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Link to intermission updater archive

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/VqV9Woq.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/vbhsRBJ.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/jCA1ahx.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/NjzI7qX.png

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[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/ycl7ueb.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/znsUJNU.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/hVJpkvX.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/8tLqJ8C.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/h7onQOf.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/HBoz5WA.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/25ZoYR5.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/BYJnYHb.png

[Snark] All these screenshots yet you can't picture us...

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/iyEYefG.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/wEnUOWx.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/cFGsBbi.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/ZOOPQPp.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/85mkHZ8.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/1Hjcycb.png

More belated ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/xlni1qM.png

Welp..... Better late then never at all.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BELATED VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/0le1PHJ.png

Me too DansGame

I missed THE URN! BibleThump

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/c7Xb9MG.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/sm5iHSq.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/Yj7JdVY.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/tVJ6ZkJ.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/AAmRh9T.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/nnfLhnQ.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/NDjKNQO.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/URd1xsk.png

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: what happened?

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/Jp3wWSG.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/GXUmAPW.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/T0Aw4rj.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/X3skkB7.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/xcT2sWB.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/G4nuN88.png

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: touhou save file now available in description

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/E3B57UG.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/R3l1r8f.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/oX1r4yn.png

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: switched the stream to use the dedicated encoder, should be smoother now

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/dhAn5SK.png

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/7ZWoDN2.png

[Streamer] Beefhash: Twitchplayspokemon But you *are* aware that the potential token inflation will skyrocket the token requirements for a donation match, meaning people have less motivation to donate, right?

Twitchplayspokemon: @beefhash payback percentage is less than 100%, on average it will cause token deflation

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/n2ToiT4.png

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: you should now be able to play the slots with one token

[Streamer] Darkvexon: #darkvexon @Flicky1991 Ohhh, I get it

Twitchplayspokemon: @darkvexon the symbols being matched

[Streamer] Opt_fr: So, we have a tax fee of 2.5% over our bets

Twitchplayspokemon: @opt_fr that's not how it works, look up "slot machine payback percentage" on google for what it means

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @flick1991 no, not yet at least

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: this song reminds me of Final Fantasy 7 a lot

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/eQiO8e4.png

[Streamer] Leonsc12: TwitchPlaysPokemon : I HAVE MINUS 2 TOKENS, HELP PLS Kappa

Twitchplayspokemon: @Leonsc12 it means you owe 2 tokens, donate $2

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: random music switches happen when the playlist is reloaded due to music being added

[Streamer] Flicky1991: @Twitchplayspokemon Is stream not "Production"? WutFace

Twitchplayspokemon: @flicky1991 in development I mean, I get those mixed up sometimes

[Streamer] Previous message was actually in reply to: "Sorry to bother, I have 1 token but it won't let me !slots 1"

[Streamer] Flicky1991: @Espyria We thrashed Green

Twitchplayspokemon: @flicky1991 it's a known bug, already fixed in production, will be fixed next update

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Twitchplayspokemon Isn't that not supposed to be possible in the first place?

Twitchplayspokemon: @flarn2006 yes, but there have been bugs

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: negative tokens happens when you spend tokens you don't have

[Streamer] Beefhash: Twitchplayspokemon You can give away tokens and gamble them at the same time. That's probably also a bug.

Twitchplayspokemon: @beefhash in which order? I did try to account for that

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/iDc9ti3.png

[Streamer] Poke_presence: @Twitchplayspokemon what's the most amount of tokens you can win with 1 spin? OMGScoots

Twitchplayspokemon: @poke_presence 100, same as every spin

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: just noticed the lost machine was letting people play for free, that's a bug

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/slHSS7s.png

[Streamer] Beefhash: Twitchplayspokemon You may want to rate limit the slots or you'll have a token inflation so bad that nobody's gonna throw money at your stream anymore

Twitchplayspokemon: @beefhash the payback rate is 97.5% so it should actually drain from the economy just a little

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it should also be tracking the most commonly used hashtags at the bottom of the screen, see how that goes

[Fluff] Glad to see that's still working.

[Screenshot] http://i.imgur.com/gBOMJ8u.png

[Info] Viet Crystal seems to still be continuing from before. Tiny slot machines appeared at the bottom.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: slot machine is explained in the stream description

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !slots 5

[Streamer] Boombafunk: @Twitchplayspokemon will you be accepting music suggestions now?

Twitchplayspokemon: @boombafunk if you can get them in the right format yes

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: >= 1000 is 30 seconds earlier, >= 10000 is 60 seconds

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: large bets need to be made ahead of time now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Beesafree's matchmaker is being used now

[Info] 49 Days from now is July 12th (Sunday) if you are in EST.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the encoder is offline right now and deku is seemingly sleeping or otherwise AFK so the stream is going to be a little choppy to start with


[Info] There are new icons on the bottom (Streamer Viewers, Views and Followers?) and other stuff on the right.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DOUBLE MUSIC ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



[Info] Randomized Alpha Sapphire in 49 Days!!!

[Info] Stadium 2 sound effects and music can be heard. The screen is black but all the bottom scroll bar stuff is there.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Music stopped. Stream down.

[Info] This updater will probably be used until a new one is made. Right now the "will resume shortly" screen is on display, with Touhoumon's Pallet Town music still playing.

13d 15h 52m Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly! Thank you for watching!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 51m We load up the saved file. We are in Pallet Town and Oak is asking us about our Art Book (Pokedex).

13d 15h 51m Democracy is in effect

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 50m The End

[Info] [Touhoumon] 13d 15h 47m Another song with vocal plays, as the ending credits roll.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 46m Sanae, Cirno, Momiji, Satori, Tokiko, and Mima have entered the Hall of Fame! Congrats, League Champion!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 45m We enter the Boneka Hall of Fame!

[Touhoumon] [Snark] VICTORY RIOT!!!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: congrats, I was watching this time

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 44m RUN 44 IS THE URN!


[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 44m AAlice is sent out! IT GOES DOWN!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 44m Shinki fainted! One Boneka remains!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 43m Signal Beam is super effective! It goes down! Shinki is sent out! 2 Boneka remain!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 43m Hydro Pump missed! APatchouli fainted! 3 Boneka remain! Yumeko is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 42m Chauzu is sent out! AMarisa missed Fire Blast! AMarisa fainted! APatchouli is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 41m A critical hit! Goliath goes down! Next out is AMarisa but poison causes Mima to faint!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 40m Mima is sent out, but she is still poisoned.

[Info] [Touhoumon] 13d 15h 40m Music with vocals seems to be playing.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 39m Champion Green would like to fight! Goliath vs Momiji. Fury Cutter seems to be resisted and does very little. Momiji fainted

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 38m First time vs Green hype!

[Info] [Touhoumon] 13d 15h 37m Momiji is almost KOed, Satori is full health, Mima is at 21%.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 36m Kongala is sent out! It goes down in one hit! Lance's final Boneka, Sariel is sent out. Fury Cutter finishes it in one blow! LANCE DEFEATED

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 36m The Fury Cutter train continues and Kikuri goes down in one hit. Next up is Yuugen. It doesn't take much damage from a fresh Fury Cutter. But after a few hits it goes down! Momiji grew to level 64!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 35m Fury Cutter doesn't miss this time and Yukari goes down! Cancer avoided. Kikuri is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 34m Vs Lance Momiji vs Yukari.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 27m Mima is poisoned AYuyuko goes down. Agatha was defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 25m TParsee goes down. Mima grew to level 59! Last out from Agatha is AYuyuko.

[Info] [Touhoumon] 13d 15h 22m TParsee is buffing up and used a Full Restore because it has no attacks that can hurt us.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 19m Mima is sent out. SYoumu fainted. TParsee is sent out next.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 18m Tokiko fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 17m Tokiko is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 16m Sanae effortlessly deals with it as well. Next is SYoumu. Sanae fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 15m ARumia fainted. Next out is TNue.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 14m Vs Agetha Sanae vs ARumia.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 12m ATenshi fainted. Sanae grew to level 79! Bruno defeated.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 12m Sanae is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 9m Cirno takes care of AYuugi as well. Last out is ATenshi. Cirno fainted.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 9m ASuika goes down to Surf. Bruno sends out AYuugi.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 7m Sanae is withdrawn. Cirno is sent out. Sheer Cold delivers chilling misery! ASuika is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 5m Foe SMeiling goes down. Sara is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 4m Vs Bruno! Sanae vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 2m Mai goes down and Suwako is sent out. It goes down. Lorelei was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 15h 1m DLetty goes down. Mai is sent out. It almost goes down in one single hit, but gets Full Restored.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 59m DLetty comes out. It uses Amnesia and then Full Restores.

[Fluff] [Moemon] 13d 14h 58m We admire a Kabuto outside the Safari Zone repeatedly.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 58m TNitori goes down. Out comes TCirno. It goes down in a single hit.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 57m TNitori vs Sanae.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 57m Vs Lorelei. Run 44.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 52m Tokiko fainted! Black out! Run 43 over!

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 51m Tokiko is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 47m Satori fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 47m Did not learn Psycho Boost ASuika is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 45m SMeiling fainted. Satori grew to level 64! It's trying to learn Psycho Boost.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 42m Vs Bruno Satori vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 40m Suwako goes down. Lorelei defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 39m Tokiko is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 38m Mima is sent out. Mima goes down

13d 14h 36m Anarchy is in effect.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 34m Momiji fainted Still up against Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 32m Momiji is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 31m Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 30m Foe Mai fainted. Cirno grew to level 60!

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 29m Cirno is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 25m Mai is sent out. Sanae fainted

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 24m DLetty goes down.

13d 14h 19m Democracy is in effect

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 15m TCirno goes down. Out next comes DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 14m TNitori goes down. Sanae grew to level 78! TCirno is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 13m Sanae vs TNitori.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 12m Vs Lorelei Run 43

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 8m We use Fly because we're out of all other moves. It uses Thunder! Tokiko fainted! We blacked out vs Lance! Run 42 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 6m A crit with Soar takes down Yukari! Sariel is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 5m It uses Belly Drum. It must be out of all other moves.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 4m We try to use Fly for better PP stalling. At this point it stopped Snoring and just uses Rest upon waking up.

[Touhoumon] 13d 14h 1m We switch over to Slash. Even a crit doesn't do too much. This is still only the first of Lance's Boneka.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 58m We spam Roost. It spams Hyper Beam and Rest.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 52m It uses Hyper Beam, but it doesn't do much. It's moves are Hyper Beam, Belly Drum, Rest and Snore.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 51m We get it to low health and it uses a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 50m Snore is not effective against Tokiko. It seems to keep using Rest when awake. Perhaps it has no other attacks.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 48m Tokiko is sent out. It keeps using Rest and Snore.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 44m It kills us with Snore while it's asleep! Momiji fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 43m We start the Fury Cutter. It does little damage. Yukari uses Belly Drum. It heals with Leftovers.. Fury Cutter misses and it uses Rest.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 43m Momiji vs Yukari!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 42m Vs Lance!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 41m First time reaching Lance hype?

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 40m AYuyuko is sent out. 5th hit of Fury Cutter drops it in a single hit as well. Agatha was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 40m Momiji grew to level 63! TParsee is sent out. It goes down in one hit as well.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 40m TNue is sent out and goes down in one hit.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 39m Momiji is sent out. We start Fury Cuttering. SYoumu goes down.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 38m Mima is sent out. Mima goes down

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 36m SYoumu is sent out. Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 36m Cirno was badly poisoned ARumia goes down.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 34m Vs Agatha! Also it was a mistake before, Satori fainted, not Cirno. It is ARumia vs Cirno right now.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 30m AYuugi is sent out. It goes down in a single hit. Bruno defeated! Also I forgot to mention Cirno fainted We have 4 Boneka left.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 29m Mima is sent out. ATenshi goes down.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 28m ASuika fainted. Bruno sends out ATenshi.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 27m Foe Sara fainted! Out comes ASuika.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 25m Sanae goes down Cirno is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 24m SMeiling goes down. Sanae barely holds on.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 23m SMeiling vs Sanae.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 22m Vs Bruno

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 20m We take down Suwako. Lorelei was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 18m We freeze and then defrost. And then take down Mai! Last out is Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 17m DLetty goes down. Mai is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 15m TCirno drops to a few Extrasensory. DLetty is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 14m TNitori goes down. Out comes TCirno.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 14m TNitori vs Sanae.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 13m Vs Lorelie Run 42

[Info] [Touhoumon] 13d 13h 9m For those not familiar, Fury Cutter was changed to be like Rollout in this game.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 8m TParsee is sent out. It survives a Fury Cutter and attacks us. We go down! Momiji fainted! We black out! Run 41 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 7m Momiji is sent out. We manage to clutch and use Fury Cutter some more. ARumia goes down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 5m Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 4m We use the Boneka Flute some more.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 2m Vs Agatha Arumia vs Cirno.

[Touhoumon] 13d 13h 0m Fury Cutter knocks it out in a single hit. Bruno was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 59m AYuugi is sent out. Fury Cutter takes care of it as well. Bruno sends out Sara.

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 59m ATenshi goes down to crit as well. Momiji grew to level 62!

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 58m Satori fainted. Momiji is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 56m ASuika is sent out. We crit and it goes down. ATenshi is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 55m Satori is sent out. SMeiling fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 53m Tokiko fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 52m Tokiko is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 51m Mima fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 50m Sanae fainted! Mima is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 49m VS Bruno We send out Sanae vs his SMeiling.

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 46m Out next is Suwako. And it goes down! Lorelei was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 45m Sanae took care of Mai. Sanae grew to level 77!

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 44m DLetty fainted. Out comes Mai.

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 42m TCirno down, DLetty in

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 41m Sanae vs TNitori, TNitori down. TCirno in

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 40m Vs Lorelei, run 41

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 37m Satori down, black out, run 40 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 36m Satori takes down AYuugi, ATenshi sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 35m We send in Satori

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 31m Momiji sent in, she takes out ASuika. AYuugi sent in. We try to stack some Fury Cutters but we miss, and Momiji goes down

[Correction] Before she fainted.

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 29m Tokiko leveled up to 63

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 29m We take down Sara with Tokiko, ASuika is sent in. Tokiko faints

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 28m SMeiling down, Sara sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 26m We send in Cirno, and she goes down

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 23m Sanae down

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 20m Vs Bruno, Sanae vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 20m Suwako down, Lorelei defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 18m DLetty down, Mai in, Lovely Kiss misses, and we take Mai down. Suwako in

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 16m Sanae sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 14m Mima down

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 13m Mima switched in

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 5m Sanae to 76, TNitori down, TCirno in. TCirno down, DLetty in

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 5m Vs Lorelei,Sanae vs TNitori

[Touhoumon] 13d 12h 3m Stalling the last minute of demo. We put Sanae back in front, changed the text speed back to fast, and changed the battle style from "Switch" to "Set".

[Info] 13d 11h 50m Democracy

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 41m ATenshi down, AYuugi sent in. Momiji down! Black out, run 39 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 40m Momiji sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 35m Satori down, only Momiji is left

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 33m We send in Satori, a crit Signal Beam takes ASuika down! ATenshi sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 32m Tokiko down

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 31m ASuika in

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 30m Tokiko in, Sara down

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 28m Mima down

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 27m SMeiling down, Sara in

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 26m Sanae down, Mima in

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 25m Vs Bruno, Sanae in red health vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 24m We're not in demo anymore

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 18m We're still confused, but we pull off an attack and take down Suwako! Lorelei defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 16m Sanae has been unfrozen, but we are still in democracy.

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 16m Seems we're trying to use the Ice Heal. Sanae's frozen.

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 13m We play the Boneka Flute. Now that's a catchy tune!

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 9m Sanae vs Mai, Mai down. Suwako in.

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 8m Cirno down

[Touhoumon] [Info] [Spoiler] We will.

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 6m Knock Off knocks off Cirno's Nugget! Will we get it back?

[Info] 13d 11h 5m Democracy

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 4m Cirno is currently sweeping Lorelei's team with Sheer Cold, she has landed 3/3 so far. A fourth one misses, and Cirno is now sleeping

[Touhoumon] 13d 11h 2m Vs Lorelei, run 39. Cirno vs TNitori

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 55m Satori has also been confused. We almost take out TNue, but Satori goes down, black out, run 38 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 54m Satori has been poisoned

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 54m Satori vs TNue.

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 52m ARumia down, Momiji down. Only Satori is left

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 51m ARumia went down, we send in Momiji. We're stacking up the Fury Cutters

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 50m Mima down

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 49m Mima in

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 46m Cirno is confused. Cirno down

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 46m Vs Agatha, Cirno vs ARumia

[Moemon] 13d 10h 42m We're checking out Dome/Moe Kabuto in the cage areas outside the Safari Zone

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 41m AYuugi down, ATenshi in. ATenshi down, Cirno to 59, and Bruno defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 40m ASuika down, AYuugi in, Satori down. We send in Cirno

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 39m ASuika in, we send Satori in.

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 35m SMeiling down, Sara in, Sara down. Sanae goes down

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 34m Vs Bruno, Sanae vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 32m Suwako down, Lorelei defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 31m DLetty down, Mai in, and down. Suwako in

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 30m TCirno down, Sanae to 75. DLetty in

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 29m TNitori down, TCirno in

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 28m Vs Lorelei, Run 38 begins. Sanae vs TNitori

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 25m Tokiko down, black out, run 37 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 25m Cirno down, Tokiko in.

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 24m ARumia down, SYoumu in

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 23m Vs Agatha, Cirno vs ARumia

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 21m AYuugi down, Bruno defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 21m Momiji down

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 20m We sent out Momiji

[Moemon] 13d 10h 19m Caught a Shedinja, level 26, name is WWOVOOOIII

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 18m Mima fainted

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 18m Sara is next

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 17m ATenshi down. Mima level 58

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 16m We sent out Mima.

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 15m ATenshi is next. Chauzu fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 15m ASuika down, but Chauzu's HP is very low.

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 14m SMeiling goes down to a crit Signal Beam. ASuika is next

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 13m Sent out Chauzu.

13d 10h 13m SMeiling uses Earthquake! It's super effective! Clutch 1HP! Sanae faints shortly after though.

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 12m Bruno used Full Restore

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 12m Extrasensory brings SMeiling down to yellow HP, but now it's out of PP

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 11m Sanae vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 11m Challenged Bruno

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 9m Sanae is frozen but instantly defrosts! It eventually takes down Suwako with Extrasensory. Lorelei defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 8m Sanae wakes up and uses Extrasensory, doing similar damage. Next turn Mai is defeated! Suwako up next.

13d 10h 8m Most of Mai's health is taken away by Extrasensory, but it puts Sanae to sleep. And to add insult to injury, Lorelei uses a Full Restore.

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 7m DLetty is taken down with Extrasensory with the help of double flinch hax

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 7m Cirno down, DLetty is next

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 7m Lorelei sends out Cirno against Sanae

[Moemon] 13d 10h 6m Caught a Venusaur, female, didn't catch level, nickname AAAAAAAAAT

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 6m Challenged Lorelei

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 2m SYoumu down, TMue in. Momiji is stacking up Fury Cutters and can comfortably OHKO most things. TMue and another Boneka sorry down, Momiji to 61. Momiji faints, black out, run 36 over

[Moemon] 13d 10h 2m Caught a Mudkip, male, lv. 25, nickname AMGGAAATMA

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 2m Momiji in

[Touhoumon] 13d 10h 0m ARumia down, Cirno to 58, SYoumu sent in. Cirno down

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 59m Cirno has been poisoned and confused rip urn

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 57m Vs Agatha, ARumia vs Cirno

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 56m AYuugi sent in, Satori down. Cirno sent in, AYuugi down. Bruno defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 54m Tokiko went down, Satori sent in, ASuika and ATenshi down. Satori to 63

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 51m Tokiko in, Sara down. ASuika in

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 50m Mima down

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 48m Mima in, SMeiling down. Sara in

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 48m Sanae down

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 46m VS Bruno, Sanae vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 44m Suwako down, Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 13d 9h 43m And so begins yet another Safari Game.

[Fluff] Not that Illumise can be male Kappa

[Moemon] 13d 9h 40m We catch a wild Illumise, female, nickname AAAAAAAABB. Not sure of the level

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 74 - Max. HP 260 Attack 105 Defense 191 Sp. Atk 173 Sp. Def 190 Speed 120

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 39m TCirno and DLetty down, Mai sent in. Mai down, Suwako in. Sanae to 74

[Info] Anarchy Mode resumes.

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 37m Run 36, vs Lorelei. Sanae vs TNitori, TNitori down. TCirno in

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 34m We're healing multiple times for some reason, still in democracy

[Info] 13d 9h 21m Democracy for some reason

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 20m With 10HP remaining, Satori can't take a crit Rock Tomb. Satori down, black out, run 35 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 19m Satori in, AYuugi down! ATenshi in, Satori's in red and there's a sandstorm duDudu

[Chat] You can't spell ___ without ___

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 13m ASuika down! Momiji is stacking up the Fury Cutters. AYuugi in, and Momiji goes down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 12m Momiji in

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 10m Tokiko down

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 9m Tokiko in, Sara down. ASuika in

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 8m Cirno down

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 6m Mima down, we send in Cirno. We're up against Sara now.

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 3m We send in Mima

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 2m Sanae down

[Touhoumon] 13d 9h 1m Vs Bruno, Sanae vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 59m Suwako down, Lorelei defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 57m Mai down, Suwako in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 56m DLetty down, Mai in

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 73 - Max. HP 257 Attack 104 Defense 188 Sp. Atk 171 Sp. Def 188 Speed 118

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 54m TCirno down, Sanae to 73. DLetty in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 53m TNitori down, TCirno in

[Touhoumon] Run #35 Starts

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 52m Vs Lorelei, Sanae vs TNitori

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 49m Satori down, black out, run 34 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 49m TNue in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 49m ARumia down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 46m Vs Agatha, Satori vs ARumia

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 45m Satori, the last Boneka left, is on about 1/4 health

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 45m ATenshi down, Bruno defeated

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 44m Satori and ASuika in, ASuika down to its own confusion damage. ATenshi in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 41m Tokiko in, AYuugi down

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 38m Momiji in, Sara down. AYuugi in, Momiji down

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 36m Cirno in, and down.

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 35m Mima in, SMeiling down, Sara in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 33m Vs Bruno, Sanae vs SMeiling. Sanae down

[Moemon] 13d 8h 32m The Teachy TV Rattata got poisoned by a wild Oddish, an Antidote was used and the poison was cured

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 32m Suwako down, Lorelei defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 31m Mai down, Suwako in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 28m DLetty down, Mai in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 26m TCirno down! DLetty in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 24m Vs Lorelei, run 34. Sanae vs TNitori, we Thunder it, we paralyze it, it Ice Beams us, not doing that much damage, and we take out TNitori. TCirno sent in, we Extrasensory that.

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 18m Vs Agatha, Momiji vs ARumia. Momiji down, run 33 over, black out

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Momiji Lv. 60 - Max. HP 181 Attack 161 Defense 130 Sp. Atk 96 Sp. Def 75 Speed 134

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 16m Momiji clutches a Brick Break on 8HP, we take down AYuugi, Momiji to 60! Momiji's now on 11hp. Bruno defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 15m Momiji sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 12m Satori down, only Momiji is left

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 62 - Max. HP 218 Attack 84 Defense 123 Sp. Atk 201 Sp. Def 144 Speed 134

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 10m ATenshi down! Satori to 62. AYuugi sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 10m Satori sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 8m Tokiko down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 2m Tokiko sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 1m ASuika down, ATenshi in. Mima down to Sandstorm damage duDudu

[Touhoumon] 13d 8h 0m Sara down, ASuika in

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Mima Lv. 57 - Max. HP 174 Attack 117 Defense 115 Sp. Atk 176 Sp. Def 108 Speed 98

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 59m Mima to 57, Sara sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 59m Mima in, SMeiling down

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 57m Cirno in, we Surf SMeiling. It has a fraction of health left, but takes Cirno out with Steel Fist

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 56m Vs Bruno, Sanae vs SMeiling. Sanae down

[Moemon] 13d 7h 54m We catch a wild Weezing, level 27, female, nickname TTT

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 72 - Max. HP 254 Attack 102 Defense 186 Sp. Atk 169 Sp. Def 185 Speed 117

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 52m Mai down, Suwako in. Suwako down, Sanae to 72, and Lorelei defeated

[Correction] This run we're on now is 33

[Moemon] 13d 7h 51m We catch a wild Illumise, level 30, female, nickname MQONhtttt

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 51m DLetty down, Mai in.

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 48m TCirno down, DLetty in. Sanae is sleeping

[Moemon] 13d 7h 45m We catch a wild Baltoy, name AAAAATTTTT. Not sure on the level.

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 43m Sanae vs TNitori, Nitori goes down to its own hail. TCirno sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 42m Vs Lorelei, run 32 begins

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 39m Satori down to poison! Run 31 over, black out

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 37m Vs Agatha, Satori vs ARumia

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 35m AYuugi down, Bruno defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 34m ATenshi down, AYuugi in

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 33m ASuika down, ATenshi in

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 31m Momiji vs ASuika, Momiji down

[Moemon] 13d 7h 30m We catch a wild Linoone, Male, lv. 32, nickname ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 28m Tokiko down

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 25m DC'd for a bit, Tokiko vs Sara. Sara down, ASuika in

[Moemon] 13d 7h 26m Picked up a nugget!

[Moemon] 13d 7h 22m We catch a Magcargo, female, lv.22, nickname jjjjj

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 22m Mima down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 21m Mima sent in, SMeiling down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 16m Cirno down

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 16m Cirno sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 14m We use Extrasensory and take SMeiling down to yellow, full restores are used. We land another ESensory, but now that's out of PP. Sanae's down

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 12m Vs Bruno, Sanae on 3HP vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 11m Sanae clutches an Ice Beam on 3HP, we take down Suwako, Lorelei defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 10m Mai down, Suwako in

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 71 - Max. HP 250 Attack 101 Defense 183 Sp. Atk 167 Sp. Def 183 Speed 116

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 8m DLetty in and down! Sanae to 71, Mai sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 7m TCirno down

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 5m TNitori down, TCirno in

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 4m Fighting Lorelei, Sanae vs TNitori

[Moemon] 13d 7h 4m Grovyle caught, female, lv.25, no nickname

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 4m Run #32 begins!

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 0m Mima down, black out, run 31 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 7h 0m Sara down to Sandstorm damage! ATenshi in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 59m Mima in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 55m Satori down, last Boneka is Mima

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 53m Satori in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 51m Cirno down

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 50m SMeiling down, Sara in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 46m Cirno in

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Tokiko/A Lv. 62 - Max. HP 238 Attack 120 Defense 144 Sp. Atk 77 Sp. Def 123 Speed 137

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 44m Tokiko down

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 43m AYuugi down, Tokiko to 62. Seems SMeiling did not go down earlier, it was switched out. Or something.

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 41m Tokiko in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 41m Asuika down, AYuugi in, Momiji down

[Moemon] 13d 6h 40m We catch a Spheal, male, lv. 31, nickname TMTMMG

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 39m SMeiling down, ASuika in

[Moemon] 13d 6h 38m Magcargo caught, male, Lv. 22, nickname CEAH

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 38m Sanae down, Momiji in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 34m Fighting Bruno, Sanae on red HP vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 32m Suwako down, Lorelei defeated!

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 28m Mai down, Suwako in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 27m DLetty down, Mai in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 26m TCirno down, DLetty in. Sanae is sleeping

[Moemon] 13d 6h 24m Magcargo caught, female, nickname NGK

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 70 - Max. HP 247 Attack 100 Defense 181 Sp. Atk 165 Sp. Def 180 Speed 114

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 22m TNitori down, Sanae to 70! TCirno sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 20m Fighting Lorelei, run 31 started. Sanae vs TNitori

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 17m Mima down, black out, run 30 over

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 14m Mima sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 9m Satori down, the last Boneka is Mima

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 8m Satori/Chauzu sent in against ASuika, ASuika down! ATenshi in

[Moemon] 13d 6h 7m We catch a wild Magikarp, lv. 30, male, nickname AATCDJJJK_

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 3m Tokiko down to Counter

[Moemon] 13d 6h 2m We catch a Macgargo, male, Lv. 22, no nickname

[Touhoumon] 13d 6h 0m We send in Tokiko, AYuugi is sent in after Sara goes down, and AYuugi faints to its own recoil. ASuika sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 59m Momiji down

[Moemon] 13d 5h 59m Caught a Mudkip, female, Lv. 24, nickname DDPPPWWYYY

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 57m Cirno tries to use Sheer Cold, but Sara is a higher level! Cirno down! We send in Momiji, Sara misses Head Smash, we do good damage with Fury Cutter.

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 55m Cirno sent in

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 55m We're put on low health by an attack, but we OHKO SMeiling with a crit Extrasensory! Sara in, ESensory's out of PP. We use Thunder, it misses, and Sanae goes down to a crit Sand Tomb

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 53m Fighting Bruno, Sanae vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 51m Suwako used Ice Beam! Sanae used Extrasensory! Suwako down! Defeated Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 51m Sanae used Extrasensory! Suwako used its Sitrus Berry/Fruit!

[Touhoumon] [Info] Currently on Run #30

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 49m Sanae used Thunder! Mai down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 48m Sanae used Extrasensory! Mai used Lovely Kiss but missed! Lorelei used a Full Restore.

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 48m Sanae used Extrasensory! DLetty down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 47m Sanae used Thunder! TCirno down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 47m Sanae used Extrasensory! TNitori down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 46m VS Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 43m Tokiko used Soar! SYoumu used Steel Fist! Tokiko fainted! Whited out!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 43m Sent out Tokiko. Tokiko used Soar! Tnue became FLYING! TNue used Air Slash! Tokiko used Soar! TNue down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 41m TNue used Cross Poison! Satori fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 41m Satori used Signal Beam! TNue became HEART type and used Cross Poison!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 40m Satori used Signal Beam! Arumia down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 40m Satori used Signal Beam! ARumia used Shadow Hit! Agatha used a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 39m VS Agatha!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 39m Defeated Bruno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 38m Satori used Mana Burst! Sara fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 37m Satori used Signal Beam! SMeiling fainted!

[Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 61 - Max. HP 214 Attack 82 Defense 121 Sp. Atk 198 Sp. Def 141 Speed 132

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 36m Bruno used a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 36m Sent out Satori. Satori used Signal Beam! ATenshi down! Satori leveled up to 61!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 33m ATenshi used Cross Chop! Momiji fainted!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Momiji Lv. 59 - Max. HP 178 Attack 158 Defense 128 Sp. Atk 94 Sp. Def 74 Speed 131

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 33m ASuika down! Momiji leveled up to 59!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 32m Bruno switched SMeiling out for ASuika.

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 32m Sent out Momiji. SMeiling used Earthquake! Momiji used Fury Cutter! (x2)

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 29m Sent out Cirno! Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 28m VS Bruno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 26m Sent out Tokiko. Tokiko used Soar! Suwako fainted. Defeated Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 25m Suwako used Surf! Mima fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 24m Sent out Mima. Lorelei used a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 23m Sanae fainted!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 69 - Max. HP 243 Attack 98 Defense 178 Sp. Atk 162 Sp. Def 178 Speed 112

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 22m Sanae used Extrasensory! Mai down! Sanae leveled up to 69!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 22m Sanae used Extrasensory! DLetty down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 21m Sanae is asleep!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 19m Sanae used Extrasensory! TCirno down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 19m Sanae used Extrasensory! TNitori down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 15m VS Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 15m [Info] Attempt 29.

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 13m Momiji fainted! Whited out!

[Moemon] 13d 5h 12m Caught a male Mudkip, nickname "AAAAAAAA".

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 11m Momiji used Fury Cutter! ARumia used Shadow Hit! Momiji used Fury Cutter! ARumia fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 10m VS Agatha!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 10m [Info] Oh, forgot the attempt. This is attempt 28.

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 7m Momiji used Fury Cutter yet again! OHKO! Defeated Bruno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 7m Momiji used Fury Cutter! AYuugi down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 6m Sent out Momiji. Momiji used Fury Cutter! Sara down!

[Moemon] 13d 5h 2m Still fiddling with Teachy TV.

[Touhoumon] 13d 5h 2m Cirno used Ice Punch! Sara used Steel Fist! OHKO'd Cirno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 59m Sent out Cirno.

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 58m Tokiko fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 57m Tokiko used Soar! CSuika down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 56m Chauzu fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 55m Bruno used a Full Restore! Chauzu down to 28/211HP.

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 54m Chauzu used Mana Burst! SMeiling down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 52m SMeiling used Steel Fist! Mina fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 52m Sent out Mina.

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 51m SMeiling used Earthquake! Sanae fainted!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 50m VS Bruno!

13d 4h 49m Start9 ensues.

13d 4h 48m Start9!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 44m Shuffling the party.

[Both] 13d 4h 35m Democracy time.

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 34m Sanae used Extrasensory! Suwako fainted! Defeated Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 33m Suwako used Ice Beam! Sane down to 71/240HP. Lorelei used a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 32m Sanae used Extrasensory again! Mai down!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 68 - Max. HP 240 Attack 97 Defense 176 Sp. Atk 160 Sp. Def 175 Speed 111

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 31m Sanae leveled up to 68!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 30m Sanae used Extrasensory! Dletty down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 28m Now up vs DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 27m Sanae used Extrasensory! Cirno down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 26m Sanae used Extrasensory! Tnitori down!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 24m Lorelei used a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 24m VS Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 23m Entered Lorelei's room!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 19m One more Soar from ASuika KOs us! White out!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 17m ASuika uses Soar on us, and we use Mana Burst, bringing him down to red. Unfortunately, Bruno uses a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 16m Against ASuika! We use Mana Burst, and ASuika uses Rock Tomb, bringing us down to the yellows.

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 16m SMeiling used Earthquake, and Chauzu responds with Mana Burst, OHKOing SMeiling!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 15m Against Bruno! We send out Satori against SMeiling!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 13m We entered Bruno's room.

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 9m We send out Chauzu! We start with Signal Beam, and KO Suwako. Defeated Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 7m Another Ice Beam from Suwako freezes us! One more Surf KOs A!

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 6m Lorelei uses a Full Restore! We continue to attack her.

[Moemon] 13d 4h 6m Nickname is AAGG

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 5m Sent out A! We use Soar and bring her down to critical HP. She responds with Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 13d 4h 5m Captured level 31 Male Spheal

[Moemon] 13d 4h 3m Captured a level 22 Female Magcargo, no nickname.

[Touhoumon] 13d 4h 0m Suwako's Ice Beam brings us down to 2 HP and freezes Mima! Another one KOs her!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 59m Suwako uses Surf, and we use Shadow Ball on her.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 58m We send out Mima! Suwako uses Confuse Ray, making us hit ourselves in confusion.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 56m We send out Momiji, who uses Fury Cutter ineffectively. One Surf KOs Momiji!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 54m We Surf each other, but BB faints from our foe's Surf!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 53m We send out BB!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 50m Suwako uses Surf and KOs Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 48m Our foe uses Ice Beam and freezes Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 48m Another Extrasensory from us KOs Mai! Now we're facing Suwako!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 47m Mai starts off by delivering three Ice Punches square in the face! We wake up and use Extrasensory, causing Mai to flinch.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 46m We repeat the same attack twice, and get hit with DLetty's Yawn before they faint. Against Mai! We fall asleep.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 45m We again use Extrasensory as DLetty uses Amnesia to boost her stats. We try it again and this time DLetty responds with an Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 13d 3h 44m We exit and re-enter the Safari Zone. We're a very loyal customer.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 44m Against DLetty now.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 43m We use Extrasensory twice, KOing TCirno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 42m Another Extrasensroy and TNitori falls! We're up against TCirno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 42m Lorelei uses a Full Restore on TNitori! We use Extrasensory once more.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 41m We start by using Extrasensory, and it crits, leavint TNitori at red health. She starts to make it Hail instead.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 41m We send out Sanae against TNitori!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 41m Back in the Safari Zone!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 40m Started Run 27! We face off against Lorelei!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 40m We left the Safari Zone, came back in, and are currently in the paying room.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 36m Back in the Boneka Center, all healed up and ready to go.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 36m ATenshi uses Cross Chop, and KOs Momiji! White Out!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 36m We use Fury Cutter, which works somewhat well, but then ATenshi gets a crit off with Rock Tomb.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 34m Chauzu cannot stand up to ATenshi, and faints! We send out Momiji!

[Touhoumon] [Fluff] If you noticed, I've been secretly switching between commentating Bruno's side and our side. It's semi intentional.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 33m Two more Mana Bursts and ASuika faints! Against ATenshi!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 32m We use another Mana Burst, causing Bruno to use a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 31m Against Chauzu! We start off with a Mana Burst, while ASuika uses Soar on us.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 30m Mima is immediately KOed by ASuika!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 30m Another Shadow Ball KOs him! Against ASuika!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 29m We start out with a Shadow Ball, which crits, while Sara misses a Steel Fist.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 29m We use another Shadow Ball to KO him! Against Sara!

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 13d 3h 28m We send out SMeiling! We use Shadow Ball while he uses Steel Fist.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 28m SMeiling starts with a Earthquake, KOing Sanae!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 27m Caught level 24 Male Mudkip, no nickname.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 27m Against Bruno! We send out Sanae against SMeiling!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 26m Venasaur nickname is A

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 26m Sanae grew to level 67! Defeated Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 25m We're defrosted, and brought down to critical HP. We use Water Pulses to confuse Suwako, and then Thunder to finally KO her!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 25m Caught Lv 22 Male Venasaur.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 24m We're hit with an Ice Beam and our own attack, twice! We're frozen solid!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 24m We send out Sanae, who gets confused, causing her to hit herself.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 23m We use Soar twice, and Suwako uses Ice Beam twice, KOing A!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 22m A uses Soar, and Mai responds with an Ice Punch. Another Soar KOs Mai! A grew that to level 61!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 22m We try to Ice Punch her, but one Knock Off manages to KO BB! Go A!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 21m Lorelei uses a Full Restore! We woke up and miss Blizzard while Mai uses Ice Punch.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 20m Rinse and repeat two more times. After 3 Surfs, we use Blizzard instead, and we're hit with Lovely Kiss. Now we sleep.

[Touhoumon] [Snark] [Chat] LOVELY MISS.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 20m We use Surf, and Mai tries to use Lovely Kiss, but misses.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 19m We send out BB as DLetty uses Ice Beam! We use Surf and KO it! Against Mai!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 19m We use Extrasensory, flinching DLetty! Another one hits, and our foe responds with Ice Beam!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 18m We use Thunder and OHKO TCirno! Against DLetty!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 18m We use Extrasensory thrice more, and KO TNitori! Against TCirno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 17m We use it and flinch it again, causing Lorelei to use a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 17m We send out Sanae against TNitori! We start off by using Extrasensory, flinching our foe!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 17m Run 26 starts! Facing Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 14m We healed up, and are ready to go for another run!

[rip] rip

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 14m TNue uses Bite, having a critical hit and KOing Mima! Black Out!

[Touhoumon] [Fluff] I was using the wrong tag for a bit, woops. :P

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 13m We send out Mima against TNue! It uses Confuse Ray, causing us to hit ourselves in confusion.

[Touhoumon] [Snark] Such clutch.

[Touhoumon] 13d 3h 12m We get another Extrasensory in, KOing it, but Sanae faints from poison!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 12m Our foe uses Toxic, poisoning us as we use Extrasensory.

[Snark] Moemon we already beat champion. don't you mean touhou? Kappa

[Moemon] 13d 3h 11m *Against Agatha! We sand out Sanae against ARumia!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 13d 3h 10m We send out Mima! Our foe uses Cross Chop while we use Shadow Ball! ATenshi down, defeated Bruno!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 8m After a few more moves from each opponent, A finally faints!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 6m We use Soar multiple times as ATenshi Bulks Up and uses Scary Face on us.

[Moemon] 13d 3h 5m We send out A! We use Soar to KO it! Against ATenshi!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 4m Bruno uses a Full Restore! We use Mana Burst twice as ASuika uses Soar to bring us down to 10 HP. The sandstorm ends up KOing us!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 3m It misses its Rock Tomb, we use another Mana Burst, it hits this time.

[Moemon] 13d 3h 3m Against ASuika! It sets out a Sandstorm as we use Mana Burst.

[Moemon] [Moemon] [Moemon] 13d 3h 2m We send out Chauzu! We use Mana Burst, which brings Sara down to the Reds, as it uses Head Rush on us. Another Mana Burst KOs Sara!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 1m We managed to do some damage to our foe, but we're OHKOed as BB goes down for the count!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 1m Sent out BB, who uses Surf to finish off AYuugi. Against Sara!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 0m Against AYuugi! We use Fury Cutter, but a Giga Drain from our foe KOs Momiji!

[Moemon] 13d 3h 0m Bruno uses a Full Restore! But then we OHKO Meiling.

[Moemon] 13d 3h 0m We send out Momiji! SMeiling uses a few Earthquakes while we use Fury Cutter.

[Fluff] Tbh, 66 is Lemieux's number, and I was an Eric Lindros fan too, so...

[Chat] FlyingJ138: If live reddit updater sees this, when Sanae was level 59, I thought it was 99 for a while WutFace (It can happen to anyone, Deadinsky88 Kappa)

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 58m Our foe uses Earthquake, bringing us to the yellows. We use Extrasensory!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 57m Against Bruno! We send out Sanae against SMeiling!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 55m Sorry, I confused a 6 with an 8! Sanae leveled up to 66!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 55m Defeated Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 66 - Max. HP 233 Attack 94 Defense 171 Sp. Atk 156 Sp. Def 170 Speed 108

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 54m Lorelei uses a Full Restore! We use Extrasensory twice and KO Suwako!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 54m Our foe uses Ice Beam as we use Extrasensory and almost KO it!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 53m Sanae grew to level 86! Against Suwako!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 53m We use Extrasensroy, and dodge Mai's attack. Our Water Pulse confuses her, and her self-inflicted damage KOs her!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 52m We wake up, use Extrasensory, and due to its crit, it KOs DLetty! Against Mai!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 52m We use Extrasensory, fall asleep, and we're barraged with Ice Beams from our foe! And then some extra Yawns for fun.

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 51m Against DLetty! We use Thunder, but it doesn't affect her. Instead she uses Yawn, making us Drowsy,

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 51m We miss Thunder as TCirno uses Protect! Thunder this, and down goes TCirno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 50m We use Extrasensory and Thunder to KO TNitori! Against TCirno!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 50m We use Extrasensory, flinching TNitori. Lorelei uses a Full Restore!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 48m We start by using waiting a lot while TNitori sets up a Safeguard.

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 47m We send out Sanae against TNitori!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 46m Run 25 starts! We face off against Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 42m We heal and checkpoint there!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 40m We fly to the Indigo Plateau!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 39m We're in Saffron.

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 36m We're currently in Democracy, in a town whose name I honestly forget. Hooray for bad memory skills.

[Moemon] 13d 2h 32m We caught a level 25 Female Cascoon, no nickname.

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 30m We save the game!

[Chat] The_Beefcube: @ProjectRevoTPP Yeah, I probably phrased it poorly. I guess I would say, I like the idea of TPP being "here's a gameboy, the rest is up to you", even if that means resetting the game. So I think putting controls in place to prevent us from screwing everything up is fine, but if someone wants to try to do it it should be okay. But I understand that's just one way to look at it, just like many other aspects of the game

<message deleted>

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 27m On Route 6 now!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 24m Back in Vermillion!

[Moemon] 13d 2h 21m Caught Tyrogue, level 24, Male, nickname is FF

[Moemon] 13d 2h 19m Caught Cascoon, Female, level 26, no nickname.

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 15m We're back on Two Island.

[Original Message] <projectrevotpp> Ahem, I am proud to announce I am now issuing perma bans for the recorded individuals which spammed down+a during yesterday's Moemon credits sequence. The previous incident might be in good fun, however this instance was post HOF and is therefore more sensitive to New Game instance.

[Moemon] 13d 2h 13m No nickname.

[Moemon] 13d 2h 13m We caught a level 26 Male Cascoon!

[Chat] <projectrevotpp> This is different, this was during the post game HOF and is not a result of the game being manually restarted. Only 1 person is banned, chill out please.

[Chat] Keluhsee was permabanned, because apparently only Keluhsee was doing down+a during the credits sequence and the Fire Red menu,

[Moemon] 13d 2h 10m Nickname is AAAGGGJ

[Moemon] 13d 2h 9m We caught a level 22 Marowak, female.

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 5m We forget Scary Face and learn Shadow Ball!

[Touhoumon] 13d 2h 4m Mima grew to level 56!

[Moemon] 13d 2h 4m We're doing TTT right now.

[Moemon] 13d 1h 59m We head right back in.

[Moemon] 13d 1h 59m We waste our remaining balls on a Mr. Mime! Game over!

[Both] Fighting wild enemies.

[Touhoumon] 13d 1h 42m We go back to Two Island, and into the Boneka Center. We heal!

[Touhoumon] 13d 1h 38m BB grew to level 57!

[Fluff] Also we're in Demo again.

[Moemon] 13d 1h 37m We're doing Teachy TV antics.

[Moemon] 13d 1h 33m We caught a level 30 Female Magikarp, no nick

[Moemon] 13d 1h 31m Nickname is GRRR(1 space)

[Moemon] 13d 1h 29m We catch a level 24 Male Mudkip!

[Touhoumon] 13d 1h 28m Mima faints to a wild CAya!

[Touhoumon] 13d 1h 24m Mima is down to 1% HP

[Moemon] 13d 1h 23m Caught a level 23 Male Skitty, nickname is ccc88

[Moemon] 13d 1h 20m We managed to catch the female Magcargo, level 30, and nickname it GGGaaa

[Moemon] 13d 1h 18m We've wasted 13 balls on this Magcargo.

[Moemon] 13d 1h 15m We throw three Safari balls at a Magcargo! They fail.

[Moemon] 13d 1h 9m We use the last one, exit the Safari Zone, and go back in it!

[Moemon] 13d 1h 7m We waste all of our balls on a Grovyle, and have 1 left.

[Moemon] [Moemon] [Fluff] GUYS WE CAUGHT BABA!

[Moemon] 13d 1h 3m We caught a Magikarp, level 30, male, no nickname.

[Moemon] 13d 1h 3m We're down to 11 balls, but so far have not made any additional catches.

[Moemon] 13d 0h 57m We use a few more balls before running.

[Moemon] 13d 0h 57m We use 2 Safari Balls on a Mudkip that both fail.

[Moemon] 13d 0h 55m Nickname is AAAAAAA

[Moemon] 13d 0h 55m Caught a level 22 Male Magcargo with 1 Safari Ball!

[Moemon] 13d 0h 54m We catch it on the fourth ball! Level 31 Male Spheal, no nickname.

[Moemon] 13d 0h 54m Another ball also fails. Third time's the charm?

13d 0h 53m We use a Safari Ball on a Spheal and it fails.

13d 0h 50m Back in Anarchy

[Moemon] 13d 0h 45m TTT, Teachy TV Time

[Moemon] 13d 0h 43m We name it MMUUUUUUUU

[Moemon] 13d 0h 37m We throw a sixth ball and catch a Mudkip, level 24, male!

[Moemon] 13d 0h 36m Fifth one fails. We throw a Rock instead of a sixth ball!

[Moemon] 13d 0h 36m A third one fails. And we throw a fourth one, failing too.

[Moemon] 13d 0h 35m We used another Safari Ball, and still didn't catch it!

[Moemon] [Fluff] Demoncracy.

[Moemon] 13d 0h 34m We used a Safari Ball on a wild Mudkip! It didn't catch.

[Moemon] 13d 0h 28m And then we head right back in! Good use of 500 Pokeyen.

[Moemon] 13d 0h 28m We leave the Safari Zone!

[Touhoumon] 13d 0h 24m On Cape Brink!

[Info] Back in Anarchy

[Touhoumon] 13d 0h 22m We try using the VS Seeker, but no trainers are around.

[Both] 13d 0h 15m We're continually pressing A on nothing.

[Touhoumon] 13d 0h 5m Exited out of Boneka Move Maniac's house.

[Touhoumon] 13d 0h 4m We handed over 2 Green UFO's in exchange.

[Touhoumon] 13d 0h 4m Retaught Mana Burst over Psych Up!

[Touhoumon] 13d 0h 2m Mana Burst Selected.

[Touhoumon] 13d 0h 0m We select Chauzu the Satori to teach a move!

Welcome to Day 14 of Twitch Plays Touhoumon/Moemon!

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 59m Gave up teaching a move to Sanae.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 58m We select Sanae to teach a move.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 56m He tells us he's also a mushroom maniac. As we bring 2 UFO's to him we may try to reteach someone a move.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 54m We entered someones house. We talk to the Boneka Move Maniac!

[Moemon/Info] We have 12 Safari Balls left.

[Both] 12d 23h 53m Start9 riots intensify!

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 47m We sail on over to Two Island.

[Moemon/Info] If you're just joining Moemon, we seem to be stuck in Safari Zone for a bit. We already beat the Champion here, so all that's left is progress for Touhoumon.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 44m Back outside Vermilion City.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 42m Re-entered the Boneka Center.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 41m We don't heal our party, but we talk to the nurse anyway. Checkpoint at Vermilion City??? Walked back outside Vermilion City.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 37m We closed out of box operations, and quickly logged off the PC.

12d 23h 35m Still in Democracy Mode, as another 15 minutes was added.

[Touhoumon/Info] We should have 2 Green UFO's in bag now.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 33m We take a Green UFO off from a female Lv.5 CNazrin, and put it in our bags.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 33m We're back into the 'Move Items' option.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 30m Closed out of box operations!

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 28m We put the Green UFO in bag!

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 26m We take off the Green UFO from it.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 26m Green UFO,/CNazrin Female Lv2 selected.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 25m We move over to Box1.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 24m We enter the Move Items menu.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 22m We select Bill's PC. Storage system active!

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 21m We access the PC

12d 23h 20m Another 15 more minutes of Democracy Mode added.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 16m We successfully fly to Vermilion City!

[Moemon] 12d 23h 15m We read the sign "Rest House" in the Safari Zone.

[Snark] Guys, Baba will NEVER come back to us. NEVERRRRRRR!!!!

[Fluff] The mob seems to want to have democracy on for some reason, but all we mostly do is wait4baba commands.

[Both] 12d 23h 6m Continuing to Wait4Baba.

12d 23h 5m We add 15 more minutes of Democracy mode.

[Touhoumon] 12d 23h 1m Looks like we are attempting to go fly somewhere.

[Both] 12d 22h 58m Wait4Baba Intensifies!

[Moemon/Snark] So I herd u liek mudkipz?

[Moemon] 12d 22h 55m Caught a Female Lv.24 Mudkip

[Moemon] 12d 22h 51m We nickname it "g"

12d 22h 50m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 12d 22h 49m Caught a Male Lv.22 Magcargo

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 47m We left outside Indigo Plateau.

[Meta] Updater can go black for a while. Hopefully new updater will come soon.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 44m On the route 23.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 42m White out.

[Moemon] 12d 22h 40m Magcargo Lv. 22 caught. Name Ammttttt

[Moemon] 12d 22h 39m Another round of Safari.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 37m Satori vs ATenshi.

[Fluff] FailFish.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 36m Psych Up learned in a place of Mana burst.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 35m Yuggi down. Satori grew up to Level 60.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 35m Satori vs AYuugi. Bruno used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 34m Yuugi OHKO'd Momiji.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 33m Asuika beaten. Momiji grew up to Level 58.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 31m Momiji vs Suika.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 29m BB moves were tossed around. BB fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 28m Tokiko fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 26m Sara beaten. Tokiko vs ASuika.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 26m Bruno used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 25m A vs Sara.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 25m Mima vs Sara. Mima fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 24m SMeiling down. Mima grew up to Level 55.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 24m Mima vs SMeiling.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 23m vs Bruno.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 23m Lorelei defeated.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 22m Satori vs Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 21m Clutch. Suwako ate berry and KO'd Sanae.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 21m Mai beaten. Sanae vs Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 20m Sanae vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 19m Letty down. Sanae grew up to Level 65.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 18m TCirno beaten. Sanae vs DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 16m Nitori beaten. Sanae vs TCirno.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 15m Sanae vs TNitori. Lorelei used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 14m vs Lorelei.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 13m Urn #24.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 12m BB fainted. White out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 8m BB is the only option.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 7m Youmu KO'd Momiji.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 7m vs Youmu Lv. 61.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 6m Fury cutter works. Parsee beaten. As well as TNue Lv. 59.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 6m Rumia beaten. AWOO vs TParsee Lv. 58.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 5m Momiji was confused. Rumia used shadow hit. Fury cutter, Shadow hit.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 4m Momiji vs Lv. 59 ARumia.

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 4m vs Elite Four Agatha

[Touhoumon] 12d 22h 0m Bruno defeated!

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 59m Surf. Tanked by Tenshi. Tenshi ate berry. Surf. Atenshi beaten.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 59m BB vs ATenshi.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 59m Surf. OHKO. Yuugi beaten.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 58m BB vs AYuugi.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 57m Surf. OHKO. Suika beaten.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 57m BB vs ASuika.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 55m Satori fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 55m Sara beaten. Satori vs ASuika.

[Touhoumon] [Chat] (in response to Sara's ability) Gate Keeper WutFace

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 54m Satori vs Sara. Bruno used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 53m Clutch. Sara used Steel fist. Mima fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 53m Mima vs Sara.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 53m Crit mattered. SMeiling beaten.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 52m Mima vs SMeiling.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 52m vs Bruno.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 50m Suwako ate berry. Suwako killed. Lorelei defeated.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 49m Mai beaten. Satori vs Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 48m Satori vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 48m A fainted.

[Moemon] [Correction] Right name is "AAAAAAA. Q".

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 46m A vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 46m Sanae fainted. Tokiko avenged her death.

[Moemon] 12d 21h 45m Grovyle Lv. 25. caught. Name AAAAAAA7. Q

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 42m TCirno used Spikes. TCirno beaten. Sanae vs DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 41m TNitori beaten. Sanae vs TCirno.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 39m Lorelei used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 39m Sanae vs TNitori.

[Moemon] 12d 21h 39m Another round of Safari.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 38m Urn #23. vs Lorelei.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 34m White out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 33m Chauzu vs ASuika.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 33m Chauzu KO'd SMeiling with Mana burst.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 31m Clutch. Tokiko fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 30m Bruno used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 29m Blows exchanging. SMeiling missed once.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 29m Tokiko vs Smeiling.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 28m vs Bruno.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 28m Game saved.

[Moemon] 12d 21h 27m Mudkip Lv. 25 caught. Name Aatmghhh.

[Touhoumon] [Info] Tokiko is still alive.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 25m Suwako killed. Lorelei defeated.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 25m Satori vs Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 23m Mima fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 22m Mima confused. Ouch, that was rather self-destructive. Suwako used surf. Tanked.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 22m Mima vs Suwako.

[Fluff] Huh, deja-vu?

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 20m Suwako ate berry and used surf. OHKO. Momiji fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 20m Momiji vs Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 18m BB vs Suwako. Surf vs surf. BB fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 17m Sanae fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 16m Sanae vs Suwako. Only 2HP after Ice punch.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 16m Sanae vs Mai. Clutch. Mai beaten.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 15m Sanae woke up. DLetty beaten. Sanae grew up to Level 64.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 14m Sanae is sleeping.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 13m TCirno beaten. Sanae vs DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 12m TNitori beaten. Sanae vs TCirno.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 11m Sanae vs Nitori. Lorelei used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 10m Urn #22. vs Lorelei.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 6m BB vs Suwako. Surf vs surf. Suwako wins. White out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 5m BB is the last hope.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 4m Suwako ate berry and used surf. OHKO. Momiji fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 4m Momiji vs Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 3m Tokiko killed by Suwako.

[Moemon] 12d 21h 3m Dodrio lv. 31 Caught. Name AAAAAAAAAA.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 2m Tokiko KO'd Mai. Tokiko vs Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 21h 2m Tokiko vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 59m Mima fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 59m 2 Ice punches took 95% of Mima's HP. Dark pulse isn't effective.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 58m Mima vs Mai. Lorelei used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 56m Chauzu fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 54m Satori vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 53m Sanae woke up with 7HP just to miss a hit and be KO'd.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 52m DLetty KO'd. Sanae vs Mai. Lovely kiss puts Sanae into sleep.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 51m Sanae vs DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 50m Sanae vs TCirno. TCirno used Spikes. Sanae killed her 2 hits after.

[Info] [Moemon] That last item used on Dugtrio was a Hyper Potion.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 49m Sanae vs Nitori. Nitori beaten.

[Moemon] 12d 20h 49m Zinc, Calcium and something else was used on Dugtrio.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 48m vs Lorelei.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 46m Urn #21.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 45m Party healed. Just in case.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 43m Momiji vs Suwako. Surf. OHKO. White out.

[Snark] [Moemon] /insert obvious mudkip joke here/.

[Moemon] 12d 20h 42m Mudkip Lv. 24 caught. Name AAA.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 41m BB fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 41m BB vs Suwako. Surf vs Surf.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 40m Suwako ate berry and KO'd Chauzu.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 39m Satori vs Suwako. Clutch.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 39m Mai beaten. Chauzu grew up to Level 59.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 38m Mana burst. Lorelei used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 37m Satori vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 36m Mai literally KO'd Tokiko.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 35m Lovely kiss puts Tokiko into sleep.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 35m Tokiko vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 34m Mima fainted.

[Both] 12d 20h 33m Democracy mode OFF.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 30m 2 Ice punches took 95% of Mima's HP. Dark pulse isn't effective.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 29m Mima vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 26m Sanae fainted.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 63 - Max. HP 223 Attack 90 Defense 163 Sp. Atk 149 Sp. Def 163 Speed 103

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 26m Sanae vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 25m Sanae grew up to Level 63. Only 10HP left.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 25m Sanae woke up. Clutch. DLetty beaten.

[Both] 12d 20h 22m Mostly waiting.

[Both] 12d 20h 19m Democracy mode ON.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 17m DLetty used Yawn. Extrasensory. Letty flinched. Sanae is sleeping.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 16m TCirno beaten. vs DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 16m Sanae keeps using Extrasensory. Cirno used Spikes and Shadow force.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 15m Sanae vs TCirno. Lorelei used Full restore.

[Info] [Moemon] 12d 20h 14m Skitty's name is AAAAAA

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 13m TNitori killed by Sanae.

[Moemon] 12d 20h 12m Skitty Lv. 23 caught.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 11m Urn #20. vs Lorelei.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 7m BB vs SMeiling. Steel fist. BB fainted. White out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 6m vs Bruno.

12d 20h 6m [Chat] [Touhoumon] YOLO SWEEP INCOMING Kappa

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Cirno/BB Lv. 56 - Max. HP 156 Attack 142 Defense 99 Sp. Atk 164 Sp. Def 55 Speed 132

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 5m Lorelei defeated.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 4m Clutch. Soar. The strongest wins! BB grew up to Level 56. She learned Sheer cold in place of Soar.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 3m Soar, Lovely kiss. BB is sleeping.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 1m Chauzu fainted. BB is the last hope now.

[Chat] Chauzu x Mai OTP.

[Touhoumon] 12d 20h 0m Chauzu is sleeping again.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 59m Mana burst, lovely kiss. Chauzu woke up, but fell in love with Mai afterwards. Lorelei used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 58m Satori vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 57m Satori confused, Mana burst. Suwako ate berry then used surf. Tanked. Mana burst. Suwako KO'd.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 57m Satori vs Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 55m Surf. OHKO. Momiji fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 55m Momiji vs Suwako.

[Moemon] 12d 19h 54m Next round of Safari. (Can we get a discount already?)

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 54m Mima vs Suwako. Surf. OHKO. Mima fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 53m Mima killed DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 52m DLetty uses Ice Beam on a sleeping foe. Tokiko fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 51m A is sleeping.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 50m DLetty vs Tokiko. Ice beam. Roost and Slash exchanged. Roost used. Yawn. Tokiko is drowsy. No pun intended.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 48m Letty puts Sanae into sleep and kills her after.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 46m Sanae KO'd TCirno. vs DLetty.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 45m TCirno used Spikes. Extrasensory. Lorelei used Full restore. Extrasensory. TCirno used Hail. Extrasensory. Shadow Force.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 43m Sanae KO'd TNitori.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 42m Urn #19. vs Lorelei.

[Moemon] 12d 19h 38m Spheal Lv.31 caught. Name AAAAahh1".

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 39m Surf. OHKO. White out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 38m Suwako confuses Mima.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 37m Mima is the only option.

[Chat] Chairman.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 36m Surf. OHKO. Momiji fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 35m Momiji vs Suwako.

[Moemon] 12d 19h 35m Magcargo LV.22 caught. Name ABOOOON.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 34m Suwako OHKO'd BB.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 33m Cirno finished Mai with Soar. Lorelei sent in Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 33m BB vs Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 32m Tokiko fainted.

12d 19h 31m [Moemon] Lord Teachy TV is showing AAtatat the way to enlightenment.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 31m Mai puts A into sleep.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 27m We delegated Tokiko. She immediately kills DLetty with Soar and grew up to Level 60. Vs. Mai. Lovely kiss and Full Restore from Lorelei.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 29m Tokiko/A grows to Lv.60!

[Stats] Tokiko/A Lv. 60 - Max. HP 231 Attack 117 Defense 140 Sp. Atk 75 Sp. Def 119 Speed 133

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 25m DLetty used Ice Beam. Chauzu fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 24m DLetty is yawning. Satori is sleeping in the middle of the battle.

[Touhoumon] Right, Sanae is Lv. 62 now.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 22m vs DLetty. Ice beam KO'd Sanae.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 62 - Max. HP 220 Attack 89 Defense 161 Sp. Atk 146 Sp. Def 160 Speed 101

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 21m Cirno beaten. Sanae grew up to Level 61. Sanae has only 29HP. Didn't learn silver wind.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 19m Extrasensory worked well. Cirno used Spikes. Sanae missed.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 18m Nitori beaten. Lorelei sent out TCirno.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 15m vs Lorelei. Sanae vs TNitori. 2 hits. Lorelei used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 14m Urn #18.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 11m Chauzu woke up with 8HP only to be killed with Ice punch. White out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 9m Satori is in love with Mai and now sleeping.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 7m Satori finished Suwako off. Lorelei sent in Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 1m Satori is the only option.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 0m Scary face in the first slot. Mima fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 19h 0m We delegated Mima.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 57m BB fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 57m BB is sent in. Lorelei fully restored Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 54m Ice beam is super effective. A is confused, her HP is halved, then only 15HP left. Suwako killed Tokiko.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 54m We sent in Tokiko.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 53m Momiji was surfed out by Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 52m Momiji KO'd DLetty. Momiji grew up to Level 57.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 52m We sent in Momiji.

[Moemon] 12d 18h 51m Meanwhile Safari Zone / Teachy TV.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 51m Sanae fainted.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 50m Sanae finished TCirno with extrasensory. DLetty is in.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 49m TCirno used shadow force, Sanae missed.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 47m Extrasensory used on TCirno twice, Lorelei used full restore.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 47m Sanae KO'd TNitori.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 45m Run #17. vs Lorelei

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 42m Momiji killed AYuugi but fainted to ATenshi. White out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 41m Momiji is the only option.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 39m BB fainted to AYuugi.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 39m BB vs ASuika. Soar worked right. Asuika KO'd.

[Touhoumon] This run is probably #16.

[Moemon] 12d 18h 37m In the Safari Zone.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 35m The ASuika KOs Tokiko.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 34m Tokiko takes out the Sara. ASuika snet out from Bruno

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 33m Tokiko sent out

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 33m Mina faints to the Sara

[Moemon] [Info] Mudkip we caught previously was Lv. 25. Name TTT. Box3 was full, so it was sent to Box4.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 32m Bruno sends out Sara.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 31m We begin battling with Bruno now. The SMeiling he sends out is downed in the first turn by Mina

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 29m Suwako kod. Lorilei defeated

12d 18h 28m [Fluff] [Moemon] I herd you liek mudkipz

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 28m Mina sent out

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 27m Satori goes down to ice beam

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 25m Despite being on 12hp, we beat it. The Suwako she sends out KOs Sanae. Satori sent out

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 24m She wakes up soon after and downs the third 'mon. Lorieli sends out Mai

[Moemon] 12d 18h 22m caught Venusaur Lv. 22 Name AACNMSSSSZ.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 24m Sanae is put to sleep.

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 22m And her second goes down aswell. Sanae grows to 61

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 22m We're fighting Lorilei, and down her first 'mon

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 13m We fly back to the elite four

[Both] We've been in democracy for a while

[Touhoumon] 12d 18h 0m We heal

[Touhoumon] 12d 17h 48m Mima grows to Lv.54!

[Stats] Mima Lv. 54 - Max. HP 164 Attack 111 Defense 109 Sp. Atk 165 Sp. Def 100 Speed 89

[Moemon] 12d 17h 43m got more balls

[Moemon] 12d 17h 39m Sent back to the beginning of the safari zone.

[Moemon] 12d 17h 25m Malecargo caught

[Moemon] 12d 17h 18m Caught level 22 female magcargo

[Moemon] 12d 17h 12m Level 30 magikarp get. Female. No nickname.

[Moemon] 12d 17h 9m We catch a mudkip. Another male/trap. Named A..

[Chat] Trap WutFace

[Moemon] 12d 17h 8m We catch a male Venusaur Male. placed in box 3

[Moemon] 12d 17h 7m Teachy TV hype

[Moemon] 12d 17h 3m Out of balls we get kicked out of the Safari Zone

[Moemon] 12d 17h 1m Caught a Lv 30 Female Magikarp nickname taaaaaa

[Moemon] 12d 16h 59m Caught a Lv 30 Female Magikarp no nickname

[Touhoumon] 12d 16h 59m Cirno struggles to death

[Moemon] 12d 16h 58m Caught a Lv 31 Male Spheal no nickname

[Moemon] 12d 16h 58m Caught a Lv 30 Female Magikarp nickname UU

[Touhoumon] 12d 16h 56m Cirno ran out of pp,she begins to struggle

[Moemon] 12d 16h 56m Caught a Lv 22 Female Magcargo nickname AAAAAAAATT

[Moemon] 12d 16h 53m Caught a Lv 22 Male Venusaur nickname AUUNNNNNNN

[Touhoumon] 12d 16h 48m Cirno leveled up to Lv 55

[Moemon] 12d 16h 39m Caught a Lv 31 Male Spheal nickname 3333DDDDD

[Touhoumon] 12d 16h 12m Mima forgot Taunt and relearned Dark Pulse for 2 Green UFOs

[Touhoumon] 12d 15h 57m Trying to relearn a move from the Move Relearner

[Moemon] 12d 15h 52m Out of the Safari Zone

[Both] 12d 15h 50m Democracy activates

[Moemon] 12d 15h 42m Caught a Lv 26 Female Wurmple nickname AABci222u

[Moemon] 12d 15h 39m Caught a Lv 25 Male Weezing no nickname

[Moemon] 12d 15h 37m Caught a Lv 23 Baltoy no nickname

[Touhoumon] 12d 15h 35m Cirno leveled up to Lv 54

[Moemon] 12d 15h 31m Caught a Female Lv 30 Jumpluff nicknamed Aaahh5A

[Touhoumon] 12d 15h 29m Cirno is out of Ice Punch pp

[Moemon] 12d 15h 29m Caught a Lv 30 female Illumise no nickname

[Moemon] 12d 15h 24m Caught a Lv 30 Male Jumpluff nicknamed AATT8KKLLL

[Moemon] 12d 15h 21m Caught a Lv 26 Shedinja nicknamed VVV

[Both] 12d 15h 8m Democracy activates!

[Moemon] 12d 15h 1m We surfed towards the north of safari zone

[Moemon] 12d 14h 59m Out of balls and we got kicked out and we paid 500$ again to enter the safari zone

[Moemon] 12d 14h 56m Caught a Male Lv 26 Cascoon no nickname

[Moemon] 12d 14h 54m Caught a Male Lv 33 Ivysaur nicknamed AAA

[Touhoumon] 12d 14h 51m Cirno leveled up to Lv 53

[Moemon] 12d 14h 47m Caught a Female Lv 25 Grovyle nicknamed MMM

[Moemon] 12d 14h 43m Caught a Female Lv 31 Spheal Nicknamed AAMzz

[Moemon] 12d 14h 37m Caught a lv 25 Male Grovyle Nickname AATUMPJ

[Touhoumon] 12d 14h 33m The Vs seeker has been selected it

[Moemon] 12d 14h 28m Caught a Lv 22 Male Venusaur no nickname

[Touhoumon] 12d 14h 27m Took a Green UFO from CMurasa

[Touhoumon] 12d 14h 18m Turned on the PC

[Touhoumon] 12d 14h 15m We healed our party

[Moemon] 12d 14h 15m Caught a Lv 25 Male Grovyle Nicknamed AATTTTTTTT

[Both] 12d 14h 5m Democracy activates!

[Moemon] 12d 14h 1m We exited the Safair Zone just to pay another 500$ to enter again

[Moemon] 12d 14h 0m Caught a Lv 30 Male Magikarp Nicknamed AAAIIJJ

[Moemon] 12d 13h 58m Caught a Female Lv 31 Spheal Nicknamed AANNNHCEKK

[Moemon] 12d 13h 55m Caught a Lv 22 Male Venusaur Nicknamed AM

[Touhoumon] 12d 13h 53m Momiji Leveled up to Lv 56 and did not learn Braver

[Moemon] 12d 13h 53m We entered the Safari Zone

[Moemon] 12d 13h 39m We flew to Fushia City

[Touhoumon] 12d 13h 32m Cirno faints to a wild CAya

[Touhoumon] 12d 13h 13m Cirno ran out of Blizzard pp

[Touhoumon] 12d 13h 5m Cirno leveled up to Lv 52 and replaced Facade with Blizzard!

[Touhoumon] 12d 12h 57m Cirno ran out of pp for soar

[Moemon] 12d 12h 55m Surfing on the sea filled with Cacturnes

[Moemon] 12d 12h 46m Looking at Teachy Tv right now

[Moemon] 12d 12h 44m Caught a Female Lv 6 Cacturne after using 6 Ultra Balls Nicknamed AA. Y--

[Touhoumon] 12d 12h 36m Cirno ran out of surf pp

[Touhoumon] 12d 12h 36m Cirno level up to Lv 51

[Touhoumon] [Meta] Unfortunately, my very brief period as temporary live updater ends, but given that Cirno's 12ish levels over the wild mons on Two Island and she has plenty of PP, she won't be going down for a while.

[Touhoumon] [Meta] So I'm taking over for Leo for a few minutes, doesn't seem like there's much happening though. Still grinding on Two Island.

[Touhoumon] 12d 12h 0m We healed our party

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 56m Switched Cirno with Sanae

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 52m Went to Two islands instead by riding the ferry again

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 52m Arrived at One Island by riding the Seagallop Ferry

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 43m We flew to Vermilion City

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 40m Trying to fly to somewhere

[Both] 12d 11h 36m Democracy has been activated

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 22m Exited the Elite Four building.

[Moemon] 12d 11h 20m Bought 7 Ultra Balls.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 20m Chauzu fainted! Black out!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 19m Chauzu sent out! SMeiling uses Steel Fist. Chauzu uses Mana Burst, knocking out SMeiling! Bruno sends out ASuika to replace her.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 18m Only Chauzu is left, but she hasn't been sent out yet.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 18m Meiling vs. Cirno. Cirno faints already!

[Fluff] Hoo hah!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 17m Challenged Bruno!

[Snark] I wonder what a member of the Elite Four thinks of a trainer about to challenge him who still seeks help from the Teachy TV.

12d 11h 15m Watching Teachy TV! In both games!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 15m Entered Bruno's room.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 14m Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 12d 11h 14m Used a Rare Candy on Miss T! T is now level 51!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 13m I think we would have thrown a ball if we had one. But we don't.

[Moemon] 12d 11h 12m Signal Beam brings Suwako to yellow HP, but Chauzu is confused now!

[Moemon] 12d 11h 12m We're using Surf on the east coast of Cinnabar Island. Sorry everyone, but that doesn't work in gen 3.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 10m Sent out Chauzu.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 9m Momiji fainted already!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 8m Sent out Momiji.

[Moemon] 12d 11h 7m Flew to Cinnabar Island! In anarchy!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 5m We use Scary Face again! On the bright side, someone pressed Select, so now Scary Face isn't first anymore. Mima fainted though.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 4m Suwako uses Surf and brings Mima down to 37/162. Mima used Scary Face!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 4m We send out Mima.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 3m Suwako used Ice Beam! A fainted!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 3m Lorelei sends out Suwako.

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 2m A used Soar! Foe Mai fainted!

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 2m A's HP is yellow; Mai's is red.

12d 11h 1m Inputs are extremely slow.

[Snark] A vs. Mai: The M must remain silent

[Touhoumon] 12d 11h 0m We sent out A.

[Info] 12d 11h 0m Slow mode is now 5 seconds. Don't know what it was before.

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 59m Sanae fainted!

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 58m We whittle down DLetty's HP enough to knock it out. Lorelei sends out Mai.

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 56m DLetty and Sanae both have yellow HP.

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 55m DLetty is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 53m TCirno uses Smogon Spikes. TCirno is taken down by Thunder.

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 53m TCirno is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 53m CNatori uses Hail! Sanae uses Thunder! CNatori fainted!

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 52m We use Thunder, bringing CNatori to red HP, but Lorelei uses a Full Restore! Another Thunder brings it to yellow.

[Snark] The input speed would lead you to believe otherwise

12d 10h 50m Back in Anarchy

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 49m Lorelei's TNatori uses Ice Beam, bringing Sanae down to 188/213 HP. Sanae uses Extrasensory, taking about a third of TNatori's health.

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 47m We sent out Sanae

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 46m Lorelei challenged

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 41m Cirno down, black out, run 14 over

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 39m We send in Mima and it faints, only Cirno is left

[Info] 12d 10h 37m Democracy

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 36m Tokiko down

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 34m Satori in and down! Tokiko sent in

[Streamer] Gameface252: @Twitchplayspokemon How did Bankbot get banned?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Gameface252 I banned it so it wouldn't respond to !balance and !tokens

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: twitchplayspokemon do i still get tokens if i resub before PBR starts?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Mariosyoshi yes, bankbot is just banned right now so it wont show up but you still are getting tokens

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: when PBR returns it will be using Beesafree's matchmaker, as well as a new feature involving tokens (it's not song related)

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 31m Momiji down, we send in Sanae but they faint to the smogon spikes

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 29m We switch out to Momiji

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 26m TCirno down, Sanae to 60. DLetty in

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 22m TNitori down. TCirno in

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 19m Run 14 begins, vs Lorelei, Sanae vs TNitori

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 14m Cirno down, black out, run 13 over

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 13m Tokiko down, we send in Cirno

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 8m Only Cirno and Tokiko are left, we send in Tokiko

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 8m Satori down!

[Touhoumon] 12d 10h 2m Satori is sent in.

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 58m Mima's down, Momiji is sent in. Momiji faints to Surf

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 53m DLetty down, Suwako in

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 47m We took down TNitori and some other Boneka, Sanae faints against DLetty, Mima is sent in

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 44m Run 13 started, fighting Lorelei. TNitori vs Sanae

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 41m Cirno sent in, and faints. Run 12 over, black out

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 39m Mima down, only Cirno is left

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 38m Fighting Bruno, SMeiling vs Mima

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 33m Tokiko in, and down. We send in Cirno, and we take down Suwako! Cirno to 50, Lorelei defeated!

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 32m We land a crit Signal Beam, Satori faints

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 30m Momiji down, Satori in

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 29m Mai down! Suwako in!

[Moemon] 12d 9h 28m We just watched an entire Teachy TV episode in anarchy!

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 27m Sanae down, Momiji in

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 24m TCirno down, CLetty in. We get it to Red but a Full Restore is used. CLetty down, Mai in. Sanae's now sleeping

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 21m TNitori down, TCirno in

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 20m Run 12 started, vs Lorelei, Sanae vs TNitori

[Both] 12d 9h 19m Anarchy takes over

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 17m We exit the start menu and now wait out the rest of this Democracy session

12d 9h 15m [Touhoumon] Chauzu is moved to the last slot! Party is now Sanae, AUUUUABBBB, Isami, BB, Tokiko, and Chauzu!

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 6mWe switch BB's spot with Sanae! Sanae now leads!

[Info] 12d 9h 5m Democracy, seems people want to change party order and teach moves.

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 3m Satori down! Black out, Run 11 over

[rip] rip

[Touhoumon] 12d 9h 2m Mima faints, we send in Satori, who takes out SMeiling, and levels up to 58. ASuika sent in

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: You guys enjoying the new Kanto? Kappa / for moemon

Ilikepiex7: no we are ignoring it pretending it doesn't exist

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 58m Fighting Bruno, Mima vs SMeiling

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 54m We send in Satori, who takes down Suwako and the other Boneka! Lorelei defeated!

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 53m Tokiko down!

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 50m Sanae down, we send in Momiji, who takes down TNitori. Momiji faints, we send in Tokiko against Suwako.

[Chat] FragleCrackle: <3 It's [sic] only viable move now gone. Good thing we beat the E4 Kappa

[Moemon] 12d 8h 46m We teach Dugtrio Cut over Earthquake

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 44m Sanae in, we attack TNitori and get it to red, a Full Restore is used

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 42m Cirno down

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 41m Run 11 started, fighting Lorelei. Cirno vs TNitori

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 39m Mima down, black out, run 10 over

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 37m We send in Mima

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 35m Satori in, and down!

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 29m Mai in, Sanae down!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 58 - Max. HP 206 Attack 83 Defense 151 Sp. Atk 137 Sp. Def 150 Speed 95

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 26m We take down DLetty, Sanae to 58! Trying to learn Aeroblast! We do not teach it! FailFish


[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 24m TCirno down, DLetty in

[Moemon] 12d 8h 23m We're getting a refresher on how to battle from the Teachy TV. The Boneka Guy should take a few pointers from this.

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 21m TNitori down, TCirno in

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 19m Momiji down, Sanae in

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 17m Tokiko down, Momiji in

[Moemon] 12d 8h 15m Wild Clamperl

[Moemon] 12d 8h 14m We're in another route by the way

[Moemon] 12d 8h 13m Wild Spoink

[Moemon] 12d 8h 10m Wild Lv. 3 MachampWutFace

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 8m Tokiko in

[Chat] YoshiMaster1995: More like Borelei ResidentSleeper

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 4m Cirno down

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 3m Run 10 started, fighting Lorelei, Cirno vs TNitori

[Moemon] 12d 8h 0m Wild Kakuna

[Touhoumon] [Snark] Though AAABBHM try hard, the Pocket Monster is not here. AAABBHM scene of blank at present!

[Touhoumon] 12d 8h 0m Sanae in, and down. Run 9 over, blackout

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 59m Fighting Bruno, Mima vs SMeiling. Mima down

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 56m Suwako down, Lorelei defeated

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 54m Sanae's frozen

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: No legendaries in wild battle; i should have reconsidered that though

[Moemon] 12d 7h 52m Still fighting Wingull

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 51m Chauzu down, Sanae in

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 48m TCirno down! Suwako in!

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 46m Satori in, Mai down! TCirno in

[Chat] SinR2014: a level 3 Wingull is going to beat a level 44 Dugtrio. WutFace

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 45m Tokiko down

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 44m DLetty down, Mai in

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: Yeah, its barely a randomization, all its doing is randomizing wild grass data so every pokemon is available somewhere, so you have the opportunity to find almost every single moemon. / It doesnt touch stats, TMs, trainers, or anything else.

[Moemon] 12d 7h 42m Still trying to hit Wingull with Ground attacks.

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: have fun exploring all of the moemon sprites


[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 40m Tokiko in against DLetty

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 36m Momiji in, survives from attacks and hail on 2hp, and takes down TNitori! Momiji to Lv.55, then faints from Hail damage

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: Nothing besides wild grass data has been modified. Trainers remain the same

[Moemon] 12d 7h 35m Trying to Earthquake the Wingull.

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: It's not a 386 run, it's just some post game stuff for you to do while Touhoumon keeps going

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 33m Run 9 started, fighting Lorelei. Cirno against TNitori, Cirno down

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: The Kanto region is now overrun with every single other pokemon besides just the first 151, giving yoy the opportunity to see every moemon at least once (Catch Em All mode)

[Chat] PEEKO PogChamp

[Moemon] 12d 7h 34m A wild Wingull appears! Not shiny though.

[Fluff] A real troll would to have made it so that wild Moemon are no longer encountered in wild grass.

[Correction] That last run where we got to Bruno, that was Run 8

[Fluff] All of the Moemon have transformed into regular Pokemon, I'm calling it. Kappa

[Fluff] Shiny code, I'm calling it

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: ..check out the wild grass. You will see.

[Moemon] 12d 7h 30m Moemon returns at title screen!

[Moemon] 12d 7h 29m Moemon goes offline!

[Moemon] 12d 7h 29m Saved the game.

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 27m Satori down, run 7 over, black out

[Moemon] 12d 7h 27m We seem to be outside walking aroudn in Route 1.

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 26m We send in Satori and take down SMeiling, ASuika sent in. It summons the Sandstorm duDudu

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: aww, I missed Moemon's victory

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 21m Satori's the last one left again.

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 20m Sanae down

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 19m Sanae in

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 17m Fighting Bruno, Mima vs SMeiling. Mima faints to a crit Iron Fist

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 16m TCirno sent in, we snap out of Confusion and attack the TCirno. It gets confused, and faints to its own confusion damage! Lorelei defeated!

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 14m Satori in, we get Confused. We manage to attack, and we take down Suwako!

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 12m Mai down. Suwako in! We land a Fly but Tokiko faints

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 9m We send in Tokiko, and we take down DLetty in with a crit Soar! Tokiko to 59! Mai sent in!

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 7m Momiji faints

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 6m TNitori down! DLetty in!

[Touhoumon] 12d 7h 4m We switch out to Momiji, Sanae has not fainted yet

[Touhoumon] Cirno fainted, we sent in Sanae.

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 57m Run 8 started, Cirno vs TNitori

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 48m Satori down, black out, run 7 over

[Info] 12d 6h 48m We're back in Anarchy Mode, BTW.

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 41m Tokiko down, Satori's the only one left.

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 38m We send in Tokiko against DLetty, we do good damage with Soar. We ALMOST 2HKO, but DLetty clutches the attack. A Full Restore is not used and we take down DLetty, Mai is sent in

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 30m Sanae faints

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 24m TCirno down, DLetty in

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 57 - Max. HP 203 Attack 82 Defense 148 Sp. Atk 135 Sp. Def 148 Speed 93

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 22m Sanae to 57

[Info] 12d 6h 21m Democracy

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 20m TNitori down, Suwako in. We manage to take it out with Sanae, TCirno sent in

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 17m Mima sent in, and faints

[Correction] That was Momiji sent in after Cirno fainted. sorry again

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 15m Momiji faints

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 15m We take TNitori down to red by chipping away at it, Lorelei uses a Full Restore

[Correction] TNitori sorry

[Moemon] 12d 6h 8m It looks like we're celebrating teh urn with some Teachy TV.

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 7m Cirno faints

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 5m Fighting Lorelei, CNitori vs Cirno

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 5m Entered Elite Four Run #7!

[Touhoumon/Info] Thus, concludes Run #6.

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 3m Back at Indigo Plateau.

[rip] rip

[Touhoumon] 12d 6h 1m Sent out Chauzu, we use Mana Burst, but two Head Smashes from Sara and we faint! White out!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 59m We use Shadow Force, dodging an Earthquake, but are hit with a Steel Fist, KOing Mima!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 58m We start off by using Shadow Force, twice, and KO it! Against Sara!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 58m Facing Bruno of the Elite Floor group of random trainers who walked in the room! We send out Mima against SMeiling!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 57 - Max. HP 201 Attack 78 Defense 113 Sp. Atk 185 Sp. Def 133 Speed 124

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 56m Chauzu is now level 57! Defeated Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 54m Sent out Chauzu! We use Mana Burst twice and KO the Suwako, despite getting knocked down to the Reds due to Surf.

[Moemon] 12d 5h 53m We currently have deposited things and withdrawn them from the Pc.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 52m It uses Body Slam, instantly KOing Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 51m Another Punch brings us to 7 HP, but we managed to KO Mai! Against Suwako!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 51m It uses Lovely Kiss, putting us to sleep. Then it pelts us with an Ice Punch, waking us up as we use Extrasensory.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 50m After many Extrasensorys, DLetty falls. Against Mai.

[Moemon] 12d 5h 50m USED THE PC! We're just using the one in our room, don't worry.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 49m We keep using Extrasensory, fall asleep, and then wake up and continue.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 47m We use Extrasensory, while our foe uses Amnesia. We repeat our choice while we are made Drowsy from Yawn.

[Touhoumon/Info] This seems to be Run #6, looking back at the updates where we whited out back in run #5.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 46m Sanae grew to level 56! Against DLetty!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 46m Our foe uses Hail, while one Thunder from us KOs our foe, due to it being super effective.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 45m TNitori uses Ice Beam, but one Thunder hits and we KO it! Against TCirno!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 45m We send out Sanae! She uses Thunder, but misses, as TNitori tactfully uses a Safeguard.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 44m We send out Momiji! We start to use Fury Cutter, again not effective, while one Surf KOs Momiji!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 43m We use Soar a few times, but a few Ice Beams from TNitori KOs our Tokiko!

[Snark] Hey guys, let's just start back from run#1 in Touhou now that Moemon is done its run! EleGiggle

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 42m Lorelei used a Full Restore on TNitori! We use Soar for the umpyteenth time, while hail pelts both opponents.

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 12d 5h 41m Another Soar from us and our foe makes it start to Hail. We use Soar once more, while TNitori uses Safeguard.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 40m We send out Tokiko! We get hit with an Ice Beam while we use Soar.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 39m We start off with Facade as our foe uses Surf! Cirno down!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 39m Facing Lorelei! We send out Cirno against TNitori!

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 38m Run (I'll get the number after) starts! In Lorelei's Room!

[Info] We're back in Anarchy Mode

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 32m We heal our mons at the Pokemon League.

[Snark] We clearly have nothing better to do with the remaining minutes of Democracy.

[Moemon] 12d 5h 29m We decide that this is a silly time to watch TEACHY TV. Instead, we register it to the SELECT button.

[Moemon] 12d 5h 29m We're watching TEACHY TV.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 27m We enter the Pokemon League building.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Since you guys have been so nice, I'll give you a hint about the next run. The next run is... a Pokemon game. Kappa

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 26m We get our cursor over Indigo Plateau and fly straight there.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 25m We are now trying to navigate a 2-dimensional fly map with very sensitive controls to reach Indigo Plateau.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 24m We open the menu right into our party and select A to use Fly.

[Moemon] 12d 5h 24m We decide not to save our game.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 23m We exit the Boneka Center.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 22m We heal our team in Vermilion.

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 21m Back in the Boneka Center.

[Both] 12d 5h 20m Democracy is active.

[Snark] [Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Of course that computer is safe, it's not even a computer. It's a Mac. Kappa

[Snark] PC is safe this gen! Kappa

[Moemon] 12d 5h 16m and we shut it off

12d 5h 15m [Moemon] We boot up Item PC

[Both] 12d 5h 12m We are just wandering around now

12d 5h 7m [Touhoumon] We return to Vermillion City

[Touhoumon] 12d 5h 5m We return back into town and are near the Boneka-Center

[Moemon] [Snark] 12d 5h 1m We check the bed. There's nothing there but dustbunearies. Kappa

12d 5h 0m [Moemon] We head upstairs into our room!

[Moemon] [Info] Correction: Our Charizard in X was the first Charizard to survive into the Hall of Fame. This is, however, the first time a Charizard received from Prof. Oak made it all the way to the end.

[Snark] We need to check the bed

[Moemon] [Info] We need 60 species owned to get the National Dex and access to the Sevii Islands postgame plot. At 50, we get an Experience Share.

[Moemon] 12d 4h 57m Oak tells up to fill up the dex more!

[Moemon] [Info] FFF was the first Charizard in TPP history to not get released before the first Hall of Fame.

12d 4h 56m [Moemon] We do not Start a New Game! We load up the save!

[Moemon] [Snark] Inb4 we select "New Game" Kappa

12d 4h 53m [Touhoumon] Meanwhile, we are on Three Island with Sanae being our only Boneka alive!

12d 4h 52m [Moemon] And the Credits roll for Moemon!

[Snark] No Oak Battle this time around

[Touhoumon] [Snark] We have some catching up to do.


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 4h 51m [Moemon] BLUE DEFEATED!

12d 4h 51m [Moemon] http://tehurn.com/

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Moemon] TEH URN!!!


12d 4h 50m [Moemon] Blastoise use Rain Dance!

12d 4h 50m [Moemon] Blastoise is sent out as Green's last hope!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 49m Water Pulse takes it down1

[Moemon] 12d 4h 49m Arcanine is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 49m but Aurabeam takes down Rhydon!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 49m Rhydon is sent out! There is no more Surf PP!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 48m Surf takes down Alakazam! Vaporeon levels up to Lv 81!

12d 4h 48m [Moemon] 12d 4h 48m Its our Vaporeon vs Green's Alakazam!


[Moemon] 12d 4h 47m Alakazam is sent out!

12d 4h 47m [Moemon] Exeggutor is down!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 46m Exeggutor is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 46m Green sends out Pidgeot! We send out Vaporeon. Vapreon takes down Pidgeot!


[Moemon] 12d 4h 46m vs Champion Green!

[Moemon] Is this teh urn?

12d 4h 44m [Moemon] We use blizzard to take down Aerodactyl! Lance Defeated!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 44m Aerodactyl is sent out!

12d 4h 44m [Moemon] Blizzard OHKO the dragon!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 44m Dragonite is up next!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 43m Another Dragonair is up to bat! Blizzard strikes it out!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 43m Blizzard takes care of Dragonair!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 43m Gyarados goes down! Dragonair is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 38m Lance sends out Gyarados! We send out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 38m Lance Challenged!

12d 4h 38m [Moemon] We enter Lance's room

[Moemon] 12d 4h 37m Haunter comes up, and it goes down! Agatha Defeated!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 36m Vaporeon to Lv 80!

12d 4h 36m [Moemon] Gengar is sent out. Surf takes it down!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 35m Surf takes it down!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 35m Arbok is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 35m and Surf takes it down quickly!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 35m Agatha sends out Golbat!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 34m Surf OHKO Gengar!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 34m Agatha sends out Gengar! We send out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 34m vs Agatha!

12d 4h 32m [Moemon] Bruno Defeated!!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 32m Vaporeon is brought back and uses Water Pulse to OHKO Onix!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 31m Pidgeot is taken down by Bruno's Onix!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 30m Two earthquakes from Onix brings Elecabuzz to the Red. We then switch to Pidgeot!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 29m We switch out to Electabuzz!

12d 4h 28m [Moemon] We use Water Pulse twice to take out Machamp!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 27m Machamp is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 27m Hitmonlee is sent out but is quickly retired by Surf!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 27m Hitmonchan is sent out! Taken down by Surf!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 26m Surf OHKO's Onix!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 26m Bruno sends out Onix! We send out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 25m vs Bruno!

12d 4h 22m [Moemon] We snap out of confustion, take down Jynx, Electabuzz levels up to lv. 71, and Lorelei is defeated!

12d 4h 21m [Moemon] Thunderbolt takes down about half of Jynx's HP!

12d 4h 20m Thunderbolt is used but Lapras only goes down the to the Red. Confuse Ray confuses ourself, but we take down Lapras next turn anyways!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 12d 4h 19m Lapras is sent out next!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 19m Slowbro is sent out! Another Thunderbolt takes it down!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 19m Thunderbolt takes it down!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 12d 4h 18m Cloyster is sent out bu Lorelei!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 18m Electabuzz is sent out! We use Thunder and Dewgong is down!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 18m and Dugtrio is down!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 18m vs Loreli! Dugtrio vs Dewgong!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 16m Run #40 begins!

[RIP] http://tehurn.com/not

[Moemon] 12d 4h 11m Hydro Pump OHKO's Butterbae! We black out!!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 11m It will be Butterbae vs Blastoise!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 10m Fly does little Damage. Hydro Pump from Blastoise OHKO's Charizard!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 9m We use Fly!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 9m Rain Dance us used by the Foe.

[Moemon] 12d 4h 8m Blastoise is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 8m Charizard is sent out! Flamethrower takes down Exeggutor! Char levels up to lv. 63!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 7m Butterbae and Charizard are the only mon remaining and both are in full health!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 6m Giga Drain from the Exeggutor takes down Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 6m Exeggutor is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 6m Surf takes out Pidgeot!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 6m Green sends out Pidgeot! We send out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 5m We Challenge Champion-Rival Green!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 5m Vaporeon levels up to Lv. 79!!!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 4m We use Surf and Aerodactyl is down! Lance Defeated!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 4m Aerodactyl is sent out by Lance!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 3m We use Aurora Beam to take down the Dragonite!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 12d 4h 3m We are out of Blizzard PP!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 3m Dragonite is sent out by Lance!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 2m another Dragonair is sent out and just like the last it goes down!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 2m We use Blizzard again and Dragonair is down!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 1m Dragonair is sent out by Lance!

[Moemon] 12d 4h 1m We use Blizzard to take down Gyarados to 1/4 HP. We use it again to take it out!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 59m vs Lance! We send out Vaporeon! Lance sends out Gyarados

[Moemon] [Info] Surf has 3 PP left

[Moemon] 12d 3h 57m Haunter is taken down by Vaporeon's surf! Agatha is defeated!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 56m Vaporeon's Surf OHKO the Gengar! Haunter is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 55m and its taken down quickly! another Gengar is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 55m Arbok is sent out!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 54m and surf OHKO it too!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 54m Golbat is sent out by Agatha

[Moemon] 12d 3h 54m Surf OKHO Gengar! Vaporeon Levels up to Lv. 78!

12d 3h 53m [Moemon] She sends out Gengar! We send out Vaporeon

12d 3h 53m [Moemon] We Challenge Agatha

12d 3h 52m [Moemon] We enter Agatha's room

[Moemon] 12d 3h 50m Bruno Defeated!!!!

12d 3h 49m [Moemon] Surf OHKO's the opposing Onix!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 49m Surf is used again and Machamp is down. Onix is sent out!

12d 3h 48m [Moemon] Another Surf takes the opposing Machamp into the red. Sitrus berry heals it up a bit and then Bruno uses Full Restore to heal it. We use another Surf and rinse and repeat!

12d 3h 46m [Moemon] Surf takes down Hitmonlee! Machamp is sent out!

12d 3h 46m [Moemon] vs Bruno! Its our Vaporeon vs Hitmonlee!

[Meta] I need to go, so the feed may be bare for a bit as no other updaters are responding. Run #40 incoming anyway.

[Moemon] 12d 3h 22m CHarizard KO'd. Paid out 9240 dongers. WHITE OUT

[Moemon] 12d 3h 22m Lance withdraws Gyarados and sends out Aerodactyl.

[Moemon] 12d 3h 22m Lance uses Full Restore on Gyarados.

[Moemon] 12d 3h 21m We send out Charizard

[Moemon] 12d 3h 19m Vaporeon is taken down

[Moemon] 12d 3h 19m Lance engaged

[Moemon] 12d 3h 17m We sweep Agatha.

[Moemon] 12d 3h 16m Agatha use Full Restore on Gengar, only to be leveled next turn.

[Moemon] 12d 3h 12m Agatha engaged!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 11m We surf over Bruno!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 7m We surf over Onix

[Moemon] 12d 3h 6m Bruno engaged!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 4m Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 12d 3h 3m **We send out Charizard and take down Lapras.

[Moemon] 12d 3h 0m Butterfree KO'd by Ice Beam

[Moemon] 12d 3h 0m We send out Butterfree.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 59m Dugtrio down

[Moemon] 12d 2h 58m We send out Dugtrio.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 56m Lapras KO's Electabuzz

[Moemon] 12d 2h 56m Electabuzz is confused.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 56m Lorelei used Full Restore on Lapras.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 55m We nearly take out Lapras, left it paralyzed.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 55m We take down Slowbro with thunderbolt.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 54m We switch in Electabuzz

[Moemon] 12d 2h 53m We use Double-Edge and KO ourselves in recoil.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 52m We switch in Pidgeot

[Moemon] 12d 2h 52m Lorelei uses Full Restore on Slowbro

[Moemon] 12d 2h 50m Switched in Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 50m Took down Cloyster.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 49m Switched out Electabuzz and take down Dewgong.

[Moemon] 12d 2h 48m Sent out Dugtrio vs Dewgong

[Moemon] 12d 2h 48m Run #38. Lorelei engaged!

[Info] Burn damage would have killed Dragonite

[Moemon] 12d 2h 44m Fly almost took it out but Dragonite Hyper Beam's FFF to death and we black out

[Moemon] 12d 2h 43m We use Fly while Dragonite hits itself and uses Sitrus Berry

[Moemon] 12d 2h 42m We Flamethrower while Dragonite Outrage's, we burn it

[Moemon] 12d 2h 42m We send in Charizard

[Moemon] 12d 2h 40m Lance sends in Dragoniye which Wing Attack OHKO's us

[Moemon] 12d 2h 40m Buttrefree uses Psychic to KO Dragonair and Level up to lvl 51

[Moemon] 12d 2h 39m Dragonair;s Shed Skin cured its paralysis and Outrage'd to KO Electabuzz

[Moemon] 12d 2h 38m We are paralyzed and tank a Hyper beam with 11 hp left

[Moemon] 12d 2h 38m Dragonair thunder Wave's and paralyzes us yoo

[Moemon] 12d 2h 38m Lance sends in second Dragonair which gets Paralyzed by Thunderbolt

[Moemon] 12d 2h 37m After 2 more Outrages we KO Dragoniar

[Moemon] 12d 2h 37m Electabuzz Thunderbolts Dragonair to almost half health whileto Outrage'd

[Moemon] 12d 2h 36m We switch to Eelctabuzz which Thunderbolt kills Gyarados

[Moemon] 12d 2h 35m We Water Pulse Gyarados while it used Twister to KO Vaporeon

[Moemon] 12d 2h 34m VS Lance

[Touhoumon] [Info] Satori fainted during the e4 runs

[Moemon] 12d 2h 31m We Surf, thus defeating Haunter and Agatha

[Moemon] 12d 2h 30m We switch back to Vaporeon

[Moemon] 12d 2h 29m Haunter uses Hypnosis to put us to sleep and crit Dream Eater us to death

[Moemon] 12d 2h 28m We use Double Edge that doesnt help as Haunter is a Ghost, Haunted uses Curse

[Moemon] 12d 2h 27m We switch to Pidgeot after clutching with 6hp

[Moemon] 12d 2h 27m Gengar contnius to assault until Sludge Bomb hits Vaporeon and she clutches ans uses Surf to KO Gengar

[Moemon] 12d 2h 26m Vaporeon tanks a Sludge Bomb and uses Surf, Gengar clutches and uses Hypnosis+Nightmare

[Moemon] 12d 2h 25m Vaporeon rinses Arbok with Surf

[Moemon] 12d 2h 24m Vaporeon Surfs Golbat to death bringing it up to level 76

[Moemon] 12d 2h 24m We use Surf to OHKO Gengar

[Moemon] 12d 2h 23m VS Agatha

[Moemon] [Info] Team is fully healed except for Dugtrio and Vaporeon being at 89% health

[Moemon] 12d 2h 22m Vaporeon takes a earthqauke from Onix and OHKo's it with Surf**

[Moemon] 12d 2h 21m Bruno tries to heal Machamp but we retaliate with a Surf that OHKo's

[Moemon] 12d 2h 21m Vaporeon Surf's Machamp which is able to clutch it and use Scary Face

[Moemon] 12d 2h 20m Vaporeon Surf OHKO's Hitmon/chan/lee

[Moemon] 12d 2h 18m Vaporeon crits a Surf on Onix

[Moemon] 12d 2h 18m VS Bruno

[Moemon] [Info] Our team is at fully 100% health (except for Dugtrio)

[Moemon] 12d 2h 16m We wake up and use Surf to defeat it, Lorelei defeated

[Moemon] 12d 2h 16m Lorelei heals Jynx while we stay asleep

[Moemon] 12d 2h 15m We use Surf while Jynx Clutches and uses Hypnosis

[Info] This is Attempt 37, sorry

[Moemon] 12d 2h 14m We switch to Vaporeon

[Moemon] 12d 2h 13m Electabuzz uses Thunderbolt while Lapras uses Surf, another Tbolt defeats it

[Moemon] 12d 2h 13m Electabuzz levels up to level 69

[Moemon] 12d 2h 12m Electabuzz OHKO's All 3 of Dewgong, Cloyster and Slowbro with Thunderbolt's

12d 2h 12m We send Electabuzz

[Moemon] 12d 2h 10m Dugtrio uses Dig and then faints to a Ice Beam

[Moemon] 12d 2h 10m Vs Lorelei Attempt 36

[Moemon] 12d 2h 8m We send in Charizard who is OHKo'd by Ancient Power, we black out

[Moemon] 12d 2h 6m Aerodactyl uses Wing Attack to defeat Pidgeot

[Moemon] 12d 2h 5m Lance send in Aerodactyl which used Anceint Power to raise it stats and Pidgeot clutches

[Moemon] 12d 2h 4m We send Pidgeot which Wing Attack's thrice to defeat Gyarados

[Moemon] 12d 2h 3m We use 2 more Flamethrowers and Gyarados uses Dragon Rage until we switch to Butterfree which gets destroyed by Hyper Beam

[Moemon] 12d 2h 2m We send Charizard which uses Flamethrower to bring Gyarados to the red and Lance Heals

[Moemon] 12d 2h 0m We use Blizzard while Gyaardos uses a Dragon Rage, we then miss the second one while Gayardos annihilates us with a Hyper Beam

[Moemon] 12d 1h 59m Vs Lance

[Moemon] 12d 1h 58m One final Surf defeats Agatha and her Haunter

[Moemon] 12d 1h 57m Gengar uses Nightmare but we wake up and defeat it with Surf

[Moemon] 12d 1h 57m Vaporeon goes back to sleep

[Moemon] 12d 1h 56m Vaporeon falls alseep to a Hypnosis ans is subjected by some Sludge Bomb which one landed a crit until we wake up and Surf it

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 75 - Max. HP 309 Attack 116 Defense 129 Sp. Atk 201 Sp. Def 154 Speed 133

[Moemon] 12d 1h 56m Vaporeon levels up to level 75

[Moemon] 12d 1h 56m Vaporeon washes Arbok away

[Moemon] 12d 1h 55m Vaporeon deluges Golbat

[Moemon] 12d 1h 55m Vaporeon rinses Gengar wth a Surf

[Moemon] 12d 1h 54m Vs Agatha

[Moemon] 12d 1h 51m Vaporeon washes Onix and Bruno is defeated

[Moemon] 12d 1h 51m Vaporeon washes Machamp away with a Surf while it misses a Scary Face (how?!) and another Surf does the trick

[Moemon] 12d 1h 49m Vaporeon deluges Hitmonlee but it clutches and uses a Mega Kick, then Bruno heals only to get Hitmonlee rinsed by more Surf's

[Moemon] 12d 1h 48m Vaporeon cleans Hitmonchan with a crit Surf

[Moemon] 12d 1h 48m Vaporeon rinses Onix to death with a Surf

[Moemon] 12d 1h 47m Vs Bruno

[Moemon] 12d 1h 46m We send Charizard which Flamethrowers Jynx and defeats Lorelei

[Moemon] 12d 1h 45m We stay asleep and Jynx is paralyzed, next turn it freezes Electabuzz to death with an Ice Punch

[Moemon] 12d 1h 43m We use a Thundebolt to do damage while Jynx Lovely kisses us to sleep us and a crit Ice punch makes Static activate

[Moemon] 12d 1h 43m Thunderbolt bring Lapras to Yellow health and uses Sitrus berry to heal, Ice Beam doesnt do much and another Thundebolt defeats Lapras

[Moemon] 12d 1h 42m Thunderbolt also defeats Slowbro

[Moemon] 12d 1h 42m Electabuzz defeats Cloyster with a Thunderbolt

[Moemon] [Info] A Select changed Earthquake to slot 2, Dig is on Slot 1

[Moemon] 12d 1h 41m We use Thunderbolt to defeat Dewgong

[Moemon] 12d 1h 40m Dugtrio faints after using Earthquake

[Moemon] 12d 1h 40m VS Lorelei Urn Attempt #36

[Moemon] 12d 1h 38m Black Out

[Moemon] 12d 1h 38m We crit a Wing Attack and get him to Half health while he Bite's until Hyper Beam KO's us

[Moemon] 12d 1h 37m We send in Pidgeot who uses Double Wing Attacks to lower Gyarados to red and Lance heals

[Moemon] 12d 1h 33m Vaporeon faints to a Hyper Beam from Gyarados after landing a Surf in

[Moemon] 12d 1h 30m Vs Lance

[Moemon] 12d 1h 24m One final Surf defeates Agatha and her Haunter

[Moemon] 12d 1h 24m Gengar uses another Sludge bomb but we clutch and defeat it with a Surf

[Moemon] 12d 1h 23m Gengar uses Sludge bomb and we use Water Pulse to bring it up to half

[Moemon] 12d 1h 23m Vaporeon levels up to level 74

[Moemon] 12d 1h 22m Arbok stands no chance against the power of the sea

[Moemon] 12d 1h 22m Golbat also falls to the mightness of the Waves

[Moemon] 12d 1h 22m We Surf the First Gengar to death

[Moemon] 12d 1h 21m Vs Agatha

[Moemon] 12d 1h 18m Onix uses Earthquake and we Land a Blizzard to OHKO it, Bruno defeated

[Moemon] 12d 1h 18m Machamp tanked a Surf and used Scary Face to be able to Cross Chop, we Blizzard to KO it

[Moemon] 12d 1h 17m Vaporeon OHKO'd Hitmonlee with a Surf

[Moemon] 12d 1h 16m Vaporeon gets to level 73 and Surf is still not able to OHKO Hitmonchan thus getting a Sky Uppercut

[Moemon] 12d 1h 16m VS Bruno

[Moemon] 12d 1h 11m Lorelei uses a Full Restore and we use Surf which brings Jynx to the red and defeats Lorelei with another Surf

[Info] Jynx used Ice Punch, not beam

[Moemon] 12d 1h 9m Butterfree faints to another Ice Punch

[Moemon] 12d 1h 9m We send Buttrfree which does minimal damage with Psychic and cluctes a Ice Beam

[Moemon] 12d 1h 8m Electabuzz lands a Thunderbolt but Jynx pucnhes us to death with Ice Punch

[Moemon] 12d 1h 7m We hurt orseleves while its paalyzed, then we hit ourseleves while it Ice Beam's, after that Electabuzz is in Red Zone and wakes up and grows up to level 68 after defeating Lapras

[Moemon] 12d 1h 6m Electabuzz uses Thunerbolt to paralyze lapras but it uses Confuse Ray

[Moemon] 12d 1h 5m Electabuzz shocks Cloyster and Slowbro to death

[Moemon] 12d 1h 3m We switch to Electabuzz who gets Ice Beam'd and retaliates with a Critical Thundebolt

[Moemon] 12d 0h 59m We send in Vaporeon

[Moemon] 12d 0h 58m Charizard faints to more Surf's after wasting Lorelei's Full Restore and landing a Fly

[Moemon] 12d 0h 57m We send in Charizard who uses a Flamethrower and gets a Surf

[Moemon] Dugtro lands an Earthquake before fainting to a Surf

[Moemon] 12d 0h 55m Vs Lorelei, Urn #35

12d 0h 48m Charizard is STILL sleeping and gets hurt by a Dream Eater and clutches a Curse but another Dream Eater defeats Charizard and blacks us out

[Moemon] 12d 0h 48m Charizard stays asleep and gets Mean Look'd

[Moemon] 12d 0h 48m We send Charizard back which gets Curse'd

[Moemon] 12d 0h 45m We switch to Vaporeon who faints from Poison

[Moemon] 12d 0h 44m Charizard uses Strngth and falls asleep due to Hypnosis from Haunter

[Moemon] 12d 0h 43m We send Charizard which burns Gengar to death

[Moemon] 12d 0h 41m Gengar gets healed from a Full Restore then uses Nightmare, we get hurt and wake up; land another Thunder before going down to a Sludge Bomb

[Moemon] 12d 0h 40m Electabuzz lands a Thunder than falls asleep from a Hypnosis

[Moemon] 12d 0h 38m We send Electabuzz

[Moemon] 12d 0h 37m Buttrfree clutches a Critical Sludge Bomb and faints to the other one

[Moemon] 12d 0h 36m Butterfree falls alseep to Hypnosis

[Moemon] 12d 0h 35m We switch to Pidgeot who faints to Two Sludge Bombs after dishing a Wing Attack

[Moemon] 12d 0h 31m Surf loses all its PP

[Moemon] 12d 0h 29m Arbok gets healed with a Full Restore and clutches another Surf and goes down with another wave

[Moemon] 12d 0h 28m Vaporeon swamps Golbat with a Surf and Arbok clutches and poison's Vaporeon with a Sludge Bomb

[Touhoumon] 12d 0h 28m Satori does not learn Encore

[Moemon] 12d 0h 28m Vaporeon swamps Gengar

[Touhoumon] 12d 0h 27m Satori levels up to 56

[Moemon] 12d 0h 27m Vs Agatha

[Info] Vaporeon is at 62% health after getting a Brick Break/Sky Uppercut from the Hitmon duo

[Moemon] 12d 0h 24m Vaporeon Surf's the last Onix thus Defeating Bruno

[Moemon] 12d 0h 23m Machamp Bulks up and also gets a Full restore only to be swamped by Surf's

[Moemon] 12d 0h 22m Hitmonlee gets doused by 2 surfs after landing a Brick Break

[Moemon] 12d 0h 21m Vaporeon uses Surf to take Hitmoonchan to the red and Bruno uses a Full restore only to have it defeated by two other Surfs

[Moemon] 12d 0h 20m Vaporeon swamps Onix

[Moemon] 12d 0h 20m VS Bruno

[Moemon] 12d 0h 19m Lorelei defeated after a few Thunderbolts and confusion hax

[Moemon] [Info] Run is #34, probably.

[Moemon] 12d 0h 18m Electabuzz hurts itself from confusion of Confuse Ray

[Info] Sorry for being late to update, didnt realize we are fighting her

[Moemon] 12d 0h 17m Dugtrio faints and Electabuzz takes over Thunderbolting stuff until it levels up to 67

[Moemon] 12d 0h 16m Vs Lorelei

[Moemon] 12d 0h 9m FFF killed by nightmare. White out.

[Moemon] 12d 0h 7m Gengar-2 puts FFF into sleep.

[Moemon] 12d 0h 0m Sludge Bomb. Vaporeon fainted.

[Moemon] 12d 0h 0m Gengar-2 puts Vaporeon into sleep.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 59m Arbok frozen solid and then killed after Full restore. Vaporeon grew up to Level 72.

Welcome to Day 13 of Twitch Plays Touhoumon/Moemon!

[Moemon] 11d 23h 59m Golbat beaten. Blizzard OHKO.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 58m Gengar-1 beaten. Blizzard OHKO.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 57m vs Agatha.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 55m Onix OHKO'd. Bruno defeated.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 55m Machamp beaten.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 54m Hitmonlee goes down the same way.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 53m Bruno used full restore on Hitmonchan. Nevermind. Surfed to death.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 52m Vaporeon OHKO'd Onix.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 51m vs Bruno.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 49m FFF finished Jynx. Lorelei defeated.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 47m Electabuzz fainted. Jynx paralyzed.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 47m Jynx puts Electabuzz into sleep.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 46m Electabuzz kills Lapras. Jynx is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 46m Butterbae fainted. Electabuzz kills Slowbro.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 44m Butterbae kills Cloyster.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 42m FFF switched for Butterbae. Cloyster used Spikes.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 41m FFF kills Dewgong.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 40m Vaporeon switched for T. T KO'd by Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 38m Run #33. Dugtrio fainted to Dewgong. Classic start.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 34m Hitmonchan used rock tomb.White out.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 33m Onix killed. FFF grew up to Level 62.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 32m vs Bruno.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 31m Jynx beaten. Lorelei defeated.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 31m Lapras fainted. Jynx is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 11d 23h 30m Teachy TV.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 25m Butterbae fainted. Only FFF left.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 24m Butterbae (5HP) puts Lapras into sleep.

[Touhoumon] 11d 23h 21m Jumping down a ledge.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 19m Vaporeon fainted.

[Touhoumon] 11d 23h 18m Chauzu's Dark Pulse is out of PP.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 16m Vaporeon is parafused.

[Touhoumon] 11d 23h 14m Game saved.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 11m Surf -> water absorb heal foe. Body slams and confuse rays hurting Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 10m Lapras was Full Restored by Lorelei.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 8m T OHKOed by Lapras.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 7m Electabuzz fainted to Lapras.

[Meta] Not a lot of people on to update and I'm off for the time being. So updates might be slow.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 3m Thunderbolt takes out Dewgong and Cloyster.

[Moemon] 11d 23h 1m Dugtrio fainted to Dewgong!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 59m Vs Lorelei.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 58m Entered the E4 Chambers. This is Run #32.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 57m We bought 10 Revives during that small shopping trip.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 52m Talked to the shopkeeper. Will update afterwards with shopping totals.

[Both] Entered democracy mode.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 47m T is then too knocked out by ancientpower! White out!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 47m Butterfree is also OHKO'ed by ancientpower!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 44m Aerodactyl's ancientpower again OHKO's FFF!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 44m FFF is sent out and uses Flamethrower, knocking out the Dragonair.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 43m Electabuzz's Static paralyses Dragonair after is used Outrage. Another Outrage knocks out Electabuzz!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 42m We send out Electabuzz, whom KO's Gyarados with Thunder! T grew to level 50!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 41m And then we switch Vaporeon back out. A hyper beam takes out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 40m We switch out Vaporeon for T. Gyarados uses dragon rage.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 39m Vs Lance.

[Touhoumon] 11d 22h 39m Mima fainted to a wild Yousei. We send out A.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 38m And Haunter goes down to Water Pulse. Agatha defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 37m A crit Blizzard takes out the second Gengar! Vaporeon grows to level 71!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 37m And a third takes out Arbok!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 36m And another one takes out Golbat!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 36m A crit surf takes out the first Gengar!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 35m Vs Agatha.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 33m And another surf takes down the second Onix. Bruno defeated! Vaporeon has 34% HP remaining.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 32m Vaporeon takes down Machamp, but not before getting hit with a cross chop.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 31m Two more surfs and Hitmonlee is down.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 31m Two surfs take down hitmonchan. Vaporeon grows to level 70!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 30m Vaporeon again makes quick work of Onix with surf.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 29m Vs Bruno.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 27m Saved the game.

[Info] [Moemon] Electabuzz is down to 40% HP after the battle.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 26m Two more thunderbolts bring down Jynx! Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 25m Two Thunderbolts bring down Lapras! It gets a surf in, bringing Electabuzz down to 70% HP.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 24m Another Thunderbolt OHKO's Slowbro.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 24m Thunderbolt takes out Cloyster!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 23m We send out Electabuzz. Thunder OHKO's Dewgong.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 22m Dugtrio faints to Dewgong's Ice Beam!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 22m Vs Lorelei.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 21m Entered the E4 chambers again. This is Run #31.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 20m Aerodactyl's ancientpower OHKO's FFF! White out!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 19m We send out FFF, whom takes out Dragonair with Flamethrower!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 19m Electabuzz faints to Dragonair's Outrage!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 18m Thunder takes out Gyarados! Electabuzz grows to level 65!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 17m Gyarados wakes up and uses Hyper Beam OHKOing Butterfree! We send out Electabuzz.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 16m Butterfree uses sleep powder and puts Gyarados asleep!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 15m Butterfree vs Gyrados. We use psybeam, it uses Dragon Rage.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 14m Vs Lance.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 11m Another Flamethrower and Haunter is down. Agatha defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 11m FFF takes down gengar from flamthrower and grows to level 61!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 10m T faints to the poison from Gengar's sludge bomb! FFF is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 9m Vaporeon faints to Gengar!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 8m Arbok hurts itself in confusion after being confused by water pulse and then goes down to another one!

[Moemon] 11d 22h 8m A surf OHKO's Golbat.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 5m After three misses, Vaporeon takes down Gengar. She is down to 6 HP.

[Moemon] 11d 22h 4m Vs Agatha.

[Touhoumon] 11d 21h 59m Caught a Male CMedicine! Named AAGGG

[Info] [Moemon] Vaporeon is currently at 32% HP.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 57m Another surf takes down Onix. Bruno defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 21h 56m A water pulse and surf, and Machamp is down!

[Moemon] 11d 21h 56m A crit water pulse takes down Hitmonlee!

[Moemon] 11d 21h 55m Two water pulses take down Hitmonchan.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 54m Vaporeon makes short work of Onix and Grows to level 69!

[Moemon] 11d 21h 53m Vs Bruno.

[Touhoumon] 11d 21h 51m Saved the game.

[Both] Back in Anarchy.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 47m Lorelei defeated! Electabuzz is down to 41% hp.

[Meta] No one around to update, sorry for inconvenience.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 39m Dugtrio fainted to Dewgong.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 38m Run #30

[Both] 11d 21h 34m Democracy mode ON.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 23m Dragonair used outrage. White out.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 23m Electabuzz killed Gyarados, but has only 4HP.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 23m FFF fainted.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 21m Gyarados OHKOed Butterbae.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 21m vs Lance.

[Moemon] [Info] T was poisoned by Gengar-2 too.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 13m Gengar-2 killed, but poisoned FFF before. Agatha defeated.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 12m T was switched for FFF.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 10m Gengar-2 killed Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 8m vs Agatha.

[Touhoumon] 11d 21h 7m Power heart used on Sanae. (huh?)

[Moemon] 11d 21h 6m Bruno defeated.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 3m Onix beaten. Vaporeon grew up to Level 68.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 3m vs Bruno.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 1m Lorelei defeated.

[Moemon] 11d 21h 0m Clutch. Lorelei restored Jynx HP.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 59m Lapras beaten, Jinx is sent in.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 57m Slowbro beaten. Lapras is sent in.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 56m Dewgong down. Electabuzz grew up to Level 63. Clyster beaten.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 55m Dugtrio fainted to Dewgong.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 54m Run #29. vs Lorelei.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 53m Game saved.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 51m Machamp KOed FFF. White out.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 50m Onix and Hitmonchan were beaten.

[Touhoumon] 11d 20h 48m Game saved.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 48m vs Bruno.

[Touhoumon] 11d 20h 47m Momiji grew up to Level 54.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 45m Jinx OHKOed. Lorelei defeated.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 44m FFF killed Lapras. Jinx is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 42m Butterbae fainted.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 39m T OHKOed with Ice beam.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 38m Vaporeon fainted.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 35m Democracy mode OFF.

[Fluff] Turn based anti-strategy.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 30m We restored Lapras HP to the full. Vaporeon was parafused.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 28m We sent in Vaporeon. Lapras ate Citrus berry.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 26m Lapras is in. Electabuzz fainted.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 26m Slowbro is in. OHKOed with thunderbolt.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 24m Cloyster protected herself twice. OHKOed with thunderbolt on 3rd step.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 23m Thunderbolt switched with Thunder. Thunderbolt used. Dewgong fainted. Lorelei sent in Cloyster.

[Touhoumon] 11d 20h 22m Momiji switched for Sanae.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 21m T switched for Electabuzz.

[Both] 11d 20h 19m Democracy mode ON.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 17m We sent in T, Wing Attack, Hail.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 16m Dugtrio vs Dewgong. Earthquake, Ice beam killed Dugtrio.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 16m vs Lorelei.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 15m Run #28

[Touhoumon] 11d 20h 11m Twister finished FFF. White out.

[Touhoumon] 11d 20h 9m AWOO's Night Slash is out of PP, it is switched places with Fury Cutter.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 8m Poisoned FFF is our only hope.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 7m Butterbae vs Gyarados. Hyper beam OHKOed Bae.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 6m vs Lance. FFF's HP is at 25% due to poison.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 4m Haunter OHKOed. Agatha defeated!

[Moemon] [Stats] Charizard/FFF Lv. 60 - Max. HP 181 Attack 132 Defense 116 Sp. Atk 144 Sp. Def 113 Speed 176

[Moemon] 11d 20h 3m Flamethrower kills Gengar. FFF grew up to Level 60.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 2m We delegated FFF. Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb. Gengar restored HP with berry and then puts FFF to sleep. Agath used Full Restore. FFF wakes up. Sludge Bomb. FFF poisoned.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 1m Gengar puts T into sleep and then killed T with Nightmare and Sludge Bomb.

[Moemon] 11d 20h 0m Wing Attack, Sludge Bomb. Arbok killed, Gengar is sent in.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 59m Vaporeon killed by poison. We sent in T.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 58m Golbat beaten. Agatha sent out Arbok.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 57m Toxic poisoned Vaporeon. Water pulse. Gengar beaten. Next is Golbat.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 56m Surf. Agatha used Full Restore. Miss. Gengar used Double Team. Surf is out of PP.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 55m Vaporeon vs Gengar.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 54m vs Agatha.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 53m OHKO surf Onix. Bruno defeated.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 52m Vaporeon vs Machamp. Surf. Citrus Berry. Surf. Machamp killed.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 52m Hyper potion +196HP on Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 51m Vaporeon vs Hitmonlee. Surf vs MegaKick. Surf. Hitmonlee killed.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 50m Vaporeon vs Hitmonchan. Surf. Bruno used Full Restore. Surf. Surf. Hitmonchan beaten.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 50m Vaporeon vs Onix. Surf OHKO.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 49m vs Bruno.

[Touhoumon] 11d 19h 49m Meanwhile AWOO keeps killing wild CDaiyouseis.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 46m Surf. Lorelei used Full restore again. Surf. Lorelei defeated. Vaporeon grew up to Level 67.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 45m Dugtrio fainted before. AAAVX fainted to paralyzed Jynx. Loreley restored her HP. We sent in Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 38m Run 27

[Meta] No one around to update, will be slow for a bit. We got to Agatha but blacked out.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 30m Onix goes down. Bruno defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 19h 29m Charizard is sent out. Machamp goes down.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 28m Foe Hitmonlee fainted! Machamp is sent out. Vaporeon fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 19h 26m Hitmonchan is sent out. Vaporeon Surfs it away. Hitmonlee is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 26m Vs Bruno Vaporeon vs Onix. Foe Onix fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 19h 24m Charizard is sent out. Lapras fainted. Lorelei was defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 19h 21m Pidgeot fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 19h 20m We with draw Vaporeon for Pidgeot.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 18m Vaporeon is sent out. Foe Jynx fainted! Lapras is sent out again.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 17m Butterfree fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 19h 16m Vaporeon withdrew. Out comes Butterfree. Lorelei withdrew Lapras.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 14m Vaporeon is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 11m Slowbro goes down to a Thunder. Lapras comes out. Electabuzz goes down.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 10m Dewgong goes down. Out comes Cloyster. Cloyster goes down. Out comes Slowbro.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 09m Electabuzz is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 08m Dewgong vs Dugtrio again. Dugtrio goes down.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 07m We talk to Lorelei. Vs Lorelei! Run 26

[Moemon] 11d 19h 04m Gengar comes out and finishes us off. Charizard fainted! We blacked out!

[Moemon] 11d 19h 04m Golbat fainted. Arbok comes out but it goes down as well.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 02m Gengar goes down! Out comes Golbat.

[Moemon] 11d 19h 01m Vs Agatha Gengar vs Charizard

[Moemon] 11d 19h 00m Charizard is sent out. Machamp goes down. Charizard grew to level 58! Charizard scores a crit on Onix and it goes down as well! Bruno defeated!

[Touhoumon] 11 18h 57m Momiji grew to level 53!

[Moemon] 11d 18h 55m Pidgeot is sent out. Pidgeot fainted.

[Meta] Reddit went down, here are some of the updates that happened while it was down.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 51m Butterfree fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 18h 50m Butterfree sent out. Foe Hitmonlee fainted. Machamp is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 49m Vaporeon fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 18h 48m Hitmonchan comes out but Vaporeon takes care of it as well. Next out is Hitmonlee.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 47m Vaporeon vs Onix. Onix goes down.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 47m Lorelei defeated! Vs Bruno!

[Moemon] 11d 18h 43m Electabuzz fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 18h 41m Electabuzz takes down Lapras. Up against Jynx now.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 38m Vaporeon is withdrawn for Electabuzz. It takes down Dewgong, Cloyster and Slowbro with ease. Electabuzz levels to 61

[Moemon] 11d 18h 35m Full Restore makes life miserable.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 34m Vaporeon is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 33m Dugtrio vs Dewgong. Dugtrio fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 18h 32m Challenged by Lorelei! Run 25!

[Moemon] 11d 18h 29m We enter the Pokemon League Pokecenter.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 23m We exit Victory Road.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 20m Anarchy is in effect.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 8m Pidgeot forgets Tackle and learns Double-Edge!

[Moemon] 11d 18h 4m We are talking to a guy willing to teach us Double-Edge.

[Moemon] 11d 18h 2m Entered Victory Road.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm going to sleep soon, make sure to select continue if you want the save file to be available

11d 17h 50m Democracy in effect again.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 47m Electabuzz forgets Swift for Shock Wave!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 45m Loaded up the TM for Shock Wave.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 42m Vaporeon forgets Quick Attack for Blizzard!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 38m We seem to be trying to teach the TM Blizzard.

11d 17h 34m Democracy in effect.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 33m We leave the Pokemon League.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 29m Vaporeon fainted! Blacked out!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 25m Fighting Lance Gyarados vs Vaporeon

[Moemon] 11d 17h 23m Gengar goes down. Agatha defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 20m Golbat goes down to Surf. Arbok comes out but goes down as well. Gengar is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 19m Gengar goes down. Golbat comes out.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 18m VS Agatha! Gengar vs Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 17m Bruno was defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 17m Vaporeon is sent out. Surf takes care of Machamp, Hitmonlee and Onix. Vaporeon grew to level 65!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 13m Foe Hitmonchan fainted. Machamp is sent out next. Charizard fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 11m Foe Onix fainted. Hitmonchan is sent out next.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 11m Charizard is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 10m Butterfree fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 9m Vs Bruno! Butterfree vs Onix

[Moemon] 11d 17h 4m Vaporeon is sent out. Jynx goes down. Lorelei was defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 17h 2m Electabuzz fainted.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 2m Electabuzz gets put to sleep.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 1m Lapras goes down with 2 Thunderbolts. Last out is Jynx.

[Moemon] 11d 17h 0m Lapras is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 59m Slowbro is sent out. Thunder takes it out with one hit.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 58m Cloyster is sent out. It drops to a Thunder.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 58m Electabuzz grew to level 60!

[Moemon] 11d 16h 57m Electabuzz is sent out. Dewgong goes down.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 56m Pidgeot fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 16h 55m Pidgeot sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 54m Dugtrio goes down!

[Moemon] 11d 16h 53m Vs Lorelei Dewgong vs Dugtrio

[Moemon] 11d 16h 52m We enter the E4 This is run 24

[Moemon] 11d 16h 45m aannd She faints. We black/white/gray out

[Moemon] 11d 16h 45m Butterbae sent out

[Touhoumon] 11d 16h 38m Cirno faints to a wield 'mon

[Moemon] 11d 16h 37m charizard faints before she can bring it down

[Moemon] 11d 16h 35m We are poisoned Agatha heals away the damage we did to Gengar. We are at 37% hp

[Moemon] 11d 16h 34m We send out Charizard, who misses a flamethrower before being confuse rayed.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 31m We snap out of confusion, but our attacks don't effect Gengar. She starts taunting us by using double team over and over. Poison downs Pidgeot

[Moemon] 11d 16h 30m None of our attacks manage to connect.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 28m we hurt ourselves in our confusion while Gengar badly poisons us We are at 23% hp

[Moemon] 11d 16h 27m We are confused with confuse ray. In our confusion we try to switch out for the pidgeoto who is already battling

[Moemon] 11d 16h 26m Agatha's Gangar vs out pidgeot. Wing attack takes the foe down a fourth of its hp while it double teams.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 25m we finally talk to Agatha

We enter anarchy Oh god no...

[Chat] bruno... TriHard

[Moemon] 11d 16h 18m The second psychic finishes it. Elite four Bruno defeated

[Moemon] 11d 16h 17m Butterbae sent out. Psychic brings onix to half, who only takes about a fourth of our health through double edge.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 14m Vaporeon is downed to Onix's apparently high speed. You'd think that its being a rock would make it much more sluggish...

[Moemon] 11d 16h 14m We bring it below half. It eats a berry, which does nothing. Another clutch surf downs it before it can attack. Bruno sends out his last mon, onix.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 13m We bring it below half. It eats a berry, which does nothing. Another clutch surf downs it before it can attack. Bruno sends out his last mon, onix.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 13m We exchange blows. Bae is at 8 health before we get Hitmonle down with a clutch surf. Machamp sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 11m We exchange blows. Bae is at 8 health before we get Hitmonle down with a clutch surf. Machamp sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 11m the third surf ends it. Bruno sends out Hitmonlee

[Moemon] 11d 16h 9m Surf brings it near fainting. Bruno manages to fully restore it. We surf again with the same effect.

[Moemon] 11d 16h 9m pidgeot switched for Baeporeon. She downs the onix. Bruno sends out hitmonchan

[Info] 11d 16h 6m Democracy

[Moemon] 11d 16h 0m Fighting Bruno, Pidgeot vs Onix

[Moemon] 11d 15h 55m Buzz down, Zard in. Jynx down to Flamethrower, Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 54m Thunderbolt does good damage to Lapras, another and Lapras goes down! Jynx in!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 52m Slowbro sent in, in the red after one Thunderbolt, full restore used, more Thunderbolts and Slowbro goes down! Lapras in!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 51m Buzz in, Dewgong and Cloyster down.

[Moemon] 11d 15h 49m We talk to Lorelei, E4 run #23 started. Dewgong vs Dugtrio, Dugtrio faints to a crit surf

[Moemon] 11d 15h 43m Vaporeon down to Air Cutter, black out, urn 22 over

[Moemon] 11d 15h 40m Vaporeon sent in, we proceed to Surf everything. Full Restore used on Golbat

[Touhoumon] 11d 15h 39m Cirno to 49

[Moemon] 11d 15h 38m Golbat sent in, Butterfree down!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 37m We hit ourselves in confusion, and get hit by Shadow Punches. We take out Gengar, Butterfree in the red

[Moemon] 11d 15h 35m Fighting Agatha, Butterfree vs Gengar

[Moemon] 11d 15h 33m Second Onix in, taken down easily with Water Pulse. Bruno defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 31m We take down Machamp and Hitmonlee with Surf and Water Pulse, Vaporeon to 64!

[Correction] We hadn't taken down Hitmonlee yet. Doing that now.

[Moemon] 11d 15h 30m Vaporeon sent in

[Moemon] 11d 15h 28m Hitmons down, Machamp in. Zard down!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 27m We send in Zard, Onix down! Hitmonchan sent in

[Moemon] 11d 15h 24m Pidgeot down

[Moemon] 11d 15h 15m Pidgeot vs Onix, our attacks do almost nothing. Rock Tomb isn't doing that much damage to Pidgeot, so that's good

[Moemon] 11d 15h 12m Fighting with Bruno! Hoo hah!

[Touhoumon] 11d 15h 12m We find a Max Repel

[Touhoumon] 11d 15h 9m We send in Vaporeon, we Surf the Jynx, another Full Restore is used, more Surfs and Jynx goes down! Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 8m We unfreeze, hit Jynx with a Thunderbolt, it's on red, paralysis strikes and Jynx can't move, Full Restore is used, Buzz goes down

[Moemon] 11d 15h 6m We use Thunderbolt, does only about 1/3 damage. An Ice Punch freezes us Confreezion PogChamp

[Moemon] 11d 15h 5m Buzz to 59!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 4m We use Thunderbolt, it Confuses us. We take out Lapras with another Thunderbolt! Jynx in!

[Moemon] 11d 15h 4m Slowbro down, Lapras in

[Touhoumon] 11d 15h 3m We throw a ball and catch a wild CMedicine! M, lv.31, no nickname

[Moemon] 11d 15h 2m Slowbro sent in

[Moemon] 11d 14h 56m Buzz in, we take out Dewgong and Cloyster.

[Moemon] 11d 14h 56m Dewgong vs Dugtrio, Dugtrio down right away

[Moemon] 11d 14h 54m We talk to Lorelei, Run #22 started

[Touhoumon] 11d 14h 46m We heal

[Touhoumon] 11d 14h 42m Currently on Three Isle

[Touhoumon] 11d 14h 40m Boating around the Sevii islands

[Chat] Averageuser: one island, two island, red island, blue island

[Touhoumon] 11d 14h 33m We fly to Vermilion

[Touhoumon] 11d 14h 26m We fly back to Fuschia

[Info] 11d 14h 6m Democracy, we seem to be flying to a place where we can get better training

[Moemon] 11d 14h 2m Electabuzz faints, black out, run #21 over

[Moemon] 11d 14h 2m Jynx sent in

[Moemon] 11d 14h 1m Electabuzz to 58

[Moemon] 11d 14h 0m Electabuzz is finally sent in, Lorelei uses a Full Restore on Lapras, we land a crit Brick Break, another one and Lapras goes down!

[Touhoumon] 11d 13h 57m We throw two Hard Orbs and two Normal Orbs at a wild CMurasa, no catch

[Moemon] 11d 13h 47m Pidgeot down, Only Buzz left, who is on yellow health

[Touhoumon] 11d 13h 44m Cirno to Lv.48

[Moemon] 11d 13h 43m Zard down!

[Moemon] 11d 13h 38m We send in Zard

[Moemon] 11d 13h 35m Vaporeon faints

[Moemon] 11d 13h 32m Still against Lapras, Dugtrio fainted, Butterfree fainted, Vaporeon's still alive, but on red health

[Touhoumon] 11d 13h 31m Seems we beat the trainer. I DC'd

[Touhoumon] 11d 13h 29m Trainer battle, Cirno vs CMurasa

[Touhoumon] 11d 13h 26m Sanae faints to Struggle recoil, black out!

The display is showing 0 money.

We end up back in Fuschia City.

[Touhoumon] 11d 13h 24m Sanae, the last member of the team who hasn't fainted, is on red health and Struggling.

[Moemon] 11d 13h 20m We're paralyzed, but we snapped out of confusion. We successfully use a Paralyze Heal, but another Body Slam paralyzes us again. OpieOP

[Moemon] 11d 13h 17m We switch out to Vaporeon, we are now confused.

[Moemon] 11d 13h 16m Slowbro down, Lapras in.

[Moemon] 11d 13h 15m Cloyster finally goes down, Slowbro sent in.

[Moemon] 11d 13h 12m Cloyster sets up Smogon Spikes, we try to attack it but it keeps Protecting.

[Moemon] 11d 13h 10m Dewgong goes down. Out comes Cloyster.

[Touhoumon] 11d 13h 9m Sanae grew to level 55!

[Moemon] 11d 13h 9m Electabuzz vs Dewgong.

[Moemon] 11d 13h 8m We talk to Lorelei. Run #21!

[Moemon] 11d 13h 2m Onix vs Butterfree. Butterfree fainted! We black out to Bruno!

[Moemon] 11d 13h 1m Fighting Bruno!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 59m Lorelei was defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 58m We send out Butterfree, our final Pokemon. We use Psychic and Jynx goes down. Butterfree grew to level 50!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 57m Vaporeon fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 55m Lapras is defeated and Jynx is out.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 51m Vaporeon is sent out. It heals with its Water Absorb.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 50m Pidgeot fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 49m Pidgeot is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 47m We punch ourself as Lapras finishes us off. Charizard fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 46m Charizard is sent out. Lapras holds on with a clutch and confuses us. Lorelei then uses a Full Restore.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 43m Electabuzz hurts itself in confusion and then goes down. Electabuzz fainted! Dugtrio is sent out. Dugtrio fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 42m Lapras is sent out. We wake up but are confused. Tbolt works anyway!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 42m Slowbro is sent out and uses Yawn. It then gets dropped by Thunderbolt. Electabuzz falls asleep

[Moemon] 11d 12h 40m Dewgong goes down. Cloyster is sent out. Cloyster goes down! Electabuzz grew to level 57!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 38m We talk to Lorelei Dewgong vs Electabuzz.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 36m Run #20 as we enter the Pokemon League

11d 12h 35m Anarchy is in effect.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 29m We purchase 4 Full Restores

[Moemon] 11d 12h 25m We sell all of our Moe Balls (70) to the shop!

11d 12h 21m Democracy is in effect.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 18m Hyper Beam finishes us off. Vaporeon fainted! We black out to Lance!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 17m We send out Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 15m Gyarados against our Charizard! We don't last too long. Charizard goes down!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 15m Talk to Lance! First type fighting Lance hype!

[Touhoumon] 11d 12h 13m No nickname given.

[Touhoumon] 11d 12h 13m CCirno caught! It's level 30 and female.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 11m Haunter drops and Agatha was defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 10m We Blaze boosted Crit the Gengar and it goes down. Charizard grew to level 57! Agatha's last Pokemon is Haunter.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 10m Arbok fainted but Sludge Bomb crit, with us almost fainted.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 9m Charizard is sent out. It burns Golbat to a crisp. Arbok is out next.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 7m Butterfree takes care of the first Gengar. Golbat is sent out. Butterfree fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 6m Fighting Agatha Gengar vs Butterfree!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 5m Onix is sent out. Surf takes care of it. Bruno was defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 3m Foe Hitmonlee fainted! Machamp comes out and then goes down!

[Moemon] 11d 12h 2m Hitmonchan goes down. Hitmonlee is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 12h 0m Vaporeon is sent out and Onix goes down. Vaporeon grew to level 63! Hitmonchan is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 59m Pidgeot fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 57m Fighting Bruno! Onix vs Pidgeot.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 53m Charizard fainted Lapras without taking a hit! Jynx comes out and Charizard takes care of it as well. Lorelei was defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 52m Charizard is sent out as Lapras gets a Full Restore.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 50m Dugtrio is sent out. Dugtrio fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 49m Slowbro goes down and Lapras is sent out. Ice Beam is too much for us; Electabuzz fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 47m Lorelei sends out Slowbro. It does not faint in one hit and hurts us quit a bit. And then it gets healed with a Full Restore.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 47m Dewgong goes down and then Cloyster comes out. But it quickly faints as well!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 46m Fighting Lorelei! We sends out Dewgong against our Electabuzz.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 45m Enter Pokemon League! Run #19!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 39m We use Quick Attack against a ghost type as Agatha heals her Gengar. Gengar does damage with Sludge Bomb. Vaporeon fainted! We blacked out against Agatha!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 37m Vaporeon sent out. It is our final Pokemon with one HP remaining.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 32m We wake up and resume burning. However we drop to a Sludge Bomb. Charizard fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 31m Gengar comes out but Charizard falls asleep due to Hypnosis.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 30m Charizard grew to level 56!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 29m Arbok is out and Charizard continues her burnination; It goes down!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 29m Golbat is sent out and it goes down the same way.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 28m Gengar our against our Charizard. It drops to a few Flamethrowers!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 28m Elite Four Agatha would like to battle!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 24m Vaporeon holds on with a clutch and knocks Onix out. Bruno defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 11h 24m Machamp goes down! Last out is Onix.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 22m Machamp is sent out.

[Moemon] 11d 11h 21m Vaporeon is sent out! Foe Hitmonchan goes down! Next out is Hitmonlee and it quickly drops as well.

[Both] 11d 11h 20m Anarchy is in effect.

[Touhoumon] 11d 11h 16m Sanae does NOT learn Psych up!

[Touhoumon] 11d 11h 16m Sanae to Lv.54

[Fluff] 11d 11h 11m

Passed 11d 11h 11m 11s. PogChamp

[Info] 11d 11h 6m Democracy

[Moemon] 11d 11h 5m Hitmonchan sent in, Psychic does only about 1/3 damage. Butterfree faints to Rock Tomb

[Moemon] 11d 11h 4m We use Psychic, Onix at half health. Rocks miss, and we take Onix down with another psychic

[Moemon] 11d 11h 2m Fighting Bruno, Butterfree vs Onix 1

[Moemon] 11d 11h 1m Jynx down, Lorelei defeated!

[Correction] It = Jynx BrokeBack

[Moemon] 11d 11h 0m Vaporeon sent in, we use Surf and take it down.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 58m We use Earthquake and do good damage, Dugtrio goes down to Ice Punch

[Moemon] 11d 10h 57m We send in Dugtrio and take down Lapras with Earthquake! Dugtrio to Lv.44, Jynx sent in

[Moemon] 11d 10h 56m We Fly and hit Lapras, it's on very low HP, it OHKOs Pidgeot with Ice Beam though

[Moemon] 11d 10h 54m We wise up and Thunderbolt it, Electabuzz goes down though.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 53m Full Restore is used, we're now using Swift on Lapras.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 52m Lapras Ice Beams us, we almost 2HKO Lapras without Lorelei using a Full Restore. Almost.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 51m We wake up, Slowbro down to Thunderbolt, Electabuzz to Lv.56. Lapras sent in.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 49m Thunderbolt again, Slowbro's in red. Yawn is used, a Full Restore is used on Slowbro, we use Thunderbolt again, Electabuzz is now sleeping

[Moemon] 11d 10h 48m Dewgong down to Thunderbolt, Cloyster sent in, down straight away as well.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 47m We walk straight up to Lorelei, E4 Run #18 started / Fighting Lorelei. Electabuzz vs Dewgong

[Touhoumon] 11d 10h 45m We throw a Normal Orb and catch a CRumia, female, lv.32, no nick

[Moemon] 11d 10h 44m Butterfree down to a crit Ice Beam, Urn 17 over

[Moemon] 11d 10h 42m Vaporeon down

[Touhoumon] 11d 10h 39m Tokiko down to recoil damage

[Moemon] 11d 10h 35m We send in Vaporeon, Lapras' Water Absorb means we don't land any damage.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 34m Lapras sent in. We use Flamethrower and Lapras is at half health, a crit Ice Beam takes Zard down

[Moemon] 11d 10h 33m We send in Charizard, clutch a Surf, and take down Slowbro with Flamethrower.

[Touhoumon] 11d 10h 31m Tokiko's now taking recoil damage from Struggle

[Moemon] 11d 10h 30m We send in Dugtrio, faints immediately

[Moemon] 11d 10h 28m We clutch an Ice Beam, we Fly again, Pidgeot goes down

[Moemon] 11d 10h 27m Lorelei uses a Full Restore, we hit Slowbro with a Quick Attack. Not much damage done, we Fly

[Moemon] 11d 10h 26m We send in Pidgeot

[Moemon] 11d 10h 24m Slowbro sent in, we hit it with Thunderbolt. We take it down to red health, Electabuzz goes down to Surf

[Touhoumon] 11d 10h 24m Teachy TV

[Moemon] 11d 10h 24m Electabuzz takes out the Cloyster with Thunderbolt!

[Moemon] 11d 10h 23m We unfreeze and take down the Dewgong! Currently on about half health

[Touhoumon] 11d 10h 22m We catch a CLetty, male, nickname AaabauvVWW

[Moemon] 11d 10h 22m Electabuzz is Frozen

[Moemon] 11d 10h 21m We talk to Lorelei, we fight! Electabuzz vs Dewgong! We hit it with Swifts

[Moemon] 11d 10h 18m E4 Run #17 started, trying to talk to Lorelei

[Moemon] 11d 10h 15m We send in Dugtrio, it goes down immediately. Urn 16 over

[Moemon] 11d 10h 12m We send in Butterfree, it faints

[Moemon] 11d 10h 12m Pidgeot faints

[Moemon] 11d 10h 11m We send in Pidgeot, and use Fly.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 10m Vaporeon faints

[Moemon] 11d 10h 6m We put Quick Attack in first slot, and we proceed to use it. It does okay damage. We get paralyzed by Lapras' Body Slam though.

[Moemon] 11d 10h 2m We send in Vaporeon, we try to hit Lapras but it has Water Absorb. We get confused by Confuse Ray, try to switch out but can't seem to, and we can't run.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 57m We send in Charizard and try to use the Burn Heal again. We hit Lapras with Strength, Zard goes down to Ice Beam

[Moemon] 11d 9h 54m We hit Lapras with a Thunderbolt, we use a Brick Break on the next turn. Electabuzz faints to Surf

[Moemon] 11d 9h 54m Electabuzz on red health, Lorelei uses a Full Restore.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 53m Lapras sent in, we wake up, we're confused, but we hit Lapras with a Thunderbolt. We land the PRZ, but we get hit with an Ice Beam. Sitrus Berry restores health, we snap out of confusion, we use Brick Break, but we do little damage.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 51m Slowbro sent in, it uses Yawn. We take it out with Thunderbolt, we are now asleep though. ResidentSleeper

[Moemon] 11d 9h 50m Cloyster sent in, we try to use a Burn Heal again Kappa We hit Cloyster with a Thunderbolt, and it's down.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 49m Fighting Lorelei, Electabuzz vs Dewgong. We do good damage with Thunderbolt, and take it out the next turn. Buzz hasn't taken any damage yet.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 44m Elite Four Run #16 started, trying to talk to Lorelei

[Moemon] 11d 9h 41m Golbat sent in, we Surf it, Vaporeon goes down to a crit aircutter! Urn 15 is a failure!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 39m Gengar sets up evasion hax, we land a Surf and put it on red health. Full Restore is used on it, we Surf it some more, but we're missing attacks. We're put on red health, but we take Gengar down.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 39m Fighting Agatha, Gengar vs Vaporeon

[Moemon] 11d 9h 37m Onix sent in, taken down easily. Vaporeon to Lv.62, Bruno defeated

[Moemon] 11d 9h 36m Machamp sent in, we land a Surf, we put Machamp on yellow health. It eats a Sitrus Berry, we avoid a Cross Chop, land another Surf, and take Machamp down

[Moemon] 11d 9h 35m We send in Vaporeon, and Hitmonchan goes down! Hitmonlee sent in, we land a crit Surf, and that goes down too!

[Chat] Bruno trained a full year in the mountains for this Kappa

[Moemon] 11d 9h 32m Only Vaporeon left, and she's on yellow health. Not teh urn guys BibleThump

[Moemon] 11d 9h 32m Charizard is down!

[Touhoumon] 11d 9h 31m Tokiko to Lv.57

[Moemon] 11d 9h 31m Onix is down! Hitmonchan sent in

[Moemon] 11d 9h 30m We do good damage with Flamethrower despite the resist, and we avoid a Rock Tomb! We get hit with more rocks, and Bruno uses a Full Restore.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 29m Fighting Bruno! Hoo hah!

Onix versus Charizard.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 27m Looked away for a second, Lorelei has been defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 25m We do some great damage to Jynx. Vaporeon gets put to sleep by Lovely Kiss though. We wake up and deal more damage.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 24m We send in Vaporeon, and we take down Lapras! Jynx in

[Moemon] 11d 9h 22m Lapras is on about 2/3 health, we hit Lapras with a Fly. Lapras is now on red, Pidgeot gets OHKOd by Ice Beam though

[Moemon] 11d 9h 22m We send in Pidgeot.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 19m We hit Lapras with some Earthquakes, very little damage dealt. Dugtrio get OHKOd by Ice Beam though

[Moemon] 11d 9h 19m We send in Dugtrio, Lorelei uses a Full Restore on Lapras.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 17m We send in Butterfree and do some good damage with Psychic. Ice Beam takes us down to 6HP, Lapras' Sitrus Berry restores its health some. Another Ice Beam and Butterfree goes down

[Moemon] 11d 9h 16m We hit Slowbro with a Thunderbolt again, and we take it out. Lapras sent in, it's on yellow after one hit. Ice Beam takes Electabuzz down though!

[Moemon] [Snark] Guys, we aren't fighting Blaine!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 15m We hit the Slowbro with Thunderbolt again, it's on yellow this time. We attempt to use a Burn Heal Kappa but it fails.

[Moemon] [Info] It seems the text speed is now slow.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 14m Slowbro sent in, we Thunderbolt the Slowbro. It's on red after one hit. Lorelei uses a Full Restore however.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 14m Electabuzz to Lv.54

[Moemon] 11d 9h 13m Cloyster sent in, it Protects. We hit it with Thunderbolts, and take it out.

[Moemon] 11d 9h 12m Fighting Lorelei, Dewgong vs Electabuzz! We hit it with a Thunderbolt and take out a good 2/3rds of its health, Dewgong sets up hail. We Thunderbolt it again and take Dewgong out

[Moemon] I'm Going to bed now. as We're starting Elite 4 Run #15!

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 61 - Max. HP 253 Attack 95 Defense 106 Sp. Atk 165 Sp. Def 126 Speed 108

[Moemon] 11d 9h 9m Cross chop takes out Vaporeon! We paid 7320 dongers! WHITE OUT!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 8m Mega Kick puts Vaporeon in yellow! 2nd one puts us in red! Hitmonlee goes down to surf! Vaporeon Lv.61! Machop sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 8m Surf takes out Hitmonchan! Hitmonlee sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 7m We toss a ball at Hitmonchan. Don't be a thief!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 6m Bruno uses Full Restore on Hitmonchan!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 6m We sent out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 5m We use Flamethrower. Sky Uppercut takes Charizard down!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 5m 2nd Flamethrower takes Onix down! Hitmonchan sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 4m We use flamethrower, Rock Tomb puts Charizard in red!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 4m Bruno sends out Onix! Go Charizard!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 3m Entered Bruno's room! Elite 4 Bruno engaged!

[Moemon] [Stats] Charizard Lv. 55 - Max. HP 166 Attack 121 Defense 107 Sp. Atk 133 Sp. Def 104 Speed 161

[Moemon] 11d 9h 2m Charizard wakes up and uses flamethrower! Jynx goes down! Charizard grows to Lv.55! Elite 4 Lorelei Defeated

[Moemon] 11d 9h 1m Flamethrower puts it in the red! Jynx uses Lovely Kiss and puts Charizard to sleep!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 1m Flamethrower takes it out! Jynx sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 9h 0m We sent out Charizard!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 59m Struggling to send someone out.

[Fluff] Shtuff happens when I get tagged in last minute before heading off for the night. (>_<)

[Moemon] 11d 8h 57m 2nd Ice Beam takes out Butterfree!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 56m Sent out Butterfree and use psychic! Ice Beam Takes Butterfree in the red!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 56m We use fly, but Ice Beam takes Pidgeto out!

[Moemon/Correction] We're on Run #14! My mistake! FailFish

[Moemon] 11d 8h 55m We sent out Pidgeot!

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 53m We Nickname the CLetty is "AAA"

[Moemon] 11d 8h 53m Ice beam takes out Dugtrio!

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 53m Caught a CLetty Female Lv.32!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 53m Lorelei uses full restore on Lapras!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 52m We sent out Dugtrio!

[Moemon] [Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 53 - Max. HP 135 Attack 112 Defense 91 Sp. Atk 101 Sp. Def 103 Speed 135

[Moemon] 11d 8h 52m 2nd thunderbolt puts it back in the red! Buzz fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 51m Lorelei uses a full restore on Lapras! We use thunderbolt!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 51m 2nd thunderbolt puts it in the red! Surf puts us in the red!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 50m Thunderbolt lowers HP. Buzz in the yellow!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 50m Another thunderbolt takes it out! Lapras sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 49m Slowbro sent out! Thunderbolt on it puts it in yellow!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 49m 2 Thunderbolts take it out! Buzz grows to Lv.53! Cloyster sent out and QUICKLY goes down to thunderbolt!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 48m Lorelei sends out Dewgong, Go Electabuzz!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 48m Elite 4 Lorelei Engaged!

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 47m Checking Momiji's Cry for a bit.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 46m We save the game.

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 45m Caught a Male Lv.28 CCirno! No Nickname.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 43m Elite 4 Run #13 Begins!

[Snark] Agatha, the Ghost-type Pokemon trainer who specializes in Poison-type Pokemon.

[rip] rip

[Moemon] 11d 8h 41m Iron Tail from Arbok takes Vaporeon out! White out!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 40m Crit Air Cutter from Golbat brings Vaporeon to 16HP.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 40m Agatha uses a Full Restore on Gengar after she clutches a Surf. A second Surf KOs the Gengar!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 39m Agatha engaged for the first time! Vaporeon vs Gengar.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 39m We switch Vaporeon's Moe Ball with another Moe Ball.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 38m Vaporeon down to yellow after 2HKO'ing Hitmonlee. Bruno defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 37m We finally send out Vaporeon who kills Machamp with Surf!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 36m As usual, we're struggling to send out our last Pokemon, who is Vaporeon this time.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 34m We send out Butterbae, who is OHKO'd by another Rock Tomb.

[Touhoumon] [Info] Chauzu has fainted some time earlier.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 32m A second Full Restore used on Machamp, who now has +1 attack and defense due to Bulk Up. FFF faints from a single Rock Tomb!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 31m Machamp keeps using Scary Face on FFF while she uses Fly.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 31m We send out FFF who brings Machamp to red.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 30m Miss T is down by a Rock Tomb from Machamp!

[Moemon] [Stats] Pidgeot/T Lv. 49 - Max. HP 148 Attack 106 Defense 93 Sp. Atk 81 Sp. Def 71 Speed 127

[Moemon] 11d 8h 29m T grows to level 49!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 29m We switch out to Miss T, who 2HKOs Hitmonchan with Fly!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 29m We send out Vaporeon who OHKOs the Onix and grows to level 60!

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 28m We're still replacing Hard Orbs with Hard Orbs.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 28m Bruno engaged! Dugtrio clutches and defeats the first Onix but faints to the second!

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 27m We give Cirno a Hard Orb to replace the Hard Orb! And we repeat it.

[Touhoumon] [Info] CLetty is level 32 male.

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 26m CLetty caught! Nicknamed ABBUUUUUUU. Didn't catch its level.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 25m We run right past Bruno again. FailFish

[Moemon] 11d 8h 24m Only Electabuzz has fainted. Vaporeon is at 89% HP and everyone else is at full health.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 23m Surf 2HKOs Jynx after a Full Restore! Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 23m Jynx clutches a Surf from Vaporeon and confuses her.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 22m Electabuzz refuses to wake up and is fainted by 3 Ice Punches!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 22m Jynx's Lovely Kiss puts Electabuzz to sleep.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 21m A crit Thunderbolt downs Lapras!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 21m Slowbro 2HKO'd with Thunderbolt!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 20m Cloyster OHKO'd with Thunderbolt!

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 20m Watching the Teachy TV for some reason.

[Moemon] [Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 52 - Max. HP 133 Attack 110 Defense 89 Sp. Atk 99 Sp. Def 100 Speed 133

[Moemon] 11d 8h 19m Electabuzz grows to level 52!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 19m Electabuzz vs Dewgong, as usual. 2HKO'd with Thunderbolt.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 18m Entering Lorelei's room and beginning run #13!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 17m We finally send out FFF, who's immediately KO'd by a Crit Surf! White out!

[Meta] Sorry for the wall of updates. Reddit was down.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 15m Guess what? We're still in the party menu!

[Touhoumon] 11d 8h 13m Meanwhile, Chauzu is out of PP and starts Struggling! Ouch.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 13m Only FFF left and we're still struggling to send her out.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 11m Miss T is KO'd by a single Ice Beam!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 10m We send out Miss T, and then immediately attempt to switch.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 9m Butterbae down from Ice Beam!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 9m Butterbae is in the red as we switch Psychic to the front to do a lot more damage, but not after another Full Restore is used on Lapras.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 8m We send out Butterbae. Confusion only does a tiny bit of damage against Lapras, but it confuses her!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 6m ...or not, as she's OHKO'd by Surf!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 6m We send out Dugtrio to avenge her.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 5m Vaporeon is down from Body Slam!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 5m Vaporeon is paralyzed by Body Slam! And then Lorelei used a Full Restore on Lapras.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 4m Lapras confuses Vaporeon with Confuse Ray, but she snaps out of it after one turn.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 2m We send out Vaporeon against that killer Lapras.

[Moemon] 11d 8h 1m Crit Ice Beam faints Electabuzz!

[Moemon] 11d 8h 0m Thunderbolt OHKOs Cloyster and 2HKOs Slowbro.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 59m Electabuzz vs Dewgong. Thunderbolt 2HKOs Dewgong!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 59m Elite 4 run #12 begins!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 58m Saved the game.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 55m We blacked out!

[Touhoumon] [Snark] CSanae's cry still hasn't changed.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 54m Oh yeah I should have bolded that, Vaporeon fainted. Miss T was sent out, and it knocks out Hitmonchan. Miss T uses Fly, and does half damage to Machamp.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 53m Hitmonchan is in the yellow.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 53m Hitmonchan Sky Uppercuts Vaporeon, Vaporeon uses Surf, and another Sky Uppercut KO's Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 52m Oh, we challenged Bruno! Nothing much happened. Miss T is at half health, but was switched out for Vaporeon. Onix is down now.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 55 - Max. HP 192 Attack 75 Defense 110 Sp. Atk 177 Sp. Def 128 Speed 116

[Touhoumon] 11d 7h 52m Chauzu level 55!

[Moemon] [Snark] Bruno seems to have learned some tricks from Koga.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 49m We still haven't challenged Bruno yet.

[Touhoumon] 11d 7h 45m Caught a CRumia, level 32, no nickname.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 43m Flamethrower OHKO's Jynx. Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 43m Lapras knocked out, Jynx is next!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 43m Lapras is in yellow HP and burned, but Charizard is almost out of HP!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 42m FFF sent out.

[Chat] Still salty after losing to Bruno.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 40m Butterbae sent out. It's also knocked out by Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 38m We sent out Dugtrio, which uses Earthquake. Ice Beam knocks out Dugtrio.

[Moemon/Runs] Run Attempt #11

[Moemon] 11d 7h 38m Ice Beam knocks out Electabuzz.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 37m Lapras sent out. Here we go again...

[Moemon] [Moemon] 11d 7h 37m Electabuzz grows to level 51!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 37m Slowbro is paralyzed! Thunderbolt knocks it out!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 36m Electabuzz brought down to yellow red HP. Lorelei uses a Full Restore!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 36m Thunderbolt OHKO's Cloyster! Slowbro sent out. Thunderbolt brings it down to the yellow.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 36m Dewgong knocked out, Cloyster is next.

v [Moemon]

11d 7h 35m Challenged Lorelei again! Dewgong vs Electabuzz. Thunderbolt does more than half damage. Dewgong uses Hail!

[Snark] Those balls are for throwing after all, aren't they?

[Moemon] 11d 7h 28m We finally select an attack, but Bruno goes first and knocks out Vaporeon before it has a chance to use the move! Black out!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 27m Another Sky Attack brings Vaporeon into yellow HP. Hitmonchan is still almost fainted.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 27m Hitmonchan uses Sky Uppercut, and we throw another ball!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 11d 7h 27m Vaporeon uses Surf, which brings Hitmonchan into the red. We throw a Moé Ball! Don't be a thief!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 26m Now we did. It uses Quick Attack, and Bruno uses a Full Restore. Quick Attack doesn't do very much damage. Another Quick Attack with a similar result, and Hitmonchan uses Rock Tomb, which also doesn't do much.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 25m Hitmonchan is brought to yellow HP, and FFF faints! Vaporeon is the only one left, but we haven't sent it out yet.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 25m Bruno sends out Hitmonchan.

[Moemon] [Stats] Charizard/FFF Lv. ? - Max. HP 163 Attack 118 Defense 105 Sp. Atk 130 Sp. Def 102 Speed 158

[Moemon] 11d 7h 24m FFF grew to level 54 and does not learn Dragon Rage!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 24m Charizard sent out; it uses Flamethrower. It's not very effective, but it brings down Onix anyway.

[Snark] Onix seems to be equipped with a pseudo Mirror Move.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 22m Our Dugtrio uses Rock Tomb on Onix, it does very little damage. Onix uses Rock Tomb on us, and it misses. We respond with another Rock Tomb, which also misses. More attacks, and Onix is in the yellow, and Dugtrio faints.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 22m Bruno sends out Onix.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 22m With that settled, we challenge Bruno.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 21m Bulbasaur's cry hasn't changed. We check it again, still hasn't changed. Two Three more times, still hasn't changed.

[Correction] That was a CCirno, not its evolved form.

[Touhoumon] 11d 7h 19m Caught a Cirno with a Hard Orb! Level 26, no nickname.

[Moemon/Info] First win against Lorelei! PogChamp

[Streamer] Wowitscharles: Night beesafree

Twitchplayspokemon: @WowItsCharles I'm working on something else that should cover the loss of long odds matches

[Moemon] 11d 7h 18m Jynx knocked out! Lorelei defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 17m Lapras finally brought down by Flamethrower. Lorelei sends out Jynx.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 16m Flamethrower does 1/3 damage to Lapras, and then another Flamethrower does similar damage. Lapras uses Surf, bring FFF into the red.

[Snark] You'd think we'd have this switching Pokemon thing figured out by now.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 16m Full Restore used on Lapras!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 16m We finally send out FFF.

[Moemon/Info] This is Elite 4 Run #10 we're currently on.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 16m As usual, we're having a hard time actually choosing a Pokemon that isn't fainted to send out.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 14m Butterbae faints to Body Slam!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 14m Confusion does very little damage to Lapras, but Butterbae is brought down to the red by Lapras' Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 13m We sent out Butterbae.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 12m Miss T uses Fly and does a bit of damage, but then Miss T is OHKO'd by Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 11m We send out Miss T.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 11m Lorelei sends out Lapras. It takes a Thunderbolt, which does about half damage, and Electabuzz faints to an Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 10m Slowbro is knocked out by another Thunderbolt, but Electabuzz is in the red!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 10m Slowbro sent out. Thunderbolt does about 2/3 damage.

[Moemon] [Snark] Electabuzz grew to level 50! Where's NMario84 when you need him? Kappa

[Moemon] [Correction] One of those was actually a Thunderbolt, not Thunder.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 9m Cloyster is sent out, and OHKO'd by Thunder

[Moemon] 11d 7h 8m Dewkong is 2HKO'd by Thunder, and Electabuzz is now at about 2/3 HP.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 8m Lorelei challenged! Electabuzz vs Dewgong

[Moemon] rip

[Moemon] 11d 7h 6m We heal our Pokemon. Twice.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 6m Lorelei sends Dewgong back out! FFF used Flamethrower! Dewgong used Surf! Critical hit! FFF fainted! Whiteout!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 5m FFF used Flamethrower! Lapras fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 5m We send out FFF, our Charizard and last remaining mon.

[Moemon] 11d 7h 2m Electabuzz used Thunderbolt! Lapras used Surf! Lapras healed using a Sitrus Berry! Electabuzz hurt itself in its confusion! Lapras used Ice Beam! Electabuzz fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 1m Electabuzz used Brick Break! Lapras used Confuse Ray! Electabuzz was confused!

[Moemon] 11d 7h 1m We send in Electabuzz!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 59m Dugtrio is sent out! We use Rock Tomb! It barely did anything! Lapras used Ice Beam! Dugtrio fainted!

[TehUrn] Not.

[Moemon] 11d 6h 57m Repeat the cycle until Baeporeon fainted. The killing blow was a not-very-effective Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 11d 6h 56m Baeporeon continues to take Body Slams while dealing out useless Surfs.

[Moemon] 11d 6h 54m Lorelei switched in to Lapras! We continue to spam Surf, but Water Absorb makes it useless! Baeporeon is now paralyzed and confused!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 53m Baeporeon used Surf! Dewgong used Safeguard! Lorelei used a Full Restore! Baeporeon used Surf!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 52m We send out Baeporeon!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 51m Butterbae used Psybeam! Dewgong used Ice Beam! Butterbae used Psybeam! Dewgong used Surf! Butterbae fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 50m We switch in Butterbae!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 48m T used Fly! Dewgong used Ice Beam! T fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 47m We switch for T! Dewgong used Safeguard!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 46m Elite Four Lorelei sent out Dewgong! Go! AAAVX! We use Swift! Dewgong uses Hail!

[Moemon/Info] We're on Elite 4 Run #9, BTW.

[Meta] I'm going off for a break. If anyone else wants to help update the E4 runs and stuff.

[Moemon] 11d 6h 43m We use fly. But Ice Beam takes T down! WHITE OUT!

[Moemon] rip

[Moemon] 11d 6h 43m We sent out T the Pidgeot!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 41m Ice Beam quickly takes Dugtrio down!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 41m We sent out Dugtrio!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 40m Ice Beam takes out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 39m We sent back out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 39m Butterfree fainted!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 38m We switch out for Butterfree, and quickly gets Paralyzed!

[Touhoumon/Snark] Seafoam Islands Cave music TOTALLY goes with Elite 4 fights! Kappa

[Moemon] 11d 6h 35m Body Slams Paralyze it!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 34m Wasted a Ball. Don't be a thief, ESPECIALLY in front of an Elite 4!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 33m Vaporeon gets confused by Confuse Ray!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 33m We sent out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] [Stats] Charizard/FFF Lv. 53 - Max. HP 161 Attack 116 Defense 103 Sp. Atk 128 Sp. Def 100 Speed 156

[Moemon] 11d 6h 32m Charizard goes down to surf!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 32m We apparently burned it, and Cloyster goes down! Charizard Lv.53! Lapras up!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 31m Wing attack puts Cloyster in the red, but Lorelei uses a FULL RESTORE! So called it!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: when PBR returns it will be using Beesafree's matchmaker

[Moemon] 11d 6h 30m We continue using strength. It puts Cloyster in the yellow! Inb4 Full Restore!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 28m Cloyster continue uses protect!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 28m Sent out FFF the Charizard!

[Touhoumon] 11d 6h 27m Caught a CCirno Female Lv.26 with Hard Orb!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 26m Electabuzz fainted!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 54 - Max. HP 187 Attack 73 Defense 108 Sp. Atk 170 Sp. Def 126 Speed 114

[Touhoumon] 11d 6h 25m Satori grows to Lv.54!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 24m 2 Thunders take out Dewgong! Cloyster sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 24m Surf and Ice beam puts Electabuzz in the red!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 23m Lorelei sends out Dewgong! Go Electabuzz!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 23m Elite 4 Lorelei engaged!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 23m Entered the E4 rooms. Run #8 begins!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 19m 1 Surf, and Ice Beam takes Charizard Down! WHITE OUT! We paid 5656 dongers!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 18m Confuse Ray puts us into confusion!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 18m We sent out Charizard!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 17m Pidgeot QUICKLY goes down to Ice Beam!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 17m We sent out T the Pidgeot!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 13m Vaporeon goes down to Ice Beam!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 13m Body slams puts us in the red!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 12m We sent back out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 11m Surf quickly takes out Dugtrio!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 11m We sent out Dugtrio!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 11m Ice Beam takes Butterfree out!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 11m We switch out for Butterfree!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 9m Body slam puts us into confusion!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 8m Surf restores some of Lapras HP due to water absorb!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 8m We sent out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] [Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 49 - Max. HP 126 Attack 104 Defense 82 Sp. Atk 94 Sp. Def 94 Speed 126

[Moemon] 11d 6h 7m Surf takes down Electabuzz!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 7m Slowbro goes down! Lapras sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 6m The hail stops, and we use Thunderbolt to take down Cloyster! Electabuzz Lv.49! Slowbro sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 6m Cloyster uses protect!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 5m We use Thunderbolt on Dewgong and it takes it out! Cloyster sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 5m Dewgong uses Hail! Hail starts to fall as we get pelted by it!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 4m We resume to fight Lorelei in Anarchy Mode!

[Moemon/Snark] Wait4BABA Intensifies!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 2m Lorelei sends out Dewgong! Go Electabuzz!

[Moemon] 11d 6h 0m Elite 4 Lorelei engaged!

[Moemon] 11d 5h 59m We enter the Elite 4 rooms. This is E4 Run #7!

[Moemon] 11d 5h 57m We heal again, and Checkpointed at the Indigo Plateau.

[Moemon] E4 Hype!?!?

[Moemon] 11d 5h 55m We successfully fly to Indigo Plateau!

[Moemon] 11d 5h 51m We continue to struggle to fly. It seems the goal is to fly to Indigo Plateau.

11d 5h 49m We get 15 more minutes of Democracy.

[Moemon] 11d 5h 48m We go surfing on to Route 20.

[Moemon] 11d 5h 42m We attempt to fly, but can't seem to put the cursor on much. Flight coords too stronk!

[Moemon] 11d 5h 38m We appeared to have moved Electabuzz in the front.

11d 5h 36m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 11d 5h 30m We enter the Pokémon Mansion! More grinding Yay!

[Moemon] 11d 5h 27m We're on Cinnabar Island. We enter the Moemon Center and we heal our team!.

[Touhoumon/Info] 11d 5h 24m Currently Cirno, Momiji, and Mima have fainted! Only Satori, Tokiko, and Sanae are left.

[Moemon] 11d 5h 23m Outside Surfing on Route 20.

[Moemon] 11d 5h 2m Caught a Female Golduck! Nickname is AAAA..

[Moemon] 11d 4h 53m Electabuzz grows to Lv.48!

[Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 48 - Max. HP 123 Attack 102 Defense 80 Sp. Atk 91 Sp. Def 91 Speed 123

[Touhoumon] 11d 4h 47m Momiji fainted to a wild CLetty

[Moemon] 11d 4h 38m Electabuzz grows to Lv.47, it forgets Thunderpunch, and learns Thunderbolt!

[Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 47 - Max. HP 121 Attack 100 Defense 79 Sp. Atk 90 Sp. Def 88 Speed 119

[Touhoumon] 11d 4h 58m Momiji grows to Lv.52, and does NOT learn Killing Bite!

[Stats] Momiji Lv. 52 - Max. HP 158 Attack 139 Defense 114 Sp. Atk 83 Sp. Def 66 Speed 115

[Moemon] 11d 4h 29m Dugtrio fainted to a wild Dewgong!

[Moemon] 11d 4h 18m Caught a Psyduck Female Lv.32! Nickname is "cc____WVV..."

[Moemon] 11d 4h 8m Dugtrio grows to Lv.43!

[Stats] Dugtrio Lv. 43 - Max. HP 83 Attack 85 Defense 51 Sp. Atk 60 Sp. Def 78 Speed 108

11d 4h 5m We go back into Anarchy Mode!

[Moemon] 11d 3h 52m We're back in Seafoam Islands, so back to regular grinding schedule.

[Moemon] 11d 3h 42m We healed our party!

11d 3h 38m We're in Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 11d 3h 29m We save the game!

[Moemon] 11d 3h 25m It goes down to Brick Break! Picnicker Missy defeated! We get $620 for winning!

[Moemon] 11d 3h 25m Goldeen goes down to Brick Break! Seaking sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 3h 23m Against Picnicker Missy! Goldeen sent out!

[Moemon] 11d 3h 21m It also goes down to strength! Swimmer Nora defeated! We get 120 for winning.

[Moemon] 11d 3h 21m Cloyster goes down to strength! Swimmer Nora sends out a Shellder.

[Moemon] 11d 3h 18m We throw Moe Balls at the trainers Cloyster. Don't be a theif!

[Moemon] 11d 3h 14m Against a trainer's Cloyster.

11d 3h 6m [Both] We SYNC saved the game!

[Moemon] 11d 3h 5m Surfing Outside Seafoam Islands.

[Moemon] 11d 2h 59m Caught a Female Lv.26 Golbat! Nickname is Aa!

[Moemon] 11d 2h 54m Electabuzz grows to Lv.46!

[Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 46 - Max. HP 119 Attack 97 Defense 77 Sp. Atk 87 Sp. Def 86 Speed 117

[Meta] in 10 minutes, Twitchspeaks is going to go live to discuss the future of Human Modes and the TwitchSpeaks channel in general. Will include Open Mic and possibly a brief chat-interactive game.

[Touhoumon] 11d 2h 38m Momiji grows to Lv.51!

[Stats] Momiji Lv. 51 - Max. HP 154 Attack 136 Defense 112 Sp. Atk 79 Sp. Def 65 Speed 113

[Moemon] 11d 2h 24m Entered back into Seafoam Islands.

[Moemon] 11d 2h 23m We used dig to get outside on to Route 20.

[Moemon] 11d 1h 55m Electabuzz grows to Lv.45!

[Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 45 - Max. HP 116 Attack 95 Defense 74 Sp. Atk 85 Sp. Def 84 Speed 113

11d 1h 50m We return to Anarchy Mode

[Touhoumon] 11d 1h 50m Cirno is now holding a Hard Orb.

11d 1h 35m We go back into Democracy Mode


[Touhoumon/Info] It's a Female Lv.36.

[Touhoumon] 11d 1h 24m Tossed a Hard Ball and caught a female CRumia! It has no nickname.

[Both] Back in Anarchy.

[Moemon] 11d 1h 15m We unregistered the Fame Checker.

[Snark] 11d 1h 12m TV Dude Whited Out!

[Snark] Double TV Sync HYPE!

[Both] 11d 1h 8m We fire up the Teachy TV in both games.

11d 1h 6m We're in Democracy Mode!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Momiji Lv. 50 - Max. HP 151 Attack 135 Defense 110 Sp. Atk 76 Sp. Def 64 Speed 111

[Touhoumon] 11d 1h 4m Momiji grew to level 50!

[Moemon] 11d 0h 50m We also enter Seafoam.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 49m Picnicker Irene was defeated!

[Moemon] 11d 0h 48m Foe Horsea goes down. Next up comes Seel.

[Moemon/Info] VS. Picnicker Irene.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 46m Dugtrio faints to Water Gun!

[Moemon] 11d 0h 38m Bird Keeper Roger was defeated.

[Moemon] [Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 44 - Max. HP 114 Attack 93 Defense 73 Sp. Atk 83 Sp. Def 82 Speed 110

[Moemon] 11d 0h 37m Pidgeotto goes down and Electabuzz grows to level 44!

[Moemon] 11d 0h 36m Another Fearow comes out. It also goes down. Pidgeotto comes out next.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 36m Dugtrio withdrawn and Electabuzz is sent out. Fearow goes down.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 34m Spotted by Bird Keeper Roger. Fearow vs Dugtrio. We try to dig.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 21m We are heading east of Cinnabar Island.

11d 0h 20m Anarchy has returned.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 16m We re-enter the Pokemon Mansion.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 14m We exit the Pokemon Center.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 13m Party is healed!

[Touhoumon] 11d 0h 12m Party re-ordered. 3rd Boneka now Mima, last is Sanae.

[Moemon] 11d 0h 12m 11d 0h 11m We hop in Charizard and fly to Cinnabar island. Which is exactly where we were previously. We then enter the Pokemon Center.

[Chat] Chat reacts exactly how you imagine it would.

[Touhoumon] 11d 0h 5m Our CNitori is named Kappa!

[Touhoumon] 11d 0h 0m We capture a CNitori Level 26 (male)

Welcome to Day 12 of Twitch Plays Touhoumon/Moemon!

[Moemon] 10d 23h 58m We dig out of the Pokemon Mansion and then walk back inside.

10d 23h 50m We're in Democracy Mode!

[Info/Both] Currently Cirno fainted in Touhoumon. Dugtrio and Electabuzz are fainted in Moemon!

[Meta] As we are still in a grinding session on both games, updates will be pretty low for a while.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Cirno/BB Lv. 47 - Max. HP 131 Attack 119 Defense 83 Sp. Atk 134 Sp. Def 41 Speed 103

[Touhoumon] 10d 23h 17m BB the Cirno Grows to Lv.47

[Moemon] 10d 23h 15m Dugtrio fainted!

[Touhoumon] 10d 23h 14m We enter the Seafoam Islands cave.

[Moemon] 10d 23h 14m Dugtrio gets poisoned by a wild Koffing!

[Touhoumon] 10d 23h 12m Landed outisde of Seafoam Islands.

[Moemon] 10d 23h 7m Entered the Mansion. More grinding intensifies!

[Moemon] 10d 23h 6m Exited the Mart.

[Moemon] 10d 23h 4m Entered the Mart.

[Moemon] 10d 23h 3m Back outside Cinnabar Island.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 59m Back inside the Moemon Center for some reason.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 58m We exited the Moemon Center, and utside of Cinnabar Island.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 56m We heal our team!

[Moemon] 10d 22h 55m Entered the Moemon Center.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 54m Exited the Labs.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 52m Entered the Cinnabar Labs.

[Touhoumon] 10d 22h 51m Surfing on Route 20.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 51m Back on Cinnabar Island.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 49m Surfing on Route 20.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 48m Out of the mansion!

[Touhoumon] 10d 22h 47m Threw Hard orb at wild CMurasa and it breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 10d 22h 47m CNitori quickly taken out! 2nd CNitoriy sent up! Quickly goes down to Facade! Swimmer Alice defeated! We get $120 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 10d 22h 46m Battle VS. Swimmer Alice! CNitori sent out! Go Cirno!

[Moemon] 10d 22h 44m We saved the game.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 37m Charizard fainted to a wild Growlithe!

[Touhoumon] 10d 22h 27m Going surfing.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 25m Threw a moe ball at a wild Weezing, and it breaks free! Charizard in the red!

[Snark] faff too stronk

[Touhoumon] 10d 22h 24m On Headed down on Route 19!

[Moemon/Info] We have 91 Moe Balls left.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 21m Threw Moe ball at a wild Koffing, it breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 10d 22h 20m Faffing around in Fuchsia City.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 16m Butterfree fainted to a wild Raticate's Hyper Fang!

[Moemon] 10d 22h 12m Butterfree in the red at 18/134 (13%) HP left.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 4m We decided to take out the wild Rattata.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 2m Threw 3 more Moe Balls!

[Touhoumon] 10d 22h 2m We decided to surf for a bit in the fisherman's lake.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 2m And another one thrown! It ALMOST catches it. but it breaks free.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 1m Threw 2 more. Still not good. 96 Balls left.

[Moemon] 10d 22h 1m Threw Moe Ball at a wild Rattata, it breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 59m Received Good Rod from the Fisherman!

[Moemon] 10d 21h 55m Threw a Moe Ball at wild Rattata. Caught a Female Lv.28 Rattata! Nickname is G!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 53m We saved the game!

[Moemon] [Stats] Butterfree Lv. 49 - Max. HP 134 Attack 64 Defense 68 Sp. Atk 101 Sp. Def 96 Speed 103

[Moemon] 10d 21h 52m Butterfree grows to Lv.49!

[Moemon] 10d 21h 50m Psybeam takes it in the yellow, then hurts itself in confusion! Another Psybeam takes it out! Burglar Arnie defeated! We get $2992 for winning!

[Moemon] 10d 21h 48m It goes down to Psybeam! Charmeleon is being sent out!

[Moemon] 10d 21h 48m Battle VS. Burglar Arnie! Charmander sent out. Go Butterfree!

[Moemon/Info] We have 100 Moe Balls left.

[Moemon] 10d 21h 47m Threw another one at it. Still not good. Pidgeot fainted!

[Moemon] 10d 21h 47m Threw a Moe Ball at wild Growlithe, but it breaks free.

[Moemon/Info] 10d 21h 46m At some point on while grinding in the mansion, Pidgeot got poisoned!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 46m Exited the mart!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 43m Bought 17 Hard Orbs, 11 Normal Orbs

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 40m Entered the Mart!

[Moemon] [Stats] T/Pidgeot Lv. 48 - Max. HP 145 Attack 104 Defense 91 Sp. Atk 79 Sp. Def 69 Speed 124

[Moemon] 10d 21h 40m Pidgeot does NOT learn Agility!

[Moemon] 10d 21h 39m T the Pidgeot grows to Lv.48!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 31m Back on Fuchsia City.

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 29m Exited the Bonéka Center. On Route 19.

[Moemon] 10d 21h 28m Threw 2 more balls at it! No go!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 28m Entered the Boneka Center. We heal our team!

[Moemon] 10d 21h 27m Threw another one. It continues breaking free.

[Moemon] 10d 21h 27m Threw a Moe Ball at a wild Rattata, and it breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 26m Left the Bonéka Center without healing.

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 21m Accessed the PC, and quickly logged off.

[Moemon] 10d 21h 19m Threw a ball at a wild Raticate, but it breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 18m Entered the Boneka Center.

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 16m Back on Fuchsia City!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 13m A couple of struggles take CKomachi down! Swimmer David defeated! We get $128 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 12m Signal Beam takes CKomachi down! 2nd CKomachi sent out! No more moves left Struggle intensifies!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 12m Signal Beam takes it out! CKomachi sent out!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 11m Battle VS. Swimmer David! CMurasa sent out! Go Satori!

[Snark] Better to have it than to not have it, M I rite? EleGiggle

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 7m Signal Beam takes 3rd CCirno out! 4th CCirno sent out and Signal Beam takes it down! Swimmer Darrin defeated! We get 112 for winning.

[Snark] grinding intensifies

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 6m Signal beam takes it out! Another CCirno sent out! Signal Beam takes that one out as well. 3rd CCirno out!

[Touhoumon] 10d 21h 6m Battle VS. Swimmer Darrin! CCirno sent out. Go Chauzu the Satori!

[Meta] It's grind time, so updates will be very slow. Major things will be updated, but expect long lulls between updates.

[Both] 10d 20h 29m Still on that grind.

[Touhoumon] 10d 20h 19m Still grinding in Seafoam.

[Moemon] 10d 20h 19m Making our way back to the mansion to continue grinding.

[Moemon] 10d 20h 8m Healed our mons

[Touhoumon] 10d 20h 3m Still grinding.

[Moemon] 10d 20h 3m In the Moemon Center.

[Moemon] 10d 19h 56m Left the Mansion.

[Both] 10d 19h 53m Still grinding away in Seafoam Islands and Cinnabar Mansion respectively.

[Moemon] 10d 19h 38m Electabuzz is taken down by its burns while battling a wild Growlithe. We send out Vaporeon

[Moemon/Info] 10d 19h 32m Electabuzz is burned.

[Touhoumon] 10d 19h 28m Cirno appears to have fainted in the past 2 minutes.

[Moemon] 10d 19h 20m Electabuzz grew to Lv. 42!

[Touhoumon] 10d 19h 10m Grinding in Seafoam.

[Moemon] 10d 19h 10m Inside the Mansion, grinding away.

[Moemon] 10d 19h 5m Back on Cinnabar

[Moemon] 10d 18h 57m We surf towards the north of Pallet Town

[Touhoumon] 10d 18h 52m Satori replaced Substitute for Mana Burst

[Touhoumon] 10d 18h 51m We are trying to reteach Mana Burst to Satori in democracy

[Touhoumon] 10d 18h 43m Satori replaced Mana Burst for Substitute in democracy congratulations guys

[Touhoumon] 10d 18h 41m Satori leveled up to Lv 52

[Moemon] 10d 18h 41m We flew to Pallet Town

[Both] 10d 18h 38m We entered democracy again

[Moemon] 10d 18h 23m Exited Diglett's Cave

[Moemon] 10d 18h 15m Dugtrio Leveled up to Lv 42

[Moemon] 10d 18h 7m Entered Diglett's Cave

[Touhoumon] 10d 18h 4m Sanae fainted to a wild pokemon a while ago

[Moemon] 10d 18h 3m We healed our party

[Touhoumon] 10d 17h 58m Still stuck in Seafoam Islands

[Moemon] 10d 17h 58m We flew to Vermilion City

[Moemon] 10d 17h 55m We flew to Celadon City

[Moemon] 10d 17h 52m We are attempting to fly

[Moemon] 10d 17h 52m We enter democracy mode

[Moemon] 10d 17h 42m Exited the Power Plant

[Moemon] 10d 17h 25m Pidgeot faints to a wild Magneton

[Moemon] 10d 17h 20m Electabuzz faints to a wild pokemon

[Moemon] 10d 16h 55m Dugtrio faints by hurting itself in confusion

[Both] 10d 16h 53m Nothing much has happened except grinding

[Moemon] Inside Power Plant

[Moemon] Surfing on Vaporeon,getting close to the Power Plant

[Moemon] Caught a Voltorb lv 14 Nicknamed A'77"""... ... .

[Moemon] 10d 15h 46m We healed

[Moemon] 10d 15h 38m Still on Route 10. No longer in Democracy

[Touhoumon] 10d 15h 35m We find a Skill Heart

[Touhoumon] 10d 15h 35m Sanae to Lv.53

[Moemon] 10d 15h 8m We flew to Route 10, not our proper destination

[Moemon] 10d 15h 8m We're trying to Fly

[Info] 10d 15h 5m Democracy

[Touhoumon] 10d 15h 0m Tokiko levels up to 56

[Moemon] 10d 14h 59m We throw a Moe Ball and catch a Tentacool! Female, lv.10, no nickname

[Info] 10d 14h 35m Out of Democracy now.

[Info] 10d 14h 21m Currently in Democracy

[Moemon] 10d 14h 15m Electabuzz faints

[Moemon] 10d 13h 52m We jump off the ledge and escape the Power Plant!

[Moemon] 10d 13h 33m WE RUN

[Moemon] 10d 13h 33m Agility is used again and again, we continues thunderpunching it.

[Moemon] 10d 13h 32m Gyaoo! Zapdos battle!

Zapdos is Lv.50 and starts off with Agility. We hit it with a Thunderpunch

[Moemon] 10d 13h 32m We are standing next to Zapdos

[Moemon] 10d 13h 31m Electabuzz to Lv.41

[Moemon] 10d 13h 26m Dugtrio faints

[Moemon] 10d 13h 25m Dugtrio to Lv.41

[Touhoumon] 10d 13h 13m We talk to a rock and find a Nugget!

[Moemon] 10d 12h 54m Dugtrio to Lv.40

[Touhoumon] 10d 12h 53m Sanae to Lv.52

10d 12h 38m [Moemon] We enter the Power Plant!

10d 12h 37m [Touhoumon] Still wandering around the Seafoam Island Cave

10d 12h 36m [Moemon] Dugtrio defeats a wild Moemon as we head onto the Power Plant

[Moemon] 10d 12h 33m We're out of democracy and surfing.

[Moemon] 10d 12h 25m We heal

[Touhoumon] 10d 12h 24m Momiji faints to Hail damage

[Moemon] 10d 12h 15m We have flown to the Route 10 Pokecenter!

[Moemon] Currently in democracy. Trying to fly somehwere

[Moemon] 10d 12h 3m Butterfree's lost PP on some of her moves, also we may have to heal soon.

[Touhoumon] 10d 12h 3m Momiji grows to Lv.49

[Moemon] 10d 11h 44m Butterfree levels up to 48

[Touhoumon] 10d 11h 29m We're surfing

[Touhoumon] 10d 11h 26m We're on the bike.

[Moemon] 10d 11h 4m Pidgeot faints to a wild Golbat

[Touhoumon] 10d 10h 52m We fish and successfully reel in a CHina

[Moemon] 10d 10h 44m T Grew to lv 46!

10d 10h 40m [Both] Still moving around Seafoam Island Cave

10d 10h 33m [Touhoumon] We seem to be in our bag trying to use a nugget. Oak disapproves.

10d 10h 26m [Moemon] Dugtrio faints vs a wild Seel

10d 10h 25m [Moemon] Dugtrio is down to 10/77 HP.

10d 10h 21m [Moemon] We head up a floor

10d 10h 20m [Both] We enter Anarchy mode

10d 10h 19m [Both] 1 minute left in this voting period and Anarchy is winning

10d 10h 15m [Both] No real agreement in what to input in Democracy so we are either in the start menu or moving randomly.

[Moemon] 10d 10h 7m and we also fall in the next hole but we didn't push the boulder. A current takes us to another room

10d 10h 6m [Moemon] Both the boulder and our-self fall through the hole!

10d 10h 5m [Moemon] We use strength!

10d 10h 5m [Both] Democracy wins the vote again

10d 10h 2m [Both] With 2 minutes left in the vote, democracy seems to be winning

10d 10h 0m [Moemon] and we fall down the hole too!

10d 10h 0m [Moemon] Boulder pushed down the hole

10d 10h 0m [Both] It kinda failed as Moemon has strength enabled and Touhoumon doesn't

10d 9h 58m [Both] We seemed of reset the puzzle during me being disconnected to help sync up the games to push down this boulder in one try

10d 9h 56m [Both] We enter Democracy

10d 9h 41m [Touhoumon] Still wandering around but has most of its Boneka's in full health

10d 9h 40m [Moemon] Electabuzz faints

10d 9h 39m [Moemon] Thunderpunch is out of PP sadly

10d 9h 37m [Moemon] Electabuzz is currently poisoned and has 24% of her HP remaining

[Moemon] We push a boulder

[Both] We still wander around the Seafoam Islands

[Both] 10d 9h 30m Still wandering the cave.

[Touhoumon] 10d 9h 20m Got an Ice Heal!

[Moemon] 10d 9h 16m Entered Seafoam Islands!

[Moemon] 10d 9h 8m Against Seadra! We use ThunderPunch to OHKO it, but we're poisoned! Swimmer defeated!

[Touhoumon] 10d 9h 8m Entered Seafoam Islands!

[Moemon] 10d 9h 7m Against Horsea! One ThunderPunch KOs it!

[Moemon] [Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 40 - Max. HP 104 Attack 85 Defense 66 Sp. Atk 75 Sp. Def 74 Speed 97

[Moemon] [Moemon] 10d 9h 6m We use one ThunderPunch to KO it. Electabuzz grew to level 40!

[Moemon] 10d 9h 6m We use one ThunderPunch to KO it. Electabuzz grew to level 40!*

[Moemon] 10d 9h 6m Facing Swimmer Shirly! She sends out Seadrea against our Electabuzz!

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 10d 9h 6m Defeated the swimmer!

[Touhoumon] 10d 9h 5m We use Ice Punch, and our foe fails to use Camoflauge properly. Another Ice Punch takes 'em out.

[Touhoumon] 10d 9h 5m Fighting Swimmer Tiffany! We send out Cirno against CNitori!

[Moemon] 10d 9h 0m We use ThunderPunch, RIP Staryu, defeated Swimmer Connie.

[Moemon] 10d 8h 59m We use ThunderPunch, OHKOing our foe. AGAINST ANOTHER STARYU!

[Moemon] 10d 8h 59m We use Thunder and OHKO it! Against another Staryu now.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Cirno/BB Lv. 45 - Max. HP 125 Attack 114 Defense 80 Sp. Atk 125 Sp. Def 39 Speed 99

[Moemon] 10d 8h 59m Against Swimmer Connie! We send out Electabuzz against Staryu!

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 59m BB grows to level 45!

[Moemon] 10d 8h 57m Against Staryu! We use Thunder and faint the thing. Defeated Swimmer!

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 57m We keep using Ice Punch against our foe, and even though he defrosted, he couldn't handle us and fainted. Defeated Swimmer!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 10d 8h 56m Against Tentacruel! We use a few Swifts and swiftly finish it off.

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 56m Against Swimmer Barry! We send out Cirno against CKomachi! We use Ice Punch and freeze him!

[Moemon] [Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 39 - Max. HP 102 Attack 83 Defense 64 Sp. Atk 72 Sp. Def 72 Speed 94

[Moemon] 10d 8h 55m We use another Swift, KOing it, and growing to level 39!

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 55m Now in Route 20!

[Moemon] 10d 8h 55m Against Horsea! We use Swift, and it responds with Leer.

[Moemon] 10d 8h 54m Against Tentacool! We use Thunder and OHKO it!

[Moemon] 10d 8h 53m We start off with a Thunder, which is Super Effective, and OHKOs it!

[Moemon] 10d 8h 53m Against Swimmer Axle! He sends out Tentacool against our Electabuzz!

[Moemon] 10d 8h 52m We use Earthquake and OHKO it! Defeated Alice!

[Moemon] 10d 8h 52m We start with a ThunderPunch which OHKOs it! Against Seaking, we send out Dugtrio!

[Moemon] 10d 8h 52m Against Swimmer Alice! We fight a Goldeen with our Electrabuzz!

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 50m Against CKomachi! We use Soar twice and KO our foe!

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 48m We start off with an Ice Punch, freezing our opponent! Another Ice Punch KOs him!

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 47m Facing Swimmer Tony! We send out Cirno against his CKomachi!

[Both] 10d 8h 47m We surf!

[Both] 10d 8h 45m Leave the PokeCenter!

[Both] 10d 8h 44m start9

[Moemon] 10d 8h 42m Arrived at Fuschia City, chekpointed and healed.

[Moemon] 10d 8h 39m Outside of the Indigo Plateau.

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 38m We heal in the Boneka Center!

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 33m Flew to Fuschia City!

[Snark] 10d 8h 29m FLY COORDS Too OP, PLZ NERF!

[Touhoumon] 10d 8h 19m A forgets Sky Attack and learns Fly!

[Fluff] I don't see why we can't Sync Moemon into watching Teachy TV as well! EleGiggle

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 54m MORE TEACHY MORE TV!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 52m We are literally in the items menu mid-Teachy TV batttle trying to select Teachy TV. Way too meta.

[Fluff] Touhoumon is gonna watch Teachy TV while Moemon constantly heals. I'll let you know if something out of the ordinary happens.

[Chat] Xene123123: EleGiggle GREAT TEACHER

DuplexBeGreat: Kappa Nice lesson on how to faint

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 44m CNazrin fainted! Don't worry, it's not actually ours Kappa

[Moemon] 10d 7h 44m Back in the MoeCenter!

[Touhoumon] [Fluff] 10d 7h 43m Our party display has been replaced with a level 15 CNazrin.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 43m We're watching Teachy TV dude most likely fail in killing Medicine. Medicine will instead fight the diseased rat.

[Touhoumon] [Fluff] Democracy is actually letting us watch the Teachy TV for once.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 42m We try attacking, but another Ice Beam from Lapras KOs Butterbae! Black out!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 42m We sent out Butterbae against Lapras!

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 10d 7h 42m TEACHY TV TIME!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 36m We are back in Route 23. Also thanks for the correction.

[Touhoumon/Info] At some point earlier on, Cirno was taught Facade in place of Air Slash!


[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 34m Mima faints to the same wild Kisume!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 32m Momiji faints to a wild Kisume!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 30m We fly over some more Ice Beams, but come crashing down into them, KOing us!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 29m We send out Charizard! We use Fly, avoiding a Surf from Lapras. Fly hits and so does the Surf!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 28m Cirno faints to a wild CKisume!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 27m Cirno got burnt and is down to low HP facing a wild CKisume.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 26m Miss T faints to one single Ice Beam.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 25m We tried to learn Facade with Cirno, but it didn't happen.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 24m We send out Ms. T to face Lapras.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 24m We send out Vaporeon, who immediately faints to the Spikes!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 23m We use Fly, avoiding a not so Lovely Kiss. It hits, and down goes Jynx!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 23m We send out our Charizard!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 10d 7h 21m We send out Electrabuzz! We're Doubleslapped to death!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 20m Lorelei uses a Full Restore! We use yet another Water Pulse.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 20m Entered Victory Road!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 19m We wake up and use Water Pulse! We're faced with another Ice Beam as we go down to the Reds.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 18m We keep sleeping and face Jynx's Ice Punch.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 16m We keep trying to run for some reason. Don't know why we're backing down now. Kappa

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 15m We head outside the main center on Indigo Plateau.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 14m Back in the Boneka Center!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 14m We manage to KO the Slowbro and now we're up against Jynx!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 13m We get hit by one Ice Beam and faint! White Out!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 13m We wake up and use Water Pulse, confusing the foe, but it uses Yawn and puts us back to sleep.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 13m We send out Chauzu! Our foe uses Confuse Ray, causing us to hit ourself!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 12m Slowbro uses Yawn on us, and after a few turns, we fall asleep from it. Yet it insists on using Yawn again and again.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 12m We manage to dodge a few Ice Beams with Shadow Force, but eventually Mima faints to an Ice Beam!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 11m Against Slowbro! We use a few Water Pulses while it uses Amnesia!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 11m We use Shadow Force once more while TCirno uses Protect. We manage to KO it despite the buffed Defense. Against Swwako!

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 59 - Max. HP 245 Attack 92 Defense 102 Sp. Atk 159 Sp. Def 122 Speed 105

[Moemon] 10d 7h 11m We hit Cloyster with another Surf and KO it. Vaporeon is now level 59!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 10m We use Shadow Hit, while our foe uses Protect.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 9m TCirno uses Spikes, and we use Shadow Force on it!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 9m Cloyster blocks our Quick Attack!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 9m We send out Mima! We continue to use Taunt, while our foe uses Shadow Force!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 8m Against Cloyster! We start off by using Surf, while it responds with Spikes.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 8m We're against Cloyster, deciding whether or not to switch our mon.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 7m We're down to half health, but we finally KO the enemy Dewgong with another Surf.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 7m TCirno uses Shadow Force and KOs Sanae with it!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 7m Lorelei uses a Full Restore, we continue to try and Surf.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 7m We use Thunder and KO the TNitori! Against TCirno!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 6m Another round of Quick Attack and Ice BEam. Dewgong has almost fainted.

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 6m CNitori uses an Ice Beam on us, and we use Heat Wave once more.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 5m We use Quick Attack on Dewgong and it responds with an Ice Beam!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 5m TNitori uses SafeGuard as we attack it once more!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 4m TNitori snaps out of confusion and is faced with our Heat Wave!!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 4m We send out Vaporeon!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 3m TNitori hits itself! We use Extrasensory, bringing her down to half-health.

[Moemon] 10d 7h 3m We send out Dugtrio in Electrbuzz's place. It faces an Ice Beam and is immediately KOed!

10d 7h 2m Oh god we're in sync, why did I think this was a good idea? Semi-Kappa

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 2m Lorelei used a Full Restore! We keep using Water Pulse, confusing TNitori!

[Moemon] 10d 7h 1m Lorelei battle! We send out Electrabuzz against Dewgong!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 1m Sent out Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 1m We get in two more Slashes before Tokiko faints to the TNitori!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 0m Another Slash, and this time we're hit with an Ice Beam. It's super effective!

[Touhoumon] 10d 7h 0m We send out our Tokiko! We use Slash, while our foe uses Safeguard.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 59m We use Fury Cutter, which isn't very effective. The enemy's Surf OHKOs Momiji!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 58m Run 6 starts!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 58m We send out Momiji!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 56m We briefly visited the PC.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 56m We're OHKOed with a Surf!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 55m Facing Lorelei! We send out Cirno against her TNitori!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 54m Back in the MoeCenter.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 54m We're still trying to talk to Lorelei!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 54m We use Earthquake, but Lapras' Surf OHKOs Dugtrio! Black Out!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 53m We send out Dugtrio, immediately getting hurt by Spikes.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 52m Another Wing Attack hits, but Lapras KOs FFF with Body Slam!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 52m We start off with Wing Attack, and Lapras responds with Surf. We are literally down to 1 HP.

[Moemon] [Stats] Charizard/FFF Lv. 52 - Max. HP 158 Attack 114 Defense 101 Sp. Atk 126 Sp. Def 99 Speed 153

[Moemon] [Moemon] 10d 6h 51m FFF grows to level 52! Against Lapras.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 50m Cloyster uses Protect while we go up to Fly! Our Fly hits, and down goes the enemy Cloyster.

[Fluff] Because I'm insane, I'll do both simultaneously.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 50m Run 5 starts!

[Meta] Taking a break from updating on Touhoumon. Deadinsky66 will help a bit.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 48m Cloyster uses Ice Beam while we use Flamethrower! Cloyster is down to minimal HP.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 47m Logged off.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 47m We use Fly while Cloyster uses Spikes! Cloyster protects itself from the Fly!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 47m Booted up the PC.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 46m Against Cloyster! We start off by trying to run away.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 45m It wakes up and attacks Mai. Satori fainted! WHITE OUT! Back into the Boneka Center.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 45m We send out FFF! We use Fly, avoiding an Ice Beam, and KO the Dewgong with it!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 45m Satori fell asleep!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 44m TCirno goes down to a few more Mana Bursts! Mai sent out!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 44m We continue using Mana Burst against foe's TCirno!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 42m Another damn MoeBall! Dewgong uses Hail, and it KOs Baeporeon!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 42m Couple of Mana Bursts take out DLetty! TCirno sent out!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 42m Another MoeBall! Dewgong thankfully uses Safeguard!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 41m We use a MoeBall Dewgong uses Ice Beam again!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 41m We sent out Chauzu the Satori!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 41m We're both down in the Reds at this point. Incoming Full Restore.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 40m Another Ice Beam takes out Tokiko!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 39m Ice Beam puts Tokiko in the Yellow!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 39m More Quick Attacks, versus more Ice Beams!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 39m Slash takes out TNitori! DLetty sent out!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 38m We sent out A the Tokiko to battle!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 38m We keep using Quick Attack as we're hit with Ice Beam!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 38m We send out Vaporeon! We use Quick Attack, and our foe uses Hail.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 37m We use Wing Attack, and Dewgong uses Ice Beam on us, OHKOing the Pidgeot!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 36m Sanae goes down to Ice Beam!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 35m Sanae gets hurt and in 29/181 HP left!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 34m We send our Ms. T! More baggage tactics.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 33m Water type moves do LITTLE damage to TNitori!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 32m Butterbae in the negatives!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 32m Sanae in the yellow!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 31m We try thunder, and its in the red from hail! But then Lorelei uses a full restore!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 31m Another Surf KOs Butterbae!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 28m TNitori uses hail! It begins to hail and pelts against us.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 29m We us Psychic again, and we're hit with an Ice Beam and we're dropped down to 3 HP!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 28m We send out Butterbae! We use Psychic, and our foe uses Safeguard!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 28m We sent out Sanae!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 27m We were frozen from that attack! Thus, we cannot attack while Dewgong uses Surf and KOs us!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 27m We start out by using Brick Break, and our foe responds with Ice Beam.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 26m We send out Electrabuzz against Dewgong!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 26m 3 Surfs takes out Mima!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 26m Facing Lorelei!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 25m We sent out Mima!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 24m Surf OHKO's Momiji!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 23m We sent out Momiji!

[Info] Thanks for the correction.

[Info] Moemon is on Run 5, Touhoumon is actually on Run 4 right now.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 22m As usual, Surf quickly OHKO's Cirno!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 22m Lorelei send out TNitori! Go Cirno!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 22m Elite 4 Lorelei Engaged!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 21m Jk, Fame Checker time.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 21m Moemon run 5 begins!

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 20m We Begin Elite 4 Run #3!

[Snark] Double Shade Out.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 17m Satori fainted! WHITE OUT! Back in the BONéKA Center!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 16m We start with a Wing Attack, but Lapras shuts us down with a Wing Attack, KOing us! Black Out!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 16m We send out T! Lapras restored a bit of HP using a Sitrus Berry.

[Touhoumon] 10d 6h 14m Satori in the red at 18/176 (10%) HP left remaining!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 14m We use Fly again, land it, but unfortunately, Charizard faints from a Surf!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 13m We use Fly, avoiding the Lapras' Surf. Fly lands, but so does Surf, putting us down to critical HP.

[Touhoumon] CKisume = Possible Dome Worshiper? EleGiggle

[Moemon] 10d 6h 12m We send out our Charizard, and start inspecting our bags for the umpteenth time, just in case anything is missing.

[Moemon] [Moemon] 10d 6h 9m We send out ButterBae! We get hit by an Ice Beam and are down for the count!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 8m Lapras uses Ice Beam and KOs Baeporeon!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 7m Lapras uses Body Slam again, and we hit ourselves once more. Another Slam, another Self-Injury, and we're at 8 HP.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 6m Lapras used Body Slam confusing and paralyzing us! Another Slam and we hit ourselves in confusion!

[Touhoumon/Info] 10d 6h 5m Satori in the Yellow at 48% HP.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 4m We OHKO the Dewgong! Against Lapras now!

[Moemon] 10d 6h 4m We send out Vaporeon! Lorelei uses a Full Restore! We use Water Pulse.

[Moemon] 10d 6h 2m We send out Dugtrio to face the big bad Dewgong. We use Earthquake, getting it down to critical health, but we're KOed by a Surf!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 51 - Max. HP 176 Attack 70 Defense 101 Sp. Atk 152 Sp. Def 118 Speed 108

[Moemon] 10d 5h 59m We cannot move and the enemy's Surf KOs Electrabuzz!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 58m Mana Burst finally takes Remilia out! Satori grows to Lv.51! Couple Ray and Tara defeated!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 58m We use Thunder! Dewgong responds with an Ice Beam and freezes Electrabuzz!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 58m We start off by using Brick Break as the Dewgong uses Hail.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 58m We send out Electrabuzz against Dewgong!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 57m Run 4 of the E4 Starts! Facing Lorelei!

[Touhoumon/Info] Probably worded that update weird. "Shadow Ball does not effect Foe's Remilia." We struggle to try something else.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 54m Shadow Ball isn't effected by Remilia.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 53m Only Satori VS. Remilia are left standing!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 52m Tokiko goes down to Sculpture! Sakuya goes down!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 52m Back in the Plateau!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 51m Faffing through our inputs.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 50m Faffing through the bags.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 47m We left Indigo Plateau!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 47m We send out Chauzu the Satori to battle along side Tokiko!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 45m Back at the MoeCenter!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 44m Mima fainted!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 44m We get hit by a few more Ice Punches, and Vaporeon faints! Black Out!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 44m We sent out Tokiko!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 43m Lorelei uses a Full Restore on Jynx!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 43m We use Quick Attack, and our foe uses Lovely Kiss, making us fall asleep.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 42m We're still asleep taking in Ice Punches. Finally waking up, we use Quick Attack, getting another crit before we take in another Ice Punch.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 42m We sent out Mima, and Sanae is quickly taken out!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 42m While we're asleep, Jynx keeps using Ice Punch on us.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 41m We use Aurora Beam, getting a critical hit! Our foe uses Lovely Kiss, yet again making us sleep!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 41m Momiji fainted!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 41m We wake up and use Water Pulse again, KOing the Slowbro! Against Jynx!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 39m We do damage to both foe's Boneka's!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 40m Our enemy keeps using Yawn while we sleep.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 39m We use Water Pulse again, and Slowbro uses Yawn. We fall asleep!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 39m We send out Vaporeon, and start to use Water Pulse. Our foe uses Yawn, making us Drowzy.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 37m Double Battle VS. Ray and Tyra! Remillia and Sakuya sent out! Go Sanae and Momiji!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 33m We use Psybeam again, and Slowbro's Ice Beam KOs Butterbae!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 33m We send out Butterbae! We use Psybeam to start out, and as a response, Slowbro uses Ice Beam, putting Butterbae down to critical health.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 32m Momiji in the yellow from battling a wild Kisume!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 27m We send out our Pidgeot in battle. We open with a Wing Attack, while our foe uses Surf. It crits, and down goes the T-itanic!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 25m Against a Slowbro now! We continue to faff about.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 23m Cirno goes down to wild CKisume's Fire Spin

[Moemon] 10d 5h 23m We use Wing Attack an additional time, and KO the enemy Cloyster!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 22m Cirno gets burned by a wild CKisume!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 22m We use Wing Attack once more, but our foe uses Spikes, setting up some Smogon Strats.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 21m We continue to use Wing Attack while our foe keeps trying to Protect itself, only sometimes successfully doing so.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 20m We send out T! We use Wing Attack while our opponent uses Hail! Cloyster then protects itself with Protect.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 18m We start off with the use of Rock Tomb! Cloyster uses Dive, hits us, and KOs our Diglett!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 18m Entered back into Victory Road!

[Moemon] [Info] Forgot in Gen 3 throwing a Pokeball uses it up in trainer battles. So now we're at 121 balls!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 14m We send out our Dugtrio! And then we go through a bunch of menus.

[Moemon] 10d 5h 13m We try throwing a MoeBall! We're hit with Cloyster's Dive and FFF faints!

[Fluff] We won't even be able to beat the Champion if we can't even beat the FIRST of the Elite 4 member. Kappa

[Moemon] 10d 5h 11m We're trying to run away, again and again and again. We have 122 MoeBalls.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 9m Exited outside of the Indigo Plateau!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 8m We start off with Strength, as Cloyster uses Dive, hiding underwater temporarily!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Mima Lv. 52 - Max. HP 159 Attack 106 Defense 105 Sp. Atk 157 Sp. Def 95 Speed 84

[Moemon] 10d 5h 6m Against Cloyster! We start off our encounter by going through menus!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 5m We get confused and hurt ourselves! Suwako kills Satori! We paid 6600 dongers! WHITE OUT

[Moemon] 10d 5h 5m We use Fly again, avoiding another Surf. Fly hits, and down goes Dewgong!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 5m We use Fly, avoiding the Surf. Fly hits, critting and bringing down Dewgong to the reds. Charizard is hit with Surf.

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 5m We send out Chauzu the Satori to battle Suwako!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 4m We send out FFF! The hail stops!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 3m Ice Beam takes Mima out!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 2m Lorelei uses Full Restore on Dewgong

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 1m We attack with Dark Pulse. Not quite down yet! Another Dark Pulse takes TCirno out! Mima grows to Lv.52 and forgets Dark Pulse for Taunt! Swwako sent out!

[Moemon] 10d 5h 1m Challenged Lorelei! BATTLE START!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 0m We reappear and attack TCirno!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 0m TCirno is now visible, but now Mima vanishes!

[Touhoumon] 10d 5h 0m We continue using Scary Face! Hail continues to fall!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 58m Entered E4. Run #3!

[Snark] 10d 4h 57m Faffing intensifies!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 56m We sent out Mima!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 56m We've booted up the PC a few times.

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 55m Sanae Fainted!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 53m Faffing about on the 2nd floor.

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 53m TCirno vanishes!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 52m Ice Beam puts Seanae in red! TNitori finally goes down! TCirno sent out!

[Touhoumon/Info] Or moves, that do LITTLE damage I should say.

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 49m We continue using infective moves against TNitori!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 48m Sent out Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 48m Surf OHKO's Momiji!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 47m We sent out Momiji!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 46m Tokiko goes down to surf!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 45m There's No running from the Elite 4! EleGiggle

[Moemon] 10d 4h 44m Out of useable Moemon. White Out! Paid out 6960 dongers.

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 44m We continue using Roost, Lorelei uses a Full Restore!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 43m Butterfree sent out, and quickly taken down

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 42m TNitori uses hail! We continue to get pelted by it!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 42m We sent out Tokiko!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 41m Vaporeon taken down by Ice Punch

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 41m Surf takes Cirno down!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 41m Lorelei used Full Restore on Jynx

[Moemon] 10d 4h 41m Vaporeon sent out.

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 41m Lorelei sends out TNitori. Go Cirno!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 41m Pidgeot is down!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 40m Elite 4 Lorelei Engaged!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 39m We enter Elite 4 Run #3!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 38m Charizard taken down by Ice Punch

[Moemon] 10d 4h 37m Charizard is fast asleep/

[Moemon] 10d 4h 34m We send out Charizard!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 32m Dugtrio down!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 31m We send in Dugtrio!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 31m Vaporeon is fast asleep

[Moemon] 10d 4h 30m Lorelei sends out Jynx

[Moemon] 10d 4h 30m We take out Slowbro with Water Pulse

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 29m Surf takes Satori out! WHITE OUT!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 28m Vaporeon wakes up!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 28m We attack with Shadow Ball and it goes down to being pelted by Hail! DLetty sent out!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 28m Vaporeon is fast asleep

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 28m Sent out Satori!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 27m Struggling to send out Satori, our last remaining Boneka!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 26m Lorelei sends out Slowbro.

[Moemon] 10d 4h 26m We take down Cloyster with Water Pulse!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 26m Sanae taken out with Ice Beam!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 25m Sanae gets frozen solid!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 23m We send out Vaporeon!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 24m Water Pulse doesn't do much against TNitori!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 23m We sent out Sanae!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 23m Electabuzz is fainted!

10d 4h 23m [Moemon/Info] Also challenging Elite 4 Lorelei

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 21m Surf quickly OHKO's Momiji!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 20m We sent out Momiji to battle!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 19m Dark Pulse almost takes TNitori down but its still alive! Lorelei uses a full restore! Mima faints to surf!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 19m We sent out Mima!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 18m Ice Beam takes Tokiko down!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 17m Restored HP to A the Tokiko, but then it gets hurt once again!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 16m Ice Beam is super effective against us! Soar doesn't do much damage!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 15m Searching through the bag for answers!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 14mEntered E4! Run #2.

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 13m We sent out Tokiko!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 13m Quickly OHKO'd us via Surf!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 12m Lorelei sends out TNitori, go Cirno!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 12m Elite 4 Lorelei Engaged!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 10m We send out FFF! FFF flew up high! Surf missed! Fly hit! Surf hit! Critical hit! FFF fainted! White-out! Lost $6960!

[Snark] I imagine within 12 hours the # of runs for each game will be slightly off.

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 8m Into the E4 rooms! Run #2 begins!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 6m Baeporeon fainted!

10d 4h 5m Anarchy Mode resumes!

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 4m We discontinue box operations, and log off the PC.

[Touhoumon/Info] Appears to be STILL glitched into a Isami in our display menu over on the side.

[Touhoumon] 10d 4h 3m Withdrew Mima (Female) Lv.51 from Box2!

[Moemon] 10d 4h 0m Vaporeon in the red!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 59m We enter the withdraw menu.

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 58m Closed out of deposit into box operations.

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 57m We deposited Lil' CReimu into Box2!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 56m Looks like the Lorelei fight is going to be put on hold while Touhoumon gets their act together.

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 55m Entered the deposit menu option.

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 53m Accessed Bill's BC. Into the storage system!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 53m We access the PC!

[Touhoumon/Fluff] Might as well try switch out Lil ol' CReimu for something stronger, or grind it, or something while we have the chance.

[Snark] Too elite for Anarchy.

10d 3h 50m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 49m We save the game!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 48m Had to step out for a minute, so I missed Baeporeon's defeat of Jynx. Baeporeon grew to Level 58! Lapars was sent out.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 51 - Max. HP 181 Attack 74 Defense 133 Sp. Atk 118 Sp. Def 133 Speed 84

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 48m Sanae wakes up, But then get's KO'd! WHITE OUT!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 47m Sanae is put to sleep!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 46m TCirno goes down! Sanae Lv.51 Mai sent out!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 46m Sanae is sent out! And Water Pusle takes it out! TCirno sent out!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 45m Struggling to send out Sanae!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 44m More Yawns from Slowbro! We wake up and use Water Pulse! Slowbro fainted!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 44m Tokiko fainted!

[Moemon] [Snark] Slowbro = slow switcher confirmed.

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 43m We use a Potion on Tokiko who is injured in battle!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 43m Slowbro throws hard with another Yawn! Baeporeon wakes up and uses Water Pulse! Slowbro uses Yawn! Another Water Pulse! Another Yawn! Baeporeon fell asleep again!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 43m We sent out A The Tokiko!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 42m Chauzu the Satori faints to Ice Beam!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 42m We use Water Pulse! Slowbro used Yawn, but it failed! Baeporeon fell asleep!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 41m Shadow Ball slwoly takes HP off of DLetty!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 42m Lorelei sends out Slowbro! We use Water Pulse! Slowbro used Yawn!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 41m Shadow Ball takes it out! DLetty is sent out!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 40m We use Surf! Cloyster uses Hail! We use Water Pulse! Cloyster fainted!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 39m Lorelei sends out Cloyster! We try to run!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 40m We keep using Mana Burst, it slowly drains TNitori's HP!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 39m We send out Baeporeon! Surf takes out Dewgong!

[Snark] I am willing to bet that this will take more time than Emerald's E4

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 39m Sent out Chauzu the Satori!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 38m We send out Butterbae! Psybeam! Ice Beam! Butterbae at 15 HP! Psybeam! Surf! Butterbae fainted!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 37m We sent out Little CReimu who QUICKLY goes down to ice beam!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 36m We send out T! Wing Attack! Ice Beam! T fainted!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 36m Momiji goes down to ice beam!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 35m We sent out Dugtrio! Lorelei used a Full Restore! We used Earthquake, then follow up with Dig! Ice Beam misses! Dig hits! Ice Beam hits! Dugtrio fainted!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 36m Surf takes it in the red!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 35m We sent out Momiji!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 35m We used Thunder! Dewgong used Surf! Thunder again! Ice Beam hits! **Electabuzz fainted!

[Touhoumon] 10d 3h 35m Cirno fainted!

[Both] 10d 3h 33m Rather than fighting, we're waiting for Baba. It seems we're trying to stall out the lingering effects of Democracy so we can fight the Elite Four the right way.

[Both] 10d 3h 32m TNitori sent out on Touhou, Dewgong sent out on Moemon!

[Both] 10d 3h 30m Challenged Lorelei!

[Both] 10d 3h 30m Entered the E4 chambers, Time for Urn #1!

[Both] 10d 3h 27m Healed at the Indigo Center, Checkpoint!

[Both] 10d 3h 25m Arrived at the Indigo Plateau

[Both] 10d 3h 23m Going through the small maze before the Indigo Plateau.

[Snark] More like E3 and Bruno.

Elite 4 HYPE!

[Both] 10d 3h 20m We exit from Victory Road!!

[Both] 10d 3h 18m We go down a different ladder. The exit is in sight!

[Both] 10d 3h 17m We go up a ladder.

[Moemon] 10d 3h 16m Another Flamethrower, another Kadabra down. Juggler Nelson defeated!

[Moemon] 10d 3h 14m Nelson sends in Kadabra, whom is KO'ed by Flamethrower. In comes another Kadabra.

[Moemon] [Stats] FFF/Charizard Lv. 51 - Max. HP 155 Attack 112 Defense 99 Sp. Atk 123 Sp. Def 97 Speed 150

[Moemon] 10d 3h 13m FFF uses Flamethrower and takes out Hypno! FFF grows to level 51!

[Info] Fly is now out of PP.

[Moemon] 10d 3h 10m FFF's Fly takes down Drowzee! Nelson sends in Hypno.

[Moemon] 10d 3h 9m VS Juggler Nelson! He sends out Drowzee.

[Both] 10d 3h 3m We press the fourth switch!

[Both] 10d 2h 59m We use strength again on the boulder.

[Touhoumon] 10d 2h 55m We also push the boulder down the hole and go down it ourselves.

[Moemon] 10d 2h 53m We push a boulder down a hole, and then go down it ourselves.

[Both] 10d 2h 39m Still walking along on the 3rd floor of Victory Road, fighting wild encounters.

[Moemon] 10d 2h 26m We use a Max Revive on FFF!

[Touhoumon] 10d 2h 21m And we use another Max Revive on Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 10d 2h 18m We use a Max Revive on Satori (Chauzu)!

[Touhoumon] 10d 2h 17m We try using a Max revive on A. It had no effect.

[Touhoumon] 10d 2h 15m We use a Burn Heal on A, healing it of it's burn!

[Moemon] 10d 2h 10m We took the Moon Stone off of AAAVX and gave it a Moe Ball to hold.

[Touhoumon] 10d 2h 5m A was burned by a wild Suika's Flamethrower!

[Info] [Both] And back in democracy.

[Both] 10d 1h 54m Fighting wild random encounters.

[Info] [Both] Back in Anarchy.

[Both] 10d 1h 43m WAIT4ABASTART synced us in the Start menu, but we're still desynced on the map. This could cause problems with this boulder puzzle.

[Both] 10d 1h 38m We use strength on a boulder.

[Touhoumon] 10d 1h 33m A wild Yaname uses dig, allowing us to Roost up with A.

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 57 - Max. HP 237 Attack 89 Defense 97 Sp. Atk 154 Sp. Def 117 Speed 101

[Moemon] 10d 1h 25m And Vaporeon grew to level 57!

[Both] 10d 1h 20m Just walking around the 3rd floor again encountering random encounters.

[Chat] Chat seems to be spamming TTours emoticon, for whatever reason.

[Touhoumon] 10d 1h 10m We find TM50 - Mind Bomb!

[Touhoumon] 10d 1h 6m A few tactical roosts bring us to full health. And then the enemy Boneka uses Pain Split.

[Touhoumon] 10d 1h 3m Satori fainted to a wild Boneka!

[Both] 10d 1h 0m We travel up the ladder. We are now at the northwest section of floor 3 again.

[Moemon] 10d 0h 57m Foe Lickitung goes down! Maniac Dawson defeated in both games.

[Moemon] 10d 0h 54m The count of Perish Song reached zero! Charizard fainted!

[Moemon] 10d 0h 54m The final Pokemon, Lickitung (Level 40) is sent out.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 50 - Max. HP 173 Attack 68 Defense 99 Sp. Atk 149 Sp. Def 116 Speed 106

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 53m Satori grew to level 50!

[Moemon] 10d 0h 52m Lapras comes out and uses Perish Song, although it goes down.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 52m Endeavor drops us down to 7 HP. Tokiko also only has 18% HP left as well. Maniac Dawson goes down but we're in a pinch.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 50m Rin is using Substitute/Endeavor strategies which might be too smogon for us.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 49m The final Boneka, Rin (Level 42) comes out.

[Moemon] 10d 0h 48m Charmeleon goes down and Lapras comes out.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 47m CRan goes down. CSuwako (Level 42) comes out. It doesn't last long and goes down as well.

[Moemon] 10d 0h 46m We also get spotted by the same trainer. They send out Charmeleon (Level 40) and we send out Charizard (Level 50).

Forgot to mention this, but.

Welcome to day 11 of Twitch Plays Touhoumon/Moemon!

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 45m The trainer is Maniac Dawson. He sends out CRan (Level 42) and we send out Satori (Level 49).

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 45m We get spotted by a trainer. We currently have Satori and Tokiko left.

[Both] 10d 0h 42m Both games get a Guard Spec.

[Info] [Both] 10d 0h 41m This is the northwest corner of 2F.

[Both] 10d 0h 40m We head down a ladder.

[Info] [Both] 10d 0h 28m Back to walking around the cave. We are still in demo.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 27m We find a Max Revive!

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 25m Two soars take out Mokou! Cooltrainer George defeated!

[Moemon] 10d 0h 25m We find a Max Revive!

[Both] 10d 0h 23m A takes out Merlin with soar in Touhou, and he sends out Mokou. In Moemon, George is defeated!

[Moemon] [Stats] Charizard/FFF Lv. 50 - Max. HP 152 Attack 111 Defense 98 Sp. Atk 121 Sp. Def 95 Speed 147

[Fluff] Fun fact: This is the level at which we released our Charizard in AR.

[Both] 10d 0h 23m George sends out Merlin in Touhou. In Moemon, FFF's fly takes out Arcanine and FFF grows to level 50!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Tokiko/A Lv. 55 - Max. HP 212 Attack 107 Defense 128 Sp. Atk 69 Sp. Def 109 Speed 122

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 21m A uses two soars to take out Komachi! A grows to level 55!

[Moemon] 10d 0h 20m FFF's fly takes out Sandslash. George sends out Arcanine.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 19m A uses soar, taking out Rumia! George sends out Komachi.

[Both] 10d 0h 18m We send out A in Touhou and switch out to FFF in Moemon.

[Both] 10d 0h 17m CReimu faints to the foe's Rumia! Vaporeon takes out Electrode. George sends out Sandslash.

[Both] 10d 0h 17m We send out Reimu is Touhou and Vaporeon in Moemon.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 15m Sanae faints to the foe's Rumia!

[Both] 10d 0h 14m Electode uses spark KO'ing Butterbae! Sanae ko's the Lyrica with a crit. George sends out Rumia.


[Moemon] 10d 0h 12m Electrode uses spark and Paralyzes Butterbae!

[Moemon] 10d 0h 12m George sends out Electrode.

[Moemon] 10d 0h 11m Butterbae did not learn Silver Wind.

[Moemon] [Stats] Butterfree Lv. 47 - Max. HP 129 Attack 62 Defense 66 Sp. Atk 96 Sp. Def 90 Speed 98

[Moemon] 10d 0h 7m Another psybeam takes down Cloyster. Butterbae grew to level 47!

[Moemon] 10d 0h 6m George uses a hyper potion on Cloyster. We use psybeam, confusing it.

[Moemon] 10d 0h 4m We send out Butterbae. We use psybeam, it uses Supersonic and misses.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 3m George uses a hyper potion on Lyrica.

[Moemon] 10d 0h 3m T faints to Cloyster's Aurora Beam!

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 1m It uses sing, we use water pulse. Both miss.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 1m We use water pulse and confuse the Lyrica, it uses double team.

[Touhoumon] 10d 0h 0m VS Cooltrainer George! He sends out Lyrica, we send out Sanae.

[Moemon] 9d 23h 57m George sends out Cloyster.

[Moemon] [Stats] Pidgeot/T Lv. 45 - Max. HP 136 Attack 98 Defense 84 Sp. Atk 75 Sp. Def 64 Speed 116

[Moemon] 9d 23h 57m T grows to level 45!

[Touhoumon] 9d 23h 57m Momiji faints to a wild CKisume!

[Moemon] 9d 23h 56m T uses Wing Attack, KOing the Eggutor!

[Moemon] 9d 23h 55m T uses wing attack, Exeggutor uses stun spore, paralyzing T!

[Moemon] 9d 23h 54m VS Cooltrainer George! He sends out Exeggutor.

[Info] [Both] Still in democracy.

[Both] 9d 23h 46m And back up the ladder.

[Both] 9d 23h 45m Went down a ladder to the second floor.

[Both] 9d 23h 44m Third switch pressed!

[Both] 9d 23h 35m Still trying to complete the third puzzle. Encounters keep interrupting progress.

[Both] 9d 23h 25m Currently pushing a boulder around.

[Both] 9d 23h 20m Used strength on a boulder.

[Both] 9d 23h 18m Back on the 3rd floor.

[Both] 9d 23h 15m Another sync wild battle and run.

[Both] 9d 23h 12m TM07 Hail in Moemon and TM07 Razor Wind in Touhoumon!

[Both] 9d 23h 10m And back in sync.

[Touhoumon] 9d 23h 9m We use water pulse and confuse the Satori! Then extrasensory takes it out. Gregory defeated!

[Snark] Statori for all your stat needs.

[Moemon] 9d 23h 8m Gregory defeated.

[Both] 9d 23h 7m We send out Sanae in Touhou and Miss T in Moemon. T defeats the Mime.

[Moemon] 9d 23h 6m Dugtrio faints to Mr. Mime!

[Touhoumon] 9d 23h 5m BB faints to his Statori!

[Snark] Satori=Mr. Mime

[Both] 9d 23h 5m VS Juggler Gregory, he sends a Satori in Touhou and a Mr. Mime in Moemon.

[Both] 9d 23h 4m "Is Victory Road too tough?"

[Both] 9d 23h 3m And de-synced due to a wild Rumia.

[Both] 9d 23h 2m In sync again.

[Both] 9d 22h 48m Second switch activated!

[Chat] (in regards to a modbot being needed) ProjectRevoTPP: Twitch has never stated that moderation for a chat is necessary. It's up to the user how they want to moderate it. Which means streamer is either not being truthful entirely, or TPP is a special case. I'm not so sure about the latter.

[Both] 9d 22h 35m Democracy still prevails

[Info/both] 9d 22h 34m Though we have intentionally skipped a trainer by walking behind them.

[Both] 9d 22h 32m Not much change, just getting through the "J" in Victory Road w/ encounters here and there

[Both] 9d 22h 19m And just like that, a sync battle/run away

[Both] 9d 22h 17m We successfully pushed the boulders on to the switch!

[Chat] Dahwalrus8: YOU'RE GROUNDED, YAMAME

[Fluff] 9d 22h 9m Wild Encounters screw up our boulder pushing Sync in VR.

[Both] 9d 22h 6m Democracy continues

[Snark] We're in the caves of VR. Of course you gonna be hearing echoes!

[Both] 9d 22h 1m Both ran away

[Snark] [Both] 9d 22h 0m Low HP noise is echoing

[Both] 9d 21h 59m Double wild battle!

[Both] 9d 21h 50m Democracy continues

[Snark] [Meta] I'm right here

[Meta] Not sure where the other updaters are today, no one is responding. I've got to go now though, so hopefully someone decides to get on.

[Touhoumon] 9d 21h 38m down Screwed up Puzzle

[Info] 9d 21h 35m Another round of Democracy

[Both] 9d 21h 33m Getting close to finishing the first puzzle.

[Both] 9d 21h 31m Synced once again

[Snark] Echoing Intensifies!

[Both] 9d 21h 25m Used strength on the boulder.

[Both] 9d 21h 24m Synced

[Both] 9d 21h 22m Back in Victory Road

[Moemon] 9d 21h 21m Exited Victory Road. Puzzle reset.

[Info] 9d 21h 21m Another round of Democracy.

[Touhoumon] 9d 21h 20m Exited Victory Road

[Touhoumon] 9d 21h 16m Screwed up the puzzle.

[Moemon] 9d 21h 15m Screwed up the puzzle.

[Both] 9d 21h 9m Synced

[Both] 9d 21h 8m Boulders are getting close.

[Info] 9d 21h 5m Another round of Democracy

[Moemon] 9d 20h 59m We kick the boulder down.

[Both] 9d 20h 59m Desynced

[Both] 9d 20h 57m Synced!

[Moemon] 9d 20h 55m Used strength on the boulder.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 51m Back in Victory Road

[Info] 9d 20h 50m Entered Democracy mode.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 50m Exited Victory Road to reset the puzzle.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 49m Screwed up the puzzle, need a reset.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 43m Switched out Momiji.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 43m Circo is battling a Lv 30 CKisune.

[Moemon] 9d 20h 42m Oh, a Lv 40 wild Onix took down Electabuzz, sent out Dugtrio.

[Both] 9d 20h 39m Faffing about on the first puzzle in Victory Road.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 36m CReimu used Strength on the boulder.

[Info] 9d 20h 34m Back in Anarchy

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 29m Switched order of Cirno's Surf and Ice Punch

[Info] 9d 20h 26m Touhoumons Cirno has no PP left for Surf.

[Info] 9d 20h 20m Entering Democracy Mode.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 19m Cirno forgot Ice Ball, Air Slash is learned.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 18m Cirno is trying to learn Air Slash.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 17m Lv 46 Kisune appeared.

[Moemon] 9d 20h 14m Entered Victory Road!

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 14m Entered Victory Road!

[Moemon] 9d 20h 13m Passed Earth Badge check.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 13m Passed Earth Badge check.

[Moemon] 9d 20h 12m Passed Volcano Badge check.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 11m Passed Volcano Badge check.

[Touhoumon] 9d 20h 8m Wild CKogasa appeared

[Info] 9d 20h 4m Back in Anarchy

[Fluff] 9d 19h 57m Chat is waiting for baba.

[Info] 9d 19h 50m Now in Democracy mode

[Moemon] 9d 19h 49m Passed Marsh Badge check.

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 48m Passed Marsh Badge check.

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 47m Passed Soul Badge check.

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 46m Back on land near Soul Bade check.

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 45m We surf

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 45m Passed Rainbow Badge check.

[Moemon] 9d 19h 44m We surf.

[Moemon] 9d 19h 43m Passed Soul Badge check.

[Moemon] 9d 19h 42m We surf.

[Both] 9d 19h 39m Passed Thunder Badge check

[Moemon] 9d 19h 38m Passed Cascade Badge check.

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 37m Passed Cascade Badge check

[Info] 9d 19h 34m Back in Anarchy

[Both] 9d 19h 33m Passed Pewter Badge check.

[Info] 9d 19h 33m Synced!

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 32m Entered the badge checking area

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 29m Made it passed the ledge

[Info] 9d 19h 20m Another round of Democracy

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 18m Oh look, we jumped the ledge again.

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 16m Edging towards the fence once again.

[Info] 9d 19h 5m Another round of Democracy.

[Touhoumon] 9d 19h 4m We jump the ledge yet again.

[Moemon] 9d 18h 59m Still in the first badge checking area as the chat tries to get Touhoumon caught up.

[Moemon] 9d 18h 51m We enter the badge checking area.

[Info] 9d 18h 50m Another round of Democracy it appears.

[Moemon] 9d 18h 47m Passed the ledge in democracy.

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 44m We jump the ledge as we desync

[Chat] Pioxys: TPPModBot: Banned for excessive democracy Kappa

[Both] 9d 18h 42m Synced!

[Info] 9d 18h 37m Desynced as Touhoumon enters battle with a wild Vousei.

[Info] 9d 18h 36m Synced once again.

[Info] 9d 18h 35m Entered Democracy Mode.

[Both] 9d 18h 34m Playing around in menus on Route 22.

[Both] 9d 18h 32m Desynced

[Both] 9d 18h 31m Synced!

[Snark] ledge to op. pls nerf.

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 28m We jump the ledge.

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 27m Wild CNzarin.

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 27m Edging towards the ledge

[Both] 9d 18h 23m Desynced

[Both] 9d 18h 23m Synced!

[Moemon] 9d 18h 23m Entered Route 22

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 22m Entered Route 22

[Info] 9d 18h 19m Back in Anarchy

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 18m We leave the Boneka center.

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 15m We withdraw CReimu

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 9m We deposit Mima

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 6m PC booted up!

[Info] Forgot to mention: another round of Democracy started.

[Touhoumon] 9d 18h 5m Back in the Boneka center again.

[Both] 9d 18h 1m ... yes they are! (But for how long?)

[Both] 9d 18h 0m ... nevermind.

[Both] 9d 18h 0m Both games in sync!

[Moemon] [Snark] 9d 18h 0m Not healed up enough. Let's do it again to make them super healed up!

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 59m Team healed up!

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 58m Entered Boneka center.

[Moemon] 9d 17h 58m Team healed up!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 57m Entered the Moemon center.

[Both] 9d 17h 55m NPC DeSync to OP

[Both] 9d 17h 54m Hello Viridian City

[Both] 9d 17h 51m Synced up! Both players are standing in the exact same position.

[Info] Democracy has started!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 49m "Bad" might not be the correct word, but it has seen better days.

[Both] 9d 17h 48m Both teams are currently on route 22 with their teams in bad condition.

[Moemon] 9d 17h 46m Green has been defeated!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 45m Vaporeon standing strong vs Blastoise. Water absorb helping her out. Blastoise can't keep up with the Surf attacks of Vaporeon and gets taken down!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 41m Two 'mons left and Alakazam enters the battle. Massive blow of Surf and Alakazam faints! Blastoise is up next!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 40m Growlithe has been send out. Vaporeon takes it down with surf!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 39m Exeggute has been send out and Paralyzes Vaporeon with stun spore. Vaporeon is unimpressed and takes out Exeggute with surf!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 38m Our saviour of this battle is Vaporeon! Vaporeon has been send out and reks Rhyhorn! Vaporeon lvl up to 56!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 37m Rockblast does major damage and Butterbae faints after 2 hits!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 37m Go Butterbae! Avenge your friends! Butterbae vs Rhyhorn!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 36m It seems we can't decide, who to send out against Rhyhorn.

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 35m Still on route 22 with Momiji at 51% hp.

[Moemon] 9d 17h 33m Dugtrio lands a nice Dig on Rhyhorn, but has been taken out by Take Down! Dugtrio down!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 33m Dugtrio has been switched out for the next battle and she is facing Rhyhorn!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 33m Electabuzz is back! Go get 'em! Electabuzz of level 37 defeated Pidgeot of 47!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 30m Green's Pidgeot has an advantage of 3 levels. It managed to take out T! T fainted!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 30m Switched out Dugtrio. It's Pidgeot vs Pidgeot!

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 28m We jumped the ledge. Let's try this again shall we?

[Moemon] 9d 17h 28m We switched Electabuzz for Dugtrio!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 27m Pidgeot paralysed!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 27m Electabuzz vs Pidgeot!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 26m Battle with Green! Attempt #2

[Moemon] 9d 17h 24m Same goes for Dugtrio with Earthquake.

[Moemon] 9d 17h 23m Making our way to the battle with Green. Remember kids, Electabuzz has no Thunder PP.

[Moemon] 9d 17h 22m Entered route 22! (Getting my routes all mixed up)

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 22m Still wandering around on route 22!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 21m Entered route 21!

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 21m Still wandering around on route 21.

[Info] 9d 17h 20m Another round of Anarchy started with only a 2 vote difference this time!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 19m We enter Viridian City!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 13m To catch up on recent Moemon events, after this intense battle. We are currently still on route 1. Electabuzz is reking some lvl 3 mons. (Thunder PP is at 0).

[Snark] Smell ya later!

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 12m After many attempts Swords Dance was not learned! Green was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 11m Momiji is trying to learn Swords Dance...

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 10m Momiji is sent out. Marisa fainted! Momiji grew to level 48!

[Moemon] 9d 17h 8m In the meantime, Electabuzz is bullying some lvl 3 Pidgeys over at route 1.

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 7m Forgot to mention Mina fainted! Satori is also sent out but Satori faints as well Only Momiji remains.

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 5m Tokiko is sent out! Tokiko fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 4m Mima gets hit with Leech Seed but Foe Medicine fainted! Last comes Marisa (Level 50), her final Boneka.

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 2m Mima lands a lucky crit! Foe Alice fainted! Green sends out Medicine and is on her final two Boneka.

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 1m Green sends out Goliath. It drops in one hit! Foe Goliath fainted! Alice is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 1m We send out Mima. Foe Patchouli fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 17h 0m Sanae fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 58m Satori is withdrawn for Sanae. Sanae is burnt!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 57m Satori is sent out. Foe Nitori fainted! Patchouli is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 56m This is attempt #2. She sends out Nitori, and we send out Cirno. Surf washes us away. Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 55m Ghostly Club Green would like to battle!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 53m We return to Route 22.

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 51m We return to Viridian City.

[Both] 9d 16h 49m Both games are wandering Route 1.

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 44m Satori fainted! We black out!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 44m Our final Boneka, Satori (Level 49) is sent out. We take care of Marisa with a Shadow Ball. Greens final Boneka, Medicine (Level 48) is also sent out.

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 42m Tokiko (Level 54) is sent out. Foe Alice fainted! Marisa (Level 50) is then sent out. Tokiko fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 41m Sanae is sent out (Level 50). Mana Burst really hurts. We confuse it, but it doesn't matter. Sanae fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 39m Alice actually has an attack! Tri Attack! It's super effective and Mima fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 39m Mima lands a lucky flinch as it Patchouli clutches! A second Dark Pulse finishes the job. Mima grew to level 51! Green sends out Alice.

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 37m Goliath goes down! Patchouli (Level 48) is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 37m We send out Mima (Level 50). A Dark Pulse finally finishes off Nitori. Green then sends out Goliath (Level 48).

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 35m Momiji is sent out (Level 47). We damage it a bit, but Surf messes us up. Momiji fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 35m She sends out Nitori (Level 50). We send out Cirno (Level 43). We have a Surf-off. She wins. Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 34m Ghostly Club Green would like to battle!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 33m We head west, onto Route 22.

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 27m Exited the Boneka Center.

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 24m Our party is healed!

[Touhoumon] 9d 16h 24m Entered Boneka Center.

9d 16h 20m Anarchy is in effect.

[Info] [Moemon] 9d 16h 19m We are currently reordering moves on some of our Pokemon.

[Moemon] 9d 16h 15m Charizard forgot Ember and learned Strength!

[Moemon] 9d 16h 11m Currently trying to use the Strength HM.

[Moemon] 9d 16h 6m Dugtrio was taught Earthquake (TM) over Fury Swipes!

9d 16h 5m Democracy in effect again

[Info] [Moemon] 9d 16h 0m Electabuzz's current moves are: Thunder, Brick Break, Swift, Thunderpunch

[Moemon] 9d 16h 0m Electabuzz forgets Light Screen for Brick Break!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 58m We are trying to teach Electabuzz Brick Break.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 54m Electabuzz forgets Screech for Thunder!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 53m We load up the Thunder TM.

9d 15h 51m Democracy is in effect.

[Touhoumon] 9d 15h 42m We are back in Viridian City.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 42m We exit the Pokemon Center and head south to Route 1.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 41m We Ember, unable to finish it off. Charizard fainted! We black out!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 40m Charizard is sent out! Blastoise is already at half health.

[Touhoumon] 9d 15h 39m We head to the route north of Viridian.

[Touhoumon] 9d 15h 36m Picked up a Potion!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 36m Vaporeon fainted! All that's left on both sides is Blastoise and Charizard!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 33m Foe Alakazam fainted. Green sent out Blastoise!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 30m Growlithe goes down! Alakazam comes out (Level 47) next.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 29m Vaporeon manages to take down Exeggcute anyway. Green sends out Growlithe (level 45) next.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 28m Vaporeon is paralyzed!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 27m Vaporeon (Level 55) is sent out. Surf takes care of the enemy Pokemon. Green then sends out Exeggcute (Level 45).

[Touhoumon] 9d 15h 26m We finally exit the random house we were in, in Viridian City.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 24m We send out Butterfree (Level 46). It deals quite a bit of damage but rocks hurt. Butterfree fainted!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 22m Pidgeot fainted!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 21m Foe Pidgeot fainted! Green sends out Rhyhorn (Level 45).

[Moemon] 9d 15h 19m We send out our own Pidgeot (Level 44).

[Moemon] 9d 15h 17m For Pidgeot landed a crit! Electabuzz fainted Static paralyzed the foe Pidgeot, however.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 16m Electabuzz sent out again.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 16m The money, badges and Pokedex display disappeared somehow.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 15m Dugtrio fainted!

[Moemon] 9d 15h 14m Green sends out Pidgeot (Level 47), we send out Electabuzz. We withdraw Electabuzz for Dugtrio (Level 38).

[Moemon] 9d 15h 13m Rival Green would like to battle!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: problem solved KappaHD

[Moemon] 9d 15h 13m We travel west some more and run into our rival - Green.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 6m We are also in possession of 124 Moe Balls.

9d 15h 4m Anarchy in effect.

[Moemon] 9d 15h 1m We encounter a wild male Mankey. Display is still inaccurate.

[Moemon] 9d 14h 58m We travel west of Viridian City onto Route 22.

[Moemon] 9d 14h 54m Display is inaccurate on Moemon again.

9d 14h 50m Democracy again

[Moemon] 9d 14h 49m Everything seems to be normal.

[Moemon] 9d 14h 47m We're trying to check our party, still in democracy

[Moemon] 9d 14h 45m We heal. Does that fix anything?

[Moemon] 9d 14h 41m It's only the layout that is broken, we currently have 26444 money.

And now the layout's showing 0 badges, 0 money, and the dex number is still erratic.

And back to high amounts of dongers

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: ..so that's how Gary Oak got his ten badges, a glitch gave them to him Kappa

[Info] 9d 14h 38m Democracy

[Chat] BUY <city or organisation or something very very expensive>

[Moemon] 9d 14h 34m Seems the dex count only goes off screen because we have so much money. Everything's so erratic and random.

[Moemon] 9d 14h 32m We buy one Potion and two Moe Balls

[Chat] imuknown: caught 142 seen 100 Kappa

[Moemon] 9d 14h 31m We can see the full info on the layout now. Money, badges, and dex number's still messed up, it changes every time the text changes.

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: ..Ivysaur WutFace


[Moemon] 9d 14h 30m We check the Dex of Ivysaur. WutFace

[Chat] AtsuKazami: @ProjectRevoTPP 2 from Johto Kappa

[Moemon] 9d 14h 23m We went into a building, overlay shows we have six badges. We walked outside, now we have ten Something something Gary Oak

[Moemon] 9d 14h 21m It's partly off-screen, but it looks like the dex count is changing rapidly. Or flickering somehow.

[Moemon] 9d 14h 19m Stalling with Democracy, Start9, and the Fame Checker.

[Chat] TheFrozenGlaceon: Addarash has nothing on Moemon Kappa

MiracleFlare: quick let's gamble it all away and buy TMs before streamer comes home EleGiggle

Azumarilll: We sold our badges for money PRChase


InfernalVoid: Did someone go all in in Moemon? Kappa

[Moemon] 9d 14h 14m Apparently we have 0 badges RIP, and 2,731,095,301 dongers. The overlay will fix up once we go into another building or new area.

[Touhoumon] 9d 14h 14m Nothing's changed on Touhoumon

[Moemon] 9d 14h 13m We walked out of the gym, and saved on Route 1

[Info] 9d 14h 13m Democracy

[Info] 9d 14h 13m Game resumes

[Fluff] Apparently we're apparently in democracy.

[Chat] Counting Kappas, and people are being timed out. WutFace

[Chat] Spouting PBR oneliners to pass the time.

[Fluff] Apparently we're patching.

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: My other option was to destroy the daycare, which thank god I didn't have to do that

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: Begone, glitches!

[Fluff] Revo said we were supposed to exit the battle and save the game, something we didn't do. WutFace

9d 13h 59m Will resume shortly screen is up!

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 52m Giovanni disappears and we start to leave the gym.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 51m Actually, what happened is we used Shadow Ball once, but the Double Edge from AKeine gave recoil which fainted her.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 50m We get our final badge and TM26 Earthquake!

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 49m Satori uses Shadow Ball twice and AKeine goes down. GIOVANNI DEFEATED!@

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 48m Out comes Satori who is actually level 49 whoops

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 47m We switch to Sanae. Double Edge OHKOs us.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 47m Mima faints from a double edge from AKeine.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 45m Out comes Mima. We use Dark Pulse which is supereffective. Down goes AYuugi. Chauzu/Satori levelled up to 48!

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 45m Momiji fainted from that.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 44m We switch to Momiji. AYuugi does a supereffective Dynamicpunch.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 44m AYuugi comes out. Sandstorm still raging.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 43m We send in Satori. We use Shadow Ball which faints Tenshi.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 43m One last Draw Line and Tokiko faints.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 43m We continue to use Soar while Tenshi uses Draw Line. We get into the red.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 42m Our soar is enough to faint ARemilia. Tenshi comes out.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 42m We exchange Soars.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 41m We send in Tokiko.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 41m We surf away. ARemilia uses Soar which gets us down to 4HP. Cirno fants from the sandstorm!

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 40m Cirno comes in, OHKO's CSuika. Out comes ARemilia.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 40m VS Giovanni.

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 9d 13h 38m Slowly getting towards Giovanni.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 35m (Anarchy back on.)

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 35m We exit out of the Pokemon menu just as Anarchy starts.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 28m We're swapping moves around.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 25m We enter the gym.

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 9d 13h 21m Democracy enabled. We attempted the ledge but failed. In democracy. Again.

[Touhoumon] [Donation] $2.00 from Route 22 Ledge: "Are you ready to come for me yet, scrubs?"

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 13m Outside of the BONéKA center.

[Touhoumon] [Chat] Rjri: We're helping to fund back Team Rocket Kappa

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 11m One last soar from ARemilia K.O's Mima! BLACK OUT.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 11m We ARemilia uses Soar, while we use Shadow Force. It has no effect!

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 10m Fiddling around with menus.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 8m Mima comes out. Will she be our last chance?

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 7m 2 BONéKA remain. Out comes ARemillia who K.O's Satori.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 7m We go for a Shadow Ball, it KO's AYuugi.

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 9d 13h 6m Out comes Satori.

[Moemon] 9d 13h 5m Used a Pokeball on a wild Rattata. It failed.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 6m AYuugi's Thunderpunch K.O's Tokiko.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 5m We faint Tenshi, out comes AYuugi.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 5m Soaring again, Tenshi uses Drawn Line and we get into Red.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 4m Tenshi sets up a Swords Dance.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 4m Tenshi comes out. We soar some more.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 4m We crit our next soar, and ASuika is down after two hits.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 3m ASuika's Fire Blast misses us, but we get buffeted from the sandstorm. ASuika has a Hyper potion used on her and goes back to full health.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 3m We switch to Tokiko. We go for a Soar.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 2m Fire Punch from ASuika takes us out. rip

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 2m Giovanni takes out ASuika and a sandstorm rages from her Sand Stream. We go for a crunch.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 2m VS Giovanni.

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 9d 13h 1m 2 Mons down, we still go forward for our next attempt at Giovanni.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 1m We attempt to run. Eventually we go for another Shadow Ball and CYuugi faints! Cooltrainer Samuel defeated!

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 0m We shadowball her, she gets down to red HP and howls.

[Touhoumon] 9d 13h 0m One last shadow ball and Yamame faints. CYuugi comes out.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 59m Meanwhile, a sandstorm rages. We use Shadow Ball while Yamame uses Earthquake.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 58m We send in Satori.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 58m Yamame comes in, uses earthquake and Sanae faints.

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 9d 12h 57m We send in sanae, Suika uses Earthquake while we use Razor Wind. Two razor winds and Suika is down and Sanae levels up to 50 and forgets Razor Wind for Heat Wave!!

[Touhoumon] [Snark] Cirno got fisted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 55m Suika comes next, We surf but a Steel Fist from Suika faints Cirno!

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 9d 12h 55m Surfed away another CTenshi that was drawn out.

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 9d 12h 55m CTenshi uses Iron Defence, but we faint her anyway. Cirno grows to level 43!

9d 12h 54m [Touhoumon] BB vs CTenshi, We use Soar while CTenshi gets healed.

9d 12h 54m [Touhoumon] VS Cooltrainer Samuel

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 42m We enter the gym again

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 38m Democracy mode on. Awoo jumped down the ledge.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 27m We send in Mima and take out the Tenshi, AKeine sent in. Mima faints, whiteout

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 26m We clutch a Drawn Line, but we faint to Sandstorm. duDudu

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 25m ASuika faints, Tenshi is sent in.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 24m Tokiko's run out of PP on some of her attacks.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 23m Seems we're immune to one of the ASuika's attacks. We avoid a Fire Blast, and continue attacking.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 22m We nearly take out the ASuika, Giovanni uses a Hyper Potion on it

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 21m Battling Leader Giovanni, ASuika vs Tokiko.

[Moemon] 9d 12h 20m We exit the gym

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 17 We have defeated the Black Belt, back to skidding around the gym.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 12m Challenged by Black Belt Takashi, Meiling vs Tokiko. We take it out, Tokiko grows to Level. 53, another Meiling sent in.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 10m We take out the Yamame with Shadow Force! Cooltrainer Warren defeated!

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 9m We send in Mima!

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 4m CYamame taken out, Yamame sent in. We take it out and another Yamame is sent in. Chauzu/Satori grows to Level 48, and forgets Mirror Shot for Shadow Ball. Satori/Chauzu then faints.

[Touhoumon] 9d 12h 3m We've taken out two CYuugi, CYamame sent in.

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 56m Challenged by Cooltrainer Warren, CYuugi vs Satori/Chauzu

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 53m We send in Satori/Chauzu, we take out the Momiji. We defeated the Cooltrainer

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 50m Challenged by another Cooltrainer, Sanae's on red health. Up against a Momiji. And Sanae faints

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 49m We take out the Meiling, Black Belt Atsushi defeated.

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 47m We throw a ball at the Meiling and try to catch it, we are unable to. We try to run, but we can't. Meiling uses Block and we can't escape. Kappa

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 45m We take out the CMeiling, Meiling sent in.

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 44m Challenged by Black Belt Atsushi, CMeiling vs Sanae

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 43m Yuugi taken out, Cooltrainer Yuji defeated

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 42m We take out the Tenshi. Yuugi sent in.

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 38m We send in CTokiko and take out the CSuika, CTenshi sent in. We take it out easily. Tenshi sent in.

[Chat] L <emote> R E

There are variants of this, like K <Kappa> P P <Kappa>

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 37m Momiji faints to a Fire Punch

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 36m We take out the CSuika anyway. Another CSuika sent in.

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 35m Challenged by Cooltrainer Yuji, five Boneka. CSuika vs Momiji, we Crunch it but our attack becomes disabled.

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 31m We defeated Black Belt Kiyo

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 28m The Meiling sets up with Bulk Up, and is using HP-draining attacks. Momiji is in yellow health

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 26m Challenged by Black Belt Kiyo, lv. 45 Meiling vs Momiji

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 25m We send in Sanae and take out the second Momiji, Tamer Cole defeated

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 24m We attack the second Momiji, it Endures the hit, and knocks us out, Cirno faints

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 20m Tamer Cole challenges us to a battle. Momiji Lv.43. killed with Ice ball. Another one Momiji Lv. 43. is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 9d 11h 18m Satori was given Blazer to hold. Democracy off.

[Both] 9d 11h 10m We enter the Gym

[Info] 9d 11h 7m Democracy. Both games are synced and in the northeast corner of Viridian City

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 58m We heal!

[Both] 9d 10h 51m Synced on Route 1.

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 40m We succeed in Surfing on the third attempt. We've arrived in Pallet Town!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 39m In the grass on Route 21. Trying to Surf again.

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 35m Spencer sent out a CMurasa! AWOO used Cut! CMurasa used Bubblebeam! AWOO's Speed fell! AWOO, still faster, finished it off with Cut! Spencer was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 35m AWOO gets a critical hit on Cut! CNitori fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 34m Spotted by Swimmer Spencer, who has a CNitori! Go! AWOO!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 31m We send out Mima! Mima used Shadow Hit! CKomachi fainted! Swimmer Jack was defeated!

[Moemon] 9d 10h 31m Replaced FFF's Potion with a Moe Ball.

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 29m Snuck past a Swimmer. Tried to sneak past Jack, but he saw us. Jack send out a CKomachi against our weakened BB. BB used Surf! CKomachi used Whirlpool! BB fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 28m Another CKomachi is sent out! We use Surf! Critical Hit! CKomachi, clutching to 1 HP, used Pain Split! BB down to 10 HP! BB used Soar! CKomachi fainted! Swimmer Jerome was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 27m We use Surf! Komachi uses Whirlpool! Surf and Whirlpool again! One last Surf kills Komachi!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 26m Jerome sends out a CKomachi! We send out BB!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 25m Back on land in Cinnabar. Then right back on water. Spotted by SWIMMER JEROME!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 25m Surfing on Route 21.

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 24m Landed in Cinnabar.

[Moemon] 9d 10h 24m Faffing around on Route 1. Currently, Baeporeon is the last mon standing.

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 23m Talking to Bill. We're going home!

[Both] 9d 10h 22m We're back in Anarchy!

[Touhoumon] 9d 10h 22m Sailed to ONE ISLAND. Entered the Pokemon Network Center.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ START9 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Both] 9d 10h 6m start9

[Info] 9d 10h 5m Democracy

[Chat] Modbot's back

[Chat] Bot is timing out some people, but not others. /me usage is still allowed, for now at least.

[Chat] ⑨ is safe this gen Kappa

[Chat] Modbot is currently inactive! Emote spam and /me usage is rampant!

[Touhoumon] 9d 9h 54m We give the Meteorite to Lostelle's father, and we receive a gift! Power Heart!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 40m We finally exited the Viridian City Gym!

[Touhoumon] 9d 9h 36m We sail to Two Island

[Touhoumon] 9d 9h 35m Back on One Island

[Touhoumon] 9d 9h 29m Entered the Network Center.

[Touhoumon] 9d 9h 28m We sail on over to One Island.

[Touhoumon] 9d 9h 26m Walked down Three Island Port!

[Moemon] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 8 BADGES VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Moemon] 9d 9h 19m Received TM26 Earthquake!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 18m GOT THE EARTH BADGE!


[Moemon] 9d 9h 17m Grows to Lv.55 Rhyhorn sent out and quickly taken out with Water Pulse!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 17m Nidoking sent out! Water Pulse takes it out!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 17m Water Pulse OHKO's it! Nidoqueen sent out! Water Pulse takes it down!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 16m Water pulse takes it out! Dugtrio sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 16m Giovanni sends out Rhyhorn! Go Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 16m VS. TR Leader /Gym Leader Giovanni!

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 54 - Max. HP 224 Attack 83 Defense 91 Sp. Atk 145 Sp. Def 111 Speed 93

[Moemon] 9d 9h 13m Rhyhorn sent out! and quickly taken out! Vaporeon Lv.54! Nidorino sent out and quickly taken down! Nidoking sent out and taken down with Aurua beam! Cooltrainer Samuel defeated! We get 1404 for winning!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 13m Sent out Vaporeon, our last remaining mon. Water Pusle takes it out! Sandslash sent out and Water pulse quickly takes it out!

[Touhoumon] 9d 9h 12m Watching Teachy TV

[Moemon] 9d 9h 11m Swift takes Butterfree down!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 11m Battle VS. Cooltrainer Samuel! Sandslash sent out! Go Butterfree!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 7m Water Pulse takes it out! Black Belt Takashi defeated! We get 912 for winning!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 6m Multiple quick attacks take it out! Machoke sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 9h 4m We sent out Vaporeon and use Water Pulse, it takes it out! Machop sent out!

[Snark] Back Out is imminent!

[Touhoumon] 9d 9h 1m We saved the game.

[Moemon] 9d 9h 0m Revenge takes Dugtrio out!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 59m Battle VS. Black Belt Takashi! Machoke sent out! Go Dugtrio!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 58m We get body slammed a couple of times and Paralyzes us! 2 Psybeams take it out! Cooltrainer Warren defeated! We get 1404 for winning!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 57m Another psybeam takes it out! Nidoqueen sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 57m Psybeam almost OHKO's it but not quite!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 56m Multiple psybeams take it out! Nidorina sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 55m Another psybeam takes it out! Marowak sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 55m We use psybeam against it! Not quite down yet!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 54m We sent out Butterfree and use sleep powder!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 53m T the Pidgeot goes down to Take Down!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 52m We use Wing Attacks while it headbutts us! Marowak finally goes down! Rhyhorn sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 50m We hurt it with Quick Attacks.

[Moemon] 9d 8h 49m Battle VS. Cooltrainer Warren! Marowak sent out! Go Dugtrio! We quickly switch out for T the Pidgeot!

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 53 - Max. HP 220 Attack 81 Defense 88 Sp. Atk 143 Sp. Def 109 Speed 91

[Moemon] 9d 8h 48m Water Pulse takes that out too! Cooltrainer Yuji defeated! We get 1368 for winning!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 48m A Marowak is sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 47m Water Pusle takes that out too! Vaporeon Grows to Lv.53! Another Graveler sent out and quickly goes down to water pulse!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 46m Water Pulse takes out Graveler! Onix sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 46m We sent out Vaporeon!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 45m Charizard goes down to Rock Blast!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 45m Charizard in the red from Rock Blast!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 43m Multiple Wing Attacks takes it down! Graveler sent out!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 41m We sent out FFF The Charizard!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 41m We keep using thunderpunch but it doesn't effect the foes Sandslash! Electabuzz fainted to swift!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 39m Battle VS. Cooltrainer Yuji! Sandslash sent out. Go Electabuzz!

[Chat] AtsuKazami: Giovanni's Wild Ride Part 3 Kappa /\ Kappa

[Moemon] 9d 8h 35m Successfully entered the gym! Anarchy Mode resumes!

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VIRIDIAN GYM OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Moemon] 9d 8h 25m And we jumped the ledge too. Still in democracy. Well played.

[Moemon] 9d 8h 25m AANNNNDDD We exit the gym.... GG guys. FailFish

[Moemon/Fluff] and it took THIS long to do it in Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 24m Entered the gym!

9d 8h 22m In Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 9d 8h 8m We're right near the Viridian Gym. I assume the reason we haven't entered yet is because of the ledge.

[Fluff] Touhoumon is basically "Trapped" between Bond Bridge and Three Island until Moemon completes the Viridian City Gym. Or at least gains access into it.

[Both] 9d 8h 7m Inputs are very slow right now.

[Moemon] 9d 8h 5m I don't believe MM has left Viridian City.

[Touhoumon] 9d 8h 5m Back on Bond Bridge.

[Touhoumon] 9d 7h 59m Turned on the Teachy TV, and immediately turned it back off. It's not registered unfortunately.

[Touhoumon] 9d 7h 56m We're back off the bridge.

[Touhoumon] 9d 7h 54m Entered Bond Bridge.

[Fluff] Not much going on anyway other than jumping ledges and faffing about in Three Island. Kappa

[Meta] I'm heading off to sleep shortly, so there may be a break in the updates.

[Moemon] 9d 7h 46m We wander into the Viridian School of Ledge Jumping.

[Moemon] 9d 7h 43m We seem to have given up. We're hovering around the Moemon Center.

[Touhoumon] 9d 7h 41m Still biding our time hear on Three Island. Nothing to report.

[Moemon] 9d 7h 35m To celebrate, we hop over the ledge. 16

[Both] 9d 7h 35m Entered Anarchy Mode!

[Moemon] 9d 7h 32m That's 15, still in Democracy.

[Snark] GGWP guys. FailFish

[Moemon] 9d 7h 24m Democracy sends us hurtling over the ledge once more! 14

[Touhoumon] [Snark] Democracy must have lined up the dishes and plates in that cupboard.

9d 7h 20m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Snark] Don't worry. Though their numbers have dwindled, they haven't changed for over a year.

[Snark] Never change TPP. Never change!

[Moemon] 9d 7h 14m After much deliberation by the Gym entrance, we decide not to enter the Gym, electing instead to jump the ledge for the 13th time. Good job, Twitch.

[Fluff] Don't forget, Touhoumon has to do this too.

[Moemon] 9d 7h 9m 12 jumps.

[Moemon] 9d 7h 7m We kicked this poor lady who only wants to go shopping in Pewter. Then we go and kick her grandfather, who gave us the TeachyTV. We are horrible people.

[Moemon] 9d 7h 5m 11 jumps.

[Chat] Singing and speaking in German.

[Moemon] 9d 6h 59m We got a running start that time. 10

[Moemon/Fluff] I think about 8 or 9, maybe? Looking at he mix of deadinsky's posts and yours of the times we jumped so far.

[Moemon] [Fluff] 9d 6h 53m I'm relying on chat to count the number of times we've jumped over this ledge, but this is the one time they choose not to count.

[Moemon] 9d 6h 48m I'm running out of onomatopoeia for ledge jumping.

[Touhoumon] 9d 6h 44m We're doing a whole lot of nothing on the route west of Three Island.

[Moemon] 9d 6h 43m Text speed set to SLOW.

[Moemon] 9d 6h 41m Whoosh!

[Moemon] 9d 6h 34m Whee! (We were right in front of the door, too.)

[Moemon] 9d 6h 29m Boing!

[Moemon] 9d 6h 21m Might as well jump!

[Touhoumon] 9d 6h 8m We save the game!

[Moemon] 9d 6h 2m And again.

[Moemon] 9d 5h 56m We jump the ledge once more!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 9d 5h 47m Good jumping skills us!

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 40m Correction: We're at Three Island, not One. Numbers are confusing.

[Fluff] People are currently having a donation war.

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 38m We're at Bond Bridge now! Please be quiet when crossing.

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 36m We exit that house!

[Snark] [Moemon] 9d 5h 32m Hey, remember this? It's our good old friend, the ledge in front of the Viridian Gym. We're experts at jumping off of this one, as we so keenly demonstrate.

[Chat] More of the chat log from ProjectRevoTPP regarding any important info can be read here.

[Chat] <projectrevotpp> As I said before we won't be doing Johto, we tried to fix it but in order to fix it we'd need to redo half of Touhoumon, it's just too broken

9d 5h 29m [Info/Chat] RIP Jhoto Region Re-Confirmed in Chat!

[Moemon] 9d 5h 27m We're back outside in Viridian!

[Moemon] 9d 5h 26m We enter the MoeCenter and heal!

[Moemon] [Moemon] 9d 5h 22m On the flip side we entered Viridian!

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 21m We made the blond guy lose by talking to use about him not having Psychic Powers.

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 16m The stove smells so delicious that we continually check it.

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 12m We enter someone's house. There are two men facing each other, locked in an intense staring contest.

[Chat] L (emote) R E

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] 9d 5h 8m We finally got out of the boat area and are fully on One Island.

[Snark] Don't drink and drive kids. Especially boats.

[Snark] We're even so drunk, we're switching between islands!

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 4m We're going back and forth between One Island and Two Island. Currently on One.

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 3m We exited the boating area only to go right back in.

[Chat] animex75: Mima's so drunk that she's appearing as the wrong Boneka

[Chat] DROCK2265: Go home, Mima, you're drunk! SwiftRage

[Snark] Since Cirno survived release, that must make her the strongest out of all our pokemon.

[Touhoumon] 9d 5h 0m We head to Two Island!

[Fluff] Well that explains Sanae being darkened glitch.

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 58m Anyways, we leave the Boneka Center, and are currently staring at a sign.

[Touhoumon] [Snark] Overlay glitches? That's never happened before. /s

[Touhoumon] [Info] Isami is acutally Mima but due to an overlay glitch we have Isami on the screen.

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 56m Withdrew Isami Lv.50 and logged off the PC.

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 53m Second time's the charm?

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: Im not sure why you guys havent used HM on a moveset as an anti-release strategy before?

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Cirno is the strongest! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 52m We try accessing the PC again.

[Chat/Fluff] ProjectRevoTPP knows what's up. Kappa

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 51m So you guys managed to release/not-release someone in Democracy. First time since Martyr in Red that that has happened iirc.

[Info] You cannot release Boneka that know HMs. CIRNO IS SAVED!

[Touhoumon/Fluff] Was it worried about us?

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 49m "... .. ..!" It comes back!?

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 48m BB the Cirno was releaseed!

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 35m We're basically depositing CReimu and withdrawing Mima. Tune back in in like 10 minutes.

[Fluff] What timing, having demo AND pc turn on at the same time.

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 35m DEMOCRACY TIME!

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 34m Booted up the PC!

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 34m Our current BonekaCenter is on One Island.

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 32m Back at the BonekaCenter!

[Moemon] 9d 4h 31m Electrabuzz fainted! We flee the wild encounter1

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 31m CReimu fainted! White Out!

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 30m A faints to a wild A! Only CReimu left!


[Moemon] 9d 4h 26m We're actually down to like 4 HP on Electrabuzz.

[Moemon] 9d 4h 24m We're facing some really tough level 3 mons.

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 20m Momiji faints against a wild Boneka!

[Touhoumon] 9d 4h 9m Heading down the mountain.

[Moemon] 9d 4h 9m Back in Pallet.

[Touhoumon] [Touhoumon] [Info] Also Mima was in place of Moltres.

[Touhoumon] [Fluff] A somewhat biased look, but I'm happy chat didn't name it what it was going to.

[Fluff] Nice catch guys!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 56m WE GOT NO NAME FOR IT FOLKS!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 55m We remove both of those As.

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 54m Another A, and another one. We are a car insurance company currently.

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 53m Typing in her name. We so far have a A, but it gets erased then re-entered.

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 52m We use the Lunatic Orb on her! Level 50 Female Mima Caught!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 50m We're facing Mima! We send out our Momiji!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 43m We switch Momiji and Satori in our party.

[Touhoumon] [Info] 66696 Pokeyen.

[Moemon] [Info] 36856 Pokeyen.

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 37m Oh man, that Boulder Puzzle's gonna be so hard now. How will we ever do it in Democracy? The struggle continues.

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 35m On top of Mt. Ember. We are going into a second term of Democracy.

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 33m Back on the outside of Mt. Ember!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 29m We progress to the next section of the mountain!

[Both] In-sync running away!

[Touhoumon] [Info] Momiji is down to 34/141 HP. We are also in Democracy

9d 3h 21m We are in Democracy Mode!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 17m Still progressing through the mountain!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 10m We enter Mt. Ember!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Momiji Lv. 47 - Max. HP 141 Attack 126 Defense 103 Sp. Atk 67 Sp. Def 59 Speed 104

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 8m We use Cut once again, and because it crits it OHKOs Nazrin! We leveled up to 47! Defeated Logan!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 8m We use Cut again to KO it! Against another Nazrin!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 8m We start with a Cut, and Nazrin responds by playing a Prank on us!

[Touhoumon] 9d 3h 8m Facing Ranger Logan! We send out Momiji againsst a Nazrin!

[Both] 9d 3h 6m We're fighting some wild Boneka/Moemon.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 56m We use Cut again, and our foe uses Block. We use Cut once more to KO it and defeat the Crush Girl!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 56m We use Cut again and KO CMeiling! Against another CMeiling!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 55m We start with Cut, and our opponent uses Block.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 54m Fighting Crush Girl Jocelyn! She sends out CMeiling against our Momiji!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 52m We save.

[Moemon] 9d 2h 51m No nickname!

[Moemon] 9d 2h 51m We catch a level 3 Female Pidgey with 1 Moeball!

[Moemon] [Info] Electrabuzz is out of Thunder Punch

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 46m WE SMASH ROCKS!!!!!

[Moemon] 9d 2h 44m Guys, we finally made it to Route 1!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 41m We perform our Sky Attack and OHKO our foe! Defeated Ranger Beth!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 40m Against a TNazrin! We start out Sky Attack as were hit by a Tri-Attack.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 40m We forget Quick Attack and learn Sky Attack!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 39m We send out A! Our Tokiko uses Quick Attack, KOing the enemy TShou! A is now level 52!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 37m However, our foe uses another Binding Voice, KOing our Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 36m We send out Sanae! TShou uses Binding Voice on us, being a crit and super effective, it knocks us down considerably. We use Razor Wind, and it does likewise.

[Moemon] 9d 2h 35m We're in the Fame Checker doing whatever.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 35m The TShou used Drawn Line, koing our Satori!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 34m Ranger Beth is who we are fighting, they sent out a TShou!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 34m We're both down to critical health, but we use Dark Pulse and KO the enemy Nazrin!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 34m We are fighting someone right now. They have a Nazrin out, we have Chauzu our Satori.

[Info] Updater is going offline for a bit. We'll be back... when we're back.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 25m We entered Mt. Ember!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 24m We reached a mysterious island...

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 23m The second CIku is down! We beat Swimmer Maria!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 22m We switch to Satori for this.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 22m Oh look, another one.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 21m CIku is down!

[Moemon] 9d 2h 16m We're surfing south of Pallet Town.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 15m We send out Tokiko!

[Touhoumon] [Snark] 9d 2h 13m She's clearly the strongest Boneka.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 13m Cirno faints immediately!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 13m CIku is out first.

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 12m Vs. Swimmer Maria!

[Touhoumon] 9d 2h 12m We defeated a Swimmer in an epic battle between Cirno and Suwako!

[Both] 9d 2h 5m We're back in Anarchy.

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 59m Reimu forgot Foresight and learned Rock Smash!

[Moemon] 9d 1h 59m We're back in Pallet Town. Gatekeepers were too much for us.

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 55m Looks like we're trying to teach someone Rock Smash.

[Both] 9d 1h 50m We enter Democracy mode!

[Moemon] [Snark] 9d 1h 50m Gatekeepers are too scary for us, so we're heading back to the safety of Pallet Town.

[Touhoumon] [Snark] 9d 1h 46m ...Against all common sense.

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 45m The hot springs healed Cirno!

[Touhoumon] [Fluff] 9d 1h 44m We went to the hot springs and had a grand ol' time.

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 43m HM06 appears to be Rock Smash.

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 42m Got HM06!

[Touhoumon] [Snark] 9d 1h 41m Take the ice fairy to the hot springs to heal her! The perfect plan!

[Moemon] 9d 1h 40m We threw a Moeball at a Pidgey, but it broke out!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 38m Correction: Black Belt Shea defeated.

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 37m Enemy Yugi faints! Black Belt Hugh defeated!

[Meta] Leaving for dinner. Proloe will help update for a bit.

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 36m Battle VS. Black Belt Shea!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 49 - Max. HP 174 Attack 70 Defense 128 Sp. Atk 113 Sp. Def 127 Speed 81

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 34m CIrchirin goes down! Sanae Levels up to lv.49! Black Belt Huge defeated! We get 936 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 33m Foe's BONéKA goes down! CReimu grows to Level 12! CIrchirin sent out!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 33m Switched out for Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 31m We sent out little ol CReimu!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 29m Chauzu the Satori fainted to Mach Punch!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 27m We use Mirror shot, but its not effective enough!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 25m Battle VS. Black Belt Hugh! CIchirin sent out. Go Satori!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] CReimu Lv. 11 - Max. HP 42 Attack 22 Defense 22 Sp. Atk 16 Sp. Def 21 Speed 18

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 23m Mirror Shot takes out Yuugi! CReimu grows to Lv.11 and learns decision! trainers defeated! we get 1920 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 22m Suika goes down! CReimu grows multiple levels to to Lv.9!

9d 1h 20m Anarchy Mode resumes!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 20m Sent out poor CReimu!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 18m Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 16m Double Battle VS. Crush Kin Mik & Kia! Suika and Yuugi sent out! Go Cirno and Satori!

[Snark] Momiji's wood sounds intensify!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 8m One more soar takes it out! BB the Cirno grows to Level 42! Picnicker Claire defeated! We get 720 for winning!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Cirno/BB Lv. 42 - Max. HP 116 Attack 107 Defense 74 Sp. Atk 116 Sp. Def 36 Speed 92

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 8m We sue Soar, but its not down quite yet!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 8m CYukari is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 7m Soar takes it out too!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 7m A CCirno is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 6m Soar takes that one out as well!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 6m Another CChen is sent out!

9d 1h 5m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 5m Soar takes it out in OHKO!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 4m Battle VS. Picnicker Claire! CChen sent out. Go Cirno!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 4m Threw LAST remaining Normal orb at it, but it breaks free. No more orbs left!

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 3m Threw another one, and still breaks free.

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 3m Threw Normal Orb at a wild CTenshi, it breaks free!

[Touhoumon/Info] We are progressing through Kindle Road

[Touhoumon] 9d 1h 0m Threw normal orb at wild CMurasa. Caught Lv.13 Female CMurasa! Nickname is AAAA

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 57m We're going surfing.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 56m Back outside One Island.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 55m Entered someone's house.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 52m Back outside One Island.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 50m Entered back into the Network Center.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 49m Exited out of the Network Center.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 49m We heal our party!

[Moemon] 9d 0h 49m On Route 1, I assume, as we encounter some wild 'mon.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 47m Entered the Network Center.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 46m We sail over on to One Island!

[Moemon] 9d 0h 42m We're back in Pallet Town, apparently.

9d 0h 35m Anarchy Mode resumes!

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 34m Back outside Two Island.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 31m Switched Thunder, and Razor Wind's places.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 31m Thunder is selected in Sanae's move list.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 27m CReimu Learns Strength!

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 26m HM04 Strength is selected!

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 25m We opened up the TM Case.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 23m Attempt to use it, but Oak tells us that it's not the time to use it.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 22m VS Seeker selected!

9d 0h 20m We add another 15 minutes worth of Democracy!

[Moemon] 9d 0h 18m I missed it, but we somehow Restored HP to Electabuzz!

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 16m Logged off the PC.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 16m Withdrew CReimu Female Lv.5 from Box2!

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 13m Now in the withdraw menu.

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 12m We deposited CMystia in Box2!

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 11m CMystia selected!

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 8m Accessed Bill's PC. Opened up the storage system!

[Touhoumon] 9d 0h 7m Accessed the PC!

9d 0h 5m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Fluff] These encounter rates!

[Moemon/Info] Electabuzz in the red, at 16/97 16% HP.

[Moemon] 9d 0h 1m Tossed another one. Not good.

[Moemon] 9d 0h 0m Tossed a Moe ball at another wild Tangela. It breaks free. 29 balls left.

Welcome to Day 10 of Twitch Plays Touhoumon/Moemon

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 59m We save the game on Two Island

[Moemon] 8d 23h 58m Tossed 2 more. Caught a Lv.25 Female Tangela! Nickname is TT

[Moemon] 8d 23h 57m Tossed a Moeball at wild Tangela, it breaks free!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 55m Tossed a ball at wild Tentacool! Caught a Lv.10 Female Tentacool! Nickname is "UUW... ... ..."

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 54m Thunder takes it out! Recieved Iapapa Fruit!

[Snark] This seems like an oddly familiar situation! Kappa

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 52m We talk to Lostelle! A wild Sakuya appears!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 51m Electabuzz in the yellow, at 32/97 33% HP.

[Snark] [Chat] Many PBR quotes flying around...

[Moemon] [Stats] Electabuzz Lv. 37 - Max. HP 97 Attack 79 Defense 61 Sp. Atk 69 Sp. Def 68 Speed 87

[Moemon] 8d 23h 43m Electabuzz grows to Lv.37! Swimmer Jack defeated! We get 148 for winning!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 43m Thunderpunch takes Starmie out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 38m And just like that Satori fainted!

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 38m Satori/Chauzu has only 1 HP left.

[Moemon] 8d 23h 37m Battle VS. Swimmer Jack! Starmie sent out. Go Elecabuzz!

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 35m Toosed a 5th one, and a 6th one! Caught a CEirinm Lv.32 Female! Nickname is AAAAA

[Moemon] 8d 23h 34m Restored some HP on Electabuzz! Swift takes out foe's Wartortle! Swimmer Jerome defeated! We get 132 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 34m Tossed a 4th one, it still breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 33m a 3rd one. Still not good.

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 33m Another one, but no go.

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 33m Threw normal orb at wild CEirin. It breaks free!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 32m We keep using Screech on foe's Wartortle!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 47 - Max. HP 162 Attack 62 Defense 93 Sp. Atk 139 Sp. Def 108 Speed 99

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 30m Satori grows to Lv.47!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 27m Thunder Punch takes it down! Wartortle sent out!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 24m Battle VS. Swimmer Jerome! Staryu sent out! Go Electabuzz!

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 24m Threw Normal Orb at wild CTewi, but it breaks free!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 24m Surfing on Route 21.

[Moemon] [Fluff] We forgot Moltres, go back!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 21m We sail back to Kanto, and assuming we landed back on Cinnabar Island.

[Moemon] 8d 23h 20m We get noticed by Bill!

8d 23h 20m Anarchy Mode Resumes!

[Touhoumon] 8d 23h 18m Meanwhile, we've been stuck encountering a wild CTewi for some time.

[Moemon] 8d 23h 16m We take a look at the town map.

[Moemon] 8d 23h 15m Entered the Pokémon Network Center.

[Moemon] 8d 23h 13m We sail over on to One Island!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 9m Exited the Moemon Center.

[Moemon] 8d 23h 8m We heal our team!

[Moemon] 8d 23h 7m Back downstairs in the Moemon Center.

8d 23h 5m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 8d 22h 59m Upstairs talking to the cable link ladies.

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 58m Picked up a Max Ether!

[Moemon] 8d 22h 57m Entered the Moemon Center.

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 56m Cutting down a few small trees blocking our path.

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 48m Satori in the red at 16%, 25/158 HP left.

[Info] Don't forget, all his messages are posted here in case you want more information: http://www.reddit.com/live/uerqm64a940j/

[Info/Chat] Sounds like ProjectRevoTPP has a plan to change/fix the timeout system to be less restrictive.

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 44m Entered Fruit Forestt!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 46 - Max. HP 158 Attack 61 Defense 91 Sp. Atk 136 Sp. Def 106 Speed 96

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 41m Minoriko goes down! Aroma Lady Nikki defeated!We get 1120 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 39m Minoriko is sent out!

[Moemon] 8d 22h 39m Used Max Revive on our Electabuzz!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 38m Satori wakes up and Dark Pulse takes it out! Satori levels up to Lv.46!

[Moemon] 8d 22h 33m Saved the game!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 33m We use Mana Burst, and we are put to sleep!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 29m Battle VS. Aroma Lady Nikki! Shizuha sent out, Go Satori!

[Moemon] 8d 22h 27m Exited right back out.

[Moemon] 8d 22h 26m Entered the Moemon Center.

[Moemon] 8d 22h 24m Exited her house, outside Two Island.

[Moemon] 8d 22h 22m Still faffing around in Lostelle's house.

8d 22h 20m We return to Anarchy Mode!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 19m We use 2 Signal Beams despite being not effective enough. Aroma Lady Violet defeated! We get 1064 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 18m LilyWhite regains health using Roost!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 18m Dark Pulse isn't effective as well.

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 17m We use Mirror Shot, but its not very effective enough!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 16m We sent out Chauzu the Satori!!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 15m Struggling to send someone else out to battle in Democracy Mode.

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 14m BB the Cirno Fainted!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 13m a 2nd LilyWhite is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 12m It uses selfdestruct to damage us! LiliWhite goes down!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 10m No PP left for Cirno's Soar!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 10m A LiliWhite was sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 8m Soar takes it out in 2 hits!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 8m CLiliWhite sent out, Go Cirno!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 7m Battle VS. Aroma Lady Violet!

8d 22h 5m We enter Democracy Mode!

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 2m We cut down a small tree blocking our path.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Cirno/BB Lv. 41 - Max. HP 113 Attack 104 Defense 72 Sp. Atk 113 Sp. Def 35 Speed 90

[Touhoumon] 8d 22h 1m BB The Cirno grows to Lv.41!

[Moemon] 8d 21h 55m Handed over the Meteorite, and received a Moon Stone from Lostelle's father!

[Moemon/Info] The girls name seems to be Lostelle.

[Moemon] 8d 21h 53m Received Iapapa Berry from the girl! We take her home!

[Moemon] 8d 21h 52m We take the wild Hypno out with Fly!

[Moemon] 8d 21h 51m We talk to a little girl. It's scared of a Pokemon. A wild Hypno appears!

[Touhoumon] 8d 21h 50m Currently on route known as Bond Bridge.

[Moemon] 8d 21h 41m Picked up one Max Ether!

[Moemon] 8d 21h 40m We captured a level 34 female venonat, nickname is a2 !

8d 21h 38m Back in Anarchy Mode

[Moemon] [Stats] FFF/Charizard Lv. 49 - Max. HP 149 Attack 108 Defense 96 Sp. Atk 119 Sp. Def 92 Speed 144

[Moemon] 8d 21h 26m FFF grew to level 49!

8d 21h 20m We are now in Democracy Mode.

[Moemon] 8d 21h 10m We use a moe ball on a wild pidgeotto and catch it, female, level 37, nickname A.!!'"" .

[Touhoumon] 8d 21h 6m We catch a CMedicine with a normal orb, male, level 37, nickname AATTTTUBBT .

[Touhoumon] 8d 21h 3m We catch a wild Yousei with a normal orb, male, level 37, no nickname!

[Touhoumon] 8d 21h 2m We use a max potion on BB to heal for 20 points.

[Touhoumon] 8d 21h 0m We continue to heal our boneka with items.

[Touhoumon] 8d 20h 50m We defeated twins Joy & Meg.

[Touhoumon] 8d 20h 50m BB forgot Ice shard and Learned Soar!

8d 20h 49m [Touhoumon] BB grew to level 40!

[Touhoumon] 8d 20h 48m We are challenged by twins Joy & Meg.

[Moemon] 8d 20h 45m Butterbae is taken out by a wild gloom!

[Moemon] 8d 20h 42m Butterbae hanging on to 10 HP. FFF at full health. Everyone else is dead.

[Snark] Best item use we've had this whole run.

[Touhoumon] 8d 20h 37m We use a full restore to heal 13 hp on BB.

[Moemon] 8d 20h 32m We enter the Berry Forest.

[Moemon] 8d 20h 21m We defeat Aroma Lady Violet.

[Moemon] 8d 20h 20m Butterbae grows to level 46!

[Moemon] 8d 20h 16m We are challenged by Aroma Lady Violet.

[Moemon] 8d 20h 6m We use a pokeball on a wild oddish, it does not result in capture.

[Touhoumon] 8d 20h 6m We heal our Boneka.

[Touhoumon] 8d 20h 5m We enter the boneka center.

[Touhoumon] 8d 20h 4m We are given a full restore

[Moemon] 8d 19h 58m We defeat twins Joy and Meg.

[Moemon] 8d 19h 55m We engage in a double battle with trainers Joy and Meg.

[Moemon] 8d 19h 51m We nickname Meowth Gc!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 50m We catch a Meowth!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 48m We enter a house.

[Moemon] 8d 19h 46m Continuing to search for Lostelle.

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 44m Tenshi goes down! Lord Wood reaches Level 46! Cue Ball Paxton defeated!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 44m Now we just have to cut through that +6 Iron Defense...

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 43m LORD WOOD IS SWITCHED IN. IT'S A SANAE MIRACLE BibleThump

[Both] 8d 19h 42m The chat seems too focused on Moemon to switch out CMystia in Touhoumon.

[Info]/[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 41m This battle has been going on for 17 minutes.

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 39m Tenshi falls asleep. Like that'll even do anything...

[Touhoumon]/[Info]/[Fluff] 8d 19h 37m This is a Level 18 that can't be damaged against a Level 42 that's STACKED +6 DEFENSE, guys. I think we're going to be here a while...

[Moemon] 8d 19h 37m Moe continues the search for Lostelle.

[Snark] CANCER MATCH WutFace

[Info]/[Both]/[Snark] So um, Touhou was in the lead by 3 trainers, and then lost. The reason for this is that BOTH of Tenshi's damaging moves don't affect CMystia. Welp. Kappa

[Moemon] 8d 19h 33m Muk goes down! Cue Ball Paxton defeated!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 33m The battle has devolved into a stall war between Tenshi using Taunt, and CMystia using fly to dodge Tenshi's other attacks.

[Moemon] 8d 19h 33m He sends out Muk!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 32m He sends out Weezing, we send out BUTTERBAE! Weezing is taking out and BUTTERBAE reaches lvl 45!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 31m We defeated the third goon before I could do anything. Welp. Vs. Cue Ball Paxton!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 31m Koffing is taken out! Biker Goon defeated! We fight the third Biker Goon!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 30m We send out BUTTERBAE!

[Both]/[Info] 8d 19h 29m We're facing the Biker leader in Touhou, only on the second Goon in Moe.

[Moemon]/[Snark] See, this is what happens when you go into battle without healing and leading with a sleeping Mon. Bad things happen. WutFace

[Moemon] 8d 19h 27m ACCCIOOWWW goes down!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 27m Tenshi is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 26m CMystia gains 3 levels and reaches level 18!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 26m We send out CMystia, who takes out Tenshi!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 25m Vs. Biker Goon. He sends out Koffing, we send out Butterbae before switching to ACCCIOOWWW

[Snark] Only two more and the boss to go. Kappa

[Moemon] 8d 19h 24m We defeat Grimer and the first Biker Goon!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 24m Chauzu faints to its burn!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 23m He sends out Tenshi, we send out Chauzu!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 23m Vs. Cue Ball Paxton!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 23m We take out CRin! Biker Goon defeated!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 22m We send out ACCIOOWWW, who gets poisoned!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 22m Chauzu was also burned!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 22m T faints!


[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 21m Chauzu is confused!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 21m T is Poisoned!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 21m Vs. Biker Goon (#3)! He sends out CRin, we send out Chauzu!

[Both] 8d 19h 20m We knock out Rin and defeat the Boker Goon! We also send out T in Moemon!

[Both] 8d 19h 20m Anarchy is reinstated.

[Moemon] 8d 19h 19m AHHHHHIIII goes down!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 18m He sends out Rin! We send out Chauzu!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 18m Vs. Biker Goon (#2)!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 18m And we get to face another biker!

[Both] 8d 19h 17m Biker Goon defeated in Touhou! We attempt to use the Teachy TV in Moe, but fail.

[Moemon] 8d 19h 17m WE HOVER OVER THE TEACHY TV

[Snark] [Moemon] Not even Democracy can save us from faffing around in our bag during battle.

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 16m CHina goes down to Dark Pulse!

[Both] 8d 19h 16m We send out Chauzu! We also try to catch Grimer with a Moe Ball.

[Moemon] 8d 19h 15m Grimer is sent out to replace Koffing!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 15m BB goes down!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 15m Koffing goes down!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 14m CHina is sent out on Touhoumon's side!

[Moemon] 8d 19h 14m Yes, she was asleep the entire time. We also forgot to heal.

[Moemon] 8d 19h 13m Also, AHHHHHIIII woke up!

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 13m CRin goes down!

[Both] 8d 19h 12m A CRin and Koffing are sent out! We send out BB and AHHHHHIIII!

[Fluff] [Both] SYNC BATTLE HYPE! Kreygasm

[Both] 8d 19h 12m Biker Goon challenges us!

[Both] 8d 19h 11m Aaaaaand the bikers notice us. Welp. Sync battle hype?

[Both] 8d 19h 9m We listen to an argument between islanders and bikers!

[Both] 8d 19h 5m We use democracy to get both games to Three Island.

[Both] 8d 19h 5m Democracy has been established.

[Touhoumon] 8d 19h 3m Sailed to One Island, and then back to Two Island.

[Both] 8d 19h 2m In front of the Two Island ship, trying to get to Three Island, while the chat debates on what game they should play next intermission.

[Donation] $2.00 from Kreygasm: "Pidgeot is far too frickin cute. That is all"

[Both] 8d 18h 53m We've left the Game Corner.

[Both]/[Info] 8d 18h 51m Both games now need to head to Three Island to look for Lostelle.


[Snark] Get ready to call Oak, guys! Kappa

[Moemon] 8d 18h 50m We enter the Game Corner!

[Both]/[Info] 8d 18h 48m Current Situation: Touhou needs to head to Three Island to look for Lostelle. Moe still needs to enter the Game Corner.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 46m We leave and reenter the Game Corner.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 44m The biker leaves, leaving us to wander around the Game Corner.

[Chat]/[Snark] 8d 18h 43m CALL OAK, A BIKE IS BEING USED INDOORS WutFace

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 42m We agree to go search Three Island for Lostelle, and get ambushed by a biker!

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 41m We enter the Game Corner!

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 41m We approach the Game Corner.

[Moemon] 8d 18h 38m Moemon makes it to Two Island.

[Both]/[Info] 8d 18h 37m Note: We WILL have to face some battles to fix the PC.

[Both] 8d 18h 34m The chat seems to be arguing about whether to focus on Touhoumon and leave Moemon on One Island, or to take more time to drag Moe along with them.

[Both] 8d 18h 33m We move around onto different Islands. Touhou is on Two Island, Moe is on One Island.

[Both] 8d 18h 30m And promptly break it. We also head back down to Three Island Port.

[Both] 8d 18h 30m We sync again.

[Both]/[Info] 8d 18h 26m I believe our next course of action is to head to the Game Corner on Two Island. Also: Until we finish the side plot here, we cannot leave.

[Both] 8d 18h 25m We encounter a large group of bikers.

[Both] 8d 18h 23m We enter Three Island!

[Both] 8d 18h 23m SYNC HYPE

[Moemon] 8d 18h 22m We head to Three Island, and then to One Island.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 22m We leave the Boneka Centre.

[Both] 8d 18h 19m Anarchy is reinstated.

[Both]/[Info] Moltres is also on the Sevii Islands. The equivalent of Moltres in Touhoumon is Mima.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 16m Sanae has learned Thunder over Whirlwind!

[Moemon] 8d 18h 15m Buried in the options while we attempt to teach Sanae Thunder.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 14m Specifically, they're trying to teach it over Whirlwind.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 14m We select Thunder and move over Sanae.

[Chat] Robochimp04: "why is thunder a WIND TYPE?!"

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 13m We move over Thunder.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 11m The chat is attempting to teach Thunder to Sanae for the STAB bonus.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 10m We hover over the Teachy TV.

[Both] 8d 18h 10m Democracy was also enabled.

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 4m We heal our party and checkpoint at One Island!

[Moemon] 8d 18h 2m Still wandering around Two Island...

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 1m And also the Town Map!

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 1m We obtain the Meteorite and the Tri-Pass!

[Chat] MUSIC

[Touhoumon] 8d 18h 0m We get briefed on the PC situation in the Sevii Islands.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 59m We arrive on One Island!


[Touhoumon]/[Snark] Or she may already be revived. With the PC and Bill in close proximity, chat is losing it, it seems. Kappa

[Touhoumon] The chat's current plan seems to be reviving Reimu to get a Strength user and get through Victory Road.

[Moemon] 8d 17h 55m Still wandering around Two Island.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 55m Entered the Boneka Centre.

[Touhoumon]/[Info] 8d 17h 54m We can still head there by talking to him in the Boneka Centre, though.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 53m We leave the gym and encounter Bill! We refuse to head to the Sevii Islands!

[Touhoumon]/[Info] 8d 17h 50m At this point, I believe we can either head back to Viridian to face Giovanni, or head to the Sevii Islands to take care of the sidequest.

[Moemon] 8d 17h 49m AHHHHHIIII falls asleep to a wild Oddish!

[Both] 8d 17h 46m Attempting to leave the gym in Touhou, still grinding on wild mons in Moe.

[Moemon] 8d 17h 42m AAAVX faints to poison! I think. Hype2much4me.

[Touhoumon]/[Snark] 8d 17h 41m We also got Badge 7, but I missed that with all the hype. Oops.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 40m We obtain TM38 Fire Blast!




[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 39m BLAINE USES A HYPER POTION

[Info] Momiji takes x4 damage from Fire. Have fun with that, guys!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 38m WE SEND OUT LORD WOOD.

[Snark] 420 viewers Vs. Blaine. Probably just a coincidence. Kappa

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 36m STILL trying to send out Lord Wood...

[Moemon] 8d 17h 35m Still fighting wild mons at the top of Two Island.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 34m Still trying to send out Lord Wood...

[Chat] AWOO

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 30m Book Jesus goes down to Fire Blast!


[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 30m Yuki goes down to Soar! Mokou is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 29m Rin goes down to Soar! Yuki is sent out again!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 29m Blaine uses another Hyper Potion!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 29m AUtsuho goes down! Rin is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 28m Blaine uses a Hyper Potion!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 28m We trade hits with double Soar!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 26m Also, correction this is actually an AUtsuho, not a regular Utsuho.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 26m We send out Book Jesus!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 25m Utsuho is forced out with Whirlwind and knocks out Sanae!

[Moemon] 8d 17h 24m AAAVX has reached Lvl 36 and learned Screech!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 24m We use Whirlwind and force him to send out Yuki!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 23m He sends out Rin while we send out Sanae!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 23m Vs. Leader Blaine!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 22m We talk to Blaine!

[Snark] No, seriously, we remembered to bring Burn Heal, right?

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 22m WE SEE BLAINE.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 21m Kizume faints to Razor Wind! Super Nerd Zac defeated!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 20m Trading hits with Razor Wind and Shadow Ball.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 20m Another Kizume is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 20m Kisume faints to Razor Wind!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 19m Vs. Super Nerd Zac! He sends out Kisume while we send out Sanae!

[Moemon] 8d 17h 18m Found a Rare Candy!

[Moemon] 8d 17h 18m We've made it to the north edge of Two Island.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 17m We try answering the question after beating the trainer and get it right again.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 16m CMokou goes down to Night Slash! Burglar Dusty defeated!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 16m Lord Wood is finally sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 14m Still struggling to send out another Boneka.

[Moemon] 8d 17h 12m Still battling wild Moemon.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 11m Another CMokou is sent out, and Chauzu faints to its burn!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 10m CMokou goes down to Mana Burst!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 10m Chauzu was burned!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 10m He sends out CMokou, we send out Chauzu.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 9m Aaaaaand then fight the trainer anyway. Vs. Burglar Dusty!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 9m We get a question RIGHT!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 6m CSatori faints to Mirror Shot! Chauzu reaches Lvl. 45 and learns Signal Beam! Super Nerd Derek defeated!

[Touhoumon]/[Snark] 8d 17h 6m Mirror match hype!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 5m Vs. Super Nerd Derek! He sends out a CSatori while we send out Chauzu!

[Moemon] 8d 17h 5m Still fighting wilds.

[Fluff] I wonder if we'll actually get a question right during this...

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 4m Rin faints to Mirror Shot! Burglar Ramon defeated!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 3m We trade hits with Dark Pulse and Flare Blitz.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 2m Vs. Burglar Ramon! He sends out Rin while we send out Chauzu!

[Moemon] 8d 17h 2m Still wandering around Two Island, engaged in a battle with a wild Meowth.

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 1m Another CUtsuho is sent out and taken down with Mirror Shot! Super Nerd Avery defeated!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 0m CMokou is also taken out with Dark Pulse! CUtsuho is sent out and knocked out with Mirror Shot!

[Touhoumon] 8d 17h 0m We knock out CRin with a Dark Pulse crit! CMokou is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 59m We get Question 2 wrong and face Super Nerd Avery! He sends out a CRin while we send out Chauzu!

[Moemon]/[Fluff] 8d 16h 58m Moemon decided to watch the Teachy TV during that battle.

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 56m CUtsuho is sent out and knocked out with Dark Pulse! Chauzu levels up to 44! Burglar Quinn defeated!

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 56m Chauzu is sent out and knocks out CRin with Dark Pulse!

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 56m CMystia knocks itself out inits confusion.

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 55m CMystia is sent out by us!

[Snark] We remembered to bring Burn Heal, right?

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 54m BB is taken out by Fire Spin.

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 54m CMokou goes down to Surf! CRin sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 52m Vs. Burglar Quinn! He sends out a CMokou while we send out BB!

[Moemon] 8d 16h 51m Currently wandering around Two Island while Touhoumon focuses on the gym.

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 51m Entered Cinnabar Gym.

[Both] 8d 16h 50m Anarchy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 49m We leave the Boneka Centre.

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 48m We heal our party.

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 47m We enter the Boneka Centre.

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 44m We use an Escape Rope and exit the Boneka Mansion

[Moemon] 8d 16h 39m We're on one of the Sevii Islands, our team was also healed when we went to the center to start the quest.

[Info] 8d 16h 39m Democracy

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 34m We find TM14 Blizzard

[Correction] "[Touhoumon] 8d 14h 48m We find TM14 Blizzard"

That was Moemon, because Touhoumon just found Blizzard

[Moemon] 8d 16h 11m We obtained a Town Map PraiseIt

[Moemon] 8d 16h 11m We obtained a Tri-Pass

[Moemon] 8d 16h 10m We obtained a Meteorite WutFace

From Bill WutFace

[Touhoumon] 8d 16h 1m Sanae grows to Lv.48

[Moemon] 8d 15h 57m We are trying to use Dig to get out of the gym, but it can't be used. FailFish

[Moemon] 8d 15h 52m Butterfree faints, we send in Vaporeon. Rapidash is taken out, Arcanine is sent in. We take it out, Leader Blaine defeated! We receive the Volcano Badge and TM38 Fire Blast!

[Moemon] 8d 15h 50m Ponyta down, Rapidash in

[Moemon] 8d 15h 48m Butterfree levels up to 41. We take out Growlithe, Ponyta sent in

[Moemon] 8d 15h 48m Pidgeot faints

[Moemon] 8d 15h 46m Leader Blaine, attempt 1. Pidgeot against Growlithe

[Touhoumon] 8d 15h 42m We catch a wild CRin, female, level 30, named AAAAAAAAAA

[Moemon] 8d 15h 43m Pidgeot to Lv.44

[Touhoumon] 8d 15h 36m We catch a wild CParsee! Not sure of the level or gender, but it was not given a nickname

[Touhoumon] 8d 15h 34m We find TM22 Solarbeam

[Moemon] 8d 15h 33m Dugtrio faints

[Moemon] 8d 15h 25m Dugtrio grows to Lv.37

[Moemon] 8d 15h 17m Electabuzz faints

[Moemon] 8d 15h 10m We heal

[Touhoumon] 8d 15h 9m Satori/Chauzu faints

[Moemon] 8d 15h 8m Vaporeon faints to a Koffing's KAPOW, white out! We're out of the Mansion!

[Moemon] 8d 14h 59m The Bike has been registered

[Touhoumon] 8d 14h 59m The Lift Key has been registered Kappa

[Both] 8d 14h 56m We're in Key Items, trying to access or register something. Not sure what, as we're in key items in both games.

[Info] 8d 14h 53m Democracy

[Touhoumon] 8d 14h 48m We find TM14 Blizzard

[Touhoumon] 8d 14h 43m We find the Secret Key! That's the key in both games!

[Moemon] 8d 14h 32m Vaporeon, the last mon left, is also in yellow health. About half health, so we have a ways to go before whiteout.

[Touhoumon] 8d 14h 32m Satori's in yellow health

[Moemon] 8d 14h 10m Vaporeon grows to Level. 52

[Touhoumon] 8d 14h 9m We find a Full Restore

[Touhoumon] 8d 14h 7m Cirno fainted

[Moemon] 8d 13h 57m Party's nearly fainted, we're either trying to white ourselves out or get out of the mansion manually.

[Touhoumon] 8d 13h 56m Satori and Cirno are taking damage from wild mons, we're slowly making our way through the Mansion.

[Touhoumon] We healed our party at some point.

[Touhoumon] 8d 13h 17m We enter Boneka Mansion

[Touhoumon] 8d 13h 6m We take out the CMurasa easily. Another CMurasa sent in, and taken down. Trainer defeated

[Touhoumon] 8d 13h 4m Trainer battle, CMurasa vs Sanae

[Moemon] 8d 12h 57m We pick up a TM22 Solarbeam

[Moemon] 8d 12h 52m We find the Secret Key!

[Moemon] 8d 12h 50m Charizard faints

[Moemon] 8d 12h 39m We defeated a Scientist, they had some Magnemite Sorry for missing it, darn internet

[Touhoumon] Satori/Chauzu has fainted

[Moemon] 8d 12h 17m We fought a Burglar, they had Growlithe and Ponyta, Charizard takes them out easily. Defeated Burglar Lewis

[Moemon] 8d 12h 10m We find a Carbos

[Moemon] Butterfree has fainted

[Moemon] 8d 11h 41m Butterfree has been burnt

[Moemon] 8d 11h 37m Pidgeot has fainted

[Moemon] 8d 11h 3m Dugtrio faints

[Moemon] 8d 10h 55m Electabuzz faints

[Touhoumon] 8d 10h 24m Surfing. Cirno and CMystia have fainted, Satori's in yellow, Sanae's at 3/4 health, Tokiko's at about 1/3 health. Momiji has full HP.

[Moemon] 8d 10h 24m Walking around Cinnabar. Nobody's fainted.

[Moemon] We have withdrawn Electabuzz, it is currently in our party

[Meta] The updater's not going to have any updates for a little while, though we will return with Toumoemon shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience.

[Touhoumon] 8d 9h 59m We take out the CSuwako, Tokiko grows to Level 51, trainer defeated

[Touhoumon] 8d 9h 55m We finally do something in the CSuwako battle, we switch out to Tokiko

[Moemon] 8d 9h 50m We deposit Omanyte, back to anarchy

[Fluff] Well, least it looks more adorable in Moémon.

[Moemon] 8d 9h 49m We're trying to deposit Helix?

[Moemon] 8d 9h 47m Seems we still want to use the Pc for something

[Fluff] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX

[Moemon] 8d 9h 43m We withdraw Omanyte, we're exiting the PC

[Moemon] 8d 9h 38m In the PC still, we're in Withdraw mode

[Correction] Exited the "Deposit" mode

[Moemon] 8d 9h 37m We exit the PC

[Moemon] 8d 9h 36m Deposited Vileplume. It was holding the Awakening

[Moemon] 8d 9h 31m Accessing the PC, about to go back to Anarchy, or stay in Democracy

[Moemon] 8d 9h 27m We heal

[Touhoumon] 8d 9h 26m Still against the CSuwako

[Info] 8d 9h 20m Democracy

[Touhoumon] 8d 9h 17m Mirror Shot's out of PP.

[Touhoumon] 8d 9h 16m Fighting a Trainer, Chauzu/Satori vs CSuwako

[Moemon] 8d 9h 15m We exited the mansion

[Moemon] 8d 9h 14m We're facing wild mons. A Koffing used Selfdestruct KAPOW, but we flew to avoid it.

[Moemon] 8d 9h 7m We catch another wild Koffing, it's female and Level. 30, we do not give a name to it

[Moemon] [Stats] Charizard Lv. 47 - Max. HP 143 Attack 104 Defense 92 Sp. Atk 114 Sp. Def 89 Speed 138

[Moemon] 8d 9h 6m Charizard levels up to 47

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 47 - Max. HP 167 Attack 67 Defense 122 Sp. Atk 108 Sp. Def 121 Speed 76

[Touhoumon] 8d 9h 3m We switch into Sanae (who is not fainted, the layout just shows them as dark), and they take out the CMurasa. The Picknicker sent in CLuna and CNitori, we take them out easily. Sanae grows to Level.47! Picknicker defeated

[Touhoumon] 8d 9h 2m Our Dark Pulse doesn't affect the CMurasa.

[Touhoumon] 8d 9h 1m We exit Seafoam Islands, challenged by a trainer, CMurasa vs Chauzu/Satori

[Chat] YoshiMaster1995: Her name is Dogars, the D, O,G, R and S are silent Kappa

[Moemon] 8d 8h 55m We catch a wild Koffing, Female, Lv.28, its name is A

[Moemon] 8d 8h 49m Pidgeot faints

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 49m Wasted 2 normal balls at a wild CLetty. No catch.

[Moemon] 8d 8h 47m Pidgeot has been poisoned and is in red health

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 43 - Max. HP 148 Attack 56 Defense 85 Sp. Atk 125 Sp. Def 100 Speed 89

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 42m Chauzu the Satori grows to level 43

[Moemon] 8d 8h 42m Threw a ball at wild Raticate but it breaks free!

[Moemon] 8d 8h 29m Butterfree fainted!

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 25m Climbed down a ladder into the cave.

[Fluff] Lots of green name inputs now.

[Moemon] 8d 8h 23m Meanwhile, still grinding in the Cinnabar Mansion.

[Snark] Yoshi le no existe des Gen!

[Snark] Let's surf over to Yoshi's Island and stall for democracy.

[Moemon] 8d 8h 19m Threw a Ball at wild Raticate and it breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 19m Entered the Seafoam Islands cave!

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 18m Landed on the Seafoam Islands!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 42 - Max. HP 144 Attack 55 Defense 83 Sp. Atk 121 Sp. Def 97 Speed 87

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 13m Last Tokiko goes down! Bird Keeper Roger defeated! We get 792 for winning!

[Moemon] 8d 8h 13m Vaporeon fainted!

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 13m Tokiko goes down! Another Tokiko sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 11m Tokiko goes down! Satori Lv.42 and learns Dark Pulse! Anotehr Tokiko sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 11m Battle VS. Bird Keeper Roger! Tokiko sent out! Go Satori!

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 10m Swimmer Nora defeated! We get 128 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 8m Okay so CMystia and Cirno have fainted during battle! We sent out Momiji!

[Moemon] [Snark] Maybe we'll make more progress in our Yoshi corner.

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 6m Challenged by Swimmer Nora.

[Touhoumon] 8d 8h 0m We're surfing right now... still by the shore.

[Touhoumon/Info] Sanae's portrait is darkened like it's already been fainted, even though it's at 100%. No sign of flashing display images though at least.

[Touhoumon] 8d 7h 59m left the center, walking right.

[Touhoumon] 8d 7h 56m WHITE OUT rest in ripperinos

[Touhoumon] 8d 7h 53m A has fainted all we have left is CMystia at level 15 and 31% health.

[Touhoumon] 8d 7h 50m A is down to just 4 HP inb4rip



[Touhoumon] 8d 7h 40m A is down to red health.

[Moemon] 8d 7h 39m Listening to Bulbasaur and Ivysaur's cries in the dex.

[Both] 8d 7h 38m We're still in the mansion, Not much has been happening.

[Moemon] 8d 7h 28m Threw our only great ball at a wild Koffing and failed. Also failed with our only ultra ball. It self destructed and left Vaporeon at red health.

[Touhoumon] 8d 7h 27m Picked up a Protein

[Moemon] 8d 7h 25m Vaporeon grows to Lv.50!

[Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 50 - Max. HP 208 Attack 76 Defense 82 Sp. Atk 135 Sp. Def 103 Speed 83

[Moemon] 8d 7h 19m Pressed a secret switch

[Resub] Hey, guess who subscribed for 10 months in a row!

[Moemon] 8d 7h 1m Vileplume falls to a wild Growlithe!

[Moemon] 8d 7h 0m Entered the mansion.

[Moemon] [Stats] Vileplume Lv. 25 - Max. HP 77 Attack 49 Defense 49 Sp. Atk 61 Sp. Def 51 Speed 34

[Moemon] 8d 6h 57m Vileplume is promoted to level 25.

[Touhoumon] 8d 6h 57m Used a normal orb on CRin.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 54m Vileplume defeats Seaking. Melissa rekt.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 53m Melissa sends out Seaking.

[Moemon] [Stats] Vileplume Lv. 24 - Max. HP 74 Attack 47 Defense 47 Sp. Atk 58 Sp. Def 48 Speed 33

[Moemon] 8d 6h 53m Our Vileplume takes down Poliwag. Vileplume is promoted to level 24!

[Moemon] 8d 6h 52m VS Swimmer Melissa.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Tokiko Lv. 50 - Max. HP 194 Attack 98 Defense 117 Sp. Atk 61 Sp. Def 100 Speed 110

[Touhoumon] 8d 6h 48m Tokiko is promoted to level 50.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 46m Left the mart, now surfing Route 20.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 46m Just bought something else. Sorry, I missed what. I'm guessing it was a hyper potion.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 42m Bought 3 Hyper Potions.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 38m Sold 1 Ultra Ball, 1 Great Ball. Yes we just bought those

[Moemon] 8d 6h 34m Bought 3 Ultra Balls, 2 Great Ball. Sold 2 ultra balls.

[Touhoumon] 8d 6h 34m Threw 2 Normal Orbs. Caught a Male Lv.32 CRin.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 29m Entered PokeMart.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 27m Left the PokeCenter.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 26m We panicked and ran down the escalator.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 25m AAtatat turned on the PC.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 13m FFF faints due to poison. Whiteout in front of the PokeCenter!

[Moemon] 8d 6h 12m 5%

[Moemon] 8d 6h 10m 9%

[Moemon] 8d 6h 9m 14%

[Moemon] 8d 5h 8m Down to 16%

[Moemon] 8d 5h 6m Charizard is down to 21% health.

[Moemon] 8d 6h 5m The healing struggle continues

[Moemon] 8d 5h 58m Made it into the PokeCenter

[Moemon] 8d 5h 56m Overshot again...


[Moemon] 8d 5h 52m Desperately trying to get to the PokeCenter.

[Moemon] 8d 5h 50m Escaped Rope'd out of the Mansion.

[Moemon] 8d 5h 41m Charizard is poisoned!

[Moemon] 8d 5h 33m Clutch self-destruct dodge by FFF there.

[Moemon] 8d 5h 32m Charizard is the only team member left.

[Moemon] 8d 5h 26m Dugtrio goes down to a self-destruct!

[Touhoumon] 8d 5h 25m Momiji falls to a burn!

[Moemon] 8d 5h 24m Praise Teachy TV!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Momiji Lv. 45 - Max. HP 136 Attack 120 Defense 97 Sp. Atk 64 Sp. Def 57 Speed 98

[Touhoumon] 8d 5h 18m Momiji is promoted to level 45!

[Moemon] 8d 5h 17m Don't worry, our team indicator changed because of Teachy TV.

[Moemon] 8d 5h 14m Picked up an Iron!

[Moemon] 8d 5h 13m Pidgeot is down!

[Touhoumon] 8d 5h 9m AAABBHM found an Escape Rope!

[Touhoumon] 8d 5h 4m Sanae hits the floor hard!

[Touhoumon] 8d 5h 3m Sanae is at 15 hp.

[Moemon] 8d 5h 3m Butterbae falls to a Growlithe.

[Moemon] 8d 5h 1m Butterbae is promoted to level 43!

[Moemon] [Stats] Butterfree Lv. 43 - Max. HP 118 Attack 56 Defense 59 Sp. Atk 89 Sp. Def 83 Speed 87

[Moemon] 8d 4h 56m Caught Growlithe. Female level 30. No nickname.

[Moemon] 8d 4h 52m Caught Grimer. Female level 28. No nickname.

[Moemon] 8d 4h 52m Threw 2 Moeballs at Grimer.

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 50m Sanae is down to 18 hp.

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 48m Two hours and I'm still digging Third Eye.

[Moemon] 8d 4h 45m Entered the 3d floor.

[Moemon] 8d 4h 44m Tossed a Moeball at Raticate.

[Snark] America ain't doin' her job.

[Fluff] Mainly due to the fact there are hardly any inputs going on at this hour. Like the last few nights have been.

8d 4h 41m Still hanging around in the Mansion in both games.

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 32m Text speed is set to Sonic...I mean fast.

[Chat] "Twitch Plays _____"

[Moemon] 8d 4h 21m Vaporeon is down. Praise Helix!


[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 16m Sanae finally thawed and knocked out Kogasa. Yougster Johnson defeated!

[Chat] Rayquaza1090 is counting Kappa, for some reason.

[Moemon] 8d 4h 13m Vaporeon is down to 3% health. We travel downstairs.

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 12m Guess what? Sanae is still frozen. She is down to 71 hp.

[Moemon] 8d 4h 10m Saved at the top of the stairs.

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 10m Sanae keep trying to blow Kogasa away, but it keeps failing. Sanae is frozen again.

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 9m Sanae is finally defrosted.

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 8m Sanae is still frozen a few turns later.

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 7m Sanae is frozen by powder snow!

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 5m Sanae defeats another Chen

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 46 - Max. HP 164 Attack 66 Defense 120 Sp. Atk 105 Sp. Def 118 Speed 74

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 4m Sanae makes quick work of chibi-chen. Sanae is promoted to level 46! Sanae learned whirlwind!

[Touhoumon] 8d 4h 2m Fighting youngster Johnson!

[Moemon] 8d 3h 56m Pidgeot is poisoned!

[Snark] Oh good, my ears can bleed to BIDOOF BIDOOF again.

8d 3h 55m BACK ONLINE!

[Snark] This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ.

[Info] ProjectRevoTPP ensures us it's not a patch that has to do with the stream being offline.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: looks like we might be here a while

[Snark] Stream is still down, time to do some laundry.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ Civil Disobedience ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ

8d 3h 43m OFFLINE!

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 49 - Max. HP 204 Attack 75 Defense 78 Sp. Atk 132 Sp. Def 101 Speed 81

[Moemon] 8d 3h 41m Vaporeon is promoted to level 49!

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: You know, nothing's preventing you from trolling TPP via inputs, guys. It's the whole point of TPP. Not disrupting the actual game itself though (because then that's rule 7), just actions within the context of Pokemon. Like ledge jumping, cancelling evos, or picking wrong moves.

[Moemon] 8d 3h 39m Vaporeon is at low health.

[Moemon] 8d 3h 34m Used another Moeball. None of them worked.

[Moemon] 8d 3h 32m Used 2 Moeballs on a Raticate.

[Touhoumon] 8d 3h 32m Sanae is doing the fighting.

8d 3h 26m Currently no info on why we went offline.

[Moemon] 8d 3h 25m Haven't made much progress in the room.

8d 3h 25m BACK ONLINE!


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


8d 3h 22m OFFLINE!

[Touhoumon] 8d 3h 20m Satori is down!

[Touhoumon] 8d 3h 17m Satori is still hanging in there, down to 4 PP on mirror shot and is at 5% health


[Touhoumon] 8d 3h 10m Gotta love some Thrid Eye, no matter what form of music it's in.

[Touhoumon] 8d 3h 9m Satori is on the ropes.

[Moemon] 8d 3h 9m We hit the switch twice.

[Moemon] 8d 3h 0m We head up to the third floor again, but not the tiny side with the Burglar.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 45m We head down the stairs and return to 2F.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 42m Vaporeon grew to level 48!

[Moemon] 8d 2h 37m Max Potion was found.

[Snark] I wonder where my partner went.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 30m Ninetales doesn't stand a chance. Burglar Simon is defeated.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 29m We get spotted by Burglar Simon. He sends out Ninetales (Level 38). We send out Vaporeon (Level 47).

[Moemon] 8d 2h 25m We take the stairs up twice and go to the third floor.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 23m Vileplume fainted!

[Touhoumon] 8d 2h 19m Normal Orb thrown at a wild CParsee. It breaks free.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 18m We enter the Pokemon Mansion as well.

[Touhoumon] 8d 2h 16m We toss a normal orb at CRin and catch it! It's female and level 28. No nickname.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 13m We exit the Pokemon Center.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 12m We seem to be getting far from the PC, but are still in the Pokemon Center.

[Touhoumon] 8d 2h 12m Cirno fainted!

[Moemon] 8d 2h 11m PC turned on and off.

[Moemon] 8d 2h 8m We exit the labs and enter the Pokemon Center.

8d 2h 5m We're back in Anarchy mode!

[Snark] The e-r-o-d-a-c-t-y-l is silent!

8d 2h 2m We nickname is "A" in Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 8d 2h 2m It's also Female!

[Moemon] 8d 2h 1m We talked to him. Received Aerodactyl from the doctor!

[Info] Since the doctor occasionally moves around, its a bit hard to confront him to receive the fossils.

[Moemon] 8d 1h 55m Gave the doctor Old Amber to revive!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 52m No nickname was given to the new Omanyte

8d 1h 51m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 49m Received Omanyte from the doctor! Female!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 46m Gave Helix Fossil to the doctor!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 45m Threw Normal Orb, and CAUGHT CRin Male Lv.32! Nickname 'AM'

[Moemon] 8d 1h 43m Entered the Cinnabar Labs!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 42m Exited the Moemon Center.

[Moemon] 8d 1h 41m We heal our party!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 41m Threw Normal Orb at wild CRin and CAUGHT Lv.28 CRin Female!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 41m Entered the Moemon Center.

[Moemon] 8d 1h 40m Exited the Mart.

[Moemon] 8d 1h 39m Entered the Mart!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 36m Arrived at Cinnabar Island!

[Moemon] [Stats] Butterfree Lv. 42 - Max. HP 116 Attack 55 Defense 57 Sp. Atk 85 Sp. Def 81 Speed 85

[Moemon] 8d 1h 35m One more psychic takes it out! Swimmer Roland defeated! We get 128 for winning!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 34m Seadra sent out! We use psychic!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 34m Psychic takes it out! Butterfree Grows to Lv.42! Tentacruel sent out and Psychic quickly takes it out!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 33m Battle VS. Swimmer Roland! Poliwhirl sent out! Go Butterfree!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 30m And a 3rd Normal Orb at it! No go!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 30m Threw another one! It breaks free.

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 29m Threw Normal Orb at CParasee. It escaped!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 28m Saved the game on Route 21!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 27m Threw a Normal Orb at wild CRin! CAUGHT Female CRin Lv.28! No Nickname!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Cirno/BB Lv. 37 - Max. HP 103 Attack 94 Defense 66 Sp. Atk 101 Sp. Def 32 Speed 80

[Moemon] 8d 1h 25m Fisherman Ronald defeated! we get 1008 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 24m It forgets Aurora Beam and learns Ice Ball!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 23m Cirno/BB Grows to Level 37!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 23m Psychic takes out! Fisherman Ronald sends out another Seaking!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 22m Entered a building. Not sure which though.

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 21m Attempted to enter the gym, but the door is locked.

8d 1h 20m Anarchy Mode activated!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 10m Exited out of the BONéKA Center.

[Touhoumon/Fluff] And we don't even use this time to deposit/switch our 'mon to get the newly revived BONéKA. Instead there are TONS MORE of Wait4BABA commands.

[Touhoumon] Back downstairs in the healing room of the BONéKA Center.

8d 1h 5m Democracy Mode enabled!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 4m We save the game!

[Touhoumon] 8d 1h 2m Booted up the PC a couple of times.

[Moemon] 8d 1h 2m Psybeam takes it out! Seaking sent out!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 1m Seaking goes down! Goldeen sent out!

[Moemon] 8d 1h 0m Battle VS. Fisherman Ronald! Seaking sent out! Go Butterfree!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 57m Currently upstairs in the cable link center.

[Moemon] 8d 0h 57m Tentacruel goes down! Dugtrio grew to Lv.36! Swimmer Spencer defeated!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 56m We sent out Dugtrio!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 55m Vaporeon fainted!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 55m Seadra goes down! Swimmer Spencer sends out a Tentacruel!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 52m Entered the BONéKA Center, and we heal our party!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 51m Back outside Cinnabar Island!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 50m Currently struggling to switch 'mon.

[Moemon] We are battling against a trainer's Seadra!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 47m We apparently fighting against a trainer!

[Moemon/Fluff] Vaporeon is REALLY hanging in there!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 44m Received CByakuren! Female!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 40m Gave AirScroll fossil to the "important" doctor to revive!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 39m Goldeen taken out! Fisherman Nolan defeated! We get 1188 for winning!

oh BTW. Welcome to Day 9 of Twitch Plays Touhoumon/Moemon!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 36m Seaking goes down! Goldeen sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 36m Recieved CReimu!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 35m Battle VS. Fisherman Nolan! Seaking sent out! Go Vaporeon!

8d 0h 35m And... We WASTE Democracy mode, and return to Anarchy Mode!

[Fluff] Wait4BABA Intensifies!

8d 0h 20m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 18m Talked with the "important doctor"

[Snark/Moemon] Between some rocks, and a wet place.

[Chat] 8d 0h 16m Shiny AOOO?

[Moemon] 8d 0h 15m Threw a ball at a wild Tentacool. Did not catch

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 47 - Max. HP 196 Attack 71 Defense 75 Sp. Atk 126 Sp. Def 97 Speed 74

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 13m In the Cinnabar Lab.

[Moemon] 8d 0h 12m Water Pulse takes it out! Fisherman Wade defeated! We get 972 for winning!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 12m Wandering about Cinnabar Island


[Moemon] 8d 0h 8m Vaporeon did NOT learn Acid Armor! Another magikarp out!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 7m Aurora Beam takes this one out! Vaporeon grew to lv.47!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 6m Swimmer defeated!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 6m Aura beam takes it out! next magikarp out!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 3m 3rd Magikarp goes down! 4th Magikarp brought out!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 3m Magikarp goes down! 3rd Magikarp up!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 2m Magikarp goes down! 2nd magikapr sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 2m We sent out Momiji!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 2m Battle VS Fisherman Wade! Magikapr sent out! Go Vaporeon!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 2m Satori fainted!

[Moemon] 8d 0h 1m Swimming on Route 21.

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 1m Struggle takes it out as we lose HP. a 3rd CMurasa sent out!

[Touhoumon] 8d 0h 0m Satori is out of moves, its struggle!

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 59m Used last Mana Burst and takes it out! Another CMurasa sent up!

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 59m We use a Mana Burst, but its not effective!

[Moemon] 7d 23h 58m Arrived at Pallet Town!

[Moemon] 7d 23h 58m We save the game on Route 1.

[Snark] Roland X Ronald!

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 55m Battle VS. Swimmer Roland! CMurasa sent out! Go Satori!

[Stats] Satori/Chauzu Lv. 41 - Max. HP 141 Attack 54 Defense 82 Sp. Atk 118 Sp. Def 95 Speed 84

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 52m We use Mana Burst to take this one out as well! Fisherman Ronald defeated! We get 1044 for winning!

[Moemon] 7d 23h 50m On Route 1.

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 50m Another CNitori is sent out by fisherman!

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 49m 2 Mana Bursts take it out! Satori grows to Lv.41! A CNitori sent out and we take it out with Mana Burst!

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 47m Used another Mana Burst and it goes down. Another CIku is being sent out!

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 47m Mana burst ALMOST takes it out but not quite.

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 46m Battle VS. Fisherman Ronald! CIku sent out! Go Satori!

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 45m Surfing on Route 21.

[Moemon] 7d 23h 44m We continue to cut down more small trees to progress where ever.

[Moemon] 7d 23h 41m We cut down a tree to progress downwards.

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 41m Arrived in Pallet Town.

[Moemon] 7d 23h 37m Exited the cave, and on to Route 2.

[Info] Anyways, Faffing around in Touhoumon, and grinding around in Diglett's Cave in Moemon.

[Snark] I work way too hard for things like this.

[Chat] Twitch Plays _____

[Fluff] It just occurred to me that there's a separate section for ProjectRevoTPP Chat Logs, which I did not see until just now. FailFish But I thought since the music room was closed off, I thought some posts of it here would be relevant enough for the case.

7d 23h 23m We're in Anarchy Mode, BTW.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Music Room was just turned off for the first 4/5ths of the run. I'm ok with the idea of reopening it close to endgame

[Streamer] M4_used_Rollout: @Projectrevotpp so now that we've been most everywhere except E4, can music room be enabled so we can park Touhoumon there while Moemon is doing stuff and have bangin' tunes?

ProjectRevoTPP: @M4_used_rollout Actually sounds like an ok idea, I'll speak to streamer about that before the patches roll out

[Streamer] ShinySapphire: @ProjectRevoTPP So is it safe to buy now?

ProjectRevoTPP: @Shinysapphire Might be better off waiting until new 4.7.3 carts come out.

[Streamer] ShinySapphire: @ProjectRevoTPP Any updates on the Anniversary Red cartridges btw?

ProjectRevoTPP: @Shinysapphire So it turns out LightningXCE sent me the version he thought he sent over to be flashed (which it was), but the manufacturers used an older version. This was unknown to us until they verified which ROM they used, which means no cartridge has the bug. .. oops.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: I plan to announce the next run after Touhoumon and Moemon concludes, unless streamer wants to do that.

[Moemon] 7d 23h 14m We enter Diglett's Cave!


[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Do not worry, the next run will be very.. entertaining. I can't say anymore.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Like: "TwitchPlaysPokemon denies you the opportunity to enter the Music Room. Sorry."

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: The message should have been more clear though, IMHO

[Streamer] MarsAdeptEnten: @Projectrevotpp : Is there a reason why we can't go in the music house?

ProjectRevoTPP: @Marsadeptenten Mainly we wanted to preserve the reaction to new music for people that dont look it up themselves

[Chat] I liked to listen to music, I did it all the time. And everytime we stopped, I'd cry and start to whine. Since the music house is no more, I'll RIOT all day long. A music house earned is a music house saved so sing the RIOT song!

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Uh huh. I know TPP too much these days.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: We thought you would have entered the music room and been in there for days

[Touhoumon/Info] So yea.. This was the Music house, if it wasn't obvious by now.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Okay so, it's basically us telling you you can't enter the music room.

[Touhoumon] 7d 23h 6m Sign: "Streamer says you can't pass."

[Fluff] SIGN HYPE!

7d 23h 5m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Info] 3 min until democracy. looks like we're all interested to know what it reads.

[Moemon] 7d 22h 55m Currently walking around inside someone's house.

[Touhoumon/Info] We begin to read the sign "Streamer... " but we cancel out of it.

[Touhoumon] 7d 22h 53m We save the game on Route 1.

[Touhoumon] 7d 22h 52m A bush seems to be in front of a door to a house, for whatever reason.

[Touhoumon] 7d 22h 47m We arrive at Veridian City!

[Touhoumon] 7d 22h 39m We cut down a small tree to progress downwards.

7d 22h 35m And we return to Anarchy Mode!

[Info/Fluff] If I have learned anything from /u/aissurtievos stream from before this run, it's that its incredibly HARD to navigate the cursor to Fly properly. Mainly due to the fact the way it moves, you only need a "tap" of the d-pad for it to move. But in TPP commands, the movement is "held down" for a bit.

[Moemon/Info] Seems like we want to fly to Pallet Town, but the cursor just doesn't want to obey our command.

[Moemon] 7d 22h 29m We attempt to fly once more.

7d 22h 20m We enter Democracy Mode one again.

[Touhoumon] 7d 22h 19m Left outside the cave, on Route 2.

7d 22h 5m We're back in Anarchy Mode!

[Moemon/Info] We seem to be attempting to Fly somewhere.

[Touhoumon/Info] Money: $28668, Artbook: 32

[Moemon/Info] Money: $16732, POKéDEX: 35

[Both] 7d 21h 52m We check our trainer cards.

7d 21h 50m We are in Democracy Mode.

[Touhoumon] 7d 21h 47m Yamame's cave.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 46m Outside the city.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 40m Back inside.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 37m Out of Sabrina's gym.

[Touhoumon] 7d 21h 25m Vermilion City.

[Touhoumon] 7d 21h 24m Surfing on the Route 6.

[Touhoumon] 7d 21h 22m On the route 6.

[Snark] Baeporeon OP pls nerf

[Touhoumon] 7d 21h 15m Out of Sabrina's Gym.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 12m TM04 obtained.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 11m Vs. Alakazam Lv. 43. Clutch. SABRINA DEFEATED.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 10m Vaporeon grew up to Level 46. Venomoth Lv. 38. OHKOed by surf.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 9m Surf. Mime beaten.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 8m Sabrina used potion to restore all HP. Surf. Potion again.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 7m Sabrina sent in Lv. 37. Mr. Mime. Surf.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 6m Vaporeon vs Lv. 38 Kadabra. Surf OHKO.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 5m VS Leader SABRINA!.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 3m Channeler Stacy challenges us to a battle. She sent in Lv. 38 Haunter. Surf OHKO. Stacy defeated.

[Both] 7d 21h 3m Games are synchronized.

[Moemon] 7d 21h 0m ACCCIOOWWW surfed ghastly away, and second one as well. And Lv. 33 Haunter was OHKOed too. Tasha defeated.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 59m Channeler Tasha challenges us to a battle. She sent in Ghastly Lv. 33.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 57m Kadabra Lv. 34 beaten. Tyron defeated.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 56m Surf worked, Mr. Mime beaten. Vaporeon grew up to Level 45.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 56m We sent in Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 55m Vileplume fainted.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 55m Psychic Tyron challenges us to a battle. Vs. Mr. Mime Lv. 34.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 53m Went in the Sabrina's gym.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 50m Out of MoeCenter.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 48m 1 more and FFF killed with rollout. Black out.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 48m 2 more and FFF is paralyzed.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 47m 3 Moe balls wasted on Lv. 34. Electrode.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 45m Only FFF is alive at the moment.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 44m Dugtrio killed by Magnemite Lv.25.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 40m Dugtrio has only 1HP.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 37m T fainted to a wild Voltorb Lv. 25.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 26m T is still paralyzed.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 24m TM25 Obtained.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 23m Voltorb Lv. 22 caught, no name.

[Touhoumon] 7d 20h 22m Game saved.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 20m T grew to level 43!

[Meta] The updater may go dark for a while. We apologize for the lack of available updaters.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 10m Wild Pikachu! Moe Ball 1 fails!

[Moemon] 7d 20h 6m We named it AAAYX.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 6m We send out FFF. An eighth Moe Ball also fails. The ninth succeeds! Level 35 Female Electabuzz was caught!

[Moemon] 7d 20h 4m Butterbae fainted to the Electabuzz's ThunderPunch!

[Moemon] 7d 20h 3m Same with the seventh. Butterbae barely holds on to 8 HP.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 3m Sixth Moe Ball actually shook once.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 2m The very definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. That's exactly what's happening here. Fifth Moe Ball the same as the first four.

[Moemon] 7d 20h 1m Used a Moe Ball on a wild Electabuzz. Broke free. Used another. That one also failed.

[Moemon] [Chat] KAPOW (A wild Electrode used Explosion while Dugtrio was underground.)

[Moemon] 7d 19h 49m Baeporeon fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 19h 33m We're warping all over the place, seemingly at random. inb4 we make it back to Sabrina.

[Touhoumon] 7d 19h 31m We warp to the east side of the Gym, and back again. Then we warp to the northwest corner.

[Touhoumon] 7d 19h 29m We're now in the west chamber of Sabrina's Gym.

[Snark] A little slow on this, but we just caught a Moe Ball in a Moe Ball. Moe-ception? Kappa

[Touhoumon] 7d 19h 28m We're in the southwest chamber. We have no business being here right now, we're just being dragged along as the focus remains on Moemon.

[Touhoumon] 7d 19h 26m We're in the southeast chamber of Sabrina's Gym, fully engaged in our faffing.

[Moemon] 7d 19h 25m We used a Moe Ball and catch a level 22 Voltorb! No nickname.

[Moemon] 7d 19h 22m We are out of PP for Aurora Beam.

[Both] 7d 19h 21m By the way, Anarchy resumed its reign.

[Touhoumon] 7d 19h 20m Where are we? Sabrina's Gym. Which room? The entrance. What have we done for the last 12 minutes? Absolutely nothing.

[Moemon] 7d 19h 16m Still fighting wild mons. Baeporeon is at half health and paralyzed thanks to a Magnemite we encountered a few minutes back.

[Moemon] 7d 19h 9m AAtatat found an Elixir!

[Touhoumon] 7d 19h 8m We entered Sabrina's Gym.

[Both] 7d 19h 5m Democracy enabled

[Moemon] 7d 18h 59m We're just fighting some wild Moemon.

[Both] 7d 18h 49m Back in Anarchy!

[Moemon] 7d 18h 49m Found a Max Potion!

[Moemon] 7d 18h 45m We enter the Power Plant!

[Moemon] 7d 18h 45m Defeated MoeManiac!

[Moemon] 7d 18h 44m Against Lickitung! We use Surf and OHKO it as well!

[Moemon] 7d 18h 43m We use Surf and OHKO the Rhyhorn!

[Moemon] 7d 18h 39m Fighting MoeManiac Mark! He sends out Rhyhorn against our Vaporeon!

7d 18h 35m Democracy is enabled again.

[Moemon] 7d 18h 33m We continue east and surf on the water. We head south towards the Power Plant.

[Moemon] 7d 18h 29m We use Democracy and safely go past the ledge.

[Moemon] 7d 18h 26m We travel east, towards the famed ledge.

[Moemon] 7d 18h 21m The tree is cut, opening the path towards Route 9.

7d 18h 20m Democracy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 7d 18h 11m We exit the gym!

[Moemon] 7d 18h 11m We head east towards the cuttable tree on Route 9.

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 48m We are still in the gym, btw.

[Moemon] 7d 17h 48m We exited the PokeMart.

[Moemon] 7d 17h 39m We enter the PokeMart.

[Moemon] 7d 17h 33m We return to Cerulean City.

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 20m We recieve TM4 - Calm Mind!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 20m It's attack missed! Slash takes care of it! Leader Sabrina was defeated! Tokiko leveled up to 49!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 19m Tokiko Slashes Satori is well. Sabrina sends out her final Boneka, APatchouli (Level 49).

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 18m A few Slashes put Eiki out of business. Satori (Level 44) is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 18m Tokiko is sent out. A Slash takes care of Koakuma. Eiki is sent out (Level 44)!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 17m We send out CMystia. CMystia fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 16m Cirno dents Koakuma but goes down to a Mana Burst! Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 16m Sabrina attempt #3!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 6m We enter Sabrina's Gym again.

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 3m We exit the Boneka Center and are still in Saffron City.

[Moemon] 7d 17h 2m We catch another level 10 Rattata. Named (space). That's it. Just a single space.

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 2m We throw another Normal Orb and we faint! We black out to Leader Sabrina!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 1m We toss a Normal Orb against Sabrina's Pokemon! A Thunderbolt to the face shows us why that's a bad idea. Tokiko is almost fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 17h 1m Eiki (Level 44) is sent out!

[Moemon] 7d 17h 0m We Capture a level 10 Rattata (No nickname).

[Moemon] 7d 17h 0m The Spearow had no nickname. The f was it's gender.

[Stats] Tokiko Lv. 48 - Max. HP 187 Attack 94 Defense 113 Sp. Atk 56 Sp. Def 96 Speed 104

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 59m Tokiko is sent out! It Zen Headbutts APatchouli and Levels up to 48! It then forgets Zen Headbutt for Slash!

[Moemon] 7d 16h 59m We catch a level 12 Spearow (f)!

[Moemon] 7d 16h 58m A Moe Ball is tossed at Spearow but it breaks free.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 58m Sanae fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 57m Sanae is sent out (Level 45). All we have left is Sanae and Tokiko.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 56m It Fire Blasts again! We are almost KOed! But Sabrina uses a Hyper Potion and we miss our attack. Another Fire Blast does the deed. Satori fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 55m Chauzu, the Satori is sent out (Level 40).

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 54m Fire Blast knocks us out in one hit. Momiji fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 54m Momiji is sent out! It knocks out foe Koakuma with a Night Slash! Sabrina then sends out APatchouli (Level 49).

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 52m CMystia is sent out. We throw a Normal Orb. It faints CMystia

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 51m She sends out Koakuma (Level 42) who instantly faints Cirno! Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 51m Leader Sabrina would like to battle!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 49m We make it to Sabrinas room.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 48m Merlin goes down! Channeler Stacy is defeated!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 46m During our attempt to use a Normal Ball on Merlin, she Paralyzes Cirno!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 45m We get spotted by Channeler Stacy! She sends out Merlin (Level 40). We send out Cirno (Level 36).

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 43m Foe CLunasa fainted and Channeler Tasha is defeated!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 42m Her final Boneka, CLunasa (Level 36) is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 40m She sends out a CMerlin (Level 35). Cirno takes care of it as well.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 38m We speak to Channeler Tasha! She sends out CLyrica (Level 35) and we send out Cirno (Level 36). We drop it in a few attacks.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 36m We enter the Saffron City Gym!

[Moemon] 7d 16h 34m We toss a Moe Ball at a Rattata but it breaks free.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 31m We exit the Boneka Center.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 30m We enter the Boneka Center in Saffron City.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 24m We arrive in Saffron City.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 16m We exit Lavender and head west, towards Saffron.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 13m We exit the Boneka Center. We are in Lavender Town.

[Moemon] 7d 16h 13m We continue to lob Moe Balls at this Mankey, but decide on just running away.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 12m Sanae is sent out! Mana Burst is super effective! Sanae fainted! We black out to Sabrina!

[Moemon] 7d 16h 12m We toss a Moeball at a Mankey but it breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 11m We deal a lot of damage but Sabrina heals with a Hyper Potion! We drop it down to half but Hydro Pump is too much for us. Tokiko fainted! We only have Sanae left.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 10m CMystia fainted! Tokiko is sent out!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 9m CMystia (Level 15) is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 7m Her third Boneka is APatchouli (Level 49)! It Hydro Pumps us. Momiji fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 7m Momiji (Level 44) is sent out! We start the Fury Cutter (Rollout) while it keeps gaining stats. Momiji takes it down!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 4m Her second Boneka, a Eiki (Level 44) is sent out. It uses Calm Mind and flash backs to the Green fight appear in all our minds. Chauzu fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 3m She sends out Koakuma (Level 42) and we send out Chauzu, the Satori. It loses a great deal of health with Mirror Shot, but she heals up with a potion. A second Mirror Shot takes it down!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 3m Leader Sabrina would like to battle!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 2m Our random teleports seem to be secretly well coordinated and planned. We end up in Sabrinas room!

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 0m The final Boneka comes out, another CKoakuma (Level 33) but it stands no chance. It faints. Psychic Johan was defeated.

[Touhoumon] 7d 16h 0m Trainer Johan sends out CKoakuma but it doesn't take much for it to go down, and it faints.

[Moemon] 7d 15h 59m Vaporeon grows to level 44 from wild Pokemon!

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 59m A second CPatchouli is sent out after the first one faints. It quickly drops due to another Mirror Shot! Satori grows to level 40!

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 58m Satori is sent out (Level 39). Mirror Shot seems to be super effective.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 57m We encounter Psychic Johan! They send out CPatchouli (Level 33). We send out Cirno (Level 36). Cirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 51m Psychic Cameron is defeated! We wonder around on the Telepads.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 50m Correction: It was Cirno, not Satori.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 50m CKeine goes down and Cirno levels up to 36!

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 49m Satori makes quick work of the second CKeine. A third and final Ckeine is sent out (Level 34)!

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 46m Foe CKeine goes down! Psychic Cameron sends out another CKeine (Level 34).

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 46m We encounter Psychic Cameron! He sends out CKeine (Level 34). We send out Cirno (Level 35).

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 44m We arrive in Saffron City and enter the Gym.

[Moemon] 7d 15h 40m We get into random encounters in that large patch of grass west of Cerulean.

[Moemon] 7d 15h 36m We travel west from Cerulean, onto Route 4.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 35m We once again go west, onto Route 8.

7d 15h 35m Anarchy is in effect!

[Snark] No one can say Vileplume is worthless now.

[Moemon] 7d 15h 28m We remove TM 49 from Vileplume and let it hold a Nugget instead.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 25m We exit the Name Raters house.

7d 15h 23m Democracy is still in effect.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 18m Satori is now named Chauzu

[Info] [Touhoumon] 7d 15h 17m We seem to be naming Satori Chauzu.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 13m We select Satori, who is currently named XXXXXXXXQk, to give a new nickname to.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 8m We have entered the Name Raters house and are speaking to him.

7d 15h 8m Democracy is in effect.

[Touhoumon] 7d 15h 2m We have returned to Lavender Town.

[Touhoumon] 7d 14h 52m We travel west, onto Route 8.

7d 14h 50m Anarchy is in effect.

[Touhoumon] 7d 14h 49m We exit the Boneka Tower, and end up back in Lavender Town.

[Info] Currently in Democracy

[Moemon] 7d 14h 41m Still in Cerulean City I think

[Touhoumon] 7d 14h 41m Still in the Boneka Tower

[Info] 7d 14h 8m We're back in democracy, trying to unregister the Teachy TV.

[Chat] BloatedCreeper: More bans than Smogon. DansGame

[Streamer] Mayafeylol: Twitchplayspokemon people in general voted for democracy start new game after the crash FailFish

Twitchplayspokemon: @MayaFeyLoL do you have a timestamp?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: was someone watching? I think I have some bans to hand out

[Chat] L <emote> R E

[Moemon] 7d 13h 47m We load the previous save. We took on Green's Blastoise with Charizard and won somehow! We took on Giovanni's Rhydon with Vaporeon and won somehow! We exited Silph Co and made our way to the next destination.

[Moemon] 7d 13h 47m Game has reset again. Aw, that's no fun!

[Moemon] 7d 13h 46m We have named the rival REVO

[Chat] Arguing whether to save the new game or not.

[Touhoumon] 7d 13h 42m We give Cirno the Normal Orb

[Moemon] 7d 13h 40m Name so far for the Rival is R. Chat has decided on a name.

[Moemon] 7d 13h 38m "Right... So your name is DEKU."

[Fluff] It seems that the old save file can be overwritten by saving on the new file. Don't mess this up you guys..!

[Moemon] 7d 13h 37m Name so far is DE

[Moemon] 7d 13h 34m We choose the male character. We're in Democracy and choosing the name, this should be fun

[Touhoumon] 7d 13h 32m Still running as normal.

[Moemon] 7d 13h 32m We're seeing Oak's Intro and everything.

[Moemon] 7d 13h 31m We're trying to start a new game?

[Moemon] 7d 13h 30m A restart is initiated and everything returns back to normal. We're currently in Democracy, but when was the last time we saved?

[Moemon] 7d 13h 28m Apparently we deposited/took out something from the Daycare, and our party display is six Level 2 Ivysaurs. Battle tent all over again WutFace

[Touhoumon] 7d 13h 12m Cirno grows to Level 35

[Touhoumon] The Teachy TV is registered to Select.

[Info] 7d 13h 5m Back in Anarchy

[Moemon] 7d 13h 4m We buy 102 Moe Balls

[Moemon] 7d 13h 1m We're in the pokemart, trying to buy something

[Moemon] 7d 12h 57m We fly to Cerulean City!

[Moemon] 7d 12h 55m Trying to fly somewhere

[Info] 7d 12h 50m Now in Democracy

[Correction] That was Moe who used the Master Ball, Touhou has yet to use theirs

[Info] Apparently we used the Master Ball on an Ekans. FailFish

[Moemon] 7d 12h 46m And we take out the Meowth, and defeat the Picnicker.

[Fluff] Vileplume fainted to Pay Day. Chat: "killed by the dongers / rip - PogChamp payout"

[Moemon] 7d 12h 44m Challenged by Picknicker Caitlin, Vileplume vs Meowth. Vileplume faints

[Info] Apparently we replaced Gust with Fly. CMystia seems to be just a slave though.

[Correction] CMystia

[Touhoumon] 7d 12h 33m We have taught Fly to Mystia. Not sure what over

[Chat] Seems to want to go to democracy to fly to a location.

[Moemon] 7d 12h 4m We're out of Silph Co

[Chat] Debating on what we should catch.

Insert obligatory "we'll waste it on trainer/toss it/something useless" here

[Moemon] 7d 11h 52m We recieved the Master Ball!

[Moemon] Vileplume has fainted

[Moemon] 7d 11h 47m Uhm..

We defeated Boss Giovanni.

[Moemon] 7d 11h 37m Fighting a Rocket Grunt. Vileplume grows to Level 23

[Chat] CassiusBenard: Touhou has AWOO, Moe has AMOO.

[Moemon] 7d 11h 34m We recieve Lapras! Its name is "AMMOOOOii9"

[Touhoumon] 7d 11h 25m We do not learn Taunt.

[Moemon] 7d 11h 23m We heal our party in the beds!

[Touhoumon] 7d 11h 22m Cirno grows to Level 34. Trying to learn Taunt.

[Moemon] 7d 11h 18m We take out the Grimer, Machop is sent in. We take that out, and the Grunt has been defeated!

[Moemon] 7d 11h 17m We take out the Drowzee, Grimer is sent in

[Moemon] 7d 11h 15m Challenged by another Rocket Grunt, Dugtrio vs Drowzee

[Moemon] 7d 11h 6m It tries to hit us with Water Guns, we fly and tank the damage. Blastoise goes down, Charizard levels up to 46!

[Moemon] 7d 11h 4m We send in Charizard to take out the Alakazam, Blastoise is sent in.

[Moemon] 7d 11h 1m Dugtrio and Charizard are left

[Moemon] 7d 11h 1m Butterfree faints

[Moemon] 7d 11h 0m Slowly chipping away at its health. Butterfree takes a Future Sight, but it's now on red health

[Moemon] 7d 10h 59m Butterfree against the Alakazam. W'ere paralysed

[Moemon] 7d 10h 59m Butterfree levels up to 41

[Moemon] 7d 10h 57m We're fighting our rival. Pidgeot has fainted

[Moemon] 7d 10h 55m Vaporeon faints

[Moemon] 7d 10h 49m Against another Rocket Grunt, Vaporeon takes out all the 'mons with ease, and levels up to 43!

[Moemon] We've taken out the Grunt

[Moemon] 7d 10h 35m Challenged by a Rocket Grunt, Vaporeon is out front and taking out the Raticate, Golbat, and Arbok easily.

[Touhoumon] 7d 10h 34m Walking around the Boneka Tower. Nobody's fainted, Cirno and Satori are still blinking though

[Moemon] 7d 10h 34m Walking around Silph Co. Nobody has fainted since Vileplume a while ago

[Correction] We're in Anarchy

[Meta] Off to bed. I go. Till someone else can pick up the updates.

[Moemon] You forgot to mention we beat the Rocket Grunt a while ago. You started posting, but then stopped after it fainted. . But yea.....

[Meta] There may be a lack of updates for a little while, hopefully someone will pick it up later. Nothing much seems to be happening anyway.

[Moemon] 7d 9h 51m Vileplume faints

[Moemon] 7d 9h 50m Vs Team Rocket Grunt, Vileplume vs Golbat

[Info] 7d 9h 36m Currently in democracy

[Moemon] 7d 9h 35m We have entered Silph Co

[Touhoumon] 7d 9h 26m We enter the purified and protected zone, we heal! (Nothing had taken much damage or fainted anyway.)

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Cirno/BB Lv. 33 - Max. HP 93 Attack 84 Defense 59 Sp. Atk 89 Sp. Def 27 Speed 70

[Touhoumon] 7d 9h 25m Cirno levels up to 33

[Chat] For some reason people are timing themselves out.

[Moemon] 7d 9h 2m Vileplume now in the yellow, at 36% HP.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 58m Climbing our way to the top of the tower.

[Moemon] 7d 8h 54m We're on Route 7 now, I believe.

7d 8h 50m Anarchy Mode resumes!

7d 8h 49m We begin Start9 inputs until Anarchy.

[Moemon] 7d 8h 47m Exited the Game Corner. Back outside Celadon City!

[Moemon] 7d 8h 46m We leave the Rocket Hideout, and back up into the Game Corner.

[Moemon] 7d 8h 43m We save the game in Rocket Hideout.

[Touhoumon/Info] Final order from switching is Cirno, Satori, Sanae, Momiji, Tokiko, and CMystia.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 38m Switched Momiji and A the Tokiko's palces.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 36m We switched BB the Cirno and XXXXXXXXQk the Satori's places. The switched Satori and AUUUUABBBB the Momiji's places.

7d 8h 35m Democracy Mode activated!

7d 8h 29m Democracy is about to kick in in 5 minutes.

[Moemon] 7d 8h 27m Into the Rocket Hideout we go!

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 26m Entered the BONéKA Tower!

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 24m Exited the BONéKA Center. Outside Lavender Town

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 23m Entered the BONéKA Center, which I assume we're in Lavender Town by now.

[Moemon] 7d 8h 20m We take 2 photo shoots via the POKéMON PINTER in the Game Corner. We have paid $100 by far, $50 for each print.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 20m Now on to Route 8!

[Moemon/Info] 7d 8h 19m Meanwhile, we're stuck inside the Game Corner.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 14m Back on to Saffron City!

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 12m We leave on to Route 7.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 11m We decide not to take the path where we cut the tree blocking it.

[Touhoumon/Chat] 7d 8h 9m We struggle with lefts and rights attempting to go through. But we stop to smell the flowers instead.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 6m We cut down a small tree to get through a path.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 5m Positions Desync'd! We leave outside the Game Corner.

[Touhoumon/Info] We STILL need the coin case to play. Something we DON'T have, that Moemon has!

[Both] 7d 8h 3m Resync'd!

[Both] 7d 8h 2m Positions desync'd!

[Both] 7d 8h 2m Entered the Game Corner.

[Both] 7d 8h 1m GET SYNC'D!

[Moemon] 7d 8h 1m Back outside Celadon City.

[Touhoumon] 7d 8h 0m Exited the Game Corner.

[Touhoumon] 7d 7h 59m We enter the Game Corner.

[Moemon] 7d 7h 55m No nickname given to Clefairy, and was transfered to box 2.

[Moemon] 7d 7h 53m We exchange our coins, and buy a Clefairy!

7d 7h 50m Anarchy Mode resumes!

[Moemon] 7d 7h 47m We replace the move Scratch in favor for Flamethrower!

[Moemon] 7d 7h 44m We select FFF The Charizard to teach Flamethrower to.

[Moemon] [Snark] Flameflower.

[Moemon] 7d 7h 43m We accidentally choose Vileplume, and ddin't learn the move because not compatible.

[Moemon] 7d 7h 42m We select TM35 Flamethrower from our bag.

[Moemon/Info] I guess we're going to teach one of our 'mon the new TM35 FlameThrower now.

[Moemon/Info] We only have 564 coins left in our coin case.

[Moemon] 7d 7h 35m Exchanged our coins, and bought TM35 FLAMETHROWER!

[Moemon] 7d 7h 34m We select TM35!

[Moemon/Info] Looks like we may exchange our coins for prizes.

[Typo/Sign] FIRE HIT-> "DIRE HIT" FailFish

[Moemon] 7d 7h 29m We enter a small building beside the game corner.

[Moemon] 7d 7h 28m We leave the game corner, and back outside Celadon City.

[Moemon] [Fluff] Gambling in democracy hype?

[Touhoumon] 7d 7h 21m We read a sign outside "TRAINER TIPS: X Accuracy boosts the accuracy of techniques. FIRE HIT jacks up the likelihood of critical hits. Get your items at the CELADON DEPT. STORE!"

7d 7h 20m Entered Democracy Mode!

[Moemon] 7d 7h 16m Nope. Went back on in the game corner.

[Moemon] 7d 7h 15m We're back outside the city.

[Info] Meanwhile while gambling in Moemon, Touhoumon is currently faffing about outside the City.

[Moemon] 7d 7h 0m Yup. We're gambling... Gambling time for Moemon.

[Moemon] 7d 6h 59m Entered the Game Corner.

[Moemon] 7d 6h 56m We saved the game!

[Info/Chat/Context] http://i.imgur.com/Q9vWcDD.png is where all the "Haha, thanks!" posts are coming from in chat.

[Moemon] 7d 6h 52m Back outside Celadon City.

[Moemon] 7d 6h 52m We heal our party!

7d 6h 52m [Chat] Now they're @ other users with "Haha, thanks!"

[Moemon] 7d 6h 50m We enter the Moemon Center.


[Chat] @NMario84 Haha, thanks!

[Chat] Haha, thanks.

[Moemon] 7d 6h 48m We also enter Celadon City!

[Moemon] 7d 6h 47m Butterfree recently fainted due to Poison!

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon/ACCCIOOWWW Lv. 40 - Max. HP 167 Attack 60 Defense 64 Sp. Atk 106 Sp. Def 82 Speed 58

[Moemon] 7d 6h 45m Vaporeon grows to Lv.40

[Touhoumon] 7d 6h 44m We save the game!

[Touhoumon] 7d 6h 39m Back outside Celadon City!

[Touhoumon] 7d 6h 39m We healed our team!

[Touhoumon] 7d 6h 38m Entered the BONéKA Center!

[Touhoumon] 7d 6h 36m Reached Celadon City!

[Moemon] 7d 6h 35m Vileplume faints to a wild Meowth!

[Moemon] 7d 6h 32m Vileplume now in the red, with 10% HP left.

[Moemon] 7d 6h 28m Vileplume now in the Yellow. Butterfree in the deep red, due to Poison.

[Info] Command inputs have CONSIDERABLY slowed down.

[Both] 7d 6h 23m Also, DESYNC'D

[Moemon/Info] 7d 6h 23m No PP left for Giga Drain!

[Both] 7d 6h 20m GET SYNC'D!

[Moemon/Info] Meanwhile in Moemon, running away from wild 'mon.

[Touhoumon] 7d 6h 15m Back outside for some fresh air.

[Touhoumon] 7d 6h 12m We're in the underground tunnel pathway building.

[Both] 7d 6h 7m We Desync from each other.

[Both] 7d 6h 6m We're back on Route 7!

[Both/Fluff] I guess we refuse to heal our team.

[Info] 7d 6h 5m Anarchy resumes.


[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ START9 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] We have 2 min left in Democracy mode, and this is how we spend it? Keepo

[Both] 7d 6h 1m So yea... Start9 inputs have begun!

[Fluff] Sync Start9 Kreygasm

7d 5h 59m [Both] Get SYNC'D!

[Resub] ProjectRevoTPP is a resubscriber! ຈل͜ຈ

[Both] We were ALMOST sync with each other.

[Touhoumon] 7d 5h 56m Exited the Silph Co. Building again.

[Snark] up0up0down0down0left0right0left0right0b0a0start0

7d 5h 50m We enter Democracy Mode!

[Moemon/Info] It appears someone was recently poisoned. ຈل͜ຈ

[Moemon] 7d 5h 44m At Saffron City.

[Touhoumon] 7d 5h 40m Yup..... Faffing about outside, inside and back outside Silph Co.

[Touhoumon] 7d 5h 33m We're back inside Silph Co. Building.

[Touhoumon] 7d 5h 30m Out of the Silph. Co building.

[Touhoumon/Info] Meanwhile, I assume we're faffing about in our bags, looking at pictures on the wall. Still inside Silph. Co, I take it?

[Moemon] [Stats] Vileplume Lv. 22 - Max. HP 69 Attack 43 Defense 43 Sp. Atk 54 Sp. Def 45 Speed 30

[Moemon] 7d 5h 25m Fly takes it out as well! Picnicker Nancy defeated! We get 320 fro winning!

[Moemon] 7d 5h 24m Fly takes it out! Vileplume grew to Lv.22! Nancy sends out a Pikachu!

[Chat] L (emote) R E

[Moemon/Typo/Fluff] Pickniker, something. FailFish

[Moemon] 7d 5h 22m Switched out for T The Pidgeot!

[Moemon] 7d 5h 21m Battle VS Pikniker Nancy! Rattata sent out! Go Vileplume!

7d 5h 15m Satori's blazer is back in the bag due to us replacing it with the Lunatic Orb. Looks like she is now topless ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Touhoumon] 7d 5h 15m Before I go to bed I catch us giving the lunatic orb to Satori. http://i.imgur.com/QjrqmN3.png

[Meta] Sorry everyone. I cant update anymore, and I cant find anyone to take my place. Updates might be scarce/nonexistent until someone decides to get off their lazy butts. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

[Snark] just toss it so I can go to bed already BibleThump

[Both] 7d 4h 53m Wandering. Wandering. more wandering.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 50m Gasp! We exit the elevator... on the same floor we went in.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 49m We've been stuck in the elevator for... checks watch too long. I think we're locked in.

[Snark] When Helix sees his shadow, it's 15 more minutes of anarchy

[Chat] 7d 4h 41m arguing.

[Both] 7d 4h 35m 15 more minutes of anarchy

[Moemon] 7d 4h 34m save. Were still going for a walk.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 29m We save. The chat has slowed down quite a bit.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 27m We're still a little shaken p after that. We're running into walls. B inputs keep us from going into the bag, which is probably for the best.

[Moemon] 7d 4h 23m Meanwhile. Slow text speed.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 21m We keep rummaging through our bag. This is very risky

[Both] Anarchy mode

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 19m We try and fail to give it to satori

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 19m We're in the give item menu. 20 sec in demo left...

[Touhoumon] [Info] 7d 4h 18m Holy... We just barely keep from tossing it as I said that. We only have another minute left in democracy. We try again...

[Snark] Or we could toss it

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 16m We find the orb in our bag. We're going to give it to someone. Who will be tasked to carry this great responsibility?

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 13m After rummaging about through menus; we cant seem to find the m- ORB. The chat is freaking out. We pull the plug on the pc in our SwiftRage.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 7m We turn it on. The suspense is killing me! Even though everyone seems determined to deposit the mas- lunatic orb.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 5m Uh oh. We seem to be heading to the pc again. More twitter?

[Both] 7d 4h 5m Democracy enabled.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 4m After struggling to turn it on we give up and run out the door. We got places to be!

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 4m We go on the pc. Time to tell everyone on twitter of our feat.

[Snark] Hes probably trying to tell us being locked in there has made him crazy.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 2m The old guy gives us a Lunatic orb.. O...kay then? We back away slowly wondering whats wrong with him. He says it can catch anything we throw it at without fail.

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 2m We save

[Touhoumon] 7d 4h 1m We check our trainer card. Nope. That wasn't a gym. no new badge.

[Moemon] [Fluff] 7d 4h 1m What a great day to do nothing

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 59m we're running around the room happily. The old man and the kid seem unimpressed.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 58m We mess with the pc in celebration, and have our artbook rated.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 57m Boss Giovanni defeated!

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 57m CCirno eveloves into Cirno!

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 56m Momiji's blade flashes put the enemy below half. We're sittin pretty at 77% until it uses superpower and brings us to 17%. Even still blade flash ends it and Momiji levels to 44, replacing blade slash with night slash

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 55m That increased damage is put towards a scary face. We're having none of that, and just down it. Yuugi sent out

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 54m The foe raises its attack and speed. We use this opportunity to pile on more damage before switching to Momiji

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 54m We exchange small blows. No clear advantage yet.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 53m Before he can utilize it, we take him down. Foe's Renilia sent out.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 52m Zen headbutt puts the foe to half hp. He is using focus energy.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 52m We try chipping him down aswell. He roars out Tokiko

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 51m Foe's AKeine sent out.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 51m Superpower puts us past half hp. We're slowly chipping it down with ice shard until the Suika faints! CCirno levels to 32

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 50m CCirno sent out.

[Snark] [Moemon] 7d 3h 50m Bulbasaur's cry is the same confirmed. Probably. Lets check again to be sure.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 49m CMystia is downed before it can lsft a finger

[Snark] Mystia sweep incoming

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 49m CMystia is sent out

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 48m Steel fist and darude sandstorm put us to 18 health. Cross chop faints Satori.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 48m We sustain heavy damage already. Our attacks just cant keep up.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 47m We come in. We seem to be interrupting something. we are challanged by Boss Giovoni. He sends out a Suika vs our Satori

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 46m We head to floor 11. Theres some old guys behind an ominous door. Old guys always are important to the plot, right?

[Snark] With all this wandering we might as well be in the Boredroom, amiright? ....guys? if this thing on?

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 44m We now go to floor 7. This place gives me the creeps. The music they keep playing is getting kind of annoying. Some guy tells us the boss is in the boardroom.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 43m We warp back to floor 3 after healing.

[Moemon] [Fluff] We take a look at some advertisements. Nothing really catches our eye, but this new great ball thing sounds nice. Maybe some fresh air by the woods would do us good.

[Moemon] 7d 3h 40m Taking a nice little stroll through the city. Just generally wondering and enjoying life.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 39m A nice lady offers to let us nap in one of her beds. How nice. Our party is fully healed

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 37m Foe's CHinda sent out. Extrasensory doesn't one shot it, but it flinches. the next one downs it. Rocket grunt defeated!

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 36m Sanae wipes the floor with it thorugh extrasensory. Cyuugi is sent out, who suffers the same fate.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 35m We hide in the corner for a while before being challenged by a rocket grunt. Cmomiji vs our Sanae

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 34m Back on floor 9. We can do this. We can do this!

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 32m We warp around floor 9, but come back. We need to mentally prepare a bit.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 31m We receive a much needed hyper potion.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 31m Girl is saving hype

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 28m We take the Telepad to 3F.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 26m We return to Green's room on 7F.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 24m CRumia goes down and the Team Rocket Grunt is defeated! We are now by the door of boss Giovanni.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 23m A final CRumia is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 23m CRumia is knocked out and another CRumia (Level 34) is sent out in its place. It goes down as well. Sanae grows to level 45!

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 21m We return to 11F and get stopped by a Team Rocket Grunt! He sends out CRumia (Level 34)! We send out Sanae (Level 44), our only remaining Boneka.

[Moemon] 7d 3h 21m We exit the Pokemon Center.

7d 3h 20m Anarchy is enabled.

[Moemon] 7d 3h 12m Vileplume forgets Attract for Giga Drain!

[Moemon] 7d 3h 11m We are currently attempting to teach Vileplume Giga Drain.

[Moemon] 7d 3h 10m Giga Drain TM is loaded up.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 8m We are currently on the 7F Telepad, in the tiny Green room.

[Moemon] 7d 3h 8m The TM Case is Deselected.

7d 3h 6m Democracy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 4m We use the Telepad and wind up on 11F.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 3m We get a Rinnosuke (No Nickname) from a nearby NPC.

[Info] [Touhoumon] 7d 3h 3m She quickly storms off after that 44 minute battle.

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 2m We finish it off! CMarisa goes down! Ghostly Club Member Green was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 7d 3h 1m We send out Sanae, our final Boneka, against Green's final Boneka.

[Moemon] 7d 3h 1m At some point during the TM usage spam, Vileplume was given TM 49 to hold.

[Moemon] [Info] We will never encounter a male foe, aside from the Nidoran-male line.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 57m Vileplume forgets Absorb for Attract!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 56m A super effective Discharge packs quite the wallop! Tokiko fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 55m Alice goes down! Green sends out her final Boneka, a CMarisa (Level 38)!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 54m Alice, who is almost KOed, reveals her final move: Recycle. Alice has no damage dealing attacks.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 54m We decide to enter again and heal once more.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 53m We exit the Pokemon Center.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 53m We heal our Pokemon!

[Moemon] 7d 2h 52m We enter the Pokemon Center.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 52m Our Physical attacks do not do much damage as well, and it has Doll Wall (Rough Skin) to damage us. However we seem to be doing more than Sanae was.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 52m We withdraw Sanae and send out A, the Tokiko!

[Moemon] 7d 2h 50m Apparently the TM Case is now set to Select.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 48m We try to teach Butterfree Attract twice, but cancel out both times.

[Snark] Green must have been the one that donated for all those Vaporeon vs Milotic matches.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 44m We manage to Fly in anarchy! All the way to Saffron City. We are now in the same town only outside the Pokemon Center.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 41m We exit the random house we were in and resume watching the Teachy TV, still conveniently placed on Select.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 40m We attempt to throw a couple of Normal Orbs to end the suffering. They do not work.

[Info] [Touhoumon] 7d 2h 36m Alice only seems to be using Mana Charge (Calm Mind), Wish and Mystic Water (Aqua Ring). No idea what the final move might be. Looking at the Pokedex, it's possible it has something useless like Recycle or maybe Mirror Coat.

[Snark] 7d 2h 32m Alright, who donated for this match?

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 31m While it doesn't seem to even be attempting to attack us, Alice heals to full after every turn. Thankfully, enemy Pokemon have PP this gen.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 30m It is also under an Aqua Ring type effect.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 28m Alice is being very tactical, boosting it's stats with a Calm Mind like move, and using Wish. We do not do much damage to it..

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 27m Patchouli is taken down! Green has two more Pokemon left! Her starter, Alice, is sent out! It becomes confused due to Serene Grace Water Pulse!

[Moemon] 7d 2h 26m Teachy TV is registered to Select.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 25m Teachy TV is loaded up.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 25m We send out Sanae (Level 44)! Extrasensory is not very effective but we do get flinches thanks to Serene Grace.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 24m We send out CMystia (Level 15). Patchouli uses Psycho Boost, causing CMystia to faint! However that caused a Sp. Atk drop on Patchouli!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 23m We send out CCirno (Level 31)! It doesn't last long.. CCirno fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 22m Our own Fury Cutter takes down the foe Goliath! Green then sends out Patchouli (Level 41)! Momiji fainted!

[Moemon] 7d 2h 21m We enter Saffron City!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 21m Momiji is paralyzed from Body Slam!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 20m We send out Momiji, who lowers its attack with Intimidate. We use Blade Flash but it is resisted and does minimal damage. Thankfully we resist Fury Cutter as it does little damage back to us.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 19m It is using Fury Cutter on us, which now works like Rollout. Satori fainted!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 19m Satori is out of PP against a Goliath (Level 38)! It has to use Struggle!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 18m She sends out Medicine (Level 40) against our Satori (Level 39)! Thankfully our Mana Burst is super effective! Medicine goes down in two hits!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 18m Ghostly Club Green would like to Battle!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 17m Green notices us and wants to test if we can defeat Team Rocket.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 17m We enter the gate house leading to Saffron City.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 17m We step on a Telepad and end up on 7F! The floor with our Rival, Green! She scares us and we warp back to 3F and hide behind a plant.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 16m We open a door on 3F, and walk into the room.

[Moemon] 7d 2h 14m Clefairy faints and the Twins are defeated! We resume traveling west.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 13m Foe CKogasa goes down! Team Rocket Grunt is defeated!

[Moemon] 7d 2h 12m We decide to attack and foe Jigglypuff faints! Only Clefairy remains.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 11m CRumia is defeated when we snap out of confusion and is succeeded by CKogasa (Level 30).

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 10m CRumia is sent out, and it confuses us.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 8m A Team Rocket Grunt asks us to stop messing with them. He then sends out a CChen (Level 30) against our Satori (Level 39). It gets a Mirror Shot to the face and goes down.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 8m We return to 3F and start walking randomly.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 6m We take a different Telepad and.. and up on 2F again.

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 5m We decide to go to 2F and then take the stairs up to 3F!

[Touhoumon] 7d 2h 2m We take the Telepad a few times, unsure of ourselves. We are currently back on 8F and circling around it.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 57m We walk onto a Telepad and wind up on 2F!

[Moemon] 7d 1h 57m We run into Twins Eli & Anne! They send out Clefairy and Jigglypuff (Both level 22). We send out Vaporeon (Level 39) and Butterfree (Level 40).

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 56m CKogasa fainted! Rocket Grunt has been defeated!

[Moemon] 7d 1h 55m Foe Vulpix fainted! Gamer Rich has been defeated.

[Moemon] 7d 1h 54m Foe Growlithe fainted! Gamer Rich sends out a Vulpix (Level 24).

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 53m CRumia goes down and is replaced by CKogasa (Level 30). Mana Burst takes care of it, despite not being very effective. Out comes a CKogasa (Level 29).

[Moemon] 7d 1h 53m We are challenged by Gamer Rich who sends out Growlithe (Level 24). We send out Vaporeon (Level 39).

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 52m We get spotted by one of the Rocket Brothers. A Team Rocket Grunt, who sends out CRumia (Level 30). We send out Satori (Level 39).

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 51m We descend the stairs to 8F.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 48m We open some doors, but are still on 9F.

[Moemon] 7d 1h 44m We head south back into Lavender town, and then west onto Route 8.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 44m We step on the telepad and end up on 9F!

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 42m We find the Card Key!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Satori Lv. 39 - Max. HP 133 Attack 52 Defense 78 Sp. Atk 111 Sp. Def 90 Speed 79

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 40m Chen Roars away our Satori. A, the Tokiko comes out. She takes care of it easily as Satori levels up to 39! And also learns Mana Burst!!

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 39m We are spotted by a Team Rocket Grunt! He sends out Chen (Level 36). We send out Satori again (Level 38).

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 38m Another CPatchouli is sent out and Satori makes short work of it as well. Scientist Beau was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 37m That CKoakuma is easily disposed of. A CPatchouli (Level 28) is sent out. It also dies in one hit.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 36m We use a Super Potion on Satori! Satori then takes care of the CKoakuma, as another one also comes out.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 35m We get spotted by Scientist Beau! He sends out CKoakuma (Level 28). We send out Satori (Level 38).

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 32m We arrive on the 5th floor!

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 28m We ride the elevator and change floors a few times.

[Moemon] 7d 1h 28m Foe Slowpoke fainted! Pokemaniac Herman is defeated!

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 27m We enter the elevator.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 22m We enter Silph Co!

[Moemon] 7d 1h 21m Foe Cubone fainted! Pokemaniac Herman sends out Slowpoke (Level 20).

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 19m We exit without healing.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 17m We enter the Boneka Center in Saffron City.

[Moemon] 7d 1h 16m We are challenged by Pokemaniac Herman. He sends out a Cubone (Level 20). He finds himself up against our Vaporeon (Level 39).

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 14m We head south, back in Saffron City. Many of the houses and gym are still blocked due to Team Rocket.

[Moemon] 7d 1h 14m We exit the cave south, towards Lavender Town.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 11m Not being in Democracy, we effortlessly jump the cliff.

[Moemon] 7d 1h 10m While Touhoumon was cutting the tree, Moemon was repeatedly checking to make sure that Bulbasaur's cry didn't change. It did not.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 10m We head south of Cerulean, towards the Daycare.

[Touhoumon] 7d 1h 6m We Cut the tree and head west into Cerulean City.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 55m We pick up a Burn Heal!

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 54m CSuika goes down rather effortlessly as well. Hiker Alan was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 53m CSuika is sent out as her replacement. We try to capture it with a Normal Orb. It doesn't work.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 52m We get noticed by Hiker Alan! He sends out CYamame (Level 22). We send out Satori (Level 38). CYamame doesn't stand a chance and faints.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 50m We head west onto our favorite area, Route 9.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 46m Party is healed!

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 45m We enter the Boneka Center.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 37m We catch a CMurasa with a Normal Orb! Level 5, male, no nickname.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 31m We use a super potion on Tokiko!

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 31m We hit the waters of Route 10 after exiting the power plant.

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 39 - Max. HP 163 Attack 58 Defense 61 Sp. Atk 104 Sp. Def 80 Speed 56

[Moemon] 7d 0h 28m Still trekking along the darkness of Rock Tunnel... Vaporeon grows to level 39!

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 27m We decide to kill it the CMeiling instead, and leave the Power Plant by the left gate.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 27m Second attempt doesn't work either.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 26m Another Normal Orb tossed at a wild CMeiling. It doesn't catch.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 24m Surprise - Normal Orb #5...works! CPatchouli is level 22 and female. No nickname.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 24m Another Normal Orb doesn't work!

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 23m We try again, and it still fails to catch. We go for round 3, and it doesn't work out.

[Touhoumon] 7d 0h 23m Failed at catching a CPatchouli with a Normal Orb.

7d 0h 20m Back in Anarchy.

[Touhoumon] Money: $12736, Artbook: 29

[Moemon] Money: $39948, Pokédex: 31

[Both] 7d 0h 13m Viewing our trainer cards.

Day 8 of Twitch Plays Touhoumon/Moemon

7d 0h 5m In democracy.

[Snark] Well, Elis was kind enough to heal Tokiko by 19 HP before we left her.

[RIP] rip

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 58m Elis uses pain split, and WE RUN!

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 58m Elis uses Snatch, and we use quick attack again.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 57m We use quick attack. Elis resists it. We get hit by Dark Pulse. 4 HP!

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 57m Normal Orb fails! Elis uses Dark Pulse, CCirno faints! only Tokiko left.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 57m We fail to run! Elis uses flail!

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 56m CCirno uses Ice Shard, and Elis pain splits again.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 56m We switch to CCirno. Elis uses Pain Split.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 55m Quick attack! Elis uses Dark Pulse.

[Info] Elis replaces Zapdos.

6d 23h 54m Elis uses Snatch. We use soar.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 54m Versus Elis! Tokiko up!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Tokiko/A Lv. 47 - Max. HP 183 Attack 91 Defense 110 Sp. Atk 54 Sp. Def 94 Speed 102

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 51m Tokiko grows to level 47.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 49m Getting close to the end of the plant.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 47m We don't continue trying to catch the CMeiling and flee.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 47m Normal Orb 2! No catching today.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 46m Threw another Normal Orb at another CMeiling! No luck.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 44m Threw a normal orb at a Cmeiling! Catch! Level 24, male, no nick.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 40m CMystia faints!

[Moemon] 6d 23h 36m Back inside Rock Tunnel.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 32m We give up and defeat the CSakuya. We already have one caught anyway.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 31m Number 4 doesn't cut it either.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 29m Orb number 3 - nope.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 28m We throw another Normal Orb! Still no catch.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 28m Threw a Normal Orb at a wild CSakuya! No luck.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 27m Still getting into a few skirmishes in the Power Plant, with Tokiko leading the party. CCirno and our newly-caught CMystia tag from behind.

[Moemon] 6d 23h 26m The hiker sends out Graveler only for it to go down as well. We beat the Hiker.

[Moemon] [Stats] Vaporeon Lv. 38 - Max. HP 159 Attack 55 Defense 59 Sp. Atk 101 Sp. Def 78 Speed 54

[Moemon] 6d 23h 25m Vaporeon defeats the Onix, and levels up to 38.

[Moemon] 6d 23h 20m Versus Hiker Trent. Onix versus Vaporeon.

[Moemon] 6d 23h 17m Charizard makes short work of it. Clark is defeated.

[Moemon] 6d 23h 16m Charizard takes out the Geodude. Hiker Clark sends out Onix.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 16m We pick up TM25: Thunder.

[Moemon] 6d 23h 15m Vileplume faints to the Geodude's Magnitude!

[Moemon] 6d 23h 10m Fighting a Hiker. Vileplume versus Geodude.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 10m Sanae faints! Tokiko now leads.

[Moemon] 6d 23h 9m Got out of Rock Tunnel and into Route 10.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 8m Sanae only has 18 HP left.

[Touhoumon] 6d 23h 5m Threw a Normal Orb at a CPatchouli! It doesn't catch!

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Sanae Lv. 44 - Max. HP 156 Attack 63 Defense 115 Sp. Atk 100 Sp. Def 112 Speed 70

[Touhoumon] 6d 22h 57m Sanae grows to level 44!

[Touhoumon] 6d 22h 51m Sanae is paralyzed!

[Touhoumon] 6d 22h 46m Momiji faints! Sanae now leads the party.

[Moemon] 6d 22h 39m In Rock Tunnel.

[Moemon] 6d 22h 34m Ran out of the center.

[Touhoumon] [Stats] Momiji Lv. 43 - Max. HP 130 Attack 114 Defense 93 Sp. Atk 61 Sp. Def 54 Speed 94

[Moemon] 6d 22h 33m Really close to the PC.

[Touhoumon] 6d 22h 33m Momiji grows to level 43!

[Touhoumon] 6d 22h 30m Normal Orb thrown at wild CMeiling! Catch! Level 22, male, no nickname.

[Touhoumon] 6d 22h 26m Threw a Normal Orb at a CKoakuna! Catch! Level 25, male, no nickname. (The last two we caught were both female.)

[Moemon] 6d 22h 21m Healed up! Our home center is certainly Lavender town by now.

[Moemon] 6d 22h 20m Entered Lavender Town's Center.

[Touhoumon/Snark] Attack of the "Yoshi" rock formations!

[Touhoumon] 6d 22h 11m Momiji was paralyzed some time ago.

[Moemon] 6d 22h 2m Left the name rater's house, out in the Cubone girl's.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 57m In the Name Rater's house.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 51m Threw a Normal Orb at a wild CSakuya! Catch! Level 31, nick ABAaaX

6d 21h 49m Stay in anarchy.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 48m Found a Max Potion.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 42m Reached Lavender town.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 40m Entered the Power Plant!

[Moemon] 6d 21h 36m Goldeen down to two embers. We defeat Ned.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 35m Finally take out that Poliwag. Ned sends in Goldeen, and we switch to Charizard.

6d 21h 35m In anarchy.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 33m We go out and finally hit the waters of Route 10.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 31m We replace CCirno's hail with surf!

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 27m In the menu to teach someone surf.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 24m Opening up the TM case.

6d 21h 20m We enter democracy.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 19m Goldeen down. Poliwag is sent out.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 18m Fighting Fisherman Ned. Goldeen versus Butterfree.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 16m We threw a Normal Orb to catch it, as it was the only one we had.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 15m We catch a CMystia! Level 15, no nickname.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 13m Critical hit on Goldeen, Fisherman Hank defeated.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 13m Ledge easily defeated. In route 10 now.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 11m Facing Fisherman Hank. Butterfree on low HP versus his Goldeen.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 5m Electrode uses spark, and Butterfree is in the red! Psybeam and a Psychic manage to take Electrode out before she faints, and Butterfree grows to level 40! We don't learn safeguard, and defeat Luca.

6d 21h 5m We choose to remain in anarchy.

[Touhoumon] 6d 21h 3m Still whailing around the Route 9 Ledge while Moemon tries to defeat this trainer.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 2m Voltrob faints, it is owned by Rocket Luca. Electrode is sent out.

[Moemon] 6d 21h 0m Battling a Voltorb.

[Moemon] 6d 20h 52m Finally use psychic to take out the Magikarp. We defeat Andrew.

[Moemon] 6d 20h 47m Magikarp down to one psychic. Andrew sends in his other Magikarp.

[Moemon] 6d 20h 47m Battling Fisherman Andrew. Magikarp versus Butterfree.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 46m Hopped down a ledge. Once again, we find ourselves in the legendary Route 9 Ledge maze.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 45m Cut the tree from the entrance to route 9.

[Moemon] 6d 20h 42m Poliwag is defeated and out comes Horsea (Level 28). However it doesn't stand a chance and goes down as well! Picnicker Alma was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 20h 39m Goldeen goes down! It gets replaced by Poliwag (Level 28).

[Moemon] 6d 20h 37m We get spotted by Picnicker Alma! She sends out Goldeen (Level 28). We send out Butterfree (Level 39).

6d 20h 35m Anarchy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 34m We exit the Daycare.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 32m We leave CMeiling at the Daycare!

[Moemon] 6d 20h 29m We return a bit west and land on the bridges again.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 28m We retrieve CCirno from the Daycare! It is now Level 31!

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 25m We exit out of the PC.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 25m CToyohime is placed into Box 2!

[Moemon] 6d 20h 20m We are currently surfing east of the bridge, avoiding a few trainers on Route 13/12.

6d 20h 19m Democracy continues.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 17m We enter the Daycare and activate the PC.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 11m We start to head north and down the ledges towards the Daycare.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 9m We head north of Saffron onto Route 5.

6d 20h 7m Democracy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 6d 20h 1m We get TM29 - Mana Burst from Mr Psychic!

[Moemon] 6d 20h 0m Pidgeotto goes down and Bird Keeper Sebastian is defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 19h 59m Butterfree makes short work of Pidgey and Butterfree levels up to 39! Pidgeotto is then sent out (Level 29).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 57m Bird Keeper Sebastian spots us and challenges us to a battle! He sends out Pidgey (Level 29) and we send out Butterfree (Level 38).

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 56m We pass through the gate house and end up in Saffron City.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 55m Rattata gets sent to the shadow realm and Beauty Lola is defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 19h 54m Pikachu goes down to an Ember attack. Beauty Lola sends out a Rattata (Level 27) again.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 53m We also withdrew Butterfree and switched to Charizard.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 53m Foe Rattata fainted! Beauty Lola sent out Pikachu (Level 27).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 51m We get in a battle with the other Beauty standing next to her. We send out Butterfree (Level 38) and she uses a Rattata (Level 27).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 50m Meowth goes down! Beauty Shelia was defeated.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 49m Clefairy is defeated by Butterfree and Meowth (Level 29) is sent out.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 47m We get spotted by Beauty Shelia. She sends out Clefairy (Level 29). We send out Butterfree (Level 38).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 46m Poliwag goes down and Picnicker Valerie is defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 45m We head north of Vermilion onto Route 6.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 44m Poliwag gets defeated by FFF. Picnicker Valerie sends out a second Poliwag (Level 30).

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 43m We exit the Boneka Mart without buying anything.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 39m Vaporeon fainted! FFF is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 38m We enter the Boneka Mart!

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 38m We return to Vermilion City.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 37m We backtrack west, fighting the trainers we previously avoided. A Picnicker spots us and sends out Poliwag (Level 30).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 36m Rattata goes down and out comes another Meowth (Level 24). It faints effortlessly as well, although Vaporeon now has only 2 HP left. Picnicker Susie was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 19h 35m Foe Meowth fainted! Rattata (Level 24) is sent out.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 34m Pikachu goes down! Picnicker Susie then sends out a Meowth (Level 24).

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 33m We are still east of Vermilion City, wandering around in the grass.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 31m Picnicker Susie sends out Pikachu (Level 24)!

[Moemon] 6d 19h 31m We encounter a Picnicker who sends out Pidgey (Level 24). We send out Vaporeon (Level 37) who has 16 HP remaining.

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 30m Caught a female CKogasa (Level 13)!

[Moemon] 6d 19h 30m We travel south across the fences, avoiding quite a few trainers and making it to the bridge part of Route 13.

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 27m We return to Vermilion City. And then leave again.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 26m FFF the Charizard grew to level 45! Picnicker Gwen is defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 19h 25m Foe Meowth faints. Pidgey (Level 27) is sent out but also quickly faints as well. Pidgeotto is also sent out (Level 27) but drops as well.

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 24m CWriggle goes down and we are faced with CMomiji (Level 20). It also faints to Momiji. Youngster Dillion is defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 19h 24m We withdraw Vaporeon for FFF, the Charizard (Level 44). It quickly takes care of Pidgey. Picnicker Gwen then sends out Meowth (Level 27).

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 23m We get in a battle with Youngster Dillion. He sends out CWriggle (Level 20). We send out Momiji (Level 42).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 22m Spotted by Picnicker Gwen. She sends out Pidgey (Level 27) and we send out Vaporeon (Level 37).

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 16m Momiji levels up to 42 as CLetty goes down and Youngster Yasu is defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 16m CLetty is taken out, and another CLetty (Level 19) is sent out. It also quickly faints.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 15m Fearow goes down. Bird Keeper Robert was defeated.

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 15m Youngster Yasu spots us. He sends out a CLetty (Level 18).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 14m Spearow fainted! Next up is a Fearow (Level 26).

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 13m We head west onto Route 11 (Heading towards Vermilion).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 13m Pidgeotto faints and Spearow (Level 26) is sent to replace it.

[Info] [Touhoumon] 6d 19h 12m Yukari is this games version of Snorlax, if anyone was confused.

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 11m We attempt a Normal Orb but have no luck. We use cut and get it to yellow HP. We then cut again and faint it. Yukari fainted! Both Yukari are gone now.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 11m We withdraw Vaporeon for FFF, the Charizard (Level 44).

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 10m A second Hard Orb has no success either. We try a third but it also breaks free.

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 10m We throw a Hard Orb! But it breaks free!

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 9m CYukari appeared!

[Touhoumon] 6d 19h 9m AABBHM played the flute.

[Moemon] 6d 19h 7m Foe Pidgey fainted! Bird Keeper Robert sends out Pidgeotto (Level 26).

[Moemon] 6d 19h 1m Bird Keeper Robert notices us and challenges us to a Moemon battle. He sends out a Pidgey (Level 26) and we send out Vaporeon (Level 37).

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 57m CIku goes down to Cut and gets replaced by a second CIku (Level 30). It effortlessly goes down as well, as Rocker Luca is defeated.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 56m Rocker Luca decides to battle us. He sends out CIku (Level 30). Momiji gets sent out (Level 41).

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 54m CNitori faints. Fisherman Andrew then sends out a second CNitori (Level 25). Fury Cutter makes short work of it as well. Fisherman Andrew was defeated.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 53m We get spotted by Fisherman Andrew. He sends out a CNitori. We send out Momiji.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 52m We officially escape fence maze hell and head north onto Route 12.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 52m Bird Keeper Perry was defeated. We progress east, further into this fence maze.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 51m Pidgey was defeated and Spearow (Level 25) comes out to replace it. It faints to a single Ember and another Spearow replaces it (Level 25).

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 49m CStar goes down and CHatate comes out only to get Fury Cutter'd as well. The Fury Cutter train has no breaks as CLuna faints as well. Picnicker Alma was defeated.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 48m Picnicker Alma glances our way and sends out a CStar (Level 28). We welcome it with Momiji (Level 41). It gets the Fury Cutter treatment.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 47m CUtsuho gets destroyed and Momiji levels up to 41! Bird Keeper Perry is defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 46m Foe Spearow faints and gets replaced by Pidgey (Level 25). It also dies in a single hit.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 46m CHatate gets taken care of and CUtsuho comes out in it's place.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 45m We run into Bird Keeper Perry and he sends out Spearow (Level 25). We send out Vaporeon but withdraw it for FFF (Level 44).

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 45m Bird Keeper Sebastian spots us and challenges us to a battle! He sends out CHatate (Level 30). We send out Momiji (Level 40).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 45m It faints and Biker Jared was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 44m Koffing goes down and Vaporeon grew to level 37! Another Koffing (Level 28) comes out.

[Both] 6d 18h 43m It should be mentioned that both games are on Route 13. Moemon is near the start going east, while Touhoumon is near Route 12.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 42m Foe Koffing fainted! Another Koffing (Level 28) is sent out.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 41m Momiji Next out from Picnicker Susie is CCirno (Level 25). It too goes down with a single Cut. Picnicker Susie was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 38m CMedicine fainted! She then sends out CChen and that also quickly goes down! Next out is CNazrin but that also drops in a single hit as well.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 37m Challenged by Picnicker Susie! She sends out CMedicine (Level 25) and we send out Momiji (Level 40).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 37m Biker Jared would like to battle! He sends out Koffing (Level 28)! We send out Vaporeon (Level 36).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 35m It quickly faints and Bird Keeper Mitch was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 34m Bird Keeper Mitch sent out Pidgey (Level 26).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 33m FFF did not learn Slash!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 32m Foe Pidgey goes down! FFF grew to level 44! It's trying to learn Slash!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 31m We withdraw Vaporeon for FFF, the Charizard (Level 43).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 30m Spotted by Bird Keeper Mitch! He sends out a Pidgey (Level 26). We send out Vaporeon (Level 36).

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 29m CHatate goes down! She sends out a second CHatate (Level 30). It also drops in a single hit. Picnicker Valerie was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 28m Challenged by Picnicker Valerie! She sends out CHatate (Level 30).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 27m Foe Fearow fainted! Bird Keeper Marlon was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 25m Foe Duduo fainted! Fearow replaces it (Level 28).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 22m Spearow fainted and is replaced by a Doduo (Level 28).

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 22m Biker Jared was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 21m Momiji did not learn Tailwind.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 21m Momiji grew to level 40! It is trying to learn Tailwind.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 20m CRin goes down. He sends out another CRin (Level 29) which quickly goes down as well.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 20m We get noticed by Bird Keeper Marlon. He sends out a Spearow (Level 28). We send out Vaporeon (Level 36).

6d 18h 20m Anarchy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 19m Our Momiji (Level 39) is sent out.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 17m Fearow goes down and Bird Keeper Beck was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 16m Bird Keeper Beck sent out Fearow (Level 29).

[Info] [Moemon] 6d 18h 15m Vaporeon now knows Surf, Water Pulse, Quick Attack and Aurora Beam.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 15m Vaporeon forgot Sand-Attack and learned Aurora Beam!

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 13m CToyohime fainted!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 12m Vaporeon grew to level 36! Vaporeon is trying to learn Aurora Beam.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 11m He sends out Pidgeotto (Level 29). We send out Vaporeon (Level 35). It quickly faints!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 11m We are challenged by Bird Keeper Beck.

[Moemon] 6d 18h 7m Fearow goes down! Bird Keeper Benny was defeated!

6d 18h 6m Democracy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 5m We send out AAAAAAAAAA (CToyohime - Level 25).

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 3m Satori fainted!

[Moemon] 6d 18h 3m Foe Spearow fainted! He sends out a Fearow (Level 29).

[Touhoumon] 6d 18h 3m Biker Jared challenges us to a battle. He sends out CRin (Level 29). We send out Satori (Level 38).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 2m Bird Keeper Benny wants to fight! He sends out Spearow (Level 29). We send out Vaporeon (Level 35).

[Moemon] 6d 18h 0m He sends out another Grimer but it also quickly faints. Biker Malik was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 59m We are challenged by Biker Malik! He sends out Koffing (Level 29). We send out Vaporeon (Level 35). It quickly goes down.

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 58m CMeiling takes down the enemy CTokiko! CMeiling grew to level 22! Bird Keeper Perry was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 57m Foe Grimer fainted! Koffing (Level 28) comes out. It quickly drops to Surf. Vaporeon grew to level 35! Biker Isaac was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 55m Vaporeon takes down Grimer. Biker Isaac sends out another Grimer (Level 28).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 54m Satori is withdrawn for CMeiling (Level 21).

[Moemon] 6d 17h 54m Biker Isaac spots us and sends out a Grimer (Level 28). We send out Vaporeon (Level 34).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 53m CTokiko goes down to our Struggle attacks. Bird Keeper Perry sends out another CTokiko (Level 26).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 50m Bird Keeper Perry brings out CTokiko (Level 26) as we use Struggle against it.

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 49m CMystia faints and gets replaced by another CMystia (Level 27). It quickly goes down as well but we are now out of PP once again.

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 49m Satori levels up to 38!

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 49m CTokiko goes down and gets replaced by CMystia (Level 27).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 48m We talk to Bird Keeper Perry and start a fight. He sends out CTokiko (Level 26) and we send out Satori (Level 37).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 46m CMystia fainted! Bird Keeper Carter was defeated.

[Moemon] 6d 17h 45m We Cut and enter one of the tiny patches of grass on Route 14.

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 44m Bird Keeper Carter spotted us! He sends out CMystia (Level 30). We send out Satori (Level 37).

[Moemon] 6d 17h 41m Koffing fainted! Biker Lukas was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 38m Biker Lukas sent out another Koffing (Level 26).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 38m Foe CAya fainted! Bird Keeper Mitch was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 37m FFF the Charizard makes quick work of Grimer as well.

[Moemon] 6d 17h 36m Biker Lukas sent out Grimer (Level 26). We keep trying to Ember but it has been Disabled.

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 36m CAya uses Whirlwind, CMeiling (Level 21) is dragged out!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 35m Koffing fainted! Biker Lukas sent out Koffing (Level 26), but it also quickly faints!

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 35m Foe CAya fainted! Bird Keeper Mitch sent out CAya (Level 28).

6d 17h 34m Anarchy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 33m Satori was sent back and Sanae was dragged out (Level 43).

[Moemon] 6d 17h 32m We are spotted by Biker Lukas! He sends out a Koffing (Level 26). We send out Vaporeon (Level 34).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 31m Foe CHatate fainted! Bird Keeper Mitch sends out CAya (Level 28).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 29m Foe CHatate fainted! Bird Keeper Mitch sends out another CHatate (Level 27).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 27m Spotted by Bird Keeper Mitch! He sends out CHatate (Level 28) and we send out Satori (Level 37). We Trace each others Trace.

[Moemon] 6d 17h 23m Foe Muk fainted! Vaporeon grew to level 34! Biker Gerald was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 21m Biker Gerald sends out Muk (Level 29).

[Moemon] 6d 17h 20m Foe Koffing (finally) fainted!

6d 17h 19m Democracy is enabled.

[Moemon] 6d 17h 12m We send out Vaporeon (Level 33).

[Moemon] 6d 17h 11m Vileplume fainted!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 7m Challenged by Biker Gerald. He sends out Koffing (Level 29) and we send out Vileplume (Level 21).

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 6m CTokiko fainted! Bird Keeper Marlon was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 5m Bird Keeper Marlon sent out CTokiko (Level 30).

6d 17h 4m Anarchy is enabled.

[Touhoumon] 6d 17h 4m Foe CTokiko fainted!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 3m What? AAACCCVV is evolving! Gloom evolved into Vileplume!

[Moemon] 6d 17h 1m We are currently going through the bag to use a Leaf Stone we have on us.

[Moemon] 6d 16h 57m What? AACCCVV is evolving! Oddish evolved into Gloom!

[Moemon] 6d 16h 57m Twins Kiri & Jan were defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 16h 56m Foe Squirtle fainted! Oddish grew to level 21!

[Moemon] 6d 16h 54m Foe Charmander fainted!

6d 16h 50m Democracy is enabled.

[Moemon] 6d 16h 50m Vaporeon was withdrawn for Butterfree (Level 38).

[Touhoumon] 6d 16h 48m CAya goes down! Bird Keeper Marlon sends out CTokiko (Level 29)!

[Touhoumon] 6d 16h 46m We are spotted by Bird Keeper Marlon! He sends out CAya (Level 29). We send out Satori (Level 37).

[Moemon] 6d 16h 41m We use an Ether on Oddish!

[Touhoumon] 6d 16h 37m We make it to Route 14 again and head north.

[Moemon] 6d 16h 37m We get spotted by two trainers! They send out Squirtle (Level 29) and Charmander (Level 29). We send out Oddish (Level 20) and Vaporeon (Level 33).

6d 16h 35m Anarchy is enabled.

[Both] 6d 16h 32m Both games are synced and heading east towards Route 15.

[Moemon] 6d 16h 26m We enter the Moemon Center and heal our party.

[Touhoumon] 6d 16h 24m We exit the Boneka Center.

[Touhoumon] 6d 16h 22m We enter the Boneka center and heal our party.

6d 16h 20m Democracy is enabled

[Both] 6d 16h 19m We are currently trying to enter the Pokemon Center in both games.

[Moemon] 6d 16h 11m We also enter Fuchsia City!

[Touhoumon] 6d 16h 9m We enter Fuchsia City!

[Moemon] 6d 16h 8m Foe Tangela fainted! Picnicker Yazmin was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 16h 7m We return to the gate house connecting Fuchsia.

[Moemon] 6d 16h 7m Next out is a Tangela (Level 29).

[Moemon] 6d 16h 6m Picnicker Yazmin sends out an Oddish (Level 29). It quickly goes down as well.

[Moemon] 6d 16h 5m Bellsprout faints and Pidgeot levels up to 41!

[Moemon] 6d 16h 5m We are challenged by Picnicker Yazmin! She sends out Bellsprout (Level 29). We send out Pidgeot (Level 40).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 58m Foe Grimer fainted! Biker Ernest was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 58m We are traveling west, back towards Fuchsia.

[Moemon] 6d 15h 57m Foe Koffing fainted! Grimer is sent out next (Level 25).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 56m Pidgeot is withdrawn and FFF the Charizard is sent out.

[Moemon] 6d 15h 55m Foe Weezing fainted! Another Koffing comes out (Level 25).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 54m Koffing does down! He sends out another Koffing which goes down in one hit! Biker Ernest then sends out a Weezing (Level 25).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 53m Challenged by Biker Ernest! He sends out Koffing (Level 25). We send out Pidgeot (Level 40).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 51m Foe Weezing fainted! Biker Alex was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 50m We send out T, the Pidgeot.

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 49m Foe Tokiko fainted! Bird Keeper Beck was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 49m Vaporeon fainted!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 48m Grimer fainted! Biker Alex sends out Weezing (Level 28).

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 47m CMystia fainted! Bird Keeper Beck sends out Tokiko (Level 33).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 45m Biker Alex sends out a Grimer (Level 28)!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 43m We are spotted by Bird Keeper Beck! He sends out CMystia (Level 30) and we send out Sanae (Level 43).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 42m We are spotted by Biker Alex! He sends out Koffing (Level 28). We send out Vaporeon (Level 33)! Foe Koffing quickly faints!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 42m Foe Wigglytuff fainted! Beauty Grace was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 41m Correction it was Vaporeon who leveled up to 33.

[Moemon] 6d 15h 40m Beauty Grace sends out Wigglytuff (Level 29)!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 39m Foe Pidgeotto fainted! Butterfree levels up to 33!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 39m We send out Vaporeon (Level 32).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 38m It wakes up and makes short work of Oddish. Oddish fainted!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 38m Spotted by Beauty Grace! She sends out Pidgeotto (Level 29) and we send out Oddish (Level 20). We put it to sleep!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 36m Beauty Olivia was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 35m Dugtrio was put to sleep and has 12 HP remaining. But she woke up and knocked out foe Ivysaur! Dugtrio then levels up to 35!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 34m Ivysaur is sent out (Level 29).

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 34m Foe Mystia fainted! Bird Keeper Donald was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 33m Foe Bulbasaur fainted!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 33m Sanae is sent out.

[Moemon] 6d 15h 32m We withdraw Oddish for Dugtrio!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 31m Satori self KOs with Struggle!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 31m Satori is sent out again.

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 31m Momiji fainted!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 30m Satori, who has very little health left, is withdrawn for Momiji (Level 39).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 29m Spotted by Beauty Olivia! She sends out Bulbasaur (Level 29)! We send out Oddish (Level 20).

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 28m Spotted by Bird Keeper Donald! He sends out Mystia (Level 35)! We send out Satori (Level 37).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 26m Foe Oddish fainted! The Picnicker was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 26m We are currently traveling north on Route 14.

[Moemon] 6d 15h 26m We send out Vaporeon.

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 25m Foe CTokiko fainted. Bird Keeper Benny was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 25m Foe Oddish fainted! She sends out another Oddish (Level 28). However Butterfree falls due to poison!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 24m We send out Momiji (Level 39).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 24m Oddish is withdrawn and we send out Butterfree! Foe Oddish poisons Butterfree!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 23m CMeiling fainted!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 23m Satori is withdrawn and we send out CMeiling (Level 21).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 22m Vaporeon is withdrawn and we send out our Oddish against an enemy Oddish (Level 28).

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 22m Satori is out of attacks and has to Struggle!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 21m A second CTokiko comes out (Level 30).

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 21m Foe CTokiko fainted! Satori grows to level 37!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 20m We withdraw Oddish for Vaporeon (Level 32).

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 20m Spotted by Bird Keeper Benny! He sends out CTokiko (Level 30) against our Satori (Level 36).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 20m Enemy Gloom paralyzed Oddish with a Stun Spore!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 19m We find a hidden Pinap Fruit!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 19m A female Picnicker spots us! She sends out Gloom (Level 28) and we send out Oddish (Level 20)!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 17m Foe Doduo fainted! Another Doduo comes out (Level 28) but it quickly faints as well! Bird Keeper Chester was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 16m Chester sends out a Doduo (Level 28)!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 15m Foe Dodrio fainted! Oddish levels up to 20!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 15m We withdraw Oddish for Butterfree (Level 38).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 14m We are challenged by Bird Keeper Chester! He sends out a Dodrio (Level 28). We send out Oddish (Level 19).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 12m Edwin sends out a Pidgey but it too quickly faints. Bird Keeper Edwin was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 15h 11m Foe Farfetch'd fainted! Next is a Doduo (Level 26) who quickly faints as well.

[Moemon] 6d 15h 10m Foe Pidgeotto fainted! Edwin sends out Farfetch'd (Level 26).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 9m We are challenged by Bird Keeper Edwin! He sends out a Pidgeotto (Level 26) and we send out Oddish! But we quickly withdraw Oddish for Vaporeon (Level 32).

[Moemon] 6d 15h 8m Vaporeon levels up to 32!

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 6m We finally leave the gate house and go east onto Route 15 as well.

6d 15h 6m Anarchy is in effect.

[Touhoumon] 6d 15h 4m We are still stuck in the same gate house as before.

[Moemon] 6d 15h 4m We head east onto Route 15.

[Moemon] 6d 15h 0m We leave the Pokemon center and jump the ledge east.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 58m Party is healed in the Fuchsia Pokemon Center!

[Moemon] 6d 14h 57m FFF takes us to Fuchsia City!

[Moemon] 6d 14h 55m We attempt to Fly again.

6d 14h 50m Democracy still in effect

[Info] [Moemon] 6d 14h 49m This is the Route with the Pokemon Center right by Rock Tunnel.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 49m We fly to Route 10.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 44m We seem to have difficulty picking which location to fly to. Each button press moves us too much.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 39m We select FFF the Charizard to Fly.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 37m We exit Seafoam Cave.

6d 14h 34m A tie vote cause another round of Democracy.

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 32m We head west into the Gate House, leading to Fuchsia.

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 29m Hard Orb was taken and replaced with the Blazer!

[Info] [Touhoumon] 6d 14h 29m Blazer is a hold item that boosts Heart-type moves.

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 28m We are using Democracy to try to put the Blazer on Satori again.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 21m Oddish faints to a wild Zubat!

6d 14h 20m Democracy is enabled.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 18m We enter Seafoam Island (Caves).

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 14m We find TM 18 - Rain Dance!

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 11m Blazer was removed from Satori and was given a Hard Orb to hold.

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 9m CKaguya fainted! Picnicker Celia was defeated!

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 8m She sends out CKaguya (Level 35). We send out Satori (Level 36).

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 7m Spotted by Picnicker Celia before we can get to the item!

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 6m CSuika fainted! Crush Kin Ron & Mya are defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 14h 5m Escape Rope was taken from Oddish and she is now holding a Max Potion.

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 4m Foe CYuugi fainted! It's 2 vs 1 now.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 3m We also use a Max Potion on Oddish.

[Moemon] 6d 14h 3m We use a Rare Candy on Oddish, bringing her to Level 19

[Touhoumon] 6d 14h 2m We are challenged by Crush Kin Ron & Mya! They send out CSuika (Level 32) and CYuugi (Level 32). We send out Satori (Level 36) and Momiji (Level 39).

[Moemon] 6d 14h 0m We land on Seafoam island, not Cinnabar.

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 58m Satori makes short work of both CCirnos. Picnicker Becky was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 13h 58m We land on Cinnabar Island.

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 57m Foe CCirno fainted! Becky sends out a second CCirno (Level 32).

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 57m We are challenged by Picnicker Becky! She sends out CCirno (Level 30). We send out Satori (Level 36).

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 56m We cut the tree and are on the north side of the route again.

[Moemon] 6d 13h 54m Foe Seaking fainted! Swimmer Anya was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 13h 53m Foe Seaking fainted! Swimmer Anya sends out another Goldeen (Level 27).

[Moemon] 6d 13h 51m We withdraw Dugtrio and send out FFF the Charizard. It takes care of Goldeen and Swimmer Anya sends out a Seaking (Level 27).

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 50m It's named ... ... ... ... (It's 4 ellipses in a row with no spaces)

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 49m We catch a level 29 CKeine (female)!

[Moemon] 6d 13h 48m Swimmer Anya sends out a Goldeen (Level 27).

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 48m We throw a few Hard Orbs at a wild CKeine, but it keeps breaking free.

[Moemon] 6d 13h 47m Swimmer Anya sends out another Poliwag (Level 27) as we somehow keep digging underwater.

[Moemon] 6d 13h 46m We withdraw Vaporeon. We send out Dugtrio (Level 34). It digs while underwater somehow. Foe Poliwag fainted!

[Snark] I guess you could say that things aren't really going swimmingly.

[Moemon] 6d 13h 44m Vaporeon is having difficulty with Poliwag as it has Water Absorb and two water attacks.

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 43m We return to Route 15 and Cut the tree to head to the northern part of the route. And then jump the cliff.

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 41m We are heading north on Route 14.

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 38m We head west of Fuchsia onto Route 15.

[Moemon] 6d 13h 35m Challenged by Swimmer Anya! She sends out Poliwag (Level 27). We send out Vaporeon (Level 31).

[Moemon] 6d 13h 34m Foe Cloyster fainted! Swimmer Barry was defeated!

[Moemon] 6d 13h 29m Foe Shellder fainted! Swimmer Barry sends out Cloyster (Level 31).

[Moemon] 6d 13h 23m We are challenged by Swimmer Barry. He sends out Shellder (Level 31). We send out Vaporeon (Level 31).

6d 13h 19m Anarchy is enabled

[Info] 6d 13h 19m We mostly messed around in the menus this Democracy and nothing really happened.

[Moemon] 6d 13h 18m We select FFF to Fly and bring up the map, but cancel out.

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 7m We put the Blazer back on Satori.

[Moemon] 6d 13h 6m We are on Route 20, surfing west.

6d 13h 4m Democracy still in effect

[Touhoumon] 6d 13h 2m We exit the Boneka Mart.

[Touhoumon] 6d 12h 59m We blow through the rest of our money buying Normal Orbs. We end up with around 6 Hard Orbs, a few Super Potions and 67 Normal Orbs. We have 344 pokeyen left.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 57m We surf on Vaporeon again.

[Touhoumon] 6d 12h 51m We start buying Hard Orbs and Super Potions using Democracy.

6d 12h 50m Democracy is enabled

[Touhoumon] 6d 12h 48m Blazer was taken off Satori and replaced with a Full Restore.

[Touhoumon] 6d 12h 46m We enter the Boneka Mart.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 43m We go north onto land again.

[Touhoumon] 6d 12h 39m We return to Fuchsia City.

[Touhoumon] 6d 12h 33m On the route 15.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 31m Horsea beaten. Tony defeated. ACCIOOWWW grew up to Level 31.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 30m Tony sent out another Horsea Lv. 30.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 30m We sent in Vaporeon.

[Touhoumon] 6d 12h 29m Went up to the Fuchsia.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 28m AAACCCVV fainted to the Twister.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 27m Swimmer Tony challenges us to a battle. Oddish Vs Horsea Lv.30.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 26m Surfing to the south.

[Touhoumon] 6d 12h 26m On the route 19.

[Moemon] 6d 12h 24m On the route 19.

[Both] 6d 12h 23m Desync. Democracy mode OFF

[Both] 6d 12h 22m Back to Fuchsia.

[Both] 6d 12h 19m On the route 19.

[Both] 6d 12h 18m In the Centers. Party healed.

[Both] 6d 12h 12m Games are synchronized.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 57m Sanae forgot Swagger and learned nothing.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 55m We chose Sanae.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 53m Talking to the Move Deleter.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 51m Out of Bonéka Center.

[Both] 6d 11h 49m Democracy mode ON.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 48m Party healed.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 48m Desync. Maribel went in the Bonéka Center.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 46m Out of Gym. SYNC.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 40m Keeper defeated.

[Touhoumon] [Info] My bad, that wasn't 2nd attempt on Koga.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 39m Keeper sent in Fearow.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 39m Protein used on Satori.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 38m Bird Keeper Wilton challenges us to a battle. Spearow Lv. 29 killed by AHHHHHIIII.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 37m 5th BADGE.

[Moemon] Dugtrio grew up to Level 34. Keeper defeated.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 36m Koga defeated.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 35m Sanae learned Swagger in place of Twister. Also, TM06 obtaned.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 34m Clutch! AHina defeated. Sanae grew up to Level 43.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 34m Koga restored AHina's health. Sanae only 7HP.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 33m Keeper's last spearow is dead. Jacob defeated.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 33m AHina is in the red zone due to suicidal confusion.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 32m FFF grew up to Level 43.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 31m 2 Spearows down, Keeper sent in Fearow Lv. 26.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 31m Koga used Hyper Potion.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 30m We sent in Sanae.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 29m CMeiling is taken out by her Poison Bomb as well.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 28m CToyohime killed by AHina.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 28m Dugtrio switched for FFF.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 28m vs Spearow Lv. 26.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 27m Bird Keeper Jacob challenges us to a battle.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 27m AHina killed Tokiko.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 27m Koga sent in AHina Lv. 47.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 26m Another explosion. Tokiko grew up to Level 46 25 HP left.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 25m Butterbae fainted to some wild Dodrio Lv. 34.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 25m Koga sent Lv. 42 Hina out.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 24m DHina used explosion, but Tokiko is still alive with 31HP.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 24m Tokiko kills Hina, DHina is next.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 23m But switch her with Tokiko immediately.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 23m We sent in CToyohime.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 22m Consequent Mirror shots won't do much. Satori fainted.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 21m Hina vs Satori. Satori was burned.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 21m VS Koga, attempt #2

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 19m Democracy mode OFF.

[Moemon] 6d 11h 13m On the route 18.

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 9m Went inside the Gym (twice).

[Both] 6d 11h 7m To get there we neeed to enter democracy

[Touhoumon] 6d 11h 6m We heal

[Both] 6d 10h 58m Wandering

6d 10h 49m We enter anarchy

[WAIT4BABA] We're approaching anarchy

[Fluff] Its almost like the displays blink to the music Kappa

[Fluff] Display finally fix- well. Its still graying out the wrong portraits, but not tht CSatori is evolved, we see the Satori sprite instead of the Kogasa.

[Touhoumon] 6d 10h 44m We give Satori the rare candy! She levels to 26 and Evolves into.... Satori.

[Touhoumon] 6d 10h 40m We find a rare candy!

[Touhoumon] 6d 10h 33m CMeiling forgot focus energy and learned Strength

[Touhoumon] 6d 10h 31m We try to teach CMeiling strength.

[Touhoumon] 6d 10h 23m We enter the tm case; grumbling about how much we could have gotten from the mart for those things.

[Fluff] 'Hey. Guy. How much do you think I can get for thes- oh okay. Be that way.'

[Both] 6d 10h 21m We give the old guy some teeth. We receive HM04 from him in return

[Both] 6d 10h 20m Maybe this other house will work out better. This guy is old, so he must be important.

[Both] 6d 10h 18m We leave instantly.

[Both] 6d 10h 18m We barge into another guy's house.

[Both] Double demo cut sync!

[Sync] http://i2.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/006/077/so_good.png

[Moemon] 6d 10h 12m We save!

[Touhoumon] 6d 10h 12m we also exit

[Chat] [Snark] Wailordkip: we sure caught our fAAAAAAAAAAir share

[Moemon] 6d 10h 10m We retire from the safari zone.

[Fluff] Touhoumon seems pretty bad with computers. We still haven't taught surf.

[Touhoumon] 6d 10h 4m We mess with the computer. Its all complicated and doesn't make sense. Oak tells us it isnt the time to use that. These new fangled gadgets.

[Fluff] 'HM03 is surf! MOeMON will be able to-' 'A'

[Moemon] 6d 10h 0m 1,2, and ... ... ... Poof! Baeporeon forgot growl and learned surf!

[Moemon] 6d 9h 58m Baeporeon wants to learn surf. She already knows 4 moves. Which move will be deleted?

[Snark] Menues would like to battle! Viewers use struggle! Its not very effective.

[Moemon] 6d 9h 53m We enter the tm case.

[Touhoumon] still fiddling with options

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 53m Stereo sound get

[Fluff3] In short; I'm very displeased with this guy's life choices.

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 50m Text speed:fast. battle scene: on Battle style: Set. Sound: Mono Button mode: help. Frame: type 6

[Fluff2] How do you even GET a house in here? Do the people running the place know? Does this guy pay for every step he takes? Imagine having to pay that toll to just go to and from your house/just for moving.

[Fluff] This guy has two computers and tons of boxes that I can only assume contain more. The heck is he doing in the middle of the safari zone.

[Both] 6d 9h 47m We won HM03 (surf) for finding the secret house that was not at all secret.

[Both] We barge into someone's house and fiddle with their computer before talking to them. He seems happy to see us.

[Fluff] Eww. Why do we want these. They're all slimy... I wonder how many pokedongers we can get...

[Both] 6d 9h 43m Pick up gold teeth

[Fluff] [Info] Yep.

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 36m we Probably catch the Kedana through a9. Its nickname will probably be AAAAAAA

[Trumpets] -=iii<() ♫♪ -=iii<() ♫♪ -=iii<() ♫♪ -=iii<() ♫♪

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 36m Kedana pops out of the grass. I wonder what we will do Kappa

[Moemon] 6d 9h 33m Other protein get.

[Fluff] Oh my god this is unheard of! I dont know what to do! Is this even legal?!

[Fluff] Woah! Didn't see that one coming!!!

[Moemon] 6d 9h 31m GASP No nickname! placed in box1

[Moemon] 6d 9h 29m Rhyhorn caught. Gonna go out on a limb and say Nickname: AAAAAAAA

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 28m we find a protein!

[Moemon] 6d 9h 28m the a9 begins...

[Moemon] 6d 9h 28m Battle vs Ryhorn!

[Chat] [Fluff] SwiftRage -=iii<() ♪♫♪ WutFace ♪♫♪ ()>iii= BabyRage

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 25m Steel wing get

[Fluff] Music - (>ױÒДÓ)>-=iii<() ♪♫♪ (ÒДÓױ) ♪♫♪

[Moemon] [Info] tm47 is steel wing

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 23m nicknamed AAAAAAAAAA again, Box 1 is full so this one is sent to Box 2

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 22m level 27 Hourai caught

[Moemon] 6d 9h 21m obtained TM47

[Info] Another timer down, still in democracy.

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 19m Kedama caught AAAAAAAAAA

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 18m Level 30 Kedama appeared

[Moemon] 6d 9h 14m After burning a bunch of safari balls, exeggcute fled. we have 14 left on moemon right now.

[Moemon] 6d 9h 12m Level 27 Exeggcute appeared!

[Both] 6d 9h 11m We just up9'd into a wall. Good job.

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 10m Kedama's nickname is AAAAAAAAAA as well, though we hit B9 before inputting the As so it took a bit longer

[Moemon] 6d 9h 9m Exeggcute's nickname is AAAAAAAAAA

[Touhoumon] 6d 9h 9m Caught a level 30 Kedama

[Moemon] 6d 9h 8m Caught a level 27 Exeggcute

[Both] 6d 9h 5m and we have just synced up!

[Both] We are desynced by a lot of steps and attempting to make up for them. Democracy has won the poll again, but by just a couple votes, it was very close.

[Moemon] 6d 9h 3m Parasect ran away.

[Moemon] 6d 9h 2m Level 25 Parasect appeared!