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[Info] Pokémon Prisim in 54 Days 19 Hours, 55 Min

ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


15d 4h 2m Inputs have been stopped. Felk saved the game!

15d 4h 2m The Game is saved at the Hall of Origin! 442 Pokémon Seen, 201 Pokémon Caught!

15d 4h 2m And now we just listen to the earie Hall of Origin music

15d 4h 1m Nickname: 0000000000


15d 4h 0m We use the Dusk Ball!

15d 4h 0m Meanwhile, chat makes Serebii.net references

15d 3h 59m Celebi is Lv 80, as is Arceus in the vanilla game

15d 3h 59m vs Celebi!

15d 3h 59m Stairs appear, we go up!

15d 3h 58m We blow on the flute! We enter the Hall of Origin!

15d 3h 57m Fail! We enter Spear Pillar and do not blow on the flute when asked

15d 3h 56m Last room before Spear Pillar/Hall of Origin

15d 3h 55m Up to Floor 6

15d 3h 54m We enter the last area of Mt Coronet before Spear Pillar/Hall of Origin

15d 3h 50m We go back outside to the other side of the Summit of Mt Coronet

15d 3h 46m We are in the 4th floor of the interior area of Mt Coronet

15d 3h 40m We finally in the Summit area of Mt Coronet

15d 3h 36m We catch Kricketune ♀ Lv 37! Nickname Not Given!

15d 2h 47m Back in Mt Coronet

15d 2h 42m We enter Anarchy mode

15d 2h 39m [D] We exit the Mart, and then fly back to Hearthome City

15d 2h 35m [D] We talk to the second merchant, We purchase 100 Dusk Balls! We down to ₽820 after that purchese

15d 2h 32m [D] We talk to the guy in Green! He gives us a Good Evening greeting. We Receive the Azure Flute!

15d 2h 31m We sell another item! We are at ₽100820

15d 2h 30m We sell a Big Pearl and a Zap Plate! Now at ₽99770

15d 2h 28m [D] We found 2 nuggets, we sell them! Now at ₽95520

15d 2h 25m [D] We sell everything all the way down to the Sticky Barb. Chat now wants to find any big tickets items to sell instead of selling everything else

15d 2h 23m [D] Up to ₽80370 in the PP Mega Fire Sale

15d 2h 17m [D] Up to ₽70805 in our Miami Marlins like Fire Sale

15d 2h 8m [D] We are up to ₽60495 in cash in our selling spree

15d 2h 3m [D] We have ¥40145 in cash right now

15d 1h 59m [D] We go back to the general items tab and continue selling everything in there

15d 1h 57m [D] We sell literally everything in the Medicine tab of our bag. We now have 23595 Pokédollar

15d 1h 53m [D] We switch into the Medicine tab

15d 1h 53m [D] We sell 2 Shoal Shells, 2 Red Shards

15d 1h 51m [D] We sell the Electirizer and Honey 2x

15d 1h 49m [D] We sell all of our Heat Rocks and Leftovers!

15d 1h 49m [D] We gonna be here for a while, we gonna sell off everything

15d 1h 48m [D] We enter the Poke Mart

15d 1h 44m [D] We exit the Pokémon Center and then Fly on off to Solaceon Town

15d 1h 40m We enter the Pokémon Center and healed up!

15d 1h 39m [D] We Fly to Hearthome City!

15d 1h 36m We Found a Full Incense as we enter Democracy!

15d 1h 30m We exit outside to the Summit area

15d 1h 28m We go down another floor

[Chat] x42bn6: DatSheffy Double-0 nothing, worst secret agent ever TriHard

15d 1h 12m We catch Tangela ♂ Lv 39! Nickname: 00

15d 1h 9m We go down a floor

15d 1h 5m We catch Wailord ♀ Lv 37! Nickname: GO _☀"O!@!

15d 1h 4m Trying to catch this Wailord, but it doesn't seem to want to stay in its ball, trolling us with shaking 3 times and breaking out

15d 0h 59m Plusle down!

15d 0h 51m We catch Grovyle ♂ Lv 37! Nickname: 000-"?"🙂_"

15d 0h 50m We found another Grovyle

15d 0h 49m We exit Spear Pillar one last time

15d 0h 49m We need to go to the nearest Poke Mart to obtain the Azure Flute and then climb back up the mountain one last time

15d 0h 47m We are back in Spear Pillar

15d 0h 47m The game restarts, assuming with the Azure Flute event activated!

15d 0h 45m We exit Spear Pillar. Might return back there when ProjectRevoTPP reloads the save with the Azure Flute activated

15d 0h 43m We save the game!

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: @FaithfulForce no can do. arceus event wont trigger unless you talk to mart man

15d 0h 42m We return to Spear Pillar to confirm that we screw up running.

15d 0h 41m We encounter a Grovyle in the same mountain Dialga usually is at

[Info] Dialga was Mew, Palkia was Jirachi! Both were Lv 70. Dialga/Palkia respawn only by defeating the E4, like normal

15d 0h 38m We switch into Plusle, and then we run away!

15d 0h 37m Draco Meteor KO's Pachirisu!

15d 0h 37m Jirachi meanwhiles sets up with Dragon Dance

15d 0h 36m We keep on chunking Ultra Balls at Jirachi

15d 0h 35m We switch to the Ultra Balls

[Chat] bladetypeking: catch and put in daycare with chatot

15d 0h 34m vs wild Jirachi!

15d 0h 30m We use another PP UP on Quagsire

15d 0h 29m We see light from Palkia. 5 more minutes of overshooting coming

15d 0h 29m We exit and reenter Spear Pillar

15d 0h 27m We ran away very quicky!

15d 0h 27m vs wild Mew!

15d 0h 26m We give PP Up for RockSmash on Pachi

15d 0h 24m We go up and see light from Dialga

15d 0h 24m We enter Spear Pillar

15d 0h 23m We catch Growlithe ♂ Lv 38! Nickname:_0☀

[Info] Dialga and Palkia are Lv 70 in Platinum.

15d 0h 22m We are in the last floor before Spear Pillar

15d 0h 20m We go up to the 6th floor

15d 0h 18m We enter the 5th floor and the last few rooms before Spear Pillar

15d 0h 15m We catch Finneon ♂ Lv 36! Nickname Not Given!

15d 0h 9m We catch Finneon ♀ Lv 36! Nickname: 0♀ ♀☀!♀

15d 0h 7m We go outside on the other side of the summit of Mt Coronet

15d 0h 2m We enter the 4th floor of the interior of Mt Coronet

14d 23h 54m We enter the Summit area of Mt Coronet

14d 23h 33m We go up a floor, enter anarchy

14d 23h 30m [D] We go up the first rock climb area

14d 23h 26m [D] We make it back to the first Mt Coronet ledge

14d 23h 23m Democracy activated

14d 23h 16m We fall the first time (of many) (unless we demo)

14d 23h 16m We approach the ledge of doom...

14d 23h 8m We enter Mt. Coronet

14d 23h 0m We enter west to Mt. Coronet

14d 22h 53m Back to Anarchy

14d 22h 51m We change Plusle's Exp Share for Heart Mail with Abomasnow written on it

14d 22h 50m We withdraw Plusle and seem to give it mail

14d 22h 39m We deposit Typhlosion

14d 22h 37m Back in Demo, on pc

14d 22h 36m We enter the Contest Hall

[Info] It's a Dark / Rock type

14d 22h 26m [D] We use the Shiny Stone to evolve Roseala into Typhlosion, chat raids itself with BEST BORT. We then go back into Anarchy and are interacting with the PC

14d 22h 10m We accidentally withdraw Kecleon because options selected is L=A and not switch boxes

14d 22h 8m We Deposit Plusle

14d 22h 5m We checkpoint and heal

[Info] Changed from Mono to Stereo

14d 21h 59m We unregister the bike and changed Stereo setting

14d 21h 57m Democracy activates

14d 21h 50m We enter Hearthome City

[Info] We're on Route 209

14d 21h 38m Caught a male Lv. 19 Lileep! Nickname: mgkklkee,

14d 21h 23m We're on the route north of Solaceon right now

14d 21h 8m Our Poké Ball fails and it runs

14d 21h 8m We walk around routes and a roaming Zapdos appears!

14d 20h 31m We enter Veilstone

14d 20h 28m We talk to a reporter who wants a word with us but we leave her

14d 20h 9m We head north for Veilstone

14d 20h 4m Wild Buizel Paralyzes our Quagsire

[Snark] which isn't occupied by Team Valor

14d 19h 52m We leave the Cave Valor

[Fluff] also Rip for dead's long as hell updating session

14d 19h 48m We ended up running! Rip.

14d 19h 44m Pachi faints to Suicune's Chatter!

14d 19h 43m We start chucking Ultra Balls at it.

14d 19h 43m WE FINALLY TALK TO AZELF! It's Suicune.

14d 19h 41m We still haven't been able to talk to it.

14d 19h 34m We almost talk to it and then we return to Anarchy.

14d 19h 34m [D] Chat doesn't have depth reception apparently.

14d 19h 29m [D] Entered Democracy mode so we can talk to Azelf!

14d 19h 27m We are in Azelf's cave, circling around it, trying to talk to it. We threw away a Lucky Egg!

14d 19h 24m Plusle grew to level 80!

14d 19h 20m We're now at Lake Valor.

[Achievement] 14d 19h 20m Guess who's been updating for basically a day straight!

14d 19h 18m On Route 214 now. We chuck balls at a wild Whiscash.

14d 19h 15m We're in-between Route 213 and Valor Lakefront.

14d 19h 14m We enter the hotel and heal!

14d 19h 11m We're back in Anarchy.

14d 19h 9m [D] We change the text speed to Fast!

14d 19h 9m [D] In Democracy.

14d 19h 6m On Valor Lakefront.

14d 19h 1m On Route 222.

14d 18h 52m Back in Sunyshore City.

14d 18h 45m We Surf onto Route 223.

14d 18h 40m We've entered someone's house and "tactically" saved.

14d 18h 35m Just as we went into the options menu anarchy returned. We checkpointed at least.

14d 18h 33m [D] We fly to Sunyshore City!

14d 18h 30m [D] Democracy time!

14d 18h 28m Used an Ultra Ball to catch a level 29 Male Zangoose! Nickname is ..G0 0

14d 18h 23m We use five Ultra Balls and fail to catch a wild Combee.

14d 18h 17m We're in Route 218!

14d 18h 6m We're back in Canalave City. A sailor walks up to us, tells us no one has lived there in 50 years, and asks us why we were sleeping for so long.

14d 18h 4m After many Great Balls, we finally catch the level 50 Zapdos! No nickname.

14d 18h 3m Back in Anarchy. We continue to use Ultra Balls.

14d 18h 0m [D] We use a few Needle Arms to lower Zadpos' HP.

14d 17h 57m [D] We switch to Democracy.

14d 17h 55m Quagsire is KOed by an Ice Punch!

14d 17h 54m We haven't damaged him, merely we've used a lot of balls.

[Info] Quagsire is currently frozen and under half health.

14d 17h 47m We start throwing Ultra Balls at Zapdos.

14d 17h 46m Zapdos attempt 3!

14d 17h 42m We're back at the island immediately to try attempt 3.

14d 17h 36m We send out Quagsire and run.

14d 17h 36m And we immediately go back to anarchy.

14d 17h 35m [D] Democracy activates!

14d 17h 34m Kingler gets KOed by Zapdos' Ice Punch!

14d 17h 33m We send out Kingler to resume our catching.

14d 17h 30m After a few Ultra Ball throws, Pachi faints to an Ice Punch!

14d 17h 29m Zapdos Round 2!

14d 17h 25m Welp looks like we're going to grind this for a bit.

14d 17h 21m After a few balls we run. We then hear a voice talking about Darkrai.

14d 17h 20m Against Darkrai-Zapdos! We immediately start using Ultra Balls.

14d 17h 19m On Newmoon Island! Let's fight Darkrai.

14d 17h 16m We enter a room, with a man with a very creepy attitude. He walks us over to a bed and we fall asleep. We wake up on an island.

14d 17h 15m Back in Anarchy.

14d 17h 14m [D] We fly to Canalave City!

14d 17h 8m We leave the park.

14d 17h 6m [D] We go through the sand house and teleport to the other one.

14d 17h 3m [D] In Democracy.

14d 16h 58m Stream is back up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STREAM IS DOWN RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 16h 56m We're in the PokePark thingy.

14d 16h 49m We leave the contest hall in shame.

14d 16h 48m We got fourth, and Connor with Flappy wins again.

14d 16h 46m We seem to get a decent amount of attention, but we're still in last.

14d 16h 41m We're onto the acting part.

14d 16h 39m After not dressing up, we switch to the music game.

[Chat] is pissed over Connor and Flappy. That's who won last time.

14d 16h 37m This time we're going for "The Colorful". Let's see if we can pull it off Kappa

14d 16h 36m We're going to Rematch! Same settings, same Pokemon.

14d 16h 34m We aren't quitters, and thus don't quit. We shall enter Pachi into another competition!

14d 16h 33m We got 0 in Visual, barely anything in Dance, and some in Acting. Yay fourth!

14d 16h 32m Performance judging is over! Let's see the results.

14d 16h 31m Oh, we actually got some extra points from Jordan this round. We still go first because we're in last, but it's something.

14d 16h 28m We perform Rock Smash to minimal hearts. We are losing this section of the competition hard.

14d 16h 26m Now we're onto the Beauty portion.

14d 16h 24m Onto the Dance Competition. We Miss repeatedly.

14d 16h 24m Nobody loves us.

14d 16h 22m Our theme is "The Natural". We pull it off naturally, of course.

14d 16h 22m There's Connor, Tiffany, Sarah and PP.

14d 16h 20m We enter a Normal Rank Cool Contest with Pachisiru!

14d 16h 18m We go into the contest hall!

14d 16h 15m We enter the gym for some reason.

14d 16h 10m We head into a random person's house.

14d 15h 58m We go inside of the church, and there's no music. It's a bit creepy.

14d 15h 57m Outside in the city now.

14d 15h 56m We return to anarchy.

14d 15h 55m [D] We checkpoint and heal!

14d 15h 53m [D] We fly to Hearthome City!

14d 15h 51m [D] Outside, we prepare to fly.

14d 15h 48m [D] We talk to the grandmother!

14d 15h 45m [D] We left the shop and now we're heading over to talk with the grandmother!

14d 15h 43m We bought 26 more Great Balls! We're broke now.

14d 15h 40m We buy 99 Great Balls!

14d 15h 39m [D] We're onto buying now.

14d 15h 36m We sell the rest of the milks!

14d 15h 33m We sell three Moomoo Milks.

14d 15h 32m We sell all 52 Potions and 2 Lava Cookies!

[Info] Still in Democracy.

14d 15h 28m We sell a Paralyze Heal and 3 Proteins!

14d 15h 24m 88, 89, 91! All of our TMs!

14d 15h 24m 76, 78, 79, 81, 82, 86!

14d 15h 22m 64, 66, 67, 72, 74!

14d 15h 18m 51, 55, 57, 58, 60, 62, 63!

14d 15h 16m 41, 43, 46, 49, 50!

[Snark] BINGO

14d 15h 14m **16 and 23! 28 and 33! 35, 37, 39!

14d 15h 12m We sell TM05 and TM07! TM09 and TM15!

14d 15h 4m [D] We are going on and off our bike in democracy.

14d 15h 3m [D] Back in Democracy!

14d 14h 57m Anarchy mode engaged.

14d 14h 54m [D] We're back in the town, heading towards the shop.

14d 14h 47m [D] Cynthia finally shut up and left.

14d 14h 41m [D] We're going through Cynthia's text slowly but surely.

14d 14h 40m We're in the cave of mystic stuff, and we run into Cynthia who talks about Palkia, Dialga, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf.

14d 14h 33m [D] We fly to Celestic Town!

14d 14h 29m [D] Democracy is activated!

[Chat] We let Renlev one-man the Plusle Fly, but he screwed up the commands. FailFish.

14d 14h 14m After a few Ultra Balls we catch a level 39 Female Beautifly! Nickname is fuuvvua

14d 14h 13m Plusle faints to the same mon!

14d 14h 7m Pachi faints to a wild Beautifly!

14d 14h 4m We use two Potions on Pachi!

14d 14h 1m We waste a bunch of Ultra Balls on another Yanmega!

14d 13h 58m We waste 4 Ultra Balls on a Yanmega.

14d 13h 51m Back in anarchy!

[Info] We can fly from the snowy parts of Mt. Coronet.

14d 13h 48m [D] We use a Repel!

[Fluff] Chance of we getting an Escape Rope in the bag is the same as we getting a Water Stone.

14d 13h 45m [D] We went through the entire bag, and we couldn't find an Escape Rope.

14d 13h 37m [D] Democracy mode activated!

14d 13h 37m No nickname.

14d 13h 35m We use four Great Balls and catch a Male level 36 Totodile!

14d 13h 33m We head back in the cave and a democracy push so we can use an escape rope is happening.

[Info] We didn't activate the event apparently. FailFish.

14d 13h 30m Dialga and Palkia aren't here!


14d 13h 27m We continue to climb some of the interior stairs while running from wild Pokemon.

14d 13h 16m The wild Torchic paralyzed Pachi! We're back inside now.

14d 13h 15m We run into a wild Torchic, and chat is spamming OneHands.

14d 13h 3m We're back in the snowy parts.

14d 12h 57m We waste 2 Ultra Balls on a wild Dratini.

14d 12h 52m Back in the insides of Mt. Coronet!

14d 12h 44m And a Choice Scarf not long before.

14d 12h 44m We found a Muscle Band!

14d 12h 36m We're in the snowy outsides now.

14d 12h 31m We went into the second part of Mt. Coronet (aka through the broken hole).

14d 12h 23m We've finally returned to Anarchy.

14d 12h 10m [D] We progress past the first ledge.

14d 12h 3m [D] We enter Democracy!

14d 11h 51m We enter Mt. Coronet!

14d 11h 49m Now we're in Route 208.

14d 11h 44m Now we're in Hearthome City.

14d 11h 38m On Route 209 now.

14d 11h 35m We swap back to Anarchy mode.

14d 11h 34m After seeing the price of retrieving our mon, we leave.

14d 11h 31m [D] We head into the daycare.

14d 11h 26m And we healed!

14d 11h 24m We checkpointed too!

14d 11h 23m [D] We fly to Solaceon Town!

14d 11h 17m [D] We've entered democracy!

14d 11h 5m Sandslash gets burnt and immediately faints to it!

14d 11h 1m Pachi faints to a wild Ivysaur!

14d 10h 59m Pachi gets poisoned by a wild Noctowl!

14d 10h 53m Onto Route 226!

14d 10h 50m We are just standing still mashing X, A, and B.

14d 10h 46m We leave the Pokemart.

14d 10h 43m We buy a Pokeball and an Ultra Ball! And 36 Great Balls!

14d 10h 43m We're in the Pokemart now.

14d 10h 38m We exit the lounge and ignore Pearl again.

14d 10h 33m Our foe uses Spite, and we keep using Flash Cannon to KO Heracross. Defeated Dancer Jo!

14d 10h 31m We send out Sandslash, who uses Flash Cannon twice to KO Hippowdon. Against Heracross!

14d 10h 29m We use Magnitude and almost KO Hippowdon, but not before it KOs Kingler!

14d 10h 29m We continue to use Dragon Breath, and the Hippo manages to get in a Drill Peck, lowering our health down to 20HP.

14d 10h 27m We use Dragon Breath twice more and almost KO it, before Jo uses a Full Restore.

14d 10h 25m Against Hippowdon! It uses Drill Peck on us and we use Dragon Breath. On the second pass, it actually paralyzes the Hippo.

14d 10h 25m Against Aerodactyl! We use Dragon Breath on the dragon, and OHKO it!

14d 10h 24m Against Weavile now! We continue to use Dragon Breath, and after two of them Weavile faints!

14d 10h 23m We start with a Dragon Breath, and get hit with Sky Attack. Another Dragon Breath KOs Kabutops.

14d 10h 22m Facing Dancer Jo! (aka Volkner) We send out Kingler against Kabutops!

14d 10h 19m Fly hits and OHKOs Blaziken! Defeated Dancer Leo!

14d 10h 18m Leo's final mon is Blaziken! It uses Leech Seed while we Fly into the air.

14d 10h 18m We use Fly twice to KO Honchkrow. Despite not healing, we appear to be able to fend for ourselves.

14d 10h 17m We send out Plusle, who uses Fly to KO Mismagius. Against Honchkrow.

14d 10h 16m Another Seed Flare KOs Quagsire!

14d 10h 15m Seed Flare hits us for decent damage, but our ol' reliable Strength doesn't even do half damage. Quagsire might faint.

14d 10h 14m As Golduck keeps missing, we use Strength twice to also KO him. Now we're against Mismagius!

14d 10h 13m Plusle grew to level 79! Against Golduck now!

14d 10h 13m Misdreavus locks us on and uses Sludge while we use Strength twice to KO it.

14d 10h 12m Facing Fantina Dancer Leo! We send out Quagsire against Misdreavus!

14d 10h 10m We're still in the lounge.

14d 10h 1m We're watching Sinnoh Now! The weather says it's cold. That was good news.

14d 9h 55m We use Flash Cannon to OHKO Sceptile! Defeated Marley!

14d 9h 55m We finish her off with Flash Cannon. The final mon is Sceptile!

14d 9h 54m Flygon heals with a Full Restore, and Sandslash uses Flash Cannon once again to bring Flygon to the Reds.

14d 9h 54m We use Flash Cannon and almost OHKO Flygon. It responds with Overheat, which halves our health.

14d 9h 53m We send out Sandslash, who uses Flash Cannon to KO Espeon. Our next target is Flygon.

14d 9h 52m We use Air Slash and flinch the opposing Espeon. We switch to Silver Wind before being decimated by Ancient Power and fainting!

14d 9h 51m We send out Donphan, who uses Eruption to finish off Gallade. Against Espeon!

14d 9h 50m Against Gallade! We use Psybeam and are faced with a Blizzard. Pachi faints!

14d 9h 49m We use Psybeam and Bellossom uses Spacial Rend. The battle continues for a few turns like this until we crit and Bellossom faints.

14d 9h 49m Take two with Marley! We send out Pachi against Bellossom!

14d 9h 46m We're back in the rematch lounge.

14d 9h 44m We quickly exit the Pokemon Center.

14d 9h 43m Flygon is slowly bring our health down, and eventually, some hail KOs Kingler! Black out!

14d 9h 42m We can't move because we're frozen, and Flygon can't because she's paralyzed!

14d 9h 41m We get hit by Blizzard and are frozen solid!

14d 9h 40m We use Dragon Breath and paralyze Flygon! We use Magnitude 6 and almost KO Flygon.

14d 9h 40m Flygon uses Blizzard to KO Sandslash! Go Kingler!

14d 9h 39m She uses Overheat and almost KOs Sandslash! We use Flash Cannon to almost OHKO Flygon.

14d 9h 39m We use Flash Cannon and KO Sceptile. Against Flygon now!

14d 9h 38m We send out Sandslash and use Needle Arm. We get hit by some Dragon Breath.

14d 9h 37m Another Dragon Breath KOs Quagsire!

14d 9h 36m Against Sceptile! We get hit by DragonBreath and respond with Surf. Rinse and repeat, but with Strength.

14d 9h 36m We send out Quagsire and use Surf to KO Espeon! Quagsire levels up to 75!

14d 9h 35m We send out Plusle! We get OHKOed by Ancient Power!

14d 9h 34m We use Eruption one last time before fainting to Ice Beam!

14d 9h 33m We switch to Eruption, and get hit by Ancient Power. We're down to critical health!

14d 9h 32m Against Espeon now! We continue to use Air Slash, although it's not very effective.

14d 9h 31m We send out Donphan, use Air Slash, and then get crushed by Avalanche. Another Air Slash KOs Bellossom!

14d 9h 31m We use one last Psybeam before fainting to Powder Snow!

14d 9h 30m After a few hits, we're down to 3 HP. We're about to take Bellossom out, but our foe uses a Full Restore.

14d 9h 29m Bellossom uses Spacial Rend on us! We respond to that terrifying move with Psybeam.

[Info] We're fighting Marley atm.

14d 9h 28m Fighting Lazy Daniel! We send out Pachi against Bellossom!

14d 9h 24m We completely ignore Pearl and go into the rematch lounge.

14d 9h 21m We heal our Pokemon!

14d 9h 20m We checkpointed at Survival Area!

14d 9h 18m We send out Kingler! We use Gust to OHKO Furret. Defeated Dancer Lilliana!

14d 9h 17m We hit ourselves in confusion, and then Furret uses Extrasensory to KO us!

14d 9h 16m We use Fly to finish Noctowl off. Against Furret.

14d 9h 16m Against Noctowl! We continue our Outrage before getting hit by Bug Bite.

14d 9h 15m We're hit with Aqua Jet before we commence our Outrage (which OHKOs Tropius).

14d 9h 15m Aqua Jet OHKOs us! We sent out Plusle.

14d 9h 14m We send out Donphan, who uses Eruption to finish it off. Against Tropius.

14d 9h 12m Against Venusaur! We continue to use Surf, critting and almost OHKOing. Venusaur KOs us with a Silver Wind!

14d 9h 12m We start with Surf and almost get KOed by Bug Bite. Another Surf finishes the Solrock.

14d 9h 12m We're in the Rematch Lounge, fighting Dancer Lilliana! We send out Pachi against Solrock.

14d 9h 7m Back in Anarchy.

14d 9h 6m [D] We fly to the Survival Area!

14d 9h 3m [D] Outside of the mart, about to fly.

14d 8h 59m [D] We buy 92 Ultra Balls!

14d 8h 55m [D] Democracy activated! We went into the mart.

14d 8h 53m Back in Jubilife!

[Chat] Aissurtievos: Top 5 are Reddylion, Megagoomy41, z33k33, wahisietel_the_cake, and lukerbom12 as far as input count goes

14d 8h 49m We save in the middle of a field.

14d 8h 47m On Route 204; came out the way we came in.

14d 8h 27m In the Ravaged Path.

[Fluff] Bonus points for including the accents

[Fluff] I have a feeling of déjà vu

14d 8h 20m Fighting a wild Moltres! We try to run, we can't escape, so the Moltres runs. Good battle.

14d 8h 20m On Route 204 now.

14d 8h 16m Arrived at Jubilife City.

14d 8h 14m Still walking on the route.

[Info] We don't have any balls right now.

14d 8h 2m Onto Route 202!

14d 8h 0m We didn't get to fly anywhere before anarchy started/

[Fluff] We didn't talk to Dawn last time either.

14d 7h 57m [D] We use Plusle and plan to fly somewhere!

14d 7h 56m [D] In Democracy!

14d 7h 53m In Sandgem Town. Dawn is waiting for us.

14d 7h 49m Back in Route 201.

14d 7h 47m In the Verity Lakefront.

14d 7h 43m Walking along Route 201. Occasionally biking.

14d 7h 39m We are spamming so many Pokemon cries NotLikeThis

14d 7h 37m Outside of our house, we didn't even talk to mom before we left.

[Donation] Zhaituki spams FISH a bunch of times.

14d 7h 30m We start the credits, immediately exit them, and restart the game. We're in our home once more.

[Fluff] That was such a close match holy crap. We also did it in 8 attempts, aka how long FireRed's E4 took in attempts.

14d 7h 29m She gives us the generic but meaningful recording talk and then we put our balls in her container. Welcome (back) to the Hall of Fame guys!

ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ teh urn ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 7h 28m Cynthia-Jasmine invites us to take the lift and cement our Pokemon in the Hall of Fame once more.

14d 7h 27m We use Fly and KO Aggron! Plusle leveled up to 78! Defeated Artisan Jasmine!

14d 7h 27m Dragon Dance gets us the speed boost we needed, and we outspeed Aggron!

14d 7h 27m We're hit with Bug Bite and clutch with 35 HP. We use Dragon Dance however.

[Snark] No greed guys.

14d 7h 26m Donphan can't clutch and faints from Bug Bite! It's up to Plusle.

14d 7h 25m Jasmine's last mon is an Aggron! It uses Bug Bite, halving our health, and we use Air Slash. It almost OHKOs. Aggron uses a Sitrus Berry to restore some health.

14d 7h 24m Facing Torterra. It makes the first move and stuns Donphan! We manage to use our Air Slash to OHKO. Last mon incoming.

14d 7h 24m Against Tentacruel now! We continue to use Air Slash and it OHKOs!

14d 7h 24m Donphan sweep is a reality as we face Absol. We switch to Air Slash which also OHKOs!

14d 7h 23m Against Ursaring now! We continue to use Eruption in this Bug-themed battle to super effective results. OHKOed.

14d 7h 23m Jasmine uses a Full Restore as we Air Slash twice to KO it.

14d 7h 22m We start off with Eruption, which almost OHKOs. Lapras uses Defend Order to raise its stats.

14d 7h 22m Cynthia has some sweet piano music, I mean Artisan Jasmine, as we fight her! We send out Donphan against Lapras!

14d 7h 21m There is a big push for Democracy in order for us to heal, but it appears not to be enough. We enter her chamber.

14d 7h 20m A third Air Slash KOs our foe and levels Donphan up to 81! Defeated E4 Mallorie!

14d 7h 19m We use Air Slash twice as it uses Poison Spikes and Safeguard.

14d 7h 19m We use it twice more, causing our foe to flinch once and then faint. Against another Gorebyss!

14d 7h 18m We use Eruption yet again, and our foe places down Poison Spikes. We use Eruption again before Mallorie uses a Full Restore. We switch to Air Slash.

14d 7h 18m Another Eruption OHKOs the eeveelution. Now facing Gorebyss.

14d 7h 17m We send out Donphan and use Eruption to finish Electrode off. Against Leafeon now.

14d 7h 16m We use another Magnitude 7, which causes Electrode to use a Sitrus Berry. It responds with Metal Burst, which KOs Kingler!

14d 7h 16m We start with a Magnitude 7, which OHKOs it. Against Electrode!

14d 7h 15m Facing Elite Four Mallorie! We send out Kingler against Banette! The theme appears to be Poison.

[Meta] Sorry if the commentary isn't as riveting as usual, just usually we have a bit more variety in our E4 runs for me to work with, but they've almost all been the same up to this point.

14d 7h 13m We crit a Magnitude 8 and OHKO the flying cloud bird! Defeated Tristian! (For the first time)

14d 7h 12m We finish off the Porygon2 with a Magnitude 7. Against Altaria, Tristian's final mon!

14d 7h 12m Against Porygon 2, we use a Magnitude 7 and then 6 to almost KO it. Tristian uses a Full Restore, and then we hit a Magnitude 8.

[Fluff] Three 6s in a row? Oh no...

14d 7h 11m We use Magnitude 6 to OHKO Donphan. Plusle grew to level 77!

14d 7h 10m We send out Sandslash against Donphan, who instantly faints to a Fire Punch! We send back out Kingler.

14d 7h 10m We get Slammed and respond with a Magnitude 6, which OHKOs. Kingler grew to level 79!

14d 7h 9m We hit a Magnitude 6 and OHKO the bird. Against Donphan!

14d 7h 9m Challenging Elite Four Tristian! We send out Kingler against Pidgeot!

14d 7h 3m We use Air Slash again and KO Milotic. Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

14d 7h 2m We use Air Slash twice and Milotic uses Defense Curl. Curl up into a ball for our might!

14d 7h 2m We use Air Slash and 2HKO it. Against Milotic.

14d 7h 1m We use Air Slash and OHKOs it. Now facing Shuckle.

14d 7h 0m We use Air Slash and KOs Magmar. Against Skarmory.

14d 7h 0m Magmar KOs Quagsire with Outrage! We send out Donphan!

14d 6h 59m Against Magmar, it uses Draco Meteor for some devastating damage. We use Strength for some decent damage.

14d 6h 58m We use Strength twice to KO Seaking.

14d 6h 57m Versus Elite Four Esteban! We send out Quagsire against Seaking.

14d 6h 54m We send out Plusle for the kill and we use Fly to do so. Togekiss faints peacefully. Defeated Crystal!

14d 6h 53m After it used Focus Energy, it uses Luster Purge to bring us down to 23% health. We use Double Hit to almost KO it, but a crit Luster Purge KOs us!

14d 6h 53m Against Togekiss now. Our foe starts out with Agility, and we respond with a Double Hit. We use Double Hit again and almost KO Togekiss.

14d 6h 52m We miss our Double Hit and Relicanth uses Wish again. However, this time we use Double Hit to KILL! KILL! KILL!

14d 6h 51m We use Double Hit twice again and almost KO Relicanth. Relicanth uses a Wish and claims the free HP before it could die.

14d 6h 50m Against Relicanth, we use Double Hit twice to almost KO it. Crystal uses a Full Restore before we can do that, because he's a dick.

14d 6h 49m We use Surf and almost KO him, and finish him off with a Double Hit. Man these birds are a pest.

14d 6h 49m We use Surf again, KO it, and now w'ere against another Pidgeot.

14d 6h 48m We get hit by Eruption but use Surf to almost KO it. Crystal uses a Full Restore, and we use Surf to almost KO it again.

14d 6h 48m Plusle levels up to 76! Against Pidgeot!

14d 6h 47m We start with a Psybeam before transitioning to a Surf. The bird falls.

14d 6h 47m Fighting Elite Four Crystal! We send out Pachi against Staraptor!

14d 6h 44m We start attempt 8!

14d 6h 41m We get hit by a Flamethrower, which OHKOs us! Black out which ends attempt 7 (and not 6).

14d 6h 40m We use Dragon Dance and faint from the burn! Go Sandslash!

14d 6h 40m Tristian uses a Full Restore and we use Blizzard again. Now we're seriously injured by Flamethrower, down to 5 HP and burnt.

14d 6h 39m Donphan uses Eruption, crits, meanwhile we use Blizzard which isn't very effective.

14d 6h 39m We send out Donphan. It faints immediately! Go Plusle!

14d 6h 38m Against another Donphan. It Slams us, uses Fire Punch, and Kingler faints!

14d 6h 37m Now we're against Donphan! It Slams us and we respond with a Magnitude 5, twice.

14d 6h 36m We miss our Magnitude as Pidgeot meditates. We hit a Magnitude 5 which crits and KOs Pidgeot.

14d 6h 36m Fighting Elite Four Tristian! We send out Kingler against Pidgeot!

14d 6h 31m We use Air Slash again and slaughter Milotic. Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

14d 6h 30m We use Air Slash, and Silver Wind. Milotic uses Fire Fang and almost KOs us.

14d 6h 30m It uses ViceGrip and we respond with Air Slash. Shuckle faints, Esteban sends out Milotic.

14d 6h 29m We send out Donphan! We use Air Slash and KO Skarmory! Against Shuckle.

14d 6h 29m Against Skarmory, it uses Shadow Sneak to KO Quagsire!

14d 6h 28m We get hit by Draco Meteor. We use Strength and get hit by Outrage. We use Strength again and KO Magmar.

14d 6h 28m Seaking used Jump Kick, missed, and KOed itself. Against Magmar.

14d 6h 27m We use Strength and get hit by Jump Kick. We miss our second Strength and it uses Soft Boiled.

14d 6h 27m Facing Elite Four Esteban! We send out Quagsire against Seaking!

14d 6h 18m We use Silver Wind and KO Togekiss! We get a fuckton of stat boosts off of it, but we defeat Crystal, so it's for style points.

14d 6h 17m Against Togekiss now! Luster Purge KOs us! Go Donphan!

14d 6h 16m We use Double Hit twice while Relicanth uses Wish. Another Double Hit and KO Relicanth!

14d 6h 16m Another Double Hit barely doesn't kill, and we're almost killed by Psybeam. Crystal uses a Full Restore!

14d 6h 15m Against Relicanth! We use Double Hit and Rock Smash and get hit by Extrasensory and Psybeam.

14d 6h 14m Against Pidgeot again! We use Double Hit and Surf to KO it.

14d 6h 13m Against Pidgeot! We use Surf twice to KO him! Pachi leveled up to 77!

14d 6h 12m We use Surf and Double Hit, and before Staraptor faints, we get Slammed.

14d 6h 12m We used Surf! We get Stealth Rocked before Crystal uses a Full Restore.

14d 6h 11m Fighting Elite Four Crystal! We send out Pachi against Staraptor!

14d 6h 9m Elite Four Rematches Attempt 6 Begins!

[Fluff] We did that on turn 2, so we were dead in (the) sky.

14d 6h 8m We use Fly, but hurt ourselves in confusion and faint! Black out! Rip attempt 6!

14d 6h 7m We use Dragon Dance to raise our stats, and we're hit with Psybeam twice. Down to 12 HP!

14d 6h 6m Fighting Elite Four Tristian! We send out Plusle against Pidgeot!

14d 6h 3m We're back in anarchy now.

14d 6h 0m We throw away all of our Poke Balls and Great Balls!

14d 5h 59m We're about to throw away 393 Pokeballs! Wasted money...

[Info] We have 393 Poke Balls and 106 Great Balls.

14d 5h 58m [D] We're in Democracy now.

14d 5h 55m We take flight with Fly, and OHKOs Shuckle. Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

14d 5h 54m It uses Bulk Up, and we use Dragon Dance. Who's going to strike first?

14d 5h 53m We're against Shuckle, and it uses Vice Grip to KO Donphan! Go Plusle!

14d 5h 52m We send out Donphan and Esteban uses a Full Restore. Luckily our Air Slash OHKOs it. Plusle grew to level 75!

14d 5h 50m We're hit with Ominous Wind a few times, and our Gust doesn't quite KO Skarmory. We faint to Ominous Wind!

14d 5h 49m We use Magnitude twice, pulling off a Magnitude 10 the second time and KO Milotic. Against Skarmory now!

14d 5h 47m We send out Kingler and get slightly damaged. Meanwhile we try to be a thief, which doesn't help our cause.

14d 5h 43m Sandslash immediately gets hit by Fire Fang and faints! We send out Donphan!

14d 5h 42m We send out Sandslash, who uses Flash Cannon to KO Magmar! Against Milotic!

14d 5h 39m We get hit by Outrage twice and faint!

14d 5h 39m Magmar uses Bulk Up as we keep missing. We finally get to use a Surf to not much effect.

14d 5h 38m We switch to Waterfall and do far more damage, critting and KOing Seaking. Against Magmar!

14d 5h 38m We continue to Surf and throw Pokeballs as Seaking uses Hard-Boiled and Jump Kick.

14d 5h 36m Seaking uses Soft Boiled, and to replicate the effect, we use a Hyper Potion.

14d 5h 36m We use Surf and get Jump Kicked. The Seaking's second Jump Kick misses, allowing us to use two more Surfs.

14d 5h 35m Fighting Elite Four Esteban! We send out Quagsire against Seaking!

14d 5h 33m We use Silver Wind and KO Togekiss. Defeated Elite Four Crystal!

14d 5h 32m We use Air Slash and KO Pidgeot. We're up against Togekiss now.

14d 5h 30m Crystal uses a Full Restore! We fiddle with menus for a bit.

14d 5h 29m We use Air Slash twice and almost KO Pidgeot. We're sniped by a Psybeam before trying to be a thief by throwing a Great Ball.

14d 5h 29m Donphan levels up to 80! Against Pidgeot!

14d 5h 28m We use Air Slash and flinch Relicanth. We finish it off with Silver Wind.

14d 5h 27m We start with Silver Wind, which is surprisingly effective. TwitchPlaysPokemon's stream welcome back TwitchPlaysPokemon.

14d 5h 27m We use Air Slash and Slam to slay the bird. Against Relicanth.

14d 5h 27m Eventually, however, we KO it with Air Slash. Against Pidgeot.

14d 5h 26m Crystal uses a Full Restore, and we try Air Slash. It doesn't do too well.

14d 5h 25m Staraptor barely survives and KOs us with Slam! We switch to Donphan.

14d 5h 25m We try being a thief, and we get Slammed for our actions. We switch to Surf.

14d 5h 24m Against Elite Four Crystal! We send out Pachi against Staraptor!

14d 5h 20m Attempt 6 starts!

14d 5h 19m Sandslash faints to Altaria! Black out! Rip attempt 5.

14d 5h 16m We're hit with Dark Void and fall asleep! We get hit by Fire Fang and faint! Go Sandslash!

14d 5h 16m We send out Plusle! We get our EXP Share Knocked Off before we go for a Fly!

14d 5h 14m Altaria uses Knock Off and KOs Donphan!

14d 5h 13m We use Air Slash again and KO Porygon2. Against Altaria!

14d 5h 12m We send out Donphan, who uses Air Slash and flinches Porygon2!

14d 5h 10m Switching it up, we're facing Porygon2. We use Gust to decent damage, but SmellingSalt KOs us!

14d 5h 10m Against yet another Donphan! It uses Slam again! We use Magnitude 6 and get another OHKO.

14d 5h 9m We get Slammed twice before using Magnitude 6. It OHKOs.

14d 5h 9m We use Magnitude 4 and 8 to KO Pidgeot. Plusle grew to level 74! Against Donphan!

14d 5h 8m Challenging Elite Four Tristian! We send out Kingler against Pidgeot!

14d 5h 6m Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

14d 5h 6m It eats a Sitrus Berry and uses Defense Curl. We use Air Slash again and KO it.

14d 5h 5m Take a guess what happened? Against Milotic now. We use Air Slash and don't OHKO it.

14d 5h 5m Air Slash OHKO. Against Shuckle.

14d 5h 4m We get rained upon by Draco Meteor and OHKO it with Air Slash. Against Skarmory.

14d 5h 4m Donphan uses Air Slash and OHKOs Seaking. Against Magmar!

14d 5h 3m We try throwing a Pokeball at Seaking, and we get punished with a crit OHKO! Go Donphan!

14d 5h 2m We start with Surf, and we get Jump Kicked by a fish without feet.

14d 5h 2m Against Elite Four Esteban! We send out Quagsire against Seaking!

14d 4h 59m Defeated Elite Four Crystal!

14d 4h 58m We snap out of confusion and use Flash Cannon twice to KO Togekiss.

14d 4h 58m Oh! We get a crit on our Flash Cannon and KO Relicanth. Against Togekiss now.

14d 4h 57m We switch to Flash Cannon and it STILL does barely any damage. Relicanth can and does use Wish in order to not die.

14d 4h 56m We send out Sandslash instead. We try Cut and get confused by Psybeam.

14d 4h 55m Crystal uses a Full Restore! We try Magnitude 4 but it does nothing.

14d 4h 54m We try one last Double Hit but get KOed by Extrasensory! Go Kingler!

14d 4h 54m Our foe uses another Wish and before we can KO it, the wish comes true.

14d 4h 51m We try Rock Smash which doesn't work well. We get hit by Extrasensory and down to 25 HP! We almost KO Relicanth with Double Hit but then its Wish came true.

14d 4h 51m Our Surf that hit didn't really do much. We switched to Double Hit which does a bit more damage.

14d 4h 50m Against Relicanth now! We miss our Surf and get hit by Extrasensory!

14d 4h 50m We use Surf again, and get hit by Aeroblast. Another Surf KOes Pidgeot!

14d 4h 49m We use Surf and cause Crystal to use a Full Restore. We hit Pidgeot with a Psybeam before KOing it with a Surf. Against another Pidgeot.

14d 4h 48m We start with Surf which crits and OHKOs! Against Pidgeot now!

14d 4h 48m Versus Elite Four Crystal! We send out Pachi against Staraptor!

14d 4h 45m E4 Rematch Attempt 5 Begins!

14d 4h 39m Battle style changed to Set (bolded because I think that's what we were trying to do)

14d 4h 28m Exited the League building.

[Chat] Addarash1: how many copycats could a copycat copy if a copycat could copy copycats (Clearly you know what that will lead to, moderator.)

14d 4h 26m Porygon2's Flamethrower knocks out Plusle. Black out!

14d 4h 25m Tristian sends out Porygon2. Plusle uses Outrage again.

14d 4h 25m Outrage knocks out Donphan.

14d 4h 25m Plusle uses Dragon Dance, then Outrage.

14d 4h 25m Donphan's Flamethrower brings it down to yellow HP, almost red.

14d 4h 24m Plusle sent out.

14d 4h 24m Donphan uses Fire Punch, which Sandslash has a 4x weakness to. Sandslash down!

14d 4h 23m We send out Sandslash.

14d 4h 22m Donphan uses Flamethrower. Quagsire down!

14d 4h 22m Tristian sends out his second Donphan.

14d 4h 22m Plusle to level 73!

14d 4h 21m Donphan uses Slam again. Quagsire has 20 HP left. Another Surf knocks out Donphan.

14d 4h 21m Quagsire uses Surf again, with similar results to before.

14d 4h 21m Tristian uses a Full Restore on Donphan.

14d 4h 21m Donphan uses Slam, bringing Quagsire to yellow HP. Quagsire uses Surf, which brings Donphan to red HP.

14d 4h 20m We send out Quagsire, the next vowel.

14d 4h 20m A fainted!

14d 4h 19m We switch out Quagsire for Donphan. Tristian sends out his own Donphan.

14d 4h 19m Quagsire uses Surf, which takes care of just under half its HP. Another Surf somehow takes care of the rest.

14d 4h 18m Tristian sends out Pidgeot.

14d 4h 18m Chellenged Elite Four Tristian!

14d 4h 15m We get hit by a Fire Fang! We use a second Air Slash and KO Milotic! Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

14d 4h 15m We use Air Slash and flinch Milotic! We try Silver Wind to not much avail.

14d 4h 13m Against Shuckle now. We use Air Slash and OHKO! Against Milotic.

14d 4h 12m Against Magmar! We get hit by Draco Meteor and we respond with Slam and Air Slash. Magmar goes down.

14d 4h 11m We switched to Air Slash and OHKOed Skarmory!

14d 4h 10m We send out Donphan and used Eruption and Slam! Esteban used a Full Restore.

14d 4h 10m Against Skarmory! It uses Shadow Sneak and KOs Pachi!

14d 4h 9m We use Surf and Psybeam to KO Seaking.

14d 4h 8m Fighting Elite Four Esteban! Pachi vs Seaking!

14d 4h 7m We get hit by Luster Purge and we use Surf, which KOs Togekiss. Defeated Elite Four Crystal!

14d 4h 6m We use Magnitude 7 and almost KO Togekiss. Another Luster Purge KOs Kingler!

14d 4h 5m After a Focus Energy, we get hit by a Luster Purge and get down to 16 HP.

14d 4h 4m Against Togekiss! We use Magnitude 7 and 4 to half our foe's health.

14d 4h 3m We use Magnitude 6 before Crystal uses a Full Restore. We get Magnitude 10 and OHKO it.

14d 4h 2m Against Relicanth! We get hit by Psybeam twice and use Magnitude 7 (and then hit ourselves in confusion).

14d 4h 2m We send out Kingler to face him. We use Magnitude 7 to KO him.

14d 4h 1m Against Pidgeot now! We use Surf, crit, and OHKO it! Against another Pidgeot! BIRD POWAR

14d 4h 0m Crystal uses a Full Restore, so it takes us two additional Surfs to KO Staraptor.

14d 4h 0m We send out Pachi against Staraptor! We start out with Surf, which almost OHKOs the bird. It gets out some rocks.

14d 3h 59m Started E4 Rematch Attempt 4! Fighting Elite Four Crystal!

14d 3h 57m We get hit by Eruption twice and faint! Black out! Rip Attempt 3!

14d 3h 56m We get hit by Fire Punch and faint! We send out Plusle.

14d 3h 55m Plusle leveled up to 72! Against another Donphan!

14d 3h 55m We use Magnitude 5 and Magnitude 8 to KO Donphan. We're also down to 26 HP because of Slams.

14d 3h 55m We get hit by Slam as the elephant avoids our Magnitude.

14d 3h 54m We use Magnitude 8 to KO Pidgeot! Against Donphan now!

14d 3h 53m Fighting Elite Four Tristian! We send out Kingler against Pidgeot!

14d 3h 52m We send out Plusle! We use Fly to finish Shuckle off. Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

14d 3h 51m We use Surf again, and we're KOed by Arm Thrust!

14d 3h 50m We get hit by Vice Grip and we're down to 2 HP. We use Surf and almost OHKO Shuckle, causing Esteban to use a Full Restore.

14d 3h 50m We send out Quagsire, who uses Surf to KO Milotic. Against Shuckle now!

[Chat] is obsessed with harambe at the moment.

14d 3h 49m We send out Donphan, who uses Eruption not very effectively. We get KOed by Fire Fang!

14d 3h 48m We go against Milotic now! We get hit by Eruption, and use Psybeam to bring it to half health. After eating a Sitrus Berry, it Fire Fangs us to death!

14d 3h 47m We get hit by Draco Meteor and miss our attack. We use a Psybeam and OHKO Magmar.

14d 3h 47m We use Psybeam and OHKO Skarmory! Against Magmar now.

14d 3h 45m We use Surf and do decent damage. We switch to Psybeam and KO the fish. Against Skarmory now.

14d 3h 45m Against Elite Four Esteban! We send out Pachi against Seaking!

14d 3h 42m We send out Donphan and get hit by Luster Purge. Down to 4 HP. We use two Air Slashes and KO Togekiss! Defeated Crystal!

14d 3h 41m Crystal uses a Full Restore! We use Waterfall to OHKO Pidgeot. Against Togekiss!

14d 3h 41m Psybeam KOs Sandslash! Go Quagsire!

14d 3h 40m After few Flash Cannons, we get hit by Aeroblast and fall to 3 HP. A fourth Flash Cannon does the same to Pidgeot.

14d 3h 39m We send out Sandslash to deal with the foe; Flash Cannon doesn't work too well though. We get hit by Eruption.

14d 3h 38m Another Strength KOs Relicanth! Against Pidgeot!

14d 3h 38m We use Strength and Surf and get hit by Psybeam and Extrasensory. Riveting.

14d 3h 37m We send out Quagsire against Relicanth!

14d 3h 36m We send out Donphan to go against him instead. After two Air Slashes, Pidgeot faints.

14d 3h 36m We try Surf instead and KO it. Against Pidgeot now.

14d 3h 36m We start with Psybeam, which does nothing because it's Psychic. We get (Stealth) Rocked.

14d 3h 35m Fighting Elite 4 Crystal! We send out Pachi vs Staraptor!

14d 3h 34m E4 Rematch Attempt 3 Starts!

14d 3h 33m Black out, rip attempt 2!

14d 3h 32m We use Dragon Dance a bit greedily, and we get confused by a Psybeam. We use Dragon Dance again and get KOed by Aeroblast!

14d 3h 31m We get hit by a few Eruptions and faint! Go Plusle!

14d 3h 30m We use Flash Cannon to mixed results. We continue to use it.

14d 3h 29m Fighting Elite Four Tristian! We send out Sandslash against Pidgeot!

14d 3h 25m Fly KOs the Milotic and Plusle levels up to 71! Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

14d 3h 24m We send out Plusle, who uses Dragon Dance. We get hit by an Eruption before we whip out our Fly!

14d 3h 22m ESTEBAN USES A FULL RESTORE! We use Magnitude (8). Fire Fang KOs Kingler!

14d 3h 21m Another Fire Fang brings us to 9 HP. We use Earthquake, Magnitude 7, to not clutch.

14d 3h 21m We get hit by Fire Fang and it flinches us! It uses Detect to block us! Can we even attack game???

14d 3h 20m Milotic uses Defense Curl a few times and a Sitrus Berry as we pound it with Gusts.

14d 3h 19m We keep going with the Gust strategy and it OHKOs Shuckle! Against Milotic!

14d 3h 18m A second Gust KOs Skarmory. Against Shuckle.

14d 3h 18m We send out Kingler, who uses Gust. We get hit by Ominous Wind. Wind moves yay.

14d 3h 15m Donphan levels up to 79! Against Skarmory! We faint to Shadow Sneak!

14d 3h 15m We get hit by a Draco Meteor which brings us down to critical health. We appropriately respond by using Air Slash to OHKO Magmar.

14d 3h 14m We send out Donphan to face Magmar.

14d 3h 14m Finally our foe switches to Jump Kick! We finish it off with Dragon Breath and Kingler levels up to 78!

14d 3h 13m After another cycle of this, we switch to Psybeam! It doesn't change much.

[Snark] Softboiled makes more sense, considering Fish Eggs.

14d 3h 12m We miss a Gust and then hit a second one. Our foe's Jump Kick actually hit. We use a second Gust and then it uses Softboiled!

14d 3h 12m We instead turn to using Gust. Seaking tried a Jump Kick, but failed, because it's a fish. Esteban quickly had to use a Full Restore.

14d 3h 11m The battle of the water mons who aren't water! We start off by trying to run.

14d 3h 11m Fighting Elite Four Esteban! We send out Kingler against Seaking!

[Info] Note that this is our second E4 rematch attempt. Our first was when we flew to the Pokemon League to get Shaymin and accidentally went in the starting room. We made it to the third member before blacking out.

14d 3h 6m We get hit by Luster Purge before using Flash Cannon again to KO our foe. Defeated Elite Four Crystal!

14d 3h 5m Togekiss is using Focus Energy! We try to OHKO it with Flash Cannon but don't succeed.

14d 3h 5m We send out Donphan and use Eruption! We then switch to Sandslash as Crystal uses a Full Restore.

14d 3h 4m Against Togekiss, Crystal's final Pokemon. We're KOed by Luster Purge!

14d 3h 3m We use Surf twice to KO it.

14d 3h 3m Relicanth uses Wish before getting KOed by Surf. The Wish falls to the upcoming Pidgeot.

14d 3h 2m Against Relincanth! We get hit by a light Extrasensory and Psybeam before demolishing with Strength.

14d 3h 1m We try Surf again, succeed, and KO Pidgeot. Quagsire levels up to 74!

14d 3h 0m We send out Quagsire, who misses Surf. We get hit by Psybeam.

14d 3h 0m Against Pidgeot! We Surf, and get KOed By Aeroblast!

14d 2h 59m After getting Slammed, Crystal uses a Full Restore! We use Surf and Rock Smash to KO Staraptor.

14d 2h 59m We use Surf, however it's avoided, and our foe uses Stealth Rock. We hit it on our second attempt however.

14d 2h 58m Versus Elite Four Crystal! We send out Pachi against Staraptor!

14d 2h 57m E4 Rematch Attempt 2 Starts!

14d 2h 55m Back at the Pokemon League. Chat is spamming Rayquaza cry.

14d 2h 55m Plusle faints to a wild Shedinja! Black out!

14d 2h 53m Plusle down to 13/191 HP

[Stats] Plusle Lv. 70 - Max. HP 191 Attack 107 Defense 155 Sp. Atk 45 Sp. Def 88 Speed 197

14d 2h 51m We Found Fresh Water

14d 2h 48m Plusle grows to Lv 70

14d 2h 44m Sandslash goes down to a wild Nidoqueen

14d 2h 42m Back on Route 224!

14d 2h 39m Back on Seabrink Way.

[Snark] Also, ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICT0000000000RY RI0000000000T ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ YAY YAY HURRAY ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] That's from all of the 30,170 spam.

14d 2h 36m Nickname is 0000000000


14d 2h 33m We go back to Great Balls.

14d 2h 32m We used an X Defend! Tactics!

14d 2h 31m We also widdled it down to half health.

14d 2h 30m We swap to throwing Great Balls!

14d 2h 29m We keep using Potions to heal ourselves!

14d 2h 28m Rayquaza Round 27!

[Fluff] Look how close of a respawn I made it

14d 2h 24m At half health, we ran!

[Chat] Flaagg: Rayquaza's catch rate is 0.4%, so that's 1/250 pokeballs.

14d 2h 19m We keep using Potions to heal ourselves!

14d 2h 18m We use a Potion to heal ourselves!

14d 2h 18m Rayquaza Round 26!

14d 2h 14m We ran after many balls.

[Chat] Addarash1: Just so you guys know the chance of catching rayquaza at full HP is about 1/240 OpieOP and the chance at ~25% (2 needle arms) is 1/120 (with great ball 1/80)

14d 2h 10m We used a Needle Arm to damage it a little bit.

14d 2h 8m We got two "Can't escape" before the 30,170s started picking up.

14d 2h 7m Rayquaza Round 25!

14d 2h 5m We run. Now this has taken more attempts than the E4! EleGiggle

14d 2h 4m We switch to Great Balls!

14d 2h 2m We used another Needle Arm to weaken it.

14d 1h 58m We switch to Pokeballs, and we don't run which is always awesome.

14d 1h 57m We then start throwing Great Balls.

14d 1h 57m We use up all of our Premier Balls! And then we heal with a Hyper Potion!

14d 1h 55m After a few balls we use Needle Arm. Then we switch to Premier Balls. They fail just as hard.

14d 1h 54m Rayquaza Round 24!

14d 1h 52m We ran.

14d 1h 52m Freaking three shake troll!

14d 1h 51m We're actually throwing balls again!

14d 1h 51m Rayquaza Round 23!

14d 1h 45m We ran!

14d 1h 44m Okay, we're actually throwing balls now!

14d 1h 43m Rayquaza Round 22!


14d 1h 39m Rayquaza Round 21!

14d 1h 36m We didn't even throw a ball before we ran.

14d 1h 36m Rayquaza Round 20!

14d 1h 35m We ran, and are resetting it currently.

14d 1h 34m Rayquaza Round 19!

14d 1h 32m We throw a few balls before running.

14d 1h 32m Rayquaza Round 18!

14d 1h 28m After a few balls, Donphan faints! We run.

14d 1h 28m Rayquaza Round 17! Kingler fainted a bit ago, we have Donphan out now.

14d 1h 26m We ran.

14d 1h 24m We throw all of our Pokeballs at him, but we got a troll 3-shake at best.

14d 1h 23m Rayquaza Round 16!

14d 1h 20m We ran immediately.

14d 1h 19m Rayquaza Round 15!

14d 1h 17m We ran.

14d 1h 16m We send out Kingler and almost catch it with a Pokeball. 3 Shakes dammit!

14d 1h 15m Rayquaza KOs Kingler with Body Slam!

14d 1h 15m We chuck a few Pokeballs and then switch to Pokeballs.

14d 1h 14m And we're back in anarchy for the fight.

14d 1h 14m [D] Rayquaza Round 14!

14d 1h 11m [D] We've entered democracy!

14d 1h 10m And then we run. Man chat is pissed.

14d 1h 10m As Rayquaza uses Endure, we use Magnitude 9. We proceed to use Great Balls.

14d 1h 10m Rayquaza Round 13!

14d 1h 6m We swap to throwing Great Balls before running.

14d 1h 5m Rayquaza Round 12!

14d 1h 4m After many balls, we run.

14d 1h 3m We chuck all of our Pokeballs at it, hoping one sticks.

14d 1h 2m Rayquaza uses Endure, and is at 1 HP after our Dragon Breath.

14d 1h 2m Rayquaza Round 11!

14d 0h 59m We threw two balls and then ran.

14d 0h 58m Rayquaza Round 10!

14d 0h 56m And then we ran.

14d 0h 55m Rayquaza's Body Slams paralyzes us! And now Rayquaza is paralyzed too!

14d 0h 54m Rayquaza Round 9!

14d 0h 53m We used a Pokeball and then ran.

14d 0h 52m Rayquaza Round 8!

[Info] We have 463 Poke Balls, 161 Great Balls and 6 Premier Balls.

14d 0h 45m Rayquaza KOs Quagsire with Stomp! We flee!

14d 0h 44m After spamming Great Balls, we switch to Pokeballs.

14d 0h 43m Rayquaza Round 7!

14d 0h 41m After one Great Ball, we run.

14d 0h 41m And it does! Rayquaza Round 6!

14d 0h 40m And we used Strength, KOing Rayquaza. Let's see if he respawns...

14d 0h 39m We're chucking Great Balls left right and center.

14d 0h 38m Rayquaza Round 5!

14d 0h 33m And then we ran. Let's do this again.

14d 0h 32m We keep chucking Great Balls at it.

14d 0h 32m Rayquaza Round 4!

[Info] The spawn only resets when we see the map indicator towards the top-left of the screen.

14d 0h 24m We keep going up and down, but not far enough for a respawn.

[Info] Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus respawn immediately after leaving the area if we do not catch them. This was not hack in by the devs

14d 0h 20m We ran immediately EleGiggle

14d 0h 20m Let's go for round 3 against Rayquaza!


14d 0h 18m We ran...

14d 0h 17m Quagsire becomes paralyzed from Rayquaza's Body Slam.

14d 0h 16m We keep chucking Great Balls at it, and none seem to stick. It's too low of a level to properly damage however.

[Info] We have 179 Great Balls remaining.

14d 0h 15m Rayquaza Round 2! Go Quagsire!

14d 0h 14m Shaymin is back! We went to Flower Paradise again and the sprite is there.

14d 0h 14m And now the different factions (anarchist and demoists) are insulting each other in chat.

14d 0h 14m Back down on Seabreak Path.

[Snark] Well fug

14d 0h 13m We run away!

14d 0h 12m Plusle is sent out.

14d 0h 11m Pachi goes down to Rayquaza's Body Slam.

14d 0h 10m Rayquaza used Body Slam, and Pachi is paralyzed.

14d 0h 10m We're throwing many Great Balls at it. No success so far.

14d 0h 8m It's a Rayquaza!

14d 0h 5m And with that, flowers bloom everywhere and we head to the Skyward Path over to Shaymin.

14d 0h 4m According to the rock, we thank A , ZPVEEE for this.

14d 0h 3m We talk to Oak and he wants us to decipher a stone tablet.

14d 0h 1m We completely ignore her and Oak and instead bike in a corner.

14d 0h 0m Reached the end of Route 224. Marley has come to visit us.

13d 23h 56m Pachi grew to Lv. 76!

13d 23h 53m Found a hidden pair of BlackGlasses!

13d 23h 49m On Route 224.

13d 23h 44m Still making our way through, slowly.

13d 23h 26m Back in anarchy!

13d 23h 26m [D] In Quagsire's moveset, we swapped Strength and Surf! This will make it so Pachi's and Quagsire's Surf are in the same spot for E4 rematch.

13d 23h 24m [D] We swapped Sandslash and Pachi!

13d 23h 23m [D] We're in Democracy right now!

13d 23h 11m We've entered Victory Road. Shaymin voyage take 2!

13d 23h 9m Back at the Pokemon League.

13d 23h 7m Aqua Jet, KOed. Black out hype!

13d 23h 6m We send out Donphan, who gets OHKOed by Aqua Jet! It's up to Plusle.

13d 23h 5m We send out Pachi, who gets reduced to 13 HP from Aqua Jet. We use one Surf before Pachi gets KOed!

13d 23h 3m Fighting Fisher Landon. Kingler vs Metagross. We're instantly KOed by a crit Aqua Jet!

13d 23h 1m We faced Performer Veronica which took a turn.

13d 22h 58m Against Mightyena! We send out Pachi, who after taking a Hyper Beam to the face, uses Rock Smash twice to KO the doge. Defeated Pi.

13d 22h 58m The Metapod slams us for 14 HP of damage. How can we ever take it on? Oh wait, Dragon Breath 2HKOs it.

13d 22h 57m Fighting Chief Pi! We send out Kingler against Metapod!

13d 22h 55m We KO Metang finally and defeat Artist Bob (Ross).

13d 22h 54m We send out Plusle, who uses Outrage thrice, twice missing. After facing a Hydro Pump, we're poisoned by Cross Poison!

13d 22h 53m We get poisoned after being hit by Cross Poison! A second one KOs Quagsire!

13d 22h 52m Against Metang! We send out Quagsire to deal with it.

13d 22h 52m Against Elekid! We switch to Donphan and use Air Slash to OHKO it.

13d 22h 51m We switch to Strength, and after two of those Blastoise faints.

13d 22h 51m We go back and forth with Surf and Hydro Pump. It seems to be working well Kappa

[Chat] KappaRoss

13d 22h 50m Fighting Artist Bob! We send out Quagsire against Blastoise!

13d 22h 49m We found a Smooth Rock!

13d 22h 46m Sandslash faints to a wild Beedrill!

13d 22h 45m Sandslash grew to level 72!

13d 22h 43m Caught a level 52 Female Dunsparce. Nickname is APZ ppz0e

13d 22h 42m In Route 224 now!

13d 22h 39m We found a Premier Ball!

13d 22h 37m We ditched Marley, escorting her to her goal, and now we're on our own.

13d 22h 33m Blastoise uses Hydro Pump to take him out. Defeated Esteban and Jasmine.

13d 22h 32m Against another Magmortar! It keeps using Detect to block our attacks!

13d 22h 31m Plusle grew to level 69!

13d 22h 30m Another Hydro Pump KOs Ambipom. We finally damage Magmortar, KOing it with a Flash Cannon.

13d 22h 30m We take out Heracross quickly, and now we're against Ambipom!

13d 22h 29m Blastoise Hydro Pumps Mothim to death, while we get our attack blocked. Against Heracross now!

13d 22h 28m Fighting Chief Jasmine and Artist Esteban! We send out Sandslash and Blastoise against Mothim and Magmortar!

13d 22h 21m We are finally able to hit a damn Flash Cannon and we KO Tangrowth. Defeated E4 peeps.

13d 22h 20m Blastoises KOs Cacturne with Hydro Pump. Tangrowth gets confused and hurts itself. Blastoise was about to heal it but then missed.

13d 22h 19m STOP MISSING GUYS!!! Cacturne gets a Mega Kick on Blastoise.

13d 22h 19m Also Blastoise Hydro Pumped Tangrowth twice, and because it had Dry Skin it healed to full health. FailFish

13d 22h 18m Tangrowth uses Outrage to next to no results. Blatoise uses Bubble Beam on Cacturne for shits and giggles.

13d 22h 17m Out of the last 9 moves used, 7 have missed.

13d 22h 16m Blastoise does the same thing to the other Dugtrio. Against Cacturne now.

13d 22h 15m Tangrowth uses Draco Meteor on us, which doesn't do much considering the 15 level gap. Blastoise OHKOs Dugtrio with Hydro Pump. Out comes another Dugtrio.

13d 22h 15m Every attack this turn missed. tppRNG

13d 22h 14m Fighting Eliter Foulr Lillianna and Donna! We send out Sandslash and Blastoise against Tangrowth and Dugtrio!

13d 22h 13m Blastoise uses Hydro Pump to OHKO Mothim. Defeated Gent and Dancer!

13d 22h 12m We send out Kingler. Using Aqua Jet and Gust we KO Shuckle.

13d 22h 11m Mothim's second Earth Power KOs Sandslash! Meanwhile the other three Pokemon on the field are at full health.

13d 22h 11m Against Shuckle and Mothim! We're hit with a fairly powerful Earth Power and almost faint!

13d 22h 10m After a few misses, we KO Dustox with a Flash Cannon and Blastoise KOs Shellos with a Hydro Pump.

13d 22h 9m Fighting Gent Esteban and Dancer Chloe! We send out Sandslash and Blastoise against Dustox and Shellos!

13d 22h 2m Still in the cave, kind of grinding. Wahisietel_the_Cake is the only one inputting right now.

13d 21h 50m Caught a level 48 Electrode with a Great Ball! Nickname is G

13d 21h 38m Nickname is C

13d 21h 37m Used a Great Ball to catch a level 48 Female Cloyster!

13d 21h 28m We KO it with Flash Cannon, and defeat the Fishers.

13d 21h 27m In the mean time we keep missing, except our foe's Perish Song.

13d 21h 26m Against Ludicolo (solo). It misses Iron Head, and we go in for the kill with Flash Cannon. It requires two hits, however, because we fail to be dramatic.

13d 21h 25m Our ally's Blastoise KOs Mantine with Aqua Jet, but it faints as well due to Aftermath. We use Flash Cannon to OHKO Medicham.

13d 21h 24m We KO Metang, who is swapped in by Mantine. Medicham healed all of the damage it took from Flash Cannon.

13d 21h 22m Before we can use Flash Cannon, we're hit with Flash Cannon and Hydro Pump! Not very effective however.

13d 21h 22m Fighting Fishers Kimberlyne and Wayne! We send out Sandslash and Blastoise against Metang and Medicham!

13d 21h 20m Sandslash grew to level 70!

13d 21h 18m Plusle grew to level 67!

[Info] Now all of our wild battles are Double Battles, which mean we can't easily catch mons.

13d 21h 10m We run into Marley and we agree, without choice, to help her go through the cave. We get free heals!

13d 21h 10m We enter the fog area of VR.

13d 21h 9m Caught a level 48 Female Torkoal (Great Ball). Nickname is 0c

13d 21h 6m Caught a level 47 Female Torkoal with a Great Ball. No nickname.

13d 21h 2m Caught a Male Level 42 Flaafy. Nickname is 0k0k0

13d 21h 0m We found a Shoal Salt!

13d 21h 0m Used a Great Ball to catch a level 40 Male Nosepass. No nickname.

13d 20h 57m Plusle faints to the same Gorebyss!

13d 20h 55m Sandslash faints against a wild Gorebyss!

[Info] The second set of quotation marks are 66s as opposed to 99s.

13d 20h 49m Caught a level 42 Male Flaafy! Nickname is NWk”“

13d 20h 45m Caught a level 42 Female Nosepass. Nickname is cd6g6ene6

13d 20h 34m Used a Great Ball to catch a level 40 Male Tauros! Nickname is APFQGGGG

13d 20h 33m Nickname is OOEEMD

13d 20h 32m A great ball caught a level 33 Male Tauros!

13d 20h 21m Biking around the caves.

13d 20h 16m Caught a wild level 40 Male Nosepass with a Great Ball! Nickname is A55 666666

13d 20h 13m Inside Victory Road.

13d 20h 12m We exit the Pokemon League and surf down the Waterfall in front of it.

13d 20h 10m We got too greedy and used another Dragon Dance. Aeroblast KOed us! Black out!

13d 20h 10m We use Fly and Dragon Dance and almost get KOed by Psybeam.

13d 20h 9m Tristian used a Full Restore! Pumped up a bit more, we use Dragon Dance.

13d 20h 8m We Fly a few times while Pidgeot misses Psybeams. It changes to Eruption once we land the second time.

13d 20h 8m Facing Elite Four Tristian! We send out Plusle against Pidgeot.

13d 20h 6m After another Bulk Up, however, Fly barely KOs our foe. Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

13d 20h 5m Our final foe is Shuckle. It uses Bulk Up to prepare for our Fly. Meanwhile our Fly does about half health.

13d 20h 4m Our second Fly actually hits, and KOs Milotic! Nice AI!

13d 20h 4m We use Fly, but it Detects it and blocks it.

13d 20h 3m We actually confused our foe from one, but it still KOs us with Fire Fang! Go Plusle!

13d 20h 3m It used Eruption and we used Psybeam to get ourselves down to Reds. Estaban uses a Full Restore while we keep using Psybeam.

13d 20h 2m We say screw it and use Psybeam to get it to half health. It says screw us by using a Sitrus Berry to restore health.

13d 20h 2m Our foe uses Detect to protect itself from our Psybeam. Then it uses Defense Curl.

13d 20h 2m We send out Pachi, who uses Psybeam to crit super effective OHKO Skarmory. Against Milotic.

13d 20h 0m Against Skarmory, it uses Shadow Sneak to KO Donphan!

13d 19h 58m Against Magmar now, it uses Draco Meteor to seriously harm us. However, we OHKO it with Air Slash.

13d 19h 58m We OHKO it with Air Slash and level Plusle up to 66!

13d 19h 57m Versus Elite Four Esteban! We send out Donphan against Seaking!

13d 19h 56m We use Silver Wind which, being super effective, KOs it. Defeated Elite Four Crystal!

13d 19h 55m We send out Donphan, who immediately gets injured by the pointed stones.

13d 19h 54m It responds with Luster Purge which KOs Quagsire!

13d 19h 53m Crystal's last Pokemon is Togekiss, who we promptly use Surf on.

13d 19h 53m We try to KO it with Surf, but our attacks keep missing. After it meditates it finally faints. Thank Bird Jesus.

13d 19h 52m Against another Pidgeot. Get hit by Psybeam, and after a Surf, Pidgeot gets healed by Wish.

13d 19h 51m The second turn we switch to Strength, and our foe uses Wish. We KO it with another Strength before it can be used though.

13d 19h 51m Against Relicanth. It uses Extrasensory to deal decent damage, and we respond with a crit Surf.

13d 19h 49m After it Meditates, we 2HKO it with Surf (in-between we missed a Surf and it missed Aeroblast)

13d 19h 49m Our next opponent is Pidgeot!

13d 19h 47m After getting hit by Stealth Rock, we 2HKO it with Surf!

[Info] New team for the rematches, starts at Lv 65.

13d 19h 46m Fighting Elite Four Aaron Crystal! We send out Quagsire against Staraptor!

[Chat] Greenhats for MVP Kappa

13d 19h 44m We've returned to Anarchy!

13d 19h 44m [D] We enter the league without healing! First E4 Rematch attempt!

13d 19h 43m [D] We fly to the Pokemon League!

13d 19h 40m [D] Looks like we're Flying with Plusle! (Not so sigh!)

[Fluff] Our first input was ARABStart9

13d 19h 38m [D] Entered Democracy!

13d 19h 35m We slathered a tree with Honey because there was a sweet scent in the air.

13d 19h 28m Nickname is AGGD)😫😫😫:😫

13d 19h 28m After many Great Balls, we catch a wild Level 31 Male Zangoose!

13d 19h 23m Now strolling along in Route 218.

13d 19h 20m We appear to be in Canalave City.

[rip] rip

13d 19h 19m We awake in a bed with our party healed

13d 19h 18m We run :c

13d 19h 17m We use Psybeam and it maybe 1-3 hp left!

13d 19h 17m Kingler faints, we send in Pachhirisu

13d 19h 16m It reveals Powder Snow

13d 19h 13m Sandslash goes down

13d 19h 12m It reveals Ice Punch and Hail

13d 19h 12m We start to chuck Great Balls while as a Ice Types, Zapdos uses Ice shards

13d 19h 12m Its randomized Darkrai to Zapdos

13d 19h 1m Caught a male Lv. 30 Grumpig! Nickname: ep6

13d 18h 49m We now have around 250 Great Balls

13d 18h 48m We buy more Poké Balls and have around 400

13d 18h 48m We talk to the Delivery man again and get **Oak's Letter

13d 18h 34m We have around 260~ Poké Balls and around 150~ Great, we talk to a Delivery man and get a Member Card

13d 18h 31m We're buying balls

13d 18h 15m We fly to Canalave City

13d 18h 5m Pachirisu gets Psybeam again and forgets Spacial Rend

13d 17h 58m We get Democracy back and teahc Kingler Dragon Breath over Double Team

13d 17h 41m As we almost teach Kingler Dragonbreath anarchy activates adn we leave

13d 17h 26m We talk to the reminder guy

[Info] Looks like we going to Heart Scale remember some moves

13d 17h 19m We fly to Pastoria

13d 17h 15m We leave the game corner and Democracy comes back after being turned off for the dance riot

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ LATE DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

13d 16h 55m We enter the game corner

13d 16h 35m We heal

13d 16h 33m We flew to Veilstone

[Info] Looks like we're flying

13d 16h 27m we activate demo and use it to rock climb and find an Iron

13d 16h 14m We exit Stark Mountain

13d 16h 13m Caught a male Lv. ? Golbat! Nickname: E o ♀♂♀

13d 16h 5m Caught a female Lv. ? Kecleon! Nickname: WZd

13d 15h 56m Caught a female Lv. 54 Kecleon! Nickname: 7 77777

13d 15h 48m Caught a male Lv. 52 species! Nickname: No0op61

13d 15h 30m Caught a female Lv. 55 Miltank! Nickname: 0006

13d 15h 27m Kingler faints to a Miltank while we tried to catch it

13d 15h 16m Got a Fluffy Tail.

13d 15h 5m Caught female Lv. 53 Froslass, nickname 555vme5MGG

13d 15h 3m Sandslash down

13d 15h 1m Got Black Glasses

13d 14h 44m Quag down

13d 14h 37m Nicknamed 000044Qg 5

13d 14h 37m Threw Great Ball. Nope. It's Flying type, the DPPT Regi theme is playing. Another Great Ball. CAUGHT REGICE, Lv. 50

13d 14h 36m It appears we've reached the last room. Heatran's at the end. Versus... REGICE

13d 13h 54m Re-entered.

13d 13h 54m And catches, of course. But we're outside now.

13d 13h 48m Back in the mountain. Presumably only levelups and item uses/pickups will be recorded for the time being

13d 13h 43m Pretty sure we're near the entrance of the Mountain.

13d 13h 30m Healed

13d 13h 22m In the ashy part of the island.

13d 13h 21m Anarchy btw

13d 13h 20m Surfed over to some other grass or whatever.

13d 13h 15m Surfing.

13d 13h 3m Democracy

13d 12h 39m Got a Pomeg Berry

13d 12h 22m Caught male Lv. 49 Quilava, nickanem AA

13d 12h 16m On the route kinda east of the Survival Area.

13d 12h 13m We exit the Battleground

[Info] Trainers in the Battleground change each day

13d 12h 10m Cradily is KO'd by Kingler! Rematch Roark defeated

13d 12h 7m Cradily is sent out!

13d 12h 7m Kingdra sets up the Stealth Rocks, Kingler sets off a Magnitude 8 to KO Kingdra

13d 12h 6m Kingdra is sent out!

13d 12h 6m Gliscor is KO'd by Kingler's Magnitude!

13d 12h 5m We switch into Kingler

13d 12h 5m Espeon falls to Quagsire! Gliscor is sent out!

13d 12h 4m We bring in Quagsire back

13d 12h 3m Plusle is swapped in, gets OHKO'd by Espeon's AncientPower!

13d 12h 2m Espeon (Ice/Rock) sent out!

13d 12h 2m Plusle to Lv 65

13d 12h 2m Another Surf KO's Mamoswine! Quagsire to Lv 73!

13d 12h 1m We open up with Surf! It nearly almost KO's it

13d 12h 1m vs Rematch Roark Attempt 2! Its Mamoswine vs Quagsire

13d 11h 57m Pachirisu Down, Plusle goes down to Stealth Rocks! Blacked Out!

13d 11h 56m Pachirisu is sent out! Kingdra sets up the Stealth Rocks

13d 11h 55m Donphan KO'd

13d 11h 55m Kingdra is sent out!

13d 11h 55m Mamoswine down, but Donphan in the red

13d 11h 54m vs Rematch Roark (Dancer Kate)! Its Mamoswine vs Donphan

13d 11h 52m Plusle manages to KO Hippowdon! Rematch Volkner defeated

13d 11h 51m Hippowdon, being the tank it is, takes little damage from Plusle's Blizzard attack

13d 11h 51m We sent out Shiny Plusle

13d 11h 49m Kingler is KO'd by Hippowdon!

13d 11h 48m Hippowdon is sent out!

13d 11h 48m Several Gust attacks later Heracross is KO'd

13d 11h 47m Heracross is sent out! We switch back into Kingler

13d 11h 47m Aerodactyl is OHKO'd by Surf!

13d 11h 46m Aerodactyl is sent out!

13d 11h 46m Pachirisu KO's Weavile with Surf

13d 11h 45m Pachirisu is sent out

13d 11h 45m Fire Punch nearly KO's Sandslash but it is burned! Sandslash tries to use Flash Cannon and it only takes 1/4 HP from Weavile! Next turn, Sandslash KO'd by Air Slash

13d 11h 44m We switch into Sandslash

13d 11h 43m Kingler takes down Kabutops! Weavile is sent out

13d 11h 43m Kingler is sent out

13d 11h 42m Quagsire down

13d 11h 42m vs Rematch Volkner Attempt #2! Its Quagsire vs Kabutops

13d 11h 37m Pachirisu is KO'd by Hippowdon! Blacked Out!

13d 11h 37m Pachirisu down to 17 HP, Hippowdon just used a Full Restore

13d 11h 36m Hippowdon (Flying/Rock) is sent out

13d 11h 36m Aerodactly is KO'd

13d 11h 35m Aerodactyl is sent out!

13d 11h 35m Heracross down by Surf!

13d 11h 34m Pachirisu is sent out

13d 11h 32m Heracross (Ground/Flying) is sent out! Donphan is KO'd by Heracross

13d 11h 32m Weavile barely survives a Donphan Airslash! Uses a Drill Peck to bring Donphan to 69/286 HP! Donphan KO's Weavile in the next turn!

13d 11h 30m Kingler is sent out! Get's KO'd by Weavile

13d 11h 30m Sandslash get's KO'd

13d 11h 29m Weavile is sent out!

13d 11h 29m Two Flash Cannon's from Sandslash KO's Kabutops

13d 11h 28m vs Rematch Volkner (Dancer Jo!) Its Kabutops (Flying) vs Sandslash!

13d 11h 27m We talk to the old man and he tells a little mythology about Stark Mountain and its relation to Sinnoh and Heatran

13d 11h 26m We talk to Buck and he just leaves. How rude!

13d 11h 25m Air Slash OHKO's it! Rematch Fantina (Dancer Leo) defeated!

13d 11h 24m Honchkrow is sent out!

13d 11h 24m We use Eruption to OHKO it!

13d 11h 23m Blaziken is sent out!

13d 11h 23m Golduck is OHKO'd by Donphan's Air Slash

13d 11h 23m Golduck is sent out

13d 11h 22m Donphan to Lv 78

13d 11h 22m Donphan OHKO's Mismagius

13d 11h 22m We take down Misdreavus in one hit! Mismagious is sent out! We swap into Donphan

13d 11h 22m vs Fantine (Dancer Leo) Rematch Edition! Its Misdreavus (Grass) vs Sandslash!

13d 11h 21m Fantina, Volknor, and Roark are in the Battleground Cafe

13d 11h 20m We talk to buck and he goes inside the ramatch Cafe

13d 11h 1m Another Gliscor is sent out! Get's KO'd by a 10 Magnitude, Pearl Defeated!

13d 11h 0m Kingler barely survives a Payback and hail, but Levels up to Lv 77

13d 10h 59m Flaaffy goes down! Gliscor is sent out!

13d 10h 58m Flaaffy is sent out!

13d 10h 58m Aerodactyl down!

13d 10h 57m We send out Kingler

13d 10h 56m Plusle falls to Aeordactyl's Drill Peck!

13d 10h 55m Plusle is still asleep, Aerodactly continues to knock down PLusle's HP

13d 10h 54m Aerodactyl then uses Roost to regain HP

13d 10h 54m Plusle is put asleep byAerodactyl's Dark Void, and then is set under confusion due to Outrage

13d 10h 53m We swap into Plusle

13d 10h 52m Sandslash KO's Gliscor! Aerodactyl is sent out

13d 10h 51m Sandslash is sent out

13d 10h 51m Gliscor KO's Quagsire

13d 10h 51m Gliscor is sent out

13d 10h 50m Roserade falls due its own hail it summoned with Snow Warning! Plusle to Lv 64

13d 10h 50m Roserade has some bulk as it survives 2 of Quagsire's attacks

13d 10h 49m vs Rival Lazy Pearl! Its Roserade (Dark) vs Quagsire!

13d 10h 44m We go in the Pokémon Center! We Heal!

13d 10h 41m We enter the Survival Area

13d 10h 27m Donphan down

13d 10h 22m Kingler gets KO'd

13d 10h 14m We catch Shuppet ♂ Lv 49! Nickname not given!

13d 10h 13m We enter Rt 226 and the falling ashes stop

13d 10h 11m We jump a ledge to enter Route 227

13d 10h 6m We catch Solrock (Ghost/Bug) Lv 54! Nickname: o🙂"

13d 9h 52m We are in the exterior of Stark Mountain

13d 9h 51m We exit Stark Moutain

13d 9h 48m We unfortunately caught a Flying type Vaporeon ♂ Lv 54. Nickname Not Given

13d 9h 43m A wild Vaporeon killed Sandslash with gust.

13d 9h 36m Quagsire fainted.

[Info] Seviper is Normal/Rock type.

13d 9h 28m Catch Seviper ♀ Lv 51! Nickname: VVVV

13d 9h 27m Current Party Status: Quagsire Lv 72, Sandslash Lv 69, Kingler Lv 76, Donphan Lv 77, Pachirisu Lv 75, Plusle Lv 63. All currently at full HP due to having Buck with us earlier

13d 9h 25m We enter Stark Mountain

13d 9h 24m Meanwhile, chat is a bit upset that we have to do the cave again, but atleast we can use Rock Climb this time around since Buck blocked us from using it

13d 9h 23m Team Galactic is no longer a threat and Looker finally leaves to be washed up in the Not Battle Frontier in Hoenn

13d 9h 22m Buck goes but the Magma Stone back even though a normal strength boulder could work

13d 9h 21m 2 more officers appear making it 5 to 1. Charon is then taken away and we are teleported outside of Mt Stark

13d 9h 20m The 2 grunts run away from the police leaving Charon outnumbered 3 to 1

13d 9h 19m And then Looker steals it from Charon!

13d 9h 19m They talk about the Magma Stone (which is just an ordinary strength stone you can find outside) and Charon steals the Magma Stone in the room

13d 9h 18m We enter to find 2 Galactic grunts and Charon inside

13d 9h 17m in Mt Stark! at the end of this room, about to enter Heatran's Chamber. Buck went inside first leaving us solo

13d 8h 54m Plusle to 63.

[Meta] Updates are going to pause for some time. Doubt anyone else is around at this time, apologies.

13d 8h 40m Caught Taillow, female, level unknown, nicknamed Gom

13d 8h 40m Quag to 72

13d 8h 35m Caught Krabby female Lv. 53, nickname eeae

13d 8h 29m Plusle to 62

13d 7h 48m Plusle to 61

13d 7h 46m Got a Stardust

13d 7h 46m Quagsire to 71

13d 7h 32m Quagsire against Houndoom in a trainer battle

13d 7h 28m Plusle to 60

13d 7h 7m Quag to 70

13d 7h 4m Got a Poké Ball

13d 7h 1m Plusle to 59

13d 6h 34m Plusle to 58

13d 6h 22m Got Amulet Coin

13d 6h 20m Quag to Lv. 69

13d 6h 18m Caught male Lv. 64 Hitmontop, pretty sure we gave it no nick

13d 6h 13m Trainer defeated.

13d 6h 12m Now Kingler is out against Breloom, his last mon.

13d 6h 10m Now Quagsire is facing an Empoleon.

13d 6h 8m And now we are fighting another Trainer. Artist Marcellus sends out Mawile against Quagsire

13d 6h 6m And there it is, against Kingler.

13d 6h 6m Grotle gonna get sent in next.

13d 6h 5m Versus a Trainer, this time it is 1v1. Chikorita against Quagsire.

13d 6h 2m Plusle to 57

13d 5h 41m Plusle to 56

13d 5h 37m Appears we're in a Double Battle right now. Quagsire's down, Sandslash is in its place, and we're facing Relicanth and Octillery.

[Meta] Gotta take a lunch break, so updates are gonna stop for a bit.

13d 5h 10m Got a Yellow Shard

13d 5h 8m Plusle to 55, trainers defeated

[Chat] Grarrg: Elite Two WutFace

13d 5h 4m Versus E4 Mark and Cristiano, Lairon and Purugly againsr Quagsire and Carnivine

13d 5h 3m OH and the party's healed bc of Buck or whoever

13d 4h 50m The trainers were defeated.

13d 4h 48m Plusle to 54

13d 4h 45m Donphan down as well

13d 4h 44m Quagsire and Kingler down

13d 4h 38m Versus Gent Ann and Dancer Leo, Clefable and Piplup against Quagsire and Carnivine

13d 4h 27m Quagsire to Lv. 67

13d 4h 23m got tm39 Glare

13d 4h 22m And now the Trainers are defeated.

13d 4h 18m Versus a Double Battle of Trainers. Mothim and Gallade against Quagsire and Carnivine

13d 4h 14m Plusle to 53

13d 4h 1m Now every time we have a wild battle it is a Double Battle.

13d 3h 58m Decided to go with Buck

13d 3h 56m Caught male Lv. 55 Vigoroth, nicknamed 9hep

13d 3h 51m Got Quick Powder

13d 3h 44m Right now, we are in Stark Mountain. Chatot cry being played constantly on the bottom screen, got a Shiny Stone not too long ago.

Caught a male Lv. 52 Seel! Nickname: kkk;(😄 That's three spaces before the "k".

13d 1h 49m Pearl try's to make Scarlett let him join the Battle House but Scarlett doesnt know what to do so he/she ignores him and talks to us, then leaves, Pearl talks for a but then chases down Scarlett

13d 1h 47m We interact with them

13d 1h 46m We see Crasher Wake Scarlet and Lazy Pearl from far away

13d 1h 43m Kingler grows to level 76 by beating a trainer

[Info] We can go through rocks with the Dev's help because we need to go on a bike to go jump above the slope, and around the slope there's a ledge

13d 1h 36m Caught a male Lv. ? Paras! No name?

[Correction] Noctowl's name was k gggw. That's three spaces, even though it only shows up as one.

13d 1h 10m Caught a female Lv. 49 Noctowl! Nickname: KGGGW

13d 1h 7m Quagsire faints to a wild Noctowl

13d 1h 3m Caught a /male Lv. 48 Haunter! Rock type Nickname: Egeamem

13d 0h 42m Back in Anarchy

[Info] We're in Battle Zone

13d 0h 41m We heal

13d 0h 38m We activate democracy to fly

13d 0h 27m We instantly run

13d 0h 27m Vs Suicune

13d 0h 27m We enter Valor Cave

[Info] Surfing on Lake Valor

13d 0h 25m Caught a female Lv. 25 Buizel! No name

13d 0h 18m We leave Sendoff Spring and into Route 21X

13d 0h 7m We leave Turnback cave and in Sendoff Spring

12d 23h 58m We try to exit the cave

12d 23h 34m We leave the Dongstortion world

[Info] Isnt a key item, it just didnt randomize because its in Distortion World

[Info] People are spamming Chatot's cry in recently caught poketch app

12d 23h 22m We find the Griseuos Orb, its a key item this gen

12d 23h 16m We go inside the Distortion World again

12d 23h 16m We throw a failed Great Ball, it Leer's, we throw another and fails, it then teleports

12d 23h 16m Vs Giratina level 47

12d 23h 13m Caught a male Lv. 35 Snorlax! Nickname: d

[Info] We caught Chatot with the ball the moment Revo actually went on chat

Nickname: REVO<3<3<3<3<3<3 <3 as in 1 heart

12d 23h 1m Caught a male Lv. 38 Chatot!

12d 22h 53m Democracy activates so we can catch Chatot and not run from it

12d 22h 38m Caught a male Lv. 35 Altaria! Nickname: 000 ND NNU

12d 22h 36m Caught a female Lv. 36 Camerupt! Nickname: 00ZZemen

[Info] 2 from Solaceon ruins and rest from Turnback cave / route

[Info] Species i missed while i afk'd : Cacnea, Delibird, Beedrill, Linoone, Meowth, Bastiodon

[Info] Chat roasted me for not paying attention to stream Keepo

[Info] Sorry for leaving without saying anything

[Info] We're in turnback cave

[Info] no name

12d 21h 59m We catch a male level 27 Raichu

12d 21h 59m We turned on animations on and anarchy kicked in

12d 21h 39m We get democracy

12d 21h 22m We go south, looks like going to Giratina

12d 21h 21m We enter Veilstone

12d 20h 49m We head for Veilstone

[Info] Two spaces before the efz

12d 20h 48m Nickname: efz

12d 20h 48m Caught a female Lv. 21 Ponyta!

12d 20h 37m We leave the ruins

[Info] There is a space at the end.

12d 20h 20m Caught a male Lv. 20 Treecko! Nickname: 0000!

12d 20h 13m It's name is E

12d 20h 13m We catch a male level 22 Exeggcute

[Info] I missed two new species

[Info] Chat deciphered the text of the ruins's walls together

[Info] Here's the Unown text:


All lives

touch other

lives to create


anew and alive

[Info] We also caught a few Pokémon that /u/Mega-Charizard apparently missed.

12d 19h 51m We pick up the last Great Ball

[Info] We're at final room, We pick up a Heal ball

12d 19h 50m We pick up a Big root

12d 19h 50m We find HM Defog

12d 19h 41m We pick up a PP Up

[Info] 2 spaces before 1st M, then 3 then 1 and then 1 after the last

[Info] Top screen is blue but its name was M M M M

12d 19h 26m Caught a female Lv. ? Nidorina! but then blue screen before we pick the nickname

[Info] its our 152'th Pokémon, we beat Abe's record

12d 19h 13m Caught a female Lv. 26 Hippopotas! no name

12d 19h 4m Caught a male Lv. 28 Nidorino! Nickname: A00 u?w, in Solcaeon ruins

[Fluff] We still was able to fly... to Solaceon.

[Info] Sunshift's pic of hippo : http://imgur.com/a/inOAu

12d 18h 44m We tried to Fly but anarchy kicks in

[Info] Hippo also has Storm Drain for the ability

12d 18h 40m We get Plusle back

[Info] https://clips.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon/CrazyFlyWutFace clip of stats

[Info] It's stats are 120 HP, 33 Attack, 68 Defense, 23 Special Attack, 65 Spe. Defense, and 12 speed

12d 18h 37m We deposited it

12d 18h 36m We check Hippowdon's stats before we deposit it in daycare

[Info] Hippodown is Flying Rock type

[Fluff] <3 Shellder Evolved <3

12d 18h 30m Shellder Evolves Into Hippowdon

12d 18h 29m Selected the Stone. It's time, guys.

12d 18h 26m Scrolling through the items thing bag now.

12d 18h 19m Withdrawn Shellder from "Box 1"

12d 18h 14m Booted up the PC.

12d 18h 12m Deposited Plusle in the Daycare

12d 18h 7m Flew to Solaceon.

12d 18h 3m Democracy

12d 18h 1m Outside.

12d 17h 58m Caught Lv. 36 male Cubone, nickname OQCVEEHDT♀

12d 17h 53m Caught Lv. 37 male Dragonair, nickname 0000iZLWSB

[Chat] sunshift: TWO Water stones PogChamp

(this was said before we got the King's Rock)

12d 17h 49m Also got a Nugget.


12d 17h 48m Entered a room with two items in it. We're walking face-first into a lone rock in the middle. Got a King's Rock

12d 17h 42m The wild PUPITAR flung its Claw Fossil!

12d 17h 41m Democracy

12d 17h 36m Caught Lv. 38 male Azumarill, nicknamed EEoHHPZV

12d 17h 30m Outside, on a snowy part of Mt.Coronet.

12d 17h 23m Quagsire down

12d 17h 6m Plusle to 51, trying to learn Dragon Dance, forgets Sludge

12d 17h 1m Quagsire to Lv. 66

12d 16h 57m Stream is back

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 16h 56m Actually it's offline whoops.

12d 16h 55m Will resume shortly screen is up.

12d 16h 54m Anarchy.

12d 16h 52m Still in democracy, are we ascending the mountain now?

12d 16h 33m Appears we're in Mt. Coronet right now maybe, democ starts

12d 16h 19m Got Skull Fossil

12d 16h 17m Surfing, climbed a waterfall.

12d 16h 14m Down the Slope.

12d 16h 13m Chatot cry Chatot cry Chatot cry Chatot cry Chatot cry Chatot cry Chatot cry

[Snark] AKA still not a Water Stone.

[Chat] TheShmish: PogChamp Mystic Water Stone

12d 16h 11m Got Mystic Water.

12d 16h 10m Smashed a Rock.

[Fluff] What about DuckDuckGo Kappa

12d 16h 9m Gentleman Tia defeated.

12d 16h 9m Switched into Kingler to fight Rhyperior.

[Chat] x42bn6: Google! PogChamp

x42bn6: Bing PogChamp

5tr4: I like Bing more

12d 16h 7m Rock Climbed up a slope, fighting the Echo Man! Yahoo! Quagsire in front, Delcatty on the opponent's side.

12d 16h 4m In the area with the Bridges over the water and stuff.

12d 15h 59m got Bluk Berry

12d 15h 58m Got the Berry Searcher poketch app

12d 15h 55m Bought a Growth Mulch

12d 15h 51m Got two Persim Berries from the tree

12d 15h 45m On Route 2-0-something.

12d 15h 44m By the way, we're back in Anarchy. Party order is Quagsire65, Sandslash67, Kingler75, Donphan77, Pachirisu74, Plusle50.

12d 15h 41m Sandslash is in second and Donphan is in fourth now.

12d 15h 39m Donphan switched from first to second, Quagsire is in front now

12d 15h 35m Healed

12d 15h 34m Checkpointed.

12d 15h 31m Flown to Hearthome.

12d 15h 24m Democracy

12d 15h 20m Doesn't look like antyhing's happened.

12d 15h 1m Jumped a ledge. But it seems it can easily be just walked back around.

12d 14h 56m We're heading for Stark Mountain

12d 14h 44m We use Outrage while it Rain Dances, Outrage #2 takes it down, zoey defeated

12d 14h 43m We switch to Shiny Plusle

12d 14h 43m Pachirisu beats Pichu easily but Lord Helix takes Pachi to the red, Zigzagoon is sent

12d 14h 40m Up against another trainer called Zoey

12d 14h 39m Pachirisu takes care of it, trainer down

12d 14h 37m Sandslash faints to a trainer's Zangoose

12d 14h 31m We find TM81 Copycat

12d 14h 29m Beat the Trainers.

12d 14h 27m Glalie down, a-another one in?

12d 14h 23m Unown and Lickitung down, Glalie sent in.

12d 14h 21m Venomoth down, Lickitung sent in.

12d 14h 19m Versus two Trainers in a Double Battle, Venomoth and Unown against Sandslash and Pachirisu

12d 14h 15m Plusle to 49

12d 14h 14m Yeap there it is. Got randomized into the type it's normally 4x weak to. In the red from Flash Cannon, sets up Hail.

12d 14h 13m Sandslash was sent in, Plusle down, Flygon is flyGon' get sent in.

12d 14h 12m Kingler down

12d 14h 11m Fighting a Trainer with a not-shiny Plusle.

[Snark] inb4 we get trapped again.

12d 14h 9m Back in the very sandstormy area.

12d 14h 5m Trainers defeated.

12d 14h 3m Quagsire down, Kingler in its place.

12d 14h 1m Sandslash is in its place.

12d 14h 0m Donhphan down

12d 13h 59m Both those opponent Pokémon down, Metagross and Paras in their place.

12d 13h 58m We walked up onto some Route and are now in a Double Battle against Fisher Dudley and... Fisher Dudley. Wow. Donphan and Quagsire (A and E) against Gastrodon and Parasect.

12d 13h 55m No nickname given

12d 13h 55m Caught female Lv. 40 Cascoon

12d 13h 39m Anarchy. Turns out fishing is impossible in demo, who woulda thought..

12d 13h 35m Democracy

12d 13h 32m Blacked out and are back to the Resort Area. But we were there anyway so no biggie.

12d 13h 29m Pachirisu down

12d 13h 22m Got male Lv. 9 Igglybuff, no nickname**

12d 13h 18m No nickname

12d 13h 18m Caught female Lv. 4 Igglybuff

[Chat] cresun7: fish for water stone VoHiYo

12d 13h 12m Surfing and trying to fish.

[Snark] AKA still not a Water Stone

12d 13h 11m Got a Dawn Stone

12d 13h 10m Surfing.

12d 13h 5m Outside.

12d 13h 5m Anarchy and left the menu.

12d 13h 4m We're looking at the order form now. Geez, these prices are crazy.. can't afford anything.

12d 13h 4m DEMOCRACY

12d 13h 1m And then he leaves.

12d 13h 1m The guy leaves and Lazy Pearl visits us.

12d 13h 0m Ordered a Table from the order form.

12d 13h 0m This time we accepted it.

12d 12h 58m We deny receiving the free Villa.

12d 12h 58m Outside

12d 12h 57m Checkpointed at the Whatever Area

12d 12h 54m Now at the Something else Area. I think Resort. Not sure.

12d 12h 50m Beat the Trainer with Pachirisu.

12d 12h 49m Sandslash down to Lairon

12d 12h 47m Chikorita down, Slakoth sent in.

12d 12h 46m Versus another Director, Chikorita against Sandslash.

12d 12h 45m Blaziken down, Plusle levels up, wants to learn Thunder Wave, does not, Trainer defeated

12d 12h 44m Bronzor went down and Blaziken was sent in.

12d 12h 42m Versus a Trainer, Man Max. Bronzor against Sandslash

12d 12h 37m Trainer defeated.

12d 12h 36m Sandslash to 67

12d 12h 33m We're surfing again, battling a Trainer, Director Marshall. Claydol against Sandslash

12d 12h 30m Got a Shell Bell

12d 12h 23m Got an Ice Heal

12d 12h 20m Smashed a Rock.

12d 12h 14m Caught male Lv. 49 Butterfree, was not given a nickname.

12d 12h 10m Fighting-Ghost so Rock Climb didn't effect it. But it does go down to a swift and strong Flash Cannon.

12d 12h 9m Apparently Skarmory also has Arena Trap.

12d 12h 8m It wasn't given a nickname.

12d 12h 8m Caught Lv. 48 male Venusaur!

[Snark] I wonder what evolves when you use that?

[Fluff] It wasn't by smashing the rock a la Gen 6, but it was in a little corner that was only accessible with the HM.

[Snark] AKA not a Water Stone.

12d 12h 4m Rock Smashed a Rock-Smashable rock. Got a Hard Stone.

12d 12h 3m We run into another Houndour and decide to attack it this time. Now just walking around the.. island? we're on

[Fluff] I saved you trouble by inputting 220,64 Kappa

12d 12h 0m Wouldn't you know it, we didn't give it one!

12d 12h 0m Caught female Lv. 47 Houndour, promise I'll get the nick this time.

12d 11h 55m A wild Houndour we run into has Arena Trap. So we try to catch it. No luck yet.

12d 11h 53m Threw a Great Ball and caught Lv. 50 male Skarmory, didn't quite catch the nickname.

12d 11h 52m Back in Anarchy now, we landed.

12d 11h 49m Back in Demo. Whoops.

12d 11h 48m And we surf right on by.

12d 11h 47m Slowking down, Trainer defeated.

12d 11h 46m Buizel went down and Slowking is gonna get sent in. We try to switch, doesn't work, Sandslash stays in.

12d 11h 46m Plusle to 47.

12d 11h 45m Out of one battle and right into the next, against Man Marcellus. The sprite is of a female trainer. Buizel against Sandslash.

12d 11h 44m Scizor down, Cristiano defeated.

12d 11h 43m Bayleef down. Scizor in.

12d 11h 42m Versus Director Cristiano, Bayleef against Sandslash.

12d 11h 41m Surfing.

12d 11h 38m Walked onto a route and saved the game.

12d 11h 34m And then left.

12d 11h 34m We entered the Poké Center.

12d 11h 30m Flown to the Fight Area!

12d 11h 28m Plusle has Fly?.. Opened up the Flying map Menu.

[Fluff] Apologies for not stating when we went back into Anarchy earlier, cuz we did.

12d 11h 27m In Democracy.

12d 11h 23m At the same place as 50 minutes ago.

12d 10h 51m Saved the game.

[Info] We're currently trapped in a pit with the only way of getting out being a slope.

12d 10h 33m Got a Berry Juice

12d 10h 27m We are still biking around the route, being bombarded with sand and such.

12d 10h 22m Versus Fisher Wayne, he sent out a Skarmory and then a Slowbro, Sandslash is in on our side right now.

12d 10h 19m In a route Gate break, it has new music.

12d 10h 18m Nicknamed OM E UG MN.

12d 10h 16m Finally caught Lv. 49 female Quilava.

12d 10h 12m Donphan down

12d 10h 5m Caught male Lv. 47 Hoppip, nickname is something like 00kmmn mux, but I am not sure.

12d 10h 1m Quagsire goes down to a... Hoppip.

[Fluff] OneHand

12d 9h 44m Put in Blaziken's number in the Calculator. Its cry plays.

12d 9h 40m We are just biking around the route now.

12d 9h 27m Landed.

12d 9h 26m Given the Heart Mail to Kingler

12d 9h 25m Typing in a Heart Mail right now. Hello! ABOMASNOW!

12d 9h 19m So right now, we're in a wild battle, surfing, and in Democracy

[Info] This is also where you can get a permanent lock-up in Platinum.

12d 9h 13m We talk to him and he messes with our Pokedex to allow foreign entries

12d 9h 11m We land on Meister's island. He will normally trade a Finneon for a Magikarp to unlock Foriegh Dex entries

12d 9h 9m Chimecho goes down! Trainer Jasmine defeated

12d 9h 8m Chimecho is sent out

12d 9h 8m Totodile goes down in one hit

12d 9h 7m Totodile is sent out next

12d 9h 7m Quagsire takes down Hoothoot, Plusle to Lv 46

12d 9h 6m vs "Man" Jasmine. Its Hoothoot vs Quagsire

12d 9h 4m We make it to the water portion of the route and begin surfing

12d 8h 57m We found a TM78 Super Fang

12d 8h 54m Air Slash KO's Leafeon! Scott Defeated!

12d 8h 54m Donphan is sent out

12d 8h 54m Kingler is put to sleep and then is KO'd by Leafeon!

12d 8h 53m Leafeon is sent out!

12d 8h 53m vs Dancer Scott! Its Eevee (Poison/Normal) vs Kingler! Kingler KO's it

12d 8h 50m Kabutops goes down! Malcolm defeated!

12d 8h 49m Kabutops is sent out!

12d 8h 49m vs Gent Malcolm! Its Volbeat (Fire/Flying) vs Kingler! Volbeat goes down!

12d 8h 47m We found the DeepSeaScale

12d 8h 35m Hitmonlee down! Plusle to Lv 45! Fisher Joey defeated

12d 8h 33m Wooper down! Hitmonlee sent out

12d 8h 33m vs Trainer! Its Wooper vs Kingler

12d 8h 30m We enter Route 226

12d 8h 29m We exit the Survival Area Pokémon Center

12d 8h 25m Sandslash Down! Blacked out!

12d 8h 17m We exit the Poke Mart after buying another Poké Ball. We go back into Route 225

12d 8h 13m We return to Anarchy Mode without doing much in Democracy mode

12d 8h 9m We enter Democracy Mode

12d 8h 7m We buy 1 Poké Ball, 1 Potion

12d 7h 59m We enter the Poke Mart

12d 7h 48m We enter the Pokémon Center, Checkpoint is now the Survival Area Pokémon Center

12d 7h 42m We enter the Survival Area

12d 7h 36m We found an Energy Root

12d 7h 35m Snorlax down! Trainer defeated

12d 7h 34m Snorlax sent out

12d 7h 34m Haunter goes down. Sandslash to Lv 66

12d 7h 33m vs Dancer Marcellus. Its Haunter vs Sandslash

12d 7h 30m Quagsire Down

12d 7h 21m Found a Lagging Tail

12d 7h 12m Vespiqueen down! Trainer Defeated

12d 7h 10m Vespiqueen sent out

12d 7h 10m Sandslash takes down Slowbro

12d 7h 4m Pachirisu down

12d 7h 2m vs a Trainer! Kingler goes down!

12d 6h 56m We Found a Soul Dew

12d 6h 23m Plusle Down

12d 6h 14m Chat spamming random buttons, the usual

12d 5h 52m We try to fish with the Old Rod

12d 5h 47m We registered the Old Rod

12d 5h 39m Back in Rt 225

12d 5h 33m We get the Super Rod

12d 5h 32m We are back in the Fight Area

12d 5h 31m Sandslash down! Blacked out!

12d 5h 27m Vespiquen is sent out

12d 5h 27m Slowbro is defeated after switching into Sandslash

12d 5h 25m Donhpan down

12d 5h 25m vs Fisher Tristian! Slowbro vs Donphan

12d 5h 23m Swellow ♂ Lv 48 Caught! Nickname: GMGGWED

12d 5h 14m Magby down! Trainer defeated

12d 5h 14m Clefable down! Magby sent out

12d 5h 13m vs Fisher Mia! Its Clefable vs Donphan

12d 5h 12m We found Mystic Water

12d 5h 9m Floatzel down! Poet Joe defeated

12d 5h 8m Floatzel sent out

12d 5h 7m Rhyperior down! Sandslash to Lv 65

12d 5h 6m Sandslash is sent out

12d 5h 4m Pachirisu down

12d 5h 2m Kangaskhan down, Rhyperior sent out

12d 5h 2m Pachirisu sent out

12d 5h 1m Shiny Plusle is KO'd

12d 5h 0m we send out Shiny Plusle

12d 5h 0m Quagsire down

12d 4h 58m vs Poet Joe! Its Kangaskhan vs Quagsire

12d 4h 45m Mail is removed from Kingler

12d 4h 41m Lairon was caught with the Safari Ball

12d 4h 40m Lairon ♂ Lv 48 Caught! Nickname: 611

12d 4h 39m Ether is used

12d 4h 38m We use a Hyper Potion on Sandslash

12d 4h 31m We are in Route 225, north of the Fight Area

12d 4h 30m Mantine down! Trainer defeated

12d 4h 29m Buneary goes down! Mantine is sent out

12d 4h 28m We finally KO Kirlia! Buneary is sent out!

12d 4h 26m We throw a Safari ball at the trainer

12d 4h 24m We throw more Great Balls

12d 4h 18m We bring in Sandslash

12d 4h 12m We just wasted a Pokémon, Kingler down

12d 4h 12m Kingler vs Kirlia in a trainer battle, Kingler about to faint

[Meta] Updater may go dark for a while, sorry for the inconvenience.

12d 3h 24m We lost!

12d 3h 22m Mime Jr. fainted! We send out Budew next.

12d 3h 21m Shinx knocked out. Seel next.

12d 3h 21m Mime Jr sent out

12d 3h 19m We flail! Wait, no, we only fail. Eevee fainted.

12d 3h 19m Eevee's back to 1HP. Salac Berry raises its Speed.

12d 3h 19m It's our Eevee against a Shinx.

12d 3h 18m This next trainer put his team together with his Internet buddies. Hey, so did PP!

12d 3h 18m We exchange our Eevee for.....Mime Jr.

12d 3h 16m "You can expect to see SHINX, TEDDIURSA, and SEEL."

12d 3h 16m Trainer defeated!

12d 3h 16m Another Flail OHKO's Oddish.

12d 3h 16m Oddish is out next.

12d 3h 15m Eevee is at 1HP and uses Flail. Croagunk's Poison Jab misses. Another Flail takes it down.

12d 3h 15m Mime Jr. down. Croagunk is next.

12d 3h 12m Challenged by Cooltrainer♀ Annie, with a Mime Jr.

12d 3h 12m We canceled.

12d 3h 11m We choose to exchange our Pokemon. The screen where we do that triggers the evolution bar.

12d 3h 11m Ponyta down! Trainer defeated!

12d 3h 10m Castform is burned by Will-O-Wisp

12d 3h 10m We've sent out Castform, not sure if Eevee fainted.

12d 3h 9m Ponyta is out next.

12d 3h 8m Beedrill is sent out. It uses Toxic, which Eevee is apparently immunie to. Beedrill is KO'd by Eevee.

12d 3h 8m Drifloon down against Eevee's Bite

12d 3h 7m Challenged by Rich Kid Pierre, who looks like a ninja. he sends out Drifloon.

[Info] While movesets don't seem to be randomized here, abilities still are. Eevee had Speed Boost, and Castform had...something other than Forecast, because it wasn't transforming.

12d 3h 6m Glameow fainted!

12d 3h 6m Castform used Hail! (It was hailing before, but the move worked, so I guess it had stopped.)

12d 3h 5m Chinchou down, Glameow out. Budew down, Castform out.

12d 3h 4m I looked away for a second; right now we have Budew (PAR) out against Chinchou.

12d 3h 1m Challenged by Gent Nancy, who has a Cherubi.

12d 3h 0m "You can expect to see CHERUBI, CHINCHOU, and GLAMEOW."

12d 3h 0m Trainer defeated!

12d 2h 59m Also, we just knocked out Lana's Cacnea and Spoink, and she sent out a Bonsly last.

[Info] Castform has Weather Ball, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, and Hail. So the rental Pokemon don't seem to be randomized.

12d 2h 58m We used Sunny Day. Castform is in the yellow right now.

[Fluff] It seems the overlay isn't showing our rental Pokemon; instead it's showing our actual party. Generally in situations like this it temporarily switches to showing the other party.

12d 2h 57m We switched out Eevee for Castform. Cacnea uses Cotton Spore and puts Castform to sleep.

12d 2h 56m We have Eevee out against it.

12d 2h 56m Challenged by Cooltrainer♀ Lana! She sends out Cacnea.

12d 2h 56m Confirmed our selection, back in anarchy!

[D] 12d 2h 55m We've selected Eevee, Castform, and Budew.

[D] 12d 2h 53m It seems we're using democracy because the evolution bar was preventing us from doing this in anarchy.

[D] 12d 2h 51m Democracy activated.

12d 2h 48m Also, for some reason, the evolution cancel bar appears while on the rental Pokémon selection screen.

12d 2h 47m In the Battle Factory, we have to use rental Pokemon. The interface for selecting those seems to be similar to in Emerald, and when we tried that (when we revisisted the save file) that took us quite a while.

12d 2h 37m We're in the Battle Factory.

[Fluff] We currently have 601 Poke Balls in total (all types). I wonder if that's a record for us.

[Snark] Apparently they're so used to the motions of upgrading the VS Recorder ("Slide this part here...") that they don't even notice they aren't holding one.

12d 2h 29m They borrow our non-existent VS Recorder to upgrade it.

12d 2h 27m Player beat Dancer Jo and Elite Four Tristian!

12d 2h 27m Looks like Pearl doesn't have any Pokemon left. Oh, and the only enemy left is a Donphan. Which our own Donphan OHKO's with Slam.

[Snark] PRChase Ohhh, why would it attack its teammate??

12d 2h 26m We use Air Slash again...against Pearl's Wailord. ...It's a OHKO.

12d 2h 26m We ALMOST KO Milotic with Air Slash.

12d 2h 25m A to Level 77! Plusle to Level 43!

12d 2h 25m To no one's surprise, the enemy has yet another super-effective move against Pearl's Pokemon, which OHKO's it. Pearl has another Wailord, which he sent out. Bastiodon down!

12d 2h 24m Bastiodon and Milotic are the next two enemies.

12d 2h 24m Quagsire fainted! Donphan sent out. Pearl sends out Toxicroak. Porygon2 and Dome both fainted!

12d 2h 23m Pearl sent out Lapras

12d 2h 23m Now Pearl's Wailord fainted. Kabutops and Porygon2 are both in the red.

12d 2h 22m Pearl sends out Wailord

12d 2h 21m Enemy Weavile fainted, Kabutops was sent out as a replacement. Oh, and the other enemy Pokemon is a Porygon2. Lazy Pearl's Tropius and Aggron have both fainted, and we have Quagsire out.

12d 2h 20m In a Double Battle alongside Pearl, against Dancer Jo and Elite Four Tristian!

12d 2h 20m Following Lazy Pearl

12d 2h 19m We say yes to get on the boat to go to the Battle Zone. Cynthia Artisan Jasmine talks to us first.

12d 2h 18m We're in Snowpoint City now.

[Chat] x42bn6: DBstyle Time to run from the next legendary

12d 2h 10m Ran away!

12d 2h 10m Great Ball, no catch

12d 2h 9m Used an X Speed!

12d 2h 9m Sent out (shiny!) Plusle.

12d 2h 6m It's all burned up now! AAAK fainted!

12d 2h 6m Another Great Ball thrown. Still no catch.

12d 2h 5m Threw a Great Ball. No catch.

12d 2h 4m Threw another premier ball. That doesn't catch either.

12d 2h 4m AAAK was burned!

12d 2h 4m Second premier ball doesn't catch either.

12d 2h 4m Premier ball doesn't catch.

12d 2h 2m Challenged Uxie! Or make that Mesprit!

12d 2h 2m Acuity Cavern

12d 1h 59m Now at Lake Acuity

12d 1h 57m Entered Acuity Lakefront

[Fluff] That was fast.

12d 1h 49m Snubbull down. Trainer defeated!

12d 1h 49m Challenged by Lady Jacqueline! She sends out Snubbull.

12d 1h 43m Left the house.

12d 1h 42m Team healed!

[Snark] A lady tells us she doesn't have Thick Fat. I beg to differ.

12d 1h 33m Outside Mt. Coronet and are greeted by snow and cool music. ausGasm

12d 1h 21m Saved the game. Pokédex: 398 Time: 272h33m

12d 1h 1m Caught a male Lv. 14 Snorunt! No nickname. Transferred to box 3A00.

12d 0h 49m Now in Eterna City.

12d 0h 38m Caught a male Lv. 13 Kricketot! Nickname: CPO_p

[Fluff] Well that was anticlimactic

12d 0h 21m Welcome to day 13 of Twitch Plays randomized Pokémon Platinum, by the way.

12d 0h 20m Defeated Giratina/Rotom.

12d 0h 17m In the Old Chateau. Thumped the TV. VS GIRATINA!

11d 23h 53m Caught a female Lv. 9 Luvdisc. No nickname.

11d 23h 49m On Route 205.

11d 23h 35m On Route 204.

11d 23h 21m Now in Jubilife.

11d 23h 19m Caught a female Lv. 24 Phanpy! Nickname: OD_UORUOOU

11d 23h 18m Chucked several more.

Threw a Poké Ball at a wild Lv. 24 female Phanpy.

11d 23h 13m Ponyta/Kingler leveled up to 75!

11d 23h 11m VS Cooltrainer♀ Tia aka a Fisher.

11d 23h 8m VS Cooltrainer♀ Jasmine aka a fisher. Threw a Poké Ball.

11d 23h 7m Found X Speed!

11d 23h 2m Almost caught a Croconaw.

11d 22h 45m Used the Lunar Wing to wake up the boy.

11d 22h 49m Took a boat! Back in Canalave City.

11d 22h 44m Obtained the Lunar Wing!

11d 22h 44m Encountered Cresselia, but it flew away.

11d 22h 41m Arrived on Fullmoon Island.

[Chat] Nyberim : PogChamp \ Kappa / WHEEEEEEEEEEE

11d 22h 40m A sailor offers to take us to Fullmoon Island. We're on a boat!

11d 22h 37m PP seems to be doing some kind of dance around the kid's bed. Is he performing a ritual or something?

11d 22h 36m The kid's mum tells us that a Lunar Wing was used in the past to cure people trapped in an endless nightmare.

11d 22h 34m We've entered the house of the sick boy.

11d 22h 30m Checkpointed at Canalave City.

11d 22h 30m Anarchy activated!

11d 22h 29m [D] We fly to Canalave City.

11d 22h 27m [D] We access the Fly menu again.

[Chat] RomanoffBlitzer: Mystic Entei TriHard Instinct Entei TriHard Valor Entei TriHard

[Snark] Team Valor forever!

11d 22h 24m [D] Professor Oak talks about the legendary birds and how they've been spotted in Sinnoh.

[Snark] Lets Evolve FlareDoof!

11d 22h 22m [D] Obtained the Up-Grade!

11d 22h 21m [D] We enter a house, and Professor Oak is inside.

11d 22h 19m [D] Heading south, demo bar staying at a steady 78%.

11d 22h 18m [D] We fly to Eterna City!

11d 22h 16m [D] We access the Fly menu.

11d 22h 8m Plusle learned Fly!

11d 21h 48m Deposited Floatzel, withdrew Plusle.

[Donation] $7.77 from Old Testament Arceus

11d 21h 42m Vulpix (G MD000DT) evolved into Floatzel!

11d 21h 37m Withdrew Vulpix.

11d 21h 35m Deposited Togekiss.

11d 21h 28m Used Shiny Stone on Togetic. Togetic evolved into Togekiss!

11d 21h 27m Withdrew Togetic.

11d 21h 23m Deposited Victreebell in the box left of Box 1.

11d 21h 20m Weepinbell evolved into Victreebell.

11d 21h 17m Withdrew Weepinbell.

11d 21h 16m Currently in Box 1AA'.

11d 21h 15m Currenty in Box 3A00.

11d 21h 13m Stored Politoad (Nuzleaf) in the box left of Box 1.

11d 21h 11m Nuzleaf leveled up to 14 and evolved into Politoad!

11d 21h 6m Deposited Spoink, withdrew Nuzleaf 0000Qsomething

11d 21h 3m [Chat] Melia_Antiqua: VoHiYo Pa-Chi-Ri-Su

11d 21h 1m Skitty leveled up to 10 and evolved into Spoink, forgot Doom Desire and learned Uproar!

11d 20h 54m [D] In the PC in Democracy mode.

11d 20h 18m [D] In democracy mode.

11d 20h 16m Caught a male Lv. 35 Lumineon! Nickname: K___________ (K+rest spaces)

11d 20h 12m Threw a Poké Ball at a Lumineon.

11d 20h 10m Shinx leveled up to 31! but did not evolve.

11d 20h 2m VS Man Tristian which is a swimmer girl.

11d 20h 0m Found an Everstone.

11d 19h 42m In the Poké Mart. Bought a Poké Ball.

11d 19h 32m [D] Withdrew Shinx, took back Blue Flue from Shinx and gave it the Exp.Share.

11d 19h 24m [D] Oh, and we're in Democracy mode.

11d 19h 21m Deposited Magnezone.

11d 19h 20m Stream is back up.

11d 19h 19m STREAM DOWN

11d 18h 53m Now in Jubilife.

11d 18h 34m Back in Sandgem Town.

[Stats] Kingler (AAAK) Lv. 74 - Max. HP 301 Attack 158 Defense 133 Sp. Atk 106 Sp. Def 186 Speed 99 Ability Synchronize

Anyone catch Ponyta/Kingler' Lv. 74 stats?

11d 17h 26m [Info] Kingler is now a Dragon/Ground Pokémon with Synchronize.

[Stats] Ponyta Lv. 73 - Max. HP 218 Attack 78 Defense 138 Sp. Atk 223 Sp. Def 109 Speed 110

[Stats] Pachirisu Lv. 73 - Max. HP 156 Attack 77 Defense 152 Sp. Atk 153 Sp. Def 176 Speed 151

[Stats] Sandslash Lv. 64 - Max. HP 230 Attack 74 Defense 168 Sp. Atk 185 Sp. Def 119 Speed 58

[Stats] Donphan Lv. 75 - Max. HP 275 Attack 202 Defense 57 Sp. Atk 191 Sp. Def 101 Speed 210

[Stats] Pachirisu Lv. 72 - Max. HP 154 Attack 76 Defense 150 Sp. Atk 151 Sp. Def 173 Speed 149

[Stats] Magnezone Lv. 51 - Max. HP 205 Attack 46 Defense 114 Sp. Atk 98 Sp. Def 128 Speed 101

11d 17h 20m Ponyta grew to level 74 and evolved into Kingler!

[Stats] Donphan Lv. 74 - Max. HP 271 Attack 199 Defense 56 Sp. Atk 189 Sp. Def 100 Speed 207

[Stats] Pachirisu Lv. 71 - Max. HP 152 Attack 75 Defense 147 Sp. Atk 149 Sp. Def 171 Speed 147

[Stats] Ponyta Lv. 72 - Max. HP 215 Attack 77 Defense 136 Sp. Atk 220 Sp. Def 107 Speed 108

[Stats] Pachirisu Lv. 70 - Max. HP 150 Attack 74 Defense 145 Sp. Atk 147 Sp. Def 169 Speed 145

[Stats] Donphan Lv. 73 - Max. HP 268 Attack 196 Defense 56 Sp. Atk 186 Sp. Def 99 Speed 205

[Stats] Pachirisu Lv. 69 - Max. HP 148 Attack 73 Defense 144 Sp. Atk 145 Sp. Def 166 Speed 143

[Stats] Quagsire Lv. 64 - Max. HP 202 Attack 138 Defense 132 Sp. Atk 67 Sp. Def 162 Speed 111

Backlog of level-up stats incoming.

11d 17h 14m Found a Heart Scale.

Planted a Cheri Berry.

11d 17h 12m atsukami subscribed for 11 months.

11d 17h 12m Picked Hondew Berries.

11d 16h 58m VS Ace Trainer / Fisher Leo.

11d 16h 56m VS Tamer Marilyn.

11d 16h 46m Battle over, swept two Cubones and a Cyndaquil with Pachirisu. BEST BORT

11d 16h 44m VS Cooltrainer♀ Jo. But the sprite is a male fisher.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SUPER LATE VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

We keep spamming the cry of Magnezone and often battle wild Bidoofs and Charmanders.


[Info] Apparently we went to Prof. Rowan just now to get the National Dex, but he won't give it to us since we haven't seen every Pokémon in the Sinnoh dex. The chat is asking for a manual cheat unlocking of the national dex now.

11d 15h 44m Oh hey, it's Dawn. HeyGuys

11d 15h 41m We encounter a wild Whismur.

11d 15h 37m Viewed BulbasaurTurtwigs Pokédex entry.

11d 15h 38m Postgame begins as usual in PP's residence.

[Fluff] Have we mentioned that this was the 24th Elite Four attempt?

ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ LATE RIOT ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ

11d 15h 34m PEEKO

11d 15h 31m [Info] Correction: Donphan also OHKO'd the first Lapras, didn't know she had two so forgot to update about defeating the first one.

11d 15h 31m CREDITS

11d 15h 30m Saved the game.

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ VICTORY DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Snark] I think Cynthia is mildly Bugged we defeated her so easily this time

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ teh urn ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


11d 15h 27m Donphan used Air Slash! KANGASKHAN DOWN

11d 15h 26m Donphan used Air Slash! URSARING DOWN!

11d 15h 26m Donphan used Air Slash. TORTERRA #2 DOWN!

11d 15h 25m Donphan used Air Slash! TORTERRA DOWN!

11d 15h 25m Torterra used Bug Bite. Quagsire fainted!

11d 15h 24m Torterra used Bug Bite. Quagsire used Strength. Torterra down to red. Cynthia/Jasmine used a Full Restore. Quagsire used Strength again.


11d 15h 22m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Gorebyss down to 50% but heals to 80%. Sandslash used Flash Cannon x2. Gorebyss down. Defeated Mallorie! Ponyta did not evolve.

11d 15h 21m Switched Donphan out for Quagsire. Switched Quagsire out for Sandslash. Gorebyss used Toxic Spikes.

11d 15h 20m Donphan used Eruption. Electrode down.

11d 15h 19m Mallorie used a Full Restore. Donphan used Air Slash x2. Electrode used Metal Burst. Donphan down to 161 / 275 HP.

[Snark] INB4 Full Restore

11d 15h 18m Ponyta used Earthquake! Electrode down to red. Electrode used Metal Burst. Ponyta fainted!

11d 15h 18m Ponyta leveled up to 73!

11d 15h 18m Ponyta used Psybeam. Exeggutor down.

11d 15h 18m Ponyta woke up and used Psybeam. Leafeon down.


11d 15h 16m Ponyta used Earthquake. Magnitude 9. Leafeon used Spore, Ponyta is asleep.

11d 15h 16m Ponyta used Psybeam! Ampharos down.

11d 15h 16m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Amparos down to orange. Ampharos used Façade. Pachirisu fainted!

11d 15h 15m VS Elite Four Lucian/Mallorie!

11d 15h 13m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Tangrowth #2 OHKO'd. Defeated REKT Flint/Tristian!

11d 15h 12m Pachirisu was burned. Tristian used a Full Restore. Pachirisu used Spacial Red, Tangrowth back to red. Pachirisu used Spacial Rend, Tangrowth #1 down.

11d 15h 12m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Tangrowth down to red.

11d 15h 12m Pachirisu used Surf. Abomasnow OHKO'd.

11d 15h 12m Pachirisu used Surf. Weavile #2 OHKO'd.

11d 15h 11m Pachirisu leveled up to 74!

11d 15h 11m Pachirisu used Surf. Weavile #1 OHKO'd.

11d 15h 10m VS Elite Four Flint/Tristian!

11d 15h 10m Saved the game.

11d 15h 9m Donphan used Eruption. Lanturn down. Defeated Elite Four Esteban!

11d 15h 8m Donphan used Air Slash. Seaking down.

Slowking down. Donphan used Air Slash. Clefable down. Donphan used Air Slash. Arcanine down.

11d 15h 6m Currently trying to brute-force the door behind Esteba-- nvm. VS Elite Four Esteban!

11d 15h 5m Claydol down. Defeated Aaron/Crystal!

11d 15h 4m Pachirisu used Surf. Claydol down to orange.

11d 15h 4m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon #2 down.

11d 15h 4m Crystal used a Full Restore.

11d 15h 3m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down.

11d 15h 2m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon down.

11d 15h 1m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down.

11d 15h 1m VS Elite Four Aaron/Crystal!

Electrode used Metal Burst. Sandslash fainted! Blacked out!

11d 14h 55m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Electrode down to red. Mallorie used a Full Restore.

11d 14h 55m Sandslash used Flash Cannon! Gorebyss down.

11d 14h 54m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Gorebyss down to 60%. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Gorebyss down to 15% but heals with a Sitrus Berry.

11d 14h 54m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Leafeon OHKO'd.

11d 14h 53m Exeggutor used Dragon Dance. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. OHKO'd Exeggutor.

11d 14h 52m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Ampharos down. Sandslash leveled up to 64!

11d 14h 51m VS Elite Four Lucian/Mallorie!

11d 14h 50m Saved the game. Time: 262h34m

11d 14h 47m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Tangrowth down. Defeated Flint/Tristrian!

11d 14h 47m Tangrowth used Mirror Coat! Donphan fainted!

11d 14h 46m Ponyta fainted!

11d 14h 45m Tangrowth used Draco Meteor. Ponyta down to 3 / 215 HP. Ponyta used Earthquake. Flint used a Full Restore. Ponyta used Earth Quake.

11d 14h 45m Donphan leveled up to 75!

11d 14h 45m Abomasnow used Eruption. Ponyta down to 93 / 215 HP. Ponyta used Earthquake. Abomasnow down.

11d 14h 44m Donphan switched out for Ponyta. Ponyta used Gust.

11d 14h 43m Donphan used Silver Wind. Weavile down.

11d 14h 43m Tristian used a Full Restore. Ponyta used Psybeam. Weavile down to red. Switched Ponyta out for Donphan.

11d 14h 42m Quagsire fainted!

11d 14h 42m Weavile down. Weavile #2 sent out. Quagsire used Surf.

11d 14h 41m Weavile used Drill Peck. Quagsire used Surf.

11d 14h 41m VS Elite Four Flint/Tristian!

11d 14h 40m Donphan used Eruption. Lanturn down. Defeated Bertha/Esteban!

11d 14h 39m Donphan used Air Slash. Seaking down.

11d 14h 39m Donphan used Air Slash. Arcanine down.

11d 14h 38m Donphan used Air Slash. Clefable down.

11d 14h 38m Donphan used Air Slash. Slowking down.

11d 14h 37m Slowking used Drain Punch! Magnezone fainted!

11d 14h 37m Slowking used Drain Punch! Magnezone down to 89 / 205 HP.

11d 14h 36m VS Elite Four Bertha/Esteban!

11d 14h 36m Saved the game. Time: 262h20m.

11d 14h 33m Donphan used Silver Wind. Claydol down. Defeated Elite Four Crystal!

11d 14h 33m Donphan used Air Slash. Empoleon down.

11d 14h 32m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Empoleon used Luster Purge. Pachirisu fainted!

11d 14h 32m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down.

11d 14h 31m Pachirisu leveled up to 72!

11d 14h 30m Pachirisu used Surf. Crystal used a Full Restore.

11d 14h 29m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down,

[Info] Attempt #23.

11d 14h 29m VS Elite 4 Crystal!

11d 14h 27m Saved the game.

11d 14h 25m Booted up the PC.

11d 14h 24m Donphan used Air Slash. Gorebyss down. Gorebyss used Poison Tail. Donphan fainted! Blacked out!

11d 14h 24m Quagsire is hurt by poison. Quagsire fainted!

11d 14h 23m Quagsire used Strength. Exeggutor down to ±1HP. Quagsire used strength. Exeggutor down.

11d 14h 22m Mallorie used a Full Restore.

Sent out Quagsire. Quagsire used Strength. Exeggutor down to red.

11d 14h 21m Ponyta down to 4 / 215HP and uses Psybeam on Leafeon. Ponyta is hurt by poison and faints!

11d 14h 20m Ponyta used Psybeam! Electrode used Metal Burst, down to 30 HP. Ponyta used Earthquake. Electrode down.

11d 14h 19m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Electrode down to orange. Electode used Metal Burst. Sandslash fainted!

11d 14h 19m Sandslash used Needle Arm on Electrode and was burned.

11d 14h 19m Electrode used Poison Tail! Magnezone fainted!

11d 14h 18m Magnezone leveled up to 51!

11d 14h 17m Magnezone used Double Hit. Ampharos in red. Ampharos used Façade. Magnezone used Double Hit. Ampharos down.

11d 14h 16m Magnezone used Recover and is at 183 / 201 HP.

11d 14h 16m Amparos used Sludge. Magnezone used Recover.

11d 14h 15m Magnezone used Super Fang. Mallorie used a Full Restore.

11d 14h 15m Magnezone used Recover. Ampharos used Sludge. Magnezone used Headbutt.

11d 14h 14m Magnezone is paralyzed. Ampharos used Façade.

11d 14h 13m Ampharos used Toxic Spikes. Magnezone used Super Fang.

11d 14h 13m VS Elite Four Lucian/Mallorie!

11d 14h 13m Defeated Flint/Tristian!

11d 14h 13m Donphan leveled up to 74!

11d 14h 11m Tangrowth used Mirror Coat. Pachirisu fainted!

11d 14h 11m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Tangrowth #2 down to red.

11d 14h 11m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Tangrowth #1 down.

11d 14h 10m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Tangrowth #1 down to red. Flint/Tristian used a Full Restore.

11d 14h 10m Pachirisu used Surf. Abomasnow down.

11d 14h 10m Pachirisu used Surf. Weavile #2 down.

11d 14h 9m Pachirisu used Surf! Weavile #1 down.

11d 14h 9m VS Elite Four Flint/Tristian!

11d 14h 9m Saved the game. Time: 261h 53m.

11d 14h 7m Lanturn down. Defeated Bertha/Esteban!

11d 14h 7m Donphan used Eruption. Lanturn down to red. Esteban used a Full Restore!

11d 14h 5m Donphan used Air Slash. Seaking down.

11d 14h 5m Donphan used Air Slash. Arcanine OHKO'd.

11d 14h 5m Donphan used Air Slash. Clefable OHKO'd.

11d 14h 4m Sent out Donphan. Slowking used Drain Punch. Donphan used Air Slash. Slowking down.

11d 14h 4m VS Elite Four Esteban!

[Info] arklancer subscribed for 15 months

11d 14h 2m Pachirisu used Surf! Claydol down. Defeated Aaron/Crystal!

11d 14h 2m Pachirisu leveled up to 71!

11d 14h 1m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon #2 down.

11d 14h 1m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down.

11d 14h 0m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down to orange. Crystal used a Full Restore.

11d 13h 59m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon down.

11d 13h 59m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Empoleon down to yellow.

11d 13h 58m VS Elite Four Aaron/Crystal!

11d 13h 57m Saved the game.

11d 13h 56m Urn#22 started

11d 13h 52m Torterra used Bug Bite. Sandslash fainted! Blacked out!

11d 13h 52m Torterra used Bug Bite. Quagsire OHKO'd.

11d 13h 51m VS CYNTHIA!

11d 13h 49m Gorebyss used its berry. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Gorebyss down. Defeated Mallorie! Ponyta did not evolve.

11d 13h 48m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Gorebyss used Toxic Spikes. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Gorebyss down to red.

11d 13h 48m Electrode down.

[Info] Ponyta went up a level to 72 before fainting.

11d 13h 47m Electrode used Metal Burst. Sandslash down to 48 / 226 HP. Sandslash used Flash Cannon.

11d 13h 47m Sent out Sandslash. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Electrode down to red.

11d 13h 46m Donphan used Eruption. Electrode used Poison Tail. Donphan fainted!

11d 13h 46m Donphan used Air Slash! Electrode down to red. Electrode used Poion Tail. Mallorie used a Full Restore.

11d 13h 45m Pachirisu was sent out and was poisoned. Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Electorde used Poison Tail. Pachirisu fainted!

11d 13h 45m Ponyta used Psybeam. Electrode down to 60%. Electrode used Metal Burst. Ponyta fainted!

11d 13h 44m Ponyta vs Exeggutor. Exeggutor used Dragon Dance. Ponyta used Psybeam. OHKO'd Exeggutor.

11d 13h 44m Ponyta vs Leafeon. OHKO. Joy.

11d 13h 43m Ponyta used Psybeam. Ampharos down.

11d 13h 43m Pachirisu used Surf! Ampharos used Toxic Spikes. Switched Pachirisu out for Ponyta. Ponyta was poisoned. Mallorie used a Full Restore.

11d 13h 42m VS Elite Four Mallorie!

11d 13h 42m Used Burn Heal On Pachirisu.

[Info] Current party status: Pachirisu70, Magnezone50, Quagsire64, Donphan73, Sandslash63, Ponyta71.

11d 13h 41m Used Protein on Pachirisu.

[Fluff] "May the RNG gods be ever in your favour." Well, they certainly are.

11d 13h 39m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Tangrowth #2 Lv. 53 down. Defeated Flint/Tristian!

11d 13h 38m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Tangrowth burned Pachirisu. Pachirisu used Spacial Rend x2. Tangrowth Lv. 55 down.

11d 13h 38m Pachirisu leveled up to 70!

11d 13h 37m Abomasnow disabled Surf. Pachirisu used Spacial Rend. Abomasnow down.

11d 13h 37m Pachirisu used Surf. Weavile #2 down.

11d 13h 37m Pachirisu used Surf! Weavile down, OHKO. TEH URN?

11d 13h 36m VS Elite Four Flint/Tristian!

11d 13h 35m Donphan used Air Slash. Lanturn down. Defeated Esteban!

11d 13h 34m Seaking down.

11d 13h 34m Arcanine down.

11d 13h 34m Donphan leveled up to 73!

11d 13h 34m Donphan used Air Slash. Clefable down.

11d 13h 33m Donphan used Air Slash. Slowking down.

11d 13h 33m Slowking used Drain Punch. Magnezone used Super Fang. Slowking used Drain Punch. Magnezone fainted!

11d 13h 32m VS Elite Four Esteban!

[Stats] Donphan Lv. 72 - Max. HP 264 Attack 194 Defense 55 Sp. Atk 184 Sp. Def 97 Speed 202

[Stats] Pachirisu Lv. 68 - Max. HP 146 Attack 72 Defense 142 Sp. Atk 143 Sp. Def 163 Speed 141

11d 13h 30m Pachirisu used Surf. Claydol down. Defeated Crystal!

11d 13h 29m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon down.

11d 13h 28m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down.

11d 13h 28m Pachirisu leveled up to 69!

11d 13h 28m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon down.

11d 13h 27m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down.

11d 13h 27m Pachirisu used Spacial Rend.

11d 13h 26m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Crystal used a full Restore.

11d 13h 26m VS Elite Four Crystal!

11d 13h 24m Attempt #21

11d 13h 23m This was attempt #5 against Cynthia/Jasmine, and attempt #20 overall

11d 13h 23m Ponyta is hurt by poison, down to 13 / 213HP. Torterra used Silver Wind. Ponyta fainted! Blacked out!

11d 13h 22m Sent out Ponyta. Torterra used Bug Bite. Ponyta used Gust. Torterra down.

11d 13h 21m Torterra used Bug Bite. Sandslash fainted!

11d 13h 21m VS CYNTHIA!

11d 13h 20m Ponyta used Psybeam (and is poisoned). Used Earthquake, magnitude 8, defeated Electrode. Defeated Mallorie!

11d 13h 19m Ponyta vs Electrode. Mallorie used a Full Restore.

11d 13h 17m Switched Sandslash out for Donphan. Donphan used Air Slash. Electrode used Poison Tail. Donphan fainted!

11d 13h 16m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Gorebyss down.

11d 13h 16m Sandslash leveled up to 63! Missed the stats.

11d 13h 15m Leafeon used Smelling Salt. Sandslash still asleep. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Leafeon down.

11d 13h 15m Leafeon used Spore. Sandslash is now asleep.

11d 13h 14m Exeggutor used Dragon Dance. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Exeggutor down.

11d 13h 13m Ampharos used Toxic Spikes. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Ampharos down.

11d 13h 11m Donphan used Silver Wind. Ampharos used Façade. Lucian uses a Full Restore.

11d 13h 11m VS Elite Four Lucian/Mallorie!

[Info] PP's party order: Pachirisu68, Magnezone50, Quagsire64, Donphan72, Sandslash62, Ponyta71.

11d 13h 10m Donphan used Air Slash. Tangrowth #2 down. Defeated Flint/Tristian!

11d 13h 9m Donphan used Air Slash. Tangrowth down.

11d 13h 9m Tangrowth used DragonBreath. Quagsire fainted!

11d 13h 8m Tangrowth is confused due to fatigue. Flint used a Full Restore.

11d 13h 8m Quagsire used Strength. Tangrowth down to orange.

11d 13h 7m Quagsire used Surf. Abomasnow recovered using its Sitrus Berry, Quagsire used Surf. Abomasnow down.

11d 13h 7m Quagsire used Surf. Weavile down.

11d 13h 6m Quagsire used Surf. Weavile down to red. Flint uses a Full Restore.

11d 13h 6m Quagsire leveled up to 64!

11d 13h 6m Quagsire used Surf. Weavile down.

11d 13h 6m Weavile used Air Slash. Magnezone fainted!

11d 13h 5m VS Elite Four Flint/Tristian!

11d 13h 4m Donphan used Eruption. Lanturn down. Defeated Bertha/Esteban!

11d 13h 4m Donphan used Air Slash. Seaking down.

11d 13h 3m Donphan used Air Slash. Arcanine down.

11d 13h 3m Donphan used Air Slash. Clefable down.

11d 13h 3m Donphan levels up to 72!

11d 13h 3m Donphan used Air Slash. Slowking down.

11d 13h 1m Switched Pachirisu out for Quagsire, then back to Pachirisu. Slowking used Thunder Wave, Pachirisu now paralyzed. Slowking used Thunder Shock, Pachirisu fainted!

11d 13h 0m VS Elite Four Bertha/Esteban!

[Info] This is attempt number 20.

11d 12h 58m Pachirisu used Surf. Claydol down. Defeated Crystal!

11d 12h 58m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon down.

11d 12h 57m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down.

11d 12h 56m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon down.

11d 12h 56m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon used Extrasensory. Pachirisu down to 62/146 HP. Crystal used a Full Restore.

11d 12h 55m Pachirisu leveled up to 68!

11d 12h 54m Pachirisu used Rock Smash.

11d 12h 54m VS Elite Four Crystal!

[Info] Jasmine confirmed Bug type

[Fluff] Awww...

11d 12h 52m Kangaskhan used Silver Wind. Ponyta fainted! Blacked out!

11d 12h 51m Only Ponyta is left.

11d 12h 50m Donphan fainted!

11d 12h 50m Donphan used Air Slash. OHKOd Ursaring!

11d 12h 49m Donphan used Air Slash. ANOTHER OHKO

11d 12h 49m Donphan used Air Slash. OHKO! Torterra down!

11d 12h 49m VS CYNTHIA!

11d 12h 48m Ponyta used Psybeam! Gorebyss down. Defeated Elite Four Mallorie!

11d 12h 47m Ponyta vs Gorebyss. Ponyta used Psybeam, Gorebyss down to red but recovers with a berry.

11d 12h 47m Exeggutor used Dragon Dance. Ponyta used Psybeam. Exeggutor down, OHKO.

11d 12h 46m Leafeon used Sludge, Ponyta down to 98 / 213 HP. Ponyta used Psybeam, OHKO's Leafeon.

11d 12h 46m Sent out Ponyta. Ponyta used Gust. Electrode down.

11d 12h 45m Electrode used Metal Burst. Sandslash fainted!

11d 12h 44m Donphan switched out for Sandslash. Sandslash used Needle Arm and was burned.

11d 12h 43m Donphan used Air Sash! Ampharos down to red, Mallorie used a Full Restore. Donphan used Air Slash again, Ampharos down.

11d 12h 43m VS Elite Four Mallorie!

11d 12h 41m Defeated Flint/Tristian!

11d 12h 40m Tangrowth used Outrage. Donphan used Slam. Tangrowth down! Donphan leveled up to 71!

11d 12h 39m Abomasnow disabled Donphans Air Slash. Donphan used Slam. Abomasnow down!

11d 12h 38m Donphan was sent out, instantly gets rid of Weavile.

11d 12h 38m Quagsire used Surf. Weavile #2 down to red. Weavile used Air Slash. Quagsire fainted!

11d 12h 37m Quagsire used Surf. OHKO. Weavile down.

11d 12h 37m Quagsire used Surf. Weavile used Drill peck. Quagisre down to 136 / 199 HP. Flint used a Full Restore.

11d 12h 36m VS Elite 4 Flint/Tristian!

11d 12h 35m Donphan used Eruption. Lanturn down! Defeated Esteban! Swept, even.

11d 12h 34m Seaking down.

11d 12h 34m Arcanine down.

11d 12h 34m Clefable down.

11d 12h 33m Sent out Donphan. The usual Air Slash'ing. Slowking down.

11d 12h 33m Slowking used Drain Punch! Magnezone fainted!

11d 12h 33m Slowking used Drain Punch! Magnezone down to 67 / 201 HP.

11d 12h 32m VS Elite 4 Esteban!

[Stats] Ponyta Lv. 71 - Max. HP 213 Attack 76 Defense 134 Sp. Atk 217 Sp. Def 106 Speed 107

11d 12h 28m Ponyta leveled up to 71! and did not evolve.

11d 12h 27m Ponyta used Gust! Defeated Aaron/Crystal!

11d 12h 26m No longer confused. Pachirisu used Surf, Claydol down to orange but heals with a berry. Pachirisu fainted!

11d 12h 26m Empoleon used Extrasensory. Pachirisu used Surf, OHKO'd Empoleon.

11d 12h 25m Pachirisu used Double Hit. Relicanth down.

11d 12h 24m Relicanth used Psybeam. Pachirisu now confus wat do

11d 12h 23m Pachirisu used Surf. Empoleon down to orange, then uses Extrasensory.

11d 12h 22m Pachirisu used Double Hit! Relicanth down.

11d 12h 21m VS Elite Four Aaron/Crystal!

[Snark] Death by salt. PJSalt PJSalt

11d 12h 18m Leafeaon used SmellingSalt. Sandslash fainted. Blacked out!

11d 12h 17m Ampharos down. Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Exeggutor down!

11d 12h 16m Ampharos used Façade! Sandslash used Flash Cannon.

11d 12h 16m VS Elite Four Lucian/Mallorie!

11d 12h 9m Tangrowth down. Defeated Tristian!

11d 12h 9m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Tangrowth down to red.

11d 12h 9m Sandslash used Flash Cannon. Tangrowth down to orange.

11d 12h 8m Sent out Sandslash.

11d 12h 6m Only Sandslash left.

11d 12h 6m Pachirisu fainted!

[Stats] Pachirisu Lv. 67 - Max. HP 144 Attack 71 Defense 139 Sp. Atk 141 Sp. Def 161 Speed 139

11d 12h 5m Sent out Quagsire. Tristian used a Full Restore.

11d 12h 3m Second Tangrowth sent out. Ponyta used Gust. Tangrowth down to red. Tangrowth used Mirror Coat. Ponyta fainted!

11d 12h 3m Tangrowth down.

11d 12h 3m Pachirisu used Spacial Rand. Tangrowth down to orange.

11d 12h 2m Pachirisu used Surf, Abomasnow down.

11d 12h 2m Pachirisu used Surf, Abomasnow down to red but recovered with a berry.

11d 12h 2m Pachirisu leveled up to 67!

11d 12h 1m Pachirisu used Surf, Weavile down.

11d 12h 1m VS Elite Four Tristian!

[Info] Text speed also changed to fast, before the ball toss.

11d 12h 0m Back in Anarchy mode.

11d 11h 59m [D] Threw away 91 Poké Balls, we now have 0 left.

11d 11h 53m [Stats] Badges: 8 Pokédex: 170 Time: 259h36m. Saved a lot of data, saved the game.

11d 11h 52m [D] In Democracy mode.

11d 11h 50m Lanturn was sent out. Pachirisu used Surf! Lanturn down! Bertha/Esteban defeated!

11d 11h 49m Donphan leveled up to 70! Missed the stats.

11d 11h 49m Donphan used Air Slash. Seaking down.

11d 11h 49m Donphan used Air Slash. Arcanine down.

11d 11h 49m Donphan used Eruption. Arcanine down to orange but heals with a berry. Arcanine used Shadow claw, Donphan down to 11 / 254HP.

11d 11h 48m Donphan used Air Slash. OHKO'd Clefable.

11d 11h 48m Donphan used Air Slash! OHKO'd Slowking.

11d 11h 47m Slowking used Drain Punch. Magnezone fainted!

11d 11h 46m Slowking used Drain Punch. Magnezone down to 75 / 201HP.

11d 11h 46m Switched Pachirisu out for Magnezone.

11d 11h 46m VS Elite 4 Bertha/Esteban!

11d 11h 13m Sandslash leveled up to 62!

11d 11h 35m Defeated Crystal!

11d 11h 34m Pachirisu used Surf. Claydol down.

11d 11h 33m Empoleon down. Claydol sent out.

11d 11h 33m Relicanth down.

[Stats] Pachirisu Lv. 66 - Max. HP 142 Attack 70 Defense 137 Sp. Atk 139 Sp. Def 159 Speed 137

11d 11h 30m Another level-up a couple of minutes ago, either Donphan or Sandslash.

11d 11h 30m Pachirisu leveled up to 66!

11d 11h 29m Empoleon out. Pachirisu used Surf.

11d 11h 29m Relicanth used Psybeam. Pachirisu used Double Hit! Relicanth down.

11d 11h 27m Pachirisu used Double Hit! Relicanth down to red. Crystal used a Full Restore.

11d 11h 27m VS Elite Four Crystal!

11d 11h 26m Attempt #18(?)

11d 11h 24m Exeggutor was sent in but then that goes down, Electrode in now. Psybeam being spammed some more, not OHKOd. Ponyta down to Metal Burst, black out, run 17? over

11d 11h 22m Versus Mallorie, Ponyta against Ampharos. Psybeam used on it, Ampharos goes down on one hit. Burn damage is taking effect. Leafeon sent in. Psybeam used again, also OHKOd.

11d 11h 22m VS Elite Four Mallorie!

11d 11h 21m Talked to Lucian guy. Still in the pre-battle dialogue as there's pretty much only coords inputs being put in atm.

11d 11h 17m Tangrowth is in the yellow and Pony's still on full health. But, Pony gets burned to Will-O-Wisp. Does not take any Burn damage so far, as Tangrowth goes down before the turn ends and Tristian is defeated.

11d 11h 16m Ponyta is sent in. Everyone else has fainted. Tangrowth down to his Gust, another Tangrowth sent in. This is the last 'mon for this trainer.

11d 11h 15m Sandslash down to Tangrowth's attack.

11d 11h 14m Sandshrew used Flash Cannon. Tangrowth down to red.

11d 11h 14m Switched out for Tangrowth.

11d 11h 10m Abomasnow was sent in.

11d 11h 11m Donphan used Slam x2. Weavile down!

[Fluff] Anarchy votes came in. Better luck next time.

11d 11h 10m Donphan used Air Slash! Weavile down to red. Tristian used a Full Restore!

11d 11h 10m VS Elite Four Tristian!

[Info] We might be crossing the A/D threshold to activate democracy. 83% now.

11d 11h 6m Stream froze. Defeated Esteban!

11d 11h 2m Donphan used Air Slash. Seaking down to ±1HP.

11d 11h 0m Esteban sent out Seaking.

11d 10h 59m Esteban sent out Arcanine. Donphan used Air Slash. Another OHKO!

11d 10h 59m Esteban sent ouf Clefable! Donphan used Air Slash! OHKO!

11d 10h 58m Donphan used Air Slash! Slowking down!

11d 10h 58m Sent out Donphan.

11d 10h 58m Slowking used Drain Punch! Magnezone fainted!

11d 10h 56m VS Elite 4 Esteban!

11d 10h 55m Currently checking our mail patterns over and over again

11d 10h 54m Loitering in the hallway.

11d 10h 52m We waste another Poké Ball, Claydol just uses Agility. Next turn it uses Psybeam but it doesn't do much! Donphan KO's Claydol! Elite Four Crystal defeated

11d 10h 50m Claydol is sent out!

11d 10h 50m We use Air Slash to KO Empoleon

11d 10h 49m We swap into Donphan once again

11d 10h 48m We throw another Poké Ball! Empoleon pays us back with a Luster Purge KO'ing Quagsire

11d 10h 47m We then swap to Quagsire

11d 10h 46m Donphan is sent out!

11d 10h 46m Pachirisu goes down to Empoleon's Luster Purge attack

11d 10h 46m Empoleon is sent out!

11d 10h 46m Relicanth goes down to Pachirisu's Double Hit

11d 10h 45m We use Double Hit and Relicanth uses Wish

11d 10h 45m Relicanth sets up another Light Screen

11d 10h 45m Relicanth is sent out!

11d 10h 45m Pachirisu is able to KO Empoleon but is now in the red!

11d 10h 44m Empoleon is sent out!

11d 10h 44m Relicanth down!

11d 10h 43m Pachirisu snaps out of it and lands some Double Hits! Relicanth sets up another Light Screen

11d 10h 43m Pachirisu can't attack and Relicanth begins setting up some Amnesia's

11d 10h 42m Pachirisu gets confused from Relicanth's Psybeam!

11d 10h 41m Relicanth sets up a Light Screen

11d 10h 41m We open with Double Hit!

11d 10h 40m vs Elite Four Crystal! Its Pachirisu vs Relicanth

11d 10h 39m Run #17 begins

11d 10h 35m We turn on the PC. Thankfully all the Pokémon in our party are mail'd so they cannot be deposited

11d 10h 32m Run #16 is rip

11d 10h 32m PP probably had a bet on us losing this one and is throwing. We throw another Poké Ball to cement ourselves as the Pete Rose of Pokémon! Magnezone down! Blacked Out!

11d 10h 30m We will eventually send out Magnezone.

11d 10h 29m We throw another Poké Ball, Donphan gets KO'd

11d 10h 28m Relicanth down! Empoleon is sent out!

11d 10h 27m We continue throwing harder than the 1918 Chicago White Sox by sending out Donphan

11d 10h 25m Ponyta Down from the throws

11d 10h 24m We continue to throw the match and throw Poké Balls

11d 10h 23m We waste another Poké Ball!

11d 10h 22m We send out the not Kingler Pokémon also known as Ponyta

[Snark] PP is filthy rich from E4 battles, yet he wanted more.

11d 10h 21m We waste another Poké Ball. In return Relicanth KO's Quagsire!

11d 10h 19m We swap into Quagsire

11d 10h 19m We waste another Poké Ball on trying to catch a trainer's Pokémon

11d 10h 18m Relicanth is sent out!

11d 10h 18m Donphan to Lv 68

11d 10h 18m Donphan OHKO's Empoleon

11d 10h 18m We switch into Donphan

11d 10h 16m Lurster Purge KO's Sandslash!

11d 10h 16m Empoleon is sent out!

11d 10h 15m Finally a Pokémon goes down! Sandslash KO's Relicanth

11d 10h 13m Its a slow battle right now, no one has gone down yet

11d 10h 10m Sandslash doing work chipping off HP from Relicanth

11d 10h 8m Relicanth sets up a Light Screen!

11d 10h 8m We swap into Sandslash!

11d 10h 7m Relicanth opens up with Amnesia! We open up with Double Hit

11d 10h 5m vs Elite Four Crystal! Its a Poisoned Magneton vs Relicanth!

11d 10h 5m We enter the Elite Four! Run #16 Begins now!

11d 10h 4m We go up the waterfall

11d 10h 3m We exit Victory Road

[Info] Other than Donphan, Magnezone and Quagsire are also poisoned.

11d 10h 0m Ponyta to Lv 70! No Evolution!

11d 9h 50m We catch Flaafy ♂ Lv 41! Nickname Not Given!

11d 9h 47m We go back inside Victory Road

11d 9h 44m We exit Victory Road

11d 9h 44m We catch Gardevoir (Dark) ♀ Lv 42! Nickname Not Given!

11d 9h 43m Wild Gardevoir. Surely the hivemind can't miss this...

11d 9h 38m Donphan gets poisoned

[Info] Donphan has less than 10% of EXP more to level up, but Ponyta has less than 3%, according to the party overlay.

11d 9h 35m Pachirisu falls to a wild Poliwrath

11d 9h 34m Seems to be a small push to level up Ponyta in hopes of an evolution happening

11d 9h 31m Pachirisu gets poisoned in a Wild Pokémon battle

11d 9h 29m There also seem to be a push for democracy.

11d 9h 27m We enter Victory Road

11d 9h 26m Seems to be a push to go back to Victory Road

11d 9h 24m We go down the waterfall

11d 9h 24m We exit the Pokémon League lobby back outside

[Fluff] I've updated my lyrics if people are interested.

11d 9h 21m Weavile finishes us off! Run #15 rip!

11d 9h 20m we waste a Poké Ball on weavile! It makes us pay by KO-ing Sandslash!

11d 9h 19m Weavile uses Fire Punch to almost knock out Sandslash! Sandslash survives and KO's Weavile! Another Weavile is sent out!

11d 9h 18m Quagsire survives barely and uses Surf but Weavile barely survives as well! We then switch over to Ponyta, which gets KO'd by Weavile's drill peck!

11d 9h 17m We use another Surf and it almost KO's Weavile! Weavile is healed next turn and we miss another surf!

11d 9h 16m Weavile opens up with Drill Peck! We use surf but Weavile avoids the attack!

11d 9h 15m vs Elite Four Tristian! Its Weavile vs Quagsire!

11d 9h 13m Current Party Status: Quagsire is Paralyzed with Full HP, Sandslash at Full HP no status ailment, and Ponyta at 26/207 HP. Everyone else is down!

11d 9h 11m Ponyta is in the red but it KO's Lanturn! Elite Four Esteban defeated!

11d 9h 10m Lanturn is sent out!

11d 9h 10m We use Psybeam to KO Seaking

11d 9h 9m We switch into Ponyta

11d 9h 7m Another dosage of Air Slash is used but Seaking Survives! RNG not on ourside this time as Donphan is KO'd by Drain Punch!

11d 9h 7m Seaking is sent out!

11d 9h 7m WE use another Air Slash and Arcanine goes down!

11d 9h 6m Arcanine is sent out!

11d 9h 6m We use Air Slash to OHKO it!

11d 9h 6m Clefable is sent out!

11d 9h 6m Air Slash KO's Slowking

11d 9h 5m We switch into Donphan!

11d 9h 5m We open up with Surf! Slowking strikes back with Thunder Wave

11d 9h 4m vs Esteban! Its Slowking vs Quagsire!

11d 9h 2m We enter Esteban's room!

11d 9h 0m Current Party Status: Pachirisu and Magnezone down, Donphan at 159/247 HP, everyone else fully healthy!

[Snark] A quick tune on Cynthia's party so far.

11d 8h 57m Claydol goes down in two Attacks! Elite Four Crystal Defeated

11d 8h 55m Claydol is sent out!

11d 8h 55m We use Air Slash to KO Empoleon!

11d 8h 55m Donphan is sent out! Jasmine uses a Full Restore to heal Empoleon

11d 8h 53m Magnezone is sent out! We use Super Fang on Empoleon! Empoleon uses Extrasensory and then Luster Purge to ** KO Magnezone!**

11d 8h 52m Empoleon KO's Pachirisu with Luster Purge!

11d 8h 51m Empoleon (Lv 51) is sent out!

11d 8h 51m Relicanth uses Psybeam to chip off more HP on Pachi! We continue to Double Hit! We get a crit to KO it!

11d 8h 51m Relicanth is sent out! We go back to the Double Hit

11d 8h 50m We open with a weak Rock Smash, allowing Empoleon to use Light Screen, Next turn Empoleon uses ExtreaSensory to bring Pachirisu to 1/4 HP. We knock out Empoleon, Pachirisu grows to Lv 65!

11d 8h 49m A Critical Hit KO's Relicanth! Empoleon (Lv 49) is sent out!

11d 8h 49m Relicanth gets healed by a Full Restore! We continue to hit it hard with Double Hit

11d 8h 48m We continue to Double Hit! Relicanth continues to Psybeam!

11d 8h 48m We open up with a Double Hit! Relicanth counter with a weak Psybeam

11d 8h 46m vs Elite Four Crystal! Its Pachirisu vs Relicanth (Lv 49)

11d 8h 45m Run #15 begins!

11d 8h 44m Torterra (Lv 58) is sent out! Bug Bite KO's Ponyta! Blacked Out! Run #14 rip!

11d 8h 43m We open with gust! Torterra outspeeds and attacks first! We OHKO Torterra tho

[Fluff] Pony needs to outspeed and OHKO everything

11d 8h 43m vs Champion Artisan Jasmine! Its Torterra (lv 58) vs Ponyta!

[Fluff] As we've asked time and time again, could this be it?

11d 8h 42m Current Party Statues as we enter Jasmine's/Cynthia's Room: Ponyta is the only one alive but is Poisoned with 204/207 HP Currently!

11d 8h 41m We use Magnitude to KO Electrode! Mallorie Defeated!

11d 8h 40m We swap into Ponyta! Poison Spikes causes Ponyta to automatically be Toxic Poisoned!

11d 8h 40m Sandslash falls to Electrodes Metal Burst!

11d 8h 39m Electrode uses Metal Burst and it knock a bunch of HP off Sandslash!

11d 8h 39m Electrode is sent out!

11d 8h 39m Sand Slash continutes to uses Flash Cannon until it KO's Gorebyss

11d 8h 38m Gorebyss then uses Safe Guard

11d 8h 38m Gorebyss is sent out! Launches another Poison Spikes!

11d 8h 37m We use another Flash Cannon and Leafeon is KO'd!

11d 8h 37m Leafeon is sent oout!

11d 8h 37m Sandslash to Lv 61!

11d 8h 37m Sandslash sends Exeggutor packing with another Flash Cannon!

11d 8h 36m Exeggutor is sent out! No memes pls

11d 8h 36m Sandslash launches a Flash Cannon to KO Ampharos!

11d 8h 36m Its Poison vs Steel now!

11d 8h 36m Sandslash is sent out!

11d 8h 35m We open up with Air Slash to bring Ampharos to the red, Ampharos counters with facade to KO Donphan!

11d 8h 34m vs Mallorie! Its Ampharos (Lv 53) vs Donphan

11d 8h 33m Current Party Status as we continue: Donphan with 69/247 HP, Sandslash and Ponyta at full HP, rest of the party is down

11d 8h 32m RNG Continues to giveth with another flinch! We take down Tangrowth! Tristian defeated!

11d 8h 31m Tangrowth Lv 53 is sent out!

11d 8h 31m Donphan grows to Lv 67!

11d 8h 31m Tangrowth (Lv 55) is sent out!

11d 8h 31m We send out Donphan! It KO's Abomasnow!

11d 8h 30m Quagsire takes Abomasnow down to Half HP, it regains some HP with Sitrus Berry! Amomasnow uses Facade to KO Quagsire!

11d 8h 30m Quagsire KO's Weavile with Surf!

11d 8h 29m Quagsire uses surf to KO Weavile! Weavile (Lv 55) is sent out!

11d 8h 28m Quagsire is sent out!

11d 8h 28m Magnezone goes down in 3 Drill Pecks!

11d 8h 28m Weavile opens up with Drill Peck! We counter with Super Fanh

11d 8h 27m vs Tristain! Its Weavile (Lv 52) vs Magnezone!

11d 8h 26m We enter Tristian's room!

11d 8h 25m Current Party Status as we continue on: Pachirisu down, Everyone else still at Full HP!

11d 8h 25m GRAND SLAM! Donphan OHKO's Lanturn with an full HP Eruption! Esteban defeated!

11d 8h 24m Lanturn is sent out!

11d 8h 24m Oh Boy a Triple! Donphan KO's Seaking and RNG giveths once gain with flinches!

11d 8h 23m Donphan goes two for a row by OHKO-ing Clefable!

11d 8h 23m Donphan is sent out! Begins the sweeping with an Air Slash KO'ing Arcanine!

11d 8h 22m Arcanine (Lv 55) is sent out! KO's Pachirisu with Shadow Claw!

11d 8h 22m Slowking then continues with ThunderShock! RNG takeths away with us not being able to move! Next turn we KO Slowking!

11d 8h 21m We open up with Rock Smash! Slowking opens up with the Thunder Wave to paralyze Pachirisu

11d 8h 21m vs Esteban! Is Pachirisu vs Slowking (Lv 50)

11d 8h 20m We enter Esteban's room!

11d 8h 20m Current Party Status as we enter the next room: Pachirisu at 84/238 HP, everyone else healthy!

11d 8h 18m Pachirisu KO's Claydol! Crystal Defeated!

11d 8h 17m Claydol opens up with agility

11d 8h 17m Claydol is sent out!

11d 8h 17m We OHKO it with surf!

11d 8h 17m Empoleon (Lv 51) is sent out!

11d 8h 16m We continue with another Crit to bring Relicanth back to half HP! Next move we bring him to the red. Next turn we KO it!

11d 8h 16m Relicanth then uses Amnesia, We use a few Double Hit attacks to bring Relicanth to about half HP before it gets healed by Wish

11d 8h 15m Relicanth opens up with Wish

11d 8h 14m Relicanth (Lv 50) is sent out

11d 8h 14m Pachirisu to Lv 64!

11d 8h 14m Pachirisu KO's Empoleon!

11d 8h 14m We get another critical to bring Empoleon down to half HP

11d 8h 13m Empoleon (Lv 49) is sent out

11d 8h 13m We get a critical and Relicanth faints!

11d 8h 13m Full Restore heals up Relicanth, we rinse and repeat with the Double Hits

11d 8h 12m Relicanth continues to set up with Amnesia! We continue to hit it with Double Hit

11d 8h 12m Relicanth opens up with Light Screen! We open up with a missed attack

11d 8h 11m vs Crystal! Its Relicanth (Lv 49) vs Pachirisu!

11d 8h 10m Run #14 begins

11d 8h 8m Abomasnow finishes us off with Flamethrower! Blacked out! Run 13 rip

11d 8h 7m Ponyta KO'd by Abomasnow!

11d 8h 6m Abomashow is sent out!

11d 8h 6m We use Magnitude 8 to bring Tangrowth to Half HP! Gust then finishes Tangrowth off

11d 8h 5m Tangrowth (Lv 55) is sent out! It uses Wil-o-Whisp to burn Pony! Pony! Ko's the Tangrowth

11d 8h 5m Ponyta comes out and avenges with Gust! KO's Weavile! Grows to Lv 69

11d 8h 4m Weavile (Lv 55) comes out and uses Fire Punch! Donphan is KO'd!

11d 8h 4m We open up with Air Slash! No flinch given but Weavile uses Drill Peck, then Tristian heals it with full restore! 2 More Air Slashes and Weavile is KO'd! Donphan to Lv 66!

11d 8h 2m vs Elite Four Tristian! Its Weavile (Lv 52) vs the Mighty Glass Sweeping Donphan!

11d 8h 0m We enter Elite Four Tristian's Room!

11d 7h 59m RNG giveth with another flinch! Donphan Sweeps Esteban flawlessly!

11d 7h 58m Lanturn (Lv 53!) is sent out!

11d 7h 58m Donphan KO's Seaking 2 turns later!

11d 7h 58m Seaking (Lv 52) is sent out! It does not get OHKO but it does flinches! duw to Air Slash!

11d 7h 57m It joins the OHKO'd party!

11d 7h 57m Arcanine (Lv 55) is sent out!

11d 7h 57m Clefable (Lv 52) is sent out! We OHKO it too!

11d 7h 56m We open up with Sandslash! Its a OHKO!

11d 7h 56m vs Elite Four Esteban! Its Donphan vs Slowking (Lv 50!)

11d 7h 55m We enter Elite Four Esteban's room

11d 7h 52m Current Party status as we make it to the next room: Pachirisu, Magnezone, Quagsire are down, Donphan, Sandslash, and Ponyta are still 100% healthy

11d 7h 50m Donphan comes out and cleans things up! Elite Four Crystal defeated!

11d 7h 49m Magnezone goes down by Claydol's Luster Purge attack!

11d 7h 48m Claydol finally does offensive with Psybeam, confusing Magnezone!

11d 7h 47m Claydol continues raising its Defenses with Barrier, we continue using Double Hit to knock HP away

11d 7h 47m Claybol opens up with Barrier, we counter with another Double Hit

11d 7h 46m Light Screen wears off as Claydol is sent out

11d 7h 46m We send out Magnezone to finsish Empoleon off with a Double Hit

11d 7h 46m Quagsire goes down to Extrasensory!

11d 7h 45m Empoleon now gets Full Restored, Quagsire meanwhile only has ~1/4 remaining

11d 7h 45m Empoleon sets up a light screen and takes advantage of Relicanth's Wish regaining HP

11d 7h 44m Empoleon (Lv 51) is sent out!

11d 7h 44m Relicanth uses Wish, most likely to regain HP for itself or another team member! Quagisre then KO's Relicanth! Quagsire to Lv 63

11d 7h 43m Relicanth begins setting up with Amnesia. We counter with Waterfall

11d 7h 43m We bring in Quagsire

11d 7h 42m Pachirisu goes down to Psybeam from Relicanth!

11d 7h 42m Empoleon almost takes down Pachirisu in one hit with Extrasensory! Pachi takes down the first Empoleon! Crystal sends out Relicanth (Lv 50)

11d 7h 41m Few more Double Slaps later and Relicanth goes down! Empoleon (Lv 49) is sent out

11d 7h 40m Relicanth then sets up a light screen, then uses a Full Restore

11d 7h 39m We open up with Double Slap to do 1/3 damage to Reli! Relicanth uses Amnesia

11d 7h 37m vs Elite 4 Crystal! Its Pachirisu vs Relicanth (Lv. 49)!

11d 7h 32m We enter Elite 4 member Crystal's room!

11d 7h 31m We go through the door! Run #13 begins!

11d 7h 28m We take down Tangrowth but burn causes us to faint. Sandslash fainted! Lost to Tristian! Run #12 over!

11d 7h 26m Sandslash sent out. Will O Wisp burns us.

11d 7h 24m Abomasnow faints to Psybeam. Draco Meteor gets us to red. A second one finishes us off. Ponyta fainted!

11d 7h 23m We miss and we go down. Quagsire fainted! Ponyta sent out.

11d 7h 22m Surf gets it to yellow but it heals with a berry. It then Disables Surf.

11d 7h 22m Surf takes down Weavile #1. Weavile #2 comes out. Surf brings it down to red. Full Restore used. We take it down. Abomasnow sent out next.

11d 7h 20m Magnezone fainted! Quagsire comes out.

11d 7h 19m Vs Elite Four Tristian! Magnezone vs Weavile.

11d 7h 13m Ponyta out. Gust takes care of Arcanine. Seaking comes out. Gust takes it down in one hit. Lanturn comes out. Gust takes it down to yellow. Lanturn goes down! Last out is Clefable. Gust takes care of it. Elite Four Esteban defeated!

11d 7h 12m Donphan out. We use Eruption. Arcanine uses Hammer Arm. Donphan fainted!

11d 7h 11m We use Spacial Rend. It uses Thundershock but misses. Surf finishes off Slowking. Shadow Claw is super effective. Pachirisu fainted!

11d 7h 10m Vs Elite Four Esteban! Pachirisu vs Slowking.

11d 7h 9m Pachirisu takes down Claydol. Donphan grew to level 65! Elite Four Crystal defeated!

11d 7h 7m Silver Wind takes down Empoleon. Claydol is out next. We switch for Pachirisu.

11d 7h 7m Donphan withdrawn for Quagsire. Then we bring out Donphan again. Slam takes down Relicanth. Empoleon is out next.

11d 7h 5m Air Slash takes down Empoleon. We Air Slash the Relicanth but it does little damage. We then Eruption the Relicanth and it does little damage as well.

11d 7h 4m We Double Hit it and it sets up Light Screen. We then switch to Donphan.

11d 7h 3m Pachirisu vs Relicanth. We Double Hit it till a Full Restore gets used. It eventually goes down. Pachirisu grew to level 63! Empoleon out next.

11d 7h 1m Vs Elite Four Crystal! E4 Run #12!

11d 6h 57m Ponyta vs Torterra, a level 58 Grass/Bug. We faint in one hit. Ponyta fainted! Run #11 lost!

11d 6h 57m Vs Artisan Jasmine!

11d 6h 57m We enter Cynthia's room.

11d 6h 54m Ponyta gets badly poisoned due to the Toxic Spikes. Magnitude takes it down! Elite Four Mallorie defeated!

11d 6h 54m Sandslash fainted! Only Ponyta remains.

11d 6h 53m We use Cut. Flame Body burns us!

11d 6h 52m Gorebyss goes down! Last out is Electrode. Flash Cannon does around 1/5th of its health. Metal Burst hurts us a bit.

11d 6h 49m Sandslash grew to level 60! Leafeon is sent out. We Flash Cannon it. It drops in a single hit as well. Gorebyss is next. It sets up the second layer of Toxic Spikes. We Flash Cannon it but it seems more sturdy than its teammates.

11d 6h 48m Full Restore gets used and we Needle Arm for minimal damage. It sets up Toxic Spikes on us. Flash Cannon takes down Ampharos. Exeggutor is sent out. It uses Dragon Dance. We Flash Cannon some more. It goes down.

11d 6h 47m We Air Slash it down to red health. It uses Facade. Donphan fainted!

11d 6h 47m Vs Elite Four Mallorie! Donphan vs Ampharos!

11d 6h 43m Tangrowth #2 shows up. Air Slash hits and its Outrage misses! A second Air Slash takes it down! Elite Four Tristian was defeated!

11d 6h 42m Quagsire fainted! We send out Donphan. Slam takes care of Abomasnow. Tangrowth #1 comes out. We Air Slash it down to yellow and flinch it. A second Air Slash takes care of it!

11d 6h 41m Full Restore used. We keep Surfing. It goes down. The next Weavile comes out. We Surf some more. Drill Peck takes us down to yellow. Another Surf takes it down. Abomasnow is sent out next. Surf only gets Abomasnow to yellow.

11d 6h 39m Vs Elite Four Tristian! Quagsire vs Weavile. Surf almost KOs in one hit.

11d 6h 33m We Eruption then Air Slash and Seaking goes down. Last out is Lanturn. We take it down but Donphan goes down to yellow. Donphan grew to level 64! Elite Foure Estaban defeated!

11d 6h 31m Magnezone fainted! Donphan is sent out and takes Slowking down. It then takes down Clefable as well. And Arcanine. Seaking still does not go down in one hit - it goes down to red. A Full Restore is used.

11d 6h 30m Vs Elite Four Esteban! Magnezone vs Slowking.

11d 6h 25m It did not evolve.

11d 6h 24m We switch out for Ponyta. We drop down to half health but Gust takes it down. Ponyta grew to level 68! Elite Four Crystal defeated!

11d 6h 22m Luster Purge takes us down. Pachirisu fainted! Magnezone out next. We Super Fang but it has a Sitrus Berry. It also used Barrier.

11d 6h 20m We Double Hit the Relicanth till it drops. Empoleon out again and we Double Hit it as well. We get hit with Extrasensory, we go down to red. Light Screen fades and Surf takes it out. Claydol comes out. Double Hit does minimal damage.

11d 6h 19m We Double Hit it repeatedly. A Full Restore gets used at some point. Empoleon out next. We switch to Surf and it goes down in one hit due to no Light Screen. Relicanth out next.

11d 6h 17m Vs Elite Four Crystal! Attempt #11! Pachirisu vs Relicanth.

11d 6h 10m We return to the Pokémon League building.

11d 6h 1m We Waterfall back up. Just kind of hanging around outside still.

11d 5h 57m We use Waterfall to head down.

11d 5h 54m We leave the Pokémon League building. Wandering outside.

11d 5h 50m We send out Ponyta. Gust takes down Weavile. Abomasnow is sent out. We Gust it as well. Flamethrower burns us. Ponyta fainted! Lost on Run #10!

11d 5h 46m Air Slash gets it down to red. Drill Peck hurts a lot. We go down to yellow health. Full Restore gets used and we Air Slash until it goes down. The second Weavile comes out. Drill Peck knocks us out. Donphan fainted! Only Ponyta remains.

11d 5h 46m Vs Elite Four Tristian! Donphan vs Weavile!

11d 5h 41m Donphan is sent out. Air Slash takes out Arcanine. Clefable comes out but quickly goes down as well. Seaking comes out and drops in one hit due to a crit! Last out is Lanturn. We flinch it! We switch to Eruption and Lanturn goes down. Donphan grew to level 63! Esteban defeated!

11d 5h 39m Quagsire grew to level 62! Arcanine out next. Surf doesn't even take it down to half. Quagsire fainted!

11d 5h 38m Vs Elite Four Esteban! Quagsire vs Slowking. Surf takes it down with a crit!

11d 5h 34m We send out Ponyta. We take some damage but Gust takes down Claydol. Elite Four Crystal defeated!

11d 5h 32m Empoleon takes us down to 20 HP, but Flash Cannon takes it down. Claydol is out next. We get it to yellow but it takes us out. Sandslash fainted!

11d 5h 27m Empoleon is sent out next. We take it down to yellow. Magnezone fainted! Sandslash is sent out.

11d 5h 27m Magnezone forgot Judgment for Double Hit!

11d 5h 26m Relicanth goes down. Magnezone grew to level 50! It wants to learn Double Hit.

11d 5h 22m We miss and/or do little damage and/or use Super Fang repeatedly while it uses Wish. Text speed is on slow. A miserable time is had by all.

11d 5h 19m Pachirisu fainted! We send out Magnezone.

11d 5h 17m We Surf it down to yellow. We get hit with Luster Purge and survive with 1 HP. A second Surf takes it down. Pachirisu grew to level 62! Relicanth out next.

11d 5h 14m Pachirisu vs Relicanth. A few Double Hits get it to red. Full Restore used. We eventually take it down. Empoleon out next and Pachirisu is in yellow already.

11d 5h 14m Back in the E4. Vs Elite Four Crystal! Attempt #10!

11d 4h 59m We send out Sandslash as it uses Full Restore. Fire Punch finishes us off. Sandslash fainted! Run #9 is over!

11d 4h 58m Ponyta sent out. We Gust it down. A second Weavile comes out and we gust again. It crits its attack on us and Ponyta fainted!

11d 4h 56m Vs Elite Four Tristian! Donphan vs Weavile. Air Slash takes it down to yellow. Drill Peck crits on us. Donphan fainted!

11d 4h 52m Seaking is sent out. Air Slash takes it down to yellow. A second Air Slash finishes it off. Lanturn is next. We flinch it! A second Air Slash takes it out! Elite Four Esteban was defeated!

11d 4h 51m Donphan is sent out. Air Slash takes down Arcanine. Clefable is next. Another Air Slash takes it down. Donphan grew to level 62!

11d 4h 49m Dynamic Punch takes us down. Quagsire fainted!

11d 4h 48m Vs Elite Four Esteban! Quagsire vs Slowking. We miss Surf and it uses Thunderwave. Thundershock takes us down to red. We crit it back with a Surf and it goes down. Arcanine out next.

11d 4h 42m A Full Restore gets used. We get hit with Extrasensory but take it down. Last out is Claydol. We crit and it goes down! Elite Four Crystal defeated!

11d 4h 41m We Super Fang. It uses Extrasensory. Headbutt fails to KO it. Luster Purge takes us down. Magnezone fainted! Sandslash is out next.

11d 4h 39m A few Double Hits take it low. It uses Wish but gets KOed before it can recover. Empoleon sent out. Extrasensory does quite a bit of damage. Pachirisu fainted! Magnezone is sent out.

11d 4h 37m It uses Light Screen. We use Double Hit for little damage. Its Extrasensory misses. Surf takes it down to red and Extrasensory takes us to half. Another Surf finishes it off. Relicanth out next.

11d 4h 35m Pachirisu vs Relicanth. We use Surf which does little damage. We switch to Double Hit which does more damage. It crits and goes down to red. Full Restore gets used. We crit again but it only goes down to yellow. A few more Double Hits takes it down. Empoleon is out next.

11d 4h 35m Vs Elite Four Crystal! Attempt #9 is now underway!

11d 4h 25m This Tangrowth seems to have Mirror Coat and it hurts us quite a bit. It switches to Outrage, and with the burn damage, we go down. Sandslash fainted! Run #8 is over!

11d 4h 24m Sandslash is sent out. It uses Will-O-Wisp and it gets burned! Needle Arm does minimal damage.

11d 4h 21m Ponyta is out next. We Magnitude 7. Abomasnow goes down. Tangrowth is sent out next. Draco Meteor takes us down to yellow. Magnitude 9! Tangrowth fainted! The final Tangrowth is sent out. DragonBreath finishes Ponyta off. Ponyta fainted!

11d 4h 20m Abomasnow is sent out next. We Surf and take it down to yellow. A Sitrus berry restores health as Facade knocks us out. Quagsire fainted!

11d 4h 19m Vs Elite Four Tristian! Quagsire vs Weavile. Surf takes it down to low red health. Full Restore gets used and we just Surf it until it goes down. The second Weavile comes out and we Surf it as well. Drill Peck takes us down to red, and a second Surf finishes it off.

11d 4h 17m Ponyta sent out. Psybeam finishes off Seaking. Lanturn out next. Magnitude 7 is enough to take it down in one hit. Ponyta grew to level 67! No evolution. Esteban defeated!

11d 4h 15m Arcanine is sent out. Air Slash takes it down. Seaking out next and it survives an Air Slash. Drain Punch takes down Donphan. Donphan fainted!

11d 4h 15m Donphan sent out and it delivers an Air Slash to Slowking, taking it down. Clefable is out next. We use Eruption and it doesn't do the job. Close Combat takes us down to low yellow. Air Slash finishes it off.

11d 4h 13m Vs Elite Four Esteban! Magnezone vs Slowking. Drain Punch continues to mess us up completely. Magnezone fainted!

11d 4h 9m Donphan grew to level 61! Claydol is out next. Air Slash takes it down to red. We get confused but Silver Wind finishes it off. Defeated Crystal!

11d 4h 7m Empoleon sent out and we switch to Surf. Extrasensory messes us up due to crit. Pachirisu fainted! Donphan sent out. Air Slash takes it down.

11d 4h 6m We switch to Surf which takes it out. Another Relicanth comes out. We Double Hit it a few times. Psybeam does minimal damage to us. Relicanth down! Pachirisu grew to level 61!

11d 4h 5m Pachirisu vs Relicanth. Double Hit takes it to yellow and Crystal uses a Full Restore. Double Hit seems to take off 40-45% of its health. After a few turns Relicanth goes down. Empoleon is sent out next. We Double Hit it as well.

11d 4h 2m Talking to Crystal! E4 attempt #8!

11d 3h 55m Another Metal Burst and we go down. Sandslash fainted! Lost to Mallorie! Run #7 over!

11d 3h 53m Flash Cannon is almost out of PP and so we switch to Rock Climb and Cut. Gorebyss down! Sandslash grew to level 59! Electrode (Level 55) out next. It's Poison/Steel type. It uses Metal Burst.

11d 3h 53m Another Full Restore used. We are not being attacked, it is still using Safeguard as we Flash Cannon it down.

11d 3h 51m Full Restore used on Leafeon as we keep using Flash Cannon. It hits us with SmellingSalt and does minimal damage. Another Flash Cannon takes it down. Gorebyss (Level 59) is out next. It's a pure Poison type and it uses Safeguard. We Flash Cannon it regardless. It keeps using Safeguard.

11d 3h 50m Next out is Exeggutor. It's Level 54 and Poison/Dragon. It uses Dragon Dance. Flash Cannon KOs it in one hit. Next out is Leafeon. It's Grass/Poison and level 56. It uses Gastro Acid.

11d 3h 49m We enter the room of the last Elite Four member. We talk to Lucian. No wait its Elite Four Mallorie! Sandslash vs Ampharos. It's level 53 and Poison/Ice. Flash Cannon crits and takes it down.

11d 3h 46m Sandslash sent out. We resist the Outrage and attack it. After a few attacks it goes down. Sandslash grew to level 58! Elite Four Tristian defeated!

11d 3h 45m Donphan sent out and it uses Air Slash. Tangrowth down. Last Pokémon is another Tangrowth (Level 53). We Slam it down to yellow. Outrage takes us down. Donphan fainted!

11d 3h 43m Ponyta sent out. We Magnitude it down to red. Full Restore gets used as we miss Magnitude again. Ponyta gets burnt due to Will-O-Wisp! Tangrowth uses Draco Meteor. It seems to have 3 Dragon attacks and Will-O-Wisp. Ponyta fainted!

11d 3h 42m Tangrowth is sent out next (Level 55). It is Fire/Dragon. Outrage takes us to red. We use Surf but Dry Skin makes it do no damage! Quagsire fainted!

11d 3h 41m A second Weavile is sent out. More Surfs. It Drill Pecks us but we survive. Yet another Surf takes it down. Quagsire grew to level 61! Abomasnow is sent out. It is a pure fire type. Tristian is a fire type trainer. Surf takes it down as well.

11d 3h 40m Vs Elite Four Tristian! We send out Quagsire vs Weavile. Surf is super effective on the Flying/Fire type, and it goes down to red. Full Restore used by Tristian as a second Surf takes it down to red again. Another takes it down for good.

[Info] We have 4 Pokémon remaining, although Donphan has 16 HP left.

11d 3h 38m Last out is Lanturn. As it is Steel/Fighting, Air Slash isn't super effective. It takes us down to red. A second Air Slash finishes it off though! Elite Four Esteban was defeated!

11d 3h 37m Donphan grew to level 60! Arcanine is sent out. It goes down with a single Air Slash as well. Seaking out next. It survives the Air Slash and Esteban uses a Full Restore. Air Slash takes it down to low yellow once again. Seaking goes down.

11d 3h 36m Donphan sent out. Air Slash does its magic. Slowking is taken out. Clefable out next. Another Air Slash does the trick. Elite Four Estiban has only Fighting types, by the way.

11d 3h 35m Vs Elite Four Esteban! Magnezone vs Slowking. Drain Punch takes us down to yellow. A second Drain Punch finishes us off. Magnezone fainted!

11d 3h 32m Slam takes it down to yellow and a berry heals it to above half. It continues to use Agility. Psybeam does minimal damage. Claydol down! Elite Four Crystal defeated!

11d 3h 30m We send out Donphan and it takes down Empoleon. Donphan grew to level 59! Another Empoleon is sent out. It drops just as fast. We Silver Wind but it misses, it sets up Light Screen again. Donphan gets the rainbow boost as it uses Amnesia. Slam takes down the Relicanth. Claydol sent out but Silver Wind misses again.

11d 3h 29m Relicanth goes down. An Empoleon is sent out. We hit ourselves. Extrasensory does a lot of damage despite resisting it. We continue to hit ourselves. Another extrasensory takes us out. Pachirisu fainted!

11d 3h 28m We Double Hit it repeatedly while it uses Light Screen. Psybeam does about 10 damage but confuses us.

11d 3h 28m Elite 4 attempt #7! Vs Crystal! Pachirisu vs Relicanth.

11d 3h 25m Vs Elite Four Tristian! Sandslash vs Weavile. It knows Fire Punch. Sandslash fainted! Lost E4 attempt #6!

11d 3h 21m Lanturn goes down. Elite Four Estiban defeated!

11d 3h 19m We send out Magnezone. Magnezone fainted! Only Sandslash remains.

11d 3h 17m Arcanine goes down and Seaking comes out. We get it to red again, and she uses another Full Restore. Seaking goes down and Lanturn comes out. Ponyta fainted!

11d 3h 16m We send out Donphan and take it out. Clefable out next. Donphan makes quick work of it. Arcanine next, it tanks an Air Slash and takes down Donphan. Donphan fainted! Ponyta out next.

11d 3h 14m Vs Elite Four Estiban! Pachirisu vs Slowking. We take it to red and it paralyzes us. Full Restore used. We take it down to red again but get too many fully paralyzed to attack it. Pachirisu fainted!

11d 3h 11m Quagsire fainted to Luster Purge! Crystal defeated! We beat the first trainer and only Quagsire has fainted.

11d 3h 8m Pachirisu grew to level 60! Relicanth (Level 50) is out now. We switch out for Quagsire, it uses Amnesia. We get it down to yellow and he uses a Full Restore. We take down Relicanth and Empoleon is out. A Full Restore gets used on it as well. More Surfs take it down.

11d 3h 7m E4 attempt #6! Vs Crystal! Empoleon is now out against Pachirisu.

[Info] Reddit has been down the last hour so I kept the last few runs brief.

[TL:DR] We lost the runs Reddit was down, now in Run #6

11d 1h 25m Dynamicpunch takes us down. Quagsire fainted! Sandslash is out next (Level 57). We eat a DynamicPunch and attack with Flash Cannon. It goes down to yellow and eats a Sitrus Berry. We attack again and Arcanine goes down! Next out is Seaking (Level 52). It's Fighting type. Rolling Kick takes us down to red and we Flash Cannon again. Another kick takes us out. Sandslash fainted! Donphan (Level 56) is out next. We take down Seaking! Donphan grew to level 57! Clefable (Fighting/Ground - Level 52) is out next. Air Slash takes it down to red. Close Combat takes us down to yellow as it uses a Full Restore! A second Air Slash takes it down. Last out is Lanturn (Level 53). It is Steel/Fighting. Headbutt takes us down to red. Steel Wing takes us down. Donphan fainted! Last out is our Ponyta. Bug Buzz doesn't hurt a lot but our Magnitude takes it down. Elite Four Estiban defeated!

Vs Elite Four Tristian! Ponyta (Level 65) vs Weavile (Level 52). It's a Flying/Fire type. Weavile is withdrawn for a second Weavile (Level 55). We take it down with 2 Gusts. The original Weavile comes out again and Drill Pecks. Ponyta fainted! Elite Four Run #2 is over!

We return to the E4. E4 attempt #3! Vs Elite Four Crystal! Elite Four Crystal defeated! Vs Elite Four Esteban! Defeated Elite Four Esteban! Vs Elite Four Tristian! But we quickly lose! E4 attempt #3 is over!

We return to the E4. E4 attempt #4! Vs Elite Four Crystal! Pachirisu grew to level 59! Ponyta grew to level 66! Evolution canceled. Crystal defeated. Vs Esteban Donphan grew to level 58! Esteban defeated! Vs Elite Four Tristian! Quagsire grew to level 60! Lost to Elite Four Tristian! E4 attempt #4 failed!

We enter the E4 again. E4 attempt #5! Vs Crystal! Crystal defeated! Vs Esteban! Lost to Esteban! Attempt #5 lost!

11d 1h 21m We use Surf and it drops to yellow. Quagsire is paralyzed. Thundershock takes us down to yellow and we get fully paralyzed yet again. We hang on with 5 HP and take down Slowking! Arcanine (Level 55) out next. It's Fighting/Ghost. We Bubblebeam.

11d 1h 20m Drain Punch takes us down to red as we can't attack again due to paralysis. Thundershock takes us down. Magnezone fainted! Quagsire is sent out (Level 59).

11d 1h 20m Vs Elite Four Esteban! Magnezone (Level 49) vs Slowking (Level 50)! It is Electric/Fighting and instantly paralyzes Magnezone with Thunderwave.

[Fluff] He tells us how sad he is that he lost with his "Bug" Pokémon.

11d 1h 19m Judgment has been dealt! Claydol goes down! Elite Four Crystal was defeated!

11d 1h 17m We keep getting confused from Psybeam/hitting ourselves but we land a Super Fang. It keeps using Barrier and Psybeam. We Recover our health again.

11d 1h 16m It Psybeams and we use Super Fang. We get confused and hit ourself repeatedly. Headbutt hits but it uses a Full Restore. It uses Barrier and we Recover.

11d 1h 15m Empoleon (Level 51) is sent out. Surf takes it down in one hit! Last Pokémon for Crystal - Claydol (Level 53). It is also a Psychic type and goes down to yellow. It heals up with a Sitrus Berry. Luster Purge takes us out. Pachirisu fainted! Magnezone is sent out.

11d 1h 13m Double Hit crits it down to yellow as it uses Wish. We Double Hit it again but it misses! It heals back to 75% or so. It seems Psybeam is it's only actual attacking move. It doesn't do a whole lot to Pachirisu. Foe Relicanth goes down! Pachirisu grew to level 58!

11d 1h 12m Another Relicanth (Level 50) comes out. We Surf it for minimal damage as it uses Amnesia. We continue to Surf and it uses Wish. It uses Light Screen and Wish heals it to full.

11d 1h 11m Double Hit shows no mercy as Relicanth goes down. Empoleon (Level 49) out next. We Double Hit it but it seems more sturdy than Relicanth. It sets up Light Screen. Surf drops it down to red, however and Extrasensory takes us down to yellow. A second Surf finishes it off!

11d 1h 10m We crit it down to red as it uses Light Screen and Psybeam. Full Restore used! Relicanth is healthy again. We resume Double Hitting it regardless.

11d 1h 10m Pachirisu (Level 57) vs Relicanth (Level 49). We attack but it boosts it's Sp. Def with Amnesia a few times.

11d 1h 9m Talking to ""Aaron" again. Vs Elite Four Crystal! Elite 4 attempt #2!

11d 1h 9m We go into our bag and tossed 2 Protectors and 1 Draco Plate

11d 1h 4m Empoleon down! A second Empoleon (Level 49) is sent out. This one has Luster Purge and Sandslash fainted! Lost to Elite Four Crystal! E4 run #1 lost!

11d 1h 3m Relicanth is withdrawn! A Psychic/Bug Empoleon (Level 51) is sent out.

11d 1h 2m Sandslash is sent out. Relicanth uses Light Screen as Flash Cannon barely dents it. Thankfully Sandslash's Steel typing makes it resist Psybeam.

11d 1h 1m Vs Elite Four Crystal Quagsire verses a Psychic type Relicanth. Quagsire goes down.

11d 1h 1m Talking to Aaron of the Elite 4. E4 attempt number 1

11d 1h 0m We enter the E4 without healing. Only a poisoned Quagsire and Sandslash remain.

11d 0h 59m We strength once again and take it out, Lazy Pearl defeated, Quagsire to level 59

11d 0h 59m Weezing uses Lock On while we Strength, it then uses Dragon Breath after we Strength it

[Info] Bellossom Poisoned Quagsire b4 fainting

11d 0h 58m We send in Quagsire and use Strength and finish the Bellossom, he send sin Weezing

11d 0h 57m We use Psybeam and take it to to near red and confuse it, it Powder Snow to take us out

11d 0h 57m We Magnitude 6 and it uses Powder Snow and we Double Team, it misses Powder Snow, we now Magnitude 4 and it hits Powder Snow and we clutch with 1hp!

11d 0h 56m He sends in Bellossom

11d 0h 55m We send in Pony and use Magnitude 7, it Toxic Spikes and another Magnitude takes it out

11d 0h 55m It Spikes and we miss Headbutt, it Dragon Breath's and our Headbutt misses again, it paralyzes us and now Dragon Breath again and we finally hit Headbutt to KO it, he sends in Flaaffy and Poison Tail KO's Maggie

11d 0h 53m We send in Magnezone and use Super Fang, It Glares to paralyze, it Spikes and we Super Fang again

11d 0h 53m He sends Kingler to DragonBreath and Donphan faints

11d 0h 53m We send in Donphan it uses a mve i didnt catch and we Eruption, it Low Kick's now and we use Air Slash to KO it

11d 0h 52m He sends in Magmortar and uses Close Combat, Pachi faints

11d 0h 51m VS Lazy Pearl again, Yanmega vs Pachirisu, it uses Dark Pulse and we use Double Hit, it Dark Pulses again and we Spacial Rend to KO it

11d 0h 47m We send in Pony and he Defense Curl's while we Gust and KO it, he now sends in Bellossom and we use Gust and its Avalanche takes us to yellow, we use Gust and it Powder Snow's to make us black out

[Info] Pearl has a dragon mono team

11d 0h 46m He sends in Magmortar and uses Drain Punch to KO Sandslash

11d 0h 45m We Flash Cannon and take it out

11d 0h 45m We send in Sandslash and use Flash Cannon and it uses Spikes

11d 0h 44m It uses Muddy Water, Donphan down

11d 0h 44m We use Air Slash on Kingler and it paralyzes us with Glare, it uses Dragon Breath and we get paralyzed, it breaths again and we prz again

11d 0h 43m We send in Donphan and OHKO it with Silver Wind since its dragon/dark

11d 0h 42m Yanmega uses Outrage on 10hp Quagsire and knocks it out

11d 0h 42m We enter and checkpoint Pokémon league and Lazy Pearl Challenges us

11d 0h 41m We beat him and leave the forsaken cave

11d 0h 39m We go up the Rock Climb guarded by ledge and anarchy activates, we fight one last trainer

11d 0h 32m We use Max Repel

11d 0h 22m Democracy is activated

11d 0h 13m we fail the ledge again

11d 0h 12m Caught a female Lv. 40 Nosepass! no name

11d 0h 1m Jumped over the ledge - start again!

10d 23h 56m We're about to reach the final ledge. And the tension is peaking.

10d 23h 46m Obtained the Shell Bell!

10d 23h 45m Golbat goes down to Sandslash's Flash Canon. Trainer defeated!

10d 23h 45m Sandslash takes out Aggron. Golbat is sent out.

10d 23h 44m Aggron uses Earthquake. Magnezone down! We send in Sandslash.

10d 23h 43m Vs. Fisher Lillianna! He sends out Aggron, we counter with Magnezone.

10d 23h 39m Magnezone grew to Lv. 49!

10d 23h 36m We just got past a problem ledge. One more to go apparently, then we're home and dry.

10d 23h 22m Not a lot to update you on, other than still being in Victory Road. It looks as though we're trying to negotiate a Strength/Rock Smash puzzle.

10d 23h 12m A wild Corsola did something. Pachi finally goes down!

10d 23h 10m X spam aside, we are still making our way slowly through Victory Road. Pachi is still on 2HP, everyone else is on full health.

[Info] Pachi is only on 2HP. Everyone else is at full health.

[Snark] Encountered a not shiny Plusle!

10d 22h 49m Still making our way through Victory Road. There's a lot of X spam, which is slowing progress.

10d 22h 39m Anarchy activated!

10d 22h 38m [D] Not much is happening.

10d 22h 36m [D] Text speed changed to Fast.

[Dev] FelkCraft : that was a quick fix to make coordinates display their actual vote count

10d 22h 35m Riot screen quickly pops up, Anarchy is reset briefly, then we're back in Democracy.

10d 22h 34m Democracy activated!

10d 22h 31m Entered Victory Road.

10d 22h 30m We VERY nearly surf off the waterfall.

10d 22h 29m Back outside Victory Road.

10d 22h 29m Ponyta goes down to a wild Corsala. Blackout!

10d 22h 28m Jumped over the ledge. Time to start over.

10d 22h 26m Ponyta grows to Lv. 65! Evolution is denied yet again.

[Info] Only Ponyta is left standing on 40 HP.

10d 22h 25m Ponyta uses gust and takes out Magmorter. Trainer is defeated!

10d 22h 24m Ponyta is sent out and uses Gust. Mioltic goes down! Magmortar is sent in.

10d 22h 23m Mioltic is sent out. Sandslash down!

10d 22h 23m Vs. An old guy. Sandslash takes out Starmie.

10d 22h 15m Due to Jolteon disallowing us from running with Shadow Tag, Donphan faints to a Shadow Sneak

10d 22h 12m Another easy, effortless battle. Donphan is good.

10d 22h 12m Another Trainer, vs Dancer Landon. The Initial Purugly faints insantly. (Man Donphan is good at KOing stuff), next is a Dustox, which surprise surprise, goes down in a single hit.

10d 22h 9m A Solorck is sent out as the last Pokémon, it being KO'd Boosts Donphan to level 56

10d 22h 8m We instantly KO it. Out comes an Empoleon. That faints instantly as well.

10d 22h 7m Challenged by a trainer again, Elite Four Mallorie this time, they send out a Swellow. That has Drought. Neat!

10d 22h 5m Tunnel Mail was knocked off of Donphan by a wild Jolteon

[Snark] Oh look a Jolteon, we need to catch it now, it's an Eeveelution, we're drawn to the things

10d 22h 3m oh wait battle's over

10d 22h 2m We battle a trainer, Cheif Leo, he sends out a Nidoking, whilst we retaliate with Donphan

[Fluff] I'm told that the Shiny Plusle is the first non-scripted shiny Pokémon we have caught on stream. It only took us two and a half years, but we did it Reddit!

10d 21h 32m still wandering Victory Road

10d 21h 18m We are now checking berry tags

[Snark] The only reason that shiny appeared is because I'm here, Gods make miracles people. Or Jesus-es. I don't really know, but the point is I've spoilt the joke.

10d 21h 2m Nickname: ll♦♦♦&♂

10d 20h 59m Caught a male Lv. 41 SHINY PLUSLE!


10d 20h 36m Victory Road puzzles...

10d 20h 19m Quagsire faints

10d 20h 11m Quagsire is now level 58

10d 20h 4m Wild Electabuzz Brick Break's Magnezone to unconsciousness after it beats a trainer's Gallade

10d 19h 34m We enter the cave and Pachi is now level 57

10d 19h 27m We heal

10d 19h 24m We go to pc instead of healing

10d 19h 22m We leave the cave

10d 19h 14m Heracross takes Magnezone out

10d 19h 13m Trainer's Heracross takes Donphan out

10d 19h 8m We find TM58 Payday

10d 19h 7m Flaaffy poisons Magnezone

10d 19h 3m Nosepass uses Extreme Speed to take Pachi out after being injured to 10hp

10d 19h 0m We find a King's Rock

10d 18h 51m We enter Victory Road...

[Snark] That's neat.

10d 18h 50m We heal at the center neat Victory Road's entrance

10d 18h 42m We find a Rose Incense

10d 18h 36m Quagsire is now level 57

10d 18h 31m Pachi faints to a trainer's Aerodactly

10d 18h 26m Pachi crits Surf and OHKO's Pony

10d 18h 25m Multiple Surf's from Pachi makes Magnezone faint

10d 18h 24m We enter a double battle and Magnezone is now level 48

10d 18h 15m Pachirisu is now level 56

[Info] We healed

10d 18h 15m We talk to Jasmine and get her blessing and head north to Victory Road

10d 18h 4m We enter Sunnyshore

10d 17h 53m Rollout takes Donphan out after a failed Poké Ball

10d 17h 51m We try to catch a wild Whiscash but it used Rollout and took Magnezone out

10d 17h 37m We leave and head down south

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

10d 17h 15m On Game Corner now

[Info] No level ups or move learns happened, might have missed a few catches due to DC

10d 17h 7m We are in Route 215

10d 15h 47m We catch a level 34 Male Togetic, didnt catch name

10d 15h 44m We enter Mt. Coronet

10d 15h 39m Pachi faints when it just needed 1 battle left to level up

10d 15h 28m People seem to want to let Pachirisu faint then grind Magnezone on the way to Victory Road

10d 15h 25m Pachirisu is now level 55, looks like people are done grinding?

10d 15h 18m We heal again after Pachi faints

10d 15h 6m Pachirisu to 54

10d 14h 30m Magnezone to 47

10d 14h 17m Pachi down

10d 14h 4m Bidoof female Lv. 32 caught, nickname U H RSEEJ

10d 14h 3m Pachi to 53

10d 13h 37m Pachi to 52

10d 13h 28m Healed at the cabin

10d 13h 15m Caught male Lv. 34 Drifloon, no nickname I think.

10d 13h 11m Caught Lv. 33 female Drifloon, unsure of the nickname

10d 13h 8m Pachi faint

10d 13h 5m Caught male Lv. 32 Ledyba, no nickname

10d 12h 52m Pachi to 51

[Chat] axieu: back for another 2 hours of this song Kappa

10d 12h 47m On Snow Route again.

10d 12h 38m Back in Anarchy btw

10d 12h 34m Switched Pachirisu from the fourth slot to the front, Magnezone is in fourth now

10d 12h 33m We're in Democracy again.

10d 12h 27m Got a Root Fossil

10d 12h 22m Got a Lax Incense

10d 12h 19m Magnzone levels up to 46, forgets ExtremeSpeed?I think? for Headbutt

10d 12h 10m Got an Old Chateau Gateau

10d 12h 6m Got a Carbos

10d 11h 59m Looks like we're back in Mt. Coronet now.

10d 11h 54m Healed Party in the Cabin

10d 11h 47m Magnezone forgot Force Palm for Judgment

10d 11h 47m Back into Anarchy

10d 11h 39m Magnezone forgot Rock Wrecker for Recover

10d 11h 32m Magnezone forgot Sweet Scent for Super Fang

10d 11h 12m Done just that, it forgot Magic Coat

10d 11h 10m Appears we're gonna teach Spacial Rend to Pachirisu.

10d 11h 5m Donphan has forgotten Sky Attack for Air Slash, used the TM in the process

10d 10h 57m In Democracy right now. Woops.

10d 10h 46m Quagsire to Lv. 56

10d 10h 43m Magnezone is also fainted right now.

10d 10h 31m Domnphan down

10d 10h 29m Donphan to 54, wants to learn Slam, Conversion is forgotten

10d 10h 21m We heal at the lodge

10d 10h 2m Quagsire grows to Lv 55

10d 9h 56m Donphan down

10d 9h 45m Donphan now Lv 53

10d 9h 42m Pachirisu down

10d 9h 41m Magnezone down

10d 9h 38m Magnezone to Lv 45

10d 9h 35m We heal at the lodge

10d 9h 27m PAchirisu is down!

10d 9h 25m Magnezone down

10d 9h 17m We swap Magnezone and Donphan's spots in the party. Magnezone leads the party now

10d 9h 11m Donphan down

10d 9h 0m Donphan to Lv 52

10d 8h 50m Heal at the lodge

10d 8h 46m Magnezone down

10d 8h 40m Donphan goes down to hail!

10d 8h 36m Donphan might be the epitone of a glass cannon. Lv 51 and only 39 in Defense

10d 8h 35m *Donphan grows to Lv *

10d 8h 27m We heal at the lodge

10d 8h 23m Magnezone down

10d 8h 16m Donphan goes down

10d 8h 12m Inputs are currently a wall of 200,102+b+direction

10d 8h 11m Donphan to Lv 50!

[Meta] We're in a grinding loop, if you couldn't tell. So my leaving probably means you won't miss much more than level ups for a few hours, and one hopes another updater will come along by then.

10d 8h 2m Aaaaaand healed.

10d 7h 58m Magneton to 44!

10d 7h 49m And Donphan falls to the ominous wind of a drifloon...

10d 7h 46m Donphan to 49!

10d 7h 45m [Fluff] There are a massive number of Solrocks around here for the deep snow...

10d 7h 36m Donphan to 48!

10d 7h 34m We heal in the lodge again

10d 7h 30m Rip Magnezone, but Quagsire to 54

10d 7h 23m Donphan fainted again.

10d 7h 13m Oh, btw, our party got healed sometime between now (in the waist deep snow) and last update.

10d 6h 55m Magnezone fainted

10d 6h 48m Magnezone to 43!

10d 6h 48m Donphan gets KO'd

10d 6h 45m Donphan to level 47!

10d 6h 33m Donphan learns Eruption over Gust!

10d 6h 32m Donphan to Lvl 46!

10d 6h 24m Donphan to 45!

10d 6h 17m Donphan to Lv 44

10d 6h 13m We heal at the lodge

10d 6h 7m We enter Route 216

10d 6h 2m Magnezone falls to a wild Togetic!

10d 5h 51m We've entered the foggy basement level of the mountain now.

10d 5h 49m We throw several Poké Balls at a wild Riolu

10d 5h 47m Donphan goes down to a wild Rioulu

10d 5h 45m Ok, so we're in the Center of Mt. Coronet, heading down to the basement level.

10d 5h 42m So, we're in a cave...

10d 5h 35m We found an X Accuracy

10d 5h 14m So after we fail to catch discount Giratina after it used Teleport, we exit the Old Chateau and then leave Eterna Forest back on the road to Eterna City

10d 5h 11m Back out in the forest.

[Info] Nuzleaf's nickname was 00000Q☀️☀️00

10d 5h 3m Versus the Rotomtina . It appears it either teleported or we ran, didn't see.

10d 5h 1m Caught female lv.14 Nuzleaf, nick coming shortly.

10d 4h 55m Just walking around the rooms atm.

10d 4h 46m Judging by the music, we're in the Rotom/Giratina forest mansion now. Oh boy.

10d 4h 43m In Eterna Forest now.

10d 4h 42m On the route with all the Fishermen by the bridge, west? of Eterna

10d 4h 39m Left Mt. Coronet, in Eterna City now

10d 4h 37m Caught wild Slakoth, male, did not see level, unsure of nickname.

10d 4h 34m Caught a wild Trapinch! Female, did not see the level. No nickname

10d 4h 33m Appears we're in a lower part of Mt. Coronet right now.

10d 2h 53m Looks like we'e back in

10d 2h 52m We leave the place

10d 2h 47m and again 777!

10d 2h 46m We get 777

10d 2h 46m Clefairy appears!

10d 2h 41m Still gambling

10d 2h 25m We start playing the slots. We currently have 253 credits.

10d 2h 21m We enter the Game Corner. Dance Riot breaks out.

10d 2h 17m We head north to Veilstone City.

10d 2h 8m We head west onto Route 214 again.

10d 2h 5m We Rock Climb back down to the entrance of this area.

10d 1h 56m We use Rock Climb to ascend. We are now on the upper level again, above Cynthia and the blocked cave.

10d 1h 46m We continue to toss Poké Balls at Heracross. We eventually catch it! Caught Heracross! Level 31 and male. Nickname: 0!MWW There is a diamond and heart in there.

10d 1h 43m We toss a Poké Ball at a wild Heracross. It fails. Quagsire fainted!

10d 1h 39m We use Rock Climb to descend the mountain. We are by Cynthia and a cave entrance. She is blocking the way.

10d 1h 33m We are still fighting random Pokémon and using Potions on Quagsire at random.

[Info] Clamp was 85 BP with 50% accuracy, and Surf is 145 BP with 90% accuracy, for reference.

[Info] Bubblebeam has 135 power with 85% accuracy.

10d 1h 26m Quagsire grew to level 53! It wants to learn Bubblebeam. It learned Bubblebeam and forgot Clamp!

10d 1h 24m We find another Beedrill up here so we lob more Poké Balls at it. They fail. We end up Clamping it to death.

10d 1h 22m We use Rock Climb to ascend to a higher part of the area.

10d 1h 17m We throw Poké Balls en masse at a wild Linoone. They all fail and we run away.

10d 1h 9m Democracy was enabled and then soon after Anarchy was enabled right after.

10d 1h 6m We send out Sandslash and toss more Poké Balls. They don't work. Sandslash fainted! We are also down to 220 Poké Balls remaining.

10d 1h 4m We toss Poké Balls at a wild Beedrill. No success. Magnezone fainted!

10d 1h 1m We arrive at Sendoff Spring.

10d 0h 58m We head north onto Route 214.

10d 0h 54m We find a wild Furret and throw Poké Balls at it. We eventually catch it! Caught Furret! It's level 27 and male. Nickname: 0! 2n There are 2 diamond symbols and something else between the ! and 2

10d 0h 53m More Poké Balls tossed at the wild Gastly. They fail and we escape the battle. The overlay now doesn't say if a move is physical or special.

[Dev] In short, if a move is Special in a normal copy of Platinum, it is Special in this ROM as well. Ditto for Physical and Status moves.

10d 0h 51m The game is restarted. We are suddenly back in a fight against a Gastly from before. We toss a Poké Ball and it fails.

[Dev] The randomizer failed to correctly shuffle move categories (Physical vs. Special). Up to this point, the category displayed on the overlay has been incorrect, and we apologize for this oversight.

10d 0h 50m The game screen now goes black and inputs seem to have stopped.

10d 0h 49m We toss a few Poké Balls at a wild Furret. They fail. The game suddenly freezes and the side panel with our Pokémon goes black.

10d 0h 44m Donphan fainted!

10d 0h 33m Donphan poisoned by a wild Glaceon.

10d 0h 31m Anarchy enabled!

10d 0h 30m We set text to fast, sound to stereo, and turn on battle animations.

10d 0h 25m Quagsire forgot Snatch and learned Waterfall!

10d 0h 23m We are trying to teach Quagsire Waterfall.

10d 0h 21m We select Waterfall and boot it up.

10d 0h 19m The Houndour is KOed. We open the start menu.

10d 0h 15m We try to run in Democracy but it has Arena Trap and we cannot run.

10d 0h 15m We toss a Poké Ball at a wild Houndour. It fails. Democracy enabled!

10d 0h 13m We toss a Poké Ball at a wild Spearow. It fails and we then KO it.

10d 0h 11m Picked up a Scope Lens!

10d 0h 9m We head west onto Route 222.

10d 0h 6m We've wandered away from where we were idling for a while. We're now on the lower level in Sunyshore.

Welcome to day 11!

9d 23h 45m We set the text speed to slow. That is the only thing that's happened in a while.

9d 23h 37m We're just wandering around Sunyshore. Nothing eventful happening.

9d 23h 23m Left the Pokémon center. Back in Sunyshore City.

9d 23h 21m More Poké Balls tossed at Ponyta. They don't work. Ponyta faints! Blacked out!

9d 23h 15m We toss lots of Poké Balls at a wild Glaceon. They don't work. Sandslash fainted! Only Ponyta remains.

9d 23h 11m Sandslash grew to level 56!

9d 23h 9m We toss more Poké Balls at the Wailmer. Sandslash gets Wailmer down to red. Caught Wailmer! Male and level 40. Nickname: 2;c

9d 23h 4m We toss our only Ultra Ball at a wild Wailmer. It doesn't work. We go back to regular Poké Balls. They also don't work. Pachirisu fainted! Only Sandslash and poisoned Ponyta remain.

9d 22h 57m Quagsire is poisoned! as we lob more Poké Balls at a wild Glaceon. Quagsire fainted! We run away.

9d 22h 56m We toss a a Poké Ball that fails. Ponyta is poisoned! We run away.

9d 22h 54m Magnezone fainted! It went down to poison from a wild Glaceon.

9d 22h 53m We toss more Poké Balls at a wild Claydol. They fail and we run away.

9d 22h 50m Caught a wild Slugma! Level 38 and male. No nickname.

9d 22h 47m We toss a few Poké Balls at a wild Claydol and we catch Claydol! Level 41. No nickname.

9d 22h 44m We toss a Poké Ball at a wild Corphish but it fails. We toss a second and it also fails. We then run away.

9d 22h 40m Picked up a Metal Coat!

9d 22h 38m We are currently wandering aimlessly on Route 222.

9d 22h 34m Both Magnezone and Quagsire seem able to learn Waterfall. We try teaching it to Quagsire but anarchy is back and it does not learn it.

9d 22h 33m We load up the HM Waterfall.

9d 22h 31m We get into our bag. Still in democracy.

9d 22h 28m Quagsire sent in. Trainer defeated.

9d 22h 27m Democracy enabled.

9d 22h 25m Donphan fainted!

9d 22h 25m Spotted by a trainer. Vs Elite Four Veronica. (It's a little kid on Route 222)

[Info] Conversion was from a TM.

9d 22h 23m Donphan learns Conversion and forgets Fire Punch.

9d 22h 23m We travel west onto Route 222.

9d 22h 19m Quagsire forgot Bubble for Snatch.

9d 22h 18m We boot up the TM Snatch and try teaching it to Quagsire.

9d 22h 15m We are back in Sunyshore City.

9d 22h 14m We throw a Poké Ball at a wild Porygon2. It misses. Sandslash fainted! We black out!

9d 22h 14m We surf north onto Route 223.

9d 22h 12m We speak with Jasmine. Received HM07!

9d 22h 5m Currently wandering aimlessly in the town.

9d 21h 57m Just in a random person's house. We talk to the woman, her name is Julia. If we want to hear stories about her husband at sea, we can check back every day for them!

9d 21h 52m We finally escaped from the gym!

9d 21h 47m Now we have to get out of the gym.

9d 21h 38m We received the Beacon Badge! Now we can use Waterfall! And obtained TM57, Water Pulse.

9d 21h 38m Vaporeon is down, defeated Dancer Jo! Ponyta did not evolve.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 21h 37m We're having struggles picking it. We finally send it out! We're hit by Gust, but we survive and use a Flash Cannon to finish our foe off.

9d 21h 36m Unfortunately we get KOed by Gust! Our last mon is Sandslash.

9d 21h 35m We keep using Psybeam, hoping to KO it, and our foe in desperation fully restores the Vaporeon's health.

9d 21h 34m We use another Psybeam, crit, and KO the Hippo. Ponyta leveled up to 64! Against Vaporeon.

9d 21h 33m We use Gust, it charges for a Sky Attack. We switch to a Psybeam, hoping to do more damage, and it brings our foe to half health.

9d 21h 33m Against Hippowodn! We send out Ponyta!

9d 21h 32m We send in Sandslash, who uses Flash Cannon to finish off Sharpedo. 2 Down, 2 To Go.

9d 21h 32m Against Sharpedo now. It uses Aeroblast twice to decimate Quagsire! (We did get in an attack before we fell though)

9d 21h 31m We use Surf twice and 2HKO him.

9d 21h 30m We send out Quagsire, who continuously uses Strength to widdle down the health. Unfortunately, at half health Aerodactyl uses Roost.

9d 21h 29m We send out Pachi, which gets OHKOed by Pursuit!

9d 21h 29m Oh good we got a crit Force Palm. TWO PIXELS DRAINED NOW! Beat Up KOs Magnezone!

9d 21h 28m We switch it up to Sweet Scent, and Aero keeps giving us Assurance.

9d 21h 28m We send out Magnezone, and we use Force Palm for basically no damage. Aerodactyl fully heals with Roost.

9d 21h 27m We throw a Fire Punch at him but we get Beat Up and Donphan faints!

9d 21h 26m We send out Donphan against Aerodactyl! We start with a Sky Attack, and our foe responds with some not-so-helpful Assurance.

9d 21h 26m We're at Volkner for the 2nd time! Let's battle Dancer Jo!

9d 21h 21m While we wait, look at this on loop

9d 20h 59m Redoing all of the puzzles.

9d 20h 43m Back in the Gym!

9d 20h 35m Outside on the shore, looking into the endless ocean.

9d 20h 27m Back in the Pokemon Center.

9d 20h 26m Against Vaporeon! It uses Gust on us and KOs Ponyta! Black out!

9d 20h 26m We switch back to Gust, which crits and KOs the Hippo. We have 21 HP and one mon to go.

9d 20h 26m It's not very effective. We switch to Psybeam and it does better. Unfortunately we're hit with Sky Attack.

9d 20h 25m Another Gust KOs Sharpedo. Against Hippowdon! We use Gust AGAIN!

9d 20h 25m This time we're hit with Aeroblast, which cuts our health in half. Jo uses a Hyper Potion as we use Gust again.

9d 20h 24m We OHKO Aero with Gust. Against Sharpedo now! Another Gust!

9d 20h 24m Attempt 1 vs Dancer Jo, the Gym Leader for Sunyshore! We send out Ponyta vs Aerodactyl.

9d 20h 18m We use Gust to KO him. Defeated Kristine!

9d 20h 17m Against Bastiodon. We use Flash Cannon and almost OHKO. We're hit with Drill Peck and faint! It's up to Ponyta.

9d 20h 16m Almost OHKO'd our foe. We get hit by an Aeroblast and 2HKO him with Flash Cannon.

9d 20h 16m Fighting Fisher Kristine! We send out Sandslash against Sharpedo.

9d 20h 10m Currently doing spinning puzzles, chat is very frustrated and is expressing this in Kricketune cries.

9d 20h 2m We use Flash Cannon to OHKO that mon too. Defeated Scarlett!

9d 20h 1m We OHKO it with Flash Cannon. Against Poliwhirl now.

9d 20h 1m Fighting ANOTHER Elitetrainer Scarlett. Doubles ew. We send out Sandslash against Shieldon.

[Snark]: Pretty sure trading doesn't work right now...

9d 19h 59m Sandslash leveled up to 55! Defeated Florentino.

9d 19h 58m Fisher Florentino sends out Aerodactyl! We use Flash Cannon to OHKO it.

9d 19h 58m We send out Sandslash. After getting hit by Drill Peck, we use Flash Cannon to KO it.

9d 19h 57m We send out Pachi, who gets KOed by SmellingSalt!

9d 19h 56m Another trainer! Quagsire vs. Infernape. We get Drill Pecked and faint!

9d 19h 53m We OHKO it with Surf. Quagsire levels up to 52! Defeated Leo!

9d 19h 53m We try to Bubble but miss. Our foe returns the favour with Aeroblast.

9d 19h 53m Fighting Elitetrainer Loe. We send out Quagsire against Sneasel.

9d 19h 51m Onto the third room of puzzles.

9d 19h 49m Pachi gets hit with Air Slash twice and is down to 5 HP. We clutch with another Double Hit and defeat the Weightlifter.

9d 19h 49m Against ANOTHER POLIWAG! Just end it with Double Hit already.

9d 19h 48m We use Double Hit twice to defeat it, which barely happens because it used Slack Off to restore health. Good clutch on our part.

9d 19h 47m We send out Pachi, who uses Magic Coat. Aeroblast hits. We use Surf to finish off Poliwag. Against another Poliwag.

9d 19h 46m Poliwag recharged some health, and we use another Rock Wrecker. It's not enough, and Aeroblast KOs us!

9d 19h 46m Against Poliwag. We continue to use Rock Wrecker as Magnezone and get hit with Air Slash. Down to 3 HP!

[Fluff] Also somehow missed it but Donphan fainted!

9d 19h 45m We get Wrapped repeatedly as we try to KO it with Rock Wrecker. One of them crits and we do.

9d 19h 45m Fighting Weightlifter Mia (in a kid Pikachu costume). We send out Magnezone against Oddish!

9d 19h 44m Another Surf hits and KOs the hippo. Defeated Scarlett!

9d 19h 43m We hit ourselves and our foe misses a Chatter. We use Surf, it hits with Chatter. Chat is spamming OneHand and PermaSmug.

9d 19h 42m A third Surf hits and downs Kabuto. Against Hippopotas!

9d 19h 42m It responds with a Dizzy Punch, which actually confuses us. We don't hit ourselves and use Surf, but it misses.

9d 19h 41m Against Kabuto! We use Surf.

[Snark]: People are still desperate to hear Kricketune

9d 19h 40m We use Surf after the monkey uses a pointless Follow Me. Another Surf KOs it.

9d 19h 40m We're hit with Poison Tail, which crits and Donphan faints as a result. Go Quagsire!

9d 19h 40m Fighting Elitetrainer Scarlett! We send out Donphan against Chimchar.

9d 19h 38m We respond with our own Gust which KOs Cherrim. Donphan leveled up to 43! Defeated Jo.

9d 19h 38m He uses an X Speed and we use two Fire Punches, burning him. We get hit by a Gust.

9d 19h 37m Fighting Bontanist Jo! We send out Donphan against Cherrim!

9d 19h 36m In the second room now, still doing puzzles.

9d 19h 33m We swap to Fire Punch and KO Gloom. Defeated Marcellus!

9d 19h 33m We use Sky Attack and our foe responds with Sweet Kiss. We're confused!

9d 19h 33m Facing Botanist Marcellus! We send out Donphan against Gloom.

9d 19h 27m Entered Sunnyshore Gym!

9d 19h 27m Now we're in front of the gym, and Flint is talking to us, pumping us up. He leaves to go to the Pokemon League.

9d 19h 23m Chilling in an old couple's house.

9d 19h 15m Back outside in Sunnyshore!

9d 19h 12m We're going up, down, and all around elevators.

9d 19h 8m Trying to put mail on Donphan. We gave it Tunnel Mail!

9d 19h 4m Messing up with menus.

9d 19h 3m Game saved.

9d 18h 56m Talking to gym leader.

9d 18h 54m In the Lighthouse.

9d 18h 44m Ultraball get.

9d 18h 39m Talking to Flint Clown in front of Gym. Gym leader isn't back yet.

[Info] 261 Poké Ball left.

9d 18h 26m Keep throwing Poké Balls at it. Black out.

9d 18h 25m vs. Director Jaquelinne and his Lv. 41. Vibrava. Don't be a thief.

9d 18h 24m Caught a Porygon2 Lv. 32 No Nickname.

9d 18h 18m Sandslash fainted to that Porygon2.

9d 18h 17m 1 Great Ball wasted on a wild Porygon2 Lv. 32.

9d 18h 14m Lillianna defeated.

9d 18h 14m Beedrill down. Wailmer is next.

9d 18h 12m vs. Man Lilliana and her Beedrill Lv. 43.

9d 18h 10m Back and talking to Jasmine.

9d 18h 9m Surfing on route 223.

9d 18h 7m Out of Market.

9d 18h 2m Sunnyshore Market.

9d 17h 52m Checkpoint

9d 17h 49m Sunnyshore City.

9d 17h 49m Talking to some clown claiming to be Elite Four.

9d 17h 44m Route 222.

9d 17h 42m Stacey defeated.

9d 17h 42m Luvdisc down, Teddiursa is next.

9d 17h 40m vs. Weightlifter Stacey and his Luvdisc Lv. 42.

[Chat] Find the Fake Kappa

9d 17h 39m Back to Pikachu club.

9d 17h 38m Kristine defeated.

9d 17h 38m vs. Elite Four Kristine and her Krabby Lv. 44.

9d 17h 37m Jasmine defeated.

9d 17h 36m Pachirisu fainted. Dunsparce down. Weezing is next.

9d 17h 35m Smoochum down, Dunsparce Lv. 42 is next.

9d 17h 32m Magnezone fainted.

9d 17h 32m vs. Enterpreneur Jasmine and his Smoochum Lv. 41.

9d 17h 31m Out of it.

9d 17h 28m Inside Pikachu Club.

9d 17h 22m Marcellus defeated.

9d 17h 20m vs. Enterpreneur Marcellus and his Clamperl Lv. 45.

9d 17h 16m Anne defeated. Sandslash grew up to Level 54.

[Info] Blissey is Electric/Ghost type.

9d 17h 15m Quagsire fainted.

9d 17h 14m Donphan fainted.

9d 17h 13m vs Technician Anne and his Blissey Lv. 45.

[Meta] Gotta sleep, updater's going dark for some time.

9d 17h 5m They are defeated.

9d 17h 3m Versus another Trainers.

9d 17h 0m Versus two more.

9d 16h 57m Donphan went down, Magnezone leveled up to 42, and the trainers were defeated

9d 16h 56m Versus some more Trainers.

9d 16h 55m Beat another Trainer/s

9d 16h 50m Defeated a pair of Trainers in the trainer battling house at the lakefront building.

9d 16h 44m Got the Earth Plate

9d 16h 38m Healed

[Info] Buizel's name was C B 1i d-

9d 16h 32m Left the Lake area

[Info] and Feather Dance, if that matters...

9d 16h 27m RAN

[Info] and Chatter...

[Info] Suicune is a Ground/Flying type with Magnitude and Fissure.

9d 16h 26m Magnezone down

[Chat] Theshmish: DansGame Valor cave not having Moltress Kappa

[Snark] Well it's still an ELF BORT

9d 16h 23m Magnezone is up against it.

9d 16h 22m Entered the Cave, Azelf is right in the middle. IT'S SUICUNE

9d 16h 22m At the island in the centre of the lake.

9d 16h 19m Caught a Lv. 24 male Buizel, nickname shortly hopefully

9d 16h 16m At Lake Valor

9d 16h 8m At the Valor Lakefront

9d 16h 5m We ran into the roaming Mesprit with our leading Pokémon, Magnezone, on 1HP.

9d 15h 59m Went down onto Route 214.

9d 15h 54m We checkpointed and then left the building.

9d 15h 51m In Veilstone now.

9d 15h 38m Kinda near the bridges area on one of the 21_ routes.

9d 15h 28m We are in an Area where it is Not Foggy

9d 15h 20m Got a Blue Shard

9d 15h 10m On Fog Route Number 68374946578963427™

9d 15h 2m In Celestic Town.

9d 14h 58m Got a Life Orb

9d 14h 54m Well, he's been taken down.

9d 14h 53m Finally took down the trainer's Kirlia. Mudkip sent in.

9d 14h 41m Used a Moomoo Milk on Magnezone

9d 14h 38m We're outside, on a route, fighting a trainer. Magnezone versus Nidoran♂

9d 14h 28m Back in the room of Fog in Coronet.

9d 14h 22m Aww.. That's really ABOMASNOW...

9d 14h 18m Right now we are back in the empty room in Mr. Coronet.

9d 14h 2m Donphan down

9d 13h 49m Donphan to 42

9d 13h 47m Back on the route.

9d 13h 43m In Snowpoint right now.

9d 13h 36m Right now we're in the middle of the grass in the snow. Not much is happening. Also, appears Donphan's mail was maybe removed? I recall everyone had one not long ago..

9d 13h 17m And healed.

9d 13h 17m Now in the Pokémon Center. Checkpointed in Snowpoint, then.

9d 13h 12m In the Gym

9d 13h 5m We went out to the lakefront again and now we are back in Snowpoint.

9d 13h 0m Nickname is uk a mtmvw

9d 13h 0m Caught female Lv. 32 Bidoof

[Chat] sitharc: Nicknaming Bidoof? We restarted the run? MingLee

9d 12h 58m Oop we caught a Bidoof. Female, unsure of the level. No nickname

9d 12h 52m Pachi to Lv. 50

9d 12h 43m We are, back in Snowpoint City.

9d 12h 37m Back out on the snowy route.

[Snark] I guess we get to fail catching Mesprit after all

9d 12h 32m Pony down, WE RAN

9d 12h 28m Quagsire down

9d 12h 25m Quagsire is sent in.

9d 12h 25m Donphan went down, Magnezone's out against Mesprit's unrelenting fury of attacks. 'Zone goes down.

9d 12h 22m Used Fresh Water on Donphan

9d 12h 21m Throwing a few Great Balls right now.

9d 12h 20m Talked to Uxie! IT'S MESPRIT WHAT

9d 12h 18m We're inside the cavern in the middle of the lake, Uxie is here.

9d 12h 14m At the Lake.

9d 12h 9m On 217, heading towards Acuity.

9d 12h 1m On Route 216 again.

9d 11h 58m We re-enter the room, run straight towards it, it's a Great Ball.

9d 11h 57m Back inside the Mountain.

9d 11h 57m On Route 216.

9d 11h 56m Left the room.

9d 11h 55m We're in a room with a Poké Ball right in the middle of it. Apart from that, it's entirely empty.

9d 11h 51m In a very foggy room in Mt. Coronet.

9d 11h 41m Its nickname was .AE

9d 11h 40m Caught female Lv. 16 Slakoth

9d 11h 23m We enter Route 205

9d 11h 22m We then leave the Flower Shop

9d 11h 22m We enter the Flower shop

9d 11h 21m We enter Floaroma Town

9d 11h 19m We exit to the Path head on closer to Floaroma Town

9d 11h 17m We enter Ravage Path

9d 11h 14m We roll through Jubilife and enter Route 204

9d 11h 9m Back in Route 203

9d 11h 6m Now back in Sandgem Town

9d 11h 4m Now in Rt 201

9d 11h 3m Mom heals us! Checkpoint is also set to Twinleaf now

9d 11h 1m We enter our house

9d 10h 59m We enter Twinleaf Town

9d 10h 57m We surf to the otherside of the lake and then exit Lake Verity

9d 10h 54m Poison wears off Magnezone but its down to 1 HP, we also found TM 64 Hyper Fang

9d 10h 53m We land in a patch of Grass isolated from the exit of Lake Verity

9d 10h 51m Magnezone got poisoned while trying to enter the cave, down to 17/163 HP

9d 10h 51m We exit the cave

9d 10h 51m Rowan talks about stuff how Mesprit is a TriHard roamer. Fun stuff

9d 10h 50m We talk it it, it feels like Mesprit, it sounds like Mesprit, it disappears like Mesprit

9d 10h 48m We enter and see Mesprit

9d 10h 48m We finally land in front of the cave entrance

9d 10h 44m We overshoot badly with the ups and miss the cave, but found wild Nuzleaafs roaming in the water

[Info] Mesprit won't be randomized as a roaming Pokemon

9d 10h 42m We enter Lake Verity, home of "Mesprit"

9d 10h 41m We enter Verity Lakefront

[Snark] Don't forget to buy Pokedolls to throw at "Uxie"!

9d 10h 39m Now in the starting route, Route 201

[Correction] Sunyshore

9d 10h 38m We then leave the lab

9d 10h 38m Also Rowan asks to send Cynthia his number his regards

9d 10h 38m Also tells us to go to Sunnyshore Gym and challenge the Pokémon League

9d 10h 37m Rowan tells us about how the lake Pokémon returned to their lakes

9d 10h 37m We enter the Lab, Rowan says some stuff

9d 10h 35m Checkpoint at the Sandgem Pokémon Center

9d 10h 34m Now in Sandgem Town!

9d 10h 32m We enter Jubilife City

9d 10h 30m We traverse through Oreburgh Gate and enter Route 203

9d 10h 28m Now in Oreburgh City

9d 10h 27m We move onto Route 207

9d 10h 23m We enter Mt Coronet

9d 10h 21m We make it to Rt 208

9d 10h 19m Now in Hearthome City

9d 10h 13m Now in Rt 209

9d 10h 10m Donphan goes down to wild Ponyta

9d 10h 9m Now in Rt 210

9d 9h 59m We enter Route 215

9d 9h 55m still moving around Veilstone aimlessly

9d 9h 43m wondering around Veilstone right now

9d 9h 40m We go back inside the Game Corner then leave again

9d 9h 35m We leave the Game Corner

9d 9h 23m Down to 295 coins

9d 9h 20m We continue to gamble

9d 9h 15m We are down to 337 coins

9d 9h 2m We continue gambling. We currently have 371 coins to lose!

9d 8h 57m We play the slots!

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

9d 8h 54m We enter the Game Corner

9d 8h 52m We enter Veilstone City

9d 8h 49m We pick up 2 Cheri Berries!

9d 8h 41m We make our way to Veilstone slowly

9d 8h 33m We enter Route 214

9d 8h 32m We catch Vulpix ♀ Lv 28! Nickname: G MD000DT

9d 8h 28m We catch Gastly ♀ Lv 28! Nickname Not Given!

9d 8h 20m We try to go to Sunnyshore but a guy tells us that the power is out and we cannot continue on. Off to Sandgem it looks like

9d 8h 11m We found a Power Weight!

9d 8h 11m We found a TM15 Discharge!

9d 8h 7m We move along the area with Rock Climb to get some items

9d 8h 4m We try to enter the Seven Stars Restaurant but its closed. Need to comeback later

9d 8h 1m We exit the suite

9d 7h 59m We go inside, talk to the chick, and we get the White Flute

9d 7h 58m We give the Suite Key to the girl! She uses it to unlock her door to her suite and goes in!

9d 7h 55m We heal at the gatehouse!

9d 7h 53m We found the Suite Key!

9d 7h 47m We talk to some chick who has lost her key to her room

9d 7h 43m We enter Team Valor Lakefront

9d 7h 41m We enter Route 214

9d 7h 40m We exit Sendoff Spring and we enter the path to the spring east of Route 214, Spring Path

9d 7h 38m We traverse out of the Sendoff Spring by hitting more grass

9d 7h 34m Quagsire levels up to 51!

[Chat] Nkekev: korean linoone PogChamp

9d 7h 30m Nickname is KR

9d 7h 29m After another two balls we FINALLY catch a level 38 Female Linoone.

9d 7h 28m And another two on a different one (Great balls for this and last time)

9d 7h 25m Wasted another three Pokeballs on a wild Linoone.

9d 7h 23m A sandstorm KOed Magnezone!

9d 7h 21m Nickname is AMORQED ♂♀

9d 7h 21m We use a Great Ball and catch a level 39 Female Corphish!

9d 7h 20m Magnezone leveled up to 41!

9d 7h 18m We waste another five Great Balls on a different Linoone.

9d 7h 15m We use three Great Balls on Linoone, each failing.

9d 7h 12m Donphan faints to a wild Linoone!

9d 7h 10m It took two seconds for it not to evolve. Chat is furious.

9d 7h 9m Now that we're in Spring Path, we level Ponyta up to 63!

[Fluff] We still have time for that

[Snark] No Daycare drama or coma's this time around

9d 7h 7m We continue to use Dialga and Palkia cries to replicate our cries after the loss of our Giratina.

9d 7h 6m Now Rowan is worried about us so we have to go visit his lab.

9d 7h 6m Cynthia mentions some complementary emotions before telling us we can go home. We leap into a portal and return in a regular location!

9d 7h 5m Cyrus now proceeds to talk about bad emotions and how he will still make a new world.

[Fluff] But Cyrus blames us for "refusing to battle it" (aka, running).

9d 7h 4m According to Cynthia, it understood us. The plot proceeds like normal as if the beast who created the underworld didn't just flee from battle.

9d 7h 4m We send out Magnezone, who continues to use Encore. We use this opportunity to use some Great Balls BEFORE IT FLEES WITH TELEPORT!

9d 7h 3m After using Leer on us, it tries to use Encore. Maybe it has Last Resort as a move?

9d 7h 2m We immediately start trying to catch it with a Great Ball! It is enraged by this and almost OHKOs Donphan with Rage.

9d 7h 2m Yep, it's Giratina, not randomized.

9d 7h 1m It's Giratina time baby! It swoops in to battle us as we approach it on tiny platforms!

9d 7h 1m The up spam is real, but someone put in a left so we're walking into a wall vigorously.

9d 7h 0m Cynthia finally does something and heals our Pokemon!

9d 7h 0m He gives us a demotivational speech before Cynthia gives us a pretty deep speech.

9d 6h 59m We get Stomp'd some more, but after 3 Flash Cannons, Porygon-Z faints! WE HAVE DEFEATED CYRUS, WHO SUCKS AT CATCHING BUGS AND IS THE ULTIMATE PANSY!!

9d 6h 59m After 2 more Flash Cannons, we force Cyrus to use a Full Restore.

9d 6h 58m We switch to Flash Cannon eventually and bring it down to less than half health.

[Fluff] How is it stomping? It has no feet!

9d 6h 57m Despite the set-up, we're Stomp'd. We rinse and repeat our attacks, neither side doing quite too much damage.

9d 6h 57m We send out Sandslash. Our foe uses Sunny Day, and we use Needle Arm.

9d 6h 56m Against Porygon-Z. We've pushed him to an extreme, and so he dodges our attack and KOs Ponyta!

9d 6h 56m Magnitude 8 seems to do the job, and we're one mon away from a Pony Sweep.

9d 6h 56m Now we're facing off against Altaria! We OHKO it with ease. Another Altaria is sent out.

9d 6h 55m It hits use with Flame Wheel, and down to 11 HP, we use Magnitude 7. It OHKOs!

[Snark] So random

9d 6h 55m We use Magnitude 7 to OHKO it. Now we're against Gyarados!

9d 6h 55m We use Psybeam to almost KO him. Unfortunately, next turn he gets Full Restore'd.

9d 6h 54m We use Double Team to increase our evasion, but the Flamethrower still hits for decent damage.

9d 6h 54m Which fire is superior? Our foe's Flamethrower, which KOs Donphan in two hits! Go Ponyta!

9d 6h 53m We send out Donphan against Abomasnow. We both used Fire-based attacks.

9d 6h 53m Okay we talked to Cyrus and now we're battling Bug Catcher Pansy!

9d 6h 53m We're watching Cynthia and Cyrus bicker. We keep talking to Cynthia and she demands justice.

[Fluff] In the #twitchplayspokemon irc

9d 6h 32m We rolled a boulder into Mespirit's hole and it got pissed at us.

9d 6h 25m Cynthia keeps getting ahead of us but does fuck all to help us. Lazy champion ResidentSleeper.

9d 6h 24m As we do the boulder puzzle Uxie is chilling a level below.

9d 6h 22m We have Azelf who popped up from a hole, said hi, and then left.

9d 6h 20m We do the same exact thing, down and up.

9d 6h 19m And then we went up it immediately afterwards.

9d 6h 17m Upsidedown waterfalls are fun. :D

9d 6h 16m Another Giratina appearance!

9d 6h 13m We're about to go to the main boulder puzzles. Fun :D

9d 6h 2m We're navigating through weeds eww

9d 6h 0m Giratina just flew by, prompting chat to WutFace.

[Fluff] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxTFWVb2Vh8

9d 5h 52m We're still doing our navigation of the Dongstortion World.

[Info] USA, GB and Japan got the top 3 spots for 4x200M Freestyle Relay.

9d 5h 36m We progress to arbitrary point and Mespirit is like "Yo, let me circle around you and go down a hole. Peace!"


9d 5h 28m We try to board a platform in front of us but it disappears...

9d 5h 26m So after some more exposition and the dire need to return balance, he leaves. Noice.

9d 5h 26m He talks to use about our worlds and the chains of the two worlds balancing each other out. He interfered with the balance which brought Giratina here.

9d 5h 25m We see Cyrus, and we talk to him about his plan. He talks to us about genes and asks if we understand them. He's impressed.

9d 5h 13m We talk to Cynthia and she goes existentialist on us by asking a million questions.

9d 5h 10m We see Cynthia just hanging sideways.

9d 5h 8m We are navigating the puzzles quite well actually. Good job guys.

[Fluff] Watanabe got a new Olympic Record for Men's 200M Breaststroke! PogChamp

9d 5h 2m So yeah, welcome to the Dongstortion World! We go down an elevator with Cynthia. And then she questions the relativity of directions.

9d 5h 1m Giratina flies past us which causes us to go Metal Gear with Exclamation Marks above our head. Cynthia says we have to stop this quick and then runs ahead, leaving us to ourselves.

9d 5h 0m Cynthia goes on about how she jut gound out she just found out about Giratina and pushes us in with her to the Dongstortion World.

9d 4h 59m Welp after that mishap Cynthia comes to our side, shocked at what happened. The circles go in the holes the lack of Giratina created. Swish!

9d 4h 58m Now Cyrus is talking to us on the small screen and feels something is wrong. Out pops a Giratina, waiting to consume him. He got ink all over DansGame.


9d 4h 57m Oh man, he wants to create a new world. But suddenly, the spirits of the sea (3 Spirits) come to glow in coloured circles and rotate in a circle!

9d 4h 56m Cyrus is talking plot and uses his Red Chain which have a hold on Dialga and Palkia. Basically this retains their power that would have been somewhat lost if they were contained to Pokeballs.

9d 4h 56m Pearl humbly boasts, heals us, and tells us to face Cyrus as he runs away.

9d 4h 55m We use Double Team to evade, but Luxray's Magic Leaf KOs Rapidash. We defeated the Team Galactic Admins!

9d 4h 55m We're hit with an Octazooka, and Luxray uses Magic Leaf to KO Metang.

9d 4h 54m We send out Ponyta and our foes send out Rapidash and Metang. We start with a Magnitude 6.

9d 4h 54m Quagsire uses Surf to KO Heracross and Metang! But it faints to poison it had earlier.

9d 4h 53m Pearl's Bronzong faints to a Hydro Pump! He replaces it with Luxray.

9d 4h 53m Now against Heracross, it uses Aerial Ace and almost KOs Bronzong. We use Strength and Heat Wave to decent damage.

9d 4h 52m Bronzong uses Heat Wave and Quagsire gets hurt by Whirlpool.

9d 4h 52m Metang hits Magnezone and KOs it! We send out Quagsire, who immediately uses Strength to KO Chikorita.

9d 4h 51m Pearl's Lickitung faints to Chikorita! He sends out Bronzong and Jupiter sends out Metang.

9d 4h 51m We use Wood Hammer and get hit with Earth Power and Aqua Jet. Both of our mons are down to no health. We use Seed Bomb and KO Grimer.

9d 4h 50m We send out Magnezone and Lickitung against Grimer and Chikorita!

9d 4h 50m Jupiter and Co. confronts us and Pearl comes in. After getting harassed, we fight!

9d 4h 49m Welp now that we defeated those Team Galactic members, it's time for the main event.

9d 4h 49m Against Mareep! We use Flash Cannon to OHKO it. Defeated the Bosses!

9d 4h 48m We send out Sandslash. We Surf, which crits and KOs Ekans and Voltorb.

9d 4h 48m We use Rock Smash and Strength. But we use Strength on Pachi. An enemy Payback KOs Pachi!

9d 4h 47m Quagsire gets poisoned! We send out Pachi and our foe sends out Ekans.

9d 4h 47m Donphan uses Sky Attack and Quagsire uses Surf. It actually KOs Donphan! And Doduo.

9d 4h 46m We swap Magnezone with Quagsire, and Donphan gets hit with Steel Wing and Air Slash. It almost faints.

9d 4h 46m Fighting Boss Stacey and Kimberly! We send out Donphan and Magnezone against Doduo and Voltorb.

9d 4h 46m Back on Spear Pillar! We actually have 2+ Mon this time.

9d 4h 34m Anyways back to Pokemon we're navigating caves and snowy mountains.

[Fluff] Michael Phelps got the Gold at the 200M Butterfly! *fist pump*

[Fluff] And if you're wondering why I'm so fixated on Swimming during the Olympics, it's for stuff like this: http://i.imgur.com/9eUGVk7.png. It can be so close sometimes, like 3rd place is literally a tie, 2nd place is ahead by .01 seconds and fifth is .04 behind. SO MUCH TENSION!!!

9d 4h 27m Donphan grew to level 41!

9d 4h 25m We OHKO it and defeat Malcolm.

9d 4h 24m Fighting Boss Malcolm! We send out Donphan against Swellow!

[Fluff] Katie Ledecky just barely won the 200M Women's Freestyle! And she was only a tenth of a second off Olympic Record.

9d 4h 18m We're back at Looker. He certainly fits the name by looking at a wall.

9d 4h 16m We got across it and went back into anarchy.

9d 4h 16m We keep trying to cross the ledge but get interrupted by wild battles.

9d 4h 13m We encounter Helix in Democracy. This is hilarious.

9d 4h 13m [D] Back in Democracy!

9d 3h 58m We found an Electrizer!

9d 3h 55m And we're back in Anarchy. We did some precise boulder movements while in Demo.

9d 3h 41m [D] We've started democracy!

9d 3h 40m Used our Ultra Ball to catch a level 17 Male Psyduck! No nickname.

9d 3h 33m In Mt. Coronet!

9d 3h 28m On Route 208.

[Anime] RHY3756547: this isnt an anime its a twitch chat

9d 3h 17m Eventually we left the park.

[Fluff] I'm totally trying to keep us in the park long enough so we can do Demo OpieOP

9d 3h 3m We're out here with Pachi. 😄

9d 3h 1m In Amity Square.

[Chat] Beatboxlafromage: watermelon, grassmelon, firemelon, rockmelon, groundmelon, electricmelon, flyingmelon, normalmelon, fightingmelon, darkmelon, psychicmelon, fairymelon, dragonmelon, ghostmelon, icemelon, steelmelon, poisonmelon and bugmelon the elemelons PogChamp

9d 2h 47m Back outside. I think if we just used Dome as a bowl it would have produced better results.

[Snark] So, does that mean if we had used Democracy for the Poffin mixing, things would have come out better?

9d 2h 44m We were going to say Machoke in response to our Poffin, then Ahh, then Kabuto. All three of these are respectable answers, but we went with the last one. They'll be featuring it in an upcoming program.


9d 2h 44m Now we're doing an interview. Hooray!

9d 2h 42m Now we're trying to cook berries in a group. Then we rejected that idea and tried to leave.

[Chat] luisalbertoespiritu: We are like Gordon Ramsey PogChamp

9d 2h 41m And again. The last one was a Pecha, this time Aspear Berry.

[Chat] The_Chef1337: You guys are a disgrace to my blender FailFish

9d 2h 39m We did the exact same thing! Yay more foul poffins!

9d 2h 37m It took us a minute, but after 19 burns we made a Foul Poffin!

9d 2h 36m It's telling us to stir it or else it will burn, but we're not really getting the hang of it.

9d 2h 36m We're in the berry cooking house, and decide to make a Poffin with a Pecha Berry! Minigame time!

9d 2h 29m Back outside in Hearthome City.

9d 2h 27m We finish it off with buying 5 Hyper Potions.

9d 2h 27m And a Great Ball and Ultra Ball!

9d 2h 25m We also buy a Potion!

9d 2h 24m We buy a Pokeball!

9d 2h 19m We were talking with the cashier for a second but to run from her.

9d 2h 13m In a Pokemart.

9d 2h 10m Roaming the city.

9d 2h 7m We waste a Great Ball on a Totodile before it KOs Ponyta! Black out!

9d 2h 5m Ponyta levels up to 62! And it doesn't evolve.

9d 2h 4m A Poke Ball and two Great Balls wasted on a wild Grovyle.

9d 2h 3m We we originally co-ordinating for bag usage, but upon seeing that we had no revives we went anarchy and now we're trying to die.

[Fluff] Well you guys co-ordinate I'm going to have some dinner (while watching). Hopefully I can time it so Dialga Queen gives me some ice cream for desert. :D

[Info] We have 297 Pokeballs and 29 Great Balls.


9d 1h 57m Aw fuck we have to do a double battle with Galatic Grunts but we only have one mon left.


[Info] Ponyta has 37/184 health.

9d 1h 56m We waste two Pokeballs on a wild Growlithe.

9d 1h 55m Now it's Furret. Another Gust, another death, another defeated Boss.

9d 1h 54m Against Dratini now. We use Gust again for a very similar result.

9d 1h 54m We throw a Great Ball and it uses Facade. Finally we use Gust, which OHKOs it.

9d 1h 54m We try using Magnitude, but Sudo is Flying-type. We get hit with Air Slash.

9d 1h 53m Nope, there are more trainers. Fighting Boss Jessica. We send out Ponyta against Sudowoodo.

9d 1h 52m Against Mightyena, we do the same and OHKO. Defeated Jacqueline.

9d 1h 52m Okay, next Boss (Jacqueline). We send out Ponyta against Skorupi. We OHKO it with Psybeam.

9d 1h 51m Against Squirtle now, it uses Aqua Jet and we use Gust. OHKO, defeated Tristian.

9d 1h 51m We throw a ball for our first move and get Hydro Pump'd. We use Magnitude 8 and OHKO Grimer.

9d 1h 50m Fighting Boss Tristian! We send out Ponyta against Grimer!

9d 1h 49m Luckily we're what I think is at the stairs to Spear Pillar (or the stairs before those stairs), we might be able to make it, but we have two more battles first.

9d 1h 45m Wasted a Great Ball on a wild Gorebyss before it KOed Sandslash! Only Ponyta remains.

9d 1h 40m Found a Luck Incense!

[Fluff] Or 180° or 1/2τ. Just don't say it's 22/7 or I'll shoot you.

9d 1h 35m Against Arbok. Our Flash Cannon doesn't OHKO, instead it 2HKOs. We get hit by a crit Knock Off in-between. Defeated π

[Fluff] Okay, guess what Giratina is going to be. I'll give you the answer later.

[Fluff] Maybe I should have let you guys guess first before I answered them.

9d 1h 34m Guess what move we use? Flash Cannon. Guess what % damage it does? 100%.

9d 1h 34m Fighting Boss Pi! We send out Sandslash against Farfetch'd!1

9d 1h 32m Against Sandshrew now. FLASH CANNON!!! Defeated Kristine.

9d 1h 31m Against Venomoth now. It uses Rolling Kick to decently damage us, but we use Flash Cannon to damage it 100%. Sandslash grew to level 53!

9d 1h 30m We use Flash Cannon to OHKO it.

9d 1h 30m Fighting Boss Kristine. We send out Sandslash against Chikorita!

9d 1h 29m Wasted a Great Ball against a wild Weepinbell.

9d 1h 27m Nickname is OGE

9d 1h 26m One Great Ball caught a Male Level 40 Poliwhirl!

9d 1h 20m Pachi faints against a wild Xatu!

9d 1h 17m Apparently we aren't so close to the top yet. Currently "outside" of Mt. Coronet.

9d 1h 14m We use Surf twice to quickly dispose of the mon. Defeated Anne!

9d 1h 14m Fighting Boss Anne! (Team Galactic member) We send out Pachi against Magnemite!

9d 1h 13m We waste a Great Ball on a Granbull!

9d 1h 12m We're just at the stairs before Spear Pillar running into many mon.

[Fluff] This is probably not the best time to update and make food, but I'll do it anyways!

9d 1h 9m We're trying to go into a doorway but we're struggling.

9d 1h 6m Looker gives us the Black Flute!

9d 1h 5m We run into Looker, who explains plot. Also he jokes about battling us but our character just gives no reaction.

9d 1h 1m Quagsire faints to a wild Shelgon!

9d 0h 55m Chat is just spamming Kricketune's voice so much that it doesn't even get to the woop.

9d 0h 51m Magnezone fainted against a wild Shelgon!

9d 0h 44m Caught Kricketune! Level 39 and male. No Nickname

9d 0h 43m Caught Granbull, level 37 and male. 'Nickname: 08'

8d 23h 56m We jump off the ledge again and return to the start.

8d 23h 48m Jumped the ledge again.

8d 23h 45m 1,000,000th input hype!!!

8d 23h 31m Jumped off ledge again.

8d 23h 28m Another Potion used on our poor frozen Donphan.

8d 23h 22m We fall down a ledge, resetting our progress.

8d 23h 8m Entered Mt. Coronet.

8d 23h 4m Another potion used We run away.

8d 23h 3m We toss Great Balls at a wild Mightyena. We also use a Potion on Donphan. Donphan then gets frozen solid.

8d 23h 2m We continue to lob Great Balls at the Shelgon. They don't work. We eventually run away.

8d 23h 1m Tossed a Great Ball at a wild Shelgon. It failed. A second Great Ball fails as well.

8d 22h 58m Great Ball tossed at wild Weedle. Caught Weedle! Level 18 and female! No nickname.

8d 22h 57m We went west, onto Route 208.

8d 22h 54m At Hearthome City.

8d 22h 52m Great Ball tossed at wild Stunky. Caught Stunky! Level 29 and male! Nickname: "".

8d 22h We head south onto Route 209.

8d 22h 45m Anarchy enabled.

8d 22h 45m Magnezone gets moved second and Pachirisu is now 4th.

8d 22h 44m We set the text speed to fast and swap our party members around. Donphan is now 1st and Sandslash is 5th.

8d 22h 39m Left the daycare.

8d 22h 38m Ponyta withdrawn from Daycare.

8d 22h 36m Donphan withdrawn from Daycare.

8d 22h 34m Ponyta deposited in Daycare.

8d 22h 31m Returned to the daycare.

[Info] Democracy enabled

[Info] Pony got poisoned

8d 22h 24m We leave the daycare

8d 22h 23m We withdraw Magnezone but deposit Donphan

8d 22h 13m We deposit Magnezone

8d 22h 13m We finally withdraw Quagsire and Donphan back

8d 21h 53m Back in the Day Care. We're messing around with the party.

8d 21h 51m We've escaped the Day Care.

8d 21h 45m Oh, we managed to move the party around. The new order is: Donphan, Mangezone, Ponyta, Sandslash. Pachirisu and Quagsire are still in the day care.

8d 21h 42m We save the game another four times so we don't lose all that insane progress. We're only a half-hour above 200, in case anyone wants to know.

8d 21h 41m We save the game.

8d 21h 36m We read a letter we sent to ourselves. It says: "Hello! ABRA!". Awww.

8d 21h 34m Booted up the PC! But since everyone has mail, no one panics.

8d 21h 33m Deposited Quagsire in the Day Care

8d 21h 30m Deposited Pachirisu in the Day Care! The goal was to put in Donphan and Sandslash so they could "bond in friendship", as the sign innocently puts it.

8d 21h 30m ....and withdrew Donphan Sandslash in the Day Care!

8d 21h 29m Deposited Donphan and Sandslash in the Day Care!!

8d 21h 29m We enter the Day Care.

8d 21h 27m We're in Solaceon Town.

8d 21h 20m Magnezone is 2FAST4YOU, as it takes down Stunky.

8d 21h 19m We send in Stunky, who freshens the place up before taking some muddy water in the face. Or... eye. Do Magnezone have faces? ...Whatever.

8d 21h 18m We surf again and come across a level 25 Stunky in the water. It knocks out Donphan with Aqua Tail!

8d 21h 15m We surf across a small body of water, because crossing bridges is for plebs.

8d 21h 14m We head east, to Route 209.

8d 21h 10m Back in Hearthome City.

8d 21h 2m We've left the mansion.

8d 20h 57m Joey's level 33 Pikachu is defeated in one hit! So we don't get the targeted number of turns, but we still walk away with ₽5804 in our pockets.

8d 20h 57m We've used seven turns out of nine. Time for Rich Girl #5.......... Joey.

8d 20h 55m Landon is #4, with a level 31 Koffing. Fire Punch can't knock it out due to its Dragon-type, but it can't withstand a second.

8d 20h 54m Maid Rich Girl #3 is Rachel, with a level 29 Eevee. Donphan knocks it out in one hit with Fire Punch and rises to level 40! Rachel defeated!

8d 20h 54m Donphan takes the Machop down with Gust, the maid compliments our super strength.

8d 20h 53m Donphan misses a Fire Punch and takes small damage from Punishment. The second punch hits, but doesn't KO as Machop hits back with Crunch.

8d 20h 52m The second Maid Rich Girl is Robin, with a level 27 Machop. This one has the Drizzle ability.

8d 20h 52m Entered a battle with Rich Girl Jill! She has a Pikachu. Donphan makes quick work of it with a NVE Fire Punch.

8d 20h 51m We're in the mansion on the route. The plan is to grind on the Sakuyas. Or the Rems. Whatever maiden reference you prefer.

8d 20h 41m We head south, to Route 212.

[Snark] They're right, btw.

8d 20h 38m Progress has slowed to a crawl, as the chat has collectively decided that poking Porygon is a more exciting adventure.

8d 20h 36m Porygon in the Poketch seems rather excited about our shopping spree.

8d 20h 35m We buy 2 more Poké Balls! We literally have ₽4 left.

8d 20h 34m Add another 98 Poké Balls to that, along with 48 Great Balls. and another premier ball

8d 20h 33m We bought 100 Poké Balls (and a premier ball Kappa)

8d 20h 28m We're back in Hearthome City.

8d 20h 26m We throw a couple Poké Balls at a wild Shelgon, but to no avail. It attacks us back, knocking out Magnezone! BLACKOUT!

[Info] Magnezone is down to 36 hp and is our only non ded mon

8d 20h 22m nickname is 00(face) im not sure what the face is

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 20h 21m one more Poké Ball thrown CAUGHT OMANYTE WATER TYPEP MALE LV36 PRAISE HELIX

8d 20h 21m another thrown, no catch. 109 remaining by the way.

8d 20h 20m another thrown no catch.

8d 20h 20m threw another one but nothing

8d 20h 20m Poké Ball thrown at helix but no catch

8d 20h 18m magnezone is the only one left alive (inb4 rip)

8d 20h 18m [rip] helix knocked out ponyta ripperino

8d 20h 17m threw another ball no luck

8d 20h 17m we threw a Poké Ball at wild helix but it broke out

8d 20h 16m back in anarchy and back into the other area of the cave

8d 20h 12m we also wandered back into the previous room (near the ledge)

8d 20h 12m we're in democracy mode

8d 20h 7m we used an ether and a potion on ponyta

8d 20h 2m Found a Toxic Plate

8d 20h 2m [rip] quagsire fainted ripperino

[Info] our party right now is:

donphan (fainted), sandslash (fainted), pachirisu (fainted), quagsire, ponyta, magnezone.

8d 19h 56m [rip] Pachirisu fainted to the burn ripperino

8d 19h 54m we ran away

8d 19h 53m threw a Poké Ball at wild helix but it broke out.

[Info] looked away for a minute, looks like Pachirisu is burned.

8d 19h 51m found another helix

8d 19h 47m sandslash fainted to a wild kricketune. the next party member in front is pachirisu

8d 19h 46m we ran away

8d 19h 45m Poké Ball used again. shook a few times but still broke out.

8d 19h 45m used another ball and broke out again

8d 19h 44m another Poké Ball used, another time shelgon breaks free.

8d 19h 44m another Poké Ball used but again broke free

8d 19h 43m Poké Ball used on shelgon but it broke free

8d 19h 43m sandslash was frozen while fighting a wild shelgon

8d 19h 42m ran from helix again

8d 19h 41m found another helix.

8d 19h 40m ran from helix

8d 19h 40m wild omanyte appeared praise helix

8d 19h 39m Ran from the wild Kricketune. Our front most non-fainted party member is Sandslash.

8d 19h 37m Magnezone sent out.

8d 19h 35m [rip] used a potion on donphan but then donphan fainted to a wild kricketune ripperino

8d 19h 33m we entered the next area up the stairs

8d 19h 32m back in anarchy mode

8d 19h 29m we made it up the rock climb wall

8d 19h 27m Near the ledge in democracy.

[Fluff] wait4baba

8d 19h 25m Democracy mode is enabled

8d 19h 21m Donphan is down to red health from fighting the wild Pokémon around here

8d 19h 14m Still no luck on the ledge.

8d 19h 3m still no ledge progress.

8d 19h 3m Donphan leveled up to 39

8d 18h 56m and back in we go

8d 18h 56m no luck with the ledge yet. we just walked outside.

8d 18h 48m We fall down this ledge for the first time in 2 years...

8d 18h 46m We reach Platinum's Ledge_0f_d00m

8d 18h 44m We find a Focus Band

[Fluff] Praise Master Chingling

8d 18h 39m Caught a male Lv. 18 Chingling with the MASTERBALL! Ice/ Steel type, no name

8d 18h 33m We enter Mt. Coronet

8d 18h 27m We leave and head for Mt. Coronet

8d 18h 21m We checkpoint and heal

8d 18h 17m We enter Hearthome City

8d 18h 11m We enter Solaceon town

8d 18h 1m We leave Veilstone and head for Mt. Coronet

8d 17h 46m We leave the building using the fast teleporter

8d 17h 41m We leave the room

8d 17h 37m Saturn disappears and we free the Pixies, Charon stands there doing nothing

8d 17h 35m We send in Pony to Magnitude 7 and Lazy Wayne defeated

8d 17h 35m We send in Pachirisu vs Leafeon, we use Surf and it uses Sludge, We Surf again and it uses another Sludge to take Pachi out

8d 17h 34m Donphan uses Fire Punch to also OHKO Elektrike

8d 17h 33m Donphan Misses Fire Piunch takes a Flash Cannon the OHKO's Sandslash with Fire Punch

8d 17h 32m Vs Saturn Lazy Wayne

8d 17h 27m We enter Saturn's room again

8d 17h 16m We find an Elixir

8d 17h 14m We find a Razor Fang

8d 17h 3m We go to the Galactic building again

8d 16h 54m Stream is up again

8d 16h 53m Stream is down

8d 16h 49m We heal again just to be sure

8d 16h 48m Leafeon uses Sludge to beat Magnezone, blackout

8d 16h 46m He sends in Leafeon and we use Magnitude 6, it uses Leaf Storm and Ponyta faints, but its now level 61 from Elektrike

8d 16h 45m He sends in Elektrike and we use Gust to OHKO it

8d 16h 45m We send in OPonyta to use Magnitude 5 and it Leaf Storm's again, we now use Magnitude 8 and beat it

8d 16h 43m Quagsire vs his Sandslash, we use Surf and he uses Leaf Storm to take us out

8d 16h 43m Vs saturn Lazy Wayne

8d 16h 42m We see Saturn and Charon with the Three legendary pixies trapped

8d 16h 39m We find a Draco Plate

8d 16h 36m He gives us a Masterball

8d 16h 36m We send in Quagsire to Surf and we win! vs Cyrus/Pansy

8d 16h 34m He heals with Full Restore and we Surf, We then use Rock Smash and take it to yellow health, Heat wave takes Pachi out

8d 16h 34m We switch to Pachirisu and use Rock Smash on Porygon2, it uses Fire Punch, we then use Surf to take it to red hp and it uses Magma Storm and misses

8d 16h 33m He sends in Dewgong to Surf andand We Surf it and OHKO, [Info] his theme is fire type team

8d 16h 32m We use Clamp and it uses Toxic to poison us, and he heals with Hyper Potion, we then use Surf to take Magcargo out

[Info] Bugcatcher Pansy is his title

8d 16h 31m Vs Pansy, Magcargo vs Sandlash, he Flamethrowers and OHKO's Sandslash

8d 16h 29m We talk to Cyrus

8d 16h 23m We find a hidden Dive Ball around the bed

8d 16h 16m Magnezone beats up the 2nd Shedinja and another Magnemite

8d 16h 16m Donphan faints to Shedinja but thankfully we have Magnezones Force Palm to beat its wonder guard dark typing

[Snark] Sleeping in the enemy's base TriHard...

8d 16h 6m They all leave and Looker leaves too, We heal on a bed

8d 16h 3m Cyrus is giving a speech right now

8d 16h 3m We some to the hall of Speech and see Looker spying on all of the galactics

[Snark] 'Randomized'

8d 15h 52m We find Shoal Shell

8d 15h 51m We find a hidden Shoal Salt

8d 15h 48m We find a Fresh Water

8d 15h 43m Pachirisu is now level 49 by beating a grunt

8d 15h 40m We finally open the door

8d 15h 36m We enter the Galactic main building

8d 15h 14m We get the Galactic Key

8d 15h 11m We find TM41 Tackle

8d 15h 8m Grunt's Kadabra uses Fire Punch to KO Sanslash

8d 14h 48m Quagsire levels up to 49 by beating it

8d 14h 46m Donphan faints to a Grunt's Corsola

8d 14h 38m We find TM28 Barrage

8d 14h 36m Donphan beats up another grunt

8d 14h 28m We find a nugget

8d 14h 27m Donphan beats a grunt's grass/ground Manectric with Fire Punch

8d 14h 23m We find a Calcium

8d 14h 23m Looker uses the Storage Key to open the lock

8d 14h 22m We enter the Galactic basement

8d 14h 16m We Rock Climb in Veilstone and find a Leaf Stone

8d 14h 3m When we talk to Looker again his theme comes out every time

8d 14h 0m We see a grunt run away from us and Looker comes and talks to us

8d 13h 54m We heal

8d 13h 51m We enter Veilstone

8d 13h 38m We head to Veilstone

8d 13h 27m We use a Hyper Potion to Sandslash in battle

[Snark] Not the Water Stone we want

8d 13h 19m We do it and pick up the item which turned out to be a Miracle Seed

8d 13h 15m We just did it again

8d 13h 8m We try to get this item but we keep overshooting down and going down the ledge

8d 12h 38m Donphan down

8d 12h 35m Then we go outside.

8d 12h 33m We talk to her, she is the one who teaches Draco Meteor, but nobody in our party can learn it

[Chat] Roamingdream: Wilma? Flinstones? Kappa

8d 12h 31m Entered a house, there is an Old Lady here

8d 12h 30m Trainer defeated

8d 12h 29m Donphan to 37

8d 12h 28m Might not have been. Idk. Anyway, fighting Dancer Veronica who isnt actually a gym leader. Donphan against Cherubi, must have healed recently.

8d 12h 24m On Foggy ol Route 210

8d 12h 20m Now in Celestic.

8d 12h 10m Got tm37 Vine Whip

8d 12h 8m Trainer defeated.

8d 12h 6m It wants to learn the move Magical Leaf. Does not learn it.

8d 12h 6m Sandslash to 52

8d 12h 5m Versus Ninja Rich Kid Mark, Voltorb against Sandslash.

8d 12h 4m Outside on Route 211.

8d 11h 56m C h a n g e d t e x t s p e e d t o s l o w .

8d 11h 47m In a very foggy room with water. I think this'd be the place where Feebas would be found in original Platinum?

8d 11h 41m Entered Mt. Coronet

8d 11h 31m Trainer defeated.

8d 11h 29m Another one! Sandslash is in front, actually. It's fighting Anorith.

8d 11h 27m Trainer defeated.

8d 11h 24m Donphan against Smeargle. Donphan down to Hail damage. Pachirisu next. Now Pachi is fighting Smoochum.

8d 11h 22m Spearow down, trainer defeated. And another one we are battling.

8d 11h 21m Numel down, Spearow sent in.

8d 11h 19m Oh we're versus another one. Numel against Donphan

8d 11h 17m Versus a Trainer, Nidorina against Donphan.

8d 11h 8m Defeated the trainer, found an X Defend

8d 11h 7m Versus Ninja Rich Kid Kate, Zangoose versus Quagsire

8d 10h 59m Out of the Lake area.

8d 10h 57m Nothing was inside it, so we left the cave.

8d 10h 52m In the island in the middle of the lake.

8d 10h 48m Pachirisu down

8d 10h 46m Sandslash down

8d 10h 41m Got TM33 Dizzy Punch

8d 10h 38m Donphan down to a wild Arbok

8d 10h 37m Donphan to 36

8d 10h 36m Landed on what looks like the other shore, with grass.

8d 10h 33m Surfing on Pachirisu.

[Fluff] Sorry, Lazy Pearl. I think.

8d 10h 32m It's one-of-the-Galactic-admins talking to Barry. Then she walks off and talks to us before she leaves the area.

8d 10h 32m We're at the Lake area whichever one this is I am not sure.

8d 10h 30m Got an Ether

8d 10h 28m Back onto the snowy grassy route just outside Snowpoint.

8d 10h 24m Healed

[Info] RockClimb has 20 PP, Physical attack, has 35 BP, and has 65% accuracy

8d 10h 16m We learn Rock Climb over Futursight on Sandslash!

8d 10h 6m We seem to be ready to teach Rock Climb to someone

8d 9h 59m We exit the gym

8d 9h 58m We get the Icicle Badge and we get TM 72 Hyper Voice

8d 9h 57m We use another Magnitude! Staraptor down! Candience Defeated!

8d 9h 57m We use Magnitude 4, does a bit of damage

8d 9h 57m We bring in Ponyta!

8d 9h 55m Staraptor KO's Pachirisu!

8d 9h 54m Staraptor (Rock/Flying) is sent out! We switch to Pachirisu!

8d 9h 53m Ponyta continues to use Gust! Claydol goes down!

8d 9h 52m Claydol is sent out!

8d 9h 52m Ponyta uses gust to KO EMpoleon!

8d 9h 52m Ponyta is sent out!

8d 9h 52m Empoleon avoids a Bubble Attack, uses Luster Purge to KO Quagsire!

8d 9h 51m Quagsire is sent out!

8d 9h 50m Empoleon uses Luster Purge to KO Sandslash

8d 9h 50m Empoleon is sent out!

8d 9h 50m Flash Cannon OKHO's Dragonair!

8d 9h 49m **vs Dancer Stacey (Candience!) ITs dragonair vs Sandslash!

8d 9h 33m Sandslash to Lv 51 after defeating Breloom! Trainer defeated!

8d 9h 32m vs Fisher Kristine! ITs Breloom vs Sandslash!

8d 9h 24m vs another trainer! Its Claydol (Psychic) vs Sandslash! We take down Claydol! Trainer defeated!

8d 9h 20m Sandslash KO's Breloom with Flash Cannon! Cristiano defeated!

8d 9h 19m We switch into Sandslash

8d 9h 18m Pachirisu takes down Piplup! Breloom is sent out!

8d 9h 17m Donphan goes down! Pachirisu sent out!

8d 9h 16m vs Fisher Christiano x2! Donphan vs Piplup!

8d 9h 13m We return back into the gym. The puzzle has been reset

8d 9h 12m We are back outside

8d 9h 11m We return back to the Snowpoint Pokémon Center

8d 9h 10m Breloom KO's Magnezone with 2 hits! Blacked OUT

8d 9h 9m Magnezone is sent out!

8d 9h 9m Breloom OHKO's Ponyta with a Aqua Jet

8d 9h 8m Ponyta KO's Piplup! Breeloom (Water/Psychic) is sent out!

8d 9h 8m vs Fisher Christiano! Its Piplup (Psychic) vs Ponyta!

8d 9h 5m We enter the Snowpoint Gym!

8d 9h 0m We finally make it to Snowpoint City!

8d 8h 58m lol formatting. We're still making our way to Snowpoint very slowly

8d 8h 57m Remember folksA Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this [Y] button for instant use.

8d 8h 53m 3000 years later and we finally enter Acuity Lakefront

8d 8h 47m Ponyta to Lv 60! No Evolution!

8d 8h 35m Quagsire goes down

8d 8h 25m Pachirisu down

8d 8h 25m Sandslash down

8d 8h 8m We get the Spell Tag from a woman in a house

8d 7h 57m We enter the blizzard of Route 217

8d 7h 54m Donphan goes down

8d 7h 45m Magnezone to Lv 40! Learns Sweet Scent over Bind

8d 7h 44m Donphan to Lv 35!

8d 7h 40m We heal in bed at the lodge

8d 7h 29m Sandslash to Lv 49

8d 7h 26m Quagsire to Lv 48! Learns Bubble over Hydro Cannon, Did not learn Hydro Pump

8d 7h 24m Donphan goes down

8d 7h 22m Magnezone down

8d 7h 13m We heal at the lodge again

8d 7h 1m Quagsire Down

8d 6h 52m Sandslash down

8d 6h 51m We return to grinding

8d 6h 39m Sandslash to Lv 48

8d 6h 31m Sandslash KO's Rhydon! Jill defeated!

8d 6h 31m Battle of the Flash Cannon begins as each Pokémon trade attack between eachother

8d 6h 30m We switch into Sandslash

8d 6h 29m Rhydon KO's Magnezone!

8d 6h 28m Magnezone is sent out! Has a hard time battling Rhydon

8d 6h 28m Ludicolo all though gets KO'd due to Hail! Fisher Jill sends out Rhydon (Steel)

8d 6h 27m PAchirisu falls to Ludicolo's Iron Head

8d 6h 26m vs Trainer! Donphan falls to Ludicolo in one Iron Head attack!

8d 6h 19m We give Donphan Bloom Mail!

8d 6h 17m We use a chesto berry to wake up Donphan

8d 6h 16m We do some item shenanigans! Donphan now switching between holding the Red and Blue flutes

8d 5h 57m Donphan continues to grind on the wild Pokémon in the area. Donphan also retains its mono-fire typing

8d 5h 55m Donphan is also ♀

[Info] Donphan's ability is Anger Point

8d 5h 54m Porygon levels up to Lv 34, learns Fire Punch over DrillPeck, Porygon evolves into to Donphan

8d 5h 49m We healed again

8d 5h 27m Still grinding a bit

8d 5h 19m We heal again

8d 5h 7m Pachirisu to Lv 48

8d 5h 1m We go outside, continue the grind

8d 4h 58m We heal at the lodge!!

[Meta] Well, good luck with Bidoof Porygon! Presumably the servers in this region can't keep up, so I have to end my updating session. Kindly wait4nextupdater.

8d 4h 48m Back in Anarchy and out in the snow.

8d 4h 47m [D] Seems that we gave Up-Grade to Porygon, but I was distracted so I can't verify...

8d 4h 43m [D] Cursor hovering on Up-Grade in Item bag.

[Fluff] Seems that Reddit Live is also playing democracy on me. Kept throwing out server errors....

[Chat] xhodocto385: bidoof became digital computronium MingLee

8d 4h 35m Somehow in Democracy mode!

[Chat] Aissurtievos: did it take you guys like 3+ hours to level bidoof up lol?

8d 4h 31m Healed, again.

8d 4h 29m Seeked Sought refuge in the lodge, again.

8d 4h 28m That didn't help much. Porygon is down from its nightmare.

8d 4h 26m Seemed to use Moomoo Milk on Porygon, fully healed although still sleeping.

8d 4h 23m Caught a ♂ Lv. 32 Ledyba! No nickname.

8d 4h 20m A wild Ledyba kindly put our Porygon to sleep... <3

8d 4h 19m Shall we test the "huge power" ability on a wild mon?

[Info] It lost its Flying type, though.

8d 4h 16m Contrary to popular belief, it evolved into Porygon!

8d 4h 16m Bidoof grew to Level 33, and...

8d 4h 13m Quagsire can't take it, it's down!

[Info] Flaaffy is Poison/Ice type. OP, it is.

[Chat] FaisLittleWhiteRaven: A frisky Sheep

icartus15: its frisked bidof , and it felt dirty OneHand

8d 4h 10m Ran away from a wild Flaaffy in the snow.

[Chat] 1in256Miss: Nkekev PogChamp

8d 4h 7m That Hyper Beam effect by the wild Ledyba though...

[Info] Party order now: Bidoof32, Sandslash47, Pachirisu47, Quagsire47, Ponyta59, Magnezone39.

8d 3h 58m Welp, Revo's favourite Magnezone fainted!

8d 3h 53m I believe, as with the last time I was updating, this is an operation to grind for evolution. It's Bidoof this round, instead of Nosepass.

[Chat] mothsphere: is this our starter bidoof? i don't remember it's name


8d 3h 49m It's interesting to see how even handed both Magnezone and that wild Solrock are, even though our Magnezone is several levels higher. Types matter.

[Chat] WingedOneTaro: TPP plays interior design DansGame Keepo

[Chat] You don't want to know their critical reviews of that particular lodge. Trust me.

8d 3h 41m Healed in the lodge.

8d 3h 38m Caught a ♂♀? Lv. 3x Drifloon! Nickname: A

Sorry, wasn't paying too much attention.

[Fluff] ༼ >◕_◕ ༽> And yes, hail continues to fall. Angled hands are better. <༼ ◕_◕< ༽

[Snark] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ IT STARTED TO HAIL! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

[Chat] "Pokémon Sun confirmed WutFace Kappa"

"this is what we call...a sunburn DatSheffy"

8d 3h 29m Bidoof is down from a wild Solrock! (in the snow?)

8d 3h 27m We make up our mind and head to the cold snow of route 216 once more

8d 3h 26m We leave the lodge for a short time before deciding it was too soon to face the raging snowstorm on route 216 again

8d 3h 24m Now watching TV

8d 3h 22m Healed our team

8d 3h 20m We enter the Snowbound Lodge

8d 3h 16m Ponyta to lv.59, we cancel the evolution!

8d 3h 13m Pachi faints to another wild solrock

8d 3h 12m We end up just killing the rock

8d 3h 11m Another PokéBall thrown at it, but to no avail

8d 3h 11m Threw a pokeball at a Solrock but it failed

[Snark] Bidoof's cry will haunt my nightmares

8d 3h 0m Sableye faints from the hail

8d 3h 0m Used a Great Ball on a Grotle, failed it

8d 2h 55m Sableye in the red after an encounter with a Marowak.

8d 2h 52m Caught a Bidoof Male lv.34 in a Quick Ball, no nickname

8d 2h Sableye to lv.47

8d 2h 48m Caught Carvanha Male lv. 33, No nickname, in a Great Ball

8d 2h 47m Sableye in the yellow

8d 2h 39m Use a poké-doll to run away from a wild encounter

8d 2h 36m Healed Quagsire with a Limonade

8d 2h 34m Threw a Repeat Ball, caught Bidoof, Female, lv.32, No nickname

8d 2h 32m On route 216.

8d 2h 25m We finally leave.

8d 2h 23m Still inside said house, saving and listening to Bidoof's sweet cry

8d 2h 15m Entered a house.

8d 2h 11m We keep repeating Bidoof's cry again and again and again...

8d 2h 9m Left the gym.

8d 2h 7m Trainer defeated!

8d 2h 7m Power trick from Pidgeot against surf, pidgeot is down.

8d 2h 6m We uses surf again, pidgeot uses Hammer arm!

8d 2h 6m Pidgeot sent in!

8d 2h 5m Surf, bonsly goes down, Quagsire to lv.47!

8d 2h 5m Quagsire sent in, we Clamp the tree and receive another Psybeam.

8d 2h 4m Bonsly sent in it uses Psybeam, Bidoof faints!

8d 2h 3m Dratini in the red, it uses extrasensory, Bidoof in the yellow, we uses Silver Wind and dratini goes down.

8d 2h 2m Dratini uses Agility, we prepare Sky attack

8d 2h 1m Vs. Fisher Lawrence, Bidoof against Dratini!

8d 2h 1m In the Gym.

8d 2h 0m Just walking around town

8d 1h 52m And as promptly we leave it.

8d 1h 52m Inside the gym

8d 1h 51m Back at Snowpoint City

8d 1h 50m Ponyta fainted against a Drifbloom, Black out!

8d 1h 49m we wake up and kill the pesky bug

8d 1h 49m Ponyta now asleep thanks to a Ledyba's Lovely Kiss!

[Snark] A Key Item in the Bag can be assigned to this button for instant use

8d 1h 42m We leave without healing.

8d 1h 40m We enter the lodge.

8d 1h 37m Both ponyta and camerup are in the red, Camerupt goes down to Magnitude!

8d 1h 36m Defeated Fisher Jill's Spiritomb, now facing his Camerupt.

8d 1h 34m Ponyta used Magnitude! Defeated Fisher Jill's Crawdaunt.

8d 1h 34m VS a wild Solrock.

8d 1h 33m Still walking near the open area aka Route 216 and making Bidoof sounds countless times.

8d 1h 23m Found an Hyper Potion

8d 1h 17m Found a Poké-Doll!

8d 1h 16m Found an Up-Grade!

8d 1h 14m Blast burn from Tangela, we're now in the yellow while our psybeam keep missing! We switch to Gust and finishes of tangela and the Lady/Skier

8d 1h 13m We use psybeam, the wingull goes down , and Tangela replace it on the field. Another Psybeam misses and tangela uses Flamethrower!

8d 1h 12m Vs Lady Lilliann, Wingull vs Ponyta!

[info] Only Ponyta is left standing, the rest of the team has fainted

8d 1h 3m Quagsire faints to a wild Carvanha!

8d 0h 59m Back to Anarchy.

8d 0h 59m [D] We moved Bidoof to the front and put Bloom Mail on it.

[Info] Looks like we're putting mail on Bidoof and moving it to the front

8d 0h 51m Democracy has activated!

[Info] Bidoof is Flying Fire with moves Flame Wheel, Sky Attack, Silver Wind and Gust.

[Snark] Hello, my name is Bidoof. The B, I, D...wait, no, that won't work this time.

8d 0h 40m Nickname is A

8d 0h 40m We used a Great Ball and caught a level 32 Female Bidoof.

8d 0h 38m We're onto Acuity Lakefront.

8d 0h 33m We entered the gym!

8d 0h 21m We deposited the Sandshrew!

[Fluff] We're also on the second floor of the Pokemon Center.

8d 0h 14m We withdraw a level 33 Male Sandshrew!

8d 0h 13m Still in the PC.

8d 0h 11m We deposit Marowak in the PC!

8d 0h 8m Back at the Pokemon Center.

[Info] Marowak is Dark Type with the moves Psybeam, Sharpen, Nature Power and Follow Me.

8d 0h 4m Back in Snowpoint City.

8d 0h 3m We use a Great Ball and catch a level 32 Female Carvanha! No nickname.

[Snark] First-generation Clem

8d 0h 0m Nickname is 1g▯

7d 23h 59m We throw two Great Balls and catch a level 35 Female Marowak!

7d 23h 59m We use another Potion to heal Quagsire. Currently in a battle with a wild Marowak.

7d 23h 58m We use a Potion to heal Quagsire.

7d 23h 57m At the Acuity Lakefront.

[Fluff] Hey guys does anyone wanna get Giratina?

7d 23h 51m Us booting up and shutting down the PC is going to be my new ringtone.

7d 23h 50m We deposited Caravine!

7d 23h 50m Checkpointed at the Pokemon Center. In the PC.

7d 23h 48m We found a Fist Plate!

7d 23h 42m We found a Metal Coat!

7d 23h 40m We've arrived at Snowpoint City!

7d 23h 37m Found a Sticky Barb!

7d 23h 31m We trek along and run into Pearl. He blabs and then leaves.

7d 23h 29m We Strength it away and defeat Anne.

7d 23h 29m We send out Quagsire. Krabby avoids our attack and uses Dragon Dance.

7d 23h 28m We use Surf, but unfortunately its Earthquake crits and KOs us.

7d 23h 27m Anne sends out Garchomp Krabby.

7d 23h 27m We use Double Hit, and get burnt by Flame Body. We switch to Surf and KO it. (Ground/Fighting)

7d 23h 26m We send Pachi against Gabite. Is the third mon Garchomp? Kappa

7d 23h 26m We use Needle Arm, which OHKOs the Ground type. Unfortunately, we're burnt from Flame Body, and faint from it.

7d 23h 25m Fighting Fisher Anne. They send out Gible against Sandslash.

7d 23h 23m Defeated Chief Marilyn. They sneeze.

7d 23h 22m Against Grovyle. We use Flash Cannon and KO it.

7d 23h 22m We Flash Cannon is and down it goes.

7d 23h 21m Chingling faints to Flash Cannon, and in its place arrives Geodude.

7d 23h 21m It uses Mist, we use Future Sight. It uses Steel Wing, we use Flash Cannon. Trying to get all of the moves out there.

7d 23h 20m Facing Chief Marilyn. We send out Sandslash against Chingling.

7d 23h 13m We try to give the HM away to a man, but he likes our honesty so he gives us an Icicle Plate.

7d 23h 11m Found HM08 Rock Climb!

7d 23h 10m Returning to actually fighting, we use Flash Cannon and OHKO it. Defeated Lady Joe!

7d 23h 10m We try to be a thief by using a repeat ball. We're hit with Bug Bite.

7d 23h 9m We're against Lady Joe. The next Pokemon up is Charizard.

7d 23h 8m We use two Flash Cannons to KO it. Sandslash grew to level 46!

7d 23h 8m We're fighting a trainer! It's Sandslash vs Noctowl.

7d 23h 6m Found TM85 Conversion!

7d 23h 2m Found a Repeat Ball!

7d 22h 58m Got an Oval Stone!

7d 22h 56m Currently trekking through the blizzard.

[Info] Chat was spamming like crazy too... People are jokingly asking if this is Red again.

7d 22h 53m Ponyta does not evolve. Chat is screaming in rage.

7d 22h 53m Luckily the hail takes it out. Defeated Rachel!

7d 22h 53m Against Magneton. We almost OHKO it with Gust.

7d 22h 52m We use Gust and KO the giraffe. Ponyta grew to level 58!

7d 22h 51m We send out Ponyta. We increase our evasion with Double Team, while Girafarig uses Heal Order.

7d 22h 51m Rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, the second Jump Kick crits and KOs Magnezone.

7d 22h 50m Magnezone vs Girafarig. We're Jump Kick'd, so we Force Palm our foe. It paralyzes him.

7d 22h 49m "This cold is nothing compared to the fire that burns in my heart!" Fisher Rachel is fighting us now.

7d 22h 48m We're on Route 217, talking to Maylene. She taunts us about Fly.

[Snark] Let's not die in this bed like 2 years ago

[Throwback] Remember when the game crashed last time we were in that healing lodge?

7d 22h 44m We heal!

7d 22h 41m AW SNA- o wait nm

7d 22h 40m We've entered a lodge, most likely to heal.

7d 22h 38m We survive with 3 HP as we defeat Lady Rachel.

7d 22h 37m After throwing a few Needle Arms, and getting ThunderPunch'd a few times, the hail takes out Masquerain.

[Chat] LinuxWizzerd: how dare you zap us

7d 22h 37m We're hit with a Shock Wave, and we immediately respond with Needle Arm.

7d 22h 36m Against Lady Rachel. We send out Sandslash vs Masquerain.

7d 22h 35m We use Flash Cannon to KO it. Defeated Robin.

7d 22h 35m We Cut, it plants a Worry Seed. Neither mons are doing much damage.

7d 22h 34m Our foe uses Growth initially, and we respond with Needle Arm.

7d 22h 34m Fighting Fisher Robin! We send out Sandslash against Scyther.

7d 22h 31m Found an Up-grade!

[Fluff] She advises us to consume a snowball.

7d 22h 30m It uses Earth Power against us, and we respond with Needle Arm. OHKO'd Wiggles and defeated Mallorie.

7d 22h 29m Against Wigglytuff now.

7d 22h 28m We send out Sandslash, who uses Flash Cannon to almost OHKO Cloyster.

7d 22h 27m An ExtremeSpeed extremely and speedily kills Pachi!

7d 22h 26m We use Double Hit, and it responds with Stone Edge.

7d 22h 25m We use Rock Smash against Gengar to KO it. Next up is Cloyster.

7d 22h 25m We send out Pachi, who uses Double Hit, not very effectively. We're hit with a Rock Throw.

7d 22h 24m Dive hits and KOs Magnezone!

7d 22h 24m We're hit by a Stone Edge and we miss. Our foe uses Dive.

7d 22h 23m Fighting Fisher Mallorie. We send out Magnezone against Gengar.

7d 22h 21m Found a Choice Band!

7d 22h 17m Found a Destiny Knot!

7d 22h 16m Route 216! Let it snow~ ♪

7d 22h 13m We used a Potion on our Magnezone.

7d 22h 12m We found a Protector!

7d 22h 11m Back up the stairs, no more fog!!!

7d 22h 6m We found a Quick Ball and a Lemonade!

7d 22h 5m After six Pokeballs we KO a wild Houndour.

7d 22h 1m One Pokeball, caught a level 33 Male Sandshrew. No nickname.

7d 22h 0m We went down the stairs and into the fog.

7d 21h 45m Found a Sky Plate!

7d 21h 44m Two Pokeballs, caught a level 14 Female Clefairy. No nickname.

7d 21h 42m Welcome to Mt. Coronet.

7d 21h 41m Wasted a Pokeball against a wild Zigzagoon and Spearow each.

7d 21h 38m Now we're on Route 211.

7d 21h 37m Wasted two Pokeballs against a wild Snover.

7d 21h 29m Now we're in Eterna City!

7d 21h 29m Just surfing on a pond in Route 205.

7d 21h 19m Wasted another Pokeball.

7d 21h 15m Used two Pokeballs on a wild Skutank before running.

7d 21h 12m One Pokeball caught a male Level 11 Luvdisc. Nickname is ΔΔ@@♥😫

[Fluff] Chauzu's going at it with bans due to emote usage. Apparently dekuBot's not doing it quick enough Kappa

7d 21h 10m Now we're on Route 205.

[Chat] is just flooding MingLees

[Donation] $30.00 from michaelgnio1: "MingLee It's a MINGLEE storm! MingLee"

7d 21h 8m Now we're in Floaroma Town.

7d 21h 7m We tried to get the TM Captivate from a person, but turns out we already got it.

7d 21h 1m One Pokeball, caught a level 9 Male Budew. No nickname.

7d 20h 59m Back on Route 204.

7d 20h 55m One Pokeball, caught a level 4 Male Makuhita. No nickname.

7d 20h 53m In the Ravaged Path.

7d 20h 51m Nickname is 0 r Δ

7d 20h 51m Use two Pokeballs and a Premier Ball to catch a male Level 4 Bidoof.

7d 20h 46m One Pokeball, caught a level 3 Female Wooper. No nickname.

7d 20h 46m Now Route 204.

7d 20h 44m In Jubilife City now.

7d 20h 43m One Pokeball, caught a level 4 Male Hoothoot. No nickname.

7d 20h 37m After 3 Pokeballs, we catch a wild Hoothoot! Female and level 5. Nickname: AAr

7d 20h 36m On Route 203 now.

7d 20h 33m We fail to catch a wild Piplup after one Pokeball.

7d 20h 31m Now we're back at Oreburgh Gate.

7d 20h 29m Back in Oreburgh City.

[Info] Was level 7

7d 20h 28m Caught a male Lv. 6-7 Horsea! Nickname: A

7d 20h 3m Caught a male Lv. 5 Nidoran! Nickname: 2

7d 19h 55m We're in Oreburgh Town now

7d 19h 42m We leave Wayward cave and say Goodbye to Mira

7d 19h 38m Magnezone is now level 39

7d 19h 5m Magnezone is now level 38

7d 18h 25m Sandslash levels up to 45 and learns Future Sight over Leaf Storm

[Info] She's renamed as Lazy Kristine and she has Masquerain

7d 18h 22m We talk to Mira and agree to get her out of this cave

7d 18h 16m We pick up a Wide Lens

7d 18h 9m We pick up a Magmarizer

7d 17h 58m We pick up a Zap Plate

7d 17h 45m We picked up a Big Pearl, thanks to Jadon1984 for tellign me after i missed it

7d 17h 38m Pachirisu is now level 47

7d 17h 32m we pick up a Dragon Fang

7d 17h 3m We pick up TM Fire Blast

7d 16h 58m We beat two kids

7d 16h 44m We pick up a Repel after beating 2 Hikers

7d 16h 3m We find a Magnet after beating a few trainers

7d 15h 6m We teach Magnezone Force Palm which is a SPeciel move with 95bp in this randomizer and forget Reflect

[Info] We're currently in Wayward Cave.

7d 15h 1m Sandslash grew to level 43

7d 14h 55m We pick up a Premier Ball

7d 14h 51m Magnezone faints

7d 14h 50m We pick up a Xinc

7d 14h 49m Caught a male Lv. ? Bulbasaur! no name

7d 14h 41m Caught a male Lv. 15 Carnivine! no name, Dragon type

7d 14h 35m We find a Super Potion

7d 14h 32m We head up the route under Cycling Road

7d 14h 29m We went to Eterna and went down Cycling Road

7d 14h 17m We go by the bridge which has multiple fisherman and fight one

7d 14h 13m We're taking the shortcut to Eterna

7d 14h 6m We're uuhh,.. not in the forest anymore.

7d 14h 2m In Eterna Forest

[Fluff] 205 I think. I'll just get a map.

7d 13h 56m On route East-of-Floaroma

7d 13h 52m Healed but I think we already mostly were? also checkpointed in Floaroma

7d 13h 49m Deposited Shellder, the only thing not holding Mail.

7d 13h 46m Back in Anarchy Left the PC.

7d 13h 41m Looking at Box 11 right now. Cursor's hovered over a Cacturne named 0, I think.

7d 13h 39m PP booted up the PC.

7d 13h 38m In the Poké Center. Standing in front of the PC.

7d 13h 34m Back in Floaroma.

7d 13h 29m Yep, did just that. Mail sent to the PC, removed from Shellder.

7d 13h 28m We are in Democracy, looks like we're gonna.. remove the mail from Shellder?

7d 13h 23m Now in South-of-Floaroma

7d 13h 13m Returned. Bought Four Honey. Might be more. We also picked up a Black Sludge, and an Antidote, thanks /u/FaisLittleWhiteRaven for the tipoff

[Fluff] Updates will be intermittent for some time, apologies.

7d 12h 59m Found a Helix Fossil

7d 12h 51m Surfed from one side of the river to the other. There's a little entrance to Floaroma Town down here, entered the Meadow area.

7d 12h 50m Walking around in the grass outside of the 'Works now.

7d 12h 47m Outside.

7d 12h 43m Spinning around some more.

7d 12h 41m Got Star Piece from Mr. Fuego

7d 12h 40m We're at the very center furnace, got TM82 Safeguard.

7d 12h 38m Back in Anarchy btw

7d 12h 37m Got the Flame Orb.

7d 12h 32m Democracy is in place for a particularly difficult part of the puzzle.

7d 12h 30m Vespiquen down, Magnezone to Lv. 37, trainer defeated.

7d 12h 28m Versus Artisan Esteban NotLikeThis , Vespiquen against Magnezone

7d 12h 26m Got the Spooky Plate ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ

7d 12h 15m Picked up a Blue Flute

7d 12h 12m Delibird down, trainer defeated. Fiyaaaah!

7d 12h 11m Switched into Sandslash to fight it.

7d 12h 11m Koffing down. Delibird gonna get sent in.

7d 12h 10m Smoochum down, Koffing sent in.

7d 12h 9m Switched into Pachirisu.

7d 12h 8m Versus a Trainer, Artisan Alex sends out Smoochum against Magnezone

7d 12h 6m Got a Full Heal

[Chat] Jaymag21: Let's drink the bottle of ourselves! PogChamp

7d 12h 4m Got a PP Up

7d 11h 59m Got a Power Bracer

7d 11h 56m Luxio down, trainer defeated.

7d 11h 54m Shellder down

7d 11h 51m Duck down, Luxio in.

7d 11h 49m Versus Artisan Daniel, Psyduck against Magnezone

7d 11h 47m Got a Razor Fang

7d 11h 45m Entered. Weee! Sliding floor puzzle fun!!

7d 11h 40m I think we're near the Fuego Ironworks?

7d 11h 37m Nicknamed mZGYNMo pg

7d 11h 37m Caught male Lv. 22 Buneary with a Great Ball

7d 11h 35m Nicknamed gp r lll. The spaces should hopefully be right.

7d 11h 34m It was caught, male, Lv. 23, nickname shortly

7d 11h 32m And another, didn't work.

7d 11h 32m Used a Great Ball on a wild Banette

7d 11h 29m Used a Moomoo Milk... to heal 5HP

7d 11h 25m Got an Ice Heal

7d 11h 13m On East-of-Floaroma now.

7d 11h 11m In Floaroma now.

7d 11h 6m Out on the other side of the Path.

7d 11h 2m In the Ravaged Path

7d 11h 1m Back on North-of-Jubilife, approaching the Cave thing.

7d 10h 58m Aaand back in the Jubilife area.

7d 10h 57m Got the Draco Plate

7d 10h 56m Went onto the route North of Jubilife.

7d 10h 52m Checkpointed n healed in Jubilife

7d 10h 49m Now in Jubilife

7d 10h 40m Now on Route 202. DELELELEWOOOOP on the calculator.

7d 10h 35m In Sandgem now!

7d 10h 33m Stilll surfing.

7d 10h 27m So right now, Sandslash is fainted, the ones left are Pachi (who is behind S'slash, being the next sent out into battle), Quagsire, and Ponyta in last.

7d 10h 24m Landed on land and now the first route theme is playing. How nice.

7d 10h 19m Nicknamed something like 00O(+"♦ Z.

7d 10h 18m IT WAS CAUGHT. Level 24, male, nickname coming shortly. Psychic-Bug type

7d 10h 16m Used three Great Balls on a wild Empoleon, not a shake. Then used a Potion on Sandslash, it is burned right now and loses the health it just gained because of that

7d 10h 7m Sandslash takes down Scarmory! Trainer defeated!

7d 10h 6m vs Man Tia! Its Scarmory ms Sandslash

7d 10h 1m We found a Protein!

7d 10h 0m Ponyta KO's Ninjask in two moves! Mike defeated!

7d 9h 59m Ninjask is sent out!

7d 9h 59m Ponyta KO's Arbok with Magnitude!

7d 9h 59m We send out Ponyta

7d 9h 58m Shellder goes down to Arbok!

7d 9h 58m vs Director Mike! its Arbok vs Shellder!

7d 9h 55m We enter Route 220

7d 9h 48m Another usage of gust KO's Beedrill! Trainer defeated!

7d 9h 48m Beedrill is sent out!

7d 9h 47m Ponyta uses Gust to OHKO Solrock!

7d 9h 47m Ponyta is sent out!

7d 9h 47m Solrock KO's Magnezone!

7d 9h 46m Magnezone defeats Aron! Solrock is sent out!

7d 9h 45m vs Man Joe (Swimmer Girl again)! Its Aron vs Magnezone

7d 9h 37m Now in Route 219

7d 9h 37m Now in Sandgem Town

7d 9h 29m We leave home and go on back to Route 201

7d 9h 24m We back at home in Twinleaf Town

7d 9h 24m vs Director Mike! Its 1HP Pony vs Fully healthy Arbok! Spoilers: We fainted! Blacked out

7d 9h 20m Ponyta down to 1 HP

7d 9h 17m Ponyta levels up to Lv 57 and does not evolve!

7d 9h 17m Luminion is sent out and is KO'd! Trainer defeated!

7d 9h 16m Chat begins spamming the as and the bs

7d 9h 16m Vibrava is KO'd

7d 9h 16m vs Swimmer trainer! Its Totodile vs Ponyta! Ponyta KO's Totodile! Vibrava is sent out!

7d 9h 14m We found an Elixir!

7d 9h 13m We catch Charmander ♂ Lv 21! Nickname ABGHIMMGGO

7d 9h 6m Quagsire falls to a Luster Purge Psychic/Bug Empoleon!

7d 9h 2m We defeated Mike with one Quagsire move!

7d 9h 2m also "Man Mike" is a girl swimmer!

7d 9h 1m vs Man Mike! Its Baltoy vs Quasire

7d 8h 55m We found the Lagging Tail!

7d 8h 51m We enter Route 220

7d 8h 50m Quagsire KO''s Gastly! Marcellus defeated!

7d 8h 49m Horsea goes down quickly! Gastly is sent out!

7d 8h 49m vs "Elite Four" Marcellus! Its Horsea vs Quagsire!

7d 8h 45m We move on down to Route 219

7d 8h 42m Back in Sandgem

7d 8h 36m We enter Route 201

7d 8h 35m We leave the lake

7d 8h 33m Team Galactic leaves and Rowan tells us they took the Legendary Pokémon with them!

7d 8h 32m We use Magnitude 7 to KO Linoone! Forrest defeated!

[Info] Linoone is Steel/Water

7d 8h 31m Linoone is sent out!

7d 8h 31m Ponyta takes down Pikachu!

7d 8h 31m Ponyta is sent out!

7d 8h 30m Fire Punch Pikachu takes down Sandslash!

7d 8h 30m Forrest sends out Pikachu!

7d 8h 29m Sandslash almost took out Skuntank in one hit! Next turn Leaf Storm finishes off the Skuntank! Sandslsash to Lv 42!

7d 8h 28m vs Commander Mars aka Lazy Forrest! ITs Skuntank vs Sandslash

7d 8h 28m We talk to Commander Mars

7d 8h 27m Ponyta KO's Snubbull! Galactic Grunts Defeated!

7d 8h 25m We send out Ponyta!

7d 8h 25m Snubbull KO's Pachirisu!

7d 8h 25m Lileep goes down to Sandslash's Leaf Storm!

7d 8h 24m Lileep goes down to Sandslash's Leaf Storm!

7d 8h 24m Lileep and Snubbull is sent out from the opponent!

7d 8h 24m Pachirisu uses surf to KO Gastly! Sandslash uses Flash Cannon to KO Turtwig!

7d 8h 23m Another Double Battle vs 2 Galactic Grunts! Its Sandslash and Pachirisu from our side vs Turtwig and Gastly from Team Galactic's side!

7d 8h 22m Galactic Grunts defeated!

7d 8h 21m Sandslash KO's Beautifly!

7d 8h 21m Beautifly is sent out by the grunt!

7d 8h 20m Quagsire uses Strength to KO Seaking! Quagsire to Lv 46!

7d 8h 20m Another surf KO's Chimchar!

7d 8h 19m Quagsire KO's Staryu with surf and nearly KO's Chimchar but Chimchar hold on! We send out Sandslash, Galactic sends out Seaking!

7d 8h 18m Staryu KO's Magnezone!

7d 8h 18m Quagsire is sent out!

7d 8h 18m Chimchar's attack puts Magnezone at the red! (24.141 HP)

7d 8h 17m Staryu KO's Shellder!

7d 8h 17m Staryu takes half of Magnezone's HP away with 1 Rolling Kick!

7d 8h 16m Double Battle vs 2 Galactic Grunts! It's Chimchar & Staryu vs Magnezone & Shellder

7d 8h 14m Rowan seems to be held captive by Team Galactic

7d 8h 14m We enter Lake Verity

7d 8h 13m We enter Verity Lakefront

7d 8h 10m We Heal!

7d 8h 8m We enter our house!

7d 8h 6m We found Zoom Lens

[Info] Mismagius is Grass type

7d 8h 6m Wild Mismagius seem to inhabit the pond of water at our house

7d 8h 3m We seem to be trying to surf on the pond of water south of our house

[Throwback] Remember when we visit Mom on Mother's Day in the original Pokémon Platinum run?

7d 7h 55m We arrive in Twinleaf town

7d 7h 53m We catch Whismur ♂ Lv 3! Nickname: ...66G

7d 7h 48m We enter Route 201

7d 7h 47m Entered Sandgem Town

7d 7h 45m We enter Rt 202

7d 7h 44m We enter Jubilife City

7d 7h 40m We go though Orburgh Gate and enter Rt 203

7d 7h 33m We enter Orburgh City

7d 7h 32m We enter Route 207

7d 7h 24m We enter Route 206

7d 7h 18m We now only have ₽ 532 left in cash

7d 7h 18m We buy 37 Great Balls!

7d 7h 18m We buy 99 more Poké Balls + 1 Premier Ball

7d 7h 16m We buy 97 Poké Balls +1 Premier Ball

7d 7h 14m We enter the Poke Mart

7d 7h 12m We exit the Eterna Condominiums

7d 7h 10m Magnezone's nickname is GHHdg_c''-

7d 7h 9m Shellder's Nickname is now _Abc_c_'dd

7d 7h 7m We are about to enter the Eterna Condominiums for nickname shenanigans

7d 7h 5m We exit the Pokémon Center

7d 7h 5m We heal again

7d 7h 4m Numel goes down! Kim & Zoe defeated!

7d 7h 3m We send out Pachirisu!

7d 7h 2m Sandslash takes down Glameow!

7d 7h 2m Shellder goes down!

7d 7h 2m We send out Sandslash!

7d 7h 1m Magnezone faints!

7d 7h 0m Vs Sr & Jr Kim & Zoe! Its Numel and Glameow vs MAgnezone and Shellder

7d 6h 59m We talk to the TV crew right beside us

7d 6h 59m We heal and checkpoint at the Eterna Pokémon Center

7d 6h 58m Back in Eterna City

7d 6h 53m Back on the Eterna City side of Route 205

7d 6h 52m We exit the Old Chateau

7d 6h 47m Giratina uses Teleport! We fail to catch Giratina once again, but we have 1 lone Poké Ball left

7d 6h 46m 3 balls left

7d 6h 44m vs Rotom-Giratina!

7d 6h 42m We catch Geodude ♀ Lv 14! NO Nickname

[Info] ~22 minutes until its morning in the game

7d 6h 33m We enter the Old Chateau

7d 6h 28m We enter Eterna Forest

7d 6h 27m Pachirisu to Lv 46

7d 6h 22m We found TM 76 Brave Bird!

7d 6h 10m We are walking around the statue thats supposed to look like Dialga/Palkia

7d 5h 57m We enter Eterna City

7d 5h 54m We Get TM 47 JUDGEMENT!

7d 5h 53m We enter a trainer battle with Gent Robin! Pachirisu sweeps Robin's party! Trainer defeated

7d 5h 47m We catch Spearow ♂ Lv 15! Nickname: YEEEE!yehlr

7d 5h 41m We exit and enter the Eterna side of Rt 211

7d 5h 38m We use strength to move some boulders

7d 5h 35m We enter the Route 211 section of Mt Coronet

7d 5h 30m We enter Route 211

7d 5h 27m Earlier, we also obtained the Shiny Stone

7d 5h 26m We are in Celestic Town near the Pokémon Center. Current party is Magnezone (Fainted), Shellder (Fainted), Pachirisu (59/95 HP), Quagsire (Full HP), and Ponyta (40/170 HP)

[Info] I'm heading to bed now, another updater might come soon

[Info] On the way to Celestic to go to Eterna then Cycling Road and so some sidequests like Mira and Feugo Ironworks

7d 4h 43m Sandslash is now level 41

7d 4h 32m We pick up a Macho Brace

7d 4h 22m We win

7d 4h 17m After failing to catch Jynx for 10 minutes we flee and fight a trainer

7d 4h 4m Magnezone faints to a wild Ponyta

7d 4h 0m We find an Everstone

7d 3h 58m Shellder faints to wild mon

7d 3h 52m We leave and head up north

7d 3h 46m We win and we keep entering and leaving the house

7d 3h 39m We fight a trainer inside

7d 3h 34m We're buying lots of Moomoo Milk, il report amount when we're in a battle

Nickname: 0*01DE2L

7d 3h 30m We catch a male Ponyta

7d 3h 27m Chillign in the route encountering stuff

7d 3h 8m Back out on Route 210, heading north.

[Info] Current team order is: Magnezone35, Shellder23, Sandslash40, Pachi45, Quagsire45 and Ponyta56

7d 3h 6m Out of the daycare, back into Solaceon Town.

7d 3h 5m Quagsire and Ponyta are withdrawn from the daycare.

7d 2h 58m PC is booted, but we leave before we do anything.

[Info] This might be a little confusing to follow. I'll do a full team update when we finish this wild ride.

7d 2h 55m Quagsire and Ponyta are deposited in the daycare.

7d 2h 55m Sandslash and Pachi are withdrawn from the daycare.

7d 2h 53m Sandslash and Pachi are deposted in the daycare.

7d 2h 52m Shellder is withdrawn from the daycare.

7d 2h 52m Shellder is deposited in the daycare. Magnezone is withdrawn.

7d 2h 51m Quagsire is withdrawn from the daycare.

7d 2h 48m We save a lot of data.

7d 2h 46m We deposit Magnezone in the daycare.

7d 2h 46m We deposit Quagsire in the daycare.

7d 2h 37m Re-entered the Solaceon Daycare.

7d 2h 36m Back out into Solaceon Town.

7d 2h 34m Entered the Solaceon Daycare.

7d 2h 34m Back in Solaceon Town.

7d 2h 30m Caught a female Lv. 18 Gible! Nickname: 😄

7d 2h 28m And straight back out onto Route 210.

7d 2h 28m Entered Solaceon Town.

7d 2h 26m Caught a male Lv. 19 Castform! Nickname: ☉☀❢

7d 2h 22m Back outside on Route 209.

7d 2h 16m Restored 20 HP to Magnezone with a Potion.

[Fluff] <3 <3

7d 2h 10m Caught a male Lv. 19 MUDKIP!! Nickname: !! vg0ccc1

7d 2h 8m We're trying to catch a Mudkip, but it's vanished from sight.

7d 2h 3m Caught a male Lv. 17 Togepi! Nickname: ;🙂🙂🙂♥♪;☉

7d 2h 1m Obtained a Dragon Scale!

7d 1h 58m We just encountered a Mudkip, but Magnezone took it out. :(

7d 1h 53m We're still wondering around, not a lot to report.

7d 1h 39m Caught a female Lv. 20 Krabby! No Nickname.

7d 1h 32m Sandslash takes out Chansey with another Leaf Storm. Trainers defeated!

[Snark] "Chansey tucked in its head."

... how?

7d 1h 31m Sandslash takes out Masqueain with Leaf Storm. Just Chansey left now.

7d 1h 29m Vs. Twins Ally & Cam. They send out Masquerain & Chansey. We counter with Magnezone & Sandslash.

7d 1h 27m Obtained the Yellow Shard!

7d 1h 25m Seems we've located a hidden item with our dowsing app.

7d 1h 23m A wild Bulbasaur uses Attack Order! Quagsire down!

7d 1h 21m Obtained TM19 Petal Dance!

7d 1h 20m Caught a male Lv. 20 Bulbasaur! Nickname: G; ♣!💤💤!

7d 1h 19m A wild Bulbasaur poisons Quagsire.

7d 1h 14m We just got into two fights and won ~

7d 1h 6m Caught a male Lv. 19 Bulbasaur! no name

7d 0h 52m We find a Armor Fossil

7d 0h 41m We beat the trainer and pick up a Lava Cookie

7d 0h 37m Vs a trainer, Quagsire to level 45

7d 0h 31m We see a Wild Shinx so chat PogChamp's but they faint it anyway

7d 0h 29m We enter Lost Tower

7d 0h 24m We found TM 05 Lick

7d 0h 20m in Route 209

7d 0h 7m We enter Hearthome City

7d 0h 4m We put honey on a tree in Rt 212

6d 23h 50m We found a Power Belt

6d 23h 46m Shellder goes down

6d 23h 39m TM 09 Hammer Arm obtained!

6d 23h 37m We found a Power Anklet

6d 23h 15m We healed again

[Info] It is now nighttime in the game.

[Snark] Pokeon must be weak compared to Pokémon.

6d 22h 58m We healed at the Mansion in Rt 212

6d 22h 55m We unwisely get into a Pokeon battle Pachirisu defeats the trainer in one hit

6d 22h 47m Sandslash down Only Pachirisu and Ponyta are still healthy to fight

6d 22h 40m Found Leafstone

6d 22h 40m Sandslash is Lv 40, learns Flash Cannon over Bug Buzz

[Info] I'l have to leave for now, hopefully someone takes over soon

6d 22h 7m Quagsire is now level 44

6d 21h 51m Quagsire is now level 43

6d 21h 45m Shellder levels up to 23

6d 21h 36m Quagsire beats a trainer

6d 21h 31m just as i say that we pick up the Muscle Band

6d 21h 31m We still try to pick up an item

6d 21h 13m We pick up TM50 Overheat

6d 21h 11m Quagsire levels up to 42

6d 21h 10m We head west and fight some trainers

6d 21h 5m We pick up a Power Weight

6d 21h 3m We run

6d 21h 2m We go on the water to pick up an item but a wild Lord Helix appeared!

6d 20h 57m We heal

6d 20h 53m Sandslash wins

6d 20h 53m Vs Elitetrainer Alex in Pokémon center

6d 20h 52m We enter Pastoria City

6d 20h 46m We pick up an Iapapa berry

6d 20h 34m Sandslash beats a trainer

6d 20h 19m We find a Black Belt

6d 20h 16m We beat the trainer

6d 20h 15m Magnezone faints

6d 20h 13m Shellder faints

6d 20h 12m Sandslash is now level 39

6d 20h 11m Quagsire faints to a trainer

[Snark] Maybe he could answer us Y we like spamming Y

6d 20h 9m Caught a male Lv. 30 Turtwig! Grass/Bug Type Nickname: Y

6d 20h 7m We go down south and surf

6d 19h 28m We get TM43 Dynamic Punch

6d 19h 24m We heal

6d 19h 22m Quagsire and Magnezone faint so we go heal

6d 19h 12m We go heal and back in fighting

6d 18h 55m Pachirisu faints

6d 18h 46m Quagsire faints

6d 18h 42m Magnezone faints

6d 18h 33m In Sinnoh's battle restaurant now

6d 18h 29m We heal

6d 18h 14m Lazy Wayne defeated

6d 18h 12m It uses Wood Hammer and we use Gust, we win!

6d 18h 11m We send in Magnezone it uses Mud Slap and we miss Bind, Sleep Powder makes us sleep

6d 18h 10m Sandslash goes down

6d 18h 8m Meganuim puts Pachi to sleep and takes it out with Needle Arm

6d 18h 8m We miss Double Hit, Torchic charges Solarbeam, we hit it and it fires, another Double Hit and its down

6d 18h 6m We send in Pachirisu to use Double Hit and Rock Smash to take it out and level 45

6d 18h 5m Mirror Shot takes Shellder out

6d 18h 5m A Leaf Storm and Wood Hammer and Quag goes down after using a Surf

6d 18h 4m Vs Saturn

6d 17h 56m Back in Lake Valor

6d 17h 51m We head back down

6d 17h 38m Meganuim takes us down, blackout

6d 17h 37m Psybeam takes Torchic down, Ponyta levels up to 56

[Chat] PogChamp 10

6d 17h 37m We Magnitude 10 and take it down!

6d 17h 37m Ponyta uses Magnitude and Leaf Storm leaves us with 1 hp!

6d 17h 36m Vs Lazy Wayne Saturn

6d 17h 33m Pony sweeps the rest of his mon

6d 17h 31m We wake up and beat it, vs Fatfetch'd

6d 17h 30m We try to Psybeam a dark type Cyndaquil and it uses Dark Void and we sleep

6d 17h 29m We beat Rampardos with Pony, up against another grunt now

6d 17h 25m Ice Ball knocks Sandslash out

6d 17h 24m Magnezone manages to fire a Rock Wrecker but not enough and faints

[Info] STAB Ice Ball is OP

6d 17h 23m Pachirisu faints

6d 17h 22m Rampardos beats our Quagsire

6d 17h 19m We enter Lake Valor's nuked place and fight some grunts bosses

[Chat] BABA BibleThump

[Chat] BibleThump-ing over all of the Magikarps flopping around this drained lake...

6d 17h 5m Quagsire beats the trainer's Crobat and Gastrodon

6d 17h 1m vs a trainer, we switch and Shellder faints

[Snark] Wrong Stone guys, Shellder is still sad

6d 16h 56m We find a Oval Stone

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 16h 53m Stream back on

6d 16h 51m Wild Voltorb appears and then Stream offline KAPOW

[Fluff] I thought I saw TM16, but whatever.

6d 16h 42m We get TM28 Lava Plume

6d 16h 32m Out of the gambling cycle, for now

6d 16h 29m more 777 jackpot

6d 16h 21m 3rd 777!

6d 16h 17m We get another 777!

6d 16h 16m It's actually Ditto!

6d 16h 16m we exit and back in slot and see a normal Clefairy

6d 16h 15m We get the 777 payout!

6d 16h 14m Shiny Clefairy!

[Chat] Yup, you guessed the right emote.

6d 16h 10m Some kind soul gives us 20 coins!

6d 16h 9m We run out of coins and don't have enough money to buy them

[Fluff] DansGame

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ COMBO-BREAKING REGULAR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

6d 16h 5m We enter the game corner

6d 15h 54m We heal in Veilstone

6d 15h 37m Think we took a Nanab berry and planted a Bluk, but I'm not sure..

[Info] Apparently that was to fix the lag on the streaming PC.

6d 15h 31m Will Resume Shortly screen was up for a few seconds.

6d 15h 20m We're back in Anarchy now, by the way

6d 15h 16m Filled in a Tunnel mail, it says HELLO! ABRA! Then gave the Tunnel Mail to Quagsire

6d 15h 12m Democracy

6d 15h 9m Shellder down

6d 15h 5m So right now, Magnezone is faint and Shellder is the next in front

6d 14h 50m Threw a Poké Ball at a wild Mawile, no catch.

6d 14h 33m Now on a Really Foggy Route

6d 14h 25m So right now we are in Celestic.

6d 14h 11m Magnezone was trying to learn Return, but that didn't happen.

[Chat] InfernalVoid: That was like the opposite of Chatot Kappa

[Fluff] DatSheffy Officer Magnezone DatSheffy

6d 14h 8m It became Magnezone!

6d 14h 8m Nosepass grew to Level 34 and...

[Fluff] Didn't help that it's the Chinese 7th month, where hungry ghosts are said to roam... WutFace

[Snark] But nobody came.


For a minute or two, there were no wild encounters.

6d 14h 1m Nosepass has no more Bind and ExtremeSpeed to use, but PP is not technically out of PP.

6d 14h 0m Maybe one or two more wild mons will do it.

6d 13h 55m This Larvitar reappeared. It's Ghost/Dragon type.

6d 13h 50m Well, a wild Ghost/Dark Riolu...

6d 13h 47m The operation to evolve Nosepass is ongoing, about 20% of EXP to go.

6d 13h 44m Got Sticky Barb!

[Chat] M4_used_Rollout: what if Nosepass evolves into an Espeon

6d 13h 40m The NPCs are talking among themselves, ignoring PP.

[Chat] Thebirdsarecalling: Galactic Nerds TriHard

x42bn6: HotPokket and HotPokket spotted

[Info] The EXP bar indicates Nosepass has 40% more to go.

[Chat] Azuromus: if nosepass lleveles up just ONCE here in the cave he will evolve

6d 13h 30m Used Lemonade on Nosepass. Rare I know...

[Chat] All the milk-related memes.

6d 13h 28m Got Moomoo Milk!

6d 13h 13m Obtained TM68 Force Palm!

6d 13h 12m We ran away from a wild Larvitar.

6d 13h 8m Obtained Metal Coat!

6d 13h 5m Now in a cave, whatever it's called...

6d 12h 54m Chilling out at Eterna City.

6d 12h 49m Quagsire finally fainted to a wild Piplup, after holding on to 8 HP for a long time.

6d 12h 35m Caught a Bug/Fire ♀ Lv. 12 Luvdisc! Nickname: 1ai00o (Rendezvous Pokémon OneHand )

6d 12h 19m Moving on, at Route 205 it seems.

6d 12h 15m In the mart with ₽120.

6d 12h 14m Reached Floaroma town.

[Chat] Khaisz: Pepe x Girl in the Woods

Context: PP obtained the item from that "hidden" NPC.

6d 12h 10m Got TM78, whatever that is...

6d 11h 59m That wild Psychic Togepi, though. OpieOP

6d 11h 56m Caught a Rock ♀ Lv. 27 Staravia! Nickname: 50uVG”GRLG (nice try kids)

6d 11h 51m Obtained another TM Facade!

6d 11h 26m Got "TM55" Recover!

[Fluff] Surfing on water with wild Rock-type Shellder helps.

6d 11h 15m E the Quagsire grew to Level 39!

6d 11h 14m Obtained Ether!

6d 11h 10m Heading west through the pass, passing Route 203 and Jubilife, and going north on Route 204.

[Chat] Ghostieniija: Denounce Helixism and join Giratinaism ANELE

[Snark] The way PP is walking looks like he's playing Pokémon GO.

6d 10h 49m Roaming around Oreburgh.

6d 10h 44m On Mid text speed right now. I think.

[Chat] Chauzu_VGC: demeowcracy CoolCat @purplevui nice one

6d 10h 42m There's a Glameow at the fossil revival desk in this building, but our party is full and we can't pick it up.

[Info] PP has 92 Potions and 103 Poké Balls in his bag.

[Info] Also apparently we turned battle animations back on.

6d 10h 26m In the Museum kinda building

6d 10h 18m Changed text speed to Fast and sound to Stereo. Back in Anarchy.

6d 10h 15m Taught Rock Smash to Pachirisu, replacing Growl

6d 10h 12m We're in Democracy right now.

6d 10h 0m Taught Strength to Quagsire, replacing Brine

6d 9h 58m Back in the Oreburgh vicinity

6d 9h 56m Used a thing on Quagsire that made its base Speed rise

6d 9h 46m We're in the kinda rocky area, north? of Oreburgh

6d 9h 41m In Oreburgh now

6d 9h 25m Walked onto the route north of Jubilife.

6d 9h 24m Outside.

6d 9h 23m Bought four Ultra Balls and now we are out of money

6d 9h 22m In the Pokemart right now.

6d 9h 11m Healed and then went outside

6d 9h 3m In Jubilife

6d 9h 3m We enter Jubilife City

6d 9h 0m We're on the eastern side of the route now, past the surfing part.

6d 8h 54m On Route 218

6d 8h 53m In the Route gate.

6d 8h 50m Outside.

6d 8h 38m Talking to Rowan, the Galactic Bomb goes off at Lake VALOR, and then we are told to go and investigate or whatever idk

[Fluff] Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card!

6d 8h 25m We left the gym and ran into Pearl. He wants us to go to the library.

[Fluff] Don't be shy to take one, I think some clouds are rolling over:

6d 8h 13m Welp we have 6 badges now, so we should celebrate something. Let's give everyone an umbrella:

6d 8h 12m Ponyta does not evolve. We get the Mine Badge and TM91, Ca- my stream lagged.

6d 8h 12m We send out Parichisu. We get seeded by Leech Seed, but one Double Hit finishes the job. Defeated Dancer Jo!

6d 8h 11m Unfortunately it's in a bit of its own bind. Leech Life KOs Nosepass!

6d 8h 10m We sent out Nosepass. It barely survives Leech Life and uses Bind.

[Info] We have three mons against an 80% Glaceon. We can win this.

6d 8h 9m We send out Shellder to finish off Glaceon. Our foe uses Leech Life to OHKO our shell!

6d 8h 9m We send out Ponyta, who uses one Psybeam, and with a blink of an eye, Banette is down.

6d 8h 9m We use Cut on it, and it KOs Sandshrew with Flamethrower!

6d 8h 8m It uses Leech Life, we use Leaf Storm. Jo actually swaps for Banette.

6d 8h 8m Against Glaceon! We send out Sandshrew to do some damage.

6d 8h 8m We send out our Ponyta. After being hit with a Mega Punch, we KO the toad with Psybeam. Ponyta levels up to 55!

6d 8h 7m The next turn we get hit with a Poison Sting and Quagsire faints!

6d 8h 7m We're hit with two ThunderPunches and are paralyzed! We manage to pull off a Surf.

6d 8h 6m Attempt 4 with Jo! We send out Quagsire against Politoed.

6d 8h 1m Still in the gym!

6d 7h 31m We enter the gym!

[Info] Literally 0% right now on the bar. Damn.

[Info] We are at 11% right now for the Anarchy/Democracy Bar. That is the lowest I've seen.

6d 7h 17m We typed in 16. Delelewoop!

6d 7h 8m We entered a Mom and Son's home instead. Hopefully they won't disappear.

6d 6h 59m We exit and reenter the building, and suddenly she's gone!

6d 6h 57m We speak with the lady again, and tell her that Electric type Pokémon are our favorite. Apparently this is such profound insight that it will be featured later on TV. (Presumably only talking about it, because there certainly are no cameras in here...)

[Info] We have 105 Poké Balls, and 1 Premier Ball.

6d 6h 55m SAVED!

6d 6h 54m We speak with the reporter here. She ask for an interview, but we decide not to answer the questions she asks.

6d 6h 53m The game returns!

[Fluff] Anyone wanna restream the Olympics right now?

[Chat] Aissurtievos: A ban is a ban, you cant say its only a half

[Chat] bigwhiteman1776 and bigblackman1776 were in chat and now people are mixing and matching their names.

[Snark] Game's over, we lose. Better get back to our lives.

[Chat] <message deleted>

[Info] Modbot is offline. Prepare for some manual bans lol.

6d 6h 30m We've got the resume shortly screen!

[Info] We passed 800K inputs, not 900K.

6d 6h 28m Stream froze again.

6d 6h 25m We've entered a woman's house.

[Info] We've just passed 900K inputs. Let's get to 1M!

6d 6h 13m We're in an old man's house watching Sinnoh Now, the latest hip show. It tells us that Route 216 has a blizzard! Chilly!

6d 6h 10m Back roaming Canalave City.

6d 6h 9m We send out Shellder. One Flamethrower later, we send back Shellder. RIP RUN 3!

6d 6h 8m JO USES A FULL RESTORE! We use Double Hit again but to no avail. Another Flamethrower KOs the squirrel!

6d 6h 8m This time we use Double Hit to cripple Banette. We're hit with Flamethrower.

6d 6h 8m Take 2! We send out Parichisu again.

6d 6h 6m We send out Parichisu! And then we switch to Sandslash. It faints from Flamethrower!

[Info] We have three mons left and our foe has 26% HP. We can do this!

6d 6h 6m We switch to Psybeam, which almost OHKOs Banette. We're hit with another Flamethrower and faint!

6d 6h 5m We use Double Team, and we're hit with Flamethrower. We get burnt!

6d 6h 4m We start with Bind, except it misses. We're hit with Flamethrower which OHKOs Nosepass! Go Ponyta!

6d 6h 4m We hang onto 22 HP as we switch to Nosepass. It's at full health and ready to face Banette.

6d 6h 4m We switch to Bug Buzz which does WAY more damage. After being Leech Life'd, another Bug Buzz KOs Glaceon.

6d 6h 3m We use Leaf Storm and it uses Leech Life. Tactics with grass!

6d 6h 3m We switch to Sandslash and cancel Glaceon's Leech Seed.

6d 6h 2m We're hit with a Mega Punch! We respond with Psybeam, which crit/super/kills the Politoed. Against Glaceon now.

6d 6h 2m A third ThunderPunch KOs Quagsire! We sub in Ponyta!

6d 6h 2m We're hit with a ThunderPunch, and we immediately respond with Surf. Rinse and repeat.

6d 6h 1m Round 3 of Truth or Dare a regular Pokemon Battle commences! Quagsire vs Politoed.

6d 6h 1m We're at Jo again!

[Fluff] We typed Boobs again

[Info] We actually typed 16, which is the Sinnoh Dex number for Kricketune. Regional dexes are so bizarre.

6d 5h 47m In the gym.

6d 5h 42m We typed in 402 in the calculator. Chat is screaming "DELELELELLE WOOOOP". Still wandering the city.

[Info] We lost our 100 Pokeyen. We have no money left.

6d 5h 36m We're hit with Leech Life and faint! Black out!

6d 5h 36m Glaceon uses Leech Seed on us, and we respond with Double Hit.

6d 5h 35m We are currently trying to pick every other Pokemon but the squirrel. We seem to have forgotten that all of our friends are dead.

6d 5h 33m We send out Shellder. It endures a Leaf Storm and gets OHKOed! Up to Parichisu.

6d 5h 32m Error screen was up for a sec, and then gameplay returned!

6d 5h 30m The game saved to Slot 1 automatically, which chat is freaking out about. At this rate this is going to be the longest gym battle VOD.

[Dev] No one is responding in Slack right now, when someone comes online they'll definitely be ontop of this. For now, let's enjoy the decent battle music.

[Fluff] While we wait, let's see what Platinum-keyboard emojis we have! …“”‘’☉○▯Δ◊♠♥♦♣★♪☀☁☂❢🙂😄😫😠💤⤴⤵

[Snark] inb4 Aw Snap!

[Fluff] It looks like the overlay is frozen solid. Both games are running fine, waiting for inputs.

[Chat] WildTorterraXD: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] I know it's not my end because PMD is still running fine.

6d 5h 26m Stream is frozen! Glaceon must have had some freeze left in him Kappa

6d 5h 25m We're immediately hit with Leaf Storm, which KOs Ponyta! We have two mons left, we can do this team!

6d 5h 24m We use Psybeam to OHKO Banette! Still poisoned, we move onto Glaceon, the final mon.

6d 5h 24m We use Bind, but a Flamethrower OHKOs Nosepass! Go Ponyta!

6d 5h 24m Against Banette now. It uses Flame Wheel and KOs Sandslash! Go Nosepass!

6d 5h 23m We use Bug Buzz and finally KO Politoed. Sandslash levels up to 38!

6d 5h 23m We actually missed an attack! Truly this is a invigorating battle.

6d 5h 23m On the sixth cyclical iteration we switch to Bug Buzz.

6d 5h 22m We're hit with a ThunderPunch and respond with Cut. Rinse and repeat.

6d 5h 21m We try switching mons once more and send out Sandslash.

6d 5h 20m Quagsire faints to a ThunderPunch! We send out Parichisu to fight, then switch to Ponyta. He gets hit with a Poison Sting and gets poisoned!

6d 5h 20m Jo immediately uses a Hyper Potion, and we respond with Surf. This is going to be a long battle.

6d 5h 19m Luckily Politoed's Poison Sting missed, and we were able to use Surf (and Whirlpool) to bring it to the Reds.

6d 5h 19m Another ThunderPunch brings us to low health, and our Surf can only do so much.

6d 5h 18m We're immediately hit with a ThunderPunch, and we respond with a Whirlpool. The toad has Speed Boost. :/

6d 5h 18m Attempt 2 vs Jo! We send out Quagsire against Politoed!

6d 5h 17m Still navigating the gym.

6d 5h 5m We enter the gym once more!

6d 4h 57m We've entered someone's house while we look at our trainer card.

6d 4h 52m We headed back to the Pokecenter and then left it a little while afterwards.

[Chat] The town's night theme has the chat BibleThump-ing.

6d 4h 42m We talk to a lady about a Repeat Ball. That was what all of the hype was about chat?

[Fluff] We might have gotten a Premier Ball from that. I'll let you know if I see it in the bag.

6d 4h 40m We bought two more Pokeballs and 92 Potions! We have 100 Pokeyen left.

6d 4h 39m We bought 104 Pokeballs!

6d 4h 38m We save while staring at a woman's behind. We'll make sure to reset a lot Kappa

6d 4h 37m We are currently in the PokeMart. We have enough money to throw around, why shouldn't we?

6d 4h 34m We're at the Pokecenter now. And now outside at Canalave City.

6d 4h 34m It uses Leaf Storm. KOed Ponyta, and rip run 1.

6d 4h 33m We're hit with a third Mega Punch, and Magnitude 7 KOs the frog. Against Glaceon.

6d 4h 33m Politoed uses Mega Punch and avoids our Magnitude. Another Mega Punch, but this time it can't avoid Magnitude 6.

6d 4h 32m GUESS WHO WE'RE FIGHTING! Dancer Jo (Gym Leader) sends out a Politoed against our Ponyta!

6d 4h 27m Exeggcute time. Scrambling some eggs with earthquakes. Magnitude 8 finishes it off. Defeated Jonathan!

6d 4h 27m Another Voltorb now. Magnitude 9 baby! It faints.

6d 4h 26m We use Double Team, which makes Slam miss. We get a Magnitude 6 and wreck the Voltorb! Magnitude 7 finishes it off.

6d 4h 26m Facing Fisher Jonathan! They send out Voltorb against Ponyta.

6d 4h 22m Ponyta levels up to 54! Defeated Chief Pi, and it does not evolve.

6d 4h 21m We send out Ponyta! We use Gust, crit, super effective, defeat Leafeon.

[Info] We only have one mon left and that's the horse.

6d 4h 21m Leafeon avoids our attack, and gives us a little bit of SmellingSalt. Parichisu faints!

6d 4h 20m We use Surf and OHKO our foe! Against Leafeon now.

6d 4h 20m Against Chief Pi (who is supposed to be a Black Belt). Parichisu vs Shiftry.

6d 4h 19m A Gust (of wind) blows away the Nuzleaf and we defeat the Artisan.

6d 4h 19m We use Double Team to increase our evasion, but can't avoid some Sludge.

6d 4h 18m We use Magnitude 5 and KO Voltorb. Against Nuzleaf now.

6d 4h 17m We switch it up with Bug Buzz, but another Slam slams Sandslash into his grave! Go Ponyta!

6d 4h 16m We use Leaf Storm, it uses Slam. We barely hang on with 1 HP.

6d 4h 16m Against Artisan Noelle. We send out Sandslash against Voltorb.

6d 4h 14m Currently we're struggling with sliding platforms, and not touching the Poketech and making slightly obnoxious sounds.

6d 4h 10m Currently on the touch screen we're trying to ship Quagsire and Shellder. It got denied.

6d 4h 9m We use Surf to finish Ampharos off! Defeated Fisher Wayne! Now he wants to sing a lullaby.

6d 4h 8m We use Double Hit before receiving a Cross Poison. Rinse and repeat.

6d 4h 8m We use Needle Arm to chip off some damage and then switch to the Squirrel. We're hit with Facade.

6d 4h 7m Sandslash vs Ampharos. We get hit by Eruption twice, which brings us down to 7 HP. We use Leaf Storm to middling results.


6d 4h 1m Defeated the Pansy. He was supposed to be a Miner fyi.

6d 4h 0m We use Double Hit, almost KOing our foe, and we get hit by acid. Another Double Hit kills the eggs.

6d 4h 0m Unfortunately a crit Poison Tail KOs Shellder! Go Parichisu!

6d 4h 0m We're hit with a very Ominous Wind while we whip up a Whirlwind. Our Wish comes true.

6d 3h 59m We send out Shellder against Exeggcute. It uses Poison Tail to start, and we respond with Wish.

6d 3h 59m "It's a test of you as a person." Artisan Pansy wants to battle!

[Fluff] He says we're up against Steel-type Pokemon. Let's see how that works out.

6d 3h 57m We enter the gym and talk to the "Champ-to-be" guy.

6d 3h 54m We head onto the boat and travel to Canalave City!

[Chat] OLDEN BAR WutFace (In reaction to the emulator bug with the shorelines)

6d 3h 51m We're outside on Iron Island, and hopped down some ledges. Chat is being chat and is screaming about OLDEN.

6d 3h 48m Picked up the Fire Stone!

6d 3h 47m We enter a large room which seems to be solely here to highlight the item ball in the middle of it...

6d 3h 46m Found a Protein!

6d 3h 45m Quagsire goes down to a wild Farfetch'd! It went down to a knock off, which "knocked off its mail". But Quagsire still has her mail on her.

6d 3h 39m We've used Moomoo Milk and Soda Pop on Quagsire thus far in this fight against a wild Blastoise. And I don't think she needed the boost in HP either time...

6d 3h 33m We used a tactical Max Potion on our Quagsire just now. And we didn't even get to catch the Farfetch'd it was fighting....

[Snark] Dude, it's not of battling age yet anyway. Just, like, let us stick it in our back pocket, please? No? We have to reserve a Poké Ball for it...?

6d 3h 28m Riley wants to give us an egg, but we keep refusing it. And then when we want to take it, we don't have room for it...

6d 3h 27m And Quagsire basically swept all 6 Pokémon with her Surfs! Level 38 now!

6d 3h 25m Vs Boss Tia and Boss Stacy!

6d 3h 25m We're talking with the Team Galactic Grunts!

6d 3h 20m After an impressive show of holding its own, Shellder to Level 22!

6d 3h 14m We run into two Ace Trainers! Fisher Anne and Fisher Mia!

6d 3h 13m Found a Soda Pop!

[Chat]M4_used_Rollout : dome fossil... it probably turns into Helix

6d 3h 8m Found the Dome Fossil!

6d 3h 7m Quagsire to 36! It tried to learn Muddy Water, but it did not.

[Info] At some point while I was distracted, Quagsire became Level 35!

6d 2h 39m Quagsire to 34!

6d 2h 25m Caught a male Lv. 32 Clamperl! Nickname: [Emoji's NotLikeThis] Something about a plus, a smile, another plus, a dot at the end, some space in the middle....

[Fluff] There's a lot of resubs happening right now on stream.

6d 2h 21m Found a Soothe Bell!

6d 2h 19m Quagsire to Lv 33!

[Info] Nickname was 0▯

[Info] And also there's like 2-3 spaces after that.

6d 2h 14m Caught a male Lv. 33 Dugtrio! Nickname: 0[] (where the [] is a square...?)

[Info] Also, the whole Squirtle line is confirmed the same type: Water.

6d 2h 9m Quagsire to 32!

6d 2h 7m We run into two fighting trainers! Chief Cristiano and Nurse Thomas! (Given that Blackbelts became Chief class, the fighting girl must be Nurse Thomas.)

6d 1h 58m Pachi to Level 44!

[Info] Quagsire's stats at Level 31 (Thanks to KillerMapper for screen capping and posting that.)

6d 1h 50m Quagsire to 31! Forgot Rain Dance for Brine!

6d 1h 48m [Fluff] Granted, they were rock type, and two of our mon know surf, so....

[Chat] quijas00 : ITS THE ICE AGE ALL OVER AGAIN WutFace
OzzyAssbourne : Wrong neighborhood WutFace
DROCK2265 : Ice Age 3: Electric Boogalo WutFace

[Chat] WutFaces as we get cornered by double Mamoswines...

[Chat] Faithfulforce: BloodTrail Wooper evolved into better wooper

[Chat] The number of MingLees in chat right now...

[Snark] "Not random" it is then!

6d 1h 39m Wooper rose to level 30 and EVOLVED!! INTO QUAGSIRE!!!

[Chat] speculates what these Pokémon are going to evolve into, and how random or not random the evolutions will be.

[Snark] This is what happens when you update for 6 hours in a row. Kappa

[Snark] Cacturn breaks the mould. Probably because it's so prickly and thus leaves holes in it.

6d 1h 30m We actually managed to switch grind Wooper! It's now up half a level...

6d 1h 25m Shellder to level 21!

6d 1h 22m A wild Clampearl just Discharged, which paralyzed its ally Dugtrio, whose Synchronize cause the Clampearl to be paralyzed in return. Meanwhile, it didn't hurt our Pokémon much...

And here I thought only we did friendly fire...

6d 1h 20m We can see the Team Galactic grunts that are causing trouble, but we can't get to them.

6d 1h 17m This particular battle proved to be too much for both Wooper, Shellder, and Mallory's Electrode...

[Info] We overrode Water Sport.

6d 1h 11m Taught Surf to Wooper! First slot.

[Fluff] "Two make matter and three make spirit, shaping the world."

6d 1h 8m Obtained the Draco Plate!

6d 1h 3m Continuing to grind in Iron Island. Wooper has a tendency to faint each battle.

[Info] All of our team now have Mail. So unless it is removed, they will be protected from any future PC shuffles.

[Info] The item Wooper held was probably a Max Repel, given what chat is saying and what I vaguely remember.

[Info] The current team order is: Wooper29, Nosepass33, Shellder20, Sandslash37, Pachi43 and Ponyta53.

6d 0h 50m Anarchy activated!

[Info] Wooper was holding something also, but we didn't catch what it was.

6d 0h 48m [D] We give Tunnel Mail to Nosepass. Replaced the Protector.

Mail says Hello! ABRA!

6d 0h 43m [D] We give Tunnel Mail to Wooper.

Mail says Hello! ABRA!

6d 0h 36m [D] We swap Ponyta for Nosepass (Slot 6/Slot 2).

6d 0h 34m [D] We swap Pachi for Wooper (Slot 5/Slot 1).

6d 0h 33m [D] We seem to be changing the party order.

6d 0h 31m Democracy activated!

6d 0h 29m We're still making our way through the cave, just very slowly.

6d 0h 23m Pachi levels up to Lv. 43!

6d 0h 16m Obtained the Big Mushroom!

6d 0h 14m Back inside Iron Island, wondering around the cave and grinding Pachi.

6d 0h 12m Sandslash takes out Ledian with Leaf Storm. Trainers defeated!

[Chat] OLDEN WutFace

6d 0h 11m Sandslash uses Bug Buzz and smashes the Shedinja's Wonder Guard! It goes down. Ledian is sent in!

6d 0h 11m We switch to Sandslash.

6d 0h 10m We switch back to Pachi.

[Info] The opposing Shedinja is Dark/Normal type.

6d 0h 9m We switch to Ponyta.

6d 0h 8m Shedinja is deflecting everything we throw at it with Wonder Guard. The chat seems to be at a loss.

6d 0h 8m Electrode takes out Sableye with Steel Wing. Now it's just us vs. Shedinja.

6d 0h 6m Pachi takes out Wingull and Spheal with a Surf! Pachi grew to Lv. 42! Shedinja and Sableye are sent out.

6d 0h 6m Electrode uses Iron Head, and takes out Exeggcute! Spheal is sent out.

6d 0h 6m Vs. Artisan Chloie and Tina! They send out Exeggcute & Wingull. PP and Riley counter with Pachi and Electrode.

5d 23h 58m Pachi grew to Lv. 41!

[Info] Pachi grew to Lv. 40 at some point. We're still making our way through the cave.

[Meta] And we're back. It's me again. Miss me? x

[Meta] We're continuing to grind with Riley healing us. But I have to go for a little bit, so the updater's going dark until someone takes over or I come back.

5d 23h 43m Pachi to 39!

5d 23h 37m Found a Burn Heal!

5d 23h 36m Pachi to 38!

5d 23h 28m Meanwhile, Pachi to 37! Forgot Cosmic Power for Double Hit! rip phenomenal cosmic power

[Fluff] Riley: "Ha ha! I'd have to agree with you. People training here would be those with too much time on their hands."

....I think Riley can see us, staring at a stream of a years-old single play game when it's sunny and everything outside....

5d 23h 25m Found Sea Incense!

5d 23h 21m Caught a male Lv. 31 Cacturne! No nickname.

5d 23h 21m Pachi to 36!

5d 23h 10m Caught a male Lv. 33 Cacturne! Nickname: 0

5d 23h 8m Pachi to 35!

5d 23h 0m Pachi to 34!

[Info] Also Riley's name is apparently "Lazy Mallory".

5d 22h 49m Pachi to 33! Forgot Miracle Eye for Magic Coat!

5d 22h 42m [Chat] WutFaces as we run into a wild Mamoswine.

5d 22h 41m We win the battle as someone is celebrated for subscribing for 21 months. (Oh god that's so long... NotLikeThis)

[Fluff] This battle has 2 layers of Spikes and pointed stones on either side... Things are getting heated...

5d 22h 38m Pachi to 32!

[Chat] Kingler used Trump Card. Chat is reacting with disdain.

[Chat] is currently freaking out over the opponent's Kingler, which they've determined is a Dragon/Ground type. New calls to evolve our Pontya are being raised.

5d 22h 33m We're cornered by two Gentlemen Hikers! Christanio and Wayne!

[Snark] OneHand

5d 22h 32m There's wild Cacturne and Dugtrio down here. But We used the Fluffy Tail to escape battle!

[Info] His electrode is level 41, 10 levels higher than Pachi.

5d 22h 31m We team up with Riley! He has an Electrode! Time to double grind!

5d 22h 29m We head down an elevator. And no one on our team has fainted yet!

[Info] Nosepass is in our 6th party slot, btw. Normal type. Ability: Forewarn. Moves: Reflect, Bind, ExtremeSpeed, Rock Wrecker. It also has an item on it.

5d 22h 20m Caught a female Lv. 33 Nosepass! No nickname.

5d 22h 14m Onward to adventure! Or just Iron Island again.

5d 22h 11m We're out of the center now.

5d 22h 9m We've bumped into the PC about 3 more times, and ran from each...

5d 22h 5m And we ran from the PC.

5d 22h 4m Spheal stored in Box 1!

5d 22h 4m PC!

5d 22h 0m We saved! And attempt to use the Wifi Connection room! But predictably we're kicked out for being unable to connect to anything...

5d 21h 58m ....and we ran again...

5d 21h 58m PC has been touched again!

5d 21h 51m We ran away...

5d 21h 47m The PC has been turned on!

5d 21h 43m Sandslash falls to a critical hit from a Wartortle we can't run from! BLACKOUT!

5d 21h 39m Back to throwing balls at random Wartortles...

[Snark] Well, not all of his PP. It still has his trainer, PP, amirite?

5d 21h 38m For some reason, Lopunny refuses to use Shadow Sneak against Sandslash, and instead uses Grudge and D-Bond. Sandslash's needle arm loses all of its PP to Grudge! Sandslash to 37!

[Snark] This is the best grind spot, guys.

5d 21h 37m Shellder comes out, and goes down to Shadow Sneak too!

5d 21h 36m Spheal comes out, and goes down in one.

5d 21h 35m Lopunny takes out Wooper the same way! Sneaking from the shadows!

5d 21h 31m This Lopunny is a ghost type, and it wants us to bear a grudge against it!

5d 21h 29m Said Lopunny takes down Pony!

5d 21h 29m We're against Breeder Rachel, in her best Picknicker outfit. She has a Lopunny, and the chat this OneHands.

5d 21h 25m Pachi falls to a critical hit from a wild Wartortle!

5d 21h 23m Found a Meadow Plate!

[Chat] 90% of inputs are dedicated to tapping the screen full of recent catches... Then someone changed the app and it shut the Pokémon all up.

5d 21h 19m On the ship! Iron Island once again!

5d 21h 17m We decide once again that the ship is overpriced and jump on the back of our electric squirrel to surf our way to Iron Island. Then, seeing how much effort that would be, immediately gave up and began making Drowzee cry repeatedly...


[Snark] This Spheal is a really prickly Pokémon.... DansGame

[Info] Spheal has the moves Poison Sting, Poison Jab, Cross Poison, and Razor Wind.

[Snark] This has been another episode of "Profiles of Pokémon We Don't Usually Care About".

[Info] Wooper is L29, female, Water typed. Has Sturdy as its ability. It's currently holding an item of some description. Water Sport, Rain Dance, Whirlpool, Clamp.

5d 21h 10m We step away from the PC.

5d 21h 10m Withdrew a Wooper from one of the full boxes! L29, named E.

5d 21h 9m Back in the PC!

[Info] Spheal is nicknamed )EE2, and is Poison typed. It has the ability Truant.

5d 21h 9m Take a breath everyone. We're now learning about Wifi features we'll never be able to use.

[Fluff] That's a lot of boxes.

5d 21h 8m Box 17 is now "Box 1700".

5d 21h 7m Withdrew that Spheal from before! L17 female.

5d 21h 5m Still flailing wildly in the PC...

5d 21h 2m And as soon as I typed that, it was boxed again!

5d 21h 2m Withdrew a Wurmple! L10 female, holding a Pearl.

5d 21h 2m We nearly released a Spheal in Box, um... "Box 1AA'"

5d 20h 59m We were out of the PC, but now we're back in... Apparently to continue to try and release Pachirisu...

5d 20h 58m We check out mail and our ball capsules. We have neither.

5d 20h 57m We keep trying to release Pachi, but the mail won't let us... I think we've hit that button like 15 times this PC dive...

5d 20h 57m Pidgeotto stored in Box 1

5d 20h 56m Drowzee stored in Box 1

5d 20h 55m Back in the PC!

5d 20h 55m We are now pacing anxiously to the tune of Drowzee's cry echoing through the center...

5d 20h 51m We step back from the PC and pace the Wifi Center anxiously.

5d 20h 50m Withdrew a Drowzee! L5 female.

5d 20h 48m We take a step back and breathe a moment, then dive back into the PC!

[Info] The Pidgeotto is level 21, female, Fire/Psychic. Not nicknamed.

5d 20h 47m [Info] The Tentacool is L11, "Go". And It was just boxed again!

5d 20h 46m Withdrew a Tentacool and a Pidgeotto!

5d 20h 46m Wartortle stored in Box 15! (I think)

5d 20h 45m We were hovering over Wartortle for a while there... then we attempted to release Shellder another 5 times

[Fluff] In other words, .org people might want to watch there if they care to update which Pokémon is where...

5d 20h 43m Currently sweeping our hand around in the boxes, shifting Pokémon around in here...

5d 20h 42m We attempt to release Sandslash and store others, but the mail won't let us.

5d 20h 42m PC is on! PC is off! PC is on!

5d 20h 40m We heal our Pokémon a couple of times, just for safety, or in case the first 2 didn't take.

5d 20h 38m We're caught in the escalator of the Poké Center....

5d 20h 37m Wartortle couldn't stand the heat either! BLACKOUT!!

5d 20h 35m Sandshrew down to a wild Volbeat's (Fire/Flying) Heat Wave! Only our fresh recruit remains...

5d 20h 34m We are having trouble escaping from these Wartortles....

[Info] The wild Wartortle in question was 3 level's higher than our caught Wartortle, and it had Bubble Beam. So presumably we know an upcoming move learn now...

5d 20h 32m Shellder falls to another wild Wartortle!

[Info] Wartortle is a water type. It has the ability Stench. It has Aqua Tail, Hydro Cannon, Withdraw, and Bubble as moves. HP is 94 right now.

5d 20h 30m Caught a male Lv. 30 Wartortle! No nickname. Our party is now five Pokémon strong!

5d 20h 29m Ponyta falls to a wild Wartortle!

5d 20h 22m We finally get on the ship! Onward to Iron Island!

5d 20h 21m We go to the ship and, instead of taking the ship ourselves, we choose to surf on Pachu there. We run into a wild Squirtle (also Water type).

5d 20h 19m We're now back outside, resuming our search for the elusive portal to Narnia. It has to be one of these walls, right?

5d 20h 15m We go up an elevator after Sandslash beat him down. It's a dead end...

5d 20h 14m Pachu couldn't handle it! It's down!

5d 20h 13m Vs the first gym trainer, Chief Zoey! (Who looks like a black belt!) He's got an extremely fast Walrein!

5d 20h 11m Currently checking out the gym.

[Chat] seems to be clamoring at the possibility of picking up Riley's egg now.

5d 20h 8m Back outside.

5d 20h 6m We try and store a couple others, but they're all mailed up. We move away from the PC quickly.

5d 20h 6m Umbreon and Voltorb stored in Box 1!

5d 20h 5m The PC is on!

5d 20h 4m We've entered the Pokémon center. The input rate has stopped, but it's climbing again...

5d 20h 0m The sky turns orange as we continue our mission to test the boundaries of every wall in the city. Perhaps we'll find our way to platform 9 and 3/4?

5d 19h 53m We almost got on the boat again, but the input rate has drastically increased for some reason, and we continue bumping into the walls of the city...

5d 19h 49m Meandering around the city now. Or rather, running quickly into every wall in the city.

[Fluff] Well, into the gatehouse. We're now inspecting how well groomed this potted plant is...

5d 19h 42m We race out of the center into Canalave City. We race so far, we head out onto the route to the south-east.

5d 19h 42m Throwing balls at a Wartortle. But it takes out Pony! BLACKOUT!!

[Info] By the way, Ponyta's our only remaining Pokémon, and it only has 40 HP left.

5d 19h 37m Ponyta attempts to evolve again, and the meter almost held out, but it was canceled again.

5d 19h 36m He has a Flying/Rock-type Hippowdon, who almost had Ponyta matched. Pony to Level 53!

5d 19h 34m We're challenged by Gentleman Wellington... who's decked out in the latest Boy Scout fashion...

[Fluff] Also, the nosepass in here are extremely speedy... Who knew that a rock could be super fast...?

5d 19h 33m Caught a female Lv. 32 Nosepass! No nickname.

[Streamer] Felkcraft: ☔

[Snark] That's what I get for using low quality stream... Missing out on what could be the perfect name for a Pokémon that basically always has its head covered except for in sunlight.

[Correction] People in chat were saying it was an umbrella.

5d 19h 29m Caught a female Lv. 30 Cherrim! Nickname: ...I think that was a single up arrow?

5d 19h 29m Found Quick Powder!

5d 19h 26m There are a lot of Cherrim around here. It's such a dark place to be in...

[Fluff] Wartortle's randomised type is its normal type. How amusing

5d 19h 19m We got the HM for Strength!

5d 19h 17m We get on a boat! Off to Iron Island we go!

5d 19h 10m We enter the g- wait we instantly leave the gym

5d 19h 7m Ponyta attempts to evolve But does not

5d 19h 6m Flaafy is sent out and is Pearl's last Pokémon. It faints to a single Psybeam. That was easy.

5d 19h 6m A Starmie is sent out and also falls pretty quickly

5d 19h 6m Another Clefable is sent out, and falls to a Psybeam

5d 19h 5m After padding our Evasion, Miltank falls to a Psybeam and Ponyta grows to Level 52

5d 19h 4m The Clefable went down instantly, out comes a Miltank

5d 19h 3m Oh no! Pearl ran into us And we begin a battle with him! Time for a Ponyta solo run!

[Fluff] Drowzee noises intensify

5d 18h 56m We are now in Canalave City!

5d 18h 54m Ponyta sweep the floor with it and the following Shroomish. That was an easy battle.

5d 18h 53m Another trainer battle! This time against an Anorith!

5d 18h 51m The Persian threat has been taken care of and we defeat the trainer

5d 18h 51m Umbreon down too

5d 18h 48m Sandslash also faints to the Persian

5d 18h 46m Voltorb faints to a Trainer's Persian

5d 18h 40m Found a Fluffy Tail

5d 18h 35m Old Rod obtained!

5d 18h 23m We're in the Poketech company! We picked up the Link Searcher Poketech app from the president! There are no others that are done, however.

5d 18h 5m Caught a female Lv. 5 Drowzee! No Nickname

5d 17h 45m Shellder faints as well

5d 17h 42m oops Pachirisu fainted

5d 17h 40m It's called 0sPK

5d 17h 39m Level 19, Female Slakoth caught

5d 17h 37m We call it TArl3ALQEN

5d 17h 36m We catch a level 18, Male Rhyhorn

5d 17h 32m Obtained the Soul Dew!

5d 17h 32m We save a lot of data.

[Info] Pachi is only on 10HP, the rest of the team are at full health.

5d 17h 28m Entered Mt. Coronet.

5d 17h 23m Caught a male Lv. 19 Mightyena! Nickname: 00000bd@cc

5d 17h 20m Caught a male Lv. 18 Surskit! Nickname: 0 p0d00vvq

5d 17h 16m Caught a Lv. 18 Surskit! Nickname: A 00ddAANO

[Correction] We are Route 208.

5d 17h 14m We throw a few Great Balls at a wild Mightyena.

5d 17h 13m Heading east on Route 209.

[Chat] Snowball721 : Pachirisu told us secrets we cant unhear NotLikeThis

5d 17h 4m After an hour and 45 minutes, PP finally puts Pachi back in her ball and heads back out into Hearthrome City ~

[Snark] Well, Anarchy couldn't talk to our Pokémon, so just casually using Democracy to do that, and that alone.

5d 16h 57m Anarchy activated!

5d 16h 56m [D] PP is happily talking to Pachi ~ He seems to have gotten over his anxiety.

5d 16h 55m [D] After a solid hour of trying, we finally talk to Pachi! :3 Obtained the Mini Pebble!

5d 16h 54m Democracy activated!

5d 16h 49m Obtained the Wide Lens!

[Fluff] Girl: "You should talk to your Pokémon!"

What do you think we've been trying to do for the last hour?

5d 16h 37m Walking around Amity Square with Pachi, solving the teleport thingy puzzle.

5d 16h 35m Pachi is back out! <3

5d 16h 35m We enter the eastern entrance of Amity Square.

5d 16h 32m Back out in Hearthrome City, heading east.

5d 16h 31m We leave Amity Square without talking to Pachi.

5d 16h 24m PP still can't work up the courage to talk to Pachi, so he instead checks her cry on his Pokédex. Maybe he's trying to learn her language.

5d 16h 20m Still in Amity Square, and despite a huge debate in the chat, the demo bar still sits resolutely at 79%.

5d 16h 10m We entered one of those teleport thingys.

5d 16h 9m We're slowly heading to the north of Amity Square.

5d 16h 0m PP is still too shy to talk to his little electric squirrel, not for lack of trying.

[Chat] Welkin_Gunther_EC90 : Wait, this is mini Sinnoh? MingLee

Bellsprout64 : Minnoh PogChamp

5d 15h 48m It looks as though we're trying to talk to our little Pachirisu, but we're having difficulty. Maybe PP is shy...

[Chat] Chauzu_VGC : We all know beauty is on the inside

[Chat] Welkin_Gunther_EC90 : Non-cute Pokémon can't enter? DansGame That's ugly discrimination Kappa

5d 15h 43m Pachirisu was let out of her ball, and is now following us <3

5d 15h 43m Entered Amity Square!

5d 15h 42m Entered the Amity Square building.

5d 15h 33m Entered Hearthrome City.

5d 15h 21m Obtained TM36 Horn Attack!

5d 15h 17m It seems we're surfing to a hidden item.

5d 15h 14m And straight into a dead end. Kappa

5d 15h 14m We Surf for the first time!

5d 15h 9m Heading south on Route 209.

5d 15h 9m Entered Solaceon Town.

5d 15h 2m We're in the Café Cabin on Route 210.

5d 14h 54m Still on Route 210, heading south towards Solaceon Town.

5d 14h 44m Heading east on Route 210.

5d 14h 41m We re-enter Celestic Town.

5d 14h 40m But we run away.

5d 14h 39m We encounter an Eevee!

5d 14h 35m We save!

[Snark] I know that should be "its", but I don't wanna strike it now. Why can't I edit updates...?

5d 14h 32m Sandslash takes out the wild Roselia with a Leaf Storm.

5d 14h 31m A wild Roselia hits Pachirisu with Knock Off! Pachirisu is down, and also loses it's mail!

5d 14h 29m Ponyta gusts Bayleef into oblivion. Chief Dudley is defeated!

5d 14h 29m Ponyta uses another super effective Gust - Shinx goes down! Bayleef is sent out.

5d 14h 28m Ponyta uses Gust, takes out Bronzor. Shinx is sent in.

5d 14h 28m We make a switch to Ponyta.

5d 14h 27m Vs. Chief Dudley! He sends out Bronzor, we send out Pachi.

5d 14h 24m Heading west on Route 211.

5d 14h 20m Umbreon down, black out

5d 14h 19m Bronzor down, Chef/Chief Dudley sends in Bayleef

5d 14h 17m Versus a Trainer, Umbreon against Bronzor.

5d 14h 16m Picked up a White Flute

5d 14h 14m Everyone has fainted except for Umbreon.

5d 14h 1m Exited the cave, bumped into Cynthia.

[Chat] Thegirthmeister : use tiny squirrel as life raft

5d 13h 55m Pachirisu learned Surf! Second slot, overwriting Psybeam.

5d 13h 53m Just found out that Umbreon can learn Fly!

5d 13h 51m Taught Growl to Pachirisu over Zen Headbutt.

5d 13h 50m It looks as though we're attempting to teach Surf to someone.

[Info] Ponyta attempted to evolve again, but was cancelled.

5d 13h 41m Obtained HM03!

5d 13h 40m CLUTCH! Voltorb takes out Kadabra while on 4 HP! Galactic Boss Pansy defeated!

5d 13h 40m We send in Voltorb!

5d 13h 39m Kadabra uses Flame Wheel and Fire Fang, Shellder down!

5d 13h 39m And then we switch to Shellder!

5d 13h 38m We send in Umbreon!

5d 13h 37m Kadabra uses Fire Fang, Sandslash down!

5d 13h 37m PP tries desperately to run away.

5d 13h 37m Kadabra uses a critical Fire Punch! Ponyta down! We send in Sandslash.

5d 13h 35m Ponyta takes out Pelipper with Magnitude! Ponyta to Lv. 51! Pansy sends out Kadabra.

5d 13h 34m Ponyta takes out Pidgeot! Pelipper is sent out.

[Chat] Thegirthmeister : PANSY EleGiggle THE BOSS OF GALATIC

5d 13h 33m Vs. Bug Catcher Pansy/Galactic Leader Cyrus! He sends in Pidgeot, we counter with Ponyta.

5d 13h 33m PP chickens out of a fight with Cyrus twice.

5d 13h 31m Cyrus turns up for a speech.

5d 13h 31m PP sees some ancient drawings on the walls. Chat goes all deIlluminati.

5d 13h 28m The old lady from before came and thanked us. We gave here the Old Charm.

5d 13h 27m Ponyta takes out Whiscash with another epic Gust! Galactic Grunt defeated!

5d 13h 26m Ponyta takes out Skiploom was Gust! Whiscash is sent in.

5d 13h 25m Vs. Boss Veronica (Team Galatic Grunt). He sends in Skiploom, we counter with Ponyta!

5d 13h 20m Obtained the Razor Claw!

5d 13h 18m Apparently, a spaceman is threatening to blow to the town up with a bomb, but the residents seem super chilled about it. PP goes to investigate.

[Chat] Nashuim : When do we get the Pokémon Go App? Keepo

5d 13h 15m We got the Analogue Watch App!

[Correction] Entered and checkpointed at Celestic Town.

5d 13h 10m Set the text speed to MID.

5d 13h 7m Ponyta takes out Shellos, trainer defeated!

5d 13h 6m Ponyta takes out Weepingbell with Gust! Shellos is sent in.

5d 13h 5m Ponyta takes down Hariyama with Gust! Weepingbell is sent in.

5d 13h 4m Hariyama uses Brine, Pachirisu down! We switch to Ponyta.

5d 13h 3m Vs. Artist Daniel! He sends in Hariyama, we counter with Pachirisu!

5d 12h 59m We just changed our text speed to slow.

[Chat] ttheswift : tppFogChamp

5d 12h 53m We've entered the foggy part of Route 210.

5d 12h 49m We're currently heading north on Route 210, fighting wilds.

5d 12h 40m We're in Solaceon.

5d 12h 39m Blacked out

5d 12h 38m Umbreon down

5d 12h 33m Umbreon to 30

5d 12h 27m Sandslash has also fainted

5d 12h 23m Ponyta down

5d 12h 22m And versus another Trainer, versus Artist Daniel with a Hariyama

5d 12h 20m Its evolution is cancelled.

5d 12h 19m Ponyta to 50

5d 12h 16m And then we beat that trainer and now are against Gent Pansy, sends out a Pidgey

5d 12h 14m Versus another trainer, against Sunflora

5d 12h 9m Versus Fisher Anne, Milotic against Ponyta. Pachi is fainted right now

5d 11h 59m Versus Rich Kid Jo, Magnemite against Pachirisu

5d 11h 59m Got a Dragon Fang

5d 11h 57m Pachi to 30

5d 11h 45m Now in Solaceon

5d 11h 43m We're on Route 209 right now.

5d 11h 22m Planted a Razz Berry

5d 11h 21m Got a Sitrus Berry from the Berry Tree

5d 11h 9m Pachirisu to 29, wants to learn Wrap, does not learn it

5d 11h 7m Now we're outside?

5d 10h 59m Well now the party is healed as that was just a kinda test battle gauntlet thing

5d 10h 54m Pachi went down to a Pikachu, and now Sandslash is in the front

5d 10h 50m Now against a Koffing, different trainer

5d 10h 49m Against another trainer, Eevee vs the same Pachirisu.

5d 10h 46m Versus Rich Girl Robin, Machop against Pachirisu

5d 10h 46m Trainer defeated

5d 10h 44m Versus Rich Girl Jill, Pikachu against Pachirisu

5d 10h 38m Found Max Potion

5d 10h 36m Found a Carbos

5d 10h 35m Healed the Party in a Bed

[Info] We found TM Snatch in the Mansion Head's room previously.

5d 10h 14m Walking around inside the mansion thing atm

5d 10h 2m In the courtyard of the Mansion kinda thing

5d 9h 56m Pachirisu down to Clamp damage

5d 9h 56m Used Great Ball on a wild Squirtle, it fails

5d 9h 54m Pachirisu to 28

5d 9h 45m Pachirisu to 27

5d 9h 38m Found a Luxury Ball

5d 9h 37m Pachirisu to 26

5d 9h 32m Well we won that battle finally

5d 9h 17m Shellder down

5d 9h 15m Double Battle, versus Man Wellington and Servant Thomas. Ponyta and Medicham against our Pachirisu and Ponyta. Switched out our Ponyta for Shellder

5d 9h 7m On Route 212 right now.

5d 9h 6m In a route gate with the 209 theme playing.

5d 8h 48m Left the room, then the gym, then went back into the building, then out, now we are walking around outside. This change of music is appreciated.

5d 8h 49m We have left the gym

5d 8h 1m Looking through the Journal, seeing all the things we did.

5d 7h 43m Standing around in the Gym, looking at some of our Pokémons' summaries.

5d 7h 19m Pachirisu has been given mail! Didn't see what was written on the mail.

5d 6h 55m Went into the room marked with the triangle mat. Left, went back to the start of the gym, then back into the first room.

5d 6h 53m In the Gym now.

5d 6h 47m In Hearthome now.

5d 6h 32m We enter Route 209

5d 6h 30m Several minutes later we exit the Pokémon Center

5d 6h 22m Milotic uses flamethrower! Blacked Out!

5d 6h 22m vs Fisher Anne! Its Milotic vs Sandslash (with 7 HP remaining)

5d 6h 20m Sandslash takes down Pidgeot! Trainers defeated! Sandslash to Lv 36

5d 6h 20m We use BugBuzz on Pidgeot, Pidgeot misses its attacj

5d 6h 19m Empoleon gets OHKO'd by Sandslash

5d 6h 19m Voltorb goes down to a Luster Purge

5d 6h 19m On the opposing its Empoleon and Pidgeot. On Ourside its Sandslash and Voltorb

5d 6h 18m Double Battle! vs Bro&Sis Cally & Amy

5d 6h 16m Sandslash takes out Lumineon after surviving with 3 HP and thawing out of a 1 turn Frozen status! Crystal Defeated!

5d 6h 14m Sandslash is sent out!

5d 6h 13m Voltorb KO's Gloom! Voltorb to Lv 24. Lumineon is then sent out!

5d 6h 12m The battle of the miss continues due to the fog

5d 6h 11m Voltorb is sent out!

5d 6h 9m Metal Bee Umbreon gets KO'd

5d 6h 8m Umbreon summons the bee to heal a bit

5d 6h 8m Metal Bee Umbreon continues to use Metal Claw

5d 6h 7m Gloom is sent out!

5d 6h 7m Umbreon takes down Farfetch'd

5d 6h 6m Foarfetch'd Knocks Off Umbreon's held Power Herb

5d 6h 5m Ponyta is KO'd! Umbreon is sent out!

5d 6h 2m Ponyta down to 11/148 HP

5d 6h 1m Ponyta is at the red, and the misses continue for both sides

5d 6h 1m We open up with Double Team in the Fog!

5d 6h 0m vs Fisher Crystal x 2! Its Farfetch'd vs Ponyta! Fog is active!

5d 6h 0m We catch Glameow ♀ LV 28! No Nickname

5d 5h 56m We catch Poliwag ♂ Lv 29! No Nickname

5d 5h 52m Ponyta does not evolve!

5d 5h 52m Metal Bee Umbreon KO's Gulpin!

5d 5h 51m Umbreon uses HealOrder to heal itself!

5d 5h 50m We send Umbreon back out!

5d 5h 49m Gulpin KO's Umbreon!

5d 5h 49m Shellder is then swapped in. Gulpin is sent out by the oppenent

5d 5h 48m Ponyta comes out, takes out Solrock, grows to Lv 49!

5d 5h 47m Pachurisu falls to Solrock!

5d 5h 47m We finally connect with a Copy Cat Leaf Storm, Turtwig strikes back with another Wake Up Slap. Next turn Umbreon takes out Turtwig. Jill sends out Solrock! We sent out Pachurisu

5d 5h 46m It a battle of more missing attacks as every attack is missing

5d 5h 44m We swap into our new Umbreon

5d 5h 44m Turtwig is sent out!

5d 5h 43m Ponyta OHKO's Hoothoot!

5d 5h 43m vs Rich Kid Jill! Its Hoothoot vs Ponyta! Fog is active!

5d 5h 42m We continue walking around the grass

[Info] Ability is also Flash Fire

[Info] For those who weren't watching closely, the Umbreon was added to our party since we deposited Dome before.

[Info] Moveset is Copycat, MetalClaw, HealOrder, and MirrorShot

5d 5h 38m We catch the steel type Umbreon ♀ Lv 29. No Nickname

5d 5h 37m Currently trying to catch something

5d 5h 35m There's an Umbreon here

5d 5h 33m We found a Lemonade

5d 5h 31m Stream goes down briefly

5d 5h 26m We return back to the foggy portion of the route

5d 5h 20m We go back to Route 210

[Info] We have no money

5d 5h 18m We return back to Solaceon Town

5d 5h 18m Lumineon KO's Slash! Blacked Out!

5d 5h 17m Sandslash is down to 3 HP

5d 5h 17m BugBuzz is out of PP!

5d 5h 17m Lumineon is sent out!

5d 5h 17m Gloom finally connects with a Rolling Kick to put Sandslash in the red. Sandslash then KO's Gloom and grows to Lv 35!

5d 5h 16m Gloom uses Conversion 2 again to turn into the Ghost Type

5d 5h 15m More missing action continue as both Pokémon cannot connect to their targets

5d 5h 15m Gloom uses Conversion 2 to go from Flying type to Bug type

5d 5h 14m Sandslash finally lands an attack on Farfetch'd! Crystal then switches to Gloom

5d 5h 14m The Misses continue

5d 5h 13m Both Pokémon start up with misses

5d 5h 13m vs Fisher Crystal! ITs Farfetch'd vs Sandslash in Fog!

5d 5h 13m We enter the foggy portion of the Route

5d 5h 8m We get the Old Charm

5d 5h 7m Cynthia comes behind us and wants us to deliver an item to Celestic Town

5d 5h 7m We use the SecretPotion on the Psyducks in Route 210

5d 5h 4m We enter Route 210

5d 5h 1m We exit the Pokémon Center

5d 4h 57m We turn on the PC, DEPOSIT KABUTO

5d 4h 54m Seems like a Up/Down fight if we should heal or go on without healing

5d 4h 53m We then exit

5d 4h 53m We go back to Solaceon Town, we enter and checkpoint at the Pokémon Center

5d 4h 51m We move on down to Route 209

5d 4h 42m We are back in Solaceon Town

5d 4h 37m Voltorb goes down!

5d 4h 34m We run away from it

5d 4h 34m Cherubi is ♂, Lv 5, and is Flying type!

5d 4h 34m Cherubi has brave bird!

5d 4h 33m Wild Cherubi in the Honey Tree!

5d 4h 32m Shallder goes down

5d 4h 28m Kabuto Faints

5d 4h 24m We catch Ponyta ♀ Lv 21 No Nickname

5d 4h 23m Pachirisu faints

5d 4h 22m Ponyta faints to poison

5d 4h 18m We go back to Route 210

5d 4h 16m We enter Solaceon Town

5d 4h 5m Ponyta gets poisoned from a Wild Bulbasaur

5d 4h 2m Wiggling Honey tree on sight!

5d 4h 0m We enter Route 210

5d 3h 36m We enter Route 215

5d 3h 27m We leave the Department Store

5d 3h 24m We also bought 3 Poké Balls, sold 1

5d 3h 24m We buy 63 Great Balls

5d 3h 18m We walk around the Department Store but we haven't bought anything

5d 3h 3m We enter the Department Store

5d 2h 40m We then leave the Game Corner

5d 2h 40m We use Rare Candy on Ponyta, grows to Lv 48, Fails to Evolve!

5d 2h 35m We mess it up by leaving the slots and then reentering

5d 2h 34m We get a Shiny Clefairy thing in the slots

5d 2h 25m We begin playing the slots

5d 2h 24m We enter the Game Coner

5d 2h 20m We use up the Max Elixir

5d 2h 17m We enter Veilstone City

5d 2h 14m We found a Max Elixir!

5d 2h 13m Mallorie defeated!

5d 2h 13m Ponyta finally KO's Smoochum!

5d 2h 13m We use a Full Restore on Ponyta

5d 2h 12m Smoochum (Dragon/Flying) is immune to Ponyta's ground type attacks

5d 2h 12m vs Trainer Mallorie. ITs Smoochum vs Ponyta

[Info] Ponyta seems to evolve into Kingler

5d 2h 10m Ponyta does not evolve

5d 2h 10m Ponyta completes the sweep with a Psybeam! Sonya defeated!

5d 2h 9m Masquerain is OHKO'd! Another Torkoal is sent out

5d 2h 9m Psybeam beam Torkaol away! Masquerain is sent out!

5d 2h 9m Torkoal is sent out!

5d 2h 9m Sonya then sends out Remoraid! Ponyta OHKO's it

5d 2h 8m Sonya sends out Primeape!

5d 2h 8m Ponyta to Lv 47

5d 2h 7m vs Tamer Sonya! It's Clamerl vs Horsea!

5d 2h 3m We found a NeverMeltIce

5d 2h 2m Sandslash takes Lumineon down with a Leaf Storm! Esteban defeated!

5d 2h 1m Sandslash takes out Mightyena! Esteban sends out another Lumineon

5d 2h 0m We swap into Sandslash

5d 1h 59m Mightyena is sent out

5d 1h 59m Lumineon goes down in one hit!

5d 1h 59m vs Swimmer Esteban! Its an Irrelevent Lumineon vs Ponyta!

5d 1h 58m Solrock goes down in one hit! Robin defeated!

5d 1h 57m Turtwig goes down easily! Robin sends out Solrock

5d 1h 57m vs "Elite Four" Robin! Its Turtwig vs Ponyta

5d 1h 52m We make it to Route 214

5d 1h 44m We found a Black Flute

5d 1h 39m Ponyta levels up to Lv 46, Learns Double Team over Earth Power, does not evolve!

5d 1h 29m We exit back to Route 213

5d 1h 26m We talk to the gate keeper at the Lakefront, We get Healed!

5d 1h 23m We enter Route 213

5d 1h 12m Looking at the Pokedex

5d 1h 9m We talked to some girl and now moving around a bit

5d 0h 59m We get the SecretPotion from Cynthia to use on the Psyducks on Route 210!

5d 0h 58m Pearl then finally leaves after messing with our funky flow

5d 0h 58m Pearl comes and interrupts our conversation with Cynthia

5d 0h 57m Cynthia comes around ank talks about how the lake is closed and lore about the lake

5d 0h 56m Machop OHKO'd by Ponyta! Galactic Grunt Daniel defeated!

5d 0h 56m Vs "Boss" Daniel! Its Machop vs Ponyta!

5d 0h 52m We enter the Valor Lakefront

5d 0h 51m We enter the Valor Gurdgate and talk to Looker

5d 0h 48m We get called a pest by a Galactic Grunt, he runs away and Looker comes and says stuff

5d 0h 39m We talked to him another time, few more times to go

5d 0h 37m We talked to him once, i think 5 more times left to go every place he runs

5d 0h 34m We have to chase a galactic grunt that is running away but we overshoot and go ahead of him, apparently we have to talk to him

[Snark] Pearl: "What's the matter?! Why aren't you gone already?!"

Because Pepe has about 30 seconds of lag to deal with, Pearl. Chill.

5d 0h 29m We try to enter the Great Marsh and we hear a bomb sound, chat is spamming emotes even harder


[Chat] freaking out in various ways over a bomb and Team Galactic that Pearl mentioned.

5d 0h 24m We exit the gym and see Pearl and Scarlett

[Info] Situation is when a mon is under half health since it originally was Brine before randomized

5d 0h 22m TM55 contains Recover, which according to Scarlett, inflicts double damage in some situation I didn't catch. Which is technically true I guess, zero damage doubled is still zero damage.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 0h 22m Fen Badge get! TM55 get!


5d 0h 21m It Pump's again we're on red health, we Needle Arm crit it and defeat Raichu, Sandslash to level 34, Scarlet defeated

5d 0h 21m It Hydro Pump's again and we Needle Arm again

5d 0h 20m It uses Hydro Pump and we Needle Arm

5d 0h 20m We send Sandslash vs Raichu

5d 0h 20m Ponyta also OHKO's Breloom with Earth Power

5d 0h 19m It uses Extreme Speed and we KO it with Earth Power

5d 0h 19m Ponyta uses Psybeam and Helix uses Aqua Ring

5d 0h 19m Vs Dancer Scarlett, Attempt #3

5d 0h 1m We screw up the puzzle again, someone inputted b+right

[Fluff] With a great soft keyboard, comes great responsibility. Keepo

[Info] We have emoji's now! PogChamp ♥♥♥

4d 23h 51m With the puzzle reset, we start again.

4d 23h 50m Aaaand we screwed it up again.

[Fluff] RIP MIC BibleThump

4d 23h 50m Riot screen flashes up briefly, and we're back.

[Dev] FelkCraft : removing "MIC", as it's not needed anymore and lags

4d 23h 46m We're almost at the gym leader ~

4d 23h 40m Still making our way through the puzzle.

[Info] The last attempt was #2, this next one will be attempt #3.

4d 23h 26m Entered Pastoria Gym once again, and we start the puzzle.

4d 23h 25m Chat are having fun poking Purugly.

4d 23h 21m Back once again in Pastoria City.

4d 23h 20m Raichu uses Shadow Sneak, Sandslash goes down! Blackout!

4d 23h 19m Sandslash uses Leaf Storm! But Raichu recovers using a Sitrus Berry.

4d 23h 19m We send out Sandslash, and Raichu uses Hydro Pump. It's a crit!

4d 23h 19m We switch to Pachirisu! Raichu uses Shadow Sneak. Pachirisu goes down!

[Chat] ShinySapphire : Go Pachi Go doggoLove

4d 23h 16m Raichu uses Hydro Pump! Ponyta down!

4d 23h 15m Crasher Wake sends out Breloom! Ponyta takes it out with another Earth Power! Wake sends out Raichu.

4d 23h 15m Ponyta uses Earth Power, critical hit! Omastar goes down! Ponyta to Lv. 45!

4d 23h 14m Vs. Crasher Wake/Dancer Scarlett! He sends in Omastar, we counter with Ponyta!

4d 23h 12m We're almost at the gym leader again.

[Info] Current team: Ponyta, Pachirisu, Kabuto, Shellder, Voltorb and Sandslash.

4d 23h 9m Sandslash uses Leaf Storm and takes out Omastar. Trainer defeated!

4d 23h 8m We send in Sandslash, and we're countered by Omastar!

4d 23h 8m Metang uses another Dive, and Voltorb goes down! But Metang is hurt by it's burn and goes down too.

4d 23h 6m Metang hits us with a Dive and is burnt by Voltorb's Flame Body, but then licks Voltorb and paralyses it.

4d 23h 6m Metang uses Dive on Kabuto. Kabuto goes down! We switch to Voltorb.

4d 23h 5m After a few ineffective Fire Fangs, we switch to Shellder. Metang licks it, and Shellder goes down! We switch to Kabuto.

4d 23h 3m Ponyta takes out Pikachu with Psybeam. We switch to Kabuto, trainer sends in Metang.

4d 23h 2m Vs Cooltrainer London! He sends in Pikachu, we counter with Ponyta!

4d 22h 57m Saved a lot of data just after our abysmal failure.


4d 22h 56m Aaaaand we screwed up the puzzle. Time to try again.

4d 22h 55m We're almost there!

4d 22h 49m We're still solving the gym puzzles. We're getting there.

4d 22h 41m Still making our way through the gym.

4d 22h 34m Back out in Pastoria City, and we walk into the gym.

[Chat] FlaaggTPP: Helix you are supposed to be on our team, water you doing!

[Info] Water/Steel type Omastar with Aqua ring, Extreme Speed OP

4d 22h 32m Voltorb goes down! Blackout!

4d 22h 31m We send in Voltorb!

4d 22h 30m [Correction] Pachirisu & Kabuto down! Sandslash sent out. Sandslash down!

[Fluff] PraiseIt PRAISE HELIX PraiseIt

[Snark] Dome vs. Helix

4d 22h 29m Vs Dancer Scarlett, Pachirisu vs Omastar

4d 22h 12m We opened up the path to Dancer Wake- i mean whatever his name is randomized to but we press on a button by overshooting and we have to do the puzzle again

4d 22h 9m Sandslash beats it and is now level 33 and forgets Wood Hammer in place of Leaf Storm

4d 22h 6m Ponyta faints due to Nincada having ExtremeSpeed

4d 22h 5m Pony has 1hp due to poison

4d 22h 1m We just beat 'Elite 4' Jasmine gym trainer

4d 21h 54m Pony just swept another Sailor while being Badly Poisoned

[Info] Compatible ships are Pony x Pachi, Pachi x Sandslash, Shellder x Dome

4d 21h 49m Shellder faints to Night Slash

4d 21h 48m Vs a trainer, Skuntank poisons by Toxic Shellder

4d 21h 38m We enter Pastoria Gym but everyone's focused on the shipping app over the puzzle

4d 21h 27m We leave the place

4d 21h 27m Caught a male Lv. ? Raticate! no name`

[Info] Dark / Rock typing, and it's name is either 4 or 5 spaces

4d 21h 20m Caught a female Lv. 28 Gligar! Nickname: just a space

4d 21h 18m Caught a male Lv. 25 Roselia! No name

4d 21h 12m Caught a female Lv. 26 Corsola! Ice type Nickname: A6,_bzb_[male]amale sign

4d 21h 4m We go back inside

4d 21h 2m We leave the place and get a new Poketch app, the Matchup checker! now we can can sip our mon

4d 21h 0m We pick up a Dire Hit

[Info] no name DansGame

4d 20h 59m Caught a female Lv. 29 Purugly! Fighting Type

4d 20h 57m We pick up a Rare Candy

4d 20h 55m Caught a female Lv. 28 Wooper! Nickname: ***)

4d 20h 51m We pick up an Iron Plate

4d 20h 46m Caught a female Lv. 28 Pilowsine! Rock type Nickname: <3the heart emoji

[Info] Ghost/Dark type

4d 20h 40m Caught a male Lv. 29 Minun! Nickname: MW-"05

4d 20h 37m Caught a male Lv. 28 Seedot! Nickname: LW@ <3 BQ2 NM heartemoji

4d 20h 29m Caught a male Lv. 29 Swalot! Bug type Nickname: E

[Info] its space E space

4d 20h 28m Caught a female Lv. 29 Wooper! Water type Nickname: E

4d 20h 24m Caught a male Lv. 28 Wooper! No name

[Info] Name seems to be a space or an L, not sure

4d 20h 22m Caught another male Lv. 28 Munchlax!

4d 20h 16m Caught a male Lv. 28 Munchlax! Rock type Nickname: H

[Info] Water / Ghost type

4d 20h 14m Caught a female Lv. 26 Pichu! Nickname: another space...

4d 20h 11m Caught a male Lv. 28 Seadra! Rock Type Nickname: J

4d 20h 8m We pick up a Focus Band

4d 20h 6m We are forced out of Safari but go back in

4d 20h 6m Caught a femaleLv. 27 Silcoon! Steel type Nickname: yes its another space

4d 20h 2m We find a Poke Doll

4d 19h 58m Caught a female Lv. 27 Combusken! Grass Type Nickname: yes its only 1 space

4d 19h 51m Caught a female Lv. 26 Roselia! Dark type, no name

4d 19h 49m We find a Splash Plate

4d 19h 44m ... and head right back in.

4d 19h 44m We exit the Great Marsh.

4d 19h 43m Caught a level 29 female Chimecho! Ice/Steel type, no nickname.

[Info] 69,69 is within the hitbox for the "Ball" button.

4d 19h 41m [Info] We have 10 Safari Balls left atm

4d 19h 37m We're just throwing balls and mud at random Pokémon, which include Cleffa and Wooper.

[Info] Nickname: !D5L LG6L

4d 19h 29m Caught a female Lv. 17 Weepinbell! it is also a Water Type

[Chat] Wheeee! \ PogChamp /

4d 19h 26m We ride the train

4d 19h 25m We enter the Great Marsh

4d 19h 22m Shellder faints, blackout

4d 19h 20m We head west again and Sandslash faints to a trainer's Shelgon

4d 19h 17m We pick up the last Pinap Berry here

4d 19h 16m We pick up another Pinap Berry

4d 19h 16m We plant it right back

4d 19h 15m We pick up a Pinap Berry

4d 19h 14m We plant it right back where we picked it up

4d 19h 13m We pick up a Pecha Berry

4d 19h 11m We escape the mud

4d 19h 9m We find a Life Orb around the mud

4d 18h 55m Lots of mud here, need multiple inputs of different directions to move 1 step

4d 18h 52m We find a Full Restore on the route West of Pastoria

4d 18h 39m We leave the gym

[Info] https://clips.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon/BeautifulCoyoteWholeWheat a clip of Pachirisu defeating Flaafy with a 12 level difference

4d 18h 28m Pachirisu faints

4d 18h 28m We fight a tuber but text is changed to Elite 4 Lilliana, he sends in a Quagsire which is water, looks liek this gym didnt randomize

4d 18h 26m We enter Pastoria Gym

4d 18h 25m Pachirisu is now level 25 and doesnt learn Rest, we beat Pearl!


4d 18h 23m He sends in Flaaffy

4d 18h 23m He sends in Exeggcute, it uses Ominous Wind and our Psybeam OHKO's!

4d 18h 22m We send in Pachirisu to use Psybeam and defeat it

4d 18h 21m Sableye defeats Voltorb but gets burned by Flame Body

4d 18h 20m He sends Sableye

4d 18h 20m Ee use Sludge Bomb to beat it after he Giga Impacts

4d 18h 18m We send Voltorb and set our own Toxic Spikes

4d 18h 18m Eevee crits Giga Impact and defeats Dome

4d 18h 18m His Eevee sets Toxic Spikes while we Pluck

4d 18h 17m His Eevee uses Fake Out to beat Ponyta while it's hp is low, also speed boost

4d 18h 16m Vs Lazy Pearl!

4d 18h 12m We checkpoint

4d 18h 5m We enter Pastoria City for the first time!

[Info] 3 sec slowmode

4d 17h 49m We gave Kabuto TM Water Gun to hold

4d 17h 43m Ponyta earns a Footprint Ribbon from Dr. Footprint because it likes us!

4d 17h 34m Noella defeated

4d 17h 34m Ponyta levels up to 44, no evolution

4d 17h 32m This time we find a little boy Elite 4 Noelle!

[Snark] Wrong Stone, Shellder will need to wait more

4d 17h 28m We find a Leaf Stone!

[Fluff] We can't have TEH URN until we beat the Champion

[Chat] TEH URN PogChamp

4d 17h 22m OPonyta sweeps Makuhita, gg

4d 17h 22m We fight what seems to be a little tuber girl but text says she's Elite 4 Mark!

4d 17h 20m We heal again

4d 17h 13m Shellder is now level 20, learns Stealth rock over Tickle

4d 17h 10m Kabuto faints to it as well

4d 17h 9m Pachirisu faints to a Banette

4d 17h 7m Kabuto and Pachirisu burned themselves by hitting Voltorb and activating Flame Body

4d 16h 57m We heal again

4d 16h 51m Kabuto levels up to level 26, forgets Chatter for Dizzy Punch

4d 16h 51m Stream back, 5 second slowmode activated

4d 16h 50m Stream down, it'l be back in a minute

4d 16h 50m Ponyta faints to another set of trainers

4d 16h 43m back online

4d 16h 43m Stream went offline

4d 16h 42m Pachirisu faints

4d 16h 38m We go to Sinnoh's Battle Resteraunt

4d 16h 36m We heal by talking to a policeman in a building which has an awakrd placement for tpp but we did it!

4d 16h 26m We find a Black Sludge

4d 16h 16m Ponyta levels up to 43, no evolution

4d 16h 13m We find a Full Incense

4d 16h 7m We head to Pastoria

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIO- oh ┌ ༼ ºل͟º ༽ ┐

4d 15h 58m We leave the corner

4d 15h 51m We tactically save

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

4d 15h 37m We enter the Game Corner

4d 15h 33m We leave the center

4d 15h 32m We checkpoint and chat is fast again, some want to leave some want pc not that Ponyta is mailed

4d 15h 11m We enter Veilstone City

4d 14h 45m Kabuto has fainted

4d 14h 41m Walking between 210 and 215.

4d 14h 12m Outside.

[Fluff] Apparently we used up a Rare Candy with that.

4d 14h 7m Ponyta's level 42 now, evolution cancelled again

4d 14h 1m And, entered.

4d 13h 59m Standing near the Solaceon Ruins entrance.

4d 13h 56m Outside.

4d 13h 51m Booted up the PC for a second but then got off and then we ran madly around the lobby of the building.

4d 13h 45m In the daycare right now.

4d 13h 42m Back in Solaceon.

4d 13h 38m Ponyta to 41, tries to evolve, it is cancelled

[Info] Ponyta's at Lv. 40 right now, the last levelup recorded was 39.

4d 13h 27m Doesn't look like much has happened. We're on Route 210, walking around in the grass.

[Meta] Updater's gonna go dark for some time, gotta get food. Should return reasonably soon.

4d 12h 39m Back in the main area of Hearthome.

4d 12h 36m An Interviewer asks about or stroll with Pachirisu. It makes us feel AAH

4d 12h 36m In the northwest Amity-Hearthome gate

4d 12h 27m Got TM49 Sunny Day

4d 12h 19m Got TM46

4d 12h 11m In Amity Square.

4d 12h 7m Back in Hearthome.

4d 11h 54m Down onto Route 209

4d 11h 52m Back in Solaceon

4d 11h 51m Ponyta to Lv. 39

[Fluff] RIP Wattson ranking

4d 11h 40m Oh look. We still haven't beaten Ranger Esteban-- WAIT WHAT WE JUST DID, Ponyta to 38

[Fluff] According to chat, Hello! CHATOT! was changed. But one of the lines should be correct.

4d 11h 34m Hello! CHATOT! and Hello! KABUTO! (or something similar) are written in a Heart Mail, and then given to Ponyta.

4d 11h 33m Gave Ponyta the Red Flute in exchange for TM38

[Fluff] Do we even have the Matchmaker app?

[Snark] Inb4 Another Daycare Scandal

[Chat] Kokaitohaji: i wanna get off trainer card's wild ride NotLikeThis

4d 10h 59m We take it back, it is now in the last party slot with Ponyta in front

4d 10h 58m Given Sandslash to the Daycare

4d 10h 42m Now in Solaceon.

4d 10h 33m On Route 209 I think

4d 10h 30m In Hearthome

4d 10h 21m Did not learn Sand Attack.

4d 10h 21m Ponyta to 37, wants to learn Pocket Sand Sand Attack, stuck in the move learning loop of inputs atm

4d 10h 18m Outside on the eastern side of Mt. Coronet now.

4d 10h 13m Sandslash down

4d 10h 10m Sandslash to 32

4d 10h 9m In Lower Mt. Coronet

4d 10h 6m Got a Red Flute

4d 10h 4m Nope we're on Route 207 right now.

4d 10h 0m Got four Razz Berries from Berry Trees on the west of the route.

4d 9h 58m On Route 206. Now we are off the bike. And then we get back on. Rinse and repeat.

4d 9h 58m In the southern gate now. Still can't get off the bike.

4d 9h 57m Onto the Bike Path.We try to get off of the bike but we cannot, so we go alllllll the waaay doowwnn!

4d 9h 54m In Eterna City

4d 9h 50m We exit back onto the Eterna side of Eterna Forest

4d 9h 48m We are nearly out of Eterna Forest

4d 9h 44m Sandslash's continue use of the Wood Hammer has brought him to 16/110 HP. The rest of the party are still completely healthy

4d 9h 42m Slowly trotting through the forest

4d 9h 35m Back in Eterna Forest

4d 9h 31m A brief riot screen appeared and disappeared

4d 9h 28m We picked up 2 Chesto Berries

4d 9h 24m We are moving left and right on the bike in the lower part of Rt 205

4d 9h 22m We move back to Route 205

4d 9h 21m We exit the Poke Mart

4d 9h 21m We Buy 4 More Bloom Mail

4d 9h 21m We Buy 7 Bloom Mail

4d 9h 20m We enter the Poke Mart

4d 9h 19m Walking in circles around the Poke Mart

4d 9h 15m Also getting off and on the bike

4d 9h 15m Wandering around the Flowers in town

4d 9h 6m We enter Floaroma Town after doing all of that

4d 9h 4m Mamoswine (Rock) is OHKO by Sandslash

4d 9h 4m We talk to the Drifloon sprite! It's Mamoswine!

4d 9h 3m We enter Valley Windworks. It is Friday so a (not) Difloon is outside

4d 9h 1m We then go back to Rt 205

4d 9h 1m We exit back to Route 2015 and then enter Floaroma Town

4d 9h 0m We enter the Valley Windworks

4d 8h 52m Woah, looks like its time for a random trainer fight! Gentleman Sonya wants to battle! Its Illumise (Poison) vs Sandslash! We OHKO it! Sonya defeated!

4d 8h 31m We are also on Route 205 right outside the Healing house

4d 8h 29m We toss the Yellow Flute

4d 8h 25m Another game restart, the bike has been registered in place of the Explorer Kit

[Snark] Looks like someone doesn't know about mutually-assured destruction.

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: explorer kit vs recorder and pal pad are nuked

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: stop trying to reset there will be bans

4d 8h 19m Game pauses again and the game restarts!

4d 8h 18m We go inside Eterna Forest, making the Explorer Kit unable to be used

4d 8h 17m and we Fly back up

[Fluff] It was Addarash1's input that accepted the final prompt.

4d 8h 16m We go back underground for the 90th time

4d 8h 14m We climb back up back above ground

[Chat] WHEEEEEEE MingLee

4d 8h 11m Another game stoppage happens. More cursor moving and the game unfreezes again

4d 8h 10m We fall down a crack and go back underground

[Snark] The Poketch is a marvel of technology. With it, it only takes a single input to check Bulbasaur's cry! (Nope, hasn't changed. Yet.)

4d 8h 8m Another temporary game stoppage happens. Now trying to deregister the C-Gear Explorer Kit

4d 8h 5m We leave the Entralink errr Underground again and go back inside the house

[Fluff] You think this Underground thing is bad? Imagine it having no confirmation, being much harder to escape, and having no way of unregistering it without streamer intervention. We had to deal with something like that in our Black run.

4d 8h 2m Back above ground, then we go back underground again

4d 8h 0m We then go back underground

4d 8h 0m Game play stops for a seconds for an unknown reason after we left the Underground

4d 7h 54m We fall underground again

4d 7h 54m Back to the light, we are above ground once again

4d 7h 50m Back to the Underground!

4d 7h 48m We leave the Underground again

4d 7h 38m We go outside, go back underground

4d 7h 35m We go inside a house and Heal!!

4d 7h 33m We exit the Underground again

4d 7h 27m aaand we go back underground

4d 7h 24m We exit the underground!

4d 7h 9m We then bury a Green Sphere

4d 7h 7m Still walking around in the Sinnoh Underground

4d 7h 4m We found a Red Sphere in the Underground

4d 6h 58m and we go underground

4d 6h 57m We make onto the other side of Eterna Forest, Route 206

4d 6h 50m Wandering around, trying to deregister the Explorer Kit and make it through the forest

4d 6h 32m Back inside Eterna Forest

4d 6h 25m We exit to Route 205

[Info] We cannot use the Explorer Kit inside Eterna Forest

4d 6h 12m We found the Jorsun Everstone

4d 6h 11m We register the Explorer Kit

4d 6h 3m Ponyta to Lv 36

4d 5h 56m We register the Coin Case

4d 5h 56m We got on the bike

4d 5h 50m We register the Fashion Case

4d 5h 46m We exit the Old Chateau

4d 5h 40m It used Teleport to escape for tonight

4d 5h 38m We also have no Poké Balls

4d 5h 38m Giratina is Psychic type, respawns every night

4d 5h 38m vs Wild Giratina

4d 5h 37m We enter the room with the Giratina TV

4d 5h 27m We enter the Old Chateau

4d 5h 19m Entered Eterna Forest

4d 5h 18m Entered Route 205!

4d 5h 15m Outside in Eterna City now

4d 5h 1m Still messing in the menus

We're free from the VS Recorder! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

4d 4h 49m Game freezes momentarily at the map, then we register the map on the Y button!

[Dev] "that freaking mic command has a chance of interfering with sidegame" - Felkcraft

4d 4h 39m Game unfreezes and inputs fly at the speed of light!

[Snark] Just when Felk quit for the night.

[Snark] Not the first time during a run of Platinum did the game froze on us

4d 4h 34m The Game Froze?

4d 4h 22m The VS Recorder

[Snark] The VS Recorder wars are real.

4d 4h 5m We back out of the VS Recorder and observe the overworld fir the first time in about half an hour. That lasts a few seconds, but it's long enough for the party display to recover.

[Snark] The VS Recorder is grayscale now. Black & White confirmed?

[Dev] It would appear that the VS Recorder is preventing the overlay scripts from reading our party.

[Snark] I guess you can say changing blow to mic was a "Minor Text Fix"

[Snark] The party display is missing. Guess the run's over.

[Dev] We've realized the error of our ways. The command blow has been renamed to mic. We apologize for the inconvenience.

4d 3h 51m RIOT SCREEN GOES UP, and then goes back down agiain

[Fluff] Guess what we've been doing for the past 13 minutes. You guessed it - faffing about in the VS Recorder while spamming rude input combos containing blow.

4d 3h 35m We but the VS Recorder on the Y button

4d 3h 31m Messing around the menus

4d 3h 22m The command list currently isn't family friendly right now

[Snark] Great, now I need to update my chat filter scripts again.

[Info] "Blow" is now a valid command

4d 3h 14m and then we are back

4d 3h 14m RIOT SCREEN!

4d 3h 8m No longer underground, we are back outside in Oreburgh City

[Info] I'l have to go now, hopefully someone covers fast

4d 3h 1m We leave it without activating the traps

4d 2h 58m We leave it and it seems like we want to try activate the remaining two traps we have and leave the underground forever

4d 2h 46m We make a Secret Base!

4d 2h 40m back down

4d 2h 39m We escape the underground and now poketch appears on big screen!

[Info] The Map that used to be on top screen is now down and the world is on big screen

4d 2h 36m Felk fixes this! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ praise

4d 2h 34m Cursor appears!

[Chat] Ninjanitor: tpp: unsupported command: blow MingLee don't lie tpp

[Chat] BLOW MingLee

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

4d 2h 29m We stuck ourselves on a Leaf Trap which needs someone to blow to get us out

4d 2h 22m We leave the building and go down, time to make a base! PogChamp

4d 2h 19m Grampa gives us a Digging Drill, we can make a secret base!

4d 2h 18m Grampa undeground gives us a Prism Sphere

4d 2h 16m We enter a building, might deregister the Kit

4d 1h 55m Up and down, up and down we goooo

4d 1h 18m We got Red Sphere size 3 and Green Sphere size 4

[Snark]: We made so much progress

4d 0h 37m Pretty much nothing happened

4d 0h 6m Underground -> Overworld -> Underground and the cycle continues...

3d 23h 55m We leave the underground

[Info] We get our Red Sphere back, btw its 12 not 2 sorry

3d 23h 46m We obtain Green Sphere size 1

3d 23h 27m We go down again

3d 23h 26m We left the underground

3d 23h 21m We buried the sphere

3d 23h 16m We almost got a Fire Stone

3d 23h 9m WE DUG A RED SPHERE SIZE 2 PogChamp

3d 23h 8m We step on a message trap and it says lets go to the union room


3d 23h 7m We broke free!

3d 23h 6m We're stuck on touch trap

3d 23h 6m We triggered a push trap and escaped from it

3d 23h 0m We went underground using Explorer Kit after leaving the building

3d 22h 56m Not sure if we will change names anymore but Sandslash is now 'RFemaleSign', Shellder and Voltor has reset to their original names, Poyta is now 'AAAK', rest are same

3d 22h 40m Registered Explorer Kit

3d 22h 40m Still around him but we seem to try and switch party order

3d 22h 20m Still around Name Rater

3d 21h 59m We go to the Name Rater, il update all names after we leave so i dont spam

3d 21h 54m We go up Cycling road and enter Eterna

3d 21h 43m Caught a male Lv. 5 Ledian! Nickname: HeartEmoji7f7n

3d 21h 28m Back to Oreburgh

3d 21h 21m Kabuto faints while fighting wild mon

3d 21h 7m We get the Marking Map Poketch App

3d 21h 6m We obtained Memo Pad poketch app

3d 21h 1m We head to Jubilife and find a Dusk Ball

3d 20h 44m 4 more

3d 20h 44m We buy 16 more

3d 20h 43m We buy 4 Tunnel Mail

3d 20h 33m We entered Oreburgh City now

3d 20h 17m We enter Mt, Coronet

3d 20h 11m Caught a male Lv. 17 Weedle! Nickname: 5k r c

3d 20h 2m We buy one more and leave

3d 20h 0m We buy 2 more

3d 19h 59m We buy 9 Heart Mails

3d 19h 57m We leave and stroll around the city

3d 19h 53m We enter the Poffin House

3d 19h 43m We enter Hearthome City

3d 19h 37m We head down to Route 209

3d 19h 33m We head to Solaceon Town

[Fluff] Did i mention how much i hate emoji's? well im doing it now

Nickname: SunshineEmojiN( ;"SnowmanEmojiSnowmanEmoji, HappyFace

3d 19h 24m Caught a male Lv. 19 Bulbasaur!

3d 19h 19m Shellder and Sandslash faint to a wild Bulbasaur

3d 19h 16m Sandslash faints to a wild Bulbasaur

[Info] Yes, its nickname is only 1 space

Caught a female Lv. 19 Gulpin! Nickname:

[Info] Level 19

3d 19h 6m Caught a male Lv. ? Aipom! Nickname: 000SunshineEmoji

[Info] Spade is an emoji

Caught a female Lv. 20 Marill! Nickname: Spade???? :Spade

3d 19h 4m It was FC'HeartEmoji sorry

Caught a female Lv. 19 Gulpin! Nickname: FC'

[Info] Smiley face is the emoji Pokémon has for some ungodly reason, they didnt type smileyface

3d 18h 52m Caught a female Lv. 21 Aipom! Nickname: C0:: SmileyFace::

[Info] That Gulpin was a bug type.

3d 18h 46m Caught a male Lv. 19 Gulpin! Nickname: d

3d 18h 43m Caught a male Lv. 19 Aipom!

3d 18h 42m I guess chat is trying to catch this Magikarp dressed as an Aipom.

[Snark] Is Giratina/Snorunt/Chatot our new Bulbasaur?

3d 18h 35m We go to Route 215

3d 18h 30m exited the game corner

3d 18h 24m Clefairy mode on the slots! It's a shiny one at that! Galactic Payout!

3d 18h 21m still gambling and shuffling around different slot machines

[Fluff] When you're dance rioting but this message appears: This room is in slow mode and you are sending messages too quickly. You will be able to talk again in 0 seconds. BibleThump

3d 18h 5m We start gambling

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

3d 17h 58m We enter the game corner

3d 17h 48m We fail to catch a Pachirisu with a ball and It KOs Voltorb. BLACK OUT

3d 17h 45m We save

3d 17h 43m Its Nickname is: Q------%%6

3d 17h 43m We throw a Poké Ball at the Spinda, CATCH! Level 24, Female

3d 17h 41m We retaliate with Voltorb

3d 17h 39m A wild Spinda KOs Pachirisu

3d 17h 36m We throw a ball at a Spheal, It's a catch! Level 21, Female Nickname: AA~~;;;(two frowny faces)(diamond)

3d 17h 33m We send out Pachirisu.

3d 17h 29m A wild Pachirisu's Psybeam takes out Ponyta!

3d 17h 25m And a third. No luck.

3d 17h 24m Used another Poké Ball on the same Voltorb. Didn't catch.

3d 17h 23m We use a Poké Ball on a wild Voltorb. Didn't catch.

3d 17h 21m Poké Ball #3. This one catches the level 23 female Pachirisu! Nickname: MMMg6QSD77

3d 17h 19m We use another Poké Ball on the same Pachirisu. Breaks out without a single wobble.

3d 17h 18m We use a Poké Ball on a wild Pachirisu. Didn't catch.

3d 17h 16m We use a Poké Ball on Pachirisu. It catches! Level 23 Male Pachirisu! Nickname: EW O56S2 3

[Info] We're also out of Great Balls. We have 46 Poké Balls.

3d 17h 15m We use a Great Ball on a wild Pachirisu, didn't catch.

[Info] Ponyta evolves at level 40.

3d 17h 13m We take out the Pachirisu with Gust. Ponyta to level 35!

[Info] We're out of Premier Balls now.

3d 17h 12m We use a Premier Ball on a Pachirisu. Didn't catch.

3d 17h 10m Tamer Marcellus defeated!

3d 17h 10m Murkrow bides its time. We take it out with Gust.

[Info] Voltorb is Poison-type and has Flame Body, its moveset is Crush Claw, Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes, and Sludge Bomb.

3d 17h 9m We're fighting a trainer's Murkrow.

[Info] Pachirisu is Psychic-type and has Clear Body, its moves are Zen Headbutt, Psybeam, Cosmic Power, and Miracle Eye.

3d 17h 8m While I was afk, we caught a level 23 Voltorb! No nickname.

(that's 4 spaces between the h and the face, by the way)

3d 17h 2m We use a Premier ball to catch a level 23 female Pachirisu! Nickname: h <scrunchy face>7PL4

3d 16h 59m Growlithe hits us with Hammer Arm. We respond with Psybeam. Super-effective OHKO! Growlithe is down! Robin defeated!

3d 16h 58m We use a Moomoo Milk to heal Ponyta back to full!

3d 16h 58m Larvitar goes down to a single Gust. Growlithe is up next.

[Donation] $2.00 from BEXXXXXX: "Marsa copypasta"

3d 16h 57m We're spotted by Performer Robin. Larvitar VS Ponyta. Prism confirmed?

3d 16h 55m We pick up a BrightPowder.

3d 16h 53m We're taking the mountainous path down.

[Info] I just noticed that Gust has 125 base power. Talk about OP.

3d 16h 50m Doesn't matter, Delcatty is down in one hit! Joe defeated!

3d 16h 49m Joe sends out a Delcatty, who opens with Sky Uppercut. We use Gust. It's not very effective...

3d 16h 49m Croagunk uses Attack Order. Magnitude 7 brings Croagunk down to the red. Another Attack Order; Ponyta's Gust gets the KO.

3d 16h 48m We send out Ponyta. Magnitude 6 shakes the ground and takes out Croagunk. Joe sends out... another Croagunk!

3d 16h 47m Croagunk uses Spider Web, essentially trapping us. We set up Razor Wind, but are dispatched by X-Scissor before we can unleash its power. Shellder down.

[Info] We're out of Rock Blast btw

3d 16h 46m We are spotted by Elite Four Joe! She sends out Croagunk against our low-health Shellder. Crit Fury Cutter brings us down to 1 HP. Rock Blast hits Croagunk 3 times.

3d 16h 46m We pass through the gate and emerge onto Route 214.

3d 16h 45m We save the game near the gate leading us south towards Pastoria City.

3d 16h 43m We wander around, occasionally poking Jynx.

3d 16h 41m We exit the warehouse.

Correction: Looker didn't leave, he just returned control to the player.

3d 16h 38m HM02 Fly obtained.

3d 16h 38m Looker points out the location of HM02 Fly on the map. When he leaves, we try to use a Prlz Heal on our fainted Sandslash.

3d 16h 37m In the Team Galactic warehouse.

3d 16h 36m Our party is barely holding on. Shellder has 11HP, Ponita has 45 HP, others are fainted.

3d 16h 35m Talking with the Looker.

3d 16h 33m Jigglypuff down. Marcellus and Mallorie defeated.

3d 16h 32m Numel killed Chikorita with attack order.

3d 16h 32m Shellder grew up to Level 19.

3d 16h 31m Jigglypuff switched for Chikorita. Aron is down.

3d 16h 31m Hoothoot down, Aron is sent in.

3d 16h 29m PP and Dawn Vs team Galactic Bosses Marcellos and Mallorie. Numel and Sandslash vs Jigglypuff and Hoothoot.

3d 16h 20m Shoal salt sold for 10₽.

3d 16h 19m Bought 1 more Poké Ball. Just in case.

3d 16h 18m Bought 13 more Poké Balls, got 1 Premier Ball.

3d 16h 16m Bought 15 more Poké Balls.

3d 16h 15m Bought 17 Poké Balls, 1 Great Ball, got 1 Premier Ball.

3d 16h 13m In the Mall.

3d 16h 7m Out of gym. Talking to Dawn.

[Info] My bad, Mud slap was erased, Ponita still has magnitude.

3d 15h 53m TM60 obtained.

3d 15h 53m Cobble badge obtained.

3d 15h 52m Gust hits. Empoleon down. Ponita grew up to Level 34. Victory.

3d 15h 51m Ponita is out. Next foe is Empoleon Lv. 32. Magnitude 7 is not effective.

3d 15h 51m Ice shards vs Gust. Noctowl down.

3d 15h 50m Ice shards OHKOed Kabuto.

3d 15h 50m Cut does little damage. Sandslash fainted.

3d 15h 49m Noctowl used Leach Life and Sandslash cant use Bug Buzz because of Snubbull's Torment. Wood Hammer not very effective.

3d 15h 47m Sandslash vs Snubbull. Bug Buzz OHKO. Snubbull down.

3d 15h 47m Vs Lilliana, attempt #2.

3d 15h 45m Puzzle solved again.

3d 15h 26m Sadly, puzzle was reset.

3d 15h 25m In the Gym.

3d 15h 21m Ice shards OHKO'd Kabuto. Black out.

3d 15h 20m Quick attack hits. Ponita fainted.

3d 15h 20m Gust works perfectly, Snubbul down, Noctowl Lv. 29 is up to battle.

3d 15h 19m Snubbull Lv. 28 is first foe's mon.

3d 15h 18m Vs Gym Leader Dancer Lilliana.

3d 15h 18m Gym puzzle solved.

3d 15h 10m Upon beating trainer Pansy Ponita grew up to Level 33 and learned Gust in place of Magnitude. It is 125 PB and 100 Accuracy move.

3d 14h 52m Pushing training bags

3d 14h 39m Ponyta just swept another trainer, it has 125 base spA and bad attack but has Pure Power

3d 14h 36m Ponyta swept him

3d 14h 36m Vs another gym trainer

3d 14h 31m Ponyta levels to level 32, trainer down

3d 14h 29m Lairon down, another Lairon to go

3d 14h 27m Ponyta makes quick work of it and is up against Lairon

3d 14h 26m Vs a trainer, Ponyta vs Ivysaur

3d 14h 24m We enter the gym

3d 14h 19m We go around the gym and meet Dawn and Crasher Wake

3d 14h 17m We got the Coin Case

3d 14h 12m We talk to a guy and he gives us TM63

3d 14h 7m Journal got deregistered too

3d 14h 7m Out of the corner

3d 13h 52m Journal got registered, i expect y sect to return

3d 13h 40m Tactical save!

3d 13h 26m Trying to mail things

3d 13h 5m Back in the Game Corner!

3d 13h 4m OutsiiiIiiideEee

[Fluff] Wait, we aren't fighting gym leaders here, right? Kappa


♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫


3d 12h 43m Outside.

[Fluff] So, I think stepping foot inside the center sets checkpoint? Not entirely sure though.

3d 12h 31m Trainers defeated.

3d 12h 31m I t ' s s u p e r e f f e c t i v e !

Slow text speed tho.

3d 12h 29m We enter the Poké Center and then are challenged by Sr. and Jr. Kim and Zoe I think. Feebas and Bronzor against Ponyta and Kabuto

3d 12h 20m Picked up a Soul Dew

[Info] According to the layout, Kabuto's ability is Forecast and its moves are Chatter, Mega Punch, Fire Fang, and Pluck. It's Flying-type.

3d 12h 7m Outside right now, checking Giratina's cry in the Dex.

3d 12h 0m Alright. We accepted it this time,, we accepted the """Porygon."" It's Kabuto, male, Lv. 25. Named it <three spaces>G<more spaces>

3d 11h 59m We talk to the old guy in a house and he mentions Porygon. We deny picking it up.

3d 11h 51m VEILSTOOONE

3d 11h 50m Magikarp down, Nidorina in, Nidorina down, Ponyta to 31, Fisher defeated.

3d 11h 49m Magcargo down, finally. Next in, is, Magikarp. As a fisherman would.

3d 11h 48m Shellder down, Ponyta in

3d 11h 39m Versus Fisher Wellington.. again? Different trainer. Shellder against Magcarhog

3d 11h 38m With Shellder sent in, it finishes off the Hippowdon, leveling up to 18. Trainer defeated

3d 11h 37m Sandslash do-- no, it hangs on with 1HP! This Hippowdon's not going down without a fight. Even a crit Wood Hammer fails to take it out, and Sandslash actually faints to recoil. Shellder in.

3d 11h 35m Sharpedo and Poliwag wnt down and Sandslash leveled up to 31. Hippowdon vs Sandslash now.

3d 11h 33m Versus Fisher Wellington, Sandslash against Sharpedo

3d 11h 30m Found TM07 Reversal

3d 11h 24m Right now we are back on walking around Route 210.

3d 11h 1m Sandslash to 30

3d 10h 54m Ponyta down, black out

3d 10h 52m Versus Tamer Malcolm, Grotle against Ponyts

3d 10h 47m We go back inside and try to buy more milk but we do not have enough money

3d 10h 44m Left the building.

[Fluff] "Sandslash and Air Slash are not compatible"

3d 10h 42m Sandslash forgtes MIrror Shot for Bug Buzz

3d 10h 38m Another

3d 10h 37m And another

3d 10h 37m Bought another Moomoo Milk

3d 10h 35m Switched to slow text speed.

3d 10h 34m Defeated that trainer

3d 10h 32m Versus Tamer Tristian, Vespiquen versus Ponyta, btw the fire horse is burned.

3d 10h 31m Bought a Moomoo Milk

3d 10h 30m Defeated that trainer.

3d 10h 28m Versus Artist Pi who has a Phanpy.

3d 10h 25m Standing near the Psyduck gang.

3d 10h 18m Ponyta to Lv. 30

3d 10h 12m Ponyta to Lv. 29

3d 10h 7m Shellder down

3d 10h 4m Just walking around the route right now.

3d 9h 53m Right now, Sandslash is fainted,, but everyone else is ok.

3d 9h 52m On one side it's raining, and on the other it isn't. The fog just rolls in suddenly, and then poofs away.

3d 9h 51m Walking between this tiny patch of land that marks the point between Routes 210 and 215.

[Chat] ReddyLion: RaccAttack / Bye, Esteba-oh... a pony!

3d 9h 43m Back into Route 210, we manage to run right behind Esteban!

3d 9h 41m I accidentally refreshed, and we're back in Solaceon and the party's healed. So, presume we blacked out

3d 9h 41m I accidentally refreshed, and now we're back in Solaceon and the party's healed. So, presume we blacked out

3d 9h 40m Sandslash down

3d 9h 38m Iiiiiit's Esteban again, folks!

3d 9h 36m On Route 210 right now.

3d 9h 34m Outside atm.

3d 9h 30m Shellder sent in. And it faints. Black out! Wow!

3d 9h 30m Sandslash down, Ponyta's in. It also goes right down.

3d 9h 27m Versus Ranger Esteban. -Again.- Chimecho against our Sandslash

3d 9h 25m We back at Route 210

[Fluff] That was a blackout.

3d 9h 22m We quickly exit the Pokémon Center

3d 9h 22m Ponyta goes down to Poliwag's Chatter!

3d 9h 21m Poliwag is sent out!

3d 9h 21m Does not learn Me First!

3d 9h 21m Ponyta KO's Sharpedo! Ponyta to Lv 28!

3d 9h 20m vs Fisher Wellington! Its Sharpedo vs Ponyta!

3d 9h 17m Ponyta OHKO's Drifloon! Donna defeated!

3d 9h 16m vs Gentleman Donna! ITs Drifloon vs Ponyta!

3d 9h 11m Ponyta to Lv 27

3d 9h 0m We enter Route 215

3d 8h 50m Sandslash falls to a wild Ponyta

3d 8h 45m Shellder goes down to a wild Jynx!

3d 8h 43m Back in Route 210

3d 8h 40m Ponyta goes down! Blacked out!

3d 8h 37m Ponyta to Lv 26!

3d 8h 30m We get TM 66

3d 8h 26m Growlithe goes down! Gentleman Wayne defeated!

3d 8h 26m vs Trainer! Its Drifloon vs Ponyta! Ponyta KO's loon, Grows to Lv 25! Gentleman Wyane sends out Growlithe!

3d 8h 21m Shellder gets KO'd

3d 8h 20m Sandslash goes down to a wild Ponyta

3d 8h 14m We go on back to Route 210

3d 8h 12m Ponyta goes down! Blacked Out!

3d 8h 10m We found a Yellow Flute!

3d 8h 3m Ponyta to Lv 24! Forgets Earthquake for Magnitude

3d 8h 1m Shellder goes down to a wild Marill

3d 7h 58m We found a Hard Stone!!

3d 7h 58m Phanpy goes down to Ponyta's earthquake! Jasmine defeated!

3d 7h 57m Phanpy is sent out!

3d 7h 57m The foe's Abra goes down!

3d 7h 57m Abra (Fire) is sent out!

3d 7h 56m Ponyta comes out and KO's Swablu

3d 7h 55m Sandslash goes down!

3d 7h 55m vs Chief Jasmine! Its Swablu vs our Sandslash!

3d 7h 46m We enter Route 215

3d 7h 41m Zubat gets KO'd! Ponyta to Lv 23! Cammie defeated!

3d 7h 40m We swap into Ponyta! Zubat is sent out!

3d 7h 39m HYDRO CANNON, does little damage to Sandslash! Slash then KO's Shellos!

3d 7h 39m vs Developer Cammie! Its Shellos (Ground/Water) vs Sandslash

3d 7h 36m We encounter a wild Onix, its a rock type...

3d 7h 30m We return to the Solaceon Pokémon Center and make a quick exit out of it

3d 7h 29m We blacked out to a wild Ponyta

3d 7h 27m Shellder KO'd by a Wild Ponyta

3d 7h 26m Sandslash goes down to a wild Ponyta

3d 7h 21m We go right back up to Route 210

3d 7h 20m We make a quick exit out of the Pokémon Center

3d 7h 19m Shellder gets OHKO'd by Chimecho! Blacked Out!

3d 7h 18m We send out Shellder!

3d 7h 17m Chimecho OHKO Ponyta

3d 7h 17m We send out Ponyta!

3d 7h 15m Sandslash falls to Chimeco!

3d 7h 14m vs Ranger Esteban! Its Chimeco vs our Sandslash!

3d 7h 14m We are back in Route 210 (and its great music)

3d 7h 12m We then leave the house

3d 7h 11m We are wandering around inside the Solaceon Town News Press house

3d 7h 2m We make a quick exit out of the Pokémon Center after being healed

3d 7h 0m Ponyta down! Blacked Out!

[Chat] KimonoDragoon : SHARKNADO WutFace
Reed10021 : FLYING WutFace
democracyorriot : FLYING SHARKS!!! WutFace
Megagoomy41 : SHARPNADE WutFace

3d 6h 59m Sharpedo uses Air Cutter and puts Ponyta at 10/66 HP

3d 6h 58m vs Fisher Wellington! Its Sharpedo (Flying) vs our Ponyta!

3d 6h 56m We found a Sharp Beak!

3d 6h 52m Walrein has Truant as its ability. We beat the wild Pokémon, Ponyta to Lv 22!

3d 6h 51m We try to catch a Walrien, it breaks out of the Ultra Ball. rip

3d 6h 46m We cut a tree and then fall off the ledge right beside it. The tree didn't needed to be cut anyways since it didn't block anytime

3d 6h 42m We found a Ultra Ball!

3d 6h 37m Aipom is a dragon type and knows splash...

3d 6h 36m Ponyta to Lv 21 after fighting a wild Aipom!

3d 6h 34m There are poison-type Walren in this grass...

3d 6h 33m We ran into a trainer with a Dark Cyndaquil! Still <3

3d 6h 33m We run into a wild Dark Cyndaquil! <3

3d 6h 31m Pepe is currently running around in circles like a madman, stopping to check if Jynx's cry has changed every other step.

3d 6h 29m Found a Lemonade!

3d 6h 28m His Fire-type Snover also goes down in one hit! Ponyta gains half a level's worth of EXP!

3d 6h 27m Performer Kimberly appears! S/he looks a lot like an archeologist, and his Fire/Normal Wingull is no match for Ponyta! Ponyta to level 20!

3d 6h 24m It's now pouring down rain... and it was such a nice night before too....

3d 6h 20m Ponyta takes out the Magmar and the Sis & Bro! ....Or rather the Pa and Daughter, given the way they're talking.... Guys, are we in West Virginia?

3d 6h 18m Shellder goes down to an Aura Sphere!

3d 6h 16m Sandslash goes down to recoil damage! But at least he took out the Seaking...

3d 6h 14m A double trainer battle against Anne & Bob! Seaking and Magmar! And one of them is a fighting type...

3d 6h 10m We're back in Solaceon Town, bumping against the fence south of the Center.

3d 6h 9m Ponyta follow shortly after! BLACKOUT!

3d 6h 8m Sandslash goes down to her ground/water Shellos.

3d 6h 6m We get into a battle with a "rookie breeder"... erm... Developer Cammie.

3d 6h 3m We're north now, moving through tall grass and running into Slow Start Bulbasaur.

3d 5h 59m We are now in Solaceon Town, entering the Daycare...

3d 5h 52m Now on Route 209, east of Hearthome.

3d 5h 48m Walking around Hearthome, with Ponyta crying in our ears every 3 seconds, presumably whining because he doesn't get mail when everyone else does....

3d 5h 43m We've stepped outside into the crisp night air. The stars twinkle overhead...

3d 5h 29m ....And we're right back inside...

3d 5h 29m The music changed! We've left the gym!!

3d 5h 21m Actual update: Sometime between when I last got distracted and now, we've deregistered the VS Recorded from Y. It just tells us something can be registered now. So that's a net positive.

3d 5h 20m We saved! About 30 times thus far.

3d 5h 16m .....I mean, seriously, who decorates a place with skulls with glowing eyes anyway? I mean, this has got to be the most tasteless decor......

[Snark] Maybe if we get 5000, we get a free latte and salad?

3d 4h 50m [Info] The "Score" on our trainer card is 1748. Whatever that means...

3d 4h 40m Well, we saved, so there's that. Back into the VS Recorder!

3d 4h 31m Still not getting anything done thanks to the VS Recorder btw.

[Dev] FelkCraft: I just finished the prototype of the thing that might eventually make evolutions not not a thing you know

Aissurtievos: evolutions will become easier in the future, thats all we can say

Addarash1: Anyway I won't leak details but butterfree, giratina, gengar all got changes yes

3d 3h 50m Wait, never mind, it's all red now again. And now it's green again. And now--- never mind.

3d 3h 50m NOW IT IS IN BLACK AND WHITE! There is no red anywhere, however.


[Snark] I think this is a good time for a dinner break, or a Pokémon Go day out, maybe a nice vacation on the beach for a week... Maybe by the time you get back from those, we'll have the VS Recorder deregistered.

3d 3h 35m We've registered the VS Recorder to the Y button...

3d 3h 31m Tossed one Air Mail.

3d 3h 30m Awww... that's really ABRA... Air mail has been given to Sandslash!

[Chat] Hadgerhadger : Memories BibleThump

3d 3h 28m We scroll through our journal. "Used a PC Box." is on this list quite a few times...

3d 3h 26m Back in the gym, rummaging around in our bag. Not sure what Pepe is looking for, but the poor lighting in here can't be helping at all...

[Info] The Vs Recorder seems to be touch-screen-only. Finding the cancel button is difficult...

3d 3h 21m And suddenly we've opened the VS Recorder. Everything is very green....

[Chat] Beatboxlafromage : HeyGuys = Hello Abra (no space)

3d 3h 19m Hello! ABRA! Hello! ABRA! Air mail has been placed on Shellder!

3d 3h 17m We're back!

3d 3h 16m Got a brief flash of the Chrome url bar just now. Still riot screen.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] Minor Text Fixes

[Chat] Lots of Anarchy and Democracy spam to try and quick-invoke the slider when the game returns, like what happened in AniCrystal.

[Chat] Neronexus0 : TPP is down. Time to go over to mp247 Kappa
Shad0wseer : @neronexus0 rip mp247 BibleThump

3d 3h 9m The RIOT SCREEN has appeared!

3d 3h 9m We attempt to cut one of the skulls in the gym, but Sandslash looks at us funny...

3d 3h 3m Sitting in the gym, listening to Giratina's cry in the Pokedex. Chat WutFaces.

[Fluff] Make that thrice.

3d 2h 55m SAVED! Twice!

3d 2h 49m We warped to the Gym Leader Dancer's room. Well, that was an easy puzzle.

3d 2h 46m Back in Hearthome, and we're in the gym, poking away at our watch and making Jynx cries echo through the spooky gym...

3d 2h 41m Shellder faints to a wild Castform

3d 2h 35m We pick up Chesto Berries

3d 2h 25m We find a Heat Rock

3d 2h 23m We leave the center and go to Route 209

3d 2h 15m We withdraw Ponyta and Sandslash

3d 2h 10m We deposit Bronzor and get a Shellder

3d 1h 56m Back to PC

3d 1h 43m We go down and waste our last 2 balls on a Sentret, they fail

3d 1h 38m Onix OHKO's, blackout

3d 1h 38m We go up north and throw a Poké Ball on an onix

3d 1h 10m Bronzor faints to a Chimecho's crit Ice Ball

3d 1h 10m We go to the route up north as soon as i say that and fight a trainer

3d 1h 9m Not much happened this turn PRChase - pbr announcer

[Info] Bronzor's mail got removed so it can be boxed

3d 0h 53m Still on pc

3d 0h 35m PC wars happening

3d 0h 23m We deposit Shinx in the PC

3d 0h 20m We heal

3d 0h 12m Bronzor faints to a wild Bulbasaur

3d 0h 11m We head to the route up north

3d 0h 8m We hop down some ledges, they are of little consequence though since they are in town.

2d 23h 48m Sadly we back out of the message menu

2d 23h 48m We are trying to set a message on some mail currently.

2d 23h 40m After extensive research, the chat has been able to confirm that no Pokémon's cry has changed. We just spent the past 5 minutes doing many blind and double-blind tests in a truly scientific manner.

2d 23h 36m According to a reporter, not nicknaming our Spinarak was so nihilistically cool. I doubt he actually knows what nihilist means.

[Snark] News count 1

2d 23h 35m We watched the news, they did a report on us.

2d 23h 29m Someone in the house says something about "the olden days". Chat reacts about as you'd expect.

2d 23h 17m We watch the TV in a house with a Granny.

2d 23h 14m We show the reporter our Bronzor. He gives us Poké Balls and a Heart Scale!

2d 23h 8m We leave the Poké Center

2d 23h 8m We ride the escalator between the main floor and basement several times for fun, we ended up on the main floor again.

2d 23h 7m We just entered a Poké Center

[Info] There was some confusion over how safe a mon with mail is. Several people on the TPP Discord confirmed with their old Gen 4 games that mons with mail can neither be deposited or released.

2d 22h 55m We get one press away from setting the mail with the message "Aw, that is really ABRA..." before backing out. We are back at square one.

2d 22h 53m We are very close to setting mail on Bronzor

2d 22h 49m Currently dorking around with settings, saving and other menu related things, no notable changes so far.

2d 22h 24m We are down to 25 Air Mail since we throw a few away every so often.

2d 22h 19m We are in a random house. We load up Heal Bell but neither Bronzor nor Shinx can learn it.

2d 22h 07m Entered and left the Poke Mart. We are messing around with the start menu.

2d 21h 57m Got Persim berries!

2d 21h 55m Left the daycare.

[Snark] Forget "Keep Shinx Cute", this time let's Keep Shinx On The Team.

2d 21h 54m Withdrew Shinx!

2d 21h 50m We return to the Daycare. PC activated.

2d 21h 46m Still just standing around town, doing nothing.

2d 21h 36m Left the daycare.

[Info] Bronzor has mail on it so it cannot be deposited.

2d 21h 28m Deposited Pidgeotto!

2d 21h 27m Withdrew Pidgeotto!

2d 21h 19m pc shenanigans

2d 21h 9m Now we entered Daycare

2d 21h 4m We go back to the center

2d 21h 4m We go back to the center

2d 20h 56m We leave the center go to the wild grass

2d 20h 41m We deposit Koffing

2d 20h 38m We deposit Shelgon

2d 20h 37m We deposit Ponyta and Pidgeotto

2d 20h 34m We deposit SandSlash

2d 20h 32m Back to pc

2d 20h 28m We almost store half the party but b is pressed every time and we escape the top floor

2d 20h 25m PC is being engaged

2d 20h 19m Shelgon faints to a Wild Exeggcute, blackout

2d 20h 8m Ponyta faints, only Shelgon is alive

2d 20h 4m Koffing faints

2d 19h 51m Sandslash is now level 29

2d 19h 46m Pidgeotto faints to a wild Treecko

2d 19h 39m Bronzor faints to a wild Treecko!

2d 19h 34m Obtained a Scope Lens!

2d 19h 30m Entered the Solaceon Ruins

2d 19h 27m Back up on route 210

2d 19h 19m BLACKED OUT! We dropped ₽ 1008

[Info] at 2d 19h 18m

Caught a female Lv. 19 Jynx with our last Great Ball! Nickname: Sr0rgg8888

2d 19h 16m 1 Great Ball left!

2d 19h 14m Shelgon faints to the same Jynx!

2d 19h 13m Tossed 2 Great Balls, we have 2 left!

2d 19h 11m Koffing faints to a wild Jynx!

Caught a male Lv. 19 Ponyta! No Nickname

2d 19h 5m On Route 210

2d 19h 5m Leaving won...

2d 19h 3m Still inside the Pokémon Center, seems to be a debate between what to do, Heal, PC, or leave

2d 18h 57m Checkpointed!

2d 18h 52m Entered Solaceon Town

[Info] Earlier, we ran into a Sentret chat believed was shiny, however the Sentret just looks like that and is NOT shiny.

[Info] 2d 18h 50m After tossing a Great Ball at Lileep, we have 4 or 5 Great Balls remaining

2d 18h 39m Tossed 2 Great Balls and Sandslash fainted to a wild Castform

2d 18h 37m Obtained a Heat Rock!

2d 18h 31m Picked a Leppa Berry!

2d 18h 28m Bidoof goes down. Bob is defeated and we get ₽ 176!

2d 18h 27m VS Weightlifter Bob. Bob sends out Bidoof and we send Sandslash

2d 18h 26m On route 209

[Snark] [Info] 8008135 is written on our calculator... so exciting

2d 18h 22m Obtained the Poffin Case!

2d 18h 22m Talking with the Fanclub chairman

[Info] 2d 18h 13m Cleared our Pedometer

2d 18h 7m Now out of the contest hall

2d 18h 2m Now far from the PC, the dust settles

2d 18h 1m Now deeply embroiled in a PC War, Horsea its deposited!


2d 17h 54m We've been in the contest hall, wandering and almost registering for a contest

2d 17h 40m Entered Hearthome City

2d 17h 36m Picked 4 Razz Berries!

2d 17h 31m Planted a Persim Berry in its place!

2d 17h 31m Picked 4 Bluk Berries!

2d 17h 29m Planted 1 Aspear Berry in it's place!

2d 17h 29m Picked 4 Namab Berries!

2d 17h 27m Caught a female Lv. 18 Trapinch! Nickname: B

2d 17h 24m Shelgon "Revenge" kills Spearow. We won and received ₽ 704

2d 17h 22m Pidgeotto faints to a Sky Uppercut! We send in Shelgon, who takes damage from Stealth Rocks

2d 17h 20m Pidgeotto lives on 2 HP to tickle Spearow

2d 17h 20m We switch Sandslash for Horsea, and Horsea faints! We send out Pidgeotto

2d 17h 19m Sandslash takes out the Munchlax! Juggler Pansy sends out Spearow

2d 17h 17m Vs Juggler Pansy, who sends out Munchlax, we send Sandslash out.

2d 17h 17m Caught a female Lv. 18 Surskit! No Nickname

2d 17h 16m Caught a male Lv. 19 Mightyena! Nickname: E O aa(4 spaces and one space)

2d 17h 13m Tossed a Great Ball and Caught a male Lv. 20 Shelgon! No nickname

2d 17h 10m Tossed 2 Great Balls at Mightyena! Did not catch it, though

2d 17h 9m Used Potion on Sandslash in a wild battle!

2d 17h 4m Moves are exchanged, Meditite taken down by Sandslash's Needle Arm. We Win and get ₽ 960!

2d 17h 3m Horsea is taken out by a Wood Hammer. Trainer Cammie sends out Meditite

2d 17h 2m Horsea uses stone edge Taking out Bronzor! Sandslash is sent out.

2d 17h 1m VS Trainer Cammie, who sends a Horsea out, we send Bronzor

2d 17h 0m Onwards to Route 208!

2d 16h 51m Stream is back (from a Will resume shortly screen)

2d 16h 26m Then we left.

2d 16h 26m In Amity Square.

2d 16h 16m Back outside.

2d 16h 14m Bought six Poké Balls and 15 Great Balls

2d 16h 7m Now in the Mart.

2d 16h 1m In Hearthome.

2d 15h 56m Koffing to Lv. 24, wants to learn Outrage, forgets Dragon Claw for it

2d 15h 50m Won the battle.

2d 15h 49m Sandslash went down to Burn. Horsea is also fainted, Koffing, the last mon remaining, is sent in

[Correction] Sandslash was just burned, just got sent in sorry

2d 15h 45m Koffing sent in

2d 15h 44m Pidgeotto and Sandslash down, currently facing a Kakuna

2d 15h 41m Versus Developer Max, Bronzor against Sandslash.

2d 15h 36m Sandslash to 28, trying to learn Seed Bomb, does not learn it

2d 15h 31m Bronzor's down right now.

2d 15h 20m Yet another black out

2d 15h 17m Horsea down

2d 15h 15m Koffing and Pidgeotto down

2d 15h 13m Bronzor down

2d 15h 12m Back into the Ranger Esteban battle. Bronzor against Chimecho.

2d 15h 8m Wow! We blacked out again!

2d 15h 4m Right. Bronzor and Pidgeotto down, Horsea in against Chimecho.

2d 14h 57m Battling a trainer. Versus Ranger Esteban, Chimecho against Bronzor.

2d 14h 55m Got a Razz Berry

2d 14h 47m We blacked out yet again?

2d 14h 43m Sandslash went down

2d 14h 32m Bronzor's currently fainted

2d 14h 27m Got the "Pokémon History" App for the Poketch

2d 14h 17m So right now, we're in some ledgey part of Solaceon (presumably, with the theme playing).

2d 13h 55m Horsea down, black out

2d 13h 53m And Pidgeotto.

2d 13h 51m Koffing also went down

2d 13h 49m Sandslash down

2d 13h 48m Bronzor fainted a ltittle while ago.

2d 13h 44m Planted Aspear Berry

2d 13h 43m Got an Aspear Berry

2d 13h 42m Got a Pinap Berry

2d 13h 39m We're in the grass on Route 210 right now mmggmhfff the music is nice.

2d 13h 35m Deposited Spheal in Box 7(?)

2d 13h 35m In the PC.

2d 13h 26m We're walking around inside the Daycare right now.

2d 13h 17m Hmm, seems we blacked out and are back in Solaceon again.

2d 13h 15m Koffing down

2d 13h 13m Koffing to Lv. 23, Dugtrio down and Diglett sent in.

2d 13h 11m Battle. Versus Cooltrainer Forrest, Dugtrio against Koffing.

2d 13h 7m Pidgeotto down

2d 13h 5m Sandslash fainted a little while ago due to Burn damage

2d 12h 53m Entered the spooko tower.

2d 12h 49m Back in Solaceon.

2d 12h 47m Unown and Larvitar down, trainer/s defeated.

2d 12h 45m Koffing was finally sent in in its place.

2d 12h 42m Bronzor went down, opponent's team still has a lot of health left.

2d 12h 38m Bronzor and Sandslash against Larvitar and Unown, same battle where we blacked our last time I think

2d 12h 36m Bronzor to Lv. 18, trainer defeated

2d 12h 32m Trainer battle, Ace Trainer Kim sends out Marshtomp against Bronzor.

2d 12h 31m Down onto 209 again.

2d 12h 30m Whoa the rest of our party fainted and we blacked out.

2d 12h 25m Heading south.

2d 12h 15m So right now we're in the Poké Center. Unsure if this means we checkpointed yet or not.

[Chat] kattheswift: Pearl picked Popplio PogChamp

2d 11h 51m Apparently he "got some Seals". Yeah because he has Spheal

2d 11h 51m In Solaceon. Lazy Pearl runs up to us.

2d 11h 38m Koffing to Lv. 22, trainer defeated. Found a Persim Berry in a ditch

2d 11h 35m Abra down, Snover sent in. Sandslash down

2d 11h 34m Sandslash sent in.

2d 11h 33m Pidgeotto down

2d 11h 31m Kakuna down, Abra sent in next. Sent in Pidgeotto agaist it

2d 11h 30m Pidgey down, Sandslash to Lv. 27. Kakuna sent in next, we switch into Koffing.

2d 11h 28m Battle is won. Onto the next, Developer Stacey sends out Pidgey against Sandslash.

2d 11h 26m Versus Gentleman Rachel. Farfetchd against Sandslash.

2d 11h 25m Finally took out the Mareep, battle is won.

2d 11h 21m Bronzor down

2d 11h 17m Horsea down

2d 11h 10m Versus some Twins, Emma and Lil I think. Spheal and Mareep (theirs) against Bronzor and Sandslash (ours)

2d 11h 8m In a battle on route 209 right now.

2d 11h 2m It's now daytime in Sinnoh.

2d 11h 1m Sandslash down, black out

[Correction] Horsea leveled up to 8.

2d 10h 56m Marshtomp down to Needle Arm, Lazy Pearl defeated. Waaah!

2d 10h 54m Sandslash sent in.

2d 10h 53m Larvitar went down and now Horsea is in against Marshtmp, his last mon. Horsea doqn

2d 10h 51m Spinda down, Horsea tries to learn Stone Edge, forgets Refresh, levels up to 7,Larvitar sent in

2d 10h 50m Pidgeotto down, Sandslash sent in

2d 10h 49m Bronzor and Spheal went down and now Pidgeotto is in against Spinda

2d 10h 48m Switched into Sansslash.

[Fluff] sent it in I mean

2d 10h 47m Wow we switched into our Own Spheal

2d 10h 46m Koffing down.

[Fluff] Reading the Go! <name> text made me think about how on earth our host would pronounce all those faces and symbols.

2d 10h 45m Pearl switched into his Spheal. We switch into Koffing.

2d 10h 44m Versus Lazy Pearl again. Bronzor against Spinda

[Chat] Staggger: It seems tht "Rotom" has entered into our Poketch...

2d 10h 40m Sent in Horsea. It goes down to Cross Poison, black out