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TPP Intermission: Brown - Randomized Platinum

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We're playing Animal Crossing BTW. DS touch screen is front and center. If you're using a touch screen overlay script such as chfoo's, remember to set the overlay window and dimensions properly (the DS's touchscreen is 256 x 192 pixels).

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ;)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: oh the one you showed me?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: someone hook me up with pokemon go gym leader art

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: VoHiYo = Weeb Nation (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: i have something better than that

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://i.imgur.com/2cMwYyS.jpg

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot dungeon is furry dungeon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://i.imgur.com/hvA4SWY.png

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: LUL

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot dungeon is leaking DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: did RuleFive change DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: RuleFive DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ANELE ANELE ANELE

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chat too fast :)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://i.imgur.com/J4Bco0k.png

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OpieOP = Kim Jong-un (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm Kim Jong-un OpieOP

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: HeyGuys look what I got paid today http://imgur.com/a/W0r3u

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ANELE

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ABELE

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Sandoz1 is a furry RitzMitz

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: they added a pikachu with mental illness and pedobear in pokemon SM 4Head

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: :)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: LoveBlaziken

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://i.imgur.com/53ox6vK.png this is KillerMapper's pokemon go avatar

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no memes

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: TriHard SourPls

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Pokemon Ming & Lee MingLee

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: he made it up DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Sandoz1 is furry :)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: why is it not working for me OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: lol

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://i.imgur.com/FqW7Wtw.png Sandoz1 send me this

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Pokemon Ming & Lee MingLee

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: you know who I'll set up if I did

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's classified

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no music DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: right here

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I did 2 years ago

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: why is it offline

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: :o

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think sonick is sleeping right now

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: looks like there was a power outage and not all servers came back up

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: list of new songs posted in the news feed

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame no

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: BionicBunion = e621 emote (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: the chat on pokemon channel is only hidden on the webpage, if you have an irc client you can still join the chat

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: they are playing poker

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: https://www.twitch.tv/pokemon PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: chatot dungeon is where chef share his blaziken arts

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DansGame chef leaking top secret chatot dungeon documents

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OSfrog dat boi ain' right

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: best anime is King of the Hill

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: anime ruined america

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: furry chat DansGame

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: DatSheffy

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I like the Dolphin update, it's much smoother now

[Streamer] Xhodocto385: WutFace anyone ??

Twitchplayspokemon: @xhodocto385 probably something wrong near the plug try bending the cable the other way

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: they're avatars of people in chat

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I'm really happy about how the background turned out, it's much better than if I had done it myself

[Streamer] Alushi99: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I see where you are coming from but I don't think that a 500 clubber should have the same influence as 100 club. Maybe make it 5 for subs?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Alushi99 maybe, it might be additional work to determine subscription status at the part of the code where influence is calculated so we'll see

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's so if a bunch of 100 clubbers bet on one team they'd still be able to make selections

[Streamer] Alushi99: @TwitchPlaysPokemon So if I bet 500 I wouldnt influence at all

Twitchplayspokemon: @Alushi99 effectively no influence, but actually only a little

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: it's 1 so there's still some amount of influence

[Streamer] Twisparkz: I suppose it means only the money you are at risk of losing would count towards move selection instead of the whole bet if I'm reading correctly

Twitchplayspokemon: @twisparkz yes that's right

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: the plan is that your influence is only what you stand to lose, so if you're at 100 you'd get the equivelent of P1 influence

[Streamer] Alushi99: @TwitchPlaysPokemon What would near empty be considered?

Twitchplayspokemon: @Alushi99 100 or 500 for subscribers

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I don't think those things should be moderated, but changes are planned to how the influence on move selection is calculated that should make throwing impossible with a near-empty balance

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: I think the modbot does a pretty good job except for the odd copypasta or ban evader

[Dev] Projectrevotpp: s_sonick has demodded himself to distance himself from TPP and will no longer be actively moderating | sooner than later there will be an announcement regarding community mods

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S_sonick: Bye everyone, see you next time I stop by! HeyGuys

[Fluff] Enjoy your summer holidays while the TPP Dev team figure out when to announce the next run.

Currently playing PBR. Not everything has moved over to the intermission updater so it'll be somewhat empty for now.