twitcplayspokemon Excuse me sir what do you have to say about the wiimote faliure early on in the day!?

Projectrevotpp: @Orphancrippler886 The system isnt perfect and can make mistakes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Welp, thats going in the quotes tab.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tears of unoriginality

[Streamer] 143747: it's spam because it's a quote? TriHard

Twitchplayspokemon: @143747 users who should know better get lengthy bans for spamming

[Streamer] 143747: @twitchplayspokemon apparently repeating a quote about you saying matchmaking equals a 24 hour ban, yeah ok TriHard

Projectrevotpp: @143747 Because its spam?

[Streamer] Tarantula_fever: TwitchPlaysPokemon, Streamer Plz FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Tarantula_fever Please answer the question?

[Streamer] Tarantula_fever: Since those posting the "criticism" were getting banned TwitchPlaysPokemon

Twitchplayspokemon: @tarantula_fever what was criticism?

[Streamer] Tarantula_fever: It wasn't criticism TwitchPlaysPokemon, I was just making a joke EleGiggle

Twitchplayspokemon: @tarantula_fever then why wasn't it funny?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon I think the memetic quote was just started as part of a joke, not an actual "criticism", unless someone says otherwise

[Streamer] Tarantula_fever: Yeah @TwitchPlaysPokemon, what? OMGScoots

Twitchplayspokemon: @tarantula_fever what part of it was criticism?

[Streamer] Tarantula_fever: Cresselia KAPOW

Twitchplayspokemon: @tarantula_fever?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: two legendaries Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: My favorite route music is R38 from G/S/C

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: "It"? TwitchPlaysPokemon is a robot? Kappa

[Streamer] Tarantula_fever: LOL, streamer takes criticism well Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @tarantula_fever what part of it was criticism?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: no but I can resubmit donations

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't think donation matches are working right now, I'll fix it today

Ninjask just used Bug Bite 3 times in a row, in the Neon Colosseum no less, and no draw. Has the glitch been fixed?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is donation match broken?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: fire/water, red/blue, kanto confirmed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Cinnibar island, it destroyed it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Volcanion

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: after all:

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: gen 3 was when gen 1 remakes happened anyway

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Wouldnt it be really funny if Nintendo announced gen 1 re-remakes on Feb 12..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: its a rough estimate adda, because

[Streamer] Addarash1: ProjectRevoTPP money is also created via 100 clubbing, rounding errors...it's not an exact multiple of 1000

Projectrevotpp: @Addarash1 And that issue is seperate from the process of new accounts

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: the power of money is not inflating

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: so the amount of money is always tied to the people that have started betting

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is because $1000 is created per person, so at anytime in the system, theres always a total amount of money x 1000y, y where people that are playing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Money is not actually inflating.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Because it can be divided up

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ah, thats a better question Addarash1

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lets make sure we're valuing the fake money correctly to be sure: Whats the most you'd pay someone else to register a Twitch.tv account?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Just being sure.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Not encouraging it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont see anything "explicitly" illegal about Addarash selling his account

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I checked Twitch TOS to be sure

[Streamer] Addarash1: HeyGuys anyone want my account, starting bid $100 TriHard

Projectrevotpp: @Addarash1 Kappa

[Streamer] Wowitscharles: @Projectrevotpp Sp where do we exchange our points into money? Keepo

Projectrevotpp: @Wowitscharles Never, it was just a thought experiment

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: a fun little thought experiment, though

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: not bad really

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: so that means Addarash has about $30-35 USD.. maybe

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: very rough estimate, take it with a grain of salt

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: which means $100,000 is approximately 1 dollar USD.. somewhere

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: so in this case, d1000 is equal to about 0.01 or 0.02c

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: economically, $1000 is actually equal to the price you pay in effort to register a new Twitch account, so this means its almost nothing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: at least initially, and then keeps devaluing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: im almost compelled to say that d1000 is equal to $1.00

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I've been trying to put a real life value on these pokedollars, but its pretty difficult because it just keeps inflating

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: this music is the theme of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !hitmontop

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: They didnt lose! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red team's wish came true! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: How dare you. I like my grills to be electric, not these weird gassy or hybrid grills that keep showing up lately. when a grill is electric, she's all natural and good for mother nature, that right there. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Chilledmage: !bet 50 blue

Twitchplayspokemon: @chilledmage no idea why you got timed out

[Streamer] Macoud12: @Twitchplayspokemon, Really liking the stream right now, keep up the good work.

Twitchplayspokemon: @macoud12 thanks

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I tried to fix the font rendering problem

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: will be rebooting server

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: OBS crashed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR is trying to tell us Pokemon Red is coming BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Tri Attack EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: magnezone is my favorite pokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Now see here, if Pidgeot had Brave Bird, it'd have won

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Abilities do matter, silly people. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This music is predicting the future PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: torn up by leaf storm... ResidentSleeper

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shiny kabuto Kreygasm

[Streamer] Garretwantstobattle: what is my balance

Projectrevotpp: @Garretwantstobattle use !balance

[Streamer] Jackthepwn: oh jeez I missed this stream

Projectrevotpp: @Jackthepwn TPP is still a thing? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oh, i should mention, there was a shiny kangaskhan, but it was cut

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No Guard also means its extremely susceptible to YOLOing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Machoke has No Guard I think now?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Metal Burst is likely gone too

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Also, since the save and JSON was updated, it means that legal fixes for aeroblast growlithe were likely applied

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Each form has slight variation

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So, each form of Deoxys has its own moveset, also

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: every alt form is unique.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: depending on what alt form the system picked, and it can still potentially pick normal

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Don't get me wrong, Arceus is still very OP, but now since its type will wildly fluctuate when it does appear it at least has some random factor to it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Sprites for alternate forms arent fixed yet, streamer has to fix it, i've already provided him the sprites for each form

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: In this regard Arceus is more of a wild card, its success will depend on its type

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That also means Arceus's alternate forms, all 16 of them, can potentially appear

[Streamer] Mencee: @Projectrevotpp Does this include shinies?

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee .. you will have to wait and see

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Deoxys-speed debuted this match

[Streamer] Mencee: @Projectrevotpp So forms work now?

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Yep

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This isnt even his final form- oh wait, it is. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Deoxys-Speed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Alternate forms are here

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Alternate forms!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The sprite is incorrect.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Has anyone noticed its moveset is different? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You will be surprised

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: OMG GAME FREAK YOU PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: wait, is Lapras based on the lochness monster maybe? PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lapras is proof BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Team Plasma is right BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Humans, how could you BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Liking chatot?! I LOVE Chatot! Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's to stop the $2.01 and $2.02 donations

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: donation match system is changed slightly, it's now a queue, but you can jump to the front of the queue by donating twice as much as the upcoming donation match's total donation amount

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Uproar! SwiftRage )>)>)>)>) ) )

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: original Stadium music Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Obama veto'd Stantler. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: refresh your webpage if video's not showing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Be thankful PBR Gold nerfed the level of cancer there was

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It was nowhere near the level of cancer that VaporeonxMilotic was

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Er, announcer Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer's correct, closer by the minute Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This matchup isnt against the rules unfortunately

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I actually know where deku lives, he lives at [DATA REDACTED] Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You did that last time BibleThump

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I was going for the chat pop-up button

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 3ds, just dont "press the wrong button" and shut off PBR PC BibleThump

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I clicked the wrong button, sorry

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: who cleared it?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: cleared PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: z33 has been really careful since the infamous 1:278 match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont recall z33k33 being banned

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is anybody going to donate $2 soon?

[Streamer] Spartan_paladin: Projectrevotpp How far are you?

Projectrevotpp: @Spartan_paladin Havent found much time to play it, either in TPP chat, working on secret project #1, secret project #2, or college homework

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I may give my FC out after I finish beating it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I have a copy of Omega Ruby now, but im currently playing through it

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: Kappa okay I lost 8k, good progress today

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx You just need to adapt to Gen 4 mechanics and no random order Kappa

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: OneHand #BringAnikahBack

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx Anikah was proven to be botting, we cant unban him

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lipoke, not here, Mojo, he left, Karel Slimoleq, banned, War0blade, got banned, Nyxsi, got banned, Duplex, hes active but not here, Anikah, got banned

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: *shrug* I cant even see the wailmer badge, so meh

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: Mencee I love you

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx There's a new donation animation, try it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shinies are eventually coming for PBR, there will be 22 possible shinies to be chosen very very rarely instead of their normal counterparts IIRC

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: AthenaPMS works thx

[Streamer] Superdanielmon: THERE ARE NO GIRLS. ONLY GRILLS

Projectrevotpp: @Superdanielmon How dare you. I like my Grills to be Electric Grills, none of this Gas Grills crap, electric ftw. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hes definitely #1 now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Yes, Addarash has over 3 million pokedollars now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Maybe a little more

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its supposed to be 1/32 or 1/36, i told streamer it might need adjusting more to maybe have about 1 shiny sprite per slot reel match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The shiny odds are being adjusted, thats why

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: TriHard IM 21 AS HELL

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx We fixed PBR's balance problems, also happy b-day

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I just notified streamer

The stream is broken! I wonder if the Ninjask on Red is to blame...

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: OneHand I *** BROKE IT

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx Its much much better now PogChamp

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: OneHand I *** BROKE IT

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx We fixed the PBR balance metagame btw PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Team Flare broke the server SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: riot authorized

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: broken WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shinies cannot be picked yet AFAIK

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !roulette

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Its fixed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Donation board is fixed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Congratulations, humanity evolved into humanity with a third arm!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is this a real life evolution? Because if so, it needs to play for the next 1.2 million years.

[Streamer] Stormcrow1770: @Twitchplayspokemon nice!

Twitchplayspokemon: @stormcrow1770 I'm not sure, #2 possibly?

[Streamer] Stormcrow1770: @Twitchplayspokemon nice!

Twitchplayspokemon: @stormcrow1770 oh, you mean in the match queue?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This evolution.. whats this?! The time it takes...! WutFace

[Streamer] Stormcrow1770: @Twitchplayspokemon yep

Twitchplayspokemon: @stormcrow1770 it's the most recent donation

[Streamer] Stormcrow1770: @Friazahyuga YESSSSSSSSSSSS

Twitchplayspokemon: @stormcrow1770 you mean 266,197,132/129,86,11?

[Streamer] Stormcrow1770: @Friazahyuga YESSSSSSSSSSSS

Twitchplayspokemon: @stormcrow1770 I don't see it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This evolution is taking FOREVER! WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: More money!!! Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: donations were broken, I'm resending the ones that didn't make it through before

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is the longest evolution ever.. WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Legal update?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry

[Streamer] Friazahyuga: Confusion didn't matter PogChamp

Twitchplayspokemon: @FriazaHyuga did the donation you made 13 minutes ago show up on the stream?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Weather damage still affects Shedinja

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hail EleGiggle

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: is the "next donation match" not displaying correctly? who programmed this crap? oh... MiniK

[Streamer] Judex909inf: Swagger is actually a good move.

Projectrevotpp: @Judex909inf So good that Smogon banned it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Machoke changed its color, here's what it looks like! http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/311/e/c/shiny\_machoke\_global\_link\_art\_by\_trainerparshen-d6tdebn.png Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer, @Twitchplayspokemon Please update the JSON and Save

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is this the legal fix update?!

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: I can send you the recipt if you want TPP

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticGarbage yes, I still owe you from before

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: @Twitchplayspokemon It's cool, don't worry about it, I love this channel, and am happy to donate anyway :)

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticGarbage your donation was likely registered, the selection system is broken, it'll be fixed next update

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: No i sent the donation a while back. And I received a recipet that said you got my $4, yet I never got my battle

Projectrevotpp: @Geneticgarbage Could you PM me your Paypal name and donated amount and the day you donated so I can find your donation?

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: @Twitchplayspokemon No I paid for it.. did you not get my donation?

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticGarbage oh, just now? there's a bug with the donation matches I discovered just a moment ago, expect a fix in the next hour

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: @Twitchplayspokemon No I paid for it.. did you not get my donation?

Projectrevotpp: @Geneticgarbage What day did you donate and how much was it?

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: @Twitchplayspokemon Where is my donation match?

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticGarbage the one I owe you from way back? tell me what matchup you want (ids)

[Streamer] Judex909inf: BIDOOFaw ledian

Projectrevotpp: @Judex909inf False hope

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon The Pikachu sprite is wrong, should have the arrow tail

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus has 16 alternate forms that could be selected

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Where are the alternate forms, @Twitchplayspokemon ?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shut up and take my money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Text delay mattered, couldnt switch in time.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What is this sorcery..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You morons!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Get ready to give me your money, red. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I missed it, was the donation leaderboard fixed?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All in on Arceus.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIP

[Streamer] Tyraaaant: its an easy solution, take the supply away from the demand, then substitute the demands to equal the profits by the net worth total income based on the supply and demand previously stated

Projectrevotpp: @Tyraaaant Economic gibberish Kappa

[Streamer] Urbanzennist: Apparently modbot hates economics Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @urbanzennist I don't know why you were timedout

[Streamer] Mencee: Projectrevotpp has there been any word on baton pass or uturn yet?

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee No Baton Pass or U-turn until an overhaul on how TPP interfaces with Dolphin/PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Which is why the system needs to be smart about the tax and adjust on demand as it observes the created money being made

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @projectrevotpp it's not that it's a lot of work it's that I'm not good at numbers, I could quickly implement a tax that is too harsh or too soft and it'll either do nothing or ruin the economy

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It is true, some shinies have illegal moves and abilities

[Streamer] Mencee: We are still working on the final pbr update, we are currently looking over all the flinch moves, since there has been a lot of complaints about air slash / bite / rock slide (30% flinch rates)

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Call it PBR Platinum, as it is set in stone after this last update

[Streamer] Mencee: We are still working on the final pbr update, we are currently looking over all the flinch moves, since there has been a lot of complaints about air slash / bite / rock slide (30% flinch rates)

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Good

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A controlled tax by the system where it adjusts it depending on the severity of new money is the proper solution, but thats a lot of work for streamer

[Streamer] Urbanzennist: @Sneavile *quits current job for TPP* <3 <3 <3

Twitchplayspokemon: @urbanzennist I'd be interested to know what kind of graphs you'd like, could be something nice to show on the leaderboard

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I agree with that approach but Batmanji, that will not solve inflation all together, as when 100 clubbers bet and 500 people bet there is still money being created to pay the other team

[Streamer] Urbanzennist: @Luffylink she needs YOU

Twitchplayspokemon: @urbanzennist send me a message on Twitch if you manage to find the time

[Streamer] Batmanji: Projectrevotpp I'm an econ major OpieOP so yes I economy

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji 500 > 100

[Streamer] Batmanji: Projectrevotpp I'm an econ major OpieOP so yes I economy

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji That would create more money

[Streamer] Batmanji: Projectrevotpp taxing is unnecessary though

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji Do you even economy? Taxing is needed to combat inflation, you have to take money out of the economy

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: spelling FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Money being created is what is definitely causing inflation streamer*

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A real statistical approach to this problem would require streamaer implementing a way to track "money created"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Or at least thats the idea

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The percentage it takes depends on the amount of inflation it detects from maintaining the $100 and $500 minimum amounts

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm in favor of taxing millionaires that make massive bets, or rather, betting from 70% to 99.9999% of your money, where it takes a percentage of your winnings to combact the inflation

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I tried to boost N64 music volume during the update but winamp was uncooperative for some reason

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I came up with several ideas to combat "inflation", one being to tax bets above >$50,000 that arent all-in bets to a certain percentage thats proportional to the proportion of winnings

[Streamer] Jkrexx: @Twitchplayspokemon Do you have any plans to combat TPP "inflation" ?

Twitchplayspokemon: @jkrexx I don't know if it's even a problem, I'm not good with numbers

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @projectrevotpp >= $200 specifically

[Streamer] Awesomekuno: wait nvm you just answered that

Twitchplayspokemon: @awesomekuno combined

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon So only total donated > $200?

[Streamer] Gamebrojeremy: Twitchplayspokemon so I have to donate more then 200 dollars for a fricken badge? BibleThump

Twitchplayspokemon: @gamebrojeremy you can spread it over multiple donations if you want to spam donation matches

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Wailmer badge for big donators ($200 total)

[Streamer] Awesomekuno: @Twitchplayspokemon How do I get a Wailmer :O

Twitchplayspokemon: @awesomekuno there we go!

[Streamer] Adiassnr: @twitchplayspokemon is it visable in selection screen?

Twitchplayspokemon: @adiassnr depends on who is betting

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: @twitchplayspokemon could the next goal make it so pokemon grayed out sync after being roared ect

Twitchplayspokemon: @mariosyoshi a fix for that is coming but it's a long way off

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it'll be easier to see on the match results screen

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: still no one sees it?

[Streamer] Adiassnr: @Twitchplayspokemon you have no idea how hard im looking TriHard

Twitchplayspokemon: @adiassnr not hard enough, but might be too hard to see at the moment unless at source quality

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's visible

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: COME ON, EMILE! KICK *** AND TAKE NAMES!

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten you don't see it? (I also fixed the donation leaderboard)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: notice something?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: GIVE ME YOUR MONEY. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Give. me. your. money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: My dream is to have $31,337 BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: More like give me your $363. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Give me your money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: KAPOW'd for honor.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: GG, blue, GG.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Curl EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Stadium 2 Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There is just no way blue would have won this one without random order.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Curse EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Insomnia mattered.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This could be the last time you'll see Aeroblast Growlithe

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer, please update the JSON and save! WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Not updated WutFace

[Streamer] Gabenewellbot: Thats $300 bucks

Projectrevotpp: @Gabenewellbot Praise him

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: did announcer just say PUH-PEW? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A wild donor match appeared!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Money Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Give me your money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WTF EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whats this? Red's battle is evolving into a victory! .. what? It was cancelled! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: a

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: GG, guys, GG.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm feeling really good about my all in bet now.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: hello streamer

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think streamtip changed their API, causing the "cents" value to instead report just the cents remainder instead of the total number of cents in the donation, it's a simple fix

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Going all in, as I promised.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its $1,080 or so

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Mars, the i7-5960x is expensive, like, really expensive.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We may plan a massive upgrade to the encoder PC which will enable possibly better compression of the video source which might give better FPS between 30-60FPS somewhere

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I will go all in on Blue if the next donation is even, all in if its an odd number of dollars

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'M SO RICH Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Money Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Spoiler alert Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lucas is my last name Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MONEY Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kreygasm

And no draw. It was even in the Neon Colosseum.

[Fluff] Ninjask hasn't been sent out (at least not yet) but we have a Lickitung vs. a Cloyster. Make of that what you will.

It's Ninjask! Will it use Bug Bite? We'll see.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I cancel it, so you don't have to. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shiny Nuptup Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Aroma EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shiny bexxxxxxx Kreygasm

[Meta] /u/TPPStreamerBot is back up.

[Meta] /u/TPPStreamerBot will be down for around 12 hours. I have asked the other updaters to take over for it temporarily. I apologize for any inconvenience.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ノ༽ວ͜໒ວ༼ヽ ┴OIɹ NMOp ƎpISԀ∩ ノ༽ວ͜໒ວ༼ヽ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The fog made the system miss and hit "Switch" Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: STREAMER SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: How the hell did that happen..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whats going on?

[Fluff/Snark] And just after 5 minutes of its last post update? Kappa

[Meta] Yes, /u/TPPStreamerBot was down yet again for about 15 minutes. I heard a strange sound and smelled something burning, so I had to turn off my computer to investigate it. Everything's fine now though.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I havent told anyone yet, but Magnezone is

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Magnezone is my favorite pokemon, actually.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer, could I ask you keep this bug going until TPP has its first shiny fight, or is this intentional?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If the 2nd slot is forced to be shiny, theres a 4.4% chance of actually encountering a real shiny

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon Usually one step down would be the sweet spot, but I understand if you need ALL the performance you could get.

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly all 12 logical cores would be used for encoding

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It wont be long before 2nd slot actually picks a shiny

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon That's a $1,000 CPU, a $300 motherboard, and DDR4 memory

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly that's the sweet spot when it comes to encoding performance per dollar

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This was almost a shiny, but no dice.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shiny Metagross was dropped in PBR Silver, so it is no longer in PBR Gold

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: and the mobo ram?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon We can afford one now, actually

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: for the encoding PC I mean

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: ideally the CPU would be a i7-5960x but it's very expensive

[Streamer] The_brofist_tfm: Sounds like overkill for a wii game, but that's really cool

Projectrevotpp: @The_brofist_tfm Emulating a console takes more processing power than the original hardware

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Data is never lost with RAIDs

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So when 1 hard drive dies, you just need to replace it and let it clone back

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Using 2 HDDs as one, clone the data back and forth between 2 hard drives (2 SSDs in this case for the fastest speed)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Well, RAID setups might be worth it

[Streamer] The_brofist_tfm: @Projectrevotpp Is there any hardware the streamer still needs to buy? Someone made a $150 donation earlier today

Projectrevotpp: @The_brofist_tfm Other than -maybe- better CPUs.. probably not

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We would add more, but theres literally no room for them. Every box is used up.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: To clarify, there 22 pickable shinies in the current iteration of PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You will know for sure when a true shiny is picked, as its moveset will likely be partly illegal or different than its normal counterpart.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shinies always have different movesets than their known ones.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Phantom shiny, its not a real one, the system made a mistake.

False alarm; it's not shiny for some reason. It appeared that way on the slot machine, but I guess that was a glitch.

Attention everyone: This next match contains.....drumroll please.........a shiny Clefairy.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬DAMN THIS NEW DONATION IS FANCY▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fancy donation Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Can people at least donate for a random order match?

[Streamer] Ramdonperson: it just forced people to consider the best and worst orders for either side.

Projectrevotpp: @Ramdonperson Which is good

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If it worked, don't fix it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I still support Random Order returning, but thats just me, it doesnt matter whether it was "old and repetitive", it forced people to bet on the mons, not the current order.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Somebody sent $140 earlier today?

[Snark] If you want dongers, just take the stream down for a minute. You'll get plenty.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Chatbar WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Can you spare a few dongers? BibleThump

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: someone try donating, I backported Red's donation popup to PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Speaking of the upcoming Red project, I am working on a "super secret project" for it that I prefer not to discuss anything about it just yet, but let the speculation begin

[Snark] This bug bites.

Ninjask used Bug Bite! Guess what happens next? Exactly what I expected to happen! Glitched draw!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: die? DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wrong button OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Skope94 no danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I was going to get two but if sold out after the first one

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I got the Majora's Mask 3DS danYay

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼PogChamp༽┘ ♪ DISCO RIOT ♪ └༼PogChamp༽┐ ♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ~PogChamp~

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MIROR B Kreygasm

[Streamer] 0legendarysilver0: Casual question... when does the player get latios/latias in OR/AS?

Projectrevotpp: @0legendarysilver0 After 6th gym

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Sub Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updated matchmaking system seems to be working well

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BibleThump = Azurill Face (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay danRekt PJSalt OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Zanalyrander: @Twitchplayspokemon: less important, but you may want to look into the glitch that causes Ivysaur to be selected instead of Bulbasaur during donation matches.

Twitchplayspokemon: @zanalyrander does it happen all the time?

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: I except 4x refund BrokeBack

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticgarbage what are the pokemon ids you used, I'll put it in manually

[Streamer] Geneticgarbage: @Twitchplayspokemon Still waiting for that refund BrokeBack

Twitchplayspokemon: @geneticgarbage what match?

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: The stream lags like crazy when attacks like Seismic Toss and similarly particle effect-heavy attacks. Will this update reduce or eliminate that lag, @Twitchplayspokemon ?

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten maybe, it's a newer build of Dolphin, maybe it has been optimised

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: @Twitchplayspokemon : So will this lessen or eliminate the lag from attacks like Seismic Toss and the like?

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten ?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Dolphin updated, save file updated and matchmaking system updated

Pokémon Battle Revolution is now back online!

[Fluff] The code! It's showing!

[Fluff] There appears to be a text box in the visible area of the "resume shortly" screen.

Pokémon Battle Revolution is currently down!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: batt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: keep a sub log?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: how can you tell if it's a resub?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Jag danWave

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: SUB danHype

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: WooperZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot danRekt danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ninetails

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Blaziken PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: that's a tiny train you have there DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: rockheadrattata time to register another one?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ponyta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: So many viewers after AGDQ ended

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: the squirrel thing DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PraiseIt HailHelix

And it didn't use Bug Bite. No draw.

Gateway Colosseum? Kind of appropriate for today.

Ninjask is in this next battle. I have a feeling it's going to end in a fake draw.

[Streamer] Srelio: Holy *** this still exists

Projectrevotpp: @Srelio IS TPP STILL A THING?! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !meow

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: meow Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ResidentSleeper = President Sleeper (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: absol

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Thefoxteenz why do you keep betting more than you have in matches?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Thefoxteenz

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Underoverlooker you there?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: streamer is watching agdq right now PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I keep my $ danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OhMyGoodness

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sub danHype

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !editmatch 113,446,385/176,36,151 2.01

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: FailFish COME ON! That wasn't spam!

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten will do, thanks

[Streamer] Gamebrojeremy: @twitchplayspokemon it still is lagging FailFish

Twitchplayspokemon: @gamebrojeremy what is?

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: @Twitchplayspokemon : Also, I've noticed that certain attacks cause a major lag spike in the video. Seismic Toss is one of them. Is that just on the feed on Twitch or does it lag on your end as well?

Twitchplayspokemon: @MarsAdeptEnten possibly Dolphin running worse because it was running for a long time, see if it's better now

[Streamer] Kingsoggy: @twitchplayspokemon or did Gold make that not effective?

Twitchplayspokemon: @KingSoggy I've been working on Red's overlay lately instead

[Streamer] Felkcraft: @Twitchplayspokemon do you know who did twitchplaysleaderboard.info ?

Twitchplayspokemon: @felkcraft no, sorry

[Streamer] Nkekev: @twitchplayspokemon And your modbot is insane, I got bans for nothing with "excessive caps" for example but not, or just playing wtf

Twitchplayspokemon: @nkekev I haven't seen

[Streamer] Skope94: @TwitchPlaysPokemon but its a computer program, why would anything break if its left on for too long? OpieOP

Twitchplayspokemon: @skope94 memory leakage, for one thing

[Streamer] Le4raposa: Probably. Emulator's are still in their infancy.

Twitchplayspokemon: @Le4Raposa videogame emulators generally aren't tested to run for longer than a human is expected to want to use them

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I restarted Dolphin, maybe it starts running sluggish if it's left on for weeks on end

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: did the stream crash today?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danWoah

[Kappa] Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance danPuzzle

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wait my bet didn't go in danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I don't even like that game

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Shinysapphire I was sleeping

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sandshrew

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: KevinTurtle = Ray Charles (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt = Salt Pls (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: GingerPower = Justin Biber (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: /ban Mightydogeya

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OpieOP = Fat Guy (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: yes danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot didn't win danGrump

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Chatot is a pathetic excuse of a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and chatting. It is virtually worthless in terms of both power and speed. It is the most weak and useless Pokémon in the world.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: NO danRage

[Streamer] Tppmodbot: @kenjidraco timed out due to excessive caps

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Tppmodbot danWave hi there

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo aw man

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa didnt work

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !streamer

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: Chatot is a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: No danRage

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: I think I'm going to sub to agdq

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage chatot

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: Chatot is a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and chatting. It is virtually worthless in terms of both power and speed. danRage

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: NO

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp danYay

[Potato] Twitchplayspokemon: restarting stream, one moment

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: Chatot is a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and chatting. It is virtually worthless in terms of both power and speed. It is the most weak and pathetic Pokémon in the world.

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: Chatot sung this: ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: yes Kreygasm

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXzg0D-cKds This one OpieOP

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: Alright, but seriously, theres a "Drop it like its hot" parody of this song that I cant get out of my head. FailFish

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds LIKING it? I -love- Chatot! SwiftRage

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: Chatot is a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and chatting. This behavior prompted scientists to undertake research into it.

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: Hi deku Kreygasm

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: no you don't OneHand

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: ohh danGasm

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt OneHand

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt OneHand

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: sub danHype

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt OneHand

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: How can you miss a frozen ice block EleGiggle

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: Enjoy some daily PJSalt: http://pastebin.com/fGG157Eg

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt = YOLO Sweep (no space)

[Potato] Twitchplayspokemon: it's not a bot response

[Potato] Twitchplayspokemon: thanks for subscribing

[Potato] Twitch_plays_3ds: BibleThump = Sad Azurill (no space)

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: \m/SwiftRage\m/

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: \m/༼ຈل͜ຈ༽\m/ HEAVY METAL RIOT \m/༼ຈل͜ຈ༽\m/

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: \m/༼ຈل͜ຈ༽\m/ ROCK RIOT \m/༼ຈل͜ຈ༽\m/

[Potato] Projectrevotpp: \m/ SwiftRage \m/

Po-tay-toe: Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew.


[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shut up and take my money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WOOOP Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Stadium music Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danBad

[Streamer] Jacobjr1: @TwitchPlaysPokemon What's your opinion on Twitch making PraiseIt a turbo emote? Would you have preferred to keep it as a possible TPP sub emote, or do you like the little extra publicity?

Twitchplayspokemon: @jacobjr1 I like that they added TPP references to the site, including that emote and no search results error message

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: 3am and drunk

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: "me" as in the channel

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I've seen people mention me in chat even when I didn't say anything

[Streamer] Djnnascarfan2: Touhou is HOENN CONFIRMED

Twitchplayspokemon: @djnnascarfan2 yes, I remember, I've been on a bunch of streams, especially RLM

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @mslabo201 I'm not really into Touhou, I prefer CAVE

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Lapras has the same ears as Slowpoke

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: same ears as Slowpoke

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FrankerZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sudowoodo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !primal

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !mega

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hi Saturn

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: merry christmas everyone

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: RaccAttack = Zigza goony (no space)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump

[Streamer] Rayquaza1090: @Twitchplayspokemon Happy 6 hour late new year Kappa/

Twitchplayspokemon: @Rayquaza1090 it's 5PM here

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Addarash1's real name: Addarash William Gates III Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Chatbar Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thankfully, we're getting the real Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 for PC now.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Indeed, and I dodnt even aknowledge the horrible spawn of Dome- I mean Satan that was Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 (For) Mobile.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Transport Tycoon? Bah, I played Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 all my childhood Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think Transport Tycoon has a very distinctive soundtrack despite how bland it is

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: this song reminds me of Transport Tycoon's music

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Why would Arceus need a hoverboard? It can hover on its own. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The hoverboard is actually real now, so this -is- Back to the Future Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/142464853/hendo-hoverboards-worlds-first-real-hoverboard

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: my hoverboard arrived in the mail today KappaHD

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blakebevin/power-laces WE HAVE SELF-LACING SHOES, Back to the Future confirmed Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 2015 IS HERE Kreygasm

[Streamer] Mencee: Bug Buzz wasn't a throw due to swarm

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Check PBR Gold chat

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 1 hour Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !donateuser 500 Moo_moo_moo_mop .. .. oops, I misspelled it Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I will let streamer know

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh dear.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's 2015 here right now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRekt danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: glaceon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: nkekev when it comes to throwing matches OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: doesn't work FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sub danHype

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: WooperZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hi Thesteadyeddie, having a good time?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: dat PJSalt danyay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: so it feels cold when you don't hold it, spheal it is.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it fixed itself PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !editmatch 243,196,181/16,17,292 2.00

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !editmatch 462,181,212/16,17,292 2.00

[Streamer] Rayquaza1090: @Twitchplayspokemon Can you help? It's adding numbers to my donations when I'm making sure that they're fine before hand

Twitchplayspokemon: @rayquaza1090 "EASY WIN WITH OP POKEMON BloodTrail =3462, 181, 212/16, 17, 292" I think the "=3" messed it up

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it appears offline to me

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: offline?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Volume SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TriHard works thx

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: SHut up and take my money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shut up and take my money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Give me your money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Go ahead, give it to me. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Give me your money. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NO! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Do you remember the episode where Ash caught a Pumbloom? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: IT'S A PUMBLOOM! PogChamp

[Streamer] Metang12: Projectrevotpp has male

Projectrevotpp: @Metang12 Streamer mistake of using the wrong sprite

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !pumbloom

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !exploud

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa works

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand = B0t Test (no space)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: THAT LUCK Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whats this?! DISTORTION WORLD! The music..! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keep giving us money PogCHamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa didnt work

[Streamer] Lorekeeperzinnia: @Projectrevotpp Twitch Speaks

Projectrevotpp: @Lorekeeperzinnia What now?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: The most familiar vocalization of adult cats is a "meow" sound.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 360chrism PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: KAPOW = Get Rekt (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand = Grey Face (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand = B0t Test (no space)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Rayquaza1090 prove what?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Rayquaza1090 why?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: did I miss some PJSalt y drama?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hi guys

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Classic music BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I want to know FailFish

[Streamer] S_sonick: !move b

Projectrevotpp: @S_sonick Who the hell gave Gard Naughty?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hey come on guys, its 3 steps forward, one step back. Cut us some slack, we can fix the offending mons.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BEESAFREE SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No more Taunt.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Yes, revise Darkrai.

[Streamer] Mencee: @Projectrevotpp Roger.

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Preferrably, a mon must have at least 2 direct damage moves which have a type that has no immunities

[Streamer] Mencee: @Projectrevotpp Roger.

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Revise the movesets that offend this new rule.

[Streamer] Mencee: @Projectrevotpp Roger.

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee New policy, every mon must have at least 2 direct damage moves

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: @Projectrevotpp: Fix this cancer moveset on Darkrai, please. Give it at least one direct damage move. Otherwise, any match it's in will be extended stallfests.

Projectrevotpp: @Marsadeptenten We know about it now

[Streamer] Mencee: !move - omg BrokeBack

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Take notes from this match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is why wide coverage is important

[Streamer] Mencee: please get on miracle eye.

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee I hope you've observing and making changes

[Streamer] Tarantula_fever: This new moveset is so bad, it's not even funny FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Tarantula_fever Which new moveset?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp = Pig Champ (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Can anyone invite me back to chatot dungeon? I clicked the x by accident FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon using the pc today?

[Streamer] Pyrofarukon: Projectrevotpp Is it also a thing for the Whirlwind/Roar bug thingy?

Projectrevotpp: @Pyrofarukon Indeed, yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Could mean that Baton Pass and U-Turn are allowed again.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A recent development will finally allow streamer to know what pokemon is currently out

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR system developments: http://imgur.com/si7ptky.png

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: playing mario kart 8 OneHand http://www.twitch.tv/twitch\_plays\_3DS

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'll be playing Mario Kart 8 with TPP Viewers on my channel in one hour in my channel twitch.tv/twitch_plays_3DS

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Therefore, evolution gives Raichu Fly

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Raichu can learn fly, because Pikachu can learn it

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: punWaifu IT IS LEGAL LOL typo Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc It is legal

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Warning: Possible fog

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Possible fog

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I will be playing Mario Kart 8 with TPP viewers tonight! Feel free to join http://www.twitch.tv/twitch\_plays\_3DS

[Streamer] Selym_ai: Speedy Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Selym_ai You might be able to help, mind joining IRC freenode and querying ProjectRevoTPP?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No, strictly flexible C code

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Are there any C experts here?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Bye Nintendo BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Nkekev! Seriously, respond

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NKEKEV SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The music Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: And I have a log of all off you who spammed earlier today, so please expect something to happen if you did. OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: So please feel free to express your opinions of the said pokemon. I do apologize for my prejudice against Chatot.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It turned out that streamer liked chatot...

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump bedtime

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kirby BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Does anybody have any problems with the movesets yet or?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is order fixed yet?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: old account

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Here is one of my space program launches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttk9UIp3xXA

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Assassinskye hi

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Of course I can get a Wailord up there. You people..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Wailord? Pff.. Wailord is 0.3 metric tons, my heaviest rockets I lift into space are over 120 tons!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Space program? http://imgur.com/LFCFmKd.png I can actually -build- a multi-stage rocket and go to space, thank you very much. You guys suck at this.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Music? OpieOP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Anybody remember that brief experiment?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I still remember when streamer implemented voice mode during Emerald, and streamed TwitchSpeaks to the main channel

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] The_brofist_tfm: EliteAnax was the original guy to be banned for highly enjoying that parrot

Projectrevotpp: @The_brofist_tfm Actually no it was over that dog that we tried to feed during the intermission

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Long story I'd rather not go into

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: funny thing is, I was permabanned during the Crystal-Emerald intermission, if streamer didnt unban me.. PBR wouldnt exist.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lickilicky ate too much and exploded Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FailFish = Crit tastic (no spaces)

[Streamer] Ghrimrune10: So when did PBR get updated?

Projectrevotpp: @Ghrimrune10 Today

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That Electabuzz does not look balanced.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You guys, revisionists

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FailFish = Crit tastic (no spaces)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: These crits FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Deku, are you downloading anything?! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it seems like the lag is due to network congestion on Deku's connection

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The sun went to meet its dad Kappa

[Streamer] Mencee: Gravity Nosepass to make its moves more accurate = PogChamp (no space)

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Did you intendot have this many SD?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whoa, that Sunny Day.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You.. MORONS.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Seismic will NOT hit

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Foresight first, people

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle = Crit tastic (no spaces)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 1,500 grey

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This match: 7.8/10 WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: CRIT WutFace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I wasnt going to say anything anyway.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No hints, this just isnt the end

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR's development isnt finished yet

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All Im saying is

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Theres still a ton of features coming for PBR I think, including potentially a few super secret mystery features that I dare not speak about

[Streamer] Mencee: Also, for those who will miss "Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, and Shadow Force" we made separate forms with those signature moves, so they aren't gone, they are just gone from normal dialga-palkia-giartina. punWaifu we think about you guys, we also added Seismic Toss to more mons for you to enjoy SPAAAAACE. Kreygasm

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Hint hint Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: At least give it a crutch good move like Hyper Beam, which eats a turn of it.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Was Rayquaza really supposed to be nerfed this hard?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: XTREMELY OP PogChamp

[Streamer] Mencee: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tLIOaxOXgi0zRWlskkAhgyVfUivdrMaYmSIcM0dFVW8/pubhtml# if you need to look at movesets punWaifu

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee UBER tier should be X

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Donation PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: have some holiday salt: PJSalt ClauZ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Cyn It debuted today

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Deoxys is the kind of mon that if it cant sweep quickly, its going to lose because its Sp. Atk will drop more and more

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: SUB PogCHamp

[Streamer] Nkekev: @Mencee I want yes

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev Tell Bexxxxxxx PBR's fixed now SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Everybody liking the new balance?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Liking chatot?! I -love- chatot! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I like chatot PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Chatot mimic EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Operation FPESW

[Streamer] Blackstorm20x: !balacne

Projectrevotpp: @Blackstorm20x "False hope"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It has both Metronome and Transform

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Mew's moveset is treated as an evolved Ditto's

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kreygasm = Space Match (no spaces)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Slash = advanced Cut

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Now Ekans need to be not 0% in order to be selected in future matches

[Streamer] Aeroacqua: How can Raichu learn FLY? HotPokket

Projectrevotpp: @Aeroacqua Because Pikachu can learn Fly

[Streamer] Greensoul257: Is this gold PBR?

Projectrevotpp: @Greensoul257 Yes

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: enjoy some festive PJSalt ClauZ

[Streamer] Danlego1: SPAM SURF

Projectrevotpp: @Danlego1 Its called Pikachu can learn Fly, which evolves into Raichu

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: SO TACTICAL Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TEAM RED, STAY ON D! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Therefore, Flying Raichu is legal

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fly is known for Pokewalker Pikachu

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: SwiftRage = Do not f**k with Pichu (no spacerino)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That moveset Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: OpieOP it didnt work

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Wtf revo OpieOP

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh damn I didnt even see that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Could somebody be generous enough to get them away from 0%?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Pichu and Ekans need donor matches to be revalidated for the leaderboard again

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Now you guys, this really is Stadium 3 now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The following shinies were cut from PBR Gold for whatever reasons: Mew, Celebi, Fearow, Metagross

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: SILENCE PogChamp

[Streamer] Marogod: ITS GOLD! What else do you want?! PogChamp

Projectrevotpp: @Marogod PBR Platinum. .. .. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BibleThump = Azurill Thump (no space)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The money is flowing again PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: enjoying gold yet?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Only the later evos hate Metronome

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Liking it? I -love- chatot! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !chatot

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !roulette 1

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !roulette

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Not going to say anything more.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont want to spoil anything.. but, there may be something coming.. eventually.. a little bird told me

[Streamer] Superdookieness: @projectrevotpp is this Gold? PogChamp

Projectrevotpp: @Superdookieness Yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Matches are much more awesome, arent they?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa = Mother 4 Confirmed (no spaces)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FIRE PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Welcome to balance

[Streamer] Spartan_paladin: I hear gold moves are here PogChamp ?

Projectrevotpp: @Spartan_paladin Yep

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is gold yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But with Gold, now that team almost lost

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: In PBR Silver, Salamence would have swept, no contest.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Duaxo is $555,555 Kappa

[Streamer] Lightelementa: I mean Vaporeon FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Lightelementa We cured its cancer Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Welcome to balance

[Streamer] Manomanitee: IS THIS GOLD????

Projectrevotpp: @Manomanitee Sure is

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I won PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Unsure, actually

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump why is BibIeThump broken

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump why is Bib|eThump broken

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If anybody has any problems with gold, inbox me please

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I can just imagine Machamp with a monocole and a polite British speech. "Oh good sir would you care to receive a beatdown from myself? That's quite alright." Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I added some songs too

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Someone tell Bexxxxxxx that gold is here, she can bet again or w/e

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: it nerfed a few stronger mons, but not many

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR Gold was mainly about buffing Weaker mons

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Clefairy and Clefeble have Metronome, I believe

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The later evos have it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Only the baby mons dont have Metronome, IIRC

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A mistake? Guess we might have to fix it

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: Igglybuff not cancer Kreygasm

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc DIdnt they keep Metronome?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So much Flamethrower

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Ditto didnt get any changes, its fine like it was Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thank you everyone, for all the support

[Streamer] Geforcefly: But seriously, TPP wouldn't be where it is without all the donations

Projectrevotpp: @Geforcefly It really wouldn't

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: AGain, unsure, its a streamer question.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: For a total of 22 possible selectable shinies

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Also, 6 new shinies were added

[Streamer] Acrobox: Can we refresh the mon leaderboard since the ranking is based on old movesets

Projectrevotpp: @Acrobox It will slowly adjust

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Unsure, thats a streamer question

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus forms were always in the save, they just cant be selected yet

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Yeah, likely a JSON mistake

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FIRST MATCH OF GOLD Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kakuna actually has 4 moves, that seems to be a mistake

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thanks Chauzu and the whole Gold team

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The balance has been restored.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It actually has 4 moves

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Moves for Kakuna dont show up

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS HAPPENING Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VIVA LA REVOLUTION ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Crowd Favorite Kappa

[Streamer] N1doking: @projectrevoTPP can you tell me if PBR Gold is being put in now?

Projectrevotpp: @N1doking You will see Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VIVA LA REVOLUTION ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Delibird brought you guys a present Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Something strange.... DISTORTION... WHAT;S THIS? THE MOVESETS Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VIVA LA REVOLUTION ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Viva la revolution!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: going down for 5min to do an update

[Streamer] Me10etta: @Projectrevotpp HYPE FOR WHAT ? Kreygasm

Projectrevotpp: @Me10etta Viva la revolution.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: are you ready for a revolution?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The revolution is coming..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its coming

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon one question; were the "..."s at the end a sign that the file was ending, or a sign that there was more in the file?

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 end of file, it's YAML: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YAML

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @1hlixed1 So instead of "Song ##" from the 8-bit games, they will have the correct title. Also, I requested the battle music from those games play during battles.

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly @1hlixed1 here's the latest playlist file if you want to make more edits: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Y2R25pDG

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon Merry Christmas streamer. Hoping the music I submitted will be in the playlist in due time.

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly very soon, it's already added in development, have yet to upload update

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon apparently lightelementa sent you a list of music too; I'm going to make some metadata for it and send you the list.

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 ok, get the music too

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @lightelementa can you send me the same message too?

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 I recently added the music you sent me

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @lmro_sum no

[Streamer] Aceadrian15: What happened to the 1v1 music? Was it removed?

Twitchplayspokemon: @aceadrian15 it'll be back again in the future

[Streamer] Aceadrian15: What happened to the 1v1 music? Was it removed?

Twitchplayspokemon: @aceadrian15 removed to expand the playlist a little and change some previously battle songs to 1v1 songs

[Streamer] Awesomekuno: @Twitchplayspokemon we got ours rejected again?

Twitchplayspokemon: @AwesomeKuno it seems like they want it to be sufficiently transformative

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Merry christmas, streamer

[Streamer] Mehcheniti: @Twitchplayspokemon when will we have them?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mehcheniti they exist on other channels

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: these are all the Pokemon-related emotes on Twitch: https://imgur.com/a/2C6HN

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ CHIRSTMAS DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: one moment

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: will be adding the music @1hlixed1 submitted soon

And...and Mamoswine sweeps and we don't even get to see Stress and Shellock...well all is well that ends well I suppose

Shellock and Stress on same team, good Helix! Christmas has come....well right on time I guess

The Nido female line versus the Nido male line PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Arceus

Kenya sweep!

Kenya is on Red and the odds favor him! 1:32.98!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thanks for subscribing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: merry christmas

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot ClauZ christmas

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay ClauZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ClauZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay ClauZ danYay ClauZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Merry christmas everyone danYay ClauZ PJSalt ClauZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: last match PogChamp ClauZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: christmas is coming PogChamp ClauZ

Halloween killed Christmas BibleThump

Battle of the holidays! Christmas versus Halloween as Abomasnow, Stantler, and Delibird take on Haunter, Mismagius and Murkrow!

We're in Sunny Park Colosseum. And it's playing the music for...Sunny Park Colosseum.

Santabird down! Too much egg nog!

Christmas match! Delibird, Stantler, and Jinx (yea I don't get that one either) vs Snover, Abomasnow and Starmie (the star on top of the tree)!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Praise cursor PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt ClauZ Merry christmas everyone /

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt ClauZ

Double crits from Lickitung cured the cancer....for now

...And now we have a natural cancer match. Lickitung vs. Bastiodon. Not the first time this matchup has happened either.

A cancer match has just started! "The once peaceful air in th--" Wait, what? The streamer stopped the match and brought us back to the slot machine!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand ClauZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt ClauZ = Holiday Salt (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt ClauZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ***

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt ClauZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BeatMoy

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BibleThump = Azurill Face (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: spoon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: lick

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: lady

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: grass

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: grass

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: mega charizaard x

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: grass

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: snake

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: tree

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: bird

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: you liek chatot?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: misperit

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: cherry

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: why not?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move -

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: good luck I guess

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: tangela

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: roselia

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: anorith

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: lopunny

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: SUB danHype

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chicken danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: dome danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danGasm danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Yes Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move -

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: jynx

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: machop

[Streamer] Tppinfobot: Who's that Pokemon: It cheers on friends. If its friends are losing, its body lets off more and more sparks.

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Tppinfobot red team when they're losing

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: lots of donations today PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

KAPOW match inbound (both Red and Blue have 'Mon featuring Explosion)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I cant speak anything for randomized order, that is a streamer question, not mine.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Entei was only useless because of Gen 2 mechanics, Gen 4 he's actually pretty good

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Legendaries arent a joke, they're just a bit weaker

[Streamer] Squachy46: @Projectrevotpp randomized orders too then in addition to the entei treatment?

Projectrevotpp: @Squachy46 Our only role was to revise the movesets

[Streamer] Squachy46: @Projectrevotpp randomized orders too then in addition to the entei treatment?

Projectrevotpp: @Squachy46 I cant answer that question, thats a streamer question

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Projectrevotpp what are those technical reaasons? :/

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights It has to do with how streamer counts how many times mons are switched out

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: they eat their paws? PogChamp

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Projectrevotpp Also, a very important question. Due to the timer being put in, baton pass and u-turn are now viable. Would you possibly accept being able to put these moves into movesets?

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights I dont think these moves will be returning for technical reasons as of now.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: how arceus is #1 when it has lower number DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thats what we mean by "joke"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Roar is not exactly a joke move, as it may cause the battle's tide to turn, but in 90% of circumstances it wouldnt be useful

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Legendaries get the "Entei" treatment, that is, one really really good move, one okay move, one eh move, and one joke (but still rarely might be helpful) move

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If an opposing mon uses Roar or such

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lunar Dance is still on Cresselia, because of the signature move requirement, it otherwise has a good set and in special circumstances may still be useful

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I am happy to announce that the team has finished revising PBR Gold as of today and the fix for PBR's 'stagnation' is complete once xfix does a legality check, we create the JSON, and rearrange the moves to their right order

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: SwiftRage


Twitch_plays_3ds: @Pokemonisawesome12345 hi

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ LUNAR DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DBstyle blue move D

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what's his latest alt?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: terrierc is here?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt ClauZ = Salt mas (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PoleDoge

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp Kreygasm danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I might have bet on the wrong team

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hello Duplexbegreat /

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's Missingn- F*@(!K!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://pastebin.com/svKPWL0f

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PJsalt

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Gold = revision of PBR movesets to fix the imbalance

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Then streamer must decide to implement it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Not quite, still have to get the Plat save, verify its legality, do final checks, inject into PBR, and compile the JSON

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: so PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://pastebin.com/njWNsLwt your advice on what to always bet on

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BEEP BOOP Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I won a match OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: WooperZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp spiky shell thing

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: No you don't

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: beautifly

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is it just me, guys? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Chilly PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Silence incoming PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Wailord is the cure for cancer PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon ?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: kyogre

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: cursor DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Praise cursor PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: To the rescue OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I changed the encoding settings a little, should hopefully look better now

[Streamer] Minedreigon: @Twitchplayspokemon are there any other Xenoblade tracks in the playlist other than Mechanical Rhythm?

Twitchplayspokemon: @minedreigon yes, there are a few songs from Xenoblade

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp sweep

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Milotic is probably my favourite pokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: careful with those words

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Milotic Kreygasm

[Streamer] Jkrexx: @Twitch_plays_3ds You're not banning the Terrierc alt? PogChamp Kappa!!

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Jkrexx which one?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDerp = Spinda Face (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: karp PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: XY is really good as well

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 1,2 and its remakes

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: lickilickliky DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Gen 3 is the only gen that I haven't played, original or remake

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PoleDoge

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus doesnt want to go to space BibleThump

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://pastebin.com/75pXpryZ Concentrated PJSalt OneHand

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As I was saying earlier, Machop's foresight isnt because of the memetic wants for "space moves" but its actually tactical and lets it hit Ghosts

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: My money SwiftRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Noo danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp my money is safe

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Foresight is tactical with a- .. SwiftRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 100 red SwiftRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 red PogChamp

[Streamer] N1doqueen: then the fun can start BigBrother

Twitch_plays_3ds: @N1doqueen I think I know who you are

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Toss PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: GODDAMNIT, AAAARGH!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS A PIKACHU! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !arceus

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: again? DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Condensed PJSalt from past two days http://pastebin.com/75pXpryZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: For this intermission I present you, the freshest PJSalt of past two days: http://pastebin.com/75pXpryZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is a really long evolution. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: water temple boss

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I think I'm going to do a mega PJSalt comment exhibit sometime later OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: a simple grep

[Streamer] Hammerindie: TTT/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:119337:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:null:0:0:2:564:566\124h[Ripswallow Plate Belt]\124h\124r");T}/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:119337:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:null:0:0:2:564:566\124h[Ripswallow Plate Belt]\124h\124r");/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:119337:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:null:0:0:2:564:566\124h[Ripswallow Plate Belt]\124h\124r");

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Hammerindie woah there OneHand

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: Deku, how far back does that list go?

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Marsadeptenten start of PBR

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: yes

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://pastebin.com/dyKR9b8Z Idiots on various moves OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt = My Team Full Of Idiots (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: condensed PJSalt: http://pastebin.com/dyKR9b8Z

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I wonder how many times has "my team is full of idiots" were spoken

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I think it's a great idea OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wouldn't it be interesting if every time you get timed out for saying naughty words you get a fine of $1000 as well?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: restarting stream again

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: meowth

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: battles should hopefully not look as blocky

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's 4000kbit/s now (3000 before)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm going to try to increase the bitrate, just a moment

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: sorry; with a / before Smash Bros

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 don't include the "submitted_" part, just name it normally, if you want credit put a note in the playlist file saying #submitted by 1hlixed1

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: @Twitchplayspokemon : Do you have the entire Brawl soundtrack or just certain ones?

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten just certain ones at the moment

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon yep!

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 alright, I think that's it

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon ok

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 include "Other/" in each game's path field in the playlist file

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @pokemonisawesome yep except the slash in X/Y will create a folder

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 /Other/Super Smash Bros Brawl/Boss Battle.brstm

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon oh you mean group everything into a folder per game. Yep; I'm doing that, but putting the subfolders under a big folder. Should I not do that?

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 if they're brstms put the songs in an "Other/" directory

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon put each song in its own folder?

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 /Super Smash Bros Brawl/Boss Battle.brstm as an example

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon I'm putting everything in a root folder of submitted_1hlixed1

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 make it / "game path" / "song filename"

[Streamer] Thegreatmightyhelix: @Twitchplayspokemon so just to review, in the txt file you shared, we add the songs in according to the format, save, put into a compressed folder, and send back to you?

Twitchplayspokemon: @thegreatmightyhelix make changes/additions the playlist file and download the songs into their associated directory structure ("path" field), then zip/rar it all up and send me the link

[Streamer] Alexc99xd: Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @alexc99xd good to know, I'll have to see what's up with that, did it start happening since the time limit to move selection was added?

[Streamer] Overratedfishy: !balance

Twitchplayspokemon: @OverratedFishy it's pretty much data entry so I'm grateful I didn't do it

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @meep111111 I don't know, I didn't put together the save or its metadata

[Streamer] Aysz88: @twitchplayspokemon Why are my messages never appearing on steam?

Twitchplayspokemon: @aysz88 there's a stream delay, maybe you're not looking when it shows up?

[Streamer] Felkcraft: @Twitchplayspokemon music from Pokemon colosseum would be awesome: http://www.brawlcustommusic.com/game/438 shall I put a file together?

Twitchplayspokemon: @FelkCraft if you download and put the songs into the appropriate directory structure, sure

[Streamer] Thegreatmightyhelix: @Twitchplayspokemon one question: do you take requests from ps2 games?

Twitchplayspokemon: @thegreatmightyhelix I'm keeping it Nintendo-only for now

[Streamer] Steps_: still being rolled*

Twitchplayspokemon: @steps_ that's an issue with animation performance in Chrome, I'm considering switching browsers because of it

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: encoding is being done on a separate PC now so the overlay is no longer CPU-constrained

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon Where should the changed file be sent to?

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly put it on pastebin or dropbox and send me the URL via Twitch messaging

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon Okay. I was also thinking about using some of the RBY / GSC music during battles, but that choice is yours.

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly go ahead, you can make notes in the file by starting the line with #

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon I will send you an edited version of the file with just those changes to avoid confusion with others sending various versions, I will work on it now.

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly I use tools that can resolve edit conflicts so don't worry about it, make any changes you want

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon That's within the GBS file? I will have to check it out.

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly no, this file: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=kC2QFPvf

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: @Twitchplayspokemon : Like I said earlier, I have the Explorers OSTs in MP3 format but I don't really know what method to get them to you.

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten I can't really use mp3s

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon I will have to find out how to do that.

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly it's a text file, notepad or any other plaintext editor should work fine

[Streamer] Geforcefly: @Twitchplayspokemon I have a spreadsheet that shows what song numbers go with the song names in RBY and GSC.

Twitchplayspokemon: @geforcefly if you can edit the playlist file and send it back I can merge changes you've made to it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Please properly loop BRSTMs if you make them

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon with the zip

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 also the songs must be loopable, not all the BRSTMs are

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon ok; I'm going to get some BRSTMs from brawlcustommusic and create metadata for it in this format. If so, can you add it to the playlist?

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 and put the song files in a directory structure corresponding to the "path" fields and zip/rar them

[Streamer] The_uno: @twitchplayspokemon is there a matchup system? battles seem a bit balanced today

Twitchplayspokemon: @the_uno as of a few days ago the matchmaking system was fixed to not produce random matchups

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Use BrawlBox to make BRSTMs, can be found here: http://smashboards.com/threads/brawlbox-v0-63d-bug-fixes.238861/

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @twitchplayspokemon and the format is BRSTMs right

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 that's one of the supported formats, yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Is it BRSTM?

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @t@twitchplayspokemon if we supply the metadata in the format you gave, can we suggest songs?

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 music files that is

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: @t@twitchplayspokemon if we supply the metadata in the format you gave, can we suggest songs?

Twitchplayspokemon: @1hlixed1 I need files in the right format

[Streamer] Felkcraft: @Twitchplayspokemon I am glad you are still working on it. Would make PBR twice as good!

Twitchplayspokemon: @felkcraft I sort of abandoned Stadium 2 because of work on PBR, Pokemon Red isn't nearly as demanding as PBR was during Stadium 2

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Just to note, theres no promise that the heavily revised PBR save will debut unless streamer is willing to implement the changes that the PBR team has worked on

[Streamer] Felkcraft: Twitch_plays_3ds Twitchplayspokemon deciphering#,

Twitchplayspokemon: @felkcraft I'm considering switching to a different browser due to some problems with Chrome

[Streamer] Felkcraft: Twitch_plays_3ds Twitchplayspokemon deciphering#,

Twitchplayspokemon: @felkcraft that's a font rendering issue that I'm still working on

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 60 FPS is so buttery smooth Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: For 60FPS you need a very strong internet

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: cinematic OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 60fps

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Twitch 60FPS support is buggy, your Internet really needs to be strong to support it

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I may still need to adjust the bitrate

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: this should fix some issues and enable 1080p60fps

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: encoding has been moved to its own dedicated PC separate from the PC running PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 60FPS upgrade I believe

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: TPP will be going down for a short moment to upgrade the stream

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kinda fitting music PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Deku did you unplug the wrong cord again?! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIOT

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand something will happen very soon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We simply need more time

[Streamer] N1doking: @CRMeyer PBR Gold, the version with more balanced movesets, is coming out on Christmas

Projectrevotpp: @N1doking Actually.. it is probably going to be delayed

[Streamer] Crmeyer: @Projectrevotpp the moves? really?

Projectrevotpp: @Crmeyer Ask Chauzu about it

[Streamer] Crmeyer: @N1doking You gotta admit, you want stadium 1 or 2 back. I miss how it was balanced. Non evolved pokemon with good moves vice versa. Also ORDER PogChamp

Projectrevotpp: @Crmeyer That balance will be returning

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump JUMPLUFF NEVER HAD A CHANCE BibleThump

[Streamer] Beesafree: !!!CURSOR SENPAI!!!!! NOTICE MEEEE http://imgur.com/a/1oCCH

Projectrevotpp: @Beesafree Check your inbox

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Praise Cursor PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We're getting closer to revising PBR and fixing its balance issues

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon capture PC is ready, group chat

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sub danHype

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Something strange! Copypasta... whats this?! The pasterino.. SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Music PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds were the upgrades installed yet?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That should have registered

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kreygasm = All In (No spacerino)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !killpasta

[Streamer] Nkekev: I hate PBR

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev Don't worry we're fixing it FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There's 5 members of the Mile High Club now? PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Okay, now im complaining SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: My bet didnt go through SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt = 100 club (no space)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon @twitch_plays_3ds @chauzu_vgc @Projectrevotpp ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BRING BACK CANCER MATCHES OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BRING BACK CANCER MATCHES OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BRING BACK CANCER MATCHES OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Projectrevotpp: @Xenonatmosphere Stop spamming please

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Vaporeon doesnt have any eyes, 2spooky4me BibleThump

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: @Projectrevotpp kk l could do that OpieOP

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc Be careful when writing it, go with evidence and statistics rather than opinions and it has to be extremely convincing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Even if we're working on fixing PBR with Gold, I doubt streamer is willing to update Silver to gold because he trusts the matchmaking system improvements a little too much, you guys might have to convince him (the easy or hard way) that theres no fix for PBR's sluggish economy and "balance" except with our new save

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BRING BACK CANCER MATCHES OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Projectrevotpp: @Xenonatmosphere The point of donations is not to cause pain and suffering for everyone else

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Projectrevotpp Are certain matchups banned even for donations?

Projectrevotpp: @Xenonatmosphere Specific matchups arent allowed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Cancer? I want AIDS.. you guys suck. Kappa

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp Speaking of !match, I have a bone to pick with you

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 Leave your angry emails here -> projectrevohaxunownsrestorethebalanceplz@tpp.com

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If you want a specific match, please donate

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Well, I cant use !match because the command wont be returning, so

[Snark] We do; some of us just think it's funny.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You people don't know what you're asking for

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Projectrevotpp Why?

Projectrevotpp: @Xenonatmosphere Because of the metapod/kakuna cancer that stopped being funny after it happened the first time in Stadium 2

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Projectrevotpp DansGame noo BibleThump Please don't

Projectrevotpp: @Xenonatmosphere We dont really have a choice

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Metapod and Kakuna have Bug Bite now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Should be a shiny sprite appearing on the reel roughly every 30 matches

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Blue is a master troll Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Most Kappa goes up to 10. This one? It goes up to 11.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BEEP PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What the hell is up with today

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BROKEN SwiftRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDragon = Chari zard (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: zigzagoony

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: twi phione DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: like chatot = !roulette

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Wtf is this match EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Order would have mattered here, but

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TriHard My money...

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Gateway Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: you like chatot DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PMD DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Building a PC in 25 minutes with the PJSalt from all the matches

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I just did a stream OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: meditite

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: munna

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: goodra

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: reshiram

[Streamer] Mencee: @Twitchplayspokemon Ah, if the emote does get by, will it be up to use before Red starts?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee if they'll accept it I'll put it up immediately, but wait until Red for any othes

[Streamer] Mencee: @Twitchplayspokemon any luck on the slowpoke emote? Kreygasm

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee not yet, I got a response but it sounded like they didn't understand what I was saying so I sent back a reply

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay thank you

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: milotic

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand /

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: furfrou

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: tyrogue

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chingling

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: glalie

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sunflora

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hariyama

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: klink

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: mew

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: trevenant

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: crobat

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: magnemite

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: carnivine

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: spinarak

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: kadabra

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: pikachu

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: taillow

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: heatran

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 blue PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp it's working

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it never works danSad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp it's happening

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm going to play tonight danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: and if you do that since the start, you'll have 90310

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Finding: if you start with 100 and just bet 100 on underdog on every single match, you'll end up with 32293 in less than 2 weeks.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thanks twitch for Theatre mode

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp I'm going to win

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danHype sub

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 blue

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDerp = Spinda Face (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: thats for the donation by the way

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: to refund try !roulette

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: metapod

[Streamer] The_brofist_tfm: Inside the package is something that looks very much like PJSalt

Twitch_plays_3ds: @The_brofist_tfm very close

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon @projectrevotpp I got The Package

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I got The Package PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it never works FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I hate that emote FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon was that the only emote you submitted?

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights yes, it was a test of the submission procedure, to see how long it takes to respond and how lax they are in regards to copyright

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: here's the pre-existing emote and the one they declined: http://imgur.com/a/PDUip

[Streamer] Omegaplatinum: @Twitchplayspokemon did they say they denied it for copyright? Or is it possible they denied it because it looked so similar?

Twitchplayspokemon: @OmegaPlatinum the exact reason is "This image is too closely related to a Slowpoke, which is owned by Nintendo."

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: here it is: http://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/jtv\_user\_pictures/emoticon-22205-src-3186e6690bf88bf0-28x28.png

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: esoWOO looks very similar to the one I submitted

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon There are also like 4 slowpoke emotes, so for them to reject your slowpoke emote is even worse

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights one of the slowpoke emotes is almost identical to the one they declined

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon Wow, 140, jesus

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights yeah, that was way more than I was expecting, I was thinking like 20 at most

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon not a problem! Glad to help. :)

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights there's about 140 Pokemon emotes on Twitch

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnight excellect, thank you very much! all these emotes should hopefully constitute a very convincing email to Twitch

[Streamer] Mslabo102: !

Twitchplayspokemon: @mslabo102 or other videogame formats, the songs need to be able to loop forever

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: voltorb

[Streamer] Mslabo102: @twitchplayspokemon Songs: Why Hartmann Yokai Girl is arranged? Why not original?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mslabo102 that's just what I grabbed off of brawlcustommusic.com

[Streamer] Mslabo102: @twitchplayspokemon thinking from selection of songs, U like Japan? I'm Japanese

Twitchplayspokemon: @mslabo102 I like Japanese videogames

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: still awake? it's like 4 in the morning

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon scizYOLO is a staraptor

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights is that all of them?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: BloodTrail

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon you got all of those?

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights yes

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon http://twitchemotes.com/channel/m989876525

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights thanks

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon esoQQ and esoWOO are both slowpoke emotes

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights I can't find esoQQ and esoWOO

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon you still getting these? I'm halfway through the list

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights yes, I've got them all

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon I hope I'm not going too fast. :P

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights no, I'm getting them

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: emotes: gianKappa gianKung chibiChill chibiFeels chibiHYPE chibiHai chibiLewd chibiLove chibiSquee wix1 wix2 wix3 wix4 bennBelieve bennSS biitterPIKACHULOVE scurryHypno lilyPichu chuPika cuddleGRUNT cuddleSUB cuddleHYPE crustyNope crustyRage crustySalt crustyThump dawkKappa dawkLove dawkThump

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: Wait, @Twitchplayspokemon , what relevance does slowpoke have to tpp?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere TPP took a long time to get emotes

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: known Pokemon emotes: gianKappa gianKung chibiChill chibiFeels chibiHYPE chibiHai chibiLewd chibiLove chibiSquee wix1 wix2 wix3 wix4 bennBelieve bennSS biitterPIKACHULOVE scurryHypno lilyPichu chuPika

[Streamer] Omegaplatinum: @Twitchplayspokemon note about lilyPichu: It was drawn... so it might fall under fair use

Twitchplayspokemon: @OmegaPlatinum so was slowpoke

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon Why are you collecting pokemon emotes?

Twitchplayspokemon: @XenonAtmosphere to make a case to appeal the denial of the slowpoke emote I submitted

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: am I missing any? gianKappa gianKung chibiChill chibiFeels chibiHYPE chibiHai chibiLewd chibiLove chibiSquee wix1 wix2 wix3 wix4 bennBelieve bennSS biitterPIKACHULOVE scurryHypno lilyPichu

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: here's all the Pokemon emotes I know of: gianKappa gianKung chibiChill chibiFeels chibiHYPE chibiHai chibiLewd chibiLove chibiSquee wix1 wix2 wix3 wix4 bennBelieve bennSS biitterPIKACHULOVE scurryHypno

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Vaporeon, Glaceon and Blastoise

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDragon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: what else?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: okay, so Vaporeon and Blastoise are real?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: oh is PoleDoge a plugin thing?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Furret is PoleDoge

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: okay, have Furret, Vaporeon, Blastoise, is there any I'm missing?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I remember seeing a Blastoise emote, does anyone know that?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDragon charizard

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: there's a Vaporeon emote, right?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: what are all the Pokemon emotes? if I show Twitch a list maybe they'll let Slowpoke through

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Dewgong98

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the earthquake couldn't find its way through the fog KappaHD

[Streamer] Felkcraft: @Twitchplayspokemon do you include draws in trueSkill?

Twitchplayspokemon: @felkcraft I hope not

[Streamer] Felkcraft: @Twitchplayspokemon fixed the json pkmn-id offset errors?

Twitchplayspokemon: @felkcraft multiple times, I wonder if it's fixed yet*

[Streamer] Felkcraft: @Twitchplayspokemon fixed the json pkmn-id offset errors?

Twitchplayspokemon: @felkcraft multiple times, I if it's fixed yet

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !editmatch 483,484,487/491,492,493 -297

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !editmatch 483,484,487/491,492,493 300

[Streamer] Kirasaya: Well, I assume my matchw asnt taken then, since I accidently used double pokemon FailFish

Twitchplayspokemon: @kirasaya if you use duplicate pokemon it won't accept it

[Streamer] Kirasaya: @Twitchplayspokemon Nice to hear that, i will try and see if Dakra, shaymin e.t.c are working no for doantion too.^^

Twitchplayspokemon: @kirasaya they should be

[Streamer] Felkcraft: Addarash1 aww Keepo

Twitchplayspokemon: @felkcraft it uses the TrueSkill algorithm

[Streamer] Kirasaya: I thinl the PBR Gold set, still needs to be implemented as soon its finished and I didnt saw the mysterious shinys so far, I ehard about

Twitchplayspokemon: @kirasaya shinies are already partially implemented, if you keep your eyes open you might see one

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: !balance

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights consideration of pokemon moves and types when making matches

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Addarash1 I know, I know. :/

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights it's not upgraded, it's not broken any more, I have upgrades planned

[Streamer] Poopbeforedinner: Like this: ž

Twitchplayspokemon: @poopbeforedinner that's intended, there was previously much google translate spam

[Streamer] Thekillernacho: @Ep1cnights I'd honestly rather get rid of the roullette completely inf avor of just revealing the team at the beginning :P

Twitchplayspokemon: @thekillernacho you'd still be waiting the same amount of time before the match started

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: what was that about predictability?

[Streamer] Celebrindall: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Honest question. What do you think about earlier betting system (your % influence wasn't based on bet money but was equal for everyone)?

Twitchplayspokemon: @celebrindall Pokemon Stadium 2 was always money based

[Streamer] Addarash1: I implied you said that you need to remove matchmaking? i definitely didn't.

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 I never said that they can't co-exist, so don't imply that I did

[Streamer] Addarash1: I implied you said that you need to remove matchmaking? i definitely didn't.

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 " i fail to see why you can't have both random order and a good matchmaking system"

[Streamer] Addarash1: TwitchPlaysPokemon i never said that?

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 you implied I said that

[Streamer] Addarash1: also TwitchPlaysPokemon i fail to see why you can't have both random order and a good matchmaking system

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 there's no reason why the matchmaking system would need to be removed

[Streamer] Addarash1: TwitchPlaysPokemon and the fact that you can predict so far into the battle means that games are a) less fun and b) odds are more lopsided and big payouts rarer

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 I view that as a problem with team composition

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Addarash1 @Twitchplayspokemon The way I see it, both "balancing" matchups, and random order both limit your ability to predict. In either version, you can only prerdict so far into the match. Do either of you have a rebuttle?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere you can*

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Addarash1 @Twitchplayspokemon The way I see it, both "balancing" matchups, and random order both limit your ability to predict. In either version, you can only prerdict so far into the match. Do either of you have a rebuttle?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere you can't predict further into the match if you can assume what the order of pokemon will be

[Streamer] Tuppennygrandor: Also, what is this Random order compared to what we have now?

Twitchplayspokemon: @tuppennygrandor by "random order" they mean that the pokemon will have their positions shuffled right as the match starts

[Streamer] Samzy_123: @Twitchplayspokemon Personally, it is more fun gambling with luck then betting on a clear winner

Twitchplayspokemon: @samzy_123 I agree but I think random order isn't the way to go about it

[Streamer] Samzy_123: Also welcome back Addarash1, try not to have onions in the future Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @samzy_123 forces the better to think about an arbitrary diceroll at the start of the match and puts a limit on the depth of prediction

[Streamer] Espeeyawn: @Twitchplayspokemon random order pretty much achieves the same with much less effort

Twitchplayspokemon: @espeeyawn except unlike random order, it doesn't suck

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: However, I still support my opinion: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BRING BACK RANDOM ORDER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere I have also been working on a smarter matchmaking system that considers the first two pokemon's moves and types so there isn't as clear of a winner

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon You mean they AREN'T picked randomly? Does that mean some matchups are impossible?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere a very large number of matchups are possible and for the rest donation matches are possible

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon quality? what do you mean?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere matches weren't balanced, they were picked randomly

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: @Twitchplayspokemon that is how it often works now though

Twitchplayspokemon: @chauzu_vgc do you know that until a couple of hours a go the matchmaking system had a bug causing it to produce matches of Stadium 2 quality?

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: @Twitchplayspokemon I would like to know why having game with a clear overdog decided beforehand in the majority of games, them getting the majority of bets, them almost mostly winning, and then the game being unexciting and payout small, is good

Twitchplayspokemon: @chauzu_vgc I never said that

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon How I see it is that if you have random order, then you have to think about how each pokemon will go up against the other team's pokemon.

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights except most of the ways you think about wont happen due to RNG right as the match starts

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon But at that point, it's not really betting and just putting money on the table, isn't it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights isn't that just a more extreme form of what your advocating? tell me your reasoning of where to draw the line

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon See, a battle like this could end up having better odds if this had random order, blue could end up with moltres and houndoom vs. squirtle first, which would give red team an advantage. <3

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights it would have even better odds if the pokemon weren't shown before the match started

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: @Twitchplayspokemon and spiritomb dont forget spiritomb

Twitchplayspokemon: @mariosyoshi those pokemon are shiny?

[Streamer] Tokowh: @Twitchplayspokemon I heard there was an idea for a system where shiny Pokémon would be a thing, and would have better movesets than their normal counterparts. That still a thing?

Twitchplayspokemon: @tokowh shiny pokemon is already partially implemented

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: !bet 100 red

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights because there was a strong push for it and I hadn't experienced it enough to be confident in my dislike of it

[Streamer] Addarash1: TwitchPlaysPokemon what 100club said

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 would you prefer it if there was a fog warning during betting

[Streamer] Addarash1: Didn't i just say? Games are less predictable and you more rarely have stupid odds that give terrible payouts

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 how do you feel about fog?

[Streamer] Addarash1: at the same time, you could form strategies for teams and win when seeing what order you got regardless

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 why is adding arbitrary scenarios a good thing?

[Streamer] Addarash1: Appropriate amount is the maximum 36 that random order provided, typically needing about 2 or 3 separeate scenarios mapped

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 and the reasoning?

[Streamer] Addarash1: but i'll repeat them: odds get too skewed with obvious winners, games are dull since you can literally map them in your head...

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 IIRC you said 10x10x10x10x10x10 is too much, what's the appropriate amount and what's the reasoning?

[Streamer] Lightenyoshi: @Twitchplayspokemon How are the odds calculated?

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Lightenyoshi FailFish

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thought it was flash crashing

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon Just refresh, it's happened before. <3

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights I noticed it before too, didn't know it affected multiple people simultaneously

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: refresh and sound will return (twitch glitch?)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I didn't do that, sounds like all audio is gone

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: oversized

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what's with the oversided BibleThump on the overlay?

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon are you against random order simply because it adds randomness to the battle? not saying i'm for random order, just asking

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking I don't believe randomness should be from "one of many possible setups being picked randomly and arbitrarily", it sucks

[Streamer] Czerwona_latarnia: @Twitchplayspokemon Define how not random order can be much more random than random order OMGScoots

Twitchplayspokemon: @czerwona_latarnia it isn't I want to hear an argument why it should or should not be much more random than a typical random order

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon why are you against random order? and don't pull that crap on me that i was spamming this question please OMGScoots

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking why are you against it being much more random than that?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds it does, just not retroactively

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon killpasta doesn't see to work?

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon again, help me understand the slots thing here OpieOP

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking it's part of a longer conversation with addarash1 I have no reason to inform you about it, go read the logs if you're that curious

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon you believe the slots are random right now, right?

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking again, you misunderstood me

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon yet there have been people who have figured out the slots on day 1 of PBR

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking you misunderstood me

[Streamer] N1doking: @twitchplayspokemon where are you?

Twitchplayspokemon: @n1doking what is it?

[Streamer] Rangerjackwalker: @Twitchplayspokemon Where is the whitelist mentioned in the chat rules?

Twitchplayspokemon: @rangerjackwalker I'm not posting the whitelist because then it'll get spammed, the penalty is a 300 second timeout so don't worry about tripping it

[Streamer] Wertx24: Streamer What do you think about exchanging REAL MONEY into POKE DONGER(GAME MONEY)??

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 don't want to do that, the most efficient way to earn in-game money should also be the most fun, I don't consider spending money to be fun

[Streamer] Lightenyoshi: !balance

Twitchplayspokemon: @lightenyoshi possibly sending the same message over and over

[Streamer] Wahisietel_the_cake: To be fair, matches are less one-sided than they once were.

Twitchplayspokemon: @wahisietel_the_cake as of an hour or so ago I fixed a bug in the matchmaking system

[Streamer] Th3b0sz: @Twitchplayspokemon does the move that is voted up the most get chosen or the move that one user voted at the right time?

Twitchplayspokemon: @th3b0sz it's based on probabilities, the higher the % number the higher the probability of it being picked 50% = chosen half the time

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon Are you for or against it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere against it

[Streamer] Xenonatmosphere: @Twitchplayspokemon So, I got here late. What are we fighting about?

Twitchplayspokemon: @xenonatmosphere random order

[Streamer] Addarash1: TwitchPlaysPokemon would your opinion change if you received data showing a clear majority of people want random order?

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 do you mean "a majority of people concerned about such matters" because if yes, no

[Streamer] Addarash1: The only uncertainty comes from moves selected and/or fog

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 isn't your winrate like 60%?

[Streamer] Addarash1: Also, the uncertainty means odds are nowhere near as lopsided

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 so why do you want to make it show 10s of battles instead of 1?

[Streamer] Addarash1: Because then you can't think about any scenarios and strategies at all.

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 and there's your answer, except I wouldn't constrain it to absolutes

[Streamer] Addarash1: and i don't know how you can act as if it's "horrible" if you don't actually play the game

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 you do, so tell me why you don't want 10x10x10x10x10x10?

[Streamer] Addarash1: TwitchPlaysPokemon you are just being ridiculous by trying to compare it to lack of knowledge whatsoever

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 no lack of knowledge, all visible

[Streamer] Addarash1: Random order was a good balance being knowing what would happen and luck

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 you can waste your time thinking about every single one of the possible 10x10x10x10x10x10 possible combinations

[Streamer] Addarash1: and then liken it to flipping coins, it just shows that you don't have experience with it

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 why I don't I make it so the slots don't reveal the pokemon until the betting is over? that sounds exactly like what you want

[Streamer] Addarash1: streamer doesn't even play, thinks he knows more than those that do ;)

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 flip a coin if you want random ***

[Streamer] Addarash1: TwitchPlaysPokemon have you given us a straight answer about it yet?

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 I believe so, I said it wasn't going to happen, is there a part you don't understand?

[Streamer] Addarash1: Random order was the best part of stadium

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 have you tried by coin flip suggestion yet?

[Streamer] Smexylex: @Twitchplayspokemon Did you come to a decision on random order?

Twitchplayspokemon: @smexylex many months ago, yes, it's terrible

[Streamer] Pioxys: NightBat @Twitchplayspokemon he means in some matches some votes are off even when theres no votes at all like that 1 move will be 0% and its still picked.

Twitchplayspokemon: @pioxys if RNG is broken, why isn't it

[Streamer] Pioxys: NightBat @Twitchplayspokemon he means in some matches some votes are off even when theres no votes at all like that 1 move will be 0% and its still picked.

Twitchplayspokemon: @pioxys haven't seen it

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: "K" what a descriptive answer Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights it's hard to give an answer where I don't say anything and you stop spamming

[Streamer] Wertx24: Streamer... Can you answer me pls? why the 0% move are chosen?

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 I don't know what you are talking about

[Streamer] Keredau: @Twitchplayspokemon have you made any modifications to draw detection? I've seen it call a draw twice in butterfree matches recently.

Twitchplayspokemon: @keredau @ep1cnights k

[Streamer] Wertx24: I am not mad, I am feeling very wierd about whats happening

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 RNG probably isn't broken, if it was it would probably be much more evident

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it wasn't comparing the rank of pokemon when making matches

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I recently discovered a bug

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the non-broken matchmaking system seems to be working well so far

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: quick update

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I blame past red team for not helping me test

[Streamer] Batmanji: punWaifu works on stream now?? PogChamp

Twitchplayspokemon: @batmanji yes, it should, as long as you're subscribed to the associated channel

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: single emotes are displayed differently to regular messages, also the emote database was updated so newer emotes work too

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: everyone Kappa again please (no words, just Kappa) or any other emote

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: alright, thanks

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: need to test something, everyone Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: matchmaking system works better now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I found a bug in the existing matchmaking implementation which caused it to produce completely random matches instead matches between similarly-ranked pokemon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Tyronetiggums64: @Twitchplayspokemon Did you see that amazing comeback a few matches back?

Twitchplayspokemon: @TyroneTiggums64 yes, I did

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: still trying to fix the draw bug, it seems to be rarer than it used to

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: actually, most of it has been spent on PBR's servers

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I get most of the donation money

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its mostly color and situational based

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I told streamer about the false positive

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Gimme what I need, a victory SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ thx

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DRAW WTF

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !beldum

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: someone once suggested making the graph logarithmic, I do not know what that means

[Streamer] Mencee: @Twitchplayspokemon Did my emotes show

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee I'm not sure, if the modbot got you they won't show

[Streamer] Overratedfishy: cptLogo

Twitchplayspokemon: @overratedfishy I saw it, seems to be working then, thanks

[Streamer] Overratedfishy: @Mencee punDokuro punCirno punThump punRNG punThrow punPeach

Twitchplayspokemon: @overratedfishy @mencee too many

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I saw the Vaporeon emote just a moment ago

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I mean the ones where you need to subscribe to channels to get

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: are emotes showing up correctly?

[Streamer] Goldtex: huh, interesting

Twitchplayspokemon: @goldtex the quotemarks won't be shown, it's just a programming thing

[Streamer] Goldtex: @Twitchplayspokemon then how come the other songs in diamond/pearl have numbers?

Twitchplayspokemon: @goldtex numbers aren't at the front

[Streamer] Goldtex: @Twitchplayspokemon is 250 Dance, Hard supposed to have quotes around it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @goldtex yes because of YAML format, it would otherwise interpret the field as being a number and give an error because it contains text

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I haven't touched the input system for awhile so not sure why it'd start messing up now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: not an update, but a reset to unstick buttons to see if that helps

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: huh?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it very rarely sends out the wrong pokemon, not sure why

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: order isn't random, it just bugged

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: there's lots of errors in the song metadata, if someone with an ear for that sort of thing wants to fix it they are welcome: http://pastebin.com/HyDpjAwR

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: or at least diminished

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: a new matchmaking system is in development which should hopefully make the "overly predictable battles" problem go away

[Streamer] Bm01: @Twitchplayspokemon the thing is many matches are completely one sided, with chance being close to 0 for the other team to win. That is quite boring indeed. We have many people with more than 70% win rate

Twitchplayspokemon: @bm01 seems like a completely separate issue to me

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @twitchplayspokemon if we give you a detailed explanation on why we want random order, will you consider it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights I already considered it and tested it for awhile, remember?

[Streamer] Kingsoggy: @twitchplayspokemon why though? any real reason or you just dont like it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @kingsoggy I don't have to say why, the people who want it do

[Streamer] Addarash1: TwitchPlaysPokemon The game is so boring and predictable with non random order

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 then flip a coin and bet on the team it says lol

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: random order isn't going to happen

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry, one more time

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: button got stuck again

[Streamer] <twitchplayspokemon> all emotes should now display in the on-screen chat messages, not just the global ones

Just checking in on the stream. I don't see any problems here now. Everything looks normal. Oh wait, that message was 3 hours ago. Looks like someone forgot to update on the stream status since then. Kappa

Currently the stream is entirely black except for "Twitch Plays Pokemon" at the top and the clock, anniversary timer, and ticker at the bottom. (wait, the ticker is the only one that isn't ticking...) The Route 7 music from Pokemon X/Y is playing in the background.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: streamer's program has a bug that crashes it every time I restart it

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: do you like chatot?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: still not fixed?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIP streamer

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The blackness BibleThump

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what is the name of the Swedish company that sells flat pack furnitures? And that is the only pokemon that can learn move Chatter?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: keyerror in donation match

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's about donation matches

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: streamer's program has a bug that prevent the program from starting

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is that man an egg?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no I hate chatot

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !KAPOW

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Music Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Follower SFX FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NYXXXXSSSSSIIIIIIIII SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump Blue just wanted to win

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kreygasm = I love chatot (no spacerino)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BEH SwiftRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance danSad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: music is not working?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: killpasta doesn't work danSad

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PRAISE Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it doesn't work danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What if Twitchplayspokemon was never an Arceus but a white cursor PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hey my name is TPP Chat I lost my streamer. Here's a picture of him [ResidentSleeper] if you can help find him I would be eternally grateful he means the world to me. Based Streamer-senpai is his name if it helps share this around and pray to Lord Helix to help find him. His favourite song is ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ so try playing that he might come some day.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The music always changes when the last pokemon from each team remains

[Streamer] Beefhash: Projectrevotpp Can you show in the status bar who requested the next donation match please? BibleThump

Projectrevotpp: @Beefhash I have no control over that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hit the weak spot for massive damage SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: SUB HYPE Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: GBA is quiet MiniK

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Slowpoke PogChamp

[Streamer] Kirasaya: !move b

Twitchplayspokemon: @kirasaya it was bugged before but after a couple of updates I believe it's fixed or at least I haven't heard any complaining about it for a while

[Streamer] Kirasaya: !move d

Twitchplayspokemon: @kirasaya it should as of a few days ago

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: donation matches now have restrictions places on what the first Pokemon of each team can be: each team's starting Pokemon must not be one of the following pairs: 11 and 14, 202 and 360, 134 and 350.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot liking is now free

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Does Ike's chatot ever cease to amaze you?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: arduino

[Snark] Next donation match: Kakuna Wobbuffet Vaporeon vs. Metapod...and wynaut Milotic?

[Chat] Guys can you please not spam the chat. My mom bought me this new laptop and it gets really hot when the chat is being spammed. Now my leg is starting to hurt because it is getting so hot. Please, if you don’t want me to get burned, then dont spam the chat

[Snark] So a Vaporeon and a Milotic walk into a colosseum...wait, you've heard this one before, haven't you?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus on blue team Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lumineon, the forgotten pokemon Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Use attract for lulz Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIP'd by roar of time Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Chancey is a wrestler, confirmed Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PRAISE CURSOR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's DigDux! Kreygasm >dig dug music .. I'm terrible at jokes. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Kenjidraco I like chatot too Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: fixing, just a moment

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I like mudkip

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: still trying to get the "Next donation match" in the ticker to update properly, it should be fine now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating, will be quick

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDragon = Mega Charizard (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: hoppip

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: slugma

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIP Red

Stream back up!

STREAM DOWN AGAIN! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: quickly updating

[Streamer] Resist_this13: It's chatot

Twitchplayspokemon: @resist_this13 software I wrote using Python and Javascript reads the commands from chat and presses the corresponding button for Dolphin

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Twitchplayspokemon Then why is 68% bigger thatn 84%?

Twitchplayspokemon: @whataboutgaminglive it's not sorted by win rate

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Texanmonkeyalpha I saw it, thanks

Twitchplayspokemon: @whataboutgaminglive yes, it's win rate

↓ Referencing the fact that the music changed to the "last gym Pokemon" music from B/W to signify 1v1 remaining

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: APPROPRIATE Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PoleDoge

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FREEZE! Police! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Chatot will probably get Mimic in PBR Gold

[Streamer] Duplexbegreat: @Projectrevotpp Now who would that be? Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Duplexbegreat A certain unnamed annoying dolt

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But some specific people kept protesting..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Pidgeot was supposed to get Brave Bird

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I WON! Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !roulette 3

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !roulette

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tactical swap

↓ And evolution music was playing...JORSUUUUUUUUUUUUN FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Projectrevotpp Can I have a free match due to the mixup please?

Projectrevotpp: @Flarn2006 When !match is working

[Streamer] Nkekev: Unban ProjectRevoTPP: [4:06:58 PM] Project Revolution: >386 & <=412 ( 3)=413 ( 5)TimeoutBan ProjectRevoTPP: this is the correction to fix matches using gen 4 mons

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev Gen 4 donations have been fixed

[Streamer] Nkekev: Unban ProjectRevoTPP: [4:06:58 PM] Project Revolution: >386 & <=412 ( 3)=413 ( 5)TimeoutBan ProjectRevoTPP: this is the correction to fix matches using gen 4 mons

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev Thats no longer necessary

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I expect 60FPS to debut monday or tuesday

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 60FPS is in a few days, I ordered the upgrades today

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Label the PCs, PLEASE! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Projectrevotpp Can you fix it manually since there's no command yet? I don't want my donation to be wasted (not that you don't deserve the donation)

Projectrevotpp: @Flarn2006 There isnt anything I can do

Stream is back!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I do apologize

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm really sorry everyone

[Snark] If anyone from the bomb squad sees this, don't let Deku work for you.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys, the two PCs running PBR use the same exact case, of course he'd confuse one for the other

Sound is back, but the "TPP will resume shortly" is still up! Keep those dongers raised, everyone! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Demo music Kreygasm

[Streamer] Kamiathewolf: I would watch a TV show starring the shenanigans of Streamer, Deku, and ProjectRevoTPP.

Projectrevotpp: @Kamiathewolf It would be a soap opera titled "Godly Matters" OpieOP

You heard him! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTING HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED IN THE CHATROOM ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Please for the love of Arceus LABEL YOUR PLUGS SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh my god DEKU SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Label the PCs please

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon I unplugged the wrong plug FailFish

...back online, to a "TPP will resume shortly" screen! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream is back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down! I wonder why? Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon help BibleThump

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I unplugged the wrong plug FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Just to limit the delayed matches with its gimmick

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shedinja will likely get 4 5 PP moves

[Streamer] Geforcefly: Even the Frontier Brain is bored!

Projectrevotpp: @Geforcefly If streamer is willing to implement Gold before Red that is

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shedinja is just a giant cancer cell SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Those donations really did enable us to buy the stuff needed for 60FPS

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 60FPS upgrade is on its way

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon group chat

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

Back up! Selection was cleared again!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: pokemon selection was glitched

Down again! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RESUME YOUR RIOTING ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream back up, and the Pokemon selections were cleared!

Stream down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ, as predicted

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MY EARS BibleThump

[Snark] Inb4 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I have now fixed the incorrect selection bug in development, I'll update after this match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Sounds like a conversion issue

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 471 became 462? It subtracted 8

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Magneon Kreygasm

[Streamer] Aysz88: @Twitchplayspokemon @Projectrevotpp Any chance of adding !switch of some sort as a solution to help with "cancer" and set order?

Projectrevotpp: @Aysz88 That was answered earlier

[Streamer] Hikarichino: @Twitchplayspokemon I didn't see my match on the list. did i enter it incorrectly?

Twitchplayspokemon: @HikariChino it's because you didn't use commas, I'll have to update the regex to be tolerant of that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I know it would help, but the question is how much

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Not fix it entirely that is

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What I'm trying to say is if you guys truly want the "rebalanced" sets, you'll have to convince streamer that no smart selection of 3v3 matches can aleviate the issues of one-sidedness

[Streamer] Hikarichino: @Twitchplayspokemon I didn't see my match on the list. did i enter it incorrectly?

Twitchplayspokemon: @HikariChino I noticed that too, it should work, I'll manually test it against the regex, just a moment

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But streamer wants more time, so it shall be.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm always going to argue that matchmaking cant save PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We're probably going to delay the changes from the 25th to the 1st unfortunately, we want more time to see if the system can fix itself

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As most people know, there is a major revision of PBR movesets coming eventually, but streamer says he'd like it to be delayed further to see if matchmaking can help fix some of the imbalanced matches

[Streamer] Mrdrsirman37: @twitchplayspokemon does it bother you didn't receive any of the awards?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mrdrsirman37 not really but I'd like Twitch to send me them when they're done displaying them wherever

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Bex said that?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: have there been any more false draws? last night I changed the draw detection to be more resistant to false positives

[Streamer] Jfarre20: @Twitchplayspokemon I don't know if you've seen this message already - you may have missed it - but you may be able to make chrome render better by forcing some options in chrome://flags. Check chrome://gpu to see if everything is enabled. Although, I'm sure you already did that - it can't hurt to suggest it though.

Twitchplayspokemon: @jfarre20 yes, I've poked around in there with and it did help performance quite a bit, using translate3d() instead of translate() in places was hugely helpful too

[Snark] Confirmed, streamer works for Microsoft.

[Streamer] Terkius786: Aw, snap on chrome, firefox its much better Kappa Twitchplayspokemon

Twitchplayspokemon: @terkius786 I'm more comfortable with Chrome, if I picked what performed the best it'd be the latest IE oddly enough, Chrome is oddly sluggish with rendering

[Streamer] Mrdrsirman37: @twitchplayspokemon TPP has won awards, did you actually receive those awards?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mrdrsirman37 no, I think Twitch has them

[Streamer] Jfarre20: @Twitchplayspokemon I think this entire thing is very technologically impressive, can you give us a quick rundown on how the UI works? I notice you've mentioned html and css - is the UI a webpage?

Twitchplayspokemon: @jfarre20 made transparent using OBS*

[Streamer] Jfarre20: @Twitchplayspokemon I think this entire thing is very technologically impressive, can you give us a quick rundown on how the UI works? I notice you've mentioned html and css - is the UI a webpage?

Twitchplayspokemon: @jfarre20 yes, the overlay is running as a HTML page in Chrome with a background color made transparent so the game can be seen behind it

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @scerreolsen yes, the inward-outward thing is just on the overlay, if it's read like text it's left-to-right for both teams

[Streamer] Darkvexon: @Twitchplayspokemon Can we make the roulette better somehow?

Twitchplayspokemon: @darkvexon if you can construct a better one using HTML CSS JS I might consider it

[Meta] Please forgive the bot if it quotes the wrong message. I fix it whenever I notice it. (Example: in the previous post, the bot originally quoted a post by Marsa saying "Uxie is only 1 foot tall.")

[Streamer] Sverreolsen: @Twitchplayspokemon Does the Pokemon order in donation matches work as before or have you changed it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @sverreolsen pokemon order when written is left-to-right

[Streamer] @Twitchplayspokemon : I'm sorry for asking this so much, but I really want to know: how do you feel about us comparing you to Arceus?

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten I have no problem with it but I don't wear glasses, I have great eyesight

[Streamer] Overratedfishy: @Twitchplayspokemon Sorry for asking again, but I'm not sure if your seeing this with the chat speed. Would you be willing to add Pokemon Mystery Dungeon music to the playlist?

Twitchplayspokemon: @OverratedFishy yes, there are still a few Pokemon games with soundtracks I need to add

[Chat] Teuchito: @twitchplayspokemon is this an AMA?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We did it Reddit! Kreygasm .. .. wait..

[Streamer] Darkvexon: @Twitchplayspokemon Ah, not getting answers is bore.

Twitchplayspokemon: @darkvexon so much stuff needs to be done for that to work, eventually but it's not a big priority

[Streamer] Hikarichino: @Twitchplayspokemon does my donation match come up after break?

Twitchplayspokemon: @hikarichino it shows the list of donation matches on the leaderboard so you can see where it places

[Streamer] Hikarichino: @Twitchplayspokemon does my donation match come up after break?

Twitchplayspokemon: @hikarichino it depends on how much the match is worth, I think it's beaten by another one, so it might be the break after next or even later

[Streamer] Wowqueprecioss: @Twitchplayspokemon Is there a possibility of you implementing a !switch command? I'd make it possible to switch pokemon mid-battle, it would work like !move does.

Twitchplayspokemon: @wowqueprecioss not for a long time

[Streamer] Chronoquairium: !balance

Twitchplayspokemon: @chronoquairium not really, I mean it'd take much more work than you'd think due to the pipeline of getting Pokemon set in the save and database, if it becomes possible to set moves arbitrarily and programmatically, sure

[Streamer] Chronoquairium: @Twitchplayspokemon Will you ever consider donation matches with custom (yet legal) moves? For example, 3 Pokemon on each side ONLY knowing Metronome?

Projectrevotpp: @Chronoquairium Thats physically impossible, movesets are static

[Streamer] Mrdrsirman37: @twitchplayspokemon so you never played emerald, platinum, xy, BW/BW2?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mrdrsirman37 I played them but didn't finish

[Streamer] Mrdrsirman37: @twitchplayspokemon did you play any other pokemon games?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mrdrsirman37 Pokemon Pinball

[Streamer] Jacobjr1: @Twitchplayspokemon Gen 2 was my very first Pokemon game, but at that time I was kinda young to understand it all. I guess where you start plays a huge role in your favorite game, because I felt the same way about Sinnoh /=

Twitchplayspokemon: @jacobjr1 yellow was my first but I enjoyed gold more

[Streamer] Akane0: @twitchplayspokemon is zinnia's theme in the playlist? I haven't heard it.

Twitchplayspokemon: @akane0 yes, it's in there

[Streamer] Tyronetiggums64: @Twitchplayspokemon is it even possible to run a stream of every single Gen and not know much about any Mon past Gen 2?

Twitchplayspokemon: @tyronetiggums64 I know many after gen 2, just not just most

[Streamer] Jacobjr1: @Twitchplayspokemon You never had the pleasure of playing Hoenn? You poor, poor trumpetless soul BibleThump

Twitchplayspokemon: @jacobjr1 3rd gen is where it kind of lost me, I beat it, but it was disappointing compared to gen 2

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Slowpoke is probably my favourite Pokemon, yes

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm not familiar with most Pokemon after gen 2

[Streamer] Overratedfishy: @Twitchplayspokemom Would you care to explain why you despise the Pokemon Chatot? I believe many of our viewers would LOVE to know. TriHard

Twitchplayspokemon: @OverratedFishy it's Deku's modbot doing that, I don't know why

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE EASYQUEST ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Easyquest: @Twitchplayspokemon Enjoy the donation, I have thoroughly enjoy the stream since RED and will enjoy for the coming future. Merry Christmas Once again :)

Twitchplayspokemon: @EasyQuest thank you for the donation, merry christmas to you too

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Easyquest: @Twitchplayspokemon Enjoy the donation, I have thoroughly enjoy the stream since RED and will enjoy for the coming future. Merry Christmas Once again :)

Projectrevotpp: @Easyquest Thank you!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp still no large match donations?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PogChamp PogChamp

[Streamer] The_uno: @twitchplayspokemon you owe me 14k for that match you drawed FUNgineeR

Twitchplayspokemon: @the_uno I didn't draw it, it was set to assume a crash if a match took longer than 60 minutes, I have since increased it to 90

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE FIERCE DEITY GUY ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kreygasm!!!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: OMG $70!?!?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What?! $70?!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PogChamp

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @Twitchplayspokemon so there is no way i can choose Phione my 6$ are gone, thx

Twitchplayspokemon: @PrincessKennyPlaysPokemon ask me again once I get the bug sorted out and I am able to manually edit/add donation matches

[Streamer] Jacobjr1: @Twitchplayspokemon Are any of the Gen 5 pokemon in PBR? I remember seeing there sprites pop up a few times but never chosen.

Twitchplayspokemon: @jacobjr1 they can never be selected, they're just there to mess with people

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @twitchplayspokemon...ok strange i tryd it 5 hours ago and 489 was uxie

Twitchplayspokemon: @PrincessKennyPlaysPokemon it might still be bugged then

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @twitchplayspokemon then tell me please the number from Phione

Twitchplayspokemon: @PrincessKennyPlaysPokemon 489 (not 498)

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @Twitchplayspokemon i beg you

Twitchplayspokemon: @PrincessKennyPlaysPokemon I don't have a command to manually set donation matches yet

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @twitchplayspokemon i wanted phione but with 489 i get uxie, so i added 9 more numbers cause uxie is 9 numbers b4 phione

Twitchplayspokemon: @PrincessKennyPlaysPokemon since a recent update the numbers are correctly interpreted as species IDs

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @Twitchplayspokemon I PAID 5,68$. WHY ISN'T MY MATCH IN THE QUEUE ?!?

Twitchplayspokemon: @PrincessKennyPlaysPokemon Tepig isn't in PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oh my god, they killed Kenya! You bastards! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: 1# he is nothing, 2# my match wasn't cancer, i didn't even had kakuna/metapod FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Princesskennyplayspokemon Guess whos name is in the PBR credits below the channel?

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @Projectrevotpp don't try to act like a stuff member idiot FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Princesskennyplayspokemon Responding with an Authority Fallacy is not the way to win an argument.

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @Hyperferret your life also but we still answer :/

Projectrevotpp: @Princesskennyplayspokemon Your donation is an offending match that is not allowed anymore, please quit asking about it.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Deoxys is the new Entei FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Leaderboard 1.0 Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This music.. FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MUSIC Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Other cancer matches could still get through

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Not sure about other matches

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: AFAIK the cancer that was caused by the Vapoeon/Milotic matches is filtered now

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I PAID 5,68$ ! WHY IS MY MATCH NOT IN THE QUEUE ?

Projectrevotpp: @Princesskennyplayspokemon Offending cancer matches are filtered out and not allowed anymore

[Streamer] Princesskennyplayspokemon: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I PAID 5,68$ ! WHY IS MY MATCH NOT IN THE QUEUE ?

Projectrevotpp: @Princesskennyplayspokemon Stop spamming and we'll answer you.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oh man, we tried FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Gen 4 should be working, the Gen 4 trio vs Gen 3 trio fight should work

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds

The music changed just when both teams were on their last Pokemon.

All the sudden the music changed to "Unwavering Emotions" from B/W. Cue "BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump" (Still in the cancer match btw.)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

(being spammed en masse)

[Chat] I'll say it again - Nkekev is scum and no matter the good things he has done from the community he has proven to be the biggest cancer of it for months now

[Snark] Vaporeon x Milotic OTP (Yes, it's one of those matches again.)

At some point in the past 50 minutes the stream began to operate again

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Projectrevotpp And why do you need the capture card?

Projectrevotpp: @Whataboutgaminglive The footage is transferred to the other PC so it can encode and lessen the load of the other PC

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Projectrevotpp And why do you need the capture card?

Projectrevotpp: @Whataboutgaminglive Because the footage is transferred from one PC (Producing PBR itself) to the Encoder PC

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We now have the money for 60FPS

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Projectrevotpp What is the model of the capture card you are going to buy and why you need it?

Projectrevotpp: @Whataboutgaminglive SC-512N1-L/DVI

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE CURSOR ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Looks like we may not have stream functionality for a while. Stand by folks

[Fluff] Yep, even he got <message deleted>. The wrath of Chatot knows no bounds.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But I like chatot too! OpieOP

[Streamer] Tyronetiggums64: @Projectrevotpp Is the stream just stuck like this and if not, when will it be fixed?

Projectrevotpp: @Tyronetiggums64 When streamer wakes up

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE YOUR QUESTIONGS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Whataboutgaminglive: @Projectrevotpp Can't you fix the stream yourself?

Projectrevotpp: @Whataboutgaminglive I cant without a !fix command

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ REFUND OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Nkekev: @projectrevotpp failed matchs with wrong mons

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev As compensation, you get 3 free donor matches

[Streamer] Nkekev: @projectrevotpp failed matchs with wrong mons

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev I cant refund without it being a chargeback which is bad for us, but Nkekev, Gen 4 should be fixed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The problem is the movesets that are just broken

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But the problem is never a selection of pokemon

[Streamer] Glitchmr: tl;dr - streamer doesn't want better movesets because matchmaking

Projectrevotpp: @Glitchmr He does but he wants to see if matchmaking can "fix" PBR

[RIP] Rip Wii Remote

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You'll have to convince streamer that matchmaking cant save PBR

Right now the game is frozen, with a message saying "Communications with the Wii Remote have been interrupted."

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But if you guys want the fixed movesets

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm not actually how sure that is .likely to be the case

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer has told me he wants to wait until Red starts to implement that, because he beliesv the matchmaking system will get good enough to fix the balance

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Also, in regards to PBR Gold..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Which will likely be done by the end of this month

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This will change with RAMwatch, which is a new dev feature being worked on

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Problem is, Dolphin has terrible, terrible RAM reading support.

[Streamer] Renakunisaki: so finally using RAM poking to control the game instead of screen reading, like I suggested ever since Stadium started?

Projectrevotpp: @Renakunisaki Possibly.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But considering streamer's schedule, maybe 1-2 hours

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm not sure

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RAMwatch will allow us to view the pokemon thats currently out, which is likely

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RAMwatch also should be done as a new feature of Dolphin by the end of the month

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Which prevents this from occuring

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: In some good news, JMC47 a dev of Dolphin says hes working on a new emulated wii remote call that prevents the remote from losing contact

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As soon as he responds I'll let him know

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer is likely asleep

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Will this stream ever melt?! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Did it really freeze?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand to the rescue

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ResidentSleeper

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wow ShibeZ

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: maybe bankbot got banned again?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if the match didn't finish no one lost any money

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: a button must've gotten stuck

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @Twitchplayspokemon how is the progress on coding for alternate forms? <3

Twitchplayspokemon: @ep1cnights should be very soon, keep getting sidetracked

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I fixed how the chat messages were still popping up after the match had finished

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't have anything to do with the subreddit

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the end-of-match chat should now show new chat messages and the match time limit was increased to 90 minutes from 60 minutes

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: quickly updating

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: diglett

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it might draw again, if it does I think I know why

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: huh?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: when it's down to one on one the music track should change to something else

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: update was to re-enable a feature that had to be disabled early on because the team status wasn't being reliably detected, now that it seems more reliable I tried re-enabling it

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Gen 4 donor matches should be fixed now, you can properly bet and have Arceus show up and whatnot

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: gen 4 donor should be fixed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Music is going backwards BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT OVER.. AGAIN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT OVER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream back up!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

And with that, the stream goes down! Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Double 1% iron tail FailFish

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp YOU LIED TO ME WITH THE NUMBERS OMGScoots

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 I was OFF by one! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: STREAMER SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: dialga/palkia/giratina is impossible since it uses 492/493/494

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: uh oh, its the azelf one

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp So wait, if it can't render it here, does that mean it wouldn't render it on the slot selection screen too? Then we'd get a random shiny Pokemon when the battle starts? PogChamp

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 Most likely just the normal sprite

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But it is possible it was parsed, it just cant render it on the donation matches

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I was really hoping for a second it did

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh no! Damn, it didnt..

[Streamer] Cashnastygaming: any subs in here? I wanna see there emojis

Projectrevotpp: @Cashnastygaming You with the turbo icon made me think you were streamer

[Streamer] Addarash1: !move d

Projectrevotpp: @Addarash1 Hurry up please, I want to see the experimental match if it works

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If it occurs

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The experimental match is soon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 519 is to test an exploit in the donor system

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Experimental Match PogChamp

(That was likely in response to my previous message: "@Projectrevotpp You should prevent shinies from being chosen in donation matches, or better yet, apply the same random chance as usual. Otherwise everyone will select the shiny ones and they won't be as special.")

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's going to be complete chaos if shinies are choosable.

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp What number?

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 Try 519

[Streamer] The_chef1337: !bet 250 red

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 As such, try this number to test select a shiny:

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp Oh god I want to test it again Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 This is only if Streamer doesnt check the var

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp Any way to select the Shiny variants of the Pokemon in donor matches?

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 I suppose since the variables are actually box positions in donor commands, its possible to exceed 493 and select some of the mons in box 18

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp Any way to select the Shiny variants of the Pokemon in donor matches?

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 I'm not actually sure

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its either going to be Azelf Dialga Palkia or Dialga Palkia Giratina

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I missed that donor message, what was those numbers?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp So, I have do outdonate myself? lol

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 I cant really change it, sorry

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: the match command isnt working

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The correct values for the gen 4 trio are 491 492 and 493

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ REFUND OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Yeah I noticed that too. Red is supposed to be Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, but instead it's Porygon-Z, Gallade, Froslass. So that's why I've seen this match before.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Selecting Gen 4 is faulty

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red is incorrect

[Snark] PRTPP has it wrong. It's ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ └༼ຈلຈ༽┐♫ O E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈلຈ༽┐ ♫

Take a wild guess what song is playing...

[Chat] ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: punWaifu we will tty and make sure all mons have offensive moves, possibly even if illegal, we will see

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc It has to pass the legal check, to be Stadium legitimate

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: spelling FailFish

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: @Projectrevotpp yeah we will be taking the sets from the doc you have put asterics in

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc Once Gen 2 is done, send me a private editable doc and ill astreik it, then it can be updated

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: punWaifu yeah l have been thinking that too, l will fix that when l get home

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc The doc doesnt have my Charizard and Mew set

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: streamer hasnt responded in 19 hours

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce Just reference the doc

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce The subreddit is depreciated anyway, cant edit the posts

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Projectrevotpp Couldn't you just use a network?

Projectrevotpp: @Flarn2006 Compression would hurt the network, also usage

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Projectrevotpp Capture card? Are you planning on using an actual Wii?

Projectrevotpp: @Flarn2006 We move the footage to a seperate PC to encode it

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp Like $20 more dollars? I get paid here within a few minutes Kreygasm

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 If you concent to covering the $20 shipping for the capture card

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: depending on shipping speed

[Streamer] The_chef1337: @Projectrevotpp How much more money?

Projectrevotpp: @The_chef1337 The upgrades are roughly $580-585, we have like $567 in Paypal

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: How soon do you want 60FPS? 3 days or 15 days? 3 days means more money

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We're about $10 short

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Turns out, we almost have enough for the 60FPS upgrade

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Something to mix up every battle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All I can say is that streamer is planning.. something

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce It'd help a little bit

[Streamer] Ignoramus__: !move b

Projectrevotpp: @Ignoramus__ Thats impossible, donations go to me, not him, I hold the money to use for TPP hardware and such, only subscriptions go to him

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce Try and get streamer's attention, even I cant seem to get through

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Somebody donate for a Dialga Palkia Giratina vs Arceus Kakuna Metapod match Kappa

Current match: Ditto, Vaporeon, Metapod vs. Kakuna, Milotic, Wobbuffet. Or "11,134,132/14,350,202" for short. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Metapod and Kakuna are getting Bug Bite in PBR Gold

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Redeem your Free Cancer coupons within the next 24 hours for the offer to be valid. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: And now its time for another hour of Free Cancer! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: yes, TPPBR's Christmas present

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: punWaifu PBR Gold cant come sooner

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc Expected PBR Gold done day is 25th of December

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Dat Solo Kreygasm

[Streamer] Mencee: without stockpile ofc

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Good

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A word of caution: Donor matches involving Gen 4 mons wont pick Gen 4 correctly

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Listen guys, sorry for earlier regaring the threat to Princesskennyplayspokemon. It was really a scare tactic in regards to cancer matches since I didnt have any real control, I wasn't actually going to do that in all seriousness. Still, I think it was a bit mean. I'm sorry.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm trying, but streamer hasnt responded all day

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: space program hype

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: okay Kappa

[Streamer] Shinysapphire: @Twitchplayspokemon Did you do this or does it automatically end in a draw after an hour? Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @ShinySapphire it automatically ends after an hour

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Bloody Sunday, Massacre Monday, Silent Tuesday, ______ Wednesday, Cancer Thursday, _____ Friday, ______ Saturday

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'd love to end the match, but there is no !endmatch command

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You've been warned

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: K, well, I'll troll back, if you donate for a cancer match one more time I'll disclose your real name on here

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds ban Princesskennyplayspokemon, donated for cancerous match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It was Princesskennyplayspokemon that donated for this match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys, who donated for this? What was their donor name

[Streamer] Kamaria: @Twitchplayspokemon Okay thanks for replying <3

Twitchplayspokemon: @kamaria if you stick to the lower IDs of Pokemon it should be fine

[Streamer] Kamaria: @Twitchplayspokemon If you're there, did you ever happen to patch the Donation match selection yet? or still working on it? Just asking before I decide to donate my money

Twitchplayspokemon: @kamaria should be fixed within 24 hours, I meant to update it last night but didn't have the time to keep an eye on it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR Gold (the fix for PBR's imbalance and cancerous matches) is about 50%

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The end of the battle is getting closer by the hour* Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: No more cancer

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Sad to say but I am in favor of adding Bug Bite to Kakuna and Metapod

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I sent a message to streamer to blacklist Kakuna and Metapod for donor matches until PBR Gold

[Streamer] Glassgunner: Why does acid armor have 40 pp DansGame

Projectrevotpp: @Glassgunner Probably a mistake

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If I were a mod I would use !endmatch to end it in a draw

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @projectrevotpp with community input? :/

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights http://www.reddit.com/r/tppprojectrevolution/

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @projectrevotpp with community input? :/

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights Yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We're about halfway to fixing PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Gen 2 is almost done in PBR Gold

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All names have to be present, and source quality

[Streamer] Pacifichell: Projectrevotpp you did it again, im so proud of the pbr team...

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell The results

[Streamer] Pacifichell: Projectrevotpp you did it again, im so proud of the pbr team...

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell Then get me screenshots of the offending match

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The waiting game = Cancer Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So go complain to Glitchmr if hes in chat

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: His Twitch name is Glitchmr, he does the JSON stats

[Streamer] Pacifichell: *drinks water Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell Stop playing the blame game, I cant do anything until Eusine gets back

[Streamer] Pacifichell: Projectrevotpp ow you didnt replied, what a surprise eliteanax!

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell Because I dont know if incorrect stat results can be refunded

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: But its not all the way corrected

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @projectrevotpp I thought you said you sent it to streamer Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights I did send the corrected JSON to streamer

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Wtf

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: @pacifichell how recent was this?

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights Actually no, the JSON is still incorrect apparently

[Streamer] Pacifichell: Projectrevotpp 297/298 (i dont exactly remember)

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell It was 278 yes?

[Streamer] Pacifichell: Projectrevotpp speed was wrong, a lot of people lost money because that, money has never came back

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell What was the stat on the preview?

[Streamer] Pacifichell: !bet 1 blue

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell What stat is wrong?

[Streamer] Pacifichell: Projectrevotpp I already asked streamer

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell About?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thank god its improperly ordered.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: What kind of cancer is this? Lung cancer or brain cancer?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: magikarp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: shiny gyrados

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot never cease to amaze me danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Ike's chatot never ceases to amaze me

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt = Salty Revolution (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Ike's chatot never ceases to amaze me

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot will never likely to cease to amaze you

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ratata

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: If nintendo does a Fire Emblem x Pokemon crossover Ike would have a chatot

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: my faviourite song PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: exeggcute

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: absol

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: so he's a grill?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: stabez

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: you type !roulette

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: helix has a funny mouth

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: rapikachu

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand = Chaot Liker (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I might be slightly drunk FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: stress PogChmapm

[Snark] v Didn't get banned; must be safe now!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I like chatot

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame = Worma dam (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sub danHype

Shedinja didn't even get sent out, so I don't know what happened. Maybe it was one of those mythical Shiny Pokemon hinted at by ProjectRevoTPP?

Shedinja is in the next match, and the chat seems to have noticed something odd: in its stats, its HP is listed as 148, instead of 1 like you'd expect.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE ARCEUS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Does Impeach_Impeachers Impeach itself? Kappa

[Streamer] Ep1cnights: TriHard Projectrevotpp confirming he'd still be a terrible mod

Projectrevotpp: @Ep1cnights It's past the point of funny 6 miles back.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: if I were mod I'd ban you spammers

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Same bots criticizing Beforedawn, stop spamming please

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: inb4 Metronome Explosion

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ IMPEACH BEFOREDAWN_ OR RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thanks for subscribing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer #1 Kreygasm

[Streamer] Renakunisaki: someone should set up a match where all mons have KAPOW Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @RenaKunisaki the matchup with the highest combined donation amount is selected, the others carry over until the next hour

[Streamer] Kamaria: @Projectrevotpp The system picked the wrong Pokemon

Projectrevotpp: @Kamaria Donor matches are at the beginning of every hour

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: These donor matches are paying for the 60FPS upgrade card which sadly this isnt actually 60FPS quite yet

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thanks for subscribing

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the donations have really helped TPP's space program KappaHD

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: is the donation match display not updating?

[Snark] And then we repeat the same exact match not even an hour later. Hizzah!

[PBR] The Hoenn Legendary Trio against Porygon-Z, Gallade, and Froslass. I wonder who's gonna win? Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: seedot

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: floatzel

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: psyduck

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Ike likes Chatot

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: almost done

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry it's taking awhile, doing a database backup just in case something goes wrong

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danHype thanks for subbing

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: does anyone have a screenshot of the final results? just want to confirm that they match

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I tried to improve the way the text looks in the bet list, it should hopefully be more readable now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: meant to update, but it didn't work properly

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: one moment

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: magikarp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: metapod

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's snowing PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: mellotia

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: lugia

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: did the ads start too early?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: don't get used to it, should be fixed soon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that's a shame I thought I fixed that

[Streamer] Addarash1: streamer please make the leaderboard finish scrolling, top players aren't even shown anymore

Twitchplayspokemon: @addarash1 that should be fixed now as well

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: infobot should count down when betting is about to end now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: refresh if you can't hear sound

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon you there?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

Back to normal!

And...it's broken again. That window is Dolphin (a GameCube/Wii emulator) in case anyone is wondering.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

/end ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

Stream's back! Back in the Pokemon selection slot machine.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly! Thank you for watching!

Also, there's currently a ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ taking place

Currently on the team selection screen. It says "Crowd Favorite - Team Blue"

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the emulator crashed?

[Streamer] Fuk_your_rules: @Twitch_plays_3ds can you please read the message i sent to your twitch? BibleThump if you could take some of your time to do it please..

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Fuk_your_rules I didn't participate in the design of pbr, ask projectrevotpp I think he knows more about it

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: any maybe even the first one to answer correctly gets $100

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: How do you like the idea of doing pokedex quiz during leaderboard instead of silhouette?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: pushed an update that should make the song display update more reliably now

[Meta] /u/flarn2006: "Created to automate the sometimes-tedious process of posting streamers' messages to the updater, it has recently received a modification to filter out Pokedex quiz messages." It's /u/TPPStreamerBot!

[Meta] Don't worry; I'm working on an upgrade to stop the streamer bot from spamming the updater with these Pokedex quiz messages.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Inflating its poison sacs, it fills the area with an odd sound and hits flinching opponents with a poison jab." It's Croagunk!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Inflating its poison sacs, it fills the area with an odd sound and hits flinching opponents with a poison jab." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? is known to stand motionless while staring at the sun all day long. some people revere it as a mystical pokemon out of their belief that ??? is in possession of the power to see into the future." It's Xatu!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? is known to stand motionless while staring at the sun all day long. some people revere it as a mystical pokemon out of their belief that ??? is in possession of the power to see into the future." What's that Pokemon?

Someone just used Perish Song. "All Pokemon hearing the song will faint in three turns!" Kind of appropriate here.

Music is currently bugged. We're in a battle, and it's supposed to be playing "BGM_BATTLE_POISON" from Conquest, but instead it's playing the "victory against wild Pokemon" music.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? toughen up their already rock-hard heads by headbutting one another." It's Cranidos!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? toughen up their already rock-hard heads by headbutting one another." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Solar energy is the source of its power, so it is strong during the daytime. When it spins, its body shines." It's Solrock!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Solar energy is the source of its power, so it is strong during the daytime. When it spins, its body shines." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "it is said that a home visited by a ??? will prosper. it can withstand cold of minus 150 degrees fahrenheit." It's Snorunt!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "it is said that a home visited by a ??? will prosper. it can withstand cold of minus 150 degrees fahrenheit." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It pools in its mouth a fluid with a honeylike scent, which is really an acid that dissolves anything." It's Victreebel!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It pools in its mouth a fluid with a honeylike scent, which is really an acid that dissolves anything." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "When they evolve, two Binacle multiply into seven. They fight with the power of seven Binacle." It's Barbaracle!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "When they evolve, two Binacle multiply into seven. They fight with the power of seven Binacle." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "With its flotation sac inflated, it can carry people on its back. It deflates the sac before it dives." It's Floatzel!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "With its flotation sac inflated, it can carry people on its back. It deflates the sac before it dives." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Its tusks are incredibly destructive. They can easily slice through a thick, sturdy steel column every time." It's Haxorus!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Its tusks are incredibly destructive. They can easily slice through a thick, sturdy steel column every time." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It clamps down on its prey with needle-sharp fangs and drains over 10 ounces of blood in one gulp." It's Golbat!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It clamps down on its prey with needle-sharp fangs and drains over 10 ounces of blood in one gulp." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Even dynamite can't harm its hard, boulder-like body. It sheds its hide just once a year." It's Golem!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It makes its way swiftly through the soil by putting both claws together and rotating at high speed." It's Drilbur!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It makes its way swiftly through the soil by putting both claws together and rotating at high speed." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp I was actually right

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Persian

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "this pokemon consists of six eggs that form a closely knit cluster. the six eggs attract each other and spin around. when cracks increasingly appear on the eggs, ??? is close to evolution." It's Exeggcute!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "this pokemon consists of six eggs that form a closely knit cluster. the six eggs attract each other and spin around. when cracks increasingly appear on the eggs, ??? is close to evolution." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Strong electricity courses through the tips of its sharp claws. A light scratch causes fainting in foes." It's Luxio!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Strong electricity courses through the tips of its sharp claws. A light scratch causes fainting in foes." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: sweeploom PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "The leaves on its forelegs are as sharp as swords. It agilely leaps about the branches of trees to strike." It's Sceptile!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "The leaves on its forelegs are as sharp as swords. It agilely leaps about the branches of trees to strike." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It is thought that its body is hollow with only a spectral ball of fire burning inside. However, no one has been able to confirm this theory as fact." It's Dusclops!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It is thought that its body is hollow with only a spectral ball of fire burning inside. However, no one has been able to confirm this theory as fact." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp it works danHype

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thanks for subscribing

[Streamer] Nukikero: @Twitchplayspokemon People are abusing it way too hard =/

Twitchplayspokemon: @nukikero since the latest update it can't be abused more than once

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it should also display new subscribers, but I haven't tested it as extensively

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: WooperZ ZrepooW

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: each user only gets one follower notification from now on

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: welcome to all my new followers KappaHD

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll be updating it so it only shows once per user

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "The turning of the seasons changes the color and scent of this Pokemon's fur. People use it to mark the seasons." It's Deerling!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "The turning of the seasons changes the color and scent of this Pokemon's fur. People use it to mark the seasons." What's that Pokemon?

[Chat] Gamebrojeremy: Every few seconds, Twitchplayspokemon gets a new follower. Together, we can stop this! Kappa//

I've seen at least two "new follower" messages I had just seen, so it looks like there's a bug.

There are currently a ton of "new follower" messages appearing at the top of the screen, one after another.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wow that new faith guy has such a funny name PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what's the most liked pokemon in TPP?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: oh I see I thought it was the internet

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp how long has it been offline?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: going to be updating TPP, it'll be offline for a few minutes

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "when ??? flew, people gained the determination to do things. it was the birth of willpower." It's Azelf!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "when ??? flew, people gained the determination to do things. it was the birth of willpower." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "On rare occasions, some have been found as fossils which they became while hiding on the ocean floor." It's Kabuto!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "On rare occasions, some have been found as fossils which they became while hiding on the ocean floor." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Its feet have suction cups designed to stick to any surface. It tenaciously climbs trees to forage." It's Caterpie!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Its feet have suction cups designed to stick to any surface. It tenaciously climbs trees to forage." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Its body is harder than any other kind of metal. The body metal is composed of a mysterious substance. Not only is it hard, it shrinks and stretches flexibly." It's Registeel!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "Its body is harder than any other kind of metal. The body metal is composed of a mysterious substance. Not only is it hard, it shrinks and stretches flexibly." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It lures Pokemon with its pattern that looks just like a Poke Ball, then releases poison spores." It's Foongus!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It lures Pokemon with its pattern that looks just like a Poke Ball, then releases poison spores." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? always travels by rolling around on its ball-like body. when the season for ice floes arrives, this pokemon can be seen rolling about on ice and crossing the sea." It's Spheal!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? always travels by rolling around on its ball-like body. when the season for ice floes arrives, this pokemon can be seen rolling about on ice and crossing the sea." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It shatters ice with its big tusks. Its thick blubber repels not only the cold, but also enemy attacks." It's Walrein!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It shatters ice with its big tusks. Its thick blubber repels not only the cold, but also enemy attacks." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It acts as a delivery service by carrying small Pokemon in its bill. It bobs on the waves to rest." It's Pelipper!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It acts as a delivery service by carrying small Pokemon in its bill. It bobs on the waves to rest." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "deep in the night, your shadow cast by a streetlight may suddenly overtake you. it is actually a ??? running past you, pretending to be your shadow." It's Gengar!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "deep in the night, your shadow cast by a streetlight may suddenly overtake you. it is actually a ??? running past you, pretending to be your shadow." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "A Pokemon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted." It's Poochyena!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "A Pokemon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "In the fever of an exciting battle, it showers embers from the gaps between its feathers and takes to the air." It's Talonflame!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'M RICH!!! Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "In the fever of an exciting battle, it showers embers from the gaps between its feathers and takes to the air." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: P Kreygasm A Kreygasm Y Kreygasm O Kreygasm U Kreygasm T

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This RNG FailFish

[Streamer] 1hlixed1: !move -

Projectrevotpp: @1hlixed1 What does a pidgey conspiracy smell like? Chicken? Kappa

[Streamer] Ironicsalmon: !bet 100 blue

Twitchplayspokemon: @ironicsalmon it should already been reset a few days ago

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It uses psychic power to control an opponent's brain and tamper with its memories." It's Beheeyem!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hypno?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It uses psychic power to control an opponent's brain and tamper with its memories." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Abilities matter Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Please Arceus BibleThump

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It lived on the seafloor 100 million years ago and was reanimated scientifically." It's Lileep!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Omastar Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It lived on the seafloor 100 million years ago and was reanimated scientifically." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shut up and take my dongers! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fitting music BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Music Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "if a traveler is going through a desert in the thick of night, ??? will follow in a ragtag group. the pokemon are biding their time, waiting for the traveler to tire and become incapable of moving." It's Cacturne!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "if a traveler is going through a desert in the thick of night, ??? will follow in a ragtag group. the pokemon are biding their time, waiting for the traveler to tire and become incapable of moving." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The poor get poorer, the rich get richer Kappa

[Streamer] Thegolfzy: @projectrevotpp Will donation matches ever be possible again? BloodTrail

Projectrevotpp: @Thegolfzy I think so

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Alakazam and Typhlosion for red

[Snark] https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=%22there+is+an+orb+inside+its+mouth%22

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "There is an orb inside its mouth. When it hops, the orb bounces all over and makes a ringing sound." It's Chingling!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All mons in gen 4 are available, but not sure why the hidden ones arent appearing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it'll probably come back up in a moment or two

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: connection issues

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? sucks in water, then expels it at high velocity using its abdominal muscles to shoot down flying prey. when evolution draws near, this pokemon travels downstream from rivers." It's Remoraid!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? sucks in water, then expels it at high velocity using its abdominal muscles to shoot down flying prey. when evolution draws near, this pokemon travels downstream from rivers." What's that Pokemon?

[Meta] RIP Ralph Baer- The "Father of Video Games" has reportedly passed Ralph Baer Has Passed Away at 92 Sad day

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: somtimes Deku's connection drops out for a moment, so it might come back online shortly

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: can't connect to the server, Deku might be having connection issues or the server crashed

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it will draw a match as an error handling mechanism, it's better than crashing the stream

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "red and blue ??? usually do not get along, but sometimes members of one school mingle with the other's school." It's Basculin!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "red and blue ??? usually do not get along, but sometimes members of one school mingle with the other's school." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It never lets go of a key that it likes, so people give it the keys to vaults and safes as a way to prevent crime." It's Klefki!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It never lets go of a key that it likes, so people give it the keys to vaults and safes as a way to prevent crime." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "They use psychic power to control their arms, which are made of a special liquid. They can crush boulders psychically." It's Reuniclus!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "They use psychic power to control their arms, which are made of a special liquid. They can crush boulders psychically." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: zigzagoon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It skillfully controls the intensity of the fire on its tail to keep its foes at an ideal distance." It's Monferno!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "It skillfully controls the intensity of the fire on its tail to keep its foes at an ideal distance." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "The solar rays it absorbs are processed in its energy core and fired as a ball of light." It's Gigalith!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "The solar rays it absorbs are processed in its energy core and fired as a ball of light." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PoleDoge

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "??? that live in seas with harsh tidal currents grow large, sharp spikes on their shells." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "two ??? live together on one rock. when they fight, one of them will move to a different rock." What's that Pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !zxcv

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: garbite

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what do you like again? OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt OneHand

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 666 viewers Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys, PBR is balanced! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys, PBR is balanced! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus had a bad dream that Nintendo shutdown TPP and fainted Kappa

[Streamer] Flyingj138: Does anyone here know how Arceus lost? EleGiggle

Projectrevotpp: @Flyingj138 Darkrai's bad dreams IIRC

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: @Projectrevotpp Did you get Chauzu's message? BloodTrail

Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce Keep the fixes and suggestions coming

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: @Projectrevotpp Did you get Chauzu's message? BloodTrail

Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce Yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: VROOM VROOM PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Nitroboards incoming PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Order would normally matter here, but no order..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: P Kreygasm A Kreygasm Y Kreygasm O Kreygasm U Kreygasm T

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://www.reddit.com/r/tppprojectrevolution/ if you wish to help "fix" PBR you can go here to help, also talk to chauzu and mencee regarding the documents on the guidelines

[Streamer] Bushmallow: Why is there Touhou music here? Is streamer a fan of Touhou?

Projectrevotpp: @Bushmallow Touhoumon I guess

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thanks advertisement for being useful for once

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It's Milotic!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: "When people bicker, it is said to arise from the depths of lakes to becalm violent hearts." who's this pokemon?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: a random fish DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: alomomola

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 blue PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: iphone PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DBstyle blue use pay day

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DBStyle blue on move c for extra cash

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: if blue spam pay day they get more money right?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 red PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp it's happening

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamo all in red

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp = Pog Chamo (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move a danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move - PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move d OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDragon PogChamp

[Streamer] Keredau: @Twitchplayspokemon can you do anything about the volume levelling?

Twitchplayspokemon: @kereDAU not really, it's a lot of songs to adjust manually

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: have any Omega Ruby songs played yet?

[Streamer] Batmanji: X/Y music is great if you're actually listening to it, it's not that impressive during the game though

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji You LISTEN to it FailFish

[Streamer] Batmanji: X/Y music is great if you're actually listening to it, it's not that impressive during the game though

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji Thats the whole point of music FailFish

[Streamer] Duplexbegreat: Kreygasm COME RAYQUAZA, GREEN AS DAY Kreygasm

Projectrevotpp: @Duplexbegreat Green Day Kappa


Projectrevotpp: @The_uno That is the name of the game, get used to it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: but thank you Faithful for helping to fix this

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Well, I guess i'm wrong

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: yes that was it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Gen 1 for PBR Gold is pretty much done thanks to work by Faithful Chauzu and Mencee and someone else I forget

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus #2 Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Crit really, really, really did not matter.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus wont be picked, but it'd be nice

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: lemme try: chatot

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fitting music Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Bronzong and Infernape I guess

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A crit was needed, there was no crit, the dream is dead

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shut up and take my dongers. Kappa

[Streamer] Iatias: @projectrevotpp wasn't that subreddit private?

Projectrevotpp: @Iatias It's public now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shut up and take my dongers! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: In serious talk, go here http://www.reddit.com/r/tppprojectrevolution/ to help if you want to "fix" the movesets.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys, PBR is balanced! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: How fitting, this music is about a world that is inside a whale Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MORE Keepo Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 420 splash it Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TPP isnt dead, it's dancing! Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Announcer is actually saying BEX. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: my favorite track

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its a Ditto! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MIROR B Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Please go there if you wish to help "fix" PBR

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://www.reddit.com/r/tppprojectrevolution/ PBR Gold is now open

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://www.reddit.com/r/tppprojectrevolution/ PBR is now open for moveset suggestions

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo MEOW

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://www.reddit.com/r/tppprojectrevolution/ PBR Gold is now open

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Gengar

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danYay'

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !move d OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 red PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danRage danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's happening PogChamp I'm going to me so rich

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !bet 100 blue danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp all in on squirrel

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danSad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDragon = Mega Charizard Y (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danPalm

[Streamer] Indigodex: who's deku?

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Indigodex no idea

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what the hell my bet didn't go through danRage

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt danYay danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp danYay

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: cloyster

[Streamer] Lade1rex: @Twitchplayspokemon Sorry if this feels a little spammy, but i'm legit worried about this. For the TPP Red Pokedex Completion Run, do you have any way to deal with the issue of if we end up failing to catch a legendary?

Twitchplayspokemon: @lade1rex there wont be a problem

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Announcer: ECH

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !roulette 3

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !roulette 1

[Streamer] Marsadeptenten: @Twitchplayspokemon : Streamer, have you put "ENDING~To Their Respective Futures~" on the playlist you use for leaderboards? It's not meant for a battle track.

Twitchplayspokemon: @marsadeptenten seems like you answered your own question

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I also tried improving the clarity of the text in the bet list, does it seem slightly better?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: chat messages should display now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: had to reload the playlist

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balance

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !balanc

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: chat still isn't displaying? odd

Stream is back up! Wally's music is still playing, and everyone's still rioting.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream down, but people are already rioting for randomized team orders. Wally's battle theme from OR/AS is playing!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: adding Omega Ruby soundtrack, just a moment

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what lag?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: lanturn

[Streamer] Pacifichell: Projectrevotpp money from wrong sceptile's speed stat battle is never comaing back right?

Projectrevotpp: @Pacifichell The refund for the infamous match yesterday was already refunded

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE CURSOR ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 1 MILLION BET Kreygasm

In 45 minutes, TwitchSpeaks will be hosting another human mode with /u/PokemonGod777 reading the live TPP chat aloud for an hour, followed by TPP commentates a sporting event + TPP makes a riff track for a Hollywood movie + TPP plays Wikipedia, come hang out! http://www.twitch.tv/twitchspeaks

[Chat] I Like Chatot. Kappa

[Snark] It's been 3000 years and the stream is no longer borked

Copypasta Fest is happening due to the Stream being borked

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: pichu

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: use !roulette instead

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: seedot

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: is there any overlap between those complaining about fog and those complaining about no shuffle?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: maybe if it was more distorted like a CAPTCHA there could be a reward but it's too easy as is

[Streamer] Wertx24: @Twitchplayspokemon do you get anything if you guess the 'who is this pokemon thing' correct?

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 no, it's too easy for that

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: mind*

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: @Twitchplayspokemon you must understand that without any part of shuffle like in Stadium 2 a lot of games will have no thrill, but I believe you will be able to find a good system as always Kappa/

Twitchplayspokemon: @chauzu_vgc I have a better system than shuffle in minf

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't like shuffle, but there are shuffle-like things I might try after matchmaking has stabilized

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PoleDoge is facing the wrong way though

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: there's no bonus for betting earlier, it just makes you look cool

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PoleDoge

[Streamer] Wahisietel_the_cake: !balance

Twitchplayspokemon: @wahisietel_the_cake shinies and forms aren't available yet but very soon

[Streamer] Aceblayde: @Twitchplayspokemon I would like to ask you a question you do not have to answer it if you don't want to though but what inspired you to create TPP and what was your first vision/idea of it?

Twitchplayspokemon: @aceblayde saltybet

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: failfish

[Streamer] Wertx24: Twitchplayspokemon/hey do you get to pick gen5 poke too ore thery are just for showing?

Twitchplayspokemon: @wertx24 just for showing

[Streamer] Pokemongod777: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, Will donation matches ever return?

Twitchplayspokemon: @pokemongod777 yes, it'll be an automated system where you can donate towards a particular matchup to be played as the first match after the leaderboard

[Streamer] Haxorus0101: @Twitchplayspokemon, why are some legendaries such as Ho-oh not picked?

Twitchplayspokemon: @haxorus0101 they should get picked eventually

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: today I imported Omega Ruby's soundtrack but it'll take awhile to upload into production

[Streamer] Pokemongod777: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Can we have the Catz 10 PM music at some point in the shuffle?

Twitchplayspokemon: @pokemongod777 it's in there too

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: just don't do that copy pasta FailFish

[Streamer] Animefan210: daruse sandstorm Kreygasm

Twitchplayspokemon: @animefan210 no but I requested it from someone who can make loopable brstms so maybe soon

[Streamer] Aceblayde: @Twitchplayspokemon I understand if you don't want to though.

Twitchplayspokemon: @aceblayde no way to force songs yet, but it's in the playlist so who knows?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: twitch is like chatot = timeout

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it shouldn't be banning for that

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I don't ban people for saying chatots

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds I'm not doing anything with it

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon what is the capture pc doing right now?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: what happened to the on-screen chat?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg twitch

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I think twitch will win

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand rips

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: KAPOW = twitch is like chatot (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp two feebas

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: shiny feebas PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: two swampets PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDragon = Mega Charizard Y (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danHype danHype danTrain

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: It's happening PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's marill PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: that's one spotless spinda

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: dark FrankerZ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's *** PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: glaceon

[Snark] This is a berry good pick for the battle music...

[PBR] Oh hey, the Draw system worked. Yay!

[Streamer] Playerpichu: @Twitchplayspokemon I kinda wish it was an "everybody wins" situation and everyone got to keep their money, but I was on the "winning" team, so I'm biased. ;w;

Twitchplayspokemon: @playerpichu they get to keep any winnings made using incorrectly won money

[Streamer] Starmiewaifu: @Twitchplayspokemon u reversed what this mean?

Twitchplayspokemon: @starmiewaifu for that bugged match, if you lost money, you get it back, it you won money it's deducted from your account

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @poke_prescence I reversed everyone's winnings/losings

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: they're previewing upcoming Nintendo games right now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: TheGameAwards just started a moment ago if you want to watch TPP potentially win "Best Fan Creation": http://www.twitch.tv/thegameawards

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: GAME AWARDS Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: TPP is likely going to win "Best Fan Creation" in The Game Awards, it's starting very soon if you want to watch: http://www.twitch.tv/thegameawards

[Streamer] Nkekev: @projectrevotpp It was stage 1 mons and Arceus who stats were wrong ?

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev Example, Whismur had correct stats

[Streamer] Nkekev: @projectrevotpp It was stage 1 mons and Arceus who stats were wrong ?

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev stage 1 of 3 evo mons and Arceus stats were the only correct ones as they had 31 IVs

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b down

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All the dongers aren't falling down, aren't falling down, aren't falling down Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus #6 Kreygasm

[Fluff] That Celebi shadow had a weird outline to it, just saying :P

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Are refunds issued from earlier?

[Streamer] Mencee: Wait, was random order ever confirmed later on? OMGScoots

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Streamer doesnt seem to want random order this time around, you will have to convince him its the only way to "balance" these matches

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: However, I think refunds are issued

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's not 60FPS unfortunately due to a limitation, but we'll make that happen soon

[Snark] He said he'd fix the timer after that match. He didn't say right after.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll fix the timer after this match

The bottom of the screen says "Omega Ruby returns in 69d15h47m40s". I assume it's supposed to say Red.

[Fluff] Streamer forgot to change the countdown back to Red Anniversary. Now it displays "Omega Ruby returns" in its spot lol

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon I'll take the capture pc offline and try the gpu now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'll take the capture pc offline and try the gpu now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: balances were adjusted during downtime

[Fluff] Back to PBR :P

Pokémon Battle Revolution is now back online!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: oh wait

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon ?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Pokémon Omega Ruby is currently down!

13d 2h 7m We trade Sandshrew, Male, 16, Sandshre with [Foreign Text] for a Kangaskhan named [Foreign Text]

13d 2h 5m Azelf, 50, !!uuju8iyuuu with [Foreign Text] for Slakoth named [Foreign Text]

13d 2h 4m Gloom, level 25, Female E48fehhoej0w with Stoop for a Zigzagoon!

13d 2h 3m Lairon, Male, 39, equip Hard Stone, Hi 2(5 spaces?) with Christoph for a Nincada!

13d 2h 2m Magikarp, Male, 30, Eeehbbdw5kpm with Isaac for a Numel!

13d 2h 0m Tropius, Male, 27, (space)22r jrf i wth Zennoh for a Seedot!

[Snark] Let's just make all of the Harry Potter jokes. ALL OF THEM.

13d 1h 59m Gloom, 28, Female, !r(2spaces)rot4(1 space) with Emerald for a Bidoof named Dobby

13d 1h 58m Goldbat, Male, 31, Dz2 with AlexdiglettM for a Puppance!

13d 1h 57m Audino, Female, 38, !uruu9bttt22 to Bryce for a Relicanth!

13d 1h 55m Walrein, Male, 34, VvuttTrrrrrr with [Foreign Text] for a Wurmple!

13d 1h 54m Bagon, Female, 39, !!!quyuu455y with OCA for a Spinda named [Foreign Text]

13d 1h 53m Solrock, 39, holding Stardust, !uiugguuuuuu with Ryan for Feebas!

13d 1h 51m Duskull, Female, 28, Duskulluuwu1 with Vereese for an Eevee!

13d 1h 50m Shuppet, Male, 29, Shuppett55hh! with Gabriel for a Zigzagoon!

13d 1h 49m Gloom, 29, Male, Gloomooz with Wolf for a Wurmple named [Foreign Text]!

13d 1h 48m Pikachu Male, 30, Pikachurrroo to Felipe for a Pansage!

13d 1h 47m Sinpda, Male, 15, Spindaew with BRAYAN for a Luvdisc named [Foreign Text]

13d 1h 45m We trade our level 5 Male Piplup with Gosia for a Lileep!

13d 1h 44m Aerodactyl, Level 20, Male (our revived Amber Fossil) with Lachlan for a Roselia!

13d 1h 43m Nincada, 6, Female, named Nincad with [Foreign Text] for a Rotom named [Foreign Text]

13d 1h 42m Level 8, Male, Skitty named Skitt with [Foreign Text] for a Honedge named [Foreign Text]

13d 1h 40m Lileep, Male, 20, with Tate for a Magikarp!

13d 1h 39m Male, 30, Kecleon named Kecleonrttnn with Wolfen for Nincada!

13d 1h 38m We trade a Level 27 Female Tropius named Tropius!h77!! to Paul for a Marill!

13d 1h 37m We trade a level 16 Male Skarmory named !3rs eff4prr with Wonder for a Poochyena!

13d 1h 35m We trade a level 15 Female Machop named MaQBOchopPYY to Jake for a Doduo!

13d 1h 34m Trading a level 19 Female Zangoose named !yu4,(Diamond)*2. with [Foreign Text] for a Poliwhirl named [Foreign Text]

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Unfortunately.. but this time, its the best CPU the 1150 socket can do

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp new cpu?

13d 1h 33m We trade a Zangoose named Zangoosest88 with [Foreign Text] for an Electrike named [Foreign Text]

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds I'm going to order a beefy CPU cooler which will fit in the case (I checked height clearence) but needs a backplate installed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds We have no choice but to order beefier components, the stuff we ordered wasn't sufficient

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp for what?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds If you're able to access the back of the mobo, that's good enough

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds A CPU cooler backplate

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp what backplate?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 1000th pokemon caught with matching pokeball

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: next is a big one

13d 1h 31m We trade a level 12 Male Electrike named w with John for a Taillow!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds I need you to see if installing a backplate is possible on the Server chassis

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp ?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds

13d 1h 30m We trade our level 13 Male Gulpin named F7666fr with Mang yi seul for a Wurmple named [Foreign Text]

13d 1h 29m Level 11 Female Seedot with a Repel equipped with [Foreign Text] for a Wailord named [Foreign Text]


13d 1h 28m We trade our level 8 Female Skitty named Skittyyyusrw to Alejandro for a Ralts named Trasla

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's going to take a while to clear out everything

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: nonstop wonder trade now, get ready

13d 1h 27m We trade the level 33 Female (Tent-like figure, Black body, Orange/yellow Coat) named !treruuuuedw to AlFrEd7 for a Plusle!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'll hand out every single pokemon in the pc through wonder trade

[Info] Playtime Extended! ORAS ends in 42 minutes


13d 1h 15m We trade a Shinx, level 1, Female named SunFlare (Heart) with Kai for a Luvdisc!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PBR is down for maintenance right now

13d 1h 13m We trade that level 14 Male Aron, name of [Foreign Text] with Mega for an Absol!

13d 1h 11m We trade our level 13 Male Minun nicknamed [Foreign Text] with Rupert for a Dratini!

[Info] That Golduck at 13d 1h 4m is supposed to be a Psyduck.

13d 1h 9m We trade our level 29 Male Psyduck named !!uu with Jake for a Poochyena named Wolf

[Info] The Aron was level 14 and male.

13d 1h 8m We trade that level 1 Male Spinda with [Foreign Text] for a Aron named [Foreign Text]

[Info] That level 1 Spinda knows Tackle, Baton Pass, and Disable!

13d 1h 5m Doduo, Level 28, Female, nicknamed (Female Sign)yo iu111rf6 with S.(2 spaces)O. for a Sinda named [Foreign Text]

13d 1h 4m We trade away our level 29 Female Golduck named % with Dia for a Gloom!

[Info] That Noibat was level 30 and Male!

[Fluff] Not Shiny, sorry. :P

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: r

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: r

13d 1h 1m We trade a level 13 Male Gulpin named Gulaafrt3 with [Foreign Text] for a (Shiny?) Noibat!

13d 0h 59m We trade a level 1 Female Ralts with James for a Zweilous with no nickname!

13d 0h 58m Traded our level 11 Female minun named !!!!!(2 spaces)Uuuu with Chelsea for an Audino named [Foreign Text]

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: r

13d 0h 56m We trade that level 25 Female Pinsir named Ana1 Pincher with [Foreign Text] for a Ralts named [Foreign Text]

13d 0h 50m We trade our level 1 Male Chikorita (the one we got earlier) with [Japanese Text] for a Minun named [Japanese Text]

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Snark] Great Job Deku, you broke the stream

[Snark] Kappa// for Deku's memory over here.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I was switching Ethernet cable around and forgot this is live FailFish

Pokémon Omega Ruby is now back online!

Pokémon Omega Ruby is currently down!

[Info] That Chikorita is level 1, same with the Ralts, and the Shroomish is level 23.

13d 0h 40m We exited the secret base onto Route 119!

13d 0h 31m Exited the base!

[Snark] Pretty sure you can guess what the chat is spamming right now.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is definitely a game. It's a bunch of people coming together to get through a popular JRPG franchise's games. Kappa

13d 0h 29m Traded our level 10 Male Poochyena named uu67 ee with Hunter for a Pinsir named Ana1 Pincher

13d 0h 28m We trade our level 10 Female Zigzagoon named 97% with Reese for a Ralts!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: l and r works

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: l

13d 0h 26m We trade that level 42 Female Kakuna named 2 with Ryan for a Chikorita with no nickname!

13d 0h 24m We heal multiple times!

13d 0h 22m We enter our secret base!

[Snark] Another fire starter bites the dust...at least we didn't release it right?

12d 0h 21m We trade our level 5 Cyndaquil with Ryan for a Kakuna with no nickname!

13d 0h 19m Suppet, (Female Sign)2 rrr(2spaces)rmmz, Female, level 27 with JORGE for a Deino with no nickname!

[Streamer] Aeroacqua: Will the new PBR interface be better? PicoMause

Projectrevotpp: @Aeroacqua PBR's just getting some hardware upgrades

13d 0h 17m We trade our level 16 Male Sunskirt named HyperBug with a Japanese Person who gave us a Shroomish named more Japanese Characters!

[Fluff] Someone actually named their Pokemon "2" on purpose?

[Snark] Fair trade IMO

13d 0h 12m We trade that level 6 Male Cascoon we just got for with Khaleese for a Kakuna named 2

[Chat] Marsadeptenten: We trade Lord Amber and get... ...a *** Cascoon. FailFish

[Info] That was a Wonder Trade, more specifically.

13d 0h 11m We trade our level 22 Male Aerodactyl, no nickname, equipped with a Potion to J for a Cascoon!

[Info] Wifi and whatnot are free range in terms of WTing and battling.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Stopped PBR to upgrade the Encoding

[Info] 1hr 27 Minutes until PBR returns

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: here

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TPP is being censored by Nintendo SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Theres a black box, deku

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 160, 10

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 240, 120

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what?

13d 0h 6m It's the blue black screen of death! Kappa

13d 0h 5m A mysterious black box has covered most of the top half of the screen!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: that's right

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Primal Dialga froze time BibleThump

[OR] We are currently with our final party, the ones with WT mons, sometime slightly before we finished.

13d 0h 4m v He's referring to the "Omega Ruby postgame ends" timer

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Time is frozen BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Timer forever frozen at 1:29:54

Pokemon Omega Ruby is back!

[Fluff] That Omega Ruby Returns Hype!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Pokémon Battle Revolution is currently down!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Ctrl F5 to fix music

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: a

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Music again FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Explosion is one of the awesome PBR move animations

[Streamer] Goldtex: @Projectrevotpp Do you know why the music committed suicide?

Projectrevotpp: @Goldtex No idea, a streamer issue

[Streamer] Michael_poopy: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ STREAMER IS DEAD GUYS ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

Projectrevotpp: @Michael_poopy Streamer's not dead, he's just dancing!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Cloyster originally had both Spikes & Toxic Spikes

[Snark] All hail Lord Claw. (Music died)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Silence Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We had Alder looping over and over again

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Didnt this glitch happen last time?

[Streamer] Audioyapper080: Vote for the son of Whismur V

Projectrevotpp: @Audioyapper080 Whismur VI? Kappa

[Streamer] Thesuperbowser2: why are they bringing back omega ruby, i liked PBR

Projectrevotpp: @Thesuperbowser2 PBR upgrades on its hardware

[Streamer] Thesuperbowser2: why are they bringing back omega ruby, i liked PBR

Projectrevotpp: @Thesuperbowser2 Its only temporary

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Nope, no glitch

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: here it comes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Blue could win anyways, embrace glitch

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red could be misidentified as the loser

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You guys got lucky, this is the offending stage

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: What does Crystal stage do

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx Crystal stage has the potential to misidentify Blue as winner

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds You got the last of the 2 packages according to the tracking codes?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: Because people's money seems to be disappearing

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx After tonight most FPS related bet issues should be no more

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This was a colosseum that could misidentify if Red somehow won

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: So no worries, just be patient

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: PogChamp so that 1:150 wasn't an underdog win, but a glitch?

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx We've already got the list of changes to be issued for a refund

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: PogChamp wrong payments? Oh ***

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx There was a match earlier where it misidentified the winning team

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: PogChamp wrong payments? Oh ***

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx Refunds are issued soon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's Kappa!

[Streamer] Thegreatmightyhelix: it's clearly a voltorb Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Thegreatmightyhelix You suck at the game. It's CLEARLY a Garchomp. Kappa

[Streamer] Mencee: @Z33k33 thanks for faith's screenshots I typed out everyones balances back to normal, hopefully streamer finds it useful.

Projectrevotpp: @Mencee Useful? It was required to revert changes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Donations would help upgrade the PBR PC itself's CPU to have absolutely smooth gameplay

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Refunds for the infamous match earlier are soon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Im not sure if we'll get a clean 60FPS, but it'll help dramatically

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Regardless, this is sure to speed up the game and lessen frame drops

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: And better timing means no more mismatches

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This is because the encoder PC will lessen the load of the producer, making more frames available

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The glitch can only occur (To my knowledge) on Magma Colosseum or Crystal Colosseum, it will likely be no longer an issue once we upgrade the PBR PCs (Encoder and Producer)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The bug that literally has a mustache.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Subtle stuff like that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Theres a reason Kricketune has mostly sound moves, if you havent noticed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DELELELELE WOOOOOOOP ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Im getting better at guessing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Slaking

[Snark] /r/pcmasterrace

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Darn it! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: And more CPU usage will be available, so less bugs

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR is getting an upgrade to 1080p60 during the OR/AS return

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: My money... BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Whats this? Stadium 2 is evolving! Stadium 2, PBR, Stadium 2-.. oh.. wait.. I can't make that joke anymore BibleThump

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

Yes, that's 1h 24m, not 1d 24h...even though that would really be 2d 0h

Omega Ruby returns in 1h 24m!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Omega Ruby timer at the bottom

[Streamer] Schmitter_deluxe: @Twitchplayspokemon Just out of curiosity, how do you immediately know there is a problem all the time? I can't imagine that you're always watching but I don't know.

Twitchplayspokemon: @schmitter_deluxe I usually work from home, so it's not much trouble to have it running on a secondary monitor

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I try to only message streamer if there's actually a genuine problem

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I fixed the bet recording bug last night but I didn't want to update in case it caused a problem while I was sleeping

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: bets should now be recorded properly, and the leaderboard should update correctly too

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Stats are fixed

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: refunds soon

Stream back up!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oops, box 18 details were leaked!

Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly! Thank you for ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノing!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: JSON update guys, stats are finally fixed!

[Streamer] Mrewhite: ah

Projectrevotpp: @Mrewhite Read the description

[Streamer] Teebz_ftw: !jynx

Projectrevotpp: @Teebz_ftw Your dispute was dropped, thats what I was looking for since disputes are bad for TPP, you need to call your card company and explain the situation, I cant do anything from here.

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: !balance

Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce I know about that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Refunds will be coming eventually to the infamous match earlier

[Streamer] Coteup: @Twitchplayspokemon what about the people who had the balls to bet on blue BibleThump

Twitchplayspokemon: @coteup they'll have their balances adjusted downward

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PBR will be having some downtime in a couple of hours so hopefully I'll adjust the balances then

[Streamer] Greensoul257: Twitchplayspokemon please respond can this glitch happen again? Or did you fix it? BloodTrail

Twitchplayspokemon: @greensoul257 I don't know what caused the glitch but if it was due to CPU saturation the impending upgrade to PBR should fix it

The Veilstone Game Corner music is currently playing. It's started a dance riot!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the screenshots will be processed and everyone will have their balances adjusted accordingly

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sure, screenshots would work

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I can't find the match in the recorded footage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The system thought the crystals was blue's clothes, so it misidentified the winner most likely

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce The offending colosseums capable of color mismatch are Magma Colosseum and Crystal Colosseum

[Streamer] Mencee: @Twitchplayspokemon Seriously, so much money was last and there was NO plan if this happened?

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee the plan was for the bets to be tracked by the database, and they were, just not the team or amount

(bot quoted wrong message)

[Streamer] Nkekev: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I'm updating the doc for everyone, it's a hard work and stats are wrong

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev As soon as streamer applies the new one, stats are fixed

[Streamer] Nkekev: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I'm updating the doc for everyone, it's a hard work and stats are wrong

Projectrevotpp: @Nkekev The JSON that fixes stats was sent to streamer

[Streamer] Mencee: lost* FailFish

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee the plan was for the bets to be tracked by the database, and they were, just not the team or amount

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Twitchplayspokemon You could look at the past broadcast where it showed everyone's balance and bets

Twitchplayspokemon: @flarn2006 database won't accept video as queries, unfortunately

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon At least refund the top 5 bets in each match?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: won't be able to do refunds because bets weren't being recorded in the database correctly

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer had a bad dream that TPP was cancelled by Nintendo and fainted Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: JUDGEEEEEEENT Kreygasm

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ REFUND OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Last battle was Carvanha, Pelipper, Clefairy on blue vs. Giratina, Torkoal, Vileplume on red. Giratina swept the entire blue team, resulting in a victory for Red, but due to a glitch, the system thought Blue won. Since the odds were about 1:156, this was a pretty big deal.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I guess it was just my mistake

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: !balance

Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce I see that

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Ill check the footage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It didnt? I presumed Clefairy metronome'd

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon The chat is just upset

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon A legendary 1:156 bet ended in underdog winning

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: did something genuinely mess up or are you just trolling?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: P Kreygasm A Kreygasm Y Kreygasm O Kreygasm U Kreygasm T

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Crit really, really really did not matter.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think I know what the problem is

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it thought the match crashed

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: stress PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus is #42, the answer to his universe Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Deoxys x Starmie OTP Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: \(Kappa)/

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This music is copyrighted, it's called 4'33"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Castform

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus #40 on its own game Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus is #493, so its still 1/493 I think

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Each species has a 1/493 chance to appear I believe

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus train Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If anything, it will be funny to use

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We needed to use every move once, Lunar Dance was Cresselia's signature, so..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The fog is deep...

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: somebody do the math

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I think its 25% anyway

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Reduces accuracy by 25%

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what's wrong with fog?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Pokemon logic: http://funnymama.com/store/130620/185573\_v0\_600x.png

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Abilities matter Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Chatot could have hacked its way to victory, but RNG just hated Blue this time

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont even know this music, its so good

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈلຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈلຈ༽┐♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: When PBR chooses Arceus, it determines what form to select I believe

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All 16 forms of Arceus are available

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Chatot has all voice moves for humor

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ARCEUS Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 100 green

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: to become a mod type !kapow

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Actually I think it's T4

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: substitute doll

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: isn't ponyta already dead? PogChamp

Stream back!

Stream offline! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Glitchmr: @projectrevotpp: What do you think about replacing Power Gem with Roost?

Projectrevotpp: @Glitchmr An additional heal move? No

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Where it all started Kreygasm

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: punWaifu but will they defend order now

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc Nothing is immune to bug, so I'm fine with that, maybe the 4th move is support?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Moves like Mirror Move

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Then moves that have --- and --- are last, ABC ordering

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Then moves that have acc but not pow go 2nd, biggest to smallest

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Moves that have a pow stat are organized from biggest to smallest, Moves like Explosion are always first as they have 250 pow

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: To make afk betting a little less relevent, we organize moves by the following:

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Support moves fall under later moves as defined by move organization

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: punWaifu Zubat has 0 attacking moves lol

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc How did that happen? I thought it had Astonish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Some mons only have 1 attacking move, which makes them susceptible to gridlock battles

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If anything, I dont feel like I gave mons diverse enough moves to prevent gridlock

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: when you work with more than 500 movesets, you tend to lose track of them

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That was a mistake of ours, Im pretty sure I accidentally got rid of its KAPOW move

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: punWaifu I am sure we can nerf Garchomp without making it look like Stadium 2 Gyarados

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc What I'll most likely do is make Garchomp and its 2nd stage Gabite on the same strength level and just give differing set styles

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm honestly not sure how to nerf Garchomp without making it inappropriate. Bite for 1 move I guess?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All which are appropriate for Skuntank

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Like I feel that Skuntank is fine since it has 3 varying type attacks and a support move

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Are there any movesets that you have seen that you are fine with?

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: punWaifu if Ninjask had Protect I would have bet 25k on blue

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc Ninjask will get Protect in Gold then, since its speed boost could potentially RNG itself

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Starmie might get Recover if Alakazam loses it

[Streamer] Chauzu_vgc: @Projectrevotpp lol that is not an argument, many mons could have had it FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Chauzu_vgc And who else could it have gone on and not broken PBR?

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: !bet 8812 red

Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce Recover had to go on somebody to meet the each move used once quota

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: shiny lapras PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: SwiftRage = Roar of Time (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: oh it's banana on top of venusaur danBad

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what the hell is that huge thing in blue


[Info] Draw is still not being auto-detected


[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: draw still not working?

Current odds: 1:52.31 (blue:red)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's only temporarily imbalanced, wait for the rankings to settle

[Chat] Jirachi_sauce: ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ IT'S BEEN 3000 TURNS ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

Rest is out of PP now though.

This battle has been going on for a while, mainly due to Umbreon constantly regaining health using Rest, and attacking with Sleep Talk.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Umbreon has such op defence

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt danYay

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ANNIE Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Primape*

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Primate was 26%

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Okay, yes, the leaderboard is working, mons are starting to be not 0% or 100%

[Fluff] "It's twisting the dimensions of the colosseum!" At first I misheard that as "It's requesting the dimensions of the colosseum!"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR Gold so far has planned for it: Mons with a >85% win rate are nerfed with 1 or 2 moves changed, mons with a <15% win rate (exception to joke mons) are buffed, Natures are fixed, and legendaries are possibly nerfed, but it depends on how well the match making system goes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All your money are belong to us. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: no, I didn't hand pick the song, I can't as it's a winamp playlist of 800 songs with most of the track labels missing

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 420 panicBasket it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Think of it this way, the more times legendaries win, the further away in ranking they are pushed from "normal" mons

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that was the modbot

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: How did deku get banned EleGiggle

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼.ل͜.༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Pabzi: @Twitchplayspokemon , can you BAN the FOG STAGE?

Twitchplayspokemon: @pabzi why ban fog stage?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I mean, two parens

[Streamer] Blazemanbeanie: @Twitchplayspokemon Lack of quotation marks on matches played? Is that the missing link?

Twitchplayspokemon: @blazemanbeanie no, it's missing three parens

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danPalm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I found out why the winrate wasn't being calculated correctly, see if you can spot the bug: var win_rate = Math.round(poke["matches_won"] / matches_played) * 100;

[Chat] Wertx24: Didnt know [Pachirisu] that stronk (You have no idea...)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !killpasta

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FailFish You guys..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This spam.. FailFish

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: "TrueSkill is a Bayesian ranking algorithm developed by Microsoft Research and used in the Xbox matchmaking system built to address some perceived flaws in the Elo rating system. It is an extension of the Glicko rating system to multiplayer games."

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it uses trueskill

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the rank isn't calculated by win rate

[Streamer] Lightningxce: Hey @Twitchplayspokemon , ever get your bots unbanned?

Twitchplayspokemon: @lightningxce yes, their ban automatically lifted 8 hours later

[Streamer] Beesafree: @Twitchplayspokemon theres a matchmaking system? like it tries to make the battles even? thats awesome!.... kinda XD gonna make it hard for my predictor - i feel 3000 matches is the number i need for accuracy, prolly the same for your match maker

Twitchplayspokemon: @beesafree yes, each pokemon will need to do somewhere between 12 and 46 matches before it'll have it's "correct" rating

[Streamer] Alsldlfl: !bet 200 blue

Twitchplayspokemon: @alsldlfl the matchmaking system is supposed to take care of that but it will take a long time before it has warmed up, please be patient and observe slow improvement over time

[Streamer] Johnbone115: @Twitchplayspokemon can we get rid of the fog stage?

Twitchplayspokemon: @johnbone115 I like the fog stage but I might put a warning on the betting screen if it continues to be a problem

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I "fixed" the Pokemon display, it will still bug out but it'll be correct more often

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Did anybody get footage of the Arceus battle?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: b

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: To be serious for a second, thanks streamer.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR Patch Notes: v1.(1 n) * I fixed it, guys!

[Fluff] So.... This updater has been pretty much every post from /u/TPPStreamerBot. Good to know. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the sorting bug is fixed now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: A random chat line

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You Night Slash me? I'll NIGHT SLASH YOU BACK! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: *ba-dum-tssh* Kappa

[Streamer] Pokemonisawesome12345: RNG is smoking weed tonight

Projectrevotpp: @Pokemonisawesome12345 So RNG is high? Kappa


Projectrevotpp: @Fuzzydude64 Nope, every other move just needs to be used once

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa had to type Get Ebola not Got Ebola, works anyway

[Streamer] Pokemonisawesome12345: inb4 someone says SMOGON

Projectrevotpp: @Pokemonisawesome12345 SMOGON

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Okay, Abra's getting a fix

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: oh my

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DITTO Kreygasm

[Streamer] Rayquaza1090: @Projectrevotpp Is it true that if we says !(thepokemon) we get free pokedongers?

Projectrevotpp: @Rayquaza1090 I dont know, I wouldnt think so

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its a magikarp! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's a Magikarp SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: NaN%

[Streamer] Gearetical: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Oh, I was talking about the scrolling pokemon thing with the percents and numbers.

Twitchplayspokemon: @gearetical that's the matchmaking ranking of the pokemon

[Streamer] Sinjongy: Do you go into an art museum and call everything a painting, ProjectRevoTPP? SwiftRage

Projectrevotpp: @Sinjongy I didnt know you were a painting! Kappa

[Streamer] Gearetical: What's up with the thing on the left?

Twitchplayspokemon: @gearetical it's the same sort of problem as bad greenscreening

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Two ads of the same thing in a row FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Uh.. I dont actually know

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Leaderboards moving so fast, nobody will know I'm poor PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Arceus is #179 Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Donations PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's designed to be a WHY WONT YOU DIE? kind of moveset that fits its personality of being a clam

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Btw, I designed Clamperl's moveset

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: When did Arena start using PBR music constantly?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Only Golem has Sturdy Explosion

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Bastiodon is designed to be really skillful

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The fight between elemental trios Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I just want to see this match eventually: Arceus-Fire Arceus-Water Arceus-Grass VS Arceus-Electric Arceus-Ground Arceus-Flying Kappa

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: How did you manage a tie? LOL

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx Rapidash used Flare Blitz and KO'd itself and the opponent

[Streamer] Keredau: @Bexxxxxxx Hey Guys (no space)

Twitchplayspokemon: @keredau because I re-wrote everything and forgot to put it in again

[Streamer] Bexxxxxxx: Fog match?

Projectrevotpp: @Bexxxxxxx Colloseums are randomized, one has a thick fog, which reduces accuracy

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating, just a moment

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All the dongers falling down, my fair Bexxxxxxx Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All the dongers falling down, falling down, falling down Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thank you for subscribing, but I don't think the pop-up is working right now

Back online! Match is already in progress!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: just wait 30 seconds, it'll probably come back up

Offline! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DING DONG DONGERS ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Chat] Since Linoone used Belly Drum, everyone's talking about Zigzagoony.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All the dongers falling down, falling down, falling down Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DBstyle = Z33k33 Leader (no spaces)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: that cat is fatter than t4 OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp yes

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Producer PC streaming its video and audio to the encoder PC?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Downtime meaning the two PCs (Producer PC) and Encoder PC?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: and also, during the downtime of PBR PC upgrade Omega ruby will return on the main channel for wonder trade

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FrankerZ = Pug Champ (no spacerino)

[Streamer] Keredau: @Projectrevotpp so PBR is streaming from your connection?

Projectrevotpp: @Keredau No

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PugChamp? Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's d*** but PugChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Blaziken Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds It is not something that is desired

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp I know

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Plus, old audio cards might have driver issues with newer OS's

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Well this one is 24-bit 192khz audio

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp I actually have an old audio card laying around

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: got a good deal

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds It was $120 but thanks to Cyber Monday it was only $60, the S/PDIF cable was $6

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp how much was the audio card?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Streamer said analog audio wasnt desired

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp why not just use line out?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Yes but the capture card only takes video

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp HDMI also carries audio

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: pentium 3 733 250mb memory

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Audio and video will need to be transferred, Video via GPU HDMI to Capture HDMI, and sound via Motherboard S/PDIF to Sound Card's S/PDIF input

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp actually I have already put the new PC together

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp apart from that as well

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Did you get the sound card and the S/PDIF cable?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I have received everything apart from the capture card

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds Did you get a shipment today?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It didnt detect the draw FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 1ST LEGITIMATE DRAW PogChamp

[Streamer] Kesi_miao: lol is this song even from a Pokemon game?

Projectrevotpp: @Kesi_miao Yes, it was the Skateboard unused music in Crystal

[Streamer] Iciclefox: well. hopefully we will get a balance patch soon from the romhackers

Projectrevotpp: @Iciclefox Still debating what to do

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TriHard My money...!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Fitting music PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RRIIIIIIIPPPPPED Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: http://strawpoll.me/3111385

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thats how further broken PBR was

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Milotic had Recover in Bronze

The odds in that one were 158.96:1 for Blue

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 2i 8 red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Lets try complex numbers!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Well, I would have told streamer anyway

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 502.8 red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I'm gonna see if I can bet decimals Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 502.8 red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Guys. Look. See those dongers falling down? That's blue team's money that they JUST LOST! Kreygasm

[Streamer] Flyingj138: Is this the Silver movesets, or are we still on Bronze? Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Flyingj138 Silver

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: BOTS PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its a Pikachu! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: First Arceus match soon?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: See guys? PBR's getting better as time passes, the ranked matches just need to optimize themselves

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PAYOUT Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: WooperZ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds did you get the 2nd package?

PBR back up!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thank you streamer Kreygasm

PBR Down!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet NaN

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: See what happens if negative bets actually win

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Hes most likely afk

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer hasnt responded yet

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red is totally gonna win Kreygasm

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: !bet 100 blue

Projectrevotpp: @Faithfulforce Most likely because it doesnt check if a bet is <=0

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 2i 8 red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 2i 8


[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I've just alerted streamer

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet -100

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: DRAW SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Here is PBR Bronze (PBR movesets before this revision) https://mega.co.nz/#!2xJFhYjT!uZ2U6smfQxWmWejb7nr2d7gwULSgPtbiW4y8iTQbrW8

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: By then I will know if the leaderboard system matchmaking works

[Streamer] Iciclefox: i do hope pbr gets a makeover for balancing the mons or just removing really *** mons like pichu or chimchar

Projectrevotpp: @Iciclefox Dec 7th is when PBR Gold opens up

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That, and many legendaries

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: after 2 weeks of PBR, we will nerf any mons above 85% win rate on the leaderboard

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Here's a compromise we're preparing to adopt to "fix" PBR

[Streamer] Sheekodevil: THERE ARE TIERS IN PBR?

Projectrevotpp: @Sheekodevil No, it was just a proverb

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As legendaries get more and more wins, they'll be shifted upwards in the ranks, moving them away from this "tier"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Can you believe PBR Bronze was worse?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its true that we're considering nerfing legendaries heavily, but I want to wait a week to see how the system unfolds

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You'll just have to be patient for the system to kick in

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Remember people, streamer does have a match making system that helps level the playing field, but only after several 100 matches have already been done to slowly rank mons from #500 to #1

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You can see every moveset and complain about whats what and what should be what

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Community contributions (PBR Gold) will begin Dec 7th

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: awesome, didn't notice the bots were back

[Chat] DELELELELELELEWOOOOOOOOOOOOOP (in case it wasn't obvious)

[Snark] Wow, Elesa's gym music, and now Kricketune is on Blue. What is this, TwitchSpeaks open mic?

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ (GIVE ME WHAT I NEEEEEEED!)

[Snark] We played Alpha Sapphire too? WHEN?


Projectrevotpp: @Ringmasterbro OR/AS

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS ARCEUS! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Caterpie and Kakuna have won 100% of their matches, I wonder how long that will last

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that's the rank used by the matchmaking system, by the way

Currently Sarfa vs. Zapdoge, both victims of Omega Ruby releases.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: bankbot got banned by Twitch for spamming, it should be back in 6~24 hours

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: as more matches are played the matchmaking system will be able to make better matches

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR = it's Past your Bedtime, you Really need to get to bed Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: cant wait for an Arceus match Kreygasm

[Chat] (Message streamer was responding to; bot didn't recognize misspelled name) Thewlllofd: @Twitchplayspokemon whats that graph thing at the top?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @thewillofd it shows how the odds change over time

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's.. uh.. ... I THINK ITS A Diance! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Today is commercial free day, no commercials! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: CATERPIE EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Don't blink or you might miss yourself! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: LeaderFAST Kreygasm

[Streamer] Pokemen396: @Twitchplayspokemon Are we able to request music?

Twitchplayspokemon: @pokemen396 not yet but it's a feature I'd like to add eventually, I'd need to put out a list of all the music first anyway

[Fluff] Slakoth's Yawn worked; I can tell you that firsthand.

[Streamer] Tbmchristopher: @Projectrevotpp PLEASE tell me these movesets aren't final?

Projectrevotpp: @Tbmchristopher They really aren't, they're like 75% final or so, where as PBR Alpha (Bronze) was closer to 50% acceptible

[Streamer] Lightningxce: Well, lets find out.

Twitchplayspokemon: @lightningxce it should be just like it was during Stadium 2, please tell if it isn't

[Streamer] Thethunderbyte: Projectrevotpp, we've talked about this Kappa

Projectrevotpp: @Thethunderbyte And I told you it would be fixed next update

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Porygon-Z isnt supposed to have Hyper Beam, btw

[Streamer] Lightningxce: @Twitchplayspokemon Isnt the payout supposed to be multiplied by the ratio? Last match was exactly what was bet

Twitchplayspokemon: @lightningxce are you sure?

[Streamer] Lightningxce: @Twitchplayspokemon So it isnt taking money as a ratio anymore? It just took everything basically

Twitchplayspokemon: @lightningxce what do you mean?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I predicted correctly: Lots of raging at not knowing Gen 4 mechanics Kappa

v He's referring to the "c" in "Twitch Plays Pokemon" at the top of the stream

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Cursor behind the c

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Projectrevotpp What's !mega?

Projectrevotpp: @Flarn2006 Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !mega

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT OVER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

AAAND...another riot. Stream down...and back up!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: RIOT SwiftRage

[Snark] Lord Claw? But I liked Iris' theme!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ISIS Kreygasm .. .. oops, typo Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Damn, I really hate earbuds.. they annoy the crap out of me.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: not sure why it's going to 10sec, I might have a loose modbot instance running somewhere

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I did it, guys! Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This match has proved to me one thing: I succeeded, because Stadium-like hax occured here

[Streamer] Ormency: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Will the infobot be coming back?

Twitchplayspokemon: @ormency yes, it was using the same connection as bankbot which is why it is also quiet

[Streamer] Supergamer111: What about balance @TwitchPlaysPokemon?

Twitchplayspokemon: @supergamer111 bankbot got banned for spamming, should be back within 24 hours

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: B and D is fixed now

[Streamer] Xivaliant: @Projectrevotpp you need to be stopped.

Projectrevotpp: @Xivaliant Come again what?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Haha, that was a pun.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Shedinja has 1 HP in-game, its just a bug

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: JSON error, will fix next update

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TriHard Burmy..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Orders are orders

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its true, thats what we were told, and from that we infer movesets are recognizable and not "inappropriate" for their species

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Blaziken's moveset is appropriate is it?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it was probably due to connectivity issues

[Streamer] Sirawesomeopossum: @Twitchplayspokemon my bets haven't gone through the last 2 games and im betting on time y is it doing this

Twitchplayspokemon: @sirawesomeopossum are you trying to bet just in time? if so you need to consider the stream delay when making a last-moment bet

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT OVER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream back up!

Stream down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Batmanji: Projectrevotpp can we get a match with a shiny to see what they're like?

Projectrevotpp: @Batmanji Shiny matches dont work yet

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As we said, we can always change it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Ancient Power might be restored in a later save depending on community input

[Streamer] Pearlshine1494: IN WHAT WORLD DOES CRABBY OHKO AN AERODACTYL? SwiftRage BabyRage

Projectrevotpp: @Pearlshine1494 In PBR, of course. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Omastar got a buff

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's selecting the correct pokemon AND more than 50% of the sound is working, that beats Stadium 2 where it was either/or for the first week or so

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Rhydon in Stadium 2 didnt have it either

Stream went offline for a second, but it's back. I don't think there was much of a riot this time, despite 704 viewers.

[Streamer] Holylatios: Projectrevo and Deku wrote it, not streamer FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Holylatios No

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: or maybe it delays it until the match after? I'm not sure

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating again, just a moment (this dodges the leaderboard)

[Streamer] Blasteg: @Twitchplayspokemon can we have a "now playing" displayed somewhere? I know this song, but probably not everyone do

Twitchplayspokemon: @blasteg it's shown in the ticker at the bottom of the screen, you might have to wait a bit to see it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I mean d*

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Do you guys mean if you !move b it influences c?

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: !move a

Twitchplayspokemon: @faithfulforce you mean it's not selecting the right move?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds No?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is google down?

[Streamer] Lightelementa: @Twitchplayspokemon No problemo; better getting the suggestions to you and waiting than nothing :P

Twitchplayspokemon: @lightelementa also suggest what category you think it belongs in (battle, warning, betting, result)

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Just because its smogon doesnt mean anything - its a good moveset

[Streamer] Adoltherad: Emolga is my favourite PBR pokemon

Projectrevotpp: @Adoltherad Kappa

[Streamer] Lightelementa: !bet 500 blue

Twitchplayspokemon: @lightelementa yes, but it might be a few days before I can get to it, I've been ignoring my inbox over the past week when working hard on PBR

[Fluff] A click of a button for the time and hype. SO MUCH POWER!!! Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: If anybody remembers 4-10, I hated that spider FailFish

[Hype Time Counter] Just a reminder, it is 72d 15h 6m until Red Anniversary! GET HYPE!!!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I hated Anthropod FailFish

Pokémon Battle Revolution is now back online!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It doesnt mean we will change any moves, but I think opening it up a little bit will help provide insight

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] S_sonick: Thank you for working on this, Streamer! :D

Projectrevotpp: @S_sonick Next week, Ill open PBR subreddit for PBR Gold review, the community can complain/contribute about which movesets need fixing, etc

Pokémon Battle Revolution is currently down!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating

[Streamer] Mencee: @Twitchplayspokemon I put move b and it inputs d on display

Twitchplayspokemon: @mencee you mean next to your name?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's being selected okay?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: just the display of B and D?

[Streamer] Jacobjr1: PogChamp OMG

Twitchplayspokemon: @jacobjr1 matchmaking is using preliminary rankings calculated from the sum of the stats, maybe there's a lot of weird consistency in the way they're balanced?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: B and D should be fixed now, and results screen is 30sec shorter

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ PARTY LIKE ITS 12:46AM ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ PARTY LIKE ITS 10PM ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: updating, just one moment

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: so B and D weren't switched originally?

[Streamer] Orcadolphin: @twitchplayspokemon what about the unova pokemon that show up during bets?

Twitchplayspokemon: @orcadolphin it's to mess with people

[Streamer] Holylatios: !bet 1100 red

Projectrevotpp: @Holylatios Just barely balanced and equally assigned

[Streamer] Holylatios: Project revo says he balances, modest aterpie with physical moves FailFish

Projectrevotpp: @Holylatios Natures arent completely optimized in this version of PBR

[Snark] "Please understand."

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: remember that it took Stadium 2 a long time before it was stable too

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: everything is still under development

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Each moveset has a "personality", we worked really hard to make sure movesets are appropriate, but it might not be 100% clean and polished yet

[Streamer] Lightningxce: @Twitchplayspokemon For the Blue side sprites, seems you are starting at 1 rather than 0?

Twitchplayspokemon: @lightningxce it should be showing how PBR displays it, there's not much else I can do

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Right now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I believe its streaming 30 fps

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Later this week, we'll get the new PBR Encoder PC which will offload the encoding to a seperate PC and hopefully be able to stream 1080p60

[Streamer] Keredau: @Twitchplayspokemon its showing the wrong pokemon down top right

Twitchplayspokemon: @kereDAU I tried before and it messed up the spacing

[Streamer] Lightelementa: !bet 250 red

Twitchplayspokemon: @LightElementa that's where a lot of it is from, I need the music to have loop points and brawlcustommusic has a lot

[Streamer] Lightelementa: @Twitchplayspokemon Would you consider adding non-Nintendo music? Like...Persona? Final Fantasy? Bravely Default (hey, that's 3DS Kappa) :D

Twitchplayspokemon: @LightElementa maybe, is it on brawlcustommusic?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @projectrevotpp later, but not too much later

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Is the system capable of selecting a shiny or is that a feature to be added later?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: graph at the top is the odds

[PBR] We had Lord Root and Claw on one team, but they both fell, and the other team's Regice KAPOW-ed the third mon. What a battle.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Why isnt there a timer on here?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Order should really be randomized..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: KAPOW

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: " 20 messages to the server within a 30 second period, you will get locked out for 8 hours automatically. "

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I think tppbankbot sent message too fast

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: All three regis are KAPOW

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitch_plays_3ds The hell happened?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm using a vpn right now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @twitch_plays_3ds did it just suddenly start working again?


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !kapow is broken as well

[Streamer] Blazemanbeanie: @Twitchplayspokemon The ads still aren't playing, even during this 'commercial' break

Twitchplayspokemon: @blazemanbeanie I know, it's because the bots got blocked by Twitch

[Streamer] Reed10021: @Twitchplayspokemon so 1 9 would be all 10 runs?

Twitchplayspokemon: @reed10021 yes, that's right

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS A PIKACHU! Kappa

[Streamer] Orangejellybeans: @Twitchplayspokemon what is the 1 thing next to my name?

Twitchplayspokemon: @orangejellybeans the number next to your name is the number of runs you've participated in in addition to the first

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Leaderboreds arent bored anymore EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Well, im back

[Streamer] Keredau: @Twitchplayspokemon did you get anywhere with your bots being banned?

Twitchplayspokemon: @kereDAU I sent an email to Twitch and I also heard from chat that it might autolift in 8 hours or so

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: there's lots of pokemon music, it just isn't shuffled very well right now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: As for a shiny, its probably close to around 1/4096

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: The odds of Arceus should be 1/493

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: For PBR, our goal all along was to put the emphasis on Risk Vs Reward, its your money to put on a team's likelyhood to win, you are the decider on whether to trust RNG or Skill more, thats the whole point of TPP Arena

Red finally won a match!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Final boss is Blue Kappa

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Twitchplayspokemon Can you please reset my balance to before that first bugged battle? I lost more than I bet due to the glitch. I had about $23K before, no less than that; if you don't know my exact balance I'd be fine with that.

Twitchplayspokemon: @flarn2006 after the first battle I wiped the database and restored from the initial state

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I had no idea Azumarill would have Superpower in OR

[Info] If the ban is the kind I'm thinking of, they generally last around 12 hours IIRC, I don't think more than a day

[Streamer] Oracle4907: @Twitchplayspokemon when will balance be back?

Twitchplayspokemon: @oracle4907 when twitch unbans it

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I told you, Red just cant catch a break. FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: How did deku?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I wonder if @Twitch_plays_3ds got blocked as well

[Meta] TPP Omega Ruby update archive has been posted

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oops, no, you arent supposed to see him.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: More like Bird Mohammaed. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Just wait till a shiny shows up

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I dont even think Shinies are enabled in PBR yet

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red SERIOUSLY cant catch a break. FailFish

[Donation] $2.00 from ProjectRevoTPP: "Due to lack of funding, all leaderboreds will now be quadruple leaderboreds. Furthermore, the game will be one giant glitch until enough donations roll in for my summer vacation. Please understand."

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Please understand, guys. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: That is not me

[Info] The last few updates were referring to a "Who's that Pokemon?" quiz that was up when commercials were (supposedly) playing--it was Chatot.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: commercials are started the same way !balance outputs messages to chat, so if they both don't work it's telling

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS ARCEUS!!!! SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its.. uh.. Arceus! Kappa

[Donation] $2.00 from Lightningxce: "IT'S PIKACHU"

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: probably means IP ban on the IRC server, I'll need to talk to Twitch about that

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: for people who usually get commercials, are they playing?

[Donation] $2.00 from GroundCtrl27: "Hey Guys (no space)"

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: are the commercials playing?

[PBR] Apparently that is in PBR Hourleaderboards now. That's actually amazing.


[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ITS A PIKACHU!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: ARCEUS Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: donations haven't been imported yet

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 1st leaderboard isnt bored at all! EleGiggle

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TOO FAST Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Leaderboard 2.0

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Be patient, PBR early launch is missing some features like: Donor battles, randomized order, fixed music


[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red just can't catch a break. FailFish

[Snark] That Closeup...

Kenya's in the battle...and OF COURSE it's on Blue...Keepo

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's hearing the !balance command and trying to respond but IRC seemingly fails silently

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red just cant catch a break. FailFish

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: maybe TPPBankbot got IP banned?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: "Red has a chance"

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Keepo MEOW Keepo

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: MEOW Kreygasm

[Snark] You know what type is associated with the color red? Fire. You know which legendary beast is Fire-type? Never bet on Red. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Blue is just getting revenge on all the times Red trolled Blue Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Rocky launch, come back in a day if you feel discouraged by the bugs

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Twitchplayspokemon Please fix my money; I lost more than I bet last match

Twitchplayspokemon: @flarn2006 if there's an issue with the way payouts are done I'll rollback everyone, I'll keep an eye out for any more glitches

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: This order FailFish

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the graph is of the odds

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Red is just getting so trolled. FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 500 red

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Blue is trolling Red FailFish

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm working on getting !balance working again, I have no idea why it stopped working all of a sudden

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: I love this music Kreygasm

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: deployed an update just now, B and D move swap should be fixed now

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR after next leaderboard Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Substitute: >_<

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Twitchplayspokemon @ProjectRevoTPP Why is the ticker showing Pokedex entries for Pokemon who aren't participating in the current battle?

Projectrevotpp: @Flarn2006 Thats a streamer question

Smash Bros. Brawl Music is playing! PogChamp

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Natures arent really optimized fully, barely any work is done on the natures

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !bet 100 red

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



[Snark] So many glitches...was the streamer's PC bitten by aoooo?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: OBS crashed

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: WILL THIS ICE EVER MELT? Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Did OBS freeze?

[Streamer] Shinysapphire: @Twitchplayspokemon The previous match thingy in the bottom of the screen doesn't seem to work. :/

Twitchplayspokemon: @shinysapphire the previous match never happened

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: We bought an encoder PC specifically to encode PBR, btw

Music just changed mid-match. Seems like the streamer wasn't lying.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: song selector is busted

[Snark] All Johto Pokemon? Why are we even playing PBR?

Kingdra, Tyrogue, and Steelix vs. Dunsparce, Porygon 2, and Houndoom!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PBR's first few days are going to be a bit rough

[Info] Also, to people wondering why there are Gen V pokemon on the wheels, he said he included them in there for "false hope." XD

[Fluff] Our first match was Brozong, Gliscor, and Gabite vs. Tangrowth, Lopunny, and Finneon. Let's see what this one will be!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I completely rewrote the bet sorting system and it still has the same equal reordering bug KappaHD

Catz Soundtrack in PBR!

Stream Back Up!

[Music] vs Gym Leader - BW2

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: TriHard Streamer..

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Its PBR's first match, its going to be a bit buggy FailFish

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream Down

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Streamer will be fixing things in the first week of PBR I think

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Twitchplayspokemon Fainted mon is broken, Gliscor did not faint