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See you July for ???!

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[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: there's been a change of plans regarding the next run: prism is still in september, however there will probably be another run in late july sometime in the meantime

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: avatars of users in chat are shown in the background

Pokémon Battle Revolution Betting back up

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: im sorry but time's up

11d 2h 5m RIOT SCREEN

11d 2h 1m Game Saved!

11d 2h 0m Bat goes to Lv 98

11d 1h 55m We inject a Rare Candy in Crobat! Lv 87!

11d 1h 51m We spend all our earned coins in Rare Candies

11d 1h 37m During the break, we continue chilling in the Game Corner gambling like its Vegas. We also somehow bought 3 Chikorita's

10d 23h 57m Bar.

10d 23h 56m 777.

10d 23h 48m 777 again!

10d 23h 44m Bar again.

10d 23h 33m Bar bar bar this time.

10d 23h 31m We did it again! 777

10d 23h 27m Get 777 in slots.

[Meta] Updater will go black now. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to all of you, our wonderful viewers. <3

10d 22h 39m Back to home town.

10d 22h 36m Credits roll.

10d 22h 35m Hall of Fame. Bucket, Burger King, Afflec, Dash, PKBat, AJ, Paul. Playtime 255:00, 52330 Pokédollar.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 22h 33m TEH URN.

10d 22h 33m 2 Hyper beams. Politoed down. Charizard down.

10d 22h 32m Leafeon down.

10d 22h 32m Leafeon killed Golem.

10d 22h 31m Crobat switched for Golem. Weezing was fully restored. It used Self-destruct. KAPOW.

10d 22h 30m Clutch vs Weezing.

10d 22h 24m Tyranitar down.

10d 22h 23m Critbat vs Dodrio. Dodrio down.

10d 22h 23m vs. Mura.

10d 22h 21m Golem finished off Charizard with a Rock Slide of course.

10d 22h 21m Drake defeated.

10d 22h 19m Dragonite down. Charizard in. Dash fainted.

10d 22h 18m Gyarados down. Dash grew up to Level 57.

10d 22h 17m Dash vs Gyarados. Drake used Full restore on Gyarados.

10d 22h 16m Golduck fainted.

10d 22h 15m Aerodactyl down. Gyarados in.

10d 22h 14m Aerodactyl's health was restored. Clutch. Golduck is still holding on.

10d 22h 12m Aerodactyl KO'ed Sylveon with a Hyper beam.

10d 22h 12m Sylveon moonblasted Kingdra out.

10d 22h 11m Bucket fainted.

10d 22h 10m Bucket vs Kingdra.

10d 22h 10m vs. Drake.

10d 22h 7m Arbok down. Mismagius down. Agatha defeated. Crobat grew up to Level 86.

10d 22h 6m Clutch. Gengar down.

10d 22h 6m Gengar put Crobat to sleep.

10d 22h 5m Gengar down.

10d 22h 4m And Golem switched for the Critbat. Crobat down. Gengar in.

10d 22h 4m Gengar switched for Crobat, Bucket switched for Golem.

10d 22h 3m Bucket is out of Dig PP.

10d 22h 2m vs Agatha.

10d 22h 0m Venusaur down. Golduck grew up to Level 66.

10d 21h 59m Beedrill down. Vileplume down.

10d 21h 58m Bucket switched for the Golduck.

10d 21h 56m Vs. Jared. Arbok down. Bucket grew up to Lv. 57.

10d 21h 53m Rapidash down. Ninetales down. Bucket grew up to Lv. 56. Flareon down. Arcanine down. Typhlosion in. Super Potion used. Red defeated. Bucket SOLO.

10d 21h 52m vs Red.

10d 21h 51m Retry #3.

10d 21h 46m Golem missed rock slide. Black out.

10d 21h 46m Dragonite down.

10d 21h 46m Golem KO'ed Gyarados and leveled up to Lv. 60.

10d 21h 44m Gyarados killed Venusaur.

10d 21h 44m Gyarados killed Golduck.

10d 21h 42m Kingdra down.

10d 21h 37m vs Drake. AAAAAAAAFF vs Kingdra.

10d 21h 35m Mismagius down. Agatha defeated. Golduck grew up to Level 65.

10d 21h 33m Arbok down. Mismagius killed Crobat.

10d 21h 32m Another Gengar down. Arbok in.

10d 21h 26m Golem vs Crobat. Rock Slide works. Crobat down.

10d 21h 25m Crobat kills Sylveon.

10d 21h 25m Clutch. Super Potion used on Gengar again. Gengar down.

10d 21h 24m Sylveon vs Gengar. Super Potion used on Gengar.

10d 21h 24m vs Agatha.

10d 21h 21m Paul is checking out Venusaur and Ivysaur cry.

10d 21h 19m Jared defeated.

10d 21h 18m Beedrill down. Vileplume down. Venusaur in.

10d 21h 18m Crobat down. Crobat grew up to Level 85.

10d 21h 17m Sylveon switched for Critbat.

10d 21h 16m Sylveon got confused by Crobat. Bruno twice used X-defend on it.

10d 21h 16m Sylveon vs Arbok. Arbok down.

10d 21h 15m vs Jared.


10d 21h 14m Red defeated.

10d 21h 14m Golem avenged mate.

10d 21h 13m Arcanine killed Bucket with Take down.

10d 21h 12m Flareon down.

10d 21h 12m Ninetales down.

10d 21h 11m Bucket vs Rapidash. Rapidash down to dig. Dugtr grew up to Level 55.

10d 21h 11m vs Red.

10d 21h 10m New attempt.

[Info] Diglett is now a level 54 Dugtrio

10d 21h 7m Crobat fainted to charizard. RIP. Black out.

10d 21h 7m Crobat (26HP - red beep) vs Politoed. Politoed down.

10d 21h 6m Paul is trying to switch, but nobody else is available at the moment.

10d 21h 5m Clutch. Leafeon killed with a wing attack.

10d 21h 5m Weezing down.

[Chat] Cheater!

10d 21h 4m vs Weezing. No PP for the Fly left. Mura used Full restore on Weezing.

10d 21h 3m Fly works. Tyranitar down.

10d 21h 1m Tyranitar is on Earthquake, Crobat tries to fly around.

10d 21h 1m Dodrio down.

10d 21h 0m Democracy mode off.

10d 20h 59m Switching Fly and Wing Attack for the Crobat.

10d 20h 57m Democracy mode on.

10d 20h 57m vs Mura.

10d 20h 55m Clutch. Drake defeated.

10d 20h 54m Drake restored Charizard's health from 1 hp.

10d 20h 53m Dragonite kills Sylveon with Slam after taking Thunderbolt. Crobat avenges his mate.

10d 20h 51m Aerodactyl beats Bk down to red. Thunderbolt. Aerodactyl down. Gyarados down. Sylveon grew up to Level 62.

10d 20h 51m Kingdra down.

10d 20h 50m vs. Drake. Sylveon vs Kingdra.

10d 20h 48m Anarchy is back.. Crobat grew up to Level 84. Agatha defeated.

10d 20h 44m Tux fainted. Crobat is on.

10d 20h 42m Golduck fainted.

10d 20h 40m Golduck vs Gengar. Democracy mode on.

10d 20h 38m vs Agatha.

10d 20h 36m Golem fainted. Critbat rocks. Jared defeated.

10d 20h 34m Crobat down. Beedrill dow. Golem grew up to Level 59.

10d 20h 33m Golem vs Crobat currently.

10d 20h 30m Looks like we rebattling Elite four. Diglett in the party and it fainted.

[Info] Chat wants to go back to daycare to get our Diglett back but i gotta bail right now, i dont expect much to happen after we get Diglett though

10d 19h 59m We leave the Center

10d 19h 57m We deposit Beedrill

10d 19h 56m We're on the pc

10d 19h 54m We fly to Merson

10d 19h 48m Looks like we don't have the Upgrade, we wanted to get it

10d 19h 45m In the house around the pc

10d 19h 42m We flew to seashore, apparently to save us a few steps

10d 19h 40m Democracy activated

10d 19h 38m we leave the house and enter back in doing nothing

10d 19h 22m Withdrew Shiny Stone

10d 19h 18m We withdrew TM50

[Snark] Does she sell seashells at Seashore?

10d 19h 14m Mother heals us

10d 19h 12m We enter Seashore

[Fluff] Just going to plop the next updater here so I don't forget.

[Meta] Was just covering, and I gotta rest, so updates will cease for an unspecified amount of time.

10d 15h 27m In Hayward again!

10d 15h 23m Went inside another building, but it has kinda green diamond tiles on the floor.

10d 15h 18m We're! Outside! This music is nice.

10d 15h 17m Right, now we're.. checking our menu standing at a table.

10d 15h 5m Back up to the next floor.

10d 15h 3m Went up a ladder, we're in one of the green-and-white checkered floor area. We see a spinning trainer, and we go back down the ladder.

10d 14h 36m Got off the Bicycle. Music is a sign that we're in the Final Dungeon somewhere maybe

10d 14h 35m Right now, we're in some cave on our bike. Crobat's the only one alive right now.

10d 13h 53m Arbok was sent and used Acid to take Sylveon out

10d 13h 53m Vs Hiker, Sylveon, vs Golem, we use Moonblasta nd his Earthquake takes us to the red us due to the level difference, our second Moonblast defeats Golem though

10d 13h 51m We catch a level 55 Dugtrio, again no name

10d 13h 50m We catch a level 51 Nidorino, no name

10d 13h 48m We caught a level 54 Ariados, no name

[Info] Final Dungeon mon too op

10d 13h 41m A few more balls and Pinsir uses Guillotine to OHKO Golem

10d 13h 40m We try to throw a Great Ball at a Pinsir but it shakes out and Slash's Golduck out of consciousness

[Snark] And we did it in anarchy.

10d 13h 32m We find the Dome Fossil

10d 13h 30m We find TM 38

10d 13h 29m Vs Lass, she sends in Raticate, it uses Super Fang and we Surf, it misses Hyper Fang and we take it out with Surf, she sends in Raichu, they use thunderwave and we Strength, they now Growl and we Surf, she Growl's again and Surf takes it to the red, she Growls again and we win by Surf

10d 13h 26m Golduck grew to level 63

10d 13h 25m We fight a gentleman, golduck beats his Arcanine with Two Surfs while he Leer'd, Same for his Magmortar bur he used Confuse Ray but we ignore it and bring him to 1hp, last Surf takes him out

10d 13h 20m We go underground

[Fluff] So Cyander is right, we flew to Hayward and presumably heading to Botan.

10d 12h 56m We enter the rocket building

10d 12h 53m Whatever it is, Paul left that town and is heading north.

[Fluff] Or Hayward...?

[Fluff] I'm not watching the stream, but I guess we landed in Gravel Town.

10d 12h 43m We fly to YELLOW WutFace town

10d 12h 40m We leave the Corner

10d 12h 29m Back to Anarchy

10d 12h 27m We enter Democracy

10d 12h 13m We buy a few Rare Candies

[Snark] Please buy another Eevee.

10d 11h 55m We bought a Totodile, its name is 'AKBBCLCC'!

10d 11h 39m We win another 777

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: PBR eta is around 23 UTC

[checks time] Well, we got about 14-15 hours left on this game.

10d 11h 19m We got the 777!

10d 11h 9m We spend all our money buying coins

10d 11h 2m We enter the Game Corner

10d 11h 0m We use the Masterball on a level 10 Poliwag, name is 'AAABVVNNNN'

10d 10h 56m We go to the dock thats south of the city and begin to fish with our trusty Good Rod

10d 10h 49m Anarchy mode activated

10d 10h 48m We flew to Owsauri City

10d 10h 43m Switched Item order, its Good Rod -> Great Balls, -> Masterball -> Bicycle and the rest of the items are down

10d 10h 29m Democracy activated

10d 10h 26m We withdrew the Good Rod

10d 10h 24m We with drew the PraiseIt Helix Fossil PraiseIt

10d 10h 23m We withdrew the Masterball

10d 10h 22m We withdrew 64 Great Balls

10d 10h 21m We withdrew a Pearl

10d 10h 19m We withdrew the Helix Fossil

10d 10h 17m We withdrew the coin case

10d 10h 16m We withdrew the Bicycle

10d 10h 15m we withdrew HM02

10d 10h 13m We deposited everything in our bag

10d 10h 10m We deposited a Protector

10d 10h 9m We deposited 3 paralyze heal

10d 10h 7m We withdrew TM44

10d 9h 57m We withdrew the Good Rod

10d 9h 53m We withdrew the crystal egg

10d 9h 42m We deposited Helix Fossil (heretics!) and withdrew a Repel

10d 9h 40m We deposit a few Great Balls in the pc

10d 9h 36m We go to Seashore and talk the our mother

10d 9h 30m Anarchy activates and we use a PP UP on Sylveon and Donphan uses Earthquake, Black Out

10d 9h 25m After two Earthquakes from our part during which he used Screech, he uses Earthquake to OHKO Golem, Bee remains

10d 9h 23m he uses Screech and we Earthquake only doing small damage due to level difference

10d 9h 22m he sends in a Donphan

10d 9h 21m Golem OHKO's Magnezone with Earthquake

10d 9h 20m Sylveon Faints after hitting ourselves and Swifts, we switch to Golem

10d 9h 18m We set up 3 Amnesia, now we will try to Draining Kiss but confusion and Swift from Magnezone might stop us

10d 9h 9m He keeps spamming supersonic and we try to use Amnesia

10d 9h 8m We use Moonblast after he keeps spamming Supersonic

10d 9h 6m We find a Rocket and he fights us he sends a level 96 Magnezone vs Sylveon, he uses Thunderwave to paralyze us and we use Thunderbolt, he uses Supersonic and we hit ourselves but Democracy Mode activated

10d 9h 2m We find a Gold Egg

10d 9h 0m We toss TM07 Horn Drill

[Snark] We checked Bulbasaur's Cry, it hasn't changed!

10d 8h 51m We find a Metal Coat

10d 8h 50m We throw two Max Ethers

10d 8h 48m We save twice just to be sure

10d 8h 47m We try to get the two items outside the cave but we have no more space

10d 8h 47m The game stopped receiving inputs for a few seconds presumably to get a save file, and we attempt to leave the cave only yo enter it again, we leave the cave for good now

10d 8h 42m We start up same the game stopped us for the Prism ad

[Chat] sedowood2: Post-post game Kreygasm

10d 8h 41m Pokémon Brown reboots! At the continue screen

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: the thing is, we're not quite ready to go back to PBR just yet. in 24 hours or less we will be, are you guys cool with messing around in brown for just a little bit longer?

10d 8h 37m Screen we're currently looking at. Inputs aren't doing anything.

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: yeah, this was the special end i was talking about

10d 8h 34m We get an ad for Pokémon Prisim. Premiering September at a TwitchPlaysPokémon stream near you!

10d 8h 34m We found a mysterious bird!

[Chat] evolem: finally a cave with low encounter rate PogChamp

10d 8h 33m We go in deeper in the cave

10d 8h 32m We enter the cave. Hall of Fame music plays

[Snark] Remember when everyone wanted to PC the Bee

10d 8h 31m Master Ball Obtained!

10d 8h 31m Looks like we need to go in the cave

10d 8h 31m there more!??!


10d 8h 30m NOW LV 49


10d 8h 30m Bee has Rhyperior in the Red!

10d 8h 29m Bee uses the Hyper Beam!

10d 8h 29m Beedrill continues knocking down Rhyperior thanks to inferior AI

10d 8h 29m Bee continues to use the Swords Dance

10d 8h 28m Beedrill starts up some Swords Dancing!

10d 8h 28m Rhyperior Superior defenses has kept him in this game so far

10d 8h 27m Beedrill comes out!

10d 8h 27m Venusaur goes down!

10d 8h 27m Venusuar Cut's doesn't do much damage

10d 8h 26m Rhy starts with some Leers before using Fury Attack

10d 8h 26m Rhyperior is sent out!

10d 8h 26m Ampharos goes down to Venusaur!

10d 8h 25m Ampharos continues to spam while we continue to suck HP from it!

10d 8h 25m Ampharos continues to spam Light Screen

10d 8h 24m We leech the Ampharos!

10d 8h 24m We send out Venusaur!

10d 8h 24m We continue to use Surf! Thunder strikes and KO's Golduck!

10d 8h 23m Ampharos is sent out!

10d 8h 23m Golduck takes down Faraligatr!

10d 8h 22m Feraligatr uses Screech as we continue to cheese the AI! Golduck uses Surf to slowly KO the gator

10d 8h 22m We send out Golduck!

10d 8h 21m Hydro Pump KO's Crobat!

10d 8h 21m We continue to Fly

10d 8h 21m Feraligatr is sent out!

10d 8h 20m 2 more Fly's KO's Typhlosion!

10d 8h 20m We use Fly on Thyplosion! We get a Crit!

10d 8h 20m Typhlosion is sent out!

10d 8h 20m Fly KO's Meganium!

10d 8h 19m We switch to Fly!

10d 8h 19m We open up with Wing Attack!

10d 8h 19m Meganium vs Crobat!

10d 8h 19m vs Pallet Patrol! (FINAL BOSS) Attempt 2!

10d 8h 18m We make our way towards the Mighty Morphin Pallet Patrol

10d 8h 16m We exit the Healing House and enter the final area!

10d 8h 15m We heal!

10d 8h 14m We enter the healing room!

10d 8h 14m We hit a few warps. Luckily they just sends us to different warps in the room

10d 8h 12m We enter the Warp Room

10d 8h 11m Wild Xatu tired of us staring and just teleports outta here

10d 8h 8m We consult the Helix Fossil

10d 8h 6m Poliwhirl Lv 53 Caught! Nickname: ahqqpppPOX

10d 8h 3m We are near the ladder that leads to the warps

10d 8h 1m Crobat to Lv 82!

[Dev] KoolboymanAdam: There's additional content after the Power Ranger boss

10d 7h 42m We still in the maze portion of the dungeon

10d 7h 35m We swap Wing Attack and Fly's move spots. Wing Attack now on top of the move list

10d 7h 32m Lv 54 Ariados Caught! Nickname: AAAAaaaaaa

10d 7h 31m we throw several Great Balls at a wild Ariados

10d 7h 26m still progressing through the maze

10d 7h 20m We catch Lv 55 Dugtrio! Nickname not given!

10d 7h 19m Wild Dugtrio KOs Venusuar!

10d 7h 19m We use a Great Ball and a X Accuracy during a Wild Dugtrio fite

10d 7h 10m Golem to Lv 57

10d 7h 2m in the midst of trainers with Lv 80+ Pokémon and Lv 50+ Wild Pokémon, we encountered a Lv 3 Zubat.

10d 6h 59m We enter the Underground Maze portion

10d 6h 58m We talk to some guy who's making fake Master Balls

10d 6h 51m We inch our way closer back to the final area

[Info] Pallet Patrol is the final boss. Any other trainers are optional and can be used to grind levels

10d 6h 37m We return back to the Final Dungeon. Looks like we have to climb all the way back up there

10d 6h 33m Crobat falls to Feraligatr by Slash! Blacked Out back to Hayward City

10d 6h 32m Crobat uses Hyper Beam! Not ennough! Crobat survives a Slash from Gator

10d 6h 31m Feraligatr is sent out!

10d 6h 31m then Uses Hyper Beam to KO Typhlosion!

10d 6h 31m uses Swift

10d 6h 31m Crobat comes in, uses Wing Attack

10d 6h 30m Crobat left. This will take a miracle

10d 6h 30m Beedrill is sent out! KO'd by Flamethrower!

10d 6h 30m Flamethrower KO's Venusuar!

10d 6h 29m Typhlosion is sent out

10d 6h 29m Meganium goes down!

10d 6h 29m We move to Wood Hammer to do more damage

10d 6h 29m Meganium keeps using Light Screen

10d 6h 28m Venusuar uses cut to chip some damage off MEganium

10d 6h 28m Venusuar is sent out!

10d 6h 28m Golduck goes down!

10d 6h 27m Meganium starts to charge up for Solar Beam. Things not looking good for Paul

10d 6h 27m Golduck is sent out

10d 6h 27m Giga Drain from Meganium takes Golem out!

[Info] All his Pokémon are Lv 100. This is the Final Boss

10d 6h 25m Sylveon faints! Golem is sent out!

10d 6h 25m We switch into Sylveon! Patrol sends out Meganium!

10d 6h 25m vs Pallet Patrol!!

10d 6h 24m We save the game, just in case

10d 6h 23m A path has cleared that wasn't there before!

10d 6h 23m We go back outside, on our way to the final trainers

10d 6h 20m We Heal

10d 6h 19m We head back to the healer to heal our Pokémon

[Snark] "You must give them 'roids" - Rocket

TPP banned from Baseball (Kappa)

10d 6h 17m Golem Survives! Golem uses 2 earthquakes to squeeze out a win!!! Rocket Defeated!

10d 6h 16m Golem is sent out! Last chance to win!

10d 6h 16m Sylveon goes down to Hyper Beam!

10d 6h 16m Sylveon is sent out!

10d 6h 15m Hyper Beam KO's Beedrill!

10d 6h 15m Crunch takes out Venusuar!

10d 6h 15m Venusuar is sent out!

10d 6h 14m Earthquake KO's Golduck!

10d 6h 14m Tyranitar is sent out!

10d 6h 14m Golduck uses Surf to KO Gliscor after hold on to a crit slash and a failed Guillotine! Golduck to Lv 62, Venusaur to Lv 56

10d 6h 13m Golduck is sent out!

10d 6h 13m Crobat gives us a couple more good fly's until it gets KO'd by Gliscor!

10d 6h 12m Gliscor is sent out!

10d 6h 12m Crobat holds on with 24 HP and takes out Weavile!

10d 6h 11m Crobat outspeeds Weavile!

10d 6h 11m vs Rocket Grunt! Its Weavile vs Crobat!

10d 6h 9m We healed!

10d 6h 7m We seem to be heading back to the healing lady to heal up our Pokémon

10d 6h 6m The grunt reveals that some trees are fake

10d 6h 5m Golem takes down Politoed! Rocket Grunt defeated!

10d 6h 4m Politoed is sent out next!

10d 6h 4m Rhyperior goes down in 3 EQ's!

10d 6h 3m Rhyperior is sent out!

10d 6h 3m Earthquake KO's Ampharos!

10d 6h 2m We send out Golem

[Info] Ampharos is Lv 95

10d 6h 1m We switch into Golduck, 1 Thunder KO's it

10d 6h 0m Even after a cotton spore, Crobat is faster than Ampharos! Crobat uses a couple of Fly's but doesn't do that much damage

10d 5h 59m vs Rocket Grunt! Its Ampharos vs Crobat!

10d 5h 58m We seem to hit a road block. Seems like we need to do some battles

[Fluff] The music here is very calming

10d 5h 55m We enter the final area

10d 5h 54m Anarchy Mode engages!

10d 5h 53m [D] We talk to the girl and heal up!

10d 5h 51m [D] We use a few right9's to enter a healing spot

10d 5h 47m Democracy mode enters!

[Info] For those still counting, 34/51 Trainers defeated!

10d 5h 46m Mamoswine falls to Golduck! Gentleman defeated!

10d 5h 45m Mamoswine uses Amnesia to bulk up on Special!

10d 5h 45m Mamo uses mist! We use Surf!

10d 5h 44m Mamoswine is sent out!

10d 5h 44m Sylveon KO's Electivire! Sylveon to Lv 60! Golem to Lv 56! Beedrill to Lv 48

10d 5h 43m ThunderPunch paralyzes Sylveon, Moonblast does little damage to Electivire

10d 5h 42m Sylveon is sent out!

10d 5h 42m Thunder takes out Crobat

10d 5h 40m vs Gentleman! Its Electivire (lv 93!) vs Crobat!

10d 5h 39m We hit warps! We warp to a trainer!

10d 5h 34m We are continuing through the cave.

10d 5h 23m We leave the fossil and continue on our way to the second floor of the underground maze portion of the dungeon

10d 5h 18m We travel in the cave for a while to find the Dome Fossil. We do not pick it up because we have no room!

10d 5h 6m We enter the first floor of the underground maze portion of the dungeon

10d 5h 3m We move downstairs to the 4th floor

10d 4h 58m We go down to the third floor of the building area

10d 4h 55m We make it to the second floor of the building portion

10d 4h 43m We are slowly making it back to the part of the dungeon we fainted on

10d 4h 27m Golem falls to a wild Pokémon! Blacked out to Hayward City

10d 4h 26m Golem down to 32/173 HP

10d 4h 23m Seems like its now a race to getting back to the healing room. Golem only Pokémon still alive in our party with 58/173 HP

10d 4h 22m Sylveon gets KO'd by Wild Dugtrio!

10d 4h 21m We continue making our way back to the main path to continue progressing through the dungeon

10d 4h 11m We go back down into the Underground Maze portion

[Info] The item behind the card key door is the S.S. Ticket

10d 4h 8m "Darn! It needs the key!"

Apparently we don't have the card key on us.

10d 4h 4m We Receive a Ho-Oh! Nickname: A

10d 4h 3m There's a card key door and a grunt in this room

10d 4h 2m We go up the ladder and it leads to a room

10d 3h 59m We continue on and we see a ladder that leads up

10d 3h 49m Jr Trainer defeated! 33/51 Trainers defeated!

10d 3h 48m Dragonite uses Hyper Beam! It brings Golem to 67/173 HP! Golem then uses 2 Rock Slides to KO Dragonite!

10d 3h 47m We send out our Golem

10d 3h 47m Dragonite slams on Beedrill to KO it!

10d 3h 47m We send in Beedrill to face Dragonite

10d 3h 46m Golem aborts by Selfdestructing, KO'ing itself and Venusaur!!

10d 3h 45m We use the Giga Drain to being Golem to the red

10d 3h 45m The Opponent sends out Golem!

10d 3h 45m Parasect is near 1 HP but uses Spore to but Venusaur to Sleep! It wakes up next turn, and then the next turn Parasect is KO'd!

10d 3h 44m Venusuar is sent out!

10d 3h 43m Golduck goes down!

10d 3h 43m Parasect begins using Growth, then Golduck wakes up but not before Parasect uses Leech Life in Golduck

10d 3h 42m Spore is used again! Golduck falls asleep!

10d 3h 42m Golduck is sent out!

10d 3h 41m Parasect KO's Crobat with Slash!

10d 3h 41m Crobat unleashes the Hyper Beam, then Parasect revels its Spore Trap Card! Crobat is now asleep!

10d 3h 41m Parasect is sent out!

10d 3h 40m Crobat uses Swift to KO Arbok! Crobat to Lv 81!

10d 3h 40m Crobat is out of Fly PP!

10d 3h 39m vs Jr Trainer♀! ITs Arbok vs Crobat!

10d 3h 39m We continue our way

[Chat] KoolboymanAdam: I think this might be The run for you guys, seriously.

Koolboy has some hope for us!

10d 3h 26m We enter the lower path as needed

10d 3h 20m We are riding back and forth in the maze, trying to squeeze into a path not easily accessible by bike

10d 3h 4m We steamroll down to the ladder that sends us down a level in the maze

10d 3h 2m We now get on the bike

10d 3h 1m Couple more doses of Fly KO's Xatu! Grunt Defeated! 32/51 Trainers Defeated!

10d 3h 0m We open up with Fly to take Xatu to Half HP

10d 3h 0m vs Rocket Grunt! He sends out Xatu! We send out Crobat!

10d 2h 56m Some wild Pokémon appear hear.

10d 2h 55m We enter the Underground Maze portion of the dungeon

10d 2h 47m We exit back onto the fourth floor once again

10d 2h 46m or not. we go back into the healing zone

10d 2h 45m We exit back to the fourth floor, out of the healing zone

10d 2h 44m Go up the stairs to a different part of Floor 3, different music and stuff happens! We enter the purification zone and get healed!

10d 2h 41m Tentacrues raises its defense, Venusaur slams Tentacruel with the Wooden Hammer 2 times, Tentacruel down! Sailor Defeated! 31/51 Trainers defeated!

10d 2h 39m Tentacruel is sent out!

10d 2h 39m Venusaur is sent out! Giga Drain KO's Lanturn!

10d 2h 38m Sylveon goes down to Lanturn's Body Slam!

10d 2h 37m vs Sailor! He send out Lanturn! We send out Sylveon!

10d 2h 36m We save the game

10d 2h 35m Golduck KO's Cloyster with surf! Sailor Defeated! 30/51 Trainers Defeateed!

10d 2h 34m Cloyster keeps using supersonic, Golduck keeps using surf

10d 2h 34m Golduck starts out with surf, Cloyster then sets confusion on Golduck

10d 2h 33m Cloyster is sent out! We switch in Golduck

10d 2h 33m Sylveon opens up with Moonblast, Machamp uses Focus Energy. Next turn, Sylveon takes down MAchamp!

10d 2h 32m vs Sailor! Its Machamp vs Sylveon!

10d 2h 29m We exit back onto the fourth floor of this building

10d 2h 27m Rocket Grunts tells they have Ho-Oh and looking for Lugia. They shows up a picture of Lugia

10d 2h 26m There seems to be a lone grunt in the room

10d 2h 25m We find some stairs that go up a floor, to a secret room

10d 2h 22m We continue on, we see a guy and he doesn't want to battle. We move past him

10d 2h 19m We head on down the floor

10d 2h 18m We move on to Floor Four

10d 2h 17m We found a Max Ether!

10d 2h 16m We found a Max Revive!

10d 2h 14m We found a Max Elixer

[Info] That's 29/51 trainers in here that have been defeated

10d 2h 12m Golduck KO's Mr Mine! Rocket Defeated! 29/51 Defeated!

10d 2h 11m Mr Mine sets up a Light Screen, Golduck uses surf

10d 2h 11m Mr Mine comes out!

10d 2h 10m Venusaur to Lv55

10d 2h 10m Golduck comes out, cleans things up by KO-ing Gyarados! Golduck to Lv 61!

10d 2h 10m Golem comes out, takes a few hits, KO'd to a Hyper Beam

10d 2h 8m Gyarados gives Crobat a taste of its own medicine with 2 doses of Hyper Beam. Crobat goes down!

10d 2h 8m Crobat out of PP, uses Wing Attack instead on Gyarados!

10d 2h 7m Gyarados is sent out!

10d 2h 7m We use up our last Hyper Beam to KO Victreebel with a crit!

10d 2h 6m Victreebel is sent out!

10d 2h 6m Lickitung barely stays alive 1 of Crobat's Hyper Beam. Crobat uses another to finish it off!

10d 2h 5m Lickitung is sent out!

10d 2h 5m Crobot opens with Hyper Beam, Yanmega then uses Wing Attack and Sonic Boom, Crobat finishes Yanmega off with Hyper Beam

10d 2h 4m vs Rocket Grunt! It's Yanmega vs Crobat!

10d 2h 2m We go down the the third floor!

10d 1h 58m We go down to the 2nd floor

10d 1h 52m We enter the first floor of the building portion

10d 1h 50m We just made it to the outside area. Still ways away until we make it back

10d 1h 39m We make it back inside the Final Dungeon as we return to where we fell last time

10d 1h 31m We return to Hayward City once again

10d 1h 30m Wood Hamner takes down Victreebel but recoil KO's Venusuar! Blacked Out!

10d 1h 29m Venusuar uses the Wood Hammer to knockout Lickitung! Victreebel is sent out

10d 1h 28m Venusuaur is sent out!

10d 1h 28m Lickitung uses Slam! Golduck KO'd!

10d 1h 27m Lickitung is sent out!

10d 1h 27m Golduck comes in, KO's Yanmega!

10d 1h 26m Beedrill uses the Double-Edge, gets Yanmega to the red, then Yanmega confuses Beedrill, then Beedrill KO's itself!

10d 1h 25m Beedrill sets up the Swords Dance

10d 1h 23m Yanmega sets the confusion on Beedrill

10d 1h 21m vs Rocket Grunt! He sends out Yanmega! We send out Beedrill

10d 1h 18m We continue our way through the third floor

10d 1h 16m We go down the stair again to the third floor

10d 1h 13m Golem faints due to poison damage

10d 1h 10m TM35 Obtained!

10d 1h 7m Golem KO's Parasect! Rocket Defeated! 28/51 Defeated!

10d 1h 5m Parasect is sent out!

10d 1h 5m Golem uses Rock Slide to KO Dodrio!

10d 1h 3m Dodrio is sent out

10d 1h 3m Golem KO's Muk! Levels up to Lv 55! But Golem is poisoned!

10d 1h 1m vs Rocket Grunt! Its Muk vs Golem

10d 0h 54m We continue through the floor

10d 0h 48m We found TM 41!

10d 0h 47m Grunt Defeated! 27/51 Defeated!

10d 0h 47m Golduck comes in and KO's Crobat

10d 0h 46m Sylveon gets KO'd by Crobat and Confusion

10d 0h 46m Opponent sends out Crobat and uses Haze to eliminate Amnesia effects uses on Sylveon

10d 0h 44m Sylveon KO's Teantacruel! Grows to Lv 59

10d 0h 43m vs Rocket Grunt! Its Tentacruel vs Sylveon

10d 0h 42m We save the game

10d 0h 41m We head downstairs to the next area

10d 0h 39m Rocket Defeated! 26/51 Defeated!

10d 0h 38m Surf KO's Poliwrath

10d 0h 38m Golduck is sent out

10d 0h 38m Poliwrath is kncok to less than 1/4 HP but Crobat gets KO's by Water Gun

10d 0h 37m Poliwrath is sent out

10d 0h 36m Hyper Beam KO's Magnezone!

10d 0h 34m We use Hyper Beam but it only knocks Megnezone down to half HP

10d 0h 33m Magnezone uses Thunder Wave to paralyze Crobat

10d 0h 32m vs Rocket Grunt! It's Magnezone vs Crobat

10d 0h 29m We return to the first floor of the building portion of the dungeon

10d 0h 20m We return to the final dungeon

[Info] We have defeated 25/51 Trainers in the Final Dungeon so far

10d 0h 11m Beedrill goes down! Blacked Out!

10d 0h 10m Beedrill is sent out

10d 0h 9m Golem OHKO'd by Water Gun

10d 0h 9m Poliwrath is sent out! rip

10d 0h 9m We use Earthquake from Golem to KO Magnezone

10d 0h 8m Sylveon gets KO'd by Magnezone's Swift!

10d 0h 6m vs Rocket Grunt! He sends out Magnezone! We send out Sylveon

10d 0h 5m Sylveon KO's Cloyster! Rocket Grunt Defeated!

10d 0h 5m Sylveon is sent out!

10d 0h 4m Cloyster uses Clamp to stop Venusuar from attacking and KO's it!

10d 0h 3m Cloyster is sent out

10d 0h 3m Beedrill to Lv 47

10d 0h 2m Venusuar KO's Raticate

10d 0h 2m Golduck KO'd by Raticate. Decent welcoming to Day 11

10d 0h 0m Weavile is KO'd by Golduck

10d 0h 0m We switch into Golduck

9d 23h 59m Sylveon is sent out!

9d 23h 59m Hyper Beam almosts KO's Weavile, but Weavile KO's Crobat!

9d 23h 58m Weavile is sent out!

9d 23h 58m Crit Hyper Beam takes down Steelix!

9d 23h 57m 9 Fly and 2 Hyper Beam later and Steelix only has less 1/4 HP remaining and Crobat has 39/282 HP remaining

9d 23h 56m We take this short moment to consult the Helix Fossil

9d 23h 55m 5 Doses of Fly has just brought Steelix to Half HP

9d 23h 54m Crobat's Fly isn't doing all that much to Steelix

9d 23h 52m vs Rocket Grunt! Its Steelix vs Crobat

9d 23h 50m We enter back to the 1st Floor of the building portion of the Final Dungeon

9d 23h 39m We return to the Final Dungeon

9d 23h 37m We return to anarchy

9d 23h 36m [D] We exit our House, Fly on over to Hayward City

9d 23h 29m [D] HM04, Coin Case, Trade Stone (x2), Rare Bone Deposited

9d 23h 21m [D] We fly on home, turn on the item PC to clean out our bag

9d 23h 19m [D] We fly to Seashore City

9d 23h 18m [D] We swap where Crobat and Golduck is! Crobat now leads the party

9d 23h 17m We enter Democracy

9d 23h 14m Venusuar KO'd by Weavile's Ice Punch! Blacked out back to Hayward

9d 23h 12m Venusaur is sent out!

9d 23h 12m Ice Punch KO's Golem!

9d 23h 11m Weavile is sent out!

9d 23h 11m Golem takes down Steelix with several Earthquakes!

9d 23h 10m Golem comes out and uses Earthquake, still doesn't do much against a strong defensive Steelix

9d 23h 10m Beedrill gets KO'd by Steelix!

9d 23h 9m We then switch in for Beedrill!

9d 23h 9m We send out Venusuar!

[Party Status] Golem, Beedrill, Venusuar all still healthy! Golduck, Sylveon, and Crobat are down!

9d 23h 6m Steelix KO's Golduck with Crunch!

9d 23h 6m vs Rocket Grunt! Its Steelix vs Golduck!

[Info] 24/51 Trainers defeated

9d 23h 5m Golduck to Lv 60!

9d 23h 5m Golduck KO's Typhlosion with Surf! Rocket Grunt Defeated!

9d 23h 4m Typhlosion is sent out!

9d 23h 4m Golduck KO's Dewgong with Ice Beam

9d 23h 3m Golduck is sent out!

9d 23h 3m Crobat falls to a Dewgong Ice Beam!

9d 23h 1m Crobat comes and KO's Muk! Dewgong is sent out!

9d 23h 1m Crobat is sent out!

9d 23h 0m Sylveon brings Muk to the Red but Sylveon gets KO'd by Sludge!

9d 23h 0m Sylveon is switched in

9d 22h 59m vs Rocket Grunt! Its Golduck vs Muk

9d 22h 59m We are back in the main building of the Final Dungeon

9d 22h 46m We reenter the underground portion of the Final Dungeon

9d 22h 45m We enter the Final Dungeon

9d 22h 43m Back in Hayward. Making our way back to the trainer we blacked out too

9d 22h 42m Crobat goes down to Typhlosion! Black Out!

9d 22h 41m Typhlosion is sent out!

9d 22h 41m Crobat Takes down dewgong with 2 sets of Hyper Beam! Grows to Lv 80!

9d 22h 40m Dewgong is sent out!

9d 22h 40m Crobat KO's Muk!

9d 22h 39m vs Rocket Grunt! Its Muk vs Crobat

9d 22h 34m WE go back upstairs

9d 22h 32m Meanwhile there'a another girl in the room but doesn't feel like fighting you even though she could knock us out easily

9d 22h 32m We found another item, but our bag is still full

[Info] Crobat at 48/277 HP

9d 22h 31m Crobat KO's Nidoqueen! Lass Deafeated!

9d 22h 30m Nidoqueen is sent out!

9d 22h 30m Crobat is sent out, Fly around 2 times and nearly KO's Xatu. One more Fly attack KO's it!

9d 22h 29m Golem KO'd by Xatu's Phychic

9d 22h 28m vs Lass! She sends out Xatu! We send out Golem!

9d 22h 27m Nidoking KO'd by Golem! Youngster defeated!

9d 22h 25m Beedrill quickly KO'd by Nidoking

9d 22h 25m Beedrill is sent out

9d 22h 25m Nidokings KO's Venusuar with Thrash

9d 22h 24m Sylveon KO'd by Nidoking!

9d 22h 23m vs Youngster! Its Lv 87 Nidoking vs Sylveon!

9d 22h 23m We go down the stairs, greeted with a battle!

9d 22h 17m Crobat KO's Donphan! Rocket Grunt defeated!

9d 22h 16m We swap in Crobat! Donphan is sent out!

9d 22h 15m Explosion KO's Weezing and Golduck!

9d 22h 14m vs Rocket! Its Weezing vs Golduck!

9d 22h 13m We found an item, but we can't put it in our bag! No Room!

9d 22h 10m We enter the main building of the final dungeon once again

9d 21h 55m We return to the final dungeon

9d 21h 51m Dewgong KO's Venusuar! Blacked Out!

9d 21h 51m Dewgong is sent out!

9d 21h 50m Muk goes down to Wood Hammer. Venusuar to Lv 54

9d 21h 49m Venusuar is sent out

9d 21h 48m Crobat goes down to Sludge!

9d 21h 48m Crobat is sent out!

9d 21h 48m Beedrill KO'd by Sludge!

9d 21h 47m Beedrill sets up some Swords Dance to combat Muk's Harden

9d 21h 46m vs Rocket! It's Beedrill vs Muk!

[Info] There are 51 trainers in this dungeon. We have defeated 20 of them, or ~40% of the trainers

9d 21h 44m Crobat KO's Machamp! Rocket Defeated!

9d 21h 44m Machamp is sent out!

9d 21h 43m We use Fly on our Crobat to KO the opposing Crobat!

9d 21h 43m Golem gets KO'd by the Lv 83 Crobat

9d 21h 42m vs Rocket! He sends out Crobat! We sent out Golem!

9d 21h 41m We enter the a building!

9d 21h 41m We use Fly to KO Umbreon! Biker Defeated! Golem to Lv 54!

9d 21h 39m Crobat is sent out!

9d 21h 38m Umbreon uses Shadow Ball, which seems to be a Poké Ball throwing animation. It KO's Sylveon!

9d 21h 37m Umbreon is sent out!

9d 21h 37m Sylveon KO's Quagsire!

9d 21h 36m vs Biker! Biker Sends out Quagsire! We send out Sylveon

9d 21h 32m 2 Wing Attacks KO's Fearow! Bird Keeper defeated!

9d 21h 32m Fearow is sent out!

9d 21h 31m We use Wing Attack to KO Honchkrow!

9d 21h 31m We send out Crobat

9d 21h 31m Faint Attack from Honchkrow faints Golduck!

9d 21h 30m Honchkrow is sent out!

9d 21h 30m Two Ice Beams KO's Fearow!

9d 21h 29m vs a Bird Keeper. Its Fearow vs Golduck!

9d 21h 28m We enter the outside area

9d 21h 22m We enter the Final Dungeon once again

9d 21h 17m Back in Hayward City

9d 21h 17m Umbreon uses Faint Attack to taint Beedrill! Blacked Out!

9d 21h 16m Umbreon is sent out!

9d 21h 16m Bee uses 2 doses of Hyper Beam to KO Quagsire!

9d 21h 15m Bee sent out!

9d 21h 15m Quagsire KO's Golem with Hydro Pump!

9d 21h 13m vs Biker! He sends out Quagsire! We sent out Golem

9d 21h 12m We use Rock Slide to KO Ditto! Biker defeated!

9d 21h 12m We send out Golem!

9d 21h 11m The Ditto KO's Crobat with our own Fly attack

9d 21h 11m Ditto transforms to Crobat!

9d 21h 10m Ditto is sent out!

9d 21h 10m Crobaat to Lv 79

9d 21h 10m We use Fly to KO the foe's Beedrill!

9d 21h 9m Beedrill is sent out by the Biker

9d 21h 9m Muk is finally KO'd by Crobat's fly!

9d 21h 9m We use Hyper Beam and not much damage is done. Very High Defenses for Muk

9d 21h 8m We use swift to negate minimize but it does little damage anyways

9d 21h 8m Golem sets up the minimize and acid armor. We then swap into Crobat

9d 21h 7m vs Biker! Its Golem vs Muk

9d 21h 5m Vileplume is KO'd with 2 shots of Fly! Biker defeated!

9d 21h 5m Vileplume is sent out!

9d 21h 5m Crobat uses Fly to KO Poliwrath!

9d 21h 4m Crobat is sent out!

9d 21h 4m Body Slam KO's Venusuar!

9d 21h 4m Body Slam from Poliwrath makes us paralyzed tho

9d 21h 3m Venusaur Leech Seeds Poliwratch

9d 21h 3m Its Venusuar vs Poliwrath!

9d 21h 2m Explosion takes down both the opponent's Weezing and Sylveon!

9d 21h 1m Weezing is sent out!

9d 21h 1m Sylveon OHKO's Machamp!

9d 21h 0m vs Biker! Its Machamp vs Sylveon

9d 20h 57m Sylveon KO's Fearow with Thunderbolt! Another Bird Keeper defeated! Sylveon to Lv 58

9d 20h 57m Fearow is sent out

9d 20h 57m Beedrill to Lv 46

9d 20h 56m Pidgeot goes down to Sylveon's Thunderbolt!

9d 20h 56m another Bird Catcher battle. Seesh whats with all the birds?

Pidgeot vs Sylveon

9d 20h 55m Crobat KO's Farfetch'd! Bird Catcher defeated

9d 20h 54m Golduck faints

9d 20h 54m vs Bird Catcher #1 Million! Farfetch'd vs Golduck

9d 20h 52m and we come up to a tree that needs cutting

9d 20h 50m Golduck KO's Fearow with Ice Beam! Bird Keeper defeated!

9d 20h 49m Fearow is sent out!

9d 20h 49m Golduck KO's Pidgeot with surf!

9d 20h 48m vs Bird Keeper! Pidgeot vs Golduck!

9d 20h 46m We are back in the outside portion of the dungeon

[Dev] FelkCraft: Heads up: Until the twitchemotes.com api recovers, no emotes in donation messages will get recognized

9d 20h 42m We enter the final dungeon once again

[Dev] FelkCraft: @ProjectRevoTPP I did a quick update to save the stream from crashing from donations

9d 20h 40m and the stream returns. Nothing seems to have changed

9d 20h 39m RIOT SCREEN UP

9d 20h 39m Night Shade KO's Crobat! Blacked Out!

9d 20h 38m Honchkrow is sent out!

9d 20h 38m Crobat KO's Fearow!

9d 20h 37m vs Another Bird Keeper! Its Fearow vs Crobat

9d 20h 36m We use Hyper Beam to KO Fearow! Bird Keeper defeated!

9d 20h 35m Crobat is sent out!

9d 20h 35m We use Wood Hammer to bring Fearow to half health, but Fearow uses its attack to KO Venusuar!

9d 20h 35m Fearow is sent out!

9d 20h 34m We use Wood Hammer to KO Xatu!

9d 20h 34m We try to set the leech seed on Xatu but miss!

9d 20h 33m Venusuar barely survives Xatu's two psychic moves, Giga Drains to just stay in it!

9d 20h 31m Venusuar is sent out!

9d 20h 31m Confuse is set on Golem again. We then move Rock Slide to the top slot, then Golem faints on Xatu's Psychic!

9d 20h 30m Another Xatu is sent out!

9d 20h 30m Crobat does Confuse-Haze, but pays for it with being KO'd by Golem

9d 20h 30m The foe's Crobat then finally uses the Wing Attack to KO Beedrill! Golem is brought in!

9d 20h 29m 9d 20h 29m Crobat sets the confuse on Bee, only to reverse it with haze, and then does that cycle again

9d 20h 28m We send out Beedrill

9d 20h 28m Bird Keeper sends out his Crobat!

9d 20h 28m Golem KO's Xatu with Rock Throw!

9d 20h 28m We send out Golem!

9d 20h 27m Sylveon goes down to Xatu's Psywave!

9d 20h 27m Xatu sets the confusion on Sylveon, Sylveon hurts itself several times before launching a thunderbolt

9d 20h 26m vs another Bird Keeper! Its Xatu vs Sylveon!

9d 20h 25m Crobat uses the Hyper Beam but it misses! We try it again and Dodrio goes down! Bird Keeper defeated!

9d 20h 24m We send out our Crobat

9d 20h 24m Drill Peck KO's Golduck!

9d 20h 24m Dodrio is sent out!

9d 20h 24m The foe's Crobat sets confusion of Golduck, then reverses it later with Haze. Pays for it by our Golduck KO'ing it! Golduck to Lv 59! Does not learn Hydro Pump

9d 20h 23m Bird Keeper sends out Crobat!

9d 20h 22m Golduck KO's Pidgeot with an Crit Ice Beam! Golem to Lv 53!

9d 20h 21m vs Bird Keeper! Its Golduck vs Pidgeot!

9d 20h 21m We return back to the outside area of the dungeon

9d 20h 14m We reenter the Final Dungeon

9d 20h 9m Back at Hayward City once again

9d 20h 9m Pidgeot uses Mirror Move to mirror Earthquake at us, We Blacked out!

9d 20h 7m vs Bird Keeper! Its Pidgeot vs Golem

9d 20h 7m We exit into the outside portion of the dungeon

9d 20h 6m Rock Throw KO's Aerodactyl! Bird Keeper defeated!

9d 20h 5m Crobat gets KO'd by Hyper Beam! Golem sent out!

9d 20h 4m Aerodactyl returns the Hyper Beam, almost knocking out Crobat

9d 20h 3m We use Hyper Beam on Aerodactyl! Only knock 1/4 HP from Aerodacyl! In return we get confused!

9d 20h 2m Crobat is swapped in

9d 20h 2m Aerodactyl is sent out!

9d 20h 2m Pidgeot goes down to Golem's Strength!

9d 19h 59m vs Bird Keeper! Its Pidgeot vs Golem!

9d 19h 58m Crobat sends Porygon2 packing with an Hyper Beam! Jr Trainer defeated!

9d 19h 58m Porygon2 is sent out!

9d 19h 57m Crobat uses Hyper Beam to KO Rapidash!

9d 19h 56m Rapidash is sent out!

9d 19h 56m Crobat comes in and KO's the foe's Venusuar!

9d 19h 55m Another Solar Beam KO's Sylveon!

9d 19h 54m Venusuar uses Solar Beam! Brings Sylveon to about half HP remaining

9d 19h 51m Jr Trainer sends out Venusuar

9d 19h 51m Sylveon is sent out! Mooonblasts Hypno to a KO!

9d 19h 51m Golduck uses another surf, doesn't does as much damage. Hypno uses headbutt, then uses it again to KO Golduck!

9d 19h 49m Hypno is sent in!

9d 19h 49m Crobat to Lv 78

9d 19h 49m Ninetales goes down to Golduck's Surf!

9d 19h 48m vs Trainer! Its Ninetales vs Golduck!

9d 19h 46m Crobat KO's Politoed! Jr Trainer♀ Defeated!

9d 19h 44m Hydro Pump KOs Venusuar!

9d 19h 43m We use Giga Drain, Politoed retaliates with body slam and paralyzes us!

9d 19h 43m We use the Wood Hammer and it does little damage to Politoed

9d 19h 41m Venusuar is sent out!

9d 19h 40m We switch into Beedrill. Politoad uses Hydro Pump to KO the Bee!

9d 19h 38m Politoed is sent out! We switch in Crobat

9d 19h 38m Golduck uses Psybeam to KO Poliwrath!

9d 19h 37m vs Jr. Trainer♀! Its Poliwrath vs Golduck!

9d 19h 33m We enter the Final Dungeon

9d 19h 31m We return to Hayward City after that black out

9d 19h 29m Sylveon KO'd by Poliwrath! Blacked Out!

9d 19h 29m vs Jr. Trainer♀! Its Poliwrath vs Sylveon!

9d 19h 28m Mr Mine tries to set up some screens but Sylveon too strong and goes down! Trainer defeateed!

9d 19h 27m Meganium goes down! Mr Mine sent out!

9d 19h 26m Sylveon to 57

9d 19h 24m whoops, Venusaur faints

9d 19h 20m We do not learn Synthesis

9d 19h 19m Venusaur grows to 53, trying to learn Synthesis

9d 19h 17m apparently Golem fainted at some point, and Golduck fainted right now

9d 19h 16m Beedril faints

[Snark] Is the AI ok? we have Golem out and it isn't using it's STAB Water moves

9d 19h 11m We face a Jr Trainer

9d 19h 10m We beat the bird keeper, with oddly slower victory music

9d 19h 6m Crobat faints

9d 19h 4m Golem to 52

9d 19h 3m Golduck grows to level 58

9d 19h 2m we battle another Bird Keeper

9d 18h 57m We're back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 18h 55m Black out!

9d 18h 54m We battle a Jr Trainer female.

They send out a Starmie

9d 18h 52m we beat the bird keeper

9d 18h 49m Beedril faints

9d 18h 48m Crobat is kill

9d 18h 46m Venusaur down

9d 18h 45m Sylveon fainted at some point a few seconds ago

9d 18h 44m We face a Bird Keeper, he sends out a Pidgeot

9d 18h 42m We demolish the Venomoth.

9d 18h 41m We KO the Glaceon.

9d 18h 41m Golduck faints

9d 18h 39m We reface the Beauty

9d 18h 35m Sylveon faints, BLACK OUT

9d 18h 34m Another Trainer, a Beauty, they send out a Glaceon

9d 18h 33m we beat the trainer

9d 18h 31m Golem down

9d 18h 30m Beedril faints

9d 18h 29m Venusaur faints to a Butterfree

9d 18h 27m Crobat faints

9d 18h 26m Golduck faints

9d 18h 25m We now face a Raichu

9d 18h 23m we're now against another trainer who has a Xatu

9d 18h 22m we defeat the biker

9d 18h 20m now we face a Gliscor

9d 18h 20m The Weezing explodes. It doesn't KO anything.

9d 18h 19m now it's Crobat vs a Weezing

9d 18h 16m we are challenged a biker. Who has a Level 77 Muk

9d 18h 13m Our Crobat faints. BLACK OUT!

9d 18h 12m Crobat withdrawn, another Gengar sent out.

9d 18h 12m Gengar defeated, Agatha sends out a Crobat

9d 18h 10m Massive influx in Democracy. Democracy activates, but then goes back to anarchy

9d 18h 10m Venusaur defeated, and with that, Jared is done.

9d 18h 8m The Vileplume is kill. We also level to up level 77 on Crobat

9d 18h 8m KO'd Beedril

9d 18h 7m Our Crobat is superior.

9d 18h 7m Vs Jared. We KO his Arbok

9d 18h 5m Red defeated

9d 18h 4m thanks to the quality mechanics of Gen 1, as we KO'd Flareon with Hyper Beam, we don't have to recharge. Same with Arcanine.

9d 18h 1m RIP Venusaur

9d 18h 0m vs Red

9d 17h 59m I guess we're challenging the Elite 4.

9d 17h 46m Sapphire Egg found

9d 17h 32m Walking down from the League right now.

9d 17h 26m Next to the League

9d 17h 25m Then to Gravel. Then, back to Eagulou.

9d 17h 21m Flew to.. .. ,,... Eagulou.

9d 17h 13m Back in the cave. Then we go outside and then back inside. Then outside.

9d 17h 12m Out of the cave, facing the cut tree.

9d 17h 0m Picked up PP Up

9d 16h 58m We were Roared Away

9d 16h 58m Beedrill down. Next in is Crobat

9d 16h 57m Threw a Great Ball. We Missed the Pokémon. Another is thrown and the Ball Misses.

9d 16h 57m Battle begins, Entei's Lv50. Beedrill's in first, we look at our items.

9d 16h 56m Taken the ladder down. In a small area with a Pokéball and an overworld sprite, said to be none other than Entei. Roarr!

9d 16h 54m Golem went down too, Crobat was on the field when the battle was won. A ladder leading up is now open to us.

9d 16h 52m Sylveon's down too. Golem in against Leafeon.

9d 16h 49m Golduck went down, Sylveon;s on the field while the EXP All text rolls. Espeon in.

9d 16h 47m Golduck against Espeon. Switched out into Umbreon. Golduck is Confused! Hits itself.

9d 16h 47m Facing the Eeveelution trainer again, this time with a Fully Healed party.

9d 16h 45m Found TM07

9d 16h 37m Found Protector

9d 16h 33m Tree's cut, cave entered.

9d 16h 32m At the Cut Tree again.

9d 16h 31m Surfing again.

[Chat] x42bn6: Fat item island TriHard

9d 16h 29m With a perfect string of inputs, we're on the waves!.. then we land on a 2x2 island with a Trade Stone. Picked it up.

9d 16h 26m We were facing left and tried to Surf but it failed, though we were right next to the water.

9d 16h 22m Heading south.

9d 16h 20m Anarchy is back in play.

[Snark] fajkhsudjbv

9d 16h 18m Changed box and now we Left the PC

9d 16h 17m Hovering over the options to "change box" right now.

[Snark] maybe not this one.

9d 16h 13m PC booting up sound

9d 16h 11m Black out. Back in Hayward, still in Democracy.

9d 16h 6m Umbreon's back in.

9d 16h 2m Umbreon's back in now. Venusaur uses Cut, and Umbreon's switched back out into Leafeon. brb

9d 16h 1m Crobat went down and now Venusaur is all that's left. It is sent in.

9d 15h 58m And now there is a Leafeon.

9d 15h 56m Now Umbreon is in against Crobat.

9d 15h 46m Espeon versus Beedrill.

9d 15h 45m Versus a Juggler. He has four Pokémon.

9d 15h 43m Rock is pushed onto the switch! That seems to be solved, finally.

9d 14h 55m Used Strength on a rock. It looks like we are going to be doing this for some time..

9d 14h 47m Used a Super Repel

9d 14h 43m Trainer defeated

9d 14h 41m Umbreon is DOWN ,

9d 14h 36m oh hey now crobat's in on our side

9d 14h 31m yawn.. Venusaur currently out against Umbreon, it's Leech Seed'd, Wood Hammer's not doing much to it at all.. and Umbreon's healing itself with Moonlight.. zzz

9d 14h 26m Democracy

9d 14h 25m Versus another Trainer. It's a Juggler. Umbreon against Golem

9d 14h 22m Ariados down to Crobat. and the trainer is defeated

9d 14h 20m Now an Ariados. Sylveon down

9d 14h 18m Another trainer, versus a Tamer. Houndoom against Sylveon.

9d 14h 13m Bye Scizor, trainer defeated.

9d 14h 12m Now there is a Scizor hi scizor

9d 14h 12m Now on the field is Hitmontop and Crobat. Bye 'Top.

9d 14h 10m Golduck down

9d 14h 9m Versus a Blackbelt. Scyther against Golduck.

9d 14h 8m Will resume shortly screen up

9d 14h 6m Saw a Typhlosion but now it's gone and the trainer's defeated.

9d 14h 4m Mismagius down, Ariados in. Golduck's taking little damage from the enemies we're fighting.

9d 14h 1m Versus a trainer, Mismagius against Golduck.

9d 14h 1m Entered the Cave

9d 14h 0m Landed in front of a cave with a cut tree. Tree is cut.

9d 13h 58m surfign

9d 13h 56m Back down in the oceany area.

9d 13h 50m Healed and checkpointed in whateverthisplaceis

9d 13h 48m In a town of yellow. Maybe Hayward?

9d 13h 43m Went down some stairs, then we were walking down a corridor, then up some more stairs. Walking outside, we're in a very ocean area.

9d 13h 37m Golduck to Lv. 57

9d 13h 34m Bit slow to report on this (maybe), but the stream's back. We're on a route with a building to the north and south of us, running around in some grass.

[Dev] FelkCraft: I'll wait a couple of minutes

9d 13h 5m Riot Screen Up!

[Dev] FelkCraft: I'll do a reset to see if inputlag becomes even less

9d 13h 1m Riot Screen goes up, and then comes down. Stream unfrozen!

[Fluff] Doesn't help that Lavender Town music is playing right now

9d 12h 59m Stream seems to have frozen, inputs still active!

9d 12h 58m We exit the Pokémon Center

9d 12h 55m We then Fly to Merson City and enter the Pokémon Center

9d 12h 54m We fly back to Jaeru City

9d 12h 52m We exit the Power Plant

9d 12h 18m We found TM25

9d 12h 9m We found a Max Ether!

9d 12h 0m Now we talk to ball thats ends up being a Voltorb, but we KO it with surf anyways

9d 11h 55m 3 Strengths from Golduck KO's Raikou!


9d 11h 52m We consult the Helix Fossil

[Info] We have 82 Great Balls

9d 11h 51m We open the bag

9d 11h 50m vs a Wild Raikou!

9d 11h 50m We are infront of Raikou

9d 11h 48m We are close to Raikou

9d 11h 34m Progressing through the Power Plant very nicely right now

9d 11h 18m We enter the Power Plant!

9d 11h 14m We use surf and make it towards the entrance of the power plant

9d 11h 10m We enter Route 60 (Power Road)

9d 11h 8m We enter the gate to leave Jaeru City

9d 11h 1m We exit the mart!

9d 10h 58m We only have ₽ 498 in cash remaining

9d 10h 57m We buy 18 Great Balls!

9d 10h 55m We buy 35 Great Balls

9d 10h 44m We buy 5 Great Balls

9d 10h 43m We buy 3 Great Balls

9d 10h 42m We buy 2 more Great Balls

9d 10h 41m We buy 2 Super Repels!

9d 10h 38m We buy 2 more Great Balls and a Super Potion

9d 10h 35m We buy 3 more Great Balls

9d 10h 33m We try but can't afford to buy 99 Super Potions

9d 10h 32m We buy another Great Ball

9d 10h 32m The input system still seems to freeze randomly and sometimes make double inputs, making buying things a bit more difficult to do

9d 10h 29m We buy a Great Ball

9d 10h 28m We buy 3 Beer Kegs

9d 10h 28m Also we nearly bought 99 Great Balls but we didn't have enough cash. rip

9d 10h 27m We buy 2 Great Balls

9d 10h 27m We buy a Great Ball

9d 10h 25m We buy an X Accuracy!

9d 10h 24m We also buy 2 Parlyz Heals

9d 10h 23m We buy 5 Great Balls

9d 10h 22m We enter the Jaeru Poke Mart

9d 10h 19m We enter Jaeru City

9d 10h 17m We get near Jaeru City

9d 10h 6m We enter Route 59 (Botan Outskirts)

9d 10h 0m We enter Botan City

9d 9h 59m We cut the tree!

9d 9h 53m Still at the tree

9d 9h 40m We are blocked by the tree we always seem to fly away from

9d 9h 36m We went north to Route 58 (Tan Boat Creek)

9d 9h 36m We save the game and go into some route

9d 9h 30m We show some guy a Pokémon that is not a Pidgey

9d 9h 26m We are talking to a Marill. Not much more happening

9d 9h 23m Currently in Castro Valley

[Meta] I need to leave now and there's no available updater at the moment, but it should be fine for some time since nothing is happening

9d 9h 2m We Fly to Gravel

9d 8h 52m We walked to Seashore

9d 8h 46m We Fly to Gravel, while trying to go near the final dungeon

9d 8h 42m And back to Seashore

9d 8h 40m We return to Gravel Town

[Fluff] We also played with the SNES

[Snark] We checked the bed for any dream characters, there were none

9d 8h 29m We talk to our Mother and heal

9d 8h 20m We enter Seashore

9d 8h 16m We walk further up the route

9d 8h 13m We talk to Tim, he telss us we caught 51 Pokémon then tells us to go to his Aide when we get 50, wtf Tim did you get infected by Mura NotLikeThis

[Info] We didn't get healed following the hall of fame, apparently.

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: yes: Pokémon Brown does not end until you beat the postgame dungeon

9d 8h 6m We are back in Gravel Town




[Donation] Now BibleThump's fell

[Donation] Many MingLee's fell from above the screen

9d 8h 3m Just before we see our lovely Pokémon and trainer be logged on the Hall Of Fame, we hear Mura shout from the distance how he will be a legendary trainer, wow what a L TriHard S E R

9d 8h 2m Professor Tim comes just in time as we beat Mura and Mura tried to lie to Tim saying we cheated but Tim said he saw the whole thing and he shouldn't lie, we go to the Hall of Fame

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 8h 1m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ teh urn ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 8h 1m Critbat/Godbat uses a crit Swift to take Charizard out with only 42/263 hp left, CHAMPION MURA DEFEATED

9d 8h 0m Crobat uses Wing Attack and does about 30-40%, he uses Dragon Breath which was quiet weak and noe we use Swift but he uses Fire Blast, and we use Swift again to bring him to the red and he uses a Fire Blast! WHICH MISSED!

9d 7h 59m We switch to Golem and he uses DragonBreath and takes Golem to the red, another Dragon Breath takes him out, we will switch to Crobat since he is the only one left alive

9d 7h 57m We use Swift and crit it and take him t the red he uselessly uses Amnesia again, one more Swift takes him down, he sends in Charizard

9d 7h 56m We use Swift and he uses his last Amnesia

9d 7h 55m We miss Wing Attack and he keeps using Amnesia

9d 7h 54m He sends in Politoed and we miss Hyper Beam, he uses Amnesia, we ran out of Hyper Beams

9d 7h 53m We use Swift while he uses a crit Giga Drain, we miss Hyper Beam due to cough cough pun also not intended and he charges Solarbeam, we miss our second Hyper Beam but the third hits and Leafeon is defeated

9d 7h 52m He sends in Leafeon

9d 7h 50m We use a missed Wing Attack and he spams Smokescreen again, we now use Swift and he still smokes some more, we use Swift once again and take him to the red, and he still wants to smoke, did Mura give choice items or what?, this last crit Swift takes Weezing out

9d 7h 49m Crobat grew to level 75, he sends in Weezing and we use Fly, he begins to use Smokescreen, we ran out of Fly's

9d 7h 48m We send in Crobat, We Fly and he keeps spamming Earthquake, we crit the first Fly, and the second one hits while he keeps using Earthquake, the third Fly takes him to like 1hp, the 4th takes him out

9d 7h 47m He sends in Tyranitar and we use Thunderbolr, he uses Earthquake, we use Thunderbolr once more and Earthquake takes out Sylveon

9d 7h 46m He uses Rage while we use up our last Draining Kiss, we uses a crit Rage once more and we Thunderbolt it to death

9d 7h 44m Vs Champion Mura, Dodrio vs Sylveon

[Fluff] GO BURGER KING GO PogChamp

9d 7h 43m 9d 7h 42m Sylveon vs Dragonite, Draining Kiss steals all of its hp and we're back to full, he sends in Charizard, tries to Fire Blast but Amnesia pulls through and we take pitiful damage, 3 Draining Kisses and its down, Sylveon grew to level 55 and Drake defeated

9d 7h 41m He sends in Aerodactyl to use Hyper BEam but Draining Kiss steals all of its health and recovers us to full, he now sends in Gyarados who we outspeed and being him to the red, he uses a Hyper Potion, We Kiss again and he uses Hyper Beam, another Kiss takes it out

9d 7h 39m She misses a Hydro Pump and we use Moonblast to bring it to the red, she Hydro Pump's more and we use Amnesia, he uses Agility and we set up our second Amnesia, he uses a Hyper Potion and we set up our final Amnesia, he uses crit Water Gun, and we sill spam Amnesia, he uses Water Gun and we use Draining Kiss to recover our hp to almost full

9d 7h 37m Vs Drake, Kingdra vs Sylveon

9d 7h 34m Fly also KO's the rest of her team with a Fly, Agatha defeated

9d 7h 32m She sends in Gengar #2, we Fly then she Hypnosis's to put us to sleep then uses Night Shade, we wake up and she switches to Arbok, we use Fly and she switches back to Gengar, Fly defeats it

9d 7h 30m We send in Crobat and use two Fly's to beat it, Sylveon levels up to level 54, she sends in Gengar and we Fly thrice to defeat it

9d 7h 26m We send in Beedrill, since all our moves are normal we cant do anything but she switches to Crobat anyway and we use Double Edge, she uses Haze and we Double Edge again, Wing Attack takes us down

9d 7h 21m We switch in Venusaur, he uses Hypnosis to make us fall asleep and uses Night Shade, then uses Confuse Ray, and now Dream Eater to take us out

9d 7h 19m Vs Agatha, Golduck vs Gengar, it uses Night Shade and we retaliate with Surf, it fails Hypnosis and we manage another Surf, one more Night Shade and Golduck fainted

9d 7h 14m Golduck grew to level 56, Vileplime is sent out and we use Ice Beam, he uses a failed Poison Powder, we use it twice more and Vileplume defeated which means, Venusau ris sent out and we use ICe Beam, he uses Synthesis, sigh, we use ICe Beam once more and he uses an X Defend, we use our last Ice Beam PP and crit to and Venusaur is down, Jared defeated

[Info] It is #Urn 11 not 12 sorry

9d 7h 10m It uses Wing Attack and we use an Ice Beam to end, he sends in Beedrill to use Agility and Ice Beam finishes him after he uses Rage

9d 7h 8m Vs Jared, Golduck vs Arbok, we crit Ice Beam while he X Defend's, we now use Surf to take it out, he sends in Crobat, it uses Confuse Ray and we still use Surf, it uses a failed Scary Face and we hurt ourselves, he uses an X Defend and we hit ourselves again

9d 7h 0m Golduck vs Typhlosion, she uses Quick Attack twice and we use Surf twice to Defeat Red

9d 7h 0m Golduck solo's Rapidash and leveled to level 55, duck also solo's Ninetales, Flareon, Arcanine with no damage taken as they spam Growl, Roar and the like

9d 6h 56m #Urn 12

9d 6h 52m We send in Golem and he crits Dragonbreath, we black out

9d 6h 51m We send in Beedrill and Fire Blast misses, we se Cut and then he uses Wing Attack that kills the bee, we send in Venusaur, he uses Wing Attack to take us to yellow and we use Cut to bring it to the red, Fire Blast Roasts Venusaur

9d 6h 49m He sends in Charizard and we use Hyper Beam to take it to yellow, it uses Dragon Breath and Wing Attack while we recharge to take the bat out for the count

9d 6h 48m He sends in Dragonite and uses Agility while we Gly, he spams Agility because its 'psychic type' and thus super effective and our second Fly missed, our third takes it to the red so he Hyper Potion's, we Fly twice which the second was a crit and take it out

9d 6h 46m We Fly and avoid a Supersonic and hit it, it uses Bite, we are confused no more and crit Fly to take it out, he sends in Gyarados and we Fly, he uses Hydro Pump we are at red health and another Fly takes Gyarados out

9d 6h 45m We send in Crobat and he uses Agility while we Fly, we crit it and he spams Agility and the second Fly takes it out, Crobat levels up to level 74 and Golem levels up to 50, he sends in Aerodactyl and we Fly, he uses Supersonic and makes us hurt ourselves, then uses Hyper Beam, we hurt ourselves once more and he recharges

9d 6h 42m Vs Drake Sylveon vs Kingdra, he tries to use Water Gun but we clutch with 1hp, and use Moonblast to bring it to the red, he then spams Agility and Leer while we set up Amnesia, just as we finish using Amnesia he uses Water Gun to take Sylveon out

9d 6h 39m Venusaur grew to level 51, and someone else leveled up too but i didnt catch it as lag made it go fast

9d 6h 38m She sends in Mismagius who clutches a tbolt with sliver of hp but another bolt and its down

9d 6h 37m Arbok uses a Bite and we shrug it off, we use a crit Thunderbolt to take it to the yellow, another bolt knocks it out

9d 6h 35m It uses Scary Face and we finally take it down with a Thunderbolt, she sends in Gengar and misses, Thunderbolt takes it to the red and she is paralyzed, however we are slow and it manages a Confuse Ray before we KO it

9d 6h 32m She sends in Crobat, it uses Haze and we use Moonblast, it uses Confuse Ray to make us hurt ourselves, it now uses Wing Attack and we use Moonblast, it uses Confuse Ray to make us confused again and we hit ourselves, the bat uses Scary Face and that gave us the chance to KO it with Thunderbolt, or so we think, we hit ourselves, it uses Haze and we set up an Amnesia

9d 6h 30m Vs Agatha, Sylveon vs Gengar, it uses Dream Eater while we Moonblast, it tried to Hypnosis but fails, another Moonblast was served but this time it was a crit so Gengar is down and Sylveon grew to level 53

[Info] Amnesia raising Special which is both SpA and SpD in gen 1 is awesome

9d 6h 27m We use Moonblast on Vilplume and take it down to the red, it uses Petal Dance which does pitiful damage after these Amnesia, another blast of the moon's and it goes down, he sends in Venusaur and uses X Defend but two Moonblasts take him out, Jared defeated

9d 6h 24m Beedrill uses Rage and we set up Amnesia, we do it once more, while it keeps Raging, Last Amnesia boost and it used Rage, we now use Moonblast to annihilate the bee

9d 6h 21m He sends in Beedrill and we manage to get a Psybeam before fainting to Twineedle, we send in Sylveon

9d 6h 20m He uses an X Defend, we Psybeam, or at least try to but prz, Crobat uses Wing Attack and Golduck clutches with 2hp, we use a crit Psybeam to make up for the prz and it uses Haze giving us the chance to defeat it

9d 6h 19m VS Jared, Golduck vs Arbok, we use Surf while it uses Glare to inflict paralyze, it uses Screech and we use Psybeam to finish it

9d 6h 15m She sends in Typhlosion who uses Quick Attack, we use Psybeam this happens 3 times, we try to change it up a bit with a crit Strength, Red defeated, Golduck is at 49/180hp

9d 6h 13m She sends in Flareon, Golduck uses Surf and Flareon Rages, another Surf beats it, she sends in Arcanine, and we use Psybeam, Arcanine tries to Roar but fails, we use Psybeam again and crit, we take it down with a few more Psybeam's

9d 6h 10m She sends in Ninetales, Surf brings her to red and she tries to Roar but fails, Ninetales goes down, Golduck grew to level 54

9d 6h 9m Golduck vs Rapidash, We use Surf as she uses Growl, Rapidash gets crit'd to death

9d 6h 6m Urn #10

9d 6h 2m We black out, rip urn #9

9d 6h 2m We send in Venusaur and she switches to Arbok to take the Cut, she uses Bite and we keep Cutting, she uses Acid and we believe in the Cut, she uses glare to paralyze us and uses Bite again we are fully paralyzed, she use Screech and we Cut her once more, another Bite which flinches us, she uses Acid which takes us down

9d 5h 58m We send in Beedrill and Dream Eater fails and we Set up Swords Dance, she uses Hypnosis and then Dream Eater to send the bee out

9d 5h 56m She sends her almost dead Gengar againa dnwe Fly to defeat it, she sends her healthy Gengar and we Fly and she uses Confuse Ray to make us hit ourselves, she then uses Night Shade, We hit ourselves again and she fails using Hypnosis, we hit ourselves again (tppRng pls), Night Shade knocks us out

9d 5h 54m We switch to Crobat and use Fly, it almost does half and Gengar uses Night Shade, we Fly again and she uses a Super Potion, We Fly once more to take her to the red and she switches Gengar to her own Crobat, We soar through the skies as her bat uses Haze, Fly knocks it out

9d 5h 52m Gengar uses a failed Dream Eater and Strength doesnt affect it, it happens twice, now it uses Cnfuse Ray and we hit ourselves as soon as we select Earthquake, Gengar uses Night Shade and it knocks Golem out

9d 5h 50m Crobat uses Scary Face and we aren't confused anymore and use Strength, it uses Wing Attack while we Strength, it uses Scary Face and we keep spamming Strength, it then uses Haze and Strength takes it to the red, she switches to Gengar and Strength fails

[Info] Inputs keep working then lag so expect a few slow updates

9d 5h 48m VS Agatha, inputs seem to be back and Gengar uses Confuse Ray on Golem and we hit outselves, it uses Night Shade and we keep using Strength, She switches Gengar to Crobat, we hurt ourselves

9d 5h 43m The screen is back but inputs are now laggy

9d 5h 42m We beat Jared, which probably means that Crobat was sent and used Fly

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: revo is fixing it now MingLee

9d 5h 40m Something is happening and we dont know, Pinball is in the main screen place

9d 5h 37m Stream is back, but its locked on 1 pic but Sylveon was heard fainting by Petal Dance

[Info] Resume Shortly message

9d 5h 36m Its back, and he sends in Vileplume, we continue to use Moonblast but it does little damage while he uses Poison Powder to poison us, another Moonblast and he uses Petal Dance, 3rd Moonblast and it crashed again, continued for 1 sec and back to lag

[Info] it crashed again EleGiggle FailFish im sorry but this is too funny

9d 5h 34m Sylveon vs Beedrill it uses Twineedle and we use Moonblast, Bee uses Rage and we spam Moonblast and beat it, well the crashes were fun but back to progr-

9d 5h 33m Its back and Sylveon's Moonblast finishes the bat and Sylveon is now level 52

9d 5h 32m We're back again! uhhh but the game's screen is black but we hear click sounds, its back up and Jared is using an X Defend, and stream crashed again

[Info] Red screen is here WutFace

[Snark] The Ride Never Ends TriHard

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: something wrong with streamtip stopped the whole script

9d 5h 27m Resume shortly screen is back up

9d 5h 25m We switch to Sylveon and it uses Wing Attack while we Moonblast, then inputs break again

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: wait it brokw again FailFish

[Info] TPP will return shortly message appears then back to fixed stream, wow that was a ride

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Pokemon Ming & Lee MingLee

[Info] "Localhost:5000 refused to connect"

[Info] Now 'This site can't be reached' message appeared

[Chat] There was a red screen that appeared breifly amongst the blinking. Now chat's screaming about blood.

[Info] Golduck vs Crobat continues, it uses Scary Face and we hit ourselves due to confusion, it uses Confuse Ray that fails and we hit ourselves and faint, then the Aw Snap google schrome message appears and tpp will resume shortly appears and blacks out to aw snap and we heard a voice saying 'for gods sake or something

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DBstyle

9d 5h 20m Stream is down and the TPP will resume shortly message appeared

9d 5h 16m Staring contest between the duck and the bat is still going on

[Info] dekuNukem bot is back and is handing out bans like candy

[Info] Since chat bots are rip u wont get time out by usual stuff but streamer is known to check chat when bots are down so dont do the stuff that gets you banned

[rip] chat bots

[rip] inputs

[Chat] kotomikun: na na na na na na na na BAT LAG! BrokeBack

9d 4h 8m Golduck vs Crobat, he uses Confuse Ray and we ignore it to use Psybeam, which does half the bat's health, inputs begin to freeze and lag now

9d 4h 7m VS Jared, Golduck vs Arbok, we use Surf and he uses Screech, we decide to use Psybeam and take it down

[Info] Golduck is at yellow health, 92/176hp

9d 4h 5m Surf takes Flareon to yellow-red, and another one takes it down, Arcanine is sent out and Surf takes it down to red, it tries to Roar and another Surf beats it, she sends in Thpylosion and uses Quick Attack and we Surf, repeat last turn again and we beat Red

9d 4h 3m Ninetales tries to Roar but duck isnt affected and uses Surf to take it down to red health, she uses Super Potion and Growl and another Surf beats it, Duck leveled up to 53

9d 4h 2m Run 9, Golduck uses Surf and OHKO's Rapidash with a crit

[rip] run 8

9d 3h 58m Beedrill down to Earthquake! Blacked Out!

9d 3h 57m Beedrill is sent out!

9d 3h 57m Tyranitar is sent out! 2 Earthquakes KO's Golem!

9d 3h 57m Golem takes down Dodrio with Strength!

9d 3h 56m We open up with Strength! Dodrio opens up with Agility!

9d 3h 56m vs Champing Mura! Its Dodrio vs Golem!

[Info] Golem is still healthy, Beedrill at 61/121 HP remaining. Everyone lese in the party is down!


9d 3h 53m Beedril KO's Charizard! Bee to Lv 43! Drake Defeated!

9d 3h 52m Beedrill KO's Dragonite! Charizard is sent out!

9d 3h 52m Dragonite is sent out!

9d 3h 51m Beedrill KO's Gyarados!

9d 3h 51m The set up is real as both sides continue to use status moves

9d 3h 50m Beedrill is sent out!

9d 3h 49m Crobat KO'd by Gyarados!

9d 3h 49m Gyarados is sent out!

9d 3h 49m Golem to Lv 49!

9d 3h 48m Crobat KO's Aerodactyl with 4 HP remaining

9d 3h 48m Crobat is sent out!

9d 3h 48m Aerodactyl comes out and KO's Sylveon

9d 3h 48m Beedrill to Lv 42!

9d 3h 47m Sylveon KO's Kingdra in 2 hits!

9d 3h 47m vs Drake! Its Kingdra vs Sylveon!

9d 3h 46m We enter Drakes room

[Info] Sylveon, Golem, and Beedrill are all still healthy. Venusaur and Golduck are down, Crobat at 43/256 HP remaining

9d 3h 45m Crobat then KO's Mismagius with 43/256 remaining! Agatha Defeated!

9d 3h 44m Crobat KO's Arbok, grows to Lv 73

9d 3h 42m Arbok is sent out next!

9d 3h 42m Crobat KO's another Gengar!

9d 3h 41m Gengar goes down to Golbat! Another Gengar is sent out!

9d 3h 40m Gengar puts Venusuar to sleep! Gengar then uses Dream Eater to KO Venusuar!

9d 3h 38m Gengar is sent out!

9d 3h 38m Venusuar KO's Crobat!

9d 3h 37m We swap Sylveon in for Venusuar

9d 3h 35m Gengar is swapped with Crobat for Agatha

9d 3h 34m vs Agatha Its Sylveon vs Gengar!

9d 3h 32m Crobat OHKO's Venusuar! Jared Defeated!

9d 3h 32m Venusuar is sent out!

9d 3h 31m Crobat KO's Vileplume with Fly!

9d 3h 31m Golduck down to Petal Dance

9d 3h 30m Vileplume is sent out!

9d 3h 30m Jared sends out Beedrill next! Gets KO'd by Surf!

9d 3h 29m Golduck KO's the foe's Crobat!

9d 3h 27m Crobat confuses us to complete the parahax technique

9d 3h 26m Crobat is sent out next!

9d 3h 26m Surf KO's Arbok

9d 3h 26m vs Jared! Its Arbok vs Golduck!

9d 3h 25m In Jared's room now

9d 3h 24m 2HKO Surf takes care of the fire johto starter! Red defeated!

9d 3h 24m Typhlosion is sent out!

9d 3h 23m 2HKO from surf takes care of fire dog! Golduck to Lv 52

9d 3h 23m OHKO from a Crit Surf takes care of Fire Eevee! Arcanine up next!

9d 3h 23m Venusuar to Lv 50

9d 3h 22m 2HKO takes care of the fox! Flareon up next!

9d 3h 22m 2HKO Surf from Golduck takes care of the horse! Ninetales is sent out!

9d 3h 22m vs Red Rapidash vs Golduck

9d 3h 21m Run 8 Begins!

[rip] run 7

9d 3h 18m Charizard KO's Venusuar with Fire Blast! Blacked Out!

9d 3h 18m Charizard is sent out!

9d 3h 17m Dragonite KO'd by Venusaur!

9d 3h 17m Dragonite meanwhiles sets up with Agility a few times before being hit with Wood Hammer

9d 3h 16m We seed Dragonite

9d 3h 16m Dragonite is sent out!

9d 3h 16m Venusuar KO's Gyrados!

9d 3h 16m Venusuar is sent out!

9d 3h 15m Crobat KO'd by Hydro Pump!

9d 3h 15m Gyarados is sent out by Drake!

9d 3h 15m Swift KO's Aerodactyl!

9d 3h 15m Crobat is sent back in! Drake once again uses a Hyper Potion on Aerodactyl

9d 3h 14m Golem swapped in, KO'd by Aerodactyl

9d 3h 13m Aerodactyl sent out!

9d 3h 13m Kingdra KO'd by Crobat!

9d 3h 12m Kingdra gets Hyper Potion'd, then continues to set up

9d 3h 12m Kingdra meanwhiles sets up some agility

9d 3h 12m We swap into Golbat

9d 3h 12m vs Drake! Its Kingdra vs Sleepy Golem!

9d 3h 11m We enter Drake's room

9d 3h 7m Fly OHKO's Mismagius! Agatha Defeateed!

9d 3h 6m Mismagius is sent out!

9d 3h 5m Gengar gets KO'd by Crobat's Fly!

9d 3h 5m Fly KO's Arbok! Gengar is sent out!

9d 3h 4m Agatha withdraws Gengar for Arbok!

9d 3h 3m Crobat is sent out!

9d 3h 2m Beedrill goes down to Gengar

9d 3h 2m We try to run from a fight! "Somebody: You whimp"

9d 3h 0m We bring in Beedrill! Agatha swaps back to Gengar

9d 2h 59m We swap into Venusuar! Agatha swaps into Arbok

9d 2h 58m Gengar is sent out! Puts Golem to sleep!

9d 2h 58m Golem takes down the foe's Crobat

9d 2h 57m Agatha sends out Crobat

9d 2h 57m Golem takes down Gengar, grows to Lv 48

9d 2h 55m vs Agatha! Its Golem vs Gengar

9d 2h 55m We enter Agatha's room

9d 2h 54m Crobat KO's Venusuar! Jared Defeated Crobat to Lv 72

9d 2h 53m Crobat is sent out!

9d 2h 52m Sylveon goes down to Solar Beam from Venusuar

9d 2h 52m Venusuar is sent out!

9d 2h 51m Sylveon gets poisoned but KO's Vileplume anyways! Sylveon grows to Lv 51!

9d 2h 51m Vileplume is sent out!

9d 2h 50m Sylveon uses Thunderbolt to KO Beedrill!

9d 2h 50m Beedrill is sent out!

9d 2h 50m Sylveon KO's Crobat with Thunderbolt!

9d 2h 49m Sylveon slowly chopping away Crobat's health

9d 2h 47m Sylveon is sent out!

9d 2h 47m Crobat is sent out by Jared! It KO's our Golbat!

9d 2h 47m Golduck opens up with surf! Another surf KO's Arbok!

9d 2h 46m vs Jared! Its Arbok vs Golduck!

9d 2h 45m We enter Jared's room

9d 2h 45m Typhlosion is KO'd by 2 surfs! Red defeated!

9d 2h 44m Typhlosion is sent out!

9d 2h 44m Crit Surf KO's it! Golduck to Lv 51!

9d 2h 44m Arcanine is sent out!

9d 2h 43m 2 More surfs KO's Flareon!

9d 2h 43m Beedrill to Lv 41

9d 2h 42m 2 Surfs takes care of Ninetales! Flareon is sent out

9d 2h 42m Ninetales is sent out!

9d 2h 42m Golduck opens up with another crit surf to OHKO Rapidash!

9d 2h 41m vs Red! Its Rapidash vs Golduck!

9d 2h 41m Run 6 Begins

9d 2h 40m We enter the League building and seem to be near the merchant

9d 2h 38m Genger is then swapped for Arbok! Crobat then goes down by killing itself! Blacked Out!

9d 2h 38m Gengar keeps slapping on the damage to Crobat!

9d 2h 37m Gengar puts Crobat to sleep! Next turn it sets the confuse ray

9d 2h 37m Crobat KO's Gengar! Another Gengar is sent out!

9d 2h 36m Gengar is sent out!

9d 2h 36m Agatha's Crobat goes down to our Crobat!

9d 2h 36m Agatha sends out her Crobat!

9d 2h 35m Night Shade KO's Beedrill! Crobat sent out!

9d 2h 34m Beedrill hurts itself with confusion

9d 2h 33m Gengar starts off his set of free turns by confusing Beedrill

9d 2h 33m vs Agatha! Its Gengar vs Beedrill

9d 2h 31m We enter Agatha's room

9d 2h 31m Venusuar is KO'd by our Crobat! Jared Defeated

9d 2h 30m Crobat is sent out!

9d 2h 29m Solar Beam from Venusuar KO's Sylveon!

9d 2h 29m Jared's Venusaur is sent out!

9d 2h 29m Vileplumes is KO'd by Sylveon's Moonblast!

9d 2h 28m Sylveon is sent out!

9d 2h 27m Vileplume also KO's Golem with Petal Dance after we send it out!

9d 2h 27m Vileplume KO's Venusaur with Petal Dance

9d 2h 26m Vileplume avoids a Leech Seed!

9d 2h 25m Meanwhile Venusuar uses Giga Drian but doesn't do much

9d 2h 25m Vileplume then uses Stun Spore on Venusuar!

9d 2h 25m Jared sets up Vileplume with an X Defend!

9d 2h 24m Jared sends out Vileplume

9d 2h 24m Beedrill getss KO'd by Venusuaur's Cut! Grows to Lv 49!

9d 2h 23m Jared sends out his Beedrill!

9d 2h 22m Venusuar uses Wood Hammer to KO Crobat!

9d 2h 21m Venusaur is sent out!

9d 2h 21m Jared's Crobat KO's Golduck!

9d 2h 20m Jared's Crobat is sent out!

9d 2h 20m Arbok paralyzes Golduck but Golduck KO's Arbok anyways with surf!

9d 2h 20m vs Jared Its Arbok vs Golduck!

9d 2h 19m We enter Jared's Room once again

9d 2h 18m Golduck to Lv 50!

9d 2h 18m It gets KO'd in 2 surfs! Red Defeated!

9d 2h 18m Typhlosion is sent out!

9d 2h 17m Arcanine is sent out, KO'd by surf!

9d 2h 17m Flareon is sent out and OHKO'd by Crit Surf!

9d 2h 17m Sylveon to Lv 50!

9d 2h 16m We finally get back on surf and Ninetales gets KO'd

9d 2h 15m We open up with Psybeam! Several KO's Rapidash!

9d 2h 14m vs Red Its Rapidash vs Golduck!

9d 2h 13m Run 6 Begins!

9d 2h 12m We enter the League Pokémon Center.

[rip] run 5

9d 2h 11m Beedrill KO'd Can't do much with 2 normal moves anyways. Blacked Out!

9d 2h 10m Beedrill is sent out!

9d 2h 9m Golem KO'd by Nightshade by Mismagius!

9d 2h 9m Mismagius sets up Toxic on Golem!

9d 2h 8m Gengar goes down! Mismagius is sent out!

9d 2h 7m Golem is sent out!

9d 2h 6m Venusuar down to Gengar's Night Shade

9d 2h 6m Gengar is sent out!

9d 2h 5m Venusuar is sent out! Cut Ko's Arbok

9d 2h 5m Confusion finally fades awa and Crobaat attacks with swift! Arbok uses Acid to KO Crobat!

9d 2h 4m Crobat in the red due to confusion

9d 2h 3m Arbok swapped again for Gengar and then swapped out by Arbok

9d 2h 3m Gengar is swapped out for Arbok!

9d 2h 2m Gengar down to the red with 2 fly but we then use Hyper Beam. No effect! Crobat is now confused and now asleep several turns later

9d 2h 1m Gengar is sent out!

9d 2h 1m Our Crobat KO's Agatha's Crobat anyways!

9d 2h 1m Agatha's Crobat confuses our Crobat

9d 2h 0m We send out Crobat!

9d 2h 0m We still in the Pokémon screen wondering who to switch too

9d 1h 59m Crobat is sent out by Agatha! It KO's Sylveon!

9d 1h 58m Gengar goes down to Sylveon!

9d 1h 57m Gengar opens up with Confuse Ray, We open with Moonblast

9d 1h 56m vs Agatha! Its Gengar vs Sylveon!

9d 1h 55m We enter Agatha's Room

9d 1h 54m Crobat finally connects! Jared's Venusaur Down! Jared Defeated

9d 1h 54m Crobat's fly seems to not be on target! Already 2 misses!

9d 1h 53m Crobat is sent out!

9d 1h 53m Golduck finally gets KO's by Solar Beam after nearly sweeping the first 2 E4 members

[Snark] YOU get a level up! And YOU get a level up! EVERYONE GETS A LEVEL UP!

9d 1h 52m Jared sends out Venusuar!

9d 1h 52m Golduck once again KO's Vileplume with 2 Ice Beams, grows to Lv 49, Golem to Lv 47

9d 1h 51m Vileplume is sent out!

9d 1h 51m Beedrill is sent out by Jared! 2 Ice Beams KO's it!

9d 1h 50m Ice Beam KO's Crobat!

9d 1h 50m Crobat is sent out by Jared!

9d 1h 49m Golduck KO's Arbok with a couple of surfs!

9d 1h 49m vs Jared! It's Arbok vs Golduck!

9d 1h 49m We enter Jared's room!

9d 1h 48m Golduck uses Surf twice to KO Typhlosion! Red Defeated!

9d 1h 48m Typhlosion is sent out!

9d 1h 47m Golduck to Lv 48! Tries to learn Fury Swipes! It does not learn it!

9d 1h 46m Arcanine is sent out! KO'd by surf!

9d 1h 46m Flareon is sent out, 2 surfs KO's it!

9d 1h 46m Venusuar to Lv 48!

9d 1h 45m Ninetales is sent out! KO'd by surf!

9d 1h 45m Beedrill to Lv 40!

9d 1h 45m We open up with Surf! OHKO's Rapidash!

9d 1h 45m *vs Red Its Rapidash vs Golduck!

9d 1h 43m We try to exit:

"Somebody's Voice: You wimp!"

9d 1h 42m Run #5 Begins

9d 1h 41m We enter back inside the Pokémon League Pokémon Center

9d 1h 38m We enter back to the outside area of the Pokémon League (Talrus Heights)

9d 1h 36m We swap Golduck and Beedrill's order. Party order now: Golduck, Sylveon, Golem, Beedrill, Venusuar, Crobat

9d 1h 21m We enter Route 65 (Talrus Foothill)

9d 1h 20m Paul seems to be leaving the League for now. Seems like there's a push for grinding

9d 1h 9m We return back outside the Pokémon League

9d 1h 9m Mismagius KO's Sylveon! Blacked out!

9d 1h 8m Mismagius is sent out!

9d 1h 8m Sylveon KO's Arbok!

9d 1h 7m Arbok is sent out!

9d 1h 7m Sylveon KO's Gengar with Moonblast!

9d 1h 5m We send out Sylveon!

9d 1h 5m Night Shade KO's Beedrill!

9d 1h 4m Beedrill can't do jack, so it just spams Hyper Beam and Cut to a ghost type. Does nothing as usual. Then Gengar sets confusion up on Beedrill

9d 1h 3m Beedrill is sent out!

9d 1h 2m Gengar makes quick work of with with Night Shade! Venusuar down!

9d 1h 2m Venusuar is send back out!

9d 1h 1m Another Gengar is sent out, this one puts Crobat back to sleep, Then KO's Crobat with Dream Eater

9d 1h 1m Crobat wakes up and is able to KO Gengar! Crobat to Lv 71

9d 1h 0m Gengar puts Crobat to sleep and begins using Night Shade to chip our Crobat's HP down

9d 0h 59m Gengar is sent back out! Fly out of PP!

9d 0h 59m Agatha then uses Haze to reverse the confusion, then her Crobat gets KO'd by our Crobat

9d 0h 59m Our Crobat use Fly, Agatha's Crobat uses Confuse Ray to confuse our Crobat

9d 0h 58m We swap into Crobat!

9d 0h 57m We send Beedrill right back in

9d 0h 56m We swap into Golduck, it gets KO'd

9d 0h 55m Agatha swaps Gengar for her Crobat!

9d 0h 55m vs Agatha! Its Gengar vs Beedrill!

9d 0h 53m We enter the third E4 Room

9d 0h 52m Jared's Venusaur gets KO'd by our Crobat's Fly! Jared Defeated!

9d 0h 51m Venusar from Jared is sent out!

9d 0h 51m Crobat KO's Vileplume with Fly!

9d 0h 51m We swap to Crobat

9d 0h 49m Vileplume uses stun spore to paralyze Venusaur! We swap to Golduck!

9d 0h 47m Venusaur is sent out!

9d 0h 47m Jared continues to use the X Defend, before KO'ing Golem with Petal Dance

9d 0h 46m Vileplume is sent out!

9d 0h 46m Golem OHKO's Beedrill with Rock Slide

9d 0h 46m Beedrill from Jared is sent out! Jared continues to use X Defend to boosts it defenses

9d 0h 45m Crobat is sent out! Crobat uses Confuse Ray to complete the parafusion technique! Golem then KO's Crobat anyways! Sylveon to Lv 49!

9d 0h 44m Golem KO's Arbok with Rock Slide after parahax plagues majority of its moves

9d 0h 43m Arbok's Glare paralyzes Golem, then Jared raises the defense of Arbok with X Defend

9d 0h 42m We swap for Golem!

9d 0h 42m vs Jared! He sends out Arbok! We send out Beedrill!

9d 0h 41m We enter the second E4 Room

9d 0h 40m Crobat flies Tphlosion out of the ring and flies us to victory! Red Defeated!

9d 0h 40m Crobat KO's Arcanine Typhlosion sent out!

9d 0h 39m Arcanine is sent out!

9d 0h 39m Crobat flies Flareon into the KO pile!

9d 0h 39m Flareon is sent out! Crobat continues to fly!

9d 0h 38m Crobat continues to Fly around and ends up KO'ing Ninetales!

9d 0h 37m Ninetales is sent out!

9d 0h 37m Crobat fly and but Rapidash in the red. Couple turns later Rapishash is KO'd!

9d 0h 37m We swap into Crobat! Rapidash starts by using Agility a few times

9d 0h 36m We start by staring at our bicycle and HM04

9d 0h 35m vs Red! She sends out Rapidash! We send out Beedrill!

9d 0h 35m We enter the first E4 room! Run #4 begins

9d 0h 32m We enter the league building

[Info] Our party's genders have been revealed by Brown's developer: https://redd.it/4pudoc

9d 0h 31m Wandering along outside the Pokémon League building right now

9d 0h 24m Chat seems to be pushing for grinding

[Meta] Apologies, Reddit blacked out for a moment and we lost access.

9d 0h 21m Golduck to Lv 47! Gyrados goes out! Golduck down! Blacked Out!

9d 0h 18m Aerodactyle uses Take Down! We counter with Hyper Beam. Drake uses a Hyper Potion and fully restores Aerodactyl.

9d 0h 18m Aerodactyl is sent out. We use Swift, it counters with Bite.

9d 0h 17m We send in Crobat, who hits with Fly three times. Kingdra goes down!

9d 0h 16m Vs. Drake! He sends in Kingdra, we counter with Golem! Kingdra uses Water Gun, Golem down!

9d 0h 15m We exit Agatha's room into a dock of some kind.

[Info] This is the furthest we have gotten in our Rijon League challenge.

9d 0h 14m Mismagmius goes down, Crobat to Lv. 70! Agatha sends in Arbok, and Crobat takes it out. Agatha defeated!

9d 0h 14m We switch to Crobat, and hot Arbok with Fly. It counters with Acid. Agatha withdraws Arbok for Mismagmius - we hit with a crit Fly.

9d 0h 12m Arbok is sent out, and uses a critical Acid attack. Sylveon down!

9d 0h 11m Agatha sends out Gengar, we hit with Thunderbolt twice and take it out!

Golem grows to Lv. 46 with the EXP. ALL

[Snark] Nice Switch TriHard

9d 0h 11m Agatha sends in Gengar, be swaps it for another. Sylveon hits it with Thunderbolt twice, it goes down!

9d 0h 11m We hit Crobat again with another Draining Kiss, then a Thunderbolt! Crobat goes down.

9d 0h 10m Sylveon keeps using Amnesia and is hit with a Wing Attack.

9d 0h 9m We hit Crobat with three Draining Kisses, one is a crit! Crobat slows us down with Scary Face.

9d 0h 9m Gengar hits us with Confuse Ray, Sylveon hurts itself but gets over it. Agatha switches to Crobat!

9d 0h 8m Vs. Agatha! She sends out Gengar, we counter with Sylveon!

9d 0h 7m Jared defeated!

9d 0h 7m It's only a brief nap - Crobat wakes up and takes out Vileplume. Venesaur is sent out and is taken out by Crobat with a Wing Attack.

9d 0h 6m Vileplume is send out! Crobat hits with Wing Attack, but is put to Sleep!

9d 0h 6m Beedrill is sent out! Crobat easily sweeps it with Wing Attack.

9d 0h 5m Jared sends a Crobat of his own! We hit with Fly twice, and it goes down.

9d 0h 5m We switch to Crobat. We hit Arbok with Fly, and it goes down!

9d 0h 4m Arbok hits with Acid! Beedrill goes down!

9d 0h 4m We hit with Double-Edge! Arbok is in the red.

9d 0h 3m Bites and Cuts are exchanged, no real changes.

9d 0h 3m Vs. Jared! We send in Beedrill, he sends in Arbok. Beedrill hits with two Cuts but barely makes a dent.

9d 0h 1m Red defeated!

9d 0h 1m We hit with Swift, Typhlosion counters with Flamethrower and Quick Attack. We hit with two more Swifts, and Typhlosion goes down!

9d 0h 0m We hit with another Swift! Arcanine goes down. Sylveon grows to Lv. 48 with EXP ALL! Typhlosion is sent out.

9d 0h 0m Arcanine is sent out, we hit with Swift twice, but it just Leers at us.

8d 23h 59m Red sends in Flareon, and we hit with Swift twice! It goes down. Beedrill grows to Lv. 39 with EXP. ALL!

8d 23h 58m Red sends in Ninetails. We hit with Swift three times, and it goes down easily.

8d 23h 58m [Chat] OneHand

8d 23h 57m We send in Crobat and hit with Swift! Rapidash goes down. Crobat grew to Lv. 69!

8d 23h 56m Rapidash hits with another Fire Spin! Venesaur goes down!

8d 23h 55m We switch to Venesaur. Rapidash hits with a Fire Spin! Venesaur is trapped.

8d 23h 55m We switch to Crobat! Rapidash uses Agility. We hit with Wing Attack!

8d 23h 54m Vs. Red! She sends in Rapidash, we counter with Beedrill.

8d 23h 54m Entered Red's Room. Begin Run #3!

8d 23h 52m We re-enter the Rijon League.

8d 23h 51m Run 2 is over. We're now wondering outside the Rijon League.

8d 23h 50m Golduck is now confused and asleep. Gengar hits with Night Shade and Dream Easter! Golduck down, black out!

8d 23h 50m Venesaur down to another Night Shade! We switch to Golduck, who's put straight to sleep.

8d 23h 49m Gengar puts Venesaur to sleep and uses another Night Shade! Down to 22 HP.

8d 23h 49m We switch to Venesaur. Gengar hits with Night Shade - we try a Cut, but it doesn't work.

8d 23h 48m Agatha switches Gengar for another. Crobat uses Fly, but Gengar confuses it. Crobat hurts itself and goes down!

8d 23h 47m We hit the enemy Crobat with two Swifts, and it goes down despite a Super Potion! Agatha sends out Gengar again.

8d 23h 46m We try a Swift, but it fails. Agatha switches to her own Crobat!

8d 23h 46m Paul tries to hop on his bicycle and cycle the hell out of here.

8d 23h 45m Gengar uses Night Shade! Crobat is down to 11 HP. Crobat hits with an ineffective Wing Attack.

8d 23h 44m Golduck hits with a Surf and Ice Beam, but Gengar counters with Confuse Ray. Golduck hurts itself! We switch to Crobat.

8d 23h 44m Agatha switched out Gengar for Crobat, Golduck hits with two Surfs. Agatha switches out again to Gengar!

8d 23h 44m At last - vs. Agatha! She sends in Gengar, we counter with Golduck.

8d 23h 42m Paul is still trying to run away...

8d 23h 41m Still wondering around Agatha's room, bumping into gravestones.

[Chat] FaisLittleWhiteRaven : Unfortunately while the battle was simple for the Pub Crawlers finding the way to the door proved signifigantly harder

8d 23h 38m Venesaur is sent out, and gets hit with a third Hyper Beam (critical) Venesaur goes down, Jared defeated!

8d 23h 37m Jarred sends in Vileplume, and Crobat hits another Hyper Beam! Vileplume goes down.

8d 23h 37m Jarred sends out Beedrill, but we hit with Hyper Beam! Beedrill down in one hit.

8d 23h 36m Our Crobat hits the enemy with a critical Fly, and again! Enemy Crobat down!

8d 23h 36m Crobat hits Arbok with a Fly attack, Arbok down! Jarred sends in a Crobat of his own!

8d 23h 35m We switch to Crobat! Arbok attacks with Acid.

8d 23h 35m Paul tries to run away.

8d 23h 34m Golduck hits Arbok with Surf, Arbok counters with Acid. Golduck hits again.

8d 23h 34m Vs. Jarred. He sends in Arbok. We counter with Golduck!

8d 23h 33m Red defeated! We proceed to the next room.

8d 23h 33m Crobat hits with Wing Attack. Typhlosion down!

8d 23h 32m Typhlosion hits with a critical Flamethrower, Crobat down to 85 HP.

8d 23h 32m Golduck grew to Lv. 46 with the EXP. ALL! Typlosion out. Crobat hits with Fly!

8d 23h 31m Crobat takes an Ember, but hits back with two Fly's. Arcanine down!

8d 23h 31m Sylveon is using Amnesia, then Draining Kiss. Arcanine counters with a critical Take Down. Sylveon down! Crobat in.

8d 23h 30m Clutch! Sylveon takes out Flareon with 13 HP remaining. Arcanine out!

8d 23h 30m Red sends out Flareon. Sylveon hits it with two Thunderbolts, Flareon counters with a critical Flamethrower.

8d 23h 29m Another Thunderbolt. Ninetails down!

8d 23h 29m Red sends in Ninetails who Tail Whips us. Sylveon counters with Thunderbolt and paralyses Ninetails.

8d 23h 29m Sylveon hits again with Thunderbolt. Rapidash down!

8d 23h 28m Sylveon hits Rapidash with a couple of Moonblasts, Rapidash counters with Growl and Agility.

8d 23h 28m Vs. Red (the girl Red). She sends out Rapidash, we send out Sylveon!

8d 23h 27m Start Run #2.

8d 23h 26m Entered Red's room.

8d 23h 23m Entered the Rijon League.

8d 23h 22m We Fly to the Rijon League in anarchy!

8d 23h 18m We're off again, this time I think for good.

8d 23h 18m We get off and then back on the bicycle.

8d 23h 17m Paul's just trundling up and down Moroga Town, doing his thing.

8d 23h 11m Oh actually, I think we're really heading into Moroga Town properly now.

8d 23h 10m Still here, if you're wondering. Only difference is, we're on our bike ~

8d 22h 52m We seem to be wondering around Route 60 not really going anywhere. Which is impressive, since it's the shortest route in the game.

8d 22h 50m Entered Purple Moroga Town.

[Info] Our last checkpoint was at the Rijon League (Talrus Heights).

8d 22h 46m Obtained the EXP. ALL!

[Dev] /u/Koolboyman, Brown's developer, explains the glitch here.

8d 22h 42m Back in Jaeru City gatehouse (west).

8d 22h 42m Entered Jaeru City.

8d 22h 40m Caught a Lv. 20 Meowth! Nickname: ABAAI

8d 22h 35m We briefly enter Moroga Town, but quickly head back on Route 60.

8d 22h 33m Out of Jaeru City onto Route 60.

8d 22h 28m Exited the PokéMart, heading west.

[Info] We currently have ₽ 495 in our pocket.

8d 22h 26m Bought 14 Great Balls, totalling ₽ 8,400.

8d 22h 24m Entered the Jaeru PokéMart.


[Info] Our in-game PokéDex reads 50 captured - this indicates it's a glitch in the game.

8d 22h 19m Re-entered Jaeru City, still on our bike.

8d 22h 19m We check the in-game Pokedex, which confirms we have 50. While we're in there, we check Bulbasaur's cry as well; it's still the same.

8d 22h 15m The overlay is reporting 50 captures - not sure if it's a glitch in the overlay or in the game itself.

8d 22h 15m We speak to Prof. Tim's aid, but he says we've only caught 49 Pokémon.

8d 22h 14m We have a spy through the binoculars - we see a strange bird fly towards Mt. Boulder.

8d 22h 13m We're riding our bike INDOORS!

8d 22h 13m We make it upstairs!

8d 22h 12m Paul doesn't want to skip leg day and goes up and down the stairs.

8d 22h 10m We're in the city gatehouse to the west. We go upstairs.

8d 22h 6m Entered Jaeru City.

8d 22h 4m Out of the gatehouse, heading south on Route 65 towards Jaeru City.

8d 22h 1m In the Route 67 gatehouse, confused by a small corridor.

8d 21h 58m Out of Seneca Cavern, back onto Route 67.

8d 21h 54m We're still wending our way towards the exit, but Paul's in no hurry to leave. Maybe he just likes the music ~

8d 21h 52m Sylveon grew to Lv. 47!

8d 21h 41m Looks like we're making our way out. Animations are back!

[Snark] You can't write this stuff...!

[Chat] FaisLittleWhiteRaven : LORD AMBER'S EXP blessed us with a Level~ <3 So happy

8d 21h 30m Sylveon takes it out with a Thunderbolt. Sylveon grows to Lv. 46!

8d 21h 29m Encountered a wild Aerodactyl!



8d 21h 19m Found a Rare Bone!

8d 21h 16m We're finally make it in!

8d 21h 14m Currently going around and around this hole but not actually making it in.

[Chat] ᵖᵏᵐᶰTrainerColress : http://i.imgur.com/nrfofbJ.png MAP

8d 21h 5m We're still making our way slowly down through Seneca Cavern.

[Chat] FaisLittleWhiteRaven : @Pioxys It's like <3 distilled into music form~ <3

[Info] That Azumarill's nickname was actually ACSS X[ ♂♂ ~

8d 20h 54m Still in Seneca Cavern, not sure if we're heading in or out.

[Fluff] This music is super warm and comfy.

[Info] Out of Pokéballs. Current Pokédex completion: 50 Caught.

8d 20h 49m Caught a Lv. 35 Azumarill! Nickname: ACSS X[ male male


8d 20h 48m We've encountered an Azumarill. The chat seem eager to capture it.

8d 20h 41m And now we're in a cave, with very... homely(?) music.

[Info] We currently have 49 Pokémon Caught.

8d 20h 40m We're off on a splinter route... and there's a cave.

8d 20h 37m We entered it! It sounds like the SS Anne in here...

8d 20h 36m We're trying desperately to enter a building along Victory Road. We've been failing for the past 15 minutes or so.

8d 20h 30m We're in the Victory Road gatehouse, watching Golem faint from poison!

8d 20h 24m Golem is poisoned and is slowly losing health as we rush down the route.

8d 20h 18m Caught an Ekans! L26 No nickname.

8d 20h 16m Caught an Arbok! L41 No nickname.

8d 20h 8m Hanging out with one of the badge check guards. It gets a little lonely sitting out here all day.

8d 20h 5m Beedrill goes down to a critical fury attack from a wild Fearow...

[Info] It was level 38. Thanks Chat!

8d 20h 2m Caught a Fearow! Nick: AAAAAAAC

8d 19h 57m We've exited the monochrome section of the road. Sweet color again.

8d 19h 56m We're heading back down Victory Road, btw.

[rip] E4 Run #1

8d 19h 54m Gengar puts us to sleep, then eats all of our dreams and HP! BLACKOUT!!

8d 19h 53m Golem vs Gengar. It tries to eat our non-sleeping dreams while we try to strength at it. Neither works.

8d 19h 52m Golbat vs Gengar. Gengar puts us to sleep, but we wake up next turn, only to get taken out by Night Shade!

8d 19h 52m Crobat vs Gengar. Its night shade takes down Crobat!

8d 19h 51m Crobat vs Crobat! Enemy keeps using Haze as we Swift at it. It scares us and Wing Attacks, but we take it down! Pk to 68!

8d 19h 50m Sylveon vs Crobat. We keep using Amnisia, and the enemy's Wing Attack takes down Bk!

8d 19h 50m We speak with not-Agitha-- Oh wait, it IS Agitha! Vs Agitha!

8d 19h 48m He sends in Vileplume, you know the drill, Fly avoids their attack and defeats it the next turn, he sends in Venusaur, i think we all know what happens here, but he uses his last X Defend, Fly does half his health, We crit Fly again and We defeat Venusaur and Jared

8d 19h 47m We crit the second fly and defeat him, he sends in Beedrill, we Fly and take it out too

8d 19h 46m We send Beedrill, try to use Cut, keyword try, Wing Attack takes out Beedrill, we switch back to Crobat and Fly, while he X Defend's, (how many of them does he have?)

8d 19h 45m He uses Bite and we Fly and avoid Acid and Arbok clutches 1hp, he uses another X Defend and we Fly and avoid Glare, we defeat Arbok, he sends in his own Crobat

8d 19h 45m He sends in Arbok, it uses Acid and Beedrill uses Cut, it uses Glare to paralyze us and we use Hyper Beam, he uses an X defend and we switch to Crobat

8d 19h 43m Vs Jared, who has Bruno's (TriHard) Sprite

[Fluff] We turn of animations DansGame

8d 19h 42m It uses Flame Wheel and we use Strength to take it down, Red defeated

8d 19h 41m We switch to Golduck, it crits Quick Attack and we use Surf, it uses Quick Attack again and we Strength this happens twice and she uses a Super Potion, we crit Strength this also happens twice, that includes the crit Strength, we switch to Golem

[Snark] Nice switch, guys.

8d 19h 40m She sends in Typhlosion and we switch Venusaur to 'tank' a Fire Blast but Venusaur goes down

8d 19h 39m She sends in Arcanine, We use Wing Attack which does half, it uses Take Down, we then use Swift and she Super Potion's, we crit Swift again and beat it, Crobat gre to level 67

8d 19h 39m We use Fly to avoid Tail Whip and Ninetales takes half damage and uses Tail Whip again, we use Swift and take it down, she sends in Flareon, we Hyper Beam and take it down

8d 19h 37m We switch too Beedrill and she spams Agility, another Agility, Beedrill decides to Hyper Beam and defeats Rapidash, we switch to Crobat when she decides to switch to Ninetales

8d 19h 36m She uses Growl and we use Rock Slide, she Growl's more and we use Strength, we then switch to Sylveon and she uses a crit Fire spin

8d 19h 35m She uses Fire Spin which does small damage but it stopped us from making a move, we switch to Golem and she Growl's

8d 19h 34m We use Double-Edge when Rapidash decided to use Agility, we then switch to Venusaur and she still uses Agility

8d 19h 34m Vs Red but she has Lorelei's Sprite, Beedrill vs Rapidash


[Fluff] GET HYPE!

8d 19h 31m We heal and due to this checkpoint

[Snark] We access the PC, oh no!

8d 19h 24m We want to heal to checkpoint here so we don't go through edge hell but we keep overshooting up and almost entered the E4 challenge twice

[Snark] Tactical Save!

8d 19h 21m We enter the Pokémon League

8d 19h 20m We head even more north and the screen clears out the color, its kinda grey at the moment

8d 19h 14m Beedrill leveled up to level 38 after beating a Ditto

8d 19h 11m We're going through Victory Road's badge check men now

8d 19h 10m We're hearing Victory Road music right now

8d 19h 9m We just got through ledge hell!

[Snark] Ledge Hell is not hell without being stuck for more than a few hours

8d 18h 39m Currently in Ledge Hell

8d 18h 17m We catch a level 22 Paras and its name is 'C-

8d 18h 15m We use all our Ultra Balls to catch a level 22Pidgey, its name is 'xxxx"MnMn"QQQQ' the Mn's are one charchter

8d 18h 4m We heal

8d 17h 51m Bought 12 Great Balls

[Snark] We're in PURPLE WutFace town, aka Morgana

8d 17h 46m nope it's a mart. don't know where I thought I was, or even where we actually are

8d 17h 45m In the Mart. Or Department Store.

8d 17h 34m Got On The Bike

8d 17h 34m wow quick tunnel to the purple city, whichever one that was?//

8d 17h 33m We're in the house walking down a Very Long Corridor that makes no sense

there are some stairs!

8d 17h 32m In that battle we just had, Sylveon fainted. Golem was the next in line

8d 17h 31m Landed on land.

8d 17h 31m Golem also to 45, TRainer defeated

8d 17h 29m Azumarill down, Feraligatr sent in.

8d 17h 28m Sylveon to 45, trying to learn Amnesia, Fairy Wind is forgotten. Azumarill sent in

8d 17h 28m Fighting another Swimming Beauty. Dewgong against Sylveon

8d 17h 27m And the trainer was defeated.

8d 17h 26m Seaking down, Lanturn in.

8d 17h 24m Rub a dub dub! Fighting a Beauty. Seaking against Sylveon.

8d 17h 23m ~ S u r f i n g ~

8d 17h 20m We managed to navigate to Golduck's Surf and use it, but we were one space away from the water and the surf did not work.

8d 17h 15m A lot of water! Standing at the end of a pier of some sort.

8d 17h 12m Walked onto the next area (to the right) and the drastic colour change from dark red to green and light blue is in effect.

8d 17h 11m Wow!!! We're outside!! Woaaaahhhh

8d 17h 4m Caught level 24 Machop with Ultra Ball its name is 'AAAAAA-??D'

8d 17h 1m Sylveon to 44.

[Info] According to M4_used_Rollout, we caught a Nidoran♂ at 8d15h30m, a Nidorino at 8d15h43m, Rhyhorn at 8d15h48m and Onix at 8d16h33m.

[Info] Looks like we sold a Full Heal in the mart

8d 16h 47m Caught Lv. 42 Machoke, nickname AAABBB

8d 16h 37m We're Back In Another Cave Wow What A Massive Surprise

8d 16h 17m In the Gym cave whatever thing idk

[Info] According to /u/FlaaggTPP, we caught a Magmar named - at around 8d15h24m. Appears we also caught an Electabuzz, but the exact details are unknown.

8d 16h 4m Beedrill down to a wild Onix's attack

8d 16h 1m In a cave right now. Whole lot of nothing happening, what a surprise.

8d 14h 41m We are in the mart trying to sell stuff but its proving to be too difficult

8d 14h 33m We heal

8d 14h 30m Time's up for our Safari game, back to the entrance.

8d 14h 28m Caught Lv. 26 Growlithe, nickname is A

8d 13h 51m Caught Lv. 33 Bellsprout, nickname -(MN symbol)RH

[Info] At 8d 13h 29m we caught a Nidorina with no nickname, and found a Trade Stone at 8d 13h 43m.

thanks M4_used_Rollout and Irisu_Kyouko

8d 13h 33m now we're surfing, and then we land again,

8d 13h 15m evolution theme begins, this time in Anarchy -and padded out with encounter music.

8d 13h 15m Entered the Park.

8d 13h 12m Finally out of the cave, back into Eagulou.

8d 13h 7m Caught Lv. 9 Seel, nickname HHHI---AAB

8d 12h 21m Making our way back out.

[Chat] Pokémoncayden: paul really got his money's worth on those running shoes MingLee

8d 12h 2m RAN gg

[correction] Venusaur

8d 12h 0m "Can't escape!" phew

Golem down. Ivysaur in

8d 11h 59m Versus Articuno, Lv. 50. Golem's in front.

8d 11h 57m Surfing.

8d 11h 52m At some water that we have to surf to get over.

8d 11h 33m Pushing boulders.

8d 11h 26m Exited the booting up menu.

8d 11h 25m Booting up HM04 gg

8d 11h 23m Bike bike bike.

8d 11h 19m Surfy wurfy in the cavey wavey. Then we land, in a corner with strength rocks.

8d 11h 13m Entered the cave right next to the Park entrance.

[Chat] ᵖᵏᵐᶰTrainerColress: Ding dong through the B2F of a cavern MingLee

8d 11h 12m Ding dong. Time is up! We're out of the Park. Back into the town.

8d 11h 7m Caught Lv. 40 wild Rhydon, added to our pokedex. Nickname __xxxx))))

8d 11h 2m Sylveon went down not too long ago, Golem is in front and getting the EXP now

8d 10h 54m Sylveon to 43

[Chat] NickNorman: OH SWEET A GOLBAT

8d 10h 51m we ran away and it's not there anymore lol

8d 10h 49m Landed. Standing right in front of some Legendary, it's Mewtwo! Battle begins. Lv. 50. Back in Anarchy, Beedrill down immediately.

8d 10h 48m Surfing again.

8d 10h 42m Surfing.

8d 10h 22m In a deeper part of the cave now? Viridian Forest music has replaced the standard cave theme.

8d 10h 6m Down the ladder. In a cave area, we can see strength boulders and trainers. Music is the normal cave theme.

8d 10h 5m At a dead-end with a ladder going down a hole.

8d 10h 4m Suurrrffiinngg

8d 9h 59m Walked on to a carpet-like thing whatever, teleported us to another part of the park.

8d 9h 57m At a house now.

8d 9h 53m L a n d e d

8d 9h 52m Wheeeee more surfing

8d 9h 51m Landed. It begins returns.

[Chat] Sable_Xeno: Paul evolved into Seal Keepo

[Fluff] the surfing theme is very helpful in breaking up the never-ending evolution music

8d 9h 50m Ah, surfing now.

8d 9h 49m Now we're in the party menu for some reason.

8d 9h 48m Buuut mistakes are still made, despite the precautions we took with the repels n stuff.

8d 9h 46m Seems the step counter is very important in getting where we need to go, so we're moving slowly and precisely.

[Snark] Damn, should have only half-used that Repel..

8d 9h 44m Used two of our Max Repels due to over-A-pressing.

8d 9h 41m Received 30 Park Balls but I presume they're temporary, I guess. Entered the park and evolution theme begins

8d 9h 40m Nope we're walking further up into town. Then, into the park.

8d 9h 39m Outside. Walking back to the Poké Center apparently.

8d 9h 38m Exited the selling menu.

8d 9h 38m Sold TM02.

8d 9h 36m Buuuut this time we're selling stuff.

8d 9h 35m Oh we're back at the buying stuff stall.

8d 9h 34m Outside now. And then we walk back inside.

8d 9h 31m Actually bought 07 Ultra Balls. Pretty much out of money now.

[Chat] JoelEGraves: "Take your time." Thanks shopkeeper MingLee

8d 9h 29m Bought 2 Max Repels.

8d 9h 26m **Bought 09 Ultra Ba-- no, we don't have quite enough money for that lol

8d 9h 23m Standing on the doormat, inside the building.

8d 9h 22m Nearing the Mart.

8d 9h 22m Out of the Poké Center, still in Demo.

8d 9h 17m Scrolled down to Change Box. Selected it, but it's asking if saving the game is ok. We agree to the T&C. Then, switched to box 2 and left the PC.

8d 9h 15m At the PC. Appears we are trying to switch boxes, still in democracy so hopefully nothing bad happens.

8d 9h 12m Healed

8d 9h 9m Outside.

8d 9h 5m Sylveon was switched to second in the party, Beedrill's still fainted so that's what's being sent in when battle begins.

8d 9h 2m We're in the cave area, swiftly navigating it with precise commands and movements.

8d 9h 0m Democracy again.

8d 8h 59m We're back in the room with the beds now.

8d 8h 52m Teleported into the cave area of the cave.

8d 8h 17m Golduck to 45

8d 8h 14m Back in Anarchy.

8d 8h 10m Beedrill down to a transformed Wild Ditto's Double-Edge. Next in the line is Golduck, at Lv. 44.

8d 8h 8m [D] You guessed it, still in democracy. Now things are happening even slower than they were before!

8d 8h 5m We're in Democracy now.

[Meta] The updater is now going dark. Not that it matters much, as we're only grinding at the moment...

8d 7h 34m Grind update: attempting to ride our bike to run over a wild ditto that appeared.

8d 7h 20m Back in the cave, btw.

[Fluff] There was the requisite speedup of inputs, but it looks basically like it was only people wanting in and out of the center. No right inputs to speak of. (Disregarding the accidental reentering the center...)

8d 7h 13m HEALED!

8d 7h 11m Back outside now.

[Fluff] In case you were wondering, this is highly undesirable as it's Beedrill chat wants to level up right now...

8d 7h 3m Beedrill has fallen!

8d 6h 59m Beedrill to 36!

8d 6h 40m And back into the cave! woot.

8d 6h 37m We turn to head straight out the door, but there's a lady blocking the way... and now we're outside after dancing around her.

8d 6h 37m HEALED!

8d 6h 35m In the Pokémon Center now. The input speed has increased dramatically as people who haven't been inputting all night suddenly decide now is the time...


8d 6h 19m Grind update: "bazzokalooka61" is playing mostly by himself. Also we're back in the cave again.

8d 5h 36m Beedrill has fainted!

[Fluff] A wall of bees?

8d 5h 5m Beedrill to 35! Tries to learn Agility... but the chat is a wall of "b"s (ironically?). He does not.

8d 4h 55m And suddenly we're in a house of some sort?! There's beds and a teleport pad back out to the cave!

8d 4h 51m We're back in the cave, btw... but we saved!

8d 4h 46m We've exited the cave! It's so maroon out here!!

8d 4h 38m We can move boulders now!

8d 4h 28m Level up! Our current party levels now:

  • Golduck: L44
  • Beedrill: L34
  • Sylveon: L42
  • Venusaur: L47
  • Golem: L44
  • Crobat: L66

8d 4h 8m Golduck to Level 43! He's currently at the head of the party (Sylveon has almost no PP left).

8d 4h 2m The music suddenly changed! We're on a bike!

8d 3h 30m Sylveon to 42!

8d 3h 20m Apparently this person only donates in batches of $30 plus a tiny bit.

8d 3h 16m And so the same person donated more.

8d 3h 12m Emote rain pouring in for a $30 donation covers the screen for a while. (That's a highlight of this grind session right now.)

8d 3h 3m Sylveon to Level 41! It tries to learn Shadow Ball, but does not.

8d 2h 39m Sylveon to Level 40!

[Fluff] Except Venusaur's Giga Drain for some reason, but let's ignore that.

[Fluff] I just noticed that the party display must take the max PP of moves from a database or something, because Sylveon's Fairy moves (Moonblast, Fairy Wind, Draining Kiss) all have zero as their max PP (though they have proper numbers for total PP). Venusaur's Wood Hammer is the same. Every other move has proper maxes.

8d 2h 22m Still hanging around the cave. Sylveon will run into an Onix and Moonblast it to death, Rinse and Repeat.

[Meta] Updater will be going dark for a little while. Hopefully it'll be back soon ~

8d 0h 59m We're still wondering around the Secret Cave in Eagulou Park (Safari Zone). Step counter is still in effect, but we can battle normally.

[Donation] $7.77 from FaithfulForce: "This is a do-over of a donation I made that didn't show up. Thank you everyone for contributing to the Pokémon Brown run, in some way or another. WELCOME BACK FAIS! <3"

8d 0h 45m Golduck grew to Lv. 42!

8d 0h 41m Obtained TM02 Razor Wind!

8d 0h 41m We're back down - encounters a wild Rhydon.

8d 0h 40m Down and back up.

8d 0h 39m Back up it again.

8d 0h 39m Climbed down a ladder, different music.

[Info] Step counter is still in effect.

8d 0h 35m Still in Secret Cave in Eagulou Park, Beedrill is slowly losing health to poison.

8d 0h 33m Golduck is poisoned by a wild Venomoth.

8d 0h 32m There was a donation but I completely missed it.

8d 0h 30m Apparently the boulder only needed to touch the switch once, so we win. Woo. (Thanks /u/FaithfulForce)

8d 0h 28m We push the boulder on the switch... then push it right off again. >_>

8d 0h 25m Still pushing this boulder.

8d 0h 24m Anarchy returns!

[Chat] Chat are comparing the current Anarchy/Democracy 51/49 split to the EU referendum.

8d 0h 17m [D] Beedrill kept missing and went down to a wild Zubat.

8d 0h 14m [D] Still in the Secret Cave, solving the Strength Puzzle.

8d 0h 9m [D] A wild Venomoth paralyses Beedrill.

[Chat] They seem desperate to know what the rumours are.

8d 0h 6m [D] We be pushing boulders now.

8d 0h 5m [D] We activate Golem's strength.

8d 0h 4m [D] The trainer was going to tell us a rumour, but decided not to.

8d 0h 2m [D] Cool Trainer doses up Arcanine with an X Attack, but Crobat ploughs into it from the heavens. Arcanine down, and Cool Trainer defeated!

8d 0h 2m We Fly at it. It tries to scare us away with it's fearsome Roar, but Crobat's unphased.

8d 0h 1m Cool Trainer sends in PUPPY Arcanine.

8d 0h 0m [Fluff] Happy Day 8!

8d 0h 0m [D] Hit with another Fly. Cloyster goes down.

7d 23h 59m [D] We hit Cloyster twice with Fly, but Cloyster scores a critical Aurora Beam on Crobat. It's down to 94 HP.

7d 23h 57m [D] Cool Trainer sends in Cloyster.

7d 23h 56m [D] Crobat grew to Lv. 66!

7d 23h 56m [D] It hits! Exeggutor goes down.

7d 23h 55m [D] We send in Crobat. It flies into yonder sky.

[Snark] BK: "Just five more minutes..."

7d 23h 53m [D] Sylveon just didn't wake up, and was stomped flat. Sylveon down!

7d 23h 52m [D] Exeggutor scores a critical Stomp. Sylveon is still asleep and down to 31 HP.

7d 23h 51m [D] Getting barraged, here...

7d 23h 50m [D] Sylveon uses Moonblast and takes about a 3rd of Exeggutor's HP. Exeggutor sends Sylveon asleep.

7d 23h 49m [D] Vs. CoolTrainer male! He seems surprised that Paul found the secret cave too.

[Info] The step counter is still in operation.

7d 23h 47m [D] Entered a cave of some kind. We're still in the Park, but we can use our Pokémon.

7d 23h 38m [D] Beedrill forgets Pin Missile, third slot. Beedrill learns Double Edge!

[Snark] This music loop is burning my ears.

7d 23h 31m [D] Looks like we're going to teach it to someone.

7d 23h 29m [D] Obtained TM10 Double Edge!

7d 23h 27m [D] Out of the river, back in the grass.

7d 23h 25m [D] And we're surfing across a small river.

7d 23h 19m [D] Making our way carefully through the park, running away from everything we see.

7d 23h 15m [D] Entered Area 2!

7d 23h 13m [D] Heading deeper into Eagulou Park, up a really narrow path.

7d 23h 7m [D] Back on land, running from battles.

7d 23h 5m [D] We're surfing!

[Chat] Chat is busy debating the UK's EU Referendum decision.

7d 22h 56m [D] Entered Eagulou Park (Safari Zone).

7d 22h 54m [D] Exited the PokéCenter, heading for Eagulou Park.

7d 22h 51m [D] Healed and checkpointed in Eagulou City!

7d 22h 50m [D] Flew to Eagulou City!

7d 22h 46m [D] Exited onto Route 57.

7d 22h 45m Democracy activated!

7d 22h 36m Paul falls gets off his Bike.

7d 22h 33m Still grinding away happily in Castro Forest ~

7d 22h 31m Sylveon fainted to a wild Lv. 25 Pidgeotto.

7d 22h 22m Bicycle mode on.

7d 22h 22m Game saved.

7d 22h 15m Sylveon grew up to Level 38.

7d 22h 10m Poison torture continues.

7d 22h 4m Sylveon is poisoned and slowly dying.

7d 22h 1m Grinding in the Castro Forest.

7d 21h 50m Fly to Castro Valley.

7d 21h 49m Fly to the home town again.

7d 21h 37m Party healed by Mom.

7d 21h 33m Bicycle mode off.

7d 21h 32m Game saved.

7d 21h 30m Bicycle mode on.

7d 21h 24m [[ and BBbkkkkk position swapped.

7d 21h 20m Bicycle mode off.

7d 21h 19m Democracy mode off. Bicycle mode on.

7d 21h 16m BBbkkkkk learned Moonblast over Tackle.

7d 21h 13m No more candy left.

7d 21h 12m Rare candy used x 3. Sylveon grew up to Level 35, 36, 37.

7d 21h 8m Rare candy used x 4. [[ grew up to Level 31, 32, 33, 34.

7d 21h 5m Finally, [[ learned Pin Missile over Harden.

[Fluff] Slow and inefficient using of democracy.

7d 21h 1m Rare candy used x 3. [[ grew up to Level 28, 29, 30.

7d 20h 57m Democracy mode on.

7d 20h 49m Fly to the home town.

7d 20h 29m [[ grew up to Level 27.

7d 20h 8m Grinding somewhere near the bike path lowest part.

7d 19h 59m Game saved.

7d 19h 55m Spend all coins to buy 10 rare candies.

7d 19h 49m Back to casino. Paul found 10 more coins.

7d 19h 41m Paul found some coins and left the building.

[Meta] /u/PokemonGod77 has left the building... If there are any updaters available, feel free to take over.

[Snark] I assure you, you aren't required to update every slot result. SeemsGood

7d 19h 0m squirtle

7d 18h 59m Charmander



7d 18h 58m squirts



7d 18h 56m charmander

7d 18h 56m we're back!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 18h 55m Charmander crashed the stream

7d 18h 54m O boi, charmander payout

7d 18h 54m YEAH CHERRIES

7d 18h 54m CHERRIES

7d 18h 54m squritle

7d 18h 54m more cherries

7d 18h 54m cherries

7d 18h 53m charmander

7d 18h 53m bulba

7d 18h 52m bulbasaur

[Info] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4fjbJnz7O4 how broken gen 1 slot machines are works

7d 18h 51m Bulbasaur

7d 18h 50m squirtle

7d 18h 50m bulbasaur

7d 18h 49m Bulbasaur

7d 18h 48m then a charmander

7d 18h 48m Cherries on slots

[Fluff] !bet 100 not cherries

7d 18h 28m Why am I even still saying this. More Cherries.

7d 18h 28m Cherries

7d 18h 27m Bulbasaur

7d 18h 25m Cherries

7d 18h 24m Bulbasaur

7d 18h 23m Cherries

7d 18h 23m Bulbasaur

7d 18h 20m More Cherries

7d 18h 19m Cherries

7d 18h 19m Squirtle

7d 18h 19m Cherries

7d 18h 18m Bulbasaur

[Snark] We're not that good at this whole gambling thing

7d 18h 16m Squirtle

[Fluff] !bet 100 Charmander

7d 18h 11m Cherries

7d 18h 10m Squirtle

7d 18h 9m Bulbasaur

7d 18h 8m Charmander

7d 18h 7m Cherries

7d 18h 6m Bulbasaur

7d 18h 2m Charmander

[Fluff] !bet 500 bulbasaur

[Fluff] Aww... BibleThump

7d 17h 59m Cherries

[Fluff] !bet 100 Squirtle

7d 17h 57m Bulbasaur.

I should start keeping a counter of how many times we hit each thingy

7d 17h 57m Charmander

7d 17h 56m Bulbasaur

7d 17h 54m Cherries

7d 17h 53m Charmander, +50

7d 17h 53m BAR! +300

7d 17h 52m Squirtle. +50

7d 17h 52m Cherries, +18

7d 17h 51m Another bulbasaur score. 50 more coins

7d 17h 51m Bulbasaur score. 50 coins earned

7d 17h 50m we start gambling

7d 17h 47m We Heal

[Meta] Updater will be going dark for a while - if any other updaters are online, feel free to take it ~

[Info] Current team: Beedrill26, Sylveon34, Golduck39, Venesaur46, Golem44 and Crobat65. Current location: Route 66

[Info] Route 66 is a dead end.

7d 16h 58m Currently surfing on Route 66, battling and grinding.

7d 16h 56m Crobat enters the battle, flies into Glaceon. Glaceon goes down, Swimmer defeated!

7d 16h 55m We send in Beedrill, but all it does is Harden. Glaceon fires another Aurora beam. Beedrill down!

7d 16h 53m Glaceon fires an Aurora Beam. Sylveon is down!

7d 16h 52m We switch to Sylveon. It's an Eeveelution battle!

7d 16h 51m Glaceon is sent out!

7d 16h 51m Surf finally hits! Seedra goes down.

7d 16h 50m Seedra has blinded Golduck with some smokescreens. It keeps missing!

7d 16h 47m After some time deciding, we switch to Golduck!

7d 16h 43m Surfing, and run straight into a Swimmer. He sends out Seadra, we send out Beedrill.

7d 16h 42m We're on Route 66, also known as Rijon Straight.

7d 16h 41m Heading south again towards Route 66.

7d 16h 39m Healed and checkpointed in Owsauri City!

7d 16h 37m In the PokéCenter again.

7d 16h 32m Democracy disabled. Back to Anarchy!

7d 16h 31m [D] Seems we're surfing back to Owsauri.

7d 16h 29m Democracy enabled! ...somehow

7d 16h 28m Still wondering about Route 66.

7d 16h 24m Golduck takes out Cloyster. Swimmer is defeated!

7d 16h 22m Golduck skips learning Confusion. Swimmer sends out Cloyster.

7d 16h 21m Golduck uses Surf, and takes down Tentacruel. Golduck grows to Lv. 39!

7d 16h 19m We send in Golduck. Blows are exchanged.

7d 16h 18m Tentacruel uses a super-effective Poison Sting. Sylveon down!

7d 16h 18m Vs. another Swimmer! He sends in Tentacruel, we send in Sylveon.

7d 16h 17m Wartortle goes down. Swimmer defeated!

7d 16h 15m Swimmer sends out Kingdra, Sylveon hits with two Thunderbolts and it's down!

7d 16h 15m Sylveon uses Thunderbolt and takes down Seaking! Sylveon to Lv. 34!

7d 16h 14m Seaking takes out Beedrill! We send in Sylveon.

7d 16h 12m Vs. Swimmer! He sends out Seaking, we send out Beedrill.

7d 16h 12m We Surf across a small river onto Route 66!

7d 16h 8m Heading south onto Route 66 (Rijon Straight).

7d 16h 6m Aand we're back out, no heal.

7d 16h 5m We meet a child who was told to wait here in the PokéCenter forever. :(

7d 16h 1m Entered the PokéCenter.

7d 15h 56m We're in Owsauri City! It's a lovely shade of olive green.

7d 15h 55m Out of the gatehouse, onto Route 49.

7d 15h 52m We've entered the Route 50 gatehouse and went upstairs.

7d 15h 39m Now heading east on Route 50 ~

7d 15h 33m Annd we're on Route 50.

7d 15h 31m Still slowly heading north, not much to report other than Beedrill Hyper Beaming a small bird into oblivion.

7d 15h 22m Heading north on Route 51 (Nugget Pass).

7d 15h 17m Out of the PokéCenter, heading north.

7d 15h 15m Healed party at Hayward City.

7d 15h 14m Entered the PokéCenter.

7d 15h 11m Paul is on the move. Heading west, back into Hayward City.

7d 15h 8m Still grinding. Training up our little Burger King, Sylveon ~

7d 14h 57m Beedrill just wanted to dance with swords, but Spearow wasn't impressed. Beedrill down.

7d 14h 50m The chat seems to want to grind here for a while. I'll go make a cup of tea.

7d 14h 49m Out onto Route 63.

7d 14h 45m After a textbook heal and rapid retreat, Paul exits blinking in the dazzling golden glow of Hayward City.

7d 14h 44m Healed and checkpointed at Hayward City!

7d 14h 41m Back out in Hayward City.

7d 14h 39m Back to Anarchy!

7d 14h 38m [D] In the elevator, headin' down.

7d 14h 36m [D] Seems we're done shopping at the TM Mart for now.

7d 14h 35m [D] Sold TM43 Sky Attack.

7d 14h 33m [D] Sold TM06 Toxic.

7d 14h 32m [D] Sold TM27 Fissure.

7d 14h 28m [D] We have also taught Golem Rock Slide (2nd slot) and used a Rare Candy on Beedrill at some point recently. (Thanks to /u/FaithfulForce for the update ~)

7d 14h 26m [D] With a bit over 6K left in our wallet, we're at the stall again. Perhaps selling stuff?

7d 14h 23m [D] Sylveon forgets Swift for Thuderbolt! TM24 used.

7d 14h 17m [D] Booting up TM24.

7d 14h 12m [D] Bought a TM24, then we exit the stall menu.

[Chat] [D] Flaagg : "Take your time" Keepo

7d 14h 10m Now at the TM stall. We don't have money enough for too much stuff...

7d 14h 4m In the Department Store(?)

7d 14h 3m Something's poisoned. Still moving around the area slowly in Democracy. Walked out of the cave/building area into a town of yellow

7d 13h 59m Looks like we're switching around our party order now.

7d 13h 55m Though we aren't in a cave, more like a checkered floor Rocket-type area with beds. Beedrill elevated to 26 with I presume a Rare Candy?

7d 13h 54m We're in Democracy right now, trying to use a item on one of our Pokémon, still got the cave theme playing.

[Meta] Updates will resume in about half an hour, sorry for the inconvenience.

7d 12h 55m In a cave-type area now.

7d 12h 51m Healed

7d 12h 50m In the Pokémon Center. Haven't healed yet.

7d 12h 47m whoa we got outside finally

7d 12h 40m We exit the gym back onto the pre-gym cave

[Info] The Pokémon League, the ultimate destination for trainers, it north of Jaeru

7d 12h 36m Also Giovanni gives a snarky answer to why he rejected the Might Morphin Power Ranger Pallet Patrol from entering Team Rocket before disappearing

7d 12h 33m We recieve the Star Badge, and TM 27 Fissure!

7d 12h 33m Big Payout for Paul as Persian goes down! Giovanni Defeated!

7d 12h 32m Crobat is sent out!

7d 12h 32m Bad payday for Beedrill as its KO'd by Persian!

7d 12h 32m Beedrill is sent out!

7d 12h 31m Persian is sent out and KO's Sylveon!

7d 12h 31m Sylveon KO's Rhyperiot with Draining Kiss! Golem to Lv 44

7d 12h 30m Sylveon uses Swift, also doesn't chip much of Rhy's HP!

7d 12h 30m We swap to Tackle which makes things slower, then swap to Sylveon

7d 12h 29m Golem also tries to chip HP slowly by using Strength. Also slow

7d 12h 29m Rhyperior tries to chip some HP from Golem with a few fury attacks. Very slow

7d 12h 28m Crobat chips down Rhyperiot before switching to Golem!

7d 12h 28m Crobat uses fly a couple of times to KO Kangaskahn! Rhyperior is sent out!

7d 12h 27m Our Crobat is sent out! KO's the opposing Crobat! Kangaskhan is sent out!

7d 12h 27m The foe's Crobat uses confuse ray to confuse Golduck but it successfully attacks Crobat. Golduck falls tho

7d 12h 26m Golduck OHKO Rhydon! Crobat from giovanni is sent out!

[Info] 2nd attempt

7d 12h 26m vs Giovanni Its Rhydon vs Golduck!

7d 12h 21m We enter the gym!

7d 12h 18m Golduck to Lv 37

7d 12h 13m We enter the Pre-Gym cave

7d 11h 58m Gen I AI contintues to be bad by not taking the free KO, then Rhydon KO's Crobat and we black out back to Eagulou!

7d 11h 57m vs Leader Giovanni! He sends out Rhydon! We sent out Crobat!

7d 11h 56m Crobat KO's Honchcrow! Pallet Patroller defeated!

7d 11h 56m Umbreon KO'd by Crobat, grows to Lv 65!

7d 11h 55m Gliscor is KO'd but brings Crobat to the red! Umbreon sent out!

7d 11h 55m Weavile then falls to Crobat's fly! Gliscor sent out!

7d 11h 55m Crobat is sent out and KO's Houndoom! Weavile is sent out!

7d 11h 53m Bite gets a critical and OHKO's Golem!

7d 11h 52m We send out Golem against Houndoon and the Mighty Morphin Pallet Patroller!

7d 11h 51m Houndoom KO's Venusaur in two moves!

7d 11h 51m Its Houndoom vs Venusaur!

7d 11h 51m We encounter some guy, calls himself a "Pallet Patroller! We battle him!

7d 11h 50m Crobat makes quick work out of Raichu but is now in the yellow! Tamer defeated!

7d 11h 49m Raichu is sent out!

7d 11h 49m Scyther goes down several misses later

7d 11h 48m Crobat is sent out!

7d 11h 48m Cyther is down to about 1 HP, but continues to raise its stats. Scyther then uses Slash to KO Sylveon!

7d 11h 45m Sylveon is sent out! Scyther continues boosting its stats while we miss our attacks

7d 11h 44m Scyther KO's Beedrill with a Slash!

7d 11h 43m Scyther opens up with Double Team! We open with harden! Scyther then uses a couple of Swords Dance, then Double teams again!

7d 11h 43m vs Tamer! Tamer sends out Scyther! We send out Beedrill!

7d 11h 42m Hitmontop is sent out, gets sent packing by Fly! Golbat to Lv 64! Blackbelt defeated!

7d 11h 41m Primeape is sent out! Get's KO'd quickly

7d 11h 41m Fly KO's Poliwrath!

7d 11h 41m Crobat is sent out!

7d 11h 41m Golduck gets paralyzed by a body slam, and then gets KO'd by Body Slam!

7d 11h 38m vs Blackbelt! He sends out Poliwrath! We send out Golduck!

7d 11h 35m We enter the gym!

7d 11h 31m Golduck to Lv 36

7d 11h 27m We enter the Pre-Gym Cave

7d 11h 17m We enter the mart,buy 2 Ultra Balls

7d 11h 9m We return to Eagolou City

7d 11h 9m We run out of steps and we are kicked out of the Safari Zone

7d 10h 54m We found a Full Restore

7d 10h 44m We found TM 48!

7d 10h 37m We enter another section of the Safari Zone

7d 10h 34m We found a Nugget!

7d 10h 29m We try to catch but our box is full! We can't catch anything!

7d 10h 17m We capture Nidoran♀, Nickname: WX[[

7d 10h 14m We enter the Eagulou Park's Safari Zone

7d 9h 59m We exit and then enter the Mart again. Seems like no chat can't decide where to go or what to do

7d 9h 56m We enter the Eagulou Park, uncertain we want to to the Safari Zone or not

7d 9h 51m We enter the mart! Buy 1 Full Heal, 1 Ultra Ball

7d 9h 38m We enter the Pokémon Center, inputs change into anarchy, and heal!

7d 9h 36m We exit the cave back onto Eagulou City

7d 9h 21m [D] We seem to have entered into Democracy during a wild Pokémon battle

7d 9h 12m We also get on the bike!

7d 9h 11m We save the game!

7d 9h 8m We then take a spin tile back to the entrance of the gym and then exit the gym back into the pre-gym cave

7d 9h 7m We hit another spin tile to bring us to the next portion of the gym!

7d 9h 6m Nidoking goes down in two attacks! CoolTrainer♂ defeated!

7d 9h 5m CoolTrainer♂ wants to battle! He sends out Nidoking! We send out Crobat!

7d 9h 4m Machamp goes down! Blackbelt defeated!

7d 9h 3m Halt! Blackbelts challenges us to a battle! Its MAchamp vs Crobat!

7d 9h 2m A couple of swifts KO Nidoqueen! Tamer defeated!

7d 9h 2m We use Wing Attack!

7d 9h 2m vs Tamer! He sends out Nidoqueen! We send out Crobat!

7d 9h 1m We find a King's Rock in the gym!

7d 9h 0m Machamp is sent out! Fly is out of PP, so we use the Wing Attack to KO Machamp! Blackbelt Defeated, Crobat to Lv 63!

7d 8h 59m Heracross gets OHKO'd by Fly!

7d 8h 59m vs Blackbelt! He sends out Heracross! We send out Crobat!

7d 8h 58m Kingdra is sent out! Crobat takes out half of Kingdra's HP! 2 turns later Kingdra is KO'd. CoolTrainer♂ defeated!

7d 8h 57m vs CoolTrainer♂! He sends out Seadra! We send out Crobat! Crobat OHKO's Seadra!

[Info] Only Crolbat is healthy enought to fight with 144/216 HP remaining. Fly is also low on PP

7d 8h 54m We have spin tiles in here!

7d 8h 51m We go up the ladder and enter the 8th Gym, which is part of the cacve

7d 8h 46m CoolTrainer♂ defeated!

7d 8h 46m Crobat OKHO's Blissey!

7d 8h 45m Blissey is sent out!

7d 8h 45m Crobat to Lv 62

7d 8h 44m Tic Toc Kill the Croc! Feraligatr goes down in two hits!

7d 8h 44m Feraligatr is sent out!

7d 8h 44m Typhlosion goes down in 2 hits!

7d 8h 43m Typhlosion sent out!

7d 8h 43m Fly OHKO's Meganium!

7d 8h 43m vs trainer! Meganium vs Crobat!

7d 8h 39m Scizor down, Trainer defeated.

7d 8h 39m Crobat sent in, Azumarill down. Next in is Scizor.

[Info] Venusaur also went down

7d 8h 37m Now we are fighting a trainer I think and Azumarill takes out Golem

7d 8h 28m Venusaur to 46

[Info] Party right now: Golduck, Beedrill, and Sylveon are down, Venusaur's in front with Golem and Crobat next in the line.

7d 8h 2m Golduck goes down after a LONG time in the red!

7d 7h 53m Golduck to 35!

7d 7h 31m Golduck to 34!

7d 7h 28m Crobat to level 61!

7d 7h 26m Found a Rare Candy!

7d 7h 24m Found TM43!

7d 7h 16m We're in a cave now.

7d 7h 12m A flash of the riot screen resets things on the overlay (fixing Pinball was the goal, I think)

7d 7h 11m Healed! Checkpoint maroon town!

7d 7h 11m And anarchy returns!

7d 7h 11m [D] And now we've flown to a maroon-colored town!

7d 7h 2m [D] We teach Ice Beam to Golduck, replacing Bubble!

7d 6h 53m [D] We teach Strength to Golduck, replacing Disable!

7d 6h 43m [D] We teach Hyper Beam to Crobat, overwriting Bite!


7d 6h 30m [D] Used the final Rare Candy on Psyduck! Level 33!

7d 6h 27m [D] Sylveon attempted to Light Screen, and did not!

7d 6h 23m [D] Used another on Sylveon again! Level 33!

7d 6h 20m [D] We used a Rare Candy on Sylveon! Level 32!

7d 6h 18m [D] In democracy right now!

7d 5h 44m We fly!.... to Gravel again

7d 5h 39m We flew to Gravel town

7d 5h 32m We bought a few Rare Candies

7d 5h 26m We bought TM Toxic

7d 5h 10m 3K RIOT HYPE!

[Fluff] We'll round up

7d 5h 9m Actually was 2999 DansGame

7d 5h 8m We reached the 3k coins mark!

7d 4h 47m and another BAR!

7d 4h 46m we hit the 2000 mark after a few more 50+ coins

7d 4h 38m We hit a BAR which gave us 300 coins

7d 4h 32m We have 1421 coins now

[Chat] PogChamp

7d 4h 32m WE GET THE 777 JACKPOT

7d 4h 25m currently around the 800~ coins range

7d 4h 16m Gambling! \o/

7d 4h 11m We flew to the green town! (I don't know these town's names...)

7d 3h 57m We enter Morgana Town

7d 3h 48m We enter Silk Tunnel

7d 3h 19m We go to the Department store and buy TM Ice Beam!

7d 2h 54m We push the boulder in the house and find a Mist Stone!

7d 2h 51m Golem deleted Explosion for Strength!

7d 2h 44m Obtained HM04 Strength!

7d 2h 43m Entered a house. Gave the Red Amulet to a man.

7d 2h 42m Out of Rijon Tunnel, in Hayward City!

[Info] Party order is Psyduck32, Beedrill25, Sylveon31, Venusaur45, Golem43, Crobat60.

7d 2h 41m We just warped to a smaller room with a dude standing in it.

7d 2h 37m A wild Ditto used Fairy Wind. Sylveon down!

7d 2h 34m Sylveon is poisoned by a wild Muk.

7d 2h 28m We also managed to swap the Coin Case with the Bicycle during our blind time. Bicycle is now in the first slot.

[Snark] PMD basked in its half-hour of fame.

7d 2h 21m Both Psyduck and Beedrill are down. Rest of the party are with us and on full HP. We are still in Rijon Tunnel.

7d 2h 21m Riot screen flashes up briefly. Stream is back!

7d 2h 17m Either Beedrill is down, or we switched our party order. Sylveon is at the head of the party now.

7d 2h 14m Still on the Aw, Snap screen. Meanwhile in PMD, we're gradually approaching the stairs.

7d 2h 6m Sounds like Beedrill is on low HP.

[Snark] Have you tried turning it off and on again?

[Fluff] It's rush hour in the American continent, just saying...

[Chat] FancyGoldfish : Pokémon Snap PogChamp

[Snark] And miss the pulse-pounding action of PMD? No thanks.

[Snark] Now people can save tons of data bandwidth by switching to "Audio" quality, if they have the option to do so.

7d 1h 58m Oh, we ran from whatever that was.

7d 1h 57m Seems the chat is more interested in our PMD sidegame at the moment ~

[Info] To describe it as radio or newspapers would: The stream is currently displaying a blindingly white page with the "Aw, Snap" error, as any Chrome browser would normally. PMD is still running and visible in the lower right corner.

7d 1h 53m Sounds like Psyduck went down at some point, since Beedrill is now at the head of our party.

[Info] The stream overlay is implemented via a webpage hooked up to a local server, in case you were wondering.

7d 1h 52m Apparently we win!

7d 1h 52m Sounds like we've switched out Psyduck for Crobat. Something hits. Not sure what or whom.

[Snark] Twitch PlaysPlaying Pokémon BrownBlind

[Snark] Twitch Hears Pokémon

[Snark] Aw, Snap! A wild generic Chrome message appears on stream! WutFace

7d 1h 50m Sounds like we ran to get away from that Low HP alarm. >.<

[Chat] Rjri : finally PMD gets the attention it deserves Kappa

7d 1h 47m The game is still going behind the error, it seems.

7d 1h 47m Aw, snap! Stream blanks out.

7d 1h 45m Psyduck was poisoned at some point last battle.

7d 1h 39m Making our way through this bizarre tunnel. Psyduck is pretty much sweeping everything we come across.

7d 1h 35m Apparently, we are in Rijon Tunnel.

7d 1h 34m We just warped into a room with beds?

7d 1h 31m Chat got excited by a wild Growlithe, but Paul was too scared and ran away.

7d 1h 28m Making our way through Mt. Boulder. Not really any battles to speak of.

7d 1h 23m Entered Mt. Boulder Cave.

7d 1h 20m Back in Eagulou City ~

7d 1h 19m Used our last Safari Ball on a wild Rhyhorn. We get kicked out.

[Info] We're down to our last Safari Ball.

7d 1h 17m Caught a Lv. 23 Electabuzz! No nickname.

[Info] Down to 9 Safari Balls.

7d 1h 14m We keep throwing balls and missing. Paul really needs to work on his aim.

7d 1h 12m Caught a male Lv. 22 Nidoran! Nickname: AA

7d 1h 7m Caught a male Lv. 22 Nidroan! No nickname.

7d 1h 4m Paul is throwing a lot of bait, but the Pokémon prefer to eat and run.

7d 1h 1m Caught a Lv. 25 Exeggcute! Nickname: AAAJJR

7d 0h 59m Paul fed a wild Magmar, but it ran away. Guess it didn't like his food.

7d 0h 58m We have entered Eagulou Park - Brown's Safari Zone equivalent.

7d 0h 55m Exited the PokéCenter.

7d 0h 54m Healed and checkpointed at Eagulou City.

7d 0h 54m We've entered Eagulou PokéCenter.

7d 0h 52m We try to go into a cave, but something pushes us back.

7d 0h 52m We take our first steps into Eagulou City.

7d 0h 50m KAPOW! Golem uses Explosion! Golem goes down, but takes Seaking with it. Jr. Trainer Female is defeated!

7d 0h 49m Beedrill is sent in! And immediately goes down! We send in Golem.

7d 0h 47m Seaking takes out Psyduck!

7d 0h 47m Seaking is sent out.

7d 0h 46m Clutch! Psyduck defeats Tentacruel and grows to Lv. 32!

7d 0h 46m Psyduck is slowly chipping away at Tentacruel's health. It's going to be close.

7d 0h 45m Vs. Junior Trainer! She sends in Tentacrel, we send out Psyduck.

7d 0h 43m AT LAST! After half an hour, we are finally surfing!

7d 0h 38m It's been 25 minutes, and we're still on this dock trying to Surf. This music is becoming part of my brain.

7d 0h 32m Reports that Bulbasaur's cry has changed have been greatly exaggerated.

7d 0h 30m Still here. Paul is just enjoying the sea view.

[Info] We have 574 Coins in the Coin Case ~

7d 0h 23m STILL on the dock, contemplating how fleeting life can be...

7d 0h 18m Still wondering about the dock, trying to use Surf.

7d 0h 13m Paul flirts with a nice young lady in the City Underpass ~

7d 0h 12m Doduo is swept by Surf too! Bird Keeper defeated.

7d 0h 11m Psyduck takes Pidgey down with a Surf. Pidgeotto is sent out, and is taken down in the same way.

7d 0h 9m Consulting the Coin Case, please stand by ~

7d 0h 8m Vs. Bird Keeper! He sent out Pidgey, we send out Psyduck.

7d 0h 7m Exited the City Underpass, back on Route 56.

7d 0h 5m Entered the City Underpass.

7d 0h 3m We tell the Burger Joint where to go and storm out.

[Chat] Day 7 hype!

7d 0h 1m Once again we enter the Burger Joint to register our disgust with the chef.

6d 23h 58m After a brief nostalgia trip, Paul runs out of the gym at full pelt. Heading south!

6d 23h 55m Seems Paul wants to visit the gym again.

6d 23h 53m And then Paul rapidly exited the PokéCenter.

6d 23h 52m Healed and checkpointed in Moroga Town.

6d 23h 51m Seems we found the PokéCenter in this sea of purple ~

6d 23h 48m We leave the house, and continue to roam the town, I don't think we have even seen the Pokémon center.

6d 23h 46m We enter another person's house, they have a purple dinsouar, I wonder if he is from my imagination?

6d 23h 45m We exit the Burger Joint in disgust.

6d 23h 42m Apparently some guy thinks there is a better burger joint in Kanto, the chat hates him too.

[Chat] 6d 23h 40m Chat seems to think that our Burger King makes the best burgers. We storm away from the counter with righteous indignation.

[Info] 6d 23h 39m This place seems to have the best burgers in town, they are on break though.

6d 23h 38m Some loser has heartburn, we keep trying to confort him.

6d 23h 38m We entered a restaurant.

6d 23h 36m We are wondering around town trying to find the Pokémon Center to heal

[Snark] I don't know, I quite like it. :3

[Info] 6d 23h 34m it is a terrible shade of purple

6d 23h 33m We travel through the city underpass to Morga Town!

6d 23h 32m We enter a hut, and go into a tunnel.

6d 23h 31m We land on the dock!

6d 23h 27m Said Vaporeon is oneshoted, we win!

6d 23h 27m We take out Helix, Venusaur levels up to 45 and another Vaporeon comes out

6d 23h 26m We send out Venusaur, the respond with an Omastar,

6d 23h 24m We send out Golem who immediately KAPOWS both golem and Vaporeon faint

6d 23h 24m Sylveon is in the red, and is taken out by quick attack

6d 23h 23m [Chat] Eeveelution Battle! PogChamp

6d 23h 23m We get spotted by a Jr. Trainer, she sends out Vaporeon, we send out Bk

6d 23h 21m Sylveon takes out the wild Tentacool, and avenges beedrill.

6d 23h 20m Sylveon, the new lead mon goes out.

6d 23h 19m A wild mon takes out beedrill

[correction] 6d 23h 19m we are on route 56

6d 23h 18m My internet crapped out so I missed some things. We seem to have surfed onto route 57, The duck has fainted and beedrill is in critical condition.

6d 22h 59m We leave Castro forest and hit route 57!

6d 22h 43m We reconfirm that Bulbasaur's cry has not, in fact, changed.

We continue to grind against mostly butterfrees and pidgeottos

6d 22h 34m We wake up, and use surf to Knock it out

6d 22h 33m We surf it, but Butterfree puts our duck to sleep, and confuses it.

6d 22h 33m A wild Butterfree appears

6d 22h 31m We enter Castro Forrest

6d 22h 20m Back in Castrp

6d 22h 13m We head north from Castro up to route 58

6d 22h 8m Our last mon Pk bat is taken down by a spark We white out!

6d 22h 8m 6d 22h 8m A couple solid hits takes out Cloyster, a Lanturn takes its place

6d 22h 6m Another swimmer wants us to know the water is NOT shallow before we go into battle with him, his cloyster goes out!

6d 22h 6m 6d 22h 6m Lanturn uses Spark, we respond with swift, and in the battle.

6d 22h 5m Paul seeks solace in the coin case, and then takes out Omastar with a Swift, Lanturn goes out

6d 22h 4m Omastar set up a couple withdraws, tanked a bunch of attacks, but we are one hit away from taking it out.

6d 22h 3m ...and miss

6d 22h 3m We use fly

6d 22h 3m Omastar is one hit away from fainting.

6d 22h 2m The smokescreen is starting to take its toll, we have missed a couple flys now.

6d 22h 2m That sedra was oneshoted, an Omaster takes its place

6d 22h 1m We take it out with another fly. Another Sedra is sent out.

6d 22h 1m We use fly, sedra uses smokescreen

6d 22h 1m We immediately run into a Swimmer who sends out Sedra.

6d 22h 0m We use surf, and get on route 57!

6d 21h 56m Paul spends some time contemplating whether or not to head for route 56

6d 21h 53m We run into a couple local mons which Pk makes fast work of.

6d 21h 52m We exit the gym onto route 57!

6d 21h 51m Paul continues to wonder around the gym, reveling in his most recent victory.

6d 21h 48m I missed this earlier, but Venusaur also leveled up to 44 during the battle, the stats for both Bk and Saur went by too fast for me to see though.

6d 21h 47m A SwiftCrits, and takes Snorlax down, We beat leader Joe, get the White badge, and are gifted Hyper Beam

6d 21h 46m A wing Attack takes Snorlax down to half health

6d 21h 46m We use a Super Potion on Crobat.

6d 21h 46m Crobat sets up a fly, Snorlax uses rest.

6d 21h 45m BK goes down to a body slam Crobat is our last hope!

6d 21h 44m Snorlax takes Veunaur out with a giga impact, BK goes out

6d 21h 44m Pidgeot was taken down in the time it took me to write the previous update, snorlax goes out, and uses rest

6d 21h 43m Venusaur is made quick work of that Persian, Pidgeot is sent out.

6d 21h 42m Raticate goes down BK up to level 31 Persian goes out.

6d 21h 42m We continue to chip away at the Raticate's health.

6d 21h 41m We switch to Venesaur! We use Giga Drain.

6d 21h 39m Vs Gym Leader Joe! He sends in Raticate, we send in Sylveon!

6d 21h 38m Crobat uses wing attack and takes out Clefable - Super Nerd defeated!

6d 21h 37m Crobat takes out Wigglytuff with a Wing Attack! Super Nerd sends in Clefable.

6d 21h 37m We switch to Crobat! Wigglytuff disables Swift!

6d 21h 35m Super Nerd sends in Wigglytuff, we send in Sylveon.

6d 21h 35m Did the Quiz again and got it wrong. Vs. Super Nerd!

6d 21h 35m Pokémon Quiz! We got it right again! The last door is open ~

6d 21h 34m Crobat takes out Pidgeot with another Fly. Burglar defeated!

6d 21h 33m Trainer sends out Pidgeot!

6d 21h 33m Vs a trainer. Didn't catch who. They sent out a Chasy, we currently using Crobat. Took out Chansy with a Fly.

6d 21h 31m Pokémon Quiz - we got it right!

6d 21h 31m Had a go at the Pokémon Quiz anyway - still get it wrong.

6d 21h 30m Venesaur uses Cut! Snorlax down. Sylveon grew to Lv. 30! Super Nerd defeated.

6d 21h 29m Using a commination of Giga Drain and Leech Seed to drain Snorlax.

6d 21h 28m Snorlax wakes up! But immediately rests again.

6d 21h 28m That should Venesaur ~ We use Leech Seed, Snorlax uses Rest.

6d 21h 28m We switch to Golem. Snorlax wakes up! We use Cut, SNorlax counters with Amnesia.

6d 21h 26m Sylveon uses Tackle, Snorlax uses Rest.

6d 21h 26m Skipped the Pokémon Quiz, vs. Super Nerd! He sends in Snorlax, we send in Sylveon.

6d 21h 24m Venesaur uses another cut - Persian goes down. Burgler defeated!

6d 21h 23m Venesaur uses a critical Cut! Persian counters with Screech.

6d 21h 23m Perisan uses Screech, Venesaur counters with Cut twice in a row.

6d 21h 22m We send in Venesaur!

6d 21h 21m We switch out to Golem, Persian uses Bite. Golem down!

6d 21h 19m Burgler sends in Persian! We send in Sylveon.

6d 21h 19m Third Pokémon Quiz! But we failed... Vs. Burglar!

6d 21h 18m Golem takes out Wigglytuff with a Rock Throw! Super Nerd is defeated.

6d 21h 17m Golem takes out Raticate with an Earthquake! Super Nerd sends in Wigglytuff.

6d 21h 16m Super Nerd sends in a Raticate.

6d 21h 16m Golem learns Explosion! Overrides Mud Slap.

6d 21h 16m Golem defeats Tauros with a Rock Throw! Golem grew to Lv. 43!

6d 21h 14m Golem used Earthquake! Raticate down. Tauros is sent out.

6d 21h 13m Raticate used a Quick Attack! Beedrill down. We send in Golem.

6d 21h 12m Vs. Super Nerd! He sends in Raticate, we send in Beedrill.

6d 21h 12m Found an invisible Pokémon Quiz machine! But we got it wrong.

6d 21h 9m We successfully answered the first Pokémon Quiz! Door 1 open.

6d 21h 8m Entered Out-of-town Gym

6d 21h 5m Psyduck down to a wild Sandslash. We send out Sylveon and beat it with a kiss ~

6d 21h 4m Back into Anarchy!

6d 21h 2m [D] Out of the river, back to walking.

6d 21h 2m [D] Surfing on Route 57 ~

6d 21h 0m [D] Out of Castro Forest, on Route 57.

6d 20h 55m [D] Psyduck grew to Lv. 30!

6d 20h 49m [D] Still making our way slowly through Castro Forest, generally grinding.

[Info] If anyone's wondering where all these places are, this map might help: http://i.imgur.com/thSaxJm.jpg

6d 20h 29m [D] Still in Castro Forest, getting blown away by Whirlwinds.

6d 20h 19m [D] Entered Castro Forest.

6d 20h 11m [D] Flew again to Castro Valley.

6d 20h 8m [D] Flew to Moroga Town.

6d 20h 6m [D] Spent a while in the Fly screen, only to cancel out of it.

[Chat] Hyper Bee ~

6d 19h 59m [D] Taught Hyper Beam to Beedrill, fourth slot.

6d 19h 50m [D] Set the text speed to fast.

6d 19h 45m [D] Withdrew TM15.

6d 19h 44m Aaand we're back! We're in Seashore City (our home town) with Democracy enabled. We're attempting to withdraw something from our home PC.

[Meta] Gotta rest, hopefully someone should be around soon to resume updates.

6d 17h 26m Surfing down from the cave.

6d 17h 23m Outsiiiide.

[Info] Crobat is the last one alive, on more than half health.

6d 16h 41m Walking around this cave somewhere. Don't know how far we are from exits.

6d 16h 25m Looks like we can't get into Naljo in this game at least. We're slowly making our way back out.

6d 16h 21m Seems to have activated a glitch. A trainer encounter theme is playing on a loop, border guard is telling us not to pick a fight with Team Rocket.

6d 16h 21m Ran into the border patrol - he won't let us past without a passport!

6d 16h 20m Obtained the Dusk Stone!

6d 16h 18m Used our last Pokéball missing a wild Ditto.

6d 16h 9m The chat is currently trying to toss an item so we can continue.

6d 16h 1m We find a security guard, but an item blocks our path and our pack is full.

6d 15h 54m Wild Ryhorn scores a critical Stomp. Golem down! We're now on our last Pokémon, Crobat.

[Chat] FaithfulForce : Even in 2d we can still overshoot

6d 15h 43m Golem grew to Lv. 42!

6d 15h 40m Obtained TM15 Hyper Beam!

[Info] We're down to two Pokémon, Golem and Crobat. Golem only has 17 HP left.

6d 15h 32m Still in the sidescrolling section of International Cave, making our way up ladders.

6d 15h 21m We've reached a sidescrolling map, Super Mario style!

6d 15h 20m Encountered a wild Eevee! But we faint it.

6d 15h 17m Wild Ditto uses our own Wood Hammer against us! Venusaur down!

6d 15h 12m Caught a Lv. 30 Marill! No nickname.

6d 15h 9m We encounter a Marill, chat goes nuts and desperately tries to catch it.

6d 15h 6m Sylveon down to a wild Ditto's Fairy Wind!

6d 15h 4m We meet a man standing on a ladder, who loves to dig ~


6d 15h 0m Still in International Tunnel, battling a bunch of Swinub.

6d 14h 54m A wild Ditto used our own Surf against us! Psyduck down!

6d 14h 51m Caught a Lv. 31 Ditto! No Nickname.

6d 14h 49m Currently battling a wild Ditto with Psyduck, looks like we're trying to capture it.

[Fluff] Seems Disable was disabled. :3

6d 14h 43m We've entered International Tunnel. It's using the music from Dark Cave.

6d 14h 42m Crobat grew to Lv. 59! Bug Catcher defeated ~

6d 14h 42m Crobat uses Fly again! Scyther goes down.

6d 14h 41m Crobat uses Fly - critical hit! Ariados goes down. Bug Catcher sends in Scyther.

6d 14h 41m We send in Crobat, it uses Fly. Butterfree goes down. Bug Catcher sends out Ariados.

6d 14h 40m Butterfree uses Psybeam. Beedrill down!

6d 14h 39m Verses Bug Catcher! He sends in Butterfree, we send it Beedrill.

6d 14h 37m We're now surfing ~

6d 14h 34m Heading north out of Castro Valley onto Route 58.

6d 14h 29m Healed & checkpointed at Castro Valley.

6d 14h 28m Back to Anarchy.

6d 14h 27m [D] Flew to Castro Valley!

6d 14h 24m Democracy activated!

6d 14h 21m Out of Botan City, heading south on Route 58.

6d 14h 16m Out of the cave, back in Botan City.

6d 13h 56m Still grinding in Botan City Cave, slowly making our way out.

6d 13h 42m Sylveon down to a wild Natu's Night Shade!

6d 13h 39m Obtained the Red Orb from a guy wanted to be a good Buddhist.

6d 13h 36m We tossed the Prism Key!

6d 13h 30m Caught a Lv. 19 Natu! Nickname: AAAITV

6d 13h 18m A guy tried to give us his Red Orb so he can get good karma, but we don't have enough space for it.

6d 13h 16m Sylveon grew to Lv. 28!

6d 13h 8m Spoke to a guy - apparently the cave is being demolished for a high speed railway to Naljo.

6d 13h 6m Still grinding and catching in Botan City Cave...

6d 13h 2m Caught a Lv. 21 Cubone! Nickname: ((VM-

[Info] Sylveon is actually Lv. 27, not Lv. 23!

6d 12h 49m Caught a Lv. 19 Slowpoke! Nickname: BHIHHHkkp(PK)

6d 12h 38m Sylveon grew to Lv. 23! Abandoned learning Disable.

6d 12h 37m Psyduck went down at some point too. Sylveon is now at the head of the party.

6d 12h 36m Caught a Lv. 20 Phanpy! Nickname: AA-STUUMMN

Caught a Yanma! Nickname: -

6d 12h 23m Wild Yanma used a Sonicboom. Beedrill down.

[Info] Beedrill's in front right now, level 23. It seems that we are level grinding, sometimes switching to make taking out the foe easier.

6d 12h 10m In some cavey-type area with the Rocket Base theme playing.

6d 12h 5m In the Botan mart.

6d 12h 2m Flew.. to.. Gravel. Yaaaay.

6d 12h 2m And now we are in Gravel Town again?

6d 11h 58m Flew to Owsauri.

6d 11h 43m Party healed by our mother.

6d 11h 41m In Seashore.

6d 11h 37m On the road above Gravel Town.

6d 11h 35m Flew to Gravel Town

6d 11h 31m Outside.

6d 11h 9m We surf on our way back to the exit

6d 11h 5m We get Kings Rock!

[Info] Actually, we used 2 repels. Dunno how that'll work.

6d 11h 4m We use a repel and toss a Max Elixer!

6d 11h 3m we then get off the bike

6d 11h 2m We then get on the bike

6d 11h 1m We try to toss the Town Map. Game doesn't let us

[Fluff] Bulbasaur's cry still hasn't changed.

6d 10h 55m Fisherman tries to give us an item but we have no room™

6d 10h 55m a wild Swinub appears near the fisherman

6d 10h 53m We step off back onto land

6d 10h 52m We are surfing, and apparently pressing B makes us surf faster

[Fluff] Unless we toss something, we won't be able to recieve the Kings Rock

6d 10h 49m we hit land near the ladder to the deepest part of the cave

6d 10h 48m We use surf!

6d 10h 48m We need to surf to get deeping to the well

[Info] Slowpoke's Well is the last area in Johto we can explore. Rest of Johto is blocked off due to the earthquake

6d 10h 40m We saw several Slowpokes, and a zubat

6d 10h 35m We Enter Slowpoke's Well!

6d 10h 35m The rock near the well says stuff about the Indigo Plateau

[Snark] You mean GTF outta here

6d 10h 32m We talk to some guy who wants to GTFO outta here

6d 10h 31m We are near the entrance to the well

[Info] Dex completion: 23/142/225

6d 10h 29m We seem to going near the Slowpoke's Well

6d 10h 27m We exit the gym!

6d 10h 26m It was sent to the PC!

6d 10h 26m We select Lv 30 Gligar! Nick: AABKLPTW)Y

6d 10h 24m Bugsy lets us pick a Pokémon to keep for our victory

6d 10h 23m Bugsy Defeated!

6d 10h 23m Scizor keeps on setting up as the chat tries to swap Crobat's move! They accidentally win the battle with a wing attack!

6d 10h 22m Scizor is sent out!

6d 10h 22m Yanmega KO'd by Crobat! Crobat to lv 58!

6d 10h 21m We select Crobat for battle

6d 10h 21m Sylveon also KO'd!

6d 10h 21m Venusaur KO'd by Yanmega!

6d 10h 20m We then swap in Venusaur

6d 10h 20m Sylveon chipping down on Yanmega's health!

6d 10h 19m Sylveon is sent out!

6d 10h 19m Golem KO'd!

6d 10h 19m Golem wakes up but only has 13 HP remaining and confused!

6d 10h 18m Golem still in deep sleep

6d 10h 18m And is swapped back in for Golem!

6d 10h 17m Crobat is sent out along with the selects

6d 10h 17m Its Yanmega vs Golem!

6d 10h 16m Butterfree KO'd by Venusaur!

6d 10h 15m Venusaur sets up the Leech Seed, Butterfree lays the Sleep Powder on Venusaur

6d 10h 15m Golem swapped for Venusuar!

6d 10h 14m Crobat is swapped for Golem! Golem is then sent to sleep with Sleep Powder

6d 10h 14m Butterfree is sent out!

6d 10h 14m Crobat KO's Heracross easily with swift!

6d 10h 13m Crobat is sent out! Chat begings spamming select again

6d 10h 13m Heracross KO's Psyduck!

6d 10h 13m Heracross vs Psyduck!

6d 10h 12m Psyduck to Lv 29!

6d 10h 12m Psyduck then switches to surf, KO's Ariados!

6d 10h 12m Psyduck starts out with attack Ariados with a couple of Psybeams

6d 10h 11m It's Psyduck vs Ariados!

6d 10h 11m vs Johto Gym Leader Bugsy! Attempt 3!

6d 10h 9m Crobat KO's Venomoth! Bug Catcher defeated!

6d 10h 8m Venomoth is sent out!

6d 10h 8m Crobat KO's Scyther!

6d 10h 8m Ariados goes down to Crobat! Scyther is sent out!

6d 10h 6m Crobat vs Ariados!

6d 10h 6m Beedrill KO'd by Ariados!

6d 10h 5m vs Bug Catcher! Its Ariados vs Beedrill

6d 10h 3m We renter the gym

6d 9h 59m Scizor KO's Crobat! Blacked Out!

6d 9h 59m Scizor is setting up the Swords Dance! Next turn it uses Swift!

6d 9h 58m Chat is also apparently trying to change the move order of Crobat during the battle

6d 9h 57m Metal Claw KO's Golem! Crobat is sent out!

6d 9h 57m Golem is sent out

6d 9h 56m Psyduck goes down to Scizor's Metal Claw

6d 9h 55m It's Scizor vs Psyduck!

6d 9h 55m Surf KO's Yanmega!

6d 9h 55m We send out Psyduck! It does little damage to Yanmega

6d 9h 54m Yanmega KO's Sylveon!

6d 9h 53m We swap for Sylveon once again!

6d 9h 53m Golem is confused and can't attack the opponent!

6d 9h 52m Yanmega is in the red currently

6d 9h 51m We swap into Golem!

6d 9h 51m Crobat wakes up! It hit itself tho

6d 9h 50m Crobat is swapped in! Still asleep!

6d 9h 49m Sylveon is then swapped in for Psyduck!

6d 9h 48m Venusaur KO'd by Yanmega's Wing Attack! Sylveon on to relieve!

6d 9h 47m Yanmega vs Venusaur!

6d 9h 47m Butterfree tries to use whirlwind a few times before going to Psybeam! Sylveon however brings Buterfree to the red before its swapped in for Venusaur! Venusaur then KO's it! Venusaur to Lv 43!

6d 9h 46m Butterfree uses sleep powder to out Crobat to sleep! We swap to Sylveon!

6d 9h 45m Butterfree is sent out!

6d 9h 45m A couple of swifts KO's Heracross!

6d 9h 45m Crobat vs Heracross!!!

6d 9h 44m Crobat also KO's Ariados! Grows to Lv 57!

6d 9h 44m Crobat is sent out!

6d 9h 44m Ariados KO's Beedrill!

6d 9h 44m vs Johto Gym Leader Bugsy x 2! Ariados vs our Beedrill!

6d 9h 42m We reenter the Azelea Gym!

[Snark] Current music: Azalea Town (Wall Mix)

6d 9h 40m Scizor KO's Crobat! Blacked Out!

6d 9h 39m Its now Scizor vs Golbat!

6d 9h 39m Swift KO's Yanmega!

6d 9h 38m Crobat hangs in there with 10 HP remaining!

6d 9h 37m Yanmega vs Crobat!

6d 9h 37m Butterfree gets KO'd!

6d 9h 36m Its Butterfree vs Crobat!

6d 9h 36m Crobat KO's Heracross!

6d 9h 35m Crobat is sent out!

6d 9h 35m Heracross is sent out! Venusaur gets KO'd next turn!

6d 9h 34m Ariados is KO'd!

6d 9h 33m Its Ariados vs Venusaur!

6d 9h 33m *vs Johto Gym Leader Bugsy!

6d 9h 32m We use Fly once again! Butterfree is KO'd! Bug Catcher defeated!

6d 9h 32m Butterfree is sent out!

6d 9h 32m We use Fly to KO Venomoth!

6d 9h 32m Venomoth is sent out!

6d 9h 31m Golbat to Lv 56!

6d 9h 31m We use Fly to KO Beedrill!

6d 9h 30m and then we swap back into Sylveon! Sylveon faints the next turn!

6d 9h 30m We swap to Golbat!

6d 9h 29m Beedrill uses rage as Sylveon uses tackle!

6d 9h 29m vs Bug Catcher! Its the foe's Beedrill vs our Sylveon!

6d 9h 28m Venusaur KO's Butterfree! Youngster defeated!

6d 9h 27m We swap to Venusaur!

6d 9h 26m Crobat wakes up and then it KO's this Parasect! Buterfree is sent out!

6d 9h 26m Another Spore attack puts Crobat back to sleep!

6d 9h 25m Another Parasect is sent out! We stick with Crobat!

6d 9h 25m Bite KO's Parasect!

6d 9h 24m Spore buts Crobat to sleep!

6d 9h 23m Crobat is sent out!

6d 9h 23m Parasect KO's Psyduck!

6d 9h 23m vs Youngster! He sends out Parasect! We send out Psyduck!

6d 9h 22m Cut takes care of Venomoth! Youngster defeated!

6d 9h 21m Venusaur is sent out!

6d 9h 21m Vemomoth KO's Golem!

6d 9h 21m Venomoth is sent out! It paralyzes Golem!

6d 9h 20m Golem takes down Pinsir! Golem to Lv 41!

6d 9h 18m Bite KO's Yanmega! Pinsir is sent out! We swap to Golem!

6d 9h 17m Crobat is sent out!

6d 9h 17m Yanmega KO's Beedrill!

6d 9h 17m vs Youngster! He sends out Yanmega! We send out Beedrill

6d 9h 16m We enter the Azelea City Gym!

6d 9h 16m We exit the Pokémon Center!

6d 9h 13m We heal our Pokémon, set Checkpoint @ Azelea Town!

6d 9h 12m Some guy tells us the slowpoke ran away during an earthquake!

6d 9h 11m We enter the Azelea Town Pokémon Center!

6d 9h 10m Lots of rocks are blocking various places! The Pokémon Center and Gym seems to be accessible tho

6d 9h 9m We exit into Azelea Town!

6d 9h 7m We try to get another item but our bag is full!

6d 9h 7m We reenter the gatehouse! We found a pearl inside!

6d 9h 6m we then exit trying to get an item

6d 9h 5m We enter the gate house! There seems to be a couple of items inside

6d 9h 2m We make to the Ilex Forest-Azelea Town gate

6d 9h 0m We found a Gold Leaf in the shrine tho

6d 9h 0m 6d 9h 0m We make it to Celebi's shrine. No tree to cut unlike in GSC

[Chat] RomanoffBlitzer: Too bad we can't Full Restore Johto BibleThump

6d 8h 57m We found a Full Restore!

6d 8h 55m We found a Razor Claw!

[Fluff] Or it's only because we keep bumping into walls, interrupting the music.

6d 8h 54m We enter a wild Pokémon battle and to your disappointment the wild Pokémon theme isn't the Johto version, just the same RBY theme

[Info] The music here is also missing a channel and some notes.

6d 8h 52m We exit the route and enter Ilex Forest

6d 8h 49m We found TM50

6d 8h 46m Girl on route: "Please keep quiet about my crying"

Chat spams BibleThump!

6d 8h 44m We find TM44!

6d 8h 44m We make it the northern part of the route to find Goldenrod City blocked by rocks

6d 8h 43m We make it up to the Johto Daycare, which is unassailable

[Info] The music is some corrupted and slowed Route 34 theme.

6d 8h 40m We enter Route 34 (Johto)!!

[Info] There is no Wild Pokémon in Route 34

6d 8h 39m We enter the gatehouse and we get strange music!

6d 8h 37m We try to enter the gatehouse which leads to Johto proper but we miss it and go up way north

6d 8h 36m We run! Snorlax dissapears! We then go back into the gatehouse

6d 8h 35m *vs Wild Snorlax! We enter Anarchy Mode!

6d 8h 34m [D] We use the Poke Flute! Big Anarchy Push!

6d 8h 31m [D] We exit back outside right near Snorlax

6d 8h 29m [D] We get off the bike

6d 8h 23m We have entered Democracy Mode

6d 8h 22m We reenter the gate house!

6d 8h 21m Bite takes down Dugtrio with two bites! Cue Ball defeated!

6d 8h 20m Dugtrio is sent out! We send out Crobat!

6d 8h 19m Ditto gets cut three times by Venusaur and faints!

6d 8h 19m vs Cue Ball! Cue Ball sends out Ditto! We send out Venusaur!

6d 8h 19m We exit back outside to Rijon half of Cycling Peak

6d 8h 9m We move around the upstairs area, look at the binoculars and see the Magnet Train. The democracy meter is at 85% right now

6d 8h 6m we are running upstairs and back downstairs

6d 8h 3m We enter back into the gatehouse and go upstairs

6d 7h 59m Currently trying to use the Poke Flute without flying back and losing precious time again

6d 7h 57m Democracy receiving a huge push in chat. Meter at 84% currently

6d 7h 56m We enter the through the gate to the other side to find Snorlax blocking our way!

6d 7h 54m We exit the ledge portion and enter Cycling Peak (Route 47-B)

6d 7h 53m Venusaur to Lv 42

6d 7h 50m So far, the grass near the last edge of this portion of Cycling Road is keeping us busy with wild Pokémon

6d 7h 41m Sylvian has fainted!

6d 7h 30m And now we're in the tall grass beyond the first ledge.

6d 7h 28m The input system is having a hell of a time right now, skipping, stalling, reordering inputs...

6d 7h 23m We've made it to the final ledges!

6d 7h 21m The input system is straining again, allowing us to fall quite far down the route before it restarts again...

6d 7h 20m We've made it to the docks of Cycling Road!

6d 7h 16m Sylvian to Level 26!

6d 7h 15m Psyduck is down as well!

6d 7h 9m A wild Dodrio has taken down Beedrill!

6d 7h 4m Back on Cycling Road!

6d 6h 57m We've flown to green town! Forward progress!

6d 6h 56m Hanging around our home town.

6d 6h 41m We've flown to Gravel Town now! Backward progress!

6d 6h 33m We've flown back home! ...from home...!

6d 6h 24m Spending a bunch of quality time with mom apparently. I think that's 6 heals now?

6d 6h 23m We spoke with mom and healed! Twice!

[Snark] That went downhill fast

6d 6h 12m And there it is.... Welcome back to Gravel Town everyone! Thanks Trollbat!

[Fluff] But Ducklett can learn Fly...

6d 6h 6m We attempt to teach our Psyduck how to fly. Apparently the game thinks that ducks can't fly...

6d 6h 4m We saved! So now we can reset if we kill Snorlax!


[Chat] Aissurtievos : Up count before we ever got to cycling road: 60234, current count: 130131 MingLee

6d 6h 1m We toss TM 29!

6d 6h 0m The democracy slider rockets from 30% to 75%

[Chat] GlassGunner : Current objective: Play a catchy tune DBstyle

6d 5h 59m Welcome to Johto! We're greeted by a sleeping Snorlax...!

[Chat] Aissurtievos : the up count doubled since we started cycling road in the beginning MingLee

6d 5h 57m We've made it past the slope! We're at the top!

6d 5h 55m We've made it to the final sign and patch of grass blocking our path...

6d 5h 46m Crobat wakes up and takes out his remaining Pokémon! More ups away!!

6d 5h 45m Golem has been taken down! And Crobat is asleep!

6d 5h 43m Psyduck goes down to his Primeape!

6d 5h 42m We get spotted by a biker Cue Ball, who tells us we're in Johto territory now and fights us!

6d 5h 40m And Sylvian faints due to poison. It was barely hurt when it got poisoned...

6d 5h 39m Sylvian was poisoned in a wild battle and we make it to a docks section of the route now.

6d 5h 31m The inputs got a slight break as we got in a wild fight, then onwards with the up inputs!

6d 5h 28m We're back at cycling road, pushing our way up the hill. We just reached part 2 I think!

6d 5h 20m Oh hey, it's our old grinding spot again!

6d 5h 10m We're in a green town now. We were in the Poké Center moments ago and now we're just putzing around town.

6d 4h 49m Psyduck to level 27! He forgot Confusion and learned Psybeam!

6d 4h 31m Psyduck is making quick work of all the rock Pokémon in this cave that we're still in.

6d 4h 4m Beedrill has been KAPOWed by a Hiker's Geodude!

6d 3h 50m Currently making our way through a cave of some sort.

[Snark] Virus Scan is the new Helix/Town Map.

6d 3h 39m Through a winding path, past some houses.

[Snark] It's possible to see impossible colours like this.

[Snark] The town we're wandering around in right now is so blindingly purple it's making me see bright orange when looking away from the screen...

6d 3h 33m Probably at Castro.

6d 3h 25m Moving south of Botan.

[Fluff] I think Paul wasn't facing a cut tree, but a bush or something.

6d 3h 23m Trying to surf on a cut tree...

[Fluff] Yes, that town is still painted red.

6d 3h 19m Paul again flew, this time (presumably) to Botan.

[Info] A/D voting bar is at 57%

[Fluff] Will the EU referendum by the UK tomorrow be this close?

[Chat] One is yelling "VISIT MOM!"

6d 3h 15m Riiight... Paul flew back to Gravel.

6d 3h 13m If not mistaken we're at Seashore Town, by the west water edge.

[Snark] Probably still having memories of the steep bicycle lane...

6d 3h 6m I wonder why we are going north of Gravel.

[Fluff] Party order may or may not have switched before that...

6d 3h 3m Paul flew to Gravel Town!

[Info] About 4000 XP to go for Golem to level up.

[Info] Party order is Beedrill23, Psyduck25, Sylveon25, Venusaur41, Golem40 and Crobat55.

6d 2h 54m Outside the center.

6d 2h 50m Now we're chilling in the Pokecenter.

6d 2h 47m In the Mart.

6d 2h 46m We left the game corner.

6d 2h 34m Still at the slots.

6d 2h 28m I love how we win all of these 50 coin payouts and then chat freaks out when we find 10 coins on the floor.

[Fluff] thereisasoupinmyfly is getting way too much entertainment out of spamming the mode vote


[Fluff] I'll just update the winnings if we get 7s

6d 2h 13m Charmander 50.

6d 2h 13m Squirtle 50.

6d 2h 11m Bulbasaur 50.

6d 2h 8m Charmander 50.

6d 2h 8m Cherries 18.

6d 2h 7m Another Charmander 50!

6d 2h 5m We've gotten a Charmander 50 and a Squirtle 50. Pokemon: Gamble them all!

6d 2h 3m Just as we were about to run out, we get two lines of Bulbasaur for 50 coins each.

6d 2h 2m And we're gambling.

6d 1h 57m We're back to Anarchy!

6d 1h 56m We don't learn growth.

6d 1h 55m We used the other Rare Candy to level Venusaur to 41!

[Poll] Should we keep Beedrill?

6d 1h 51m [D] We don't learn Haze. We're going to do Venusaur next so we don't teach it a bad move.

6d 1h 49m [D] We used one on Golbat, leveling it up to 55!

6d 1h 44m [D] We bought two Rare Candies!

6d 1h 43m [D] We're at the corner, about to buy something.

[Info] Still in democracy

6d 1h 39m We're in the Game Corner right now.

[Fluff] Is the joke supposed to be "Ow, sorry"?

6d 1h 33m Back at Owsauri City.

6d 1h 33m [D] Apparently we might be boxing the bee.

6d 1h 27m [D] Democracy has activated!

6d 1h 22m Right now we're trying to grind Beedrill to 25.

6d 1h 13m We've been fighting a wild Kakuna for about 5 minutes now. It's riveting, I swear.

6d 1h 5m Looks like we're on Route 50 now. A potential plan going around in chat is to go to the daycare to get bucket.

6d 1h 3m Onto Route 49!

[Snark] Good attempt guys.

6d 0h 57m We return to Owsauri City!

6d 0h 56m We use the Poke Flute to gives a catchy tune to hum along while Weezing uses Smog to KO Crobat! Blacked Out!

6d 0h 55m Chat seems to be pushing for some democracy to salvage this attempt. Will it succeed?

6d 0h 54m Currently we are 8 HP away from blacking out

[Info] Also we are now on Route 47-B (Cycling Peak)

6d 0h 53m vs Biker We send out Crobat! He sends out Weezing!

6d 0h 52m also Riot Screen Up but briefly

6d 0h 51m Venusaur KO'd by Electrode! Electrodes also KO'd by self-destructed! Trainer defeateD!

6d 0h 50m vs Biker! He sends out Electrode! We send out Venusaur!

6d 0h 48m We swap to Crobat, Crobat uses Wing Attack to OHKO Machamp! Biker defeated!

6d 0h 47m vs Biker! its Machamp vs our Venusaur!

6d 0h 47m We seem to be off the hill portion. No more forced downs!

6d 0h 46m Marowak is sent out! Crobat KO's it! Biker defeated!

6d 0h 46m Murkrow is sent out! We keep Crobat in! Murkrow uses haze to remove Crobat's Paralyze status, we then KO it!

6d 0h 45m Crobat KO's Gligar!

6d 0h 45m Gligar is sent out! We stick with Crobat

6d 0h 44m Crobat at Lv 54, and Golbat is Crobat btw

6d 0h 44m Golbat is sent out! Uses Swift to KO Ariados!

6d 0h 44m Ariados uses another Night Shade and Golem is now in the red! Next attack, Golem faints!

6d 0h 42m We swap to Golem! Ariados uses Night Shade tho to do some big dammage

6d 0h 42m vs Biker! its his Ariados vs our Venusaur!

6d 0h 40m We make it past the ledges

6d 0h 38m Venusaur to Lv 40 during a wild Pokémon battle

6d 0h 37m Paul has nearly fallen back to the bridge section but influx of up commands saves him from returning back there

6d 0h 35m "You're almost there" - Biker 2016

With how TPP is, almost doesn't mean much

6d 0h 34m Crobat wins the fight, KO'ing the foe's Golbat! Biker defeated!

6d 0h 33m Golbat is sent out! We keep Crobat in for the battle of the bats!

6d 0h 33m Several Crobat attacks later and Weezing is KO'd

6d 0h 33m 2 Wood Hammers KO's Muk! Biker sends out Weezing! We swap out to Crobat

6d 0h 31m vs Biker! He sends out Muk! We send out Venusaur

6d 0h 31m We jump off the ledge, the first of many

6d 0h 30m We finally make it off the bridge onto the ledges portion of Cycling Road

6d 0h 28m 9.8 m/s2 prevails again as we nearly make it off the bridge but come up short and fall down again

6d 0h 26m We nearly make it off the bridge but fall short and race down to a wild Raticate battle in a patch of grass

6d 0h 23m We make up the to the bridge

6d 0h 22m We make it up further up hill on Cycling Road

6d 0h 18m Wild Arbok KO's Sylveon!

6d 0h 15m We get through another portion of the road and hit some grass with Wild Pokémon

6d 0h 12m We defeat said Pikachu and return to the 2nd part of this Cycling Road

6d 0h 11m Currently trying to throw a HM01 at a Pikachu. The game forbids us to use said item tho. Sylveon also gets paralyzed

[Fluff] The game actually calls this Route 48-B since HGSS has a canon Route 48.

6d 0h 6m and momentum carries us back to the first part of cycling road

6d 0h 4m We enter the small alcove to progress further through the road

6d 0h 0m We enter Day 7 on an uphill battle to enter Johto!

5d 23h 58m So far the road is winning this battle against Paul. Is this hill too tall to overcome?

5d 23h 56m Game also freezes for a sec but continues to run

5d 23h 56m Riot screen comes up, the layout is refreshed, and the inputs are back!

5d 23h 55m INPUTS FROZEN!

5d 23h 48m Psyduck also fainted, this time to a wild Arbok!

5d 23h 45m Beedrill is down!

5d 23h 36m Beedrill grew to level 23!

5d 23h 33m Back at Part 2.

5d 23h 27m After some wild battling we're back to Part 1.

5d 23h 20m We're already on Part 2 of the "road" section.

5d 23h 16m We're back at Cycling Road again! How long do you think it'll take us to beat it?

5d 23h 14m Route 49!

5d 23h 13m Back in Owsauri.

5d 23h 13m Time to try again at least.

5d 23h 12m We finally faints against a Weezing! Black out!

[Snark] I'd like to thank the devs for the music remix Kappa

5d 23h 12m We use Fly, it uses Sludge. Fly again defeats it. Two more mons with 8 HP to go.

5d 23h 11m And we just fell in the line of sight of one. Fighting another Biker. We send out Crobat against Muk.

5d 23h 11m We actually managed to skip some trainers and use one as a benchmark.

5d 23h 10m We're about to pass the bridge!

5d 23h 10m We finish Hypno off with Wing Attack. Defeated Biker!

5d 23h 9m We hit a Fly, it hits a Psychic. We both barely survive.

5d 23h 9m Our Golbat tries to use Fly, it fails. We get hit with Poison Gas, it fails.

5d 23h 9m Another trainer! This time a Biker. It sends out its only Pokemon, a Hypno.

5d 23h 8m Against Dugtrio. We "Fly" it to death and level up to 53! Defeated Cue Ball.

5d 23h 7m Against Machoke. After a Fly, it's more Ma-broke.

5d 23h 7m Against Primeape! We use Swift to get rid of that Funky MonkeyTM.

5d 23h 6m We use Fly and Swift to finish it before it can even hit us.

5d 23h 5m Facing Cue Ball! We send out Golbat against Tauros!

5d 23h 5m And now we're back at the bridge.

5d 23h 4m We're currently going back down the road.

5d 22h 53m Inputs were frozen for a second, we should be okay now.

5d 22h 51m We're on the bridge section now.

[Fluff] I'm actually surprised how much progress we're making on Cycling Road in light of the glitch.

5d 22h 46m Defeated Biker! (It wasn't a Pool Cue m'bad).

5d 22h 45m We use Swift, and the HP drained from Leech Seed finishes off the Bull. Crobat levels up to 52!

5d 22h 45m Venusaur faints to Rage! Go Crobat!

5d 22h 45m We use Giga Drain and Leech Seed as Tauros continues to build its Rage.

5d 22h 44m Slyveon faints to Rage! Go Venusaur!

5d 22h 44m We send out Slyveon to face Tauros! Our Swift vs its Rage.

5d 22h 43m We send out Venusaur, who takes it down with Wood Hammer, and levels up to 39!

[Fluff] This snake sure has an appetite.

5d 22h 42m Two Bites KO Psyduck! We send out Golem, who goes down to a Bite!

5d 22h 42m Fighting another Cue Ball! We send out our Psyduck against an Arbok!

5d 22h 40m Golem barely defeats Golem, levels up to 40! Defeated Cue Ball!

5d 22h 40m We add in a few Mud-slaps as the AI cycles through all of the moves. Earthquake really hurt us!

5d 22h 39m Against Ditto! We send out Golem. Now it's a Tackle-fest!

5d 22h 39m ...and get a critical hit! Even though we get Stomped, another Fly finishes the job!

5d 22h 38m Go Venusaur! Now Golbat! We use Fly...

5d 22h 38m We're OHKOed by Vicegrip!

5d 22h 38m On the third part, Fighting a Cue Ball! We send out Beedrill vs Kingler.

5d 22h 32m Back at the first part.

5d 22h 29m We've made it to the second part. Map


5d 22h 12m Onto Route 49!

5d 22h 7m Back outside.

5d 22h 4m Still in the game corner btw.

5d 22h 0m Back in Anarchy!

5d 21h 59m [D] We put Beedrill in front.

5d 21h 58m Still in democracy and navigating our menu.

5d 21h 51m Venusaur forgot Poison Powder and learned Wood Hammer!

5d 21h 45m We bought TM41 Wood Hammer!

5d 21h 41m We went in deeper. Probably going to the tm booth.

5d 21h 36m We went into the game corner.

5d 21h 29m Outside of the center, still in demo. We're doing something all right.

5d 21h 25m We checkpointed and healed at the Pokemon Center!

5d 21h 25m Now we're in Owsauri City. Still in democracy tho.

5d 21h 20m While I was recapping we flew to our hometown, Gravel Town.

[Info] To give you a recap of the last two hours: We did more cycling road attempts and gambling. Also we went to the weird forest and got a card key

5d 21h 17m We're in democracy right now navigating menus.

[Fluff] We won 777 in slot machines around 5d 20h 20m

5d 20h 37m We're in the Day-Care, and our Diglett has grown 23 levels.

[Meta] I've gotta go, any updaters who want to sub in, that would be appreciated. *tips hat*

5d 19h 7m We're back!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Pokemon Ming & Lee is not a joke

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Pokemon Ming & Lee MingLee

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: :o

5d 18h 59m Riot screen!

[Info] Once we're unfrozen, for reference: http://i.imgur.com/iHlw4Vv.jpg

5d 18h 55m And we're back. Still frozen.

5d 18h 54m Riot screen is up!

5d 18h 52m Screen's frozen! We probably broke OBS.

5d 18h 51m We took a break from the road and are currently in a house.

[Chat] Skyjersey: blue and purple plays pokemon

5d 18h 31m We dipped to the first part and almost managed to recover. Sadly we didn't.

5d 18h 30m In the second part.

5d 18h 22m We were also at the top of the hill. The PogChamp reactions ensured our descent.

5d 18h 21m We found a hidden Max Elixer!

[Info] Once we're at Part 2 we have to go up and right. But if we hit right at the wrong time, we go back to Part 1. Additionally if we go too high while on the left side there's some grass that we can battle wild Pokemon in and disorientate the collective. This game, I tell you.

[Info] For those who aren't watching, the section of the road we've been stuck on is a zigzag. First, it's hard enough getting enough up+b inputs to have the timing we need to go up, but also we have to go left when we reach the top. If we go left too soon we get caught in a lip and can't go up.

5d 18h 13m ...at the start.

5d 18h 12m We've progressed to Part 2 of the road.

[Snark] Nearly 6 days and we're still at the beginning? TriHard

5d 18h 9m Guess where we are? Still at the beginning.

5d 18h 1m And we're back at the beginning.

5d 18h 0m Still progressing on Cycling Road.

5d 17h 56m We got up a part but then someone pushed us right back down. BibleThump

5d 17h 48m Beedril faints

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: :)

5d 17h 13m Stream display back

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: revo isn't going to beat me this time

5d 17h 11m Game blinded due to AW SNAP

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ AW SNAP RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 17h 1m random biker defeated.

5d 16h 59m Crobat grows to 51

5d 16h 58m Psyduck then faints to the Gligar

5d 16h 58m We KO the muk, Psyduck grows to Level 25

5d 16h 56m Psyduck poisoned

5d 16h 55m Venusaur down

5d 16h 52m Sylveon instantly goes down from a Crit Sludge Bomb from a Muk that is 17 levels higher than it


5d 16h 51m VS a Biker

5d 16h 30m Sylveon to Level 25

5d 16h 26m still grinding

5d 16h 17m I guess we've healed our Pokémon

5d 16h 3m Psyduck faints

5d 15h 53m Duck to 24

5d 15h 32m Leveled up to 23 not long ago.

[Info] Psyduck's next in front, it's level 22 right now.

5d 15h 26m Sylveon down

5d 15h 22m Sylveon's Struggling now. But the wild Pokémon are simple, weak things, so it doesn't take much to get rid of them.

5d 15h 2m Sylveon to Lv. 24

5d 14h 40m Sylveon to Lv. 23

[Fluff] Taking bets on whether Sylveon will get to Level 23 before the other two Level 22 mons in the party. Kappa

5d 13h 58m Sylveon to Lv. 22

5d 13h 38m Now east of Hayward.

[Info] It looks like the voting bar is at 0%. Start9

5d 13h 34m Sylveon also did its best in using Tackle, but now it has no more PP for that left!

[Fluff] NPC: "I did my best, I have no regrets!"

inb4 BORTs in chat.

5d 13h 20m Sylveon to Lv. 21

5d 13h 14m Back down in Hayward.

5d 12h 42m In the land Nugget Bridge-esque route.

5d 12h 37m We left the city for a bit but now we are back.

[Info] Party order is Sylveon20, Psyduck22, Beedrill22, Venusaur38, Golem39 and Crobat50.

5d 12h 20m Healed and Checkpointed.

5d 12h 19m We try to use the Virus Scanner in the building. But we are told that there is a time and place for everything! But the viruses, Tim!

5d 12h 18m In the Pokémon Center.

5d 12h 17m Back outside. I think this might be Hayward.

5d 12h 16m In the mart? maybe? it's the building with the custom music

5d 12h 15m In a town that is very yellow.

5d 12h 7m In some grass somewhere idk sorry.

5d 11h 57m Surfing up, finally

5d 11h 41m Back in Seashore.

5d 11h 40m Heading south instead.

5d 11h 31m We seem to trying to surf up north

5d 11h 10m We go up north to Seashore City

5d 11h 6m We fly to Gravel Town

5d 11h 3m Sylveon To Lv 20! Learns Draining Kiss over Sand Attack!

5d 10h 41m We are slowly making it through the route

5d 10h 21m Couple of tackles KO's diglett! Sylveon to lv 19! Hiker defeated!

5d 10h 21m Diglett is sent out by the opponent!

5d 10h 21m We finally use tackle to battle! Few attacks later takes down Koffing!

5d 10h 19m We start out with a couple of Sand Attacks

5d 10h 18m Battle vs Hiker! Se sends out Lv 11 Koffing! We send otu our Lv 18 Sylveon!

5d 10h 10m We somehow did some move rearrangement for Sylveon, move order is now from top-to-bottom: Sand-Attack, Tack, Fairy Wind, Swift.

5d 9h 54m Sylveon to Lv 18!!

5d 9h 52m We move on north to Route 55 (Mt Boulder Range)

5d 9h 48m Paul exits the gym during the said discussion in chat

5d 9h 47m Paul makes his way back into the already cleared Merson City Gym while chat discusses with itself what to do next, including whether to deposit Beedrill or not

5d 9h 43m We exit the mart!

5d 9h 40m We now have ₽ 154, not enough to buy anymore items in this mart

5d 9h 40m We 3 more Repels, 11 more Poké Balls

5d 9h 37m We buy 1 More Poké Ball

5d 9h 34m We buy 1 Repel, 3 Poké Balls

5d 9h 31m We buy 5 Poké Balls

5d 9h 30m We buy 1 Potion

5d 9h 26m We enter Merson City. There was a half house that popped up? wtf

5d 9h 23m We exit the cave onto Route 54 (Merson Pass)

5d 9h 16m walking around in the cave still

5d 8h 58m We continue the slow trot through the cave

5d 8h 47m Currently moving in the cave, fighting some Lv 4 wild Pokémon

5d 8h 37m We enter back into Merson Cave

5d 8h 32m aaaaaaand then exit it

5d 8h 31m We enter Merson Cave

5d 8h 23m We enter Gravel Town

5d 8h 19m We check Bulbasaur's Poke Dex info. Cry is still the same!

5d 8h 13m We also saved the game!

5d 8h 12m We head back down south to Route 53 (Gravel Canyon)

5d 8h 6m After talking to mommy a few times we leave the house!

5d 8h 0m The overlay is reset and we heal again finally!

[Chat] Smokemonster84 : Mom told us to take a rest so we're taking a rest Kappa

[Info] Inputs have ceased....

5d 7h 56m Thrice!

5d 7h 55m Twice!

5d 7h 55m Healed!

5d 7h 48m Hi mom! o/

5d 7h 44m We headed north, and are now eying a cuttable tree...

5d 7h 41m And to put the icing on the cake, we fly out of the gym and back to Gravel Town.

[Info] So yes, that's Gym 6 out of the way now in a haze of flying bat wings...

5d 7h 39m She gave us a TM presumably for Psychic, though I didn't catch it.

5d 7h 38m An Eggsecutor isn't even worth mentioning, nor is her Alakazam! Earned Psi Badge! AND GOLBAT EVOLVED INTO CROBAT!!

5d 7h 38m She sends out a Slowbro who is also taken out by lots of Flying from PK!

5d 7h 37m Golbat takes out the Starmie with a bunch of Flying and grew to Level 50!

5d 7h 37m Sylvian is taken down by Shyrel's Starmie!

5d 7h 36m *Vs Sherel! (Who looks strikingly like Sabrina!)

5d 7h 36m We've arrived at a small dock with a house on it. There's a lady here, Sherel, who knew we were coming. (Back in anarchy.)

5d 7h 33m [D] We surf!

5d 7h 32m [D] We cut the tree into the gym-city proper and are now making our way to the docks.

5d 7h 29m [D] Back in the gym's alternate Seashore now!

5d 7h 28m [D] Cut the tree into the gym!

5d 7h 23m [D] Healed! Thanks mom!

5d 7h 22m [D] Back home again!

5d 7h 21m [D] We fly back to Seashore City!

5d 7h 19m [D] We're in democracy mode!

5d 7h 15m Make that 4 times.

5d 7h 14m And we've flown away to Gravel Town! Twice! Bye psychic gym!

5d 7h 10m We're trying desperately to surf now, I think...

[Info] We swapped to Stick, our Golem, to take out the ghosts the trainer sent at us.

5d 7h 2m Sylvian grew to level 17, forgot quick attack for Swift! Stick grew to level 39!

5d 7h 1m Sylvian's tackle can't hit it... we've checked about 10 times now...

5d 7h 0m Fighting a trainer on the docks! L37 Gastly!

5d 6h 57m We jump the ledge in front of our house, but the path to gravel town is overgrown in this gym-alternate-universe.

5d 6h 55m And because it looks exactly like outside... we're presented with a tree we have to cut. Which we do with relative ease!

5d 6h 54m Jim the Gym Guide tells us how this is the psychic gym, even though it looks exactly like the town itself, just to confuse us (and make chat WutFace more).

5d 6h 51m We enter the gym... except we have trouble because the inside of the gym is apparently exactly like the outside of the gym! WutFace

5d 6h 50m We cut the tree in front of the Seashore Gym!

5d 6h 38m We leave the house and meander around town now.

5d 6h 36m And again.

5d 6h 35m Mom heals us!

5d 6h 33m In our house now. Itz_Chizu in chat is trying to talk to mom mostly by himself.

5d 6h 30m We've arrived back home in Seashore.

5d 6h 25m We're in Tim's lab in gravel town! He tells us to get the Flash HM from his aide after rating our pokedex!

5d 6h 23m We fly back to our hometown!

[Chat] 5d 6h 14m There is some talking about directions, this map is really helpful if anyone doesn't know where we are. http://imgur.com/cQKecgb

5d 6h 10m We are back in Hayward.

5d 6h 7m The new wave of lefts have pushed us onto route 64.

5d 6h 6m We admire the flowers in Hayward's town square.

5d 6h 6m Which we swiftly run from.

5d 6h 6m And it has functioning PCS!

5d 6h 5m We enter what I believe is the geek hut (where we can revive fossils

5d 6h 3m Paul considers hitting the road, but isn't quite sure if that is the best course of action.

5d 5h 59m Paul runs from the Pokémon center

5d 5h 59m And Paul runs before he can do anything.

5d 5h 58m PC TIME!

5d 5h 56m Paul isn't quite sure what he wants to do. His initial instinct is to run away, but he feels something drawing him to the PC on the right.

5d 5h 53m We enter the Pokémon center

5d 5h 52m We set text speed to fast.

5d 5h 47m We hurry back to Hayward

5d 5h 45m We send out Golbat, brackets leads the party.

5d 5h 44m We enter route 63, Psyduck goes down to a quick attack

[Snark] 5d 5h 42m Look what we have ti show for our trip. No levels, no new mon, no new items, it is almost like it was a complete waste of time! At least we reduced the surplus population of Route 64.

5d 5h 41m We enter Hayward

5d 5h 40m It seems all those fallen Rattata will go unavenged, as Paul and his duck make for Hayward.

5d 5h 36m Our Pysduck is one quick attack away from fainting. Those Rattata will have their reckoning yet.

5d 5h 33m Paul doesn't seem to be aware of the fact that running from every battle doesn't quite count as grinding.

[Snark] 5d 5h 32m Maybe I will start live updating the PMD sidegame, that seems more interesting at this point.

5d 4h 58m We continue our adventure through route 64. Wh knows what kind of irreparable damage we have done to the local ecosystem but at least we've gotten some EXP.

5d 4h 57m We continue the grind, a wild Rattata lands a quick attack before being taken out with a Surf from Psyduck.

5d 4h 55m This one landed a hit with quick attack before we took it out.

5d 4h 55m another wild Rattata appears.

5d 4h 53m Paul decides to give the Golbat some experience against the Rattata as well.

5d 4h 52m That Rattata probably had a wife and kids. Paul doesn't care, all he wants is more experience for his Psyduck.

5d 4h 49m Paul looks longingly at his empty coin case before taking out a wild Nidoran M with Psyduck.

5d 4h 48m We continue our massacre of the local mons as a Rattata falls to the duck's surf.

5d 4h 47m Nevermind, Psyduck knocked it out with surf.

5d 4h 47m A Pidgey greets us on this fine afternoon.

5d 4h 46m We brutalize it.

5d 4h 45m A wild Nidoran F appears! Psyduck goes out.

5d 4h 44m We make up our mind and ventures forth to route 64.

5d 4h 43m Paul is standing indecisively on the town border, not sure if he wants to contine.

5d 4h 41m Paul is now being taunted by the monolithic Southland Mall, a constant reminder of how broke he is.

5d 4h 35m Paul continues to bumble around town aimlessly, wondering if there is any purpose to his existence.

5d 4h 27m We walk back to the city, maybe to heal

5d 4h 24m As we stare at a tree, we wonder if we can take on the triumphant task of cutting it.

5d 4h 8m We are back on the grass and Spearow just sent Sylveon to the dream world

5d 3h 39m We go back into the city and heal

5d 3h 17m Sylveon levels up to 16 while we left on a route

5d 3h 5m We walk into a city

5d 2h 41m Wild Rattata has Tackle'd Psyduck into unconscious.

5d 2h 38m We seem to be fighting a wild Spearow and Sylveon was not healed from fainting

5d 2h 36m Inputs have returned

5d 2h 4m Paul is still standing thinking about his life

[Info] We are in a department store

[Info] Inputs have ceased functioning.

5d 1h 37m Sylveon fainted

5d 1h 8m Sylveon is now level 15

5d 0h 48m Sylveon leveled up to level 14 and learned Quick Attack!

5d 0h 36m Sylveon levels up to level 13 in the grass

5d 0h 22m We enter a big house that Resemebles the one in Celadon in Red that has Eevee on the rooftop

[Fluff] Sylveon won its first battle using that, a good sign <3

5d 0h 15m Sylveon crit Tackle twice to beat Doduo after Sand Attacking!

5d 0h 12m We leave the path's shelter and two steps in wild grass a wild Doduo appears and we see Sylveon fight it, looks like a good place to grind since Doduo is level 8 and Sylveon can beat it

5d 0h 11m We go through the path

5d 0h 9m We walk upon land and there's an underground path

5d 0h 4m We surf

[Snark] Bulbasaur's Cry did not change, thank god

4d 23h 55m We are back to the place where we want to surf

4d 23h 53m We walk back to Seashore

4d 23h 46m We Fly to Gravel Town instead of Surf

4d 23h 43m We walk to the route forward and want to surf but the menu is being dorky

4d 23h 32m We withdraw the Card Key

4d 23h 32m Anarchy activated

4d 23h 30m Sylveon learns Fairy Wind

4d 23h 30m We use the Rare Candy on Sylveon instead of Golbat accidentally

4d 23h 27m We withdraw the Rare Candy

4d 23h 27m Stream had the 'tpp will resume shortly' black screen but instant left WutFace

4d 23h 25m We Withdraw the Red Amulet

4d 23h 24m We withdraw the Poke Flute from our home PC

4d 23h 18m We also decide to switch Beedrill's ad Sylveon's placement so Sylveon's on top

4d 23h 17m We fly to Seashore

4d 23h 11m We switch Venusaur's and Sylveon's order, current order is now Beedrill / Psyduck / Sylveon / Venusaur / Golem / Golbat

4d 23h 3m The sidebar sprite for Sylveon doesn't work, and shows the error png square image on the top right

4d 23h 2m We used the Magic Wand on Eevee, it evolved into Sylveon!

4d 22h 57m Democracy activated

4d 22h 53m Eevee and Golem faint to an Azumarill, Golbat is left alive

4d 22h 51m Eevee levels up to level 11 after switching to Golbat

4d 22h 48m A Wild Azumarill beats up Psyduck with Rag

4d 22h 46m The same Golbat also takes out Venusaur but Psyduck comes in crits a Surf and with the Leech Seed helping + Confusion lets Psyduck avenge its teammates and levels up to level 21 and wants to learn Water Gun but we declined

[Info] Just in case it wasnt said Beedrill lost Twineedle for Swords Dance so its only attacking move now is Cut

4d 22h 42m Beedrill faints to a Golbat

4d 22h 39m We walk back into the cave when trying to choose the mode we want

4d 22h 38m Politics war is happening right now to use the Magic Wand

4d 22h 32m The house has a teleporter tile that doesn't work

4d 22h 29m We walk into a house and a man is speaking about long distance teleporters or something and how people are impatient for them and he says we are patient after speaking to him twice and gives us A Magic Wand which evolves Eevee into Sylveon!

A man offers us to sell us a Jigglypuff for ₽ 60,000 and when we decline he says 'No swaggy swag for you then.

4d 22h 24m We enter the Pokémon center heal and checkpoint here

4d 22h 23m Wild Houndoom knocks Graveler out unconscious since she was at red health and we found the exit to the cave and will go to the center now

[Info] The Carbos was used on one of our mon, it might be Venusaur, Psyduck or Eevee, not sure

4d 22h 18m We used Surf to ride the waters in the cave

4d 22h 15m Riding a bike!

4d 22h 14m Paul is trying to teach PKbat fly.

[Snark] Encounter rate these days.

4d 21h 54m Lake crossed.

4d 21h 54m Game saved.

4d 21h 51m Full heal tossed away.

4d 21h 48m Eevee fainted to a wild Rhyhorn Lv. 34.

4d 21h 46m Venusaur fainted to a wild Murkrow Lv. 36.

4d 21h 45m Inner lake reached. Game saved.

4d 21h 30m Psyduck fainted.

4d 21h 26m [[ fainted.

4d 21h 22m Last Great Ball wasted on a wild Golbat Lv. 35. No balls left.

[Info] Map: http://i.imgur.com/nrfofbJ.png

4d 21h 22m Seneca caverns.

4d 21h 17m Victory road.

4d 21h 16m Maze solved.

4d 21h 14m Northeast corner of maze.

4d 21h 7m Maze-type ledges can be seen to the north.

4d 21h 5m Jaeru city.

[Fluff] Gastly solo sweep.

4d 21h 3m Venusaur killed itself. Black out.

4d 21h 1m Psyduck fainted and 4 more balls wasted (1 remain).

4d 21h 0m Graveler fainted.

4d 20h 58m Night shade OHKOed BK and 3 more Great Balls blocked.

4d 20h 57m Being confused by Gastly, Golbat performed suicide.

4d 20h 56m [[ fainted and 2 Great Balls blocked by Channeler.

4d 20h 55m Channeler challenges us to a battle. Gastly Lv. 37.

4d 20h 54m Back to the corner near the scared mind-reader.

4d 20h 52m Tree was CUT.

4d 20h 51m Another tree is blocking the path.

4d 20h 50m In the gym.

4d 20h 49m Paul found a Prism Key.

[Fluff] Practice makes perfect!

4d 20h 49m Tree was CUT.

4d 20h 48m Near the tree.

4d 20h 41m Party healed by Mother twice.

4d 20h 40m Game saved.

4d 20h 39m Visiting mom.

4d 20h 35m In and outside the Lab.

4d 20h 34m Paul successfully used FLY to get to the home.

4d 20h 33m Super Potion successfully used on a Golbat.

4d 20h 31m Paul keeps talking with mind-reader who is scared of voices.

4d 20h 29m We are trying to resurrect fainted Psydack with Super Potion. This method doesn't work.

4d 20h 16m Telekinetic challenges us to a battle. Slowbro Lv. 38 vs --------. -------- grew up to Lv. 38. Starmie beaten, Telekinetic defeated.

4d 20h 14m Tree was CUT again. (No need)

[Info] We have 10 Great Balls and 1 Super Potion.

4d 20h 11m In the Gym.

4d 20h 9m Tree was CUT.

4d 20h 7m We are currently in the Seashore city, trying to cut tree blocking path to the gym. 2/6 mons of team are dead. ([[ and Psydack), others have full HP.

4d 20h 0m Game saved.

[Info] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E1nAHmd380 Thorough explanation of NPC movements in gen 1

4d 17h 28m And we seem to be trapped in a corner because NPC walk cycles are great

[Fluff] Why is that Leaf Stone so expensive?

4d 17h 15m We've bankrupted ourselves with a Sixteenth Great Ball. Good Job

4d 17h 15m Fourteen.

4d 17h 15m twelve Great Balls. Thirteen.

4d 17h 13m We've switched to Super Potions, we buy one of them

4d 17h 13m Oh look we bought three at once, make that 10 Great Balls in total. Wait no, eleven

4d 17h 13m seven

4d 17h 13m six, stop buying them one by one

4d 17h 12m On a buying spree, we get four Great Balls so far

[Info] We are in Moraga Town

4d 17h 7m Still wandering around this purple place I don't know the name of as I haven't played Brown

4d 17h 0m In a town that is very purple right now.

4d 16h 55m Walking around outside in I think this is Jaeru City.

4d 16h 45m Healed and checkpointed in whatever town this is

4d 16h 44m In the gate break now, then onwards to.. a town that is green.

4d 16h 43m On the bit of land above the water now.

4d 16h 42m Surfing!

4d 16h 24m Exited the building.

4d 15h 52m Golem to Lv. 38

4d 15h 51m Got Thunder Stone

4d 15h 45m Stream's baaaaack

4d 15h 43m Will Resume Shortly screen is up.

4d 15h 37m Rare Candy found

4d 15h 27m Golem to 37

4d 15h 23m We're in a building with the Rocket Hideout theme playing. I believe it's the Power Plant? Not sure, though.

4d 15h 17m Left the house, and then we enter it again.

4d 15h 15m Psyduck forgets Pay Day for Surf.

[Chat] Swaider: uncle scrooge? PogChamp

4d 15h 12m Psyduck forgot Tail Whip for Pay Day

4d 15h 9m Threw away TM19

4d 15h 8m Tossed the Ruby Egg.

4d 15h 5m We talk to a guy in one of the houses, Got the Good Rod

4d 15h 4m There's a few houses around this area, we're just wandering around them right now.

4d 15h 1m We're in a room with the Safari Zone theme playing. He mentions his HM03 collection, and we receive one for ourself. Surf get! Also TM16 just outside.

4d 15h 0m Trainer defeated. Refreshing stream now

4d 14h 59m A second Seaking was sent in, it goes down, next in is a third Seaking.

[Fluff] That happened a few minutes ago, but my stream has delay right now, apologies for that.

4d 14h 57m Golem to Lv. 36, forgets Harden for Earthquake.

4d 14h 55m Venusaur down to Fury Attack

4d 14h 55m Fighting another Trainer. It's, another Fisherman. Seaking against Venusaur this time.

4d 14h 54m With Wartortle down, Venusaur's now all out of PP for Cut. Fisherman defeated, though.

4d 14h 52m Apparently Dashsaur clutched against the trainer.

4d 14h 52m Now fighting a Fisherman. Venusaur against Wartortle

4d 14h 52m Travelling north on the route/area.

[Fluff] Just like that, the voting bar jumped from 75% to 40% after the battle.

4d 14h 46m Snorlax is down!

[Fluff] Smogon strats!

4d 14h 44m So it chips away at the Snorlax's health with Cut. But the foe keeps Resting all its health back.

4d 14h 44m Venusaur is out of Leech Seed and Giga Drain PP!

[Snark] I'm expecting salty democrat messages in the chat amidst the excitement.

4d 14h 39m Now against Snorlax.

[Fluff] PogChamp

[Info] Currently receiving a flurry of inputs compared to a few minutes ago.

4d 14h 32m Tossed Emerald Egg

[Info] Voting bar pushed to 75% now.

4d 14h 23m Tossed Mushroom

4d 14h 21m Battle animation turned off as chat struggles with the menu.

[Fluff] Same status as on 4d 13h 35m below, except we saved.

[Info] Game options on Slow, On, Set.

4d 13h 57m Biking around.

4d 13h 56m Threw away TM23

4d 13h 47m Saved the game a few times.

4d 13h 35m Facing the Snorlax again.

4d 13h 32m Venusaur to Lv. 37

4d 13h 16m Psyduck down

4d 13h 14m Finally took the staircase out of the forest!

[Info] Party order is Beedrill22, Psyduck20, Venusaur36, Golem35, Eevee10 and Golbat49.

4d 13h 6m Found a Mushroom

4d 13h 6m Beedrill down

[Info] A/D slider at 80% now.

4d 12h 48m Beedrill to Lv. 22

4d 12h 46m Back in the foresty area.

4d 12h 44m Outsiiide.

4d 12h 43m Healed and checkpointed.

4d 12h 42m We're in the Poké Center right now.

4d 12h 38m In Castro.

4d 12h 36m Tree is cut. Onwards!

4d 12h 33m Heading south. In the gate break, then to the route. Hello, cut tree.

4d 12h 32m Flew to Botan City,.. it has the exact same music

4d 12h 31m Outside, and smooth ledge jump.

4d 12h 30m Healed

4d 12h 29m In da house.

4d 12h 28m Back in the starting town, weeeee.

4d 12h 26m Walked onto the route.. south of Seashore, I think?

4d 12h 21m Too late, game saved after flying.

[Fluff] Can we uh... reset the game and go back to our last save?

[Snark] Guess Paul have to try harder to wake Snorlax up.

4d 12h 13m Did Paul just... flew to Gravel Town?

[Fluff] ...even after being threatened by Cut.

4d 12h 12m Saved the game in front of the Snorlax, who didn't seem to budge.

[Info] Only Golbat is able to learn that in Paul's party.

4d 12h 4m We almost tossed... Wait, we actually tossed TM46 Noise Pulse!

4d 11h 59m Hello Snorlax.

4d 11h 57m In the next gate break area.

4d 11h 51m It goes down, Youngster defeated.

4d 11h 51m Nidorino down, Nidorina sent in.

4d 11h 48m Right up against another trainer, Youngster this time. Nidorino against Golem.

4d 11h 47m Golbat's sent in, prepares a Fly to finish off the Gloom, it succeeds and Gloom is out. Golbat gains a level, now 49 from defeating the Trainer.

4d 11h 47m Venusaur down.

4d 11h 46m Now a Gloom is on the opponents' side.

[Fluff] A/D bar appears to be at 100%, but I assume we didn't switch over because there were no votes for either side? It dropped to 66% now.

[Correction] Venusaur, sorry

4d 11h 44m Versus a Gambler, Ivysaur against Weepinbell.

4d 11h 42m We exited the forest area through a.. staircase? Then we were in a blue room and then in a gate break area and now we are outside.

4d 11h 35m Venusaur to Lv. 36

4d 11h 28m Still just walking around the forest while Venusaur, who is first in the party, slowly gets its health chipped down to encounters.

4d 11h 11m Eevee down to the same Beedrill

4d 11h 10m Psyduck down to a wild Beedrill

4d 11h 7m In a forest area with the normal Forest music.

4d 11h 4m Back in the town.

4d 11h 3m Beedrill down

4d 11h 1m Went into a building. Wild encounters can be found in here.

4d 10h 57m Golbat KO'd by Farfetch'd. Blacked Out to Castro Valley!

4d 10h 56m We exit back to Route 62

4d 10h 54m We enter a building and then exit the other side to find the way blocked by Snorlax. This is Route 61

4d 10h 53m We are 1 strike attack away from fainting

4d 10h 52m Golem KO'd by Drowzee

4d 10h 51m Meanwhile, the wild Pokémon are making it hard to black out as most just spam status moves

[Info] We are about 6 HP from blacking out. Golem has 5 HP, Golbat has 1 HP

4d 10h 49m Eevee get's KO'd by Wild Farfetch'd

4d 10h 40m Golem grows to Lv 35!

4d 10h 38m We exit back onto Route 62!

4d 10h 35m We use the Trade Stone to evolve Graveler into Golem!

4d 10h 29m Chat tries to use the Trade Stone but currently has a hard time getting to it!

4d 10h 28m We set text speed to medium!

4d 10h 26m We play the Poke Flute! What a catchy tune!

[Info] Chat currently has the democracy meter at 80%, need 90% to activate it

4d 10h 22m TM 24 Gets Tossed!

4d 10h 21m Chat is trying to use the Trade Stone to evolve Graveler to Golem. Will they succeed?

4d 10h 19m We use an Ether!

4d 10h 17m We also went back inside

4d 10h 16m We exit back outside. Welcome to Route 62 (Castro Field)

4d 10h 13m Momentum leads us back into Castro Forest

[Info] The Youngster pretty much made us 2 opposing attacks away from blacking out. Golbat at 1 HP, Lv 10 Eevee at 31/31 HP!

4d 10h 11m Another Raticate gets sent out! Golbat takes it out! Youngster defeated!

4d 10h 11m Raticate gets KO'd, Golbat is at 1 HP Tho!

4d 10h 10m Golbat KO's Raticate! Youngster, not rival, send out another Raticate!

4d 10h 10m Golbat is sent out!

4d 10h 9m We exit for a Surpise Rival battle! Its Venusaur vs our Rival's Raticate! Raticate KO's Venusaur!

4d 10h 7m We then get on our bike!

4d 10h 7m Uhh, We take the downstairs to the room that leads to another room

4d 10h 2m There's apparently a downstairs to this forest. Is this Mystery Dungeon?

4d 10h 0m We pick up an Ether

4d 9h 58m the push for democracy has stopped as now we refocus on getting through the forest

4d 9h 57m Big push for democracy now in chat

4d 9h 56m We pick up the Trade Stone!!!

4d 9h 50m Psyduck goes down to a wild Pidgeotto

4d 9h 49m Chat is fighting for an item nearby, it glitches to letters once again

4d 9h 48m Venomoth KO'd by Golbat's Fly! Bug Catcher defeated!

4d 9h 48m Golbat KO's Beedrill! Venomoth is sent out!

4d 9h 47m Butterfree goes down, Psyduck to Lv 20*, Beedrill is sent out!

4d 9h 46m We swap into Golbat, and Butterfree paralayzes and confuses Golbat!

4d 9h 45m vs Bug Catcher! He sends out Butterfree, we send out Psyduck!

4d 9h 41m We continue our way through Castro Forest! Current party status:

Beedrill (Fainted), Psyduck (8/53 HP), Venusaur (98/109 HP), Graveler (Fainted), Eevee (31/31 HP), Golbat (51/155 HP)

4d 9h 35m Golbat takes down Scyther! Bug Catcher defeated!

4d 9h 35m Golduck takes down Parasect! Golbat to Lv 48! Scyther sent out!

4d 9h 34m We swap Psyduck for Golbat!

4d 9h 33m vs Bug Catcher! He sends out Parasect! We send out Psyduck (PAR, 8/53 HP)

4d 9h 33m Slowly making it through Castro Forest

4d 9h 25m Butterfree paralyzes Venusaur!

4d 9h 22m We found the Emerald Egg!

4d 9h 21m Wild Butterfeee paralyzes Psyduck!

4d 9h 17m We enter Castro Forest!

4d 9h 5m We try to enter the SS Anne but we have no ticket. rip

4d 9h 4m We enter Castro Valley!

4d 9h 3m We cut the tree!!!

4d 8h 58m There is a tree where 9/10 people would cut, we are the 1 that will probably not

4d 8h 57m We return back to Route 58 where we are probably gonna about to fly back to Gravel Town

4d 8h 54m We exit the house and the Red tint is back

4d 8h 53m We talk to the old man in his house and we get the Poke Flute!

4d 8h 52m His house is the creepypasta house but its no longer red!

4d 8h 51m We find Mr Rimiko and he transports us back to his house!

4d 8h 51m Kingler is sent out! Golbat uses a couple of Wing Attacks to KO it! Ardios is sent out, and is OHKO'd! Rocket Grunt #3 Defeated!

4d 8h 50m Ditto is sent out and Golbat KO's it before it could transform!

4d 8h 50m Psyduck to Lv 19!

4d 8h 50m 1 Fly, a couple of Swift attacks, and Onix is down!

4d 8h 49m Psyduck is swapped in for Golbat!

4d 8h 47m Psyduck gets caught in a bind!

4d 8h 47m vs Rocket Grunt #3! Grunt sends out Onix! We send out Psyduck!

4d 8h 46m We use Giga Drain to bring Lickitung to about 1 HP. Leech Seed then takes care of the rest! Rocket Grunt #2 defeated!

4d 8h 45m We set up the Leech Seed on Lickitung!

4d 8h 45m We send out Venusaur!

4d 8h 44m Graveler faints due to poison!

4d 8h 44m Mud Slap KO's Grimer! Lickitung is sent out!

4d 8h 43m Graveler switches to Rock Throw and cannot hit its target! Grimer then poison's Graveler with Poison Gas

4d 8h 42m Grimer also uses disable to disable Graveler's Harden!

4d 8h 42m We try to tackle but Grimer's minamize make it hard to tackle him!

4d 8h 42m We swap for Graveler!

4d 8h 40m vs Rocket Grunt #2! He sends out Grimer! We send out Psyduck!

4d 8h 40m Few attacks later and our Golbat comes out on top! Rocket Grunt defeated!

4d 8h 39m Golbat is sent out! Both Golbats use Bite!

4d 8h 39m Wing Attack brings Sandslash to 1/2 HP. Another brings it to about 1 HP. Next attack KO's it!

4d 8h 39m We use Wing Attack to OHKO the foe's Zubat! Sandslash is sent out!

4d 8h 38m We send out Golbat!

4d 8h 38m Zubat uses Wing Attack to OHKO Beedrill!!

4d 8h 37m vs Team Rocket Grunt! He sends out Zubat! We send out Beedrill!

4d 8h 37m We take another warp pad to get deeper into the forest

4d 8h 36m We take a warp pad to move further along the forest

4d 8h 35m We found a Ruby Egg!

4d 8h 28m We take the warp pad into another portion of the forest

4d 8h 28m We start seeing Ghosts and can't make them out to be anything but MISSINGNO since we deposited the Virus Scan into our PC

4d 8h 27m We take a ladder that takes us back to the Forest, progressing through the Haunted Forest

4d 8h 23m We enter the warpad into the cave portion of the Haunted Forest

4d 8h 20m We return to the Haunted Forest

4d 8h 18m and nearly flew back to Gravel Town, but we didn't!


4d 8h 9m Still messing around, going more south now towards Gravel Town

4d 8h 2m We are still on Route 53 (Gravel Canyon) trying to use Fly

[Info] 104 Hours have been played on this save so far!

4d 7h 50m We check out Bulbasaur's Pokedex entry. Can confirm cry has not changed

[Fluff] Of course when we try to Fly, we end up Cutting instead.

4d 7h 46m We try to cut. There isn't anything to cut!

4d 7h 39m Currently trying to fly it seems. Not much luck right now. Democracy meter currently at 66%

4d 7h 31m We use a Super Repel!

4d 7h 28m We head outside and back onto Route 53!

4d 7h 28m We run back downstairs after the great item shuffle of day 4

4d 7h 24m Withdrew: TM19, Shiny Stone, Red Amulet, Card Key, TM 42

Deposited: TM 01, Carbos, Virus Scan, Full Heal

4d 7h 21m Withdrew Bike, Town Map TM24, TM23!Deposited: TM42, Card Key!

4d 7h 19m Withdrew Silver Egg, HM02!

4d 7h 19m We save the game!

4d 7h 19m We withdrew HM 01 TM 03 Coin Case

Deposited Red Amulet

4d 7h 17m We Deposit: HM01, TM 03, Silver Egg, Coin Case, HM 02, Bike, Town Map, TM 24, TM 23, TM 19, Shiny Stone

4d 7h 16m We boot-up the PC. We try to withdraw but nothing is in the PC!

[Info] Reminder that the PC in our room only has access to the Item PC

4d 7h 14m We are now just wandering around our own house.

4d 7h 12m We go up to our room!

4d 7h 11m Mom lets us rest and heal our already healed Pokémon

4d 7h 11m We enter our house

4d 7h 11m We go back to Seashore City

4d 7h 9m We go up to Route 53

4d 7h 7m We fly to Gravel Town, again

4d 7h 2m We return back to Route 58 and try to fly cut the tree once again

4d 7h 1m We fly back to Castro Valley!!!

4d 6h 55m We fly to Gravel Town! Thanks /u/GlitcherRed

[Fluff] inb4 we fly

4d 6h 52m We are blocked by a tree. Time for start menu shenanigans!

4d 6h 51m We head back up north to Route 58 (Tan Boat Creek)

4d 6h 49m Wild Gastly uses confuse ray, confuses Golbat, it hits it self, it KO's itself, it makes us black out and sends us back to Castro Valley

4d 6h 46m Golbat is now down to its last 6 HP after defeating a wild Gastly

4d 6h 42m Golbat to Lv 47 after defeating a wild Cubone!

4d 6h 40m We actually beat one of the wild MissingNo/Kangaskhan!


4d 6h 36m We're trying to trek it to the end, so imagine our reaction to a wild Kangaskhan? We immediately ran.

[Spoiler] It was the bat.

4d 6h 33m Channeler sent out Misdreavus. We sent out our resident Ghostbuster. Guess who won?

4d 6h 33m "Stuff."

[Fluff] Just saying, if you haven't been paying attention to chat, looking at the side updater with the other mods could be a good use of your time.

4d 6h 30m You did it Golbat! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! *gives gold star*

4d 6h 30m Another Channeler. Golbat, just Fly the ghosts away.

4d 6h 27m We use Wing Attack twice to defeat it. Defeated Channeler!

[Info] Golbat is our last party member.

4d 6h 26m Eventually, Eevee faints! We switch to Golbat, use Fly, and down the Ghost. Against Haunter.

4d 6h 24m No one is damaging each other. Misdreavus is using Psywave once every 10 turns.

4d 6h 24m We send out Golbat, take it down with a Bite. Now we have Eevee vs Misdreavus.

4d 6h 23m Graveler goes down immediately!

4d 6h 23m "Getting tired?" Another Channeler. Graveler vs Gastly.

4d 6h 17m And we're down! I mean back! I'm so conflicted!

4d 6h 16m And we're back!

4d 6h 16m RIOT SCREEN IS UP!

4d 6h 15m Screen went to black for less than a second, twice! That was weird.

4d 6h 10m Golbat leveled up to 46! Defeated Chancellor.

4d 6h 10m We send out Golbat, it uses Fly, KOs Haunter with a not-very-effective crit.

4d 6h 9m We keep getting pounded with Night Shade. We become unconfused, but it is too late. Venusaur faints!

4d 6h 8m We keep trying to finish the deal with Giga Drain, but we hit ourselves with confusion too much.

4d 6h 7m We use Giga Drain and get the ghost down to half-health. It confuses us with Confuse Ray.

4d 6h 6m We have a Venusaur. We use Poison Powder. It uses Night Shade. Pretty great.

4d 6h 6m Another Chancellor. She has a Haunter.

4d 6h 0m Psyduck faints to the same Gastly!

4d 5h 58m Beedrill fainted to a wild Gastly!

[Info] We're trying to toss an item to make room.

[Info] We have 887 coins.

4d 5h 48m We look at the glitched ijkl, and it looks back at us.

4d 5h 46m We use Rock Throw, KO Gastly. Defeated Channeler! "Ha?"

4d 5h 45m We keep hitting ourselves. Riveting battle tactics.

4d 5h 44m We send out our Graveler! We use Harden, and Confuse Ray confuses us.

4d 5h 44m Another Night Shade KOs Venusaur! (Wrong species type before FailFish)

4d 5h 43m Our Ivysaur is currently paralyzed, but manages to get out a Leech Seed. Night Shade brings it down to 1 HP, but it survives.


4d 5h 42m Beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop beep boop

4d 5h 38m Gastly used Night Shade, and we responded with Bubble. It wasn't that powerful.

4d 5h 37m Gastly used Lick on us! Yuck!

4d 5h 36m Fighting another Channeler! She sends out Gastly against our Psyduck!

4d 5h 25m Going through our items, we almost tossed our Silver Egg!

4d 5h 15m I think we set up a grinding spot around these Gastlys. The Star Space heals us.

[Chat] Given what religion the Star of David symbolizes, the inevitable Katamari references are made.

4d 5h 3m We're chilling near a Star of David and a lady heals us!


4d 4h 59m We finally get to a pokeball behind a teleporter.. and we have no more room for items.

4d 4h 54m We found a Super Repel!

4d 4h 50m The text became a Pokeball. We're good now.

4d 4h 49m We are talking to a woman who is saying Load State 1. WutFace

4d 4h 48m There is a terrifying ijkl in the corner.

4d 4h 47m AJa leveled up to 34! Channeler defeated!

4d 4h 47m All this Golbat is doing is using Supersonic It used Screech! We snap out of confusion, use Rock Throw twice, and KO Golbat.

4d 4h 47m We hurt ourselves again. And again.

4d 4h 45m Graveler vs Golbat. We immediately get confused and hurt ourselves.

4d 4h 45m "I need moons!" Channeler wants to fight!

4d 4h 44m Chilling in Haunted Forest right now.

4d 4h 35m A Gastly Confuse Ray's our Venusaur and we get RNG'd to death

4d 4h 29m Psyduck has fallen to the Gastly's too

4d 4h 24m Beedrill faints to another Gastly, this creepy memorial woods is scary

4d 4h 19m We fight a Gastly and it paralyzes Beedrill and we switch to beat it

At some point while we were in the cave a woman said something about MISSINGNO. The chat WutFaced.

4d 4h 8m We leave it and go deeper into the Woods

4d 4h 4m We go inside a cave

4d 4h 3m We walk into the woods

4d 3h 50m We entered a house and chat wants to talk to the man and read the books in the shelf

4d 3h 30m We walk to the starting town, Sea Shore!

4d 3h 24m Walking through the route

4d 3h 5m We switch to Venusaur and beat him

4d 2h 57m We black out and already walk out to a route fighting a Jr. Trainer with a Croconaw

[Snark] TPP is using their usual way of leaves places, fainting!

4d 2h 45m Golbat faints to a wild Houndour and we find TM46

4d 2h 38m We got the Virus Scanner, we can now leave the place!

4d 2h 35m Venusaur gets Hypnosis / Confuse Ray combo'd to the red but we switch to Golbat who was already paralyzed and got confuse Ray'd 1HP from a crit Lick and we run away!

[Info] Golbat got paralyzed by Arbok before we 2HKO'd it

4d 2h 14m Venusaur levels up to level 35 by beating it, he sends in Arbok and we send Golbat to finish it

4d 2h 12m Vs Rocket Grunt, Venusaur vs Grimer

4d 2h 7m We go to the cave

4d 1h 41m We switch Venusaur for Eevee and it faints

4d 1h 23m We walk around fighting off the wild mon with Venusaur

4d 1h 3m We fainted and we are back inside, and as usual Beedrill and Psyduck faint due to their low levels

4d 0h 26m Venusaur faints to a Yanma

4d 0h 16m Taught Venusaur TM Giga Drain and erased Sweet Scent

4d 0h 4m Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur!

4d 0h 3m We use the Rare Candy on Ivysaur and its level 34!

3d 23h 56m Democracy was turned on and Graveler fainted, Golbat just beat an Arbok

3d 23h 37m Graveler avenges the fallen teammates and we go back into the maze

3d 23h 32m Eevee gets critted and faints

3d 23h 28m Ivysaur faints after we decide to not hit the Rattata and use a status move

3d 23h 28m 3d 23h 27m Beedrill, and Psyduck faint, Ivysaur is hanging with 2hp against the enemy's Rattata

3d 23h 1m Back in the base.

3d 22h 44m Aaaaand we blacked out.

[Fluff] Is it me or is that Pokémon walking like a human

3d 22h 39m Found a Rare Candy!

3d 22h 35m Golbat leveled up to 45!

[Snark] I don't think you can use TM's during battle. That would be op.

3d 22h 33m Trainer Battle! VS a Kadabra.

3d 22h 28m A secret switch in a sign! Flipped the switch.

3d 22h 22m We head down the stairs. WTF, there's an entire cave here.

3d 22h 20m Obtained a Carbos!

3d 22h 16m Defeated Scientist.

3d 22h 14m VS Scientist!

3d 22h 4m Golbat leveled up to 44!

3d 21h 50m Checked the Town Map.

3d 21h 48m [Fluff] There's a guy on top of the table that often seems to glitch into the ;_; text emoticon.

3d 21h 47m Golbat used Fly. Ninetales used Tail Whip. Ninetales down. Defeated Burglar!

3d 21h 46m VS Burglar!

3d 21h 35m Still walking around the base.

3d 21h 18m Garveler fainted to a wild Yanma Lv. 28.

3d 21h 4m Graveler was paralyzed by a wild Ekans.

3d 20h 55m Golbat avenged death of a little comrade.

3d 20h 51m WIld Arbok Lv. 31 KO'd poor little Eevee.

3d 20h 45m Wild Growlith Lv. 29 Ko'd our Ivysaur.

3d 20h 43m Stream is back.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

3d 20h 38m Stream is down.

3d 20h 38m Game saved.

3d 20h 36m Paul performed some kind of inventory optimization.

3d 20h 34m Ivysaur was paralyzed by a wild Ekans.

3d 20h 24m Grinding session is still active.

3d 20h 14m [[ killed by a wild Rattata Lv. 25.

3d 20h 10m Psydack fainted to a wild Yanma Lv. 28.

3d 19h 58m I am back and no progress whatsoever.

3d 19h 31m Black out.

3d 19h 28m Golbat grew up to Level 43. Didn't learn Haze.

3d 18h 55m Graveler fainted lo a wild Raticate Lv. 29.

3d 18h 42m Graveler grew up to Level 33.

3d 18h 41m Last Great Ball wasted on Yanma Lv. 28.

3d 18h 33m Eevee fainted to a wild Spinarak Lv. 26.

3d 18h 28m Golbat grew up to Level 42.

3d 18h 28m Burglar defeated.

3d 18h 27m Gastly down, Haunter Lv. 31 next.

3d 18h 26m Ivysaur fainted.

3d 18h 24m Burglar challenges us to a battle. Gastly Lv. 31.

3d 18h 19m Caught a Lv. 27 Persian! No nickname.

3d 18h 18m 2 Great Balls wasted on a wild Persian.

3d 18h 10m Psydack fainted.

3d 18h 10m [[ faited.

3d 18h 7m Psydack got paralyzed by the same Pikachu.

3d 18h 3m Fighting wild mons in the building located in the east corner of the city. [[ got paralyzed by Lv. 26 Pikachu.

3d 17h 56m Poliwrath beaten, Golbat grew up to Level 41. Heracross Lv. 35 too, Koji defeated. Fist badge obtained. TM01 obtained. (DynamicPunch).

3d 17h 55m Machoke beaten, Poliwrath Lv. 37 is next.

3d 17h 55m [[ switched for Golbat.

3d 17h 53m [[ vs Machoke Lv. 35.

3d 17h 53m vs Koji. Try #2.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 120 gb too

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I do have an ssd

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I was just starting up my PC

3d 17h 50m Stream visuals are back.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: yeah it was revi

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is blaziken in this gaem

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: oh dear

3d 17h 47m Black out

3d 17h 46m Low HP sound.

[Snark] Aw, Snap!

3d 17h 45m VS KOJI.

3d 17h 44m Stream is in blind mode.

3d 17h 42m vs Juggler. Mankey Lv. 32 beaten, Primeape Lv. 32. beaten. Juggler defeated.

3d 17h 35m We just keep talking to the shady dude again and again.

3d 17h 33m Some strange guy said that Gym leader Koji is surrounded.

[Info] Gym Leader is in 4th Row, 2nd Column

3d 17h 29m Juggler defeated.

3d 17h 29m Another Machoke OHKO'ed as well.

3d 17h 29m Another Juggler challenges us to a battle. Machoke Lv. 32 KO'd. Golbat grew up to Level 40.

3d 17h 26m Juggler defeated.

3d 17h 26m Polywrath Lv. 30 killed with fly, Tauros is back.

3d 17h 25m Another Machoke OHKO'ed. Tauros Lv. 30 next.

3d 17h 24m One Machoke is down. Golbat grew up to Level 39.

3d 17h 23m Graveler fainted.

3d 17h 21m Juggler challenges us to a battle. Machoke Lv. 30.

3d 17h 20m Gligar is down, Machoke is next. OHKO. Tamer defeated.

3d 17h 19m Tauros is down, Gligar Lv. 32 is next.

3d 17h 18m Another tamer challenges us to a battle. Tauros Lv. 32 killed Eevee.

3d 17h 17m Golbat KO'd primeape, another one coming up. OHKO. Golbat grew up to Level 38. Tamer defeated.

3d 17h 16m Ivysaur fainted.

3d 17h 14m Tamer challenges us to a battle. Primeape Lv. 33.

3d 17h 14m Juggler defeated.

3d 17h 6m [[ fainted.

3d 17h 5m Juggler challenges us to a battle. Hitmontop Lv. 35. vs [[

3d 17h 4m In the gym.

3d 16h 58m Psyduck's down

3d 16h 55m In a building with the Silph Co theme. Some kind of mansion place thing

3d 16h 53m Healed and checkpointed a bunch of times

[Info] We are in Castro Valley

3d 16h 50m Golbat was sent in and then the trainer was defeated. Now we're in a big ol blue city place with the Vermilion City theme

3d 16h 48m Ivysaur down

3d 16h 46m Trainer defeated, and then we go right back into another fight. Jr.TrainerM, Nidorino against Ivysaur.

3d 16h 42m Pidgeotto down, Chinchou sent in.

3d 16h 39m Pidgey down, Pidgeotto sent in.

3d 16h 35m Versus another Jr.TrainerF, Pidgey against Ivysaur.

3d 16h 34m Pikachu dow,n trainer defeated.

3d 16h 32m Duck down, now Golbat is in. Raticate down, Pikachu sent in.

3d 16h 31m Psyduck sent in

3d 16h 29m Versus a Jr.TrainerF, Raticate against Beedrill.Beedrill down

3d 16h 26m On the route south of the red town, staring a tree right in the face.

3d 16h 22m At the Warehouse once again.

3d 16h 12m Golbat down, black out.

3d 16h 12m Versus another Trainer, Golbat against Gastly.

3d 16h 11m Golbat to Lv. 37, trainer defeated

3d 16h 10m Graveler down and Golbat in

3d 16h 8m Versus a Trainer. Graveler against Starmie.

3d 16h 7m Went into one of the houses from the town inside the gym, now we are on a separate map. Walking back and forth through the rooms.

3d 16h 6m Mime down, Xatu's in. It goes down, trainer defeated.

3d 16h 3m A swift Bite to finish it off, Golbat to Lv. 36. Mr. Mime sent in

3d 16h 2m Slowpoke's on the opponent's side now. Chipping down its health with Fly

3d 16h 1m Golbat sent in

3d 16h 1m Against another trainer, Kadabra aginst Ivysaur. Ivysaur down

3d 16h 0m Xatu down, trainer defeated

3d 15h 59m Used a healing item but I did not see what it was.

3d 15h 58m Slowpoke down, Golbat to Lv. 35. Xatu sent in

3d 15h 57m Lickitung down, Slowpoke sent in, we switch into Golbat.

3d 15h 55m Ivysaur's in now.

3d 15h 54m Eevee in, Stomped, and immediately faints. Psyduck sent in, it also goes down

3d 15h 51m Beedrill down, next in is Graveler

3d 15h 49m Beedrill to Lv. 20, forgot Fury Attack for Twineedle, Channeler defeated. Now we are against a Telekinetic with Beedrill in front against a Lickitung

3d 15h 48m Switched into Graveler.

3d 15h 47m Do your best! Versus a Channeler. Haunter against Beedrill.

3d 15h 43m and then back inside and outside and ins

you know how this works by now

3d 15h 42m Talking to the Gym guide guy. Not a lot of help given. So we walk right back outside.

[Chat] M4_used_Rollout: guys stop walking away from the gym Kappa

3d 15h 39m We entered the gym. And we're in an area that looks identical to the outside, but there is a person standing a bit away from the door. Also the Gym theme. This is neat.

3d 15h 37m Cuuut the treee.

3d 15h 34m Flew a few metres down while trying to cut a tree. Nice.

3d 15h 25m Flown to.. the starting town, I think?

3d 15h 21m Back in the Red city. Botan or something

3d 15h 12m Psyduck down, black out.

3d 15h 10m Against another Chaneller. Golbat against our Psyduck.

3d 15h 7m Got a Full Heal

3d 15h 5m Gastly down to Leech Seed and its own poisoning, Psyduck to Lv. 18. Battle is won.

3d 15h 5m Ivysaur down, 'Duck's the last left. It's sent in.

3d 15h 3m Also, the other poison type is poisoned. Now we are trying to use key items, no luck.

3d 15h 2m Ivysaur's next in, it's paralyzed and confused, and hitting itself. Nice.

3d 15h 0m Golbat goes down

3d 14h 59m Golbat's in now.

3d 14h 57m FPS... BORING! Versus, another channeler. Beedrill against Gastly. Beedrill down.

3d 14h 46m Now the ghost is a Marowak. Beedrill's "too freaked out" to attack, then a bunch of gibberish for Ghost's move, which seems to do nothing?

3d 14h 42m walking around at the speed of slow

3d 14h 40m Channeler defeated.

3d 14h 39m Gastly down, Misdreavus sent in.

3d 14h 38m Eevee down. Next in, is, Golbat.

3d 14h 36m Versus, you guessed it, another chaneller!!1 wooaahh aah! and another gastly up against Beedrill! wow exciting

3d 14h 35m Took the teleporto to another part of the forest just over the gravestones.

3d 14h 35m ran itno another hypno ghostie

3d 14h 33m Channeler defeated. Yay.

3d 14h 32m Golbat's been switched in in Psyduck's place.

3d 14h 30m Graveler down, next in is Psyduck.

3d 14h 29m "Tactical Switch" into Graveler.

3d 14h 28m Eevee's on the field now. Survives with 3HP to Night Shade, it is asleep and confused now.

3d 14h 27m Trainers are around the place, versus a Channeler. Beedrill against Gastly

3d 14h 25m Walked up the ladder or whatever and now we are back in the foresty-type area, ran into a wild Hypno ghost MISSINGNO thing. Nice.

3d 14h 22m Now we're in the cavey-type area.

3d 14h 17m Back in the foresty area.

3d 14h 14m And then we walk right back outside with the cheery music playing.

3d 14h 13m In the dark trees forest lavender tower theme(?) area.

3d 14h 10m Walking around outside, weeeeeeee

3d 14h 9m We went outside but then back inside one of the houses.

3d 14h 7m Think the only NPC that Paul haven't talked to (in that house) is the one stuck on the table...

[Snark] WutFace in the house! \o/

3d 14h 3m Currently in Botan City, by the way, heading into the haunted forest. Prepare your WutFaces, you have been warned.

[Fluff] Um, Radioactive anyone?

3d 13h 59m Suddenly the screen is tinted red...

3d 13h 58m Freedom! Out of the warehouse.

[Chat] RenaTurnip: @Misslauralot TPP is nice when nobody is trying to sabotage but the real players make honest mistakes. It reminds me of the olden days BloodTrail

3d 13h 52m Game option set at: Fast, On, Shift. Apparently that's what the chat wants. TriHard

3d 13h 49m Apparently a single username did a dozen inputs consecutively.

[Info] June solstice will be in 12 hours, so... ¯\(ツ)

3d 13h 46m Paul tip-toeing his way out of this labyrinth.

[Info] Anarchy and democracy votes are currently balanced, but the scale may tip any moment now...

[Chat] Xanthophobic: I bet you guys don't even have a goal after you get out of here, do you OneHand

3d 13h 38m We got TM42 from that NPC, says it will clear our/Paul's nightmare...

3d 13h 37m GrillA lady NPC is spotted.

3d 13h 36m We hit a bingo, it seems.

[Fluff] Chat is slow, both on Twitch and in-game text speed.

[Chat] Gravity_Blast: Here i go again on my own. Goin' down the only road i've ever known.

[Chat] Chaos_lord2: I thought we were going right Kappa, I have no idea where we're meant to be

3d 13h 23m Game saved.

[Chat] Is discussing furries for some reason...

3d 13h 13m Oh hey, progress! But Paul is looking back at the stairway...

3d 13h 12m Again, went down a stairway and back up again due to overshooting.

[Chat] Scratch that. Chat is debating about that Eevee.

[Chat] Is mostly confused on the objective of being in the warehouse.

3d 12h 58m Paul is praised by an NPC for being a hero.

3d 12h 48m OK, received reports that Trade Stone is tossed away. RIP Project Golem for now.

3d 12h 46m Trade stone is selected, but we're out of that menu.

[Fluff] Also in Morse, QRS is shorthand for "send more slowly". I think all of us are too old for that.

3d 12h 37m Apparently chat is "searching" Paul's item bag.

[Fluff] I've found QRST here and here on the English Wikipedia. Make of those whatever you want.

3d 12h 29m Red Amulet found!

3d 12h 27m Oh ok, now I get where the QRST came from... WutFace

[Fluff] Unless, we have unfinished business in the warehouse...

3d 12h 17m Assuming there's no checkpoint in Botan, where the haunted forest is, Paul has to travel from Jaeru through the Rocket warehouse back to that place.

So sit back, and enjoy the journey.

[Info] Paul's party lineup is currently Beedrill19, Psyduck17, Ivysaur32, Golbat34, Graveler32, Eevee10. Ivysaur took a light hit from a wild mon, others are fresh.

[Snark] I think the updater team is feeling the glitch themselves...

3d 12h 0m Gastly is too fast for Golbat (oops... sorry). RIP Paul and his mons... Blackout!

3d 11h 59m "Water Gun" DansGame Yes, another Channeler...

3d 11h 58m Oh that was quick. Ekans down and Zubat left paralyzed with 62 HP left.

3d 11h 57m "Eekum Bokum" WutFace Another Channeler wants to fight!

3d 11h 56m Paul is still kinda stuck in the haunted forest.

[Info] Zubat still going strong-ish at 71/111 HP.

3d 11h 45m A wild MissingNo is trying to tell us something, as usual.

[Fluff] I don't think I've seen the amusing dialog when selecting Silver Egg during a battle. :D

3d 11h 39m Channeler defeated!

"Why do I have 99 Town Maps?" EleGiggle

3d 11h 38m Last mon Golbat is out! (or will be, eventually)

[Fluff] I think we're just waiting for the poison to work its magic.

3d 11h 36m Now Ivysaur is in deep sleep... Graveler sent out, but also went to sleep.

3d 11h 34m Gastly is poisoned but Dashsaur is asleep.

[Snark] Are we gonna give it up?

3d 11h 32m Battling Channeler! She sends out Gastly against our Dashsaur.

3d 11h 29m Are we battling... a ghost? WutFace

[Fluff] It's a tpyo fset here. \o/

[Meta] I've gotta leave for a bit, so there will most likely be a break in updates. Apologies for the inconvenience.

3d 11h 24m Larvitar down, next in is Charmeleon. It goes down, Golbat to Lv. 34, Musa defeated.

3d 11h 23m Gastly down. Next in is Larvitar.

3d 11h 22m Doduo down, Graveler also to Lv. 32. Gastly sent in, we switch to Golbat

3d 11h 19m Doduo and Eevee are on the field now. Eevee down., Graveler is in.

3d 11h 17m It's Mura. We battle, Ivysaur against Koffing.

[Info] That's Botan City, which Tustin might call "not-Lavender" based on where it's situated on the map.

3d 11h 17m Walking onto a teleport at the right of the area, we get to a cave room, with the same music.

3d 11h 16m Made a beeline right to the house at the top. Now we're in a big open space with trees and Lavender Tower(?) music.

3d 11h 15m In a town that is tinted very red. Don't know the name, but apparently we were here earlier?

[Fluff] inb4 Jorsun-yelling in chat.

3d 11h 12m Ivysaur to Lv. 32, it tries to evolve, its evolution is cancelled

3d 11h 9m Psyduck down

3d 11h 4m Beedrill fainted to a wild Meowth

3d 10h 59m Back outside.

3d 10h 57m We're back in the Warehouse right now.

3d 10h 47m We return back to Rt 59!

3d 10h 45m We land back in Jaeru City with a healed party and a nice green tint

3d 10h 43m Gastly uses Night Shade! 3 attacks KO's Golbat! Black out!

3d 10h 43m Golbat after taking Gastly to yellow HP uses Swift, Golbat is then put to sleep, is then confused!

3d 10h 41m Gastly is sent out. Probably caught from around here since its creepypasta Haunted Forest

3d 10h 41m Critical Hit Swift by Golbat OHKO Duduo!

3d 10h 40m Koffing is taken down by Golbat but only has 57/108 HP remaining! Duduo is sent out!

3d 10h 39m vs Rival Mura!!! He sends out Koffing! We send out Golbat. He's still the only Pokémon still alive in our party!!

3d 10h 38m We go back into the cave area! Looks like there's the Rival, Mura ready to fight!

3d 10h 37m We hit the warpad and it leads us into a cave?!? We then exit

3d 10h 36m There's a warp pad in the east of the area. A lady near says MISSINGNO's are around!

3d 10h 34m There is also random NPC's looking around. Seems to be a forest area

3d 10h 34m Now we enter a house that is bigger in the inside than in the outside and playing the Pokémon Tower music. It's also a shade dark in here

[Fluff] Good job, you guys lasted 10 minutes. Klappa//

3d 10h 31m We finally leave the house but not without scaring Paul and many of the viewing audience

3d 10h 29m We walk infront of the region map which kinda looks like a face

[Snark] /r/nosleep brought front and center to the TPP stream.

3d 10h 28m "Hey!" - Small child

This isn't making us any more confortable

3d 10h 26m "That's odd. Mr. Rumiko is gone."

This is most likely a creppypasta now

[Snark] Oh wait Mr Rumiko is gone!!!1!11 WutFace

[Fluff] I believe the WutFace in chat has settled down...

3d 10h 24m We are still walking around in the Creepypasta house

3d 10h 21m We enter a house with Lavender Town Music, a glitchy object that changes from words to a guy, with the house a blood red tint. The usual signs of being in a creepypasta

3d 10h 18m We save the game

3d 10h 14m We are wondering around the city right now

3d 10h 2m We head through the guard gate into the red tinted Botan City!

3d 9h 52m Psyduck falls to a wild Spearow!

3d 9h 46m We exit the warehourse back onto R59

3d 9h 42m We go down more stairs!

3d 9h 36m There's a locked door! We try to boot up HM01 but it's no use!

3d 9h 33m We go down another floor!

3d 9h 29m We go downstairs finally

3d 9h 25m We are near the stairs and there's a battle to go up to the stairs or go down

3d 9h 21m or maybe not as lots of lefts have taken over the chat!

3d 9h 20m Get confortable, we are gonna have some PC action, hopefully with more not calling our Psyduck Golduck again

3d 9h 20m We turn on and then turn off a PC!

[Correction] Replace any instance with Golduck with Psyduck please. Thank you!

3d 9h 16m We are now just wandering around the manager's room

[Info] This is Silph Co Warehouse apparently

3d 9h 12m We talk to the manager of the establishment and we get the Shiny Stone!

3d 9h 11m Giovanni says stuff and then dissapears away from what looks like and sounds like Silph Co but probably isn't

3d 9h 11m Fly hits and KO's Persian! Golbat to Lv 33! Giovanii defeated!

3d 9h 10m Golbat is sent out! It uses Fly!

3d 9h 10m Persian KO's Ivysaur!

3d 9h 9m We set leech seed on Persian! Ivysaur, in the red, now recovering HP!

3d 9h 7m Persian uses PayDay! We retaliate by poisoning Persian!

3d 9h 6m Golbat is sent out!

3d 9h 6m Persian KO's Graveler!

3d 9h 5m Golduck takes down Marowak, grows to Lv 17! Persian is sent out and Graveler is swapped in!

[Correction/Info] 4 Pokémon alive: Golduck (28/46 HP), Ivysaur (85/85 HP), Golbat (105/105) and Graveler (06/83). Beedrill and Eevee are down!

3d 9h 1m We are in a fight vs Giovanni! Paul has three Pokémon still alive (Bedrill and Eevee down), with Graveler in the red. Giovanni has 2/4 Pokémon remaining. It's Marowak vs Golduck!

3d 8h 45m The same ladder is still laughing at us as we climbed it only to double input lag and go down it again

3d 8h 36m Ladders are still hell due to them not being on a wall so we cant just run on the wall

3d 8h 25m We are back in the rocket maze

3d 8h 9m We walk on the tall grass only be reminded Beedrill will faint quickly so we run

3d 7h 57m We walk out of town

3d 7h 46m Vs Giovanni!, he sends out his Golbat, we Fly and avoud his Screech, we hit and he uses Guard Spec, we Fly again and take it to the red, he misses SuperSonic and we miss our next Fly and he uses Confuse Ray, we hit outselves, We black out

3d 7h 44m We beat Haunter but now we have red hp, Kingler is scary but his Bubble is super weak and we tank enough to crit a Fly + another Fly to beat him!

3d 7h 42m We beat the Onix with Bite's and now beating Haunter with it!

3d 7h 40m We find another rocket grunt and he has an Onix, this doesnt look good

3d 7h 31m We use Fly twice and beat it, HAH OURS IS BETTER TAKE THAT ROCKET SCUM Golbat leveled up to level 32 first and tried to learn Wing Attack, we erase Leech Life!

3d 7h 30m Ivysaur is down too, we only have our own Golbat

3d 7h 29m Graveler couldn't beat this Golbat's confuse Ray's while we spam Mud Slap so it fainted

3d 7h 23m We beat the Machoke and defeat the grunt

3d 7h 22m Ivysaur beats up the rocket grunt's Machop after having his health down to yellow and we switch to Golbat for Machoke, tactical switch!

3d 7h 20m Ivysaur fighting off the trainer's Machop slowly but surly with Poison Powder and Leech Seed

[Fluff] You can submit the bets on the daily thread on the sub, just tag me /u/mega-charizard :p

3d 7h 6m Entered the warehouse.

[Fluff] Taking bets on whether Graveler, Ivysaur or Golbat will level up first. ;)

[Info] 3 Level 31 mons are left standing in Paul's party.

[Fluff] It could be beer, for all I care.

3d 6h 57m It appears a potion was used on Graveler, but I missed which.

3d 6h 49m I believe Psyduck is down from a wild mon, while I restarted my stream.

3d 6h 43m Paul seems to be grinding Psyduck in the patch of grass.

3d 6h 40m Eventually Ivysaur couldn't stand it and finishes that bird.

[Snark] Now Stick is trying hard...

3d 6h 38m The young Eevee is also sacrificed to the same wild Spearow.

3d 6h 37m Yeah, TriHard Beedrill. It fainted against a Spearow.

3d 6h 35m So far Paul's Beedrill leading the party is still holding on at 14/57 HP, with the voices switching out other mons to prevent further damage from the wild birds.

3d 6h 28m To be honest, I didn't notice if we ran from the wild Pidgey or not. For the next Pidgey, we switched Graveler/Stick out. Phew~

[Fluff] Bee against bird, who will prevail?

3d 6h 22m At Route 59, east of Jaeru, presumably heading back to the Rocket warehouse.

3d 6h 13m Facing an enemy Machoke. Golbat almost took it down but a karate chop faints Golbat! Welp, black out!

[Info] Sorry for all the Zubat... It was Golbat. It's the only mon surviving in Paul's party, at red HP.

3d 6h 9m Clutch! PogChamp Zubat promoted to Level 31!

3d 6h 7m Ivysaur is down! Zubat took down a Weezing and is faced with 2 remaining trainer mons with half health!

3d 6h 2m Up against another trainer!

3d 6h 0m Ivysaur is out and took down Kadabra and defeated the scientist, although that took a while.

3d 5h 56m I sure was behind... Somewhere in between Psyduck fainted, and Graveler fainted from a trainer's Kadabra.

[Fluff] That kinda looked like a shiny Voltorb... but it KAPOWed. Oh yeah, we're facing another trainer. Enemy Mankey vs Graveler.

3d 5h 49m Zubat sent out and after a few consultations of the Town Map, enemy Koffing is down. Rocket defeated!

3d 5h 47m However, it was having 1/3 HP to start with. Beedrill fainted!

3d 5h 46m Battling a Rocket! Beedrill took down one of two mons!

3d 5h 40m Big Stick takes down a Meowth! Now vs. Level 22 Diglett

3d 5h 39m Our Eevee fainted! BibleThump

3d 5h 38m We arrive back in the place with the scary Silph Co. music, up against Rocket Grunt

3d 5h 29m Heading east of that town.

3d 5h 25m Checkpointed and healed at Jaeru! Although, party seems to be already healed prior to that.

3d 5h 24m In the Poké Center, trying to checkpoint but ended up talking to a sitting NPC first.

3d 5h 22m Paul flew! Landed at Jaeru, it seems... [consults map]

3d 5h 20m It appears the chat is trying to use Fly.

[Info] Democracy bar is quite high at 80%, for some reason...

3d 4h 33m We walk in and out of the gym many, many times

3d 4h 29m We enter the gym, even though we already beat Lily

3d 4h 26m We heal our Pokémon, setting our checkpoint in Owsauri City. We then leave the Pokémon Center

3d 4h 25m We enter the Pokémon Center. [PC Intensifies]

3d 4h 15m We exit the game corner. Chat is torn between getting Chikorita from the PC or feeding our crippling gambling addiction

3d 4h 2m I think we just bought a Chikorita, and it was sent to Box 1 without even giving the option to nickname it.

3d 3h 36m More Triple 7's while gambling. TPP has all the luck.

[Info] It was the top Eevee, which will evolve into Espeon at level 20. The chat, however, wants Sylveon, which requires waiting until we get a magic wand from somewhere...

3d 3h 25m We bought an Eevee from the Prize Shop! Name: BBbkkkk

3d 3h 15m We left Graveller at the daycare, then took it back! Then we left Diglett, and we don't have any money to get it back!

3d 3h 3m Now we have over 4000 coins.

3d 2h 52m We currently have ~3500 coins.

3d 2h 51m YET ANOTHER Triple 7!!

3d 2h 49m ANOTHER Triple 7!

[Fluff] "Wins and losses balance."

3d 2h 37m Triple 7's! We just more-than-doubled out coin count.

3d 2h 35m We have over 600 coins now. I think we started at like 50 or 100 when I posted 8 minutes ago.

3d 2h 25m Currently gambling at the game corner.

3d 1h 28m We flew back to the starting town!

[Meta] The updater is now going dark. If there's any free updaters out there, feel free to take over.

3d 0h 35m Currently travelling along a route northward.

3d 0h 21m Caught a L9 Seel! Nickname: xxx

3d 0h 20m We attempt to use the Silver Egg. "Wow! This item might be useful in Pokémon Prism!" "Paul: Ugh! Not this crap again!"

3d 0h 16m We're in a cave, btw.

2d 23h 51m Still in Not-Lavender, playing around with TMs and ledges.

2d 23h 21m And a wild Koffing's Smog takes us down. BLACKOUT! We've returned to Not-Lavender Town, according to the music and green tone.

2d 23h 20m We seem to be trying to run from the wearhouse. Only Graveler is left with 4hp and we're right near the door...

2d 23h 11m Ivysaur is down to a wild Rattata!

2d 23h 6m Golbat was taken down by a wild Gastly's Night Shade!

2d 22h 59m We've moved down to a long dead end hallway, with a.... thing at the end of it. It was a TM19! (It didn't look like an item ball until we interacted with it).

[Correction] The music is from Silph Co, not Giovanni's Wild Ride.

2d 22h 48m [Party Status]

  • Diglett L18 [Fainted]
  • Beedrill L18 [Fainted]
  • Golbat L29 [PAR]
  • Ivysaur L31
  • Graveller L30
  • Psyduck L16 [Fainted]

2d 22h 22m We're in a room in a warehouse building now with a lot of wild bugs and spiders crawling about, attacking us at every turn.

2d 22h 15m We're currently back in the Wild Ride building.

2d 22h 6m Now we're in a stark red city. Chat WutFaces about it being the color of blood.

[Snark] eww...

2d 22h 4m We left, then went back in, then left, then went back in, and now we're deep inside...

[Chat] discusses what sort of maze this is and seems to determine we stepped into the wrong building...

2d 21h 58m We've entered a building now with Team Rocket-type music playing. Chat WutFaces.

2d 21h 39m Graveller to level 30!

2d 21h 33m Golbat leveled up to 28 from taking out a bunch of bug catcher's bugs!

2d 21h 17m We are now on a route, I think east of the city.

2d 21h 11m In trying to cut the tree, we save two more times, THEN FLY TO JAERU CITY

2d 21h 6m We try to cut the tree outside the gym, but save instead

2d 20h 55m The ghost of our father disappears, so we leave

[Fluff] Chat presumes him to be our father and BibleThumps

2d 20h 53m We walk into some rando's house and he appears to have an old man pinned up on the wall

[Fluff] Nope, not this time

2d 20h 50m Home sweet home. Maybe this time we'll actually speak to our mother

2d 20h 48m We are now back in Seashore City, the first town, and the location of the 6th Gym.

[Info] Correction, we flew to Gravel Town

2d 20h 46m We head north, to Route 63


2d 20h 39m We save in Seashore City, the very first town

2d 20h 37m We leave our house without talking to Mom. We try to teach Thunderwave to a Pokémon, but none of them can learn it

[Info] Despite what the .org says, we are still carrying HM01 Cut

[Fluff] We have yet to speak to our mother at all this game...

2d 20h 30m We withdraw TM 23 (Dragonbreath) from the PC

[Chat] PogChamps as we enter our house, then proceeds to BibleThump.

2d 20h 28m We walk inside our home, faff around our mother, then walk upstairs to play videogames

2d 20h 26m We arrive back in our blue hometown of Seashore City. Chat wants to comfort our widowed mother since it's Father's Day in the US

2d 20h 20m BACK IN GRAVEL TOWN! We successfully made it through the cave backwards, and not a single Pokémon grew a level.

2d 20h 19m Text Speed is now medium, and we save

2d 20h 3m Chat has decided that visiting mom is top priority

2d 19h 53m We plant ourselves fairly deeply in the cave and save

2d 19h 37m Allegedly we are attempting to complete the cave backwards, but not for any particular reason

2d 19h 23m Back in Merson Path

2d 19h 16m Back on Merson Path

2d 19h 13m We repeatedly walk in and out of the gym several times

2d 19h 8m We leave the Pokémon center and run in circles outside

2d 19h 7m We enter the Pokémon Center and heal our team

2d 19h 2m Back in Merson City, OLDEN house remains

2d 19h 1m Back on Merson Pass, currently battling an Abra

2d 19h 0m An OLDEN house appears and the chat WutFaces

2d 18h 59m Back in spoopy Merson City

2d 18h 58m We head west of Merson City toward Merson Pass, the first cave we encountered this run

2d 18h 57m We hop a ledge back into Merson City

2d 18h 39m Brackets grew to Level 18!

2d 18h 34m Still grinding on Route 55. The pattern seems to be Brackets gets really pumped, then really really pumped, then really really pumped, then runs away.

[Snark] Looks like Bucket kicked himself Kappa

2d 18h 19m Bucket faints to a wild Pidgey.

2d 18h 15m We are on Route 55, north of Merson City. The chat is playing with the Start menu, presumably trying to use fly again.

2d 18h 04m We head onto the route north of spooky music green town.

2d 18h 01m Left Pokemon Center without incident.

2d 18h 00m We make a mad dash towards the PC.

2d 18h 00m Pokemon healed! This is a green town whos name I do not know.

2d 17h 59m Fly selected! We fly somewhere south as anarchy comes back!

[Info] We are currently in Democracy.

2d 17h 52m We go east and enter a very red city.

2d 17h 51m We travel east and give the beer to the guard.

2d 17h 43m Nidorino goes down and the Lass is defeated.

2d 17h 41m Nidoran goes down. Golbat grew to level 27! Next out is Nidorino.

2d 17h 41m Lass wants to fight. Golbat vs Nidoran (m).

2d 17h 40m Youngster defeated. We only have Golbat and Ivysaur left.

2d 17h 37m Beedrill fainted!

2d 17h 34m Golbat is sent out and Rattata goes down. Next out is Raticate.

2d 17h 32m Beedrill sent out, but we withdraw for Psyduck. Psyduck fainted!

2d 17h 31m Spotted by a Youngster. Diglett vs Rattata. Diglett fainted!

2d 17h 27m Beedrill withdrawn for Golbat. Spinarak goes down. Bug Catcher defeated.

2d 17h 25m Golbat is sent out again. Paras goes down. Spinarak is sent out and we switch in Beedrill.

2d 17h 22m Another Paras comes out. We withdraw Golbat for Diglett. Diglett is paralyzed!

2d 17h 21m Diglett withdrawn for Golbat. Paras goes down. Diglett grew to level 17!

2d 17h 18m We head north. We get stopped by a Bug Catcher. Diglett vs Paras.

2d 17h 17m Flaaffy finally goes down. Ivysaur grew to level 31! Trainer defeated.

2d 17h 11m Ivysaur withdrawn for Psyduck. Psyduck withdrawn for Ivysaur again. Both sides are doing useless moves. Ivysaur is paralyzed

2d 17h 07m Ivysaur sent out. Clefable goes down. Flaaffy is sent out.

2d 17h 05m Psyduck withdrawn for Graveler. It gets Hydro Pump with Metronome. Graveler fainted!

2d 17h 02m We switch to Psyduck.

2d 16h 59m Spotted by a trainer. Vs Lass. Diglett vs Clefable.

2d 16h 56m We exit the town and go east.

2d 16h 55m We return to the gym and leave again.

2d 16h 50m Left the bike shop.

2d 16h 45m Got a bicycle!

2d 16h 37m Healed our Pokemon at the Pokemon Center

2d 16h 28m Left the gym.

2d 16h 24m Got the Sparky Badge! Got TM24! It is the TM for Thunderbolt, and the badge lets us use Fly.

2d 16h 23m We switch Pokemon a few times. Jolteon goes down to Leech Seed. Sparky defeated!

2d 16h 22m Jolteon spams Sand-Attack. We use Sweet Scent.

2d 16h 21m Graveler sent out. Electabuzz gets taken out! Last out is Jolteon (Level 29)! We withdraw for Ivysaur (Level 30).

2d 16h 20m Diglett fainted! Psyduck comes out. Psyduck fainted!

2d 16h 20m Raichu goes down! Diglett grew to level 16! Electabuzz out next.

2d 16h 18m Diglett (Level 15) vs Raichu (Level 27). Our scratches don't hurt it a lot, but it doesn't seem to have a way to hit us.

2d 16h 18m Vs Gym Leader Sparky! Attempt #2!

2d 16h 17m We return to the gym.

2d 16h 16m We return to the green city.

2d 16h 16m Ivysaur fainted! We black out! We are back in purple town.

2d 16h 13m Ivysaur (Level 30) sent out. Ivysaur gets paralyzed! Raichu goes down! Electabuzz (Level 27) out next.

2d 16h 10m Golbat fainted!

2d 16h 10m Vs Gym Leader Sparky! Golbat (Level 26) vs Raichu (Level 27)

2d 16h 08m Ivysaur is sent out. Voltorb self destructs. Trainer defeated.

[Info] Only Golbat and Ivysaur remain.

2d 16h 07m We send out Graveler. Magnemite goes down. Voltorb out next. Graveler fainted!

2d 16h 04m Up against another gym trainer. Diglett vs Magnemite. Diglett fainted!

2d 16h 03m Diglett takes down Raichu! Diglett grew to level 15! Trainer defeated.

2d 16h 02m We are up against the second trainer. Diglett vs Raichu.

2d 16h 01m Electabuzz goes down and the gym trainer is defeated.

2d 15h 59m Golbat comes out and the Pikachu goes down. Golbat grew to level 26! Next out is Electabuzz.

2d 15h 59m Beedrill fainted!

2d 15h 54m Psyduck brought out. Psyduck fainted!

2d 15h 52m Spotted by a trainer. Vs Sailor! Diglett vs Pikachu.

2d 15h 52m We left the ledge puzzle and enter the Gym!

[Info] Stream back up. We're still in the ledge puzzle.

[Info] Stream down.

2d 15h 38m We are traveling north. There are ledges everywhere.

2d 15h 35m We seem to be now in an entirely different town.

2d 15h 35m We go east onto a new route. No more blinding purple.

2d 15h 32m Porygon deposited! Psyduck withdrawn!

2d 15h 29m Withdrew a Potion! Stored TM23!

2d 15h 26m At the PC.

2d 15h 24m Entered the Pokemon Center!

2d 15h 10m Left the cave. Back in the purple city.

2d 15h 07m We toss a Great Ball It failed against Psyduck. We have 9 remaining. Second Great Ball catches it! Got a Psyduck! Level 16! Name: AAAAAAAAFF

2d 15h 07m We return to the cave we were at earlier. Our eyes collectively recover as there is no more purple everywhere.

[Info] We have 435 money remaining.

2d 15h 01m We purchased some Great Balls!

2d 14h 57m Entered the Pokemon Mart.

2d 14h 52m Left the Pokemon Center.

2d 14h 52m Pokemon healed!

[Info] Anarchy is back.

2d 14h 51m We enter the Pokemon Center.

2d 14h 49m We swap party positions. Porygon is now second and Golbat is fourth.

2d 14h 44m Second tree is cut. We exit the Gym.

2d 14h 43m Cut the first tree. We walk to the second one.

[Info] Democracy enabled.

2d 14h 35m Sadly the trees are both back and need to be Cut. We spent more time on the trees than the Gym Leader.

2d 14h 34m Gym Leader Lois defeated! Got TM 21 (Giga Drain!) and the Sprout Badge!

2d 14h 34m Gloom (Level 23) out next. It drops to a single Fly as well. Ivysaur (Level 26) is sent out. It too, goes down in a single hit.

2d 14h 34m Golbat (Level 24) vs Weepinbell (Level 24)! We use Fly. It drops in a single hit. Golbat grew to level 25!

2d 14h 33m Vs Gym Leader Lois!

2d 14h 32m Fly makes short work of it. Next out is an Oddish. Fly easily takes care of it as well. Last out is Tangela. Tangela goes down! Trainer defeated!

2d 14h 31m It appears just one trainer and the Gym Leader are left. The final trainer notices us. Vs CoolTrainer. Golbat vs Bellsprout.

2d 14h 30m We Cut the tree!

2d 14h 21m Our next obstacle is another tree that needs to be cut. Our only Pokemon left are Golbat and Ivysaur.

2d 14h 20m Fly quickly takes care of Bellsprout. Another Bellsprout comes out. It quickly drops to Fly as well. Golbat grew to level 24! Trainer defeated.

2d 14h 19m We travel along and quickly get spotted by a Jr Trainer. Golbat vs Bellsprout.

2d 14h 19m Zubat evolved into Golbat!

2d 14h 18m Fly takes down Bellsprout as well. Trainer defeated!

2d 14h 17m Fly hits! Tangela goes down! Zubat grew to level 23! Bellsprout out next.

2d 14h 17m Ivysaur sent out and takes down Oddish. Tangela out next. Beedrill is sent out but Beedrill fainted! Zubat out next.

2d 14h 14m Graveler fainted!

2d 14h 12m Sorry that was a mistake before, Zubat did not level up. We continue north and are up against another trainer. Zubat was withdrawn for Graveler vs a Oddish.

2d 14h 10m Tangela goes down! Trainer defeated! Beedrill grew to level 17!

2d 14h 06m Beedrill withdrawn for Zubat. It keeps putting us to sleep while slowly dealing damage.

2d 14h 01m Porygon fainted! Beedrill sent out.

2d 13h 59m Zubat sent out. Tangela goes down. Another Tangela is sent out. We send out Porygon.

2d 13h 57m Diglett fainted!

2d 13h 57m We cut the tree! We enter the gym. Vs Lass! Diglett vs Tangela.

2d 13h 55m We enter the gym! It has a tree we need to cut as well.

2d 13h 52m And just like that we cut the tree and are free.

[Info] Since we entered and left the house, the tree we need to cut is back. So this is where we have been for a while.

2d 13h 47m Zubat forgot Confuse Ray for Fly!

2d 13h 41m Porygon learned Mimic!

2d 13h 35m Tossed TM 13!

2d 13h 28m Received HM02!

2d 13h 27m We cut the tree and enter a house.

2d 13h 22m We are trying to cut a tree in town.

2d 13h 14m We are now checkpointed in purple eye melt city.

2d 13h 13m Healed at the Pokemon Center!

2d 13h 10m A lonely old man gave us TM 31!

2d 13h 05m Got a Coin Case!

2d 12h 57m We are now in a very purple town.

2d 12h 57m Left the Cave!

2d 12h 46m We travel down the next ladder.

2d 12h 44m Pokemaniac was defeated. Only Ivysaur and Graveler remain.

2d 12h 44m Graveler forgot Defense Curl for Harden!

2d 12h 42m Charmander goes down. Cubone comes out. It also goes down. Graveler grew to level 29!

2d 12h 41m Porygon fainted!

2d 12h 41m Spotted by a trainer! Vs Pokemaniac! Porygon vs Charmander.

2d 12h 38m Beedrill fainted!

2d 12h 32m Zubat fainted!

2d 12h 26m Diglett fainted!

2d 12h 25m We make it down the third ladder.

2d 12h 21m We make it down the second ladder.

2d 12h 19m We head down the first ladder. Our party is still at perfect health.

2d 12h 14m Entered the Cave.

2d 12h 10m Tree gets cut!

2d 12h 08m We are east of Hayward City again, by the trees that need to be Cut.

2d 12h 03m Left Pokemon Center.

2d 12h 02m In the Pokemon Center. Pokemon healed!

2d 12h 00m Back in Hayward City.

2d 11h 59m At some point since last update Porygon grew to level 17! Zubat also has Confuse Ray over Supersonic now.

2d 11h 56m Zubat to 22, evolution canceled.

2d 10h 22m Diglett is down, Zubat to Lv 20

2d 10h 15m We return to Hayward City, we heal up, and then we return to Rt. 64. We return back to your regularly scheduled grinding marathon

2d 10h 0m Ivysaur to Lv 30

2d 9h 41m Also Actor just fainted

2d 9h 40m Grinding west of Hayward City. Updates will be going dark for a bit, but without any significant progress for nearly three hours, I doubt you'll be missing much.

2d 9h 16m PKPKPKPKPKPKPK fainted!

2d 8h 50m We're back on the route west of Hayward City, grinding pokes and staring at trees

2d 8h 44m We leave the department store without buying anything

2d 8h 42m We enter the department store

2d 8h 36m We heal!! Zubat leads the team

2d 8h 35m We enter the Pokémon Center. The action is riveting

2d 8h 33m With three Pokémon dead fainted, we return to Not-Celadon

2d 8h 18m We decide to walk around the block and just go around the tree. Not sure if this is even still grinding.

2d 8h 15m We stand next to a tree, pondering the meaning of life, love, and existence. But also trying to get into the start menu to cut it down.

2d 8h 7m Brackets the Beedrill faints

2d 7h 55m We are still on Route 63, west of Hayward City, grinding

2d 7h 56m We've managed to use cut in the field! The grass didn't even have the decency to remove itself from the tile, though...

2d 7h 38m Sometime between now and the party update, Porygon moved to slot 2 and subsequently fainted.

2d 7h 26m Grind Update: Paul is currently looking out over the river here contemplatively instead of battling anything.

2d 7h 5m [Party Update]

  • Zubat L18 [Fainted]
  • Beedrill L16
  • Porygon L16 [Half-Health]
  • Graveller L28
  • Ivysaur L29
  • Diglett L14 [Half-Health]

We're currently in a vacant grassy corner of a route, bumping against a rock.

2d 6h 54m Beedrill leveled up to 16, and learned Focus Energy!

2d 6h 43m Diglett avenges Zubat by beating the Nidoran and leveling up to level 14

2d 6h 41m Zubat faints from a wild Nidoran

2d 6h 26m Grinding our weaker mon

[Fluff] Bulbasaur's cry has not changed.

2d 5h 57m We leave the town to go route discovering

2d 5h 41m We bought the beers

2d 5h 10m Nothing seems to be happening, just walking around messing with the menu

2d 4h 50m We go to the Department store and ride the elevator

2d 4h 39m Ivysaur faints back in town

2d 4h 24m Graveler got poisoned by Koffing last battle and was finished odd by Slowpoke's confusion, Ivysaur is left

2d 4h 8m Still walking around the cave

2d 3h 53m Power outage was cured, stream is up

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

2d 3h 46m Aaaand, black out. ...Oh no, I mean there was a power outage, and the stream is down. We didn't black out.

2d 3h 38m Graveler is mowing down the Koffing's in the cave with ease

2d 3h 29m We may have gone to Route 63 at some point and now we're in Silk Tunnel.

[Info] We've seen 60 and caught 11 different species of Pokemon.

2d 3h 21m Porygon faints to a wild Spearow!

2d 3h 16m Defeated Jr. Trainer (F)!

2d 3h 16m Against Oddish! We use Rock Throw to OHKO it. Same with Bellsprout. THE SWEEP!

2d 3h 16m We send out Graveler, who uses Rock Throw to KO Seel. He levels up to 28!

2d 3h 15m Aurora Beam OHKOs Diglett! Nice try little guy.

2d 3h 15m Another Headbutt KOs Beedrill! Go Diglett!

2d 3h 13m We use more Fury Cutter, but an Aurora Beam and Headbutt put us down to 5 HP!

2d 3h 13m It uses Harden, we finish it off with Fury Attack. Against Seel!

2d 3h 12m We start off with Fury Attack and almost KO Ditto! It transforms into Beedrill.

2d 3h 11m Fighting Jr. Trainer (F)! She sends out Ditto against our Beedrill!

2d 3h 2m On R64

2d 2h 59m In the Pokemon Center.

2d 2h 58m Back in Hayward.

2d 2h 55m I'm pretty sure we're on Route 51, Nugget Path.

2d 2h 55m We're out of the city fighting wild mons.

2d 2h 48m And we're in the city.

2d 2h 46m We're on the border between the city and the route, going back and forth.

2d 2h 44m Zubat faints to a wild Rattata!

2d 2h 41m Back on Route 64, or as some people might say, Route 26.

2d 2h 34m Outside, chilling in Hayward City.

2d 2h 33m More elevator time! We're on the first floor.

2d 2h 25m We're at a counter, trying desperately to buy TMs we can't afford.

[Chat] ChocoTaco47: Man. This isn't a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters. It's twenty thousand monkeys at a single typewriter, and half those monkeys are screaming and desperately trying to progress while the other half throw *** everywhere. It's wonderful.

2d 2h 15m Back on the floor with the video games. Chat is gravitating back towards the stairs.

2d 2h 11m We keep trying to head towards the stairs, but one man always blocks our endeavours. Curse you simple NPC!!!

[Fluff] We speak with a guy who is flouting how he is trading a Pokémon he caught in Brown to his buddy playing Pokémon Gold. I mean, who needs a fourth wall anyway?

[Chat] Liquidsolidify: what does beer do

2d 1h 52m We are currently on a floor filled with vidya games. We like playing those.

2d 1h 51m Maybe not. Chat is conflicted as usually. Anyways we're in the elevator, heading towards the vending machine.

2d 1h 49m A large push for democracy has occurred. According to chat, if we try the Mart in Anarchy a softlock might occur?

2d 1h 48m Now we're in the store! Paul has 642 Pokeyen he can spend!

[Snark] Cool, so just do that real quick and then we can go back to the door, right?

2d 1h 44m We try to get through a door, but we have to beat the Rijon League first.

2d 1h 36m We heal!

2d 1h 36m In the PokéCenter!

[Donation] $2.01 from Blaise_Huskins caused a slightly richer storm of WutFace

2d 1h 33m We're back in Hayward City!

[Donation] $2.00 from Blaise_Huskins caused a storm of WutFace

2d 1h 30m Porygon faints to a wild Ekans' Wrap!

2d 1h 19m Beedrill faints to a wild Rattata's Tackle!

2d 1h 14m Beedrill grew to level 15!

2d 1h 13m Against a wild Rattata, Beedrill used Harden, and then the same turn Rattata used Tail Whip. Noice.

2d 1h 12m Still grinding away in Route 64.

2d 1h 3m Diglett faints to the same cause!

2d 1h 2m Zubat faints to a wild Rattata's Quick Attack!

2d 0h 58m Options fun! Medium text speed, battle animations on, and set style.

2d 0h 48m Zubat grew to level 17!

2d 0h 44m Onto Route 64!

2d 0h 39m We talk to someone who dearly misses their Slowbro.

2d 0h 39m We're out and about the city now.

2d 0h 37m PC Time? We keep spazzing out in front of it.

[Fluff] If my memory serves me right, Paul was blacked out by the same Slowpoke twice.

2d 0h 33m We're in Hayward City's Poké Center.

2d 0h 32m We switch to Leech Seed, but we're too late. Ivysaur faints to Confusion! Black Out!

2d 0h 31m Two more turns of that before we switch to using Cut. At critical health.

2d 0h 31m We use Leech Seed, and Slowpoke responds with Confusion. We become confused!

2d 0h 30m He sends out a Slowpoke. Apparently the Caterpies aren't there.

2d 0h 29m "Where are the CATERPIES?" Pokemaniac wants to fight!


2d 0h 27m Ivysaur managed to escape the fire horse.

2d 0h 26m And Diglett goes down in one to its Ember!

2d 0h 24m Our Graveler faints to a wild Ponyta's Ember! Apparently it's decently effective at taking down our mons.

2d 0h 15m Back to the joy of wild mons.

2d 0h 14m He KAPOW's by Selfdestruct

2d 0h 12m VS Hiker, he sends in level 21 Geodude

2d 0h 8m We make it down the stairs and successfully move away from them toward a dead end and a trainer that has previously killed us

2d 0h 1m And back up and back down and back up.

2d 0h 0m And back down....

1d 23h 59m We go back up the ladder

1d 23h 59m Chat is spamming PogChamp after seeing a rare Ponyta, regret no balls

1d 23h 59m We head down the second ladder. Progress ho!

1d 23h 53m We go deeper into the cave's maze

1d 23h 47m We went down the ladder

1d 23h 46m We go down the ladder, then back up it. Not much else has happened.

[Snark] [Info] The ladder is not by the wall so we cant just spam directions

[Info] Because we cannot move the boulder, we must go down the ladder to progress. Going left would take us backwards.

1d 23h 33m Just walking around encountering Cubone's and Psyducks

1d 23h 21m There is a boulder in the cave, but that section is off-limits to Paul, for now.

[Info] For people wandering about why Geodude/Graveler was called "stick" or variations thereof, once upon a time...

Okay, basically the nick was STTq, but about half a day ago a few of Paul's mons had their name changed.

1d 23h 11m Bigger Stick grew to Level 27! Still wandering around Silk Tunnel

1d 23h 8m Just for a quick update: Still wandering around Silk Tunnel. Remaining Pokémon are Graveler with 67/71HP Greysaur with full HP Bucket with 18/28HP Zubat, Actor, and Brackets the Beedrill are all fainted.

1d 22h 59m Beedril down

1d 22h 55m Porygon down

1d 22h 53m Zubat faints

1d 22h 52m we got a silver egg

1d 22h 40m Apparently we're back to the tree cutting area, east of Hayward.

[Fluff] Frankly I was hoping for a miracle, but... what happened, happened.

1d 22h 22m Ivysaur is kill. Blackout

[Snark] Paul is permabanned by streamer.

1d 22h 21m now against a Pokemaniac, with a Slowpoke.

Oh boy streamer's favourite

[Info] With 17/79 HP left on Ivysaur (formerly AAA) and the rest of the party fainted with Paul in a cave... It's basically a WutFace situation.

1d 22h 16m By some miracle, we beat the Onix. And Ivysaur grows to level 29!

[Fluff] Smogon strats...

1d 22h 13m now against an Onix, not much we can do it, it's probably gonna make us blackout. it's a damage war of Not Very Effective Cut vs low level moves. But it uses Bind, so we're in a bit of a bind.

1d 22h 12m Graveler is down

1d 22h 10m battling a Hiker

1d 22h 4m so who likes the sort of grinding that's going on


[Info] When no one noticed, we have registered 4 million inputs since the start of Season 3! The lucky username appears to be... pipboypro!

1d 21h 31m Graveler grows to Level 26

[Snark] In true Twitch fashion, we try to run away from these "scary" bugs immediately

1d 21h 29m We commence battle against some kid who proclaims Bug Pokémon can never lose. We retaliate with one of their many weaknesses.

1d 21h 24m we finally cut a singular tree

[Snark] inb4...

[Snark] Will Twitch ever cut this tree down, find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

1d 21h 5m The spearow also makes Diglett faint

1d 21h 4m Porygon gets owned by a bird. RIP

1d 21h 0m Beedril faints

1d 20h 57m Zubat faints

[Fluff] By Sheer coincidence, both Pinball and Brown have a Rattata going on

[Snark] I like "Not-Celedon" better.

[Info] We checkpointed in Hayward, by the way.

1d 20h 48m Diglett similarly follows suit! BLACKOUT!! Back in Not-Celedon.

1d 20h 46m Ivysaur was Hyper Fanged out by a wild Rattata!

[Info] PAR isn't shown on the stream overlay. I guess someone (probably Felk) can work on that...

[Info] Turns out in this game, a Pokémon can attack on the same turn it wakes up! That isn't a thing until Gen 2 in the main-series games.

1d 20h 38m Ivysaur cuts down the Bulbasaur and then the Pikachu that comes out after! Trainer defeated! But Ivysaur was paralyzed by Pikachu!

1d 20h 37m Ivysaur comes out against it and cuts it down! The opponent's Bulbasaur gets cut too. Then they start trading powder attacks.

1d 20h 35m Graveller Mud-Slaps his Charmander, but his followup Squirtle bubbles the HP out of Graveller. Stick is down!

1d 20h 34m We get in a fight with a Jr Trainer, who helpfully tells us the tunnel ahead leads to some place called Morga Town. Then he sends out a Charmander.

1d 20h 33m We've moved past four trainers now without a fight.

1d 20h 30m WE CUT THE TREE! Onwards!

1d 20h 27m Porygon has been Spearowed too! Oh the Pokemanity!

1d 20h 26m We used Cut! PogChamp

...on a wild Rattata.

[Snark] We watch with bated breath as some in chat attempts to convince other people in chat to use Democracy to cut a tree.

1d 20h 14m Beedrill has been Spearowed as well!

1d 20h 3m Our Zubat has fallen to a rat.

1d 19h 59m We've returned to the fork in the road where we were before. A cuttable tree above and a cuttable tree below block our path, with grass in the middle.

1d 19h 55m We've left. We're now stamping on someone's garden.

1d 19h 53m We're in the center. The input speed has increased...

1d 19h 52m We've BLACKED OUT!! We've arrived back in Not-Celedon!

[Fluff] Apparently we renamed a few mons after I last seen the game, which was... 1.5 day ago.

1d 19h 46m Our bigger stick, Graveller, has fallen to a wild Spearow!

[Chat] dingdingboom : BIGGER STICK PogChamp

1d 19h 37m Geodude Leveled up to 25 AND EVOLVED INTO GRAVELER!!

1d 19h 26m [Party Status]:

  • Zubat -ᴾkᴾkᴾkᴾkᴾkᴾkᴾk)( L16 [Fainted]
  • Beedrill [[........ L14 [Fainted]
  • Porygon AAA(((TRR L16 [Fainted]
  • Geodude AJJJJJJJaaa L24 [Half Health]
  • Ivysaur ---------- L28 [Full Health]
  • Diglett BKKTTTTTTT L13 [Fainted]

1d 19h 21m Tree Cutting Update: haven't yet.

1d 18h 50m We repeatedly go from the town to the patch of grass and trees that need to be cut.

1d 18h 37m Geodude grew to level 24!

1d 18h 36m Back in tall grass again. Porygon fainted! Only Geodude and Ivysaur remain.

1d 18h 23m We are back west in the city.

1d 18h 11m We head east towards the cuttable trees again. We did not heal.

1d 18h 04m We head south into the city again.

1d 17h 40m Beedrill fainted!

1d 17h 33m Beedrill grew to level 14!

1d 17h 26m We're still just hanging out near Bills house. Nothing of any particular interest is happening.

1d 16h 54m We go back north onto Nugget Road.

1d 16h 51m We head south into the city again.

1d 16h 20m Beedrill grew to level 13!

1d 16h 15m Zubat and Diglett fainted to a wild Oddish

1d 15h 56m Stream goes down for a moment. Beedrill now shows up on the overlay.

1d 15h 45m Zubat grew to level 16! Still just grinding here.

1d 14h 53m Zubat grew to level 15! Learned Bite!

1d 14h 43m We are just grinding in the grass here.

1d 14h 39m Zubat grew to level 14!

1d 14h 32m We head north of Hayward City. Onto the nugget road.

1d 14h 28m Geodude fainted! We black out!

1d 14h 27m Charmaner goes down. Squirtle comes out. Geodude takes care of it. Bulbasaur out next. Geodude is poisoned!

1d 14h 26m We continue east and get spotted again. Vs Jr Trainer. Geodude vs Charmander.

1d 14h 25m Second Beedrill goes down and the Bug Catcher is defeated.

1d 14h 25m Geodude grew to level 23! Another Beedrill comes out.

1d 14h 22m Ivysaur fainted! Only Geodude remains.

1d 14h 20m Porygon fainted!

1d 14h 18m We take a few steps and get spotted by a Bug Catcher. Porygon vs Beedrill.

1d 14h 18m Charmaner goes down. Jr Trainer defeated.

1d 14h 13m Ivysaur comes out. Ivysaur is burned!

1d 14h 11m Diglett takes down Growlithe. Diglett grew to level 13! Charmander comes out. Diglett fainted!

1d 14h 08m Beedrill fainted!

1d 14h 07m Jr Trainer wants to fight. Beedrill vs Growlithe.

1d 14h 06m We progress east more. Spotted by a trainer!

1d 14h 01m Picked up TM03!

1d 13h 58m Zubat fainted!

1d 13h 56m Tree gets cut!

1d 13h 46m We head east of the city and find our path blocked by a tree that can be Cut.

1d 13h 43m Entered Pokemon Center. Healed our Pokemon!

1d 13h 38m Beedrill learned Cut!

1d 13h 33m Ivysaur forgot Vine Whip for Cut!

1d 13h 33m Tossed Nugget!

1d 13h 31m Used a TM. Diglett learned Dig!

1d 13h 29m Used the map. Apparently this place is Hayward City.

1d 13h 29m Tossed Tinymushroom

1d 13h 19m Used a TM to teach Zubat Swift!

1d 13h 18m We are messing around with our item pouch. It seems we are trying to get to HM01.

1d 13h 17m We set Fury Attack first on Beedrill then head south back into town.

[Info] Stream back up.

[Info] Stream down. Probably to fix Beedrill sprite on overlay.

1d 12h 50m Kakuna grew to level 12 It evolved into Beedrill! It learned Fury Attack!

1d 12h 49m Diglett fainted!

1d 12h 45m Still just killing random Pokemon in grass.

1d 12h 33m Zubat fainted due to struggle.

1d 12h 16m Zubat grew to level 13

1d 12h 11m Last Poké Ball wasted on Oddish.

1d 12h 4m Caught a Lv. 9 Weedle! Nickname: AB-

1d 11h 48m Game saved.

1d 11h 43m Black out.

1d 11h 33m Ivysaur performed suicide with struggle on a wild Kakuna Lv. 9.

[Chat] 0% Democracy.

1d 11h 7m Ivysaur grew up to Level 28.

1d 11h 2m Porygon fainted to the same Oddish.

1d 11h 0m Geodude fainted to a wild Oddish Lv. 13.

1d 10h 49m Zubat fainted to a wild Pidgey Lv. 13.

[Fluff] Now it is CerebralHarlot Playing Pokémon.

1d 10h 30m Kakuna grew up to Level 11. Didn't evolve.

1d 10h 28m Diglett fainted to a wild Oddish Lv. 13.

1d 10h 18m Diglett grew up to Level 12. Taken from daycare.

1d 10h 12m Game saved.

1d 10h 6m Diglett left in the daycare.

1d 10h 5m Same story with Ivysaur and Diglett.

1d 10h 3m Same story with the Porygon again.

1d 10h 1m Geodude left in the daycare and taken back immediately for 100₱.

1d 10h 1m Porygon taken back from daycare.

1d 10h 0m Game saved. Daycare. Porygon left in the daycare.

1d 9h 51m Grinding area.

1d 9h 43m Name Rater house.

1d 9h 42m Poké Center. Party healed.

[Fluff] Guys, we beat Lily.

[Fluff] Guys, we beat Misty.

1d 9h 37m Porygon CRIT! Porygon grew up to Level 16. TM13 obtained. Victory. Badge get.

1d 9h 36m Rock Throw KO's Jynx pretty well. But Lapras is not a pushover. Geodude fainted. Ivysaur fainted. Diglett fainted.

1d 9h 35m vs Lily. Attempt #6

1d 9h 32m 2 water guns. Black out.

1d 9h 30m Ice beam OHKO. Zubat fainted.

1d 9h 29m Kakuna fainted.

1d 9h 29m Diglett fainted.

1d 9h 28m Ivysaur fainted.

1d 9h 28m Lapras kills geodude.

1d 9h 28m Jynx down. Geodude grew up to Level 22.

1d 9h 25m vs Lily. Attempt #5.

1d 9h 23m Black out.

1d 9h 22m Zubat fainted.

1d 9h 20m vs Lily Geodude fainted. Ivysaur fainted. Kakuna fainted.

1d 9h 15m Black out.

[Meta] The updater is now going dark. Not that it'll matter that much given we're still grinding. If any updaters are available, feel free to resume.

1d 8h 20m Grinding update: still.

1d 7h 37m OMG GEODUDE GAINED A LEVEL FINALLY!! LEVEL 21!! And there was celebratory music to be had as well! Glorious day! And it did not learn Self Destruct!

1d 7h 33m Grind Update: Geodude was moved to the front of the party while I wasn't looking! Still hasn't gained a level...

1d 7h 22m Grind Update: Pretending to be Solid Snake, up to our eyes in the tall grass, not moving for fear of being spotted.

1d 6h 58m Grind Update: Kakuna vs Kakuna. The Harden Match of the year.

1d 6h 55m Grind Update: Repeatedly speaking with a girl who says she trains here every day, instead of training ourselves.

1d 6h 40m And Diglett is now fainted. A lot of good that did...

1d 6h 37m We've situated back into our grind spot, with Diglett at the head of the party.

1d 6h 35m Found a random TinyMushroom in a fence!

[Chat] cresun7 : DansGame well excuuuuuuuuuuuse me for not having one

1d 6h 28m We head west. We attempt to enter Cycling Road, but the lady at the counter won't let us without a bike...

1d 6h 21m We managed to move Diglett to the front of the party, with Ivysaur in slot 2 and Geodude in slot 3.

1d 6h 17m We save in the Game Corner while staring at a lady who claims to make a living by playing the slots. It's anyone's guess as to how she does that, though, unless the prize corner has added an option to convert coins back into real money in this game...

[Correction] We still have TM23 (Dragonbreath) as we're trying to teach it to a Pokémon now (and none of our Pokémon can learn it). It was another TM near the top of the bag we tossed.

1d 6h 11m It looks like we just tossed that TM23 at the top of our bag...

1d 6h 6m We step into the game corner. The chat proceeds to dance.

1d 6h 3m Another Powder Snow and we BLACKOUT!

[Snark] That was a very naughty update...

1d 6h 2m We harden at Jynx. Or we would if Jynx didn't Sweet Kiss us to sleep.

1d 6h 1m Our Level 10 Kakuna remains.

1d 6h 1m Jynx opens with some Powder Snow as we throw Sweet Scent at it. In 2 rounds Ivysaur is down!

1d 6h 0m We poison Jynx! That and Sweet Scent are the only moves that have PP.

1d 5h 58m We consult TM23 on what to do in this situation. Unfortunately there's nothing written on the disk to read.

[Info] Oh yeah, and Ivysaur has no PP on damaging moves.

[Snark] inb4 rip

[Info] Both of our remaining Pokémon are at exactly half heath.

1d 5h 57m We speak with Lily! Or rather Paul speaks with Lily (he talks in this game). VS Lily, Round 2!

1d 5h 53m We entered the gym. With 2 mostly-healthy Pokémon in our party.

1d 5h 48m We stepped into the "Pokecenter" in town, and then immediately fled, running into the roof of the second gym to the south.

1d 5h 42m We've moved away from our grind spot. Only Ivysaur and Kakuna are still standing atm.

1d 5h 22m Grind update: See last grind update.

[Info] Also, we've been out of PP on Ivysaur's only damaging move for about a half hour now.

1d 4h 53m Grind update: still. No one has gained any levels yet.

[Chat] XJaykX_ : The flying seels must be a sign WutFace
r14nn : WutFace so this is olden

1d 3h 59m We've returned to the city breifly.... and two glitched out seels are now swimming through the world, sliding merrily down the screen, bumping into each other... Chat WutFaces.

1d 3h 47m Grinding update: still.

1d 3h 24m We're back near our grind spot.

1d 3h 16m We finally blacked out! We rush away from the Pokémon Center posthaste and enter the mart.

1d 3h 13m We just spent about 10 minutes whittling down a Tangela to catch before running from it.

1d 3h 1m We nearly blacked out to a wild Spearow. Only Ivysaur is left standing.

1d 2h 50m [Party Update]

  • Ivysaur ---------- L27
  • Geodude AJJJJJJaaa L20
  • Diglett BKKTTTTTTT L11
  • Zubat -ᴾkᴾkᴾkᴾkᴾkᴾkᴾk)( L12
  • Kakuna [[........ L10
  • Porygon AAA(((TRR L14

1d 2h 46m Geodude has gone down to a wild shrub Oddish!

1d 2h 38m We used a Poké Ball and caught a L15 Spearow! Nickname: --xxx;ooqq

1d 2h 34m We're on a route west of the town we were in. Grinding in tall grass.

1d 2h 21m In the mart, bought 3 Poké Balls! She won't let us buy 97 more with our remaining $16.

1d 2h 16m We blacked out just now and are now fighting between the PC and the door again.

[Meta] The updater is now going dark. Any updaters available, feel free to pick up.

1d 2h 10m Bird keeper defeated.

1d 2h 9m Porygon fainted.

1d 2h 8m Ivysaur fainted.

1d 2h 6m Done. Next is Natu Lv. 17.

1d 2h 5m Another Bird keeper challenges us to a battle. Spearow Lv. 17.

1d 2h 4m Bird keeper defeated.

1d 1h 59m Our Zubat fainted.

1d 1h 53m Another spearow is down. Zubat Lv. 16 is next.

1d 1h 48m Pidgey down. Diglett grew up to Level 11.

1d 1h 42m Spearow down, Pidgey Lv. 16 is next.

1d 1h 38m Bird keeper challenges us to a battle. Spearow Lv. 16.

1d 1h 20m Inside Poké Center.

1d 1h 18m Stream is back.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GAME IS UPDATING RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

1d 1h 17m Kakuna fainted. Black out.

1d 1h 16m Porygon fainted.

1d 1h 16m Ivysaur fainted.

1d 1h 14m Ice beam. Zubat fainted.Diglett fainted.

1d 1h 13m Jynx down. Lapras Lv. 21 next. Geodude fainted.

1d 1h 12m Vs Lily (Looks like Misty). Jynx Lv. 18.

1d 1h 11m vs Jr. Trainer female. Shellder Lv. 19. Victory.

1d 1h 9m Swinub killed, Seel too. Swimmer defeated.

1d 1h 6m In the gym. Swimmer challenges us to a battle.

[Chat] The chat PogChamped and vowed to waste the day away gambling.

1d 0h 44m Game corner.

1d 0h 19m Black out.

1d 0h 17m Kakuna fainted.

1d 0h 16m Geodude fainted.

1d 0h 15m Diglett fainted.

1d 0h 15m Zubat fainted.

1d 0h 13m vs Seel Lv. 16. Porygon fainted.

1d 0h 12m Swimmer challenges us to a battle. Swinub Lv. 16 is down.

1d 0h 12m In the Gym.

1d 0h 6m Zubat named -PkPkPkPkPkPkPk)- or similar.

1d 0h 5m II--!????! changed to IHQPPEE-- and AAA-(((TRR after that.

1d 0h 4m Porygon named II--!????!.

1d 0h 0m Text speed is set to Medium.

0d 23h 58m AAA changed to ----------.

0d 23h 54m Kakuna nicknamed [[.........

0d 23h 53m AIRRRAAAAA changed to BKKTTTTTTT.

0d 23h 52m Diglett nicknamed AIRRRAAAAA.

0d 23h 51m Geodude nicknamed AJJJJJJaaa.

0d 23h 50m Text speed is set to Slow.

0d 23h 49m Game saved.

0d 23h 47m Namerater house.

0d 23h 42m Out of pokecenter.

0d 23h 41m Team healed.

0d 23h 41m Pokecenter.

0d 23h 30m TM39 obtained.

0d 23h 28m Owsauri city.

0d 23h 25m Lass defeated!

0d 23h 25m Oddish is down. Growlithe Lv. 13 is next.

0d 23h 20m AAA Lv. 26 vs Oddish Lv. 13.

0d 23h 19m Zubat fainted.

0d 23h 17m Nevermind. Zubat switched back.

0d 23h 16m Zubat is switched for Kakuna.

0d 23h 12m Zubat is out of PP for Leech Life.

0d 23h 8m Oddish Lv. 13 is a beast. Porygon fainted as well.

0d 23h 5m Diglett fainted.

0d 22h 59m Lass challenges us to a battle. Bellsprout Lv. 13.

0d 22h 58m Game saved.

0d 22h 52m Finally, nugget bridge type area passed.

0d 22h 39m [Dev] ROM update incoming - should fix a few issues and re-adds the missing missing sound effects for 'mon leveling up and being caught. Also should fix up the borders on text boxes to be more pleasing.

0d 22h 36m AAA grew to Lv. 26 and forgot Razor Leaf to a Sweet Scent.

0d 22h 27m We head north onto the nugget bridge type area again.

0d 22h 19m It doesn't attack itself in confusion. Kakuna fainted! We black out! Back in that city again.

0d 22h 17m Only Kakuna remains against a confused and poisoned Growlithe.

0d 22h 17m Zubat sent out. Supersonic confuses it but Zubat gets burned. Zubat fainted!

0d 22h 15m Ivysaur fainted!

0d 22h 14m Oddish finally down. Kakuna grew to level 10! Growlithe out next.

0d 22h 12m Geodude comes out and goes down to Absorb. Geodude fainted! Only Ivysaur, Zubat, and Kakuna remain.

0d 22h 09m Kakuna sent out, and then withdrawn for Ivysaur. And then withdrawn for Kakuna again.

0d 22h 07m Ivysaur withdrawn for Geodude. Bellsprout goes down. Geodude grewto level 20! Oddish out next.

0d 22h 05m Spotted by a Lass. Ivysaur vs Bellsprout.

0d 22h 04m Ekans goes down. Jr Trainer defeated. We continue east.

0d 22h 03m Ivysaur sent out again. Rattata goes down. Ekans out next.

0d 22h 02m Porygon sent out. Porygon fainted!

0d 22h 01m Ivysaur withdrawn for Diglett. Diglett fainted!

0d 21h 59m Trainer battle! We are fighting a Junior Trainer. Ivysaur vs Rattata.

0d 21h 58m We are now traveling east. The path looks similar to Nugget Bridge/Bills in RBY.

0d 21h 49m We left that city and traveled north into the route above it.

0d 21h 43m Threw away TM 34

0d 21h 28m Threw away a Moon Stone

[Meta] The updater is now going dark. Any updaters available, feel free to pick up.

0d 20h 50m Ivysaur leveled up to 25 and then promptly blacked out to an ember attack! Back in Not-Celedon yet again...

[Correction] I meant Ivysaur. It hasn't devolved or anything.

0d 20h 43m We're now only with our Bulbasaur, who leveled up since last update.

0d 20h 37m [Info] Our current party status after a fight with a Lass:

  • Bulbasaur AAA L23
  • Geodude STTq L19 [Fainted]
  • Diglett L10 [Fainted]
  • Zubat L12 [Red Health]
  • Porygon L14 [Fainted]
  • Kakuna HZZZZZZyyy L9 [Fainted]

0d 20h 21m We've now passed through Not-Nugget Bridge again, with Geodude as our only fatality.

0d 20h 6m The overlay has been refreshed! It's now up-to-date again!

0d 19h 54m And now we've BLACKED OUT to another trainer. Back in Not-Celedon.

0d 19h 53m Found HM01!

0d 19h 52m Another Youngster has just taken out our entire team except Zubat. When his Tangela fell to poison, Zubat grew to Level 11!

0d 19h 44m And Ivysaur has swept! Victory!

0d 19h 43m We've run into Slowpoke Kid again! Third time's the charm?

0d 19h 29m We're now making our way up Nugget Pass again.

0d 19h 22m Putzing around someone's house now, examining the potted plants.

0d 19h 11m We're back in Not-Celedon now.

0d 18h 51m [Info] Current level report:

  • Ivysaur - L22
  • Geodude - L19
  • Diglett- L10
  • Zubat - L10
  • Porygon - L13
  • Kakuna - L9

0d 18h 35m We seem to be in a little loop: Kakuna is getting wrapped by Ekans, losing 1 HP of health, and then gaining it back via Leech Seed. And that is how Kakuna won. (Still grinding, btw.)

0d 18h 6m We've travelled south of Not-Celedon and are now grinding in some grass just above a house with a white picket fence.

0d 17h 56m Digglett appears as our only remaining mon. But he too is confused out of the ground. BLACKOUT!! Back in Not-Celedon.

0d 17h 54m Kakuna makes an appearance. That was it.

0d 17h 52m We send Ivysaur back in at 2HP, and he explodes in confusion as well!

0d 17h 51m We send out Zubat instead who is confused out of the sky!

0d 17h 49m We're made it back to the Slowpoke Youngster. His Slowpoke proceeds to nearly take down Ivysaur with Confusions! And all we did was growl at him...

[Snark] So much for a fully healed team...

0d 17h 40m Porygon has fallen to the same Oddish! And then we flee.

0d 17h 37m Geodude has fallen to a wild Oddish 7 levels lower than it. Thanks type matchups!

0d 17h 31m Back up onto Nugget Bridge Nugget Pass with a fully healed team.

0d 17h 29m We're now back in the town that looks suspiciously similar to Celadon City.

0d 17h 29m His L15 Slowpoke takes out our Zubat! BLACKOUT!!

0d 17h 24m We've wandered into sight of a Youngster on a route to the east of the bridge (that looks suspiciously similar to the route to Bill's House). His Slowpoke takes out our Diglett, and only our L10 Zubat remains.

0d 17h 18m We're wandering around what looks like Nugget Bridge but without the bridge and with grass instead. Also we have only two low-level Pokémon not fainted on us right now. (Also, the party display is borked again.)

[Chat] Currently trying to instantiate some of the lesser-known modes of TPP, like monarchy, and plutocracy, and capitalism.

[Meta] Updater is going to go dark for maybe some time, I gotta sleep.

0d 16h 51m Drowzee down, Rocket defeated. Received TM28

0d 16h 50m Machop down, Drowzee in.

0d 16h 49m Geodude sent in.

0d 16h 49m Wow! It also goes down!

0d 16h 48m Ivysaur down, Kakuna sent in

0d 16h 47m Versus the Rocket in town again, Machop against Ivysaur.

0d 16h 42m In another building and we boot up the PC but then immediately get off of it. And run right outside.

0d 16h 42m And now we are back in the town.

0d 16h 41m On the route again.

0d 16h 39m And then we went back outside.

0d 16h 38m Walked in the building with the new music.

0d 16h 30m Walking along the route, running into wild encounters.

0d 16h 22m Back on the route that we were on before, lighting changing from blue to yellow as we walk between the two areas.

0d 16h 17m Porygon down, black out.

0d 16h 15m Porygon sent in. It is our last mon. In the red from Confusion, we Convert type to the Drowzee's type.

0d 16h 14m Zubat down

0d 16h 11m Diglett down, Zubat in.

0d 16h 10m Machop goes down and Drowsee is sent in, Geodude goes down. Diglett sent in

0d 16h 10m Geodude's in now.

0d 16h 9m Ivysaur down.

0d 16h 7m Back in with the Ivysaur.

0d 16h 7m Switched into Kakuna, who faints to none other than a crit Karate Chop! Whoooaa

0d 16h 5m Versus a Rocket, Ivysaur against Machop

0d 16h 5m Walking around the town.

0d 16h 0m Geodude down, black out. How unexpected!

[Snark] Blackout in 3, 2, 1..

0d 15h 59m And it goes down.

0d 15h 59m Zubat is sent in.

0d 15h 57m Porygon went down and now only Zubat and a very low-HP Geodude are left.

0d 15h 56m Porygon sent in.

0d 15h 56m Kakuna down.

0d 15h 55m Kakuna's in now.

0d 15h 53m Ivysaur down.

0d 15h 52m Versus Youngster, Slowpoke against Ivysaur.

0d 15h 52m Krabby down, Hiker defeated.

0d 15h 51m Now Ivysaur is in.

0d 15h 50m And then switched into Geodude.

0d 15h 50m Switched into Zubat.

0d 15h 49m Kakuna sent in.

0d 15h 48m Diglett down

0d 15h 48m Sandshrew down, Krabby sent in.

0d 15h 47m And now Diglett is in Ivysaur's place

0d 15h 44m Versus Hiker, Ivysaur against Sandshrew.

0d 15h 43m Found TM45

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Pokemon Ming & Lee MingLee

0d 15h 30m Back on the route we were on before.

0d 15h 27m Geodude down, black out.

0d 15h 25m Got a Nugget, now fighting Rocket-not-a-rocket with Geodude against his Ekans.

0d 15h 23m and the trainer's defeated woaaghh

0d 15h 23m Geodude sent in.

0d 15h 22m Diglett sent in, also immediately goes down.

0d 15h 22m It too, goes down.

0d 15h 21m Zubat sent in.

0d 15h 21m And it goes down.

0d 15h 20m Porygon is sent in.

0d 15h 19m Ivysaur down.

0d 15h 17m Switched into Kakuna, it goes down immediately to a crit Karate Chop. Ivysaur back in.

0d 15h 15m And now, Jr.TrainerM fight. Mankey against Ivysaur.

0d 15h 15m Ivysaur to Lv. 21

0d 15h 12m Nidoran♀ down, Lass defeated.

0d 15h 11m Geodude switched in, Pidgey down, Nidoran♀ in.

0d 15h 6m Versus the Lass again, Pidgey against Ivysaur again.

0d 15h 3m Outside and back on the route we were on before.

0d 15h 2m Walked in a building. This is some interesting music.

0d 15h 0m Kakuna down, black out.

0d 14h 59m Inevitably, it is sent in.

0d 14h 58m Only thing left is our Kakuna.

0d 14h 58m Ivysaur down

0d 14h 55m Versus Lass, Pidgey against Ivysaur.

0d 14h 52m Zubat down, Kakuna to Lv. 9. Youngster defeated.

0d 14h 51m And its only move is Harden. And Kakuna's confused to Supersonic, hits itself.

0d 14h 51m Switched in Kakuna.

0d 14h 48m Not much has happened since the last update. Some damage dealt, but nobody fainted or was switched out.

0d 14h 40m It's Ivysaur against foe Zubat in a random Trainer battle.

0d 14h 39m RIP Diglett

0d 14h 37m Porygon faints

0d 14h 31m Geodude faints

0d 14h 26m Zubat faints

0d 14h 16m RIP Diglett, BLACK OUT

0d 14h 14m Zubat faints

0d 14h 12m Porygon is kill

0d 14h 11m oh no Rip kakuna

0d 14h 8m oops geodude is asleep

It's maybe gonna faint soon Like right now, it's fainted

0d 14h 6m Geodude is now Level 17

0d 14h 4m Ivysaur Faints

0d 14h 2m apparently we're battling a Team Rocket Grunt

0d 13h 59m We get a Town Map!

0d 13h 53m RIP Kakuna, BLACK OUT

0d 13h 51m Ivysaur down

0d 13h 48m Zubat faints

0d 13h 31m Oh good, Struggle is speeding things up, we win a random trainer battle that took far longer than it had any right to be.

[Snark] This battle is taking a very long time.

Got any Threes?

[Snark] apparently, according to the stream display, our Kakuna is actually a Fletchinder that looks like a Charizard at Level 0, who knew Kakuna were so confusing?

0d 13h 20m We call it HZZZZZyyy

0d 13h 20m We toss a Great Ball at a Kakuna And we catch it!

0d 13h 17m Critical Hit brings Charmander down and that means Mura is defeated!

0d 13h 17m Ivysaur back in

0d 13h 17m Diglett faints

0d 13h 16m We switch to Diglett

0d 13h 14m In comes Ivysaur, it KOs the Cubone And levels to level 20. in comes A Charmander

0d 13h 13m Geodude Faints

0d 13h 13m Enemy Doduo faints, in comes a Cubone

0d 13h 12m Enemy Koffing faints, Geodude grows to Level 16 and gets Mud Slap

0d 13h 11m Oh, now Geodude is battling instead of Ivysaur It gets poisoned as it comes in

0d 13h 9m Porygon faints we send out Ivysaur again

0d 13h 9m We switch into Porygon

0d 13h 9m Ivysaur vs Koffing

0d 13h 8m Time to battle Mura Again.

0d 13h 7m Geodude down aaaand black out.

0d 13h 6m Geodude is sent in, it is the last mon we have left.

0d 13h 5m Ivysaur down

0d 13h 2m Versus Mura again, Ivysaur against Koffing

0d 12h 51m Bellsprout down, Lass defeated.

0d 12h 47m Mankey down, Bellsprout in.

0d 12h 45m Ivysaur sent in.

0d 12h 45m Diglett in, and down

0d 12h 44m Oddish down, finally. Mankey in, and the struggle is real with Zubat now resorting to Struggle. Zubat down

0d 12h 41m Sent in Zubat.

0d 12h 40m Porygon down

0d 12h 39m Switched out Ivysaur for Porygon.

0d 12h 38m Versus Lass, Oddish against Ivysaur

0d 12h 38m Found a TM23

0d 12h 32m Ivysaur to Lv. 19

0d 12h 26m Still fighting wild 'mons.

0d 12h 17m In a battle against a wild Ekans.

0d 12h 16m Saved the game.

0d 12h 14m Walked onto a nearby route.

0d 12h 13m We attempt to use the Moon Stone, it has the "item used" SFX but the text says "It won't have any effect", and the item is not used up.

0d 12h 5m Outside again.

0d 12h 1m We entered a building of some sort.

0d 12h 0m Geodude down, black out

0d 11h 59m Doduo down and Geodude to Lv. 15. Cubone sent in.

0d 11h 56m Geodude is sent in.

0d 11h 55m Zubat in, it goes down to Fury Attack. Geodude is all that's left.

0d 11h 55m Diglett down to a crit Peck

0d 11h 54m Consulting various items for guidance.

0d 11h 54m Koffing down, Diglett to Lv. 8 . Doduo sent in

0d 11h 53m Diglett sent in. Trying to Scratch down Koffing.

0d 11h 52m Koffing's in the red but Ivy keeps Growling at it, Ivysaur also down to Smog

0d 11h 51m Ivysaur sent in.

0d 11h 51m Porygon and Koffing Tackling it out for a bit, then Porygon goes down to Smog

0d 11h 50m Porygon is switched in.

0d 11h 48m Walked a bit up, Mura and Paul talk and we challenge him to a battle, Koffing against Ivysaur

0d 11h 48m We talk to an NPC who doesn't know where their Slowbro went.

0d 11h 46m Walking around in the town.

0d 11h 39m We Checkpoint at the Hayward Pokémon Center, and healed up

[META] As its nearing 4 AM CT and there's no one to take over, the updater may temporarily become inactive. Apologies for the inconvenience

0d 11h 36m We enter Hayward City

0d 11h 35m We enter the gate to Hayward City

0d 11h 34m AAA goes down!

0d 11h 33m We are wondering around the grass in Rt. 52. AAA has 3 HP remaining, Porygon has 16 HP remaining, Geodude is at full health, and Diglett & Zubat are down

0d 11h 16m We found a Great Ball!

0d 11h 15m We exit and enter Route 52 (Hayward Docks)

0d 11h 13m We enter the Dock Underpass

0d 11h 6m Zubat falls to a wild Duduo!

0d 11h 2m We then exit the building

0d 11h 1m We head back down to the first floor

0d 10h 57m We go down a floor and talk to the programmers

0d 10h 44m We recieved a Porygon! No Nickname! Lv13 with the moves Tackle, Conversion, and Sharpen!

0d 10h 41m The ball on the table glitched out! its now "QRST" when talking to the guy! Now is a guy!

0d 10h 39m We enter a room with a guy and a gift Pokémon on the table

0d 10h 38m We return back to the rooftop!

0d 10h 35m and then go back down to the third floor

0d 10h 34m We go up to the top floor of the building

0d 10h 34m and then we enter the building again

0d 10h 33m We then leave the building

0d 10h 31m A NPC asks us to leave

0d 10h 31m We enter the KBM Games building

0d 10h 28m Several minutes later Nidoran♂ is KO'd by Geodude! PokeManiac Defeated!

0d 10h 22m Nidoran♀ goes down! Nidoran♂ is sent out!

0d 10h 20m We swap Ivysaur for Geodude!

0d 10h 18m We face another PokeManiac! He sends out Nidoran♀! We send out Ivysaur!

0d 10h 16m We then exit

0d 10h 14m We enter Mt Boulder

0d 10h 11m Zubat takes out Onix! Zubat to Lv 9! Hiker defeated!

0d 10h 9m We then swap to Zubat!

0d 10h 8m We leech Seed Onix!

0d 10h 5m AAA is sent out and poisons Onix!

0d 10h 2m its a rock with arms vs a snake rock.

0d 10h 2m The opposing Geodude finally goes down! Onix is sent out! Geodude to Lv 14

0d 10h 0m Leech Seed from Ivysaur helps in turning this slow battle into our favor as the opposing Geodude enters the red!

0d 9h 59m The battle of the rocks continues as our Geodude has more HP than the opposing Geodude!

0d 9h 56m We swap out Ivysaur for our own Geodude! Its the battle of two rocks!

0d 9h 54m Vine Whip is out of PP, making this a not so easy battle!

0d 9h 54m vs Hiker! He sends out Geodude! We send out Ivysaur!

0d 9h 52m Geodude takes down Grimer! Jr.Trainer♀ defeated!

0d 9h 51m Diglett gets KO'd by Grimer!

0d 9h 50m Diglett is swapped in

0d 9h 47m Then Zubat is swapped back in!

0d 9h 45m Zubat is pulled for AAA!

0d 9h 43m Zubat vs Grimer!

0d 9h 43m Zubat grows to Lv 8!!

0d 9h 32m AAA grows to Lv 18 during a Wild Pokémon fight!

0d 9h 26m Ivysaur OHKO's SLowpoke! PokeManiac defeated!

0d 9h 26m I critical hit Vine Whip takes more than half its HP! 2 more attacks and Spearow is down!

0d 9h 25m vs PokeManiac x3! its Spearow vs Ivysaur!

0d 9h 24m We head up back to Route 55!

0d 9h 20m Diglett gets KO'd. We blacked out and move 1 tile up and 1 tile left again

0d 9h 18m Diglett is sent out, we use our last Poké Ball and fail to catch Hitmonchan!

0d 9h 16m Geodude is sent out and resists Comet Punch, but several turns later Geodude is KO'd

0d 9h 15m Zubat is KO'd

0d 9h 15m Comet Punch packs a punch as it KO's Bulbasaur!

0d 9h 14m We find a Hitmonchan in the wild! Lv 20!

0d 9h 6m Diglett is then KO's by Hitmonlee! We blacked out (aka move 1 tile up and left)

0d 9h 5m Hitmonlee's Double Kick then KO's Zubat

0d 9h 5m It then OHKO's Geodude!!

0d 9h 4m Wild Hitmonlee takes out Ivysaur!

0d 9h 2m In an unexpected turn of events we encounter a Lv 20 Hitmonlee! We attempt to throw 2 Poké Balls at it to catch it

0d 8h 58m We enter the Pokémon Center!

0d 8h 57m Confusion from Slowpoke is too much for Geodude to hande and he faints! We blacked out!!

0d 8h 56m Geodude takes down Spearow but Slowpoke is sent out!

0d 8h 56m Diglett is KO'd by Spearow! Geodude is sent out!

0d 8h 54m Diglett is sent out!

0d 8h 53m Zubat is KO'd by Spearow!

0d 8h 52m We send out Zubat!

0d 8h 51m Spearow KO's Ivysaur!

0d 8h 50m vs PokeManiac again! He sends out Spearow! We send out Ivysaur!

0d 8h 49m We head up back north to Route 55!!

0d 8h 45m We open the Pokedex and check out Bulbasaur's cry

0d 8h 44m We return to Merson City

8h 40m Geodude quickly makes work out of this second Vulpix! Geodude to Lv 13! Gambler defeated!!

0d 8h 39m Geodude KO's Vulpix! Diglett grows to Lv 6 Another Vulpix is sent out!

0d 8h 38m We swap again to a more favorable machup, Geodude!

0d 8h 37m We swap out Ivysaur for Diglett, it loses most of its HP to Vulpix's ember!

0d 8h 35m We move Growl to the first slot

0d 8h 34m Its an unfavorable matchup as we send out Ivysaur and he sends out Vulpix

0d 8h 34m Lass is defeated, we then face a Gambler trainer

0d 8h 33m Struggle KO's Jiggly, Zubat levels up to Lv 7!

0d 8h 32m It wakes up and uses its last PP in Leech Life, then falls asleep again, then wakes up and is forced to use Struggle

0d 8h 32m Zubat falls asleep to Jugglypuff's Sing!

0d 8h 31m Zubat only has a small amount of PP in Leech Life left!

0d 8h 30m Jigglypuff is taken down! another one is sent out!

0d 8h 29m A snail pace fight between Zubat spamming Leech Life and Jigglypuff not attacking much continues!

0d 8h 26m Paul tries to run but the rules forbid running from a trainer fight. We instead swap to Zubat

0d 8h 24m We face battle against a Lass! She sends out Jigglypuff! We send out Ivysuar!

0d 8h 21m We head west to Route 54!

0d 8h 17m Confusion OHKO's Zubat, we blacked out back to Merson City!

0d 8h 16m Confusion OHKOs Diglett, only Zubat is left!

0d 8h 15m Diglett is sent out!

0d 8h 15m Geodude is sent out! Spearow goes down! Slowpoke is sent out, Confustion KO's Geodude

0d 8h 11m PokeManiac wants to fite! He sends out Spearow! We send out Ivysaur, it faints 1 turn later

0d 8h 11m We enter Route 55

0d 8h 10m Exit and save the game!

0d 8h 8m We enter the Mart, we buy 7 Poké Balls

0d 8h 4m Karpman gives us directions to where we should be going next, north

0d 8h 3m In a close battle Bulba is in the red, Levels up to Lv 16 and we receive the first badge and Bulba evolves to Ivysuar! and we get TM 12 Octozooka!

0d 8h 2m We finally use Vine Whip to KO Horsea! Vaporeon is out and Bulba grows to Lv 16!

0d 8h 1m The battle continues to go in a snail like pace as we use anything but Leech Seed or Vine Whip!

0d 7h 59m We switch up Leech Seed and Poison Powder in the move order, still use powder to poison Horsea!

0d 7h 58m We start with PoisonPowder, Karpmana counters with several Full Heals!

0d 7h 57m Vs Gym Leader Karpman! He sends out Horsea! We send out Bulbasaur!

0d 7h 56m 2 more attacks KO's Seel and Jr. Trainer is defeated!

0d 7h 55m Seel is sent out!

0d 7h 55m With 3 attacks Bulbasaur takes care of Squirtle!

0d 7h 55m We face a Jr Trainer♀! She sends out Squirtle! We send out Bulbasaur!

0d 7h 54m We enter the Merson City Gym

0d 7h 52m Walking around town again, the northern route is guarded be ledges tho

0d 7h 48m We enter a girl's house and she asks to say hi to her Cubone

0d 7h 44m We then exit the Pokémon Center!

0d 7h 43m We heal up!!

0d 7h 42m We enter the Pokémon Center

0d 7h 40m Bulbasaur is currently paralyzed and with 8/51 HP, and battling a wild Lv 17 Paras

0d 7h 36m Bulbasaur gets paralyzed in a wild Pokémon battle

0d 7h 30m There's a 1 tile patch of grass right outside the Pokémon Center that Paul is entering and exiting out of!

0d 7h 27m Paul & Chat is pace around the area deciding to either go the northern or southern routes or face the Merson City gym

0d 7h 25m We leave the mart

0d 7h 24m We Buy 2 Poké Balls, we are left with ₽ 127

0d 7h 22m We enter the mart

0d 7h 20m We exit the Pokémon Fan Club

0d 7h 18m We recive the Bike Voucher

[Snark] Just outside the door of the Pokémon center is a little alcove that catches us if we walk straight down. It's almost like it was put there on purpose just to troll us...

0d 7h 10m Now we checkpoint

0d 7h 10m Haven't yet Checkpointed, we have to heal first at the counter


0d 7h 5m We save right outside the Pokémon Center

0d 7h 0m We arrived in Merson City!!

0d 6h 58m Diglett down, and we continue down Route 54

0d 6h 54m Screaming Bulba goes down

0d 6h 53m Bulbasaur levels up to 15! It learns Poison Powder and forgets Tackle

0d 6h 51m WE MAKE IT TO ROUTE 54!!

0d 6h 48m We pick up TM 34! It's Bide

0d 6h 48m Bulba leveled up to 14 at some point

0d 6h 43m We beat the Lass! The exit is close!

0d 6h 34m We find a Moon Stone!

0d 6h 29m We heal!!

0d 6h 27m We make it to the healing room, then leave immediately

0d 6h 14m Bulbaroar grew to Level 13

0d 5h 52m Back inside Merson Cave

0d 5h 42m We leave without buying anything, and are tentatively headed back toward Merson Cave

0d 5h 40m We enter the Pokémart, then exit, then enter again

0d 5h 35m Bulbasaur goes down to a wild Vulpix! Browned out! Now back in Gravel Town.

0d 5h 32m We kill a wild Zubat that leaves us with 1hp. Just for reference, exit is closer than healing room

0d 5h 31m Wild Geodude defeated! Our screaming plantmon has only 2hp remaining

0d 5h 28m Down goes Diglett. Only 5hp Bulba remains

0d 5h 27m Geodude faints to a wild Geodude. Our remaining Pokémon are Plant Dinosaur with 5hp, and Diglett with 1hp

0d 5h 17m Super nerd Paul defeated! Keep following this path to the end of the tunnel! Also, Stick the Geodude is now Level 12

UPDATE: the Geodude belonged to a trainer, was not wild

0d 5h 7m Zubat fainted to a wild Geodude

0d 5h 4m Bulbasaur grew to level 12!

0d 4h 55m We were close to progressing further through the cave, but we're backtracking now.

0d 4h 49m Picked up a Potion around the edge of the room.

0d 4h 44m We've officially made it deeper into Merson Cave than we ever have before! Progressing to the right across a narrow cliff right now.

0d 4h 39m We are now in the fifth room, which is where we were when we used the escape rope some time ago.

0d 4h 36m We've suddenly made a lot of progress and are approaching the ladder into the next room.

0d 4h 27m Still in roughly the same spot. Very low amount of progress at the moment.

0d 4h 17m Location update: Still in Merson Cave. This is the fourth room of Merson Cave, just around the ladder to the healing room.

0d 4h 15m Bulbasaur grew to Lv. 11!

0d 4h 4m Team fully healed.

0d 4h 2m Just as a general location update, we're still hanging around the entrance to the healing room. Not sure if this is a grinding attempt or if we're just doing a bad job of making progress.

0d 3h 56m Used the Rare Candy on Diglett! Diglett is now Lv. 5!

[Fluff] Battle Animations are now off, Battle Style is now Set, and we saved the game once more.

0d 3h 49m Saved the game once again.

[Fluff] We came dangerously close to tossing the Rare Candy, but it's still safe in our bag.

[Chat] ~ 4Head ~ MAGIC ROOM

0d 3h 44m Party healed again in the healing room.

0d 3h 42m Diglett fainted during a battle with another wild Diglett.

[Fluff] Text speed set to Fast again! It's been a productive two minutes.

0d 3h 40m Now that we're healed, Bulbasaur leads the team.

0d 3h 39m Party fully healed!

0d 3h 38m We immediately step out though. Chat is attempting to make it back in.

0d 3h 37m Made it into the healing room with the upbeat music!

0d 3h 35m Made it to the next room of the cave!

0d 3h 31m Zubat down to 6 HP. We're working against the clock trying to make it to the healing room.

0d 3h 30m Picked up a Repel!

[Fluff] In a battle with another Zubat. We both missed Leech Life twice in a row.

0d 3h 26m Text speed changed to Medium.

0d 3h 24m In a wild battle with a Diglett right now. Our Zubat is down to 11 HP.

0d 3h 22m Found a Rare Candy hidden in a rock!

0d 3h 19m Geodude fainted! Only our Lv. 4 Zubat left.

0d 3h 12m Working our way through the cave slowly, but progress is being made.

0d 3h 9m Diglett fainted to a wild Zubat encounter.

0d 3h 7m Geodude grew to Lv. 11 and learned Rock Throw!

[Chat] DansGame EleGiggle

0d 3h 4m We are now out of Poké Balls.

0d 3h 4m Caught a Lv. 4 Zubat! No nickname.

0d 3h 2m Ran into a Cubone, immediately ran. Chat is upset.

0d 3h 0m Hourly level update: Bulbasaur and Geodude are both Lv. 10, our new Diglett is Lv. 4.

0d 2h 59m Two things to note: First, we're finally a decent bit into the third room! Second, we have one Poké Ball remaining.

[Fluff] To celebrate, Paul breaks out the Pokedex and listens to Bulbasaur's cry about ten times.

0d 2h 58m Caught a Lv. 4 Diglett! No nickname.

0d 2h 57m In a battle with a Diglett in the third room. Looks like chat wants to catch it.

[Snark] I guess Paul really prefers blue over brown, after all.

0d 2h 54m Every time we step into the third room, it's only a matter of seconds before we step back out, it seems.

0d 2h 49m Back in the blue room currently. Paul simply cannot decide where he wants to stay.

0d 2h 47m Third room now. We're back in an actual cave portion of Merson Cave again now.

0d 2h 45m Abandoned the blue room completely, and briefly went all the way back to Gravel Town. We're currently in the first room again.

0d 2h 45m Made our way through the first room into the weird blue space.

0d 2h 44m Welcome back to Merson Cave!

0d 2h 43m Exited the mart and made our way to the south of Gravel Town.

0d 2h 43m We currently have ₽ 25 left.

0d 2h 42m Bought two Poké Balls! Good trip overall.

0d 2h 41m Inside the mart, making our way towards the counter.

[Fluff] Paul has been very cautious thus far, saving quite often.

0d 2h 39m Saved the game for good measure.

0d 2h 38m Slowly marching towards the Mart.

0d 2h 37m Our current location is Gravel Town. Looks like we're going to buy some more Poké Balls.

0d 2h 36m Used the Escape Rope! We're out of the cave!

0d 2h 34m Saved the game!

0d 2h 32m We're now exploring the new room where we fought the Hiker.

[Chat] Hiker says we don't belong here, chat is mildly annoyed.

0d 2h 31m Rattata's attacks are doing nothing, and it faints to a few Tackles. Paul wins against the Hiker!

0d 2h 30m Rattata is sent out by Hiker. We check the Escape Rope for guidance.

0d 2h 30m Spearow faints! Geodude grows to Lv. 10!

0d 2h 29m Hiker sends out a Spearow. It's using Peck, which is doing one HP to Geodude.

0d 2h 29m Geodude out now. Rattata faints to a Tackle.

0d 2h 29m Rattata uses Quick Attack. Bulbasaur faints!

0d 2h 28m Hiker sends out a Lv. 7 Rattata!

0d 2h 28m We found a new ladder in the bottom left corner of the room. We took it up to a new area, and got in a battle.

0d 2h 26m We're still in the cave, fighting off Geodudes and Zubats. We're slowly working our way around a corner in the bottom of the room.

0d 2h 20m We decide to go back down the ladder.

0d 2h 18m We climb a ladder and enter a new section of cave!

0d 2h 17m Making our way deeper into the cave. Plenty of encounters all around.

0d 2h 12m After a long-fought battle with a Zubat, we take time to check Bulbasaur's cry.

[Donation] $2.02 from The_Chef1337! Thanks!

0d 2h 2m Bulbasaur to level 10, learned Vine Whip!

0d 2h 0m Your hourly level update: Geodude and Bulbasaur are both level 9 now!

[Chat] VenHur96: All hail the new anthem of TPP.

[Chat] ~ 4Head ~ (Dancing with the odd upbeat music)

0d 1h 54m We step on a strange square patch of dirt. Apparently it's purified ground and our team is healed!

0d 1h 54m We go down stairs and end up in a strange cave with weird, upbeat music.

[Info] I noticed a few timeouts, and their reactions to it.

  • thecatmaster15: Why can't I use caps lock!?
  • wildtorterraxd: and now tppbot yells at me about using all caps Kappa

TL;DR: Read the (long-winded) rules before you type anything into the Twitch chat. It's moderated by a single bot, mostly. OneHand

0d 1h 47m We win! And apparently that leads the bug catcher to believe we won't help him find the exit...

0d 1h 43m We meet a lost Bug Catcher, who battles us.

0d 1h 41m We win! "We will meet again..." she says. Chat freaks out a little...

[Snark] Paul can't escape the battle, no matter which method he tries.

[Fluff] Including apostrophes

0d 1h 38m We keep attempting to use the Escape rope. "Theres a time and place for every-thing" (formatted exactly like that).

[Fluff] Oh hey. A fat mouse, just as we knew it back then.

0d 1h 36m We're battling a Lass with a Pikachu now.

0d 1h 34m We found an Escape Rope!

[Chat] MrReb3l: We smogon now boiz

0d 1h 32m Geodude did all the work. It is now at level 6 and Bulbasaur is level 8!

[Fluff] Release all your PogChamps.

0d 1h 32m WAIT! WE WON!

0d 1h 28m Back for round four! FIGHT!

[Chat] zc230: We might need Demo for that or we will need to PC shuffle Kappa, either that or go like 5'7

[Fluff] This is the first "first route" that has trainers, though. When we do poorly on the first route it's usually to wild Pokémon.

[Chat] snowwarning: It's TPP law that we do poorly on the first route in every game that has a custom typechart

That was like 15 minutes ago, but whatever.

0d 1h 22m We talk to a dude who shatters the fourth wall by telling us who made this hack. As in, he's the one to blame for the lack of sound effects...

[Fluff] Was there a sound effect this time tustin?

0d 1h 19m Geodude levels up to 4! And is promptly taken down by the Rattata! BLACKOUT!

0d 1h 19m Bulbasaur goes down!

[Snark] !bet youngster 100

[Snark] I guess this is our final team then! It's not like we can buy any more balls now!

0d 1h 17m We swap to Geodude and spend our last ball on attempting to catch the opponent's Zubat.

0d 1h 16m Four more attempts are made to snag the Youngster's Rattata. Apparently we still think we have the Snag Machine.

0d 1h 15m We're back for our 3rd attempt at Youngster Wall-y.

[Snark] OP Youngster 2 – 0 TriHard Paul

0d 1h 7m Bulbasaur is down! BLACKOUT! Back to the wall next to Tim's lab.

0d 1h 5m Bulbasaur levels up to 7 and learns Leech Seed! (Again to NO music or audible cue...)

[Fluff] Smogon strats in using two growls for Rattata and then two tackles.

0d 1h 4m Geodude falls again!

0d 1h 4m We waste another 3 balls attempting to catch his Rattata.

0d 1h 3m We run into "Joey" again. He has 3 Pokémon and we still only have 2.

0d 1h 1m We whittled the Diglett's HP down to catchable range, and then ran.

[Fluff] 6 am here too. (UTC+8)

[Info] First hour into Brown. About 600 users in Twitch chat, ~630 watching, ~64 viewers on this updater... Um, too many 6s?

0d 1h 0m We find a Diglett in the cave on the first hour mark.

0d 0h 59m We're back inside the cave. And now we're not.

[Snark] Plot twists all the way, my friend...

0d 0h 53m Black out! We're back in the town, sitting strangely just to the left of the Pokémon Lab's doorway. Apparently this town has no Pokémon Center...?

[Fluff] Also, seriously, Koolboyman?! Why did you remove the level up sound and the Pokémon caught jingle?! You've singlehandedly made updating this game about 10 times more tedious!!

0d 0h 52m Bulbasaur to level 6!

0d 0h 51m We throw 3 Poké Balls at the Zubat! Turns out doing so uses them up!

0d 0h 50m Our Geodude goes down to the Youngster's Zubat!

[Info] STTqPkPk..]] is the name of our Geodude, where the Pk is the Poke symbol.

0d 0h 49m We face a Youngster in the cave with a Rattata! Chat calls him Joey (though this game doesn't have names on its trainers).

0d 0h 47m And suddenly we're outside! I think? We're in a tiny little cave area?

[Info] It was level 3 and its name began with "STTqpkpk".


0d 0h 46m We head into the cave and get jumped by a Geodude!

[Info] Also, We saved for the first time right before buying all those balls.

[Info] For those keeping score, that's 14 Poké Balls we now have, and nothing more.

0d 0h 40m We speak with a guy in the PokeMart who ensures us this mart sells lots of balls! So we buy 10! And then sell back 2! And then buy 6 more! We have no money left.

0d 0h 38m We have a Bulbasaur, yes, but Paul seems more interested in checking Charmander's cry a lot...

0d 0h 37m Just running around town making sure there's no secret entrances in any of the mountainsides or walls...

0d 0h 32m We rush out of the lab like a speedrunner, then slam into a rock outside the front door for a minute like... not a speedrunner...

0d 0h 32m And we get the Pokedex in return!

0d 0h 31m We give Tim his pizza!

0d 0h 30m In the lab looking at blank books.

0d 0h 29m do { And we're in the lab! And back out! } while (true)

0d 0h 28m After visiting the cave and mart a couple more times to make sure they haven't moved or vanished, we've finally grinded our way up the east cliff face of town and made it back to the north side.

0d 0h 24m Oh yeah, btw, there's a random cave at the south of the town. We double check it like three times, and then rush back to the mart to tell the people in there about the cave.

0d 0h 23m We go back in the mart to see if the east wall will make us more pizza, then we leave and go into the cave at the south of the town.

0d 0h 22m A brief riot screen refreshes the overlay and we hit the bottom of the town again.

[Fluff] This mart apparently doubles as a pizzaria. We need more of those around the Pokémon World, I think.

0d 0h 21m We've entered the mart! And were given Tim's Pizza!

[Snark] I guess every other protagonist starts off with shoes made of iron.

[Info] B+<direction> seemed to work without any mention of the protag getting a pair of running shoes.

0d 0h 18m Did I mention that this town also has ledges? Yeah, we jumped one of those on our way back uptown.

0d 0h 17m This is a very vertical town. We seem to have made our way to the bottom of it finally.

[Snark] It only took 10 minutes for the voices to wake up to the reality of Brown.

0d 0h 14m We escape the lab!

[Info] Oh, btw, the party display was fixed as well. AAA is level 5, knows Tackle and Growl, and has 20 HP.

[Fluff] It's amusing to see excited people trying to get Paul out of the lab. We overshot to the corners, as always.

0d 0h 12m We're stuck in the lab thanks to some lovely statues placed on either side of the door.

0d 0h 8m We're back and we find ourselves in an... odd position in the bottom corner of the lab...

[Info] The input counter is back, and apparently still counting from the pre-AC "era". Currently at 3.828 million.

[Info] They're fixing the badges right now.

0d 0h 8m Our rival walked off while we couldn't see. We're now blindly bumping into walls in the lab.

[rip] rip tpp

0d 0h 8m We lose! And a Blue Screen followed by a Riot screen greets us in our loss!

0d 0h 7m In a rival battle with Mura!

[Fluff] Our Party display shows our Bulbasaur with a Charizard icon, and a Fletchinder species name...

0d 0h 5m We attempt to leave before we choose. Eventually, we choose Bulbasaur! Named: AAA!

0d 0h 4m We've been pulled into the lab to choose a Pokémon. Mura is our rival, waiting for us.

0d 0h 4m We head down, and that leads down the first route. And we enter a brown town, where Professor Tim is waiting for us.

0d 0h 3m [Fluff] We kinda need to get use to clicking the timestamp button. #BackToBusiness

[Info] 851 viewers have witnessed Paul being named.

0d 0h 2m We're downstairs in our house and walk right on by our mom. We jump a ledge immediately outside our front door. This is going to be fun...

And immediately the screen is inundated with a $21 worth of emote rain...

We are a boy named Paul! (One of the default names.)


[Meta] It's like 5 am here, and srsly guys you can't imagine...

1 minute remains!

One minute! Get hype~~~


3 minutes remaining and we've got ~675 viewers with us to witness the birthing of our new protagonist.

3 minutes! (looks at synced clock with ntp)

[Snark] Let's count with /u/tustin2121

5 minutes!

7 minutes remaining!