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[Streamer] Sinr2014: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Different note: Did you apply Kip's save to VC?

Twitchplayspokemon: @SinR2014, don't know what you're talking about, sorry

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm currently in the process of moving to a new place, as I'm moving overseas I need to pack up my stuff including computer, then travel and then spend weeks or months looking for a new place, I've got temporary accomodation lined up that has great internet but I'll be stuck using a laptop for awhile which may delay improvements to TPP PBR.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: The overlay needs the most work, 75% of all Javascript I've written has been for TPP, which means I've got a lot of bad Javascript code. The Python code on the other hand is poorly structured but is for the most part well-written.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I want to reduce the time between matches to 4 minutes or less. I want the pre-match screen to display a visualizer for that match (no needing to go to a site). I want an official website that provides accurate match information and I want to make it possible to use the chat commands by whispering a bot like the MarioParty247 stream.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: There have been some rumors about planned improvements to TPP PBR, however as a significant refactor/rewrite is needed to make it Python 3 compatible, more modular, better structured, no dead code.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry, took awhile to save, I took a shower while Revo was working out which direction was left

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[Snark] Wait? Colosseum is done? I didn't even have time to update... :(

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Looks like Evice is getting arrested for throwing that match Kappa

Congratulations guys for beating Pokémon Colosseum!

You guys did well! Good job, as always!

Wait so TPP Beat Colosseum? Yea I didn't watch most of the run. but.... Better late than never.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Oops I dropped my key again.

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[Info] Also we evolve eevee via items. Espeon's and Umbreon's Items are key items and with them we just need one level up to evolve.

ヽ༼XD༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼XD༽ノ

6d 3h 37m Meanwhile something is happening on stream and we are in Pyrite Town. Riot Screen is still on

[Info] Eevee is the starter in XD and we get to evolve it to either Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, and Espeon

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT FOR FUN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Pokémon XD Confirmed

<ProjectRevoTPP> colosseum episode 2 (XD Gale of Darkness) in 54 days

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Flareon FOR XD OR RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ INB4 Flareon IN XD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RITO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ XD CONFIRMED RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Now hosting MarioParty247

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PBR will be back in approx 5 minutes

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: congratulations on finishing Colosseum

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ REGULAR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


6d 3h 32m We do not save out progress lol


[Chat] Entei TriHard

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY SNARK RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 3h 31m Victory Donations are rolling on in!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

BELATED ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Over 850+ made it to see the urn today

6d 3h 29m Ho-oh Flies over the Colosseum and then leaves us with the Credits!

6d 3h 28m Evice tries to use a heli to escape but Ho-oh destroys the Helicopter

6d 3h 28m The Police and other people come and gang up on Evice

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 3h 26m nothing but Slaking wakes up but loafs around this turn

6d 3h 25m We put Slaking to sleep!

6d 3h 25m Nothing but Sandstorm happens this turn!

6d 3h 25m Is Jumpluff and Misdreavus vs Slaking!

6d 3h 24m Crush Claw KO's Umbreon!

6d 3h 24m Sandstorm is still brewing!

6d 3h 23m Crush Claw takes a huge chunk of HP from Umbreon!

6d 3h 23m Misdreavus can't hit Slaking so only Umbreon's Secret Power can hit it!

6d 3h 22m Evice uses Full restore on Slaking!

6d 3h 22m We send out Misdreavus!

6d 3h 21m Meganium uses Solar Beam and Umbreon uses Secret Power and it nearly KO's Slaking! Meganium is KO'd by Sandstorm!

6d 3h 20m Umbreon is sent out!

[Info] Umbreon, Jumpluff, and Misdreavus are able to fight!

6d 3h 20m Slaking takes down Quagsire!

6d 3h 20m It's Slaking vs all of our team now!

6d 3h 19m Meganium KO's Tyranitar!

6d 3h 19m Meganium and Quagsire is in the Red!

6d 3h 18m A Sandstorm is brewing in the Colosseum!

6d 3h 18m Shadow Tyranitar is sent out!

6d 3h 18m Misdreavus and Quagsire KO's Slowking to prevent the Skill Swap!

6d 3h 18m Quagsire is then sent out!

6d 3h 17m Espeon is then KO'd by Slaking!

6d 3h 17m Slowking is now sent out!

6d 3h 17m Espeon then KO Machamp!

6d 3h 17m Machamp is then sent out! Solar Beam bring Machamp to the Red!

6d 3h 16m Espeon then KO's Salamence!

6d 3h 16m Crush Claw nearly KO's Espeon!

6d 3h 16m Salamence is sent out!

6d 3h 15m Next turn we KO Scizor!

6d 3h 15m We use Psychic on Scizor and it almost does half HP!

[Snark] He actually remembered beating us? That's not supposed to be possible!

6d 3h 15m Scizor and Slaking vs Meganium and Espeon!

6d 3h 14m Vs Evice Attempt #2

6d 3h 14m We go up the Elevator into Tower Colosseum!

6d 3h 12m We go up the Lobby Elevator

6d 3h 10m We are back in the lobby of Realgam Tower

6d 3h 3m We return to Realgam Tower

6d 3h 2m and then we dive back to Mt Battle

6d 3h 1m We dive off to Phenec City

6d 2h 57m We escape the PC!

6d 2h 56m We return to the Mt Battle Lobby and use the PC...

6d 2h 56m Scizor uses Metal Claw to KO Misdreavus! Blacked Out!

6d 2h 56m Scizor sets up Sword Dance!

6d 2h 55m Its Migmagius vs the rest of Evice's Pokémon!

6d 2h 55m Scizor KO's Umbreon!

6d 2h 55m Crush Claw is used and takes a huge chunk of HP from Umbreon!

6d 2h 54m Scizor is sent out!

6d 2h 54m We use Shadow Ball on Slowking and then Secret Power to KO it! No Skill Swapping today!

6d 2h 53m Umbreon is sent out!

[Info] Slowking knows Skill Swap

6d 2h 53m Slaking KO's Jumpluff!

6d 2h 52m Mega Drain is used on Slowking but it does little damage!

6d 2h 52m Shadow Ball KO's Machamp! Slowking is sent out!

6d 2h 51m Sleep Powder is used on Machamp!

6d 2h 51m Machamp is sent out!

6d 2h 51m Shadow Ball KO's Salamence!

6d 2h 50m It's now Jumpluff and Misdreavus vs Slacking and Salamence!

6d 2h 50m Quagsire is KO'd by Slacking's Earthquake!

6d 2h 49m We use Sleep Powder on Salamence!

6d 2h 49m We send out Jumpluff!

6d 2h 49m Meganium gets taken down by Slacking's Earthquake!

6d 2h 48m We send out Quagsire!

6d 2h 48m VS CIPHER HEAD EVICE! We send out a fully healed Meganium and Espeon vs Salamence and Slacking! Slacking takes down Espeon!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MAYOR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 2h 47m he reveals himself to be the true Boss, Evice!

6d 2h 46m Surprise Appearaence from the Mayor!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 2h 46m Helping Hand plus Secret Power combo is used once more and it takes down Gardevoir! Nascour Defeated! Umbreon to Lv 59!

6d 2h 45m Hyper Potion is used on Gardevoir!

6d 2h 45m Espeon uses Helping Hand and Umbreon attacks with Secret Power to paralyze Gardevoir!

6d 2h 45m Its Gardevoir vs Espeon and Umbreon!

6d 2h 44m Gardevoir takes out Quagsire!

6d 2h 44m Quagsire to Lv 50!

6d 2h 44m Quagsire comes in the clutch with 3 HP and uses Surf to take down Metagross!

6d 2h 43m Solar Beam takes a huge chunk of HP from Metagross! Gardevoir takes down Meganium! Quagsire is sent out!

6d 2h 42m Dusclops goes down! Shadow Metagross is sent out! Espeon to Lv 65!

6d 2h 42m X Special is used on Gardeviour and x Sp Def is used on Dusclops!

6d 2h 41m Dusclops is sent out!

6d 2h 41m Psychic is uses on Xatu and Solar Beam is uses on it to! It goes down!

6d 2h 41m Xatu is sent out!

6d 2h 41m Psychic OHKO's Blaziken!

6d 2h 41m Blaziken sent out!

6d 2h 40m MEganium to Lv 65!

[Fluff] Dat music.

6d 2h 40m Psychic KO's Walrein!

6d 2h 40m Walrein uses attrack on Meganium!

6d 2h 39m Nascour sends out Walrein and Gardevoir! We send out Meganium and Espeon

6d 2h 39m Vs Nascour!

6d 2h 39m We get confronted by Nascour!

6d 2h 38m Cradily Faints! Ston defeated!

6d 2h 38m Umbreon then gets Poisoned!

6d 2h 38m We use Secret Power on Cradily and it gets paralyzed!

6d 2h 37m Giga Drain is used on Quagsire and it OHKO's it!

6d 2h 36m Quagsire is sent out!

6d 2h 35m Cradily's Ancient Power KO's Misdreavus!

6d 2h 35m Misdrievus levels up to Lv 67!

6d 2h 35m Shadow Ball KO's Cacturn!

6d 2h 34m Shadow Ball is used on Cacturn, Secret Power is used on Cradily!

6d 2h 34m Cacturn is sent out!

6d 2h 34m We use Shadow Ball on Vileplume to take it down!

6d 2h 33m WE send out Umbreon!

6d 2h 32m Vilplume is sent out! Cradily takes down Meganium!

6d 2h 32m Shadow Ball KO's Shadow Tropius!

6d 2h 31m Every attack but Sludge Bomb from Cradily to MEganium misses

6d 2h 30m Cradily uses Sludge Bomb on Meganium

6d 2h 30m We charge up Solar Beam and then use Shadow Ball on Tropius!

6d 2h 29m vs Peon Ston! He sends out Shadow Tropius & Cradily! We send out Meganium and Misdreavus!

6d 2h 28m Quagsire uses Surf once more and KO's Magcargo! Nella defeated!

6d 2h 28m Meganium heals itself once again and then Quagsire uses Surf to KO Torkoal and Ninetales! Magcargo is sent out!

6d 2h 27m Meganium keeps using Synthesis to heal itself! Quasire gets poisoned and then uses surf!

6d 2h 26m Quagsire is sent out!

6d 2h 26m We use Synthesis to heal Meganium! Jumpluff then falls to Heat Wave from Nella!

6d 2h 25m vs Peon Nella! We send out Meganium and Jumpluff! She sends out Torkoal and Ninetales

6d 2h 24m Mightyena goes down to Meganium's Razor Leaf! Delan defeated!

6d 2h 22m We use Toxic on Mightyena!

6d 2h 21m AAAKLB levels up to Lv 50!

6d 2h 21m Solar Beam KO's Sharpedo!

6d 2h 21m We send out Jumpluff!

6d 2h 20m Espeon goes down to Crunch from Sharpedo and Mighyena!

6d 2h 20m We use Solarbeam on Sneasel and it goes down! Sharpedo is sent out!

6d 2h 19m Espeon takes damage from Crunch and Shadow Ball!

6d 2h 18m vs Rider Delan! We send out Meganium and Espeon! Delan sends out Sneasel & Mighyena!

6d 2h 18m We use Psychic on Porygon to take it down! Jomas defeated!

6d 2h 17m Psychic takes down Zangoose!

6d 2h 16m Shadow Miltank gets OHKO!

6d 2h 15m Jomas sends out Shadow Miltank and Porygon2! We send out Espeon and Meganium!

6d 2h 14m Tower Colosseum Attempt #7! vs Jomas!

6d 2h 7m We are back in the lobby of Realgam Tower

6d 2h 1m We return to Realgam Tower

6d 1h 57m We return to the Mt Battle front lobby and boot up the PC a bit but quickly leave the PC

6d 1h 56m Cradily takes down Umbreon! Blacked out!

6d 1h 56m Umbreon meanwhile is down to 42/203HP

6d 1h 56m Umbreon KO's Shadow Tropius!

6d 1h 55m Tropius heals up with Synthesis! Not good for Umbreon and this attempt

6d 1h 54m Umbreon once again left alone to face Ston's 4 Pokémon

6d 1h 54m Magical Leaf from Tropius KO's Quagsire!

6d 1h 53m Sludge Bomb from Cradily poisons Quagsire!

6d 1h 53m Fly takes down Meganium!

6d 1h 53m We send out Umbreon!

6d 1h 52m Meganium OHKO's Misdreavus with a Critical Hit Solarbeam!

6d 1h 51m Meganium gets poisoned from Cradily's attack!

6d 1h 51m vs Peon Ston! We send out Meganium and Misdreavus! He sends out Shadow Tropius and Cradily!

6d 1h 50m Meganium charges up Solarbeam, Ninetales uses Heat wave and misses Meganium, Quassire uses Surf and KO's Nintales! Nella Defeated!

6d 1h 49m Meganium uses Solarbeam to KO Torkoal! Ninetales is sent out! Quagsire uses Surf to KO Magcargo!

6d 1h 48m Magcargo KO's Jumpluff and its Heat Wave misses Maganium! We send out Quagsire!

6d 1h 48m Meganium Charges up another Solarbeam!

6d 1h 47m Solar Beam brings Torkoal to less than 1/4 HP and then Sleep Powder makes Torkoal fall asleep!

6d 1h 47m Meganium charges Solar Beam and Jumpluff misses a Sleep Powder

6d 1h 46m vs Peon Nella! She sends out Torkoal & Magcarco! We send out Meganium and AAAAKLV

6d 1h 45m 2 Umbreon Secret Powers and 1 Maganium Solarbeam KO's Mightyena! Delan defeated!

6d 1h 45m Solarbeam OHKO's Sharpedo!

6d 1h 44m We send out Umbreon!

6d 1h 44m Meganium charges up Solar Beam while Espeon falls to Sharpedo's Crunch!

6d 1h 43m Solar Beam KO's Sneasel! Meganium Levels up to Lv 64!

6d 1h 43m We set up Solarbeam on Meganium while Espeon takes damage from Shadow Ball and Crunch

6d 1h 42m vs Delan! He sends out Sneasel & Mightyena! We send out Espeon and Meganium!

6d 1h 41m Zangoose goes down to Psychic! Miltank goes down to Solarbeam! Jomas defeated!

6d 1h 41m Porygon goes down to Psychic! Zangoose is sent out!

6d 1h 41m vs Jomas! Shadow Miltank and Porygon2 is sent out vs our Espeon and Meganium!

6d 1h 39m We enter Tower Colosseum for Attempt #6

6d 1h 33m We return to Realgam Tower

6d 1h 23m Back at Mt Battle front lobby

6d 1h 22m Umbreon takes down Shadow Tropius but then Cacturns returns the favor by KOing Umbreon! Blacked Out!

6d 1h 22m Umbreon paralyzes Tropius but it now its down to its last 5 HP

6d 1h 21m Umbreon is down to 75HP and Tropius and Cacturn weakens it up to 32 HP

6d 1h 20m Umbreon left alone to fight vs all 4 of Ston's Pokémon

6d 1h 20m Mismagius falls

6d 1h 19m vs Peon Ston! He sends out Shadow Tropius & Cacturn! We send Umbreon and Mismagius out!

6d 1h 18m We use Shadow Ball on Ninetales and it KO's it! Nella Defeated! Umbreon Levels up to Lv 58!

6d 1h 17m Shadow Ball KO's Magcargo!

6d 1h 17m We use Shadow Ball on Magcargo again to bring it to the Red, Umbreon weakens it and paralyzes it with Secret Power!

6d 1h 16m We shadow ball Umbreon.

6d 1h 15m We take longer than last time to switch Pokémon but we finally send out Misdreavus

6d 1h 13m Seems like we got sent back a turn and now we have to send out Misdreavus again

6d 1h 12m Seems like Meganium is back... and it goes down again!

6d 1h 12m We gain graphics back and we are back in the battle!

6d 1h 11m Something is happening, and we are blind as we gain control, and sound but we have a black screen with just the party menu

ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ

6d 1h 10m Now the sound cut off!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 1h 9m and the game freezes!

6d 1h 9m Misdreavus is sent out!

6d 1h 7m Meganium goes down!

6d 1h 6m Magcargo is sent out!

6d 1h 6m We use Solar Beam to KO Torkoal!

6d 1h 6m We send out Umbreon

6d 1h 5m Now struggling to choose either Umbreon or Misdreavus again

6d 1h 4m Ninetales uses Quick Attack to KO AAAAKLV!

Both of our Pokémon are down to the red!

6d 1h 3m We put Torkoal to sleep!

6d 1h 3m vs Peon Nella! She sends out Torkoal and Ninetales! We send out Meganium and AAAAKLV!

6d 1h 2m Meganium KO's Sharpedo! Delan defeated!

6d 1h 1m Jumploom is sent out!

6d 1h 0m Crunch KO's Quagsire!

6d 1h 0m Solarbeam KO's Mighyena!

6d 0h 59m Quagsire is sent out!

6d 0h 58m Crunch then KO's Espeon!

6d 0h 58m A critical hit Crunch on Espeon brings it to 4 HP. Next turn, Meganium takes down Sneasel! Mighyena is sent out!

6d 0h 57m vs Rider Delan! He sends out Sneasel and Sharpedo! We send out Espeon and Meganium!

6d 0h 56m Psychic is used on Shadow Miltank and it goes down! Porygon2 goes down to Meganium's Solarbeam, Espeon Levels up to Lv 64, Jomas Defeated

6d 0h 55m Shadow Miltank is sent out!

6d 0h 55m Zangoose goes down Espeon!

6d 0h 55m vs Bodybuilder Jomas! Zangoose and Porygon2 is sent out! We send out Meganium and Espeon!

Tower Colosseum Attempt #5!

6d 0h 54m We enter the Colosseum elevator for another run at the Tower Colosseum

6d 0h 53m We go up the lobby elevator and head towards the colosseum elevators

6d 0h 51m We make it back to the lobby of Realgam Tower

6d 0h 47m We seems to be entering and exiting the Healing Dome and the Entrance Dome of Realgam Tower

6d 0h 43m We decide to heal a bunch of times in the Healing Dome of Realgam Tower

6d 0h 41m We drive on back to Realgam Tower

6d 0h 35m We return to the Mt Battle Lobby

6d 0h 35m Umbreon down to 18 HP vs Ninetales. Next Turn, Ninetakes KO's Umbreon! Blacked Out!

6d 0h 34m Umbreon tries to take down Ninetales and Torkoal. It gets Magcargo to be paralyzed but its already down to 52HP!

6d 0h 33m Meganium goes down to Heat Wave!

6d 0h 33m Umbreon is sent out!

6d 0h 31m We use Shadow Ball on Meganium instead of the opponent. Nintales then uses Heat Wave to KO Misdreavus!

6d 0h 31m We decide to get stuck in the party menu instead of attacking

6d 0h 29m Magcargo is sent out!

6d 0h 29m We use Solar Beam on Torkoak and it goes down!

6d 0h 29m Heat Wave burns Misdreavus!

6d 0h 29m We use Shadow Ball on Torkoal to take a chunk of HP from Torkoal!

6d 0h 28m vs Peon Nella! She sends out Torkoal & Ninetales. We send out Meganium and Misdreavus

6d 0h 27m Crunch is used and takes a chunk of Misdreavus HP. Next turn Misdreavus takes out Sharpedo and Delan!

6d 0h 27m Solar Beam is used and takes down Mightyena!

6d 0h 27m We finally send out Misdreavus!

6d 0h 25m We have trouble selecting Umbreon or Misdreavus in the party menu

[Info] Meganium, Misdreavus, and Umbreon are the only Pokémon left able to fight

6d 0h 21m Crunch on Sharpedo takes down AAAAKLV!!!

6d 0h 21m We use Sleep Powder on Mightyena!

6d 0h 20m We send out AAAAKLV!

6d 0h 19m We send out Quagsire only for it to fall to Meganium's Solar Beam...

6d 0h 18m Next Turn, Espeon falls to Sharpedo's Crunch!

6d 0h 18m Sharpedo brings Espeon to 14 HP!

6d 0h 18m Meganium OHKO's Sneasel! Mightyena is sent out!

6d 0h 17m vs Rider Delan! He sends out Sneasel and Sharpedo! We send out Espeon and Meganium!

6d 0h 16m Jomas Defeated!

6d 0h 16m Espeon uses Psychic again to OHKO Porygon! Meganium levels up to Lv 63 and then Solarbeams and KO's Shadow Miltank!

6d 0h 15m Porygon2 is sent out!

6d 0h 15m We use Psychic to KO Zangoose!

6d 0h 15m Tower Colosseum Attempt 4! vs Jomas! Zangoose and Shadow Miltank is sent out! We send out Meganium and Espeon!

6d 0h 14m We go up the Colosseum elevator and return back to the Colosseum

6d 0h 9m We go up the Lobby Elevator

6d 0h 6m We return back to the lobby of Realgam Tower

Day 7 of Colosseum now underway!

6d 0h 2m We return back to Realgam Tower. At the Healing Dome right now

5d 23h 54m and we do it again!

5d 23h 54m We get healed up at the Pyrite Town Hotel!

5d 23h 46m We finally attack Nuzleaf and take it down! Cail Defeated!

5d 23h 45m Nuzleaf takes out Espeon!

5d 23h 44m Faint Attack brings Espeon to 3 HP

5d 23h 44m At some point we probably should try and attack the opponent and not the ally

5d 23h 42m We keep on attacking Espeon and not attacking Nuzleaf

5d 23h 41m We use Solar Beam on Espeon and then Espeon uses Morning sun...

5d 23h 40m and is OHKO by Solar Beam!

5d 23h 40m Machoke is sent out!

5d 23h 40m We use Psychic on Kirlia and take it out!

5d 23h 39m We OHKO Furret

5d 23h 39m Vs Rogue Cail at Pyrite Town! He sends out Shadow Furret and Kirlia! We send out Meganium and Espeon!

5d 23h 37m We decide to drive all around Orre trying to get back to Realgam Tower

5d 23h 32m We are sent back to Mt. Battle!

5d 23h 31m Next Turn Misdreavus falls, We blacked out!!

5d 23h 31m Misdreavus is now down to 22 HP!

5d 23h 30m We use Shadow Ball on Cacturn taking about half of its HP!

5d 23h 30m Shadow Tropius goes down! Cacturne is sent out!

5d 23h 30m We use Surf but it does little damage to the opposing Grass Type Pokémon. Vileplume uses Giga Drain and OHKO's Quagsire!

5d 23h 28m We send out Quagsire!

5d 23h 27m Umbreon gets Poisoned and then faints due to poison!

5d 23h 26m We attempt to snag Tropius and it turns out we have no Poké Balls left in our bag!

5d 23h 25m vs Peon Ston! He sends out Shadow Tropius & Vileplume! We send out Misdreavus and Umbreon!

5d 23h 24m We use Secret Power and Surf and Torkoal goes down! Nella Defeated!

5d 23h 23m Quagsire levels up to Lv 49 and does not learn Rain Dance!

5d 23h 22m Quagsire uses Surf and it takes down Magcargo

5d 23h 22m We use Secret Power of Magcargo that does little damage and then we use Amnesia on Quagsire

5d 23h 21m Quagsire is sent out!

5d 23h 20m AAAAKLV goes down!

[Info] Ninetales will replace Houndoom if we fail to win this round!

5d 23h 19m Magcargo is sent out!

5d 23h 19m We attempt to snag Houndoom! WE CATCH IT!!

5d 23h 19m We send out Umbreon!

5d 23h 18m Torkoal uses Sludge Bomb on Meganium and it goes down!

5d 23h 17m We use Sleep Powder on Houndoom!

5d 23h 17m vs Peon Nella! She sends out Shadow Houndoom and Torkoal! We send out Meganium and AAAAKLV!

5d 23h 16m Next turn, Meganium finishes Sneasel off with Solar Beam! Delan Defeated!

5d 23h 16m Quagsire uses Surf and brings Sneasel to the Red!

5d 23h 16m A Critical Hit OHKO's Sharpedo!

5d 23h 15m Quagsire is sent out!

5d 23h 15m A few attacks puts Espeon in near Low HP! Meganium OHKO's Mighyena! Sharpedo is sent out and then Espeon goes down!

[Info] Sneasel replaces the Shadow Absol that we snagged on our last attempt!

5d 23h 13m We send out Meganium and Espeon!

5d 23h 13m vs Rider Delan! He sends out Mightyena and Sneasel!

5d 23h 13m Shadow Miltank and Porygon2 goes down! Zangoose is sent out and gets OHKO! Jomas Defeated!

5d 23h 12m vs Body Builder Jomas! She sends out Shadow Milktank and Porygon2! We send out Espeon and Meganium!

[Info] We have to redo the Colosseum challenges!

5d 23h 11m We enter the Elevator to reenter Realgam Colosseum!

[Info] The statues on the top floow of Realgam Tower right before the Colosseum are of the three Legendary beasts: Entei, Raikou, Suicune

5d 23h 7m We go up the Lobby elevator

5d 23h 4m We make it to the Lobby of Realgam Tower

5d 23h 3m We enter the domes of Realgam Tower in order to make it back to the front lobby of the place

5d 22h 59m We blacked out at Mt Battle, we drove across Orre until we land back at Realgam Tower

5d 22h 56m Xatu overkills with a crit Drill Pick, we white out!

5d 22h 56m We call Umbreon while Xatu uses Drill Pick and MetaGross uses Shadow Rush to take down Umbreon to 1HP!

5d 22h 55m Misdreavus hits itself on confusion and Gardevoir uses Psychic on Misdreavus and knocks it out, Duslops uses Memento(?) and Shadow Metagross is sent out, we try to throw an Ultra Ball that fails and Umbreon sues Schreech but Metagross has Clear Body

5d 22h 54m Misdravus Shadow Ball's Duslops to Oblivian with the help of Screech and Xatu uses Psychic on Misdreavus

5d 22h 53m We send in Misdreavus and use Shadow Ball on Umbreon and Xatu uses Confuse Ray on Misdreavus and Umbreon Screeches Duslops, and Dusclops tryies to confuse Misdreavus

[Chat] CHEATER DansGame

5d 22h 52m Xatu uses a Psychic to defeat Jumpluff** and heals it with a Hyper Potion

5d 22h 52m Umbreon uses Secret Power on Duslops but it isnt affected

5d 22h 51m We send in Umbreon and Xatu&Duslops uses Confuse Ray on Jumpluff while Umbreon Misses Secret Power

[Info] Lag hit me just before we fought Nascour, sorry if it felt rushed

5d 22h 49m We send in Jumpluff and Dusclops uses Shadow Ball and defeats Espeon

5d 22h 49m Espeon hits itself with confusion and Xatu OHKO's Quagsire with Giga Drain

5d 22h 48m We send in Quagsire and Dusclops uses Shadow Ball on Espeon

5d 22h 48m Nascour sends in Dusclops and Xatu confuse our mon with Confuse Ray then attack with Psychic and Meganium is down

5d 22h 47m Double Psychics take Walrein down and Espeon levels up to level 63 and Meganium unleashes Solarbeam on the sent Blaziken and anoher Psychic takes it down

5d 22h 46m [Info] Our mon get healed before this fight

5d 22h 46m Cipher Nascour challenges us, he sends in Walrein and Xatu

5d 22h 45m We beat his Cacturne and Cradily and...

5d 22h 43m Misdreavus uses Shadow Ball on Tropius and defeats it, Umbreon levels up to level 57 and Vileplume is sent out, with a Shadow Ball its down and Cacturne is sent out

5d 22h 42m We send in Umbreon, they both target at the Flying Tropius which evades attacks and hits Umbreon with Fly, then Cradily uses Anceint Power on Misdreavus and

5d 22h 41m We use Shadow Ball on Tropius and Mega Drain Cradily, Tropius wakes up and uses Fly and Cradily uses another Sludge Bomb on Jumpliff, Poison effect takes it down

5d 22h 40m Cradily uses sludge Bomb on Jumpluff and poisons it

5d 22h 40m We use Shadow Ball on Tropuis and Sleep Powder to make it go to sleep

5d 22h 39m Vs Cipher Peon Ston, he sends in Shadow Tropuis and Cradily

5d 22h 38m We send in Jumpluff and use Mega Drain and Surf cleans up shop, gg Nella

5d 22h 37m We send in Quagire which gets poisoned by Sludge Bomb, We use Psychic on Houndoom while it uses Shadow Rush on Espeon and he survives with 1hp, Quagsire cleans with Surf and torkoal tanks and uses Iron Tail to Finish off Espeon

5d 22h 36m We use Psychic and SolarBeam on Houndoom, it has half health and uses Flamethrower to defeat Meganium

5d 22h 35m We use Psychic on Meganium and charge solarbeam while Houndoom Howls and Torkoal uses Sludge Bomb on Meganium**

5d 22h 35m Vs Cipher Peon Nella, she sends in Shadow Houndoon and Torkoal

5d 22h 34m Meganium unleashes Solarbeam and ends it!

5d 22h 33m We use Psychic and charge Solarbeam and Sharpedo uses Crunch on Espeon

5d 22h 33m He sends in Sharpdeo and we unleash Solarbeam on Mightyena ans ko it and Meganium levels up to level 62

5d 22h 32m We throw the Master Ball on Absol!

5d 22h 32m We use Psychic on Absol whilie it sets up swords Dance and we charge Solarbeam, Mighyena Crunch's Espeon

5d 22h 31m Vs Rider Delan, he sends in Shadow Absol and Mightyena,

5d 22h 31m We use Psychic on Porygon2 and take it out, Meganium unleashes Solarbeam on Miltank and we win

5d 22h 30m We call Espeon and unleash Solarbeam on Porygon2 and it does 95% damage

5d 22h 29m We use Psychic on Zangoose and OHKO it, We also charge Solarbeam while he sends in Porygon2, Miltank uses Defense Curl

[Info] Miltank is shadow

5d 22h 29m Meganium and Espeon vs Miltank and Zangoose

5d 22h 28m Vs Body Builder Jomas

5d 22h 28m We go UP TO THE STADIUM!

5d 22h 24m We go through some of the tunnels

5d 22h 17m We go back to Realgam tower!

5d 22h 13m We heal at the hotel

5d 22h 9m We finally use Sleep Powder on Machoke and MegaDrain it do death the next turn! Cain defeated!

5d 22h 7m Umbreon wakes up only to fall asleep again from Sleep Powder Machoke spams Submission and hurts itself from recoil

5d 22h 7m We finally decide to use some non damaging moves on Machoke

5d 22h 0m We Use sleep Powder on Umbreon

5d 21h 59m We send in Umbreon

5d 21h 57m We charge a Solarbeam but Machoke uses Submission and takes down Meganuim

5d 21h 55m Meganium uses Solarbeam on Nuzleaf and takes it out and Jumpluff uses Mega Drain on Machoke

5d 21h 53m We send Jumpluff

[Info] We were lucky with Hariyama being sent out first vs Gonzap, otherwise we would have spammed psychic on the dark types

5d 21h 52m Espeon uses a Psychic on Meganuim as payback and Nuzleaf Finishes off Espeon with a Faint Attack

5d 21h 51m We spam Psychic on Nuzleaf and use Solarbeam on Espeon

5d 21h 49m Shadow Furret and Kirlia, both underleveled and we take them down easily, he then sends in Nuzleaf and Machoke

5d 21h 48m Vs Rogue Cain!

5d 21h 48m We go to Pyrite Kappa /)*

5d 21h 47m We go to the lab

5d 21h 45m We White Out!

5d 21h 45m Since our first move slot is Shadow Ball we spam it while they Attack with Metal Claw and Ice Beams to KO Misdreavus

5d 21h 44m We are on a Stadium with many spectators and Nascour asks why we kept him waiting so he sends in Body Builder Jomas to attack us with Porygon2 and Zangoose with only Misdreavus

5d 21h 43m We go up the elevator and cutscene happens

[Info] Sorry for the typos, these battles go very fast >////<


5d 21h 43m Misdreavus uses Shadow Ball on Pinsir and it does, and one more Shadow Ball AND SKARMORY IS DOWN!

5d 21h 42m We use Mean Look on Skarmory and Mega Drain does little Hp agaist it, then Pinsit reveales Flail and doesnt KO Jumpluff but Skarmory uses Shadow Rush to finish it

5d 21h 41m We send in Misdreavus and Skarmory uses Shadow Rush which misses Jumpluff

5d 21h 41m We Call Jumpluff and Pinsir uses Earthquake on Quagsire and knocks it out

5d 21h 40m We send in Jumpluff, Skarmory uses Shadow Rush on Quagsire while we Surf and Skarmory and Pinsir both clucth with Red health

5d 21h 39m Umbreon uses Secret Power on Pinsir while it Earthquakes and Defeats Umbreon

5d 21h 39m We send in Quagsire, Skarmory uses Shadow Rush on it

5d 21h 38m Umbreon uses Secret Power on Skarmory, Meganium charges the beam, Skarmory continues Steelwing, we then unleash Solarbeam and Secret Power on Skarmory while Pinsir Earthquakes and Ko's Meganium

5d 21h 37m We switch Quagsire ofr Umbreon and Meganuim unleashes Solarbeam on Pinsir doing 50%! Pinsir continues its Earthquakes, while Skarmory ues Iron Head on Meganium

5d 21h 36m He sends in Shadow Skarmory and we send in Quagsire!

5d 21h 36m We use Psychic to Crawdaunt to no use and Pinsir crits Earthquake on Crawdaunt Ko'ing it and Espeon

5d 21h 35m We use Psychic on Shiftry to no avail! and then use Solarbeam on Shiftry which does 50% and Pinsir uses Earthquake and takes down Shiftry!

5d 21h 35m We use Psychic on Hariyama and it gets OHKO'D! He sends in Shiftry and Meganium charges Solarbeam while Pinsir used Earthquake

5d 21h 34m Meganuim and Espeon vs Hariyama and Pinsir!

5d 21h 34m Vs Team Snagem Head Gonzap!

5d 21h 33m We go upstairs but get lost easily

5d 21h 30m We go to a semi-hidden room with a PC and a Healing Machine

5d 21h 29m We cant decide wether to go through the right stairs or left

5d 21h 27m We go UP!

[Info] Leads are Meganuim and Espeon

5d 21h 26m EZ PZ win with Psychic's

5d 21h 26m Vs Loudred and Wigglytuff

5d 21h 26m We get ambushed by Body Builder Givern!


5d 21h 22m We go through many tunnels

5d 21h 17m and to Realgam!

5d 21h 16m We move to Pyrite

5d 21h 15m We move to Outskirt Stand and back to Phenac

5d 21h 9m We move to Phenac

5d 21h 2m we Heal!

5d 20h 52m We win $7316!

5d 20h 50m Meganium learns Solarbeam after levelling up to Level 61!

5d 20h 49m Nuzleaf Explodes! Ko-ing Espeon!

5d 20h 45m Espeon grows to level 62

5d 20h 42m Quagsire faints

5d 20h 40m Meganium faints

5d 20h 26m we enter a colosseum tourney!

5d 20h 21m we enter the colosseum registration hall again

5d 20h 10m we gain $6369! ish

5d 20h 10m Zime defeated! That's another colosseum tourney defeated!

5d 20h 1m vs Zime!

5d 20h 1m we defeat Becher! Onto the Final round of this tourney

5d 19h 55m Meganuim leveled up to level 60

5d 19h 48m Espeon leveled up to 61 and Meganuim to 59, sorry

5d 19h 26m We win and get 7k worth of money and go back in

5d 19h 25m Espeon leveled up to level 60

5d 19h 19m Meganuim levels up to level 58

5d 19h 16m We win again and enter as expected

5d 19h 2m Espeon levels up to level 59

5d 18h 54m We win and enter the stadium again

5d 18h 38m Meganuim levels up to level 57 Final round begins

5d 18h 33m We reach Semi Finals

5d 18h 20m We enter Pyrite Colosseum once again!

5d 18h 19m We finally beat the Hitlersire and its menus and become champs!


Hitlersire in all of its beauty

[Info] Quagsire is the only enemy standing, but the real enemy is the menus

5d 18h 5m We are still stuck on the finals with Umbreon and Misdreavus only ones alive

5d 17h 50m Meganuim faints in the finals

5d 17h 40m We continue to fight

5d 17h 30m Ally grew to level 58!

[Fluff] Half of these battles seem to be long chains for me apparently.

5d 17h 27m Misdreavus grew to level 65! We're the champ.

5d 17h 21m Meganium grew to level 56!

5d 17h 3m Espeon is sporting a blue mask right now. Classy.

5d 17h 2m We won again! Let's go back in again!

[Info] Misdreavus has a ribbon. Also we've been in this battle for 15 minutes.

[Fluff] Pokémon is Hockey, yes. Tbf, I was comparing Pokémon to Gran Turismo in the irc last night.

5d 16h 46m Vigoroth pls. That slash looked more like an elbow. 2 minutes for roughing!

5d 16h 45m We're doing another round; right now we're leading with Jumpluff and Misdreavus.

5d 16h 34m Espeon levels to 57!

5d 16h 28m Meganium levels to 55!

5d 16h 27m After finishing off Lunatone and Ampharos, we're crowned victors for the umpteenth time.

5d 16h 24m Also Espeon doesn't move an inch when he gets screeched at.

5d 16h 22m We keep trying to use the Master Ball to snag another person's mon. Our theft has some limits.

5d 16h 20m Our strategy of the day is Psychic/Razor Leaf. Side effects may include glitches such as green squares, see your doctor today to find out how this affects you.

5d 16h 18m Also an interesting thing to note is that the levels of these mons scale. Lavitar and Magnemite (our current opponents) are level 53.

[Fluff] And also all of the regular bold stuff.

[Fluff] Since we are grinding, I'm only going to have updates on when we beat the finals, and any other tidbits in-between.

5d 16h 16m And we're back. Espeon recently hit level 56, as did Meganium with 54.

[Snark] (and yes, Bayleef evolved!)

I'm going to have to leave now, but we seem to be in the midst of a hardcore grinding session at Pyrite Colosseum, so we shouldn't miss much! The updater will be back when we can!

5d 15h 52m Kell defeated. Semifinals match now.

5d 15h 51m Meganium faints!

5d 15h 50m Espeon hits level 55!

5d 15h 49m Meganium hits level 53!

5d 15h 47m Muna sweeped. Chaser Kell next.

5d 15h 46m Versus Hunter Muna.

5d 15h 45m Entered the Pyrite Colosseum matches once more.

5d 15h 39m Drove to Pyrite Town.

5d 15h 30m Swapped Meganium's Safeguard with Razor Leaf.

5d 15h 26m Left the day care.

5d 15h 24m Quagsire put into the Day Care, then back out! There goes ₽ 100.

5d 15h 24m At the day care.

5d 15h 19m Drove to Agate Village.

5d 15h 19m Stuck by the entrance to The Under.

5d 15h 11m Drove back to Pyrite Town.

5d 15h 7m Drove to Mt. Battle.

5d 15h 7m By The Under's entrance.

5d 14h 58m We get some cash, but no TM this time. We exit the Colosseum.

5d 14h 58m Combusken faints! We defeat Zime and win the tournament!

5d 14h 58m One AAAAAAAAA calls to another. No good!

5d 14h 57m Secret Power does however. Swellow down! Umbreon hits level 56!

5d 14h 56m Shadow ball isn't having any luck against Swellow.

5d 14h 55m We switch in Misdreavus.

5d 14h 54m Meganium faints to overheat!

5d 14h 53m Vigoroth faints as well! Swellow is sent out!

5d 14h 52m Zime's Koffing is down. He sends out Combusken.

5d 14h 52m Your foe's weak! Get 'em, Umbreon!

5d 14h 50m Quagsire faints to Vigoroth! We view her moveset in mourning.

5d 14h 48m Finals match against Zime.

5d 14h 47m We surf out the Furret and defeat Becher.

5d 14h 44m Meganium faints to Furret's Uproar!

5d 14h 42m Espeon uses helping hand to boost Meganium's Razor Leaf.

5d 14h 41m To do it back, we manually switch Quagsire for Espeon.

5d 14h 39m Becher's Loudred seems to have something behind his ears. He seems to have noticed that and switched it out for Furret himself.

5d 14h 37m Versus Bodybuilder Becher!

5d 14h 37m We defeated Trona!

5d 14h 34m Misdreavus out.

5d 14h 34m Quagsire faints! Seems like she's having a bad tournament.

5d 14h 31m Battle 2 versus Rider Trona. She has a Jigglypuff and Delcatty.

5d 14h 31m Azal defeated.

5d 14h 29m Go for it, Espeon!

5d 14h 29m Quagsire goes down!

5d 14h 27m Round 1 is against Roller Boy Azal.

5d 14h 27m We get a TM31! Some cash on the side, and we go right back in.

5d 14h 26m Ampharos down to psychic! We are the winners of the tournament.

5d 14h 26m Do it! Espeon!

5d 14h 25m Meganium faints to thunder punch!

5d 14h 24m Ampharos is all that is left standing for the enemy. Meanwhile Umbreon attacks Meganium.

5d 14h 24m Machoke seems to be wearing some armbands. Too bad I couldn't admire them for long, as both it and Lunatone go down to Razor Leaf.

5d 14h 22m Do it! Umbreon! Heral sends in Machoke as well.

5d 14h 21m Quagsire faints to explosion! Electrode hurts its ally as well before fainting. Meganium is level 52!

5d 14h 20m AAAAAAA vs Rider Heral. She sends in Electrode and Lunatone to face our Quagsire and Meganium.

5d 14h 19m Chinchou down to surf! Onto the finals!

5d 14h 19m Magnemite down to Razor Leaf! Quagsire hits level 47! Our newly evolved Meganium is really showing himself up.

5d 14h 18m Argel sends out Chinchou.

5d 14h 18m Meganium falls for a taunt. It doesn't take that nicely and takes out Lavitar with Razor leaf.

5d 14h 16m Semifinals against Hunter Argel. Meganium and Quagsire versus Larvitar and Magnemite.

5d 14h 16m Wailmer down to Razor Leaf! Balton down!

5d 14h 16m Voltorb down to surf!

5d 14h 14m Meganium is paralyzed!

5d 14h 14m Versus St.Performer Balton. Voltorb and Wailmer versus our Quagsire and Meganium.

5d 14h 13m Minun down! Gano is defeated.

5d 14h 12m Pikachu goes down to surf.

5d 14h 10m Pyrite Colosseum Battle 1: Versus Bodybuilder Gano. Minun and Pikachu sent out against Quagsire and Meganium.

5d 14h 8m Shelgon down, defeated Roller Boy Arez. We won the Pyrite Colosseum tournament again, we got money and TM05. Then we enter it again.

5d 14h 8m Quagsire down.

5d 14h 7m Pelipper down, Quagsire sent in. No, not a Qwilfish.

5d 14h 5m Misdreavus to lv.64, Pelipper sent in.

5d 14h 5m Gligar down.

5d 14h 5m Misdreavus sent in.

5d 14h 4m Jumpluff down.

5d 14h 3m Shelgon's sleeping too.

5d 14h 2m Gligar's put to sleep by Sleep Powder. Zzzz...

5d 14h 1m Umbreon sent in.

5d 13h 59m Jumpluff was sent in to replace Meganium, trying to send something in to replace Quagsire now.

5d 13h 58m Quagsire down.

[Info] Apparently Body Slam was dropped for Safeguard.

5d 13h 57m Meganium down.

5d 13h 55m Pyrite Colosseum Finals: Versus Roller Boy someone. Gligar and Shelgon sent out against Quagsire and Meganium.

5d 13h 54m Pupitar down, Hunter Athon defeated.

5d 13h 54m Graveler down.

5d 13h 52m Pyrite Colosseum Semifinal: Versus Hunter Athon. Graveler and Pupitar sent out against Quagsire and Meganium.

5d 13h 52m Meditite down, defeated Bodybuilder Seben.

5d 13h 51m Pyrite Colosseum Battle 2: Versus Bodybuilder someone. Didn't catch the name. Rhyhorn and Meditite sent out against Quagsire and Meganium, Rhyhorn down.

5d 13h 51m It learnt Safeguard over.. some move. I think. I'm not sure which.

5d 13h 50m Bayleef evolved into Meganium!

5d 13h 49m Numel down, Quagsire to lv.46 and Bayleef to lv.51. Hoothoot down, Rider Vorem defeated.

5d 13h 48m Baltoy down, Numel in.

5d 13h 47m Pyrite Colosseum Battle 1: Versus Rider Vorem. Baltoy and Hoothoot sent out against Quagsire and Bayleef

5d 13h 46m Lairon down, Rider Ligam defeated, we win the Pyrite Colosseum tournament, we get Money and TM07.

5d 13h 45m Misdreavus and Umbreon sent in.

5d 13h 40m Espeon sent in, and down. Bayleef down too. Nuzleaf down.

5d 13h 39m Grovyle down, Nuzleaf in.

5d 13h 38m Quagsire down.

5d 13h 36m Pyrite Colosseum Final: Versus Rider Ligam. Grovyle and Lairon are sent out against Quagsire and Bayleef.

5d 13h 36m Both foe's 'mons down, Machop sent in. It goes down easily. Defeated Bodybuilder Torf

5d 13h 35m Quagsire down, Espeon sent in.

5d 13h 33m Pyrite Colosseum Semifinal: Versus Bodybuilder Torf. Cacnea and Gloom are sent out against Quagsire and Bayleef.

5d 13h 33m Roselia down, Chaser Kell defeated.

5d 13h 32m Umbreon sent in.

5d 13h 31m Bayleef down.

5d 13h 30m Spinda down. Roselia was sent in earlier, we've yet to take it down.

5d 13h 30m Lileep down.

5d 13h 25m Pyrite Colosseum Battle 2: Versus Chaser Kell. Lileep and Spinda are sent out against Quagsire and Bayleef.

5d 13h 25m Defeated Hunter Muna.

5d 13h 24m Quagsire is switched out for Espeon, Shroomish and Oddish down.

[Fluff] Again, I said Qwilfish instead of Quagsire. I apologise again.

5d 13h 22m Pyrite Colosseum Battle 1: Versus Hunter Muna. Oddish and Shroomish are sent out against Qwilfish and Bayleef.

5d 13h 18m We're in the Pyrite Colosseum.

5d 13h 7m Driving around different places and stuff.

5d 12h 58m Mt. Battle again.

5d 12h 56m Driven to the Shadow PKMN Lab again.

5d 12h 53m Driven to Realgam Tower again.

5d 12h 51m And back to Mt. Battle.

5d 12h 50m Driven to the Shadow PKMN Lab.

5d 12h 48m Outside at Mt. Battle.

5d 12h 46m Umbreon down, white out. rip teh urn

5d 12h 45m Pinsir also goes down to Confusion damage, Hariyama sent in.

5d 12h 44m Misdreavus down.

5d 12h 43m Umbreon sent in.

5d 12h 39m Jumpluff down.

5d 12h 39m Shiftry down to Confusion damage! Pinsir sent in!

5d 12h 37m Jumpluff sent in.

5d 12h 36m Espeon down.

5d 12h 36m Misdreavus sent in.

5d 12h 35m Quagsire down, Espeon sent in. Bayleef down.

[Correction] I meant Quagsire, sorry.

5d 12h 32m Versus Snagem Head Gonzap, Shiftry and Crawdaunt against Qwilfish and Bayleef.

5d 12h 29m We go up the elevator, Gonzap is standing in front of another elevator. Seems we're doing our best to avoid him.

5d 12h 27m Back to the ID Badge slots-on-the-wall room. We enter the door and go to another part of the Tower.

5d 12h 23m At Realgam Tower.

[Info] In Gen 3, TM37 is Sandstorm. duDudu

5d 12h 21m We're back at the surface of The Under.

5d 12h 18m Kecleon down, St.Performer Kreble defeated. We won the Under Tournament, we receive some money and TM37.

5d 12h 17m Sharpedo down.

5d 12h 16m Vileplume down, Sharpedo sent in.

5d 12h 16m Misdreavus sent in.

5d 12h 12m Espeon down to a crit Razor Leaf.

5d 12h 9m ...and, Espeon is sent in.

5d 12h 6m Jumpluff down, Espeon did in fact not faint earlier.

5d 12h 3m Umbreon's now in the battle. We must have switched out Espeon, or it fainted. I'll check soon.

5d 12h 1m Espeon to lv.54, Vileplume sent in.

5d 12h 1m Gorebyss down.

5d 12h 0m Espeon sent in.

5d 11h 59m Bayleef down to I think Fury Swipes from Kecleon.

5d 11h 58m Jumpluff sent in.

5d 11h 57m Quagsire down.

[Fluff] Actually, a slight variation of it. Just the beginning part of it, but repeating.

[Fluff] The "versus Cipher Admin" music is playing right now. I like it.

5d 11h 55m Under Colosseum Final: versus St.Performer Kreble. Gorebyss and Kecleon are sent out against Quagsire and Bayleef.

5d 11h 54m Kirlia finally goes down, Bodybuilder Taman defeated.

5d 11h 54m Pelipper down, Umbreon to lv.54. Secret Power misses Kirlia.

5d 11h 53m Noctowl down, Pelipper sent in.

5d 11h 52m Umbreon sent in.

5d 11h 49m Jumpluff down.

[Correction] I'm not entirely sure what happened, but it seems we switched out something for Espeon, it went down, then we switched that first Pokémon back in. Espeon's fainted right now.

5d 11h 43m We check our Key Items. "CONSULT THE DNA SAMPLE"

5d 11h 41m Jumpluff sent in.

5d 11h 39m Wing Attack takes out Bayleef.

5d 11h 39m Misdreavus sent in.

5d 11h 38m Kirlia avoids the Earthquake, Quagsire's suffering from Poison, and goes down to a crit Confusion.

5d 11h 37m Azumarill down, Noctowl sent in. Kirlia is almost OHKO'd to Earthquake, Body Slam deals damage on Noctowl, ad paralyzes it. Double Team is spammed yet again.

5d 11h 35m Azumarill paralyzed to Bayleef's Body Slam, more Double Teams are used.

5d 11h 33m Kirlia traces Quagsire's Water Absorb, Surf will be ineffective. Both foe Pokémon proceed to raise their evasiveness with Double Team.

5d 11h 33m Under Colosseum Semifinal: versus Bodybuilder Taman. Azumarill and Kirlia are sent out against Quagsire and Bayleef.

5d 11h 32m Seadra down, defeated Rider Hesle.

5d 11h 32m Vigoroth down to a crit Mud Shot from Quagsire.

5d 11h 29m Sealeo down to Quagsire's Mud Shot, Quagsire to lv.45. Vigoroth sent in.

5d 11h 28m Bayleef's Leaf Blade is doing a lot to both foe's Pokémon, but before long Bayleef goes down to Sealeo's Aurora Beam. Umbreon is sent out. Quagsire's Surf is disabled.

[Fluff] Not sure what that was, for a bit stream wasn't loading. Chat was rioting and everything, it's back now.

5d 11h 24m Under Colosseum Battle 2: versus Rider Hesle. Sealeo and Seadra are sent out against Quagsire and Bayleef.

5d 11h 24m Qwilfish down, defeated Hunter Korm.

5d 11h 23m Lombre down.

5d 11h 22m Espeon sent in.

5d 11h 21m Umbreon down.

5d 11h 19m Lombre sent in.

5d 11h 18m Clamperl down, Jumpluff to lv.48.

5d 11h 17m Umbreon sent in.

5d 11h 16m Quagsire down.

5d 11h 13m Jumpluff is sent in.

5d 11h 11m Bayleef down to Qwilfish's attack.

5d 11h 10m Under Colosseum Battle 1: versus Hunter Korm. Clamperl and Qwilfish are sent out against Quagsire and Bayleef.

5d 11h 5m Driven to The Under.

5d 10h 58m Outside again.

5d 10h 57m Retrieved Umbreon, it is back in our party.

5d 10h 56m Back in the daycare, seems we're trying to get Umbreon back.

5d 10h 35m Outside now.

5d 10h 34m Deposited Umbreon in the daycare.

5d 10h 25m Driven to Agate Village.

5d 10h 19m Outside now.

5d 10h 19m ...And then we decide to leave immediately.

5d 10h 18m Teleported back to the registration desk. We start a new challenge.

5d 10h 18m Walked back into the Break Room.

5d 10h 16m Pichu down, Gelvin defeated.

5d 10h 16m Wynaut down.

5d 10h 15m Versus Fun Old Lady Gelvin, Wynaut and Pichu sent out.

5d 10h 15m Walked into Area 2.

5d 10h 12m Received 100 Poké Coupons, we decide to continue the challenge.

5d 10h 11m In the Break Room or something.

5d 10h 10m Cleared Area 1. Again.

5d 10h 9m Jigglypuff and Whismur down, Vander defeated.

5d 10h 8m Slakoth down, Jigglypuff is sent in. Damnit man, you broke the pattern you had going.

5d 10h 8m Skitty down, Slakoth in. Gotta love them Hoenn normal-types.

5d 10h 6m Zigzagoon down, Skitty sent in.

[Fluff] For a second there, the beat of the song matched up with the input rate.

5d 10h 5m Versus Area Leader Vander, Zigzagoon and Whismur against Quagsire and Umbreon.

5d 9h 35m Viewing Pokémon stats again.

5d 9h 29m Duskull down! Defeated Fun Old Lady Anges!

5d 9h 28m Jumpluff used Sleep Powder.. Quagsire used Amnesia! Duskull is asleep.

5d 9h 24m Sent out Jumpluff.

5d 9h 22m Quagsire used Earthquake. Umbreon fainted!

5d 9h 22m The opponent has a Duskull out on the field, Earthquake has no effect on it.

5d 9h 22m Quagsire used Earthquake. Umbreon down to 79/183HP.

5d 9h 21m Umbreon used Screech. Not much is happening.

5d 9h 13m Quagsire used Earthquake! Ralts down.

5d 9h 12m Vs Fun Old Lady Agnes. Fuuuun....

5d 9h 10m VS Athlete Rinos. Umbreon used Taunt. Wooper & Trapinch down. Defeated Rinos.

5d 9h 5m Nevie defeated.

5d 9h 4m Versus Teacher Nevie, Poochyena and Swinub against the usual two.

5d 8h 56m Zubat down, Pera defeated.

5d 8h 53m Versus Roller Boy Pera, he sends out Magikarp and Zubat. Earthquake is ineffective on Zubat, but Magikarp is down.

5d 8h 51m Lehan defeated.

5d 8h 50m Versus Cooltrainer Lehan, Togepi and Vulpix against Quagsire and Umbreon, as usual.

5d 8h 48m Earthquake takes them both out easily without dealing too much damage on Umbreon, Lady Auro defeated.

5d 8h 47m Lady Auro challenges us, Azurill and Sentret against Quagsire and Umbreon.

5d 8h 46m Versus Researcher Mort, Igglybuff and Electrike against Umbreon and Quagsire. Both go down easily, Mort defeated.

5d 8h 33m Still nothing happening.

5d 8h 15m Viewing Pokémon stats.

5d 8h 11m VS Rich Boy Cyus. Sunkern and Hoppip down. Defeated Rich Boy Cyus.

5d 8h 9m Taillow and Hoothoot down! Defeated Cooltrainer Stum.

5d 8h 8m VS Cooltrainer Stum. Welcome to Mt. Grind. Again.

5d 8h 5m Re-entered the knockout challenge.

5d 8h 4m Outside.

5d 8h 3m Jumpluff fainted! Whited out!

5d 8h 2m Gowzap sent out Crawdaunt. Shiftry used Shadow Ball. Espeon fainted!

5d 8h 2m Espeon used Psychic! Hariyama down!

5d 8h 2m We finally send out Espeon.

5d 7h 58m We've been trying to select Pokémon for our party for the past three minutes.

5d 7h 54m Sent out Jumpluff! Hariyama takes out Umbreon. Umbreon fainted!

5d 7h 54m [Party] (Only Espeon and Jumpuff are left with full health, Umbreon still 83HP)

5d 7h 53m Hariyama down to red. Shiftry takes down Misdreavus! Misdreavus fainted!

5d 7h 51m Sent out Misdreavus. Hariyama used Brick Break! Umbreon down to 80/180HP. Misdreavus used Shadow Ball.

5d 7h 50m Sent out Bayleef. Hariyama OHKOs Bayleef! Bayleef fainted!

5d 7h 50m Shiftry used Giga Drain! Quagsire fainted!

5d 7h 48m VS Team Snagem Gonzap!

5d 7h 45m Vigoroth down, Umbreon to lv.53, Rugen defeated

5d 7h 42m Shelgon down.

5d 7h 41m Misdreavus sent in.

5d 7h 40m Bayleef down.

5d 7h 37m Versus Chaser Rugen, Vigoroth and Shelgon against Umbreon and Bayleef.

5d 7h 34m We take the lift to the second part of Realgam Tower. We are welcomed by Nascour.

5d 7h 31m Bayleef tries to evolve, it is cancelled.

5d 7h 31m Feraligatr down, Luper defeated.

5d 7h 30m Octillery down, Feraligatr sent in. Qwilfish down.

5d 7h 29m Seadra down, Bayleef to lv.53. Octillery sent in.

5d 7h 26m Versus St.Performer Luper, Qwilfish and Seadra against Bayleef and Espeon.

5d 7h 25m Metang down, Aline defeated.

5d 7h 24m Mawile down.

5d 7h 23m Lairon down, Mawile sent in.

5d 7h 22m Versus Hunter Aline, Metang and Lairon against Bayleef and Espeon.

5d 7h 22m Lombre down, Klest defeated. There's a bunch of people around, but they don't seem to be Cipher people.

5d 7h 21m Hariyama down, Espeon to lv.53 and Misdreavus to lv.63.

5d 7h 20m Misdreavus sent in.

5d 7h 20m Quagsire down.

5d 7h 17m Umbreon down, Espeon sent in. Earlier Graveler went down and Lombre was sent in.

5d 7h 15m Nuzleaf down, Hariyama sent in.

5d 7h 14m Versus Bandana Guy Klest, Nuzleaf and Graveler against Umbreon and Quagsire.

5d 7h 13m Back at the room with the big door and the ID Badge slot things.

5d 7h 10m And, welcome back to Realgam.

5d 7h 9m At Pyrite now.

5d 7h 8m Driving around, trying to get back to Realgam Tower. Currently at The Under.

5d 6h 54m Vowing never to speak of the TV again, we head outside.

5d 6h 52m Congratulations, DeadOpsArcadeCafe! That was your "A" input!

5d 6h 52m 1000 NEWS REPORTS.... and we decide to break that perfect number by interacting with the TV once more.

5d 6h 20m Passed 888. Seems Twitch Chat will stop at nothing to watch the darn news again and again.

[Snark] BREAKING NEWS from the stream: (ahem) "According to authorities, there is a criminal syndicate that is seeking world domination. It is thought to be linked to the rash of reports from various regions about vicious POKéMON."

We hope to bring you additional info on this story as we learn more.

[Fluff] Passed 777 just now. Chat's having fun counting, and having fun making jokes about Gen 7/8 Pokémon dex numbers.

5d 5h 27m Still watching the news, it seems we want to pass a certain number of "seen reports" before we go back to Realgam Tower.

5d 5h 8m More news.

5d 5h 3m Oh. Obtained the Master Ball.

5d 5h 1m We interact with it, and hear that all-too-familiar jingle. It's time for the news!

5d 5h 1m We're in a house. There's a TV here.

5d 4h 53m To the Under and back a few times, in Agate Village now.

5d 4h 49m And in Pyrite Town now.

5d 4h 48m Driven to The Under.

5d 4h 46m Currently at Mt. Battle.

5d 4h 44m Crit Signal Beam takes out Umbreon, white out.

5d 4h 43m Umbreon uses Screech on the still-sleeping Masquerain, it's hit by a Signal Beam again. One more of those and it might go down.

5d 4h 42m Sleep Powder is used again, but it fails. Jumpluff down to Sludge Bomb, Taunt is used on Masquerain again. Signal Beam from Ariados on Umbreon.

5d 4h 42m Masquerain put to sleep by Sleep Powder, Umbreon taunts Masquerain. Ariados uses Sludge Bomb in Jumpluff, dealing great damage.

5d 4h 41m Cipher Peon Dioge jumps down from nowhere and challenges us as we try to enter through the door. Masquerain and Ariados against Umbreon and Jumpluff.

5d 4h 40m Put the RED ID Badge into the slot! The door can be entered now!

5d 4h 34m We try to use the DNA Sample in the red slot. It doesn't work.

[Correction] I'm sorry did I say Pokédex? Habit. Snag List or whatever it is.

5d 4h 29m Checking certain mons' cries in the Pokédex. Nope, they haven't changed yet.

5d 4h 6m Still trying to solve this puzzle. We have one more ID Badge left to put in the slot, the RED one.

5d 3h 51m Back over to the area with the keys.

5d 3h 49m Took the slidey speedy thing over to another part of the Building

5d 3h 47m YLW ID Badge put in the Yellow slot in the wall

5d 3h 34m GRN ID Badge put in the green slot in the wall

5d 3h 30m Put the BLU ID Badge in the Blue slot in the wall

5d 3h 25m Instead, we decide to brush over the information in the different Ein Files.

5d 3h 23m We interact with one of the coloured slots, we now have to select the right item to put in it. In this case, the GRN ID Badge.

5d 3h 22m We checked our emails.

5d 3h 15m There seems to be a fight between going to Agate or putting the ID Badges in their respective slots and unlock the door to get to the main lobby of Realgam Tower

[Spoilers] The mail is from Eagun telling us to go to his place and get a Master Ball

5d 3h 10m We get a E-Mail on our PDA!

5d 3h 10m Ein gives us the YLW ID Badge

5d 3h 9m We attack one more time and Raikou goes down! Ein Defeated!

5d 3h 9m We use Mega Drain and Secret Power on Raikou!

5d 3h 8m AAAKLV puts Raikou to sleep!

5d 3h 7m We send out Umbreon!

[Info] Umbreon and AAAAKLV only ones left to fight

5d 3h 7m Espeon takes down Pelipper but is only on 1 HP. Raikou takes it down with Thunder!!

5d 3h 6m We send out AAAAKLV!

5d 3h 4m We use Psychic and take down our own Bayleef...

5d 3h 3m Shadow Raikou is sent out!

5d 3h 3m Ein uses a Hyper Potion on Crobat but Espeon OHKO's Crobat!

5d 3h 3m Espeon finally uses Psychic... when Crobat is still flying

5d 3h 2m Razor Leaf does little damage to Crobat, and Pelipper uses Fly now!

5d 3h 1m Toxic is used on Bayleef by Crobat!

5d 3h 1m Helping Hand is used by Espeon and Razor Leaf is used. Crobat protects and it does moderate damage on Pelipper!

5d 3h 0m Pelipper is now sent out!

5d 3h 0m Bayleef uses Razor Leaf and finally takes down Starmie!

5d 3h 0m Espeon is sent out!

5d 3h 0m We use Shadow Ball on Crobat, Starmie takes down Misdreavus with Psychic!

5d 2h 59m We use Razor Leaf and we nearly take down Ein's Starmie!

5d 2h 57m Misdreavus is sent out!

5d 2h 57m We shift Umbreon for Bayleef, Starmie uses Psychic to KO Quagsire!

5d 2h 56m Quagsire uses Earthquake this time, does moderate good damage on Starmie, Starmie used Psychic to bring Quagsire to the Red.

5d 2h 55m Crobat is sent out!

5d 2h 55m Taunt is used again on Rhydon, Quagsire uses Surf and it OHKO's Rhydon!

5d 2h 55m Rhydon uses Protect and Starmie uses Rain Dance. We use Taunt and Surf. Does little damage to Starmie

5d 2h 54m vs Ein! He sends out Rhydon & Starmie! We send out Umbreon and Quagsire!

5d 2h 53m We enter Ein's dome!

5d 2h 50m We go inside and make the journey back to Ein's dome

5d 2h 47m and then we drive on back to Realgam Tower!

5d 2h 46m and then We drive on to Pyrite Town

5d 2h 46m We then drive off back to the Shadow Pokémon Lab in the desert

5d 2h 44m We finally leave Outskirt Stand and enter Phenac City

5d 2h 40m There's a small input battle between News vs No News

5d 2h 38m We go outside the building, walking around

5d 2h 35m Watching the news...

[Snark] Giggity

5d 2h 23m We buy 69 Antidotes

5d 2h 22m We head on inside

5d 2h 20m We leave to Outskirt Stand

5d 2h 6m We return back to the Mt Battle front lobby!

5d 2h 5m Poison and Raikou's Thunder takes down Umbreon! Blacked out!

5d 2h 5m We waste a turn calling Umbreon, Crobot uses Toxic on Umbreon to poison it!

5d 2h 3m Umbreon is the only one left to fight vs a nearly healthy Crobat and Raikou!

5d 2h 3m Espeon uses Morning sun to heal, Raikou gets a crit on Thunder to bring Espeon to Red HP, next turn Crobat uses Fly to take it out!

5d 2h 2m Raikou uses Thunder, it paralyzes both itself and Espeon!

5d 2h 1m Both Ein's Pokémon try to double team Misdreavus but it tanks the attacks, next turn takes down Pelipper! Shadow Raikou is sent out! Crobat takes down Misdreavus!

5d 1h 59m Both Crobat and Pelipper use Fly!

5d 1h 59m Crobat uses Toxic on Misdreavus!

5d 1h 59m Misdreavus is sent out and OHKO's Starmie! Pelipper is sent out!

5d 1h 58m A Combo attack from Crobat and Starmie takes down Quagsire!

5d 1h 57m Starmie uses Rain Dance again!

5d 1h 57m We send Quagsire back out!

5d 1h 56m Starmie wakes up and uses Psychic on AAAAKLV and takes it down!

5d 1h 55m Meanwhile, we keep selecting status moves and Crobat keeps flying and attacking

5d 1h 54m Crobat uses Toxic on AAAAKLV

5d 1h 54m Sleep Powder puts Starmie to sleep! Crobat misses his attack on Skiploom!

5d 1h 53m We send out Skiploom!

5d 1h 52m Crobat takes down Bayleef!

5d 1h 52m We look into our party and switch Quagsire for Bayleef!

5d 1h 52m Rain Dance is now in effect!

5d 1h 51m Starmie is sent out!

5d 1h 51m Quagsire gets badly poisoned, but it takes down Rhydon! Umbreon Levels up to Lv 52, does not learn Moonlight, Quagsire levels up to Lv 44!

5d 1h 50m vs Ein! He sends out Rhydon & Crobat! We send out Umbreon and Quagsire!

5d 1h 49m We enter Ein's Dome!

5d 1h 47m We move closer towards Ein's Dome in order to face him again. Maybe this time we can beat him

5d 1h 45m We go left into Miror B's dome but its empty because we already defeated him!

5d 1h 44m and we head back into the entrance dome

5d 1h 43m We enter the dome with the PC and restoration machine and we heal!


5d 1h 42m We exit Dakim's dome helix and head on deeper into Realgam Tower


5d 1h 42m We exit Dakim's dome and head on deeper into Realgam Tower

[Snark] Dakim confirmed gym leader

5d 1h 40m We recieve the GRN ID Badge from Dakim!

5d 1h 39m Misdreavus uses a few more shadow balls and takes down Entei! Dakim Defeated!

5d 1h 39m Flygon vs Misdreavus!

5d 1h 39m Shadow Entei goes down!

5d 1h 38m Flygon sets up the Sunny Day and Shadow Entei uses Fire Blast on Misdreavus!

5d 1h 38m Flygon KO's AAAAKLV!

5d 1h 37m We put Forretress to sleep and them Misdreavus takes it out! Shadow Entei is sent out!

5d 1h 37m Flygon uses Flamethrower on AAAAKLV!

5d 1h 37m Skiploom is sent out!

5d 1h 36m Espeon and Misdreavus brings Forrestress to the red, but Forrtress uses Earthquake to KO Espeon!

5d 1h 35m Dakim uses a Hyper Potion on Flygon!

5d 1h 34m Meanwhile Flygon uses Sunny Day

5d 1h 34m Next turn, Espeon KO's Wishcash, Foretress is sent out!

5d 1h 34m Both of our Pokémon attack Wiscash, it uses Protect

5d 1h 31m We try to use the TM Giga Drain...

nothing is happening

5d 1h 31m We send out Espeon!

5d 1h 30m Earthquakes takes down Bayleef and doesn't affect Misdreavus!

5d 1h 29m We send out Misdreavus!

5d 1h 28m Flygon takes down Umbreon!

5d 1h 28m Whiscash is sent out!

5d 1h 28m Clydol goes down to Bayleef razor leaf!

5d 1h 27m We send out Umbreon and Quagsire, One turn later Quagsire goes down to a Flygon's attack! Bayleef send out!

5d 1h 26m He sends out Flygon and Clydol!

5d 1h 25m vs Dakim!

5d 1h 25m We're in Dakim's dome right now

5d 1h 23m We enter inside Realgam Tower's domes, traveling back to Ein's dome

5d 1h 21m We return back to Realgam Tower

5d 1h 14m We return back to the Mt Battle front lobby

5d 1h 14m Pelliper takes down Misdreavus, Blacked Out!

5d 1h 12m a Paralyzed Misdreavus is the only Pokémon able to fight

5d 1h 11m Crobat keeps using fly and it takes down Umbreon!

5d 1h 11m Misdreavus uses Shadow Ball on Umbreon but its not very effective

[Info] Only Misdreavus and Umbreon are able to fight!

5d 1h 8m A critical hit Fly on Crobat takes down Bayleef!

5d 1h 8m Both Pokémon on Ein's side uses fly!

5d 1h 8m Crobat is sent out!

5d 1h 7m Critical Razor Leaf takes down Starmie!

5d 1h 7m Umbreon keeps using screech on Starime

5d 1h 7m Bayleef is paralyzed but it attacks and does decent damage to Starmie

5d 1h 6m We send out Bayleef!

5d 1h 5m Quagsire falls to Starmie's Psychic!

5d 1h 4m Starmie bring Quag to 1 HP, Quag then uses surf but it does little damage to the water types

5d 1h 3m Pelliper sets up the rain dance and Quag uses surf to OHKO Rhydon! Starmie is sent out!

5d 1h 3m He sends out Rhydon and Pelipper! We send out Umbreon and Quagsire!

5d 1h 2m vs Ein!

5d 1h 2m We enter Ein's dome in Realgam Tower

5d 0h 59m We enter the domes of Realgam Tower

5d 0h 57m We leave Agate and return to Pyrite Town and then leave again for Realgam Tower

5d 0h 52m We retrieve Misdreavus back for ₽ 100

5d 0h 43m Still moving around messing the menu's, hoping to move something around

5d 0h 30m We swapped Synthesis with Razor Leaf on Bayleef's moveset!

5d 0h 26m We deposit Misdreavus into the daycare!

5d 0h 21m We still are walking around. Near the Daycare in Agate now

5d 0h 10m We are in Agate Village, messing around with the menus or something, and also wandering around...

5d 0h 1m Still running around the menu

4d 23h 53m Also misdreavus and Jumpluff are hOKO

4d 23h 49m Running around the menu

[Info] Misdreavus lv.62, Umbreon lv.51, Espeon lv.52, quagsire lv.43, Bayleef lv. 49 and Jumpluff lv. 47 as of now

[Info] During that pause, we fought Ein again, only to get rekt.

4d 23h 32m We're currently in Agate village!

[Info] And back! Sorry for this long pause

[Info] I have to leave now and nobody is available but thankfully the stream isnt really doing anything right now

[Snark] Wes has to tone down the addiction

4d 21h 48m We watch more news and hit the 600 mark!

4d 21h 46m We mess around the house

4d 21h 39m We go upstairs the Mayor's house

4d 21h 26m We watch the news

[Info] We finished grinding and go out of the colosseum

4d 21h 22m We finally use Psychic to defeat ledyba, we are champs for the 9999th time

4d 21h 20m We defeat her electric mon but Ledyba is escaping Quagsire's wrath

4d 21h 14m Vs Teacher Glais

4d 21h 14m Quagsire levels up to level 43

4d 21h 13m now we spam Morning Sun and Earthqauke, so no chance of Espeon dying except for lfying types

4d 21h 12m Vs Cool Trainer Tock

4d 21h 12m Espeon levels up to level 52 and forgets Psych up for Morning Sun!

4d 21h 10m We defeat Goldeen and beat Guy Harl, vs Lady Brin

4d 21h 4m We enter another tournament


4d 21h 0m Another Helping Hand Earthquake brings a Natural Disaster to the Colossuem and we win!

4d 21h 0m We use Helping Hand with Earthquake, Torchic does not survive this natural disaster, and is replaced with Mareep

4d 20h 59m Vs Teacher Holen


4d 20h 58m She send in Wooper and Sandshrew which tank Earthquake, Wooper uses dig(ouch) then Espeon uses Helping Hand and Earthquake kills them

4d 20h 56m vs Athlete Emia


4d 20h 56m Quagsire uses 2 Earthquake to defeat Varl

[Info] Espeon has Psych up first slot

4d 20h 54m Vs Fun Old Man Varl

[Fluff] Calm Down Quagsire

4d 20h 53m Quagsire uses an Earthquake which crits Espeon and defeats the other mon

4d 20h 53m We enter the Arena, vs Lady Rima

4d 20h 49m We go to Phenac Stadium

4d 20h 40m We go to Phenac City

4d 20h 39m We go to Outskirt Stand

4d 20h 32m We go to the Lab

4d 20h 30m We try to go to another Area

4d 20h 21m Messing with the order of moves and walking

4d 20h 11m We mess with the order of Misdreavus's moves

4d 20h 7m We leave the stadium

[Info] its Focus Punch

4d 20h 6m We get TM01 and 6k worth of money

4d 20h 5m We are champs!

4d 20h 5m Misdreavus uses Psybeam to knock out Koffing and we win this battlw

4d 20h 5m We defeat Swellow but Bayleef Faints from Sludge

4d 20h 3m We finally send in Bayleef

4d 20h 1m more menu messing

4d 19h 57m Swellow Sky Attack's Jumpluff to death

4d 19h 56m We mess around with the menu

4d 19h 53m Swellow and Koffing team up on Umbreon and kill him

4d 19h 52m We defeat Combusken and he sends in Swellow

4d 19h 48m We send in Umbreon

4d 19h 47m Combsuken uses a crit Overheat to defeat Quagsire

[Info] Vigoroth survived the Slam on 1st turn

4d 19h 46m We send in Misdreavus and use Confuse Ray on Vigorith which it doesnt care about and uses Reversal on Quagsire, then Quagsire defeats it with Slam and Quagsire forgot Slam for Earthquake after leveling up to 42

4d 19h 45m Psychic again makes Vigorith go to red health and Vigorth crits Slash on Espeon but we tank it and use Slam on it and defeats it, Koffing uses Sludge on Espeon and the poison effect kills him

4d 19h 44m he sends in Koffing and Vigoroth

4d 19h 44m vs Chaser Zime

4d 19h 43m We finally defeat it with some Body Slams, Becher defeated

4d 19h 42m We send in Misdreavus

4d 19h 38m Loudred uses another Overheat to defeat Jumpluff

4d 19h 36m Loudred uses Overheat and Jumpluff barely lives it

4d 19h 36m We send in Bayleef, and they both dont attack

4d 19h 35m Loudred gets Cotton Spored but still outspeeds Quagsire and defeats it!

4d 19h 34m We send in Jumpluff

4d 19h 34m Psychic knocks Doduo out and Loudred uses Stomp to defeat Espeon

4d 19h 33m We use Psychic on Quagsire and it barely lives, his Pokémon double targer Espeon and Quagsire uses Slam on Espeon and it barely survives it too

4d 19h 33m Psychic does Massive Damage on Furret, Quagire uses Slam to knock it out, he sends in Doduo

4d 19h 32m Vs Body Builder Becher, he sends in Furret and Loudred

4d 19h 31m We defeat His Jigglypuff easily, Delcatty tanks a Psychic with 1hp but Misdreavus Confuse Ray makes it defeat itself, Trona defeated

4d 19h 30m Defeated Azal

4d 19h 29m Vs Rider Trona

4d 19h 29m EZ PZ win

4d 19h 28m Vs roller boy Azal!

4d 19h 28m We enter the challenge, battle n1!

4d 19h 26m We enter it again

4d 19h 26m And we left the building again

4d 19h 25m Entered the Pyrite Stadium

4d 19h 23m Our menu, still as fascinating as ever

4d 19h 17m Now at Pyrite town

4d 19h 17m Going the Lab.

4d 19h 12m Back in Mt Battle

4d 19h 11m We white out! Starmie swept our team... happy now Pioxys ?

4d 19h 11m ScUmbreon poisonned!

4d 19h 10m Umbreon out, and is our last hope!

4d 19h 10m Quagsire down too!

4d 19h 8m misdreavus down!

4d 19h 6m Misdreavus sent in

4d 19h 5m Bite from crobat, Jumpluff faints!

4d 19h 5m Psychic from starmie,Jumpluff is in the red already!

4d 19h 5m Jumpluff sent in!

4d 19h 3m Bayleef faints!

4d 19h 3m Starmie restores its health.

4d 19h 2m Bayleef sent in! Crobat uses flyy on it, bayleef in the yellow, mud shot and starmie's in the yellow too!

4d 19h 1m Espeon fainted!

4d 19h 1m We** healed quagsire!**

4d 19h 1m Mud shot from us to our Espeon who's now in the yellow!

4d 19h 0m So is rhydon thanks to synchronise, it faints and Espeon to lv.51! Starmie sent out!

4d 19h 0m Espeon is now poisoned by toxic!

4d 18h 59m Corbat protected itself , psychic on rhydon, rhydon's in the red!

4d 18h 59m Rhydon and cobat vs Espeon and quagsire

4d 18h 59m Vs ein!

4d 18h 57m Inside Ein's room now!

4d 18h 56m Back in the slots room

4d 18h 51m We do it a few times

4d 18h 50m Healed our team!

4d 18h 49m In the room where we can heal.

4d 18h 48m We've travelled a bit through the tower, still playing with our menu.

4d 18h 45m Still running around that room.

4d 18h 41m We've reached a room with 4 colored slots on the walls.

4d 18h 39m Glalie goes down! misdreavus to lv 61!Arton defeated

4d 18h 38m Bayleef sent in!

4d 18h 36m Glalie is confused, but takes down Espeon with earthquake

4d 18h 36m Psychic and piloswine goes down!

4d 18h 36m Espeon is now in the red!

4d 18h 33m Espeon hurt itself in its confusion, and is now in the yellow!

4d 18h 33m Mud shot on Espeon!

4d 18h 33m Confuse ray on Espeon!

4d 18h 32m Psychic and glalie is in the red!

4d 18h 32m Misdreavus in, and glalie sent out!

4d 18h 31m Quagsire fainted!

4d 18h 31m Delibbird fainted! quagsire to lv.41!

4d 18h 30m Quagsire in the red

4d 18h 30m the delibird is a shadow mon!

4d 18h 29m Delibid and pilloswine !

4d 18h 29m Against cipher peon Arton

4d 18h 27m Menu, menu , menu, so much fun do we have in the menu!

4d 18h 23m Back at realgam tower!

4d 18h 20m Playing around with the menu

4d 18h 18m Correction, we're at Mt. Battle

4d 18h 16m We left the building we were in.

4d 18h 16m Now in the pc!

4d 18h 15m Jumpluff faints, we white out!

4d 18h 15m Jumpluff in the red

4d 18h 14m Secret power on Jumpluff, psychic from caydol and Umbreon faints!

4d 18h 13m Forrestress protect itself, Umbreon uses secret power and it fails, Umbreon now in the red!

4d 18h 13m Only Umbreon and Jumpluff left against 4 mons!

4d 18h 12m Bayleef faints and foretress in the yellow!

4d 18h 12m Razor leef on forretress, it barely scratch it and is quite effective on claydol! bayleef in the red!

4d 18h 11m Synthesis from bayleef, sunny day again coming from claydol!

4d 18h 11m Umbreon in the yellow! we uses screech again on bayleef!

4d 18h 10m Forretress used protect, we used screech and bayleef slammed Umbreon!

4d 18h 9m Forretress is confused!

4d 18h 8m Screech on forretress, and toxic , but it fails!

4d 18h 8m Sent Bayleef in!

4d 18h 8m Espeon fainted!

4d 18h 8m Sent Umbreon in!

4d 18h 7m psuchic and misdreavus faints! Espeon is taking revenge...

4d 18h 7m Espeon in the red!

4d 18h 6m Psychic on misdreavus!

4d 18h 6m psychic on forretress who's now in the yellow, and who's now confused!

4d 18h 5m Misdreavus in!

4d 18h 4m Forretress sent in, claydol does massive damage on quagsire whofaints!

4d 18h 4m Flygon goes down!

4d 18h 4m We Just used psychic on Quagsire who's in the yellow now!

4d 18h 3m Epeson and quagsire against flygon and Clayform

4d 18h 3m Against Dakim!

4d 18h 1m Playing a bit through the menu before healing again, because better be safe than sorry, right?

4d 18h 1m Healed our team!

4d 17h 58m Defeated Mirror b!

4d 17h 58m Umbreon sent in, shadow ball and ludicolo is down!

[Info] Only Umbreon and misdreavus are left standing!

4d 17h 56m Jumpluff faints!

4d 17h 56m Ludicolo went underwater!

4d 17h 55m Low kick from sudowoodoo, Jumpluff suvives! Shadow ball and Sudowoodoo faints!

4d 17h 54m Confuse ray again! But ludicolo is already confused, cotton spore on Sudowoodoo!

4d 17h 54m umpluff in the red!

4d 17h 53m Espeon fainted we sent misdreavus in!

4d 17h 53m Cotton spore on sudowoodoo again! Ludicolo and sudowoodoo are confused!

4d 17h 52m Ludicolo used dive on Espeon, who's now in the red!

4d 17h 51m Jumpluff in the yellow!

4d 17h 51m Loudred is down, sudowoodo sent in, it is a shadow mon!

4d 17h 50m Leech seed on Espeon!

4d 17h 50m Loudred in! Jumpluff used cotton spore!

4d 17h 49m Baylleef down Jumpluff in, the golduck goes down!

4d 17h 49m Psychic on bayleef, it is in the yellow! well done us...

4d 17h 48m it starts to rain

4d 17h 48m Golduck sent out

4d 17h 47m One of his ludicolo goes down!

4d 17h 47m against Mirror b!

4d 17h 44m healed our team! and once again for the ride!

4d 17h 41m Now in a room with a PC

4d 17h 39m Now playing with our menu.

4d 17h 38m Raichu fainted, VENUS DEFEATED

4d 17h 37m Body slam from Bayleef! But we hit Jumpluff...

4d 17h 37m Raichu in the yellow, it uses attract on Jumpluff!

4d 17h 37m Only Bayleef and Jumpluff are still alive on our team

4d 17h 35m Umbreon faints to thunderbolt from Raichu!

4d 17h 34m Body slam on Umbreon, who's now in the red!

4d 17h 34m Raichu is Venus' last mon!

4d 17h 33m Secret power, and Suicune.... faints... gg guys

4d 17h 32m Synthesis from bayleef, sweet kiss from raichu, Umbreon is now paralysed!

4d 17h 31m we missed, and suicune is in the red!

4d 17h 31m Threw a snag ball at suicune!

4d 17h 28m Running around the menu

4d 17h 24m Suicune in the yellow, raichu is paralysed!

4d 17h 24m Sent Umbreon in instead of Jumpluff!

[Info] misdreavus fainted a while back missed it due to the stream lagging

4d 17h 21m Espeon fainted we sent jumpluff in!

4d 17h 20m Thunderbolt from raichu!

4d 17h 20m We called Espeon, and suicune use shadow rush, Espeon in the red, bayleef uses slam!

4d 17h 19m Espeon in the yellow! we don't have anymore pp for psychic!

4d 17h 18m Bayleef is in love with wigglytuff, and Espeon take it down with psychic! Suicune sent! it's a shadow mon!

4d 17h 18m Espeon is confused, wigglytuff in the yellow!

4d 17h 17m Misdreavus went down, venus sent a wigglytuff in!

4d 17h 16m Thunder wave and Espeon is paralysed! thanks to synchronize, raichu now is paralysed too!

4d 17h 16m Bayleef sent in, misdreavus called back! we use helping hand!

4d 17h 15m Venus's misdreavus is also in the red!

4d 17h 13m Playing around in the menu!

4d 17h 12m Misdreavus in the red!

4d 17h 11m our misdreavus is still confused and hurt itself!

4d 17h 11m Espeon to lv 50! misdreavus sent in on venus' side!

4d 17h 10m Psychic on bellossom, it goes down!

4d 17h 10m It used psychic anyway, bellossom back in the rec, misdreavus is now confused, and hiurt itself!

4d 17h 10m Espeon fell in love with the bellossom!

4d 17h 9m Confuse ray from misdreavus, bellossom is confused, psychic on bellossom it's in the red, thunder wave paralyzee misdreavus!

4d 17h 9m Bellossom and raichu vs Espeon and mr dreavus!

4d 17h 9m Fighting Venus!

4d 17h 7m Now in front of Venus!

4d 17h 7m Defeated Baila!

4d 17h 7m Giga drain from the ennemy Jumpluff on esepon, another pshychic and it goes down!

4d 17h 6m Bayleef sent in! Psychic from Espeon and Jumpluff is in the red!

4d 17h 5m Slam from quagsire on Jumpluff, Giga drain from Jumpluff on quagsire, who faints!

4d 17h 5m Quagsire in the yellow, and Gloom faints!

4d 17h 4m Gloom sent in

4d 17h 4m Sunflora in the yellow, sunny day from Jumpluff, slam from quagsire, and sunflora goes down!

4d 17h 3m The sunflora is a shadow mon, we send Espeon and quagsire in

4d 17h 2m against cipher peon Baila! Sunflora and Jumpluff!

4d 17h 1m We then went up again, and arrive at a palce with 2 cipher grunt

4d 17h 0m we then went left

4d 17h 0m We entered and went up

4d 16h 59m Now at Reagalm Tower

4d 16h 58m Now at the Lab

4d 16h 58m Slowly going through Phenac

4d 16h 51m Left the stadium

4d 16h 50m Running around the Phenac Stadium

4d 16h 47m We defeat Buna. The winning streak continues.

4d 16h 39m Finals match against Cooltrainer Buna.

4d 16h 39m The fun old lady didn't have any fun after we defeated her.

4d 16h 36m Beat him in a snap. Fun Old Lady Oris is fighting us next.

4d 16h 34m Athlete Bilal is facing us in round 2.

4d 16h 34m We beat Lang. Quagsire hit level 40.

4d 16h 27m We have entered another tournament. Guy Lang up.

[Info] We've got ₽ 15941 in bank now.

4d 16h 23m Almost ₽ 6000 in cash prize.

4d 16h 23m Zubat as well while we're at it. We once again win the Phenac tournament.

4d 16h 22m Say goodbye to Cacnea, everyone!

4d 16h 22m Mudkip is down, and out comes a Cacnea.

4d 16h 20m Cooltrainer Rewn in the finals match. Out comes Mudkip and Zubat.

4d 16h 19m Another easy psychic-slam victory. Adel will have to try harder next time.

4d 16h 18m Semifinals are against Athlete Adel. Adel has a Psyduck and Pineco.

4d 16h 17m Merciless sweep against Greb.

4d 16h 17m Espeon hits level 49!

4d 16h 16m Versus Roller Boy Greb. He sends in Tentacool and Doduo.

4d 16h 15m We take out his Azurill and Sentret easily. Onto round 2.

4d 16h 14m Versus Rick Boy Flitz.

4d 16h 13m We get 9,000 in cash, and immediately choose to enter the tournament again.

4d 16h 12m Ledyba down! The winner is AAAAAAA!

4d 16h 12m Quagsire tries to hit Espeon back, but misses.

4d 16h 12m We attack Quagsire accidentally.

4d 16h 11m Staryu down to Psychic.

4d 16h 10m Time for the final. Versus Teacher Glais! Espeon and Quagsire versus Staryu and Ledyba.

4d 16h 9m Seedot goes down. Tick tock, Tock's time is up.

4d 16h 9m Seedot's nature power uses Hydro Pump! Not a whole lot of pump in that.

4d 16h 8m Barboach down in a single psychic. Quagsire hits level 39!

4d 16h 7m Semifinals match! Fighting Cooltrainer Tock! Espeon and Quagsire versus Barboach and Seedot.

4d 16h 7m Swablu down to psychic. Brin defeated.

4d 16h 3m Reflect fails. Astonish doesn't do a scratch.

4d 16h 3m Reflect is set up. Swablu pecks Espeon for it. Slam misses.

4d 16h 2m Bagon down in one blow. Swablu uses astonish, and we attack it with slam.

4d 16h 1m Battle 2 is AAAAAAA against Lady Brin! Espeon and Quagsire versus Bagon and Swablu.

4d 16h 0m Wurmple down to psychic. A crushing victory!

4d 16h 0m Wurmple is hit with slam, and we're hit with string shot. Quagsire's White Herb negates it!

4d 16h 0m Take out Goldeen with a single psychic!

4d 15h 59m We head right. First match versus Guy Harl. Espeon and Quagsire versus Goldeen and Wurmple.

4d 15h 57m We register for the tournament. Now all we need to do is enter the stadium.

4d 15h 54m In Phenac Stadium.

4d 15h 44m Drove to Phenac.

4d 15h 41m Left the store.

4d 15h 39m We appear to have changed the order of some moves. The chat seems satisfied.

4d 15h 35m Still running around the store despite making a purchase.

4d 15h 24m We keep speaking with the shop keeper without buying anything.

[Snark] We have 1009, thats not pretty broke

4d 15h 19m But we can't buy another one. We're pretty broke.

4d 15h 19m We buy a hyper potion!

4d 15h 9m Switched Quagsire with Umbreon.

4d 15h 3m Taking a look at some capsule machines, but we can't use them.

4d 14h 51m Checking out Pyrite's store.

4d 14h 41m Finally left the house.

4d 14h 40m Appear to be in a feud between watching tv or not.

4d 14h 33m Still in the lady's house, checking out the status of our Pokémon or watching the news.

4d 14h 18m Either looking at our status or checking out the news.

4d 14h 15m We look up the current report twice.

4d 14h 14m She tells us she doesn't have Celebi. That isn't what we're here for, I assure you.

4d 14h 13m We enter the circular house of an Old Lady. A TV is in sight...

4d 14h 11m Taking a look at the snag list. We'll never see that Makuhita again, will we?

4d 14h 6m We collect our thoughts on the bridge.

[Fluff] Lets get the winner's comment. "I'm tough. AAAAAAA is weak. End of story!"

4d 14h 4m Swellow uses sky attack! Bayleef fainted! Zime is the winner of the tournament!

4d 14h 4m Speaking of that, Umbreon faints to poison!

4d 14h 3m Koffing uses sludge, and Bayleef takes quite the blow, and is poisoned!

4d 14h 3m Bayleef uses body slam. Umbreon uses screech.

4d 14h 2m We only have Bayleef left with Umbreon to face Zime's Koffing and Swellow.

4d 14h 2m We look at Misdreavus's status in mourning. The horror!

4d 14h 1m We call to both of our Pokémon. It didn't do much, because Misdreavus faints!

4d 14h 0m Umbreon is poisoned! it tries to pass it on to Koffing too, but it's poison type.

4d 13h 59m We send in Misdreavus, and for the deal also take out Combusken. Umbreon hits level 51! Swellow out.

4d 13h 57m Jumpluff faints!

4d 13h 57m Zime sends out Combusken. We greet it with screech.

4d 13h 57m We manage to take out Vigoroth.

4d 13h 56m We call on Jumpluff to do it again. No response.

4d 13h 56m Do it! Jumpluff!

4d 13h 55m Quagsire fainted!

4d 13h 55m We attack Umbreon with mud shot. Good going.

4d 13h 54m AAAAAAA sent out Quagsire, who takes Koffing's attack quite well.

[Info] In case you were wondering, Bayleef didn't get a chance to evolve because it fainted before it could. Better luck next time.

4d 13h 53m Espeon down to slash!

4d 13h 52m As usual, Zime focuses all attacks on Espeon.

4d 13h 52m Finals match with Chaster Zime! Espeon and Umbreon versus Vigoroth and Koffing.

4d 13h 51m Furret fainted! Onto the finals we go!

4d 13h 51m Quagsire is sent out. Umbreon scores a critical.

4d 13h 50m Bayleef faints!

4d 13h 49m Bayleef in the red after Facade.

4d 13h 48m Furret's rage appears to be building.

4d 13h 48m Doduo taken out by secret power. Bayleef hits level 48!

4d 13h 48m Bayleef tries his best with body slam.

4d 13h 47m Umbreon tanks in all the blows brought to him, and confuses Doduo.

4d 13h 47m Bayleef sent in. Umbreon takes out Loudred. Becher sends in Doduo.

4d 13h 46m Furret used Facade! Espeon fainted!

4d 13h 45m Furret keeps using steel wing via assist. We try using screech, but we're blocked by Loudred's soundproof.

4d 13h 45m Helping Hand'ed Secret Powers continue to be dished out by us. The opponent hits both of the 'eons.

4d 13h 43m Semifinals versus Bodybuilder Becher! Espeon and Umbreon against Loudred and Furret.

4d 13h 43m Delcatty is taken out with one more secret power. Trona is eliminated.

4d 13h 43m Secret Power and Mud Shot clash with a single frustration.

4d 13h 42m Take a look at this White Herb! Can we even do anything with it?

4d 13h 42m Quagsire is sent in.

4d 13h 41m Boosted secret powers continue, but not for long. Delcatty used frustration! Espeon fainted!

4d 13h 40m Umbreon takes out Jigglypuff with a boosted Secret Power. Delcatty seems mad about that, and takes it out on Espeon.

4d 13h 40m Espeon regardless gets the bad end of the opponent's attacks.

4d 13h 40m Espeon goes back to helping Umbreon's secret power.

4d 13h 39m Round 2 versus Rider Trona. Umbreon and Espeon versus Jigglypuff and Delcatty.

4d 13h 39m We hit a critical secret power and take it out. We beat Azal!

4d 13h 38m Teddiursa leers into our soul while confused.

4d 13h 38m Teddiursa is confused. We begin to attack it with Secret Power and Mud Shot.

4d 13h 38m Quagsire out.

4d 13h 37m Linoone is taken out by one more secret power. Bayleef flinches and meets one more thrash. Bayleef faints!

4d 13h 36m Bayleef is sent in. Umbreon uses Secret Power again, and Linoone is in the red. Teddiursa continues thrash.

4d 13h 36m Linoone used headbutt! Espeon fainted!

4d 13h 35m Espeon boosts Umbreon's Secret Power, and Linoone uses Headbutt and Teddiursa thrash, both on Espeon.

4d 13h 34m Round 1 versus Roller Boy Azal. Linoone and Teddiursa versus Espeon and Umbreon.

4d 13h 34m We enter the Pyrite Colosseum Tournament.

4d 13h 30m Left. One of the local thugs blocks our path for a moment.

4d 13h 29m Entered the Hotel.

4d 13h 26m Drove to Pyrite town.

4d 13h 24m Back at Mt. Battle. We're messing with the PC.

4d 13h 23m AAAAAAA whited out!

4d 13h 23m Sudowoodo uses low kick! Umbreon fainted!

4d 13h 22m Sudowoodo uses block. Like we could switch anyway.

4d 13h 22m We attack Sudowoodo with secret power. Not effective. Dive comes out, and Umbreon is in the red!

4d 13h 21m The remaining Ludicolo dives underwater. The leech seed is still set up.

4d 13h 21m We take out the paralyzed Ludicolo. Miror B sends in Shadow Sudowoodo!

4d 13h 21m We use secret power and paralyze one of them. Both of them use rain dance, for some reason. Lack of synergy.

4d 13h 20m Umbreon's health is slowly getting sapped away. We don't have much time left.

4d 13h 20m Ludicolo uses Ice Beam! Jumpluff faints! Only Umbreon left vs Miror B.

4d 13h 19m Two Ludicolos up against Umbreon and Jumpluff (Our last two!)

4d 13h 14m Ludicolo uses Leech Seed on Misdreavus

4d 13h 12m We send in Umbreon, Ludocolo uses Dive on Misdreavus

4d 13h 10m We use Shadow Ball on or Bayleef and Golcuck uses Ice Beam to finish off Bayleef

4d 13h 9m We send in Misdreavus

4d 13h 8m Espeon faints from Leech Seed!

4d 13h 8m He sends in Golduck and Dive with Ludicolo

4d 13h 8m We use Helping Hand Body Slam on Loudred and it faints with an overkill Crit!

4d 13h 8m We switch Umbreon for Bayleef and use Helping Hand, he uses Leech Seed and Shadow Ball on Espeon, Espeon clutches Leech Seed with 5hp!

4d 13h 6m We use Helping Hand+Secret Power on Loudred it has healf health, Ludicolo uses Rain Dance and Loudred uses Shadow Ball on Espeon just above half health

4d 13h 6m He sends in Ludicolo and Loudred vs our Eeveelutions

4d 13h 5m VS Miror B

4d 13h 4m We go through the left door, where Miror B is

4d 13h 3m We go back to Realgam towe

4d 13h 1m We white out!

4d 13h 0m Umbreon got poisoned by Sludge

4d 12h 59m Secret Power PP finished, we cant do anything but wait to white out

4d 12h 58m Seviper uses Bite to take down Quagsire

4d 12h 57m We defeat his Dustox with a Mud Shot, he sends in Seviper

4d 12h 56m We send in Quagsire

4d 12h 53m Jumpluff faints to Grimer's Sludge Bomb

[Info] We didnt heal after Ein

4d 12h 52m Vs Cipher Bopen, his Dustox and Grimer vs Umbreon and Jumpluff

[Chat] Music Kreygasm PogChamp

4d 12h 50m We go to Realgam tower!

4d 12h 50m We go to Realgam tower!

4d 12h 46m We go out from the Under by the Pyrite Route, so we listening to snapping music

4d 12h 41m We tried to go through the UFO but we didnt insert disk

4d 12h 36m Nett says he'l email us when he hacks it and gets back the data

4d 12h 35m It has a list of Shadow Mon but its wiped

4d 12h 35m We talk to Nett and give him the Data Rom

4d 12h 34m We go downstairs

4d 12h 33m We enter a house

4d 12h 26m We try to go to Nett's house

4d 12h 23m We go down the elevator and back u- oh thanks Rui for blocking

4d 12h 21m We go to the Under

4d 12h 19m We tossed the Exp Share

[Fluff] no more alarm sound finally Kreygasm

4d 12h 13m We go outside the lab

4d 12h 11m We go up without taking the item chest

4d 12h 7m We go back down

4d 12h 7m We are beside an elevator and go up!

4d 12h 6m Stream is back!

4d 12h 3m We mess with the menu

4d 12h 2m We found an item!

4d 12h 2m Alarm sound is back

4d 12h 2m From the sound of it we beat Ein!

[Snark] [Awful Pun] It must be sunny in the colosseum, it's truely blinding

4d 11h 59m We send in Quagsire!

[Info] 2 cursors on stream!

4d 11h 58m Misdreavus faints!

[Snark] How can i live update by sounds only TriHard

4d 11h 58m Oh! the sounds hints that shadow Ball kills Altaria

[Snark] IF this is Deku putting the cipher admin msuic while trying to restore the battle...

[Fluff] Its Ein's Music!

4d 11h 55m the screen is still black but with music

4d 11h 54m Its a reset...

4d 11h 53m Cursor is on stream

4d 11h 53m Stream is back!


Is what the stream is frozen on

4d 11h 49m Deku: Hold on HeyGuys

4d 11h 48m he said: HeyGuys

4d 11h 47m Deku is in the chat

4d 11h 46m Inputs are still being read

4d 11h 45m We use Psybeam on Altaria and it freezes the game!

4d 11h 44m We keep playing with menus

4d 11h 42m We defeat Lanturn with Secret Power and Altaria is next

4d 11h 41m Misdreavus is sent out

4d 11h 41m Bayleef kills itself in confusion

4d 11h 41m We paralyze his Lanturn with Body Slam the last turn and it cant do anything while Bayleef attacked it self

4d 11h 40m Bayleef is confused but attacks the Lanturn taht is sent out with Body Slam, and its raining now

4d 11h 40m Another secret Power finishes his Huntail

4d 11h 39m We send in Bayleef

4d 11h 39m Espeon got confused and hit itself, then Golbat knocks him out with Wing attack

4d 11h 38m We use Secret Power on Huntail boosted by Espeon's Helping Hand, they both target Espeon

4d 11h 36m He sends in Huntail and Golbat vs Our Eevelutions

4d 11h 34m VS Cipher Admin Ein

4d 11h 34m We go down the stairs!

4d 11h 29m We dont have to redo the puzzle BloodTrail

4d 11h 28m We went to a room with two elevators and go down the right one and stay

4d 11h 27m We go down the elevator and stay down

4d 11h 24m We go through a elevator and back up

4d 11h 19m Entered the lab, the sirens and alarms and lights are still going on. Should be fun navigating back to Ein.

4d 11h 14m Driven to the Shadow PKMN Lab.

4d 11h 12m Bayleef down, white out. We are back at Mt. Battle.

4d 11h 11m Jumpluff down to Ice Beam.

4d 11h 10m Versus Cipher Admin Ein, Altaria and Lanturn are sent out against Jumpluff and Bayleef.

[Info] He had a Shadow Hitmontop we beat pretty easily

4d 11h 5m Wobbuffet down, Skrub defeated.

[Info] According to the chat we beat the puzzle by a glitch

4d 11h 4m Graveler down.

[Info] Against Cipher Peon Skrub.

4d 11h 3m We send out Bayleef. The battle's currently that and Jumpluff against Clamperl (who just went down) and Wobbuffet. Graveler sent out.

4d 11h 2m We're currently in a battle! Seems we beat the keypad puzzle... somehow. Umbreon just went down.

4d 9h 42m Not a whole lot's happening right now. We're currently struggling with the keypad puzzle, and messing around in the P*DA and Pokémon menus.

4d 8h 47m Seems I was wrong, we need to pick the Pokémon that were from the DNA Samples we picked up. I'm sorry about that.

4d 8h 38m There's a funny keypad thing on the wall with a bunch of different Pokémon pictures. Apparently we need to pick the right three, then the door will open and we can continue.

4d 8h 37m Swellow down, Cipher Peon Remil defeated. Alarmy flashy beepy lights are still going.

4d 8h 36m Jumpluff in.

4d 8h 36m Quagsire down.

4d 8h 35m Kadabra down, Umbreon to lv.49.

4d 8h 35m Kecleon down, Kadabra in.

4d 8h 34m Quagsire sent in.

4d 8h 33m Misdreavus down.

4d 8h 32m Vibrava down, Kecleon sent in.

[Correction] Swellow,not Taillow

4d 8h 31m Versus Cipher Peon Remil, Taillow and Shadow Vibrava against Umbreon and Misdreavus.

4d 8h 30m Magneton down, Kotan defeated. After the battle, he fiddles with some buttons on the wall and the lights and sounds go all alarmy and flashy-red. Also apparently we are stuck here.

4d 8h 30m Ampharos down, Misdreavus to lv.60.

4d 8h 29m Electrode down, Ampharos in.

4d 8h 28m Versus Researcher Kotan, Electrode and Magneton against Umbreon and Misdreavus.

4d 8h 8m Found another DNA Sample.

4d 7h 48m Obtained a DNA Sample. Ooooooh.

4d 7h 45m Espeon faints to KAPOW, Electrode down. Defeated Researcher Dubik.

4d 7h 44m Electrode 1 down. That fainting animation tho.

4d 7h 42m Versus Researcher Dubik, two Electrode sent out against Espeon and Umbreon.

4d 7h 29m Entered the lab. This music is really neat.

4d 7h 26m Driven to the Shadow PKMN Lab. Still no floaty Misdreavus in the sky.

4d 7h 23m Driven to the Construction Lot. The floor is black, must be another texturte glitch.

4d 7h 9m Taillow and Slakoth down, Chaster Calda defeated.

4d 7h 8m Furret down to the back-to-normal Umbreon's Secret Power, Slakoth is sent in.

4d 7h 6m Versus Chaser Calda, Furret and Taillow against red-ringed Umbreon, and Misdreavus.

4d 7h 5m Outside.

4d 7h 4m Inside the shop.

4d 7h 1m We break away fro the TV and force ourselves outside. We keep glancing back at the building, unsure of our decision.

4d 6h 56m SO MUCH NEWS

4d 6h 48m NEWS!

4d 6h 45m In some building. There's a TV here.

4d 6h 42m Standing around in Pyrite Town. Yeah, nothing unfamiliar.

4d 6h 38m Kirlia down, we beat Rogue Cail.

4d 6h 37m Machoke goes down to Misdreavus' attack, Umbreon to lv.48.

4d 6h 37m Nuzleaf down! Machoke is sent in.

4d 6h 35m Misdreavus sent in.

4d 6h 33m Quagsire clutches a Feint Attack but then faints from a Psychic!

4d 6h 33m Literally the only damage Umbreon has taken right now is from Quagsire's Mud Slap.

4d 6h 30m Umbreon's Eyes right now.

4d 6h 29m We send out Quagsire as does our opponent Nuzleaf.

4d 6h 28m We KOed the Shadow Furret! In return, Bayleef is KOed by Kirlia's Psychic!

4d 6h 28m It's progressing like a normal match, except no one dares attack Umbreon, and instead goes for Bayleef.

4d 6h 24m We send out Bayleef! We use Razor Leaf, while Umbreon continues to use Taunt. We get Psychic'd from Kirlia.

4d 6h 21m Espeon is just getting beaten up on from all directions. Furret's Strength KOs Ally!

4d 6h 20m Oh man the Furret is a shadow you can tell cause it has a purple box. We don't need you Rui. Keepo

4d 6h 20m Battling Rogue Cail. He sends out Furret and Kirlia against Espeon and Umbreon.

4d 6h 19m In Pyrite. Everywhere but where we want to be.

4d 6h 17m Now it's the Construction Site. Then it's the Under.

4d 6h 13m We're in Phenac City now.

4d 6h 12m We finally left the train.

4d 6h 7m And then we overshot OpieOP.

4d 6h 6m We did 500 guys!

4d 6h 1m 487.

[Fluff] Me right now.

4d 5h 49m Good job guys, good job.

4d 5h 48m We bought 20 Paralyz Heals!

4d 5h 44m We're trying to buy stuff, and have gotten the prompt at least twice, but always cancel.

4d 5h 39m We're at 461 right now.

4d 5h 25m We're at 420 now. #BlazeIt

4d 5h 22m News time! We're at 408 as of this update.

4d 5h 21m Shoot I just finished this and we made it in. Poorly timed motivashian.

4d 5h 20m Still missing it.

4d 5h 17m We keep missing the entrance.

4d 5h 9m We headed to the Shadow Pkmn Lab! And then the Outskirts!

4d 5h 8m We're back at Mt. Battle. We walk out into the field.

4d 5h 7m Misdreavus faints! Whiteout!

4d 5h 6m Misdreavus is solo, and since Normal does nothing to us, Linoone just snifs us. We continue to confuse Vigoroth.

4d 5h 6m We sent out Bayleef! And a crit Headbutt KOs it

4d 5h 4m After a few Headbutts from Linoone, Quagsire faints!

[Info] Ya we have no balls.

4d 5h 2m Linoone tries to whip its tail, but instead slightly shakes in place while a green ribbon swirls around it.

4d 5h 2m Linoone snapped out of confusion, so we confuse the Vigoroth. It responds by using Aerial Ace (Kreygasm)

4d 5h 1m We use Mud Shot to KO the Granbull! Against a Vigoroth now.

[Fluff] Oh wait we probably don't have any balls.

4d 5h 0m We send out Quagsire! Also forgot to mention Granbull is Shadow! If anyone in chat can fill me in whether or not we caught Shadow Ariados before that would be appreciated.

4d 4h 58m Another Headbutt KOs Jumpluff! Also Granbull hit itself.

4d 4h 58m We confuse the Granbull with Misdreavus as the Linoone uses Headbutt to bring down Jumpluff to 5 HP.

[Meta] Sorry for the downtime, I'll try to fill in pieces in the meantime.

4d 4h 57m We have Jumpluff and Misdreavus out and we're fighting a Cypher's Granbull and Linoone.

4d 4h 35m Umbreon is poisoned! Mischevious KOsryhorn. Grovile sent out.Espeon faints to poison next turn.

4d 4h 33m Mischevious sent out in it's place

4d 4h 32m Cipher Peon Lesar wants to battle! Umbreon and Espeon VS Ryhorn and Shadow Aridados. Espeon almost immediately faints

4d 4h 31m We go down another floor, seeming to have some trouble with the doors here

4d 4h 29m Jumpuff replaced with Mischevious, but Espeon ends the fight before it can make a move. Vana defeated!

4d 4h 28m Espeon is wreaking house here. Zuat is KO'd and Jumpuff grows to level 46.

4d 4h 27m Espeon takes down Shadow Forrtress with a psychic. Enemies' Swablu is sent out

4d 4h 26m We switch out Umbreon for jumpuff. Espeon downs Pupitar, who is replaced by Zubay

4d 4h 24m Cipher Peon Vana jumps out of nowhere and battles us! Umbreon and Espeon vs Pupitar and Shadow Forretress!

[Info] My timestamp creator was out of date. The current day and hour count is 4d 4h

96d 4h 18m We take the elevator down a floor

[Info] Finally back in the lab

96d 4h 4m We seem to be trying to get to the shadow lab, but were stuck in Phenac city and having trouble leaving.

96d 3h 58m We head over to Mt. Battle and stroll through the grass for a bit

4d 3h 55m Fly hits! Quagsire down! We whited out!

4d 3h 55m As the two opposing Pokémon deliver powerful moves, quagsire uses Amnesia instead.

4d 3h 54m Misdreavus down

4d 3h 54m The murkrow is a shadow Pokémon!

4d 3h 53m Another shadow ball takes down Nuzleaf, Quagsire lvl 37. The peon sends out Murkrow.

4d 3h 53m Shadow ball takes down Carvanha. Lare sends in Nuzleaf.

4d 3h 52m Against Cipher Peon Lare. Lare sends out Houndour and Carvanha.

4d 3h 51m We finally open the door.

4d 3h 50m We are currently trying to use that key we obtained on a door.

4d 3h 32m Found a Down St Key

4d 3h 31m Coren defeated!

4d 3h 30m Misdreavus leveled up to 59, more mud shots finishes off the scientists electric Pokémon.

4d 3h 28m Quagsire sent out.

4d 3h 25m Crit on Jumpluff! Jumpluff down!

4d 3h 24m Battling Researcher Coren. He sends out Magneton and Electrode.

[Snark] Nothing left? Yeah right Odlow!

4d 3h 22m we found a DNA sample.

4d 3h 15m Odlows Magneton down, we are victorious!

4d 3h 14m Misdreavus sent in.

4d 3h 13m Quagsire uses mud shot! ...On Bayleef. Bayleef down!

4d 3h 11m Umbreon fainted, Quagsire sent in for help!

Bayleef is now lvl 47 by the way.

4d 3h 10m Bayleef leveled up, did not learn Safeguard

4d 3h 10m Odlows magnemite down, only Magneton left!

4d 3h 9m Electrode selfdestructs again, both of our Pokémon survive thankfully.

4d 3h 9m the scientists Magnemite down, Electrode in

4d 3h 8m Umbreon paralyzed

4d 3h 7m Bayleef sent in.

4d 3h 6m Thunder takes down Espeon!

4d 3h 6m Against Oldow again.

4d 2h 54m We've finally made it back into the shadow Pokémon lab.

4d 2h 51m Made it to the Shadow Pokémon Lab, but we're more interested in Mt Battle.

4d 2h 44m We're still moving around from Pyrite to the construction lot.

4d 2h 40m Back to the dangerous construction lot!

4d 2h 39m Arrived at Pyrite Town.

4d 2h 32m We go to the Construction site.

4d 2h 30m Shadow Ball finally defeats the Pikachu, we are victorious against Aidel.

4d 2h 30m Espeon taken out, Misdreavus sent in.

4d 2h 29m Umbreon nails another secret power and one shots Abra.

4d 2h 28m Umbreon finally uses an attack and defeats Vulpix with secret power. Aidel sends in Abra.

4d 2h 28m Espeon paralyzed!

4d 2h 26m Espeon continues to help out Umbreon, Espeon is tanking hits from both opponents.

4d 2h 24m Challenged by Athlete Aidel! Aidel sends in Vulpix and Pikachu! Umbreon and Espeon are sent in.

4d 2h 23m Out and about

4d 2h 20m Bayleef is hit by thunder! white out!

4d 2h 20m Bayleef sent in, Jumpluff down!

[Meta] The community is having a LoZ: Triforce Heroes Game night event starting in an hour. If you are interested, even if you need a TriForce Heroes demo code, then sign up here

4d 2h 19m Electrode used selfdestruct! Quagsire down!

[Snark] https://imgur.com/Tx7qk6d glitchy Jumpluff is spooky

4d 2h 17m UUUUV the Quagsire sent in.

4d 2h 15m Misdreavus faints!

Mega Drain defeats Magnemite.

4d 2h 14m Vs Reasearcher Odlow, he sends in Magnemite in Magneton.

4d 2h 10m Cole defeated

4d 2h 4m Cole sends out a Furret

4d 2h 4m Misdreavus defeats Remoraid with a Shadow Ball

4d 2h 4m We switch Bayleef out for Misdreavus

4d 2h 3m 4d 2h 3m Remoraid knocks Umbreon with Rain+Surf, we send in Quagsire

4d 2h 2m Remoraid is sent out

4d 2h 1m Bayleef OHKO's Aipom with a Body Slam with the help of Umbreon's Screech

4d 2h 0m Bayleef is sent out

[Snark] /u/ColeWalski why are u fighting us and killed poor Espeon? Kappa

4d 1h 58m Espeon faints due to spamming helping hand and being targeted by Rain!Castform and Aipom

4d 1h 55m Espeon and Umbreon dont have attacking moves first slot so we dont do damage and Aipom used 5 fury swipes to take Espeon to half health

4d 1h 54m Aipom is shadow

4d 1h 54m Eevelutions vs Castform and Aipom

4d 1h 54m Vs Cipher Cole

4d 1h 51m We go through another maze which puts us into another room with more elevators

4d 1h 50m We finally stay down

4d 1h 47m counter: 4

4d 1h 46m same process

4d 1h 44m and back up

4d 1h 43m We open the door and go down the elevator

4d 1h 37m We need to open the door with the card key we just got

4d 1h 36m And enter through the other entrance

4d 1h 35m We leave the lab

4d 1h 32m We go up the stairs

4d 1h 26m We pick up a Card Key

[Snark] Now Espeon and Umbreon spam time

4d 1h 21m We move Psychic to second slot and Helping Hand becomes first

4d 1h 20m We use Shadow Ball to take it down and Misdreavus levels up to level 58

4d 1h 18m We switch Espeon to Misdreavus

4d 1h 17m We move to Reflect so it might take a while to attack t again with Reflect/screech spam

4d 1h 16m VS Researcher Myron he sends in double volorbs vs our Eevelutions, we already Psychic KO one of them

4d 1h 11m We go downstairs

4d 1h 11m Looks like this lab is full of mazes

[Fluff] There's a pc....

[Info] The small side room had a button to open the main entrance, we enter the main entrance

4d 1h 6m Currently outside chilling

4d 1h 5m We leave the place

4d 1h 5m We leave out as soon as i say that

4d 1h 5m We're stuck on a small room

4d 1h 2m We open the door after some sweat, effort and blood!

4d 0h 54m We need to use a key to open a door, which is hard for tpp since its down on the menu

4d 0h 53m We enter through another door

4d 0h 44m We try to open the door but its locked

4d 0h 38m We move to the Shadow Lab

4d 0h 34m We keep walking around the city

4d 0h 26m left the stadium

4d 0h 25m 8k acquired!

4d 0h 24m We finally use Body Slam on torchic and win!

4d 0h 23m We switch Misdreavus for Umbreon

4d 0h 20m We keep messing around the menu then switch to Bayleef and Misdreavus

4d 0h 12m in Finals now

4d 0h 12m Umbreon levels up to level 47, forgets Snatch for Screech

4d 0h 10m Easy win, nothing special happened

4d 0h 8m We enter the Phenac arena and on the second round

3d 23h 55m Lead is now Espeon and Ubreon, while Quagsire went to the back with Bayleef

3d 23h 52m We moved Psychic to #1 slot and Snatch to #1 slot, for Espeon and Umbreon

3d 23h 46m Looks scary

[Fluff] https://imgur.com/cAeKHZT

3d 23h 44m Bayleef sprite is glitched when checking the menu

3d 23h 39m We go to Phenac city

3d 23h 29m We checked the news a total for 400 in this run so far!

3d 23h 23m We watch more news

[Info] Balls are down in the menu list, thats why its hard to get them

3d 23h 22m We bought 10 burn heals then got to the ball section

3d 23h 16m We go up the stairs and in the train

3d 23h 13m We try to go up the stairs, but its hard

3d 23h 6m We leave for Pyrite, then Outskirt stand

3d 23h 1m We wonder around the village again

3d 22h 56m We leave the house

3d 22h 55m We go downstairs

3d 22h 48m We keep 'healing in Rui's bed' OneHand

3d 22h 47m We heal in Rui's bed

3d 22h 47m We went upstairs

3d 22h 45m We gave quagsire an ultra ball

3d 22h 37m We watch more news

3d 22h 35m We go to Eagun's house

3d 22h 34m We leave the daycare again

[Info] Sorry, i had to say we went back to the daycare

3d 22h 32m 'UUUUV???' is Quagsire new name

3d 22h 31m 'ABLLLVVWW' is Espeon's new name

3d 22h 26m We wander around the village

3d 22h 20m We exit the daycare

3d 22h 14m We changed Espeon's name to 'CCCCDDE___ '

3d 22h 12m We talk to the name rater

[Snark] Its a Trap!

3d 22h 11m Guess what's right next to the Name Rater? A PC.

3d 22h 11m We enter the daycare

3d 22h 6m We get a Pecha Berry

3d 22h 5m We almost taught Espeon Sunny Day

[Chat] #subaba / SU BORT BABA / SUE BORT BABA

3d 22h 3m We talk to an old man who gives berries one each day and he says 'Subaba...'


3d 22h 0m Rui got stuck while we are walking

[Snark] Oh wait, half the Johto region's mon are from Kanto TriHard

[Snark] Is Orre Johto in disguise? All of our mon are from Johto

3d 21h 57m Quagsire leveled up to level 36

3d 21h 57m [Info] We couldnt kill it because Espeon was spamming Helping Hand while Quagsire kept attacking Espeon and getting flicnhed/paralyzed

3d 21h 56m Rhyhorn is finally defeated

3d 21h 56m We send in Bayleef

3d 21h 54m our Quagsire uses MudShot to kill Espeon

3d 21h 54m We defeat the Sunflora but cant seem to beat the Rhyhorn with Espeon spamming Helping Hand

3d 21h 47m Sunflora uses Stun Spore to paralyze Quagsire

3d 21h 46m She sends in Sunflora

3d 21h 46m Psychic instantly kills the Swellow

3d 21h 45m VS Cooltrainer, she sends in Swellow and Rhyhorn

3d 21h 44m We did it!

3d 21h 43m We try to walk above the hill back to the center

3d 21h 33m Quagsire learns mudshot and grows to level 35 and doesn't learn Yawn, nor do we nickname it


3d 21h 23m And now finally to Agate Village!

3d 21h 23m To The Under!

3d 21h 22m Back to the Construction Lot

3d 21h 21m Now to Pyrite Town!

3d 21h 19m We travel to the shadow Pokémon Lab, then to the Construction Lot!

3d 21h 17m then leave again

3d 21h 17m and we start a new one instantly!

3d 21h 17m We leave Mt Battle!

3d 21h 16m back in the area restroom

3d 21h 14m Malla defeated

3d 21h 7m In Area 4, Malla challenges us!

3d 21h 5m We defeat Renson. Area 3 complete

3d 21h 0m Quagsire faints

3d 20h 54m Area Leader Renson challenges us!

3d 20h 54m Wina defeated

3d 20h 53m Espeon grows to level 47 and tries to learn psychic! Confusion is deleted for Psychic!

[Awful Pun] I doubt she'll be a winner

3d 20h 51m Wina challenged

3d 20h 51m Solek defeated

3d 20h 46m Taryn defeated

3d 20h 42m vs Taryn

3d 20h 32m Loden defeated

3d 20h 30m vs Loden

3d 20h 30m 1/4 of the way through Mt Battle! Going on to fight #26!

[Info] Quagsire is ready for purification!

3d 20h 27m Vs Grel

3d 20h 25m Bedro defeated

3d 20h 24m Bedro challenged

3d 20h 24m Eisen defeated

3d 20h 21m vs Eisen

3d 20h 20m Desla defeated

3d 20h 16m Vs Desla!

3d 20h 14m Gris defeated

3d 20h 7m Into Area 3! Gris challenges us!

3d 20h 5m Arth Defeated!

3d 20h 3m Quagsire has a Duct-tape glitch-mouth now

3d 20h 2m Vs Area Leader Arth!

3d 20h 1m defeated Vona!

3d 19h 59m We face Vona!

3d 19h 56m Espeon grows to Level 46!

3d 19h 54m Vs Roeck

[Awful Pun] Metz Met his match!

3d 19h 52m We meet Metz!

my puns are awful

[Awful Pun] Eloos loses!

3d 19h 50m vs Eloos

3d 19h 49m Albac defeated!

3d 19h 46m Albac challenged!

3d 19h 45m Lond defeated!

3d 19h 43m Quagsire with glitch gloves and glitch socks

3d 19h 42m Trainer 13 was missed, but we are now battling #14, Lond!

3d 19h 32m vs Pabe!

3d 19h 31m Gelvin defeated!

3d 19h 26m Gelvin battles us at the start of Area 2!

3d 19h 25m Vander defeated!

Area 1 complete!

3d 19h 21m vs Vander!

3d 19h 20m Anges defeated

3d 19h 18m Vs Anges!

3d 19h 17m Rinos defeated

3d 19h 9m Vs Rinos!

3d 19h 8m Nevie defeated

3d 19h 6m Vs Nevie!

3d 19h 4m Pera defeated

3d 19h 1m Vs Pera. Who thinks we're not very strong.

He has a Magikarp.

Wow. Talk about hypocritical

3d 19h 0m we defeat Lehan

[Snark] New headcanon, all of our previous hosts come from Orre

[Fluff] What's with Trainers in Orre having very odd names?

3d 18h 58m vs Lehan!

3d 18h 56m after a long time faffing about we defeat Auro!

3d 18h 53m Espeon KO'd from friendly fire with Shadow Ball

[Snark] On the bright side, we can Psych Up the Sentret's Defence modifiers

[Fluff] And now the item menu is... Jumpluff.

Texture glitches are great

3d 18h 42m Vs Auro!

[Fluff] Oh. Apparently the texture of Espeon's attack glitched and showed an Umbreon HP Bar and Umbreon Face-Box. Huh

3d 18h 40m Vs Mort! Who claims he knows everything about Pokémon!

Maybe he knows his Pokémon are completely awful.

[Fluff] Weird fact about Colosseum, despite Flaaffy being available in this game, You can also obtain a Shadow Mareep via E-Reader. The same oddity happens with Togetic vs Togepi

3d 18h 38m Wait, Cyus defeated

3d 18h 37m Vs Cyus!

[Awful Pun] I guess you can say we stum-ped him!

3d 18h 36m we beat Stum!

3d 18h 34m Quagsire decides to send itself to its ball. I've never actually ever seen a Pokémon in Hyper Mode do that.

3d 18h 30m vs Stum! And he has... level... 15-18s.

I swear we faced higher at the beginning of the game

3d 18h 30m We enter Mt Battle yet again

[Snark] This is the MT. BATTLE registration. would you like to enter a knockout challenge?

3d 18h 26m and we exit instantly

3d 18h 25m We start a new mount Battle Challenge! As opposed to continuing our old one!

3d 18h 22m Quags has a glitchbeard now

3d 18h 21m We start battle 25 against Grel who sends out Oddish and Gulpin

3d 18h 19m We beat Bedro!

[Info] 3d 18h 18m I am lagging pretty badly so if I miss some stuff I'm sorry. It's Mt. Battle so I doubt there will be any major developments aside from level gains anyway.

3d 18h 16m Quaqsire has a glitchstache, CURSE YOU PEEKO! SwiftRage

3d 18h 14m We win battle 23

3d 18h 12m #23 against Eisen who sends out Sron and Phanphy

3d 18h 11m The second Kirlia is also down, we win!

3d 18h 10m Kirlia is down to Shadow Rush

3d 18h 9m We head up to battle 22 against Fun Old Lady Desla who sends out 2 Kirlia

3d 18h 8m We win, Battle 22 here we come!

3d 18h 7m Wurmple goes down fairly quickly so does Cascoon

3d 18h 7m Battle 21 starts with Gris sending out Wurmple and and Silcoon

3d 18h 6m No coupons for us, are 3 here we go!

3d 18h 5m Espeon uses Confusion on Nincada and we win the battle

3d 18h 4m Quags is up to her usual shenanigans, and Espeon seems content to just set up continually

3d 17h 58m Sirskit down to Shadow Rush, Arnorith comes out

3d 17h 58m Arth sends out Nincada and surskit

3d 17h 57m Espeon's Confusion takes out Pineco, Shadow rush takes out Ledyba

3d 17h 57m We call Espeon to no avail

3d 17h 57m Battle 20 against Area leader Arth who sends out Pineco and Ledyba

3d 17h 54m Teacher Vona defeated!

3d 17h 54m We head up to battle 19 against vona who sends out Spheal and Caravania

3d 17h 52m Confusion takes down Voltorb, Quags is refusing to do anything

3d 17h 51m Marepp down from confusion Voltorb goes out, Quags uses amnesia

3d 17h 51m We start battle 18 against Reasearcher Roeck who sends out magnemite and Mareep

3d 17h 50m Shuppet and Abra are both taken out in quick succession WE WIN!

[Info] 3d 17h 49m Quagsire's heart Gauge has 60% left

3d 17h 47m battle 17 against Old Man Metz who sends out Abra and a glitched Shuppet

3d 17h 46m Espeon takes out Jigglypuff winning the battle

3d 17h 45m Espeon attacks Quag who takes out Marril with Shadow Ball

3d 17h 42m We head up to battle 16 against Eldos who sends out Maril and Jigglypuff

3d 17h 41m Sandshrew down to shadowball

3d 17h 41m Quaqsire is sent back out

3d 17h 39m Misdreavus takes out Espeon with Shadow Ball

3d 17h 39m Misdreavus goes out

3d 17h 38m Geodude down to Cunfusion , Quagsire returned to its' ball

3d 17h 37m Battle 16 against Albac who sends out Sandshrew and Geodude

3d 17h 36m ... both of whom are unceremoniously disposed of in a quick manner WE WIN!

3d 17h 35m We start battle 15 against Leond who sends out Lotad and Seedot

3d 17h 34m Barbaroach goes down to Espeon's confusion Beldum faints to Shadow Rush we win!

3d 17h 33m we make out way up to battle #13 against Athlete Caden who sends out Beldum and Barbaroach

3d 17h 32m AK Finally takes out that Wishmur with a Mega Drain

3d 17h 32m AK goes out for Espeon

3d 17h 31m Wishmur is doing chip damage on out 2 Pokémon, with double the level he has.

3d 17h 29m Espeon doesn't realize no matter how much help is given Shadow ball won't land

3d 17h 26m Misdreavus tries in vain to Shadow ball a normal type

3d 17h 25m A7 is contemplating thieving Wishmur, no Rui to stop us right?

3d 17h 23m We send out Misdreavus in Quagsire's stead

3d 17h 23m Espeon's Psychis makes quick work of Grimer, Quagsire, who was embarrassed by the glitches returned to his ball.

3d 17h 22m Grimer goes out

3d 17h 22m Espeon Lv. 44 after taking down zubat

3d 17h 22m Quagsire has caught a case of the glitchmon

3d 17h 21m We start battle #11 against Pave who sends out Zubat and Wishmur

3d 17h 20m Pichu wants a party invitation, but is silenced by Quagsire. Sorry Pichu, no invitation, no party.

3d 17h 20m Shadow Rush ends Wynaut

3d 17h 19m A7 dashes through the checkpoint to Old Lady Gelvin who sends out Pichu and Wynaut

3d 17h 18m Here comes the true test, do we teleport or not?

3d 17h 18m Shadow Rush also takes out Wishmur, we win battle #10

3d 17h 17m Jigglypuff is taken out by Quagsire's Shadow Rush

3d 17h 17m Vander down to his final 2 mons Jigglyuff and Wishmur

3d 17h 17m Quagsire attacked itself

3d 17h 16m Slakoth out, Quagsire is being insanely useless, Slakoth is down

3d 17h 16m Vander sends out Skitty, but is quickly taken out

3d 17h 15m Zigzagoon down from Espeon's confusion, Quagsire uses Amnesia of its own volition

3d 17h 14m We now start Battle #10 against Leader Vander. Vander sends out Zigzaggon and Wishmur

3d 17h 14m We send out Misdreavus who makes quick work of Anges' team

3d 17h 12m Quagsire retreated to his ball, he ain't having this today.

3d 17h 11m We are fighting Fun Old Lady Anges who sends out Duskull and Ralts

3d 17h 11m Espeon takes out Trapinch with Confusion, we win Battle #8

3d 17h 10m Wooper faints from Espeon's confusion, Hyper Mode Quagsire randomly punched itself

3d 17h 9m Battle #8 against Rinos commences. He sends out Trapinch and Wooper

[Chat] 3d 17h 8m Is having a panic attack because we are realizing many beloved emotes aren't working

3d 17h 8m Espeon kills Swinub with a Confusion we win!

3d 17h 7m Quagsire takes down the Dogeyanna with a Shadow Rush

3d 17h 7m Espeon gets back at Quagsire with a confusion

3d 17h 6m Quagsire attacks Espeon with Shadow Rush

3d 17h 5m We are attempting to use an Awakening on Quagsire, won't work since she is awake, and in Hyper Mode

3d 17h 4m Battle #7 against Teacher Nevie begins, she sends out Swinub and a Doge

[Info] 3d 17h 4m We are just over 20% of the way to depleting Quagsire's shadow gauge

3d 17h 4m We beat Pera

3d 17h 2m #6 Roller Boy Pera sends out Magikarp ans Zubat

3d 17h 0m Quagsire took out Vulpix with Struggle

3d 17h 0m Shadow Rush was disabled

3d 17h 0m Espeon uses reflect, and Quagsire takes out Togepi.

3d 16h 59m Battle #5 against Lehan, who sends out Togepi and Vulpix

3d 16h 58m Quagsire takes out sentrent with Shadow Rush. Lady Auro defeated.

3d 16h 57m Azuril down from Espeon's confusion

3d 16h 56m Quaqsire back in Hyper mode We are battling a Senrent and Azuril

[Info] 3d 16h 56m Quagsire got Paralyzed, I don't know if that sticks or not in Mt. Battle

3d 16h 55m Espeon and quagsire each take out one of Mort's mon in a single hit, and we advance to floor 4

3d 16h 54m We are challenged by researcher Mort who sends out Igglybuff and Electrike

3d 16h 52m Espeon takes down the foe's Sunkern, Quagsire takes out Hoppip with Shadow rush, we advance to floor 3.

3d 16h 52m Quagsire back in Hyper Mode and Espeon is doing some mad setups with reflection

3d 16h 51m Quagsire is out of Hyper Mode

3d 16h 51m We are battling a Sunkern ans Hoppip

3d 16h 48m Sorry I lagged out, missed the battle, but we seem to have beat Stum

3d 16h 47m We chose new challenge, yay

3d 16h 47m We enter the front door

3d 16h 43m We ride over to Mt. Battle

3d 16h 42m Looks like we are taking a joy ride on the bike, we are at the Under now

3d 16h 42m Back at the Shadow mon lab

3d 16h 38m We make quick work of his team.

3d 16h 38m Quagsire goes into hyper mode

3d 16h 37m Rider Willy wants to battle, he sends out Linoone and Zigzaggon

3d 16h 34m We head to the outskirts

3d 16h 33m Aaaaand now we are in Pyrite

3d 16h 30m We are now at Mt. Battle

3d 16h 30m Construction lot here we come

3d 16h 29m We are now at the Shadow Pokémon Lab

3d 16h 29m To the under we go

3d 16h 27m A7 battling with the bike menu right now

3d 16h 22m A7 is wandering around Agate, reflecting on his Daycare shenanigans, and contemplating all the ways that could have gone far worse

3d 16h 18m A7 is out of the daycare

3d 16h 17m Bayleef Deposited, and saved

3d 16h 16m AK deposited and recliamed I think this old hag is running some scam on us, I'm not eeing any level gains

3d 16h 16m ScUmbreon saved

3d 16h 16m SCUmbreon DEPOSITED*

[Info] 3d 16h 15m We may not have the cash to save another mon

3d 16h 15m Misdreavus taken and saved, nother$100 down the drain

3d 16h 14m Espeon freed for $100

3d 16h 14m Espeon IN THE DAYCARE

3d 16h 12m We enter the daycare

3d 16h 7m Currently in Agate Village.

3d 16h 0m Rested in the Hotel.

3d 15h 55m Thrown a third Ultra Ball, Shadow Quagsire has been caught! Defeated Bandana Guy Divel

3d 15h 51m Quagsire's the last one left on the opponent's team, Psyduck went down a while ago.

3d 15h 51m Thrown another Ultra Ball, still no luck.

3d 15h 48m We throw an Ultra Ball and attempt to catch Quagsire, no luck.

3d 15h 45m Versus Bandana Guy Divel, Shadow Quagsire and Psyduck against Espeon and Misdreavus.

3d 15h 42m In Pyrite.

3d 15h 33m We take another subway tram thing.

3d 15h 26m We obtained a U-Disk.

3d 15h 23m We obtained 1 Maingate Key.

3d 15h 22m We follow after them, we enter a room with a big crevice in the middle. There's a sparkly thing on the floor in the corner.

3d 15h 20m We step outside of the subway, there's a bunch of Cipher Grunts or whatever-they-are around. We talk to them, they mention something about a "shadow Pokémon lab", then they run away.

[Fluff] Venus must have been talking about a key for another thing. On another note, the music's cool here.

3d 15h 19m Uh, seems we have a Subway Key and we used to to get to another place of The Under. Sorry about that.

3d 15h 12m We run into Venus again, she and the Peons or whoever run away again.

3d 15h 8m We run into Venus and some Cipher Peons, they walk away.

3d 15h 6m We found four Ultra Balls!

3d 15h 3m Seviper down, Loudred went down earlier, defeated Rider Nelis

3d 15h 2m Bayleef sent in.

3d 15h 0m Espeon down

3d 14h 59m Shadow Sneasel down, Loudred sent in

3d 14h 58m Versus Rider Nelis again, Seviper and Shadow Sneasel versus Misdreavus and Espeon

3d 14h 44m We are back in The Under now.

3d 14h 38m We drove to the Mystery Lab, then to The Under, then to Pyrite.

3d 14h 29m Umbreon down, white out. Back to Mt. Battle.

3d 14h 28m Sneasel down, Seviper in.

3d 14h 27m Jumpluff down to Sneasel's Icy Wind

3d 14h 19m Jumpluff sent in to take Misdreavus' place.

3d 14h 18m Also apparently Bayleef fainted earlier.

3d 14h 18m Misdreavus down.

3d 14h 15m Versus Rider Nelis (the person standing in front of the door). Shadow Sneasel and Corsola against a very low-HP Misdreavus, and Umbreon.

3d 14h 13m Seems we're at the bottom of this big ol' staircase, there's a door with a sign above it that that says "STATION" in lights. A person is standing in front of the door.

3d 14h 8m Shadow Piloswine down, Lonia defeated.

3d 14h 4m Bayleef to lv.48.

3d 14h 4m Masquerain down, Misdreavus to lv.58.

3d 14h 4m Octillery down, Shadow Piloswine sent in.

3d 14h 2m Dunsparce goes down to confusion damage, Masquerain sent in.

3d 14h 1m Just like last time, Bayleef was sent in when Espeon went down. Misdreavus is still standing--er, floating.

3d 13h 58m Espeon down.

3d 13h 56m Versus Bodybuilder Lonia again, Octillery and Dunsparce against Espeon and Misdreavus.

3d 13h 40m We appear to be back in The Under again.

3d 13h 33m Back to The Under, then to Pyrite Town.

3d 13h 28m Walking around outside.

3d 13h 22m We're in the daycare.

3d 13h 16m In Agate Village.

3d 13h 9m And, Pyrite Town.

3d 13h 8m "Mystery Lab". We then drive to the Construction Lot.

3d 13h 7m Driven to the place with the floaty Misdreavus sky. I'm not sure where we are, though.

3d 13h 1m And we Teleport back to the Mt. Battle lobby.

3d 13h 0m We got 100 Poké Coupons.

3d 12h 59m Vander defeated.

3d 12h 55m Versus Area Leader Vander, Zigzagoon and Whismur sent out.

3d 12h 54m Anges defeated.

3d 12h 52m Versus Fun Old Lady Anges, Duskull and Ralts sent out.

3d 12h 50m Athlete Rinos defeated, Espeon to Lv.43.

3d 12h 49m Versus Athlete Rinos, Wooper and Trapinch sent out.

3d 12h 47m Teacher Nevie defeated.

3d 12h 45m Versus Teacher Nevie, Poochyena and Swinub are sent out.

3d 12h 43m Defeated with ease.

3d 12h 42m Versus Roller Boy Pera, Magikarp and Zubat sent out.

3d 12h 39m Lehan defeated. That sure took a while.

3d 12h 30m Against Cooltrainer Lehan, she sends out Togepi and Vulpix.

3d 12h 27m Defeated Lady Auro.

3d 12h 25m Against Lady Auro, Azurill and Sentret sent out.

3d 12h 24m And we defeated him easily.

3d 12h 22m Versus Researcher Mort, Igglybuff and Electrike against the usual two.

3d 12h 18m Cyus defeated.

3d 12h 17m Versus Rich Boy Cyus, Sunkern and Hoppip against Espeon and Misdreavus.

3d 12h 13m Both down, defeated Cooltrainer Stum

3d 12h 12m Versus Cooltrainer Stum, Taillow and Hoothoot against Espeon and Misdreavus.

3d 12h 10m Still at Mt. Battle.

3d 12h 8m Umbreon down, white out.

3d 12h 6m Jumpluff down, Umbreon's the last one left.

3d 12h 5m Jumpluff sent in.

3d 12h 3m Misdreavus down

3d 12h 3m Dunsparce down, Shadow Piloswine is sent in.

3d 12h 1m Octillery down, Masquerain sent in.

[Info] Bayleef was sent in when Espeon fainted, Umbreon's just been sent in now that Bayleef fainted.

3d 11h 55m Bayleef down

3d 11h 51m Espeon down

3d 11h 49m Versus Bodybuilder Lonia, Dunsparce and Octillery against Espeon and Misdreavus.

3d 11h 37m At The Under.

3d 11h 36m And to Pyrite Town.

3d 11h 35m Driven to Phenac City.

3d 11h 33m We are currently in the PC, in the Mt. Battle lobby.

[Meta] Updater's going to go dark for a while. It doesn't look like anyone can take over for now, apologies. Nothing too much should happen, and we'll be back soon enough.

3d 8h 39m Driven to Phenac City.

3d 8h 37m Furret goes down. Rogue Cail defeated.

3d 8h 35m Machoke down to Shadow Ball, Misdreavus to Lv.57.

3d 8h 34m Umbreon's sent in.

3d 8h 34m Bayleef down to Machoke's Submission!

3d 8h 32m Furret's paralyzed to Bayleef's Body Slam, Misdreavus' Shadow Balls are not affecting Furret.

3d 8h 31m Bayleef is sent in.

3d 8h 30m Espeon goes down.

3d 8h 29m Nuzleaf goes down to a Shadow Ball, Machoke is sent in.

3d 8h 28m Kirlia down, Nuzleaf is sent in.

3d 8h 26m Versus Rogue Cail, Shadow Furret and Kirlia against Espeon and Misdreavus.

3d 8h 25m We drove to Pyrite Town.

3d 8h 22m We're back at Mt. Battle.

3d 8h 21m Umbreon faints from a Shadow Rush! White Out!

[Correction] Sorry I meant Timer Ball.

3d 8h 20m Bayleef faints due to Piloswine's attack!

3d 8h 20m 2nd Ultra Ball fails! No more balls left.

3d 8h 19m We KO Octillery with Secret Power.

3d 8h 18m It fails.

3d 8h 17m We used a Timer Ball on Piloswine!

3d 8h 15m Out comes Piloswine. Shadow Alert!

3d 8h 14m We're slowly whittling down their HP. Ice Beam is doing massive damage to Bayleef though. Luckily we KOed the Dunsparce.

3d 8h 13m We sent out Bayleef, who takes a Psybeam to the face. Ouch.

3d 8h 12m Jumpluff faints from Ice Beam!

3d 8h 11m Jumpluff is frozen from Ice Beam!

3d 8h 11m We send out Jumpluff. We use Mega Drain to a bit of an effect, and Secret Power to slightly damage the Dunsparce.

3d 8h 9m Umbreon uses Secret Power on the squid, and Misdreavus faints to an Ice Beam!

3d 8h 8m We use Shadow Ball on Octillery. This whole time we've being using Taunt and it actually worked. Octillery shoots the ghost down to 1 HP.

3d 8h 7m Another Shadow Ball KOs it! Out comes Dunsparce.

3d 8h 7m We have a Shadow Ball Psybeam exchange, which confuses Misdreavus. Also it gets hit with some gunk.

3d 8h 6m Battling Bodybuilder Lonia! He sends out Masquerain and Octillery against Ghost and Scum.

3d 8h 6m Heading back down the stairs!

3d 8h 3m Went to the right, obtained two max potions!

[Fluff] I think we're good with our own 2 balls, but thanks.

3d 8h 0m We choose left and get 2 Timer Balls!

3d 7h 59m We're choosing which ball to get.

3d 7h 56m We get the Stantler down to critical HP, and its Take Down ends up KOing itself. Defeated Liaks.

3d 7h 56m We KO the Gloom finally, leaving the Stantler to remain.

3d 7h 55m We send out Jumpluff, who takes the brunt force of a Shadow Rush, then Razor Leaf.

[Fluff] The #twitchplaysPokémon irc is discussing how console games depict Misdreavus with a butthole. Come join the discussion.

3d 7h 54m We tried calling our Espeon, but it didn't listen to our warning. Misdreavus KOs Espeon with a Psybeam!

3d 7h 52m Stantler brings our Espeon down to critical health. We confuse Gloom, who hits itself in confusion.

[Info] Can confirm it's Ein File F

3d 7h 51m We're going to try to catch the Stantler.

[Fluff] Do we follow grammar with Pokémon moves?

3d 7h 49m Also Espeon keeps using Psych Up. Gloom hits us with a few Razor Leafs (Leaves?)

3d 7h 48m A Shadow Ball knocks out Roselia, replaced by Stanler. SHADOW ALERT!

3d 7h 48m A Shadow Ball knocks out Kirlia, which is replaced by Roselia.

3d 7h 47m Chaser Liaks is battling us! He sends out Kirilia and Gloom against our Espeon and Misdreavus.

[Fluff] Might have been TM 45 Attract, probably not, but I'll let you know at the next item check.

3d 7h 46m Pretty sure it was Ein File F!

3d 7h 43m We got an item from behind the desk. I didn't catch what it was so time to find it in a walkthrough.

3d 7h 42m Oh god we're heading near a TV. I wonder if it's connected to the news.


3d 7h 36m We enter another building. Probably part of a hideout or something idk.

3d 7h 33m We finally went on the ufo! Good job guys.

3d 7h 29m Whenever we're at the PC.

[Fluff] Now improved with appropriate link

3d 7h 20m Straight Outta The Shop

3d 7h 17m Back downstairs.

[Fluff] Shit I'm turning into a Team Plasma Philosopher

3d 7h 13m To better understand our mons we continuously look at our Pokémon menu. It doesn't help. Maybe we should feed it some Pokepuffs and not use them always for fighting.

3d 7h 10m We talk to someone who really wants to see Lady Venus, but hasn't seen his idol.

3d 7h 8m We went upstairs! It's much louder.

3d 7h 2m We listen to the Old Man's tale. There was once a man in the Under. The end.

3d 6h 58m Still in the shop.

3d 6h 54m Everyone's talking about spies. But a true spy wouldn't be spotted so easily.

3d 6h 53m We almost went in the Shop. Question to chat: Does going in the shop reset the F-Disc?


[Fluff] "Spy! I saw a spy!"

3d 6h 42m We put the wrong disc in the machine. EleGiggle

3d 6h 35m Trying to press a button, it's not going so well.

3d 6h 28m We're walking up and down stairs, almost at the UFO.

3d 6h 22m We enter the elevator and head to the Under Way.

[Info] May or may not be trying to teach the Espeon something.

[Fluff] Guys we can still use Espeon, just have it confuse everything.

3d 6h 18m We forgot Psybeam for Psych Up! Good job guys. Defeated Kai.

3d 6h 17m Espeon is level 42! We're trying to not learn Psych Up. It's not going well.

3d 6h 17m Espeon uses Helping Hand to assist Misdreavus in KOing Vibrava. Also glitch Shadow Ball!

3d 6h 15m We use a 1-2 Punch to knock out the elephant.

3d 6h 15m We're facing Chaser Kai! He sent out Phanpy and Vibrava.

3d 6h 12m We entered the Snagem hideout.

[Chat] *(\ Kappa /)*

3d 6h 4m Back in Snapville!

3d 6h 3m We went to the Mystery Lab!

3d 6h 2m We left the battle tower finally and are chilling in Mt. Battle's front yard.

3d 5h 56m We saw our fish for a bit before exiting out.

3d 5h 56m At the PC right now.

3d 5h 49m We're in the lobby.

3d 5h 46m ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ THE BIRD HAVE BEEN FRIED! ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

[Fluff] Today's special on stream: Fried bird. I know this one is a favourite so I hope you'll enjoy.


3d 5h 44m We picked new challenge again. Let's try again chat.

3d 5h 40m Back in the lobby.

3d 5h 39m We almost got there. We picked new challenge tho.

3d 5h 35m Okay so the plan is the game saves the highest number we've cleared apparently, so we're exiting and then we'll try to continue at 41. Something like that.


[Snark] If all of the battles are this long... damn.

3d 5h 31m Our Shadow Balls aren't really working on the HootHoot, so hopefully we switch up moves soon.

3d 5h 31m Now we're Taunting the bird. Devestating.

3d 5h 30m FINALLY WE MOVE! Umbreon switches things up and use Secret Power to KO the Tailow, we're using Shadow Ball against Umbreon.

[Chat] Thetigertank: Figures that we'd have 99 awakenings in a game we don't need awakenings in

#FlashbackFriday to X

3d 5h 25m We have Umbreon and Misdreavus out in front now, btw. Still waiting to do something.

3d 5h 22m One turn has gone by, and we didn't even attack the mons.

3d 5h 21m We're at Sawschuck, aka Cooltrainer. Against a level 16 Taillow and 15 Hoothoot. Oh boy.


3d 5h 19m Still trying to enter again.

3d 5h 13m We heal!

3d 5h 11m Oh god we're trying again. Hopefully we don't pick new challenge.

3d 5h 8m Good job guys. Now let's disappoint ourselves more by not using the PC.

3d 5h 8m We stop and get 600 Pokecoupons! And then we teleport out!

3d 5h 7m It's break time boys! Let's grab a coffee and some cookies and watch TV.

3d 5h 6m Lileep is down to half health from a Psybeam, and to no health after a Shadow Ball. There is no Lileep (anymore). Defeated Trinch!

3d 5h 6m Hi Barboach! Do you want a Shadow Ball to the face? No? Well here's one anyways.

[Fluff] We're not really good at making friends. Doesn't help when we have no eyes.

3d 5h 5m Bye elephant friend! Hello Rhyhorn! Bye Rhyhorn!

3d 5h 5m Now we're against Phanpy. Lileep Astonishes us.

3d 5h 4m Shadow Ball-Psybeam combo KOs the Nosepass. Misdreavus levels up to 56!

[Fluff] Hey chat, I didn't see any Claw spam for Anorith, but now you're goo-goo gaa-gaa over Root.

3d 5h 4m We face Nosepass and Lileep.

3d 5h 3m Man, Zetterberg's next. DansGame. Facing Area Leader Trinch.

3d 5h 2m We use Mega Drain and Shadow Ball to finish off the Bagon. Defeated Neira!

3d 5h 1m We send out our Cotton Ball of Death, Jumpluff.

[Fluff] I remember listening to Britney Spear back in Elementary School. Why did I listen to her again? Good question.

3d 5h 0m We Shadow Balled Espeon again! Oops, I did it again.

3d 4h 59m If you guessed Shadow Ball and Psybeam, you'd be wrong for once! We actually used Reflect, meaning Bagon still lives.


3d 4h 59m Up to 39. Hasek represent! We're facing Cooltrainer Neira, who sends out Numel and Bagon.

3d 4h 58m Rone is defeated! We're apparently too much for him.


3d 4h 58m The pinecone is just sitting there, waiting for its inevitable death.

3d 4h 57m After the Volbeat falls to Shadow Ball, we send out an Illumise which faints to Psybeam.

[Chat] #EspeonDoingHisVeryBest

3d 4h 56m We KO the Anorith instantly, which is replaced by Volbeat, and then we hit Misdreavus with a Psybeam.

[Fluff] What's the prize today Bob? A brand new car!

3d 4h 56m Guy Rone is contestant #38. He'll be fighting with an Anorith and Pineco.

3d 4h 54m You know how this goes. Gulpin and Grimer down in one hit. Espeon is now level 41! Defeated Warl.

3d 4h 53m Against Roller Boy Warl for fight number 37! Gulpin and Grimer are his mon of choice.

[Fluff] Original piece do not steal

[Fluff] Then all of the Pokémon feared him, as they shouted out with screams, "Misdreavus the red mouth ghost, why the hell are you the sky now?"

3d 4h 52m We Shadow Ball Shroomish and rob the rich boy of all of his money.

[Fluff] Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Streamer came to say: Misdreavus with your glitches so weird, won't you scare the voices tonight?

3d 4h 50m All of the other Pokémon, used to laugh and call him names. They never let poor Misdreavus join in any Pokedome games.

3d 4h 49m Cacnea goes down in one hit, and then we attack Misdreavus.

3d 4h 49m Rich Boy Diek up to the plate for 36. He sends out Cacnea and Shroomish.

[Fluff] And if you ever saw it, you'd say it creeps you out.

3d 4h 48m Defeated the Voltorb and Magnemite and the Glasses Man.

3d 4h 47m Misdreavus the red mouth ghost, had a very funny mouth.

3d 4h 46m Holy crap we actually used Confuse Ray and Reflect for a change! And now double Psybeam!

3d 4h 45m Glasses Man Delot wants to fight! He sends out a Magnemite and Voltorb.

3d 4h 44m Finally going up to Tony-O. Eventually. First we're embracing our environment.

3d 4h 44m We Shadow Ball Abra finally. Defeated the Old Lady.

3d 4h 42m We try to use some items on our mons.

3d 4h 41m We're against Abra and Clamperl. After a Shadow Ball, we're just against Abra.

[Fluff] That old couple must have a lot of fun.

3d 4h 41m We're heading to the Miracle on 34th Circle. Now we have a Fun Old Lady to battle!

3d 4h 40m Defeated another Old Man.

3d 4h 39m Body Slam paralyzes Corphish and then Shadow Ball finishes it off.

3d 4h 39m Shadow Ball, meet Natu. Natu, meet death.

3d 4h 38m Go Bayleef! Both mons use Nature Power to varying degrees of success.

3d 4h 38m We Shadow Ball Espeon and instantly KO it. Misdreavus pls.

3d 4h 37m Now we're at Patrick Roy! We have another Fun Old Man who sends out Natu and Corpish. Hmm, does this seem familiar?

3d 4h 36m He's going to go back to the Pre Gym and train a bit.

3d 4h 36m We cook the bird and blemish Herton's record.

3d 4h 35m We swap our ghost for Umbreon! One Psybeam later and Taillow can't go on. We get a Peck as a punishment.

3d 4h 34m Cooltrainer Herton wants to battle! He sends out Tailow and Doduo!

[Fluff] Shoot I don't have anyone for 32. Guess you have to deal with exponential jokes.

3d 4h 32m We confuse Bayleef and Body Slam Slakoth two times until it falls. Defeated the Lady in Suit.

3d 4h 32m Shadow Ball tries going for the egg, but it doesn't crack it. So we finish it off with Body Slam.

3d 4h 30m And we attack Bayleef with Shadow Ball. Bayleef Body Slams Togepi into the reds.

3d 4h 29m Togepi pulls off a Wish, only we haven't attacked them yet so it heals nothing.

3d 4h 29m I choose you! Bayleef-chu!

3d 4h 26m We do our Shadow Ball and it misses, and then Psybeam goes to the Ghost. The ghost fights back by KOing Espeon!

3d 4h 26m Lady in Suit Malia sends out Togepi and Slakoth.

3d 4h 26m Never mind, we didn't need the break and went to 31. Lady In Suit... I can't even.

[Fluff] Shoot are we gonna get to Cujo? I was on a good string of Goalies.

3d 4h 25m Horsea is down, defeated Renson. We're going to the Break Room folks!

3d 4h 24m Surskit uses Quick Attack! And then it gets rekt by Shadow Ball. Psybeam is still hitting Misdreavus. Someone's pissed over here.

3d 4h 23m Shadow Ball, Psybeam, down goes Goldeen, and we hit Misdreavus for the fun of it. Against a Surskit now.

3d 4h 22m Misdreavus levels up to 55! Now we're against a Goldeen and Horsea!

3d 4h 22m I don't even remember the last time we used anything but Shadow Ball and Psybeam. Staryu goes down, Corpish sent out, Corpish goes down.

3d 4h 21m Onto Brodeur! Area Leader Renson sends out Staryu and Horsea!

[Snark] I'd make a baseball joke here, but I'm pretty sure someone is watching over my shoulder and wouldn't be happy by my remark.

3d 4h 20m Mawile goes down to a Shadow Ball and Psybeam. Defeated Wina!

3d 4h 19m Both of our mons KO the Geodude, and Mawile uses Vice Grip on Espeon. It does little damage.

[Info] Just assume we start with Misdreavus and Espeon unless I say otherwise.

3d 4h 19m She sends out Mawile and Geodude.

3d 4h 19m Now we're up to Ken Dryden! Athlete Wina (got the first part name) is up to bat.

3d 4h 18m We also KO the Zigzagoon with Psybeam. Defeated Glasses!

3d 4h 17m Slakoth goes down to a Shadow Ball and Espeon levels up to 40!

3d 4h 17m Machop goes down to a Psybeam. He sends out a Zigzagoon to fix that problem.

3d 4h 16m Okay, Glasses Man Solek might come close in the name department. At 28 now, fighting a Machop and Slakoth.

3d 4h 15m We won, but I kind of feel bad because now the old man doesn't wanna have fun anymore. :(

3d 4h 15m He sends out Natu and Duskull. Duskull quickly falls to a Shadow Ball and Natu to a Psybeam.


3d 4h 14m Heading up to Niedermayer now. That's 27 for those counting at home.

3d 4h 13m More no scopes on the Houndour! It falls. Looks like the student has outdone the teacher!

3d 4h 12m Still managed to hit the Larvitar directly and KO it.


3d 4h 12m At 26! Loden is going to teach us how to fight with her Houndour and Larvitar!

3d 4h 11m And the Gulpin falls too. Defeated Grel. "You made me lose!"

3d 4h 10m We kill the Oddish with the sight of shadows! It can't stand 6 more weeks of winter.

3d 4h 10m We send out Bayleef. It gets pukeback from both Oddish and Gulpin. Gross!

[Fluff] This run is just everyone beating up Espeon. I feel bad for the guy.

3d 4h 9m We just KOed Espeon with a Shadow Ball!

3d 4h 8m Roller Boy Grel spins like a madman and sends its Oddish and Gulpin off the cliff by accident. We win by default. Keepo.

3d 4h 7m We pay a quarter to go up to 25.

3d 4h 6m We used Psybeam on the Bagon and took it down. Defeated Bedro!

[Fluff] *Events may be subject to updater's interpretation

3d 4h 5m Misdreavus insults the Wingull hard enough that is doesn't have the confidence to go on. We use Psybeam and confuse our ghost because it was being too mean.

3d 4h 5m Up to 24. Cooltrainer Bedro sends out the very uncool Wingull and Bagon.

3d 4h 3m But then we kill it with shadows. Defeated Eisen!

3d 4h 3m Another Shadow Ball KOs Sandshrew! Psybeam doesn't KO Phanpy, as it used Endure!

3d 4h 2m We Shadow Ball and Psybeam the Aron, KOing it! Sandshrew replaces it.

3d 4h 1m Facing Bodybuilder Eisen! He sends out Aron and Phanpy against our Ghost and Espeon.

3d 4h 1m Moving up to the Michael Jordan battle spot (23).

3d 4h 0m Espeon, never losing trust, uses Helping Hand again. This time the Psybeam is aimed correctly. Trainer defeated!

3d 3h 59m Espeon is paralyzed, but the Kirlia is paralyzed as well due to Espeon's Synchronize.

3d 3h 59m Espeon uses Helping Hand, which helps Misdreavus hit it with a crit Psybeam.

3d 3h 57m Shadow Ball OHKO's one of the Kirlia.

3d 3h 57m Espeon uses Helping Hand.

3d 3h 57m Next trainer sends out two Kirlia.

3d 3h 55m Misdreavus Confuse Rays Espeon again, which does nothing. Espeon uses Psybeam on Cascoon, knocking it out. Trainer defeated!

3d 3h 55m As a result, Espeon is unable to attack, and hits itself instead.

3d 3h 54m Misdreavus uses Confuse Ray on Espeon.

3d 3h 54m Silcoon is Psybeamed to death.

3d 3h 53m Cascoon is out next.

3d 3h 53m Misdreavus uses Confuse Ray on Wurmple. Espeon uses Psybeam on Wurmple, OHKOing it.

3d 3h 52m Misdreavus was poisoned!

3d 3h 52m Misdreavus gives Wurmple a Mean Look, and Espeon sets up Reflect. That defensive buff should be useful against these powerful enemies.

3d 3h 49m Wurmple and Silcoon...WutFace

3d 3h 49m Entered Area 3. Guy Gris challenges us!

3d 3h 47m Area Leader defeated!

3d 3h 47m Shadow Ball OHKO's Ledyba.

3d 3h 47m Anorith down.

3d 3h 47m Anorith sent out.

3d 3h 46m Nincada down!

3d 3h 46m Nincada sent out.

3d 3h 46m Surskit sent out, OHKO'd by Psybeam

3d 3h 46m Espeon level 39

3d 3h 45m Shadow Ball OHKO's Pineco.

3d 3h 45m Pineco and Ledyba vs. Misdreavus and Espeon.

3d 3h 45m Area Leader Arth would like to battle!

3d 3h 44m Trainer defeated!

3d 3h 44m Shadow Ball OHKO's Carvanha.

3d 3h 43m Shadow Ball OHKO's Spheal. Misdreavus level 55

3d 3h 43m Teacher Vona is next, with Spheal and Carvanha.

3d 3h 41m Shadow Ball OHKO's Magnemite.

3d 3h 41m Voltorb goes down.

3d 3h 40m Roeck sends out a Voltorb.

3d 3h 40m Espeon used Helping Hand! Espeon is ready to help AAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAA used Shadow Ball! Mareep down!

3d 3h 39m Go! AAAAAAAAAA and Espeon!

3d 3h 39m RESEARCHER ROECK would like to battle! RESEARCHER ROECK sent out MAREEP and MAGNEMITE!

3d 3h 38m Shuppet OHKO'd by Psybeam. Trainer down!

3d 3h 38m Shadow Ball OHKO's Abra. (Big surprise)

3d 3h 37m Challenged by Fun Old Man Metz. Abra and Shuppet are out.

3d 3h 37m Trainer defeated

3d 3h 36m Shadow Ball doesn't affect Jigglypuff, but Umbreon's Secret Power OHKO's it.

3d 3h 36m Umbreon uses Taunt on Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff uses Pound on Umbreon, which does only 3 damage.

3d 3h 35m A crit Shadow Ball OHKO's Marill.

3d 3h 35m Marill and Jigglypuff both use Defense Curl. We sent out Umbreon in Espeon's place.

3d 3h 33m Shadow Ball OHKO's...Espeon. Espeon down

3d 3h 33m Challenged by Lady Eloos, with Marill and Jigglypuff.

3d 3h 32m Psybeam does about what you'd expect to Sandshrew. Next trainer!

3d 3h 32m Shadow Ball OHKO's Geodude...you know the drill.

3d 3h 31m Challenged by Athlete Albac. Geodude and Sandshrew.

[Snark] Anyone else have deja vu?

3d 3h 30m Trainer defeated!

3d 3h 30m Psybeam OHKO's Seedot.

3d 3h 30m Shadow Ball OHKO's Lotad.

3d 3h 29m Challenged by Rich Boy Lond, who sends out Lotad and Seedot.

3d 3h 28m Trainer defeated!

3d 3h 28m Psybeam OHKO's Barboach.

3d 3h 27m Shadow Ball OHKO's Beldum.

3d 3h 27m Athlete Caden sends out Beldum and Barboach.

3d 3h 27m Challenged by Athlete Caden.

3d 3h 26m Pabe defeated!

3d 3h 26m Bayleef Body Slams Whismur, OHKOing it. If it still counts as a OHKO due to the wasted turns, that is.

3d 3h 25m Shadow Ball still doesn't work on Whismur. Just like Body Slam doesn't work on Misdreavus.

3d 3h 23m We attempt to Shadow Ball Whismur, which fails due to Whismur being Normal-type. And AAAAAAA calls BAYLEEF!

3d 3h 21m We've sent out Bayleef to replace Espeon.

3d 3h 20m Misdreavus gets its revenge by OHKOing Espeon with Shadow Ball.

3d 3h 20m Espeon uses Psybeam on Misdreavus, but it doesn't do too much.

3d 3h 19m Pabe sends out Grimer in Zubat's place. Espeon OHKO's the Grimer with Psybeam.

3d 3h 19m Zubat goes down to Misdreavus' Shadow Ball.

3d 3h 19m Challenged Roller Boy Pabe, with Zubat and Whismur.

3d 3h 17m Alright, we're back. We just defeated Fun Old Lady Gelvin.

[Info] So my parents are home and my shift is forcibly closed. I'm sorry but until another Live updater comes along things will be quiet around here. We seem to be set on grinding at Mt Battle, so hopefully nothing of real importance will happen.

3d 2h 32m Out of the PC corner, but we seem to have a newfound affection for the empty Poké Ball box.

3d 2h 30m Dangerously close to the PC right now.

3d 2h 25m And we are now at Mt Battle after a pit stop at Agate just for the harmonicas. Aren't we so musically cultured guys? Kappa

3d 2h 23m Arrived in Agate Village. Listen to that harmonica. ♫♪♩♬

3d 2h 16m Outside in Pyrite to the o/)* clicks in time with the music.

3d 2h 15m Assist rolls Uproar to put Umbreon into the red, who gives Furret a Mean Look before Loudred curb Stomps Umbreon for looking at his teammate like that, Umbreon down, white out!

[Fluff] Friendly reminder that we have 99 antidotes and 99 awakenings, never mind that we can just Call Pokémon awake.

3d 2h 14m Umbreon keeps Taunting in a 2v1 situation, blackout imminent.

3d 2h 13m Assist/Stomp brings Jumpluff to yellow, Mega Drain does chip to Loudred, and Umbreon keeps Taunting. Meanwhile Overheat obliterates Jumpluff, who goes down with a whimper.

3d 2h 12m Furret's Assist rolls a Stomp, Umbreon goes and Taunts Loudred as well.

3d 2h 12m Mega Drain downs Doduo, Loudred sent out.

3d 2h 11m Jumpluff is sent out and takes something for little damage, Umbreon be like 'come at me bro' and Taunts.

[Info] 3d 2h 10m Sorry, that was Misdreavus, not Umbreon.

3d 2h 8m [Info] Sorry if there is anything I've missed, my internet's being really laggy, but in that period Umbreon is down.*

[Info] Scratch that. Taunt was on Furret.

3d 2h 5m Furret's Assist rolls an Uproar for little damage, Misdreavus Shadow Balls Umbreon, who apparantly hasn't had enough and Taunts it. Meanwhile Doduo's Steel Wing does little.

3d 2h 4m Sometime, somewhere between that lag, judging by the chat, it seems that Bayleef received an Overheat to face and is down.

3d 2h 2m Bayleef sent out, Fury Attack does little, and my internet lags. Typical.

3d 2h 1m Furret's Facade KOs Espeon

3d 2h 0m Assist rolls a Rage with doesn't affect Misdreavus, Doduo goes for a Fury Attack on Espeon which does little damage.

3d 1h 58m Misdreavous refuses to listen to our call, Espeon Psybeams Misdreavus, Furret's Assist rolls a Stomp onto Misdreavus, does nothing.

[Fluff] And I've been spelling Misdreavus wrong the whole time...

3d 1h 57m My bad. Doduo and Furret vs Misdreavous and Espeon.

[Info] Misdreavous' moveset is now safe, it gets no more moves after 53 and we skipped Grudge, barring TM shenanigans.

3d 1h 56m Jumpluff secures the KO on Delcatty with Mega Drain, Delcatty down, Rider Trona defeated!

3d 1h 55m Jumpluff Mega Draings Misdreavous, Psybeam does hit Delcatty who clutches on Red HP, who promptly unleashes her Frustration onto poor Jumpluff.

3d 1h 55m Mega Drain chips Delcatty, Psybeam does a lot more, Frustration brings Jumpluff to just over half HP.

3d 1h 54m Jumpluff is sent out.

3d 1h 52m Snatch does nothing, Psybeam secures that KO on Jigglypuff, Misdreavous to Lv 53, does not learn Grudge, Frustration takes out Umbreon.

3d 1h 51m Snatch does nothing, Shadow Ball does nothing, Jigglypuff resumes her breaking thing practice with another Brick Break on Umbreon, who clutches that and a Frustration from Delcatty.

3d 1h 50m Umbreon's Snatch does nothing, Misdreavous Shadow Balls Umbreon, Delcatty's Frustration and Jigglypuff's Brick Break leaves Umbreon with just under 50% HP.

3d 1h 49m Umbreon sent in.

3d 1h 47m Shadow Ball does nothing, Psybeam does just over 50% to Jigglypuff, our opponents are feeling very bitchy with their Frustration and Doubleslap taking Espeon out.

3d 1h 46m Round 2! Vs Rider Trona! Jigglypuff and Delcatty vs our leads!

3d 1h 46m Headbutt chips Umbreon, another Psybeam secures the KO on Linoone! Roller Boy Azal defeated!

3d 1h 45m Umbreon sent out, Psybeam puts Linoone into the red.

3d 1h 43m Another Mega Drain for chip, Jumpluff goes down to another Headbutt. How does that Linoone not have a headache by now?

3d 1h 42m Jumpluff Mega Drains Linoone, gets a Headbutt to the face in return, Psybeam KOs Teddiursa.

3d 1h 42m Mega drain does chip damage, Linoone Headbutts Bayleef, Teddiursa's Thrash does nothing, Psybeam puts Teddiursa into the red.

3d 1h 40m Jumpluff sent out, Shadow Ball does nothing, Thrash does just under half to Jumpluff.

3d 1h 39m The next Headbutt proves too much for Bayleef and Bayleef goes down!*

3d 1h 39m Headbutt puts Bayleef into yellow, Shadow Ball does nothing, Body Slam does nothing.

[Fluff] Jeez, Normal trainers, give Nacho a break, will ya? He gets his ass whipped by his older brother enough as it is.

3d 1h 38m Bayleef sent in.

3d 1h 37m Linoone's Headbutt leaves Espeon in the red, Shadow Ball does nothing, Psybeam chips Teddiursa, Teddiursa Thrashes Espeon into submission, Espeon down!

3d 1h 36m And straight back into another tournament, vs Roller Boy Azal, Teddiursa and Linoone vs Espeon and Misdrevous.

3d 1h 35m Mega Drain fails to secure the KO, Furret is annoyed and finishes off Jumpluff with another Rage, we black out!

3d 1h 35m Another Mega Drain on Doduo, Assist rolls a Rage, Doduo goes for a Fury Attack, hit x2

3d 1h 34m Jumpluff sent out, Furret's Assist rolls a Steel Wing, Misdreavous down, Mega Drain NVE's Doduo, Steel wing chips about a quarter of Jumpluff's HP

[Chat] Chat is KAPOWing themselves posting naughty URLs or stupid s*** in general. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

3d 1h 30m Furret flips a table and Rages against Bayleef, Bayleef down!

3d 1h 29m Assist rolls a rage, Shadow Ball hits Bayleef, leaves it at 12 HP, Steel Wing leaves Misdreavous at Orange, Bayleef crits Doduo with Razor Leaf and hits Furret as well for small damage

3d 1h 29m Whoop. Internet lags means I missed Loudred going down, Doduo takes its place.

3d 1h 27m Facade finishes off Umbreon. I guess Umbreon's Mean Look was nothing more than... a facade.

3d 1h 26m Assist rolls a STEEL WING?! hits Umbreon, Umbreon Mean Looks, Shadow Ball does nothing, Stomp leaves Umbreon on red.

3d 1h 25m Assist rolls another Pursuit, hits Umbreon for negligible damage, Shadow Ball does nothing, Taunt does nothing, Loudred's Stomp puts Umbreon in the yellow.

3d 1h 23m Furret Assists and Overheat? misses, Loudred Overheats Misdreavous for relatively little damage. Taunt, naturally, does nothing of note.

3d 1h 23m Umbreon sent out.

3d 1h 22m Sorry, forgot to mention that Loudred hit Espeon the previous turn to send him into orange HP

3d 1h 21m Furret's Facade KOs Espeon!

3d 1h 21m Furret Assists a Pursuit and hits Misdreavous, Espeon crit Psybeams and puts Loudred into the red!

3d 1h 20m Semifinal time! Bodybuilder Becher with Loudred and Furret vs Misdreavous and Espeon!

3d 1h 19m Psybeam finally hits Jigglypuff! Jigglypuff is confused, but decides to have another crack at breaking things, Umbreon down, another Psybeam the next turn and Jigglypuff down! Rider Trona defeated!

3d 1h 18m Psybeam targets Umbreon does nothing, Taunt does nothing, Jigglypuff decides to get some more Brick Breaking practice in

3d 1h 16m Shadow Ball and Taunt does nothing to Jigglypuff, Jigglypuff decides she needs to practice breaking things and delivers a Brick Break to Umbreon for relatively little damage.

3d 1h 14m Psybeam lands on Delcatty, kitty goes down, Umbreon to Lv 45!

3d 1h 14m Umbreon sent out.

3d 1h 13m Jumpluff gets a Mega Drain off Delcatty, Misdreavous does likewise with Psybeam, Delcatty unleashes its pent-up Frustration on Jumpluff, our cotton fluff goes down!

[Snark] That was a brilliant killing spree! By the other team...

3d 1h 10m Misdreavous fires off another useless shadow ball, Delcatty and Jigglypuff gank Jumpluff again, Jumpluff retaliates with a crit Mega Drain.. On Misdrevous.

3d 1h 10m Jumpluff sent out.

3d 1h 7m Misdreavous delivers a critical Shadow Ball... on Bayleef. Delcatty finishes it off, Bayleef down!

3d 1h 5m We try (and fail) to use items in our bags.

[Fluff] Delcatty hit Espeon with a Frustration which took it all the way to red. How much does that cancer kitty hate it's trainer anyways?

3d 1h 2m Bayleef sent out

3d 1h 1m Shadow Ball does nothing, Psybeam chips Delcatty, Delcatty and Jigglypuff both gang up on Espeon, Espeon down!

3d 1h 0m Round 2! Vs Rider Trona! Delcatty and Jigglypuff vs Midreavous and Espeon!

3d 1h 0m Bayleef does not evolve.

3d 0h 59m Bayleef and Misdreavous gank Teddiursa, clutches, aims a Thrash at Misdreavous, does nothing, another Psybeam and Teddiursa goes down! Azal defeated!

3d 0h 58m Psybeam takes out Linoone, Bayleef to Lv 45!

3d 0h 58m Bayleef is sent out.

3d 0h 56m AAAAAAAAND WE'RE BACK! Still trying to replace our KOed Umbreon.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I deleted some old save states and started the database

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it caused the database to crash

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: server ran out of storage due to save states

[Info] 3d 0h 54m Lord Cursor spotted!

[Fluff] But hey on the bright side this isn't the worst music to be stuck in

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] 3d 0h 51m Inputs appear to be broken again.

3d 0h 50m Umbreon goes down to Linoone's Headbutt!

3d 0h 50m We finally make a move! Umbreon a headbutt with 10 HP left, and Misdreavous and Umbreon double in on Linoone (teamwork WutFace) but it survives!

3d 0h 42m Bayleef attacks Misdreavus, but it doesn't hit

[Info] All the mon in this colosseum are level 50+

...to a Shadow Ball from our own Misdreavus.

3d 0h 40m Espeon goes down

3d 0h 39m Azal sends out Linnone and Teddiursa

3d 0h 39m Nevermind we enter the Colosseum Chalenger

3d 0h 38m A7 is debating whether it is really in his best interests to save or not

3d 0h 38m A7 randomly mashing the on/off switch, this will be fun.

3d 0h 37m P C T I M E B O I S E

[Chat] LankyLamp: enough money to get a high tech holographic PC, but not enough to improve the buildings and such

3d 0h 36m Getting close to the PC

3d 0h 35m Entered the Pyrite Colosseum

3d 0h 29m A7 is standing on a bridge in Pyrite, cool stuff.

3d 0h 24m Gulpin down to Shadow Ball, Golbat down to Psybeam. We win

3d 0h 23m Battling Chaser Emok, she sends out Golbat ans Gulpin. We send out Misdreavus and Epspeon

[Info] 3d 0h 13m We have more than enough money to stock up on Poké Balls, we are going to be running into several shadow mon soon.

3d 0h 13m We turn off the PC, and head for the door

[Info] 3d 0h 13m We are in Pyrite town

3d 0h 12m We are holding FailFish

3d 0h 12m PC TIME OH BOY

3d 0h 11m ScUmbreon is taken out by Stantler's Shadow Rush, we white out

3d 0h 9m A7 trys to stall, hoping Liak will give up.

3d 0h 6m AK goes down

3d 0h 6m AK goes out

3d 0h 5m Misdreavus faints to Stantler's Shadow Rush

3d 0h 4m Misdreavus is LV. 52.

3d 0h 3m Gloom faints, Shadow Stantler goes out

3d 0h 0m Dawn of the third day

3d 0h 1m Shadowball takes out Roselia and gloom comes out

3d 0h 0m Case Liaks spots us, and sends in roselia and Kirlia we send out ScUmbreon and Misdreavus

2d 23h 58m We defeat Frena

2d 23h 58m AK takes out Gligar with Mega Drain

2d 23h 55m We send out AK

2d 23h 54m Bayleef faints to Gligar's Shadow Rush

2d 23h 51m Bayleef goes out

[Info] 2d 23h 50m Chat seems fairly sure we get 4 free ultraballs soon

2d 23h 50m Espeon faints

2d 23h 49m A7 switches out Misdreavus for ScUmbreon, Jigglypuff goes down

2d 23h 48m Teddiursa goes down to psybeam, Jigglypuff goes out

2d 23h 47m Frena sends out Teddiursa, who only wants a party invitation, but is getting beat up instead.

2d 23h 46m 1 shadow ball takes out Shrromish

2d 23h 46m Gligar is a shadow mon

2d 23h 46m Battling Hunter Frena she sends out shroomish and gligar

2d 23h 46m [Chat] STAIRS WutFace

[Snark] 2d 23h 45m Venus was nice enough to wait for us to come downstairs to make her escape

2d 23h 44m We go downstairs

2d 23h 43m Got an Ein File

2d 23h 42m Our team seems to be healed, that is odd, but ok.

[Info] 2d 23h 41m TM 45 has attract in this game

2d 23h 40m We get TM 45

2d 23h 37m Venus flees downstairs leaving us at the news desk

2d 23h 36m Bayleef's razor leaf takes down Steelix Cipher Admin Venus defeated

[Info] 2d 23h 35m We have 2 mons, neither of which can do much damage to Steelix

2d 23h 35m Bayleef goes out

2d 23h 34m ScUmbreon was taken out by EQ

[Info] 2d 23h 34m Steelix is paralyzed, and taunted

[Info] 2d 23h 33m Steelix is Venus' last mon, we are doing chip damage

2d 23h 33m Suicune down to Steelix's EQ

2d 23h 33m Suicune is paralyzed

2d 23h 32m We use the Ultra ball and it fails

[Info] 2d 23h 32m We have 1 ultra ball ( I think)

2d 23h 31m ScUmbreon is out

2d 23h 31m AK goes down

2d 23h 31m Vileplume goes down Suicune goes out

[Info] 2d 23h 30m AK is dealing with Paralove right now, but flinched of all things.

2d 23h 29m Vileplume goes out, and paralyzes AK

2d 23h 29m AK is in love with steelix, Misdreavus takes out Bannette*

2d 23h 28m Banette goes out for Venus

2d 23h 28m Dalcatty KAPOW 's itself with double edge

2d 23h 27m AK goes out

2d 23h 27m Misdreavus OHKO's Espeon with Shadow ball

2d 23h 26m Battling Ciper Admin Venus She sends out Steelix and Delcatty

2d 23h 25m A7 is #HereOnDaScene, about to confront Cipher Venus

[Chat] 2d 23h 25m NEWS

2d 23h 25m We go into the TV station

2d 23h 23m We get on some floaty thing, and head on over to the other side of The Under

2d 23h 20m A7 takes a quick refresher course on what the moves of each of our mons are

2d 23h 15m We seem to have abandoned the poor child in prison in favor of doing some stair climbing exercises. Those glutes don't tone themselves!

2d 23h 8m 1 of the kids just got arrested

2d 23h 5m We meander aimlessly around The Under

2d 23h 2m Someone found a spy in front of the elevator!

[Fluff] 2d 23h 1m There seems to be a spy

2d 23h 0m We exit the building.

2d 23h 0m We manage to get up the stairs we are now on the ground level

2d 22h 59m We got Megg's PDA number

2d 22h 57m [correction] We delivered the Powerup Part

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: ohnKazpa Cipher? ohnFiddle

2d 22h 55m Got the Powerup part

2d 22h 53m We move besides a house and someone from the inside invites us in

2d 22h 46m We took off an Ultra Ball of Misdreavus

2d 22h 42m Helping Hand + Shadow Ball demolishes Feebas

2d 22h 41m Misdreavus fires another Shadow Ball and Wailord is dead

2d 22h 40m VS Trainer he sends in Magikarp and Feebas, magiarp is already defeated, he sends in a Wailord

2d 22h 36m We leave his basement and go up

He says that Nett's house has a big rotating Antennae

2d 22h 31m A weird guy knows our names and wants us to deliver the 'POWERUP PART' to a guy named Nett

2d 22h 25m We go up and watch some Under news

[Info] We are trying to go up the stairs

2d 22h 24m We go back again

2d 22h 22m We heal Espeon and get out

2d 22h 20m We go back in and pay another 1k

2d 22h 17m We leave the hotel

2d 22h 10m We enter the under hotel for 1000 yen

2d 22h 6m We found 3 Hyper Potions from an item chest!

2d 21h 58m We just walk around

2d 21h 50m We go to the upper floor of The Under

2d 21h 47m We defeat Shuppet and beat Zada

2d 21h 46m we defeat the Ninjapuff

2d 21h 46m a Glitch makes Jiggylypuff look like a ninja

2d 21h 46m We defeat Skitty and she sends in Jigglypuff, we defeat her Oddish with Psybeam and she sends in Shuppet in its place

2d 21h 44m We are messing around with the menu

2d 21h 40m We fight a Hunter, she sends in Oddish and Skitty vs Misdreavus and Umbreon

2d 21h 36m We go down and this time dont go back up

2d 21h 33m We defeat Kai

2d 21h 33m We send in Jumpluff

2d 21h 29m Espeon fainted from Phanpy's Take Down

2d 21h 29m Vs Kai again

[Chat] ShinySapphire: She's RUIning all of this. MVGame

2d 21h 29m this time we dont challenge kai instantly and try to go down the elevator but rui is blocking us

2d 21h 26m We go down and back up, it was a double layered trap!

2d 21h 25m We defeat her again and Espeon leveled up to 37

2d 21h 23m We go down and then back up, we are challenged by the girl again

2d 21h 22m We must open the elevator with the Elevator Key we got, but its proving to be a difficult task since we have to press down without exiting the men- WE OPENED THE ELEVATOR DOOR!

2d 21h 19m We finally defeat her after she takes Espeon to half health

2d 21h 16m We rematch the girl guarding the elevator

2d 21h 13m We enter HQ

2d 21h 9m We finished interrogating and now we need to go to Miror B's HQ and go to the previously locked Elevator

2d 21h 3m We open a jail door and interrogate a prisoner, but it appears it was the wrong prisoner

2d 20h 58m We enter the jail

2d 20h 54m We check some more news

2d 20h 53m We go to Pyrite

[Snark] Its fitting that its a Misdreavus model since its a ghost

2d 20h 50m We keep going back to it and we dont know what to do

2d 20h 48m We escape to Con. Lot this time

2d 20h 48m We went back and the model is still there WutFace

2d 20h 47m We went to Mt Battle to escape

2d 20h 46m We go to the mystery lab, and im not sure if this is a glitch but the ceiling has Misdreavus model and its moving left and creeping the chat out

2d 20h 38m We leave his house

2d 20h 31m We exchange numbers

2d 20h 31m We talk to Eagun

2d 20h 29m We watch News on their TV

[Snark] We went upstairs and took a 'rest' on Rui's bed with her, if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2d 20h 23m In Eagun's house

2d 20h 18m In Agate now

2d 20h 18m We go to Pyrite

[Info] Now that we have the time flute we need to go to Agate Village

2d 20h 14m We go to the Construction Lot

[Info] Its Steel Wing

2d 20h 11m We find TM47 from a item chest

2d 20h 8m We speak to true Vander, the boss of Mt Battle, he takes us down and gives us the Time Flute

[Info] twitchplayspoke mon.org site, no space though, i blame autocorrect

[Fluff] Rip no Entei

2d 20h 6m Golem is down with more Shadow Balls, we defeated Dakim!

2d 20h 5m Misdreavus and Umbreon level up to level 50 and 44 respectably

2d 20h 4m Golem uses Earthquake to take out Entei!

2d 20h 4m We defeat his Camerupt with some Shadow Balls, Shadow Entei is sent out

2d 20h 3m We defeat his Marshtomp with RazorLeaf easily, then Camerupt defeats Bayleef and we send Umbreon

2d 20h 0m We defeat his Metang, he sends Marshtomp

2d 19h 59m Espeon quickly faints from Golem and Metang's attacks we send in Bayleef

[Info] Attempt #7

2d 19h 57m Vs Dakim

2d 19h 55m Climbing up the platforms

2d 19h 47m We go to Mt Battle

2d 19h 40m We leave the stadium

2d 19h 39m Another Easy victory and we got what we wated, Psybeam on Espeon

2d 19h 37m Easy victory, vs Cool trainer Buna

2d 19h 35m Defeated Bilal, vs Fun Old Lady Oris

2d 19h 28m We defeat his second mon, vs Athlete Bilal

2d 19h 27m Espeon levels up to level 36, forgets Return for Psybeam

2d 19h 23m In the stadium, vs Guy Lang

2d 19h 22m Entered a tournament, to the stadium now

2d 19h 12m Zubat defeated, we are champions

2d 19h 12m We defeat his Cacnea, Zubat left

2d 19h 11m Misdreavus levels up to level 49!

2d 19h 8m We easily defeat her, vs Cool Trainer Rewn

2d 19h 6m VS Athelete Adel

2d 19h 6m We defeat the trainer after deciding to use Secret Powder after many Taunts

2d 18h 57m Messing around the menu

2d 18h 53m Switched Umbreon with misdreavus, we giga drain on misdreavus gg Jumpluff

2d 18h 51m Jumpluff sent in!

2d 18h 50m Both ennemy mon in the yellow, we taunt tentacool. Espeon faints!

2d 18h 49m Umbreon against misdreavus!

2d 18h 48m Battle 2! against greb, tentacool and duduo!

2d 18h 48m Sentret is down! Flitz is defeated!

2d 18h 47m Switched Espeon for Umbreon!

2d 18h 47m Azuriil down to secret power!

2d 18h 47m Azurill and sentret!

2d 18h 47m Battle 1 against Flitz!

2d 18h 45m Entered the tournament again.

2d 18h 44m Pichu is down! Glais is down! We won the tournament again!

2d 18h 44m Staryu fainted!

2d 18h 43m Ladyba is down! Pichu is in!

2d 18h 43m Switched Espeon for Umbreon!

2d 18h 43m Final, against glaich! Staryu and ladyba!

2d 18h 42m barboach is down! Tock defeated!

2d 18h 42m The seedot with no face is down!

2d 18h 41m Seedot is glitching......

2d 18h 41m Barboach and seedot!

2d 18h 41m Semifinal! against Tock!

2d 18h 40m Swablu is down! Brin is defeated!

2d 18h 37m Sent bayleef in instead of Misdreavus!

2d 18h 35m Confuse ray on swablu again!

2d 18h 31m We used a guard specs!

2d 18h 30m Psybeam on Umbreon...

2d 18h 29m Psybeam on swablu who becomes confused!

2d 18h 28m Umbreon sent in!

2d 18h 27m Shadow from misdreavus and it faints!

2d 18h 27m Shadow ball and bagon is in the red! return and he is down!

2d 18h 25m Bagon and swablu sent out!

2d 18h 25m Against Brin!

2d 18h 25m Defeated Harl, battle n2!

2d 18h 24m Another shadow ball, and goldeen is down! Espeon to lv.35!

2d 18h 24m Goldeen is now in the red!

2d 18h 23m Shadow ball and wurmple is down!

2d 18h 23m Misdreavus is poisonned!

2d 18h 21m Goldeen and Wurmple!

2d 18h 21m Battle 1! against Harl!

2d 18h 19m Entered the tournament again!

2d 18h 16m We beat holen and won the tournament, and a lot of money

2d 18h 15m Confuse ray on torchic, who's now confused, secret power from Umbreon and torchic faints!

2d 18h 12m Secret power on torchic, and torchic in the yellow! misdreavus try to attack scUmbreon but it fails!

2d 18h 11m Secret power from Umbreon, mareep faints!

2d 18h 9m Shadowball and mareep is in the yellow!

2d 18h 7m Mareep sent out!

2d 18h 7m Clamperl down!

2d 18h 6m Clamperl in the red!

2d 18h 5m Psybeam on Clamperl!

2d 18h 5m Sent Misdreavus in! Clamperl used clamp!

2d 18h 4m Helping hand again, followed by taunt. Espeon faints to ember!

2d 18h 3m Clamperl clamp on Espeon, Espeon in the red!

2d 18h 3m Helping hand from Espeon and taunt on torchic from Umbreon.

2d 18h 0m Ember on Umbreon, surf from clamperl,

2d 18h 0m Sent Umbreon instead of misdreavus

2d 17h 59m Clamperl and torchic!

2d 17h 59m Final! against Holen!

2d 17h 58m Helping hand from Espeon, shadow ball from misdreavus, sandshrew faints, Misdreavus to lv.48! emia defeated!

2d 17h 55m We're playing around with the menu!

2d 17h 53m Shadow ball, and sandshrew is in the red!

2d 17h 53m We called misdreavus who isn't listening to us, Espeon uses return again!

2d 17h 51m Shadow ball on wooper, wooper is down, return on sandshrew!

2d 17h 51m Wooper and sandshrew!

2d 17h 51m Against Emia!

2d 17h 50m We defeated varl! Semifinal started!

2d 17h 50m Karate chop, on Espeon, shadow ball on machoc, machoc is down!

2d 17h 49m No wait, spheal is in the red, another shadow ball and it's down, not before making Espeon going to the yellow!

2d 17h 48m Shadow ball on spheal, spheal in the yellow, Espeon uses return, and spheal is down!

2d 17h 48m Spheal and Machoc against Espeon and misdreavus!

2d 17h 47m Battle n2! against Varl!

2d 17h 47m Lady Rima defeated!

2d 17h 47m Skitty goes down!

2d 17h 46m Shadow ball doesn't affect skitty, and Espeon uses return.

2d 17h 45m Shadow ball on remoraid who faints, Espeon uses return, on skitty.

2d 17h 45m Battle 1! against lady Rima! remoraid against Skitty! Espeon and misdreavus sent out.

2d 17h 44m We entered the stadium challenge! Now we just need to enter the stadium via the door.

2d 17h 41m Inside the Phenac Stadium

2d 17h 40m Just walking around the city

2d 17h 38m We left it.

2d 17h 36m Now inside the Phenac Gym.

2d 17h 34m Now walking around the city

2d 17h 32m Near the Pokémon center

2d 17h 29m Now back in Pyrite. Oh wait, we're going to Phenac.

2d 17h 29m Now in Agate Village!

2d 17h 26m Walking around Pyrite.

2d 17h 24m Back in the prison. We leave the building again, before going to the menu.

2d 17h 23m Strength and Umbreon is in the red, secret power from kirlia. We taunt , furret uses strength again, we WHITE OUT!

2d 17h 23m Strength from furret Umbreon in the yellow! Furret is also in the red, and umbron is confused!

2d 17h 22m Umbreon is now our last mon.

2d 17h 21m umpluff used mega drain and Umbreon. Now it's in the yellow... Strength from furret, and umpluff is back in the red, psychic from kirlia and it's down!

2d 17h 20m Cotton spore on kirlia, furret woke up and used strength, Jumpluff in the red!

2d 17h 19m Psuchic from kirlia, Jumpluff in the yellow!

2d 17h 18m We send jumpluff! out! Furret feel asleep to sleep powder!

2d 17h 17m Bayleef fainted

2d 17h 17m Taunt from Umbreon failed

2d 17h 16m Toxic from bayleef, but it failed another strength from furret brought it to the yellow!

2d 17h 14m Synthesis again, strength from furret on bayleef, taunt from Umbreon on furret, and psychic from Kirlia. Those turns are getting awfully similar...

2d 17h 13m Synthesis and bayleef is back to full health, only to be attacked by furret again!Kirlia was taunted by Espeon and used psychic and bayleef!

2d 17h 12m Bayleef uses synthesis, and furret uses trength on him again! Psychic from kirlia, bayleef loses a lot of hp!

2d 17h 12m Umbreon uses taunt on furret, kirlia continue with psychic.

2d 17h 11m Furret goes into Hyper mode! we send Bayleef in!

2d 17h 11m We send out Umbreon, kirlia uses psychic, misdreavus is down!

2d 17h 10m Shadow ball agains followed by return, kirlia in the yellow, furret's strength Take out Espeon!

2d 17h 9m Misdreavus tries to use shadow ball on furret, it doesn't work! another return, furret in the yellow, and now both our mons are also in the yellow!

2d 17h 8m The furret is a shadow mon! Espeon uses return, furret uses strength.

2d 17h 8m Fight against rogue cail! Furret and kirlia aginst epseon an dmisdreavus!

[Info] The inputs are going really slowly

2d 17h 6m And here we go again, playing with our menu...

2d 17h 5m We leave the prison, and are back in Pyrite City.

2d 17h 3m Entei uses Bite on Misdreavous, we white out!

2d 17h 3m Jumpuff is down !

2d 17h 3m We send in Jumpluff

2d 16h 59m Entei uses Ember to defeat Bayleef

2d 16h 59m Golem defeated, Shadow Entei is out

2d 16h 55m Umbreon faints due to many Muddy Water's

2d 16h 53m After some Shadow Balls Camerupt faints, and Golem takes its place

2d 16h 51m We send in Umbreon

2d 16h 51m Espeon fainst to Metang's Earthqauke and Marshtomp's Mud Shots

2d 16h 50m We defeat Metang with 2 Shadow Balls

2d 16h 48m Espeon + Misdreavus vs Marshtomp + Metang

2d 16h 47m Vs Dakim!

2d 16h 42m We go up the platforms

2d 16h 36m We go to Mt Battle, Dakim rematch time

[Info] We are trying to go to either Phenac city for grinding or Mt Battle to rematch Dakim

2d 16h 35m Aaaand to Agate

2d 16h 33m Back to Pyrite

2d 16h 32m We move to the Construction Lot

2d 16h 30m Misdreavus has Shadow Ball / Psybeam / Confuse Ray / Mean Look as the order

2d 16h 29m Trying to switch move order now

2d 16h 23m We white out!

[Info] Jumpluff has no attacking moves left so we will probably white out

2d 16h 17m Zigzagoons use Sand Attack, we defeat one Zigzagoon with our Last Mega Drain, they send in Linoone

2d 16h 16m Vs Hunter Meli, she has 2 level 32 Zizgagoons vs our Jumpluff

2d 16h 6m We move around the maze

2d 15h 54m We get TM49 Snatch

2d 15h 52m We are trying to get an item

[Fluff] It was worth grinding Jumpluff

2d 15h 47m We defeat Mirakle B!

2d 15h 45m We defeat Sudowoodo with Mega drain, its 1v1 Jumpluff vs Seaking

2d 15h 45m Umbreon faints due to Seaking's Waterfall

2d 15h 44m We defeat Sandslash and he sends in Sudowoodo

2d 15h 43m We switch in Jumpluff

2d 15h 40m We defeat Linoone, Umbreon levels up to level 43 and Misdreavus faints

2d 15h 37m Linoone doesnt care about the Confuse Ray it got and keeps flinching with Headbutt

2d 15h 36m Bayleef goes down and we send in Misdreavus

2d 15h 34m Messing around the menu

2d 15h 30m We beat Electrode after sending Bayleef

2d 15h 29m We switch out Misdreavus for Umbreon, and Seaking defeats Espeon

[Info] They are both level 39

2d 15h 27m Misdreavus + Espeon vs Seaking and Electrode

2d 15h 27m Vs Mirakle B

2d 15h 20m We finally beat Lombre and the trainer

2d 15h 19m We keep messing around the menu

2d 15h 14m We defeat the Lotad, Espeon Levels up to level 34 and Misdreavus levels up to level 47

2d 15h 7m Vs Roller Boy with a Lotad and Lombre

2d 15h 0m We go to the cave

2d 14h 56m We manage to go through the maze

[Snark] Only in tpp you see stairs are hard to climb

2d 14h 50m We managed to climb up the stairs

2d 14h 43m We enter the Miror B HQ to fight his underling Mirakle B

2d 14h 36m We go to Pyrite Town

2d 14h 30m We Bought 78 Antidotes

2d 14h 21m We try to buy Poké Balls

2d 14h 9m We goto Outskirt Stand

2d 14h 8m Just chilling with menus outside the village

2d 13h 54m Current order: Espeon / Misdreavus / Umbreon / Jumpluff / Bayleef

2d 13h 53m We got Bayleef Back

2d 13h 48m we keep going down when we are remotely close to the pc, the fear is strong

2d 13h 43m We deposit Bayleef but cant seem to get it back

[Info] One more switch to get Espeon and Misdreavus lead which we want

2d 13h 35m We deposited Jumpluff and got it back, to switch order, iil update the final order

2d 13h 33m We got back Umbreon and its on the last slot

2d 13h 29m We daycared Umbreon

2d 13h 29m Umbreon / Jumpluff / Bayleef / Espeon / Misdreavus is the current order

[Info] We were trying to daycare Remoraid and Espeon for levels but the extra right inputs took us to the pc

2d 13h 22m We put Misdravus back to the party and exit the pc

2d 13h 21m We switched Jumpluff to Misdreavus

2d 13h 20m We are trying to get Jumpluff back to he party but it may get deposited

2d 13h 19m We rename box 2 : 'AU'

[Info] in box 1

2d 13h 16m We deposit Remoraid in the pc while trying to daycare

2d 13h 9m We go to Agate Village

2d 13h 3m We leave the staduim

2d 13h 1m We finally defeat her and become champions

2d 12h 59m Remoraid faints again so Espeon is sent out

2d 12h 54m Vs Cooltrainer Buna

2d 12h 53m After sending Jumpluff we finally defeat the Fun Old Lady

2d 12h 48m Remoraid faints

2d 12h 46m Remoraid clutches a hit and defeats the second trainer

2d 12h 41m Misdreavus + Remoraid defeat the first trainer handily

2d 12h 37m Entered a tournament

2d 12h 23m In Phenac City.

2d 12h 21m At Agate Village.

2d 12h 19m Trying to drive to a new location, it seems.

2d 12h 16m Entered the shop.

2d 12h 13m We're outside.

2d 11h 53m We're standing around in the hotel, not really doing much. Messing around in menus.

2d 11h 15m Misdreavus down, white out. In Pyrite as usual.

2d 11h 15m Umbreon down

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: ohnKazpa Cipher?

2d 11h 10m Marshtomp down, Camerupt in.

2d 11h 9m Umbreon in.

2d 11h 7m Espeon down.

2d 11h 5m Marshtomp sent in.

2d 11h 5m Metang down.

2d 11h 4m Espeon in

2d 11h 2m Jumpluff down

2d 11h 1m Bayleef down.

2d 10h 58m Remoraid down, Bayleef in.

2d 10h 55m Versus Cipher Admin Dakim, Metang and Golem against Misdreavus and Remoraid.

2d 10h 49m We're currently on the stairs between Platform 4 and 5.

2d 10h 31m Back to Mt. Battle.

2d 10h 10m Umbreon down, white out. Back to Pyrite.

2d 10h 7m Bayleef down.

2d 10h 6m Marshtomp down to Razor Leaf, Metang has about a third of health left. Camerupt sent in.

2d 10h 3m Dakim's 'mons are currently Metang and Marshtomp. We send in Bayleef.

2d 10h 2m We're against Cipher Admin Dakim. Jumpluff, Remoraid, Espeon, and Misdreavus have fainted, Umbreon is currently out in the battle and we are trying to send in our other last 'mon, Bayleef.

[Meta] Updater's going to be taking a short break, apologies for leaving so close to a major battle. We'll be back shortly.

2d 9h 44m Entered the platformy part of Mt. Battle again.

2d 9h 39m In the foyer lobby area again.

2d 9h 39m Driven to Mt. Battle!

2d 9h 35m Bought some more items. We are now out of money.

2d 9h 34m According to authorities, there is a criminal syndicate that is seeking world domination. It is thought to be linked to the rash of reports from various regions about vicious Pokémon. We hope to bring you additional info on this story as we learn more.

2d 9h 23m We watch the news some more.

2d 9h 22m We bought some items. Though I didn't see exactly what.

2d 9h 20m NEWS!

2d 9h 17m We're at some place with a train. I'm not exactly sure where, though.

2d 9h 16m Agate Village yet again.

2d 9h 16m Pyrite again.

2d 9h 16m And back to Agate Village. Wheeeee.

2d 9h 15m Back to Phenac City.

2d 9h 14m Now at Agate Village.

2d 9h 12m At Phenac City.

2d 9h 11m Driven to the Construction Lot.

2d 9h 11m Currently outside, trying to head to a new town.

2d 9h 5m Misdreavus down to a crit Fire Blast and a Rock Throw from Golem! White out! Back to Pyrite.

2d 9h 4m Bayleef sent in, and goes down to Entei's Fire Blast!

2d 9h 3m Umbreon down

2d 9h 2m Camerupt down! Shadow Entei sent in!

2d 9h 1m Marshtomp down! Misdreavus to lv.46! Camerupt sent in.

2d 9h 1m Marshtomp sent in.

2d 9h 1m Metang down!

[Fluff] A texture glitch is making Golem's eyes and the area around it appear black.

2d 8h 58m Umbreon sent in.

2d 8h 57m Espeon down

2d 8h 55m Espeon sent in.

2d 8h 54m Jumpluff down.

2d 8h 53m Jumpluff was sent in to take Remoraid's place.

2d 8h 52m Remoraid down

2d 8h 51m Versus Cipher Admin Dakim, Metang and Golem against Misdreavus and Remoraid.

2d 8h 48m Currently at the platform with the big red "6" on the floor.

2d 8h 44m Entered the area with the platforms and stairs.

2d 8h 41m We're currently in the Mt. Battle lobby.

There will now be an indeterminate break in updates until a new updater can take over.

2d 8h 0m We upgraded our PDA!

2d 7h 52m We enter the town's central building.

2d 7h 50m We leave the building.

2d 7h 49m We immediately register for another tournament.

2d 7h 49m The opposing Zubat is taken out, Rewin defeated, we win the tournament.

2d 7h 48m Cacnea is taken out.

2d 7h 47m The opposing mudkip is quickly taken out, cacnea is sent in its place.

2d 7h 46m We face Rewin in the finals, he sends out mudkip and zubat. We send out Jumpluff and Misdreavus.

2d 7h 45m Jumpluff grows to level 43!

2d 7h 45m We take out pineco, Adel defeated.

2d 7h 42m We take out psyduck.

2d 7h 37m In the semifinal we face Adel and her psyduck and pineco, we send in Misdreavus and Jumpluff.

2d 7h 36m Misdreavus takes out Doduo, Greb defeated.

2d 7h 35m We take out the opposing tentacool.

2d 7h 34m We now face Greb and his Tentacool and Doduo. We send in Misdreavus and Jumpluff.

2d 7h 33m We take out the opposing azurill, Flitz defeated.

2d 7h 31m We take out the opposing Sentret.

2d 7h 25m We are first up against Flitz and his Azurill and Sentret. We send out Misdreavus and Jumpluff.

2d 7h 22m We register to fight in the stadium tournament.

2d 7h 19m We enter the colosseum.

2d 7h 17m We leave the mayor's house.

2d 7h 12m We enter the Mayor's house.

2d 7h 8m We exit the building.

2d 7h 6m We obtain tm 27.

2d 7h 5m Bayleef does not evolve.

2d 7h 5m The opposing sunflora faints, we claim victory after a riveting 45 minute battle.

2d 7h 2m The opposing Sunflora is hit by toxic.

2d 7h 1m Sunflora is the only Pokémon remaining on the opposing team.

2d 7h 0m Bayleef takes out the enemy Nosepass and Bayleef grows to level 44!

2d 6h 57m Nosepass is put to sleep by Jumpluff.

2d 6h 57m Nosepass is sent in to replace it.

2d 6h 56m Bayleef uses body slam and Azumarill is finally taken out.

2d 6h 54m We are now down to our two last Pokémon Jumpluff and Bayleef.

2d 6h 53m Umbreon is taken out by Azumarill!

2d 6h 52m The opposing Azumarill is now in the red.

2d 6h 51m Umbreon paralyzes Azumarill with hidden power.

2d 6h 51m Umbreon is taken down into the yellow.

2d 6h 46m A move is finally made as Umbreon snatches jumpuff's synthesis.

2d 6h 45m We have not made a move in the past 10 minutes and appear to be trying to switch Umbreon out.

2d 6h 31m Umbreon is sent in the place of the fish.

2d 6h 30m Remoraid is taken out by Azumarill!

2d 6h 30m We send Remoraid in its place.

2d 6h 29m Espeon is taken out by Sunflora!

2d 6h 29m Justy uses a Super Potion on Azumarill.

2d 6h 29m Skiploom has run out of pp for mega drain.

2d 6h 26m Espeon is sent in.

2d 6h 26m Misdreavus is taken out by sunflora!

2d 6h 25m Jumpluff puts Azumarill to sleep.

2d 6h 23m Sandshrew is very quickly taken out and is replaced by Azumarill.

2d 6h 23m Gligar is taken down. Sandshrew is sent in.

2d 6h 21m We take out Cacnea and Justy send in Gligar.

2d 6h 20m Cacnea whips up a sandstorm.

2d 6h 19m It is our Skiploom and Misdreavus against here Cacnea and Sunflora.

2d 6h 19m We begin our rematch with Justy.

2d 6h 18m We head to the basement again and swiftly return to the ground floor.

2d 6h 10m We re-enter the building.

2d 6h 6m We initiate a challenge for a rematch and then leave the building.

2d 6h 1m We take the elevator back to the ground floor.

2d 5h 58m Still hanging out in the oddly expansive lower level of this building.

2d 5h 46m We enter the towns central building.

2d 5h 43m We leave the colosseum.

2d 5h 42m The opposing Leydeba is taken out, we have won the tournament.

2d 5h 42m Misdreavus levels up to level 45! It does not learn perish song! Remoraid also up to level 23!

2d 5h 40m The opposing Pichu is taken out.

2d 5h 39m We switch Jumpluff out for Remoraid.

2d 5h 38m Jumpluff levels up to level 42!

[Info] During the gap Misdreavus and Jumpluff leveled up to 44 and 41 respectively

[Meta] Sorry about the lack of updates, we've been grinding and there was some misco-ordination between the updating team. They will be resuming momentarily.

2d 4h 51m We use an Awakening to wake up Misdreavus!

2d 4h 49m Grand Finals vs CoolTrainer Buna

2d 4h 48m Misdreavus is switched out for Espeon and gets some EXP

2d 4h 44m Jumpluff uses Mega Drain on Misdreavus. Misdreavus gives Jumpluff a Mean Look in response, understandably. This happens twice.

2d 4h 42m Athele defeated, vs Old Lady

2d 4h 39m Jumpluff faints from Taillow

2d 4h 36m We keep messing around and our Pokémon are at low health

2d 4h 30m VS Athlete Bilal

2d 4h 30m We make quick work of him

2d 4h 28m Vs Guy Lang

2d 4h 28m We enter the arena

2d 4h 25m We dont seem to want to go to the stadium arena

2d 4h 16m We enter yet another tournament

2d 4h 14m We enter the staduim again

2d 4h 5m We leave the staduim

2d 4h 3m We defeat Rewn, championship achieved again

2d 3h 58m Misdreavus levels up to level 43

2d 3h 55m Jumpluff uses Mega Drain on Remoraid to heal itself for the Bubblebeam Remoraid used on it, rip Remoraid

2d 3h 54m We switch Misdreavus for Remoraid

2d 3h 51m Defeated Adel, Vs Cool trainer Rewn

2d 3h 48m Vs Athlete Adel

2d 3h 48m Greb defeated

2d 3h 46m Jumpluff levels up to level 40!

2d 3h 44m Vs Roller Boy Greb

2d 3h 43m He is easily defeated

2d 3h 42m We enter another Tournament, and we are fighting against Rich Boy Flitz

2d 3h 37m Ledyba is defeated, we win the championship!

2d 3h 35m Pichu defeated after some Sleep Powder/Mean Look spam, Misdreabus wakes up

2d 3h 33m Jumpluff uses Sleep Powder on Misdreavus

2d 3h 30m Staryu is knocked out and she sends in Pichu

2d 3h 28m Grand Finals vs Teacher Glais, she sends in Staryu and Ledyba

2d 3h 27m Barboach instantly faints from a Mega Drain, Seedot follows on the next turn, Tock defeated

2d 3h 26m VS Cool Trainer Tock, he sends out Seedot and Barboach

2d 3h 25m We defeat Lady Brin after some hard menu deciding and Mega Drain-ing grass-resist mons Bagon and Swablu

2d 3h 24m Espeon finally helps with Return

2d 3h 19m We send out Espeon and all it does is use Helping Hand since Confusion is on the fourth slot

2d 3h 17m Misdreavus faints due to being triple targeted

2d 3h 15m We use a crit Mega Drain on our Misdreavus

2d 3h 15m Vs Lady Brin

2d 3h 13m We defeat Guy Harl with ease

2d 3h 12m VS Guy Harl, our leads vs Goldeen and Wurmple

2d 3h 11m We enter another tournament

[Snark] Remoraid has defeated two mon, what is this?!

2d 3h 10m Remoraid defeats torchic with Bubblebeam making us champions!

2d 3h 10m Misdrwavus faints due to repeated Embers and Water Gun's

2d 3h 8m We send in Misdreavus again and Remoraid defeats the sleeping Mareep, Misdreaus levels up to level 42

2d 3h 7m Jumpluff faints due to repeated Embers

2d 3h 7m We switch out Misdreavus for Remoraid

2d 3h 3m Her name is Teacher Holen and she sends in Mareep next after Clamperl goes down

2d 3h 1m We use Confuse Ray on our own Jumpluff

2d 2h 58m Vs Teacher, our lead vs Clamperl and Torchic

2d 2h 57m Jumpluff leveled up to level 39!

2d 2h 57m Sandshrew follows his partner in the next turn

2d 2h 56m Wooper instantly goes down to Mega Drain

2d 2h 56m Semifinal reached and we are fighting Athlete, Same lead vs her Sandshrew and Wooper

2d 2h 55m Fun Old Man Varl says goodbye

2d 2h 55m Machop goes down to Psybeam

2d 2h 54m Spheal defeated

2d 2h 53m Vs Fun Old Man Varl, Misdreavus + Jumpluff vs Machop + Spheal

2d 2h 52m Skitty defeated, Rima goes back home

2d 2h 51m Remoraid defeated

2d 2h 49m Misdreavus + Jumpluff vs Remoraid + Skitty

2d 2h 49m Vs Lady Rima

2d 2h 48m We enter a tournament

2d 2h 44m We enter the Staduim

[Info] Plan seems to be grind Misdreavus to 45, forget Perish Song then get Shadow Ball to slot #1 to prevent it from being deleted

[Info] We want to stay in Phenac

2d 2h 38m In Agate then to Phenac

2d 2h 36m Back to Con Lot

2d 2h 34m We move to Mt Battle

2d 2h 32m We move to the Construction Lot

2d 2h 28m Jumpluff switched Mega Drain to first slot

2d 2h 25m Still trying to move the moves

2d 2h 12m We moved Misdreavus to 1st slot and Jumpluff to second slot

2d 2h 5m left the house

2d 1h 59m Watching the News

2d 1h 51m Still trying fix move order

[Info] We are trying to move Misdreavus's Shadow Ball and Umbreon's Secret Power away from slot #4

2d 1h 40m Jumpluff switched Mega Drain to #2 and Synthesis to #1

2d 1h 35m Espeon has Helping Hand / Return / Reflect / Confusion

2d 1h 27m Jumpluff switched Mega Drain to first slot and Synthesis to second slot

2d 1h 22m Misdreavus moved to slot #2, Bayleef to #3

2d 1h 20m Jumpluff has Synthesis / Mega Drain Sleep Powder / Cotton Spore

2d 1h 20m Espeon is moved to slot #6

2d 1h 19m Espeon has Confusion / Helping Hand / Reflect / Return

2d 1h 15m we check our mons moveset order, Remoraid has Bubble Beam / Lock On / Aurora Beam / Psybeam as the order

2d 1h 8m Bayleef fainted! We black out!

2d 1h 7m Jumpluff fainted! Only Bayleef remains.

2d 1h 5m Bayleef sent out again. Foe Marshtomp fainted! Dakim sends out Camerupt next.

2d 1h 1m Remoraid is sent out. Jumpluff continues to try to heal. Remoraid fainted!

2d 1h 0m Espeon is out next. It quickly goes down. Espeon fainted!

2d 0h 57m Umbreon fainted!

2d 0h 53m Bayleef withdrawn. Jumpluff is sent out. Metang does more damage than we do with a friendly fire Earthquake on Marshtomp.

2d 0h 49m Umbreon sent out next. It snatches Bayleefs Synthesis.

2d 0h 48m Misdreavus fainted!

[Info] 2d 0h 46m Also it's day three! Hurray!

2d 0h 45m Misdreavus is badly poisoned due to friendly fire from Bayleef.

2d 0h 44m Vs Cipher Admin Dakim! Bayleef + Jumpluff vs Metang + Marshtomp.

2d 0h 34m We return to the large room with the numbers. We are currently on the two.

2d 0h 28m We enter the building and use the PC. Nothing happening there just yet other than turning it on and off.

2d 0h 17m Back at Mt Battle!

2d 0h 8m We're at the Construction Lot again. Just kind of wandering about.

2d 0h 8m We return to Pyrite town.

2d 0h 7m We leave Pyrite town and head to the Construction Lot.

2d 0h 2m Umbreon goes down! We black out!

2d 0h 1m Umbreon grew to 42! Forgot bite for Mean Look! Entei goes down to friendly fire (from Golem!)

2d 0h 0m A Razor Leaf takes care of Metang. Shadow Entei comes out! Bayleef fainted!

1d 23h 59m Foe Camerupt goes down! Dakim sends out Golem next. Bayleef barely hangs on with 1 HP.

1d 23h 59m Umbreon (finally) comes out.

1d 23h 55m Remoraid comes out! Remoraid goes down

1d 23h 53m Misdreavus replaces Espeon. Misdreavus goes for the friendly fire attack and hurts Bayleef. Metang finishes off Misdreavus. Misdreavus fainted!

1d 23h 52m Foe Marshtomp fainted! Camerupt is sent out next. Espeon fainted!

1d 23h 51m Jumpluff fainted! Espeon comes out next.

1d 23h 49m Up against Cipher Admin Dakim! Bayleaf + Jumpluff vs Marshtomp + Metang

1d 23h 47m We are progressing through this large building. We just passed the number seven on the ground.

1d 23h 41m We are now at Mt. Battle.

1d 23h 40m Back to the Construction Lot.

1d 23h 39m We head to Phenac City. And then leave and re-enter a few times.

1d 23h 34m We are in the construction site right now.

1d 23h 34m WE LEAVE!

1d 23h 30m A7 is currently debating whether he wants to stay in town or leave.

1d 23h 29m We are at the bike menu

1d 23h 27m The chat is trying to get out of Pheanc City, but is currently dukeing out with out old foe, walls.

1d 23h 27m We leave the Colosseum!

1d 23h 27m We also got over $8000

1d 23h 26m Hoothoot down to bite. We Win the Colosseum challenge

1d 23h 22m AK clutches a peck with 3hp

1d 23h 22m AK Slowed down ScUmbreon

1d 23h 21m We call AK, it's no good, she isn't listening!

1d 23h 21m Treecko is down from the damage caused by poison

1d 23h 20m AK back in for Bayleef, but took some serious damage.

1d 23h 19m We shift out AK for ScUmbreon.

[Fluff] 1d 23h 18m What happened to that poor Treecko's eyes? WutFace

1d 23h 16m Luvdisc down to Mega Drain, Buna sends out Treecko

1d 23h 14m The Final match begins, Cooltrainer Buna sends out Luvdisc and Hoothoot.

1d 23h 14m Snubull down, we win.

1d 23h 13m Foe Horsea goes down. Espeon grew to level 33!

1d 23h 13m Switch out Puff and Espeon

1d 23h 12m Made it to the quarter finals. Up against an Old Lady.

1d 23h 7m Igglybuff kills itself in its confusion, we advance to round 2.

1d 23h 5m We take out Lang's Wingull.

1d 23h 4m We switch out Bayleef for Misdreavus.

1d 23h 3m We start another colusseum challenge, round 1 is against Guy Lang.

1d 23h 2m Jumpluff got to Lv. 38 during the last battle.

1d 23h 1m Bayleef doesn't evolve, thanks Jorsun

1d 23h 1m The Zubat faints, we are the champs

1d 23h 0m We switch out ScUmbreon for Misdreavus.

1d 22h 56m Bayleef is Lv. 43!

1d 22h 56m Cacnea faints due to poison, Rewn is out

1d 22h 54m We return Bayleef, ScUmbreon is out.

1d 22h 52m AK-47 uses mega drain to take out Mudkip. Rewn sends out Cacnea, who is immediately poisoned.

1d 22h 48m Bayleef poisoned Rewn's Mudkip.

1d 22h 42m We try to use a Burn Heal, but it is useless to use that here.

1d 22h 39m AAAAAAAA takes down Pineco and advances to the finals against cooltrainer Rewn

1d 22h 38m And Bayleef just poisoned AK-47, great going team.

1d 22h 36m Psyduck down

1d 22h 31m Still grinding. We've been stuck in this one battle for a little while.

1d 22h 11m Money!

[Snark] MISDREAVUS EVOLVED INTO MISMAG- oh wait, its not gen 4 yet

1d 21h 52m Misdreavus reached lv.41!

[Fluff] ...actually shadows in Minecraft aren't square-shaped at all! I'm bad!

1d 21h 48m Jumpluff's shadow looks like it came straight out of Minecraft, but that doesn't stop our celebrations.


1d 21h 44m Skiploom reached lv.37!

1d 21h 39m We're getting richer and richer, but no evolutions yet.

1d 21h 36m Bayleef reached lv.42!

1d 21h 26m "How could I lose to someone so shady?" Well we are not the ones walking around with an eyesless Treecko so there's that. We won 8000 Pokémonies and then walked right back in for more!

1d 21h 20m We used one of our many Guard Specs. How tactical!

1d 21h 15m Final battle!

1d 21h 14m Skiploom reached lv.36! She didn't evolve.

1d 21h 9m Second battle!

1d 21h 7m Bayleef reached lv.41! He failed to evolve.

1d 21h 5m Battle one! You may now start betting.

1d 21h 3m We signed up for the tournament! Now we just need to squeeze through the right door and we're good to go.

1d 21h 3m The lady behind the counter just invited us to use the PC. How about no?

1d 20h 59m We are at the Phenac Stadium right now.

[Meta] Updates will resume shortly. Thanks for your patience!

1d 20h 26m Bayleef and Skiploom are down!

1d 20h 24m We threw our only Ultra Ball aaaaaaaand missed. rip

1d 20h 17m We challenge Cail to a rematch. There's the shadow Furret!

1d 20h 8m Actually, we woke up in prison.

1d 20h 7m And then we blacked out! Back at the hotel we go.

1d 20h 7m Misdreavus reached lv.40!

1d 20h 6m Misdreavus managed to take out Golem and get us a glimpse at Entei (TriHard)!

1d 20h 6m Espeon fainted!

1d 20h 2m Umbreon down! We're left with Misdreavus and Espeon.

1d 19h 58m Camerupt goes down! Tactics denied!

1d 19h 57m Metang is protecting itself from Camerupt's Earthquake and Misdreavus is levitating, so only Umbreon gets his paws hurt.

1d 19h 57m Umbreon does what Umbreon likes best and starts Biting the enemy. Remoraid is taken out by Camerupt.

1d 19h 56m Remoraid and Umbreon are currently up against Camerupt and Metang.

1d 19h 54m And then we switched him right out for Umbreon. Bayleef down!

1d 19h 53m Misdreavus is sent out!

1d 19h 52m Camerupt comes out to ruin the fun and takes Skiploom out with a super effective move.

1d 19h 51m Metang resists our attacks, but Marshtomp after two turns goes down. We also used a tactical Synthesis to save Skiploom! Look at us being awesome!

1d 19h 50m Found Dakim! We're battling!

1d 19h 44m We did it! It's Mt. Battle!

1d 19h 43m Skiploom now leads the party.

1d 19h 41m And back to Agate Village... I love this traveling system.

1d 19h 38m Now in Pyrite Town.

1d 19h 29m We've reached Agate Village! By traveling over water, somehow.

[Correction] It was Misdreavus.

1d 19h 24m We have given an Ultra Ball to Umbreon and taken an Awakening from him.

1d 19h 19m Open the menu! Close the menu! Open the menu!

1d 19h 10m we leave Phenac Stadium, onwards!

1d 19h 9m and after 11 minutes of faffing about, we win $10000 or so! no TM Thought

1d 18h 58m Final Battle! For the fourth time. Cooltrainer Rewn. He sends out a Mudkip and a Zubat

1d 18h 57m we defeated Adel!

[Snark] No! Wait! That Pokémon doesn't have a black aura!

Well, thanks for helping us not waste balls Rui

1d 18h 52m Vs Athelete Adel! She sends out Psyduck and Pineco!

1d 18h 51m we finally defeat Greb.

Only took most of the team fainting

1d 18h 50m Misdreavus faints

1d 18h 50m we finally take down tentacool

[Misdreavus Count] 11

1d 18h 48m We self-KO Remoraid


1d 18h 47m We send out Remoraid!

1d 18h 45m Skiploom down!

1d 18h 44m Bayleaf taken down! we send out Skiploom instead!

1d 18h 42m Roller Boy Greb challenged!

1d 18h 41m Flitz defeated

[Chat] Where is ____ he/she used to come here so often BabyRaage

1d 18h 30m vs Rich Boy Flitz! He sends out an Azurill and Sentret!

1d 18h 29m And we register for a fourth tournament!

1d 18h 28m we get TM 22 and $9000!


1d 18h 28m We beat the Ledyba! That was a really long fight...

[Misdreavus Count] 10

1d 18h 26m 9 Moves useless on Misdreavus. all because of swift spam from Ledyba!

1d 18h 26m 8 moves proved to be ineffective on Misdreavus

1d 18h 25m Pichu is kill. Misdreavus grows to level 39

1d 18h 25m a Pichu is sent out!

1d 18h 24m Counter of Attacks failed against Misdreavus: 7

1d 18h 21m Teacher Glais next! Staryu and Ledyba!

1d 18h 20m And another failed evolution Chat is yelling at Jorsun as per usual

1d 18h 20m Critical Psybeam brings down Seedot! That's another Victory in the bag!

1d 18h 19m Barboach down instantly. Bayleaf grows to level 40!

1d 18h 18m Battle 3! Vs Cooltrainer Tock! He sends out a Barboach and a Seedot

1d 18h 17m And Brin defeated, not too interesting of a battle

1d 18h 14m Vs Lady Brin! She sends out a Bagon and Swablu!

1d 18h 14m Harl defeated!


Vs Guy Harl! he sends out a Goldeen and Wurmple!

1d 18h 10m we win TM 19 and $8800!

1d 18h 9m Torchic down! We win the tournament!

[Chat] PogChamp Guys what about Twitch plays Pokémon? Woudn't it be nice if we all could play Pokémon at once PogChamp

1d 18h 7m Espeon sent out

1d 18h 5m Skiploom KO'd

1d 18h 3m we try to exit out of the Pokémon selection menu, it doesn't work, instead, we send out Skiploom.

1d 18h 2m Wait, no, Bayleaf is KO'd

1d 18h 1m Fail against Misdreavus count: 6

we also hit bayleaf bringing it down to 5 HP

1d 17h 59m Misdreavus to level 38! Holen sends out a Mareep!

1d 17h 57m VS Teacher Holen! She sends out a Clamperl and Torchic!

1d 17h 57m anyway, Emia defeated. Onto the Finals. Again

1d 17h 56m Sandshrew opted for Misdreavus... and it... misses... because levitate.

That's 5 for the counter

1d 17h 55m Wooper already down! Sandshrew avoids the attack and digs a hole!

1d 17h 55m vs Wooper and Sandshrew! Bayleaf should make quick work of them!

1d 17h 54m The Seminfinals! Again! Against Athelete Emia!

1d 17h 54m That was a battle with 3/4 crits! We win against Varl!

1d 17h 53m We get a critical hit on the Spheal right off the bat! TWICE! Spheal goes down on the word go!

1d 17h 53m He sends out a Spheal and a Machop!

1d 17h 52m Battle 2! Again! This time we against Fun Old Man Varl!

1d 17h 52m Remoraid Self-KOs itself by confusion! Inputs very slow from that, but we KO the Skitty! We win against Lady Rima!

[Fluff] Fun Fact: Moves that deal damage to multiple Pokémon half the damage in double battles between the two Pokémon! But I'm sure you knew this already

1d 17h 50m Battle 1! Again! Lady Rima! She sends out a Remoraid and a Skitty!

1d 17h 49m we win TM11 and $8000, we also enter again!

1d 17h 49m Bayleaf fails to evolve!

1d 17h 48m And Hoothoot goes down to poison! We win the tournament!

1d 17h 47m And we do nothing with our turn by using a Shadow Ball and Toxic combo on an already poisoned Hoothoot

Also: 4 Normal attacks on Misdreavus now

1d 17h 47m We crit the Eyeless Treeko and Bayleef grows to 39! It tries to learn light screen! It doesn't!

[Chat] NO EYES WutFace

1d 17h 44m Luvdisc defeated, Buna sends out a Treeko!

[Fluff] Am I the only one that thinks quite a lot of Poké Balls look like Masterballs due to the shading in this?

Also, 3 failed attacks on Misdreavus due to them being normal type so far

1d 17h 42m THIS IS IT! THE FINAL BATTLE! COOLTRAINER BUNA! She sends out a Luvdisc and a Hoothoot!

1d 17h 41m Also Misdreavus levels up to 37 and tries to learn pain split!

1d 17h 41m We defeat fun lady oris!

1d 17h 40m And... Rage... on... Misdreavus

I should start keeping count

1d 17h 40m Oris' Horsea is already defeated! Snubbull uses Rage! We have misderavus use psybeam to confuse our Bayleaf, fortunately, the Razor Leaf hits snubbull

[Chat] Meanwhile, the chat is really enjoying the trainer class FUN OLD LADY

1d 17h 39m The Semi Final match! We're against FUN OLD LADY ORIS, she sends out a Horsea and a Snubbull

1d 17h 38m Bilal defeated!

[Snark] It's almost as if an alternate Twitch was battling us

1d 17h 38m Taillow tries to quick attack Misdreavus, naturally, it doesn't work

1d 17h 36m Phenac Stadium Round 2! We're against ATHELETE BILAL! he sends out a Snorunt and a Taillow!

1d 17h 36m GUY LANG is defeated!

1d 17h 35m Vs a level 40 Igglybuff and Wingull!

1d 17h 34m We enter the doors! Time for battle 1 vs GUY LANG!

1d 17h 32m we register again. Maybe this time we can go through doors

1d 17h 27m we may have been de-registered after exiting the colosseum hall

1d 17h 26m and out we go, and back in again

1d 17h 25m We register to Pheanac Colosseum, TO THE DOORS!

[Snark] Y'know, with how much walking we do, It should be pretty easy to purify most Pokémon

1d 17h 24m we walk into the colosseum registration hall

1d 17h 16m We go back up the lift, and outside.

1d 17h 11m We head down the Pokéball elevator lift thingy to what I presume is an underground area.

1d 17h 10m We head outside for a moment, and then go back indoors.

1d 17h 9m Espeon down to what I believe was Struggle from Sunflora. We didn't white out, we're still in the pre-gym building.

1d 17h 3m Out of PP for Confusion, our other moves are all status... and Return.

1d 16h 58m Sunflora seems intent on restoring its own HP with Ingrain and using non-effective status moves, though. Espeon lands a crit Confusion, does just under half. Another few miss, though.

1d 16h 56m We finally land a Return with Sunflora on max evasiveness, it does very little damage. One might wonder how the Eevee even managed to evolve in the first place.

1d 16h 53m Espeon's the only one left, it's on 1HP. Misses a Return because Sunflora is using Double Team.

[Info] Remoraid went down to a OHKO Confusion from our own Espeon.

1d 16h 52m Remoraid down

1d 16h 51m Remoraid in

1d 16h 47m Skiploom down

1d 16h 46m Espeon to Lv.32

1d 16h 46m Nosepass down

1d 16h 44m Espeon sent in.

1d 16h 43m Umbreon down

1d 16h 42m Sandshrew down, Nosepass sent in.

1d 16h 40m Azumarill down, Skiploom to lv.35 and Umbreon to Lv.41. Sandshrew sent in.

1d 16h 36m Skiploom in.

1d 16h 32m Gligar down, Azumarill in, Misdreavus down

1d 16h 29m Bayleef down

1d 16h 26m Cacnea down, Gligar in.

1d 16h 23m We obtain a White Herb. Against Pregymleader Justy, Cacnea and Sunflora aginst Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 16h 22m Both go down easily, Lady Gwin defeated.

1d 16h 21m Next battle, against Lady Gwin. Geodude and Rhyhorn versus Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 16h 21m Trapinch down, Misdreavus to Lv.36, Rich Boy Dugo defeated.

1d 16h 20m Swinub down

1d 16h 19m We start the battle challenge again, this time there's only two Trainers. Against Rich Boy Dugo, Trapinch and Swinub versus Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 16h 10m Seems we won't find out yet, we decide to stop the battle challenge.

1d 16h 9m Surskit down, Cooltrainer Liqui defeated. Who's willing to bet the other two trainers are Fire and Electric?

1d 16h 9m Marill down.

1d 16h 8m We keep on going with the battle challenge. Next, Cooltrainer Liqui, specialising in Water-types, with Marill and Surskit. Misdreavus and Bayleef out again.

1d 16h 7m Hoppip down, Bayleef to Lv.38, Cooltrainer Botan defeated. Evolution cancelled.

[Fluff] A texture glitch is making Misdreavus' red beads around its neck appear black.

1d 16h 6m First up, Cooltrainer Botan with the Grass-types. Sunkern and Hoppip against Misdreavus and Bayleef, Sunkern down.

1d 16h 5m We're in a "pre gym", facing four Trainers.

1d 15h 57m We're inside some building.

1d 15h 48m And then to Phenac City.

1d 15h 45m And back to Pyrite Town.

1d 15h 45m Driven to Agate Village

1d 15h 39m Outsiiiiiide.

1d 15h 35m Umbreon down, white out. Back to the police station again.

1d 15h 33m Espeon down

1d 15h 33m Metang down, Golem in.

1d 15h 32m Espeon in.

1d 15h 30m Bayleef down to Flamethrower

1d 15h 29m Umbreon in.

1d 15h 28m Remoraid down

1d 15h 27m Remoraid sent in. Marshtomp down to a few Razor Leafs, Metang's not taking much damage. Camerupt in.

1d 15h 27m Skiploom down

1d 15h 25m Versus Cipher Admin Dakim, Metang and Marshtomp against Bayleef and Skiploom.

1d 15h 24m Sandslash down, Cipher Peon Berin defeated.

1d 15h 23m One Geodude down, Sandslash sent in. Second Geodude down.

1d 15h 22m Versus Cipher Peon Berin, two Geodude versus Bayleef and Skiploom.

1d 15h 21m Duskull down to burn damage somehow, Cipher Peon Kison defeated

1d 15h 20m Kirlia down.

1d 15h 19m Koffing down, Kirlia sent in.

1d 15h 18m Houndour down, Koffing in.

1d 15h 17m Espeon sent in.

1d 15h 16m Misdreavus down

1d 15h 9m Versus Cipher Peon Kison, Houndour and Duskull against Misdreavus and Bayleef

1d 15h 3m We're in the part of the facility with the platforms and stairs, climbing our way back up.

1d 15h 1m At Mt. Battle again.

1d 15h 0m Driven to Agate Village.

1d 14h 52m We drive to the Construction Lot.

1d 14h 46m Umbreon down, we're back to the Colosseum lobby though, and not the snappy fingers police station. Then we go outside and hear that familiar music again.

1d 14h 44m Espeon down, Doduo down.

1d 14h 42m Furret down, Espeon to Lv.31. Doduo sent in.

1d 14h 42m Espeon sent in

1d 14h 41m Skiploom down

1d 14h 41m Skiploom sent in

1d 14h 40m Remoraid down

1d 14h 37m Misdreavus down

1d 14h 33m Umbreon sent in.

1d 14h 33m Bayleef down

[Fluff] The music's been different every fight here, it's nice to have some variety.

1d 14h 30m Versus Bodybuilder Becher, Furret and Loudred against Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 14h 30m The match we're having now is the semifinal.

1d 14h 30m Delcatty down! Defeated Rider Trona.

1d 14h 28m Umbreon down

1d 14h 27m Jigglypuff down.

1d 14h 26m Umbreon sent in

1d 14h 25m Misdreavus has been out the whole fight and is at full HP. Only other mon left is Umbreon.

1d 14h 25m Espeon down

1d 14h 24m Espeon sent in

1d 14h 21m Remoraid down

1d 14h 20m Skiploom down

1d 14h 19m Bayleef down

1d 14h 17m Versus Rider Trona, Jigglypuff and Delcatty against Misdreavus and Bayleef. Looks like our Pokémon were all healed up after that last fight.

1d 14h 16m Crit Psybeam takes out Linoone, Misdreavus to Lv.35. Defeated Roller Boy Azal.

1d 14h 14m We try to catch the Linoone, Rui points out that it doesn't have a black aura and therefore cannot be caught. rip :(

1d 14h 13m Teddiursa down! Umbreon to Lv. 40!

1d 14h 13m Umbreon sent in

1d 14h 9m Espeon down

1d 14h 9m Espeon sent in

1d 14h 6m Skiploom down

1d 14h 5m Bayleef down

1d 14h 0m Pyrite Colosseum Battle 1: Versus Roller Boy Azal. Teddiursa and Linoone against Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 13h 57m Entered that Colosseum building.

1d 13h 36m Nothing much is happening. Standing around, listening to the music, checking out our mons' summaries.

1d 12h 54m Swablu down, Remoraid to Lv.22. Defeated Roller Boy Lon

1d 12h 53m Shadow Slugma down.

1d 12h 52m Igglybuff down, Swablu sent in.

1d 12h 51m Seems earlier we switched out Misdreavus for Remoraid.

1d 12h 51m Umbreon sent in.

1d 12h 48m Azurill down, Igglybuff sent in. Skiploom down to Flamethrower. We're trying to send something else in right now.

1d 12h 45m Skiploom sent in.

1d 12h 45m Bayleef down to a crit Flamethrower from the Slugma.

[Fluff] For a moment there, I thought that was another broken texture thing.

1d 12h 43m Versus Roller Boy Lon, Shadow Slugma and Azurill against Bayleef and Misdreavus.

1d 12h 17m We're near the building where the gears for the Windmill are, and the Pyrite Colosseum.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: that never happened

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: also, I told him to make his bot explain reasons for banning

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I have unmodded Deku as I think his moderation is more destructive than constructive

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: why is Deku's bot so terrible?

1d 11h 48m Outside.

1d 11h 31m We're in the fortune telling building.

1d 11h 24m Outside again.

1d 11h 23m Stream went offline for a moment there. It's back now. We're still in the snappy fingers town police station.

1d 11h 22m Kirlia down, Umbreon faints to a crit sludge from Koffing and burn damage. White out!

1d 11h 21m Duskull down, Kirlia sent in.

1d 11h 19m Houndour down, Duskull sent in.

1d 11h 18m Espeon on 1HP from Sludge, gets Poisoned, Synchronize does not work to transfer the Poison to Koffing, Espeon faints to Poison damage

1d 11h 17m Umbreon sent in.

1d 11h 17m Skiploom down!

1d 11h 15m Espeon sent in.

1d 11h 15m Bayleef down!

1d 11h 14m Versus Cipher Peon Kison, Houndour and Koffing against Bayleef and Skiploom.

1d 11h 11m Bayleef's evolution was cancelled.

1d 11h 10m Vibrava down, Bayleef to Lv.37, Hunter Weeg defeated.

1d 11h 9m Sandslash down.

1d 11h 9m Umbreon sent in.

1d 11h 8m Remoraid down

1d 11h 7m Graveler down, Vibrava in.

1d 11h 6m Remoraid is sent in to take its place.

1d 11h 5m Misdreavus down!

1d 11h 2m Versus Hunter Weeg again, Graveler and Sandslash against Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 10h 55m Entered the platformy stairsy mountainy part of Mt. Battle.

1d 10h 50m And then we leave and go back to Mt. Battle.

1d 10h 50m We drive back to good ol' Phenac City.

1d 10h 48m Outside.

1d 10h 46m Umbreon down, white out. Back to the snappy fingers police station again.

1d 10h 45m Versus Hunter Weeg, Graveler and Vibrava against Umbreon.

1d 10h 41m Spinda down to lots of Bites! Umbreon to Lv.39! Defeated St.Performer Nortz!

1d 10h 39m Kadabra down to Bite!

1d 10h 35m Espeon down to Kadabra's Future Sight!

1d 10h 34m Espeon sent in to replace Skiploom.

[Streamer] Issmare: sure NDS limited, but still we had Golden Sun with moving sprites in battle, and in GBA

Twitchplayspokemon: @IssMare, Golden Sun was near launch too, part of the reason why I thought Ruby was a romhack when I first saw it

1d 10h 31m Skiploom down to Poison damage!

1d 10h 27m Cacnea down to Poison damage, Kadabra sent in.

1d 10h 26m Umbreon sent in.

1d 10h 24m Bayleef uses Toxic on Skiploom, Bayleef then goes down to Spinda's attack.

1d 10h 23m Misdreavus down!

1d 10h 22m Vs St.Performer Nortz, Cacnea and Spinda against Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 10h 20m Switched out Misdreavus for Espeon, Razor Leaf takes out Trapinch. Hunter Telia defeated.

1d 10h 19m Barboach went down not long ago, only Trapinch is left.

1d 10h 14m Lileep down to Barboach's Magnitude 7, another Trapinch has been sent in.

1d 10h 13m Bayleef sent in again.

1d 10h 12m We switch out Bayleef for Remoraid, Remoraid faints to Barboach's Magnitude 9.

1d 10h 10m Trapinch down, Misdreavus to Lv. 34. Lileep sent in.

1d 10h 7m Versus Hunter Telia again, Trapinch and Barboach vs Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 10h 4m We've entered the facility, and are walking around the platforms and the stairs.

1d 9h 51m We travel to Agate Village, then to Mt. Battle.

[Meta] Updater's going dark for a few minutes, apologies. We'll be back shortly, I doubt anything will happen.

1d 9h 23m Still outside, not really doing much.

1d 8h 59m Back outside again.

1d 8h 57m We're at that building with the gears and the machine contraption thingy.

1d 8h 42m We're outside.

1d 8h 39m Umbreon down, white out! We're back to the snappy-fingers Pyrite Town police station again.

1d 8h 38m Umbreon's Taunt'ing the opponent's Pokémon, Trapinch is Digging and Barboach keeps using Spark. Sandstorm is chipping away at Umbreon's HP.

1d 8h 36m Skiploom down! Only Umbreon's left, it's on just over half HP.

[Snark] The crowd is holding their breath in anticipation of the Trainer's next move!

1d 8h 31m Back online, Umbreon's been sent out to replace the fainted Remoraid.

1d 8h 27m Seems the stream went down/currently offline. It's not just me, right?

1d 8h 25m Versus Hunter Telia, Trapinch and Barboach against Skiploom and Remoraid. Remoraid down.

1d 8h 23m Graveler's put to sleep by Sleep Powder, and almost goes down to a 4x-effective Bubblebeam. Another Bubblebeam and it's taken out, Remoraid to Lv.21. Defeated Rider Riden.

1d 8h 21m Remoraid sent in.

1d 8h 20m Espeon keeps using Helping Hand on Skiploom, Skiploom keeps using Synthesis, and Graveler keeps using Magnitude. Espeon down!

1d 8h 14m Espeon sent in, we then spend a few moments trying to make our 'mons use a move.

1d 8h 11m Houndour down to Bayleef's attack, Graveler tries a Magnitude (7), doesn't affect Skiploom, doesn't do much to Bayleef. But Bayleef goes down to another attack on the next turn.

1d 8h 11m Baltoy goes down to Poison damage, Graveler is sent in.

1d 8h 8m We "call" Misdreavus, nothing happens, Bayleef uses Razor Leaf again, Baltoy has dug so the attack misses that one and does little damage on Houndour again, both of the opponent's Pokémon attack Bayleef, Misdreavus down to burn damage. Skiploom sent in.

1d 8h 7m Pineco down to Misdreavus' Psybeam, Bayleef levels up to 38. Houndour sent out, Razor Leaf does minimal damage on it, but is super effective on Baltoy.

1d 8h 5m Versus Rider Riden, Pineco and Baltoy sent out. We send out Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 8h 4m Numel down to Psybeam and Razor Leaf, defeated Kimit.

1d 8h 3m Geodude down, Misdreavus takes out Sandshrew, Numel is sent in.

1d 7h 59m She sends out Sandrew Lvl 37 and Geodude Lvl 36

1d 7h 59m Vs 3rd Platform Challenger, Kimit

[Snark] 1d 7h 56m "You shall not pass!" -Rui

[Fluff] 1d 7h 51m An NPC outside the colosseum is asking us "DID YOU KNOW?!" With no real context.

1d 7h 50m WE EARN ₽5912 IN WINNINGS

1d 7h 48m Zubat gets KO'd REWN DEFEATED

1d 7h 47m AAAAAAAA knocks out Cacnea

1d 7h 47m Cacnea was sent out

1d 7h 46m Leaf Cena knocks out Mudkip

1d 7h 44m Rewn sends out Mudkip and Zubat


1d 7h 43m Leaf Cena knocks out Pineco ADEL DEFEATED

1d 7h 42m Psyduck faints from poisoning

1d 7h 41m She sends out Pineco and Psyduck

1d 7h 41m We reach the Phenec Stadium Semifinals VS Adel

1d 7h 40m AAAAAAA wipes out Duduo Greb defeated

1d 7h 39m Espeon sent out

1d 7h 38m AAAAKLV gets KO'd

1d 7h 38m AAAAAAAA knocks out Tentacool


Azurill goes down

Sentret used scratch! KO's Leaf Cena!

1d 7h 25m Misdreavus shadow balls Bayleef, almost KOing it! We end up poisoning Azurill and Bayleef hangs on for dear life.

1d 7h 25m After our lengthy session with the Waiting Game, we now return to our feature presentation.

1d 7h 22m Currently we're playing the waiting game. Not to be confused with before when we played Pokémon Colosseum.

1d 7h 20m We confused Azurill, while Sentret keeps using Defense Curl.

1d 7h 20m Man, that Synthesis helped us regain that one health. Clutch.

1d 7h 19m We start with a Psybeam-Synthesis combo, but then then we get barraged by bubbles.

1d 7h 18m Rich Boy Flitz battles! He sends out Azurill and Sentret, against our Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 7h 18m We entered the Stadium! Battle 1 will begin shortly.

1d 7h 17m We're in the Phenac Stadium; we entered the tournament and now we' have to enter the stadium.

1d 7h 15m We're heading to the northern area. We've entered a waterfall. We went chasing them guys.

1d 7h 12m We went into the Pre-Gym, but we can't do anything right now. So we leave.

1d 7h 8m Phenac City here we come!

[Info] Only the eeveelutions are alive.

[Fluff] Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


1d 7h 2m Made it to the Construction Lot.

1d 7h 1m Back to the snapping.


1d 7h 0m We keep going in and out of the world map.

[Fluff] Time for more News? Anyone?

1d 6h 47m The Toxic kills the cat. Defeated Vant!

1d 6h 47m Espeon gives his pal a Helping Hand, which he uses to Snatch. Great job.

[Fluff] Eh screw it I'm eating it now.

1d 6h 46m We send out our Umbreon! Finish this battle so I can eat cake dammit!

1d 6h 45m Skitty uses Tackles and KOs Remoraid! BBB NOOOOOO!

1d 6h 44m We bring down the Shuppet to critical HP with our Bubble Breath, and finish it off with MORE BUBBLES!

1d 6h 43m We try to use Return on a Ghost type. It doesn't work too well. Meanwhile a cat tickles a fish.

1d 6h 43m We send out our Remoraid, because damn it needs some levels. Also Skitty is poisoned.

1d 6h 42m And there goes Misdreavus. Now more mon switching!

1d 6h 41m Wifi is reset, so I should be good to go. We chose Espeon as our replacement and KOed the Ziggzagoon. Against a Shuppet now.

1d 6h 38m We still haven't chosen a replacement.

Long story short Bayleef is down and we're picking a replacement.

It's a Ziggzagoon and Skirt again tour Bayleef and Misdreavus

Have to update on mobile for the time being, we're in a fight with Rider Vant.

1d 6h 27m We make Shroomish call mercy and defeat the Saint!

1d 6h 26m Against Pichu and Shroomish, Ghost starts out by OHKOing the Pichu with Psybeam. Bayleef poisons Ghost.

1d 6h 25m Street Performer Diogo, or Saint Performer Diogo, is ready to battle. You choose.

1d 6h 25m Bayleef doesn't evolve.

1d 6h 24m We finally defeat Nover after KOing it's Ledyba.

1d 6h 24m Skiploom faints of poison! Go Misdreavus!

[Fluff] At least it's not as bad as the camera in The Great Gatsby.

1d 6h 22m Bayleef finally KOs the Peeko, and the camera really likes those 360 shots.

1d 6h 22m The battle isn't the most interesting can of beans, probably lima imo, but I'll let you interpret it as an all out Anime fight scene where everyone has swords.


1d 6h 20m We keep healing ourselves, while the bird Gusts us, hoping to blow us away. We remain seated.

1d 6h 19m Out against a Wingull now, er, Peeko.

1d 6h 19m Noctowl faints from Toxic poisoning! Bayleef grows to level 35!


[Fluff] Is it a good idea to snag this mon? Let's find out. Here at the Pokémon Colosseum 2.5, safety is our number one concern. That's why we have Rui to protect our nuts, because no one likes roasted nuts.

[Fluff] Hide your Espeons, hide your Umbreons, and even hide your Ruis cause they're snagin' em all up.

1d 6h 16m Double Synthesis! All the way, across the sky, like an eagle. Old memes are still good.

1d 6h 14m We swap the ghost for the Skiploom, and use Synthesis to restore our Bayleef's Health.

1d 6h 13m Bayleef taking heavy fire and falls to 7 HP. Meanwhile we try to look through our Key items.

1d 6h 12m We poison the Noctowl and set out own time limit!


1d 6h 11m Facing Rider Nover! He sends out Noctowl and Ledyba against Misdreavus and Bayleef!

1d 6h 11m We try to use some items on us, like Awakenings, but to no avail.

1d 6h 10m But you get none of it.

1d 6h 10m /u/DuplexBeGreat gets it right with Tortellini!

[Fluff] I'm eating some pasta right now. First in chat to guess it correctly gets a shoutout. go.

1d 6h 9m Leba loves strong guys. No, I mean L-O-V-Es them.

1d 6h 8m Third Psybeam, Dustox is down and out. Misdreavus grows to level 32! Defeated Leba!

1d 6h 7m Another Psybeam OHKOs Oddish! Bayleef meanwhile does nothing.

1d 6h 7m Our Psybeam OHKOs the Sunkern! A Dustox is sent to replace it. Meanwhile Oddish is smoking some Acid and crits both of us.

1d 6h 6m We're fighting Rider Leba! It sends out Sunkern and Oddish against Misdreavus and Bayleef!

[Info] Ghost is Bashful, incase any .org peeps didn't know. Also it's holding an Ultra Ball.


1d 5h 55m Ended at 284, left the building.

Thanks for the correction /u/tustin2121

[Info] And by ended I mean took a break.

[Info] We ended at 267.

1d 5h 46m Wait we're at News 263? WutFace

1d 5h 45m We enter the News house. aka Twitch does counting prep time.

1d 5h 43m Pretty damn funny.

1d 5h 43m Oh god we're going to poison ourselves so hard it's not even funny. Not even funny. Maybe a little funny.

1d 5h 43m Bayleef forgot Sunny Day for Toxic!

1d 5h 42m We booted up Toxic, TM06, and are trying to teach it.

1d 5h 37m Back outside wandering the city. "Here's an idea, why not tell the throw police Cipher is attacking Mt. Battle?"

1d 5h 32m Judging by the snapping, I feel like we're in Pyrite Town. We're still stuck indoors for now, the sun is too harsh.

[Fluff] Some of the grammar in this game reminds me of V. Crystal. "But SNAG failed!"

1d 5h 30m Johnson spins around like a ballerina before we gain control.

1d 5h 30m Geodude used Earthquake to KO Umbreon! and Sandshrew. Black out!

[Fluff] RCT I will kill you for the updater autocorrects.

1d 5h 28m Geodude throws some rocks at Umbreon, while Sandshrew digs a hole. It's not Scumbréon's day, is it?

1d 5h 27m Initiated the third battle! Our only remaining Pokémon is Umbreon. Vs Sandshrew and Geodude.

1d 5h 26m FINALLY BEAT BALTOY. Only took like almost 40 minutes. Fight over!

1d 5h 25m Skiploom fainted rip

1d 5h 17m Having trouble selecting a move as Synthesis and Sleep Powder (the two top row moves for Skiploom) have 0 PP.

[Info] Skiploom in the red. We're still in this battle.

1d 5h 13m We keep missing due to Baltoy's Mud Slap.

1d 5h 12m Skiploom used Sleep Powder on Umbreon but it missed. Umbreon bites Baltoy into the red.

1d 5h 9m Larvitar fainted. Just Baltoy remains.

1d 5h 7m The opposing Larvitar is in the red. The Baltoy is still in the green. It also got really buffed from Cosmic Power so... there's that.

1d 5h 6m Sent out Umbreon... Our only not-fainted party members are Umbreon and Skiploom. The latter is at under half health.

1d 5h 4m Espeon fainted. rip

1d 4h 59m Swinub down! Larvitar is sent out.

[Info] Both teams have 3 Pokémon, 2 in green health and 1 in red.

1d 4h 54m Espeon woke up and put up a reflect.

1d 4h 52m Skiploom used Sleep Powder! .....on Espeon.

1d 4h 50m Espeon down to red HP.

1d 4h 47m The second battle has started! It's Skiploom and Espeon vs Swinub and Baltoy.

1d 4h 45m Espeon actually attacks the opponent this time and the fight is over!

1d 4h 45m Umbreon sent out now.

1d 4h 44m Espeon used Return on Bayleef and knocked it out gg twitch

1d 4h 42m Espeon sent out!

1d 4h 41m Misdreavus faints from burn ripperino

1d 4h 41m Bayleef KOs Sandshrew and knocks Numel to the red.

1d 4h 40m Sent out our very weakened Misdreavus.

1d 4h 39m ...and Remoraid fainted rip in piece

1d 4h 39m Withdrew Skiploom, sent out Remoraid. Remoraid was promptly poisoned by the opponent.

1d 4h 38m The opposing Trapinch fainted from its partner's Magnitude. Sandshrew was sent out against us.

1d 4h 35m Bayleef down to ~half health.

1d 4h 35m Withdrew Misdreavus and sent out Skiploom.

1d 4h 34m Misdreavus in the yellow and burned.

1d 4h 33m Battle 1 initiated! Vs Trapinch and Numel. We send out Misdreavus and Bayleef.

1d 4h 33m We've spoken to the receptionist and entered the mountain.

1d 4h 32m Entered the building.

1d 4h 31m We've gone to Mt. Battle!

1d 4h 30m We left the village... and came right back.

1d 4h 28m We're out of the cave.

1d 4h 25m Obtained 1 Silk Scarf from the other box

1d 4h 24m Obtained two Ultra Balls from one of the boxes

1d 4h 23m We're in the cave now, there's two item boxes here.

1d 4h 19m Out of that house, we're in the north-west corner of the village right now, outside a cave.

1d 4h 17m We just walked in a house.

1d 4h 13m We just walked out of the center.

1d 4h 11m We're at the Poké Center now.

1d 4h 7m Opened an item box and obtained 1 Quick Claw

1d 4h 4m We're out of the cave by the relic stone and back in the main part of Agate Village now.

[Info] Our entire party has been purified, so if we want to purify any more Pokémon, we'll need to use the PC.

[Snark] Our Bayleef and Skiploom must have given it that name.

1d 3h 56m Remoraid learns Bubblebeam! Nickname BBBNOOOOOO

1d 3h 56m Remoraid purified!

1d 3h 55m Skiploom does not evolve. Nickname is AAAAKLV.

1d 3h 55m Skiploom learns Synthesis and grows to level 33!

1d 3h 55m Purifying Skiploom!

1d 3h 54m Sunny Day is now Bayleef's first move.

1d 3h 53m Bayleef tries to evolve, but is prevented. No nickname.

1d 3h 52m Bayleef grows to level 34 and learns Sunny Day!

1d 3h 52m Bayleef is next to be purified!

1d 3h 52m Misdreavus has been purified! It's now at level 31! Nickname AAAAAAAAAA.

1d 3h 49m We're about to purify our Pokémon.

1d 3h 46m Found Ein File C.

1d 3h 46m Left the cave. At the Relic Stone.

1d 3h 44m We've went down a ramp and entered a cave.

1d 3h 43m Left the center

1d 3h 42m Healed our party!

1d 3h 41m Entered the Pokemon Center.

1d 3h 26m We're now outside.

1d 3h 23m There's a new news story! They're now talking about a criminal syndicate seeking world domination. They believe it has something to do with the "vicious Pokémon" people have been reporting.

1d 3h 23m Eagun tells us that Mt. Battle is to the north. Was he...was he reading our emails?

1d 3h 21m Duking says that Mt. Battle is under attack! It's an emergency!


1d 3h 18m Our P*DA is ringing! Rui says "it might be DUKING with some news."

[Chat] AkumetsuTime: how to purify Pokémon: 1) Watch the News 2) Keep watching the News 3) ??? 4) Done! Kappa

1d 3h 9m We just "spoke" to a Pikachu. It probably wants to watch the news with us.

[Fluff] Yep.

[Chat] Count is now at 211 212. About to be 213 I'm sure.

1d 3h 0m News time!

[Snark] Is it really a small tablet, or a large smartphone?

1d 2h 58m Obtained the Small Tablet.

[Chat] EXP SHARE PogChamp

1d 2h 49m Found an Exp. Share

1d 2h 44m We've left Senilor's house.

1d 2h 37m And just on cue, we're watching the news again! Still the same story as before--our conversation with Senilor must not have been newsworthy.

[Snark] This guy must be a newscaster. Why else would we be talking to him so much?

1d 2h 32m We talk to Senilor, who tells us about the Relic Stone, and its connection to time travel and Celebi.

1d 2h 21m Still walking around Pyrite Town

1d 2h 12m The news is talking about how two unidentified people (AAAAAAA and Rui) defeated Miror B. in Pyrite Town.

1d 2h 11m We're watching the news! (I wouldn't have believed it either.)

1d 2h 9m Eagun asks us to talk to someone for info about Celebi

1d 2h 9m Eagun takes us back to his house!

1d 2h 8m A few Umbreon bites later and Wynaut falls! Skrub defeated!

1d 2h 8m Remoraid then falls! Umbreon is the only mon left and is sent out! It takes down Geodude!

1d 2h 6m Clampearl goes down! Geodude is sent out! Bayleef then faints!

1d 2h 6m We send out Remoraid!

[Info] Only Bayleef, Remoraid, and Umbreon are able to fight

1d 2h 4m Skiploom faints!*

1d 2h 2m Clampearl seems to be tanking the damages easily as we do little to it

1d 2h 1m Hitmontop faints! Clampearl is sent out!

1d 2h 0m Hitmontop KO's Espeon!

1d 2h 0m Hitmontop is down to Red HP!

1d 1h 59m Espeon is sent out!

1d 1h 59m 2 attacks down and Hitmontop is already down to half HP, it then takes down Misdreavus!

1d 1h 58m He starts out with Wynaut and Shadow Hitmontop! We send out Misdreavus and Bayleef!

1d 1h 58m We enter back into the Relic Stone area and battle Peon Skrub one again!

1d 1h 56m We enter the Relic Cave

1d 1h 48m and we leave again

1d 1h 46m and we enter it again

We exit the Pokémon Center

1d 1h 42m We enter the Agate Pokémon Center

1d 1h 27m We then drive all the way back to Agate Village

1d 1h 26m We easily drive back to Agate just to drive back to Pyrite


1d 1h 24m We are sent back into the Police Station in Pyrite Town!

1d 1h 24m Umbreon tries to tank all the moves but falls to Triple Kick from Hitmontop! Blacked Out!

1d 1h 24m We use bite on Hitmontop but its not very effective!

1d 1h 23m Shadow Hitmontop is sent out!

1d 1h 23m We use bite on Wynaut and take it down! Umbreon levels up to Lv. 38!

1d 1h 23m We arrive too late and then we battle vs Peon Scrub! He sends out Wynaut and Campearl! We send out Umbreon!

1d 1h 22m Pikachu does little damage to the Hitmontop but Skrub takes down Eagun's Pikachu.! Eagun loses!

1d 1h 21m Skrub sends out Shadow Hitmontop and Eagun sends out Hitmontop!

1d 1h 21m Eagun is confronted and battles vs Peon Skrub!

1d 1h 20m We head out onto the Relic Stone area!

1d 1h 20m Umbreon takes down Ralts! Kass Defeated!

1d 1h 20m Shadow Rush takes down more than 3/4 of Ralts HP but Ralts retaliates and takes down Skiploom!

1d 1h 19m Umbreon bites and KO's Kirlia!

1d 1h 19m Ralts continues to set up with Calm Mind

1d 1h 19m We use Bite to take down Baltoy! Kirlia is sent out!

1d 1h 17m We send out Umbreon

1d 1h 16m Baltoy Wakes up and almosts KO's Remoraid. Ralts then finishes the job and KO's it!

1d 1h 15m We finally decide to attack. Thay slowly bring Baltoy down but Ralts is setting up with a few Calm Minds

1d 1h 10m Skiploom uses Sleep Powder to send Baltoy to sleep, Ralts uses Confusion on Skiploom, and Remoraid misses a Shadow Rush on a sleeping Baltoy

1d 1h 8m Peon Kass jumps down and battles us! She sends out Baltoy and Ralts! We send out Skiploom and Remoraid!

1d 1h 7m We send out Remoraid and Skiploom takes down Cacnea! Silton defeated!

1d 1h 5m Espeon uses Helping Hand and then Skiploom uses Shadow Rush to bring Cacnea down to less than half HP. Cacnea attacks and takes down Espeon!

1d 1h 4m Shroomish is taken down by Skiploom's Shadow Rush!

1d 1h 3m vs Peon Silton! He sends out Shroomish and Cacnea! We send out Skiploom and Espeon!

1d 1h 0m Carvahna takes itself out due to confusion! Doven defeated!

1d 0h 59m We send out Umbreon and Skiploom!

1d 0h 58m We use Shadow Rush on our own Misdreavus and it takes it self and Misdreavus down!

1d 0h 57m Bayleef takes down Spheal!

1d 0h 56m also the opponent keeps using normal moves on Misdreavus and it does nothing

1d 0h 56m We call Misdreavus to end Hyper Mode.

1d 0h 55m Misdreavus is in Hyper Mode!

1d 0h 54m Its the opposing Spheal and Carvanha vs our Mesdreavus and Bayleef!

1d 0h 53m We head inside Relic Cave! vs Peon Doven!

1d 0h 50m We head inside the Pokémon Center and then we leave it

1d 0h 41m We leave the house one again

1d 0h 24m ... and we go back inside

1d 0h 21m We finally leave the house!

1d 0h 5m We are busy watching the news currently

1d 0h 3m We also now mess with the ring tones in our PDA

1d 0h 1m aaaaaaaand we watch TV!

1d 0h 1m We also just gravitate to the TV...

1d 0h 0m We find out there's an emergency in the Relic Stone area and Eagun runs out. We try to follow him (hint: that's not easy since he runs faster than us)

0d 23h 59m We enter Eagun's house to find Rui's grandparents, Eagun and Beluh!

0d 23h 54m And old guy tells us that this place is home to veteran trainers!

0d 23h 53m We select and enter Agate Village!

0d 23h 51m Now its time for Map fighting as we try to enter Agate Village

0d 23h 51m We talk to Fateen and gives us advice in where we can purify Shadow Pokémon. Rui remember where her grandfather lives and things we should go there

0d 23h 49m We are right near Fateen now but we are fighting over the Start menu

0d 23h 48m Fateen the Fortune Teller stops us from leaving Pyrite

[Info] Duking's Plusle is Lv 13 with the moves Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack and Helping Hand with the ability Plus. It is not a Shadow Pokémon

0d 23h 44m We receive the Plusle and its transported into the PC

0d 23h 43m Silva and Dunkin come to retrieve the Plusle and we are teleported back to Dunkin's place

0d 23h 43m We find a Plusle!

[Info] Misdreavus is holding a Spell Tag for anyone wondering

0d 23h 41m We open an Item Box to find a Macho Brace

0d 23h 39m We also seem to swap the order of Umbreon and Misdrevus

0d 23h 34m We give Umbreon an Ultra Ball for an Antidote, and then toss an Ultra Ball

0d 23h 32m We instead open a door and Find Ein File P

0d 23h 32m Now we are struggling to get to the Item Box and opening it

0d 23h 29m and Miror B escapes!

0d 23h 29m Bite finally takes down the final Ludicolo! Miror B Defeated!

[Snark] Probably one of the few times we'll get to see a single battle in this game

0d 23h 27m It's Umbreon vs Ludicolo as each trainer's final Pokémon

0d 23h 26m Shadow Sudowoodo is taken down due to recoil!

0d 23h 26m Espeon is taken out!

0d 23h 25m We finally send out Umbreon!

[Info] Umbreon and Espeon left able to fight!

0d 23h 24m Rock Slide takes down Misdreavus!

0d 23h 24m Espeon uses Confusion to take down Ludicolo! Espeon Leveled up! Shadow Sudowoodo sent out!

0d 23h 23m The Rain stopped!

0d 23h 22m We swap Umbreon into Espeon!

0d 23h 22m Miror B sends out his last Ludicolo!

0d 23h 21m Misdreavus uses Shadow Rush and takes down another Ludicolo!

0d 23h 20m One Ludicolo is down! Miror B sends out another Ludicolo!

0d 23h 20m Rain Dance is used! Now the Ludicolo's can use their abilities to their advantage!

0d 23h 19m We send out Misdreavus!

0d 23h 18m We use bite and shadow rush. The shadow rush recoil takes down Bayleed!

0d 23h 18m He sends out Ludicolo and Ludicolo! We send out Umbreon and Bayleed!

0d 23h 17m vs Miror B!

0d 23h 17m We enter Miror B's Room!

0d 23h 15m Lotad is taken down! Zalo Defeated!

0d 23h 14m Lombre gets taken down by Bayleef's Shadow Rush!

0d 23h 11m Lombre is sent out!

0d 23h 11m Bayleef takes down Beldum!

0d 23h 11m We send out Bayleef!

0d 23h 8m Misdreavus just went back into his Poké Ball!

0d 23h 6m Misdreavus gets sent out!

0d 23h 5m and Remoraid gets taken down

0d 23h 5m We swap Batleef for Remoraid

0d 23h 2m We send out Umbreon

0d 22h 59m Skiploom goes down!

0d 22h 59m Beldum is sent out!

0d 22h 58m Skiploom takes down Shadow Swablu

0d 22h 56m We swap Umbreon for Skiploom

0d 22h 56m We are currently fighting with the controls to either Switch, use something in our bag, or fight

0d 22h 52m vs Hunter Zalo! He sends out Shadow Swablu and Lotad! We send out Umbreon and Bayleef

0d 22h 51m We go up the stairs out of the sewer level

0d 22h 48m WE HEAL!

0d 22h 43m We struggled so much we went back upstairs and back ourselves into a corner

0d 22h 39m Struggling to use the healing station currently

0d 22h 33m We find stairs and go up them, ignoring the healing station and the pc next to it. few seconds later we go back down stairs

0d 22h 32m We finally end the battle with Misdreavus Shadow Rushing Mareep! Sosh Defeated!

0d 22h 31m Misdreavus attacks and takes down Cacnea!

0d 22h 31m The opposing team is setting up, and we are either calling our Pokémon or trying to attack ourself and failing because Hyper Mode keeps activating!

0d 22h 29m Umbreon takes down Shadow Dunsparce

0d 22h 28m Misdreavus attacks Dunsparce, Mareep tried to attack Misdreavus and fails

0d 22h 27m We send out Misdreavus!

[Info] Umbreon, Espeon, and Misdreavus are the only Pokémon left standing!

0d 22h 26m Dunsparce OHKo's Remoriad!

0d 22h 25m Skiploom gets double teamed and its taken down in one turn!

0d 22h 24m vs Rider Sosh! She sends out Shadow Dunsparce and Mareep! We send out Umbreon and Sliploom

0d 22h 23m We head on down to the Sewer level of the cave

0d 22h 21m Misdreavus reasonably disobeys us and uses Shadow Rush instead of Confuse Ray, but attacks Umbreon instead. Next turn, it attacks Bagon and the battle is over! Twan defeated!

0d 22h 20m Misdreavus uses Shadow Rush to take down Numel. Meanwhile Umbreon still uses Taunt

0d 22h 20m Misdreavus is put into Hyper Mode

0d 22h 19m Rui, the voice of reason, states what we only should snag Pokémon with black aura. You mean like the one we took out earlier?

0d 22h 18m Mesdreavus is sent out!

0d 22h 17m We use a potion on Umbreon! After that, Bagon headbutts and takes down Bayleed

0d 22h 15m We keep using Umbreon's Taunt

0d 22h 15m Numel is sent out and in a few turns it is in the red

0d 22h 14m Umbreon get paralyzed!

0d 22h 13m Bayleef takes out the **Shadow Meditite, Umbreon Levels up to Lv. 36 but does not learn Faint Attack

0d 22h 11m We start by attacking the Meditite to bring it to the yellow

0d 22h 11m We send out Umbrean and Bayleef

0d 22h 11m vs Rider Twan! He sends out Shadow Meditite and Bagon!

0d 22h 9m We go down the stairs

0d 21h 57m We bypass a trainer to get 3 Ultra Balls

0d 21h 55m We head on up in Pyrite Cave. We are currently in Pyrite Cave

0d 21h 54m We attack the Lotad and it goes down. Chaser Rehan defeated

0d 21h 54m vs Chaser Rehan. She led off with Geodude and Lotoad. Geo went down, Snorunt went out, got taken down, now Slakoth is sent out, taken down by Umbreon's bit. Lotad is still stander as her last mon now!

0d 21h 21m Healed our party

0d 21h 8m Back in the house

[Info] I gtg now and no one is available atm, updates shall be put on hold until someone is available, we are currently outisde town

0d 20h 58m Bagon uses Bite to defeat Misdreavus, We Whited out!

0d 20h 57m we crit a Shadow Rush that defeats Numel

0d 20h 57m He sends in a Numel who uses Dig

0d 20h 56m ** Misdreavus is paralyzed due to Dragin Breath**

0d 20h 56m We crit Shadow Rush and defeat Meditite

0d 20h 56m A Shadow Rush from Meditite takes Espeon out!

0d 20h 55m We use a Great Ball on Meditite and we didnt catch it, rip last ball

0d 20h 53m Vs Shadow Meditite and Bagon

0d 20h 53m Vs Rider Twan

0d 20h 52m Maiz defeated

0d 20h 50m Espeon levels up to level 30, didnt learn Swift

0d 20h 50m We beat up Ralts

0d 20h 47m We send in Hyper mode Misdreavus

[Snark] PRChase

[Fluff] Espeon making Skiploom calm down

0d 20h 45m Espeon uses a Crit Confusion to take down Skiploom

[Snark] Man Hyper mode Skiploom aint taking no shit, critting everything

0d 20h 44m Confusion and critical Shadow Rush makes quick work of Shroomish

0d 20h 43m Confusion OHKO's Koffing and he sends in Shroomish

VS Chaser Maiz, sends out Koffing and Ralts

0d 20h 42m Simes defeated

0d 20h 42m Skiploom crits Shadow Rush and OHKO's Lotad

0d 20h 41m 2 Confusions take care of Anorith

0d 20h 40m Lotad and Anorith vs Espeon and Hyper Skiploom

0d 20h 40m Vs St Performer Simes

0d 20h 39m Doken defeated

0d 20h 39m We use Helping Hand + Shadow Rush and crit Goldeen to death!

0d 20h 37m We send out Misdreavus

0d 20h 36m Remoraid faints due to Goldeen

0d 20h 35m Espeon uses Confusion to take down Linoone

0d 20h 35m We send Espeon

0d 20h 34m Skiploom in its Hyper mode decided to leave the battle like a Sissy

0d 20h 32m We send in Remoraid

0d 20h 32m Linoone Wakes up and uses Headbutt to KO Bayleef

0d 20h 31m Goldeen wakes up

0d 20h 31m Skiploom has Sleep Powdered everyone except itself

0d 20h 30m Our SKiploom uses Sleep Powder on BayLeef

[Info] At some point we got File #2

0d 20h 27m Remoraid is switched for Skiploom

0d 20h 25m We send in Remoraid

0d 20h 25m Linoone KO's Umbreon with Multiple attacks

0d 20h 24m We decide to leave the place an fight a trainer with a Linoone and a Goldeen

0d 20h 11m Getting that item which might not end in success might not be tactical

0d 20h 3m We go back into the maze to get that item

0d 19h 58m We went out of the other side, we cant get back in from this side

0d 19h 57m We use the elevator to go down, we then try to get an item

0d 19h 54m We talk to Silva, who was being bullied, he keeps asking us if we know Duking which we kept saying no too, we then see Miror B in all of his Glory on a TV

They use their 'Ultra-super fire dash' to escape, which was running

0d 19h 52m Skiploom uses one final Shadow Rush to defeat Aipom and Bully #2 is defeated

[Info] Remoraid has unlocked Lock On, Skiploom uses Shadow Rush to defeat Yanma

0d 19h 50m We send in Remoraid

0d 19h 47m We use a critical Bite to take Yanma to red health but it uses Sonicboom to defeat Umbreon

0d 19h 46m She sends in Yanma

0d 19h 46m We send Skiploom, Umbreom uses Bite to finish off Furret

0d 19h 46m Furret uses Quck Attack to defeat Bayleef

0d 19h 45m We used Bite and Shadow Rush take Furret to red health, Bayleef has 2 hp

0d 19h 45m Umbreon uses Bite to flinch Aipom and Furrt keeps using Helping Hand

0d 19h 44m Furret is sent out

0d 19h 43m Umbreon is down to red health but managed to use one more Bite to take down Mantine

0d 19h 43m Umbreon keeps Snatching Aipom's Agility while Bayleef's Shadow Rushes have done more than half damage now

[Info] This is Attempt #4

0d 19h 40m We reach Bully #2 and Umbreon and Bayleef vs Aipom and Shadow Mantine

0d 19h 30m We finally climb up the stairs

0d 19h 25m we still wonder around with the spooky music

0d 19h 14m We are back on the Miror B henchmen spoopy house

[Info] Team (in order): Umbreon, Bayleef, Skiploom, Espeon, Remoraid, Misdreavus

0d 19h 4m We whited out!

0d 19h 4m Umbreon goes down with MAntine's BubbleBeam

0d 19h 3m We use a a Failed Great Ball on Mantine

0d 19h 3m Mantine is down to half hp and Misdreavus fainted due to Aipom's Astonish

[Info] Sorry, i had to go do something and didnt think it would take long, we are currently fighting Bully #2 for a rematch vs Aipom and Shadow Mantine with a Half hp burned Umbreon and Misdreavus

0d 18h 45m We keep just walking trying to reach the bully's room

0d 18h 37m We enter the Spoopy building again

0d 18h 35m Bite + Confusion takes care of Azurill and the battle is over

0d 18h 34m We take down Swablu with a Confusion while Umbreon keeps Snatching

0d 18h 33m We take down Igglybuff and he sends in Swablu

0d 18h 32m He sends in Igglybuff

[Info] Misdreavus is lvl 30

0d 18h 31m Confusion+Bite makes quick work of Slugma, but Flame Body burns Umbreon

0d 18h 29m We fiht a hidden Rolly Boy with a Shadow Slugma and Azurill vs Our Eevee's

0d 18h 28m Espeon levels up to 29

0d 18h 28m Zigzagoon goes down to a confusion

0d 18h 28m We Ko Skitty with Confusion

0d 18h 27m We send in Espeon

0d 18h 26m Umbreon derps around with Snatch so Zigzagoon was able to defeat Remoraid as well

0d 18h 23m We send Remoraid

0d 18h 21m Skiploom faints due to Zigzagoon

0d 18h 19m We throw a Great Ball and Catch Misdreavus!

0d 18h 17m We use Sleep Powder from Skiploom on Misdreavus

We throw a Great Ball and but we didnt catch Misdreavus! and it KO'd Bayleef

0d 18h 10m VS trainer with a Shadow Misdreavus and a Zigzagoon

[Fluff] and steal his Quagsire with a glitch that made it look like it had a Bandana like its trainer

[Info] We can still rematch him later

0d 18h 2m We KO Quagsire and Umbreon levels up to level 35

0d 17h 58m We put Quagsire to sleep with Sleep powder and Ko Psyduck with 2 Bites

0d 17h 57m We switch Bayleef for Skiploom

0d 17h 57m We cant decide on what to do

0d 17h 52m VS Shadow Quagsire and Psyduck

0d 17h 51m We duel Bandana Guy divel

0d 17h 49m We leave it and decide to hang out outside

0d 17h 48m We stay in the building with flashy colors

0d 17h 42m Snapping fingers music is back while we walk around the trash

0d 17h 40m Mantine Ko's Umbreon after a plethore of Bubble Beams, We White Out!

0d 17h 38m Umbreon continues to tank but cant do much in return

[Chat] IronNeckBeard: its looks like our plan has...hit a snag BORT

0d 17h 36m Remoraid faints

0d 17h 35m We use a Potion on Umbreon

0d 17h 35m We send in Remoraid

[Info] Remoraid is level 20

0d 17h 33m Mantine uses Bubblebeam to take Espeon down

0d 17h 33m Vs Shadow Mantine and Aipom

0d 17h 32m Vs Bully #2

0d 17h 32m Bully #1 defeated

0d 17h 32m Luvdisc commits Sudoku with Take Down

0d 17h 32m We use helping Hand Bite to take out Spinarak

0d 17h 30m We use Confusion to damage Luvdisc

0d 17h 27m We send in Espeon

0d 17h 27m Skiploom faints

0d 17h 25m Vs Luvdisc and Spinarak

0d 17h 24m We catch it!

0d 17h 24m We try to throw a Great Ball at Remoraid aaaand....

0d 17h 23m Vs Shadow Remoraid and spinarak

0d 17h 23m We enter a door and see someone being bullied by 2 girls, we fight Miror B's henchmen

0d 17h 21m we walk around not knowing where to go

0d 17h 16m We use some Returns and Tentcool is down, Body Builder defeated

0d 17h 15m We switch Umbreon for Espeon and Tentacool uses Acid to defat the 10HP Bayleef

0d 17h 11m We gang up on Cacnea and defeat it

VS Female Body Builder Elidi sends out Cacnea and Tentacool

[Info] I apologize but have confirmed nothing special happened

[Info] My stream crashed and i have missed the battle against Toti

0d 17h 5m Vs trainer, they send in Horsea and Oddish

0d 17h 0m we wonder about with spoopy music

0d 16h 55m we found a Revive from a chest

0d 16h 52m We walk around the building

0d 16h 49m With 2 more turns of damage we take down Snorunt and Tura is defeated

0d 16h 48m We start by Using Bite and Razor Leaf which manages to take down Spheal

0d 16h 47m Rematch against Hunter Tura

0d 16h 44m We finally open the chest and we get 5 Great Balls!

0d 16h 42m We try to get a chest but we keep watching the apparently difficult books on the shelves

0d 16h 38m We defeat Wooper and Loba

0d 16h 37m We take down Wingull by double targeting it

0d 16h 37m We start a fight with Bandana Guy Loba, Wingull and Wooper vs Bayleef and Umbreon

0d 16h 35m we go back upstairs

0d 16h 31m We go to the right enterance

0d 16h 30m Wrong entrance though

0d 16h 29m We walk back in the spoopy building

[Fluff] The music has snapping fingers and its nice

0d 16h 21m We walk out around town

0d 16h 17m Umbreon faints from being frozem and double targeted, We Whited Out!

We use Snatch and Helping Hand it costs us the match, Espeon faints due to Snorunt's Bite

0d 16h 16m Umbreon gets frozen by Powder Snow

0d 16h 15m We use Master tactics of Helping Hand Espeon and Bite

0d 16h 14m We start to attack but nothing major happened

[Info] We got the File before entering this building

0d 16h 11m We fight against Hunter Tora, he sends Spheal and Snorunt vs our Eevee's

0d 16h 10m We finally take down Ledyba with Confusion, Rider defeated

0d 16h 9m We mess around the menu because its fun, right? RIIIIGHT?

0d 16h 7m We take down Swablu with Confusion

0d 16h 7m We need some time before we can defeat her Swablu and Ledyba

0d 16h 6m We take down Doduo and Umbreon levels up to level 34

0d 16h 5m We send in Espeon

0d 16h 4m Skiploom faints after clutching Doduo's Fury Attack at 1hp and using Shadow Rush

0d 16h 3m We fight Rider Raleen, she sends in Ledyba and Doduo

0d 16h 2m We take Voltorb down after messing around, Akmen defeated

0d 16h 0m We switch Skiploom to Espeon

0d 15h 59m We double target Electrike and knock it out

0d 15h 58m He sends in Electrike and Voltorb while we send in Umbreon and Skiploom

0d 15h 57m We fight with Body Builder Akmen

0d 15h 56m Trainer defeated and we continue walking

0d 15h 55m Umbreon uses Bite to defeat his Remoraid while Bayleef faints to Magnemite

0d 15h 55m We are challenged again and Bayleef clutched a Signal Beam from Remoraid at 1HP!

0d 15h 53m Shadow Rush crits and we defeat Barboack and Bandana Guy

0d 15h 52m We start Taunting but Bayleef uses Shadow Rushes to make the Carvhana faint

0d 15h 50m He sends in Carvanha

0d 15h 49m We gang up on his Larvitar and defeat it

0d 15h 49m Umbreon and Bayleef vs Barboach and Larvitar

0d 15h 49m We start another battle with a Bandana Guy

0d 15h 48m Walking around the building, We use a healing machine to do heal our mon to full health

0d 15h 47m Espeon defeats it and levels up to level 28

0d 15h 46m Our Espeon uses Confusion to defeat our Skiploom

0d 15h 46m We fight against another trainer and defeat his Tailow pretty quickly

[Info] Her name is Kai and she still doesnt let us use the elevator

0d 15h 43m We defeat Trapinch with confusion, trainer defeated

0d 15h 42m We send in Espeon

We fight against a girl and she her Trapinch uses Sand Tomb to defeat our weakened Umbreon

0d 15h 36m We talk with the Duking a bit and he leaves

0d 15h 33m We finally defeat Pineco with the combined efforts of our mon

0d 15h 30m Only Pineco is left

0d 15h 28m We use Shadow Rush and Secret Power to obliterate Surskit

0d 15h 26m We defeat Nincada and Umbreon levels up to level 33

0d 15h 25m We finally use Snatch and Shadow Rush

0d 15h 25m We cannot decide on our moves

0d 15h 22m We send in Skiploom

0d 15h 22m Umbreon uses Taunt while Bayleef tried to use an item without permission and faints due to Nincada's Leech Life

0d 15h 20m Bayleef is at low HP while Umbreon is a bit below half health

0d 15h 19m We crit Shadow Rush on our own Umbreon

[Info] TM06 is Toxic

0d 15h 18m They send in Nincada while Umbreon fools around with Snatch

0d 15h 18m We defeat his Yanma

0d 15h 16m Bayleef entered Hyper Mode, we also crit Yanma with Bite

He sends out Yanma (Shadow Pokemon) and Pineco .

We send out Bayleef and Umbreon !

0d 15h 15m Cipher Peon Nore made us follow im and fights us because he accidentally let us in their base

[Info] We have Espeon, Umbreon, Skiploom and a Shadow Bayleaf

[Snark] [Chat] Shrekt5Lyfe: 'Live' Updater TriHard ...Sorry, but Hunter Hoks was just a L TriHard S E R

Note: Missed out first match vs Hunter Hoks .he used Barbaroach and Sandshew. Was a quick match.

0d 15h 8m Body Builder defeated, we are the champions! and got TM06 and 4.8k worth of Pokédollar

0d 15h 8m We crit his Goldeen with Espeon's Confusion

0d 15h 7m We send in Espeon instead of Bayleef

[Info] Goldeen is still alive

0d 15h 6m His Delibird uses Present to heal Umbreon but we defeat it

0d 15h 6m We KO his Magnemite and Goldeen easily

0d 15h 3m We double target his Bagon and knock it out it next turn

[Info] It wasnt a Barboach but a Cacnea, sorry

0d 15h 2m Vs BodyBuilder Mirez

0d 15h 2m Vuplix defeated, Banadana Guy cries back home

0d 15h 1m Umbreon also got paralyzed from Elektrike's Static

0d 15h 0m Umbreon KO's his Electrike

0d 14h 59m We defeat his Barboach easily

0d 14h 59m VS Bandana Guy

0d 14h 58m Tisler defeated

0d 14h 57m Umbreon leveled up to level 32 after defeating Meditite

0d 14h 57m Bayleef uses Shadow Rush to KO Natu

Bayleef and Umbreon out on field.

Tisler Sends out Natu and Medidite.

Facing Chaser Tisler

0d 14h 45m We Registered for the Stadium battle.

0d 14h 45m We put the gear back into the thingy, and the thing's working now.

0d 14h 43m We've entered a building near the Colosseum, there's people talking in there. They notice us and that we have the Gear, and tell us to put it where it belongs.

0d 14h 33m Withdrawn Espeon, Flaaffy's all alone in the PC. Probably deserved it anyway, being all spooky and shadow-like.

0d 14h 0m We talk to the staff at the desk, apparently the Colosseum doors here stopped working, so that's why they can't hold battles here. Good to know.

0d 13h 58m Re-entered the building, back outside, and in again. We just can't see to make up our mind on this.

0d 13h 57m Outside again.

0d 13h 55m Withdrawn Bayleef and Skiploom.

0d 13h 51m Skiploom's been deposited again.

0d 13h 43m We got Skiploom back into our party sometime earlier, by the way.

0d 13h 42m Nope, we walk right back in.

0d 13h 42m We're out of that building or facility or whatever it was.

0d 13h 35m We're in some kind of facility building. There's a PC in the corner, and an attendant at the desk.

0d 13h 27m Apparently that was the hotel. We're back outside again, though.

0d 13h 22m We've entered some very colourful building.

0d 13h 20m Outside again. Yaaaayyy.

0d 13h 9m Back at the PC, renaming boxes and stuff

0d 12h 55m Umbreon down, white out! Back to the PC in that building we were in earlier, the police office or where the jail is or whatever.

0d 12h 47m Versus Bandana Guy Divel! Shadow Quagsire and Psyduck against just Umbreon!

0d 12h 46m We're wandering around town again, entering and exiting various buildings, not really achieving much.

0d 12h 34m Entered the shop again.

0d 12h 32m We've walked out of the building again.

0d 12h 27m Skiploom's been deposited again, Umbreon's the only one in our party. Somehow.

0d 12h 3m Looks like Bayleef got deposited earlier too. Right now our party is Umbreon and Skiploom.

0d 11h 46m Skiploom's currently in our party. We must have withdrawn it sometime earlier.

0d 11h 28m Back outside. Then we decide to go back inside.

0d 11h 13m Out of the PC, seems we're back in the building with the jail cell.

0d 11h 12m We're back in a PC, renaming boxes. Sorry for the absence of updates yet again.

0d 10h 56m We seem to be in a shop of some kind.

0d 10h 46m And we exited the building.

0d 10h 43m We talk to an old lady, she does not accept the gear we have, and asks that we leave. We ignore her, and watch the TV instead!

0d 10h 42m We enter another building. There's a TV here! This should be fun.

0d 10h 40m We've exited the building, walking around town again.

0d 10h 39m Our Email alert sound is currently Alarm. WutFace

0d 10h 21m In the PC, renaming boxes, then back out of the PC, rinse and repeat.

0d 10h 17m In the PC again, we try to deposit Umbreon but apparently "it's our last Pokémon". We then exit the PC.

[Fluff] Sorry for the repetitive updates and possible mistakes I'm making, there's not really a whole lot happening.

0d 10h 14m Out of the PC and walking around some more.

0d 10h 12m We enter the PC and save the game. Then we mess around in the Boxes some more.

0d 10h 3m Out of the PC.

0d 10h 0m We're in the PC right now, renaming boxes yet again.

[Fluff] And back to your regularly scheduled updates. Nothing notable seems to have happened.

[Meta] Updater's gonna be left unattended for a bit, apologies. Nothing too much should happen, and we'll be back shortly.

0d 9h 36m Out of the PC and wandering around again.

0d 9h 35m Back in the PC. We just can't seem to leave this darn computer alone.

0d 9h 29m We're out of the PC now.

0d 9h 23m We've withdrawn Umbreon, and deposited Espeon! Now back to renaming boxes.

0d 9h 15m We're back in the PC again.

0d 9h 14m Seems we're back indoors, wandering around.

0d 9h 11m And, outside again.

0d 9h 9m We finally exit the PC.

0d 8h 58m We decide to save the game. Guys, PC is save this gen!

0d 8h 54m Still fooling around in the PC, switching and renaming boxes, checking summaries.

[Snark] Have you tried turning it off and on again?

0d 8h 49m We enter and exit the PC repeatedly, not really achieving anything. Then we decide to rename more boxes.

0d 8h 46m We deposit Skiploom and Flaaffy, and withdraw Espeon! We then exit the PC.

0d 8h 40m Back in the PC, renaming boxes again.

0d 8h 24m We're out of the PC now.

0d 8h 23m We're in the PC, renaming Boxes. Umbreon has been put in the PC.

0d 8h 17m Nope, we're back in the same building again. Still not really doing anything in particular.

0d 8h 16m And we've exited the building. Wandering around Pyrite Town some more.

0d 8h 13m We swap Bayleef's Paralyze Heal for an Ice Heal.

0d 8h 11m We try to give Bayleef the gear, but that item cannot be held.

0d 8h 8m We take Bayleef's Miracle Seed, and give it a Paralyze Heal instead.

0d 8h 2m We walk up to the door. It's locked. We try to use the Gear on the door. Unsurprisingly, it fails.

0d 7h 56m We're wandering around the building, not giving any thought to the key we have and the man we saw in the locked jail cell.

0d 7h 50m It seems we tossed one Full Heal sometime earlier.

0d 7h 47m Obtained a Jail Key!

0d 7h 46m We go back to Pyrite Town.

0d 7h 42m Trying to exit out of the place, seems we're at the Construction Lot.

0d 7h 41m We've obtained a GEAR.

0d 7h 36m We've driven somewhere. I'm not sure where, though.

[Fluff] The A inputs are perfectly timed to the snaps right now it's pretty great.

0d 7h 32m We are having the most fun trying to go to a new location.

0d 7h 31m We talk to Cail again. And again. And again.

0d 7h 27m We head out of the lab and to the border of the town.

0d 7h 25m Apparently Silva stole a Gear and we have to go find it to save the Colosseum.

0d 7h 24m We went into the lab and talked with Johnson about Co. about how the Colosseum is shut down.

0d 7h 23m Oh god there is a scientist on the ground that is probably dead or drunk. Also Bayleef is Quirky and has a Miracle Seed.

0d 7h 19m 99% sure we're going to heal right now. 1% sure we're going to play with menus for th erest of time.

0d 7h 13m We leave after Report 112.


[Info] That was Breaking News 107. Stay tuned for 108 in like two seconds.

[Info] We have changed our email alert to "Melody".

0d 7h 10m We enter someone's house and watch the news. BREAKING NEWS!

0d 7h 8m He tells us that these Shadowy Pokémon are Shadow Pokémon. We get to see Miror B discuss these plans before heading off to some snazzy music.

0d 7h 7m We finish off Seedot with another Bite and defeat Kal! We got 528 Pokéyén for winning.

0d 7h 7m Another Bite KOs Machop! Seedot is still storing energy.

0d 7h 6m We bite Machop, which isn't very effective, and we're delivered a Karate Chop to the face!

0d 7h 6m Oh god we just killed out own Bayleef with Bite!

0d 7h 5m And Bayleef does nothing. SCUMBREOÑ WITH ITS FIRST BITE OF THE MATCH!

0d 7h 4m We're actually smart and selecting Synthesis. We're out of PP for Snatch lol!

0d 7h 1m Also Bayleef is in low health, and if we don't smarten up we'll lose the fight. At least then we get another chance at Furret.

0d 7h 1m Once again, we use Snatch. Bayleef does all of the heavy lifting by using Shadow Rush.

0d 6h 59m HOLY SHIT SNATCH DID SOMETHING! We stole Machop's move.

0d 6h 58m Astonished we don't have any key items or berries, we keep checking our menu to see if some will pop up.

0d 6h 57m Umbreon leveled up to 31! Against a Machop now!

0d 6h 56m Furret just almost killed itself with Shadow Rush's recoil, but we finish the job and kill the Furret!

0d 6h 56m Bayleef doing Shadow Rush, bringing Furret down to 20% HP. Umbreon still with the Snatch.

0d 6h 56m Seedot spins into Skiploom and KOs it! Go Bayleef!

0d 6h 55m Skiploom uses Shadow Rush and cuts Furret's HP down to half. Seedot is spinning around.

0d 6h 55m Umbreon please attack. We know you can.

0d 6h 54m We sub out Bayleef with Skiploom. Furret goes in for a Quick Attack and Seedot uses Bide.

0d 6h 53m Bayleef responds with its own Shadow Rush and KOs Ralts. Out comes Seedot!

0d 6h 52m Meanwhile Umbreon keeps using Snatch. Furret goes in with the Shadow Rush on Bayleef.

0d 6h 52m First attacking move, Furret uses Quick Attack. Bayleef attacked us WutFace.

0d 6h 51m Furret is shadow! Furret starts off with Helping Hand, and Umbreon uses Snatch. Ralts used Imprison, taking full advantage of Helping Hand.

0d 6h 51m He sends out a Furret and Ralts against our Bayleef and Umbreon!

0d 6h 51m Rogue Cail wants to battle!

0d 6h 49m We check our mail, all 0 messages we have.

0d 6h 47m We head outside and then immediately back into Pyrite Town. Multiple times. We are really conflicted right now.

[Info] Everyone in our party is level 30.

0d 6h 42m We exit the building and the snapping intensifies.

0d 6h 41m We exit and overhear Duking talk to Silva about Miror B's scheme.

0d 6h 40m Everyone else in the group is bored apparently. Kids are supposed to be fun dammit!

0d 6h 39m We talk to Marica, who apparently is very busy right now and can't play with us right now.

0d 6h 38m Disappointed by the lack of actual bats, we ignore the people chilling at a table and instead embrace the beauty of the waterfalls.

0d 6h 38m We opened up a secret bookcase relatively with ease, and head through it. TO THE BAT CAVE!

0d 6h 37m We enter what definitely isn't a lab, but instead most likely a mob head room.

[Info] To prep for this run I read a walkthrough exactly one time. Hopefully I'll know more stuff than in X.

0d 6h 35m We head down and left to where I believe the lab is.

0d 6h 34m Jk we're out. WAY IN, WAY OUT.

0d 6h 33m We have been trying to get out of this doorway for 5 minutes but we can't allign ourselves properly. NO WAY IN, NO WAY OUT.

[Chat] N_Squared: Is there a TV we can watch the news in the hotel?

[Chat] Apparently Wes and Rui are doing some naughty stuff during their sleep. #TPPAfterHours

0d 6h 29m WE HEAL! Now that's only 33.52 nights.

[Info] We have enough money to spend 34.52 nights there.


0d 6h 28m So we are in the Pyrite Super Grand Hotel. We talk to the bellboy and he offers us a room for 100 Pokédollar. We decline the offer.

[Chat] Everyone wants to do shots. Remember your limit, and only if you're legal age to do so.

0d 6h 24m We entered a funky little building that looks to be a motel, and we stare at the blinking button. Shiny....

[Info] We have Bayleef, Umbreon and Skiploom in our party.

0d 6h 23m We talk to Calda again, before opening our PDA and other menu stuff.

0d 6h 20m Damn this music is catchy. Still in Pyrite Town.

0d 6h 18m Still playing around with menu

0d 6h 16m We left the stadium again.

0d 6h 15m And we're back there

0d 6h 13m We left it

0d 6h 12m Entered the gym, where's there's the pc

0d 6h 10m Now walking on a bridge

[Info] Bayleef is in the yellow, and our 2 other mons are in the red.

0d 6h 7m Skiploom used mega drain without order again, shroomish is now down to one of bayleef attack, diogo defeated!

0d 6h 6m Skiploom used shadow rush without order on bayleef, shroomish now in the yellow due to an attack from bayleef.

0d 6h 6m Skiploom is still in hypermode and now completly paralyzed

0d 6h 5m Shadow rush from bayleef, the shroomish is harmed!

0d 6h 4m Shroomish used absorb on skiploom

0d 6h 4m Bayleef came to it's sense, and shroomish attacked us.

0d 6h 3m Both mons are still in hypermode, and disobey orders!

0d 6h 3m SShrromish used shadow rush on bayleef, and now shroomish is paralyzed too

0d 6h 1m Bayleef paralyzed!

0d 6h 1m Pichu is down!

0d 6h 0m Bayleef ignored the orders, shroomish uses absorb. Boht our mons are in hyper mode

0d 6h 0m Switched Umbreon with skiploom

0d 5h 59m Pichu and shrromich vs bayleef and Umbreon!

0d 5h 59m Fighting against Diogo!

[Meta] Updater's going dark for a while. Sorry to do this to you on day 1.

0d 5h 39m We're torn between advancing the plot and going back for Espeon.

0d 5h 36m We talk to a big burly guy who says something about talking to Pyrite's mother.

0d 5h 33m We talk to a shady-looking guy who mentions Cail. Plot advancement!

0d 5h 28m Gave Skiploom an Ice Heal. Umbreon and Bayleef in the lead.

0d 5h 27m Deposited Flaaffy!

0d 5h 26m Withdrew Bayleef!

0d 5h 25m We rename Box 2 to BBBLLVBB. Both Pokémon still reside within the box as we rename it to AK.

0d 5h 23m We're trying to withdraw our Pokémon from AAAA.

0d 5h 21m Renamed Box 3 to C.

0d 5h 21m Renamed Box 3 to AAAKAAA

0d 5h 18m Shut down the PC.

0d 5h 17m Renamed Box 1 to AAAAb♂♂♂.

0d 5h 17m Renamed box 2 to AAAA.

0d 5h 16m Booted up the PC again.

0d 5h 15m Shut down the PC.

0d 5h 14m Deposited Bayleef and Espeon.

0d 5h 14m Booted up the PC.

0d 5h 13m We wander back in.

0d 5h 12m We nope out of there.

0d 5h 11m Correction: This is the Pyrite Colosseum. There is a PC in here though.

0d 5h 11m We enter the Pokémon Center and approach the PC.

0d 5h 9m Walking over a rickety-looking bridge.

0d 5h 5m After twitching around in the P*DA, we resume faffing around in Pyrite Town.

0d 5h 3m We give our last Poké Ball to Espeon.

0d 5h 2m With a helping hand from Espeon, Umbreon takes out Shroomish. Victory!

0d 5h 1m We used a Snag Ball and CAUGHT FLAAFFY!

0d 4h 59m Shadow Flaaffy!!

0d 4h 59m Street Performer Diogo shows us her moves! Well, the moves of Flaaffy and Shroomish, anyway.

0d 4h 58m Psyduck goes down on the next turn! Divel defeated!

0d 4h 58m We knock out the Quagsire

0d 4h 57m Quagsire in the red.

0d 4h 56m More attacks back and forth. Quagsire uses Shadow Rush!

[Fluff] Whoops, wrong time script. Kappa

92d 4h 55m We give Quagsire a light beating. Psyduck tries to disable but fails. Quagsire flinches.

92d 4h 54m VS Bandana Guy Divel! Quagsire and Psyduck

0d 4h 51m Hyper! Skiploom crits Slakoth with Shadow Rush! Chaser Calda defeated!

0d 4h 51m Switched Umbreon for Bayleef

0d 4h 50m Taillow goes down to an (Unnecessary) crit Shadow Rush!

0d 4h 50m Skiploom has gone into Hyper Mode!

0d 4h 49m Sentret goes down, Slakoth in its place.

0d 4h 48m Out of the hotel and back onto Pyrite. Between my internet acting up on me we are all of a sudden in another battle. Taillow and Sentret VS Skiploom and Umbreon!

0d 4h 47m [Fluff] Chat are asking to have another one-night stand with Rui. As I type this we are back in the hotel.

[Info] Current money: 1000P

0d 4h 44m We are asked if we want to spend another night for another 100P, but we decline. Bruh, we poor as it is.

0d 4h 43m We pay the 100P and checkpoint in Pyrite! Oh, and our Pokémon are also healed.

[Fluff] The hotel manager keeps staring at us as we walk back and forth across the lobby. Seems weird but makes sense given what we do.

[Info] Of course, we actually DO need to pay and spend the "night" at this hotel in order to checkpoint, so this is actually important.

0d 4h 39m Entered the Hotel. We decline the offer of a bed for 100P and decide to explore the rooms instead.

0d 4h 38m Whew. Got the times fixed. Anyhoo, we appear to be slowly crawling towards the hotel to checkpoint.

We have driven back to Pyrite Town.

92d 4h 31m Back in Phenac City.

[Fluff] BREAKING NEWS #106. Are they going for 200?!

[Snark] I wonder if the news has changed

92d 4h 17m Umbreon can't take it. Its down! (we black out)

[Info] We try calling Umbreon twice in a row.

92d 4h 15m Street Performer Diogo wants to battle. Umbreon VS Shadow Flaffy and Shroomish.

92d 4h 14m Umbreon just manages to KO the Ledyba. Rider Nova defeated.

92d 4h 12m Umbreon downs the Wingull and Levels up to 30! He doesn't learn Confuse Ray

92d 4h 9m The shadow Noctowl, in a last-ditch effort, KOs Baeleaf and itself. Enemy Wingull sent out.

92d 4h 6m Skiploom faints to recoil form it's own attack. Bayleaf sent out.

92d 4h 6m Baylead was replaced with Skiploom, who is now about to faint.

92d 4h 2m Battle with Rider Nova! Umbreon and Bayleaf VS Shadow Noctown and Ledyba!

[Fluff] Another guy calling this place Duel Square; unaware he is currently standing on the outer edge of a circle

92d 3h 53m Finalyl downed the Dustox. Leba defeated!

92d 3h 49m Oddish downed. Dustox sent out by the enemy.

Caught a Shadow Skiploom!

92d 3h 46m We try to catch the Skiploom, and fail. Umbreon goes down. Bayleef sent out.

92d 3h 43m Espeon and Umbreon VS Shadow Skiploom and Oddish

92d 3h 43m Rider Leba wants to battle in the duel square.... The duel square shaped like a circle.

[Info] We're just wandering around the dirty, diiirrrty town here. Atleast the music is great.

[Chat] SonOfAStar: since chat is moving so fast nobody will know that i fap to absolutely nothing in particular except naked lugias Kappa

[Snark] Now this is a catchy tune

[Chat] jazz it up └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐

[Info] And we head to Pyrite town! Rhythmic snapping fill the air.

[Snark] (Okay I think we made our point)

[Fluff] The workers tell us to go scram, so we head in further just to spite him. Even if this sin't our destination; we won't let him make us go.

[Info] We're able to leave this area, and are told to go to Pyrite town. Instead we go to a construction lot.

92d 3h 30m And the Spoink is close behind. Mystery Troop Bluno defeated!

92d 3h 30m The foes Grimer is down! Espeopn grows to level 27

92d 3h 29m We challenge Mystery Troop Bluno! Espeon and Umbreon VS a Grimer and Spoink

92d 3h 25m Muk uses sludge on Umbreon. Umbreon faints and we black out.

92d 3h 24m Our new Bayleaf fills Espeon's position, but isn't able to hold the fort past a turn. Bayleaf faints.

[Snark] Be a thief only when the opponent is a bigger theif.

[Snark] Don't be a thief! Or do be a thief, the game's not gonna stop you this time.

92d 3h 23m Caught a Bayleaf!

92d 3h 23m We throw a snag ball at Bayleaf!

92d 3h 22m Bayleaf is chipping away at Umbreon's hp, but we manage to counterattack.... before it stops listening to our commands.

92d 3h 21m Espeon is taken out by Bayleaf's tackle.

92d 3h 20m Battle with Mystery Troop Verde! Espeon and Umbreon vs Muk and Shadow Bayleaf!

[Info] We left the building. The chat seems content with 100... such casuals. :/.

[Chat] mahboi333: 100 PogChamp Discordiias: 100 Kappa jellosaur2: 100 PogChamp 100

[Snark] Don't tell them, but if they don't reach 200 they're a bunch of filthy casuals.

[Fluff] The chat seems to be counting. The goal being watching the news 100 times. 93 currently if they'e counting correct.

[Snark] The news station really needs to find new material to report on. We're back in a house trying to keep updated.

[Info] We just left the building, and seem to want a bath in the waterfall.

[Meta] Aaaand back to your regularly scheduled updates.... We're messing around with our shiny menus.

[Meta] Have to go for now, hopefully someone can take over soon.

0d 3h 1m still watching the same news broadcast on TV

0d 2h 55m More TV time!

0d 2h 54m Espeon uses Confusion on Spinarak and KOs it. Fight over, we finally win

0d 2h 53m Umbreon levels up to 29

0d 2h 52m Umbreon bites and KO's Shadow Makuhita rip

0d 2h 52m Used a Guard Spec. instead of a Poké Ball...

0d 2h 51m Umbreon bites Makuhita, it's down to RED

0d 2h 51m Makuhita down to about 1/3 health after Espeon's Return.

0d 2h 50m Umbreon bites and crits Makuhita. Takes out around 1/3 of its health.

0d 2h 50m Duskull fainted! Shadow Makuhita sent out again

0d 2h 46m Trudly time, take 4

0d 2h 46m Lotad down, Folly defeated! Espeon ISN'T FAINTED YET

0d 2h 45m Whismur down!

0d 2h 42m Battle initiated for the 4th time!

0d 2h 40m Back downstairs.

We've just received breaking news.

According to the arrested SNAGEM member, the smaller SNAG MACHINE is compact enough to be carried by a single person.

Wearing this machine transforms ordinary POKé BALLS into SNAG BALLS.

A SNAG BALL is an alarming device. It can actually steal POKéMON from their trainers.

It it hoped that the missing SNAGEM MACHINE will not be used for criminal purposes again.

0d 2h 37m TV TIME!

0d 2h 35m Approaching the TV...

0d 2h 34m We just went back up.

0d 2h 33m WE'RE DOWNSTAIRS but there's a TV here too you know.

[Fluff] It's fun how most of the music in the over world is all peaceful and silent, but then the news music comes on and blasts our eardrums.

0d 2h 26m Still watching TV.

[Snark] Are we sure we're not playing Pokémon Channel anymore?

0d 2h 21m We're watching the TV. Didn't we just spend a whole day doing that?

0d 2h 20m Wasted a turn by calling Umbreon. Aaaand Vital Throw KO's Umbreon rip again

0d 2h 19m Duskull fainted! Makuhita comes out again

0d 2h 19m Umbreon down to the red.

0d 2h 18m Trudly battle now 3rd time.

0d 2h 17m Lotad down, Folly defeated! Umbreon is at just under half health for the second fight.

0d 2h 17m Whismur down!

0d 2h 16m Umbreon is at about 60% health. Opponents are in the yellow.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm going to go to sleep now, try not to crash the stream

0d 2h 15m Espeon fainted from Whismur's uproar.

0d 2h 14m Espeon is down to red health after Umbreon and Whismur attack.

0d 2h 13m Umbreon used Secret Power on Espeon and got a crit.

[Info] We have to battle both Folly and Trudly every time, in that order.

0d 2h 12m rebattling Folly again, 3rd try.

0d 2h 12m We woke up in the same bed in the mayor's house. Pretty much we have to at least win here or we can't leave.

0d 2h 11m Duskull faints! Umbreon levels up to 28. Aaaand then Umbreon faints. white out!

0d 2h 9m Spinarak goes down! Shadow Makuhita sent out!

0d 2h 8m Trudly rebattle now! vs Duskull and Spinarak, Umbreon is all alone

0d 2h 8m Lotad down! Battle over! Umbreon has about half health.

0d 2h 7m Umbreon bit Espeon and Espeon fainted gg twitch

0d 2h 6m Finally KO'd Whismur.

0d 2h 2m We're pretty much using a bunch of non-damaging moves and making like no progress.

0d 2h 1m Umbreon bit Espeon.

0d 1h 58m rebattling Folly

0d 1h 58m We're wandering around in the mayor's house

0d 1h 56m We wake up in a bed

0d 1h 56m shadow rush from makuhita, Umbreon faints, we WHITE OUT!

0d 1h 56m Umbreon in the red!

0d 1h 55m Secret power on makuhita, spinarak used tackle, Espeon down!

0d 1h 54m Cross chop, Umbreon in the yellow, secret power on Espeon, Espeon in the red.

0d 1h 54m We can catch this mon!

0d 1h 54mShadow makuhita in!

0d 1h 53m Espeon used reflect, bitz on duskull, it goes down!

0d 1h 52m Night shade and Espeon is in the yellow.

0d 1h 52m another bite, on Espeon....

0d 1h 51m Spinarak and duskull, bite an dduskull's in the red

0d 1h 51m Now against miror b peon!

0d 1h 50m Reflect from Espeon, bite from Umbreon, loti is down, we defeated the snagem grunt Folly!

0d 1h 49m We try snagging a non shadow mon, the lotid. What do you want, aaaaaaa's a thief...

0d 1h 48m Bite from umbreo, lotad in the red!

0d 1h 46m Leech life from the lotid, and we try to changed our mon but we can't.

0d 1h 45m Lotid used astonish, reflect from Espeon, bite from Umbreon.

0d 1h 45m Uproar from Whismur, confusion from Espeon, Whismur's down!

0d 1h 44m We used reflect. the lotid used Growl.

0d 1h 44m Lotid and Whismur in!

0d 1h 44m they leave the house, only the snagem grunts are left battle engaged!

0d 1h 43m Miror b is here!

0d 1h Inside the mayor's house!

0d 1h 42m Since the town is in grave danger, we run aimlessly round. Obviously.

0d 1h 40m Something terrible is happening apprently.

0d 1h 40m Back to Phenac city

0d 1h 39m We got out of the Stand.

0d 1h 38m Even customers in the stand ship Rui and AAAAAAA... Got 5 Poké Balls!

[Snark] Someone in the stand just want some happy news. Well welcome to the world dude.

0d 1h 35m The snag machine is missing ( of course, since we stole it duh)

0d 1h 34m And watching the news again and again.

0d 1h 32m Now watching the news. They talk about a smaller Snag Machine that can transform any poké balls in Snag balls, aka balls that can steal mons. Perfect for us.

0d 1h 30m Entered the Stand.

0d 1h 28m Still running around. There's sooooo many things happening, wow...

0d 1h 24m Abd bow, back to the Outskirt Stand once more!

0d 1h 21m Still running around Phenac

0d 1h 18m Back to Phenac.

0d 1h 15m Back at the Outskirt Stand!

0d 1h 13m Now trying to leave Phenac

0d 1h 12m We left the shop.

0d 1h 7m Some random customers inform us that noone sells pokéballs here.

0d 1h 5m Now, we just bought 12 more Guard Specs We're broke.

0d 1h 4m Bought 3 Guard Specs

0d 1h 4m Currently trying to buy some items.

0d 1h 2m Currently on the second floor of the shop. We can seem to get the hold of his menu.

[Snark] Well, this sure was a very intense first hour right?

0d 1h 1m Guess what we're back to? Running around the city!

0d 0h 59m And in we go again! We're getting on so much action today!

0d 0h 59m Left the shop.

0d 0h 57m Running through the menu again.

0d 0h 56m Entered the shop.

0d 0h 55m Now, near the shop!

0d 0h 51m Back to running around and messing with our menu!

0d 0h 50m We leave the poké center without saving or healing.

0d 0h 49m People keep telling us to go save at the pc.

0d 0h 48m Turned the pc on, weirdly there's no pc sound at all...

0d 0h 47m And we turn it off!

0d 0h 46m Entered the pc!

0d 0h 46m Entered the Pokémon center.

0d 0h 45m Currently near the Poké Center. We need to go to the pc to save, and it's safe here because we only have 2 mons.

[Fluff] So.... We're Rui's "valiant prince"? Seems like flirting to me...

0d 0h 43m Rui tell us she doesn't mind about AAAAAAA's past, and we continue running around the town.

0d 0h 42m Confusion again, Koffing faints! we beat thesnagem grunt, Wakin, and Espeon up to ls.26!

0d 0h 41m Confusion from Espeon, another bite from Umbreon, Corpish is dead.

0d 0h 40m Battle engaged! the eeveelutions against a koofing and a Corpsih!

0d 0h 40m We leave the stadium, some guys from team snagem meets with us. We learn more about aaaaaaa past, and that he is a traitor to team snagem, and formerly the best there was in that team.

0d 0h 39m We need to come back later if we want to challenge the Stadium.

0d 0h 38m We go up some stairs, and enter the Stadium.

0d 0h 36m Still running around Phenac City.

[Info] The red boxes we can find on the ground are objects.

0d 0h 33m Found a super potion!

0d 0h 32m We check up the menu again. It's definitely fascinating.

0d 0h 30m We leave the house.

0d 0h 29m Mayor Es Cade introduce himself, and Rui speaks about weird looking Pokémon who attacked people. The Mayor promise to start and investigation. He recommends the stadium/gym to us.

0d 0h 29m We see a strange man leaving the Mayor's house, and we enter it.

0d 0h 28m Left the gym!

0d 0h 26m Still running around in the gym, opening again and again the menu...

0d 0h 24m We left the gym, only to enter it again.

0d 0h 23m Inside the gym!

[Fluff] 2043 person currently on the stream!

0d 0h 21m We're near the shop.

0d 0h 20m Messing around with the menu.

[Info] We need the pc to save this time guys. Nothing is safe this gen Kappa

0d 0h 19m Walking to the mayor's house.


0d 0h 18m Rui joins us, and we go to see the mayor.

0d 0h 17m Named rui well... RUI

0d 0h 17m Rui appears

0d 0h 17m They leave after some people gather around. We try to open the sack.

0d 0h 16m Confusion again, the other whismur faints, we beat them!

0d 0h 16m Confusion from espeon, a whismur is down.

0d 0h 15m Whismur and whismur against the eeveelutions!

0d 0h 15m We meet the 2 strange men with the sack again! battle engaged against them!

0d 0h 14m Arrived at Phenac city!

0d 0h 14m Currently trying to go to Phenac city.

0d 0h 13m He talks to us about Phenac city!

0d 0h 12m the second zizagoong is down, willie defeated!

0d 0h 10m Left the place,challenged to a battle by willie!

0d 0h 10m Left the place,** challeanged to a battle by willie!**

[Info] Umbreon is Adamant and espeon is Carefull

92d 0h 9m Currently talking to some people inside the restaurant.

[Info] Umbreon's 26, espeon is 25 and both are male.

92d 0h 8m Entered the bar, and watching the tv. We learn that team snagem headquarters blew up.

92d 0h 7m We look at a weirdly skirming sack while 2 weirds guy leave the station.

92d 0h 6m We arrive at the Outskirt place, and look through our mon, an umbreon and espeon.

92d 0h 5m Finally, in story mode, we start by a cut scene and AAAAAAA stealing the snag machine and exploding something!

0d 0h 4m Named wes AAAAAAA

0d 0h 4m Back at the title screen

0d 0h 3m We choose.... Colosseum battle again.

0d 0h 3m Manual Reset from Streamer!

0d 0h 1m Currently choosing a team for a battle between Thomas and Eldora!

0d 0h 0m We're in stadium mode!

0d 0h 0m And the game started!



1 minutes left!


10 minutes left! Time to get HYPED!

15 minutes of title screen left!