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PRChase Will this stream ever melt?

[Snark] Wow Streamer OneHand

[Chat] Everyone: Wow Revo OneHand

ProjectRevoTPP: Yes, wow me. Wow Revo OneHand

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP: Hmm, it appears I was mistaken.. I duly apologize. I wasn't informed streamer got PBR working for deku's i7 computers and made a bad call about when Random AS would end. Sorry about that

Welp..... I usually don't hang out during PBR sessions. So, I'll probably be leaving for this next intermission. Until the NEXT run!


[Snark] Whatever shall we do about it? ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] TPP actually offline for more than an hour? What is this madness?

[Chat] The_brofist_TFM: PBR will be running from the airplane that is shipping the computers


[Chat] Rjri: 3 days went by fast Kappa

[Snark] Just after I blew another 500 in Sm4sh...



[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PBR will be returning in an hour or so, congratulations on completing Randomized Alpha Sapphire!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

We are in audio-only mode.


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 5h 24m Looks like we can't rematch them right now.

14d 5h 23m Made it up to Liza and Tate.

14d 5h 21m We enter and exit Mossdeep Gym.

14d 5h 18m The stream has resorted to only making diagonal moves.

14d 5h 13m Wandering around Mossdeep.

14d 4h 59m Taught Waterfall to AEN

14d 4h 59m Taught Surf to AEN!

14d 4h 58m Overwrote Ember with Surf.

14d 4h 58m Trying to teach Surf to ONY

14d 4h 51m Landed in Mossdeep


14d 4h 48m Landed on Route 130

14d 4h 46m Back in the air.

14d 4h 45m Landed in Route 126

14d 4h 445m Flying high!

[Snark] Mazeltof!

14d 4h 34m AENNNN is a boy

[Fluff] Deja'Vu!

14d 4h 33m Frillish hatches from the egg! Nickname: AENNNN

14d 4h 29m Received an iron!

14d 4h 29m OOOONYYYYYY evoles to level 11 and learns Draco Meteor!

14d 4h 28m Galvantula comes out and hits hard. One Earthquake takes it out.

14d 4h 28m OOOOONYYYYYY evolves to level 7 and learns Geomancy and Sandstorm!

14d 4h 27m Raquaza mega-evolves and takes an Aqua Jet. Earthqauke shatters Chinchou.

14d 4h 26m Raquaza vs. Chinchou

14d 4h 26 Fighting Secret Base Trainer Benjamin!

[Snark] Never seen this before in TPP!

14d 4h 22m Faffing about in the menus.

14d 4h 15m Onto Bike Road.

14d 4h 14m We get on the bike.

14d 4h 13m We try to enter Bike Road, but apparently it is too dangerous to enter without a bike.

14d 4h 11m Entered Route 110

14d 4h 4m We are taking the ferry to Slateport!

14d 4h 3m We are possibly trying to steal a boat.

[Snark] Uh oh, someone needs a diaper change!

[Chat] #NewBabySmell

[Info] and Stench as ability.

[Info] It has Ember as its move.

[Correction] It's OOOOONYYYYYY Forgot an O

[Fluff] Don't forget, you're hearing forever

Credit to /u/NotHolyLatios for joke.

14d 3h 55m Male, level 1, nickname is OOOONYYYYYY

[Snark] Is this meant to be random? Kappa

Frillish HYPE! Kreygasm

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BABY JELLYヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 3h 54m IT'S A FRILLISH!

14d 3h 54m EGG IS HATCHING!

14d 3h 52m We enter the Pokecenter, and go back out. THE MUSIC DIDN'T CHANGE!

[Snark] Why would we want it to change music, we get to hear the hatching eggs song all day! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Bike doesn't change music.

14d 3h 49m We head onto our bike!

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ Hatching eggs, hatching eggs! Hatching eggs, hatching eggs! We're hatching eggs, we're hatching eggs! We're hatching us some jelly eggs! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Info] Microwaving Eggs is the hardcore way of scrambling them

[Info] Eggs are better flavoured on a stovetop.

[Snark] I'd microwave it.

14d 3h 42m I'm disappointed the "Do What With Egg?" option doesn't have more options, like Sunny-side Up, Scrambled, or even an Omlette!

[Info] It's the music when someone wants you to follow them

14d 3h 35m Now it's some slow music.

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Vietnam E4 FLASHBACKS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 3h 34m Now the music is the normal music here.

14d 3h 28m We change the music again. It's a variation of battle music. I think.

14d 3h 27m We try to get more eggs, but we can't carry anymore.

[Chat] Gameface252: "Seems we still can't escape the E4, even after beating Steven twice :P"

14d 3h 23m Day Care Lad gave us another egg!

14d 3h 22m We change the music a few times. Now it's E4 Overworld music.

14d 3h 20m Walking across the bridge.

[Fluff] I'd like to buy an O, please.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: next run is in a region you have been in < 5 times. Good luck guessing

14d 3h 15m We try buying items with battle points, but we realize we don't have any!

14d 3h 9m After Hariyama faints, we win! Defeated the Old Couple!

14d 3h 9m During this, we're poisoned by Poison Gas!

14d 3h 9m Against Hariyama! More Dazzling Gleam!

14d 3h 8m Against Machamp! We use Dazzling Gleam twice to KO it.

14d 3h 8m We use Strength, and are hit by Cross Poison. We use Dazzling Gleam to finish it off. "That's it! I knew you could do it!"

14d 3h 7m We pet Wigglytuff. Against Scrafty.

14d 3h 7m We send out Wigglytuff, who uses Dazzling Gleam. Monferno is restored to Full Health, but two more Dazzling Gleams KO Monferno.

14d 3h 6m Monferno's Roar of Time hits, and R-Ceus faints!

14d 3h 6m We're hit with a Teeter Dance, and become confused. We hit ourselves in confusion.

14d 3h 5m We're hit with Fake Out, and we flinch. Then we avoid a Roar of Time and use Fire Punch.

14d 3h 5m Facing Old Couple Antoin! We send out Flareon against Monferno!

Prepare for spam in updater for 3 days! Kappa

[Snark] More filler! OneHand

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: In approximately 3 days AS will end, timer will appear later to show that

[Info] Because of level curves, its level 62 now

[Info] Also Flareon went down a level when he evolved.

14d 3h 1m Back in the game

[Info] Also, Revo brought up an interesting point in chat. We could grind the Flareon to 100, something we were never able to do in Platinum.

14d 3h 1m Oh Deku's making another save.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BLACK RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 3h 0m BLACK SCREEN!

[Snark] 10 Minutes Ago.

[Snark] Flareon in our party, we get an Egg? When did this become Platinum all over again?

[Chat] kotomikun: "get along all right"? they're married Kappa

14d 2h 59m Let's evolve it for Science.

14d 2h 58m From the Day Care Lad.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ HATCH EGG OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 2h 58m We got an egg!

[Donation] $100.00 from Lord Dome: Saying way too much stuff to type, but basically Flareon is true prophet I'm so great.

[Chat] Leonys2: "TPP Loves Flareon"


[Chat] #LoreWritesItself

[Snark] If we hadn't had faries lock Judgement away, Flareon would've been judging us for the very first run all this time

L EleGiggle R E

[Donation] $2.00 from False Prophet: "Thanks for freeing me from my prison, guys. Zexy says hi."

[Fluff] ↓ Exactly how it made me feel. EleGiggle


[rip] rip sub exploded its ded

[Fluff] Indeed it WRITES itself! EleGiggle

its 1/47 PogChamp

Whats the chance of that happening? EleGiggle


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ EVOLUTION VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] JoeBukkit: TOO PERFECT EleGiggle

L EleGiggle R E

[Snark] L EleGiggle R E

[Fluff] I CAN'T EVEN


[Snark] FALSE PROPHET EleGiggle

[Snark] L EleGiggle R E


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WE DID IT REDDIT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 2h 49m We take Lamp's Fresh Water for a Big Pearl!

14d 2h 45m We gave a Lemonade to the Lamp!

14d 2h 45m We took Lamp's Lax Incense and Ray's Fresh Water.

14d 2h 43m We swapped the Lamp's Lax Incense for a Lax Incense!

Then a Lava Cookie, then a Rare Candy I think?.

14d 2h 41m We swap Wigglytuff's Antidote for Fresh Water!

[Snark] We might actually evolve the lamp!

[Info] Lamp is in first slot now.

14d 2h 39m We go outside.

[Chat] Those input speeds.

14d 2h 38m We swapped Lamp and Swinu!

14d 2h 38m PC TIME!

14d 2h 36m We instead go to the Pokecenter!

14d 2h 34m We keep heading in and out of the daycare.

[Snark] 14d 2h 34m I have this odd premonition of what is to come... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO_QntXc-c4

14d 2h 33m We head outside.

[Fluff] Also what type of baby are they going to make?

14d 2h 32m Also they can make actual babies instead of adopting them.

[Fluff] D'aww Jelly Marriage

14d 2h 31m PC TIME!

[Info] The two Jellys are together in the Daycare. D'aww.

14d 2h 31m We deposit Pink Jelly!

14d 2h 31m Back in.

14d 2h 30m We exit the daycare.

14d 2h 29m We replaced Rayquaza's Leftovers for Fresh Water!

[Fluff] Good job guys.

14d 2h 28m We withdrew Cacturne!

14d 2h 28m We deposited Blue Jelly!

14d 2h 28m And then we withdrew Rayquaza!

14d 2h 27m We also left Cacturne!

14d 2h 27m We're trying to deposti a mon in the daycare. We left Rayquaza with the old lady!

14d 2h 25m We try reading some Pokemon Magazines, but due to our reading ability, all we can understand are the titles.

14d 2h 24m Currently in some menus.

[Snark] PC shuffles are ALWAYS interesting! KappaPride

14d 2h 22m We take Blue Jelly's Smoke Ball!

[Snark] Hmmm, PC time intensifies

14d 2h 21m We look at our first HOF team.

14d 2h 21m PC TIME!

14d 2h 20m We talk to a kid who's the two time Champ of a Junior League. Cute.

[Info] We have 621,946 Pokeyen!

14d 2h 19m We head into the Daycare!

14d 2h 14m We head to the Battle Resort!

14d 2h 14m Now we're at the dock.

14d 2h 13m We talk to a man about making Pokeblocks. They're blockiful!

14d 2h 10m Now we're in Slateport.

14d 2h 5m On Route 110!

14d 2h 5m And then we steamroll the rest of their pokemon. Twins defeated.

14d 2h 4m We poke both of them to death with one Dazzling Gleam.

14d 2h 4m We're battling Twins Amy and Liv. We send out Blue Jelly and Cacturne against Shroomish and Abomasnow.

14d 2h 1m We went through Oldale to Route 103.

14d 1h 56m We head back outside and onto Route 102!

[Fluff] We try to watch a channel that has our victories in it!

[Snark] Sorry /u/Cyander. At least maybe we'll find the Mystery Gift Channel.

[Snark] Son, I don't know.

[Snark] Watt makes you think that?

14d 1h 52m We watch the show Static Man. It's very shocking.

༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TV IS OUR GUIDE༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

14d 1h 51m Back out in Oldsdale Town.

14d 1h 48m We enter and exit the pokecenter repeatedly.

14d 1h 46m Called Ralts♥,

[Snark] Waifu confirmed

14d 1h 45m Nest Ball tossed at wild Ralts! Caught Ralts! Level 2 and female! Nickname: Ralts<3. (that is the heart symbol)

[Snark] We can finally use that Nest Ball we've wanted to use in the Champion Fight for ages

[Snark] In due time..........

[Snark] I'm fully expecting Lampent to evolve into Misdreavus or Doublade

[Fluff] And the Fire Type curse still remains!

14d 1h 41m Picked Chimchar!

[Info] The free Diancie offer is VERY LIMITED TIME in the US!


14d 1h 41m We exit our house and see Birch being chased.

[Snark] Mystery Gift Channel? Not more TV watching, please.

[Fluff] Guys... We NEED to get a Diancie from the Mystery Gift channel!

14d 1h 39m Save file is being exported.

14d 1h 39m Saved the game!

14d 1h 39m We go to the home menu.

14d 1h 38m We load up our save file. We're at our house!

[Snark] Also I want Delta Episode +


[Snark] Now to Release Evolve lampent

I dedicate this urn to Iwata.

[Snark] Cycling in the dark without lights is dangerous.

[Snark] Look it's Cabbage-head again!

[Fluff] Randomized games ALWAYS keep you guessing!

[Fluff] #ThanksDeku


[Snark] That's Randomised for you!

[Snark] Funny... I don't remember the Gym Leaders having any of these Pokemon...

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ END CREDITS RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Also, Knee of Justice From Captain Falcon in smash, best character with best finishing move at the credits of best region, I couldn't be happier! PogChamp

[Snark] Guys we still need to beat Smash

Lampent BibleThump

[Chat] BibleThump..... EVERYWHERE!

[Snark] We beat the game. Like thsi if you cry everytim.

We did it Reddit! WE DID IT YOUTUBE

We did it.

Good Job Everyone! We're Proud of you!

14d 1h 29m Congratulations on becoming Pokemon League Champion!


14d 1h 29m We heal our Pokemon! Hall of Fame!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WE BEAT THE GAME ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 1h 28m Got Metagrossite from Steven!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 1h 28m URN STATUS: GET!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN BOYZ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 1h 28m WE DEFEAT STEVEN!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN!!!! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 1h 27m Steven's Blaziken Mega Evolves! We use Earthquake!

[Snark] Wow Deku OneHand

14d 1h 27m Only Blaziken remains! Leftovers bring us almost to half!

14d 1h 27m Leftovers brings us closer to half. Ninetales comes out! Earthquake again! It drops like the Titanic! (too soon?)

[Fluff] TEH URN?!?!?!?


14d 1h 26m We took the doom desire attack and drop down to low yellow! Leftovers brings us to about 1/3rd or so. Rapidash comes out and we use Earthquake! It goes down!

14d 1h 26m We use Brick Break again! Arcanine goes down!

14d 1h 24m Arcanine comes out! We start off with Brick Break! Sturdy keeps it alive! It uses Doom Desire! Steven uses Full Restore as we Brick Break again! Sturdy kicks in once more!

14d 1h 23m We use Dragon Ascent! It goes down! Talonflame comes out next and it eats a Dragon Ascent as well! It goes down!

[Fluff] We can do it!

14d 1h 23m We Bulk Up.. again. It disables our Bulk Up! Thanks, Steven.

14d 1h 22m We Bulk Up again. We get hit with Night Daze! We Bulk Up a third time! We eat another Night Daze. No longer disabled!

14d 1h 21m Rayquaza vs Darmanitan! We start off with Earthquake! It goes down to yellow and Cursed Body disables it! It attack fails! Steven uses a Full Restore! We Bulk Up!


14d 1h 21m Vs League Champion Steven!

14d 1h 20m Drake defeated!

14d 1h 19m Nidoqueen comes out. We Mega Evolve! Earthquake takes Nidoqueen down. Venusaur comes out and also dies to it, as does Arbok. His final Pokemon, Gengar, comes out! It Mega Evolves as well and drops to Earthquake like his buddies.

14d 1h 17m Aradios starts off with an Endure. We Bulk Up. We Bulk Up a second time. We Bulk Up a third time. We switch to Earthquake and take down Ariados! Tentacruel comes out. It drops to Earthquake.

14d 1h 17m Vs Drake! Rayquaza vs Ariados!

14d 1h 14m Hydreigon is out and it faints as well. Absol arrives and Mega Evolves but it is not safe from the chopping block. Brick Break eliminates it. Glacia defeated!

14d 1h 12m Spiritomb is out next and we Dragon Ascent! It quickly goes down! Sneasel is out next. We chop it with a Brick Break. Krookodile is sent out. We Mega Evolve and then chop it to pieces.

14d 1h 11m We get hit with Luster Purge. Our Sp. Def goes down. We Bulk Up. We Bulk Up a second time and get hit with another Luster Purge. We Brick Break it and Greninja drops.

14d 1h 11m Vs Glacia! Rayquaza vs Greninja!

[Info] We have 3 Pokemon left. Rayquaza and Wigglytuff are unused and Lanturn is badly poisoned and took some damage.

14d 1h 8m Lanturn comes out and is badly poisoned. We crit! It uses Mud Bomb. Another Waterfall finishes it off. Phoebe defeated!

14d 1h 7m It uses Psycho Cut! We go down to red. Another Shadow Ball finishes it off but we are out of Shadow Ball PP. Sableye is out next as it Mega Evolves. We Toxic it and it uses Shadow Ball. Pink Jellicent fainted!

14d 1h 6m Trevenant is out next. We Shadow Ball it as well. It uses Razor Leaf but misses! Another Shadow Ball finishes it off! Mismagius comes out next. It uses Skill Swap for some reason. We Shadow Ball it to yellow.

14d 1h 5m We Shadow Ball it and it's a crit! We also lower it's Sp. Def. Thief brings us down to low yellow. Full Restore used on foe Jellicent. We Shadow Ball it again down to yellow. Another Shadow Ball seals the deal!

14d 1h 4m We use another Shadow Ball and drop its Sp. Def. It barely hangs out. We get hit with Frenzy Plant but it doesn't hurt much. Shadow Ball finishes it off. Pink Jellicent comes out next.

14d 1h 2m We Shadow Ball and bring it to half. It's Sp. Def drops. A second Shadow Ball finishes it off! Aegislash is out next. We Shadow Ball and it Toxic Spikes. We attack again and it sets up the second layer of Toxic Spikes. Phoebe uses Full Restore!

14d 1h 2m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Dusknoir!

14d 1h 0m Pink Jellicent comes out. We Shadow Ball and it goes down! Sidney defeated!

14d 0h 58m Xatu comes out and falls to Shadow Ball as well. Slowbro is sent out and Mega Evolves. We attack it but Seed Flare takes us down. Blue Jellicent fainted!

14d 0h 57m Exeggutor comes out and eats a Shadow Ball. Land's Wrath brings us down to yellow. It uses Endure and hangs on. Sidney used a Full Restore. We Shadow Ball it anyway. We take it down! Unown out next. It drops quickly.

14d 0h 55m Shadow Ball takes care of Gallade. Alakazam is out next. Dragon Rush misses us. Shadow Ball brings it down to yellow. Full Restore used as we Shadow Ball it again. It uses another Dragon Rush and misses again as Shadow Ball takes it down.

14d 0h 55m Poison Fang badly poisons Blue Jellicent! But affection cures it! We use an item. Flame Body burns Gallade.

14d 0h 54m Cacturne fainted! Blue Jellicent sent out.

14d 0h 54m Vs Sidney! Attempt #38! Cacturne vs Gallade! Cacturne goes down due to Dynamic Punch!

[Rip] #RéKT

14d 0h 50m Wigglytuff sent out. It uses Brave Bird. Wiggly hangs on due to affection! Strength brings it down to red. It uses Brave Bird again. We black out! Lost to Steven on run #37!

14d 0h 48m We use another Dragon Ascent but miss once more. Rayquaza fainted!

14d 0h 48m We wake up! Dragon Ascent misses again.

14d 0h 47m We fall asleep due to Sing again. No more Earthquake PP. We get hit with another Brave Bird. Down to red again.

14d 0h 46m Leftovers helps us recover but we are still dozing off. We Mega Evolve! We wake up and miss Dragon Ascent. Another Brave Bird brings us to red.

14d 0h 45m We use an item. It hits us with Brave Bird. We go down to yellow. We are still asleep. Another Brave Bird brings us to low yellow. Still asleep.

14d 0h 44m Talonflame out next. Earthquake does nothing. It puts us to sleep with Sing.

14d 0h 44m Earthquake no longer disabled! We drop it with Earthquake!

14d 0h 43m Full Restore used on Darmanitan. We use Bulk Up. We use a second Bulk Up. It Night Dazes us again. We go for yet another Bulk Up. It keeps Night Dazing. Our Acc drops.

14d 0h 42m Rayquaza vs Darmanitan! We use Earthquake! It goes down to yellow. Cursed Body disables Earthquake! It crits us with Night Daze!

14d 0h 42m Vs League Champion Steven!

14d 0h 40m Gengar is sent out as it mega evolves. We use an Earthquake and it drops! Drake defeated!

14d 0h 39m Venusaur is out next. Earthquake drops it in one hit! Arbok comes out next. We use another item and it lowers our accuracy. We use Earthquake and it faints!

14d 0h 38m Earthquake takes down Ariados! Tentacruel is out next. Earthquake delivers chilling misery! Nidoqueen is out next. We use an item and then get hit with Fairy Wind. It does minimal damage. We Earthquake it and it tears open the ground!

14d 0h 37m Rayquaza uses Bulk Up again! We get hit with Flash Cannon but it does minimal damage. We Bulk Up a third time and affection dodge the attack.

14d 0h 36m Vs Drake! Rayquaza vs Ariados! It uses Endure as we Bulk Up.

14d 0h 34m Hydreigon is out next. It also quickly drops. Absol is sent out. It Mega Evolves and then eats a Brick Break. Delicious. Glacia defeated!

14d 0h 33m Spiritomb is sent out. We Dragon Ascent! It drops instantly. Sneasel out next. A Brick Break delivers chilling misery. Krookodile is out next. It also goes down.

14d 0h 31m Vs Glacia! Rayquaza vs Greninja. Luster Purge hits us and drops our Sp. Def. We Bulk Up. We use a second Bulk Up. We get hit with Luster Purge again. Brick Break drops Greninja.

14d 0h 28m We Ice Beam it as it uses Will-O-Wisp! Wigglytuff is burned! We switch to Gleam and it goes down to yellow. Wigglytuff cures its burn with affection! Gleam drops Sableye. Phoebe defeated!

14d 0h 26m It uses Skill Swap! For some reason. Gleam takes it to yellow. We get hit with High Jump Kick and go down to yellow ourselves. Another Gleam drops it! Mismagius goes down! Sableye comes out and Mega Evolves.

14d 0h 25m Wigglytuff comes out. Ice Beam drops Trevenant! Mismagius is out next. It sets up Spikes! We Dazzling Gleam it. It Spikes some more. This goes on for a while until Phoebe uses Full Restore. We Dazzling Gleam it some more.

14d 0h 23m We use Waterfall as it uses Razor Leaf. Full Restore brings it to full as Waterfall does minimal damage. We switch to Oblivion Wing and recover a bit. A second Oblivion wing takes it down to red. Another Razor Leaf finishes us off! Lanturn fainted!

14d 0h 22m The Sp. Def drop causes us to take it down with a second hit. Trevenant is next. Shadow Ball brings it down to yellow. It uses Razor Leaf and we go down! Pink Jellicent fainted! Lanturn is out next.

14d 0h 21m 2 Shadow Balls drop it due to the Sp. Def drops. It goes down without laying any spikes! Phoebe sends out her Pink Jellicent. Shadow Ball brings it to about half as it's Sp. Def drops as well! Theif takes us to yellow.

14d 0h 20m We use Shadow Ball. It's at around half. We get hit with Dark Pulse. The second Shadow Ball crits! Dusknoir is down! Aegislash out next. We Shadow Ball it as well and it's sp. def drops. It uses Frenzy Plant for minimal damage. A second Shadow Ball drops it to red and it's Sp. Def drops again! Full Restore used!

14d 0h 19m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Dusknoir!

[Info] Blue Jellicent and Caturne are fainted, but still have the 4 others.

14d 0h 14m Pink Jellicent comes out. We take care of Slowbro with a Shadow Ball! Sidney defeated!

14d 0h 13m Slowbro comes out. It Mega Evolves! We Shadow Ball but it takes us out! Blue Jellicent fainted!

14d 0h 11m Exeggutor comes out. We deliver a Shadow Ball and it goes to yellow. Land's Wrath hurts and we go down to yellow too. It endures! Shadow Ball takes it to 1 HP. It's Sp. Def drops. Shadow Ball finishes it off. Unown comes out. We use Surf. It Surfs back. We switch to Shadow Ball and it faints.

14d 0h 10m We send out Blue Jellicent. Dragon Rush does little damage and Shadow Ball takes it to red. Full Restore gets used. Another Shadow Ball gets used as it Full Restores again. We attack it again. It Dragon Rushes us and another Shadow Ball finishes it.

14d 0h 9m Cacturne vs Gallade. We dodge Dynamic Punch. The second one also misses. Gallade goes down! Xatu comes out next. It uses Steamroller and Thief takes care of Xatu. Alakazam is out next. It uses Superpower. Cacturne fainted!

14d 0h 8m Vs Sidney! Attempt #37!

[Rip] #REKT

14d 0h 6m We use an item. Thunderbolt finishes us off. Black out! Attempt #36 over! Blacked out to Steven!

14d 0h 5m We are down to red as we Bulk Up again. Thunderbolt takes us down to 1 HP! We endure thanks to affection!

14d 0h 5m We use Dragon Ascent! Rapidash goes down to yellow! The electric typing made it resist!

14d 0h 4m Rayquaza out again. We get hit with Thunderbolt as we Bulk Up. Leftovers brings us to around half again. We use an item as we get hit with Thunderbolt again. But we dodge due to affection!

14d 0h 3m It uses Thunderbolt. Wigglytuff fainted!

14d 0h 3m it uses Roar! Wigglytuff comes out!

14d 0h 2m Rapidash comes out! We Bulk Up! It uses Thunderbolt! But we dodge due to affection! We Bulk Up again.

[Info] We are out of Earthquake PP.

14d 0h 1m Steven uses Full Restore as we use Brick Break. We Brick Break it once more! Arcanine goes down!

14d 0h 1m We go for another Earthquake but hangs on due to sturdy! We dodge Guillotine but get hit with Doom Desire!

14d 0h 0m It uses Doom Desire! We use an item again. Steven uses Full Restore.

14d 0h 0m Arcanine out next. We use Earthquake but survives due to Sturdy!

13d 23h 59m We use Dragon Ascent! Talonflame goes down!

We're now on Day 15 of Randomized Alpha Sapphire!

13d 23h 59m Talonflame out next. We Earthquake but it misses. It hits us with Brave Bird. Leftovers helps offset the damage. We use an item. We dodge sing due to affection!

13d 23h 58m Rayquaza vs Darmanitan! We Bulk Up! It uses Disable! We switch to Earthquake. Darmanitan goes down!

13d 23h 58m Vs League Champion Steven!

13d 23h 56m Arbok comes out. Earthquake tears open the ground! Gengar comes out and Mega Evolves. But even that does not save it from our Earthquake. Drake defeated!

13d 23h 55m Venusaur is out next. We use an item as it uses Hyperspace Hole. It does minor damage. We Mega Evolve! Earthquake obliterates it!

13d 23h 54m Tentacruel comes out. Earthquake knocks it out. Nidoqueen comes out. It also quickly drops.

13d 23h 53m We use a second Bulk Up as we get hit with another Flash Cannon. It still does minor damage and we Bulk Up a third time. We get hit again but are still fine. We Earthquake and Aradios faints!

13d 23h 52m Rayquaza uses Bulk Up! We affection dodge the Flash Cannon! We use an item and get hit with Flash Cannon!

13d 23h 51m Vs Drake! Rayquaza vs Ariados!

13d 23h 49m Krookodile comes out and drops quickly. Hydreigon is sent out next. Yet another Brick Break is used and Hydreigon falls. Absol comes out and Mega Evolves. A Brick Break faints it. Glacia defeated!

13d 23h 47m We Brick Break it! Greninja goes down. Spiritomb comes out and we nail it with Dragon Ascent! It faints! Sneasel comes out next. We Brick Break it as well. It also faints.

13d 23h 47m We get hit with a Luster Purge! Minimal damage as we Bulk Up. We use a second Bulk Up. Another Luster Purge lowers our Sp. Def.

13d 23h 46m Vs Glacia! Rayquaza vs Greninja!

[Info] Only Wigglytuff and Rayquaza left.

13d 23h 41m Wigglytuff comes out and get poisoned. We Dazzling Gleam it and drop it to yellow. It uses Mud Bomb. Phoebe uses Full Restore. We Gleam it down to yellow once more. Another Gleam finishes it off! Phoebe defeated!

13d 23h 39m We use Shadow Ball on it, bringing it down to yellow. We dodge Razor Leaf as well! Another Shadow Ball faints it! Sableye is out. It Mega Evolves. We Shadow Ball each other. Pink Jellicent fainted!

13d 23h 37m It cured itself of poison! It hits us with Fly, bringing us to yellow. Another Shadow Ball brings it down to a hair of life left. We also dodge Thief! Phoebe uses Full Restore. Use Shadow Ball yet again. And again. It barely hangs on. It brings us to low yellow with Thief. Another Shadow Ball finishes it off. Trevenant is out next.

13d 23h 36m Mismagius uses regular Spikes as we Shadow Ball it. It uses Psycho Cut as we Shadow Ball it again. Mismagius fainted! Poison takes us down to half or so. Phoebe sends out her own Pink Jellicent. We Shadow Ball it and it uses Fly.

13d 23h 35m It drops us down to yellow and we finish Aegislash with Thunderbolt! Mismagius is sent out next. High Jump Kick drops us down. Lanturn fainted! Pink Jellicent comes out and gets regular poisoned from Toxic Spikes.

13d 23h 34m Aegislash uses Fake Out. We use Waterfall. It's sp. attack rises with Absorb Bulb. It lays down Toxic Spikes. We Waterfall again. It goes down to yellow and flinches!

[Snark] Waste of a Full Restore.

13d 23h 33m Full Restore used on Dusknoir. We Waterfall again. It uses Explosion! We dodge with affection!

13d 23h 33m Shadow Ball brings it to yellow and it's Sp. Def drops. We dodge a Dark Pulse! We withdraw Pink Jellicent for Lanturn. Dark Pulse hits! It does minimal damage.

13d 23h 32m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Dusknoir!

13d 23h 30m Pink Jellicent comes out and finishes off Slowbro. Sidney defeated!

13d 23h 27m We attack and Land's Wrath takes us down to red. Shadow Ball finishes it off. Unown out next. Shadow Ball melts it. Slowbro is sent out as it starts off with a Mega Evolution! We Shadow Ball it. It's Sp. Def drops. It uses Thunder! Blue Jellicent fainted!

13d 23h 26m We Shadow Ball yet again, and then it Full Restores again. We use another Shadow Ball. It goes for another Dragon Rush as we go down to yellow. Alakazam finally goes down with Shadow Ball. Exeggutor is sent out.

13d 23h 25m Blue Jellicent sent out. Xatu drops. Alakazam out next. Dragon Rush hurts a little bit but Flame Body burns it! We flinch. Another Dragon Rush hits but does less damage due to burn. Shadow Ball doesn't do enough and Alakazam recovers with Full Restore.

13d 23h 24m Dynamic Punch hits! Cacturne barely hangs on! We use Thief, dropping Gallade down to yellow. The second punch misses! Thief takes out Gallade! Xatu out next. Steamroller does too much. Cacturne fainted!

13d 23h 24m Vs Sidney! Attempt #36! Cacturne vs Gallade!

13d 23h 22m We walk repeatedly into a wall. As is the fashion in TPP.

13d 23h 19m Lanturn fainted! Black out vs Steven on run #35!

[Rip] #REKT

13d 23h 18m We use an item as it uses Petal Dance. We are down to yellow. Another Petal Dance finishes us off.


13d 23h 18m Ninetales is sent out. It uses Sunny Day. We use Waterfall anyway. It doesn't even do half. It Taunts us as we Waterfall some more. It's down to yellow.

[Fluff] Surf to victory!!

[Fluff] #PetTheLamp

13d 23h 17m Lanturn comes out. We get hit with Psybeam for minor damage and use Waterfall. Arcanine goes down! 3 Pokemon remain for Steven.

13d 23h 16m We use an item and Arcanine uses Psybeam! We endure due to affection again! Another item used. Double Slap finishes us off! Wigglytuff fainted!

13d 23h 16m We avoid Guillotine but keep using Dazzling Gleam. Even a crit does low damage. We hang on due to affection as we take a Doom Desire!

13d 23h 16m It uses Doom Desire and Dazzling Gleam is resisted! Another Full Restore used. Dazzling Gleam again!

13d 23h 15m Wigglytuff comes out! A Full Restore is used! We opt for a Strength and it goes down to yellow!


[Snark] Sturdy into Guillotine, The TPP Killer

13d 23h 15m Rayquaza goes down!

13d 23h 15m GUILLOTINE HITS!

13d 23h 14m Arcanine is out next. We use Earthquake again. It drops in one hit! We can an effection based crit but Sturdy keeps it alive!

[Fluff] TEH URN!?!?

13d 23h 13m We use an Earthquake due to the Diable. Darmanitan goes down! Talonflame comes out and we use Dragon Ascent! It goes down!

13d 23h 12m We start off with a Bulk Up. It uses Disable! Item used and it uses Night Daze! No acc drop.

[Fluff] TEH URN OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

13d 23h 12m Vs Champion Steven! Rayquaza vs Darmanitan!

[Info] Rayquaza is at full health, and Wigglytuff and Lanturn are still perfect as well.

13d 23h 10m Arbok is next. An Earthquake teaches it who is boss and it goes down. Gengar is sent out. It Mega Evolves and we Earthquake once again. It fainted! Drake defeated!

13d 23h 9m Nidoqueen comes out and Leftovers has us almost fully healed. Earthquake finishes Nidoqueen instantly. Vensaur is sent out. Earthquake drops it in one hit! We're also at full health!

13d 23h 8m We go for another Bulk Up. Flash Cannon does little damage and Leftovers bring us back up. We use Earthquake and Ariados faints! Tentacruel comes out and Earthquake drops it down.

13d 23h 7m We Bulk Up and get hit with Flash Cannon. We Mega Evolve and Ariados uses Endure. We Brick Break! It does minimal damage.

13d 23h 7m Vs Drake! Rayquaza vs Ariados!

13d 23h 4m Sneasel is out next. We Brick Break it. Our health up to 75% or so at the moment. Krookodile is sent out. We Brick Break it as well. Goodbye Krookodile. Hydreigon is sent out. Another Brick Break ends it. Absol comes out. It Mega Evolves! Brick Break seals the deal. Glacia defeated!

13d 23h 3m We use Dragon Ascent and Greninja goes down. Spiritomb out next. We Dragon Ascent again and it drops as well.

13d 23h 3m We go for a third Bulk Up. Luster Purge hurts as our Sp. Def drops again. At half health.

13d 23h 2m Greninja hits us with Luster Purge. We Bulk up. We use a second Bulk Up. Greninja uses Luster Purge again. Our Sp. Def drops.

13d 23h 1m Vs Glacia! Rayquaza vs Greninja!

[Info] Rayquaza, Wigglytuff, and Lanturn remain.

13d 22h 59m Sableye comes out. It Mega Evolves instantly as we use Dragon Ascent. It drops instantly. Phoebe defeated!

13d 22h 58m Rayquaza is sent out! We get hit with Psycho Cut use Bulk Up! We Bulk Up a second time. It uses Spikes now. We Dragon Ascent it down.

13d 22h 58m Mismagius is out next. It uses Psycho Cut and Pink Jellicent fainted!

13d 22h 57m We are down to red. Shadow Ball brings it down. Trevenant is out next. We Shadow Ball it as well. We eat a Razor Leaf and hang on due to affection! We attack it again and it goes down!

13d 22h 55m We use Shadow Ball and it uses Thief again. A second Shadow Ball takes it down to red. Theif brings us to low yellow. Phoebe used a Full Restore! We Shadow Ball again and drop it's Sp. Def! We use another item and it uses Thief again.

13d 22h 55m Pink Jellicent vs Pink Jellicent! We use an item and it uses Thief.

13d 22h 54m We crit Shadow Ball! It's Sp. Def drops too as it goes to yellow! It uses Dark Pulse but a second Shadow Ball takes care of it. Dusknoir goes down. Aegislash is out next as we Shadow Ball again. It goes down to yellow due to a crit again! It sets up one layer of Toxic Spikes. Another crit! Aegislash goes down!

13d 22h 53m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Dusknoir!

[Info] Cacturne and Blue Jellicent are down already, the other four are perfect.

13d 22h 50m Pink Jellicent sent out. We Shadow Ball and finish it off. Sidney defeated!

13d 22h 48m Shadow Ball takes care of Xatu in one hit. Slowbro comes out and starts with a Mega Evolution. We Shadow Ball it down to yellow. Blue Jellicent fainted!

13d 22h 47m We Shadow Ball it down to yellow. Land's Wrath brings us down to red with a crit! Exeggutor goes down to another Shadow Ball! Unown comes out and goes down quickly. Next out is Xatu.

13d 22h 46m Blue Jellicent is sent out. We Shadow Ball it down to half, and Poison Fang gets it burned! Gallade goes down! Alakazam is sent out next. Dragon Rush hits and we burn Alakazam too. We use Shadow Ball and knock it out in one hit! Exeggutor out next.

13d 22h 45m Vs Sidney! Attempt #35! Cacturne vs Gallade and we get Dynamic Punched! Cacturne goes down!

13d 22h 39m We use Dragon Ascent but it misses! Rayquaza fainted! Attempt #34 lost to Steven!

13d 22h 39m More item spam. We go down to red.

13d 22h 38m We use a third Bulk Up. Night Daze takes us to low yellow.

13d 22h 38m We use a second Bulk Up! Another Night Daze gets us to yellow.

13d 22h 38m We use a Prz Heal as it keeps Night Dazing. Our acc dropped!

13d 22h 37m We use Fresh Water! It uses Night Daze!

13d 22h 36m It uses Night Daze. We use Lemonaid. We avoid Night Daze due to affection!

[Snark] Pokeball throwing Intensifies from frustration!

13d 22h 36m Another Nest Ball tossed.

13d 22h 36m Rayquaza vs Darmanitan! We Bulk Up! It uses Disable! Bulk Up was Disabled!

13d 22h 35m Vs League Champion Steven!

13d 22h 35m We approach the large gates towards the champion.

[Info] We only have Rayquaza going into the fight with Steven, but it's at nearly full health.

13d 22h 33m Arbok is out next. Another Earthquake quickly faints it. Gengar comes out, his final Pokemon. It Mega Evolves as another Earthquake seals the deal! Drake defeated!

13d 22h 32m Venusaur out next. Earthquake drops it down to red. Hyperspace Hole does some damage to us due to a crit! We Mega Evolve as Drake uses a Full Restore! Earthquake annihilates it!

13d 22h 32m Tentacruel sent out. An Earthquake obliterates it. Nidoqueen comes out. Earthquake tears open the ground!

13d 22h 31m We use a Rage Candy Bar on a fainted Pokemon. Ariados does Flash Cannon for minimal damage. We Earthquake and it drops! It's an affection based crit!

13d 22h 30m Ariados does light damage with Flash Cannon. We Bulk Up again and it uses Endure once more.

13d 22h 29m It uses.. Endure. We Bulk Up! We throw a Nest Ball.

13d 22h 29m Vs Drake! Rayquaza vs Ariados!

13d 22h 27m Absol Mega Evolves! Brick Break finishes it! Glacia defeated!

13d 22h 27m Stream online! Apparently Hydregion came out and then fainted. Leftovers has us at almost full. Absol comes out.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

13d 22h 26m Stream down again!

13d 22h 26m Sneasel comes out and we use Brick Break! Affection crits it! Krookodile out next.

13d 22h 25m Dragon Ascent! We are using an actual attack! Spiritomb Goes down.

13d 22h 24m Used some other random item! Got hit with Psycho Boost! Down to a bit above half.

13d 22h 24m Used a Paralyz heal! We use affection to dodge again!

13d 22h 24m Affection causes us to dodge the Psycho Boost!

13d 22h 24m Used a Great Ball!

13d 22h 22m Rayquaza vs Greninja! We get hit with Luster Purge! Sp. Def drops! We use Bulk Up. We use Brick Break! Greninja goes down!

13d 22h 22m Vs Glacia!

13d 22h 21m Stream back up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

13d 22h 20m Stream goes down!

[Info] We only had Rayquaza at this point last run, too.

13d 22h 18m Sableye is out next! It Mega Evolves as Dragon Ascent drops it down. Phoebe defeated!

13d 22h 17m Rayquaza comes out! We get hit with Psycho Cut as we Bulk Up. Leftovers heals us. Bulk Up again as we get hit with another Psycho Cut. It crits us, but still does little damage! We Dragon Ascent! Mismagius goes down!

13d 22h 15m High Jump Kick does us in! Lanturn fainted! Only Rayquaza remains.

13d 22h 14m Lanturn joins the fray. It gets Toxic'd and hurt by Spikes! High Jump Kick hurts and Thunderbolt takes it down to red. Phoebe used a Full Restore! We switch to Waterfall which does more damage. Toxic brings us to red. Another Full Restore used. We Waterfall again.

13d 22h 13m High Jump Kick brings us to red as we Gleam again. It's down to yellow as well. Affection cures the Toxic! High Jump Kick hits and crits! Wiggly goes down!

13d 22h 12m We send out Wigglytuff who gets Toxiced. Dazzling Gleam hurts Trevenant and we go down to half. Toxic takes out for Trevenant! Mismagius is out next. We Dazzling Gleam Mismagius as it sets up spikes. Toxic brings us to yellow.

[Snark] That's three dead jellies in one battle. Must be some kind of record.

13d 22h 9m We send out Pink Jellicent, who is now toxiced and at half. Up against enemy Trevanant! We use our own Toxic! It uses Razor Leaf but misses and our affection cures the Toxic! We Shadow Ball it down to yellow. Razor Leaf hurts and we go down. Pink Jellicent fainted!

13d 22h 9m The Foes Pink Jellicent, that is. We Shadow Ball it. Theif takes us down to red! Another Shadow Ball brings it down to red as well. Thief takes us out! Blue Jellicent fainted! But flame body burns it! Foe Pink Jellicent fainted as well!

13d 22h 8m Aegislash out next. We throw more Shadow Balls its way. Still above half. It lays down layer one of Toxic Spikes. Another Shadow Ball brings it to red and lowers it's Sp. Def. 2nd layer of Toxic Spikes. A third Shadow Ball finishes off Aegislash! Pink Jellicent is sent out!

13d 22h 6m We Shadow Ball! It's down to half and still in the green. It Dark Pulses. We Shadow Ball again and it hangs on! Another Dark Pulse brings us to half. Full Restore is used. We continue lobbing Shadow Balls. It goes down to a hair of life again and we are in yellow. Another Shadow Ball takes down Dusknoir!

13d 22h 6m Vs Phoebe! Blue Jellicent vs Dusknoir!

[Info] Cacturne is fainted and Pink Jellicent is at half. Everyone else has not been used so far.

13d 22h 2m Unown is out next, and it leaves as quickly as it comes out. Slowbro comes out and Mega Evolves. We Shadow Ball and it goes down to red! It uses Toxic but it misses! Full Restore used on Slowbro. We Shadow Ball it again and finish it off! Sidney defeated!

13d 22h 1m Shadow Ball takes it down to yellow as we get hit with Lands Wrath. It uses Endure as we use Dive. Another Lands Wrath takes us to half. Full Restore used on Exeggutor. We Shadow Ball it again and cause it's Sp. Def to drop. Another Shadow Ball finishes it!

13d 22h 0m We send out Pink Jellicent! We avoid a Dragon Rush and use Shadow Ball. Sidney goes for a Full Restore and we Shadow Ball again. Another Dragon Rush miss and Alakazam goes down! Exeggutor is out next!

13d 21h 59m Alakazam shows up and gives us a Superpower! Cacturne fainted!

13d 21h 58m Cacturne vs Gallade! Dynamic Punch misses! We Thief it down to yellow. It misses again! Gallade goes down! Xatu is out next! Steamroller takes us down to yellow and Thief takes out Xatu!

13d 21h 58m Vs Sidney! Attempt #34!

[Fluff] If only we could save our best Surf 'mon for Steven, and Surf all the way to Victory!

[Info] Affection bonuses do not apply to Mega forms, which is why it could not wake up or shake the paralysis with affection.

[Info] That was our 2nd "post affection" attempt.

[Rip] #REKT

13d 21h 53m We black out! Lost vs Steven on attempt #33!

13d 21h 52m Leftovers recovers 24 HP, and Flare Blitz does slightly more than that. It crits us!

13d 21h 51m It keeps using Flare Blitz. It does around 30 HP damage. We Bulk Up some more, as it is our only move left.

13d 21h 51m We recover from Leftovers and it recovers from Aqua Ring!

13d 21h 50m We have no PP remaining!

13d 21h 50m It uses Flare Blitz! It doesn't hurt that much. We Brick Break! It barely hangs on!

13d 21h 49m It uses Aqua Ring! We're full paralyzed!

13d 21h 49m It uses Glare! Rayquaza is paralyzed!

13d 21h 49m We use a Great Ball! It Mega Evolves!

13d 21h 48m It uses Taunt! It's going to force a struggle! Ninetales goes down! Leftovers bring us back to yellow. Blaziken comes out!

13d 21h 48m Cross Poison takes us down even lower! Brick Break brings it down to red as well. Full Restore used and we have 2 PP left.

13d 21h 47m Rapidash out next! Brick Break misses! 5 PP left! Rapidash has Protean! Brick Break takes down Rapidash! We're down to red due to Doom Desire! Ninetails out next.

13d 21h 46m It uses Guillotine but misses! We're running low on Brick Break PP (6 PP left). Arcanine goes down!

13d 21h 45m Arcanine is out next. It uses Doom Desire! We Brick Break and it barely hangs on. Full Restore used. We Brick Break again but miss.

13d 21h 45m Full Restore used! We dodge Brave Bird and take it out with Brick Break! 4 Pokemon remain!

13d 21h 44m It continues to Brave Bird! We're at half health or so and continue to sleep. Leftovers is helping out as well. We wake up and use Brick Break! It's down to red!

[Snark] Frustration hype!

13d 21h 44m We throw a Great Ball!

13d 21h 43m Rayquaza falls asleep due to Sing!

13d 21h 42m We use our final Dragon Ascent! We missed due to the acc drop from Night Daze!

13d 21h 42m It saves us by Disabling Bulk Up! How nice of it. We repay the favor by using Earthquake. Darmantian goes down! Leftovers helps recover our health. Talonflame out next! We waste our final PP of Earthquake on it. Brave Bird doesn't hurt us that much.

13d 21h 41m We Bulk Up a second time! Night Daze drops our accuracy! We Bulk Up a third time!

13d 21h 40m Rayquaza vs Darmantian! It's level 100! We Mega Evolve and don't get to Speed Boost! We use a Bulk Up! It uses Night Daze!

13d 21h 40m VS League Champion Steven!

13d 21h 39m We approach the final chamber as the door opens.

[Info] Rayquaza still at full health, missing a lot of PP from Earthquake.

13d 21h 38m Another Earthquake shows it who is boss and it goes down! Drake defeated!?!

13d 21h 38m Arbok comes out! We Earthquake and it, too, goes down. Leftovers brings us back to full. It's final Pokemon is Gengar and it Mega Evolves!

13d 21h 37m Venusaur comes out! We Earthquake again and it goes down to yellow! It dares attack us with Hyperspace Hole. Minimal damage. Leftovers has us mostly back to full. Another Earthquake sends it do the shadow realm!

13d 21h 36m Earthquake takes care of Tentacruel. Nidoqueen comes out. Another Earthquake and another casualty.

13d 21h 35m We Bulk Up! We avoid a Flash Cannon due to affection! We use Earthquake and it goes down in a single hit! Tentacruel out next.

13d 21h 35m Drake wants to battle! Rayquaza vs Ariados!

[Info] Rayquaza is our only remaining Pokemon, at full health and mostly out of Dragon Ascent (if not completely out).

13d 21h 33m We Brick Break it and it drops! We crit because we're so in synch! Glacia defeated!

13d 21h 33m Next is Absol! The final Pokemon!

13d 21h 32m Krookodile is out next. We use another Dragon Ascent. It quickly drops. Hydregion comes out! We use Dragon Ascent again and it goes down!

13d 21h 30m It uses Luster Purge, dropping our Sp. Def. We Bulk Up. We Brick Break it and it goes down! Spiritomb out next. We Dragon Ascent and annihilate it. Leftovers brings us to full. Sneasel out next. We Dragon Ascent it and it drops as well.

13d 21h 30m Vs Glacia! Rayquaza vs Greninja!

13d 21h 27m Rayquaza comes out and uses Earthquake. Sableye goes down. Phoebe defeated!

13d 21h 27m We switch to Waterfall and knock it's health low, but Shadow Ball takes us out. Lanturn fainted! Only Rayquaza remains.

13d 21h 25m Lanturn comes out and gets poisoned and takes Spikes damage. High Jump Kick knocks us down to yellow. Mismagius goes down. Sableye out next as it Mega Evolves. We Thunderbolt, and then dodge the Mud Bomb due to affection!

13d 21h 24m We crit with Dazzling Gleam, taking it down to red. Full Restore used. It switches to High Jump Kick as we get it down to yellow again. Another kick takes us down. Wigglytuff fainted!

13d 21h 23m Wigglytuff sent out as it gets poisoned. We Dazzling Gleam Trevenant down to red. Sludge Wave hurts and affection cures our poison! Dazzling Gleam knocks it out! Mismagius is out next! It uses Spikes as we Dazzling Gleam. It does little damage. It keeps using Spikes.

13d 21h 22m Phoebe sends out Trevenant. We Shadow Ball it down to yellow. Sp. Def drops as well. Razor Leaf drops us. Pink Jellicent fainted!

13d 21h 20m We Shadow Ball but the Sp. Def raise prevents much damage. Poison is cured from affection! We keep Shadow Balling, it is down to yellow as it keeps using Thief. Full Restore used! We Shadow Ball it and it's Sp. Def drops down to normal! We drop it to red as it's Sp. Def falls again. All the Thiefing takes us down to yellow. Foe Pink Jellicent fainted!

13d 21h 20m Blue Jellicent vs Pink Jellicent! We use Surf for some reason.. It's Moss raises it's Sp. Def! Pink Jellicent vs Pink Jellicent! We get poisoned due to spikes!

13d 21h 18m Due to the Sp. Def drop earlier, we kill it in 2 hits! Dusknoir fainted! Aegislash comes out. We crit it down to yellow! It uses Toxic Spikes. It's absorb bulb raises its special attack! It attacks but we endure it again! It's down to Red and we faint it with Surf again!

13d 21h 17m We Shadow Ball and it Dark Pulses. We're in red. A second Shadow Ball drops it to a hair of life left as it's Sp. Def drops. Blue Jellicent toughed it out! We're at 1 HP remaining! Full Restore used as we go for another Shadow Ball!

[Fluff] #PetTheJelly

13d 21h 17m Vs Phoebe! Blue Jellicent vs Dusknoir.

13d 21h 14m Xatu is out next. We lob a Shadow Ball at it and it dies. Slowbro is out next and it Mega Evolves. We attack it and we avoid Seed Flare! Shadow Ball knocks it out! Sidney defeated!

[Info] We have 5 Pokemon remaining.

13d 21h 13m We deliver a Shadow Ball to Exeggutor. Got another luck Sp.Def drop! Lands Wrath bring us to below half. Sidney goes for another Full Restore but the Sp. Def drop causes us to one shot Exeggutor! Unown out next. It quickly falls as per the usual.

13d 21h 11m Foe Gallade goes down to Shadow Ball! Alakazam is out next. It gives us a Dragon Rush as we Shadow Ball. Sidney Full Restores and we Shadow Ball again. Got the Sp. Def drop! We avoid Dragon Rush and Alakazam goes down! Exeggutor out next.

13d 21h 10m Cacturne vs Gallade! We survive Dynamic Punch but become confused! We use.. Earthquake. Second Dynamic Punch takes us out. Cacturne Fainted! Blue Jellicent sent out next.

13d 21h 10m Vs Sidney! Attempt #33 underway!

13d 21h 9m Game resumes!

[Info] Inputs seem to still be scrolling and Sm4sh is still running, as well.

13d 21h 7m Game goes black.

13d 21h 6m Phoebe uses a Full Restore as we switch to Thunderbolt. Pink Jellicent goes down! Aegislash out next. We Thunderbolt but Frenzy Plant takes us out. Lanturn fainted! Blacked out vs Phoebe on attempt #32!

13d 21h 5m Foe Jellicent uses Fly. It crits on us but Jellicent loves us and cures the poison!

13d 21h 4m Lanturn out next. Our final Pokemon! We Oblivion Wing for minimal damage as it keeps Sludge Bombing us. Lanturn is poisoned!

13d 21h 4m Wigglytuff out next. It Sludge Bombs us as we try to Strength it repeatedly. Wigglytuff fainted!

13d 21h 3m Foe Phoebe sends out Pink Jellicent. We Bulk Up again as it uses Ice Beam. Rayquaza is frozen solid! Rayquaza faints!

13d 21h 2m Vs Pheobe! Pink Jellicent vs Dusknoir. Pink Jellicent goes down to Dark Pulse! Rayquaza comes out and uses Bulk Up. Dusknoir uses explosion but it barely hurts!

13d 21h 0m Seed Flare hurts a lot but we finish it with Shadow Ball. Sidney defeated!

13d 20h 59m Shadow Ball easily knocks it out. Xatu out next. It flinches us with Steam Roller then uses Will-o-Wisp. Pink Jellicent is burned! Xatu goes down to Shadow Ball. We pet it and it heals its burn! Slowbro comes out and Mega Evolves.

13d 20h 57m Pink Jellicent is sent out. We're up against Exeggutor. Shadow Ball drops it to half. It endures and then Full Restores. We decide to Dive and do minimal damage. Another Shadow Ball finishes it. Unown out next.

13d 20h 54m It poison fangs us. Blue Jellicent is badly poisoned! and manages to take foe Gallade down. Alakazam is out next. We avoid a Dragon Rush as poison takes us down to half. Full Restore used! Shadow Ball takes down Alakazam! Blue Jellicent faints to poison!

13d 20h 53m Vs Sidney! Attempt #32! Cacturne vs Gallade. We eat a Dynamic Punch. Cacturne fainted! Blue Jellicent sent out.

[Snark] Who knows? Maybe it isn't Teh Urn! Kappa

[Fluff] This is it guys, THIS IS TEH URN

13d 20h 51m In the E4! We run in to challenge Sidney! This will be attempt #32!

13d 20h 49m Currently outside, walking into walls repeatedly.

[Chat] Pacohax: one last moment of peace before hell

13d 20h 48m In Wallys quiet flower garden. It is empty and serene.

13d 20h 45m Left the main part of Victory Road! In the final area now (the area with no encounters, before Wally).

13d 20h 41m In the last main area of Victory Road!

13d 20h 34m Caught an Amaura! Nickname: AmauraAAAA Sent to Box 9.

13d 20h 34m We go back up and head down the correct ladder! Back in the darkness, in the fourth area of Victory Road.

13d 20h 30m We head down the incorrect ladder.

13d 20h 28m We arrive in the third section of Victory Road.

13d 20h 19m We head back down to the second section.

13d 20h 17m We return back to the first area and are hanging around the ladder.

13d 20h 12m We head down the ladder in the darkness. In the second area of Victory Road.

13d 19h 59m We head north, and enter Victory Road.

13d 19h 58m Landed at Victory Road!

13d 19h 56m Eon Flute used once more!

13d 19h 54m We enter the Pokemon Center and then quickly leave.

13d 19h 54m Things do not happen. We return to Slateport.

13d 19h 54m Eon Flute used! Things are happening!

[Fluff] Sorry for not updating much during those 40 minutes or so, it was exactly as interesting as you'd imagine changing the party for 40 minutes would be.

13d 19h 49m Our party is set to the order the chat wanted! Cacturne, Blue Jellicent, Pink Jellicent, Rayquaza, Wigglytuff, Lanturn

[Info] Apparently we are going for a very specific party order and most of our party is not in that order.

13d 18h 59m Not having a lot of luck with the party arranging.

13d 18h 51m Cacturne back in first, trying to change our party around some more, however.

13d 18h 32m Currently rearranging the order of our Pokemon attacks, and Pink Jellicent was put in first.

[Info] Current party order: Cacturne, Blue Jellicent, Pink Jellicent, Wigglytuff, Rayquaza, Lanturn

[Snark] Just when we thought we got relief from the music, it continues to haunt us.

13d 18h 15m We entered the Pokemon Center and then quickly left.

13d 18h 12m We are currently rearranging the party order and seem to have finished messing with items.

13d 18h 6m So the three held items of interest are: Rayquaza has Leftovers, Lanturn has Sea Incense, and Pink Jellicent has Lax Incense

13d 18h 5m Pink Jellicent now has Lax Incense (instead of Cacturne).

13d 18h 1m Lanturn now holding Sea Incense.

13d 18h 0m Cacturne now holding Lax Incense.

13d 17h 53m Leftovers moved to Rayquaza!

13d 17h 51m Cacturne is first in our party. Currently trying to rearrange party positions and/or held items.

13d 17h 39m Cacturne holding leftovers!

13d 17h 37m We enter a random house. Still doing lots of inventory and party stuff.

13d 17h 27m Gave Blue Jellicent Sea Incense!

13d 17h 19m Gave Pink Jellicent Lax Incense!

13d 17h 17m Tossed 1 Big Nugget.

13d 17h 11m Nevermind.. Wigglytuff now holding Leftovers! and now its holding an Audinite.

13d 17h 11m Wigglytuff now holding Lax Incense!

13d 17h 6m We gave Pink Jellicent Leftovers and then took it off.

13d 16h 53m We go north into Slateport.

13d 16h 49m Blue Jellicent forgot Skill Swap for Dazzling Gleam!

13d 16h 42m We fly around and land at Route 109 again.

13d 16h 41m Used Eon Flute!

13d 16h 31m Loaded up the Bulk Up TM. Rayquaza forgot Shadow Force for Bulk Up!

13d 16h 21m Just hanging out in the market area, messing around with Pokemon and menus.

13d 16h 10m Purchased 2 Sea Incense! (Powers Water type moves) and Purchased another Lax Incense!

13d 16h 10m Purchased 2 Lax Incense! (Causes moves to miss holder - like Brightpowder)

13d 16h 9m Talking to the flower girl Aeris

13d 16h 5m We have entered the marketplace area of the city.

13d 16h 2m Returned north into Slateport.

13d 16h 1m Went south into Route 109 again.

13d 15h 59m Entered Slateport.

13d 15h 54m We land on the beach south of Slateport.

13d 15h 52m We are currently on Route 109.

13d 15h 43m We toss Sea Incense

13d 15h 36m Repeat from below

13d 15h 35m We soar only to land again

13d 15h 28m We toss Stardust

13d 15h 22m We toss the Aerodactylite

13d 15h 20m We toss a Super Repel

[Fluff] At least it's not a Dusk Stone that we tossed...

13d 15h 17m We replace Jellicent's Heracronite woth a Hard Stone

[rip] rip Hard Stone.

13d 15h 15m We toss a Hard Stone

13d 15h 13m Still surfing

13d 15h 0m Easy win

13d 14h 59m We surf and fight a trainer

13d 14h 57m We soar and land on Route 108

13d 14h 51m We soar again and land on Route 113

13d 14h 48m We soar again and land

13d 14h 47m We entered Metoer Falls but left them

13d 14h 38m We soar and land again

13d 14h 36m We land on Route 115

13d 14h 33m We soar only to go down again

13d 14h 22m Messing around with the Bag

13d 14h 14m We leave the house

13d 14h 10m We enter the house again

13d 14h 6m We leave the house after 32

13d 14h 4m We have healed 30 times, new record!

13d 13h 57m We talk to Granny again

13d 13h 57m We re-enter Granny's hosue

13d 13h 51m We leave the house

13d 13h 48m We keep talking to Granny

13d 13h 48m We leave the Tv only to talk to Granny and heal our mons

13d 13h 38m We watch TV

13d 13h 36m We enter Granny's House

13d 13h 29m We re-enter Route 111

13d 13h 29m We enter Route 112

13d 13h 26m We use another Great ball

13d 13h 26m We use a failed Great Ball on a Minun

13d 13h 20m We enter the Desert

13d 13h 16m We jump down the ledges

13d 13h 16m We enter Route 112

13d 13h 12m We get TM Swords Dance from Black Belt

13d 13h 10m We walk around town

13d 12h 53m We save the game

13d 12h 46m We enter Lavaridge Town

13d 12h 38m We go down the Jagged Pass

[Snark] Chat's favorite meal is Lemonade's with cookies i guess

13d 12h 30m We buy 5 Lava Cookie's from an Old Lady

13d 12h 27m We buy 13 Fresh Water's, 2 Soda Pop's, 10 Lemonade's we get one extra free Lemonade

13d 12h 21m As expected we ride it again

[Chat] \ Kappa / WHEEEEEEEE!

13d 12h 20m We ride it again

13d 12h 19m We enter the Cable Car house and sit on the couch

13d 12h 17m We are on Mt Chimney

13d 12h 15m We board it again for the third time

13d 12h 14m We board the Cable Car again

[Snark] U guys know what this means

13d 12h 11m We board the Cable Car

13d 12h 9m We enter the Cable Car hosue and sit on the couch

13d 12h 6m We enter Route 112

13d 11h 59m Entered Route 110

[Snark] We payed 10k Pokedollars and 2 fights for nothing

13d 11h 49m We go get our Mauville Ramen Bowl, we were late so its soggy.

13d 11h 48m Rotom Frost down by Jellicent's Shadow Ball

13d 11h 48m We send in Female Jellicent

13d 11h 47m Jellicent down due to Lanturn Thunderbolting it

13d 11h 45m Phantump down by Dazzling Gleam

13d 11h 43m Gollet down by Surf

[Info] All of our mons are healed so Wigglytuff, Lanturn and Male JEllicent are out

13d 11h 42m Street Thug Barlet sends out Rotom Frost, Golett and Phantump all level 87

13d 11h 42m Trainer defeated

13d 11h 41m Or not it clutched it and Jellicent;s Shadow Ball finished it off

13d 11h 41m We mega evolve Rayquaza and finish off Bastiodon with Dragon Ascent

13d 11h 40m Steelix down

[Fluff] Amie affection signs showing on all our mon, shaking off burns, dodging a move and landing crticials

13d 11h 39m We send in Rayquaza

13d 11h 38m Wigglytuff faints due to prior damage and this battle

13d 11h 37m Current party fighting: Both Jellicents and Wigglytuff

13d 11h 37m Lanturn faints due to burn

13d 11h 36m Ferrothorn defeated

13d 11h 35m Fighting LVl 87 Bastiodon, Ferrothorn and Steelix in a Triple Battle

13d 11h 30m Entered Mauville Food Court

13d 11h 26m Entered Mauville City

13d 11h 20m Entered Route 117

13d 11h 17m Trying to use Eon Flute but stopped

13d 10h 56m We leave the contest hall

13d 10h 54m We rank fourth as always

13d 10h 48m We've entered another Coolness Master Rank Contest with Wigglytuff.

13d 10h 47m We get a Berry from one of our fans. Wasn't able to see which one, my stream's not able to run on good quality right now.

[Fluff] Apparently it doesn't matter what position we come in the contest, we still get affection. Participation is what matters.

13d 10h 21m Lost that contest too. We've come dead last every time.

13d 10h 14m Entered yet another Master Coolness contest with Wigglytuff.

13d 10h 12m And we lost again.

13d 10h 3m Another Master Rank Coolness contest entered with Wigglytuff.

13d 10h 2m We lost again.

13d 9h 56m Wigglytuff again in a Master Coolness contest.

13d 9h 54m Another loss. Going well, guys.

13d 9h 46m Another Master Rank Coolness contest has been entered, again with Wigglytuff.

13d 9h 45m Lost another contest.

13d 9h 37m We've entered Tuff in another Coolness contest.

13d 9h 26m Entered Wigglytuff in a Master Coolness Contest.

13d 9h 23m Re-entered the Hall again.

13d 9h 20m We're outside again.

13d 9h 19m Not a win this time either.

13d 9h 11m Entered Cacturne in a Master Rank Coolness contest.

13d 9h 9m Lost again.

13d 9h 0m Still no success, but we go for another round. Coolness Master Rank, again with Cacturne.

13d 8h 50m No win. This time we enter Cacturne in a Coolness Hyper Rank contest.

13d 8h 38m We did not win. But we try again, entered Cacturne in a Master Rank Coolness Contest.

13d 8h 30m Entered Cacturne in a Coolness Master Rank contest.

13d 8h 24m Re-entered the Contest Hall.

13d 8h 19m We're outside, wandering around Verdanturf.

13d 8h 17m Yeah, we got last yet again! Such an achievement!

13d 8h 10m We've entered male Jellicent in a Coolness Master Rank contest.

13d 8h 8m And, last again. What a surprise.

13d 8h 1m We enter Lanturn in a Coolness Master Rank contest.

13d 7h 59m This time we came in.... last, still. We save a very nice photo of Amazing Blessed Rain to the SD card.

13d 7h 57m Jellicent tries another Amazing Blessed Rain, we don't seem to be doing as badly as last time. Still pretty terrible though.

13d 7h 54m Jellicent pulls off Amazing Blessed Rain, we get a lot of hearts for that. The other competitors are doing far better than us, though.

13d 7h 51m Another Coolness Master Rank contest, male Jellicent against Slacker, Gyalaxy, and Trode.

13d 7h 50m We're last again. This time the photo we save to the SD Card is of Jellicent performing Shadow Ball.

13d 7h 42m We enter Male Jellicent in another Coolness Master Rank Contest. Against Gyalaxy, Heracles and Louduff. The camera background is still on.

13d 7h 39m Just walking around the contest hall.

13d 7h 36m Nuzlad decides to Explode on the final turn, the other Pokémon try and get some more hearts, to finish things off. The contest ends, we come last again. This time we save a photo of Chop Chop the Machop performing a move to the SD Card.

[Snark] What crowd? We're performing to text.

13d 7h 35m Nuzlad the Nuzleaf pulls off Fresh Flower Garden, Jellicent's struggling to make any impression on the crowd.

13d 7h 29m We've entered another Coolness contest with Male Jellicent, not sure of the difficulty. Camera background's still up.

13d 7h 29m We save a photo of Gyalaxy the Gyarados and text saying "But it failed!" to the SD Card.

13d 7h 28m We manage to pull off one of the Special Talents, but the other Pokémon are still doing far better than us. The contest has ended, we are dead last.

13d 7h 23m Heracles the Heracross pulls off Grand Advance, gaining loads of hearts. We're either using the wrong moves or using the correct moves twice in a row, gaining very little hearts.

[Fluff] This time, instead of the background camera being the Wii U Gamepad / Smash, it is TPP chat.

13d 7h 22m First round went well. We manage to pull off the correct category moves, and get some hearts.

13d 7h 19m We enter Male Jellicent in a Coolness Master Rank Contest.

13d 7h 17m We try to enter a contest by wireless or something, but it is disabled.

13d 7h 3m We talk to the man, camera feature enabled.

13d 7h 0m We've re-entered the Contest Hall.

13d 6h 56m We're back outside, wandering around. Still not really doing anything.

13d 6h 49m We're sitting on a random stranger's bed, for some reason.

13d 6h 43m We're standing around Verdanturf, not doing anything in particular.

13d 6h 39m We leave the contest hall.

13d 6h 24m The machoke wins as we take 4th place.

13d 6h 22m The Camerupt pulls of a spectacular talent, Exquisite Inferno.

13d 6h 18m Our competitors are a seaking, camerupt, and a machoke.

13d 6h 17m We enter Mr. Jelly into a master rank beauty contest.

13d 6h 15m The electrode wins again, but this time we place third.

13d 6h 12m The electrode pulls off a spectacular talent.

13d 6h 10m Mr. Jelly pulls off a spectacular talent, Blessed Rain.

13d 6h 7m Our competitors are an electrode, a loudred, and a heracross.

13d 6h 6m We enter Mr.Jelly into a master rank coolness contest.

13d 6h 5m Electrode wins as we place 4th again.

13d 6h 1m Electrode pulls off a spectacular talent.

13d 5h 58m Our competitors are an electrode, loudred, and gyarados.

13d 5h 57m We enter the male Jellicent in a master rank coolness contest.

13d 5h 56m We swapped the jelly couple around in our party.

13d 5h 50m The electrode wins the competition and we place 4th.

13d 5h 44m Electrode pulls off a spectacular talent.

13d 5h 44m We actually do well in the first round.

13d 5h 42m Our competitors are a gyarados, slaking, and electrode.

13d 5h 41m We yet again enter the female Jellicent into another master rank coolness contest.

13d 5h 38m The heracross wins the competition as we take 4th place again.

13d 5h 35m Heracross pulls of a spectacular talent.

13d 5h 33m Electrode pulls off a spectacular talent.

13d 5h 31m Our opponents are an electrode, loudred, and a heracross.

13d 5h 30m We yet again enter the female Jellicent into another master rank coolness contest.

13d 5h 29m Yet again the electrode wins as we take 4th place.

13d 5h 27m Loudred pulls off its spectacular talent.

13d 5h 23m Electrode pulls of its spectacular talent.

13d 5h 21m Our opponents are a gyarados, electrode, and a loudred.

13d 5h 20m We enter yet another master rank coolness contest with the female Jellicent.

13d 5h 19m The electrode wins and we take 4th, again.

13d 5h 15m Electrode pulls off a spectacular talent.

13d 5h 8m We are competing against a slaking, heracross, and electrode.

13d 5h 8m We enter the female Jellicent into yet another master rank coolness contest.

13d 5h 7m Electrode wins as we place 4th again.

13d 5h 3m Electrode pulls off a spectacular talent.

13d 5h 0m We are competing against a gyarados, electrode, and heracross.

13d 4h 59m We enter the female Jellicent in a Master Rank Coolness contest.

13d 4h 56m We place 4th and the heracross wins.

Heracross got the audience exited enough to use a spectacular move.

13d 4h 50m Our opponents also appear to be the same contestants.

13d 4h 49m We enter the master level coolness competition with the female Jellicent again.

[Snark] We were just too clever for our own good.

13d 4h 46m We place 4th in the coolness competition.

13d 4h 46m We continue to use clever moves.

13d 4h 45m Heracross pulls off a combo for a great amount of appeal.

13d 4h 43m Loudred builds up enough hype to use a spectacular talent.

13d 4h 42m Our cleverness really isn't going over well.

13d 4h 39m We are competing against a heracross gyarados and a loudred.

We enter the female Jellicent in a master rank cool contest.

[Info] z33k33: DBstyle 7 (more contests) for Female Jelly, 8 for Male jelly

13d 4h 34m We switch the Female Jellicent and Lanturn in the party order.

13d 4h 31m We sit on the sofa and catch our breath.

13d 4h 30m Contest over, we finished dead last.

13d 4h 28m Gyarados got a second 5-star bonus.

13d 4h 26m We threw our shot for a 5-star bonus to Gyarados.

13d 4h 21m We enter a Master Rank Coolness Contest with 222.

13d 4h 20m We finished dead last.

13d 4h 19m Nuzleaf used KAPOW and got the 5 star bonus!

13d 4h 16m We use Psychic twice in a row.

[Info] We have two Cool moves, a Clever move, and a Tough move.

13d 4h 13m Chaz entered with his Macherie.

13d 4h 12m We enter 222 into a Hyper Rank Beauty Contest.

13d 4h 2m We found the Contest Hall.

13d 4h 2m And again.

13d 4h 1m We save again.

13d 4h 1m We return to Verdanturf and save.

13d 3h 52m Stopped surfing.

13d 3h 52m Surfing now. Bike time over.

13d 3h 48m Nickname is AA.

13d 3h 47m Caught a Wynaut in a Great Ball.

13d 3h 46m Strength does enough to trigger Abomasnow's Sitrus Berry, and a second Strength kills it. Trainer defeated.

13d 3h 45m We take out the Carnilanturn. Guildmaster in the red. Abomasnow is sent out.

13d 3h 43m We're fighting a trainer whose Carnivine transformed into 222 and took down Revoseed!

13d 3h 33m We ride the Mach Bike

13d 3h 26m We enter Route 117

13d 3h 19m we leave mart and walk round town

13d 3h 18m We set chat speed to fast

13d 3h 17m We enter the mart

13d 3h 12m We walk around houses

13d 3h 6m Went to Wally's house

13d 3h 3m Still walking

13d 2h 53m Walking around a house

13d 2h 48m We leave the contest hall

[Fluff] Is the last time we had this TM Crystal or have we had it since?

13d 2h 35m Obtained the TM for Attract!

13d 2h 30m We somehow get last place

13d 2h 27m We get it again!

13d 2h 24m We get the 5 star appeal

13d 2h 22m We enter cool master rank again with Lanturn

[Info] We are doing contests because of this

13d 2h 19m We place 4th, what a surprise

13d 2h 12m Heracross gets the 5 star appeal

13d 2h 8m We enter master coolness with Female Jellicent

13d 2h 7m We rank second!

13d 2h 4m We get the 5 star appeal!

13d 2h 2m Nuzleaf got the 5 star appeal

13d 1h 59m We enter coolness hyper rank with lanturn

13d 1h 58m we rank 4th as always except that one time

13d 1h 55m Slaking gets a 5 star appeal

[Fluff] I like how people boo other contestants and act amazed at our mon's appeals

13d 1h 52m We get the 5 star appeal!

13d 1h 50m With lanturn

13d 1h 50m We enter our favorite category Coolness master rank

13d 1h 48m We rank 4th as usual

13d 1h 45m Slaking got the 5 star appeal

13d 1h 41m We enter cool master rank with Lanturn again

13d 1h 33m Animations on!

13d 1h 32m An old gentleman takes us above and shows up a picture of Swinu on the wall saying that we won a master rank contest

13d 1h 27m Turning on the pokedex and messing around with it

13d 1h 19m Trying to turn on animations

13d 1h 9m We meet Lisia in the waiting room

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] And saved a photo of someone else's Heracross.


13d 1h 6m Ekectrode gets the 3rd 5 star appeal


13d 1h 3m We get 5 star appeal already from the second turn!

13d 1h 2m master coolness as always eith Lanturn

13d 0h 57m we still rank 4th

13d 0h 55m Herecross gets the second 5 star appeal

[Snark] A chance to be not 4th

We get the 5 star appeal!

13d 0h 51m Coolness master rank with Lanturn

13d 0h 50m We rank 4th, is there anything new?

13d 0h 47m Slaking got the 5 star appeal

13d 0h 41m We enter with Cacturne Master rank cool contest

13d 0h 38m The contest went through and we dont know if we won

Stream is back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

13d 0h 36m Stream down again during a contest

13d 0h 34m We enter with Lanturn btw

13d 0h 34m Heracross gets the 5 star appeal

13d 0h 30m We enter cool master rank again

13d 0h 23m We rank 4th as always in master rank contests

13d 0h 21m Gyarados takes the 5 star appeal

[Snark] We turned of battle animations, how are the judges ranking us

We're back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


13d 0h 16m We enter a cool master rank contest

13d 0h 6m We find a hidden Dark Glasses on the ground

13d 0h 3m We go back to Rusturf Tunnel and enter a Route 116 from another entrance

[Snark] Wow, two weeks and we're still in Verdanturf Town?

We're now on Day 14 of Randomized Alpha Sapphire!

12d 23h 53m We go to Verendaturf town

12d 23h 46m We enter Rusturf Tunnel

12d 23h 44m Walking around the grass searching for a Duskull to steal its Spell Tag, but alas its a randomizer so it didnt hold one

12d 23h 25m We catch a female level 6 Wynaut no nickname

12d 23h 22m We enter Route 116

12d 23h 19m We enter Verendaturf and go straight for Rusturf Tunnel

12d 23h 13m We enter Route 117

12d 23h 10m We enter Mauville City

12d 23h 6m We catch another lvl 16 female surskit, no nickname

12d 22h 59m we catch a male surskit named: Uja

12d 22h 46m Route 110

12d 22h 36m We enter Route above Slateport

12d 22h 33m We leave the Contest Hall

12d 22h 27m Walking around

12d 22h 17m We run from the pc

12d 22h 10m Contest Over! We are last.

12d 22h 4m Up against Gyarados, Electrode, and Loudred.

12d 22h 3m Entered Wigglytuff into Master Rank Coolness Contest.

12d 21h 57m Lanturn was first for a moment but was swapped back.

12d 21h 52m Wigglytuff was moved to first spot. Rayquaza is now last.

12d 21h 47m Gyarados wins. We get last place.

12d 21h 44m We Mega evolve! We use Doom Incarnate!

12d 21h 40m We are up against a Gyarados, Loudred, and Heracross.

12d 21h 39m We enter Rayquaza into the Master Rank.

12d 21h 35m Entered the Contest Hall.

12d 21h 31m Left the docks.

12d 21h 29m We get off the boat and arrive in Slateport.

12d 21h 24m The announcement comes on that we will be landing in Slateport soon.

12d 21h 20m We rest on a bed. Fully healed!

12d 21h 11m We're just wandering aimlessly on the ship, messing around with menus and such.

12d 21h 4m Obtained a Sharp Beak! from some foreigner.

12d 20h 58m Dragon Ascent obliterates it. The Pokemon Breeder was defeated.

12d 20h 57m We head back inside and pick a fight with an old man. Wait, no it's a female Pokemon Breeder Thomas that wants to fight. Rayquaza vs Spritzee.

12d 20h 55m Found a Blastoisinite!

12d 20h 53m We talk to Drake. He doesn't say anything interesting.

12d 20h 51m We make it to the front of the ship, by Drake.

12d 20h 48m Picked up Leftovers!

[Chat] BigBrother

12d 20h 47m Conkeldurr goes down. Trainer defeated.

12d 20h 47m Scraggy goes down. Out next is Conkeldurr.

12d 20h 46m Spotted by another trainer. Expert Lenard wants to fight. Rayquaza vs Scraggy.

12d 20h 45m Azumarill goes down and Phillip is defeated.

12d 20h 44m Carbink goes down. Azumarill is sent out next.

12d 20h 43m We withdraw Rayquaza. We send out Lanturn who frisks an Audinite.

12d 20h 42m Rayquaza now holding Smoke Ball. Spotted by Backpacker Phillip. Rayquaza vs Carbink.

12d 20h 41m We head downstairs, still on the ship.

12d 20h 37m We spot Drake talking to Peeko and the old man.

12d 20h 36m Galvantula goes down. Garret defeated.

[Info] It would appear Rayquaza's affection is at least level 4 for that to happen. We've also dodged attacks three turns in a row with it.

12d 20h 33m Rayquaza read our mind and avoided the attack! And then hearts appeared. D'aww.

12d 20h 32m A rich boy on the boat spots us and challenges us. Ace Trainer Garret wants to fight! Rayquaza vs Galvantula.

12d 20h 28m Got TM 63 - Embargo!

12d 20h 26m We travel to Slateport. Except now we're in the boat.

12d 20h 22m We arrive at Lilycove.

12d 20h 19m We head back to the Battle Resort.

12d 20h 18m We board the ferry headed for Slateport.

12d 20h 15m We get on the ferry again! We're back at the battle resort.

12d 20h 11m We head on the ferry again, to Slateport.

[Snark] [BuzzNav] BuzzNav is convinced we're in love with a preschooler.

12d 20h 5m We head onto the ferry to the Battle Resort!

12d 19h 59m Wandering round town.

12d 19h 54m We leave the contest hall.

12d 19h 54m We also got given a Rage Candy Bar

12d 19h 53m We got given a Soda Pop!


12d 19h 43m We got a guy to set up special effects.

[Snark] Hello, it's efls world.

12d 19h 41m Aaand we're back.

12d 19h 41m We're back on the title screen.

12d 19h 41m We quit the game and launch EFL.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ http://tehurn.com/

[Snark] Should be called Baequaza.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 19h 37m WE WON! :D :D

12d 19h 36m Roselia gets the first 5 star bonus, and makes poison bubbles.

12d 19h 35m Oh look, Dragon Ascent again!

[Snark] I guess the hole on the ceiling is staying since we keep making Rayquaza go to space and back

12d 19h 34m We use Brick Break this time.

12d 19h 33m We hit up Dragon Ascent for a third time.


12d 19h 31m So we do it again.

12d 19h 31m The audience seemed to like it.

12d 19h 30m Tried and tested, we use Dragon Ascent!

12d 19h 29m We enter Rayquaza into the Super Rank Beauty Contest this time!

12d 19h 28m We came last again. Trode won again.

12d 19h 27m We're going to use Dragon Ascent again.

[Snark] Good luck trying to show appeal with Sonic Boom.

12d 19h 25m Loudred gets the second 5 star bonus. GOTTA GO FAST.

12d 19h 25m We use Shadow Force this time.

12d 19h 24m We hit up Dragon Ascent again.

12d 19h 22m Electrode gets the first 5 star bonus, once again destroying the entire arena.

12d 19h 20m We start with Dragon Ascent. Like we've never seen that before.

[Info] no cam

12d 19h 18m We enter Rayquaza in the Master Rank Coolness Contest.

12d 19h 18m We leave the PC.

[Info] 163 Pokemon in our Pokedex.

12d 19h 17m You hear that? That's the sound of the PC!

12d 19h 16m We're struggling to enter the contest again.

[BuzzNav] [Snark] Apparently we are in a relationship with Preschooler Valerie. THE SCANDAL.

12d 19h 8m We're sitting in a chair examining our reflection.

[BuzzNav] [Snark] Doom Incarnate sure is cool. Yup.

[Snark] Mirror, mirror on the wall. TELL ME I'M PRETTY.

12d 19h 6m And we save the game!

12d 19h 6m We head into the dressing room and examine our Pokemon.

12d 19h 5m But then we quit out a few times.

12d 19h 5m We enter Rayquaza again.

[Snark] Gotta keep using Dragon Ascent, itl work this time!

12d 19h 4m Electrode won. Sadness.

[Info] Deku's cam is on the chat!

12d 19h 2m Loudred got the 5 star bonus and showed off its coolness by becoming Sonic the Hedgehog.

12d 19h 2m We've used Shadow Force this time.


12d 19h 0m We're back to Dragon Ascent now.

12d 18h 59m Electrode got the 5 star bonus. Made lightning strike the stadium. 200 dead, 150 wounded.

12d 18h 58m IMPORTANT NEWS! We didn't use Dragon Ascent! Brick Break this time.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppSlowpoke

12d 18h 57m 999's talent is pretty spectacular.

12d 18h 52m We booted up the PC to look at Lamp in the Battle Box.

[Snark] The photo we saved perfectly sums up our performance in this contest.


12d 18h 40m We enter coolness and master rank with Rayquaza again

12d 18h 38m We ranked fourth and chat is spamming Kappa //

12d 18h 38m We even had a chance to mega evolve

12d 18h 37m I guess we REALLY like how it looks Kappa

12d 18h 37m We use Dragon Ascent for the 5th time...

12d 18h 36m We use Dragon Ascent for the 4th time

[Snark] I guess we dont care what they think, we like how Dragon Ascent looks like

12d 18h 34m We use Dragon Acsent for the 3rd time

12d 18h 33m Heracross got the 5 Star Appeal showing us him taking down a tree

12d 18h 32m We use Dragon Ascent again but we still get many hearts

12d 18h 31m We gained the most hearts so we're first this turn

12d 18h 30m We use Dragon Ascent

[Fluff] Deku's cam look like Hexagon boxes

We are being PogChamp'd and WOOOOO'd

The other contestants are being boo'd by the chat Keepo

12d 18h 27m We enter a cool contest on master rank with Rayquaza

12d 18h 23m We enter the contest hall

12d 18h 17m We enter Lilycove City

12d 18h 11m We enter Sea Route 124

Name: 'Glaceon 2j'

12d 18h 6m We Catch a level 39 Male Glaceon

12d 17h 49m Walkign around

12d 17h 31m We land on Route 125

12d 17h 30m We soar by using the Eon Flute

12d 17h 24m We get out of Victory Road and into Ever Grande City

12d 17h 21m We enter Wally's place in Victory Road

12d 17h 17m We get out of the League

12d 17h 15m Greninja uses Petal Dance and poison defeats us, Blackout

12d 17h 15m Wigglytuff vs Greninja

12d 17h 14m Vs Glacia

12d 17h 10m We send in Wigglytuff which uses Dazzling Gleam, we defeat Pheobe!

12d 17h 9m We fire off another Thunderbolt and she Mud bombs again, poison takes Lanturn down

12d 17h 8m We use Thunderbolt and paralyze her, but she still uses Mud Bomb

12d 17h 8m We switch to Lanturn and she uses Mud Bomb

12d 17h 6m She sends in Sabelye and we use Strength while she uses Mud Bomb

12d 17h 6m We send in Wigglytuff which uses Dazzling Gleam to defeat Trevenant

[Info] Apparently Rayquaza has some of Mega Rayquaza's stats and Mega has normal Ray's stats

12d 17h 2m She sends in Trevenant, we use Shadow Ball and it uses Razor Leaf and cuts Jellicent to smithereens

12d 17h 2m We use another Shadow Ball to take her down

12d 17h 1m She sends in her Jellicent and we use Shadow Ball while she uses Theif

12d 17h 1m We use a Shadow Ball to take it down

12d 17h 0m She uses a Full Restore ad we continue firing Shadow Balls, she uses Frenzy Plant

12d 17h 0m We Shadow Ball again while it sets up layer #2 of TSpikes

12d 17h 0m She uses Toxic spikes

12d 17h 0m She sends in Aegislash and we Shadow Ball once again

12d 16h 59m another Shadow Ball takes Mismaguis down

12d 16h 59m We send in Maale Jellicent to use Shadow Ball while Mismaguis uses Psycho Cut

12d 16h 58m Mismaguis is sent out and high jump Kicks Cacturne to death

12d 16h 58m We send in Cacturne and Overheat while Dusknoir explodes

12d 16h 57m We use Shadow Ball while it uses crit Dark Pulse, we use Skill Swap while it uses Dark Pulse again Jellicent faints

12d 16h 56m Male Jellicent Vs Rayquaza

12d 16h 55m VS Pheobe

12d 16h 54m this is Attempt #31

12d 16h 47m We use shadow Ball to defeat Slowbro and Sidney!

12d 16h 47m We send in Male Jellicent and use Skill Swap, they use Seed Flare

12d 16h 46m We use Dragon Ascent on Mega Slowbro taking it to near half health while it uses psychic to take us down

12d 16h 45m FULL LEVEL 100 TEAM

Rayquaza hits LEVEL 100!

12d 16h 45m We use Dragon Ascent demolishing Xatu

12d 16h 44m We use Shadow Force while Exeguttor while it Thunder Shock, after Full Restore we do it again and it repeats the cycle, we Mega Evolve and use Brick Break doing very little damage, we finally use dragon Ascent

12d 16h 41m We use Dragon Ascent to defeat Alakazam

12d 16h 41m We use Brick Break on alakazam while it hits a weak Dragon Rush, we Brick Break again and it crits Dragon Rush sending us to half health

12d 16h 40m We avoid Dynamic Punch and use Shadow Force to defeat Gallade insantly

12d 16h 39m Vs Sidney

12d 16h 34m Opposing female Jellicent down, Trevenant sent in. Male Jellicent down to poison damage, black out, run 30 over to Phoebe

12d 16h 33m Cacturne down to poison, female Jellicent lands a Fly on Male Jellicent.

12d 16h 31m Cacturne sent in, and poisoned. Cacturne almost down to Ice Beam, Earthquake used on the opposing Jellicent. Full Restore used on Jellicent, we Thief it.

12d 16h 29m Aegislash down, Female Jellicent sent in. Our female Jellicent is on very low health, we Shadow Ball the opposing Jellicent. Female Jellicent down to Thief

12d 16h 27m Aegislash is doing a good job surviving and not being affected by our attacks, Wigglytuff down to poison. Female Jellicent sent in, and poisoned.

12d 16h 25m Full Restore used on Aegislash. Lanturn down. We send Chanseytuff in, poisoned straight away.

12d 16h 23m We send in Lanturn against Aegislash. Toxic Spikes are set up. Chipping away at Aegislash's health with various attacks.

12d 16h 22m Versus Phoebe, Dusknoir against Rayquaza. We Mega-Evolve, and Earthquake Dusknoir. Doesn't do much. Dusknoir gives up and explodes. Rayquaza down.

12d 16h 18m Slowbro Mega-Evolves, we Dragon Ascent it. Doesn't do a lot, and now our stats are quite low. We Shadow Force Slowbro, a Thunder is avoided, Slowbro down, Sidney defeated.

12d 16h 17m Xatu down, Slowbro sent in.

12d 16h 15m Exeggutor sent in, it uses Endure. Shadow Force is a two-turn move, despite the Endure not working we do not take it out in one shot. A Full Restore is used, we finally Mega-Evolve Rayquaza, and attack Exeggutor again. It goes down, Xatu sent in.

12d 16h 14m Unown sent in, we Shadow Force it. Unown down.

12d 16h 14m 999 grew to Lv. 99!

12d 16h 14m Alakazam sent in, we use Shadow Force again. More Speed Boosting. Alakazam down.

12d 16h 12m Versus Sidney, Gallade against Rayquaza. We decide not to Mega-Evolve, we avoid Dynamic Punch, we get the Speed Boost, Shadow Force lands, Gallade down.

Attempt #30

12d 16h 9m Trevenant tanks a Ice Beam and uses Sludge Wave, and toxic spikes poison defeats Wigglytuff, Blackout

12d 16h 8m We send in Wigglytuff

12d 16h 8m Trevenant is sent out and uses Razor Leaf to defeat Jellicent

12d 16h 7m Second Shadow Ball defeats her Jellicent

12d 16h 6m We send our Female Jellicent to use Shadow Ball while she uses Fly to stall out poison from the Toxic Spikes

12d 16h 5m Cacturne faints

12d 16h 4m Jellicent uses Fly while we use Theif, it hits Fly we use Overheat again

12d 16h 3m We send in Cacturne which Overheats Jellicent after a Full Restore was Applied

12d 16h 3m We use Shadow Ball twice and it uses Theif twice to defeat Jellicent

12d 16h 2m Aegislash goes down to Shadow Balls, she sends in Female Jellicent

12d 16h 2m We use Shadow Ball on Aegislash while it Toxic Spike's

12d 16h 1m we use Shadow Ball twice and it continues its Dark Pulses, Pheobe uses a Full Restore while we keep Shadow Balling, with damage roll and spe def drop, Dusknoir goes down

12d 16h 0m We use Skill Swap while it Dark Pulse's

12d 15h 59m Male Jellicent vs Dusknoir

12d 15h 59m VS Pheobe

12d 15h 57m We send in Cacturne which ises Theif to defeat Sidney and his bro (slow)

12d 15h 56m Sidney uses a Full Restore while out Thunderbolt zaps it, but Toxic faints Lanturn

12d 15h 55m We use Thunderbolt and it uses Seed Flare

12d 15h 55m We send in Lanturn and use Waterfall, it poisons us with Toxic

We use Brick Break on Mega Slowbro while its Psychic defeats us

12d 15h 53m It goes down

12d 15h 53m We use Shadow Force on Xatu

12d 15h 52m Sidney uses another Full Restore while we Dragon Ascent to take it down

12d 15h 51m Sidney uses a Full Restore and we use Shadow Force

12d 15h 50m We use Dragon Ascent to defeat Exeguttor but it uses Endure

12d 15h 49m We keep flying to space and crashing down to defeat Unown

12d 15h 49m We use Dragon Ascent to defeat Alakazam

12d 15h 48m We use Dragon Ascent to take Gallade down

12d 15h 47m We Mega evolve and use Earthquake while it use Gyro Ball

12d 15h 47m We hit ourselves again while it misses a Dynamic Punch

12d 15h 46m It hits Dynamic Punch while we hit ourselves

12d 15h 45m Rayquaza vs Gallade

12d 15h 45m VS Sidney*

Attempt #29 begins

It uses 2 Petal Dances to take us down, blackout

12d 15h 41m Greninja vs Jellicent

12d 15h 40m Vs Glacia

12d 15h 36m Pheobe defeated

12d 15h 36m We send in another Shadow Ball while it wastes a turn with Will-o-wisp instead of taking us down, Shadow Ball takes Sabelye down

12d 15h 35m We use Shadow Ball that does around 1/3

12d 15h 34m She sends in her Mega Sabelye

12d 15h 34m We use Shadow Ball to take it down

12d 15h 34m It uses Frenzy Plant but we tank it and waste a turn with Toxic

12d 15h 34m She uses yet another Full Restore while we Fire Shadow Balls

12d 15h 33m We use Shadow Ball and it clutches but is paralyzed

12d 15h 33m We waste a turn with Toxic and its paralyzed

12d 15h 33m We send in Female Jellicent which uses Shadow Ball and Aegislash misses its Frenzy Plant

12d 15h 31m We use Thuunderbolt which paralyzes her but a Shadow Ball from Aegislash takes down Lanturn

12d 15h 31m She sends in Aegislash

12d 15h 31m It goes down due to damage roll

12d 15h 30m We use another Thunderbolt she clutches and sends another Bomb, she Full Restores while we Thundebolt twice

We get poison by Sludge Bomb

12d 15h 29m We send in Lanturn which Thunderbolts

12d 15h 29m Her Jellicent uses Sludge Bomb to take down Wigglytuff

12d 15h 28m We use Rock Smash and the poison continues, we use Ice Beam to take it down

12d 15h 28m We send in Wigglytuff, we use Dazzling Gleam while it uses Sludge Wave

12d 15h 27m We use Shadow Ball on Trevenant while it uses Sludge Wave, we tank t bur the burn defeats Cacturne

12d 15h 27m It uses Skill Swap to get Sweet Veil while we get Mold Breaker, we take down Mismaguis with Shadow Ball

12d 15h 26m We use Theif on Mismaguis which it tanks and uses Spikes

12d 15h 26m We send in Cacturne which takes down Dusknoit at the cost of a Burn

12d 15h 25m We throw yet another Great Ball which makes Jellicent faint due to dark Pulse

12d 15h 24m We use Another Shadow Ball it uses Dark Pulse, we throw a Great Ball while Pheobe uses a Full Restore

12d 15h 23m We use Shadow Ball while it continues its Pulses

Male Jellicent vs Dusknoir we use Skill Swap while it uses Dark Pulse

12d 15h 21m Vs Pheobe

12d 15h 19m We send in Lanturn which uses Thunderbolt to Finish Sidney and his Slowbro

12d 15h 18m Mega Slowbro uses Psychic to take down Rayquaza

12d 15h 17m She sends her Mega Slowbro in but we use Shadow Force to damage it

12d 15h 16m We Mega evolve and use Shadow Force on Xatu

12d 15h 14m We use Shadow Force on Exeguttor, she uses a Full Restore so we use Dragon Ascent to one shot her

Rayquaza levels up to level 98 while Cacturne is level 100!!! and we atke down Unown

12d 15h 12m We use Shadow Force while Alakazam misses, we snap out of confusion and take it down

12d 15h 11m We use Dragon Ascent to take down Gallade

12d 15h 9m Rayquaza keeps hitting itself

12d 15h 9m Gallade uses Dyanmic Punch to confuse Rayquaza

12d 15h 9m Attempt 28

12d 15h 5m We Strength again and clutch, and use Ice Beam but we faint, Blackout

12d 15h 3m We use Strength while it uses Sludge Wave

12d 15h 3m We send in Wigglytuff

12d 15h 1m We use Theif while it uses Twineeedle to take down Cacturne

12d 15h 0m We throw another Greatball and it uses Twineedle we clutch it and the poison

12d 15h 0m We send in Cacturne

We throw a Great Ball on Trevenant and it uses Razor Leaf to take down our Jellicent

12d 14h 59m We take her down with another Shadow Ball

12d 14h 58m We Shadow Ball while she Theifs again

Our Jellicent vs hers, we throw a Great Ball it uses Theif

12d 14h 58m We Shadow Ball twice and it goes down

12d 14h 57m We waste a turn using Toxic and it sets up a 2nd layer of tspikes

12d 14h 57m We send Female Jellicent and use Shadow Ball and Aegislash uses Toxic Spikes

12d 14h 54m We throw a Great Ball on Aegislash and its Shadow Ball takes Lanturn down

12d 14h 54m Dusknoir uses Explosion and Lanturn clutches

12d 14h 53m We send in Lanturn

12d 14h 52m We Shadow Ball it twice then use Skill Swap and Jellicent faints from Dark Pulse

12d 14h 51m We use Shadow Ball it crits Dark Pulses and Pheobe uses a Full restore

12d 14h 51m We Surf it while it uses Dark Pulse

12d 14h 50m Jellicent (male) vs Dusknoir

12d 14h 50m Vs Pheobe

12d 14h 47m Slowbro defeated, Sidney down!

12d 14h 46m We send in Lanturn who uses Thunderbolt but Slowbro poisons us with Toxic

12d 14h 46m Rayquaza goes down from Slowbro's Psychic

12d 14h 44m Rayquaza gets paralyzed from Exeguttor's Thundershock

12d 14h 41m We Shadow Force through his mon and sweeping them is pretty easy after we mega evolved

12d 14h 41m Attempt #27 begins!

12d 14h 36m PC turned off and we run away.

12d 14h 36m PC turned on.

12d 14h 34m Wigglytuff fainted! Black out! Lost to Phoebe on attempt #26!

12d 14h 32m We take it down with a Shadow Ball but Poison does us in. Pink Jellicent fainted! Wigglytuff is sent out, it gets poisoned. Trevenant is out as well.

12d 14h 29m Pink Jellicent comes out and is hit with regular poison from the Toxic Spikes. Foe Aegislash goes down! Phoebe sends out her own Pink Jellicent. We Shadow Ball and it uses Thief. We go down to yellow and it is in red. Phoebe uses a Full Restore. We continue to attack as poison takes us down.

12d 14h 28m We Shadow Ball and it uses Dark Pulse. It crits on us and the Toxic damage bring us to yellow. Shadow Ball takes it down! Aegislash comes out. We Shadow Ball it as it sets up the first layer of Toxic Spikes. We Shadow Ball again as it opts for a Frenzy Plant instead. Blue Jellicent fainted!

12d 14h 27m Vs Phoebe! Blue Jellicent vs Dusknoir!

12d 14h 23m Surf and Shadow Ball take down Unown. Slowbro comes out. It Mega Evolves and we Shadow Ball it. It uses Toxic. Blue Jellicent is badly poisoned. Another Shadow Ball takes down Slowbro. Sidney defeated!

12d 14h 22m Blue Jellicent comes out. Exeggutor uses Endure but we use Surf and don't do that much. Sidney opts for another Full Restore as we switch to Shadow Ball. Down to yellow it goes again. Another Shadow Ball eliminates it. Unown is out next.

12d 14h 21m We use Oblivion Wing to bring it to yellow and recover, but Land's Wrath is too strong. Lanturn fainted!

12d 14h 19m We use Waterfall but Xatu hits us with Will-O-Wisp. We are burned! Sidney uses Full Restore but Thunderbolt takes it down. Exeggutor comes out.

12d 14h 18m Superpower hurts as we use Thief and take it down. We steal its Tiny Mushroom. Xatu is out next. It outspeeds and uses Steamroller. Cacturne fainted! Lanturn comes out.

12d 14h 17m Alakazam outspeeds us without a Speed Boost and takes us out with Dragon Rush. Rayquaza fainted! Cacturne out next.

12d 14h 15m We attack ourselves in confusion attack, Pressure runs it out of PP for Dynamic Punch as it uses Gyro Ball. We attack ourselves yet again. Poison Fang brings us down to 34 HP. We Earthquake once more and it goes down. Cacturne grew to level 99! Alakazam out next.

12d 14h 14m Rayquaza quickly Mega Evolves. Dynamic Punch hits! We become confused. We use Shadow Force. We attack ourselves on the second turn and the PP is wasted. We snap out and use Earthquake, dropping it down to yellow. We eat another Dynamic Punch, confusing us again.

12d 14h 13m Vs Sidney! Rematch attempt #26 underway! Rayquaza vs Gallade!

12d 14h 0m We Overheat and drop it down as Glacia uses Full Restore. We Thief it and steal its Moss. We Overheat it again with less effect. It is now in yellow. We Shadow Ball and it uses Head Smash. We Thief again and Spiritomb goes down. Hydreigon comes out. It uses Cross Poison. Cacturne fainted! Blacked out! Lost rematch attempt #25 vs Glacia!

12d 13h 58m Wigglytuff comes out. We Strength and take it down. Toxic brings us down to three HP. Spiritomb is out next as we Dazzling Gleam. Psycho Boost drops us. Wigglytuff fainted! Only Cacturne remains.

12d 13h 57m Petal Dance hurts as we Mud Shot. It's speed falls! It also does little damage. We still don't outspeed as Petal Dance takes us to red. We outspeed it now but Mud Shot missed. Pink Jellicent fainted! Greninja is now confused.

12d 13h 55m Vs Glacia! Pink Jellicent vs Greninja.

12d 13h 53m Sableye goes down to Gleam. Phoebe defeated!

12d 13h 51m Wigglytuff is sent out. It gets badly poisoned. Dazzling Gleam takes it down to red. Pheobe uses a Full Restore. We use.. Strength.

12d 13h 50m We throw a Pokeball. Sableye Mega Evolves. We Thunderbolt it but fall to Mud Bomb. Lanturn fainted!

12d 13h 48m Blue Jellicent fainted! Lanturn is sent out. Waterfall brings it down to yellow. It then sets up one layer of Spikes as it drops to Waterfall. Mismagius goes down. Only Sableye remains for Phoebe.

12d 13h 47m We Shadow Ball and get a Sp. Def drop. It puts down a second layer of Toxic Spikes. It hangs on just barely and uses Frenzy Plant. We finish it with a Shadow Ball. Jellicent is also in the red. Mismagius is out next.

12d 13h 45m Blue Jellicent sent out. We use Shadow Ball. Razor Leaf brings us down quite a bit. We Shadow Ball again and take it out. Aegislash comes out next. We Brick Break again. Aegislash sets up one layer of Toxic Spikes.

12d 13h 45m Rayquaza uses Brick Break. It does nothing. Rayquaza fainted!

[Info] It appears that with a flying type, or perhaps a poisoned Pokemon, Phoebe does not immediately rush to bring out Aegislash to Toxic Spikes.

12d 13h 43m Rayquaza crits on the Jellicent! It goes down! Rayquaza grew to level 97! Toxic brings it down to red. Trevenant out next.

12d 13h 42m Dragon Ascent gets it down to yellow. It uses Water Gun on us. A second Dragon Ascent takes it down! Pheobe sends out a Pink Jellicent out next.

12d 13h 41m Vs Phoebe! Rayquaza vs Dusknoir!

12d 13h 38m Slowbro Mega Evolves and we drop it down to yellow. It uses Toxic on Rayquaza. Slowbro goes down to another Dragon Ascent! Sidney swept by Rayquaza!

12d 13h 36m Exeggutor is out next. We use Shadow Force once more. It goes down to red and gives us a Thundershock. Full Restore gets used. We Dragon Ascent. It is annihilated. Xatu out next. We crit again and Xatu goes down. Slowbro out next.

12d 13h 35m We Mega Evolve! We use Shadow Force and it drops.

12d 13h 33m We use Shadow Force. Alakazam fainted! Unown is out next.

12d 13h 32m We attack ourselves in confusion as Speed Boost makes us go first. We do not mega evolve as we get it to yellow with Earthquake. Dynamic Punch #2 missed. Earthquake drops it. Cacturne grew to level 98! Alakazam out next.

12d 13h 31m Vs Sidney! Attempt #25 underway! Rayquaza vs Gallade. Dynamic Punch hits, we are confused.

12d 13h 26m Wigglytuff comes out and uses Dazzling Gleam. Greninja goes down. Poison drops us to red. Spiritomb is out next. We Dazzling Gleam but Psycho Boost does too much. We black out! Rematch attempt #24 lost vs Glacia!

12d 13h 24m Greninja uses Force Palm. We crit and get it down to a sliver of health. Glacia uses Full Restore! We earthquake again and drop it to yellow. Greninjas Force Palm crits! Cacturne fainted!

12d 13h 24m Vs Glacia! Cacturne vs Greninja.

12d 13h 20m Wigglytuff is sent out and became badly poisoned due to spikes. Phoebe uses a Full Restore as we Dazzling Gleam it down. Phoebe was defeated!

12d 13h 18m We crit on Waterfall and it drops. Toxic takes Lanturn down to red. Sableye is sent out. It Mega Evolves. We Thunderbolt but it drops us with Mud Bomb. Lanturn Fainted!

12d 13h 17m We flinch it with Waterfall but do minimal damage. Oblivion Wing drops it as we heal a tiny bit. Mismagius out next.

12d 13h 15m Jellicent vs Jellicent as we use Shadow Ball and it uses Thief. Foe Jellicent fainted! Trevenant is out next. It uses Razor Leaf. Pink Jellicent fainted! Lanturn is out and badly poisoned!

12d 13h 13m We Shadow Ball but it uses Toxic Spikes. A second Shadow Ball only gets it to yellow, as it sets up two layers of Toxic Spikes. Full Restore gets used. We keep Shadow Balling and it goes down! Phoebe sends out her own Pink Jellicent.

12d 13h 12m Shadow Ball crits! It's in yellow. It retaliates with Dark Pulse. A second Shadow Ball drops Dusknoir. Aegislash out next.

12d 13h 12m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Dusknoir.

12d 13h 9m Lanturn is sent out. Sidney uses a Full Restore. Two Thunderbolts take care of Slowbro. Sidney defeated!

12d 13h 6m Xatu comes out next. Shadow Ball drops it instantly. Slowbro is sent out. It Mega Evolves as we give it a Shadow Ball. It's Sp. Def drops. But Seed Flare hurts. Blue Jellicent fainted!

12d 13h 4m We attack it but Sidney uses a Full Restore. We attack again and another Full Restore is used. It then uses Endure. Shadow Ball eventually takes it out. Unown comes out. We Skill Swap and get Adaptability. Unown goes down.

12d 13h 3m Blue Jellicent is sent out. Dragon Rush flinches us but Flame Body burns it. We Shadow Ball and the burn finishes it off. Exeggutor is out next.

[Info] The party order was changed earlier so Rayquaza is in the lead.

12d 13h 2m We attack ourselves in confusion. Alakazam hurts us with Dragon Rush. We attack ourselves again. Alakazam uses Dragon Rush some more. Rayquaza fainted!

12d 13h 1m We get hit with Dynamic Punch. We Dragon Ascent and drop it down. Rayquaza grew to level 96!

12d 13h 0m Vs Sidney! Attempt #24 underway! Rayquaza vs Gallade.

12d 12h 56m Spiritomb is sent out next. We Gleam but drop to Psycho Boost. We black out! Lost to Glacia on attempt #23!

12d 12h 55m Wigglytuff is sent out. Glacia uses Full Restore on Greninja. Rock Smash lowers its Defense. It uses another Enigma Berry due to harvest, and then recovers the berry once more. It uses Petal Dance and we get it to red with Dazzling Gleam. Berry heals it up once more. We barely hang on and drop it with another Gleam. Greninja fainted.

[Snark] Time for Contest grinding.

[Info] Rayquaza has affection because of contests.

12d 12h 52m Greninja hits us with a Luster Purge and we use Brick Break. While burned it does less than half. It recovers health with an Enigma Berry. Rayquaza toughed it out for us! But then goes down to burn. Rayquaza fainted!

12d 12h 52m Vs Glacia! Rayquaza vs Greninja.

12d 12h 47m Sableye goes down! Phoebe defeated!

12d 12h 46m Sableye sent out. It Mega Evolves. Dragon Ascent takes it down to yellow. It uses Will-o-Wisp. Rayquaza is burned!

12d 12h 45m We seem to be picking Brick Break repeatedly. Trevenant uses Gust. Dragon Ascent takes it down. Mismagius out next. It also drops to a Dragon Ascent.

12d 12h 44m Rayquaza uses Earthquake but it does minimal damage. We Brick Break it again.

12d 12h 42m We Mega Evolve Rayquaza! We use Shadow Force once more. It goes down. Trevenant out next. Shadow Force takes it down to red. It uses a Full Restore as we attempt Brick Break. We use our final Shadow Force PP. Pheobe Full Restores once again.

12d 12h 40m It is up against Aegislash. We use Shadow Force. It lays down Toxic Spikes. Shadow Force brings it down to yellow. A second Shadow Force knocks it out. Phoebe sends out a Pink Jellicent.

12d 12h 39m Lanturn fainted! Dusknoir down as well. Only Rayquaza and Wigglytuff remain. Rayquaza is sent out.

12d 12h 38m Vs Phoebe! Lanturn vs Dusknoir! It uses Explosion.

12d 12h 33m Slowbro uses Toxic on Lanturn. Lanturn is badly poisoned! It uses Seed Flare as we drop it with Thunderbolt. Slowbro goes down. Sidney defeated!

12d 12h 32m Xatu goes down to two Waterfalls. Unown out next. It quickly drops. Slowbro comes out and Mega Evolves.

12d 12h 30m Rayquaza is sent out. Rayquaza is then withdrawn. Lanturn comes out. We Frisk a Snowball on Exeggutor. Toxic takes it down. Xatu out next.

12d 12h 27m Pink Jellicent comes out. We use Dive for minimal damage. We keep Diving. We decide dealing damage would be ideal and switch to Shadow Ball. We then decide against this and use Toxic. Pink Jellicent fainted.

12d 12h 26m Blue Jellicent goes down!

12d 12h 24m Rayquaza grew to level 95! Exeggutor sent out. Shadow Ball gets it to yellow. Land's Wrath brings us to yellow as well. It uses Endure as we Shadow Ball. It uses Full Restore and we Skill Swap. We keep Skill Swapping.

12d 12h 22m Blue Jellicent sent out. Shadow Ball takes care of Gallade. Sidney sends out Alakazam next. Its Dragon Rush misses us and Alakazam goes down to red from Shadow Ball. It burns itself and flinches us. We Skill Swap and it drops to burn. Foe Alakazam fainted.

12d 12h 20m Dynamic Punch misses as we Shadow Ball. It's Sp. Def drops. 2nd Punch misses as well. Thief drops it down to a hair of health. Full Restore used on Gallade. We Shadow Ball it down to yellow. Punch #3 hits! Cacturne fainted!

12d 12h 19m Vs Sidney! Attempt #23! Cacturne vs Gallade!

12d 12h 11m Currently in Sidney's room, messing around with TMs.

12d 12h 4m We send out Wigglytuff. It goes first and takes us out with Storm Throw. It crits. Wigglytuff fainted! Run 22 lost against Glacia!

12d 12h 1m We Dragon Ascent and take it down! Sneasel out next! Brick Break takes care of it. Krookodile (Level 95) out next. It takes a Brick Break but goes down to yellow. It uses Icicle Spear and Rayquaza fainted!

12d 11h 59m It goes first and uses Luster Purge! Our Sp. Def drops. Brick Break takes it out! Spiritomb (Level 95) comes out! We Mega Evolve and use Brick Break. It does nothing. It uses Head Smash - we drop down to yellow.

12d 11h 58m Vs Glacia! Rayquaza vs Greninja!

[Info] We have a badly poisoned Wigglytuff in yellow and a fully healed Rayquaza remaining.

12d 11h 55m We Dazzling Gleam it down to a sliver of life. Full Restore used. We Gleam it some more, as it removes around 60% of its life. Another Full Restore used and we attack again. Toxic has us down to yellow HP. Another Gleam takes it down. Sableye fainted. Phoebe defeated!

12d 11h 53m Sableye Mega Evolves. We crit with Waterfall but it doesn't even do half. It uses Mud Bomb and we go down. Lanturn fainted! Wigglytuff comes out but Wigglytuff is badly poisoned!

12d 11h 52m Thunderbolt does little damage but we paralyze it. Waterfall gets it down to red. Full Restore heals it and we Waterfall again. Poison whittles us down. It then uses Skill Swap and goes down to another Waterfall. Poison gets us down to yellow. Sableye comes out.

12d 11h 51m Pink Jellicent fainted! Lanturn comes out and is badly poisoned. Mismagius sets up spikes.

12d 11h 50m Another Shadow Ball takes care of the other Pink Jellicent. Trevenant is out next. Shadow Ball gets it down to yellow, and we are down to red from Razor Leaf. Trevenant goes down! Mismagius out next.

12d 11h 48m We use Shadow Ball but it does less than half. It uses Toxic Spikes. A second Shadow Ball gets it to yellow. It uses another Toxic Spikes. Aegislash goes down to the third Shadow Ball! Pink Jellicent vs Pink Jellicent! Shadow Ball vs Thief - we get it down to yellow.

12d 11h 47m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Dusknoir! We crit with Shadow Ball, it's in yellow. We get hit with Dark Pulse. A second Shadow Ball takes down Dusknoir! Aegislash is next.

12d 11h 42m We send out Pink Jellicent. Shadow Ball takes care of foe Slowbro. Sidney defeated!

12d 11h 39m Xatu comes out and drops to a Shadow Ball. Rayquaza grew to level 94! Slowbro out next. It Mega Evolves. We drop it to yellow but Seed Flare does us in. Blue Jellicent fainted!

12d 11h 38m Exeggutor is out next. We Shadow Ball and get it to yellow, then get hit with Land's Wrath. A second Shadow Ball takes it down. Unown comes next. A Shadow Ball quickly knocks it out.

12d 11h 36m Blue Jellicent sent out. We Shadow Ball and Gallade goes down. Alakazam is sent out next. It Dragon Rushes us but doesn't do too much damage. Shadow Ball takes care of Alakazam.

12d 11h 35m Dynamic Punch misses again as we Thief it. It misses a second time as Thief drops it to a hair of life left. Full Restore used and we Thief some more. Dynamic Punch hits! Cacturne fainted!

12d 11h 35m Attempt #22! Vs Sidney! Cacturne vs Gallade.

12d 11h 30m Wigglytuff is sent out. We attack it and it uses its Enigma Berry. It's Harvest brings it back! Either way, Wigglytuff fainted! Blacked out attempt #21 vs Glacia!

12d 11h 28m It crits us with Petal Dance! Lanturn fainted! Only Wigglytuff remains.

12d 11h 28m Vs Glacia! Lanturn vs Greninja!

12d 11h 24m Wigglytuff is sent out. It becomes poisoned (regular). We Dazzling Gleam but Phoebe uses a Full Restore. A second Gleam takes it down. Foe Sableye fainted! Phoebe defeated!

12d 11h 20m Foe Sableye Mega Evolves! We Dragon Ascent it anyway and crit! It drops down to a sliver of health. Rayquaza fainted!

12d 11h 20m Mismagius sets up regular spikes to go along with the 1 layer of Toxic Spikes down. It drops to a crit Dragon Ascent! Sableye out next!

12d 11h 18m We use our final Shadow Force PP on Trevenant. It goes down! Aegislash is sent out next. We Dragon Ascent. It sets up Toxic Spikes. Earthquake takes Aegislash down! Mismagius is out next.

12d 11h 16m Phoebe sends out Trevenant. We try to Brick Break and we eat a Sludge Wave. We then Shadow Force and Trevenant goes down to red. Full Restore is used on it. We Shadow Force again and a second Full Restore is used.

12d 11h 15m Rayquaza Mega Evolves. Dusknoir goes down with Dragon Ascent. Phoebe sends out her own Pink Jellicent. We use Shadow Force. Foe Pink Jellicent fainted!

12d 11h 13m Blue Jellicent fainted! Rayquaza is sent out.

12d 11h 12m Vs Phoebe! Blue Jellicent vs Dusknoir. We Shadow Ball but Dark Pulse takes us out.

12d 11h 7m Blue Jellicent was badly poisoned! We continue to attack it as Blue Jellicent is still poisoned and in the red. Foe Slowbro fainted. Sidney defeated!

12d 11h 6m We Mud Shot for minimal damage. Pink Jellicent fainted! Blue Jellicent is sent out next.

12d 11h 5m Rayquaza grew to level 93! Unown is sent out. Shadow Ball annihilates it. Slowbro is sent out next.

12d 11h 3m Exeggutor is sent out next. We Mud Shot for minimal damage. Land's Wrath drops us to red. Sidney uses a Full Restore as we keep attacking. Exeggutor goes down.

12d 11h 2m Pink Jellicent sent out. It Steamrollers again and we take it down with Shadow Ball. Alakazam out next. A few Shadow Balls takes down Alakazam.

12d 11h 1m Steamroller does lots of damage and flinches us. Cacturne fainted!

12d 11h 0m Cacturne grew to level 97! Xatu out next.

12d 10h 59m We send out Cacturne vs Gallade. Gallade has Dynamic Punch but it misses twice. Theif doesn't steal anything due to Sticky Hold. Full Restore used on Gallade. 3rd and 4th Dynamic Punch miss. Theif takes down Gallade.

12d 10h 58m Vs Sidney! E4 Attempt #21!

12d 10h 57m We get Cacturne to first. Party lineup is now: Cacturne, Blue Jellicent, Pink Jellicent, Lanturn, Rayquaza, and Wigglytuff.

12d 10h 56m Still in Sidney's room. Cacturne is now 3rd and Wigglytuff is last.

12d 10h 44m Positions swapped back, Cacturne is last once more.

12d 10h 39m Cacturne swapped to 2nd position, Blue Jellicent is now last. Pink Jellicent is still in the lead.

12d 10h 33m We go for Brick Break. Does no damage. Rayquaza down to Dragon Pulse, Black out, rematch run 20 ends with Phoebe.

12d 10h 31m Sableye Mega-Evolves, our Rayquaza does not. We Dragon Ascent the Sableye, it's a crit! Does amazing damage! Sableye's Dragon Pulse does a lot too.

12d 10h 30m Mismagius is sent in, and it goes down. Sableye sent in.

12d 10h 29m Rayquaza sent in, we Shadow Force the Trevenant. It goes down.

12d 10h 27m Lanturn down to Razor Leaf.

12d 10h 25m Trevenant almost goes down to Oblivion Wing, but a Full Restore is used. We continue Oblivion Wing'ing it.

12d 10h 25m Jellicent down, Trevenant in. Male Jellicent down to a crit Razor Leaf. Lanturn in, and poisoned.

12d 10h 23m We use Shadow Ball on Aegislash, it sets up the Toxic Spikes. We use Shadow Ball again, a Full Restore is used on Aegislash, but we take it down with more Shadow Balls. Female Jellicent sent out.

12d 10h 22m Versus Phoebe, Male Jellicent against Dusknoir. We use Shadow Ball on it, it uses Dark Pulse on us. It goes down to another Shadow Ball, Aegislash in.

12d 10h 19m Lanturn in, we Thunderbolt the Mega Slowbro. It's a crit, Slowbro down, Sidney defeated!

12d 10h 17m Wigglytuff down to Psychic, we're deciding who to send in.

12d 10h 17m Apparently we're having a staring contest with Mega Slowbro.

12d 10h 15m Unown down, Slowbro sent in.

12d 10h 13m Ice Beam does good damage on Xatu, Wigglytuff avoids a Will-O-Wisp, and Xatu goes down to another Ice Beam. Unown sent out.

12d 10h 11m Rayquaza to lv.92. Xatu sent out. We are burnt now, we Thief Xatu, but it restores its health with Synthesis. It uses Steamroller on Cacturne, Cacturne down. Wigglytuff sent in.

12d 10h 10m Exeggutor against Cacturne. We Thief it, Full Restores are used, more Thiefs, Exeggutor goes down.

12d 10h 8m We Dive the Alakazam, taking a lot of damage from poison. We avoid a Dragon Rush, and take down Alakazam with Shadow Ball. Female Jellicent down to poison damage.

12d 10h 6m Versus Sidney, rematch run 20 begins. Gallade versus female Jellicent. Poisoned by Poison Fang, we take down Gallade with some Shadow Balls. Alakazam sent out.

12d 9h 56m We try different attacks, trying to deal some damage on Sableye. Lanturn down to Poison! Black out, rematch run 19 over.

12d 9h 55m Lanturn sent in, it is hurt by Spikes and Poisoned.

12d 9h 53m Shadow Force does just under half health, we avoid Will-O-Wisp. We try another Shadow Force, Sableye is still alive. Full Restore used on Sableye, we are now burnt. We try Dragon Ascent, it isn't doing very much. Rayquaza down to Dragon Pulse.

12d 9h 52m Jellicent in, we take it down with Shadow Force, avoiding its Ice Beam. Sableye sent out! It Mega-Evolves! We go for Shadow Force!

12d 9h 50m We send in Rayquaza, Phoebe uses a Full Restore on Trevenant. Shadow Force is used, Trev uses Sludge Wave. Another Full Restore used on Trevenant, we Mega-Evolve Rayquaza. Dragon Ascent is used, Trevenant down.

12d 9h 49m We Shadow Ball the Trevenant, it uses Twineedle on us. Two hits, we do not get poisoned. Thief does not quite take Trevenant down, Cacturne faints! Only Rayquaza and Lanturn are left at this point.

12d 9h 48m Aegislash down to Thief, Mismagius sent in. Mismagius down too. Man, Cacturne's really a force to be reckoned with. Trevenant sent in.

[Fluff] I honestly think the foe changes what 'mon they send out depending on what mon we have out. It's like rock-paper-scissors when your opponent can predict what you're going to pick.

12d 9h 47m Cacturne against Aegislash.

12d 9h 45m After using a variety of attacks, Dusknoir explodes. Wigglytuff down.

12d 9h 43m Versus Phoebe, Dusknoir against Wigglytuff. We proceed to use ineffective moves, Dusknoir's chipping away at our health.

12d 9h 35m Slowbro Mega-Evolves, we Thunderbolt it. We avoid a Toxic from it, another Thunderbolt takes it out. Sidney defeated!

12d 9h 33m And now Happy Hour! And then a Full Restore is used. It goes down to Waterfall, Slowbro sent in.

12d 9h 32m Xatu down to Thunderbolt, Unown sent in. It uses Surf on us.

12d 9h 31m It goes down to some Oblivion Wings, and we get our health restored. Cacturne to lv.96, Xatu sent in.

12d 9h 29m Lanturn is sent in, we Frisk it. Exeggutor is holding a Snowball.

12d 9h 28m Alakazam down to Shadow Ball, Exeggutor sent in. Male Jellicent down to Land's Wrath.

12d 9h 28m We're not really doing much. Inputs are slow, and Jellicent keeps using Skill Swap.

12d 9h 24m Female Jellicent down to poison, Male Jellicent sent in.

12d 9h 23m We throw some more Balls, by that I mean Shadow Balls. Gallade down, Rayquaza to lv.91, Alakazam sent in.

12d 9h 20m Versus Sidney, rematch run 19 begins. Gallade against Male Jellicent. Poisoned straight away, as expected. We throw some Poké Balls, not really doing anything useful just yet.

12d 9h 13m Shadow Force does just less than half damage, Rayquaza burnt to Will-O-Wisp. Next we try Dragon Ascent, Sableye uses Dragon Pulse. We're not down yet. Another Dragon Ascent, still hasn't taken Sableye out. Rayquaza down to Dragon Pulse, black out, rematch run 18 over to Phoebe

12d 9h 11m We use Shadow Force, avoiding an Ice Beam, and raising our speed. Jellicent down, Sableye sent in. It Mega-Evolves, we have not yet done so. But we go for Shadow Force, avoiding a Will-O-Wisp, and boosting our speed further.

12d 9h 10m Ice Beam is used on Cacturne, but it does not go down. Cacturne does, however, go down to poison. Only Rayquaza is left, it is sent in.

12d 9h 10m Mismagius down to Thief, Jellicent sent in.

12d 9h 9m Cacturne sent in. We Earthquake the Aegislash, it goes down! Mismagius sent in.

12d 9h 7m Aegislash sets up Toxic Spikes, we chip away at Aegislash's health with various not-very-effective attacks. Lanturn down to Frenzy Plant.

12d 9h 7m Trevenant down to Oblivion Wing, Aegislash sent in.

12d 9h 4m Dusknoir down to Explosion, Trevenant sent in. We go for more Dazzling Gleams, Wigglytuff down to Sludge Wave. Lanturn sent in.

12d 9h 3m Versus Phoebe, Dusknoir against Wigglytuff. Dazzling Gleam doesn't do a lot, but neither does Dark Pulse.

12d 8h 57m Lanturn sent in, Slowbro down to Thunderbolt. Sidney defeated!

12d 8h 55m We hit Slowbro with a Shadow Ball, male Jellicent down.

12d 8h 53m Exeggutor down to Shadow Ball, Unown sent in, and down. Xatu sent in, and down. Slowbro sent in, it Mega-Evolves.

12d 8h 52m Male Jellicent sent in, Alakazam down to a crit Shadow Ball. Cacturne to lv.95, Exeggutor sent out.

12d 8h 50m Alakazam sent out, it doesn't quite go down to Shadow Ball. Full Restore used on Alakazam, Female Jellicent down to poison.

12d 8h 48m Versus Sidney, rematch run 18 started. Gallade against Male Jellicent. Poisoned to Poison Fang, Shadow Ball is used. Another one takes Gallade out.

12d 8h 45m We chip down its health with Thief, Cacturne down to Dragon Pulse. Black out, rematch run 17 over to Phoebe

12d 8h 44m Cacturne sent out, poisoned, takes damage from the Spikes. Full Restore used on Sableye. We go for Overheat.

12d 8h 43m Dragon Ascent doesn't quite take down Sableye, but now our stats are lowered, Rayquaza down to Dragon Pulse! Cacturne is the last one standing.

12d 8h 41m We go for Shadow Force again, Mismagius sets up some Spikes. Mismagius down, Rayquaza to lv.90. Sableye sent in, it Mega-Evolves. We attack with Shadow Force, it does not do much damage. Rayquaza burnt. Shadow Force is used again.

12d 8h 42m Rayquaza to Lv. 90

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 90 - Max. HP 354 Attack 312 Defense 188 Sp. Atk 279 Sp. Def 218 Speed 216

12d 8h 40m We Mega-Evolve Rayquaza, and go for Shadow Force, avoiding an Ice Beam, and taking out Jellicent! Mismagius sent in.

12d 8h 38m We attack Aegislash with a quake of the earth, but Aegislash still hasn't gone down. We try Shadow Force next, and now Aegislash is done. Jellicent sent in.

12d 8h 37m Aegislash is in the red and paralyzed, but a Full Restore is used. Lanturn down to Shadow Ball, we send in Rayquaza. You're in charge, 999!

12d 8h 35m Trevenant down, Aegislash sent in. We use Waterfall, activating its Absorb Bulb, raising its stats. It sets up the Toxic Spikes, we chip away at its health with various attacks. More spikes are set down.

12d 8h 34m Oblivion Wing is used, Trevenant does not quite go down. We get attacked with leaves of the razor variety, a Full Restore is used on Trevenant. More Oblivion Wings.

12d 8h 32m Trevenant sent in, Wigglytuff down to Sludge Wave.** Lanturn sent in.

12d 8h 31m Versus Phoebe, Wigglytuff against Dusknoir. We go for Ice Beam, doesn't do much. But we Freeze Dusknoir! We go for Dazzling Gleam, Dusknoir thaws, and then explodes.

12d 8h 29m Lanturn sent in, Thunderbolt takes out Mega Slowbro, Sidney defeated.

12d 8h 27m Slowbro sent in, it Mega-Evolves, Male Jellicent down to Seed Flare**.

12d 8h 25m Exeggutor down to Shadow Ball, Alakazam sent out. Shadow Ball does not take it out, a Full Restore is not used, we avoid a Dragon Rush and take it down. Unown sent in, and down. Xatu sent in, and down.

12d 8h 24m We go for Shadow Ball again, and another and it goes down. Cacturne to lv.94, Female Jellicent down to poison. Male Jellicent against Exeggutor.

12d 8h 22m Versus Sidney, rematch run 17. Gallade against Female Jellicent, poisoned to Poison Fang. Shadow Ball is used on Gallade, does half health. We Dive Gallade, it does not do enough damage. A Full Restore is used.

12d 8h 19m Lanturn sent in, and down to Mud Bomb! Black out, run 16 over

12d 8h 18m Cacturne sent in, it has been poisoned because of the spikes. A Full Restore is used on Sableye, we Thief it. Doesn't do much. We try again. Cacturne down to poison, only Lanturn is left.

12d 8h 13m Mismagius down to Shadow Force, Rayquaza to lv.89! Sableye sent in! It Mega-Evolves, we go for Dragon Ascent. It's a crit, Sableye does not go down. It lands a Will-O-Wisp, Phoebe uses a Full Restore, we go for Dragon Ascent again. It doesn't do much because of the burn, and it is not a crit this time. We try again, still doesn't take it out. Rayquaza down to Dragon Pulse!

12d 8h 12m Aegislash sent in! It uses Fake Out on Rayquaza, we go for Shadow Force again! Aegislash does not go down! Rayquaza gets hit by Shadow Ball, it doesn't do a whole lot. Phoebe does not use a Full Restore. Aegislash sets up Toxic Spikes, but it goes down after Shadow Force hits! Mismagius sent in! We go for Shadow Force again!

12d 8h 11m Jellicent sent in. Rayquaza Mega Evolves, avoids an Ice Beam, and uses Shadow Force. Jellicent down!

[Info] Rayquaza was the one who leveled up earlier, about 10 minutes ago.

12d 8h 10m Rayquaza sent in, we go for Dragon Ascent, Trevenant down.

12d 8h 7m Versus Phoebe, Dusknoir against Wigglytuff. We go for Dazzling Gleam, Dusknoir hits us with a Dark Pulse. Dusknoir decides to explode, Wigglytuff does not go down. Trevenant sent in, we go for Dazzling Gleam. Sludge Wave takes out Wigglytuff

12d 8h 4m Lanturn sent in, we Psychic Slowbro, we avoid Seed Flare, and land Thunderbolt. a next Seed Flare hits, but we survive. Another Thunderbolt, Slowbro down, Sidney defeated

12d 8h 2m Male Jellicent survives on 6HP from a Dragon Rush, but we get flinched! Next turn Alakazam misses Dragon Rush, and we take out Alakazam with Shadow Ball. Unown sent in, and down. Xatu sent in, and down. Slowbro sent in, it Mega-Evolves, we go for Skill Swap instead of Shadow Ball. Male Jellicent down to Seed Flare

12d 8h 0m Exeggutor down to Shadow Ball, Alakazam sent in. We Shadow Ball that, it does not quite go down straight away. A Full Restore is used on it. We try Shadow Ball again, still no OHKO. A Full Restore is not used, but we go for Skill Swap. We do so again the next turn.

12d 7h 58m Next we try Shadow Ball, but Gallade does not go down. A Full Restore is used. Gallade down to Shadow Ball. Something leveled up, Female Jellicent faints. Exeggutor against Male Jellicent.

12d 7h 57m Versus Sidney, Gallade against Female Jellicent. Gallade goes for Poison Fang, we get poisoned. We go for Dive instead of Shadow Ball.

12d 7h 51m We're walking around Sidney's room. Run 16 started I guess

12d 7h 49m Cacturne sent in. High Jump Kick is used on us, we survive, go for Shadow Ball, doesn't do enough, Cacturne down to High Jump Kick, black out, run 15 over to Phoebe

12d 7h 48m Mismagius sent in, Lanturn down. Cacturne's the only one left.

12d 7h 47m Lanturn sent in, we use Psychic on Jellicent. Doesn't do much. It uses Sludge Bomb on us, we are poisoned. We Thunderbolt it, but Jellicent uses Fly somehow, avoids our attack, and we suffer from the poison. Thunderbolt again, Jellicent down.

12d 7h 43m Rayquaza versus Aegislash. We go for Rock Smash, but Aegislash uses Fake Out and stops us from doing so. We take the hint and go for Shadow Force, it's a crit, Aegislash down. Cacturne to lv.93, Jellicent sent in. We Mega-Evolve and go for Brick Break, no effect. Jellicent Ice Beams us, we survive. Brick Break again, Rayquaza down.

12d 7h 42m Versus Phoebe, Wigglytuff against Dusknoir. We go for Dazzling Gleam, it goes for Dark Pulse. We use an Old Gateau on Rayquaza it has no effect. Dusknoir explodes, Wigglytuff down

12d 7h 38m We send in Chanseytuff, we go for Strength. Doesn't do much, Slowbro Psychics us. Now that does a lot. Mega Slowbro down to Dazzling Gleam, Sidney defeated!

12d 7h 35m Unown sent in, and down. Xatu sent in, does not go down. It tries to use Will-O-Wisp, it does not land, a Full Restore is used on it, but another Shadow Ball takes it out. Slowbro sent in. It Mega-Evolves, and takes great damage from Shadow Ball. Slowbro uses Thunder, Male Jellicent down!

12d 7h 34m Alakazam tries Dragon Rush again, it gets burnt because of Flame Body, and it goes down to another Shadow Ball. Exeggutor sent in, we try more Shadow Balls. A Full Restore is used after it Endures, but we manage to take it out after two more Shadow Balls.

12d 7h 32m Alakazam sent in, lands a Dragon Rush, we almost take it out with Shadow Ball. A Full Restore is used on it, we Shadow Ball it again, still doesn't do enough. A Full Restore is not used this time, but we get flinched because of Dragon Rush, and female Jellicent faints to poison! Male Jellicent sent in.

12d 7h 30m We talk to Sidney, run 15 begins! Gallade against Female Jellicent. Not poisoned to Poison Fang, Gallade at half health from Shadow Ball. It tries to poison us again, this time it works. Gallade down.

12d 7h 26m We send in Wigglytuff, who gets poisoned. Mismagius down, Trevenant in. Dazzling Gleam is doing decent damage, Wigglytuff down to Sludge Wave, black out, run 14 over to Phoebe

12d 7h 24m Cacturne is sent in, and gets poisoned. We Shadow Ball the Mismagius, doesn't do as much damage as before, but still a lot. We then use Overheat, still doesn't do a lot. Cacturne down to High Jump Kick

12d 7h 22m We try Psychic, and Oblivion Wing. Nothing seems to do much damage. So we go back to Thunderbolt. Aegislash down to a crit Thunderbolt! Now that definitely mattered, otherwise Phoebe would have used a Full Restore. Mismagius sent in, and Lanturn down to Mismagius' Psycho Cut.

12d 7h 21m Aegislash sets up the Toxic Spikes, and takes little damage from our Thunderbolts.

12d 7h 20m Rayquaza down in one shot to a crit Explosion! Lanturn versus Aegislash.

12d 7h 19m Versus Phoebe, Dusknoir against Male Jellicent. We Shadow Ball the Dusknoir, Male Jellicent down to Dark Pulse.

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12d 7h 14m Mega Slowbro down, Sidney defeated! Male Jellicent's in red/very low health, and burnt.

12d 7h 12m Xatu does not go down to Shadow Ball, Male Jellicent burned. A Full Restore is used on Xatu, but it goes down to a second Shadow Ball. Slowbro sent in, it Mega-Evolves, Shadow Ball does great damage.

12d 7h 12m A Full Restore is not used, Exeggutor down to another Shadow Ball. Rayquaza to 87, Unown sent in, and down to Shadow Ball. Cacturne to 92, Xatu sent in.

12d 7h 11m Exeggutor sent in. More Shadow Balls, it doesn't quite go down. Female Jellicent down to Land's Wrath, we send in Male Jellicent. Exeggutor uses Endure, we go for Skill Swap.

12d 7h 10m Alakazam sent in, we avoid a Dragon Rush and hit it with Shadow Ball. A Full Restore is used on it, Jellicent's really suffering from the poison. We Shadow Ball Alakazam again, it goes down in one shot thanks to the Sp. Def drop.

12d 7h 8m Versus Sidney, Gallade against Female Jellicent. We start off with a Shadow Ball, it uses Poison Fang, poisoned straightaway. Gallade goes down to another Shadow Ball.

12d 7h 7m We try to visit the PokeMart, but instead go right in and start Run 14!

12d 7h 5m Run 13 ends at Phoebe! Black out!

12d 7h 4m Jelly uses Ice Beam, and we respond with Shadow Ball. A Sludge Bomb KOs Cacturne!

12d 7h 4m We send out the Cactus.

12d 7h 2m We try using Brick Break, but we get pelted by Ice Beam and faint!

12d 7h 1m We use Shadow Force to KO Aegislash. Against Jellicent!

12d 7h 1m Then we throw some balls while being hit with Shadow Ball.

12d 7h 0m We send out Rayquaza. We try Brick Break, but it fails.

12d 6h 57m Phoebe uses a Full Restore, and we continue to use Psychic. This is cut short, as Frenzy Plant KOs Swinu!

12d 6h 56m As our foe uses Frenzy Plant on us, we respond with a Waterfall and an Oblivion Wing.

12d 6h 56m We try using Oblivion Wing, while Aegislash sets up some poison spikes. Thunderbolt doesn't fare much better.

12d 6h 55m We send out our newest 100 Club Member, and it uses Psychic to KO Trevenant! Against Aegislash!

[Info] So we have 4 Level 100s this run, and at this rate, we might actually overtake CLY for the most overleveled team. Considering this overpowered E4 actually has the EVs to back it, unlike AR.

12d 6h 54m Another Razor Leaf KOs Blue Jelly!

12d 6h 53m Go Blue Jelly! We use Skill Swap, because, and are hit with Razor Leaf.

12d 6h 53m Against Trevenant. We use Dazzling Gleam, but one attack later, Bunny faints!

12d 6h 52m SWINU GREW TO LEVEL 100!

12d 6h 52m We send out the Bunny. Dusknoir uses Explosion and KAPOWs to the grave.

12d 6h 51m After it hits, another Dark Pulse KOs Pink Jelly!

12d 6h 51m We've run out of PP for Shadow Ball! Phoebe uses a Full Restore as we Dive!

12d 6h 51m We use Shadow Ball, it uses Dark Pulse. Rinse and repeat.

12d 6h 50m Against Phoebe! She sends out Dusknoir against our Pink Jelly.

12d 6h 46m Heading to Phoebe.

12d 6h 45m Another Shadow Ball KOs Slowbro! Defeated Sidney!

12d 6h 45m We use Shadow Ball, and dodge a Seed Flare.

12d 6h 44m The Xatu is down to two Shadow Balls. Against Slowbro! It mega-evolves!

12d 6h 44m Online!

12d 6h 43m It tries to burn us with Will-O-Wisp, and stream's down again.

12d 6h 43m We use Shadow Ball once again to KO Unown. Against Xatu.

12d 6h 43m We KOed the Alakazam and the Exeggutor!** Against Unown.

12d 6h 43m BACK ONLINE!


12d 6h 42m OFFLINE RIOT!~

12d 6h 41m Against Alakazam! It uses Dragon Rush, and we respond with more balls of shadow. Remember kids, the unseen ball is the deadliest.

12d 6h 40m Our foe starts off with Poison Fang, and we respond with Shadow Ball. Rinsing and repeating this process results in the Gallade's death. Cacturne grew to level 91!

12d 6h 40m We send out Pink Jelly against Gallade.

12d 6h 40m We enter Sidney's Room and begin to fight him!

12d 6h 39m Started Run 13!

12d 6h 37m Spiritomb KOs us with Venoshock! Black out at Glacia ends Run 12.

12d 6h 36m Against Spiritomb. We use Earthquake, and it responds with Grass Whistle, which does nothing due to our ability.

12d 6h 36m Against Cacturne. Greninja uses Petal Dance, and we finish it off with Earthquake.

12d 6h 34m Another Petal Dance KOs Swinu!

12d 6h 34m Greninja uses Petal Dance, even though it's confused, and we use Oblivion Wing.

12d 6h 33m Another Petal Dance KOs Wigglytuff! We send out Swinu.

12d 6h 32m The frog uses Petal Dance, and we respond with Dazzling Gleam. It eats up an Enigma Berry.

12d 6h 32m Fighting Glacia! She sends out Greninja against Wigglytuff!

12d 6h 32m On the way to Glacia.

12d 6h 30m Another Dazzling Gleam KOs Sableye. Defeated Phoebe!

12d 6h 29m We send out Wigglytuff, who is poisoned and damaged. Phoebe uses a Full Restore, while we use Dazzling Gleam.

12d 6h 27m We use Dragon Ascent again, but because it's a Physical Attack, it's cut down due to the burn. Sableye uses Dragon Pulse to KO Rayquaza!

12d 6h 27m Sableye Mega-Evolves, while we use Dragon Ascent. It burns us with Will-O-Wisp.

12d 6h 26m Another Earthquake KOs Mismagius. Against Sableye.

12d 6h 26m Against Mismagius! We use Earthquake once more while our foe uses Spikes. Those strats.

12d 6h 25m We finish off Aegislash with an Earthquake.

12d 6h 25m Against Aegislash! We use Shadow Force, while the sword and shield sets up Toxic Spikes.

12d 6h 24m We're hit with a Sludge Wave after that attack, but another Shadow Force KOs the Trevenant!

12d 6h 23m Against Trevenant! More Shadow Force hijinks ensue.

12d 6h 23m Against Jellicent! We use Shadow Force and OHKO the Jelly.

12d 6h 22m We Mega-evolve and use Dragon Ascent! Dusknoir faints!

12d 6h 21m We send out Rayquay, while Phoebe uses a Full Restore. We use Shadow Force.

12d 6h 21m Rinse and repeat. Jellicent faints due to poison!

12d 6h 20m We use Shadow Ball, which is super effective, and it responds with Dark Pulse.

12d 6h 20m Against Phoebe! She sends out Dusknoir against our Jellicent Blue.

12d 6h 18m On our way to Phoebe. Let's hope we don't develop a phoe-bia of losing to her.

12d 6h 16m Our foe poisons us with Toxic, and we KO it with two Shadow Balls. Defeated Sidney!

12d 6h 16m What's this? Your pokemon is becoming edible? Oh wait, Slowpoke Tails are already a thing. Now there's two ways to eat a Slowbro!

12d 6h 15m Against Xatu. We OHKO it with Shadow Ball. Against Slowbro.

12d 6h 15m Against Unown. It celebrates good times as it dies a shadowy death. Rayquaza grew to level 85!

12d 6h 14m We use Shadow Ball again, KOing Alakazam. Cacturne grew to level 90!

12d 6h 13m We use Shadow Ball, Sidney uses Full Restore. We use Shadow Ball, Sidney uses Full Restore. We use Skill Swap.

12d 6h 13m Our foe uses Dragon Rush, and we avoid it. We use Skill Swap and pass our foe the flame.

12d 6h 12m Our foe uses Endure, and we Shadow Ball it twice to KO the tree. Against Alakazam!

12d 6h 11m Against Exeggutor! We send out Blue Jelly.

12d 6h 10m Rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, as we KO Gallade from a Shadow Ball, we faint from poison!

12d 6h 9m Poison Fang immediately poisons us. We use Dive.

12d 6h 9m Against Sidney! Gallade vs. Pink Jelly!

12d 6h 8m Started Run 12!

12d 6h 5m Another ball, another seed flare, and another Red Wedding for the Cactus! Black out at Sidney. RIP Run 11.

12d 6h 5m We send out Cacturne. And then throw more balls. Slowbro uses Seed Flare.

12d 6h 3m We throw all of the balls at it. It mega-evolved and used Psychic until Wigglytuff fainted.

12d 6h 2m We send out the Bunny, which gets its life sucked out by the bird. We use Dazzling Gleam to finish Xatu off. Against Slowbro.

12d 6h 1m MENUS!

12d 5h 57m It hits, but so does another Steamroller, KOing Rayquaza!

12d 5h 57m We finally smarten up and use Shadow Force, and almost die while in the Dongstortion.

12d 5h 56m Even more balls. Xatu uses Steamroller, which has a hilarious animation for anyone not watching live.

12d 5h 55m We throw more balls! We get burnt by Will o Wisp!

12d 5h 55m We use Shadow Force to KO the Unown. Against Xatu.

12d 5h 55m MORE HAPPY HOUR! Maybe we'll even make Happy Days. Anyone remember that show?

12d 5h 54m Against Unown! We try to catch it. Instead of getting mad, it uses Happy Hour to show its gratitude.

12d 5h 53m Against the Spoon Lover. After being attacked, we use Shadow Force to OHKO Alakazam.

12d 5h 53m We send out the green dragon. It quickly KOs Exeggutor.

12d 5h 51m We throw a ball as Exeggutor uses Land's Wrath. Rinse and repeat. Blue Jelly is down!

12d 5h 51m We finally send out the Blue Jelly. We use Shadow Ball twice, but the tree uses Endure.

[Fluff] It's 10:50 (EST). Do you know where your mons are?

12d 5h 47m Exeggutor is just bopping its head to the music. Catchy.

12d 5h 46m Very frusterated, we use Psychic on the tree without much success. One more Land's Wrath KOs Lanturn!

12d 5h 46m We throw some balls at the tree and endure the Wrath of the Land.

[Fluff] /u/Sam-0, on your mark. Get set...

12d 5h 46m We send out Swinu against Exeggutor.

12d 5h 45m Swinu grew to level 99! Jellicent Pink faints from Poison!

12d 5h 45m We're hit with 2 More Poison Fangs, and we use Shadow Ball to KO Gallade.

12d 5h 44m We hit it with another Shadow Ball, but we start to act dumb and throw balls at it.

12d 5h 44m We emerge and almost KO the Gallade. Sidney steps in as a medic with a Full Restore.

12d 5h 43m Another attempt by the Gallade poisons us, and we dive into the water, hoping to get a sneak attack.

12d 5h 43m Gallade digs its venomous fangs into us, and we respond with a ball made of shadowy matter.

12d 5h 42m We match her Gallade with our Pink Jellicent.

12d 5h 42m Entered Sidney's Room, and now we duel!

12d 5h 40m We save for good measure.

12d 5h 40m Run 11 starts!

12d 5h 38m Cacturne faints from Twinneedle! Run 10 ends on Phoebe! Black out!

12d 5h 38m Phoebe uses a Full Restore, and we use Shadow Ball again. Unfortunately, that's the end of the tale.

12d 5h 37m After much consideration, we just say fuck it and send out the Cactus. It almost dies from a Twinneedle, and manages to pull off a Shadow Ball!

12d 5h 36m We tactifully decide which party member to send out next. Only problem: we have only one left alive.

12d 5h 33m We get cut with more and more leaves until Swinu bleeds out!

12d 5h 33m We send out the flying Fish to use Psychic. It gets cut by Razor Leaf.

12d 5h 31m Two more times we try to capture it, and eventually the poison KOs Rayquay!

12d 5h 30m We try throwing a ball at it, twice, but we're being called a Thief. We get hit with sludge, which poisons Rayquaza!

12d 5h 29m We send out the Dragon of the Hour to do our dirty work.

12d 5h 28m We use Dazzling Gleam, and our foe responds with Sludge Wave, KOing Chansey! It drowned in sludge. ;_;

12d 5h 27m Dusknoir then KAPOWs for honour, greatly harming us but earning her respect. Against Trevenant!

12d 5h 27m We try using Rock Smash, but it does nothing. It responds with a very dark pulse.

12d 5h 26m Fighting E4 Member Phoebe! We send out Wigglytuff against her Dusknoir!**

12d 5h 25m Heading to Phoebe.

12d 5h 22m RayQuay grew to level 84! Defeated Sidney!

12d 5h 22m We send out Lanturn! One Thunderbolt later, the ice cream melts.

12d 5h 20m Slowbro mega-evolves into an ice cream cone! We use Shadow Ball, and it responds with Thunder! Both Jellies are down now!

12d 5h 20m We throw more shadows at the bird and it gets so scared it curls up and dies. Against Slowbro!

12d 5h 20m Cacturne grew to level 89! Against Xatu!

12d 5h 19m We OHKO it with Shadow Ball. Bye Mr. A.

12d 5h 19m We throw another Shadow Ball and KO Exeggutor. Against Unown.

12d 5h 18m The palm tree braced itself for the shadowy death it was going to receive, and survived. Phoebe then uses a Full Restore.

12d 5h 18m We throw more balls of shadow as our foe uses Land's Wrath.

12d 5h 18m We quickly dispose of the spoon lover with Shadow Ball. Against Exeggutor!

12d 5h 17m We send out our other Jelly, who immediately swap skills. It then gains 400 pounds due to gaining Thick Fat.

[Fluff] Also I'm apparently colour blind cause that was our Pink Jelly, not Blue.

12d 5h 16m Sidney uses a Full Restore, and we use Shadow Ball again. Unfortunately, we faint from poison!

12d 5h 16m Against Alakazam. It attempts to use Dragon Rush, but our lightning-fast reflexes allow us to dodge it. One Shadow Ball brings Alakazam to critical health.

12d 5h 15m We use Shadow Ball twice to KO Gallade.

[Fluff] It's like a pox party but deadlier.

12d 5h 14m Our foe uses Poison Fang on us, poisoning us. We return the favor with Toxic. POISON PARTY!

12d 5h 13m Fighting E4 Member Sidney! He sends out Gallade against our Blue Jelly.

12d 5h 13m We try to sweep in from the right and still go right past him. We finally talk to him from behind.

12d 5h 12m And we walk right past him. He seems unfazed.

12d 5h 11m We enter Sidney's room.

12d 5h 10m Run 10 starts!

12d 5h 10m We're just wandering around the main lobby.

12d 5h 8m Hydreigon is sent out! It uses Earthquake to take down Lanturn! Blacked Out! Run #9 over!

12d 5h 8m Greninja is taken down by Two of Lanturn's Thunderbolts!

12d 5h 7m Greninja is hurt by confusion. Next turn its healed with Full Restore

12d 5h 7m Lanturn is sent out!

12d 5h 6m Greninja uses its Harvest Ability to replenish its Enigma Berry!

12d 5h 6m Greninja keeps using Petal Dance and then gets Confused! We use Shadow Ball which damages Greninja. Greninja then attacks and takes down Cacturne!

12d 5h 5m Cacturn is sent out!

12d 5h 4m Two Petal Dances takes down Wigglytuff!

12d 5h 3m vs Glacia! She sends out Greninja! We send out Wigglytuff

12d 5h 2m We play our favorite game of "Avoiding the E4 Member"

12d 5h 1m We enter Glacia's room and browse the Pokédex

[Info] Wigglytuff, Lanturn, and Cacturne are the only one left able to fight vs Glacia!

12d 4h 58m Sableye is down! Phoebe is defeated!!!

12d 4h 58m Wigglytuff is sent out and is poisoned thanks to Toxic Spikes!

12d 4h 57m We use Dragon Accent once more but it only takes half of its HP! Rayquaza goes down to Sableye's Dragon Pulse!

12d 4h 57m It Mega Evolves and uses Dragon Pulse on us!

12d 4h 56m Phoebe sends out Sableye as her final mon

12d 4h 56m We Mega Evolve Rayquaza and use Dragon Accent to destroy Mismagius!

12d 4h 55m Mismagius is sent out!

12d 4h 55m We use the last of Shadow Force's PP to take down Trevenant!

12d 4h 54m Trevenant is sent out!

12d 4h 54m The Foe's Jellicent falls to a Critical Hit Shadow Force!

12d 4h 54m Phoebe sends out her Jellicent!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 83 - Max. HP 326 Attack 246 Defense 161 Sp. Atk 320 Sp. Def 161 Speed 163

12d 4h 53m Rayquaza to Lv 83!

12d 4h 53m Aegislash gets taken down to Rayquaza's Shadow Force!

12d 4h 53m Aegislash gets healed thanks to use using Shadow Force

12d 4h 52m Rayquaza is sent out!

12d 4h 52m Aegislash Uses Frenzy Plant to take out Blue Jellicent!

12d 4h 52m Aegislash uses Toxic Spikes and we used Shadow Ball

12d 4h 52m Two Shadow Balls from Blue Jellicent takes down Dusknoir! Aegislash sent out!

12d 4h 50m vs Phoebe! She sends out Dusknoir! We send out Blue Jellicent!

12d 4h 50m We exit Sidney's room and walk towards Phoebe's room!

12d 4h 47m We finally take down Slowbro! Sidney Down!

12d 4h 47m Slowbro is Full Restore'd twice and we keep on hitting it with Shadow Ball

12d 4h 47m We take down most of Slowbro's HP and Slowbro Mega Evolves and uses Seed Flare

12d 4h 46m Slowbro is sent out!

12d 4h 46m Xatu is sent out and quickly goes down

12d 4h 46m Canturne Levels up to Lv 88!

12d 4h 45m Unown goes down next turn!

12d 4h 45m Unown is sent out and We use Skill Swap! Now we have Adaptability!

12d 4h 45m Lanturn Levels up to lv 98!

12d 4h 45m We take down Exeggutor with a Shadow Ball

12d 4h 44m Skill Swap is used and we obtain the Tangled Feet Ability!

12d 4h 44m Our Blue Jellicent is sent out!

12d 4h 44m Land's Wrath takes down Pink Jellicent!

12d 4h 43m Exeggutor is sent out next by Sidney!

12d 4h 43m Two Shadow Balls takes down Alakazam!

12d 4h 42m Alakazam is sent out!

12d 4h 42m Gallade goes down to Shadow Ball

12d 4h 42m Gallade uses Poison Fang and poisons the Pink Jelly

12d 4h 42m Gallade gets Full Restored and we continue to Shadow Ball

12d 4h 42m Gallade uses another Poison Fang! We then use Shadow Ball and Gallade is in the red

12d 4h 41m Gallade opens up with Poison Fang. We then Dive under water

12d 4h 40m Run 9 begins! vs Sidney! He sends out Gallade! We send out the Pink Jellicent!

12d 4h 38m Ice Beam is used but the tree tanks it and we faint due to poison! Blacked Out! Run 8 Over

12d 4h 37m Trevenant is sent out!

12d 4h 37m It takes out Migmagius with Ice Beam

12d 4h 36m Wigglytuff is sent out and immediately poisoned!

12d 4h 35m Cacturne is KO'd by High Jump Kick

12d 4h 35m also poisoned due to Toxic spikes!

12d 4h 35m Cacturne is sent out!

12d 4h 33m Migmagius uses High Jump Kick to KO Lanturn!

12d 4h 32m Migmagius uses Skill Swap and our Lanturn gets Mold Breaker!

12d 4h 32m Mismagius continues the Smogon Theme by using Spikes!

12d 4h 32m Mismagius is sent out!

12d 4h 31m A few more thunderbolts later and Jellicent is down!

12d 4h 31m Jellicent gets another full restore and we use Thunderbolt to bring the foe's Jelly to half HP

12d 4h 30m Lanturn is sent out and is poisoned due to Toxic Spikes!

12d 4h 29m Shadow Force is used and Jellicent is in the Red! The foe's Jellicent retaliates by using Ice Beam to take down Rayquaza!

12d 4h 28m Jellicent gets a Full Restore and we mega evolve Rayquaza!

12d 4h 28m We use Shadow Force to take it down to almost red HP! The foe uses Ice Beam to bring Rayquaza to Red HP!

12d 4h 28m Phoebe sends out her Jellicent!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 82 - Max. HP 322 Attack 242 Defense 158 Sp. Atk 315 Sp. Def 158 Speed 161

12d 4h 27m Rayquaza levels up to Lv. 82!

12d 4h 27m Aegislash is down!

12d 4h 27m Rayquaza uses Shadow Force and Aegislash uses Toxic Spikes!

12d 4h 27m Aegislash's Shadow Ball takes down Blue Jellicent!

12d 4h 26m Aegislash is sent out!

12d 4h 26m Two Shadow Balls takes down Dusknoir!

12d 4h 25m vs Phoebe! She sends out Dusknoir! We send out Blue Jellicent!

12d 4h 21m One more shadow ball takes down Slowbro and Sidney!

12d 4h 20m Shadow Ball from Blue Jelly takes it down to half HP. Slowbro then Toxic poisons's Blue Jelyl

12d 4h 20m Slowbro Mega Evolves

12d 4h 20m Slowbro is sent out by Sidney!

12d 4h 19m We use Shadow Ball and take out Xatu!

12d 4h 19m Skill Swap is used and we get Xatu's Mega Launcher

12d 4h 19m Xatu is sent out!

12d 4h 19m Unown is sent out! It is quickly retired by Blue Jelly's Shadow Ball

12d 4h 18m Exeggutor is down!

12d 4h 18m It barely lives a Critical Hit Shadow Ball!

12d 4h 17m Exeggutor is sent out!

12d 4h 17m Cacturne levels up to Lv 87!

12d 4h 17m Shadow Ball takes down Alakazam!

12d 4h 17m Alakazam uses Poison Tail to take down Pink Jelly. Blue Jelly is sent out!

12d 4h 16m Gallade down! Alakazam sent out!

[Correction] It was run 7 that died earlier

12d 4h 15m Gallade poisons our Pink Jellicent!

12d 4h 15m Run 8 begins! vs Sidney! He sends out Gallade! We send out the Pink Jellicent!

12d 4h 14m We enter Sidney's Room!

12d 4h 12m Aegislash's Frenzy Plant takes down our Wigglytuff! Blacked Out! Run 6 Dead!

12d 4h 11m Phoebe uses a Full Restore! Aegislash fully healed and thawed out!

12d 4h 11m We slowly damage the frozen Aegislash

12d 4h 10m Aegislash is Frozen!

12d 4h 8m We use Dazzling Gleam which does little damage! Aegislash uses Frenzy Plant which does a little more damage!

12d 4h 8m Aegislash is sent out next!

12d 4h 8m Wigglytuff is sent out! We use ICe Beam to take down Trevenant!

12d 4h 6m Next turn Trevenant uses Razor Leaf and Lanturn is down!

12d 4h 6m We use Thunderbolt which does little damage! Tevenant uses Razor Leaf which nearly knocks out Lanturn!

12d 4h 5m Phoebe uses Full Restore to erase the damage.

12d 4h 5m Lanturn uses Oblivion Wing to bring the Trevenant to the red!

12d 4h 5m Lanturn is sent out!

12d 4h 4m Twinneedle is used by the foe to take down Cacturne!

12d 4h 4m Sludge Wave is used. Cacturne relaliates with Overheat!

12d 4h 3m Cacturne is sent out!

[Info] Wigglytuff, Cacturne, and Lanturn are the only one left able to fight

12d 4h 2m We waste another Brick Break and Rayquaza goes down to a Trevenant attack!

12d 4h 2m We waste Brick Break and Trevenant uses Sludge Wave to take Ray down to 1 HP!

12d 4h 1m Trevenant is sent out!

12d 4h 1m Rayquaza barley survives the Foe Jellicent's Ice Beam! Rayquaza takes it down!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 81 - Max. HP 318 Attack 239 Defense 155 Sp. Atk 310 Sp. Def 155 Speed 158

12d 4h 1m Rayquaza to Lv 81!

12d 4h 0m Rayquaza is sent out! It uses Shadow Force to hide. Dusknoir uses Explode is kills itself!

12d 4h 0m Dusknoir uses Dark Pulse to take down our Blue Jellicent

12d 3h 59m We use Skill Swap to get Dusknoir's Swarm Ability!

12d 3h 58m vs Phoebe! She sends out Dusknoir! We send out Blue Jellicent!

12d 3h 58m We enter Phoebe's room and successfully avoid her!

12d 3h 56m We exit Sidney's room and head off to fight Phoebe!

12d 3h 55m Two Shadow Balls takes down Mega Slowbro! Sidney goes Down!!

12d 3h 55m Slowbro Mega Evolves and uses Toxic to poison Blue Jellicent!

12d 3h 54m Sidney sends out Slowbro!

12d 3h 54m Shadow Ball OHKO's Xatu!

12d 3h 54m Xatu is sent out!

12d 3h 54m Unown is sent out! One Shadow Ball takes it down easily!

12d 3h 53m Two more Shadow Balls takes down Exeggutor!

12d 3h 53m Exeggutor is sent out! We send out Blue Jellicent!

Lanturn Levels up to Lv 97!

12d 3h 52m Two more Shadow Balls later and Alakazam is down!

12d 3h 52m Alakazam is sent out!

12d 3h 51m Two Shadow Balls later and Gallade is down!

12d 3h 51m Gallade opens up by poisoning us with Poison Fang!

12d 3h 50m Run 7 begins! vs Sidney! He sends out Gallade! We send out the Pink Jellicent!

12d 3h 48m We head through the door and towards Sidney's room once again!

12d 3h 45m Ice Beam OHKO's Cacturne! Blacked Out! Run 6 dead!

12d 3h 45m Cacturne is sent out!

12d 3h 44m Jellicent brings our Wigglytuff to the Red. Next Turn, Wigglytuff faints!

12d 3h 43m Wigglytuff retaliates by uses a Normal Move on a Ghost Type

12d 3h 43m Jellicent uses Sludge Bomb!

12d 3h 43m We look for Healing items and we see we have none!

12d 3h 42m We send out Wigglytuff!

[Info] Wigglytuff and Cacturne only Pokémon left standing!

12d 3h 41m We use Thunderbolt twice but we can't take it down before Jellicent attacks and takes down Lanturn!!

12d 3h 40m Phoebe uses a Full Restore!

12d 3h 39m Jellicent uses Fly! Does little to Lanturn!

12d 3h 39m Lanturn gets poisoned! Jellicent get's paralyzed!

12d 3h 39m We use Waterfall to activate JEllicent's Luminous Moss that raises its Sp. Defense!

12d 3h 38m Lanturn is sent out!

12d 3h 38m Phoebe's Jellicent is sent out and Ice Beam takes down Rayquaza!

12d 3h 37m Cacturne Levels up to Lv 86!

12d 3h 37m Rayquaza is sent out! Duskoir uses Explode! It doesn't take down Ray

12d 3h 37m The combo of poison and Dusknoir's Dark Pulse takes down Blue Jelly!

12d 3h 36m vs Phoebe! She sends out Dusknoir! We send out Blue Jellicent!

12d 3h 34m We enter Phoebe's Room and we avoid her like usual!

12d 3h 33m We exit Sidney's room and we head to Phoebe's room!

12d 3h 32m Slowbro is taken down! Sidney Down!

12d 3h 32m Seed Flare is used and takes Blue Jelly to 111 HP

12d 3h 31m Slowbro is sent out and Mega Evolves! We use skipp swap to acquire Slowbro's Damp and in return Slowbro Toxic Poisons us!

12d 3h 31m Xatu is sent out and is taken down quickly by Shadow Ball!

12d 3h 31m Rayquaza levels up to Lv 80!

12d 3h 30m Shadow Ball takes it down easily!

12d 3h 30m Unown is sent out!

12d 3h 30m Sidney uses a Full Restore but Shadow Ball erases all the recovered HP Exeggutor got. One more next turn takes it down!

12d 3h 29m Blue Jellicent is sent out!

12d 3h 29m Land's Wrath takes down Pink Jellicent!

12d 3h 29m Exeggutor is sent out!

12d 3h 28m Shadow Ball takes down Alakazam!

12d 3h 28m Alakazam is sent out!

12d 3h 27m Two Shadow Balls takes out Gallade tho!

12d 3h 27m Gallade opens up with Poison Fang that poisons our Jellicent!

12d 3h 26m Run 6 begins! vs Sidney! He sends out Gallade! We send out the Pink Jellicent!

12d 3h 26m We enter Sidney's room and avoid Sidney once again!

[Info] For anyone who was curious, that "SAV eFL" app that was opened a couple hours ago is "SaveDataFiler", a tool from the 3DS SDK that was leaked a while ago. It's commonly used by flashcart users to import and export save files for backup and modification. More info here

12d 3h 22m Lanturn goes down to Migmagius' High Jump Kick! Blacked Out! Run 5 Over!

12d 3h 21m We use Psychic and it does little damage!

12d 3h 20m Skill Swap is used and we acquire Mold Breaker

12d 3h 20m Frisk Reveals Mismagius' Safety Goggles!

12d 3h 20m Lanturn is sent out and is Toxic Poisoned thanks to the spikes set up by Aegislash!

12d 3h 18m High Jump Kick is used and takes down Cacturne!

12d 3h 18m Mismagius is sent out!

12d 3h 18m Cacturne uses Thief twice to bring Aegislash to the red! Overheat is then used to take out Aegislash!

12d 3h 17m Toxic Spikes is used once more!

12d 3h 17m Aegislash uses Toxic Spikes!

12d 3h 16m and we switch to Cacturne!

12d 3h 16m Fake out is used!

12d 3h 16m Aegislash is sent out!

12d 3h 16m another Thunderbolt takes down Jellicent!

12d 3h 16m Thunderbolt bring JEllicent to the red!

12d 3h 15m Lanturn is sent out!

[Info] Cacturne and Lanturn are the only ones left willing to fight!

12d 3h 13m Wigglytuff is down due to a Sludge Bomb from Jellicent!

12d 3h 12m Phoebe uses a Full Restore than on the next turn attacks bringing Wiggly to the Red

12d 3h 12m Jellicent uses Sludge Bomb to bring Wiggly to half health. Wiggly uses Dazzling Gleam but does little damage!

12d 3h 11m Wigglytuff is sent out!

12d 3h 11m We use Brick Break and Ice Beam from Jellicent takes out Ray

12d 3h 11m Phoebe sends out her Jellicent and uses Ice Beam to being Ray to the red!

12d 3h 10m Cacturne to Lv 85!

12d 3h 10m Rayquaza is sent out and uses Shadow Force! Dusknoir uses Explodes and only damages itself

12d 3h 10m We use Shadow Ball! Dusknoir retaliated with Dusk Pulse and Jellicent goes down!

12d 3h 9m vs Phoebe! She sends out Dusknoir! We send out Female Jellicent!

12d 3h 4m Still haven't talked to Phoebe yet

12d 2h 59m We enter Phoebe's room! We avoid Phoebe!

[Info] Pink Jellicent is Poisoned with 111/370 HP remaining, Blue Jellicent is down, the rest of the party is fully healed

12d 2h 56m We use Thunderbolt and Slowbro is down! Sidney Defeated!!

12d 2h 56m Waterfall does little damage to Slowbro but it flinches!

12d 2h 55m Lanturn is sent out!

12d 2h 55m Seed Flare is used once more and Blue Jelly is down!!!

12d 2h 55m Seed Flare is used to take Blue Jelly to half HP

12d 2h 55m We have Slowbro Mega's Damp ability now.

12d 2h 54m It Mega Evolves and we use Skill swap

12d 2h 54m Slowbro is up next!

12d 2h 54m Shadow Ball also takes it out too!

12d 2h 54m Xatu is sent out!

12d 2h 54m We use Shadow Ball to take it out easily!

12d 2h 53m Unown is sent out!

12d 2h 53m Lanturn Leveled up!

12d 2h 53m Full Restore is used on Egg Tree and we attack with Shadow Ball again and Exeggutor is taken out!

12d 2h 52m Exeggutor survives Shadow Ball thanks to Endure

12d 2h 52m We switch out to Blue Jelly!

12d 2h 52m Exeggutor is sent out!

12d 2h 52m A Critical Hit Shadow Ball takes down Alakazam! 999 Grows to Lv 79!

12d 2h 51m Sidney sends out Alakazam!

12d 2h 51m Two Shadow Balls takes out Gallade!

12d 2h 50m Poison Fang from Gallade poisons Pink Jelly!

12d 2h 49m Run 5 begins! vs Sidney! He sends out Gallade! We send out the Pink Jelly

12d 2h 49m We enter Sidney's Room

12d 2h 48m Now we are avoiding the door to enter Sidney's room

12d 2h 46m We go through the doors to the E4

12d 2h 45m We walk around the Pokémon Center. Trying either to start Run 5 or get to the shopkeeper near it

12d 2h 43m We waste a Brick Break and the opposing Jelly uses Ice Beam to take down Rayquaza! Blacked Out, Run 4 Over!

12d 2h 42m Phoebe sends out Jellicent!

12d 2h 42m We use Shadow Force one more and Trevenant is taken down!

12d 2h 42m Now we're trying to Run

12d 2h 41m Shadow Force bring Trevenant down to the red!

12d 2h 40m Rayquaza is sent out!

12d 2h 39m Razor leaf takes down Lanturn!

12d 2h 39m Phoebe uses Full Restore. Lanturn barely hold on right now!

12d 2h 39m Obivion Wing is used but it isn't enough to take it down. Trevenant reply with Razor Leaf!

12d 2h 38m Frisk revels Trevenant's Light ball

12d 2h 38m Lanturn is sent out!

[Snark] Swimming and flying since they dont have legs to stand up with

[Info] Lanturn and Rayquaza only ones left standing

[Info] Twineedle x4 damage op

12d 2h 35m Cacturne is sent out and quickly disposed of!

12d 2h 35m We use Dazzling Gleam but its not enough. Trevenant attacks and **takes down Wiggly!!

12d 2h 34m Trevenant is sent out!

12d 2h 34m Dusknoir EXPLODES! Wigglytuff still alive barely

12d 2h 34m We start out by wasting Strength, Dusknoir uses Dark Pulse

12d 2h 33m vs Phoebe! She sends out Dusknoir! We send out Wigglytuff

[Chat] Teachy_tv: Wow nice dodge people, almost ran into her phew EleGiggle

12d 2h 31m We also back ourselves into a corner avoiding Phoebe

12d 2h 30m We enter Phoebe's room and walk past her towards the wall

[Info] Both Jellicents are down, Cacturne is poisoned, and Wigglytuff, Lanturn, and Rayquaza are still fully healed

12d 2h 27m Cacturne takes out Slowbro! Sidney Defeated!!

12d 2h 27m We use Earthquake which does nothing! Slowbro uses Toxic to poison Cacturne!

12d 2h 26m Cacturne is sent out!

12d 2h 25m Slowbro is at half health currently thanks to Shadow Ball before Blue Jelly went down!

12d 2h 25m Slowbro Mega Evolves and uses Seed Flare! Blue Jelly goes down!!!

12d 2h 24m Slowbro is now sent out!

12d 2h 24m We finally use Shadow Ball to take down Xatu!

12d 2h 24m Xatu uses Steam Roller and it gets burned too!!

12d 2h 24m Blue Jelly gets burned by Xatu

12d 2h 23m Blue Jelly is sent out next!

12d 2h 23m Xatu comes out and takes out the Pink Jelly!

12d 2h 23m r Levels up to lv 84

12d 2h 22m Unown is sent out! It is taken down by a Shadow Ball!

12d 2h 22m a Shadow Ball takes it down next turn!

12d 2h 22m Sidney uses a full restore!

12d 2h 22m We use Dive instead of Shadow Ball! It doesn't much damage to the Egg Tree

12d 2h 21m Exeggutor is sent out!

12d 2h 21m Alakazam goes down on a few Shadow Balls!!

12d 2h 20m Alakazam is sent out!

12d 2h 20m 999 to Level 78

12d 2h 20m Another Shadow Ball takes out the Gallade

12d 2h 19m Gallade uses Poison Fang on Pink Jelly! We use Shadow Ball

12d 2h 19m Run 4 begins! vs Sidney! He sends out Gallade! We send out the Pink Jelly

12d 2h 19m We seem to be having problem on just talking to Sidney. We are avoid him apparently

12d 2h 16m We wander around the room and save the game a bit

12d 2h 15m We enter Sidney's room!

12d 2h 8m Rayquaza sent in, we proceed to use ineffective moves. Earthquake does good damage to Aegislash, but not enough. Rayquaza down to Shadow Ball, black out, Rematch run 3 over to Phoebe

12d 2h 6m Lanturn down to a crit Frenzy Plant. Only Rayquaza is left.

12d 2h 3m Lanturn sent in, we Psychic the Jellicent. It uses Sludge Bomb on us, Thunderbolt takes Jellicent down. Aegislash sent in. Thunderbolt proves ineffective on this one, it sets up Toxic Spikes. We keep trying to Thunderbolt, more Toxic Spikes are layed down. Lanturn clutches a Frenzy Plant, Aegislash paralyzed to Thunderbolt. We use Waterfall, its Absorb Bulb raises some stats Smogon WutFace and a Full Restore is used. Cured of paralysis.

12d 2h 2m Cacturne down, Rayquaza and Lanturn are left.

12d 2h 0m A Full Restore is used on the Jellicent, we get hit by a crit Sludge Bomb. Dazzling Gleam doesn't do very much, but does some. Wigglytuff down to another crit Sludge Bomb, Cacturne in.

[Info] Rayquaza (lv 77), Lanturn(lv 96), and Cacturne(lv 83) leveled up 1 level during the Sidney battle

missed it due to them leveling at the same time

12d 2h 0m We switch to Lanturn, and Psychic the Jellicent. Doesn't do much. We switch to Wigglytuff.

12d 1h 58m Male Jellicent down, Rayquaza sent in. We use Shadow Force, Dusknoir uses Explosion KAPOW, but we avoid it. Jellicent sent in, Shadow Force lands on that, does great damage. We get hit with Ice Beam, already on red health.

12d 1h 57m Versus Phoebe, Dusknoir against Male Jellicent. He's currently on half health, and uses Skill Swap. We get hit with a Dark Pulse, and proceed to spam Shadow Ball.

12d 1h 57m ITs Dusknior vs Blue Jelly!

12d 1h 57m vs Phoebe!

[Info] Rayquaza, Cacturne, Lanturn all leveled up

[Fluff] Those light patterns on the wall in Sidney's room look like those on Mega Rayquaza.

I've probably just been staring at that wall too long.

12d 1h 56m Another Shadow Ball takes down Slobro! Sidney Defeated!!!!

12d 1h 55m Slowbro mega evolves and uses Seed Flare but Blue Jelly avoids it!

12d 1h 55m Slowbro is sent out!

12d 1h 55m Xatu is sent out! Blue Jelly takes it out!

12d 1h 54m Egg Tree down, Unown sent out! and it goes down!

12d 1h 53m Sidney sends out the Exeggutor!

12d 1h 53m Shadow Ball takes down Alakazam!

12d 1h 53m Jelly Blue is sent out!

12d 1h 52m Jelly Pink goes down due to poison!

12d 1h 52m Gallade goes down! Sidney then sends out Alakazam!

12d 1h 51m Sidney uses his first Full Restore and we attack back with a Shadow Ball

12d 1h 50m Gallade uses Poison Fang to poison our Jelly

12d 1h 50m vs Sidney! He sends out Gallade! We send out the Pink Jelly

12d 1h 49m We walk around Sidney's room not talking to Sidney

12d 1h 48m and we hit Sidney's chair first and then the wall

12d 1h 47m We enter Sidney's room as Run 3 begins!

12d 1h 45m Trevenant sent in, Thunderbolt isn't doing much. Lanturn down to Poison and Razor Leaf, black out, Rematch run 2 over to Phoebe

12d 1h 44m Lanturn sent in, and poisoned. We Frisk Jellicent for its Luminous Moss, Thunderbolt is used on it. It's a crit, another one takes it down.

12d 1h 43m Rayquaza down to Ice Beam! Only Lanturn is left.

12d 1h 42m We keep trying to Brick Break. One of these times it's got to work! Rayquaza taking damage from Psycho Cut. We wise up and use Shadow Force, it's a crit, Mismagius down. Female Jellicent sent in. We Mega-Evolve and try to Brick Break again, no effect.

12d 1h 40m Cacturne down, Rayquaza sent in. We try Brick Break, does not affect.

12d 1h 40m Aegislash down to Thief, Mismagius sent out.

12d 1h 38m Wigglytuff's poisoned because of the Toxic Spikes. We try Ice Beam, doesn't do much. Rock Smash does not affect, Wigglytuff down to Frenzy Plant. Cacturne sent in, and poisoned. We Thief it, Cacturne stole its Absorb Bulb. Frenzy Plant doesn't do too much to Cacturne, but our Shadow Ball isn't doing much either.

12d 1h 37m Wigglytuff is out against Aegislash, looks like Male Jellicent fainted. A Full Restore is used on Aegislash, Strength does not affect the Smogon Sword. We Try Dazzling Gleam, does barely anything.

12d 1h 36m ONLINE!

12d 1h 36m OFFLINE!

12d 1h 34m Versus Phoebe, Dusknoir against Male Jellicent. Shadow Ball from Jellicent and Dark Pulse from Dusknoir, Dusknoir down. Aegislash sent in. More Shdow Balls, it sets up Toxic Spikes. Jellicent is hurt by poison.

12d 1h 34m At Phoebe's room, trying to talk through the wall.

12d 1h 31m Xatu sent in, Shadow Ball is used on it, Xatu down. Slowbro in, it Mega-Evolves, Shadow Ball is used on it, does over half health. Male Jellicent poisoned to Toxic, but another crit Shadow Ball takes Slowbro down. Sidney defeated!

12d 1h 30m Exeggutor sent in. Shadow Ball does good damage to Exeggutor, but a crit Thunder Shock takes Female Jellicent down. Male Jellicent takes her place, it uses Shadow Ball, doesn't quite take it out, a Full Restore is used, and Exeggutor goes down to another Shadow Ball. Unown sent in, and down.

12d 1h 28m Gallade starts off with a crit Poison Fang, we are poisoned. Jellicent starts off with a Shadow Ball, does good damage. Another crit Poison Fang lands, Gallade down to Shadow Ball. Rayquaza to 76, Cacturne to 82. Alakazam sent in. We avoid a Dragon Rush from it, Shadow Ball hits, a Full Restore is not used, Dragon Rush misses again, Shadow Ball takes Alakazam down.

12d 1h 27m Versus Sidney, Gallade versus Female Jellicent.

12d 1h 25m Rematch run 2 started! We've walked into Sidney's room.

12d 1h 23m We chip down its health with Shadow Ball, the Sp.Def drops are very useful. A Full Restore is used, a few more Shadow Balls and Aegislash does down. Female Jellicent sent in! Male Jellicent down to Thief! Black out, rematch run 1 over to Phoebe

12d 1h 21m Dusknoir down to Shadow Ball, Aegislash sent in.

12d 1h 21m We talk to Phoebe, Versus Phoebe! Dusknoir against Male Jellicent.

12d 1h 19m We walk into Phoebe's room, and slam straight into the wall.

[Snark] Unown used Happy Hour because he is a voice and tells us this is teh urn!

12d 1h 18m Mega Slowbro down, Sidney defeated! Our party's completely ruined though, only male Jellicent is left.

12d 1h 17m Male Jellicent sent in.

12d 1h 16m We're poisoned and being attacked by Psychic. Dazzling Gleam is used, Wigglytuff down to Psychic!

12d 1h 15m Cacturne down, Wigglytuff sent in. A Full Restore is used on the Slowbro, we Strength it. Does some quite good damage.

12d 1h 13m Rayquaza down to Psychic! Cacturne sent in. Our attacks are doing barely anything to Slowbro.

12d 1h 12m It goes down to Shadow Force, Slowbro sent in. Shadow Force is out of PP, Slowbro Mega-Evolves! We use Brick Break on it. Does very little damage. It uses Psychic on us, almost takes Rayquaza down.

12d 1h 12m It uses Happy Hour, and then is easily taken out by Shadow Force. Xatu in!

12d 1h 11m Unown A sent out. We Shadow Force again.

12d 1h 9m Rayquaza sent in! We use Shadow Force, Exeggutor almost goes down. A Full Restore is used on it, we Shadow Force it again. Doesn't even do over half. Then we Mega-Evolve, Exeggutor uses Endure, and we Shadow Force it again. This time it goes down.

12d 1h 8m Waterfall is not doing much to the Exeggutor, it uses Land's Wrath on us. We Flinch it a few times, then we use Oblivion Wing and restore some health. Lanturn down to Land's Wrath!

12d 1h 6m Alakazam sent out, Shadow Ball is used on it. Female Jellicent down to poison. Lanturn sent in, it Frisks the Alakazam. It is holding a TinyMushroom. A Full Restore is used on Alakazam, we Waterfall the Alakazam, it does good damage. Superpower doesn't do much to us, it goes down to another Waterfall. Exeggutor in.

12d 1h 5m We talk to Sidney! He mentions us as the Champion, and how he and the other E4 members' Pokémon how have Mega Stones! Versus Sidney! Gallade sent out, against Female Jellicent. It goes down to some Shadow Balls, but Jellicent has been poisoned to Poison Fang.

12d 1h 2m Right back where we saved. We enter the door! Rematch Attempt 1! We walk straight up to Sidney's chair, and then slam right into the wall.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: save backup

12d 1h 1m "SaveDataFiler". We re-enter Alpha Sapphire.

12d 1h 1m We enter the building, and save the game! The Home Button has been pressed, and a program named SAVeFL has been opened.

12d 0h 59m Wally is not here, we walk right on through, and arrive at the Pokémon League! aka North Evergrande

12d 0h 57m We're at the area with the waterfalls and bridges, right before where we would fight Wally/the league.

12d 0h 53m We're back in the light area, but in another part of it. Looks like we've made quite some progress.

12d 0h 32m Gyarados down, Ace Duo defeated.

12d 0h 31m Both of our Jellicent target the Ho-Oh Jellicent, it goes down to two Shadow Balls. Rayquaza to 75.

12d 0h 30m Versus Ace Duo Jude and Rory, they sent out Ho-Oh and Gyarados! Jelly couple sent out. Ho-Oh has Imposter and transforms into male Jellicent, Gyarados has Turboblaze.

12d 0h 20m Something leveled up but I was not able to see who it was.

12d 0h 19m We're wandering around right now, not really getting anywhere.

12d 0h 5m Pushing Strength rocks around.

12d 0h 4m We climb down a ladder into a very dark area.

We're now on Day 13 of Randomized Alpha Sapphire!

11d 23h 55m Entered Victory Road.

11d 23h 53m We've arrived at South Ever Grande City!

11d 23h 52m The game went black and the music went out, but it's back now. We climb the Waterfall! And we go back down again. And up again.

11d 23h 51m We're at the Waterfall! Climbing it is a little tricky though.

11d 23h 45m There's a trainer who's turning around constantly, we deftly avoid his line of sight. Not sure if we've battled him or not.

11d 23h 44m We've surfed up onto Route 128, around the Seafloor Cavern area.

11d 23h 39m We're on an island with two fishermen, not sure of the route. A wild Blaziken is heard.

11d 23h 34m Surfaced again, slowly making our way through the route. And we dived again.

11d 23h 29m Underwater, in the grass, encountering wild mons. Training or something.

11d 23h 26m We're underwater. It's very nice down here. But we decide to resurface.

11d 23h 23m We've landed on some more sand. And surfing around again.

11d 23h 22m And surfing.

11d 23h 20m We're outside, currently on Route 131.

11d 23h 18m We've entered the cave part that goes down to the water. For some reason the Mt. Chimney theme is playing.

11d 23h 16m We've landed at the Sky Pillar.

11d 23h 13m Soaring around again.

11d 23h 11m We're back in the sky, and zooming around like crazy. Landed at Route 120, near Fortree.

11d 23h 7m We landed in Lilycove and immediately went in the Pokecenter. Checkpointed!

11d 23h 5m We keep using the Eon Flute and we keep landing in the same spot.

11d 22h 58m We land in Route 126!

11d 22h 56m Another Eon Flute ride!

11d 22h 53m We used the Eon Flute to go right back down.

11d 22h 51m Out on Route 114!

[Donation] Lightning donated $5 to remind everyone it's their birthday. Happy bday Lightning!

11d 22h 42m Rayquaza forgets Substitute for Brick Break!

11d 22h 32m Rayquaza forgets Brick Break and learns Earthquake!

11d 22h 30m Cacturne forgets Icicle Spear for Earthquake.

11d 22h 27m Trying to teach some TMs.

11d 22h 16m Grandma makes Rayquaza forget Earthquake for Dragon Ascent!

11d 22h 15m We talk to the grandma of Zinnia. She gives us a Salamencite!

11d 22h 8m Slowly progressing up the stairs while running into wild mons.

11d 22h 3m We enter Meteor Falls.

11d 22h 1m We bang our face against the wall.

11d 21h 59m Back along the sandy beach.

11d 21h 58m WE SURF TO FREEDOM!

11d 21h 55m Walking along Route 115.

11d 21h 53m We walk to Rustburo

11d 21h 51m We land on Route 104

11d 21h 48m We soar again

11d 21h 48m We land at the same place again

11d 21h 47m We soar again

11d 21h 44m We land on Route 124 and enter the house

11d 21h 43m We encounter a wild Swablu all normal- wait NOT RANDOMIZED!

11d 21h 42m We soar by using the Eon Flute

11d 21h 34m We heal!

11d 21h 34m Along Route 121 now.

11d 21h 30m We head outside onto Route 122.

[Fluff] Our party display is being weird still.

11d 21h 26m Well 2.

11d 21h 26m We have the stone!

11d 21h 26m Back in game.

11d 21h 25m Back in the main 3DS Menu.

[Chat] <projectrevotpp> sorry about that - third time's the charm, it didnt write the inventory edit the first time, i redid it and exited and reopened and rechecked to make sure it wrote

[Chat] Is spamming Wow Revo OneHand

11d 21h 20m Still no stone!

11d 21h 19m Back in the game. Deku's gonna check whether or not it worked.

11d 21h 18m Deku continues to fiddle around with his 3DS.

ProjectRevoTPP: because you battled her approximately 40 times + 5% drop rate = 2 stones

ProjectRevoTPP: We're giving you two stones: but its not for free because they're at the bottom of the bag, and if you toss them, that is it for Lampent, sorry that Valerie's script is so broken

11d 21h 17m We saw the screen for a little bit, but then it went dark again.

11d 21h 15m Revo apparently sent over the wrong save to Deku, but sent a second save as well that has the stone. Technical difficulties.

11d 21h 15m Deku is doing something with our menus!

11d 21h 15m Booted up Alpha Sapphire. Back in Mt. Pyre without a screen.

[Chat] Is Spamming WutFace

11d 21h 13m Deku is doing a bunch of things in the settings. Sounds like he booted up the latest version from the settings.

11d 21h 13m Also Smash is working again.

11d 21h 12m We're on the 3DS Main Menu screen. Still dark though.

[Info] List of things Lamp can become.

[Snark] R.I.P.

11d 21h 11m Smash is broken too!

[Chat] Revo is looking for Lamp in his save.

11d 21h 7m Our party is 6 "Cannot find image" icons.

[Chat] <projectrevotpp> man, she really needs to quit dozing off, i guess staying awake 24/7 for 12 days really gets to you DansGame

[Info] This is what her dialogue looked like

11d 21h 5m Game goes black!

[Snark] Welcome to DekuPlaysPokemon.

[Chat] Of course R34 broke the Preschooler.

11d 21h 1m Her text box is screwed up, and she doesn't give us anything!

11d 21h 1m Cacturne grew to level 81! Defeated Valerie!


11d 20h 53m Back in Mt. Pyre.

11d 20h 52m So Deku said the girl probably gives it out now. Only one way to find out!

[Info] Dusk Stone is not in our inventory.

11d 20h 50m Now we're on Route 122.

11d 20h 49m Back on Route 123.

11d 20h 49m We're at the title screen!

11d 20h 48m So if the lamp plan goes poorly, at least we still have the .pk6 files.

[Info] Also Deku backed up our party after E4!

ProjectRevoTPP: dusk stone fix, valerie now properly drops it (will drop it instead of heal ball)

[Fluff] Smash and everything else is fine though,

11d 20h 46m Screen goes dark

11d 20h 44m Still messing with menus, and saving constantly.

[Snark] Because of that disabled item giveaway, we pretty much wasted all that time with Valerie! So much for that Dusk Stone! TriHard

11d 20h 34m Got a Big Root!

11d 20h 33m We took the item off of Cacturne. It is not holding anything anymore.

[Fluff] Then how did we get something from that one trainer?

Twitch_Plays_3DS: ... it turned out the randomizer disabled item giveaway TriHard

11d 20h 25m We head south onto Route 123.

11d 20h 24m Cacturne forgot Glare for Thief!

11d 20h 17m Rayquaza forgot Fire Spin for Brick Break

Rayquaza forgot Dragon Ascent for Earthquake

11d 20h 7m Trying to teach TM's

[Chat] InfernalVoid: That means we bullied her 33 times for nothing Kappa

11d 19h 59m We head up to Route 121.

[Snark] 33 battles with her, a whole day, many arguments about the pc and the lamp, and in the end she never had the stone EleGiggle!

11d 19h 56m We're leaving the island now.

ProjectRevoTPP: in consolation, you'll get a free dusk stone i think

ProjectRevoTPP: valerie never had the dusk stone. deku's gonna fix it

ProjectRevoTPP: it turns out.. the randomizer messed with prize items from trainers

11d 19h 51m Back outside.

11d 19h 49m Nothing.

11d 19h 49m Defeated for the 33rd time. Moment of truth...

11d 19h 46m Attempt #33.

11d 19h 44m Back inside. We're going back and forth.

11d 19h 44m Still out here.

11d 19h 30m Went back outside.

11d 19h 26m A wild Nidoran that we threw 3 Great Balls at burnt RayQuay!

[Snark] Valerie wants proof that we actually need the Dusk Stone before she hands it over to us. Unfortunately we don't have that proof with us.

11d 19h 24m Defeated Valerie. And... no Dusk.

11d 19h 23m Rayquaza needs a little nap apparently during the battle.

11d 19h 22m According to chat, this is #32. Thanks to gameface252 and sigonasr2 for pointing that out to me.

[Fluff] I'll try to find the count.

11d 19h 20m YAY MORE VALERIE!

11d 19h 18m No Nickname.

11d 19h 18m One Great Ball, 39, Male Dratini.

11d 19h 17m Rayquaza is remembering the first time it met us apparently. Wild Dratinis can do that to you sometimes.

11d 19h 16m Back to the Dusk Stone grind.

11d 19h 16m We threw a few Great Balls at a wild Cherrim and then ran.

11d 19h 14m Surfin along like it was no thing.

11d 19h 11m Now in Route 122.

11d 19h 11m Pokemon Center employee heals us at the end of R 121

11d 19h 10m Also we ran from the Zoroark after two G Balls if you were wondering.

11d 19h 6m Do you mind if we stuff you into a ball and imprison you for the rest of your life? Yes? WELL TOO BAD!

11d 19h 6m Oh hi Mr. Wild Zoroark. How are you doing today?

11d 19h 4m Now we're on Route 121.

11d 19h Now it's Sunny. Hooray!

11d 18h 59m We OHKO all of them with Surf. It's funny to see all of them die at the same time.

11d 18h 58m Horde Battle! Luxio, Monferno, Simpour, Luxio and Magmar.

11d 18h 57m After 4 Great Balls, the flying electric squirrel still doesn't want to be tamed.

11d 18h 54m Still wandering around the grass and navigating the area.

11d 18h 47m It's raining out. We forgot to bring an umbrella. We are saddened.

11d 18h 43m We throw some shadows at it and KO it. Defeated Robert.

11d 18h 43m When encountered with a floating ghost balloon, we swap skills while it tries to bulldoze through us.

[Fluff] Also no one in our party who is alive can gain experience.

11d 18h 42m Against Combee. We use Shadow Ball to OHKO it.

11d 18h 42m We use Shadow Ball twice to KO the dragon.

11d 18h 41m We swap skills, obtaining Mummy and giving away Flame Body. Salamence thinks this is heavy, and uses Gravity to show her thoughts.

11d 18h 41m 11d 18h 41m Fighting Secret Base Trainer Robert. They send out Salamence against our Blue Jelly.

11d 18h 38m After throwing like 4 more Great Balls, Swinu faints!

11d 18h 36m A wild Gligar that we threw a Great Ball at burnt Swinu!

11d 18h 33m Nickname is (2 spaces)WP

11d 18h 32m One Great Ball, 35, Male Gligar

11d 18h 29m Obtained a Nest Ball!

11d 18h 28m We go onto Land, next to a Pokeball on the ground. What is it, I wonder?

[Info] Also Jellicent Pink was holding a Nugget.

11d 18h 24m Back on Route 120.

11d 18h 24m We swap Wigglytuff's Nanab Berry for an Escape Rope! Then we use an Escap Rope

11d 18h 24m We throw away an Escape Rope!

11d 18h 16m We come out of the hole.

11d 18h 13m We just wasted our only Ultra Ball.

11d 18h 5m Nickname: "!?lsfprhhhhh"

11d 18h 5m Empoleon caught! Level 33, male.

[Chat] Satran.

11d 18h 2m Nickname: "Jhtt 666ll f"

11d 18h 1m Heatran caught! Male, level 50.

11d 18h 1m And Scratch.

11d 18h 1m It knows Double Edge.

11d 18h 0m We put our hand in the hole. Heatran appeared!

11d 17h 59m We can't stop sweating.

11d 17h 56m We named the Torterra "K".

11d 17h 56m And we're back. It was ten seconds.

11d 17h 56m Inputs broke! So did the team display.

11d 17h 55m Caught Torterra! Lv.33, male.

[Correction] I meant Dragonair. FailFish

11d 17h 47m Another wild Dratini takes Wigglytuff out with Petal Dance!

11d 17h 42m Nickname: "Dragona"

11d 17h 41m We caught Dragonair! Lv.35, female.

11d 17h 37m Flannery tells us about a fire-type pokémon living in this cave, and needing Flash to proceed. Tsk! We don't need no Flash.

11d 17h 36m There's Flannery! Hello Flannery!

11d 17h 31m Picked up Sunny Day!

11d 17h 29m Entered Scorched Slab! We're ready for Heatran!

11d 17h 25m We used the Devon Scope and found an invisible... Kecleon. With Imposter. Wigglytuff took it down.

11d 17h 18m East, on Route 120!

11d 17h 15m We walked - rather than soared - into Fortree City, entered the Pokémon Center and rested on a chair for a bit.

11d 17h 14m Route 119.

11d 17h 11m Route 117...

11d 17h 10m Route 108 now.

11d 17h 7m Landed on Route 113.

11d 17h 0m Soaring isn't working out for us right now.

11d 16h 52m We landed right where we were.

11d 16h 51m Back to flying!

11d 16h 46m Thrown away 2 Razz Berries.

11d 16h 42m We just switched items on Wigglytuff - Metal coat for a Nanab berry.

11d 16h 28m Trainer defeated.

11d 16h 27m Aggron started... dancing... oh my...

11d 16h 26m Expert Denzel challenged us!

11d 16h 23m Entered Route 126.

11d 16h 14m We keep entering and exiting Route 128, over and over and over.

11d 16h 13m It's a tug of war!

11d 16h 12m Heading back west.

11d 16h 2m And we've reached Ever Grande City.

11d 16h 0m Surfing east!

11d 15h 57m Reached Route 128.

11d 15h 55m 11d 15h 55m QQ tried to put on her Contest Costume, then resumed flying. Maybe she wants to put up a flight show and collect the money to BUY the damn stone?

[Fluff] We always seem to come back to this one tiny island, somehow. We're on a first-name basis with the sign and the rock.

11d 15h 51m Landed on Route 108.

11d 15h 51m QQ attempted to leave the continent. Latias disagreed though.

11d 15h 49m Weeee! Flyyyying, flyyyying in the sky!

11d 15h 45m We just jumped the ledge.

11d 15h 44m We surfed south, reaching Route 123.

11d 15h 41m We went outside.

11d 15h 39m Nicknamed "%%".

11d 15h 37m Caught a Purrloin! Lv.40, female.

11d 15h 34m Nickname here. I'll add screenshots for any nickname with symbols that I don't know how to type.

11d 15h 34m We have caught a Natu with a critical catch! Lv.37, male.

11d 15h 32m No stone again.

11d 15h 32m Valerie defeated!

11d 15h 30m Vs Valerie! Rematch time!

11d 15h 29m We are currently still on the second floor, trying to return to Valerie.

[Sm4sh] Roy takes it! Hurray for 3000 matches.

[Sm4sh] Match 3000 hype. Peach vs Fox vs Olimar vs Roy.

11d 15h 24m Nickname: QC Sent to Box 8.

11d 15h 23m We throw 2 Great Balls at Dratini. Caught Dratini!

11d 15h 22m Found an Ultra Ball.

11d 15h 18m We return to 1F. Valerie not ready to be rematched.

11d 15h 15m Nickname: PansaN

11d 15h 15m Caught Pansage! Level 39 and male.

11d 15h 13m No Nickname

11d 15h 12m Captured Tropius! Level 36 and male.

11d 15h 9m Nickname Diamond,Star,Star,Arrow Pointing up Uhh.. yeah.

11d 15h 9m Captured another Buizel! Level 39 and male.

11d 15h 7m No Nickname Sent to box 8.

11d 15h 6m Captured Dwebble! Level 40 and male.

11d 15h 4m Tossed a Great Ball at another Tropius. We then beat it up.

11d 15h 4m Nickname: Q X One space between and one space after the X.

11d 15h 3m Great Ball tossed at Buizel. Caught Buizel! Level 39 and male.

11d 15h 2m We are still on the 2nd floor of Mt. Pyre.

11d 15h 1m Nickname: zzzz Note: Those are the sleeping z's, so it is 2 characters.

11d 15h 1m Captured Tropius! Level 36 and male.

11d 14h 58m Nickname: M 6 %% Two spaces before the M and between the M and 6.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノCRIT CAPTURE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

11d 14h 58m Captured Cottonee!

[Info] According to chat that was attempt #30. Not sure how accurate these numbers are.

11d 14h 56m No luck with the stone.

11d 14h 56m Valerie defeated!

[Info] There was a level up but I did not catch it.

11d 14h 53m Vs Valerie!

11d 14h 45m We return to Mt. Pyre.

11d 14h 43m We surf on a Pokemon but then land again.

11d 14h 41m We don't seem too interested as we leave Mt. Pyre.

[Snark] It's been 3000 years.

11d 14h 39m Valerie is ready to fight!

11d 14h 30m Great Ball tossed at wild Cranidos. It fails and we beat it up.

11d 14h 26m Great Ball tossed at Dratini. We run away.

11d 14h 23m Still not ready to rematch.

11d 14h 19m Left Mt. Pyre!

11d 14h 19m We go back to trying to save repeatedly.

11d 14h 14m We return to the first floor. Valerie not ready to rematch us just yet.

11d 14h 12m We seem to really want to save at the moment.

11d 14h 10m We return down to the second floor.

11d 14h 8m We seem to be climbing the tower instead.

11d 13h 56m We're just wandering on the second floor of Mt. Pyre.

11d 13h 50m Cacturne fainted!

[Snark] Guys, what if we need Lampent with us before they hand over the Dusk Stone to us? Better go PC shuffling! EleGiggle

11d 13h 38m Deerling down. Momo defeated.

11d 13h 37m Slaking goes down. Deerling out next.

11d 13h 36m Cacturne activates Slakings trap card and goes back. Wigglytuff sent out.

11d 13h 35m Vs Secret Base Trainer Momo.

11d 13h 29m Nickname: N BB O CX Two spaces between the O and C.

11d 13h 28m Great Ball tossed at Baltoy. Caught Baltoy! Level 39!

11d 13h 19m Got nothing.

11d 13h 18m Valerie defeated!

11d 13h 15m Rayquaza fainted! Due mostly to multiple Substitutes.

11d 13h 13m Vs Valerie once more.

11d 13h 8m We return to Mt. Pyre.

11d 13h 7m However we seem to be on the outside of Mt. Pyre, using Surf repeatedly.

11d 13h 6m Rematch seems to be ready.

11d 13h 1m Rematch is still not up as we wander about.

11d 12h 59m We're still just wandering around.

11d 12h 42m Hanging out outside of Mt. Pyre.

11d 12h 38m No stone.

11d 12h 37m Valerie defeated.

11d 12h 36m Cacturne grew to level 80!

11d 12h 35m Vs Valerie again.

11d 12h 27m We are still in Mt. Pyre, trying to save repeatedly.

11d 12h 23m No stone.

11d 12h 22m Valerie defeated!

11d 12h 22m Rayquaza grew to level 74!

11d 12h 20m Vs Preschooler Valerie!

[Info] I have no idea what Valerie attempt # we will be up to as the old count as apparently incorrect.

11d 12h 16m Entered Mt. Pyre.

11d 12h 13m Tossed Great Ball at Hitmonlee. It fails and we run.

11d 12h 12m We Surf and head south.

11d 12h 9m Fully healed at the Nurse!

11d 12h 8m We seem to be attempting to heal at the Nurse.

11d 12h 7m We return north.

11d 12h 3m We head south onto Route 122.

11d 12h 1m Threw a Great Ball at a wild Scraggy. We then ran away from it.

11d 12h 0m We're still just hanging outside the Safari Zone. We seem very fixated on saving every possible moment.

11d 11h 56m Left the Safari Zone!

11d 11h 54m Left the Safari Zone catchable area. Still in the building at the front. We are trying to save repeatedly.

[Fluff] ...PA?

11d 11h 44m Great Ball tossed at a different Bronzor. Caught Bronzor! Level 36. Nickname: KAP

11d 11h 43m Great Ball tossed at wild Bronzor. We ran away.

11d 11h 41m Nickname: (female)VQQ There is a space before the female symbol.

11d 11h 40m Tossed two Great Balls at a Tympole. Caught Tympole! Level 36 and male!

11d 11h 32m Nickname: PVLNG(female)YRQQ- Sent to Box 8. There is a space before the P.

11d 11h 30m 3 Great Balls tossed at a Haunter. Caught Haunter! Level 37 and male.

[Info] We have 3 Pokemon remaining. Lanturn and the Jellicents.

11d 11h 23m A critical capture Great Ball fails! Wigglytuff fainted!

11d 11h 20m Nickname: nb'(male)(male)(male)5 With the (male) being the male symbol. Sent to box 8.

11d 11h 20m Caught Ponyta with a Great Ball! Level 36 and female.

11d 11h 9m Nickname: !rrr27 Sent to box 8.

11d 11h 8m Greatball tossed at Clamperl. Caught Clamperl! Level 36 and male!

11d 11h 1m Got TM 22 - Solar Beam!

11d 11h 0m Just wandering around in the Safari Zone.

11d 10h 50m No Nickname

11d 10h 47m 2 Great Balls tossed at wild Dunsparce. Caught Dunsparce! Level 36 and male.

11d 10h 45m Nickname: Y Sent to Box 8.

11d 10h 43m 3 Great Ball tossed at Machop. Caught Machop! Level 37 and male. 212 Great Balls remain.

11d 10h 42m Nickname: RRRK (two spaces before the R's)

11d 10h 39m Tossed 5 Great Balls at Cherubi. Caught it! Level 35 and female!

11d 10h 34m We caught a Skiddo. No idea what the level, nickname, or gender was, my stream lagged and I wasn't able to see it.

11d 10h 28m We've encountered a Horde! Two Skiddo, a Roggenrola, and two Baltoy.

11d 10h 25m We throw two Great Balls and catch a wild Dunsparce. Male, not sure of the level, nickname ULL

11d 10h 14m We've picked up a Nugget.

11d 10h 11m Threw some Great Balls and caught a wild Ponyta, did not get the level or gender, no nickname.

11d 10h 6m We pick up a Big Pearl. Funny, we just ran into and from a wild Clamperl..

11d 10h 3m We throw a Great Ball at another wild Gothorita, it's caught. Female, nickname Gothorit, did not get the level

11d 10h 2m We throw some Great Balls at a wild Gothorita, it's a crit capture! Level 39, female, no nickname

11d 9h 59m We've gotten on the bike, we ride it up a slope. We're now at an area with rather tall grass.

11d 9h 57m We throw a Great Ball and catch a wild Bronzor, genderless, did not get the level, nickname BronzorR__. Again, the underscores are spaces.

[Info] It was level 39. Also I'm pretty sure its nickname was W_, with the underscore being a space.

11d 9h 55m We throw a few Great Balls and we catch the wild Hippopotas, female, nickname W

11d 9h 51m We've just encountered a wild Hippopotas that has Sand Stream, its normal ability.

11d 9h 50m We throw a Great Ball and catch a wild Buizel, nickname Buizel YYYY, did not get the gender or level.

11d 9h 40m We throw a Great Ball and catch a level 36 female Scolipede, nickname Scolipede XD

11d 9h 38m We throw two Great Balls and catch a level 36 female Medicham. Nickname MedichamR

11d 9h 35m We fought the two trainers outside the Safari Zone, we're now in the building/entrance.

11d 9h 28m It looks like we're heading to the Safari Zone. Chat's gotten bored of rematching the same trainer for 12+ straight hours.

11d 8h 58m Valerie Defeated for another time.

11d 8h 56m VS. Valerie yet again.

[Fluff] We rematched and defeated a randomized trainer a few days ago, she gave out the correct item that that trainer is supposed to give. So yes, it is possible.

11d 8h 42m Valerie Defeated....... and no results other than another well defeat. Does she even HAVE the Dusk Stone this run? EleGiggle

11d 8h 40m VS. Valerie once again.

11d 8h 33m We Nickname it "(F)(F)YG N".. The (F) are Female symbols.

11d 8h 32m Caught a Male Cherrim Lv.26!

11d 8h 27m Caught a Male Hitmonlee, Nickname is "HitmonleePPZ"

11d 8h 20m Valerie Defeated. Nope... No Dusk Stone here......

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DUSK STONE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

11d 8h 15m Challenge VS. Valerie.

[Fluff] What if the Dusk Stone somehow got randomized to something else?

11d 8h 8m Valerie defeated. STILL no Dusk Stone.....

11d 8h 4m VS. Valerie, again....... Ya know, screw the count # I've been told I lost count somewhere anyway, so lol. XP

Chat seems to be divided into attempting more runs for the Dusk Stone, or just moving on. As we keep entering and exiting Mt.Pyre.

11d 7h 23m Valerie defeated.

11d 7h 21m VS. Valerie run #19.

11d 7h 20m r the Cacturne Grows to Lv.79!

[Meta] Sorry if we miss any recent catches, as some of the staff updaters may be AFK during our little Dusk Stone hunt.

11d 6h 58m Valerie Defeated once again..... STILL no Dusk Stone. :-(

11d 6h 53m Trainer Valerie Run #18.

11d 6h 38m ....... And still NO Dusk Stone.....

11d 6h 33m Trainer Run #17.

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 73 - Max. HP 288 Attack 234 Defense 138 Sp. Atk 207 Sp. Def 167 Speed 172

11d 6h 18m Rayquaza grew to level 73!

11d 6h 16m 16th time the charm?

11d 5h 55m Nickname is QP(ZZ)(ZZ)~~(4 CLubs)(2 neutral faces in squares)

11d 5h 54m Five Great Balls, Male Axew 36.

11d 5h 52m Nickname is this thing

11d 5h 50m Nickname is I'm gonna put out a screenshot.

11d 5h 49m Nidoran Male, 37, Great Ball.

11d 5h 47m Nickname is A(diamond)~~

11d 5h 47m One Great Ball, level 37 Female Natu.

11d 5h 46m Back in Mt. Pyre.

[Donation] Valerie says she'll never give us the stone.

11d 5h 44m On Route 122.

11d 5h 43m Now we're heading back.

11d 5h 40m Wandering Pokemon Center Employee heals us!

11d 5h 40m We're on Route 121 now.

11d 5h 37m We're surfing away. I think chat's given up on the dream.

11d 5h 34m Great Ball, Nidoran Male, 37, No Nick.

11d 5h 31m No Dusk Stone.

11d 5h 30m Then we kill Shiftry with the power of Icicle Spear. Defeated Valerie for the 15th time.

[Fluff] I still love how Tangela can fly. Never gets old.

11d 5h 29m Seawaddle down, Tangela down, a la the wrath of the mighty Cactus.

11d 5h 29m Hey Valerie, haven't seen you for a while. 15th attempt it looks like.

11d 5h 22m Nickname is Axe[(curved down arrow from left curved down arrow from left frowny face in a square)

11d 5h 22m Great Ball, Axew, Level 38, Female.

11d 5h 10m Caught a level 38 Nidoran Male with a Great Ball, no nickname

[Fluff] That's like, 3 times the stream has been down so far in one day, on the same hour! Not like much is going on anyway! EleGiggle

11d 5h 0m ONLINE RIOT!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TINY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

11d 4h 58m OFFLINE RIOT!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

11d 4h 31m ONLINE RIOT!

11d 4h 29m OFFLINE RIOT!

[Meta] The updater will be going on for a break for a bit. We are still trying for the Dusk Stone as of this update. Still, we have had NO luck so far. We should be back by the time we finally get it, or if someone else is available for the time being.

11d 4h 20m ONLINE RIOT!

[Snark] Streamer gave up hope for us obtaining a Dusk Stone, so he stopped the game!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ITALIC'D RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ONLINE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

11d 4h 16m OFFLINE!

[Fluff] Ok, Rping as her was kinda fun but im stopping

11d 4h 15m I refuse to give the Dusk Stone once again

11d 4h 14m Your Jellicent uses Shadow Balls to defeat me and my Tangela

11d 4h 13m I manage to use Yawn to make your Jellicent fall asleep but my Shiftry falls due to poison and hail

11d 4h 11m i send Shiftry and you guys send your female Jellicent

11d 4h 9m You guys murder my Sewaddle with Shadow Force but my poison takes your Rayquaza down

11d 4h 9m Challenging me for the 14th time

11d 4h 4m I see you guys approaching me for a rematch

[Fluff] I dont know what's your obesession with the Dusk Stone since none of your team can evolve with it

11d 4h 2m I see you guys walking in Mt Pyre for the 14th time ting to get my Dusk Stone

[Fluff] Il be roleplaying as Preschooler Valerie to make this more interesting while still updating

[Snark] Not Nidoranvidia? Or Nidorantel?

[Snark] no symbols? thanks for the mercy

Caught a Male Nidoran Nickname: 'NidoranAMD Y'

Nickname: Unow% (spade)(spade) (angry face box)(music note)

11d 3h 50m Caught a J Unown Lv.39

[Info] Nickname is "Purrl(Umbrella)(arrow down)(arrow down)(arrow down)(Cleff symbol, or something)"

11d 3h 47m Caught a Male Purrloin

[Snark] Stream sure likes its name with symbols... and torturing us and the .org with them DansGame

[Info] Nickname is "Cranido(Return Up symbol)'(Umbrella)(Umbrella)"

[Fluff] Now our party's empty. Battle Tent anyone? WutFace

11d 3h 43m Caught another Cranidos, same level same gender!

[Fluff] According to stream, our party consists of 288 Great Balls!?!? WutFace

[Info] No particular nickname given to that Cranidos. Also, someone leveled up but didn't see who.

11d 3h 36m Caught a wild Cranidos Male Lv.37

[Info] Name is a bunch of symbols i missed again BrokeBack

11d 3h 22m [Fluff] We're better off catching more wild Pokémon than we are catching wild Dusk Stones!

Caught Unown J

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ valerie gibe stone pls ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

[Snark] Im surprised her mon arent dead since we Dragon Ascent them super effectively a few times now

[Snark] rip Dusk Stone.

11d 3h 17m Aaaand u guessed it no stone, we should ahve knew it since it was attempt 13 EleGiggle

11d 3h 17m Trainer defeated

11d 3h 15m VS Preschooler Valerie, attempt 13

11d 3h 7m Name: '6 77. v6<3' Heart icon cant type

Level 36 Male Nidoran caught

11d 3h 4m in Mt Pyre

11d 2h 59m Back on Route 122

11d 2h 57m Talked to the Nurse, party healed

11d 2h 57m On Route 121

11d 2h 53m We surf on Route 122

11d 2h 41m Still walking to rematch her

[Fluff] Why did GameFreak let these icons available as name ;-;

11d 2h 29m Nidoran Male caught, nickname: 'NidoranO 'sun sign' '

11d 2h 19m Cacturne has fainted due to the poison from Valerie's match an a wild mon

[Info] /u/tustin2121 has been kind and smart enough to screenshot the name of the second Unown j we caught: '♂☹ ♂♂ :"♀9a'

11d 2h 13m We catch a Male Cranidos Nickname: 'Cranidos666E' teh E is with an accent

[Info] <3 is a heart icon i cant type

[Info] correction: name is: 'Axe 1 <3 ;'

11d 2h 3m Axew caught 'name: Axe 1 <3;'

[Info] Its name is a bunch of hearts and signs of male and female which im trying to find the icon for

[Snark] Good luck updating its nickname.

11d 1h 51m Unown J is caught again

11d 1h 47m STONE HYP- nah no stone, Valerie is determined to keep it away from us

11d 1h 47m Trainer defeated

11d 1h 45m Female Jellicent is level 100

11d 1h 42m Vs Trainer Valerie once again

11d 1h 39m Name: 'Unown99!1oeo' (e with the accent)

11d 1h 38m Unown J caught!

11d 1h 36m In Mt Pyre, rematch icon is on, waiting for girl to be approached

11d 1h 24m Still walking for a rematch reset to happen

11d 1h 10m No stone for what? 11'th time?

11d 1h 10m We defeat tangela and defeat the trainer

11d 1h 9m We defeat shiftry

11d 1h 6m We send Lanturn which falls asleep

11d 1h 5m Shiftry makes Rayqauza falls asleep and takes it down with Sucker Punch

11d 1h 2m Rayquaza doesnt learn Wake up slap

11d 1h 1m Rayquaza levels up to level 72

Sewaddle down

11d 1h 1m VS Preschooler Valerie once again

11d 0h 51m Jeliicent (male) also became level 100 from exp share!

11d 0h 51m 11d 0h 49m Teainer defeated, no stone

11d 0h 48m Sewaddle defeated

11d 0h 48m VS Trainer Valrie

11d 0h 44m Back in Mt Pyre, waiting for them to rematch the girl

11d 0h 37m out of Mt Pyre, walking for the rematch icon to appear

11d 0h 29m No Dusk Stone to be found

11d 0h 28m Tangela defeated thus trainer is defeated

11d 0h 27m Shiftry defeated

11d 0h 26m Sewaddle defeated

11d 0h 25m Vs trainer Valerie!

11d 0h 20m Back in Mt Pyre

11d 0h 19m Back in Route 122

11d 0h 17m We heal at the Nurse!

11d 0h 15m We land north and arrive in Route 121.

11d 0h 12m We Surf away from Mt. Pyre.

11d 0h 9m Left Mt. Pyre once again.

11d 0h 6m Preschooler Valerie defeated! No stone.

11d 0h 5m Tangela is sent out next. Ice Beam knocks it out.

11d 0h 5m Wigglytuff out again. It takes care of Shiftry.

11d 0h 3m Pink Jellicent fainted!

11d 0h 1m Sewaddle goes down. We send out Pink Jellicent vs Shiftry.

11d 0h 1m Vs Preschooler Valerie again. Wigglytuff vs Sewaddle.

We're now on Day 12 of Randomized Alpha Sapphire!

10d 23h 59m Pokeball tossed at Cranidos. No success. We run away.

[Info] The rematch icon is a tiny orange box with a red person on it. It is on the map icon on the touch screen, located at the bottom right.

10d 23h 54m We enter and notice the rematch icon has appeared.

10d 23h 50m We left Mt. Pyre once again.

[Snark] I guess this is the DUSK of our hopes

10d 23h 48m No stone this time.

10d 23h 47m Tangela fainted. Valerie defeated.

10d 23h 46m Shiftry is down. Tangela out next.

10d 23h 45m Sewaddle goes down. Next out is Shiftry!

10d 23h 44m Vs Preschooler Valerie! Wigglytuff vs Sewaddle.

10d 23h 40m We have since left and returned to Mt. Pyre. The rematch icon awaits us.

10d 23h 34m We surf for a moment, then get back on land and return to Mt. Pyre.

10d 23h 24m Left Mt. Pyre again. Wandering aimlessly out here and getting fresh air.

10d 23h 21m No luck with the stone.

10d 23h 21m Tangela goes down. Preschooler Valerie defeated!

10d 23h 20m Shiftry drops with Ice Beam. Tangela out next.

10d 23h 19m We use Strength. Sewaddle goes down. Shiftry out next.

[Snark] Inb4 no Dusk Stone

10d 23h 18m Vs Preschooler Valerie again! Wigglytuff vs Sewaddle.

10d 23h 17m Nickname: KL WW Sent to Box 7.

10d 23h 16m Pokeball tossed at wild Axew. Caught Axew! Level 36 and female!

10d 23h 16m Cacturne fainted!

10d 23h 12m We are now back inside, hanging around Valerie.

10d 23h 9m We enter and exit many times.

10d 23h 6m Left My. Pyre once again.

10d 23h 3m We return to Mt. Pyre.

10d 23h 2m We exit Mt. Pyre and arrive on Route 122.

10d 22h 55m We do not get anything special from her.

10d 22h 55m Defeated Preschooler Valerie!

[Stats] Cacturne Lv. 77 - Max. HP 204 Attack 223 Defense 145 Sp. Atk 184 Sp. Def 100 Speed 111

10d 22h 54m Shiftry goes down! Cacturne grew to level 77!

10d 22h 53m We Surf and Tangela is defeated. We withdraw Blue Jellicent for Cacturne again. Next out is Shiftry.

10d 22h 52m Shadow Ball takes Sewaddle down. We swap Cacturne out for Blue Jellicent. Tangela is out next.

10d 22h 51m Rematch! Vs Preschooler Valerie! Cacturne vs Sewaddle.

10d 22h 50m Cacturne is poisoned!

10d 22h 46m We continue to just wander around, running away from wild encounters.

10d 22h 37m Nickname: MM

10d 22h 36m Pokeball tossed at wild Unown (E). Caught Unown (E)! lvl 40

10d 22h 27m We go up and down stairs various times. As per the usual.

10d 22h 16m We go outside onto Route 122. We've made next to no progress!

[Fluff] She's looking for a Lileep, but remember, There is no lileep

10d 22h 10m We talk to the ghost girl, and she says we aren't the one.

10d 22h 5m Rayquaza faints to a wild Nidoran!

10d 22h 0m We obtained a Cleanse Tag after talking to a man.

10d 22h 0m Going in-between the second and first floor.

10d 21h 55m Nickname is TropiusRZY

10d 21h 55m One Pokeball, level 36, Female Tropius.

10d 21h 53m Nickname is NM R

10d 21h 52m Two Pokeballs and an Ultra Ball later, a level 36 Male Axew was caught.

10d 21h 44m Back on the first floor.

10d 21h 41m Still walking around the graves.

10d 21h 33m After a few more balls we KO the wild Tropius. Onto the second floor now.

10d 21h 30m Two Pokeballs failed on the Banana Dino.

10d 21h 28m Nickname is NatuGQ

10d 21h 26m Pokeball, Natu, 37, Female.

[Fluff] Well that's a boring but accurate name.

[Snark] Best name

10d 21h 21m Level 37, Nidoran Male. Nickname is NidoranM

[Info] 290 Great Balls, 1 Ultra, 1 Premier, and 35 Pokeballs.

10d 21h 15m We go in-between Route 122 and Mount Pyre.

10d 21h 14m We saw a little cute Dratini AND RAN AWAY CAUSE WE'RE SCARED!

10d 21h 12m We save the game once more.

[Info] It would seem that entering a Pokemon in a Contest Spectacular raises its affection, just like in Pokemon Amie. That's why we see those animations a the start of battles with Cacturne and Rayquaza, despite the fact that we have not been able to use Pokemon Amie at all this run.

10d 21h 5m Nickname is Purrloin(2 spaces)77

10d 21h 5m One pokeball, Purrloin, level 40, Male.

10d 21h 2m Nickname is AXX AAPPZZZT

10d 21h 2m We run into a wild voice J. We throw two Pokeballs at it, catch! Level 39 Unown!

10d 20h 58m We use Psychic, almost OHKO the weeds/tentacles. The hail takes them out. Defeated Valerie.

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 71 - Max. HP 279 Attack 194 Defense 127 Sp. Atk 262 Sp. Def 133 Speed 137

10d 20h 58m Rayquaza leveled up to 71. Against Tangela now. We send out Swinu.

10d 20h 57m Good thing we OHKO it with Dragon Ascent. Hopefully the building doesn't collapse by the end of the battle.

10d 20h 57m Against Shiftry. Memories... shudders

10d 20h 56m We use Dragon Ascent, hitting our head on the ceiling on the way up. It OHKOs the Seawaddle.

10d 20h 56m We encounter a Ghost Girl, aka Preschooler Valerie. We send out Rayquaza against Sewaddle!

10d 20h 55m We wander around the graves, making sure to press f at every one of them.

10d 20h 53m We throw a Pokeball at a wild Axew. IT FAILS!

10d 20h 51m We enter Mt. Pyre. I remember how fun this was to update back in OR, let's see if my colour commentary helps the ride.

10d 20h 50m We surf along the water, approaching the giant mountain.

10d 20h 49m Now we're on Route 122.

10d 20h 45m We're in a Horde battle, but we run away.

10d 20h 40m Route 121 Hype, anyone?

10d 20h 39m We encounter the memory girl, who can read our Pokemon's memories. We decline the offer, however.

10d 20h 33m Now we're in Lilycove.

10d 20h 28m On Route 124.

10d 20h 25m We surf away and then go back on land in a heart beat. We just wanted to hear the music.

10d 20h 19m And we quickly leave.

10d 20h 18m We enter the Pokecenter.

[Fluff] Let's Mega-Evolve our Rayquaza into Mega Steelix.

10d 20h 13m We land in Mossdeep.

10d 20h 12m And we used the Eon Flute to soar in the sky.

10d 20h 12m We gave our Steelixite to Rayquaza!

10d 20h 7m In our party. We're switching the order of a few members.

[Fluff] I think this is because Revo said in chat our only shot to evolve Lamp is before the E4.

10d 20h 4m Back at Ever Grande City.

10d 20h 3m We head outside of Victory Road, at the entrance.

[Chat] Shoutout to Itspikachu73 who is the top inputer with the letter L.

10d 19h 50m We save the game and are back at the ladder.

10d 19h 48m Still at Victory Road, in case you couldn't tell.

[Fluff] One letter away, one letter away from a repeat...

10d 19h 40m Nickname of the Cactus is LLL

10d 19h 40m Level 48, Male, Maractus. Swinu grew to level 90!

10d 19h 39m We used 3 Pokeballs on a wild Maractus before catching it.

10d 19h 36m Day 45: I think I'm becoming delusional. I try to escape, but cacti move into my path to block my way. I try to stuff them in little balls, but they don't seem to budge. Probably because they're cacti.

10d 19h 33m We seem to be going to the front of the cave.

10d 19h 19m We go back up the ladder.

10d 19h 17m Nickname is ANOOORYY

10d 19h 17m fails, but third one succeeds! Level 52 Male Pignite caught!

10d 19h 16m We throw a Pokeball, and it fails. Another one...

10d 19h 16m We run into a wild Pignite while down here.

10d 19h 11m We went down the ladder into the dark area.

[Info] That, by the way, was the fifth Winstrate. Remember them?

10d 19h 8m We talk to a trainer who thinks, because he lost once, he can't become a Champion. Um... about that.

10d 19h 5m Spoke too soon.

10d 19h 5m We head through the entrance and are at the first light part. No wild encounters yet.

[Fluff] Don't you mean a Lillipup?

[Snark] Sore like being kicked by a puppy?

10d 19h 2m We've entered Victory Road. This should be fun.

10d 19h 0m We went back up it and are now on land. Our butt is now sore. :(

10d 18h 58m We head up the Waterfall, and immediately back down.

10d 18h 56m Our Blue Jelly took us to Ever Grande City.

10d 18h 55m Surfing along Route 128.

[Fluff] How do we breathe underwater exactly? Probably not safe to be down here for so long.

[Fluff] /u/Sam-0 / /u/The100Club, get your shades ready for the Jelly.

10d 18h 27m Diving, up and down.

10d 18h 20m Reached Route 127.

[Stats] F Jellicent Lv. 99 - Max. HP 366 Attack 142 Defense 144 Sp. Atk 189 Sp. Def 267 Speed 167

10d 18h 9m Pink Jellicent reached lv.99!!

10d 18h 6m With Gyarados down, Butterfree comes in.

10d 18h 4m Pink Jellicent avoids Gyarados' attack by Diving. Then, Origin Pulse hits us. Both moves are not very effective, but there's an abysmal difference in level, so we dealt plenty of damage.

10d 18h 4m Triathlete Grace has challenged us to a battle.

10d 18h 1m It's caught! Male, nicknamed "1e eennhneeÉ". Cacturne reached lv.76!

10d 18h 0m We found a water-walking Umbreon!

10d 17h 46m We have reached Lilycove City.

10d 17h 34m We flew to route 128, on a little island.

10d 17h 30m We checked out Deoxys in our pokédex. TriHard

10d 17h 29m Once we left the center, we took a few steps south, just out of town.

10d 17h 26m Landed in Oldale Town and entered the pokémon center.

10d 17h 25m We hopped on Latias' back!

10d 17h 22m We were one input away from using the flute.

10d 17h 19m Current party order: F Jellycent, M Jellicent, Cacturne, Lanturn, Wigglytuff, Rayquaza.

10d 17h 0m I'll repeat this because it's awesome: we completed the Trick House. It's over. We've done it.

10d 17h 0m Received a Blue Tent!

10d 16h 59m We just tried to leave without talking to the Trick Master. He took it personally...

10d 16h 56m We wrote the code on the scroll and entered the living room.

10d 16h 56m WE DID IT!!

[Info] You can find instructions on where we're going in the chat, or if you prefer, here. This is the last puzzle!

10d 16h 46m We misstep, but only go back a few rooms rather than all the way back to the start.

10d 16h 39m With some careful timing, lots of save spam and beautiful teamwork, we're making some progress through the house.

10d 15h 15m Still trying to get out of the Trick Room.

10d 14h 19m Found the scroll!

10d 13h 3m We buy another escape rope.

10d 13h 2m We buy an Escape Rope from Mechadoll 3.

10d 13h 2m Entered the Trick Room!

10d 13h 2m Discovered the Trick Master again!

10d 12h 55m Exited and re-entered the Trick House.

10d 12h 53m Recieved the prize from the Trick Master!

10d 12h 47m Wrote the secret code, and went through the secret door!

10d 12h 43m Found the scroll!

10d 12h 40m Mechdoll #5's question was answered correctly! That's all 5 Mechdolls!

10d 12h 40m Mechdoll #5 encountered!

10d 12h 39m Got another Old Gateau!

10d 12h 38m Answered #4's question correctly!

10d 12h 38m Encountered Mechadoll #4!

10d 12h 36m Encountered Mechadoll #3, he was answered correctly and gave us an Escapoe Rope!

10d 12h 35m Encountered Mechadoll #2. His question was answered correctly, and we found an Old Gateau!

10d 12h 33m Answered Mechbot #1's question correctly!

10d 12h 33m Entered the Trick Room!

10d 12h 30m Discovered the Trick Master hiding in his cupboard.

10d 12h 27m Re-entered the Trick House.

10d 12h 27m Exited the Trick House.

10d 12h 24m Exited the room we were given the Smoke Ball.

10d 12h 23m Obtained a Smoke Ball!

10d 12h 21m Exited the room.

10d 12h 17m Got the scroll!

10d 12h 3m Pushed another boulder.

10d 11h 47m Pushed a boulder.

10d 11h 36m Rip item. We pushed the boulder too much.

10d 11h 27m Careful... caaaaareful...

10d 11h 23m This is our corner now.

10d 10h 59m Boulders! They're moving!

10d 10h 49m Entered the trick house!

10d 10h 47m On Route 110.

10d 10h 45m Ding dong dongers! We're outside.

10d 10h 43m QQ wanders around the contest hall while we plan our next move.

10d 10h 39m We're trying to sneak Pink Jellicent in together with 999, but we get caught every time. They're too smart!

10d 10h 38m Hyper Beam OP! We're fourth again.

10d 10h 33m By switching to the other pokémon, we're taking the time to discuss the next move, negating the stream lag.

10d 10h 30m We open with Dragon Ascent, and on the next turn, we're going first!

10d 10h 28m We're right back in, starting to recognize some faces...

10d 10h 26m Yup. We're dead last.

10d 10h 24m Amazing Blessed Rain? From a Gyarados? That's... way too bright and cute for a giant sea serpent...

10d 10h 23m We missed our chance again. The chat is discussing the possibility of pokéblocks.

10d 10h 21m We're going third with Shadow Force.

[Fluff] Hey Slaking isn't slow. It's just lazy!

10d 10h 20m Slaker does it instead, running around the stage. Just picture it: a running Slaking. GOTTA GO FAST

10d 10h 19m We started with Dragon Ascent, then followed with Fire Spin. We had a chance to excite the crowd, but missed it.

10d 10h 17m And we're going right back in!

10d 10h 16m We lost the context. It's all Gyalaxy's Hyper Beam's fault! Cheater!

[Meta] And with that, the updater's going dark. Good night everyone.

10d 10h 6m We had a good thing going, but we got double-whammied in the end, so we finished dead last again.

10d 10h 4m We get the crowd all fired up. Mega evolved DOOM INCARNATE!!!

[Info] We turned off the special stage effect a while back.

10d 9h 58m This time, the lineup is Gyarados, Heracross, Slaking, and 999.

10d 9h 57m We go right back in. Third time's the charm?

10d 9h 57m The contest is over. We finished dead last again. And we saved a picture of Loudred with partial text.

10d 9h 54m Electrode got the crowd riled up. STRIKING CHRONICLES!!

10d 9h 51m Gyarados got the crowd going. GLORIOUS SKIES!!!

10d 9h 48m The lineup last contest was Slaking, Electrode, Gyarados, and us. This time, Slaking has tagged out with Loudred.

10d 9h 47m We head right back in for another go.

[Snark] At least we saved a photo of our own Pokemon this time.

10d 9h 47m Needless to say, we did not win this contest. In fact, we finished dead last.

10d 9h 46m Slaking gets the crowd moving. INCREDIBLE SHINING ROAD!! Also, Electrode used KAPOW.

10d 9h 41m An NPC's Electrode gets the crowd moving. STRIKING CHRONICLES!!

10d 9h 37m We enter 999 into a Master Rank Coolness Contest.

10d 9h 34m Received a Spelon Berry from an admirer.

10d 9h 32m We save about 5 times.

10d 9h 31m Still wandering around the Contest Hall. Updates are going to be scarce for a bit due to various life-related events.

10d 9h 16m After being congratulated by Lisia and berated by her jealous boyfriend Chaz, we talk to Chaz's Machoke, Macherie, then run straight into a wall.

10d 9h 13m [Snark] We also saved a snap shot of someone elses pokemon to the SD card that we don't really care about.

10d 9h 11m We win the contest!

10d 9h 10m We win over the audience again. Time for Doom Incarnate!


10d 9h 5m 999 uses Dragon Ascent. We earn a few stars.

10d 9h 4m We use Substitute. The cuteness did not win over the audience.

10d 9h 2m We did not get much applause...

10d 9h 1m Entered 999 in a Hyper Coolness Contest.

10d 8h 59m Entered the Contest Hall.

10d 8h 56m We leave the Name Rater's house.

10d 8h 54m Renamed Rayquaza 999

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: no idea why I didn't think about breaking even tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: oh I understanding now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't know, it seems wrong to me, 44% chance to lose should mean the payback rate should be bigger than 100%, right?

[Streamer] Asdf14396: @Twitchplayspokemon in other words, in 4096 runs, you're expected to get 3992 tokens

Twitchplayspokemon: @asdf14396 so other than the slight rounding issue on the probabilities it's all correct?

10d 8h 51m We change Lanturns new nickname to "..222"

[Streamer] Asdf14396: @Khaisz you can win more than 1 token if you win

Twitchplayspokemon: @asdf14396 I would think one of them has to be wrong is there's a 44% chance of not winning at least one token back

[Snark] %'s intensify!

[Streamer] Galvior: @Twitchplayspokemon To be honest, I may be misunderstanding what it means. But if there's a 44% chance to miss, wouldn't the payback percentage be at least lower than 56%?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Galvior I noticed it too but couldn't figure it out that's why I'm asking other people

[Math Intensifies]

[Streamer] Galvior: @Twitchplayspokemon I meant the payback. It's Not 97%

Twitchplayspokemon: @Galvior so what is the actual payback percentage, then? I guess I've been calculating it wrong

[Streamer] Joebukkit: @Twitchplayspokemon Surely I added up something wrong to get 99.999 DansGame

Twitchplayspokemon: @JoeBukkit I'm not talking about that but grats on understanding addition

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DING DONG DONGERS! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

10d 8h 43m Took a ferry to Slateport

[Streamer] Galvior: @Twitchplayspokemon I meant the payback. It's Not 97%

Twitchplayspokemon: @Galvior you sure it's the payback percentage that's incorrect and not something else? does the symbol distribution on the reels check out?

[Streamer] Galvior: @Twitchplayspokemon You can't Add the percentages and say that's the probability

Twitchplayspokemon: @Galvior is the probability of getting any combination of symbols not 100%?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: is there someone good with numbers here that can tell me what's wrong with this http://i.imgur.com/T4od9n2.png

[Snark] Dusted off like a forlorn meatball.

10d 8h 40m Found a Max Ether on the ground.

10d 8h 26m Back outside.

10d 8h 23m Hey look, a menu!

10d 8h 20m We talk to Looker. We receive the Audinite

10d 8h 19m Faffing about in front of Looker.

[Snark] Welp... RIP Looker's memory!

10d 8h 17m Looker has amnesia apparently.

[Fluff] Seems that Looker is feeling better now that he has risen from his bed.

10d 8h 15m We exit the house, and go out to a house on the dock. This is where Looker is staying.

10d 8h 13m The Grunt wants us to take its Camerupt, but we don't have room in our party.

10d 8h 13m They basically say they're gonna try to make the two teams closer.

10d 8h 12m We go in and out of the house and according to the grunts it's a long time.

10d 8h 11m The other grunts are accepting of their relationship, which is always a plus.

[Chat] #LoveWins KappaPride

10d 8h 10m 1We go in the cottage and encounter a Team Magma and Aqua Grunt who are in love apparently. Romeo and Juliet syndrome.

10d 8h 10m We went down the stairs and go in front of a cottage.

10d 8h 7m We cross the bridge and save the game.

10d 8h 3m We receive a Big Mushroom from Whismur!

10d 8h 2m It's the first one, and TPP guess correct!

10d 8h 2m We have to follow a Whismur. It's not like it's hard, but it's something to entertain the kids.

10d 8h 2m We agree to see the Battle Resort's famous Whismur show.

10d 8h 1m Up by the fountain.

10d 7h 58m We've been out of the daycare for a bit, but now we're up by the Battle Maison!

[Fluff] We wasted our money on swag?

10d 7h 54m We give a random lady 100 Pokeyen for TM87 Swagger!

10d 7h 54m We save the game!

10d 7h 53m We head into the Daycare.

[Snark] R.I.P. Looker.

10d 7h 50m A random lady invites him to her cottage, and they run away.

10d 7h 50m Back on land, we talk to Looker. We tell him he's in the Hoenn Region.

10d 7h 48m We go to Surf!

10d 7h 45m Chat's leaning more to going to the daycare.

10d 7h 40m Chat is having an intense b+down vs b+up war.

10d 7h 39m We head outside.

10d 7h 38m We head out of the main room and into the lobby.

10d 7h 37m Then we leave the PC. I always love it whenever we hit the PC we get a rush of commands.

10d 7h 37m We look at our HoF team.

10d 7h 36m PC TIME! We got some Wallpapers.

10d 7h 34m We headed to the PC, but then backed away onto the staircase.

10d 7h 33m We're heading to the center stage.

10d 7h 30m We talk to a man who is scouting out the Pike Queen.

10d 7h 28m We head to the giant doors at the other end of the room, but don't go through them.

10d 7h 24m We head deeper into the building. There is a guard who thinks they are from Britian, because they're standing as still as one of those British guards. Just missing the hat.

[Fluff] The board is filled with white and blue right now, in terms of people who started with Red, AR, and AS.

10d 7h 21m Steven's been around here apparently, but he's nowhere to be seen at this time. Sidney leaves for Ever Grande.

10d 7h 21m We enter the Maison, and encounter Sidney.

10d 7h 19m Wally seems really interested in the Battle Maison, but he'll look around the island first.

10d 7h 18m We catch up with Wally and encounter someone who explains the Battle Resort to us.

10d 7h 17m We got a Cameruptite from Courtney! Then they leave.

10d 7h 16m We run into them and Maxie acknowledges us. We chat about Wally.

10d 7h 15m We see Team Magma, and Wally just walks through all 3 leaders without a care in the world.

10d 7h 14m We see Wally has beaten us here. We go to check it out, together.

10d 7h 14m We get on the Ferry and head to the Battle Resort!

10d 7h 13m We enter the docking building and see the SS Anne. We just stare at it a bit before we try to approach it.

[Fluff] It even has a little light on it, so our host can see where she's going.

10d 7h 11m WE RIDE OUR BIKE LIKE BADASSES. With cheery music, of course.

10d 7h 10m We're now at Slateport City.

10d 7h 6m On Route 134 now, just riding the rapids.

[Info] We have 34,326 Pokeyen, 492 Pokemon Seen.

10d 7h 2m Now we're on Route 133.

10d 7h 1m We use the Eon Flute again!

10d 6h 59m We fly around and land in Route 127. Not too far from the League, we were right over top of it though.

10d 6h 58m We use our Eon Flute to soar in the air!

10d 6h 57m We exchanged the Jellicent Blue's Mewtwonite Y for a Medichamite!

10d 6h 55m Now we're just in our inventory.

10d 6h 50m We took a Snivy from his bag! Turns out it was false alarm though, but we get to keep Snivy.

10d 6h 49m And now Birch is on the run again. Only this time it's a Machoke.

10d 6h 49m It's from Briney, apparently. Dad leaves for work.

10d 6h 48m We go downstairs and our dad gives us the S. S. Ticket.

[Info] PlayNav is now the active app.

10d 6h 46m Rematch time? Anyways, back at Littleroot in our room.

[Fluff] And THAT's the end of that chapter folks!

10d 6h 45m We finished the Delta Episode!

10d 6h 44m We go home and say bye to each other. "See you tomorrow!"

10d 6h 44m The PA system is a cockblock. Enough said.

10d 6h 44m He thanks us for seeing the fireworks with us. And then the Center closes, so we have to leave.

10d 6h 43m Brendan goes and acts like he's an Astronaut. He's jelly he wasn't in space.

10d 6h 42m And now we see May and Brendan at the Space Center.

10d 6h 41m And now we cut to our parents and Brendan's, who chat about how this has been a wonderful experience on the children.

10d 6h 40m Zinnia talks to her grandmother. Ellipsis Emergencies Ensue.

༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ Lower your Dongers now. ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽

10d 6h 40m ONLINE!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Cliffhanger Ending

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 6h 40m And now we see Zinnia, with her little Whismur.


10d 6h 39m He's going to go explore, but he'll still be around. Wallace will lend him a hand in his duties.

10d 6h 38m Steven wants to learn more about the world.

10d 6h 38m Now we're seeing Wallace and Steven, who insult each other and thank each other.

10d 6h 37m Archie is basically like "I don't deserve to be a leader anymore." Matt is being the biggest bro by saying it over and over again.

10d 6h 37m And now we see Team Aqua. Aah... Bro...

10d 6h 36m We look at Wally, who says bye to his parents.

10d 6h 35m We cut to the scientists who say the Meteoroid is destroyed. One of them is Wattson in disguise. They celebrate.

[Chat] Biblethump...... EVERYWHERE

10d 6h 35m And then everything explodes. Not really. Zinnia basically says goodbye, I'm gonna do a thing.



[Fluff] Press F to pay your respects to Deoxys.

10d 6h 34m Nickname is F

10d 6h 34m WE DID IT REDDIT!

[Fluff] Wow, first try catch REAL Legendary! OneHand

10d 6h 33m We start chucking Pokeballs! One ball, level 80 Deoxys!

10d 6h 33m We waste our first turn as Deoxys uses Fiery Dance.

10d 6h 33m Fighting Deoxys! We send out Rayquaza! Everyone is healed!

10d 6h 32m A Jigglypuff from above. Nah it's Deoxys.

10d 6h 32m We see a random triangle in the sky, which turns out to be...

[Chat] Cue your deIlluminatis

10d 6h 31m We head to the Meteoroid, and go straight through it!

[Fluff] We are literally riding a corpse to space.

10d 6h 31m WE RIDE UP OUR RAYQUAZA TO THE MOON! Well not the moon but in the stars. EPIC MUSIC PLAYS!

10d 6h 30m Zinnia tells us we must protect everything now with our Green companion. Suddenly, space!

[Fluff] Just BARELY won that!

10d 6h 30m Charizard uses Blast Burn, and we use Thunderbolt to KO it. Defeated Zinnia!

[Info] #CONGRATSZinnia and #Celebrate is trending.

10d 6h 28m We only have Swinu left. Gl

10d 6h 28m We try to use Dive, but unfortunately a third Needle Arm KOs Jellicent Pink!

10d 6h 28m Another Needle Arm flinches us!

10d 6h 27m We send out Pink Jelly. Charizard uses Needle Arm, and we respond with Toxic. It's now poisoned.

10d 6h 26m We send out the Rayquay, who uses Shadow Force. It hits and Charizard uses Counter! Rayquaza down!

[Snark] Blackout Hype!

10d 6h 26m Charizard uses its death beam to KO Wigglytuff!

10d 6h 26m We send out Wigglytuff! We waste our turn while it recharges.

10d 6h 25m Charizard Mega-Evolves into Y forme and uses Blast Burne. Cactus is down!

10d 6h 25m Then we finish it off with Dazzling Gleam. Against Charizard! We send out our cactus.

10d 6h 24m We're hit with a few poison jabs, so we use Strength and slap it silly.

10d 6h 24m Against Sigilyph! We send out Chanseytuff.

10d 6h 23m The second Thunder actually paralyzes Cacturne, but the burn kills the bird.

10d 6h 23m We send out Cacturne. MORE THUNDER! We respond with Overheat.

10d 6h 22m Altaria KOs Jellicent Blue with some Thunder!

10d 6h 22m Oh wait, it's back to Needle Arm. We actually burn it due to our Flame Body.

10d 6h 22m We use Brick Break, which forces Altaria to use Kinesis. Rinse and repeat.

10d 6h 21m We keep swapping abilities and getting pelted with Needle Arm.

10d 6h 20m We use Skill Swap, which considering both of us have Flame Body, is absolutely pointless. Go team.

[Info] Blue and White connection what what?

10d 6h 20m Against Altaria! We send out Jellicent Blue.

10d 6h 19m We use Dragon Ascent and KO Emolga.

10d 6h 19m Against Emolga! We use Shadow Force and channel our inner Giratina. It hits, and Emolga charges us with its head.

[Fluff] You have just witnessed Rayquaza's Mega Evolution. Congratulations, Zinnia!

10d 6h 19m Scyther uses Celebrate, and then burns to death. The only thing we'll be celebrating now... is its Funeral.

10d 6h 18m We Mega-Evolve Rayquaza! It exerts Pressure and uses Fire Spin.

10d 6h 17m Oh, it actually knows Air Cutter. We use Shadow Force and land another attack on it, and it uses Air Cutter.

10d 6h 17m We use Shadow Force. Our foe continues to Celebrate.

10d 6h 17m It uses Celebrate! Congratulations Zinnia!

[Info] Dragon Ascent has replaced Judgment.

10d 6h 16m Fighting Battle Girl Zinnia! We send out Rayqaza against Scyther!

[Fluff] Zinnia changed trainer forms! WutFace

10d 6h 16m Now that we've proven we've mastered the power, we must battle Zinnia.

10d 6h 15m Rayquaza learned Dragon Ascent! Thanks to Zinnia.

10d 6h 15m We send the Glaceon to the PC for the Rayquaza!

[Fluff] Aka Rayquaza Attack.

10d 6h 15m Nickname is Rayquazatkkk

10d 6h 14m 5th Pokeball catches a level 70 Rayquaza!

10d 6h 14m We send out Wigglytuff. We use a fourth ball and it fails. It then uses Fire Spin on us. Also it's ability is Speed Boost.

[Fluff] Quite frankly I'm not surprised at anyone's move sets this run.

10d 6h 13m Jellicent Pink faints from the Shadow Force!

10d 6h 13m It's a 2-for-1 Legendary Combo.


10d 6h 12m It uses Judgement and Substitute on us. We chuck a second and third ball.

10d 6h 12m Battling Rayquaza! We start chucking as many Pokeballs as we can at it.

10d 6h 11m Now Zinnia says we have to beat Rayquaza.


10d 6h 10m Apparently Meteorites = Mega Stones. RayQuay swallowed ours, and then starts to mega-evolve.

10d 6h 9m Rayquaza doesn't have enough power to mega-evolve. Zinnia's face tells us she's stunned. But then our Meteorite glows! Hope!

10d 6h 9m She asks Rayquaza to Mega-evolve, and... it doesn't work.

10d 6h 8m And from the sky, the giant green dragon we all know and love emerges.

10d 6h 7m Zinnia says an ancient poem and makes her Key Stones glow.

10d 6h 7m And suddenly it's the morning. We slept up here because she knocked us out. Surprised we didn't sleep longer considering we've been up for like 10 days.

10d 6h 6m Aster and her would always watch the stars. But she still lost her. She wants to be with her again. ;_;

[Chat] BibleThump Cryot BibleThump

10d 6h 5m With the CRYOT music going, we hear about Zinnia as a little girl. She would always look at the sky so her tears wouldn't fall to the ground.

10d 6h 5m We're at the top of the tower. Dragonhark Alter. Zinnia is here trying to summon Rayquaza.

[Fluff] 3 Ho-ohs? That's ausome. Cause Pokemon Gold.

10d 6h 2m Threw a Pokeball at a Nidoking, it failed.

10d 6h 0m Nickname is Ho-Ohrrf

10d 6h 0m Jellicent Blue grew to level 99! One ahead of the Pink.

10d 6h 0m One Pokeball, Ho-oh, 58.

10d 6h 0m Go home Ho-Oh. You're drunk!

10d 5h 58m Basically every 1000 years Meteoroids fall and destroy everything. Plan A is to get RayQuay to save everything.

10d 5h 58m Wild Claw as well.

10d 5h 55m Wild Steve abroad.

10d 5h 54m So it broke up the fight, returned to the heavens, and the Delta was born. Followers made a tower to hold the stone that granted Rayquaza the power of Mega-evolution.

10d 5h 54m Zinnia tells us about how Rayquaza saved the world (in really sarcastic voice)

10d 5h 53m We saw a third Ho-oh, but realized three's a crowd, so we left ti.

10d 5h 52m More ladder climbing! We're getting a pretty good workout.

10d 5h 51m Nickname is /qo4!wwe6e,s and the second e has an accent.

10d 5h 51m One Pokeball, Electrive, Male, 58.


10d 5h 49m When they did, Rayquaza Mega-evolved because of the light. and stuff.

10d 5h 49m Sootopolis was created from a Meteor, and this made the two kids cat fight each other once more. Ray-quay answered the people's cry of salvation.

10d 5h 48m We caught up to Zinnia, who tells us more of the tale.

10d 5h 47m Nickname is Ho-oh664,rr0

10d 5h 47m 2nd Pokeball, level 58 Ho-oh

[Fluff] We need a Double Ho-oh like we got Double Zekrom.

[Snark] I don't remember Legendaries being part of a randomization code. lol

10d 5h 46m First ball almost caught it again.


[Fluff] Last time I saw you Ho-oh, you looked more drunk and humany. Also there weren't two of you.

10d 5h 45m Nickname Ho-ohew66y?j

[Fluff] Wow, first try OneHand

[Fluff] Now join the Lugia in our PC.

10d 5h 44m We use a Pokeball and catch the non-chalant level 58 Ho-oh.

10d 5h 44m Non-chalant Wild Ho-oh is non-chalant.

10d 5h 43m Second chapter: Rayquaza broke up the fight between the two kids, and peace was restored. But there was still a suspicious meteor in the sky due to the fight.

[Fluff] Correction for before, Jellicent Pink is actually level 98. I had it as that before, but then the .org showed it was 95, so I was like "6s and 8s" are similar, and such.

10d 5h 39m We go to the next floor to find out the second chapter, cause Zinnia is a dick-tease apparently.

10d 5h 38m Thousands of years ago, Groudon and Kyogre had a cat fight and it ruined everything, including the sky, where Dragon-types would inhabit.

[Chat] L _ R E

10d 5h 38m She tells us to look at the paintings. They depict history and lore, stuff she will pass down to us.

10d 5h 37m We enter the Sky Pillar, with the organ music in the background, and talk to Zinnia.

10d 5h 36m We entered the entrance to the pillar, and then went up it some more and emerged on Route 131 again.

[Info] Actual text may vary.

10d 5h 35m Wallace basically flakes and is all like "have fun facing a giant flying dragon thing on your own lol"

10d 5h 35m Amber goes down, and we defeat Wallace!

10d 5h 34m Against Aerodactyl! It uses Razor Shell, but we avoid it, and then ALL OF THE ICE BEAM!

10d 5h 34m It uses Fly, we use Ice Beam, and it dies due to hypothermia. Everyone wins. Except Wallace.

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 87 - Max. HP 244 Attack 125 Defense 290 Sp. Atk 300 Sp. Def 151 Speed 108

10d 5h 33m Against Salamence! We use Ice Beam and OHKO it! Glaceon grew to level 87! Against Unfezant!

10d 5h 32m One Ice Beam later, and the Queen Bee faints. Jellicent Pink grows to level 96!

10d 5h 32m It gets burnt, and one Strength takes it out. We send out Glaceon to face Vespiquen.

10d 5h 31m We use rocks to punch it, and it retaliates, which involves it doing an action pose in front of us and freeze framing.

10d 5h 31m Against evolved Murica Bird. We send out the bunny to take the patriotic stand.

10d 5h 31m After 2 Shadow Balls, Noivern faints. Swinu grew to level 89!

10d 5h 30m Our foe becomes Zekrom or Reshiram, and uses Fusion Bolt. We just throw shadows at it.

10d 5h 30m He sends out Noivern against Jellicent Pink!

10d 5h 29m We say we're prepared for a battle. Fighting Wallace!

10d 5h 29m We surf away, and then realize it's our destiny to fight Wallace, so we go on land and... head to the other side. And surf away again.

10d 5h 28m We tell Wallace that we aren't prepared. He waits.

10d 5h 27m He's undone the seal to the entrance to the Sky Pillar. But before we can do that, we must battle.

10d 5h 27m We head onto land and are chilling beside Wallace.

10d 5h 23m Onto Route 131 we go!

10d 5h 22m We use Shadow Ball once and KO the jelly. It's afraid of the dark. Defeated Rodney!

10d 5h 22m We use Toxic, poisoning our foe. Our foe imprisons us.

10d 5h 21m Fighting Swimmer Rodney! We send out Jellicent Pink against... a Pink Jellicent.

10d 5h 18m .....And we save!

10d 5h 17m Feebas goes down to strength! Team Aqua Honor defeated! We get 3,180 for winning!

10d 5h 16m We switch Jellicent (F) for Wigglytuff!

10d 5h 16m One more shadow ball takes it out! Feebas sent out!

10d 5h 15m Shadow ball almost OHKO's it, but it's still on!

10d 5h 15m Challenge VS. Team Aqua Honor! Barbaracle sent out!

10d 5h 11m Surfing through Route 127.

10d 5h 9m We go surfing!

10d 5h 7m We land down in Route 126.

10d 5h 6m We play the Eon Flute!

10d 5h 0m We save our game progress.

10d 5h 0m Wallace tells us about Sky Pillar, and of Rayquaza!

10d 4h 59m We see Wallace talking to someone!

10d 4h 53m We leave the Karate Masters House.

10d 4h 52m We spam to save progress, but we keep canceling out.

10d 4h 50m We talk to the Karate Master. Obtained TM31 Brick Break!

10d 4h 49m Exiting and Entering the Karate Master House.

10d 4h 47m We enter a Karate Master's house.


10d 4h 41m We're on land, but we keep saving over and over and over again.

10d 4h 34m And we surfaced, somehow having the ability for being underwater for that long and still survive.

10d 4h 33m Entered Sootopolis City.

[Fluff] Shoutout to Addarash, who spammed the same ineffective co-ordinate 3 times consecutively.

10d 4h 30m After 5 Pokeballs, Cacturne faints to poison!

10d 4h 29m 3 Pokeballs atm, Goomy, Female, 32. No catch at the moment, but we're trying.

10d 4h 26m We keep surfacing and diving in the same spot. We really like the rush of the water, don't we?

10d 4h 24m On Route 126 now.

10d 4h 18m We dove and then resurfaced in a matter of seconds.

10d 4h 14m We used 2 more balls before it got away.

10d 4h 12m A wild Amaura who we threw a pokeball at poisoned us. It doesn't want to be sealed.

10d 4h 9m 2nd ball, Heracross, 32, Female. Nickname is !!!!!qqqqqqr

10d 4h 9m Used a Pokeball on a wild Heracross. It failed.

10d 4h 5m We head onto Route 127!

10d 3h 57m We exit the Center.

10d 3h 52m So we have to go to the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis.

10d 3h 52m Apparently Wallace knows how to undo the seal on Sky Pillar's entrance.

10d 3h 51m We talk to him about Zinnia, and Sky Pillar.

10d 3h 51m We went upstairs and found one Steven Stone.

[Fluff] Replay of that battle if you missed it, courtesy of TPPLeague

10d 3h 47m We enter the Space Center.

10d 3h 43m We enter the gym and quickly leave, because we can.

10d 3h 41m We cruised over to Mossdeep City.

10d 3h 39m We head onto Route 124.

10d 3h 35m We surf in the water, overtop of where something briefly emerged from.

10d 3h 34m We walk along the beach and dip our toes into the water like it's a kiddy pool.

10d 3h 31m Just checking the Pokedex.

[Fluff] At least when this happens, the colour ratios are gonna be the same. We're switching a green mon for a green mon.

10d 3h 25m Cacturne has been switched to front

10d 3h 15m Just some party shuffles, some people are trying to get Cacturne in first slot so it can be replaced by Rayquaza later

10d 2h 56m Wandering around Lilycove


10d 2h 41m We buy TM Blizzard

[Info] Only TM Blizzard is left

10d 2h 32m We buy TM Thunder

10d 2h 31m We buy TM Focus Blast

10d 2h 31m We buy TM Hyper Beam

10d 2h 29m We buy TM Stone Edge

10d 2h 29m We buy TM Giga Impact

10d 2h 24m We buy TM Fire Blast

10d 2h 20m We buy tm Light screen

10d 2h 11m We enter the Lilycove Market

10d 2h 2m We enter another building, filled with place settings and people.

10d 1h 59m We leave. :(

10d 1h 56m A person claims victory is theirs. When we're competing, not a chance we will win.

10d 1h 55m Progress? What is that?


10d 1h 42m At least the music is catchy.

10d 1h 40m We were at the damn person, and then we ran away. Good job guys.

10d 1h 33m Still in here. Not really doing much.

[Chat] CoolCat Dance Riots ensue

10d 1h 26m We talk to a girl who apparently makes this part of her daily stroll. Going to the hall I mean.

10d 1h 24m We save the game.

10d 1h 23m We enabled the camera for the Talent Round.

10d 1h 21m We had a bit of PC Time, but we retreated quickly.

10d 1h 17m Entered Lilycove's contest hall

[Chat] The new emote is being spammed in the chat, dozens of times per message, taking advantage of the fact that the modbot doesn't recognize it as an emote yet.

[Info] Scrafty was level 39

[Chat] There's a new global emote: CoolCat

Caught Male Scrafty name: 'Sc'

10d 0h 47m Left Mt Pyre

10d 0h 33m Tug of war is still happening

[Fluff] Since this is a randomized trainer, what are the chances of the Dusk Stone sequence actually happening? EleGiggle

10d 0h 23m No Dusk Stone

10d 0h 22m Trainer defeated

10d 0h 21m After using some balls Shiftry goes down due to Burn and Hail from Snow Warning

10d 0h 18m Male Jellicent goes down due to Sucker Punch from Shiftry

10d 0h 17m after a few Skill swaps we take down Sewaddle with a Shadow Ball

10d 0h 15m Sewaddle poisoned Male Jellicent with Poison Gas

10d 0h 14m Trainer rematch

10d 0h 9m Tug of war happening, some people want to get a dusk stone by trying to rematch her and some are trying to get out of the mountain

We're now on Day 11 of Randomized Alpha Sapphire!

[Info] Trainer should give us Dusk Stone if we are lucky, chat will be tying to fight her until we get the Dusk stone

9d 23h 43m Trainer defeated, no Dusk stone

9d 23h 38m We fight Preschooler Valerie

9d 23h 33m Back down we are trying to rematch the girl near the stairs

9d 23h 30m caught a Female Dwebble name : '!2zddlllaq'

9d 23h 23m Back up

9d 23h 21m Back down

9d 23h 17m ascended to 2nd floor

Glaceon faints due to a wild Dratini using Round and poison and we used up 3 pokeballs

[Info] We are here for a Dusk Stone that some Trainers will give after a few rematches

9d 23h 11m Mt Pyre entered

[Info] There was a tug of war between those who wanted to get that free heal on the previous route, and those who wanted to press onwards without healing. The no-heal faction won.

9d 23h 9m Route 122

9d 23h 7m Water Route around Mt Pyre entered

9d 22h 57m Struggling to get to Mt Pyre

9d 22h 48m Entered Route 121

9d 22h 45m Entered the Pokemon Center!

9d 22h 44m We are wandering aimlessly through Lilycove City.

9d 22h 42m Lilycove that is.

9d 22h 41m We seem to be heading towards the town.

9d 22h 40m Left Team Aqua's Hideout!

9d 22h 36m We arrive at the main enterance of the hideout.

9d 22h 34m We progress back towards the exit of the hideout.

9d 22h 31m We left the teleporter room.

9d 22h 26m We try to use an Escape Rope but it does not work here.

9d 22h 25m Used a Super Repel!

9d 22h 20m We exit Archie's room and attempt to get past the teleporters.

9d 22h 15m Steven calls us. He tells us to return to the Space Center.

9d 22h 14m Obtained the Sharpedonite!

9d 22h 13m Zinnia steals Archie's Key Stone. She mentions summoning Rayquaza and the Sky Pillar.

9d 22h 12m We see Archie lose to Zinnia.

9d 22h 12m We finally head the correct way.

9d 22h 10m We return to the room with many teleporters.

9d 22h 9m We teleport back.

9d 22h 6m Foe Zebstrika goes down! Lass Grunt defeated!

9d 22h 5m Wigglytuff sent out.

9d 22h 5m Pink Jellicent fainted!

9d 22h 4m Joltik goes down. Zebstrika out next.

9d 22h 3m Withdrew Wigglytuff for Pink Jellicent.

9d 22h 3m Withdrew Pink Jellicent for Wigglytuff.

9d 22h 2m Challenged by Lass Grunt! Pink Jellicent vs Joltik.

9d 22h 0m We are having difficulty navigating these last few teleporters.

9d 21h 57m Battle Girl Grunt defeated!

9d 21h 55m Spotted by a trainer. Battle Girl Grunt! Pink Jellicent vs Seismitoad.

9d 21h 53m We hop on that teleporter once more and continue progressing through the hideout.

9d 21h 51m We take a teleporter once again. And then back.

9d 21h 48m We resume making progress through the Aqua Hideout.

9d 21h 45m We turn EXP Share back on.

9d 21h 35m Azurill goes down. Ace Trainer Grunt defeated.

9d 21h 34m Florges is taken out. Next out is Azurill.

9d 21h 33m We withdraw Cacturne for Glaceon. Glaceon is poisoned!

9d 21h 32m We continue along and get spotted again. Ace Trainer Grunt wants to battle! Cacturne vs Florges.

9d 21h 31m 5 hits on Icicle Spear takes it down. Bug Catcher Grunt was defeated.

9d 21h 29m Cacturne vs Hippowdon. We Shadow Ball but its Rattled raises its speed.

9d 21h 29m Another grunt spots us. Bug Catcher Grunt wants to battle!

[Info] Which was for the best as we had two fainted Pokemon, and two paralyzed Pokemon.

[Snark] Ensure the bed is unoccupied before getting in!

9d 21h 28m Rested on a bed!

9d 21h 27m We take another teleporter.

9d 21h 25m Dedenne out next. We take it out as well. Triathlete Grunt was defeated!

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 86 - Max. HP 242 Attack 123 Defense 287 Sp. Atk 297 Sp. Def 149 Speed 108

9d 21h 23m Glaceon vs Luxio. We take it down with Shadow Ball. Glaceon grew to level 86!

9d 21h 23m An Aqua Grunt spots us! Triathlete Grunt wants to fight!

9d 21h 22m We take a teleporter as we progress through the Aqua Hideout.

9d 21h 19m A random grunt keeps telling us a woman with a Whismur is inside.

9d 21h 17m Entered Team Aqua Hideout!

9d 21h 16m We land, but Surf once more as we head towards the Aqua Base.

9d 21h 16m We arrive in Lilycove City.

[Info] [Sm4sh] TPPBankBot is not responding to !balance or !tokens requests.

9d 21h 13m Pumpkaboo goes down. The invisible Team Flare trainer was defeated.

9d 21h 12m Frillish is annihilated. It seems our battle style is no longer "Set" but "Switch". We keep Glaceon out. Out next is Pumpkaboo!

9d 21h 11m Spotted by Team Flare Spencer! The trainer has no sprite. Glaceon vs Frillish.

9d 21h 10m We head east onto Route 124. We pass by the house on an island where we tossed our Masterball ages ago.

[Fluff] Back then it was GB, not GBA...

[Fluff] Before we had wireless comms, we had link cables with multiway adapters allowing players to connect up to four GBAs simultaneously. Ah, memories.

9d 21h 8m We surf for a moment but land again in Mossdeep.

[Fluff] Jimmy doesn't play Pokemon. He plays Entralink. Kappa

[Fluff] Imagine if Nintendo called it that back in the day. "Hey Jimmy, wanna play Pokemon together? My dad bought me a dimensional shifter that we can use!"

[Fluff] Just to remind everyone, this "dimensional shifter" is called a Link Cable. If you're old enough to remember its real-world counterpart, say "FrankerZ".

9d 20h 59m We left the Space Center.

9d 20h 55m Zinnia leaves. We regain control of our character. Our next destination is the Team Aqua base.

9d 20h 54m Zinnia destroys the dimensional shifter and then stole Matt's Key Stone.

9d 20h 53m Zinnia talks down to Steven while telling her story.

9d 20h 52m Zinnia arrives and Aster steals the dimensional shifter from Matt.

[Stats] Jellicent (M) Lv. 98 - Max. HP 346 Attack 124 Defense 118 Sp. Atk 190 Sp. Def 238 Speed 204

9d 20h 51m Steven uses a Discharge which takes down Charizard. However Blue Jellicent is now paralyzed! It also grew to 98!

[Fluff] CHILD ABUSE! He tried to hit us ;_;

9d 20h 51m Steven tried to attack Blue Jellicent. Used Dire Hit on it!

9d 20h 50m Darmantian takes down Mega Houndoom with Focus Blast. Only Charizard remains.

9d 20h 49m Discharge from Darmantian takes down Delibird and paralyzes Houndoom. They send out a Charizard and we send out Blue Jellicent.

9d 20h 49m Houndoom and Delibird vs Pink Jellicent and Darmanitan. Houndoom Mega Evolves. Pink Jellicent fainted!

9d 20h 48m Team Aqua Matt wants to blow up the rocket. We team up with Steven! Vs Garcon Grunt Punk Guy Matt!

9d 20h 46m Steven notices us walking into a wall and pulls us into the conversation. He is talking with Team Aqua.

9d 20h 46m We head up the stairs.

[Fluff] After they lost they lament the fact their "5x Intimidate" strategy didn't work. Sure didn't.

9d 20h 42m Pink Jellicent takes them all down. The Grunt ladies were defeated.

9d 20h 40m Forretress taken down. Pink Jellicent is in red and still paralyzed.

9d 20h 39m Shadow Ball takes out Doublade. Pawniard, Klefki, and Forretress remain.

9d 20h 38m Shadow Ball takes out the Steelix. Four left.

9d 20h 37m We are fully paralyzed, Doublade takes us into the sky with Sky Drop. Steelix's Speed Boost activates.

9d 20h 36m Wait they are actually all Aqua Grunts this time. They send out Pawniard, Steelix, Doublade, Klefki, and Forretress.

9d 20h 35m We get noticed by all the Aqua "Grunts".

9d 20h 35m Entered the Space Center!

9d 20h 31m We head north and arrive at Mossdeep City.

9d 20h 27m We are on Route 127.

9d 20h 24m Used Dive again. We are now on the surface, surfing outside the city.

9d 20h 22m Used Dive! We are currently underwater.

9d 20h 22m Pokeball tossed at a wild Burmy. We run away.

9d 20h 19m We surf on the water, heading south.

9d 20h 18m Left the Pokemon Center again.

9d 20h 16m We return to the Pokemon Center.

9d 20h 14m Left the Pokemon Center!

9d 20h 13m PC is off and moved away from, but still in Pokemon Center.

9d 20h 12m It's being turned on and off quite a bit, almost deposited once.

9d 20h 11m PC turned off and moved away from then back. It's on again.

9d 20h 10m We look at Lampent in the battle box.

9d 20h 10m PC turned on.

9d 20h 8m We land in Sootopolis City and enter the Pokemon Center.

9d 20h 6m We toss 2 Pokeballs at the wild Wingull but it gets free. We run away.

9d 20h 5m A wild encounter while flying!

9d 20h 3m Eon Flute used again!

9d 20h 1m Glaceon now holding Mewtwonite Y.

9d 20h 0m Used PP Max on Glaceon's Shadow Ball!

9d 19h 59m Landed back on Route 107.

9d 19h 58m Used Eon Flute!

9d 19h 58m Picked up a Super Repel!

9d 19h 56m We land at Route 107.

9d 19h 54m Eon Flute used again!

9d 19h 48m Glaceon now holding Kanghaskhanite.

9d 19h 47m Left the Pokemon Center.

9d 19h 46m We enter the Rustboro City Pokemon Center!

9d 19h 45m We land in Rustboro City.

9d 19h 45m Eon Flute used!

9d 19h 40m Exp Share turned off.

9d 19h 40m We exchanged Glaceon's Aerodactylite for a Blue Orb!

9d 19h 38m Oh wait, get us to run his errands. Duh!

9d 19h 38m We talk to the scientist and Team Aqua apparently stole the dimensional shifter. WHAT SHALL HE DO???

9d 19h 37m The Grunt's like shrugs, and decides to leave and get some food.

9d 19h 37m Kirlia combines memes and uses Aerial Ace (Kreygasm), but we OHKO it with Strength. Defeated Grunt.

[Fluff] It ain't even easter, why you picking a fite?

9d 19h 36m Against Kirlia. We send out the Bunny.

9d 19h 35m We Dive again to KO the Mime.

9d 19h 35m Then it somehow spews Mist from its sides, while we go underwater to escape the monstrocity.

9d 19h 34m Against Mr. Mime with Pink Jelly. It uses Parabolic Charge.

9d 19h 34m Fighting Lumiose Gang Member Grunt! She looks old enough to be employed.

9d 19h 34m Goddammit, stop playing hopscotch you grunts.

9d 19h 33m We're hit with a beam made of signals, and respond by KOing the Smoochum with Strength. Defeated Child Labour.

9d 19h 33m Because it used bounce, we punch the air with Strength. Then we get paralyzed as our foe's attack lands.

9d 19h 32m The bounce paralyzes us! So we respond by bringing out the bunny.

9d 19h 31m We send out Jellicent Pink against Smoochum! We use Dive, and it uses Bounce. No one is on screen.

[Fluff] CHILD LABOUR!!!!

9d 19h 31m Oh, and then the grunts play musical chair, because somehow we're fighting another one. Rather, a Preschooler Grunt.

9d 19h 30m All the Swampert really cares about is exchanging hearts, so we use Strength to put it out of its misery. Defeated Suspicious Child Grunt.

9d 19h 30m Furious at that action, we throw some rocks at it. It continues to exchange hearts.

9d 19h 29m We turn white and radiate light, and then we swap hearts, aka stat changes, with Swampert.

9d 19h 28m Then we poke it and it dies. Against Swampert! We send in Wigglytuff!

9d 19h 28m We then throw some purple bubbles at it while it throws some electric waves at us.

9d 19h 27m We use Dive, and spray the fish with water! It learns our ways of diving by sketching!

9d 19h 27m Or rather a Suspicious Child Grunt. She sends out Whiscash against Jellicent Pink!

9d 19h 27m We ran into Team Aqua. He's harassing a scientist, so we battle him.

9d 19h 25m Entered Rustboro City.

9d 19h 21m Left Meteor Falls! On Route 115.

9d 19h 19m No nickname!

9d 19h 18m Caught Spinarak!

[Info] The Pokemon in question was a Samurott.

[Fluff] There is speculation, which at present can be neither confirmed nor refuted, that one of our recent wild encounters may have been shiny.

9d 19h 15m We continue to wander in Meteor Falls. Getting closer to the exit.

9d 19h 3m Found a PP Max!

9d 19h 1m Pokeball tossed at wild Munchlax. No success. We run away.

[Fluff] We got Clutchster!

9d 18h 55m No Nickname

9d 18h 54m 4 Pokeballs tossed at a wild Cloyster. Finally caught! Captured Cloyster! Blue Jellicent grew to 97!

9d 18h 51m Picked up TM02 - Dragon Claw!

9d 18h 32m The conversation ends. The old woman calls Steven a silver haired dreamboat. We jump down many ledges.

9d 18h 29m She tells us Zinnia is the Lorekeeper.

9d 18h 27m We speak to Steven. He introduces us to an old lady.

9d 18h 27m Defeated the old couple. Approaching Steven.

9d 18h 24m Vs Old Couple John & Jay! Pink Jellicent and Glaceon vs Barboach and Basculin.

9d 18h 23m We head up a different ladder.

9d 18h 23m Vanillite effortlessly goes down. Dray defeated!

9d 18h 22m Challenged by Secret Base Trainer Dray! Pink Jellicent vs Vanillite.

9d 18h 21m Spotted by a Dragon Tamer complaining about his costume.

9d 18h 17m We head down the ladder again.

9d 18h 12m We head up a ladder.

9d 18h 9m Another Pokeball tossed. No success. Cacturne fainted!

9d 18h 8m 3 Pokeballs fail to capture a wild Shiftry.

9d 18h 6m Tossed Pokeball at another Armaldo. It failed and we ran away.

9d 18h 4m Nickname: Armaldoww11 Sent to Box 6.

9d 18h 4m Pokeball tossed at Armaldo. Caught Armaldo! Level 50 and male.

9d 18h 2m Cottonee goes down. Defeated Triathlete Tess.

9d 18h 1m Challenged by Triathlete Tess! Cacturne vs Cottonee.

9d 18h 0m We go down a ladder. And then up a ladder. And then down again. Spotted by a trainer!

9d 17h 59m Nickname: Roseradeoopp To Box 6 it goes.

9d 17h 58m Pokeball tossed at Roserade! Caught Roserade! Cacturne grew to level 75!

9d 17h 56m Combusken goes down. "Sisters" defeated.

9d 17h 54m It uses Thunderwave. Cacturne is paralyzed!

9d 17h 54m We find a random Dragon Tamer. I mean, Mysterious Sisters Nicolas. Cacturne vs Combusken.

9d 17h 53m We enter a different part of the cave and use Surf. We head north.

9d 17h 52m We use Waterfall and ascend.

9d 17h 50m Nickname: Gole56rrssu6 Sent to Box 6.

9d 17h 49m We Surf on the water. We catch a lvl 19 Golett in a Pokeball!

9d 17h 48m We re-enter once more.

9d 17h 47m Left Meteor Falls.

9d 17h 45m Entered Meteor Falls.

9d 17h 44m We land at Meteor Falls!

9d 17h 44m Eon Flute used once more.

9d 17h 42m We land at Route 106.

9d 17h 40m Used Eon Flute!

9d 17h 39m Left the Space Center.

9d 17h 37m We head down the stairs and return to the first floor of the Space Center.

9d 17h 33m Zinnia leaves. The professor tells us to head to Meteor Falls.

9d 17h 33m Zinnia smack talks Steven and asks us if we have a better plan. We don't.

9d 17h 30m Zinnia appears as the professor talks about Link Cables.

9d 17h 28m We head upstairs. Steven Stone was expecting us.

9d 17h 26m We stand behind the Space Suit cutout.

9d 17h 25m Entered the Space Center!

9d 17h 22m Left the Pokemon Center.

9d 17h 19m Entered the Pokemon Center.

9d 17h 18m Arrived at Mossdeep.

9d 17h 16m We go east onto Route 127.

9d 17h 15m We surf on the water and head east.

9d 17h 12m We land at Route 126.

9d 17h 11m Eon Flute used once more.

9d 17h 10m We circle around and land in Mauville City.

9d 17h 9m This time we're actually flying around the world.

9d 17h 9m Eon Flute used again!

9d 17h 7m We land in Slateport City again.

9d 17h 7m Used the Eon Flute!

9d 17h 5m We hop on our bike.

9d 16h 54m Left Name Raters house uneventfully.

9d 16h 50m Entered Name Raters house!

9d 16h 50m Wandering randomly in Slateport.

9d 16h 47m We left the building.

9d 16h 46m We try to get on the ferry. We don't have a ticket.

9d 16h 41m We enter the port area.

9d 16h 37m Entered Slateport City.

9d 16h 34m Left Trick House.

9d 16h 28m Entered Trick House.

9d 16h 13m We are currently in the grass section of this route, under Cycling Road.

9d 16h 2m We head south onto Route 110 again.

9d 16h 0m Left the Food Court.

9d 15h 56m Our food is ready. We also get a Pearl String!

9d 15h 55m Blue Jellicent is sent out. Aegislash goes down. Defeated Rich Boy Filbert.

9d 15h 54m Cacturne fainted! But foe Probopass also goes down.

9d 15h 52m 3 turns until our meal is ready. A boy approaches us. Rich Boy Filbert wants to battle. Cacturne and Pink Wigglytuff vs Probopass and Aegislash.

9d 15h 52m Scizor goes down. Lanturn grew to 88! Defeated Lass Suzette!

9d 15h 51m Glaceon replaces Cacturne. Her and Pink Jellicent are now against Scizor.

9d 15h 50m The trainer had a level 74 Scatterbug. Cacturne fainted!

9d 15h 49m We order food and get seated. Against Lass Suzette!

9d 15h 44m We get a Nugget!

[Fluff] We're being mean to Meena, as always.

9d 15h 43m Trainer defeated. Time to get our food.

9d 15h 41m Worker Ham was defeated. 2 turns left. A girl approaches us to fight. Vs Preschooler Meena!

9d 15h 40m 3 turns remain. Another boy approaches. Challenged by Worker Ham.

9d 15h 39m Fighting against Honeymooners Nitzel. She/they were defeated.

9d 15h 38m Youngster defeated. 4 turns remain. A girl challenges us for our seat.

9d 15h 38m Youngster Cutler wants to battle. Wigglytuff vs Cubchoo.

9d 15h 37m We order a Village Sub Combo and sit down. A boy challenges us.

9d 15h 36m Entered the Food Court.

9d 15h 35m We head north into Mauville.

9d 15h 32m We exit Cycling Road.

9d 15h 30m Defeated Secret Base Trainer Anthony.

9d 15h 29m Seeing how it's level 22, it gets punched into the stratosphere.

9d 15h 29m A biker spots us. Challenged by Secret Base Trainer Anthony! Wigglytuff vs Cubchoo.

9d 15h 24m We're on the Bike Path!

9d 15h 14m We've gotten on the bike!

9d 15h 2m It looks like we're making our way to Mauville City. Not attempting the Trick House right now.

9d 14h 59m We recieve a Heal Ball from the Tourist! Item gets from trainer rematches confirmed, guys!

9d 14h 57m Gyarados uses the Protect strategy, Wigglytuff's on 3HP from the burn! Gyarados down to Dazzling Gleam, Tourist Isabel defeated.

9d 14h 56m Wigglytuff takes out a good chunk of health with Strength, Ice Beam finishes Butterfree off. Gyarados sent in.

9d 14h 55m Male Jellicent faints. We send in Wigglytuff. We Rock Smash the Butterfree, its Flame Body burns us. Gyro Ball does little damage to Wigglytuff.

9d 14h 53m Versus Tourist Isabel, Butterfree against Male Jellicent. Jellicent is currently in yellow health and poisoned.

9d 14h 48m We're at Route 110.

9d 14h 42m We're at the shipyard, looking at all the.. ships.

9d 14h 37m We enter the Contest Hall!

9d 14h 33m Outside of the Fan Club. The atmosphere must have been a bit too much for us.

9d 14h 28m We receive a Soothe Bell from a Poké Fan!

9d 14h 23m We've walked into the Pokémon Fan Club building.

9d 14h 18m We receive TM46 Thief from an Aqua Grunt.

9d 14h 10m We've entered the Museum!

9d 14h 9m We entered the Slateport Museum, but then went out.

[Info] We also used a Rare Candy to level up Glaceon.

[Info] In the last hour, we obtained an Everstone, the Steelixite, we used an Escape Rope, and obtained TM65 Shadow Claw. Glaceon also fainted.

9d 14h 4m We're currently in Slateport City. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DING DONG DONGERS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 13h 32m Tossed a Big Pearl. We still have one.

9d 13h 27m Still in cave, although Male Jellicent is low on health from the poison

[Info] Sorry, my internet stopped working and i had to restart my adapter im back though

9d 13h 1m We finally climb up the slope

9d 12h 52m Found a pokeball

9d 12h 50m Wandering around the cave

[Info] Level 13

[Fluff] >mfw catch an unown and name it its own letter

[Correction] It was a U, not a W. And that's also what we named it: U

9d 12h 33m Unown W Caught

9d 12h 22m Zinnia defeated!

9d 12h 21m We send in Male Jellicent which gets poisened due to the toxic spikes, we take a Flamethorwer and defeat Talonflame with a Shadow Ball

9d 12h 21m I Uses Extreme Speed to defeat Glaceon

9d 12h 20m She sends in Talonflame, it uses Flamethrower we clutch it and use Ice Beam, it uses its Figy Berry to restore bit of helath

9d 12h 20m We defeat it with an Ice Beam

9d 12h 19m She sends in Dodrio, Flying type trainer confirmed

9d 12h 19m it sets up toxic spikes and we defeat it with a Dazzling Gleam

9d 12h 19m We send in Glaceon

9d 12h 18m Jellicent goes down due to Air Slash flinching it and burn

9d 12h 18m Female Jellicent vs her Noivern

9d 12h 17m VS Zinnia

9d 12h 16m Encountered Zinnia

9d 12h 14m Entered Grantite Cave

9d 12h 9m Reached Dewford Town

9d 12h 4m Trainer fight made Cacturne faint, and Jellicent is burned

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BRIEF BLACKOUT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 11h 55m Back on Route 108

9d 11h 54m Out of the Ship

[Info] 'Lugi5688 r' may be its name, went to fast to memorise it all

[Fluff] Or it's just TPP's insane luck

[Fluff] Two great balls, no damage done, gamefreak has been nerfing legends again TriHard

[Info] Nicknamed 'Lugi56688 r ' if im not mistaken

9d 11h 33m [Fluff] Woah, that was easy.

9d 11h 33m with only two great balls!

9d 11h 33m Caught Lugia!

9d 11h 33m Used up a Great Ball, didnt catch it

9d 11h 32m VS Lugia!

9d 11h 28m Diving under the water inside the ship

9d 11h 19m On the ship

9d 11h 17m near Sea Mauville

9d 11h 15m Machamp down, trainer defeated

9d 11h 14m VS secret base trainer Tara

9d 11h 11m Ivysaur and Venusaur went down, trianer defeated

9d 11h 9m VS trainer Monsueir Constance

9d 11h 7m Surfed to Water Route 108

9d 11h 1m Went to the route under Slateport

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DING DONG DONGERS ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

9d 10h 58m Entered Slateport City

9d 10h 57m Caught wild male Diglett name is '!!'

9d 10h 53m Going down the route, seems like Slateport is the destiantion

9d 10h 47m Trainer defeated although i shouldnt call him weak since she had a level 66 Gyarados which means its her rematch team

9d 10h 44m Cacturne leveled up to level 74 by fighting a random weak trainer

9d 10h 42m Out of Trick House

9d 10h 33m Out of the maze and back in, i guess to restart the boulder's position because of an error

9d 10h 30m Still wandering around this dreadful house

9d 10h 20m Halfway through the maze

9d 10h 15m Still in the maze

9d 10h 8m Near the second boulder

9d 9h 57m Nope, we're back to the puzzle.

9d 9h 54m We bought an Escape Rope!...and then exit the puzzle area again.

9d 9h 46m We go to start the puzzle yet again.

9d 9h 43m Back in the trick house

9d 9h 37m Ho-oh down, trainer defeated

9d 9h 36m Sorry, it was a trainer's pokemon

9d 9h 36m Wild Ho-oh appeared!

9d 9h 32m We left the Trick House, back out on the route

[Chat] People are making fun of Ash with internet memes

9d 9h 23m Doing the maze once again

9d 9h 20m We enter the house again

9d 9h 18m We exit the Trick House

9d 9h 5m We restarted the maze, probably because we made an error

9d 8h 57m Still nacigatin through the trcky trick house

9d 8h 41m Halfway through the maze

9d 8h 32m Going through the first few boulders

9d 8h 21m Or not that mistake can be fixed

9d 8h 20m We move a boulder in the wrong way, guess we have yo restart

9d 8h 7m We get out of the maze and get right in

[Snark] Did eye........? KappaPride

[Fluff] NMario, you said in-between 50 and 100... TriHard

9d 7h 57m We buy an Escape Rope

[Fluff] Well..... I was close. I said we'd do about 50 something attempts at them.

9d 7h 51m We re-entered the Trick House. We went past the scroll!

9d 7h 49m We left the Trick House.

[Info] We actually defeated the E4 in 46 Attempts, /u/rctgamer3 screwed up the counting and jumped from 45 to 47 when he was updating. This was recently brought to my attention, sorry about the prior misinformation.

9d 7h 44m We're just wandering around in the front room of the Trick House.

9d 7h 34m Looks like we made this puzzle unwinnable. Not teh urn guys!

9d 7h 32m Moved a boulder.

9d 7h 30m We've used Strength, but we haven't pushed any boulders yet.

9d 7h 26m Make that seven.

9d 7h 26m Oh, and while I was typing that, we bought another Escape Rope. And while I was typing this, we bought a sixth.

[Snark] Could come in handy if we're going to make another Secret Base.

9d 7h 25m And a fourth Escape Rope.

9d 7h 24m We bought an Escape Rope for $550. Forgot to mention we walked back into the Trick House. Bought two more Escape Ropes right after.

9d 7h 20m Entered the Trick House, then immediately exited.

9d 7h 17m We keep trying to use a Paralyze Heal on Cacturne, but he's not paralyzed. Does that mean it worked?

9d 7h 15m Threw another. That one didn't catch either.

9d 7h 15m Threw a ball at a wild Corsola. Didn't catch.

9d 7h 14m Nickname is Surski. It's male, didn't catch its level.

9d 7h 13m Caught a Surskit!

9d 7h 8m We've left Mauville. Now on the route north of Slateport, whose number I forgot.

[Snark] Move tutor says it doesn't matter if our starter has evolved; he can still teach it a move. I don't think he knows how evolution works.

9d 6h 56m We save the game outside.

[Fluff] WE DID IT ____

9d 6h 55m Bought the TM for Bulldoze!

9d 6h 53m We keep getting our cursor over the Bulldoze TM and pressing B.

[Snark] You already have it!

9d 6h 49m Sold two Razz Berries and a Nanab Berry.

9d 6h 49m Saved a fourth time, after failing to buy anything.

9d 6h 48m Saved the game a third time before checking back in with the TM clerk.

9d 6h 48m Saved the game again.

9d 6h 48m Saved the game.

[Info] We're trying to get the last TM on stock, Bulldoze. Scattered B inputs are making that difficult.

9d 6h 45m Sold two Nanab Berries!

9d 6h 43m Bought the TM for Dragon Tail!

[Info] We have two more TMs to buy from this guy.

[Chat] So basically, Nintendo executives came here and got mad that everyone was playing Nintendo games for free, they got in a huge fight with the streamer, Deku punched Sakura Iwata in the face, and now streamer got his Australian bike gang and is storming to Nintendo HQ to beat the *** out of everyone. (I SWEAR IF YOU COPY PASTE THIS...)

9d 6h 39m Bought the TM for Power-Up Punch!

9d 6h 38m Bought the TM for Low Sweep!

9d 6h 38m Sold a Figy Berry and both our Leppa Berries.

9d 6h 36m Bought the TM for Charge Beam!

9d 6h 36m Bought the TM for Facade!

9d 6h 36m Bought the Venoshock and Aerial Ace TMs!

9d 6h 34m Entered the Pokemart.

9d 6h 29m Saved the game.

9d 6h 28m In Mauville City now.

9d 6h 27m Planted a Chilan Berry in place of those Leppa Berries.

9d 6h 26m Harvested two Leppa Berries from a Berry Tree.

9d 6h 24m Used another Poke Ball on the same Diglett. It fails after three shakes. We run.

9d 6h 23m Used a Poke Ball on another Diglett, it escaped.

9d 6h 20m Used a Poke Ball on a Diglett, it broke free.

9d 6h 18m Back on the mainland.

9d 6h 16m Dug through our items a bit, presumably trying to soar. Decided against it and started surfing again.

9d 6h 14m Picked up the item, a Rare Candy.

9d 6h 14m Surfing again. We still haven't picked up the item.

9d 6h 13m Landed on an island with an item. Missed it completely and started surfing again, then doubled back and landed back on the island.

9d 6h 11m We're surfing now.

9d 6h 9m Used a Poke Ball on a Diglett, it failed.

9d 6h 9m In the grass, grinding on Route 110.

9d 6h 4m Back outside in Route 110.

9d 5h 58m Run right back into the trick house.

9d 5h 57m We use an escape rope! Back outside to Route 110!

9d 5h 40m The door is locked. We still need the secret code to get past it.

9d 5h 30m Still in the Strength puzzle of the trickhouse. We're getting through it slowly, but surely.

9d 5h 16m Went back in. The boulders reset.

9d 5h 13m Left the room, back in the average looking house.

9d 5h 4m We don't seem confident, so we buy another escape rope!

9d 5h 4m We enter the scroll, it's the strength area. We buy an Escape rope.

9d 5h 2m Trick House entered.

9d 5h 0m Nickname is Surskitiizkk

9d 5h 0m Poké Ball tossed at wild Surskit! Catch! It's level 16 and female.

9d 4h 59m Found a Dire Hit!

9d 4h 56m Poké Ball tossed at wild Aipom! Fail!

9d 4h 53m Poké Ball tossed at wild Corsola! Fail! We run away from it afterward.

9d 4h 52m In the grass patches below Cycling Road...at Route 110.

9d 4h 39m Left New Mauville.

9d 4h 37m It's male, nickname is Litw?3r

9d 4h 37m Poké Ball tossed at wild Litwick! Catch!

9d 4h 36m Entered New Mauville! We're allowed access in.

9d 4h 27m Headed on over to Route 110.

9d 4h 25m Exited the Food Court.

9d 4h 22m Our food is a bit too cold to our liking...

9d 4h 21m We take out Probopass and defeat Filbert. Our meal is long gone from being fresh now.

9d 4h 21m We toss a Poké Ball at Probopass! Don't be a thief!

9d 4h 21m Cacturne faints!

9d 4h 20m We take out Aegislash.

9d 4h 18m Toxic has no luck against these two steel types.

9d 4h 18m Our meal is ready, but we are still in the midst of a battle!

9d 4h 17m Rich Boy Filbert attacks! Aegislash and Probopass versus Cacturne and Pink Jellicent.

9d 4h 16m Our meal is done in one turn, but a Rich Boy approaches!

9d 4h 16m They seemed to have settled and team up their Shadow Balls to take out Scizor. We defeat Suzette.

9d 4h 15m Pink Jellicent retaliates against Blue with Shadow Ball.

9d 4h 14m Pink Jellicent attacks Blue Jellicent with Dive, and Pink Jellicent gets burned! Oh my, seems like there is trouble brewing in the Jelly relationship.

9d 4h 14m Cacturne down to Scizor's Vital Throw! We send in Blue Jellicent.

9d 4h 12m We one shot Scatterbug with Shadow Ball.

9d 4h 11m Challenged by Lass Suzette! Scizor and Scatterbug versus Cacturne and Pink Jellicent.

9d 4h 11m We order some Magnemite Croquettes! 6 turns before they are ready.

9d 4h 8m We obtain a Nugget and a Figy Berry! I'm not sure how we could eat the nugget, but maybe our Pokémon will appreciate the Figy Berry.

9d 4h 8m Our meal is ready - right on time too! Our sub is nice and fresh!

9d 4h 6m One turn before our meal is ready, and we're challenged by a Poké Fan Meggi! Flaaffy is out, and once again we defeat it in one shot. Defeated Meggi.

9d 4h 6m Down in a single icicle spear. Defeated Meena. We're mean to Meena because we won't give up our seat.

9d 4h 5m Challenged by Preschooler Meena! Shieldon versus Cacturne.

9d 4h 5m We once again down Swinub in a single shot. Ham gets hammed!

9d 4h 4m Challenged by Worker Ham. Swinub versus Cacturne.

9d 4h 4m We defeat her in one turn. 3 turns left!

[Snark] She only appeared as one person in the overworld. Is the other honeymooner her Nidoran?

9d 4h 3m Challenged by "Honeymooners" Nitzel! She sends in Nidoran Male!

9d 4h 3m We still have 4 turns until our meal is ready. A lass approaches.

9d 4h 2m One shot by Dazzling Gleam. We cut through Cutler's only party member.

9d 4h 2m Challenged by Youngster Cutler! Cubchoo versus Glaceon! The poor Cubchoo is only level 22.

9d 4h 1m We choose to order a Village Sub Combo. Our meal will be ready in 5 'turns', whatever she means.

9d 4h 1m We're trying to cut in line to order food, but that's rude. So we don't.

9d 3h 59m We have 269,088 Pokeyen. Holy crap. Also we've seen 460 mons and have 239 Pokemiles.

9d 3h 59m Apparently this restaurant also has Kalos cloches.

9d 3h 58m We're unsure whether or not to believe that the boy is an avid fan or a paid advertiser, causing us to fumble in the doorway.

9d 3h 57m We enter a shop, and a boy talks to use about Magnemite Croquettes.

9d 3h 54m From the Game Corner owner.

9d 3h 54m We got a Treeko Doll! a Torchic Doll! And a Mudkip Doll! For the secret PC.

9d 3h 50m We talk to the former owner of the Game Corner. He wants us to have some prizes, but we decline.

9d 3h 49m In Mauville City.

9d 3h 48m We talk to the Daycare person. We have a pending egg apparently. We decline it, giving it to the daycare man instead.

[Fluff] tl;dr, Level 20s don't stand a chance.

9d 3h 46m Against Spheal! We horribly injure it with light. Defeated Lydia!

9d 3h 46m Against Basculin. It goes down to a Dazzling Gleam.

9d 3h 45m Remind me how she has a Level 22 Feraligatr? We still sweep it, but hax. In a randomizer. Kappa

9d 3h 45m Against Mantyke! Bye Mantyke!

9d 3h 44m OHKO. Against Croconaw. Glaceon is a literal steamroller, OHKOing everything and sweeping.

9d 3h 43m Now we're facing Maid Lydia. We send out Glaceon against Krabby.

9d 3h 43m We surf. WATER! SWEET WATER!

[Stats] Lanturn (Swinu 1xcc) Lv. 87 - Max. HP 358 Attack 165 Defense 119 Sp. Atk 152 Sp. Def 132 Speed 165

9d 3h 40m We're also on Route 117 now.

9d 3h 39m Anyways, we KO the Golurk with 2 Waterfalls. Swinu levels up to 87! Defeated Expert Isaac!

9d 3h 39m Why should Water only be in Fall? We need WATERSUMMERS AND WATERSPRINGS!

9d 3h 39m Against Golurk now. MORE FALLS OF WATER!

9d 3h 38m Does this Lanturn look like a flying death bird? Yes or no

9d 3h 38m After we face 2 Mach Punchs. We also use Oblivion Wing, because we're somehow Yvetal or something idk.

9d 3h 37m Against Quagsire. MORE DROWNING OF THE ENEMY MONS!

9d 3h 37m Against a Marshtomp! We use Waterfall twice and KO it!

9d 3h 36m Didn't you know, moles' great weakness is water. Everyone hates water.

9d 3h 36m We send out Swinu. We use Waterfall and KO Drilbur!

9d 3h 36m Another Psystrike KOs Jellicent Blue!

9d 3h 35m Now it uses Psystrike. WE STILL CAN'T MOVE.

9d 3h 35m It uses Poison Tail, and gets burnt. Unfortunately, due to use being paralyzed, we still can't move.

9d 3h 34m We send out Jellicent Blue! It gets hit with a Poison Jab!

9d 3h 34m Expert Issac sends out Drilbur! It uses its drills to BRUTALLY MURDER CACTURNE!

9d 3h 34m We use Icicle Spear on it and KO it. Everyone knows Hippos' deadlisest enemy is the Icicle.

9d 3h 33m We're fighting a trainer. It's facing our Cacturne with a Hippopotas!

9d 3h 27m We exit the Contest Hall. :(

9d 3h 26m We're just sitting on a couch. Sometimes it's nice to take a break.

9d 3h 25m We almost deposited the Pink Jellicent, but then didn't. Thankfully.

9d 3h 25m PC TIME!

9d 3h 22m We exit Lisia's room.

9d 3h 17m We talk to her about Ali, the Altareon. Well, he definitely floats like a Butterfree, but does he sting like a Beedrill?

9d 3h 16m He basically writes us off. Nice dude, nice.

9d 3h 16m Lisia tries to be sensible and say it's about the Pokemon-Human bond, but Chaz ain't havin' none of that shit.

9d 3h 16m Chaz walks in and gets jealous about us becoming famous. Bla bla bla, rivals, bla bla bla, jelly.

9d 3h 15m We're starting a new chapter on our journey, according to the popular girl with the Altareon, Lisia.

9d 3h 14m Now we can do Hyper Rank.


[Fluff] Are we sure that these hearts are not actual hearts, being ripped from the members of the audience? How do we feel morally about accepting them?

9d 3h 13m Overheat for over-generous heart donations.

9d 3h 13m Sandshrew, let me break it to you. The chicks love how you swipe furiously. Keep doing it and you'll make it big.

9d 3h 11m And the same thing happens this round! Either the audience is horrible or we are. And I'd like to give us the benefit of the doubt, so...

9d 3h 10m I'm pretty sure the highest Hearts were 2 that round.


9d 3h 8m But burning stuff is like what millionaires do, in relation.

9d 3h 7m But Shadows man, they bring home the big bucks.

9d 3h 6m You know, you'd think being a Thief would be more cool than knowing how to massage someone.

9d 3h 6m Okay, let's start. We didn't actually activate the camera, so we have actual surroundings!

[Fluff] Also anyone notice how I thought the Beauty Contest was a coolness contest for half of it? Blame my wifi ;_;

9d 3h 4m We're in the Coolness Contest again with the Cactus. It's super.

9d 3h 4m At least now we can do Super Rank.

9d 3h 3m We won the Beauty Contest! Also that was Normal Rank.


9d 3h 1m The Electrike gets the Beauty bit. It's a mutt. It reels in uber amounts of hearts from our hard work.

9d 3h 0m For our final move, we use Dazzling Gleam. We get a bunch of hearts, but we're not beautiful enough. Triste.

9d 3h 0m The Beauty meter is up to 4 stars now. Let's see if we can become a 5-star hotel!

9d 2h 59m And yet Water Gun does 4x the hearts. ICE IS FROZEN WATER YOU GUYS

9d 2h 59m They don't like Ice Beam though. Although the beauty "excites the audience"

9d 2h 58m Holy damn, Dustox swept the floor. Everyone else is pretty cool, according to the hearts we're stealing.

[Fluff] If you missed it before, the hockey shit I posted on the updater.

9d 2h 57m We actually excite the audience with our performance, and get 5 Hearts.

9d 2h 57m Anyone think Win's gonna win? Looks like it from the first round, if we don't count Glaceon.

9d 2h 55m A Wingull named Win, a Dustox named Nox, an Electrike, and finally, us, a Glaceon named Glaceonhfeer!

9d 2h 55m We enter the same contest, same rank, but this time, we have a special mon. Before I reveal it, here are other contenders.

9d 2h 51m This is where I would place my ribbon, IF I HAD ONE!

9d 2h 50m Sandshrew barely beat us. We got second though. holds up non-existant ribbon

[Info] That's because the camera is pointing at the Wii U's TV screen.

9d 2h 50m throws a tomato at Doduo You stink!

[Info] the games camera seems to be showing a reflection off smash for some reason.

9d 2h 49m The little sand monster is feeling calm and collected right now. That doesn't matter WHEN YOU SUCK ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. SAND-SHREW. SAND-SHREW.

9d 2h 49m Card jokes.

9d 2h 48m Sandshrew, joining us in the 6 Heart Clubs. Spades Diamonds.

9d 2h 48m We join the club with Glare.

9d 2h 47m Noone is in last right now. Sandshrew digs a hole. Dodon't becomes furious. They all get 2 or less.

9d 2h 46m We score well again, being the cool cats that we are. NOONE, NOONE CARES ABOUT YOU. You got like 2 hearts by being a water god, you scrub.

9d 2h 45m Use Overheat to get 6 hearts! Better than expected, we can do this!

9d 2h 44m The Linoone is named Noone. And it scores well. Everyone scores moderate, except for us.. because we...

9d 2h 44m Same exact opponents as before, except a Linoone instead of the Kek; this is our second chance!

9d 2h 42m We go to participate again, with the same exact settings.

9d 2h 42m We save a screencapture of the Doduo though, just in case.

9d 2h 42m Results time. Did we win, did we win? Well hell no we didn't, the shrew did.

9d 2h 41m ...and then Fury Swipes gets that shrew 6.

9d 2h 41m Kind of feel bad for Leon, it's doing worse than us. Overheat gets us 5 Hearts! 5!

9d 2h 40m Our Shadow Ball actually scores pretty well.

9d 2h 40m This Sandshrew always uses Dig. STOP DIGGING!

9d 2h 39m We Glare at the audience. They don't like that.

9d 2h 37m Apparently everyone loves Acupressure. We wish our Icicles work the same way.

9d 2h 36m Cacturne uses Icicle Spear and we get the same amount of hearts.

9d 2h 36m Sandshrew gets a few hearts, same with Kecleon. Doduo, however, gets one.

9d 2h 35m Now we're starting our Talent Round. We're looking at Smash.

9d 2h 35m There is a Sandshrew named Sandyclaws. Also a Doduo named Dodon't.

9d 2h 34m Now we're in our Contest Costume.

9d 2h 34m We enter Cacturne for the Cool Contest in the Special Rank!

9d 2h 33m And then we entered Swinu. Or not.

9d 2h 33m We currently have entered Glaceon.

9d 2h 31m We ask the guy to create a special effect for us.

9d 2h 30m We enter for the Talent Round!

9d 2h 29m We enter the Contest Hall. Getting some nice music playing for us.

9d 2h 28m In Verdanturf Town.

9d 2h 24m We throw a Great Ball at a wild Squirtle. It fails.

9d 2h 24m We use our last Oran Berry on Jellicent Blue! No berries left!

9d 2h 24m And that concludes your hockey presentation. Hopefully that enlightens you on how stupid and great the sport of Canada is.

9d 2h 22m A Jigglypufff's Lick paralyzed Jellicent Blue!

9d 2h 20m We used another Oran Berry on Jellicent!

[Snark] #impeach Deadinksy66

9d 2h 17m Entered Rusturf Tunnel!

9d 2h 13m We used an Oran Berry on our Jellicent Blue.

9d 2h 10m On Route 116!

[Fluff] TPP: Where I post random hockey stuff in the updater when I'm bored.

9d 2h 9m Back in Rustboro.

9d 2h 3m On Route 115 now.

9d 1h 57m We left the gym.

9d 1h 54m We're behind Roxanne. We talk to her, and she congratulates us on being the champ.

9d 1h 52m And then we re-entered it. Because logic is our #2 concern.

9d 1h 51m We entered the Gym, thinking we needed to refight all of the gym leaders, then realized that we didn't and left.

9d 1h 48m We exit the building.

9d 1h 44m We went into the lab part of the building.

9d 1h 35m We now have to go to Granite Cave to get some Meteorite Shards, so we can save the world.

9d 1h 34m Giant telescopes ftw

9d 1h 34m They made a giant telescope and saw an asteroid heading towards us.

9d 1h 34m So Devon Corporation developed Infinite Energy recently so we didn't have to sacrifice mons.

9d 1h 33m He talks to us about 3,000 years ago, about how there was a powerful weapon that was powered by Pokemon's sacrifices.

[Fluff] It's been 3,000 years!

9d 1h 32m We're talking to Steven's father.


9d 1h 31m Apparently we're not going to discuss happy news. We enter the museum.

[Info] We're in Rustboro City

9d 1h 31m Wherever we are, we're meeting with Steven.

9d 1h 29m Actually, I'm not too sure which town we're navigating. Looks nice though.

9d 1h 13m We harvested 4 Oran Berries!

9d 1h 10m Marill goes down! Secret Base Expert James defeated! We get 992 fro winning!

9d 1h 9m Tossed our only Ultra Ball! Don't be a theif!

9d 1h 9m Snubbull goes down! Marill sent out!

9d 1h 7m Cottonee goes down! Snubbull sent out!

9d 1h 5m Azurill goes down! Cottonee sent out!

9d 1h 2m VS. Secret Base Expert James! Azurill sent out!

9d 1h 1m Found a Balm Mushroom!

9d 0h 54m 3 Ice Beams take Treecko out! Picnicker Winston defeated! We get 7,920 for winning! Found a Luxury Ball!

9d 0h 53m Grotle goes down! Treecko sent out!

9d 0h 53m We sent out Wigglytuff!

9d 0h 51m Jellicent (F) Fainted!

9d 0h 50m VS. Picnicker Winston! Grotle sent out!

9d 0h 45m He tells us that we have to go and meet him for some important info!

9d 0h 45m We get a phone call! It's Steven!

9d 0h 43m Dive takes out Simisear! Backpacker Matt defeated! We get 7,100 for winning!

9d 0h 43m We sent out Pink Jellicent (F) to try and take it out!

9d 0h 42m Glaceon fainted!

9d 0h 42m Cacturne fainted! Glaceon sent out!

9d 0h 41m VS. "Team Aqua" Backpacker Matt! Simisear sent out!

9d 0h 41m We visit Wally!

[Info] We have 1 Ultra Ball in bag!

9d 0h 35m We Nickname it "Squirtle__!" The ___ Are spaces.

9d 0h 34m We had 4 Premier Balls but we use them on a Squirtle! Caught a Lv.3 Male Squirtle!

[Info] We bought some Ultra Balls too I think, but I did not catch the exact amount!

9d 0h 23m Bought 2 Pokéballs! 297 Great Balls!

9d 0h 23m Bought 104 Pokéballs!

9d 0h 13m We save!

[Fluff] THE BEST is in Elf World still

[Fluff] I think it's the best.

9d 0h 7m Received Cyndaquil!

9d 0h 7m Professor Birch gets attacked again!

Welcome to Day 10 of Twitch Plays Randomised Alpha Sapphire

8d 23h 56m We're outside, and encountering low level wild Pokémon.

8d 23h 51m We visit Brendon and his mom!

8d 23h 49m Pokédex upgraded!

[Snark] Deku tripped over the power cord.

༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ Lower your Dongers ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽

8d 23h 49m Screen returns!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 23h 47m We talk to Professor Birch! Then the screen goes black!

[Fluff] inb4 we somehow give it to and release Lamp instead

[Fluff] Now we have both Mewtwonite X and Y! Better go look for Mewtwo and give those to it!

8d 23h 42m Found Mewtwonite X!

[Fluff] Don't worry, we raised our dongers for you!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I MISSED TEH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Suddenly smash is betting hint tokens instead of regular ones.

8d 23h 36m Professor Layton-esque music activates upon meeting Zinnia.

8d 23h 34m TVShow activates. Meteor shower inbound! It's not like its foreshadowing anything, no, not at all...

[Snark] Let's check under the bed!

[Snark] Finally! The clock hands are moving right on time! I was worried for a second

8d 23h 32m We Awaken! Now if we would stop pressing A.

[Fluff] And now cheerful music

[Fluff] Whismur noises intensify

[Chat] IT IS THE YEAR 200X

[Snark] XX:XX XX XX 20XX: Fox is the new metagame

8d 23h 29m Oh there we go, now we can start new ga- oh wait, we continued

8d 23h 29m Inputs disabled?

[Snark] Let's pick New Game!

[Snark] Delta Episode unlocked!

8d 23h 28m Super Dramatic Music as the Delta Symbol Logo closes in on us and darkens the screen. TIME FOR DELTA BOYZ

8d 23h 27m The CRYOT Music kinda cut off after a Camera Shutter. #BlameDeku

[Fluff] I wanted to make fun of Sidney More.

Fun Fact: This is the only E4 this run that I got to update, due to Ofenceive Fortress hax

[Donation] $2.00 from Zexy: "You are the best, guys! Congratulations!"

8d 23h 26m Brendan casually points our attention to the title and credits floating in the constellations

[Snark] You have to redo the first 5 fights like in AR. Kappa

[Snark] I wonder what he says if you somehow lose

8d 23h 25m Another Shadow Ball. And its deded. Brendan defeated!

[Snark] Amphabulous

8d 23h 24m We throw a Shadow Ball at it.

8d 23h 24m Incoming Megapharos!

[Fluff] Overkill!

8d 23h 24m There's the Shadow Ball!

8d 23h 24m Sheer Force Shadow Ball incoming! Or... we can use the non sheer force surf and Not KO the Pachirisu

[Fluff] Wow Brendon! OneHand

[Snark] I swear Shadow Ball is our Signature move of the run...

8d 23h 23m Instead we throw a shadow ball at Emolga

8d 23h 23m We KO Magnezone, we try to use an item mid battle for old times sake

8d 23h 23m More Balls of Shadow usage

8d 23h 22m Breaking intensifies

8d 23h 22m Magnezone, we throw a Shadow Ball at it. It scorches us And KOs Cacturne

8d 23h 21m It can attack from the sky! Anyway, we throw a few icicles at it and faint it before it even attacks

8d 23h 21m Minun sent out!

8d 23h 20m Incoming Brendan Battle at Title Screen Intro Route, aka Route 103

BibleThump IWATA BibleThump


[Snark] That's Randomized for you!

Stop having the wrong pokemon in Memories Credits People! Even you Steven! SwiftRage

[Snark] Even slower version of Fortree/Ofenceive Fortress. We're Still Trapped!

[Fluff] It'd help if the memories were actually correct

Credits roll of pictures of our memories!

Meanwhile on Smash, 3 Memes and a Ridley walk into Pyrosphere... Shulk beats DK and Sanic.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DING DONG DONGERS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DING DONG DONGERS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 23h 16m Rufflet vs Magneton!


BibleThump DING DONG DONGERS BibleThump

8d 23h 15m Kingler upon meeting Steven!

8d 23h 15m These Credits sequences are Nostalgiac, Lamp vs Makuhita!

8d 23h 15m Lamp vs Nosepass!

8d 23h 14m Torchic vs Helioptile, which we didn't beat on the first try BIRCH

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY FOR IWATA! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 23h 14m Now to stare at the credits of how we used Major Pokemon throughout the game... Torchic vs Pooch

BibleThump MOOD WHIPLASH CRYOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

BibleThump CRYOT RIOT BibleThump

This Music! Victory CRYOT!


BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

[Snark] And now people doing Select+B+008,135 Inputs. Very Mature Guys...

8d 23h 12m We enter The HOF screen!


[Chat] TTours... EVERYWHERE!

[Fluff] This run's been fun, il mis- wait Delta Episode HYPE!

Me too! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] I'd Like to thank my legs for supporting me!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ HI MOM ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ HELLO YOUTUBE! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Wait im suppsoed to be cheering Steven since he had a Mega Zard Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH BURN VICTORYヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


8d 23h 8m We Use Oblivion Wing! URN COMPLETED!

[Victory] #REKT Steven's Universe!

8d 23h 9m [Fluff] TEH URN!

8d 23h 8m We get Roar'd out! Sweep Prevented!


8d 23h 8m Last Pokemon, It's probably his mega, MEGA CHARIZARD BOYS

8d 23h 7m Full Restore Used, Ninetails down!


8d 23h 7m Ninetails uses Smogon Rocks

8d 23h 7m Magmar Annihilated!

Surf to victory!!!

8d 23h 6m Spiky Shield to stall for a bit!

8d 23h 6m Magmar sent out!

8d 23h 6m We Crit KO it!

8d 23h 6m It clutches and uses Vine Whip, he follows with a Full Restore

[Fluff] Fire type confirmed

8d 23h 6m Emboar sent out!

[Fluff] TEH URN!?!?

8d 23h 5m Camerupt is easily dispatched of!

8d 23h 5m Five Left, he sends out Camerupt!

8d 23h 5m He sends out Lampent, while we counter with Jellicent, we go for a surf And instantly faint Lampent!

8d 23h 4m Steven is challenged, Let it begin!

8d 23h 3m Steven is a fire type user most likely, we have two near full HP Water types, this could be TEH URN guys!

8d 23h 2m Lanturn comes out, we use Psychic. Drake down! ONTO STEVEN BOYZ!

8d 23h 2m Unfortunately, the Glaceon sweep ends as it faints

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 83 - Max. HP 234 Attack 119 Defense 277 Sp. Atk 287 Sp. Def 144 Speed 104

8d 23h 1m It uses Snatch, it then instantly faints to the following ice beam Glaceon grows to level 83 due to it, Lanturn also grows to 86

8d 23h 0m And then we crit it to death, RNGeesus loves us! Out comes Venusaur!

[Chat] FRZ PogChamp

8d 23h 0m A full Restore brings it up to full Health, We FRZ it with an Ice Beam

8d 22h 59m Muk tries to use Dark Void on us. It then uses Sludge Bomb afterwards

8d 22h 59m We get pitted against the Fungus Amoongus, It faints pretty fast though

8d 22h 58m Arbok consumes its Arguv berry and then Belches it at us. Ew. We KO it in retaliation

8d 22h 57m We speak to Drake! Our local poison master!

8d 22h 55m Apparently the Liepard has a Repeat Ball, it sure is repeating a lot of its past actions. We KO it though. Glacia defeated!

8d 22h 54m Blue Jelly to 95, also, Wigglytuff faints

8d 22h 53m Real Spiritomb emerges from its potted thing. It has a Ipapa Berry!

8d 22h 53m Mightyena also faints

8d 22h 53m Bisharp down

[Snark] So much for beating the E4 Guys!

8d 22h 52m Our Desires are Doomed as Bisharp uses Doom Desire, then heals with a Full Restore

8d 22h 51m We start using Rock Smash, it isn't Brick Break that we used to defeat any prior incarnation of Sidney, but it's a fighting move. Malamar goes down to a Dazzling Gleam.

8d 22h 51m Pink Jellicent faints

8d 22h 50m We barely clutch a Night Slash or two, our following Dive would've disposed of Malamar, had a Full Restore not been used

8d 22h 50m Dive + Toxic Strats intensify.

8d 22h 49m We use a Move that isn't Shadow Ball!

[Snark] Icy that you're exiceted guys, but we actually need to win these cold and cruel battles

8d 22h 48m We challenge Glacia

8d 22h 48m We try to exit the door behind NotElsa straight away, It'd help if we actually defeated Glacia.

[Snark] We are making an aBalling use of our Shadow Ball PP

8d 22h 46m We KO Chandelure with a 6th Shadow Ball. Phoebe down

8d 22h 46m Ball 5: Return of Ball, Chandelure tanks it.

8d 22h 45m Ball 4: The Fourth one. Doublade goes down

8d 22h 45m ball 3. The Ball-ening, Misdreavus faints

8d 22h 44m ball 2, we can finally OHKO Drifblim Also level 82 on Glaceon

8d 22h 44m ball 1. gorgeist is down.

8d 22h 43m We finally waltzed our way into Phoebe's room, time for Shadow Ball 2: Electric Boogaloo

8d 22h 39m We avoid a stun spore And defeat Sidney by taking down his Alakazam, Pink Jellicent to 95

[Fluff] At this point, we've been in this battle for about 5 minutes, meaning we've been fighting for longer than we've been speaking.

8d 22h 38m Meowstic down

[Fluff] For note, the only move we've used so far is Shadow Ball

8d 22h 38m For once you can't sum up a Sidney battle with one Move, and be quick about it. Espeon goes down.

8d 22h 37m Oh, Swoobat down as well

8d 22h 37m Hypno down

8d 22h 35m Sidney is boring and uses a Full Restore, also Cacturne faints

8d 22h 34m We speak to Sidney, Ok, so is it going to take 2 minutes to defeat him? Let's find out

8d 22h 32m Hi Sidney, we're probably going to take longer to talk to you than it'll take to beat you

8d 22h 27m Attempt #47.

8d 22h 26m Venusaur used Razor Leaf! Lanturn fainted! Blacked out!

8d 22h 25m Venusaur used Razor Leaf! Lanturn used Psychic! Lanturn down to 2HP. Lanturn used Oblivion Wing!

8d 22h 25m Arbok used Rock Tomb. Lanturn used Psychic! Arbok down.

8d 22h 24m VS Drake!

[Stats] Lanturn Lv. 85 - Max. HP 350 Attack 161 Defense 117 Sp. Atk 148 Sp. Def 129 Speed 160

8d 22h 24m Lanturn leveled up to 85!

8d 22h 22m Lanturn used Thunderbolt. Spiritomb down. Defeated Glacia!

8d 22h 22m Lanturn used Thunderbolt. Liepard down.

8d 22h 21m Sent out Lanturn.

8d 22h 21m Blue Jellicent used Shadow Ball. Liepard took down Blue Jellicent! Blue Jellicent fainted!

8d 22h 20m Glaceon was hurt by poison. Glaceon fainted!

8d 22h 20m Mightyena used Discharge. Glaceon used Dazzling Gleam. Mightyena down.

8d 22h 19m Bisharp used Doom Desire. Glaceon used Dazzling Gleam. Bisharp down.

8d 22h 18m Malamar down.

8d 22h 18m Glaceon used Shadow Ball. Glaceon is still poisoned.

8d 22h 17m Sent out Glaceon.

8d 22h 17m Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 22h 16m VS Glacia!

8d 22h 13m Sitting on the chair in Glacia's room.

8d 22h 11m Saved the game!

8d 22h 10m Defeated Phoebe!

8d 22h 10m Glaceon leveled up to 81!

8d 22h 9m Blue Jellicent leveled up to 94!

8d 22h 8m Misdreavus down.

8d 22h 8m Pink Jellicent used Shadow Ball. Drifblim used Volt Tackle. Drifblim down.

8d 22h 7m Gourgeist down.

8d 22h 6m VS Phoebe!

8d 22h 3m Defeated Sidney!

8d 22h 3m Alakazam down.

8d 22h 2m Meowstic down.

8d 22h 1m Blue Jellicent used Skill Swap.

8d 21h 59m Nothing's happening.

8d 21h 58m Meowstic used Hyperspace Hole. Wigglytuff fainted!

8d 21h 57m Espeon down.

8d 21h 56m Blue Jellicent leveled up to 94!

8d 21h 54m Swoobat down.

8d 21h 54m Glaceon was badly poisoned. Glaceon used Dazzling Gleam. Glaceon used Shadow Ball. Hypno down.

8d 21h 53m Cacturne fainted!

8d 21h 52m Cacturne was poisoned. Sidney used a Full Restore.

8d 21h 51m VS Sidney!

8d 21h 50m Attempt #45.

8d 21h 46m Muk used Sludge Bomb. Wigglytuff fainted! Blacked out!

8d 21h 46m Wigglytuff used Strength. Arbok down.

8d 21h 46m Wigglytuff used Ice Beam. Drake used a Full Restore.

8d 21h 44m Arbok used Waterfall. Glaceon fainted!

8d 21h 42m VS Drake!

8d 21h 38m Defeated Glacia!

8d 21h 38m Liepard down.

8d 21h 35m Wigglytuff used Dazzling Gleam!

8d 21h 35m Wigglytuff used Dazzling Gleam! Spiritomb down.

8d 21h 35m Sent out Wigglytuff.

8d 21h 35m Lanturn used Waterfall. Spiritomb used Dark Pulse. Lanturn fainted!

8d 21h 34m Lanturn used Thunderbolt! Spritomb used Dark Pulse! Lanturn down to 69/346HP.

8d 21h 34m Lanturn used Oblivion Wing! Lanturn was burned! Glacia used a Full Restore.

8d 21h 31m Blue Jellicent fainted! Sent out Lanturn.

8d 21h 31m Blue Jellicent used Shadow Ball! Mightyena used Discharge! Blue Jellicent used Surf! Mightyena down.

8d 21h 31m Blue Jellicent used Shadow Ball! Malamar down.

8d 21h 31m Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 21h 30m Switched Pink Jellicent out for Blue Jellicent.

8d 21h 30m Glacia used a Full Restore.

8d 21h 29m Pink Jellicent used Shadow Ball.

8d 21h 26m VS Glacia!

8d 21h 21m Sent out Blue Jellicent. VS Chandelure. Blue Jellicent used Shadow Ball. Chandelure down. Defeated Phoebe!

8d 21h 20m Glaceon leveled up to 80!

8d 21h 20m Misdreavus down. Pink Jellicent used Shadow Ball. Doublade down.

[Fluff] Shadow Ball Hits!

8d 21h 19m Lanturn leveled up to 84!

[Snark] The battle is getting In Tents!

8d 21h 19m Pink Jellicent used Shadow Ball! Drifblim down.

8d 21h 18m Pink Jellicent used Shadow Ball! Gourgeist down! Drifblim almost instantly to red. Phoebe used a Full Restore!

8d 21h 17m VS Phoebe!

8d 21h 12m Defeated Sidney!

8d 21h 11m Blue Jellicent leveled up to 93!

8d 21h 10m Espeon used Psystrike. Glaceon used Shadow Ball! Espeon used Karate Chop! Glaceon used Shadow Ball! Espeon down.

8d 21h 10m Glaceon used Shadow Ball! Alakazam down.

8d 21h 9m Glaceon used Shadow Ball! Swoobat down.

8d 21h 9m Sidney used a Full Restore.

8d 21h 9m Swoobat took down Cacturne. Cacturne fainted!

[Stats] Cacturne Lv. 73 - Max. HP 194 Attack 212 Defense 138 Sp. Atk 174 Sp. Def 95 Speed 105

8d 21h 8m Cacturne leveled up to 73!

8d 21h 7m Switched back to Cacturne. Cacturne used Shadow Ball! Hypno down.

8d 21h 6m Switched Cacturne out for Glaceon.

8d 21h 6m Hypno used Toxic! Cacturne was badly poisoned.

8d 21h 6m VS Sidney!

8d 21h 3m Still loafing around in the room.

[Chat] TTours.... EVERYWHERE!

[Donation] $2.00 from YOUR MOM: "Be sure to take plenty of pictures to show me when you return home! TTours"

8d 20h 58m Attempt #44.

[Fluff] We need to Get Even with Stevens! Even Stevens, anyone?

[Fluff] Not ready for Steven's Universe!

8d 20h 55m We keep using Strength but fail. Wigglytuff used Dazzling Gleam! Lampent used Thunder Shock! Wigglytuff fainted! Blacked out!

[rip] rip

[Snark] That was definitely teh urn.

8d 20h 55m Wigglytuff down to 98/412HP.


8d 20h 55m Wigglytuff used Ice Beam! Lampent used Thunder Shock! Wigglytuff used Ice Beam again.

8d 20h 54m VS STEVEN!

8d 20h 54m [Donation] $2.00 from oyeah1988: "YOOMTAH VS THE WORLD. IT"S HAPPENING" -- uhh that went by too fast.

[Fluff] Steven must feel lonely living in that huge room alone.

[Fluff] Is this gonna be Teh Urn?

8d 20h 53m In Steven's massive room.

[Fluff] Here we go here we go here we go.

8d 20h 51m Defeated Drake!

8d 20h 50m Wigglytuff used Ice Beam! Gengar down!

8d 20h 50m Gengar used Mega Drain. Wigglytuff used Dazzling Gleam.

8d 20h 49m Venusaur used Snatch! Wigglytuff used Strength. Venusaur down!

8d 20h 49m Sent out Wigglytuff. Muk down!

8d 20h 48m Glaceon fainted!

8d 20h 47m Foongus down.

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 79 - Max. HP 223 Attack 114 Defense 264 Sp. Atk 273 Sp. Def 137 Speed 99

8d 20h 47m Glaceon leveled up to 79!

8d 20h 46m Glaceon used Ice Beam! Arbok down.

8d 20h 46m VS Drake!

8d 20h 41m [Donation] $2.00 from BABA: "Hey where did you guys? I wanted to come home and join you for the E4!"

8d 20h 39m Saved the game!

8d 20h 38m Wigglytuff used Dazzling Gleam. Spritomb down. Defeated Glacia!

8d 20h 37m Sent out Wigglytuff. Glacia used a Full Restore.

8d 20h 36m Lanturn used Oblivion Wing. Spritomb used Dark Pulse. Lanturn used Oblivion Wing. Spritomb down to red. Spritomb used Dark Pulse. Lanturn fainted!

8d 20h 36m Lanturn used Thunderbolt. Mightyena down. Glacia sent out Spritomb.

8d 20h 34m Mightyena used Secret Power! Lanturn used Oblivion Wing.

8d 20h 34m Bisharp down! Glacia sent out Mightyena. Switched Wigglytuff out for Lanturn.

8d 20h 34m Sent out Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff used Ice Beam. Bisharp was frozen solid.

8d 20h 32m Blue Jellicent fainted! Malamar is burned.

8d 20h 30m Pink Jellicent used Shadow Ball! Malamar took down Pink Jellicent. Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 20h 30m VS Glacia!

[Stats] Pink Jellicent Lv. 93 - Max. HP 344 Attack 134 Defense 136 Sp. Atk 177 Sp. Def 251 Speed 157

8d 20h 25m Pink Jellicent leveled up to 93!

8d 20h 26m Pink Jellicent Shadow Ball sweep. Defeated Phoebe!

8d 20h 25m Misdreavus down.

8d 20h 24m Drifblim used Volt Tackle but is taken down by recoil!

8d 20h 24m Pink Jellicent insta-KO's Gourgeist.

8d 20h 23m VS Phoebe!

8d 20h 22m In Phoebe's Room.

8d 20h 20m Sidney used a Full Restore on Meowstic. Goes down anyway. Defeated Sidney!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LEVEL 100 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 20h 19m [Info] Some other Pokémon leveled up, missed who.

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 78 - Max. HP 220 Attack 112 Defense 260 Sp. Atk 270 Sp. Def 136 Speed 98

8d 20h 19m Glaceon leveled up to 78!

8d 20h 19m Glaceon used Shadow Ball! Espeon down.

8d 20h 18m Wigglytuff leveled up to 100!

8d 20h 18m Glaceon used Shadow Ball! Alakazam down!

8d 20h 17m Swoobat used Focus Energy! Glaceon used Shadow Ball! Swoobat down.

8d 20h 17m Glaceon sent out. Hypno down.

8d 20h 16m Hypno used Poison Tail! Cacturne fainted!

8d 20h 15m Cacturne was poisoned by Hypno! Sidney used a Full Restore.

8d 20h 14m VS Sidney!

8d 20h 11m Attempt #43.

8d 20h 6m Lanturn used Oblivion Wing! Doublade used Fly! Lanturn fainted! Blacked out!

8d 20h 6m Doublade used Sacred Fire! Lanturn was burned.

8d 20h 5m Lanturn used Waterfall! Chandelure used Thunder Shock! Lanturn down to 178/316HP. Chandelure down.

8d 20h 3m Misdreavus used Phantom Force! Lanturn used Waterfall! Misdreavus down.

8d 20h 2m Lanturn used Thunderbolt. Drifblim down!

8d 20h 1m Phoebe used a Full Restore.

8d 20h 1m Sent out Lanturn. Lanturn used Waterfall!

8d 20h 0m Drifblim used Volt Tackle! Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 19h 58m Cacturne fainted! Sent out pink Jellicent. Gourgeist down.

8d 19h 57m Finally VS Phoebe!

8d 19h 44m We enter Phoebe's Room.

8d 19h 41m With Alakazam down, we have (somehow, at last) defeated Sidney!

8d 19h 40m Pink Jellicent has been paralyzed and is struggling to land a hit.

8d 19h 37m A combination of paralysis and Whirlpool damage took out Wigglytuff!

8d 19h 34m Wigglytuff has been paralyzed.

8d 19h 32m We got rid of Meowstic. Then Alakazam comes out and takes Glaceon out.

8d 19h 30m Glaceon comes in.

8d 19h 29m Wigglytuff is switched in.

8d 19h 27m Male Jellicent fainted!

8d 19h 26m Hypno and Swoobat go down.

8d 19h 24m We have sent Male Jellicent to face Hypno. He has been poisoned.

8d 19h 23m We have begun attempt #42.

8d 19h 21m The chat is divided on what to do next, but in the end we walked back for another attempt at the E4.

8d 19h 14m Electro Ball takes Wigglytuff out! We blacked out against Glacia! Attempt #41 is over!

8d 19h 13m Wigglytuff has been burned!

8d 19h 12m Bisharp eventually faints under Wigglytuff's attacks.

8d 19h 11m Glacia heals Bisharp twice. We keep attacking.

8d 19h 11m Dazzling Gleam still can't defeat Bisharp in one hit. We're hit by Torment.

8d 19h 10m Mightyena down!

8d 19h 9m Wigglytuff is our last pokémon still standing.

[Stats] F Jellicent Lv. 92 - Max. HP 341 Attack 132 Defense 134 Sp. Atk 176 Sp. Def 248 Speed 155

8d 19h 8m Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 19h 7m Malamar down! Female Jellicent reached lv.92!

8d 19h 6m We talked to Glacia!

8d 19h 4m Chair! We're in the chair! We're happy in our chair.

8d 18h 59m We're messing around in the menus.

8d 18h 51m Chandelure takes Male Jellicent down with her! Phoebe defeated!

8d 18h 48m Male Jellicent reached lv.92! WIGGLYTUFF REACHED LV.99!!

8d 18h 46m Pink Jellicent tries to save the run.

8d 18h 44m Gourgeist took down our Glaceon.

8d 18h 42m We switched Jellicent out for Glaceon, who took a really hard hit. Now we're in the pokémon menu once again.

8d 18h 41m We switch Wigglytuff out and send Blue Jellicent in her place.

8d 18h 41m Wow, not much happened this turn!

8d 18h 39m Cacturne is taken out by Gourgeist and the universe is in balance once again.

8d 18h 39m We challenge Phoebe!

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 77 - Max. HP 217 Attack 111 Defense 257 Sp. Atk 266 Sp. Def 134 Speed 97

8d 18h 34m Meowstic fainted! Sidney defeated! Glaceon reached lv.77!

8d 18h 32m Espeon down! Only Meowstic is left! Hyperspace Hole damages Glaceon but doesn't take her down!

8d 18h 31m And takes him out.

8d 18h 31m With Swoobat down, Glaceon proceeds to fight Alakazam.

8d 18h 30m Glaceon takes Hypno down.

8d 18h 29m Oops! We lost Lanturn against Hypno. Not the urn?

8d 18h 28m Lanturn has been poisoned!

8d 18h 27m We switched Cacturne out again, sending Lanturn in. We might have panicked after noticing the lack of Thief.

8d 18h 26m Attempt #41 is already happening!

8d 18h 23m We're down! We go down with our hopes and dreams for attempt #40, dead at Drake.

8d 18h 23m Fake Tears drop our Special Defense! We're down to red HPs!

8d 18h 22m Another potion from Drake! We insist with Ice Beam! No FRZ yet!

8d 18h 22m Gengar recovers with Mega Drain, then hits with Bonemerang! We keep hitting!


8d 18h 21m Drake used a Full Restore, but we keep attacking.

8d 18h 21m Amoonguss comes out!

8d 18h 20m Drake is throwing with Snatch, letting us take another pokémon down without taking any damage ourselves!

8d 18h 20m Muk is down!! Venusaur is next!

8d 18h 20m Arbok goes down under Wigglytuff's Strength. Muk comes in!

8d 18h 18m Drake battle!

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 98 - Max. HP 403 Attack 223 Defense 148 Sp. Atk 157 Sp. Def 109 Speed 142

8d 18h 15m With Dazzling Gleam, Liepard's out of the way. Wigglytuff reached lv.98! Glacia defeated!

8d 18h 13m We only have Wigglytuff left.

8d 18h 13m Razor Leaf takes us down before we can recover with Oblivion Wing, and Wish heals Liepard's damage away.

8d 18h 12m Spiritomb is finally down! Liepard is the last enemy pokémon left!

8d 18h 11m Lanturn was burned! Again!

8d 18h 11m Lanturn paralyzed Spiritomb!

8d 18h 10m Male Jellicent is barely still conscious when Spiritomb comes in, and Dark Pulse easily finishes him off!

8d 18h 9m Doom Desire hits, but doesn't deal much damage! We keep attacking with Brick Break! Jellicent survives Discharge, but is paralyzed!

8d 18h 8m Male Jellicent takes care of Bisharp.

8d 18h 8m Bisharp sets up Doom Desire before taking Glaceon out.

8d 18h 7m Glaceon has been burned. Again. Of course.

8d 18h 5m Glacia time!!

8d 18h 0m Pink Jellicent sweeped the whole enemy team again! Phoebe defeated!

8d 18h 0m Lanturn reached lv.82!

8d 17h 59m Glaceon reached lv.76!

8d 17h 58m Facing Phoebe! Pink Jellicent is doing her thing and throwing Shadow Balls left and right.

[Stats] M Jellicent Lv. 91 - Max. HP 322 Attack 116 Defense 110 Sp. Atk 176 Sp. Def 221 Speed 190

8d 17h 55m Blue Jellicent reached lv.91 and defeated Sidney!

8d 17h 52m Blue Jellicent commences the sweep.

8d 17h 50m Blast Burn, you guesses it, immolated Cacturne, who is still an incredient in Swoobat's recipe rather than the chef.

8d 17h 50m Cacturne reached lv.72! She forgot Thief for Overheat! Now SHE'LL be the one doing all the cooking.

8d 17h 49m Facing Sidney!

8d 17h 47m We walk back towards Sidney's room, ready for attempt #40, with our party untouched by the PC.

8d 17h 46m We freak out and after turning it on and off a few more times we manage to step away.

8d 17h 45m We started up the PC!

8d 17h 44m Muk is next! We hit with Oblivion Wing, which does very little damage and doesn't heal us enough to survive Sludge Bomb! Blacked out! Run #39 ended by Drake!

8d 17h 43m Gengar uses Boomerang and hits us twice, even landing a critical hit. We're down to red health, but take him out!!

8d 17h 43m Psychic hits! It takes over half of its health! We're hit and slowed down by Electro Web!

8d 17h 43m Gengar comes in! Here we go!

8d 17h 42m Psychic again. Venusaur used Snatch twice and allowed us to take him out with Psychic and then Oblivion Wing, for free!

8d 17h 42m We use Psychic against Venusaur, which takes about 1/3 of its health.

8d 17h 41m Psychic almost destroys Amoonguss in one hit, forcing Drake to use a potion. Then we healed ourselves, and finished the mushroom off, with Oblivion Wing.

8d 17h 40m Thunder Fang takes Jellicent out! We're left with Lanturn only!

8d 17h 39m Surf took Arbok out! Amoongus is next!

8d 17h 39m Male Jellicent is up against Arbok.

8d 17h 38m Facing Drake!

[Info] Cacturne's current move order is: Icicle Spear, Thief, Glare, Shadow Ball.

8d 17h 34m Lanturn takes care of Liepard and defeats Glacia!

8d 17h 33m Wigglytuff goes down!

8d 17h 32m Wigglytuff has been burned while fighting against Liepard!

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 97 - Max. HP 399 Attack 221 Defense 147 Sp. Atk 155 Sp. Def 108 Speed 140

8d 17h 29m Hype! Wigglytuff reached lv.97! Lanturn reached lv.81!

8d 17h 27m Discharge hits! Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 17h 26m Pink Jellicent is down to 8HPs total and Glacia just healed Mightyena.

8d 17h 24m We're fighting against Glacia. Pink Jellicent just got past the first pokémon on hear team.

8d 17h 21m Blue Jellicent did it all on his own, taking Phoebe down!

[Stats] M Jellicent Lv. 90 - Max. HP 318 Attack 114 Defense 109 Sp. Atk 175 Sp. Def 219 Speed 188

8d 17h 19m Blue Jellicent reached lv.90!

8d 17h 18m Blue Jellicent is sent out and begins sweeping.

8d 17h 16m It's Phoebe! Cacturne comes out because we changed things around. Aaaaaand she gets cooked anyways! She just can't escape this fate.

8d 17h 6m Wigglytuff comes in to finish off Sidney!

8d 17h 6m Glaceon is taken out by Meowstic after handling the accidental switch as well as she could possibly have.

8d 17h 5m Glaceon survived the Hyper Beam and used the turn that Espeon needed to recharge to take him down!

8d 17h 4m Shadow Ball still gets the job done and Alakazam goes down.

8d 17h 4m Glaceon is Paralyzed!

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 75 - Max. HP 212 Attack 108 Defense 250 Sp. Atk 260 Sp. Def 131 Speed 94

8d 17h 3m Glaceon gets rid of Swoobat, too.

8d 17h 2m Glaceon takes this chance to get some nice EXP, reaching lv.75. Pink Jellicent reached lb.90.

8d 17h 2m We changed things around and switched Cacturne out for Glaceon.

8d 17h 0m Sidney didn't even say hi to us this time. Run #39!

8d 16h 54m We switched to Psychic! Gengar used Mega Drain and healed himself, surviving an otherwise mortal move! Lanturn went down! Attempt #38 ended against Drake!

8d 16h 53m We keep hitting with Oblivion Wing, which isn't as powerful against this foe. Gengar used Fake Tears! BibleThump

8d 16h 53m Venusaur goes down! Gengar is next!

8d 16h 53m Venusaur is healed by a Full Restore while Lanturn is an independent pokémon and heals herself.

8d 16h 51m Razor Leaf deals some heavy damage, but we recover with Oblivion Wing and almost take Venusaur down.

8d 16h 51m Lanturn gets rid of Arbok and Venusaur is sent out.

8d 16h 49m Wigglytuff goes down against Arbok, who burped her to death with Belch.

8d 16h 49m It's Drake time!

8d 16h 44m Wigglytuff did it! Glacia defeated!

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 96 - Max. HP 395 Attack 219 Defense 145 Sp. Atk 154 Sp. Def 107 Speed 139

8d 16h 42m Mightyena is out of the picture and Wigglytuff reached lv.96! Lanturn reached lv.80!

8d 16h 41m Wigglytuff comes in to save the run, getting rid of Bisharp but taking the Doom Desire to the face.

8d 16h 38m A combination of confusion and horrible luck has taken down our Blue Jellicent while still battling Bisharp.

8d 16h 37m Bisharp takes Glaceon out.

8d 16h 35m Glaceon has been burned.

8d 16h 35m Facing Glacia!

[Fluff] 2 minutes to get past Phoebe!

8d 16h 31m Did you blink? Then you missed this battle. Jellicent swept all of Phoebe's team, but was taken down with Destiny Bond!

8d 16h 30m Drifblim just went down due to its own move's recoil.

8d 16h 29m Shadow Ball hits! The sweep begins!

8d 16h 29m Phoebe time!

8d 16h 28m We just switched Cacturne's moves around, putting Icicle Spear in Thief's place.

8d 16h 27m We attempt to sequence break the game by skipping Phoebe. No matter how often we hit the door, though, it won't open.

[Fluff] In about four minutes!

8d 16h 24m Sidney defeated!

[Stats] M Jellicent Lv. 89 - Max. HP 315 Attack 113 Defense 108 Sp. Atk 173 Sp. Def 216 Speed 185

8d 16h 23m Blue Jellicent starts sweeping and reached lv.89!

8d 16h 21m You can guess it: Cacturne took down Hypno and then was burned to the ground. Glaceon reached lv.74!

8d 16h 19m We walk into Sidney's room only to find it empty because he went shopping. Oh, just kidding. Attempt #38 begins now!

8d 16h 16m Lanturn goes down! Attempt #37 has been stopped by Glacia!

8d 16h 16m Liepard is now the last pokémon in Lanturn's way.

8d 16h 14m Lanturn has been burned by Spiritomb! I sense a pattern.

8d 16h 12m Doom Desire comes down and finishes off Wigglytuff!

8d 16h 12m With Bisharp out of the game, Spiritomb comes in.

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 95 - Max. HP 391 Attack 216 Defense 144 Sp. Atk 153 Sp. Def 106 Speed 138

8d 16h 10m Wigglytuff is hit by a critical hit, but survives and takes care of Mightyena. She reaches lv.95!

8d 16h 10m Blue Jellicent goes down!

8d 16h 8m Clutch! Male Jellicent is badly hurt, but still standing floating. Malamar goes down and Mightyena takes her place.

8d 16h 8m Male Jellicent comes in and burns Malamar with his ability, but takes some hard damage. The burn is then healed by Phoebe's Fill Restore.

8d 16h 6m Malamar took female Jellicent out!

8d 16h 5m We found Glacia!

8d 16h 0m The chair's magnetic pull prevents us from exiting the room.

8d 15h 57m Chandelure used Destiny Bond too early, and a damaging move afterwards. Jellicent swept all of Phoebe's team, and survived to tell the tale!

8d 15h 57m Bisharp goes down! Lanturn reached lv.79!

[Stats] F Jellicent Lv. 89 - Max. HP 330 Attack 128 Defense 130 Sp. Atk 170 Sp. Def 240 Speed 150

8d 15h 56m Misdreavus down!

8d 15h 56m With Drifblim down, Pink Jellicent reaches lv.89!

8d 15h 55m Phoebe heals her Drifblim twice while we keep up the pressure.

8d 15h 54m One Shadow Ball later, Gourgeist is down. Pink Jellicent has started her unstoppable sweep.

8d 15h 53m We did it reddit! We're facing Phoebe!

8d 15h 52m Phoebe offers us a cup of tea, since we're enjoying her chair so much.

[Fluff] The ghost girl just happens to also be sitting on the chair.

8d 15h 46m We sit down in the chair, resting our tired legs. All this running around took its toll on us.

8d 15h 39m Wigglytuff ends the battle! Sidney defeated!

8d 15h 37m Wigglytuff lands a few hits. Sidney heals his Meowstic.

8d 15h 36m Meowstic is out, and Glaceon is down!

8d 15h 36m Glaceon and Espeon face off, and the winner is the ice-type eeveelution!

8d 15h 35m Glaceon takes out Alakazam!

8d 15h 33m Glaceon and Swoobat exchange a few hits, then our opponent goes down.

8d 15h 31m Immolated by Blast Burn! We know the drill.

8d 15h 30m Cacturne gets rid of Hypno and braces for impact, knowing what's coming for her...

8d 15h 29m Attempt #37 begins now!

8d 15h 28m Sidney still calls us "challenger". After all the times we've visited him, he still hasn't memorized our name.

8d 15h 23m It was too much! Lanturn goes down! Attempt #36 has been stopped by Drake!

8d 15h 22m Venusaur comes out! Razor Leaf hurts, and so does our burn! We keep using Oblivion Wing to recover!

8d 15h 22m And it's down! Lanturn takes Amoonguss down!

8d 15h 22m Amoonguss is down to only a few HPs. Bug Buzz hits! It lowers out Special Defence but doesn't hurt much.

8d 15h 21m Lanturn keeps attacking while Drake uses the second Full Restore.

8d 15h 20m Amoonguss is holding a Power Weight. Oblivion Wing is SE and helps healing the damage of the burn!

8d 15h 19m Jellicent can't withstand the SE attack!

8d 15h 19m Surf doesn't do much, while Jellicent is hurt and paralyzed by Thunder Fang!

8d 15h 18m Amoonguss comes out next!

8d 15h 18m Surf is dealing good damage! Arbok goes down!

8d 15h 17m Arbok eats an Aguav Berry to recover from the damage. Jellicent's speed is going down. Drake used a potion!

8d 15h 17m Facing Drake! Male Jellicent comes out against his Arbok!

8d 15h 13m Spiritomb used Belly Drum, then healed with Iapapa Berry, but not enough HPs to stop Lanturn from taking it down! Male Jellicent reached lv.88! Glacia defeated!!

8d 15h 13m Lanturn has been burned!

8d 15h 12m Lanturn recovered a great amount of HPs and defeated Mightyena. Only Spiritomb is left!

8d 15h 11m Lanturn's Oblivion Wing heals her a bit!

8d 15h 11m Mightyena comes in and uses Secret Power, not dealing too much damage.

8d 15h 9m Lanturn is up against Liepard. They're exchanging electric-type moves.

8d 15h 8m On the same turn, Doom Desire comes down from the sky and takes out Wigglytuff!

8d 15h 8m Another Full Restore, another Doom Desire incoming and Torment still active, but Wigglytuff holds her ground and finally takes down Bisharp.

8d 15h 7m Wigglytuff's Strength isn't enough to take out Bisharp, who Torments her. Doom Desire seriously hurts us, while Glacia heals her pokémon.

8d 15h 6m With a Doom Desire already on its way, Bisharp takes out Glaceon with Chatter.

8d 15h 5m Malamar fainted! Lanturn reached lv.78!

8d 15h 5m Glaceon has been burned!

8d 15h 5m Glaceon comes out and uses Dazzling Gleam to take down Malamar's illusion.

8d 15h 4m We have challenged Glacia!

8d 15h 1m Since this is such a good attempt, we decided saved the game.

8d 14h 59m Male Jellicent easily survives a couple of Thunder Shocks and gets rid of Chandelure, securing the victory against Phoebe! Wigglytuff reached lv.94!

8d 14h 59m Chandelure puts an end to the sweep, taking Pink Jellicent down!

8d 14h 59m Duoblade faints as soon as she steps in the battlefield.

8d 14h 58m Misdreavus didn't stand a chance.

8d 14h 57m Clutch! Jellicent survives a SE hit and forces Phoebe to heal Drifblim, who goes down the next turn. Glaceon reaches lv.73!

8d 14h 56m Phoebe is next! Female Jellicent versus Gourgeist, and Shadow Ball is a OHKO.

8d 14h 51m With Alakazam out of the way, Sidney is down!

[Stats] F Jellicent Lv. 88 - Max. HP 326 Attack 127 Defense 129 Sp. Atk 168 Sp. Def 238 Speed 149

8d 14h 50m Sidney wastes his Full Restore on Meowstic, but can't stop our pink giant ghost jellyfish, who reaches lv.88!

8d 14h 49m Shadow Ball hits! Jellicent has taken out both Espeon and Swoobat.

8d 14h 48m Swoobat hits Pink Jellicent with Volt Switch and Espeon is sent out.

8d 14h 47m Cacturne gets rid of Hypno and is then immolated by Blast Burn, as usual.

[Meta] Some people are referencing the PBR announcer and commentating the battles with his lines during the E4 attempts. It's pretty fun and if you can you should definitely keep up with the chat just for that.

8d 14h 45m This is the beginning of attempt #36!

8d 14h 45m Sidney kicks away the chair, holds his pants to stop them from falling down and challenges us to battle!

8d 14h 41m The burn takes out Lanturn! Attempt #35 ends against Glacia!

8d 14h 40m Lanturn has been burned!

8d 14h 39m One more Thunderbolt and Mightyena follows the rest of her team. Spiritomb's the last enemy pokémon!

8d 14h 38m Lanturn takes control of the situation and starts sweeping! Liepard's wish comes true after her defeat, healing Mightyena in the middle of the fight.

8d 14h 36m Blue Jellicent came out just to faint. We're left with Lanturn only.

8d 14h 33m Wigglytuff takes out Bisharp and is hit by Doom Desire, which causes her to faint!

8d 14h 31m Wigglytuff tanks a few hits and proceeds to use Dazzling Gleam to take down the opponent.

8d 14h 30m Pink Jellicent comes out and destroys Malamar's illusion. The pokémon retaliates and she goes down!

8d 14h 29m We found Glacia!

8d 14h 25m Chandelure goes down! Blue Jellicent grew to 87! Phoebe defeated!

8d 14h 23m Doublade is sent out. Another Shadow Ball effortlessly takes care of it. Lanturn grew to level 77! Chandelure is sent out.

8d 14h 23m Difblim goes down. Wigglytuff grew to level 93! Misdreavus is sent out but it quickly drops.

8d 14h 22m Gorugeist goes down. Drifblim is sent out next.

8d 14h 21m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Gourgeist.

8d 14h 16m Alakazam is taken out. Sidney defeated!

8d 14h 15m Espeon fainted! Pink Jellicent grew to level 87! Meowstic is sent out and quickly goes down!

8d 14h 15m Swoobat fainted! Espeon is sent out next.

8d 14h 14m Glaceon goes down! Blue Jellicent is sent out.

8d 14h 12m Cacturne fainted! Glaceon is sent out.

8d 14h 11m A critical hit takes down Hypno in one hit! Cacturne grew to level 71! Swoobat out next.

8d 14h 11m Vs Sidney! Cacturne vs Hypno.

8d 14h 9m Entered E4 again. Attempt #35 underway!

8d 14h 5m Lanturn fainted! We black out! Lost to Glacia on Run #34!

8d 14h 3m We take Liepard down! Spiritomb is sent out.

8d 14h 1m Foe Mightenya fainted. Liepard out next.

8d 14h 0m Lanturn, our final Pokemon, is sent out.

8d 13h 59m Malamar goes down! Mightyena out next. Discharge takes us out. Blue Jellicent fainted!

8d 13h 58m Glacia cheats of course and uses a Full Restore! It's health is restored!

8d 13h 57m We attack and reveal the Malamar. We are both brought down to red.

8d 13h 56m Vs Glacia! Blue Jellicent vs "Spiritomb"!

8d 13h 48m It uses Destiny Bond again as we finish it off! Pink Jellicent fainted! Phoebe defeated!

8d 13h 47m Misdreavus goes down! Blue Jellicent grew to 86! Chandelure is sent out. It uses Destiny Bond!

8d 13h 46m Pink Jellicent comes back out. It takes down Doublade. Misdreavus is sent out.

8d 13h 44m Doublade out next. Sacred Fire takes us out. Wigglytuff fainted!

8d 13h 43m Foe Drifblim frozen solid with Ice Beam! Drifblim goes down!

8d 13h 42m Pink Jellicent withdrawn for Wigglytuff. Phoebe uses a Full Restore.

8d 13h 42m Shadow Ball takes Gourgeist down. Lanturn grew to level 76! Drifblim out next.

8d 13h 41m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Gourgeist!

8d 13h 35m Wigglytuff takes it down! Sidney defeated!

8d 13h 34m Meowstic is out next. Wigglytuff takes it down! Alakazam is sent out.

8d 13h 33m Espeon is sent out. Strength takes it down.

8d 13h 32m Swoobat goes down! Wigglytuff grew to level 92!

8d 13h 31m Glaceon goes down! Wigglytuff comes out.

8d 13h 30m We withdraw Blue Jellicent for Glaceon. Swoobat uses Focus Energy.

8d 13h 30m Cacturne fainted! Blue Jellicent is sent out.

8d 13h 29m Foe Hypno goes down! Swoobat comes out.

8d 13h 28m Vs Sidney! Cacturne vs Hypno.

8d 13h 25m Entered E4! Attempt #34!

8d 13h 23m Lanturn does her best, but Mightyena is healed by the Full Restore and takes her out. Attempt #33 is over against Glacia!

8d 13h 21m Liepard follows it.

8d 13h 21m It took us a while but Malamar went down.

8d 13h 19m Lanturn comes in, our last pokémon, comes in. Malamar is healed.

8d 13h 17m Blue Jellicent fainted!

8d 13h 16m With so few people inputting, we're making slow progress.

8d 13h 13m There's Glacia! It's ON!

8d 13h 6m Thunder Shock hits. Super Effective, but only scratches us. We take Chandelure out before she can use Destiny Bond, defeating Phoebe!

8d 13h 5m Pink Jellicent fainted! We're left with Lanturn and male Jellicent, who we send out.

8d 13h 4m Female Jellicent swoops in to save the day and gets rid of Doublade. Chandelure is sent out.

8d 13h 3m After losing ourselves in the menus some more, Wigglytuff goes down!

8d 13h 2m Wigglytuff has been burned!

8d 13h 0m And then Doublade comes out. I sense a pattern...

8d 12h 59m Secret Sword hits Wigglytuff, but doesn't hurt much. Misdreavus goes down.

8d 12h 58m We have switched Jellicent out in favor of Wigglytuff, who is immune to Misdreavus' Phantom Force. Strats?

[Stats] F Jellicent Lv. 86 - Max. HP 319 Attack 124 Defense 126 Sp. Atk 164 Sp. Def 232 Speed 146

8d 12h 58m Pink Jellicent reached lv.86!

8d 12h 56m Gourgeist falls under the might of Pink Jellifish's Shadow Ball!

8d 12h 52m We get lost in the menus for a moment, but then smoothly take care of Alakazam, defeating Sidney!

8d 12h 49m Blue Jellicent reached lv.85.

8d 12h 49m Pink Jellicent comes back and resumes the sweep, getting rid of Swoobat and Meowstic.

8d 12h 48m We accidentally switched Glaceon in, dooming her against Swoobat.

8d 12h 46m Swoobat is switched out with Espeon, who doesn't do much against Pink Jellicent.

8d 12h 46m Cacturne got a really nasty sunburn.

8d 12h 45m Cacturne didn't miss a hit and in two smooth turns she has taken Hypno down.

8d 12h 44m Attempt #33, GO!

8d 12h 43m Sidney nervously slaps down his laptop's screen as he hears us enter the room.

8d 12h 38m Lanturn goes down! Attempt #32 ends against Glacia!

8d 12h 38m Glacia heals Mightyena again.

8d 12h 36m Lanturn is hit by a critical attack and fails to use a damaging move. We do better the next turn, forcing Glacia to heal Mightyena.

8d 12h 36m Mightyena is holding a Pinsirite.

8d 12h 35m Bisharp defeated! Wigglytuff is hit by Doom Desire when Mightyena is out, and takes her down to 1HP. Mightyena finishes the job.

8d 12h 33m Dazzling Gleam takes care of Malamar.

8d 12h 33m There's Glacia! Wigglytuff is ready to face her "Spiritomb".

8d 12h 29m Lanturn gets rid of Chandelure, defeating Phoebe!

8d 12h 28m The enemy Chandelure took out Glaceon! Lanturn's Frisk finds that she's holding a Kangaskhanite.

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 72 - Max. HP 204 Attack 104 Defense 240 Sp. Atk 249 Sp. Def 125 Speed 90

8d 12h 26m Glaceon came in and started sweeping. Glaceon reached lv.72, and did not learn Uproar! Wigglytuff reached lv.91!

8d 12h 22m Phantom Force hit male Jellicent, taking him down! This Misdreavus defeated both of our jellyfishes in, basically, one move.

8d 12h 21m Misdreavus used Phantom Force to hide and allow the poison to do its job. Jellicent down!

8d 12h 21m Jellicent defeated Drifblim, but she's low on HPs because of the poison. She can't survive another turn.

8d 12h 20m Pink Jellicent has been poisoned, but got rid of her doppelgänger.

8d 12h 18m Gourgeist Transformed into Female Jellicent while we desperately tried to use the right move.

8d 12h 17m It took us a while to find Phoebe due to a lack of signs or directions of any kind, but here we are, challenging her once again!

8d 12h 5m Alakazam hit male Jellicent with Whirlpool, which wasn't enough to take us down and gave us the opportunity to Shadow Ball his face! Sidney defeated! Pink Jellicent reached lv. 85!

8d 12h 5m Male Jellicent rolled better and did manage to OHKO Meowstic afterwards.

8d 12h 4m Espeon is out of the picture. Meowstic barely survives the Shadow Ball, and is then healed.

8d 12h 3m Male Jellicent comes in. Skill Swap gives him Drought, and under the sunlight he takes Swoobat out.

8d 12h 2m Swoobat turns Cacturne into cactus juice.

8d 12h 2m With Hypno down, the poison wears Cacturne's HPs down, and she eats the newly acquired berry to recover.

8d 12h 0m We used the wrong move against Hypno, then stole his Aguav Berry. Hypno poisoned Cacturne to teach her a lesson.

[Fluff] Right before the match begins, the camera zooms in on Sidney's crotch. Pay attention next time.

8d 12h 0m Attempt #32 begins now!

8d 11h 59m Sidney really desperately needs to use the bathroom, but we keep coming back to challenge him. He never has a minute to himself.

8d 11h 53m We're down in one hit. Attempt #31 is over, stopped in its tracks by an angry Drake!

8d 11h 53m Arbok knows about our Metal Coat! Our secret has been revealed!

8d 11h 52m We bumped into Drake and made his hat fall off, so he challenged us to a duel to the death.

8d 11h 48m Dazzling Gleam carries us past Glacia! But Wigglytuff is badly hurt.

8d 11h 47m With Mightyena out of the way, (the real) Spiritomb is next.

8d 11h 47m Wigglytuff is paralyzed!

8d 11h 46m We kept the best for last. Wigglytuff comes out, ready to kick butts.

8d 11h 44m Lanturn falls under the might of Mightyena's attacks.

[Stats] Lanturn Lv. 74 - Max. HP 306 Attack 141 Defense 102 Sp. Atk 130 Sp. Def 113 Speed 140

8d 11h 43m A few turns later, Liepard faints, but Lanturn is pretty badly hurt. She reached lv.74!

8d 11h 42m Liepard's next! Razor Leaf hits, but not too hard. The last Doom Desire swoops down from the sky.

8d 11h 42m Torment prevents us from using the right move, but we still took Bisharp out easily.

8d 11h 41m Doom Desire comes down and hits us. Even with a crit, it does almost nothing.

8d 11h 41m Lanturn is Tormented.

8d 11h 40m Glaceon falls against the enemy Bisharp!

8d 11h 40m Glaceon manages to take Malamar down, but with a burn and a clutch.

8d 11h 39m Oh my! Malamar's illusion wore off under our attack! Nobody saw that coming! /s

8d 11h 38m It's Glacia's turn! Glaceon comes out against Spiritomb.

8d 11h 34m We drown the Chandelure with Dive, and Jellicent goes down as well due to Destiny Bond. Your sacrifice will forever be remembered. Phoebe defeated! Wigglytuff reached lv.90!

8d 11h 33m This Chandelure is using Destiny Bond, over and over, just waiting for us to take it down...

8d 11h 32m Pink Jellicent is unstoppable! Glaceon reached lv. 71!

8d 11h 31m With Drifblim out of the way, in comes Misdreavus, looking for fun but only getting PAIN!

8d 11h 31m Twice.

8d 11h 30m She survives a Volt Tackle and hurts Drifblim enough to force Phoebe to heal it.

8d 11h 29m Pink Jellicent is up against Gourgeist, throwing a SE Shadow Ball at its face.

8d 11h 28m Phoebe is still doing her funny dance movement thing when we challenge her.

8d 11h 24m Glaceon makes good use of Shadow Ball and defeats Alakazam! Sidney down!

8d 11h 23m Jellicent barely survived long enough to get rid of Meowstic, landing a nice SE hit. He's then sucked in by a whirlpool. Will we ever see him again?

8d 11h 22m Meowstic switched Magnet Pull with Flame Body.

[Stats] M Jellicent Lv. 84 - Max. HP 298 Attack 107 Defense 102 Sp. Atk 163 Sp. Def 204 Speed 176

8d 11h 21m Blue Jellicent leveled up!

8d 11h 20m Blue Jellicent picks up where Cacturne left off and takes care of Swoobat and Espeon.

[Snark] Deep-fried by Blast Burn!

8d 11h 19m Cacturne takes out Hypno, surviving with about half of her HPs. Then Swoobat comes in and deep fries her for dinner.

8d 11h 17m Cacturne and Hypno, who have become best buddies by now, enter the battlefield.

8d 11h 14m Guess what this is? You got it, it's attempt #31!

8d 11h 11m Drake uses a Full Restore! Rock Tomb takes us out! Blue Jellicent fainted! Black out! We lost to Drake on attempt #30!

8d 11h 10m A Surf drops it to almost half as Rock Tomb lowers our speed. It's Aguav Berry restores HP. Another Rock Tomb makes us even slower.

8d 11h 9m Battling Drake! Blue Jellicent vs Arbok (Level 71).

8d 11h 6m Foe Liepard fainted! Defeated Glacia! We only have one Pokemon remaining.

8d 11h 5m Blue Jellicent sent out. Glacia sends out Liepard.

[Stats] Lanturn Lv. 73 - Max. HP 302 Attack 139 Defense 101 Sp. Atk 128 Sp. Def 112 Speed 138

8d 11h 4m Spiritomb goes down! Lanturn grew to level 73! Lanturn fainted to burn!

[Info] Spiritomb has Belly Drum but doesn't seem to have any physical moves..

8d 11h 2m Glacia uses a Full Restore! We continue attacking it. Lanturn is burned!

8d 11h 1m Lanturn is sent out. Spiritomb uses Belly Drum!

8d 11h 0m Spiritomb is sent out. We attempt to use Strength. Wigglytuff fainted!

8d 10h 59m Glacia sends out Mightyena. It goes down as Wigglytuff drops down to red HP.

8d 10h 58m Full Restore used on Bisharp. Rock Smash finishes the job. Bisharp fainted.

8d 10h 58m Wigglytuff is sent out. We get Tormented and then eat a Doom Desire.

8d 10h 57m Glaceon fainted!

8d 10h 56m Malamar revealed as we knock off most of its health with a Dazzling Gleam. A second one takes it down. Next out is Bisharp.

8d 10h 56m Vs Glacia! Glaceon vs "Spiritomb"

8d 10h 52m Chandelure goes down with two Shadow Balls. Glaceon grew to level 70! Wigglytuff grew to level 89! Phoebe defeated!

8d 10h 52m Doublade comes out but drops in a single hit as well. Chandelure is sent out.

[Stats] M Jellicent Lv. 83 - Max. HP 294 Attack 106 Defense 100 Sp. Atk 161 Sp. Def 202 Speed 173

8d 10h 51m Out now is Misdreavus. Shadow Ball swiftly deals with it.

8d 10h 50m Blue Jellicent is sent out. Phoebe uses a Full Restore. Blue Jellicent grew to 83!

8d 10h 50m Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 10h 49m Gourgeist goes down! Pink Jellicent grew to level 84! Drifblim out next.

8d 10h 49m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Gourgeist!

8d 10h 44m Alakazam does minimal damage with Whirlpool as Shadow Ball takes it out. Sidney defeated!

8d 10h 42m Espeon is out next. It takes us down to yellow but Espeon fainted! Alakazam out next.

8d 10h 41m Pink Jellicent is up against Meowstic. It gets a Full Restore as a Sp. Def drop causes it to drop to the second Shadow Ball.

8d 10h 40m Thief goes first and takes down Swoobat. Cacturne goes down to toxic anyway! Pink Jellicent sent out.

8d 10h 40m Hypno defeated. Cacturne grew to level 70! Swoobat out next.

8d 10h 39m Cacturne was badly poisoned!

8d 10h 38m Battling Sidney! Cacturne vs Hypno!

8d 10h 35m Entered E4! Attempt #30!

8d 10h 31m Blue Jellicent fainted! We black out! Lost to Glacia on attempt #29!

8d 10h 30m Full Restore heals it to full. We Skill Swap but it fails.

8d 10h 28m Shadow Ball reveals the Malamar. We burn it with Flame Body.

8d 10h 28m Battling Glacia! Blue Jellicent vs "Spiritomb"

8d 10h 23m Blue Jellicent sent out. It is our final Pokemon. It takes down Chandelure! Phoebe was defeated!

8d 10h 22m Wigglytuff fainted!

8d 10h 20m Foe Drifblim goes down! Next out is Chandelure.

8d 10h 19m Drifblim sent out.

8d 10h 18m Another Full Restore used. Foe Misdreavus fainted!

8d 10h 17m Wigglytuff is sent out.

8d 10h 15m Phoebe uses a Full Restore. Glaceon faints to poison!

8d 10h 12m Doublade out next. It drops to Shadow Ball. Phoebe sends out Misdreavus.

8d 10h 11m Did not learn Doom Desire!

8d 10h 10m Glaceon grew to level 69! It wants to learn Doom Desire!

8d 10h 10m Glaceon is sent out. Glaceon has been badly poisoned! Foe Gourgeist fainted.

8d 10h 8m It uses Transform and we get fully paralyzed. Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 10h 7m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Gourgeist!

8d 10h 4m Sidney defeated!

8d 10h 3m Wigglytuff grew to level 88!

8d 10h 3m Alakazam is sent out. Pink Jellicent is paralyzed!

8d 10h 2m Shadow Ball almost drops it. A Full Restore is used. We take it down anyway.

8d 10h 1m Foe Espeon fainted! Blue Jellicent grew to 82!

8d 10h 0m Pink Jellicent sent out.

8d 9h 59m Espeon is out next. Lanturn fainted!

8d 9h 59m Lanturn takes down Swoobat. Pink Jellicent grew to level 83!

8d 9h 57m Swoobat comes out. Cacturne fainted! Lanturn sent out.

8d 9h 57m We eat the berry we stole from it and faint it with Thief. Foe Hypno goes down.

8d 9h 56m Full Restore used on Hypno.

8d 9h 55m Cacturne is badly poisoned!

8d 9h 55m Vs Sidney! Cacturne vs Hypno!

8d 9h 52m We head into the E4. Attempt number 29!

8d 9h 50m It uses Razor Leaf! Lanturn fainted! Lost to Glacia! Run 28 over!

8d 9h 49m Did not learn Imprison! Liepard out next.

8d 9h 48m Lanturn is sent out. Foe Spiritomb fainted! Lanturn grew to level 72! It wants to learn Imprison!

8d 9h 46m Blue Jellicent fainted!

8d 9h 46m Blue Jellicent is burned!

8d 9h 45m Mightyena does minimal damage with Discharge and it goes down to Surf! Spiritomb is out next.

8d 9h 44m Bisharp goes down! Mightyena is out next.

8d 9h 43m Blue Jellicent sent out. Full Restore used on Bisharp. We Brick Break and it Full Restores again.

8d 9h 41m We send out Wigglytuff. We Strength and it uses Torment. Doom Desire takes us out. Wigglytuff fainted!

8d 9h 41m Mirror shot takes us out. Glaceon fainted!

8d 9h 40m We reveal Malamar and take it out. Bisharp is out next.

8d 9h 39m Battling Glacia! Glaceon vs "Spiritomb"

8d 9h 38m Talking to Glacia. We have 4 Pokemon remaining.

8d 9h 35m Phoebe has been defeated!

8d 9h 35m It takes less than half damage on Shadow Ball but get another luck Sp. Def. Drop. A second Shadow Ball deals with it.

8d 9h 34m Doublade is sent out next. Another Shadow Ball takes it down. Glaceon grew to level 68! Chandelure is sent out next.

8d 9h 33m Out next is Misdreavus. Shadow Ball takes care of it.

8d 9h 33m Blue Jellicent sent out! She uses a Full Restore. We drop its Sp.Def and finish it off. Drifblim fainted.

8d 9h 32m Gourgeist goes down and Drifblim is sent out next. Still can't kill it in one shot, as Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 9h 31m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Gourgeist.

8d 9h 21m Alakazam is down in one hit as well. Blue Jellicent grew to level 81! Sidney defeated!

8d 9h 20m Meowstic sent out next. Foe Meowstic fainted. Alakazam is sent out next.

8d 9h 19m Espeon sent out. Espeon needs two hits and outspeeds but goes down as well.

8d 9h 18m Pink Jellicent sent out. Swoobat goes down.

8d 9h 18m Cacturne fainted!

8d 9h 17m Hypno goes down! Wigglytuff grew to 87! Swoobat out next.

8d 9h 17m Cacturne is badly poisoned!

8d 9h 16m Vs Sidney! Cacturne vs Hypno.

8d 9h 14m We return to the E4. Attempt #28!

8d 9h 11m Lanturn fainted! Lost to Drake! Run 27 over!

8d 9h 10m We fall asleep due to Dark Void! Psychic does minimal damage and it starts to recover with Leftovers.

8d 9h 10m Lanturn sent out. We frisk a Leftovers.

8d 9h 9m Muk sent out next! Level 74. Sludge Bomb knocks us out. Wigglytuff fainted! Only Lanturn remains.

8d 9h 8m It then uses a Heavy Slam as we take it down! Foe Arbok fainted! Lanturn grew to level 71!

8d 9h 8m Wigglytuff vs Arbok. We use strength, it heals HP with Aguav Berry. It then slows us with a Rock Tomb.

8d 9h 8m Battling Drake! Arbok sent out! Poison type!

8d 9h 7m Talking to Drake! Let's find out what his Pokemon are!

8d 9h 5m Liepard fainted! Glacia defeated!

8d 9h 5m Gleam takes it out. Spiritomb fainted! Liepard is sent out! Her final Pokemon!

8d 9h 4m Wigglytuff is sent out.

8d 9h 3m It crits us with a Dark Pulse. We bring it down to half. Blue Jellicent fainted!

8d 9h 2m Mightyena down! Spritomb out next.

8d 9h 1m Bisharp is down! Mightyena out next. We both have 3 Pokemon remaining.

8d 9h 1m Blue Jellicent sent out.

8d 9h 0m Malamar down. Bisharp out next. Glaceon fainted!

8d 8h 59m It was really a Malamar! Shock! Glacia uses a Full Restore as Dazzling Gleam drops it to below half.

8d 8h 58m Battling against Glacia! Glaceon vs "Spiritomb"

8d 8h 53m We load up Dark Pulse to teach Cacturne but decide against it.

8d 8h 49m Glaceon grew to level 67! Phoebe defeated!

8d 8h 49m Shadow Ball does less than half to it, but it's Sp.Def drops. A second one takes it out.

8d 8h 49m Up against Doublade. It goes down to a single Shadow Ball as well. Chandelure out next.

8d 8h 48m Misdreavus out next. Shadow Ball takes it out.

[Stats] Blue Jellicent (M) Lv. 80 - Max. HP 284 Attack 102 Defense 98 Sp. Atk 156 Sp. Def 195 Speed 168

8d 8h 47m Blue Jellicent sent out. Phoebe uses a Full Restore. Drifblim goes down. Blue Jellicent grew to level 80!

8d 8h 45m Drifblim sent out next. Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 8h 45m Battling Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Gourgeist. It's down!

[Stats] Pink Jelicent (F) Lv. 82 - Max. HP 305 Attack 118 Defense 120 Sp. Atk 157 Sp. Def 222 Speed 139

8d 8h 37m Alakazam goes down. Pink Jellicent grew to level 82! Wigglytuff grew to level 86! Sidney defeated!

8d 8h 37m Heal Bell gets rid of its Toxic, Shadow Ball gets rid of its HP. Alakazam out next.

8d 8h 36m It Volt Switches again for Meowstic. Meowstic goes down. Swoobat out again.

8d 8h 35m Espeon is down. Swoobat out again.

8d 8h 35m It uses Volt Switch and swaps out for Espeon.

8d 8h 34m Pink Jellicent sent out.

8d 8h 34m Cacturne down to Blast Burn

8d 8h 33m Hypno goes down. Lanturn grew to level 70! Swoobat out next.

8d 8h 33m Battling Sidney! Cacturne vs Hypno.

8d 8h 30m We enter the E4! Attempting run 27!

8d 8h 29m Lanturn fainted! Lost to Phoebe! Run 26 over!

8d 8h 28m Misdreavus was sent out but it too goes down. Candelure sent out next.

8d 8h 26m Lanturn sent out. We frisk a Net Ball and then take down Doublade.

8d 8h 22m Wigglytuff down! Only Lanturn remains.

8d 8h 21m It crits and burns us with Sacred Fire.

8d 8h 21m Dirfblim down and Doublade out next.

8d 8h 20m Blue Jellicent fainted! Wigglytuff sent out.

8d 8h 18m Drifblim out next.

8d 8h 18m Blue Jellicent sent out. Gourgeist transforms and faints.

8d 8h 17m We both drop to red. Full Restore used on it. Glaceon fainted!

8d 8h 16m Glaceon vs Gourgeist.

8d 8h 15m Battling against Phoebe!

8d 8h 5m Sidney defeated!

8d 8h 4m Blue Jellicent sent out. Blue Jellicent paralyzed!

8d 8h 1m Pink Jellicent fainted!

8d 8h 1m Glaceon did not learn Sleep Talk! Alakazam sent out.

8d 8h 0m Meowstic fainted. Glaceon grew to level 66! It wants to learn Sleep Talk!

8d 7h 59m Full Restore used x2 as we keep attacking it anyway.

8d 7h 58m Espeon fainted. Meowstic is sent out.

8d 7h 57m Swoobat goes down. Blue Jellicent grew to 79! Espeon out next.

8d 7h 57m Pink Jellicent is sent out.

8d 7h 55m Hypno down. Swoobat out next. Cacturne fainted!

8d 7h 54m Cacturne vs Hypno. Cacturne poisoned

8d 7h 54m Battling against Sidney!

8d 7h 50m We return to the E4. Attempting Run 26!

8d 7h 48m Lanturn goes down! Lost to Glacia! Run 25 over!

8d 7h 47m Lanturn is burned! It got hit with Will-o-Wisp. Oblivion Wing does minimal damage.

8d 7h 46m We crit and paralyze it. And then finish it off with Oblivion Wing to heal a little. Spiritomb sent out. Her final Pokemon.

8d 7h 46m Mightyena goes down! Liepard out next.

8d 7h 45m Lanturn sent out. We attack and then Glacia uses Full Restore.

8d 7h 44m Wigglytuff goes down to Doom Desire! Only Lanturn left.

8d 7h 44m Lanturn did not learn Sludge! Mightyena is sent out.

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 85 - Max. HP 351 Attack 194 Defense 129 Sp. Atk 136 Sp. Def 95 Speed 124

8d 7h 42m Wigglytuff grew to 85! Lanturn grew to level 69! It wants to learn Sludge!

8d 7h 41m Wigglytuff sent out. Dazzling Gleam takes out Malamar. Next out is Bisharp.

8d 7h 39m Night Slash takes us out. Blue Jellicent fainted!

8d 7h 39m Glaceon fainted! Blue Jellicent sent out.

8d 7h 38m It was secretly a Malamar. Full restore used on it, Glaceon is in red.

8d 7h 37m Battling Glacia! Glaceon vs Spiritomb!

[Fluff] ....And STILL not teh urn!

8d 7h 34m It goes down! Phoebe defeated! We have 4 Pokemon remaining.

8d 7h 34m Chandelure comes out, the final Pokemon of Phoebe.

8d 7h 33m Misdreavus also taken down. Doublade comes out. It also faints.

8d 7h 33m Drifblim taken down. Out next is Misdreavus.

8d 7h 32m Pink Jellicent fainted!

[Stats] Pink Jellicent (F) Lv. 81 - Max. HP 301 Attack 117 Defense 119 Sp. Atk 155 Sp. Def 219 Speed 137

8d 7h 31m Gourgeist goes down. Pink Jellicent grew to 81 Out next is Drifblim.

8d 7h 30m Vs Phoebe! Pink Jellicent vs Gourgeist.

8d 7h 28m Pink Jellicent takes down Alakazam. Sidney defeated!

8d 7h 26m Full Restore on Meowstic. Pink Jellicent knocks it out anyway. Glaceon grew to level 65!

[Meta] Updates will be taking a short break. Sorry for the inconvenience.

8d 7h 21m Cacturne fainted!

8d 7h 21m Swoobat is out next.

8d 7h 20m Hypno goes down to Cacturne's Thief. He also stole the Aguav Berry again.

8d 7h 19m Challenged Sidney. Hypno vs Cacturne, you know the drill by now. Attempt 25

8d 7h 19m We save right at the door to Sidney's room, and walk in.

[Info] That was attempt number 4, and we blacked out against Glacia's Spiritomb Malamar.

8d 7h 16m And....black out.

8d 7h 16m Chansey uses Dazzling Gleam. Spiritomb was actually a Malamar in disguise, using Illusion!

8d 7h 15m Glacia sends out Spiritomb against Wigglytuff.

8d 7h 14m FINALLY challenged Glacia.

8d 7h 11m Now we're in her room proper.

8d 7h 10m Entered the path to Glacia's room.

8d 7h 9m Also, Phoebe defeated.

8d 7h 8m Someone just hit level 84, but I didn't catch who.

8d 7h 8m Swinu comes out and knocks out Chandelure with Waterfall, but Chandelure had just used Destiny Bond. Swinu fainted!

8d 7h 7m Jellicent tanks a Thunder Shock and uses Shadow Ball, but it's not enough to knock out Chandelure. Jellicent fainted! (The pink one)

8d 7h 7m Phoebe sends out Chandelure.

8d 7h 6m Doublade OHKO'd by a crit Shadow Ball

8d 7h 6m Misdreavus used Phantom Force, but Jellicent survives. It uses Shadow Ball, knocking out Misdreavus. Doublade comes out next.

8d 7h 5m Misdreavus is sent out.

8d 7h 5m Swinu to level 68!

8d 7h 5m A couple Shadow Balls takes out Drifblim.

8d 7h 4m We try to switch out pink Jellicent for itself.

8d 7h 4m Phoebe sends out Drifblim.

8d 7h 4m "Wingull" (Pink Jellicent) to level 80!

8d 7h 3m Phoebe sends out Gourgeist against our pink Jellicent.

8d 7h 2m Finally challenged Phoebe!

8d 6h 57m Entered Phoebe's room.

8d 6h 56m On the path to Phoebe's room.

8d 6h 54m Alakazam is knocked out! Sidney defeated!

8d 6h 53m Chansey uses Dazzling Gleam, doing just under 1/2 damage.

8d 6h 53m Alakazam uses Stun Spore and paralyzes Chansey.

8d 6h 53m We send out Chansey. The Wigglytuff.

8d 6h 53m Alakazam knocks out Glaceon with Hammer Arm.

8d 6h 52m Sidney sent out Alakazam.

8d 6h 52m One final Shadow Ball knocks out Meowstic.

8d 6h 52m Another full restore! Cheater!

8d 6h 51m Shadow Ball does much more damage against Meowstic.

8d 6h 51m Glaceon used Strength, which apparently it doesn't have very much of.

8d 6h 51m Sidney cheats again with another Full Restore.

8d 6h 50m Duskugbe does a lot of damage to Meowstic, but it survives long enough to knock out Duskugbe with Hyperspace Hole.

8d 6h 50m Sidney sent out Meowstic.

8d 6h 50m Espeon down!

8d 6h 49m Psystrike does massive damage against Duskugbe despite not being super effective.

8d 6h 49m Sidney sends out Espeon.

8d 6h 49m We send out Blue Jellicent who knocks out Swoobat with Shadow Ball.

8d 6h 47m Swoobat uses Blast Burn. Cacturne fainted!

8d 6h 47m Hypno down! But Cacturne is poisoned. Swoobat sent out next.

8d 6h 46m Hypno uses Poison Tail. Cacturne uses Thief to steal Hypno's Aguav Berry. (I guess that's where it came from last attempt.)

[Fluff] I actually sent that before the battle really began. But I knew that's who it would be at the beginning.

8d 6h 45m Challenged Sidney! Hypno vs. Cacturne.

8d 6h 45m We're standing next to Sidney, but haven't challenged him yet.

8d 6h 42m We're on the path to Sidney's room. Attempt 24

8d 6h 40m Wait, scratch that. Chansey was the last one left, so who cares that Doublade was almost down. Black out!

8d 6h 40m Chansey fainted, but at least Doublade is almost down.

8d 6h 39m Chansey is burned by Doublade's Secret Fire!

8d 6h 39m Phoebe sends out Doublade.

8d 6h 38m We send out "Chansey". It uses Dazzling Gleam. An Ice Beam knocks out Misdreavus.

8d 6h 37m Misdreavus' Phantom Force knocks out Duskugbe. But Misdreavus is burned by Jellicent's Flame Body.

8d 6h 37m Misdreavus is up next.

8d 6h 36m Duskugbe's Shadow Ball knocks out Drifblim.

8d 6h 36m We send out Duskugbe, our own bulbous Ghost-type. One of them anyway.

8d 6h 35m Swinu the Lanturn faints to Drifblim's Roar of Time! As much sense as that makes.

8d 6h 34m And we KO it! "Chansey" to level 83! Drifblim is sent out.

8d 6h 34m We send out Lanturn. Its Oblivion Wing brings Gourglaceon into the red.

8d 6h 33m Glaceon fainted! Ours, not Phoebe's Gourgeist.

8d 6h 32m Gourgeist uses Transform and turns into Glaceon!

8d 6h 32m Phoebe sends out Gourgeist. Go, Glaceonhfeer!

8d 6h 31m Entered Phoebe's room. We challenge her!

8d 6h 30m Now we have.

8d 6h 29m We still haven't left his room though.

8d 6h 27m We finally defeat Sidney!

8d 6h 26m Alakazam is brought back to a similarly low HP amount, but Sidney uses another Full Restore.

8d 6h 25m Duskugbe finally gets a Shadow Ball in through paralysis, but Alakazam survives with a tiny bit of HP. Sidney uses a Full Restore. (Cheater!)

8d 6h 25m Alakazam uses Whirlpool for some reason. It's not very effective.

8d 6h 24m Alakazam uses Stun Spore to paralyze Duskugbe.

8d 6h 24m Glaceon grew to level 64!

8d 6h 24m Duskugbe knocks out Meowstic with Shadow Ball.

8d 6h 24m We send out Duskugbe, aka Blue Jellicent.

8d 6h 22m Pink Jellicent fainted

8d 6h 22m We've poisoned Meowstic!

8d 6h 21m We use Mud Shot twice. Neither does very much damage, but Meowstic's Speed is lowered two stages.

8d 6h 21m Sidney sends out Meowstic.

8d 6h 21m Another Shadow Ball finishes off Espeon, but "Wingull" is at about 1/3 HP.

8d 6h 20m Sidney sends out Espeon. Our Shadow Ball takes it just under 50% HP.

8d 6h 20m Duskugbe level 77

8d 6h 19m We send out Wingull.....er, Pink Jellicent. Shadow Ball OHKO's Swoobat.

8d 6h 19m Swoobat is sent out! It uses a Fire-type move, and Cacturne faints.

[Stats] Cacturne Lv. 69 - Max. HP 184 Attack 200 Defense 130 Sp. Atk 165 Sp. Def 90 Speed 100

8d 6h 18m With Cacturne in the yellow, Hypno is knocked out! Cacturne restores HP by eating an Aguav Berry. Cacturne to level 69! Kreygasm Cacturne did not learn Spongebob Sludge Bomb.

[Info] Run 23!

8d 6h 17m The battle begins! Sidney sends out Hypno, we send out Cacturne.

8d 6h 16m Challenged Sidney! Well, we at least started the dialogue.

8d 6h 16m One step...another step...one more...and we're in Sidney's room.

[Chat] urban_zennist: actually, when you think about it, we are actually just taking Sidney's money and giving it to Phoebe PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp

8d 6h 14m We're hit with Revenge. One final Secret Sword KOs Wigglytuff! Black out at Phoebe for Run 22!

8d 6h 13m We keep using Dazzling Gleam, and getting hit by Secret Sword. We tried Rock Smash once, but it failed.

8d 6h 13m We use Dazzling Gleam, causing Phoebe to use a Full Restore.

8d 6h 12m We send out Wigglytuff. Misdreavus uses Secret Sword, but we use Strength. IT DOESN'T AFFECT MISDREAVUS!

8d 6h 11m Misdreavus uses Phantom Force again and KOs Lanturn!

8d 6h 10m It uses Phantom Force, avoiding our attack. It hits, and we land a Waterfall.

[Stats] Lanturn Lv. 67 - Max. HP 278 Attack 128 Defense 93 Sp. Atk 118 Sp. Def 103 Speed 127

8d 6h 10m Swinu grew to level 67! Against Misdreavus!

8d 6h 10m We send out Lanturn. We exchange blows back and forth, but eventually we use Thunderbolt and KO it.

8d 6h 7m Against Drifblim! It uses Volt Tackle and KOs Jellicent Blue!

8d 6h 7m We send out Jellicent Blue. One Waterfall later and Gourgeist faints!

8d 6h 4m We're hit with Shadow Ball twice, and Glaceon faints!

8d 6h 4m Another Shadow Ball, and Phoebe uses a Full Restore!

8d 6h 3m We send out Glaceon against Gourgeist! it uses Fake Out and Transform. We use Shadow Ball.

8d 6h 3m Fighting E4 Member Phoebe!

8d 6h 0m In Phoebe's Room!

8d 5h 55m We KO Alakazam with Shadow Ball. Defeated Sidney!

8d 5h 54m Against Alakazam! It uses Stun Spore to paralyze us. We still pull off our Shadow Ball though.

8d 5h 53m We send out Jellicent Blue! We use Shadow Ball and KO Meowstic!

8d 5h 52m Meowstic uses Hyperspace Hole and KOs Jellicent Pink!

8d 5h 51m Sidney uses a Full Restore (ignore me saying Phoebe earlier), and we use Shadow Ball.

8d 5h 51m Against Meowstic. It uses Hyperspace Hole while we respond with Shadow Ball.

8d 5h 51m Phoebe uses a Full Restore! We keep pelting it with Shadow Balls until Espeon faints.

Against Espeon. Psystrike, Shadow Ball. Psystrike, Mud Shot.

8d 5h 49m We use Shadow Ball and OHKO Swoobat!

8d 5h 48m Cacturne faints to Blast Burn! We send out Jellicent Pink

8d 5h 48m Jellicent Pink grew to level 79! Against Swoobat.

8d 5h 47m Hypno uses Poison Tail, we use Thief. Rinse and repeat, Hypno faints.

8d 5h 46m Fighting E4 Member Sidney! We send out Cacturne against Hypno!

8d 5h 46m In Sidney's Room.

8d 5h 45m Starting Run 22!

8d 5h 43m Another Iron Tail KOs Wigglytuff! Black out at Glacia for Run 21!

8d 5h 42m We're hit with Iron Tail and we respond with Dazzling Gleam!

8d 5h 42m Fighting E4 Member Glacia! She sends out a Malmar disguised as Spiritomb while we send out Wigglytuff!

8d 5h 41m Entered Glacia's Room.

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 82 - Max. HP 339 Attack 187 Defense 125 Sp. Atk 132 Sp. Def 92 Speed 119

8d 5h 37m Wigglytuff levels up to 82! Defeated Phoebe!

8d 5h 37m Chandelure is finally in the reds and we're paralyzed. One final Dazzling Gleam KOs it.

8d 5h 36m The occasional switch up of us to Ice Beam or Chandelure to Destiny Bond spices up a rather mild dish.

8d 5h 35m We're hit with Thunder Shock as we use Dazzling Gleam. We'll keep rinsing and repeating this for a bit.

8d 5h 34m We send out Wigglytuff. Our Dazzling Gleam causes Drifblim to faint. Against Chandelure!

8d 5h 31m We use two more Thunderbolts, but Roar of Time KOs Swinu!

8d 5h 31m We hit Drifblim with Thunderbolt, causing Phoebe to uses a Full Restore.

8d 5h 30m We use Waterfall and flinch Drifblim! We use it again, and Drifblim responds with Roar of Time.

8d 5h 29m We send out Swinu, who uses Waterfall. The burn KOs Misdreavus. Against Drifblim!

8d 5h 28m Jellicent Blue is sent out. Misdreavus tries to attack us, it's burnt. Unfortunately it KOs Jellicent Blue!

8d 5h 26m Phoebe uses a Full Restore! We use Dazzling Gleam. Another Secret Sword from the ghost KOs Glaceon!

8d 5h 25m Against Misdreavus. It pokes us and sends us down to 11 HP. We use Shadow Ball.

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 63 - Max. HP 179 Attack 91 Defense 210 Sp. Atk 213 Sp. Def 108 Speed 76

8d 5h 25m Glaceon levels up to 63! It doesn't learn Octazooka.

8d 5h 24m We use Shadow Ball and OHKO Doublade!

8d 5h 24m We switch to a Shadow Ball and KO Gourgeist! Against Doublade!

8d 5h 23m It uses Fake Out and Transform, and we keep using Ice Beam.

8d 5h 23m We send out Glaceon against Gourgeist!

8d 5h 23m Fighting E4 Member Phoebe!

8d 5h 20m We land two Shadow Balls and KO Alakazam. Jellicent Blue levels up to 76! Defeated Sidney!

8d 5h 19m Alakazam uses Whirlpool. We respond with more not moving.

8d 5h 18m We send out Jellicent Blue, and Alakazam paralyzes us.

8d 5h 17m We're hit with Whirlpool and Jellicent Pink faints!

8d 5h 16m We use Shadow Ball once more and KO Meowstic. Against Alakazam!

8d 5h 16m Sidney uses a Full Restore and we use Shadow Ball. Rinse and repeat.

8d 5h 15m Against Meowstic. We use Shadow Ball and Meowsitc uses Hyperspace Hole.

8d 5h 14m Swinu evolves to level 66! It doesn't learn Power Trick.

8d 5h 14m Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Espeon faints.

8d 5h 13m We use Shadow Ball and KO Swoobat. Against Espeon!

8d 5h 12m Cacturne faints to a Blast Burn! We send out Jellicent Pink!

8d 5h 12m We're poisoned by Toxic as we KO Hypno with Thief. Against Swoobat!

8d 5h 12m We send out Cacturne against Hypno. It starts off by whipping a tail made of poison at us as we steal its berry.

8d 5h 11m Entered Sidney's Room! Battling E4 Member Sidney!

8d 5h 9m Started Run 21!

8d 5h 7m Wigglytuff finally faints! Black out at Phoebe for run 20

8d 5h 7m We keep doing the same thing. We switched to Ice Beam for a little bit, but it doesn't really help.

8d 5h 5m Phoebe uses a Full Restore!

8d 5h 4m We use Dazzling Gleam while we're pelted with Thunder Shock.

8d 5h 4m We send out Wigglytuff! We get hit with Thunder Shock and can't move due to paralysis.

8d 5h 3m Chandelure uses Guillotine successfully and OHKOs Lanturn!

8d 5h 2m We're hit with a Thundershock and we use Waterfall again. Phoebe uses a Full Resotre, and we STILL use Waterfall.

8d 5h 2m We send out Swinu! We avoid a Guillotine and use Waterfall.

8d 5h 1m Against Chandelure. It uses Thunder Shock and KOs Jellicent Pink!

8d 5h 0m Against Doublade. We OHKO it with Shadow Ball. Wigglytuff grew to level 81

8d 5h 0m Against Misdreavus! We keep using Shadow Ball on it, but it sneaks in a Shadow Force, and we eventually KO it.

8d 4h 59m It takes two Shadow Balls to KO it.

8d 4h 58m We use Shadow Ball and OHKO it. Against Drifblim.

8d 4h 58m Battling E4 Member Phoebe! We send out Jellicent Pink against Gourgeist.

8d 4h 57m Entered Phoebe's Room!

8d 4h 54m Jellicent Pink grew to 78! Defeated Sidney!

8d 4h 53m We immediately get paralyzed as we use Dazzling Gleam. Alakazam uses Hammer Arm while we use Strength. Alakazam faints.

8d 4h 53m Against Alakazam! It uses Extreme Speed and KOs Glaceon! go Wigglytuff!

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 62 - Max. HP 176 Attack 90 Defense 205 Sp. Atk 209 Sp. Def 106 Speed 74

8d 4h 52m Finally we use Shadow Ball and KO Meowstic. Glaceon levels up to 62!

8d 4h 52m Meowstic hits us with Hyperspace Hole as we again use Dazzling Gleam.

8d 4h 51m We send out Glaceon as Sidney uses a Full Restore! We use Dazzling Gleam.

8d 4h 51m We use Shadow Ball, and Mewostic responds with Hyperspace Hole. Jellicent Blue faints!

8d 4h 50m We use Shadow Ball, it uses Psystrike. Another Shadow Ball KOes Espeon! Against Meowstic!

8d 4h 50m We OHKO it with Shadow Ball. Against Espeon.

8d 4h 49m We send out Jellicent Blue! We use Skill Swap, and the bat responds with recharing.

8d 4h 49m A poisoned Cacturne steps up to fight Swoobat. We're hit with Blast Burn which KOs Cacturne!

8d 4h 48m Poison Tail, Thief, Toxic, Thief, Hypno faints.

8d 4h 48m Fighting E4 Member Sidney! We send out Cacturne against Hypno.

8d 4h 47m Entered Sidney's Room.

8d 4h 46m Started Run 20!

[Info] So Glacia has Mightyena, Malmar, Bisharp, and Spiritomb. So we're missing one for that. Also the .org's mystery mon for Phoebe is Chandelure.

8d 4h 44m Mightyena uses two thunder attacks, paralyzing Wigglytuff and finally KOing it! Black out at Glacia for Run 19!

[Info] Dark Type Glacia!

8d 4h 44m We use Dazzling Gleam against and KO it! Against Mightyena!

8d 4h 43m We use Dazzling Gleam, and it responds with Doom Desrie!

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 80 - Max. HP 331 Attack 183 Defense 122 Sp. Atk 129 Sp. Def 90 Speed 117

8d 4h 43m We use Dazzling Gleam and KO Malmar! Wigglytuff grew to level 80! Against Bisharp!

8d 4h 43m We keep using Strength, not even carting. We're hit with an Iron Tail.

8d 4h 42m We avoid its attack and use Strength. Turns out it was a Malmar's illusion!

8d 4h 42m We send out Wigglytuff against Spiritomb!

8d 4h 42m Fighting E4 Member Glacia for the first time!

8d 4h 40m Entered Glacia's Room.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 4h 38m Chandelure uses Destiny Bond and we KO it with Waterfall, KOing Lanturn! Defeated Phoebe!

8d 4h 38m Against Chandelure! It uses Thunder Shock and we respond with Waterfall. We get in another Waterfall and avoid a Guillotine.

8d 4h 37m Rinse and repeat, and Misdreavus faints.

8d 4h 37m Misdreavus uses Phantom Force and we respond with Waterfall.

8d 4h 36m We send out Swinu! Phoebe uses a Full Restore! We use Thunderbolt.

[Fluff] We actually survived Volt Tackle this time! with 5 HP, but progress!

8d 4h 35m We use Shadow Ball and Misdreavus responds with Phantom Force. Jellicent Blue faints!

8d 4h 35m Swinu grew to level 65! Against Misdreavus!**

8d 4h 34m Phoebe uses a Full Restore! We use Shadow Ball twice and KO Drifblim!

8d 4h 34m We use Shadow Ball, and Drifblim responds with Volt Tackle.

8d 4h 34m Jellicent Blue levels up to 75! Against Drifblim!

8d 4h 34m We send out Jellicent Blue, use Shadow Ball, and KO Doublade!

8d 4h 33m We use Ice Beam, and Doublade uses Sacred Fire, KOing Feereon!

8d 4h 32m After 2 more Ice Beams, Gourgeist faints! Against Doublade!

8d 4h 32m We use Ice Beam fairly ineffectively. Our opponent uses Dazzling Gleam instead.

8d 4h 31m Our foe uses Fake Out and then Transform. It becomes a Glaceon!

8d 4h 31m We send out Feereon against Gourgeist!

8d 4h 30m Entered Phoebe's Room! Battling E4 Member Phoebe!

[Fluff] Guys, we need to beat Sidney with a full team!

8d 4h 27m Defeated Sidney!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: new CPU levels: CPU_LEVELS = { "lucario": 5, "ness": 6, "toonlink": 8, "mario": 5, "robin": 5, "zelda": 6, "luigi": 7, "sonic": 8, "peach": 8, "marth": 8, "captainfalcon": 8, "ryu": 7, "lucina": 7, "darkpit": 8, "pikachu": 8, "rob": 8, "littlemac": 8, "ganondorf": 8, "wario": 8, "rosalina": 8, "charizard": 8, "roy": 8, "metaknight": 8, "lucas": 7, "kirby": 7, "kingdedede": 7, "megaman": 7, "ike": 7, "pacman": 7, "shulk": 7, "bowser": 7, "duckhunt": 7, "yoshi": 7, "villager": 8, "falco": 8, "rosalina": 8, "ganondorf": 8,}

8d 4h 26m We use Shadow Ball twice and KO Alakazam!

8d 4h 26m We send out Jellicent Blue! We use Skill Swap while Alakazam uses Whirlpool.

8d 4h 24m Against Alakazam! We're hit with Whirlpool while we use Dive. We faint while underwater!

8d 4h 23m Sidney uses a Full Restore! We use Shadow Ball again and KO Meowstic!

8d 4h 23m We KO Espeon! Against Meowstic! It uses Hyperspace Hole, and we respond with Shadow Ball.

8d 4h 22m We use Psystrike, and we respond with Shadow Ball! Rinse and repeat.

8d 4h 22m Glaceon levels up to 61! Against Espeon!

8d 4h 21m We send out Jellicent Pink! We use Shadow Ball and OHKO Swoobat!

8d 4h 21m Swoobat uses Blast Burn, and Cacturne faints!

8d 4h 21m Eventually, Hypno faints. Against Swoobat!

8d 4h 20m Sidney uses a Full Restore! We keep stealing from it!

8d 4h 19m It uses Poison Tail and we use Thief! Hypno uses Toxic, poisoning us, and we use Shadow Ball.

8d 4h 19m Fighting Sidney! We send out Cacturne against Hypno!

8d 4h 18m Entered Sidney's Room!

8d 4h 17m Run 19 starts!

[Snark] Because it's TPP.

[Snark] It's our team! Why our team!?!?

8d 4h 15m And then it immediately thaws out, uses Bullet Punch, and KOs Wigglytuff! Black out at Phoebe for Run 18!

8d 4h 15m Phoebe uses a Full Restore on Chandelure! We try using Ice Beam, which actually freezes Chandelure!

8d 4h 14m It uses Destiny Bond, and we try to use Strength, before remember it's a ghost and ghosts don't have time to be affected by those petty attacks.

8d 4h 13m It keeps using Thunder Shock, we keep using Dazzling Gleam. Rinse and repeat until the whole dish rack is clean.

8d 4h 13m The second Thunder Shock paralyzes Wigglytuff!

8d 4h 12m We use Dazzling Gleam, and Chandelure responds with Thunder Shock.

8d 4h 12m Another Dazzling Gleam KOs Misdreavus! Against Chandelure!

8d 4h 12m We send out Wigglytuff. Misdreavus pulls out its Secret Sword while we use Dazzling Gleam.

8d 4h 11m It uses Shadow Force while we're using Oblivion Wing. Two attacks from the ghost and down goes Swinu!

8d 4h 10m Wigglytuff levels up to 79! Against Misdreavus!

8d 4h 9m Drifblim uses Roar of Time! We use two more Thunderbolts to KO it.

8d 4h 9m We send out Swinu. Phoebe uses a Full Restore! We use Thunderbolt, which additionally paralyzes Drifblim.

8d 4h 8m We use Shadow Ball once again, and we're hit with a Volt Tackle, which actually burns Drifblim. Jellicent Blue faints!

8d 4h 7m Doublade finishes Fly and we KO it with Shadow Ball. Against Drifblim!

8d 4h 7m We send out Jellicent Blue AND THE SWORD FLIES INTO THE AIR!

8d 4h 6m We use Dazzling Gleam! Doublade uses Sacred Fire and KOs Feereon!

8d 4h 6m We use Ice Beam and OHKO it! Against Doublade!

8d 4h 5m Gourgeist uses Fake Out, causing us to flinch. It then uses Overheat, bringing us down to 6 HP.

8d 4h 4m We send out Feereon against Gourgeist!

8d 4h 4m Fighting E4 Member Phoebe!

8d 4h 3m Entered Phoebe's Room!

8d 3h 59m Swinu grew to level 64! Defeated Sidney!

8d 3h 59m Sidney uses a Full Restore! We throw two balls of shadow at the Alakazam and KO it!

8d 3h 59m It uses Whirlpool, but we avoid it. We use Shadow Ball to respond.

8d 3h 58m We KO the Meowstic! Jellicent Blue levels to 74! Against Alakazam!

8d 3h 58m We send out Jellicent Blue! We're subjected to the Meowstic's Hole antics as we hit it with balls of shadow.

8d 3h 57m Against Meowstic! It uses Hyperspace Hole and KOs Jellicent Pink!

8d 3h 56m Espeon uses Psystrike on us, and we respond with Shadow Ball. Rinse and repeat, and Espeon faints.

8d 3h 56m Jellicent Pink leveled up to 77! Against Espeon!

8d 3h 55m We send out Jellicent Pink! We use Shadow Ball and OHKO it!

8d 3h 55m Against Swoobat! It uses Blast Burn and KOs Cacturne!

8d 3h 54m We use Thief twice and KO Hypno!

8d 3h 54m We're poisoned from the Hypno's Toxic. Sidney uses a Full Restore!

8d 3h 53m We glare profusely at the Hypno, paralyzing it. Then we steal from the Hypno.

8d 3h 53m We use Shadow Ball and get hit with Poison Tail!

8d 3h 53m Fighting E4 Member Sidney! We send out Cacturne against Hypno!

8d 3h 52m Entered Sidney's Room.

8d 3h 51m We start attempt 18


8d 3h 50m Another Psystrike hits, and down goes Swinu! We black out at Sidney and end attempt 17

8d 3h 49m We send out Swinu! We use Waterfall against Psystrike.

8d 3h 48m We use Shadow Ball, while Espeon responds with Psystrike. Jellicent Blue faints!

8d 3h 47m We use Shadow Ball and OHKO Swoobat. Against Espeon.

8d 3h 47m We send out Jellicent Blue and we quickly make work of the enemy Hypno. Against Swoobat!

8d 3h 45m MORE FISTS VERSUS MORE TAILS! Wigglytuff faints from all of these caps.

8d 3h 45m Sidney uses a Full Restore while we make more fists appear.

8d 3h 44m We show of our strength by making fists appear rapidly on Hypno, knocking it slightly back each time. It uses Poison Tail.

8d 3h 44m We smash some rocks on its head, and it whips us with a tail made out of poison.

8d 3h 43m We send out Wigglytuff! We use Ice Beam, and Hypno responds with Toxic. We're poisoned!

[Snark] It wasn't that hard, really, all Hypno had to do was look at us funny.

8d 3h 42m He starts out by using Egg Bomb. Feereon faints!

8d 3h 42m Fighting E4 Member Sidney! He sends out Hypno against our Glaceon!

8d 3h 42m Entered Sidney's Room.

8d 3h 40m Starting Attempt 17 of the E4!

8d 3h 40m We enter and checkpoint!

8d 3h 38m Cleared Victory Road! We're at the Pokemon League!

8d 3h 35m Went up the ladder to the grass/water region.

8d 3h 34m Eyeing the ladder, but not going up it. We're waiting for the right moment.

8d 3h 27m We went upstairs and are in the light area. Final stretch I believe.

8d 3h 25m Jellicent Pink faints to a wild Garbodor!

8d 3h 21m Feereon grew to level 60! It doesn't learn Aqua Ring.

8d 3h 19m Still in the dark area.

8d 3h 9m We just jumped a ledge that set us back a bit in progress.

8d 3h 3m We are downstairs again. in the next dark section.

8d 2h 48m We head up the ladder. We're in the lit up section, around the halfway point.

8d 2h 38m We jump a ledge, setting our progress back slightly.

8d 2h 36m Wigglytuff grew to level 78!

8d 2h 30m We use strength. We are currently in the first dark area.

8d 2h 21m Jellicent Blue grew to level 73!

8d 2h 12m Swinu grew to level 63! It forgets Stealth Rock for Oblivion Wing!

8d 2h 10m Fighting a wild Houndoom with a sleeping Jellicent Pink.

8d 2h 5m We enter Victory Road!

8d 2h 2m We go up a giant waterfall and onto land.

8d 2h 0m We enter Ever Grande City!

[Fluff] How do you have a level 60 mon and you haven't had a single win?

8d 1h 59m We use Shadow Ball and KO Beartic! Defeated Secret Base Trainer Issiah!

8d 1h 58m We send out Feereon! Beartic uses Blizzard, and we respond with Dazzling Gleam. Rinse and repeat.

8d 1h 58m We use Thief and steal its Oran Berry! Beartic then proceeds to OHKO Cacturne!

8d 1h 57m We're fighting a Secret Base Trainer! We send out Cacturne against Beartic!

8d 1h 56m We use Shadow Ball and OHKO it. Jellicent Pink leveled up to 76! Defeated Team Flare.

8d 1h 56m Challenging Team Flare! We send out Cacturne against Tyrunt!

8d 1h 55m Now in Route 128.

8d 1h 53m Cacturne leveled up to 68! Only after we killed Sail BibleThump

8d 1h 49m On Route 127.

8d 1h 43m Surfin on some water.

8d 1h 40m We land in Mossdeep City.

8d 1h 37m We soar in the sky!

8d 1h 33m At a dock right now. We've been slowly progressing through Route 121.

[Fluff] Yes, bold and caps were necessary for such an achievement!

8d 1h 21m We try to go back in, but the fence prevents us.

[Fluff] kisses the ground We're free!


8d 1h 19m Man we're being so productive guys. Good job, go team.

8d 1h 14m We switch Jellicent Pink and Cacturne.

8d 1h 8m We switch Swinu and Jellicent Blue.

[Info] We've been here for what seems like several hours. But really, I think we've been trapped for 2 hours, or something.

[Info] Fence is still there.

8d 0h 50m We took Cacturne's item!

[Donation] Bexxxxxxx says she got 24-hour banned again.

[Info] EXP Share is on

[Info] EXP Share is off

8d 0h 27m We swapped around some of Feereon's moves, but didn't add or remove any.

8d 0h 20m We turn the exp share on, then back off.

8d 0h 18m We look at a normal flag. It's pretty normal looking.

8d 0h 15m PC TIME! Wait wrong PC.

[Info] We have 7520 Pokeyen

8d 0h 2m Feereon forgets Secret Power for Ice Beam!

8d 0h 0m Jellicent Pink almost learned Ice Beam. Close!

Welcome to Day 9 of Twitch Plays Randomized Alpha Sapphire

7d 23h 55m And we're still in the base, up against the fence.

[Snark] Stop trapping people in recursions!

[Snark] Remember, You can always check on the live updater Here!

[Snark] NB4 Democracy is required to escape! KappaPride


[Snark] Now that I've said that, all of you will be trapped on TVTropes Tomorrow

[Fluff] I expect our trapped position to be on TVTropes by tomorrow

7d 23h 36m Blue Jelly replaces Mud Shot with Shadow Ball!

[Correction] That was Water Sport.

7d 23h 26m We do something! Water Spout replaced by Shadow Ball on Glaceeon!

[Snark] Can we look at bulbasaur's cry and check if it's changed? Do we even have Bulbasaur in our Pokedex?

[Snark] Don't forget! You are here forever!

[Snark] Not much can save us now!

[Snark] The only thing that can make this better is spin tiles!

[Fluff] Unless we stored all the escape ropes somewhere, I'm sure we have plenty from when we bought all those escape ropes back from the Trick House!

[Fluff] I think this might be funnier than the Yoshi Corner and the Cinnabar Mansion mishaps, we can't black ourselves out, and we don't have much cooperation to remove the fence or use an escape rope we may or may not have

[Snark] Good luck getting into the base

[Fluff] QR Code

[Chat] I wonder where my base went. Kappa

7d 23h 3m Yoshi Corner Intensifies

7d 23h 2m We still can't move

7d 23h 0m We try to scan a QR code, darkness, we are trapped in the void of the Base

7d 23h 1m We fire up the Deku Cam.

7d 22h 59m We boot up the PC in hopes of removing the gate

[Snark] We have succeeded in making ourselves an impenetrable fortress. No one can get in, and no one can get out.

[Snark] Maybe the Professors can get out of this sticky situation

[Snark] We need to Ne gate the O fence ive blockade

[Snark] Well, now's a good as time as any to ask, Woodn't you like to know how to get past the post in post?

7d 22h 54m We pace back and forth very slowly, contemplating how we can get past this force of impassable wood

7d 22h 54m We seem to have walled ourself in to our secret base

7d 22h 52m We do a bit of redecoration, with flowers and tables!

[Fluff] 2015-2015. Why do the good ones always die young?

[Fluff] RIP old secret base!

7d 22h 47m We discover a new secret base and abandon our old one!

7d 22h 36m Onto route 120

7d 22h 33m We land on Route 121!

7d 22h 32m Soaring off into the sky!

7d 22h 26m Blue Jellicent faints. Blacked out. End of Attempt #16!

7d 22h 21m Lantern faints, sent out Blue Jellicent.

7d 22h 18m Chansey faints, sent in Lantern.

7d 22h 17m We take down Swoobat, Sindey sends in Meowstic.

7d 22h 17m Glaceon has fainted, switched Chansey back in.

7d 22h 17m We take down Espeon, switched out Chansey for Glaceon.

7d 22h 14m Pink Jellicent down, sent out Chansey.

7d 22h 12m Sidney switches out Swoobat, send out Espeon.

7d 22h 11m Sent out Pink Jellicent

7d 22h 11m Cacturne is taken down by Swoobat.

[Info] 7d 22h 10m Cacturne is poisoned.

7d 22h 8m vs Sidney

7d 22h 2m We enter the E4! Attempt #16 start!

7d 22h 2m We enter the Pokemon League building.

7d 21h 59m We save the game.

[Info] 7d 21h 43m We teach Glaceon Secret Power, overwriting Ice Beam.

[Info] 7d 21h 38m We teach Cacturne Shadow Ball.

7d 21h 37m We faff about in the bag for awhile.

7d 21h 28m We exit the building, it appears we are heading to victory road to grind.

7d 21h 25m Blue Jellicent sent out. We use Skill Swap, then Surf. It Volt Tackles us. Blue Jellicent fainted! We black out to Phoebe! Attempt #15 over!

7d 21h 22m We use Psychic. It uses.. Roar of Time. Lanturn fainted!

7d 21h 22m Gourgeist goes down to Thunderbolt! Drifblim out next.

7d 21h 21m It uses Transform and we reply with Psychic. We set up Stealth Rocks.

7d 21h 20m Lanturn vs Gourgeist. It starts with a Fake Out.

7d 21h 19m Battling Phoebe!

7d 21h 17m Entered Phoebe's room.

7d 21h 13m Blue Jellicent takes it down! Sidney defeated!

7d 21h 13m Blue Jellicent sent out.

7d 21h 11m Pink Jellicent fainted!

7d 21h 10m It uses Whirlpool while we use Dive! These strats..

7d 21h 9m Meowstic goes down! Next out is Alakazam.

7d 21h 7m Full Restore used on Meowstic. We start to Dive.

7d 21h 6m We switch to an attacking move and use Mud Shot. It seems to have run out of PP for Hyperspace Hole and is using Cross Poison.

7d 21h 5m We use Baby Doll eyes and it uses Hyperspace Hole some more.

7d 21h 4m Pink Jellicent has been sent out.

7d 21h 3m Glaceon fainted!

7d 21h 3m EXP Share also has been turned off!

7d 21h 2m Meowstic sent out. It uses Hyperspace Hole, Wigglytuff fainted! Out next is Glaceon.

7d 21h 1m Espeon is sent out. We get lucky with a Hyper Beam miss. The second Hyper Beam drops us to red. Espeon faints!

7d 21h 0m We send out Wigglytuff. We beat it down but a Full Restore recovers its health. Blast Burn hurts but we take it down! It fainted!

7d 20h 59m Immolated by Blast Burn! Cacturne fainted!

7d 20h 58m It attacks us with a poison move and then Toxic! But 2 super effective dark moves take Hypno down. Out next is Swoobat.

7d 20h 57m Cacturne vs Hypno!

7d 20h 56m Talking to Sidney! Battling Sidney!

7d 20h 54m We return to the E4. Attempt #15!

[Fluff] Great! Now let's try to find Mewtwo that we can NEVER find in this game!

7d 20h 37m Found Mewtwonite Y!

7d 20h 35m We left the E4 building. Also that was attempt #14 that we just tried.

7d 20h 34m Blue Jellicent fainted! We black out! Lost to Phoebe!

7d 20h 33m A Misdreavus with Pressure comes out next. It uses Phantom Force.

7d 20h 32m Blue Jellicent sent out. We get hit with Volt Tackle and recoil takes it down. Foe Drifblim fainted.

7d 20h 31m Volt Tackle takes us down. Pink Jellicent fainted!

7d 20h 31m Drifblim hits us with a Volt Tackle! It takes recoil damage as we Toxic it as well.

7d 20h 29m Foe Gourgeist fainted while we are underwater. Drifblim sent out next.

7d 20h 28m Foe Gourgeist uses Transform. We avoid Toxic luckily.

7d 20h 28m Phoebe uses a Full Restore! It's fully healed and cured! We predict it and Toxic again! It's once again badly poisoned.

7d 20h 27m Pink Jellicent sent out. We get hit by Shadow Ball and reply with Toxic.

7d 20h 25m Gourgeist misses the first time but then cooks Cacturne with Overheat. Cacturne fainted!

7d 20h 24m Battling Phoebe! Cacturne vs Gourgeist.

7d 20h 23m Talking to Phoebe.

7d 20h 21m We head into the pathway, leading to Phoebe's room.

7d 20h 17m Still in Sidney's room, messing around with the Pokedex and Bag.

7d 19h 59m We are currently messing around in the item menu, possibly to try to teach Shadow Ball again.

7d 19h 56m Cacturne gets poisoned! But we take down Meowstic. Sidney defeated!

7d 19h 55m Out next is Alakazam but Cacturne slaps it down. Last Pokemon out is a Meowstic.

7d 19h 55m It forgot Shadow Ball for Mud Shot!

7d 19h 54m We send out Cacturne. Foe Espeon goes down. Cacturne grew to level 67! Pink Jellicent grew to level 72! It wants to learn Mud Shot!

7d 19h 52m Hyper Beam takes us out. Wigglytuff fainted!

7d 19h 51m Wigglytuff grew to level 77! Espeon out next.

7d 19h 51m Full Restore used on Swoobat as Wigglytuff beats it senseless. Foe Swoobat fainted!

7d 19h 50m Immolated by Blast Burn! Glaceon fainted! Wigglytuff is sent out next.

7d 19h 49m Glaceon grew to level 59! Next out is Swoobat.

7d 19h 49m It launches eggs at us while we blast it with Ice Beams. It's frozen solid and almost fainted! Glaceon takes it down. Foe Hypno fainted.

7d 19h 48m Hypno had its health restored with a Full Restore!

7d 19h 47m The damage and poison takes it down. Lanturn fainted! Glaceon is sent out.

7d 19h 46m We use Waterfall but Lanturn is Badly Poisoned!

7d 19h 45m Battling Sidney! Lanturn vs Hypno!

7d 19h 44m Entered Sidney's room. Talking to Sidney.

7d 19h 42m Entered E4! Attempt #14!

7d 19h 40m Overheat melts it! Cacturne fainted! Lost to Phoebe!

7d 19h 40m Cacturne vs Gourgeist.

7d 19h 40m Vs Phoebe!

7d 19h 39m Entered Phoebe's room!

7d 19h 36m We send out Cacturne! Alakazam uses Hammer Arm, while we respond with Assurance. Alakazam faints! Defeated Sidney!

7d 19h 34m Espeon faints! Against Alakazam! We use Baby-Doll Eyes and Alakazam responds with Whirlpool. Jellicent Pink faints to Whirlpool!

7d 19h 33m We send out Jellicent Pink! We're hit with Psystrike as we Dive. Dive hits, and we rinse and repeat.

7d 19h 32m Another Psystrike and down goes Jellicent Blue!

7d 19h 31m Against Espeon! It uses Psystrike, bringing us down to the reds! We use Shadow Ball.

7d 19h 30m We send out Jellicent Blue! We use Brick Break on Swoobat, causing Sidney to use a Full Restore! We use Shadow Ball once and down goes Swoobat!

7d 19h 29m Now we're facing Swoobat! Swoobat uses Blast Burn on us, while we use Strength. Another Blast Burn and down goes Wigglytuff!

7d 19h 28m Meowstic uses Hyperspace Hole and we keep using Strength! We KO Meowstic!

7d 19h 27m Swoobat uses Volt Switch and KOs Glaceon! We send out Wigglytuff against Meowstic!

7d 19h 27m A few more Ice Beams and down goes Hypno! Jellicent Pink levels up to 75! Against Swoobat!

7d 19h 26m Sidney uses a Full Restore! We use Ice Beam and freeze Hypno!

7d 19h 26m Hypno tries to use Toxic on us and we respond with Ice Beam!

7d 19h 25m Eggs finally KO Lanturn! We send out Glaceon!


7d 19h 24m And then Hypno responds by trying to KILL US WITH POISON!

7d 19h 23m We send out Lanturn against Hypno! And then we proceed to KILL IT WITH WATER!

7d 19h 23m Battling E4 Member Sidney!

7d 19h 22m Entered Sidney's Room!

7d 19h 21m E4 Attempt 13 Begins!

7d 19h 18m E4 Attempt 12 Ends at Phoebe! Black out!

7d 19h 18m We try Baby-Doll Eyes, and Misdreavus uses Phantom Force. It hits, and Jellicent Pink faints!

7d 19h 17m We sent out Jellicent Pink. Phoebe uses a Full Restore! We use Mud Shot.

7d 19h 15m MORE SHADOW BALL! Then Misdreavus uses Phantom Force. Jellicent Blue faints!

7d 19h 15m We use Shadow Ball again, and KO Drifblim! Against Misdreavus!

7d 19h 15m Against Drifblim! We use Shadow Ball, and it responds with Volt Tackle.

7d 19h 14m Sidney uses a Full Restore! We use 2 Shadow Balls and KO it!

7d 19h 13m We use Shadow Ball, which almost OHKOs it. It transforms into Jellicent!

7d 19h 13m Gourgeist starts by using Overheat, which KOs Cacturne! Sent out Jellicent Blue!

7d 19h 12m We send out Cacturne against Gourgeist!

7d 19h 12m Fighting E4 Member Phoebe!

7d 19h 11m We enter Phoebe's Room.

[Donation] Addarash says gl basically.

7d 19h 6m Dive hits, and we Dive again. Meowstic faints to Poison! Defeated Sidney!

7d 19h 6m We get hit with Cross Poison, so in return we poison it with Toxic. Then we hide under the water.

7d 19h 5m We use Dive, bringing Meowstic down to red HP! On cue, Sidney uses a Full Restore!

7d 19h 4m We use Toxic to poison Meowstic! We keep getting holes under our butt that Meowstic punches us through.

7d 19h 3m Sent out Jellicent Pink! We make cute, baby-doll eyes, but that doesn't spare us from the wrath of Meowsitc.

7d 19h 3m It uses Hyperspace Hole and KOs Glaceon!

7d 19h 2m Jellicent Blue leveled up to 71! Against Meowstic!

7d 19h 2m We use Weather Ball and Ice Beam again to KO Alakazam!

7d 19h 1m Against Alakazam! We use Ice Beam on it while it responds with Hammer Arm.

7d 19h 0m And we attack and KO Espeon. Cacturne grew to level 66! We forgot Sleep Talk for Glare!

7d 19h 0m Espeon's chargin its lazor! It fires Hyper Beam, KOing Wigglytuff! We send out Glaceon!

7d 18h 59m Against Espeon! It uses Psystrike on us while we respond with a combo of Strength and Ice Beam.

7d 18h 58m We send out Wigglytuff against Swoobat! We use Strength, which OHKOs Swoobat. Feereon grew to level 58!

7d 18h 57m We KO Hypno finally! Unfortunately, Lanturn faints due to poison!

7d 18h 57m Hypno throws some eggs at us that have somehow been transformed into bombs.

7d 18h 57m Sidney used a Full Restore on Hypno! We continue to use Waterfall as we're hurt by poison.

7d 18h 56m We keep using Waterfall and dodging Hypno's attacks, like a boss. We're finally hit with Toxic, which poisons Lanturn!

7d 18h 55m Starting off, we try to drown our opponent in Water with Waterfall. It causes Hypno to miss its Toxic.

7d 18h 55m We send out our Lanturn against Hypno!

7d 18h 54m Fighting E4 Member Sidney!

7d 18h 53m Starting Run 12!

7d 18h 52m Blacked out against Phoebe during the 11th attempt!

7d 18h 51m Female Jellicent poisoned Drifblim, then started Diving to buy some time. Her health is pretty low though, and Volt Tackle finishes her.

7d 18h 49m The enemy Drifblim hits Jellicent hard, taking him out.

7d 18h 48m Male Jellicent handles himself well and takes Gourgeist out!

7d 18h 46m Cacturne faints right away, hit by Fake Out.

7d 18h 46m Hello Phoebe!

7d 18h 43m Cacturne defeated Meowstic and Sidney, barely surviving with few HPs and poison status!

7d 18h 42m Cacturne destroyed Alakazam in one hit!

7d 18h 40m Wigglytuff goes down against Espeon. Lanturn comes in, badly hurt and still poisoned, and faints in one hit.

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 76 - Max. HP 315 Attack 174 Defense 116 Sp. Atk 123 Sp. Def 86 Speed 111

7d 18h 39m Wigglytuff keeps sweeping! Pink Jellicent reached lv.74!

7d 18h 39m Wigglytuff took down Hypno, reaching lv.76! Cacturne reached lv. 65!

[Fluff] Sidney can't even sit down for 10 minutes!

7d 18h 37m Glaceon went down! Wigglytuff takes her place.

7d 18h 36m Glaceon now is also poisoned.

7d 18h 36m We switched Lanturn out for Glaceon.

7d 18h 34m Lanturn has been poisoned.

7d 18h 33m We throw Sidney off his chair and make him battle against us. Attempt #11!

7d 18h 25m Aaaand we're down! Attempt #10, ended against Phoebe.

7d 18h 24m We talked to Phoebe! How many turns will we last?

[Stats] M Jellicent Lv. 70 - Max. HP 250 Attack 90 Defense 86 Sp. Atk 137 Sp. Def 171 Speed 147

7d 18h 17m Jellicent handles himself well and takes out Alakazam and Meowstic, barely making it! He reached lv.70 and defeated Sidney!

7d 18h 16m Blue Jellicent is paralyzed and trapped in a whirlpool.

7d 18h 15m Only male Jellicent is left, up against Alakazam and, if he survives, Meowstic.

7d 18h 12m Cacturne barely survived a Hyper Beam to the face and managed to get rid of Espeon, but then fainted against Alakazam.

7d 18h 11m The enemy Espeon stopped our Wigglytuff.

7d 18h 9m Glaceon doesn't stand a chance against Swoobat and goes down Wigglytuff comes in and takes care of it with a Dazzling Gleam!

7d 18h 7m It takes a while, but eventually the poison claims both Hypno and pink Jellicent.

7d 18h 5m Lanturn is taken out by poison. Hypno's HPs are replenished by a Full Restore and he proceeds to poison Pink Jellicent too.

7d 18h 4m Lanturn is now in the lead and comes out first to deal with Hypno.

7d 18h 2m We are wandering around Sidney's room, trying to prepare for the battle, but we end up talking to him before we're done. This is the 10th attempt! We deserve a cake to celebrate.

7d 17h 52m Pink Jellicent went down! Attempt #9 is over against Phoebe!

7d 17h 51m Jellicent has been poisoned!

7d 17h 50m Pink Jellicent comes in. Gourgeist Transforms.

7d 17h 48m Cacturne, like before, is utterly destroyed by Overheat. Poor thing doesn't stand a chance.

7d 17h 46m We found Phoebe!

7d 17h 43m Cacturne finished the battle with a nice critical hit! Sidney defeated!

7d 17h 42m Lanturn fainted!

7d 17h 41m We switched Cacturne out for Lanturne.

7d 17h 40m Glaceon fell in battle! Meowstic faces our Cacturne now.

7d 17h 39m Ice Beam hits! Alakazam is down!

7d 17h 38m Blast Burn takes Wigglytuff out! Glaceon takes advantage of the sunlight and the turn that Swoobat needed to recharge, and defeats him with Weather Ball.

7d 17h 37m Wigglytuff took Espeon down. Lanturn reached lv.62! Swoobat comes back and triggers the sunlight again.

7d 17h 36m Swoobat switches out for Espeon.

7d 17h 35m Wigglytuff is up against Swoobat. Sidney used up two Full Restores in a row.

7d 17h 34m Blue Jellicent fainted on the same turn as Hypno. Glaceon reached lv.57! She did not learn Electroweb.

7d 17h 33m Blue Jellicent is poisoned right away.

7d 17h 32m We walk right back in, beginning our #9 attempt!

7d 17h 29m Lanturn is taken out! Attempt #8 is over, stopped by Phoebe!

7d 17h 28m Phoebe did not heal her pokémon, allowing us to take her down. Drifblim comes out next! Thunderbolt strikes, but only takes around 1/3 of its health.

7d 17h 28m FLINCH PogChamp

7d 17h 27m First she took our item, then she Transformed into our Lanturn.

7d 17h 27m Phoebe's Gourgeist is holding a Dawn Stone.

7d 17h 25m Cacturne comes out and goes out, defeated by Overheat.

7d 17h 24m We challenge Phoebe!

[Stats] She also leveled up!

Cacturne Lv. 64 - Max. HP 171 Attack 186 Defense 122 Sp. Atk 153 Sp. Def 84 Speed 93

7d 17h 21m Cacturne did it! She defeated Alakazam, winning the battle against Sidney!

7d 17h 20m Pink Jellicent fainted! Alakazam's health is very low.

7d 17h 18m Meowstic is down! Female Jellicent is now up against Alakazam and proceeds to poison him right away.

7d 17h 17m Jellicent and Meowstic keep exchanging hits. Now the opponent has been poisoned.

7d 17h 15m Female Jellicent is doing some work and lands a crit.

7d 17h 14m The one turn FRZ didn't help us there, and Wigglytuff went down.

7d 17h 14m Wigglytuff managed to freeze Meowstic! Learn from her, Glaceon!

7d 17h 13m It's Wigglytuff's turn. She comes in, eats a Perfect Apple and easily takes Espeon out.

7d 17h 12m Glaceon fainted!

7d 17h 12m Glaceon is hit by Hyper Beam and counters with Ice Beam. Beam fight! No FRZ though.

7d 17h 11m Espeon's Psystrike finishes off our weakened Jellicent. Glaceon comes in! Eeveelution fight!

7d 17h 10m Swoobat's Drought is activated. While he sets up, we hit him with Shadow Ball and take him out in one hit!

7d 17h 10m Blue Jellicent managed to take Hypno down! Woo!

7d 17h 8m Hypno is burned by Flame Body on the first turn! On the second, our move hits hard, but the burn couldn't finish the job and the Full Restore gets rid of it. And now Blue Jellicent is poisoned.

7d 17h 8m Attempt #8 is on!

7d 17h 6m Sidney would love to sit down in his chair for five minutes and read the newspaper, but every time he's done with us we come back for more. Poor guy.

7d 17h 5m We had a half thought of buying some items, but didn't. Now we're back for more.

7d 17h 3m Meowstic finished us off! Attempt #7 is over against Sidney! Blacked out!

[Stats] F Jellicent Lv. 73 - Max. HP 272 Attack 106 Defense 107 Sp. Atk 140 Sp. Def 198 Speed 124

7d 17h 2m Alakazam is finally defeated by poison! Pink Jellicent leveled up!

7d 17h 0m While Diving, Alakazam is able to hit us with Whirlpool.

7d 17h 0m Jellicent is caught in a Whirlpool and paralyzed, while Alakazam is poisoned.

7d 16h 59m Pink Jellicent is the only pokémon left in our party, and we send her out.

7d 16h 56m Cacturne managed to hit Espeon with Thief and then Assurance. Espeon goes down, but then Alakazam gets rid of our Cacturne!

[Fluff] It always bothered me that a pokémon who misses with Hyper Beam doesn't need to recharge the next turn...

7d 16h 54m Lanturn goes down!

7d 16h 54m Lanturn successfully avoids Hyper Beam once again. Sidney uses a Full Restore on Espeon as we keep attacking with Thunderbolt.

7d 16h 51m Espeon hits Wigglytuff hard and takes her down!

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 75 - Max. HP 311 Attack 172 Defense 114 Sp. Atk 121 Sp. Def 85 Speed 110

7d 16h 51m Wigglytuff keeps making progress and levels up!

[Info] Since we have the Shadow Ball TM and Assurance is in the first slot, this can be somewhat easily corrected.

7d 16h 49m Cacturne learned Assurance over Shadow Ball!

7d 16h 48m Wigglytuff managed to take down Hypno. Cacturne reached lv.63!

7d 16h 47m Hypno is healed by Sidney. Ice Beam failed to freeze him this time, and Glaceon goes down!

7d 16h 46m Glaceon is hit by Toxic. Hypno recovers HPs with its berry.

7d 16h 45m We are switching abilities around, over and over, before blue Jellicent faints.

7d 16h 43m Sidney sighs and mutters a frustrated "Welcome back". Here we go! Attempt #7!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: economy was rolled back to fix inflation issue

7d 16h 40m Cacturne managed to defeat Meowstic, but isn't in a good shape and is taken out by Alakazam! Attempt #6 is over against Sidney!

7d 16h 38m Pink Jellicent faints under Meowstic's hits.

7d 16h 37m A few Dives later, Espeon is taken care of.

7d 16h 36m And then she goes down too.

7d 16h 34m Lanturn comes in, deals some damage, tanks a couple of hits and skillfully avoids a Hyper Beam.

7d 16h 33m Espeon's Psystrike takes Wigglytuff's HPs down to zero.

7d 16h 32m Wigglytuff lands a nice critical hit against Swoobat, forcing Sidney to use an item. We tank a crit ourselves before managing to get rid of the bat.

7d 16h 32m Lanturn reached lv.61!

7d 16h 31m Wigglytuff comes in and takes care of Hypno.

7d 16h 31m Glaceon froze Hypno with her last hit before going down.

7d 16h 29m Glaceon was hit by Toxic!

7d 16h 29m Hypno is healed. Glaceon comes in and starts hitting. Lightly.

7d 16h 28m Hypno eats his berry, hits us hard and triggers our ability, receiving a burn. Blue Jellicent fainted to poison!

7d 16h 27m Blue Jellicent starts Surfing and is hit by Toxic.

7d 16h 26m Hello Sidney! Attempt #6 begins now!

7d 16h 23m The poison took female Jellicent out. Attempt #5 ended against Phoebe! Blacked out!

7d 16h 22m Now we're both diving. Since we went second, we're the ones landing the hit! Strats!

7d 16h 22m We just... we just Toxic'd each other.

7d 16h 21m The enemy Gourgeist transformed into our pink Jellicent.

7d 16h 19m We talked to Phoebe! Cacturne was low on health from the previous fight and went down in one hit!

7d 16h 13m Cacturne did it! Sidney has been defeated!

7d 16h 13m Lanturn went down!

7d 16h 11m Lanturn manages to get rid of Espeon. Only Meowstic left.

7d 16h 10m A critical hit took down Wigglytuff!

7d 16h 9m Wigglytuff comes in and finishes the job, taking down Alakazam. Now up against Espeon.

7d 16h 8m Glaceon hurts Alakazam pretty badly and Sidney heals him with an item before dealing the last blow. Glaceon fainted!

7d 16h 6m Another pokémon down. Cacturne reached lv. 62! Glaceon has been paralyzed!

7d 16h 6m Wigglytuff reached lv.74! Female Jellicent reached lv.72! She learned Mud Shot over Dazzling Gleam!

7d 16h 5m Glaceon takes a hit and allows the burn to take out Hypno.

7d 16h 4m Flame Body burns Hypno right before male Jellicent goes down due to poison.

7d 16h 4m Hypno is healed by Sidney. We keep hitting with Shadow Ball, but now we're taking some serious poison damage.

7d 16h 3m We deal some damage and Hypno recovers slightly with a berry. Male Jellicent has been hit by Toxic!

7d 16h 2m We have talked to Sidney. Attempt #5 begins now!

7d 16h 0m We are attempting to move our team around before battling.

7d 15h 58m Hi Sidney, rematch?

[Fluff] Attempt 4, we blacked out to Sidney.

7d 15h 57m We're right back for in for attempt #5.

7d 15h 55m Lanturn sent in, Thunderbolt takes out Swoobat. Meowstic is sent in. We Thunderbolt it, doesn't do much damage but it is paralyzed. The sunlight fades. We set up Stealth Rocks, Meowstic continues with Hyperspace Hole. Lanturn faints, black out, Attempt 4 over.

7d 15h 53m Cacturne sent in. We Shadow Ball the Swoobat, Blast Burn takes out Cacturne. Only Lanturn is left.

7d 15h 51m Swoobat uses Blast Burn, Wigglytuff goes down.

7d 15h 50m Female Jellicent down, we send in Wigglytuff. We use Ice Beam on Espeon, it uses Psytrike, Espeon down to Strength. The sunlight fades. Swoobat back in, the sunlight is back up again.

7d 15h 48m Hypno down, Swoobat sent in. It sets up the sun with Drought, and Volt Switches into Espeon. We Shadow Ball the Espeon, does just under half damage. Male Jellicent down to a crit Psystrike! We send into female Jellicent.

7d 15h 47m We've switched out to the other Jellicent. We go for Shadow Ball, male Jellicent is now poisoned.

7d 15h 46m Jellicent poisoned. We start chipping away Hypno's health with Dazzling Gleam, it goes for Shadow Punch.

7d 15h 45m Glaceon down, Female Jellicent sent in. A Full Restore is used on his Hypno, Jellicent goes for Baby-Doll Eyes.

just now 7d 15h 42m We talk to Sidney! Versus Sidney, Attempt 4, Hypno against... Glaceon. We avoid Egg Bombs, and land some Weather Balls. Glaceon poisoned to Toxic. We're chipping away its health very slowly with Weather Ball. More Egg Bombs miss, we go for Ice Beam. Hypno is frozen! It soon unfreezes, we go for more Ice Beams.

7d 15h 41m We've walked into Sidney's room.

7d 15h 40m Looks like we're trying to change around the party, but it's not working.

7d 15h 36m We've started Attempt 4.

[Fluff] Attempt 3, we blacked out to Sidney.

7d 15h 32m Glaceon sent in, Psystrike is used on us. We Weather Ball the Espeon, it is faster, Glaceon down to Psystrike! Black out, attempt 3 over!

7d 15h 30m We use Toxic on the Espeon, it is poisoned. We try to pull of a Dive, but the Female Jellicent goes down to Psystrike. Only Glaceon is left.

7d 15h 28m Lanturn sent in. Espeon must recharge, we use Waterfall on the Espeon, does not take it out, another Full Restore is used on Espeon. We Psychic the Espeon, it doesn't do very much damage. It uses Psystrike, we land another Psychic, Lanturn down to another Psystrike. Wingull the Female Jellicent sent in.

7d 15h 26m Duskull the male Jellicent down! Cacturne sent in. We use Shadow Ball, the strong sunlight fades. We avoid a Hyper Beam, Thief does great damage to Espeon. A Full Restore is used on it. We Thief again, Hyper Beam lands, Cacturne down.

7d 15h 23m A third Strength, Hypno down. Male Jellicent to lv.69, it wants to learn Skill Swap. We replace Discharge for it. Swoobat sent in, it has Drought and causes the Sun to intensify. Wigglytuff down to Blast Burn, male Jellicent sent in. We use Skill Swap. Swoobat goes for Volt Absorb, it switches into Espeon. We use Skill Swap again.

7d 15h 22m Versus Sidney, Wigglytuff against Hypno. We start off with Strength, Wigglytuff is poisoned to Poison Tail. Another Strength lands, doesn't quite take Hypno out.

7d 15h 21m We've walked into Sidney's room.

7d 15h 19m Attempt 3 started!

[Fluff] Attempt 2, we blacked out to Phoebe.

[Chat] [Snark] #CritMattered

7d 15h 16m Misdreavus sent in, Shadow Ball doesn't quite take it out, Misdreavus uses Phantom Force, it's a crit mattered Kappa, Male Jellicent down, black out.

[Fluff] What do you mean Phoebe's still Ghost?

7d 15h 15m Gourgeist down to Shadow Ball, Drifblim sent in. Volt tackle is used on us, we survive with 1HP! Another Shadow Ball is used, Drifblim down!

7d 15h 14m We talk to Phoebe! We battle! Gourgeist against Duskull the Male Jellicent!

7d 15h 11m We walk into Phoebe's room. Wandering around for a bit.

[Snark] I like this wall. I think I'll stay here. This wall is my jam.

7d 15h 9m Meowstic uses Cross Poison, we Thief Meowstic, it doesn't do quite enough, Cacturne down to another Cross Poison. Only Male Jellicent is left. We send him in, Meowstic uses Hyperspace Hole, and Meowstic goes down to Shadow Ball! Sidney defeated!

7d 15h 8m Alakazam is sent in! Alakazam OHKOd to Thief! Meowstic sent in! This is his last mon.

7d 15h 6m Glaceon is sent in! PogChamp Eeveelution fite! Glaceon uses Dazzling Gleam, Espeon's currently above half health. We use Water Sport, Espeon lands a crit Hyper Beam WutFace, Glaceon down! Cacturne sent in. It must recharge, we Thief the Espeon, it goes down!

7d 15h 5m We Dive the Espeon. Wingull the Female Jellicent down to Psystrike!

7d 15h 2m Wigglytuff down to some fire attack! It must recharge. Lanturn in, we Waterfall the Swoobat. The sun is reducing the power of our water attacks, Sidney uses a Full Restore, another Waterfall, and Thunderbolt, Swoobat down, Lanturn to lv.60. It does not learn Shell Smash. Cacturne to lv.61, Glaceon to lv. 56 I think. Espeon sent in. Lanturn down to Psystrike, Female Jellicent sent in.

7d 15h 1m Wigglytuff starts off with a Strength, does some good damage. Hypno uses Poison Tail, Wigglytuff takes it well. Another Poison Tail, Wigglytuff's still on good health. Hypno down to Strength, Swoobat sent in.

7d 15h 0m Versus Sidney! Hypno against Wigglytuff!

7d 14h 59m We start Attempt 2! In Sidney's room, wandering around.

[Fluff] Attempt 1, we blacked out to Sidney. Just stating this.

7d 14h 57m We start with the Diving. But Wingull goes down to poison damage! Black out! At least we checkpointed at the League building.

[Fluff] I'm not sure, does this mean that all of Sidney's mon will be Psychic-type?

7d 14h 55m He sends out a Hypno! Wingull the Female Jellicent is the last mon left, we use Toxic on the Hypno. It goes for Shadow Punch, doesn't do very much damage. We try to chip away its health with Dazzling Gleam. It's taking a while.

7d 14h 54m We've walked into Sidney's room, and talk to Sidney! But we haven't healed yet..

7d 14h 53m Undaunted, we start Attempt #1.

7d 14h 52m We walk into the Pokémon League building!

7d 14h 51m After achieving such a feat, we save the game, and exit Victory Road!... and walk face-first into a wall.

7d 14h 50m Emotional music, more speeches, Wally gives us a Dawn Stone. He says it's a reminder of his Gallade. What Gallade? Kappa

7d 14h 48m Lucario's now in red health. We're slowly chipping down its HP. Another Dive lands, it's a crit, Lucario down! WALLY DEFEATED!

7d 14h 45m More Dazzling Gleams, but it lowers our Special Attack. Another 2HKO, Primeape down! Lucario in! It Mega-Evolves into Mega-Lucario! It prepares a Solar Beam, we use Dive! A Solar Beam is avoided, we land Dive, rinse and repeat.

7d 14h 44m Female Jellicent sent in. Dive is used on the Emboar, we avoid a Crunch, and Emboar goes down! Wingull the Female Jellicent to lv.71! Conkeldurr sent in. Dazzling Gleam is used on it, it's a 2HKO. Conkeldurr down! Primeape in!

7d 14h 42m Emboar sent in, Jellicent down to Crunch. Cacturne sent in, Emboar uses Mirror Shot, lowers our accuracy. We miss, it misses, we hit with Shadow Ball, but it avoids a second one again. We avoid Mirror Shot again, land a Shadow Ball, but Cacturne goes down. Only Female Jellicent is left.

7d 14h 40m We use Waterfall, Dry Skin activates, it happens again, Lanturn down to Petal Blizzard. Male Jellicent in, Discharge is used, it's a crit, Hariyama is now paralyzed. Jellicent survives a Petal Blizzard, Hariyama is fully paralyzed, Shadow Ball is used, Hariyama down! Duskull the Male Jellicent to lv.68

7d 14h 39m Glaceon uses Weather Ball, doesn't do quite enough to knock out Hariyama. Glaceon down to Fire Punch! Lanturn sent in!

7d 14h 38m Hariyama against Wigglytuff! Dazzling Gleam is used, Wigglytuff down to Petal Blizzard! Glaceon is sent in!

7d 14h 37m We're at Wally's meadow clearing thing. We walk up, he performs his speech yet again, the intense music plays, and we battle! Versus Wally, attempt 8!

[rip] rip for the 7th time against wally

7d 13h 55m It's not enough though as Conkeldurr KOs Glaceon and we Black Out

7d 13h 54m Wally sent out Conkeldurr. Rock climb crits our Glaceon. We use Dazzling Gleam to take conkeldurr under half, and our weather ball takes out another chunk of health

7d 13h 54m Hariyama went down to the poison but we only have Glaceon remaining.

7d 13h 54m Dealing minimal damage to Hariyama, Cacturne takes a fire punch bringing it to the yellow. Our Shadowball brings Hariyama down to yellow but Cacturne goes down first

7d 13h 53m Cacturne and Glaceon are our only remaining mon. Sent out Cacturne.

7d 13h 51m Pink jelly down.

7d 13h 51m Pink jelly poisons Hariyama

7d 13h 51m Lanturn fainted

7d 13h 50m We sent out Lanturn... Opposing Hariyama has Dry Skin so Lanturn's waterfall does no damage and heals Hariyama back to full...

7d 13h 49m Our party is 5/6 alive. Blue Jellicent vs Hariyama... Blue Jellicent faints!


7d 13h 46m We're out of the cave area, into the final area where Wally is.

[Info] Apparently the berries we have don't do anything if used from the bag in battle though, so we should be out of items that can be used then.

[Info] We still have berries though.

7d 13h 34m Tossed the Lumiose Galette and Full Restore and our medicine pocket is now empty.

[Info] Shadow Ball is in the first slot for blue Jellicent. Sandstorm was replaced.

[Fluff] No words should be spoken by the defeated.

7d 13h 22m Also taught Shadow Ball to blue Jellicent over something... I was typing when it happened sorry

7d 13h 21m Taught Shadow Ball to Cacturne over X-Scissor

7d 13h 20m Still messing around in the items menu.

7d 13h 14m Cacturne forgot Dark Pulse and learned X-Scissor

7d 13h 8m We keep getting into the TM/HM pocket and almost-teach moves.

[Info] We now have two items in the medicine pocket. Also we have some berries in that pocket.

[Info] It was Cacturne. Cacturne now holds the Metal Coat.

7d 13h 6m Took a full restore and gave the metal coat to one of our Pokemon

7d 13h 4m We booted up the HM for cut... Nearly replaced a good move but backed out of the menu.

7d 13h 2m Tossed one of the Galettes, just one more left.

7d 13h 0m Tossed our medicine items We have 2 Lumiose Galette left but all the other medicine pocket items are gone.

7d 12h 51m We've climbed the ladder. Back in the lit part of the cave.

7d 12h 48m Blue Jellicent is our leading Pokemon with Chansey down. He has yellow health.

7d 12h 45m "Chansey" fainted. rip

7d 12h 39m "Chansey" is poisoned.

7d 12h 35m We're currently in the dark area with the strength boulders.

[Info] People are trying to toss our medicine items so we don't waste turns during the Wally fight.

7d 12h 33m tossed Ampharosite

7d 12h 20m we catch a Lunatone Unfortunatly miss its name.

[Info] 6th lost against Wally

[Fluff] That was a trainwreck

7d 12h 3m PEople spam bag so we keep using items again and Jellicent (female) is down due to 2 PEtal Blizzards

7d 12h 2m Cacturne clutches a Fire Punch but cant defeat Hariyama and loses to another Fire Punch

7d 12h 1m We keep using items and Hariyama takes out Lanturn with 2 Petal Blizzards once again

7d 12h 1m We send Lanturn

7d 12h 0m Jellicent (male) is sent and uses Surf and heals HAriyama due to Dry Skin, Jellicent fiants to two Petal Blizzards

7d 11h 59m We send Glaceon out and it uses Fire punch to send Glaceon out

7d 11h 58m We use Dazzling Gleam and it uses Bug Buzz to take Wigglytuff out

7d 11h 58m Wigglytuff vs Hariyama

7d 11h 57m Trainer Wally Challenged!

7d 11h 56m We're out of the cave, walking to Wally

7d 11h 44m Wigglytuff is on the red health zone due to a wild Kadabra, looks like this Wally urn will be a waste

7d 11h 38m Wigglytuff is around half health from all the wild battles

7d 11h 23m We keep switching Glaceon out at some wild battles and it is the red health zone

7d 11h 8m Wigglytuff thaws out against a wild Amaura

Current party order seems to be: Wigglytuff, Jellicent (male) , Cacturne, Lanturn, Glaceon and Jellicent (female)

7d 10h 46m We switch out Wigglytuff to Glaceon and run, Wigglytuff remains frozen

7d 10h 45m Wigglytuff is frozen due to a wild Stunfisk's Powder Snow

7d 10h 38m Going through Victory road as usual

[Info] That was failure #5 against Wally, for anyone who's counting.

[rip] rip

7d 10h 21m It does barely any damage, though it lands Solar Beam while we are diving and we hit Lucario without taking the Solar Beam damage. Jellicent down because we wasted a turn by throwing a Poké Ball. Black out. So close!

[rip] Don't be a thief.

7d 10h 20m We use another Lumiose Galette! Lucario Mega-Evolves and prepares a Solar Beam! We use yet another Lumiose Galette, but we survive the Solar Beam. Another Solar Beam is prepared, we use Dive.

7d 10h 19m We Dive the Conkeldurr, its attacks do barely any damage to us. It goes down to Dazzling Gleam, Primeape sent in, it goes down to Dazzling Gleam straight after. Lucario sent in! Wally's last mon!

7d 10h 18m Female Jellicent sent in, Emboar down to Dive! Conkeldurr sent in!

7d 10h 17m Cacturne down, only Female Jellicent is left.

7d 10h 16m We try to catch the Emboar! Don't be a thief!

7d 10h 16m Cacturne in.

7d 10h 14m More Crunches from Emboar, Thunderbolt from Lanturn puts Emboar in yellow health. We use another Lumiose Galette, another Crunch from Emboar, and yet another Lumiose Galette is used. Lanturn down!

7d 10h 11m Glaceon down to Mirror Shot, Duskull the Male Jellicent sent in. Emboar Crunches us, we try Brick Break, we use a Lumiose Galette, no effect. Crunch is a 2HKO! Jellicent Male down! Lanturn in!

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 73 - Max. HP 303 Attack 167 Defense 112 Sp. Atk 118 Sp. Def 83 Speed 107

7d 10h 9m Wigglytuff uses Dazzling Gleam, does fantastic damage! Wigglytuff tanks a Petal Blizzard, Hariyama down to another Dazzling Gleam, and Wigglytuff to lv.73! Emboar sent in! Wigglytuff down to Mirror Shot! Glaceon sent in.

7d 10h 9m The intense music plays, Wally gives his speech, ad we start battle! Versus PokéMon Trainer Wally, Hariyama against Wigglytuff!

[Snark] #WeFoundWally

7d 10h 8m We're at the area where Wally is!

[Snark] Not much has happened. Who will shake things up? PRChase

[Fluff] Nothing much is happening, sorry for the lack of updates.

7d 9h 32m Back to slowly navigating Victory Road.

7d 9h 25m Wigglytuff faints, black out

7d 9h 3m Wigglytuff's now out front, and the only one left.

7d 9h 1m Glaceon down to another murderous Kadabra.

7d 8h 57m Glaceon's now out front, and paralyzed.

7d 8h 55m Lanturn down to a wild Zangoose.

7d 8h 49m Male Jellicent down to the Kadabra, we run.

7d 8h 48m We climb down a ladder, it's very dark. A Kadabra appears.

7d 8h 46m We're walking around the cave somewhere, encountering wild mons. Something leveled up but I did not see what.

7d 8h 33m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Houndoom! Catch! It's level 48, male, and the nickname is Houndoom(two spaces)PP

[Streamer] Trainertimmy: FailFish RIP my pokeyen progress tonight

Twitchplayspokemon: @TrainerTimmy I restarted the script recently, it empties the recording of hashtags

[Streamer] Pyrolyze: Twitchplayspokemon How do you bet with tokens?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Pyrolyze include the word token or tokens in the command

7d 8h 26m Pink Jellicent faints to a wild Lunatone!

[Streamer] Trainertimmy: No Name WutFace

Twitchplayspokemon: @TrainerTimmy no, it did, I tried to make a token bet earlier but it didn't accept singular "token" despite me trying to fix that in the latest update

7d 8h 21m Pink Jellicent hit level 70. Maractus doesn't get a nickname.

7d 8h 20m Another Poké Ball thrown at a different Maractus! Another catch! This one is level 49 and male.

7d 8h 14m ...and the nickname is Maract.

7d 8h 14m Poké Ball thrown at a wild Maractus! Catch! It's level 50 and female...

7d 8h 7m Entered Victory Road.

7d 8h 6m We're playing with the Pokemon Center door. It's so much fun to go in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and...

7d 8h 3m Hit solid ground. Ever Grande's cheerful music begins to play once more.

7d 8h 1m Reached the marker for Ever Grande City.

7d 7h 58m Azurill is easily defeated with two dazzling gleams. Isaiah defeated.

7d 7h 57m Challenged by Beauty Isaiah. Azurill versus Pink Jellicent.

7d 7h 52m Now at Route 128, surfing around.

7d 7h 50m It's female, nickname is Herecros Missing an s there?

7d 7h 50m We catch a Heracross with a Poké Ball! Lanturn hits 59, and Blue Jellicent 67!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I reversed the winnings/losses of tokens, so any tokens added through donations are still there

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tokens adjusted now too

7d 7h 46m Wigglytuff does not learn Iron Tail. We defeat Hisato.

7d 7h 45m Solrock goes down to Dazzling Gleam. Wigglytuff hits level 72!

7d 7h 44m Solrock confused us with swagger, so Jellicent has had issues hitting herself.

7d 7h 42m Challenged by Sky Trainer Hisato! Solrock versus Pink Jellicent!

7d 7h 39m We use Dazzling Gleam again. One hit KO! We defeat Byron.

7d 7h 38m We finally take out Goomy with Dazzling Gleam. Byron sends out Gabite.

7d 7h 38m We keep using Baby-Doll Eyes to further weaken Goomy's dig attacks.

7d 7h 37m Dazzling Gleam does some work. Goomy burrows underground and attacks with dig the next turn.

7d 7h 37m Dig does very minor damage, Goomy is only level 49!

7d 7h 37m We use Baby-Doll eyes, and Goomy burrows underground.

7d 7h 36m Challenged by Sailor Byron! Goomy versus Pink Jellicent.

7d 7h 35m We land down onto Route 127.

7d 7h 33m We used the Eon Flute.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: token adjustment might take a while longer so donations made since smash began aren't ignored

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I reset everyone's pokeyen balance to what it was before Smash began, still need to adjust tokens

7d 7h 30m Landed right back into the Nameless Cavern.

7d 7h 29m Used the Eon Flute! We're back to soaring after our failure against Azelf.

7d 7h 25m We exit the cavern.

7d 7h 22m We run away!

7d 7h 22m We throw a Poke Ball! It escapes!

7d 7h 22m We use toxic and badly poison Azelf. We're protected from Azelf's status moves.

7d 7h 21m Azelf protects against Baby-Doll Eyes.

7d 7h 21m Versus Azelf! Pink Jellicent is up!

7d 7h 21m A mysterious ring is up ahead.

[Chat] Going crazy about AZ BORT ELF. The union between the story of Kalos and the messed-up world of Baba.

7d 7h 20m Landed in the Nameless Cavern.

7d 7h 19m We use the Eon Flute. The night music has started playing this hour.

7d 7h 15m It's male, nickname is "Infernape!!!"

[Info] The Infernape we just caught knows Struggle.

7d 7h 14m We throw a Poké Ball at a wild Infernape! Catch!

7d 7h 5m Resurfaced on Route 128 before diving back in.

7d 7h 3m Dove into the water.

[Chat] BibleThump....... EVERYWHERE!

7d 6h 53m Landed in Mossdeep City.

7d 6h 48m After an uneventful time at Route 119, we use the Eon Flute once more.

[Fluff] I like the way streamer is using the term 'dumb' to describe us players. OneHand

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I've already explained everything, if dumb people are still confused then they can be quiet until things aren't so confusing for them

7d 6h 34m Landed in Route 119.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: no one has been banned, stop being dumb

7d 6h 29m Played the Eon Flute!

7d 6h 26m We're now switching between turning it on and off, currently it's still set to off.

7d 6h 24m We turn off the exp. share.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: they'll be unbanned after an update

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: some users were temporarily banned because their presence caused drama

7d 6h 20m Still hanging out with Swimmer River, who still appears as a Fisherman. Perhaps he is fishing out dangerous Pokémon before he goes for a swim?

Pink Jellicent (F)'s current stats:

[Stats] Jellicent (F) Lv. 69 - Max. HP 258 Attack 100 Defense 102 Sp. Atk 133 Sp. Def 187 Speed 118

7d 6h 15m Sub mode back off.

7d 6h 14m Chat is back in sub only mode.

7d 6h 6m We're swapping Glaceon's moves around. Current order is Ice Beam -Water Sport - Weather Ball - Dazzling Gleam.

7d 5h 59m Wigglytuff forgot Dragon Rush and learned Dazzling Gleam!

Wigglytuff's current stats:

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 71 - Max. HP 295 Attack 163 Defense 108 Sp. Atk 115 Sp. Def 80 Speed 104

7d 5h 56m Pink Jellicent forgets Skill Swap and learns Dazzling Gleam!

7d 5h 51m We're still stuck on an island off in Route 133. The TM menu is constantly open.

7d 5h 49m Chat is no longer in Sub Mode.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: don't be noisy because you're dumb

7d 5h 48m Chat is in Sub Mode only for some reason.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I already mentioned that I'd adjust balances

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't like having to repeat myself

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry chat is getting stupid

7d 5h 34m If you are unable to tell, we're currently making use of our TMs.

7d 5h 34m Glaceon forgets scald and learns Dazzling Gleam!

7d 5h 30m Glaceon forgets Quick Guard and relearns Ice Beam!

7d 5h 22m Cacturne forgets Camouflage and relearns Dark Pulse!

7d 5h 17m We sent in Lanturn after a brief period of mediation and use waterfall to fell Gible. Swimmer River defeated.

7d 5h 16m Cactrune down to Gible's bounce!

7d 5h 15m Challenged by Swimmer River. Gible versus Cacturne.

7d 5h 12m Got a Calcium!

7d 5h 7m We land in route 133.

7d 5h 5m I guess we took that advice. To the skies we go again!


7d 5h 1m Quickly land back down to Ever Grande. Our mistake.

7d 5h 0m We use the Eon Flute. To the skies we go!

7d 5h 0m We give Glaceon the Venusaurite to hold.

[Info] Give as in hold.

7d 4h 58m We give Cacturne the full restore.

[Typo] Ever Grande.

7d 4h 51m Left victory road. Back outside Ever Grade City south.

7d 4h 47m We hear the distant cry of a Stunfisk as we repeatedly bump into a wall.

7d 4h 45m Two Poké Balls thrown at a wild Marctus! They both fail!

7d 4h 43m Poké Ball thrown at wild Stunfisk! It fails to capture!

7d 4h 39m Cacturne gets close to learning psychic, but we back out of it last minute.

[Stats] Glaceon Lv. 54 - Max. HP 153 Attack 76 Defense 179 Sp. Atk 174 Sp. Def 90 Speed 63

7d 4h 30m Glaceon is paralyzed!

7d 4h 28m Glaceon hits 54! We forget Ice Beam for Quick Guard!

7d 4h 26m Rapidly switching out some move orders!

Jellicent (M) Current Stats:

[Stats] Jellicent (M) Lv. 66 - Max. HP 236 Attack 85 Defense 81 Sp. Atk 129 Sp. Def 162 Speed 139

[Fluff] Well, so much for the "Dank" Pulse.

[Stats] Cacturne Lv. 60 - Max. HP 161 Attack 175 Defense 114 Sp. Atk 144 Sp. Def 79 Speed 87

7d 4h 21m Cacturne hits level 60! We replace Dark Pulse with Icicle Spear.

7d 4h 17m Still making our way through the first portion of Victory Road.

7d 4h 10m Cacturne tries out its new move on a Jolteon. One hit. Looking fresh.

7d 4h 8m Cacturne forgets Acid Armor and learns Dark Pulse!

7d 4h 7m Lanturn forgets Rototiller and learns Psychic!

7d 4h 6m Lanturn wants to learn X-Scissor, but it can only learn 4 moves! We decide to cut out of that decision and try to teach it Psychic instead.

7d 4h 4m We decide not to teach Glaceon dig.

7d 4h 4m Booted up the TM for dig. Glaceon is trying to learn it.

7d 4h 2m Entered Victory Road.

7d 4h 0m On the south side of Ever Grade City.

7d 3h 57m Black out!

7d 3h 56m We use Ice Beam! Hariyama uses Petal Blizzard! Wiggytuff faints!

7d 3h 56m Versus Wally! Hariyama versus Wigglytuff!

7d 3h 55m We meet up with Wally again. Even though we've seen him quite a few times here already, he still acts like it's been a while since we've encountered each other.

[Info] Wigglytuff is our only 'mon left and it's in the red zone, so we basically don't stand a chance.

7d 3h 53m We climb a ladder and reach out onto the green area of the dungeon. Almost there!

7d 3h 52m We try to use the full restore on a fainted 'mon. It works just as much as most of our Poké Balls recently.

7d 3h 51m Still trekking along victory road.

7d 3h 44m Nickname is Zangoose"!ro

7d 3h 44m We throw another one and it's a catch! It's level 49 and female.

7d 3h 43m Poké Ball thrown at wild Zangoose. It didn't work out well. Or swell. To tell.

7d 3h 37m We pick up a full restore.

7d 3h 36m Poké Ball thrown at wild Amaura. Nope, not a catch.

7d 3h 33m It's male, nickname is Ééééttttiié

7d 3h 33m Poké Ball tossed at wild Pignite! Catch!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: new CPU levels: CPU_LEVELS = { "lucario": 5, "ness": 6, "toonlink": 8, "mario": 5, "robin": 4, "zelda": 6, "luigi": 6, "sonic": 6, "peach": 8, "marth": 6, "captainfalcon": 8, "ryu": 8, "lucina": 7, "darkpit": 8, "pikachu": 8, "rob": 8, "littlemac": 8, "ganondorf": 8, "wario": 8, "rosalina": 8, "charizard": 8, "roy": 8, "metaknight": 8, "lucas": 7, "kirby": 7, "kingdedede": 7, "megaman": 7, "ike": 7,}

7d 3h 31m We talk to the lone Winstrate family member. He talks about going home.

7d 3h 30m Poké Ball tossed at wild Kadabra! It fails!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: some nerfs some buffs

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: new CPU levels: CPU_LEVELS = { "lucario": 5, "ness": 6, "toonlink": 8, "mario": 5, "robin": 4, "zelda": 6, "luigi": 6, "sonic": 6, "peach": 8, "marth": 6, "captainfalcon": 8, "ryu": 8, "lucina": 7, "darkpit": 8, "pikachu": 8, "rob": 8, "littlemac": 8, "ganondorf": 8, "wario": 8, "rosalina": 8, "charizard": 8, "roy": 8, "metaknight": 8, "lucas": 7, "kirby": 7, "kingdedede": 7, "megaman": 7, "ike": 7,}

7d 3h 28m Pink Jellicent faints! We only have Wigglytuff left!

7d 3h 27m Poké Ball tossed at wild Kadabra! We don't catch it.

7d 3h 24m We pick up TM35: Flamethrower.

7d 3h 20m Poké Ball tossed at wild Kadabra! Almost had it!

7d 3h 14m We name it A44(two spaces)♣♣♣♣♣♣.

7d 3h 14m We try another Poké Ball! Catch! It's level 48 and male.

7d 3h 13m Poké Ball tossed at wild Kadabra. Guess what? It didn't work!

7d 3h 10m Surfing in pitch black.

[Chat] Can we get Maractus !!! ?

7d 3h 5m nickname is Maractus(two spaces)!!

7d 3h 5m Four score - Poké Ball tossed at the Wild Maractus! It's a catch! It is Level 49 again, and, well, female again.

7d 3h 5m Pink Jellicent is poisoned!

7d 3h 4m We make it 3! Poké Ball tossed at wild Maractus! Not a catch!

7d 3h 4m We toss another one. It doesn't work.

7d 3h 4m Another Poké Ball thrown at another Maractus. It doesn't work out too well.

7d 3h 1m Maractus's nickname is "Maractus!" ! included.

7d 3h 0m We replace recover with skill swap!

7d 3h 0m Poké Ball thrown at wild Maractus! Catch! It's level 49 and female. Pink Jellicent levels up to 69!

7d 2h 55m We climb a ladder and finally see light once more.

7d 2h 54m Wigglytuff grows to level 71.

7d 2h 50m Lanturn faints!

7d 2h 50m Poké Ball tossed at Wild Kadabra! It fails. We're not having a lot of luck today.

7d 2h 47m Poké Ball tossed at wild Zangoose, it may have been a critical, but it failed.

7d 2h 37m Movin' boulders in the dark. Oh yeah. They definitely look like boulders. Not Vaporeons or anything...

7d 2h 36m We decide to run away. That was 4 Poké Balls used up.

7d 2h 35m Why not another? Because it fails. Whoops.

7d 2h 35m Another Poké Ball thrown. Nope.

7d 2h 34m Glaceon faints!

7d 2h 34m We throw another one, it fails as well.

7d 2h 33m Poké Ball thrown at wild Amaura! It fails. Wow.

7d 2h 30m Nickname is Ppr777ygmmk

7d 2h 29m Poké Ball thrown at wild Zangoose! Catch! It's level 48 and female.

7d 2h 26m After it uses pain split to accidentally heal us, we decide to defeat the Kadabra.

7d 2h 26m We toss another Poké Ball! Nope.

7d 2h 25m Poké Ball thrown at wild Kadabra. Fail. It then uses hydro cannon on us.

7d 2h 20m Nickname is Lunatondcp !

7d 2h 20m Poké Ball thrown at wild Lunatone! Catch! It's level 52.

7d 2h 18m We run away from the Amaura.

7d 2h 17m Blue Jellicent faints to poison damage.

7d 2h 17m Another Poké Ball is thrown...almost had it.

7d 2h 16m Another Poké Ball! Ding dong, fail.

7d 2h 16m We throw another Poké Ball! It fails!

7d 2h 15m Blue Jellicent was poisoned!

7d 2h 15m Poke Ball thrown at wild Amaura! Fail!

7d 2h 11m Male, nickname is !rrrr

7d 2h 10m Poke Ball thrown at wild Kadabra! Catch!

7d 2h 8m We're currently in the dark portion of victory road.

7d 2h 5m Cacturne faints to poison damage!

7d 2h 3m Nickname is 33laxx!cs22u

7d 2h 3m Poke Ball thrown at wild Maractus! Catch! It's level 48 and male.

7d 2h 2m Cacturne is poisoned!

7d 1h 54m Lanturn grew to level 58!

7d 1h 48m We return to Victory Road! Party order switched: Cacturne is first and Wigglytuff is last.

7d 1h 41m Left Victory Road.

7d 1h 39m Entered Victory Road! VR attempt #10!

7d 1h 35m Left the Pokemon Center.

7d 1h 33m Cacturne fainted! Wally attempt #3 is a bust! We black out!

7d 1h 33m Cacturne is burned from Fire Punch! We Thief it some more but do minimal damage.

7d 1h 33m Cacturne is sent out. Our death is stalled one turn due to paralysis.

[Snark] Paralyze? It has yet to actually be fully paralyzed.

7d 1h 32m We use Dive. It goes back to nearly full health. Pink Jellicent fainted!

7d 1h 31m Pink Jellicent sent out. We lead with recover. It follows with Petal Blizzard. Baby Doll Eyes lowers its attack.

7d 1h 30m Blue Jellicent out again. We resume Discharging. We drop to a Petal Blizzard. Blue Jellicent fainted!

7d 1h 29m Hariyama is now fully healed but still paralyzed.

7d 1h 29m We use Waterfall again! Petal Blizzard takes us out! Lanturn goes down!

7d 1h 29m Lanturn sent out! We use Waterfall! It recovers HP and uses Petal Blizzard.

7d 1h 28m Glaceon is burned! Glaceon faints - it couldn't handle the burn!

7d 1h 28m Discharge does little damage but we paralyze it! Petal Blizzard nearly finishes us off. We withdraw Blue Jellicent! Glaceon sent out!

7d 1h 28m Blue Jellicent (Level 66) vs Hariyama (Level 62)!

7d 1h 27m Once again his theme starts to play! Vs Pokemon Trainer Wally! Attempt #3!

7d 1h 26m We return to the main path and head towards Wally.

7d 1h 25m Found TM81 X-Scissor!

7d 1h 24m We Surf and go up the waterfall!

7d 1h 22m We have left the main part of Victory Road. In the grass part near the exit now.

7d 1h 20m Wigglytuff faints to a wild Houndoom!

7d 1h 18m Stream resumes.

7d 1h 17m Stream goes down.

7d 1h 16m We head up the ladder. We are now in the final main section of Victory Road.

7d 1h 6m We screwed up again with the boulders, we cannot get the TM right now.

7d 1h 5m It would appear we are attempting to get the TM.

7d 1h 4m We Surf west across the water.

7d 1h 1m We head down the ladder. In the dark section of Victory Road again.

7d 0h 51m We head up the ladder into the lit up section. This is around the half way point.

7d 0h 46m We get past the boulders in this section.

7d 0h 43m We use Strength!

7d 0h 37m We head down the ladder into the first dark area.

7d 0h 28m We Surf north and enter the first main area of Victory Road.

7d 0h 27m We return to Victory Road. VR attempt #9!

7d 0h 26m We left the Pokemon Center.

[rip] #REKT by Wally!

7d 0h 23m Correction: That was Blue Jellicent. Either way we BLACK OUT! Back at Pokemon Center.

7d 0h 23m Next out is Emboar (Level 62)! It uses Crunch! Pink Jellicent fainted!

7d 0h 22m Brick Break doesn't do much, whereas Petal Blizzard does. But we take it down! Hariyama fainted!

7d 0h 22m Blue Jellicent sent out.

7d 0h 21m We use Toxic but it misses! Pink Jellicent goes down!

7d 0h 21m We use Dive! It heals! ...Again.

7d 0h 21m We crit on Thief and it goes down to red (again). Cacturne fainted! Pink Jellicent is sent out.

7d 0h 20m Cacturne comes out. Gets hit with Endeavor.

7d 0h 19m Fire Punch takes it down! Glaceon fainted!

7d 0h 19m Laturn comes out but doesn't get to hit it. Lanturn fainted! Glaceon comes out and gets hit with Endeavor. We then heal it with Scald!

7d 0h 18m Petal Blizzard hurts! But we manage to take it down to red. Wigglytuff fainted!

7d 0h 17m Wigglytuff (Level 70) vs Hariyama (Level 62)!

7d 0h 17m His theme starts to play! VS Pokemon Trainer Wally! Attempt #2!

Hello Wally!

7d 0h 16m We arrive at Wally again.

7d 0h 16m We go back down without getting the TM.

7d 0h 15m We manage to Surf and make it up the waterfall!

7d 0h 15m We try to Surf on the water repeatedly.

7d 0h 13m We exit the main part of Victory Road! In the "grassy" area now before Wally.

7d 0h 10m We exit the darkness. We're in the final stretch of Victory Road before Wally.

7d 0h 7m We Surf west and make it on to land again. We go west and decide not to go for the Flamethrower TM this time.

7d 0h 5m We head down the next ladder. Back into the dark section of Victory Road.

7d 0h 2m We head up the ladder and return to the lit up part of the cave. About halfway through right now.

[Fluff] No fighting allowed k thx. Kappa

[Fluff] Take that /u/NMario84

Welcome to Day 8 of Twitch Plays Randomized Alpha Sapphire!

6d 23h 54m We get past the first two boulders in this section of the cave.

6d 23h 51m We finish the first section of Victory Road. We are in the dark part once again.

6d 23h 46m Nickname: +33vvry rrc3 Also to Box 5.

6d 23h 45m Caught a Stunfisk! Glaceon grew to level 53!

6d 23h 43m Nickname: ooou22.zyhn Sent to Box 5.

[Stats] Wigglytuff Lv. 70 - Max. HP 291 Attack 161 Defense 107 Sp. Atk 113 Sp. Def 79 Speed 103

6d 23h 41m Captured a Maractus! Female and level 50 Wigglytuff grew to level 70! Blue Jellicent grew to 66! Doesn't learn Recover!

6d 23h 38m We Surf north and head to the first part of Victory Road.

6d 23h 35m Entered Victory Road again. VR Attempt #8!

6d 23h 28m Swiftly exited the Pokemon Center.

6d 23h 27m Pink Jellicent fainted! Lost attempt #1 to Wally! We black out!

6d 23h 26m Dive does nothing! It has Dry Skin! It recovers HP!

6d 23h 26m Just Pink Jellicent remains. Hariyama is in yellow.

6d 23h 25m Cacturne out next! It uses Endeavor and Fire Punch, hurting it quite a bit. Cacturne fainted!

6d 23h 24m Lanturn (Level 57) vs Hariyama (Level 62)! It uses Petal Blizzard. It hurts. Lanturn fainted!

6d 23h 24m His theme plays and the battle starts! Vs Pokemon Trainer Wally! He has 5 Pokemon. Hariyama is out first!

[Fluff] Music! Kreygasm

6d 23h 23m We spot a trainer standing in a flower field. It's Wally.

6d 23h 21m Three of our Pokemon still remain: Level 68 Pink Jellicent, Level 57 Lanturn, and a Level 59 Cacturne.

6d 23h 20m Aden and Finn defeated! The path to the end of Victory Road is clear!

[Stats] Jellicent (F) Lv. 68 - Max. HP 254 Attack 99 Defense 100 Sp. Atk 131 Sp. Def 185 Speed 116

6d 23h 20m Spritzee goes down! Pink Jellicent grew to level 68!

6d 23h 19m Lanturn comes out and Frisks a Helix Fossil on Spritzee!

6d 23h 19m Blue Jellicent fainted!

6d 23h 18m Foe Floette fainted! Pink Jellicent comes out! The Jellicent duo!

6d 23h 18m Blue Jellicent attacks everyone and Glaceon faints! Foe Spritzee is paralyzed.

6d 23h 17m Flame Body activates, Floette is burned.

6d 23h 16m Spotted by Aden & Finn! Blue Jellicent + Glaceon vs Spritzee + Floette. Blue Jellicent uses Discharge and Paralyzes Glaceon!

6d 23h 13m We go up the stairs to the final stretch of Victory Road.

6d 23h 9m We pushed the boulder too far, blocked the TM again.

6d 23h 7m We attempt to get the TM blocked by boulders again.

6d 23h 5m We head down the next set of stairs. We are in the 2nd part of the dark section of Victory Road.

6d 23h 1m We head up the stairs. Back into the lit up section.

6d 22h 59m Wigglytuff fainted!

6d 22h 54m Wigglytuff is poisoned!