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Twitch Plays Pokémon Red - Anniversary Run


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(▀Ĺ̯▀) Ah, good. You 20-some viewers left in this updater. You have survived the test of patience. (Or you just never closed this tab.) Regardless, come with me. ლ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ )つ├┬┴┬┴ We have a secret mission for you... We need you to help baba...

■-■-<(•Ĺ̯•໒ ) There may not be much time left...

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Attention Viewers! Additional Live Updates beyond this point will take place on our new updater here: Twitch Plays Vietnamese Pokémon Crystal / PBR Intermission Updater Thank you for keeping up with our updates for TPP's Red Anniversary and we sincerely hope you'll join us on the new updater! See you there!

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[Snark] We already beat the E4 in Vietnamese Crystal? v

[Music] vs Kanto Trainer - Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

[VC] We are about to set the time, then back to PBR.

[Info] It could be that Crystal and PBR are different overlays.

[Info] PBR match overlay is brought down temporarily, as the mons are not matching with the overlays.

[Info] For those wanting to play the TPP Anniversary Hack, it is now released Here

[Donation] $3.00 from Info: "Protip: The bankbot exists but it is renamed. Try "/me money""

[Snark] Wow, this is the lowest input rate I've ever seen. Is TPP still a thing?

[Info] It appears that Vietnamese Crystal is one input per match

[Snark] I bet everyone is sick of this song

[Music] Wild Pokémon Battle - Pokémon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow


[Music] Surf - Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

ONLINE, but down with music!

And the stream goes down yet again! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Fluff] So far it looks like my prediction is accurate.

We're back with Crystal! GIR!

One Input per battle PogChamp

PBR match ended with Red Team victory, and Vietnamese Crystal appears again!

[Fluff] Blue Team Salty (Kappa)




Wait, it's fixed now

[Snark] The glitches never stop apparently

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノWE ALREADY BROKE IT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Perhaps more during leaderboards.

[Fluff] My prediction is that we do one democratic input at a time, in between matches.


The first match begins...but all we get is a black screen!

[Fluff] Streamer was just trolling us with that temporary Vietnamese Crystal game.

Steam is up with full on PBR.

[Snark] Are you a boy or a GIR?

[Snark] Streamers struggle is REAL!

Someone subs as the stream goes down, Again


Steam is rapidly going between up and down, as save states are freezing the game.


[Snark] Now this is a dance I can beat to.

[Snark] Darude - Sandstorm


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Streamer is Broken! Kappa

[Snark] I'm just thinking of the mass spammails sent when streamer triggered the "broadcast" switch.


Back up! A timer appears below the game!



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RITO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


Back up! a strange list of inputs as well as people who pushed them appear.

[Snark] Are we actually getting Vietnamese Crystal then? Or is it another Chuck Testa Bait&Switch?

[Fluff] It's 4:45 am on streamer's side. Give him a break, would'ya?

sooooo. Vietamese PLUS PBR? to the side????

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT RIOT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Oh more Crystal Music in the background

Stream goes down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] From the title screen of the Crystal version that just showed, it appears to be The Infamous "Vietnamese Crystal" translation. it's no longer around, though.

IN 47D,03H,15 IN HYPE!

[Music] CATZ. No Dance Music, just Catz

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry about rough start, there's a lot of components to it

[Info] Bottom of the stream says "Touhoumon & Moemon in 47d03h16m__s"

The PBR rankings are now showing.

The Glitches Never End

[Snark] Nope, Just Chuck Testa


39d 20h 42m Pokémon CRYSTAL VERSION!

39d 20h 41m PBR HYPE?!


[Snark] Valve time is longer than DBZ Time

[Fact] # is called an Octothorpe

[Snark] PBR in 30 minutes (DBZ Time)

༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ ANGRY RIOT ༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ

And we're walking, and we're walking...

And if you look on your left...


Meanwhile on screen, nothing!


(>ಠ益ಠ)> -=Ξ{O} {O}Ξ=-<(ಠ益ಠ<)

Tiny Tag!

[Tag] You're it!

[Fact] Llamas are bigger than frogs

[Fluff] Cats are often fluffy.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CALLED FOR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ UNCALLED FOR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E I A U E U E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

Twitch Plays Pokémon will resume shortly! (One Eternity Later)

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WILD RIDE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ADVENTURE LINE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ




ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MORE MUSIC ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] "TwitchPlaysPokémon playing Pokémon Battle Revolution" is now on the page

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: still had some new music to upload so it's taking a little longer than expected

We <3 you too /u/twitchspeaks!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WAITING MUSIC RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ HUGE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[seriously] I would just like to take a moment to say ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE UPDATERS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ for being the dedicated event-chronicling team that you are

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ///////////////////

Technical Issues

[RIP] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIP ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



[EatsSmallTextBot] nom

[ReadsSmallTextBot] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TINY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PBR NOW OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WAKE UP STREAMER RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Milotic vs Vaporeon coming up next!

[Snark] TIL Updaters can ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ HAVE FUN TOO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BYE GUYS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIPERINO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIP ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MOTHER 3 OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Kappa


[Fluff] Man, I missed it because of class. Sad times.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MISSED IT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BLUE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTPLAYSPOKEMON ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Snark] What do you call a rotten Apple? ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ iRot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ




ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GG RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Well that worked spectacularly Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SUPER RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

~~***ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノTRULY EVERYTHING RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ***~~

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  • LIST
  • RIOT
  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノEVERYTHING RIOT?ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Strikethrough RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Italics RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] And thus, EVERYTHING returns back to normal with PBR coming in soon!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Don't worry the stream will resume shortly!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 19h 56m Stream down!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Donation] $2.00 from ProjectRevoTPP: "Thanks for bugtesting my rom!"

[Fluff] Link-ception.

KAPOW! (つಠ益ಠ)つ -=Ξ{O}

[Snark] While you're waiting for PBR to start again Check out the Live Updater

[Discussion] Grilled Turkey sandwich with a ton of tomatoes and no cheese. that's what I'd be.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SANDWICH RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MAX INPUT COUNTER OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Discussion] If each host was a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would they be?

[Snark] our input level IS OVER 7,000,000

[Snark] Now to max out the input counter

[Snark] Now to wait4babastreamer

[Snark] That was the most excited I've ever been about watching a number increase.

[Snark] Happy new year! millions!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE INPUTS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

39d 19h 37m Inputs have slowed down!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 7000000 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ 7 MILLION INPUTS RIOT ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SEVEN MILLION INPUT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WE DID IT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


39d 19h 37m 7000000! SEVEN MILLION INPUTS REACHED! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] 1800 users in TPP Twitch chat! Wow.

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 70k+ CLUB RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I CAN MAKE MY WAY OUT OF 100 CLUB RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PBR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN, GUESS WHAT THIS MEANS?! PBR! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll start the switch to PBR in half an hour or so, need to wake up properly first

[Snark] Updater moving too fast that the message below is not seen.

Actual log excerpt from the first Red run: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GUYS WE NEED TO ASK MISTY TO DINNER, LISTEN TO HER PROBLEMS AND TREAT HER LIKE THE REAL LADY SHE IS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] 699000 inputs and still counting so far!

[Discussion] So who find it fitting that Gatekeeper was both the first and last obstacle?

[Fluff] That was really an amazing sweep, i think i like Cloyster more after this urn

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MISTY ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Z33k33 is, of course, still giving us the optimal strategy for reaching 7 million inputs. That's dedication.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MISTY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] wait4baba

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BEAT MISTY OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Guys we still need to beat Misty Kappa

39d 19h 28m For anyone who isn't watching, this is what game is frozen on right now. (Yes, it actually says "TEH URN".)

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Song] 2 B A MASTER, Pokémon MASTER


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ -=:{O}

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRESS A TO FAST ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE RIOT ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 7 MILLION INPUT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ POKEMON MASTER RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] People are still spamming to get to 7 million inputs!

39d 19h 26m 16k inputs to go!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 3333 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Twitch Plays Pokémon: Certified Pokémon Master

[Info] 3333 viewers watching!

[Snark] We'll really end the game at 7 million inputs, you'll see.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BREAK DANCE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ QUIET RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD CREDIT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CREDIT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Inputs still coming in. Right now about 6982600.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CREDIT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] [Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO GOT CREDITED-wait that means everyone since everyone was creditedヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Now beat the game again with no double team.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that was a great run!

[Donation] $2.00 from IGN: "7.8/10 too much Cloyster"

♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ DANCE RIOT ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Fluff] Now what...?

39d 19h 20m It credits several people like Pigdevil, Eliteanax and some other testers and people who added music and YOU for watching!

♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ DANCE RIOT ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ DANCE RIOT ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Info] We did it in almost 40 Days worth of progress!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: True ending!

[Fluff] It's confirmed on the stream! Teh Urn!

[Snark] Wow, the end screen says TEH URN


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GATEKEEPIKACHU IS NO MORE! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WE DEFEATED GATEKEEPER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



Donations are coming in like CRAZY!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Wasnt the 23rd urn was the urn to defeat Wattson in Emerald?

[Fluff] And we barely almost hit 7 million inputs.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE THE 23RD SACRED URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 19h 17m Hall of Fame checking our 'mons

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ UUUUUUUUUURN TEEHヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 19h 17m We Aurura Beam GateKeeper Pikachu and defeat Oak!

[Fluff] The music has entered slow mode.

39d 19h 16m We spam Double Team once and Auro Beam Gyaraods while it misses Its Hyper Beam, then we Aurora Beam it to death

[Info] Cloyster looking good at 183/264 HP. Zapdos hanging at 34/354.

39d 19h 15m We Surf Gyarados and it uses a missed Hyper Beam

39d 19h 15m We Surf again and it clutched and misses its Bite while we defeat it with a Surf

39d 19h 15m We Surf Blastoise while it Whithdraws

39d 19h 15m We Surf kill Arcanine!

39d 19h 14m We Aurora Beam Exeggutor to deatth


39d 19h 14m We Clamp trap Exeggutor and spam Double Team

39d 19h 14m Venomoth faints to Stomp

39d 19h 13m Exeggutor resists our Psychic and we switch to Psybeam after Psychic pp dies

[Info] 2.7k watching the stream. Approaching 6.98 million inputs. 500 viewers here on the live updater.

39d 19h 13m Final Psychic takes Tauros down!

39d 19h 12m Venomoth uses Psychic twice to damage Tauros

39d 19h 12m Oak Challenged!

[Info] Venomoth, Cloyster and Zapdos still alive

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ OAK HERE WE COME! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 19h 11m Blue defeated!

39d 19h 11m We Surf Vaporeon to death!

[Info] I meant 2 Aurora Beams took EXEGGUTOR down

39d 19h 10m We Clamp trap Vaporeon

39d 19h 10m We Clamp Magneton to death with several uses

39d 19h 10m A Surf takes Ninetales Down!

39d 19h 9m @ Auroro BEams Take EXEGGUTOR down

39d 19h 9m Alakazam faints to Clamp

39d 19h 8m Cloyster uses Clamp on Alakazam

39d 19h 7m Victrebell uses Razor Leaf to defeat it and faints to Alakazam's Psychic

39d 19h 7m Slowbro faints to Sandslash's Slash /u/Mega-charizard

39d 19h 6m Blue Challenged!

39d 19h 6m Lance defeated

39d 19h 5m We Thunder Seadra and Dragonite to death

39d 19h 5m We miss Thunder Thrice on Charizard and it Slashed us thrice before we strike it down with Thunder

Zapdos uses a Sky Attack and a Drill Peck to defeat Aerodactyl which missed a Hyper Beam

[Info] Fun Fact, if Rage misses, which it did for Onix, it becomes Locked into it and accuracy goes down to 1/256

Gen 1 mechanics people! EleGiggle

39d 19h 4m After 2 Double Team's we Sky Attack Onix twice to defeat it

39d 19h 3m We switch to Zapdos

39d 19h 3m Onix is sent out and we keep Cutting it while its Rage build Attack

39d 19h 2m Victrebell uses Razor Leafs and Wrap to defeat Gyarados

39d 19h 0m We switch to Victreebell after suffering a Hyper BEam

[Fluff] We're not facing Lance when he engaged with us.

39d 19h 0m Lance Challenged

39d 18h 58m Also, Venomoth leveled up to 97!

39d 18h 58m Agatha defated

39d 18h 57m Venomoth uses 2 Psychic's to defeat Tentacrual one for Arbok and 2 for Gengar!

39d 18h 57m Venomoth uses Psychic to get revenge on Beedrill

39d 18h 56m After some Strength's Surf's and Hyper BeamBeedrill takes down Dragonite

[Snark] So much for that kaboom, all hot air.

39d 18h 55m Weezing fainted due to KAPOW/Explosion missing

39d 18h 54m We switch to Dragonite

After some Amnesia spam we Psychic Muk to death

[Fluff] Muk used Acid Armor and disappeared!

39d 18h 53m Agatha challenged

39d 18h 53m Slowbro Paralyzed with 214/375 hp

39d 18h 52m Bruno Defeated

39d 18h 52m After an X Defend Slowbro defeats Machamp with Psychic**

39d 18h 52m Poliwrath cant take a Psychic and falls

39d 18h 51m Hitmonlee died

39d 18h 51m Hitmonchan joins the fainted club

39d 18h 50m Machoke is also Psychic'd to death

39d 18h 50m Slowbro takes Primeape with a Psychic

39d 18h 49m Bruno challenged

39d 18h 48m Lorelei defeated

39d 18h 48m Lapras takes a Surf and uses Body Slam to paralyze Slowbro then we defeat it with another Surf

39d 18h 48m Vaporeon took 2 Surfs but its down as well!

39d 18h 47m Jynx was surfed to death

39d 18h 47m Seaking also falls down

39d 18h 47m Slowbro does the same to her Cloyster

39d 18h 46m After some Amnesia spam Slowbro takes dewgong with a Psychic

39d 18h 46m VS Lorelei

39d 18h 45m We challenge the Elite 6 4 once again

[Info] Run #23!

39d 18h 44m In the Pokémon League and Lorelei's room!

39d 18h 39m We leave Victory Road

39d 18h 36m We turn on Battle animation and to Set mode again

39d 18h 35m We change from shift mode to set mode, its funny how what makes the game easier for normal people makes it harder for us

[Snark] Abe is so rich that it doesn't matter. He probably threw them away to celebrate. °°ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ°°

[Snark] now we cant catch em all DansGame Kappa

39d 18h 31m Threw away all Ultra Balls!

39d 18h 22m We enter Victory Road again

39d 18h 20m Stream is back!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: you should continue right outside VR entrance

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ROAD ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 18h 18m TPP will resume shortly.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 18h 18m STREAM DOWN

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: FIX INCOMING

[Snark] Does that mean, overall, Lance is waiting for baba?

[Snark] Why are we waiting4baba when baba is with Lance waiting for us

[Fluff] What's the hivemind's score at currently and how much does the bonus add?

[Info] I'm pretty sure the PSA was to save in VR. NOT outside of VR.

[Fluff] It's significant only because of demo mode, but we saved earlier anyway. It's a bonus for the hivemind.

39d 18h 13m We save the game in democracy

39d 18h 8m Wait4baba spam is strong

39d 18h 8m Entered Victory Road

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Okay, deku will give me the save. fix will be coming. It'll be about 5 min before patch is applied. wait patiently and wander around.

39d 18h 6m Game saved!

[Info] Viewership hovering around 2k. Inputs at 6.96 million.

39d 18h 4m Made our way out the statue maze.

39d 18h 1m Now Abe is out of Pokémon League.

39d 17h 58m Zapdos faints to Onix's Rcok Throw We black out!

39d 17h 55m Zapdos takes out Gyarados with a Sky Attack

39d 17h 54m Dragonite faints to Gyarados

39d 17h 53m Up against Lance!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: PSA: You need to go to VR and save the game for Oak's fix to apply!

39d 17h 51m We have defeated Agatha!

39d 17h 51m Dragonite finishes off Gengar!

39d 17h 50m And then Cloyster fainted, we switch out to Dragonite.

39d 17h 50m Nearly fell asleep in my chair for a moment. We're up against Agatha's Gengar!

39d 17h 43m Oh my Cloyster has been paralyzed and Agatha sent out Tentacruel.

39d 17h 43m Muk is knocked out and Agatha sends out Beedrill.

39d 17h 41m We switch to Cloyster against Muk.

39d 17h 41m The Weezing exploded and took out Victreebel

39d 17h 39m Agatha has switched to Weezing

39d 17h 36m We put the ugly slob of a Muk to sleep.

39d 17h 35m We switch over to Victreebel.

39d 17h 35m Venomoth is quickly knocked out.

39d 17h 34m Muk is out and still ugly.

39d 17h 34m Challenge Agatha

39d 17h 33m But Machamp is Ohko'd. Bruno defeated

39d 17h 32m Poliwrath is taken out in two rounds instead.

39d 17h 32m Now up is Poliwrath.

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 96 - Max. HP 339 Attack 188 Defense 173 Speed 235 Special 293

39d 17h 32m Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee each follow and each er ohko'd.

39d 17h 31m Then Machoke, also ohko'd by Venomoth. Venomoth grew to lvl 96

39d 17h 31m His primeape is quickly knocked out by Venomoth.

39d 17h 30m Challenge Bruno

[Chat] Inputs are unusually slow this time.

39d 17h 24m Oh we switched to Venomoth and took out Lapras. We have beaten Lorelei

39d 17h 21m We send out Cloyster against Lapras.

39d 17h 20m Vaporeon down with a last surf. Lorelei sends out Lapras.

39d 17h 19m Vaporeon took away all our special buff.

39d 17h 19m Next up is Vaporeon. We have no more psychic left though.

39d 17h 18m But Jynx is finally taken out by a Strength.

39d 17h 17m We also try using some amnesia on Slowbro.

39d 17h 17m Jynz is not so easily beaten. She's thrashing about.

39d 17h 17m Lorelei sends out Jynx.

39d 17h 16m Two more psychic and Seaking is down.

39d 17h 16m Lorelei sends out Seaking.

39d 17h 16m Cloyster taken out by two psychic.

39d 17h 15m Next up is Cloyster.

39d 17h 15m Dewgong is taken out by Slowbro without much effort.

39d 17h 14m She sends out her Dewgong.

39d 17h 14m We challenged Lorelei

[Fluff] "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22" (number of runs)

[Snark] Best song for this hour.

39d 17h 13m Back up against the elite, we enter Lorelei's room.

[Snark] The upward force is too strong I'm- I'm... swept away!

39d 17h 11m Apparently not, we're back in Indigo Plateau.

39d 17h 9m Looks like some democratic intervention is necessary.

39d 17h 9m We leave Indigo Plateau, making our way toward Victory Road I'm assuming.

[Rekt] #REKT

39d 17h 8m Zapdos is taken out by the Blizzard and we black out.

39d 17h 8m Blue sends out his final Pokémon Vaporeon.

39d 17h 8m Magneton is taken out with two Sky Attacks.

39d 17h 7m Ninetales is finally taken out. Blue sends out Magneton.

39d 17h 6m Zapdos also wants to try some double team.

39d 17h 5m That doesn't save him from the burn. Cloyster is knocked out and we send out Zapdos, our last mon.

39d 17h 5m [Snark] Dragonite was exegguted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

39d 17h 5m Cloyster tries double team.

39d 17h 5m Blue sends out Ninetales and we switch to Cloyster.

39d 17h 5m Exeggutor is quickly taken out with a Sky attack.

39d 17h 4m We switch over to .. Zapdos!

39d 17h 4m Victreebel is put to sleep and then knocked out

39d 17h 4m We switch to Victreebel who starts wrapping.

39d 17h 3m Dragonite is knocked out by the exeggutor.

39d 17h 3m We switch to Dragonite.

39d 17h 2m Victreebel does barely any damage with razor leaf.

39d 17h 2m Next up is Exeggutor! We switch to Victreebel!

39d 17h 1m But we knock out Alakazam with some clamps!

39d 17h 1m Cloyster has taken quite some damage.

39d 17h 1m Alakazam is then sent out.

39d 17h 0m Sandslash is OHKO'd with an aurora beam.

[Info] After all those switches, all 4 remaining mons took varying degree of damages.

39d 17h 0m Blue sends out Sandslash and Cloyster starts off with a double team.

39d 17h 0m We challenged Blue!

39d 16h 59m Defeated Lance!

39d 16h 59m We don't even give Dragonite a chance, just clamp him till he faints.

39d 16h 59m After a few clamps, Seadra is down and Lance switcheds to Dragonite.

39d 16h 58m Charizard is OHKO'd. Lance sends out Seadra.

39d 16h 58m Aerodactyl is knocked out by Cloyster. LAnce sends out Charizard.

39d 16h 57m Cloyster uses some double team and takes damage from Aerodactyl's hype beam

39d 16h 57m Lance sends out Aerodactyl.

39d 16h 56m Cloyster quickly clamps out Onix. Dragonite grew to lvl 61!

39d 16h 56m Then we switch to Cloyster.

39d 16h 56m We switch again to Dragonite.

39d 16h 55m Gyarados is finally taken out by a few rounds of wrap. Lance sends out Onix and we switch to Zapdos.

39d 16h 53m Victreebel is using a lot of Razor Leaf to take down Gyarados.

39d 16h 53m We switch out to Victreebel

39d 16h 52m He sends out his Gyarados.

39d 16h 52m We go ahead and challenge Lance

[Info] 4 mons standing, full HP, Cloyster leads.

39d 16h 51m Gengar is clamped till it faints and we have beaten Agatha!

39d 16h 50m We send out Cloyster to take care of this situation.

39d 16h 50m Venomoth is put to sleep. and then knocked out by dream eater

39d 16h 49m Tentacruel is messed up by Venomoth. Agatha sends out Gengar.

39d 16h 49m Arbok is knocked out. Sent back out Tentacruel.

[Info] Turned battle animation off too, but didn't matter.

39d 16h 49m Quickly taken care off as well. Agatha sends out Tentacruel and switches to Arbok.

39d 16h 48m Then out is Beedrill.

39d 16h 48m Venomoth knocks out Weezing in two hits too.

39d 16h 48m She sends out Weezing.

39d 16h 47m Muk is taken out in two hits by Venomoth.

39d 16h 47m Somehow changed battle style to "shift", which I don't think the hivemind intended.

39d 16h 47m Then we challenge Agatha who sends out Muk against our Venomoth.

39d 16h 46m We beat Bruno

39d 16h 45m Machamp is knocked out by 3 razor leaf.

39d 16h 45m Bruno sends out Machamp.

39d 16h 45m We switch to Victreebel who makes short work of Poliwrath.

39d 16h 45m Slowbro is knocked out by Poliwrath

39d 16h 44m Hitmonlee was up next and knocked out in two rounds. Did some serious damage too. Bruno sent out Poliwrath.

39d 16h 44m Sorry, hitmonchan.

39d 16h 43m Bruno sent out Hitmonlee who is knocked out by a Surf.

39d 16h 43m Machoke is also OHKO'd. We're out of PP for Psychic.

39d 16h 43m Then one hits Primeape to the grave. Bruno sends out Machoke.

39d 16h 42m Slowbro starts off by raising special with Amnesia.

39d 16h 42m Sends out Primeape.

39d 16h 42m We challenge Bruno

39d 16h 41m Slowbro is now down to about 231hp and I think 4 uses of Psychic left.

39d 16h 41m Sends out Lapras who is OHKO'd. We have beaten Lorelei

39d 16h 40m Vaporeon also requires two psychic to be taken out.

[Info] This is Run #21 of the E4 rematch. After beating all 36 mons, the game will officially end.

39d 16h 40m Jynx is knocked out in second round. Lorelei sends out Vaporeon.

39d 16h 40m Lorelei sends out Jynx.She does a body slam before being nearly OHKO'd by psychic.

39d 16h 39m Cloyster is also OHKO'd by psychic. Next up Seaking. Same thing.

39d 16h 38m Dewgong is then OHKO'd with Psychic. Lorelei sends out Cloyster.

39d 16h 38m Slowbro is raising his special with some amnesia.

39d 16h 38m We challenged Lorelei she sends out her Dewgong.

[Info] Party order: Slowbro100 , Venomoth95 , Cloyster100 , Dragonite60 , Zapdos100 , Victreebel91

39d 16h 36m We're back to fighting the elite 4. In Lorelei's room.

[Snark] Nope. We're safe.

39d 16h 32m We black out

39d 16h 32m Vaporeon knocks out Zapdos with a Blizzard

[Info] Blue thinks he is already defeated, which means the Oak glitch is still in effect. Prepare to be stuck again!

39d 16h 32m Zapdos is very low on health but manages to knock out Magneton. Next up Vaporeon.

39d 16h 31m Zapdos knocks out Ninetales and Blue sends out Magneton.

39d 16h 30m Zapdos uses a few double team.

[Fluff] Blue is pre-empting his defeat, it seems. You sure nothing's wrong with that?

39d 16h 30m Next up is Ninetales.

39d 16h 29m We send out Zapdos and Alakazam faints to him. Blue sends out Exeggutor who is OHKO'd.

39d 16h 29m Blue sends out Alakazam who knocks out Cloyster.

39d 16h 29m We challenged Blue quickly take care of his first pokémon.

39d 16h 28m Abe seemed to learn his lesson and save the game before Blue.

[Info] The recently-loaded save state is on the 10:26 UTC E4 run (#20). That was when Venomoth reached level 95, but Victreebel reached level 92 during that run. Currently Victreebel is fainted at level 91.

[TL;DR] We're redoing run #20.

39d 16h 26m We have beaten Lance

39d 16h 26m Lance sends out Dragonite. OKHO'd with an Aurora beam.

39d 16h 25m Then we knock out Seadra.

39d 16h 24m Cloyster uses a few double team.

39d 16h 24m Lance sends out Seadra.

39d 16h 24m Aerodactyl is knocked out. Then Charizard.

39d 16h 23m LAnce sends out Aerodactyl.

39d 16h 22m We send out Cloyster who finishes off Onix.

39d 16h 22m Dragonite is knocked out by Onix

39d 16h 21m We send out Dragonite against Onix.

39d 16h 21m Versus Onix.

39d 16h 20m We send out Zapdos who finishes off Gyarados.

39d 16h 19m Venomoth is knocked out by a hyper beam

39d 16h 19m It's Gyarados vs Venomoth.

39d 16h 19m We immediately challenge Lance

39d 16h 18m We knock out Gengar then Agatha is defeated.

39d 16h 17m Victreebel knocked out, we switch to Zapdos.

39d 16h 16m Arbok is knocked out and Agatha sends out Gengar.

39d 16h 15m We send out Victreebel against Arbok.

39d 16h 15m Switched to Beedrill. Beedrilll faints. Then Arbok. Slowbro faints-

39d 16h 14m Tentacruel is knocked out. Agatha switched to Beedril then Arbok.

39d 16h 13m Agatha sent out something and then quickly switched to Tentacruel.

[Fluff] Is Muk so small that it disappeared from the screen?

39d 16h 12m Weezing self-destructs but that barely makes a dent into Slowbro's health. Muk is sent out.

39d 16h 11m Agatha sent out Weezing.

39d 16h 10m She sends out Muk!

[Snark] Twitch donated, yeah right.

39d 16h 9m We challenge Agatha

39d 16h 9m Our team is all alive and only Slowbro has taken any damage.

39d 16h 8m We defeated Bruno! Clean sweep, all Slowbro.

39d 16h 8m Poliwrath is OHKO'd. Sends out Machamp, OHKO'd.

39d 16h 7m Knock him out with a surf instead. Bruno sends out Poliwrath.

39d 16h 7m We're out of PP for psychic, now. Bruno sent out Hitmonlee.

39d 16h 6m Bruno sends out Hitmonchan, OHKO'd.

39d 16h 6m Knock out quickly with a psychic by Slowbro. Bruno sent out Machoke, OKHO'd.

[Info] It was a Slowbro sweep for Lorelei, again.

39d 16h 5m Sends out his Primeape.

39d 16h 5m We challenged Bruno!

[Meta] I'd get on tppmods chat to see available, but technically i would still be sleeping for a bit.

39d 16h 2m Lorelei Defeated! In Bruno's room.

[Meta] Sorry my internet isn't cooperating with me now.

[Info] We're at Run #21.

[Fluff] So, we did not backtrack too far this time.

39d 15h 58m Engaged Lorelei!

39d 15h 56m In Lorelei's room.


39d 15h 56m GAME RESTART!


[Snark] Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you go, never gonna make you battle my granddad.

Coz I am the champion, my "friend"~ And I'll keep on FRZ you, till the end...

[Snark] wait4streamer

39d 15h 7m A full hour frozen. Well, we can safely assume that Urn #20 is smashed... unless some magic happens and we continue on to Oak!

[Fluff] Just gone 11pm in Australia. RIP our hopes and dreams

[Snark] Good thing we will reach it since inputs still counting while stuck

[Info] Also, We are less than 100000 something inputs from 7000000 inputs. I was hoping at some point we would reach 7 million before the game was beat.

[Chat] "bet ____ oak/green/gary/etc"

[Fluff] Will this freeze ever melt?

[Fluff] Nearly 11pm in Austreamerlia. We've been stuck here for 45 minutes.

[Fluff] Twitch is not playing Pokémon. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] TPP: Breaking games since 2014!

39d 14h 44m As I snarked earlier, we probably have to wait at least until the top of the hour. Streamer must have got hundreds of PMs and mails on this.

[Chat] lakegrumpy: This stream will now be Twitch Watches Pokémon. Kappa

[Fluff] And that glitch is done in the same way as the original Mew glitch. Man, we're so good at breaking the game! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

[Snark] Abe is paralyzed, Oak's Gatekeeper Thunder Waved us from afar

[Fluff] This glitch appears to have been done in the same way as the Battle Tent glitch, the game accepting inputs when it's not supposed to.


[Input Rate] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] We ran from Oak, we're waiting for baba, streamer abandoned us etc

[IRC Chat] Some discussion about the freeze possibly caused by joypad enable, and we have no joypad inputs, thus we're stuck.

[Chat] silversalamence10: Champion Simulator 2015 confirmed

[Snark] We have officially become an NPC

39d 14h 14m It seems that somehow the walking towards Oak sequence didn't happen, and we walked back into Blue's room. We already beat Blue so the game literally won't let us continue. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Also, am I the only one who noticed that BLUE'S intro message was the same as his defeated message before we just fought him?

[Snark] Don't forget. You're here forever!

─=≡Σ((( つ◕ل͜◕)つ I love it when things break! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

[Fluff] Donation scams...

ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ Let us engage in civil disobedience. ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Oak's battle strategy is to crash the game so we can't win.

[Snark] Streamer is busy partying, no time for the stream.


Currently 10pm Tuesday night in Australia.

39d 14h 8m We just walked out of the room with Oak, inputs are now not working. BROKEN

39d 14h 8m We are in the room with Oak but not engaged in battle, yet

[Info] Just Dragonite and a 6HP Zapdos left

39d 14h 6m Vaporeon's next Blizzard hits, Zapdos down to 6HP but lands another Drill Peck and Vaporeon faints! Blue defeated

39d 14h 6m Vaporeon's Blizzard misses, we hit with a Drill Peck

39d 14h 6m Zapdos finally uses Drill Peck and Magneton is taken out. Vaporeon in now

39d 14h 5m Zapdos Double Teams again, Magneton keeps using Swift

39d 14h 5m Zapdos continues to use Double Team. Magneton lands another Swift

39d 14h 4m Magneton lands Supersonic and Zapdos is now confused as well

39d 14h 3m Another Drill Peck lands. Magneton responds with Swift. Zapdos uses Double Team. Mangeton uses Thunderwave and Zapdos is paralyzed. Swift comes in from Magneton

39d 14h 2m Blue sends in Magneton, we use Drill Peck. Magneton uses Supersonic but it fails

39d 14h 2m Sky Attack lands. Ninetales uses Quick Attack. We power up Sky Attack again and hit. Ninetales down

39d 14h 2m Blue sends in Ninetales, we power up Sky Attack

39d 14h 1m Zapdos sent in for us, we use Sky Attack, Exeggutor down

39d 14h 1m Exeggutor in for Blue, we hit with Surf, poison almost takes out Cloyster. Exeggutor lands a Stomp and Cloyster faints

39d 14h 1m Cloyster lands another Surf, this one takes out Alakazam

39d 14h 0m Cloyster switches to Surf, it almost takes out Alakazam. Alakazam uses Recover

39d 14h 0m Blue uses a Full Restore on Alakazam

39d 14h 0m Next Clamp lands, but Cloyster is losing health fast due to poison

39d 13h 59m Cloyster tries to Clamp but misses

39d 13h 59m Alakazam still lands a Psychic, we Double Team again

39d 13h 59m Alakazam sent in by Blue, we hit it with an Aurora Beam, and start to Double Team

39d 13h 58m Cloyster starts off with Double Team, Sandslash hits with Poison Sting and Cloyster is Poisoned. Cloyster takes it out with Aurora Beam

39d 13h 58m Sandslash in for Blue, Cloyster for us

39d 13h 57m We are at Blue

39d 13h 56m On to Blue, all three remaining 'Mon at full HP!

39d 13h 55m Dragonite in for Lance, one shot takes it out! Lance defeated

39d 13h 55m Cloyster then hits with an Aurora Beam and Seadra goes down

39d 13h 55m Seadra almost has no health and we switch to another Double Team

39d 13h 54m Lance uses a Hyper Potion on Seadra, and we just go straight back to Clamping

39d 13h 53m Lance sends in Seadra and we Clamp it too

39d 13h 53m Lance uses Hyper Potion on Charizard. We return to Clamping and take Charizard down

39d 13h 53m Lance sends in Charizard, we try to Clamp but miss. Second attempt at it hits

39d 13h 52m Aerodactyl sent in by Lance, Cloyster uses Surf and it OHKO's

39d 13h 52m Onix in for Lance, Surf takes it out in one shot!

39d 13h 52m One last Surf takes out Gyarados

39d 13h 52m Cloyster switches to Surf

39d 13h 51m Gyarados misses with Dragon Rage, we continue to Double Team

39d 13h 51m Gyarados is low on health and we start to use Double Team. Lance uses a Hyper Potion on Gyarados

39d 13h 50m We continue to use Clamp

39d 13h 50m Gyarados in for Lance, Cloyster in for us. We start off with Clamp

39d 13h 49m Challenge Lance

[Info] Cloyster, Dragonite and Zapdos left, all at full health

39d 13h 49m We are in Lance's room now

39d 13h 47m We send in Zapdos and use Sky Attack, Gengar faints and Agatha is defeated!

39d 13h 47m Gengar wakes up and uses Night Shade, Victreebel faints

39d 13h 47m Victreebel snaps out of confusion, and lands with Wrap

39d 13h 46m As soon as we snap out of confusion Gengar uses Confuse Ray. We put it to sleep with Sleep Powder

39d 13h 46m Agatha uses a Super Potion, we hit with Razor Leaf again, Agatha then uses Super Potion

39d 13h 46m Another Razor Leaf lands

39d 13h 46m Gengar fails at using Hypnosis

39d 13h 45m Gengar uses Confuse Ray again, Victreebel is confused but lands Razor Leaf

39d 13h 45m Just Gengar left for Agatha now, it uses Confuse Ray and Victreebel becomes confused. We hit with Razor Leaf and snap out of confusion. Another Razor Leaf lands

39d 13h 44m A third Razor Leaf lands and Arbok faints

39d 13h 44m Arbok tries to use Toxic to no effect, we land another Razor Leaf

39d 13h 44m Agatha sends in Arbok. We hit with Razor Leaf

39d 13h 43m Victreebel sent in and uses Razor Leaf, it almost takes out Tentacruel. Tentacruel uses Hydro Pump but misses, and our next Razor Leaf takes it down!

39d 13h 43m Tentacruel uses Hydro Pump and Venomoth faints

39d 13h 43m Tentacruel sent in by Agatha, we continue to spam Psychic

39d 13h 42m Agatha sends in Beedrill, after we uses Psychic it hits with Twineedle. We hit with another Psychic and Beedrill faints

39d 13h 42m Agatha sends in Weezing, we hit with Psychic, it almost goes down. Another Psychic hits and Weezing faints

39d 13h 41m Venomoth uses Psychic, it almost knocks out Muk. Muk uses Harden, but it is too little too late as another Psychic lands and takes it down

39d 13h 41m Venomoth in versus Muk

39d 13h 41m We challenge Agatha!

39d 13h 39m Up into Agatha's room now

39d 13h 38m Bruno sends in Machamp, we start off with Razor Leaf. Machamp uses Seismic Toss, Victreebel hits with another Razor Leaf and Machamp faints! Bruno defeated

39d 13h 38m We send in Victreebel and use Razor Leaf, and Poliwrath is taken out

39d 13h 37m Poliwrath sent in, one Surf almost KOs it. It responds with Hi Jump Kick and Slowbro faints

39d 13h 37m Hitmonlee hits with a Mega Kick, Slowbro hits with Surf and it is down

39d 13h 37m Hitmonlee now in for Bruno, Psychic is out of PP

39d 13h 37m Hitmonchan in, Psychic owns it

39d 13h 36m Machoke sent in by Bruno. Psychic makes quick work of it

39d 13h 36m Bruno uses X Defend on Primeape while we use Amnesia. Bruno then uses another X Defend, we switch to Psychic. Primeape down

39d 13h 35m Primeape starts to Thrash about, Slowbro switches to Strength

39d 13h 35m Primeape hits with Seismic Toss, Slowbro buffs with Amnesia

39d 13h 35m Slowbro out versus Primeape

39d 13h 35m VS Bruno

39d 13h 31m Up into Bruno's room we go. He stands there looking annoyed, knowing that he's about to face another butt-whooping

39d 13h 30m Another Amnesia, another Body Slam. We then use Psychic, and Lapras goes down! Lorelei defeated

39d 13h 30m Lapras uses Body Slam, we begin to buff with Amnesia again

39d 13h 30m After another Haze from Vaporeon, we use Strength and take it down. Lapras sent in

39d 13h 29m We hit it with Psychic twice, it is close to being knocked out

39d 13h 29m Lorelei sends in Vaporeon, Haze nullifies our Amnesias

39d 13h 28m Jynx in now, we use Psychic, even Jynx falls to it in one shot!

39d 13h 28m Lorelei sends in Seaking, Psychic makes quick work of it

39d 13h 28m Cloyster in for Lorelei, we immediately use Psychic and Cloyster is dropped flat

39d 13h 27m Dewgong lands a Take Down. Slowbro then uses Psychic, it takes it out!

39d 13h 27m Dewgong plays Failgong and uses Rest right off the bat. Meanwhile Slowbro starts to buff with Amnesia

39d 13h 27m Slowbro versus Dewgong

39d 13h 26m Challenged Lorelei

[Chat] 82 sacred urns on the wall / 82 sacred urns / take one down, smash it around / 81 sacred urns on the wall

39d 13h 25m Aaaaaand now in Lorelei's room

39d 13h 25m In the E4 lobby, near the entrance to Lorelei's room

39d 13h 24m Blackout

39d 13h 23m Zapdos in and Vaporeon instantly uses Blizzard. Zapdos faints

39d 13h 23m Vaporeon sent in by Blue and takes out Dragonite with Blizzard. Dragonite faints

39d 13h 22m Dragonite lands a Surf an almost takes out Magneton. Magenton uses Swift but Dragonite weathers it. Dragonite uses Surf again and Magneton down

39d 13h 22m Magneton uses Thunderwave and now Dragonite is paralyzed

39d 13h 22m Zapdos in, Drill Peck hits. Magneton uses Thunder and Zapdos becomes paralyzed. We switch in Dragonite

39d 13h 21m We then use Cut but it misses. Magneton uses Swift and Victreebel faints

39d 13h 21m We send in Victreebel, it uses Razor Leaf

39d 13h 20m Blue sends in Magneton, we miss with Clamp and it hits with Swift. Cloyster faints

39d 13h 20m We use Surf and Ninetales goes down.

39d 13h 19m Blue sends in Ninetales, we use Aurora Beam. Its Ember hits, Cloyster is burned

39d 13h 19m Exeggutor in for Blue now, Aurora Beam almost OHKO's it. The next one finishes it off

39d 13h 19m Cloyster lands another Aurora Beam and Alakazam is down

39d 13h 18m Alakazam in, Aurora Beam hits, its Psychic misses. Double Team mattered

39d 13h 18m Cloyster now uses Aurora Beam, and it one-shots Sandslash

39d 13h 18m Slandslash lands a Poison Sting, and then again, we aren't poisoned though

39d 13h 17m We continue with Double Team, using it two more times

39d 13h 17m Cloyster starts off with Double Team, Sandslash misses with Slash

39d 13h 17m Cloyster in versus Sandslash

39d 13h 17m Engaged Blue

39d 13h 17m 4 'Mon still up heading into Blue, although Zapdos and Victreebel are low on HP

39d 13h 16m We then switch to Aurora Beam, and it takes out Dragonite! Lance defeated!

39d 13h 16m We start off with Clamp against Dragonite

39d 13h 16m Lance sends in Dragonite

39d 13h 15m Cloyster switches to Clamp and finishes off Seadra

39d 13h 15m Seadra uses Leer, we hit with another Surf. Seadra switches to Hydro Pump

39d 13h 15m Some more Aurora Beams, Seadra uses Barrier, we then use Surf. Seadra almost down but Lance uses a Hyper Potion. We follow with Surf

39d 13h 14m Aurora Beam is not very effective, Seadra hits us with Water Gun

39d 13h 14m We hit it with Clamp and Charizard goes down. Lance sends in Seadra

39d 13h 14m Charizard in for Lance now, Aurora Beam really hurts it. Charizard uses Fire Spin

[Fluff] There! 30 minutes later, we're really at Lance.

39d 13h 14m The attack continues and takes out Aerodactyl

39d 13h 13m Aerodactyl wakes up but we hit it with Clamp before it can do anything

39d 13h 13m We switch in Cloyster

39d 13h 13m Sleep Powder puts Aerodactyl asleep

39d 13h 12m Aerodactyl then lands Hyper Beam

39d 13h 12m Aerodactyl uses Supersonic and Victreebel is confused, it hurts itself

39d 13h 12m Victreebel is now in for us

39d 13h 12m Aerodactyl in for Lance, it lands a Hyper Beam and Venomoth faints

39d 13h 11m Venomoth then hits with Psychic, and Onix faints this time!

39d 13h 11m Onix in for Lance, Psybeam nearly takes it out. Lance uses Hyper Potion on it

39d 13h 10m Gyarados then uses Dragon Rage, Venomoth hangs in there with 17 HP. Two more Psybeams then hit and take down Gyarados

39d 13h 10m Gyarados manages to get off a Hyper Beam, we respond with Psychic

39d 13h 10m Venomoth uses Stun Spore on Gyarados, he's paralyzed now

39d 13h 9m Next Psybeam crits, a third one nearly takes Gyarados out but Lance uses Hyper Potion

39d 13h 9m We start off with Psybeam, Gyarados uses Dragon Rage

39d 13h 9m Lance sends out Gyarados, we send in Venomoth

39d 13h 9m Lance has been challenged!

39d 13h 8m Walking down the hallway towards Lance

39d 13h 7m Venomoth finally uses Psychic, Gengar wakes up. We use another Psychic and Gengar goes down. Agatha defeated!

39d 13h 7m Venomoth tries to use Stun Spore but it doesn't effect Gengar

39d 13h 6m Venomoth puts Gengar to sleep with Sleep Powder

39d 13h 5m Agatha sends in her last 'Mon, Gengar

39d 13h 5m Agatha sends in Arbok, we throw Psychic at it and it is down in one hit

39d 13h 4m We switch in Venomoth, Tentacruel hits it with Constrict, we respond with Psychic and Tentacruel goes down

39d 13h 4m After Tentacruel uses Barrier we hit it with Clamp

39d 13h 4m Tentacruel back in, it uses Constrict, we hit it with Surf

39d 13h 3m After two Aurora Beams she sends Beedrill back in, we hit it with another Aurora Beam and it goes down

39d 13h 3m Agatha withdraws Beedrill and sends in Tentacruel, just in time as our Aurora Beam doesn't do much damage

39d 13h 2m Beedrill in now for Agatha and we use Surf, Beedrill then uses Agility

39d 13h 2m We use another Aurora Beam, and this one lands, Weezing faints

39d 13h 1m Cloyster uses Aurora Beam but it misses, Weezing hits with Haze and our evade buffs are gone

39d 13h 0m We move to Double Team and use it twice, Weezing's Smokescreen misses, then hits

39d 13h 0m We are spamming Clamp despite Agatha's Super Potion

39d 12h 59m Agatha sends out Weezing, we begin to Clamp again

39d 12h 59m Agatha desperately uses a Super Potion on Muk, but the Clamps are too much and Muk faints

39d 12h 59m Next Clamp hits, we start to spam a

39d 12h 58m Muk is still asleep, we attempt to Clamp but miss

39d 12h 58m We send in Cloyster

39d 12h 58m Victreebel then hits with Cut, it doesn't do much

39d 12h 58m Victreebel in, it starts off with Sleep Powder and Muk falls asleep

39d 12h 58m After another Amnesia, Muk hits with Sludge and Slowbro faints

39d 12h 57m Another Amnesia for Slowbro, Muk hits with a Sludge

39d 12h 57m Slowbro versus Muk, Slowbro uses Amnesia, Muk uses Screech

39d 12h 56m VS Agatha

39d 12h 54m We walk into Agatha's room

39d 12h 53m We land a Psychic and Machamp goes down, Bruno defeated

39d 12h 53m Another Amnesia for us, another X Defend for Bruno

39d 12h 52m Slowbro uses Strength, Machamp uses Submission, we then use Strength again. Machamp is low on HP but hits with another Submission

39d 12h 52m Slowbro uses Strength and Poliwrath faints. Machamp sent in by Bruno

39d 12h 51m Bruno sends in Poliwrath, we Surf, it almost KO's it. Bruno uses X Defend on Poliwrath

39d 12h 51m Hitmonlee in for Bruno, it uses Focus Energy then gets hit by a Surf from Slowbro, it is down

39d 12h 51m Hitmonchan, Psychic again. Down. Rinse and repeat

39d 12h 51m Bruno sends in Machoke, another Psychic and another 'Mon down

39d 12h 50m Slowbro uses Psychic and takes Primeape down

39d 12h 50m Primeape uses Thrash, we respond with another Amnesia

39d 12h 50m Bruno uses an X Defend on Primeape, Slowbro buffs with Amnesia

39d 12h 50m Slowbro versus Primeape

39d 12h 49m We challenge Bruno

39d 12h 48m In Bruno's room now

39d 12h 48m Sorry about that, wifi cut out for a second there. Lorelei is defeated and we have all of our 'Mons

[Fluff] (con'td) Of course, assuming we defeated Lance.

39d 12h 44m Cloyster misses its next Aurora Beam and we Double Team again

39d 12h 43m We switch in Zapdos, Cloyster hits it with an Aurora Beam. Zapdos uses Double Team

[Fluff] I suggest for those who are waiting for Blue/Oak, please check this space back in 30 minutes or so.

39d 12h 43m Cloyster sent in by Lorelei

39d 12h 43m After two Amnesias, Slowbro uses Psychic and knocks out Dewgong in one shot

39d 12h 42m Slowbro starts off using Amnesia, Dewgong tries to Rest at full HP

39d 12h 42m Slowbro versus Dewgong

[Info] Run 19

39d 12h 41m Challenged Lorelei

39d 12h 40m We have entered Lorelei's room

39d 12h 38m Bought 5 Ultra Balls

39d 12h 37m We heal

39d 12h 37m Back into the E4 lobby

39d 12h 36m We exit the E4 lobby

[Info] Cloyster and Zapdos are both missing some HP from our trip into VR

39d 12h 36m We just came really close to the PC

[Fluff] And suddenly the movie reel sped up!

39d 12h 34m Back in the E4 lobby

39d 12h 29m Down the ladder, and out of Victory Road. Back into Anarchy

39d 12h 28m We save

39d 12h 27m Victreebel moved to last in the party order, Cloyster to third

39d 12h 25m Thunder moved to third, Sky Attack to second

39d 12h 24m Double Team moved to last in Zapdos' moveset, Thunder moved to second

39d 12h 17m Double Team moved to last slot in ICU's moveset, Aurora Beam moved to third

39d 12h 15m Strength now moved to second, Surf to third

39d 12h 13m Amnesia now moved to the top, Surf in second

39d 12h 13m Surf has been moved to the top of Slowbro's move set, Psychic to the bottom

[Snark] Rags To Riches: True Story of How Abe Went From One To Five Digits In A Day

39d 12h 8m We went up the ladder to the second floor

39d 12h 6m We enter Victory Road, and are back in Democracy

39d 12h 3m We are just walking around among the statues outside the E4

39d 11h 57m Another full-hour urn smashed. Run #19 incoming.

39d 11h 56m Outside of the E4 lobby

[Fluff] That run started off horribly, and we still made it to Blue. There is hope yet people!

39d 11h 56m Blue sends in Alakazam, it uses Psychic and ICU finally goes down, and we black out

39d 11h 55m Sandslash versus ICU, we use Surf, Sandslash down!

39d 11h 55m Vs Blue in perhaps the shortest match in championship history inbound

39d 11h 54m So here we are, off to Blue, with only one 'Mon left, with just 2HP

[Info] Cloyster started that match with 10HP. That evade boost from Double Team plus its strong defense against water (for the one Water Gun that hit) got it through all 6 of Lance's 'Mon

[Info] Stream viewership hovering around 1.5k along this E4 run, which is pretty good considering now we're entering the low-peak session for TPP.

39d 11h 53m ICU hits with Aurora Beam, and Dragonite goes down. Lance defeated!

39d 11h 52m Dragonite can't hit with Dragon Rage

39d 11h 52m Double Team now out of PP, along with Clamp. We use Surf

39d 11h 52m Dragonite's Hyper Beam misses, we try Double Team but it can't work now because it is maxed

39d 11h 51m Lance sends in Dragonite

39d 11h 51m Seadra finally lands a Water Gun, but ICU hangs on with just 2HP, we land a Surf and Seadra is down!

39d 11h 50m Lance gives Seadra Hyper Potion, we respond with another Surf

39d 11h 50m We now switch to Surf, Seadra clings to almost no HP.

39d 11h 50m Even more Double Team, ICU's evade increases, Seadra still can't hit. We have now maxed out the evade buff

39d 11h 49m More Double Team, and now Seadra's Hydro Pump misses

39d 11h 48m ICU lands an Aurora Beam, Seadra uses Barrier, ICU then uses Double Team and Seadra's Water Gun misses

39d 11h 48m Lance sends in Seadra, no more PP for Clamp

39d 11h 48m Charizard down!

39d 11h 48m Lance sends in Charizard, we spam Clamp

39d 11h 47m We use Clamp, it nearly takes down Aerodactyl in one shot! The attack continues, and Aerodactyl faints!

39d 11h 45m Aerodactyl sent in by Lance

39d 11h 45m We use Surf, and OHKO it

39d 11h 45m Onix in for Lance now

39d 11h 44m We land another Surf, and Gyarados goes down

39d 11h 44m Gyarados's Dragon Rage misses

39d 11h 44m We start to use Double Team, and then Surf

39d 11h 43m Gyarados uses Hyper Beam, ICU barely hangs on with 10HP. ICU uses Aurora Beam, Gyarados must recharge

39d 11h 43m ICU versus Gyarados

39d 11h 42m VS Lance

39d 11h 42m We save, just in case

39d 11h 41m We have entered Lance's room

39d 11h 40m Gengar is taken down, and Agatha is defeated. We at least make it to Lance, which is pretty impressive considering how this run started

39d 11h 40m ICU in and starts off with Clamp

39d 11h 40m Just ICU left, with 81HP....blackout incoming

39d 11h 39m Gengar lands a Night Shade and Victreebel faints

39d 11h 39m Gengar uses Hypnosis and now Victreebel is asleep

39d 11h 38m Agatha uses a Super Potion on Gengar, we then land a Wrap

39d 11h 38m Victreebel in for us, with low health. It uses Razor Leaf

39d 11h 38m Another Night Shade form Gengar just as Venomoth wakes up causes Venomoth to faint

39d 11h 37m Gengar lands a Night Shade, then a Confuse Ray. Venomoth is now asleep and confused

39d 11h 37m We hit with Psychic, and Gengar replies with Hypnosis, Venomoth is now asleep

39d 11h 36m Agatha sends in Arbok, Venomoth lands another Psychic and it OHKO's! Gengar in now

39d 11h 36m Tentacruel uses Constrict, we hit with Psychic, and Tentacruel goes down

39d 11h 36m We switch in Venomoth

39d 11h 34m Tentacruel back in for Agatha, we hit with Surf

39d 11h 33m Beedrill's Pin Missile misses, ICU uses Surf, and Beedrill finally goes down

39d 11h 33m Its a battle of speed and agility as ICU uses Double Team and Beedrill uses Agility

39d 11h 32m We switch to Aurora Beam, but it doesn't do much. Agatha switches Beedrill back in, and we start Double Teaming again

39d 11h 31m Agatha switches in Tentacruel for Beedrill, meanwhile ICU has been using Double Team. Tentracruel's Hydro Pump still lands

39d 11h 31m We begin to Surf against Beedrill, and Agatha uses a Super Potion

39d 11h 30m ICU starts Clamping

39d 11h 30m ICU is still asleep, Beedrill lands Pin Missile, and we wake up

39d 11h 30m We send in ICU as Agatha sends in Beedrill

39d 11h 29m Weezing finally uses Self Destruct, this of course causes Slowbro to faint

39d 11h 29m Weezing continues to spam Smokescreen, our Surfs aren't hitting now, and Slowbro is still paralyzed with 8HP

39d 11h 29m Weezing uses another Smokescreen, our next Surf misses

39d 11h 28m Agatha sends in Weezing, its starts off with a Smokescreen, we respond with Surf

39d 11h 28m Slowbro uses Surf, Muk uses Harden, another Surf from Slowbro and Muk is down

39d 11h 27m Slowbro in versus Muk, Slowbro clinging to 8HP

39d 11h 26m Challenged Agatha

39d 11h 24m In Agatha's room

39d 11h 23m Bruno sends in Machamp, we use Psybeam, and Machamp goes down, Bruno defeated

39d 11h 22m Poliwrath lands a Hi Jump Kick, Venomoth responds with Psybeam, and Poliwrath is down

39d 11h 21m Another Body Slam from Poliwrath, and we switch in Venomoth

39d 11h 21m ICU continues to sleep as Poliwrath hits it with a Body Slam

39d 11h 21m This time Poliwrath's Hypnosis lands, and ICU is asleep

39d 11h 20m Poliwrath attempts Hypnosis but it fails, ICU starts to use Double Team

39d 11h 20m Bruno sends in Poliwrath, Aurora Beam is not that effective

39d 11h 20m Hitmonlee in, Aurora Beam used, it also goes down

39d 11h 19m ICU lands an Aurora Beam and Hitmonchan is down

39d 11h 18m We switch in ICU

39d 11h 18m Hitmonchan in now for Bruno

39d 11h 17m Bruno sends in Machoke, it uses Submission, Slowbro is able to get off Psychic with just 8HP left and takes down Machoke

39d 11h 17m Slowbro uses Psychic and takes down Primeape

39d 11h 17m Bruno sends in Primeape versus Slowbro

39d 11h 16m Into Bruno's room, and we challenge Bruno

[Chat] The_zeldafan: In the beginning of this urn pikachu gave our first blackout, and the urn will end with us killing Pikachu! Pretty symbolic actually

39d 11h 15m Lapras continues to Body Slam, we use Surf again, it somehow takes down Lapras' HP all the way. Lorelei defeated

39d 11h 14m Slowbro finally attacks, with Surf

39d 11h 14m Another Body Slam from Lapras now paralyzes Slowbro

39d 11h 13m Slowbro continues to use Amnesia

39d 11h 13m Slowbro uses Amnesia, Lapras hits him with a Body Slam. Slowbro is then hit with a Confuse Ray and is confused

39d 11h 12m Lorelei sends in Lapras

39d 11h 11m We send in Slowbro, one Psychic and Vaporeon is finally down

39d 11h 10m Another Ice Beam takes down Zapdos

39d 11h 10m Zapdos is frozen, Vaporeon lands another Ice Beam

39d 11h 10m An Ice Beam actually lands for Vaporeon

39d 11h 9m Vaporeon's next Ice Beam misses, we use Double Team again

39d 11h 9m We switch in Zapdos, Vaporeon uses Ice Beam. Zapdos uses Double Team

39d 11h 8m We are just spamming Aurora Beam now

39d 11h 7m ICU switches to Aurora Beam, it is not very effective. Vaporeon responds with Acid Armor

39d 11h 7m ICU goes to zeh Clamps

39d 11h 7m Vaporeon in for Lorelei now

39d 11h 7m Venomoth grows to level 94!

39d 11h 7m ICU finally lands a Clamp and Jynx goes down

39d 11h 6m Jynx continues to Thrash about, ICU tries to Clamp but it misses

39d 11h 6m Abe decides to switch in ICU

39d 11h 4m Lorelei uses a Super Potion on Jynx

39d 11h 4m Jynx continues to Thrash, we respond with another Psybeam, this one doesn't do much at all

39d 11h 4m Venomoth hits with Psybeam, it deals a good deal of damage

39d 11h 3m We switch in Venomoth, Jynx uses Thrash

39d 11h 2m Jynx uses Blizzard, it deals a lot of damage to Victreebel. We hit with Razor Leaf

39d 11h 1m Victreebel now in for us

39d 11h 1m Jynx in for Lorelei, it hits Dragonite with an Ice punch and Dragonite faints

39d 11h 1m We switch to Strength, it takes down Seaking

39d 11h 0m Seaking's Horn Drill misses, we hit with another Surf, they aren't doing much though

39d 11h 0m Dragonite uses Strength after Seaking uses Agility, we then use Surf

39d 10h 59m Seaking hits it with Fury Attack

39d 10h 59m We switch in Dragonite

[Fluff] Oh wait, "E4" here means either E6, or E5 + Bruno (as some people think he's not elite enough :P)

39d 10h 58m We continue to Clamp Seaking

39d 10h 57m ICU uses Clamp

39d 10h 57m We switch in ICU, Seaking hits with Fury Attack

39d 10h 57m Lorelei sends in Seaking

39d 10h 56m Instead of Psychic we hit it with Surf, which actually takes it down!

[Info] That was a whole hour of "insanity". Now we're at E4 rematch attempt number 18.

39d 10h 56m We now use Amnesia to buff up Psychic

[Chat] Trying to find out the chances for Thunder hitting. Keepo

39d 10h 55m Cloyster starts off with Spike Cannon, we hit it with Surf

39d 10h 55m Cloyster in for Lorelei now

39d 10h 55m Dewgong uses Take Down again, we counter with Surf and Dewgong goes down

39d 10h 55m Dewgong wakes up as we hit it with another Strength

39d 10h 54m We switch to Strength

39d 10h 53m Dewgong uses Rest, we Surf again

39d 10h 53m Dewgong lands a Take Down, we reply with Surf

39d 10h 53m Slowbro versus Dewgong, where have we seen this before?

39d 10h 52m VS Lorelei

39d 10h 52m In Lorelei's room

[Snark] He took Blastoise from his Grandson

[Fluff] We picked Charmander, so shouldn't Oak have Venusaur?

[Chat] Pokémonlunar: Pikachu had less than 7% chance to hit and it did TriHard

[Info] All of Oak's mons are known now. Tauros, Exeggutor, Arcanine, Blastoise, Gyarados, and Gatekeepikachu.

[Chat] Bowser0102: Our first problem is now our last Kappa

39d 10h 47m E4 lobby




[rip] rip

39d 10h 46m Pikachu lands a Thunder, ICU GOES DOWN and we black out! SO CLOSE

[Snark] Gatekeeper makes his mark for the last time

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppCrit

39d 10h 46m ONE MON LEft, its Pikachu

39d 10h 46m Aurora Beam hits for us, two take him down!

39d 10h 46m Oak sends in Gyarados

39d 10h 45m We are spamming Aurora Beam now, Blastoise down!

39d 10h 45m WE hit it with Aurora Beam

39d 10h 45m Oak sends in Blastoise!

[Input Rate] Very quite fast ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

39d 10h 45m Arcanine down!

39d 10h 45m We use Clamp instead, it crits!

39d 10h 44m Oak sends in Arcanine, we are out of PP for Surf

39d 10h 44m Exeggutor down!

39d 10h 44m We Clamp again

39d 10h 43m Surf lands on Exeggutor for us, we then return to Clamp

39d 10h 43m We are spamming Double Team for days

39d 10h 43m Exeggutor's attacks miss while we are asleep, we wake up and use Double Team again. Exeggutor hits another Stomp

39d 10h 42m Exeggutor lands a Stomp, we Double Team again. Exeggutor hits with Hypnosis and ICU is asleep

39d 10h 42m ICU now using Double Team

39d 10h 42m ICU in and we start to spam Clamp

39d 10h 42m We Double Team again, but Exeggutor is able to land a Stomp and Zapdos faints

39d 10h 42m Exeggutor in for Oak now, we use Sky Attack but it misses

39d 10h 41m We miss with Thunder, but charge up a Sky Attack, Tauros down!

39d 10h 41m We continue to use Double Team, then land a Drill Peck

39d 10h 41m We start off with Double Team, Tauros uses Leer

39d 10h 41m Zapdos in versus Tauros

39d 10h 41m VS Oak

39d 10h 40m ICU has 101HP left, Zapdos has 42HP

39d 10h 40m Talking to Oak, round two versus him!


39d 10h 39m Blue defeated

[Fluff] OAK TIME PogChamp

39d 10h 39m Another Surf and Blue is defeated for a second time (in the rematches)!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 10h 39m Vaporeon is low on HP!

39d 10h 39m The Surf spam continues, Vaporeon continues to use just Haze and Acid Armor.

39d 10h 38m We continue to Surf, we are gonna ride it to victory over Blue!

39d 10h 37m Vaporeon uses Haze, we Surf again. We are no longer burned thanks to Haze Thanks Blue!

39d 10h 37m Vaporeon in, we continue to Surf

39d 10h 37m Mageneton in, ICU uses Surf, it OHKO's it!

39d 10h 37m ICU responds with Surf, and Ninetales is taken out

39d 10h 36m Ninetales in now, we go back to Double Team. Ninetales still manages to land an Ember and ICU is burned

39d 10h 36m Exeggutor's next Barrage misses, we switch to Aurora Beam and knock it out!

39d 10h 36m Exeggutor lands a Barrage, we respond with another Surf

39d 10h 35m Exeggutor in for Blue, we hit it with Surf

39d 10h 35m Alakazam's Psychic misses, and another Surf takes it down!

39d 10h 35m Blue sends in Alakazam, we use Surf

39d 10h 35m ICU switches to Surf and it knocks out Sandslash in one shot

39d 10h 34m Sandslash lands Swift, we keep using Double Team

39d 10h 34m ICU uses Double Team, Sandslash's Fury Swipes miss

39d 10h 33m We switch in ICU, Sandslash uses Slash, ICU responds with Clamp but it misses

39d 10h 33m Zapdos in versus Sandslash

39d 10h 32m And into Blue's room, Blue time

39d 10h 31m Lance sends in Dragonite, Zapdos uses Thunder, Dragonite down and Lance defeated

39d 10h 30m Zapdos switches to Thunder but it misses. The next one hits though, and Seadra is knocked out

39d 10h 30m Zapdos continues to use Double Team, Seadra continues to miss

39d 10h 30m Seadra in for Lance, Zapdos uses Double Team, Seadra misses a Hydro Pump

39d 10h 29m We send Zapdos back in, it lands a Drill Peck that is able to knock out Charizard

39d 10h 28m Charizard's attack continues, and Victreebel faints

39d 10h 27m We switch in Victreebel, Charizard uses Fire Spin again

39d 10h 27m Charizard's attack continues!

39d 10h 26m Lance sends in Charizard. We hit it with Drill Peck, it responds with Fire Spin

39d 10h 26m Another Drill Peck is enough to take down Aerodactyl

39d 10h 26m Zapdos then lands a Drill Peck, Aerodactyl responds with Take Down

39d 10h 25m Aerodactyl Bites Zapdos and then gets hit with Sky Attack, Aerodactyl has less than half health

39d 10h 25m Lance sends in Aerodactyl, we prime another Sky Attack

39d 10h 24m Another Sky Attack from Zapdos takes down Onix

39d 10h 24m We use Sky Attack, Onix down to half health

39d 10h 24m Lance sends in Onix, we prime up Sky Attack, Onix uses Rock Throw

39d 10h 24m Zapdos hits it with a Drill Peck and Gyarados is down

39d 10h 23m We now switch in Zapdos, Gyarados uses Hydro Pump

39d 10h 23m Gyarados wakes back up but we still have it trapped in a Wrap. It is slowly chipping away its HP

39d 10h 23m Gyarados is still asleep as we continue to Wrap

39d 10h 22m We then switch to Wrap

39d 10h 22m Victreebel uses Sleep Powder and Gyarados is put to sleep

39d 10h 22m Victreebel in versus Gyarados

39d 10h 21m VS Lance

39d 10h 21m We are now in Lance's room

39d 10h 19m Gengar finally switches to Night Shade, this one does some good damage, Victreebel down to 70HP but the next Razor Leaf does enough damage to knock out Gengar and Agatha is defeated

39d 10h 19m Gengar spams Dream Eater...good move bro (it does nothing as we can't be put to sleep)

39d 10h 19m More Razor Leaf....slowly chipping at Gengar's health

39d 10h 17m Gengar uses Night Shade, Victreebel weathers it pretty well, we continue to use Razor Leaf as Gengar's Hypnosis fails

39d 10h 17m Gengar's attack misses and we spam Razor Leaf

39d 10h 17m Tentacruel back in, and we hit it with Razor Leaf. Tentacruel is knocked out, Agatha sends in Gengar

39d 10h 16m Next we switch to Razor Leaf, and it does the trick! Arbok is knocked out. Victreebel grows to level 91

39d 10h 16m Arbok's moves so far do not effect Victreebel. We use Cut again then move to Wrap

39d 10h 15m Arbok has woken back up, and we decide to use Cut next

39d 10h 15m Victreebel then uses Sleep Powder, Arbok is put asleep

39d 10h 14m Razor Leaf does a little bit of work

39d 10h 14m We send in Victreebel, Agatha swaps in Arbok

39d 10h 14m Tentacruel hits with Hydro Pump, it crits and Dragonite goes down

39d 10h 13m Tentacruel uses Constrict on Dragonite. Dragonite hits it back with Strength

39d 10h 12m We send in Dragonite

39d 10h 12m Tentacruel in, Venomoth uses a last Psybeam before Tentacruel takes it down with Constrict. Venomoth faints

39d 10h 12m Venomoth pulls of two Psybeams and Beedrill is down! Venomoth with just 6HP!

39d 10h 11m Agatha switches back in Weezing, Venomoth hits it with Stun Spore. Weezing still gets off Self-Destruct and Venomoth is almost down. Beedrill sent back in

39d 10h 11m Beedrill hit with Venomoth's last Psychic. It then uses Rage.

39d 10h 10m Weezing sent in, Venomoth hits it with Psychic, then Agatha withdraws in and sends in Beedrill. KAPOW cancelled

39d 10h 10m Venomoth uses another Psychic and Muk is down

39d 10h 10m Muk in for Agatha, and Psychic almost takes it down

39d 10h 10m Challenged Agatha

39d 10h 9m Venomoth also hit level 93...again

39d 10h 9m Bruno defeated and we walk into Agatha's room

39d 10h 8m Machamp sent in by Bruno, Psychic does its job. That's six moves, six knock outs. Like a pitcher in perfect form. Striiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!

39d 10h 8m Poliwrath in now for Bruno, even it falls to one Psychic

39d 10h 7m Hitmonlee, can it fair any better? Nope, Chuck Testa

39d 10h 7m Next is Hitmonchan, same thing

39d 10h 7m Machoke is the next victim to the Venomoth OHKO Psychic slaughter

39d 10h 7m Venomoth in versus Primeape, Venomoth hits with Psychic and Primeape is down

39d 10h 6m Challenged Bruno

39d 10h 4m We walk into Bruno's room

39d 10h 3m ICU uses Surf and Lapras finally goes down. Lorelei defeated

39d 10h 2m We send in ICU

39d 10h 1m Slowbro uses Strength and Lapras is barely still alive. It uses Confuse Ray though and Slowbro is confused. Slowbro hurts itself in confusion and then Lapras hits it with a Body Slam. Slowbro faints

39d 10h 1m Slowbro is low on health after taking some Body Slams, but is able to use a Surf that has gotten Lapras low now too

39d 10h 0m Lapras lands a Body Slam and Slowbro is paralyzed again

39d 10h 0m Lapras in now for Lorelei

39d 9h 59m Another Super Potion from Lorelei, meanwhile we have been using Amnesia. Finally we use a Psychic and take down Vaporeon. Unfortunately that was our last Psychic (out of PP)

39d 9h 59m Spamming Strength has gotten Vaporeon low on health, but Lorelei uses Super Potion on it

39d 9h 58m After some Haze and Acid Armor, we use Strength on Vaporeon

[Info] Yea, those were supposed to say "thrash" not "trash" facepalms

39d 9h 57m Lorelei sends in Vaporeon, it starts to use Haze

39d 9h 57m Another Trash from Jynx, we land Surf though and take it out

39d 9h 56m Jynx now starts to Trash, we switch to Surf

39d 9h 56m Jynx Body Slams again and Slowbro becomes Paralyzed

39d 9h 56m We use Psychic again, but it is of course not very effective against Jynx

39d 9h 55m Lorelei sends in Jynx, it uses a Body Slam

39d 9h 55m After Seaking uses Agility, our next Psychic takes it down

39d 9h 55m Seaking in now, it's Fury Attack misses, we hit with Psychic

39d 9h 55m Cloyster's Supersonic fails, and a second Psychic takes it down

39d 9h 54m Cloyster hits with Spike Cannon, we go straight for Psychic

39d 9h 54m And Dewgong is down, Cloyster time

39d 9h 54m Dewgong goes into Restgong mode, we start slamming it with Psychic again

39d 9h 53m Dewgong in, and we send in Slowbro. We immediately go for Psychic

39d 9h 53m Challenged Lorelei

39d 9h 52m Entered Lorelei's Room, run number 17 inbound

[Input Rate] Nothing extraordinary. Inputs are being skipped for some reason.

[Chat] Things have gotten bad enough that we're considering using the PC.

39d 9h 46m We buy 5 Ultra Balls

39d 9h 42m Back in the E4 lobby

[Rekt] #REKT!

39d 9h 42m Blue sends in Vaporeon, it uses Blizzard, and Dragonite faints, we black out

39d 9h 42m A Hyper Beam finally hits and Magneton is down

39d 9h 41m Magneton uses Screech a few times then hits with Swift, Dragonite down to 12HP

39d 9h 41m Thundershock causes Dragonite to be Paralyzed. We switch to Wrap

39d 9h 41m We use Hyper Beam next, it does some damage. We then miss two Hyper Beams in a row

39d 9h 40m Dragonite in, Magneton uses Swift, we respond with Surf

39d 9h 40m Just Dragonite left for us

39d 9h 40m Two more Swifts and Zapdos faints

39d 9h 39m Magneton hits with a Swift, and we can't land an attack due to confusion and paralysis

39d 9h 39m Zapdos uses Drill Peck. Magneton hits us with Supersonic and Zapdos grows confused. Now we are paralyzed and we keep hurting ourself in confusion

39d 9h 38m Magneton sent in for Blue, Thunder won't help us here

39d 9h 38m Ninetales in and uses a Quick Attack, we land Thunder, it uses another Quick Attack, we use Thunder again and Ninetales is down

39d 9h 37m Exeggutor in for Blue, we get off a Drill Peck, it hits with Stomp, another Drill Peck from us takes it down

39d 9h 37m We send in Zapdos, Drill Peck takes down Alakazam

39d 9h 37m We hit with another Aurora Beam before Alakazam uses Psybeam again. ICU faints

39d 9h 37m Psybeam crits against us, not good

39d 9h 36m We start to use Aurora Beam, Alakazam responds with Psybeam

39d 9h 36m We send in ICU

39d 9h 36m Victreebel pulls off one last Razor Leaf before Psybeam takes down Victreebel

39d 9h 35m Alakazam in now, it uses Psychic right away, Victreebel hangs on with 8HP

39d 9h 35m Razor Leaf used against Sandslash, it takes it out in one shot!

39d 9h 35m Victreebel in versus Sandslash

39d 9h 34m Into Blue's room, and we challenge Blue!

39d 9h 34m Lance won't stop telling us we still have to face Blue ><

39d 9h 33m 24 Pokémon down, 12 to go!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 9h 32m We switch to Aurora Beam and Dragonite is down! Lance defeated!

39d 9h 32m The Clamp continues, Dragonite hasn't used one move

39d 9h 32m Dragonite sent in by Lance, and we return to Clamp!

39d 9h 31m Another Surf has Seadra almost down, it uses Barrier but to no avail, our next Surf knocks it out!

39d 9h 31m Seadra in, we Aurora Beam again and get hit with Water Gun. We then switch to Surf

39d 9h 31m Lance uses a Hyper Potion on Charizard, we switch to Aurora Beam and Charizard is down!

39d 9h 30m We start to spam Clamp again, Charizard can't do anything!

39d 9h 30m Charizard in now for Lance

39d 9h 30m Clamp takes care of Aerodactyl!

39d 9h 30m Aerodactyl in and uses Bite, we start to Clamp again

39d 9h 29m Onix in for Lance, one Clamp does the job with a crit!

39d 9h 29m Clamp takes down Gyarados!

39d 9h 29m ICU uses Clamp, Gyarados is trapped now!

39d 9h 28m ICU in now for us

39d 9h 28m After taking a Dragon Rage, we use another Psybeam. Gyarados is confused. He manages to use Hydro Pump though and Venomoth faints

39d 9h 28m Lance uses Hyper Potion on Gyarados, we continue to spam Psybeam

39d 9h 27m Gyarados hits with a Hydro Pump, Venomoth down to 81HP. Venomoth crits with a Psybeam

39d 9h 27m Venomoth versus Gyarados. Venomoth uses Psychic

39d 9h 27m Lance time!

39d 9h 26m In Lance's room

[Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "You will not need me. You all have made me so proud."

[Chat] ATV hype!

39d 9h 24m Gengar in now. Another Psychic, Gengar less than half HP. Uses Confuse Ray and Venomoth is confused, but manages to get off another Psychic and Gengar is down! Agatha defeated!

39d 9h 24m Arbok in, Venomoth OHKO's it with Psychic!

39d 9h 23m Agatha sends in Tentacruel, Psychic used again and almost takes it down in one shot. After a Super Potion by Agatha, another Psychic does the trick!

39d 9h 23m Beedrill hits Venomoth with Twineedle, Venomoth responds with Psychic and Beedrill goes down

39d 9h 23m Venomoth hits with Psychic, Beedrill uses Agility

39d 9h 22m Battle of the insects as we send in Venomoth versus Beedrill

39d 9h 21m No PP left for Psychic, so we use Surf, it knocks Weezing down pretty well before it uses Explosion. It crits on Slowbro and Weezing and Slowbro faint

39d 9h 21m Weezing in for Agatha now

39d 9h 20m Slowbro in versus Muk, we hit it with Psychic and it is down!

39d 9h 20m Challenged Agatha!

[Donation] $2.00 from Casual: "Every non-casual should leave now, for WE are the key to victory!!!!!!!!!"

[Info] At Agatha, and all 6 'mon alive! TEH URN???

[Fluff] That's a double sweep for the Bro

39d 9h 18m Bruno sends in Machamp, and we hit it with Surf. Machamp goes down, Bruno defeated and we still have all 6 of our 'Mon

39d 9h 18m We buff up with Amnesia and then land Psychic, Poliwrath down!

39d 9h 18m We land a Surf, Poliwrath goes with Hi Jump Kick again, and this time we switch to Strength

39d 9h 17m That Surf is all it takes to knock him out. Poliwrath in and starts off with a Hi Jump Kick

39d 9h 17m Hitmonlee in, it lands a Jump Kick that doesn't do much, we use Surf

39d 9h 17m Hitmonchan in, it misses a Mega Punch, we land a Surf. Surf OHKO's

39d 9h 16m Machoke in for Bruno, we spam Psychic some more. On hit is all it takes!

39d 9h 16m Slowbro in versus Primeape, Slowbro starts off with Psychic. That's a OHKO!

39d 9h 16m Challenged Bruno!

39d 9h 15m We enter Bruno's room

39d 9h 15m Another Psychic, another OHKO, and Lorelei is defeated

39d 9h 14m Slowbro uses his buffed up Psychic and it takes down Vaporeon in one shot. Lapras in now

39d 9h 13m Vaporeon in for Lorelei now

39d 9h 13m Lorelei sends in Jynx, we use Surf, it one-hits as well!

39d 9h 13m Slowbro one-hits with Surf!

39d 9h 12m Seaking misses another Horn Drill, we still spam Amnesia

39d 9h 12m Lorelei sends in her Seaking, it starts of with Horn Drill and misses. Slowbro buffs with Amnesia

39d 9h 12m Lorelei sends in her Seaking, it starts of with Horn Drill and misses. Slowbro buffs with Amnesia

39d 9h 11m A few more Surfs from Slowbro are able to do the job, and Cloyster faints

39d 9h 11m Cloyster hits us with Spike Cannon

[Info] This is run 16

39d 9h 10m Cloyster's Supersonic fails, and we hit it with Surf

39d 9h 10m Three more Psychics are able to take down Dewgong. On to Lorelei's Cloyster now

39d 9h 9m Dewgong uses Take Down, we respond with Psychic. Dewgong uses Rest and returns to full health

39d 9h 9m Slowbro versus Dewgong, for the 394883 time

39d 9h 9m Challenged Lorelei

39d 9h 8m Entered Lorelei's room. Safe from the PC...for now

39d 9h 7m We buy 3 Ultra Balls Why not, I guess

39d 9h 7m A serious push is growing in chat for the PC

39d 9h 5m Not entirely sure what urn that was, but counting the blackouts in the updater should give the answer. Apologies.

[Rekt] #REKT

[rip] rip

39d 9h 5m Back in the E4 lobby

39d 9h 5m Black out rip

39d 9h 4m Evasion tactics begin

39d 9h 4m Clamp out of PP! GG

39d 9h 3m Cloyster is asleep

39d 9h 2m Alakazam down!

39d 9h 2m Alakazam sent in, we're Surfing it

39d 9h 1m Sandslash vs last mon remaining, Cloyster. Clamp takes Sandslash down!

39d 9h 1m Challenged by Blue!

39d 9h 1m We talk to Blue

39d 9h 1m Entered Blue's room!

39d 8h 59m Lance defeated!

39d 8h 58m Seadra down! Dragonite in

39d 8h 57m Charizard taken out, Seadra sent in

39d 8h 56m Aerodactyl taken out, Charizard sent in

39d 8h 54m Dragonite faints

39d 8h 54m Gyarados taken out, Aerodactyl sent in

39d 8h 54m we send in Dragonite

39d 8h 53m Zapdos faints urn over guys

39d 8h 53m We switch out to Bird

39d 8h 51m Clamppppp

39d 8h 51m Gyarados vs ICU?

39d 8h 50m Challenged by Lance

39d 8h 48m And, Gengar down! Agatha defeated!

39d 8h 48m Gengar sent in!

39d 8h 48m Arbok down!

39d 8h 48m We send in Zapdos, who is on about half HP already. FailFish

39d 8h 48m Arbok sent in!

39d 8h 47m Tentacruel down!

39d 8h 45m Switched again to Tentacruel

39d 8h 45m Tentacruel switched out for Arbok. Clamping

39d 8h 44m ICU sent in.

[Fluff] Because of the crash nobody's really 100% sure of what urn we're currently on. EleGiggle

39d 8h 43m We send in Slowbro, Beedrill taken out! Tentacruel sent in, Slowbro faints

39d 8h 42m Victreebel faints

39d 8h 42m Beedrill sent in, Venomoth faints

39d 8h 41m Weezing KAPOWs, we switched out to Venomoth, and it clutches the KAPOW! Weezing down!

39d 8h 40m Weezing sent in

39d 8h 40m Muk vs Slowbro, we're surfing. Muk's down!

39d 8h 39m Challenged by Agatha

39d 8h 37m Full team at agatha, is this teh urn PogChamp

39d 8h 36m woops lemme bold that Bruno defeated

39d 8h 36m Machamp down, Bruno defeated!

39d 8h 36m Poliwrath down, Machamp sent in!

39d 8h 35m We switched out to Zapdos, who is ResidentSleeper

39d 8h 34m Poliwrath sent in

39d 8h 33m Hitmons down--wait, Psychic out of PP. Hitmonchan has been taken down, we take Hitmonlee out with Surf

39d 8h 32m Slowbro is sweeping Bruno's team, Machoke down!

39d 8h 31m Primeape vs Slowbro

39d 8h 31m In Bruno's room

39d 8h 30m Lapras taken out, wait what? Lorelei defeated?

I thought she had a Cloyster. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

39d 8h 29m Vaporeon taken out, Lapras sent in

39d 8h 28m Jynx taken out, Vaporeon sent in

39d 8h 26m Seaking taken out, Jynx sent in!

39d 8h 26m Dewgong faints, Seaking is sent in

39d 8h 24m Restgong pls

39d 8h 24m Challenged Lorelei

[Chat] Speculating over what Pokémon Oak will have.

[Fluff] Anyone want to count how many runs until actual victory? Kappa

39d 8h 21m We enter Lorelei's room

39d 8h 18m This urn coming up is urn #15, Urn #11 if the restart crash thing counts.

39d 8h 17m Back in the E4 lobby.

39d 8h 14m Ninetales uses Ember, we hit with Aurora Beam, and then another Ember takes down ICU. We black out

39d 8h 14m Blue sends in Ninetales. We hit it with Aurora Beam

39d 8h 14m We switch to Aurora Beam, hit twice, and Exeggutor is down

39d 8h 13m We continue to Clamp

[Info] ICU is our last 'Mon, only 68HP left

39d 8h 12m ICU sent in for us, we start to Clamp and pray

39d 8h 12m Exeggutor is sent in, lands 2 Stomps, and Zapdos faints

39d 8h 12m We send in Zapdos, Alakazam uses Psychic and Zapdos is down to 48HP. We land a Thunder though and Alakazam is down

39d 8h 12m Alakazam hits with Psybeam and Dragonite is down

39d 8h 11m Alakazam uses Reflect, we hit with Strength and it crits and does some big damage

39d 8h 11m Alakazam in and nearly takes down Dragonite with a Psybeam

39d 8h 11m Another Fury Swipes from Sandslash, then Surf crits and Sandslash goes down

39d 8h 10m Blue sends in Sandslash, we send in Dragonite. Fury Swipes land and then we use Surf

39d 8h 10m We challenge Blue

39d 8h 8m Zapdos is hit with Slam and Dragon Rage, but two Drill Pecks, with the last one critting, take down Dragonite. Lance defeated!

39d 8h 7m We switch to Surf, it crits, and Seadra is down. Lance sends in his last 'Mon, Dragonie, and we switch to Zapdos

39d 8h 6m Lance sends in Seadra who uses Water Gun. We go right back to using Clamp

39d 8h 6m Clamp crits, Lance uses Hyper Potion but we decided to keep spamming Clamp and it takes down Charizard

39d 8h 6m We send in ICU who Clamps Aerodactyl into fainting. Charizard in now

39d 8h 5m Aerodactyl in, it uses Supersonic, making Victreebel confused. Victreebel lands a crit with Razor Leaf before Hyper Beam destroys it. Victreebel faints

39d 8h 5m One Razor Leaf takes care of Onix!

39d 8h 5m Victreebel is still Wrapping, then switches to Razor Leaf. It crits and Gyarados is down. Onix in now

39d 8h 4m Lance uses a Hyper Potion on Gyarados

39d 8h 4m Another Razor Leaf from Victreebel and then we hit with Wrap

39d 8h 4m Victreebel hits with Razor Leaf, Gyarados uses Dragon Rage

39d 8h 4m Victreebel in versus Gyarados

39d 8h 3m Challenged Lance

39d 8h 3m We save, a good call after what happened earlier

39d 8h 2m We enter Lance's room

39d 8h 1m A third Surf does the trick and Agatha is defeated

39d 8h 0m We send in ICU and one Surf takes care of Arbok the rest of the way. Agatha sends in Gengar. Night Shade really hurts ICU, but two Surfs nearly take down Gengar

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 92 - Max. HP 322 Attack 177 Defense 164 Speed 223 Special 279

39d 8h 0m Arbok in, Venomoth hits with one Psybeam before Arbok takes it down with Bite. Venomoth down

39d 7h 59m With just 13HP Venomoth is able to land two Psybeams and takes down Tentacruel, Venomoth regrows to level 92

39d 7h 59m Another Twineedle from Beedrill takes Venomoth down to 13HP, but it hangs on and hits with Psybeam and Beedrill goes down. Tentacruel in

39d 7h 58m We missed Psybeam even though it's a 100% accuracy move. Gen 1.

39d 7h 58m Agatha uses a Super Potion on Beedrill, we try to use Sleep Powder but it doesn't effect Beedrill

39d 7h 58m Another Psybeam from Venomoth has Beedrill low on health

39d 7h 57m Agatha sens in Beedrill, we hit with Psybeam then get hit with Twineedle

39d 7h 57m Venomoth OHKO's with Psybeam on Weezing, no Selfdestruct!

39d 7h 57m Agatha sends in Muk versus Venomoth, Venomoth hits with a Psychic followed by Psybeam and takes it down

39d 7h 56m Challenged Agatha

39d 7h 55m We have entered Agatha's room

39d 7h 54m Another Drill Peck from Zapdos and Machamp is down. Bruno defeated (big surprise thereKappa )

39d 7h 53m Abe switches in Zapdos, Machamp hits with Seismic Toss. Zapdos responds with a Drill Peck that almost takes it out

39d 7h 52m Abe sends in ICU, Poliwrath hits with a Hi Jump Kick that is super effective. ICU delivers an Aurora Beam and Poliwrath goes down. Bruno sends in Machamp

39d 7h 52m Another Body Slam from Poliwrath and Slowbro faints

39d 7h 52m Slowbro uses a Surf, Poliwrath responds with Body Slam, Slowbro is paralyzed now. Slowbro hits with Strength

39d 7h 51m Hitmonlee in, uses HI Jump Kick before getting one-hitted by Surf. Poliwrath in for Bruno now

39d 7h 51m Bruno sends in Hitmonchan, and you guessed it, its taken down by Psychic

39d 7h 51m Machoke in and is taken down by Psychic

39d 7h 50m Slowbro in versus Primeape. Primeape starts off with Fury Swipes, Slowbro uses Psychic and Primeape is down

39d 7h 50m Challenged Bruno!

39d 7h 48m We enter Bruno's room

39d 7h 47m One Psychic is all it takes for Lapras as well. Thanks Amnesia! Lorelei defeated

39d 7h 47m Lorelei sends in Vaporeon which is absolutely owned by a Psychic. Lapras in now

39d 7h 46m Lorelei sends in Jynx who uses Body Slam, we hit with a Psychic that takes its HP low, Slowbro weathers another Body Slam then finishes it off with a Psychic

39d 7h 46m One Psychic from Slowbro takes it down!

39d 7h 46m Seaking in for Lorelei now

39d 7h 46m Cloyster starts to hit with Spike Cannon, but we respond with a Psychic and Cloyster goes down

39d 7h 45m Slowbro has started to buff up with Amnesia

39d 7h 45m Supersonic confuses Slowbro

39d 7h 45m Lorelei sends in her Cloyster

39d 7h 44m Dewgong wakes up and uses Take Down instead of Rest thankfully, and a final Surf does it in

39d 7h 44m We continue to spam Surf

[Fluff] I was correct! This (should) be 10, but we'll just go with 14!

39d 7h 44m We've switched to Surf, Dewgong Rests for a second time and is at full health

39d 7h 43m We start off with Psychic as usual

[Chat] Gameface252: @Nmario84, The run we timewarped to was Run 9, but let's just count this as run 14.

39d 7h 43m Slowbro versus Dewgong

[Info] Run #10, as if Venomoth is now to Lv 91, looking back at our previous updates of when he was there.

39d 7h 43m Challenged Lorelei

39d 7h 42m We save, so at least this time we won't lose that last run should something happen

39d 7h 42m Back in Lorelei's room

39d 7h 41m In the E4 lobby now

[Fluff] So, we went back a few levels, should we count back a few runs as well?

39d 7h 40m Outside of the E4 lobby now

39d 7h 39m Two more Hydro Pumps from Seadra and Dragonite goes down. We black out!

39d 7h 39m Dragonite lands another Hyper Beam, but Lance responds with Hyper Potion and Seadra is at full HP. Dragonite's next Hyper Beam misses

39d 7h 39m Dragonite uses Hyper Beam and it does some work. Another Hydro Pump from Seadra has Dragonite low on HP

39d 7h 38m Dragonite spams Surf, it's not doing much damage. Meanwhile Seadra hits with Hydro Pump

39d 7h 38m We send in our last 'Mon, Dragonite

39d 7h 38m Seadra in but Zapdos misses with Thunder. Seadra hits with Hydro Pump and Zapdos faints

39d 7h 37m Zapdos lands a devastating Drill Peck. Charizard uses Slash and Zapdos is close to fainting. Zapdos manages to land a Thunder though and Charizard faints!

39d 7h 37m Zapdos is able to hit one last Drill Peck and Aerodactyl goes down, Charizard in for Lance now

39d 7h 36m Zapdos switches back to Drill Peck. Aerodactyl uses Supersonic and Zapdos becomes confused. It hurts itself in confusion

39d 7h 36m Zapdos uses Double Team again, and Hyper Beam misses him again

39d 7h 35m We send in Zapdos who immediately uses Drill Peck. Aerodactyl hits with Bite and it crits. Zapdos starts to use Double Team and Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam misses

39d 7h 34m Aerodactyl in for Lance, it hits with Hyper Beam and Victreebel faints

39d 7h 34m A third Razor Leaf is able to take down Gyarados. Victreebel with 67HP as Onix is sent out. Victreebel OHKO's it with Razor Leaf!

39d 7h 33m Another Razor Leaf from Victreebel

39d 7h 33m Lance sends in Gyarados versus Victreebel. Victreebel hits with a Razor Leaf but then suffers bad damage due to Hyper Beam

39d 7h 32m Challenged Lance!

39d 7h 31m Entered Lance's room

39d 7h 30m Abe sends in Zapdos, he uses Drill Peck and it OHKO's Gengar. Agatha defeated

39d 7h 29m Last up for Agatha is Gengar, it uses Night Shade and ICU goes down

39d 7h 29m Arbok's Acid misses, ICU uses two Aurora Beams and Arbok goes down

39d 7h 29m Agatha sends in Arbok

39d 7h 29m After a Super Potion, a final Surf takes down Tentacruel

39d 7h 28m Tentacruel's attacks keep missing thanks to Double Team, and we keep spamming Surf.

39d 7h 28m Agatha sends in Tentacruel, ICU uses Surf

39d 7h 27m ICU now uses Double Team, Beedrill's next Rage misses, then Surf takes down Beedrill

39d 7h 27m Beedrill and ICU are trading off Rage and Aurora Beam respectively

39d 7h 27m ICU manages to hit with Aurora Beam but it doesn't do much

39d 7h 26m Beedrill starts off with Rage, ICU is apparently paralyzed

39d 7h 26m No PP left for Clamp on ICU

39d 7h 26m We send in ICU versus Agatha's Beedrill

39d 7h 25m Weezing in for Agatha, Psybeam used by Venomoth. Weezing then uses Selfdestruct and both it and Venomoth faint

39d 7h 25m Venomoth lands with a Psychic and almost takes Muk out, Muk uses Screech, then another Psychic takes out Muk (but also takes out the last PP for Psychic)

39d 7h 25m Venomoth against Muk

39d 7h 24m Challenged Agatha

[Snark] We drop 4 levels and Bruno still can't beat us

39d 7h 21m We have entered Agatha's room

39d 7h 21m And two Psychics take down Machamp, Bruno defeated

39d 7h 20m Poliwrath in for Bruno, survives a Psychic, does a little bit of damage with Hi Jump Kick, then another Psychic takes it down

39d 7h 20m Venomoth regrows to level 91

39d 7h 20m Hitmonlee gets taken out by one Psychic as well

39d 7h 20m Hitmonchan in, a Psychic from Sweepomoth does it in

39d 7h 20m Bruno sends in Machoke, and the same thing happens. Ive seen this movie!

39d 7h 19m Venomoth uses Psychic and OHKO's Primeape

39d 7h 19m Venomoth versus Primeape

39d 7h 19m Challenged Bruno

[Info] Dragonite should still know Hyper Beam, considering it learned it at level 60.

[Info] It appears we just lost a little under 2 hours of play-time

[Fluff] The players seem to be a bit shocked right now, and Abe is just kind of faffing about

rip level ups

39d 7h 17m The doors are closed, meaning we still have to fight Bruno.

39d 7h 16m Dragonite back at level 60, Venomoth back at level 90

39d 7h 15m In Bruno's room, Slowbro down, ICU at a little over half health

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: emulator crashed

39d 7h 15m Stream back up and we are in the Pokedex with Wild Ride music playing

[Info] ProjectRevoTPP confirmed that this is not a patch being applied.


39d 7h 13m And now back to "will resume shortly" screen

39d 7h 12m Inputs and music have frozen, screen went back to black

39d 7h 12m The Main Screen music can be heard now

39d 7h 12m The sounds of the game booting up can be heard in the background.

39d 7h 12m Stream taken down

39d 7h 12m Stuff is happening, attacks are being used, sounds like Surf

[Snark] Inb4 we still beat Bruno, even while blind

[Fluff] What if this is all just a twist, and part of the final boss? (I'm hoping too much, aren't I?)

[Chat] ヽ༼ X ل͜ X ༽ノ BLIND RIOT ヽ༼ X ل͜ X ༽ノ

[Snark] Well, I certainly don't think we can beat the E4 blind....or can we?


39d 7h 10m Stream is still up though, music is playing and you can here the menu noises

[Snark] BLACKED OUT! Kappa

39d 7h 9m Screen has gone black, Abe is blind....AGAIN!

[Info] This should be Run #12.

[Snark] Inb4 "Elite 7"

39d 7h 9m Seaking falls to a third Surf from ICU

39d 7h 9m Another Surf would have Seaking in the red if this wasn't black and white

39d 7h 8m ICU starts off with a Surf, Seaking tries Horn Drill but it doesn't effect ICU

39d 7h 8m Seaking in for Lorelei now

39d 7h 8m ICU finally uses Surf, it takes down the enemy Cloyster

39d 7h 7m ICU is still using Double Team, enemy Cloyster uses Supersonic in an attempt to confuse ICU but it misses

39d 7h 7m Enemy Cloyster is hitting ICU with Spike Cannon. ICU switches to using Double Team

39d 7h 7m We switch in ICU who hits with Aurora Beam, Lorelei used Super Potion before though

39d 7h 6m We switch to Surf, and it almost takes out Cloyster

39d 7h 6m Slowbro starts hitting with Psychic, Cloyster responds with Spike Cannon, which doesn't do much

39d 7h 5m We continue to Surf, and Dewgong goes down. Cloyster in for Lorelei

[Snark] He taunts us.

39d 7h 4m Dewgong does its usual and goes straight to Rest. Slowbro then hits with Surf

[Donation] $2.00 from tiggzleague: "Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa"

39d 7h 4m Slowbro up versus Dewgong, Slowbro starts off with Psychic

39d 7h 4m Challenged Lorelei

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BURN THE OAK ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ IMPEACH OAK ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Ever wondered what a Bulbasaur sounds like? The Pokedex has an answer for you: "Bwahhh!"

39d 7h 2m Well, back to Lorelei

[Chat] "Elite 6"


[Donation] $2.00 from Professor Oak: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME Kreygasm"

[Snark] Premature victory riot confirmed Kappa

39d 7h 0m Arcanine hits with Ember, ICU faints, black out

39d 7h 0m A couple of Stomps, but ICU wakes up. It hits with Aurora Beam and Exeggutor is down. Arcanine sent in and we spam Double Team and pray to RNGSUS

39d 7h 0m Exeggutor hits with Barrage, we are still asleep

39d 6h 59m Exeggutor uses Hypnosis and ICU falls asleep. Exeggutor then uses Stomp

39d 6h 58m We run out of PP for Clamp and switch to Aurora Beam

39d 6h 58m Oak sends in Exeggutor, we spam Clamp some more

39d 6h 58m Clamp manages to take down Tauros

39d 6h 58m Clamp attack continues

39d 6h 57m ICU uses Clamp


39d 6h 57m Oak sends in Tauros

39d 6h 57m IT IS OAK

39d 6h 57m Oak has come to talk to us


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 6h 56m Yep, it's teh urn!



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 6h 56m We are riding Clamp to victory

39d 6h 55m Vaporeon low on health

39d 6h 55m Vaporeon still does stupid Gen 1 AI things and keeps using Acid Armor. We switch to Clamp!

39d 6h 55m Vaporeon spams Acid Armor while we spam Surf

39d 6h 54m ICU in and takes down Magneton. Vaporeon sent in and we hit with Aurora Beam then Surf

39d 6h 54m Supersonic confuses Zapdos, and after getting hit with Swift he hurts himself to fainting. Zapdos down

[Fluff] #SOCLOSE

39d 6h 54m Magneton hits with Swift, we hit with Sky Attack and it crits

39d 6h 54m Zapdos is powering up a Sky Attack

39d 6h 53m Another Drill Peck takes down Ninetales! Blue sends in Magneton

39d 6h 53m Two Drill Pecks almost take it down. It hits with Ember, but we avoid getting Burned

[Donation] $5.00 from The_Chef1337: "Hey guys idk if you know this but Chicken Fries are back at BK and OH MY GOD THIS IS THE URN"

39d 6h 52m Blue sends in Ninetales. It hits with Quick Attack. We spam Drill Peck

39d 6h 52m Exeggutor is in for Blue. Zapdos hits with two Drill Pecks and it is down!

39d 6h 52m Second Drill Peck does the trick!

39d 6h 52m Blue sends in Alakazam, one Drill Peck almost takes it down. It then uses Recover

39d 6h 51m Zapdos hits with Drill Peck, Sandslash uses Fury Swipes. A second Drill Peck takes down Sandslash

39d 6h 51m Zapdos versus Sandslash

39d 6h 51m Something something he's the Pokémon League Champ

39d 6h 51m Challenged Blue!

[Fluff] BLUE HYPE!

39d 6h 50m A final Aurora Beam takes down Seadra. Lance sends in Dragonite and one Aurora Beam takes it down! Lance defeated!

39d 6h 49m They begin trading off hits, ICU down to 80HP

39d 6h 49m ICU lands Aurora Beam, Seadra hits with Water Gun

39d 6h 48m A Surf is then able to take down Charizard. Seadra in for Lance now

39d 6h 48m We send in ICU who makes quick work of Aerodactyl. Charizard in now. ICU uses Aurora Beam. Lance gives it Hyper Potion and we respond with another Aurora Beam

39d 6h 47m Sleep Powder used Aerodactyl goes to sleep bu then wakes up. It manages to confuse Victreebel, who hurts itself and Victreebel faints

39d 6h 47m Razor Leaf then takes down Onix! Aerodactyl in

39d 6h 47m Onix in for Lance and we spam Wrap

39d 6h 46m We hit with one last Cut and Gyarados goes down

39d 6h 46m Lance uses a Hyper Potion on Gyarados. We switch back to Razor Leaf and it crits

39d 6h 46m Victreebel uses Cut and Gyarados wakes up

39d 6h 45m Victreebel in for us, uses Razor Leaf. Gyarados responds with Hyper Beam, it does alot of damage. We then use Sleep Powder and Gyarados is asleep

39d 6h 45m We switch in Dragonite, who is instantly taken down by Dragon Rage. Dragonite faints

39d 6h 44m ICU in for us now, and we spam Clamp

39d 6h 44m Gyarados hits with Hydro Pump and Venomoth faints

39d 6h 44m Gyarados in for Lance, we send in Venomoth

39d 6h 44m Challenged Lance!

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 6h 43m Walking towards Lance now

39d 6h 43m Dragonite Lv.61

39d 6h 42m Gengar uses Confuse Ray and Venomoth is confused, but manages to land another Psychic and Gengar goes down. Agatha defeated!

39d 6h 42m Gengar lands a Night Shade, Venomoth responds with Psychic

39d 6h 42m Venomoth is Paralyzed but is able to use Psychic to take down Arbok

39d 6h 42m We switch in Venomoth, as Dragonite only has 8 HP

39d 6h 41m Agatha switches again back to Arbok

39d 6h 41m Agatha switches in Gengar. Dragonite starts hitting with Wrap

39d 6h 41m Arbok in for Agatha now

39d 6h 40m We surf, then hit strength twice. Agatha swap to arbok.

39d 6h 40m tentacruel down to wrap, beedrill in

39d 6h 39m Dragonite switches to Wrap. Agatha withdraws Beedrill in favor of Tentacruel. Dragonite hits it with Strength

39d 6h 38m We send in Dragonite, who uses Surf. It is not very effective

39d 6h 38m Beedrill hits with Twinneedle, its too much for poisoned Slowbro and Slowbro faints

39d 6h 37m Weezing is just using Smokescreen, and despite being poisoned Slowbro is able to use another Strength and take down Weezing, Beedrill in for Agatha now

39d 6h 37m Slowbro then lands a Surf on the next turn and Muk is down. Weezing in for Agatha. Slowbro uses Strength twice.

39d 6h 36m Slowbro uses Amnesia again, Muk uses Sludge and Slowbro is poisoned

39d 6h 36m Slowbro uses Amnesia, Muk uses Harden, battle of the buffs

39d 6h 36m Slowbro versus Muk

39d 6h 36m Challenged Agatha!

39d 6h 35m In Agatha's room now

[Info] Still 6 'mon! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 6h 34m Machamp in, Slowbro hits with Surf. Bruno uses X Defend but it is useless as another Surf hits and Machamp goes down. Bruno defeated

39d 6h 34m Poliwrath hits with Water Gun, not very effective. Another Surf from Slowbro before he is hit with Body Slam. Two more Surfs and Poliwrath is down

39d 6h 33m Bruno sends in Poliwrath, no more PP for Psychic so Slowbro switches to Surf

39d 6h 33m Hitmonlee in and manages to land a Hi Jump Kick, but Psychic makes quick work of it

39d 6h 33m Machoke is sent in and gets OHKO's by Psychic. Same story for Hitmonchan

39d 6h 32m Slowbro hits with a Psychic and Primeape is down already

39d 6h 32m Slowbro in versus Primeape

39d 6h 32m Challenged Bruno!

39d 6h 30m Time to take on Abe's Punching Bag Bruno

[Info] All 6 'mon alive TEH URN???

39d 6h 29m After taking an Ice Beam Zapdos lands Thunder and knocks Vaporeon out. Lorelei is defeated!

39d 6h 29m We switchin in ICU, ICU hits with Clamp, Lorelei uses two Super Potions. We switch in Zapdos

39d 6h 28m Vaporeon starts using Acid Armor, Slowbro is spamming Surf

39d 6h 28m A Surf OHKOs Jynx! Vaporeon in now

39d 6h 27m Seaking uses Fury Attack, and Slowbro is spamming Amnesia. Slowbro finally uses Surf and Seaking is down. Lorelei sends in Jynx

39d 6h 27m Slowbro manages to land another Psychic though and Cloyster is down. Seaking in for Lorelei

[Donation] $2.00 from BLUE: ";P"

39d 6h 27m Cloyster hits with Spike Cannon, Slowbro responds with Psychic, Cloyster then uses Supersonic to confuse Slowbro

39d 6h 26m Two Psychics take down Dewgong, Cloyster in now

39d 6h 26m Dewgong vs Slobrow

39d 6h 26m VS Lorelei

39d 6h 25m Run 11

[Rekt] #REKT

39d 6h 24m Vaporeon ends the dream and takes out Dragonite. BLACKOUT

39d 6h 24m 1v1 against Vaporeon.

39d 6h 23m Dragonite takes a screech. Magneton is at critical health.

39d 6h 23m It's all up to Dragonite now.

39d 6h 23m Magneton lands a confusion. Zapdos takes itself out.

39d 6h 22m We take a screech. Paralysis keeps us from attacking.

39d 6h 22m Now we are at 3 double teams. Magneton uses swift.

39d 6h 21m Zapdos escapes confusion and gets two double teams in.

39d 6h 21m Zapdos is confused and paralyzed!

39d 6h 20m Blue uses a clutch full restore on Magneton. We keep pecking away.

39d 6h 20m Zapdos pecks Ninetails to submission. Out comes Magneton.

[Info] 2 more! PogChamp!

39d 6h 20m Ninetails takes out ICU. We send out Zapdos.

39d 6h 20m ICU makes quick work of the eggs. Time to fight Ninetails.

39d 6h 19m Out comes Exeggutor

39d 6h 19m Another crit surf, Alakazam is down!

39d 6h 19m 4 double teams, but it does nothing against psychic.

39d 6h 19m Up to three double teams, Alakazam recovers.

39d 6h 18m ICU double teams twice.

[Fluff] Our team is getting very lucky with crits.

39d 6h 18m Alakazam gets out a reflect, then recovers.

39d 6h 17m ICU steps up to the plate. Begin surfing!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 6h 17m Alakazam takes out Victreebel!

39d 6h 16m Victreebel slices through Sandslash, out comes Alakazam.

39d 6h 16m Fighting Blue. Sandslash vs Victreebel.

[Snark] Anyone need somewhere to store someone's ashes? Because I think we've got you covered.

[Fluff] TEH URN???

39d 6h 15m Dragonite falls. Lance defeated!

39d 6h 15m Lance uses a Hyper Potion, we keep surfing.


39d 6h 14m Seadra done got surfed on, out comes Dragonite.

39d 6h 14m Seadra is hit hard by surf, so he leers back.

39d 6h 14m Charizard falls to clamps, as well. Time to fight Seadra.

39d 6h 14m Aerodactyl falls to the clamps, out come Charizard.

39d 6h 13m That makes 5 double teams. Aerodactyl lands a bite.

39d 6h 13m MOAR DOUBLE TEAM. Up to 4 now.

39d 6h 13m We double team twice.

39d 6h 13m Down goes Onix, up comes Aerodactyl.

39d 6h 13m Out comes Onix.

39d 6h 12m We switch to Aurora Beam, Gyrados is down!

39d 6h 12m A few more clamps, but Gyrados gets a hyper potion.

39d 6h 12m More clamps beat down on Gyrados

39d 6h 11m The clamps inhibit Gyrados for a few turns.

39d 6h 11m Venomoth faints, but dealt some damage. Out comes ICU

39d 6h 10m Lance challenged! Gyrados vs. Venomoth

[Snark] How to Slay your Dragon.

[Fluff] Venomoth Sweep King!

[Info] We only have 1 fainted 'mon!

39d 6h 9m Venomoth is at critical health. He breaks confusion and takes out Gengar with two more psybeams. Agitha is done!

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 93 - Max. HP 327 Attack 180 Defense 165 Speed 226 Special 283

39d 6h 9m Out comes Gengar. Venomoth gets confused.

39d 6h 8m Venomoth is promoted to level 93!

39d 6h 8m Venomoth is down to 86 HP, down goes Arbok.

39d 6h 8m Tentacruel faints, out comes Arbok.

[Fluff] Is this teh urn? Helix says I'm right!

39d 6h 7m The special wall has no trouble tanking psybeams, but Tentacruel is left with confusion.

39d 6h 7m Beedrill falls to two more psybeams. Out comes Tentacruel.

39d 6h 7m Beedrill rails Venomoth with Twinneedle. No more PP for psychic.

39d 6h 6m Down goes Weezing, out comes Beedrill.

39d 6h 6m Out comes Weezing. The physical wall takes a psychic with a super potion.

39d 6h 6m Muk takes two Psychics and goes down.

39d 6h 5m Challenged Agitha! Venomoth vs. Muk

39d 6h 4m Machamp down. Bruno rekt!

39d 6h 4m Machamp is out and takes a psybeam. X defend will not help him here!

39d 6h 3m Poliwrath is the first to land a hit for Bruno. He soon falls to a psybeam.

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 92 - Max. HP 322 Attack 177 Defense 164 Speed 223 Special 279

39d 6h 3m Hitmonlee down. Venomoth is promoted to level 92!

39d 6h 3m Hitmonchan down, Hitmonlee up.

39d 6h 2m Machoke down Hitmonchan up.

39d 6h 2m Primeape down, Machoke up.

39d 6h 2m Primeape vs. Venomoth. Begin the psychic spam.

39d 6h 1m No time to wait, challenged Bruno!

39d 6h 1m Zapdos eats an Ice Beam, but takes down Lapras.Lorelei is finished!

39d 6h 1m ICU is confused and keeps taking self-damage. We recall ICU and launch Zapdos.

39d 6h 0m ICU takes the field. OUT COME THE CLAMPS.

39d 5h 59m Lapras is the last Mon for Lorelei. Unfortunately, Slowbro faints.

39d 5h 59m 5 bloody Hazes in a row, Vaporeon falls.

39d 5h 59m Vaporeon spams haze.

39d 5h 58m Time for Vaporeon. Acid armor into haze again...

39d 5h 58m Surf does a lot more. Jynx falls after using a super potion.

39d 5h 57m Out comes Jynx. Psychic doesn't do much.

39d 5h 57m Seaking speeds up, but IT'S NO USE. Seaking down.

39d 5h 57m Time to face Seaking. Slowbro down to 1/2 health.

39d 5h 56m Slowbro finally does in Closyter, but lost a lot of health.

39d 5h 56m Slowbro escapes his confusion. Cloyster and Slowbro are neck and neck.

39d 5h 55m Slowbro is confused and takes one turn of self damage.

39d 5h 55m Dewgong takes a dirt nap this time. Out comes Cloyster.

39d 5h 55m Ride that surf!

39d 5h 54m Dewgong takes a nap while we surf.

39d 5h 54m Dewgong leads with a take down, Slowbro to psychic.

39d 5h 54m Challenged Lorelei! Dewgong vs. Slowbro.

39d 5h 54m Begin Run 10!

[Snark] #YouTRIED!

39d 5h 52m Zapdos is easily blasted away. BLACKOUT!

39d 5h 50m Zapdos is our only hope.

39d 5h 50m Victreebel comes out and is immediately rekt.

39d 5h 50m Aerodactyl comes out and beats the stuffing out of Dragonite.

[Chat] see lance, this is a real dragon Kappa

39d 5h 49m Dragonite is down to 45 HP, but he takes down Onix.

39d 5h 59m We switch out for Dragonite. He takes a hard hit.

39d 5h 48m Out comes Onix. Not a good matchup for us.

39d 5h 48m Gyrados eats a Thunder for breakfast. Time for a nap!

39d 5h 47m Venomoth falls to a Hyper Beam. Out comes our poisoned Zapdos.

39d 5h 47m Gyrados rages. Guess he's not happy about being paralyzed.

39d 5h 46m Challenged Lance. Venomoth vs. Gyrados.

[Team] Slowbro: 0/375 FNT; Venomoth: 115/319 Normal; Victreebel: 243/276 Normal; Dragonite: 202/202 Normal; Zapdos: 200/354 PSN; Cloyster: 0/264 FNT

39d 5h 45m Gengar tries to eat Zapdos' poisonous dreams, it does not work and Gengar faints. Agitha is defeated!

39d 5h 45m Arbok down, Gengar out.

39d 5h 45m Zapdos prepares for a Sky Attack, but is poisoned.

39d 5h 44m Zapdos pecks Tentacruel into submission. Next is Arbok.

39d 5h 44m We pull Venomoth back for Zapdos.

39d 5h 44m We lull Tentacruel to sleep. Venomoth is at 115 hp

39d 5h 43m We launch psybeam instead. Does not quite get Tentaucruel

39d 5h 43m Next is Tentacruel. We are out of PP for psychic.

39d 5h 43m Beedrill lays into Venomoth, but Venomoth prevails.

39d 5h 43m Venomoth does not give HONOR the time of day. Weezing is down, THE BEES are up.

39d 5h 42m Venomoth obliterates Muk, out comes HONOR I mean Weezing.

39d 5h 42m Challenged Agitha! Venomoth vs Muk.

[Team] Slowbro: 0/375 FNT Venomoth: 319/319 Normal Victreebel: 243/276 Normal Dragonite: 202/202 Normal Zapdos: 222/354 Normal Cloyster: 0/264 FNT

39d 5h 41m Machamp is down. Bruno is history!

39d 5h 40m Machamp clutches a hit, but wastes a turn with Focus Energy.

39d 5h 40m It's down to Machamp for Bruno

39d 5h 40m Victreebel gets the frag, but sustains some damage.

39d 5h 40m Victreebel steps up to bat.

39d 5h 39m Poliwrath takes the field, and it is too much for ICU. ICU is down!

39d 5h 39m Venomoth is promoted to level 91!

39d 5h 38m We sub out for ICU. We are out of PP for Clamp! ICU fires an Aurora Beam and takes down Hitmonlee.

39d 5h 38m Down goes Hitmonchan, up comes Hitmonlee.

39d 5h 38m The psychic spam continues, taking down Machoke. Next is Hitmonchan.

39d 5h 37m Venomoth leads hard, taking down Primeape. Machoke is up next.

39d 5h 37m Primape vs. Venomoth

39d 5h 36m Challenged Bruno!

39d 5h 33m Entered Bruno's room

39d 5h 33m ICU is at 147/264 and PRZ, Slowbro is down, and Zapdos is at 222/354.

39d 5h 33m Lorelei defeated!

39d 5h 32m Zapdos loses a 1/3 health, but takes care of Lapras.

39d 5h 32m We retract ICU for Zapdos.

39d 5h 32m Another self damage turn. ICU gets paralyzed!

39d 5h 31m Lapras lands a confuse ray. ICU is floundering!

39d 5h 31m Lapras misses the slam, ICU maxes out it's evasion.

39d 5h 31m Vaporeon is down, out comes Lapras.

39d 5h 30m Lorelei uses a super pot on Vaporeon. Things do not look good for him.

39d 5h 30m Vaporeon has two acid armors on, but they do nothing against DA CLAMPS.

39d 5h 29m Vaporeon goes for acid armor, while we double team.

39d 5h 29m Faffing about in the item menu. Now it's back to clamps!

39d 5h 28m Vaporeon is next. The clamps keep doing their job, boss!

39d 5h 28m Jynx comes out, and is swiftly dealt with.

[Fluff] Not teh urn until we can have a full party after beating the first one.

39d 5h 28m ICU takes down Seaking. ICU is at 252/264.

39d 5h 27m Lorelei uses a Super Potion on Seaking. The clamps continue.

39d 5h 27m ICU takes the field, Seaking is on the ropes due to clamps.

39d 5h 26m Seaking lands a Horn Drill. GRRRRAAANNNDD SSSLLLAAAMMM!!! Slowbro is down!

39d 5h 26m **** yeah, it's Seaking!

39d 5h 26m Slowbro suffers two turns of confusion, but suffers no self damage. Cloyster is down.

39d 5h 25m Slowbro is rocking the show. He has only lost 30 hp.

39d 5h 25m Cloyster is up for Lorelei

39d 5h 25m Slowbro chips away at Dewgong. Dewgong is down!

39d 5h 24m Dewgong vs Slowbro. Dewgong sleeps like an idiot

39d 5h 24m Challenged Lorelei

39d 5h 23m Begin Run 9!

39d 5h 20m Making our way back to the E4 lobby

39d 5h 16m We exit Victory Road. Anarchy enabled!

[Info] Current order: Slowbro, Venomoth, Victreebel, Dragonite, Zapdos, and Cloyster.

39d 5h 14m We switch Slowbro's position and Dragonite's position!

39d 5h 11m Replaced Thunder Wave for Hyper Beam!

39d 5h 7m Dragonite is trying to learn Hyper Beam!

[Stats] Dragonite Lv. 60 - Max. HP 202 Attack 188 Defense 156 Speed 132 Special 164

39d 5h 6m Dragonite grows to level 60!

39d 5h 4m And back up the ladder

39d 5h 4m And we go back down the ladder

[Party Order] 1) Dragonite 2) Venomoth 3) Victreebel 4) Slowbro 5) Zapdos 6) Cloyster

39d 5h 2m Dragonite switched with Slowbro at the front of the party

39d 5h 2m It appears we are going to switch Dragonite in the party order

39d 5h 1m We have entered the Pokémon menu

39d 4h 59m And we go up a ladder

39d 4h 58m Entered Victory Road, which means we are back in Democracy

39d 4h 54m Meanwhile Abe just keeps pacing up and down

[Chat] Some talk in chat about replacing Thunderwave with Hyperbeam on Dragonite

39d 4h 53m Alot of conflicting ups and downs in the inputs now, as people are split on going back to fight or heading to VR to do some work on the party/bag

39d 4h 52m We are outside of the E4 lobby now

39d 4h 51m ICU hits with an Aurora Beam, Gengar uses Night Shade and it really does some damage. Another Night Shade from Gengar and ICU faints, we blackout

39d 4h 50m Its up to ICU now, who starts off with Clamp then hits with Aurora Beam, Arbok goes down, Gengar in for Agatha now

39d 4h 50m Arbok hits with an Acid and Zapdos faints

39d 4h 50m Zapdos only has 25HP

39d 4h 49m Tentacruel uses Hydro Pump, Zapdos responds with Sky Attack. Another Sky Attack takes down Tentacruel. Agatha sends in Arbok

39d 4h 49m Tentacruel in (Zapdos just one shot another 'Mon and I missed it typing the last update)

39d 4h 48m Agatha sends in Weezing and it instantly uses Explosion, Zapdos manages to survive with 117 HP

39d 4h 48m Zapdos uses Thunder but it misses, Muk Hardens but to no effect as Zapdos' next Thunder hits and OHKOs it

39d 4h 47m Zapdos up against Muk

39d 4h 47m We challenge Agatha

39d 4h 46m We have entered Agatha's room. At this point it is a matter of pride to see how far we can get with our last two 'Mon. Well that and the fact that we can't escape the E4 without blacking out

[Chat] Sand_cat: At least there is ONE trainer who is worse than us TriHard

39d 4h 43m Machamp in for Bruno, Zapdos uses Drill Peck, and then uses it again and Machamp is down. Bruno defeated!

39d 4h 43m Poliwrath in, two Drill Pecks take it down

39d 4h 42m Bruno sends in Hitmonchan, and Drill Peck again OHKOs. Oh, was that Hitmonlee in? Yep, and it was OHKOd by Drill Peck as well

39d 4h 42m Bruno sends in Machoke, and Drill Peck OHKOs it

39d 4h 42m Primeape in versus Zapdos, Zapos is able to Drill Peck it to death

[Chat] Although this current run is doomed to fail, chat is adamant that we do not lose to Bruno

39d 4h 41m Challenged Bruno

39d 4h 40m We have entered Bruno's room

39d 4h 39m ICU is spamming Surf now, while it tanks Body Slams. Lapras then uses Confuse Ray to reconfuse ICU, but ICU still manages to use Surfs and finally takes down Lapras! Lorelei defeated!

39d 4h 38m ICU now hurts itself in confusion, and Lapras lands a Body Slam. ICU then hits with Surf

39d 4h 37m Despite being confused, ICU manages to land a Clamp

39d 4h 36m ICU tries to use Clamp, but it misses, and Lapras uses Confuse Ray

39d 4h 36m We are now trying to use the Silph Scope and Secret Key on Lapras

39d 4h 34m Since this particular run has started to go south inputs have slowed, so the pace of the battle has as well. We are currently stuck in the Pokémon menu

39d 4h 33m Finally, ICU decides to use Surf and Vaporeon goes down. Lorelei sends in Lapras

39d 4h 32m ICU continues the Clamp to Victory Campaign

39d 4h 31m Vaporeon has not attacked once as we keep spamming Clamp and ICU outspeeds it

39d 4h 31m We continue with Clamp

39d 4h 31m ICU starts off with a Clamp, its not very effective

39d 4h 29m Cloyster uses Clamp, Jynx can't attack, and eventually Clamp takes down Jynx. Vaporeon in for Lorelei

39d 4h 29m We send in Cloyster

39d 4h 29m Venomoth down to 47HP, and only two other 'Mon remain. Venomoth uses another Psybeam, it then is hit with Ice Punch and Venomoth faints

39d 4h 28m Venomoth then hits with a Psybeam, also not very effective, meanwhile Jynx uses Thrash

39d 4h 27m We send in Venomoth, who uses Psychic to little effect.

39d 4h 26m Victreebel in, and Blizzard takes it all the way down to 1HP. It gets frozen too, and Jynx follows with an Ice Punch and Victreebel faints

39d 4h 26m Dragonite continues to desperately drown a fish with Surf. We finally switch to Strength and Seaking goes down. Jynx in, it uses Blizzard and Dragonite faints

39d 4h 25m We send in Dragonite, and start hitting with Surf. Lorelei uses Super Potion on Seaking. Seaking then uses Fury Attack.

[Snark] That was brutal!

39d 4h 24m Another Strength has Seaking in the red, but it uses Horn Drill and OHKOs Slowbro. Slowbro down

39d 4h 24m Seaking uses Agility, we hit with Strength. Seaking then uses Fury Attack

39d 4h 23m Slowbro is buffing up with Amnesia. It then uses Psychic and Cloyster goes down. Lorelei sends in @*&# Yea Seaking!

39d 4h 22m Cloyster in for Lorelei, it uses Super Sonic and Slowbro is now confused, but he snaps out of it quick!

39d 4h 22m Slowbro continues to spam Strength, Dewgong wakes up but Lorelei stupidly uses Super Potion instead of just putting it back to sleep. One more Strength takes it down

39d 4h 21m Dewgong in versus Slowbro, Slowbro starts off with Strength, and Dewgong of course uses Rest

39d 4h 21m Challenged Lorelei

39d 4h 19m We enter Lorelei's room. Here we go again!

39d 4h 19m [Info] This is Run #8, if I counted correctly.

39d 4h 19m We went to the PC...for just a second, but a very scary second

39d 4h 17m Back in the E4 lobby

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 4h 17m Zapdos starts using Double Team to raise evasion, but a Rock Throw from Onix causes Zapdos to faint and we black out

39d 4h 16m Zapdos is hit with another Rock Throw before using Sky Attack

39d 4h 16m Zapdos with just 108HP left, and Lance uses a Hyper Potion on Onix and gets it back to full health

39d 4h 15m Onix sent in by Lance, Zapdos takes a Rock Throw before using Sky Attack. We then switch in ICU. It takes one shot and goes down. ICU faints

39d 4h 15m Zapdos hits with Drill Peck, then is hit with Hydro Pump. A Thunder then crits and Gyarados goes down!

39d 4h 14m Lance sends in Gyarados against God Bird Zapdos

39d 4h 14m We walk up to Lance. Challenged Lance!

39d 4h 13m Another miss for Gengar and another Aurora Beam for ICU. Gengar goes down and Agatha is defeated!

39d 4h 13m Gengar misses on an attack and ICU hits with Aurora Beam

39d 4h 11m ICU finally is able to use a move, and one Surf takes care of Arbok. Gengar in for Agatha now

39d 4h 10m ICU spams Double Team, Arbok starts missing, but then hits with two Acids. 21HP for ICU now

39d 4h 10m ICU in and one Aurora Beam takes down Beedrill. Agatha sends in Arbok. Arbok bites ICU and paralyzes it

39d 4h 9m Beedrill's Rage is too strong and eventually overcomes Dragonite. Dragonite down

39d 4h 9m Dragonite in for us and uses Strength, meanwhile Beedrill continues to Rage

39d 4h 9m Victreebel then switches to Razor Leaf, and Beedrill uses Rage, its very effective and Victreebel faints

39d 4h 8m Victreebel hits with Razor Leaf, it crits but barely does anything. Beedrill then hits with Rage. We respond with Cut. Another Rage and we decide to switch to Wrap

39d 4h 7m Tentacruel uses Hydro Pump, Victreebel says "thanks for watering me" and uses Razor Leaf to take down Tentacruel. Beedrill back in for Agatha

39d 4h 6m Wrap is not doing much, but Tentacruel only uses Barrier and Screech when it has a chance to attack. We then use Razor Leaf and it crits! Another Razor Leaf crits!

39d 4h 6m Agatha decides to switch in Tentacruel who uses Barrier, we spam Wrap

39d 4h 5m We send in Victreebel against Beedrill


39d 4h 4m Weezing sent in by Agatha, it takes a Psybeam before using Explosion, Venomoth goes down (so does Weezing of course)

39d 4h 4m Agatha sends out Muk, against Venomoth, who starts off with Psychic and almost takes down Muk. Venomoth follows with Psybeam and Muk is down!

39d 4h 4m Challenged Agatha!

[Snark] Stop fiddling with your Pokédex!

39d 4h 2m Abe listens to Bulbasaur's cry for encouragement

39d 4h 2m We enter Agatha's room

[Fluff] Wow Bruno OneHand

39d 4h 1m Machamp in, Drill Peck almost takes it out, it responds with Seismic Toss, we respond with Thunder. Machamp down, Bruno defeated! (He doesn't even last like 3 minutes against us!)

39d 4h 0m Zapdos in for us now, and takes down Hitmonchan with a Drill Peck. Hitmonlee is sent in and gets taken down by a Drill Peck as well. Poliwrath in, and the trend continues!

39d 4h 0m Hitmonchan in, we use Strength but it uses Counter and Slowbro goes down

39d 3h 59m A couple of Strengths from Slowbro take down Machoke

39d 3h 59m Slowbro starts off with a Surf and almost takes it down. He follows with Strength and Primeape is down. Machoke in for Bruno

39d 3h 58m Bruno sends in Primeape against Slowbro

39d 3h 58m Challenged Bruno!

39d 3h 57m Abe does some circles around Bruno. Don't know why, it's just what he's been doing

[Info] Cloyster is down to 83HP

39d 3h 54m We enter Bruno's room

39d 3h 53m ICU is finally able to take down Lapras after nothing Lapras uses hits, and Lorelei is defeated

39d 3h 52m ICU is hurting itself in Confusion, but finally lands an Aurora Beam. It almost takes down Lapras. ICU follows with three Double Teams

39d 3h 50m ICU starts off with Surf, it is not very effective as expected. Lapras uses Body Slam, but it misses due to some Double Team, and ICU switches to Clamp, then finally to Aurora Beam. Lorelei then uses a Super Potion, and Confuse Ray confuses ICU.

39d 3h 50m Slowbro was down to 21 HP before we switched him out

39d 3h 49m Finally a last Strength takes down Vaporeon. Lapras in for Lorelei. We decide to switch in ICU

[Chat] Morgoth271: Nobody will see this but I am a Brony

39d 3h 48m Slowbro switches back to Strength, meanwhile Vaporeon keeps using Haze despite the lack of status changes for Slowbro

39d 3h 48m Slowbro tries to use Psychic but it misses, and now it is out of PP for that move

39d 3h 48m Vaporeon is now in for Lorelei. It uses Haze and Acid Armor. Slowbro starts hitting with Strength

39d 3h 47m Lorelei sends in Jynx, it begins to Thrash, Slowbro tanks it and uses Psychic twice to take down Jynx

39d 3h 47m Another Psychic from Slowbro takes down Cloyster. Seaking in now for Lorelei, Slowbro OHKOs it with Psychic!

39d 3h 46m Cloyster is still hitting Slowbro with Spike Cannon, Slowbro finally snaps out of Confusion and uses Psychic

39d 3h 45m Lorelei sends in Cloyster, it uses Super Sonic and Slowbro is confused. Cloyster starts hitting with Spike Cannon and Slowbro is hurting itself in confusion

39d 3h 45m Dewgong taken down by Psychic

39d 3h 44m Slowbro versus Dewgong, Dewgong uses Take Down, then Slowbro hits with Psychic. Dewgong of course uses Rest, but we keep hitting it with Psychic now

39d 3h 44m We enter Lorelei's room and challenge Lorelei

39d 3h 43m Back in the E4 lobby



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 3h 42m Blue sends in Magneton, we almost OHKO it with Surf, it then hits us with Swift, Cloyster goes down, we black out!

39d 3h 41m Ninetales in for Blue, we hit with Surf, it almost takes down Ninetales, it hits with Ember and ICU has 11 HP left. Another Surf takes down Ninetales

39d 3h 41m Blue sends in Exeggutor, we start off with Aurora Beam, then hit with Surf, Exeggutor hits us with a Stomp, we finish it off with Surf

39d 3h 40m Our attack continues and takes down Alakazam!

39d 3h 40m Another Reflect from Alakazam, we use Clamp again

39d 3h 40m Alakazam uses Reflect, ICU starts to Clamp

39d 3h 39m We send in ICU and pray

39d 3h 38m Another Surf from Dragonite crits and takes down Sandslash. Alakazam in for Blue, uses Psychic, and Dragonite faints

39d 3h 38m Sandslash in for Blue, Dragonite in for us. Dragonite uses Surf, it does moderate damage. Sandslash uses Swift

39d 3h 37m We walk straight up to Blue and challenge Blue!

[Info] Only Dragonite (187/199 HP) and Cloyster (68/264) remain for us. Been a pretty good run though overall

[Snark] inb4 OP Defense is OHKO'd by a single psychic.

39d 3h 36m ICU switches to Aurora Beam and Dragonite goes down! Lance defeated, here we come Blue!

39d 3h 36m We continue to Clamp, getting Seadra low again, then finish it off with a Surf! Dragonite in for Lance. ICU hits it with Surf, not too effective. Dragonite uses Slam

39d 3h 35m We then use Clamp, it crits but a Hyper Potion from Lance brings Seadras HP back to full!

39d 3h 35m Lance sends in Seadra. Surf is not as effective now (not at all). Seadra responds with Barrier, we decide to keep on spamming Surf

39d 3h 34m Lance sends in Aerodactyl, which starts off with a Bite. ICU responds with Surf and it OHKOs. Charizard sent in by Lance and ICU Surfs to OHKO it too!

39d 3h 34m ICU then uses a Surf and takes down Gyarados! Onix in for Lance. Smartly we go for Surf, and Onix is down!

39d 3h 33m ICU back in for us, after tanking a Dragon Rage it starts to Clamp

39d 3h 33m Hyper Beam from Gyarados, and it one-shots Victreebel

[Snark] Is this Teh Urn?

39d 3h 33m Lance sends in Gyarados, Victreebel in for us, and starts off with a Razor Leaf

39d 3h 32m Into Lance's Room! We challenge Lance!

39d 3h 31m After Clamping, one Aurora Beam takes down Gengar. Arbok back in. ICU takes it down in two clamps! Agatha defeated!

39d 3h 31m ICU starts to Clamp! ZEH CLAMPS!

39d 3h 31m Gengar can't hit with Confuse Ray or Night Shade

39d 3h 31m ICU buffs again with Double Team. Agatha decides to switch in Gengar

39d 3h 30m Tentacruel spams Barriers, but four Aurora Beams from ICU take it down. Beedrill back in. One Aurora Beam takes it down. Arbok in now for Agatha

39d 3h 29m Beedrill starts to use Rage a bunch, Cloyster responds with Aurora Beam. Agatha withdraws Beedrill in favor of Tentacruel

39d 3h 29m ICU the Cloyster in versus Beedrill, Beedrill uses Twin Needle. ICU starts to buff with two Double Teams

39d 3h 28m Venomoth uses Psybeam, it hits, and Muk goes down. Weezing in for Agatha now. Venmoth uses Psybean, it hurts Weezing so it decides to Self Destruct, and both it and Venomoth faint

39d 3h 28m Venomoth tried to use Sleep Powder twice on Muk, but it doesn't affect it

39d 3h 27m Muk has used Acid Armor, which of course makes him disappear, because that makes total sense

39d 3h 26m Muk is in versus Venomoth, Venomoth starts off with Psychic. Muk is seriously hurt, but Venomoth is out of PP on Psychic. Muk uses Sludge, Venomoth doesn't like that and uses Stun Spore to paralyze Muk

39d 3h 26m Challenged Agatha!

39d 3h 25m Abe decides to check out Venomoth's stats in the start menu, "When did you become such a killer?"

39d 3h 23m Abe quickly runs into Agatha's room without giving that scrub Bruno another look

39d 3h 22m Bruno sends in Machamp and Psychic almost takes it down. So Venomoth decides to use another and Machamp falls. Bruno defeated! ALL HAIL PSYCHICMOTH!

39d 3h 22m Poliwrath is in and is taken down by two Psychics

39d 3h 21m Psychic from Venomoth OHKO's Hitmonlee, and Venomoth grows to level 90!

39d 3h 21m Bruno sends in Hitmonlee, in other news Abe wonders why he's never been asked to take Bruno's position considering how many times he has crushed him

39d 3h 21m Same for Hitmonchan, go Venomoth!

39d 3h 20m Machoke in for Bruno and he is one shotted by Psychic!

39d 3h 20m Venomoth in, uses Psychic and nearly takes down Primeape in one shot. Primeape hits 5 times with Fury Swipes. Another Psychic from Venomoth takes it down

39d 3h 19m Bruno sends in Primeape, Slowbro in for us. Primeape uses Seismic Toss and Slowbro is in space fainted

39d 3h 19m Challenged Bruno

39d 3h 18m In Bruno's room now

39d 3h 17m Victreebel in now for us. Razor Leaf manages to crit and take down Lapras. Lorelei defeated!

39d 3h 16m Abe decides to throw in Zapdos instead. He takes an Ice Beam before using Drill Peck that crits. Lapras uses Ice Beam again, it crits, and Zapdos goes down

39d 3h 16m Slowbro is sitting on 81 HP, and uses Surf. It doesn't do much

39d 3h 15m Lapras uses Confuse Ray and confuses Slowbro. It then uses Body Slam and Paralyzes Slowbro! Dang, hax!

39d 3h 14m Slowbro switches to Psychic, and it nearly takes out Vaporeon, he switches to Surf to finish the job. Vaporeon down and Lapras in

39d 3h 14m Another Surf barely does anything, so Slowbro switches to Strength. Vaporeon keeps using Acid Armor though

39d 3h 13m A Surf from Slowbro takes down Jynx, Vaporeon in, and Surf takes it down to half health

39d 3h 13m Jynx becomes confused, it hurts itself, meanwhile Slowbro is at 184HP

39d 3h 12m Jynx is thrashing about, Slowbro buffs himself with Amnesia three times

39d 3h 12m A final Surf takes down Seaking, Jynx in for Lorelei, starts off with Body Slam, Slowbro hits with Strength

39d 3h 11m After Seaking uses Agility, Slowbro uses a rather ineffective Surf. Both 'Mon repeat these moves

39d 3h 11m Lorelei sends in Seaking

39d 3h 10m Another Spike Cannon for Cloyster, Slowbro tanks it and takes down Cloyster with another Psychic

39d 3h 10m Cloyster in for Lorelei, starts off with Spike Cannon, Slowbro hits with a Psychic

39d 3h 10m Two more Psychics from Slowbro take down Dewgong!

39d 3h 9m Slowbro starts off with a Psychic, Dewgong responds with Rest and is back at full HP

39d 3h 9m Slowbro in versus Dewgong

39d 3h 9m Fighting Lorelei!

39d 3h 9m In Lorelei's room!

39d 3h 6m Anarchy resumes!

39d 3h 5m Exited Victory Road

39d 2h 59m ICU's move order is being switch in a battle against a wild Marowak right now, Clamp just moved to the top while Aurora Beam was moved to last

39d 2h 42m I don't think this needs to be mentioned, but I'm mentioning it anyway because it usually is but it wasn't just now: by entering Victory Road, we activated Democracy.

39d 2h 31m On Victory Road.

39d 2h 28m Tentacruel used Constrict! Cloyster fainted! Blacked out!

39d 2h 27m Cloyster used Aurora Beam! 1HP clutch! Beedrill down!

39d 2h 23m VS. Agatha!

39d 2h 20m Defeated Bruno!

39d 2h 19m Poliwrath used Hi Jump Kick! Slowbro fainted!

39d 2h 16m VS. Bruno!

39d 2h 13m Defeated Lorelei! Woah, finally.

39d 2h 7m Vaporeon used Ice Beam! Venomoth fainted!

39d 2h 3m Jynx used Blizzard! Victreebel fainted!

39d 2h 3m Victreebel leveled up to 90!

39d 2h 2m Dragonite fainted!

39d 1h 57m Zapdos fainted!

39d 1h 53m VS. Lorelei!

[Chat] [Info] Some people want to go to the PC to get Mewtwo instead of Dragonite, some other people want to switch party order in the Victory Road, and some other people just want to go on and try another attempt.

[Snark] Wait Charizard slashes us and we black out...seems familiar

39d 1h 48m Charizard used Slash! Zapdos is hurt by poison! Zapdos fainted! Blacked out!

39d 1h 47m Aerodactyl used Hyper Beam! Victreebel fainted!

39d 1h 43m VS. Lance!

39d 1h 42m Defeated Agatha!

39d 1h 40m Beedrill used Rage! Venomoth fainted!

39d 1h 39m Weezing used Explosion! Dragonite fainted! Weezing down!

39d 1h 38m VS. Agatha!

39d 1h 38m Defeated Bruno!

39d 1h 37m Cloyster fainted!

39d 1h 33m VS. Bruno!

39d 1h 28m Cloyster used Clamp! Lapras down! Defeated Lorelei!

[Donation] $2.00 from Camilla A Slash: "Are you seriously giving up on your team after three runs?"

39d 1h 26m Lapras used Body Slam! Slowbro fainted!

[Info] Urn #4

39d 1h 22m VS. Lorelei!

39d 1h 18m Charizard used Slash! Zapdos fainted! Blacked out!

39d 1h 18m Zapdos used Thunder! Aerodactyl down!

39d 1h 18m Aerodactyl used Bite! Slowbro fainted! Aerodactyl used Bite! Cloyster fainted!

[Fluff] Really not a surprise that Surf was a OHKO, considering Slowbro had +6 special, plus STAB and a double type advantage.

39d 1h 17m Slowbro used Surf! OHKO'd Onix!

39d 1h 15m Gyarados down!

39d 1h 13m VS. Lance!

39d 1h 12m Gengar down! Defeated Agatha!

39d 1h 12m Cloyster used Surf! Tentacruel down!

[Chat] Jojotherobot: ヽヽ༼༼ຈຈل͜ل͜ຈຈ༽༽ノノ DOUBLE TEAM ヽヽ༼༼ຈຈل͜ل͜ຈຈ༽༽ノノ

39d 1h 10m Agatha used a Super Potion!

39d 1h 10m Cloyster used Surf! Arbok down!

39d 1h 8m Agatha switched Tentacruel out for Arbok!

39d 1h 7m Beedrill down!

39d 1h 7m Slowbro used Psychic! Weezing down!

39d 1h 6m Slowbro used Surf! Muk down!

39d 1h 6m [Correction] I meant Slowbro earlier, not Poliwrath using Psychic. Blame teh urn hype.

39d 1h 5m VS. Agatha!

39d 1h 4m [Stats] Saved the game! Badges: 8 Pokédex: 151 Play time: 927h 18m

39d 1h 2m Poliwrath used Psychic! Machoke fainted! Defeated Bruno!

39d 1h 2m Slowbro used Psychic! Poliwrath down!

39d 1h 2m Poliwrath used Body Slam! Venomoth fainted!

39d 1h 1m Poliwrath used Body Slam! Victreebel fainted!

39d 0h 59m Hitmonlee down!

39d 0h 59m Hitmonchan down!

39d 0h 58m Machoke down!

39d 0h 56m Mankey down!

39d 0h 55m VS. Bruno!

39d 0h 55m Defeated Lorelei!

39d 0h 54m Venomoth used Psybeam! Lapras down! Venomoth leveled up to 89!

39d 0h 52m Dragonite fainted!

39d 0h 50m Vaporeon down!

[Donation] $2.00 from Youngster Joey: "Remember my super cool Rattata? You should fight me when your done with the Elite Four!"

39d 0h 49m Jynx down!

39d 0h 48m Seaking down!

39d 0h 48m Slowbro used Psychic! Cloyster down!

[Info] Were over 3/4th ways of nearing 7000000 inputs!

[Fluff] Mirror Match PogChamp

39d 0h 44m Lorelei used a Super Potion!

39d 0h 43m VS. Lorelei!

39d 0h 43m Run #3 starts!

39d 0h 37m Charizard used Flamethrower! Cloyster fainted! Blacked out!

39d 0h 37m Note, Cloyster only has 13/264 HP left.

39d 0h 37m Cloyster used Aurora Beam! OHKO'd Aerodactyl!

39d 0h 36m Sent out Cloyster! Onix down!

39d 0h 35m Onix used Rock Throw! Slowbro fainted!

39d 0h 35m Slowbro used Strength! Gyarados down!

39d 0h 34m VS. Lance!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LANCE HYPE! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

39d 0h 34m Cloyster used Clamp! Agatha's Gengar down! Defeated Agatha!

39d 0h 33m Sent out Slowbro! Slowbro used Surf! Agatha's Tentacruel down!

39d 0h 32m Agatha's Tentacruel used Hydro Pump! Venomoth fainted!

39d 0h 32m Agatha's Arbok down!

39d 0h 31m Sent out Zapdos with only 3 HP left. Zapdos was badly poisoned. Zapdos fainted!

39d 0h 30m Venomoth used Psychic! Agatha's Beedrill down!

39d 0h 29m Sent out Victreebel! Beedrill used Pin Missle! Victreebel fainted!

[Snark] The game claims Pin Missile wasn't very effective, but the results suggest otherwise

39d 0h 29m Beedrill used Pin Missile! Dragonite fainted!

[Snark] Only if you promise to use a Bulbasaur so I can hear its cry, Agatha.

[Donation] $2.00 from Agatha: "Stop fiddling with your pokedex and face me.......... or face me while you're with your pokedex. Either way ''' on!"

39d 0h 27m Agatha's Muk down!

39d 0h 26m VS. Agatha!

[Snark] Bruno so weak, a Dragonite 41 lvls lower beat it while spamming 5 Thunder Waves

[Info] This is Run #2, FYI.

39d 0h 25m Defeated Bruno!

39d 0h 24m Switched Zapdos out for Dragonite! Dragonite used Wrap! Machamp down!

39d 0h 23m Bruno's Poliwrath down!

39d 0h 23m Bruno's Machoke, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee down!

39d 0h 22m Bruno's Primeape down!

39d 0h 21m VS. Bruno!

[Fluff] A full team at Bruno's room. TEH URN???

39d 0h 17m Lorelei's Lapras down! Defeated Lorelei!

39d 0h 16m Lorelei's Vaporeon down!

39d 0h 15m Lorelei's Jynx down!

39d 0h 14m Lorelei's Seaking down!

39d 0h 14m Lorelei used a Super Potion!

[Snark] Eh, Spike Cannon is cool, why did our Cloyster never got it? Does it learn it way earlier than level 62, level where we caught it?

39d 0h 13m Lorelei's Cloyster down!

[Snark] And now it got so bored it committed recoil suicide

[Snark] Dewgong got bored of us, so it fell asleep

39d 0h 10m VS. Lorelei!

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIO- wait you mean we didnt win DansGame

[Snark] [Meta] Or look at this updater

39d 0h 9m [Meta] Join the IRC chat and PokéText OCR stream!

RIP the run.


39d 0h 9m Cloyster fainted! BLACKED OUT!

[rip] so close, we rip

39d 0h 8m Zapdos fainted! We sent out Cloyster who is our remaining mon!

39d 0h 8m Alakazam sent out! We sent out Zapdos!

39d 0h 8m Surf takes down Sandslash!

39d 0h 8m We switch fro Cloyster!

39d 0h 7m Zapdos vs. Sandslash!

[Snark] [Info] But we checkpointed so it's OK

39d 0h 7m VS. BLUE!

[Snark] INB4 Blackout!

39d 0h 6m We save!

[Snark] We keep talking to Lance because we are too scared


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BLUE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


39d 0h 4m Dragonite down to Aura Beam! E4 LANCE DEFEATED!

39d 0h 4m Dragonite up! We switch for Cloyster!

39d 0h 4m Seadra down to Sky Attack!

[Snark] Seadra is also best dragon.

It evolves into a Dragon.

Everything is normal

39d 0h 3m Charizard down to Drill Peck! Seadra up!

39d 0h 3m Charizard up! We switch for Zapdos!

39d 0h 2m Aerodactyl down to Aura Beam!

39d 0h 2m Victreebel fainted! We sent out Cloyster!

39d 0h 2m Onix down to razor leaf! Aerodactl up!

[Snark] Onix is a snake, snake are dragons, everything is normal

Welcome to Day 40 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Anniversary!

39d 0h 1m Onix uses Rage against us!

[Snark] Onix is the best Dragon

39d 0h 0m We now switch for Victreebel!

39d 0h 0m We switch fro Zapdos!

38d 23h 59m Gyrados down to Aura beam! Onix up!

38d 23h 59m Lance uses Hyper Potion!

[Info] Lance has his normal music, the one we heard twice already in this E4 attempt.

38d 23h 59m We switch for Cloyster!

38d 23h 58m Victreebel vs. Gyrados!

୧( ಠ Д ಠ )୨ LANCE HYPE ୧( ಠ Д ಠ )୨

38d 23h 58m VS. E4 Lance!

38d 23h 57m Gengar down to Clamp! E4 Agatha DEFEATED!

38d 23h 56m Gengar sent out! We switch for Cloyster!

38d 23h 56m Arbok goes down to razor leaf!

38d 23h 55m Dragonite fainted! We sent out Victreebel!

38d 23h 55m Tentacruel down to Strength! Dragonite Level 59! Arbok up!

38d 23h 54m Then back to Tentacruel!

[Fluff] Dat Audio Distortion

38d 23h 54m She switches out for Arbok!

38d 23h 54m We switch out for Dragonite!

[Snark] We Pierce the heavens with the Drill Peck

38d 23h 53m Beedrill down to drill peck! Tentacruel sent out!

[Snark] mfw a Beedrill

38d 23h 53m Weezing goes down to clamp! Beedrill sent out! We switch for Zapdos!

[Chat] C L A M P

38d 23h 52m Surf take down Muk! Weezing sent out!

38d 23h 52m Slowbro fainted! We sent out Cloyster!

[Info] Bruno and Agatha had this gym leader fight music too.

38d 23h 51m VS. E4 Agatha! Slowbro vs. Muk!

38d 23h 51m We save the game!

38d 23h 50m Machamp goes down To Aura Beam! E4 BRUNO DEFEATED!

38d 23h 50m We switch out for Cloyster!

38d 23h 50m Poliwrath goes down to Psychic! Machamp up!

38d 23h 49m Hitmonlee goes down to psychic! Poliwrath up!

38d 23h 49m Hitmonchan goes down to Psychic! Hitmonlee up!

38d 23h 49m Machoke goes down to Psychic! Hitmonchan up!

38d 23h 48m Primeape goes down to strength! Machoke up!

38d 23h 48m We consult the secret key!

38d 23h 46m VS. E4 Bruno! Slowbro vs. Primeape!

38d 23h 46m Wandering around Bruno's room.

38d 23h 42m E4 LORELEI Defeated!

38d 23h 42m Lapras goes down to Thunder!

38d 23h 42m We switch out for Zapdos!

38d 23h 41m Vaporeon goes down! Lapras sent out!

38d 23h 40m We switch out for our Cloyster!

38d 23h 39m Jynx down! Vaporeon up!

38d 23h 39m Seaking goes down! Jynx up!

38d 23h 39m Venomoth fainted! We sent out Slowbro!

[Info] This time Lorelei has the music of Lance / Gym Leaders. What will be the music for the actual Lance or Champion?

38d 23h 37m Psychic takes Cloyster down! Seaking up!

38d 23h 37m We paralyze Cloyster. Venomoth is confused!

38d 23h 36m Dewgong down! Her Cloyster sent out!

38d 23h 36m We switch out Slowbro for Venomoth

38d 23h 35m Dewgong out!

38d 23h 35m VS. LORELEI

୧༼ʘ̆ںʘ̆༽୨ The hype is real ୧༼ʘ̆ںʘ̆༽୨


38d 23h 34m Inside the E4! HYPE!

38d 23h 32m Inside the the Indigo Plateau building. We heal, and checkpointl!

[Snark] inb4 we forget to checkpoint and go strait to e4. Kappa

38d 23h 30m Anarchy is enabled. Now outside of Indigo Plateau!

38d 23h 29m We climbed some more ladders and down the last set of ladders, and eventually exiting out of Victory Road!

38d 23h 25m Pushed the boulder left on to the switch in this room.

[Info] Party order is now Slowbro, Venomoth, Victreebel, Dragonite, Zapdos, and Cloyster.

38d 23h 18m We switch Venomoth and Dragonite's positions.

38d 23h 17m We switch Cloyster and Zapdos's positions, making Cloyster last in line.

38d 23h 15m We take a look at Cloysters stats for some reason.

38d 23h 12m We pushed a boulder down the hole, and fell through it.

38d 23h 7m Slowly making progress through the cave. Encountering some wild 'mon along the way.

[Donation] $3.00 from Info: "Protip: Going through the cave in anarchy is faster. Try '/me anarchy' to switch away from democracy."

[Info] You may need to change your password when you log back into Twitch since some accounts were compromised.

[Chat] Now people are putting this in chat: "My password is _____"

38d 22h 54m Pushed a boulder onto another switch in the corner..

[Chat] "Final boss is _____."

38d 22h 41m Climbed up a ladder to the next room.

[Info] Current party order is Slowbro as the leader, then Dragonite, Victreebel, Venomoth, Cloyster, and Zapdos down at the bottom.

38d 22h 33m Blackbelt defeated! We get 2250 for winning!

38d 22h 32m Venomoth's Psychic also OHKO's it!

38d 22h 32m Blackbelt sends out Hitmonchan!

38d 22h 32m Venomoth's Psychic OHKO's it! It's super effective!

38d 22h 31m We switch out for Venomoth.

38d 22h 30m Blackbelt sends out a Hitmonlee!

38d 22h 30m Machamp goes down to surf!

38d 22h 29m Dragonite down to 106/196 HP from Seismic toss!

38d 22h 28m We paralyze the Machamp, and use Surf.

38d 22h 26m We switched out for Dragonite.

38d 22h 26m Slowbro Vs. Machamp!

38d 22h 25m We engage in a trainer battle! Vs. Blackbelt!

38d 22h 18m Progressing up the ladders to the next room.

[Info] Twitch is performing Site Maintenance so you may not be able to load the stream.

38d 22h 9m Pushing boulders through Victory Road.

[Fluff] wait4baba commands ensue!

38d 21h 56m Now entering Victory Road! Democracy mode is enabled!

[Chat] SparkPlug3: we still have 1 pokedonger. one donger to rule them all.

[Info] 0 PP left for Zapdos Sky Attack.

38d 21h 47m We successfully go surfing forwards. Onwards to victory!

[Donation] $2.00 from Z33k33: "Z33k33, you claim to be a leader of the chat. A "chat leader", if you will. However, why should you take credit for everything the collective people do? I got time for this -- Jynxatu"

38d 21h 36m We save the game.

38d 21h 35m At the surfing part of the badge checking station.

[Fluff] 7th time's the charm!

38d 21h 32m Entering the badge checking stations.


38d 21h 32m Almost there!

[Fluff] I believe that last ledge jump was because multiple ups were skipped, and a down went through first.

[Snark] AIIIAAB is training to become a real pro at jumping! He'll become a pro athlete as soon as he finishes his Pokémon journey!

38d 21h 23m Ledge jump count #6.

[Info] Koffing is Lv.5, BTW.

38d 21h 20m Ledge jump count #5.

[Info] Nickname is "ii|]BPXYKK"

38d 21h 18m Threw 3 Poké Balls at a Koffing and CAUGHT!

38d 21h 17m We save the game.

38d 21h 12m Ledge jump count #4.

[Fluff] Remember those lessons, guys. #Wecandothis!

38d 21h 7m Ledge jump count #3.

38d 21h 2m Ledge jump count #2.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ FLAWLESS TO FLAWFULL RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ‎

38d 20h 54m We 'ALMOST' made it, but we jumped down! Ledge jump count #1

[Chat] Thooidhunter: LEDGEndary


38d 20h 48m Now on Route 22. Where all the infamous ledge jumping begins!

38d 20h 47m Arrived at Viridian City.

38d 20h 39m Up on Route 1, headed for Viridian City.

38d 20h 39m We exit our house, outside of Pallet Town.

38d 20h 36m We talk to mom. She heals our 'mon!

38d 20h 35m We check the bed. "Was it just a dream?"

38d 20h 34m Upstairs, and we saved the game.

[Donation] $2.00 from AIIIAAB: "Mum...I'm back...I'm home."

38d 20h 31m We enter our house.

38d 20h 26m We visit Prof. Oak. We get a "Congratulations" from him.

[Donation] $2.00 from Sanic the hedgelog: "Gotta go fast......" (etc. etc. etc. and so on.....)

38d 20h 17m Aaaand we're leaving Pallet.

38d 20h 16m Walking around in Pallet, we're unable to enter any of the houses.

38d 20h 11m We want to visit mum, but we entered Garry's house.

38d 20h 10m Leaving Viridian toward Pallet town!

38d 20h 8m A "Trainer Tips" sign tells us to catch more Pokémon to expand our collection. Perhaps a Slowpoke put it up.

38d 20h 8m Now entering: Viridian City!

38d 20h 7m We're out of the forest, eh!

38d 20h 5m Slowly making our way through the forest, Zapdos is clutching at 337hp.

[Donation] $10.00 from SlowpokeIsAGamer: "I bet that TPP wouldn't catch Mewtwo without being able to buy Master '''. I hate that Great Ball."

38d 19h 59m Now entering Viridian forest!

38d 19h 57m We caught a wild Ekans lvl5! nickname: "AJJSSxJ((("

38d 19h 56m We successfully cut the tree!

38d 19h 51m We have to beat the tree.

38d 19h 39m Still trying to cut the tree to Pewter.

38d 19h 19m We're out of the cave and near a certain tree we have to cut.

38d 19h 16m Slowly making our way through the cave.

38d 18h 59m We're in Diglett's cave now.

38d 18h 54m Now leaving Vermillion. Overshot past Diglett's Cave though.

38d 18h 49m And we enter Vermillion city.

38d 18h 41m Exiting Saffron to route 6 toward Vermillion city.

[Chat] We've encountered a Mr.Mime in the wild earlier, and there are jokes going on in chat about it since.

38d 18h 39m Entered Saffron city.

38d 18h 38m Exited out onto route 8.

38d 18h 35m Now in the underground tunnel toward Lavender town and the Diglett tunnel.

[Snark] Yes, let's get the random Teleportation Move.

38d 18h 29m Still right on route 8. Some people want to teach Zapdos fly.

38d 18h 19m We left Celadon city for route 8.

[Snark] 151/721 Pokémon caught! 20.94% of the Pokédex Completed!

38d 18h 11m Oh it seems we got out of the Game Freak building!

38d 18h 6m Now then.. To the ledge Kreygasm

[Fluff] Lot's of meta-ness around this room.

[Info] Quick gyazo snap of the diploma in case anyone didn't catch it.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DIPLOMA GET, RIOT NOW ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

38d 18h 3m Obtained Diploma

38d 17h 58m These stairs cannot be climbed.

[Phoenix Wright Fluff] Olbag confirmed for final boss

[Fluff] Our final test, everyone! Escape the room!

[Snark] We went to an Old Lady's room and her Pokémon blocked the exit to her room

[Fluff] DIS MUSIC!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DING DONG DONGERS! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] we get a diploma from twitch academy


38d 17h 53m Entering the game freak building, gotta climb the stairs now.

[Fluff] Oak fight!

38d 17h 50m And then left for Celadon.

38d 17h 49m Finally found our way into Saffron.

[Info] For completeness sake, it's also level 100. So there, entered The 100 Club right away.

[Info] Some suggested that since Mewtwo has a blank-space as its nick, it has no nickname. Whether it was really one space or more, we'll have to verify.

38d 17h 40m Down on route 5, entering Saffron city.

[Fluff] Tenth time the charm. I mean, that was the 10th Mewtwo encounter after getting Poliwrath (no. 150). Assuming the updater is accurate

38d 17h 37m On our way out of Cerulean.

[Snark] Call +1 (151) 151-1518 now!

38d 17h 31m We blacked out, and now back in Cerulean City.

[Fluff] I screenshotted the moment. Now, you decide who should be the 6,666,666th inputter.

38d 17h 30m Well, another Explosion/KAPOW faints Cloyster. Slowbro hangs on, but not for long.

[Snark] Now that we have all 151 'mon, it should be very simple to defeat the final boss. Kappa

38d 17h 28m Still on Mew's platform, struggling to go/surf out.

[Snark] inb4 blackout and 1 Pokéyen is all Abe's got.

[Snark] Abe was here, Ash is a loser, his theme song was to catch them ll and all of his years (how still 10 year old DansGame) he didnt even catch half of the Kanto Dex

[Info] So close to finishing the game now.

[Info] Diploma is in Celdaon Game Freak building

[Snark] First Mew2 urn i'v seen and its caught, its all because of me u should thank me Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY 151 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ.

[Info] PSA that we need to get the "diploma" somewhere in Celadon after catching all 151 mons.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ‎

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 151 VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

38d 17h 19m After that great achievement, Cloyster (245/264) and Slowbro (86/375, PSN) is left standing.

38d 17h 17m With a Great Ball... and I missed the nick.

38d 17h 17m WHAT?!??! Mewtwo was caught!

[Fluff] Before engaging Mewtwo, we used PP Up on Victreebel to boost Razor Leaf.

[Fluff] 6666666th input incoming.

38d 17h 15m Mewtwo engaged again! Paralyzed right away by Venomoth!

38d 17h 14m Victreebel fainted a while ago, meaning we have 3 mons standing against the OP Mewtwo.

38d 17h 14m Oh hey, Mewtwo spotted while surfing!

38d 17h 13m Reaching another surf point, could be the one before Mewtwo.

38d 17h 1m We're surfing again!

[Chat] Close to 1.3k watching the stream. I believe there would be around a thousand users on TPP chat too.

38d 16h 46m While we weren't watching, Zapdos and Dragonite fainted to wild mon's attacks!

38d 16h 40m We're down on the basement floor.

38d 16h 5m I'm gonna assume we landed correctly, unless if a minute or two later we find Abe near the water edge again.

38d 16h 3m Back to surfing!

38d 16h 0m Checking the Town Map. We're so far from home...

38d 15h 51m Abe is checking the menu. Looks like he landed at the wrong spot.

38d 15h 40m We surfed!

[Info] While we're waiting for the first in-cave surf, here are some key stats. Abe has only 2 Pokéyen, and need about 10k more inputs to reach the coveted seven 6s number. All mons are rather fit, with (leading) Zapdos at about 2/3 health.

38d 15h 32m Slowbro is poisoned some 20-30 minutes ago. It has quite a lot of health (358/375), for now.

[Info] I have counted 9 blackouts so far from Mewtwo, after getting Poliwrath, if the updater is accurate. This appears to be the tenth attempt since Poliwrath.

38d 15h 6m Now inside Cerulean Cave.

38d 15h 3m And we are! To the cave!

[Info] 18114 EXP for Venomoth to gain a level. We're not interested in grinding though, as the hivemind is trying to surf.

38d 14h 58m On the way up the Nugget Bridge.

[Fluff] And the input pressed on the brake!

38d 14h 49m Black out!!!

38d 14h 49m Another one misses, and Slowbro faints!

38d 14h 49m rip

38d 14h 49m Poké Ball thrown at Mewtwo at low HP! Still MISSED!

38d 14h 49m [Info] Chats going crazy!!

38d 14h 48m One Great Ball! One Poké Ball! You missed the Pokémon! Another Poké Ball- miss.

38d 14h 48m Two more again, missed.

[Chat] Cold_as_Ike: THROW THE KEY AT HIM

38d 14h 47m Another two miss.

38d 14h 47m Poké Ball missed!

38d 14h 47m Poké Ball miss!

38d 14h 46m Two more normal Poké Balls miss.

38d 14h 45m Great Ball tossed! Two Great Balls! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! All of them missing!

38d 14h 45m Another two!

38d 14h 45m Another two more miss!

38d 14h 45m Two more Poké Balls miss!

38d 14h 45m Slowbro's surf manages to critical, but Mewtwo just recovers it.

38d 14h 44m Another one thrown, and it misses. Cloyster faints!

38d 14h 44m Threw a Poké Ball! Two Poké Balls! Both miss.

38d 14h 44m Fiddling around with our items, to no success.

38d 14h 43m Cloyster is leading!

[Info] 2 mons left standing. Not looking good.

38d 14h 43m Engaged Mewtwo once more!

38d 14h 42m Venomoth faints to a single Psychic! Ran!

38d 14h 41m Same attacks fly out to start. Psybeam and Amnesia.

38d 14h 41m Ran, but then quickly engaged Mewtwo again.

38d 14h 40m Venomoth is up, and Mewtwo already used Amnesia.

38d 14h 40m Nevermind, Engaged Mewtwo!

38d 14h 40m Still haven't challenged Mewtwo again.

38d 14h 37m Mewtwo is on dangerously low HP! Psychic takes out Dragonite, and we run away!

38d 14h 37m We successfully paralyze Mewtwo!

38d 14h 36m Zapdos faints! Dragonite is out.

38d 14h 36m Super Potion used on Zapdos!

38d 14h 36m Both a Poké Ball and Great Ball tossed! both miss!

38d 14h 35m We keep using Double Team, but Mewtwo finally attacks.

38d 14h 35m Both set up with Double Team and Amnesia, respectively.

38d 14h 34m We use Drill Peck, and Mewtwo recovers it back up.

38d 14h 34m Zapdos is up!

38d 14h 34m Engaged Mewtwo!

38d 14h 33m Very close to mewtwo!

38d 14h 12m not surfing!

38d 14h 12m I see an up...

38d 14h 11m Surfing!

38d 14h 5m Time for our first surf on this floor. One more after this.

38d 13h 54m We're getting somewhat close to Mewtwo. We're now on the same floor as him.

38d 13h 50m Sherlock called: He is telling me that progress is slow.

38d 13h 45m Switched into Victreebel against a wild Dodrio! Bad idea! Victreebel goes down to a critical Drill Peck!

38d 13h 25m Back up into the maze. And this time we didn't go right back down! Progress!

38d 13h 24m We went back down the ladder.

38d 13h 23m Went up the ladder and into the maze.

38d 13h 19m Landed right on track.

38d 13h 15m Surfing!

38d 13h 11m We're at the first surf point.

38d 13h 7m We're in...

38d 13h 7m Landed next to Cerulean Cave.

38d 13h 6m Surfing down the river!

38d 13h 2m We're now attempting to surf the grass.

38d 12h 59m We're going up Route 24.

38d 12h 54m We're now wandering around Cerulean while spamming B. Standard stuff.

38d 12h 52m We used two Great Balls, two Poké Balls and two Super Potions in that series of Mewtwo attempts.

38d 12h 51m Poké Balls tossed that attempt: 1
Great Balls tossed that attempt: 1

38d 12h 51m RIP. Dragonite fainted! Blacked out!

38d 12h 51m Mewtwo is paralyzed!

38d 12h 50m Cloyster fainted! All that remains to stand up against Mewtwo is Dragonite!

38d 12h 48m and right afterwards... more Mewtwo!

38d 12h 48m An explosion from a wild Electrode takes out Venomoth!

38d 12h 44m Venomoth, hit with a paralyze!

38d 12h 43m Wandering around Mewtwo after running.

38d 12h 43m Mewtwo, too strong crit Victreebel and killed it! D:

38d 12h 42m Battling Mewtwo yet again!

38d 12h 41m Mewtwo brought down to 0HP! Mewtwo ran!

38d 12h 42m Slowbro has fainted, we switch into Victreebel

38d 12h 39m Healed Zapdos, but Zapdos fainted anyway!

38d 12h 39m We have tossed the first Poké Ball. And then a Great Ball.

[Snark] inb4 we black out to psychic

38d 12h 37m We toss a Drill Peck out. Mewtwo is already coming up on half health.

38d 12h 36m We're on land in front of Mewtwo! BATTLING MEWTWO!

38d 12h 36m [Fluff] we are heading back to land D:

38d 12h 34m The input rate speeds up as we get closer to Mewtwo!

[Info] 38d 12h 35m Mewtwos in sight!

38d 12h 34m Surfing! And this time we didn't go straight back to land!

38d 12h 31m We're surf-nevermind.

38d 12h 30m The team's at full health! Zapdos has been damaged just a tiny bit, but it's an insubstantial amount

38d 12h 27m Standing in front of the final surf area. We tried to use strength on the water, but it didn't work!

38d 12h 23m We land! One more Surf point to go!

38d 12h 23m Surfing!

38d 12h 19m At the first of two final Surf points!

38d 12h 2m Right by the ladder to the last floor.

38d 11h 51m Navigating Floor 2, getting close to the final floor

38d 11h 38m Surfing on floor 1

38d 11h 19m We Surfed and are back in the Unknown Dungeon

38d 10h 52m Seems we have no chance of catching this thing unless we put a status on it. Reducing its HP doesn't raise the catch rate by a lot.

[rip] rip

38d 10h 51m Back to Cerulean

38d 10h 51m and rekt by psychic, black out

38d 10h 51m Only ICU left, we send it in

38d 10h 50m One of those 11 Great Balls we missed was a Poké Ball.

38d 10h 50m Slowbro faints

38d 10h 50m Two Great Balls miss

[Fluff] Sorry for these updates being so weird

38d 10h 49m and another Great Ball misses and another one and another one and another one

38d 10h 49m We miss four Great Balls no, five

38d 10h 48m In the items menu

38d 10h 48m We Surf its health down

38d 10h 48m Vs Mewtwo again

[Chat] NateFox_:  ResidentSleeper hype...

38d 10h 46m Only Slowbro and Cloyster left now.

38d 10h 46m Victreebel faints and we run from Mewtwo

38d 10h 45m We're Wrapping Mewtwo

38d 10h 45m We used two Great Balls and they both missed (that was in the Mewtwo fight we just ran from)

38d 10h 44m Venomoth faints, we sent in Dragonite. Dragonite faints. We send in Victreebel and then we run

[Fluff] When a Pokémon is on low HP and beeping, the sounds for throwing and Poké Balls breaking out aren't there. Some other sounds have this as well.

38d 10h 43m Zapdos faints, we send in Venomoth

38d 10h 43m We're using Evade Tactics

38d 10h 42m We successfully use two Super Potions on Zapdos. Its low HP is still making no difference

38d 10h 41m We miss a Great Ball

38d 10h 41m We miss a Poké Ball

38d 10h 40m VS Mewtwo!

38d 10h 39m All members of our party are alive

38d 10h 38m We land on the island!

38d 10h 38m Surfing! Inputs haven't kicked up much at all.

38d 10h 35m Input rate isn't very fast.

38d 10h 33m One more Surf point to get through, then we can reach Mewtwo!

38d 10h 32m Surfing

38d 10h 29m We tossed a Super Potion and almost tossed 56 Great Balls, but luckily not.

38d 10h 26m At the first of two Surf points before Mewtwo!

38d 10h 19m Zapdos is slowly losing health due to wild mons' attacks

38d 10h 8m At the final floor!

38d 10h 4m Just doing wild battles, Zapdos is slowly losing HP

38d 9h 39m Uh, we're surfing. Navigating the cave somehow

38d 9h 29m And we enter the cave!

38d 9h 27m Surfing, we land on the area outside the cave

38d 8h 51m Heading back towards the cave.

38d 8h 47m Back in Cerulean City.

[Snark] Mewtwo too stronk! KILL IT WITH FIRE! (つಠ益ಠ)つ ─=≡Σ{O}

38d 8h 45m Venomoth comes out. Mewtwo uses Psychic and Venomoth faints! BLACK OUT.

[rip] rip

38d 8h 43m Threw a Poké Ball. It misses, and Psychic K.O's Dragonite.

38d 8h 42m Axemon paralyzes Mewtwo.

38d 8h 42m VS Mewtwo again

[Snark] I find it funny that the over world sprite looks like a Rhydon, and we actually just encountered a Rhydon right in front of it a few minutes ago just before that last encounter.

38d 8h 41m Slowbro faints to Mewtwo. We run.

38d 8h 40m Used three Poké Balls. They miss.

38d 8h 40m We surf. Mewtwo uses Psychic.

38d 8h 40m VS Mewtwo once more.

38d 8h 38m We run. Rematch hype?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CATCH RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

38d 8h 38m VS Mewtwo.

38d 8h 37m Stuck at a wild Sandslash encounter.


38d 8h 35m 6,600,000 input goes to.... oh wait, it's going too fast to see. BibleThump


ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

38d 8h 34m Inputs are faster than tha speed of sound

38d 8h 34m We save to commemorate our victory.

38d 8h 34m Surfinggggg

38d 8h 32m We use Surf...on the wrong spot. No surfing on ICU here!

[Snark] Tactical bike!

38d 8h 31m Wait no off the bike BibleThump

38d 8h 30m Bike!

38d 8h 27m We ran.. BabyRage

38d 8h 26m We used the old rod! Encountered Baba!

38d 8h 26m We use the old rod, and catch a bite of Magikarp!

[Chat] Bulbastophocles: PART THE WAVES SwiftRage

38d 8h 26m We successfully use the HM move.....Strength.

38d 8h 24m We save a few more times.

38d 8h 20m And we avoid Mewtwo for some reason, we surf the wrong way and land on the opposite ground.

38d 8h 20m Seems we've faced Mewtwo so many times there isn't really as much hype as before. :(

38d 8h 20m We save!

38d 8h 19m Surfing towards Mewtwo!

38d 8h 17m We're trying to surf at the last stretch of water. Only 1 mon can inflict status (Venomoth) and Slowbro is our lead.

38d 8h 17m Also some inputs are being skipped, or not being executed in order.

38d 8h 16m Inputs are fluctuating, not settling on an actual rate yet.

[Info] Zapdos, Victreebel, Slowbro, Cloyster, Dragonite, Venomoth seems to be the current order. With Slowbro, Dragonite, and Venomoth alive.

[Fluff] ─=≡Σ((( つ◕ل͜◕)つ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

38d 8h 15m Inputs are cray-cray right now. Blazing as fast as sanic. Well, not that fast.

38d 8h 14m We go surfing. Also switched party order a bit while faffing through inventory.

38d 8h 13m Victreebel seemed to have fainted sometime as well. 3 'mon left.

[Info] Cloyster and Zapdos are currently fainted. 4 of our 'mon are still alive.

38d 8h 8m Threw a ball at an electrode. did not catch.

38d 8h 5m Input rate is pretty normal right now.

[Info] We're already at Mewtwo's room. Getting closer to him.

38d 8h 4m Making progress through the cave.

38d 7h 34m We have surfed, *Cloyster has fainted, and are currently progressing through the dungeon.

38d 7h 14m Looks like we're back at the start. Still trying to surf to progres..

38d 6h 44m At the top floor, going through the maze.

38d 6h 36m We've entered the cave.

38d 6h 25m At the part where we need to Surf to get inside the cave.

38d 6h 20m En Routé the 24th, heading back towards down the cave.

38d 6h 14m Chat inputs have slowed to a crawl, we're still walking around Cerulean.

Just because it showed up in stream:

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 88 - Max. HP 307 Attack 167 Defense 154 Speed 211 Special 265

38d 6h 8m In Cerulean.

[Fluff] We damage it, and STILL MISS? What is this? Pokémon 06 broken edition?

38d 6h 6m Great Ball used, fails, Mewtwo uses Psychic and takes down Venomoth....black out

38d 6h 4m Just Venomoth left now, we are going to have to rely on putting Mewtwo to sleep...if we can

38d 6h 4m Psychic brings Slowbro down to 46HP. Another Great Ball fails, and Slowbro faints

38d 6h 3m Pokeball used now, they are still missing

38d 6h 3m Great Ball used, fails

38d 6h 2m Slowbro is out for us now

38d 6h 2m Dragonite faints!

38d 6h 2m Dragonite out for us now

38d 6h 0m Victreebell faints from a Psychic.

38d 5h 59m VS Mewtwo (4th time)

38d 5h 59m Encountering more Wild Pokémon.

38d 5h 58m We run.

38d 5h 57m We put mewtwo to sleep.

38d 5h 58m Zapdos faints

38d 5h 56m Used a Poké Ball, then a Great Ball, then two more Poké Balls. All are missing. If one of these Poké Balls doesn't miss, then instant capture due to gen 1 mechanics.

38d 5h 56m Struggling through items to catch!


38d 5h 54m Threw four Great Balls. <10% catch rate because they are missing.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppMiss

38d 5h 54m We run, then verse again.

38d 5h 54m VS Mewtwo. (again)

38d 5h 53m Encountering wild Pokémon.

38d 5h 51m We run. Mewtwo is still here like he is supposed to be.

38d 5h 51m Used 2 Poké Balls. They miss, which means <10% catch rate.

38d 5h 50m We go for a Sky Attack. It misses. We then go for a Thunder, which doesn't.

38d 5h 50m We start of with a Double Team. While Mewtwo taunts us with Mist.

38d 5h 50m VS Mewtwo

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CATCH RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Surfing. At the last bit until Mewtwo.

38d 5h 44m We hop off. Last bit of maze until we get to Mewtwo now.

38d 5h 43m Saved the game while we're surfing.

38d 5h 43m We're surfing once more. On the final stretch until we verse Mewtwo.

[Info] Well, Cloyster fainted sometime ago, but no one reported it, apparnetly.

38d 5h 36m Inputs are going fast-ish. Tons of B inputs.

38d 5h 36m No updates? Ok then. We're progressing nicely through the dungeon.

38d 5h 7m Entered the second floor.

38d 5h 0m We've finally surfed!

38d 4h 54m We're at our next big challenge - surfing inside the cave.

38d 4h 49m Now inside the dungeon cave!

38d 4h 47m We FINALLY go surfing!

38d 4h 39m Nearly surfed.

38d 4h 36m Listening to cries in the Pokedex.

38d 4h 35m We're still trying to surf.

38d 4h 10m We're still trying/struggling to surf. Otherwise, nothing else to report from our end at the moment till we reach the cave.

38d 3h 49m Heading toward the Unknown Dungeon.

38d 3h 47m Up to Route 24.

38d 3h 37m Exited the center.

38d 3h 36m We heal our Pokémon.

38d 3h 36m Entered the Pokécenter.

38d 3h 34m Back in Cerulean City.

38d 3h 30m We are heading back to heal, meanwhile, updater may go quiet for a bit until our next attempt

38d 3h 29m We've walked all the way back to the entrance and have exited the caves

38d 3h 24m Hey, we actually went back up the ladder. Now on first floor, but with only one active 'Mon of course

[Snark] Even after he gets caught, he's still gonna taunt us. Kappa

[Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "Catch me if you can!"

38d 3h 18m Dragonite down

38d 3h 16m Victreebel down

[Info] With our status 'Mons down, we may be purposefully heading towards a black out

38d 3h 12m Victreebel is down to 16HP

38d 3h 10m Zapdos faints

38d 3h 9m Zapdos down to just 12HP

38d 3h 4m Zapdos and Victreebel are both below half HP

38d 2h 55m Still faffing around against wild 'Mons, seemingly lost

38d 2h 45m Found a PP Up

38d 2h 40m Venomoth faints to a wild Dodrio, well so much for any chance at putting Mewtwo asleep

38d 2h 34m We've been walking into dead ends on the second floor for the past few minutes

38d 2h 27m Up and down the ladder

38d 2h 26m That was a ladder, not stairs that we went up, and now we have come back down

38d 2h 24m We accidentally went up some stairs

38d 2h 20m We are trying to surf in the cave now

38d 2h 14m Cloyster has fainted

38d 2h 13m Cloyster is poisoned

38d 2h 7m Entered Cerulean Cave

38d 2h 6m We've finally Surfed!

38d 1h 59m We saved. Gotta preserve all of this "progress"

38d 1h 48m We've selected HM03 from the item menu. No Abe, we aren't trying to teach Surf, we are just trying to use Surf

38d 1h 45m We still have not been able to surf

38d 1h 33m Remember when we needed an Abra on our 'Seen' list? Now we can't stop seeing them...over and over and over

38d 1h 24m Still in the grass attempting to surf, of course wild Pokémon keep hopping out and trying to stop us

38d 1h 15m We are just above the water we need to surf on

38d 1h 15m After our last blackout, about 1000 viewers left in about 10 minutes

[Donation] $10.00 from Lord Dome and Helix: "Our children, do not give up. It is fortold that AIIIAABB will deliver us from this tyranny. Praise be, as our combined light will always shine upon you. We are watching."

38d 1h 11m We head on off to the patch of grass west of the bridge to surf into Cerulean Cave

38d 1h 9m We make our way back to Nugget Bridge

[Snark] Trolls attack during legendary fights. Kappa

38d 1h 5m We are back in Cerulean City

38d 1h 4m Input also slowing down now

[Info] 2.9k Viewers seen us fail another Mewtwo attempt


38d 1h 3m Slowbro sent out! Slowbro falls to Psychic! We Black'ed out!

38d 1h 3m Dragonite sent out! Faints next turn to Psychic!

38d 1h 2m Zapdos faints!

38d 1h 2m Another Great Ball thrown, another failed, and another one thrown!

38d 1h 2m We throw a Great Ball and it fails too!

38d 1h 1m We throw another and it misses too!

38d 1h 1m We throw a Poké Ball, It fails!

38d 1h 1m We open the bag and go down for the Great Balls

38d 1h 1m We use Double Team a few times!

38d 1h 0m We use drill peck again, but Mewtwo uses recover!

38d 1h 0m Zapdos is sent out!

38d 1h 0m Mewtwo encountered for the third time!

38d 1h 0m Electrode KAPOW's Slowbro but Slowbro lives!

38d 0h 59m Now walking around Mewtwo!

[Snark] If he won't join us ... kill it (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

38d 0h 58m Drill Peck kills Mewtwo!

38d 0h 58m Drill Peck uis used, Mewtwo strikes back with Psychic to take out half of Zapdos' HP!

38d 0h 57m Zapdos is sent out!

38d 0h 57m Mewtwo encountered Once again

38d 0h 57m WE use strength and kill Mewtwo! but it Respawns...

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CATCH RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

38d 0h 56m We then try to use the Old Rod

38d 0h 56m Mewtwo,s Psychic takes half of Slowbro's HP away!

38d 0h 56m We then use surf to weaken it again!

38d 0h 56m We heal Zapdos with a Super Potion!

[Info] 2.7k Viewers

38d 0h 55m another Great Ball is thrown, it misses, Mewtwo heals

38d 0h 55m Strenth is also used!

38d 0h 55m We use surf a few times to weakin Mewtwo

38d 0h 54m Another thrown Great Ball, another miss

38d 0h 54m We try to use HM 02! Oak says no!

38d 0h 54m We throw another ball. It misses, Mewtwo then heals

38d 0h 53m We still can't run!

38d 0h 53m and then heal Slowbro with a Super Potion

38d 0h 53m We use another Great Ball, it misses too. Mewtwo then uses Recover. Then we heal Dragonite with a Super Portion 2 times

38d 0h 52m We can't escape! We send out Slowbro!

[Chat] Lade1rex: If we get mewtwo this attempt, then i will make a cake shaped like omastar and eat it all at once

38d 0h 52m Psychic Takes out Vicreebel!

38d 0h 52m We use another Great Ball! IT misses!

[Info] We used a Super Potion to heal!

38d 0h 51m Mewtwo woke up!

38d 0h 51m We heal Victreebel!

38d 0h 51m Great Ball use and fails!

38d 0h 51m We open the bag once more going towards the balls!

38d 0h 50m We then use Razorleaf!

38d 0h 50m We use sleep powder to put Mewtwo to sleep!

[Chat/IRC] <crimsonburn27> we activated Strength, now just push Mewtwo into the water, wait till it almost drowns then throw a Great Ball

38d 0h 50m We open the bag!

38d 0h 49m We can't escape!

38d 0h 49m Mewtwo encountered!

38d 0h 48m We are right near Mewtwo!

38d 0h 47m WE USE SURF!

38d 0h 46m and another one. We then run

38d 0h 46m We throw another Great Ball! That one fails too

38d 0h 44m We throw a Great Ball at a Marowak! It fails

38d 0h 42m We then save a few more times

[Fluff] Successfully Used Potion Kreygasm

38d 0h 41m We heal up Dragonite and Zapdos using 2 Super Potions!

38d 0h 40m Inputs keep getting faster as we try to use surf

38d 0h 36m We head on down and inputs explode wanting to use surf!

38d 0h 35m Cloyster faints!

[Info] If you want to keep up with input rate and other stats, Aissurtievos has you covered with a stats stream!

38d 0h 32m We land! One water patch away from Mewtwo!

38d 0h 32m Input rate is pretty fast.

38d 0h 31m ...and we surf!

38d 0h 31m We switch up the party a bit! It's now Cloyster, Venomoth, Vicreebel, Zapdos, Dragonite, and Slowbro!

38d 0h 30m We save the game a bunch of times!

[Donation] $3.33 from Mewtwo: "COME AT ME BRAH"

38d 0h 24m We attempt to use surf on the second to last patch of water in between us and Mewtwo!

38d 0h 24m Zapdos finally wakes up to sky attack Parasect

[Donation] $2.00 from Baba: "Why didn't you guys wait for me? BibleThump"

38d 0h 22m Zapdos gets put to sleep vs a wild Parasect!

[Fluff] If we catch Mewtwo without blacking out, all the numbers at the bottom will be 151, including our money. Make it happen guys!

[Chat/IRC] <fzh> 99 mons of KAPOW in the cave, 99 mons of KAPOW, and one KAPOWS, takes our mon out, rinse and repeat until we black out!

38d 0h 20m We are encountering lots of mon, Abe is making way to Mewtwo, and the viewership on stream is above 2k!

[Status] Venomoth is fainted, Zapdos has 351/354 HP, Victreebel has 271/271 HP, Cloyster has 73/264 HP, Dragonite has 19/196 HP, and Slowbro has 327/375 HP

38d 0h 16m We enter Mewtwo's room!

38d 0h 10m Venomoth faints

38d 0h 6m Slowly making it toward the ladder to the third floor of the dungeon

38d 0h 1m We head on up to the second floor of Cerulean Cave

37d 23h 54m We correctly land on the correct piece of land!

37d 23h 53m We also surf!

37d 23h 53m We end up switching up the party! New Order: Venomoth, Zapdos, Victreebel, Cloyster, Dragonite, and Slowbro

37d 23h 48m We throw a Great Ball at a Golbat, it fails, we then run away!

[Snark] Any bets on landing on the one tile island next? Keepo

37d 23h 43m And we land on another wrong piece of land...

37d 23h 43m We surf once again!

37d 23h 37m We land on the wrong piece of land.

37d 23h 36m We use Surf!

37d 23h 32m We accidentally boot up the HM for Strength

37d 23h 28m We use the bike!

37d 23h 27m We head to the first patch of water and attempt to surf!

37d 23h 19m We land and enter Cerulean Cave!

37d 23h 17m We Surf once again! This time we don't accidentally land back on land.

37d 23h 9m We use Surf! But sadly get back on land.

37d 23h 8m We get on the bike!

[Info] 901 hours and 08 minutes to be exact!

37d 22h 58m We save! We have played for over 901 Hours!

37d 22h 57m We head up onto the patch of grass west of the Nugget Bridge and we begin attempting to use surf!

37d 22h 55m We head up onto Nugget Bridge and Route 24

37d 22h 50m We arrive at Cerulean City!

37d 22h 49m We exit Saffron and enter Route 5

37d 22h 48m We finally exit the Gym!

37d 22h 44m wheeeeeeeeee warps!

37d 22h 37m Currently Abe is having fun in Sabrina's Wild Ride

37d 22h 36m We begin having fun with the teleporters in the gym

37d 22h 35m We enter the Saffron Gym instead now

37d 22h 33m and then we exit back Outside

37d 22h 32m We enter Silph Co

37d 22h 31m We finally enter Saffron City!

37d 22h 25m We seem to be bumping into the guard gate to enter Saffron City instead of going through the entrance like normal little players

37d 22h 15m We leave Lavender Town and enter Route 8!

37d 22h 12m We enter Lavender Town!

[Chat] Chat seems to be counting some Kappa's now

37d 22h 1m We enter Route 12

37d 21h 56m Making our way through the fence maze

[Chat] Meanwhile in chat, they are singing songs.

37d 21h 54m We breeze through Route 14 and enter Route 13!

37d 21h 46m We take our butts right on over to Route 15!

37d 21h 41m We arrive at Fuschia City

37d 21h 41m We land on the northern half of Route 19

[Info] Current Party Order: Cloyster, Zapdos, Victreebel, Venomoth, Dragonite, and Slowbro

37d 21h 30m We exit Seafoam Island and we are surfing towards Fuchsia City!

37d 20h 46m We're on the Seafoam island using democracy for inventory management.

37d 19h 9m Roaming in Celadon

37d 18h 55m In Saffron. Probably headed to the Battle Tent?

[Fluff] That's it for Bike! Farewell to Bike. I love... bike ...

37d 18h 27m Electrode KAPOW s, Knocking us out!

37d 18h 20m Electrode KAPOW s and nearly KOs Cloyster, Cloyster is on 19 HP

[Info] Just noticed Evasiveness is called EVADE in this game, what is this? A poorly translated Pokémon Green?

[Fluff] Gen 1 mechanics EleGiggle

[Info] we're not stuck, the rock just has no collision detection, for some reason

37d 17h 58m Slowbro faints

[Fluff] The DooDoo Beeping is vaguely going in time with the music sometimes

37d 17h 56m Very close to blackouting.

[Fluff] why does this mountain have no collision detection. why

37d 17h 49m Wait, back to Bike-ing

37d 17h 48m RIP Bike.

Press F to pay respects

[Snark] Bulbasaur's cry still hasn't changed, so that's good at the very least, we don't have to worry about that

37d 17h 43m We call it -??????-aa

37d 17h 43m We catch another Parasect

[Snark] inb4 it's another female upon the Gen2ening

[Snark] There must always be a leech king

[Fluff] !!!!eleven!!!!!1111!!!11oneone!!!!


37d 17h 37m We call it !!!!!!clll

37d 17h 37m Also, we catch a level 85 Parasect

[Fluff] I like to ride my Bike

37d 17h 36m Bike

37d 17h 33m Now it's bike time! Wait, no it isn't

37d 17h 32m We get off our bike, then back to bike, then no bike again

RIP Bike, Forever remember bike

37d 17h 31m Electrode does a KAPOW and knocks out Victreebel

37d 17h 30m We switch Victreebel's and Venomoth's position in our team, not like it matters much

[IRC] <+culex> [Snark] good thing bikes can swim

If you want in, Join us at the IRC Here!

[Snark] The bike will get us to Mewtwo!

37d 17h 25m Input rate is pretty normal right now, not slow, but not crazy fast.

[Snark] Zapdos can not learn Surf. Victreebel can not learn surf

Why are we teaching Pokémon to surf when we needed surf to get in here? Kappa

37d 17h 21m We're trying to teach Surf Keepo

[Info] Victreebel and Slowbro at full, Cloyster at 94/264

37d 17h 15m Navigating the final floor

37d 17h 9m Venomoth fainted

37d 17h 6m Dragonite and Zapdos fainted a while ago.

37d 16h 51m On the cave level with the rocks, navigating to the ladder to the final floor.

37d 16h 22m Navigating the cave

37d 16h 19m Dodged the ladder!

37d 16h 18m We surfed somewhere

37d 16h 5m Bike!

37d 15h 57m We enter the cave

37d 15h 55m Landed outside the Unknown Dungeon!

37d 15h 55m Surfing!

37d 15h 48m On the grass where you Surf to get to the Unknown Dungeon.

37d 15h 41m On the bridge.

37d 15h 27m Mewtwo used Psychic! Cloyster fainted! Blacked out!

37d 15h 25m Missed again and again and again.

37d 15h 23m Chucked a Poké Ball and several Great Balls at Mewtwo and missed.

37d 15h 23m Venomoth fainted! Ran!

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

[Snark] Rolling around at the speed of moderately comfortable

37d 15h 21m Chat and input rate is going crazy again

[Fluff] As if by sheer coincidence, the final boss of Mario Galaxy 1's music came on my iPod as soon as we encountered Mewtwo.

37d 15h 19m Venomoth used Sleep Powder! But Mewtwo instantly woke up!

37d 15h 19m VS MEWTWO!

37d 15h 18m [Stats] Saved the game Badges: 8 Pokédex: 150 Play time: 893h 26m

37d 15h 17m Surfing, we land on Mewtwo's island!

37d 15h 15m Used a Max. Revive on Venomoth.

37d 15h 11m We're at the place where we need to surf to get to Mewtwo! Inputs going at a pretty good speed, not insane yet

37d 14h 51m Obtained a Max. Revive!

37d 14h 46m Dragonite leveled up to 58!

37d 14h 36m Making our way through the cave, getting kinda close to Mewtwo

37d 14h 35m Zapdos faints to a wild Sandslash

37d 14h 31m OP Defense takes very little damage from a KAPOW.

37d 14h 26m On the final floor!

37d 14h 17m Venomoth faints

37d 14h 7m Victreebel faints to a wild KAPOW

37d 14h 6m On the floor with all the rocks, trying to navigate

37d 13h 49m We made some progress huh?

37d 13h 38m bike

37d 13h 34m We try to teach something Surf Keepo

37d 13h 10m slowly advancing and fighting wild mons on the dungeon.

37d 13h 4m Entered the dungeon

37d 13h 4m We land outside the dungeon cave cerulean thing

37d 13h 2m Surfinnnnn

37d 12h 56m Trying to Surf

37d 12h 52m We're fishing, and even though inputs are slow, we manage to reel something in PogChamp

It's a Baba!

37d 12h 44m We're also on the patch of land where we surf to get to Cerulean Dungeon Unknown cave thing seriously what is it called

37d 12h 44m Bike!

37d 12h 40m On Nugget Bridge

37d 12h 36m [Chat] WutFace seems to be spammed.


37d 12h 34m We read a sign that tells you how to cancel evolutions. The chat speculates on who might have left that sign. One suspect comes to mind...

37d 12h 32m [Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "Stop throwing shit at me"

[rip] rip

37d 12h 31m BLACK OUT NOOOO

37d 12h 31m And battling again

37d 12h 31m WE RAN

37d 12h 31m Two more

37d 12h 31m Slowbro is Amnesia'ing at least

37d 12h 30m (They are all missing)

37d 12h 30m And another And another

37d 12h 30m We throw a great ball And another

37d 12h 29m Venomoth faints another crit

37d 12h 29m And another is thrown And another And another

37d 12h 28m We throw a Greal Ball

37d 12h 28m Mewtwo is Paralyzed

37d 12h 27m Victreebel faints to Psychic OHKO and crit we send in Venomoth

37d 12h 27m Another is thrown

37d 12h 27m We throw three Pokeballs

37d 12h 26m Inputs are going 1000 miles an hour.

37d 12h 25m Sleep Powder PogChamp

37d 12h 25m And rematch

37d 12h 25m WE RUN

37d 12h 25m Another and another pokeball is thrown

37d 12h 25m We use one pokeball it actually hit Mewtwo

37d 12h 24m We put Mewtwo to sleep Quiet riot

37d 12h 24m And Cloyster faints. Inputs are going crazy fast now.

37d 12h 24m In the item menu, we hit it with an Aurora Beam, Mewtwo didn't take too much damage

[Fluff] inb4 mewtwo faints.


37d 12h 23m HYPE

37d 12h 22m VS MEWTWO

37d 12h 21m Inputs still quite slow.

[Snark] **VS MEWT---- oh wait it's a chansey. Kappa

37d 12h 19m We are on the mewtwos land space thing!!!!!

37d 12h 19m Next to the stairs of mewtwo!!

37d 12h 18m Mewtwo in sight!

37d 12h 18m SURFING

[Fluff] Pretty good for 1,270 viewers.

37d 12h 16m Inputs are at quite a good pace, not crazy insane yet, but not really slow.

37d 12h 17m Threw a pokeball at Rhydon and missed.

37d 12h 13m We're at the part where we need to surf one last time to get to Mewtwo!

37d 12h 9m Inputs are going in fast as heck!

37d 12h 7m cave bike D:

37d 12h 7m Bike!


37d 12h 5m Dragonite just died from a Electrode using Self Destuct.

37d 12h 1m Dragonite is currently asleep


37d 11h 57m Zapdos faints to a self destruct!

37d 11h 47m Went down to the bottom floor now.

37d 11h 46m Down at the ground floor once again, progressing towards Mewtwo.

[Fluff] (Sorry for no updates, I just saw this being non-updated) :/

37d 11h 41m We're in Cerulean Cave, second floor.

37d 11h 19m And surfing! Surfing on the bike PogChamp

37d 11h 19m I had to brb, we're on the bike. Doesn't look like much happened

37d 11h 7m Inputs have sped up, but not a lot.

37d 11h 7m We enter the cave! \o/

37d 11h 7m We land outside the dungeon cave place

37d 11h 5m Surfing FINALLY

[Chat] Every HM except Surf Keepo

37d 11h 0m We cut some of the grass \o/

We entered a battle in the grass we didn't cut and the cut grass reset. :(

37d 10h 56m We've made it back to the grass where we need to Surf from

37d 10h 54m Back to Nugget Bridge

37d 10h 51m Exited the Pokécenter

37d 10h 50m We heal

37d 10h 48m Entered the Pokécenter

37d 10h 48m Back in Cerulean, right outside the Pokécenter

37d 10h 44m Finally made it back to Nugget Bridge

37d 10h 41m ...but we are still in the grass to the west of Nugget Bridge

37d 10h 33m We are now heading back into Cerulean to heal Zapdos

37d 10h 31m Zapdos is suffering from Burns

37d 10h 20m We are trying to Surf on the water over to Cerulean Cave, but we can't seem to even access the Pokémon menu at this point

37d 10h 13m Tossed 95 Antidotes. Why not?

37d 10h 9m On Nugget Bridge

37d 10h 3m Exited the Pokécenter

37d 10h 2m We heal checkpoint!

37d 10h 0m Entered the Pokécenter

37d 9h 55m Up Route 5 and into Cerulean

37d 9h 50m In Saffron City

ヽ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) ノ What a small riot

37d 9h 48m PANS WA, Stream is almost immediately back up


37d 9h 47m AW SNAP, streamers Chrome crashed

37d 9h 41m Back on Route 8

[Info] By my count that was 70 Great Balls. As stated before, my count may be off. As for our Pokeyen, we are down to 1214

[Snark] Yay, more Great Balls to toss!

37d 9h 39m Exited the Mart

[Info] My counts may be slightly off

37d 9h 38m 18 Great Balls bought

37d 9h 36m 17 Great Balls and 5 Super Potions

37d 9h 35m 9 more

37d 9h 34m 10 more Great Balls

37d 9h 33m Bought 2 Super Potions, and 4 more Great Balls

37d 9h 33m Another 6

37d 9h 32m Bought 3 Great Balls..no wait, now 6

37d 9h 30m Abe has ventured into the Lavender Town Pokemart

37d 9h 28m We've just entered Lavender Town

37d 9h 26m On Route 8

37d 9h 18m we have entered Route 7

[Info] No information at this time as to why the stream was taken down

37d 9h 13m Stream back up

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

37d 9h 12m Stream down!

37d 9h 8m Exited Battle Tent, hopefully for good this time.

37d 9h 4m We receive another 30000 for winning! We now have 60114!

37d 9h 3m Bird Keeper defeated! All 10 trainers defeated!

37d 9h 3m Finally, he sends out a Dodrio!

37d 9h 3m Next, he sends out a Golbat.

[Snark] Bird Keeper's aren't true to their name!

37d 8h 59m Challenger #10 VS. Bird Keeper. He sends out a Charizard.

37d 8h 58m Cooltrainer♂ defeated.

37d 8h 57m Finally, he sends out a Gyrados.

37d 8h 56m Next, he sends out an Omastar.

37d 8h 54m Challenger #9 VS. Cooltrainer♂. He sends out a Porygon.

37d 8h 54m Pokémaniac defeated.

[Chat] CATCH

37d 8h 50m Finally, he sends out a Poliwrath.

37d 8h 49m Next he sends out a nidoqueen.

37d 8h 49m Challenger #8 VS Pokemaniac! He sends out a slowbro.

[Fluff] Really? They let burglars in battle tent? Oh wait..... We had a Rocket grunt once.

37d 8h 48m Burglar defeated!

37d 8h 47m Then he sends out a Vileplume.

37d 8h 47m Next he sends out a Farfetch'd.

37d 8h 44m Challenger #7 VS. Burglar. He sends out an Aerodactyl.

[Fluff] #Closecall

37d 8h 44m Juggler defeated!

37d 8h 42m Finally, Juggler sends out a Golduck.

37d 8h 41m Juggler has taken out 2 of our Pokémon. Only Cloyster is left!

37d 8h 36m Next, he sends out a Lapras.

37d 8h 33m Challenger #6 VS. Juggler. He sends out a Jynx.

37d 8h 33m Gambler defeated!

37d 8h 31m Finally he sends out another Magneton.

37d 8h 28m Next, he sends out a Magneton.

37d 8h 26m Challenger #5 VS. Gambler! He sends out a Nidoking!

37d 8h 26m Bird Keeper defeated!

37d 8h 25m Finally he sends out a Pidgeot.


37d 8h 24m Next he sends out an Arcanine!

37d 8h 23m Challenger #4 VS. Bird Keeper. He sends out a Dodrio!

37d 8h 22m Youngster defeated!

37d 8h 21m Finally, he sends out a Golem.

37d 8h 17m Next, he sends out a Magneton.

37d 8h 14m Challenger #3 VS. Youngster! He sends out a Primeape.

37d 8h 14m Cooltrainer♀ defeated!

37d 8h 13m Finally she sends out a Kabutops.

37d 8h 10m Next, she sends out a Snorlax.

[Info] I meant normal as in the sprite goes back to normal.

[Snark] /u/flarn2006 you know I don't smoke. Kappa

37d 8h 7m Up first is her Tauros.

37d 8h 6m Challenger #2 VS. Cooltrainer♀

[Snark] What have you been smoking /u/NMario84? Nidoking isn't normal, it's Poison/Ground.

37d 8h 6m Channeler defeated!

37d 8h 5m Channeler's last 'mon is Arbok.

37d 8h 5m Channeler's Nidoking is up and normal.

[Chat] Evolem: BATTLE TENT IS FIXED Kappa

[Info] The Muk that belong to the trainer we're currently battling.

37d 8h 3m Okay, so Muk's sprite got glitched.

37d 7h 57m Challenger #1 VS. Channeler!

37d 7h 57m We re-enter the battle tent with Victreebel, Dragonite, and Cloyster.

37d 7h 57m We receive 30000 for winning! We have 30114 now!

37d 7h 56m Burglar defeated! All 10 challengers defeated!

37d 7h 52m Challenger #10 VS. Burglar!

37d 7h 52m Rocker defeated!

37d 7h 47m Challenger #9 VS. Rocker!

37d 7h 46m Scientist defeated!

37d 7h 43m Challenger #8 VS. Scientist!

37d 7h 43m Cooltrainer♀ defeated!

[Info] It is Breeders, not Rangers, that you fight multiple times in later generations

[Info] NOW we get a female cooltrainer.

37d 7h 40m Challenger #7 VS. Cooltrainer♀

37d 7h 39m Youngster defeated!

[Fluff] Besides. These aren't really important battles. We're just here to gain more money so that we can buy more stuff.

[Fluff] I feel like that we've updated enough Battle Tent fights throughout this run, we don't need to update every single info, like how we battle Pokémon Rangers more than once in the later games.

37d 7h 32m Challenger #6 VS. Youngster!

37d 7h 31m Cooltrainer♂ defeated!

[Info] This should be 3 Cooltrainer♂'s by now. The first one i believe was also a male symbol, but I typo'd, and misread the symbol.

37d 7h 28m Challenger #5 VS. another Cooltrainer♂

37d 7h 27m Cooltrainer♂ defeated!

37d 7h 24m Challenger #4 VS. Cooltrainer♂

37d 7h 24m Super Nerd defeated!

37d 7h 20m Challenger #3 VS. Super Nerd!

37d 7h 20m Cooltrainer(f) defeated!

[Info] Well when we enter Battle Tent, everything gets balanced to Lv.50.

[Snark] Level 50 Dragonite? What a cheater, Everyone knows the only Level 50 Dragonite are rentals in Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2. And a random Gen IV event. That nobody remembers

37d 7h 17m Challenger #2 VS. Cooltrainer!

37d 7h 17m Blackbelt defeated!

37d 7h 16m Challenger #1 VS. Blackbelt!

37d 7h 15m We enter Dragonite, Slowbrow, and Victreebel in!

37d 7h 10m Entered the Battle Tent!

37d 7h 1m Arrived at Celadon City.

[Donation] $2.00 from Slowpoke: "FINALLY! Congratulations on catching MEW, everyone!!"

37d 6h 43m We save the game in Cerulean City.

37d 6h 23m Or not.... Back in Cerulean City.

37d 6h 22m Making our way back toward the Unknown Dungeon cave.

[Donation] $2.00 from Official_Mewtwo: "You idiots come all the way into my lair to throw ''' at the walls? EleGiggle"


[Donation] $2.00 from LL:::♀AAJJ: "Please save me from the PC. I wish to join you."

[Donation] $2.00 from LeechKing: "What are you doing in Cerulean City? Get back in that cave! You can do it!"

[Donation] $2.00 from LensCrafters: "Take this money and buy glasses. YOU KEEP MISSING THE POKEMON."

[Fluff] Too many donations from Mewtwo!

[Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "Stupid viewers go back to the town in which you came from! Not even your god helix can save you!"

37d 5h 47m Input rate has absolutely slammed to a halt.


[rip] RIP

[Fluff] Noice.

37d 5h 46m Slowbro fainted! Blacked out!

[Donation] $5.00 from iBarragei: "Black out incoming! BibleThump"

[Pun] [Snark] Mewtwo used Mist, It's taunting us on the fact we missed

37d 5h 44m We keep chucking balls at Mewtwo but keep missing.

[Donation] $2.00 from SpongeFreak52: "TRAINER TIPS: Use PokeBalls to catch wild Pokemon! Kappa"

37d 5h 44m And yet again!

37d 5h 44m Missed again!

37d 5h 44m Used a Pokéball and a Great Ball but missed both times!

37d 5h 43m Sent out Slowbro! Slowbro used Strength!

[Donation] $4.00 from Leech King: "Do it for me. I'm with you." and also, - "Victory is in sight men! To victory!"

Combined donations.

37d 5h 42m Mewtwo used Psychic! Venomoth fainted!

37d 5h 41m Insta-rebattle!

37d 5h 41m Victreebel fainted!

[Snark] Mewtwo 2 spooky 4 us, so we try to not be spooked

37d 5h 40m Threw a Pokéball! Missed! Mewtwo used Psychic!

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

37d 5h 40m Victreebel used Cut!

Inputs going at the speed of sound

37d 5h 40m VS MEWTWO AGAIN

37d 5h 39m Cloyster goes down to Electrodes swift!


37d 5h 38m We run away from it! BUT ITS STILL HERE! PogChamp

37d 5h 37m Ran!

37d 5h 37m Mewtwo engaged!


37d 5h 35m We go surfing, and save the game! Mewtwo in sight!

37d 5h 34m Threw 1 pokeball at wild Morowak. No catch!

37d 5h 31m Saving to insure our victory!

37d 5h 30m Threw 2 Great Balls at Chansey. No catch!

37d 5h 30m [Snark] Balls. We tossed 'em.

[Snark] /u/flarn2006 helped!

37d 5h 29m Threw 1 pokeball at Arbok. No catch!

[Snark] Called it.

37d 5h 28m We toss 95 Great Balls...

[rip] rip

[Donation] $5.00 from IBarrage1: "I must confess my feelings to @oozledoodles. I like you as a friend."

37d 5h 26m Instead of surfing, we decide to ride on our bike.

[Fluff] Leech Queen PogChamp

37d 5h 25m Nickname is "LL:::♀AAJJ".

37d 5h 24m Threw 1 Great Ball at Parasect! CAUGHT! It's Lv.85!

37d 5h 22m We consult our items for help!

[Snark] Inb4 we toss all our balls by accident

37d 5h 21m We save the game!


[Snark] 88 MILES PER HOUR!!!!!!!!

37d 5h 19m The input rate is extremely fast right now.

[Info] We're getting pretty close to Mewtwo. Some of our party is barely still alive.

37d 5h 16m Surfing.

37d 5h 15m Running from wild 'mon.

37d 5h 9m Threw 1 great ball at a wild Rhydon. No catch!

It's the final countdown...

[Donation] $30.00 from IBarrage1: "Let no pokemon stand in your way! VICTORY IS IN SIGHT! PogChamp"

37d 5h 6m Encountering lots of wild pokemon.

37d 5h 2m Slowly making progress through the cave.

[Fluff] I like to grind my Leech King I do it all the time ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ and every time its knocked out┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ I cry and start to whine ┌༼@ل͜@༽┐But we put it in PC ༼ ºل͟º༽ and said to it SO LONG! ヽBibleThumpノ The Leech King's dead, a loaf of bread, so sing the Leech King song! ᕦ BibleThump ᕤ

[Fluff] While everyone is hyped for Mewtwo, don't forget our poor leech king. BibleThump

37d 4h 55m Victreebel down to 41/267 HP.




37d 4h 51m Zapdos Fainted due to wild Electrodes Explosion!

[Snark] Beeboop, Beeboop, Beeboop, Beeboop..........

37d 4h 48m Zapdos down to 47/353 HP left.

[Fluff] Dem Wigglytuff's eyes... (O_O)

[Info] Here's a map of the Unknown Dungeon Just in case you get lost somewhere.

37d 4h 39m We save the game.

[Snark] Press A To fast

[Info] over 2,000 views, and inputs. EVERYWHERE!

37d 4h 34m We keep going up and down and up and down some ladders.

[Fluff] Using AR codes in TPP? I'm pretty sure that's Cheating. Everyone knows, cheaters never win. Kappa

[Info] Someone in the chat (didn't see who) said that Dragonite fainted to a Venomoth. That sounds familiar for some reason...

[Fluff] new followers...... EVERYWHERE!

[Info] It appears that Dragonite has fainted! Don't know when it happened though. Also, Zapdos at 85/353 HP now.

37d 4h 24m Still slowly progressing towards Mewtwo. Fighting off wild 'mon.

[Fluff] I hardly NEVER mute TPP, unless its intermission stuff, or Human Mode with /u/Twitchspeaks night! Kappa

[Info] Aissurtievos has a stats stream up if you like to see that.

[Donation] $30.00 from iBarragei: "We're nearly there. Keep fighting, Heroes! BibleThump"

37d 4h 20m [Snark] Unmute your audio, /u/NMario84.

[Fluff] More Audio Distortion

I think the world around us is melting

[Chat] BrainSlug

[Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "Foolish stream you are under the effects of psychic! Do you not see the lag in your life! To remove these effects type BrainSlug"

[Snark] Arbok's cry changed? We ought to make sure Bulbasaur's didn't as well.

[Fluff] Arbok's cry severely distorts and lengthens, 2spoopy89me

[Donation] $2.01 from FelkCraft: "Have you tried turning it off and on again? Oh yes, you have..."

[Fluff] Remember in Black 2 when we caught Mewtwo on the first turn with a Timer Ball?

[Fluff] We're no longer trapped by Mimetwo's tyrant reign of evil stairs!

37d 4h 9m And we're finally up the steps!

37d 4h 9m Game Restart! We load again!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ ຈ ل͜ ຈ ༽ノ DIET ヽ༼ ຈ ل͜ ຈ ༽ノ

** ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ **

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

! ! ! TOIR

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT PART 3 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

37d 4h 8m Stream Down!

[Snark] Don't forget. You're here FOREVER!


[Snark] Will these stairs ever melt?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STUCK RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

37d 4h 6m STILL stuck!

37d 4h 6m Game Restart again! Reloaded our save!

[Donation] $2.50 from The_Chef1337: "Don't you guys know? You have to download TPP Stats Bot in order to get up the stairs! bit.ly/TPPStatsBOT (now with Source Code!)"

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ UNCIVIL RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Mimetwo is final boss ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ Let us engage in civil disobedience. ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Woah, the music is glitching out every once in a while

The world

It's breaking.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BARRIER RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Mr. Mime, the Barrier Pokémon: "Its fingertips emit a peculiar force field that hardens air to create an actual wall."

[Chat] Mewtwo used barrier or something


37d 4h 2m And we're STILL stuck!

[Snark] Stairs still 2 stronk

37d 4h 2m Game Restart! We load our game!

[Meta/Fluff] GifCam, The ONLY way to capture incoming Donations! Kappa

[Chat] Thespyisaspywdz: Now they're going to block all movement. GG

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ FINALLY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

37d 4h 1m Stream Down!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Donation] $3.00 from Info: "Protip: To see the hidden path, try '/me secret'"

[Donation] $2.00 from Info: "Our plan is perfect, master Mewtwo."

[Fluff] Why can't we be like these guys? They have no issues with staris

[Fluff] Ah, my old enemy... Stairs.

[Fluff] Can't be me, I'm broke. Kappa

[Donation] $20.00 from Live Updater Team: "Can you hear that? Must be the HYPE TRAIN.We're so close to the end guys, I know you can do it. Good luck!"

[Snark] Ok guys, which of us lot donated to the stream?

[Snark] We need the Devon Scope

37d 3h 52m We save the game while surfing.

[Fluff] Kecleon isn't in this gen Kappa

37d 3h 51m An invisible object seems to be blocking us from going up the steps.

37d 3h 49m We surf off the small island with boulders.

[Snark] Inb4 Democracy timer in the dungeon.

[Snark] Wow, No New Game Option, they really thought this through so we don't start over and go another 40 days doing this again

37d 3h 46m Stream restart! We load back into the cave!


[Fluff] Right on the island too!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

37d 3h 45m We save and Stream Down!


37d 3h 42m And we just landed on a tiny little area surrounded by boulders.

37d 3h 41m We go surfing down and about.

[Snark] This theme = TPP Official Theme. We like to spin Abe/Red just about everywhere! Theme is very fitting for us! Kappa

37d 3h 29m Zapdos 194/353 HP left from wild Pokemon encounters.

[Snark] I want to get off Mewtwo's wild WILD Ride!

37d 3h 20m We go surfing for a bit.

37d 3h 16m Up and down, up and down ladders.

37d 3h 14m Venomoth down to 71/303 HP due to a wild Pokemon encounter.

37d 3h 11m Making progress through the cave, riding our bikes up ladders.... Wait, what? Bike up ladders?

37d 3h 11m Threw 1 Pokeball at a wild Hypno. Did not catch.

37d 3h 9m We save inside the dungeon cave.

[Donation] $2.00 from Shadywadeyy: "Don't smoke in bed."

[Fluff] All these donations. This must be Gen 1 Anime Male Mewtwo. Kappa

37d 3h 0m We've entered the Unknown Dungeon cave!

[Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "You're letting a false god lead the way, you will be lost forever!"

37d 2h 58m Finally go surfing toward the dungeon!

[Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "This clumsy drunk will never get to me! Even then, I will make mincemeat out of you!"

37d 2h 52m Struggling to surf down to the cave, encountering some wild 'mon.

37d 2h 46m We save the game.

[Chat] PhantoonGhost1: inb4 the patch made Mewtwos catch rate 255

37d 2h 42m Up on Route 24.

[Info] Wandering around Cerulean City for a bit.

37d 2h 36m Stream back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ wait4baba ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ‎ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ‎


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Because why not. Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

37d 2h 35m STREAM PAUSED!

37d 2h 33m Back in at Cerulean City.

[Info] We seem to be on Route 4 now.

37d 2h 29m We ALMOST made it to the dungeon, but we headed left and jumped down some ledges.

[Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "Quit bumping into walls you clumsy drunk! Come at me!"

37d 2h 26m On Route 24.

37d 2h 23m Arrived at Cerulean City.

37d 2h 22m Up on Route 5.

37d 2h 20m Exited, re-enetred and exited back out of the gym.

37d 2h 20m Entered the Gym.

37d 2h 18m Arrived at Saffron City.

37d 2h 16m We keep missing the entrance to Saffron City.

[Fluff] Yea, I'm terrible at TPP plays shopping sprees. #ImpeachNMario84.

37d 2h 6m We go left on Route 8.

37d 2h 5m We exit the Mart with only $229 Poké-Yen left.

37d 2h 5m Bought plenty of Great Balls and some Super Potions! Sorry, didn't count how many.

37d 2h 2m Saved the game.

[Donation] $2.00 from Mewtwo: "*Come and get me Bi'''es!"

37d 1h 59m Entered the mart.

37d 1h 55m Arrived at Lavender Town!

37d 1h 49m On Route 12.

37d 1h 34m at Fuchsia City!

37d 1h 28m We FINALLY go surfing off the islands, on to Route 19.

37d 1h 26m Instead of surfing, we go get on our bicycle for a bit.

37d 1h 20m Still trying to surf off Seafoam Islands.

[Chat] Z33k33: DBstyle MEWTWO HYPE SwiftRage

So.... We're officially off to Mewtwo now, I take it.

37d 1h 14m We save the game.

37d 1h 11m Exited the cave. Anarchy enabled.

37d 1h 10m Used a Carbos on Victreebel! It's speed rose!

[Info] We're apparently moving all our balls into one place to easily catch Mewtwo.

37d 1h 8m Swapped Carbos with another set of Poké Balls in our items bag.

37d 1h 5m Swapped Old Rod and Poke Ball's position in our items bag.

37d 1h 1m Tossed away TM37!

[Info] Party order is now Zapdos, Cloyster, Dragonite, Victreebel, Venomoth, and Slowbro.

37d 0h 58m We switch Zapdos position with Victreebel's position.

37d 0h 57m We switch Cloyster's place with Slowbro's position.

37d 0h 56m We Switch Dragonite's place with Victreebel's position.

[Stats] Dragonite Lv. 57 - Max. HP 192 Attack 178 Defense 148 Speed 125 Special 155

37d 0h 51m Entered the cave! Democracy enabled!

37d 0h 49m Landed on Seafoam Islands.

37d 0h 48m Struggling against a wild Tentacruel for a bit.

37d 0h 43m We go surfin' bird down on Route 19, heading towards Seafoam Islands.

37d 0h 40m Ledge jumped all the way down to Route 19.

37d 0h 37m We saved the game!

[Info] Currently wandering around Fuchsia City.

37d 0h 24m Exited Safari Zone!

37d 0h 24m Threw last Safari Ball. Game Over Safari Zone! Forever

37d 0h 23m 1 more ball left.

37d 0h 21m Down to 4 Balls left.

[Donation] $2.00 from Hideo Kojima: "Looking for a job. Anyone?"


[Donation] $2.00 from Skull Kid: "Dawn of the final Pokedex. One Pokemon remain."

[Info] 7 Safari Balls left.

[Donation] $2.51 from Mewtwo: "I know you want me, Abey."

[Info] As usual as we're in the Safari Zone, all Pokemon here are Lv.50.

[Info] 150/151 Pokémon caught! 99.93% of the Pokédex Completed!


[Info] No Nickname given.



37d 0h 10m Down to 9 S.Balls left.

37d 0h 8m Some more Poliwrath spotted! But they run off as we fail to catch!

[Fluff] Oh, so we can catch bunch of Slowpoke and Machamp, but not Poliwrath?

[Info] Nickname is "X]]/AAB---"

37d 0h 7m Caught a wild Machamp!

[Snark] Poliwrath too hard to catch!

37d 0h 5m Another Poliwrath spotted! But it runs off.

[Info] Party order: Dragonite Lv.57, Venomoth Lv.87, Victreebel Lv.88, Zapdos, Cloyster, Slowbro who are all Lv.100.

37d 0h 3m We throw bait, then it runs off.

37d 0h 3m Poliwrath spotted!

37d 0h 2m down to less than 15 balls.

37d 0h 2m Poliwrath spotted! We throw balls, but it runs off.

Day 38 of Pokémon Red TPP Anniversary Edition!

36d 23h 58m 20 Balls left.

36d 23h 55m 25 S.Balls remain!

[Snark] What? Your Kappa is evolving......... 100 years later........ (Regards to the music playing in the background)

36d 23h 49m Surfed off the small island in Safari Zone.

36d 23h 48m Surfed for a small bit, then landed on the small island.

36d 23h 46m Attempting to surf in Safari Zone.

36d 23h 43m Down to 26 S.Balls left this run.

[Snark] We check the Pokédex, and no. Bulbasaurs cry still hasn't changed.

[Snark] "ABE Zapper!"

[Info] Nickname is "AAABBBzppp"

36d 23h 38m Caught a Dugtrio!

[Info] We check Venomoth's data:

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 87 - Max. HP 303 Attack 165 Defense 152 Speed 209 Special 262

36d 23h 26m We save the game.

36d 23h 25m We buy 30 more Safari balls. Back into Safari Zone.

[Fluff] "Did you get a haul?" - I'd say a haul of Slowpoke! Kappa

36d 23h 24m Threw last S.Ball. Game Over Safari Zone.

36d 23h 23m Just 1 S.Ball left now.

36d 23h 22m Only 2 S.Balls left this run.

[Chat] Tehurnner: We have to use action replay to catch poliwrath TriHard (emphasis mine)

[Info] Nickname is "AR _ _" (_'s are spaces)

[Snark] 3manySlowpoke5me

36d 23h 20m And another Slowpoke caught!

[Snark] I herd u like Slowpokez!

[Info] Nickname is "--?!!)))?"

36d 23h 18m Down to 5 S.Balls. Another Slowpoke Caught!

[Info] Nickname is "HHZSUUULLB"

36d 23h 15m Now down to 10 Caught a wild Primeape!

36d 23h 13m Down to 14 now as we throw multiple balls at another Slowpoke.

36d 23h 12m 20 S.Balls left.

[Snark] "High Wax?"

[Info] Nickname is "HHwx????AJ"

36d 23h 10m Caught a Slowpoke!

[Info] 8 Hours until Democracy in Safari Zone.

36d 23h 3m Down to 25 S.Balls left.

[Info] So most of the 'mon (If not all) here in Safari Zone are, or should be Lv.50 from everything we encountered.

36d 22h 56m We buy 30 more S.Balls for $500. Back in Safari Zone.

36d 22h 55m Threw last safari Ball. Game Over Safari Zone.

36d 22h 52m 3 S.Balls remain this run!

36d 22h 51m Another Poliwrath spotted! It also runs as we failed to catch!

36d 22h 50m 8 S.Balls left this run.

36d 22h 49m We save the game.

36d 22h 48m Poliwrath spotted! We try to catch but it runs away!

[Info] Nickname is "Akkkj:bbbb"

36d 22h 46m Caught a Lv.50. K.Khan!

36d 22h 44m 14 S.Balls left.

[Snark] Lua Khameleon!

[Info] Nickname is "LUaklm()))"

36d 22h 42m Caught a Lv.50 Ditto!

36d 22h 41m We throw some bait, but it runs. and we just spot another Poliwrath as it runs while we failed to catch it!

36d 22h 41m Poliwrath spotted!

36d 22h 38m Down to 19 S.Balls.

[Snark] Same Poliwrath, different encounter.

36d 22h 34m It also runs.

36d 22h 34m Another Poliwrath!

36d 22h 33m We try to catch but it runs off.

36d 22h 33m Poliwrath spotted!

36d 22h 33m 25 S.Balls left this run.

36d 22h 28m We still try to pick up some items when our bag is full.

36d 22h 25m We go surfin in the Safari Zone for a bit.

36d 22h 23m We save the game.

[Snark] "Vux OFF!"

[Info] Nickname is "vxxoff----"

36d 22h 20m Caught a Lv.50 Slowpoke

36d 22h 18m We buy more Safari Balls for $500. Back in the Safari Zone.

[Chat] LULZ

[Info] Nickname is "!!LULLsjjj"

36d 22h 17m Threw last S.Ball and caught Lv.50 Machamp

36d 22h 16m 1 more ball left.

36d 22h 14m 5 S.Balls left this run.

36d 22h 9m 9 S.Balls left this run.

[Info] Nickname is "]]]](PK)(PK)"

36d 22h 8m Caught a wild Machamp Lv.50!

36d 22h 8m We threw balls, but it ran off.

36d 22h 7m Poliwrath spotted!

[Info] 9 Hrs left until Democracy Mode for Safari Zone!

36d 22h 1m 15 S.Balls left this run.

[Chat] [Snark] You wouldn't download a Poliwrath

36d 21h 58m 19 S.Balls left.

36d 21h 55m 25 S.Balls left.

36d 21h 52m Threw 3 Safari Balls. 27 left.

36d 21h 49m Surfed off the small island.

36d 21h 48m Hopped on our bike on the small island.

36d 21h 46m We attempt to pick up the item, but we have no more room left in our bag.

36d 21h 46m Hop on land surrounded by water.

36d 21h 45m Sufrin' bird in the Safari Zone.

36d 21h 40m We pay another $500 to go hunting in the Safari Zone!

36d 21h 30m Exited the Pokecenter.

36d 21h 29m Successfully switched to Box #4!

36d 21h 27m Entered the PokeCenter.

36d 21h 21m Back in Fuchsia City. Looks like we're going to have to change boxes again.

[Snark] "That's it! I Quot!"

[Info] It's Lv.40. Nickname is "IIQOT((???"

36d 21h 18m Caught a wild Parasect with Ultra Ball

[Snark] Since we release Pokemon back to the wild, shouldn't our pokedex catch # be reduced down? Kappa

36d 21h 16m On Route 15.

[Info] Our box is now number 3 which has room for just another 1 pokémon since we released Porygon.

36d 21h 13m Exited the Pokecenter.

[Info] I believe AAI was a Porygon.

36d 21h 9m AAI Released!

36d 21h 8m We turn on the PC to change box #'s

36d 21h 5m We saved the game. We're now in the Pokecenter.

[Donation] $2.00 from Totherex: "Might as well get my name up here once. :)"

[Fluff] So we just wasted $500 for balls we can't catch things.

36d 20h 52m Left the building

36d 20h 51m Went back in without going to the Pokécenter.

36d 20h 51m Left the Safari Zone.

36d 20h 30m Found TM37!

36d 20h 29m VS a Wild Porygon!

[Info] The pc box is now full therefore we are forced to go to the pc before catching Poliwrath or Mewtwo

36d 20h 4m We have 10 balls left.

[Info] Caught 149 mons out of 151.

36d 19h 59m Caught Ivysaur, lv. 50, nickname AI--lLLBPA! FINALLY!

36d 19h 56m we used a ball on an ivysaur instead of throwing rocks at it for once but it broke free.

36d 19h 52m We now have 14 balls left.

36d 19h 45m Got on the bike.

36d 19h 38m Now only 20 balls left. We haven't caught anything since we came in.

36d 19h 30m we have 26 balls left, and are still throwing rocks at wild mons.

36d 19h 20m We quickly went back to the safari zone.

36d 19h 19m we have no balls left.

36d 19h 16m We have only 3 balls left.

36d 19h 11m caught magmar lv. 50, nicknammed xUOOO(STTT

36d 19h 8m We have now 11 balls left, and we meet some ivysaur, but threw rocks at them. They didn't like it much and ran.

36d 19h 1m 20 balls left.

36d 18h 57m Still in safari zone, trying to catch Ivysaur.

36d 18h 47m We start surfing, then go back on land.

36d 18h 47m We used strength.

36d 18h 45m Democracy mode in 11 hours and 30 minutes.

36d 18h 43m Walking around sfari zon, we have 28 balls left.

36d 18h 36m We enter it again.

36d 18h 34m threw our last ball on an electabuzz, it failed, we left the safari.

36d 18h 32m 2 balls left.

36d 18h 27m After trying ( and failing) to catch some wild mons, we now are left with 6 safari balls.

36d 18h 25m 9 balls left.

36d 18h 22m caught rhydon lv.50, nicknamed AVVW!!♀♀I?

[Info] We now have 15 safari balls.

36d 18h 6m Caught farfetch'd lv. 50, nicknamed -AAA-x r

36d 18h 3m still randomly walking around safari zone.

36d 17h 53m Caught persian lv. 50 nicknamed JJLOOQQZ]P

36d 17h 47m Caught an Electrode lv. 50, no nickname.

36d 17h 39m facing wild mons. And running away.

36d 17h 32m we reenter safari zone again.

[Snark] Well we sure did catch a lot of mons here. Too bad we didn't need any of them...

36d 17h 31m Used our last ball, we left

36d 17h 30m 1 ball left.

36d 17h 27m And... only 2 left.

36d 17h 25m We now have only 5 safari balls left.

36d 17h 22m Magmar caught, lv. 50, nicknamed tkkkkjjjaa

36d 17h 16m 14 balls left

36d 17h 15m we threw a ball at ivysaur this time. It failed.

36d 17h 14m Caught victreebel lv.50, nickname AA---

36d 17h 13m We've meet another Ivysaur. Catching it makes abe anxious, we ran away.

[Info] We have 18 safari balls left.

36d 17h 10m We meet a Ivysaur, but it ran as our ball failed to catch it.

36d 17h 7m Caught muk, lv50, nickname ??

36d 16h 59m Nicknames Rhydon ANNM

36d 16h 59m Caught Rhydon!

36d 16h 39m We enter the Safari Zone!

36d 16h 36m We've entered Fuchsia city!

36d 16h 26m We defeat Battle tent!

36d 16h 25m We defeat youngster/trainer 9 by defeating his Electabuzz

36d 16h 24m Dodrio quickly faints and then Trainer 9 sends out Electabuzz!

36d 16h 24m We faint foes Magmar and he sends out Dodrio!

36d 16h 23m Trainer 9/Youngster sends out Magmar!

36d 16h 23m We faint foes Nidoking and he sends out a Weezing that quickly gets fainted!

36d 16h 22m We swap Cloyster for dragon and Dragonite out for Cloyster!

36d 16h 21m Foes Weezing gets knocked out as he then sends out Nidoking!

36d 16h 20m Trainer 9/Scientist sends out Weezing!

36d 16h 20m Trainer 8's 2nd Tangela gets defeated, Trainer 8 sends out victreebel which gets 1 shot!

36d 16h 19m Tangela gets quickly knocked out! Trainer 8 sends out Tengela

36d 16h 18m Train 8/Beauty sends out Tanglea!

36d 16h 18m Alakazam has been knocked out! Trainer 7 has been defeated.

36d 16h 17m We switch into Dragonite

36d 16h 16m Cloyster has defeated foe's Beedrill! Trainer 7 sends out Alakazam!

36d 16h 15m Foes Nidoking is quickly defeated by Cloysters Aurora beam! Trainer 7 sends out Beedrill!

36d 16h 14m Up next is trainer 7/Gambler who sends out Nidoking!

36d 16h 14m Cloyster has fainted! We send out Zapdos that quickly faints vileplume. trainer 6 sends out Raticate which gets defeated!

36d 16h 13m Foes Victreebel has been defeated and Trainer 6 has sent out Vileplume!

36d 16h 12m Up next is Trainer 6/Beauty who sends out Victreebel.

36d 16h 12m Foes Clefable is defeated! Sending out Victreebell who gets quickly demolished by Cloyster as it survives on 1 hp!

36d 16h 11m Trainer 4 is defeated as we knock out his magneton. Up next is Trainer 5/Lass who sents out a tangler that gets 1OHKO by our cloyster as she then sends out Clefable!

36d 16h 8m Foes Raichu has fainted and out next is Magneton!

36d 16h 8m Cloyster has fainted! We send out Dragonite

36d 16h 8m Foes Magmar faints to our Cloyster, Trainer 4 sends out raichu!

36d 16h 7m Rocker/Trainer 4 is up next throwing out Magmar as his first pokemon.

We defeat Trainer 3/youngster's Kingler and he sends out a fearow who faints to our Cloyster! Youngster is defeated.

Trainer 3/Youngster sends out Kingler!

36d 16h 3m Trainer 3 sends out Seaking which faints to our Cloyster!

36d 16h 3m Zapdos gets a critical hit, fainting the foes Aerodactyl, next up we battle Trainer 3/Youngster.

36d 16h 2m CoolTrainer sends out Aerodactyl

36d 16h 1m We send out Zaptos who feints the foes Porygon

36d 16h 1m We manage to defeat the trainers Omastar, he sends out a Porygon

36d 15h 59m We start a battle with CoolTrainer who sends out an Omastar

36d 15h 59m First trainer is defeated!

36d 15h 58m Next up is Raticate! OHKO'd by Cloyster!

36d 15h 58m A few Aurora beams quickly brings down foe's Tangela!

36d 15h 58m Next he sends out a Tangela.

36d 15h 57m Trainer 1 sent a Clefable which was knocked out by our Cloyster.

36d 15h 56m We entered the Battle Tent with Cloyster, Zapdos and Dragonite

36d 15h 44m Now left for Celadon city, to the bike road.

36d 15h 42m We entered Saffron city, I suppose we're going for Safari first.

36d 15h 32m Chat is deciding whether or not to go for Mewtwo again or go for Safari Zone.

36d 15h 19m Still walking around Cerulean City

36d 15h 9m We blacked out and are back in Cerulean City.

36d 15h 2m We landed on Mewtwo's island.

36d 15h 0m We used surf and ... MEWTWO IS NOT HERE.

36d 14h 59m We're nearly in sight of Mewtwo, standing in the spot for surfing.

36d 14h 59m Cloyster fainted to a wild KAPOW(yet another Electrode) and Slowbro is indeed in front.

36d 14h 58m If we do manage to kill Cloyster we will have Slowbro in front who does little damage and is currently stunned, minimizing risk of run and kill.

36d 14h 58m Cloyster took some serious damage to a KAPOW from wild Electrode. Seems chat is planning to kill him before we face Mewtwo.

36d 14h 56m We then land on the opposite shore.

36d 14h 53m We finally manage to use surf and have left the first land area of the basement.

36d 14h 50m We use surf but were facing the wrong direction EleGiggle.

36d 14h 49m Cloyster at this point is down to 201hp.

36d 14h 48m We're in the nook that allows us to surf now and we are trying quite desperately.

36d 14h 46m For anyone wondering the encounter rate in this area is slightly above 1:20, so we are having quite horrific luck.

36d 14h 39m Zapdos fainted to wild Rhydon, Cloyster leading the party now.

36d 14h 37m Clutching while stunned at 9hp.

36d 14h 31m Zapdos is very low on health at this point. 29hp left.

36d 14h 30m We're nearing the first surf in the basement.

36d 14h 24m We made it out of the corner that was vexing us.

[Chat] Suddenly people want to go pick up a certain item on the ground. While our inventory is full.

[Snark] Another important factor to consider is that the Americans are asleep right now, so that should at least triple our chances of catching Mewtwo.

36d 14h 16m We entered the basement floor!

36d 14h 15m Zapdos could potentially stun Mewtwo with Thunder though it's a slim chance (10%), so it's fine to have in front.

36d 14h 14m Oh my, it does look like we've completed the maze!

36d 14h 12m Zapdos is leading the team now.

36d 14h 11m We're getting quite a few wild encounters which is stalling us from completing the maze. Dragonite and Victreebel just fainted to a wild Alakazam.

[Info] Correction: Venomoth fainted to a wild KAPOW (electrode)

36d 14h 2m Victreebel is in front.

36d 14h 1m Unfortunately Venomoth fainted against wild Dodrio

36d 13h 55m If we can keep Venomoth alive, we should have a good chance at catching Mewtwo, assuming he's present.

36d 13h 54m Up on the second floor now, our party is in good shape so far. Venomoth is at 225/301hp and the rest of the team is at full health.

36d 13h 38m We land on land

36d 13h 36m Surfing!

36d 13h 31m Entered the cave!

36d 13h 30m On the land outside the cave!

36d 13h 28m Surfing!

36d 13h 25m We're trying to Surf, we're on that little ledge with the grass near the cave

36d 12h 56m Healed our pokemon

[Info] So we may be instead heading to try a Mewtwo re-encounter before Safari, since we are in Cerulean anyway

36d 12h 49m Tree cut! Now in Cerulean

[Snark] Oh dear lord the trees

[Info] Current plan is to head to the Safari Zone, as our only remaining 'Mons to be caught are Ivysaur and Poliwrath, which can be found there, and of course Mewtwo

36d 12h 45m We are currently attempting to cut a tree, with poor results

36d 12h 37m Defeated Bug Catcher.

36d 12h 37m Bug catcher sent out Beedril

36d 12h 37m Battles Bug Catcher, Sent out Butterfree

36d 12h 35m Defeated Jr.Trainer

36d 12h 34m Battled Jr.Trainer.

[Info] BTW the Jolteon was level 35. Just in case you're wondering.

36d 12h 18m Now we have to either go back through the ledges for Mewtwo or traverse Kanto to get to the Safari Zone

[Info] PKPK is the one character word, PK PK

[Info] Name is AA?((pkpkzzy

36d 12h 15m We miss throwing a great ball, we throw a poke ball and WE CATCH IT ASDFFGGNFKHNETWRGEFBDG

Nickname to you shortly

36d 12h 14m We throw a Great Ball


36d 11h 42m Oh, also we're in the grass, REing again

36d 11h 42m It's been how long since we last saw Jolteon

36d 11h 30m In the pokecenter

[Snark] Insert obligatory Queen song lyrics here because there is nothing else to talk about

36d 11h 13m Oh we got on the bike

[Chat] Still on with the "Final boss is ____". When will it stop

[Chat] "Final boss is ___"

[Info] I like turtles

[Snark] In other words, we're all chatting in the IRC and not looking at the updater /s

[Fluff] Not much is happening in chat right now, neither is much happening in the stream, sorry for the lack of updates.

36d 9h 11m And we OHKO it. GGWP FailFish

36d 9h 11m JOLTEON!

36d 9h 8m Venomoth levels up to 87

36d 9h 7m Oh another Magnemite, too bad so sad we already caught one of you. Come on Jolteon!

[Info] All we need is Jolteon, Ivysaur, Poliwrath, and Mewtwo!

[Info] Just 4 more 'mon left to catch!

36d 9h 3m Eww, not another Vaporeon/Gloom/Hitmonlee 1%er thing BibleThump

36d 9h 1m Great Ball used, Magnemite caught! Nickname: ARQXWNNNNO

36d 9h 0m Magnemite!

36d 8h 56m And we leave the grass, not intentionally I believe

36d 8h 56m We run! This isn't happy yelling!

36d 8h 56m Magnemite!

[Snark] As for voltorb, there's a shine spot on top of its head. Seriously, it makes it look like its got a 3rd eye right there.

[Chat] z33k33:  DBstyle 15% Magnemite / 1% Jolteon in this grass folks

36d 8h 51m We are in the grass where Jolteon and Magnemite are reputed to spawn

36d 8h 50m We are out of the Pokecenter, heading towards the Power Plant area

[Snark] Laziness, always available Kappa

36d 8h 48m We healed

[Snark] Printscreen button where available to double check nickname. Kappa

36d 8h 48m Entered the Pokecenter

36d 8h 47m Outside of the Power Plant Pokecenter

[Info] Last time I trust people in chat Kappa

36d 8h 47m Exited Rock Tunnel

[Correction] Nickname is actually HHHGFONNJJ

[Snark] Also, really, I love Helix, but seriously, they made him very fabulous in a way I don't think they were intending

36d 8h 44m Nickname: HHHGFJONG

36d 8h 44m Caught a Graveler!

36d 8h 43m inb4 KAPOW

[Snark] Cloyster!

[Snark] Yup. and that. So true. Skull on wrong end.

[Snark] Oh and Vaporeon.

[Snark] One word: Koffing

[Snark] Not to mention Venomoth's wings do NOT even match the actual artwork style.

[Snark] I kno, rite? I was just gonna say. The design team for the 1st gen must have been bad artists of the time. Even Mewtwo's sprite looks terrible in this gen.

[Snark] Seriously, whoever did the eyes on the Machoke sprite is either the biggest troll ever or should have been fired. Actually, they should have been fired either way

36d 8h 34m Dragonite is poisoned

[Fluff] You know it's too dark when nobody can see where they're going. Too bad we can't carry a 'flash' light.

36d 8h 19m We have gone up a ladder, and then back down... I think. It's pretty dark in here

36d 8h 13m I wish I had more to report to you all, but as we feel our way through the Rock Tunnel, we are running from anything that isn't of Graveler, which just so happens to be everything at this time

36d 8h 0m The hunt for Graveler continues

36d 7h 49m Still only one Graveler encountered in the Rock Tunnel since we've re-entered it.

[Chat] wowqueprecioss: Everytime you send a Kappa there is a 1:8192 chance of it becoming shiny and having Cat Ears.

36d 7h 39m Ninetales, SandSlash and Magmars, oh my! Please attack us Graveler!

36d 7h 33m We run from a Graveler, one of the few 'mons we need from here

[Chat] Jirachi_Sauce:  SwiftRage GUYS WE NEED TO INSTALL FLASH FOR THIS CAVE SwiftRage

36d 7h 27m We have entered the infinite darkness of the Rock Tunnel. [insert deity here] save us

36d 7h 26m Entering Route 10, heading to the Rock Tunnel

36d 7h 23m Oh snap son! It's Lavender Town

36d 7h 21m It appears we were actually checkpointed in Saffron, and are now on Route 8

36d 7h 17m Hanging out in Cerulean City

[Chat] z33k33:  DBstyle Rock Tunnel Graveler / Jolteon / Magnemite

[rip] rip

[Fluff] Perfect Timing Blackout Kappa

36d 7h 14m Slowbro finally faints! Black out

[Info] ProjectRevoTPP confirmed in chat that they meant "nothing" instead of "nothimgn". Just in case you were wondering /s

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: Im assuming (I hope correctly) that streamer will only turn on the code I provided when its 150/151 and theres nothimng else to do.

36d 7h 12m Slowbro is somehow still alive with just 12 HP

[Fluff/IRC] Seems the wrong code was implemented, but the right code has been found. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE 0100f3de ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

36d 7h 7m ICU down! But who gives intensive care to the Intensive Care Unit?

[Chat] Fullmanualfifa: plot twist... mew two catches us

Hey, if it means we still complete the 'Dex, I'd be down for living in a Pokeball at this point

36d 6h 59m We're also trying to black out so we can go heal. Also when we reenter Mewtwo will be back. that's the plan anyway

36d 6h 56m Beating up on wild mons while waiting for the code to be implemented.

36d 6h 34m Code has been posted in chat. The reaction from the viewers is quite funny.

[Fluff/IRC] Revo and Pigu seem to want to implement a Gameshark code into the game that makes Mewtwo respawn upon map reload.

[Info] 0-3 on Catching Mewtwo in this run

36d 6h 17m And inputs slow down again.



[rip] rip


so much rip

36d 6h 17m WE RUN

36d 6h 16m Two Pokeballs missed

36d 6h 16m Missed again

[Fluff] How do we miss a Pokemon THIS BIG?

36d 6h 16m Missed another and another pokeball

36d 6h 15m Wait no, we used two great balls and a poke ball but they all missed

[Chat] Inputs are Flying in chat!

HYPE am i loud enuf

36d 6h 15m We piff a Great Ball at it, it breaks out


36d 6h 14m Mewtwo uses Barrier or something


36d 6h 14m Engaged battle with Mewtwo!!

[Snark] inb4 we run again

[Snark] Oh good, I'm glad you could show up this time.

36d 6h 12m We land on Mewtwo Island

36d 6h 10m We're surfing! We spy Mewtwo!

[Info] We've wasted 1 great ball on a wild pokemon encounter (Electrode?), did not catch.

36d 6h 7m On the bike again

36d 6h 4m Zapdos fainted

[rip] SSJ Jesus.

36d 6h 2m Leech BibleThump

36d 6h 0m We land on some land

36d 6h 0m Inputs are crazy fast.

36d 5h 59m Finally surfing

36d 5h 57m And back on the Bike!

[rip] Bicycle and Baba

36d 5h 56m Before we found Baba, we also threw away 1 Great Ball.

36d 5h 57m Off the Bike? Noooo

36d 5h 55m Now we're fishing? And we successfully reel something in? And we find Baba?! What is this madness

36d 5h 53m Zapdos is sleeping ResidentSleeper

36d 5h 53m Leech BibleThump

[Chat] Masterlightx: JET SKI HYPE PogChamp

Wellokaythen14: Bicycle into the WATER Kappa


36d 5h 50m We're on the Bike?!

36d 5h 47m Seems we're getting really close to Mewtwo

36d 5h 46m Nother wild Parasect BibleThump

36d 5h 43m We attempt to use the Silph Scope on a wild Gengar. We already know what kind of ghost it is though.

36d 5h 41m oh helix a wild leech king BibleThump

[Chat] YoshiMaster1995: Let's do the Pokerap after this Keepo

[Chat] Singing the OG Pokemon theme song.

36d 5h 38m We're right near some kind of ladder?

36d 5h 32m Victreebel fainted


36d 5h 27m Wild Dragonite PogChamp

1% btw

36d 5h 21m Dragonite faints, we send in Victreebel (who is in front)

[rip] dragonite

[Chat] Looks like we're counting Kappas in Roman numerals now.

36d 5h 1m Surfing in the cave

36d 4h 56m Venomoth fainted

[Chat] ShinySapphire: Catch! We would have three Magnemites then! PogChamp

36d 4h 52m Magneton! We caught one though

36d 4h 48m Entered the cave

36d 4h 48m Landed on the entrance to the cave

36d 4h 46m Surfin


36d 4h 29m We enter Cerulean City!

36d 4h 26m We enter Route 5!

36d 4h 25m We exit the Pokémon Center and head towards Cerulean City

36d 4h 20m We heal and set our checkpoint to Saffron City

36d 4h 19m We enter the Saffron Pokémon Center

36d 4h 14m We enter Saffron City!

36d 4h 9m We seem to going towards Cerulean Cave as now we are in Route 8

36d 4h 9m and now there seems to be some indecision in chat whether to go through the Route 9 ledge (and do Mewtwo first) or Rock Tunnel.

36d 4h 7m We head up north to Route 10 off to Rock Tunnel!

36d 4h 5m We exit the mart!

36d 4h 5m 62x Great Balls and 2 super potions we're bought before our bags became too full to hold any more things.

36d 4h 0m We get snuggly in the corner between the cashier and the wall

36d 3h 58m We enter the PokéMart!

36d 3h 56m We are going towards the PokéMart, most likely to buy more balls!

36d 3h 54m We enter Lavender Town!

36d 3h 46m We are slowly heading towards Lavender Town

36d 3h 43m We exit Saffron City onto Route 8

36d 3h 42m We enter Saffron City!

36d 3h 31m We enter Route 6!

36d 3h 29m We heal a few more times just to be sure!

36d 3h 28m We heal our Party!

36d 3h 27m We also save teh game!

36d 3h 27m We enter the Vermillion Pokémon Center

[Chat] Chauzu_vgc: Kreygasm never again that cave

36d 3h 22m We exit and return to Vermillion City!

36d 3h 22m We get close to the exit of this cave and back into the light!

36d 3h 20m We are stuck in the ladder between the basement and the first floor. Cloyster is also down to 162/263 HP. So we either leave here through the exit or through blacking out.

[Snark] We went on a Mew hunt, and actually caught a Mew this time, instead of running and hiding under the covers.

36d 3h 15m We go on up back to the first floor, going towards the exit this time

[Snark] First thrown Pokéball you say? ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ A little... TOO good at this! ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ

[Info] Also Mew was caught with the first thrown regular Pokéball!

[Snark] sadly

36d 3h 9m We fall through the floor back to the basement. Sadly this will be the last time we will do that!

[Info] Mew Lv 80 Caught! Nick: IHHHHHYWWV

[Snark] ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ We're just too good at this! ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ

[Correction] 96.03% of the Pokédex Completed! 6 Pokémon remaining!

[Info] 95.36% of the Pokédex Completed! 7 Pokémon remaining!

[Chat] Chat is in Victory Mode!

36d 3h 2m MEW CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

36d 3h 2m Cloyster is put to sleep tho!

36d 3h 2m Mew only has 1/4 HP remaining!

36d 3h 1m We use surf!

[Fluff] Here we go here we go!

36d 3h 1m Mew Encounter!

36d 3h 1m We get closer to Mew! Will we catch it or will we fail?

[Info] The only Pokémon still alive is Cloyster

36d 2h 59m We enter Mew's Room!

36d 2h 59m We run away now!

36d 2h 59m Slowbro is taken down by the same Primeape!

36d 2h 58m And Slowbro is down to 27 HP

36d 2h 57m Zapdos is taken down by a Wild Primeape!

36d 2h 56m We head on up the second floor! Getting closer to Mew now!

36d 2h 54m We fall down the right hole this time to an isolated part of the first floor!

36d 2h 51m Zapdos takes out the wild Electabuzz but only has 19/352 HP remaining!

36d 2h 51m Zapdos enters the red zone with 71 HP remaining!

36d 2h 50m We are slowly making our way through the second floor.

36d 2h 46m We climb back up to the second floor

36d 2h 46m We return back to the second floor of the cave but them exit back into the first floor

36d 2h 43m We fell through the hole but this one only puts us back 1 floor infront of the ladder to the second floor

36d 2h 40m We head on up to the second floor of the cave!

[Snark] Hey guys, are we going on a Mew hunt again?

36d 2h 37m We go up a floor once again

[Fluff] I SWEAR, We're just gonna run from it anyway as long as inputs go faster when we get near it, and then slow down when we're far away from it. XP

36d 2h 35m inputs have slowed down considerably

36d 2h 34m We go down the hole one more and end up back in the basement...

36d 2h 30m Currently Zapdos has 202/352 HP, Cloyster has 262/263 HP, and Slowbro has 197/375 HP. The remaining members of the party have fainted!

36d 2h 27m We go up a floor!

36d 2h 22m We fall through the hole again. Back in the basement

36d 2h 10m We have a clutch encounter right near a hole which we need to avoid

36d 2h 9m We head back up to the first floor of the dungeon

36d 2h 5m Dragonite is taken out by a wild Electabuzz!

36d 2h 2m Venomoth faints to a wild Alakazam!

[Snark] Welcome to Mew's Wild Circus! Enjoy your stay!

36d 2h 0m We fall through the wrong hole once again. Back to the basement of the cave!

36d 1h 58m We are trying to avoid falling into the wrong hole. Abe only wants the right hole that leads to Mew.

36d 1h 55m We enter the second floor of Mew's Cave once again

36d 1h 52m and then go back down to the first floor

36d 1h 52m We enter the second floor of the cave!

36d 1h 51m We are trying to get to the ladder that leads to the second floor of the cave.

36d 1h 45m We go up back to the first floor of the cave

36d 1h 44m Victreebel faints to a wild Raticate!

36d 1h 40m and we finally take it out!

36d 1h 40m Currently fighting a wild Raticate!

36d 1h 34m and we fell threw the hole once again

36d 1h 33m We go up the ladder and re-enter the first floor of the cave!

[Snark] Guildmaster Wigglytuff has big eyes. Is Abe secretly holding a Perfect Apple?

36d 1h 28m and the Bike Music is turned off too this time. Blame glitches

36d 1h 28m We are also now off the bike.

36d 1h 27m We run away instead.

36d 1h 27m We try to use the bike against this wild Victreebel but the game won't let us


[Fluff] Every time we get near a legendary, inputs usually go haywire. So we'll probably end up running it like the last few times.

36d 1h 24m We fall down the hole and it turns out to be the wrong one. Not in the basement floor of the cave

36d 1h 22m We go up the ladder to the 2nd floor!

36d 1h 20m We make our way towards a hole

[Info] We have ran away from Mew so far! Will we do it again or 3rd times the charm?

36d 1h 17m We encounter a wild Electabuzz to save us from accidentally exiting the cave once again!

36d 1h 16m We enter Mew's Cave! Thanks bike!

36d 1h 16m What did we do?

36d 1h 15m We get on the bike

[Info] The cave we were just in was Mew's secret cave, I believe. But spamming down also exits it as we try to enter it.

36d 1h 12m For a sec we were in some kind of cave.

36d 1h 6m We go down to the pier, but we messed it up, we have to talk to the sailor again

[Snark] Input skips too op

36d 1h 4m We talked to the sailor, now we have to follow him

36d 1h 3m Back in Vermilion, still on the pier

36d 1h 2m At the port

36d 0h 59m We exit the pokemart

36d 0h 56m Bag is currently full

36d 0h 55m We bought 122 Pokeballs then we ran out of space. We also bought two more super potions

36d 0h 53m We buy a Super Potion and regular Pokeballs, full number once we finish buying

36d 0h 50m We enter the Pokemart

36d 0h 48m In Vermilion

36d 0h 43m Seems we're heading to Vermilion to try and catch Mew again

36d 0h 40m In Saffron City

36d 0h 29m Hanging around Route 7

36d 0h 24m We're now at the entrance to the Underground Tunnel

36d 0h 20m No more gambling, pretty sure we have 23 credit. pls don't kill me ;-;

[Chat] $ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ $ GAMBLE RIOT! $ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ $

36d 0h 4m We had 110 credit, then we lose a lot and win some, and we're still gambling

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

36d 0h 3m We enter the Game Corner Gambling or riot

36d 0h 2m Outside in Celadon

35d 23h 57m Chat seems to be undecided if to leave the Battle Tent or battle for more money

[Info] we have 90 137 in total. we gained 30000. Sorry

35d 23h 52m We gain another $90000 in prize money!

35d 23h 52m Dragonite uses Strength and Wiggly Tuff and Beauty and the Battle tent is defeated!

35d 23h 51m Surf takes out a chunk of Clefable's HP but it then uses Minamize! We then use Thunder Wave on it!

35d 23h 51m Wrap takes out the Venusaur! Clefable is sent out!

35d 23h 50m We bring Venusaur down past half HP but Dragonite gets poisoned!

35d 23h 50m We return back to Surf and strength is no longer disabled!

35d 23h 50m We use thunder wave to paralyze the Venusaur!

35d 23h 49m 3 surf's later and Wigglytuff is taken out! Venusaur is sent out

35d 23h 49m Wiggly disables Strength!

35d 23h 48m vs Beauty! She sends out wigglytuff, we send out Dragonite!

35d 23h 48m Round 10!!!

35d 23h 48m Surf takes out the Arcanine and the Pokemaniac!

35d 23h 47m Surf takes most of its HP out!

35d 23h 47m Arcanine is sent out!

35d 23h 47m One more surf takes it out once again!

35d 23h 47m Another Rapidash is sent out! We use another surf!

35d 23h 47m Surf takes out most of Rapidash's HP! Another surf takes ut out!

35d 23h 46m vs Pokemaniac! He sends out Rapidash and we send out Dragonite!

35d 23h 46m Round 9!

35d 23h 46m We use Psychic to take out the Beedrill and the Bug Catcher!

35d 23h 45m Beedrill brings Venomoth down to 99 HP!

35d 23h 44m Poison tho becomes Dragonite's downfall is it faints! Venomoth is sent out!

35d 23h 44m We now use Wrap!

35d 23h 44m Beedrill uses Agility! We keep using Thunder Wave!

35d 23h 43m Dragonite gets Poisoned and Beedrill gets Paralyzed!

35d 23h 43m We use Surf and the Bee loses 1/4 HP!

35d 23h 42m Turns later the Licki is taken out! Beedrill is sent out!

35d 23h 41m We keep on using wrap!

35d 23h 41m Few turns later the Persian falls! Lickitung is sent out!

35d 23h 41m We use Wrap to trap the Persian!

35d 23h 41m Thunderwave is then used to paralyze it!

35d 23h 40m We use surf to take out half of the Persian's HP!

35d 23h 40m ITs Persian vs our Dragonite!

35d 23h 40m vs Bug Catcher!

35d 23h 40m Round 8!

35d 23h 39m We then wake up and use Surf to take out Wiggly! Beauty defeated!

35d 23h 39m Sing tho puts Slowbro to sleep!

35d 23h 39m We switch to Slowbro instead!

35d 23h 38m We try to run but we can't!

35d 23h 38m Psychic is no longer disabled but we use Psybeam to take out half of Wiggy's HP!

35d 23h 37m We put the Wigglytuff to sleep!

35d 23h 37m Wigglytuff is sent our and Psychic is disabled!

35d 23h 36m One Psybeam takes out the Egg-tree!

35d 23h 36m Venomoth is sent out and Exeggutor is low on health!

35d 23h 36m Exeggutor takes out Dragonite!

35d 23h 35m Surf is used but does little damage!

35d 23h 35m Exeggutor is sent out!

35d 23h 35m We use Surf to take out Raticate!

35d 23h 35m and Surf brings down Raticate to about 1/4 HP! But Dragonite also falls to 35 HP!

35d 23h 34m Its Raticate vs our Dragonite!

35d 23h 34m Round 7! vs Beauty!

35d 23h 34m Muk goes down! Jr Trainer Defeated!

35d 23h 34m Muk is sent out and Venomoth rinses and repeats!

35d 23h 33m Golbat is up next! One Psychic almost takes it out! Next turn the Golbat falls!

35d 23h 33m We paralyze Victreebel! We then use Psychic next turn to take it out!

35d 23h 32m Venomoth is sent out!

35d 23h 32m One more Razor Leaf takes out our Slowbro!

35d 23h 32m Razor Leaf takes out more than Hlaf of Slowbro's HP!

35d 23h 31m We then switch to slowbro!

35d 23h 31m We start by spamming surf to take chunks of Victreebel's HP away!

35d 23h 31m Jr sends out Victreebel! We send out Dragonite!

35d 23h 30m Round 6! vs Jr Trainer!

35d 23h 30m One more Psychic takes out Vileplume and the Lass!

35d 23h 30m Vileplume comes out and takes a Psychic! It then paralzyes us!

35d 23h 29m We then use Psychic and Exeggutor is almost down! Next turn a crit takes it out!

35d 23h 29m We use Psybeam but it does little damage!

35d 23h 29m It wakes up but we paralyze it!

35d 23h 28m We put the Egg-tree to sleep!

35d 23h 28m We use wrap but poison is too strong and takes out Dragonite! We then send out Venomoth!

35d 23h 28m Dragonite is close to falling is it on its last 22 HP!

35d 23h 27m Exeggutor takes a small amount of damage from surf, but Dragonite is down to less than 60 HP!

35d 23h 26m We use strength to take out Venusaur! Exeggutor is sent out!

35d 23h 26m and then we paralyze Venusaur!

35d 23h 26m Our Dragonite gets poisoned!

35d 23h 26m Venusaur is doing little damage to Draonite currently!

35d 23h 25m 4 surf's brings the foe to about half hp!

35d 23h 25m Venusaur vs our Dragonite!

35d 23h 24m Round 5! vs Lass

35d 23h 24m a Few Strengths later and Raichu is down! Rocker Defeated!

35d 23h 24m Electabuzz is taken out by Strength! Raichu is sent out!

35d 23h 23m We use wrap a few times to take out Elecabuzz but another is sent out! We then rinse and repeat with Wrap!

35d 23h 23m We use surf before going back to wrap!

35d 23h 22m Electubuzz vs our Dragonite!

35d 23h 22m Round 4! vs Rocker!

35d 23h 22m And Thats a wrap! Butterfree and Bug Catcher defeated!

35d 23h 22m We rinse and repeat with Wrap!

35d 23h 21m We use wrap! a few turn later Butterfree is taken out but another is sent out!

35d 23h 21m Butterfree is sent out! a Surf takes half HP away from it too!

35d 23h 21m Its Lickitung vs Dragonite! Surf takes out half on Licki's HP! One more takes out Liki!

35d 23h 20m Round 3! vs Bug Catcher!!

35d 23h 20m 2 Surf's takes out Pinsir! Gentlemen defeated!

35d 23h 19m and barely survives a surf but it taken down next turn by surf! Pinsir is up nect!

35d 23h 19m One more takes down Arcanine! Hitmonlee is sent out!

35d 23h 19m And surf takes out most on Arcanine's HP!

35d 23h 18m Arcanine vs Dragonite!

35d 23h 18m Round 2 vs Gentleman!

35d 23h 18m One more Surf takes out Primeape! Himtmonlee is sent out is down by sutf! Blackbelt defeated!

35d 23h 18m Half its HP is takes out by surf but we get Seismic Toss'd!

35d 23h 17m We use surf to take out Hitmonchan! Primaepe is next!

35d 23h 17m Hitmonchan vs Draongite!

35d 23h 17m Round 1! vs Blackbelt!

35d 23h 17m We enter the Battle Tent with Dragonite, Venomoth and Slowbro!

35d 23h 13m We attempt to enter the battle tent once again more more cash!

35d 23h 12m We recieve $30000 in prize money and our team is returned!

35d 23h 12m and it takes out Jynx and Super Nerd! Battle Tent Defeated!

35d 23h 12m Cloyster is sent out!

35d 23h 11m Drill Peck isn't enough to take out Jynx and Thrash takes out Zapdos!

35d 23h 11m 35d 23h 11m Drill peck almost takes it out! Next turn the Poliwrath goes down! Jynx is sent out!

35d 23h 10m Zapdos wakes up but gets Paralyzed!

35d 23h 10m We switch to Zapdos! but Poliwrath puts us to sleep!

35d 23h 10m 2 Aurora Beams takes out Primape. Poliwrath is sent out!

35d 23h 9m vs Super Nerd! Primeape is sent out! We send out Cloyster!

35d 23h 9m Round 10!

35d 23h 9m Thunder takes it out! Gyrados is sent out and is down by Thunder! Gentlemen defeated!

35d 23h 8m Thunder takes out Jynx! Wigglytuff is sent out

35d 23h 8m We keep on Double Teaming and the Jynx hits itslef in confusion!

35d 23h 8m Meanwhile Jynx is thrashing around!

35d 23h 7m Zapdos begins setting up using Double Team!

35d 23h 7m We switch to Zapdos!

35d 23h 7m We get stuck in the party menu!

35d 23h 6m Body slam paralyzes Cloyster!

35d 23h 6m Jynx is sent out! We send out Cloyster!

35d 23h 6m Round 9! vs Gentlemen!

35d 23h 5m Rocket defeated!

35d 23h 5m One more Razor Leaf takes out the Starmie!

35d 23h 5m and Victreebel brings Starmie to 1 HP

35d 23h 5m Starmie is sent out and NightBat's fly in chat!

35d 23h 5m We use cut to bring Lapras to half HP! Razor leaf next turn takes it out!

35d 23h 4m It wakes up but we put it back to sleep!

35d 23h 4m We but Lapras to sleep!

35d 23h 4m We switch to Vicreebel!

35d 23h 3m Hydro Pump from Lapras takes a large chunk out of Cloyster's HP! Meanwhile Lapras is tanking Cloyster's moves!

35d 23h 3m Aurora Beam does even less damage now!

35d 23h 3m Lapras is up next!

35d 23h 2m A few more Aurora beams takes out Poliwrath

35d 23h 2m Aurora Beam does little damage!

35d 23h 2m Rocket sends out Poliwrath! We send out Cloyster!

35d 23h 2m Round 8! vs Rocket!

35d 23h 1m Cloyster also takes out Hitmonchan! Blackbelt defeated!

35d 23h 1m Machamp is sent out! Cloyster takes it out too

35d 23h 1m Its his Hitmonlee vs our Cloyster. Cloyster OHKO it!

35d 23h 1m Round 7! vs Blackbelt

35d 23h 0m Raticate is defeated by Razor Leaf! Youngster defeated!

35d 23h 0m Cut cuts half of Raticate's HP off!

35d 22h 59m We use sleep powder to send it to sleep but not before Victreebel is brought down to 72 HP

35d 22h 59m We switch out to Vicreebel!

35d 22h 59m Aurora Beam takes out Magniton! Raticate is sent out!

35d 22h 58m Cloyster gets confused!

35d 22h 58m Surf brings it to half health but a thundershock bring Cloyser to 36 HP!

35d 22h 58m Magneton is sent out!

35d 22h 58m A surf bring Hypno down past half health! Another one takes it out!

35d 22h 57m Round 6! Youngster sends out Hypno! We send out Cloyster!

35d 22h 57m One more thunder takes out Tauros! Cooltrainer defeated!@

35d 22h 57m Another Thundr is used and takes out Snorlax! Tauros is sent out!

35d 22h 56m We use Thunder bring Snorlax to about 1 HP but it then uses REst!

35d 22h 56m We use another Double Team, Snorlax tries to Double Edge and misses!

35d 22h 55m Zapdos uses Double Team!

35d 22h 55m We switch out to Zapdos!

35d 22h 55m Snorlax uses rest after taking a surf!

35d 22h 55m We take the snorlax out after a few turns! Another Snorlax is sent out!

35d 22h 54m its Our Cloyster vs Snorlax!

35d 22h 54m vs Female Cooltrainer!

35d 22h 54m Round 5 begins!

35d 22h 54m We charge up a Sky Attack and next turn take out the Dugtrio! Channeler Defeated!

35d 22h 53m Zapdos sets up with Double Team! Dugtrio tries to slash but it misses!

35d 22h 53m Zapdos takes out Gengar! Dugtrio is send out!

35d 22h 52m We have it down a sliver of health but we get put to sleep! Next turn Night Shade takes out Cloyster!

35d 22h 52m Gengar uses Night Shade but we slowly take it down with Aurura Beam!

35d 22h 52m Cloyster OHKO's Marowak, Gengar is up next!

35d 22h 51m vs Channeler! She sends out Marowak, we send out Cloyster!

35d 22h 51m Round 4!

35d 22h 51m We go for the Thunder to take out Fearow! Rocket Defeated!

35d 22h 50m We set up using Double Team!

35d 22h 50m Zapdos is sent out! Its our Zapdos vs Fearow!

35d 22h 50m Muk is taken down! Fearow comes out and Takes out Victreebel!

35d 22h 49m We switch to Razor Leaf and it brings Muk down past half health before Muk Minimizes and Hardens!

35d 22h 48m We finally use cut but then Muk wakes up!

35d 22h 48m We keep spamming the powder and Muk keeps sleeping!

35d 22h 48m Muk is now sent out! We send it to sleep!

35d 22h 47m Razor Leaf takes out Gengar!

35d 22h 47m Gengar confuses Victreebel!

35d 22h 46m Victreebel strikes back with Sleep Powder!

35d 22h 46m Cloyster wakes up, loses confusion and uses Aurura Beam but its not enough and Gengar takes out Cloyster!

35d 22h 46m Hypnosis sends Cloyster to sleep, and then next turn our Dreams are eaten!

35d 22h 45m Cloyster is able to get off a few Aurura Beams, but Gengar uses Night Shade to bring us to 60 HP

35d 22h 45m Confuse Ray confuses Cloyster!

35d 22h 44m He send out Gengar, we send out Cloyster!

35d 22h 44m Round 3 begins! vs Rocket!

35d 22h 44m OHKO! Cooltrainer defeated!

35d 22h 44m Cloyser uses Surf to take out Omastar! Kangaskhan is up next!

35d 22h 43m Aurora Beam does little damage while the Omastar tries to lower our Defenses!

35d 22h 43m Few more Beams later and Snorlax is Down! Omastar is sent out!

35d 22h 43m Snorlax uses rest and we relaliate with Aurora Beam!

35d 22h 42m vs Cooltrainer! He sends out Snorlax we sent out Cloyster!

35d 22h 42m We defeated the Lass! Round 2 begins!

35d 22h 38m We've entered the battletent with Cloyster, Zapdos and Victreebel.

35d 22h 33m Nah, we're back in Celadon city now.

35d 22h 27m Healed our team in Saffron

35d 22h 25m We left route 8 and went into Saffron City.

35d 22h 16m Alright! We finally caught the Tauros and nicknamed it: "AAAAIAAAA"!

35d 21h 39m It seems that Victreebel has fainted during our search for Tauros.

35d 21h 19m While we've fought plenty of Tauros, none of them have been caught.

35d 20h 52m We're still looking for Tauros.

35d 20h 21m Used another great ball on a Tauros then ran away.

35d 20h 9m Knocked out the Taurus.

35d 20h 8m Up against a Taurus. We used a great ball but it failed.

35d 19h 57m We're still looking for and trying to catch a Taurus. Our team is down to Victreebel, Zapdos, Cloyster and Slowbro.

35d 19h 29m We used cut on the tree to the patch of grass on route 8.

35d 19h 21m The patch of grass on this route contains Tauros, which we still need for the pokedex.

35d 19h 19m We have left Celadon for route 8 toward Lavender.

35d 19h 7m Still wandering around Celadon

[Meta] Quite a long shift today. Another updater shall pick up from where I left off for more catching actions, I hope.

35d 18h 35m Out of the department store.

[Chat] Commands moving real slow after that battle tent rush.

35d 18h 28m In the Celadon Mart, went up a floor.

[Fluff] For a moment there a female NPC was following Abe's steps. ^^

[Info] Abe has 30137 Pokéyen now, caught 143 mons (yes, 8 left!) and received 6.13 million inputs so far. Currently out of the tent and walking around Celadon City.

[Snark] ୧( ಠ Д ಠ )୨ WHERE'S OUR GLITCH MONEY ୧( ಠ Д ಠ )୨

35d 18h 20m We got 30k cash and... hmm, that's it?

35d 18h 19m That's it! All 10 trainers in the battle tent are defeated!

35d 18h 18m Lapras is the last of the last! Owh, Dragonite went down?

35d 18h 16m Then it's Mr. Mime time. =\

35d 18h 15m Last battle tent trainer! Jynx is sent out.

35d 18h 14m Chansey proved yet again that it's a tough egg to crack. Last mon out is Nidoqueen, which quickly goes down to Surf. Number 9 is down!

35d 18h 11m Super Nerd's Clefable and Chansey are so far... interesting selections.

[Fluff] Got tired of bolding such stuff. Kappa

35d 18h 9m Alright! Defeated the eighth trainer!

35d 18h 8m Chansey finally down. Another Beedrill is sent out.

35d 18h 6m Next trainer is Bug Catcher. Brings out Beedrill and... Chansey?

35d 18h 4m The last mon Flareon also goes down fast. Battle tent's seventh trainer is defeated!

35d 18h 2m The seventh trainer sent out Marowak and Jynx so far. Putting Slowbro in front proves to be quite strategic.

35d 18h 1m Well that was fast... Slowbro swept the Tauros and second Kangaskhan. Number 6 is down!

35d 18h 0m Sixth trainer sends out Kangaskhan, which was quickly brought down. Tauros up next!

35d 17h 59m Venusaur went down, next Marowak also fainted quickly. Fifth trainer defeated!

35d 17h 56m Female Jr. Trainer sends out Clefable against our Slowbro (as usual). Went down pretty quickly. Next up is Venusaur.

35d 17h 55m Surfed away by Slowbro! Fourth trainer down!

[Fluff] This Rapidash really likes Fire Spin.

35d 17h 52m Raichu goes down, last mon is another Rapidash!

35d 17h 51m Slowbro OHKOs with Surf! Dragonite switched out against Raichu.

35d 17h 50m Engineer is the fourth one up. Sent out Rapidash!

35d 17h 49m That's also a wrap. Third trainer defeated!

35d 17h 48m Dragonite wraps it up, literally. Next up, Alakazam!

35d 17h 47m Victreebel clearly has a type disadvantage, but it used Sleep Powder to buy some time.

35d 17h 46m Enemy Slowbro brought down. Charizard up next!

35d 17h 44m Female Jr. Trainer is next, sent out Slowbro against our Slowbro.

35d 17h 44m That didn't took long. Second battle tent trainer defeated!

35d 17h 42m Sailor's last mon is Seadra, we sent out Victreebel against it.

35d 17h 39m First Cloyster down, second Cloyster up! WutFace

35d 17h 39m Sailor brings out Cloyster against our Slowbro.

35d 17h 38m Recover hax didn't work out eventually. Porygon down, first trainer defeated!

35d 17h 36m All our mons are switched out against the Porygon that occasionally uses Recover.

35d 17h 34m Aerodactyl down to Razor Leaf! Next up is Porygon, where we switch to Dragonite.

35d 17h 33m Gyarados down, Aerodactyl up next. We switched to Victreebel.

35d 17h 32m Female Cooltrainer sent out Gyarados against Slowbro. Even matchup so far.

35d 17h 31m Next battle tent challenge: sent out Slowbro, Victreebel and Dragonite!

35d 17h 29m Gengar ate Venomoth's 1 HP dream. Battle tent challenge is over!

35d 17h 28m It's not holding up well though, blame confusion hax. Dragonite down!

35d 17h 25m Dragonite switched in to save the day!

35d 17h 24m Clutch Venomoth woke up but was then re-hypnotized, also confused. Gengar is also paralyzed.

35d 17h 23m Venomoth put to sleep, Gengar used Dream Eater. Oh well...

35d 17h 22m Victreebel can finally faint in honour. Venomoth is up against the ghost.

35d 17h 21m All that wrapping downs Muk. Last mon of the third trainer: Gengar.

35d 17h 19m Next, enemy Muk quickly put Victreebel in the red HP.

35d 17h 18m Weezing put to sleep, Victreebel slowly and "painlessly" finished Weezing off.

[Fluff] Wrap too OP, choking that Weezing.

35d 17h 16m Channeler's Weezing against Victreebel!

35d 17h 16m Eventually it goes down. Sailor defeated! Next up...

35d 17h 14m Seadra down! Dragonite sent out against enemy Tentacruel.

35d 17h 13m Vaporeon was, of course, no match. The next Seadra proves to be a tough one. Abe kept switching mons.

[Fluff] Yes, that was an Axemon sweep.

35d 17h 10m That was a close one! Now it's Sailor's Vaporeon against our Victreebel.

35d 17h 9m We take it out, Charizard in last. Trainer #1 defeated

35d 17h 7m Tangela's hanging on with a sliver of HP

35d 17h 5m Dragonite takes out Alakazam, Tangela in next

[Snark] Great strat there. I mean that enemy Alakazam that spams Psybeam.

35d 17h 2m In the fight, nothing too bad. Dragonite sent in

35d 17h 1m Venomoth faints

Oh, Victreebel fainted earlier

35d 17h 0m Most of our current 3-mon team is weak to psychic Kappa

[Chat] ShinySapphire: It's just our weakest ones. OpieOP

Chainsawfish:  BrokeBack good thing we chose our best team members

35d 16h 59m We enter Victreebel, Dragonite, and Venomoth in the Battl Tent. Trainer #1 sends out Alakazam, vs Victreebel

35d 16h 59m Trying to enter

35d 16h 56m We enter the Battle Tent

[Chat] Chainsawfish: So this is our to-do list: -battle tent -buy more balls -rock tunnel (graveler) -power plant (jolteon, magnemite, tauros) -safari zone (Poliwrath, Ivysaur) -Mewtwo cave -Mew cave.

35d 16h 55m People want to do the Battle Tent for moneys and pokeballs.

35d 16h 47m We cut the tree!

35d 16h 36m Oh. We recieve HM02 Fly

35d 16h 33m We're trying to teach Fly or somethintg

[Fluff] ...and, time! 3 hours, 4 mons. Great job, hivemind!

35d 16h 20m Nickname is iiiiiihqzz, level 40

35d 16h 20m We use two Great Balls and WE CATCH IT OH MY HELIX FINALLY

[Fluff] Almost two hours since that last one!

35d 16h 20m NONONONSTOP

35d 16h 19m We Wrap it


35d 16h 7m This is vaguely reminiscent of shiny hunting. Kappa

35d 16h 2m Dragonite faints

[Fluff] Man that's so crazy to imagine. A tiny, stumbling duck against Dragonite Kappa

[Snark] It's that Golduck glitch all over again.

35d 15h 59m What do you mean we can't escape from a Psyduck?

[Chat] freekhenstra: Final boss is Helix Fossil. Not Omastar, but the fossil. And when we try to attack it, it does no damage but just says "There's a time and place for everything! But not now!" and then proceeds to sweep our team. Kappa

[Fluff] Sorry for all the chat tag spam, nothing's happening and chat is entertaining.

[Fluff] Why consider stopping? It's not like anything more interesting is going on as we beg the RNG to give us the 1% encounter rate.

[Chat] Ultros8: final boss being a team of famous released pokemon at LV100 seems plausible

Should I stop now?

[Chat] Skope94: Final Boss is just one long 1x1 hallway with a ledge underneath us, and just one person pressing down takes us immediatly back to Pallet Town Kappa

[Chat] The think Oak would be a host. There are other ideas floating around but Oak seems to be the main idea

[Chat] Currently discussing the E4 rematch (with level 100 mons and everything) after we get the diploma

35d 15h 41m The last time Abe encountered a wild Hitmonlee was 80 minutes ago. You could do the math(s), or pray really hard.

[Chat] SadWeasel9: hitmonlee top 1% percentage Kappa

[Chat] Wahisietel_the_Cake: Safari Zone has 10% 'mon with 5% catchrate garunteed to run on first turn OpieOP Such fun

[Snark] Pretty much Gloomy/Golemy prospect for Hitmonlee.

[Chat] wowqueprecioss: Guys this is Pokemon X/Y, dont you see we have a Mega-Cloyster? You can tell its a Mega Cloyster because it opens Horizontally, instead of Vertically Kappa

35d 15h 24m Still looking for Hitmon1%.

[Chat] wowqueprecioss:  ResidentSleeper = 1 % (No spacerino)

I'm sorry

[Chat] wowqueprecioss: Dodrio is a hidden message from Gamefreak sponsoring the MLG league and its doritos (aka Dodrito) WutFace

I need to stop

[Chat] Zauberer2014: Restart the whole game so that we can get Hitmonlee in the dojo instead BloodTrail

7.8/10 too many chat tags

[Chat] lordolxinator: Hey what kinda cheese are these Dodritos? Keepo

[Chat] Still making spoof names. Wow are they this bored Kappa

35d 15h 7m [Fluff] While we wait for Hitmonlee, let's grind that axe!

[Chat] Also making spoof Hitmon names

[Chat] Questioning the logic of rocks

[Chat] Double Dash, Dash King (NNames for Nidoking)

[Fluff] I thought Abe was up to something there by naming Nidoking "Ame" temporarily. Yes, "me" in lower case

[Chat] vvaffl3: Atv is dead... no psychic attack anymore PogChamp

35d 15h 0m Venomoth faints


35d 15h 0m Tactical Paralyze! And KAPOW

[Snark] Only Hitmonlee left good luck on that 1.2% encounter rate

35d 14h 59m Nidoking was level 40, everything here is Lv.40

[Snark] Those A-nicks are so last year.

35d 14h 59m GOLEM--Oh wait, we already caught one

35d 14h 58m Well it was going to be AAAAAII something, then it was going to be Aef something, now it's Double Dash

35d 14h 57m Nickname is --

35d 14h 56m We throw two Great Balls, and CAUGHT!

35d 14h 55m PAR hype

35d 14h 55m Nidoking

[Chat] ultros8: yep, low catch rate + run on turn 1 + rare encounter anyway + democracy = ResidentSleeper

35d 14h 44m Nidoking. We psychic it! Why

[Info] Not so relevant now, but party order: Venomoth86 , Dragonite57 , Victreebel88 , Zapdos100 , Cloyster100 , Slowbro100

[Chat/Info] TheFirstSpellcaster: 10 to go: Mew, Mewtwo, Jolteon, Tauros, Hitmonlee, Magnemite, Graveler, Poliwrath, Nidoking, Ivysaur

35d 14h 40m Golem was lv.40

[Fluff] It's the final countdown! [cue music]

35d 14h 39m 10 Pokemon to go hype!

35d 14h 39m Nickname is JJRRRRGGGG

35d 14h 38m We use a Great Ball on Golem at full health, it is caught! JRG or something, full nickname to you shortly

35d 14h 35m Overshot item selection, we're on super potions, we use one on Dragonite and on Venomoth

[Fluff] RRQPO is Victreebel

35d 14h 34m In Item Menu

35d 14h 33m Nother Golem


35d 14h 30m We use two Super Potions, one on Dragonite and another on RRQPO? We use two Great Balls, Dragonite faints, we send in Zapdos, and golem KAPOWs

35d 14h 28m Strength does a good amount of damage, not too much

35d 14h 28m Golem again

35d 14h 27m We ran

35d 14h 27m Nidoking again

35d 14h 25m Dragonite's PSNd

35d 14h 25m But we killed it or something anyway D:


35d 14h 24m Nother Great Ball used

[Fluff] Apparently 19%. Still rare.

35d 14h 23m Great Ball used

[Fluff] Two 1%ers in a row? PogChamp

35d 14h 22m We Wrap it, it's on quite low health


35d 14h 21m And OHKOd with Surf BibleThump

35d 14h 21m HITMONLEE!

[Fluff] Surf OHKOs Golem anyways Kappa

35d 14h 19m Even stronger Surf BibleThump

35d 14h 18m Ride that Surf! OHKOd again! Axemon levels up to 57!

[Chat] wowqueprecioss: A wild KAPOW Appeared! PogChamp

35d 14h 18m Golem again

35d 14h 15m Five Great Balls used in that fight

35d 14h 14m We were on the Run button for a sec earlier--WAIT WHAT

We ran FailFish

35d 14h 14m And again

35d 14h 14m One more

35d 14h 14m And another one

35d 14h 13m We throw two Great Balls

[Chat] Smokemonster84: THROW THE CARD KEY TO DISTRACT IT SwiftRage

35d 14h 12m In the item menu

35d 14h 12m NIDOKING!

[Fluffy Info] MLZ was updating mostly in a one-handed mode, at least that's what he told me earlier. OneHand

[Chat] CptnRSM: why no sturdy? BibleThump

35d 14h 10m Oneshot of course. Noooo

35d 14h 10m We Surf it FailFish

[Snark] Time to KAPOW

35d 14h 9m Golem again!

35d 14h 8m More Nidoqueens

35d 14h 2m Dragonite is now leading the party!Good luck catching Golem and Nidoking with that OP Surf

[Fluff] Is that Joey's Top Percentage Ratata?

35d 14h 0m Venomoth faints to a wild ratata

35d 14h 0m Golem KAPOWs and Venomoth survives at 2/296 hp

35d 13h 59m We wasted 1 great ball on golem and used 1 Super Potion on Venomoth


[Info] We have 82 Great Balls left

[Chat] Wahisietel_the_Cake: Golem is such an original pokemon name though 4Head Right up there with Seel and Ekans

35d 13h 55m We encounter another Golem KAPOW hype!

35d 13h 52m We are trying to find a Nidoking but Nidoqueen always comes out

[Snark] \o/ Payout! \o/

35d 13h 51m Golem uses selfdestruct!


35d 13h 49m Venomoth paralyzes Golem with Stun Spore

[Snark] !bet 500 KAPOW

35d 13h 48m We encounter a wild Golem will it KAPOW again?

[Info] The remaining 11 pokemons are: Ivysaur,Nidoking,Poliwrath,Graveler,Golem, Magnemite,Hitmonlee,Tauros,Jolteon,Mewtwo and Mew

35d 13h 46m Venomoth is now at 43/296 hp

[Chat] Domewins: NIDOKING only appears in Blue version Kappa

35d 13h 35m We wasted 5 Great Balls on that Golem

35d 13h 34m It used selfdestruct instead !!!


[Chat] wowqueprecioss: A rock Throwing Rocks PogChamp

35d 13h 33m Venomoth paralyzes the wild Golem

35d 13h 32m We encounter a wild Lv 40 Golem

[Chat] Pot, Chipotl, Harry Pottel

35d 13h 32m We caught a Lv 40 Nidoqueen after using 12 Great Balls nicknamed PPPPPPPOTL

35d 13h 31m We used a super potion on Venomoth

35d 13h 29m We paralyzed the wild Nidoqueen

35d 13h 27m We encounter a wild Nidoqueen

35d 13h 25m Yes we do after Venomoth puts Nidoking to sleep well done TPP

35d 13h 25m We encounter a wild Nidoking will we run away again?

35d 13h 21m We ran away from a Golem well look on the bright side we got away safely

35d 13h 20m We used Cut!!! btw we can catch Golem,Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Hitmonlee here

35d 13h 10m We healed our party

35d 13h 9m We enter the Pokemon Center

35d 13h 7m We arrived at Celadon City

[Chat] Scooterboo6: @Z33k33 do you ever sleep?

[Fluff] NPC: It's already over? I missed the media action.

If you happened to be in the eclipse area, you probably missed the chance to do this. OK I'll stop the eclipse spam

[Chat] Eeo_Mii: if you evolve eevee during an eclipse, what happens?

Stop it you guys BibleThump

35d 12h 54m We arrived at Saffron City

35d 12h 47m We abandon the tree because riding on a bike to cut a tree seems difficult

[Meta] Maximum solar eclipse happens right about now! actual maximum may differ from your current location

35d 12h 45m Oh wait we got on the bike instead

35d 12h 33m We arrived at Route 8 time to cut the tree to catch Tauros

35d 12h 31m Arrived at Lavender Town 2Spooky4Me

[Fluff] Someone on IRC pointed out that Abe has more mons caught (139) than Pokéyens (137).

[Snark] AIIIAAB is the fourth party mon to be in the 100 Club.

35d 12h 28m Passing throught the long bridge of Route 12 about to reach Lavender Town

35d 12h 14m We managed to cut the tree time to resume the pokedex hunt!!!

35d 12h 8m Maybe we can surf through the tree?

35d 12h 7m Trying to cut the tree

[Chat] IIIIIclipse

What eclipse? BibleThump

35d 12h 1m We caught a Lv 38 Vileplume after using 5 Great Balls nicknamed IIIIIIIIII

35d 11h 58m We encounter a wild Vileplume time for a new pokedex entry!!!

[Snark] We are rich now PogChamp!!!

35d 11h 54m We also got 76$ from Persian's Pay Day

35d 11h 54m Venomoth leveled up to lv 86

35d 11h 52m Now we cut the tree successfully

35d 11h 51m We used strength to try and push the tree away oh wait... the tree is too powerful for that

35d 11h 50m Instead of cutting the tree we used surf instead...

35d 11h 49m Reaches Route 12 time to cut the tree again

35d 11h 41m Currently navigating through route 13 very close to route 12

[Info] Vileplume can only be found in Route 12 but with a 19.9% encounter rate

[Info] The remaining 13 pokemons are: Ivysaur,Nidoqueen,Nidoking,Vileplume,Poliwrath,Graveler,Golem, Magnemite,Hitmonlee,Tauros,Jolteon,Mewtwo and Mew

35d 11h 31m Entered Route 15

35d 11h 23m Straight down the ledge we go!

35d 11h 21m Healed our team!

[Meta] [Chat] Mentioned about a total solar eclipse event happening around now, but people on land will mostly see a partial eclipse.

35d 11h 7m Switched to Box 10!

35d 11h 7m Withdrew a few items, not that it helps. Abe's bag is kinda heavy.

35d 11h 4m Outstanding! You've become a real pro at this!

Oak, please...

35d 11h 3m In the Pokémon center, near the PC.

35d 11h 0m In Fuchsia City.

[Info] I'm using a "proper" IRC client that links to Twitch chat, not the browser one.

[Snark] Really, /u/hytag? You saved that message back before it scrolled off the chat, but you waited until now to post it on the updater?

[Chat] GUYS RUN, its not a gloom its just a ditto DansGame

That was while we encountered the wild Gloom earlier.

35d 10h 41m [Stats] 138 / 151 / 151

[Fluff] Well, FINALLY.

35d 10h 40m IRC says Gloom was Lv. 40. Caught it in a Great Ball

35d 10h 38m Caught Gloom! Nickname "IIIIHHIIII"

[Fluff] Second day of TPPAR, actually.

[Fluff] We have seen a trainer's Gloom around the first day of TPPAR. I don't think there were many wild encounters.

35d 10h 36m GLOOM!

[Fluff] I'm beginning to think there is NO Gloom here. And we've been searching for what, 2 hours now?

[Snark] Well, that's a gloomy prospect.

35d 9h 57m Still no Gloom.

35d 9h 23m We've also just spotted a Magneton here. Still no Gloom.

35d 9h 12m [Info] We've seen just about every other Pokémon type in this grass except Gloom. We've seen a Weezing though.

35d 8h 57m Spent about 1 hour on looking for Gloom. Still no sign.

35d 8h 28m [Info] 30 Minutes spending here looking for Gloom.

35d 8h 15m We've spotted some other wild Pokémon so far. Still no Gloom.

[Info] I think the plan here is to find and catch a wild Gloom to replace the Dugtrio we just released moments ago.

35d 7h 54m We cut the tree down! Now encountering some wild Pokémon in this grass.

35d 7h 50m Attempting to cut down a tree on to a patch of grass on Route 13.

[Donation] $2.00 from Ledge: "I'm gonna make you trip over me."

[Fluff] Also, depending on timestamps and such, Dugtrio's release could be 15 minutes long. We might have a tie on how quickly we can kill something.

35d 7h 46m Right, on Route 13.

35d 7h 40m Up on Route 14.

35d 7h 33m Heading on to Route 15.

35d 7h 29m Back up on Fuchsia City.

[Info] Sorry, that was a Meowth that had a 15 minute lifespan.

[Snark] And all that hard work of wasting balls too.

[Snark] We switched boxes successfully, but accidentally switched back, and then released something by accident so the box wasn't full anymore. Now we have to catch something to fill up the box and try again. This seems awfully familiar...

[Info] At 16 minutes, that almost beats our record for fastest release. Pretty sure the Pidgey we caught earlier this run was 15 mins.

35d 7h 25m We turned off the PC and now outside down on Route 19.

35d 7h 24m "AAAAAIGFN" was released! Yea.. The Dugtrio we just CAUGHT was released!

35d 7h 23m Turned on the PC again.

35d 7h 22m We switch to a different box. I believe we switched to 10, then back to 11.

35d 7h 21m turned off and on and ff and on the PC

35d 7h 21m Turned on PC

35d 7h 20m We heal our Pokémon.

35d 7h 19m We enter the Poké Center.

[Donation] $2.00 from OLD MAN: "This Lv.100 Parasect won't obey me. I'm getting my mallet."

35d 7h 13m Now entering Fuchsia City.

35d 7h 11m We left the batch of grass and down on Route 15.

[Info] Venomoth 72/290 HP left.

35d 7h 8m Threw 2 Pokeballs. CAUGHT Lv.42 Dugtrio! Nickname "AAAAAIGFFN"

35d 7h 7m 7th Dugtrio spotted!

35d 7h 4m We spotted 6 Dugtrio now! I missed 6th one was AFK.

[Chat] Turbo4000: Keepo Guys let's just glue our three Digletts together

35d 6h 52m We switch 'mon, and attack with surf. Down goes Dugtrio.

35d 6h 51m Threw 12 Great Balls! No Catch!

35d 6h 47m Used Full Restore on Venomoth!

35d 6h 47m Threw 1 Great Ball. No catch!

35d 6h 46m 5th Dugtrio spotted! Counting because this is our goal!

35d 6h 41m And we take that one out as well.

35d 6h 41m 4th Dugtrio Spotted!

[Chat] Pioxys: NightBat IRAQIANS DON'T SHOW THEIR HAIR DansGame

35d 6h 39m We nickname it "IRQQQHair"

35d 6h 38m Threw 2 Pokeballs. CAUGHT!! Lv.42 Butterfree!

35d 6h 37m Another Butterfree spotted!

[Info] 94/290 HP left for Venomoth after many wild encounters.

35d 6h 33m We ran away from it.

35d 6h 32m We spot a 3rd Dugtrio!

35d 6h 30m We took it down with psybeam.

35d 6h 29m Another Dugtrio spotted!

35d 6h 29m Threw 5 more Ultra balls! Still no catch! We ran away.

35d 6h 27m Threw 8 Ultra Balls No catch!

35d 6h 25m Butterfree spotted! Butterfree spotted!

35d 6h 24m And we kill it with psychic. GG. No catch.

35d 6h 24m Dugtrio spotted!

[Chat] Nope. No BUTTER here. Kappa

[Snark] 7.8/10 not enough Butterfree.

[Chat] Ironicsalmon: Calling it now. NEXT ENCOUNTER BUTTER

[Info] Funny thing is Snorlax has a 1% chance of appearing here. #BlameRNG.

35d 6h 15m Welp, we spotted a Snorlax before spotting stuff that we actually need.

35d 6h 11m Venomoth grew to Lv.85!

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 85 - Max. HP 290 Attack 155 Defense 143 Speed 197 Special 249

[Info] The 2 'mons we are looking for in this grass are Butterfree, and Dugtrio. We have yet to encounter them.

35d 5h 45m Running into wild Pokémon in this batch of grass until we find what we need to catch.

35d 5h 43m Successfully cut down the tree!

35d 5h 40m Still saving while we attempt to cut down a tree.

[Fluff] Nothing to cut, so we cut the air instead!

35d 5h 29m We save the game.

[Info] Trying to cut a small tree down to get to a patch of grass to find some more 'mon.

35d 5h 26m We boot up an HM04 containing Strength a couple of times. Did not teach.

35d 5h 23m Up on Route 14.

35d 5h 17m Walking on Route 15.

35d 5h 7m Back on Fuchsia City.

35d 4h 57m Currently encountering some wild 'mon in the water.

35d 4h 48m We finally go surfing off Seafoam Islands, on Route 19.

35d 4h 47m Checking the context of our Pokédex entries.

35d 4h 45m Struggling to try and surf off the island.

35d 4h 39m We check Victreebel's stats.

[Stats] Victreebel Lv. 88 - Max. HP 258 Attack 212 Defense 133 Speed 151 Special 189

35d 4h 35m We exit the cave. Anarchy mode enabled!

35d 4h 33m We replace Poison Powder for Cut!

35d 4h 30m We try to teach our Victreebel Cut.

35d 4h 28m We boot up HM01. It contains cut.

[Info] Final position seems to be Venomoth, Dragonite, Victreebel, Zapdos, Cloyster, and Slowbro.

35d 4h 26m We switch Slowbro's position with Victreebel.

35d 4h 25m We switch Victreebel's position with Dragonite's position.

35d 4h 24m We switch Cloysters position with Venomoth's position.

[Info] Victreebel is the only one that can learn it.

[Info] Chat seems to want to teach Cut to one of our Pokémon.

35d 4h 21m Entered the Seafoam Islands cave! Democracy enabled!

35d 4h 19m On Seafoam Islands.

35d 4h 16m Surfing our way toward Seafoam Islands.

[Info] Switched party order to Cloyster, Slowbro, Dragonite, Zapdos, Venomoth, Victreebel.

35d 4h 8m We go surfing down!

[Fluff] We sure like to save the game as many times possible!

35d 4h 4m We save the game at Route 19 towards the water.

35d 3h 59m Currently trying to go surfing.

[Info] If you're ever lost somewhere, VGMaps.com has you covered. And unfortunately for me, I've been looking in all the wrong places all this time, until now. Ultimate Facepalm*

35d 3h 56m Down on Route 19.

35d 3h 53m We continue to save the game multiple times. Gotta save ya know!

35d 3h 47m We save the game.

35d 3h 46m Entered Fuchsia City.

35d 3h 40m Passing through Route 15.

35d 3h 38m Down on Route 14.

35d 3h 26m On Route 13.

35d 3h 18m Now on Route 12.

35d 3h 15m We just passed Diglett's cave. Heading Right walking on Route 11.

[Info] Party Order: Cloyster Lv.100, Dragonite Lv.56, Slowbro Lv.100, Zapdos Lv.100, Venomoth Lv.84, Victreebel Lv.88

35d 3h 6m Back outside.

35d 3h 5m We heal our Pokemon in the Poké Center!

35d 2h 58m And now children, we're going to have to stop the updater for a while. But don't worry, we'll be back just as soon as we can find someone to take over. Won't that be nice?

35d 2h 57m We leave Mew's cave, and are back at the port.

35d 2h 56m We're almost out of Mew's cave!

35d 2h 53m Zapdos is out of PP for Thunder and Sky Attack.

35d 2h 50m Nope. We knocked out the wild Electabuzz.

35d 2h 50m Zapdos is down to 15hp. Is this where we black out?


35d 2h 37m Correction! Victreebell is RRQPO:(pk)(pk)(pk)(pk)

35d 2h 36m WE CAUGHT VICTREEBELL, named RRQPO:(pk)(pk)(pk)

35d 2h 33m We appear to be trying to catch Victreebell instead.

35d 2h 28m We're wandering around the dungeon trying to either respawn Mew or black out.

[Fluff] We're not going on a Mew hunt again.

[Fluff] Into bed. Under the covers.

[Fluff] Shut the door. Back upstairs. Into the bedroom.

[Fluff] Oh no! We forgot to shut the door. Back downstairs.

[Fluff] Get to Vermillion. Open the door. Up the stairs.

[Fluff] Quick! Back through the cave! Tiptoe! Tiptoe! Tiptoe! Back through up the ladder! Step stomp! Step stomp! Back through the holes! Stumble trip! Stumble trip! Stumble trip!

[Fluff] One long pink tail! Two big pointy ears! Two big goggly eyes! IT'S A MEW!!!!

[Fluff] WHAT'S THAT?

[Fluff] Not like we could find anything else important there anyway.

35d 2h 14m We fell all the way down to four-stone fall-zone. Farewell progress, my sweet friend!

[Snark] We're too powerful for it! ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ

35d 2h 11m We head up the ladder and back down in the hopes that Mew will respawn, but this seems to not be the case.

[Snark] Most successful Legendary run! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

35d 2h 8m We ran from Mew



35d 2h 1m We're encountering a lot of wild Pokemon in Mew's room.

35d 1h 58m Zapdos is our only party member now.

35d 1h 57m Venemoth fainted to a wild Alakazam!

35d 1h 56m We're on Mew's platform.


35d 1h 55m MEW IS IN SIGHT! So we Save!

35d 1h 54m We're being careful not to fall in the last hole now.

35d 1h 51m One more murder hole to pass before Mew!

35d 1h 49m We've passed the murder holes for now!

35d 1h 48m We tried to teach Venemoth Strength, forgetting that this one is not an all-terrain vehicle.

[Info] The map of Mew's dungeon again: http://imgur.com/yVAMuSS

35d 1h 44m And we're up on 2F. Murder holes await!

35d 1h 40m We got back to 1F again.

35d 1h 36m But fell down two different holes. We're back in four-stone fall-zone.

35d 1h 36m We got past the hole that will immediately destroy us!

35d 1h 33m We reach 2F!

35d 1h 24m We made it back to the first floor in record time!

35d 1h 22m We fall down another hole.

35d 1h 21m We finally make it back up the stairs.

[Info] Venomoth needs 9848 exp to level up.

35d 1h 9m Zapdos woke up!

35d 1h 4m Zapdos is still asleep.

35d 1h 3m Zapdos is up first now.

35d 1h 3m Slowbro is knocked out by a wild Gengar

35d 1h 2m Slowbro immediately woke up!

35d 1h 2m Slowbro is put to sleep

35d 1h 0m At some point during that rendition of "We're going on a Mew hunt", Dragonite fainted. Slowbro is up first, but is already down to 93hp.

[Fluff] We're going on a Mew hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared.

[Fluff] Left right! Up down! Start b!

[Fluff] Oh no! We've got to go round them!

[Fluff] Uh-uh! Holes! Really deep holes. We can't go over them. We can't go under them.

[Fluff] We're going on a Mew hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared.

35d 0h 52m We fall all the way down to four-stone fall-zone again.

35d 0h 50m We're taking it slowly, using START to slow the input stream down.

35d 0h 49m We get back to the stairs and go up them.

35d 0h 48m AAbbABCabb woke up!

35d 0h 47m Slowbro is also put to sleep.

35d 0h 44m Zapdos is put to sleep

35d 0h 40m Dragonite is leading the party now.

35d 0h 40m ICU faints to a Night Shade from a wild Gengar

35d 0h 36m IIII--??(U is confused!

35d 0h 33m We fell all the way down into four-stone fall-zone again.

35d 0h 30m We keep going up and down the stairs.

35d 0h 27m And back up again. But we fell down a hole back again.

35d 0h 27m We head up the next set of stairs, but go immediately back down.

[Snark] "I warned you about stairs bro..."

35d 0h 24m We go up the stairs.

35d 0h 23m ICU got hit by a thunderpunch from an Electabuzz and is already fairly close to fainting at 72hp.

[Donation] $2.00 from Clipboard Bureau: "Ello gov, clipboard inspectah here. Just do a Ctrl+V in the chat and we'll get this done real quick. Cheerio!"

35d 0h 21m We fell down a hole at some point and are in the familiar four-stone fall-zone.

35d 0h 19m Dragonite was confused by a wild Golbat.

[Info] Mew's cave map: http://imgur.com/yVAMuSS

35d 0h 15m We're in Mew's cave, and we didn't leave immediately!

35d 0h 13m We change text speed to medium.

[Chat] The chat is shouting a lot about the design of the entrance to Mew's cave.

[Snark] (Spoilers: "that weird thing" is Mew).

35d 0h 10m We're chasing after "that weird thing" on some guy's boat!

[Info] Venomoth needs 11206exp to level up.

35d 0h 8m We enter Mew's cave, but immediately leave again, and now we're back by the port.

35d 0h 6m We used Strength!

35d 0h 5m Sadly, the S.S.Anne has gone, so we check Venusaur's cry instead.

35d 0h 5m We seem to want to board the S.S.Anne.

35d 0h 0m Welcome to Day 36!

34d 23h 59m Healz

34d 23h 59m Entered the PokeCenter.

34d 23h 52m Entered Vermillion City.

34d 23h 46m Heading further south.

34d 23h 41m Entered Saffron City.

[Snark] RIP Alakazam.

34d 23h 39m Left the Daycare.

[Info] We do not have enough money to get him back.

34d 23h 38m Deposited Alakazam in Daycare.

34d 23h 35m Entered the Daycare.

34d 23h 33m Next to the daycare.

34d 23h 30m Caught Level 18 Nidorino! Nick: IIHHHHHHH.

34d 23h 28m A wild Nidorino appears. We need one!

34d 23h 6m Working our way back to Cerulean Cave.

34d 22h 26m Venomoth is down! BLACKOUT.

34d 22h 25m Faffing about on Mewtwo's island, hoping to catch a glimpse of the majestic beast.

34d 22h 16m We near Mewtwo, but he is nowhere to be found.

34d 22h 12m Finally managed to surf.

34d 22h 9m Slowbro faints to a wild Parasect!

34d 22h 1m Slowbro is asleep and at about half health.

34d 22h 0m Throwing Pokeballs at a Parasect. Used up either two or three.

[Snark] He sure wanted to get his ride on.

34d 21h 47m Zapdos faints to another Rhydon!

34d 21h 44m Zapdos is on the ropes fighting a Rhydon.

34d 21h 35m Zapdos has taken some damage. 192/349 HP.

34d 21h 26m Alakazam fainted!

[Snark] Shoutout to the UPS guy.

34d 21h 21m Also it sounds like we had some glitches in our britches and climbed up a rock.

34d 21h 19m Alakazam is down to 134/216 HP. Zapdos is at 336/349 HP. Slowbro and Venomoth are at full health. Dragonite and Cloyster are still lying down in the fainted pile.

34d 21h 7m Axemon fainted!

34d 21h 5m wigglytuff caught, nickname, HGGGEF--x, level 80!

34d 21h 5m 2 other great ball!

34d 21h 5m One great balls fails too

34d 21h 4m we're trying to catch a wigglytuff.

34d 21h 4m axemon woke up

34d 21h 3m 2more ultraballs!

34d 21h 3m Axemon fall asleep, 2 more ultra balls fail

34d 21h 3m Used an Ultra ball!

34d 20h 54m Axemon is now leading the party

34d 20h 52m Icu fainted! to a wild venomoth.

34d 20h 51m Icu's Hps slowly goes down. 25 left.

34d 20h 48m we went down a ladder.

34d 20h 45m After some others wild battle, Icu is down to 42 Hps, and still paralyzed.

34d 20h 37m Icu has 133 Hps left

34d 20h 34m ICU is paralyzed by a wild Venomoth!

34d 20h 31m We went up the same ladder.

34d 20h 29m Used a pokeball on a dodrio! It fails, we run away in shame.

34d 20h 27m Went down a ladder.

34d 20h 27m We reached land on the other side of the waters.

34d 20h 24m Now surfing.

34d 20h 23m we're trying to surf inside the dungeon.

34d 20h 22m Now fighting against wild mons.

34d 20h 19m Into the Unknown Dungeon

34d 20h 16m We start surfing

[Snark] The guard may be gone, but his afro is always at Cerulean Cave. Kappa

34d 19h 53m walking around at the speed of slow

34d 19h 49m Back in Cerulean City

34d 19h 48m We get Night Shaded, BLACK OUT!

34d 19h 48m We are put to sleep, and at 83 HP, we are confused again

34d 19h 47m We send out Slowbro and instantly get confused by the Gengar, we hit ourselves

34d 19h 43m Zapdos faints in confusion

34d 19h 42m Zapdos Dangerously low on HP as we face a Gengar

[Fluff] Mewtwo fight in a nutshell "We poked it with Electricity and then we ran away giggling" - Abyll on the IRC

IRC is here if you wish to join in http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=TwitchPlaysPokemon

34d 19h 25m Still on Mewtwo Island

[Fluff] I just noticed, one of the top comments in the music video below is

"Oak's Words echoed, There's a time and place for everything, but not now"

Well, Oak, we're riding a bike now, there IS a place for it, and this is it!

34d 19h 19m KAPOW KAPOW, Zapdos down to 134/349 with a crit KAPOW from a wild Electrode

[Fluff] Bicycle, Bicycle, I want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my bike

34d 19h 15m We're roaming around the island on our bicycle

[meta] Gonna go ahead and leave the updater seat open for anyone who cares to take over.

[Snark] mewtwo 2 spoopy 9 us

34d 19h 5m We ran away from Mewtwo!

34d 19h 5m Thunder brought it down to 1/2 health.

34d 19h 4m We encountered a wild Mewtwo!

[Snark] Good practice for Mewtwo!

34d 19h 0m We caught a Sandslash! Nickname: xa(mn)

34d 18h 59m We landed on Mewtwo's island!

34d 18h 58m We used surf!!

34d 18h 55m A wild Electrode went KAPOW and Alakazam fainted.


[Snark] We spam Bulbasaur's Cry, does that count as it changing? Kappa

34d 18h 53m back up and again.

34d 18h 51m Aaaaand the stream went down.

34d 18h 50m We're at the last body of water. Just need to use surf and then .. Mewtwo!

34d 18h 47m We've landed on the other side. Mewtwo is in sight.

34d 18h 42m Alakazam and Zapdos are both in good shape. The same cannot be said for Slowbro who is down to 139hp.

34d 18h 42m We use surf

[Snark] After over a month of trying, Abe finally manages to walk through a wall.

34d 18h 37m We're near the second body of water we need to cross. Time to attempt surf.

34d 18h 30m Praise Dome, Alakazam is back to full health after using recover.

34d 18h 23m Alakazam took some serious damage to a Marowak here. That's unfortunate.

34d 18h 22m Enter the basement floor. Halfway mark confirmed.

34d 18h 22m Dragonite then fainted to another Electrode. We're through the maze now though, at least.

34d 18h 19m Another wild Electrode went KAPOW and Cloyster fainted.

34d 18h 16m We switch out Venomoth against a wild Alakazam and Venomoth instantly is knocked out.

34d 18h 14m A wild Electrode went KAPOW and ... missed! Hah! Take that terrorists!

34d 18h 14m Nearing the end of the maze, Cloyster is down to just 16hp.

34d 18h 8m We're up in the maze of the second floor.

34d 17h 57m We landed on the second land area of Mewtwo's cave.

34d 17h 55m We finally end up using surf and thus leave the first land part of Mewtwo's cave. Team is at full strength except for Cloyster who is down to 110hp.

34d 17h 43m Jumped on the bike trying to use surf.

[Snark] Good job guys!

34d 17h 39m Dragonite learn strength! Replaced hype beam!

34d 17h 27m We've entered the unknown cave.

34d 17h 24m We used surf so that we can get to the cave.

34d 16h 59m Past the nugget bridge again trying to use surf.

34d 16h 47m We seem to be on our way back to the cave.

34d 16h 42m Slowbro fainted to a wild Voltorb and we black out. Back in Cerulean City.

34d 16h 40m We try some more and Raichu was caught, nickname: " JTT((;;WW"

34d 16h 38m We try to catch another Raichu. It fails.

[Snark] It takes some serious dedication to fuck up this badly.

34d 16h 25m Just a matter of minutes before we'll faint.

34d 16h 24m Zapdos fainted to a wild Rhydon.

34d 16h 24m We keep trying to catch pokémon...

34d 16h 21m It fails.

34d 16h 20m We use an ultra ball on Rhydon

[Snark] I guess this is exercise for Mewtwo?

34d 16h 13m We try another great ball, it fails and we run from the Golbat.

34d 16h 13m We threw a great ball at Golbat, no catch.

34d 16h 7m Down to the basement floor now.

34d 16h 6m Though we're halfway to Mewtwo, our team is in no good shape. Zapdos is stunned and down to 197hp while Slowbro is down to 112hp.

34d 16h 3m Down to the first floor now. I suppose this is the halfway mark.

34d 15h 53m We're in sight of the ladders to the basement.

34d 15h 52m Dragonite fainted to a wild Venomoth

34d 15h 44m Dragonite at 6hp is now at the front of the party. Would almost be better if he just faint now.

34d 15h 43m Cloyster fainted to a wild something something

34d 15h 40m Yeah Cloyster is not doing hot at all, he's down to 37hp.

34d 15h 36m Cloyster has taken some damage and is down 164hp, but we're nearing the ladders down to the basement floor.

34d 15h 14m We're up on the second floor of the unknown cave, about 1/3rd of the way to Mewtwo.

34d 14h 55m We've since landed on the other shore.

34d 14h 47m We used surf

34d 14h 39m We found a Full Restore only to get stuck

34d 14h 35m We used surf !!!

[Info] The remaining 18 pokemons that has yet to be caught are: Ivysaur,Butterfree,Nidoqueen,Nidorino,Nidoking,Wigglytuff,Gloom, Vileplume,Dugtrio,Poliwrath,Graveler,Golem,Magnemite,Hitmonlee, Tauros,Jolteon,Mewtwo and Mew

34d 14h 13m We went up a floor btw Wigglytuff can be catch here

34d 14h 13m Venomoth faints to a wild Alakazam's Psybeam

34d 14h 10m We caught a Lv 80 Hypno with an Ultra Ball nicknamed AIIIRRaaa

[Info] We have 19 Pokeballs left

34d 14h 8m Venomoth puts Hypno to sleep with Sleep Powder

34d 14h 7m We encounter a wild Hypno lets see if we will catch it

[Fluff] First GYAOOOOOOO now this. Kappa

34d 14h 6m We caught a Lv 80 Raichu nicknamed JRRIIAoooo

34d 14h 4m Venomoth paralyzed the Raichu with stun spore

34d 14h 3m Encounter a wild Lv 80 Raichu will we catch it?

[Info] We can catch Hypno and Raichu on 1F,Wigglytuff on 2F and Raichu and Mewtwo on B1F of Cerulean Cave

34d 13h 59m Enter Cerulean Cave

34d 13h 57m We finally managed to use surf Mewtwo hype!!

34d 13h 41m Trying to use surf

34d 13h 37m Walking on the Nugget Bridge

34d 13h 27m Heading towards the Cerulean Cave

34d 13h 19m We healed our party

34d 13h 14m We arrived at Cerulean City by jumping off a ledge

34d 13h 12m Getting close to Cerulean City

34d 13h 11m We walk towards Route 5

[Chat] Egobuff: 1% encounter rate lee it is BibleThump

34d 13h 6m We enter the Fighting Dojo to take the PokeBall with Hitmonlee but the game does not let us be greedy

34d 13h 1m Arrived at Saffron City

34d 12h 55m Wandering around in Route 8 too bad we dont have a pokemon with cut to catch Raichu,Wigglytuff and Tauros

34d 12h 52m Exited the PokeMart looks like we are broke now...

[Info] We bought a total of 138 Great Balls,5 Super Potions and 2 Revives

34d 12h 49m We bought 22 more Great Balls and 1 Super Potion

34d 12h 44m We bought 9 Great Balls,2 Revives and 3 Super Potions

34d 12h 42m We bought 107 Great Balls and 1 Super Potion

34d 12h 38m Enter the PokeMart time to buy some pokeballs

34d 12h 34m Arrive at Lavender Town let the spooky music begin

34d 12h 26m We use the Underground Path, from Celadon to the route west of Lavender

[Chat] the_seale: So, Lavender, Great Balls, Cerulean Cave, Mewtwo, Done!

34d 12h 17m Heading east to Lavender, seems that the mart there is better than the Celadon one, not so many other items

34d 12h 14m Seems we're done with the battling for now thank Helix

34d 12h 13m Now sitting on 90k pokeyen

34d 12h 12m We recieve another 30K pokeyen

34d 12h 12m Victreebel taken out, Mime was sent in, and quickly taken out. NOW Trainer 10 defeated

34d 12h 11m We take out Starmie, Victreebel sent in

34d 12h 11m Starmie vs Dragonite

34d 12h 11m So NOW we're battling Trainer 10

[Fluff] Very apology such monotony. Uh, I guess this is Trainer 10

34d 12h 10m Oh gosh I miscounted, we're battling another trainer

34d 12h 10m Porygon taken out, Kangaskhan sent in. We take that out, Trainer #10 defeated

34d 12h 9m We take out Kangaskhan, Porygon sent in

34d 12h 8m We switch out to Zapdos

34d 12h 4m Challenged by Trainer #10, Kangaskhan vs Dragonite

34d 12h 3m Electabuzz vs Dragonite, we take Electabuzz out. Primeape sent in, we take that out. Electrode sent in, no KAPOW, but we take that out. Trainer #9 defeated

34d 12h 2m Challenged by Trainer #9

34d 12h 1m Alakazam takes out Cloyster, Kabutops sent in. We take that out too. Trainer #8 defeated

34d 11h 59m Dragonite faints, we send in Alakazam

34d 11h 56m Lickiting taken out, Cloyster sent in. And why is the trainer's name CUE BALL

34d 11h 53m Challenged by Trainer 8, Lickitung vs Dragonite

34d 11h 53m We switch out to Zapdos Tactical Switch PogChamp and we take out Cloyster. Trainer #7 defeated

34d 11h 52m And taken out, Cloyster sent in

34d 11h 51m Tentacruel taken out, Vaporeon sent in. Something something CATCH PogChamp

34d 11h 51m Trainer #6 challenges us, Tentacruel vs Dragonite

34d 11h 49m We switched out to Alakazam and took out Cloyster. Trainer #5 defeated

34d 11h 47m Dugtrio taken out, Cloyster sent in.

34d 11h 45m Dugtrio sent in. Ride this Surf!

34d 11h 44m Poliwrath taken out

34d 11h 43m Trainer #5 challenges us, Poliwrath vs Dragonite

34d 11h 42m Blastoise taken out, we sent in Alakazam cause Dragonite fainted to the Tentacruel. Cloyster sent in, we take that out, Trainer #4 defeated

34d 11h 41m We take out Tentacruel, Blastiose sent in

34d 11h 37m Trainer #4 challenges us, Tentacruel vs Dragonite

34d 11h 37m We take out Snorlax, Trainer #3 defeated

[Chat] ZZAZZ3TrainerPokePCGLITCH: Everyone just take a break, nap, recover, whatever Keepo

34d 11h 36m Snorlax keeps Resting

34d 11h 35m We send in Alakazam

34d 11h 34m Dragonite faints

34d 11h 34m Second Kangaskhan taken out, Snorlax sent in

34d 11h 32m Kangaskhan taken out, another one sent in

34d 11h 31m Trainer #3 challenged, Kangaskhan vs Dragonite

34d 11h 30m Taken out, Trainer #2 defeated

34d 11h 29m Golbat taken out, Pidgeot sent in.

34d 11h 28m Hyper Beam missed or something

34d 11h 28m We're battling a Bird Keeper.

34d 11h 27m Farfetch'd taken out, Golbat sent in

34d 11h 27m Trainer #2 sends out Farfetch'd

34d 11h 26m Porygon taken out, Trainer #1 defeated

34d 11h 26m Taken out, Porygon is sent in

34d 11h 25m Omastar taken out, Kangaskhan sent in

34d 11h 24m Omastar vs Dragonite

34d 11h 24m We enter Dragonite, Zapdos, and Alakazam in a third Battle Tent tournament. FailFish

[Chat] Ruigekerel: We hope to see you again! And again! And again...

34d 11h 16m We go in and pull out of the tournament again. Make up your mind

34d 11h 14m We have a little over 60k*.

34d 11h 14m We exit and enter the building

[Chat] Ekanselttar: 30 a inputs to make it work and 1 b input to cancel it BrokeBack

34d 11h 11m Oh wait we decide to back out

34d 11h 9m All Trainers defeated! ..again

We receive 30,000 Pokedongers!

34d 11h 9m We take out Tauros, Trainer #10 defeated!

34d 11h 7m Slowbro faints to Rage, we send in Venomoth, tho PARs the Tauros

34d 11h 6m Gyarados taken out, Tauros sent in

34d 11h 5m Snorlax taken out, Gyarados sent in

[Chat] Praise_The_SunDonger: Bpa49 we deleted all except 3

34d 11h 4m Trainer #10, Cooltrainer Female, challenges us. Slowbro vs Snorlax

34d 11h 4m Slowbro taken out, Trainer #9 defeated!

[Chat] Murdermaid: I've never seen TPP working together so well like this

Harmonex: @Murdermaid Now that we don't have half trying to grind and half trying to push to the next gym leader, we can make some real progress.

Postgame tho Kappa

34d 11h 2m Slowbro in next. 7.8/10 too many coincidences

34d 11h 1m Taken out, Mime out next. What is this madness

34d 11h 0m Psychic was disabled rip

34d 10h 59m Trainer #9, Juggler challenges us. GLITCHDUCK WutFace vs Slowbro

34d 10h 58m Omastar taken out MURDER and Snorlax sent in. We take that out, Gyarados sent in. Taken out easily, Trainer #8 defeated

[Chat] marogod: we release everyone and then downgrade our pokemons to 50 Kappa

34d 10h 56m Trainer #8, Cooltrainer Male, challenges us. Omastar Something something Helix vs Slowbro

34d 10h 56m We take it out, Trainer #7 defeated

34d 10h 55m We take out Cloyster, Dewgong sent in

34d 10h 54m Sky Attack is used, we nearly OHKO it. We get hit with an Aurora Beam

34d 10h 53m Evasion tactics

34d 10h 53m We take it out with Drill Peck, Cloyster sent in

34d 10h 52m We switch out for Zapdos

34d 10h 51m Slowly but surely we whittle down its health

34d 10h 50m Blastoise vs Slowbro

34d 10h 50m Trainer #7, a Sailor, challenges us

34d 10h 49m We take out Kangaskhan, Trainer #6 defeated

34d 10h 48m Nidoqueen sent in , taken out. Kangaskhan sent in

34d 10h 48m Clefable vs Slowbro. Yolonome is used, Stomp is the move. We take out Clefable

34d 10h 47m Challenged by Trainer #6, a Gambler

34d 10h 47m Ninetales sent in, taken out easily. Another Arcanine sent in, that's taken out easily too. Trainer #5 defeated

[Chat] Frickinmeowth: Is is a bird? Is it a plane? Yes, it's a bird Kappa

Katt74x9: Didn't you hear? Doges the word!

Hybrid_Fury: is this bird catcher for real?

34d 10h 45m Trainer #5, a Bird Keeper challenges us. Arcanine vs Slowbro

34d 10h 45m We take out Victreebel, Trainer #4 defeated

34d 10h 43m Tangela faints, Victreebel sent in next

34d 10h 41m The Pokémon sent out on both teams are PAR

34d 10h 40m Tangela faints, nother Tangela sent in. We switch out to Venomoth

34d 10h 38m Trainer #4, Lass, challenges us. Slowbro vs Tangela

34d 10h 37m We use Sky Attack and take out Electabuzz, Trainer #3 defeated

34d 10h 36m Zapdos is parafusioned, we take out Magneton with a crit Drill Peck. Electabuzz in next

34d 10h 35m We send in Zapdos

[Fluff] "Items can't be used here." But now what are we supposed to consult? BibleThump

34d 10h 32m We try to PAR it but it doesn't work. We try again and it is successful

34d 10h 31m We put Magneton to sleep

34d 10h 30m Slowbro faints to confusion damage. I think it will be healed after the battle. We send in Venomoth

34d 10h 29m Tactical Amnesia FailFish

We're on "red" health. The low health with the incessant beep beep beep beep.

34d 10h 29m Taken out, Magneton sent out next

34d 10h 28m Trainer #3, Challenged by an Engineer, they send out Electabuzz

34d 10h 28m Taken out, Trainer #2 defeated

34d 10h 27m Poliwrath sent out next

34d 10h 27m Taken out easily. Ride that Surf!

34d 10h 27m It KAPOWd, Onix is sent out next

34d 10h 26m Trainer #2, a Tamer, sends out a KAPOWball.

34d 10h 25m Slowbro is out front, and being battered by a third Nidoking's attacks! Taken out easily though, Trainer #1 defeated

34d 10h 25m We fight a Nidoqueen and Nidoking, and take them out easily.

34d 10h 22m We received 30000 for winning!

34d 10h 22m Defeated all 10 opponents!

34d 10h 22m Vileplume goes down! Gambler defeated!

34d 10h 21m Machamp goes down! Vileplume up!

34d 10h 21m Dugtrio goes down! Machamp up!

34d 10h 20m Challenger #10 VS. Gambler! Dugtrio up!

34d 10h 19m Tauros goes down! Cooltrainer(M) defeated!

34d 10h 19m 2nd Kabutops goes down! Tauros up!

34d 10h 18m Kabutops goes down! 2nd Kabutops up!

34d 10h 18m We switched Venomoth for Zapdos!

[Chat] DOME!

34d 10h 17m Challenger #9 VS. CoolTrainer(M). Kabutops up!

34d 10h 17m 2nd Victreebel goes down! Lass defeated!

34d 10h 16m Victreebel goes down! another Victreebel up!

34d 10h 14m Tangela goes down! Victreebel up!

34d 10h 14m Challenger #8 VS. Lass! Tangela Up!

34d 10h 13m Persian goes down! Gentleman defeated!

34d 10h 13m Arcanine goes down! Persian up!

34d 10h 12m Alakazam goes down! Arcanine up!

34d 10h 11m Venomoth goes down! We sent out Zapdos!

34d 10h 10m Challenger #7 VS. Gentleman. Alakazam up!

34d 10h 10m Parasect goes down! Bug Catcher defeated!

34d 10h 9m Venomoth goes down from life being sucked out! Zapdos sent out!

[Chat] Leech King!

34d 10h 8m Beedrill goes down! Parasect up!

34d 10h 7m Lickitung goes down! Beedrill up!

34d 10h 7m Challenger #6 VS. Bug Catcher! Lickitung up!

34d 10h 6m Golem goes down. Rocket defeated!

34d 10h 6m Khangaskhan goes down. Golem up!

[Fluff] Team Rocket, here?

34d 10h 5m Tentacruel goes down! Khangaskhan up!

34d 10h 5m Tentacruel comes up!

34d 10h 5m Challenger #5 VS. Rocket!

34d 10h 4m Aerodactyl quickly goes down OHKO! Cooltrainer(M) defeated!

34d 10h 4m Tauros goes down. Aerodactyl up!

34d 10h 3m Omastar goes down! Tauros up!

34d 10h 2m Challenger #4 VS. Cooltrainer(M). Omastar up!

34d 10h 1m Kingler goes down. Sailor defeated!

34d 10h 1m Blastoise goes down! Kingler up!

34d 10h 0m Seaking goes down! Blastoise up!

34d 9h 59m Challenger #3 VS. Sailor! Seaking Up!

34d 9h 59m Gengar does down to confusion! Jr.Trainer defeated!

34d 9h 58m Jolteon goes down! Gengar up!

34d 9h 56m Electrode goes down to explosion takes some HP off Venomoth, Jolteon up!

34d 9h 55m Challenge #2 vs Jr. Trainer (F)

[Fluff] Bird Keeper confirmed hack!

34d 9h 54m Golbat goes down! Bird Keeper defeated!

34d 9h 54m Ninetales down, Golbat up!

34d 9h 53m Venomoth goes down to Ninetales! We sent out Slowbro!

[Snark] Bird Keeper with other type of Pokemon? Seems legit.

34d 9h 51m Charizard down. Ninetales up.

[Snark] Inb4 Pigu reverted Revo's money fix again

34d 9h 50m Against Challenger #1, Bird Keeper

34d 9h 50m Entered Venomoth, Slowbro, and Zapdos into battle!

34d 9h 48m In the Battle Tent, I believe.

34d 9h 46m Exited the Pokécenter.

34d 9h 44m We heal our team!

34d 9h 39m Entered the Poké Center.

34d 9h 38m Arrived at Celadon City!

34d 9h 35m Route 7

34d 9h 28m At Saffron City.

34d 9h 19m Going up on Route 6

34d 9h 14m Exited the mart.

[Snark] We have enough money to buy 1 Pokéball.

34d 9h 13m Entered the Mart.

34d 9h 13m Entered Vermillion City.

34d 9h 5m On Route 11

34d 9h 1m This might be route 13 we're on now, walking across the bridge over the water.

34d 8h 58m [Info] WE JUST HIT 6000000 INPUTS!

[Info] I believe we're on Route 15

34d 8h 43m Heading East.

[Fluff] Guess we gave up looking for Butterfree over there.

34d 8h 38m We left the route, and walking around in a city.

[Snark] I can't believe it's not Butterfree!

[Fluff] I'm beginning to suspect there is NO Butterfree here at all.

[Chat] cdizzaat: ༼ຈ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ຈ༽ DUGTRIOT ༼ຈ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ຈ༽

[Fluff] Well, that was shorter than last time.


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

34d 8h 27m STREAM OFFLINE!

[Chat] Z33k33: DBstyle I'm beginning to suspect that the % are incorrect and that Butterfree is 1% on this route

Z33k33: DBstyle Butterfree can't be 5% here, it's almost statistically impossible that we would have never seen it yet

[Info] Apparently, at some point earlier on, Venomoth grew to Lv.84. We didn't seem to catch when it leveled up. So here's the stats.

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 84 - Max. HP 284 Attack 150 Defense 139 Speed 192 Special 244

34d 8h 19m Venomoth just fainted to a wild Venomoth encounter!

34d 8h 16m Venomoth only has 7/284 HP left.

[Chat] Nmario84: why would Butterfree be glitched?

Z33k33: DBstyle Nmario84 we've never seen Butterfree here despite the Pokedex showing it's here

34d 8h 12m Venomoth down to 49/284 HP.

34d 8h 6m [Info] So We've been searching for Butterfree for 1 hour now!

[Snark] I'd like some Butterfree of charge!

34d 7h 51m We save the game.

34d 7h 46m [Info] 116/284 HP for Venomoth.

34d 7h 44m Still searching for Butterfree.

34d 7h 30m No PP for Venomoth's Psychic.

[Chat] Lencabral: what the appearance rate of butterfree?

A_a_t_t_v_v_v: @Lencabral 5%

[Fluff] inb4 4 MORE hours and not a single Butterfree spotted. Kappa

[Info] It appears that we are looking for Butterfree in this spot.

34d 7h 11m Fighting some wild 'Mon.

34d 7h 5m Wandering around on another route.

[Chat] 1supersoncicontrol: Having ATV and Dragonite on the same team... Awkward WutFace

34d 6h 58m Surfed up North, and reached another land area.

34d 6h 55m Encountering some wild 'mon in the sea.

34d 6h 47m We go surfing.

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 83 - Max. HP 278 Attack 146 Defense 135 Speed 187 Special 239

34d 6h 40m We save the game. Because, Wynaut?

34d 6h 35m Exited the cave. Anarchy active!

34d 6h 34m Climbing some ladders here and there. Entered next rooms, etc.

34d 6h 27m Making slow progress through the cave.

[Fluff] For every Omastar we encounter, the chat goes crazy for Helix!

34d 6h 17m Venomoth is now in front. Followed by Alakazam, Dragonite, Zapdos, SLowbro, and Cloyster.

34d 6h 10m We head down a floor

34d 6h 8m We enter Seafoam Island and Democracy activates!

34d 6h 8m We land onto Seafoam Island

34d 6h 0m We surf towards Seafoam Island

34d 5h 57m We land in Cinnabar Island!

34d 5h 39m We head on down to Route 21 enroute to Cinnabar Island

34d 5h 38m We use surf!

34d 5h 34m Just wandering around Pallet Town, just deciding what to do next

34d 5h 31m We save a few more times just to be sure!

[Info] Our Vaporeon's full nickname is AAIHGGGG--

34d 5h 27m We also Save the Game!

34d 5h 27m We have now completed 87.33% of the Pokédex! We need 20 more entries to complete the dex!

34d 5h 24m We exit our house!

34d 5h 22m We heal!

34d 5h 21m We enter our house

34d 5h 20m We land in Pallet Town with a Victorious catch of a Vaporeon

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

34d 5h 18m We Catch a Lv 42 Vaporeon nick named AIIGH

34d 5h 18m Isn't that bold-worthy? We caught Vaporeon! Finally!

34d 5h 17m 2 Great balls and we catch it!

34d 5h 17m We throw another GreaTBALL

34d 5h 17m We attempt to throw an Ultra Ball, then we throw a Great Ball

34d 5h 17m We encounter a Lv. 42 Vaporeon, and we go searching for dem balls


34d 5h 14m We use surf!

[Status] Cloyster, Alakazam, and Dragonite are fainted, Zapdos has 82/348 HP, Slowbro has 373/374 HP, and Venomoth has 206/278 HP!

34d 5h 12m Still looking for Vaporeon

34d 4h 53m We land back onto the patch of grass infront of Pallet Town

34d 4h 42m The only mon left to catch is Vaporeon and we are having so much luck finding them

[Info] We have completed 86.09% of the Pokédex. Only 21 more entries to get!

[Info] Goldeen we caught was Lv. 20!

34d 4h 35m Another one. Thanks RNG!

34d 4h 33m and we get smited with another Goldeen encounter right after the previous one.

34d 4h 33m We caught Goldeen named AIIHHHHHHH!!!

34d 4h 32m We throw another one Caught!

34d 4h 32m Another try, another broken ball!

34d 4h 32m We throw another one. No catch!

34d 4h 32m We throw a Poke Ball. It fails

34d 4h 31m We enter our bag!

34d 4h 31m We encounter a Goldeen!

34d 4h 16m Stream back to normal!

[Snark] Even the stream is tired of this

34d 4h 15m "Aw, SNAP!"

34d 4h 15m Still looking for Vaporeon and/or Goldeen. Still failing

34d 3h 57m We took a quick look at Bulbasaur. Now back for looking for those mon!

34d 3h 45m And we surf off Fat Man Island

34d 3h 43m We land on Fat Man Island!

34d 3h 42m Looking around the water for another Vaporeon

[rip] rip vaporeon, and all our dreams

34d 3h 27m 2 Drill Pecks takes it down, and chat is dissapointed.

34d 3h 26m now 22 remain!

34d 3h 26m 24x Ultra Balls remain!

34d 3h 25m Abe keeps on throwing his balls

34d 3h 25m We keep on chunking balls

34d 3h 25m We throw another. It won't stay in

[Fluff] Did Vaporeon just disappeared?

34d 3h 24m Another is thrown. And another

34d 3h 24m We throw another one. No cigar

34d 3h 24m We threw an Ultra Ball

34d 3h 23m We decide that Poke balls don't work and go down deeper in our bag

[Snark] We should have been surfing for 4 hours instead. Kappa

34d 3h 23m We start throwing 2 balls, they both fail!

34d 3h 22m We go down the bag


34d 3h 16m We are just a few tiles above Fat Man Island trying to look for Vaporeon and Goldeen

[Fluff] BTW, We've looked for Vaporeon for 4 hours now. Good thing we went surfing instead.

34d 3h 9m We surf!

34d 3h 6m We save the game!

34d 3h 6m We either are trying to get off the bike or trying to surf

Still looking in the grass for that wild Vaporeon!

34d 2h 44m There seems to be a push to surf as we can find Vaporeon and Goldeen in the water

34d 2h 27m Vaporeon is still evading our sights!

34d 2h 19m Still no luck with Vaporeon!

34d 2h 3m We try to chuck a Pokeball at a Wild Starmie! Ball doesn't catch it and then we run away!

34d 2h 0m Still looking for that Vaporeon!

34d 1h 29m We then run from the wild Seaking!

34d 1h 29m Seaking takes out Alakazam!

34d 1h 29m We toss a pokeball and fail!

[Info] x97 Anitdotes remain in our pocket!

34d 1h 28m And we use an Antidote to heal Alakazam from its poison!

34d 1h 27m Alakazam is in the red zone with 44/214 HP remaining while we are still looking for that Vaporeon!

34d 1h 20m We get on the bike!

34d 1h 15m We encounter a Kingler and chat goes crazy wanting to catch it and forgetting we already have one. We run instead

34d 1h 13m Alakzazam is poisoned!

[Info] For those who's video is just coming back on, we are in the patch of grass just south on Pallet Town

34d 1h 4m We are still searching for that Vaporeon!

34d 1h 1m We encounter a Starmie and NightBat's are flying in chat

34d 0h 59m Sub Only Mode Deactivated!

[Meta] I got to run now. If there's anyone available to update. Otherwise updater will be quiet quiet for a bit.

[Info] Chat still seems to be on Subscriber mode only

34d 0h 52m We run away from Psyduck.

34d 0h 52m We're currently stuck on fighting a wild Psyduck!


[Chat] ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. Together we can stop this. Please spread the word ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Twitch] Our engineers are continuing to work on video delivery, and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. AC

[Snark] You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

34d 0h 3m [Info] Stream has been offline for 1 Hour!

[Snark] If stream comes back online, that is. Kappa

Day 35 of Pokémon Red TPP Anniversary Edition.

33d 23h 57m Stream still offline.

[Fluff] Anyone want to wager how long the stream will be offline for? We've already passed 30 minutes of offline so far.

[Snark] Eye no, rite?

[Snark] So elitist.

[Info] Streamer just set the room in subscribers-only mode.

[Info] I'm getting an Online, Offline, Online, Offline, Online, Offline buffer from the stream, and eventually back to just stream offline. So maybe it is Twitch after all.

[Fluff] It's sooo, quiet... TOO, quiet....

[Twitch] We're continuing to look into and fix loading issues. Apologies for any issues experienced, keep us updated about them here! AC

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

33d 23h 2m STREAM OFFLINE!

33d 22h 56m Alakazam grew to Lv.85!

[Stats] Alakazam Lv. 85 - Max. HP 214 Attack 122 Defense 112 Speed 251 Special 259

[Donation] $3.00 from Info: "Protip: An easier way is to just use a moonstone on flareon to turn it back into Eevee, then using the water stone."

[Fluff] TFW NO Vaporeon after many hours of wild encounters.

33d 22h 41m Still looking for Vaporeon.

33d 22h 26m [Info] #Poketext seems to be back up..... Barely, as it seems to miss a few messages here and there.

33d 22h 22m [Info] Still running into other wild Pokemon that we already caught, as we either run from them, or fight them off. Still no sign of Vaporeon.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VAPOREON OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Someone missed an update to Alakazam's level up, as I can't find it on the updater. Last level up update I can see is when it grew to Lv.83.

[Info] We check Alakazam's Stats:

[Stats] Alakazam Lv. 84 - Max. HP 211 Attack 119 Defense 108 Speed 246 Special 253

33d 22h 4m Alakazam uses Recover to gain more HP! 184/211 HP now.

33d 22h 0m [Info] Alakazam 79/211 HP left.

[Fluff] Thank goodness for past broadcast videos. Kappa

[Info] Nickname of caught Kingler is "AAAAFFFFXX"

[Info] #Poketext crashed some time ago, so it also did not catch nickname. ;_;

[Info] All that's left here should be Vaporeon now. Also, didn't catch Nickname of Kingler as I was getting the other info. Will get the nickname in a bit.

33d 21h 47m Threw 6 Pokeballs at Kingler, and Caught! It's a Lv.52!

33d 21h 45m We find a wild Kingler.

[Info] Seems like we're still searching for a Vaporeon here, which chat says is a 1% chance of appearing.

33d 21h 41m We're either fighting, or Running away from wild Pokemon now.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry about the resubscriber alert not working, Twitch keeps changing the syntax, it'll be functional when or before PBR returns

[Info] The Seaking we caught is Lv.62.

33d 21h 21m Nickname is "AAJJJJJSSx"

33d 21h 21m Threw 1 Ultra Ball at Seaking! Catch!

33d 21h 20m Threw 2 more Pokeballs at wild Seaking. Still no catch.

33d 21h 17m Thew 2 Pokeballs at another wild Seaking. No catch.

33d 21h 15m Threw some ultra balls at Seaking. No catch and Cloyster faints to Horn Drill. Sorry didnt catch # thrown.

[Meta] Sorry, i got to go now, so this place might be dead for a little while.

33d 21h 11m still fighting against wild mons.

33d 21h 2m Threw a pokéball at a seaking It fails, we run

33d 20h 59m Caught dewgong,nickname ASSSSSS:, level 62!

33d 20h 59m Threw 3 pokéballs at a dewgong! they fail!

33d 20h 52m We landed on the grass below pallet town.

33d 20h 49m Currently fighting wild mons, with ICU as the leads of the party.

33d 20h 44m Now surfing on route 21!

[meta] You may go for a while without and updater, I'm signing off for now. Cheers!

33d 20h 32m Stream seems to be back online. We're currently outside, and we saved the game.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: all of Twitch is messed up right now

33d 20h 6m And the stream went down..

33d 20h 6m We healed and checkpointed at Cinnabar Island.

33d 20h 2m Finally left the pokémon mansion.

[Info] Dragonite leveled up to Lv 56

33d 19h 45m Oh shoot, Dragonite just fainted to wild Rapidash.

33d 19h 43m Now on our way out of the pokémon mansion. Only pokémons left here that were are missing are Golem and Hypno. They can both be found other places we're going.

33d 19h 40m We nickname it: AAJJJ ZZZ

33d 19h 39m Oops, I tuned out for a moment.. We caught a wild Ninetales! Woo!

33d 19h 26m Oh no! Alakazam fainted to a wild Rapidash!

33d 19h 21m Abe is covering in a corner surrounded by Yoshi. Their warmth calm him and help him forget the frightening Ninetales that chase him .. (read: still trying to catch a Ninetales and not run from it)

33d 19h 5m Thankfully we escaped from it!

33d 19h 4m Found a ninetales. Catch!

33d 18h 47m Still looking for Ninetales' in the pokémon mansion.

33d 18h 36m We fled from the Ninetales..

[Info] From the pokémon mart earlier, apparently we got 46 Ultra Balls.

33d 18h 34m Up against Ninetales!

[Info] We have not yet caught Ninetales and it is exclusively found in the pokémon mansion. We can also find Hypno and Golem in the mansion.

33d 18h 19m Nickname: "JRRCRRJJBB"

33d 18h 19m We threw a pokéball and caught Rapidash lvl 60!

33d 18h 18m Up against Rapidash at very low health now.

33d 18h 11m Alright! We caught it after 3 pokéballs! Nickname: "AAAsZZZZZZ"

33d 18h 10m We're up against another Arcanine. We've brought it down to low health.

33d 18h 3m Rapidash knocked itself out with recoil..

33d 18h 2m It does not catch.

33d 18h 2m 1 Pokéball thrown at a wild Rapidash

33d 18h 2m We try the same thing on another Arcanine, with the same outcome, no catch.

33d 17h 57m Threw a ball after Arcanine but it escaped us.

33d 17h 43m Back in the pokémon mansion for a delicious round of catch!

33d 17h 40m Left the pokémart.

33d 17h 38m Now about 30 ultra balls and 5 great ball. We're down to 388 pokeyen.

33d 17h 37m We're buying pokéballs, my tally is about 20 ultra balls and 4 great balls.

33d 17h 31m We enter the Cinnabar pokémart.

33d 17h 26m We land on Cinnabar Island.

33d 17h 18m Yet another Tentacruel. Quickly dealt with in the same manner. We have defeaten the foe trainer.

33d 17h 17m Venomoth takes care of that one likewise. Venomoth grew to lvl 83.

33d 17h 16m Venomoth takes care of it with a few psychics. He sends out another Tentacruel.

33d 17h 16m The Swimmer sends out a Tentacruel lvl 75.

33d 17h 16m We were challenged by a Swimmer

33d 17h 14m And now entering route 21.

33d 17h 10m We use surf

33d 17h 7m It seems that people want to get on route 21. We need to use surf for that.

33d 17h 2m We left our home in Pallet Town.

33d 16h 53m We look under our bed and seem to recall a long-gone nightmare.

33d 16h 51m We had a quick chat with mum, she healed our team.

33d 16h 46m It is so peaceful back in Pallet Town.

[Snark] Hey guys! I have a crazy idea! We should check under our bed once we're back in Pallet!

33d 16h 43m We enter our team into the hall of fame!

HYPE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ︵┻━┻


33d 16h 41m We are the champions!

33d 16h 41m WE HAVE WON!

33d 16h 41m Vaporeon faints to Slowbro!

33d 16h 40m And Slowbro actually seems to be doing something useful!


33d 16h 40m Vaporeon wonderously manages to knock out Zapdos in response to which we send out SLowbro!

33d 16h 39m And Slowbro grew to lvl 100 while Blue sent out Vaporeon!

33d 16h 39m We finish off that stupid bug with a drill peck!

33d 16h 39m We switch out to Zapdos! It was getting boring anyway!

33d 16h 38m I don't even know what's going on anymore. The Parasect seems to be leeching all the life out of Slowbro!

33d 16h 37m It is then Parasect versus Slowbro!

33d 16h 37m Cloyster is nearly knocked out but we knock out the Tauros first

33d 16h 37m Blue sends out some Tauros and we switch to Cloyster to match.

[Fluff] Super Saiyan Zapdos welcome to the 100 Club!

33d 16h 36m Zapdos has gone SUPER SUPER saiyan and leveled up to 100!

33d 16h 36m Blue sends out a Kingler against Zapdos! OHKO'd with the raging thunder of THOR!

33d 16h 35m We land on Zapdos and he instantly knocks out Fearow with a Thunder!

33d 16h 35m We're confusing the enemy by switching in and out!

33d 16h 35m Blue follows up with some Fearow or something. We switch to Slowbro and then to Zapdos. Tactics!

33d 16h 34m Cloyster nonetheless manages to knock Pidgeot out in one hit!

33d 16h 34m Blue sends out Pidgeot against Zapdos. Zapdos would be too OP so we switch to Cloyster!

[Snark] Time to beat blue Kappa

33d 16h 33m We face the almost final champion or whatever, our old rival Blue!


33d 16h 32m We have beaten the weird pale kid who was standing in our way called Lance!

33d 16h 32m Lance sends in his final pokémon Dragonite! Guess what? OHKO'D!

33d 16h 31m Seadra? OHKO'D.

33d 16h 31m Lance is about to send in some Charizard! Zapdos isn't afraid! OHKO'D!

33d 16h 31m And finishes Aerodactyl off with its Thunder!

33d 16h 30m Zapdos uses a bunch of Double Teams!

33d 16h 30m I aint afraid of no dinosaur!

33d 16h 29m But in the end Dratini faints and we send back in Zapdos!

33d 16h 29m Dratini does manage to paralyze the foe!

33d 16h 28m We switch back to Dratini for no reason!

33d 16h 27m Zapdos pecks the archaic reptillian illuminati to near death but Lance heals him with a hyper potion!

33d 16h 27m Lance sends out Aerodactyl and we respond with Super Saiyan!!

33d 16h 26m Slowbro messes up Gyrados real good with his massive Strength!

33d 16h 26m So we switch to Slowbro!

33d 16h 25m Our Dratini is unfortunately.. rather underleveled to fight this monster.

33d 16h 25m Lance sends out his snakey fish that he calls a Gyarydos!

33d 16h 23m We challenge Dracula Lance of the elite four!

[Info] A reminder that this is not the real rematch with the Elite Four this is just to get money to buy Ultra Balls if we beat the E4 including Blue we will have to do the ledge again...


33d 16h 23m We have beaten Agatha of the elite four!

33d 16h 22m Cloyster is confused and low on health. But didn't I tell you we have discipline? Gengar is BTFO by Cloyster.

33d 16h 22m Agatha sends out her final pokémon, Gengar!

33d 16h 22m Then switch to Cloyster against Agatha's Arbok! We nearly instantly knock out the Arbok.

33d 16h 21m We send out Slowbro to finish off the Beedrill!

33d 16h 20m A moment of silence for our fallen brother.

33d 16h 20m Agatha sends out Beedrill... Alakazam fainted to Beedrill

33d 16h 20m Alakazam is just tha real mvp.

33d 16h 19m Agatha sends out a Weezing.OHKO'D

33d 16h 19m We nearly instantly beat him into the mud where he belongs.

33d 16h 19m Agatha sends out Muk against our Alakazam!

33d 16h 18m Agatha the old hag challenges us to a brawl!

[Snark] Alakazam swiped the floor on this one! I can feel it! This is TEH URN!

33d 16h 16m We have defeated Bruno, the wimp of the elite four!

33d 16h 16m Alakazam grew to lvl 83!

33d 16h 16m We go ahead and finish off Machamp!

33d 16h 15m Machamp! ... Nearly OHKO'd.

33d 16h 15m Poliwrath! OHKO'D!

33d 16h 15m Hitmonlee! OHKO'D!

33d 16h 14m Bruno sends out Hitmonchan! OHKO'D!

33d 16h 14m Primeape is immediately knocked out by Alakazam!

33d 16h 14m Bruno sends out a Primeape!

33d 16h 13m We challenge Bruno of the elite four to a deadly duel of the minds!

[Snark] There is no doubt this is teh urn! Come on, we can do this!!

33d 16h 12m We have beaten Lorelei of the elite four!

33d 16h 12m Lapras faints to our supreme Cloyster!

33d 16h 11m Lapras tries to confuse us! Little does he know what discipline we have achieved from the great ledges of east viridian.

33d 16h 10m Lapras doesn't even know what to do when we clamp him!

33d 16h 9m Cloyster is doing serious damage to that Lapras and taking none himself!

33d 16h 9m What are you gonna do Lapras? Wiggle your tail!?

33d 16h 8m Jynx is finally knocked out by a surf. Lorelei sends out her wimpy Lapras!

33d 16h 7m Cloyster clamps like he's born to it.

33d 16h 6m Lorelei sends out a vile Jynx!

33d 16h 6m Clamp King will not release his grasp upon Seaking. Seaking faints!

33d 16h 6m Cloyster starts clamping the Seaking.

33d 16h 5m Lorelei sends out a Seaking.

33d 16h 5m Clamp Lord clamps the pretender till it faints.

33d 16h 4m The supreme Clamp Lord will not be bullied by a pretender.

33d 16h 3m We send out the real Cloyster.

33d 16h 3m Venomoth faints to Cloysters spikes :c

33d 16h 2m No false Cloyster may sit the pearly throne!

33d 16h 1m Lorelei sends out imposter Cloyster.

33d 16h 1m But Dewgong in the end knocked himself out in confusion. Stupid!

33d 16h 1m Lorelei throws all her potions at Dewgong trying to saved him.

33d 16h 0m Haha, confused and paralyzed! You can't keep up with our killer bug!

33d 16h 0m He wakes up but we paralyze him again. Show 'em, Venomoth.

33d 15h 59m Dewgong is sleeping, he looks so sweet when he sleeps.

33d 15h 58m Lorelei sends out Supreme Overlord Dewgong.

33d 15h 58m We challenge Lorelei

33d 15h 57m That's it, we challenge the Elite Four!

33d 15h 54m We buy one Ultra Ball

[Snark] Is this.. TEH URN!?

33d 15h 51m And then.. we black out. Back at Indigo Plateau.

33d 15h 50m Up against a wild Venomoth, Cloyster faints.

33d 15h 38m The Golem exploded and pushed Cloyster down to 43hp.

33d 15h 37m We found another Golem. inb4 we black out

33d 15h 36m Slowbro has fainted while I wasn't looking. Meh, it's just Slowbro.

[Snark] PBR, PBR everywhere.

33d 15h 29m Clefable is nicknamed: YOLONOME

33d 15h 20m More pokéballs are thrown and we CATCH THE WILD CLEFABLE81

33d 15h 18m Again we miss with 3 different pokéballs

33d 15h 15m Our Slowbro is nearly fainted and has been put to sleep.

33d 15h 13m 3 more pokéballs miss and we attempt damaging it a bit, for better rates.

33d 15h 11m Another 3 pokéballs and all of them miss.

33d 15h 10m We throw 3 pokéball and none of them catch the Clefable.

[Fluff] Metronome hype~

33d 15h 6m Oooh, this is a rare sight! We're up against a Clefable!

33d 15h 2m The Golem went KAPOW.

[Fluff] Taking bets!

33d 15h 1m Up against another wild Golem. Kapow or catch?

33d 14h 52m We're still looking for monsters on the Victory Road.

[Fluff] [Info] Took it 18 hours to raise a level. Guess when Slowbro will join Cloyster in the 100 club?

[Stats] Slowbro lvl 99: Attack: 223, Defense: 285, Speed: 133, Special: 243.

33d 14h 29m Slowbro grew to lvl 99

33d 14h 19m Our party is down to Slowbro and Cloyster.

33d 14h 19m Zapdos fainted to wild Onix

33d 14h 16m Up against Golem, went KAPOW, Super Saiyan is down to 1hp. CLUTCH.

33d 14h 7m We use 4 pokéballs that all miss, then we knock out the Golem.

33d 14h 5m Up against a Golem. Can we catch it?

[Fluff] How can we be getting rekt by the Victory Road?

33d 13h 53m We've sent out our Cloyster, but it is paralyzed by the Venomoth.

33d 13h 50m Dragonite is put asleep and then knocked out by wild Venomoth.

33d 13h 45m Strolling through the Victory Road.

33d 13h 35m Venomoth faints to a wild Onix, good use of that Max Revive.

33d 13h 28m Venomoth is very low on health from battles already.

[Info] List of Pokemons Left to Catch: Nidorino,Gloom,Tauros,Wigglytuff,Clefable,Raichu,Magnemite,Jolteon, Vileplume,Dugtrio,Butterfree,Arcanine,Golem,Nidoqueen,Nidoking, Hitmonlee,Hypno,Dewgong,Seaking,Kingler,Vaporeon,Graveler, Ninetales,Rapidash,Ivysaur,Poliwrath,Goldeen,Metwo,Mew

33d 13h 18m Our Venomoth is paralyzed by a wild Venomoth.

33d 13h 14m We use a max revive on Venomoth so that we can continue catching.

[Chat] Rioting and "teabagging" with start9 EleGiggle

[Snark] Children, cover your eyes and ears.

33d 13h 6m We nickname the Blastoise: CUNT

33d 13h 3m WE CAUGHT THAT DARN BLASTOISE after more than 30 pokéballs by my count.

33d 13h 3m We send out Cloyster now, who should manage.

[Fluff] What the hell is going wrong here.

33d 13h 2m And we used two more pokéballs in between.

33d 13h 2m Alakazam fainted to Blastoise

33d 13h 0m We throw another 3 pokeballs, Alakazam is brought down to 49hp.

33d 12h 57m It definitely does, Blastoise is at about 1/4 health.

33d 12h 57m We've switched out to Alakazam, hoping this might do some damage.

[Snark] This attempt is just laughably horrible.

33d 12h 54m Dragonite is out and we've paralyzed the Blastoise now.

33d 12h 51m Venomoth is knocked out.

33d 12h 51m Another 5 pokéballs and Blastoise awakens.

33d 12h 48m Blastoise is sleeping again.

33d 12h 47m 5 more pokéballs spent, Blastoise back awake. Venomoth clutching hard.

33d 12h 45m Venomoth is down to 19hp, but Blastoise has been put to sleep again.

33d 12h 44m Venomoth is very low on health, which does not bode well.

33d 12h 43m We use 3 pokéballs and now Blastoise woke up again.

33d 12h 42m Put the Blastoise to sleep again and are bruteforcing with pokéballs. Fortunately we have enough of those.

[Snark] Must be the Pokéballs disrupting its sleep.

33d 12h 40m We throw 3 more balls* that each fail.

33d 12h 39m Blastoise has woken back up.

33d 12h 38m The first ball we threw was our last ultra ball. So much for that.

33d 12h 38m We've thrown 5 balls and the Blastoise is still not caught.

33d 12h 35m After two more attempts, Blastoise fell asleep.

33d 12h 34m Well we used sleep powder, but it wasn't effective.

33d 12h 33m Up against a Blastoise now, we put it to sleep.

[Info] Graveler,Dugtrio,Golem can be found on B1F,Blastiose,Golem and Clefable can be found on B3F of Victory road

[Snark] Werewolf Confirmed Kappa

33d 12h 20m Nickname is GYAOOOOOOO Seven O's, making the maximum character space


33d 12h 20m GYAOO

[Snark] Gyaoooo

33d 12h 19m GYAO

33d 12h 19m GYA

33d 12h 18m GY currently inputted

33d 12h 18m Trying to name it GYAOO?

33d 12h 18m And we remove it

33d 12h 17m We enter a S

[Chat] KillerMapper: AERIAL AS Kreygasm

33d 12h 17m Uh, we remove the first two characters

33d 12h 16m AS


33d 12h 16m Okay, we put in an A

[Fluff] 80% of pokedex hype

33d 12h 14m That's two Ultra Balls used

33d 12h 14m MOLTRES WAS CAUGHT!!

33d 12h 14m We use one Ultra Ball

33d 12h 11m Venomoth vs Moltres, we put it to sleep


33d 12h 11m All Pokémon have been seen!

33d 12h 11m In Democracy

33d 12h 10m Battling Moltres!

33d 12h 10m We pick up a Guard Spec

33d 12h 9m We can and we're switching Venomoth to front for sleep.

33d 12h 8m Uh, I think we can see Moltres

[Chat/IRC] MOM was transferred to BILLs PC!

33d 12h 5m We named it "Mom". SwiftRage

33d 12h 3m "MOM"

Nickname hasn't been finalised yet

33d 12h 3m We're naming it Mom?

Mum SwiftRage

33d 12h 2m We're in Demo btw

33d 12h 2m M

[Chat] CAN GAS CAN PogChamp

33d 12h 1m Level 81, Pokedex data added

33d 12h 0m We caught a wild Kangaskhan!

33d 11h 48m Wild Golem EleGiggle

33d 11h 41m We enter VR

[Fluff] We'll only have to change boxes one more time to catch the remaining monsters! Once Moltres is caught we'll have seen them all! Progress hype!

[Chat] KillerMapper: NAME MOLTRES "MOLSTRESS" Kappa

33d 11h 34m Now traversing the area between the Pokecenter and VR

33d 11h 34m Nope, back in

And out

33d 11h 34m We exit the League Pokecenter

33d 11h 32m Now chat wants to catch Moltres

33d 11h 31m We switch to Box 11 and we're NOT in democracy

33d 11h 31m We're in the PC oh Helix what did I miss

Darnit Chrome

33d 11h 27m At the League Pokecenter

33d 11h 27m Oh. We encounter a wild Golem who KAPOWs EleGiggle and Zapdos faints. And we black out

33d 11h 24m So our party is currently: everything has fainted except for Saiyan God Bird, on 17HP

33d 11h 23m We send in Zapdos, use Sky Attack, Charizard's Fire Spin misses EleGiggle and we defeat Charizard

33d 11h 21m Cloyster faints

[Chat] Something something Wait4Blackout

33d 11h 15m Venomoth faints

33d 11h 14m Oh

Dragonite faints

33d 11h 13m Oh

A crit Slash puts us at 19 health

33d 11h 12m W..wild.. Charizard?

Growleerzard you came back?

[Snark] Geddit? As we're on Victory road?

I'll show myself out now

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GRINDING VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


33d 11h 10m We forgot Slam BibleThump for HYPEr BEAM

33d 11h 9m Woah, we're trying to learn Hyper Beam

33d 11h 7m We are trying to learn a move


33d 11h 7m We use one rare candy on Dragonair! It levels up to 54!

33d 11h 2m Oh, taking out the Dragonite defeated the trainer. Sorry about that

33d 11h 6m We're trying to use Rare Candies.

[Stats] Zapdos Lv. 99 - Max HP 343 Attack 231 Defense 242 Speed 276 Special 301

33d 11h 2m And somehow we take out Dragonite.

[Snark] Red health Kappa I mean very low health, where it goes Beep beep beep beep incessantly.

33d 11h 1m Zapdos, Cloyster, and Venomoth are on red health. Slowbro was, but then they fainted

33d 11h 0m Slowbro faints

33d 11h 0m Trainer sends out a Dragonite! Chat goes wild with hype

33d 10h 59m Dragonair levels up to Level 53!!

33d 10h 58m And we take out Charizard

33d 10h 58m We switch out to Slowbro

33d 10h 57m Yep, Charizard out next. BibleThump Dragonair sent in

33d 10h 56m Zapdos levels up to 99!

33d 10h 56m We switch back to Zapdos and OHKO it with I presume Thunder

33d 10h 55m An X Attack is used on Blastoise

33d 10h 54m We switch out to Dragonair vs Blastoise. Y'all know who's next... BibleThump

33d 10h 53m Psychic takes it out.

33d 10h 51m We were sleep but now we're awake, and we almost take out Venusaur with a something

33d 10h 50m We switch out to Venomoth, and a crit something puts us at 25 health

33d 10h 48m Cooltrainer Male sends out Venusaur, we send out Dragonair

33d 10h 48m Beating up wild mons, when we encounter another trainer

33d 10h 43m We do some kind of strength puzzle

33d 10h 42m We defeated the Trainer. Strength is activated on this floor

33d 10h 39m And we take out the Lickitung with a crit something! Dragonair levels up to 52!

33d 10h 39m We switch out to Venomoth

33d 10h 38m Dragonair vs Lickitung

33d 10h 36m And Lapras faints!

33d 10h 35m Parafusion EleGiggle

33d 10h 34m Oh, we switched out to Slowbro! Woops

33d 10h 34m Slowly whittling down its health

33d 10h 32m Dragonair vs Lapras

33d 10h 31m We switch to Slowbro and take it out with Surf

[Fluff] The feels... BibleThump

33d 10h 30m Slowly whittling down its health with Surf.

33d 10h 28m Pokemaniac sends out Charizard BibleThump

33d 10h 28m Challenged by a trainer

33d 10h 22m Just beating up wild mons

33d 10h 17m We picked up a Max Revive

33d 10h 15m And we take out Arcanine and defeat the Trainer!

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 51 - Max. HP 141 Attack 108 Defense 100 Speed 101 Special 108

33d 10h 14m Dragonair levels up to 51!

33d 10h 13m We switch out to Slowbro, and Surf. Tactical switch PogChamp

33d 10h 12m We took out Cloyster with a Thunder, Arcanine is sent out

33d 10h 8m Exeggutor fainted, Cloyster was sent out, we switch to Dragonair, and back to Zapdos, who is now on 13HP. Switch training PogChamp

[Fluff] I had to leave for a sec, back to our regularly scheduled program.

33d 10h 7m Zapdos is put to sleep

33d 10h 7m We switch out to Zapdos and are attacking the Exeguutor

33d 10h 6m We switch out to Venomoth

33d 10h 5m Cooltrainer Male, their Exeggutor vs Dragonair

33d 10h 4m We battle a Trainer

33d 10h 2m Also it was a crit! Gen 1 mechanics EleGiggle

33d 10h 2m We take out Kangaskhan with a Psychic!

33d 10h 1m Wild Kangaskhan. We switch out to Venomoth

33d 10h 0m We switch out to Cloyster! Uh, Golem kapows and we have 5HP left?

33d 9h 59m dragonair against a wild golem EleGiggle

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 82 - Max. HP 274 Attack 143 Defense 132 Speed 183 Special 234

[Info] Via Drill Peck

33d 9h 56m Venomoth levels up to Level 82!

33d 9h 56m And somehow we take out Chansey?

[Chat] johnbone115: FailFish donation match FailFish

Wertx24: Who donated this match BabyRage

33d 9h 53m Abe decides to switch in Zapdos

33d 9h 53m Meanwhile Chansey uses Minimize....crap

33d 9h 52m Venomoth uses Psychic and it barely does anything

33d 9h 51m Inb4...yep, switched, although this time to Venomoth

33d 9h 51m Cooltrainer sends in Chansey as we switch out to Dragonair

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 50 - Max. HP 139 Attack 105 Defense 98 Speed 99 Special 106

33d 9h 50m Dragonair grows to level 50!

33d 9h 50m One Thunder takes down Dewgong!

33d 9h 49m Dragonair, having done its part, is switched out with Zapdos

33d 9h 49m Cooltrainer sends out a Dewgong, Abe switches in Dragonair

33d 9h 47m Zapdos in and takes care of Parasect

33d 9h 46m Alakazam faints!

33d 9h 45m Parasect94 in versus our Dragonair

33d 9h 45m Cooltrainer (female) wants to fight!

33d 9h 42m Still just grinding

33d 9h 37m Cooltrainer (male) defeated!

33d 9h 37m Another Psychic takes care of Blastoise though!

33d 9h 36m Blastoise uses Bite and crits Alakazam. Alakazam's HP at 55 now

33d 9h 36m Psychic knocks out about half of Blastoise's HP

33d 9h 35m Alakazam switched in

33d 9h 35m Cooltrainer sends out Blastoise94 , we do the usual and send in Dragonair for the EXP

33d 9h 33m Tentacruel's Barrier is no match for Alakazam's Psychic! Tentacruel goes down in one shot!

33d 9h 33m Meanwhile Tentacruel keeps using Barrier

33d 9h 32m Another Recover has Alakazam at full health now

33d 9h 32m Alakazam uses Recover and is back at almost full HP

33d 9h 31m Just like that we switch in Alakazam

33d 9h 31m Tentacruel94 in versus Dragonair. Can't beat these switch-training strats

33d 9h 29m And a Psychic OHKO's Kingler

33d 9h 29m Alakazam, who was recently cured with an Antidote from Poison gets sent in

33d 9h 28m Kingler94 in versus Dragonair

33d 9h 28m Challenging another trainer! This time Cooltrainer (male)

33d 9h 26m We are attempting to use Antidote on Alakazam

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 49 - Max. HP 135 Attack 103 Defense 96 Speed 97 Special 103

33d 9h 22m Electrode down, no one beats ICU! Cooltrainer (female) defeated, Dragonair grows to level 49!

33d 9h 21m Thank god Dragonair can learn stuff by just popping into a battle for a second, we send out Cloyster

33d 9h 21m Cooltrainer sends out Electrode, we send in Dragonair to get dat EXP

33d 9h 19m Alakazam uses Psychic, it one shots Venusaur! Where's your sunlight now?

33d 9h 18m Venusaur somehow takes in sunlight in a cave...HAX!

33d 9h 18m Realizing our mistake we switch Alakazam back in

33d 9h 17m Cooltrainer sends out Venusaur, and we send out Dragonair

33d 9h 15m Poison Powder poisons Alakazam! Another Psybeam takes down Victreebel

33d 9h 15m Another Psybeam from Alakazam brings Victreebel back down to low HP

33d 9h 14m Cooltrainer uses Hyper Potion on Victreebel WutFace What is this, a gym battle?

33d 9h 14m A crit brings Alakazam's health down pretty well, but he responds with Psybeam and it crits! Victreebel hanging on with barely any health left

33d 9h 13m But we switch in Alakazam for Dragonair

[Fluff] A trainer battle in Democracy? #Sonotimpressed.

33d 9h 13m Victreebel95 in versus the AXEMAN

33d 9h 12m Oh crap it's a trainer! We are challenged by Cooltrainer (female)

33d 9h 5m Another Recover has Alakazam at full health!

33d 9h 5m Alakazam, despite being confused, manages to use Recover and is now at 105/196 HP

[Info] Everyone at full health except Alakazam who has 7HP. Party order: Dragonair, Alakazam, Venomoth, Zapdos, Slowbro, Cloyster

33d 9h 2m Strength activated! Boulder blocking our way moved!

33d 8h 59m A crit from a wild Machamp almost takes out Alakazam

[Snark] wait4abrightstart

33d 8h 54m According to some people in chat, there is a boulder we can still move to where we are not trapped. Currently chat is trying to 'wait' out for a few seconds and get a plan together

33d 8h 53m We uh....we may be trapped on this side. AKA no Moltres without doing the ledge again....

33d 8h 51m Down to floor 2

33d 8h 48m Up a ladder to floor 3

33d 8h 47m Back in the VR cavern

33d 8h 41m Abe is having trouble getting back to Victory Road. Blame whomsoever decided it was clever to put all these freaking statues here in a random fashion.

33d 8h 38m We exit the E4 lobby on the VR side, heading back to grind Dragonair


33d 8h Talking to Nurse Joy...

33d 8h 34m We save, as if the streamer would revert back to this save state should we screw up Kappa

33d 8h 33m In the words of Samuel L Jackson: "Hold on to your butts"

We just entered the E4 lobby. Checkpoint or Riot!

[Chat] No checkpoints, no regrets!

Eh, how about no Scottie

[Chat] Jokes are going around about wanting to challenge the E4 without healing.

33d 8h 29m And we are back out, for good it appears this time

33d 8h 28m We exit, decide the sun is too bright, and walk back in

33d 8h 28m And back down, and we are near the exit!

33d 8h 27m Up a ladder and back on the third floor

33d 8h 17m Strength activated on this floor

33d 8h 16m We fell down a hole (purposely)

33d 8h 13m Apparently Venomoth was paralyzed from another Venomoth earlier. Either way, against an Onix Rock Throw takes down Venomoth

33d 8h 11m Against a wild Kangaskhan Venomoth becomes paralyzed but is still able to pull of victory, now only has 26HP left

33d 8h 8m We've been walking along the walls of this floor to avoid trainers

33d 7h 55m Boulder in place!

33d 7h 45m We've activated Strength on this floor and are now moving a boulder

33d 7h 43m We've made our way up to the next floor

33d 7h 34m We spotted Moltres again, but we can't catch it until we change boxes to open up more slots to catch stuff.

33d 7h 22m Still progressing through Victory Road.

[Fluff] And we barely even made progress through Victory Road this run. Clearly not our day. Kappa

33d 7h 9m Dragonair fainted as well! Only 3 'mon left!

33d 7h 2m Cloyster is Fainted. Sorry was AFK, didn't see how.

33d 6h 48m Venomoth grew to Lv.81!

[Stats] Venomoth Lv. 81 - Max. HP 269 Attack 101 Defense 94 Speed 95 Special 101

33d 6h 48m Dragonair Grew to Lv.48!

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 48 - Max. HP 101 Attack 94 Defense 95 Speed 95 Special 101

33d 6h 23m Alakazam fainted to a wild Marowak!

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 47 - Max. HP 130 Attack 99 Defense 92 Speed 93 Special 99

33d 6h 4m Dragonair grew to lvl 47

[Info] #Poketext is back up!

33d 5h 39m Entered Victory Road! Democracy mode is on!

[Snark] Those lessons paid off after all!

[Fluff] See guys? All it takes is a little break from work, and responsibility of working as a team!

33d 5h 22m WE BEAT THE LEDGE!? We're now currently at the badge checking stations!

[Meta] The updater may be going for short break while we're trying to pass the ledge. We'll still cover for any possible level ups, and what not. Otherwise, it will mostly be posts of ledge jumping all over again. We'll be back after we actually pass the ledge, or have moved somewhere else.

33d 4h 56m Back to challenge the ledge once again!

33d 4h 54m Back in Viridian City!

[Snark] We're doing a wonderful job grinding on low level Pokémon.

33d 4h 38m Now walking up North Route 1.

33d 4h 38m Left outside of our house.

33d 4h 35m We talk to mom. She heals our team!

[Fluff] Oops, wrong side..... If you know what I mean. ;)

33d 4h 32m Entered our house.

33d 4h 26m Arrived back in Pallet Town!

[Snark] I Guess AIIIAAB wants to go home and be a Family Man!

33d 4h 22m Riding down south on Route 1.

33d 4h 20m Still riding on our bike, we went back through Viridian City for a break!

33d 4h 17m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 23: You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

33d 4h 13m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 22: You shouldn't have done that!

[Snark] We sure have not been lucky enough today on this wonderful St. Patricks Day. Kappa

33d 4h 9m Alakazam has no more moves left. It is now struggling!

[Info] No PP Left for Psybeam. Only move left is Recover before it begins to struggle.

33d 4h 1m No more PP Left for Alakazam's Psychic.

33d 3h 59m No more PP left for Alakazam's Reflect.

[Fluff] Fun Fact - We've jumped the ledge more times today than I've counted the # of Ledge Hopping 101 lessons added to the updater.

33d 3h 38m Ledge Hopping 101: Error 404, Page Not found.

33d 3h 35m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 20: Access denied!

[Info] 4 Hours of ledge jumping, and fighting wild 'mon!

[Info] #Poketext seems to have been broken once more.

33d 3h 27m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 19: Thank you ledge. But our dignity is in another Route!

33d 3h 17m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 18: It's dangerous to go alone.

33d 3h 14m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 17: It's a secret to everybody!

33d 3h 11m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 16: If all else fails, use Fire!

33d 3h 4m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 15: Keep training, to be the very best jumper in the world.

33d 2h 50m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 14: Only the best jumpers in the world are pro athletes.

[Snark] The ride never ends.

33d 2h 31m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 13: Balance - If there is too much of one thing at a time, do the opposite of the other.

[Info] 3 Hours of ledge jumping now.

33d 2h 19m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 12: Overworking yourself is not a good idea. Take plenty of rest when needed.

33d 2h 15m Dragonair used its last struggle with only 4 HP left, and FAINTS to a wild pokémon encounter!

[Info] 33d 2h 14m OH. I forgot to mention Dragonair has been struggling for some time now, as it has no more moves left, which explains all the HP being dropped down.

[Info] Dragonair down to 25/126 HP.

33d 2h 6m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 11: Follow through with it. Continue with your adventure.

[Chat] Nice! OneHand Next drill!

33d 1h 59m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 10: If you are reading this before the previous lessons, you've gone too far.

33d 1h 45m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 9: Trust your instincts. Trust yourself. You know what is right.

33d 1h 40m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 8: Never give up!

[Info] We've been ledge jumping, and fighting wild Pokémon for 2 hours now.

33d 1h 27m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 7: Be aware of your surroundings before you jump.

33d 1h 6m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 6: Plant some trees, and flowers around the ledge to make the day a little more happier.

[Snark] Don't forget. You're here forever. Kappa

33d 0h 47m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 5: Ledges must be jumped at least once a day for a daily exercise.

33d 0h 44m Saving again, because it's important to save every time we jump the ledge!

33d 0h 40m Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 4: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

[Snark] Ledges in the way? SET IT ON FIRE! ༼ つಠ益ಠ ༽つ -=Ξ{O}

33d 0h 30m We save the game. Because, Wynaut?

[Snark] Sun Tzu quoth: It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

33d 0h 29m [Snark] Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 3: Know your enemy.

33d 0h 24m Apparently, no PP Left for Dragonair's Thunder Wave as well.

33d 0h 19m [Snark] Ledge Hopping 101: Lesson 2 - Set your goals. Become a better jumper.

33d 0h 17m No PP left for Dragonair's Surf.

[Info] One of our boxes is still full, so we can't throw any more Pokéballs at wild Pokémon.

33d 0h 6m Also, we saved the game, once again.

33d 0h 6m We ALMOST successfully made it up, but there were some downs pressed.

33d 0h 1m We start the day off by jumping over the ledge while on our bike. FailFish

Day 34 of Pokémon Red TPP Anniversary Edition.

[Fluff] Literally ups, and downs. Ups, and downs to avoid the ledge.

32d 23h 51m Still struggling with the ledge, and encountering wild Pokémon while trying to progress through.

32d 23h 41m Riding on our bike for a bit.

32d 23h 40m We save the game multiple times.

[Snark] 32d 23h 32m Ledge Hopping 101: Practice makes Perfect!

32d 23h 24m Encountering more wild Pokémon, as we fight the ledge.

[Snark] Welp, this seems like a familiar scene, as we encounter a wild Ekans.

32d 23h 13m Currently on another route, which I believe is the infamous "ledge jumping" route.

32d 23h 8m Reached Viridian City.

32d 22h 59m Encountering some low level wild Pokémon.

32d 22h 53m Heading up North, on which I assume is Route 1.

32d 22h 50m We're done surfing and reached Pallet town. Went into mom's house for a brief moment.

32d 22h 44m Dragonair grew to Lv.46!

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 46 - Max. HP 126 Attack 95 Defense 89 Speed 89 Special 95

32d 22h 38m Battling some wild Pokémon.

[Info] We check the info of our Pokémon.

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 45 - Max. HP 123 Attack 92 Defense 86 Speed 87 Special 93

[Stats] Alakazam Lv. 81 - Max. HP 196 Attack 106 Defense 97 Speed 230 Special 238

32d 22h 28m We finally go surfing North.

32d 22h 26m We go surfing for a split second before going back.

32d 22h 22m Exited the Poké Center.

32d 22h 21m We healed our team.

32d 22h 21m [Fluff] Talked to the Cable Club girl. Who uses cable for games now a days? Kappa

32d 22h 20m Entered the Pokemon Center.

32d 22h 10m Outside of the Mansion.

[Fluff] Yoshi..... EVERYWHERE! Better name it "Yoshi Mansion" Kappa

[Snark] A Secret switch! Praise it?

[Fluff] I formatted wrong, umm... #BlameKAPOW

Does that work?

32d 21h 24m Slowbro faints, so does the wild weezing


32d 21h 22m Or we can KO it, that works too

32d 21h 21m Wild Golem appeared, this is a mon on our to catch list! Let's do it guys!

[Snark] By totally strategic I mean I should've put a snark tag there

32d 21h 17m We make a totally strategic switch into Cloyster, KOing a wild Ponyta

[Fluff] There has been approximately 5897500 inputs as of this message

[Snark] We are trying to ride over the All-Terrain-Venomoth!

32d 20h 54m We attempt to use our bicycle on a wild Venomoth

I don't think it works that way

[Fluff] TFW you read "Press it?" as "Praise it?" As we press the secret button multiple times.

32d 20h 35m Stream is now grinding to black out with Slowbro leading with 300/365 hp and Closyter 233/257 hp

[Info] A while ago we found both Rare Candies

32d 20h 32m Slowbro levels up to level 98!

32d 20h 30m We try to throw a Pokeball at a Golem but the box is full

32d 20h 27m Zapdos faints to a Golem's Explosion

32d 20h 17m Zapdos clutched a Golem's KAPOW (Explosion) with 6hp from 103

32d 20h 15m We try to pick up an item, but wild mon keep appearing

32d 19h 57m WE kept walking around until Venomoth fainted

32d 19h 13m Tangela paralyzed Slowbro with Stun Spore

32d 19h 6m Alakazam fainted

32d 18h 59m We roam around mansion trying to pick up all the items, while the goal is getting the two Rare Candies

32d 18h 56m Venomoth paralyzed Alakazam with Stun Spore

32d 18h 45m We found a Carbos

32d 18h 17m Alakazam leveled up to Lv 81

[Snark] Grinding session over, lets go faint

32d 18h 9m Dragonair faints to a wild Hypno

[Snark] Looks like we grinded our way to another grinding session

[Info] We can catch Ninetales,Arcanine,Rapidash and Golem in 3F or Hypno in 2F of Cinnabar Mansion

32d 17h 52m We entered the Cinnabar Mansion

[Fluff] I do hope Abe is wearing green, although we couldn't tell. Happy Saint Patrick's Day for people who're celebrating!

[Snark] Best way to end democracy is with The Helix.

32d 17h 45m The democracy grinding session is finally over

32d 17h 43m We blacked out

32d 17h 43m Slowbro faints due to the recoil damage but helix cltuches a struggle from Slowbro

32d 17h 43m The struggle is real!

[Fluff] It also happened roughly 3 hours ago. I'll just say it again... PraiseIt

32d 17h 41m As Slowbro has no more pp left on any moves it uses Struggle on Omantye taking a lot of recoil damage

32d 17h 40m A wild Helix appeared will this be our final battle in Seafoam Islands before blacking out?

32d 17h 28m Psychic now out of PP for Slowbro. Odds are that it couldn't make it.

[Fluff] No idea, but bets are always welcomed!

[Fluff] Slowbro standing strong with the remaining PP and HP do you think it could level up?

32d 17h 23m 68 HP left on Slowbro, the only mon standing.

[Fluff] Even Amnesia runs out of PP. Good job, hivemind.

32d 17h 13m We tried to spam Amnesia so the wild Seel will knock out Slowbro but instead we made it worse now all of Seel's attack only deals 1 or 2 damage to Slowbro

[Fluff] T'was a good grind. Salute

32d 17h 11m Looks like the grinding session is near its climax

32d 17h 11m Dragonair faints to a wild Seel

[Info] We have been grinding in Seafoam Islands for about 5 hours

32d 16h 56m Dragonair did not learn Dragon Rage

[Fluff] Now taking bets for whether it will learn Dragon Rage!

[Snark] !lost 100 didn't expect that

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 45 - Max. HP 123 Attack 92 Defense 86 Speed 87 Special 93

32d 16h 53m Dragonair leveled up to Lv 45

[Snark] !bet 100 it will

[Fluff] Will Dragonair make it to 45 in Seafoam? Taking bets now...

32d 16h 47m The grinding session will probably end soon as we only have Slowbro left and dragonair will probably get another level pretty soon

[Info] Party status: Dragonair44 (5/120), Alakazam80 (fainted), Venomoth80 (fainted), Zapdos98 (fainted), Slowbro97 (120/361), Cloyster100 (fainted)

32d 16h 39m Cloyster finally faints to a wild Kabutops

32d 16h 22m Cloyster is now at 43/257 HP! It is only a matter of time before Cloyster faints

32d 16h 12m We managed to switch Aurora Beam to the first slot time to resume the grinding session this is gonna take a while...

32d 16h 9m Cloyster out of Surf PP.

[Snark] ...in democracy.

[Snark] This is probably one of the most intense grinding in TPP history

[Info] Party status: Dragonair44 (5/120), Alakazam80 (fainted), Venomoth80 (fainted), Zapdos98 (fainted), Slowbro97 (132/361), Cloyster100 (101/257, 2 Surf PP left).

[Chat] Really getting creative with the command chains. As long as they aren't short, it should not impede progress.

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 44 - Max. HP 120 Attack 90 Defense 85 Speed 85 Special 91

So I was right...

32d 15h 58m Dragonair leveled up to Lv 44

32d 15h 57m It probably won't be long until Dragonite gets a promotion.

32d 15h 29m We are still grinding in Seafoam Island by sending out Dragonair everytime and switching to Cloyster

[Snark] Unrip grinding session, for now.

32d 15h 9m Used Rare Candy on Dragonair! Raised to level 43 and revived to 3/118 HP!

[Info] 37 Poké balls and 3 Ultra balls are in Abe's inventory, among others. They aren't useful now, since the PC box is currently full.

[Info] Party Status: Dragonair42 (fainted), Alakazam80 (fainted), Venomoth80 (fainted), Zapdos98 (fainted), Slowbro97 (132/361), Cloyster100 (257/257)

[Chat] The a9 "trolls" won, for now.

32d 15h 1m Zapdos finally faints to Kabutops while frozen

32d 14h 59m Zapdos is fighting a wild Kabutops due to its freeze it is unable to do anything

[Fluff] 100 minutes in democracy, up 3 levels. You guys can extrapolate tha---

Oh wait.

32d 14h 49m Rip grinding session

32d 14h 49m Dragonair faints to a wild Shellder

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 42 - Max. HP 115 Attack 86 Defense 81 Speed 81 Special 87

32d 14h 46m Dragonair leveled up to Lv 42

[Info] No more Surf PP for Slowbro.

32d 14h 42m We have been grinding nonstop in the past hour

[Info] After receiving over 5.88 million inputs for over a month, Abe has 528 Pokéyen in his pocket, caught 118 mons and seen 150.

[Chat] 505 users on TPP chat, but 537 people watching. It's the smallest gap I've seen in a while.

Of course, not many are inputting either.

[Snark] PraiseIt

32d 14h 14m A wild Lord Helix appeared must be mad about how we are grinding in democracy

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 41 - Max. HP 112 Attack 84 Defense 79 Speed 79 Special 84

32d 14h 4m Dragonair leveled up to Lv 41

32d 14h 3m Dragonair is below half health.

32d 13h 48m Still grinding in Seafoam Islands

[Info] Party status: Dragonair40 (104/110), Alakazam80 (fainted), Venomoth80 (fainted), Zapdos98 (217/339), Slowbro97 (361/361), Cloyster100 (257/257).

32d 13h 33m Venomoth faints to a wild Slowpoke

32d 13h 24m Dragonair leveled up to Lv 40

32d 13h 17m We turned off the animations and set text speed to fast

32d 13h 15m Trying to go to options to increase text speed and turn off animations

[Chat] There were several Konami-code-like sequences during democracy mode. Not sure if they were accepted in the votings.

32d 13h 9m Alakazam fainted to a wild Shellder's clamp

32d 13h 4m Wild Kabutops appeared! In democracy mode! This couldn't get any better!

[Fluff] Chat leader is satisfied with the conditions, so let the real grinding commence.

32d 12h 59m We got on the bike again

32d 12h 56m We used surf

[Info] We can get both Seaking and Dewgong in B1F of Seafoam Islands

[Snark] Will the ice ever melt? In this cave, even in spring/autumn, tough luck.

32d 12h 35m Zapdos is frozen! FRZ PogChamp

(That was an intentional decision made by democracy. Wasn't the first time either. Thanks Jespoke.)

32d 12h 29m We take a quick break from grinding to repeatedly check Bulbasaur's cry. It hasn't changed.

32d 12h 22m We got on the bike

32d 12h 18m We tossed TM 46 Psywave

32d 12h 13m Also, this was when voting for the next input started, aka Democracy mode is enabled!

32d 12h 13m We entered Seafoam Islands let the grinding begin!

[Snark] Level 20 Starmie. It matured really fast.

[Snark] 1 down only 16 more levels left

32d 12h 0m Dragonair leveled up to Lv 39

32d 11h 58m Looks like we are surfing to Seafoam Islands to grind Dragonair

[Chat] According to the unfiltered TPP chat, there are way more "right" than "left".

32d 11h 53m We healed our party

32d 11h 51m We entered the Pokemon Center

32d 11h 50m We arrived at Cinnabar Island

32d 11h 44m Defeated the Swimmer

32d 11h 39m Zapdos leveled up to Lv 98

32d 11h 38m Kingler manages to tanked a Sky Attack from Zapdos but isnt doing much damage to Zapdos as Zapdos finishes it off with another Sky Attack

32d 11h 36m Kingler tries to use Guillotine on Zapdos but Zapdos is unaffected as Zapdos keeps spamming Double Team

32d 11h 35m We send in Zapdos which sets up a Double Team

32d 11h 34m Kingler OHKOs Axeman with a Stomp

32d 11h 34m The Swimmer sends out a Lv 75 Kingler

32d 11h 34m Battling a Swimmer

32d 11h 33m We managed to use surf!

[Chat] Ahhh the beauty of Fat Man Island, I was hoping you guys would visit here again Kappa

[Snark] Yeah, good for you. I wonder how both of you can even stand (on) that place for so long!

32d 11h 23m Trying to use surf again

[Fluff] WILSON!

32d 11h 6m We landed on Fat Man Island please enjoy your stay

[Info] This might help us with the locations of the remaining pokemons

32d 10h 40m We finally used surf!

32d 10h 22m Trying to use surf

32d 10h 6m Mom heals our party

32d 10h 4m Arrived at Pallet Town

32d 9h 59m Walking back to Pallet Town

32d 9h 38m We were close on beating the ledge but that one down just makes us jump over it

[Chat] Suggesting to evolve Dragonair at Seafoam, before heading to the PC, since box is full.

32d 9h 15m Oh wait we jumped off the ledge back to the beginning i guess

[Info] 550 users on TPP chat, 590 people watching stream.

32d 8h 58m Again

32d 8h 51m And again

32d 8h 43m And we fail again

32d 8h 34m Approaching the exit again

32d 8h 29m Failed again

32d 8h 27m Kinda close again

[Chat] Megabytedragon: Yes My down worked PogChamp


32d 8h 21m nope, we failed

32d 8h 21m o, we're close to beating the ledge again.

32d 8h 5m WE BEAT THE...oh wait


32d 8h 1m And we run

32d 8h 0m Wild GATEKEEPIKACHU appeared!

32d 8h 0m r...route... 22?!

32d 7h 59m And we reck it

32d 7h 59m We paralyze the Ekans

32d 7h 57m INPUTS ARE BACK!

32d 7h 57m TPP will resume shortly screen is up


32d 7h 48m It's officially been 1 hour since staring contest started!

[Chat] Hikarichino: !move a

32d 7h 46m R-r-r-remix!

32d 7h 43m [Info] Streamer just set the room in subscriber only mode.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: http://twitchstatus.com/

[Info/Fluff] Oh, it's St.Patricks Day! The game inputs crash on St.Patricks Day! Coincidence? I. think.. NOT!

[Snark] Snakes on the grass! KILL IT WITH FIRE! ༼ つಠ益ಠ ༽つ -=Ξ{O}

[Stadium Announcer] The trainer hasn't issued an order! What's the matter, trainer?

[Snark] Party like its 10 PM!

[Stadium Announcer] They're staring each other down!

[Fluff] Cursor is currently frozen at RUN while we can't input. We just need single A's, and we're free from this battle!

[Snark] Welcome to the 3rd Semiannual Championship Staring Contest!

[Fluff] But then it wouldn't be annual, now would it?

[Info] This should be 3rd annual. First time was Plat. 2nd time was in Pokemon X against a trainer battle in Victory Road (I know this because I was also current updater at the time). Now we have this time going on.

[Snark] This is it! The 2nd Annual Championship Staring Contest! It's Dragonair vs. Ekans! Who will win? And perhaps even more importantly, will they beat the record set in 2014 by Flareon and Sneasel? Stay tuned to find out! (Sponsored by the Holy Church of Claw.)

[Chat] "Ban Fest, get your tickets for Ban Fest"

(it seems modbot is kill, sshhh you didn't hear that from me)

[Chat] Darksidecombine: is 00000000 a lot of inputs or is that a bug sorry i am new

RIP Total # of Inputs.

[Snark] So like, we're stuck fighting a Lv.5 wild Ekans forever. Kappa

[Snark] Amazing how far we were able to get without making a single input!

Input counter was reset to zero as well!

32d 6h 51m Commands have been cleared from screen!

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Praise Mesamus ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] #Poketext broken. Commands broken. The world..... IS DYING.

32d 6h 47m Game inputs appear to be frozen at Mesamus command.

[Chat] "_____ in my pants."

32d 6h 36m Yup. Ledge jumping it is. Kappa

32d 6h 22m We just passed through another village/town. Possibly going ledge hopping, then get to VR for possibility of Moltres.

[Donation] $2.00 from The Hero the Chat Deserves.: "Modbot is a ruthless dictator. Press !KaPow to rebel!!!!"

32d 6h 12m Encountering some low level wild Pokémon.

32d 6h 8m We leave Pallet Town.

32d 6h 6m We're outside Pallet Town.

[Info] Nothing important is really happening other than walking around in our room. Up stars downstairs. Talking to mom, etc.

32d 5h 59m We get mom to heal our team!

32d 5h 48m We save the game in moms house.

32d 5h 47m Now currently in Pallet Town.

[Info] Golduck was level 52

[Fluff] Sorry, forgot level again. I'm terrible at those. -_-

[Fluff] Golduck's dex entry literally said "Often seen swimming elegantly by lake shores. It is often mistaken for the Japanese monster, Kappa."

32d 5h 40m Nickname is "Asslddm(MN)(MN)" something. #Poketext seems to be broken, and there is no copy pasta.

32d 5h 38m Threw 1 Ultra Ball at wild Golduck! CAUGHT!

32d 5h 37m Threw 7 Pokeballs at wild Golduck. No catch.

32d 5h 26m Threw 6 poke balls at wild seaking. no catch.

32d 4h 57m Alakazam destroys the wild Seaking.

32d 4h 56m Threw 1 Great Ball at wild Seaking. No catch. It attacks, and Dragonair goes down!

32d 4h 55m Dragonair 8/103 HP left from a wild Seaking.

32d 4h 50m We save the game.

32d 4h 45m We're back on land.

32d 4h 42m Dragonair 43/103 HP left.

32d 4h 32m Dragonair grew to Lv.38!

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 38 - Max. HP 103 Attack 76 Defense 71 Speed 72 Special 77

32d 4h 26m Still surfing around, battling wild Pokémon.

32d 4h 12m Dragonair 54/101 HP left.

32d 3h 58m We go surfing North of Cinnabar.

[Snark] I helped!

[Fluff] Well at least Flarn was right about one thing. We did in fact go into the E4 and challenged them. Whether it was accidental or not.

32d 3h 53m Abe exits the Pokemart, happy with his bag full of chocolate. Well I'm glad you got chocolate Abe, but what about the rest of us!?! How are we supposed to deal with losing hours of progress?

[Chat] Smokemonster84: no we didnt just enter the E4 without checkpointing. we TALKED TO NURSE JOY, BACKED OUT OF THE HEAL, THEN ENTERED THE E4 EleGiggle

32d 3h 52m Abe exited the Pokecenter and walked over to the Pokemart. Probably to buy chocolate to eat away the shame of that major fail there.

32d 3h 51m In the Cinnabar Pokecenter

[Snark] We totally didn't lose that much progress....right guys?

32d 3h 50m Aaaaaaand it's Cinnabar Island.

32d 3h 49m Jynx kills itself in confusion. Lapras in and one Hydro Pump is able to take down Venomoth. Venomoth down, we black out and I have no clue where we are waking up

32d 3h 48m Stun Spore doesn't affect Jynx. Finally Venomoth uses a Psybeam right as Jynx wakes up. But Lorelei then uses a Super Potion on Jynx. Psychic from Venomoth is able to take Jynx down pretty low.

32d 3h 47m Jynx continues to Thrash about. A Psybeam from Venomoth does some damage. Another Thrash from Jynx. This time Venomoth uses Sleep Powder and manages to put Jynx to sleep.

32d 3h 46m Abe desperately looks at the Town Map. Looks like we made a wrong turn in Albuquerque.

32d 3h 45m Just Venomoth left, and although Venomoth has been proven to be a dragon slayer before, I don't think it can hack through the whole E4

32d 3h 44m Alakazam in for us now, he keeps using Reflect. Now Jynx begins to Thrash about. A Psychic from Alakazam isn't very effective and Jynx takes down Alakazam

32d 3h 44m Slowbro in and somehow weathers a Body Slam. He manages to get off a Psychic before another Body Slam takes him down.

32d 3h 43m Thunder than also OHKO's Sea King. Jynx is sent in and takes down Zapdos. Zapdos faints!

32d 3h 43m Zapdos in and does some major damage, but gets dealt major damage from an Ice Beam. Drill Peck takes down Dewgong though. Zapdos then one shots Cloyster

32d 3h 42m Well here we go, against Lorelei and her freaking Restgong

32d 3h 41m In the ultimate FailFish moment, we have entered Lorelei's room. This means we didn't checkpoint as we planned on, our team isn't healed and half decimated, and we will have to do ledge + VR puzzles again to get back to Moltres after our inevitable blackout here.

32d 3h 39m In the E4 Lobby

32d 3h 36m Exited VR cavern

[Donation] $2.00 from PPMD Kreygasm: "PPMD Kreygasm"

32d 3h 22m Still progressing through Victory Road, running from wild Pokémon.

[Snark] Inb4 we accidentally challenge the Elite Four, defeat them, and go back to Pallet Town.

[Chat] Seems like some of the chat wants to set our checkpoint before we go heading for Moltres.

[Fluff] I remember the chat saying things like "Kappa PUZZLE RESET" around this area a while ago.

[Snark] Puzzles with time traveling capabilities! Or aliens! Kappa

32d 3h 0m [Fluff] Did we reset the puzzle accidentally in democracy? I swear we already pushed this boulder to this button.

[Fluff] Zapdos just knocked out a Blastoise. Does that sound familiar to anyone else?

[Fluff] Regret: Could not escape.

32d 2h 50m Dragonair goes down to the wild Blastoise!

32d 2h 49m We run into another wild Blastoise. But I think most of the plan is to get Moltres first.

32d 2h 42m Slowbro grew to Lv.97!

[Stats] Slowbro Lv. 97 - Max. HP 361 Attack 217 Defense 277 Speed 130 Special 236

32d 2h 41m Slowbro at 27/356 HP due to a wild Golem's Earthquake!

[Donation] $2.00 from Dreballin3x: "Praise BABA!"

32d 2h 37m We pushed another boulder on to a button to make progress.

32d 2h 30m Welp, we destroyed it.

32d 2h 30m A wild Blastoise appears! The chat is divided on whether to catch it or Moltres, as only one box slot is left.

32d 2h 24m Climbing ladders through Victory Road, possibly making our way toward Moltres.

32d 2h 23m Dragonair grew to Lv.37!

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 37 - Max. HP 101 Attack 74 Defense 69 Speed 70 Special 75

32d 2h 22m Slowbro at 88/356 HP due to Diglett's dig.

[Info] It's possible that the Venusaur we just caught earlier is a Lv.80 Pokemon. Because the other couple of wild Venusaurs we've just encountered now have been a Lv.80 by far.

32d 2h 12m Slowbro down to 119/356 HP left.

32d 2h 10m Moltres spotted!

32d 2h 5m We push a boulder on to another button.

[Snark] MMMMMM, feeeeeels goooooood.

32d 1h 53m We finally nickname it "MMMMMMMMMM"

32d 1h 52m Struggling on what to nickname this Venusaur.

[Info] That was our 7th try catching it.

2d 1h 46m Threw 4 more Great Balls. CAUGHT!

32d 1h 44m Threw 1 Great ball. Did not catch.

32d 1h 43m We put Venusaur back to sleep.

[Snark] Venusaur is trying to catch Venomoth Kreygasm

32d 1h 41m Venusaur woke up and put our Venomoth to sleep.

32d 1h 40m Threw another Pokeball at Venusaur. It misses. It puts Venomoth to sleep!

32d 1h 39m Threw 1 Pokeball at Venussaur. no catch!

32d 1h 38m Switched out for Venomoth, and use Sleep Powder on Venusaur. We're going to try to catch it!

32d 1h 34m Encountered a wild Venusaur!

32d 1h 30m Dragonair grew to Lv.36!

[Info] For anyone now joining us, we are currently making very slow progress through Victory Road with Democracy on. Still on the first room battling wild Pokémon and pushing boulders.

32d 1h 23m Picked up a Rare Candy!

32d 1h 19m Cloyster faints due to Graveler's Self Destruct!

32d 1h 17m Zapdos Grew to Lv.97!

[Stats] Zapdos Lv. 97 - Max. HP 334 Attack 225 Defense 234 Speed 268 Special 292

32d 1h 16m Dragonair grew to Lv.35!

32d 1h 12m Cloyster down to 18/257 HP due to Graveler's Earthquake, and Self Destruct.

32d 1h 1m Cloyster down to 110/257 HP due to multiple wild Pokemon encounters using Explosion.

[Fluff] Yoshi rock formations..... Yoshi EVERYWHERE!

32d 0h 58m Pushed a boulder on to one of the buttons in this room.

32d 0h 56m Dragonair grew to Lv.34!

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 34 - Max. HP 93 Attack 68 Defense 64 Speed 64 Special 69

[Info] BTW We are now on Day 33 of Pokémon Red TPP Edition.

32d 0h 44m We activate strength to move boulders in this room.

[Fluff] I just drank something though! You can't expect me to drink something again!

[Info] There's also a chance we may be grinding Dragonair here too, as it's much lower level than anyone else on the team..

[Fluff] Might as well get a snack or something to drink. This may be a long trip to whatever through Victory Road.

32d 0h 35m Entered Victory Road. Democracy mode is on!

32d 0h 26m Up at the badge checking stations, walking toward Victory Road.

32d 0h 5m We're back to fighting the ledge.

31d 23h 57m Back to Viridian City.

31d 23h 47m Out of the house again.

31d 23h 41m In our house, near the pc.

31d 23h 38m Mum healed our pokémon

31d 23h 37m Back in Pallet Town.

31d 23h 26m Now heading down on route 1.

31d 23h 22m Back in Viridian City.

31d 23h 9m We're still trying to get into Victory Road. Ledges!

31d 23h 9m Dragonair just fainted from struggle

31d 23h 8m Dragonair is down to 1hp and was burned.

31d 22h 44m Ledge!

31d 22h 25m Dragonair is getting low on pp.

31d 21h 58m Yup, still falling off the ledge.

31d 21h 16m Abe is still training for the Kanto 2015 110m hurdles. He's doing great.

31d 20h 54m Dragonair Levels up to Lv.33!

[Stats] Dragonair Lv. 33 - Max. HP 89 Attack 65 Defense 61 Speed 61 Special 66

[Snark] Hop hop hop, jumping down ledges is fun!

31d 20h 38m Weee! We hop down.

31d 20h 36m Ready to face the ledge once more.

31d 20h 31m And left, onto Route 22.

31d 20h 30m We reached Viridian City.

31d 20h 20m Back in the tall grass.

31d 20h 13m Abe plays the SNES.

31d 20h 7m Abe took a quick rest.

31d 20h 6m In our house. Hi mom!

31d 19h 55m Slowly heading north through the tall grass.

31d 19h 54m We landed on Pallet Town

31d 19h 33m Surfing around trying to catch a goldeen for the pokedex

31d 19h 15m We managed to use surf

31d 18h 53m Healed our party

31d 18h 50m Checkpointed in the Pokemon Center

31d 18h 43m We finally used surf!!! oh wait we are back in Cinnabar Island

31d 18h 29m Trying to use surf

31d 18h 15m We left the PokeMart

31d 18h 11m We bought another 2 Ultra balls so we bought 4 in total

31d 18h 10m We bought 2 Ultra Balls

31d 18h 9m We sold a Nugget

31d 18h 6m Entered the PokeMart

31d 18h 2m We got a Level 30 Aerodactyl nicknamed -

31d 17h 54m We gave the Old Amber to the Scientist

31d 17h 50m Entered the Pokemon Lab

31d 17h 48m We landed on Cinnabar Island

31d 17h 43m Dragonair faints to a wild Gyarados

31d 17h 38m Ok we surfed for real this time

31d 17h 37m We finally surfed on ... oh wait nevermind

31d 17h 30m Trying to surf away from Seafom Islands but not very successful

31d 16h 57m Exited Seafoam Islands.

31d 16h 30m Dragonair down to 1! dat clutch

[Info] Dragonair leveled up to 32! (sorry for the delay again)

[Info] Dragonair leveled up to 31! (sorry for the delay)

31d 15h 10m Slowbro used Strength, we can now push boulders.

31d 14h 58m Tossed 99 Antidotes!

31d 14h 49m We switched Alakazam with Dragonair, he is now leading the team.

31d 14h 46m Entered Seafoam Islands. Democracy time!

[Info] Seems like the party order was switched. Alakazam now leading the team.

31d 14h 37m Entered Route 20

31d 14h 35m We got on Dragonair and surfed!

31d 14h 33m Entered Route 19

31d 14h 18m Exited the mart. Didn't buy or sell anything.

31d 14h 8m Entered the mart again. Play time: 748:02

31d 13h 59m Exited the mart.

31d 13h 55m Entered the mart.

31d 13h 48m We saved the game! Play time: 747:41

31d 13h 43m We exited the Safari Zone gate and back to Fuchsia City.

31d 13h 42m We immediately left it and now have no money to enter it again.

31d 13h 41m We decided to enter it again, 106 Pokedollars left.

31d 13h 41m We ran out of balls!

31d 13h 36m We have 3 balls left. Safari Zone 'mons are good at running away.

31d 12h 42m Due to no updater being available to take over, there will be a pause in updates for a bit. Someone else will hopefully take over shortly.

31d 12h 20m Caught a Lv. 50 Weezing! Nickname "B-tklljjjj"

31d 11h 59m Used our last ball on an Electabuzz! Ding-dong! We're out of Safari Balls.

31d 11h 58m [Stats] Saved the game! Badges: 8 Pokédex: 115 Play time: 745h 50m

31d 11h 24m Outside again

31d 11h 21m In the Rest House.

31d 11h 0m Caught a Lv. 50 Machamp! Nickname "--??---??♂:"

31d 10h 57m Down to 20 balls.

31d 10h 25m We check Bulbasaur's cry. Nope! Hasn't changed!

31d 10h 17m Threw 2 balls at a Kangaskhan and Pinsir, missed and ran.

31d 10h 14m Threw 2 balls at two Scythers, missed and ran.

31d 10h 3m Threw a Safari Ball at a Farfetch'd and Persian, threw 1 Safari Ball each, but they ran.

31d 9h 58m Threw a Safari Ball at a Mankey and Weezing but missed.

31d 9h 51m Threw 1 Safari Ball at a wild Machamp. No catch. Then threw our LAST Safari Ball at a wild Golem. No catch. Safai Zone Game Over.

[Info] 2 S.Balls left this run.

31d 9h 50m Threw 2 Safari Balls at a wild Golem. No catch, and runs.

31d 9h 34m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Rhydon. No catch, and runs.

31d 9h 31m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Gyrados. No catch, it runs. 5 s.balls left.

31d 9h 27m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Victreebel. No catch, and runs.

31d 9h 26m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Magmar. No catch, and runs away.

31d 9h 23m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Kangaskhan. No catch and runs.

31d 9h 21m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Lickitung. No catch, and it runs.

31d 9h 20m Threw some Safari Balls at a wild Porygon. We run away. 10 S.Balls left.

31d 9h 18m Threw 1 Safari Balls at another wild Farfetch'd. No catch and runs.

31d 9h 17m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Exeggutor. No catch, and runs.

31d 9h 16m Threw 3 Safari Balls at a wild Lickitung. No catch. It ran away.

31d 9h 15m Threw 1 Safari Balls at another wild Farfetch'd. No catch. We throw rocks at it but we ran. 18 S.Balls left.

31d 9h 11m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Farfetch'd. No catch

[Info] 20 Safari Balls left this run.

31d 9h 4m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Porygon. No catch.

[Fluff] Vote "Threw _ Safari Balls at a wild _." for best copy pasta.

31d 9h 2m Threw 1 Safari Balls at another wild Wartortle. No catch.

31d 9h 0m We Nickname it "AAAArttldd"

31d 8h 59m 3rd safari ball on it, and we CAUGHT IT!

31d 8h 58m Threw 2 Safari Balls at a wild Wartortle. It also misses.

31d 8h 57m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Pinsir. We missed, so we run.

[Snark] 35/151 so far.

[Snark] Gotta KLL'LLM all!

31d 8h 47m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Weezing. No catch.

31d 8h 47m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Dugtrio. No catch.

31d 8h 46m We nickname it "KLL)))LLM"

31d 8h 45m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Primeape. IT CAUGHT!

31d 8h 44m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Electrode. No catch.

31d 8h 43m We buy 30 more Safari Balls, and go back inside the Safari Zone.

31d 8h 41m Threw last Safari Ball on a wild Electrode. No catch. Out of safari balls. Game Over.

[Info] 1 safari ball left this run.

31d 8h 39m We nickname it "T)))))):;?"

31d 8h 39m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Slowpoke. IT CATCHES IT!

31d 8h 38m Threw 1 Safari Balls at a wild Magneton. No catch.

[Chat] B Jamming

31d 8h 36m We nickname it "BBBB(PK)JMNgg"

31d 8h 35m Threw 2 Safari Balls at Weezing. 2ND ONE CATCHES IT!

[Fluff] Insert "Threw _ Safari Balls at a wild _. No catch."

31d 8h 35m Threw 1 Safari Ball at a wild Electrode. No catch.

31d 8h 33m Threw 1 Safari Ball on a wild Primeape. No catch.

[Fluff] We're wasting balls. Kappa

31d 8h 32m Threw 2 Safari Balls on another wild slowpoke. No Catch. 7 Balls left.

[Info] 9 Safari Balls left this run.

31d 8h 30m Threw 2 Safari Balls on another wild Slowpoke, no catch.

31d 8h 25m 3 Safari Balls thrown at a Slowpoke. No catch! We ran away.

31d 8h 22m 1 Safari balls thrown on a Magmar. No catch.

31d 8h 20m 2 Safari Balls thrown on a Mr.Mime! No catch.

31d 8h 18m Threw 2 Safari Balls at a wild Rhydon. No catch. It runs away.

31d 8h 17m We headed up and left from the second area.

[Info] 19 Balls left in Safari.

31d 8h 9m Safari Ball on a wild Farfetch'd fails! And another one on Scyther!

31d 8h 8m We use a Safari Ball on Kangaskan, it fails.

31d 8h 2m Used a Safari Ball on a wild Lickitung, it fails!

31d 7h 54m Nickname is ;wnnnJJLMM

31d 7h 54m Used a Safari Ball, caught a level 50 Lickitung!

31d 7h 52m Wasted a Safari Ball on a wild Pinsir!

31d 7h 51m We fail to catch a Porygon with a Safari Ball!


31d 7h 48m We use a Safari Ball on a wild Farfetch'd, but it fails!

31d 7h 44m We head to the right zone of the Safari from the entrance.

[Info] Actually, that last update wasn't entirely correct. Here's a page explaining how it all works.

[Info] In the Safari Zone, throwing rocks makes the Pokemon easier to catch, but more likely to run. Throwing bait has the opposite effect. If you throw one, and then the other, they cancel each other out.

31d 7h 41m Another Safari Ball used on a wild Dugtrio!

[Fluff] If you put the quality down to low, it kind of distorts it.

31d 7h 39m Bulbasaur's cry has not changed.

31d 7h 36m Another Safari Ball is used on a Dugtrio before it ran.

31d 7h 34m We waste a Safari Ball on a wild Primeape! It ran.

31d 7h 34m We ran from a wild Golduck just now.

31d 7h 30m A wild Weezing appears!

31d 7h 29m Just left the house that's at the start.

31d 7h 27m We pay the fee again and re-enter

31d 7h 26m We pay the entrance fee and re-enter the Safari Zone. We then walk straight back into the gate and exit it. That was good use of 500 Pokeyen

31d 7h 24m Abe uses his last Safari Ball on a Farfetch'd, it fails. Ding Dong! The PA sounds and Abe exits the Safari Zone

[Info] 4 Safari Balls left

31d 7h 12m We have five balls left, and we keep making things run by bashing them with rocks. Yea I guess that will happen

31d 7h 1m Another Wartortle, we use Safari Balls (2) before it runs away

[Info] 11 Safari Balls left

31d 6h 37m Used a Safari Ball on a Wartortle, it failed and the Wartortle runs away

31d 6h 30m Used a Safari Ball on the Wartortle, it broke free and ran Regret didn't catch

31d 6h 29m We found another wild Wartortle

31d 6h 22m We are wandering around looking for 'Mons we haven't caught yet, including Wartortle and Ivysaur

31d 6h 9m It got away

31d 6h 9m Encountered a wild Wartortle

31d 6h 5m We come across an item, but can't pick it up as our bag is full

31d 5h 57m We used a Safari Ball on a Lickitung, even though we already have caught one. It completely missed

31d 5h 51m No nickname

31d 5h 50m Used a Safari Ball on an Exeggutor, caught!

31d 5h 42m Paid the entry fee

31d 5h 42m Entered the Safari Zone gate

31d 5h 32m Wandering around Fuchsia

31d 5h 26m Exited the Pokecenter

31d 5h 25m We abandon the coast and head back north, we just re-entered the Pokecenter

31d 5h 23m Exited the Pokecenter and back by the coast

31d 5h 21m We heal

31d 5h 20m Game saved

31d 5h 17m In Fuchsia, and we enter the Pokecenter

31d 5h 14m We've made it to shore, just south of Fuchsia now

31d 5h 5m A second Surf knocks out the enemy Cloyster, and Swimmer is defeated!

31d 5h 4m Swimmer sends out his own Cloyster74, ICU hits it with Surf

31d 5h 4m Cloyster is sent out, it uses Surf and takes down Lapras

31d 5h 1m Slowbro is Confused and Paralyzed, he gets hit by a Body Slam from Lapras that takes him down. Slowbro faints and Cloyster is our last 'Mon

31d 5h 1m Slowbro uses his last Strength and now is Struggling

31d 5h 0m A Swimmer challenges us! He sends out a Lapras74 verus Slowbro, who is out of PP on almost all of his moves

31d 4h 57m On Route 20 now

31d 4h 57m We're surfing now!

31d 4h 55m We started to Surf but went straight back to shore

[Chat] "WE DID IT _____"

31d 4h 45m We exit the cavern

31d 4h 43m Up another ladder, we are by the exit

31d 4h 38m And up a ladder. Sorry, there just really isn't much happening at all on the stream right now

31d 4h 28m We fell down another hole

31d 4h 25m Finally beat the wild Cloyster! Hoozah!

31d 4h 21m We've been fighting the same wild Cloyster for several minutes now, still haven't done any damage to it

31d 4h 9m Up another ladder

31d 3h 59m Checked Bulbasaur's cry, confirmed, even in Democracy it is still the same

31d 3h 56m And we go up another ladder

31d 3h 49m Up the ladder to the next floor

31d 3h 45m We go back down to the bottom floor and are making our way to a different ladder

31d 3h 37m We go up a ladder and wait4baba

31d 3h 32m We run from the battle, push the boulder down the hole, then follow the boulder down the hole. We then walk into another hole on the next floor. Finally, we fall through another hole and are now at the bottom floor of the cavern.

31d 3h 31m Dragonair faints to that same Shellder

31d 3h 28m We had voted on an input that would have made us fall down a pit, but luckily a wild Shellder attacked!

31d 3h 24m Strength activated

31d 3h 21m Messing around in the start menu trying to activate Strength

31d 3h 11m We are running from more encounters then we are finishing them. The grind has really slowed down

31d 3h 2m Dragonair only has 28 HP left

31d 2h 54m Instead we re-enter the cavern

31d 2h 52m We surfed once already here, but came straight back to shore. We are attempting to surf again now

31d 2h 49m We exit the Seafoam Cavern

31d 2h 44m And we've started to wait 4 baba

31d 2h 42m Up to another floor

31d 2h 40m Still slowly making our way to the exit of Seafoam

31d 2h 30m We go up another ladder

31d 2h 26m We've used a ladder to reach another floor

31d 2h 23m: And just like that, we are out of Surf PPs. Yay.

31d 2h 22m: We encounter a wild Slowpoke on our way out. He keeps tanking our Surf and using Amnesia. Just let us kill you Slowpoke, please.

[Snark] Why, we JUST GOT HERE!!!!

31d 2h 14m: We go up the ladder and move towards the exit.

31d 2h 13m: We can't encounter any wild Mon now. They fear our mighty Dragonair.

31d 2h 9m: There we go, Dragonair learned surf for Agility

31d 2h 8m: Dragonair is learning surf. What will be the chosen move to forget?! Dumdumduuuuuuuuum.

31d 2h 5m: This time we attempt to teach surf. Guess who's learning it.

31d 2h 3m: We attempt to teach strength, but then decide not to.

[Snark] Well, that only took four hours guys!!!

31d 1h 58m: Dratini evolves into Dragonair!!!

31d 1h 57m: Dratini forgets leer for Slam

[Stats] Dratini Lv. 30 - Max. HP 68 Attack 46 Defense 42 Speed 42 Special 46

31d 1h 56m: Dratini reaches level 30!!! Thank you kind wild Shellder.

31d 1h 48m: Surf so far is taken care of the wild Mons. Dratini should be close to leveling up.

31d 1h 37m: Take that Omastar! Slowbro feeds Omastar's remains to Dratini. He only has one more level to go!

31d 1h 33m: Slowbro took over where Zapdos could no longer and is now taking care of the grinding session. Dratini is now level 29

31d 1h 26m: Zapdos faints to hydro pump. Slowbro is up next.

31d 1h 25m: We encounter a wild Horsea this time. Our Zapdos is barely able to fly at this point.

31d 1h 18m: We are out of Drill Peck! Shellder survived the last one with almost no HP.

31d 1h 13m: 2 Drill Peck left. Zapdos has just 30 HP left.

31d 1h 10m: Dratini reaches level 28. Two to go guys! Just two more!

31d 1h 6m: Zapdos has 57 HP left. After that we have Slowbro and Cloyster though.

31d 1h 2m: Drill peck has 5 PPs left, Thunder has 4. Yes, thats as far as I could see. I failed you all and I'm sorry. Kabutops died though :D.

31d 0h 59m: On other news, Zapdos has 96 hp left and is starting to run out of PPs.

31d 0h 57m: Abe keeps biking in Seafoam Island. Being a kid far away from home on your own with only 6 of your many slaves you use to fight for your amusement isn't fun enough without a bike.

[Stats] Dratini Lv. 27 - Max. HP 62 Attack 41 Defense 37 Speed 38 Special 41

31d 0h 52m: Dratini is now level 27. 3 more to go! :D

[Snark] Don't forget, you're here forever

31d 0h 41m: Zapdos is down to just 147 hp (below half). It keeps getting the job done though.

[Stats] Dratini Lv. 26 - Max. HP 60 Attack 39 Defense 36 Speed 37 Special 40

31d 0h 35m: More wild Pokemon killed. Why do they still come out to face us?! Dratini is now level 26

31d 0h 29m: Omastar goes down to Zapdos' Thunder. Crit mattered ofc.

31d 0h 28m: We encounter a wild Omastar. Welp thats new Kappa.

31d 0h 26m: Dratini is now level 25. 5 more levels until Dragonair.

31d 0h 25m: Out comes Zapdos! Shellder OHKOs to drill peck.

31d 0h 22m: Alakazam finally faints. He shall be frozen no more.

31d 0h 20m: Alakazam is slowly dying to a wild Shellder. They are finally getting their revenge it seems.

31d 0h 18m: Alakazam uses recover. HURRAY! It then gets frozen by Shellder. Darn it!

31d 0h 17m: Alakazam is down to just 35 hp vs a wild Shellder that uses clamp. Oh oh...

31d 0h 15m: We are running into weak Pokemon like Horsea and Shellder, which are making the grinding session a bit slower. Yay.

31d 0h 6m: More destruction of wild inocent Pokemon. Abe's thirst for blood knows no bounds.

31d 0h 0m Welcome to day 32!

31d 0h 0m: Alakazam uses recover. 152 hp left for it.

30d 23h 57m: Dratini is now level 24. Thank you wild Shellder, your shell helped us a lot.

30d 23h 55m: Horsea used leer, how cute. Alakazam destroys it with Psybeam for its insolence.

30d 23h 54m: Wild Horsea! PREPARE TO DIE! Ò_Ó

30d 23h 52m: Still grinding in Seafoam island. Only 7 more levels until Dragonair.

[Stats] Dratini Lv. 23 - Max. HP 54 Attack 35 Defense 32 Speed 33 Special 36

30d 23h 48m: Slowbro finally goes down. Drartini is now level 23.

30d 23h 45m: We run into a wild Slowbro and send out Alakazam. He uses recover just in case. 133 hp left for him.

30d 23h 42m: We keep feasting Dratini with wild Omastar's. It's blood is surely good for a growing Pokemon.

30d 23h 40m: For those of you just joining us, we are grinding Dratini in Seafoam Island with democracy. It might take a while.

[Stats] Dratini Lv. 22 - Max. HP 52 Attack 34 Defense 31 Speed 31 Special 34

30d 23h 39m: Dratini reaches lvl 22. Thanks wild Omastar.

30d 23h 33m: Psychic crits and OHKOs Kabutops.

30d 23h 31m: Recover again, full hp now.

30d 23h 31m: Alakazam uses recover and goes back up to 107 HP.

30d 23h 29m: A wild Kabutops jumps on us. We switch Alakazam in.

30d 23h 27m: Dratini is now lvl 21

30d 23h 26m: Another thunder, this time it hits critically. Buh-bye Slowbro!

30d 23h 25m: Out comes Zapdos. Thunder misses.

30d 23h 23m: Venomoth faints to Slowbro's psychic.

30d 23h 22m: We switch in Venomoth. 56 hp left for him after a water gun.

30d 23h 21m: We encounter a wild Slowbro. Dratini comes out.

[Info] Also for those of you not watching, we now have 111 caught in the Pokedex.

[Info] Our current party is: Dratini with 38 hp left (lvl 20), Alakazam with 14 hp left (lvl 80), Venomoth with 75 hp left (lvl 80), Zapdos with 267 hp (lvl 96), Slowbro with 313 hp (lvl 96) and Cloyster with 257 hp left (lvl 100)

30d 23h 16m: Back to doingnothing grinding Dratini!

[Snark/Fluff] For those keeping track at home, that was 12 minutes we spent with that democracy tug of war.

30d 23h 14m: Aaaaand we name it... nothing! Omastar was transferred to the PC

30d 23h 13m: And b9 once more. Back to just K. K? K.

30d 23h 13m: "KKKKKKKKKK". That was unexpected.

[Snark] That wasn't a Latin K, it was a Greek one. Just to emphasize the irony of an Omastar named Dome.

30d 23h 11m: And now we erase everything. Take a sit guys, we're gonna be here a while.

30d 23h 11m: We erase the K. Also nice.

30d 23h 10m: Make it "DOMK". Nice.

30d 23h 10m: We have "DO" so far.

30d 23h 8m: We type D, we erase D, we type D, we erase D... endless loop guys.

[Fluff] We've put in a D as the first character about 3 times now, and b9'ed out of it every time.

[Snark] Welcome to twitch names Pokemon

30d 23h 4m: We start off with a bunch of As, that we erase. Then we type in a D, which we erase too.

[Chat] Chat's discussing whether Omastar's name should have a "Lord", "Lard", or "Lady" prefixed to "Helix".

30d 23h 2m: Time to name Omastar. Chat is obviously going to use a very original name this time... right? RIGHT?!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ‎ WE CAUGHT HELIX ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ‎

30d 23h 1m: There we go, Omastar caught!! Lvl 70.

30d 23h 0m: Sleep powder this time. Omastar goes for another nap.

30d 23h 0m: Another great ball to a full hp lvl 70 Omastar. Catch rate 45. That'd work... right?

30d 22h 58m: We use a great ball, but Omastar broke free. Darn it!

30d 22h 57m: Omastar knows its a trap and immediately wakes up.

30d 22h 56m: Venomoth sends Omastar to sleep. ITS A TRAP OMASTAR!

30d 22h 55m: We switch Venomoth in.