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Twitch Plays Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

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[Chat] And now it's not, as the "will resume shortly" screen appears.

[Chat] Chat's now in R9K mode, and also sub mode.

[Info] Specifically #6.

8d 4h 32m And now it's Mario Party.

[Info] Stream went offline, with a Mario party style screen. "We'll be right back!"

[Chat] is screaming for PBR. Calm down guys, it's coming.

[Chat] Pokémon MingLee: duDudu of TriHard

[Snark] NB4 24 hr Title screen time. Kappa

8d 4h 23m Am I late? tppSlowpoke

8d 4h 22m We're currently watching the title screen and game demo play again and again, and chat's counting it.

8d 4h 15m Inputs are down, possibly intentionally.

8d 4h 15m We are back to the title screen.

[Chat] IWATA BibleThump

Well played TPP. Well played! Happy ending all around! Congratulations!

8d 4h 12m Game saved! Credits roll!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 4h 10m Ardos and Eldes walk in and say stuff and things. Then they walk away idk what happened there. Next we find ourselves outside on Citadark Isle, the seas are no longer stormy and the sky is clear. People everywhere are cheering for our victory.

8d 4h 11m The sun comes out. People everywhere are cheering...

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Sad music = BibleThumps everywhere

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


8d 4h 8m Blizzard from Walrein, Exeggutor and Articuno down, Zapdos sent in! LAST MON!

8d 4h 8m Claydol down

8d 4h 7m Claydol sent in.

8d 4h 6m Walrein sent in. Giga Drain from Shiftry puts Articuno at just under half health, Shiftry down.

[Info] Shiftry, Claydol, and Walrein are left, all at full health.

8d 4h 5m Another Water Pulse from Sharpedo onto Articuno, another Shadow Chill. Sharpedo down

8d 4h 4m Shiftry sent in.

8d 4h 4m Water Pulse from Sharpedo onto Articuno, doesn't do much. Swalot down to Shadow Chill

8d 4h 3m Tauros down to a crit Water Pulse from Sharpedo! Articuno sent in!

8d 4h 2m Rhydon down, Tauros in.

8d 4h 2m Sharpedo sent in.

8d 4h 2m Ampharos down.

8d 4h 1m MOLTRES DOWN, Swalot to lv.48. Exeggutor sent in

8d 4h 0m Versys Grand Master Greevil, Rhydon and Moltres against Ampharos and Swalot.

8d 3h 55m Sharpedo down. Claydol's our last mon left, and spamming Cosmic Power. Claydol down, white out.

8d 3h 54m Exeggutor down, Tauros in.

8d 3h 53m Sharpedo is sent out.

8d 3h 45m Claydol is sent in, Shiftry down to Shadow Fire

8d 3h 44m Walrein down to Shadow Fire. rip gg

8d 3h 43m Rhydon down, Exeggutor in.

8d 3h 42m Walrein is sent in.

8d 3h 41m Swalot down, Shiftry sent in. Ampharos down to Shadow Fire

8d 3h 39m Versus Greevil, Rhydon and Moltres against Ampharos and Swalot. So nothing's changed.

8d 3h 34m It appears we're trying to switch around our party members. Nothing's happened quite yet.

8d 3h 29m Walrein down to Shadow Sky and burn damage. White out.

8d 3h 28m Exeggutor down, Tauros sent in.

8d 3h 27m Sharpedo down.

8d 3h 27m Walrein sent in.

8d 3h 26m Skull Bash lands on Claydol, it goes down.

8d 3h 26m Ultra Ball thrown at Exeggutor, no catch. Sharpedo prepares Skull Bash, gets hit with Shadow Fire, still hangs on.

8d 3h 25m Sharpedo is sent in.

8d 3h 24m Shiftry down

8d 3h 23m Rhydon down, Exeggutor in.

8d 3h 21m Shiftry was switched out for Claydol, Swalot down to Shadow Fire. Shiftry sent back in

8d 3h 20m Shiftry is sent in.

8d 3h 20m Ampharos down

8d 3h 18m Versus Greevil, Rhydon and Moltres against Ampharos and Swalot.

[Info] We lost 3 times now

8d 3h 13m Walrein down to Shadow Fire, white out.

[Fluff] They're all Shadow 'mon so I probably won't bold when they are sent out.

8d 3h 12m Shiftry down, only Walrein is left. Rhydon goes down to Hail damage, Exeggutor sent in.

8d 3h 11m Shiftry sent in.

[Snark] We hit Sheer Cold!... on our Claydol! MingLee

8d 3h 9m Claydol down.

8d 3h 8m Walrein sent in.

8d 3h 6m Sharpedo and Ampharos down

8d 3h 5m Swalot down, Claydol in.

8d 3h 3m Versus Greevil again, Rhydon and Moltres sent out against Ampharos and Swalot.

8d 3h 1m Shiftry down, white out. We're back in the complex though, so we can try again as many times as we want.

8d 3h 0m Threw an Ultra Ball at Moltres, didn't catch. Claydol down to Shadow Fire

[Info] Im lagging due to the newcomers and someone else will take over once we lose this run, im sorry

8d 2h 59m We throw a failed Ultra Ball on Exeggutor and Moltress has no chill and uses Shadow Fire on Sharpedo

8d 2h 59m We throw a failed Ultra Ball on Exeggutor and Moltress has no chill and uses Shadow Fire on Sharpedo

8d 2h 58m Threw Ultra Ball at Exeggutor, didn't catch. Sharpedo prepares a Skull Bash, but it faints to Shadow Fire.

8d 2h 58m We beat his Rhydon with Sharpedo but Moltress beats up Swalot and we send in Claydol

8d 2h 57m He destroys Ampharos and we send in Walrein and after multiple hits of Shadow Fire and Shadow End Walrein faints without hitting a Blizzard

8d 2h 56m We go back up to Greevil

8d 2h 52m Moltres uses Shadow Fire on Shifty and we use Bullet Seed on Exeguttor, we use Cosmic Power and the eggs use Shadoe End to end Shiftry, next turn Claydol faints too

8d 2h 51m We send in Shiftry and use Cosmic Power

8d 2h 49m VS Grand Master Greevi;, he sends in Shadow Moltres and Rhydon, we use Blizzard which takes out Rhydon instantly and Moltres to half, claydol is level 45 and Walrein 67, he sends in Shadow Exeguttor, Moltres uses Shadow Fire to take out Walrein

8d 2h 47m Lugia uses Shadow Blast on Claydol and we use Sheer Cold to kill Lugia, rip

8d 2h 46m We throw another Ultra ball which fails and it uses Shadow Blast on Walrein which tanks with 5hp and Claydol uses Psybeam

8d 2h 46m We throw a failed Ultra Ball and it uses Shadow Blast on Claydol which tanks it and we use Missed Sheer Cold

8d 2h 45m Shadow Lugia uses Shadow Blast on Walrein and we tank it, we try to use Sheer Cold and Miss, more Cosmic Power

8d 2h 44m It uses Shadow Blast **and instantly takes out Swalot and we send in Walrein, Claydol uses Cosmic Power

8d 2h 43m Vs Shadow Lugia, we send in Claydol and Swalot

8d 2h 43m Greevil summons Shadow Lugia AKA XD001

8d 2h 42m We go right back and to Greevil

8d 2h 38m We try to heal but overshoot and go down through Gorigon's elevator

8d 2h 36m We find a Max Revive

8d 2h 35m We give an Ultra Ball to Walrein

[Info] Shadow Salamence is female, Level 50+. Shadow Lapras is female, lvl 44+.

8d 2h 32m We throw a Ultra Ball and catch Lapras!!, Eldes defeated!

8d 2h 31m We throw another Ultra Ball that fails and use Toxic again, Lapras uses Shadow storm on Walrein

8d 2h 30m He sends in Shadow Marowak and Lapras, we use Blizzatd and KO Marowak (rip) and Lapras dodges it but gets hit by Toxic

8d 2h 29m We throw an Ultra Ball and catch Salamence! and he sends in Flygon, Manectric uses Shadow End on Walrein and we use Blizzard to beat both of his mons

8d 2h 28m Salamence uses Shadow Rush again and rips Sharpedo, we send in Walrein, Manectric misses again and we spam Toxic

8d 2h 27m Salamence uses Shadow Rush and Ampharos faints we send in Sharpedo, Manectric misses and we Toxic Manectric

8d 2h 25m Shadow Salamence is sent in and we use Toxic on it

8d 2h 24m Ninjask uses Dig and Manectric uses Shadow Sky, second turn we use Thunder to beat up Ninjask and Manectric misses

8d 2h 23m Vs Cipher Admin Eldes, Swalot and Ampharos vs Ninjask and Shadow Manectric

8d 2h 23m and up the second one, we are preparing for Eldes

8d 2h 20m We go down the elevator

8d 2h 18m Manectric uses a critical Shadow End to defeat Walrein, we white out and wake up at the last healing place where the wall Greevil built was

8d 2h 17m Manectric uses Shadow End again and we use a Sheer Cold that misses, Flygon uses Double Edge

8d 2h 16m Eldes sends in Shadow Salamence which uses Shadow Rush and Manectric uses Shadow End which misses, We use Blizzard that KO's Salamence but it misses on Manectric, Eldes sends in Flygon and we run out of Blizzard pp

8d 2h 15m Ninjask uses Silver Wind on Sharpedo to take it down and gets the omniboost again, we send in Walrein, Manectric uses Shadow End to bring Shiftry to 5hp and he retaliates with a Bullet Seed on Ninjask that doesnt kill, but shadow Sky ends Shiftry and Ninjask

8d 2h 13m We throw a Timer Ball on Manectric that fails and Ninjask uses Silver Wind to take Claydol to 4hp and Manectric uses Shadow End to defeat Claydol we send in Shiftry

8d 2h 12m Ninjask uses Silver Wind on Claydol and Skull Bash doesnt end Ninjask, Manectric misses and Claydol uses Cosmic Power

8d 2h 11m He sends in Shadow Manectric and ninjask which used Silver Wind on Sharpedo and got stat boost, Sharpedo used Skull Bash and Manectric uses Shadow Sky, Claydol used Cosmic Power

8d 2h 10m We go up and fight Admin Eldes

[Chat] ‹Baffan› Hellevator

8d 2h 10m We go down and up and down and up

8d 2h 9m We go up the second elevator

8d 2h 9m Walrein uses Blizzard and beats Kolax for beating up his friends

8d 2h 7m We throw a Snag Ball on Dugtrio and it fails, Shadow Dugtrio beats up Ampharos

8d 2h 6m He sends in Shadow Dugrio as his last mon

8d 2h 6m Our Ampharos decided to Thunder our Swalot twice and faint it

8d 2h 2m Vs Cipher Peon Kolax

8d 2h 1m We go down the elevator that Gorigon came through

8d 1h 58m We heal twice to be sure

8d 1h 57m We heal again

[Info] Master Shadow Poliwrath is Level 42+, female

8d 1h 55m We use one more Sheer Cold that hits his Walrein and we defeat Gorigon

8d 1h 55m We throw a Timer Ball that fails on mime and use Sheer Cold to get rid of the mime and his walrein does the same thing

8d 1h 54m We throw the Master Ball on Poliwrath and catch it, he sends in Shadow Mr Mime we try to Sheer Cold it but miss, his Walrein uses Double Edge again on our Walrein

8d 1h 53m We use Blizzard again and hit both and we faint Aggron but Walrein doesnt even flinch, he sends in Shadow Poliwrath, we use Torment and Walrein Double Edge's our Walrein

8d 1h 52m Aggron uses Protect and we Blizzard that missed Walrein, Walrein uses Earthquake but it barely does damage to us

8d 1h 52m We send in Walrein and Shiftry, Walrein uses Blizzard and beats up Ursaring, he sends in his own Walrein and we use Torment on Aggron which used Iron Tail on Walrein that did like 30hp

8d 1h 51m We try to Thunder Ursaring but it protects and Toxic doesnt affect aggron which uses Earthquake, we then miss Thunder on Aggron and Ursaring uses Slash on it and gets Static paralyzed, Aggron uses Earthquake to defeat both our mons

8d 1h 50m Aggron uses Protect whichthunder and Txoic dont affect, Ursaring uses Slash on Swalot

8d 1h 49m Ursaring Protects and we Thunder kill Slowking, he sends in Aggron and we use Sludge on it

8d 1h 49m Vs Admin Gorigan, he sends in Slowking and Ursaring

8d 1h 48m We heal

8d 1h 47m We enter the Massive Ship and ignore the Heal Machine and watch Greevil on a chair with a creepy smile, he then brings up a glass wall and blocks us from him

8d 1h 44m Walrein levels up to 66 and we beat Ardos

[Info] Electabuzz is male, level 43+.

8d 1h 44m We throw a Nest Ball on Electabuzz and catch it! and miss Sheer Cold, Snorlax uses Shadow End again and Walrein is at red hp, we use Sheer Cold and end Snorlax

8d 1h 42m Walrein misses Sheer Cold again and Ampharos uses Thunder Wave on Electabuzz, Snorlax uses Shadow End and Electabuzz uses Shadow Mist again

8d 1h 41m We throw a Nest Ball at Snorlax which fails and Sheer Cold misses Electabuzz, Snorlax uses Shadow End on Walreon which does little but SNorlax loses almost half of its HP, Electabuzz uses Shadow Mist on us which decreases Evasion

8d 1h 40m Walrein uses blizzard but it misses both mon, Thunder hits Electabuzz again and Snorlax Missed Shadow End, Electabuzz is paralyzed

8d 1h 39m Walrein uses Blizzard to double KO Heracross and Alakazam, Ampharos levels up to 48, Shadow Electabuzz and Snorlax are sent in, Ampharos uses Thunder on Electabuzz which gets paralyzed

8d 1h 38m Alakzam uses ICe Punch on Claydol and Ampharos spams another Thunder on Heracross but it lives, Claydol sets up Cosmic Power to try and tank Heracross' Megahorn but it ripped, we send in Walrein

[Info] Shadow Sky is Hail but doesnt affect Shadow mon

8d 1h 37m Alakazam uses Psychic to end Swalot and we send in Claydol, Ampharos uses Thunder to beat Kingdra and he sends in Heracross

8d 1h 36m Shadow Swellow used Shadow Sky and Alakzam used Psychic on Swalot but she survived and Ampharos used Thunder to fnihs Swellow and Swalot levels up to 47 and uses Sludge on the upcoming Kingdra, Shadow Sky hurts every mon in the field

8d 1h 35m We go back up and Admin Ardos challenges us with Alakazam and Swellow

8d 1h 32m We heal using the heal machine from the start of the base

8d 1h 27m We now have a checkpoint to skip the puzzles entirely

8d 1h 26m rip Kleef, he literally vanished

8d 1h 26m We defeat Kleef's Blissey after 3 Blizzards from Walrein

8d 1h 22m Kleef's full hp Weezing used Memento so chat...

[Chat] KAPOW

8d 1h 21m Sharpedo uses Skull Bash on our own Claydol and it faints

[Snark] there was a shortcut and we had to do the cranes and holes?! NotLikeThis

[Info] We now have a shortcut up to the top of this mountain in the elevator we just took.

8d 1h 17m We go down Snattle's elevator and Kleef wants to fight

8d 1h 17m rip Pioxys waifu NightBat

8d 1h 16m We call Claydol again and use critical Blizzard on Starmie, Snattle is done for and payed us 4k$

8d 1h 15m We call Claydol and use Blizzard which beats up Quagsire and misses Starmie

8d 1h 15m We throw a Nest Ball on Starmie which fails, it uses Shadow Break on Walrein again and Claydol uses Cosmic Power again, Quagsire uses Waterfall that does little damage on Claydol

8d 1h 14m We use Blizzard and Starmie uses Shadow Break on Walrein, Claydol sets up Cosmic Power while Quagsire uses Waterfall on it

[Chat] NightBat

8d 1h 13m We miss Sheer Cold and Castform uses Flamethrower on Ampharos (2hp) and Quagsire finishes Ampharos with a Mud Shot, Shadow Starmie sent in and we send in Claydol

8d 1h 12m We send in Shiftry, We use a Sheer Cold that misses and Torment Scizor, it uses Silver Wind to finish off Shiftry, We send in Ampharos And we Use a Sheer Cold that rips Scizor and is replaced by a Shadow Solrock that gets Thunder'd and rekt, Quagsire misses a Mud Shot

8d 1h 9m We try to Sheer Cold but miss, Scizor uses Metal Claw on Swalot and Quagsire finishes Swalot with a Mud Shot

8d 1h 8m We use a Sheer Cold that decimates Metang and Sludge on the upcoming Scizor, Quagsire hits Mud Shot on Swalot

8d 1h 7m We switch Ampharos for Walrein and use Sludge on Metang, Metang uses Psychic on Walrein and Quagsire uses Mud Shot that misses on Swalot

8d 1h 7m Anarchy is back and a cutscene showed that Snattle coming up from an elevator and sent a Metang and Quagsire

8d 1h 5m We ride an elevator to the peak of the mountain

8d 1h 4m We save

[Info] I did not imply that demo is boring or is exciting, i was just trying to make a joke

8d 0h 59m We wreck it and Exploud together, rip Leden

8d 0h 57m He sends in a Shadow Chansey

8d 0h 57m We kill it with a Thunder

8d 0h 56m he sends in Shadow Scyther

8d 0h 54m Vs Cipher Peon Leden

8d 0h 53m 'obligatory demo is slow and boring' We just solving this puzzle

8d 0h 33m Democracy Activated

8d 0h 30m The place is diagonal which is why its hard

[Info/Snark] Revo has said a lot of things. He also doesn't seem to be talking in chat anymore...

8d 0h 25m Fell down again.

[Info] Revo said 4 hours until demo, which is 3 hours and a half now

Do you like cranes? Do you like that once you beat them it leads you to holes that makes u go back to them? TPP's your place!

8d 0h 20m Fell down.

8d 0h 19m We're back in the holes room.

[Info/Streamer] Revo is counting the number of times we fall down before he turns on Democracy again. We have 3 left.

8d 0h 15m Fell down again.

8d 0h 15m Back in the lights room.

8d 0h 11m Fell down a hole. We landed on the same platform where the elevator is, so it's not much problem.

8d 0h 9m Then back up the elevator.

8d 0h 6m Went up the elevator on the other side of the crame puzzle, then back down the elevator.

[Snark] That was quick

7d 23h 50m Stream is back

7d 23h 50m Stream is down

[Info] Revo turned it off, we love you too revo TriHard

[Info] ProjectRevoTPP: Well, keep trying anarchy for a few hours, if it hasnt by then I will enable democracy

7d 23h 38m Anarchy Mode randomly activated near a hole

7d 23h 27m We save

[Fluff] We now have a fully evolved team <3

7d 23h 24m Gulpin evolves into Swalot

7d 23h 23m We use a Rare Candy on Gulpin, its level is 46

7d 23h 17m We take a Rare Candy from Shiftry

[Snark] Watch the PJSalt fall

7d 23h 8m Democracy mode activated!

7d 22h 55m We then fall

7d 22h 54m We go up to the second part of the room and open a chest and find 4 Full Heals

7d 22h 40m We used cranes 200 times now!

7d 22h 6m We find 2 Revives in a chest

7d 22h 5m Never mind, we fell on another hole in the second room

7d 22h 5m Just as i say that we go to the other part of the room!

7d 22h 2m I ran out of creative ways to say that we still didnt pass this hellhole

7d 21h 30m Looks Around Anyone here? if so i bring news, its news so old it turned for NEWs to OLDs, and its that we are still at cranes and holes

7d 20h 56m We delete Shiftry's Facade for torment

7d 20h 50m We open a chest to find a Max Revive

7d 20h 49m We fell on a pit!

7d 20h 48m You have 1 minute to guess what we are doing now, respond to this by posting in the daily dscussion thread saying 'We are doing XXX /u/mega-charizard'

7d 20h 26m More cranes and pit falls

7d 20h 7m Craaaaanes!

7d 19h 41m Saved!

7d 19h 39m We teach Shiftry Facade for the price of Pound

7d 19h 37m We use a Rare Candy on Shiftry and it gets to level 49

7d 19h 30m Miror B Radar

[Info] We gave another Rare Candy to our new Ampharos. To hold.

[Info] First candy on cladol got him to 42 sorry

7d 19h 9m More candy on Claydol, 44

7d 19h 9m We use another candy on Claydol and it gets to 43


7d 19h 7m We use a Rare Candy on Flaaffy and it gets to level 47, IT EVOLVES SINCE WE CANT CANCEL IT!

7d 18h 57m We keep falling from the holes back to the cranes

7d 18h 41m We play with cranes

7d 18h 17m We reach the crane room

7d 18h 5m We open a chest and find 2 Max Potions

7d 18h 4m We go to the platform place

7d 17h 56m We go up an elevator

7d 17h 34m We walk around trying to go to the crane room

7d 17h 23m We healed with a machine

7d 17h 17m We go to Citidark Isle

7d 17h 15m We board the Robo Kyogre

7d 17h 12m We go to Gateon Port

7d 17h 11m Chobin status = rekt

7d 17h 8m We send in Walrein which Sheer Cold's the Tropuis

7d 17h 6m Flaafy faints to Gyarados's Dragon Rage and he sends in Tropuis

7d 17h 5m More Thunders and we defeat Skiploom

7d 17h 5m We defeat Sunflora with Multiple Thunders, he sends in Skiploom

7d 17h 1m We challenge Chobin with his Robo Groudon, he sends in Sinflora and Gyarados level 38

7d 16h 53m Now to Kaminko's Spoopy house

7d 16h 50m We go to the lab

7d 16h 38m We go to Mt Battle

[Chat] Cheese MingLee

7d 16h 32m We go to a Poke Spot

7d 16h 28m Party Lead: Flaaffy, Gulpin

7d 16h 25m We leave the daycare

7d 16h 25m We get it back

7d 16h 23m We get it back but leave Shiftry instead

[Info] We left Walrein in

7d 16h 22m We go back in

7d 16h 21m We put a mon in the daycare and leave the house

7d 16h 15m We go to the daycare

7d 16h 9m We mess with menu's

7d 16h 7m We go to Agate

7d 16h 7m We went to Cave Poke Spot

7d 16h 4m We now want to leave Mt Battle

7d 15h 59m We leave it

[Chat] Shottrick: grinding won't save us from the cranes

7d 15h 58m We take the Mt Battle Challenge

7d 15h 55m Driven to Mt. Battle.

7d 15h 52m At the Rock Poké Spot.

[Fluff] I mean Pokémon HQ Lab, not the Cipher one.

7d 15h 50m Driven to the Lab.

7d 15h 50m Driven to Kaminko's house, the Miror B radar goes off again.

7d 15h 31m Drove to Realgam, then to Pyrite.

7d 15h 25m At the SS Libra.

7d 15h 23m Then to Kaminko's house.

7d 15h 23m Back at Pyrite.

7d 15h 23m At Gateon Port now.

7d 15h 18m In Pyrite now.

7d 15h 14m Driven to Gateon Port.

7d 15h 10m Banette down, Dusclops in, Flaaffy down, white out, back to the lab

7d 15h 10m Shiftry down.

7d 14h 56m Gulpin and Baltoy down, Shiftry and Flaaffy sent in.

7d 14h 55m Versus Cipher Peon Gromlet, Banette and Sableye sent out against Baltoy and Gulpin.

7d 14h 53m Obtained three Rare Candies.

7d 14h 48m We got an item but I did not see what it was.

7d 14h 44m We're back at the room with the floating platforms.

7d 14h 22m We save

7d 14h 12m Obtained three Timer Balls

7d 14h 6m We fell down the hole again.

7d 14h 5m Went up the elevator into the lights room.


7d 13h 40m It seems there are big blue lights on the floor that we can't step on, if we do we fall back into the cranes room. This is going to be fun for Twitch to try and do.

7d 13h 39m Went back up the elevator at the end of the puzzle.

7d 13h 27m We seem to be back in the crane room.

7d 13h 25m Lickitung down, Magneton goes down too and Cipher Peon Geftal is defeated.

7d 13h 23m Gulpin down, Shiftry sent in.

[Info] We missed 4 Blizzards on Magneton which is why he isnt dead

[Snark] Walrein fainted?! We lose kappa

7d 13h 20m Blizzard is out of PP. Walrein down to a Thunder from Magneton. Gulpin is sent in.

7d 13h 20m Lanturn down, Shadow Lickitung sent in.

7d 13h 19m Baltoy was then sent in.

7d 13h 16m Sharpedo down.

7d 13h 14m Went through that puzzle, then up an elevator, then a Cipher Peon jumps out from nowhere. Versus Cipher Peon Geftal, Lanturn and Magneton against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 13h 5m We've ridden down another elevator, there's a whole lot of crane puzzles here.

7d 13h 3m Taken the elevator up to the floaty moving platforms area again.

7d 12h 53m Healed!

7d 12h 46m Seems we're heading back to heal.

7d 12h 42m The Walrein is switched out into Shiftry, Baltoy faints. Sharpedo fainted earlier, too. Walrein is sent in, Altaria down, Shiftry to lv. 48, Roselia down, Cipher Peon Jaymi defeated.

7d 12h 40m Vileplume down, Altaria in.

7d 12h 38m Smeargle goes down, and Vileplume is sent in.

7d 12h 38m Yanma down, Smeargle in.

7d 12h 37m Cipher Peon Jaymi then jumps out from nowhere and challenges us. Roselia and Yanma sent out against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 12h 37m We ride it down, and step off in time!

7d 12h 36m We're now trying to get onto the moving up-and-down platform on the other side of the rock platform where the elevator is.

7d 12h 34m We went onto the first platform, ran over onto the second platform for a second, then went back to the first, then to the elevator/start.

7d 12h 34m We went back onto the first moving platform, then to the start of the puzzle/the elevator.

7d 12h 33m We cross over, it takes us a long way down, then right back up. And down again. And up again.

7d 12h 32m We go up the elevator that the Peons were guarding. There are moving floating platforms we have to cross over, this might be tricky for us.

7d 12h 30m Shadow Hitmonlee down in one hit to Skull Bash, Walrein to lv.65. Skarmory down, Cipher Peon Petro defeated.

7d 12h 30m Gulpin down, Walrein sent back in.

7d 12h 27m Hariyama goes down, Shadow Hitmonlee sent in.

7d 12h 26m Gulpin is currently on the field, Walrein was switched out.

7d 12h 25m Metang goes down, and Hariyama is sent in.

7d 12h 23m Grumpig down, Sharpedo to lv.50. Metang sent in.

7d 12h 22m Versus Cipher Peon Petro again, Grumpig and Skarmory sent out against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 12h 20m Healed our party.

7d 12h 17m We're near the passageway we were at earlier, the one with the elevator that takes us to the other lava room and the Peons with the Hitmons.

7d 12h 12m Obtained two White Herbs

7d 12h 8m We're back down in the lava puzzle boxes room.

7d 12h 5m Ninjask down to Skull Bash, Cipher Peon Grason defeated.

7d 12h 5m Mawile down.

7d 12h 4m Sandslash down, Mawile in.

7d 12h 3m Absol down, Sandslash sent in.

7d 12h 3m Versus Cipher Peon Grason, Absol and Ninjask sent out against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 12h 1m Currently on the other side of the whirlpool room.

7d 11h 50m We are back at Citadark Isle, we just went indoors.

[Fluff] Updater's going to be taking a short break, we will return soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

7d 11h 38m We are outside.

7d 11h 29m Miror B radar goes off.

7d 11h 22m We walk through the sliding door, Krane tells us to open the item box sitting on the ground next to him. We obtained the Master Ball.

7d 11h 21m We walk down those stairs, Krane walks through a sliding door. We wander around some more.

7d 11h 18m We walk over to Professor Krane, he tells us that he has something for us and we should go down some stairs. We wander around for a bit instead.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: haven't checked on the stream in a few days, it has been too hot so I've been spending each day napping

7d 10h 44m Walrein down, white out. We are back to the lab.

7d 10h 44m Metang went down, Hariyama sent in, Skarmory down, Shadow Hitmonlee sent in.

7d 10h 40m Grumpig down to Sheer Cold, Metang sent in.

7d 10h 39m Versus Cipher Peon Petro, Grumpig and Skarmory against Walrein and Shiftry.

7d 10h 39m Golem down to Sheer Cold, defeated, Cipher Peon Karbon.

7d 10h 38m Shiftry sent in.

7d 10h 30m Hitmonchan down. Flaaffy was sent in after Baltoy fainted. Flaaffy down to Rollout, Golem is now paralyzed by Static.

7d 10h 29m Baltoy down too.

7d 10h 28m Gulpin faints, Baltoy sent in.

7d 10h 27m Xatu down, Gulpin to lv.45. Shadow Hitmonchan sent in.

7d 10h 26m Medicham down, Xatu in.

7d 10h 24m Versus Cipher Peon Karbon, Medicham and Golem sent out against Walrein and Gulpin.

7d 10h 21m Obtained two full restores

7d 10h 20m Sharpedo down to burn damage. Mantine down, Cipher Peon Kolin defeated.

7d 10h 18m Torkoal down, Tropius in.

7d 10h 16m Cacturne down, Torkoal in. Ninetales down, Walrein to lv.64. Mantine sent in.

7d 10h 15m Versus Cipher Peon Kolin, Cacturne and Ninetales sent in.

7d 10h 15m Muk and Magcargo down, Cipher Peon Kolest defeated.

7d 10h 13m Threw an Ultra Ball at Rapidash, it is caught. Lv. 40+ and female, Shadow Magcargo sent in.

7d 10h 11m Blizzard misses both of them, though they are on very low health. Pound from Shiftry takes out Camerupt, Shadow Rapidash sent in.

7d 10h 10m Weezing down, Muk in.

7d 10h 9m Versus Cipher Peon Kolest, Camerupt and Weezing sent out against Walrein and Sharpedo, who is switched our for Shiftry.

7d 10h 8m And we went down it. We can see a few Cipher Peons/trainers, and a few item boxes.

7d 10h 7m Walking around outside of the elevator. We took it earlier, it's just more lava.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: PogChamp

7d 10h 6m Inputs are fixed.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: up

[Chat] boring_borin: WE DID IT! WE KILLED THE PC!

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: the PC ran out of space again, database crashed

7d 9h 58m The game has been manually saved.

7d 9h 55m They're still frozen by the way.

7d 9h 53m It appears the inputs froze but Deku is here to fix it.

7d 9h 49m Back in the passageway.

7d 9h 46m Entered a passageway. There's another elevator here, and a PC right next to it. We walk out of the passageway.

7d 9h 43m Sharpedo and Zangoose are sent in, and both go down. Sunflora sent in, Sheer Cold hits it, it goes down, Cipher Peon Kimly defeated.

7d 9h 42m Versus Cipher Peon Kimly, Mightyena and Stantler against Walrein and Sharpedo. Double Intimidate activates, but Blizzard takes them both out easily. Sharpedo to lv.49.

7d 9h 41m Healed our party!

7d 9h 38m Saved the game!

7d 9h 37m There's a healing machine here.

7d 9h 35m We walked through the entrance that was only accessible by pushing a box in the lava, we are now in another room. There's more lava here.

7d 9h 35m Vileplume down to Sheer Cold, Cipher Peon Grupel defeated.

7d 9h 34m Threw an Ultra Ball, Pinsir caught! Lv.35 and female

7d 9h 32m Magmar down to Sheer Cold. Shadow Pinsir sent in.

7d 9h 32m Ninetales down, Vileplume in, Houndoom down, Shadow Magmar in.

7d 9h 30m Versus Cipher Peon Grupel again, Houndoom and Ninetales sent out.

7d 9h 29m The blocks that we pushed into the lava earlier are still there.

7d 9h 28m Back in the lava room.

7d 9h 24m We're back at the whirlpool room.

7d 9h 13m And then we go inside.

7d 9h 11m Instead of going inside the room like we did the first time, we try to enter an elevator. It doesn't open.

7d 9h 9m Ridden the Robo Kyogre back over to Citadark Isle!

7d 9h 8m Miror B radar goes off, right as we're about to head back to Citadark.

[Snark] Back to Realgam in 3...2...

7d 9h 5m In Gateon Port!

7d 9h 2m Driven to Pyrite, then back to Realgam.

7d 9h 1m In Phenac. Seems we're trying to get back to Gateon Port.

7d 8h 51m And back at Realgam.

7d 8h 51m In Pyrite.

7d 8h 48m We are now at Kaminko's house.

7d 8h 37m Obtained a Carbos

7d 8h 19m And back to Realgam.

7d 8h 9m Driven to Kaminko's.

7d 8h 3m Now at Realgam Tower

7d 8h 2m Back at the Outskirt Stand.

7d 7h 57m In Phenac City. The Cipher takeover music isn't here anymore, and it's just like it was in Colosseum.

7d 7h 56m It seems we saved the game.

7d 7h 37m At the SS Libra.

7d 7h 33m We now have 79 Ultra Balls in our inventory, and are out of money. So since we had five before, we bought 74.

7d 7h 32m Sold two Nest Balls and two Ultra Balls, now we have one Nest and five Ultra

7d 7h 31m There's a TV in the building. We might be here for some time.

7d 7h 29m Driven to the Outskirt Stand. Apparently we're going to buy Poké Balls here.

7d 7h 26m At the map screen.

7d 7h 22m Outside. And then back inside. And outside.

7d 7h 20m And then we walk back up the stairs.

7d 7h 19m Miror B radar goes off.

7d 7h 18m The shiny on the other platform was Battle CD 29!

[Info] We currently have three Nest Balls and seven Ultra Balls.

7d 6h 49m Walked down into the coloured cranes area. There's a sparkly shiny thing over on another platform.

7d 6h 47m Received Battle CD 49. Totally not stolen or anything.

7d 6h 43m Interacting with the screen, learning about some of Kaminko and Chobin's bad inventions.

7d 6h 40m Walked inside the building.

7d 6h 34m Robo Groudon Chobin has been defeated

7d 6h 33m Shiftry sent in.

7d 6h 33m Walrein and Flaaffy are down

7d 6h 30m Skiploom down, Tropius sent in.

7d 6h 29m Sharpedo is switched out for Flaaffy.

7d 6h 27m Sunflora down, Skiploom in.

7d 6h 26m robo groudon chobin would like to battle! Sunflora and Gyarados sent out against Walrein and Sharpedo

7d 6h 25m And then we drove to Pyrite. And then to Kaminko's house, Chobin sends us a message saying that he demands a rematch with his Robo Groudon.

7d 6h 22m Outside.

7d 6h 18m We lost the Magmar and Pinsir due to losing the battle.

[Fluff] Pretty sure we can get a Master Ball here now, but people might be waiting until we get to Shadow Lugia for that, so we don't waste it on something else.

7d 6h 17m Flaaffy down, white out. Back to the lab.

7d 6h 15m Baltoy down to burn damage, Flaaffy's the only one left. Meaning Shiftry also went down earlier.

7d 6h 13m We caught Shadow Pinsir, 35+ and Female!

7d 6h 13m Walrein fainted and Baltoy was sent in.

7d 6h 9m Shiftry sent in.

7d 6h 8m Gulpin down

7d 6h 6m Thrown an Ultra Ball at the Magmar, it is caught. Lv.35+, not sure of gender. Shadow Pinsir sent in.

7d 6h 5m Vileplume down, Shadow Magmar in.

[Fluff] It's currently Hailing in a volcano.

7d 5h 59m Houndoom went down and Vileplume is sent in.

7d 5h 57m Versus Cipher Peon Grupel, Houndoom and Ninetales sent out.

7d 5h 42m Pushing metal boxes into the lava cuts off the flow of it so we can access certain areas.

7d 5h 37m Obtained two Revives

7d 5h 31m We're exploring a room with magma and pipes and stuff. Miror B radar goes off.

7d 5h 26m Obtained three Hyper Potions

7d 5h 24m Cipher Peon Litnar defeated. Flaaffy's evolution is cancelled.

7d 5h 22m Kangaskhan down, Walrein to lv.63 and Flaaffy to lv.46. Shadow Banette sent in.

7d 5h 19m Electrode went down and Claydol is in, it went down. Shadow Kangaskhan sent in. Flaaffy is now in, Gulpin was switched out.

7d 5h 16m Blizzard does not have any PP left either.

7d 5h 16m Versus Cipher Peon Litnar, Electrode and Misdreavus sent out against Walrein and Gulpin.

7d 5h 13m We crossed over to the other side, obtained five Ultra Balls.

7d 5h 12m We're in the middle of some kind of whirlpool structure, on a platform. Talking to a scientist tells us that it's due to this that makes Citadark Isle so unapproachable, with big waves and storms and such.

7d 5h 9m Seviper down, Cipher Peon Bastil defeated.

7d 5h 6m He also had a Crobat, but it went down earlier. Masquerain also went down. Sheer Cold's out of PP.

7d 5h 5m We're currently against Cipher Peon Bastil. Chimecho and Seviper are on the field, against Walrein and Gulpin. Chimecho down to Sheer Cold, Masquerain in.

7d 5h 1m Back down.

7d 5h 1m We go up the elevator. Then we go further up.

7d 4h 59m Farfetch'd and Altaria easily taken out by Blizzard, Gulpin to lv.44, Cipher Admin Lovrina defeated, evolution is cancelled.

7d 4h 58m Used Hyper Potion on Walrein, its health is restored by 79. Farfetch'd poisoned to Toxic, everyone's taking residual hail damage. Except Walrein, of course.

7d 4h 57m Sharpedo down to Leech Seed damage, Gulpin is sent in.

7d 4h 56m Blizzard hits, Roselia goes down, Gorebyss also goes down. Shadow Farfetch'd and Shadow Altaria sent in.

7d 4h 53m Sharpedo prepares a Skull Bash, both opponents are in yellow to Blizzard. Sharpedo does not attack, it is immobilised by love. Another Blizzard, Gardevoir goes down, Gorebyss avoids. Roselia sent in.

7d 4h 52m Versus Cipher Admin Lovrina, Gardevoir and Gorebyss sent out against Walreon and Sharpedo.

7d 4h 36m Spinda goes down and the peon is defeated.

7d 4h 32m Dunsparce went down and Roselia is sent in. Sharpedo prepares a Skull Bash, but Walrein takes out both Roselia and Masquerain with Blizzard, Spinda is sent in.

7d 4h 31m Sharpedo to lv.48, it tries to learn Skull Bash, Screech is forgotten

7d 4h 30m Versus Cipher Peon Haben, Masquerain and Dunsparce sent in against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 4h 27m Girafarig down, trainer defeated.

7d 4h 25m Sneasel down, then Golbat was sent in, it went down, Seaking was sent in, it went down. Also Walrein just landed 3/3 Sheer Colds. Then it missed the fourth.

7d 4h 23m Versus Hunter Jetsal, Sneasel and Girafarig sent out against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 4h 22m Corsola and Pupitar down, trainer defeated.

7d 4h 21m Aron down, Pupitar in.

7d 4h 20m Versus Sailor Golos, Aron and Corsola sent out against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 4h 17m Got a Max Elixir from an item box

7d 4h 15m Walrein was poisoned and slowly taking overworld damage, so we healed.

7d 4h 11m Raticate down, Walrein to lv.62, trainer defeated.

7d 4h 11m Dodrio and Whiscash go down, Shadow Raticate sent in.

7d 4h 6m Blizzard hits, takes out Xatu, misses Dodrio, Whiscash sent in. Sheer Cold misses Dodrio.

[Chat] Seems to be putting the trainer names in all caps and the emote BORT next to it, since they all sound so unusual they might as well be VC names.

7d 4h 4m Versus Chaser Furgy, Xatu and Shadow Dodrio against Walrein and Sharpedo

7d 3h 59m We are inside some room. There's a healing machine and PC here.

7d 3h 58m Miror B radar goes off, chat erupts in KappaRoss.

7d 3h 57m Threw a Snag Ball (looked like a Nest Ball). Golduck caught! Lv.33+ and male, battle won.

7d 3h 56m Golduck is all that's left, it's at very low health.

[Info] It is a Shadow Sableye

7d 3h 54m Mantine down, Sableye sent in.

7d 3h 51m Those two go down, Mantine and a Shadow Golduck is sent in.

7d 3h 49m We walk up some stairs, challenged by Navigator Abson. Crawdaunt and Pelipper sent out against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 3h 48m We ride the Robo Kyogre through the seas over to Citadark Isle! We can hear some of the music from the startup/demo screen play.

7d 3h 41m We walk outside, received a message on the PDA. Now we are wandering around the port.

7d 3h 37m Walked inside a building, Perr walks over to tell us that the Robo Kyogre they were working on is finally finished. But we already knew that, of course.

7d 3h 35m There's a Robo Kyogre in the water next to a pier. Seems we need to ride this over to Citadark Isle.

7d 3h 34m Driven to the Cave Poké Spot. And then to Gateon Port.

7d 3h 26m We are outside.

7d 3h 16m Healed!

[Chat] Currently making "Spoiler Alert" jokes.

7d 3h 5m We're back inside the building.

7d 3h 1m We're outside, on the rooftop, and trying to exit the building.

[Info] The item was a data disk, the complete list of Shadow Pokémon is now on our PDA.

7d 2h 59m We got an item but I'm unsure of what it was.

7d 2h 58m "Greevil" shows up on the screen. He says something about XD001 and Citadark Isle, then the screen shuts off. How exciting. Then Gorigan runs off.

7d 2h 58m Sheer Cold misses Ursaring, it goes down to Secret Power. Cipher Admin Gorigan defeated! Both Shadow Pokémon fled somewhere.

7d 2h 57m Ursaring Brick Breaks Walrein, it's at just under 2/3 health. Sheer Cold lands this time and takes out Hypno, Shiftry to lv.47. Secret Power does just under half health on Ursaring, it's paralyzed now.

7d 2h 56m Sheer Cold misses Hypno, but Secret Power does not. Hypno at half health.

7d 2h 56m A Hyper Potion is used on Walrein, its health is restored by 42. Sheer Cold from Walrein takes out Primeape, Shadow Hypno sent in.

7d 2h 54m Another Blizzard from Walrein, Sealeo goes down. Ursaring is sent in. Slowking is finished off with a Secret Power from Shiftry, Shadow Primeape sent in.

7d 2h 53m Sharpedo goes down, and Shiftry is sent in. Lairon down to Blizzard. Slowking sent in.

7d 2h 51m Talked to Gorigan again, we fight. Lairon and Sealeo against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 2h 46m 7d 2h 45m We're standing right next to him but he doesn't seem to notice or pay any attention to us.

7d 2h 45m We walk into a corner to try and hide.

7d 2h 45m Walked back into the room Gorigan is in.

7d 2h 39m Navigating through the building, walking up stairs and through corridors, pushing boxes and solving puzzles.

7d 2h 27m Into the building.

7d 2h 27m Driven to Phenac City, then to the Outskirt Stand, then back to the Cipher Key Lair.

7d 2h 16m Flaaffy down to Earthquake. Blizzard from Walrein takes out Lairon, Sealeo hangs on with 12HP. Slowking is sent in, Walrein is paralyzed, Walrein down to Slowking's attack. White out, back at the lab.

7d 2h 15m Shiftry down.

7d 2h 13m Flaaffy is sent in.

7d 2h 12m Gulpin down.

7d 2h 11m Shiftry down to half health from an attack from Gulpin. Both Gulpin and Shiftry in the yellow from attacks from the opponent's mon

7d 2h 11m Walrein is switched out for Shiftry

7d 2h 9m Entered the door that Smarton came out of, Gorigan is at the desk. He talks to us, gets up, and challenges us! Versus Cipher Admin Gorigan, Lairon and Sealeo sent out against Walrein and Gulpin

7d 2h 8m 7d 2h 8m Cacturne down, defeated Cipher Peon Smarton.

7d 2h 7m Thrown a Poké Ball, caught Arbok! Lv.33+ and female

7d 2h 7m Gulpin is switched out for Flaaffy

[Info] It's a Shadow Arbok

7d 2h 3m Ursaring down, Arbok in.

7d 2h 3m Gulpin is sent in.

7d 2h 2m Baltoy goes down.

7d 2h 0m Baltoy is sent in.

7d 1h 59m Sharpedo fainted.

7d 1h 59m Sheer Cold takes out Weezing, Ursarins is sent in.

7d 1h 58m Huntail goes down, Weezing is sent in.

7d 1h 56m Versus Cipher Peon Smarton, Huntail and Cacturne versus Walrein and Sharpedo

7d 1h 50m We got TM26 Earthquake!

7d 1h 49m We Water Pulse/Water Gun the Seadra to death. Walrein is level 61! We forgot Charm and learned Sheer Cold! Defeated R&D!

7d 1h 48m Bye Piloswine. Hi Level 47 Sharpedo!

7d 1h 48m Bye Seaking. Hi Piloswine.

7d 1h 47m Meanwhile we shoot Camerupt in the head with a Water Gun. We only need one bullet. Now Seaking is up.

7d 1h 47m Wake up! Sharpedo gets some more water in his face and hits himself in confusion.

7d 1h 46m A Water Gun finishes off Grumpig. The replacement of the minute is Camerupt.

7d 1h 45m Finally we're using Water Pulse and Water Gun on Grumpig. We're hit with a Twister.

[Info] I keep saying we defeated an admin even though I say the name is Peon at the start. Don't mind me, just self-auto correcting horribly.

7d 1h 42m Man, no one is really doing much damage. Literally one water gun on Walrein.

7d 1h 40m Now we're fighting Cipher R&D Acrod! He sends out Grumpig and Seadra.

7d 1h 39m And then we just Water Pulse Hitmontop. Defeated admin.

7d 1h 38m With Hitmontop left, we FINALLY start trying to use our menus, but it's in vain.

7d 1h 37m Our attacks consist of Water Pulse and Water Gun btw. Also we just KOed the plant.

7d 1h 37m And we just killed it. Good thing there's a snaggable Weepinbell!

7d 1h 36m Now that Annie is dead, he sends out a snaggable ATV! Let's hotwire it PogChamp

7d 1h 35m We send all of our firepower at the Golduck, and it faints. Out comes Hariyama!

7d 1h 35m Hitmontop has a Triple Kick that hits once... Math...

7d 1h 34m Facing Cipher Peon Angic! He sends out Golduck and Hitmontop our against Walrein and Sharpedo!

7d 1h 25m Still navigating the lab. There isn't much to say other than the music is atmospheric.

7d 1h 15m We got a PP Up!

7d 1h 12m And more crate puzzles.

7d 1h 10m We heal!

7d 1h 9m Up the stairs we go, and looks like we can heal.

7d 1h 8m We're still navigating the lab.

7d 1h 5m We got 2 revives!

7d 1h 1m And after taking Psybeam, we drown the squid. Defeated Admin.

7d 1h 0m Oh snap, we drowned our shark! So we sent out our sheep.

7d 1h 0m We Water Gun the fish to death, and now we're drowning the squid.

7d 0h 58m And it quickly falls. Now Relicanth. It uses Rock Tomb on Sharpedo and brings it down to 28 HP!

7d 0h 58m We down the Clamperl with two water attacks (nice strats) and now we're faced with a Lanturn.

7d 0h 57m Fighting Cipher Peon Kolio! He sends out Clamperl and Octillery against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 0h 53m Found a Full Restore!

7d 0h 48m Found an Elixir!

7d 0h 46m We're doing Crate Puzzles! \MingLee/

7d 0h 43m As our Flaafy cannot aim for crap, we take out Dustox with two Water Guns. Defeated the Admin.

[Correction] Missed it earlier, but Sharpedo leveled to 46!

7d 0h 42m We swap the shark for the sheep and it gets free xp as we Water Gun Volbeat.

7d 0h 41m Sharpedo faces massive damage, down at 1/3 HP, and Volbeat is just about fainted.

7d 0h 41m And Doot Doot is Dead Dead. Go Volbeat?

7d 0h 40m We OHKO Plusle with a crit Water Pulse, so it's replaced with Xatu. Chat is spamming Doot Doot so hard right now.

7d 0h 39m Facing Cipher Peon Ibsol! He sends out Plusle and Dustox against Walrein and Sharpedo.

7d 0h 35m Conveyor machines are loud. :(

7d 0h 33m We head up the stairs and inside.

7d 0h 31m We're finally at the Cipher Key Lair!

[Chat] We got to 777.

[Chat] We're at 765 TriHards

[Chat] We're past TriHard 721 now, so the chat is counting hypothetical Gen 7 Pokémon. "Generic bug", "biggest bird", "pikachu knockoff", "HM slave", etc

[Chat] We're at 731 News! TriHard

7d 0h 15m Is it? Is it really? It's news time!

7d 0h 14m Pyrite Town makes us snap.

7d 0h 14m Realgam Tower is, Realgam Tower.

7d 0h 14m Over at Phenac City, we really, really need to go pee.

7d 0h 13m We go to the Outskirt Stand. The harmonica sets the tone of bleakness quite nice.

7d 0h 8m We are currently majestically walking into rocks, embracing their.... rockness.

[Chat] The Miror Radar sounds. Chat fills with KappaRoss.

7d 0h 4m As we pass the next stop in our journey, if you look to your left you'll see a cheese platter someone set out in the middle of a desert canyon.

6d 23h 58m We flatten Wallie again, of course. We only out level him by ~35 levels...

6d 23h 55m He has his double Zigzagoons against our Walrein and Sharpedo.

6d 23h 55m We talk to Willie about this, and he starts a battle with us!

6d 23h 54m Then down to visit the Outskirts Stand, and catch a glimpse of Willie staring at us wherever we go....

6d 23h 51m Then into the deep sands around the fallen ship SS Libra. We contemplate the sereneness of the scene and how much the bow looks like a shark.

6d 23h 50m The past it again to go say hi to the Hexagon brothers, still standing in a circle, contemplating their life choices.

6d 23h 49m This wild adventure takes us way past it into Elco Canyon.

6d 23h 49m We start on our wild, winding adventure back towards the Cipher Key Lair.

[Snark] We get sent to our room for losing a battle.

6d 23h 45m Baltoy is taken to the Rave as well! WE WHITE OUT!

6d 23h 44m Walrein gets taken to the Shadow Rave!

6d 23h 42m We throw an Ultra Ball! The Weepinbell broke free and started Raving at us!

6d 23h 39m We take out the Venomoth! He sends in a Shadow Weepinbell! Male, Level 32+

6d 23h 35m A triple kick takes out Shiftry!

[Chat] SHADOW ATV PogChamp

6d 23h 34m He sends out a Shadow Venomoth! Level 32+, Male

6d 23h 34m Walrein levels up to 60!

6d 23h 32m We speak to a burly Cipher Peon Angic, who's blocking the stairs to the top of the roof with his bulk. Vs Angic!

6d 23h 30m We try to go into a very creepy looking door on the roof here, but it's locked from the inside...

6d 23h 28m We gave one of out ultra balls to Gulpin in exchange for a Poké Ball.

6d 23h 25m On the roof again.

6d 23h 23m Casually walking around the researcher here. He keeps looking at us as he walks around, but he hasn't said anything yet...

6d 23h 21m We pick up the System Lever from the desk! I wonder what this is supposed to do...?

6d 23h 17m We dance around a shiny thing on the desk, making sure to never stay in the same place any length of time, lest it try and leap at us...

6d 23h 13m We throw an Ultra Ball! Magneton CAUGHT!

6d 23h 11m We throw a Nest Ball! The Magneton breaks free! Again!

6d 23h 11m We throw a Nest Ball! The Magneton breaks free!

6d 23h 7m Also, the Poké Ball broke immediately.

6d 23h 7m We throw a Poké Ball at Magneton after healing our Walrein! Another Dance Riot Shadow Rave Takes out Flaaffy!

6d 23h 5m Magneton keeps attacking both of our Pokémon with Shadow Rave. Chat dances every time it does so. SwiftRage \m/

6d 23h 0m Walrein's Hail is replaced by Magneton's Shadow Sky!

6d 22h 59m Shadow Magneton appears! Level 30+, genderless.

6d 22h 58m Enemy Vibrava takes out Gulpin!

[Chat] Kappa // (Wobbuffet uses more Encore)

6d 22h 55m Wobbuffet has Gulpin locked in an Encore of Shockwave, and the Wobbuffet is using Mirror Coat back at it!

6d 22h 53m We used Hail! It hails on the Shedinja and takes it out!

6d 22h 52m Also the enemy Wobuffet's Shadow Tag is keeping us from switching Pokémon.

6d 22h 51m We're vs a Shedinja, and Chat's trying use Hail. And Walrein's Blizzard is out of PP.

6d 22h 50m Another Peon drops out of the Peon Delivery System and it turns out it's Cipher Peon Snidle, whom we last saw calculating numbers on the SS Libra! Vs Snidle!

6d 22h 49m We step into some researcher's office, looking to go pick up the shiny thing on his desk.

6d 22h 47m We head back downstairs. And back up again. And back down again. Damn these stairs facing the same direction!

6d 22h 46m We finally just mosey right on past him.

6d 22h 45m We reach the top floor of the pyramid. There's this burly Cipher Peon walking around here that doesn't even seem to care that we're here.

6d 22h 42m And Shiftry lightly pounds the Butterfree, taking it out!

6d 22h 39m Threw an Ultra Ball at Tangela! CAUGHT!!

6d 22h 38m And next to it a Shadow Butterfree! Level 30+, Female

6d 22h 37m A Shadow Tangela, Lvl 30+ female enters the field!

6d 22h 36m Sharpedo is down from a enemy Jumpluff's giga drain!

[Snark] They must have some sort of pneumatic Peon delivery system in this place.

[Chat] Every Cipher Peon we've battled thus far has dropped down from the ceiling in front of us. And chat WutFaces every time.

6d 22h 33m Vs Cipher Peon Targ

6d 22h 32m [Snark] The dude said he wasn't called for before. Well, he didn't have any shadow Pokémon, so he isn't even worthy of a battle update. We stomped him.

6d 22h 25m Vs Cipher Peon Filips

6d 22h 25m Got 1 HP Up!

6d 22h 20m EZ win

6d 22h 16m VS Cipher Peon Kleto

6d 22h 13m We find 2 Hyper Potions in another chest

6d 22h 11m We kill both shadows, we now beat Lok

[Chat] Shadow Jesus WutFace (in reaction to a Shadow Pidgeot that was taken down immediately.)

6d 22h 10m Sharpedo levels up to 45

6d 22h 9m He sends in a Shadow Beedrill

6d 22h 9m Vs Cipher Peon Lok

6d 22h 7m We found a Max Revive in another chest

6d 22h 5m We find 3 Full Heal's in a item chest

6d 22h 5m We gave a Nest Ball to Flaaffy

[Chat] hijatu: The item's evasiveness rose PRChase

After trying to get a crate

[Fluff] Im just going to say this outright, dont expect much news in the next few hours except for item crates

6d 21h 52m Puzzles NotLikeThis

6d 21h 49m We go upstairs

6d 21h 42m We defeat his remaining mons

[Info] Shadow Paras was Level 28+, Female. Shadow Shellder was Level 29+, Female.

6d 21h 39m Walrein levels up to 59

[Info] The ball was a Nest Ball

6d 21h 37m We throw a snag ball and We catch it!

6d 21h 37m We push a few crates and when we try to go up stairs Cipher Gorog challenges us with a Shadow Shellder

6d 21h 35m We see crates, uh oh! SS Libra 2.0?

6d 21h 33m We heal using a Heal Machine on the corner, perfect for tpp Kappa

[Info] Growlithe fled somewhere, Press F in daily discussion thread which is in sidebar to pay respects for it

6d 21h 29m We throw another Nest Ball and we SNAGGED IT!

6d 21h 28m Gulpin uses Toxic on Walrein

6d 21h 27m Sharpedo faints from Walrein's hail

6d 21h 27m We throw another Snag Ball on Paras and its wasted, Sharpedo uses aWater Pulse to rip the doge

6d 21h 26m Shadow Growlithe is sent out

6d 21h 24m We throw a failed Next Ball on it

6d 21h 24m We throw a Next Ball on it

6d 21h 20m Shadow Paras is sent out

6d 21h 15m We are challenged by Cipher Peon Humah

6d 21h 14m We win with some Water Guns and Water Pulses

6d 21h 10m We expect to Blizzard spam win but it has no pp!

6d 21h 9m Vs Cipher Peon Grezle, he sends in Minun and Beautifly

[Info] We found 3 of em

6d 21h 6m We open a chest to find a Hyper Potion

6d 21h 3m The Cipher Key Lair

6d 21h 2m We go right through them and pass through the stairs that lead into...

6d 21h 1m 6d 21h 0m We try to pass the Body Builder that block the doot but they dont let us pass, we try again and they notice our Snag Machine and back to ignoring us once we said we arent trying to beat cipher, we try again and now they saw they want a promotion for beating us but Gonzap and Wakin coem and use Sleep Powder on them

[Chat] Z33k33: MingLee zook did 10 damage, trolls did 13 MingLee

[Chat] Z33k33: MingLee took more damage from ourselves than zook

6d 20h 59m Blizzard spam knocks Zook EZ

6d 20h 56m We knocked out the Shadow Zangoose he keeps using, btw.

6d 20h 55m Sharpedo to level 44!

6d 20h 55m Zook notices us! Vs Zook!

6d 20h 54m We arrive at the Cipher Key Lair!

6d 20h 50m We head to the SS Libra

6d 20h 47m WE HEALED

6d 20h 44m We're doing our usual mating dance with the healing machine again. Unfortunately, we can't use the machine from the side, it seems.

6d 20h 29m Currently on the way to leaving the building.

6d 20h 24m Obtained 2 full heals from a item chest!

6d 20h 23m Not too lonng ago the Miror B radar went off.

[Info] Actually it's 3200 Pokédollar.

[Info] We got 2300 Pokédollar from Gonzap. into the Cash Piggy it goes.

6d 20h 11m Acquired Gonzap's Key! And WE GOT THE SNAG MACHINE BACK! (Finally)

6d 20h 9m Walrein defeat Skarmory with Blizzard. GONZAP HAS BEEN DEFEATED!

6d 20h 9m Walrein is Paralyzed. Sharpedo kos Whishcash

6d 20h 8m Walrein ko'd Nuzleaf. Gonzap sends out Skarmory

6d 20h 8m Walrein Ko'd Vileplume with Blizzard. Gonzap sends out Whishcash

6d 20h 7m Sharpedo ko'd Electrode!! Gonzap sends out Vileplume**

6d 20h 6m Gonzap sends out Electrode and Nuzleaf. We send out Walrein and Sharpedo

6d 20h 6m Vs Gonzap!

6d 20h 5m We went to the stairs and we are on the ground floor.

6d 20h 3m 1st floor atm.

6d 19h 58m We are in Team Snagem Hideout.

6d 19h 54m Reached outskirrt stand.

6d 19h 53m and we backtrack.

6d 19h 51m We reach the ruined SS Libra. Nothing much except sand.

6d 19h 42m We reach Phenac.

6d 19h 36m We move to Cipher labs and then to Realgam tower.

6d 19h 33m We go to a cave poke spot. But we don't have any food for the wilds.

6d 19h 32m We just saved the game

6d 19h 30m And we are out of Mt. Battle. FRESH AIR.

6d 19h 28m We are currently in the reception of Mt. Battle.

6d 19h 26m RIP. Not Teh urn. We black out.

6d 19h 26m Shiftry fainted.

6d 19h 23m We finally send out shiftry.

6d 19h 18m We are still fidgeting with the Pokémon selection screen.

[Correction] Flaaffy still knows Light Screen. I think she forgot Tackle for Thunder then.

6d 19h 13m Gulpin fainted. Only Shiftry and Baltoy remain... Shall we win?

6d 19h 12m We send out baltoy.

6d 19h 8m Also Flaafy fainted as well.

6d 19h 7m Walrein succumbs to Marshtomp's rock tomb!

6d 19h 6m Calus Grovyle faints to poison! Sableye is sent out next.

6d 19h 6m We Switch out Gulpin for Flaafy.

6d 19h 5m Calus sends out Marshstomp.

6d 19h 5m Walrein ko'd Combusken with Water gun!

6d 19h 3m Sharpedo ko'd Mightyena with Water Pulse which it faints and Calus Sends out GRovyle which in turns Ko'd our Sharpero and we send out Walrein

6d 19h 2m Calus sends out Mightyena and Combusken.

6d 19h 1m We began to Battle CAlus. Area 5 Leader!

[Info] Flaaffy learned Thunder and immediately used it on the foe instead of light screen, which was chosen!

6d 19h 0m Flaafy was denied yet another evolution

6d 18h 59m Walrein is now Level 58 and Flaafy is now level 45!

6d 18h 57m Just sent out Walrein and koed Misdreavus.

6d 18h 53m Sharpedo also fainted as well not too long ago.

6d 18h 49m Current faintees for this battle are: Gulpin, Baltoy and Shiftry.

6d 18h 52m We continue struggling with this battle

6d 18h 40m We face Casual Dude Burdon who sends out Misdreavus and Wailmer.

6d 18h 39m Walrein's ko's nook's Quilava's with Blizzard. Nook Defeated

6d 18h 38m Gulpin defeats Nook's Sealeo

6d 18h 34m Baltoy fainted.

6d 18h 32m Also Flaafy fainted.WE switch it out for Baltoy.

6d 18h 32m Sharpedo fainted. In goes Walrein.


6d 18h 25m Nook's Machoke is ko'd and he sends out a Sealeo.

6d 18h 23m Challenged by Sailor Nook. Opens with Machoke and Quilava.

[Info] Chat was trying to get the EXP Share off our now over leveled Walrein. It holds a ball now.

[Info] Apparently we tossed the Nest Ball and just we removed the exp share.

[Info] 3 More trainer for us to reach the stop pit.

6d 18h 21m We give our last Poké Ball to Sharpero only to change with it with a ultra ball. Also we replace the Tusky mammal thingy or w/e Exp's share with a nest ball.

6d 18h 20m We are giving balls to our Pokémon for some reason.

6d 18h 19m Aaaand Baltoy doesn't evolve. Again

6d 18h 18m Chaser blist was defeated!

6d 18h 18m Shiftry is now level 46

6d 18h 16m Baltoy grows up to level 40

6d 18h 14m Also Sharpedo fainted as well not too long ago. We Switch out to Shiftry and Baltoy

6d 18h 13m Flaafy fainted

6d 18h 12m Sharpedo is paralyzed.

6d 18h 8m Sharpedo learned Swagger and deleted an Scary Face

6d 18h 6m Walrein is 57, Sharpedo is 43, Gulpin is 43, Shiftry is 45, Baltoy is 39 and Sheep is 44

6d 18h 5m Stream is unfrozen!

6d 17h 55m Deku is back

6d 16h 56m We are on #42 now

[Info] He is outside of his home

[Info] dekuNuken: im buying beer

dekuNukem: il be back in 2 hours

6d 16h 52m Stream is still frozen

6d 15h 56m We go through the challenges and some level up happens, we cant really deduce everything happening with the stream frozen

6d 14h 59m We go to Mt Battle again since anywhere welse would be a disaster with stream frozen

6d 14h 51m We white out!

6d 14h 49m We were stuck on trainer #49 for the past 20 minutes

6d 14h 25m Gulpin leveled up and and was going to evolve but a jorsun still inputs b

6d 14h 24m Something leveled up again

6d 14h 7m We got a level up, we might have switched something in or Walrein got to 52

6d 13h 54m we got a Level 51 Walrein

6d 13h 49m Sharpedo leveled up to 42

[Info] Walrein forgot Body Slam for Blizzard at level 50, Sharpedo is at 41

6d 13h 35m At Area 5

6d 13h 34m We beat the Area Leader

[Info] We still dont know what levels we have

6d 13h 32m Vs Area Leader 3

6d 13h 31m ANOTHER LEVEL!

6d 13h 31m Someone leveled up again!

6d 13h 15m We level up again!

6d 13h 12m Someone leveled up again, its either Sharpedo or Walrein again

6d 13h 11m We go to Area 4

6d 13h 11m We beat him

6d 13h 9m VS Area Leader 3

[Info] People are checking youtube videos to check what direction is the stairs and spam a+up for battles

6d 13h 2m Im assuming Walrein leveled up to 48m stream is frozen so it might have been Sharpedo to 40

6d 12h 58m We save while screen is frozen!

6d 12h 47m Im assuming w went to Area 3 now

6d 12h 47m We win and the OBS recorder is borked and freezes teh stream every few seconds, we just beat Area Leader 2 while screen was frozen on stairs

6d 12h 44m Vs Area Leader 2

6d 12h 39m Walrein levels up to 47

6d 12h 28m We go to Area 2

6d 12h 25m We beat him and get ez $$$

6d 12h 23m We challenge Area Leader 1

6d 12h 4m We tackle the Mt Battle challenge

6d 11h 58m We toss a Poké Ball but take a Poké Ball from our mon

6d 11h 55m We go back to Mt Battle

6d 11h 54m We save!

6d 11h 51m We still try to save

6d 11h 50m I think we saved, there was an unusual sound, but because of the lag nothing was able to be seen to confirm it.

6d 11h 18m We switch Gulpin to slot #2 and Flaafy to #6

6d 11h 17m We quit and are front of the front desk

6d 11h 16m We go to Area #3

6d 11h 11m Looks like we try to save

6d 11h 7m EZ win

6d 11h 5m We fight Area Leader #2

6d 10h 57m We now beat trainer #15

6d 10h 54m Sealeo leveled up to 46 and then evolved into Walrein.

6d 10h 44m We beat him easily, Area #2 now

6d 10h 39m Up to Area Leader now

6d 10h 33m We beat trainer #6 easily

6d 10h 25m Vs Sailor Robell and a level 11 Hoothoot gthat got decimated, press F to pay respects

6d 10h 22m Versus Cooltrainer Bardo, Spoink and Doduo sent out.

6d 10h 21m Miru defeated. Versus Casual Dude Cridel, Swablu and Corphish sent out. Cridel defeated.

6d 10h 17m Versus Beauty Miru, Wingull and Wurmple sent out. Sealeo and Flaaffy are currently in the front of our party.

6d 10h 16m Entered the Mt. Battle challenge facility again.

6d 10h 10m Saved the game!

[Fluff] I meant to say that Shiftry fainted and we whited out, sorry.

6d 9h 55m At the map screen, trying to head to another area.

[Info] The stream is in that really bad lagging state once again, where the whole stream is frozen for five of every 10 seconds.

6d 9h 46m We enter the challenge part of Mt. Battle again. And then we exit.

6d 9h 45m Shedinja faints, we white out! Mt. Battle challenge over.

6d 9h 18m Still against the Shedinja. We might have used a Revive on Flaaffy a few minutes ago, not sure.

6d 8h 52m Chimecho and Duskull went down, Koffing was sent in, it also went down, Sharpedo to lv.39, Shedinja is currently in, and the last 'mon on the opponent's team.

6d 8h 44m Trainer defeated, now against Rider Jacen, with Chimecho ad Duskull.

6d 8h 33m Versus Chaser Feeply, Pupitar and Metang sent out.

6d 8h 33m Trainer defeated.

6d 8h 28m Kadabra down, Vibrava in.

6d 8h 27m Sealeo to lv.45

6d 8h 25m Versus Matron Crex, Kadabra and Flaaffy are sent in.

6d 8h 24m Trainer defeated. Flaaffy fainted, so it won't try to evolve yet.

6d 8h 20m Houndour went down, Numel was sent in. Cacnea went down, Lairon was sent in.

6d 8h 20m Flaaffy to Lv.44

6d 8h 14m Versus Curmudgeon Jimer, Cacnea and Houndour sent out.

6d 8h 12m Trainer defeated.

6d 8h 9m Onto Area 6! First up is Fun Old Man Doost, Phanpy and Rhyhorn are sent out.

6d 8h 8m Received TM39 Rock Tomb

6d 8h 7m Grovyle down, defeated Area Leader Calus, Area 5 cleared, received 1000 Poké Coupons

6d 8h 6m Combusken down!

6d 8h 5m Shiftry sent in.

6d 8h 3m And, Baltoy down to a Leaf Blade from Grovyle. Shiftry and Sharpedo are all we have left.

6d 8h 2m Sableye goes down to a Water Pulse from Sharpedo! Baltoy to lv.39 (it now has 4hp instead of 1), Combusken sent in.

6d 8h 0m Baltoy's currently at 1hp and it has been for the past three turns, all it's been doing is Cosmic Power. All of the opponents' moves either miss Baltoy or are targeted towards the other Pokémon.

6d 7h 58m Mightyena down, Sableye in.

6d 7h 55m Marshtomp down, Mightyena sent in.

6d 7h 54m Versus Area Leader Calus, Marshtomp and Grovyle are sent out.

6d 7h 53m Trainer defeated.

6d 7h 46m Wailmer goes down, Misdreavus is sent in.

6d 7h 45m Versus Casual Dude Burdon, Wailmer and Bayleef are sent out.

6d 7h 44m Trainer defeated.

6d 7h 36m Quilava faints, Machoke is sent in. Our own Sealeo faints, Shiftry is sent in but a strong Ice Ball from the other Sealeo takes it out.

6d 7h 35m Sealeo to lv.44

6d 7h 33m Versus Sailor Knook, Quilava and Sealeo sent in.

6d 7h 32m Kirlia down, trainer defeated.

6d 7h 29m Sudowoodo and Loudred were sent in, now everyone's out except for Kirlia.

6d 7h 25m Sharpedo to lv.38

6d 7h 17m Versus Chaser Blist, Kirlia and Croconaw sent out

6d 7h 15m Trainer defeated

6d 7h 2m Quagsire uses Earthquake, takes everyone on the field out except for itself. Sharpedo, Baltoy, and Masquerain are sent in.

6d 6h 59m Versus Rider Mobid, Combusken and Quagsire sent out

6d 6h 57m Raichu down, trainer defeated. Evolution cancelled.

6d 6h 52m Nuzleaf down, Baltoy to lv.38

6d 6h 46m Versus Hunter Lesk, Nuzleaf and Raichu sent in.

6d 6h 45m Shelgon down, trainer defeated.

6d 6h 43m Grovyle was taken out, Sneasel was sent in, that is down also.

6d 6h 37m That last trainer was defeated, now we're against Chaser Kuxor, with Shelgon and Grovyle.

6d 6h 28m Sealeo to lv.43

[Fluff] I meant to say Sealeo to lv.42 a little while ago, not Spheal, sorry about that.

6d 6h 25m Trainer defeated, versus Navigator Carlon, Hitmontop and Wailmer sent out

6d 6h 24m Evolution cancelled

6d 6h 20m Delcatty down, Flaaffy to lv.43, Ariados sent in

6d 6h 19m Versus Bodybuilder Jiler, Delcatty and Gloom sent out

6d 6h 18m Trainer defeated.

6d 6h 15m Versus Researcher Hombol, Lombre and Graveler sent out

6d 6h 13m Anorith and Hitmontop down (Wigglytuff was also sent in but it went down also), Spheal to lv.42, cleared Area 4 and received some Poké Coupons, right on to Area 5

6d 6h 10m Versus Area Leader Boyden, Hitmontop and Anorith sent out.

6d 6h 9m Trainer defeated.

6d 6h 1m Versus Cooltrainer Roze, Nuzleaf and Graveler sent in.

6d 6h 0m Trainer defeated.

6d 5h 58m Ariados is still in, Gloom went down and Yanma was then sent in but it went down.

6d 5h 54m Versus Newscaster Edin, Gloom and Ariados sent out.

6d 5h 53m Sealeo to lv.41. Trainer defeated

[Fluff] Supertrainer? But this is only Gen 3.

6d 5h 51m Versus Supertrainer Pixen, Kecleon and Gligar sent out

6d 5h 51m Trainer defeated.

6d 5h 50m 6d 5h 50m Trainer defeated, now against Bodybuilder Selor, with just a Grimer.

6d 5h 44m Versus Beauty Nevah, Chimecho and Cacnea sent out

6d 5h 43m Corsola down, trainer defeated.

6d 5h 40m Beldum down.

6d 5h 39m Qwilfish down, Beldum in

6d 5h 37m Versus Matron Petil, Qwilfish and Corsola sent in

6d 5h 36m Trainer defeated

6d 5h 33m Versus Chaser Fopaw, Luvdisc and Loudred sent out.

6d 5h 32m Spheal has evolved into Sealeo!

6d 5h 31m Spheal to lv.40, trainer defeated.

6d 5h 30m Versus Beauty Niven, Kirlia sent out.

6d 5h 29m Tentacool down, trainer defeated.

6d 5h 26m Rhyhorn down

6d 5h 15m Straight onto Area 4! Versus Chaser Atles, Rhyhorn and Tentacool sent out.

6d 5h 14m Furret down, Area Leader Taria defeated, Area 3 cleared, received 600 Poké Coupons

6d 5h 13m Electrike down, Spinda sent in, it goes down.

6d 5h 10m Trainer defeated, now against Area Leader Taria. Electrike and Furret sent out.

6d 5h 5m Versus Cooltrainer Mopar, Quagsire and Sealeo sent out.

6d 5h 4m Trainer defeated.

6d 5h 2m Versus Bodybuilder Jespon, Corphish and Masquerain sent out.

6d 5h 0m Linoone down, Flaaffy to lv.42. Trainer defeated, both evolutions are cancelled.

6d 4h 59m Spheal to lv.39

6d 4h 58m Corsola down, Houndour in.

6d 4h 55m Versus Curmudgeon Metson, Corsola and Linoone sent out

6d 4h 54m Trainer defeated.

6d 4h 49m Versus Rider Atill, Forretress and Teddiursa sent out.

6d 4h 48m It goes down, trainer defeated.

6d 4h 46m Versus Chaser Koiyt, a Lileep is sent out

6d 4h 45m Trainer defeated. He only had those two Pokémon.

6d 4h 39m Versus Casual Guy Napol, Nosepass and Mightyena sent out.

[Fluff] That trainer we just beat also had a Koffing.

6d 4h 37m Trainer defeated. Spheal's evolution is cancelled yet again.

6d 4h 35m Spheal to lv.38

6d 4h 33m Versus Casual Dude Kwane, Flaaffy and Phanpy sent out

6d 4h 32m Trainer defeated.

6d 4h 29m Versus Navigator Folop, Goldeen and Togetic sent out.

6d 4h 28m Raichu down, trainer defeated.

6d 4h 26m Straight onto Area 3. Versus Sailor Grestly, Raichu sent out.

6d 4h 25m Mudkip down, Area Leader Eldof defeated, received 300 Poké Coupons, Area 2 cleared

6d 4h 25m Wingull down, Lotad sent in, it goes down.

6d 4h 24m Versus Area Leader Eldof, Wingull and Mudkip sent out.

6d 4h 22m Larvitar down, Togepi sent in, it goes down, and Wurmple goes down. Trainer defeated.

6d 4h 21m Versus Bodybuilder Dolam, Larvitar and Wurmple sent out.

6d 4h 20m They go down easily, trainer defeated.

6d 4h 19m Versus Bodybuilder Delf, Slugma and Silcoon sent out.

6d 4h 18m Ralts down, trainer defeated.

6d 4h 18m Versus Rider Echart, Ralts sent out

6d 4h 17m Both Torchic and Mareep go down, trainer defeated.

6d 4h 11m Versus Chaser Jeol, Torchic and Mareep sent out.

6d 4h 10m After Feebas was defeated and the levelup happened, that was the Hunter's last 'mon, so he is now defeated.

6d 4h 10m Evolution cancelled.

6d 4h 10m It does not learn rest or Snore

6d 4h 10m Spheal to lv.37

6d 4h 9m Totodile down.

6d 4h 8m Versus Hunter Goling, Snubbull and Totodile sent out. Snubbull down, Feebas in.

6d 4h 6m Trainer defeated.

6d 4h 4m Versus Researcher Hardig, Ledyba and Seedot sent out.

6d 4h 3m Both go down, trainer defeated.

6d 4h 1m Versus Sailor Gratin, Wynaut and Shuckle sent out

6d 4h 0m Trainer defeated.

6d 3h 59m Versus Chaser Cidlor, Natu and Wooper sent out.

6d 3h 57m And it goes down. Trainer defeated

6d 3h 57m Versus Chaser Dabil, Cyndaquil sent out.

6d 3h 56m Right on to Area 2.

6d 3h 55m Machop down, Whismur in. Whismur and Zigzagoon down, defeated Area Leader Vander. Area 1 cleared again. Received 200 Poké Coupons

6d 3h 54m Baltoy and Chikorita down, trainer defeated, now against Area Leader Vander. Machop and Zigzagoon sent out.

6d 3h 52m Skitty down, Chikorita in.

6d 3h 51m Versus Cooltrainer Dibsin, Baltoy and Skitty sent out.

6d 3h 50m Nincada down, trainer defeated.

6d 3h 50m Pineco down, Nincada in. Surskit down.

6d 3h 48m Versus Beauty Eloff, Pineco and Surskit sent out.

6d 3h 48m And defeated. That was number seven, by the way.

6d 3h 46m Versus Casual Dude Horbit, Spinarak and Taillow sent out.

6d 3h 46m And trainer defeated.

6d 3h 44m Versus Matron Ezella, Poochyena and Sunkern sent out.

6d 3h 43m Shroomish finally goes down, trainer defeated.

6d 3h 36m Versus Fun Old Man Kabin, he sends in a Shroomish.

6d 3h 34m Hoothoot down, trainer defeated.

6d 3h 33m Versus Navigator Robell, Hoothoot sent out.

6d 3h 32m Taken down easily, trainer defeated.

6d 3h 30m Those two Pokémon go down, trainer defeated. Now against Cooltrainer Bardo, Doduo and Spoink sent out.

6d 3h 29m Versus Casual Dude Cridel, Corphish and Swablu sent out.

6d 3h 27m Entered and exited a few times, then we get into the first battle. Versus Beauty Miru, Wingull and Wurmple sent out. They go down easily, trainer defeated.

6d 3h 25m Nope, we exit.

6d 3h 25m And trying again, right from the start.

6d 3h 25m Teleported back to the main reception desk.

6d 3h 23m Furret down, Spheal to lv.36, defeated Area Leader Taria, Spheal's evolution is cancelled, beat Area 3, received some Poké Coupons.

6d 3h 21m Electrike down.

6d 3h 19m Spinda down, Electrike in.

6d 3h 18m Versus Area Leader Taria, Spinda and Furret sent out.

6d 3h 12m Its evolution is cancelled.

6d 3h 11m Flaaffy to lv.41

6d 2h 53m Spheal to lv.35, evolution is cancelled

6d 2h 19m Evolution cancelled.

6d 2h 19m Spheal to lv.34

6d 2h 13m Area 2 beaten, straight onto the next area.

6d 2h 11m And they go down easily. Lotad is sent in, it also goes down, Area Leader Eldof defeated, received 300 Poké Coupons

6d 2h 10m Versus Area Leader Eldof, Wingull and Mudkip sent out

6d 1h 59m It tries to evolve, even though inputs are slow there were a few Bs in the queue, and evolution is cancelled.

6d 1h 58m Spheal to lv.33

6d 1h 51m #13 is Sailor Gratin, sending out a Shuckle and a Wynaut (13/14).

6d 1h 50m We're at #12.

6d 1h 46m Defeated him, onto Chaser Dabil at #11!

6d 1h 45m We're battling #10, the Leader Area!

6d 1h 42m And a Chikorita. It's dead tho.

6d 1h 40m #9 has Cooltrainer Dibsin sporting a Skitty and Baltoy. I've always wondered, how does one obtain the status "Cooltrainer"? Is it self-appointed? If so that's narcissistic.

6d 1h 39m And a Pinceo (12).

6d 1h 38m #8 against a Sunskirt (11) and Nincada (11).

6d 1h 36m #7 is Casual Dude Horbit. Against a Taillow (12) and Spinarak (11). rip

[Snark] ríp

6d 1h 35m For #6 we're against a Poochyena and Sunskern. They're dead.

6d 1h 32m Fun Old Man Kabin is #5, sending out a level 11 Shroomish.

6d 1h #4, Navigator Corbeal. Against an 11 Hoothoot. It's dead. Defeated Navigator.

6d 1h 28m Spoink is paralyzed and then KOed. Defeated Cooltrainer.

6d 1h 28m Doduo is down. Spheal grew to level 32!

6d 1h 27m We paralyzed the Doduo and Body Slammed the Flaafy.

6d 1h 27m #3 is Cooltrainer Bardo! He sends out Doduo and Spoink. They're level 10.

6d 1h 25m #2 is Casual Dude Cridel, with Corphish and Swablu. They go down in two hits.

6d 1h 24m We decimate them. They're only level 9.

6d 1h 23m #1 is Beauty Miru with a Wurmple and Wingull.

6d 1h 23m We're humping the Check-in lady. We picked New Challenge. This will be long.

6d 1h 22m We're at Mt. Battle!

6d 1h 21m Now we're at the Cave again.

6d 1h 21m Now we're in the Cypher Lab.

6d 1h 20m We tossed our Aguav Berry!

6d 1h 19m Now we're in the cave Pokespot.

6d 1h 17m We leave and come back.

6d 1h 14m We go to ???!

6d 1h 12m Now we're in Reagalm Tower.

6d 1h 10m We left the Village for Phenac City!

[Info] Plan was to get Sheep in lead to level it up

6d 1h 7m Gulpin is back and Spheal and Sheep are in top 2 slots!

6d 1h 7m We got our Baltoy and gave our Gulpin.

6d 1h 6m We did the fake out with Sharpedo and Shiftry! And then we left our Baltoy.

6d 1h 6m We got Gulpin back and fake out-ed the Sheep.

6d 1h 5m Shiftry and Baltoy are in the first two slots, Sheep in third.

6d 1h 4m We continue to listen to the sound of an Aipom to soothe our souls.

6d 1h 3m We gave away our Gulpin!

6d 1h 2m Walked back into the Daycare building.

6d 0h 56m Wandering around outside.

6d 0h 52m We put in the Spheal and got it back. Now outside.

6d 0h 49m We got it back. Now it's in last.

6d 0h 49m We lost the sheep!

6d 0h 48m We got the wood tree back!

6d 0h 46m The sheep is in first slot, I repeat, the sheep is in first slot!

6d 0h 44m We're leaving Shiftry in there boys!

6d 0h 44m We do the fakeout with Gulpin, Sharpedo, and Baltoy.

[Fluff] Yes, I'm calling it a fake out now, because that's all it is, with an additional 100 Pokéye fee.

6d 0h 42m We're back inside! We do the fakeout with Gulpin!

[Fluff] Last Christmas, I gave you my mon, but the very next second, I asked for it back.

6d 0h 38m Same thing with the Sharpedo! We leave.

6d 0h 38m We gave away our Gulpin and took it back!

6d 0h 37m We're back in the daycare!

6d 0h 35m We're just over by the waterfall, wandering around.

6d 0h 30m We took back the sheep

6d 0h 28m And we just put the sheep there.

6d 0h 27m We just put Baltoy in the daycare, took him out, and then put Spheal in there, and took him out.

6d 0h 22m Now we're in Agate. Looks like the plan is to use the Daycare.

6d 0h 19m Now we're at the crashed ship.

6d 0h 17m Back at Mt. Battle.

6d 0h 16m Kaminko's House, and then into Pokémon HQ Lab.

6d 0h 15m Pyrite Town! *snaps*

6d 0h 14m We're at the Pokémon HQ Lab.

6d 0h 13m We head to the Gateon Port.

6d 0h 11m We try talking to a Delcatty, but it doesn't make very good conversation.

6d 0h 10m We're at Mt. Battle.

6d 0h 7m We leave the building.

6d 0h 2m We lost and now we're at the Battle CD menu.

6d 0h 1m We lose and retry the battle cd!

[Fluff] Credit to /u/blahalb09 for catching that.

[Info] Last updater missed it during the transition, but we gave Spheal the EXP Share!

5d 23h 56m We failed again. But that never demotivated us! Another try at #27.

[Chat] KAPOW

5d 23h 53m We try it again. If you're curious we have a Porygon2 and Hitmonlee against a Graveler and Dusclops.

5d 23h 52m We managed to tie it, which means we failed.

[Info] Big Bang Sorry*

5d 23h 52m We go in Battle cd #27 Big Bang Attack

5d 23h 45m We lose again

5d 23h 35m We lose and go for another round

5d 23h 26m The explosions are too much for us and we go for another round

5d 23h 20m We use Battle CD 32, it has Self destructs and Explosion Pokémons

5d 23h 19m We lose again

5d 23h 14m We challenge it again

5d 23h 13m We lose

5d 23h 11m We open up Battle CD 41

5d 23h 5m We enter the tower

5d 22h 52m We go to Realgam

5d 22h 43m We walk around with our menus

5d 22h 37m We save

5d 22h 34m We now went to Kaminko's House

5d 22h 32m We go to the Pokémon HQ lab

5d 22h 28m Ledian used Swift, rip Spheal, we white out!

5d 22h 26m Ledian lands a crit with Swift and Wailmer uses Rollout, rip us

5d 22h 25m Flaaffy goes down to a Water Pulse, Spheal is our only hope

5d 22h 25m We have red health Flaaffy and full health Spheal vs paralyzed Ledian and paralyzed Wailmer

5d 22h 10m VS #43

5d 22h 10m We beat Jiler, HAH! TAKE THAT!

5d 22h 2m Vs Trainer #42 Jiler, the guy we lost to last time we came here

5d 22h 1m We finally use Psybeam on and Aurora Beam and defeat Hombel Sharpedo leveled up to level 37

5d 21h 58m We play around our menus and cant seem to hurt this Graveler

5d 21h 47m Vs Trainer #41


5d 21h 45m We use another round of Water Pulse and Ancient Power and it hits itself, then we use Taunt and Ancient Power which brings Hitmontop to 1hp, it uses a Rolling Kick to defeat Sharpedo but Sharpedo's Rough Skin takes Hitmontop down with it, mareep levels up to level 40

5d 21h 44m Sharpedo wakes up and OHKO's Anorith with a Water Pulse, Baltoy now uses Ancient Power on Hitmontop which is paralyzed

5d 21h 44m Mareep is switched out for Sharpedo and Anorith tries to use Toxic on the sleeping shark, Baltoy uses more Cosmic Power and Hitmontop uses a Rolling Kick on Sharpedo

5d 21h 42m We switch out Sharpedo for Baltoy, Mareep is immobilized in love due to Cute Charm, Baltoy uses Cosmic Power and Mareep uses Body Slam to take down Wigglytuff and he sends in Anorith

5d 21h 41m Mareep uses Body Slam on Wigglytuff, Hitmontop uses Facade on Mareep and is paralyzed from Static, Wigglytuff hurts itself

5d 21h 40m Hitmontops intimidate hurts our Gulpin but we switch it out for Mareep and we Water Pulse Wigglytuff and it becomes confused, Hitmontop uses Focus Energy, Wigglytuff uses Sing on Sharpedo and it sleeps

5d 21h 39m He sends in Wigglytuff and Hitmontop

5d 21h 39m VS #40 Area Leader Boyden which will be the last trainer of detailed fights

5d 21h 38m We use Sludge bomb on Nuzleaf and KO it, Graveler uses Rollout and brings Gulpin to the red and another turn and Sludge hurts Graveler to like 1hp and he misses Rollout, poison takes care of Graveller

5d 21h 36m Nuzleaf uses Torment on Gulpin so we started using sludge and Mareep got Body Slam to 1st slot, Graveler gets hurt from poison

5d 21h 33m We switch out Sharpedo for Mareep and Gulpin spams Sludge Bomb on Graveler who used a Magnitude 4 which as weak as hell and Nuzleaf uses Torment on Mareep

5d 21h 33m Vs Cooltrainer Roze, she sends in Graverler and Nuzleaf, which uses Fake out on Sharpedo and Gulpin uses Sludge Bomb on Graverler to poison it, it uses Defense curl

5d 21h 31m Ariados faints after after a Water Pulse and Yanma uses Sing (Gloom didnt sleep powder last turn sorry) on Gulpin and Sharpedo uses Water Pulse to bring Yanma to red and Gulpin finishes the game with a Sludge Bomb, Edin defeated

5d 21h 28m We use Water Pulse and Sludge Bomb to take down Gloom but it manages a Sleep Powder on our shark Yanma is too weak to do anything and Ariados is sent out

5d 21h 27m Vs Newscaster Edin, he sends in gloom and Yanma

5d 21h 26m Gligar goes down to Sludge Bomb and poison, we do not evolve Gulpin

5d 21h 25m We switched Sharpedo for Mareep and we still spam Sludge Bomb and he still spams Quick Attack and Mareep just Light Screen's

5d 21h 24m We use Taunt and Sludge Bomb which makes Gligar get poisoned and he uses another Quick Attack

5d 21h 23m Gligar uses a Quick Attack on Gulpin and barely did anything, we use Water Pulse on Kecleon which gets him confused and doesnt matter since Sludge Bomb takes him out, Gulping levels up to level 41

5d 21h 22m Vs SuperTrainer Pixen who sends Kecleon and Gligar

5d 21h 21m Vs Bodybuilder Selor, he has Grimer only which is taken down by a Water Pulse and Sludge Bomb, gg m8

5d 21h 20m Water Pulse takes Cacnea to red and Gulpin finishes it off, Beauty Nevah defeated

5d 21h 19m Cacnea uses Leech Seed on Sharpedo

5d 21h 19m We use Water Pulse on Cacnea which does over half and Sludge bomb takes Chimecho down

5d 21h 18m We use Sludge Bomb and Taunt on Chimecho and it responds with Take Down on Sharpedo, while Cacnea uses Ingrain

5d 21h 18m Vs Beaty Nevah Our duo vs Chimecho Cacnea

5d 21h 17m We beat Trainer #34

[Meta] Unfortunately at this time the live updater will briefly be going dark. We will inform you of what levels/evos we missed, if any, when we return.

5d 21h 13m We finally kill Corsola. Sharpedo levels to 36!

5d 21h 10m We take out Qwilfish and she sends out Corsola.

5d 21h 9m Qwilfish uses Spikes! Actual strats if she had more than 3 mons.

5d 21h 8m Facing Matron Petil! She sends out Qwilfish and Beldum.

5d 21h 7m Loudred faints to a Water Pulse and a Sludge Bomb. Defeated Fopaw!

5d 21h 6m It's the battle of water between the two water mon, as neither mon realizes its opponent's weaknesses. Gulpin comes in and finishes off Luvdisc.

5d 21h 6m Chaser Fopaw comes to bring hopefully a longer battle. He sends out Luvdisc and Loudred!

5d 21h 4m And it goes down to a crit Water Pulse. Defeated Niven.

5d 21h 4m Beauty Niven battles, sending out Kirlia (29)!

5d 21h 3m Tentacool quickly faints and we defeat #31.

5d 21h 1m Sharpedo takes out Rhyhorn immediately, and Gulpin almost does the same with Tentacool.

5d 21h 1m Chaser Atles wants to battle! Out comes Tentacool and Rhyhorn (29).

5d 21h 0m We enter the break room, exit it, enter it again, and then head on to 31.

5d 20h 59m We got 600 Pokecoupons! Yay!

5d 20h 59m Spinda falls to a Giga Drain! Defeated Area Leader Taria!

5d 20h 58m We down the Electrike, so out comes Spinda. Furret faints from poison.

5d 20h 56m We send out Shiftry.

5d 20h 55m On the plus side, we swapped Baltoy out for Gulpin again and poisoned Furret. Spheal faints to a Spark!

5d 20h 54m We send out Spheal, it immediately faces a super-effective Spark and gets paralyzed.

5d 20h 54m Furret's Slam KOs Sharpedo!

5d 20h 52m Electrike is pounding Sharpedo away with Sparks. It's in the low yellows.

5d 20h 51m We swap Gulpin for Baltoy.

5d 20h 49m We're at the Area Leader, Tria! She sends out Electrike and Furret (29/28).

5d 20h 48m Gulpin tries to evolve, but a legion of Bs stop the dream.

5d 20h 48m A few Shock Waves KO the Sealeo. Defeated Mopar!

5d 20h 46m Shiftry comes out, and the battle slowly progresses. Quagsire falls, and Gulpin levels to 40! Shiftry levels to 44!

5d 20h 45m We don't realize Shock Wave doesn't affect Quagsire, so we use it twice on her.

5d 20h 44m #29 Cooltrainer Mopar want to battle! Against Quagsire and Sealeo (28)!

5d 20h 43m We finish off Masquerain with a Shock Wave/Water Pulse combo. Defeated Josh Jepson Jespon.

5d 20h 40m And..... Corphish is down. Masquerain, put up a good fight!

Wait what team are we cheering for again?

5d 20h 40m Sorry, now we're on #28. Against a Corphish and Masquerain (Lv. 28)

5d 20h 36m We swap to Shiftry and Spheal. Shiftry OHKOs Corsola with Giga Drain, defeating Metson.

5d 20h 34m After a Water Pulse, Linoone is hanging on by a thread! A shock wave KOs it.

5d 20h 33m Linoone, using Mud Sport to set up defending the Shock Wave, has some pro strats. They aren't really used, as we instead attack Sharpedo.

5d 20h 33m We use Water Pulse on Houndour and KO it! Out comes Corsola!

5d 20h 32m Sharpedo is not taking Pin Missles well from Linoone. He might go down in two turns.

5d 20h 30m Curmudgeon Metson would like to defend #28. He sends out Linoone and Houndour (28).

[Fluff] I love his defeated pose, he literally just fell on the ground and laid there.

5d 20h 29m A Shock Wave finally takes down the Forretress. Defeated Rider Atill.

5d 20h 27m And then they start attacking each other. Shiftry uses Giga Drain and Gulpin uses Shock Wave. Smooth.

5d 20h 27m It doesn't really work as well with the Forretress... Gulpin and him are tag teaming the tank.

5d 20h 25m Shiftry used Giga Drain to KO the Teddy Bear.

5d 20h 23m Gulpin just downed Sharpedo with a Sludge!

5d 20h 22m #26! Against Rider Atill! He sends out Lv 28 Forretress and Lv 28 Teddiursa.

5d 20h 21m Sharpedo uses Water Pulse to finish it off. Sharpedo is now level 35! Defeated Koiyt.

5d 20h 18m Chaser Koiyt challenges us to a battle. Lileep Lv. 27.

5d 20h 17m Napol defeated.

5d 20h 16m Shiftry got paralyzed.

5d 20h 13m Mareep got paralyzed.

5d 20h 10m Casual Guy Napol challenges us to a battle. Nosepass + Mightyena.

5d 20h 6m Kwane defeated.

5d 20h 4m Spheal fainted to a Koffing.

5d 20h 2m Casual Dude Kwane challenges us to a battle. Phanpy + Fllafy, Koffing.

5d 20h 1m Folop defeated.

5d 19h 58m Navigator Folop challenges us to a battle. Goldeen + Togetic.

5d 19h 57m Raichu paralyzes Spheal. Grestly defeated.

5d 19h 56m Sailor Grestly challenges us to a battle. Raichu Lv. 27.

5d 19h 55m 300 Poke Coupons obtained.

5d 19h 55m Eldof defeated.

5d 19h 53m Area Leader Eldof challenges us to a battle. Wingull + Mudkip, Lotad.

5d 19h 52m Dolam defeated.

5d 19h 50m Bodybuilder Dolan challenges us to a battle. He has Togepi + Larvitar, Wurmple.

5d 19h 48m Delf defeated.

5d 19h 44m Bodybuilder Delf challenges us to a battle. Slugma + Silcoon.

5d 19h 43m Echart defeated.

5d 19h 43m Rider Echart challenges us to a battle. Ralts Lv. 15.

5d 19h 41m Jeol defeated.

5d 19h 39m Friendly fire halved Gulpin HP.

5d 19h 38m Chaser Jeol challenges us to a battle. Mareep + Torchic.

5d 19h 36m Hunter Goling defeated.

5d 19h 35m Hardig defeated. (Who called their child Hardig anyway?). Gulpin to Lv. 39. Didn't evolve. Learned Sludge bomb in slot 1.

5d 19h 30m Researcher Hardig challenges us to a battle. Seedot + Ledyba.

5d 19h 29m Gratin defeated.

5d 19h 28m Sailor Gratin challenges us to a battle. Wynaut + Shuckle.

5d 19h 27m Cidlor defeated.

5d 19h 26m Chaser Cidlor challenges us to a battle. Wooper Lv. 13 and Natu Lv. 12.

5d 19h 25m Chaser Dabil challenges us to a battle. Dabil defeated.

5d 19h 24m Whismur, Zigzagoon and Machop are KO'd by water pulse one by one. Vander defeated.

5d 19h 21m Area Leader "Darth" Vander challenges us to a battle.

5d 19h 20m Dibsin defeated.

5d 19h 11m Cooltrainer Dibsin challenges us to a battle. Skitty Lv. 11 + Chikorita Lv. 12, Baltoy Lv. 12.

5d 19h 10m Sharpedo leveled up to Lv. 34. Eloff defeated.

5d 19h 8m Beauty Eloff challenges us to a battle. Nincada + Surskit Lv. 11, Pineco Lv. 12.

5d 19h 7m Horbit defeated.

5d 19h 6m Casual Dude Horbit challenges us to a battle. Ugh, another one. Spinarak Lv. 11, Taillow Lv. 12.

5d 19h 5m Our current tactic is 2 Water pulse + sing. Ezella defeated.

5d 19h 4m Matron Ezella challenges us to a battle. Sunkern + Poochyena Lv. 11.

5d 19h 3m One hit kill. Kabin defeated.

5d 19h 3m Fun Old Man Kabin challenges us to a battle. Shroomish Lv. 11.

5d 19h 2m 1 hit = 1 kill. Robel defeated.

5d 19h 1m Navigator Robel challenges us to a battle. Hoothoot Lv. 11.

5d 19h 0m Bardo defeated.

5d 18h 59m Cooltrainer Bardo challenges us to a battle. Doduo + Spoink Lv. 10.

5d 18h 58m Dirty casual Cridel defeated!

5d 18h 54m Swablu lv. 10 Corphish Lv. 9.

5d 18h 54m Casual Dude Cridel challenges us to a battle.

5d 18h 52m Gulpin is paralized. Miru defeated.

5d 18h 50m Mareep: Body slam and thunder wave exchanged places.

5d 18h 46m Beauty Miru challenges us to a battle. Wurmple +Wingull Lv. 9.

5d 18h 45m Mt. Battle.

5d 18h 43m Sharpedo fainted due to poison.

5d 18h 42m Aaaand we back to the cave.

5d 18h 41m Agate Village.

5d 18h 35m Cave Poké Spot

5d 18h 32m Greesix defeated.

5d 18h 31m Lotad down, Pineko in. Sharpedo got poisoned.

5d 18h 30m Shroomish down, Lotad Lv. 19 is sent in.

5d 18h 30m Oddish down, Shroomish is sent in.

5d 18h 23m Cipher grunt Greesix challenges us to a battle. Oddish + Cacnea Lv. 18.

5d 18h 21m To the Cipher Lab and Cave Poké Spot.

5d 18h 15m Ice wind finishes off Mareep. Black out.

5d 18h 14m Another Rock Slide KO's Spheal.

5d 18h 14m We sent in Mareep.

5d 18h 10m Shiftry fainted.

5d 18h 8m Mawile Rock Slided Baltoy to death. Spheal is out.

5d 18h 3m We sent in Shiftry.

5d 18h 2m Mawile kills Gulpin.

5d 18h 2m We send in cDddDDDDDD.

5d 18h 0m Gulpin OHKOed Rhyhorn, Vigoroth is out. Sharpedo fainted.

5d 17h 59m Vs Casual Dude Feper. Rhyhorn and Mawile.

5d 17h 59m Sealeo is down. Aftin defeated!

5d 17h 57m Baltoy faints

5d 17h 56m Baltoy leveled up to 37 and forgot Mud Slap for Cosmic Power

5d 17h 54m Mareep is sent out

5d 17h 53m Sharpedo faints from Sealeo

5d 17h 52m Spheal faints

5d 17h 49m Spheal leveled up to level 31 and did not learn Hail

5d 17h 48m We defeat Solrock and Donphan is now out

5d 17h 45m Sharpedo used Water Pulse on Gupin twice, rip

[Info] Sharpedo now has Water Pulse 1st slot, thats why we are doing better

5d 17h 43m We defeat Swalot and Solrock is out

5d 17h 42m We enter the colosseum again, same lead and same mon

5d 17h 40m We send in Spheal but Rollout team is too op Shiftry manages to defeat Solrock but Swalot used Sludge Bomb, we white out and go back down the colosseum

5d 17h 34m Swalot kills his Daughter Gulpin

5d 17h 34m We send in Shiftry

5d 17h 32m Solrock uses Rollout to KO Sharpedo

[Chat] Currently more discussion about our teams in Anniversary Red than inputs into the game, so things in the game are slow.

5d 17h 31m Gulpin is at low health and Sharpedo was sent back in and both are now at red health

5d 17h 30m We beat the Sealeo and he sends in Solrock, but Baltoy and Mareep fainted

[Info] They have level 40 Pokémon's its very likely we lose

[Snark] He has the evolutions of our team, he's mocking us

5d 17h 20m Vs BodyBuilder Aftin, Sharpedo and Gulpin vs Swalot and Sealeo

5d 17h 19m We enter the Realgam Tower Colosseum

5d 17h 15m We walk around with no destination in mind

5d 17h 5m We walk away from the Bingo Lady

[Info] If you want to know whats going on i suggest checking this site: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Battle_Bingo

5d 16h 54m The cards in Bingo form, now we are fighting a Torchic with Flamethrower

5d 16h 53m We beat the Treeko and he fled

5d 16h 53m We have a Dragonair card that uses Outrage against a Treeko with Giga Drain

5d 16h 51m Looks like we are playing Pokémon cards

5d 16h 38m We walk out of the battle cd room and walk around realgam ground floor

5d 16h 30m We win and got a Rare Candy as a prize

5d 16h 23m We lose and try again

5d 16h 16m We challenge Sim Trainer Kabel again

5d 16h 15m We tried challenging it again and lost

[Fluff] The description for this Battle Disc (and number 40, presumably) is "Which region will boast superiority?" So apparently, Kanto > Hoenn.

5d 16h 9m Lost again.

5d 16h 2m Tried Battle Disc 41 again (we have Hoenn, opponent has Kanto)

5d 16h 1m Swampert down to Hydro Cannon, we lost.

5d 15h 57m Swampert was switched out for Blaziken. Venusaur goes down, Blastoise in, Blaziken down. Swampert in.

5d 15h 55m Sceptile down, Swampert is sent in.

5d 15h 54m Venusaur is sent in. So we switch out to Sceptile.

5d 15h 53m Sceptile is switched out for Swampert. Charizard uses Blast Burn, it resists, means it must take a turn to recharge. It then uses Dragon Dance and goes down to a second Muddy Water.

5d 15h 52m It's Charizard versus Sceptile, quite an unfair matchup.

5d 15h 50m Received a Rare Candy, cleared Battle CD 40. Received Battle CD 41, we can challenge the other side (means we have the Hoenn 'mon on our side instead of the Kanto mons). We then immediately take that challenge.

5d 15h 49m Blastoise on 3HP due to some ground-type attack, Hydro Cannon takes out Swampert! We win! Defeated Sim Trainer Kabel!

5d 15h 48m Blaziken down, Swampert in.

5d 15h 46m Blaziken uses Rock Slide, Charizard goes down easily. Blastoise sent in.

5d 15h 46m Charizard sent in.

5d 15h 44m Sceptile goes down, Blaziken is sent in (can't see chat rn but I imagine it's OneHand spam), and our Venusaur goes down.

5d 15h 43m Ran battle CD 40. It's Sceptile versus Venusaur, and the other fully-evolved formes of the starters from Gens 1 and 3

5d 15h 41m We finished the simulation then did it again and failed idk. Walking around the room for a bit now

5d 15h 29m Ran Battle CD 01. Tropius versus Pidgeot, nothing's changed.

5d 15h 23m Driven to Realgam Tower.

5d 15h 22m At the map screen now, trying to head to another area.

[Info] According to the .org site, the last move in Shiftry's move set was Secret Power. So that was probably what Pound was learned over.

5d 15h 16m Mareep forgot how to use Thunder for Tackle.

[Info] So it seems Shiftry relearnt Pound, but I'm not sure what move we learnt it over. Its move summary was just checked, Pound is in the last slot.

5d 15h 3m At the Move Deleter's desk

5d 15h 0m Inside again.

5d 14h 42m Outside.

5d 14h 42m Teleported back to the registration counter. We only did one battle.

5d 14h 37m Started another fresh Mt. Battle challenge how wonderful

[Snark] RIP Progress

5d 14h 32m Lost the Mt. Battle challenge, we're back at the reception desk. Pretty sure that was Number 42

5d 14h 6m Shiftry to Lv.43

5d 14h 5m Spheal to lv.30

5d 14h 4m Now onto Area 5.

5d 14h 1m Hitmontop down, Area Leader Boyden defeated. Area 4 cleared, received 700 Poké Coupons (we did receive some at the end of Area 3, but I wasn't sure how many), and TM42 Facade.

[Fluff] Pretty sure it was Spheal who levelled up earlier, since it's Lv.29 now and it was Lv.28 earlier, and none of our other 'mons seem to have levelled up unnoticed

5d 13h 59m All of his 'mons are down except for Hitmontop, who's slowly being taken out.

[Fluff] His pre-battle speech says that he was the only male in Area 4, and with his name being Boyden.. 10/10 for originality

5d 13h 56m Versus Area Leader Boyden. Hitmontop and Wigglytuff sent out.

[Fluff] Pretty sure something else levelled up as well but I'm not sure, my quality's on fairly low right now.

5d 13h 44m Mareep to lv.39, Gulpin to lv.38, both evolutions cancelled

5d 13h 20m Sharpedo to lv.32

5d 13h 14m Straight on to Area 4.

[Info] In this gen, TM34 is Shock Wave

5d 13h 12m Received TM34.

5d 13h 10m Furret down, Gulpin to lv.37, victory against Area Leader Taria, and Area 3 beaten. Gulpin's evolution cancelled.

5d 13h 9m Spinda down, Electrike in. It goes down.

5d 13h 8m Versus Area Leader Taria, Spinda and Furret sent out.

5d 12h 40m Sharpedo to lv.31

5d 12h 29m Its evolution is cancelled, though.

5d 12h 28m Gulpin to lv.36.

5d 12h 23m Carvanha evolves into Sharpedo!

5d 12h 21m Carvanha to lv.30.

5d 12h 5m Right on to Area 3.

5d 12h 3m Wingull down, Mudkip sent in, Mudkip down. Lotad down, Eldof defeated. Area 2 beaten, received 300 Poké Coupons

5d 12h 3m Versus Area Leader Eldof, Lotad and Wingull sent out

5d 11h 35m And straight onto the next area.

5d 11h 34m Machop down, we've cleared Area 1. Again. Yaaaay. Received 200 Poké Coupons

5d 11h 33m Whismur down, Zigzagoon in. Zigzagoon down.

5d 11h 32m Versus Area Leader Vander. Whismur and Machop are sent out.

5d 11h 28m Upon seeing that level up, chat speeds up, and evolution is cancelled.

5d 11h 27m Gulpin to Lv.35.

5d 11h 23m Carvanha to Lv.29.

[Fluff] By the way, Carvanha and Gulpin are still out front, so they're the ones getting EXP. Pretty close to levelling up, too.

[Fluff] Just like before, only levelups and other such things will be stated . The battles aren't very exciting or challenging, and we've gone through here a few times before.

5d 11h 14m Entered the battle mountain challenge part of Mt. Battle.

5d 11h 12m At Mt. Battle

5d 11h 7m In Pyrite. And then at Kaminko's house.

5d 11h 6m Now outside.

5d 11h 0m Skarmory paralyzed due to Secret Powder (Vileplume is too), Shiftry is asleep again to Sleep Powder. Shiftry's now on 10HP from Aerial Ace, and a crit Hyper Beam from Vileplume takes out Shiftry. White out, back at the lab.

5d 10h 59m Shiftry wakes up, and does just under half health with a Secret Power on Whiscash. Another one, it's a crit, and Whiscash does down! Skarmory in!

5d 10h 57m Electrode down, Whiscash in. Shiftry's now asleep due to Sleep Powder.

5d 10h 56m Shiftry's attack takes out Nuzleaf. Vileplume sent in. Spheal down.

5d 10h 55m Baltoy down, Spheal is the last one left apart from Shiftry, who is currently on the field. Spheal sent in.

5d 10h 54m Mareep down, Shiftry in. Baltoy was sent in after Carvanha went down

5d 10h 52m Gonzap offers we join Snagem, we deny. Versus Snagem Head Gonzap, Electrode and Nuzleaf against Carvanha and an asleep Mareep. Carvanha down.

5d 10h 51m Grumpig down, Shiftry to lv.42. Gloom down, Grunt defeated.

5d 10h 50m Gulpin faints, Shiftry is sent in.

5d 10h 49m Mantine down, Forretress in. Forretress down, Grumpig in.

5d 10h 47m Shiftry is switched out, Gulpin is sent in. One of the Gloom goes down, Mantine is sent in.

5d 10h 44m Walked up some more stairs, Gonzap and a Team Snagem grunt are here. The grunt challenges us, Gloom and Gloom against Carvanha and Gulpin. Carvanha is switched out for Shiftry, and Gulpin is switched out for Mareep.

5d 10h 43m Obtained TM29!

5d 10h 35m We walked up some stairs.

5d 10h 33m Healed our party

5d 10h 31m Back inside.

5d 10h 30m We are outside, it seems.

5d 10h 29m An item box is spotted, we try to open it, "it's locked".

5d 10h 24m Xatu down. Beautifly goes down to a strong Thunder, and Snagem Gaply is defeated.

5d 10h 22m Shiftry was Whirlwind'd out, Mareep's on the field now.

5d 10h 21m Shiftry is sent in.

5d 10h 19m Carvanha down

5d 10h 18m Delibird down, Xatu in,

5d 10h 17m Baltoy down, Carvanha in. Sneasel down, Delibird in.

5d 10h 13m Ariados down, Sneasel sent in.

5d 10h 13m Beautifly uses Whirlwind and sends Mareep out, Baltoy is now in.

5d 10h 12m Versus Team Snagem Gaply, Ariados and Beautifly against Carvanha and Gulpin. Carvanha is switched out for Mareep.

5d 10h 11m We got an item but I'm not sure exactly what it was.

5d 10h 2m We drove to the Snagem Hideout.

5d 9h 57m At Mt. Battle now.

5d 9h 55m Driven back to the ??? "building". Still not quite sure of exactly what this is.

5d 9h 52m And then we travel to SS Libra.

5d 9h 51m Traveled to some place that "appears to be a building". The name on the map screen is a bunch of question marks.

5d 9h 48m At the Rock Poké Spot.

5d 9h 42m Driven to the Outskirt Stand.

5d 9h 40m We've travelled to the SS Libra.

5d 9h 39m At the south part of the town, where we can travel to a different place.

5d 9h 38m Out and about walking in Pyrite.

5d 9h 35m Won the Pyrite Colosseum tournament again.

5d 9h 18m It then tries to evolve, but is cancelled.

5d 9h 17m Gulpin to Lv.34, Stockpile, Spit Up, and Swallow are not learned.

5d 9h 16m Carvanha to Lv.28, Refresh is forgotten for Screech

5d 9h 6m Mareep to lv.38. It tries to evolve, the evolution is cancelled.

5d 8h 59m Won the Pyrite Colosseum tournament again. Then we enter another one.

[Chat] Chat is concerned about the hash tags at the bottom of the input list, which only say #Hashtags right now. Wait, now they're full of random things again, including #SaveTheHashtags

5d 8h 42m Evolution cancelled.

5d 8h 41m Baltoy to lv.36

5d 8h 30m Evolution cancelled.

5d 8h 29m Gulpin to lv.33

5d 8h 15m We started another one.

5d 8h 13m Won a Colosseum tournament.

5d 7h 55m Carvahna Lv 27!

5d 7h 53m It didn't evolve...

5d 7h 52m Gulpin Lv 32!

[Info] I missed it, but Shiftry is now Lv 41 from a previous battle.

[Info] We have honestly been through this series of Colosseum battles so many times while grinding there is no point in updating every single battle. I'll just stick to Lv ups and new moves for the actual battles.

5d 7h 29m [Chat] Chat is playing PBR announcer to the movements of the stream battle.

5d 7h 26m Back in the Pyrite Colosseum and in another tournament.

[Fluff] ♪ o/()* ♪ o/()* ♪ ♫♩

5d 7h 21m Back in Pyrite.

5d 7h 7m We're trying to move out to another location, but we're having trouble with the map, as usual.

5d 7h 1m And outside the manor.

5d 6h 59m And we're back out staring at Kaminko's difficult books.

5d 6h 44m Slowly but surely working our way back to the exit.

5d 6h 32m Still treating the cranes as a carnival ride.

5d 6h 13m As of the previous update, we have been playing the crane game (i.e. swinging on them back and forth) and reading our little sister Jovi's diaries. And we still are now.

5d 5h 57m Still reading through Jovi's diaries. Jeez TPP, I hope you remember Jovi's our younger sister... Kappa

5d 5h 54m Jovi's Diary says that apparently Jovi has made a secret base in an empty room in the laboratory!

5d 5h 53m Reading through Jovi's Random Diarys.

5d 5h 49m Saved!

5d 5h 46m Near the bottom of the lab now, trying to get to another item.

5d 5h 37m The shiny was Battle CD 11!

5d 5h 35m Shiny object on the ground spotted!

5d 5h 32m Progressing through the cranes. I haven't been this far in my XD playthrough so I don't know how far we are through this maze.

5d 5h 27m We're playing the crane game apparently. WHEEEEEE back and forth on the cranes :3

5d 5h 23m Kaminko's bookshelves are filled with difficult-sounding books, apparently.

5d 5h 21m We're still screwing around in the lobby of Kaminko's mansion. Nothing important done since beating Chobin.

5d 5h 14m Chobin informs us that the Robo-KenyaGroudon is not yet complete, and we enter Kaminko's manor.

[Info] That was Baltoy that Gyarados Thrashed, not Gulpin.

5d 5h 13m Baltoy's Psybeam and Mareep's Thunder obliterates Gyarados! Chobin defeated!

5d 5h 13m Gyarados finally Thrashes which does a fair bit to Gulpin.

5d 5h 12m Gulpin is switched for Baltoy, Mareep uses Thunder which KOs Tropius!

5d 5h 12m Tropius Stomps Gulpin, who Sludges for a fair bit of damage in return, more parahax for Gyarados.

5d 5h 11m Tropius sent in, Bite chips again.

5d 5h 11m Hoppip goes down to Gulpin's Sludge Bomb!

5d 5h 10m Hoppip Leech Seeds Gulpin, Gulpin nearly KOs Hoppip, Gyarados gets parahaxed.

5d 5h 9m We try to snag one of Chobin's mons, but we've got our Snag Machine stolen by Snagem sometime I wasn't looking.

5d 5h 9m Hoppip sent in.

5d 5h 8m Bite once again does little to Mareep, paralyses Gyarados with Static, Mareep Flinches, Gulpin's Sludge takes out Sunflora!

5d 5h 7m Gyarados' Bite chips Gulpin, Mareep sets up Light Screen, and Gulpin Sludges for just over 50% on Sunflora, who uses Sunny Day.

5d 5h 7m VS Chobin! Sunflora and Gyarados vs Mareep and Gulpin!

5d 5h 1m Moved to Kaminko's Mansion.

5d 4h 56m Saved!

5d 4h 51m Obtained Battle CD 40!

[Fluff] 5d 4h 35m Ladies and gentlemen, that is, in fact, news #666!


5d 4h 24m Outside in Pyrite.

5d 4h 24m Won the tournament.

5d 4h 19m Gulpin down.

5d 4h 17m Sometime within the last few minutes we've sent in Gulpin, who has levelled up to 31.

5d 4h 13m We still haven't sent anything in Baltoy's place.

5d 4h 11m Oh, and Baltoy fainted.

[Snark] It's a sign of how much we're getting done when I can watch One-Punch Man and still not miss anything.

5d 4h 8m [Chat] Counting Kappas. In b4 Streamer's hammer time. Kappa

5d 3h 52m Baltoy to Lv 35 after killing a Roselia.

5d 3h 49m Back in for another tournament

5d 3h 48m Mareep leveled up to 37! It learned Thunder over Thundershock! (It didn't evolve)

5d 3h 48m Won the tournament.

5d 3h 38m Switched out Baltoy for Shiftry

5d 3h 30m Out of the challenge, trying it again.

5d 3h 15m Baltoy to lv.34

5d 3h 13m started another colosseum challenge tournament thing

5d 3h 2m Outside.

5d 2h 58m There's that all-too-familiar news jingle. They're talking about the SS Libra and how it's in the middle of the desert.

5d 2h 57m In the circular house with the TV.

5d 2h 47m Outside of the PC, outside of the Colosseum. Wandering around.

5d 2h 44m At the PC. We keep entering and exiting it.

5d 2h 40m Won the Pyrite Colosseum tournament. Mareep tries to evolve, cancelled.

5d 2h 38m Mareep to lv.36

5d 2h 27m Spheal's in, looks like Mareep was switched out.

5d 2h 24m Won the Tournament. And we do it again.

5d 2h 22m Baltoy to lv.33

5d 2h 12m Evolution cancelled.

5d 2h 11m Mareep to lv.35

5d 2h 7m And we enter the tournament yet again.

5d 2h 6m Won the Colosseum challenge again.

5d 2h 5m Gulpin is sent in.

5d 2h 3m Carvanha was sent in, it has fainted.

5d 2h 1m Mareep has fainted.

5d 1h 57m Baltoy's now lv.32.

5d 1h 35m Won the Colosseum challenge, now for another one.

5d 1h 33m Mareep fainted, Shiftry is sent in.

5d 1h 20m Tries to evolve, cancelled again.

5d 1h 17m Mareep to lv.34

5d 1h 14m We win that battle. And that was only the first one of the challenge. Now for the next.

5d 1h 11m And Gulpin is sent in.

5d 1h 11m Spheal faints, Gulpin is the only one left that can be sent in as Shiftry is already on the field.

5d 1h 9m It seems Mareep and Baltoy might have fainted, but I'm not sure. We have three Pokémon still alive and three fainted.

5d 1h 8m Baltoy was switched out for Shiftry and Mareep was switched out for Carvanha. Carvanha faints, and Spheal is sent in.

5d 1h 2m Won the challenge. Then we do it yet again.

5d 0h 59m Baltoy to Lv.31, Sandstorm was not learnt

5d 0h 50m Baltoy is switched out for Shiftry.

5d 0h 44m Shiftry to Lv.40

5d 0h 42m Mareep is switched out for Shiftry!

5d 0h 38m Its evolution is cancelled. Won the Colosseum challenge, then we try another one.

5d 0h 36m Mareep to lv.33

5d 0h 32m Baltoy to lv.30

5d 0h 27m Then we exit the PC and start another Colosseum challenge. Like before, only levelups of our own 'mon will be noted.

5d 0h 26m Renamed that box that Shadow Vulpix was moved to, didn't quite catch what it was renamed to.

5d 0h 25m Moved Vulpix to Box 8 with the rest of the Pokémon.

5d 0h 24m In the PC.

5d 0h 22m Healed a bunch of times. But that hardly maters, we're healed after every battle in the Colosseum anyway.

5d 0h 17m Pacing around outside of the Colosseum.

5d 0h 16m Won the Pyrite Colosseum challenge again. Received some Pokédollars, no TM though.

[Snark] Oh, also welcome to Day 6.

5d 0h 0m Mareep to level 32!

4d 23h 50m Spheal to level 28!

4d 23h 41m Another round in Pyrite, btw.

4d 23h 38m Baltoy 29 RISE BORT

[Chat] Chat's freaking out over the "Pichu Bros team" that we're fighting against: 2 Pichus, a Teddiursa, and a Smoochum.

4d 23h 23m Btw, we entered another round of battles in Pyrite Colosseum. I'll stick to simply updating the levels and the like.

4d 23h 22m We got TM05! from the receptionist!

4d 23h 20m Mareep levels up to 31! It doesn't evolve.

[Chat] A sandstorm kicks up in the stadium. The chat is on it with their duDudu's.

4d 23h 17m Pyrite Colosseum: Finals! Researcher Foss!

4d 23h 14m Baltoy leveled up to 28! And then took out our own Mareep.

4d 23h 12m Pokémon keep using multi-strike contact moves on our Mareep, and they keep getting paralyzed halfway through their efforts.

4d 23h 10m Pyrite Colosseum: Semifinal! Hunter Tiruk!

4d 23h 8m Pyrite Colosseum: Battle 2! Sailor Mifis!

4d 23h 5m Or, it would have, had we not had a double miss...

4d 23h 4m Shiftry enters the battle; everything dies.

4d 23h 2m This Taillow is vicious. It's even attacking us when its asleep!

4d 22h 55m We enter another round of battles in the Pyrite Colosseum! Round 1: Chaser Sellis!

4d 22h 54m And Mareep doesn't evolve.

4d 22h 54m We win! The crowd cheers!

4d 22h 53m Mareep Leveled up! It learned Light Screen over Cotton Spore!

4d 22h 49m Sailor Tebu for the finals.

4d 22h 49m Shiftry takes out the final opponent. We win!

4d 22h 46m Baltoy is down!

4d 22h 46m Baltoy is at critical health.

4d 22h 40m Sproink is down. Out comes Trapinch.

4d 22h 38m Next is the semifinals. Mareep and Baltoy vs. Sproink and Spinda.

4d 22h 37m Sentret is down. We win!

4d 22h 36m Shiftry on the field.

4d 22h 35m Baltoy got knocked the frig out!

4d 22h 35m Baltoy keeps attacking Carvanha.

4d 22h 34m Baltoy out, Carvanha in.

4d 22h 33m Down goes Smeargle. Baltoy is promoted to level 27!

4d 22h 32m Skitty is down. Sentret is our new foe.

4d 22h 31m Mareep out, Gulpin in.

4d 22h 29m Onto the next match. Mareep and Baltoy vs. Smeargle and Skitty.

4d 22h 29m Roselia is down. We win!

4d 22h 28m Shiftry KOs Rhyhorn

4d 22h 27m Now Gulpin is in.

4d 22h 27m Shiftry drains Mareep's health to death!

4d 22h 26m Baltoy is down Shiftry steps up to the plate.

4d 22h 25m The Pokemon are trading weak blows. Baltoy is paralyzed and in the yellow.

4d 22h 23m Carvanna is down! We send Mareep back out.

4d 22h 22m We recall Mareep and send out Carvanna.

4d 22h 21m Wingull is down. Out comes Rhyhorn

4d 22h 20m Fighting in the Colosseum. Mareep and Baltoy vs. Wingull and Roselia

4d 22h 14m Faffing about outside of the Pyrite Colosseum

4d 22m 11m [PC Intensifies]

4d 22h 6m We heal

4d 21h 59m Traveled to Pyrite Town.

4d 21h 55m We have left the daycare.

4d 21h 53m We then daycared and retrieved Shiftry

4d 21h 52m ...and then we retrieved Gulpin.

4d 21h 52m We deposited Gulpin.

4d 21h 51m We are at the Daycare.

4d 21h 45m We're in Agate now, strolling around the item shop.

4d 21h 36m The sky turns black and stormy again as we ride to Dr. Kaminko's property. What the heck kind of weather experiments must he be doing to have a perpetual thunder cloud over his house and no where else in the region?

4d 21h 34m Back to Pyrite via the Lab. Let the snapping commence.

4d 21h 33m We really like the entrance stairs of Realgam Tower. We've spent enough time on them. Must be the sound of the fountains on either side.

[Fluff/Info] It is kind of a big deal when we do Save, btw, because it's nearly impossible to move the cursor only one space in the menus. And also because when the game does crash, loading from battery save seems to be the only thing that works.

4d 21h 16m We arrive at Realgam

4d 21h 14m WE SAVED

4d 21h 13m Off to the Snappaning Town of Pyrite!

4d 21h 10m We trip and somehow end up at Dr. Kaminko's scary front yard.

[Chat] Currently discussing the merits of braving the SS Libra puzzle again for the Fire Stone.

4d 21h 7m We hit the overworld map screen and contemplate its vastness for a little bit. (Read: inputs are a little slow right now)

[Info] We have ₽ 1148

4d 21h 1m Shiftry clutches at 3HP for a turn, before being taken out by the Forretress! WHITE OUT! Welcome back to your room in Pokémon HQ, Alpha.

4d 21h 0m Shiftry gets put to sleep as the Forretress goes to town on it with Pin Missile. We still have another enemy Pokémon after these two enemies...

4d 20h 59m An enemy Fortress get sent in and Baltoy is taken out! Only Shiftry is left.

4d 20h 59m Shiftry wakes up instantly! Baltoy is almost taken down by a crit. Shiftry takes down the opposing Mantine.

4d 20h 58m Shiftry takes out one of the Glooms! It gets replaced by a Mantine, and the other Gloom puts Shiftry to sleep.

4d 20h 57m Baltoy is sent in. He might have a chance to last more than one turn simply due to his bulkiness.

4d 20h 57m Spheal gets sent in and nearly takes out Shiftry with an Aurora Beam! Shiftry heals itself, though. And Spheal gets taken down the same turn by one of the Glooms.

4d 20h 55m Carvanha finally gets sent in and tries to scare the Glooms into submission. The Glooms are having none of it. Carvanha goes down from a crit Acid!

4d 20h 51m Mareep is taken out by the Glooms!

4d 20h 50m Wakin has two Glooms on his team, and their attacks hit both of our Pokémon! Shiftry is put to sleep!

4d 20h 49m Gulpin (who had no health already) is taken out!

4d 20h 49m Gonzap complains about the Snag Machine being too small to fit on his massive arm to his underling, Wakin. They notice us, and Wakin challenges us to a battle!

4d 20h 48m We enter Gonzap's office!

4d 20h 46m Guplin levels up to Level 30! Shiftry levels up to 39! Gulpin fails to evolve...

4d 20h 44m Gupin gets two Crits in a row against the enemy Torkoal and poisons it! It goes down!

[Fluff] Third Snagem Member in a row to have an Oddish on their team...

4d 20h 42m We move right past Team Snagem's Joe Biden and go to move up the stairs, but then he snaps to his senses and stops us before we go up. Time to fight!

4d 20h 40m We progress down another set of stairs to a side hallway with a lot of random pipes in it.

[Chat] Lots of snapping taking place.

4d 20h 34m We finally get through a particularly bothersome gap in the wall and begin our usual mating ritual dance to get to the Healing Machine. WE HEAL!!

4d 20h 29m Found 2 Hyper Potions!

4d 20h 23m We defeat the Snagem guy, and he tells that his boss, Gonzap, is mighty tough.

4d 20h 20m Giga Drain is out of PP again. Seeing as it has only 5 to begin with, this is a common occurrence.

4d 20h 16m We head upstairs and run into Team Snagem's Jedo! He tried to stop us taking back the Snag Machine by battling us!

4d 20h 14m Found 3 Ultra Balls!

4d 20h 13m Currently meandering around the hideout, examining the lovely chips in the walls.

4d 20h 9m We find a healing machine! WE HEAL! Twice...

4d 20h 8m We finally take down the annoying Oddish and win! The guy offers for us to join Snagem again. We don't even give him the courtesy of an answer.

4d 20h 4m Fortunately the enemy Oddish's Acid attack is only doing one HP damage to our Baltoy out now. We're still having trouble taking it down though.

4d 20h 3m And Gulpin and Shiftry are taken down! Stupid acid attack hitting both Pokémon at once...

4d 19h 57m Gulpin leveled up to 29!

4d 19h 56m We walk inside and immediately Team Snagem's Agrev asks us if we're here to join to intrude. And he battles us to find out!

4d 19h 55m We arrive at the new location! Team Snagem's Hideout! And immediately get a mail message some someone named Trest...

[Chat] TriHard 615

4d 19h 47m We cautiously approach the TV...

4d 19h 40m We stop by the Outskirt Stand again, and wave to Willie, still being smug over his win earlier.

4d 19h 37m We make it to Phenac!

[Info] Incidentally, the Cipher Key Lair is the worst place to try and leave, since its entry spawning point is like 100 scale meters from the exit warp. So a lot of DOWN is needed to leave, but only 1 inopportune B is needed to set us back inside.

4d 19h 36m We're attempting to leave.

4d 19h 25m Little 10 year old 90lbs Alph attempts to sneak past two 300lb body builders to get into the Cipher Key Layer, but they won't let us. They are kind enough to not take out lunch money and throw us into the polluted river below.

4d 19h 23m We're at Cipher's Key Layer.

[Snark] Oh, boy, Willie is going to be really smug about that now.

4d 19h 09m Shiftry is down. Blackout!

4d 19h 07m Baltoy is down

4d 19h 03m Fighting Rider Willie. Ziggys vs Shiftry and Baltoy.

4d 18h 41m Rode to the Rock Poke Spot.

4d 18h 36m Baltoy is promoted to level 26! We defeated Rider Willie.

4d 18h 35m Shiftry is promoted to level 38!

4d 18h 35m Gulpin is down! Out goes Baltoy.

4d 18h 33m We have downed a Zigzagoon and a Linoone. One more of each left.

4d 18h 32m Excuse me, we had MAREEP out and Mareep is down. Out goes Gulpin.

4d 18h 31m Fighting Rider Willie and his team of Zigzagoons. Out go Shiftry and Sphearl.

[Chat] TriHard 602

4d 18h 25m Bought 6 Ultra Balls and ~12 Nest balls. We now have 14 Nest Balls.

4d 18h 22m News time! Seems as if the ship was found but the Pokemon aboard are nowhere to be seen.

4d 18h 17m Miror B flees.

4d 18h 16m Mareep is evolving? Nope, Mareep's evolution was cancelled!

4d 18h 16m Miror B defeated!

4d 18h 16m With Lombre fallen, we now know who is truly the King of Funk!

4d 18h 16m Shiftry takes Lombre to yellow with a Bullet Seed, and the Lombre can't move due to paralysis!

4d 18h 15m And Mareep tanks a Water Gun from Lombre, hanging on at 5 HP. In response, it paralyzes Lombre with a Thunder Wave.

4d 18h 14m Ludicolo drains away a bit of Mareep's talent, but the sheep is still in the green! Ludicolo's punished for such crimes by a beautiful Bullet Seed to the face! Mareep hits Level 29!

4d 18h 14m In comes Mareep. The rain's started up again as well!

4d 18h 13m Shiftry resorts to Bullet Seed, which is shy of taking out the Ludicolo. Then Spheal goes down to Lombre's groovy moves.

4d 18h 13m And Giga Drain is outta PP!

4d 18h 12m The rain has stopped!

4d 18h 12m Both of our guys are in the green, with this turn starting Shiftry off by taking Ludicolo to yellow with a Giga Drain and healing up. But then Lombre has brought Spheal to the red! Spheal's Aurora Beam can't do much to Ludicolo either.

4d 18h 12m Lombre took a bit outta Spheal, but not enough. Spheal then hit Shiftry.

4d 18h 11m Miror B brings out his funkiest mon, Ludicolo.

[Snark] The dancefloor is a harsh mistress.

4d 18h 11m And it just went down!

4d 18h 11m It was a Shadow Nosepass!

4d 18h 11m And Miror B brings out his Nosepass!

4d 18h 10m The other Lombre hits Shiftry with a Water Gun, but it does little. Yellow Lombre tries to hit it with Fire Punch, but that does equally little. That Lombre then gets taken out by Spheal!

4d 18h 10m Shiftry brings a Lombre to yellow with Giga Drain!

4d 18h 10m In comes Spheal. Will it be able to muster up some rock and ROLL?

4d 18h 9m Carvanha couldn't handle a Lombre's talent!

4d 18h 9m Another Lombre!

4d 18h 9m That Lombre then gets taken out by Shiftry.

4d 18h 8m Shiftry drains the funk outta one Lombre, to the point where it's red! Meanwhile, Carvanha lowers that one's attack, but gets hit to yellow by the other Lombre. Red Lombre then starts his own funk fresh moves and brings the rain.

4d 18h 8m We send out Carvanha and Shiftry against his dual Lombres!

4d 18h 7m And here comes the master of funk, MIROR B!

4d 18h 7m Trudly and Folly walk out of the Outskirt Stand.

4d 18h 5m Now at the Outskirt Stand.

4d 18h 4m Phenac City.

4d 18h 3m Realgam now.

4d 18h 2m Drove to Phenac City.

4d 18h 0m Now we won't return to the pre-boat status quo if we crash.

4d 18h 0m GAME SAVED.

4d 17h 59m We just drove to Crash Central. Pardon me, Realgam Tower.

4d 17h 45m Still trying to save.

4d 17h 31m We're in Duking's office.

4d 17h 22m Trying to save.

4d 17h 13m We stay a night in the Pyrite Super Grand Hotel and heal our mons.

4d 17h 11m We toss 16 Poké Balls.

4d 17h 10m Hanging around Pyrite.

4d 17h 4m Rider Finol defeated.

4d 17h 4m Shiftry takes out Ledyba with Secret power.

4d 17h 4m Ledyba brought to red by Gulpin's Shock Wave. Too paralyzed to move.

4d 17h 4m Shiftry takes out Togetic with Secret Power.

4d 17h 3m Togetic is brought to the barest point of health with Gulpin's Shock Wave. Ledyba confuses Shiftry with Supersonic. Togetic pecks Gulpin and does little.

4d 17h 3m Shiftry takes Togetic to yellow with Secret Power.

4d 17h 3m There's no PP left for Giga Drain.

4d 17h 2m We send in Gulpin. Ledyba is too paralyzed to move. Togetic does little damage to Gulpin with Peck.

4d 17h 1m Shiftry snapped out of confusion and drained Mareep. Mareep faints.

4d 17h 1m It gets hit by four Comet Punches from Ledyba and a Peck from Togetic, but loses little health. In return, it paralyzes both of the opponent mons with its Static.

4d 17h 1m We send in Mareep.

4d 16h 59m Shiftry is confused. It drains Carvanha in one hit.

4d 16h 57m Carvanha is confused by Togetic.

4d 16h 57m Ledyba hits Carvanha with four Comet Punches, and takes Rough Skin damage.

4d 16h 57m Shiftry hurts itself in confusion. Carvanha taunts Shiftry.

4d 16h 56m Carvanha fails to taunt Shiftry. Ledyba misses a Tackle on Shiftry. Togetic drops Shiftry's attack with Charm.

4d 16h 56m Shiftry drains Togetic but does little damage.

4d 16h 56m Ledyba's Comet Punch does little to Shiftry.

4d 16h 56m Shiftry is taunted by Carvanha.

4d 16h 56m Finol sends in Togetic.

4d 16h 55m Shiftry OHKOs Remoraid with a Giga Drain and heals to full.

4d 16h 55m Shiftry takes little damage from Water Gun from Remoraid. Ledyba sets up Light Screen.

4d 16h 55m Shiftry hurts itself in confusion. Carvanha fails to taunt Remoraid again.

4d 16h 54m Remoraid is taunted by Carvanha. Ledyba confuses Shiftry with Supersonic.

4d 16h 54m Finol sends in Remoraid.

4d 16h 54m Shiftry Giga Drains Shuppet and OHKOs it.

4d 16h 54m Shuppet and Ledyba against our Shiftry and Carvanha.

4d 16h 53m Battling Chaser Finol.

4d 16h 51m Out and about in Pyrite.

4d 16h 48m Went down the elevator.

4d 16h 44m He's willing to search for our Snag Machine and investigate Snagem. He also wants us to go talk to a former Cipher guy named Hordel at Outskirt Stand in case it's a trap.

4d 16h 43m We're talking to Secc. He's explaining the circumstances around Team Snagem.

4d 16h 43m Just hanging around the ONBS Building.

4d 16h 39m Headed down into the ONBS Building.

4d 16h 37m Exited Nett's office.

4d 16h 36m Not much news on Team Snagem, according to Nett, but they're not related to Cipher so far.

4d 16h 36m We talk to Nett and Secc

[Info] Secc is a boy who's a friend of Nett and we enter a room and see them inside with a girl that asks us to save her Bonsly

4d 16h 33m We go to the top roof of the building

4d 16h 26m We talk to the News Lady who's name i revealed to be Ancha and she said she expects more news from us

4d 16h 20m Looks like we need to go to the Secc part of the building, but alas we are tpp so we went to the News station, we see the girl who's at the tv

4d 16h 17m We walk around it

4d 16h 9m We enter the ONBS Building

4d 16h 5m We are now in Pyrite

4d 16h 2m We go to Realgam Tower

[Info] Our mon are fully healed

4d 15h 57m We get a Mail from ONBS

4d 15h 57m When we try to rematch Zook he tells us to get lost or take another trashing but we cant rematch him

4d 15h 53m We try to go through and walk up stairs but two Body Builder guard the door

4d 15h 51m We can pass by him without the need to fight him

4d 15h 50m We dont go to the center and apparently did NOT white out, we stand in front of him

4d 15h 50m Gulpin faints to Zook's duo and we White out!

4d 15h 49m Gulpin and Mareep are sent out and Doduo uses Tri Attack to freeze Mareep, Zangoose uses a Shadow Rush to finish the sheep

[Fluff] We gettin rekt so hard

4d 15h 47m Doduo uses a Tri Attack to OHKO Carvanha

4d 15h 46m Spheal is sent out only to faints to Zangoose's attacks

4d 15h 45m Doduo rips Shiftry with a Drill Peck

4d 15h 44m Zook recognizes as from Gatreon Port and says that we got him Bad luck, he challenges us Shadow Zangoose and Doduo vs Shiftry and Carvanha

4d 15h 44m [Info] We left the ship and followed the snagem guys

4d 15h 43m We watch a battle between Team Snagen Biden vs Thug Zook with a Shadow Zangoose who won easily

4d 15h 40m Some people are trying to save and some are trying to leave this place


4d 15h 30m We ignore the item chest again and leave the ship

[Snark] Why don't more villains just put their enemy to sleep with Sleep Powder instead of battling?

4d 15h 21m We get out of the ship and are met by 3 Snagem members, they want to take our Snag Machine and their Gloom uses Sleep Powder on us and they steal the Snagger, we awake on a bed and the Builder tells us tehy might have had gone up north to Echo Mountain

[Fluff] I thought the chest had the Fire Stone, looks like it was another chest in another room

4d 15h 18m We go down and dont open the chest

4d 15h 17m We go to a room that is under us and we see an item chest, hmm i wonder whats inside?

4d 15h 13m We go into another room of the ship

4d 15h 12m He says he's indebted and we fixed all of his problemes, he better since we used 12 hours just to do it

4d 15h 12m We go back down to the ground floor and we described the hull to this builder

[Info] Streamer briefly set Democracy, and was told that Demo wouldn't work, since it'd still press the control stick too far. He set it back, and then made it so that directional inputs press the control stick lightly, that is, lowering the sensitivity on the input, so that we could approach Bonsly slowly without it running away.

[Snark] We go back to the second puzzle, how about we do it again Kappa

[Info] Actually, what happens is that in real life, you need to sneak up on the Bonsly by only pressing the control stick lightly. Our steps involve emulating the control stick being pressed too far to the side, so we couldn't ever walk at a slow pace.

4d 15h 8m We have normal speed back on and go down to the last puzzle

[Snark] We smogon now boyz!

4d 15h 7m We pick up Leftovers

4d 15h 7m We talk to the Bonsly again and we get a mail, Bonsly runs again

[Info] Looks like streamer just didnt want us to overshoot and fall through a hole and reset the puzzles

[Info] Streamer has set XD to minimum sensitivity and we are moving super slow

[Info] Maybe he wanted to test democracy, either way, we didn't do anything with it

4d 15h 2m We did it without needing democracy but looks like streamer wants us to save through democracy Democracy activated oh wait, looks like demo doesnt really work since the sensitivity is too high or something Anarchy is back

4d 15h 0m Chat wants to save for obvious reasons

4d 14h 59m We try and talk to Bonsly but then he ran to the other side of the room

[Info] TM35 is Flamethrower

4d 14h 58m We go up and a very small cutscene shows Bonsly

4d 14h 57m We find TM35!

4d 14h 56m We cross through the crates

[Fluff] P.S This screenshot was taken just as we went off the menu, XD isnt that dim

4d 14h 55m https://imgur.com/I9k29zC this is how the boxes are alligned, we have infinite tries and no way to mess this up unless we leave the room

4d 14h 52m The boxes are now in position, we have no need to reset. We are now attempting to cross.

[Info] The first plan was like the last puzzle, spam x+a while pushing the crate to its place then move over it, this second plan is a bit complicated but gives us infinite tries to try without the need to reset

4d 14h 38m some of the chat is confused, some are trying to progress through the plan and we are stuck on the menus for safety again

4d 14h 31m We tried to do one plan but looks like we switched to another one, we try to move the boxes the other way around

[Info] This is the last puzzle

4d 14h 24m We take TM03 from Gulpin

4d 14h 24m We dont need to reset right now, but from the looks of things we might have to, looks like chat wants to spam start when resetting so they dont overshoot

[Info] Resetting this new puzzle will risk falling back down in the previous room

4d 14h 21m We push a crate looks like we have to reset uh oh Kappa

4d 14h 21m ...And we enter another maze!

4d 14h 20m WE DID IT REDDIT! PogChamp

4d 14h 19m We just blitzed straight to the wall! We're in the top-right corner now.. Hold me ;_;

[Info] Gulpin is holding TM03

4d 14h 15m We may have given TM03 to a Pokémon to hold, possibly Shiftry

4d 14h 11m Puzzle reset.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PJSalt

4d 14h 9m Nope.

[Fluff] Oh Helix this might be it!

4d 14h 9m We've made it to the wall.

4d 14h 8m We've crossed the box.

4d 13h 21m Miror B has appeared, but alas, we're trapped in a beached ship. In the middle of the desert.

4d 13h 20m Box overshot. Time to head back up and down the stairs to reset.

4d 13h 19m Box pushing.

4d 13h 16m Headed back down the stairs to redo the puzzle.

4d 13h 15m Headed back up the stairs to another area.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: possible democracy in 12 hours, keep trying you may succeed anyway

4d 13h 14m We fell off.

4d 13h 10m The menu continues.

4d 13h 9m We switch Carvanha's Poké Ball for a Poké Ball.

4d 13h 8m We're on the platform. The box is to our right.

4d 13h 7m Menu shenanigans.

4d 13h 6m Heading up the stairs.

4d 13h 5m Pushed the box.

4d 13h 4m We're still stuck in the SS Libra.

[Fluff] Of course, the dude who lives on this boat won't let us leave until we clear the puzzle. We can heal upstairs in his bed, but there's no one to fight in this area anyway. So this is chat simply being bored.

4d 9h 11m We're in that carpeted circular room again.

[Snark] For a moment, it looked like the inputs froze again, but then chat realized it was just because no one had input anything in the past minute. False alarm, everyone. Return to your slumber.

4d 8h 46m Still no progress, in case you were curious.

[Info] We're still stuck on the 3rd puzzle room. Looking back through the updater, we've been at this particular puzzle for a solid 12 hours. Which means we are now halfway through the amount of time traditionally given for anarchy to complete the Team Rocket Hideout.

4d 7h 2m Literally still no progress, btw.

[Chat] that_card: TPP day 4: I've been researching humans to see if I can find any info about their Kappa . I ended up snooping around the S.S. Libra... And found these weird MingLee s. I don't feel like DBstyle is watched them... I don't think he should.

4d 4h 25m Not much is happening right now. Occasionally walking into other puzzle rooms, no progress seems to have been made.

[Streamer] Helix_x_dome_otp: google.com free porn *TEST* pls streamer

Twitchplayspokemon: @Helix_X_Dome_OTP, because people in the community would whine that I unmodded Deku

[Streamer] Hollypotterthemage: @Twitchplayspokemon Then *** Deku!

Twitchplayspokemon: @hollypotterthemage, Deku's bot URL detection is something of an ongoing joke, I'm surprised he didn't do anything about that except when I asked multiple times


Twitchplayspokemon: @hollypotterthemage, if it was a link then it was probably Deku's bot

[Streamer] Danimg12: afaik deku bot doesnt perma ban people for no reason?

Twitchplayspokemon: @DaniMG12, mine is timeouts only

[Streamer] Danimg12: afaik deku bot doesnt perma ban people for no reason?

Twitchplayspokemon: @DaniMG12, it's the only bot that permabans

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the whole point of TPP is for personalities to express themselves :^)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Deku's bot has caused more spam than it has prevented, but at least Deku had fun right

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if Deku is going to spread misinformation based on my assumed incompetence then I feel like my tolerance of his spammy bot has depleted

4d 3h 4m We're back in that room we were in earlier.

[Streamer] Nyberim: @Twitchplayspokemon Didn't he say that? That it was not enought space and it broke?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Nyberim, for the database yes, not the save states

4d 3h 3m We went down some more stairs back into one of those rooms where the boxes are pushed around.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: he said the system was non-functional, but actually it was due to the lack of free space while the save states weren't being made correctly

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Deku spread misinformation earlier about the save state backup system

4d 2h 59m Back down the stairs.

4d 2h 57m We go back up the stairs (it was the south exit of that carpeted room that we weren't able to go out of, not the stairs).

4d 2h 56m Tried to exit the room, we can't. We're told to investigate further.

4d 2h 54m Walked back down into the carpeted room.

4d 2h 49m And we walk up some more stairs into another room. There's a person at some control board here.

4d 2h 47m We walked up some stairs into some kind of carpeted room with a desk and some potted plants.

4d 2h 31m We pushed a box around the room for a while and then put it back where it used to be.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: PogChamp


[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: up

[Chat] The chat freaks out because Alph moved a little bit on screen, like someone leant on the controller accidentally.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: alright I'm trying to repair the database

[Chat/Info] Chat starts making puns on "mongod" (which is the name for the MongoDB background service)

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: @Twitch_Plays_3DS Tell streamer? You have a personal contact cable to him?

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: hold on let me tell streamer DatShefft

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: I cleared it out, but mongod won't start

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: it ran out of space on c:, there database is

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: @Twitch_Plays_3DS But we installed a 960GB SSD, why did we run out?

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: 3. I don't know how to fix it TriHard

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: 2. the PBR PC ran out of space and database crashed, that's why the input is broken

[Chat] WutFace

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: 1. dropbox backups are not working, all the savestates are zero byte

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: @Twitch_Plays_3DS input script stopped working, bot isn't able to detect chat inputs

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: alright here's what's going on

[Info] The screen flashed the "will be right back" sign for a moment, and nothing has yet happened to fix the inputs being frozen.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: oh I see

Twitch_Plays_3DS: I see whats happed

[Snark] Hey, look, we're right back to where we were before the game was reset! And the inputs STILL don't work!

4d 1h 53m Game is resumed from our previous save.

4d 1h 52m The game startup sounds can be heard. Nothing can be seen, though.

[Info] Something happened on screen! The stream is black now!

[Snark] Egobuff's last command confirmed killed the stream! Kappa

[Fluff/Info] It's been almost 3 hours, and the game is still frozen with no commands inputs. This maybe the case that we officially call this day "The Day The World Stood Still".

Happy Day 5 of Pokémon XD!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Pipsqueak Riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Miniature Riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

‮ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Interesting enough, we're frozen at the pause menu, with the save option highlighted.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Command inputs seem to be frozen at the moment.

3d 21h 55m We still walk around the same room

3d 21h 44m We get a phone call saying Miror B appeared

3d 21h 15m We mess with our party status

3d 21h 4m We got the crate at the right place! Then fell.

3d 20h 55m And this time we get the crate stuck. Again.

3d 20h 51m And.... We just reset the puzzle by going upstairs. gg TPP

3d 20h 44m We reset the puzzle a few times, and got the crate stuck a few times too. We managed to get it to the right place this time, but we'll probably fall off before reaching the next room.

3d 20h 29m We stuck the crate. Again. We definitely are good at this progress thing!

3d 20h 21m We reset the puzzle

3d 20h 18m And once again we get the crate down. Good job tpp!

3d 20h 13m We go down and take another try at the puzzle!

3d 20h 10m Once again, we go up to reset the puzzle, after pushing the crate too far yet again

3d 20h 0m We go up and down to reset the puzzle

3d 19h 44m And once again we push the crate too far back...

3d 19h 33m And down to the 3rd puzzle again

3d 19h 30m We went upstairs

3d 19h 29m And back at the beginning of the puzzle!

3d 19h 26m We SAVED!

3d 19h 21m Walking around, checking our menu. Not much progress in the puzzle.

3d 19h 9m And on to the 3rd puzzle!

[Info] The second puzzle is only to get the items, which include a Fire Stone and 2 PP Ups. And it looks like chat has skipped it.

[Fluff] Second puzzle here we come!

3d 19h 4m We went down again

3d 19h 2m We picked up Battle CD 12!

3d 18h 58m We go downstairs.

[Snark] We tell him no, but he refuses to accept our answer. I guess we MUST.

3d 18h 54m We meet a technician who ask us to check the cause of some weird noises in the ship's hull.

3d 18h 53m healed our team

3d 18h 53m Switched gulping for spheal, shiftry used gigadrain, and cacnea is down! The cipher peon is defeated!

3d 18h 51m Gulpin sent in!

3d 18h 48m Baltoy faints!

3d 18h 48m Shiftry to lv 37!

3d 18h 48m Giga drain from shiftry, koffing down!

3d 18h 47m Koffing in!

3d 18h 47m Teddiursa sent in by the peon and it faints!

3d 18h 47m Needle arm and baltoy in in the yellow!

3d 18h 46m Huntail faints to drain life from shiftry!

3d 18h 46m Baltoy sent in!

3d 18h 46m Carvanha in the yellow, and it's down to needle arm!

[Info] Carvaha was the one who learnt taunt over bite sorry

3d 18h 45m Huntail and cacnea vs shiftry and carvanha!

3d 18h 45m Battle vs cipher peon smarton!

3d 18h 44m Cutscene with Gorigan and a few peons!

3d 18h 41m We reach the second stairs, and complete the first puzzle!

[Info] The inputs are going really, really slowly

3d 18h 26m And guess what? We fell

3d 18h 24m Mareep forgot Bite for Taunt...

3d 18h 21m We managed to get the crate in its rightful place. But will we manage to cross safely to the other stairs without failing? I'd say no.

3d 18h 3m Nothing much is happening, running around in our menu

3d 17h 47m Such a surprise! We jumped... again...

3d 17h 32m We exist the ship for a while

[Fluff] Actually, a more apt comparison would be combining Morty's Elite Floor with a Strength Puzzle, as there's more precision walking that needs to be done here than in Route 9. At least in this puzzle, you can see where you need to walk.

3d 17h 23m We advanced a bit, only to fall again. Familiar isn't it?

3d 17h 15m Still in the ship, pushing crates around

[Info] For the record, this crate puzzle involves pushing a crate into the right place to line up with some raised walkways, and then walking over the walkways to reach the exit. If you walk towards the edge of the raised walkways, you jump down to the floor. Basically it combines Route 9's Ledges with a Strength Puzzle. There are four of these on the SS Libra. Fortunately, we don't have to deal with battles of any kind while doing them.

3d 16h 24m Still stuck in the S.S. Libra at the Poké food puzzle.

3d 15h 55m We've passed the crate puzzle.

3d 15h 50m Finally back at the S.S. Libra.

3d 15h 30m Healed our Pokémon.

3d 15h 30m #2

3d 15h 29m Viewing the news.

3d 15h 21m Now in Phenac City.

3d 15h 15m [Cutscene] S.S. Libra

3d 15h 14m Now we did.

3d 15h 13m Er, we reached the Cave Poké spot. We did not go to the question mark yet.

3d 15h 12m Shiftry used Secret Power! Ludicolo down! Defeated Wanderer Miror B!

3d 15h 10m Shiftry used Secret Power! Natu down.

3d 15h 10m Sent out Gulpin.

3d 15h 10m Natu used Shadow Blitz! Spheal fainted!

3d 15h 9m Numel down!

3d 15h 8m Shiftry used Secret Power! Hoppip down! Miror B sent out Numel (Shadow)

3d 15h 8m VS. Wanderer Miror B!

3d 15h 2m We finally reach the next question mark site.

3d 14h 59m Now at the Rock Poké spot.

3d 14h 58m Now in Pyrite Town.

3d 14h 55m Our scooter was converted into a hoverboard. Great Scott!

3d 14h 55m Threw away 1 Poké Ball.

3d 14h 53m We find a Rare Candy. In the basement of the creepy mansion owned by the creepy old dude. I feel like Nintendo has to know what they did.

3d 14h 53m Found a Rare Candy!

3d 14h 49m We enter the basement, where we see what looks like a Robo Kyogre

[Info] Reminder, we're on our way to try to upgrade our motor scooter to cross the desert, now that we've saved Phenac City.

[Fluff] Though the outside gives Luigi's Mansion vibes, the inside and the music remind me of Mario & Luigi Partners in Time..

3d 14h 41m We enter the mansion

3d 14h 40m The plot confusion is settled, and it looks like they won't be finishing Robo Groudon. I think, the text went by pretty fast.

3d 14h 38m Shiftry has been using Synthesis to recover to full health, and Spheal finishes off Gyarados!

3d 14h 38m Gyarados gets a crit attack on Sphreal, and Spheal attacks Shiftry

3d 14h 37m Shiftry is being whittled down. Spheal uses an Aurora Beam, completely knocking out Tropius, that's a 4x weakness, yes? Spheal levels to 27.

3d 14h 37m Spheal is sent out. Gyarados is no longer confused.

3d 14h 36m Shiftry uses Bullet Seed on Baltoy, who faints

3d 14h 35m Baltoy gets off a Rock Tomb on Tropius, lowering its speed, but doesn't do much damage. Baltoy receives damage from Tropus. Gyarados finally attacks, biting Shiftry.

3d 14h 34m Shiftry uses Bullet Seed on Baltoy, who survives. Baltoy's Rock Tomb misses. Gyarados continues to be confused.

3d 14h 34m We send out Baltoy

3d 14h 32m Tropius is sent out in replacement. Mareep is defeated by Leech Seed. Gyarados is again stopped by confusion.

3d 14h 31m Gyarados hits itself again. Mareep survives Leech Seed at 1HP. Shiftry continues to whittle down Hoppip's health, and Marep finishes it off.

3d 14h 30m Mareep uses Body Slam, and Gyarados hits itself in confusion. Hoppip uses Leech Seed on Mareep.

3d 14h 30m Mareep is low health from Sunflora, but takes it out. Hoppip is sent out in replacement. Gyarados is now confused.

3d 14h 29m Shiftry has run out of Giga Drain PP, and thus uses Bullet Seed against Sunflora. Gyarados Thrashes Mareep, and gets paralysed as a result.

3d 14h 28m This process is repeated, but with Sunflora using Ingrain instead.

3d 14h 27m Shiftry Giga Drain's Sunflora, Gyarados triggers Trash, Mareep Thundershocks Sunflora. Sunflora uses Sunny Day.

3d 14h 27m ..but Robo Groudon simply sends out Sunflora and Gyarados? So we're not actually battling it?

3d 14h 25m A man with wicked hair comes out. Kaminko brings out... oh lord... It's Robo Groudon, oh god

3d 14h 25m Shiftry recovers with Giga Drain and defeats Gyarados. Shiftry levels to 36.

3d 14h 24m Carvanha is taken out by Gyarados. Switched out for Mareep.

3d 14h 23m Gyarados hits itself in confusion. Carvanha has done nothing but Refresh.

3d 14h 23m Sunkern has used Ingrain, and Gyarados is now confused due to Thrash. Shiftry switches to Giga Drain to KO Sunkern.

3d 14h 22m Sunkern Giga Drain's Carvanha, knocking out half of its HP. Shiftry is Bullet Seeding Sunkern.

3d 14h 22m He sends out a Sunkern and Gyarados. Gyarados engages in a Thrash.

3d 14h 21m Chobin battles us, thinking we are a burglar. ...he has an uncanny resemblance to E Gadd from Luigi's Mansion.

3d 14h 19m We are at Kaminko's House now

3d 14h 9m We speak to the shopkeeper about the parts we need. We then see the news story about us saving everyone.

3d 14h 0m We're at Gateon Port!

3d 13h 57m We've left Pyrite now

3d 13h 49m We heal our Pokémon.

3d 13h 45m We receive the request to find Bonsly, and we get info on upgrading our motor scooter

[Chat] The chat really mellowed out and eventually decided to just watch the news to make progress on their count

[Fluff] Chat is having trouble remembering their news count

3d 13h 31m We enter the room on the roof.... and watch the news

3d 13h 27m We're on the roof now, hooray

3d 13h 22m Still making our rounds

3d 13h 12m We enter what I think is the news station.

3d 13h 10m We purchase a Fresh Water. We now have 30, it seems

3d 13h 6m We arrive in Pyrite

3d 13h 2m We attempt to travel out, but our scooter gets stuck and we have to turn back. We then receive a request to find a lost Pokémon in Pyrite, it appears

3d 12h 57m This concludes all of our business with Phenac City.

3d 12h 56m We speak to the Mayor, and receive Exp. Share

[Fluff] No, noooo, we watch the news...

3d 12h 53m ...and we turn on Rumba of Love on the music player.... oh dear

3d 12h 52m We enter the Mayor's home

3d 12h 47m We rescue the town! The mayor invites us to his home, and we get Justy's number. Oh my~

3d 12h 46m We descend properly, and speak to the Mayor

3d 12h 46m We enter the elevator, and nope straight out

3d 12h 45m We insert the elevator key into the console, and gave it a twist

3d 12h 38m We save the game

3d 12h 37m We enter the gym

3d 12h 33m We're outside, heading towards the gym or maybe the healing house

3d 12h 29m We pick up an extraordinarily shiny Elevator Key

[Fluff] TPP being able to perform remarkable feats.. but then struggling with the most basic things. Ah this is what we are here for

3d 12h 21m Humorously, the game shows us where it is as we attempt to leave. We're trapped by mysterious forces until we can get it.

3d 12h 21m There's something on the ground we're attempting to pick up

[Fluff] Dream come true~~

3d 12h 14m Looks like we saved the reporters, so we might be on TV!

3d 12h 13m Shiftry, who now has Bullet Seed in the first slot, takes down Castform. We win!

3d 12h 13m Gulpin is sent out.

3d 12h 11m We have Shiftry on the field, with only Baltoy and Gulpin remaining.

3d 12h 11m Castform is the only remaining enemy, who takes down Mareep

3d 12h 11m Mareep uses Thundershock to deal the finishing blow on Metang.

3d 12h 10m Mareep is sent out. Shiftry has run out of Giga Drain PP, uses Bullet Seed against Metang for moderate damage, putting it in the red zone. Castform uses Weather Ball against Mareep, sending her to half health.

3d 12h 9m Shadow Sky is on the field, damaging every Pokémon. Metang takes down Spheal.

3d 12h 8m Enemy Castform deals damage against our Shiftry.

3d 12h 8m Shiftry targets Lunatone, recovering to full health. Lunatone is taken down, and replaced with Metang.

3d 12h 7m Lunatone is a shadow Pokémon. Spheal attacks Shiftry wit a super effective attack. Shiftry recovers with a super effective Giga Drain against Quagsire, defeating it

3d 12h 6m We send out Spheal. Shiftry finishes the job, taking down Lanturn, who is replaced by Lunatone.

3d 12h 6m Shiftry pulls off a super effective Giga Drain against Lanturn, who barely hangs on. It retaliates with a super effective attack against our Carvanha, KOing it

3d 12h 5m We face Cipher Admin snattle, sending out Lanturn and Quagsire against our Carvanha and Shiftry.

3d 12h 4m Going through the large green door on the left. Slowly making our way there.

3d 12h 3m We're now in Phenac Stadium

3d 11h 58m We heal our party!

3d 11h 52m Evo cancelled

3d 11h 51m The only remaining foe left is Spoink. We attack it with Shiftry's Secret Power, yielding a victory against Kapen. Mareep levels to 28

3d 11h 51m Baltoy is finally switched out for Mareep

3d 11h 49m It was Refresh that was replaced. Chat rejoices.

3d 11h 47m Shiftry finishes off Wailmer with a second Secret Power, and Baltoy levels to 26. Baltoy learns Ancientpower, replacing ?? It is then defeated. Oh dear.

3d 11h 47m Baltoy is barely hanging on with 6HP. Shiftry targets the Wailmer with massive damage

3d 11h 46m Shiftry takes down Seviper, and levels to 35. A Wailmer comes out to replace Seviper.

3d 11h 45m Shiftry uses Secret Power against Seviper, Seviper Bites Shiftry for 4hp damage, Spoink finally attacks with a Psywave against Baltoy. Baltoy Mud-Slaps Seviper, who is still in the yellow.

3d 11h 45m Baltoy is paralysed by the enemy Seviper.

3d 11h 44m Giga Drain is out of PP, so we use Synthesis. Shiftry's health is already full.

3d 11h 44m Illumise quick attacks against Baltoy, Shiftry Giga Drains the Illumise, defeating it! It is replaced with a Seviper.

3d 11h 43m Baltoy is sent out.

3d 11h 43m Carvanha goes down to a Giga Drain by our own Shiftry

3d 11h 42m Spoink is only using Odor Sleuth

3d 11h 42m Illumise is attacked once more, it retaliates with a Charm on Carvanha

3d 11h 41m Illumise is sent out, and receives damage from Shiftry's Giga Drain

3d 11h 40m Volbeat is taken down, our Carvanha is at half health, who levels up to 26

3d 11h 39m Tactical potion used on AAAAAA, only to be hit with Quick Attack once more

3d 11h 39m Spoink sets up Light Screen, some damage is exchanged among teams

3d 11h 38m We speak to the shopkeeper in Phenac City, who is actually Peon Kapen, Sends out Volbeat and Spoink

3d 11h 31m Still cruisin' for a bruisin'

[Fluff] ♪ Driving through Diamond City, I wanna escape the crowds and concrete for where the hill and sky meet ♫

3d 11h 20m Town hopping still

3d 11h 16m Cave Poke Spot now, then Realgam tower

3d 11h 13m We travel to Agate Village

3d 11h 12m We are quickly wiped out

3d 11h 11m And now we're up against the Cipher Admin, who has a Lanturn and Quagsire against our Baltoy only

3d 11h 11m Spheal to Level 26! Egrog defeated.

3d 11h 10m Baltoy's Mud Slap drops Graveler's speed but does little. Spheal then promptly takes Graveler out with Aurora Beam.

3d 11h 10m We send in Spheal.

3d 11h 8m Both Baltoy and Gulpin miss their attacks on Graveler. Gulpin faints to Dig.

3d 11h 7m Brick Break takes out very little from Baltoy. Baltoy fails to Refresh again. Gulpin uses Sludge on Baltoy for little effect. Graveler digs.

3d 11h 7m Baltoy refreshes again. Gulpin continues doing little on Graveler.

3d 11h 7m Graveler's Brick Break does little to Gulpin too.

3d 11h 7m We call Baltoy. Its accuracy rises. Gulpin sludges Graveler. It does little.

3d 11h 6m We send in Gulpin.

3d 11h 6m Thundershock misses. Baltoy Refreshes. Graveler takes out Mareep with Dig.

3d 11h 6m Thundershock doesn't affect Graveler. Graveler digs.

3d 11h 6m We return Gulpin and send out Baltoy.

3d 11h 5m Graveler brings Mareep to yellow with Brick Break. Static paralyzes Graveler.

3d 11h 5m Mareep uses Thundershock on Gulpin. It doesn't do much. Gulpin uses Sludge on Graveler. It doesn't do much either.

3d 11h 5m We send in Gulpin.

3d 11h 4m Shiftry downed by a Brick Break from Graveler.

3d 11h 4m Shiftry at 1/4hp, Mareep near full. Shiftry takes out Shadow Seel. Graveler is immune to Mareep's Thundershock.

3d 11h 3m Shiftry takes Seel to yellow with Secret Power. Mareep uses Thundershock on Shiftry but it's not very effective. Graveler uses Brick Break and Shiftry is in the low yellow.

3d 11h 3m Mareep's Thundershock doesn't effect Graveler. Graveler uses Mud Sport, and electricity is weakened.

3d 11h 3m Gulpin faints to a Secret Power. Egrog sends in a Shadow Seel.

3d 11h 3m Gulpin is brought to yellow by a Giga Drain and Thundershock. Graveler digs.

3d 11h 2m Shiftry and Mareep vs Hoothoot and Graveler. The Hoothoot goes down immediately to a Giga Drain and Thundershock. So Egrog sends in a Gulpin.

3d 11h 1m We start fighting Egrog!

3d 11h 1m Marcie is confronting the Cipher members with the power of free press. She refuses to hand over the tapes of his dastardly exploits.

3d 11h 0m We run past the bad guys.

3d 10h 59m Faltly defeated. Grimer has run off somewhere.

3d 10h 59m Shiftry takes Grimer to yellow with Giga Drain. Spheal then downs Shadow Grimer with Aurora Beam!

3d 10h 58m We then call Spheal. Its accuracy rises. Grimer does little damage to Shiftry.

3d 10h 58m Grimer breaks free of the Snag Ball!

3d 10h 58m We throw a Poké Ball at Grimer.

3d 10h 55m Shiftry takes a third of Spheal's HP out with Secret Power and drops its defense. Spheal takes out a 1/4 of Grimer's HP. Grimer takes Spheal down to the red with Shadow Blitz.

3d 10h 55m Grimer's Shadow Blitz does little damage to Shiftry.

3d 10h 54m Shiftry heals with Synthesis. Chimecho does little with Uproar. Spheal takes out Chimecho with Aurora Beam.

3d 10h 54m Uproar does little to Shiftry. Grimer ensures we can't escape with Shadow Hold.

3d 10h 53m We send in Spheal.

3d 10h 53m Shiftry takes out Carvanha with Secret Power.

3d 10h 52m Carvanha fails to Refresh. Chimecho does little to Shiftry with Uproar. It calms down.

3d 10h 52m Faltly sends out Shadow Grimer.

3d 10h 52m Shiftry's Giga Drain takes out Stantler.

3d 10h 52m Chimecho uses Uproar on Carvanha and does decent damage.

3d 10h 51m Shiftry's Giga Drain brings Chimecho to yellow. Stantler's Astonish doe slittle to Carvanha. Carvanha fails to Refresh.

3d 10h 51m Stantler drops our attack with Intimidate.

3d 10h 51m Stantler and Chimecho vs Shiftry and Carvanha.

3d 10h 51m Cipher Peon Faltly confronts us again.

[Correction] Stadium.

3d 10h 50m We enter Phenac Colosseum.

3d 10h 48m Phenac City again.

3d 10h 45m Now at the Rock Poké Spot.

3d 10h 43m Mt. Battle now.

3d 10h 43m Now at the Cipher Lab.

3d 10h 42m We're at the Kaminko House right now.

3d 10h 41m Outside the lab.

3d 10h 35m HQ Lab once more.

3d 10h 35m Shiftry takes Grimer to red. A Shadow Blitz takes out Shiftry. White out.

3d 10h 34m Shiftry takes out a third of Grimer's HP. Shiftry now in the red thanks to a Shadow Blitz.

3d 10h 34m We call Shiftry. Grimer uses Shadow Blitz and does little to Shiftry.

3d 10h 33m Stantler goes down to a Secret Power. Shadow Grimer uses Shadow Hold to keep Shiftry from escaping.

3d 10h 33m It's currently Shiftry in the yellow against a Stantler in the red and a Shadow Grimer at full.

3d 10h 32m Stantler Tackles Shiftry. It does little damage. Baltoy fails to Refresh. Shiftry takes Stantler to red with Bullet Seed. Baltoy is downed.

3d 10h 32m The Peon sends in a Shadow Grimer.

3d 10h 32m Shiftry takes out Chimecho with Secret Power. Now it's Level 34.

3d 10h 31m Shiftry takes out a large chunk of Chimecho's HP with Secret Power and drops its defence. Stantler tackles Shiftry. Chimecho uses Uproar on it. They both do little damage.

3d 10h 31m Shiftry's Secret Power takes Baltoy down to yellow. Stantler tackles Shiftry again and does little damage. Chimecho's Uproar takes Baltoy to 1hp. Baltoy's Refresh fails.

3d 10h 30m Shiftry brings Stantler down a bit with Secret Power. Stantler does little damage to Shiftry with Tackle. Chimecho makes Baltoy flinch with a weak Astonish.

3d 10h 29m Shiftry and Baltoy vs Stantler and Chimecho. Stantler's Intimidate drops attack for both our mons.

3d 10h 29m Cipher Peon Faltly attacks!

3d 10h 29m Baltoy fails to refresh. Then Shiftry takes out Electrike with a Secret Power. Cipher Peon defeated. Shadow Spearow fled somewhere.

3d 10h 29m Electrike howls again and boosts attack.

3d 10h 28m Shiftry takes out Spearow with Secret Power. Baltoy to Level 24.

3d 10h 28m Spearow's Shadow Panic misses Shiftry. Electrike leers again and both our mons drop in defence.

3d 10h 28m We send in Baltoy.

3d 10h 24m Shiftry takes out Gulpin with Secret Power.

3d 10h 24m Shiftry tries to heal buts its HP is full. Spearow's Shadow Blitz brings Gulpin to yellow. Electrike Leers and the defense of our mons is dropped. Gulpin hurts itself in confusion. Now in the red.

3d 10h 23m Shiftry heals up. Spearow confuses Gulpin with its shadow moves. Electrike's Spark does little damage to Gulpin. Gulpin brings Shadow Spearow to yellow with a Sludge.

3d 10h 23m The Peon sends out a Shadow Spearow!

3d 10h 22m Electrike's Quick Attack does little to Gulpin. Shiftry fails to heal again. Pelipper uses Water Gun and does little to Shiftry. Gulpin's Sludge takes out Pelipper.

3d 10h 22m We send in Gulpin.

3d 10h 21m Shiftry fails to heal. Spheal to yellow after a Wing Attack from Pelipper. A Spark from Electrike finishes it off.

3d 10h 21m Electrikes boosts attack again. Pelipper takes a small chunk out of Spheal with Water Gun. Pelipper goes to red with an Aurora Beam in return.

3d 10h 21m We send in Spheal. Shiftry heals up with Synthesis.

3d 10h 20m Shiftry uses Seret Power. It takes out half of Pelipper's HP. Electrike raises attack with Howl. Pelipper takes out Mareep with Wing Attack.

3d 10h 19m We're now fighting another Cipher Peon in the Pregym! Shiftry and Mareep vs Pelipper and Electrike.

3d 10h 16m Greck defeated.

3d 10h 16m Shiftry takes out the Shadow Swinub, which flees.

3d 10h 16m Shiftry takes out Nuzleaf in one hit with Secret Power. Mareep body slams Swinub into the red and paralyzes it. It's hurt by its burn.

3d 10h 15m Shiftry brings Swinub to yellow with Secret Power. Swinub's Shadow Blitz does little damage to Mareep. Mareep's Thundershock doesn't work on Swinub. Nuzleaf uses Giga Drain on Mareep to bring it to yellow. The burn brings it to red.

3d 10h 15m Nuzleaf uses Dig and does little damage to Shiftry. Mareep is hurt by its burn.

3d 10h 14m Greck sends in Shadow Swinub!

3d 10h 14m Shiftry uses Secret Power and brings Torkoal to red. Mareep finishes Torkoal off with Thundershock.

3d 10h 13m Shiftry does surprisingly decent damage on Torkoal. Mareep does barely any damage to Shiftry with Thundershock. Nuzleaf digs a hole. Torkoal uses Ember on Mareep and does little damage. Mareep is burnt and is hurt by its burn.

3d 10h 13m Our Shiftry and Mareep against his Nuzleaf and Torkoal.

3d 10h 13m We battle Cipher Peon Greck!

3d 10h 11m We exit the facility and into the open air of Phenac City.

[Note] The Shadow Meowth has run off. We'll have to go battle Miror B to see it again.

3d 10h 5m We have to find the Elevator Key to unlock the basement, however.

3d 10h 4m Shiftry then takes Sneasel to red with a Giga Drain and heals itself. Spheal takes a little damage from Sneasel's Aerial Ace, but returns the favour and takes out Sneasel. Fostin defeated!

3d 10h 4m Sneasel does little damage to Shiftry with Aerial Ace. Spheal's Aurora Beam crits on Shadow Meowth and takes it out.

3d 10h 4m Kadabra downs Misdreavus with a Giga Drain. Fostin sends in Meowth. It's a Shadow Pokémon!

3d 10h 3m Fostin sends in Misdreavus. Sneasel uses Double Team. Spheal takes a decent chunk out of Misdreavus with Aurora Beam.

3d 10h 3m Spheal loses Mud Slap for Aurora Beam.

3d 10h 3m Kadabra promptly gets taken out by a Giga Drain. Spheal Level 25.

3d 10h 2m We send in Spheal. Kadaba uses Double Team to increase evasion.

3d 10h 2m Sneasel's critical Fake Out brings Carvanha to yellow. Then Shiftry takes out Carvanha with Giga Drain.

3d 10h 2m Carvanha and Shiftry face off against Kadabra and Sneasel.

3d 10h 1m Cipher Peon Fostin battles us to prevent us from saving the dudes locked in the basement.

3d 10h 0m We enter Justy's Pregym.

3d 9h 59m Now in Phenac City.

3d 9h 58m Rock Poké Spot now.

3d 9h 56m Drove to Realgam.

3d 9h 55m Just hanging around outside Pyrite.

3d 9h 37m We celebrate by watching the news.

3d 9h 36m We saved!

3d 9h 36m We enter somebody's house.

3d 9h 29m Trying to save here.

3d 9h 29m We drive to Pyrite.

3d 9h 26m We're outside of the Tower proper, so far.

3d 9h 24m Desperately trying to save, as it's pretty easy to crash in here.

3d 9h 23m Looks like we're trying to save the game.

3d 9h 22m Just hanging around Realgam.



3d 9h 19m Nuzleaf has evolved into Shiftry!

3d 9h 10m SAVED!!

3d 9h 7m We might have just used a Protein on Spheal. Not entirely sure there. Too much menu stuff going on.

3d 9h 2m At Realgam Tower

3d 8h 57m We exited the challenge.

[Fluff] Let me just call that out once more: SEEDOT EVOLVES INTO NUZLEAF! Our first evolution!

3d 8h 51m Gulpin to Lv.28. and Seedot to Lv.33. Seedot evolves into Nuzleaf! Gulpin's evolution is cancelled though. We win the battle.

3d 8h 49m Ralts down, new battle, against Slugma and Silcoon

3d 8h 48m That battle done, next battle is against Rider Echart, Ralts sent out.

3d 8h 46m That battle done, next battle is Mareep and Torchic.

3d 8h 43m Defeated, now against Hunter Goling, Totodile and Snubbull sent out.

3d 8h 40m Versus Researcher Hardig, Ledyba and Seedot sent out.

3d 8h 39m Defeated Potato Gratin.

3d 8h 38m Versus Sailor Gratin, Shuckle and Wynaut sent out.

3d 8h 38m Defeated that trainer.

3d 8h 36m Versus Chaser Cidlor, Natu and Wooper sent out.

3d 8h 35m And defeated.

3d 8h 34m We go right on to the second area. Versus Chaser Dabil, Cyndaquil sent out.

[Info] Only 200 Poké Coupons, sorry.

3d 8h 34m Zigzagoon down, we've beaten Vander the Leader of Area 1, received 1200 Poké Coupons

3d 8h 33m Machop down.

3d 8h 32m Whismur down, Machop sent in.

3d 8h 32m Versus Area Leader Vander, Whismur and Zigzagoon sent out.

3d 8h 28m Carvanha leveled up to 25!

3d 8h 23m Versus Casual Dude Horbit, Taillow and Spinarak sent out.

3d 8h 22m And defeated.

3d 8h 21m Versus Matron Ezella, Poochyena and Sunkern sent out.

3d 8h 21m And defeated.

3d 8h 20m Versus Fun Old Man Kabin, Shroomish is sent out.

3d 8h 18m Versus Navigator Robell, Hoothoot is sent out. And easily defeated.

3d 8h 17m Bardo defeated

3d 8h 16m Versus Cooltrainer Bardo, Doduo and Spoink are sent out

3d 8h 15m Beat Casual Dude Cridel

[Fluff] I probably won't state what our own 'mons are from now on, since they'll always be the same. Nor will I state when they faint, as our team gets healed after every battle.

3d 8h 14m Versus Casual Dude Cridel, Corphish and Swablu against Carvanha and Seedot.

3d 8h 13m Defeated that trainer

3d 8h 10m Entered the battles part of the facility. Oh joy. Versus Beauty Miru, Wingull and Wurmple against Carvanha and Seedot

3d 8h 7m Driven to Mt. Battle.

3d 8h 6m Out of the lab again.

3d 8h 3m We interact with the bookshelf, the person in the room tells us that there's meant to be a Battle CD there but someone has borrowed it.

3d 7h 59m And back inside.

3d 7h 59m Outside.

[Fluff] We lie to Jovi, telling her we caught some wild Pokémon.

3d 7h 56m WE SAVED!!

3d 7h 54m We call Baltoy to throw the fight (finally)! WHITE OUT! BACK TO Pokémon HQ!!

3d 7h 49m Spheel is taken out! Only Baltoy is left on our team.

3d 7h 43m Mareep goes down to a psybeam! We're down to our last two Pokémon.

3d 7h 42m We attempt to catch the enemy Misdreavus, but alas, this improved Snag Machine won't let us.

3d 7h 41m Gulpin is taken out!

3d 7h 40m We take out the Kadabra! Mareep levels up to 27!

3d 7h 37m Seedot taken out by the enemy's Kadabra!

3d 7h 36m Seedot instantly takes out our own Carvanha!

3d 7h 36m We talk to the real Justy. OR IS HE?! Vs Cipher Peon Fostin

3d 7h 32m We find an item box hiding behind a house! Found 3 Ultra Balls!

3d 7h 30m Back inside Phenac, we stroll around the waterfall for a bit, taking in the sights.

3d 7h 26m We start zig-zagging across the desert, slowly making a bee-line back to Phenac.

3d 7h 24m Inside the Cipher Lab! We seem to have come all this way simply to use the healing machine inside, which we do.

3d 7h 20m We leave so far, in fact, we end up at Cipher's lab in the desert.

3d 7h 15m Justy stands in the center of the battle ring, watching us mosey. He watches us leave the Pre-Gym as well!

3d 7h 15m We take out the Golbat! Fasin is defeated!! (We get to keep Roseila!)

3d 7h 14m Baltoy goes down to Golbat! Into the party menu we go again! Mareep appears!

3d 7h 12m Threw a Snag Ball finally ! It caught Roselia again !

3d 7h 6m Seedot is down as well! That Roselia's Shadow Wave is brutal.

3d 7h 6m Carvanha is down! Out goes Baltoy!

3d 7h 5m Out comes that Roselia again! The Level 22+ female one. The one that's been giving us the most trouble...

3d 7h 4m Seedot grew to level 32!

3d 7h 3m Vs Cipher Peon Fasin (again)!

[Fluff] Aww... the Miror Radar lost its signal...

3d 6h 57m We arrive back in Sinister Phenac™

3d 6h 55m We swoop on over to Realgam Tower and admire the silver rotating statues of FAKE.

3d 6h 54m We visit the Cave Pokespot and find neither cheese, nor Pokémon, nor Miror B there.

3d 6h 52m We head out into the world and end up in Agate Village.

3d 6h 45m After 30 minutes, we FINALLY make it out of the crane game, and run as far away as possible.

3d 6h 14m We go downstairs into the rafters of a basement area. We start riding an orange crane back and forth.

3d 6h 8m Currently viewing some of Chobin's VHS tapes of various Kamino inventions.

3d 6h 5m Entered the house.

[Streamer] Twitch_Plays_3DS: http://i.imgur.com/oaxTsl9.png 4Head

[Chat] Wow Deku OneHand

3d 5h 58m At Kaminko's house.

3d 5h 50m Back to Pyrite Town.

3d 5h 48m Ludicolo down, Wanderer Miror B defeated.

3d 5h 47m Threw a Great Ball at the Snorunt, it catches. Level 20+ and male.

3d 5h 46m Numel down. Shadow Snorunt sent in.

3d 5h 45m Hoppip down, Shadow Numel sent in.

3d 5h 44m At the Oasis Poké Spot, versus Miror B. Hoppip and Ludicolo are went out against Gulpin and Seedot.

3d 5h 43m At Gateon Port

3d 5h 37m Outside.

3d 5h 34m Magnemite and Makuhita down, we win against the Researcher and we win the Colosseum challenge. Received some money and TM12.

3d 5h 31m Magnemite sent in after Meditite went down.

3d 5h 30m Meditite and Makuhita against Seedot and Gulpin.

3d 5h 29m Seedot down, battle won. Gulpin had levelled up during that fight, it tries to evolve but is cancelled. Now against Researcher Orill, this is the final.

3d 5h 28m Lotad down.

3d 5h 27m Castform down, Lotad in.

3d 5h 25m Cleffa down, Mestil defeated. Againse Chaser Novil now, Castform and Seedot against Gulpin and Seedot.

3d 5h 24m Smoochum down.

3d 5h 23m Pichu down, Smoochum in.

3d 5h 22m Togepi down, Pichu in.

3d 5h 21m Versus Chaser Mestil, Togepi and Cleffa against Gulpin and Seedot.

3d 5h 20m Mareep down, victory against the Hunter (didn't catch the name.) Seedot tries to evolve, cancelled again.

3d 5h 19m Wooper down, Seedot to Lv.31. It does not learn Sunny Day.

[Fluff] 卅(◕‿◕)卅

3d 5h 16m Ledyba down, Wooper in.

3d 5h 15m Started another Pyrite Colosseum challenge, versus a Hunter. Ledyba and Mareep against Gulpin and Seedot

3d 5h 14m Plusle and Minun down, we won the Pyrite Colosseum challenge. Received some money and TM31.

3d 5h 12m Baltoy sent in.

3d 5h 12m Seedot down

[Fluff] The music currently playing is the same as Versus Cipher Admin from Colosseum, as that theme is different in this game.

3d 5h 10m Gulpin down. Mareep is sent in. Snubbull went down, Plusle has been sent in.

3d 5h 7m Poochyena and Taillow down, we won the battle. Now up against Chaser Jupex, Snubbull and Minun against Gulpin and Seedot.

3d 5h 6m Ralts down, Taillow sent in.

3d 5h 5m Duskull went down, Ralts has been sent in. Mareep and Baltoy are now on the field, Seedot and Gulpin fainted earlier.

3d 4h 56m Cyndaquil and Totdile down, we win the battle. Up against Chaser Rafert now, Duskull and Poochyena against Gulpin and Seedot.

3d 4h 54m Chikorita down, Totodile's sent out.

3d 4h 52m Smoochum down, we win the battle. Gulpin tries to evolve, it is cancelled. Now against Sailor Monar, Chikorita and Cyndaquil against Gulpin and Seedot.

3d 4h 51m Pichu goes down, another Pichu is sent out. It goes down, Gulpin levels up to 26.

3d 4h 50m Entered the Pyrite Colosseum challenge, it's Gulpin and Seedot against Teddiursa and Smoochum. Teddiursa goes down, and Pichu is sent out.

3d 4h 46m In the PC, renamed the box with the dark blue rock background to 611AAUA_ and the box with the brown rock background to Aaaaaaa, Then we exit the PC.

3d 4h 42m In the Pyrite Colosseum.

3d 4h 37m Outside.

3d 4h 34m We are now watching the news.

3d 4h 32m Driven to Pyrite Town.

3d 4h 10m We're back in the lobby.

3d 4h 3m Battle failed. And then we do it again.

3d 4h 2m And we try the battle yet again.

3d 4h 1m We're out of the battle.

3d 3h 59m Doing the Flying battle with Tropius and Pidgeot again.

3d 3h 53m We try the same battle once more.

3d 3h 50m Tropius down, battle won.

3d 3h 47m Battle's ended, this time we try the Flying-type battle. Against Sim Trainer Poplet, Tropius versus our Pidgeot.

3d 3h 43m And we try the same battle again.

3d 3h 43m Zangoose goes down, we white out. The battle is lost.

3d 3h 35m We finished the battle, and are trying again. Same Pokémon, versus same trainer.

3d 3h 33m Started a Battle Simulation battle. Versus Sim Trainer Holit, Cradily is sent out versus our Zangoose.

3d 3h 20m The Miror B radar goes off, and the chat breaks out into KappaRoss.

3d 3h 18m The bingo game is now over, we wander around the room.

3d 3h 16m Against a Vulpix now. We take it out in two turns.

3d 3h 15m We pay 500 Pokédollars for another game of Bingo. We still have Dragonair.

3d 3h 14m Treecko goes down, our game of Bingo is now over.

3d 3h 13m Charmander faints, we enter another battle. This time we're against a Treecko.

3d 3h 12m Paid 500 Pokédollars for a game of Bingo. We have a Dragonair and we're against a Charmander.

3d 3h 9m We're in the casino bingo room.

3d 3h 0m Bought three Hyper Potions.

3d 2h 53m Driven to Realgam Tower.

3d 2h 52m At the Rock Poké Spot.

3d 2h 46m Outside.

3d 2h 42m Spheal down to Shadow Wave, Gulpin's Shock Wave does barely anything on Roselia, and Golbat takes out Gulpin with a crit. White out, back to the Pokémon Lab.

3d 2h 39m And Spheal's been sent in.

3d 2h 38m Mareep and Seedot have fainted, Gulpin's currently on the field, and Spheal's trying to be sent in.

3d 2h 35m A Poké Ball is thrown at the Roselia, the capture fails.

3d 2h 31m Remoraid goes down, and the Shadow Roselia is sent in.

3d 2h 30m Baltoy down to Golbat's Bite. Mareep is sent in.

3d 2h 27m Baltoy is sent in.

3d 2h 25m Carvanha down.

3d 2h 24m Versus Cipher Peon Fasin again, Remoraid and Golbat against Carvanha and Seedot.

3d 2h 17m In Phenac City.

3d 2h 15m We're outside, fleeing from the powers of the TV.

[Chat] TriHard 500

3d 1h 40m As expected, we watch the news.

3d 1h 39m In the circular room with the TV.

3d 1h 33m In Pyrite Town. hooray

3d 1h 32m At Kaminko's house.

3d 1h 29m Arrived at the Cave Poké Spot.

3d 1h 28m Driven to Realgam Tower

3d 1h 27m Trying to travel to a different place.

3d 1h 24m We leave the lab

3d 1h 20m We lost the Roselia we snagged earlier due to losing the battle

3d 1h 19m Gulpin tries to attack but gets hit and flinched by multiple Astonish attacks from Golbat, Gulpin faints, white out, back at the Pokémon Lab

3d 1h 20m [rip]

3d 1h 15m Threw an Ultra Ball at Roselia, it catches. Lv. 22+ and female.

3d 1h 13m Baltoy down to Golbat's Bite. We don't have anything else to send in.

3d 1h 12m Spheal faints to a crit Shadow Wave from Roselia. Gulpin is sent in.

3d 1h 9m Baltoy was sent in after Mareep went down.

3d 1h 6m Mareep down.

3d 1h 4m Seedot down. Trying to send in something else now.

3d 1h 3m Carvanha goes down to Golbat's attack! Mareep is sent in.

3d 1h 2m Remoraid goes down to Seedot's attack, Shadow Roselia is then sent in.

3d 1h 1m Versus Cipher Peon Fasin, Remoraid and Golbat against Carvanha and Seedot.

3d 1h 1m Meandering around the Pre-Gym. It's pretty empty save for a couple Cipher Peons just watching us from the central platform.

3d 0h 54m We take down her Pokémon and she vanishes into dust like the rest of them.

3d 0h 51m The lady at the front gate of Phenac has revealed herself as Pellim of the Cipher Syndicate! She attacks us!

3d 0h 44m We heal in the old man's bed! We take a couple of naps actually.

3d 0h 44m We head inside a house near the east exit to the city. There's a TV here...

3d 0h 40m The spot monitor responded! There's a Pokémon at the Rock Spot (the only spot we prepped)!

[Fluff] Why do all the Cipher Peons simply vanish when we beat them? Is their mere existence held together by the fact that they haven't lost a battle to us? Do they simply disintegrate the moment they lose?!

3d 0h 30m Mareep grew to level 26 and Seedot leveled up as well! We defeat her! Neither of them evolve.

3d 0h 28m Oh no! A lady reveals herself to be a Cipher Peon and battles us! WutFace

3d 0h 23m We're back outside, again, btw, admiring the water fall near the shop. The shop seems to be closed. Hm...

3d 0h 19m We enter the Pre-Gym. Hello! Justy! Are you actually here, or is it just going to be more impostors?

[Snark] Or, should I say, Phenac City(?), as it still has the sinister music playing!

3d 0h 16m We finally manage to make it back to Phenac City!

3d 0h 11m We begin flirting with the map screen again.

[Snark] Yes, just one slice. Guaranteed to not give us enough time to return and catch the inevitable Sandshrew.

3d 0h 10m We plop down a cheese slice poke snack on the plate here in the Rock Poke Spot.

[Chat] Windfoxspirit: Miror B for Smash!!!!

3d 0h 9m We take out Miror B's last Ludicolo! We win! Miror B falls on the floor, and then runs away with his posse.

3d 0h 6m We take out the Pinco via Toxic! Rip

3d 0h 4m The Numel goes down! We never even looked at the item menu. BibleThump 7 Miror Be sends in a Shadow Pineco! Level 20, Male!

3d 0h 3m We take out one of the Ludicolo! Miror B sends in a Shadow Numel! Level 14, male!

3d 0h 1m Spheal gets taken down by another barrage of absorbs!

2d 23h 58m Carvanha doesn't fare too well against the Absorbs and gets taken down!

[Chat] Worthlesskoridiann: ♫ ┌ KappaRoss ┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT!!! ♫ └ Kreygasm ┐ ♪

2d 23h 57m Vs Miror B! Four Pokémon! (Probably all Ludicolo)

2d 23h 56m We arrive at the Rock Pokespot, and Miror B is there to greet us!

2d 23h 55m We begin our usual awkward mating ritual navigation dance with the map screen.

2d 23h 50m And there ends our Mt. Battle Challenge. Trainer #26

2d 23h 50m [rip]

2d 23h 48m And now we're down to our last Pokémon. I should also mention we have yet to take down any of the opponent Pokémon. Will this be the end of our Mt. Battle challenge...?

2d 23h 46m We're actually down to our last two Pokémon now.

2d 23h 39m We finally stopped hitting our own Seedot with Rock Tomb, but it's too little too late - Seedot is down!

2d 23h 31m Carvanha to level 24!

2d 23h 28m We reach trainer #25. Half way through Area 3.

2d 23h 25m Seedot Lvl 29 RISE! Oh, hey, look, a B, right on schedule....

2d 23h 12m Mareep grew to level 25! Baltoy grew to level 23! The B's come rolling in...

2d 22h 59m The Pokémon in this area got a decent level jump on the previous area's Pokémon. Now they're higher in level than most of our party.

[Snark] Once again, the next trainer has only a single Pokémon (A Raichu). Then it used Double Team! Now I understand how the trainer thought he could get away with only one Pokémon!

2d 22h 55m We pass right through the Area 2 rest house, into Area 3.

2d 22h 55m We wipe the floor with him and get 300 Poke Coupons!

2d 22h 53m We reach Area 2 Leader: Eldof! The old Cipher Admin music starts up again!

2d 22h 50m Seedot to Level 29! It does not evolve.

2d 22h 47m Still climbing Area 2. We're on trainer #18 now.

2d 22h 36m Carvanha to level 23!

[Fluff] Apparently Trainer #11 only has a single Cyndaquil (BEST BORT) as his Pokémon. Not sure how he plans on beating anyone in this challenge when he's always outnumbered 2 to 1.

2d 22h 30m In the Area 1 rest house. We press right on to Area 2 without stopping.

2d 22h 29m Received 200 Poke Coupons from beating Vander!

2d 22h 23m We face off vs the Area 1 Leader: Vander!

[Info] Current Party Levels: Seedot 27, Carvanha 22, Mareep 24, Spheal 24, Baltoy 22, Gulpin 25

2d 22h 18m Seedot attempts to evolve again! But doesn't...

2d 22h 15m We reach platform #8 of Mt. Battle!

[Meta] I need to leave now; hopefully another updater can take over. Sorry for the inconvenience!

2d 22h 4m Oh, we defeated Trainer #2, and now we're battling #3.

2d 22h 2m Carvanha grows to level 22 and does not learn Crunch.

2d 22h 1m Challenged by Casual Dude Cridel.

2d 22h 0m Trainer #1 defeated!

2d 22h 0m Both her Pokémon are level 9, so they go down easily.

2d 21h 59m Challenged by Beauty Miru, with Wingull and Wurmple

2d 21h 59m We start a new challenge.

2d 21h 57m And now we're at Mt. Battle!

2d 21h 56m Now at the Cipher Lab.

2d 21h 49m Entered Realgam Tower.

2d 21h 45m Went outside.

2d 21h 37m Aaaand back to Pokemon HQ Lab.

2d 21h 37m Spheal faints! Black out!

2d 21h 34m Sent out Spheal.

2d 21h 32m Both Gulpin and Mareep faint.

[Chat] Worthlesskoridiann: It's feminine. BrokeBack That means it's a waifu. BrokeBack

2d 21h 31m Sent out Gulpin

2d 21h 30m Baltoy faints

2d 21h 30m Shadow Roselia sent out

2d 21h 29m Remoraid goes down.

2d 21h 27m Mareep attacks Baltoy, no surprise there.

2d 21h 26m We send out Baltoy.

2d 21h 26m Oh yeah, I should probably bold that. Seedot fainted.

2d 21h 25m Challenged by Cipher Peon Fasin. She sends out Remoraid and Golbat, against our Seedot...never mind, that fainted...and Mareep.

2d 21h 24m Speaking of which, Mareep tries to evolve but fails.

[Correction] By Flaaffy, I meant Mareep.

2d 21h 24m We knock out Linoone. Trainer defeated!

2d 21h 23m Shadow Natu is knocked out. Flaaffy level 24, Gulpin level 25.


2d 21h 22m We send Gulpin back out in Carvanha's place.

2d 21h 21m We recall Gulpin and send out Flaaffy. Carvanha faints.

2d 21h 21m Carvanha knocks out Kirlia with Bite. The trainer sends out a Shadow Natu. Gulpin uses Sing...and puts our Carvanha to sleep.

[Fluff] TPP chat being TPP chat, they try to catch the Kirlia. But it's not a Shadow Pokemon.

2d 21h 19m We have Carvanha and Gulpin out.

2d 21h 19m We're in a battle against a trainer with a Kirlia and a Linoone.

[Chat] The chat watched the news some more. The TriHard count is (likely) 366 now.

2d 20h 55m Seedot leveled up and attempted to evolve! But failed!

2d 20h 52m Carvanha and Seedot vs Noctowl and Vigoroth

2d 20h 52m VS Cipher Peon Browsix

2d 20h 47m We walk around the city

[Chat] Counting the news again, though there's debate as to where the count left off.

2d 20h 35m We keep healing in a bed

2d 20h 28m We picked up two more battle CDs, and 2 Hyper Potions!

2d 20h 18m We finally defeat Elektrike with Mareep's Body Slam and he sends out Magnemite wheile we sent Spheal

2d 20h 17m Baltoy faints to another Quick Attack

2d 20h 14m Elektrike uses Quick Attack to send Gulpin to the land of dreams We send in Mareep

2d 20h 11m We switch out Mareep for Baltoy

2d 20h 11m We send in Gulpin

2d 20h 10m Chinchou finshies of our Seedot who was hanging with 1hp and poisoned

2d 20h 10m Seedot and Mareep vs Elektrike nd Chinchou

2d 20h 10m VS Cipher Peon Yellosix

2d 20h 9m We defeat Cipher Peon Greesix

2d 20h 6m Carvanha faints to Lotad's Absorb

2d 20h 5m Seedot also gets poisoned

2d 20h 5m Cacnea's Poison Sting poisoned Carvanha

2d 20h 3m VS Cipher Peon Greesix

2d 19h 59m We go to Phenac

2d 19h 57m We open the chest and get Protein

2d 19h 55m We try to open the chest again but fail

2d 19h 47m We go to Realgam Tower

2d 19h 44m We leave the lab

2d 19h 42m Gulpin faints, we Black Out!

2d 19h 41m Baltoy faints to Linoone's Headbutt

2d 19h 40m We send in Gulpin

2d 19h 35m We struggle more

2d 19h 31m Mareep and Spheal faint, we send in Baltoy but we cant seem to send out Gulpin

2d 19h 27m Kirlia goes down after some Water Guns, Shadow Natu is sent!

2d 19h 24m Vs Cipher Eloin, Mareep and Spheal vs Kirlia and Linoone

2d 19h 21m We beat Cipher Forgs

2d 19h 20m Corphish uses Bubblebeam to wreck Seedot

2d 19h 20m We beat his Qwilfish, all is left is his Corphish

2d 19h 18m We send in Gulpin

2d 19h 18m Qwilfish uses Water Gun to KO our low health Carvanha

2d 19h 17m Double Bite's take care of Duskull and he sends in Qwilfish

2d 19h 16m Vs Cipher Peon Forgs, Seedot and Carvanha vs Duskull and Corphish

2d 19h 12m We found Battle CD 16

2d 19h 10m We do not evolve Seedot

2d 19h 9m We beat his Goldeen and Blusix defeated!

2d 19h 9m We beat up his Beldum and Carvanha levels up to 21, and Seedot to 25

2d 19h 8m We instantly KO Horsea first turn, he sends in Beldum

2d 19h 7m Vs Cipher Peon Blusix!, Carvanha and Seedot vs Horsea and Goldeen

2d 19h 3m We found Battle CD 19

2d 19h 0m We walk around a house

2d 18h 51m Spheal leveled up to level 24

2d 18h 51m We use the same combo again and Numel is down too! Resix is down!

2d 18h 51m We combo on Slugma with Secret Power and Water Gun and it goes down!

2d 18h 50m Seedit and Spheal vs Numel and Slugma

2d 18h 50m Vs Cipher Peon Resix

2d 18h 45m We use a bed to heal

2d 18h 45m We enter a house and watch News!

[Chat] Chauzu_VGC: its not lagging.... for now BigBrother

[Info] Its not lagging too!

2d 18h 42m Stream is fully back!

[Snark] Now this is what I call a "blind run."

2d 18h 40m Oh its back but we cant see the screen

2d 18h 39m Stream is down and the screen says it will resume shortly!

2d 18h 38m We finally save!

2d 18h 28m We are trying to save

2d 18h 20m We found Battle CD 08

2d 18h 17m Stream froze for a minute than got fixed

2d 18h 16m Mareep did not evolve

2d 18h 15m We beat Grimer and beat Ciper Purpsix!

2d 18h 13m Mareep leveled up to 23, we forget Heal Bell and got Cotton Spore

[Info] The stream is lagging hard, and its not XD only, even the input screen is lagging

2d 18h 8m Gulpin faints from repeated attacks

2d 18h 5m We knock the Tentacool out and he replaces it with a Zubat

2d 18h 2m We KO Koffing and its replaced with Tentacool

2d 18h 0m We KO our own Spheal with Giga Drain

2d 17h 59m We are challenged by Cipher Purpsix, Spheal and Seedot vs Koffing and Grimer

2d 17h 54m Just as i say that we go to Phenac

[Fluff] Keyword: Try

2d 17h 49m We give up on the chest and try to leave the place

2d 17h 44m We try to open a chest but we cant seem to

2d 17h 38m We left the tower and we check the yard

2d 17h 30m We walk around the floor checking our party status

[Snark] Welcome To XD Emulated!

[Info] The game or the stream is not in a healthy state. For every 10 seconds, the stream seems to freeze up for 3 of those seconds, consistently. The resolution likes to change randomly as well.

2d 17h 15m We go to Realgam Tower

2d 17h 8m We hang around Pyrite Kappa /)*

2d 17h 2m We left the colosseum

2d 16h 57m Our run comes to a shocking end.

2d 16h 57m The other Pichu confuses Carvanha. Then the other other Pichu takes out Carvanha with Shock Wave.

2d 16h 56m Baltoy fails to Refresh. The first Pichu brings Carvanha to the red. Baltoy bites Baltoy. Baltoy faints.

2d 16h 56m Teddiursa is downed to a Bite from Carvanha. Our opponent sends out Pichu.

2d 16h 56m Teddiursa uses Lick on Carvanha. It does little damage. Teddiursa takes damage in return.

2d 16h 56m We send in Carvanha.

2d 16h 47m We're attempting to send out our Carvanha.

2d 16h 42m Baltoy fails to Refresh. Pichu uses Shock Wave, Gulpin is downed.

2d 16h 42m Pichu lowers the defenses of both Baltoy and Gulpin with Tail Whip. Baltoy tries to Refresh. It fails. Gulpin brings Baltoy to red with Sludge.

2d 16h 41m Gulpin at 4hp from a Shock Wave from Pichu. It's confused, but brings Teddiursa to red with a Sludge.

2d 16h 40m Gulpin is currently confused and in the yellow. Baltoy in the yellow. Opponent's Teddiursa is yellow and paralyzed. Their Pichu has lost some health but still in the green.

2d 16h 39m We send in Baltoy

[Snark] The biggest enemy is ourselves

2d 16h 37m Gulpin poisons Seedot to death

2d 16h 36m We send in Gulpin

2d 16h 36m Spheal faints due our Mega Drain and Pichu's Shock Wave

2d 16h 34m We switch back Seedot

2d 16h 33m Mareep faints due to us attacking it

2d 16h 32m We switch Seedot for Mareep

[Note] We are participating in the Pyrite Colosseum's Knockout Challenge.

2d 16h 31m Seedot and Spheal vs Teddiursa and Pichu

2d 16h 29m Back into the Colosseum.

2d 16h 28m We exit the Colosseum.

2d 16h 28m And not? And back? We walk away from the PC.

2d 16h 28m And we're back.

2d 16h 28m We leave the PC.

2d 16h 26m We have taken hold of Ledyba.

2d 16h 25m Checking out our storage.

2d 16h 24m Entered the PC. Specifically, the Purify Chamber.

2d 16h 22m We use the healing machine.

2d 16h 19m We enter Pyrite Colosseum.

2d 16h 17m Still hanging around Pyrite.

2d 16h 9m Doby defeated.

2d 16h 9m Seedot fails to evolve.

2d 16h 9m Seedot breaks out of its confusion and takes out Tentacool.

2d 16h 9m Seedot hurts itself. Spheal takes a decent bit out of Tentacool.

2d 16h 8m Tentacool uses Constrict on Spheal and does little damage. Seedot uses Giga Drain on Tentacool and brings it to yellow.

2d 16h 7m Seedot damages itself. Spheal takes out a tiny bit of Tentacool's HP with Water Gun.

2d 16h 7m Tentacool uses Supersonic and confuses Seedot.

2d 16h 7m Tentacool uses Poison Sting on Seedot. Does little. Seedot uses Giga Drain on Machop and brings it to yellow. Spheal uses Water Gun on Machop. Machop faints. Seedot to Level 24.

2d 16h 6m Our Seedot and Spheal against Tentacool and Machop.

2d 16h 6m Battling Bodybuilder Doby.

2d 16h 3m Hanging around Pyrite.

2d 15h 59m We drive to Pyrite Town.

2d 15h 55m Outside.

2d 15h 54m Just hanging around.

2d 15h 48m Back at the HQ Lab.

2d 15h 47m Greesix sends out a Lotad. Cacnea then finishes Baltoy off with Absorb.

2d 15h 47m Shroomish is downed.

2d 15h 47m Shroomish in yellow to Psybeam. Shroomish Mega Drains Baltoy into the red. Cacnea follows up with Poison Sting and Baltoy is left at 1hp.

2d 15h 46m Baltoy in yellow from a Tackle in return. Cacnea drops Baltoy's accuracy with Sand Attack and heals to the green with Leech Seed.

2d 15h 46m Baltoy takes out a third of Shroomish's health with Psybeam.

2d 15h 46m Cacnea seeds Baltoy with Leech Seed.

2d 15h 45m Oddish is taken out with a Psybeam. Greesix sends out Shroomish.

2d 15h 44m Baltoy heals itself of poisoning thanks to Refresh. Oddish and Cacnea takes out a third of Baltoy's health with Absorb and Poison Sting. Oddish in the green.

2d 15h 44m It's currently Baltoy against Oddish and Cacnea. Baltoy has been poisoned.

2d 15h 44m Carvanha goes down.

2d 15h 42m After a few Bites from Carvanha and failed refreshes from Baltoy, Oddish and Cacnea are in the yellow.

2d 15h 42m Carvanha and Baltoy vs Oddish and Cacnea.

2d 15h 42m The first Justy we combat is Greesix.

2d 15h 40m We have to battle all the Justy clones, it seems.

2d 15h 39m We left the house, went up to check out the Pregym, and guess what we find? Six instances of Justy!

[Snark] Such a dismissal of the genre must leave its fans grumbaling.

2d 15h 36m There's no time for rumba.

2d 15h 34m Gonrag defeated. The Shadow Pineco fled somewhere.

2d 15h 34m Pineco goes down to one last Bite. Baltoy Level 22.

2d 15h 34m Pineco in the red from Bite. Mud Slap lowers its health a tiny bit and drops accuracy.

2d 15h 33m Carvanha bites Pineco and takes a decent chunk out of its HP. Baltoy's Mud Slap drops it to yellow and drops accuracy. Pineco flinches.

2d 15h 33m We send in Baltoy.

2d 15h 30m Ariados brought to barely any HP by Carvanha's Bite. Then Mareep takes it out with Thundershock. Mareep downed by Shadow Blitz.

2d 15h 29m Carvanha uses Refresh and fails. Mareep uses Heal Bell and does little. Ariados brings Mareep to yellow with Poison Sting. Mareep is dropped to 4hp by a Shadow Blitz.

2d 15h 27m It loses a decent amount of health from Pineco's Shadow Blitz, but Static paralyzes the bug-type!

2d 15h 27m We send in Mareep.

2d 15h 26m Carvanha brings Ariados to yellow with Bite. Gulpin's follow-up Sludge does little. Gulpin faints to a Night Shade in return.

2d 15h 26m We send in Carvanha. It gets brought to red immediately by a Shadow Blitz.

2d 15h 24m Gulpin does little damage to Ariados with Sludge. Seedot tries to drain Ariados with Giga Drain. Does little. Then faints to a Poison Sting in return.

2d 15h 23m Gonrag sends in Ariados. Pineco downs Spheal. We send in Seedot.

2d 15h 23m Spheal in the red. Murkrow goes down. Gulpin to Level 24.

[Correction] Seedot was switched for Gulpin.

2d 15h 22m Gulpin loses a chunk of HP to Murkrow's Peck. Spheal's Water Gun brings Murkrow into the yellow. A Shadow Blitz does the same to Gulpin.

2d 15h 22m We switch out Spheal for Gulpin.

2d 15h 21m Spheal takes a slight chunk out of Seedot with Water Gun. Shadow Blitz then brings Seedot to red.

2d 15h 21m Murkrow uses Haze. Stat changes are reset. Seedot Giga Drains Spheal to heal itself to full and brings Spheal to yellow.

2d 15h 20m Seedot takes a tiny chunk of damage from Murkrow's attack. Spheal takes out a quarter of Murkrow's HP with Water Gun. Pineco's Shadow Blitz takes 1/7th of Spheal's HP.

2d 15h 20m Cipher Peon Gonrag sends out a Shadow Pineco and Murkrow. We send in Spheal and Seedot, fully healed.

2d 15h 20m We go downstairs. A Cipher Peon ambushes us!

2d 15h 12m Watching the news.

2d 15h 11m We return inside the Mayor's room.

2d 15h 10m The Snorunt we snagged has fled somewhere!

2d 15h 10m Golbat loses some health from Golbat's Leech Life. It is finished off by a Tackle from Mightyena. Whited out!

2d 15h 10m Gulpin flinches.

2d 15h 9m Golbat bites Gulpin. Gulpin in the red. Mightyena howls and raises attack.

2d 15h 9m Golbat wakes up and uses Leech Life on Gulpin. Gulpin in the yellow. Mightyena follows up with Bite and Gulpin flinches!

2d 15h 9m Carvanha brings Golbat into the yellow. Carvanha downed by a Bite from Mightyena.

2d 15h 8m Carvanha takes a small chunk out of Golbat with Bite. Mightyena lowers Gulpin's accuracy with Sand Attack.

2d 15h 8m Exinn sends in Mightyena.

2d 15h 7m Level 20 Snorunt snagged!

2d 15h 7m We throw a Poké Ball at Snorunt.

2d 15h 6m Shadow Wave from Snorunt brings Carvanha to yellow, and takes a small chunk out of Gulpin. Gulpin puts Golbat to sleep.

2d 15h 6m Exinn sends in Golbat.

2d 15h 5m Seviper is taken out. Carvanha hits Level 20.

2d 15h 5m Shadow Wave does little damage to Gulpin, but a decent chunk to Carvanha. Gulpin's Sing puts Seviper to sleep.

2d 15h 5m We send in Carvanha.

2d 15h 2m Mareep faints to a Bite from Seviper.

2d 15h 2m Mareep uses Heal Bell. It doesn't do much.

2d 15h 2m We send out Gulpin.

2d 14h 58m Seviper is taken to the barest amount of health by Mud Slap. Its accuracy dropped. Snorunt then KOs Baltoy and brings Mareep to yellow.

2d 14h 57m Baltoy brought into the red by a Shadow Wave. Mareep takes a bit of damage. Baltoy's Mud Slap takes Seviper's health out a bit and lowers its accuracy.

2d 14h 57m We send out Mareep.

2d 14h 55m Seedot goes down to a Poison Tail from Seviper.

2d 14h 54m It breaks out!

2d 14h 54m We throw a Snag Ball at Snorunt.

2d 14h 53m It takes little damage from Shadow Wave. Seedot is brought down to 4hp from it. Seedot brings Baltoy to the yellow with a Giga Drain and heals to the yellow.

2d 14h 52m We send out Baltoy.

2d 14h 52m Spheal goes down to a Bite from Seviper.

2d 14h 51m Spheal and Seedot both in the yellow after a Shadow Wave. Seviper in the yellow from Spheal's Water Gun.

2d 14h 50m Seviper licks Spheal again. Snorunt hits both mons with Shadow Wave. Spheal in the yellow. Seedot in the green after hitting Snorunt with Giga Drain.

2d 14h 50m It breaks out due to being at full health.

2d 14h 50m We throw a Snag Ball at Snorunt.

2d 14h 49m Spheal takes a bit of damage from Seviper's Lick and is paralyzed. Snorunt does decent damage to both our mons with Shadow Wave. Seedot takes a little damage out of Seviper with Giga Drain. So does Spheal with Water Gun.

2d 14h 48m Spheal and Seedot are sent out against her Shadow Snorunt and Seviper.

2d 14h 48m The assistant was Cipher Peon Exinn!

2d 14h 47m By reading the letter, we've learnt that Cipher is slowly taking over the city by replacing people!

2d 14h 47m We obtained the Mayor's Note to Justy!

2d 14h 47m Up the stairs we go.

2d 14h 45m Now we can probably go up to the Mayor's room.

2d 14h 45m We give her the disc for "Rumba of Love". She puts it in the disc player.

2d 14h 44m Talking to the Mayor's assistant, who's house-sitting and bored.

[Snark] Yeah, that's a real snag in our plans.

2d 14h 34m There's something shiny in the Mayor's bookcase, "but it's wrong to take anything that belongs to anyone else".

2d 14h 32m Watching the news.

2d 14h 29m We aren't allowed up to his room because some guy is bored. Wants to listen to some tunes.

2d 14h 28m We re-enter the Mayor's place.

2d 14h 25m We exit the house.

2d 14h 24m The houseowner tells us that it contains tunes by some pop idol, which is stuff that a guy like him doesn't want. So we can take it.

2d 14h 23m Music Disc obtained!

2d 14h 18m The houseowner recommends sleeping or some tunes.

2d 14h 15m Watching ONBS News once more

2d 14h 13m We enter a house. There's an item flashing on the desk.

2d 14h 9m Hanging around Phenac City, enjoying the sights and sounds. And the atmosphere.

2d 14h 1m A little thing pops up on the side of the screen saying that Miror B may have appeared.

2d 13h 45m In Phenac City. As stated before, the music is very noticeably different from the Colosseum version. Or maybe that's just a Cipher takeover-type theme.

2d 13h 43m Driven to the Rock Poké Spot.

2d 13h 22m And we lost the game of Bingo

2d 13h 20m Entered a bingo game. We have a Dragonair and we're against Charmander

2d 13h 19m We are back in the bingo casino room.

2d 12h 59m Bought a Revive. We're currently holding two, we might have bought a second but my stream lagged out and I didn't see. We now have very little money with which to buy things from this Mart.

2d 12h 58m Bought a Hyper Potion.

2d 12h 50m We're back at Realgam Tower.

2d 12h 29m At the Cave Poké Spot.

2d 12h 28m At Realgam Tower again.

2d 12h 25m At the Rock Poké Spot.

2d 12h 21m Drove to the Cave Poké Spot, then to Realgam Tower.

2d 12h 18m Driven to Phenac City! Received the Disc Case, and Battle CDs 01, 07, and 20. We're told to go to Realgam Tower.

2d 12h 15m Exited the ONBS building.

2d 11h 59m Back downstairs.

2d 11h 58m On the rooftop again.

2d 11h 57m ...nope, we're back to News.

2d 11h 56m We're not watching the TV right now, just wandering around and talking to people.

2d 11h 44m And now we are watching the news. It's still talking about the person who turns the gears at the windmill.

2d 11h 24m Re-entered the building.

2d 11h 20m On the rooftop of the building.

2d 11h 19m After that fight, our party was fully healed. We're told to go to Phenac City, we stand around and idle for a few minutes instead.

[Fluff] We were only sent back two hours but a half hour passed before the crash was noted here.

2d 11h 15m We're still in the building, though. Haven't been sent anywhere due to whiting out.

2d 11h 13m Everyone has fainted except for Carvanha. Girafarig and Loudred are on the opponents' side of the field, Loudred goes down and a Shadow Mawile is sent in. Carvanha faints, we white out. Exol runs off.

[Info] We last fought Exol at 2d 8h 36m, meaning we've been sent back about 2h30m.

[Streamer] Faislittlewhiteraven: @Captainfalcon9000 VC is a rom hack of Crystal INFAMOUS for crashing. We played it alongside PBR one imput per PBR match and well... We lost months worth of progress several times

Twitchplayspokemon: @FaisLittleWhiteRaven, before it was the save state backup script not functioning correctly, but I made sure it was functioning correctly this time

[Streamer] Faislittlewhiteraven: @Captainfalcon9000 VC is a rom hack of Crystal INFAMOUS for crashing. We played it alongside PBR one imput per PBR match and well... We lost months worth of progress several times

Twitchplayspokemon: @FaisLittleWhiteRaven it's a different issue, it's emulator incompatibility with the game this time

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @ProjectRevoTPP, I'll set them the same next time it crashes

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @ProjectRevoTPP, already did taht

[Info] We're against Cipher Commander Exol. Seems that it doesn't matter whether we win or lose, we'll make progress anyway.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @ProjectRevoTPP, you sure? I think I tried loading state before resetting and the settings are still set with dual core disabled

2d 10h 58m Seems like the game crashed, we're currently in a battle against a Cipher member. Apparently we've gone back an hour or two in progress.

[Meta] The stream is currently having technical difficulties with the XD game crashing. Streamer is currently trying to resolve the issue.

[Streamer] Shadowking1000: oh. why's it been crashing? last playthrough was fine.

Twitchplayspokemon: @ShadowKing1000, XD was not compatible with Dolphin after all

[Streamer] Pauldacheez: TwitchPlaysPokemon, I mean, like, saving state, changing that setting, then loading that setting, but I can kinda see why Sync GPU wouldn't break on that BrokeBack

Twitchplayspokemon: @pauldacheez, I understand, you can stop

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @ProjectRevoTPP, I did that, stop asking

[Streamer] Captainfalcon9000: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, create back ups of the save states and put them in a different folder, if a file it's not loading, replace it with the copy and restart dolphin

Twitchplayspokemon: @CaptainFalcon9000, I did that

[Streamer] Pauldacheez: TwitchPlaysPokemon, changing settings like Sync GPU would actually potentially prevent them from loading, frick NotLikeThis

Twitchplayspokemon: @pauldacheez, no

[Streamer] Giantpenguin426: @Twitchplayspokemon If save states don't work, then why is Dolphin still saving them? Or is it the resaving the battery save?

Twitchplayspokemon: @giantpenguin426, saving works fine, load doesn't

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: @ProjectRevoTPP, I did

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Revo said the game was compatible with Dolphin, should I end the run?

[Streamer] Pauldacheez: TwitchPlaysPokemon, are we not gonna load one of those savestates? I mean, you said earlier that we didn't need to make in-game saves, and I see no reason savestates shouldn't work BrokeBack

Twitchplayspokemon: @pauldacheez, me neither but they don't

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry about the state of the stream guys, misinformation from ProjectRevoTPP again

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: did it crash again?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Twitch_Plays_3DS, your Skype crash?

[Meta] Updater's gonna take a very short break. We'll be back soon enough.

2d 10h 36m And then we do the same battle again even though we just won it.

2d 10h 35m We receive a Super Potion.

2d 10h 35m We take out the Tropius, the battle is cleared.

2d 10h 34m Simulation ended, and then we try again yet again.

2d 10h 32m Tied against Poplet, we failed. (Probably gave in or something similar.) Then we start the exact same match again.

[Info] The other Battle CD we were given earlier was Number 20.

2d 10h 31m Versus Sim Trainer Poplet, Tropius versus our Pidgeot.

2d 10h 30m At the desk where we can run Battle Simulations using the Battle CDs we were given. We use Battle CD 01.

2d 10h 28m Exited the casino bingo room.

2d 10h 22m Entered Battle Bingo again. We picked Dragonair again. Then we immediately quit.

2d 10h 20m Nidorino goes down, white out. We're unable to continue the Bingo game.

2d 10h 19m We immediately give in, then we enter the same battle again.

2d 10h 18m Started yet another Bingo game. This time we have Nidorino instead of Dragonair. We're up against Seviper.

2d 10h 16m Started another Bingo game. And then we quit it immediately.

2d 10h 15m Nope, we white out, the bingo game's now over. We talk to the receptionist, she then explains the rules to us.

2d 10h 14m Cyndaquil's on 2HP from two Flamethrowers, our Charmander faints. We white out, but we can still continue the bingo game.

2d 10h 11m Treecko goes down to Flamethrower. Another battle soon begins, we're against a Cyndaquil.

2d 10h 10m We threw the Master Ball at the Charmander and it was caught. Then a Treecko appears, we send out the Charmander.

2d 10h 9m We have a Dragonair and we're facing a Charmander? It "grew tired and fled", and the battle's over. We then pick the next Panel... and the game's over. Then we enter again.

2d 10h 8m We appear to be in a casino...? Talking to the receptionist here tells us that this is the Battle Bingo. We pay 500 Pokédollars, and partake in the Bingo.

[Streamer] Guppythealina: Hey streamer would you ban trolls that purposely make the game slower?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Guppythealina, says the person not making inputs

[Streamer] Bbones93: ....yes to which one ?

Twitchplayspokemon: @bbones93, both

[Streamer] Captainfalcon9000: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, using multiple save states?

Twitchplayspokemon: @CaptainFalcon9000, versioned backups yes

2d 10h 6m Picked up an Ultra Ball

[Streamer] Bbones93: rip guys BibleThump

Twitchplayspokemon: @bbones93, yes

[Streamer] Wildgoosespeeder: item PogChamp

Twitchplayspokemon: @wildgoosespeeder, it's not using an older version of dolphin, Revo doesn't let wrong assumptions getting in the way of expressing himself

2d 10h 2m Realgam Colosseum is undergoing maintenance, and we will have to return later.

2d 9h 58m We talk to the receptionist over and over again, then explore the tower some more. The game screen keeps changing its size, clipping into the inputs on the side somewhat.

2d 9h 55m Drove to Pyrite, then to Realgam Tower. The music's very slightly different from last time, but mostly the same. Folly and Trudly are here, complaining about the "simulation" part of the Battle CDs. They then walk off.

2d 9h 52m We're in Phenac City! The music sounds different from last time we were here. Obtained the Disc Case and Battle CDs 01, 07, and another one I didn't see. We're then told to go to Realgam Tower.

2d 9h 52m Outside of the Cipher Lab.

2d 9h 51m Back in Pyrite Town.

2d 9h 47m At Gateon Port

2d 9h 40m At the Oasis Poké Spot now.

2d 9h 38m Driven to the Rock Poké Spot.

2d 9h 38m At the map screen now, trying to travel to a new location.

2d 9h 35m We're outside the windmill building.

2d 9h 33m And then we go back inside the ONBS building.

2d 9h 32m Outside, back to that all-too-familiar finger snapping sound.

2d 9h 23m We picked up an Ether

[Chat/Kappa] A staff member has appeared in chat and spammed a few commands, dodging slow mode due to his staff position.

[Meta/Tableflip] I've had enough of dealing with Reddit's outages tonight. Here's luck to the next updater. ಠ_ಠ

2d 9h 4m We start our way back downstairs. The normal ONBS music has returned.

2d 8h 59m We reach TriHard 300 and the chat celebrates and seems satisfied with this.

[Info/Snark] "Reddit is down for scheduled maintenance" update backlog complete.

2d 8h 57m We take a momentary break after TriHard 293, catching our breath in the corner, then back at it.

2d 8h 50m And we head to the TV to watch some news being broadcast from below! TriHard 269

2d 8h 49m We finally speak to Nett, and he tells us about a potential attack on Phenac City! He puts the location on our map! He then proceeds to tell us about repeatedly how he'll try and recover the data on his servers.

2d 8h 48m We inspect the books on Nett's shelves, avoiding Nett, Bitt, and Megg in shame of our loss...

2d 8h 46m However, we don't black out. The Cipher Captain had what he wanted already anyway. He rushes away with the data rom in his hand.

2d 8h 46m A thundershock from Girafarig takes out Carvanha! We lose!

2d 8h 45m We throw a Snag Ball at the Mawile! It breaks out instantly, and takes down Baltoy!

2d 8h 43m Only Carvanha and Baltoy remain alive on our team. We send in Carvanha.

2d 8h 41m Shadow Mawile (Level 22+, Female) sent in to oppose us! It takes out Gulpin!

2d 8h 40m Baltoy is sent in, and takes out Loudred! It levels up to 22!

2d 8h 39m Gulpin is sent in and tries to sing the Soundproof Loudred to sleep. Seedot is taken out by Loudred's deft backhand!

2d 8h 37m Seedot and Mareep vs Loudred and Girafarig now! Mareep taken out by a Stomp from Girafarig!

2d 8h 36m Spheal is immediately taken out by the opponents!

2d 8h 36m A Cipher Captain is inside Nett's office, holding Megg hostage for the Data Rom! And they've wiped ONBS servers of the data! We think that's not a good thing. Vs Cipher Captain Exol

2d 8h 34m Alph gets up close to the barred-off Pyrite Cave entrance. I wonder what's back there...?

2d 8h 33m GLORY BE TO HELIX WE HEALED! Twice, for good measure.

2d 8h 32m Attempted to touch stuff without permission in the back closet. The nosey guy sitting around in there won't let us. It's like that's his job or something...

[Info/Snark] "Reddit is in emergency read-only mode" update backlog complete.

2d 8h 27m Still having troubles with the elevator between the second and third floor...

2d 8h 21m We arrive back on the third floor again. Wait, nope, back down.

2d 8h 17m We continue downstairs to the main lobby. We take a moment to admire the photos hanging on the wall.

2d 8h 14m We head down the elevator. The chat is filled with cries of overshooting and head-holding emotes and Kappas abound.

2d 8h 12m We head downstairs and hug the wall next to the healing machine, instead of actually using it.

2d 8h 9m We take out the enemy finally! That Ralts is officially ours! Sent to the PC!

2d 8h 9m We're out of PP for Mud Slap on Baltoy! So instead we use Psybeam on our own Mareep!

2d 8h 7m We throw a Snag Ball! It catches!

2d 8h 6m We finally take out the Vigoroth! Out comes the Level 20+ shadow Ralts again, female!

2d 8h 3m Gulpin is taken down by a combined effort of ourselves and the enemy!

2d 8h 2m Gulpin keeps trying to sing the Vigoroth asleep. But it doesn't sleep ever...

2d 8h 0m Carvanha takes out that annoying Kadabra, but then gets taken out itself!

2d 7h 59m As is Spheal! We're 4 v 4 now!

2d 7h 58m Seedot is battered, paralyzed, and taken out by Kadabra!

2d 7h 56m On the roof! Vs Cipher Peon Feldas, Round 3! (Or 2 prime--whatever)

2d 7h 48m The Miror B radar sounds! And the chat breaks out into KappaRoss.

2d 7h 47m We enter the ONBS building once again. The big burly guy is still lying there. Are we sure he isn't dead? Because he should have recovered ages ago.... The chat seems to think he is...

2d 7h 47m We hide in the corner of the town between a vending machine and a rusted old pipe.

2d 7h 45m We rename Box 8 LBKKA, and then run as far and as fast from the building as possible.

2d 7h 43m We flirt with danger in the corner of the room. The PC looks inviting, so we open it up...

2d 7h 43m We enter the Pyrite Colosseum and oggle the lady at the front counter for a little bit.

2d 7h 37m We reach the edge of the Pyrite ravine and peer down into the depths, trying to see if we can see some remnants of the Under left down there...

2d 7h 35m We enter the shop once again and say hi to the store owner. But nothing here seems to be our size, so we just casually, slowly, stroll right back out again.

2d 7h 31m Found 1 Paralyze Heal!

2d 7h 29m We found a Focus Band in the local hotel!

2d 7h 26m We browse the SHOP (that H is still hanging down, half-broken...), but decide to buy nothing.

2d 7h 22m We enter Duking's house and say hi to Silva, and slip past him to check on the old lady in the back.

2d 7h 20m We leave, however, without checking the news...

2d 7h 19m We immediately approach a TV TriHard

2d 7h 18m Welcome back to the Snappaning town of Pyrite! Kappa /)*

2d 7h 17m Map screen time!

2d 7h 10m We're, of course, back at Pokémon HQ, looking at emails and generally putzing about.

2d 7h 9m Carvanha is taken out by a thundershock!! Which, by the way means we did NOT snag that Ralts!

2d 7h 7m Mareep is poisoned, and will go down at the end of this turn!

2d 7h 6m Gulpin goes down!

2d 7h 4m We have 2 Pokémon in the red and one Pokémon left with full health. The opponent has only a full health paralyzed Flaaffy left.

2d 7h 1m We SNAG the Ralts! Again, level 20, female

2d 7h 0m We throw a Snag Ball! The Ralts breaks free immediately.

2d 6h 59m And Ralts takes out Baltoy!

[Info/Snark] Because the game generates the Pokémon when it appears for the first time, and we entered another timeline crashed without saving, the game generated a new Ralts with different stats. If we simply missed catching the previous Ralts and saved afterwards, it would still be male.

2d 6h 56m That Shadow Ralts appears on the field again! This time it's female and Level 20+!

2d 6h 55m Seedot goes down to Kadabra's attacks! Baltoy avenges it! Spheal levels up to 23!

2d 6h 52m Cipher Peon Feldas! Round 2! (Or, "round one prime", since a crash brought us back here)

2d 6h 51m We heal!

[Correction] Bulbapedia says the thing we just got was 1 HP Up!

2d 6h 48m We got a thing while I was posting all those. I missed what it was though.

[Info/Snark] "Reddit is down for scheduled maintenance" update backlog complete.

2d 6h 45m The peon goes down!

2d 6h 43m Finally Carvanha takes it down and levels up to 19!

2d 6h 43m Seedot is taken out by the Delibird's Silver Wind! Man this christmas bird is rough!

2d 6h 40m An opponent Delibird uses Present! Chat breaks out into KappaClaus and the present explodes in Spheal's face, taking it out!

[Snark/Info] Our freeze and reset count is at 3 now, btw (if we don't count that freeze on the Health and Safety screen).

[Meta] Sorry about that; the bot should be working now.

2d 6h 35m We get into a fight with Cipher Peon Edlos in the store room! Not sure if this is a fight we've done before or not.

2d 6h 33m WE HEAL... just in case we weren't healed before, I guess.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: @TwitchPlaysPokémon it may benefit you to enable GPU Sync Thread at this point to increase stability and lower the amount of crashes, this can be done by right clicking Pokémon XD in the menu and click Properties then ensuring "Synchronize GPU Thread" is checked, this helps prevent random freezes caused by dual core thread and GPU thread desyncing which I can almost assure you was the cause of that freeze

TwitchPlaysPokémon: @ProjectRevoTPP, https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Pok%C3%A9mon_XD:_Gale_of_Darkness

ProjectRevoTPP: @TwitchPlaysPokémon https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Pok%C3%A9mon_XD:_Gale_of_Darkness#Game_Properties

ProjectRevoTPP: Says right there having GPU Sync on prevents random freezes

2d 6h 22m The Stream returns! We're back in the ONBS building, near the healing machine!

[Streamer] M3LHunter: @TwitchplaysPokémon who crash the stream??

TwitchPlaysPokémon: @M3LHunter, if they could communicate I'd know

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon: 10/10 interruption

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon: 10/10 communication

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon: someone else got access to teamviewer and is fixing and while not saying anything on skype

[Streamer] wildgoosespeeder: what the hell happened with that bzzzt @TwitchplaysPokémon

TwitchPlaysPokémon: @wildgoosespeeder, don't ask me

2d 6h 19m The emulator was reset but froze again with a buzzing sound on the health and safety warning.

2d 6h 17m The emulator has been reset! Dolphin's main window appears on-stream!

2d 6h 15m The chat praises the cursor as it appears and the "Will be right back" screen appears for a split second.

[Streamer] captainfalcon9000: @TwitchPlaysPokémon, Try upgrading Dolphin OpieOP

twitchplaysPokémon: @CaptainFalcon9000, I did

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon: okay, i'll wait for whoever it is trying to fix it to work it out then

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon: don't have access to teamviewer if you can't do ***

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon: who was it that logged in and did nothing?

[Info] We're currently standing in the corner of the Pokémon HQ Lab, staring into Jovi's room through the window. The menu is up, and it looks like the cursor was in the process of moving to "Exit" when it froze; "Save" is still a little red.

[Info] Once again, inputs are still going, but the emulator is now looping the last bit of background music it has in its circular buffer, and inputs have ceased to function.

[Fluff] Oh Helix everything is breaking! NotLikeThis

2d 6h 11m And the emulator has frozen up!

2d 6h 8m Baltoy is our only remaining Pokémon, and it goes down to Ralts's shadow attacks and Flaaffy tackle! WHITE OUT

2d 6h 6m The enemy sends out a Shadow Ralts! Male, Level 20.

2d 6h 6m We finally send out Carvanha! And it dies immediately! [Just like reddit...]

2d 6h 1m [PRChase] There's a great disparity in the number of remaining Pokémon. We have two, he has three.

2d 5h 59m The enemy Flaaffy takes out our Spheal with a thundershock! We've only taken down his Kadabra thus far...

2d 5h 55m Gulpin goes down to a thunderbolt from the foe's Flaaffy!

2d 5h 54m Seedot is taken down by the foe's Vigoroth!

2d 5h 51m Mareep is taken down by the foe's Vigoroth and Flaaffy.

2d 5h 49m Vs Cipher Peon Feldas! We're right before the Nett's room!

2d 5h 48m OMG WE'VE HEALED FINALLY ...twice

2d 5h 39m We're running around the ONBS building right now. We came across Secc on the floor, contemplating his aide's shoes, but spoke to neither of them.

[Meta Snark] Please excuse us if the updates get sparse. Reddit's having a wonderful time right now.

2d 5h 33m The Miror B Radar goes off as the chat seems to be trying to heal before going up to the roof again.

2d 5h 25m We were on the roof of the building, but we're back indoors now.

2d 5h 22m Opponent's Mareep down, we win the battle. Our Mareep tries to evolve, it is cancelled.

2d 5h 21m Bellossom down, Gulpin to lv.23, we do not learn Encore, Mareep to lv.22 and Baltoy to lv.21.

2d 5h 18m Switched out our 1HP-Mareep to Baltoy.

2d 5h 17m Luvdisc down, Bellossom sent in.

2d 5h 15m Opponent's Gulpin goes down, Luvdisc is sent in.

2d 5h 13m Versus another Cipher Peon (didn't catch the name). Opponent sends out Mareep and Gulpin, we send out Seedot and Gulpin. Seedot goes down, so we sent in.. Mareep.

[Fluff] Sorry that was sent so late, Reddit kinda broke for me for a minute.

2d 5h 9m Yanma down, Cipher Peon Lobar defeated. Seedot tries to evolve, it is cancelled.

2d 5h 8m Threw a Poké Ball at Duskull, it catches! Lv.19+ and female. Yanma is now the last one left on the opponent's side of the field.

2d 5h 6m Carvanha down, Mareep sent in.

[Info] It is a Shadow Duskull

2d 5h 5m Misdreavus down, Duskull sent in.

2d 5h 3m Sneasel down, Seedot to Lv.23, Misdreavus sent in, Spheal down, Carvanha sent in.

2d 4h 59m Versus Cipher Peon Lobar again, Sneasel and Yanma against Spheal and Seedot.

2d 4h 52m Entered the ONBS building again. phew, finally some different music

2d 4h 29m Outside.

2d 4h 24m We're in a different building now.

2d 4h 9m Entered that funny circular house again, now watching the news. Nothing much has changed since last time we were here.

2d 4h 7m Arrived in Pyrite Town.

2d 4h 4m At that one very tropical-looking Poké Spot near the ocean.

2d 4h 3m Back in Pyrite Town.

2d 4h 3m Outside, trying to head to a new location now.

2d 3h 56m Carvanha and Baltoy down, white out. Back at the Pokémon Lab

[Fluff] This battlefield seems very strangely sloped.

2d 3h 51m Seems like we're trying to switch out to something, but everything else has fainted.

2d 3h 49m Versus Cipher Peon Lobar, Sneasel and Yanma are sent out against Baltoy and Carvanha.

[Fluff] FINALLY! News Lady Saved! She thanks us for helping her, and the chat rejoices!

2d 3h 22m Koffing and Rhyhorn down, Cipher Peon Rixor defeated.

2d 3h 21m Mareep down. Carvanha was sent in after Gulpin fainted, and Baltoy was just sent in. These are the last two on our side left.

2d 3h 18m Gulpin down.

2d 3h 17m Chinchou down, Koffing is sent in.

2d 3h 16m Mareep sent in.

2d 3h 15m Spheal down! Correction, Seedot was not switched out earlier, it fainted. Gulpin was then sent in.

2d 3h 14m Seedot was switched out for Gulpin a few minutes ago.

2d 3h 12m Qwilfish down, Chinchou sent in.

2d 3h 9m Challenged by Cipher Peon Rixor, Qwilfish and Rhyhorn against Spheal and Seedot.

2d 3h 2m In the ONBS building.

2d 2h 59m Outside again.

2d 2h 51m Healed our party

2d 2h 46m We're currently in the Pyrite Colosseum lobby. The music is no different, though.

2d 2h 34m Seedot fainted due to poison damage!

2d 2h 28m Tentacool finally down, Bodybuilder Doby defeated

2d 2h 27m Switched out Carvanha for Seedot.

2d 2h 24m Switched out Seedot for Gulpin.

2d 2h 22m Switched out Spheal for Carvanha.

2d 2h 21m Machop down, Spheal to lv.22.

2d 2h 15m Versus Bodybuilder Doby, Machop and Tentacool against Spheal and Seedot.

2d 2h 6m At the map screen, we've driven to Pyrite Town.

2d 2h 5m Outside.

2d 1h 35m SAVED

2d 1h 32m Alph's extremely tired, it seems, as he keeps climbing into bed and the healing jingle keeps going off... Yes, tired, that's all...

2d 1h 29m Nap time again! ResidentSleeper

2d 1h 27m Koffing does a massive attack against both our Pokémon and takes them both out! WHITE OUT!!

2d 1h 27m Baltoy keeps trying to use Mud-Slap, but Koffing is protected by Levitate. Mareep keeps using Thundershock, but Rhyhorn draws it to itself with Lightning rod. And Rhyhorn's tailwhip won't bring them any lower!

2d 1h 25m Baltoy is sent out vs the enemy Koffing. Mareep keeps trying to use Thundershock, but Rhyhorn is absorbing its attack with Lightning Rod.

2d 1h 24m Carvanha takes out Chinchou finally, but Rhyhorn takes out Carvanha!

[Fluff] Fluffy, currently on the field, both of our AAAAAAAAA Pokémon.

2d 1h 23m Mareep is on the field! We attempt to catch the Chinchou, since it's in the red and all, but the Snag Machine refuses to work when we're aiming at a non-Shadow Pokémon...

2d 1h 21m Carvanha attacks Gulpin and helps take Glupin down.

2d 1h 21m Baltoy is sent out, and immediately swapped out for Carvanha. We continued to whittle down the Chinchou, slowly. Gulpin's doing a lot of damage to itself.

Our Gulpin gets sent out and is confused! Spheal soon follows Seedot into unconsciousness!

2d 1h 18m Spheal is paralyzed by Thunder Wave and we focus fire on the Chinchou that did it! But Seedot goes down!

2d 1h 17m Seedot is poisoned by the Qwilfish! We get revenge on it! It's replaced by Chinchou!

2d 1h 16m Quilfish and Rhyhorn face off against our party leaders Seedot and Spheal. We focus fire on Qwilfish!

2d 1h 15m vs Cipher Peon Rixor to save our News Waifu Lady from the clutches of Cipher.

2d 1h 10m We're on the second floor of the building. Chat is fighting over which way to go (and also the menus).

2d 1h 2m We enter the ONBS building once again! That bodyguard guy is still lying there on the ground. The chat reacts accordingly.

2d 1h 0m We proceed to consult Krane's memos repeatedly. We need that refresher on Shadow Pokémon.

[Chat] Elmotionmen: Kappa /)* WutFace NotLikeThis *(\ KappaRoss

2d 0h 57m We travel to Pyrite town! Finally, the snapping can begin again! Kappa /)*

2d 0h 53m We head to Gateon Port!

2d 0h 50m Actually, what seems to be the problem is the large amount of menu spam and the corresponding anti-menu spam makes traveling very difficult. WE SAVED

2d 0h 46m Yes, we're still hanging around the spooky Groudon Kenya fountain in Kaminko's front yard. Half the chat seems to want to go see Chobin or something. The other half is WutFacing in fear.

[Chat] WutFace LUIGI'S MANSION WutFace

2d 0h 41m We stop by WutFace SPOOKY WutFace Dr. Kaminko's place.

2d 0h 38m It's the map, it's the map, it's the map, it's the map... ♪

2d 0h 34m It's time for a nap or two in our bed back at Pokémon HQ. All this adventuring and whiting out is tiring, after all.

2d 0h 32m And WHITE OUT. Miror B signs off his victory with a dance move.

2d 0h 31m Gulpin puts one of the Ludicolo to sleep, but Gulpin only has 6HP left, and the other Ludicolo is paralyzed.

2d 0h 30m Oh, btw, Mareep and Seedot are both down. One Pokémon left.

2d 0h 27m Mareep managed to hurt one of the Ludicolo with a thundershock. But they keep getting HP back from Absorb.

2d 0h 24m Just swapping out Seedot for Mareep, for the luls. And playing around in our bag.

2d 0h 23m We've barely made a scratch on Miror B's first two Pokémon (of three). Meanwhile, 3/6 of our Pokémon are still standing.

2d 0h 22m And Baltoy takes out our own Carvanha! Gulpin in.

2d 0h 21m Baltoy is down as well! Carvanha and Seedot!

2d 0h 20m We spend a turn calling both our Pokémon. At least our accuracy is better now! Until Spheal faints, though.

[Chat] Yesthisisdog_: ♫ ┌ KappaRoss ┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT!!! ♫ └ KappaRoss ┐ ♪

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

2d 0h 17m Vs Miror B 2 Ludicolio vs our front runners!

2d 0h 16m We stop off at Dr. Kamino's place, and then head to the Rock Pokespot. Miror B is here!

2d 0h 15m Now making attempts at the map screen.

[Meta] I have to go so hopefully another updater can take over soon.

2d 0h 14m We made it outside

2d 0h 8m In case you're wondering, we're still at the lab.

1d 23h 58m back in our room at the HQ. so much rip

1d 23h 57m aaaaaand Seedot fainted rip WHITE OUT ripperinos

1d 23h 56m Delibird paralyzed, Zigzagoon used odor sleuth, maybe we'll win. maybe

1d 23h 55m We're down to only Seedot though.

1d 23h 55m we KO the opposing Togetic, and Delibird comes out to replace it

1d 23h 55m Gulpin fainted rip

1d 23h 53m Finally sent out Seedot.

1d 23h 51m Currently trying to send out a Pokémon. We only have Gulpin (currently out, under half health) and Seedot (who we need to send out).

1d 23h 48m Looks like Mareep had been poisoned. Mareep just fainted rip

Stream is back online

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Stream is offline. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] The battle's been pretty slow anyway.

[Info] Battle's still going on. My stream died.

1d 23h 40m after AAAAAAAAAA fainted we sent out AAAAAAAAAA. such original names. but yeah Mareep sent out

1d 23h 39m Carvanha fainted rip

1d 23h 37m Finally the opponent's Furret goes down thanks to Carvanha's rough skin ability. Carvanha levels up to 18 and the opponent sends out Togetic.

1d 23h 34m We sent out Gulpin. BTW the opponent's two Pokémon are still standing, and there's two more in the back too.

1d 23h 32m Baltoy fainted rip

1d 23h 30m We sent out Carvanha

1d 23h 30m Spheal fainted rip

1d 23h 28m Both our mon are around half health. Opponent at around 70%

[Info] Spheal and Baltoy are the mon we have out right now.

1d 23h 25m Finally in a battle! Vs Cipher Peon Edlos' Furret and Zigzagoon

1d 23h 24m Currently near the door to where we need to go, I think.

1d 23h 19m We went into the elevator but not much actually happened yet aside from walking around. We're near the healing machine right now.

1d 23h 12m We're in the back of the first floor right now, near the elevator.

1d 23h 9m After wandering outside for a good few minutes we finally made it into the ONBS building.

1d 23h 2m We've gone to Pyrite town!

1d 22h 56m We exited to the world map... only to go right back. We'll get where we need to go eventually.

1d 22h 54m We're now outside the building.

[Info] I'm not sure what happened between when the updates were cut off earlier and when I tuned in, but in case context wasn't obvious, we're in the HQ right now.

1d 22h 53m Rested again... We're leaving the room finally. We're just in a corner now.

1d 22h 51m We've taken a rest in our bed

1d 22h 48m At the moment we're really not doing much of anything of note. Will update if something notable happens of course.

1d 22h 45m We're currently in the party menu.

[Meta] Live updates will resume soon! Thanks for your patience! We're working for you!

1d 22h 26m We managed to repeatedly hit outselves, Gulpin even used Toxic on Mareep, but we still barely won the battle, thus snagging Vulpix successfully! Gulpin reached lv.22! Mareep grew to lv.21 without evolving!

1d 22h 22m We called Mareep to wake her up! Tactical!

1d 22h 20m Two out of three Pokémon on the field are sleeping... zzzz...

1d 22h 19m Vulpix has been caught!

1d 22h 17m Carvanha is down! Only Gulpin and Mareep are still standing. We're trying to catch a Shadow Vulpix; her health is down to red.

1d 22h 13m Seedot fainted!

1d 22h 10m Baltoy fainted!

1d 22h 9m Seedot reached lv.22!

1d 22h 7m Spheal fainted!


1d 22h 2m Cipher Peon Mesin challenged us!

1d 21h 49m Say hi to the ONBS building! We're back on track!

1d 21h 43m Obtained a Great Ball!

1d 21h 25m To make sure the weight of our money wouldn't slow us down, we slept at the hotel a couple of times.

1d 21h 16m Time for some news.

1d 21h 14m Traveled to Pyrite Town

[Snark] Twitch Plays Menu Simulator 2015

1d 21h 7m We left the comfort and warmth of home

1d 21h 5m Faffing about at home.

1d 21h 1m Seedot falls. We black out!

1d 21h 1m Now Seedot is paralyzed, but so is Chinchou

1d 21h 1m Peon sends out Chinchou. Carvana is down.

1d 21h 0m The Pokemon trade blows. Quilfish is down

1d 20h 59m Seedot and Carvana vs Quilfish and Rhyhorn

1d 20h 59m Fighting Cyper Peon Rixor

1d 20h 53m No evolution for Seedot yet.

1d 20h 49m Gulpin fainted!

1d 20h 46m Seedot reached lv.21! He learned Synthesis over Refresh!

1d 20h 44m We stumbled right into another battle, against Cipher Peon Elox.

1d 20h 43m Trainer defeated, no Makuhita for us.

1d 20h 38m Baltoy down!

1d 20h 37m Mareep fainted!

1d 20h 30m Spheal fainted!

1d 20h 27m We used up an Ether.

1d 20h 26m Finally! Here's the Shadow Makuhita from before!

1d 20h 17m Fighting Torking again!

1d 20h 14m And also back in the ONBS building. That guy is still passed out in front of the entrance. Should we call an ambulance? Nah...

1d 20h 10m Back in Pyrite Town!

1d 20h 4m Time to attempt to get out of this building, again!

1d 20h 3m Mareep lost! Blacked out!

1d 20h 2m Carvanha goes down! Mareep is our only Pokémon left.

1d 19h 59m A Shadow Makuhita is sent out!

1d 19h 58m Gulpin fainted!

1d 19h 57m Seedot fainted!

1d 19h 51m We managed to get in the elevator... where Cipher Peon Torkin was apparently holding onto the ceiling just to sneak up on us. Clever girl!

1d 19h 44m We step into the spotlight for our brief moment of glory.

1d 19h 43m Trainer defeated. We're heroes! Woo!

1d 19h 38m Baltoy down!

1d 19h 37m Spheal fainted!

1d 19h 34m Cipher Peon Mordor Mocor challenged us after we attempted to free the people trapped in a room.

1d 19h 32m We defeated Cipher Peon Rett and he just... disappeared into thin air... okay...?

1d 19h 31m A ninja dropped on our face and we're now battling him.

1d 19h 29m We bolt ahead, ready to save News Waifu from whatever horrible thing has happened at the news station!

1d 19h 27m We enter the ONBS building and trip over a body. Sorry!

1d 19h 23m We have successfully returned to Pyrite Town.

1d 19h 12m Currently trying very hard to snatch that waifu next room. Not working so far.

1d 19h 4m Mareep goes down and we blacked out!

1d 19h 3m RIDER DERT (BORT) wants to fight!

1d 19h 2m Mareep tried to evolve, with "tried" being the keyword in this update.

1d 19h 1m Seedot down! We're left with a badly hurt Mareep, who wins the battle for us and reaches lv.20!

1d 18h 57m Bells are chiming! Ding dong dongers!

1d 18h 55m Gulpin fainted!

1d 18h 52m Bonjour! We face Bodybuilder Doby, who greets us with a lovely French accent.

1d 18h 33m We go to Pyrite

1d 18h 27m We got the Mirror Radar

1d 18h 27m Sorry i needed to leave for something, we got rekt by that pedi with the afro but he left and we didnt white out

1d 18h 17m We send Seedot

1d 18h 12m Lombre drains Carvanha of its life

1d 18h 4m Baltoy faints more Mega Drains

1d 18h 3m We beat one of his Lombre

1d 18h 1m Lombre uses Water Gun to beat Glupin

1d 17h 59m Lombre uses another Mega Drain to KO Spheal

1d 17h 57m Spheal and Baltoy vs Lombre and Lombre, we switch out Baltoy for Gulpin

1d 17h 56m He tells us to join him, we keep saying yes and he says our heart isnt in it, until we say no, then he fights us

1d 17h 55m He's dancing and suggested to join him in his posse, eww

1d 17h 55m 1d 17h 55m We go to Rough Poke Spot and talk to Folly and Wow some guy with a red and white afro who calls himself Miror B appears

1d 17h 51m We go to Gatreon Port then back to Pyrite

1d 17h 49m We went to cipher lab and back to Pyrite

1d 17h 44m We move to Pyrite

1d 17h 43m We move the the rough spot and talk to Duking

1d 17h 39m We go to the secret base

1d 17h 31m We went to rough poke spot

1d 17h 23m We check our mons status

1d 17h 12m We nickname it 'AAAAAAAAAA'

We Purified Carvanha again!

[Info] Not sure if it was 30, but it seems from 4 hours to 30 minutes

1d 16h 58m We are at Agate and lost around 30 minutes of playtime

Stream is back up

1d 16h 56m Streamer is fixing the problem

[Snark] Kappa /)*

1d 16h 55m Sound is back but still frozen

[Fluff] Stream froze, rip

1d 16h 44m We go to Pyrite

1d 16h 37m We go to Cave Poke Spot then to Rouch Poke Spot

1d 16h 36m We got out the lab

1d 16h 32m Black out!

1d 16h 31m Spheal does little damage with its Body Slam. Spheal faints to Koffing's Smog.

1d 16h 31m It dodges another Smog.

1d 16h 31m Spheal at 2 HP. It takes out Chinchou with a Body Slam.

1d 16h 30m Spheal in the red after a Water Gun. It dodges another Smog.

1d 16h 29m Chinchou uses Water Gun. Spheal in the red Koffing uses Smog. The attack missed. Spheal drops Chinchou's attack with Charm.

1d 16h 29m Seedot down to a Smog.

1d 16h 29m Spheal takes little damage from Chinchou, and Seedot brings Chinchou to yellow.

1d 16h 29m Spheal in the yellow. So is Seedot.

1d 16h 28m Spheal takes little damage from Water Gun. Seedot recovers with Synthesis. Spheal drops Chinchou's attack with Charm. Seedot's HP is halved and it's poisoned by Koffing's Smog.

1d 16h 25m Spheal hits Seedot with a Water Gun.

1d 16h 25m Seedot takes little damage from Water Gun, but it does nothing with Refresh. Koffing misses its attack against Spheal.

1d 16h 25m Spheal in the yellow from a Smog.

1d 16h 24m Spheal is confused by Supersonic, but it hits Chinchou with a Water Gun.

1d 16h 24m Rixor sends in Koffing.

1d 16h 24m Rhyhorn brings Spheal down to half health but then faints to poison.

1d 16h 24m Chinchou takes little damage from Spheal's Water Gun.

1d 16h 24m Seedot recovers health with Synthesis.

1d 16h 23m Chinchou uses Water Gun. It doesn't do much to Spheal.

1d 16h 23m Seedot uses Synthesis. Fails. Is sent to half health by a Stomp.

1d 16h 23m We send in Spheal.

1d 16h 9m Mareep faints.

1d 16h 8m Mareep brought down to 6hp by Horn Attack. Rhyhorn also in the red due to poisoning.

1d 16h 8m Mareep is confused.

1d 16h 7m Mareep is paralyzed. It uses Heal Bell to avoid it.

1d 16h 6m Heal Bell solves that issue.

1d 16h 6m Seedot is paralyzed.

1d 16h 6m We switch out Spheal for Seedot.

1d 16h 4m Rhyhorn drops Mareep and Spheal's defenses with Tail Whip. Rhyhorn in yellow thanks to poison.

1d 16h 4m We send in Spheal.

1d 16h 4m Carvanha faints to a Water Gun.

1d 16h 3m Mareep healed with a Lemonade.

1d 16h 1m Current status. Carvanha in the red, Mareep in the yellow. Rixor's Chinchou is in the green, so is his Rhyhorn, albeit poisoned.

1d 16h 0m Carvanha at 5hp from a Horn Attack.

1d 16h 0m Mareep at yellow from a Water Gun. Carvanha tries to Refresh. Nothing happens. Mareep uses Heal Bell. Nothing happens.

1d 15h 58m Horn Attack takes Mareep down to 1/2 HP.

1d 15h 58m Mareep is paralyzed by Chinchou's Thunder Wave. Heal Bell promptly restores it.

1d 15h 58m Spheal is recalled for Carvanha.

1d 15h 57m We send in Mareep.

1d 15h 57m Gulpin faints to Horn Attack.

1d 15h 57m Chinchou tanks Spheal's Water Gun.

1d 15h 56m Sludge does little damage to Rhyhorn, but poisons it.

1d 15h 56m Gulpin at 4HP from a Water Gun from Chinchou.

1d 15h 56m Rhyhorn takes a large chunk out of Spheal's HP with Horn Attack.

1d 15h 56m Rixor sends in Chinchou.

1d 15h 56m Gulpin at low HP due to a Water Gun. But it takes out Qwilfish with Sludge.

1d 15h 55m Spheal's accuracy rises due to being called.

1d 15h 55m Gulpin does a tiny bit of damage to Qwilfish with Sludge. Gulpin in the yellow after a Horn Attack.

1d 15h 55m We send in Spheal after switching out Mareep. Gulpin tanks a Poison Sting.

1d 15h 54m Rhyhorn takes a third of Gulpin's HP out with Horn Attack.

1d 15h 54m Gulpin uses Encore on Rhyhorn. Mareep can't use Thundershock due to Lightningrod on Rhyhorn.

1d 15h 54m Poison Sting does little damage to Mareep.

1d 15h 53m We send in Mareep.

1d 15h 53m Baltoy faints to Horn Attack.

1d 15h 53m Qwilfish in red from Mud Slap. Accuracy drop.

1d 15h 53m It tanks a Water Gun from Qwilfish.

1d 15h 53m We switch Spheal for Gulpin.

1d 15h 53m Rhyhorn drops our defense with a Tail Whip.

1d 15h 53m Spheal body slams Qwilfish. Still yellow.

1d 15h 52m Qwilfish yellow due to Mud Slap. Accuracy drop.

1d 15h 52m Qwilfish's Poison Sting does little to Spheal.

1d 15h 52m Baltoy in yellow from Horn Attack.

1d 15h 52m Spheal dodges Qwilfish's attack. It's hit by a Mud Slap from Baltoy and loses accuracy. It then Body Slams Qwilfish.

1d 15h 51m Baltoy takes a large hit from Rhyhorn's Stomp.

1d 15h 51m Spheal does little damage to Qwilfish with a Body Slam.

1d 15h 51m Qwilfish hardens. Baltoy uses Mud Slap on Qwilfish, which does little damage but drops accuracy.

1d 15h 51m We send out Spheal and Baltoy out against his Rhyhorn and Qwilfish.

1d 15h 50m We meet Cipher Peon Rixor once again.

1d 15h 48m Went up the elevator.

1d 15h 46m Entered the ONBS building.

1d 15h 41m Made it to Pyrite again.

1d 15h 41m We're hanging around outside.

1d 15h 37m Black out! We wake up back at the HQ.

1d 15h 36m Mareep Body Slams Chinchou and paralyzes it. But is then taken out by a Stomp from Rhyhorn.

1d 15h 36m Chinchou confuses Mareep with Supersonic.

1d 15h 36m Chinchou is sent out. Seedot faints to a Horn Attack.

1d 15h 36m Mareep Level 21.

1d 15h 36m Seedot takes out Qwilfish with Bullet Seed.

1d 15h 35m Mareep in the yellow. It body slams Qwilfish to the red and is poisoned.

1d 15h 35m Mareep crits in a Body Slam on Qwilfish, bringing it to yellow. Seedot follows up with a weak Bullet Seed.

1d 15h 34m Seedot hangs onto 1HP from a Horn Attack from Rhyhorn.

1d 15h 34m Qwilfish Hardens. Mareep uses Thundershock and fails. Seedot uses Secret Power on Qwilfish, does little damage, and paralyzes it.

1d 15h 33m Qwilfish does decent damage with Water Gun to Mareep. Mareep can't respond as Thundershock is redirected to Rhyhorn by Lightningrod. Seedot refreshes and fails. Rhyhorn drops the defense of both Seedot and Mareep.

1d 15h 33m Cipher Peon Rixor sends out Rhyhorn and Qwilfish. We send out Seedot and Mareep.

1d 15h 33m A Cipher Peon is being sleazy and trying to get Ancha's autograph. So we start a battle.

1d 15h 32m We enter the newsroom.

1d 15h 30m We win against Mesin.

1d 15h 29m Mareep uses Thundershock again. Beautifly is defeated.

1d 15h 29m Mareep uses Thundershock and takes out 3/4 of Beautifly's HP. Seedot uses Synthesis to no avail.

1d 15h 29m It takes little damage from Beautifly's Gust.

1d 15h 29m We send out Mareep.

1d 15h 25m Carvanha faints to an Absorb.

1d 15h 25m Carvanha uses Water Pulse on Seedot. It's not very effective.

1d 15h 25m Carvanha's Refresh fails. It loses half its health to an Absorb from Beautifly. Seedot keeps trying to Synthesize.

1d 15h 25m Seedot uses Synthesis, but its HP is full.

1d 15h 24m We send in Carvanha.

1d 15h 24m Gulpin faints to a Gust.

1d 15h 24m Gulpin in the red from a Gust. Gulpin misses with Sing.

1d 15h 24m We recall Carvanha for Seedot.

1d 15h 23m Carvanha uses Water Pulse and takes 1/4 of Beautifly's HP out. Gulpin is still in the yellow. Its Sing misses.

[Info] Our Shadow Vulpix was Level 18.

1d 15h 22m We send in Carvanha.

1d 15h 19m Baltoy faints.

1d 15h 19m Shadow Vulpix is caught!

1d 15h 18m We throw a Poké Ball at Vulpix.

1d 15h 16m Mud Slap brings Vulpix into the yellow. Accuracy decreased.

1d 15h 16m Vulpix brings both Baltoy and Gulpin into the yellow with a Shadow Wave. Beautifly brings Gulpin into the red with Absorb. Vulpix falls asleep to a Sing.

1d 15h 16m Baltoy takes a decent chunk out of Vulpix with Mud Slap and drops its accuracy.

1d 15h 15m It misses on its Sing.

1d 15h 15m Gulpin loses a sixth of its HP to a Gust.

1d 15h 15m Shadow Vulpix uses Shadow Hold. Neither of our mons can escape.

1d 15h 13m Mesin sends out Shadow Vulpix!

1d 15h 13m It forgets Shock Wave for Encore!

1d 15h 13m Gulpin to Level 23.

1d 15h 13m Dustox goes down to a combined Shock Wave and Mud Slap.

1d 15h 12m Baltoy loses a small chunk of HP to a Gust. Gulpin loses a sixth of HP from Beautifly's attack.

1d 15h 12m Mud Slap doesn't affect Beautifly.

1d 15h 12m Out comes Gulpin.

1d 15h 12m Spheal faints to an Absorb from Beautifly.

1d 15h 12m Spheal to 2 HP from critical Gust.

1d 15h 11m Baltoy hits Dustox with Mud Slap. Does little damage. A Body Slam then brings it to red.

1d 15h 11m Dustox's Confusion does little to Baltoy. Spheal is hit with Absorb. On low yellow.

1d 15h 11m Baltoy's Mud Slap does little to Dustox. Spheal uses Body Slam. Dustox in the yellow.

1d 15h 10m Spheal gets hit by a Gust from Dustox. Then an Absorb from Beautifly. In the yellow.

1d 15h 10m Mesin sends out Dustox. Spheal body slams it.

1d 15h 10m Baltoy loses a fifth of its HP from an Absorb. It then takes out Spinarak. Spheal to Level 22.

1d 15h 9m Spheal loses a bit of health to Beautifly. Baltoy does little damage to Spinarak and drops its accuracy. Spheal Body Slams and Spinarak is in the red. A string shot then slows Spheal and Baltoy.

1d 15h 8m Beautifly uses Absorb but does little damage on Spheal. Baltoy does little damage on Spinarak with Mud Slap and reduces its accuracy. Spheal takes Spinarak to yellow and paralyzes it. Spinarak misses its attack on Spheal.

1d 15h 8m Spheal and Baltoy vs Spinarak and Beautifly.

1d 15h 8m Battling Cipher Peon Mesin.

1d 15h 7m Went up the elevator.

1d 15h 3m We re-enter the news building.

1d 14h 59m And we're back in Pyrite Town.

1d 14h 58m Now Mt. Battle.

1d 14h 58m We drive to the Rock Poké Spot.

1d 14h 55m We've travelled to Kaminko's House.

1d 14h 53m We exit out into the open air.

1d 14h 49m We uh, wake up back at the HQ.

1d 14h 49m It's our Gulpin vs his Doduo and Tentacool. Gulpin faints immediately.

1d 14h 48m We end up in a battle with Cipher Peon Elox.

1d 14h 48m We head down the elevator.

1d 14h 46m Cipher Torkin defeated!

1d 14h 46m Gulpin in the red. It then takes down Surskit with a Shock Wave.

1d 14h 46m Surskit is brought straight down to yellow by a Shock Wave.

1d 14h 45m Gulpin tanks another Quick Attack and KOs Makuhita with a Shock Wave.

1d 14h 45m Gulpin in the yellow.

1d 14h 45m Gulpin tanks another Quick Attack and brings Makuhita's HP down even further with Shock Wave.

1d 14h 43m Gulpin takes little damage from a Quick Attack. It then Shock Waves Makuhita into the yellow. Gulpin then takes 1/3 of its HP in damage from a Shadow Blitz.

1d 14h 43m Then Spheal gets taken out by Shadow Makuhita.

1d 14h 43m We finally send out Gulpin!

1d 14h 36m We're having difficulty sending out Gulpin.

1d 14h 30m Seedot and Spheal both take miniscule damage from Bubble. Spheal then takes out Seedot with Body Slam.

1d 14h 29m Makuhita's Shadow Blitz brings Seedot to yellow.

1d 14h 29m Spheal paralyzes Seedot with a Body Slam, taking a third of its health out.

1d 14h 29m Seedot takes minor damage from Bubble. Its speed drops. Spheal takes little damage as well.

1d 14h 28m Seedot is sent in.

1d 14h 28m Carvanha taken out in one hit from Shadow Makuhita.

1d 14h 27m Carvanha and Spheal take barely any damage from Bubble. Carvanha uses Water Pulse on Spheal and does little damage. Makuhita loses 1/5th of health from a Body Slam from Spheal.

1d 14h 27m Shadow Makuhita is paralyzed. We bring Spheal back out.

1d 14h 26m It takes little damage from a Bubble. Mareep brought to 4HP by the Bubble. Mareep faints to Shadow Makuhita.

1d 14h 26m Spheal is switched out for Carvanha.

1d 14h 25m It's a Shadow Pokémon!

1d 14h 25m Torkin sends out Makuhita.

1d 14h 25m Mareep downs Kecleon with Thundershock.

1d 14h 24m Spheal takes barely any damage from Bubble. Mareep hits yellow from a critical Bubble. Mareep brought to 9HP, into the red, from a Body Slam from Spheal.

1d 14h 24m Spheal in the yellow from a Quick Attack. Surskit's HP is lowered. Mareep does little damage to Kecleon with Thundershock. Spheal takes Bind damage.

1d 14h 23m Spheal got hit by Bind from Kecleon. It is currently binded.

1d 14h 23m Surskit uses Quick Attack and takes a decent chunk out of Mareep. Spheal lowers Kecleon's attack with Charm. Mareep takes Kecleon to red with Thundershock. It's an electric type.

1d 14h 21m Kecleon misses in its attack on Spheal.

1d 14h 21m Spheal body slams Mareep, takes out a fifth of its HP, and paralyzes it.

1d 14h 21m We send in Mareep.

1d 14h 19m Baltoy faints to Bubble.

1d 14h 18m Surskit bubbles again. Spheal takes minimal damage. Its speed falls.

1d 14h 18m Spheal body slams Kecleon into the yellow. It is now a normal type. Kecleon responds with Psybeam. Spheal at 2/3 HP.

1d 14h 18m Baltoy takes a slight bit out of Kecleon. Its accuracy decreases. It turns to a ground type.

1d 14h 17m Surskit uses Bubble. Spheal takes little damage. Baltoy brought down into the red.

1d 14h 17m Baltoy currently in the yellow thanks to previous battles.

1d 14h 16m Surskit uses Water Sport. Baltoy Mud Slaps Kecleon and reduces its accuracy. It changes type to Ground. It takes little damage. It uses Psybeam on Baltoy but does little damage. Spheal body slams Kecleon and paralyzes it. It is now Normal type.

1d 14h 16m Our Spheal and Baltoy vs Kecleon and Surskit.

1d 14h 16m Cipher Peon Torkin would like to battle!

1d 14h 15m Torkin was actually hiding in the elevator with us!

1d 14h 15m We head up the elevator.

1d 14h 13m There's a Cipher Peon hanging around in the room to the south of us.

[Fluff] The fact that the news lady's name is "Ancha" just hit me.

1d 14h 11m There's also a Shroomish sitting on the reception desk.

1d 14h 10m Oh no! The muscly receptionist guy has been knocked out!

1d 14h 10m Hanging outside the news building.

1d 14h 7m Natu down, Oddish must have gone down earlier and this Rider Dert has been defeated.

1d 14h 5m Oddish sent in.

1d 14h 5m Slugma down.

1d 14h 3m Versus Rider Dert, Slugma and Natu against Spheal and Baltoy.

1d 13h 59m At Pyrite Town.

1d 13h 57m Outside, driven to the Rock Poké Spot.

1d 13h 43m Seedot and Gulpin down, white out. We're in the Pokémon Lab.

1d 13h 38m Versus Cipher Peon Torkin, Kecleon and Surskit against Gulpin and Seedot.

1d 13h 36m Barboach down, Rett defeated. Seedot to lv.21, it forgets Giga Drain for Synthesis. Tries to evolve, it is cancelled.

1d 13h 35m Carvanha down.

1d 13h 34m Versus Cipher Peon Rett, Carvanha and Barboach against Gulpin and Seedot.

1d 13h 32m Walked into the ONBS building, someone's fallen over and lying down on the floor. He tells us that some people have taken the receptionist, Megg.

1d 13h 26m Back at Pyrite Town.

1d 13h 25m We got some kind of Radar thing. Folly has left us instructions.

1d 13h 24m Lombre down, Gulpin to lv.22. Wanderer Miror B defeated.

1d 13h 22m Threw a Poké Ball, Shadow Voltorb caught! Lv. 19+, genderless.

1d 13h 21m Seedot was sent out after Mareep went down. That and Gulpin are the last two we have left.

1d 13h 16m Mareep down.

1d 13h 15m Another Lombre down, Shadow Voltorb sent in. We throw Great Ball, it doesn't catch.

[Fluff] Sorry for messing up the bolding on the fight name earlier.

1d 13h 14m One Lombre down, another Lombre sent in. Mareep to lv.20

1d 13h 13m Mareep sent in.

1d 13h 12m Carvanha down

1d 13h 11m Carvanha is sent in.

1d 13h 11m Spheal down

1d 13h 9m Miror B appears, and does a lot of dancing and talking. **Versus Wanderer Miror B, 88 Lombre and Lombre against Spheal and Gulpin.

1d 13h 8m We drive to yet another Poké Spot, Folly and Trudly are here.

1d 13h 5m We're at another different Poké Spot, Duking approaches us and says something about rare Poké Spot Pokémon.

1d 12h 58m Rock Poké Spot.

1d 12h 56m Driven to the Cipher Lab.

1d 12h 54m Arrived at the Rock Poké Spot yet again.

1d 12h 53m Driven to the Pokémon Lab.

1d 12h 52m Driven to Kaminko's house.

1d 12h 50m At Gateon Port again.

1d 12h 47m Driven to the Cipher Lab.

1d 12h 41m At the Rock Poké Spot again.

1d 12h 40m Back at Pyrite Town.

1d 12h 39m At Gateon Port.

1d 12h 38m Currently outside the Cipher Lab.

1d 12h 36m At the Rock Poké Spot again.

1d 12h 25m In Pyrite Town.

1d 12h 24m Driven to the HQ Lab.

1d 12h 23m Driven to the Rock Poké Spot.

1d 12h 15m In the cave, then back in Agate Village.

1d 12h 12m Purified Carvanha. Regained Water Pulse, Refresh, and levelled up to 16. Nickname is CCF_BBBD.

1d 12h 11m Correction, we did catch a Shadow Carvanha earlier, seems like we're going to try and purify it now.

1d 12h 7m Yep, we're here. Doesn't seem like we need to purify anything right now, though.

1d 12h 7m In the cave that leads to the purification place.

1d 11h 59m Outside.

1d 11h 53m Teddiursa moved from the main box (where all the other 'mon are) to Box 7. Then we keep exiting and re-entering the PC system.

1d 11h 52m We're currently in the PC.

1d 11h 50m Jigglypuff KOed by Shadow Blitz. We've defeated Cooltrainer Cida.

1d 11h 50m Carvanha at 3/4 HP. Spheal at about 1/5HP. Jigglypuff nearly untouched.

1d 11h 49m Spheal brought down to yellow due to Shadow Blitz. Spheal responds with a Body Slam on Carvanha. Jigglypuff misses.

1d 11h 49m Spheal misses with its Body Slam. It takes a Charm but its attack can't get lower.

1d 11h 49m Carvanha takes out Togepi with Shadow Blitz.

1d 11h 48m We send out Carvanha. It gets hit with a critical Peck by Togepi, but it's still green. Togepi takes rough skin damage.

1d 11h 47m Spheal misses a Body Slam on Baltoy. Jigglypuff downs Baltoy with Pound.

1d 11h 46m Jigglypuff takes its first bit of damage for the battle with a Mud Slap. Spheal misses with Body Slam. Jigglypuff misses with Charm. Spheal takes another Peck.

1d 11h 45m Baltoy hits Spheal with another Mud Slap. Spheal gets hit by Charm from Jigglypuff. Spheal tanks a Peck from Togepi.

1d 11h 45m Baltoy hits Spheal with a weak Mud Slap, but its accuracy has been dropped. It misses a Charm. Jigglypuff tries to Charm Baltoy, but Baltoy's already too weak. Spheal tanks a Peck.

1d 11h 42m Spheal's currently in the green with reduced attack from all the Charms. Baltoy is at 1hp and reduced attack due to all the Charms. Togepi red and paralyzed with reduced accuracy. Jigglypuff still in the green.

1d 11h 41m Togepi's in the red thanks to a combined Body Slam and Mud Slap. Is paralyzed. Baltoy takes a Charm from Jigglypuff. It dodges a Peck from Togepi.

1d 11h 40m Marill taken out by a Mud Slap by Baltoy. Cida sends out Togepi. Spheal's Body Slam misses Togepi. Jigglypuff brings Baltoy to 1 HP.

1d 11h 37m Marill in the yellow from Baltoy. Into the red from Spheal's Body Slam. Marill drops Baltoy's attack with a Charm. Baltoy in the red from a Pound.

1d 11h 37m Baltoy now in the red. Marill has a third of its HP gone. Spheal and Jigglypuff basically untouched.

1d 11h 34m Baltoy yellow due to a Body Slam. Spheal's attack falls harshly to a Charm. Baltoy gets hit by Jigglypuff. Low yellow.

1d 11h 33m Spheal body slams Baltoy. Marill does one point of damage to Spheal with Bubble, and a little more to Baltoy. Jigglypuff does little damage to Spheal.

1d 11h 31m Spheal and Baltoy vs Marill and Jigglypuff.

1d 11h 31m We battle Cooltrainer Cida.

1d 11h 26m Back in the Poké Center.

1d 11h 25m Out and about.

1d 11h 24m We heal.

1d 11h 23m We enter the Agate Poké Center.

1d 11h 22m 170 Poké obtained.

1d 11h 21m Rider Hebon defeated.

1d 11h 21m Beautifly hits Gulpin with Gust. Gulpin at half HP. Mareep takes out Beautifly.

1d 11h 20m Beautifly does little damage to Mareep with a Gust. Mareep takes Beautifly to red with a Thundershock. Gulpin's Sing misses.

1d 11h 20m We send out Mareep.

1d 11h 16m Gulpin OHKOs Shadow Carvanha with a Shock Wave.

1d 11h 16m We send out Shadow Carvanha.

1d 11h 16m Seedot down to a Gust.

1d 11h 15m Seedot in the yellow after being Absorbed by Beautifly. Seedot hits Beautifly with Bullet Seed. Hits four times. Does little damage. Gulpin brings Seedot to red with a Shock Wave.

1d 11h 14m Seedot and Gulpin vs Beautifly.

1d 11h 13m There is no more PP for Giga Drain.

1d 11h 13m Seedot in the red from a Gust from Beautifly. Seedot drains a bit of health from Gulpin. Not very effective. Gulpin takes Dustox out with a critical Shock Wave. Gulpin to Level 21.

1d 11h 12m Beautifly takes a decent chunk out of Gulpin with Gust. Seedot is hit with a Poison Sting from Dustox. Awakens and drains a bit from Dustox. Gulpin puts Dustox to sleep.

1d 11h 9m Seedot is slowly drained by Beautifly. Little damage. Dustox awakens and hits Seedot with a Gust. Seedot drains a tiny bit of Beautifly's health. Gulpin puts Seedot to sleep.

1d 11h 9m Beautifly does little damage to Seedot with Absorb. Seedot hits Dustox with another weak Giga Drain. Gulpin fails to put Dustox to sleep again. Dustox is still asleep.

1d 11h 8m Beautifly hits Gulpin with a weak Poison Sting. Dustox is asleep. Seedot does little damage to Dustox with Poison Sting. Gulpin fails to put the sleeping Dustox back to sleep.

1d 11h 8m We send out Seedot.

1d 11h 7m Spheal faints to poison.

1d 11h 6m Dustox hits Gulpin with a Poison Sting. Not very effective. Beautifly absorbs health from Spheal. Gulpin puts Dustox to sleep with Sing. Spheal body slams Dustox into the yellow.

1d 11h 6m Spheal takes a decent chunk out of it with Body Slam. Spheal is in the yellow.

1d 11h 5m Hebon sends in another Dustox.

1d 11h 5m Gulpin takes out Dustox with a Sludge. Spheal levels up to 21.

1d 11h 5m Dustox slows both our mons with a String Shot.

1d 11h 5m Beautifly Absorbs some health from Spheal. Spheal's in the yellow.

1d 11h 4m Spheal body slams Dustox into the red. It's hurt by poison.

1d 11h 4m We send out Gulpin.

1d 11h 4m Baltoy faints to a Gust from Dustox.

1d 11h 3m Currently, Baltoy is on 1hp, Spheal is in the green, both are poisoned. Dustox is in the yellow. Beautifly in the green.

1d 11h 3m We call Baltoy. Its accuracy rises. Beautifly hits Baltoy with a Poison Sting and it's poisoned.

1d 11h 2m Baltoy's hit on Dustox however, does little. Dustox's Poison Sting does peanuts to Spheal. Spheal takes a decent chunk out of Beautifly.

1d 11h 2m Beautifly hits Baltoy with a Gust that does a decent chunk of damage.

1d 11h 1m Spheal and Baltoy have been sent out against his Dustox and Beautifly.

1d 11h 1m Battling Rider Hebon.

1d 11h 0m Agate Village.

1d 10h 53m Drove to Gateon Port.

1d 10h 51m Checking our PDA.

1d 10h 50m Cipher Lab now.

1d 10h 49m Pyrite Town again.

1d 10h 44m Rock Poké Spot.

1d 10h 39m Pyrite Town.

1d 10h 39m Rock Poké Spot.

1d 10h 38m Once more in Pyrite Town.

1d 10h 37m We ended up at HQ Lab. Drove straight across the country.

1d 10h 36m Back to Pyrite Town.

1d 10h 36m Back at the Cipher Lab.

1d 10h 34m Returned to the Rock Poké Spot.

1d 10h 33m Pyrite Town again.

1d 10h 33m Well, Lab. The Rangers noticed us, but we decided to leave.

1d 10h 32m We return to the Cipher Base.

1d 10h 31m We return to the Poké Spot. A snack is on the plate. Duking and the reporters are gone.

1d 10h 30m We also are alerted to the presence of another Poké Spot to the west.

1d 10h 29m When a wild Pokémon responds to our snacks, we'll be alerted.

1d 10h 29m We lay down a snack, and Duking installs a Spot Monitor on our PDA.

1d 10h 27m We have ten snacks.

1d 10h 27m Our job is to lay those snacks out on that plate.

1d 10h 26m Duking gives us some Poké Snacks.

1d 10h 26m We save the game.

1d 10h 25m We're also on live TV.

1d 10h 25m Duking wants us to help out. We've decided to check out a cliff face instead.

1d 10h 24m Reporter Pofty is talking to a guy named Duking about wild Pokémon.

1d 10h 24m And it's time for us to bike to the Rock Poké Spot.

1d 10h 24m We attempt to leave Pyrite.

1d 10h 22m They leave to avoid getting their dinner docked.

1d 10h 22m They made a radar for tracking their boss, but alas, it's unnecessary when emails exist. Such is the march of technology.

1d 10h 21m We see Folly and Trudly talking about their boss.

1d 10h 21m We finally leave the news building.

1d 10h 18m Just hanging in what appears to be a locker room.

1d 10h 14m And we head down another elevator.

1d 10h 13m Down the elevator.

1d 10h 11m Back up the elevator.

1d 10h 10m And down the elevator. Slowly making our way out of the building.

1d 10h 10m Down the stairs.

1d 10h 8m We leave.

1d 10h 8m We re-enter.

1d 10h 8m We leave Nett's office.

1d 10h 7m We really love watching the news.

1d 9h 56m We watch the news again.

1d 9h 55m Bitt suggests we go to the Rock Poké Spot. Nett also gives us his number.

1d 9h 54m We hand the DATA ROM over to Nett.

1d 9h 54m We start talking to Nett and Bitt.

1d 9h 52m We're watching the news on our exploits in saving Krane.

1d 9h 51m Into the office we go.

1d 9h 49m We're allowed access into the rooftop thingamabob by Detro on Nett's request.

1d 9h 48m Back on the roof.

1d 9h 45m Headed back downstairs.

1d 9h 45m Headed up onto the rooftop.

1d 9h 44m Healed our 'mons at the machine.

1d 9h 43m The mother gives us a Soothe Bell.

1d 9h 42m Hanging around in their room.

1d 9h 36m Little girl Kandee successfully delivered to her mum. Little girl has left the party.

1d 9h 36m We found the kid's mother.

1d 9h 36m And we went up the elevator again!

1d 9h 36m And down the elevator back to the floor we started on.

1d 9h 35m Up the elevator.

1d 9h 34m Back in the hallway, searching for this kid's mother.

1d 9h 29m Sitting around in Muscle Lady's room.

1d 9h 27m We're gonna help her look for her mother.

1d 9h 27m The little girl has joined our party.

1d 9h 26m Now in a little girl's room.

1d 9h 25m Entered a muscly woman's room. She's watching us stand in the corner.

1d 9h 24m Left the newsroom. No longer on live TV.

[Snark] Really surprised nobody's reported us yet.

1d 9h 21m Talking to the newsreader, hanging around the news desk on live TV. You know, the usual teenage stuff.

[Chat] TriHard 170

1d 9h 13m We're watching the news being recorded live on set!

[Fluff] Instead of snapping, we have clapping!...

1d 8h 50m Walked into the ONBS building. This music is certainly different.

1d 8h 45m Bought another twelve Fresh Waters and two Lemonades, we now have 51 Pokédollars and cannot buy anything from the vending machine.

1d 8h 44m Bought yet another three Fresh Waters and a Soda Pop.

1d 8h 43m Bought another nine Fresh Waters.

1d 8h 42m We bought three Lemonades, a Soda Pop, and five Fresh Waters. Might have been some other stuff I didn't see, too.

1d 8h 23m Currently inside some building. Not sure exactly what it is though.

1d 8h 17m Outside.

1d 7h 53m Aaaand we're back to watching the news.

1d 7h 52m We're pacing around this strange circular room, taking a much-needed break from the TV.

1d 7h 45m We're at 102

1d 7h 36m Never mind we're at 70!

[Chat] stopped at 69


1d 7h 31m We head inside a man's house, where he tells us about how Duking is the leader of this town.

1d 7h 29m *snaps*


1d 7h 27m And we reset ourselves back at the HQ.

1d 7h 26m Datan gave us the Data ROM! We were talking to some scientists about nothing important before we stumbled upon him.

1d 7h 21m We're outside, I guess ditching the idea of purifying our fish.

1d 7h 17m After more naming shenanigans, we exit and heal!

1d 7h 15m Now it's named 1KKKKKaa.

1d 7h 15m Now it's the number game.

1d 7h 14m We are rapidly denaming and renaming the box. We named it bbl. Be back later.

1d 7h 13m We renamed the box to dDeeeOee

1d 7h 12m PC TIME!

1d 7h 11m We're in the chamber, and we try to rename Box 8. And then we head out. And back in.

1d 7h 9m We talk to another guy about the chamber but don't use it.

1d 7h 8m We heal our mon at least.

1d 7h 4m We entered it and did jack shit. Twice.

1d 7h 3m We meet up with Krane and he talks about how he worked with our father for five years and stuff. Now we learn about the Purify Chamber.

1d 6h 59m Looks like we're in the lab again.

1d 6h 57m And then everyone left while I was making a Donald Trump joke. Dangit.

1d 6h 56m He tells us about how Shadow Pokémon are ruining this world and we should build a wall between us... wait wrong old person

1d 6h 56m We head outside and Krane thanks us.

1d 6h 55m We picked it up and it was a Data Rom!

1d 6h 51m They dropped something, what could it be!

1d 6h 50m Beautifly used Sing, criting and KOing Mareep! WE KO THE BUTTERFLY WITH SLUDGE! GULPIN LEVELED UP TO 20! DEFEATED THE ADMIN LOVRINA!

1d 6h 50m Beautifly used Gust on Gulpin. Mareep used Thundershock. It's Super Effective. We missed Sing.

1d 6h 49m These are the fastest menus I have seen in a while holy geez!

1d 6h 46m And Carvanha faints! Only Mareep and Gulpin are left standing!

1d 6h 46m We threw a Poké Ball! Caught the Level 18+ Female Delcatty first try!

1d 6h 45m We use Shadow Blitz on it, which isn't very effective. Also Heal Bell does nothing on us but has a long ass animation!

1d 6h 44m Out comes a Delcatty! Our Spidey-sense is tingling!

1d 6h 44m Also we swapped Seedot for Carvanha, and our Thundershock paralyzes Roselia. We KO it with another one.

1d 6h 43m We send out Mareep! We spit out some seeds at the butterfly as fast as bullets! And then Roselia uses Pin Missle on us.

1d 6h 42m Roselia's Giga Drain KOs Spheal!

1d 6h 41m We used Giga Drain on the grass mon. TriHard. But hey, it's better than freaking Refresh.

1d 6h 41m Seedot is now level 20! Against Roselia! A Body Slam from Spheal paralyzes it!

1d 6h 40m We managed to paralyze Luvdisc! Also Seedot is out now for the place of Baltoy. It KOs Luvdisc!

1d 6h 39m Baltoy gets knicked with Water Gun as does Spheal with Absorb. We use Psybeam (attacking moves yay!) and Body Slam.

1d 6h 38m Oh god that animation. We send out Spheal and Baltoy against Luvdisc and Beautifly!

1d 6h 38m Hi Lovrina! Long time no see! Let's duel!

[Fluff] Also last time I heard the ding and I looked up and thought we had gotten a new Krane's log or something, but ya. I don't know whether the first time round we did. Oh well.

1d 6h 33m We're still wandering around at the speed of sound. We're back to Krane. He joined our party.


[Info] 3 Attempts so far...

1d 6h 15m Roselia uses Giga Drain and KOs Carvanha! White out!

1d 6h 14m Roselia uses Giga Drain and KOs Mareep! We use Shadow Blitz and enter Reverse Mode!

1d 6h 13m Against Roselia now!

1d 6h 12m We send out Carvanha! It Shadow Rushes Luvdisc to death! Mareep levels to 19!

1d 6h 11m Oh god Spheal fainted while an ad for Xbox One played. I'd argue that the latter was worse but oh well.

1d 6h 11m **Battling Admin Lovrina! We send out Mareep and Spheal against Beautifly and Chinchou!

1d 6h 10m The scientist chased us all the way to Lovrina. Let's battle!

1d 6h 9m Oh god the scientist is following us now! Run away!!!!!!!!!!

1d 6h 0m Finally progress!

1d 6h 0m We got Krane Memo 6!

[Info] We still haven't healed yet.

1d 5h 46m And we're just faffing with the elevator some more.

1d 5h 41m We're downstairs now, approaching you know who.

1d 5h 38m Oh, I think chat wants PC Time. BORT

1d 5h 36m We're just messing around with our menus like it was no thing.

1d 5h 36m Back inside.

1d 5h 29m Mareep uses Thundershock on Grimer and KOs it! Defeated the grape!

1d 5h 28m Mareep decimates Zubat in one hit, and Spheal... body slams Mareep.

1d 5h 27m Mareep uses Thunder Shock, Spheal uses Body Slam, and Tentacool is down! Against Zubat!

1d 5h 26m We double team (not the move) Koffing and take it down! Grimer misses Poison Gas. We're against Tentacool now.

1d 5h 26m We're wearing Blue and Yellow so we send out Yellow Mareep and Blue Spheal.

1d 5h 26m We're facing Purpsix, the Purple Power Ranger. It sends out Purple Grimer and Purple Koffing.

1d 5h 23m Back outside

1d 5h 19m Still on the top level. I think we want to heal.

1d 5h 0m We're just playing around with the elevator right now.

1d 4h 54m Back inside.

[Info] We lost half of our team to this guy.

1d 4h 50m And Carvanha uses Shadow Rush twice to take out Chinchou! Defeated Yellosix.

1d 4h 49m We sent out Carvanha, and Gulpin with the clutch! It manages to take out Magnemite!

1d 4h 48m Baltoy became confused! Also Spheal is getting rekt by Magnemite's Thundershock. And Baltoy killed itself!

1d 4h 47m We have been using Rock Tomb on Magnemite for the past bit, which is not very effective. The Chinchou has brought Baltoy down to critical health with Water Guns.

[Chat] ChocoTaco47: @Marvelfan42 THEN WHO IS THE MOTHER?!?!? WutFace

[Chat] MarvelFan42: not trying to force lore, just a thought... can mirror b be our dad? Maybe we're named after his favorite song by MJ.

1d 4h 45m Go Spheal! Try to Charm that Magnemite! It'll reject you no matter what but at least you lowered its defense.

1d 4h 44m We put Chinchou to sleep before Thundershock KOs Gulpin! 4 mons remaining and we've barely made a dent in the Power Ranger's team.

1d 4h 43m Baltoy uses Rock Tomb, so yay, but Magnemite's Thundershock KOs Seedot! We send out Gulpin.

1d 4h 42m I also got to love how every time Seedot gets hit it does a few spins when going like a foot in front of it.

1d 4h 42m Apparently Baltoy wasn't KOed, but now we have two Refresh spammers so great

1d 4h 41m Bye Gulpin! Hello Baltoy!

1d 4h 40m Magnemite, trying to use Electric attacks for a change! It crits on Gulpin and brings it down to 10 HP. We sing and make Chinchou fall asleep.

[Chat] People are complaining about mods and asking to be them.

1d 4h 37m We did nothing this turn. Chinchou keeps using Water Gun on Gulpin, and Magnemite Tackle on Seedot. Rinse and repeat.

[Fluff] Stop trying to be Baltoy you're not as cool as him pls

1d 4h 35m Magnemite is out on the opponent's team, and it tackles Seedot. Seedot, STOP USING REFRESH DAMMIT!

1d 4h 34m Baltoy leveled up to 19! It didn't learn Self-Destruct.

1d 4h 34m We keep Sludging Electrike until he dies of poison. Chinchou continues to be worthless.

1d 4h 33m Ya, Baltoy fainted so we sent out Seedot to fite. He's doing better already.

1d 4h 33m We poisoned the dog! \o/

1d 4h 32m Electrike wakes up and tactfully uses Leer. We even more tactfully keep using Refresh on Baltoy even when it does nothing.

1d 4h 31m We start off with Sing, and we were so bad that Electrike fell asleep. Chinchou throws water in our face.

1d 4h 31m We're playing with the Yellow Power Ranger! He sends out Electrike and Chinchou against Gulpin and Baltoy.

1d 4h 27m We're outside. We're beside the power rangers right now.

1d 4h 22m Back in the room with the healing machine once again.

1d 4h 20m Carvanha faints in the next turn! Black Out!

1d 4h 20m Roselia used Giga Drain on Spheal, and Carvanha finishes them off with Shadow Rush!

1d 4h 20m Meanwhile our Spheal seems to be attacking the enemy Roselia now, which is always a good start. Go Carvanha!

1d 4h 19m Our Seedot was at 3 HP, so it used Giga Drain on Spheal to heal. And for Revenge. And then Beautifly KOs it anyways!

1d 4h 18m Our Seedot takes a lot of heavy fire with Pin Missle, and from Spheal's Water Gun. It's barely holding on.

1d 4h 18m Beautifly uses Thief on the Sheep and KOs Mareep! Go Spheal!

1d 4h 17m Go Seedot! And our Thundershock crits on Roselia, even if it isn't very effective OpieOP.

1d 4h 17m Roselia uses Mega Drain and KOs Baltoy!

1d 4h 16m We finally KO the Luvdisc, and in its place the Admin sends out Roselia!

1d 4h 16m Our Thundershock on Luvdisc was BAAAATIFUL.

1d 4h 15m We sent out the Sheep, who takes some Water Guns to the face.

1d 4h 14m Our accuracy was raised on Gulpin! Baltoy didn't like the attention it was getting, so it/we/the voices KOed Gulpin with Mud Slap!

1d 4h 13m Our Refresh and Mudslap from Baltoy are mediocre at best.

1d 4h 12m They use Water Gun and Thief, which are fairly effective. Same with our Shock Wave on Luvdisc!

1d 4h 12m We send out our Baltoy and Gulpin against Luvdisc and Beautifly!

[Chat] She's getting about the reaction you'd expect from the TPP chat.

1d 4h 12m Cipher Admin Lovrina wants to battle!

1d 4h 10m We went back up the stairs

1d 4h 8m Krane joined us again!

1d 4h 5m We go down again, near the room where naps and Krane where

1d 4h 1m We go back downstairs.

1d 3h 55m Back in the room with the healing machine, Krane was taken away to his room

1d 3h 54m Seedot down! WHITE OUT!

1d 3h 54m Roselia out!

1d 3h 54m Mega drain again! Lovdisc faints!

1d 3h 53m Carvanha out! Mega drain from seedot!Water gun on seedot! Gust and Carvanha goes down!

1d 3h 52m Only Carvanha and seedot left, seedot with full health and carvanha with 9 HPs

1d 3h 52m Water gun, and absorb. spheal down!

1d 3h 52m Lovdisc and Beautifly in! vs spheal and seedot!

1d 3h 51m Vs Lovrina!

1d 3h 51m Cutscene with Lovrina!

[Info] Half our party is KO, the rest is in bad shape.

1d 3h 48m Went back up for good this time.

1d 3h 47m We went back up thanks to the elevator. But couldn't resist going down again.

1d 3h 46m We went down the stairs again

1d 3h 45m Found 1 leaf stone in a chest

1d 3h 45m Tossed our Full Heal.

1d 3h 45m Gave a Poké Ball to Carvanha!

1d 3h 44m Krane joined us!

1d 3h 44m Naps defeated!

1d 3h 44m Rhyhorn fainted! Spheal to lv 20!

1d 3h 43m Beldum in the red! Take down and Carvanha is in the red while beldum faints from recoil!

1d 3h 43m Carvanha sent out!

1d 3h 42m another take down!Mareep faints!

1d 3h 41m Beldum paralyzed, mareep in the yellow from take down, spheal now in the red!

1d 3h 41m Beldum sent in!

1d 3h 40m Spheal in the yellow too, one more body slam and slaktoh goes down! Mareep to lv 18!

1d 3h 40m Body slam bring slakoth to the yellow while thundershock remains useless!

1d 3h 40m Mareep in!

1d 3h 39m Faint attack from slaktoh and Baltoy faints!

1d 3h 38m Slakoth sent out by Naps!

1d 3h 38m Body slap and Murkrow goes down!

1d 3h 38m Spheal in!

1d 3h 37m Gulpin faints from mud shot!

1d 3h 37m Moved rock tomb to the second slot, used it and murkrow is in th eyellow! Baltoy in the red from pursuit!

1d 3h 36m Gulpin in the Yellow

1d 3h 36m Gulpin used shockwave in rhyhorn! And it's obviously useless.

1d 3h 35m Murkrow and Rhyhorn! Gupin and baltoy in!

1d 3h 35m Battle with Naps!

1d 3h 34m We go up so stairs and meet with Krane and Naps

1d 3h 33m Just roaming around the lab, checking the menu and such

1d 3h 27m Used the id card to go down with another elevator

1d 3h 23m We go back down again.

1d 3h 22m Healed our team!

1d 3h 20m We save a few times

1d 3h 20m There's PC and a Pokémon healing machine

1d 3h 19m We go up with the elevator

1d 3h 18m We advance to the next room

1d 3h 17m Obtained the ID card!

[Info] Only Carvanha is left standing in our team, the rest is KO

1d 3h 12m 1 Great Ball found in the chest!

1d 3h 11m We check our mails, but no new one seems to be there.

1d 3h 10m There's sparkle on the table, and a chest in the room.

1d 3h 9m He warns us about the terrifying Lovrina

1d 3h 9m We defeat the peon.

1d 3h 9m Keckleon is paralyzed and in the red, it faints!

1d 3h 8m Carvanha brings our seedot to the red, and it's down

1d 3h 7m Threw a ball at shroomish! We caught it! it's level 15+ and female!

1d 3h 7m Carvanha used shadow blitz! on seedot....

1d 3h 6m Carvanha was finally sent out!

1d 3h 6m Currently navigating inside our menu

1d 3h 5m Our only remaining mons are seedot and carvanha!

1d 3h 4m Mareep is down!

1d 3h 0m Snubbull down, Shadow Shroomish sent in.

1d 2h 58m Versus Cipher R&D Klots, Snubbull and Kecleon sent out against Spheal and Seedot.

1d 2h 56m Magnemite down, Cipher Peon Cabol defeated.

1d 2h 55m Baltoy down, Mareep sent in.

1d 2h 53m Gulpin down, Spheal sent in.

1d 2h 52m Remoraid down.

1d 2h 51m Psyduck down, Remoraid sent in.

1d 2h 49m Threw a Poké Ball at Carvanha, it catches! Male and Lv.15+. Psyduck sent out.

1d 2h 48m Versus Cipher Peon Cabol, Shadow Carvanha and Magnemite against Gulpin and Baltoy.

1d 2h 21m Back into the building.

1d 2h 20m Driven to the Cipher Lab.

1d 2h 5m In Agate Village.

1d 2h 3m Inputs are back, everything seems to be working again. We have no Shadow Pokémon in our party, they were all purified before we last saved.

1d 2h 1m Another loss. Inputs have frozen, looks like the game is being manually controlled. Back at the title screen, the game is resumed, inputs are still frozen. We're currently at that purification place we were at earlier.

1d 1h 59m Given in and re-challenged again. We're in the Cave Arena now, no other changes.

1d 1h 58m We give in to the battle, and earn ourselves a loss. Then we immediately challenge again, this time in the Pyrite Colosseum. Same person, same 'mons, same music.

1d 1h 55m Doing Mt. Battle Colosseum battles. Versus Worker Kaster, Sceptile and Moltres are sent out against our Mew and Raikou. Some battle music from the Hoenn games is currently playing.

1d 1h 55m Trying to resume game from our previous save. We're currently in Versus Mode.

1d 1h 53m The black box shows up again, then the game restarts. We're at the title screen once again, messing around with the sound options.

1d 1h 52m Doesn't look like inputs are doing anything. The short repeating music loop can be heard again.

1d 1h 50m We can see some kind of program on top of the black box. The normal game startup/demo/title screen sounds are heard. A few moments later, the XD title screen can be seen.

1d 1h 49m Sound can be heard from the game again! However it seems to be a short repeating loop. Then a black box appears, covering almost all of the game screen.

1d 1h 34m Nothing's changed yet. Still frozen and mute, inputs are at a crawl.

1d 0h 48m There seems to be no noise coming from the game. Inputs aren't doing anything either.

1d 0h 47m Baltoy Selfdestructs, takes out itself, Spheal, Dustox, and Pineco. KAPOW

1d 0h 46m Wingull down, Baltoy to Lv.19, Rock Tomb is forgotten for Selfdestruct. Pineco sent in.

1d 0h 45m Wynaut down, Cipher R&D Elrok defeated. The other scientist decides to battle us. Versus Cipher R&D Coffy, he sends out Dustox and Wingull against Gulpin and Baltoy.

1d 0h 43m Corsola down.

1d 0h 40m Swablu down, Corsola in.

1d 0h 39m We eavesdrop on some scientists talking about XD001, one of them notices and battles us. Versus Cipher R&D Elrok, Swablu and Wynaut against Gulpin and Baltoy.

1d 0h 29m We heal our 'mons with the Healing Machine! Everyone's back to full health.

1d 0h 29m Entered the Lab.

1d 0h 25m Gulpin to Lv.20. Cacnea's the only one left on the opponent's side of the battlefield. It goes down to Gulpin's attack, Greesix defeated.

1d 0h 24m Mareep down, Spheal sent in.

1d 0h 23m Shroomish down, Lotad is sent in. It goes down to a crit Thundershock from Mareep. Pineco sent in.

1d 0h 20m Oddish down, Shroomish sent in.

1d 0h 19m Baltoy switched out for Mareep. Gulpin uses Sing, Cacnea is asleep.

1d 0h 18m Fighting Cipher Peon Greesix, Oddish and Cacnea against Gulpin and Baltoy.

1d 0h 17m Numel down, defeated Resix.

1d 0h 16m Baltoy is switched out for Mareep.

[Fluff] I'm pretty sure we've fought him before, right? Apologies if that's not the case and this is a new fight.

1d 0h 15m Slugma down.

1d 0h 15m Re-fighting Cipher Peon Resix. Slugma and Numel are sent out against Gulpin and Baltoy.

1d 0h 14m Driven to the Cipher Lab.

1d 0h 11m With our newly-purified 'mons, seems like we're ready to head to a new area.

0d 23h 57m We're in that cave that leads to Agate Village.

0d 23h 56m Purified Mareep, it regained Heal Bell and another move I didn't quite see. Its name is AAAAAAAAAA

[Info] Doublechecked, Gulpin is lv.19, thought I got that wrong

0d 23h 54m Purified Seedot! Regained Giga Drain, Refresh, and levels up to 19. Tried to evolve into Nuzleaf, cancelled.

0d 23h 52m Baltoy has been purified! Regained Rock Tomb, Refresh, and leveled up to 18. Its nickname is cDddDDDDDD

0d 23h 49m Purified Gulpin! Regained Shock Wave, Sing, and leveled up to 19. I'll double-check that when possible.

0d 23h 47m Spheal has been Purified! Regained Aurora Beam, Charm, and leveled up to 19! Forgot Aurora Beam for Body Slam! Its nickname is //z__ppp

0d 23h 36m Now in Agate Village.

0d 23h 26m Driven to Kaminko's house.

0d 23h 15m Earlier, Gulpin went down. Spheal and Mareep are also down now, we white out and are back at the lab.

0d 23h 15m Feebas down, Makuhita in.

0d 23h 14m Abra down, Feebas in.

0d 23h 11m Versus Cipher Peon Digor, Abra and Machop are sent out against Gulpin and Spheal.

0d 23h 1m Staryu down, Cipher R&D Morbit defeated.

0d 23h 0m Lotad goes down to Spheal's Shadow Wave.

0d 23h 0m Spoink down, Staryu sent in.

0d 22h 58m Versus Cipher R&D Morbit, Spoink and Lotad are sent out against Gulpin and Spheal.

0d 22h 52m Barboach down to Shadow Wave, Cipher Peon Crink defeated.

0d 22h 51m Spheal is sent in.

0d 22h 50m Baltoy goes down to Reverse Mode. Now choosing what to send in next.

0d 22h 49m Snorunt down.

0d 22h 47m Seedot down, Gulpin is sent back in.

0d 22h 45m Gulpin is switched out for Seedot.

0d 22h 43m Versus Cipher Peon Crink, Snorunt and Barboach are sent out against Gulpin and Baltoy.

0d 22h 27m Tekot defeated!

0d 22h 23m Vs Cipher R&D Tekot! Gulpin and Baltoy vs Clamperl & Corphish.

0d 22h 14m We entered the building.

0d 22h 8m We arrive at the Cipher Lab.

0d 22h 0m We leave Agate and go to Mt. Battle.

0d 21h 52m We're outside the Pokémon Center usually just hanging around, sometimes entering.

[Info] We have 32 Poké Balls remaining.

0d 21h 48m We enter and leave a few times.

0d 21h 46m Entered the Pokémon Center.

0d 21h 36m We go to Agate Village.

0d 21h 34m We go to Kaminko's House.

0d 21h 29m We left the house.

0d 21h 23m Makuhita is sent out. Seedot faints to reverse mode. We black out! Spheal can now be purified!

0d 21h 22m Seedot takes down Feebas and Machop with 2 HP left.

0d 21h 22m Mareep fainted!

0d 21h 20m Foe Abra fainted! Feebas is sent out next.

0d 21h 18m Spheal fainted! Only Seedot and Mareep remain.

0d 21h 18m Vs Cipher Peon Digor! Spheal and Seedot vs Abra and Machop.

0d 21h 5m Shadow foe Numel fainted! Cipher Peon Solox was defeated.

0d 21h 2m Foe Bagon fainted. Only Numel remains.

0d 21h 2m Foe Voltorb fainted! Numel is sent out next. It is a shadow Pokémon!

0d 21h 0m Foe Ralts fainted! Bagon is sent out next.

0d 20h 59m Vs Cipher Peon Solox! Spheal and Seedot vs Ralts and Voltorb!

0d 20h 59m We overhear a conversation. It is rather uneventful. We can move again.

0d 20h 56m We head up the stairs.

0d 20h 50m Foe Spinarak (shadow) fainted! Cipher Peon Nexir was defeated!

0d 20h 49m Poké Ball tossed! It broke free!

0d 20h 48m Foe Shuppet fainted! Only Spinarak remains.

0d 20h 47m Foe Swinub fainted! Shadow Spinarak is sent out.

0d 20h 46m Baltoy fainted! Only Spheal, Seedot, and Mareep remain. Seedot is sent out.

0d 20h 44m Vs Cipher Peon Nexir (again). Baltoy + Spheal vs Swinub and Shuppet!

0d 20h 38m We descend using the elevator.

0d 20h 36m We enter the building.

0d 20h 31m Foe Chinchou goes down. Cipher Peon Yellosix was defeated!

0d 20h 30m We recall Baltoy for Seedot. Gulpin fainted from confusion! Baltoy out again.

0d 20h 28m Tossed a Poké Ball! Captured Mareep! Level 17 and Female!

0d 20h 25m Electrike goes down! Mareep comes out! Its a shadow Pokémon!

0d 20h 24m Vs Cipher Peon Yellosix! Gulpin and Baltoy vs Electrike and Chinchou.

0d 20h 18m Tossed a Poké Ball at Seedot! Captured Seedot! Level 17 and Male! We defeated Greesix!

0d 20h 17m Premier ball tossed! Failed to capture Seedot.

0d 20h 15m Foe Cacnea goes down to poison! Only shadow Seedot remains.

0d 20h 12m We also seem to have a Premier Ball! We must have obtained it during our mass purchase spree earlier.

0d 20h 10m We take down the enemy Lotad. Pineco is sent out next. It quickly drops to a sludge as well. Seedot is the last Pokémon out. A shadow Pokémon!

0d 20h 9m Foe Shroomish goes down. Lotad sent in its place.

0d 20h 7m Foe Oddish fainted. Shroomish sent out in its place.

0d 20h 6m Vs Cipher Peon Greesix! We send out Gulpin and Baltoy vs Oddish and Cacnea.

0d 20h 5m We go to Cipher Lab!

0d 19h 57m Baltoy can be purified!

0d 19h 56m We left the Poke Mart.

0d 19h 55m Purchased 2 Burn Heal, 3 Super Potions, and a lot of Poké Balls. We have 35 Poké Balls now. We are mostly out of money - 195 Pokédollar remain.

0d 19h 52m We return to the PokeMart.

0d 19h 47m Purchased a fourth Poké Ball then ran out of the Pokemart.

0d 19h 47m Purchased 3 Poké Balls!

0d 19h 43m Gave Spheal a Poké Ball to hold too. Down to 3 Poké Balls.

0d 19h 42m We examine our inventory. We give a Poké Ball to Gulpin to hold. 4 Poké Balls remaining.

0d 19h 39m We enter the Pokemart.

0d 19h 33m We travel to Kaminko's House. Then Agate Village.

0d 19h 31m We double check our Pokémon. No Spinarak

0d 19h 29m We left the house.

[Info] 0d 19h 24m It looks like we don't keep Spinarak since we lost the fight.

0d 19h 23m Spheal fainted! We whited out!

0d 19h 22m We Toxic Shuppet. Gulpin fainted! Only Spheal remains.

0d 19h 22m Tossed another Snag Ball! Captured Spinarak! Male and level 14!

0d 19h 19m We send out Spheal and toss another Snag Ball. Almost caught it!

0d 19h 19m Baltoy fainted!

0d 19h 18m Tossed a Snag Ball! Failed to capture Spinarak!

0d 19h 14m Baltoy takes down foe Swinub. Nexir sends out Spinarak next. It's a shadow Pokémon.

0d 19h 13m Cipher Peon Nexir challenges us! Up against Swinub and Shuppet.

0d 19h 11m Foe Lileep fainted. Mesak defeated.

[Info] We have 8 Poké Balls left

0d 19h 7m Anorith is down to a Shadow Blitz

0d 19h 5m Shadow Baltoy is in Reverse Mode while Shadow Gulpin uses Shadow Hold

0d 19h 2m Battling Cipher R&D Mesak who sends out Lileep and Anorith

0d 18h 58m Doduo goes down defeated Cipher Peon Javion

0d 18h 55m Shadow Gulpin OHKOs taillow with a critical shadow blitz

[Info] Our party contains Lv 17 Shadow Gulpin, Lv 17 Shadow Baltoy and Lv 17 Shadow Spheal.

0d 18h 53m Gulpin and Baltoy Vs Doduo and Taillow

0d 18h 52m Battling Cipher Peon Javion who sends out Doduo and Taillow

0d 18h 50m Eevee and Teddiursa is deposited in Box 8

0d 18h 48m Ledyba is deposited in Box 1

0d 18h 47m Eevee is deposited in Box 1

0d 18h 45m The PC wars begins !!!

[Info] Yellosix is the only Hexagon Brothers left

0d 18h 37m Slugma faints to psybeam we defeated Cipher Peon Resix.

0d 18h 35m Caught a Lv 17+ Male Shadow Houndour and it was send to the PC, PC wars hype

0d 18h 33m Teddiursa and Ledyba Vs Slugma and Shadow Houndour

0d 18h 33m Battling Cipher Peon Resix , spotted a Lv 17+ Shadow Houndour

[Info] Shadow Gulpin's gender is Female

0d 18h 32m We caught a Lv 17+ Male Spheal and defeated Cipher Peon Blusix

0d 18h 27m Teddiursa finishes off Horsea with Metal Claw

0d 18h 25m Eevee faints to Shadow Wave from Spheal

[Snark] Will we snag the spheal or will we kill it? Find out now on TPP XD: Gale of Darkness

0d 18h 23m Goldeen goes down to metal claw and Shadow Spheal is send out

0d 18h 21m Teddiursa attacks Eevee with Metal Claw,while Eevee uses Tail Whip

0d 18h 20m Eevee and Teddiursa vs Horsea and Goldeen

0d 18h 20m Battling Cipher Peon Blusix

0d 18h 16m We escaped the elevator wild ride and is trying to find our way to the Hexagon Brothers.

0d 18h 7m We used the elevator to go up a floor in the Cipher Lab

0d 18h 4m We healed our party

[Info] There are 3 more of the Hexagon Brothers to defeat which is Resix,Blusix and Yellosix.

0d 17h 55m Caught a level 17+ Baltoy with a Poké Ball shadow blitz from Gulpin knocks out Hoothoot defeated Cipher Peon Browsix.

0d 17h 53m Eevee faints we send out gulpin,Hoothoot is still standing stronk

0d 17h 50m We call Teddiursa hoping the accuracy raise would help it better at faking its tears

0d 17h 49m Poor teddiursa even has to fake its tears in front of its teammates let him cry properly please BibleThump

0d 17h 48m Our Tail Whip and Fake Tears Combo sure is doing well on lowering our opponent's defenses

0d 17h 48m Why Teddiursa why do you have to fake your tears just for us BibleThump

0d 17h 46m Teddiursa using its fake tears is beary sad BibleThump

0d 17h 44m Spotted a Lv 17+ Shadow Baltoy , Teddiursa and Eevee vs Hoothoot and Shadow Baltoy

0d 17h 44m Battling Cipher Peon Browsix

0d 17h 37m We healed our party

0d 17h 34m Gulpin is too in love with Skitty and uses shadow blitz on Teddiursa for hitting its crush but Teddiursa knocks out Skitty defeated Cipher Peon Corla.

0d 17h 33m Shadow Blitz deals a lot of damage to Skitty but gulpin gets infatuated by Skitty's Cute Charm.

0d 17h 32m Teddiursa licks Duskull to its death one down one cat to go.

0d 17h 31m Ledyba Faints and we send out Shadow Gulpin

0d 17h 30m Teddiursa's lick was too much for Ledyba and Ledyba gets paralyzed probably scared for getting licked too much.

0d 17h 29m Teddiursa is licking it's own teammate that seems a little inappropriate...

0d 17h 26m We have 11 Poké Balls left , we are attempting to snag something that isnt a shadow Pokémon but the game mechanics dosent let us to.

0d 17h 25m Teddiursa and Ledyba vs Duskull and Skitty

0d 17h 25m Battling Cipher Peon Corla as we enter the Cipher Lab

0d 17h 24m Wandering around the outside of Cipher Lab

0d 17h 17m Grimer goes down defeated Cipher Peon Purpsix , and Purpsix goes crying for his mama.

0d 17h 16m We caught a Lv17+ Shadow Gulpin

0d 17h 14m Eevee faints and Ledyba is send out

0d 17h 13m Eevee barely hangs on to a Critical shadow Blitz by shadow gulpin

0d 17h 12m Shadow Gulpin immediately brokes out of the Poké Ball and grimer disables Teddiursa's Fake Tears

0d 17h 11m Lv 17+ Shadow Gulpin is send out we are attempting to snag it.

0d 17h 10m Tentacool goes down to Retun and Teddiursa levels up to Lv 19 and forgets Return for Fake Tears

0d 17h 9m Eevee uses sand attack on Tentacool and dodges a poison sting tactical! Eevee levels up to Lv 18

0d 17h 8m Tentacool is send out Metal Claw does half hp to Tentacool

0d 17h 6m Eevee and Teddiursa is trying their best at attacking Koffing and finally Koffing goes down to Return

0d 17h 5m Eevee and Teddiursa vs Koffing and Grimer

0d 17h 4m Battling Cipher Peon Purpsix

0d 17h 3m We finally got to the Cipher Lab progress! PogChamp

0d 17h 1m Are we gonna finally exit Mt Battle?

0d 16h 59m Eevee goes down to thunderbolt as well we totally weren't expecting this Sailor Grestly! We whited out

0d 16h 59m Ledyba faints to a thunderbolt by Raichu and Teddiursa follows slowly after

0d 16h 57m Battling Sailor Grestly which has a Lv 27 Raichu gg guys

0d 16h 57m Mt battle Area 3 starts now!

0d 16h 55m We recieve 300 Poke Coupons and TM03 Water Pulse

0d 16h 54m Lotad and Mudkip goes down Ledyba levels up to Lv 13 defeated Area Leader Eldof

0d 16h 52m Ledyba uses Kreygasm Aerial Ace on Lotad

0d 16h 52m Eevee goes down to something Wingull also faints to something ...

0d 16h 50m Area Leader Eldof sends out Wingull and Mudkip, I heard you liek Mudkips

0d 16h 48m Wurmple goes down and we defeated Bodybuilder Dolan, next is Area Leader Eldof.

0d 16h 46m Eevee hurts itself in confusion ouch , but wait Teddiursa OHKOs Larvitar with Metal Claw that's gotta hurt.

0d 16h 44m We call Eevee , Eevee raise your accuracy now! and Teddiursa knocks down Togepi with Metal Claw.

0d 16h 42m Battling Bodybuilder Dolan who sends out Togepi and Wurmple.

0d 16h 41m Slugma goes down as well and we defeated Bodybuilder Delf

0d 16h 40m Eevee with its pocket sands while Teddiursa knocks out Silcoon with Return.

0d 16h 34m Defeated Rider Echart next up is Bodybuilder Delf who sends out Slugma and Silcoon.

0d 16h 34m Ralts goes down and Teddiursa levels up to Lv 18

0d 16h 30m Battling Rider Echart who sends out a Ralts 2 vs 1 now that's a favourable machop.

0d 16h 30m Mareep goes down to tackle and we defeated Chaser Jeol.

0d 16h 28m Torchic goes down to Return and Eevee levels up to Lv 17 , Mareep just keeps growling to weaken our attacks.

0d 16h 26m We call Teddiursa to rose it's accuracy so that we could lower it again with Eevee's sand attack!

0d 16h 25m Battling Chaser Jeol who sends out Mareep and Torchic, what are with all these starter Pokémons.

0d 16h 24m Totodile goes down by hitting itself in confusion ouch! defeated Hunter Goling.

0d 16h 22m Totodile uses Rage on Teddiursa but deals little damage and Teddiursa kills Eevee with Return SwiftRage

0d 16h 21m Snubbull goes down to a return, out comes Totodile.

0d 16h 20m Feebas uses Splash , but nothing happened , Eevee pocket sands Snubbull and Feebas gets OHKO by Teddiursa.

0d 16h 18m Battling Hunter Goling who sends out Snubbull and Feebas, Snubbull's intimidate lowers our attack

0d 16h 17m Seedot goes down and Ledyba follows slowly after its partner, defeated Researcher Hardig.

0d 16h 15m Battling Researcher Hardig who sends out Seedot and Ledyba, that's a weird name for a researcher.

0d 16h 14m Shuckle goes down to tackle from Eevee, and that's a wrap guys defeated Sailor Gratin.

0d 16h 13m Shuckle is finally in the red though we might win this!

0d 16h 12m Don't mind Teddiursa he's just refreshing himself before the next battle.Eevee tackles Teddiursa both our Pokémons are down to 13 hp left.

0d 16h 8m Eevee pocket sands Teddiursa causing Return to miss on Shuckle.

0d 16h 7m Eevee uses pocket sand on Shuckle and return from Teddiursa deals very little damage to Shuckle, wynaut have a cancer battle?

[Snark] Friendly Fire is on guys!

0d 16h 3m Teddiursa uses Return on Ledyba leaving it with 1 hp left,Shuckle's Wrap finishes off Ledyba

0d 16h 2m Psybeam is now on first slot for Ledyba but Teddiursa and Ledyba both uses Refresh.

0d 16h 1m Shuckle's Wrap and Constrict dosent do much damage to us and it also uses Withdraws to increase it's defense

0d 16h 0m We swapped out Eevee for Ledyba and call Teddiursa just to rose it's accuracy.

0d 15h 59m Eevee's tackle is doing very little damage to Shuckle while Teddiursa knocks down Wynaut with a return.

0d 15h 58m Teddiursa's Return deals a lot of damage to Eevee ...

0d 15h 58m Battling Sailor Gratin who sends out Wynaut and Shuckle

0d 15h 57m Wooper and Natu goes down and Teddiursa levels up to Lv 17 defeated Chaser Cidlor

0d 15h 53m Battling Chaser Cidlor who sends out Wooper and Natu

0d 15h 52m Cyndaquil goes down and Eevee levels up to Lv 16 and did not learn Growl defeated Chaser Dabil.

0d 15h 49m Tactical smokescreen from Cyndaquil causes Teddiursa's Return to miss

0d 15h 48m Battling Chaser Dabil who sends out BEST i mean Cyndaquil

0d 15h 48m Mt Battle Area 2 here we go!

0d 15h 46m We also recieved a Macho Brace

0d 15h 46m We recieved 200 Poke Coupons

0d 15h 45m Zigzagoon goes down defeated Area Leader Vander

[Chat] HeyGuys Hi Deku

We're trying to switch moves around on Ledyba to get Refresh out of the first slot. Not much luck with that so far.

0d 15h 40m Teddiursa takes down Machop with a return,lemme return back what you did to my pal and Ledyba levels up to Lv 12

0d 15h 39m Eevee got machopped by Machop and faints

0d 15h 38m Whismur goes down to return out comes a Machop

[Chat] #DarthVander

0d 15h 36m Battling Area Leader Vander which sends out Whismur and Zigzagoon, quite some cute Pokémons for a leader.

0d 15h 36m Chikorita goes down to two returns defeated Cooltrainer Dibsin

0d 15h 35m Teddiursa OHKOS Skitty with Return our teddy bear is looking strong and powerful.

0d 15h 34m Teddiursa OHKOS Baltoy with Return and out comes a Skitty

0d 15h 33m Battling Cooltrainer Dibsin she sends out Baltoy and Chikorita.

0d 15h 31m Nincada gets ganged by Ledyba and Teddiursa defeated Beauty Eloff

0d 15h 30m We sends out Kedyba and she sends out Nincada

0d 15h 30m Teddiursa levels up to Lv 16 pocket sand from Eevee made Selfdestruct miss Teddiursa that was tactical!

0d 15h 29m Pineco KAPOWs and destroys Eevee and his partner Surskit

0d 15h 26m Beauty Eloff sends out Pineco and Surskit, waiting for that Ninja Nincada to come out

0d 15h 25m Spinarak goes down defeated Casual Dude Horbit and now battling Beauty Eloff

0d 15h 23m Teddiursa and Eevee Vs Spinarak and Taillow and Taillow goes down to a combo from Teddiursa and Eevee.

0d 15h 23m Defeated Battling Matron Ezella and now Battling Casual Dude Horbit

0d 15h 23m Poochyena follows his partner soon after

0d 15h 22m Eevee and Teddiursa takes out Sunkern easily

0d 15h 21m Defeated Fun Old Man Kabin and now Battling Matron Ezella

0d 15h 20m A Wombo Combo from Eevee and Teddiursa takes it out.

0d 15h 20m Battling Fun Old Man Kabin who sends out Shroomish.

0d 15h 19m Eevee levels up to Level 15 defeated Navigator Robell

0d 15h 18m Teddiursa and Eevee Vs Hoothoot, poor Hoothoot gonna get ganged and it does rip Hoothoot.

0d 15h 18m Battling Navigator Robell ho ho are you ready?

0d 15h 17m Teddiursa levels up to Level 15 Doduo goes down defeated Cooltrainer Bardo.

0d 15h 16m Spoink goes down and Doduo barely survives a Tackle

0d 15h 14m Battling Cooltrainer Bardo he sends out Doduo and Spoink

0d 15h 13m Calling Ledyba roses its accuracy,Corphish hardens but does not live another return from Teddiursa Casual Dude Cridel defeated

0d 15h 11m Swablu goes down to another return

0d 15h 11m We switched out Eevee for Ledyba

0d 15h 10m Tactical Growl lowering our attack stat worked

0d 15h 9m A Return and Tackle combo on Swablu from Eevee and Teddiursa almost takes down Swablu

0d 15h 8m Fighting Casual Dude Cridel he sends out Corphish and Swablu

0d 15h 7m Wingull goes down to a return from Teddiursa Beauty Miru defeated

0d 15h 6m Eevee OHKOs Wurmple with a Crit Tackle and Teddiursa attacks Eevee with Return ...

0d 15h 5m Fighting Beauty Miru she sends out a Wingull and a Wurmple

0d 15h 1m Looks like we are grinding in Mt Battle

0d 14h 55m Going to Kaminko's House then to Agate Village progress!

[Info] We have a total of 13 Poké Balls

0d 14h 42m We blacked out

0d 14h 42m We called Eevee again and Eevee faints to Houndour's Shadow Blitz

0d 14h 41m We called Eevee rosing it's accuracy by one stage

0d 14h 40m Another Shadow Blitz from Houndour knocks out Teddiursa

0d 14h 38m Houndour attacks Teddiursa with Shadow Blitz bringing it down to 11 hp left while Teddiursa keeps spamming refresh

0d 14h 36m Fighting Cipher Grunt Resix

0d 14h 36m Ledyba faints to Shadow Blitz by Houndour

0d 14h 35m Ledyba and Teddiursa Vs Slugma and Shadow Houndour Double Battle

0d 14h 35m Spotted a Shadow Houndour which is Lv 17+

0d 14h 34m We are fighting someone with a slugma

0d 14h 32m We went to Mt Battle and now Cipher's Lab

0d 14h 29m We obtained 1 Poké Ball

0d 14h 19m Finally out of the PokeMart

0d 14h 8m 11 Poké Balls bought (12 total). +2 Super Potions. +1 Antidote.

0d 13h 47m Poké Ball taken from Eevee.

[Info] Urgh. I'm sorry, I know Cyander and superredguy have done longer updating runs, among others, but I can physically not survive without sleep, so the updater will be going dark for the interim. We've just arrived at Mt Battle, so we might either keep going to the Shadow Lab or grind on Mt Battle. Either way, the odds of anything significant happening right now with our current team are slim.

0d 12h 39m Navigated to Kaminko's House

0d 12h 36m Trying to navigate back to the Shadow Lab.

0d 12h 24m And Skitty lands another Tackle on Teddi, Teddi down, WHITE OUT and back to the lab where this triumphant music refuses to stop playing.

0d 12h 23m Tackle Crits Ledyba, who goes down, Metal Claw hits Duskull, who survives. White out imminent.

0d 12h 22m Skitty continues to tackle, this time hitting Teddi, who clutches with 2HP left, Psybeam chips again, Metal Claw misses. Foresight does little as usual.

0d 12h 22m Or perhaps not. Skitty's Tackle does decent damage again, Psybeam does chip, but Teddi actually pulls off a Metal Claw... which does slightly more chip.

[Snark] 0d 12h 20m This is your live updater speaking, we are currently faffing around in menus and are shortly scheduled for a white out. Thank you for tuning into Live Updater and we'll see you shortly outside the lab.

0d 12h 19m Skitty's Tackle does decent damage to Ledyba, while Return does nothing to Duskull and Ledyba's Psybeam does chip all nothing.

[Info] A friendly reminder that our resident DPS Teddi has a move capable of damaging ghosts in the fourth slot (metal claw), so good luck navigating that.

0d 12h 16m Lag meant that I couldn't catch it, but Duskull and Skitty vs our low-health Teddi and healthy Ledyba!

0d 12h 13m We enter and exit the building, and find that once again, the Hexagon Brothers cannot count to six.

0d 12h 11m Ledyba's Aerial Ace (Kreygasm) takes out Cacnea with an OHKO, ** **Cipher Peon Greensix defeated!

0d 12h 10m Seedot stops us from escaping with Shadow Hold, while Ledyba's Psybeam secures the KO on Seedot, Cacnea continues to chip while Teddi tries to Refresh.

0d 12h 9m Ledyba sent in, Cacnea's Leer lowers our defenses again.

0d 12h 9m Eevee's Bite leaves Seedot in red, Seedot's Shadow Wave KOs Eevee!

0d 12h 8m Shadow Seedot is Lv 17, by the way.

0d 12h 6m Tail Whip lowers defense, Seedot's Shadow Wave does double SE chip, Return does just over half to Seedot, Cacnea's Leer lowers our defense.

0d 12h 6m Cacnea's absorb does little.

0d 12h 5m We Call Eevee, whose Accuracy Rises, Pineco goes down to a Return, Teddi to Lv 14, Shadow Seedot sent in!

0d 12h 4m Tail Whip lowers the enemy defence, Return comes just short of the KO on Pineco. Enemy Tackle and Poison Sting does little.

0d 12h 3m Lotad down to the same combo! Pineco sent in!

0d 12h 3m Lotad sent in, Absorb from Cacnea does chip.

0d 12h 2m Another combination attack and Shroomish is down! Teddi to Lv 14!

0d 12h 1m Oddish down to a combination of Eevee and Teddi, Cacnea Poison Stings Teddi for chip.

0d 12h 1m Also, this is a 3v6 battle. This isn't going to end well.

0d 12h 1m Battle vs Cipher Peon Greensix! Cacnea and Oddish vs our leads!

[Snark] And apparently telling our mommy is the worst they can do to us.

[Fluff] And apparently they can't count to six either. But for once, as villains they seem to be able to identify that we shouldn't be here!

0d 11h 57m Reached the Mystery Lab, encountered the Hexagon Brothers!

0d 11h 53m Found a Full Heal!

0d 11h 51m Faffing around the outside of Mt Battle, we're apparently trying to get the items lying around.

0d 11h 48m Oh, and we can now head to the "Mystery Facility."

0d 11h 46m We get an email saying that Poké Balls are now for sale at Agate Pokemart!

0d 11h 44m Another Tackle/Return combo and Spoink down! Cool Trainer Bardo defeated!

0d 11h 43m Doduo Growls again, Eevee's Tackle takes down Doduo, Teddi's Return does a fair bit to Spoink while Psywave does little.

0d 11h 42m Doduo Growls, Eevee and Teddi NEARLY take out Doduo, Spoink uselessly Odor Sleuths.

0d 11h 41m Battle #3! Vs Cool Trainer Bardo! Doduo and Spoink vs our leads!

0d 11h 39m Another Tackle/Return one-two KOs Swablu, Victory against Casual Dude Cridel!

0d 11h 38m Teddi to Lv 13 and DID NOT learn Fury Swipes!

0d 11h 37m Tackle and Return KO the Corphish, Swablu's Peck chips Eevee.

0d 11h 36m Battle #2! VS Casual Dude Cridel! Corphish and Swablu vs our leads!

0d 11h 34m Wingull Growls at us, doesn't stop Eevee and Teddi from finishing it off. Eevee to Lv 13! Beauty Miru defeated!

0d 11h 33m Wingull's Water Gun chips, Eevee's crit Tackle brings Wurmple into the red, a Return from Teddi finishes it off, Wurmple down!

0d 11h 32m First of 3 battles necessary for story progression! VS Beauty Miru! Wingull and Wurmple vs Teddi and Eevee!

0d 11h 32m Aaaand we gain access to Mt Battle proper after talking to the receptionist!

0d 11h 27m In the lobby of Mt Battle.

0d 11h 24m Some creepy guy with a robe and sunglasses questions us on some things, then leave.

0d 11h 24m Arrived at Mt Battle!

0d 11h 9m Still wandering about Agate.

0d 10h 59m Oh, and no nickname.

0d 10h 59m Learned Psybeam and Refresh over it's shadow moves.

0d 10h 58m Ledyba has been purified!

0d 10h 55m At the Relic Stone, we can Purify Ledyba but choose not to do so.

0d 10h 54m Wandered into the cave leading to the Relic Stone.

0d 10h 50m Out of the Pokémon Center.

0d 10h 49m In the Pokémon Center.

0d 10h 41m Outside in Agate.

0d 10h 40m News Count: 64

0d 10h 40m Apparantly chat has had enough of news for now.

0d 10h 36m We watch some more news, but we appeared to have lost count where we were.

0d 10h 35m We are shown a new destination in the desert.

0d 10h 35m Apparently Krane was a frequent visitor to Agate to study the Relic Stone's purification properties.

0d 10h 34m Nicknamed AAAAU11111

0d 10h 34m Teddi Levelled up to Lv 12!

0d 10h 33m Treddi learned Return and Refresh over it's shadow moves.

0d 10h 33m Here we go! Purification time! Teddiursa has been Purified at an atrocious FPS!

0d 10h 33m Saved!

0d 10h 31m Also, Teddi is in Reverse mode after that fight.

0d 10h 31m Thunderbolt does a fair bit to Teddi, Tackle and Shadow Blitz secure the KO, Pikachu down! Defeated Eagun!

0d 10h 30m This is a 2v1 battle though, Teddi and Eevee vs a solitary Pikachu.

0d 10h 30m Back at the Relic Stone, Eagun faces us once again with his Pikachu.

0d 10h 28m Approaching the cave.

0d 10h 18m We successfully navigate to Agate Village!

0d 10h 15m Travelled to Kaminko's House.

[Chat] [Snark] Level 12 Pikachu Thunderbolt WutFace

0d 10h 9m Sure enough, Thunderbolt from Pikachu immolates our Teddiursa, White out, back to the Pokémon HQ Lab!

0d 10h 8m We pass through to where the Relic Stone actually is, we're greeted by Eagun, who asks for a battle before letting us purify. Given all we have left is a low HP Teddiursa, this isn't going to go well.

0d 10h 8m Obtained the Cologne Case from Cron!

0d 10h 7m Abra KOs Ledyba, Teddiursa's Shadow Blitz CRITS THE ABRA AND OHKOS! Victory against Fun Old Man Cron!

0d 10h 6m All the while Teddi is constantly being hurt due to being in Reverse Mode.

0d 10h 6m Thunderpunch hits Ledyba for massive damage, Shadow Blitz secures the KO on Shroom, Teddi's Shadow Mist does nothing.

0d 10h 5m Ledyba FINALLY sent in, Shadow Mist is now useless, Shroom tackles Ledyba.

0d 10h 2m Ice Punch KOs Eevee, Ledyba in again... or at least she's supposed to be, but again, menu problems

0d 10h 1m Ice Punch into Teddi, Tackle into Shroomish, Shadow Mist lowers evasiveness, Absorb chips Eevee, who is now in KO range.

0d 10h 1m Fire Punch hits Teddiursa, Tackle into Shroomish, Shadow Mist sharply lowers Evasiveness, Shroomish's Tackle leaves Eevee on red.

0d 10h 0m Thunderpunch into Eevee, Tackle into Shroomish, Shadow Mist, lowers both opponents evasiveness sharply, Teddi in Reverse Mode, Absorb chips Eevee.

0d 9h 59m Ice Punch into Eevee, Tackle into Horsea, Water Gun into Eevee, Shadow Blitz into Horsea, Horsea down! Shroomish in!

0d 9h 58m Rematch against Fun Old Man Cron! Horsea and Abra vs our leads!

0d 9h 56m Back in the cave.

0d 9h 55m Sometime when I wasn't paying attention we'd moved out and are at the enterance to the cave.

0d 9h 52m In the Pokémon Center.

0d 9h 48m Slowly making our way back to the cave.

0d 9h 47m And we've manage to navigate properly to Agate Village!

0d 9h 46m We've driven off to Kaminko's House.

[Info] Also, it's our first white out for this run. I'm suspecting it's our record before first white out, can someone confirm?

[Info] Sorry, it's called the Pokémon HQ Lab.

0d 9h 36m Oh dear. We're back at the Kaminko Lab. Another long hard trip ahead of us to purify our mons.

0d 9h 36m Abra gets a crit SE Ice Punch on Ledyba, White out!

0d 9h 35m Thunderpunch puts Teddi in the red, Ledyba's Shadow Blitz misses the KO and goes into Reverse mode, Shroomish gets the KO on Teddi.

0d 9h 34m Thunderpunch KOs Eevee, Ledyba switched in, Shadow Blitz does just over 1/2 to Shroomish, who paralyses Teddi with Effect Spore, while it Absorbs for chip.

0d 9h 33m Shadow Blitz takes out Horsea! Shroomish sent out!

0d 9h 33m Abra's Thunderpunch does reasonable damage to Eevee, Sand Attack goes into Horsea, Horsea chooses to Leer, Teddi Shadow Blitzes Eevee. Payback muderf***er.

0d 9h 32m Abra Ice Punches Teddi, Eevee Sand Attacks Horsea, Horsea misses, Teddiursa hits Horsea with Shadow Blitz.

0d 9h 31m Battle vs... Fun Old Man Cron! (okay...) Horsea and Abra vs our leads!

0d 9h 30m Back inside the Relic Stone cave.

0d 9h 27m Outside in Agate again. Now for the matter of navigating back to the Relic Stone cave.

0d 9h 26m And again.

0d 9h 26m Oh wow, that went surprisingly well. Party Healed!

0d 9h 26m Entered the Pokémon Center.

0d 9h 23m Outside in Agate.

0d 9h 21m AHAHAHAHAHA It turns out we can't battle the last trainer unless we have un-fainted Shadow Pokémon, which of course, we have none of. Time to hike it.

0d 9h 20m Found 2 Burn Heals!

0d 9h 17m The choice facing chat now: Black out for faster healing at the cost of having no idea where we respawn plus potential trip back, or actually go and heal manually.

0d 9h 17m The PDA notifies us that Teddiursa can now be purified!

0d 9h 16m Eevee's Tackle BRUTALLY OHKOs the Slugma, Beat Matron Ladi with ONE Pokémon ON 1 HP REMAINING!

0d 9h 16m And yet again. White out imminent.

0d 9h 16m And again. Eevee is now within 2HKO range.

0d 9h 15m Eevee chooses to Tail Whip while Slugma Keeps throwing Embers at us.

0d 9h 15m About time. Tackle MISSES (sigh) and Ember chips again.

0d 9h 13m ...Which Eevee summarily thought wasn't good enough and KOs Teddiursa with Tackle, while Slugma Embers for chip damage.

0d 9h 12m Tackle and Shadow Blitz secure the KO on Cacnea, Eevee Lv 12 while Slugma Embers for Teddiursa's clutch, but Reverse Mode damage puts it at 1 HP

0d 9h 11m Battle vs Matron Ladi! Cacnea and Slugma vs our leads!

0d 9h 8m Tackle, Teddiursa's Shadow Blitz FINALLY secures the KO, Jols defeated!

0d 9h 7m Eevee is fed up of his teammates incompetence and Tackles Ledyba for the friendly fire kill. Bubble chips Eevee and Teddiursa.

0d 9h 7m Teddiursa switched for Ledyba, Tackle chips again, Corphish decides it isn't hard enough and Hardens again.

[Info] I forgot to mention, while in Reverse Mode, the Pokémon in Reverse Mode takes damage every turn until it is Called to.

0d 9h 6m Tackle chip, Lick doesn't affect Eevee, more parahax

0d 9h 6m Tackle/Lick chip + parahax.

0d 9h 5m Tackle chips Corphish, Teddiursa gets affectionate and Licks Eevee, which it doesn't affect, and Corphish decides to Harden up.

0d 9h 5m Tackle misses, Lick chips, Corphish Hardens again.

0d 9h 4m Another Tackle, Lotad down, Teddiursa's Lick does chip on Corphish, but Paralyses it.

0d 9h 3m Eevee Tackles Lotad, Teddiursa Licks and doubles in on Lotad, Corphish hits both of our mons with Bubble, and Lotad Growls for doubling in on him

0d 9h 2m Tackle and Shadow Blitz both double in on Snubbul, Snubbul down! Lotad sent out! Corphish uses Harden and Teddiursa goes into Reverse Mode!

0d 9h 1m Battle VS SuperTrainer Jols! Snubbull and Corphish vs our leads!

0d 9h 0m Eevee Tackles Numel, Numel down, Cool Trainer Gorps defeated!

Teddiursa switched for Ledyba, Eevee Tackles Ladyba, it clutches with 4 HP remaining, Numel Tackles Eevee for chip.

0d 8h 58m Eevee's Tackle CRITS and OHKOs the Zigzagoon, Teddiursa's Shadow Blitz puts Numel within KO range, Numel Growls in return.

0d 8h 58m Battle VS CoolTrainer Corps! Zigzagoon and Numel vs Eevee and Teddiursa!

0d 8h 57m The chap that blocked the cave with the Relic Stone moved aside for us. We have a trainer gauntlet to get through before we get access to it though.

0d 8h 52m Still wandering around the village.

0d 8h 45m We found an Ether!

0d 8h 41m We head out of the house.

0d 8h 39m Her husband comes over and they got the news that we want to purify our shadow Pokémon. We have to go to the Relic Forest so we can use the Relic Stone. Away we go!

0d 8h 38m The old lady, Beluh, asks if we're the alphabet. We respond yes.

0d 8h 33m We left before we could watch more news.

0d 8h 30m We stopped at 54. Then we see a book that says Secret News Leads and chat goes nuts.

[Fluff] We're at 45.

0d 8h 18m We enter an old ladies house, and watch NEWS! #29 I guess?

0d 8h 10m Now we're at Agate Village!

[Fluff] Cough called it cough

0d 8h 8m We exit the Pokémon HQ lab and go to the Pokémon HQ lab!

0d 8h 7m We exit the building we were in and are outside!

0d 8h 4m We go up the elevator!

*slow claps* Well done chat.



[Chat] I sexually identify as a water stone. Ever since I was a boy, I dreamed of soaring through waterfalls and wading through streams. People say I'm retarded, and that I can't become a water type, but whatever, I'm beautiful

[Fluff] To chat: "Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. – Victor Kiam"

0d 7h 51m WE SAVE

0d 7h 50m We replaced Eevee's Potion for a Poké Ball!

0d 7h 49m We swapped the Water Stone with the Potion!

0d 7h 48m We gave Teddiursa a Potion!

0d 7h 44m As in, it's holding it.

0d 7h 43m We gave the Water Stone to Eevee!

0d 7h 40m My bad, it's a session about learning what statuses do. We quit.

0d 7h 39m We use Splash, it uses Poison Powder, both moves don't work. We're both burnt apparently.

0d 7h 38m Apparently we're facing Sim Trainer Jodlet! She sends out Para against our... Magikarp?

0d 7h 37m We were so close to using the Water Stone, but then we tried it on the bear and it didn't work.

0d 7h 37m We toss our Antidotes!

0d 7h 35m We swapped Eevee's Poké Ball for a Potion!

0d 7h 35m We used a potion on Eevee! Wrong item guys.

0d 7h 35m We gave Ledyba the Poké Ball

[Fluff] In this three hours of confusion we haven't even saved once.

0d 7h 12m We took Ledyba's Poké Ball

0d 7h 8m And we're just riding the elevator constantly.

0d 7h 5m We went down an elevator! Excitement!

0d 6h 47m We swapped the Water Stone with a Poké Ball!

[Chat] Shoutout to @BMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, who has more repeated characters than Bexxxxxxx and Lolmuhhhhhhhhhhh combined!

0d 6h 35m AND WE GAVE IT BACK!

0d 6h 32m We got the Water Stone!


[Chat] is debating between #KeepEeveeCute and #KeepEeveeUgly

0d 6h 25m We have Ledyba the Water Stone in exchange for the Poké Ball!

[Info] Ledyba has a Poké Ball, same with Eevee

[Snark] inb4 we toss the Water Stone.

[Chat] "This is riveting"

[Fluff] #NukeSlowMode #KeepEeveeUgly seem to be trending.

0d 6h 3m She tells us the Relic Stone, which we need to purify our mons in the Purify Chamber, is with a friend there.

0d 6h 3m We're told to go to Agate in order to purify our Pokémon. Lily compliments us.

[Chat] Lyyrae: Meme-OS TriHard

[Info] A bunch of useless memos get.

0d 5h 42m We drive to the lab!!!

[Snark] The game

[Fluff] Save: The World

[Info] 0d 4h 33m I am reminded that we got the machine part not long ago, but are still in the shop.

[Info] 0d 4h 28m Still faffing. We seem to want to evolve the Eevee using the stone. We've moved to the shop instead of the bridges tho

[Info] 40 minutes of faffing about on the bridges

0d 3h 17m Given the Poké Ball to Eevee.

0d 3h 11m Threw a Poké Ball at Ledyba, it fails to catch. Eevee attacks Ledyba with Tackle, it's in the yellow health now. We use another Poké Ball, success! It's Level 10+ and female.

0d 3h 5m Our attack misses Taillow, Taillow uses Peck on Teddiursa. Teddiursa takes out Taillow with Shadow Blitz, Eevee levels up to Lv. 11.

0d 3h 5m Versus Casual Guy Cyle, he sends out Taillow and Shadow Ledyba. We send out Eevee and Shadow Teddiursa.

0d 2h 53m This person named Perr walks over, fixes the bridge, and tells us to go to the Parts shop. We wander around for a few more minutes instead.

0d 2h 23m Standing around by the sea, occasionally reading one of the two Krane Memos.

[Snark] Chat right now can be divided between 'YAAAY' and 'Toss'. The betting pool is now open.

0d 2h 17m We're outside.

0d 2h 15m We obtained the Water Stone!

0d 2h 13m Watching the news! It talks about how Prof. Krane was abducted and how a Shadow Pokémon was possibly used in the battle.

0d 2h 7m Jovi bumps into a man named Zook. He sends out a Shadow Zangoose in the pre-battle cutscene, then Mystery Man Ardos sends out an Alakazam and defeats it.

0d 2h 7m Driven to Gateon Port. We're meant to go to some kind of Parts shop.

0d 2h 5m Received Krane Memo 1 and 2. We're outside again.

0d 1h 59m Lily asks for us to run an errand for her at the Gateon Port. Jovi has joined us again.

[Fluff] "Difficult-looking books"

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Vietnamese Crystal final save: https://mega.nz/#!WhoH3AZJ!q1qT44MZRCq-dIiG0kFXYZXAMulOl_1s-VKYThBKfvc

0d 1h 48m Inside again.

0d 1h 45m Outside. The different music is still playing.

0d 1h 44m We view a cutscene, when it's finished we hear some nice energising music. Then we wander around for a minute or two.

0d 1h 43m Caught! Male, and Lv. 11+, whatever that means. Teddiursa has joined our party, defeated Spy Naps. The strange people run away, we're too late to save the Professor. We're back indoors.

0d 1h 42m That Teddiursa is a Shadow Teddiursa. Professor tells us to throw a Poké Ball at it.

0d 1h 41m Versus Spy Naps, Teddiursa against Eevee.

0d 1h 40m Walked outside. Prof. Krane is being taken away to a "new lab".

0d 1h 40m We got five Poké Balls!

0d 1h 39m We get to see a nice cutscene of receiving the Snag Machine! We get the Shadow Monitor on our PDA too.

0d 1h 38m We talk to Prof. Krane! He talks about the Snag Machine, we agree to test it.

0d 1h 36m We drive to our current location.

0d 1h 36m We're now outside.

0d 1h 16m Wandering around the lab. Not really doing much.

0d 1h 10m We drove back to the lab, Jovi walks off. We're told to see Prof. Krane.

0d 0h 59m Jovi is now following us

0d 0h 58m We read Krane's email


0d 0h 53m The VCR whirls to life and we learn about the Unhealthy Sandals to make feet worse!

0d 0h 53m We find Jovi.

[Snark] I was slightly concerned that we'd lose that fight and it would've been hilarious

0d 0h 52m We bite it. We finally get in an attack, and it one hits Sunkern. Chobin defeated

0d 0h 51m And now we call. This is going great.

0d 0h 51m and now we switch our efforts into flinging sand.

0d 0h 50m we continue to whip the tail. I guess

0d 0h 50m Tail Whip is our default move. Great.

0d 0h 49m we are stopped by Chobin, who claims us to be a Burglar, he battles us! He sends out a Singular Sunkern

[Snark] totez spooky. Lightning and dark trees everywhere

0d 0h 47m We travel to the Manor!

0d 0h 46m We still don't know howto travel apparently

0d 0h 42m we find someone Jovi was playing hide and seek with, apparently she's gone to DR KAMINKO's Manor.

Sounds like something out of Vietnamese Crystal, then again, so does every name in Orre

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: over $1000 is going to be spent on romhacking for the next anniversary run, don't forget to check it out

NEWS COUNTER: 4 - Why do I bother with stuff like this



0d 0h 27m RETURN OF "TriHard NEWS"!

0d 0h 25m WE PICK UP THE PDA

0d 0h 24m we a see a sparkle on the desk. It's the PDA, but we are more interesteed in the 3 potions on the other side of the room

0d 0h 23m we attempt to travel but are thwarted by being twitch

0d 0h 21m we pick up 2 antidotes!

0d 0h 18m We stumble around in a corner for a while

[Donation] $20.00 from Big_boyd

That's a large donation

[Snark] So first it's ledges, and now it's elevators? And just when I'd thought we could have possibly overcome our navigational incompetence... Kappa

0d 0h 13m back up and down the elevator. what even is. Elevators. Our arch-nemesis.

0d 0h 11m Note: The Eevee Starter is Level 10 and Male!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry about the lack of polish on the layout, I've been busy with PBR2.0 and moving

0d 0h 10m We agree to find Jovi! And we are alerted of the existence of a P*DA

[Fluff] random thing to point out. On some versions of Dolphin, Gale of Darkness is prone to running extremely poorly. Like, 15-30 FPS Bad, as opposed to native 50-60.

Let's just hope it doesn't hit that.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I was told that Pokemon XD is prone to crashing from leaks, if true save states will likely be needed at some point, they're versioned too

0d 0h 8m OUR NAME IS ABBBCC we just saved to prove this

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ANYWAY ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

0d 0h 8m Inputs were frozen for streamer to fix saves. They are now back up.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the save state button wasn't correctly mapped

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] we learn how to battle through a whiteboard. We've had 15 games and Numerous Stadium 2 and PBR to Practice with and apparently we still don't know.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: just a moment need to fix the save

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon: keep an eye out for a save state message at the top-left corner, I'm not sure if it's being saved correctly

0d 0h 4m we ride the elevator down, up and down again.

That's fun, right?

[Snark] !bet 100 Flareon

0d 0h 3m We are now free to move around wherever! We start with an un-nicknamed Eevee!

0d 0h 3m The Metagross simulation faints. We did it Reddit!

0d 0h 2m AND THEN SALAMENCE. But this is a simulation, don't worry, no salamence starter


0d 0h 2m Welp. RIP Some dudes. Shadow Lugia Owned their faces

0d 0h 1m OUR HOST IS AAABBC I think anyway. Things went fast

0d 0h 0m WE BEGIN Well, try to anyway