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Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251

31d 0h 36m This concludes the updates for the Pokémon Crystal 251 run. Head over to the new Telefang intermission updater for further updates.

Link to intermission updater archive

RIP Pokémon Crystal 251. Was fun while it lasted!

31d 0h 27m The music ceases!

31d 0h 25m We hear strange sounds in the background of the League music!

[Streamer] TwitchplaysPokémon: I timeout people who @ idiocy at me

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] FaultyFloorboard: TELEF WutFace NG
Zauberer2014: Pokémon Diam BORT nd
GoldNadeshiko: TEL PartyTime FANG

31d 0h 14m Can still hear the Indigo League music going in the background.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry, was too busy cleaning up chat that I couldn't get the game started

[Chat] evolem: KappaPride ] no i'm not gay.
mcb92: OSsloth ] huh?
Sandoz1: tppSlowpoke ]
Sir_WRA: OSsloth ] Hello

[Chat] PlasmaPlayer: Kappa doodCell Yes is this TELEFANG?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Joey: "I'm trying out this new phone I got from some talking Sandshrew, Evan. How does it sound?"

31d 0h 4m The stream sound is still audible, and we heard a call come in! Chat wonders who it could be from. Most people suspect its Joey.

[Chat] CorazonFeathers: EVAN x OLDEN TRUE OTP SwiftRage

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: evan and azure lived happily ever after Kappa

[Chat] EVAN <3 AZURE <emote>

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STRIKETHROUGH RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ITALICS RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Important] Long story short, we're using whether or not the stream notes this as an actual run to determine whether we're treating this like an actual run or an intermission run (i.e. ORAS Demo). This includes the updating and daily/intermission thread frequency. If people who have been here from the start have a 1|17 next to their name on stream as opposed to a 1|16, then it's an actual run. If they don't, it's intermission.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: the end

31d 0h 1m "Twitch Plays Pokémon will resume shortly!"

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Good Bye Incoming! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] One minute remains.

30d 23h 58m Evan barely gets to say a command to his trusty OLDEN when it gets struck down like a Caterpie under a falling Snorlax. Black out!

30d 23h 58m Evan gets stopped by Silver. What a way to spend your last minutes with the voices.

[Chat] mahlidawg: DatSheffy 7
WowAnOrange: EVAN BibleThump 7
dingdingboom: BibleThump EVAN DatSheffy 7
lavaseeker: dan7

[Chat] is BibleThumping and saying goodbye to Evan.

30d 23h 54m OLDEN, being only level 29, stands about as much of a chance against VR mon as a piece of paper in a hurricane. We black out immedeately.

[Snark] How do you feel when a part of you is just released?

30d 23h 53m We rush into the cave with only OLDEN and anarchy on our side.

[Fluff] Ow, I felt that...

30d 23h 52m [D] Our last non-OLDEN Pokémon is a Porygon named ..TTTUUUSS. We released it! O_o

[Info] Ten minutes remain until streamer is going to switch over to Telefang ("Pokémon Diamond")! Be sure to have our new updater by then!

30d 23h 48m [D] We seem to be storing everyone besides OLDEN in the PC now.

30d 23h 43m [D] Dana calls to tell us how her Granbull is getting prettier....

30d 23h 41m [D] And with some a9 spam, a whole bunch of other Pokémon as well.

30d 23h 41m [D] Actually we retrieve a named Seel from the box first.

30d 23h 40m [D] And we've now begun the methodical release of every Pokémon left in Box 4...

30d 23h 39m [D] We withdraw the Ledian named OLDEN! Chat freaks out.

30d 23h 36m [D] We're in Box 4 right now. It has Pokémon in it.

30d 23h 27m Guess what, you were right. OpieOP's honor did little to Sneasel. And add another blackout tick to the count.

30d 23h 23m Silver challenges us again! We only have a half-leveled Shellder. Guess what's about to happen...

30d 23h 17m And of course we can't deposit or release OpieOP to remedy that situation.

30d 23h 17m There are no Pokémon in Box 1, our current box.

30d 23h 13m Joey calls and asks for a rematch. We're kind of stuck at the League without a flier, though.

30d 23h 13m We only have OpieOP, our Shellder, in our party right now. As you can imagine, they're not getting through Victory Road very well.

30d 23h 0m It looks like we've released all of our Voltorbs at this point. Also, there's one hour left till when streamer should be starting Telefang.

30d 22h 29m We're at the PC, shuffling our party in and out of an empty box. Also we released one of our KAPOW Voltorbs.

[Fluff] We would have whited out anyway; Mew would have KAPOW'd.

30d 22h 14m We find and send out Mew. A critical Crunch makes short work of it! White out!!

[Fluff] People are still spamming military commands, which have been disabled in favor of traditional menu navigation.

[Info] Select works like the A button in the party menu when swapping Pokémon is disabled.

30d 22h 8m We're trying to find Mew in our party. We're not that successful.

30d 22h 7m Shellder (OpieOP) is down to a pursuit! Only Mew remains!

30d 22h 7m Shellder is in. We swap Hydro Pump with Explosion, clutch a Crunch, and use Hydro Pump. Sneasel in the yellow.

[Fluff] Some people in chat are complaining about the select sect. Naturally, this drives the sect into full force. The input buffer is saturated with selects.

30d 22h 3m Graveler couldn't handle an Ice Punch!

30d 22h 2m We swap items around. Are we perhaps trying to manipulate the bag underflow menu?

30d 22h 0m Dig hits. Not for much, though.

30d 21h 59m Graveler sent in. We swap Dig with Explosion, eat a Pursuit, then use Dig.

30d 21h 55m Pursuit is the end of Voltorb 3!

[Fluff] Welcome back, TwitchPlaysPokémon!

30d 21h 54m Sneasel uses Pursuit. Voltorb uses Thunder, which scores a critical hit. Sneasel brushes it right off.

30d 21h 54m Silver uses a Full Restore. We forego honor on the third Voltorb, opting instead to use Thunder, which predictably misses.

30d 21h 52m Second Voltorb follows its fallen brother! Sneasel in the red.

30d 21h 51m First Voltorb goes down with honor!

30d 21h 49m Rematch with Silver!

30d 21h 45m Dana calls us for a rematch. Knowing us, we'll probably blow it.

30d 21h 42m OpieOP goes down without a fight! White out!!

30d 21h 39m Mew goes down honorably!

30d 21h 33m Speaking of things blowing to bits, we send our bomb squad in to face Silver!!

[Snark] After teh urn, our enthusiasm got blown to bits.

[Snark] You know things have gone to hell when the updaters decide it's not worth updating releases of all things.

30d 21h 32m We retreat from the PC.

30d 21h 31m Anarchy!!

[Fluff] #ReleasesFatigue

[Meta] I'm not about to follow each of the releases at this point. If another updater wants to, feel free.

30d 21h 26m [D] We are back in the PC after a call from Dana.

30d 21h 21m [D] We switched only to Box 9. We canceled the switch to Box 1.

30d 21h 20m [D] We switch to an empty Box 9, then choose to switch to Box 1.

30d 21h 16m [D] We got up into the League building and turn on the PC, inevitably to continue our slow, methodical release of all of our Pokémon.

30d 21h 14m [D] We use it to dig out of Victory Road.

30d 21h 12m [D] Graveller forgot Iron Defense and learned Dig!

[Chat] Hyped about mention of Catz in the past half hour.

[Info] 3 hours to Telefang.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: you need to refresh if you don't see the stream

30d 20h 56m And back online again.

30d 20h 55m And back offline again

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 20h 53m Stream is now back.

[Info] We were back in VR KAPOWing things again before the stream vanished.

[Fluff] I assume the stream is down so ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 20h 51m Stream is suddenly offline!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 20h 38m We likely blacked out seeing as we're back outside the League building.

[Chat] "i hope twitchplayspokemon.org keeps up with telefang numbers Kappa"

"I think I'll take a quick nap before Telefang ResidentSleeper I'm tired from last run"

"search up Pokémon diamond telefang , it looks odd to me thoe OpieOP"

"Telefang starts at 4PM Eastern Time"

"There was once an effort to make a serious fan translation of Telefang but I think it stopped a long time ago."

30d 20h 10m In Victory Road. Exploding at things.

30d 20h 10m In Victory Road.

30d 20h 8m It is morning now.

30d 20h 8m We black out, of course, after 4/6 KAPOWs (and taking out 1/6 Pokémon).

30d 19h 55m We go back and challenge Silver again!

30d 19h 52m Also we have no money now.

30d 19h 51m We black out, of course, after 4/6 KAPOWs (and taking out 1/6 Pokémon).

30d 19h 37m We go back and challenge Silver again!

30d 19h 28m OpieOP (our Shellder) goes out vs Magneton. It has no honor, and has no chance vs flash cannon. We black out! (Imagine that!)

30d 19h 26m Our Mew has honor as well, tanking a Crunch to do so. We took out one of Silver's Pokémon! \o/

30d 19h 25m Our Graveller has honor, but its taken out with Ice Punch before it can follow through on its honor.

30d 19h 24m Our third Voltorb also doesn't have honor and doesn't have decent aim, missing with Thunder.

30d 19h 23m Our second Voltrob doesn't have honor, and its Mirror Coat doesn't reflect a Pursuit attack or two.

30d 19h 21m Our first Voltob's Honor puts a bit of a dent in his Sneasel's HP bar, but its still above half.

30d 19h 20m We're inside the Indigo League Building when suddenly Silver appears! He wants to have it out! Vs Silver!

30d 19h 16m And, as you can probably guess, we black out after 6 battles! rip $11880. Back at the Indigo Plateau!

[Chat] KAPOW OpieOP

30d 19h 9m Now in the park proper, exploding at anything that moves.

30d 19h 6m We do get $1000 for exploding ourselves, though.

30d 19h 4m And, as predicted, we KAPOW at the first Pokémon and are forced to forfeit the competition due to blackout.

[Info] 30d 19h 2m 5 hours until Telefang

30d 19h 1m We begin a bug catching competition with only a Voltorb in our party.

30d 19h 0m We are about to talk with the guy to start a bug catching competition, but get interrupted by a booty battle call from Anthony.

30d 18h 57m National Park.

30d 18h 52m Anarchy has returned and we're now faffing about in Goldenrod.

30d 18h 48m [D] We now seem to be taking time to move Explosion to the front of everyone's movesets.

30d 18h 41m [D] Mew forgets Tri Attack for Explosion! We now officially have a team full of KAPOWs.

[Chat] HOLDEN WutFace

30d 18h 36m [D] We speak with the Move Relearner, Holden. He's still chilling with the Name Rater.

[Fluff] Despite some calls from the chat, we don't ride the train again. :(

30d 18h 31m [D] Arrived in Goldenrod!

30d 18h 30m [D] Now in the Maglev Train Station, talking with the attendant.

30d 18h 23m [D] We fly atop Mew to Saffron! Tully calls afterwards.

30d 18h 19m [D] Mew forgot submission and learned fly!

[Snark] It was an amazing attack, sacrificing itself like that, but it was the only one who went down! PRChase

30d 18h 6m [D] We walk away from the PC; our party is now made of 3 Voltorb, a Graveler, Mew, and a Shellder. All of them have Explosion, save for Mew which has Horn Drill instead.

30d 18h 5m [D] Doesn't matter! Diglett released!! Box is now empty.

30d 18h 5m [D] We try releasing a Diglett, but it's fighting against us!

30d 18h 2m [D] Vulpix and Nidoran-M released!

30d 18h 1m [D] Tentacool and Nidoran-F released!

30d 18h 0m [D] Koffing and Houndoom released!

30d 17h 59m [D] Rhyhorn and Rapidash released!

30d 17h 58m [D] Houndour and Weezing released!

30d 17h 57m [D] Ninetales and Vulpix released!

30d 17h 54m [D] Magmar released! Ninetales temporarily spared.

30d 17h 53m [D] Mewtwo Released!!

30d 17h 53m [D] In Anarchy the Articuno released!

30d 17h 52m [D] Another Bellsprout released!

30d 17h 52m [D] OpieOP the Shellder withdrawn!

30d 17h 51m [D] Weepinbell and Bellsprout released!

30d 17h 49m We switch to Box 12.

30d 17h 46m The box is now empty.

30d 17h 45m [D] Released Ursaring and Metapod!

30d 17h 44m [D] Released Rhydon and Gyarados!

30d 17h 43m [D] Donphan and Shuckle released!

30d 17h 43m [D] Mew was withdrawn!

30d 17h 42m [D] Released Sunkern and Arbok!

30d 17h 41m [D] Released Steelix and Mareep!

30d 17h 39m [D] Released Quilava!

30d 17h 38m [D] Released Marowak!

30d 17h 37m [D] Released Sandslash!

30d 17h 35m [D] Released Celebi!

30d 17h 32m [D] PC Time!

[Snark] Should've gone for the 'ol 2 Curse then X-Scissor strat.

30d 17h 27m Earthquake tears open the ground! Counter hits back! Sandslash faints! BLACKOUT!

30d 17h 25m Sandslash attacks with Body Slam; Wobbuffet hits back hard with Counter.

30d 17h 22m Democracy activated!

30d 17h 22m We send in Sandslash, our last Pokémon.

30d 17h 18m Celebi uses Seed KAPOW and really starts stacking damage, but Wobbuffet counters again, knocking out Celebi!!

30d 17h 17m Celebi kicks Wobbuffet--twice even! Wobbuffet counter-attacks with a huge blow, dealing 36 damage!!!!!

30d 17h 15m Back to Nasty Plot.

30d 17h 13m We take a new approach and use Heal Bell instead! Wobbuffet doesn't do anything differently.

30d 17h 10m Figuring that using attacks is a bad idea, we go back to using Nasty Plot.

30d 17h 8m Celebi attacks with Double Kick, Wobbuffet hits back with Counter!

30d 17h 6m Celebi continues using Nasty Plot despite having a maximized Special Attack stat. Wobbuffet changes tactics and uses Counter.

30d 17h 3m The stalemate continues. Inputs are very slow.

30d 17h 0m Celebi continues to set up as Wobbuffet D-bonds some more.

30d 16h 56m Will switches into Wobbuffet again; Celebi starts plotting again.

30d 16h 55m Celebi comes back out.

30d 16h 52m We send in Graveler, who is immediately taken out by Psychic.

[Chat] KAPOW

30d 16h 51m Will withdraws Wobbuffet and sends in Xatu; Voltorb uses Explosion!

30d 16h 51m We switch Celebi with the third Voltorb; Wobbuffet uses Destiny Bond again.

30d 16h 49m We continue building our Special Attack while Wobba threatens us with Destiny Bond.

30d 16h 47m We send in Celebi and set up a Nasty Plot. Will takes back Mr. Mime and sends in Wobbuffet.

30d 16h 47m It also appears that Military Mode is offline.

30d 16h 46m We send in another Voltorb... it suffers the same fate.

30d 16h 45m Will sends out Mr. Mime, we send in a Voltorb. Voltorb gets KO'd in one hit by Moonblast.

30d 16h 44m After wandering around for a bit, we initiate a battle against Elite Four Will!

30d 16h 36m Elite Four hype!

30d 16h 34m We walk away from the PC and head downstairs.

30d 16h 32m Also, the Graveler was not released, it was withdrawn. Sorry about the error.

30d 16h 32m Sandslash withdrawn!

30d 16h 32m Anarchy activated!

30d 16h 31m [D] Released Machoke and Graveler.

30d 16h 30m [D] Released Magby and Quilava.

30d 16h 29m [D] Raikou released.

30d 16h 29m [D] Ho-Oh released.

30d 16h 27m [D] Switched to Box 11.

[Info] In case you haven't guessed yet, chat has the art of release down to a democratic science now. The command is await2down2await2a. That opens the pokemon's menu, scrolls down to release, and releases it, and moves on, all in one command.

30d 16h 19m [D] Fox, the last Pokémon in the box, was spared after an intense tug-of-war!

30d 16h 18m [D] Released TBA the Ampharos.

30d 16h 18m [D] Released Sergeant Doom, the Vaporeon.

30d 16h 17m [D] Released Pichu.

30d 16h 17m [D] Released Kill Ja Kill the Venonat.

30d 16h 16m [D] Released Umbreon.

30d 16h 15m [D] Released Fearow and Flaaffy.

30d 16h 15m [D] Released a mini Doot Doot Natu.

30d 16h 14m [D] Released Scyther.

30d 16h 14m [D] Released Chansey.

30d 16h 13m [D] Released Venonat.

30d 16h 13m [D] Released Beedrill.

30d 16h 12m [D] Released Bayleef.

30d 16h 11m [D] Released Remoraid.

30d 16h 11m [D] Released Caterpie.

30d 16h 8m [D] Switched to Box 2.

30d 16h 4m [D] Withdrew Celebi! The box is now empty.

30d 16h 3m [D] Released Spinarak.

30d 16h 2m [D] We change our box to the first, which is named OXOffoOx.

30d 15h 59m [D] RIP TUUUUUUULS the Raichu.

30d 15h 58m [D] RIP Elekid. Why did we withdraw it just to release it?

30d 15h 57m [D] RIP Skarmory from our party.

30d 15h 56m [D] RIP Nidorino. Now the box is empty!

30d 15h 55m [D] RIP Alakazam.

30d 15h 55m [D] RIP YP the Sandslash.

30d 15h 54m [D] And the other one.

30d 15h 54m [D] We release one of the unnamed Nidoran♂

30d 15h 53m [D] It also happens to the Vulpix.

30d 15h 52m [D] We decide the Eevee in the box isn't cute enough and release it.

30d 15h 50m [D] RIP Flaaffy.

30d 15h 49m [D] And yet another Furret is released.


30d 15h 47m [D] We release EPPY? the Furret, along with its held item.

30d 15h 45m [D] We release a random Magneton.

30d 15h 44m [D] We release Flowey Sunflora because we're doing a genocide run

30d 15h 43m [D] And finally, TUUUUUUULS the Raichu!

30d 15h 42m [D] And an overlevelled Elekid.

30d 15h 41m [D] And another!

30d 15h 41m [D] And then we withdraw another Voltorb.

30d 15h 40m [D] We withdraw Voltorb! Now we have 2 party members.

30d 15h 39m [D] We release a Persian.

30d 15h 34m [D] We also release a random Haunter because we want to.

30d 15h 32m [D] Since it's nothing special, we release it!

30d 15h 30m [D] We check Zapdos' stats. Nothing special.

30d 15h 26m [D] We switch to Box 9!

30d 15h 24m We release Entei! TriHard

30d 15h 20m We switch to Box 8!

30d 15h 15m Democracy!

30d 15h 11m We move the Egg to Box 3. Bye Egg!

30d 15h 10m We deposit Egg, Spinarak and Celebi!

30d 15h 10m We withdraw Egg, Celebi and Skarmory!

30d 15h 9m We turn on the PC... upstairs.

30d 15h 1m Spinarak down! We white out!

[Snark] I think we have a good chance. Bug is super-effective on Psychic.

30d 14h 59m VS Will! Spinarak vs Mr. Mime.

30d 14h 58m We walk into the Elite 4 Chamber! With only Spinarak.

30d 14h 56m We try to deposit Spinarak, but the game won't let us.

30d 14h 55m Box 1 is now known as OXOffoOx

30d 14h 53m Venonat released!

30d 14h 53m Celebi, Egg, Skarmory deposited!

30d 14h 52m We switch to Box 1 ZZ'm'm'm4


30d 14h 52m Box 1 is now known as ZZ'm'm'm4

30d 14h 50m We boxed the fox.

[Info] Celebi is holding a Lum Berry.

[Info] Current party: Jolteon100, EggTriHard, Celebi100, Skarmory25, Venonat26 and Spinarak23

30d 14h 26m Also Skarmory25, Venonat26 and Spinarak23.

30d 14h 25m We withdrew a bunch of mons, including Celebi!

[Info] We also released a Primeape, a Kadabra, an Arbok, a Rhyhorn and SPOOKS.

30d 14h 3m Cycling through the Hall of Fame.

[Info] Our party solely consists of Fox and the Egg.

30d 14h 0m We released Tux among other mons!

[Meta] I'm taking a call, so using OneHand to type...

30d 13h 51m Named our first Pokémon Box S-

[Info] TL;DR: Telefang will start in about 10 hours.

[Fluff] And it took so long for streamer to compose all these. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: also posted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/4an6qk/next_run_and_pbr20/

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm terribly sorry I couldn't have had this done late last year like I originally intended, hopefully what's to come will make up for that!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: It might be hard to appreciate what is a reimplementation of most of the same functionality of PBR1.0 but with fewer bugs and better performance at first but the much improved foundation will allow for both easier and more development of new ideas and functionality.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Communications between everyone working on TPP has improved since the start of this run, undoubtedly this will support a lot of great ideas for both runs and matches in the future!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Because of the difficulties I sometimes face in life that impede my ability to work the PBR2.0 codebase has been written with consideration of other programmers working on it as well. Much better documentation and a more sensible project structure were my biggest focuses even if it meant it took longer to write.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Much more care and effort is being put into PBR2.0 than PBR1.0 which if you remember wasn't even originally built for PBR but Pokemon Stadium 2 and most of the time it barely held itself together.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: A personally affective family matter has occured (no one is dying or sick, don't worry) a few months ago and this has delayed my planned move. Because of this I haven't had aircon during this summer and that has also made it difficult to work.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Congratulations on finishing the run! Unfortunately you did so well that the new Pokemon Battle Revolution isn't ready yet. Another Game Boy game will need to be played in the meantime. The game will be Pokemon Diamond (Telefang) it will begin when 31d shows on the run timer.

30d 13h 40m One fire punch later and Spooks23 is down. Evan whited out!

30d 13h 39m Fox is down! Spooks the Gastly is our only hope!

30d 13h 36m Fox is out against Hypno!

[Fluff] Friendly reminder, an EGG can't battle!

30d 13h 33m Wobbuffet did a destiny bond, so Tux is also taken down!

[Fluff] I thought the Konami sequence in Demo worked...

30d 13h 30m OK, inputs start to work again, and back to Anarchy!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: HeyGuys

30d 13h 5m Democracy mode again!

30d 12h 59m Input counter is approaching 2,844,200, still a while to reach 3 million.

[Fluff] Apparently salt is mentioned in twitch.tv/food, as there was a lot of PJSalt emotes used.

30d 12h 46m Trying to break record for OneHand per minute, but only reached 10%. TriHard

[Chat] Open topic.

30d 12h 23m We're back to Anarchy, still with broken inputs AI.

[Fluff] Winning candidates:

  • Wait2SelectAMove4BABA
  • Select2StartAMove2StartARun
  • Wait4StartItem1AMove2Run

Yeah, the last was mine.

30d 12h 4m [D] Now it's a free-for-all input session to see which combo commands win. Kappa

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: confirmed ai hates eggs

Projectrevotpp: no, see actually the 2nd player of the AI lives in a nearby star cluster, it's an alien and they're about 154,000 light years away

Projectrevotpp: it's gonna take a while OneHand

30d 11h 55m In broken Democracy mode!

[Chat] Wait4Will. Apparently inputs are not registering in anarchy.

30d 11h 41m The Mime fainted! Wobbuffet sent out.

[Info] Friendly reminder that military mode commands are no longer registered in the game, post teh urn. (Blame Revo, Kappa)

30d 11h 35m Just one psychic and our Rhyhorn is down! Next up, Fox! \o/

30d 11h 34m First Togepi quickly went down, now our Rhyhorn58 is facing Mr. Mime.

30d 11h 33m Now we're in the E4 again, battling Will with our new team...

[Info] Folks, like seriously...?

30d 11h 25m Now things seemed to have calmed down. Time for the tear-jerking part of tallying... BibleThump

[Chat] fanguo: Thank god the EGG is safe FailFish

[Meta] My laptop crashed. Apparently we're releasing a bunch of mons at the PC. I'll try to make a summary after this mess...

30d 11h 11m I came back on stream right when--- WHAT JHH THE AERODACTYL IS RELEASED?!?!?!

30d 10h 48m In Democracy mode!

[Fluff] Well that took like 35 minutes in "slow mode". Kappa

30d 10h 46m Clefable down, Will defeated! Wow...

30d 10h 45m Slowking down, Clefable out. Tux is at red HP!

[Chat] As usual, discussing what the next run might be.

30d 10h 43m Will switches out Hypno but Tux quickly swept it away. Slowking is back out.

30d 10h 40m Tux is now facing tppSlowpoke's ultimate form.

[Info] Wait, one more. FailFish

30d 10h 38m Zen headbutt and Queendra is down! 2 more mons on our side...

30d 10h 37m Slowking sent out. Watch if streamer reacts...

30d 10h 37m Finally the "Doot" is down!

30d 10h 35m Both sides are now in red HP!

30d 10h 31m Xatu is sent out.

[Info] 4 more to go...

30d 10h 30m Another one later and the Mime is down.

30d 10h 30m Queendra is sent out and starts with Waterfall!

30d 10h 29m After a few attacks later, and hardly making a dent on the Mime, Fox fainted!

30d 10h 28m Fox is sent out.

30d 10h 27m Back to anarchy!

[Chat] raylias: If this is a riot, it's the dumbest form of riot I've ever seen.

Context: Chat is spamming A9 in demo to select EGG after Togepi fainted.

30d 10h 23m Seriously you guys...

30d 10h 21m [D] An EGG can't battle!

30d 10h 20m And I totally missed the fact that we were in Democracy mode 5 minutes ago. FailFish

30d 10h 17m RIP RRRHHQZ... BibleThump

30d 10h 16m Apparently Mr. Mime was switched out, and now switched in to face our... Togepi?!?!

30d 10h 14m Aerodactyl brought down by Wobbuffet's destiny bond!

[Info] Yes, we didn't heal, and we have effectively 4 mons.

30d 10h 11m Battling E4 Will! Mr. Mime vs Aerodactyl.

30d 10h 10m OK... We're rematching the E4, without military mode.

30d 10h 8m Flew to Victory Road somehow...

30d 10h 7m Apparently my eyes wasn't deceiving me just now. It's now morning in-game.

30d 10h 0m Out of the falls.

[Info] TwitchplaysPokémon the streamer is logged into Twitch chat now.

30d 9h 57m It's about 3:39am Sunday in-game.

30d 9h 46m Still surfing in Tohjo Falls. Meanwhile our party...

[Info] [Dev] Blackthorn Gym had a facelift since you guys saw it last too, and because it was changed after beating it, the trainers are still able to be fought if you want to fight some higher level trainers (and solve some puzzles!)

30d 9h 34m In Tohjo Falls.

30d 9h 31m Apparently that was a wild Azumarill, but chat was still adjusting to the "normal" way of running away.

30d 9h 28m We seem to be battling some trainer, but POKETEXT isn't spitting out anything recently so... [shrugs]

30d 9h 22m After some surfing, Evan made it to land!

[Snark] Military mode for Twitch-controlled speed-runs confirmed BEST mode.


30d 9h 11m Facing wild Golduck while surfing out east of New Bark. Now, how do we run away? Kappa

30d 8h 58m Oh, also, we're back in Anarchy now.

30d 8h 58m Used a Hyper Potion to bring Amber to full health

[Meta] Seriously it's the middle of the week, yet people are excited on stream and this updater.

[Chat] fanguo: Give it to a POKéMON you don't want Kappa

(purposefully cutting off "to evolve." at the end)

30d 8h 54m Evan received Everstone! (aka JorsunStone)


[Fluff] ELM: EVAN, you look great!

R-really Prof? [blushes]

30d 8h 43m Switched to Box 1(?), saved the game. Now inside the Box, looking at the Pokémon.

30d 8h 41m Deposited Shuckle. Leaving the PC, it seems.

30d 8h 40m Looking at our party, through the PC interface. Arrow is hovering over "Deposit" on Shuckle.

[Snark] We defied OLDEN's will to print some stuff out for us, and it's not corrupted!

↓ TriHard

[Snark] I tried hard to do it :V

(VBA lets you emulate the printer and save the output)

[Snark] LightningXCE, how did you manage to print something without interference from OLDEN?

30d 8h 33m Interacted with the desk nearby. It's Elm's PC but we can log out and use our own. We do.

Our printed diploma:


[Fluff] #Wait4StartSelectAMove1Run ;_;

30d 8h 28m Entered the Lab. Elf World quotes begin appearing in the chat.

30d 8h 27m In New Bark.

30d 8h 27m Flying somewhere.

30d 8h 23m Checked the Egg's summary. "It must be close to hatching."

30d 8h 20m Democracy

[Info] [Dev] Military mode has been turned off, it is now classic TPP style. We obviously need to do an E4 run now Kappa

30d 8h 14m Outside and riding the Bike.

30d 8h 14m In the Pokémon Center now.

30d 8h 11m We agree to look after a guy's Pokémon. It's a Lv. 50 female Shuckle named Shuckie in the party display.

30d 8h 9m In Cianwood now.

[Fluff] #Wait4StartSelectADemocracyLeftRight

30d 8h 0m Revo has disabled Military Mode. "It's had its course in the run."

30d 8h 1m Surfing in the water.

30d 7h 58m Near the Battle Tower.

30d 7h 50m Outside the center now.

30d 7h 46m We heal!

30d 7h 44m We deposit Miltank!

[Fluff] Not that it matters that much, considering we're officially in postgame, but habit. Keepo

30d 7h 41m We release a random Pidgeotto from Box 3!

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ missed all teh urns riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ education too OP

30d 7h 40m We turn on the PC briefly.

30d 7h 39m We step into the Olivine Pokémon Center

[Snark] His urge is strong. Told you there'll be an encore.

30d 7h 26m Joey calls! He wants another battle!

[Chat] FuudStamps: VoHiYo LADY JASMINE VoHiYo

30d 7h 22m We walk up to Jasmine and she speaks in Oaks voice. Oh, wait, no, someone pressed Select. She tells us once again that we're better, and wishes us luck.

30d 7h 21m Oh, we entered Olivine. I only noticed when we entered our favorite building in Olivine, Jasmine's Gym.

30d 7h 12m Entered Ecruteak.

[Chat] Zc230: One thing that wasn't explained was what happened to Abe? We saw him go into the secret passage and we never found him
Uuuvula: @Zc230 ABE IS ELM BORT
Hexate3: ABE IS ELM EleGiggle
Maneatinghobo: Plot holes WutFace
Matsiyasei: ABE is Elm WutFace

30d 7h 5m AY TONY Anthony calls to chat.

30d 7h 2m In Violet City again.

[Chat] JasonGuy299: kenya lost 80 levels DansGame Kappa
hajimeilosukna: too soon BibleThump

[Chat] We run into a wild Noctowl. Chat breaks out into BibleThumps.

30d 6h 52m In the Dank Dark Cave.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ because i slept through everything after diploma :(

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Encore! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] ...or at least call us again while the Voices are still controlling Evan... ;_;

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Victory over Joey! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 6h 43m Joey's Blastoise appears and gets Thundered by Fox! Joey defeated!

30d 6h 42m Fox comes out and misses an attack, and his Raticate Double Edges and takes itself down!

[Fluff] Joey took out one of our Pokémon! He's growing up so fast! :')

30d 6h 41m He sends out his Raticate, who tanks an Earthquake and COUNTERS! AMBER IS DOWN!

30d 6h 40m Amber takes down his Furret with Fly.

30d 6h 40m VS Joey! He and his 3 Level 80 Pokémon!

30d 6h 38m We're heading down Route 30 now.

[Fluff] Final fite with Joey hype! PogChamp BibleThump

30d 6h 35m We're riding our bike onto Route 31 when Alan calls us. (Let's hope that doesn't reset Joey's call for a battle...)

30d 6h 26m We passed through the National Park and are heading generally towards Violet City.

30d 6h 18m We're travelling back up through Goldenrod and towards the National Park.

30d 6h 15m Joey calls! He wants to battle!

30d 6h 14m We speak with the daycare lady. Ariados as grown 57 levels.

30d 6h 14m We turn on the PC!

30d 6h 10m We speak with the daycare man. He tells us Squirtle grew 64 levels.

[Info] This is the starter egg that always sits outside the daycare.

30d 6h 9m We found an Egg! It fills our 6th party slot.

30d 6h 8m We enter the Daycare.

30d 6h 5m Goldenrod.

30d 6h 3m We make a beeline through the park and out the other side.

30d 6h 1m We step into the peaceful music of the National Park. ~<3

30d 6h 1m We step into the National Park's gatehouse.

30d 5h 56m And suddenly the sky clouds over with ash clouds as Cinnabar erupts violently again. Night time!

30d 5h 56m Route 36.

30d 5h 52m Arrived in Violet City.

30d 5h 49m Picked a Persim Berry off a tree!

30d 5h 48m Back outside and heading towards Violet City.

30d 5h 46m We bike into Dark Cave.

[Chat] A Ledian appears. Chat breaks out into "OLDEN WutFace"!

30d 5h 39m We speak with Joey. He unfortunately doesn't feel like its time to battle right now.

30d 5h 38m We head down Route 30 at an alarming pace.

[Info] We currently have no balls, so unless we get to a Pokemart we won't be catching anything to fill that last slot. We can of course always withdraw someone from the PC.

[Fluff] No one. We fly in a missing-man formation forevermore. BibleThump

[Fluff] Who will fill the 6th slot now?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: "Huh? Why is my Pokémon level 100?"

30d 5h 35m [Info] Kenya is no longer in our party... BibleThump

(TM50 is Substitute)


30d 5h 34m WE HAND OVER KENYA Also we get TM 50 but who cares.


30d 5h 34m Anarchy returns! We keep trying to give him Amber.

Thanks Kenya BibleThump 7

30d 5h 34m Fat Man: "Huh? What's that? You have mail for me?"

[Chat] Wall of BibleThumps

30d 5h 33m [D] We move around the tree and face the fat man. Demo at 52%.

30d 5h 32m [D] We hop the ledge. There's now a tree between us and the fat man.

30d 5h 31m [D] We head east onto Route 31.

[Chat] BibleThumping and saying goodbye to Kenya.

30d 5h 30m [D] We fly to Violet City!

30d 5h 29m [D] We throw a saddle on Amber. (Kenya doesn't know Fly anymore guys.)

30d 5h 26m [D] We head downstairs and go outside.

[Chat] Z33k33: DBstyle ALRIGHT RETURN KENYA PEOPLE L BibleThump R E

[Streamer] S_sonick: And it was after the credits finished

[Streamer] S_sonick: Confirmed with Revo that we have a final save

[Info] Kenya can now be delivered to the fat man on Route 31.

30d 5h 23m [D] We attached Randy's letter to Kenya again!

30d 5h 22m [D] We go to our mail box. There's only a single letter here for "RANDY". Everything else is letters to ourselves.

[Fluff] *woke up, read the updater*

ヽ༼- ͜ʖ-༽ノ REAL VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼- ͜ʖ-༽ノ

*Proceed to brush teeth...*

30d 5h 21m [D] We turn on the Item PC again.

[Chat] The Extreme End BibleThump

30d 5h 20m [D] We talk to Joey a long while.

[Chat] JOEY PogChamp

30d 5h 18m [D] Joey calls!

30d 5h 17m [D] We send Kenya's TEH URN mail to the PC.

30d 5h 16m [D] We go into the Party Menu and select Kenya's mail.

30d 5h 14m [D] We exit the PC, leaving "only" 47 Max Potions inside.

30d 5h 14m Democracy mode!

30d 5h 12m We withdraw an Escape Rope, Stick and an X Accuracy. We deposit a Power Herb an Oran Berry a LOT of Max Potions, a Hyper Potion. We then withdraw a couple of those things back out.

30d 5h 12m Up in Evan's new room again. We turn on our Item PC.

30d 5h 5m Arnie calls us and asks us to battle and/or do a bug catching contest.

30d 5h 5m Mom can tell we're trying very hard. Or that the chat has broken out into TriHards at least.

[Fluff] We read the sign for Evan's house. Maybe Evan will finally get to settle in at his new home?

30d 5h 2m Riding around New Bark on our bike. Demo vote is at 86%.

[Info] [Dev] The dev team are working on cleaning up scripts, areas, maps, dialogue, broken features, and encounters. Please bear with us as we get everything wrapped up. You'll be sure to hear about it on the forums once we get it finalized.

30d 4h 58m We speak with Elm. All he's concerned about is some long forgotten egg.

[Chat] is calling for Elm to rematch us.

30d 4h 57m In Elm's lab.

30d 4h 56m We're outside.

[̛̗̝S̯͖̙̱̕n̙̯̝̲a̟̥͜r̥͍͖͎͓͖̘k̨̞]͙̙̞̪̟̕ ͕S҉͚i̥͖̠͚̞̳̪l̺̭͍̭͇̬ly̮̜͙̪ ̗͍̦̟d̫̮̻̦̟͚̱͠e̹̩̣̹͓̣͜v̢͈͍̦̳͚͔s͈̮̻,̩̺́ ̭y̧͎͈͎̺̗̟̙ǫ̦̤͍͍͔͈u̼̖̞ ̺̣͓̝̞̖k͙͔n͏͕̞o̪̫͍̭̞ͅw͉̠̺̙͉͝ ̦̺̕a̵̟̞̮̦̹l͕̺̹̯ĺ͎̭ t͓̫o͏͈͙o̰̜ ̛we͝l͏͍̦̪̝̼͔̠ļ̼̦̫̺͇ ͖t̼̗̖̣̘͎h͚̲̗̣a̙̺̝̖t̵ ͕̺̬i̘̱̫̤s̵̺̪͍͕ a̶̪̲ͅ ̸̦̪̤f͏̪̘̱̱̹o̭͚̼̙̼̯͘ͅol͉͕̘͎̹̦̦͟'̨̬̭s̯̺̳ ̡̟̭͍̺ḛ̵͍̟̝͕ͅr̻̤̖r͈͎̳̝̳̖͞a̧͎̙̥̼̖̙ǹ͕͖̭͚̥̭d̗̩̬͔͖!̘

[Dev] The ROM will be publicly released at some point in the future. We still need to apply some finishing touches and ensure Olden's mark has truly been eradicated from the game.

30d 4h 50m We're up in our room right now.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: HeyGuys

30d 4h 47m We saved a few times for good measure.

[Info] So, it took over 30 days to complete the entire run! Good job everyone!

30d 4h 45m We continue the game! We're back in New Bark Town!

30d 4h 45m The stream has reset!


30d 4h 42m Inputs are going, donations are coming in, democracy at 51%. Just chillin here with no music.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: streamer intervention needed to close the run up

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: enjoy the demoscene 3D graphics for now

[Fluff] There are currently 1.3K viewers on stream!

30d 4h 39m The credits have no stopped making sounds and are simply sitting at this THANKS FOR PLAYING screen.

Thanks for playing! -2016 TPP Dev Team

30d 4h 38m Some serious mode7 like stuff is going on now with a "THANKS FOR PLAYING" screen!

30d 4h 38m A dancing Totodile next to the AI and testers!

[Fluff] Magikarp BABA I mean. Not the host.

30d 4h 37m Baba appears beside the sprite artists!

[Info] This credits are for the TPP version Devs! Also Leech King is dancing now!

30d 4h 36m And a second set of credits begins! With inputs behind them! And dancing helix!

30d 4h 36m The credits read TEH URN instead of "The End"

[Fluff] inb4 this was another fake ending.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CONGRATULATIONS! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ANOTHER VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 4h 34m Elm speaks with us and the credits music plays! Then the credits begin playing again!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 4h 34m Corsola falls to another earthquake! ELM DEFEATED!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN FOR REAL ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 4h 33m Moo's earthquake is tanked as Corsola continues the rockslide Tyranitar left off with. A Return from Moo is not as successful as the earthquake.

30d 4h 32m Actually last Pokémon: Corsola. Moo vs Corsola.

30d 4h 32m Miltank sits back with some milk and watched Tyranitar suffer under poison. It goes down!

30d 4h 31m Moo comes out and throws a toxic on Tyranitar before it Rock Slides us!

30d 4h 30m Another surf gets tanked easily. And another. Tyranitar crunches us and takes Queendra down!

30d 4h 30m Full Restore used on Tyranitar.

30d 4h 29m Only Tyranitar remains. Queendra surfs it up. It tanks, and sandstorms.

30d 4h 29m Queendra comes out and surfs the waves. Donphan falls!

30d 4h 29m Tux's attempt to put it to sleep falls short and another Fire Blitz burns Tux up!

30d 4h 28m Donphan blitzes us with fire! That hurts!

30d 4h 28m Tux vs Donphan. They both have leftovers. We revive Queendra!

30d 4h 27m Fox vs Donphan. Unfortunately, Fox can't do anything and falls to a single Earthquake!

30d 4h 26m Queendra vs Donphan. We continue our beam of ice. Donphan fells Queendra with earthquake!

30d 4h 26m We ice beam. Xatu falls!

30d 4h 26m We surf. It psychics. We end up with less health.

30d 4h 25m Queendra vs Tyranitar. We revive Kenya! Queendra vs Xatu.

30d 4h 24m Meganium tries to petal dance, but we fly it first. Meganium down!

30d 4h 24m Meganium's outrage misses as we fly, and Meganium gets rid of the resulting confusion with a berry. Our fly brings it to the red. Meganium reflects.

30d 4h 23m Queendra vs Meganium. Amber vs Meganium. Meganium uses Outrage. We use Earthquake.

30d 4h 22m We swap to Queendra, who tanks Houndoom's Flamethrower easily. Queendra surfs up, and Houndoom goes down!

30d 4h 21m Houndoom thinks up more nasty plots as we hit ourselves.

[Info] The AI is taking its sweet time with this fight.

30d 4h 21m Elm uses a Full Restore as we continue to Petal Dance.

30d 4h 20m Houndoom thinks up a nasty plot. We attempt to Petal Dance it. That brings it into the red.

[Info] The music is an 8-bit remix of the Pokémon World Championships Finals theme from Black and White.

30d 4h 19m Tux vs Tyranitar. Tux vs Houndoom. Sludge Bomb does decent damage with a crit.

30d 4h 18m Kenya vs Donphan. Kenya vs Tyranitar. Psychic doesn't effect, but Rock Slide hurts like hell. Kenya down in one hit!!


[Info] The wall reads "BEHOLD THE LEGENDS"

{Info] There's also statues of the 3 legendary dogs and birds.

30d 4h 16m We arrive in a room where there's statues of a bird! AND IT MOVES!

30d 4h 15m We head up a passage here with statues down the middle! This looks like it might be the end of the maze?!

[Fluff] The wall at the top here says "WOWDEKUONEHAND"


30d 4h 14m We head up the ladder easily.

30d 4h 12m We move up a small pathway here and spot a fourth ladder!

30d 4h 12m We drop down another hole here.

30d 4h 8m Up the third ladder again!

30d 4h 4m Currently in the lower caves, bouncing off the walls to the beat of the music. ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

30d 4h 1m And back down the first hole again.

30d 3h 59m We seem to be up the first ladder again.

[Fluff] Apparently the "RIOTSPIT" was supposed to be "RIOTSPOT", which would make more sense, certainly.

30d 3h 54m We fall down the hole. It was the wrong hole. There's only a way back from here.

30d 3h 53m We find a hole. We dance around it, ever noncommittal.

[Fluff] Currently staring at a wall that says "POGCHAMP"

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 3h 51m We climb up and are soon next to a wall that says "RIOTRIOTRIOT".

30d 3h 50m We found a third ladder.

30d 3h 48m We jump down the ledge and find ourselves under the first hole. First hole best hole, I guess.

[Fluff] We were at a wall before that said "LOVEYOUGRACEPOGCHAMP"

30d 3h 46m We find another hole north of the second ladder. We drop down it onto the top of a ledged platform.

[Fluff] The wall at the top of this ladder says "RIOTSPIT" WutFace

30d 3h 43m Instead of going down, we go left and find another ladder.

30d 3h 43m We end up falling down the same hole again.

30d 3h 40m We dance around a hole and find out that the path we were going down before (with the hole we fell down twice) is actually a dead end.

30d 3h 36m Currently having trouble with the ladder. The start of this bit of the Ruins of the Voices is trolling us, with a dead end just to the left at the top of the ladder that we will go into easily with left spam.

[Snark] I wonder if that's going to make it into the cart release.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: i will fire who ever wrote that

[Fluff] http://imgur.com/xP4dQJP

30d 3h 33m We fell down the same hole again, btw.

[Fluff] I'm gonna need a bunch of images with circled phrases now. Especially that last one pika just posted.


30d 3h 29m Back up the ladder at the bottom of the cave, and into the Ruins of the Voices again.

[Fluff] EleGiggle

[Chat] screams and WutFaces over ledges!

30d 3h 28m And we fall down one! We're back in the cave below!

30d 3h 27m There's a lot of holes in the floor around here.

Another part says "TEHURN"

If you look closely at the wall, part of it says ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 3h 25m We go up a ladder! Suddenly we're in an area with the Ruins of Alph tileset!

[Info] Our team has been healed without any explanation.

30d 3h 25m We follow him inside! We fall down a hole! We're in another cave!!

30d 3h 24m Abe says "WAIT4BABA" wanders around randomly after the defeat! Then a door opens under the mural! He goes in!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 3h 23m Dragonite isn't looking too good after that thunderbolt, and it wraps up Fox. But Fox isn't phased and another thunderbolt brings it down! ABE DEFEATED!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 3h 23m Another thunderbolt hits after a Growth! Zapdos goes down! Fox vs Dragonite!

30d 3h 22m Fix misses the second time though, and Thunder strikes Fox.

30d 3h 22m Abe uses another Full Restore. Fox hits the +2 evasion Zapdos, though.

30d 3h 21m Fox gives it a thunderbolt while Zapdos tries to dodge with Double Team. A second thunderbolt hits, though!

30d 3h 21m Tux falls to another drill peck! Fox vs Zapdos.

30d 3h 20m Amber is revived! Zapdos sleeps on. Fox is revived! Zapdos wakes up and drill pecks.

30d 3h 19m Tux vs Zapdos. Tux puts Zapdos to sleep.

30d 3h 18m Amber flies, to little effect. Zapdos thunders, to much greater effect. Amber down! Only Tux left.

30d 3h 17m Zapdos appears again! A speedy Drill Peck takes Kenya down again! Amber appears! Abe uses a Full Restore!

30d 3h 17m Kenya vs Venomoth. Kenya's air slash does a lot more damage. Venomoth is down!

30d 3h 15m Venomoth psychics things up a bunch while Fox misses a thunderbolt. Kenya is revived! Fox goes down!

ヽヽ༼༼ຈຈل͜ل͜ຈຈ༽༽ノノ I C U BUT DO U C ME ヽヽ༼༼ຈຈل͜ل͜ຈຈ༽༽ノノ

30d 3h 15m Venomoth comes out as does Jolteon! Chat WutFaces over them having the same cry!

30d 3h 14m Amber comes out, and ICU goes down to poison!

30d 3h 14m ICU uses Surf twice to take out Moo!

30d 3h 13m ICU clamps down on Moo! But it's losing health fast and we're only gaining health from Leftovers.

30d 3h 12m Moo manages to poison ICU as it continues to multiply on us!

30d 3h 11m ICU opened by tanking a Return and setting up some Double Teams.

30d 3h 11m And earthquake takes down Slowbro. 4 v 4 now. Moo vs ICU.

30d 3h 10m Queendra is taken down by Psychics! Moo vs Slowbro.

30d 3h 9m Victreebel is taken out with an Outrage! Queendra vs Slowbro.

[Snark] Sorry Abe, Wrap isn't OP this gen.

30d 3h 7m Fox vs Zapdos. Queendra vs Victreebel. Ice Beams and Wraps are traded!

30d 3h 7m A Hyper Beam hits Zapdos, and Zapdos finishes off Kenya with a drill peck!

Here's a picture of the mural. Sorry, the very top is cut off.

30d 3h 5m Kenya vs Abe's Slowbro. Kenya vs Zapdos. We heal. It misses a thunder.

30d 3h 5m We speak to the trainer here! VS Pokémon TRAINER AIIIAAB!!

[Info] Also there are wild encounters here as well.

[Info] The mural looks like it shows Lugia, Ho-oh, the 3 legendary dogs and the 3 legendary birds. Also Unown spell out "YOUR FATE ENDS HERE".

30d 3h 3m There's a massive mural on the wall here!

30d 3h 3m We arrive at the top!

30d 3h 1m We pop out into a non-dark cave!

30d 2h 49m Still meandering in the total darkness, running into Magmar and other Pokémon. This cave's layout could be completely different from the original cave, and we'd have no clue.

30d 2h 31m Walking around in the dark of Mt. Silver a bit.

30d 2h 29m Bird Jesus goes down to poison! ORIGINAL RED DEFEATED! He says "Start9" in defeat and then vanishes.

30d 2h 28m Bird Jesus comes in vs Tux and gets sludged and poisoned! Bird Jesus falls back on pocket sand.

30d 2h 26m This time Amber easily takes out Helix (chat says in revenge for the E4), and The Fonz comes out for a surf at Amber.

30d 2h 25m ATV tanked a lot of what Queendra threw at it, but it does go down eventually! Helix comes out against Amber!

30d 2h 23m Miltank manages to take out Air!

[Info] Also it looked like his intro sprite was more a Dome Fossil than a Helix fossil.... someone didn't get that right...

[Info] When we went to enter Mt. Silver, we got knocked back by Red coming out of the caves. Then he immediately challenged us.

30d 2h 19m Zapdos already took out Kenya! And Fox takes out Zapdos! The team has their original nicknames!


30d 1h 54m We are heading north on Route 26.

[Chat] Spamming the new emote ChefFrank

30d 1h 48m We exit on the other side of Route 27.

30d 1h 42m We get up the waterfall.

30d 1h 39m Picked up a Moon Stone!

30d 1h 38m We return to Tohjo falls.

30d 1h 37m Anarchy back!

30d 1h 35m Chat cant decide what to do with democracy.

30d 1h 32m Democracy enabled We are outside Tohjo Falls.

30d 1h 32m The visual is back!

30d 1h 31m The sound is flickering off and on.

30d 1h 30m Stream back online. We leave Tohjo Falls and enter again.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 1h 28m The stream (visual) is down but the sound of us using Waterfall to go up the water can be heard. The game is then saved.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 1h 28m Stream down.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: get ready to riot HeyGuys

30d 1h 25m We enter Tohjo falls.

30d 1h 21m We start to surf east.

30d 1h 19m After defeating the E4 we do what we know best and that is get behind a sign and walk into a wall for a while.

30d 1h 19m Back in New Bark Town.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MT SILVER OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 1h 15m He tells us Mt. Silver has been unlocked and bring us to Hall of Fame room.

30d 1h 15m Professor Oak shows up.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

30d 1h 14m Marowak goes down! Azure defeated! 7th Attempt at rematch e4!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH URN RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


30d 1h 14m We use Petal Dance!

30d 1h 13m Miltank down to Surf! We switch in Venusaur! We use Growth and it uses Ancientpower. We go down to yellow. Poison takes it out! Her final Pokémon is Marowak!

30d 1h 13m We send out Miltank and use Toxic. It uses Surf against us. Miltank drops down to around half health or so. Revive used on Venusaur!

30d 1h 12m Amber vs Helix! We Rock Slide and flinch it. Earthquake takes it down to low yellow. It uses Surf! Aerodactyl fainted!

30d 1h 11m She sends out Omastar!

30d 1h 11m We bring out Aerodactyl and drop some rocks with Rock Slide. Exeggutor fainted! Two Pokémon remain for Azure!

30d 1h 10m She sends out Exeggutor. We Sludge Bomb it. It goes down to red as it uses Psychic! Venusaur fainted!

30d 1h 10m We bring out Venusaur and it uses Fire Blast. We survive with red health and take down Charizard with Sludge Bomb!

30d 1h 9m Charizard is sent out. We blast it with Thunderbolt. It barely hangs on with red HP! It uses Earthquake. Jolteon fainted!

30d 1h 8m Azure sends out Alakazam. We Thunderbolt it anyway, but it doesn't even take it to yellow. We get hit with Psychic, and it does about the same damage to us. We switch to Shadow Ball. Alakazam barely hangs on! Another Psychic hits. We go down to 7 hit points, and then heal with leftovers. We Thunderbolt. Alakazam down! Four Pokémon remain for Azure!

30d 1h 7m A second Double-Edge takes us down to red, but we need to recharge. It attacks again. Noctowl fainted! Jolteon is sent out. We Thunderbolt it down. Five Pokémon remain for both of us.

30d 1h 6m Noctowl vs Pidgeot! It starts with Double-Edge and takes us down quite a bit. Noctowl Hyper Beams because that is simply what it does best. It goes down to yellow.

30d 1h 6m Vs Azure!

30d 1h 6m Lance heals our party!

30d 1h 5m Kingdra vs Kingdra action! We attack first with Outrage! Kingdra down! Lance defeated!

30d 1h 4m We get hit with a Wing Attack and Kingdra is down to yellow. We decide to use Surf. He goes down to red and a Wing Attack takes us very low. Revive used on Venusaur! We use Outrage. Charizard down!

30d 1h 3m Charizard is sent out. It uses Fire Punch. It brings us downt or ed as we need to recharge. He then switches to Wing Attack. Noctowl fainted! We bring out Kingdra. Revive used on Miltank!

30d 1h 3m We need to recharge. It's Rock Slide misses! We Hyper Beam again! Tyranitar is down! Two Pokémon left!

30d 1h 2m We use Rock Slide and it drops down to almost half. Dragon Pulse takes us out. Aerodactyl defeated! Noctowl is sent out. Kingdra withdrawn for Tyranitar. We try to Hyper Beam it again.

30d 1h 1m Three Pokémon remain for Lance. He sends out Kingdra. Sandstorm annoys it a bit as we use a Max Potion on Aerodactyl! We then use a Hyper Potion on Jolteon! Kingdra continues to use Octozooka, as we go down to red and lose some accuracy.

30d 1h 0m Jolteon withdrawn for Aerodactyl. Crunch takes us down to red health. Tyranitar is withdrawn for Gyrados. We use Rock Slide. It goes down to yellow and Sandstorm takes it down to red. A second Rock Slide takes care of Gyrados!

30d 0h 59m Tyranitar is out once again. We Shadow Ball for some reason. It uses Crunch. We hit it with a Thunderbolt and it goes down to yellow. Tyranitar uses Sandstorm.

30d 0h 58m We use Shadow Ball and Mewtwo drops to red health. It uses Light Screen. A second Shadow Ball takes down Mewtwo! Four Pokémon remain for Lance!

30d 0h 58m Miltank survives a Psychic with 5 HP left. We take advantage of that to Revive Aerodactyl! But Miltank goes down! Jolteon out next.

30d 0h 57m A SECOND Full Restore used on Mewtwo. We Return again and Leftovers slowly heals us. Revive used on Noctowl!

30d 0h 56m Miltank out next! Full Restore used on Mewtwo! We use Return and do around 1/3rd damage to it. Psychic takes us down to yellow health. A second return does the same, and Leftovers brings us back to green.

30d 0h 55m We Rock Slide. It flinched! Mewtwo is down to yellow, around 1/3rd health remaining. We switch to Crunch. Mewtwo barely hangs on! Aerodactyl down to Psychic!

30d 0h 54m Mewtwo attacks with Psychic, but fails to take us to yellow. We crit on Ice Beam, and only do about 1/3rd to it as well. We withdraw for Aerodactyl. It Psychics again. Aerodactyl is down to yellow.

[Info] Over 1,000 people are viewing! The energy level of the fans in this stream has been turned up to 11!

[Snark] That's no dragon.

30d 0h 53m Dragonite goes down! Five Pokémon remain for Lance. Mewtwo comes out next.

30d 0h 52m We attack ourselves in confusion. A second Blizzard hits. We are down to red. We attack ourselves in confusion and it uses Outrage. Venusaur fainted! Kingdra out now. We Ice Beam.

30d 0h 51m Venusaur out next. Tyranitar withdrawn for Dragonite. We use Petal Dance. Not a lot of damage done. We attack again and do a little more damage, but it replies with Blizzard. Surprisingly, it didn't even do half damage to Venusaur.

30d 0h 50m We Hyper Beam and still do little damage. Rock Slide hurts. Noctowl down to red. We have to recharge. Noctowl fainted!

30d 0h 49m Gyarados withdrawn for Tyranitar! We Air Slash but.. very little damage.

30d 0h 49m Vs Lance! Noctowl vs Gyarados!

[Fluff] I'm calling that the "Tank and Heal" strategy. Good work, men!

30d 0h 46m Hyper Potion used on Noctowl! Hyper Potion used on Aerodactyl! Our team is at full health except for Miltank now. We switch to return and Umbreon goes down! Karen defeated!

30d 0h 46m Hyper Potion used on Miltank! Umbreon is stillt rying to Faint Attack us. After Leftovers it seems to do around 30 damage.

30d 0h 44m Hyper Potion used on Aerodactyl! It's not fully healed. Miltank uses Milk Drink once it gets down to red. Hyper Potion used on Jolteon!

30d 0h 43m Noctowl revived! Team entirely revived. Aerodactyl goes down to red and we switch to Miltank. Faint Attack doesn't hurt much with the Leftovers we have on her. Hyper Potion used on Venusaur!

30d 0h 43m It starts to use Double Team as we use a Revive on Venusaur! We then Use Revive on Miltank!

30d 0h 42m Gengar goes down. Umbreon out next. We switch for Aerodactyl and use Fly.

30d 0h 41m We switch to Jolteon and then start to Growth. It uses Curse.

30d 0h 40m Hyper Potion used on Jolteon! Shadow Ball crits! Venusaur fainted! We send out Aerodactyl.

30d 0h 39m Shadow Ball takes is to yellow. We sleep Gengar. Sludge Bomb does minimal damage to it. We Sludge Bomb a second time. Revive used on Jolteon! Gengar wakes up.

30d 0h 38m We cant hit it. Poison Jab takes us down to yellow. We go down to red and get poisoned. Poison takes down Jolteon! Venusaur out next. We get hit with Fire Punch and Venusaur takes out Sneasel with Sludge Bomb. Gengar out next.

30d 0h 36m Earthquake takes it down to very little health as it uses Crunch. We withdraw for Jolteon. It takes a Crunch but Thunderbolt takes down Houndoom. Sneasel out next. We Thunderbolt it. It uses Minimize.

30d 0h 35m Four Pokémon remain for us and Karen as Houndoom is sent out. We withdraw for Aerodactyl.

30d 0h 34m Petal Dance takes us down very low as we use Milk Drink. A second Petal Dance takes us out. Miltank fainted! Venusaur is sent out next. We Sludge Bomb it down.

30d 0h 33m We use Return and take it almost to half. It tries to Toxic us, despite already being poisoned. A second Return takes it down to red and it tries to Toxic again. Hyper Potion used on Venusaur!

30d 0h 32m Fly takes us down to red. It uses Dark Pulse. Noctowl fainted! Miltank sent out. We use Return and Noctowl goes down. Vileplume out next.

30d 0h 31m We use Air Slash and it uses Faint Attack. We don't hurt each other too much. We switch over to Psychic and it uses Double Team. Umbreon is withdrawn for Murkrow and we go back to Air Slash. Dark Pulse flinches us as it switches to Fly.

30d 0h 30m Vs Karen! This is our first attempt at her since getting to the rematch. Noctowl vs Umbreon!

[Info] Our Party has been fully healed except Miltank who is talking random Poison damage from walking and Venusaur who is at half health or so.

[Chat] TriHard

30d 0h 26m Our confusion clears and we Petal Dance it down. Bruno defeated!

30d 0h 25m Steelix comes out. Petal Dance continues and it drops in a single hit. Two Pokémon left. Machamp comes out again and we Petal Dance through confusion. Machamp fainted! Last out is Rhydon once more. Leftovers has us now fully healed. We hurt ourselves in confusion.

30d 0h 23m More Mach Punches come our way. We Sludge Bomb it down. Four Pokémon remain. Hitmonlee comes out. The Leftovers on Venusaur is slowly bringing us back to full health again. We use Petal Dance. Hitmonlee goes down!

30d 0h 22m Hyper Potion used on Noctowl! Hitmontop starts to use Rolling Kick. Even a critical hit does minimal damage. We Sludge Bomb it down to yellow. It uses Drill Run. It then uses Mach Punch as we go back to using Growth.

30d 0h 19m We attack ourselves in confusion. We then use Growth. It continues to Poison Jab for minor damage, although we are down to yellow. Hyper Potion used on Venusaur! Bruno gets fed up and switches to Hitmontop.

30d 0h 18m Hyper Potion used on Venusaur! Only Noctowl is not more or less fully healed. However Miltank is still badly poisoned.

30d 0h 17m Hyper Potion used on Aerodactyl! Machamp isn't hurting us too much, although we are at around half health. Hyper Potion used on Kingdra!

30d 0h 16m Petal Dance confuses us as it hits with Dynamic Punch. All of our Pokémon are now revived. Hyper Potion used on Miltank!

30d 0h 15m Machamp is sent out. We Petal Dance some more. It drops down to yellow and misses with DynamicPunch. Revive used on Aerodactyl! DynamicPunch misses again.

30d 0h 13m Hyper Potion used on Jolteon! We use Petal Dance. Hitmonchan fainted!

30d 0h 12m Revive used on Kingdra! Hitmonchan still asleep. Revive used on Noctowl! Hitmonchan woke up.

30d 0h 11m Revive used on Jolteon! Hitmonchan woke up. It keeps using Mach Punch and we put it to sleep again.

30d 0h 10m It uses Mach Punch and we put it to sleep with Sleep Powder. We continue using Sleep Powder.

30d 0h 8m We send out Venusaur and Sludge Bomb. It uses Ice Punch and we drop to yellow. Hyper Potion used on Venusaur!

30d 0h 7m Rhydon gets sick of our antics and gets withdrawn for Hitmonchan. We use Ice Beam on it. Kingdra fainted!

30d 0h 6m We send out Kingdra. Revive used on Venusaur! Kingdra is down to red.

30d 0h 5m Aerodactyl sent out. Revive used on Kingdra! Aerodactyl fainted!

30d 0h 5m Revive used on Aerodactyl! Venusaur fainted!

30d 0h 3m Miltank is out again. We switch for Venusaur.

30d 0h 3m We withdraw for Jolteon. Jolteon fainted!

30d 0h 2m Vs Bruno! Miltank vs Rhydon!

[Info] Currently we have Miltank, Venusaur, and Jolteon remaining. However we have many revives.

We're on Day 31 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251!

30d 0h 0m Miltank takes down Crobat with a return. Koga defeated!

29d 23h 59m Miltank is sent out again. We Return and Nidoking drops. Crobat out next.

29d 23h 58m Surf takes down Venomoth. Nidoking is out next. It eats a Surf and goes down to red. Kingdra down from poison!

29d 23h 56m We Milk Drink to heal but it uses Toxic. We use Return then switch out Kingrda.

29d 23h 54m Miltank sent out. We use Earthquake. Arbok goes down. Three Pokémon remain for Koga. Next out is Venomoth.

29d 23h 53m We send out Noctowl. Revive used on Venusaur! Rock Slide takes us to yellow. We use Psychic and it drops down to yellow as well. Gunk Shot takes us down to red, but we get poisoned! Noctowl fainted!

29d 23h 51m Aerodactyl out again. Koga sends out Arbok. Revive used on Miltank! Aerodactyl fainted!

29d 23h 50m We withdraw for Noctowl. Flash Cannon does little to it. We withdraw again for Venusaur. It uses Explosion. Venusaur fainted!

29d 23h 50m We switch over to Fly. It misses. Forretress goes full Smogon and uses Spikes.

29d 23h 49m We use Earthquake. It doesn't do a lot of damage. It uses Flash Cannon. We Earthquake again and it's still not in yellow. A second Flash Cannon takes us to red.

29d 23h 48m Full Restore used on Ariados and we drop some rocks on it with Rock Slide. It goes right back into yellow health. A second Rock Slide drops the spider. Forretress is out next.

29d 23h 46m A second return takes Ariados down to low yellow. Miltank faints to poison damage! Aerodactyl out next.

29d 23h 45m It tries to Toxic again as a second Return takes it down to low red health. Crobat withdrawn for Ariados. We use Return on it instead.

29d 23h 44m We Toxic each other. Only one of them works. It starts to Double Team. Return drops it to half health.

29d 23h 43m Noctowl withdrawn for Miltank. Forretress withdrawn for Crobat.

29d 23h 43m Vs Koga! Noctowl vs Forretress!

29d 23h 39m One hit takes out Slowking. Will defeated!

29d 23h 38m Clefable withdrawn for Xatu. We Shadow Ball again and it instantly drops. Clefable is out again. Another Shadow Ball drops it. Last out is Slowking.

29d 23h 36m Hypno out next. We Shadow Ball it as well. It drops in a single hit. Next out is Clefable. We Shadow Ball it but it survives. It attacks with Moonblast and we lose around 1/3rd of our HP.

29d 23h 35m Mr. Mime goes down in a single hit. Wobbuffet out again. Shadow Ball drops Wobbuffet in a single hit as well.

29d 23h 33m It ran out of Destiny Bond but we are still using Growth. 5 used so far. Wobbuffet gets withdrawn for Mr. Mime as we use a sixth Growth.

29d 23h 32m We start to use Growth on Jolteon as it continues to use Destiny Bond.

29d 23h 31m We use Growth as it uses Destiny Bond. We Growth some more and it Destiny Bonds some more. We withdraw for Jolteon.

29d 23h 30m Noctowl is up against Mr. Mime. We withdraw for Venusaur. Will withdraws Mr. Mime for Wobbuffet.

29d 23h 29m Vs Will! E4 Rematch Attempt #7!

[Info] After Koga's fight, a surge of democracy votes came in so that we could heal. However, we ended up talking to Bruno before even reaching 80% on the slider.

29d 23h 26m We use Growth. Rhydon uses Earthquake. Jolteon fainted! We white out! Attempt #6 is over!

29d 23h 26m Vs Bruno! Jolteon vs Rhydon!

29d 23h 25m We arrive in Bruno's room. This will be our first rematch attempt against him.

29d 23h 23m Forretress goes down! Koga defeated!

29d 23h 22m A few Thunderbolts takes it down. Forretress is out next and we hit it with a Thunder. It paralyzes it and takes it down to yellow.

29d 23h 21m Jolteon takes out Venomoth with a Thunderbolt. Arbok is out next.

29d 23h 20m Miltank fainted! Only Jolteon remains.

29d 23h 19m Two Returns takes it down to red, but Miltank is badly poisoned. We then try to Toxic the poison type.

29d 23h 18m We send out Miltank who takes out Ariados. Venomoth is out next.

29d 23h 17m Surf takes Ariados to half as it misses its attack. A second Surf takes it down to red. Kingdra goes down to Megahorn!

29d 23h 17m Jolteon is sent out. Leftovers brings it almost to full health. We Shadow Ball and it survives with a sliver of health. We attack again and Crobat goes down! Next out is Ariados. We withdraw for Kingdra and Ariados is out again.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I still think of "Koga is a ninja" in that text-to-speech accent when I read Koga's name

29d 23h 15m It uses Fly as we drop down to red. We Air Slash again. Crobat is now in yellow. It flies up high again and Noctowl fainted (again)

29d 23h 14m Ariados is sent out and we withdraw for Noctowl. Ariados gets withdrawn for Crobat who gets hit with an Air Slash again.

29d 23h 14m Surf drops it to red. It crits us again with Drill Run and we go down to red as well. Nidoking goes down!

29d 23h 12m We withdraw for Kingdra. Nidoking uses Focus Energy. Revive used on Noctowl!

29d 23h 12m We send Jolteon out. Crobat withdrawn for Nidoking.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppRng

29d 23h 10m We Psychic it down to red but it heals with a Full Restore. It flies up high and we miss and we then attack and we miss again. Noctowl down to poison!

29d 23h 8m Forretress withdrawn for Crobat. We attack and it uses Toxic on us.

29d 23h 8m Vs Koga! Forretress vs Noctowl!

29d 23h 7m Will defeated!

29d 23h 6m Slowking comes out. We withdraw for Miltank.

29d 23h 6m Wobbuffet is taken out. Hypno is out next. Shadow Ball takes it down as well.

29d 23h 5m Three Pokémon remain for Will. Wobbuffet is sent out again.

29d 23h 4m We use Growth again. Slowking gets withdrawn for Xatu. It eats a Thunderbolt. Xatu goes down!

29d 23h 3m Slowking gets Crunched. We get hit with Waterfall. A second Crunch takes it down to red. Waterfall takes us out. Aerodactyl fainted! Jolteon out next.

29d 23h 3m Mr. Mime is down! Four Pokémon remain. Slowking is out next.

29d 23h 2m Aerodactyl out next. Will uses a Full Restore on Mr. Mime. We Rock Slide. It drops down to below half.

29d 23h 1m Venusaur eats a Psychic. We Sludge Bomb it down to red and a second Psychic takes us out. Venusaur fainted!

29d 23h 0m We withdraw for Venusaur. Mr. Mine is sent out.

29d 22h 59m Hypno withdrawn. Clefable comes out. It eats a Shadow Ball next. It goes down to yellow. A second Shadow Ball takes down Clefable!

29d 22h 58m Hypno is still alive with a sliver of health after a Shadow Ball. We get hit with Fire Punch again. Leftovers helps mitigate damage.

29d 22h 57m Wobbuffet withdrawn for Hypno. We use Growth some more. We still stick with Growth. Hypno hits with Fire Punch, it doesn't do a lot.

29d 22h 56m Noctowl withdrawn for Jolteon. We use Growth and it keeps trying to Destiny Bond.

29d 22h 55m We Hyper Beam it down to red due to critical. It uses Destiny Bond again. We need to recharge and it keeps trying to destiny Bond.

29d 22h 54m Mr. Mime withdrawn for Wobbuffet. We Air Slash. It uses Destiny Bond.

29d 22h 53m Vs Will! E4 Rematch attempt #6! Mr. Mime vs Noctowl!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: i took the mail because you guys decided to praise that bird DansGame

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: It's now burning Kappa tppRiot

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: never EVER praise chatot, i tried to warn you, you didnt listen

[Snark] I guess we don't "Love Chatot" that much after all.

29d 22h 47m We took the mail off of Aerodactyl in Anarchy.

29d 22h 46m Entered the first room!

29d 22h 45m Anarchy is back!

29d 22h 44m We fly to the Indigo Plateau.

29d 22h 40m Oak: Whoa! A perfect Pokedex! I've always dreamt about this! Congratulations!

29d 22h 38m Entered Oak's Lab.

29d 22h 37m We fly to Pallet Town!

[Info] We're still in democracy, btw.

[Snark] Our team is now fat.

29d 22h 29m Jolteon holding Leftovers now as well.

29d 22h 27m Venusaur now also holding Leftovers.

29d 22h 26m Miltank now holding Leftovers.

[Fluff] She can wear it as her crown now.

29d 22h 23m Kingdra now holding King's Rock.

29d 22h 22m Aerodactyl's mail says LOVE CHATOT

[Snark] Message currently reads LOVE CHAT. inb4 Revo times out the entire chat and enters a b9 command himself.

29d 22h 15m Gave Aerodactyl Flower Mail!

29d 22h 12m Noctowls mail says: TEH URN

29d 22h 6m Gave Noctowl Flower Mail.

29d 22h 4m Removed the mail from Venusaur.

[Info] The message on the mail is just "1"

29d 21h 58m Gave Venusaur Flower Mail.

[Info] Current Party order: Noctowl, Aerodactyl, Miltank, Kingdra, Venusaur, Jolteon

29d 21h 53m We leave the Pokémon Center.

29d 21h 48m We switch to Box 3.

29d 21h 48m Aerodactyl withdrawn!

29d 21h 47m Noctowl withdrawn!

29d 21h 46m Kingdra withdrawn!

29d 21h 44m Miltank withdrawn!

29d 21h 43m Jolteon withdrawn!

29d 21h 41m Aerodactyl deposited!

29d 21h 41m Noctowl deposited!

29d 21h 40m Miltank and Kingdra deposited!

29d 21h 40m Jolteon deposited!

[Info] I believe we are attempting a "box trick" in which depositing, and withdrawing Pokémon at level 100 will allow stats to be recalculated (and thus increase).

29d 21h 38m PC turned on.

29d 21h 35m Mail removed from Venusaur. We exit all the menus and get a call from Irwin.

29d 21h 33m Mail taken from Jolteon as well.

29d 21h 30m Mail taken from Kingdra and Miltank as well.

29d 21h 27m We seem to be removing the mail from our Pokémon (We are still in Democracy).

29d 21h 25m We send Noctowl's mail to the PC.

29d 21h 21m We send Aerodactyl's mail to the PC.

29d 21h 18m Entered the Pokémon Center!

29d 21h 17m We leave the Game Corner store.

[Snark] Gross

29d 21h 16m [D] We buy leftovers with our coins

29d 21h 10m [D] We start buying some coins

29d 21h 6m [D] We enter the game corner

29d 21h 2m [D] We leave the mart

29d 21h 0m [D] We buy 51 max potions

29d 20h 59m [D] We buy 99x Revive

29d 20h 55m [D] We sell a paralyze guard and 10 Poké Dolls

29d 20h 52m [D] We sell 2 nuggets and a Super Potion

29d 20h 48m [D] Anthony says hi

29d 20h 47m [D] We use PP UP on Amber's Rock Slide


29d 20h 41m [D] We try to buy 99 Revives, but our bag is full

29d 20h 38m [D] We're now buying some items

29d 20h 32m [D] Fox forgot thunder wave for shadow ball!

29d 20h 29m [D] We're teaching Fox shadow ball now

29d 20h 23m [D] We have no balls

29d 20h 22m [D] Finally, we find the one selling TM30! Bought: 1xTM30

29d 20h 19m [D] Another two have been spotted on the left!

29d 20h 18m [D] We've spoken to all four, and none of them have the TM we want (TM30 Shadow Ball, I believe)

29d 20h 17m [D] Still wrong... so fourth one it is

[Info] I just realised there are four clerks, we've tried two so far. Now talking to the third

29d 20h 15m [D] This one was also not the one we wanted

29d 20h 14m [D] We spoke to the wrong person, it seems. Trying the other clerk now

[Info] We have ₽ 311960 thanks to the developers

29d 20h 10m [D] We start shopping, first for TMs

29d 20h 8m [D] We enter the Celadon mart, time for some shopping?

29d 20h 5m [D] We get a call from Alan

29d 20h 4m [D] We leave the mansion

29d 20h 1m Democracy activated

29d 19h 59m We read someone's emails

29d 19h 53m We escape the roof, we've gone down two floors now!

29d 19h 49m We escaped the roof momentarily, but are now back in our little corner on the roof. Evan must like the view or the privacy here or something.

[Correction] The "N" was our mail. Thanks for pointing that out renakunisaki!

[Fluff] "Welcome back TwitchPlaysPokemon!"

29d 19h 40m We currently seem obsessed by this bottom left corner of the roof.

29d 19h 30m We looked at our Miltank's stats and it showed a Green Screen with "N" on it.


[Fluff] The roof of this building, like others, is floating in a background of blue, with no building below it.

[Fluff] There's a quite obscure text at the roof of this building in Crystal. I wonder if it's preserved in this hack...

29d 19h 26m Arnie calls us, and he's wondering if we have Skiploom. Looks at Diploma

29d 19h 25m We head to the roof.

[Fluff] We had such a hard time talking to him before, now we can't stop.

29d 19h 20m Also every time we talk to the designer he says Congratulations! and then fan fare music happens.

29d 19h 19m We try printing the Diploma, but we get error 2.

29d 19h 16m AND WE GOT $300,000! THANKS GAME DESIGNER!


[Chat] Chat breaks out into WutFaces and one person asks "Father?!"

29d 19h 11m We talk to the graphic artist. They drew us!

29d 19h 8m We talk to a programmer, who recommends gambling to a minor. Nothing unusual here!

29d 19h 1m We're in Celadon Mansion btw.

[Fluff] We are not dealing with stairs too well.

29d 18h 56m We're going to the same place where we got the Diploma last year.

29d 18h 51m And now Celadon.

29d 18h 49m Now we're on Route 7!

29d 18h 49m We're just chilling on our bike around the city.

29d 18h 46m We take the train! In Saffron.

29d 18h 43m Now we're in Goldenrod.

29d 18h 41m Now in Route 35.

29d 18h 37m We're in the National Park now.

29d 18h 31m Now we're on Route 36.

29d 18h 28m Alan calls us, letting us know his Sudowoodo is getting stronger. Also techy talk.

29d 18h 28m After running from an I, we leave the ruins.

29d 18h 26m We find an E, and then immediately run from it.

29d 18h 23m And.... we KO it. GG.

29d 18h 22m We've encountered a H. We paralyze it with Thunder Wave.

29d 18h 20m We use another Hyper Potion on Fox. Then we run.

[Info] My name starts with D. Just saying.

29d 18h 20m Second Great Ball fails. We use a Hyper Potion on Fox!

29d 18h 19m We're trying to catch the D! A Great Ball fails.

29d 18h 16m We throw a Great Ball, but it fails.

29d 18h 15m Anarchy!

[Info] [D] We're naming unowns after chat people or memes

29d 18h 14m We found a C! Peeps want to name it either Chauzu or Chatot.

29d 18h 9m [D] We made a Dome! Hizzah!

[Info] Whatever Unown shape you see first in the wild is the one whose picture appears in the standard Pokedex.

29d 17h 53m [D] We're doing the Dome Puzzle.

29d 17h 48m [D] Oh, it stores data of all Unown types too...

29d 17h 47m [D] Now our PokeDex lists the Pokemon in the sequence they were caught!

29d 17h 46m [D] The guy outside, a professor, modified our Pokedex!

29d 17h 44m [D] And we exit the ruins. The guy outside automatically talks to us.

[Snark] Thats how the Unown we just caught was reacting to it being caught. WutFace

29d 17h 42m And we did.

[Chat] is WutFacing a lot.

29d 17h 40m We're naming it WutFace.

29d 17h 38m DEMOCRACY

29d 17h 37m We caught an Unown-Y, Level 25, Great Ball

29d 17h 36m Nickname is ?TllkB??TU

29d 17h 36m Another S, Level 28, 2 Great Balls.

29d 17h 34m Nickname is LC)ja

29d 17h 34m We catch a Level 26 S with 2 Great Balls!

29d 17h 31m Nickname is vvlu()sjrᵐᶰ.

[Fluff] It's name almost began with a Y, to match its letter. But alas we deleted that name.

29d 17h 30m Y, level 26, Great Ball.

29d 17h 29m We find a W, and use a Great Ball before running.

29d 17h 28m Nickname is HGPPRQYZZ

29d 17h 28m Second Great Ball catches an Unown-Z, level 26.

29d 17h 28m We find a Z and our Great Ball fails.

29d 17h 27m Nickname is  YQH

29d 17h 27m Unown W, Level 26, Great Ball.

29d 17h 25m We caught a Level 26 U-Unown, Great Ball nickname is   ZZZZZ ZQ

29d 17h 25m We use another one before running.

29d 17h 24m We've run into an S and have burned two Ultra Balls on it.

29d 17h 22m Bill swaps boxes for us via PokeGear. We also save.

29d 17h 22m Nickname is VMD/VV!?!/

29d 17h 21m We've run into a U Unown and used two Ultra Balls to catch it. Level 25!

29d 17h 20m We use another Ultra Ball before running.

29d 17h 20m Another Ultra and Great Ball fail.

29d 17h 19m We find an Unown Y. A Great Ball fails. Same with our Ultra Ball.

[Fluff] heh, poo

29d 17h 17m We run into an Unown W, throw an Ultra Ball and then run away.


[Fluff] Unown confirmed OP OpieOP

29d 17h 16m Nickname is OP

29d 17h 16m We immediate catch another U, Level 26, with a Great Ball.

29d 17h 15m Nickname is YNOYYQH

29d 17h 15m Another Great Ball catches a Unown-U, Level 27

29d 17h 14m We ran and then ran into a U-Unown. We throw a Great Ball and Ultra Ball, which both fail.

29d 17h 12m Another Y. 2 Ultra Balls fail.

29d 17h 12m Nickname is AA

29d 17h 11m We've found a W! Ultra Ball catches it. Level 27

[Fluff] Y indeed.

[Fluff] Why do always end mons' names with KKK?

29d 17h 10m Nickname is JZPYQQZKKK

29d 17h 10m Premier Ball catches Unown-Y Level 26.

29d 17h 9m We've found a Y Unown. Two Ultra Balls fail.

29d 17h 8m Nickname is R IIAAHH

29d 17h 7m We find a U Unown. Two Premier Balls are used to catch it! Level 25!

29d 17h 6m Second Ultra Ball catches Level 25 Unown-S. Nickname is ,,,XXYPPYY

29d 17h 6m Second Ultra Ball catches Level 25 Unown-S. Nickname is ,,,XXYPPYY

29d 17h 5m Anarchy

29d 17h 5m We've run into an S Unown. We throw the Ultra Ball! It fails.


29d 17h 4m [D] We made an Amber! Congrats!

[Fluff] If we get a Sinnoh game, THE CALCULATOR IS BACK PogChamp

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ MUSIC PLAYER FIRST OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SAILOR MOO SEASON 2 OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ORIGIN PLATINUM OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PLATINUM OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Rip free time hype NotLikeThis


[Info] HYPE!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's possible that a second run will begin after this one is over, it was anticipated that it would take longer to finish and so PBR2.0 is not yet complete

[Chat] Looks like there's a new global Twitch emote, given how it's being spammed in the chat suddenly.

[Dev] We were going to put an additional dungeon here which would have required Unown Dex, but eventually scrapped it.

29d 16h 42m [D] We start the Aerodactyl sliding puzzle.

29d 16h 42m [D] We're in democracy, btw.

29d 16h 42m We enter the actual ruins themselves. Time to spell the alphabet.

[Fluff] Who says we don't like challenge?

[Dev] Unown Dex is completely optional.

29d 16h 39m We're in the Ruins of Alph now.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BELATED 251 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I am outside ;_;

29d 16h 38m And now we're in Route 32. Looks like we're making our way back to Professor Elm's Lab.

29d 16h 33m We heal!

29d 16h 33m [Correction] Sunskerns nickname is qh, not with a space in front.

29d 16h 33m Checkpointed! We're in the Pokemon Center.

29d 16h 32m We're in Violet City!

29d 16h 31m  qh was sent to Bill's PC.

29d 16h 29m We caught a level 20 Female Sunskern with a Premier Ball

29d 16h 27m [Correction] The 29d16h20m Mareep didn't have a nickname.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE 251 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] I can neither confirm nor deny that we caught all 251 Pokémon.

It is possible that we have caught all 251 Pokémon

𝟚𝟝𝟙 𝕙𝕪𝕡𝕖

251 𝓱𝔂𝓹𝓮

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ UNORIGINAL RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ 251 RIOT ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 251 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

29d 16h 20m And for good measure, we catch a level 18 female Mareep. Nickname is 4 spaces followed by a Z.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 251 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 251 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 251 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 251 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

29d 16h 18m Lv. 17 female Chikorita caught! That makes 251! Nickname is ------S

29d 16h 17m Oh hi wild Chikorita. Chat breaks out in PogChamps, 'Rita gets paralyzed, and we start throwing Balls. No luck yet.

29d 16h 14m Caught Lv. 17 female Pineco, nickname is p](small PK)zg

29d 16h 10m Onto Route 30

29d 16h 9m Now in Cherrygrove

[Chat] FMKirby: Straightest line I've seen TPP walk in all game Kappa

29d 16h 2m In New Bark, then to 29.

29d 15h 51m Caught Lv. 56 male Meganium, nickname is KKKKJJJJJJ. One left.

29d 15h 45m Anarchy

29d 15h 45m Nope, back indoors.

29d 15h 44m Outside, finally.

29d 15h 35m Now rearranging Miltank's moveset.

29d 15h 31m Rearranging Fox's moveset order.

29d 15h 9m A bunch of sound effects are played, most of it unrecognizable. Still cool to listen to.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DANCE RIOT (COMING SOON) ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

29d 14h 58m SFX test time. It's a levelup.

29d 14h 58m "Music Player (Coming Soon)"

29d 14h 56m In Democracy now.

29d 14h 50m Healed

29d 14h 48m On the route with the healing house, leading up to Victory Road.

29d 14h 44m Hyper Potion used on Fox

29d 14h 37m Caught Lv. 54 male Wartortle, no nickname

29d 14h 32m Used Hyper Potion on Miltank

[Chat] rapid_jazz: @ep1cnights what if we find a shiny chikorita drowning Kappa

[Chat] z33k33: DBstyle chikorita AND meganium making the last 3 2, who imagined that o_O

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ EL CHICOS HERE WE COME ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

29d 14h 22m Caught Lv. 57 female Jumpluff, nickname III. Two left.

29d 14h 17m Caught Lv. 57 male Sandslash, nickname is RQYYPQpp

29d 14h 15m Used a healing item on Fox.

29d 14h 11m Walking on and occasionally surfing around near that brick bridge.

29d 14h 7m Outta the Falls.

[Chat] RenaKunisaki: SwiftRage Oak pls, we want to bike in the water

29d 14h 4m In the falls now, surfing around.

29d 14h 2m Near the entrance to Tohjo Falls.

29d 13h 59m Anarchy is back! We're surfing to the east of New Bark.

29d 13h 58m [D] Flew to New Bark Town.

29d 13h 56m Evan walks out of the house and felt the morning breeze caressing his face...

29d 13h 54m [D] Fox forgot Hidden Power and learned Growth!

[Fluff] Apparently we're walking the talk on keeping Pokémon free from "inhumane treatments".


29d 13h 48m [D] Kenya forgot Zen Headbutt and learned Heat Wave!

29d 13h 38m [D] Tux learned Growth!

29d 13h 37m [D] Paid Holden the move relearner.

29d 13h 30m [D] Flew to Goldenrod City.

[Info] Tux has one slot left for its moveset, apparently we're heading to the Move Relearner for that.

29d 13h 25m [D] Aerodactyl forgot Sky Attack and learned Fly!

29d 13h 19m [D] Kenya learned Psychic!

29d 13h 17m [D] She also learned Return!

29d 13h 14m [D] Miltank learned Earthquake!

29d 13h 13m In about half an hour, morning should arrive in-game.

[Info] In a menu flash, chat notices 41 Ultra Balls left in Evan's inventory.

[Chat] "BloodTrail Yes, all part of the plan"

29d 13h 8m [D] Tux forgot Cut!

29d 13h 5m [D] Kenya forgot Fly!

29d 13h 2m [D] She also forgot Strength!

29d 13h 0m Miltank forgot Whirlpool!

29d 12h 57m In the Move Forgetter's house, still in democracy.

29d 12h 55m Outside.

29d 12h 52m Bought 31 Ultra Balls, received one Premier Ball.

29d 12h 49m In the Mart.

29d 12h 48m We flew to Blackthorn.

29d 12h 46m We're outside the Battle Tower, in Democracy, trying to fly somewhere.

[Info] Next up, opponent no.4. Ready?

"Who are you? I don't know you."

SAGE STREAMER wants to battle! SAGE STREAMER was defeated!

"Who am I? I don't know…"

[Fluff] L BORT R E

29d 12h 19m We just fought a Sage Streamer. Apparently he doesn't know who he is.

[Chat] "WONG MING LEE totally legit Chinese name MingLee EleGiggle"

29d 11h 42m We are fighting the second dude.

[Info] Our final three Pokemon can only be caught during the day, and it is currently night.

29d 11h 21m At Battle Tower.

29d 11h 17m In Olivine now.

[Fluff] Updater will be taking another break, apologies again.

[Info] On this, POKETEXT logged 47 Ultra Balls bought, so Tustin wasn't off by a lot.

29d 11h 9m In Ecruteak now.

29d 11h 0m In Violet City.

29d 10h 58m Call from Joey.

29d 10h 49m Went onto the route to the north of there.

29d 10h 48m In Cherrygrove now.

29d 10h 45m We're on one of the early Johto routes.

29d 10h 42m Caught Lv. 20 male Spinarak, no nickname given

29d 10h 40m Found X Speed

29d 10h 38m Trainer's defeated.

29d 10h 36m Used a Hyper Potion on Fox. An Elekid's on the field now.

29d 10h 33m Versus Camper Ted, Fox against Hoothoot. Owl goes down easily, Teddiursa sent in. We try to catch it but it does not work. And then the trainer is defeated. Versus another trainer, Picknicker Erin. Smoochum against Fox.

29d 10h 24m On some route somewhere, encountering 'mons in grass.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ THE FINAL 3 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

29d 10h 13m Out of the Ice Path on the Blackthorn side.

29d 10h 12m We go back to Anarchy and it is not given a nickname!

29d 10h 10m Caught Delibird! Level 50 Female, it will be named in Democracy.

29d 9h 52m We're in Democracy and against a wild Delibird.

29d 9h 36m We are still in Ice Path looking for Delibird. We have only seen one so far.

[Fluff] Updater will be taking a break, should return soon. Apologies.

29d 9h 28m Pretty sure we used another healing item.

29d 9h 11m Used a healing item on Fox

29d 9h 3m Found a PP Up

29d 9h 1m We're in the Ice Path now.

29d 8h 56m Back outside. We're in Anarchy now, not sure when that happened.

29d 8h 49m Hi Silver. We talk to him, his theme plays, then dialogue finishes and it goes back to normal Den music. Then we Headbutt some trees.

29d 8h 47m Caught Lv. ? male Dratini, nickname is VUUUUUU!!! That's another dex entry, and all of Kanto mons caught.

29d 8h 39m Surfing.

29d 8h 35m Entered the Dragon's Den. WutFace music

29d 8h 35m Surfing in the water behind the Gym.

29d 8h 28m Flew to Blackthorn.

29d 8h 26m We're in democracy now, looks like we're trying to fly.

[Info] 5 more to go!

29d 8h 10m Caught Lv. ? female Bellossom. Nickname is (two spaces)ZZ ZZZD/. We switch boxes successfully and save the game.

29d 8h 3m Headbuttin' trees.

[Chat] togawe: DE MingLee BIRD

29d 7h 59m In another route now.

29d 7h 58m In Ecruteak.

29d 7h 50m On the route north of Olivine.

29d 7h 46m Wandering around outside in Olivine.

29d 7h 41m Bought ~50 Ultra Balls, got 2 Premiere Balls! We have $600 left.

29d 7h 39m Sold 1 Scope Lens and 8 Super Potions

29d 7h 39m Continuing to sell Super Potions... Not like we need them or anything.

[Meta] There's no way I'm going to be able to keep up with the mart properly, as POKETEXT is currently down.

29d 7h 37m We enter a mart.

29d 7h 31m Olivine City

29d 7h 28m We leave the Battle Tower.

29d 7h 26m We have ₽52200

29d 7h 24m The Bug Catcher's last Pokémon is an Unown R. It takes us out.

29d 7h 12m #5: Bug Catcher Smith

29d 7h 6m It got taken out before it decided to do anything, though.

[Chat] Oh *** (as Smeargle takes aim with Mind Reader)

29d 7h 4m Amber just got OHKOed by a Smeargle with Sheer Cold.

29d 7h 1m #4: Pokefan ♀ Jackson.

29d 6h 49m #3: Biker Eaton.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: There are 14 "dev" people in the tower. Try and fight us all MingLee

29d 6h 37m We beat Revo and that's what the trainer said. Next trainer is the less hype Swimmer Kaufman.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Then you really are the legendary...

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Oh yeah, our dev team names are random people in Battle Tower Kappa

29d 6h 24m Our first opponent is now Fisher Revo! Chat goes berserk with the "Wow OneHand"

29d 6h 22m "Thank you! A most enjoyable battle!" We get ₽1800 for being slaughtered on the first trainer. We enter again on normal mode.

[Fluff] Well, except when it double-rests via Sleep Talk.

[Fluff] Clearly Flareon decided to use up its 10PP Curse so when it slept-talked, it only used Flare Blitz. It's now in the process of sweeping the rest of our team.

29d 6h 18m Flareon finally used Flare Blitz via Sleep Talk, and OHKOed Kenya.

29d 6h 16m The Flareon may have run out of Rest PP at this point--never mind!

29d 6h 15m This Flareon now has 9 Curses on him. He still hasn't attacked.

[Chat] thinks this Flareon has rest twice in its moveset, given how it is still using it.

[Fluff] Also it has Leftovers, because of course it does.

[Fluff] Also this first trainer has a Flareon with Rest, Sleep Talk, and Curse. It's not really hitting us at all, but Tux is losing health from hitting himself thanks to petal confusion.

[Fluff] Vortex264 has successfully gotten only his name under the anarchy democracy slider. THe slider is at 37% right now.

29d 5h 51m Our first challenger is Pokefan Stock. As usual, updates will not be following the Battle Tower battles closely.

29d 5h 51m Anarchy in effect!

29d 5h 51m [D] Saved the game and into the Battle Tower Challenge we go!

29d 5h 50m [D] We select Hard Mode.

29d 5h 48m [D] We walk over to the battle tower lady robotically and speak with her.

[Snark] Tux, always the ladies' man.

29d 5h 47m [Info] Message is: ♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀

29d 5h 46m [D] We give the Flower Mail to Tux! Current message is "♀♀♀♀"

29d 5h 45m [D] Back in the pack. We select the flower mail. It matches Tux's petal dance.

[D] Our last remaining task with Democracy is to reattach Tux's mail.

29d 5h 44m [D] Out of the PC.

29d 5h 43m [D] WE WITHDRAW TUX!

[Fluff] There was a tug of war between depositing Forretress and releasing him.

29d 5h 40m [D] We deposit Forretress!

[Info] Chat was split on a for going to Bill's PC to withdraw Tux, or downa to go to Evan's PC to get Kenya's mail to put on Forretress.

29d 5h 37m [D] We access Bill's PC.

29d 5h 36m [D] We turn on the PC again.

29d 5h 36m [D] We cancel out of the menus.


29d 5h 35m [D] Pineco evolved into Forretress!

29d 5h 34m [D] We give a Rare Candy to the Pineco! It grows to level 50!

29d 5h 32m [D] We're back in the pack.

29d 5h 31m [D] We close the PC.

29d 5h 30m [D] We withdraw a L49 ♂ Pineco! (Not nicknamed)

[Fluff] There was a surge of down2a, which would have released Tux.

29d 5h 27m [D] WE DEPOSIT TUX INTO BOX 7!

29d 5h 25m [D] We turn on the PC again.

29d 5h 24m [D] Chat seems to want to withdraw and evolve a Pineco. I guess we got tired of banging Kenya's head on trees and having things blow up in our faces.

29d 5h 24m [D] We send Tux's Mail to the PC!

29d 5h 24m [D] We exit the PC and enter the start menu. We're now in the Party menu.

29d 5h 21m [D] We release a L28 ♀ Pineco, CBAIIIHG!

29d 5h 19m [D] We exit and re-enter Bill's PC.

[rip] The Pokémon in Box 13

29d 5h 16m [D] We release Box 13 and saved the game!

[Chat] omnibussu: SMSkull you feel your sins crawling on your back OneHand

29d 5h 13m [D] Once again we do the input dance to begin clearing the box.

29d 5h 12m [D] We select Box 13!

[rip] The Pokémon in Box 6

29d 5h 11m [D] We release Box 6 and saved the game!

29d 5h 7m [D] Chat is BibleThumping as we perform the await4select+b maneuver the clear command requires us to do, and begin reading the 30 text boxes it makes us sit through.

29d 5h 6m [D] We select Box 6 again.

29d 5h 5m [D] We attempt to clear the box, but the game rejects us.

29d 5h 5m [D] We select Box 6.

29d 5h 4m [D] We enter the box switching menu.

29d 5h 1m [D] We turn on the PC in the Battle Tower.

[Info] The plan seems to be to empty boxes 6 and 13 in Democracy mode.

29d 5h 0m Democracy in effect.

29d 4h 58m Heading up to the Battle Tower again.

29d 4h 50m [Info] Demo currently at 86%

29d 4h 48m Arrived in Olivine.

29d 4h 44m West of Ecruteak now.

[Snark] I don't see any Pinecoes on the website for The Producers' Project.

[Info] Before Bill called, we caught like 6 more Pinecoes, which are fortunately listed on TPP.org.

29d 4h 36m We're west of Mahogany now, still headbutting trees.

29d 4h 31m Currently attempting to use items on our Pokémon. Still does nothing to solve out current pc problems.

29d 4h 25m Still battling.

29d 4h 5m Bill calls. We've filled up every box in PC!

[Fluff] Remember our Oddish army in Emerald? This is kinda the same thing, but with exploding Pineco.

29d 3h 56m Still headbutting things. Hope that Kenya has a study skull.

29d 3h 42m Caught a male pineco, no nickname.

29d 3h 38m Still no dex progress.

29d 3h 7m in route 42.

29d 2h 47m Still headbutting trees.

29d 2h 38m Haven't obtained that forretress yet.

29d 2h 32m Still headbutting trees.

[Info] We caught Aipom a while ago, nickname VUUTTTTTTT. Sorry for the delay!

29d 2h 29m Apparently we are currently encountering eeveelutions.

29d 2h 24m Nothing notable so far except trying to look for a Pokémon.

29d 1h 54m Schoolboy alan just called us.

29d 1h 50m out of the mart. And still loafing around.

29d 1h 49m In the Pokémon mart right now. Possibly to get more balls.

29d 1h 45m Currently in violet city.

29d 1h 41m Obtained a persim berry

29d 1h 37m Cut a tree and we progress.

29d 1h 37m We are in route 31.

29d 1h 33m Currently headbutting trees outside of cherrygrove.

[Fluff] The nick started with a mix of M, C and Ds, but were erased.

29d 1h 27m Caught a ♂ Lv. 16 Hoothoot! Nickname: ///.×××

29d 1h 24m At Route 30.

29d 1h 20m Our Pokémon get a second dose of healing goodness before we leave the center.

29d 1h 19m Healed party too!

29d 1h 18m Checkpoint at Cherrygrove Poké Center!

29d 1h 15m We're at Cherrygrove for quite a while, now in the mart.

[Chat] depeches: Rip kenya, gonna get a concussion from the headbutting

[Fluff] #PokémonHealthAwareness

29d 1h 8m Kenya headbutting more trees.

29d 0h 57m At Route 29.

29d 0h 53m For a moment, torn between going to Route 29 or New Bark.

29d 0h 44m Kenya is outside headbutting trees.

29d 0h 38m Currently in Prof. Elm's house.

29d 0h 20m In New Bark Town!

29d 0h 16m Caught a Lv. ? Pineco that fell from a tree! No nick given.

29d 0h 10m Queendra fainted! Kenya takes the lead, in front of Aerodactyl.

[Fluff] It's already a month? Wow...

We're on Day 30 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251!

28d 23h 59m Miltank fainted! Queendra now leads.

[Info] Our dex counter is at 243/251/251. Yes, 8 more to go.

28d 23h 52m Wasted a couple of Great Balls on a wild Wartortle.

28d 23h 50m Fox succumbed to its poison! Miltank is now leading the catching hunt.

28d 23h 46m A while ago Tux fainted. Fox is also poisoned from a wild battle.

28d 23h 42m Back to Anarchy mode!

28d 23h 38m [D] Now in the route between Kanto and Johto, whatever the number is.

28d 23h 34m [D] Making our way towards Kanto's Victory Road.

28d 23h 31m It's night time!

[Snark] inb4 SpearowZ as emote.

28d 23h 27m Caught a ♀ Lv. 58 Spearow! Nickname: Z

28d 23h 26m In Democracy mode!

28d 23h 11m Somehow heading up towards Viridian City.

28d 23h 8m Caught a ♂ Lv. 54 Exeggcute! Nickname: AB

28d 23h 7m Currently facing wild Exeggcute. Several balls were wasted.

[Fluff] The Gatekeeper is tamed.

28d 23h 2m Caught a ♂ Lv. 55 Pikachu! Nickname: HHHHHH

28d 23h 0m At Route 1, I believe.

[Chat] Mentioned sporadically, but finally brought to the attention of chat leaders that Delibird might only appear at night.

[Fluff] Kind of relevant: I have a Gyarados named "GYARaDOS" in Pokémon X.

[Fluff] Huh, and I found z/OS in Wikipedia.

[Snark] RoboBird running ZapDOS.

28d 22h 51m Next encounter in the tiny pond, Chansey!

[Snark] One Zapdos, and then another? That makes it Zap-DOS!

28d 22h 49m 87% in voting bar. Will demo be activated again?

[Info] There was another Zapdos caught in pinball half an hour ago.

28d 22h 44m [Pinball] Caught Zapdos!

28d 22h 41m Next encounter in a long time, Wobbuffet!

28d 22h 31m Oh it's back to Fast?

28d 22h 31m Somehow changing text speed back to Slow again, before demo happened.

[Chat] taken405: We can cut trees when we don't want to, sure. But as soon as we do want to cut a tree...

28d 22h 25m Now it's more to 72%.

[Info] A/D voting bar now at 82%.

28d 22h 13m Next encounter, Squirtle!

[Chat] awec4: tppSlowpoke hey guys I heard you wanted encounters

28d 22h 12m The first encounter in the pond though? Slowpoke.

[Fluff] Evan surfing the Pokedex while surfing on Queendra.

28d 22h 0m So far, no wild encounters in that tiny pond.

[Chat] "Did we solve Viridian pond? Kappa"

"SwiftRage time to figure out the secret of Viridian Pond"

"secret of the pond? Kappa do we need dive or something?"


"there are people who think we need demo to screw around in a pond MingLee"

28d 21h 49m Finally back in anarchy!

28d 21h 47m [D] Irwin interrupts the perfectly executed swim in demo mode.

[Info] A/D voting bar at about 52%.

28d 21h 45m [D] Apparently trying to surf to catch Delibird, but reached the other side of the pond.

28d 21h 43m [D] Switched some party order.

28d 21h 39m [D] Kenya forgot Psychic and learned Zen Headbutt!

28d 21h 35m [D] Picked Miltank again, which apparently chat didn't want.

28d 21h 29m [D] Pointed Zen Headbutt to Miltank, but chat pulled back at the last minute.

28d 21h 24m [D] Back in menus, apparently teaching a move.

[Info] The Power Up we bought in Celadon game corner market was a Berserk Gene

[Chat] (Opened the bag) Hydrokape: BERSERK GENE WutFace

28d 21h 22m [D] B9 brings us out of the menus.

28d 21h 20m 88 is Screech. NotLikeThis per minute? Uncountable.

28d 21h 18m [D] 92 is Sing, close to breaking the all-time-high record for ResidentSleeper per minute.

[Chat] joshthescorpion: Twitch plays soundboard?

28d 21h 14m [D] Continues the remix down to SFX 98.

[Chat] sinr2014: PRChase ] Hello? is this 1-800-WOW-REVO? Thank you for having Pigu put the SFX Player in. We want the Music Player now though. PermaSmug ] Maybe later

28d 21h 10m [D] 106 is the phone calling effect. You can imagine chat's reactions.

28d 21h 8m [D] At SFX 109. Voting bar at 68%.

[Chat] pigdevil2010: seems like you guys are liking my SFX test so much :D

[Fluff] 44 KAPOW per minute was a fair indication though.

[Fluff] Unfortunately the amount of WutFace per minute isn't registered by http://kappa.ws because it isn't yet considered as an emote!

[Chat] x42bn6: Waka waka PogChamp It's time for Africa

28d 21h 0m [D] At SFX 122.

[Fluff] So Evan continues to stand before the Poké Center ledge in Viridian, listening to sound effect remixes...

28d 20h 55m [D] Chat is doing remixes for the last few ones.

[Chat] joycewu333: Evan's SFX player exploded!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ OFFLINE RI- oh, never mind

28d 20h 49m [D] At SFX 155, the stream loops several seconds of itself. Now the stream is completely off--- Oh it's back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] We're uncovering quite a few never-before-heard effects in this simple interface.

28d 20h 42m [D] The countdown from 206 continues...

28d 20h 39m [D] 206 sounds in SFX test confirmed.

28d 20h 38m [D] B won the vote and got us out of the options menu, but we're back in.

28d 20h 37m [D] Now we're heading to the moves SFX. RIP headphone users...

[Chat] edmund_ql_troll: MingLee 255 sounds Kappa

28d 20h 34m [D] Effect 73. Guess how high it goes...

28d 20h 29m [D] Effect 46. Chat came across an SFX they've never heard before!

[Fluff] It appears that righta2righta2righta2 times people out, including one prominent chat leader.

28d 20h 26m [D] Hivemind decided it's taking too long playing with the SFX, so they're sampling 3 per demo vote. Now at Effect 34.

[Chat] adrizel16: WE SHOULD GO BACK TO SOUND 25 BabyRage

[Info] For those not watching, the second page for options has these settings:

  • Menu tooltips: Off
  • Fast HP bar: Off
  • Clock format: 24-hour
  • Measurement unit: Metric
  • SFX test: [who knows how high]
  • Music player: (Coming soon)
  • Next Kreygasm
  • Exit

[Chat] WutFaces as they find the PC turn on SFX.

28d 20h 15m [D] Right+A8 command makes good remixes for the SFX test, apparently.

[Chat] z33k33: DBstyle how high does this go Kappa

[Chat] Reacting to those familiar sound effects.

28d 20h 12m [D] The hivemind are testing the SFX.

[Chat] joycewu333: EVEN MEASUREMENT UNITS OMG PogChamp


plasmaplayer: DLC CONFIRMED PogChamp

[Fluff] So many options in the next page... Kreygasm

28d 20h 8m [D] Changed text speed to fast.

28d 20h 4m [D] Evan stopped right before the infamous ledge in front of Viridian Poké Center.

28d 20h 2m [D] Party healed!

28d 20h 0m [D] While Evan made a beeline to the healing counter, Alan interrupted him with a call.

28d 19h 59m [D] Evan flew from Cerulean to Viridian, and checkpointed there!

28d 19h 57m We are in democracy right now

28d 19h 45m We go up to Route 24-25 to catch Aipom

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 10 TO GO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

28d 19h 33m We leave Route 9 for Cerulean

[Pokedex] 241/251/251

28d 19h 26m We catch a level 67 female Sandshrew, its name is RRRH (6 spaces before the RRRH)

28d 19h 21m We go to Cerulean then Route 9

28d 19h 7m We enter Vermillion

28d 19h 2m We catch a level 64 female Tangela, name is -------???

28d 18h 52m Tangela keeps hiding in the bushes of Route 11

28d 18h 49m We try to catch Tangela (non-acquired species) but we run from it after a few Great Balls

28d 18h 37m We switch gears to Vermillion instead of Lavender by going left

28d 18h 18m We head for Lavender

[Pokedex] 239/251/251

28d 18h 6m We catch a female level 62 Jynx, OOOOONN is its name

[Info] Did you know? The payout from Voltorb Flip is much higher than the slots.

28d 17h 51m We restore Queendra's HP with a Hyper Potion.

28d 17h 48m Onto Route 15. It seems we can catch a Jynx here.

28d 17h 46m We're welcomed to Fuchsia City by its incredibly catchy music.

28d 17h 44m We made it out! We're now on Route 18.

28d 17h 43m We're currently stuck at the bottom of Cycling Road.

28d 17h 41m Good morning, TPP!

28d 17h 40m Wheeeeee \ MingLee /

28d 17h 39m We're back on Cycling Road.

28d 17h 38m We get a call from Dana inside the gate.

28d 17h 37m We leave Celadon City and head west, to Route 16.

28d 17h 32m We find a Leftovers inside a trash can inside a restaurant

28d 17h 28m We buy a Power-Up whatever that is for 50 coins

[Snark] 2000 coins on something we could have just picked up from Mom's fridge?! NotLikeThis

28d 17h 19m We buy a Leftovers for 2k coins

28d 17h 17m We leave the corner and enter the mart that accepts coins


We dip under 2k coins

[Snark] !slots 9999

[Snark] Im starting to think its rigged, how come i dont get 777 that much

[Snark] Just when streamer talked we dont get more 777's, tppRng

[Chat] Randomdkguy: all i do is win win win no matter what got coins on my mind i can never get enough \ Kreygasm /

28d 17h 1m We have 2k~ coins

[Info] There are some machines on the floor here that have better odds than others, just like real life Japanese slot machines. Looks like we found the one with the best odds imaginable.

[Fluff] RIP /u/Mega-charizard.

<message deleted>

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppRng abuse

28d 16h 58m 28d 16h 58m I DIED AGAIN 6TH JACKPOT




28d 16h 54m We get another JACKPOT!

28d 16h 48m We almost get another jackpot PJSalt


28d 16h 39m We enter Celadon Game Corner and begin to gamble

28d 16h 29m We make it back up to Celadon

Chat believes that its the first time in tpp to ever go to that trainer in the games since its hard to do https://imgur.com/Peaxs6T (we could have went right path to make it easy but i think it was difficult to steer right once we rolled down)

28d 16h 25m We catch a level 60 male Beedrill, its name is xh once we spam b+up and go the grass

28d 16h 21m His Granbull was named HARDTEETH and his Tauros is BULLRIDE

28d 16h 20m We manage to get to the last trainer and his pun is 'BEE positive'

28d 16h 15m Chat is spamming select to buffer and go to the last trainer

[Snark] TPP did this evoMindBlown

28d 16h 14m We fly to Celadon and go back to Cycling Road and anarchy activates

28d 16h 6m Democracy activates

28d 16h 1m We struggle going up the hill to fight the last trainer

28d 15h 48m We cycle down Cycling Road! Kreygasm

28d 15h 43m We enter the house where we get Fly in Gen 1 and she says Cycling Road is filled with bees this season so she cant even go outside :(

28d 15h 40m We just catch a level 61 Male Pidgeot, its name is LLLLLLLLLL

28d 15h 37m Sorry, i lagged out a bit but pretty much nothing happened except for entering the route west of Celadon and cut the tree u to catch a Pidgeot

28d 15h 19m We enter Celadon

28d 15h 13m We head to Celadon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

28d 15h 3m We think Aipom is day only and enter Cerulean

28d 14h 44m Call from Joey.

28d 14h 42m Down to 24.

28d 14h 24m On Route 25.

28d 14h 22m In Bill's house now. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Chat] KyoZero: LEE VEE MingLee

28d 14h 11m Caught Lv. 73 male Blastoise, new dex entry. Nickname is YYYYYYYYYY

28d 14h 0m Surfing.

28d 13h 58m In the area behind Bill's house.

28d 13h 49m We went up onto Route 25.

28d 13h 40m Outside in Cerulean and it is night. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

28d 13h 31m Aerodactyl down to a wild Golem's KAPOW, white out.

[Chat] Soma_Ghost: MingLee LEE ZARDON MingLee

28d 13h 27m Caught Lv. 83 male Charizard! Another new dex entry. Nickname is JJJJJJJJJJ. We get a call from Bill, we do switch boxes.

28d 13h 26m Hyper Potion used on Aerodactyl

28d 13h 14m Caught Lv. 83 female Machamp! New Dex Entry. Nickname is /!!UUT Q

28d 13h 13m Noctowl down to wild Machamp

28d 13h 12m Anarchy.

28d 12h 43m In Democracy now.

28d 12h 41m Tux down

[Info] Pretty sure we're out of Ultra Balls now.

28d 12h 06m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Dragonite. It fails. We run away.

28d 12h 05m We use an Ultra Ball on a wild Golem. It fails and it explodes in our face. Jolteon fainted!

28d 12h 02m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Steelix. It fals. Kingdra fainted!

28d 11h 59m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Poliwrath who then poisons Kingdra.

28d 11h 54m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Steelix. It fails and we run away.

28d 11h 51m We are still exploring the cave. Nothing too eventful has transpired.

28d 11h 31m We are back in the cave.

28d 11h 25m On Route 24. Looks like we're heading back to the cave.

28d 11h 20m Noctowl went down to a Rock Slide from a wild Machamp, Aerodactyl also goes down, white out

28d 11h 17m Hyper Potion used on Aerodactyl

28d 11h 16m And the Charizard goes down to Flare Blitz recoil and Outrage-caused confusion.

28d 11h 13m Venusaur down to Flare Blitz or something

[Info] Kingdra and Jolteon are also down.

28d 11h 11m Miltank down to a wild Charizard

28d 11h 3m Used another Hyper Potion on Miltank

28d 10h 57m Used Hyper Potion(?) on Miltank

28d 10h 53m Caught Lv. 85 female Dragonair, nickname is LLLLLLLLLL

28d 10h 11m Landed! In Cerulean Cave!

28d 10h 8m Surfing.

28d 10h 7m Down to 24, and the water.

28d 10h 7m Now on Route 25.

28d 10h 4m We went into a house. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

28d 10h 2m Back in Cerulean.

28d 10h 1m Down the ledges.

28d 10h 1m We went to the Cave but now are in the area with all the ledges.

28d 9h 58m Going down to the water that leads to the Cerulean Cave.

28d 9h 57m On Route 24 and on the bike again.

28d 9h 54m Outside on the bike. Then off the bike.

28d 9h 53m Healed

28d 9h 50m Back in Cerulean.

28d 9h 50m On Route 24.

28d 9h 47m Back onto Route 25.

28d 9h 35m Caught Lv. 72 female Poliwag, nickname is QPPPQQIEEH

28d 9h 27m Caught Lv. 73 male Croconaw, nickname XXXWWWXM

28d 9h 17m Caught Lv. 73 male Poliwhirl, nickname is GG

28d 9h 12m Went through the door at the back of the house. Viridian Forest Gen 2 theme is playing.

28d 9h 11m In a house and the Cerulean music is playing. I think it's Bill's house. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

28d 9h 7m Back in the water.

28d 9h 6m Landed and now we are on the bike.

28d 9h 6m Surfing.

28d 9h 0m Still doing random encounters in the grass near Bill's house.

28d 8h 57m Used some healing item on Miltank

28d 8h 54m Fox down

28d 8h 48m Caught Lv. 61 male Abra, nickname ---------

28d 8h 47m Kingdra down

28d 8h 45m Used Hyper Potion on Kingdra

28d 8h 39m On Route 24 now, then 25.

28d 8h 36m Back in Cerulean. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

28d 8h 35m Caught Lv. 60 male Machop, nickname GGGGFFFFFQ

28d 8h 31m Caught Lv. 60 female Spearow, nickname !!--_ or something

28d 8h 26m On a route on our bike near some grass.

28d 8h 24m We went in the mart and then went back out.

28d 8h 21m Entered ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ Cerulean ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

28d 8h 20m In another route.

28d 8h 16m Went onto a route. Entered the gate between areas. Now in Saffron.

28d 8h 12m In the Pokémon Center right now. Healed

28d 8h 8m In the building now where we can buy things with coins from gambling.

28d 8h 6m Outside, it's daytime.

28d 8h 4m Leaving the Battle Tent ruins now.

28d 8h 2m Rock Slide used! Ho-Oh down! Moltres in again. Another Rock Slide, Moltres down, League PC ultimate team defeated! "Results: The challenger won."

28d 8h 1m Lugia down to Fox's Thunderbolt! Aerodactyl sent in against Ho-Oh

28d 8h 0m Tux down, Fox sent in.

28d 7h 59m Switched into Tux, Lugia is sent in.

28d 7h 58m Articuno sent in. A Rock Slide is unleashed upon it, it's an OHKO!

28d 7h 57m Miltank down, Aerodactyl back in. Zapdos down to Rock Slide.

28d 7h 56m Miltank paralyzed to Thunder. Its next Thunder misses and we pull off a Strength.

28d 7h 56m Zapdos in the Red and a Full Restore is used on it. It's poisoned.

28d 7h 54m Mewtwo down, next in is Zapdos against Miltank.

28d 7h 52m Mewtwo switched into Zapdos and Kenya goes down. Aerodactyl sent in and Mewtwo's out again.

28d 7h 51m Kingdra down and Noctowl is sent in.

28d 7h 50m Mewtwo's in the red, then the "Trainer" uses a Full Restore.

28d 7h 49m Switched into Mewtwo.

28d 7h 48m Versus League PC, Moltres against Kingdra.

28d 7h 41m In the Battle Tent ruins.

28d 7h 37m Back on land.

28d 7h 36m Surfing in that patch of water outside. Caught Lv. 60 male Grimer, nickname ////!]AAAR

28d 7h 31m In the Pokémon Center, we heal and checkpoint.

28d 7h 28m Outside, in Anarchy again.

28d 7h 20m In Democracy

28d 7h 19m In Celadon.

[Chat] has broken out into BibleThumps

28d 7h 18m Took the passageway to the west of Saffron, now in Route 7.

28d 7h 16m Went in that building on Route 6, now in Saffron.

28d 7h 13m In the route above Vermilion.

28d 7h 12m Off the bike, finally. Something's poisoned.

28d 7h 10m Biking around Vermilion.

28d 7h 7m We were in Vermilion for a second, now I believe we're in front of the Diglett's Cave.

28d 7h 6m And back in some wild encounter grass.

28d 7h 4m We're in the gate between one route/town and another.

28d 6h 51m Kingdra's also down now.

28d 6h 48m Another call from Joey.

[Fluff] Jolteon's currently fainted. Not sure when this happened.

[Info] It was two.

[Chat] ODD MILK <Emote>

[Info] There was either one or two spaces after the K in that name.

28d 6h 42m Caught Lv. 63 male Bellsprout, nickname ODDDMLLK

28d 6h 27m Call from Joey.

28d 6h 25m Caught Lv. 63 female Muk, nickname is !LLLLLLLCC

[Info] We did sell the PP Up I wondered about before, when we were at the mart.

[Info] That Muk's name is . (Sorry I didn't catch it before and I was AFK)

28d 5h 47m Stream is back.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SCREEN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

28d 5h 43m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT SCREEN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: get ready to riot

28d 5h 41m Caught a female Lv. 61 Muk!

28d 5h 33m We're in that weird fence maze.

28d 5h 28m Found a Nugget!

28d 5h 26m Heading down the water route south of Lavender.

28d 5h 21m Anthony calls about timid Dunsparce in a cave somewhere.

28d 5h 19m Found a hidden Revive!

28d 5h 13m East of Vermilion. We run into a random Snorlax in the grass. Not sure how we could miss something that big...

28d 5h 9m We arrive at Vermilion proper.

28d 5h 4m We disembark at Vermilion!

28d 5h 2m Saved!

28d 5h 0m Dana calls after we attempt to move a Pokémon without mail. She wants to battle.

28d 5h 0m We turn on the PC in our room!

28d 4h 59m We sleep in our bed, and the ship arrives at Vermilion!

28d 4h 58m We find our room and sit at the table here for a bit.

[Fluff] Evan: More Ships.... NotLikeThis

28d 4h 53m We get on the Fast Ship SS Aqua!

28d 4h 47m We buy 20 more Ultra Balls, 1 more Great Ball, and get 1 more Premier Ball! Then we rush very fast towards the Olivine Docks.

28d 4h 46m We buy 1 more Great Ball!

28d 4h 42m We but 40 Ultra Balls, 103 Great Balls, and get 12 Premiere Balls. (Give or take.) We may have also sold a PP Up, but I'm not sure.

[Snark] inb4 we toss all our money

28d 4h 40m We putz around in the mart, moving things around in the menus, trying to heal full health Pokémon and all that.

28d 4h 36m We step inside the Mart. We have ₽ 126,912 on hand.

28d 4h 25m We pay another visit to Jasmine.

28d 4h 16m We left Battle Tower and are now in Olivine City.

[Chat] Golden_Helix13: It did resume shortly Keepo

[Chat] WutFaces in response to a random Riot Screen that appeared and vanished instantly.

28d 3h 42m The game has been reset, and anarchy has been reinstated with a reboot of the overlay. Back into the battle tower!

28d 3h 41m [D] We attempt to link an IR-Device. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work. The Riot Screen appears!

28d 3h 40m [D] In the Mystery Gift screen! No music.

28d 3h 40m [D] People use democracy to move down the the "Mystery Gift" option on the stream. Last time we went here, the inputs froze...

28d 3h 39m [D] The visuals have returned! And it looks like the stream has been unfrozen! We were in Anarchy, then one vote put us to 100% democracy again.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

28d 3h 38m The riot screen has appeared out of the freeze!

28d 3h 37m [D] And the stream's visuals have frozen up entirely. At least we can listen to the awesome title screen music.

28d 3h 36m [D] We reset the game! Title Screen Hype!

28d 3h 36m We're in democracy mode for who knows what reason.

28d 3h 24m The stream's visuals are currently not frozen about 20% of the time.

[Chat] Green_plesioth: tpp radio 4Head

ヽ༼ X ل͜ X ༽ノ BLIND RIOT ヽ༼ X ل͜ X ༽ノ

28d 3h 22m Judging from the sound, we won and continued a new challenge (after a brief reset). You can't tell from the visuals, however, because they have completely frozen up.

28d 3h 03m Vs Trainer number two.

28d 2h 48m We lost to the fourth trainer. Currently sitting at 78k money. We then sign up again and are up against the first trainer.

28d 2h 34m We are now facing the 4th trainer.

28d 2h 14m Up against the third trainer.

28d 2h 03m We are now up against the second trainer.

28d 1h 43m We sign up for Battle Tower again.

28d 1h 40m Our cancer match suffering comes to an end as we lose. Current money: 30k

28d 1h 19m We're up against the 4th trainer now.

28d 1h 14m In the battle tower, expect very few updates

28d 1h 5m Third battle begins! Vs Picnicker Diaz

28d 1h 5m Boarder Crawford narrowly defeated! We end the session and the game resets

28d 0h 47m We win! Second opponent: Boarder Crawford

28d 0h 34m Let the games begin! First opponent: Swimmer Kaufman.

28d 0h 31m We enter the battle tower. Get hyped

28d 0h 28m We head toward the Battle Tower, but enter the café instead

[Info] It doesn't work

28d 0h 22m We enter the gym and try to use Surf

28d 0h 20m Now entering Olivine City! Making our way downtown, biking fast, faces pass and we're Battle Tower-bound.

28d 0h 17m We ride our bike along Route 39, which incidentally has the Tangela we still need

[Info] We still need Forretress, which can only be found on this route

28d 0h 12m We head westward to Route 38. The battle tower looms in the distance.

28d 0h 9m We pass right through Route 37 and enter Ecruteak City

28d 0h 8m Now on Route 37!

28d 0h 7m We seem to be trying to get to Route 37, which has Pidgeot and Bellossom

28d 0h 3m Fed up with trying to find a Bellossom willing to cooperate, we bike northwards to Route 36

28d 0h 1m We've been on Route 35 for over an hour trying to catch a Bellossom

27d 23h 52m We run from a scary Ladian after it breaks out of a Great Ball...again

27d 23h 51m We run from a scary Ladian after it breaks out of a Great Ball

27d 23h 50m Caught a female Lv. 26 Sunflora! Nickname: DDCC

27d 23h 46m We run from a Bellossom after throwing nearly ten different Poké Balls at it.

27d 23h 41m We run from another 'mon after wasting a ball on it. I'm sensing a pattern here.

27d 23h 39m We run from a Bayleef after throwing two premier balls at it.

27d 23h 33m Caught a male Skiploom No nickname

27d 23h 32m Waste a Great Ball on a Scyther, then run away again.

Caught a female Lv. 25 Yanma! No nickname

27d 23h 29m We try throwing two Great Balls at it, then skedaddle

Bellossom spotted! We throw a premier ball, but it escapes.

27d 23h 24m We waste a premiere ball on a Scyther, then run away

27d 23h 21m We try throwing a ball or two at it, but fail before running away.

27d 23h 21m We spot a Bellossom!

27d 23h 20m Caught a female Lv. 26 Sunkern! No nickname.

27d 23h 18m Caught a female Lv. 25 Ledian! No nickname.

27d 23h 16m Todd calls us for a battle.

27d 23h 14m We cut the tree again.

27d 23h 13m Caught a female Lv. 24 Ledian! Nickname: xMN___

27d 23h 7m We cut the tree leading to the next route, but we don't go past it.

27d 23h 5m We send in Tux, who immediately takes it out with Sludge Bomb!

27d 23h 5m A wild Bellossom appears!

27d 22h 59m Arnie sends out a level 30 Yanma; it gets a couple Pin Missiles off before getting KO'd in one hit. Arnie defeated! He was so convinced he could win, too...

27d 22h 58m Scyther chips away at Queendra with Sonicboom until the queen attacks with Outrage.

27d 22h 58m Arnie sends out a level 28 Scyther. We try capturing it. It's not working.

27d 22h 57m Bug Catcher Arnie wants to battle!

27d 22h 54m We wander in the grass for a bit; it seems our next objective is to catch a Bellossom.

27d 22h 51m We head north, to Route 35.

27d 22h 49m We're in Goldenrod City now.

27d 22h 47m The Squirtle we left in the Day Care has grown 62 levels!

27d 22h 43m Our once baby Squirtle is pretty disinterested in B-Cup the Ariados.

27d 22h 42m We hang out at the day care. We try taking the Egg but have no room.

27d 22h 39m Caught a male Lv. 24 Togepi! No nickname.

27d 22h 37m Bill calls us and changes our PC Box; we are also at 227 Pokémon caught.

27d 22h 36m Caught a male Lv. 24 Girafarig! Nickname: I

27d 22h 36m Caught a Lv. 23 Igglybuff! Nickname: ,,,,,,,,,,

27d 22h 34m A wild Igglybuff appears!

27d 22h 26m Caught a male Lv. 23 Togepi! Nickname: (((((((((

27d 22h 25m We run from another Igglybuff.

27d 22h 21m Fox is put to sleep by a wild Chansey's Sing!

27d 22h 19m Nothing's happened lately, though we've been amused by the Metronome attacks of wild Togepi.

27d 21h 59m We spot an Igglybuff! ...And immediately run from it.

27d 21h 57m A Lass is offering us free stuff if we give her our Pokegear number, but we have no room for it.

27d 21h 53m Irwin gives us some positive enforcement via Pokegear.

27d 21h 52m Samuel sends out his trump card--a level 27 Girafarig. It's defeated in one Air Slash. Victory!

27d 21h 51m Samuel's last Pokémon is Nidorina, who gets a free Bite due to Kenya recharging. It's taken out by Psychic on the next turn.

27d 21h 50m Queendra swaps places with Kenya as Samuel sends out a level 25 Nidorino. It's no match against the owl's Hyper Beam.

27d 21h 50m He sends in an Aipom, how ironic... It attacks first with due to Queendra's paralysis. Queen takes it out quickly with Outrage.

27d 21h 49m We're against Youngster Samuel, who we've apparently forgotten about.

27d 21h 49m We leave the forest and head to Route 34 again. It's morning!

[Info] Correction, it's actually Zen Headbutt.

27d 21h 45m Received TM02 (Headbutt)!!

27d 21h 43m Caught a male Lv. 23 Pidgeotto! Nickname: V//.../VVM

27d 21h 38m We use a PP Up on L's Strength attack.

27d 21h 36m We find a stealthy Hyper Potion on the ground.

27d 21h 31m Anthony calls us to talk about his Stantler. No one tell him that we've been fighting these things for like an hour.

[Info] We're here in Ilex Forest to catch an Aipom, but we've yet to encounter one.

27d 21h 20m Caught a female Lv. 23 Stantler! Nickname: ../!

27d 21h 14m Caught a male Lv. 23 Noctowl! Nickname: ,..,

27d 21h 10m Dana calls us about taking pictures or something.

27d 21h 10m Caught a male Lv. 22 Pineco! Nickname: FFDM????TT

27d 21h 7m We get back Queendra's 8 missing HP with a Hyper Potion before a wild Murkrow deals a massive 1 damage to it.

27d 21h 2m We find an X Attack lying on the ground.

27d 20h 53m Our objective on Route 34 was to catch an Igglybuff, but without any success at finding one, we give up and move to Ilex Forest for Aipom.

27d 20h 51m Caught a male Lv. 26 Tyrogue! Nickname: /!-N.WW- x

27d 20h 49m We heal Queendra with a Hyper Potion, giving back all 22 HP to it.

27d 20h 41m Caught a male Lv. 24 Gloom! Nickname: R

27d 20h 40m A wild Gloom paralyzes Queendra with Stun Spore.

27d 20h 34m We almost head into Ilex Forest, but head back towards the Day Care. Arnie calls us, looking for a match.

[Chat] VVutFace

27d 20h 28m Caught a female Lv. 25 Poliwhirl Nickname: //VVUUUT??

27d 20h 24m It seems we have an Egg waiting for us at the Day Care.

27d 20h 23m We're now in Goldenrod City with no money.

27d 20h 22m A wild Alakazam defeats Queendra with Psychic! BLACKOUT!

27d 20h 21m Queendra takes out Venomoth with an Outrage, but only has 18 HP left.

27d 20h 20m Jihad faints to a Venomoth's Bug Buzz.

27d 20h 19m Kenya faints to a Play Rough before we run away.

27d 20h 18m A wild Granbull appears after an eerily long time of no encounters.

27d 20h 15m We run after switching many times; our three remaining 'mons have pretty low health.

27d 20h 15m A wild Scizor deals some heavy damage to our Pokémon.

[Info] 226 down, only 25 more to go!

27d 20h 11m Caught a female Lv. 79 Kangaskhan! Nickname: RRRRRRIIII

[Info] That's 4 we've failed to catch now

27d 20h 7m Another Kanga appears, we run

27d 20h 5m We use Outrage, it barely survives but of course we have no choice but to use Outrage again. Kanga faints.

27d 20h 5m A wild Kangaskhan appears!

27d 20h 4m Queendra is defrosted!

27d 20h 3m We amuse ourselves by entering and exiting the area for a bit

27d 19h 55m We heal Queendra and Kenya during the wild encounters. Queendra is still frozen

27d 19h 48m Back in the cave

27d 19h 46m We leave the cave and get a call from Dana

27d 19h 43m Another Kangaskhan appears, and we run immediately

27d 19h 42m We heal Queendra again, but she is still frozen. She immediately is hit by a crit shadow ball

[Snark] Now we have caught a TTar, they're appearing like Zubats

27d 19h 34m We encounter another Tyranitar

27d 19h 32m Queendra is frozen solid by a Piloswine. We flee with a Pokédoll

27d 19h 27m [225/251] Caught a male Lv. 78 Tyranitar! Nickname: /////////

27d 19h 26m We rock slide the tyranitar, leaving it on red HP

27d 19h 25m Tux faints to a crit rock slide!

27d 19h 25m It wakes up after we manage to throw 1 Great Ball at it

27d 19h 24m We use Sludge Bomb, and send it to sleep

27d 19h 23m A wild Tyranitar appears! Can we have better luck with this?

27d 19h 20m We use Petal Dance and Kangaskhan faints

27d 19h 20m Sailor Moo faints! Tux is out now

27d 19h 19m Sailor Moo is paralysed by a body slam.

27d 19h 17m A wild Kangaskhan appears!!

27d 19h 17m We heal Queendra again, and she ten takes 100 hp of damage

[Info] We're still hunting for a Tyranitar and a Kangaskhan here

27d 18h 55m We encounter a wild Gengar and heal Queendra again. She is still asleep

27d 18h 48m We encounter another Exeggutor, and fully heal Queendra. Sadly she is still asleep and takes a Dream Eater before we flee

27d 18h 47m That's our 224th Pokémon!

27d 18h 46m Caught a female Lv. 79 Exeggutor! Nickname: OOOOOOOOOO

27d 18h 45m Queendra is sent to sleep... this thing is not making it easy

27d 18h 44m Fox faints to the wild Exeggutor

27d 18h 43m We encounter an Exeggutor, we need to catch one of these!

27d 18h 42m Fox is burned by a wild Weezing

[Info] We were in Democracy for 2 hours 21 minutes

27d 18h 38m Anarchy returns

[Info] Our balls: 21 Premier, 24 Ultra, 108 Great

[Info] And Route 37 as well, I think

27d 18h 34m [D] Bellossom: Route 35, Ruins of Alph

27d 18h 29m [D] We enter the cave, handling the ledges in democracy

[Info] We are also missing Bellossom, whose location we forgot to check it seems

27d 18h 20m [D] We land in Guyana. We can find a Tyranitar, Kangaskhan and Exeggutor here.

27d 18h 18m [D] We head to the Vermillion docks, going to Mew Island/Guyana

27d 18h 11m [D] We fly to Vermillion

27d 18h 6m [D] It looks like that's all!

27d 18h 6m [D] Tangela: Route 1, 8/11, 21, 39/40, 44. Tyranitar: Dark Cave, Mt. Silver, Mew Island

27d 18h 0m [D] Sandshrew: Route 9, 45, Rock Tunnel. Spearow: Route, 3, 4, 18, 22, 44

[Info] Pikachu is probably R1, R9, Powerplant and Viridian Forest

27d 17h 51m [D] *Meganium: Route 26, 27, 28, Mt. Silver. Muk: Celadon, Route 13, 16. Pidgeot: Route 6, 16, 18, 37, 43. Pikachu: Route 1, 2, 9, 10

27d 17h 41m [D] Kangaskhan: Routes 18, 45, Mt. Silver, Mew Island. Machamp: Route 15, Cerulean Cave. Machop: Route 4

27d 17h 35m [D] Jumpluff: Routes 36, 44, 45, 26, 27. Iglybuff: Routes 22, 34, Ruins of Alph

27d 17h 31m [D] Exeggutor: Mew Island, Routes 14 & 39. Grimer: Celadon, Route 13. Jynx: Ice Cavern, Mt. Silver, Route 14

[Info] Some other locations: Chikorita: Route 31, Delibird: Ice Cavern, Viridian, Dragonair: Route 24, Cerulean, Cerulean Cave, Dratini: Ice Cavern, Dragons Den, Eggsecute: Route 1, 13, Forretress: Route 38

27d 17h 12m [D] Croconaw is also on route 25

27d 17h 8m [D] Charizard is in Mt. Silver and Cerulean Cave

[Snark] I think we might want to check out route 25, guys

27d 17h 6m [D] Blastoise is also on Route 25, as well as Seafoam Islands and the route to Mt. Silver

27d 17h 3m [D] It turns out Aipom is also in Route 25, as well as Viridian, Ilex Forest, and the route before Azalea

27d 17h 0m [D] We finally get the Kanto map, Abra is on Rotue 25!

27d 17h 0m [D] We try to find Abra's location, but we can only see the Johto map

27d 16h 59m [D] We're checking our Pokédex for the location of some Pokémon we need

27d 16h 54m [D] We take the train to Saffron city

27d 16h 49m [D] Arnie calls, perhaps he has already heard about our releases?

27d 16h 47m [D] We heal our party

27d 16h 46m [D] Satisfied for now, we turn off the PC. 129 Pokémon released during this run.

27d 16h 44m [D] Box 7 has been emptied

[Info] That last release means we have now released over 100 Pokémon this run (109 so far, soon to be 129)

27d 16h 40m [D] Next up is Box 7

27d 16h 38m [D] Box 6 has been emptied

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: getting bit by mozzies, I hope they don't shrink my head KappaHD

27d 16h 34m [D] Box 6 seems to have the honour of being the first box we empty today

27d 16h 29m [D] We turn on the PC

27d 16h 27m [D] We enter the Pokémon Center and approach the PC, but Tully decides to call

27d 16h 25m [D] We fly to Goldenrod

[Info] It seems this democracy is for checking some Pokémon locations in the Pokédex

27d 16h 23m [D] We leave back to Azalea Town, probably to try Fly again

27d 16h 21m [D] We try to use Fly, but we can't inside the forest

27d 16h 16m We are in democracy

27d 16h 15m We enter Ilex Forest

27d 16h 8m We leave the well again

27d 16h 6m Caught a female Lv. 23 Swinub! Nickname: JAAIIII

27d 16h 2m We're back in the well for now, but trying to leave again

27d 15h 57m Todd says hello

27d 15h 49m We leave Slowpoke Well

27d 15h 48m Caught a male Lv. 24 Swinub! Nickname: NPQKKKLMmd

27d 15h 45m We got very close to democracy for a moment there, but now its dropping rapidly

[Info] That x is the multiply symbol

27d 15h 42m Caught a male Lv. 20 Slowpoke! Nickname: KKxsOWf[

[Chat] Full of OneHand.

27d 15h 40m Caught a male Lv. 38 Slowking! Nickname: XXXxxxxxxx

27d 15h 36m A wild Slowking appeard!

27d 15h 27m We're still hunting for the elusive Slowking

27d 15h 09m Caught Wooper with an Ultra Ball! Level 20 and male! Nickname: -??(mn pkoy (The mn and pk are the special pokemon characters)

27d 15h 07m We take a ladder and arrive on a different floor.

27d 15h 05m We find a Slowking and immediately run away.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ANALEE

27d 15h 00m We toss an Ultra Ball at more Slowpokes. We also use a Hyper Potion on Jolteon. We run away.

27d 14h 58m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Slowpoke. Another one catches it! Caught Slowpoke! Level 40 and male! Nickname: MNNMM//!-

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I have 34 badges BigBrother

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Bellsprout 69 BigBrother

27d 14h 50m We find another Slowbro. Ultra Ball used. Caught Slowbro! Level 40 and female! Nickname: AAA (Pokedex: 222/251)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: -[tpp]- you've won a 69 badge! PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppSlowpoke looks happier when it isn't host to a parasite

27d 14h 46m We find a Slowbro and waste no time in running away.

27d 14h 43m Bill calls us. Changed boxes!

27d 14h 42m Caught yet another Slowpoke in an Ultra Ball! Level 40 and male! Nickname: Px, (One space after the ,)

27d 14h 38m Caught another Slowpoke in an Ultra Ball! Level 39 and male! Nickname: EE.WWWY-??

27d 14h 33m Caught a Slowpoke with an Ultra Ball! Level 41 and female! Nickname: KKZZ

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppSlowpoke

27d 14h 30m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Slowpoke. It doesn't work. We kill it.

27d 14h 28m We are Surfing around, trying to find any Pokemon we do not have yet. No luck so far.

27d 14h 20m Got a King's Rock!

27d 14h 15m Picked up TM03!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppSlowpoke

27d 14h 12m We take the ladder down to the lower part of Slowpoke Well.

27d 14h 04m We arrive at Slowpoke Well.

27d 14h 02m We exit the cave. We are now on Route 33.

27d 14h 01m Ultra Ball tossed at a wild Larvitar. It does not catch it and we run for it.

27d 13h 57m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Staryu. It fails and we run. We appear to also be moving, possibly out of the cave.

27d 13h 55m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Pupitar and then run away.

27d 13h 40m We are still surfing around on the water. Nothing too eventful is happening.

27d 13h 21m We find another Lapras and toss an Ultra Ball at it and then we run away.

[Info] Pokedex: 221/251 All that seems to be left in Union Cave is a Blastoise.

27d 13h 16m Hyper Potion used on Jolteon! We use Thunder but it misses! We go back to Ultra Ball spam. Caught Lapras! Level 36 and male! Nickname: RJAAAAaai

27d 13h 12m We find a wild Lapras. We throw Ultra Balls at it.

27d 13h 04m We toss a few Ultra Balls at a wild Golduck. We run away.

27d 12h 59m Caught Wooper! Level 36 and male! Nickname: Z RRaaab?

27d 12h 52m We toss a few Ultra Balls at a wild Wooper. We give up and run away.

27d 12h 46m We toss a few Ultra Balls at a wild Pupitar. We run away.

[Info] We currently have 220/251 Pokemon.

27d 12h 42m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Hitmonchan. It doesn't work. We keep tossing. Caught Hitmonchan! Level 38 and male! No nickname.

27d 12h 39m We find a Hitmonchan but run immediately.

27d 12h 38m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Pupitar again and then flee the scene.

27d 12h 30m We toss a few Ultra Balls at a wild Pupitar. We then run away.

27d 12h 27m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Quagsire. It doesn't work. Kingdra fainted from burn!

27d 12h 25m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Staryu. It doesn't work and we run away.

27d 12h 23m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Quagsire. We then kill it.

27d 12h 17m Caught Slugma! Level 20 and male! Nickname: .,;;wwwwww

27d 12h 15m Caught Swinub! Level 20 and female! No nickname.

27d 12h 12m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Wooper. It fails. We toss a few more. Caught Wooper! Level 18 and female! Nickname: VMMVMDDD

27d 12h 10m Ultra Ball tossed at a wild Swinub. It doesn't work and we run away.

27d 12h 0m We enter Union Cave.

27d 11h 47m We head east onto Route 32.

27d 11h 45m Caught a Lv. 27 Unown Y Nickname: RR--SZZXW

27d 11h 44m Back in Anarchy

27d 11h 41m Ho-oh puzzle finished, we than drop down and feel a strange presence

[Fluff] Deku just won a Zapdos badge.

27d 11h 8m We initiate one of the Unown puzzles, I believe this one is Ho-oh

27d 11h 5m Surf OHKO's Unown, Psychic Nathan defeated!

[Info] Unown E

27d 11h 4m Nathan sends out Unown, Go Kingdra!

27d 11h 3m Psychic Nathan wants to battle

27d 11h 0m Were in setting and switch text speed to fast

27d 10h 58m Tully tells us one of his stories about how he got a sneasel on a fishing rod

27d 10h 56m Exited Union cave and I believe now were in Ruins of Alph

27d 10h 51m Democracy activated somehow?

27d 10h 36m Found a X Defend

27d 10h 35m Caught a female Lv. 19 Slugma No Nickname

27d 10h 33m Found TM17 (Protect)

[Correction] Never mind Kingdra is a Lapras Kappa

27d 10h 12m Were at the end of Union cave (where Lapras is) but there is no Lapras

[Streamer] Thesqrtminus1: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, Source is ContentVariable who you permabanned for saying "HIGH QUALITY POST from here on out TPP, no more of this LOW QUALITY posting Kappa" (Source: https://tppx.herokuapp.com/?q=ContentVariable)

Twitchplayspokemon: @TheSqrtMinus1, that is correct, check that history out, not worth keeping that one

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm going to make everyone take me seriously by making baseless accusations BabyRage

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't need evidence, I'm special BabyRage

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: > Edit 4: It seems the streamer is timing out anyone speaking against him. [source absent]

27d 10h 3m Caught a female Lv. 19 Shuckle Nickname: oofxoonnxx

27d 9h 58m Caught a male Level 20 Tyrogue Nickname: gfflu))))(

Caught a female Slugma didn't get the level Nickname: QFEEEDCRP

27d 9h 50m Inside Union Cave

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: *** hypocrites

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: ;)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: but I /am/ enjoying myself

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'll stop

27d 9h 46m We heal our party

27d 9h 46m Were in the route 33 Poké Center

27d 9h 40m Caught a level 19 female Houndour Nickname: EW!B?BAHZI

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm being a great chat participant just like West1132, it's not negative sentiment when it's a quote ;)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: there's no problem with quoting something like "West1132 is mentally deficient" because I'm not actually saying it I'm only quoting it, but if someone does the same to me I'm going to get mad and indignant because I'm special

27d 9h 37m Were also on route 33

27d 9h 34m Caught a Male Hoothoot Level 18, No Nickname

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm not saying bad things about West1132, I'm just quoting things that could be said, big difference apparently

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: because that makes a difference to everyone who isn't me

27d 9h 29m Caught a female hoothoot I didnt catch the level Nickname: ?JRRRIQHP??

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: because it's quotes, I'm not actually saying it

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's weird huh, that quoting something makes it okay to post "West1132 cries on reddit because he's a *** idiot"

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: but it's fine to quote it

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it wouldn't be good to say "West1132 is a whiny idiot" would it?

27d 9h 25m Were now at route 32

27d 9h 21m In the Ruins of Alph now

27d 9h 16m Enter route 37

27d 9h 12m were in Ecruteak city now

27d 9h 5m Were on route 39, and now enter route 38

27d 8h 55m Arnie calls us and wants a battle

27d 8h 43m Outside.

27d 8h 38m Entered a building.

27d 8h 37m In Olivine now.

27d 8h 35m Caught Lv. 43 female Azumarill, nickname is G

27d 8h 31m Call from Joey.

[Correction] We actually didn't get 20 Premier Balls. We got some, but not that many.

27d 8h 22m We're surfing around outside somewhere, checking the Dex for locations.

27d 7h 58m We're outside now.

27d 7h 49m Bought 109 Ultra Balls, and 117 Great Balls, and received 20 Premier Balls.

27d 7h 44m In the Mart now.

27d 7h 41m Now in Olivine!

27d 7h 39m Out of the Battle Tower! Finally.

27d 6h 8m Back in Anarchy.

27d 6h 3m We're in democracy for some reason.

[Dev] I wanted to enable the "Run" option to the Battle Tower as a forfeit command, with a yes/no confirmation. My colleagues thought that would just feed the trolls, and rejected the idea.

[Fluff] And they were great.

[Fluff] Apparently, she made noodles.

[Fluff] Cyander is making lunch right now, when she gets back everyone ask her what she made.

27d 3h 57m Now in the Battle Tower area. Then we enter a match. As usual, expect little to no updates until we leave.

27d 3h 55m Back in the main Olivine area, then we go West to Route 40.

27d 3h 52m We're on the area of Olivine near where the boats can be taken.

27d 3h 48m Outside now.

27d 3h 47m Talked to Jasmine. Still wandering around the Gym.

27d 3h 45m We're in Olivine, chilling with Jasmine.

[Info] We're out of Ultra Balls and Great Balls.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what kind of watch is that

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Info] Everything's back and surprisingly not on fire.

27d 3h 30m Pinball and PMD screens are absent, inputs are working.

27d 3h 30m The riot screen goes down, turns out that phone call was from Irwin.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: oh my

[Chat] Redysko: MingLee THANK YOU FOR WATCH MING MingLee

27d 3h 15m A phone call sound effect can be heard. It's not known who is calling, though.

[Chat] So it appears that modbot or something is down, as /me can be used without consequence.

[Chat] Chatmanzi: Twitch Plays Pokémon will resume SHORT LEE MingLee

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT SCREEN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

27d 2h 51m We head west onto Route 36.

27d 2h 41m Returned to Violet City.

27d 2h 32m Ultra Ball tossed at a wild Sunflora, we run away.

27d 2h 30m We throw another Ultra Ball at a Ledyba but it fails and we run away.

27d 2h 29m Caught L19 male Ledyba! Nickname: I (3 blank spaces after I)

27d 2h 27m We find a wild Wooper and toss more Ultra Balls. We run away once more.

27d 2h 26m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Sunflora then run away.

27d 2h 23m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Tyrogue and it fails. We throw a bunch more and they all fail. We eventually run away.

27d 2h 21m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Ledyba. It doesn't work. We then run away.

27d 2h 19m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Mareep. Kingdra gets paralyzed. We run away.

27d 2h 14m We head east onto Route 31 again.

27d 2h 11m Left the Pokémon Center.

27d 2h 10m Pokémon healed!

27d 2h 3m We try to trade across time. It doesn't work.

[Fluff] We now have just enough room to catch the remaining Pokémon for our Pokedex.

[Info] The only Pokémon left in Box 7 is a Graveler. Everyone else has been released.

27d 1h 53m Lass Dana calls us when we turn off the PC.

27d 1h 52m Level 19 Spinarak released!

27d 1h 51m Phanphy released!

27d 1h 48m Level 58 Steelix released!

[Info] Our party Pokémon are all holding mail, meaning they cannot be deposited or released.

27d 1h 47m Released Hoothoot and a Spinarak

27d 1h 47m Released L18 Spinarak!

27d 1h 46m Released L18 Hoothoot!

27d 1h 43m Released Ariados!

27d 1h 43m Released L17 Pineco!

27d 1h 42m Released Hoothoot!

27d 1h 41m We also renamed Box 1 but I did not catch the new name.

27d 1h 41m Released Xatu!

27d 1h 40m Released Dunsparce!

27d 1h 40m Released Wooper!

27d 1h 38m At the PC.

27d 1h 37m Checkpointed in Violet City Pokémon Center!

27d 1h 36m Arrived in Violet City!

27d 1h 32m Ultra Ball tossed at Flaaffy. It doesn't work. Venusaur is paralyzed We run away.

27d 1h 31m Ultra Ball tossed at a wild Murkrow. It doesn't work. We toss a few more. We then run away.

27d 1h 29m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Wooper. Caught Wooper! Level 17 and female! Nickname: P (P and one space)

27d 1h 28m Ultra Ball tossed at a wild Hoothoot. Caught Hoothoot! Level 20 and Female! Nickname: xsjAA

27d 1h 24m Venusaur sent out and we toss another Ultra Ball. Caught Xatu! Level 35 and male! Nickname: IIAAAI (Pokedex: 218)

27d 1h 23m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Xatu. It doesn't work. A few more get tossed and no luck. Miltank faints to poison!

[Dev] Xatu can be found on the water here.

27d 1h 6m Left Dark Cave. We are back on Route 31.

27d 1h 3m Caught Dunsparce! Level 18 and Female! Nickname: JJKKJJJJxx (Pokedex: 217)

27d 1h 0m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Larvitar. It doesn't work and we run away.

27d 0h 55m Waste an Ultra Ball on a wild Lavitar!

27d 0h 51m We just used Toxic on a wild Wobbuffet and ran away. In other words, we badly poisoned a wild animal for no reason and left it to fend for itself.

27d 0h 48m Miltank is now poisoned!

27d 0h 46m Picked up an Ultra Ball!

27d 0h 42m Fox fainted due to poison!

27d 0h 34m Inside the Flash Cave

27d 0h 32m Joey calls us, saying that he is already up for a new rematch. Seems like he already forgot that we wippedg the floor with him a few minutes ago

27d 0h 28m Caught a male Lv. 17 Pineco! Nickname: ,OOW..MMNN

[Fluff] He speaks about his losing Rattata yet he doesn't have one, since it's now a Raticate. You may want some glasses Joey...

27d 0h 24m Petal Dance, Blastoise is down, Joey defeated!

27d 0h 24m We switch to Tux.

27d 0h 23m Hyper beam and Raticate goes down! Joey sends Blastoise in.

27d 0h 22m Raticate in ,we switch to Kenya.

27d 0h 22m Furret vs fox, thunderbolt and Furret is down.

[Info] He got Lv. 80 mons.

27d 0h 21m Vs youngster Joey!

27d 0h 21m Caught a female Lv. 22 Ariados No nickname!

BTW, We are on Day 28 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251!

27d 0h 18m 2 Ultra Balls wasted on one Spinarak. We're very good at managing our balls, and Fox is poisoned.

27d 0h 17m Wasted another Ultra Ball on a Hoothoot.

27d 0h 12m Joey calls us for a rematch!

27d 0h 11m We exit the store.

[Info] We're still broke.

27d 0h 9m We enter the store.

27d 0h 4m Arrived at Cherrygrove City.

27d 0h 0m Back on route 29.

Caught a female Lv. 18 Phanpy! Nickname: UUU!!!??CC

26d 23h 58m We wasted an Ultra Ball on a wild Phanpy!

26d 23h 54m Wasted an ultra ball on a wild Phanpy.

26d 23h 50m Caught a male Lv. 18 Hoothoot! Nickname: WWWUb(())(

26d 23h 46m Kigndra faints and we waste one more Ultra Ball.

26d 23h 43m We wasted once again 2 Ultra Balls on a wild Hoothoot.

[Fluff] We're going to have to empty a few more boxes.

26d 23h 40m Caught a male Lv. 18 Spinarak! No nickname

26d 23h 36m Wasted an Ultra Ball on a wild Teddiursa.

26d 23h 34m Caught a female Lv. 19 Spinarak! Nickname: Z ZYPQRQ

26d 23h 32m Wasted once again an Ultra Ball on yet another Spinarak. In vengeance, it poison kingdra!

26d 23h 30m We wasted another Ultra Ball on a Spinarak this time!

26d 23h 29m We wasted an Ultra Ball on a wild Hoothoot. We then decide to run away in shame

26d 23h 27m Now on route 46.

26d 23h 21m Meanwhile we cut a tree.

26d 23h 20m Aaand.... Another call from Todd comes to disturb our peaceful little promenade!

26d 23h 13m On route 29.

26d 23h 11m We then leave, snobbing our mom to go ride on our bike

26d 23h 10m We enter our house.

26d 23h 5m We reach New Bark Town.

26d 23h 1m We get a call from Todd.

26d 22h 58m We wasted an Ultra Ball on a Psyduck.

26d 22h 58m We start surfing

26d 22h 52m Entered Route 27

26d 22h 47m Back onto route 26

26d 22h 41m We go back to the beginning of Victory Road on the South Side

26d 22h 34m In Victory Road

[Info] Were broke Again

26d 22h 32m Air Slash finishes off Miltank Black Out

26d 22h 31m We keep spamming balls a Xatu, hoping one day it will work Aerodactyl Faints out last mon is Miltank at 96 HP

26d 22h 30m Aerodactyl Sent out we use Earthquake, nothing happened

26d 22h 29m Another Ball used and another Psychic Kingdra Fainted

26d 22h 28m Kingdra back out We use Ice Beam, Xatu uses Psychic both with about 1/4 HP

26d 22h 27m Jolteon back out We use another ball, and Xatu's psychic takes out Jolteon

26d 22h 26m The same thing happened again Noctowl Fainted

26d 22h 25m We get frustrated and try to catch Xatu, it did nothing, Xatu retaliates with Psychic, Noctowl with 1HP Left

26d 22h 25m Will Used Full restore on Xatu to optimize on the recharge

26d 22h 24m We Send out Noctowl and Uses Hyper Beam

26d 22h 23m Kingdra Swiched With Tux and Slowking Switched with Xatu, Xatu uses Psychic Tux Fainted

26d 22h 22m Were scarred of the match up and switch into Kingdra

26d 22h 21m Will Switches Mr. Mime with Slowking

26d 22h 20m Mr. Mime wakes up, uses Psychic, Jolteon has 10HP left

26d 22h 20m Jolteon Back out and hits with a thunderbolt

26d 22h 19m We finally use a move and Mr. Mime falls asleep from Sleep Powder

26d 22h 18m We over predict tux switched in and gets hit by psychic

26d 22h 18m Jolteon Back out again and gets hit with psychic

26d 22h 17m We predict the moonblast and switch into Tux

26d 22h 17m Miltank back out and Another Psychic to the face

26d 22h 15m Noctowl switched in and also gets a psychic

26d 22h 14m We switch into Jolteon who also takes a psychic

26d 22h 13m We Switch into Miltank and she gets hit by Psychic

26d 22h 13m We out outrage Nothing Happened, Mr. Mime uses psychic

26d 22h 12m Will Sends Mr. Mime back out, we keep Kingdra in

26d 22h 11m Another outrage takes out Wobbuffet

26d 22h 10m Will Immediately switches to Wobbuffet We use outrage Critical Hit

26d 22h 9m Vs Will He sends out Mr. Mime, Go Kingdra

26d 22h 5m Used Super Potion on Kingdra 324/328 HP now

26d 22h 2m Attempt 5 of E4 rematch initiated

26d 21h 58m We catch a female Steelix level 58 No Nickname

26d 21h 56m We Black out and now in victory road

26d 21h 52m Sailor Moo faints after another failed Toxic. We black out!

26d 21h 51m We once again try to Toxic the steel type Pokémon. It once again does not work

26d 21h 51m We have a drink of milk

26d 21h 50m Amber faints to Flash Cannon, just Sailor Moo (73 HP) left

26d 21h 49m Koga switches back to Forretress, who laughs off our rock slide

[Info] It took us 17 minutes to find Koga's door, and only 8 minutes to find Koga himself. Who's the real ninja now?

26d 21h 48m Amber is badly poisoned

26d 21h 48m Koga also joins the switching, and picks Venomoth

26d 21h 47m We start the battle by switching to Amber

26d 21h 46m Koga wants to fight!

26d 21h 37m We finally enter Koga's Room

[Snark] Will suggests we go on to experience the true ferocity of the Elite Four, but it seems we'd rather not.

[Chat] Evan go find a bathroom DansGame

26d 21h 29m We try to sprinkle water, but nothing happens

26d 21h 28m We're messing around in our menus, still in Will's room

[Info] We only have two Pokémon left though, both are quite hurt.

26d 21h 21m Clefable faints to a strength. Will is defeated!!

26d 21h 21m Another critical Moonblast!

26d 21h 20m A critical Moonblast hurts, but nothing more milk can't solve

26d 21h 19m We have a glass of milk

26d 21h 18m Sailor Moo is back out, and we badly poison Clefable

26d 21h 18m Tux is switched back in to take a Moonblast. Tux faints.

26d 21h 17m Tux hurts himself in confusion, Metronome gives Spore, sparing Tux. We switch to Sailor Moo

26d 21h 16m Hypno faints to a final petal dance! Will sends out his final Pokémon: Clefable

26d 21h 15m Hypno survives a critical petal dance, barely...

26d 21h 15m Will fully restores Hypno

26d 21h 14m We switch in Tux, Hypno is fully paralyzed during the switch turn

26d 21h 13m Kenya faints to a Zen Headbutt, Amber is back out

26d 21h 13m We switch Kenya in

26d 21h 11m Will switches in Hypno during our recharge turn

26d 21h 9m Xatu faints to Crunch! Clefable is next

26d 21h 8m We switch to Amber

26d 21h 7m Will switches to Xatu, we give it a hyper beam

26d 21h 7m Fox has fainted, Kenya is next.

26d 21h 5m We immediately paralyze Hypno

26d 21h 4m Mr. Mime falls to two Thunders, Hypno is next

26d 21h 3m Mr. Mime finally uses a fairy move and Queendra faints. Fox is next

26d 21h 2m We try Outrage, but Mr. Mime is immune

26d 21h 1m We switch to Queendra

26d 21h 0m Two outrages later and Slowking faints, Will sends out Mr. Mime and we switch to Kenya

26d 20h 59m Wobbuffet faints, Will sends out Slowking and we switch to Queendra

26d 20h 56m Some more switches and Sailor Moo is out. We badly poison Wobbuffet

26d 20h 54m We use the sleep to switch a few times, now Kenya is out and Wobbuffet is awake

26d 20h 52m We switch to Tux and send Wobbuffet to sleep

26d 20h 51m Both of us switch, so now it's Amber vs Wobbuffet

26d 20h 50m Will wants to fight!

Stream back online!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

26d 20h 46m Elite Four Rematch, Attempt #4

26d 20h 36m We seem quite undecided on what to do right now

26d 20h 30m Back in the Pokémon League

26d 20h 27m Caught a male Lv. 57 Graveler! Nickname: Cbcc

26d 20h 21m We're just walking around outside the league at the moment.

26d 20h 17m A body slam means Fox faints. We black out!

26d 20h 16m We paralyse Hypno

26d 20h 15m Sailor Moo faints after another failed capture attempt

26d 20h 14m We get punched by fire, and burned as well.

26d 20h 13m Will switches to Hypno, and we switch to Sailor Moo. We then try to capture Hypno

26d 20h 13m Fox is back out

26d 20h 13m We switch Kenya back in, who faints to Psychic

26d 20h 12m We switch to Fox after Kenya is left with 19 HP

26d 20h 11m Will switches in Mr. Mime

26d 20h 10m Many Moonblasts later, We switch to Kenya

26d 20h 8m Slowking faints to Strength, Will sends out Clefable.

26d 20h 6m We send out Sailor Moo

26d 20h 6m After switching back to Amber, he faints to Slowking's waterfalls

26d 20h 4m Will switches to Slowking

26d 20h 3m We immediately change our minds and switch to Kenya

26d 20h 3m Sadly one more psychic means Tux faints. We send out Amber

26d 20h 2m Will heals up Xatu, we survive a psychic blast with 6 HP

26d 20h 0m We poison Xatu with Sludge Bomb

26d 19h 59m We send out Tux, and Will sends out Xatu

26d 19h 57m We faint Wobbuffet, but Destiny Bond means Queendra faints too

26d 19h 55m We try to catch Will's Wobbuffet

26d 19h 53m Will wants to battle

26d 19h 51m Elite Four Rematch, Attempt #3

26d 19h 43m We leave victory road again after a couple of wild encounters

26d 19h 35m We head to victory road in anger

26d 19h 34m We black out!

26d 19h 34m Venomoth responds to the failed theft with Slude Bomb, Miltank faints

26d 19h 33m We try to catch Koga's Venomoth. It is not successful.

26d 19h 31m We're left with Sailor Moo. Koga picks Venomoth

26d 19h 30m We switch to Kenya, but a crit Psychic fails to finish Forretress off. It KAPOWs us in response. Both of us faint

26d 19h 29m We switch to Sailor Moo and try to Toxic Forretress. Sadly its steely nature renders it immune.

26d 19h 28m We start with Forretress vs Fox. We use Thunder and paralyze Forretress! It responds with Pin Missile and Fox faints.

26d 19h 27m Koga wants to battle

[Fluff] Koga isn't even trying to hide this time :(

26d 19h 25m Will was defeated

26d 19h 25m An Air Slash finishes Clefable off, but our team is not in good shape...

26d 19h 24m Clefable used bide. We switch to Queendra, who takes the damage from Bide and instantly faints.

26d 19h 23m We sent out Kenya. Clefable gets a thunderpunch from Metronome!

26d 19h 22m We keep throwing boulders on Hypno and it faints. Clefable is next.

26d 19h 20m A thunderbolt and a thunder take down Slowking. Will sends out Hypno next. We switch to Sailor Moo

26d 19h 18m We show off and beat Mr. Mime with a crit Psychic. Slowking is next, and we pick Fox in response

26d 19h 17m We use the super effective Sludge Bomb, but Mr. Mime survives. Sadly he wakes up and uses another Psychic to finish Tux off. We pick Kenya next

26d 19h 15m We switch to Tux, who gets Psychic'd for his trouble. We send Mr. Mime to sleep

26d 19h 14m Xatu gets hit by a Thunderbolt and does not survive. Will switches to Mr. Mime

26d 19h 13m We heal Queendra with a hyper potion!

26d 19h 12m We switch to Tux and use Cut. Wobbuffet finally faints. Will sends out Xatu. We switch to Fox.

26d 19h 10m We switch to Queendra and use Waterfall. Wobbuffet counters leaving us with 8 HP

26d 19h 9m We use Crunch, but Wobbuffet survives and uses Counter. Amber faints. We send out Sailor Moo

26d 19h 8m We switch back to Amber, and finally seem happy. We use Rock Slide but Wobbuffet counters. Amber survives with 39 HP

26d 19h 6m We switch to Sailor Moo. Kenya is now the only one not to face Wobbuffet.

26d 19h 5m Not to be outdone on the switching, we switch to Tux and then switch to Fox. Will takes the time to fully heal Wobbuffet

26d 19h 3m As before, Will starts with Mr. Mime but switches to Wobbuffet straight away

26d 19h 2m Battle with Will!

[Snark] Apparently Will has been learning Ninja techniques from Koga

26d 18h 59m Elite Four Rematch, Attempt #2

26d 18h 56m We black out!

26d 18h 56m She also falls to Fly and poison.

26d 18h 55m Tux falls to Crobat's Flys. We only have Sailor Moo left.

26d 18h 53m Koga switches to Crobat

26d 18h 51m We Strength Arbok to death. Koga picks Venomoth next. We switch to Tux

26d 18h 50m We got poisoned

26d 18h 49m Kenya faints to a rock slide. We send out Sailor Moo

26d 18h 48m One more psychic, and Nidoking is down. Koga sends out Arbok.

26d 18h 47m Nidoking survives a Psychic from Kenya, and responds with a crit Poison Jab. But we survive too.

26d 18h 46m We take down Forretress with fly. Koga sends out Nidoking.

26d 18h 45m Rock slide fails to faint Forretress. Amber holds on after a Flash Cannon, but sadly the poison takes him out. We send out Kenya!

26d 18h 44m Koga switches Forretress back in to take the sky attack.

26d 18h 43m Amber is badly poisoned!

26d 18h 42m A confusion self-hit and a megahorn take down Queendra, we send out Amber

26d 18h 42m Koga switches in Ariados

26d 18h 40m Will starts with his trusty Forretress, we try Outrage on it, but it's not very effective...

26d 18h 40m Koga wants to battle!

[Fluff] Koga wasn't hiding this time

26d 18h 39m More rocks fall and Will is defeated!

26d 18h 38m With a flinch, two rock slides take out Clefable. Will has no choice but to use Mr. Mime

26d 18h 37m A sky attack takes down Hypno, Will picks Clefable

26d 18h 36m Hypno gets a crit body slam and Fox faints. We send out Amber

26d 18h 35m Two thunderbolts later, Slowking faints. Will sends out Hypno

26d 18h 34m Both sides get a critical hit. Fox has 49 HP left. Will switches to Slowking

26d 18h 33m One Thunderbolt later and Xatu is down! Will sends out Mr. Mime

26d 18h 32m Not happy with our decision, we switch to Fox who takes a Psychic to the face

26d 18h 31m We send it to sleep, and get a critical Petal Dance on it, one more Petal Dance and Wobbuffet faints! Will sends out Xatu and we send out Amber

26d 18h 29m We switch to Tux, and Will fully heals Wobbuffet

26d 18h 28m He instantly switches to Wobbuffet

26d 18h 27m He sends out Mr. Mime, and we send out Queendra

26d 18h 26m ELITE FOUR WILL wants to battle!

26d 18h 25m Elite Four Rematch, Attempt #1!

26d 18h 23m We are fully healed

26d 18h 21m We leave Victory Road, and enter the Pokémon League!

26d 18h 15m We're still wandering through Victory Road, fleeing from wild Pokémon

[Snark] Abe needed a week to do this, Evan did it in 20 minutes, Evan likes to one-up Abe, the pokedex and now the ledge

26d 18h 0m Victory Road time

26d 17h 58m We beat the ledge!

26d 17h 54m Bill calls us afterwards, and we change boxes

26d 17h 52m Caught a female Lv. 60 Koffing! Nickname: k((((ttulA

26d 17h 49m Slow text speed

26d 17h 47m I see we currently have 72 ultra balls

[Snark] Don't give devs ideas...

[Snark] We can now move boulders, just in case any appear from the sky

26d 17h 42m Caught a female Lv. 58 Koffing! No Nickname

26d 17h 39m Caught a male Lv. 60 Mankey! No Nickname

26d 17h 37m Now on Route 22

26d 17h 34m In Viridian.

26d 17h 33m We're on the route above Pallet.

26d 17h 24m The text box is yellow. He tells us that the E4 rematches are now ready, then we get a call from someone, then we get Oak to check our Dex. Doing well. Outside now.

26d 17h 23m We switch into Tux, Exeggutor KAPOW's, Tux down, Oak defeated!!


26d 17h 22m KENYA must recharge! Psychic used on Kenya, doesn't do much. Air Slash used on Exeggutor, does a bit over half damage. Oak uses a Full Restore, and we use another Air Slash.

26d 17h 20m A Sky Attack is prepared, but Amber goes down to Giga Drain, Kenya in, Oak switches into Pikachu. Kenya prepares a Fly, then executes it. Doesn't do much. Then Pikachu uses Fly! We use Hyper Beam but it missed, Pikachu's Fly misses, and Pikachu goes down to Hyper Beam. Last 'mon is Exeggutor.

26d 17h 19m Blastoise down to Petal Dance! Next in is Exeggutor. We switch into Aerodactyl.

[Snark] Who donated for this overused match?

26d 17h 17m Gyarados is sent in next. It Flinches from a Rocks Slide, another one takes it out. Next in is Blastoise. We switch into Tux.

26d 17h 17m Aerodactyl is sent in. Tauros down.

26d 17h 15m Arcanine down, that's 1/6. Tauros is sent back in. Fox survives an Earthquake! Then uses Thunderbolt and Tauros also survives. Fox down

[Info] If we lose to Oak, we go all the way back to Johto.

26d 17h 14m Arcanine's in now. Takes a Surf, then uses Outrage on the Dragon-type, Kingdra retaliates with a not-very-effective Ice Beam, it's also a crit. Kingdra down, Fox in

26d 17h 12m whoa wait what Versus Professor Oak, Tauros against Kingdra

26d 17h 12m We try to use the bike RIGHT next to Oak and he tells us not to. Like his words would need to echo from this close.

26d 17h 11m Inside the Lab.

26d 17h 7m We're changing from Pallet theme to bike to Pallet theme to bike to Pallet theme to bike to Pallet theme to bike to Pallet theme to bike back and forth

26d 17h 6m In Pallet Town

26d 17h 5m Caught Lv. 55 male Pidgey, no nickname is given

26d 17h 2m We went to Viridian and now are heading south.

26d 16h 56m Pretty sure we're on that route west of Viridian, the one with all the ledges.

26d 16h 45m In the route that leads up to the League/Victory Road.

26d 16h 32m Now out of Tohjo Falls.

26d 16h 24m Entered Tohjo Falls.

26d 16h 21m Surfed over to Kanto.

[Fluff] Hello! Can I speak to G...

26d 16h 19m Caught Lv. 53 female Quagsire, nickname is G

26d 16h 17m Now in New Bark

26d 16h 10m In Cherrygrove now, I believe

26d 16h 6m Raticate down and Blastoise is sent in, it also goes down. Joey defeated

26d 16h 5m Furret goes down and Raticats is sent in.

26d 16h 4m Versus Youngster Joey, Jolteon against Furret.

26d 16h 0m It's now daytime, we're on a nearby route.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ViCTORY BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ TEH REMATCH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

26d 15h 41m Delibird down, Zapdos in, Zapdos down, Falkner rematch defeated hurrah

[Chat] x42bn6: Delibird > Articuno confirmed Kappa

26d 15h 40m Gligar down, Delibird sent in.

26d 15h 39m Miltank down and Aerodactyl is sent in. Healed up Aerodactyl with a Hyper Potion again.

26d 15h 36m And now there is a zapdos. Pretty sure Gligar was switched out again. Aerodactyl healed with Hyper Potion? Then Gligar is sent in again.

26d 15h 35m Aerodactyl is poisoned.

26d 15h 33m Moltres down to Rock Slide. Next in is Gligar, so it was switched out once Kingdra went down.

26d 15h 33m Tux down, Aerodactyl in.

26d 15h 31m Oh look there's a moltres hi moltres.

26d 15h 30m Kingdra down

26d 15h 30m Crobat down, next in is Gligar.

26d 15h 28m Pidgeot down, next mon in is Crobat

26d 15h 26m Versus Falker Rematch, final gym leader rematch of the game. First 'mon sent out is Delibird against Kingdra. He switches into Pidgeot, we throw an Ice Beam at it.

26d 15h 24m It appears the gym was not changed and there's no puzzle.

26d 15h 24m Entered the Gym.

26d 15h 20m I believe we're back to Falkner town now. Unsure though.

[Chat] omnibussu: Xatu is drowning Kappa

26d 15h 18m We ran into a wild doot doot which is something we haven't caught yet but then ran away.

26d 15h 14m Caught Lv. 17 male Spinarak, no nickname is given

26d 15h 7m In Cherrygrove

[Chat] Mongi291: MOM WE FOUND A PP UP MingLee

26d 15h 1m Flew to New Bark.

26d 15h 0m Found PP Up

26d 14h 53m Entered a town. Not completely sure which.

26d 14h 49m On Route 36.

[Chat] Predicting what Falkner will have in his rematch team.

26d 14h 47m In the National Park.

26d 14h 42m No more training, we're outside now.

[Chat] omnibussu: This guy gets it Kappa

chunchunchun10: EleGiggle 41 for us

26d 14h 42m Taken train to Goldenrod.

26d 14h 41m We talk to someone in the station. "Whew.. How many times have I gone back and forth between KANTO and JOHTO?"

26d 14h 39m We get a call from Joey.

26d 14h 37m All of our mons are fully healed, seems we blacked out to get out of the Cave once we'd caught everything. Also we're back in Anarchy now.

26d 14h 37m Flew to Safforn.

26d 14h 33m and in Democracy

26d 14h 32m We're outside and surfing around now.

[Chat] Trying the fastest way to get out of the cave, by switching mons during wild battles.

26d 14h 23m Caught Lv. 73 male Growlithe, nickname is clbbbbbtss

26d 14h 20m Caught Lv. 74 male Growlithe, no nickname is given

26d 14h 12m Male Lv. 73 Arcanine caught. Nickname is GHHHHHHHHH

26d 14h 11m Fox down

26d 14h 10m Fox healed with Hyper Potion


Referring to Arcanine.

26d 14h 6m Caught Lv. 95 Moltres, nickname is RQQQQQQQQH

26d 14h 5m Kingdra down, next 'mon sent in is Fox.

26d 14h 3m 'Nother Hyper Potion used on Kingdra

26d 14h 3m Moltres down to Surf from Kingdra. Battle started again.

26d 14h 2m Another Hyper Potion used on Kingdra

26d 14h 2m Versus Moltres! Kingdra out front.

26d 14h 1m Used a Hyper Potion on Kingdra a little while ago.

26d 13h 44m Caught Lv. 74 female Growlithe, nickname is (PK)zzggh

26d 13h 28m Caught Lv. 73 male Slugma, nickname is fOO[;mmndd

[Chat] raxomukus: DBstyle Bike + Lava = Lavabike superspeed 2000 DBstyle

26d 13h 4m Back in the volcano cave.

26d 12h 37m And then throw a Hyper Beam at it. Kenya down to Heat Wave, white out. It's now night outside.

26d 12h 37m Moltres is put in the red from Air Slash, we run and then go back into battle with it again.

26d 12h 36m Kenya, last one left, is sent in.

26d 12h 35m Amber was sent in and we used another Potion on it. It survives a Heat Wave but goes down to its burn

26d 12h 32m We threw a Premier Ball. No luck haha like that was gonna work like last time. Then Moltres faints from Poison damage, used a Hyper Potion on Aerodactyl, Noctowl is out front in a new battle

26d 12h 31m Tux down, Amber in now.

26d 12h 30m Miltank down. Tux in again.

26d 12h 29m Versus Moltres once again. Miltank's sent out.

26d 12h 28m Fox down, Tux is in next.

26d 12h 27m Kingdra down, Fox in.

26d 12h 25m Moltres down to a Surf from Kingdra, it does not disappear. So we challenge it again.

26d 12h 25m We're back in Anarchy now btw.

26d 12h 24m Hyper Potion used on Kingdra

26d 12h 23m Moltres is frozen and in the yellow. We're throwin' Ultra Balls now.

26d 12h 20m And with a Gyaoooh or whatever, the battle begins! Versus Moltres! Kingdra out front. Still in Demo.

26d 12h 19m Moltres spotted!

[Snark] Phew, I thought it would be a swear word or something...

26d 12h 6m Its nickname is Pet Semen.

26d 11h 59m Caught Lv. 73 male Magcargo, this will also be nicknamed in Democracy mode.

26d 11h 50m It was named xD MingLee.

26d 11h 40m Lv. 72 male Flareon caught. As stated earlier, the nicknaming will take place in the mode of Democracy.

26d 11h 37m We're currently against/trying to catch a Flareon. Kingdra is healed with a Hyper Potion. Should the catch succeed, it will be named in Democracy.

26d 11h 1m Entered a cave. In a small room with a ladder going down. We go down the ladder. Now we're in a quite big dark room with lava and stairs and rocks and holes in the ground.

26d 10h 55m It's a call from Joey. Hi Joey.

26d 10h 48m We're now on the rock part of the island.

26d 10h 45m Now at Cinnabar Island.

26d 10h 43m Flying somewhere.

26d 10h 41m We're out of the cave.

26d 10h 35m We're in Democracy now.

26d 10h 32m Back inside the Cerulean Cave.

26d 10h 32m Landed right next to the cave entrance.

26d 10h 29m Surfing now.

26d 10h 27m Looks like we're heading back to the cave, on Route 25 heading down to the water on 24 now.

26d 10h 22m Aerodactyl down, white out. We were against Machamp which was something we have not caught yet.

26d 10h 19m Kenya down to KAPOW.

26d 10h 13m Caught Lv. 84 female Dragonite, nickname CCCCC

26d 10h 6m Caught another Ditto, unsure of the level. Nickname is XWXXXXWWWW

[Chat] Megagoomy41: PO LEE WRATH MingLee

26d 10h 0m We've reached the place where Mewtwo would be, but we have caught it so it is not there anymore.

26d 9h 52m Venusaur went down a little earlier.

26d 9h 51m Another Charizard Roared us away.

26d 9h 38m Fox down, attempting to catch a Chariza-- nvm it roared

26d 9h 36m Kingdra and Miltank have fainted anf Fox is in front.

[Chat] RenaTurnip: Ragequit, GG MingLee

26d 9h 29m Caught Lv. PSN Ditto, nickname is (six spaces)RQGG

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: copypasta isn't permitted, even if the content is from a related fanfic, but if it's originally written at that moment it's fine (/ignore them if you don't like it)

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I unbanned a bunch of people

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: sorry everyone, thought it was copypasta when it wasn't

26d 8h 59m Caught Lv. 83 female Golem, new dex entry, nickname is -(two spaces)QPGGGVf

26d 8h 50m Landed next to the cave's entrance. Now we are inside.

26d 8h 43m On the route where the bridge is. Appears we're heading back to the Cave to catch stuff we missed. Found a Hyper Potion

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: quality is different from value, it's possible for something of very low quality to have a lot of value

[Streamer] Faithfulforce: @Twitchplayspokemon Unless you mean the nature of it, like being sexual

Twitchplayspokemon: @FaithfulForce, I'm sure Evolem and Duplex enjoyed it very much, but the overall value went down

26d 8h 37m And now out. I don't think we healed.

26d 8h 37m In the Pokémon Center.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: mad*

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: if no one is willing to opt-in to your content don't get bad if you get banned for posting it

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: is there a chat room that consists of only fanfics being spammed back and forth? no, because that's isn't valuable

26d 8h 32m Not sure where we are. Cerulean maybe? The music's the same as Fuchsia. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

26d 8h 27m Nevermind, we stopped as soon as we got to Saffron

26d 8h 26 Training. We may or may not be here a while.

26d 8h 23m Now in Goldenrod.

[Chat] A whole bunch of people just got manually banned for posting long copypasta into the chat. I was among the banned, and mine was for 24 hours, so I'm guessing they all are.

26d 8h 14m I think we got out of the corner with the fence.

26d 8h 6m Cut a tree.

26d 8h 5m On Route 35.

[Info] I did the math and it seems more likely that we bought 165 Ultra Balls. We got ₽ 198,000 from the Battle Tower, which is exactly enough for 165 Ultra Balls, and we ended up spending all our money.

26d 8h 1m Now in Ecruteak.

26d 7h 51m Out of Olivine.

26d 7h 36m Bought 166 Ultras and received nine Premiers

26d 7h 34m In the mart buying things right now. Sorry if I get anything wrong in advance.

26d 7h 30m In Olivine.

26d 7h 25m Outside the Battle Tower area.

26d 7h 24m We win ₽ 48,000 for a 4 win streak.

26d 7h 10m Currently on opponent #5 in the Battle Tower.

26d 6h 12m Never mind, back in for another challenge.

26d 6h 10m We won 7 times and got ₽150,000. Leaving the tower now.

26d 5h 14m We briefly reset the game thanks to the "Save for later" feature. Fortunately, it looks like the devs finally ironed out the problems with the overlay detaching from the game when that happens.

26d 4h 32m We're in a battle tower competition entry thing now, so expect few updates for a while.

26d 4h 28m Walked onto some route. I think we're by the Battle Tower entrance.

26d 4h 26m Back in Olivine btw

26d 4h 19m On a nearby route now.

26d 4h 11m In Jasmine's Gym

26d 4h 4m In Olivine.

26d 3h 55m Now in Ecruteak.

[Fluff] That odd tree disappeared without a trace. Oh! That tree was really a POKéMON?

26d 3h 49m On Route 36

26d 3h 31m In Violet now, I believe

26d 3h 26m In some other route nearby now.

26d 3h 8m In Cherrygrove.

26d 2h 53m On Route 29.

26d 2h 52m Outside.

26d 2h 36m We admire our spotless kitchen sink.

26d 2h 34m Somehow, we fly to New Bark Town. Twice.

26d 2h 32m We continue into the National Park.

26d 2h 29m We head north, to Route 35.

26d 2h 26m One more ride to Goldenrod; we finally leave the station.

26d 2h 25m 40 times on the train!

26d 2h 18m Alan calls us about caring for our Pokémon and killing wild Wooper.

26d 2h 17m We've now been on the train 30 times tonight.

26d 2h 4m Seems this is gonna continue some more.

26d 2h 3m We take the train to Goldenrod City!

26d 2h 2m We take the train to Saffron City!

26d 1h 57m Joey calls us and talks about his super-cool........ Blastoise????

[Fluff] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DjOL2we8ko

26d 1h 54m We take the train to Goldenrod City!

26d 1h 53m We've temporarily stopped our train adventures. We're in Saffron City, though, so we'll have to get back on soon.


[Fluff] I'll stop now.

26d 1h 50m We take the train to Goldenrod City!

26d 1h 49m We take the train to Saffron City!

26d 1h 49m We take the train to Goldenrod City!

26d 1h 48m We take the train to Saffron City!

26d 1h 48m We take the train to Goldenrod City!

26d 1h 47m We take the train to Saffron City!

26d 1h 46m We take the train to Goldenrod City!

26d 1h 45m We're in the Magnet Train station.

26d 1h 41m We walk to Saffron City.

26d 1h 37m Arnie strikes up a friendly conversation despite the time.

[Info] Uncouth members of the CHOIR GROUP have been holding battles in the UNDERGROUND PATH. Because of rising complaints, the UNDERGROUND PATH has been sealed indefinitely. CELADON POLICE

26d 1h 31m Good evening! It's a beautiful night in Kanto.

26d 1h 26m We walk away from the grass and spend some quality time with a ledge.

26d 1h 24m Fox faints due to poison.

26d 1h 21m It seems we're just indiscriminately throwing Poké Balls until we run out of them.

26d 1h 20m Caught a female Lv. 60 Granbull! Nickname: x RI

26d 1h 19m Caught a female Lv. 61 Mr. Mime! Nickname: G

26d 1h 17m Bill calls us to let us know we've run out of box space; he swaps us to a new box with room.

[Snark] Totally not jynxing it.

26d 1h 16m Caught a male Lv. 61 Arbok! No nickname.

[Snark] Three nicknameless 'mons in a row? No one will miss these guys when we release the entire box.

26d 1h 14m Caught a female Lv. 60 Arbok! No nickname.

26d 1h 13m A wild Gloom badly poisons Fox with Toxic.

26d 1h 13m Caught a female Lv. 60 Ekans! (#208) No nickname.

26d 1h 12m We run into a wild Ekans; seems we haven't caught one until I finished writing this sentence.

26d 1h 12m Caught a female Lv. 60 Granbull! No nickname.

26d 1h 8m Queendra is knocked out by a wild Mr. Mime's Moonblast!

26d 1h 7m Chat immediately names it "Kill Cut". Given today's events, that's pretty frightening...

26d 1h 7m Caught a female Lv. 62 Bellsprout! Nickname: kllllcC??UT

26d 1h 4m We're currently searching Route 7 for wild Pokémon we might not have caught yet.

[Info] There's a space at the beginning of the name.

26d 1h 3m Caught a female Lv. 61 Snubbull! Nickname: AA IHGF

26d 1h 2m Queendra becomes poisoned by a wild Arbok's Gunk Shot.

26d 1h 0m We give up on revenge and head to Route 7.

26d 0h 59m Arnie rubs our defeat in our faces by challenging us to a battle.

26d 0h 59m Ho-oh doesn't move this turn and is forced to eat a Sludge Bomb, but it hardly scratches it. Tux falls to burn damage! BLACKOUT!

26d 0h 58m The burn damage brings Tux to 13 HP...

26d 0h 58m Ho-oh comes at Tux with another Sacred Fire, bringing him down to very low HP and burning him. Tux puts Ho-oh to sleep with Sleep Powder.

26d 0h 57m Tux, our last Pokémon, is sent out. Ho-oh continues recovering with Leftovers.

26d 0h 57m Another Sacred Fire knocks Kenya out!

26d 0h 56m Ho-oh uses Sacred Fire, dealing good damage to Kenya and burning it. Kenya sits this turn out.

26d 0h 56m The PC withdraws Lugia and sends in Ho-Oh. Kenya fires a Hyper Beam at it, but only puts a small dent in its health.

26d 0h 56m Kenya is sent out.

26d 0h 55m Fox attacks with Thunderbolt, dealing a good amount of damage. But Lugia fights back with Psychic and knocks out Fox!

26d 0h 55m Fox paralyzes Lugia again, for real this time. Lugia uses Psychic once more.

26d 0h 55m Fox comes back in.

26d 0h 54m Jihad starts charging a Sky Attack, but Lugia's Surf knocks it out!

26d 0h 54m Fox is withdrawn, Jihad comes back out and takes a Psychic, bringing it to low HP.

26d 0h 53m Fox comes in and paralyzes Lugia with Thunder Wave, but it instantly recovers using a Lum Berry and fires a Psychic attack.

26d 0h 53m We withdraw Kenya and put in L, who is immediately taken out by Aeroblast.

26d 0h 52m We withdraw Jihad and send in Kenya. The PC takes this opportunity to use a Full Restore.

26d 0h 52m Jihad slides some more rocks and brings Lugia's HP to the red. Lugia fights back with a super-effective Surf, bringing Jihad's HP to about half.

26d 0h 51m ...and goes back out to Lugia. A super-effective Rock Slide hurts it upon entry.

26d 0h 51m Mewtwo comes back in...

26d 0h 51m ...And swaps it for Articuno. Jihad takes it out with just one Rock Slide!

26d 0h 50m PC sends in Mewtwo.

26d 0h 50m Another Rock Slide from Jihad takes out Zapdos.

26d 0h 49m Jihad uses Rock Slide, bringing Zapdos' HP down to critical levels. It misses us with Thunder again.

26d 0h 49m L is withdrawn for Jihad; Zapdos misses the mark with its Thunder attack.

26d 0h 48m L quickly gets a Toxic off onto Zapdos as it zaps us with a Thunder attack, dealing heavy damage.

26d 0h 48m We quickly switch him out and put in L as PC sends in Zapdos.

26d 0h 47m We send in Jihad.

26d 0h 47m Another Psychic from Mewtwo knocks out Queendra!

26d 0h 46m Mewtwo uses a powerful Psychic, dealing a good amount of damage. Queendra retaliates with Waterfall, knocking its HP to around half.

26d 0h 46m PC withdraws Moltres and sends in Mewtwo; it eats up a Waterfall.

26d 0h 46m The PC sends out Moltres as we lead with Queendra.

26d 0h 45m Versus the ᵖᵏᵐᶰ League PC!

26d 0h 45m We turn on the PC and select "ULTIMATE TEAM".

26d 0h 45m We stand before the League PC.

26d 0h 42m We enter the Battle Tent Ruins.

26d 0h 36m Back outside without doing anything.

26d 0h 35m Entered the Pokémon Center.

26d 0h 31m Anarchy activated!

26d 0h 30m [D] After a brief mourning, we fly to Celadon City.

26d 0h 27m [D] We fly to Lavender Town. Chat reacts with a mixture of WutFaces and BibleThumps.

[Fluff] You feel your sins crawling on your back.


[Fluff] And now, an honor to those massacred today:

Koffing -G, Electrode Yiiiiiiiii, Chinchou OOFG., Lanturn MMMU, Starmie u, Goldeen NNWW, Ryhorn jjktulccmn, Rhydon, Sandslash hh, Nidoqueen MMMMLLLL, Omastar ktrjaaaaaa, Heracross, Gengar EEeXYZZBBV, Gengar, Nidoking, Granbull S, Wigglytuff VVVV, Heracross TT?-STT--, Dugtrio OOOEDDCBC, Charmander ZPYYPQGGGP, Polywag LLKKKKKIAB, Golbat OOOOOOOOOO, Pupitar MMMMMMMMMy, Swinub, Piloswine JQHHGF, Corsola AAAI, Larvitar ypᴾkᴹɴ, Onix, Hitmonlee Cbaajb, Typhlosion BBBBBbjiiii, Sneasel RRR, Murkrow ELLLLLK, Octillary WWWWWWWWWW, Magikarp, Azumarill g, Magikarp ONEEE,oy, Staryu IIIRQ, Marill vmmmnnmvm, Totodile JAAAAAAAA, Gyarados VVVVVVUTS

Please pay your final respects now with a silent BibleThump.

26d 0h 19m We're out of the Pokémon Center, but still in democracy mode.

[Chat] ninjanitor: Make it 60, be overachievers Kappa

[Info] According to the .org, we just made more than double the number of releases this run; before the "genocide", we had 38 releases.

26d 0h 14m We currently have 70+ PC spaces

[Chat] dayrunner79: Hello, this is TODD. Evan, we're all worried about you. That's why we're all here to take you to an institution that can help you.

[Snark] Todd: "What are you doing? YOU DID WHAT?!?!?!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!?!?!"

26d 0h 13m Todd Calls us, i like to imagine he is saying that we shouldn't feel bad that we released them

[Dev] We chose B and SELECT as the button combination to confirm releasing because it's difficult to coordinate in anarchy, and both buttons have their own special place in TPP history.

[Snark] Genocide run confirmed.

[rip] Everyone in Box 10 BibleThump 7


26d 0h 10m We've selected Box #10 are are going through the same arduous process now.

[Snark] I like to start my day with a cup of coffee, catch up on Reddit, and commit mass murder.

And with that, welcome to Day 26 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251!


[rip] Everyone in Box 7 BibleThump 7

26d 0h 4m We commit the unholy action of MURDERING 20 Pokémon OF BOX #7

[Fluff] The build up here. It's getting in tents. PRChase

26d 0h 3m The dialogue says the data will be saved

26d 0h 3m It gives us another option but Yes is selected, then it gives us even more dialogue

26d 0h 1m The warning sign gives us an option with no being selected

25d 23h 59m http://twitchplayspokemon.org/ to see the box #7 mons we're nuking

25d 23h 59m We use AWait4Select+b and it gives us a warning sign that we will empty the box

25d 23h 58m We need to press select / b after we press A on empty but even ab8 doesnt work

25d 23h 53m We tried emptying box #7 but it said we took too long

25d 23h 51m We boot up the PC

25d 23h 45m We checkpoint and heal

25d 23h 41m We fly to Vermillion and Tully calls us

25d 23h 38m We use an Escape Rope to leave the cave

25d 23h 37m Democracy Activated

[Info] We are at 207 Species caught now, 44 left

25d 23h 29m We catch a female level 68 Cleffa its name is XXYYYYYYYY

<POKETEXT> [CATCH] 25d 23h 19m Caught a ♀ Lv. 67 PARAS! Nickname: IIII[Ball: PREMIER]

[Fluff] We have two bots running on the IRC. One, Poketext by /u/rctgamer3, is an OCR program which detects and reads textboxes from the stream. The other, Q20PokémonBot by /u/tustin2121, listens to Poketext and formats Pokémon capture notifications into a format suitable for the live updater. Want to see them in action? Go to the subreddit and follow the link in the sidebar to our IRC channels!

25d 23h 17m Caught a male Lv. 66 Clefable! Nickname: -MMMPHHHHG

25d 23h 15m [Info] Tossed 4 Ultra Balls at a wild Clefable

25d 23h 11m Caught a female Lv. 68 Marowak! Nickname: G[[;ddu-)

[Correction] The Geodude was male and level 69!

[Info] At some point a few minutes back we Caught a Geodude! No Nickname and unknown level

25d 23h 0m Caught a level 68 male Onix! Nickname: O;;))

[Info] We also seem to have been given a Dome Fossil by Super Nerd Miguel at some point.

[Info] /u/Mega-charizard seems to have fallen asleep and completely missed our capture of a level 70 male Graveler! No nickname

25d 22h 26m We catch a level 66 Male Drowzee its name is EEEEEEEEEW

25d 22h 10m We ran from the Cleffa after chucking some Ultra Balls

25d 22h 8m Looks like Cleffa and Clefable also appear and we need em

25d 22h 6m A Geodude used Earthquake to finish Fox after Clefairy hurt it

25d 22h 5m We only need to catch Golem here and we will have 205 'Mon

25d 22h 5m After some Moonblasts on Fox we catch a female lvel 64 Clefairy C))))))US is its name

25d 22h 2m A Clefairy uses Moonblast to finish Queendra after some KAPOW's

[Chat] gameface252: So we do have Premier Balls.

gameface252: I wasn't expecting to actually get it, I was just item testing.

Context: Zubat was caught in a Premier Ball.

25d 22h 0m We catch a level 64 male Zubat and name it qhgooxwwww

25d 21h 55m We catch a Female level 63 Cubone and name it YYYGGG

25d 21h 54m A Graveler uses Explosion to get Kingdra to yellow hp

25d 21h 52m We enter Mt. Moon from a second entrance from the square

[Chat] wahisietel_the_cake: GO FIND UXIE AND GIVE IT OUR DOLLS SwiftRage

mazrodak: Evan went from edgelord rocket wanna be to doll collector Kappa

25d 21h 43m We only have 400₽ left

25d 21h 43m Inside the house there is a Old Man who sold us 12 Poke Dolls

25d 21h 41m We use an exit to go out the a place called Mt. Moon Square (at least the sign says so) and there is a house near it

[Info] Just before we entered Mt. Moon we caught a female level 67 Jigglypuff (new species) and its name is WWBA ffeh chat called it Wobbuffet

25d 21h 32m A Geodude KAPOW's and brings Miltank to the red

25d 21h 30m We enter Mt. Moon

25d 21h 27m We seem to head for Mt. Moon

[Chat] Pokémon ___ and Pokémon ___. Some are two words but broken apart and placed in the blanks. You know, a refreshing change from two related things. Keepo

25d 21h 10m We leave for Route 2

25d 21h 1m Into Diglett's Cave.

25d 21h 0m Seems there's nothing to catch on this route; back to Vermilion.

25d 20h 54m Queendra takes out Ivysaur with Ice Beam. Victory!

25d 20h 54m Queendra Surfs as Ivysaur hits back with Ancientpower.

25d 20h 53m We're fighting Youngster Owen, whose only Pokémon is a level 80 Ivysaur.

25d 20h 53m Alan calls us again, this time to talk about his Sudowoodo.

25d 20h 45m Onto Route 11.

25d 20h 42m We arrive in Vermillion City now.

25d 20h 19m Tux continues to take a beating from the wild and its burn.

25d 20h 15m That last capture filled up our PC box; Bill calls us and changes it for us.

25d 20h 15m Caught a female Lv. 57 Weepinbell! Nickname: vv

25d 20h 11m Alan calls us to tell us about his studies, and challenges us to a battle.

25d 20h 9m We encounter a wild Ponyta, switch to Tux, and get burned by its Fire Blast before running.

25d 20h 8m Caught a male Lv. 56 Bellsprout! Nickname: AS--aAJs

25d 20h 4m Caught a female Lv. 57 Bellsprout! No Nickname.

25d 20h 1m We leave Saffron City, heading south on Route 6.

25d 19h 58m We have just arrived in Saffron City.

25d 19h 51m Irwin calls while on our way.

25d 19h 47m We leave town, heading west on Route 8.

25d 19h 43m We heal our team!

25d 19h 41m We enter the Poké Center. Checkpoint set.

[Info] It is now morning in-game.

25d 19h 37m We arrive in Lavender Town.

25d 19h 34m Heading north, towards Lavender Town.

25d 19h 31m Anthony calls, asking for a battle.

25d 19h 28m Kenya faints to a wild Magikarp's Dragon Rage.

25d 19h 24m Behind a tree we cut down, we pick up a Calcium.

25d 19h 19m We cut a tree, walk through grass, hopped a ledge and are now surfing.

25d 19h 13m Slowly making our way through Route 15.

[Info] We did not heal our team in Fuchsia City. Only Amber and Kenya are able to fight. Amber has full health but Kenya has only 31 HP.

25d 19h 6m Butterfree faints. Trevor is defeated.

25d 19h 5m Battle with PokeFan Trevor. Kenya vs Butterfree.

25d 19h 2m We are trying to reach an item that we had to cut a tree to reach but we keep hopping over the ledge before we reach it.

25d 18h 53m We exit town east onto Route 15.

25d 18h 50m Back outside in the night air.

25d 18h 47m We decide to enter into the gym.

25d 18h 45m We male our way quickly through the house and arrive in Fuchsia City.

25d 18h 44m Text speed was changed to slow.

25d 18h 42m We have now jumped the ledges 6 times.

25d 18h 38m We have hopped over the ledges 5 times now.

25d 18h 36m For the fourth time, we decided to hop over the ledges down to the shoreline.

25d 18h 35m Todd calls us as we still struggle with this door.

25d 18h 33m We enter into the building and immediately exit so we can hop over the ledges once more.

25d 18h 31m We jump over the ledges again and then take a quick dip in the water.

25d 18h 29m We near the door but find the ledges too tempting and decided to jump over them instead.

25d 18h 26m We land on the beach and head towards Fuchsia City.

25d 18h 25m We have surfed our way to Route 19.

25d 18h 24m Kenya takes out Azumarill but not before receiving lots of damage. Nicole is defeated.

25d 18h 23m Lapras faints. Nicole sends in Azumarill.

25d 18h 21m Lapras uses Hydro Pump and Sailor Moo faints. We send Kenya in next.

25d 18h 20m Marril goes down. Lapras is out next.

25d 18h 20m Battle with Swimmer Nicole. Sailor Moo vs Marril.

25d 18h 19m Now we are surfing east towards Fuchsia city.

25d 18h 15m We are surfing around the waters. Joey calls asking for a battle.

25d 18h 13m We have exited the cave and step out onto Route 20.

[Info] Articuno's level is 95, not 100.

25d 18h 8m We climb the ladders behind Articuno.

25d 18h 6m [Info] Back in Anarchy! (The mode, not the name)

[Snark] We finally named something In Anarchy! If only we could have named it in Anarchy, though.


25d 18h 4m Articuno's nickname is In Anarchy.

[Info] That was 15 shakes total (counting the last string of 3, of course)

25d 17h 56m Caught Articuno! Lv. 100, will be nicknamed in demo.

25d 17h 50m [Info] Now reached a total of 11 shakes, out of far too many balls thrown.

25d 17h 37m [Info] There have now been a total of 5 shakes, out of too many balls. Still in Demo.

25d 17h 32m Miltank's in right now, we're still chuckin' balls.

25d 17h 29m Fox down

25d 17h 26m Two shakes. Finally some shakes.

25d 17h 23m Articuno is paralyzed now.

25d 17h 23m Fox is in.

25d 17h 22m Tux down

25d 17h 18m Healed Tux with Hyper Potion

25d 17h 16m Bird is awake now.

25d 17h 15m Still nothing.

25d 17h 14m Another ball thrown, same result as last time.

25d 17h 13m Threw an Ultra Ball. Not a shake.

25d 17h 12m Tux puts Articuno to sleep.

25d 17h 9m Kingdra is down

25d 17h 8m 25d 17h 8m Threw an Ultra Ball. It broke out.

25d 17h 7m 'Cuno is in the red, we are still in Democracy.

25d 17h 4m Healed Kingdra with Hyper Potion?

25d 17h 2m Versus Articuno! Still in democracy, but the votes flood in, no change yet.. Kingdra is out front.

25d 17h 2m Articuno is sighted!

25d 17h 1m Went down a ladder.

25d 16h 12m Pushing around strength boulders on ice.

25d 16h 6m In another room.

25d 15h 58m Walked into another room.

25d 15h 55m Confirmed the nickname.

25d 15h 54m O, and then finally P.

25d 15h 53m e.

25d 15h 53m Then an i.

25d 15h 52m Next letter is a lowercase p.

25d 15h 52m First letter is O.

25d 15h 49m Caught Lv. 68 male Shellder, now we have 200 entries in the Dex. It will be nicknamed in Democracy.

[Chat] "Why is the Lum gone"

25d 15h 34m Healed something with a Hyper Potion

25d 15h 7m Another Hyper on Kingdra, it's on full health now

25d 15h 6m Used Hyper Potion on Kingdra

25d 15h 5m Used an Antidote

25d 14h 43m In the Seafoam Islands ice puzzle part stuff idk.

25d 14h 42m Blaine is here.

25d 14h 42m Landed somewhere.

25d 14h 25m Surfing around.

25d 14h 22m Changing settings.

25d 14h 20m Healed.

25d 14h 18m Flew to Cinnabar.

25d 14h 14m Democracy

25d 14h 13m Landed somewhere.

25d 14h 4m We head down to the Seafoam Islands

25d 13h 55m In Fuchsia. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

25d 13h 51m Found a Max Ether

25d 13h 46m On Route 7.

25d 13h 45m Biking around Saffron.

25d 13h 43m Taking the train a bunch now.

25d 13h 40m Back in Goldenrod.

25d 13h 28m In Ecruteak now.

25d 13h 22m Outside.

25d 13h 21m Talked to Jasmine.

25d 13h 17m Entered Jasmine's Gym

[Info] If its not 13 then its 32

[Info] We definitely got more Hyper Potions than that.

25d 13h 5m Bought 32 Great Balls, 13 Hyper Potions, 85 Ultra Balls, and received 7 Premier Balls too. If the numbers are a bit off then I apologise.

25d 13h 2m In the Mart.

[Info] We got the Hard Mode 150k payout which is why we're leaving the tower

25d 13h 0m In Olivine now.

25d 12h 57m Out of the battle tower?

[Chat] ESL_Teknolink: HELLO LIVE UPDATER HeyGuys

Hi Kappa /

25d 11h 33m Entered a Battle Tower challenge. Expect few updates for a while.

25d 11h 29m Arrived at Olivine.

25d 11h 21m In Ecruteak.

25d 11h 19m Walking around routes somewhere.

25d 11h 8m Outside in Goldenrod.

25d 11h 2m Saffron and then Goldenrod and then we get a call from Alan.

[Snark] Good Rod Kappa

25d 11h 0m Saffron again. Then G'Rod.

25d 10h 51m In Goldenrod.

25d 10h 47m Still back and forth again and again.

25d 10h 44m And once more to Saffron. Then back to Goldenrod.

25d 10h 42m Again.

25d 10h 42m And back to Saffron.

[Info] By the way, you know how it said we were in democracy a few updates down? We went back into anarchy like a minute later.

25d 10h 41m Traveled to Goldenrod via the train.

25d 10h 36m On some route somewhere now.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: `/w tpp badges twitchplayspokemon`

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: you know you can add their username to check their badges, right?

25d 10h 13m We're in Democracy now

25d 10h 8m We're in another city now. Saffron?

[Fluff] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

25d 9h 57m In Cerulean now.

25d 9h 56m On land, on Route 25.

25d 9h 49m Outside! It's daytime.

25d 9h 27m Navigating back to the entrance of the cave, it seems.

[Fluff] Reminds me the last time Mewtwo was caught and we named it...

[Snark] No relation to -----...actually, wait, yes there is.

25d 8h 58m We broke out into Anarchy and named it ---__!

25d 8h 55m [D] Currently its name is 8 S's. Now it is not.

[Fluff] Our plans actually went right for once.

25d 8h 54m [D] Democracy vote drops to 60% as the chat fights over how to name it.

[Snark] Wow, we caught it with only one ball!


25d 8h 52m [D] We exit out of the menu and speak with Mewtwo!

[Info] Our mail reads ZZZZZZZZZ. The chat ResidentSleepers.

25d 8h 48m [D] We swap the Master Ball out and hand Amber the Flower Mail!

25d 8h 47m [D] We head into our bag and check out the Flower Mail we bought earlier.

25d 8h 45m [D] We step off Queendra and stare at Mewtwo. And then open our menu.

25d 8h 44m [D] Mewtwo's overworld sprite has appeared on-screen! We're getting close!

25d 8h 33m [D] We run into a wild Ditto, which, like Dragonair before it, we don't yet have in our dex. But once again we are forced to RunBABARun.


[Chat] is discussing when and how to name Mewtwo, once it's caught.

25d 8h 16m [D] Chat attempts to throw balls at a wild Dragonair, but we are literally out of all balls (minus the Master Ball held by Amber).

25d 7h 58m [D] We make landfall and head into the cave.

25d 7h 56m [D] We run into a Goldeen along the route. Chat now really wants to use the Master Ball.

25d 7h 55m [D] Surfing back down next to Nugget Bridge.

[Fluff] Is this Joey call #151? Those guys on the .org site was really persistent in tracking this. Kappa//

25d 7h 50m [D] Joey calls! He talks about his Furret for considerably longer than if this were anarchy.

25d 7h 50m [D] You know that stack of barriers that they put on highways when the highway splits? Yeah, we ran into one of those on Nugget Bridge.

25d 7h 46m [D] We set foot briefly in the Pokémon center. Checkpoint Cerulean!

[Chat] pokefroge: PogChamp misty city PogChamp

25d 7h 44m [D] We fly to Cerulean City!

25d 7h 42m [D] We're now finally saddling up Kenya for a trip through the sky.

25d 7h 40m [D] We select the master ball there's only 5 downa votes (to toss it) against about 30 a votes to give it. Gave Amber the Master Ball

25d 7h 38m [D] Back outside now. In the menus.

25d 7h 36m [D] We buy 4 Flower Mail!

[Chat] has a lot of mail puns flying around.

25d 7h 33m [D] We head down another street and enter the Mart here.

25d 7h 29m [D] We back out of the menus and Irwin calls to irritate us.

25d 7h 28m [D] We send Amber's Mail to the PC!

25d 7h 27m [D] We select Amber's mail!

[Fluff] Don't get too excited, chat. You know what happened last time we bought this object...

But we're in democracy. What could possibly go wrong?

25d 7h 26m [D] Actually, we select Amber instead...

25d 7h 26m [D] We're outside, throwing the reins on Kenya.

[Chat] People are talking about naming Mewtwo "GOLDEEN".

[Chat] togawe: GOLDEEN = OLDEN WutFace

25d 7h 22m [D] He tells us not to waste it on a Goldeen...

25d 7h 21m [D] We buy a Master Ball!

[Snark] Crud, we don't have any f currency. We only have ₽ currency.

25d 7h 20m [D] We speak with a man. He opens up his nonexistent trench coat and shows us the Master Balls he's got... for a small fee of f300,00.

25d 7h 18m [D] We entered a place I didn't see. There's a receptionist here.

25d 7h 14m [D] We bump into the side of the 6th floor of the Silph Co tower. Yes, that only makes sense in 2D RPGs, don't question it.

25d 7h 11m [D] Outside and heading northward.

[Info] In case we didn't know this already, the fast HP bar "fix" has been added to the Options menu, as was planned.

25d 7h 8m [D] We take a moment to set our text speed to FAST.

25d 7h 4m [D] We WAIT4BABA, but Anthony interrupts our wait with a call to battle us.

25d 7h 2m [D] We enter the center and heal! Checkpoint Saffron!

25d 7h 0m [D] We fly to Saffron City!

25d 6h 58m [D] About to fly!

[Info] We're in democracy, but I was a little distracted and didn't see when we got into democracy.

25d 6h 56m [D] We step out of the Volcano!

25d 6h 38m We attempt to call Mom, but we can't get a signal down here in the Volcano...

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: sprite glitches BrokeBack

25d 6h 24m Simon looks a lot like us in a green color palette.... In fact, he IS us! He's getting on and off a bike as well when we do!

25d 6h 22m We're down near Simon. He only wants to be alone...

25d 6h 17m Caught a ♀ Lv. 72 Magmar! Nickname: [[xxxxoxᵖᵏz

25d 6h 16m Caught a ♂ Lv. 71 Ninetails! Nickname: PPPPY___

25d 6h 12m Caught a ♀ Lv. 72 Vulpix! Nickname: xXOPPPPeeᵐᶰ

[Meta] This has completed the "Reddit has died" backlog.

25d 6h 0m Caught a ♂ Lv. 69 Houndour! Nickname: SSAx*

25d 5h 58m Kenya's been burned!

25d 5h 40m Miltank has fainted! Only Kenya and Amber remain.

25d 5h 27m We step down a ladder and a boulder falls from the ceiling! We go back up again. (No one in chat seemed phased by this, so it must have happened before.)

[Chat] Toaddude: I think Evan's taking "Gotta catch 'em all" far too seriously Kappa

25d 5h 15m Caught a ♀ Lv. 68 Weezing! No nickname.

25d 5h 13m Tux falls from a wild Rapidash! (And probably a whole lot of other fire mons in a volcano.)

[Info] The Democracy vote is currently at 84%.

25d 5h 6m We're riding around on our bike near lava. Given Evan's penchant for falling off his bike all the time, you'd think that would be a bad idea.... And it is...

[Info] That Rhyhorn was a Level 69 female. I'm sure jokes were made of it. If not, here's your chance. (Thanks to POKETEXT's new function for this information)

25d 4h 45m [Info] We seemed to have captured a ryhorn, apparent nickname is LL

25d 4h 27m We use an ultraball on a wild houndour and fail to capture it. We then flee.

25d 4h 18m The rapidash takes out Kingdra! We flee from this fearsome stalker.

25d 4h 18m We use three ultraballs on a wild rapidash and all 3 fail.

[Info] Kingdra is burned.

25d 4h 16m We use two ultraballs on a wild weezing and flee.

25d 4h 14m Fox is taken out by a wild rapidash! We flee from the creature.

25d 4h 13m We use a second ball and it fails as well.

25d 4h 13m We use an ultraball on a wild rapidash.

25d 4h 11m We caught a female level 70 rapidash

25d 4h 6m We catch a wild male koffing with an ultraball! Nickname is FFEN

25d 4h 1m We use another ball on the same houndoom and Houndoom is caught! nickname is RRRRRRrqq

25d 4h 0m We use an ultraball on a wild houndoom.

25d 3h 50m We climb up the ladder inside of the volcano while riding our bike.

25d 3h 49m We throw an ultraball at a wild rapidash and flee.

25d 3h 46m We throw an ultraball at a wild charmeleon and flee.

25d 3h 44m We enter the inside of the volcano.

[Fluff] We are right at the edge of the lava on our bike and still no call from Oak.

25d 3h 28m We receive a call from Camper Todd.

[Fluff] Apparently Oak has no issues with us riding our bikes on a volcano.

25d 3h 16m We arrive on the island of Cinnabar.

25d 3h 14m We use an ultra ball on a wild krabby and flee.

25d 3h 13m We use an ultraball and Catch a wild tentacool! Nickname LTTTT?TLLL

25d 3h 10m We use an ultraball on a wild slowpoke and flee.

[Info] It appears that the Goldenrod Department store is having a sale.

25d 3h 8m We receive a call from Camper Todd.

25d 3h 7m We surf down to Route 21.

25d 3h 4m We rest and heal our Pokémon.

[Fluff] More specifically, Abe's Mom's house.

25d 2h 55m We enter MOM's house.

25d 2h 54m We are back in the town of Pallet.

25d 2h 51m We use an ultra ball on a wild pidgey and flee.

25d 2h 49m We use a premier ball on a wild meowth and flee.

25d 2h 46m We use an item and heal FOX for 84 hp.

25d 2h 44m We are back at Route 1.

25d 2h 40m We switch mono off and turn on stereo sound.

25d 2h 38m We receive a call from Bug Catcher Arnie.

25d 2h 33m We arrive in Viridian City.

25d 2h 32m We arrive at Route 2.

25d 2h 14m Our Pokémon are fully healed!

[Chat] joshthescorpion: It's Pokémon X backwards

25d 1h 55m Caught a female Lv. 63 Nidoran(F)! Nickname: ??xxMnPkPk

25d 1h 53m Caught a female Lv. 60 Vulpix! Nickname: None

25d 1h 50m Caught a male Lv. 61 Nidoran(M)! Nickname: uxmnsjbbclc

25d 1h 42m We've left Diglett's cave and are now on route 2

25d 1h 38m Caught a male Lv. 64 Diglett! Nickname: None

25d 1h 21m We have arrived in Vermilion

25d 1h 15m We boarded the fast ship S.S. Aqua

[Fluff] Seems it's just Google Chrome that's having a hard time with it.

[Fluff] It's the Russian ruble sign, but it looks almost identical to the Pokédollar symbol so we use it to mean that.

[Fluff] The "₽" symbol just looks like a square on my Windows 10 tablet. Am I missing a font?

25d 1h 4m And with that, it seems we're leaving the battle tower for now.

25d 1h 3m Trainer #2 is too much for us, but the ₽ 7,800 we get means we've got more than ₽ 300,000

25d 0h 47m We re-entered the battle tower, and have beaten our first opponent

25d 0h 31m Trainer 7 barely beats us, but we get ₽ 102,000 for our 6 victories

25d 0h 19m #6 was hard but we manage to come through #7 now

We're on Day 26 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251!

24d 23h 59m Vs #6, he leads with Flareon but is scared of Fox and switches to Electrode

24d 23h 40m We beat Trainers #2 and #3, 4 starts out with Fox vs Vaporeon

24d 23h 17m We sweep the 1st trainer and second trainer beats Fox with his Venomoth, looks like ATV wants his Dragonslayer Title back

24d 23h 6m We enter Casual Normal Mode

24d 23h 5m Guitarist Masuda beats us as the 3rd trainer, we receive 30k payout

24d 22h 50m With Jolteon down to huge amount of switches Venusaur Petal Dances until we win

24d 22h 41m We swap to JHH, but he faints to his mirror. With a sliver of health left, we swap to Queendra, but Aerodactyl is too fast and she faints.

24d 22h 40m Kenya finishes off Beedrill, but not before another poison jab puts her in the red. Aerodactyl is swapped in, so we swap to Sailor Moo

24d 22h 38m Tactical swap to Queendra, who lands a solid ice beam and waterfall. After three drill runs she looks a little weak, so we swap to Kenya who gets poisoned by poison jab!

24d 22h 38m Alakazam vs Fox... doesn't happen as Olson switches to Beedrill

24d 22h 37m Match 3: Pokefan Olson!

24d 22h 37m Fox K.O.s Farfetch'd! We beat Camper McMahill!

24d 22h 36m Farfetch'd is the last one standing, Queendra faints to poison jab.

24d 22h 35m Parasect falls to Ice Beam, and McMahill sends out Tyranitar. Queendra cleans up with waterfall and surf.

24d 22h 34m Tux goes down to the buffed Ninetales, Queendra gets the return kill. Parasect comes out.

24d 22h 31m Sudowoodo goes down, and Ninetales comes out. It starts using nasty plot.

24d 22h 31m Sudowoodo uses rest, which completely resets our progress. We swap to Tux.

24d 22h 29m Sudowoodo is poisoned, then locked in the battle with whirlpool.

24d 22h 28m Sailor Moo wakes up from her nap, and throws boulders at the Pikachu who was trying to hatch a nasty plot. Sudowoodo replaces it.

24d 22h 27m We use Toxic on Parasect after switching to sailor Moo, who puts her to sleep. McMahill swaps to Pikachu!

24d 22h 26m We decide Fox is our best choice, then realize Amber is. Tyranitar is withdrawn for Parasect.

24d 22h 26m Tyranitar comes out. One rock slide and it's all over for Kenya.

24d 22h 25m We swap out Fox for Queendra, then Kenya, and Farfetch'd just poison jabs away at our team.

24d 22h 23m Fox hits it with another thunderbolt, Umbreon returns with Dark Pulse but it's not enough! Fox outspeeds and we defeat Fisher Hanson!

24d 22h 23m Umbreon vs. Fox, the battle of the eeveelutions.

24d 22h 22m Another thunderbolt, and down goes Lee. Dewgong is the next Pokémon, and it barely survives Fox's attack. He gets the K.O. with the next one.

24d 22h 21m Fox gets swapped in as well as Xatu, which gets electrocuted by thunderbolt. Hitmonlee gets the next one.

[Fluff] Why am I making puns...

24d 22h 19m Umbreon swapped out for Parasect, who gets Pararekt by Ice beam

24d 22h 18m More double team...

24d 22h 17m Umbreon was sent out, probably to troll us as it uses double team.

24d 22h 15m We immediately swap out Jolteon, opting for Queendra instead. Butterfree gets K.O.'d by an outrageous attack

24d 22h 15m We make our way back up the battle tower. No. 1 is Fisher Hanson!

24d 22h 13m And he dies to a Furret's thunderpunch. The battle hostess pities us and we earn ₽ 1,800

24d 22h 12m Flinch hax beat down Scizor, but with only 2 hp left, JHH has to beat 2 more mons!

24d 22h 11m Ho-oh knocks out Tux, but our lord and savior JHH gets off a Rock Slide, downing Ho-oh

[Snark] Sacred Fire on Tux, and he gets a burn. I think we've seen this before

24d 22h 9m Scizor's Iron Head is just too hard for Miltank, as she faints. Tux intimidates the Scizor and we see a switch into another Ho-oh...

24d 22h 8m Hitmontop finally succumbs to the toxic milk. Sawyer sends out Scizor.

24d 22h 6m We swap in Kenya after poisoning Hitmontop, but it faints after one hit. Sailor Moo rejoins the fight, trapping Htimontop with Whirlpool

[Chat] melia_antiqua: A SWITCH GLITCH HAS OCCURED

[Info] There was this dialog after winning the 7 battles.

Excuse me! You didn't SAVE before exiting the BATTLE ROOM. I'm awfully sorry, but your challenge will be declared invalid. We hope to serve you again.

The overlay shows that we have ₽ 160000, which means the money is obtained anyway. Probably there's a flag somewhere that prompted this "false message", I hope.

[Snark] AI misclick? Kappa

24d 22h 5m Snorlax goes back to its trainer for Scizor, which apparently was the wrong choice as he immediately switches in Hitmontop.

24d 22h 3m Kenya barely holds on after a Double Edge, so we swap to Sailor Moo again.

24d 22h 2m Snorlax faints Queendra! Sailor Moo makes a short appearance, then is swapped out for Kenya

24d 21h 58m We rechallenge battle tower, our first trainer is Pokemaniac Sawyer. Fox faints to Nidoking, and Queendra returns it back with Surf.

24d 21h 58m After switching to Miltank, it faints to Fearow, and JHH gets another Rock Slide K.O. We beat battle tower, earning ₽ 150,000!

[Chat] Hungerys: Too easy MingLee better switch MingLee

24d 21h 55m Lord Amber beats down Corsola, then Rock Slide's the Farfetch'd and the Ledian.

24d 21h 54m Kenya was out-birded with Drill Peck, Evan switches to JHH and Beckett switches to Corsola.

24d 21h 54m Fearow vs Kenya, who will be best bird?

24d 21h 53m Ho-oh misses sky attack! Kenya swoops down from the sky and picks up the K.O.

24d 21h 52m We switch back to Tux for some reason... He gets burned and faints.

[Snark] Two stall sets, how exciting.

24d 21h 47m Queendra faints to Mirror Coat Corsola. It's then swapped out for Ho-oh, which Tux puts to sleep.

24d 21h 46m After two Drill Run crits, Fox goes down. Queendra gets the revenge kill.

24d 21h 45m Pokefan Bickett is our next opponent, and is that a Dunsparce I see?

24d 21h 44m JHH finishes off the youngster, while sailor moo watches. We beat Wright!

[Chat] mcb92: we are bad COACH

[Snark] Objection!

24d 21h 31m Youngster Wright is our next challenger.

24d 21h 31m We beat Hiker Alexander, on to no. 6!

[Chat] kyozero: As far as TPP goes, Helix Dome and Amber are the standard gods, with OLDEN WutFace above them and stream acting as the one above all OpieOP

[Snark] Oh boy, incoming Delibird sweep.

24d 21h 20m Hiker Alexander is our 5th opponent!

24d 21h 19m After a nice Rockslide, we say bye bye to Butterfree. We beat Diaz!

[Chat] zerotwo107: Cameron Diaz, voice of Shrek's wife SMOrc

24d 21h 7m On to the fourth trainer, Picnicker Diaz.

[Fluff] Good thing no Pokémon game has ever had that option. There's only a NEW GAME option Kappa

[Chat] thundermind570: NEW FILE Kappa

Good thing we don't have that option.

24d 20h 56m We find our way back to the third battle, Vs that Zaborowski trainer.

[Info] We were hovering over "Mystery Gift" for a moment there. Hopefully the devs mitigated the problem that caused us to softlock there before...

24d 20h 53m Another "soft reset" and we're... Huh, stuck in settings before the game.

24d 20h 47m And it's back!

[Chat] xXVaatiXx: Kenya used crash stream, Its super effective!

[Chat] nkekev: My SELECT SECT powers are too strong fro the stream, it crashed deIlluminati

[Chat] BennySama: OLDEN CRASHED STREAM WutFace

24d 20h 47m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Stream is totally offline!

24d 20h 41m On to the second trainer (after a quick reset)! Vs Scientist Nickel.

[Fluff] Our team here knows how "interested" people are towards the battles in that tower. My way of dealing with it, is to occasionally post relevant stuff from Twitch chat. I won't be always sitting here watching, though.

24d 20h 30m Finally in the tower and starting the battles! Vs Kimono Girl Saito.

[Chat] ryason55: maybe there's a back door Kappa

24d 20h 24m Evan is somehow outside of it now...

24d 20h 21m We're in the tower!

24d 20h 19m We make it through the gate; the Battle Tower looms over us.

24d 20h 18m Onto Route 40.

24d 20h 16m We leave the gym and head south again.

24d 20h 16m We talk to Jasmine, who reluctantly wishes us luck.

24d 20h 15m We finally enter the gym.

24d 20h 11m We furiously get on and off the bike numerous times.

24d 20h 10m Anthony breaks into our dispute to ring us up for a battle.

24d 20h 6m We hang around the gym some more; chat is torn between seeing Jasmine and going to the Battle Tower.

24d 20h 3m We leave the building and head back towards the gym.

24d 20h 2m We make our way south and enter the port's building.

24d 19h 57m We snoop around the side of the gym.

24d 19h 56m We're in Olivine City!

24d 19h 55m We have some fun jumping off consecutive ledges and then read a sign about Headbutting trees.

24d 19h 54m We consult a sign just to make sure we're still on Route 39. (Spoiler: we are.)

24d 19h 52m L uses Strength again, but unfortunately it can't move houses now.

24d 19h 51m We say hello to a Miltank. It responds with a neutral moo.

24d 19h 50m L uses Strength. All 0 of those boulders will stand no chance!

24d 19h 49m We leave the house and hang out with the cows.

24d 19h 44m We enter the Moomoo house and talk to the mother.

24d 19h 43m We hang around the Moomoo Farm and fiddle with the Pokedex.

24d 19h 41m Onto Route 39.

24d 19h 41m We spot a wild Eevee and throw a Premier Ball at it, but it doesn't even shake. We flee before Fox takes too much damage.

24d 19h 40m Alan gives us a call to give us some tips on raising Pokémon.

24d 19h 39m We get on and off the bike some more before encountering a wild Miltank. We quickly run from it.

24d 19h 36m We leave the city and move through Route 38.

24d 19h 35m We leave the house and head west. Chat seems interested in some more Battle Tower runs.

24d 19h 33m An old man tells us the story of a strange Pokémon he once saw.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ONE MORE REMATCH TILL TEH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

24d 19h 32m We get off and on the bike a few times before going into some guy's house.

24d 19h 31m Night falls over the stream.

24d 19h 30m We leave the Gym. Again.

24d 19h 29m We ride around for a few seconds before re-entering the Gym.

24d 19h 29m We leave the Gym and immediately get on the bike.

24d 19h 28m As a reward, the floor's path is permanently visible! We ignore it and respawn at the beginning.

24d 19h 27m Fox uses Thunderbolt and takes out Misdreavus! Morty defeated!

24d 19h 27m Fox takes out Houndoom with Hidden Power; Misdreavus comes in.

24d 19h 27m Fox comes back in; we throw another ball at Houndoom, who uses Destiny Bond.

24d 19h 26m L takes out Umbreon; Morty sends in Houndoom.

[Info] Correction, it was using Whirlpool.

24d 19h 26m The Sailor whips up a Surf, but misses the KO. Umbreon attacks again.

24d 19h 26m We switch Fox with L, who gets hit by another Dark Pulse.

24d 19h 25m Another exchange of blows; both Pokémon have very low health.

24d 19h 25m Another Thunderbolt; Umbreon is at a little less than 50%. It uses Dark Pulse.

24d 19h 25m NOPE--Morty sends in Umbreon. Fox indiscriminately Thunderbolts it.

24d 19h 24m Fox vs. Misdreavus again.

24d 19h 24m Gengar fires a Shadow Ball at KKK, who responds with a final Outrage to knock out Gengar before falling to Gengar.

24d 19h 23m Morty switches Misdreavus with Gengar; KKK continues raging and takes out about 66% of its health, but Gengar recovers some with a Sitrus Berry.

24d 19h 23m Morty uses another Full Restore. KKK is fed-up with the item spam and uses Outrage.

[Chat] WutFace

24d 19h 22m KKK uses Waterfall to knock out another 50%; Misdreavus uses Perish Song.

24d 19h 22m Morty withdraws Houndoom and sends in Misdreavus. KKK fires off an Ice beam, dealing about 25%. Misdreavus recovers a bit with Leftovers.

24d 19h 22m Fox retreats; we send in KKK as a replacement. Another Destiny Bond from Houndoom.

24d 19h 21m Fox takes a different approach and paralyzes Houndoom with Thunder Wave! Houndoom uses D-Bond once more.

24d 19h 21m Morty uses a Full Restore on Houndoom, Fox uses Thunderbolt again.

24d 19h 20m Fox gives off another Thunderbolt, putting Houndoom's HP to a dangerously low amount. It uses Destiny Bond again.

24d 19h 20m Fox strikes again with Thunderbolt, dealing a good amount of damage. Houndoom threatens with Destiny Bond like the last battle.

24d 19h 19m Fox uses Thunderbolt again and gets the KO! Morty calls in Houndoom.

24d 19h 18m Fox comes back out and Thunderbolts Sneasel, taking out half its health. Sneasel uses Crunch to deal a similar amount of damage.

24d 19h 18m Sneasel uses a super-effective Ice Punch to knock out Kenya!

24d 19h 17m Morty sends out Sneasel, we switch to Kenya and get Crunched on.

24d 19h 17m Fox strikes first with a powerful Thunderbolt, taking out Murkrow in one hit!

24d 19h 16m Morty sends out Murkrow again; we lead with Fox.

24d 19h 16m Anarchy activated! LEADER MORTY wants to battle!

24d 19h 16m [D] We're past the floor and are talking to Morty!

24d 19h 13m [D] We approach the final trainer on the floor.

24d 19h 11m [D] We pass the Katamari NPC; we're about halfway through this monstrosity of a walk.

24d 19h 9m [D] We nimbly walk past a couple trainers using our expert democratic coordination.

[Fluff] Well, that HP bar option is new! I guess the argument between which is better can now be put to rest.

24d 19h 7m [D] We close the menu and immediately fall through the floor.

[Fluff] RIP overworld music

24d 19h 6m [D] We also turn off the fast HP bar.

24d 19h 5m [D] We change the text speed to Slow, then to Fast.

[Snark] Time to ruin more music with Bike music! ₍₍ ᕕ༼.◕ヮ◕.༽ᕗ⁾⁾

24d 19h 2m [D] We register the Bicycle in the menu.

[Chat] is arguing whether to put the Bike or the Fishing Rod on select.

24d 18h 58m [D] We switch Tux with Fox in the party.

24d 18h 56m [D] Before walking the floor again, we open up the menu.

24d 18h 55m This will be Elite Floor attempt #37

24d 18h 55m Democracy activated!

24d 18h 54m The select inputs trickle down as we fall through some more.

[Info] Some of the people timed out for an hour during the "bot purge" earlier are appearing again. Demo votes are at 86%.

24d 18h 48m After much difficulty, we turn to the Select Sect for help.


24d 18h 43m The chat amuses themselves by counting our failed attempts; we're up to 25 now.

24d 18h 42m We're currently on attempt number 23

24d 18h 41m We practice walking forward for a few minutes.

24d 18h 38m We take a second step onto the floor before falling again.

24d 18h 38m We waste little time falling through the floor.

24d 18h 37m Back in the Gym again.

24d 18h 35m We bump into a couple buildings to get ourselves going again.

24d 18h 33m Fox takes out Houndoom with Thunderbolt, but is taken down as well by Destiny Bond! BLACKOUT!

24d 18h 33m Fox uses Thunder and deals a good amount of damage, but Houndoom threatens with Destiny Bond.

24d 18h 32m Fox takes out Sneasel with a Thunderbolt! Morty sends in Houndoom.

24d 18h 32m Fox comes out; we throw another ball. Sneasel responds by hitting with an Ice Punch.

24d 18h 32m Another Ice Punch and Crunch later, and KKK is taken down!

24d 18h 31m Kenya comes out but is taken down with Ice Punch and Crunch. KKK comes out to fight and is immediately frozen!

24d 18h 31m Jihad hits another Rock Slide, but just barely misses the KO! Sneasel takes Jihad down with Crunch!

24d 18h 30m Morty uses another Full Restore, and Jihad misses with Rock Slide!

24d 18h 30m Morty uses a Full Restore; Jihad gets another Rock Slide off.

24d 18h 29m Jihad brings another Rock Slide down, dealing a huge amount of damage. Sneasel responds with a powerful Ice Punch, bringing Jihad's HP to below 100.

24d 18h 29m Jihad attacks with a strong Murkrow and knocks it out. Morty sends out a Sneasel.

24d 18h 28m Murkrow responds with a Dark Pulse, which cleanly KO's L! JHH takes its place.

24d 18h 28m We try capturing the Murkrow. This IS a Pokedex completion run, you know...

24d 18h 27m L hits with Whirlpool this time; Murkrow continues building its special attack.

24d 18h 27m L misses a Whirlpool attack as Murkrow sets up a Nasty Plot.

24d 18h 27m We send in L.

24d 18h 26m Murkrow gets the first strike with a Drill Peck, taking out half of Tux's health. Tux misses with a Sleep Powder, then faints to another Drill Peck.

24d 18h 26m Morty leads with a Murkrow as we send out Tux.

24d 18h 25m LEADER MORTY wants to battle!

24d 18h 25m Anarchy activated!

24d 18h 24m [D] We talk to Morty, for real this time!

[Snark] Pun somewhat intended.

24d 18h 23m [D] We save the game for safety.

24d 18h 22m [D] The Floor has been cleared!

24d 18h 21m [D] We curve around the last trainer.

24d 18h 19m [D] We've gone more than halfway without any trouble.

[Info] This is the completed map of the Gym, courtesy of Pigu.

24d 18h 13m Back in the Gym. We immediately fall through the floor.

24d 18h 11m We leave the Center.

24d 18h 9m Team healed!

24d 18h 9m [D] Entered the Center.

24d 18h 8m [D] Kenya flies us to Ecruteak's Pokémon Center.

24d 18h 5m [D] We leave the tower using an Escape Rope.

[Snark] Morty is Olden, confirmed

24d 18h 1m Democracy activated!

[Info] We've gone back to the Tin Tower's roof, right after capturing Ho-oh.

24d 17h 59m Stream is online again!

24d 17h 58m Everything is silent for now.

24d 17h 57m Various save states boot up.

24d 17h 56m We hear the game restart and load again, then the music of Tin Tower.

24d 17h 55m Stream is down!

[Info] If you say a message beginning with an emote that starts with an A or a B (such as BibleThump), it will count as an input.

24d 17h 52m We're putting in about one input per minute now.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: don't input

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: careful, bots are getting timed out

[Donation] $2.00 from Anonymous: "It cannot end like this... EVAN! Stay determined!"


24d 17h 40m It seems our only hope now is to wait4baba...

24d 17h 40m Democracy has been activated.

[Donation] $2.00 from FelkCraft: "O̴̴̡͘͟L̴D̡͢͟͞E̛Ņ̛ ҉̶̛Ẁ̸͟͝͠ù̧̨͏t̡̡͞͏F̴̴̀a̧͡͠c̸̸̀͝e҉̀́͡"

[Donation] $2.00 from sunkhaskasis: "UncleNox Is...Is this thing on...? Yeah...? Sorry, this buzz has been slowly corrupting my mind. Dropping a few bucks in the mean time... H̸͡ȩ̷͠l̷̷͘͞͠ṕ̵̵͜.̴͠"

24d 17h 34m Deku appeared in the chat briefly, but doesn't seem to be in a position to help right now. We might be here for a little while.

24d 17h 30m While you wait, here's a map of the Mega Elite Floor, courtesy of Pigu.

[Donation] $2.00 from Morty: "I was sleeping because you guys took too long. This is what you get for interrupting my nap!"

[Dev] We screwed up big time. We're currently trying to get SOMEONE to push a fix.

24d 17h 18m Anarchy is currently in effect. Though nothing's happening so it doesn't really matter idk

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ IMPEACH PIGU ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ riot ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] WutFace

[Chat] ESL_Teknolink: HE CHANGED THE DEAL AGAIN NotLikeThis

24d 17h 15m It seems the game froze? There's a strange sound and no inputs are going through.


24d 16h 56m Near the fifth person, trying to figure out the proper path.

24d 16h 33m Back to the start again.

24d 16h 29m Standing behind green man again now, navigating the top-left corner.

24d 15h 40m Oh look we're back at the start.

24d 15h 38m Part of the path's been revealed, but it cuts off two squares before the end.

[Info] "I don't know why MORTY had the idea to rebuild his puzzle to be this hard He once heard a story about a young trainer who would always jump ledges ..." - Top trainer

I couldn't catch the last line because the text went too fast NotLikeThis

24d 15h 34m We're at the fifth old lady! Nearing the end of the puzzle.

24d 15h 33m In the top-left corner, making small guesses as to where we hopefully won't fall down.

24d 15h 25m nvm we fell down

24d 15h 24m Behind the green man, walking up, taking slow and steady steps.

24d 15h 17m Changing settings.

24d 15h 10m At the green man again.

24d 14h 58m Close to the end but then we fell.

24d 14h 51m Nearing the man in green.

24d 14h 47m Fallen down.

[Chat] Mozilla_Fennekin: inb4 the next old lady says she's a mormon MingLee

24d 14h 42m At the Katamari man again.

[Info] "Oh hello! Sorry to tell you, but this is the wrong path There's nothing except a dead end behind me." - Top-right trainer

24d 14h 22m Fell down.

24d 14h 19m A fifth person is spotted.

24d 14h 16m More of the path is revealed, though.

[Info] "A long time ago, I would listen to a song that was inspirational. I couldn't understand most of the words, but they kept saying to DO YOUR BEST But I can't remember the name of that catchy tune. Maybe it was part of a compilation?" - Top-left trainer

24d 14h 14m Talked to the fourth man. He makes a clear reference to Katamari on the Rocks. Then talking about "that catchy tune".

...and chat goes wild..

24d 14h 9m There's a fourth person in the top-left corner. It's a little far away, and we're at the edge of the revealed path so far.

Yep, fallen.

24d 14h 0m Oh we're back at the start now.

24d 13h 54m Talked to dead end guy again.

24d 13h 47m We talked to the dead end guy not long ago.

24d 13h 40m Outta the gym.

24d 13h 38m We talked to him, he tells us there's only a dead end behind him, with the end of the puzzle so close we decide to risk it anyway, and fall.

24d 13h 33m Another person is spotted up ahead.

24d 13h 27m We fell down a little while ago, and have to try again. It's mostly trial and error right now.

24d 13h 16m Talked to an old man, and part of the path has appeared.

[Info] "Ah-ha! You have fallen into my trap! Try the other entrance and hope that MORTY doesn't fool you again." - Bottom-left trainer

"No matter how hard the obstacle you are facing is You can always overcome it! Stay determined!" - Bottom-right trainer

[Info] Democracy.

[Fluff] Taking a bit of a break, but I doubt anything will happen.

24d 12h 26m Outside, then back inside.

[Fluff] The Elite Floor is now canon.

24d 11h 49m We talked to the Gym Guide and he mentioned that.

[Chat] Hexate3: THE ELITE FLOOR MingLee

24d 11h 39m In the Gym again.

24d 11h 36m Healed, outside.

24d 11h 35m In the Pokémon Center.

24d 11h 34m Outside. Looks like Evan had enough of repeatedly breaking his legs.

24d 11h 26m In the gym. There's a puzzle we have to solve.

24d 11h 24m Outside in the city, away from all the towers and stairs and ledges and ladders.

24d 11h 22m Another call from Joey.

24d 11h 19m Heading away from the tower.

24d 11h 17m Outsi--nope

24d 11h 1m Call from Joey.

24d 10h 51m Evan doing some ritual again with the Squirtbottle.

[Fluff] Belated ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

24d 10h 27m Heading back down the tower.

[Chat] superghouls89: BibleThump its so beatifUUUUUULL BibleThump

24d 10h 25m Ho-Oh caught, nickname UUUUUUULL, Bill then changes box for us.

24d 10h 24m Jolteon was sent in and then it went down too

24d 10h 23m Venusaur down

24d 10h 23m Anarchy.

24d 10h 22m Back in the battle. Still in Democracy.

24d 10h 21m We ran with RUNBABARUN.

24d 10h 20m Ho-Oh is asleep and Venusaur is out front. We start attacking it.

24d 10h 17m Versus Ho-Oh! We are still in Democracy, but the votes are flooding in...

24d 10h 16m Now on the roof, I believe. It's night.

[Chat] hrgbrlst: The Azumarill just keeps growing, how is it not like 200 meters tall already Kappa

24d 10h 11m Call from Tully.

24d 10h 9m Found HP Up

24d 10h 9m And now we are teleporting around with the squares.

24d 10h 7m We avoid the square and jump over a few ledges instead.

24d 10h 5m In yet another room. There's a red square in the middle.

24d 10h 1m Entered another room.

24d 9h 57m We went up some stairs and now we're on another floor, with more puzzles.

24d 9h 52m [D] Currently making our way up the Tin Tower with democracy.

[Fluff] And as usual our fellow updater is distracted... FailFish

[Info] Democracy

24d 9h 45m Found a Full Heal

24d 9h 29m Back inside Tin Tower.

24d 9h 28m Dana interrupts us heading back into the Tin Tower proper to tell us how she's taking pictures of her bear.

24d 9h 17m We've back in Tin Tower's gift shop.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: 4Head = OBS Stability When Running 24/7 For A Few Days (it doesn't exist)

[Info] The stream is certainly starting to do its lagging thing again...

[Chat] seems to be resigning to another session at the battle tower for more money for more balls... or another Master Ball...

[Chat] Golden_Helix13: Battle Tower is only True Tower. Tin is trash Keepo

24d 9h 7m We aren't throwing any more balls... Amber falls to his burn! BLACK OUT!!

24d 9h 6m Ho-Oh recovers as we charge another Sky Attack.

24d 9h 5m We heal Amber's HP again!

24d 9h 4m Another Ultra Ball fails to critical capture...

24d 9h 4m We used a Full Restore on Amber! And it was burned again right away!

24d 9h 3m We heal Amber with a Hyper Potion! Still throwing Balls!

24d 9h 3m Amber was burned! We have a time limit now!

[Chat] SlowpokeTale: SHINY OR RIOT SwiftRage

24d 9h 2m We faint Ho-Oh again. "Shaoooh! Wild HO-OH appeared!"

24d 9h 1m We faint Ho-Oh again. "Shaoooh! Wild HO-OH appeared!"

24d 9h 0m Another Ultra Ball attempts a critical capture, but fails!

24d 8h 59m We've run again. "Shaoooh!"

24d 8h 58m We ran! Alan calls us just to put the salt on it. Back in vs Ho-Oh!

24d 8h 58m Wait! It used Sacred Fire on Amber!?!

24d 8h 58m Ho-Oh used recover! It must really be scraping the bottom of the PP barel!

[Fluff] Good, I thought it has infinite moves. But then struggle...

24d 8h 57m "EVAN used the ULTRA BALL. Oh no! The POKéMON broke free!" x~46 and counting...

24d 8h 55m Ho-Oh must be out of PP for everything else, because at this point, it's simply spamming Reflect. Which is fine for us as we throw dozens and dozens of balls at it.

24d 8h 54m We threw one ball that made sounds like it was a critical capture. Ho-Oh still broke free...

24d 8h 52m Queendra takes Ho-Oh into the low yellow, but is burned and taken out by Sacred Fire!

24d 8h 52m We max revived Amber!

24d 8h 51m We continue our ball throwing while Ho-Oh thinks it better to Air Slash at Queendra rather than Sacred Fire.

24d 8h 50m Amber falls shortly after!

24d 8h 50m We max revive Queendra!

24d 8h 49m We heal Amber up and continue throwing balls at the immortal bird.

24d 8h 48m Sacred Fire isn't very effective, but it does burn Amber! Amber does a Sky Attack and knocks Ho-Oh out in retaliation!

24d 8h 48m Back in, Ho-Oh at full. Amber's our only Pokémon remaining. We continue to pelt the bird with Ultra Balls.

24d 8h 47m Amber's out and we're throwing balls. Ho-Oh's now at half health. Then we run.

24d 8h 46m The foe's Sacred Fire burns Kenya! Kenya falls to the burn!

[Fluff] The awesome Ho-Oh music playing right now is really being crippled by all the sound effects... :(

24d 8h 45m We run! It's still here! We fight it again! It's back at full health!

24d 8h 45m We send out Kenya and start throwing Ultra Balls!

24d 8h 44m We manage to paralyze Ho-Oh, but it takes out Fox with Sacred Fire!

24d 8h 44m We're on the roof! We speak to Ho-Oh! VS HO-OH!

24d 8h 40m Found a Full Restore!

24d 8h 34m Joey calls! He wants to battle!

24d 8h 32m We touch a red tile! It teleports us around the floor!

24d 8h 31m Found a Max Revive!

24d 8h 30m We avoid the red tile, for now.

24d 8h 29m We're up one more level! There's a red tile on the floor here...

24d 8h 25m Found a Max Potion!

24d 8h 21m We made it up another level!

24d 8h 13m Arnie calls and interrupts our griping about ledge puzzles. He thinks Yanma appearing in droves is exciting or something.

24d 8h 1m Heading back up some levels.

24d 7h 42m We're losing more progress. We've gone down another level.

24d 7h 37m Irwin annoys us about rumors he heard about us all over the place. He urges us to go for the world championship. We don't have the patience heart to tell him that the PWT isn't for several months still.

24d 7h 37m We may have just lost progress... we went down a level...

[Fluff] Item800 doesn't even do anything in battle. Index numbers for items only go up to 255; it's a single byte.

24d 7h 29m Up another level.

[Fluff] People are now spamming Item800 like it's going to do something outside of battle.

[Snark] Uh oh.

24d 7h 23m Found an Escape Rope!

24d 7h 21m Found a PP Up on the next floor up! Chat OneHands about it.

24d 7h 20m Found a Rare Candy!

24d 7h 18m More tactical saving. The chat PogChamps over finding an item ball here next to the swaying central pillar.


[Fluff] Why does Tin Tower also have a moving center pillar? Isn't that supposed to be the whole point of the myth behind the Sprout Tower?

24d 7h 13m Up a level now. There doesn't seem to be any wild encounters in this tower.

24d 7h 12m Hopping ledges! \o/

24d 7h 7m We head up a couple flights of stairs. We're in the rafters, in the middle of a sideways ledge puzzle?!

24d 7h 6m We speak to the middle elder. We receive the Rainbow Wing! And a staircase suddenly appears from above!

24d 7h 5m Tactical saving!

24d 7h 2m Dana interrupts our search, looking to challenge us to a battle in PBR.

24d 6h 59m We speak to another sage: "HO-OH appears to have descended upon this, the TIN TOWER!" Still trying to find a way up...

[Correction] We didn't go up a level, those dudes were just at the north end. We seem to be lost as to where to go. So much for "freeing our mind from uncertainty"...

[Fluff] "Free your mind from uncertainty, and advance." Dude, you've met Evan, right? Being controlled by the voices is nothing BUT uncertainty (and overshooting).

24d 6h 54m We're up a level, and there's a sage here who tells us we're being tested...

24d 6h 51m We're in Tin Tower! Chat reacts to the new music.

24d 6h 47m We head into the Tin Tower's gift shop welcome house.

[Fluff] KappaPride

24d 6h 41m We speak to Morty! He yells about something having landed, and that we have to go meet the legendary rainbow Pokémon!

[Dev] It seems Morty's quest is not yet complete.

[Fluff] Doesn't stop us from falling down the puzzle a few dozen times anyway.

[Info] Morty is still conveniently at the front of the gym between the two pillars.

24d 6h 39m We enter Morty's Gym!

24d 6h 34m We exit the store shortly after.

24d 6h 32m Todd calls us and says something about how we aren't high enough yet. Sorry, I only caught the end of that, what?

24d 6h 29m We buy 84 Ultra Balls, 2 Great Balls, 1 Hyper Potion, and 7 Premier Ball! (Give or take) We have ₽ 320 left.

[Info] 24d 6h 27m It's Saturday in-game.

24d 6h 26m We entered a PokeMart. We have ₽ 103520 on hand.

24d 6h 18m Outside again.

24d 6h 14m We turn on the PC!

24d 6h 11m We enter the Pokémon center. Checkpoint Ecruteak!

24d 6h 9m Ecruteak City

24d 6h 3m East of the National Park.

24d 5h 58m In the National Park.

24d 5h 55m Exited the Radio Tower, we're now on Route 35.

wow Deku OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: TriHard

24d 5h 31m The riot screen comes and vanishes again as Deku plays with restarting emulators.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] RyuuSix: NVIDIA MASTERRACE \ WutFace /

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

24d 5h 29m Now Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is the main screen. We can still hear the game. Now NVIDIA asks us to install with GeForce Experience.

[Dev] That's top secret dev stuff! Turn it away, turn it away!!

24d 5h 29m "NVIDA GeForce Game Ready Driver is available."

24d 5h 28m Or rather, Pinball has now taken over the main screen.

24d 5h 27m We hear the game reset, and the devs lead us into and out of the map. And it's back.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT SCREEN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BigBrother

[Dev] Good thing, too. Incoming patch.

24d 5h 23m Also, we saved that lovely catch. Twice, for good measure.

24d 5h 18m We use the Master Ball on Raikou! its name is IIIIIII

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ THUNDER ENTEI RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

24d 5h 6m We enter the Radio Tower and in hunt of Raikou

24d 5h 3m We ride the train back to Goldenrod with no retries :(

24d 4h 55m We enter Silph co and buy a Master Ball

[Info] Just before the Magnet Train the Anarchy Demo bar reached 100% Anarchy and only the 0 was see-able so people voted democracy to see the bar slide, from 0 to 80% in under a minute was funny

24d 4h 50m We leave the Magnet Train BibleThump 7

24d 4h 49m We ride it again to Saffron!


24d 4h 48m We leave for Saffron again, WEEEEEEEEE ~

24d 4h 47m We ride back to Goldenrod! \ Kappa /

24d 4h 47m We ride to Saffron!

24d 4h 44m We arrive at Goldenrod

24d 4h 39m We use a Great Ball on a Skiploom and Kingdra's poison takes it Out and we run

24d 4h 38m We use a failed Great Ball on a Sunkern on the way to Goldenrod before running

24d 4h 29m We head for Goldenrod

24d 4h 19m We enter Violet City

24d 4h 9m We waste another Great Ball on a Magby

24d 4h 8m We waste 2 Great Balls on a random Ariados before running

24d 4h 5m We send in Jolteon and use a Great Ball (spoiler: fails again), it uses Double Edge and its below half hp now, we throw another Great Ball that shook 3 times and it Double Edges again, last Great Ball fails and Raikou faints from poison

24d 4h 4m 24d 4h 3m We send Miltank who Milk Drinks and it Thunder's we throw a ball that fails and it uses Thunder, we then use Toxic and Thunder takes us out

24d 4h 3m We throw 2 Great Ball that fails, then it wakes up to use a crit Iron Head, Crunch takes out Tux

24d 4h 2m We use 2 Great Ball and it Iron Head's twice, we try to Cut it then use a Great Ball which fails, More Iron Head, it uses Double Edge and we Sleep Powder

24d 4h 1m Wild Raikou appears at level 100, we cant escape (effect like Mean Look), We try to Great Ball which fails and get Paralyzed by Thunder

24d 3h 59m We use 11 failed Great Balls on a Magby and catch it with the 12th ( or around the amount), no name

24d 3h 53m We arrive at Cherygrove

24d 3h 49m We head for Cherrygrove

24d 3h 47m We walk around Newbark

[Info] We have 400k money now!

[Streamer] (Oak: "Are you trading your Pokemon? It's tough to do this alone.")

ProjectRevoTPP: Oak, please, this ROM was designed so you can do it alone Kappa

24d 3h 32m We are registered in the Hall of Fame once again!

[Snark] Oak comes and is disappointed about her

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

24d 3h 30m We switch to Queendra vs Rhydon and use Ice Beam to OHKO it, Gyarados is sent out and we Waterfall while she uses Thrash, we Outrage and end Gyarados, Alakazam is sent out but its no use because the Outrage is too wild and its down, Azure defeated!

24d 3h 28m We use Crunch to do almost half and defense drop, Charizard misses Fire Blast and we charge Sky Attack, Fire Blast hits and Kreygasm GOD BIRD Kreygasm takes out Charizard, we switch to Miltank and use Toxic on Exeggutor while it Giga Drains, we then use Strength and it uses Giga Drain again, another Strength takes Exeguttor out

24d 3h 26m We let Lance heal us and we are fighting Azure, Venusaur vs her Pidgeot, we use Petal Dance to take half hp out as she commands her Pidgeot to use Sand Attack which doesnt matter since Petal Dance takes it out anyway and we switch to Amber as she decides to send Charizard

24d 3h 24m We use Outrage to take it out, Amber is sent out and Outrage OHKO's him, another Dragonite is sent in and uses Aqua Jet, Outrage also takes him out (man Queendra is angry for her friends), we heal her again with a Hyper Potion and Dragonite uses Twister we heal again and Dragonite uses Twister, we heal again and Dragonite uses Twister, We heal again and Dragonite uses Twister, WE FINALLY STOP HEALING but hit ourselves due to confusion another Twister takes Queendra to above half but we snap out of confusion and beat Lance with an Ice Beam

24d 3h 20m We switch to Kenya and heal Queendra again with a Hyper Potion and Dragonite's Outrage takes Kenya out, we heal again and Outrage does half and we Ice Beam to take it out, we use ICe BEam on Charizard to do half and Slash does some damage

24d 3h 19m Tux vs Gyarados, we use Petal Dance to take it to red and it uses Crunch, Tux's HP is below half, second Petal finishes Gyarados, We switch Queendra against Dragonite, We heal Queendra with a Hyper Potion and receive a painful Outrage which takes us to 123/328hp and we switch to Tux who tanks Outrage from half to 53hp, we use Petal Dance and Dragonite Outrage beats Tux

24d 3h 16m Vs Lance

24d 3h 14m We use Sleep Powder on Gengar and switch to Kenya which uses PSychic to defeat Gengar, We switch to Queendra against Vileplume and use Outrage, Karen defeated

24d 3h 13m We use Hyper Potion on Kenya while Tux gets Sand Attack'd, we then switch to Kenya and use Air Slash, get Sand Attack'd, miss the 2nd and get Bit by Bite, Air Slash #3 beats Umbreon we switch to Tux vs Gengar

24d 3h 12m We switch to Queendra who receives a Sand Attack and switch to Kenya who also gets a Sand Attack, we then fly to dodge Bite and she switches to Murkrow it tanks Fly but Hyper Beam finishes it, we switch to Queendra as she switches to Houndoom and Outrage and defeat Houndoom, we then switch to Tux vs Umbreon

24d 3h 10m Vs Karen

24d 3h 7m We send in Tux and use Petal Dance, Hitmontop down, we then switch to Queendra and use Ice Beam, Hitmonlee tanks and uses Hi Jump Kick, we then switch to Tux who easily tanks the kick and use switch to Kenya who clutches ay 8- and uses Psychic to finish Bruno

24d 3h 6m He switches to Hitmontop, we then send Amber and use a Hyper Potion on Tux and it Rolling Kick's and we use Rock slide and Amber faints from another Rolling Kick, we then switch to Miltank take a Rolling Kick and use Toxic, another Rolling Kick and Miltank faints

24d 3h 3m We then use Cut on Rhydon and wakes up uses a crit Drill Run to take us to red and we switch to Amber, we use Earthquake and Rhydon goes down, he sends Hitmonchan and we switch to Kenya who takes an Ice Punch and is at half health, it uses Mach Punch before we take it out with Air Slash

24d 3h 1m Vs Bruno, We start off with Venusaur vs Onix, we switch to Amber and Earthquake to beat it, we then switch to Tux vs Rhydon, back to Amber and back to Tux who takes a Rock Slide, hp is at half and then we use Sleep Powder on Rhydon, we then use a Hyper Potion on Amber

24d 2h 55m We hit it with another Petal Dance and Muk is down! Suck it Evasion spammer! We switch to Queendra vs his Ariados and use Surf it quickly faints, Koga down

24d 2h 54m We take it out with a Rock Slide, we switch back to Tux against Muk, we use Petal Dance and it sets up Minimize, we hit our second Petal Dance and Muk is at red, it sets up another Minimize

24d 2h 52m We try to Toxic it but its poison type and uses Sludge Bomb, we use Strength and take it out, Crobat replaces it, we switch to Tux and we use Cut while it tries to Toxic us, sigh Koga didnt your Venomoth try that? We make Crobat go to sleep with our powder and switch to Amber, it wakes up and poisons Amber with Toxic

24d 2h 50m Amber vs Venomoth we switch to Tux, we use Petal Dance and it Toxic's which fails because we are poison type, 2nd Petal Dance takes it to under half and it uses more Toxic, we then switch to Miltank who gets Toxic'd

24d 2h 48m We miss Air Slash and it misses Pin Missile, we switch to Queendra, MORE PIN MISSILE, we switch to Amber, MORE PIN MISSLE, we finally end the Pin Missile spam with an Earthquake, Forretress down

24d 2h 46m We switch to Tux and use Cut, it Pin Missile's we decide to Sludge Bomb and fail, another Pin Missile, we try to Sludge Bomb again, 3rd Pin Missile, we switch to Kenya, more pin Missile's, we then use Psychic and take it to red, did i mention it used Pin Missile? Well it did

24d 2h 43m We switch to Fox and take a Pin Missle and try to retaliate with Hidden Power but its poison against a Steel Type, we dont accept it and try to Hidden Power again and get Drill Run'd for it, we are at 17hp and decide to let Fox die by a Drill Run after a 3rd Hidden Power

24d 2h 41m We use Rock Slide which does pitiful damage after the Iron Defenses and take a Pin Missile, we Rock Slide again and take it to half and it Oron Defenses more, we switch to Queendra and take a Pin Missile

24d 2h 39m Tux vs Forretress, we use Cut while it uses Pin Missile, we then switch to Fox who also takes a Pin Missle, we switch to Miltank who took a Drill Run, we proceed to switch yet again to Amber while it Iron Defenses

24d 2h 37m Vs Koga

24d 2h 35m We use Hidden Power (Poison) and crit kill it, Will down

24d 2h 34m We switch to Aerodactyl against her Slowbro and we get Waterfall'd, we use Rock Slide to flinch it then another Rock Slide to finish it off, We then switch to Tux against Exeguttor and use Cut, then fail Sleep Powder and take 2 Psywaves and switch to Jolteon

24d 2h 32m We switch to Jolteon against Jynx and then back to Aerodactyl who took a weak Ice Punch and we switch to Kenya who uses Air Slash to take Jynx to red, another Ice Punch takes 1/3hp off and another Air Slash takes Jynx out

24d 2h 31m We use Petal Dance to quickly sweep through Wobbufett and Xatu (it managed to get a Psychic in which took us from 359 -> 275hp)

24d 2h 28m Vs Will

[Info] From bulbapedia "the maximum is PokémonDollar.png12000 (if the Pokémon with the highest level in the player's party is level 100 and the player has 8 Badges; 100×120=12000)"

24d 2h 21m We white out! Paid 12000 to Lance!

24d 2h 20m Charizard out next. Rock Slide misses!

24d 2h 20m Elixir? used on Rock Slide! But we are down to 22 HP left.

24d 2h 19m Another Hyper Potion used We get hit with Rock Slide. Hyper Potion used again More Rock Slides come our way. We crunch it down to yellow, Rock Slide takes us to yellow as well. Hyper Potion again

24d 2h 18m We Hyper Potion and it uses Thunder. Our final Rock Slide hits. Dragonite down. Two Pokemon remain for Lance. Aerodactyl out next.

24d 2h 17m We keep trying to use Earthquake. A few Blizzards drop us to yellow. Dragonite goes down! 1 PP left on Rock Slide. Dragonite out again.

24d 2h 16m Hyper Potion used It keeps on using Outrage. Rock Slide hits and Dragonite is down. Another Dragonite comes out. We use Earthquake and it misses with Blizzard. Another Hyper Potion is used!

24d 2h 15m Rock Slide hits! Gyarados is down. Dragonite out next. We use Rock Slide and miss! We are down to red from Outrage. Hyper Potion used!

24d 2h 13m Vs Lance! Aerodactyl vs Gyarados.

24d 2h 12m Aerodactyl vs Vileplume. Aerodactyl is down to yellow and Vileplume goes down. Karen defeated!

24d 2h 10m Murkrow goes down. Gengar comes out. It uses Destiny Bond. Noctowl fainted! Only Aerodactyl remains.

24d 2h 09m We toss a Great Ball as it lowers our accuracy again. We switch for Noctowl again. Hyper Beam takes out Umbreon. Next up is Houndoom. A few Air Slashes takes it down. Murkrow out next.

24d 2h 07m We use a Hyper Potion on Aerodactyl. Umbreon spams Sand Attack. Another Hyper Potion used It is now fully healed. We withdraw for Aerodactyl.

24d 2h 06m Vs Karen! Noctowl vs Umbreon.

[Fluff] That took us less than 5 minutes.

24d 2h 03m Hitmonchan comes out. It Mach Punches as well. We Air Slash and it drops. Last out is Hitmonlee. We bring out Aerodactyl. 2 Hyper Potions used on Noctowl Aerodactyl goes down to yellow from repeated kicks. Hitmonlee goes down! Bruno defeated!

24d 2h 01m We Rock Slide it back. Rhydon goes down. Hitomontop comes out and we send out Noctowl. It Mach Punches us down to yellow. Psychic gets used and Hitmontop is down.

24d 2h 00m We use Psychic. Onix goes down. Rhydon is out next. Psychic takes it down to red and it uses Rock Slide. We withdraw for Aerodactyl.

24d 1h 58m Vs Bruno! Noctowl vs Onix.

24d 1h 55m Ariados goes down. Koga defeated! We only have Noctowl and Aerodactyl left.

[Snark] RIP 350k money

24d 1h 54m We bring out Jolteon. Then switch for Noctowl. Then switch for Jolteon again. Jolteon fainted

24d 1h 54m Venusaur fainted!

24d 1h 53m Ariados out next. We use Kingdra and spam Great Balls. Kingdra fainted! Venusaur out next.

24d 1h 52m Venusaur is burned! It takes down Muk, however.

24d 1h 51m We withdraw for Noctowl. Then again for Aerodactyl. Then again for Venusaur.

24d 1h 50m We Thunderbolt and paralyze it. It keeps using Minimize. Poison Jab is a critical hit on us and Jolteon is poisoned! We withdraw for Kingdra.

24d 1h 48m We attack but Kingdra gets poisoned! We take out Crobat and we bring out Jolteon against Muk. We then start using Great Balls.

24d 1h 48m We attack and Koga uses a Full Restore. We attack some more but Miltank fainted! Aerodactyl takes down Venomoth and Crobat comes out next. We withdraw for Kingdra.

24d 1h 46m We keep switching around. Miltank is badly poisoned! We then try to Toxic each other.

24d 1h 44m Sky Attack crits and Forretress goes down. Venomoth out next. We swap out for Venusaur.

24d 1h 43m We withdraw for Miltank, then switch for Aerodactyl.

24d 1h 42m Vs Koga! Venusaur vs Forretress.

24d 1h 40m Exeggutor goes down to Crunch, Xatu goes down to Crunch, only Jynx remains. It goes down with a Rock Slide. Will defeated

[Info] Once again, this isn't the "rematch" E4. These Pokémon are still the first teams we fought, ranging from level ~60 to ~80.

24d 1h 38m We withdraw Miltank and send out Aerodactyl against Slowbro. We somehow Crunch it down to red. A second Crunch takes it out. Exeggutor out next.

24d 1h 37m Wobbuffet goes down to Toxic and Great Ball strats.

24d 1h 35m We Toxic it and it keeps using Destiny Bond. It seems to have run out of PP for it and switches to Counter. We use a Great Ball. Repeatedly.

24d 1h 34m We Thunder and miss. It uses Destiny Bond again. We Thunder and miss again. It uses Destiny Bond again. We switch for Miltank. It keeps using Destiny Bond.

[Info] We currently have ₽347,400.

24d 1h 33m Venusaur vs Wobbuffet! We withdraw for Jolteon. It uses Destiny Bond.

24d 1h 33m Walked into Wills room. Vs Will!

24d 1h 31m Pokemon healed!

24d 1h 28m Irwin calls us while we're stuck in a corner, walking into a wall.

24d 1h 28m Left Victory Road. Arrived at the E4 Pokemon Center.

24d 1h 27m We throw a Great Ball at another Golem but it uses Roar.

24d 1h 26m Great Ball tossed at a wild Graveler. It then explodes. Kingdra fainted!

24d 1h 23m We toss a Great Ball at a wild Sandslash and then run away. Kingdra is down to red due to burn.

24d 1h 22m We toss a Great Ball at a wild Typhlosion and then run for it.

24d 1h 21m Caught Quilava! Level 57 and male! No nickname.

24d 1h 20m We toss a few Great Balls at a wild Quilava. Kingdra got burned!

24d 1h 19m We find a wild Machoke! Caught Machoke! Level 56 and male! Nickname: LLLLLKB (Pokedex: 193)

24d 1h 18m We toss a few Great Balls at a wild Graveler. Caught Graveler! Level 56 and male! Nickname: II

24d 1h 16m We find a Steelix and start tossing Great Balls at it too. We then run away.

24d 1h 13m We find a different Rhyhorn and start tossing Great Balls at that too. We run away.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: https://dekunukem.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/got-my-mojo-working-character-attributes-vga-board-double-buffering-and-cpu-interface/

24d 1h 12m We toss more Great Balls at wild Rhyhorns. We run away.

24d 1h 10m We toss a few Great Balls at a wild Sandslash. Caught Sandslash! Level 58 and female! Nickname: JJJ/!?.V/V

24d 1h 8m We toss a Great Ball at a wild Quilava and then flee.

24d 1h 7m A Great Ball gets tossed at a wild Machoke. We then run away.

24d 1h 5m We run away after lots of Great Ball spam.

24d 1h 2m A wild Golem appears and we start the Great Ball spam.

24d 1h 0m Caught a Marowak! Level 57 and male. Nickname: UUUKJJJ!U (Pokedex: 192)

24d 0h 59m We come across a wild Graveler, throw a Great Ball, then flee.

24d 0h 57m We toss more Great Balls and try to escape but Venusaur faints!

24d 0h 55m We find a Rhyhorn and toss a Great Ball at it. Being paralyzed makes it difficult to run.

24d 0h 52m We toss a Great Ball at a wild Sandslash and it fails. Venusaur is paralyzed!

[Info] That Quilava was level 57 and female.

24d 0h 47m Tossed a Great Ball at a wild Rhyhorn then ran away.

24d 0h 46m We find a wild Quilava. Caught on first attempt! (Didnt catch gender or level) No nickname! (Pokedex: 191)

[Info] Sleep Powder is out of PP.

24d 0h 42m Caught Steelix! Level 57 and male! No nickname.

24d 0h 39m We find another Steelix and start tossing Great Balls.

24d 0h 37m We toss a Great Ball at a wild Sandslash. It doesn't work. We run away.

24d 0h 35m Bill calls us. We change boxes!

24d 0h 34m We toss a Great Ball at a wild Rhyhorn. Caught Rhyhorn! Level 58 and female! Nickname: ,]y (5 blank spaces at the front)

24d 0h 32m A wild Machoke appears and we start tossing Great Balls. We then kill it.

24d 0h 28m After a few minutes of spamming Great Balls we use Petal Dance and it dies.

24d 0h 24m A wild Steelix appears and we start tossing Great Balls.

24d 0h 21m A few Great Balls tossed at a wild Golem. It uses Roar and we flee.

24d 0h 18m Caught an Onix! Male and level 57! Nickname: OPPPQRR rr

24d 0h 10m Entered Victory Road!

24d 00h 5m We are heading north towards Victory Road.

We're on Day 25 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251!

23d 23h 54m Healed our Pokemon again! We really aren't doing a whole lot.

23d 23h 45m Healed our Pokémon!

23d 23h 37m We're on the southern part of the route, by the water and bridge. Just hanging out.

23d 23h 31m What's this? A solar eclipse? Oh, wait, no, it's just nighttime.

23d 23h 26m We spot a wild Maganium and toss Great Balls at it. We then kill it.

[Snark] At least the spaces are original.

23d 23h 24m We find a Dodrio and toss a few Great Balls at it. Caught Dodrio! Level 56 and Female! Nickname: A (It should be 6 spaces before the A) (Pokedex: 189)

23d 23h 7m We use a Great Ball on a wild Blissey. It doesn't work and we run away.

23d 23h 3m We toss a few Great Balls at another wild Meganium. We end up killing it.

23d 23h 0m We toss a few Great Balls at a wild Dodrio. It doesn't work and Whirlwind makes us run away.

23d 22h 59m We toss a few Great Balls at a wild Meganium. We end up killing it.

23d 22h 55m Great Ball tossed at Blissey. Caught Blissey! Level 55 and Female! Nickname: XXXXXkjitj (Pokedex: 188)

23d 22h 49m Healed at the house before Victory Road!

23d 22h 47m We go back to tossing Great Balls. We eventually attack it and it dies.

23d 22h 46m Found a Blissey. Tossed a few Great Balls at it. Jolteon goes down to Psywave (Fixed damage hurts)

23d 22h 37m Caught a Wartortle! First try! Level 54 and male! Nickname: AAAAAA (Pokedex: 187)

23d 22h 36m We exit the cave and return to Route 27.

[Chat] FaisLittleWhiteRaven: I love how Zubat is AFTER Mew, Celebi and Suicune~ Still not last though~

23d 22h 31m Great Ball tossed at wild Zubat! Caught Zubat! Level 55 and female! Nickname: IIIIII

[Info] Pokedex now at 185/251

23d 22h 28m Caught a Geodude! Level 55 and male! Nickname: YYYYY (has one space at the end, and around 4 or so at the start)

23d 22h 26m We attack it and it goes down. No Wartortle for us.

23d 22h 25m We toss quite a few Great Balls at a wild Wartortle. Not having much luck.

23d 22h 22m Still wandering around in Tohjo Falls.

23d 22h 12m We leave the cave, but plan to stick around to catch a Zubat.


[Info] Suicune's name is VVVVVVVVVV and it's at level 100.

23d 22h 9m SUICUNE CAUGHT! So fast!

23d 22h 9m Suicune misses a couple Sheer Colds as Tux puts it back to sleep.

23d 22h 8m Tux quickly puts it to sleep, then sprinkles some more powder for good measure.

23d 22h 7m Wild SUICUNE appeared!

23d 22h 5m We spiral up another waterfall; we're on course for an encounter with Suicune!

23d 22h 4m As we surf between the waterfalls some more, Revo sparks a discussion about his least favorite TPP runs.

23d 22h 3m We run into a couple wild Zubat, which we've avoided capturing so far. Somehow.

23d 22h 2m We reached land again before quickly retreating to the water again.

23d 22h 0m Caught a female Lv. 54 Golduck! Nickname: D

23d 21h 59m We enter The Falls.

23d 21h 56m Land-ho! A stranger congratulates us on taking our first step into the region.

23d 21h 55m We try surfing on KKK while surfing on KKK.

23d 21h 53m We surf into Route 27. Tully calls us to tell us about the weather.

23d 21h 52m We leave the grass and arrive at New Bark Town.

23d 21h 47m Tux puts it to sleep, but we're unable to capture it as we take off running.

23d 21h 46m And speak of the devil... A wild Magby appears!

[Info] Both of those Pokémon were necessary; Magby is the last on this route that we need.

23d 21h 46m Caught a male Lv. 17 Sentret! Nickname: JJJJAAAIAA

23d 21h 44m Caught a female Lv. 19 Hoppip! Nickname: .../

23d 21h 43m Though our objective is Tohjo Falls for Suicune, we find some wild Pokémon we've yet to capture on R29.

[Snark] A Tentacool was among the 15. We released the Kraken!

23d 21h 36m We leave the Pokémon Center and the city and walk into Route 29.

[Info] That's a total of 15 releases, folks.

23d 21h 33m We finally walk away from the PC.

23d 21h 32m Meowth released!

23d 21h 32m Magnemite released!

[Chat] [Streamer] Projectrevotpp: tppSlowpoke oh no! we just released Leech King BibleThump

23d 21h 31m Slowpoke released!

23d 21h 30m We withdraw a Guard Spec. and an Elixer from our PC.

23d 21h 28m Weedle released!

23d 21h 27m We switched to another full box but quickly switched back to the renamed first box.

23d 21h 26m Oddish released!

23d 21h 26m Mareep released!

23d 21h 24m We attempted to release Tux, but the Mail protects him from the PC's wrath.

23d 21h 22m We fail to use the "EMPTY" command and rename the box to -1JJ RI

[Snark] After today, we may have just enough room to catch the remaining Pokémon for our Pokedex.

[Chat] KAPOW

23d 21h 20m Pineco and Snubbull released!

23d 21h 20m Pidgey and Tentacool released!

[Snark] A noble sacrifice.

23d 21h 19m Stantler released!

[Snark] Well, it's either RIP something else, or RIP our chance to catch Mewtwo today.

23d 21h 18m We switch our Box to BOX 1, which is completely full.

[Info] Two Tyrogue were released.

23d 21h 16m Another Tyrogue released! Wooper released! Mareep released!

23d 21h 15m Tyrogue released!

23d 21h 15m PC TIME!

23d 21h 14m Our team has been healed!

23d 21h 12m We visit the Pokémon Center for a very brief moment, then rush outside to read the building's sign.

23d 21h 9m We've arrived in Cherrygrove City!

23d 21h 8m We receive an Oran Berry from a happy little tree.

23d 21h 4m However, our beloved stalker friend, Irwin, gives us a friendly phone call!

23d 21h 3m But first, we stop and say hello to our good friend, Youngster Joey! He doesn't want to battle, though.

23d 20h 59m We start walking south. It seems we've given up on our Chikorita hunt and are moving towards Tohjo Falls for Suicune.

23d 20h 55m We leave the grassy area and say hello to the small pond above.

23d 20h 51m Aaaaaaand it's gone.

23d 20h 51m Another Chikorita, finally!

23d 20h 48m Caught a male Lv. 18 Tyrogue! No nickname.

23d 20h 45m Caught a male Lv. 18 Wooper! Nickname: WLT? Z

23d 20h 41m We throw some Premier Balls at a Wooper before running away empty-handed.

23d 20h 39m L drops to 1 HP and poisons Chikorita before fainting. We run.

23d 20h 37m A wild Chikorita appears! We switch Tux with L, who immediately becomes poisoned.

[Snark] Beautiful.

23d 20h 33m Caught a male Mareep! Nickname: C

23d 20h 29m We spot another Chikorita but quickly give in to the urge to escape.

23d 20h 25m OLDEN's Printer gets in on the action, too.

23d 20h 24m We make a couple attempts at a Chikorita, but to no avail. We spam Abra's cry in the Pokedex out of sheer frustration.

[Info] Our short encounter with that Flaaffy paralyzed Tux.

23d 20h 22m We get a victory call from Todd before making a new capture attempt on a Flaaffy.

23d 20h 20m Caught a male Lv. 18 Tyrogue! Nickname: TTTTTKKKKK

23d 20h 20m We attempt to catch a Tyrogue, but it doesn't want to cooperate either.

23d 20h 13m Tyrogue appears, which we also need, but Tux has better ideas and kills it.

23d 20h 11m Evan practices his pitching on a new Sunkern.

23d 20h 11m We run away!

23d 20h 9m This thing is putting up an incredible fight, but at least it can't poison us now.

Fox faints due to poison! Kingdra takes its place but is quickly swapped with Tux.

23d 20h 7m We furiously throw balls at a paralyzed Chikorita as Fox suffers from poison.

[Info] That brings our Pokedex count to a clean 180!

23d 20h 2m Caught a male Lv. 19 Sunkern! Nickname: NNNNFFFFFE

[Info] Correction, its name is TTTUXYP,, still with the space at the end.

[Info] There's a space at the end of that name.

Caught a female Mareep! Nickname: TTTUXYO,23d 19h 56m

23d 19h 53m Standing in our way is a wild Chikorita, something we've yet to catch, but we quickly run away.

[Info] And the mail with the message that will trigger the event is currently in the PC's mailbox, not on Kenya.

[Info] The Pokémon is irrelevant to delivering the mail. It can be given to any Pokémon and it will work.

23d 19h 49m We talk to the fat man, but quickly cancel it. Alan gives us a call.

[Info] It's actually unclear if he'll take Kenya from us, or if we need a specific mail, but talking to him seems dangerous anyway.

23d 19h 42m We narrowly avoid talking to the NPC by the berry tree; he's the way to return Kenya.

23d 19h 40m Nothing to do there, so we move to Route 31.

23d 19h 37m We reach Violet City, followed by some useful information regarding the Select button.

23d 19h 35m Now on Route 36; we seem to be headed toward Violet City.

23d 19h 33m We head south to Route 37.

23d 19h 31m Into Ecruteak City and its wistful music.

23d 19h 28m Route 38 now. Chat is discussing future plans for legendaries.

23d 19h 24m Onto Route 39.

[Info] Raikou is also available on Sundays and Wednesdays.

23d 19h 20m We arrive in Olivine City!

[Info] Raikou is available every Saturday.

23d 19h 18m We consult the Pokegear; it's Friday in the game.

23d 19h 15m Our brief adventure at sea comes to an end.

23d 19h 14m We surf and encounter a wild Octillery.

23d 19h 12m Todd calls us to make a challenge.

23d 19h 10m We've left the Battle Tower, chat wants to spend our collected winnings on a Master Ball.

23d 19h 10m Unfortunately, our winning streak has ended... but we won ₽ 66000!

23d 18h 53m Pokefan Bickett was defeated! Onto the sixth match, against Lass Zaborowski.

23d 18h 40m We're on opponent #5 in our current Tower challenge.

23d 16h 52m Still doing Battle Tower stuff. Seems Chat wants to save up enough money for another Master Ball.

23d 15h 41m Team Rocket battle music?

[Chat] TheUnknownVar: I want to get off of Battle Tower's Wild Ride BabyRage

23d 15h 40m Oh we're back in the lobby. Entered in the challenge again

23d 15h 2m We exited the challenge and then we do it again hooraayy

[Chat] Geno344: MingLee MINGDRA MingLee

23d 14h 43m Three guesses for what we're still doing, no prizes.

23d 13h 3m Aaand right back to battle tower.

23d 13h 2m Stuff is happening/.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] The Konami Code didn't do anything either.

23d 12h 31m Our inputs aren't doing anything.

23d 12h 30m Democracy

23d 12h 17m Biiig democracy push in chat, for some reason.

23d 12h 15m Appears to be frozen.

23d 12h 14m Mystery Gift!

23d 12h 13m The title screen restart happened again.

23d 11h 59m Back in the game, Entered another challenge.

23d 11h 57m Trainer defeated, next up is-- nvm we end the session and the emulator saves itself, then restarts back to the title screen.

23d 11h 50m In another challenge, against Kimono Girl Saito right now. We've taken down a few of her 'mons.

23d 11h 47m We're in the lobby now.

23d 11h 39m Still against the same trainer

23d 11h 27m wow there's a zapdos here hi

23d 11h 26m Versus Swimmer Javier, Sandslash against Tux

23d 11h 25m Entered Hard Mode Battle Tower challenge.

23d 11h 24m Appears we're at the Battle Tower now.

23d 11h 23m On a nearby route.

23d 11h 20m In Olivine now.

23d 11h 16m On the route to the West of Ecruteak

23d 11h 15m In Ecruteak

23d 11h 11m Exited the National Park on the opposite side.

23d 11h 8m Now in the National Park.

23d 11h 7m On a route.

23d 11h 3m Outside.

23d 11h 2m Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.

In Goldenrod now. We get a call from Anthony.

23d 11h 1m At the train station.

23d 10h 58m In Saffron again.

23d 10h 53m Caught Lv. 59 female Arbok, nickname is VUKLKTTK?/

23d 10h 50m On a route again.

23d 10h 43m In Saffron now.

23d 10h 40m We're on some nearby route now, by the way.

23d 10h 17m Outside.

23d 10h 10m Talked to Misty a few times.

23d 10h 3m Entered the Gym.

[Chat] MrCheeze_: BibleThump OUR ZERO DOLLARS

23d 9h 56m Aerodactyl down, white out

23d 9h 55m Kenya down, last left is Aerodactyl. It is sent in.

23d 9h 54m Used a Hyper Potion on Kenya

23d 9h 53m Miltank down, we run, then right back into battle

23d 9h 53m Fox down, Miltank in

23d 9h 52m Tux down, next in is Fox

23d 9h 51m Versus Mewtwo! Tux is out front.

23d 9h 50m But Queendra falls

23d 9h 50m We revived Tux somehow! (Probably with a max revive)

23d 9h 49m We're right below Mewtwo now!

23d 9h 46m Tux fainted to wild 'mon!

23d 9h 42m Found a Max Revive!

23d 9h 41m Still making our way through the cave slowly.

23d 9h 19m Surfing around the cave.

23d 9h 10m Back into the cave tileset and music. Cerulean Cave!

23d 9h 9m Landed outside Cerulean Cave.

23d 9h 7m Sailing around north of Cerulean now.

23d 9h 5m We're up on Nugget Bridge now.

23d 9h 2m In the Pokémon center. Checkpoint Cerulean!

23d 8h 59m Cerulean City!

23d 8h 58m North of Saffron now.

[Fluff] and MingLees. (TU LEE MingLee)

23d 8h 55m Tully calls. Everyone DansGames

23d 8h 53m Currently in Saffron.

[Fluff] Evan is enjoying the "wild" ride of the train.

23d 8h 51m And now we are again!

23d 8h 50m Now we're in Goldenrod! Now we're not!

[Chat] SUB PogChamp

23d 8h 49m We're in the rail station.

23d 8h 44m Saffron City!

23d 8h 43m [Info] Our current dex count is 179 caught out of 251!

[Chat] Paletuna_: Evan panics, and in the rush drops some buttons and pocket lint!

23d 8h 41m Welcome back to Vermillion City.

23d 8h 41m Amber falls! BLACKOUT!!

23d 8h 40m We healed Amber! Just in time for most of his health to fall off from a Tyranitar.

23d 8h 38m Amber defrosted!

[Info] We have yet to run into any encounters----never mind!

23d 8h 33m We fall down a couple holes. Turns out, they do properly lead to lower layers, and not back to the four pillars.

23d 8h 32m We head back inside the cave. It's pretty dark in here.

23d 8h 30m We head across the water and jump down the ledge.

[WutFace] OLDEN

[Info] ----- is a Gen 4 glitch Pokémon

[Chat] S_sonick: Mew = Led ge (no space) Keepo

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Nickname: -----

23d 8h 29m WE CAUGHT MEW! Level 99!

23d 8h 28m We heal again. Mew froze Amber!

23d 8h 28m We heal Amber a little bit, then crunch down on Mew. We heal Amber some more after. Mew keeps Tri Attacking us.

23d 8h 27m Kenya goes down! Only Amber remains!

23d 8h 26m We run again.

[Chat] Dayrunner79: Trolls keep running in hopes that we can farm a shiny encounter Kappa

23d 8h 26m We hyper beam mew! It faints! We speak with our clone again, and it's back and at full health!

23d 8h 25m Kenya goes out as we continue to throw ball after ball.

23d 8h 24m Mew keeps shaking three times after each ball attempt. It's trolling us! We poison it, but it takes out Moo!

23d 8h 23m A full health Mew appears again! We continue to throw Ultra Balls.

23d 8h 23m Miltank poisoned Mew! Then we run!

23d 8h 22m Mew takes out Fox!

23d 8h 22m Fox comes out to defend us as we continue to throw balls! The music tensely disappears as we throw a ball.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: tppPokeball KAPOW

23d 8h 21m Mew takes out Queendra! We can't escape!

23d 8h 21m After some Ice Beams from Queendra, we run again! Mew has all his health back now!

23d 8h 20m Anthony interrupts us then we speak with our clone again! Vs Mew again!

23d 8h 19m Mew nearly takes out Tux with two psychics! It doesn't want to stay in our balls! A TriAttack takes out Tux! We run!

23d 8h 19m Anarchy is dropped in! We start throwing Ultra Balls!

23d 8h 18m [D] Our sleeping powder didn't affect Mew!

23d 8h 18m [D] Vs Level 99 Mew! We send out Tux!

[Info] The music is a remix of the Kanto legendary theme from X/Y.

23d 8h 17m [D] We speak with it! It's mew! With special music!

23d 8h 16m [D] There's a sprite that looks like us in the corner here!

23d 8h 16m [D] It looks like we're in the middle of a volcanic crater or something. We surf on the water.

[Info] The music sounds like the Indigo league music.

23d 8h 14m [D] There's a little lake above us, protected by some ledges on either side. We go up through the one-tile-wide gap.

23d 8h 14m [D] We climb up another ladder. We're suddenly outside!

23d 8h 12m [D] After lots of whinging from chat, we climb back up the ladder.

23d 8h 10m [D] The item ball is a Power Herb!

23d 8h 8m [D] We find an item ball here, and nothing else.

[Chat] Glitcher_red: this is mew transformed into a voltorb Kappa

23d 8h 7m [D] We climb down another ladder. We're on a plateau now. Chat PogChamps about Yoshi Rocks.

23d 8h 6m [D] We run into a Kangaskhan, a Pokémon we don't yet have in the dex. Chat wants to get it, but we run anyway.

[Chat] patar4097: GUYS, WE'VE FOUND THE HOLEY LAND Kappa

[Chat] RenaKunisaki: THIS CAVE IS SWISS CHEESE DansGame

23d 8h 5m [D] We go up the ladder. There's more holes here.

23d 8h 4m [D] On the other side of the door is a hole and a ladder just past it. The Devs were clearly baiting us if we were in anarchy here.

23d 8h 3m [D] We're in a small connecting cavern. There's a door to the left.

23d 8h 3m [D] We go up the ladder.

23d 8h 2m [D] Chat is hyped as we enter the door. There's a ladder in this cave room.

[Chat] MrCheeze_: DBstyle east of Guyana is the Republic of Suriname

23d 8h 0m [D] We step down into where there once was water. There's a doorway that opened up to the right! We run into a Pokémon as we're about to step through it.

23d 7h 59m [D] We move to the right side and find that there's no more water down there.

23d 7h 58m We go back and forth, and end up falling down the fourth hole. We land in the center of the pillars on the bottom floor, as usual.

[Snark] Dammed up the water? It'll be nice to have some water in Hell; I've heard it gets quite hot there.

[Chat] celebrates something happening when we pushed it down the furthest hole.

23d 7h 56m [D] We pushed the boulder down the fourth hole! "Maybe that dammed up the water?"

[Chat] Shad0wseer: I bet this Boulder does nothing NotLikeThis
Z33k33: DBstyle if this boulder does nothing Kappa

23d 7h 54m [D] We push the boulder around a third hole. We're aiming for a fourth all the way on the other side of this mess.

[Chat] Golden_Helix13: Spying a rescue team guildmaster, Evan realizes that he might not be the only one trying to find the rare and elusive Mew. This only spurs him to act more quickly, surveying the area and analyzing his next move. The voices joung as one inside his mind

[Fluff] Not sure how they expected us to navigate all this in anarchy, honestly....

23d 7h 50m [D] We've pushed past a second hole and are now making our way slowly around the hole to come at the boulder from a different angle.

23d 7h 45m [D] We push the boulder past the first hole this time.

23d 7h 41m [D] We speak nicely to the boulder again. It seems irritated about last time, but begrudgingly allows us to move it again.

[Fluff] At least the encounter rate here isn't insanely high like it was in Anniversary Red.

23d 7h 39m [D] Up a level again.

23d 7h 34m [D] We drop down the same hole and end up on the bottom floor with no boulder in sight. Chat concludes we moved it down the wrong hole...

23d 7h 34m [D] We shoved the boulder into a hole. I imagine it's regretting letting us move it now.

23d 7h 29m [D] We're up a level and we've talked to a boulder. We've convinced it to let us move it.

23d 7h 26m [D] We're on the bottommost level.

23d 7h 22m [D] Text speed is now FAST. We exit out of the menus.

23d 7h 21m [D] We take a moment to enter the options menu and set the text speed to SLOW.

23d 7h 19m [D] We ran into a Raichu and are RUNBABARUNing away.

[Chat] Wutfaces over the music.

23d 7h 16m [D] We finally hang up on Arnie and enter the cave.

[Snark] If I went to a different country with my phone, I wouldn't be able to send or receive calls on it. Evan's cell phone must be a satellite phone.

23d 7h 14m [D] We walk along the zigzagging ledges and Arnie calls us long distance at the top.

23d 7h 12m [D] We position ourselves on the entrance to the bottom ledge.

23d 7h 10m [D] We're on the peninsula now.

23d 7h 8m [D] We speak with the sailor on the second dock and head to Guyana!

23d 7h 4m [D] Making our way down to the Vermillion City docks.

23d 7h 1m [D] And now we heal!

23d 6h 59m [D] We checkpoint!

23d 6h 59m [D] We fly to Vermilion City.

[Fluff] For some reason, the overlay is welcoming back everyone in chat at once....

23d 6h 55m [D] He'll be waiting on Route 34 for us. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

23d 6h 52m [D] We fly to Celadon City! Todd calls.

23d 6h 51m [D] Looks we're about to fly somewhere.

23d 6h 47m We're in Saffron!

[Chat] Dayrunner79: BUS sound effect hype PogChamp

[Snark] It's a train, not a bus, silly. Kappa

23d 6h 45m We head into the train station. Incoming sub keepo.

[Fluff] Seriously, am I the only one who thinks this is just a tad f*cked up?

23d 6h 44m "of Team Rocket? I can't believe it!"

[Fluff] We're staring at the back of that same girl. She literally hasn't moved.... She must be a robot.

23d 6h 43m "Was that man in black really part"

23d 6h 42m A guy just walked in front of us as we started a down9. How rude!

[Fluff] Man, these fanfics are getting weirder and weirder. At least I've dodged the bullet *wipes sweat*

[Snark] A "stare-off" BigBrother

23d 6h 40m [D] Evan and a girl in the street have a stare-off.

23d 6h 39m And now we're outside in Goldenrod.

[Fluff] This song is pretty good, thanks for the link.

23d 6h 35m Btw, We're in Democracy!

[Snark] Evan was dancing on the ceiling.

23d 6h 33m *Roof. Currently we're on either the bottom or second bottom floor.

23d 6h 25m We finally got off the ceiling.

[Snark] While chat is distracted, it seems select is the new input of choice

23d 6h 12m We're still on the roof.

[Chat] goes right back to the fan fictions.

23d 6h 3m Since it's Thursday now Raikou didn't respawn. Guess we'll have to wait a few days.

[Fluff] So we wasted 15 Ultra Balls, a Great Ball and 2 Premier Balls.

23d 6h 1m #15 fails, We KO it with Sludge Bomb!

23d 6h 1m We throw #14 and a Premier Ball. Both fail.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: KappaHD / tppPokeball

23d 6h 0m Ultra Ball #12 gets three shakes, #13 isn't as lucky.

23d 5h 59m Ultra Ball #10 doesn't deliver in the end, #11 is the same as #7.

23d 5h 59m We use Sleep Powder, and then Cut to get it down to Reds. We use a Great Ball but it fails.

23d 5h 58m #7 and #8 have no weight; #9 doesn't either

23d 5h 57m We send out Tux. Ultra Ball #5 and #6 fail.

23d 5h 57m Additionally, the recoil from these has lowered Raikou's health by a third!

23d 5h 57m We use a Premier Ball, but it fails again. Kenya faints to a Wild Charge!

23d 5h 56m Raikou switches up to Wild Charge. We use a fourth Ultra Ball.

23d 5h 56m We swap to Kenya and proceed to get biten some more.

23d 5h 55m We use a second and third Ultra Ball, with no avail.

23d 5h 55m We use an Ultra Ball, but it fails. We get bit. More Sleep Powder.

[Info] There seems to be a slight issue with Raikou's HP bar display. It's a little longer than its supposed to be.

23d 5h 54m We start off with Sleep Powder, and he falls asleep. He immediately wakes up and uses Bite.

23d 5h 54m Engaged Raikou! We send out Tux to deal with him.

23d 5h 53m We are right next to Raikou. Let's get ready to rumble.

23d 5h 51m We're at the top, and yes there's a doge here.

[Chat] Still in the middle of fanfic hour

[Info] We're trying to reach Raikou, who is at the top of Radio Tower.

23d 5h 43m We're in the Radio Tower staring intensely at a Jigglypuff.

[Chat] drylosc2: fanfiction erotic stories and select has taken over

[Snark] Good. Time for us to take a break. \o/

[Chat] Transitioning to "TPP After Dark", plenty of role-playing stuff.

23d 5h 33m For some reason, we're leading Evan to the Radio Tower.

23d 5h 25m Evan reached Goldenrod City.

23d 5h 19m With the tree blocking his way hacked, Evan continues his journey.

23d 5h 5m Heading south of Ecruteak.

23d 4h 59m In Ecruteak City.

[Snark] Taking bets on the number of balls we'll have left when we actually reach Mewtwo.

[Info] In that menu flash, I see we have 47 Ultra Balls, 21 Premier Balls and 202 Great Balls.

23d 4h 46m At Route 39, between Olivine and Ecruteak.

23d 4h 29m We're told the Fast Ship will sail next Friday. [shrugs]

23d 4h 16m Wasted one Ultra Ball on a wild Chinchou.

[Dev] We informed Deku that inputs don't need to be turned off when he updates the AI.

23d 4h 7m After a shopping spree we leave the mart

23d 4h 3m Hiker Anthony asks us to battle. Rejected.

23d 3h 59m We buy 47 ultra ball, 101 Great Balls, and 103 hyper potion as well as 3 premier balls

23d 3h 53m we leave and reenter... again

23d 3h 49m We exit the mart, then reenter

[Fluff] LOTS of Pokémon merchandise!

23d 3h 48m and now it's back

23d 3h 48m INPUTS FREEZE

23d 3h 46m After much fighting, we finally arrive in the Mart

23d 3h 42m also, Alan calls us, talking how he failed his math and let a Pokémon run away

23d 3h 42m We arrive in Olivine City

[Snark] seems like the bike is out of air

23d 3h 38m And now we're on Route 40. We have enough for a Master Ball, so I guess grinding is done.

23d 3h 36m We exit the Battle Tower.

23d 3h 32m We lost on our third. We got 25200 Pokeyen!

23d 3h 31m Enemy Steelix tried to roar our last mon. Lol.

[Fluff] remember the days when binding moves were op... then think about 20th Anniversary games....

23d 3h 19m No 3, Fisher Hanson.

23d 3h 19m INPUTS RETURN!

[Fluff] [Dev] This was the new update; spontaneous input stoppage

23d 3h 18m INPUTS FROZEN

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

23d 3h 17m Beat Hiker Alexander, no 2.

[Fluff] True, but now we don't have to wait a whole minute every time we kill Blissey.

[Fluff] This will probably make it seem to many people like enemies have much less HP than they actually have.

[Dev] GameFreak made an error in their routine for animating HP bars, causing them to move at the speed of 1 HP every 3 frames. This patch fixes that error, so the animation proceeds at the intended speed of 1 pixel every 3 frames (out of 48 pixels max). Enjoy!

23d 3h 6m Battle 2 is against Hiker Alexander.

23d 3h 6m Riot screen is off.

23d 3h 5m We're back in the game!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ UPDATES ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

23d 3h 3m The sound goes mute.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

23d 3h 2m And we just beat our first match too.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: surprise incoming OneHand

23d 2h 46m We start again!

23d 2h 45m We lose on the third opponent! We get 16800 Pokeyen.

[Fluff] I forgot how weird some Ditto pokemon look.

23d 2h 32m Third opponent is Juggler Fairfield.

23d 2h 32m Defeated Nickel.

23d 2h 20m 2nd guy is Scientist Nickel.

23d 2h 19m Defeated the first guy.

[Snark] The ride of Battle Tower..... It never ends.....

[Fluff] Again? FailFish

23d 2h 7m We entered the Battle Tower! Against our first opponent, Guitarist Masuda.

23d 2h 6m Inside of the Tower. We keep trying to cut.

[Info] Defeated by Zaborowski. Evan got winnings of ₽ 48000, to a total of ₽ 280800!

23d 2h 3m We're currently outside of the Battle Tower.

[Chat] hyperjesus: Kappa second time we fought a female zaboroski

goldnadeshiko: IT SHOULD SAY ZABOROWSKA !!! SwiftRage #PolishName

23d 1h 52m That took a while... Currently battling fifth opponent.

23d 1h 34m Now battling the fourth challenger.

[Chat] randomusername12345: Raise your hand if you want to instate Afterwards as dictator Kappa /

Many emotes raised their hand.

23d 0h 44m Signed up for another "casual" battle. The 7 wins just now took us like 2 hours. So... ResidentSleeper

23d 0h 43m 7 wins later, Evan bagged ₽ 150000! Now he has ₽ 232800.

[Chat] milkymilkmiltank: Zaborowski is a frickin surname DansGame

23d 0h 30m This is supposedly our last battle for the jackpot. Vs Lass Zaborowski!

[Chat] bananaswithappeal: OLSON OLDEN?? WutFace

23d 0h 18m Alright, time for the sixth opponent, Pokéfan Olson. (after a soft reset)

[Chat] duskjumper: ERICKSON BIKER DansGame he can use a bike INDOORS? WutFace

We're on Day 24 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251!

23d 0h 8m A biker rode into the hall for battle number 5!

23d 0h 1m Evan is still holding on at trainer number 4.

22d 23h 45m On to opponent number 3!

[Chat] milkymilkmiltank: There's something hot about girls with men's names Keepo

22d 23h 21m And Evan went for yet another round!

22d 23h 20m We failed at the third trainer. Received ₽ 16800 for 2 wins.

22d 23h 3m Second trainer down! Next up, Boarder Crawford.

[Chat] dimitripilot3: RNG seed reset Kappa

22d 22h 50m First trainer down! After a quick restart later, we're back to challenge the second trainer.

[Chat] nightwishrs: Work work work - it's rihanna WutFace

22d 22h 38m On to the next round of battles!

22d 22h 37m We couldn't get past the sixth trainer. Still got an impressive ₽ 66000 though.

[Chat] snowwarning: plot twist, the ai is a tpp from another dimension

xxvaatixx: @snowwarning In the other Dimension TPP is call nomekoPsyalPhctiwT

sinr2014: @xxvaatixx other dimension TPP streamer has a goatee

zerotwo107: In the other dimension streamer is a cool dude who is a much loved member of the community Kappa

spindaftw: in another dimension zerotwo likes floatzel and sinnoh VoHiYo

joelsdadakakermitthefrog: in another dimension TPP is still a thing Kappa

Right, enough dank memes. Kappa

[Chat] joltarrow: Swimmer Kappa

machinelordz: wait javier is a grill?

mrshidow: But Javier is a male name :(

sovietpanda91: Trans gender Javier Kappa

22d 22h 27m Fifth trainer defeated! On to the last one, presumably.

[Chat] machinelordz: is this teh urn?

22d 22h 24m Currently battling the 5th trainer, Kimono Girl Saito.

[Info] By the way, I have no way to prove it precisely because we're indoors. Let me put on the record that 5PM UTC just now was Wednesday in-game. If we're out and about, at around 9:10PM UTC the yellow hue will be gone (entering "day").

22d 21h 57m Third trainer defeated! On to Pokemaniac Sawyer!

[Chat] xxvaatixx: TATICAL RESET Kappa

22d 21h 48m Apparently there was a quick game reset. We're back to having our first battle.

22d 21h 47m Kawakami defeated! Wait what?

22d 21h 39m And as fast as it happened, we're back to Anarchy.

22d 21h 38m We're in democracy mode!

[Chat] xxvaatixx: Lets show the teacher who is the real student

22d 21h 35m Trainer Junichi Masuda defeated! No casualties but we healed anyway for the next battle. Teacher Kawakami is next!

22d 21h 25m Battle with Guitarist Masuda! We'll report back when he's defeated.

22d 21h 23m In the Battle Tower lobby.

22d 21h 16m I think Evan reached Olivine.

[Fluff] That was a triple ledge jump guys! PogChamp

22d 21h 14m At Route 39.

[Chat] zerotwo107: gambling? DansGame game is not for children. 18+ SwiftRage

22d 21h 11m We're travelling to somewhere north. Will get you all the name when it appears.

22d 21h 1m Changed text speed to Mid.

[Fluff] Oh yeah, that Hotline BlingMing song can't be more appropriate now. MingLee

22d 20h 57m Joey called in the wee hours of morning!

22d 20h 56m In the National Park.

22d 20h 53m At Route 35.

22d 20h 50m Evan finally settled at Goldenrod City.

[Chat] dookiefartz69420: so many subs lately Kappa

22d 20h 47m [Chat] sparkpad: PogChamp SUB HYPE

Yup, we're taking the Saffron–Goldenrod train back and forth, a few times.

22d 20h 45m Stream is back!

[Chat] jadon1984: tppRiot panicBasket tppRiot

22d 20h 44m The stream is apparently OFFLINE.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] If my calculation is correct, it should be Wednesday in-game, 1am-ish.

22d 20h 35m Evan whited out! Back to Cerulean City.

[Fluff] Whiteout hype anyway... since only Aero is left.

22d 20h 34m Sorry for missing out, my internet totally crashed hard on me. Anyway, we're facing Mewtwo! PogChamp

[Chat] Pkmntrainercolress: I like how ppl think we have infinite ultra balls in bag and they started this mewtwo attempt Kappa

[Info] We might have run out of Ultra Balls, so the balls we're throwing/wasting now are Premier Balls.

22d 20h 6m KAPOW'd by wild Golem after chucking a Premier Ball! Tux went down!

22d 20h 0m Evan still having trouble navigating the Cerulean Cave maze.

[Snark] Totally legit material for post in /r/gggg

22d 19h 58m Caught a ♂ Lv. 83 Donphan! Nickname: g

[Info] It was caught in a Premier Ball.

22d 19h 57m Caught a ♂ Lv. 82 Shuckle! Nickname: (none)

22d 19h 55m Wasted another Premier Ball, but we tactically healed Tux to 222 HP, by using Item16P1 or something...

[Fluff] Correction: PARLYZ GUARD. Forgive our typos.

22d 19h 48m Wasted a Premier Ball on Hypno.

22d 19h 46m Obtained PARYLZ GUARD! (whatever the proper name is)

[Chat] Pioxys: b+up+run HumbleLife we're close to it. I just feel i know this place naturally

Uh, Pioxys. Tustin might have some words for you...

22d 19h 39m Reached the bottom of the cave map, not sure if we're close.

22d 19h 29m Yet another wasted Ultra Ball.

22d 19h 23m Wasted one more ball, but then caught a (unknown gender) Lv. ?? Rhydon! Nickname: /DMVUmv

22d 19h 19m Wasted two more Ultra Balls.

22d 19h 15m Wasted another Ultra Ball, for those who are counting.

22d 19h 9m Caught a ♂ Lv. 82 Gyarados! Nickname: CC]

22d 19h 8m We use an ultraball on a while Poliwrath and flee.

22d 19h 6m We throw two balls at a wild ursaring and flee.

22d 19h 4m We throw two ultra balls at a wild rhydon and run away.

22d 19h 2m We enter the cave!

22d 18h 46m Chillin in the Pokémon Center

[Fluff] We're not bolding those releases. They have to be sacrificed for the greater good, period.

[Info] 22d 18h 38m Krabby and Corsola were also released.

[Info] 22d 18h 34m The female Ursaring was released.

22d 18h 33m Hypno released.

22d 18h 28m Looks like we are heading to the pc.

22d 18h 13m Amber down, black out!

[Info] 22d 18h 9m Blackout is imminent, Amber being our only mon left.

22d 18h 9m Kenya fainted from wild Rhydon.

[Info] 22d 18h 8m Kenya is burned.

22d 18h 6m Miltank fainted from wild Dragonair.

22d 18h 4m We caught an Ursaring earlier.

22d 17h 46m Still walking around Mewtwo's cave.

22d 17h 32m Caught a Corsola! Not nicknamed.

[Info] 22d 17h 27m We caught a Rhydon earlier, no nickname somehow.

22d 17h 20m We are inside Mewtwo's maze.

[Info] 22d 17h 8m We are heading back to Mewtwo's cave.

[Fluff] 22d 17h 6m I'll be making intermittent updates, using poketext as I am at work. Hopefully we will get someone else online soon.

22d 17h 5m It appears we caught a Krabby, nicknamed ddCCB, level unknown.

[Fluff] Updater will be going quiet, not sure for how long. Apologies.

22d 17h 1m Heading up Route 24.

22d 16h 48m White out, back to Cerulean.

22d 16h 46m Defrosted, ran, then right back into the fray.

22d 16h 46m Aerodactyl was about to use a Sky Attack, Tri Attack froze it and so the move was not used.

22d 16h 45m Kenya down

22d 16h 43m Kenya is burned

22d 16h 43m Used a Hyper Potion on Kenya

22d 16h 42m Used Full Restore on Kenya, it was sleeping but now it's at near-full-health and awake.

22d 16h 41m Versus again. Kenya out again.

22d 16h 40m So we ran, and it's still standing there.

22d 16h 40m Versus Mewtwo, Kenya is sent out against it.

22d 16h 35m Surfing

22d 16h 33m Found Max Elixer

[Fluff/Meta] Whether it is time-travelling glitches, the TBA autocorrect and whatever "pigu pls" moments on stream, it is those happy little accidents that makes a run special.

We know what the end game is. We're joining in to (hopefully) enjoy the journey along the way. So thanks for staying with us this far. :)

22d 16h 21m Found an Ultra Ball

22d 16h 18m Right now, everyone's down except for Noctowl and Aerodactyl. Seems the plan is to black out.

[Fluff] The .org is time traveling again!

22d 16h 4m Found a Nugget

22d 15h 53m Found PP Up

22d 15h 44m Caught Lv. 84 Ursaring, did not catch the gender. Nickname ---?

22d 15h 41m Caught Lv. 84 male Hypno, nickname XYWXX

22d 15h 38m Found a Scope Lens

22d 15h 36m There are Rocks that need to be Smashed in here, so we can't progress very far, it seems.

22d 15h 28m Tux down

22d 15h 20m Found a Full Restore

22d 15h 18m Entered the Cave! Kanto rocket base theme is playing.

22d 15h 18m Landed.

22d 15h 14m 24 again.

22d 15h 13m Back on Route 24, then 25.

22d 15h 11m Back in Cerulean.

22d 15h 5m We get a buffer call from Arnie which helps us land, then overshoot, then we run into the ledges on Route 4, and hop right over them all..

22d 15h 2m Nobody is standing in front of the cave. We're about to land..

22d 15h 0m Surfing.

22d 14h 58m On Route 24.

22d 14h 44m Healed and Checkpointed in Cerulean

22d 14h 44m In the 'Mon Centre.

[Fluff] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

22d 14h 40m In Cerulean!

22d 14h 39m Outside somewhere.

22d 14h 38m Up some stairs.

22d 14h 36m Down the stairs somewhere.

22d 14h 35m Entered the building thingy on the ledge I think

22d 14h 31m On Route 6.

22d 14h 30m Outside now.

22d 14h 27m Bought 1 Ultra Ball and 7 Hyper Potions

22d 14h 24m Seems we're in Vermilion now.

22d 14h 23m Outside.

22d 14h 19m In the Diglett's Cave.

22d 14h 5m On the route above Viridian.

22d 14h 1m Exited the Gym and right down that ledge.

22d 14h 0m Blue hints towards Mewtwo, Cerulean Cave/supposedly Mewtwo's location is now open. NotLikeThis

22d 14h 0m Exeggutor down to Air Slash, Rematch Blue defeated!

22d 13h 58m Crit 4x effective Earthquake is an OHKO. Next in is Exeggutor. Switched into Kenya.

22d 13h 58m Miltank is in now. Then it goes down. Aerodactyl in.

22d 13h 55m Vaporeon down! Magneton in! Switched into Kenya!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: nice pinball score

22d 13h 53m Alakazam down to some Thunder/Bolts! Next in is Vaporeon! Switched into Tux.

22d 13h 51m Ninetales down to a Waterfall and a Surf. Next in is Alakazam, we switch into Fox.

22d 13h 49m Sandslash down to a crit Petal Dance, next in is Ninetales. Switched into Kingdra.

[Chat] freekhenstra: LEE DER BLUE MingLee

22d 13h 48m Versus Blue, back in Anarchy. Sandslash against Venusaur

22d 13h 43m Democracy is currently in effect.

22d 13h 35m Back in the Gym.

22d 13h 30m Back in Viridian.

22d 13h 26m Cut another tree.

22d 13h 25m Cut a tree.

22d 13h 22m We use Thunder, it misses, it used Psychic, Jolteon down, white out.

22d 13h 21m Exeggutor down. Alakazam in.

22d 13h 21m Kenya down, Fox in

22d 13h 19m Kenya sent in.

22d 13h 19m Venusaur down

22d 13h 18m Switched into Venusaur, he switches into Exeggutor.

22d 13h 16m He switches into Magneton.

22d 13h 15m Miltank down, Kenya in

22d 13h 13m Alakazam is in now, Kingdra down, Miltank sent in

22d 13h 12m Kingdra sent in and Ninetales down to Surf.

22d 13h 11m Almost took down Ninetales with Aerodactyl, Full Restore used, Aerodactyl down

22d 13h 9m Vaporeon down. Next in is Ninetales again.

22d 13h 8m We switched into Jolteon.

22d 13h 5m Switched into Kingdra, Vaporeon switched in.

22d 13h 5m 'Slash down, Tux switched out for Aerodactyl, Ninetales sent in.

22d 13h 2m Versus Blue, Tux against Sandslash.

[Streamer] Thefrozenglaceon: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, don't i techinically get 2 badges? one for the donations and one from pinball? just curious, also how've you been? Sorry I haven't donated in a long time ; -; been saving up to move to Australia

Twitchplayspokemon: @TheFrozenGlaceon, donation badge isn't available currently, it'll be back later

22d 12h 20m Entered Blue's Gym!

22d 12h 17m Again.

[Streamer] Wizkitty: @Twitchplayspokemon I just want to say I love you for literally creating a community that's harvested so much fun and wonder over these last few years. You're seriously awesome, and I hope you have a wonderful day Keepo

Twitchplayspokemon: @WizKitty, thank you, but it's 8pm

[Snark] Evan practicing for the Olympics.

22d 12h 12m Jumped again.

22d 12h 7m We jumped it again but it wasn't on the part of the ledge near the Gym.

22d 12h 4m And again.

[Fluff] I wanna get off the ledge's wild ride... BibleThump

22d 11h 56m And again.

22d 11h 46m Again! Wheeeee!

22d 11h 42m And to celebrate, we jump the ledge for the fifth time. Wheeee.

22d 11h 41m Suddenly switched to daytime.

22d 11h 32m Jumped the ledge a few more times sinc the last update. Chat's keeping count.

22d 11h 11m We jump the ledge.

22d 11h 08m We approach the Gym.

22d 11h 02m Arrived in Viridian City!

22d 10h 59m We exit the forest south onto Route 2 again.

[Fluff] Taking a dinner break, will return shortly.

[Fluff] Actually pretty sure that it was female, sorry.

22d 10h 37m Caught Lv. 56 male Metapod, nickname RRRRJII

[Fluff] Music is playing nearly everywhere

22d 10h 31m In the Viridian Forest gate, the music is playing. Entered the Forest

22d 10h 28m Caught Lv. 62 male Chawminduh, nicknamed ZPYYPQGGGP. Bill calls, and we switch boxes.

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: chawminduh

22d 10h 25m Outside. We healed while were in there.

22d 10h 22m In the Pokémon Center.

22d 10h 19m In Pewter.

22d 10h 17m Cut a tree, found some grass for encounters.

22d 10h 13m In some route outside idk.

[Info] A/D voting bar at 85% now, will it get higher?

22d 10h 9m Caught Lv. 65 female Dugtrio, registered in Dex. Nickname OOOEDDCBC_

22d 10h 6m In the Diglett's Cave

22d 10h 0m We're in the underground pathway between the ships and the city.

[Snark] "You're a pretty penny, Todd!"

22d 9h 40m Todd makes a long distance call to tell us that he wants to battle. Surely that has to be calling him a pretty penny...

22d 9h 37m Back on the Guyana Peninsula.

22d 9h 33m We attempt to get on the Fast Ship, but the guy tells us it'll sail again on Wednesday.

22d 9h 31m On the Vermilion Docks.

22d 9h 20m Dana calls us and wants a battle.

22d 9h 17m WE BLACKED OUT! Back in Vermilion.

22d 9h 9m Caught a ♀ Lv. 78 Heracross! Nickname: TT?-STT---

22d 9h 3m Caught a ♂ Wigglytuff! Nickname: VVVV

22d 8h 32m Caught a ♂ Lv. 78 Granbull! Nickname: S_____

22d 8h 29m Caught a ♂ Lv. 82 Nidoking! No nickname

22d 8h 24m Caught a ♂ Lv. 78 Gengar! No nickname

22d 8h 7m We've fallen down a hole and are back at the start of the cave.

22d 8h 3m Tux has fallen!

22d 8h 2m Caught a ♀ Lv. SLP (probably 79) Gengar! Nickname: EEeXYZZBBV

[Info] There's also stairs leading into and out of the water on that floor now. In case any of you were confused by the fact that the water on that level appears inaccessible.

22d 7h 55m [Info] First change on that map, the two boulders on the lowest level that block the water path from one side to the other are gone. We just travelled from the right pool to the left pool while surfing.

[Info] Here's a map of the cave from Anniversary Red. Keep in mind some aspects have changed, so don't expect it to be perfectly accurate.

22d 7h 48m Caught a ♀ Lv. 79 Heracross! No nickname.

22d 7h 44m We fall down another hole. I recognize this room with the four posts. Definitely the AR Mew dungeon...

[Chat] freaks out of the Strength rock we fell down next to. NotLikeThis

22d 7h 41m And we fall down a hole.

22d 7h 40m Anarchy returns!

22d 7h 40m [D] The vote is now at 50%. It has to drop below to break into anarchy. We run from the scizor.

22d 7h 39m [D] The RUNBABARUN vote wins out as the Demo vote drops to 52%.

22d 7h 37m [D] A movement vote edges out over WAIT4BABA and we move towards a hole. Then we're attacked by a wild Scizor.

[Info] Democracy at 62% of the vote at the moment.

22d 7h 36m [D] The input WAIT4BABA wins out and we cease moving on the upper floor.

22d 7h 35m [D] We do a lot of bumping into walls as we travel around the holes in this cave. We head up a ladder.

22d 7h 33m [D] The democracy vote is dropping, now at 67%.

22d 7h 32m [D] We move around the sign and northward. There are a lot of holes here...

[Snark] Welcome to the requisite trolly dungeon everyone.

[Info] It appears that this is the same cave from Anniversary Red.

22d 7h 31m [D] We're inside the cave. There's a sign here: "Be careful of holes!"

[Info] Curiously, we walk up into the cave entrance, but then the exit to this cave is to the left, rather than below us.

22d 7h 30m [D] The votes are jumbled for a while, and four "down" votes are at the top. But soon we walk easily into the cave above!

22d 7h 29m [D] We walk up and along the second ledge. There's a cave at the top.

22d 7h 29m [D] We walk easily along atop the first ledge.

22d 7h 27m [D] We bump into the bottom of the set of ledges here.

[Info] For those, like me, who have never heard of this item before. All of our Pokémon are at full health and PP now!

22d 7h 24m [D] We use a "SACRED ASH" item, which "Fully revives all fainted Pokémon!"

22d 7h 23m Also, we're in democracy!

22d 7h 21m Juggler Irwin tells us to go join the world championship. Which is kind of hard, seeing as we'll need to find a boat to Unova first.

[Fluff] I thought people would have made more of a big deal about it, considering everyone couldn't accept Queen Helix as the real Helix, and said he would come again yadayadayada.

22d 7h 12m Caught a ♂ Lv. 77 Omastar! Nickname: ktrjaaaaaa

22d 7h 8m Queendra has fallen. And Tux was brought down some time ago as well.

22d 7h 0m Bill calls, and we switch to the next PC box!

22d 7h 0m Caught a ♀ Lv. 76 Tentacool! Nickname: g

22d 6h 55m Caught a ♂ Lv. 78 Stantler! Nickname: G YYPMMVVI

22d 6h 45m Trying the ledge again now.

22d 6h 44m On the peninsula.

22d 6h 41m And we're back in Guyana.

22d 6h 39m Then we travel back again. Well, that was a good couple weeks of wasted travel.

22d 6h 39m We travel to Guyana!

22d 6h 38m On the Vermilion Docks.

22d 6h 35m Arnie calls as we attempt to navigate to the Vermilion docks.

22d 6h 31m Back in Vermilion.

22d 6h 27m In Diglett's cave.

22d 6h 15m Joey called us! His furret is raring to go!

[Fluff] How many times?

[Fluff] You do not want to know how many times I had to try and type that last update... Cannot type today.

22d 6h 13m We entered the Pokémon center! Checkpoint Vermilion!

22d 6h 4m Just walking around the city, sprinkling random buildings with water.

22d 5h 55m Anthony calls us as we arrive in Vermilion proper.

22d 5h 47m We disembark.

22d 5h 43m Back in our room. We find the bed looking comfy... Arrived at Vermilion City!

[Chat] AAABAAAJSS_BirdJesus: BORT Can we change rooms we like this one

22d 5h 39m We meander into someone else's room again. Their food looks tastier.

22d 5h 37m We've found our room. There's more food on the table here.

22d 5h 35m We're in a room that is not ours. We contemplate the eggs and toast on the table.

[Fluff] Evan: NotLikeThis Always the boats....

22d 5h 32m We flash the SS Ticket! On the Fast Ship SS Aqua!

[Info] It looks like we have 18 Premier balls on hand. We attempted to give one to Tux, but he has mail armor on.

22d 5h 30m We're on the Olivine Docks.

22d 5h 25m [Fluff] "FAST SHIP S.S.AQUA sails to KANTO on Mondays and Fridays." Actually, we have yet to find a day when it hasn't sailed when we wanted it to...

22d 5h 24m I think we just used a hyper potion we just bought (?) to heal Tux 4 HP. Efficiency!

22d 5h 22m We buy 143 Ultra Balls, 3 Great Ball, 12 Premier Balls, and 2 Antidotes. (Give or take)

22d 5h 22m We buy things! Give me a second...

[Chat] Geforcefly: 1-800-WOW-JOEY OneHand

22d 5h 17m Joey calls!

22d 5h 15m We take the long way around (read "needless surfing") to get to Olivine.

22d 5h 12m We exit the tower with ₽ 172600 weighing down our pockets.

[Info] Evan has $164800 now. I suppose Evan/the chat won't stop until it's above 300k.

22d 4h 42m We beat the 2nd trainer and then canceled. We received 16800. We sign up again.

22d 4h 27m Defeated the first trainer. On to #2!

22d 4h 12m We sign up for Battle Tower again. Vs 1st trainer.

22d 4h 10m Released Houndour and Teddiursa

22d 4h 05m Walked away from the PC (for now).

22d 4h 04m Switched to Box1!

22d 4h 04m Released a Level 67 Magneton and an Omanyte!

22d 4h 02m We released another Sudowoodo

22d 4h 02m We keep trying to deposit our Pokemon but they all have mail.

22d 4h 01m PC on again. We released a level 62 Doduo and a Sudowoodo!

22d 3h 58m PC on again. We try to withdraw Pokemon and fail. We walk away in shame.

22d 3h 52m We turn on the PC. Deposited X Accuracy, 1 Elixir.

22d 3h 51m Back in Battle Tower. Just hanging out.

22d 3h 48m Left the Battle Tower again.

22d 3h 47m Lost to the first trainer. Got 1800.

22d 3h 29m We sign up for Battle Tower once more. Vs 1st trainer.

22d 3h 28m We return to the battle tower again.

22d 3h 25m We leave the Battle Tower and head south.

22d 3h 25m Lost to the 3rd trainer! For 2 wins we get 16800. We currently have 146200.

22d 3h 11m We are up to the 3rd trainer!

22d 2h 46m Lost to trainer #5! Got 48000 in prize money. We sign up again.

[Meta] Good morning from Southeast Asia! Don't be surprised if the sky darkens next morning. ;)

22d 2h 35m We take down Skier Lancaster! #4 defeated! Up against the fifth trainer!

22d 2h 23m Defeated #3. Now up against the 4th opponent.

22d 2h 11m Onto opponent number 3!

22d 2h 00m Defeated the 1st trainer! Onto the 2nd now.

22d 1h 46m Lost to the 2nd trainer. Made 16800. Signed up again.

22d 1h 28m Made it to the 2nd trainer.

22d 1h 17m We defeated the 1st trainer! Up against the 2nd one now.

22d 1h 06m Lost to the first trainer. We got a little bit of money for not beating anyone. We sign up again. Up against the 1st trainer once more.

22d 0h 52m Signed up for battle tower again. We're up against the 1st trainer. Vs Skier Lancaster.

22d 0h 51m We lost to Pokefan Hunter. We received 48000. We currently have 62800.

22d 0h 40m Defeated Fisher Hanson. Up to the fourth trainer now, Pokefan Hunter.

[Dev] In theory, the overlay should now properly account for party size changes, so things like the battle tower and bug catching should no longer break it.


22d 0h 30m Defeated the third trainer. Now fighting the 4th. Up against Fisher Hanson.

[Info] This is our third opponent.

22d 0h 17m Defeated Kimono Girl. Up against the next trainer now.

22d 0h 8m The stream went back up a while ago.

[Snark] 23 days and you still haven't gotten off the riot screen?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Day 23 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DEKU ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] We save and quit, just in time for deku to update everything. The riot screen is up as files get moved around.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Oh, also, the overlay broke again. Go figure.

21d 23h 49m Still in the Battle Tower, helping Fox give Dome a beating. If there's one thing Twitch Chat can agree on in Anarchy, it's our distaste towards Dome.

21d 23h 22m We're still in the Battle Tower, in case anyone's wondering. Also, some of us are having trouble loading the stream, so we're relying on Poketext for now.

[Snark] Last time Deadinsky posted memes, anybody have a original idea ping me in daily thread and i might do it Kappa

21d 22h 45m Vs Firebreather Hank Hill sends in Snoarlax, Hank Hill pls

21d 22h 43m We enter the Battle Tower! HYP- ResidentSleeper

21d 22h 36m We enter Olivine

21d 22h 26m We head for Olivine

21d 22h 21m We enter Ecruteak

21d 22h 10m We immediately leave and chat is happy for the free money(1000$)

21d 22h 10m We enter the Bug Catching contest

[Fluff] Looking at the .org while updating the footer, when did we go to the future?

21d 21h 54m We take the Magnet Train, we are at Goldenrod

21d 21h 43m We enter Saffron now

21d 21h 23m We skip Saffron and enter Cerulean

[Joey Call Count: Kreygasm]

21d 21h 0m We go to Vermillion

21d 20h 56m We leave Guyana

21d 20h 45m We use a Preimer Ball on Cute Lord Dome but it uses Ancient Power to raise its stats after breaking out, we flee

[Info] Looks like we had 2 close attempts to beat the ledge but now chat wants to catch Lord Helix

21d 20h 43m Miltank was at 4hp but we use Milk Drink to get half health

21d 20h 38m We use an Ultra Ball on a Tentacool but it fails, we then run

21d 20h 33m We throw an Ultra Ball on an Azumarill and it fails, it uses Double Edge + Aqua Jet to take out Fox and we run

21d 20h 14m we use an Ultra Ball to catch a level 78 female Sudowoodo, its name is OOOOFNNNVV

21d 20h 11m We throw an Ultra Ball on a Parasect before running

21d 20h 6m We catapult ourselves off the ledge.

21d 20h 5m We make it to only 2 steps near the cave but then a surge of downs tear our achievement to the ground

21d 19h 53m We see a Wild Venusaur and use an Ultra Ball, it fails and it uses Ancient Power, Poison takes down Queendra

21d 19h 51m We made it past the first ledge but down users made us fall

[Info] 21d 19h 50m A/D meter is 83%.

[Fluff] Hex:DD = Dec:221 = Piloswine

21d 19h 41m We use a Ultra Ball on a Sudowoodo after freezing it with Ice Beam, the second ball catches it Its male but FRZ covers the level, its name is DD

21d 19h 38m Todd Calls us to say that there's a sale on Goldenrod Department

21d 19h 34m Venomoth uses Sludge Bomb and poisons Queendra

21d 19h 32m A Sudowoodo uses KAPOW to beat Tux :(

21d 19h 30m We use an item to shake off Miltank's poison status, its either an Antidote or Full Heal

21d 19h 29m We try to make Cute Lord Helix to sleep but it doesnt affect him and uses Hydro Pump, this time Sleep Powder lands and we throw a Great Ball! We catch a male level 77 Omanyte! no nickname, Evan is still ashamed

21d 19h 26m We seem Dome! We throw an Ultra Ball but it fails, Dome retaliates with Waterfall and we run, rip

21d 19h 25m We run from it, Evan is still too ashamed

21d 19h 25m We see a cute small Helix!

21d 19h 24m We use Whirlpool and head down!

21d 19h 24m Wild Seadra uses Toxic to poison Miltank

21d 19h 23m We run away from Helix again, looks like we're embarrassed that we released him when he was small :(

[Info] The item was only accessible with Whirlpool, we used Whirlpool so we can pass and now another Whirlpool leads down which we are trying to use on

21d 19h 22m We use an Ultra Ball on a sleeping Seadra before we run, we seem to like doing that

21d 19h 20m We get the item which is Sacred Ash


21d 19h 19m We use a Ultra Ball on a Tentacool after we make it sleep with Sleep Powder then run

21d 19h 18m We use an Ultra Ball on a Lickitung, it shakes it off and attacks with Shadow Ball which is weak, we flee

21d 19h 13m We set sail for Guyana

21d 19h 9m We enter the ship

21d 19h 5m We heal twice just to be 100% we healed

21d 19h 4m We Heal our party

21d 19h 4m We enter the center

21d 19h 1m We decide Route 6 is boring so we enter Vermillion

21d 18h 58m We enter Route 6

21d 18h 51m We enter Saffron

[Fluff] We have 170 species caught now!

21d 18h 48m We use 2 Ultra Balls to catch a level 63 Nidoqueen (new species!), its name is MMMMLLLL

21d 18h 45m We use up a Ultra Ball on a Meowth and run, Queendra is at 12hp

21d 18h 42m We catch a level 62 Male Doduo, its name is now xpgg when we go down

21d 18h 36m We hear the pleasant sound of Cerulean City

21d 18h 34m We use up Two Ultra Balls trying to catch a Voltorb which uses Thunder, Kingdra is hanging with red hp and we decided to flee

[Info] ChurchOfTheHelixChoir made a song about the ledge which is pretty neat

[Snark] We walk south of The Ledge, ahhhh good times!

21d 18h 27m We use an Ultra Ball on a female level 64 Sandslash and catch it! hh is its nickname

[Info] Its a level 67 Magneton, i just remembered Magneton's dont have genders

21d 18h 23m We use an Ultra Ball on Magneton and it breaks free and uses Thunder which frightens su so much we ran away!

21d 18h 22m We go back to Route 9

21d 18h 20m We throw an Ultra Ball on a female level 64 Rhydon before running

[Info] Its a level 67 male Magneton FF

21d 18h 16m We throw 3 Ultra Ball on it and catch it, Level 67 male, FF is its name

[Fluff] It was definitely not golden.

21d 18h 16m Miltank gets paralyzed by Magneton's Thunder

[Info] Golden was level 66.

21d 18h 13m Caught a female Lv. 65 Rhydon! Nickname: Default (Rhydon)

21d 18h 10m Caught a male Lv. 64 Rhyhorn! Nickname: jjktulccmn

21d 18h 8m Caught a male Lv. 66-69 Golden! Nickname: NNWW

21d 18h 5m Entered Route 9.

21d 18h 2m Caught a Lv. 68 Starmie! Nickname: u

21d 17h 56m We're outside of the powerplant.

21d 17h 39m Currently still in the power plant basement.

21d 17h 33m Caught a male Lv. 68 Lanturn! Nickname: MMMU

21d 17h 32m Caught a male Lv. 69 Chinchou! Nickname: OOFG.

21d 17h 21m Currently still in the power plant. No new catches to report currently.

[Chat] zeando: MingYiiiiiiiiii MingLee

21d 17h 2m Caught Lv. 66 Electrode, nickname Yiiiiiiiii

21d 16h 55m In the Basement part of the plant

21d 16h 50m Surfed around a bunch and now we are back on the ladn in front of the powerplant building. And then we walk back inside. And outside. And inside. And outside. And inside.

21d 16h 45m Caught Lv. 64 male Koffing, nickname -G

[Chat] no_trolls_here: Starmie is rich now Kappa

21d 16h 33m White out

21d 16h 31m Warped outside! It's Daytme!

[Chat] Zorothegallade: Waste 50+ Ultra balls -> Capture Zapdos in a Premier Ball -> Evan names him "!!!!!!?????"

[Fluff] Chat's reaction: !!!!!?????

21d 16h 17m Jolteon down, ZAPDOS CAUGHT WITH PREMIER BALL. Lv. 95, nicknamed !!!!!?????. Bill calls, we switch boxes.

21d 16h 16m Ran. Then we interact again.

21d 16h 14m Kingdra and 'Towl are down. Fox is in

21d 16h 10m Versus Zapdos, Kingdra sent out. We run. Then challenge it again.

21d 16h 6m Caught Voltorb, did not catch the level. Nickname UVVVV//I

21d 16h 0m We have arrived at the cave area.

21d 15h 55m Venusaur went down

21d 15h 34m We're in the basement part of the Power Plant, not the Cave part yet.

21d 15h 21m Outside.

21d 15h 21m Released a Flaaffy and the Electabuzz! Unsure which Flaaffy.

21d 15h 19m Out of the PC.

21d 15h 16m PC is on. We try to withdraw the Electabuzz but our party is full.

21d 15h 15m White out, standing in front of the Route 10 Pokémon Center. Big push for Democracy.

21d 15h 6m And again.

21d 15h 4m It went down, so we are challenging it again.

21d 15h 2m Dactyl down

21d 14h 59m Versus Zapdos again, Venusaur sent out.

21d 14h 50m Landed on the north shore, exploring the cave again.

21d 14h 47m In the cave part again.

21d 14h 36m Caught Lv. 69 male Electabuzz, nickname YYYXGHHIIR. Bill calls us and we do not switch boxes. Now we cannot catch Zapdos without going to the PC.

21d 14h 12m Back in the basement.

21d 14h 10m In the building again.

[Chat] Megagoomy41: trying to catch zapdos without a master ball TriHard

[Chat] Johirrim: in hindsight, good thing we took the warp ladder the first time Kappa

21d 14h 2m Kenya is down! Miltank too after the switch out! Evan whited out to the Poké Center near rock tunnel.

21d 14h 1m The electric bird is now down to red HP, but still refuses to get caught!

21d 14h 0m We withdrew Miltank for Kenya. Oops?

21d 13h 59m Thunderbolt crits and Aero is down! Miltank is now out.

21d 13h 58m RIP Fox. Aerodactyl is out.

21d 13h 58m Now being weakened to 1/3, there's a better chance of catching.

21d 13h 57m The Ultra Balls are not even rocking once.

21d 13h 56m Kingdra fainted from Zapdos's attack! Jolteon is sent out.

21d 13h 54m We ran away once and killed it, but the bird is still there!

[Fluff] That's bizarre

[Chat] x42bn6: It's immortal PogChamp

[Fluff] "Bizaaah!"

[Chat] Bazooka7676: lets find the shiny

21d 13h 54m Encountered Zapdos!

21d 13h 52m Caught a Lv. 69 Voltorb! Nickname: bkluuuuued

21d 13h 51m Democracy votes are pouring in, bar at 83% now.

[Fluff] Whirlwind spam is more likely, but OK.

[Chat] Swampertz: inb4 zapdos roar OpieOP

[Chat] Megagoomy41: Zapdos is probably in the middle of this large cave; do not take the ladder in the lower left

It's really anyone's guess for now.

21d 13h 39m Now at Power Plant B2, aka the "cave".

21d 13h 29m Fearing further damage, chat now runs from wild encounters.

21d 13h 24m We kept using Item16P1 but it wasn't working, probably ran out of it... We lost several turns and Tux fainted from wild Electrode's persistent attacks.

21d 13h 20m Caught a Lv. 66 Voltorb! Nickname: IAA (new dex entry!)

21d 13h 18m Tux was clutching at below 20 HP, but chat managed to use some potion on Tux to buy some time.

[Info] Dex counter now at 160/251/251.

21d 13h 13m Caught a ♂ Lv. 68 Elekid! Nickname: LLLLCBB (new dex entry!)

21d 13h 12m Trying to catch a sleeping Elekid.

21d 13h 10m KAPOW! Didn't do much damage to Tux.

21d 13h 9m Tux is paralyzed from a wild Voltorb's attack!

[Chat] WizKitty: @Ticktacksgaming I have donated 16,000 + dollars to TPP, of course I have a Wailmer Keepo

[Chat] WizKitty: @TwitchplaysPokémon It's what I do man, it's what I do Keepo

[Donation] $69.69 from WizKitty: "[something about Revo, didn't catch]"

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: thanks for the donations

21d 13h 1m At Power Plant B1.

[Info] Current party lineup is Venusaur, Kingdra, Jolteon, Miltank, Noctowl and Aerodactyl.

21d 12h 58m Back to try the Power Plant again.

[Info] With totally no vote for anarchy or democracy for now, the slider hangs at 49%.

21d 12h 52m Suddenly Anarchy mode! We healed in anarchy anyway.

21d 12h 51m [D] Checkpoint in Poké Center beside Rock Tunnel, and presumably party healed.

21d 12h 49m [D] Switching party order, will report once it's settled.

21d 12h 45m [D] Changing text speed to Fast.

[Info] There was truly a surge of votes for demo, according to the chat. Not the typical case of anarchy votes expiring.

21d 12h 42m Democracy kicks in! (without a hint)

21d 12h 38m Left the Power Plant area, seems to be heading west.

[Fluff] Anthony: "... Lately, I've been running across wild CYNDAQUIL quite often. They're easily taken care of."

[cue SwiftRage from tustin)

[Snark] What a convenient escape route.

21d 12h 32m Somehow got teleported up to the Power Plant entrance!

21d 12h 30m Found an island-like structure with a convenient stairway up and a ladder down the middle. Evan landed there.

21d 12h 21m Landed on the north shore of the water, there's ledges and stuff down here. Hooray.

21d 12h 20m Used a Hyper Potion on Fox

21d 12h 16m Now we're in a room with water and rocks and stuff. There's a Black square in the corner, in the floor above there was a green square in the corner.

21d 12h 14m More stairs.

[Snark] Raichu is a tool, confirmed.

21d 11h 58m Caught female Lv. 68 Raichu, nickname TUUUUUUULS

21d 11h 52m Miltank and Kingdra are down right now.

21d 11h 44m Caught male Lv. 67 Flaaffy, nickname TTNW,F

[Chat] Glitcher_red: YOSHIS EVERYWHERE WutFace

21d 11h 33m Entered the Power Plant basement area. Theme playing is Silph Co / Battle Tent Ruins.

[Fluff] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

21d 11h 32m We went in a building, the Cerulean/Fuchsia theme is playing, there's these generator thingies over there, and some stairs going down.

[Chat] skolvikings1: PHONE CALL TOOK ALL DAY 4Head

21d 11h 31m We were in the middle of the phone call and then it switched to night.

21d 11h 27m Finally at the water edge towards Power Plant!

21d 11h 18m A/D voting bar at above 80%.

21d 11h 11m Alan called, but who's really counting?

21d 10h 48m Navigating the ledge maze. This will take a while...

21d 10h 42m Going down slowly on the east side of Cerulean, then Evan heads to Route 9.

21d 10h 37m Back in actual Cerulean.

21d 10h 19m Landed. And we talk to him. Yep, not allowed to enter.

21d 10h 18m There is still a person blocking the cave.

21d 10h 12m Route 24!

21d 10h 11m Read a sign. "Cerulean Cape ahead." Okay, that confirms it.

21d 10h 9m Unsure exactly where we are, guessing Cerulean but maybe not. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Fluff] Taking a break, will be back soon. Apologies.

21d 9h 40m Train taken. In Saffron!

21d 9h 39m At the train station.

21d 9h 33m Heading back down through the tower, it seems.

[Chat] skolvikings1: SLEEP ON THE ROOF TIL NEXT SATURDAY SwiftRage

21d 9h 29m Versus Raikou, Miltank is sent out against it. Switched into Tux. Roar is used and...the battle ends. Raikou ain't here anymore.

21d 9h 27m We're on the roof. Raikou is here.

21d 9h 21m I believe we're in the Radio Tower right now.

21d 9h 9m Outside.

21d 8h 59m HEaled

21d 8h 59m In the Pokémon Center.

21d 8h 51m Now in Goldenrod.

21d 8h 46m Caught female Lv. 25 Sunflora, nick is KLCCMMMMNN

21d 8h 45m Cut a tree somewhere

21d 8h 42m On another nearby route but i'm not sure which.

21d 8h 37m In Ecruteak now

[Chat] PC WutFace

21d 8h 35m Caught Lv. 30 Magneton, nick is IIR:[p;;::c


21d 8h 32m **Caught yet another Lv. 29 fe-- nvm we ran

21d 8h 31m Caught another Lv. 29 female Furret, nick is EPPY?

21d 8h 28m Caught Lv. 29 female Furret, nick _Y,___HHG or something

21d 8h 27m Caught a male Flaaffy, did not catch the level. Nick is MMLUKTKTC/

21d 8h 25m Caught a Lv. 29 male Eevee, nickname SJA?-YQQH

21d 8h 22m I believe we were in Olivine before. We're on the route above it now.

[Correction] 9 Premier Balls, if 1 Premier for every ten bought

21d 8h 6m Sold: RageCandyBar, an Ice Heal, Cheri Berry

Bought: About 4 Great Balls, about 133 Ultra Balls, a Premier Ball, Antidote

[Info] 21d 8h 8m We managed to buy 98 ultra balls in one go.

21d 8h 5m In the Pokemart.

21d 8h 2m Surfing around somewhere idk.

21d 7h 45m Outside.

21d 7h 30m [Meta] The updater is now dark...

21d 7h 28m We're still doing Battle Tower to grind money. I'm going offline now, if anyone wants to update go nuts.

[Fluff] That was a good meme session. Results are incoming.

21d 6h 58m And we entered it again. Back to more memes.

21d 6h 56m We lost our first battle, so we got 1800 Pokeyen as a consolation prize.

[Fluff] I'm a bit tired for updating, and since it's Battle Tower, it's not mandatory anyways. I'm now taking requests from chats for memes to embed in the updater for a minute each.

21d 6h 39m Miltank vs Golem. We start with a Toxic, and he responds with an Earthquake.

21d 6h 39m We eventually continue, because Master Balls cost 300K. Against #1, Boarder Crawford!

21d 6h 38m We are very divided on continuing.

21d 6h 36m We won 24000 Pokeyen for our 3 wins!

21d 6h 36m Against Lanturn. It KOs us with Thunderbolt! We lost!

21d 6h 35m We KO Nidoqueen with Surf. Clutch sweep hype?

21d 6h 35m We send out Kingdra. We use Ice Beam, almost KO it, and fall to 12 HP from an Earth Power.

21d 6h 34m A second one KOs Miltank!

21d 6h 34m We send out Miltank, and we're also hit with a devastating Earth Power.

21d 6h 33m Against Nidoqueen! We try using Thunder before we realize its typing. Jolteon faints to Earth Power!

21d 6h 32m We use Thunder, crit, and OHKO the cat.

21d 6h 32m We send out Fox instead and we paralyze Persian with Thunder Wave. It's still able to pull off a Swift.

21d 6h 31m We send out Kingdra against Persian. Then we swap for Sailor Moo as the Persian devises a Nasty Plot.

21d 6h 30m We whittle down its HP, and because it kept spamming Destiny Bond, Tux falls with it!

21d 6h 28m We swap to Tux, and have more Destiny Bonds!

21d 6h 28m Against Weezing! We use Surf, and we're tied with a Destiny Bond.

21d 6h 27m We swap to Kingdra and use Waterfall and Surf to KO Tyranitar.

21d 6h 26m We're hit with Rock Slide and Amber falls!

21d 6h 25m We send out Kingdra. We're hit with Rock Slide then switch to Amber.

21d 6h 25m Tyranitar KOs us with Pursuit!

21d 6h 24m We're hit with a crit Rock Slide, and then swap to Kenya. We're hit with more Rock Slides.

21d 6h 23m Fighting #4, Biker Erickson. Miltank vs. Tyranitar.

21d 6h 22m We send out Amber and KO Ledian with Rock Slide! Defeated Firebreather Hill, (no 3)

21d 6h 22m ...and then Ledian KOs Fox with Bug Buzz!

21d 6h 22m Against Ledian! Not the Olden one however. We almost kill it with Thunderbolt...

21d 6h 21m We're hit with a Shadow Ball, and are down to 46 HP. We use Thunder to KO Gengar.

21d 6h 21m We KO it with Thunderbolt. Against Gengar. We continue with Thunderbolt.

21d 6h 20m We send out Amber, and then Fox. Machamp keeps throwing us very vitally.

[Chat] <a5tral> rest in fettuccine, never linguini :'(

21d 6h 19m We use Strength, but another Vital Throw KOs Miltank!

21d 6h 18m Against Machamp! We poison it with Toxic and we're hit with a Vital Throw!

21d 6h 18m We send out Miltank and quickly KO Granbull.

21d 6h 17m We're hit with Play Rough, and then Outrage, which KOs Kingdra!

21d 6h 17m Against Granbull. We continue to use Surf.

[Fluff] NOOOOO SMUDY!!!!

21d 6h 16m We send out Kingdra, who uses Surf and OHKOs Nidoking.

21d 6h 15m Against Nidoking. That Flare Blitz burnt us, and Tux faints to the burn!

21d 6h 14m We're hit with a Flare Blitz, and we're down to 24 HP. Rapidash faints to the recoil.

21d 6h 13m We send out Amber! And then Tux! We're hit with a crit Wild Charge, which doesn't really do much damage.

21d 6h 12m Kenya faints to a Flare Blitz!

21d 6h 11m We're spamming Psychic as Rapidash uses Wild Charge.

21d 6h 11m We're facing Firebreather Hill's Nidoking. We sent Kenya out and he swapped it for Rapidash.

21d 6h 8m Long story short, we beat #2! Onto #3!

21d 6h 6m Then we switch to Amber. Fairfield switches to Porygon2. We use Rock Slide.

21d 6h 6m We put Skarmory to sleep with Sleep Powder.

21d 6h 5m We use Petal Dance a few times, and we're hit with Drill Pecks until we're at the reds.

21d 6h 4m We send out Tux, use a Sludge Bomb, and KO Stantler. Against Skarmory!

21d 6h 3m Against a Stantler. It KOs Fox with a crit Headbutt!

21d 6h 2m We send out Fox, and use a Thunderbolt and Thunder to KO Granbull.

21d 6h 1m We send out Kingdra, we faint to a Dizzy Punch.

21d 6h 0m I'm back! Miltank fainted! Looks like Kenya just fainted to a Granbull!

21d 5h 54m We're hit with an Aurora Beam this time. More Milk Drinking!

21d 5h 54m We're hit with a Hydro Pump, and that causes us to drink milk.

21d 5h 53m And a Lum Berry cancels that. Vaporeon uses Growth, and we poison it again.

21d 5h 52m Juggler Fairfield sends out Vaporeon against Miltank. We immediately poison it.

[Chat] KappaPride / "BECOME HOT BORT"

21d 5h 52m Against #2! They heard that we're hot! PogChamp

[Fluff] A Scientist with the name Nickel would totally call himself Ni.

21d 5h 51m We use Petal Dance and it OHKOs Smeargle. Defeated Scientist Ni, trainer #1!

21d 5h 50m We hit ourselves in confusion, and then Smeargle uses Super Fang. Down to the reds.

21d 5h 50m A second Petal Dance KOs Nidoqueen! Against his final mon, Smeargle! We try to run.

21d 5h 49m Or Tux. That works too. We use Petal Dance on the Nidoqueen, and it responds with Earthquake.

21d 5h 49m Kenya faints! Go Amber!

21d 5h 48m Against Nidoqueen. While we recharge, we're hit with a few Poison Jabs.

21d 5h 48m Against Ampharos. We get a crit Hyper Beam and OHKO it.

21d 5h 46m We use Hyper Beam, and Mr. Mime responds with a Moonblast. We finish the meme off with an Air Slash.

21d 5h 46m We send out Tux, and then Kenya, as Mr. Mime uses Psychic on us.

21d 5h 45m Moonblast KOs Kingdra!

21d 5h 45m Against Mr. Mime. Oh god it's groping the screen. We're Outraged by this, but it doesn't affect Mr. Mime.

21d 5h 44m We swap out Kingdra. We're hit with two Bug Buzzes, and we use Waterfall and Ice Beam to KO it.

21d 5h 43m Despite us using Milk Drink, it uses Bug Buzz a few times and KOs Milktank!

21d 5h 41m Against Venomoth! We try using Toxic on it. Bad choice on our part. We're punished with a Bug Buzz.

21d 5h 40m Sandslash, after consistently attacking us, eventually fainting to the poison.

21d 5h 39m Before we die, we use Milk Drink. We're hit with a Poison Jab instead.

21d 5h 38m We keep getting hit by Earthquakes.

21d 5h 37m We use Toxic, it responds with Earthquake.

21d 5h 36m Miltank vs Sandslash. We try using Milk Drink for some reason, and we're hit with a Darude Sandstorm.

21d 5h 35m Battle tower redux! Against Scientist Nickel!

21d 5h 31m A sign outside of the Tower is encouraging us to take the Ultimate Trainer Challenge.

21d 5h 19m And we're going back to the Battle Tower!

21d 5h 13m Todd the Camper calls with original dialogue.

Sike! Fooled you for a second!

21d 5h 11m And now we're onto Route 40.

21d 5h 11m And we're leaving the Battle Tower. Bye BT!

21d 5h 10m We lost! But we got 90K for it!

21d 5h 8m Everyone in our party is fainted, except for Miltank, who's been tanking it up with Milk Drink, and poisoning every opponent with toxic.

21d 4h 59m Hunter has a Mewtwo. That Mewtwo knows Zen Headbutt. Things are turning bad in this fight.

21d 4h 49m Opponent 7. "Ok, here goes! I have momentum!" Pokefan ♀ Hunter!

21d 4h 47m Crawford defeated! (Just barely.) "Then you really are the legendary..."

[Snark] Well, if the battles actually meant anything besides "IT PRINTS MONEY", or we didn't get healed after every one of them, I might actually care to do a play-by-play.

[Fluff] Tustin's taking over while I eat, but these battles won't be covered as intensely. Enjoy.

21d 4h 36m Defeated Gutarist Masuda (no 5)! Against Opponent 6, Boarder Crawford!

21d 4h 35m We use Strength twice, and coupled with the poison, KO the Ditto Miltank.

21d 4h 34m We both use Milk Drink. Bottoms up!

21d 4h 34m We use Whirlpool, and Ditto uses Strength. This is a weird matchup. :P

21d 4h 33m We use Toxic on it, and Ditto responds with Whirlpool.

21d 4h 32m We heal with Milk Drink, and Ditto transforms into us!

21d 4h 32m Another Strength KOs Wigglytuff! Against Ditto!

21d 4h 32m We use Milk Drink to heal, then Strength to wittle down Wigglytuff's HP.

21d 4h 31m Against Wigglytuff again! We poison it and it uses Curse.

21d 4h 30m Dewgong curses us before fainting to the poison. NotLikeThis

21d 4h 29m Luckily, we use Milk Drink and Dewgong keeps missing.

21d 4h 28m We immediately poison it before it can spam Blizzard.

21d 4h 28m We send out Miltank, and Masude sends out Dewgong.

21d 4h 27m He responds by playing rough. We get out one last Surf before Wigglytuff KOs Kingdra with Body Slam!

21d 4h 26m Another Surf KOs Nidoqueen! Against Wigglytuff now! We use Ice Beam.

21d 4h 26m We send out Kingdra and immediately used Surf. We're hit with an Earth Power.

21d 4h 25m Against Nidoqueen! Fox is KOed by an Ice Punch!

21d 4h 25m We use Thunderbolt once again and KO Seaking!

21d 4h 24m Against Seaking. We use Thunderbolt, almost KO it, and we're hit by Drill Run, and we're almost KOed.

21d 4h 24m We use Thunderbolt and KO Skarmory.

21d 4h 23m Tux faints to a Drill Peck! Go Miltank! Then Fox!

21d 4h 22m We send out Fox, and then Tux. We're hit with X Scissor, then more Drill Pecks.

21d 4h 21m It uses Drill Peck, we use Strength. Rinse and repeat.

21d 4h 21m Against opponent #5, Guitarist Masuda! He sends out Skarmory against our Miltank.

21d 4h 20m We use Hyper Beam to finish the octopus off. Defeated Hiker Alexander (no. 4).

21d 4h 19m Against Octillery. We're hit with a Gunk Shot and Kenya is poisoned!

21d 4h 19m It raises its Special Defense, then uses Bubble Beam on us. We KO it with an Air Slash.


21d 4h 18m Before we can KO it, Slowbro uses Rest to heal up. Damn.

21d 4h 17m We use Fly, crit, and KO Hitmonlee. Now we're fighting Slowbro!

21d 4h 16m We drink some Milk. Skim. Then we swap to Kenya.

21d 4h 16m We send out Miltank. Show that Yellow Devil wannabe who's boss!

21d 4h 15m We use Thunderwave and paralyze Hitmonlee. He KOs us with Thief!

21d 4h 15m We use Thunderbolt, get a crit, and KO Rapidash. Against Hitmonlee.

21d 4h 14m We're hit with a Flame Wheel and are put in the reds.

21d 4h 14m We finally KO Arcanine. Against Rapidash. Yay fire mons!

21d 4h 13m We use Thunderbolt, Arcanine uses Wild Charge. Rinse and repeat.

21d 4h 12m Then we send out Fox. Hiker sends out Arcanine.

21d 4h 12m Octillery uses Hydro Pump and KOs Amber! We send out Kenya.

21d 4h 11m The Earthquake KOs Magneton, and now we're against Octillery. We swap to Rock Slide.

21d 4h 11m We're hit with a Flash Cannon, and respond with Earthquake.

21d 4h 10m The Hiker swaps to Magneton. We swap to Amber.

21d 4h 9m We use Toxic to poison it, and Strength. It responds with Bubblebeam.

21d 4h 9m Against opponent 4, Hiker Alexander. We send out Miltank against Slowbro.

21d 4h 8m We send out Kingdra! We use Outrage and crit! Lickitung faints, defeated Teacher Kawakami (opponent 3).

21d 4h 7m A few more Ice Beams KO Fox!

21d 4h 7m We use Thunderbolt, and almost KO it, but Lickitung freezes us!

21d 4h 6m We miss our attack and are hit by an Ice Beam.

21d 4h 6m We send out Kingdra, and we're almost downed by Ice Beam. We swap to Fox and are hit by Shadow Ball.

21d 4h 5m We try using Strength, but we miss. Our second one hits, but two Ice Beams KO Miltank!

21d 4h 4m We trap it with Whirlpool and KO it with its after effects. Against Lickitung.

21d 4h 3m We're hit with Double Edge! More Milk Drink!

21d 4h 3m Against Tauros! We use Milk Drink as the bull uses Iron Head.

21d 4h 2m Aerodactyl continues to shake the ground until we use Strength to throw the ground right back at him and KO him.

21d 4h 1m We use Ice Beam and bring it down to reds. Another Ice Beam and it almost faints, but it hangs on due to Focus Band. We swap to Miltank.

21d 4h 1m We swap to Kingdra, and we're hit with Earthquake. Another Earthquake!

21d 4h 0m We send out Miltank. We're hit with Double Edge, and before we can use Strength, they swaps to Aerodactyl.

21d 3h 59m Against Tauros. It uses Double Edge and KOs Kenya!

21d 3h 59m We send out Kenya, and Kingdra uses Outage once more. We KO it with Hyper Beam.

21d 3h 58m ...before Outrage KOs Amber!

21d 3h 57m Kingdra responds with Outrage. We miss, and more Outrages hit us. Down to 11 HP, we use one last Rock Slide.

21d 3h 57m Against Kingdra! We keep using Rock Slide, and it seems to work well.

21d 3h 56m We send out Amber who OHKOs Jynx with Rock Slide.

21d 3h 56m Electrode falls. We're against Jynx, and one Ice Beam KOs Tux!

21d 3h 55m We swap to Tux and use Sludge Bomb on it, but Electrode responds with Mirror Coat!

21d 3h 54m We start off by poisoning Electrode, and it responds swiftly with Swift. More Milk for us!

21d 3h 53m Facing Teacher Kawakami! She sends out Electrode against Miltank!

21d 3h 53m Defeated Lass! 2nd trainer down, third one up!

21d 3h 52m We use a few Petal Dances and KO Octillery!

21d 3h 52m We use Sleep Powder and make the octopus sleep.

21d 3h 52m Against Octillery. We swap to Tux.

21d 3h 51m Eventually, Whirlpool KOs Togetic.

21d 3h 50m We trap it with Whirlpool and use Milk Drink to regain our health.

21d 3h 49m We're hit with a Dazzling Gleam, then we swap to Miltank.

21d 3h 48m Amber uses Earthquake as Lass switches to Togetic. We swap to Fox and paralyze Togetic with Thunder Wave.

21d 3h 48m Flareon uses Curse as Amber continues to get hurt by burns.

21d 3h 47m We continue to use Sludge Bomb and then switch to Amber.

21d 3h 46m And as soon as I say that Tux KOs it with a few Sludge Bombs. Against Flareon.

21d 3h 46m We keep attacking Ampharos with all of our might, but it keeps using Rest.

21d 3h 45m Had to go briefly, we haven't made much progress.

21d 3h 42m We swap to Amber. Then Fox. We use Thunderbolt which crits, but isn't very effective. Ampharos woke up and used Rest.

21d 3h 41m We use Sludge Bomb. We crit, and then we swap to Kenya. Ampharos used Fire Punch (from Sleep Talk). Kenya fainted!

21d 3h 40m We swap to Tux! Ampharos uses Rest at 2/3 health.

21d 3h 39m Amber was burnt! We use Earthquake, but now we're severely gimped.

21d 3h 38m We swap to Amber and Lass swaps to Ampharos!

21d 3h 38m ...the fire type uses Sleep Talk while it's awake against a grass type. Okay.

21d 3h 38m Against Flareon!

[Fluff] RR109 has been subscribed for RR09 months.

21d 3h 37m We're hit with Psychic as we swap to Petal Dance and KO Girafarig.

21d 3h 36m We swap to Tux and our foe swaps to Girafarig. We spam Sludge Bomb.

21d 3h 35m We Fly as our foe buffs with Nasty Plot. We land and we're hit with Dazzling Gleam.

21d 3h 34m Dazzling Gleam KOs Kingdra! We send out Kenya.

21d 3h 34m We get a crit and barely scrape by as Meganium faints. Against Togetic!

21d 3h 33m More Seed Bombs! We use Outrage! Excitement!

21d 3h 32m We swap to Kingdra and we're hit by Seed Bomb.

21d 3h 31m Lass withdraws the giraffe, sends out the plant monster (Meganium). We drink milk.

21d 3h 31m We use Toxic, it uses Psychic.

21d 3h 30m Trainer 2! We're facing Lass Zaborowski! Miltank vs Girafarig.

21d 3h 29m Another Strength KOs Smeargle. Defeated Olsen. Trainer 1 down!

21d 3h 29m Against Smeargle. We use Strength, and we're attacked with Super Fang. We drink some milk.

21d 3h 28m Kangaskhan finally goes down to poison.

[Donation] Literally all of the Undertale peeps are donating.

21d 3h 26m Toxic works, we use Milk Drink. More Submissions.

21d 3h 26m Typhlosion's down, against Kangaskhan. Toxic doesn't work, it uses Submission.

[Donation] Temmie donates. Undertale memes.

21d 3h 24m I'll let you know when one of them faints.

21d 3h 23m Typhlosion swaps it up with Double Edge before going back to Submission.

21d 3h 22m We keep getting hit with Submissions. We heal ourselves with Milk Drink.

21d 3h 21m We use Milk Tank and Whirlpool!

21d 3h 20m We miss our Whirlpool and continue to get hit by Submission. Chat is trying to press all 4 moves at once.

21d 3h 19m We send out Miltank. We're hit with Submission after we use Milk Drink.

21d 3h 19m We send out Jolteon, we send back Jolteon.

21d 3h 18m We send out Tux. A Double Edge KOs Tux!

21d 3h 17m Our foe uses Flare Blitz and KOs Kenya!

21d 3h 16m We send out Kenya, use Air Slash, and KO Dragonite. Against Typhlosion.

21d 3h 16m A Dragon Pulse KOs Kingdra!

21d 3h 15m We swap to Kingdra and use Ice Beam. Almost an OHKO.

21d 3h 14m Against Dragonite! We swap to Amber and get Surfed to death

21d 3h 13m We swap to Jolteon. We use Thunderbolt and KO Mantine!

21d 3h 13m We swap to Amber, who is down to 11 HP after that Surf.

21d 3h 12m We use Whirlpool, and he responds with Surf.

21d 3h 11m We use Petal Dance, and we're countered with Mirror Coat. Down to 32 HP, we switch to Miltank.

21d 3h 11m Tyranitar faints! Now we're against Mantine!

21d 3h 10m Speaking of, we switch to Tux and use Cut and Petal Dance.

21d 3h 9m We finally used Ice Beam and froze Tyranitar. I may or may not have been causing some of the switches.

21d 3h 9m Go Fox! I mean Kingdra!

21d 3h 8m Then Tux. Meanwhile we keep getting Crunched.

21d 3h 7m We send out Jolteon. Then Kenya.

21d 3h 7m We send out Miltank, and then Amber. We're hit with a Crunch.

21d 3h 6m Against our first opponent! Pokefan Olsen sends out Tyranitar!

21d 3h 6m We enter a Battle Room!

21d 3h 4m For our 3 wins we got 24000 Pokeyen. Noice.

[Donation] $2.00 from Anonymous: "PLAY PHOENIX WRIGHT AND WATCH ANIME!!!!!"

21d 3h 3m Against Blissey. We use Rock Slide to almost KO her, but she Counters and KOs Amber! We lost!

21d 3h 2m We use Rock Slide to KO Jumpluff.

21d 3h 2m We're hit with Giga Drain, and a Return KOs Kingdra! We're down to Amber.

21d 3h 1m An Outrage KOs him. Against Jumpluff!

21d 3h 1m He uses Sunny Day, which nullifies our Surfs. However, he uses Heat Wave, for... reasons.

21d 3h 0m Another Surf KOs it. Against Ninetales.

21d 3h 0m Against Omastar! We use Surf, and he responds with Earth Power!

21d 2h 59m We use Waterfall to flinch it, and again to KO it!

21d 2h 58m Jolteon faints to the second X Scissor! We send out Kingdra, who uses Surf.

21d 2h 57m Parasect uses X Scissor, and we respond with Hidden Power. Rinse and repeat.

21d 2h 57m We use Thunderbolt, and that KOs Zapdos! Against Parasect!

21d 2h 57m Kenya goes down to Drill Peck! Go Fox!

21d 2h 56m Tux goes down to another Drill Peck! We send out Kenya.

21d 2h 56m We swap to Tux and take a crit super-effective Drill Peck!

21d 2h 55m As soon as we use Fly, Sawyer swaps to Zapdos. It's not very effective.

21d 2h 54m Ninetales uses Heat Wave, and we respond with an Air Slash.

21d 2h 54m Pokemaniac swapped to Ninetales, who used Sunny Day. We miss our Hyper Beam.

21d 2h 53m Sawyer swaps to Zapdos as we use Hyper Beam.

21d 2h 52m We send out Kenya. The poison is counteracted by her Leftovers. DansGame.

21d 2h 52m We use Strength but it gets Countered! Miltank faints!

21d 2h 51m He swapped to Blissey, and we use Toxic to poison it.

21d 2h 50m Against Pokemaniac Sawyer! He sends out Zapdos again Miltank!

21d 2h 50m Defeated Boarder Crawford! Third trainer down, fourth coming in!

21d 2h 49m We swap to Tux once again, and poison Hitmonchan with Sludge Bomb. We keep using it and, after taking a Body Slam, Hitmonchan faints!

[Donation] Wizkitty donated a bunch before, but is donating probably even more right now. The numbers keep going up!

21d 2h 48m We send out Tux once again. And then Kingdra. Strats (TM).

21d 2h 47m We use Ice Beam, and Hitmonchan misses again! He has leftovers though!

21d 2h 47m We send out Tux, and then Kingdra. Luckily Hitmonchan missed.

21d 2h 46m Another Dynamic Punch faints Fox!

21d 2h 46m We swap out to Fox and get hit by a Dynamic Punch. Ouch! We're currently confused.

21d 2h 45m We swap to Tux and use Sludge Bomb to KO Poliwrath. Against Hitmonchan, his last mon.

21d 2h 45m We swap in Kenya and she goes down to a Waterfall!

21d 2h 44m Sorry about the gap, we're currently fighting Boarder Crawford, and currently Miltank and Amber are down. We sent in Jolteon against his Poliwrath.

21d 2h 28m Still fighting Pokefan Bickett. Two of his Pokemon remain.

21d 2h 22m Venusaur fainted! We send out Jolteon and he takes out Gyarados. Vs Dunsparce now.

21d 2h 20m We took down a Golduck. Gyarados is out again.

21d 2h 19m Noctowl fainted!

[Info] Miltank defeated the first trainer on her own.

21d 2h 14m Vs Second trainer! Pokefan Beckett. Miltank vs Gyarados, it's withdrawn for Forretress.

21d 2h 13m Electabuzz goes down then Stantler does as well. Juggler Fairfield defeated! First trainer down!

21d 2h 11m We take down Wigglytuff and Stantler is sent out. It gets withdrawn for Electabuzz.

21d 2h 6m Porygon2 faints. Wiggytuff comes out. Miltank still holding strong.

21d 2h 3m Miltank takes down Taurus. Porygon2 is out next.

21d 2h 0m We take down Politoed. Tauros up next.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: check out my sellout blog https://dekunukem.wordpress.com

21d 1h 58m We sign up for Battle Tower again. Vs 1st trainer! Juggler Fairfield. Miltank vs Politoed.

21d 1h 57m Lost to the trainer! We win 1800 for losing.

21d 1h 56m We take out the foes Suicune. Three Pokémon still remain for the first trainer in the battle tower.

21d 1h 54m Miltank fainted! And stream goes down and up again.

21d 1h 54m Stream up again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

21d 1h 52m Stream down again.

21d 1h 51m Stream back up with the sidebar working. Still seems to be lagging.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: still lag?

21d 1h 50m Stream goes down.

21d 1h 46m Noctowl sent out. Noctowl goes down to Sheer Cold

21d 1h 44m Suicune comes out. Aerodactyl fainted!

21d 1h 42m Aerodactyl takes out Houndoom.

21d 1h 41m Houndoom takes out Kingdra. Kingdra fainted!

21d 1h 38m We take out an enemy Quagsire.

21d 1h 36m Jolteon fainted!

21d 1h 32m Vs the first trainer. Swimmer Javier. Miltank vs Ditto.

21d 1h 30m At Battle Tower.

21d 1h 28m We head west onto Route 40.

21d 1h 22m We head towards the dock area.

21d 1h 17m Arrived in Olivine.

21d 1h 13m West of Ecruteak.

[Fluff] The lag seems to be getting worse.

21d 1h 5m Ecruteak City.

21d 0h 55m Vs Schoolboy Alan! With his team starting at level 17...

21d 0h 54m Outside.

21d 0h 51m The PC is on!

[Snark] But I thought we couldn't print.

[Chat] Frozencoals: IT PRINTS MONEY PogChamp /\ MingLee

21d 0h 47m In another contest. And another forfeit.

[Info] For the record, this is an intentional way to grind money, if need be. Revo just confirmed it in chat.

21d 0h 43m In another contest. And another forfeit.

[Info] Also the stream's visuals are freezing about 4 out of every 10 seconds.

[Info] The overlay is likely broken. It still says we have 0 cash on hand, despite getting the consolation prize a few times. And it still showed our whole party during the moment we were in the contest.

21d 0h 37m In another contest. And another forfeit.

21d 0h 33m And once again, immediately, we forfeit.

21d 0h 31m Going for another bug contest run.

21d 0h 20m Putzing around in the National Park

21d 0h 14m And I think we exited the contest almost immediately. We got the $1000 consolation prize.

21d 0h 11m Entering the bug catching contest.

21d 0h 6m North of Goldenrod.

Day 22 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251!

20d 23h 57m Arrived in Goldenrod.


20d 23h 56m In the Maglev Station.

20d 23h 49m Saffron City.

20d 23h 41m Vermilion City.

20d 23h 33m Found a hidden Max Revive!

20d 23h 32m In Diglett's cave, slaughtering and running from digletts.

20d 23h 29m We seem to be hiding behind the sign for Diglett's cave.

20d 23h 24m Found a Carbos!

20d 23h 20m Up on Route 2

20d 23h 15m Then Joey calls to ask us for a rematch, now that we've been tutorialized on how to Pokémon.

20d 23h 15m Suddenly tutorialized!

20d 23h 5m We trip over the ledge.

20d 22h 51m We stumble over the ledge.

20d 22h 49m Back at the infamous ledge.

20d 22h 38m Jumping ledges down to Viridian City again.

[Info] We may also be out of balls. Chat is in the process of trying each kind and thus far hasn't found one.

20d 22h 34m Found a Dire Hit!

20d 22h 28m We enter Viridian Forest.

20d 22h 25m Caught a ♀ Lv. 62 Vulpix! Nickname: RRI

20d 22h 25m Miltank was burned by a wild Vulpix!

20d 22h 23m Caught a ♂ Lv. 62 Nidoran♂! Also no nickname. Chat's DansGames per second increase dramatically.

[Snark] As opposed to a ♀ Nidoran♂.

20d 22h 20m Caught a ♂ Lv. 62 Nidoran♂! No nickname.

20d 22h 12m We jumped the le--wait, wrong ledge. Still on Route 2.

20d 22h 8m We're in the tall grass up on Route 2. The Caterpie around here are around level 60.

20d 21h 55m We spring over the ledge.

20d 21h 49m We dive-roll over the ledge.

20d 21h 47m Stream has returned! Democracy vote still at 85%.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

20d 21h 45m Blackness! Stream is down!

[Info] There seems to be a time loop on stream.....

20d 21h 43m We hurdle over the ledge.

[Info] Democracy currently sitting at around 83%.

20d 21h 37m Bothering a random Viridian family.

20d 21h 32m Currently sitting on Route 2, contemplating the enormity of the universe, and how we're just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things. I mean, just look at the sky. Those stars are hundred and thousands of lightyears away. So distant, so magnificent, so.... back in Viridian.

20d 21h 29m Tully calls offering us a Water Stone as a peace offering for earlier. We shrug him off again.

20d 21h 25m Outside again! We vault over the ledge.

20d 21h 21m Inside the gym!

20d 21h 17m We parkour over the ledge.

20d 21h 9m We cartwheel over the ledge.

20d 21h 8m Tully calls us just before the moment of truth on the ledge.

20d 21h 4m Playing on the northern border of Viridian.

[Snark] I can always bring out my old list from Route 9 again.

[Snark] We're running out of verbs soon.

20d 20h 52m We frontflip over the ledge.

20d 20h 47m Alan interrupts our ledge jumping ritual.

20d 20h 45m Skipped the ledge.

20d 20h 38m Hopped the ledge.

20d 20h 31m Jumped the ledge.

20d 20h 26m Making our way back towards the gym.

[Fluff] Now the switch trolls have met their true opponent, Blue's AI.

20d 20h 17m Tully wishes us good morning as we wake up at the Viridian Center.

20d 20h 16m We Hyper Beam, but Magneton finishes us with a flash cannon! BLACK OUT!

20d 20h 16m Magneton is faster than our Fly, and THUNDER STRIKES US OUT OF THE SKY! We barely survive, though, and Fly does little damage.

20d 20h 15m Kenya is our last mon. Blue swaps to Magneton. Our air slash misses, and then we fly. Magneton makes it rain again.

20d 20h 14m Blue swaps to Exeggutor, which doesn't mind our sleep powder. We petal dance. The foe's Zen Headbutt, though, brings Tux to his knees

20d 20h 13m Tux vs Magneton. The enemy's Thunder hits hard. Blue swaps to Alakazam and we put it to sleep.

20d 20h 12m Kenya vs Alakazam. Kenya vs Magneton. We fly, to little effect. Magneton makes it rain (water, not money).

20d 20h 12m Tux vs Sandslash. We cut at it, and it continues to move the earth under us. We begin a petal dance, which does considerably more damage than the cut. Sandslash falls!

20d 20h 11m Blue swaps for Sandslash, which easily absorbs our Thunderbolt. The foe follows up with Earthquake and takes Fox down in one hit!

20d 20h 10m Fox vs Vaporeon. Blue uses a Full Restore. We hit with Thunder, taking it into the red and paralyzing it!

20d 20h 9m Vaporeon uses a special boosted Aurora Beam! It takes out most of Amber's health. Amber follows up with Sky Attack. It crits and does considerable damage to Vaporeon! But another Aurora Beam and Amber is frozen out of the air and down!

20d 20h 8m Vaporeon continues to set up as our Crunches do little to it.

20d 20h 7m Amber's next crunch hurts less. Blue swaps to Vaporeon, and a rock slide tumbles down on it. Vaporeon has leftovers. Chat calls cancer.

20d 20h 6m Amber vs Alakazam. Amber's crunch hurts hard and Alakazam sets up a reflection screen. Blue then uses a Full Restore!

20d 20h 6m Another Psychic and the Queen is dead!

20d 20h 5m Queendra vs Alakazam. Psychic vs Ice Beam. Psychic is more powerful.

20d 20h 4m Queendra vs Ninetails. Ninetails continues its burning rampage of fire, but dousing it with a waterfall stops it in its tracks!

20d 20h 3m Ninetails takes out Moo with a fire blast!

20d 20h 3m Ninetails thinks up a Nasty Plot, as we poison it.

20d 20h 2m Moo vs Sandslash. Moo vs Ninetails. Moo's HP is full so that milk drink did nothing.

20d 20h 1m The democracy vote falls like a rock! Anarchy! Vs Blue!

20d 20h 1m [D] We've made it to blue and have talked to him!

20d 19h 54m In democracy mode! Now using it to walk through Blue's gym.

20d 19h 39m The stream dramatically freezes for a second (for me at least) as we walk into the Viridian Gym!

20d 19h 38m Trying to get back into Viridian gym.

20d 19h 26m We leave the pokéCenter and get a call from Dana.

20d 19h 25m Turned the PC on then left.

20d 19h 21m On the top floor of the pokéCenter;

[Info] We're now broke.

20d 19h 19m Tux is paralysed and in the yellow, it goes down to psychic, BLACK OUT!

20d 19h 18m Sludge bomb, burrito is poisoned!

20d 19h 18m AJ switches again, Burrito back out.

20d 19h 18m Tux back out, it's our last mon;

20d 19h 17m Tux sent in, we switch to Miltank, who goes down to Earthquake!

20d 19h 17m Amber faints

20d 19h 16m We use sky attack, still doesn't do much.

20d 19h 16m AJ switches back to steelix.

20d 19h 15m Burrito in, we switch to Amber.

20d 19h 15m Strength vs. Outrage! KT is down!

20d 19h 14m Kenya faints Tux in, then we switch to Miltank!

20d 19h 14m The snake is back in, and KT is sent in by AJ! We hyper beam her, she's in the yellow!

20d 19h 13m Iron Tail from the snake, Kenya in the yellow!

20d 19h 13m We switch to Kenya!

20d 19h 12m Sky attack! But it doesn't do much!

20d 19h 12m Amber sent in, AJ switches to Steelix!

20d 19h 11m Kenya bakc in, then switched to Fox, outrage and Fox faints!

20d 19h 11m Outrage from KT! Kingdra is down!

20d 19h 10m Aj withdrew Solid Snake for Katie!

20d 19h 10m We switch again to Kingdra!

20d 19h 10m We switch to Kenya.

20d 19h 9m Switched to fox! Steelix used Earthquake, Fox in the red!

20d 19h 8m Solid snake continue on with Iron Tail.

20d 19h 8m We trap the snake in a whirlpool!

20d 19h 7m We use strength, but it does very little damage, Iron tail misses the cow!

20d 19h 7m Solid snake vs Miltank!

20d 19h 7m Vs AJ!

20d 19h 3m Inside the trainer house.

20d 19h 2m Running around the city.

20d 18h 54m We exit the gym and jump the ledge.

20d 18h 49m And back at the beginning

20d 18h 47m The anarchy/democracy counter is near 75%

20d 18h 46m We advanced a bit.

20d 18h 42m We keep spinning back to the beginning.

20d 18h 39m The spinning puzzle changed.

20d 18h 39m Inside Viridian's Gym!

20d 18h 36m We get a call from Tully

20d 18h 26m Near the Trainer House.

20d 18h 26m We leave without healing.

20d 18h 21m Inside the Poké Center.

20d 18h 17m Running around Viridian pressing select.

20d 18h 9m Now near Viridian.

[Snark] An Item in your pack may be assigned to the select button

20d 17h 59m We surf.

20d 17h 52m Now on route 22.

20d 17h 50m We reached the badges checkpoints.

20d 17h 49m Another Great Ball fails!

20d 17h 49m Used a Great Ball on a wild Marowak!

20d 17h 44m Still fighting wild mons in Victory Road

20d 17h 32m Caught a Lv. 57 male Sandslash witha Great Ball, nickname - YP

20d 17h 25m It fails.

20d 17h 25m Threw a Premier Ball at a sandslash!

20d 17h 19m In Victory Road now.

[Fluff] Is this seriously only the first time we've accidentally flown somewhere in anarchy...?

20d 17h 18m Flew to the Indigo Plateau!

20d 17h 17m Caught a ♂ Lv. SLP Alakazam! Nickname: !!!!LBI

20d 17h 13m Now on Route 8.

20d 17h 11m We exit the tower

20d 17h 10m We can't go upstairs

[Info] Having caught 151 different species of Pokémon, Blue will find us worthy of a rematch. Let's go!

20d 17h 3m We now have caught 151 mons! That's the Kanto pokedex right here folks!


20d 17h 2m Caught haunter Lv. 75 female, nickname ..WWW..WWW

20d 17h 2m Great Ball once again, but no to avail!

20d 17h 1m One more Great Ball fails!

20d 17h 1m Another Great Ball is used and fails

20d 17h 0m We use a Great Ball and it fails!

20d 17h 0m We meet a Haunter!

20d 16h 58m We're inside the radio tower. Someone is talking about ghosts and how restless they are.

20d 16h 57m We leave the pokécenter.

20d 16h 55m We try to trade, but our friend is not ready.

20d 16h 53m We went to the top floor of the Poké Center.

20d 16h 51m Healed our team

20d 16h 51m we leave the shop

20d 16h 50m We don't have enough money for Great Balls.

20d 16h 50m Bought 1 Great Ball

20d 16h 49m Bought 16 Superpotion.

20d 16h 49m Now selling our potion all of them are gone

20d 16h 49m Sold all our Super Potion

20d 16h 48m We sold some more, 6 left.

20d 16h 48m We have 15 left.

20d 16h 47m Spld some Super Potion

20d 16h 47m 2 other Super Potion

20d 16h 47m Bought 3 Great Ball and 4 Super Potions

20d 16h 44m Inside the pokemart

20d 16h 43m A girl fled from the Radio Tower! Server lag prevented us from seeing her scream about a ghost within!

20d 16h 39m Now at Lavender town.

20d 16h 38m We start surfing

20d 16h 35m On route 12.

20d 16h 34m Hyper beam, hypno goes down, trainer defeated.

20d 16h 34m Kenya is the last mon standing.

20d 16h 34m Fox faints to poison

20d 16h 33m Hypno vs fox.

20d 16h 33m vs. Psychic herman.

20d 16h 30m Amber faints!

20d 16h 29m Again a premier ball misses

[Info] We've run out of Ultra Balls, apparently.

20d 16h 29m Another Premier ball! Still doesn't work!

20d 16h 29m Premier ball again, it fails too

20d 16h 28m Amber in.

20d 16h 28m Premier ball this time it fails too and Kingdra faints!

20d 16h 27m Another ultra ball fails!

20d 16h 27m Tux faints

20d 16h 26m Threw an ultra ball at a wild rhydon it fails

20d 16h 24m Trainer defeated!

[Info] If we catch one more new Pokémon, we can challenge Blue. Time for the wombo combo - ledge AND a wild ride!

20d 16h 24m Lickitung is down. Tangela sent in.

20d 16h 23m Lickitung sent out.

20d 16h 22m Kingdra is now paralysed, rhyhorn is down to surf.

20d 16h 22m Rhyhorn vs Kingdra.

20d 16h 21m Vs. Youngster Jason, a short obsessed boy.

[Snark] According to Liria, this is Crystal 301.

20d 16h 20m Threw an ultra ball at a wild Rhyhorn, it fails too

20d 16h 18m Threw an ultra ball at a wild Lickitung it fails

[Info] According to the stream, we've caught 150 mons, only 151 to go!

20d 16h 15m Threw an Ultra ball at a wild Rhydon, It fails!

20d 16h 12m We also surf it to death, and the trainer is defeated.

20d 16h 11m Xatu sent in.

20d 16h 11m We surf it to death.

20d 16h 10m Vs. Psychic Fidel. Drowzee against Kingdra.

20d 16h 9m On Route 11.

20d 16h 3m Now inside Vermillion.

20d 15h 56m On Route 6

20d 15h 51m Fox is slowly losing its health due to poison.

20d 15h 48m Back inside Saffron city.

20d 15h 47m We jumped all the ledges and passed the Daycare.

20d 15h 45m Miltank faints to poison!

20d 15h 44m Used a premier ball on a wild persian, it fails

20d 15h 41m Cught Persian Male Lv. 61, Nickname RQpopp

20d 15h 39m Caught Nidorino Lv. 60 ith an Ultra Ball, Nickname PPPOO

20d 15h 39m We switch a Premier ball it fails too

20d 15h 38m Threw another Ultra ball who failed

20d 15h 38m Miltank is now poisoned!

20d 15h 38m Threw an ultra ball at a wild Nidorino, it fails

20d 15h 36m Bill calls us and we change box!

20d 15h 35m Doduo Lv. 60 female, caught with an Ultraball, nickname QQHHHG

20d 15h 35m Used a restore on Fox

20d 15h 33m Ultra ball, we caught a nidorina Lv. 61, Nickname !KKKRRSB

[Info] Fox's hidden power is poison.

20d 15h 32m Fox is poisoned

20d 15h 31m Threw an ultra ball at a wild Nidorina, it fails.

20d 15h 30m Another Ultra ball fails!

20d 15h 29m Threw an ultra ball at a wild doduo, but it fails.

20d 15h 28m We jump ledges on route 5 near the Daycare.

20d 15h 28m We arrived at Cerulean.

20d 15h 26m On Route 5.

20d 15h 25m Running around Saffron's streets.

[Info] Estimated to be around 15, so not too many.

20d 15h 18m Bought a lot of Ultra Balls, unsure how many. Might have gotten a Premier or two as well. And then we go outside.

20d 15h 18m In the Mart now.

20d 15h 13m HEald.

20d 15h 12m In th Pokémon Centre.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

and HeyGuys Hi YouTube!

20d 14h 59m Outside.

20d 14h 57m Girafarig down, Sabrina rematch is cleared!!

20d 14h 55m Fox down, Aero in. Mew down to Crunch, one 'mon left! Girafarig sent in! More Crunches!

20d 14h 54m Mime down, next in is Mew. Fox is switched in.

20d 14h 52m Kingdra down, Amber in.

20d 14h 51m Used a healing item on Aero, it's now on full health.

20d 14h 50m Espeon down, Amber is in the red. Mr. Mime sent in, we switch into Kingdra.

20d 14h 50m It's Crunch Time! Espeon's in the yellow.

20d 14h 49m Switched into Aerodactyl.

20d 14h 49m Exeggutor down, Espeon sent back in.

20d 14h 46m Kenya down, switched into Tux, Tux down too. Fox sent in, Espeon switched out for Exeggutor. Our Hidden Power is super-effective on it and chat starts discussing what type it could be.

20d 14h 45m Alakazam down, Espeon sent in.

20d 14h 44m Tux on very low health, then we switch into Kenya.

20d 14h 43m Miltank down, Tux in.

20d 14h 42m Switches into Alakazam. Miltank Milk Drinks to get to full health again.

20d 14h 40m Anarchy! Versus Sabrina! Miltank against Mew.

20d 14h 39m In the room where Sabrina is. Chat's making a big push for Anarchy so it's put back in place during the fight.

20d 14h 37m Took the teleporter and now we're into the main part of the Saffron Gym puzzle. Still in Democracy

20d 14h 36m Entered the Gym. Oh gee.

[Info] Here's a picture of the Entei nicknaming.

20d 14h 33m Outside now.

20d 14h 31m Healed

20d 14h 30m In the Pokémon Centre right now.

20d 14h 28m Flew to Saffron.

20d 14h 23m Walked outside.

20d 14h 22m It's named TriHard, of course.

[Snark] I wonder what the name will be...

20d 14h 16m Chat has undeniably decided on what to name it. First letter is T, then an r..

20d 14h 15m Now at the nicknaming screen.

20d 14h 12m Threw the Master Ball. Entei is now caught. Now to nickname it.

20d 14h 11m Versus Entei! Miltank is sent in.

20d 14h 10m Entered the cave! Entei is here!

20d 14h 2m We flew to Cinnabar, now we're Surfing.


Crashwriter: I like how the receptionist at the desk lets this go

Renakunisaki: f300,000 DansGame

Sunshift: Bribery - it works


20d 13h 55m [D] Bought a Master Ball from some crook blocking the stairway.

[Chat] KaMoB_: OLDEEN WutFace

20d 13h 47m [D] Changing some settings, as a number of people in chat wanted so much.

[Fluff] Sub hype!

20d 13h 44m [D] And what timing, Joey called!

20d 13h 42m [D] Taking the Hype train to Saffron City.

20d 13h 38m [D] Back to Goldenrod City.

20d 13h 37m [D] Still in Azalea Town, but going somewhere else it seems.

[Chat] Daylight180: Type " Wow Deku OneHand "

20d 13h 33m [D] Wrote "66666666" in the mail for Tux. WutFace deIlluminati

[Snark] You could say we wrote a blank check/cheque for Kenya.

20d 13h 32m [D] Obtained a Great Ball back from Tux, gave it Flower Mail.

20d 13h 28m [D] We wrote "????????₽" in that mail.

20d 13h 27m [D] Kenya now holds Flower Mail.

[Info] 307666 is 0100 1011 0001 1101 0010 in binary, so go figure.

[Chat] Axieu: it's cause we have 666 moneys Kappa

20d 13h 22m [D] For some reason, we have "no more money" for balls, even though our account says ₽ 307666.

20d 13h 19m [D] Bought 6 Great Balls and 2 Flower Mails!

20d 13h 10m [D] Sold all three Sun Stones!

20d 13h 7m [D] Sold a Gold Leaf!

20d 13h 5m [D] Sold a Rare Candy!

20d 13h 3m [D] Sold one Nugget!

[Chat] Faithfulforce: BloodTrail Azalea gives us good music and pleasant flower mail

20d 12h 58m [D] Chat leaders suggested Azalea, so Evan is flown there.

[Chat] Kj8011: I'm American and regretting staying up this late Kappa

20d 12h 54m [D] Came out of the Mart after not finding what we wanted.

20d 12h 51m Apparently now at Cherrygrove.

20d 12h 47m [D] Currently switching moves around.

[Chat] Kj8011: Fossilized Amber Crunch: The taste you can be murdered with

20d 12h 36m Aerodactyl forgot Hyper Beam for Crunch!

[Chat] Wertx24: Wait, we didnt get JHH crunch? FailFish

That was 10 minutes ago.

20d 12h 33m [D] Currently shopping for moves. The Voices are thrifty with those money.

[Info] I must have missed the massive withdrawal of money from Mom. Now Evan has ₽ 301316!

20d 12h 27m [D] Went to the Name Rater/Move Relearner house.

20d 12h 21m [D] At Goldenrod City.

20d 12h 19m [D] We're trying to fly elsewhere.

[Fluff] Good timing, I guess?

[Chat] Eyes basically blinking at that mouth-watering amount of money. Like 300k!

[Snark] Yes, we're Tri-ing very Hard, Mom.

20d 12h 10m [D] Flew to New Bark Town! BibleThump

[Info] Yes, we're still in democracy mode. Votes at roughly 80%.

20d 12h 8m In-game time is 9:53am Thursday.

[Info] That was Tully giving us a call in the middle of the sea.

[Chat] OrderEX: MingLee TU LEE MingLee

20d 12h 4m Strength is taught to Miltank, replacing Dynamic Punch!

20d 11h 56m Miltank has learned Whirlpool! Slotted right in that empty space.

20d 11h 52m Democracy still holding strong at around 75%.

20d 11h 46m Fox forgot Sunny Day and learned Hidden Power!

[Info] In a menu flash, I saw 7 Premier Balls and 9 Great Balls.

20d 11h 40m [D] Menu opened. Let's see what the Voices have planned.

20d 11h 38m [D] Sorry, we'll replace the poisonous sashimi for you. Mathew defeated!

[Snark] Miltank burned. Grilled beef with octopus sashimi anyone?

20d 11h 33m [D] Switches doesn't seem to work in Democracy, but moves do.

[Info] 94%. Wow.

20d 11h 31m And suddenly Democracy mode!

[Chat] The innuendos are strong in chat.

20d 11h 28m Battling Swimmer Mathew. Only one Octillery.

[Info] With this, our caught counter has reached 145!

20d 11h 18m Caught a ♂ Lv. 41 Qwilfish! Nickname: .WWN (New Dex entry!)

20d 11h 16m Then Kara is defeated. Now we're facing a tough wild Qwilfish.

20d 11h 11m Asked Swimmer Kara for a battle! She has only a Corsola.

[Meta] My internet borked on me. I heard we caught something in the meantime. Please hold while I come back with that info.

20d 11h 0m Surfing at Route 40 now.

20d 10h 59m Caught a ♀ Lv. 35 Octillery! Nickname: XWVWVWWMMN (already in Dex)

20d 10h 56m Aero succumbed to its burn! Evan is poor again and whited out back to Olivine!

20d 10h 55m Battle with Camper Ted! Whiteout hype!

20d 10h 54m Evan darted out the entrance! Phew~

[Info] Still near the cave entrance. A/D voting bar quite high at 77%.

20d 10h 52m Aerodactyl is burned from a wild Slugma!

20d 10h 47m Caught a ♂ Lv. 19 Larvitar! Nickname: Yg (already in Dex)

[Fluff] The cave entrance is flickering. NotLikeThis

20d 10h 42m In the Dark Cave. WutFace

20d 10h 40m Obtained Cheri Berry from a tree!

20d 10h 39m At Route 46.

20d 10h 36m Aero won the battle with 66 HP left! Quentin defeated!

20d 10h 34m Facing Camper Quentin! Aerodactyl against 3 mons.

[Info] That Suicune moment before it went down to Aerodactyl.

20d 10h 26m Caught a ♂ Lv. 49 Teddiursa! Nickname: ______S_ (not added to caught count, also might have messed the number of spaces)

20d 10h 25m Caught a ♀ Lv. 49 Donphan! Nickname: ?TTTTKBABC

20d 10h 22m Caught a ♀ Lv. 50 Skiploom! Nickname: , Y XVWO

20d 10h 20m Evan found a Nugget! Now sell it!

20d 10h 18m Caught a female Lv. 48 Gligar! Nickname: TK

[Info] That Suicune just now was totally a surprise. Now only Aerodactyl is left standing.

[Snark] Not teh urn. TriHard

20d 10h 16m Jhh takes out Suicune with hyper beam.

20d 10h 15m Kenya is taken out!

20d 10h 15m Suicune puts itself into the red from double-edge recoil.

20d 10h 14m We use a Great Ball this time.

20d 10h 13m We keep throwing ultra balls at the Suicune.

20d 10h 13m Fox is taken out by double-edge!

20d 10h 13m Suicune is now paralyzed.

20d 10h 12m We send in Fox.

20d 10h 12m Suicune takes out Tux with Sheer Cold!

20d 10h 11m We are trying to capture suicune at the moment.

[Fluff] Updater's gonna take a break, unsure when it will return. Apologies for the inconvenience.

20d 9h 58m In Blackthorn City, cleared the cave.

20d 9h 36m Found a Max Potion

20d 9h 33m Found an Ice Heal

20d 9h 9m We're in the big bottom ice puzzle area with the boulders and the holes in the floor.

20d 8h 58m Caught a female Lv. 49 Piloswine! Nickname: /..!!/.WWW

20d 8h 49m Saved

20d 8h 43m Miltank forgot Earthquake and learned Dynamic Punch!

20d 8h 15m We start sliding on the first major ice puzzle in here. Chat "WEEEEEE!"'s at the prospect (mostly sarcastically).

20d 8h 9m Miltank down

20d 8h 8m Entered the Ice Path.

20d 7h 59m We're standing around near the Ice Path entrance right now.

20d 7h 53m Caught a Lv. PSN Poliwhirl! Nickname: ____-sxx R (underscores are spaces)

20d 7h 50m Todd calls to apologize for calling so late....

20d 7h 48m Caught a ♂ Lv. 46 Murkrow! Nickname: __(pk)(pk)(pk) (the (pk)'s are the little PK character)

20d 7h 39m Caught a ♂ Lv. PSN Politoed! Nickname: WWNMMuIIHH

20d 7h 33m We're somewhere on water, and we pissed off another Fisherman by getting between him and his bobber.

20d 7h 29m Alan contacts us after a long time being unable to reach us. He was worried, I'm sure.

20d 7h 21m Outside in I believe Mahogany Town.

20d 7h 19m We save!

20d 7h 18m We buy 2 Ragecandybars

[Fluff] Also congrats on the Espeon catch! <3

20d 7h 16m We're entering and exiting the Rocket Base.

20d 7h 13m We still aren't doing much in Rocket Base.

20d 6h 58m Tux did not learn Earth Power just now.

20d 6h 50m Saved!

20d 6h 42m [Info] The anarchy/democracy bar is rising towards 78% right now.

20d 6h 27m Picked up an X Special!

20d 6h 24m Picked up Protein!

[Info] Still hanging around the Rocket Base, btw. Haven't gone anywhere besides between floors.

20d 6h 3m We use strength on a computer. Chat really wants to destroy the thing.

20d 5h 38m Miltank did not learn Sunny Day just now.

[Info] We currently have 11 Premiere Balls, 16 Great Balls, and 68 Ultra Balls.

20d 5h 29m "The radio transmitter has finally stopped its evil broadcast."

[Chat] apparently thought that they could get wild Pokémon on the dark strips here. And they were apparently mistaken, given that no wild Pokémon have appeared.

20d 5h 16m In the lower floors of the old Rocket base.

20d 5h 13m In Mahogany's Team Rocket front company.

20d 5h 10m Caught a ♀ Lv. 29 Togetic! No nickname


20d 5h 2m Caught a ♂ Lv. 37 Seaking! Nickname: EFFFF_Y__n

20d 5h 1m East now, during below Mt Mortar.

20d 4h 57m Ecruteak City

[Fluff] TBH, Twitch will probably just say to contact the streamer.

[Streamer] Rycool102000: @twitchplayspokemon probably is

Twitchplayspokemon: @rycool102000, then you know who to contact

[Streamer] Rycool102000: @twitchplayspokemon I was billed for the resub at 6:43 est. but I wasn't looking at the chat so I just assumed, but I could have been wrong

Twitchplayspokemon: @rycool102000, could be a Twitch issue

[Streamer] Rycool102000: @twitchplayspokemon I checked with the tpp bot

Twitchplayspokemon: @rycool102000, still waiting on that answer

[Streamer] Rycool102000: @twitchplayspokemon but they aren't in my balance

Twitchplayspokemon: @rycool102000, why'd you believe it that way?

[Streamer] Rycool102000: @twitchplayspokemon I believe so

Twitchplayspokemon: @rycool102000, believe you got tokens then KappaHD

[Snark] Looks like somebody wants a permaban.

[Streamer] Rycool102000: @twitchplayspokemon I resubed but didn't get my 6 tokens BabyRage

Twitchplayspokemon: @rycool102000, did it show in chat?

20d 4h 50m Caught a ♂ Lv. 31 Espeon! Nickname: MDDDVL-SSr-

20d 4h 47m We visited the Moomoo farm moments ago.

20d 4h 39m North of Olivine

20d 4h 35m We stop by the gym and say hi to Jasmine.

20d 4h 29m Oh yeah, we're back outside, btw

20d 4h 20m Bought 59 Ultra Balls, 2 Great Balls, 1 Hyper Potion, 4 Premiere Ball. (Give or take)

[Info] We now have 806 Pokédollar after going on a massive shopping spree

20d 4h 19m Sold 1 Iron, 2 Nuggets, 1 Sunstone, 1 HP Up. 1 Potion.

20d 4h 19m Back in the mart

20d 4h 17m Out of the mart.

[Snark] Lot's of merch that we can't buy

20d 4h 13m Bought 2 Ultra Balls

20d 4h 12m In the poke mart.

20d 4h 10m RIOT SCREEN. And it's gone.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

20d 4h 7m In Olivine

20d 4h 5m Left the battle tower

20d 4h 3m We lost that battle, and got $6000.

20d 3h 53m Ariados in.

20d 3h 53m Arcanine down. Miltank in the yellow.

20d 3h 52m Arcanine poisoned.

20d 3h 51m We switch to miltank

20d 3h 51m Arcanine in.

20d 3h 50m We then switch to Tux.

20d 3h 50m We switch to Kenya.

20d 3h 49m Electabuzz vs Miltank,we poison the electric beast.

20d 3h 48m Vs. Boarder Crawford!

20d 3h 48m Outrage and Umbreon is down, youngster defeated.

20d 3h 47m Umbreon uses Dig.

20d 3h 47m We use Surf.

20d 3h 46m Umbreon out.

20d 3h 46m Waterfalls and ninetales is down.

20d 3h 45m Ninetales se,t out we continue with Petal dance! We switch to Kingdra.

20d 3h 44m gyarados down to petal dance.

20d 3h 44m Flamethrower on tux, but we hold on.

20d 3h 43m We switch to Tux.

20d 3h 42m Waterfall on Amber, it faints!

20d 3h 42m Gyarados out! We use rock slide again.

20d 3h 41m Rock slide ursaring in the red. Cross chop Amber in the yellow the bear goes down to one more Rock Slide.

20d 3h 39m We try to run away, and fail.

20d 3h 39m Amber in.

20d 3h 38m Thrash, Fox is down!

20d 3h 38m We paralyse it with thunder wave.

20d 3h 38m Ursaring is out.

20d 3h 37m Thunderbolt, azumarill goes down.

20d 3h 37m Fox in the yellow.

20d 3h 37m It rolls out we use sunny day.

20d 3h 37m Azumarill in. We switch to Fox.

20d 3h 35m Gligar is down.

20d 3h 35m Fissure missed this time, we use Ice Beam.

20d 3h 35m Kingdra in!

20d 3h 34m Fissure, and Miltank goes down.

20d 3h 34m Gligar poisoned.

20d 3h 33m Gligar against Miltank.

20d 3h 33m Vs. Youngster Wright.

20d 3h 33m We start a new challenge.

20d 3h 30m Inside the Battle Tower again.

20d 3h 24m We exit the Battle Tower.

20d 3h 23m Turned the PC on then we left.

20d 3h 22m Currently at the Battle tower entrance.

20d 3h 18m Kingdra fainted, Black out we win some money for 2 wins.

20d 3h 18m Kingdra in the red we use outrage.

20d 3h 17m Miltank out on the enemy field.

20d 3h 17m Poliwrath is down.

20d 3h 17m Kingdra in

20d 3h 16m It faints to seismic toss.

20d 3h 16m Hydro pump and amber is in the red.

20d 3h 16m Poliwrath in

20d 3h 15m Earthquake and muk is down.

20d 3h 15m Kenya is down, Amber is in.

20d 3h 14m Muk in.

20d 3h 13m Air Slash on Scizot it's in the yellow, Hyper beam it's down.

20d 3h 13m Kenya in, poliwrath switched to Scizor.

20d 3h 12m Miltank is down.

20d 3h 12m Seismic toss bring a frozen miltank to the red!

20d 3h 11m Poliwrath sent in.

20d 3h 11m Jynx down to poison.

20d 3h 10m Miltank back in.

20d 3h 10m It goes down to Ice Beam too.

20d 3h 10m Tux sent in.

20d 3h 9m We switched to Fox. Ice beam and fox is down.

20d 3h 8m Jynx uses Nasty Plot.

20d 3h 8m Jynx is poisoned, miltank is frozen

20d 3h 7m Jynx against Miltank.

20d 3h 7m Opponent 3 Pokemaniac Sawyer.

20d 3h 7m Cloyster down, Lass defeated.

20d 3h 6m Cloyster in the red and poisoned!

20d 3h 6m Kingdra in.

20d 3h 5m Cloyster in. Fox is down to Aurora beam.

20d 3h 4m Slowbro sent in, we use thunder, it goes down.

20d 3h 4m Lantrun faints to thunderbolt with the help of poison!

20d 3h 3m Lanturn back in.

20d 3h 3m Electabuzz down to poison.

20d 3h 3m Fox out again

20d 3h 2m Tux down to thunderbolt.

20d 3h 1m Psychic and tux is in the red! Sludge bomb and electabuzz is poisoned and in the yellow!

20d 3h 1m Electabuzz out, it uses psychic on fox who's now in the yellow. We switch to tux

20d 3h 0m We use thunder to bring the bug down.

20d 3h 0m Fox sent in, we use thunderbolt, beedrill is paralysed.

20d 2h 59m Miltank down to X cissor, Beedrill in the red.

20d 2h 59m X cissor and we're in the yellow.

20d 2h 58m Beedrill sent out by the lass!

20d 2h 57m Earthquake followed by waterfall

20d 2h 57m Slowbro poisoned too.

20d 2h 56m Miltank in the red, cloyster withdrawn for Slowbro. We use Milk drink again.

20d 2h 56m We poisoned cloyster and suffer from aurora beam.

20d 2h 55m Cloyster sent out, we use Milk drink.

20d 2h 54m Heracross id down to poison and miltank in the red from counter.

20d 2h 53m We use Toxic again to be sure. Our enemy's attacks keep missing us!.

20d 2h 53mHeracross is poisoned too.

20d 2h 52m Lanturn switched to Heracross.

20d 2h 51m Challenger n2, Lass Zabrowsky! Lanturn against Miltank. Lanturn is poisoned.

20d 2h 51m Fox sent in, thunderbolt, Yanma is down. Skier defeated.

20d 2h 50m Yanma in, and in the red from outrage. Kingdra goes down to bug buzz.

20d 2h 49m Ice beam, Gyarados in the yellow and frozen! We use outrage against it and it faints!

20d 2h 49m Earthquake, Kingdra is in the yellow, we use Ice Beam but it doesn't do much earthquake brings Kingdra in the red.

20d 2h 48m Gyarados in!

[Info] The party display is broken again.

20d 2h 48m Kingdra back in. We use surf, the fire bird goes down.

20d 2h 47m Moltres poisoned, and tux down to Flamethrower.

20d 2h 47m Moltres sent in. We use Sludge Bomb again;

20d 2h 46m Thunder barely hurt tux, we use sleep powder who fails, and raikou starts throwing Shadow balls at us before falling victim to a sludge Bomb.

20d 2h 45m Raikou sent in, we use Surf, it does quite a few damages to raikou, we get hit with thunder and surf again to bring Raikou to the red! Switched to tux.

20d 2h 44m Kingdra in, waterfall takes Piloswine out.

20d 2h 44m Amber is down!

20d 2h 43m Rock slide misses, Piloswine uses Rock slide too but is succesful, Amber in the yellow!

20d 2h 42m Amber used Rock slide, Piloswine in the yellow, it uses Curse again.

20d 2h 42m Piloswine sent out, we use Earthquake again, it's quite effective.

20d 2h 41m Amber in! We use Earthquake, Blissey is down!

20d 2h 40m Strength works better, and Blissey is in the yellow. It uses Counter, and miltank goes down

20d 2h 39m Blissey out on the enemy field, we try to use Toxic but it fails!

20d 2h 39m Piloswine vs Miltank.

20d 2h 39m Vs. Skier Lancaster!

20d 2h 38m We enter another challenge at the Battle Tower.

20d 2h 34m They are back!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ai update

20d 2h 34m Inputs seems to be frozen.

20d 2h 32m We fainted back at the entrance. We still win money for no wins?

20d 2h 32m Aqua Jet brings Kenya in the yellow, and Hyper beam does the same for Dragonite. Kenya down to wing attack!

20d 2h 31m We use Air Slash, and then Vaporeon is switched out to Dragonite.

20d 2h 30m Vaporeon woke up, and threw Bubblebeam at us, but Kenya hold on! Vaporeon back in the red, only to use rest again.

20d 2h 29m We use Air slash but it doesn't do much. We continue with Air Slash during the Vaporeon's sleep, it's now in the yellow.

20d 2h 29m Vaporeon went to rest again.

20d 2h 28m Air Slash from Kenya missed, and Vaporeon woke up! Bubblebeam does little damage to kenya.

20d 2h 28m We use Hyper beam on the sleeping Vaporeon, it's in the Yellow.

20d 2h 27m Dragonite let its place to Vaporeon! We use psychic and it's in the red, but it rests!

20d 2h 26m Kenya sent in.

20d 2h 26m Dragonite out, we use surf but it doesn't do much! Dragon pulse on the other hand takes Kingdra out

20d 2h 25m Kingdra in! It's in the yellow and Gligar is down!

20d 2h 25m Wing attack, Tux faints.

20d 2h 24m Earthquake and Tux is in the yellow, we use Sleep powder but it fails!

20d 2h 23m Tux sent in, earthquake from Gligar again, we use cut.

20d 2h 23m Thunder doesn't affect Gligar, but earthquake badly hurt Fox, so much that Fox faints!

20d 2h 22m Fox sent out! Vaporeon withdrawn for Gligar!

20d 2h 21m Bubblebeam once more, Amber faints!

20d 2h 21m We use Earthquake on vaperon, it's now in the yellow.

20d 2h 20m Vaporeon sent out, we use Rock slide and don't do much damage. The second row of rock slide fails, while Bubblebeam is devastating on Amber! it's in the red now.

20d 2h 19m Amber sent in, Earthquake and Venomoth is down.

[Snark] Waiting!

20d 2h 18m Strength again, Miltank puts the enemy bug in the yellow, but another Bug buzz and the cow faints!

20d 2h 17m Venomoth against Miltank, we use Strength vs Bug buzz. Miltank is now in the Yellow!

20d 2h 17m Vs. Youngster Wright.

20d 2h 16m We start another one.

20d 2h 16m We stop the challenge.

20d 2h 15m Skier defeated!

20d 2h 15m Tux sent in! Strength again from Kangaskhan, we use Sludge bomb, it's in the red and poisoned, and it goes down to Poison!

20d 2h 14m We then switch to Fox, and we get hut by strength. Almost at half health, Fox's attack missed, then fox is now in the red due to another strength, thunder doesn't do much damages, and Fox faints to one last strength!

20d 2h 14m Tux sent in vs Kangaskhan!

20d 2h 13m Screech vs rock slide, but we miss. The steelix used self destruct, both oponent are down!

20d 2h 13m Earthquake and the plant is down, steelix sent out in its place!

20d 2h 12m Rock slide, Victreebel is in the red, while amber survives Razor leaves!

20d 2h 12m Victreebel sent out! Rock slide again.

20d 2h 11m It continue to sleep while Ambe uses Rock Slide to bring it to the red. It then woke up and used sludge bomb on us! But that wasn't very effective, one last Rock slide and it's down.

20d 2h 11m We switch to Amber, the bat is deeply asleep and is hurt by Iron Head!

20d 2h 10m Crobat is sent in, it uses Sludge bomb on Tux, and tux puts it to sleep!

20d 2h 9m Hyper beam and it's in the yellow, mirror coat and Kenya is down, Tux sent in and electrode goes down!

20d 2h 8m Electrode sent out by the skier, we use Air slash but do little damage, Mirror coat used by electrode, Kenya barely hurt!

20d 2h 8m Air Slash and Gligar is finally down!

20d 2h 8m Kenya used Fly again, but it misses due to dig. Fortunatly it doesn't affect us!

20d 2h 7m Gligar in the yellow, it digs again and Air Slash misses.

20d 2h 7m Kenya sent in! Gligar continues with dig, Kenya flies away.

20d 2h 6m Kingdra in the Yellow, we try to Ice beam Gligar who hides in the ground, kingdra is down!

20d 2h 6m We switched to Kingdra, who is now confused.

20d 2h 5m Outrage, while Gligar is using Dig!

20d 2h 2m It uses Rest and wakes up with a berry. Strength does minimal damage and we recover with Milk Drink. After another Strength it uses Rest again. This might be a while.

20d 2h 1m The next trainer, Lancaster comes out.. Miltank vs Gligar. We Earthquake, it uses Dig, then we Toxic it.

20d 2h 0m Hyper beam it's in the yellow and still sleeping.

20d 2h 0m Crobat is down, Sneasel out!

20d 1h 59m After recharging we use psychic, crobat in the yellow.

20d 1h 59m Crobat sent out, its still asleep.

20d 1h 59m Hyper beam, Tangela is down!

20d 1h 58m Thunder, Tangela in the yellow, so is fox due to Giga drain, we switch to Kenya.

20d 1h 58m Thunder misses, not gigadrain.

20d 1h 58m Tangela sent out!

20d 1h 57m Thunderbolt, the bird is down.

20d 1h 57m Sneasel falls alseep too we switch to Fox, Sneasel is withdrawn for Pidgeot.

20d 1h 56m Sludge bomb again, tux in the yellow, one more sludge bomb and we're in the red, we put the bat to sleep, it's withdrawn for Sneasel.

20d 1h 56m Sludge bomb on tux, we're now confused!

20d 1h 56m Crobat sent in.

20d 1h 55m Shadow ball vs Petal dance, Tux's graceful dance took 2 turn to put the beast down!

20d 1h 54m Amber is down, we send Tux in.

20d 1h 54m Thunder and Amber is in the red and paralysed!

20d 1h 54m Amber out!

20d 1h 53m Shadow ball, and we continue sleeping. Thunder, Kingdra goes down.

20d 1h 53m Raikou sent out!

20d 1h 52m Kingdra in! Ice beam on parasect, it's in the red! Spore and Kingdra is asleep, parasect down to poison.

20d 1h 51m Parasect now poisoned, but Miltank faints to Fury Cutter!

20d 1h 51m Parasect sent out vs Miltank.

20d 1h 50m Vs. Youngster Wright.

20d 1h 49m We saved and ended our Battle tower session, after a quick glimpse of the crystal starting screen we're back in action!

20d 1h 49m Earthquake and it's down, Juggle defeated!

20d 1h 48m Omastar sent out again.

20d 1h 48m Iron head, smeargle is down.

20d 1h 48m Amber sent in against smeargle.

20d 1h 47m Psychic and Weezing is in the Yellow, destiny bond is used by Weezing, and when it faints, Kenya does too!

20d 1h 47m Psychic, and omaster is withdrawn for Weezing!

20d 1h 46m Hydro pump misses, Air Slash does not. Icy wind and Kenya in the yellow.


20d 1h 46m Omastar sent in!

20d 1h 46m Air slash, Sunflora is down.

20d 1h 45m Kenya sent out!

20d 1h 45m Earth power, Fox is down.

20d 1h 45m Sunflora sent out, we continue using Thunderbolt, but it's not that effective! The flower uses Growth.

20d 1h 44m Thunderbolt, Wigglytuff is down.

20d 1h 44m Thunder on wifflytuff, it's in the yellow. Play rough!

20d 1h 44m Fox sent in!

20d 1h 43m Wigglytuff sent in, Tux is confused from so much dancing, Fire punch, Tux is down!

20d 1h 43m Both mons in the yellow, petal dannce and Nidoking is down!

20d 1h 42m Drill run does some damages we start dancing with the petals.

20d 1h 42m We then switch to Tux while the Juggler switches to Nidoking

20d 1h 41m We switch to Fox.

20d 1h 41m Strength vs minimize, we use Toxic but it fails, and another minimize on smeargle's side.

20d 1h 41m Smeargle vs Miltank.

20d 1h 40m We almost quit the challenge but decided to face the 3rd challenger! Vs. Juggler Fairfield!

20d 1h 39m Skarmory down to surf, Biker defeated!

20d 1h 39m Noctowl fainted, Skarmory back out! Ice beam, and it's still asleep.

20d 1h 38m We surf forretress to death. Noctowl sent out!

20d 1h 38m Switched to Kingdra, then we get hit by pain split! we waterfall Forretress only to get hit by Pin missile.

20d 1h 37m Tux sent in

20d 1h 37m Toxic fails to poison forretress, Miltank faints

20d 1h 37m Pin missile and the cow is in the red!

20d 1h 36m Switched to Miltank who got hurt by the Spikes!

20d 1h 36m Earthquake vs spikes!

20d 1h 35m Forretress is sent out!

20d 1h 35m Rock slide again, Starmie faints.

[Info] The party display is back to normal.

20d 1h 34m Rock slide on starmie.

20d 1h 34m The riot screen was on for a few seconds, then back to the battle!

20d 1h 33m Skarmory used Rest, then is withdrawn by the Biker for Starmie.

20d 1h 33m And once again, we switch, to Amber this time! Skarmory used Fly.

20d 1h 32m We switch to Kingdra!

20d 1h 32m Fly on Kenya, we're in the yellow.

20d 1h 32m Skarmory hit us while we missed, we use Air Slash.

20d 1h 31m Both mons used Fly.

20d 1h 31m Air slash on skarmory barely hurt it.

20d 1h 30m Noctowl switched out for Skamory!

20d 1h 30m Fox faints, Kenya in!

20d 1h 30m Noctowl sent in thunderbolt, it's in the yellow!

20d 1h 29m Thunder, mewtwo is down.

20d 1h 29m Zen headbutt, fox in the red.

20d 1h 29m Mewtwo is confused, we use thunderbolt!

20d 1h 28m Houndoom is down, Mewtwo sent in!

20d 1h 28m We switch to fox.

20d 1h 27m Strength houndoom is in the yellow.

20d 1h 27m Houndoom vs miltank.

20d 1h 26m Vs. Biker Erickson

20d 1h 26m Hitmonchan down, teach defeated! Team healed

20d 1h 25m Dynamicpunch barely scratches us, we bravely continue dancing through our confusion!

20d 1h 25m Hitmonchan sent out, we dance at it too.

20d 1h 25m Petal dance, slowking faints.

20d 1h 24m Sludge bomb vs psychic.

20d 1h 24m Slowking sent back in!

20d 1h 24m Another sludge bomb, and blissey is down!

20d 1h 23m Sludge bomb finally hit Blissey, it's now poisoned!

20d 1h 22m Blissey keep using protect.

20d 1h 21m Thunderbolt barely hurts blissey, so we switch to Tux.

20d 1h 21m It's protecting itself against us!

20d 1h 20m Blissey back out!

20d 1h 20m Thunderbolt, the psychic bird is down.

20d 1h 19m Thunder wave paralised Xatu, but it manage to use Pain split.

20d 1h 19m Fox sent in.

20d 1h 19m Xatu in, Kenya out!

20d 1h 18m Tri attack again, Kenya is in the red, and defrosted! We can use Hyper beam and Wigglytuff goes down.

20d 1h 17m Tri attack and Kenya is in the yellow!

20d 1h 17m Pain split from wigglytuff.

20d 1h 17m Kenya is frozen!

20d 1h 16m The wigglytuff continues with Tri attack, we hyper beam it.

20d 1h 16m Kenya sent in!

20d 1h 15m Tri Attack and Kingdra is down.

20d 1h 15m Wigglytuff sent in!

20d 1h 14m Kingdra in the red, ninetales down to Waterfall!

20d 1h 14m Ice beam barely hurt Ninetales who wakes up and start nasty plotting again!

20d 1h 12m Nasty plot vs sleep powder, we make the fire fow asleep before switching to Kingdra!

20d 1h 12m Chansey switched out for Ninetales.

20d 1h 11m Tux sent in.

20d 1h 10m Earthquake on chansey, it's in the yellow. Counter, Miltank is down!

20d 1h 10m Switch to chansey on the enemy side, we use strength on it.

20d 1h 9m We poison Slowking with Toxic it starts to plot against us!

20d 1h 9m Slowking sent out vs Miltank.

20d 1h 9m Vs. Teacher Kawakami

20d 1h 8m We enter the Battle tower again.

20d 1h 3m Back at the Battle Tower entrance.

20d 1h 3m We do win $12000 for our 2 wins.

20d 1h 3m Giga drain, the cow is down, BLACK OUT!

20d 1h 2m Venusaur out!

20d 1h 2m Earth power, Miltank in the yellow, nidoking down to Earthquake.

20d 1h 2m Icy wind from Nidoking.

20d 1h 1m Earthquake from the cow, Nidoking in the yellow!

20d 1h 1m Miltank in!

20d 1h 0m We use sunny day, but it doesn't help us to avoid our fate, and poison Jab brings ** the fox down!**

20d 0h 59m We foolishly continue on with our thunderbolt, earthquake hit us strongly, Fox in the yellow.

20d 0h 59m Scizor is switched out for Nidoking! We try to thunderbolt it, but it doesn't work.

20d 0h 58m Fox is out!

20d 0h 58m Tux is down!

20d 0h 57m X cissor do quite a lot of damage we continue our dance.

20d 0h 57m It continues sleeping and we change tactic, trying to petal dance at it! It wakes up!

20d 0h 57m We try to cut the bug.

20d 0h 56m Scizor falls asleep.

20d 0h 56m Iron head, Kenya is out! Tux sent in.

20d 0h 55m Scizor out!

20d 0h 55m Another hyper beam and azumarill goes down!

20d 0h 54m Hyper Beam on the sleeping rabbit, it's back in the yellow!

20d 0h 54m Azumarill in the red, it used rest again!

20d 0h 54m Both mons in the yellow, Kenya flies away for the rock being rolled out at us!

20d 0h 53m Air Slash again!

20d 0h 53m It wakes up with full heath, we use air slash it starts to roll out at us!

20d 0h 53m Azumarill used rest!

20d 0h 52m Kenya in, we use Fly and the rabbit can't roll out at us!

20d 0h 52m It continues to roll out, Kingdra back in and Kingdra faints!

20d 0h 51m Rollout, We switch to Tux.

20d 0h 51m Surf does little damage to the blue rabbit, but we carry on anyway!

20d 0h 51m Skarmory is withdrawn for Azumarill!

20d 0h 50m We surf the metal bird it's in the yellow! Drill peck and Kingdra's in the red!

20d 0h 50m The cow is sent in and out in favour of Kingdra!

20d 0h 49m Sky attack misses, but not steel wing which hits us hard! Amber goes down

20d 0h 48m We put the Skarmory to sleep and switch to Amber! Skarmory then wakes up.

20d 0h 48m The skarmory uses Curse while we switch to Tux!

20d 0h 47m The skier switches to Skarmory!

20d 0h 47m We use our strength while Umbreon uses Dark Pulse!

20d 0h 46m We poison Umbreon thanks to toxic.

20d 0h 46m She sends an Umbreon in, we send Miltank!

20d 0h 46m 3rd opponent in, vs. Skier Lancaster!

20d 0h 45m Team Healed we continue the challenge!

20d 0h 45m One last surf, it goes down. Hiker Alexander defeated.

20d 0h 44m We use surf again, it's in the red! Flash cannon does little damage!

20d 0h 44m Magneton back out!

20d 0h 44m We surf Rhydon to death!

20d 0h 44m Kingdra in!

20d 0h 43m Hyper beam on Rhydon, alas not very effective, contrary to rock slide who takes Kenya out!

20d 0h 43m Psychic, Piloswine is down! The hiker sends Rhydon in!

20d 0h 42m Psychi and Piloswine back in the yellow, rock slide on Kenya!

20d 0h 42m Piloswine continue to protect itself!

20d 0h 41m The enemy protect itself against our psychic powers!

20d 0h 41m Kenya sent in!

20d 0h 40m Another Earthquake! The piloswine is in the yellow, butAmber faints!

20d 0h 40m Switch to Piloswine from the Hiker, we use Earthquake!

20d 0h 39m Flash Cannon, we are in the yellow, Amber uses Sky attack. It barely scratch magneton.

20d 0h 39m Amber in!

20d 0h 38m Flash cannon, and Tux faints!

20d 0h 38m We try to poison it, it fails obviously.

20d 0h 38m Magneton out!

20d 0h 37m One more sludge bomb, the fire horse is down!

20d 0h 37m We use sludge bomb, rapidash in the red!

20d 0h 36m Drill run on tux, the horse falls asleep thanks to our sleeping powder!

20d 0h 36m Tux back out.

20d 0h 35m Thunder on the horse, flare blitz and the fox goes down!

20d 0h 35m Drill run and we're in the yellow!

20d 0h 35m We switch to the fox!

20d 0h 34m Drill run on tux, we answer with petal dance.

20d 0h 34m Rapidash sent out!

20d 0h 33m Lugia back out, it goes down immediately due to the poison!

20d 0h 33m Flash cannon again, we petal dance and electrode faints.

20d 0h 32m Sludge bomb, the electric ball is poisoned!

[Info] The party display doesn't seem to work

20d 0h 32m Tux sent in!

20d 0h 31m Flash Cannon, the cow is down!

20d 0h 31m e use strength, it's in the Yellow.

20d 0h 31m The Hiker switches again, to electrode!

20d 0h 30m Some milk bring us back to good health, but the bird aeroblast us! in the red again...

20d 0h 30m The cow is in the red, and Lugia is slowly losing its health to poison!

20d 0h 29m We continue to drink milk, and we're hit by future sight!

20d 0h 29m We use milk drink.

20d 0h 29m We try to earthquake it, but the legendary bird doesn't care!

20d 0h 28m We poison it instead, it blast us with air, miltank in the yellow!

20d 0h 28m We try to use earthquake on it but no to avail.

20d 0h 27m It switches to a Lugia!

20d 0h 27m Hiker alexander challenges us, he send out a Rhydon, we use our trusty cow!

20d 0h 26m Hyper beam, the dog is down, and the trainer defeated! Our team is healed, we move on to the next opponent!

20d 0h 26m umpluff down, Granbull in!

20d 0h 25m The Jumpluff continues with Return, but we uses psychic on it!

20d 0h 25m We send Kenya in.

20d 0h 25m Jumpluff in! ** Fox down to return!**

20d 0h 24m We continue to thunderbolt it, and its down! But with all this buzz, FOX is in the red!

20d 0h 24m Thunderbolt, the bug holds on and uses Bug buzz on us!

20d 0h 23m Venomoth in!

20d 0h 23m Blastoise in and out to thunderbolt

20d 0h 22m The green monster is paralysed! We take advantage of it and puts it down !

20d 0h 22m Thunder on venusaur, it's in the red!

20d 0h 21m Fox sent in!

20d 0h 21m Miltank faints to poison!

20d 0h 21m We eathquake it, it continues to throw bomb of sludge at use, miltank in the red!

20d 0h 20m The venusaur uses Synthesis, we suffer from the poison!

20d 0h 20m Sludge bomb, Miltank ispoisoned!

20d 0h 19m Venusaur out on the camper's side! Miltank uses Milk drink and restore some HPs.

20d 0h 19m Earthquake, the fire beast is down.

20d 0h 18m We poisoned the Flareon, it uses quick attack!

20d 0h 18m Earthquake! the Flareon's is in the red! Iron tail, we suffer some damages.

20d 0h 18m Flareon vs. Miltank!

20d 0h 17m Vs. Camper McMahill!

20d 0h 17m We save the game, and enter a Battle Room!

20d 0h 16m We use Strength inside the Tower. We can now move boulders! but they are none...

20d 0h 14m Inside the Battle Tower!

20d 0h 9m We're near the Battle Tower

20d 0h 4m On route 40.

20d 0h 3m Surfing on Kingdra!

[Info] Day 21 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal 251

[Snark] We walk around the streets, realising we can assign an item in our pack to the select button!

19d 23h 59m At Olivine.

19d 23h 57m On route 39

19d 23h 55m Threw an ultra ball at a Tauros! It misses!

19d 23h 53m On Route 38

19d 23h 45m Alan calls. He wants us to Route 36 to claim our fabulous prize!

19d 23h 35m We steamrolled the Poliwhirl with Amber. Defeated Tully.

19d 23h 33m Miltank fainted!

19d 23h 32m Miltank vs Marill. OHKO Earthquake. Against Poliwhirl.

19d 23h 32m Battling Fisher Tully. STOP CALLING US!

19d 23h 29m Route 42.

19d 23h 27m In Mahogany Town.

19d 23h 25m More phone calls. Le sigh.

19d 23h 22m We demolish the rest of his mons with Iron Head. Defeated Ron.

19d 23h 21m We swap to Amber and use Iron Head.

19d 23h 20m We're battling a guy who was made fun of by Silver. Pokemaniac Ron sent out Venonat against our Miltank!

19d 23h 15m We use an Ultra Ball on a level 31 Ariados.

19d 23h 14m In Route 43.

[Chat] Is meanwhile comparing the quality of emotes.

[Snark] I think the simplest explanation is that they're all insane.

[Fluff] You have no idea how many questions this raises. And how they probably got made fun of in school for a stupid joke their parents did. The feels.

[Fluff] Like maybe at kid 4 when they realized the coincidence? Are the ages in order, like is Sunday the oldest but Saturday is the youngest? Since it's Japanese could they use a different calendar system, like how in French Monday is the first day of the week?

[Fluff] Apparently he has brothers and sisters. Like he's Wesley of Wednesday, probably has other siblings like Tabatha of Tuesday and Sam of Saturday. At what point did the mom and dad decide, "Okay, we're having 7 kids, and we're each giving them names that start with specific letters to make a joke."?

[Fluff] We've mastered Tae Kwon Do already? PogChamp

19d 22h 48m We're talking to Wesley of Wednesday. He gives us a Blackbelt!

19d 22h 44m We use Strength. Charmeleon goes down. Defeated Aaron.

19d 22h 43m Oh man, 2nd evo of gen 1 starters. Such an original team.

19d 22h 43m Let me guess, Charmeleon.

19d 22h 42m It's down to one Strength. Against Wartortle. Down to one Strength.

19d 22h 42m Facing Cooltrainer Aaron! He sends out Ivysaur against our Miltank!

19d 22h 34m Found an Elixer!

19d 22h 24m Tully calls and tells us it's a great night for fishing!

19d 22h 20m He gives us TM10 Hidden Power!

19d 22h 19m We enter a house with a meditating guy.

19d 22h 17m We're slowly progressing through the Foresty area.

19d 22h 10m We found a Full Restore!

19d 22h 5m Back at the Lake of Rage.

19d 22h 3m Against Politoed. We use Rock Slide to end the match.

19d 22h 2m Against Ledian. Rock Slide. Bye Ledian.

19d 22h 2m We swap to Amber, get pelted, and KO it with Iron Head. Who's up next?

19d 22h 1m Fighting Fisher Marvin! We send out Miltank against Yanma.

19d 22h 0m Chilling on Route 43.

19d 21h 52m "Did my eyes deceive me? I thought a saw a Red Gyarados in the lake. Oh No. It's attacking the old man!"

19d 21h 46m We finally use Kingdra's Waterfall and OHKO Heracorss. Defeated Lois.

19d 21h 45m We keep switching our mons as her mon keeps using Seismic Toss.

19d 21h 44m Sorry, Cooltrainer Lois. She sent out Heracross.

19d 21h 43m Facing Cooltrainer Loreis! Against her Forretress, she sets up Spikes, as if she thinks she stands a chance. We OHKO it with Thunder from Fox.

19d 21h 41m Anthony calls us and tells us how he feeds our released Cyndaquil berries every day. Just rubbing it in, this guy...

19d 21h 38m Fortunately Fox is very good at taking down giant flying water dragons.

19d 21h 37m We interrupted another fisher in his fishing, and he sends out a giant flying water dragon as retribution.

19d 21h 32m We defeat him and his evolved Totodile and head back onto the shore.

19d 21h 25m Then we get back in the water.... and Fisherman Raymond takes offence to that and battles us with Magikarp.

19d 21h 24m We leave the water after about an hour and a half surfing.

19d 21h 21m Dana makes a booty battle call!

19d 21h 10m Caught a ♂ Lv. 36 Feraligator! Nickname: RRRP,WWWNM

[Snark] The previous update should have been labeled [Snark].

[Chat] is totally being classy with that name...

19d 21h 7m Caught a ♂ Lv. 35 Magikarp! Nickname: POO

19d 21h 1m Bill called and we switched boxes!

19d 21h 0m Caught a ♀ Lv. 39 Gyarados! Nickname: VVVVVVUTS

19d 20h 56m We keep using healing items on our team to keep them up to full health.

[Chat] Some of the chat seems to have dubbed this Totodile a German Totodile, since "ja" is "yes" in German (and other languages)

19d 20h 50m Caught a ♂ Lv. 36 Totodile! Nickname: JAAAAAAAA

19d 20h 43m Caught a ♂ Lv. 37 Marill! Nickname: :vmmmnnmvm

19d 20h 39m We fell a ♀ Gyarados and chat explodes into "MAMA NOOOOO". Then Tully calls to tell us that's not how you do it.

19d 20h 31m Caught a Lv. 36 Staryu! Nickname: IIIRQ

19d 20h 26m Caught a ♂ Lv. 36 Magikarp! Nickname: ONEEE,oy

19d 20h 24m Caught a ♀ Lv. 38 Azumarill! Nickname: g

19d 20h 21m Throwing lots of Ultra Balls at a wild Totodile. And a thunderbolt from Fox kills it.

19d 20h 18m Caught a ♀ Lv. 35 Magikarp! No nickname.

19d 20h 14m I think we just "tactically healed" Fox with a Hyper Potion.

[Fluff] I can't remember if it's 8 or 10 spaces we're allowed in a Pokémon's name, but they're all Ws in that name.

19d 20h 10m Caught a ♀ Lv. 36 Octillery! Nickname: WWWWWWWW

19d 20h 7m Arnie calls us on the high seas lake to tell us about his Yanama. Again.

19d 20h 6m Arrived at the Lake of Rage

19d 20h 2m Used one on a wild Sneasel.

19d 20h 1m Wasted an Ultra Ball against a Stantler.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BigBrother

19d 19h 55m One Strength later, she calls it back. Defeated Tiffany.

19d 19h 55m Facing Pickner Tiffany. She sends out a level 38 Xatu.

19d 19h 53m Route 43.

[Fluff] Will it remove Herobrine?

[Dev] Next ROM update will delete Roar from the TriHards' movesets.

19d 19h 50m We're in Mahogony Town!

19d 19h 48m We threw an Ultra Ball at a wild Sneasel before we ran.

19d 19h 46m YES! Female Murkrow, ~level 30 (PAR), nickname is ELLLLLK

19d 19h 46m 17? Nope. 18?

19d 19h 45m 15? Nope. 16? Nope. Let's use Sunny Day for the hell of it.

19d 19h 45m 13, a second Premier ball, 14 do not do well.

19d 19h 44m 10, 11, 12, fail as well.

19d 19h 43m Seventh fails. Eighth fails. Ninth fails.

19d 19h 42m Fifth Ultra Ball fails. Sixth one fails.

19d 19h 42m Fourth one fails. Not even the Premier Ball catches!

19d 19h 41m Two Ultra Balls have been thrown at a Paralyzed Murkrow. Third one also fails.

19d 19h 35m Fourth catches! Male, didn't catch it's level, nickname is RRR

19d 19h 34m 2nd Ultra Ball fails too. Same with the third.

19d 19h 33m Against a wild Sneasel, we use Thunder Wave, and then throw an Ultra Ball. It still fails.

19d 19h 32m Wild Murkrow, we throw an Ultra Ball at it before running.

19d 19h 31m We KO it with Thunderbolt.

19d 19h 31m Against a wild Quilava, we throw an Ultra Ball. It fails.

[Chat] Had a rush of Item2 spam before seeing the outcome.

19d 19h 25m And he used Roar. Noice.

19d 19h 25m RAIKOU TIME!

[Chat] Every time we encounter a Togetic, "Wow Deku OneHand" spam commences.

19d 19h 20m Irwin calls. He's still hearing the exact same rumours that we're strong. Good to hear.

19d 19h 19m And we ran.

19d 19h 18m 2nd Ultra Ball fails. Third one fails.

19d 19h 17m Used an Ultra Ball on a Quilava. It fails.

[Fluff] Thanks to peeps in chat for helping out. An ad for London has Fallen was not.

19d 19h 13m 1 Ultra Ball, level 37 male Typhlosion, name is BBBBBbjiiii

[Fluff] This makes no sense to anyone who isn't an updater lol.

[Fluff] Also pokemon if anyone isn't believing me.

[Fluff] If anyone was on when the TBA autocorrect mishap happened, well good news.



19d 18h 59m In Route 42! Arnie calls us and wants us to meet him in Route 35.

19d 18h 48m We enter a section of the cave with nothing in the middle.

19d 18h 46m A wild Quagsire took out Tux!

19d 18h 41m We threw an Ultra Ball at a wild Larvitar. It failed.

19d 18h 38m That took way too long to name

19d 18h 37m Name is Cbaajb

19d 18h 36m One Ultra Ball, level 54 Male Hitmonlee!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BigBrother = banned (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

19d 18h 26m Just surfing along, and now we're back on land. An epic journey cut short.

19d 18h 22m Wild Hitmonlee! We ran.

19d 18h 18m Ultra Ball tossed at a wild Poliwhirl. It fails and we run away.

19d 18h 03m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Onix. Caught Onix! Level 54 and male! No nickname.

19d 17h 59m A few Ultra Balls tossed at another Politoed. No luck. We run away.

19d 17h 50m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Larvitar. Caught Larvitar! Level 55 and female! Nickname: yppkmn (Two spaces before y, the last 'pkmn' are the pokemon symbols)

19d 17h 38m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Corsola. Doesn't work. Eventually we get it! Caught Corosla! Level 54 and female! Nickname: AAAI

19d 17h 30m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Larvitar. It fails and we throw a few more. We end up fainting it.

19d 17h 19m We toss a few Ultra Balls at a wild Hitmonlee but it doesn't work. We run away.

19d 17h 15m We throw quite a bit of Ultra Balls at it. We eventually run away.

19d 17h 14m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Politoed, but it fails. We toss a few more, with no luck. We switch to Jolteon. We then switch back to Miltank.

19d 17h 03m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Swinub. Caught Swinub! Level 31 and female. No nickname.

19d 17h 00m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Piloswine. Doesn't work. We toss a few more. Caught Piloswine! Level 30 and female. Nickname: JQHHGF

19d 16h 57m Caught Pupitar! Level 31 and female! Nickname: MMMMMMMMMy

19d 16h 56m We use an Ultra Ball on a wild Poliwhirl. It doesn't not work and we run away.

19d 16h 55m We enter Mt. Mortar.

19d 16h 49m Caught Crobat! Level 34 and female! Nickname: OOOOOOOOOO

19d 16h 45m We head east onto Route 42.

19d 16h 40m We are still surfing in the tiny bit of water in Ecruteak City.

19d 16h 38m We use an Ultra Ball on a wild Poliwag. It doesn't work. A second one is used. Caught Poliwag! Level 35 and female! Nickname: LLKKKKKIAB

19d 16h 33m Bill calls and we switch boxes!

19d 16h 32m We use 3 Ultra Balls on a wild Mantine. It doesn't work. We eventually catch Mantine! Level 36 and female! Nickname: IIIIIIIIII (It is all I's)

19d 16h 30m We use an Ultra Ball on a wild Poliwhirl. Caught Poliwhirl! Its male (Didnt get level due to poison) Nickname: YYYPg

19d 16h 27m We arrive at Ecruteak City.

19d 16h 25m Joey calls us. He wants to see us again.

19d 16h 22m We head north onto Route 39.

19d 16h 16m We leave the docks and return to Olivine City.

19d 16h 12m We head towards the docks.

19d 16h 04m We go north and land at Olivine City again.

19d 16h 03m Another Ultra Ball tossed at a wild Horsea, it fails and we run away.

19d 16h 03m Ultra Ball tossed at wild Horsea. Caught Horsea! Level 40 and male! Nickname: ..WW// (3 spaces at the start)

19d 16h 01m We surf south.

19d 15h 58m We purchase 3 Hyper Potions, 13 Great Balls, 123 Ultra Balls (And were given 12 Premier Balls (Note: I might have missed some purchases)

19d 15h 54m Bought 9 Ultra Balls! Joey then calls us.

19d 15h 54m Sold Protein, Thunderstone, 3 Charcoal, 2 Paralyze Heal, 1 Iron

19d 15h 50m Entered the Poke Mart.

19d 15h 48m We arrive in Olivine City.

19d 15h 46m The overlay isn't working, so it says we have no money. We leave the Battle Tower.

19d 15h 46m We beat trainer #7 and our prize is '$170000'!

19d 15h 37m We beat trainer #6, to #7 against a Boarder

[Fluff] for some reason the Battle Tower opponents have the Rocket Theme playing

19d 15h 21m We beat the scientist and advance to #6 a Teacher

19d 15h 13m We beat trainer #4 and are up against a scientist this time

19d 14h 57m We beat her! (sorry i called you a guy), we also end the session after beat her and we are sent to the menu but come back immediately, vs trainer #4

19d 14h 50m The guy also has a Zapdos!

19d 14h 47m We beat the second trainer and the third trainer has a Mew!

19d 14h 25m Trainer defeated, second trainer now

19d 14h 25m A Ditto transformed to Venusaur but kept its Purple color so chat is screaming Shiny PogChamp

19d 14h 13m We beat the third but lose the fourth, we earn 12k

19d 13h 57m We beat the second, third trainer now

19d 13h 48m We beat the first trainer and advance to the next

19d 13h 32m We lose the first battle again Fan Olson, we get 1800$ though

19d 13h 14m We enter the Battle Room, our party is healed

19d 13h 12m We enter the Battle Tower

19d 13h 3m We say hello to Olivine!

19d 12h 58m We enter Ecruteak and leave quickly for Olivine

19d 12h 44m We head for Ecruteak and plan seems to be to Olivine's Battle Tower

19d 12h 41m We arrive at Goldenrod using the Magnet Train!

19d 12h 37m We enter Saffron

19d 12h 26m We waste another Premier Ball on a Kadabra and catch it because we have one! its male and i missed the level since i expected it to fail, its name is HH

[Info] We are out of Ultra Balls, looks like Preimer Balls didnt finish

19d 12h 22m We waste 2 failed Preimer Ball on Gastly before running, although it did Hypnosis and NightMare Combo Fox to half health

[Info] We are out of balls!

[Info] We caught a Vileplume at some point!

[Info] We said yes to Bill so we are in a new box

19d 12h 14m We arrive at route 8

19d 12h 11m Arrived in Saffron City.

[Info] We also threw a lot of Ultra Balls at other random stuff but did not capture them.

19d 12h 04m Caught a Raticate! Level 61 and male. No Nickname

19d 11h 55m We also waste 3 Ultra Balls on Raticate while we have one and we run

19d 11h 53m We waste an Ultra Ball on a Tauros before running

19d 11h 51m We catch a female level 61 Gloom, its nickname is ....XOOONM

19d 11h 50m We catch a female Oddish, its name is G

19d 11h 49m We catch a female level 59 Gloom, its nickname is eNOPZ SJKB

19d 11h 47m We catch a male level 60 Mr.Mime with an Ultra Ball, no nickname

We use an Antidote to heal off Miltank's poison status from a Wild Gloom and chat screams : PogChamp TACTICAL

19d 11h 42m Its name is /WXYYYYZQQ

We catch a female level PSN(why does status cover level BibleThump) Raticate

19d 11h 34m We enter Route 7

19d 11h 19m We leave the Center

19d 11h 18m We release our level 78 Lickitung

19d 11h 16m We enter Saffron's Center

[Follow Up Info] On Proteins: "Hey. I love strong Pokémon. I feed them PROTEIN to crank up their ATTACK. The new recipe can crank it up TO THE MAX!!!"

19d 11h 6m We step outside for some fresh air, then head back in.

19d 11h 1m Moo did not learn Body Slam just now.

19d 10h 51m Fox forgot Body Slam and learned Sunny Day!

19d 10h 50m Fox forgot Growth and learned Body Slam!

[Streamer] Robert_stacker: @twitchplayspokemon can you please fix the settings for select and start so this doesnt happen. Seriously

Twitchplayspokemon: @Robert_Stacker, BabyRage

19d 10h 49m We keep booting up the TM for Dynamic Punch. Only Moo is compatible with it.

[Info] There was someone in the Goldenrod department store that told us they had increased the effectiveness of the vitamins, so that vitamins max out that Pokémon's stat now. And we gave Moo a protein earlier.

19d 10h 38m We attempt to give a Protein to Sailor Moo, but the game tells us it won't have any effect.

[Info] We have 32 Ultra Balls and 9 Premiere Balls left in our bag.

[Info] We have 609 coins in our coin case.

19d 10h 25m Tactical saving

19d 10h 24m Welcome back to the hell that Sabrina's gym!

19d 10h 15m Entered the Pokémon center. Checkpoint Saffron!

19d 10h 15m We're in Saffron now.

19d 10h 11m Dana calls to tell us how she's killing wild birds over in her neck of the woods.

19d 10h 7m Tux faints to a wild Azumarill! WHITE OUT!

[Fluff] We're currently trying our hardest to make Evan throw up from dizziness.

19d 9h 54m We found a little whirlpool that's blocking the way to a dock to the north.

19d 9h 51m We're surfing down near the bottom of the map, past the house to the underwater tunnel. We can't go far, of course, because of perfectly aligned rock barriers.

[Info] We're throwing balls at anything that moves around here.

19d 9h 48m Kenya faints to a wild Tentacruel!

19d 9h 41m Caught a ♀ Lv. 76 Lickitung! Nickname: ZYXXO

19d 9h 38m Amber is taken out by the same Helix!

19d 9h 37m Queendra falls to a wild Helix!

19d 9h 34m Caught a ♂ Lv. 78 Kabutops! Nickname: YXPPG (three spaces at front)

19d 9h 32m The sun splashes into the sea and the torrents of steam rising from the ocean blots out the whole sky! Night time!

19d 9h 29m Fox falls to a wild Seadra! Miltank is already fainted from a previous encounter.

19d 9h 27m Caught a ♂ Lv. 78 Kabuto! Nickname: ,,,,.// (three spaces at front)

[Info] There are wild Omanyte and Kabuto on this island.

19d 9h 14m We head back up to the ledgey peninsula.

[Fluff] Basically, we just wasted at least a month travelling just now, given how far South America and Japan are from each other.

19d 9h 13m We speak to the second sailor again and return to Guyana! Then ask to go back to Vermillion! Then return to Guyana!

19d 9h 9m Heading down the underwater tunnel to the Vermillion docks.

19d 9h 6m Caught a ♂ Lv. 61 Seel! Nickname: ddneefoenA

19d 9h 4m Healed!

19d 9h 2m We enter the Pokémon center! Checkpoint Vermillion!

19d 9h 2m Playing on the northern border of Vermillion.

19d 8h 57m Caught a ♂ Lv. 61 Seadra! Nickname: K

19d 8h 51m Caught a ♀ Lv. 62 Horsea! Nickname: ]y[[xfffgg

19d 8h 49m Currently speaking with the Fishing Dude about Magikarp.

19d 8h 44m We finally speak to the sailor and arrive back in Vermillion!

19d 8h 35m We're heading down the underwater pathway to the Guyana dock.

19d 8h 31m Caught a ♂ Lv. 76 Stantler! Nickname: II / (like 6 spaces in the middle)

19d 8h 29m Kenya just fell to a Sudowoodo's explosion! In fact, only Amber and Tux are left standing right now.

19d 8h 25m Caught a male Lv. 77 Parasect! Nickname: LC

19d 8h 23m Bill called and asks if we want to change boxes, which we do! (Thankfully, it only takes one Yes/No question answered "Yes" now!)

19d 8h 23m Caught a male Lv. 76 Victreebel! No nickname

[Info] And above that is another ledge. With I believe a third ledge above that.

[Info] So yeah, currently, we're faced with a ledge. This island looked mundane enough to start with, but in order to continue northward, there's a roughly 9 tile ledge we have to walk along.

[Fluff] I made sure to avoid the auto correct that time.

19d 8h 9m Caught a (female) Lv. 77 Parasect! Nickname: ddd!!tttt (Chat was immediately calling it "Leech Queen")