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Twitch Plays Pokémon Prism


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SLOWESTPOKE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SLOWESTPOKE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SLOWERPOKE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SLOWPOKE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[rip] run

Prism has ended! PBR is back, as usual.

The intermission updater can be found here.

See you in Alola!

Link to intermission updater archive

*BEEP* PokéTEXT shutting down. Since Sun/Moon isn't compatible, I hope to be of use in a future generation 1-3 game in #poketext. Since there were several hours that the updater went dark this run, catch-up stats for all (logged) dark hours will be posted as the final or near-final posts of this Prism updater. So long and thanks for all the fish.


Stream is back ...not for long though. Still broken. OpieOP

[Info] View this thread to see all the new PBR features: https://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/59jq4a/new_pbr_update_all_the_info_you_need/

[Chat] ~ SourPls ~

[Fluff] At least we have this funky Kirby music to groove to while we wait.

Nevermind, still broken Kappa

Stream appears to be back

Riot screen is back up

Stream is broken, as expected with all returns to PBR

[Info] We're back to Ultra as our sidegame

16d 23h 22m TPP is loading...

Chat riots as the "resume shortly" screen is put up

16d 23h 22m Game paused.

16d 23h 21m Party display is removed from the left side of the stream

16d 23h 18m [Info] Final game readout was ~16d23h17m52s.

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

16d 23h 19m [Chat] FelkCraft: PBR after this pinball game

16d 23h 18m Switched to Pinball.

16d 23h 18m Looks like that's a wrap for TPP Prism. Thanks to everyone for joining us! We look forward to seeing you in TPP Sun!

16d 23h 17m Inputs are stopped as that marks the end of the run

16d 23h 16m [Fluff] Shiny M4, is that you?

16d 23h 15m We teach Azumarill Rollout over Play Rough!

16d 23h 14m We teach Ampharos Toxic over Flash!!

16d 23h 12m We take Ninetales' Gold Dust and make it hold a Poké Ball instead.

16d 23h 9m We alternate our fixation between the Town Map and TM 5 Roar. We keep trying to teach it to Ampharos, which can't learn Roar.

16d 23h 5m Well, we would have received a Blackbelt. He calls us a "foolish child" because our bag is full.

16d 23h 4m We leave Saffron gym and decide to check out the Fighting Dojo instead! The leader tells us he's crushed and We receive a Blackbelt!

16d 23h 1m [Chat/Info] Final TppInputStats: 285387 up, 207805 down, 183665 left, 182372 right, 501883 a, 458527 b, 35835 start, 208889 select, 2064363 total presses sent over 1513302 messages.

16d 22h 59m We're still faffing about in Sabrina's gym. Select Sect is in full force. deIlluminati

16d 22h 56m [Info] We're reportedly still 30 minutes away from PBR 3.0.

[Meta] Just a bit ahead of time, but this will be the intermission updater pre-Sun.

Link to intermission updater archive

16d 22h 50m We talk to Sabrina. She tells us our love for our Pokémon overwhelmed her Psychic power.

16d 22h 48m We accidentally teach Ninetales Roar over Flare Blitz!

16d 22h 47m We're teleporting all around the Saffron Gym. Somehow, we made it to Sabrina's room.

ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ LATE RIOT ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ

16d 22h 46m [Donation] $69.69 from icanhazlyfe

16d 22h 45m [Donation] $10.01from Mr.R3bel

[Donation] $2530 from threefourthstime: "Thanks to the devs!"

[Donation] $2.05 from BEXXXXXXX.

[Donation] $2.02 from x_y_z_m_a_n

16d 22h 36m [Chat] asdf14396 : @Dayrunner79 only Saffron is in Prism (for now) as far as Kanto go

16d 22h 33m Security guards confirm we are in Saffron. Not sure how much of Kanto is included in this game.

16d 22h 30m It suddenly becomes day time. We stroll outside Saffron, and it definitely looks like we are in Kanto!

16d 22h 30m [Dev] FelkCraft: go roam around a bit, I'll have pbr ready in half an hour maybe

[Snark] TriHard = Advanced AI (no space)

16d 22h 29m [Info] We defeated the Mystery League on our first attempt!

16d 22h 28m The credits end prematurely. We return with our mostly blacked-out party to a town that looks uncannily like Saffron City.

16d 22h 27m ** ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ**


16d 22h 27m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

16d 22h 27m It survives Psychic. Ice Beam puts Miller in the Red. We use Psychic AND DEFEAT RED!!

16d 22h 26m Charizard falls to Psychic! Red sends out Level 100 Blastoise!

16d 22h 25m Miller vs Level 100 Charizard! It uses Lava Pool while we use Signal Beam (ineffective) and Moonblast (ineffective). Lava Pool fails four times.

16d 22h 25m Red can't restore Espeon since he used all of his full restores on Snorlax. Espeon falls!

16d 22h 25m Red sends out Level 100 Espeon! It uses Psychcic. We use Tri Attack. Enemy Espeon is Frozen!

16d 22h 24m We send out Gardevoir against Venusaur! Moonblast quickly dispatches it!

16d 22h 24m Vs. Level 100 Venasaur! We put it into critical health with Crunch! We survive a Sludge Bomb, but die to poison immediately afterward! Tyranitar down!!

16d 22h 23m Tyranitar vs Level 100 Snorlax! We use Crunch! It almost dies, but uses Earthquake. Red uses Full Restore twice. Tyranitar is victorious!

16d 22h 23m Red sends out a Level 100 Pikachu. It falls to a single Crunch!

16d 22h 23m Vs Red!!

16d 22h 22m We head into the final room. There's grass and trees in a room filled with lava. Hmm.

[Info] 16d 22h 22m Our only remaining Pokémon are Miller and Tyranitar, both at half health.

16d 22h 21m Tyranitar vs. Level 96 Typhlosion! The enemy uses Sunny Day but falls to a single Crunch! Trainer Gold defeated!!

16d 22h 20m Tyranitar Vs. Level 97 Feraligatr! It uses Surf, but it falls to Crunch and storm damage!

16d 22h 20m Tyranitar vs Meganium! Meganium falls to Crunch and sandstorm damage!

16d 22h 19m Lopunny vs Level 95 Meganium! It uses Solar Beam! We Play Rough and Cut, but Lopunny falls to Solar Beam!

16d 22h 19m We use Play Rough against a level 96 Umbreon! It uses Light Screen and Dark Pulse! Our Play Roughs are super effective. It uses Void Sphere, which does little. Eventually, Umbreon faints!

16d 22h 18m We deploy Lopunny. We use Play Rough, it uses Swords Dance. Ursaring falls. Lopunny to Level 86!!

16d 22h 16m We exchange Crystal Bolts and Dragon Pulses. Due to a lucky miss, our Ampharos wins! We are greeted with a Level 96 Ursaring, which uses Earthquake and knocks out Ampharos

16d 22h 16m Our Level 88 Ampharos vs a Level 95 Ampharos. We use Flash, it uses Agility. It uses Dragon Pulse, we use Crystal Bolt. Neither does significant damage.

16d 22h 15m Vs. ᵖᵏᵐᶰ Trainer Gold!!

[Snark] Better check the Pokedex to make sure Larvitar's cry is safe.

16d 22h 14m A bridge to the next room appears. We press onward and find ourselves in another lava room with another trainer chilling out on an island.

16d 22h 13m Gardevoir to level 87!! Pokémon Trainer Brown Defeated!!

16d 22h 12m Brown sends out a Level 93 Charizard! Our first Moonblast misses. It takes 4 Moonblasts to KO Charizard!

16d 22h 12m Gardevoir vs. Level 91 Machamp! It falls in a single Moonblast!

16d 22h 11m Gardevoire Moonblasts Jolteon (Level 91). It survives. A bynch of inputs are skipped. Eventually, the stream recovers. Jolteon falls to a second Moonblast.

16d 22h 11m Azumarill vs Jolteon! It uses Thunderbolt and knocks out Azumarill!

16d 22h 10m Azumarill vs Golem! Ice Beam knocks out Golem! Level 92 Victrebell deployed! It uses Sunny Day and Solar Beam! It falls after two Ice Beams!

16d 22h 9m Brown sends out Golem (level 90). It takes Flare Blitz without difficulty and uses Earthquake. We try Flare Blitz again, and the recoil knocks out Ninetales.

16d 22h 9m Vs. Trainer Brown!! Ninetales vs Scizor! We use Flare Blitz and OHKO Scizor!

16d 22h 9m The trainer welcomes us to the Mystery League.

16d 22h 7m We enter a room filled with lava. We are trapped on a small island with a single trainer.

16d 22h 6m We enter a large building with a Democracy timer. 43 minutes remaining before voting begins.

16d 22h 5m We step outside and do some fishing. We decide Feebas might be too much for Ninetales, and deploy Ampharos instead. We run.

16d 22h 4m We enter the airport. The security guard validates our ticket for the "Mystery Zone." We are immediately warped to a building remniscient of the E4 building.

16d 21h 59m We stroll into the Southerly City Pokémon Center. Checkpoint!!

16d 21h 56m We stroll around Southerly City.

16d 21h 54m We are now surfing in "South Southerly."

16d 21h 53m We are surfing along the Tunod Waterway.

16d 21h 51m We exit the cave and begin traversing Route 87.

16d 21h 46m We enter a cave on the north side of Laurel City.

16d 21h 44m We enter the Pokémon Center! Laurel City Checkpoint! We heal our team.

16d 21h 42m We sashay into Laurel Town.

16d 21h 38m We exit onto Route 76.

16d 21h 38m We exit the forest into a democracy house. 1hr12mn remaining on demo timer.

16d 21h 31m We use our last Thunderbolt PP on Paras. Ampharos's only remaining move is 15pp Flash.

16d 21h 24m We segue through a democracy house and enter a forest.

16d 21h 22m We stroll into Torenia City.

16d 21h 19m We seem to be heading east on Route 83.

[Info] There are a total of 80 Gold Tokens according to the Rijon wiki

16d 21h 18m We repeatedly enter and exit Mound Cave.

16d 21h 17m We pick up a Gold Token!

16d 21h 15m Cyan looks longingly at a Max Elixer, but wistfully declines as she'd rather continue carrying hundreds of Poké Balls instead.

16d 21h 13m We exit onto Route 73.

16d 21h 11m We walk into Oxalis City.

16d 21h 7m We exit the building and trek across Route 72.

16d 21h 6m We exit the cave into a building.

16d 21h 4m We re-enter Clathrite Tunnel for some more cave spelunking.

16d 20h 58m Riot screen makes a brief cameo and disappears. Azumarill uses strength and pushes a boulder so we can exit onto Route 71.

16d 20h 57m Correction: we head north instead and enter another cave.

16d 20h 56m We exit to Route 78. We sail to the East.

16d 20h 49m Caught a male Lv. 30 Trapinch! No nickname.

16d 20h 47m Ampharos vs. Trapinch. We are out of Crystal Bolt and Dragon Pulse PP. We only have Flash and Thunderbolt, which are ineffective against ground, and we're stuck due to Arena Trap. Chat manages to avoid a cancerous death by catching it!

16d 20h 44m We struggle against a level 4 Marill before running away. We exit the ice cave and enter the Naijo Ruins.

16d 20h 39m We go up another floor.

16d 20h 36m A random redheaded woman in the cave asks us if she's beautiful. We ultimately decide to swipe left.

16d 20h 34m We use strength to move boulders, go up a floor, and jump a ledge. Still attempting to exit the cave.

16d 20h 32m Stream resumes.

16d 20h 25m Stream paused.

16d 20h 1m We are in Clathrite Tunnel.

16d 19h 58m [Info] Snorunt's nickname had a space: Q_

16d 19h 54m Caught a female Lv. 35 Snorunt! Nickname: Q

16d 19h 51m We throw an inordinate number of Poké Balls at Metang. It eventually uses Selfdestruct.

16d 19h 48m We encounter another Metang. We manage to throw a Poké Ball! It misses.

16d 19h 45m We run from Metang. Salt ensues.

16d 19h 45m Metang encountered!

16d 19h 43m Riot Screen disappears. Input stream resumes. Back to fighting wild Pokémon.

16d 19h 42m Riot screen goes up!

16d 19h 39m Game is reloaded once more. Input list resumes at Warp Speed!

16d 19h 36m Music stops and starts. Screen is back. Inputs still frozen. Music stops. Game resets. Devs reload our saved game. They access "Debug" from the start menu. The game is saved.

16d 19h 33m We're back on route 84. The screen has gone black while devs work behind the scenes.

16d 19h 32m [Info] Now on version 0.17 build 0127

16d 19h 32m Game resets!

16d 19h 28m Obtained Oran Berry!

16d 19h 21m We are hanging out in the Route between Clathrite tunnel and Phlox Town, battling random wild Pokémon. Chat has hopes of catching a Metang in this area.

16d 19h 16m We head back into the cave leading towards Clathrite Tunnel.

16d 19h 13m We run in and out of 𝕸𝖞𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙's house as we grapple with our Stockholm Syndrome.

<POKETEXT> 16d19h09m08s — Guy Finds Another Guy in a Cave: Today, in the very distant town of Phlox, a man was found inside a cave. The man suffered from amnesia. The other man told us to write this article for him. Everyone is okay. The end.

16d 19h 9m We escape the clutches of 𝕸𝖞𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙's oratory and instead read his biography along the back wall. Decide to ask him about it again.

[Snark] Don't you mean 𝕸𝖞𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙?

<POKETEXT> 16d19h04m28s — Oh hello there! Another dedicated fan who's heard of my fantastic tale, echoing across the entire region of Naljo, I presume. Well, my weary traveler, be weary no more because you have found me! Myles the Great! Let me soothe your aching muscles a bit with the sound of my very own tale of great heroism. Splendid! There I was. Navigating through the Acqua Mines, just to the north of Phlox Town. The cave was wet, the air was cold, but I pressed on, fearlessly into the darkness of the large cave. Others stay away from the Lonely Caverns because of vile rumors of ghosts and murders and other curses. WHAT FOOLS! Fools I say! Fools to believe an exaggerated tale happening to spread across the Naljo region. Lo! In the distance of the darkened cave, I heard the soft cries of a lamb, separated from its Shepherd. Scared, timid, all alone… So I, Myles the Great, like a blind Zubat, navigated through the darkness of the cave using nothing but my hearing until I came upon him! It was a lost, young traveler, who most likely had been out there for months, according to my professional opinion. The man was laying there, in quiet, inside of a ball. He accepted this… 'call of death' of his, but I cried! Ferociously: NAY!, and carried him out of the cave by myself. They even wrote an article about it in the daily news paper, and since then my legend has been notable, most notable indeed! I do feel sorry for the young chap that I pulled from the very jowls of death's ravenous dogs because it appeared that he'd been stricken with severe amnesia. No recollection of his life before the cave, and no family in town. He still wanders those caves from time to time to try and remember, and as his proud guardian savior, I hope he does. If it were up to me, that poor young man would have remembered every last detail, right down to the color of his very first diaper; but alas, as a hero, even I have my limitations. Maybe you could talk to him? And if you'd like to read about it, the newspaper article that exposed the Naljo region to my heroism is framed against the wall behind me. Do read it before you leave, please.

16d 19h 7m Myles recounts his life story for a second, third, and fourth time.

16d 19h 3m Myles the great is reading The Lord of the Rings to us.

16d 19h 2m [Chat/Info] Chat was expecting a key item necessary for a legendary fakemon encounter. We instead seek comfort in the arms of Myles the Great.

16d 19h 0m Democracy expires; Anarchy reactivated. We exit the Bingo house.

16d 18h 57m [D] We decide to talk to the Old Man for a third time, who tells us to play some more Bingo.

16d 18h 57m We also receive a TM96!

16d 18h 55m The old man at the counter gives us an Amulet Coin!

16d 18h 55m We complete the bottom row! We immediately exit and head over to claim our prize at the counter!

16d 18h 50m [D] Democracy engaged!

16d 18h 49m [Fluff] We are desperately fumbling around in our pockets for Werther's Original Candies before settling down for an invigorating game of Bingo with Grandma.

16d 18h 47m The vote timer goes down to 40 seconds before we decide to step outside for fresh air and reset the counter.

16d 18h 45m We stroll into Democracy house. Voting begins!

16d 18h 44m We enter Phlox Town. How grand.

16d 18h 36m Caught a female Lv. 36 Glalie! Nickname: .....VVVVV

16d 18h 33m We attempt to catch level 36 ♀ Glalie. We waste some Poké Balls and Ultra Balls before catching it in a Friend Ball!

16d 18h 29m We have exited Clathrite tunnel. Currently heading west toward Phlox.

[Info] And no one mentioned we deposited Phancero and got Lopunny back.

16d 18h 28m [Chat] More things during updater blackout: FaithfulForce: Bought lots of picks, mined a lot, smelted a lot. Got mining to above level 20, smelting to above level 10, heading to Phlox for bingo lady

16d 18h 27m [Chat] Things that happened during the lack of updates: ep1cnights : Uhh yeah we caught a skorupi

16d 18h 23m And we're back! Running away from wild Chinglings and Sneasels because inadvertant/unintentional inputs are kind of our thing.

16d 18h 22m Stream goes down. General panic ensues.

16d 18h 20m We are wandering around Clathrite tunnel, cleansing the world of Zubats, Sneasels, and Hariyamas as if they are a scourge to be purged.

16d 18h 16m [Info] At some point we boxed Phancero and withdrew EEEE (Lopunny). The entire party is currently at full health, except Ninetales, who is inflicted with a case of Death.

16d 18h 13m [Chat/Info] FaithfulForce: Heading to bingo lady in Phlox. In Clathrite tunnel

16d 13h 44m Inputs working again. We resume fighting the trainer again.

16d 13h 33m Inputs seem to have stopped.

16d 13h 32m We enter a Battle Tower. We keep fighting the same trainer over and over, and after the first fight, it let us bring our entire team instead of just the three selected.

16d 12h 53 m we are heading for some smelting while I realise I did the last couple timestamps wrong. Sorry

16d 2h 50m we enter route 71

[meta] that was 47m I hate my phone

16d 2h 7m we enter the aqua mine

16d 2h 42m and now we are collecting ash

16d 2h 40m we go up and down the ladder twice

[meta] on mobile now, will update until I sleep or someone else doea

We appear to be having a problem with pinball not giving out badges

16d 12h 0m we are back in the magma cavern. [meta] yes that was a mistake in my last post

16g 11h 52m Then realized that the tide never turns in our favor and walked away sadly towards the ice maze

16d 11h 51m we checked the tide

[meta] taking over for a bit until i go to sleep

16d 10h 26m We are heading north on Route 73.

16d 10h 26m There may be a brief lull in updates due to a shortage of live updaters. Thank you for your patience.

16d 10h 20m And back to Oxalis. We try surfing instead this time.

16d 10h 19m Managed to fly to Oxalis City nine consecutive times before flying to Route 86.

16d 10h 17m ... and we fly back to Oxalis City. Oh, and again. And again.

16d 10h 16m ... and we Fly from Oxalis City to... Oxalis City. Our frequent flyer miles are sponsored by the Department of Redundancy Department.

16d 10h 15m ... and back to Oxalis City.

16d 10h 14m ... and again to Heath Village.

16d 10h 13m We manage to fly to Oxalis City!

16d 10h 11m We just tossed 78 Poké Balls.

16d 10h 9m We're apparently trying to fly in Anarchy and it's going exactly as well as you might expect.

16d 10h 2m [Chat] Gameface252: We put Fly over Wrap, not Wing Attack. Phancero learned Fly over Wrap, not Wing Attack

16d 10h 0m [Info] Our successful 'TEH URN' E4 Rematch was #11, not #10 as I previously reported. My mistake.

16d 9h 56m [D] We race against the Democracy clock to teach Fly to Phancero. Phancero learns Fly over Wing Attack!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: congratulations on the run

16d 9h 52m [D] We sift through our bag, admiring our robust collection of TMs.

16d 9h 52m [Donation] $2.00 from Boomdiers

16d 9h 48m [D] Democracy Activated!

16d 9h 43m [Chat] We are in Caper Town, by the way.

16d 9h 40m We walk outside to a snowy town, sprint towards the water, compulsively fish and land a Feebas, and promptly murder it.

16d 9h 39m We pedantically pester some poor girl in the Pokémon Center. Input rate is high and disorganized.

16d 9h 39m 1.5 million imputs

16d 9h 37m Refreshed to title screen. Unseen inputs guide us to continue our previous save. Input stream resumes. All is well.

16d 9h 36m Input stream stops. Chat is now in emote-only mode. Devs are rushing to the rescue.

16d 9h 35m [Snark] So I guess we're a boy now.


[Snark] Oh neat, the run started

16d 9h 34m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

16d 9h 33m We enter our Pokémon into the Hall of Fame! Credits Roll!

16d 9h 32m We use Strength and KO Flygon! LANCE DEFEATED!! E4 REMATCH #10 SUCCESSFUL!! TEH URN!!

16d 9h 31m Azumarill surfs Charizard, which promptly dies. We're down to a Level 95 Flygon, which uses Hyper Beam! Azumarill tanks it like it's nothing! Lance uses a Full Restore on Flygon!

16d 9h 30m After PRZ hax, Lance's Charizard KOs Gardevoir. We send out Azumarill, our only remaining Pokémon.

16d 9h 29m [Snark] YOU get a Moonblast! And YOU get a Moonblast! And YOU get a Moonblast!

16d 9h 27m Miller Moonblasts down Salamence! Enemy Gyarados uses Thunder Wave to paralyze Miller, but falls after a second Moonblast. Garchomp falls to Moonblast. Altaria falls to Moonblast.

16d 9h 27m [Info] We face off against Lance with only Miller and Azumarill. Vs. Lance!

16d 9h 25m We send out Y4, who defeats Weezing and Houndoom with a surfing safari. Mura defeated!

16d 9h 23m Our Tyranitar defeats Mura's, and proceeds to gobble up Leafeon. Weezing lands a crit AND burn status on Tyranitar, who dies immediately after.

16d 9h 22m Ampharos rises to Level 88 and manages to survive a crit Earthquake from Tyranitar! Ampharos faints from a second hit.

16d 9h 21m Vs. Mura!! Ampharos makes short work of Fearow.

16d 9h 18m Phancero, desperate to redeem itself in the chat, defeats Donphan and Levels up to 51! Flygon quickly dispatches it afterward. Azumarill is sent out and quickly defeats Flygon and Rhyperior. Daichi defeated!

16d 9h 17m Rhydon returns, and receives BRN from Ninetales! Ninetales takes out Rhydon and nearly defeats Donphan before it faints.

16d 9h 16m Vs. Daichi! Ninetales is sent out against Rhydon. Daichi recalls Rhydon and sends out... Steelix, which Ninetales promptly roasts.

16d 9h 11m We succeed in switching out Ninetales for Tyranitar in the first turn. Tyranitar opens up a box of Captain Crunch and takes down Gyarados, Gliscor, Altaria, Pidgeot, and Drifblim. Sora defeated!

16d 9h 11m Vs. Sora!

16d 9h 9m We experiment with using Poké Balls offensively and find them unsatisfactory. Ninetales loses half its health before the battle ends. Yuki defeated!

16d 9h 5m We challenge Yuki and Begin E4 Attempt #11!

16d 9h 0m Vs. Lance. #DaddyIssues. RIP E4 Attempt #10.

16d 8h 54m Our Tyranitar has a case of the munchies and goes on a Crunching spree against Fearow, an enemy Tyranitar, Ludicolo, Leafeon, and Houndoom. We defeat Mura with 16 HP remaining!

16d 8h 53m We waste no time and challenge Mura!

16d 8h 53m [Info] Tyranitar has full health, but is our only remaining Pokémon.

16d 8h 52m Tyranitar is deployed and quickly defeats Donphan. We use Crunch against Flygon and secure a victory against Daichi!

16d 8h 51m Miller nearly kills Donphan, but succumbs to poison and Earthquake damage. Gardevoir faints.

16d 8h 50m Miller knocks out Steelix with Moonblast. Enemy Rhyperior's attack misses. Daichi uses a Max Potion, but Miller OHKOs it with a crit!

16d 8h 48m Ampharos and Rhydon exchange blows; Ampharos proves victorious. It inflicts severe damage against Steelix before succumbing to the ubiquitous Earthquakes. Ampharos down! Miller deployed.

16d 8h 48m We challenge Daichi! Ampharos vs. Rhydon.

16d 8h 44m Pidgeot falls after three Moonblasts. Gardevoir scores a critical Moonblast on Gliscor, but is poisoned in return. Gliscor and Altaria die after Moonblasts. Sora defeated!

16d 8h 42m We send out Gardevoir against Pidgeot. We get lost in our Bag, ᵖᵏᵐᶰ menu, and even try to run before we eventually start firing off Moonblasts.

16d 8h 41m Azumarill knocks out Drifblim, but soon succumbs to curse damage.

16d 8h 40m We deploy Azumarill and try to Surf Gyarados. It uses Earthquake on us, but dies to Strength shortly afterward. Sora sends out Drifblim, which laughs at us using Strength again before it uses Curse.

16d 8h 37m We desperately attempt to switch out Ninetales, but accidentally use Flamethrower on Gyarados instead. Ninetales falls and we deploy Phancero in its wake. Phancero crumples in a single Crunch.

16d 8h 37m We shimmy-shake our way up to Sora and ask him if he'd like to take us out to a battle!

16d 8h 33m Ninetales unleashes fiery death on Yuki's Ice team. Yuki defeated!

16d 8h 32m We survive the ice puzzle and find Yuki! Begin E4 Attempt #10!

16d 8h 24m [Info] 1hr13min until Democracy. We faff about in the Pokémon Center before heading to play on Yuki's slip-n-slide.

16d 8h 22m Miller is sent out, and uses Moonblast twice against Steelix, which falls. Rhyperior uses super-effective Iron Tail on Miller, which succumbs to sandstorm damage. E4 Attempt #9 ends in failure.

16d 8h 20m We deploy Phancero, who ineffectively uses Wing Attack against Steelix. Steelix lands an Iron Tail, then misses twice, then hits again. Phancero falls.

16d 8h 18m We send out Tyranitar against Daichi's Rhydon. It's a battle of Crunches, Earthquakes, and Rock Slides., but Tyranitar proves (barely) victorious. Steelix quickly enacts revenge; Tyranitar falls.

16d 8h 18m We engage Daichi with our three remaining Pokémon.

16d 8h 16m [Info] Tyranitar, Ninetales, and Azumarill are now all at Level 100.

16d 8h 16m We deploy Tyranitar, who knocks out Altaria and climbs to Level 100!! Sora defeated!!

16d 8h 14m We Surf against Drifblim, which self-destructs via Curse. Enemy Pidgeot falls after multiple Surfs. Altaria is sent out. Chat attempts to switch to Ice Beam, but ineffectively Surfs while the enemy sets up with Dragon Dance. Azumarill falls due to Curse.

16d 8h 13m We deploy Ampharos, who starts spamming Crystal Bolt. Enemy Gyarados faints. Enemy Gliscor endures 2 Crystal Bolts and retaliates with Earthquake. Ampharos faints. Azumarill is sent out and immediately goes surfing, killing Gliscor.

16d 8h 11m Ninetales vs. Gyarados. We elect to use Flamethrower while it sticks to Waterfall. Even without Dragon Dance setup, Ninetales faints.

16d 8h 9m We challenge Sora. Again.

16d 8h 5m Ninetales flawlessly KILLS EVERYTHING WITH FIRE and levels up to 100! Yuki defeated!

16d 8h 4m We talk to Yuki and begin E4 Attempt #9!

16d 8h 2m Cyan channels her inner Nancy Kerrigan and slides around Yuki's ice puzzle.

16d 7h 59m [Info] Democracy Timer: 1 hour 38 minutes

16d 7h 58m Miller sent out, but quickly falls to Salamence. We are unable to overcome our daddy issues and White Out! (#8)

16d 7h 57m Tyranitar Rock Slides Salamence, which dies due to sandstorm damage immediately afterward. Enemy Garchomp uses earthquake in retaliation; Tyranitar falls.

16d 7h 56mVs. Lance!

16d 7h 54m Enemy Leafon falls to Crunch. We Crunch on Weezing, but it is restored with a Max Potion. We get a critical hit and OHKO it in retaliation. We Crunch Houndoom twice and Defeat Mura!!

16d 7h 52m Tyranitar vs Tyranitar! Mura's uses Earthquake and ours uses Crunch repeatedly; ours proves victorious. We also Crunch Ludicolo into oblivion.

16d 7h 52m We waste no time and Challenge Mura again. Tyranitar sent out and Crunches Fearow to death.

16d 7h 50m Miller takes down Rhyperior with three Moonblasts. Daichi defeated!

16d 7h 49m Phancero barely dents Rhyperior. Phancero falls. Miller is sent out and quickly uses Moonblast.

16d 7h 48m Azumarill Surfs against Donphan, which also survives due to Sturdy. Azumarill falls after taking so many Earthquakes. Phancero deployed, and takes down Donphan with Wing Attack!

16d 7h 47m Vs. Flygon. It falls after two Surfs. Steelix sent out. We use Surf, but it survives due to Sturdy and retaliates with Earthquake. We Surf once more and it goes down.

16d 7h 46m Enemy Rhydon uses Substitute, but quickly falls to Surf.

16d 7h 44m Daichi challenged! Chat attempts to swap out Tyranitar for Azumarill and succeeds!

16d 7h 42m Tyranitar goes on a Crunch spree and takes down Gliscor, Drifblim, and Pidgeot. Sora defeated!

16d 7h 41m Ampharos takes down Gyarados and nearly takes down Gliscor before it is OHKOd by Earthquake. Tyranitar sent out.

16d 7h 40m Gyarados sets up with 2x Dragon Dance, followed by 2x Waterfalls. Ninetales faints. Ampharos sent out.

16d 7h 39m Vs. Sora!

16d 7h 37m Ninetales uses Flamethrower and OHKOs Yuki's entire time, as usual. Yuki defeated!!

16d 7h 35m We talk to Yuki! E4 Attempt #8!

16d 7h 33m We white out. RIP urn #7.

16d 7h 31m Pidgeot down, Altaria in

16d 7h 29m Azumarill, the last one left, is in now

16d 7h 28m Gardevoir to 85, Pidgeot in, Gardevoir down

16d 7h 26m Tyranitar in, Crunch missed. Tar down to repeated Earthquakes

16d 7h 25m Ampharos went in, it goes down

16d 7h 24m Phancero in, and down.

16d 7h 23m Yuki went down (Ninetales and everyone else is still at full health), now we are fighting Sora, Ninetales against Gyarados., Ninetales down to it.

16d 7h 21m Ninetales to 99

16d 7h 19m Versus Yuki, beginning rematch attempt 7. Ninetales against Mamoswine.

[rip] urn

16d 7h 14m Azumarill in, the last party member left. Can she sweep? Surf is used, we're being bombarded with Earthquakes while we try to chip away at its health with Surf. Flygon in, Hyper Beam used, Azumarill down, white out, attempt 6 is a loss

16d 7h 13m Gardevoir sent in. Moonblast used, Salamence down. Next in is Gyarados. Gardevoir paralysed to Thunder Wave, but so is Gyarados. We try to attack, Waterfall does a large amount of damage to us. Gyarados down to Moonblast, Garchomp in. Earthquake used, Gardevoir down.

16d 7h 12m Rock Slide used on Salamence. Doesn;t OHKO due to Intimidate. Tyranitar down to Dragon Claw.

16d 7h 11m Versus Lance. Tyranitar against Salamence.

16d 7h 9m Rock Slide takes Houndoom out. Mura defeated!

16d 7h 8m Mustard Gas used, doesn't do much. Max Potion used on Weezing, another Crunch, defense drop, finished it off with yet another Crunch. Houndoom in, Crunch, Flamethrower, more Cru-- no, we're out of PP for it oh no

16d 7h 7m Foe's Tyranitar down, Ludicolo OHKOd to Crunch. Leafeon in. Another Crunch, defense lowered, in the red health. Another Crunch, Leafeon down, Weezing in.

16d 7h 6m Fearow down, Tyranitar in. Ampharos survives the Earthquake, lives on 2HP from Sandstorm, but goes down to another Earthquake. Tyranitar sent in.

16d 7h 5m Versus Mura, Ampharos against Fearow.

16d 7h 4m With Rhyperior down and Daichi defeated and Azumarill at full health, the next hurdle is Mura's team.

16d 7h 2m Azumarill proceeds to sweep the team with Surf.

16d 7h 2m Switched into Azumarill.

16d 7h 0m He switched into Flygon, Crystal Bolt hit.. does it ignore the ground immunity to electric or smthn?

16d 6h 59m Versus Daichi with Ampharos against Rhydon

[Fluff] IC's EXP bar is playing tricks on us. It looks like it filled up to the top, and then filled up again in one fight... but IC didn't go to level 99...

16d 6h 56m Pidgeot's in now. Crunch sweeps, Sora defeated.

16d 6h 56m Gliscor down with relative ease, Altaria in, Tyranitar to Lv. 98, Drifblim in now.

16d 6h 55m Tyranitar is sent in, Gliscor's in now.

16d 6h 54m Phancero sent in, it goes down

16d 6h 53m Versus Sora, Ninetales against Gyarados. Ninetales down

16d 6h 52m Vs. Sora!

16d 6h 50m Ninetales uses Flamethrower against all five members of Yuki's team, OHKOing all of them. Yuki defeated!!

16d 6h 48m Vs. Yuki! E4 Rematch Attempt #6 Begins!

16d 6h 45m We promptly beeline into Yuki's room for some ice-sliding shenanigans.

16d 6h 43m Phanceros Vs. Rhydon. Rhydon quickly triumphs. E4 Rematch Attempt #5 Ends.

We try a third Poké Ball before trying to Play Rough. Rhydon uses Earthquake; Azumarill faints

16d 6h 41m We send out Azumarill, who... throws a Poké Ball at Rhydon. Twice.

16d 6h 39m Rhydon quickly KOs Ampharos with Earthquake!

16d 6h 39m Daichi Battle #5 begins!

16d 6h 36m After two Crystal Bolts, Sora uses a Full Restore on Altaria. It still dies after a few more Crystal Bolts. Ampharos OHKOs Pidgeot as well. Sora defeated!

16d 6h 36m We send out Ampharos against Gliscor, which quickly loses to Crystal Bolt.

16d 6h 35m Gliscor uses Toxic on Tyranitar. After two Earthquakes, Tyranitar falls.

16d 6h 34m Tyranitar sent out against Drifblim! Drifblim goes down!

16d 6h 34m Miller KOs Gyarados, but quickly loses to Drifblim!

16d 6h 32m Ninetales uses Flamethrower on Gyarados! Gyarados uses Dragon Dance! We use Flare Blitz while it uses another Dragon Dance, followed by Waterfall! Ninetales down!

16d 6h 32m Vs Sora!

16d 6h 28m Ninetales efficiently OHKOs Mamoswine, Glalie, Froslass, Weaville, and Glaceon with Flamethrower. Yuki defeated!

16d 6h 26m We quickly navigated Yuki's ice puzzle. Attempt #5 vs. Yuki!

16d 6h 23m Versus Lance, Salamence against Tyranitar. Garchomp in next, Tyranitar down to Earthquake, white out, attempt 4 lost

16d 6h 22m Ran right up the hallway past Lance slamming into the back wall of the room.

16d 6h 21m Weezing down, Houndoom in, more Crunch, let's just say Mura's defeated now.

16d 6h 20m Leafeon was in, it's down now, Weezing in.

16d 6h 19m Ludicolo in next.

16d 6h 18m Versus Mura's Fearow with Tyranitar. USes Crunch, levels up to 97. Now Crunch on Mura's Tyranitar, it uses Earthquake, does a reasonable amount. We use more Crunch, defense drop, more Earthquake on us. Another Crunch, Tyranitar down.

16d 6h 17m Daichi defeated.

16d 6h 15m Gardevoir takes out Steelix, Rhyperior is gonna be sent in next. Goes down to two Psychic and an Iron Tail miss. Donphan in next, Gardevoir dowm. Tyranitar's the last one left.

16d 6h 14m Ampharos down to Steelix, Phancero in.

16d 6h 12m Versus Daichi, Ampharos is out front against Rhydon.

16d 6h 10m Gardevoir to 84, Sora defeated.

16d 6h 7m Drifblim was in, and now Pidgeot, Azumarill survives with 1HP but goes down to Curse, dang.

16d 6h 5m Ninetales down, Phancero in, immediately switched to Azumarill

16d 6h 4m Yuki went down, we're fighting Sora now. Everyone is at full health, Ninetales against Gyarados.

16d 5h 58m Versus Yuki for E4 rematch attempt 4. Ninetales against Mamoswine. Gonna let this fight play out, should be quiet until Sora, apologies. Ninetales to 97.

[Info] 16d 5h 49m Democracy timer countdown is 4 hours; Democracy voting will be available again around 16d 9h 38m

16d 5h 48m Anarchy

16d 5h 46m Switched Azumarill's Mystic Water for Leftovers

16d 5h 42m ..another King's rock. Do we have two, or..?

16d 5h 42m Switched Ninetales' Leftovers for.......

16d 5h 40m ..the King's rock.

16d 5h 40m 16d 5h 39m Switched Gardevoir's Dawn stone for.....

16d 5h 38m Democracy now.

16d 5h 33m Crit on Ludicolo with Strength, hangs on with a sliver of health, uses Giga Drain, we're on 48HP, it goes down. Weezing in, ICe beam on it, Azumarill down to Nerve Gas, white out, attempt 3 over

16d 5h 33m Fearow down, Ludicolo in.

16d 5h 32m Fighting Mura anyway. Azumarill, of course, against Fearow.

16d 5h 30m Daichi was defeated and now we are definitely going to solo Mura's team with a less-than-half-health azumarill

16d 5h 27m Tyranitar and Gardevoir down too. Last one standing is Azumarill, like the last two attempts.

16d 5h 26m Phancero was sent in. It goes down to sandstorm. Azumarill in.

16d 5h 24m Rhydon down, Steelix in now.

[Fluff] In the Daichi battle yea sorry

16d 5h 23m Tyranitar against Rhydon right now.

16d 5h 22m We won the battle, Gardevoir's in red health, something's poisoned, about to fight Daichi now.

16d 5h 17m Ninetales went down and Azumarill was sent in.

16d 5h 15m Versus Sora, Ninetales against Gyarados.

16d 5h 13m Glaceon down, Froslass has yet to be taken down. Ninetales is in, we keep it in. Hail stops, Flamethrower's out of PP.. we use Flare Blitz, Froslass down, Yuki defeated.

16d 5h 12m Ampharos down to Glaceon and Hail.

16d 5h 9m Versus Yuki for E4 rematch attempt 3. Ninetales against Mamoswine, it's down. Glalie in.

16d 5h 4m We're back in the room where Yuki is.

16d 4h 51m Caught male Lv. 30 Kirlia, nicknamed ///VVV//H

[Fluff/Info] Level 27, apparently.

16d 4h 44m Caught a female Taillow, idk the level, nicknamed ZQZQ Pfd

16d 4h 39m It was nicknamed :::)))uuul.

16d 4h 37m Caught Spearow, male, Lv. 26

16d 4h 27m Ninetales to 96

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: weren't you subscribed before?

16d 4h 23m Went down onto Route 65.

16d 4h 19m Took out a good amount of Daichi's team, but Azumarill goes down to Sandstorm, rematch attempt 2 over.

16d 4h 17m Fighting Daichi. Obviously, Azumarill's out against Rhydon. Surf begins.

16d 4h 13m Altaria down, Sora defeated. Azumarill's the only one left, on about 2/3 health.

16d 4h 12m Azumarill in, Pidgeot down, Altaria in.

16d 4h 9m Gardevoir down.

16d 4h 9m Gardevoir was sent back in against Pidgeot.

16d 4h 7m Tyranitar went down, then Gardevoir was sent in to finally take out Gliscor. Drifblim in, switched into Azumarill.

16d 4h 4m We sent in Phancero. That backsprite tho. It goes down.

16d 4h 3m Ampharos down.

16d 4h 2m Ninetales down, Ampharos in. Gyarados down.

16d 4h 2m Versus Sora, Ninetales against Gyarados. Doesn't seem like the members' lineup has changed at all, only the levels of their Pokémon.

16d 3h 56m Flamethrower used. Mamoswine down. Glalie sent in next. More Flamethrower. Glalie down. Weavile in next. It goes down, Froslass is sent in. Yet another Flamethrower. It goes down. Glaceon in, down with ease. Yuki defeated.

16d 3h 55m Versus Yuki, rematch attempt 2. Ninetales against Mamoswine... this seems familiar.

[Fluff/Info/Chat] And a Loudred, unsure of the details.

[Fluff/Info] According to chat, we caught a Houndoom in the updater absence. Doesn't look like much else happened.

[Info] That was rematch attempt 1 we just lost. Starting attempt 2 now.

16d 3h 48m Right now, we're fighting Mura, I'm unsure of the attempt count number. Just whited out.

Crystal bolt out of PP

16d 0h 24m Ampharos reaches level 85

15d 22h 54m We took a ship to Castro Valley.

15d 21h 57m Round 4 begins! We send out Phancero against Houndoom...and Phancero is immediately OHKO'd. Round 4 lost!

15d 21h 57m Glalie used Explosion! This knocks out Tyranitar, but gives us the victory! Round 3 won!

15d 21h 57m Glalie sent out next

15d 21h 56m Lairon taken down by Tyranitar

15d 21h 56m PC sends out Lairon

15d 21h 56m Pidgeot uses Final Chance! We immediately get a crit and KO it.

15d 21h 56m Tyranitar vs Pidgeot

15d 21h 55m Rock Slide KO's Charizard. Round 2 won!

15d 21h 55m Charizard is next

15d 21h 55m Tyranitar KO's Porygon-Z with Rock Slide.

15d 21h 54m Tyranitar sent out.

15d 21h 54m Azumarill faints to Zap Cannon!

15d 21h 54m Azumarill is paralyzed!

15d 21h 53m Moltres charges a Solar Beam, but we KO it with Surf before it can attack. Porygon-Z next!

15d 21h 52m Round 2 starts! PC sends out Moltres

15d 21h 52m Solrock down. Round 1 won!

15d 21h 51m Glaceon down, Solrock next.

15d 21h 49m Battle Arcade PC sends out Glaceon

15d 21h 49m Hitmontop goes down to Play Rough

15d 21h 48m Azumarill vs Hitmontop

15d 21h 48m [D] Entering the Battle Arcade with Azumarill, Tyranitar, and Phancero.

15d 21h 41m Booted up the PC again for a second, but didn't do anything.

[Info] Phancero is level 50.

[Fluff] We replaced EEEE with FFFFF. It's a natural progression.

[Info] Current party: Ampharos, Gardevoir, Ninetales, Azumarill, Tyranitar, Phancero. Phancero's name is FFFFF.

15d 21h 36m [D] Withdrew Phancero!

15d 21h 35m [D] Selected Phancero

15d 21h 34m [D] Switched to box 9

15d 21h 31m [D] Selected box 9.

15d 21h 31m [D] Opened the Change Box menu.

15d 21h 30m [D] Opened Pokémon Storage System

15d 21h 28m [D] Turned on the invisible PC.

15d 21h 27m Now in democracy

15d 21h 26m We activate an invisible PC (that probably isn't supposed to be there) and deposit Buneary!

15d 20h 46m democracy activates

15d 19h 47m Chat regains control

15d 19h 46m Manual control is assumed by the devs

[Info] Currently have 232 tickets

15d 19h 35m Lost

15d 19h 29m New team is Ninetales, Ampharos and Lopunny

15d 19h 25m Ninetales down

15d 19h 21m New challenge started with Ninetales, Gardevoir and Ampharos

15d 19h 21m Forfeited

15d 19h 19m Finally started a challenge, with our team being Azumarill, Tyranitar and Gardevoir

15d 19h 16m Entered Democracy

15d 19h 11m Struggling to enter a Battle Arcade challenge

[Meta] Going for a vaccination at the doctors, so I will be gone for about 30 minutes (maybe less). I don't expect much to happen in that time however. When I come back I'll update with our current ticket count.

15d 18h 31m Forfeited

[Info] It's been confirmed that getting tickets from immediately forfeiting is a glitch, and as a result people are protesting against doing it for it being uncouth.

15d 18h 29m Ampharos goes down

15d 18h 27m Our next challenge begins with Ampharos, Gardevoir and Ninetales.

[Info] People are quick to realise that it is probably faster to immediately forfeit the first match, as every time it happens we earn 4 tickets.

15d 18h 24m Returned to anarchy, as we forfeit the very first match

15d 18h 23m Our team is Gardevoir, Azumarill and Tyranitar (in that order).

15d 18h 23m Entered Democracy

15d 18h 19m Gardevoir faints,lost on Round 3.

15d 18h 18m Garchomp finished Tyranitar off with a Dig

15d 18h 17m Ninetales falls to Seaking

15d 18h 12m Entered again with the team lineup being Tyranitar, Ninetales and Gardevoir.

[Fluff] Fun fact: Assuming we spend all of our money entering the Battle Arcade, we can attempt it 314 times from now.

[Info] 215 tickets left to go

15d 18h 10m Lopunny is defrosted and defeats Ninetales. Lost on Round 3.

[Fluff] So much freeze hax this time around.

15d 17h 58m New team is Tyranitar, Azumarril and Ninetales.

15d 17h 58m 176 tickets

15d 17h 56m Whited out on Round 2.

15d 17h 49m Current team is Tyranitar, Azumarill and Gardevoir

15d 15h 29m Entered once again, E4, Y4 and I!C

15d 15h 25m Whited out at round 2

15d 15h 20m Entered again, E4, Millar and Amphy

15d 15h 18m Whited out at round 5

15d 15h 10m Entered the Arcade again, with I!C, Y4 and Miller in that order.

15d 15h 4m Entering again... Or should I say we were about to enter, but we canceled

[Snark] 55 tickets out of 400... this is gonna be a while Kappa

15d 15h 1m Whited out at Round 4, 18 more tickets

15d 14h 58m [Meta] Cyander has signed off, I will be your live updater now. I intend to complete abuse my- Explodes Just kidding Kappa

15d 15h 7m Lost, entering again.

15d 15h 1m We entered again.

15d 14h 58m Lost, got 17 tickets.

15d 14h 47m We got nine tickets, decided to enter the arcade room again.

15d 14h 46m Oh and we're anarchy btw.


15d 14h 46m We lost at round 3.

15d 14h 39m Entered the Arcade Room to begin our battles. Ninetales, Azumarill, and Tyranitar is the lineup.

15d 14h 35m Democracy. Apparently there was an invisible PC somewhere.

15d 14h 32m In the Battle Arcade. Demohouse.

15d 14h 28m Took the Arcade Ferry to the Battle Arcade, on route 86 now.

15d 14h 24m Healed at wherever we are right now

15d 14h 17m Traveled to Rijon's Botan City.

15d 14h 16m Alright we're in a train station.

15d 14h 12m I think we're in Torenia now. Not sure. Out of the forest, at least.

15d 14h 0m In a Demohouse. Then to Laurel Forest, demo countdown bar goes away.

15d 13h 58m Down onto some route.

15d 13h 54m Ohhhh there's the city. Sorry.

15d 13h 51m We're exploring the City that definitely has buildings and-

15d 13h 50m Landed. In Laurel City... but it's a cave.. what

15d 13h 49m I think there was a Milotic but they went down so fast to the electric attacks

15d 13h 47m Fighting Swimmer Megan, Wailord against Ampharos.

15d 13h 43m Tunod Waterway

15d 13h 42m Ampharos to 84

15d 13h 38m Oh we landed on a strange island thing.

15d 13h 33m Talked to a person. "Object event".

15d 13h 20m We talked to a Typhlosion again and again, then finally pulled ourselves away. We're back at it again.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: this has been the 4th best month this year in terms of donations

15d 13h 13m We went outside. So I presume we got another nugget...?

15d 13h 3m Ampharos to 83

15d 13h 0m I think Tyranitar got to 96

15d 12h 58m Lopunny to 85

15d 12h 56m Gardevoir to 83

15d 12h 38m Tyranitar to 95 and then the exp bar SHOT UP to almost 96, making a high pitch. At the end of the battle, it shows the actual value. Got another Nugget, we do the challenge once more.

15d 12h 37m Lopunny to 84 (must've missed 83 sorry)

15d 12h 32m Ampharos to 82

15d 12h 21m Tyranitar to 94

15d 12h 13m Lopunny to 82

15d 12h 6m Got a Nugget. Entered the challenge again.

15d 12h 5m Tyranitar to 93

15d 12h 1m Lopunny to 81

[Fluff] "BURN BABY BURN! ... ... ... ... If I say any more, I risk copyright infringement!"

15d 12h 0m Gardevoir to 82

15d 11h 42m Tyranitar to 92

15d 11h 40m Lopunny to 80

15d 11h 29m Ampharos to 81

15d 11h 27m Won the Stamina Challenge - 7 trainers in a row. Got a Nugget. We challenge it again.

15d 11h 22m Tyranitar to 91

[Fluff] Psychic Box. Good name.

15d 11h 7m Lopunny to 79

15d 11h 1m Tyranitar down to Moonsomething or other, Super Nerd Thing guy defeated. We're healed. Appears to be that we're in some kind of gauntlet training facility, I don't think there'll be many updates save for levelups and item uses/things like that.

15d 11h 0m Gardevoir downs the Meganium with Psychic and levels up to 81. Next in is Tyranitar.

15d 10h 59m Ampharos down to poison

15d 10h 58m Used a Potion on Ampharos.

15d 10h 58m We appear to be in a battle right now, fiddling about in the bag with items.

[Streamer] 1eamannan: m4 i cant Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @1eamannan can you make it buy a badge from you?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: failed to upload new screenshot = https://i.imgur.com/UTXIMte.gifv

15d 6h 52m Found the TM for Aerial Ace! Kreygasm

15d 6h 25m We travelled on a minecart, I think to our old friend Mound Cave.

15d 6h 14m Now surfing across an underground lake.

[Info] Our current bingo card: (O = checked off, X = not yet complete)

[O][X][X][O][X] [X][X][X][X][X] [O][O][ ][X][X] [O][X][O][O][O] [X][O][O][O][O] 

[Chat] minami91 : kill pokemon parents WutFace

[Chat] Golden_Helix13 : How many points per orphan? Kappa

15d 6h 8m And we have no Orphan Points, out of a requisite 500. Chat BibleThumps over the thought of Orphan Points.

15d 6h 7m We have no Ball Making levels, out of a requisite 2.

[Dev] flarn2006: Does that include wild battles?

asdf14396: @flarn2006 every battle in the game

15d 6h 5m And we have completed 2933 battles out of a requisite 1200. Checked!

15d 6h 5m We have not yet reached Smithing level 10. 4 more to go.

15d 6h 4m We don't have ₽100 thousand at least in hand... And we don't have any Jeweling mining levels, when we need 5.

15d 6h 3m We check off the secret Rijon item box as well.

15d 6h 2m We check the bingo card again. We have 2 out of 1 secret items, and 20/20 badges! We check off the badges!

15d 6h 1m There are 3h 46m left to wait before the next demo session in this demohouse.

[Info] And here's roughly the order we checked them in before we ran out of demo:

[ ][P][O][N][M]  [ ][ ][ ][ ][L] [ ][ ][ ][ ][K] [E][D][C][B][A] [F][G][H][I][J] 

[Info] Here's our current bingo card:

[X][X][X][O][X] [X][X][X][X][X] [X][X][ ][X][X] [O][X][O][O][O] [X][O][O][O][O] 

15d 5h 58m Only 1 / 3 Johto starters... and we're out of demo time.

15d 5h 58m We own only 1 of the 3 Kanto starters.

15d 5h 57m [D] But we do own a Tyranitar! Check!

[Snark] Streamer making us donate to complete the board DansGame

15d 5h 56m [D] We haven't found 30 gold tokens yet. Only 13.

15d 5h 56m [D] We haven't yet reached mining level 20. Five more levels to go on that.

15d 5h 55m [D] We have yet to get 6000 point high score at the Battle Arcade (we have a high score of 2399 points). There goes another streak.

15d 5h 54m [D] We own 1 of the required 1 Naljo guardians. Check!

15d 5h 53m [D] We have 1 out of a required 1 Pokémon at level 100! Another check!

15d 5h 53m [D] We have found our rival's final secret hiding place! Check!

15d 5h 52m [D] We have cleared 2 of 3 rounds in the Battle Arcade. But we have won at Pachisi at least once, so that square gets checked off!

15d 5h 51m [D] We have 50,000 of the requisite 1000 units of ash in our soot sack! That makes it so only the Eevee thing is keeping us from completing this line...

15d 5h 50m [D] Our streak is ended with owning 4 Eevee evolutions, which (surprisingly) we have none this game.

15d 5h 49m [D] We own at least 75 species (actually 113 right now)! Checked that off! We have 3 our of 5 in a row at the moment.

15d 5h 49m [D] We're checking the bingo card! We check off the square with completing the Rijon League, and the square about reviving at least 1 fossil (we have 3)!

15d 5h 47m We entered democracy

[Streamer] MarkusTheOWG: @twitchplayspokemon what is with the sub badges?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @MarkusTheOWG they're called loyalty badges and you get them for subscribing for multiple months

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: master ball loyalty badge is being replaced with a revised version, I don't know what will happen in the meantime, it might temporarily disappear

15d 5h 40m Currently in a big snowy lightly forested field, with massive ice patches every so often.

15d 5h 34m Caught a male Lv. 40 Absol! (Finally) It's nickname was something like "uuuuux(("

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppPokeball tppRng

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppPokeball KappaHD

15d 5h 30m We're throwing a crap load of balls at a wild Absol right now.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppSlowpoke

[Info] There's an oasis here that heals us when we take a dip in it. That healed us.

15d 4h 13m Somehow we healed.

15d 4h 13m Caught a female Lv. 30 Trapinch! Nickname: N

[Streamer] 08Juan80: TwitchPlaysPokemon, the masterball badge looks like a great ball, and of course it was made by Bees Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @08Juan80 maybe the pink dots on the master ball could be made larger, but other than that I think they all turned out great

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks to Beesafree for making the loyalty badge images, I especially like the gold one

[Streamer] デンリュウ (nkekev): TwitchPlaysPokemon why badges applies only to the last combo subscription in a row ? That's not very fair

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @デンリュウ it's up to Twitch how it's counted

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: nice to see the loyalty badges

[Snark] "I was sent to Box11"

15d 3h 54m Caught a Chinchou! Nickname: I (sorry, didn't get level/gender)

[meta] gotta go do stuff now, be back later

15d 2h 53m Nope, it didn't Back to fishing it is

15d 2h 51m We are checking to see if the tide changed

15d 2h 30m Dragon pulse runs out of PP

15d 2h 20m Cyan tried to make a run from fishing, but was forced to go back by chat

15d 02h 17m we catch a Tentacool nickname: Qo

15d 2h 01m Ampharos reaches level 77

15d 1h 50m We go fishing

15d 0h 23m Chat regains control of the game

15d 0h 19m Manual control accesses the in-game Debug menu

[Snark] Guess even the devs are tired of this dungeon.

Version 0.16, build 0.122

15d 0h 14m Chat inputs are paused as a ROM update is pushed

14d 23h 53m Caught a Beldum! Nickname: MMMMMMDDEE

[Info] Machoke is level 33 and female. Thanks Gameface252!

Caught a Machoke! Nickname: WV/!Ubjj (gender/level unknown)

14d 22h 20m Back into anarchy

14d 22h 18m It appears we can't compete in Level 50 Challenge because our party's levels are over 50. (They won't scale down)

14d 22h 15m Entered Democracy

14d 22h 12m In the Battle Tower

14d 22h 10m On Route 71

[Chat] Chauzu_VGC: I might post a tease (of PBR) on reddit before bed, I need some feedback after all this hard work OpieOP

14d 21h 59m In the large shopping market

14d 21h 51m Entered Phacelia Town

14d 21h 44m Exited the cave, now on Route 85

14d 21h 18m Found TM38 Fire Blast, but Cyan already owns it

14d 21h 12m Found a Calcium

14d 20h 35m Currently fumbling around in Magma Caverns

14d 20h 10m we used the minecart!

14d 19h 56m we ran from a shiny koffing

14d 19h 54m generator take 4

14d 19h 44m fell down a hole

14d 19h 38m generater on again, and wild battle shortly afterwards

14d 19h 25m generator on again

14d 19h 21m took the lader and now it's dark again

14d 19h 20m we used ampharos to power a generator, and turn the lights on!

14d 19h 15m we seem to be in a dark room and EEEE is poisoned

14d 18h 46m We're minecarted to Mound Cave!

14d 18h 36m We leveled it up to 5! We're also getting a lot of coins from Zinc, Copper, and Bronze Ore smelting.

14d 18h 35m We leveled our smelting up to 4!

14d 18h 34m Lopunny leveled up to 75!

14d 18h 22m No nickname.

14d 18h 22m Finally caught it! Level 28 Female Slugma!

14d 18h 21m Almost caught a wild Slugma, but it keeps getting out of our balls.

14d 18h 13m Inside of the Magma Caverns.

14d 18h 1m And we've entered Provincial Park, which means we were on Route 81 before.

14d 18h 0m If I recall correctly we're on Route 77.

14d 17h 56m Well I'm back. Doesn't seem like chat has any direction on what they want t do next. :/

[Meta] Need to run to the store for a few minutes, will be back in about 10 or so.

14d 17h 38m We're back in Torenia!

14d 17h 26m We found a TwistedSpoon!

14d 17h 25m Just surfing around the route.

14d 17h 13m We were right outside of the Milos Catacombs, but instead we made a voyage on the mountain outside of it.

14d 17h 2m Route 77!

[Meta] Cooking while updating so if I'm slightly late on something that's why.

14d 16h 58m Also we're in Torenia City atm.

[Recap] FaithfulForce: BloodTrail @DeadInSky66 Caught Articuno in Seneca Caverns. Used Democracy at move relearner to teach Play rough over hydro pum on Azumaril, switch Ampharos with Tyranitar, and give Miller Dawn stone again. Also Lopunny gained almost 3 levels

14d 16h 57m Well, wherever we are we managed to checkpoint and heal at the Pokecenter!

14d 16h 55m Okay, let's try to get a recap or two. I know we did Articuno while the break happened.

14d 13h 59m Game reset to an earlier point, we are now outside

14d 13h 55m A strange sound, and the screen has gone blank. err o8h was somehow tripped unexpectedly

[Info] Cyan found Item 0 and now the stream and inputs have frozen. Sidegames and recent Reddit posts are still active though

[Snark] Well done on finding OLDEN's lost item guys!

[Meta] Another absence of updaters begins, apologies.

14d 10h 36m Tyranitar to 88

14d 10h 29m Mt. Ember.

14d 10h 16m Surfed away from it.

14d 10h 14m Landed in some town. Don't know where.

14d 10h 13m Left the cave, and it's the very tiny peninsula with the Berry tree. Surfed off of it.

14d 10h 12m Entered a cave.

14d 10h 9m Route 82. Hey, i remember this place... before we had Surf. But now we do, and we Surf.

14d 10h 7m Healed

14d 10h 6m In Torenia.

14d 9h 58m We're back in the forest as Cyan, by the way. Sorry.

14d 9h 45m We went outside again.

14d 9h 42m Smashed the rock. In a small room with a single item. Got 3 Mining Picks

[Chat] RenaTurnip: DBstyle move1 to OHKO all Chars in this cave

14d 9h 41m In the cave with the Charmander and Charizard.

14d 9h 32m At the Clefairy, we send Tyranitar to pass.

14d 9h 31m Anarchy.

14d 9h 29m Might've thrown away an UpGrade too. Unsure.

14d 9h 28m No, we threw it away.

14d 9h 27m Rearranged the party order a bit, now we're.. gonna give the Smoke Ball to something?

14d 9h 22m Oh and we're democracy btw

14d 9h 18m It's a PC. And then we get off it.

14d 9h 4m In Laurel Forest.

14d 8h 56m Surfed down a bit.

14d 8h 53m Fishing.

14d 8h 51m Also, anarchy.

14d 8h 50m Cyan is being manually controlled away from the building. We are outside.

14d 8h 49m Game's back.

[Snark] Aye we can. This is his revenge for being left in the PC

[Snark] Can't blame OLDEN bird, we caught him

14d 8h 31m We try again and err 09h was somehow tripped unexpectedly

14d 8h 24m Received Shieldon, male, idk the level, nicknamed ELLLFFFFFF

14d 8h 23m We finished it! Still in Democracy.

14d 8h 21m Still at it.

[Meta] I'll leave you in suspense as to whether we complete it... lights out.

14d 7h 43m And we begin yet another puzzle for a Sheldon.

[Info] Nickname: TTTJJS SRA

14d 7h 42m [D] Received an male Anorith!

14d 7h 41m [D] Finished the fossil!

14d 7h 12m [D] Back into democracy to try and figure out this puzzle as well.

14d 7h 7m We're doing another puzzle, starting out in anarchy.

[Chat (predicted)] No nickname DansGame

14d 7h 2m Nickname: MO-- wait, we dropped into anarchy. No Nickname!

14d 7h 0m [D] Received a male Lileep!

[Chat] PogChamp

14d 6h 59m [D] We finally complete the puzzle!

14d 6h 50m [D] We've got all the pieces on the board right now, but apparently they're all in the wrong order, because it's not magically saying that we win.

14d 6h 42m [D] Still working away at this fossil puzzle. Apparently doing this correctly will make it so we can revive the root fossil.

[Info] This democracy house seems to allow us to vote multiple times for democracy without the usual 4 hour cooldown.

14d 6h 26m [D] We're, uh, doing a ruins of Alph puzzle with the comfort of town music.

14d 6h 10m Actually we're in Laurel.

14d 6h 9m Specifically we just entered the fossil reviving place, which is also a demo house.

14d 6h 9m In Oxalis City at the moment.

14d 5h 30m Thought there was something wrong with the inputs just now. No, there just weren't any coming in. We're in a town west of the cave we were just at.

[Discord/Dev] mesamus: @Lightning why it doesn't respawn in case of running?

Lightning: because none of the legendaries are set to respawn yet. We're working on it

[Streamer] Icanhazlyfe: ProjectRevoTPP FelkCraft make it respawn. KappaHD

FelkCraft: @Icanhazlyfe nope Kappa

14d 5h 13m Wild L50 Fambaco appears! It looks like a white Blaziken, except a boar instead of a chicken. It does karate poses at us, which scares us into running away...

[Snark] Scary Fakemon! Run for your lives!

[Snark] TPP's greatest enemy: someone standing in the middle of a large room.

14d 5h 12m Back in the cave.

14d 5h 12m We leave the cave after doing a lap around him.

14d 5h 11m It looks like the guy who was locked away in jail.

14d 5h 10m We're in that Nascour cave again! There's a fakemon here! Chat is hyped!

14d 5h 6m ROM Reset! Version 0.14, Build 0119

14d 5h 5m The devs take over the game, save, and reset!

14d 4h 31m Caught a female/Lv. 34 Tentacool! No nickname.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I got a token while watching another channel, if it was a big donations, thanks

14d 3h 15m We sold a few Heart Scales. We are down to 1 now

14d 2h 51m music's back

[Info] also, four mons left and one prisoner to be unlocked with keys, and three of them are on this floor

[Snark] Metagross was the music player it seems

14d 2h 35m no music now

14d 2h 34m Caught a Lv. 50 metagross! Nickname: ?----ssss

14d 2h 32m wild metagross appearred!

14d 2h 31m door unlocked, seems to have a metagross

14d 2h 27m we got caught by a guard

14d 2h 25m operation free last prisoner commence

14d 2h 24m roof again

14d 2h 23m ** left the roof, now going to free the last prisoner with the key**

14d 2h 21m we are on the roof

14d 2h 18m exited cafeteria, on our way to the fakemon!

14d 2h 16m talked to a guy with heart issues, complaining about the slop the prison gives him

14d 2h 15m still in the cafeteria, walking around aimlessly

14d 2h 11m cage key obtained!

14d 2h 10m used our other max revive on I!C's crunch bag is no longer full!

14d 2h 9m gave I!C the fire ring

14d 2h 8m used a max ether on EEEE's Cut

14d 2h 5m trying to toss an item to make room, and were almost successful in tossing the Up-Grade

14d 2h 2m item in trash! but again, bag is full

[Info] We're finding a lot of burgers in the cafeteria here. But our bag is full...

14d 1h 59m now we found the chef and are talking to him

[Fluff] cookie for those that get the meme

[Snark] eat your hambugers cyan

[Snark] Think we can stop for a quick snack?

14d 1h 55m we are now talking to a sick dude

[Chat] Fries PogChamp

14d 1h 52m in a new room with items seems to be the cafeteria

14d 1h 50m walking up stairs and now we are walking around the floor

14d 1h 47m and now a fence appears right after we left a cell

14d 1h 44m [Snark] are we good enough at dancing to rival mirror b yet?

14d 1h 45m We speak with the Pokémon, and it runs out!

14d 1h 43m We're dancing around outside the cell right now. Can't seem to get back inside.

14d 1h 41m also please be nice to me, I'm new to this, as evidenced by me forgetting time stamps 4 times now OpieOP

[Fluff] 14d 1h 38m first day on the job and I get treated to MISSILE BOMB WutFace BORT

14d 1h 39m We unlocked a Pokémon's cell door! It sits in the corner!

14d 1h 34m We're back inside Saxifrage Prison!

14d 1h 18m We've walked alot since last update. Route 80.

14d 1h 7m In Nascour's cave again.

14d 0h 57m Oh, we're riding a train right now. Torenia City.

14d 0h 46m Ampharos fainted!

14d 0h 41m We smash a rock deep in the mansion. Found a Cleanse Tag!

14d 0h 35m In the Haunted Mansion.

14d 0h 27m We enter the Haunted Forest. Chat WutFaces

14d 0h 26m In Botan City!

14d 0h 15m We were in a mart for a moment, but left without doing anything.

14d 0h 10m We left the cave.

13d 23h 50m Found another Cage Key!

13d 23h 49m Found TM22 Solarbeam!

13d 23h 48m Found a Cage Key!

13d 23h 46m Found a Trade Stone!

13d 23h 20m Entered Silk Tunnel.

13d 23h 4m Healed!

13d 23h 1m Entered a city presumably with a similar name to that.

[Chat] DimitriPilot3 : JayareCity FunRun

13d 22h 53m Onto Route 59 now.

13d 22h 52m On Route 64.

13d 22h 47m We return to Anarchy!

13d 22h 46m [D] We swapped Ninetales' Pokeball for a Leftovers!

[Info] Still in democracy, forgot to put the [D] before the updates.

13d 22h 44m We swapped Azumarill's Thunder Ring for a Mystic Water!

13d 22h 42m We swapped Tyranitar's Potion for a BlackGlasses!

13d 22h 40m We swapped Ampharos and Azumarill in our party.

13d 22h 38m In a demo house, democracy activated!

13d 22h 29m We use the Magnet Train and go to Botan City!

13d 22h 26m And we leave. We don't have enough money for it anyways.

13d 22h 25m We've entered the Pachi Board!

13d 22h 24m Back at Torenia.

13d 22h 22m Route 77 now.

13d 22h 20m In Torenia again.

13d 22h 18m Fishing and surfing.

13d 22h 7m Onto Route 83 now.

[Snapple Fact] #36: A duck's quack doesn't echo.

13d 22h 5m And we left the house before being able to do democracy.

13d 22h 3m We entered a demo house, and we're probably getting demo.

13d 22h 0m In Torenia City.

[Chat] is being a bit weird.

Icanhazlyfe: Well, if that pony is half-android and has attached machine guns that fire 1000 rounds per minute and has bullet-proof armour that allows it to literally walk through battlefields and slaughter thousands of enemies in a matter of minutes... would you like THAT pony? VoteYea / VoteNay

13d 21h 55m We leave the cave out of the other side and surf away!

13d 21h 53m We go back in the cave that's west of Acadia Docks.

13d 21h 40m We keep healing Y4 with potions after the baby whale hits her for little damage. Caught a male Lv. 40 Wailmer! No nickname.

13d 21h 38m We go fishing, and fish up a baby whale! I didn't know Cyan was that strong...!

13d 21h 37m Back in the yellow dude's house.

13d 21h 37m Prism returns! Version 0.14, Build ????

13d 21h 34m We have pinball sounds now!

13d 21h 33m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT SCREEN RESET ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] WhatAboutGamingLive : WutFace I'm not deaf

[Chat] WutFaces at the sudden subscriber sound on an otherwise silent stream.

13d 21h 7m And we're back to pinball and looping celebration music.

13d 21h 6m We run into a roaming encounter again! And it crashed again! Yay!

13d 21h 6m Surfing to the east again.

13d 21h 4m Correction, we were in some yellow dude's yellow roofed house. I sense a theme. Arcadia Docks.

13d 21h 3m We're in some yellow dude's house.

13d 21h 3m Prism is back! (Didn't catch the version and build number. It went by too fast)

[Streamer] FelkCraft: new rom is finished, prism is live again soon

13d 20h 45m They've put Pinball up full screen to entertain chat now.

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Snark/Chat/Info] Now Nascour's theme is playing.

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

[Chat] threefourthstime : imagine being the PBR kids listening to this song for two straight weeks NotLikeThis

[Streamer] FelkCraft: I'm not playing DJ here. this is what was still on and I'm not gonna change it OpieOP

[Streamer] FelkCraft: psa: game crashed, i replaced the earrape with whatever was still on winamp since pbr

[Streamer] FelkCraft: we're working on a fix

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: 4Head Game Corner playing since the beginning of Prism

13d 20h 37m Stream is back. Nothing changed. The same 5 second music loop is still playing (NotLikeThis)

[Chat] Chauzu_VGC : 48 hour reset, nice timing MingLee

13d 20h 36m Stream offline!

13d 20h 32m There is now some unrelated Game Corner music playing on the stream to entertain the chat. (It's too high quality to be generated by the Gen 2 music engine.)

[Chat] Was it Entei? TriHard

[Chat] ROAMING?! WutFace

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: That was a roaming encounter, but the function that initializes the roaming encounter is bugged on the old ROM

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Apparently this was fixed in the next ROM update but you guys didnt get it in time BrokeBack

[Info] We were surfing, and got into a fight, and I'm guessing something screwed up with the Pokémon generation procedure, because the start of the encounter music began, but was messed up or cut off or something. And now it's a black screen with a constant MIDI instrument buzz....

13d 20h 25m Um.... I think the game just crashed hard!

13d 20h 10m And it vanishes. Not sure what changed, besides clearing everything and doing a refresh.

13d 20h 10m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT SCREEN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

13d 20h 10m We walked into a wooden building and seemingly entered King Tut's tomb...

13d 20h 1m We enter a cave with no music.

13d 19h 59m We seem to be backtracking to where we were a few minutes ago.

13d 19h 55m Acania Dock

13d 19h 54m Got a Persim Berry from a tree on a tiny tiny peninsula.

13d 19h 48m Surfing to the east of town.

13d 19h 45m We exited the forest into a town. Didn't catch the name.

13d 19h 22m Back out of the Pokémon only forest.

13d 18h 57m Currently Chillin' with the Charizards.

13d 18h 32m Currently walking surfing on water in the beach area.

13d 18h 20m We picked a berry!

13d 18h 13m We send Y4 into the Pokémon Only portion of the forest.

13d 18h 9m Y4 Forgot Aqua Jet and learned Ice Beam! And it refuses to learn it a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time.

13d 18h 9m [D] We select Y4 as we run out of Demo time.

13d 18h 8m [D] Boot up Ice Beam TM.

[Snark] We just really don't like Body Slam this run...

13d 18h 6m [D] I!C forgets Body Slam and learns Dragon Claw!

13d 18h 4m [D] We boot up the Dragon Claw TM again.

13d 18h 3m [D] We boot up the Dragon Claw TM.

13d 18h 1m [D] We moved our L100 Azumarill to the front of the party.

13d 18h 0m [D] We're in demo inside a gatehouse.

13d 17h 49m Entered the Laurel Forest.

13d 17h 47m I think we're nearing the entrance to a forest in Naljo.

13d 17h 41m We are..... somewhere near a ledge. (Really helpful, I know.)

[Meta] The updater is going dark now. I was just here for glitches Kappa

13d 16h 12m Ampharos got burned!

13d 16h 8m We catch level 50 Phancero with a Master Ball! Nickname FFFFF We're back in the Haunted Mansion.

13d 16h 3m Phancero take 2! It has the Missingno. sprite during its animation.

13d 16h 2m Cyan just keeps fishing anyway.

13d 16h 0m We're back in front of a glitchy Pokémon Center and the game says our bag is a little bit heavier.

13d 15h 59m We encounter Phancero! And kill it in one hit.

13d 15h 58m We walk across some water and reach somewhere resembling Cinnabar Island's east coast.

[Fluff] Despite everything, our team's nicknames don't change.

13d 15h 56m Hi Phancero! Bye Phancero!

[Fluff] Poketext doesn't seem to record the signs.

13d 15h 50m And again.

13d 15h 47m We spot Phancero again. It teleports away in a flash.

[Info] There are hidden messages on signs.

[Snark] May is still Urf in Glitch City.

13d 15h 44m We surf. Music plays for a short duration.

[Info] The sign we read was a glitchy mess.

13d 15h 43m We try to fish. No glitchy abomination takes the bait.

[Info] We also met Phancero twice and both times it flew away.

[Info] The overlay is corrupted every second.

[Info] This is a poorly-made Glitch City Kappa

13d 15h 33m We step on a teleporter and warp to a place with no music.

13d 15h 33m Ampharos is now level 75!

13d 15h 32m We find TM71 Shadow Claw!

13d 15h 31m We unlock another door with the other Cage Key!

13d 15h 29m Unlocked a door with a Cage Key!

13d 15h 22m We go down into a dungeon.

[Info] We're in the Haunted Mansion now.

[Meta] I am off again. So, guessing the updater'll be dark. Apologies again.

13d 14h 18m Outside.

13d 14h 2m Got another Cage Key.

[Chat] Mariosyoshi: if we teach this we gonna die Kappa

13d 13h 50m TM91 Final Chance

13d 13h 45m Threw away a Hp Up and got a Cage Key

13d 13h 35m A blinding Flash lights the area.

13d 13h 26m Merson Cave.

13d 13h 21m In Gravel Town now.

13d 13h 20m Down onto Route 53.

13d 13h 19m Landed in the town.

13d 13h 18m Seashore City. Well, the name fits..

13d 13h 16m Right now, we're surfing/walking around on a watery route with, kinda raised platforms.

[Chat/Info] FaithfulForce: BloodTrail While live updaters were gone, we took Ampharos to happiness rater and he was rated 255 / 255 A+, which gave us the Return tm. We taught Flash over Power Gem and Return over Lopunny drain punch in democracy

13d 13h 10m Outside.

13d 13h 9m And healed.

13d 13h 9m Checkpointed in Poké Center.

13d 13h 8m In Hayward City.

13d 13h 6m Cut a tree.

[Info] We're on Route 55 I think.

13d 13h 4m We went outside onto a route but I have no idea where it is. Jumped a very small ledge.

13d 12h 27m So right now we are in a cave, whole lot of nothin' happening.

[Meta] Okay updater going dark for a bit, hopefully not for too long though

13d 9h 13m Cyan finally picks up that max revive

13d 9h 1m Caught a female Lv. 40 Goldeen! Nickname: !!!!VVV

13d 8h 54m Cyan is relaxing after that fraught battle with a spot of fishing

[Info] The Libabeel was caught at full health in a basic Pokéball, think it took 5 balls

13d 8h 47m Caught a female Lv. 50 Libabeel! Nickname: aiiiir

13d 8h 45m Chat attempts to catch her, she responds with Poison Jab, Iron Head and Metal Claw

13d 8h 44m VS Libabeel Ampharos is out

13d 8h 42m Tides have lowered, meaning the Fakemon is now accessible

13d 8h 41m She finally enters the cave within the cave

13d 8h 39m Cyan is surfing everywhere bar the cave within the cave

13d 8h 31m Cyan takes to the waters again

13d 8h 23m Back in Acqua Mines

13d 8h 23m Back in Phlox Town

13d 8h 22m We're out of pickaxes now

13d 8h 18m Mining level to 15

[Dev] Legendary respawns are currently being worked on

[Info] We're on Version 0.14 Build 0.116

13d 8h 9m Game saved, looks like a patch incoming

13d 8h 9m Inputs appear to have frozen

13d 8h 6m Mining level to 13. Mine all the things!

[Dev] The warp tile needed to access the Fakemon has been set incorrectly, and will just take us back to Caper City. We'll have to wait for a patch

13d 7h 56m Mining level to 12

13d 7h 47m Found a Nugget, but the bag is still full

13d 7h 43m Attempts to mine a Water Stone have been hampered by the full bag

13d 7h 40m Cyan finds a Max Revive, but her full pack means she has to leave it behind

13d 7h 39m Mining level to 11

[Info] We are currently searching for a Fakemon available for a few hours

13d 7h 34m Found TM39 Swift But Cyan already has one so she leaves it

13d 7h 30m Caught a female Lv. 2 Makuhita! Nickname: VUUUU

13d 7h 26m We make it through that cave within a cave and end up in another room with lots of water

13d 7h 22m On a small island in the middle of the sea. There's a cave

13d 7h 18m Cyan starts surfing

13d 7h 17m Entered Acqua Mines

13d 7h 15m Cyan heads to the northern part of Phlox Town then changes her mind about trying to enter a building

13d 7h 12m In Phlox Town now

13d 7h 11m Enter a cave, gentle music is playing

13d 7h 8m Chat find a Metang, start demanding it be caught, accidentally use a potion on Ampharos then KO Metang with Thunderbolt

13d 7h 3m On Route 84

13d 7h 2m Mined an Everstone and got a Mining level! Level 10

13d 6h 53m We have gotten past the ice floor puzzles and are now wandering a maze of frozen rocks

[Meta] I'm off for now, headaches are no fun. Presumably updates'll pause, unsure.

13d 5h 36m We're in that ice tunnel place now.

13d 5h 30m Caught female Lv. 30 Trapinch, nickname KKKKKKKKK-

13d 5h 25m Caught female Lv. 29 Rhydon, nickname RQPPYY[[;;

13d 5h 22m In the Naljo Ruins yeah.

13d 5h 16m Mining Level to 9.

13d 5h 14m Went outside again btw.

13d 5h 13m In the Demo House.

13d 5h 11m Also some items in the bag are at full and when we mine them, we can't keep them.

13d 5h 10m Mining level to 8. Getting more stuff from mining. I really doubt it's necessary to state -everything-we get..

13d 5h 9m She's manually put back on the rock and inputs go really fast and we get Gold Dust, Ore, and Dawn Stone and Ore and Heart Scale and Gold Dust and Gold Dust and Everstone and Ore and Coal and Ore and Ore etc etc

13d 5h 8m We're back in Phacelia Town, finally walked off that rock we were on for over half an hour. Cyan's moving around, but the chat is not controlling her.

13d 5h 7m .....Nope, we are put back to the opening credits/title screen. Inputs are frozen, presumably manually.

13d 5h 6m The game is resumed, we got an Ore. So, presumably kept everything we bough,t the exact amount I'm still unsure of.....

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP : someone idiot programmer loaded "GiveFossilItem" from hl instead of de register

[Fluff] In other news, chat's racking up a large amount of Selects in the input bar. Also, the problem seems to have been found.

[Chat] bladetypeking: Liveupdate 13d05h01m nothing happened

No riot screen, just a riot in the chat.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] And then they proceeded to make jokes about that and the old man/our party etc etc. Not much's happened for a fair while.

[Dev] A while ago, one of the devs said in the chat that, for some reason, the mining code jumped to some code that's waiting for a link cable that isn't connected.

[Chat] PlasmaPlayer: Here we see an interesting discussion between a boulder and a guy Kappa

It appears we were meant to be fighting Suicine when this happened

[Chat] FelkCraft: https://clips.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon/PerfectSwallowNotLikeThis

[Snark] We uncovered BOLDEN

13d 4h 21m So right now we're stuck in a glitch, it seems. An empty text box is showing in the game, with sprites of a man and a boulder clipped over it. Inputs don't appear to be working.

13d 4h 14m So we just left the mart again after buying (and selling) a lot of stuff. Still calculating how much exactly. Got Everstone and Heart Scale from using the picks

13d 4h 4m Got Dawn Stone

13d 3h 57m Healed

13d 3h 57m In the Poké Center, checkpoint.

13d 3h 55m In that town with the Oreburgh music.

13d 3h 54m Caught male Lv. 20 Geodude, nickname KAAFD

13d 3h 38m Still just, walking and jumping around

13d 3h 16m Pulled a switch of some kind.

13d 3h 6m We pull a switch

[Dev] Koolboyman: Something went wrong with the fishing tables. Will be fixed next update.

13d 3h 2m Democracy fails to activate again

13d 2h 58m Democracy countdown activated

13d 2h 57m We run from the Solrock after it breaks out of every Poké ball thrown at it

13d 2h 54m We encounter a Solrock and try catching it. We fail

13d 2h 51m Democracy fails to activate

13d 2h 48m Democracy countdown activated

[Info] While fishing, the encounter tables pull up junk data for some slots, which translate into random Pokémon like Lv. 97 Forretress and Lv. 6 Chimeco

13d 2h 34m EEEE faints due to poison

13d 2h 34m EEEE poisoned by a Zubat's Sludge Bomb

13d 2h 30m Currently surfing. EEEE is at low health, but drains some from a random Goldeen

13d 2h 29m Caught a male Lv. 6 Chimeco! Nickname: WWWWWWWWWWTook 12 balls

13d 2h 25m We attempt to catch it, failed 3 times so far

13d 2h 24m Floating Chimeco found

13d 2h 23m So far all we've found are Relicanth and Goldeen

13d 2h 18m Seems we're trying to determine the rare Pokémon in this pool of water caused by the glitch mentioned earlier

13d 2h 10m Currently fishing in a sidescrolling dungeon

13d 2h 9m Caught a male Lv. 22 Machop! No nickname

13d 1h 22m Aaand we just caught another one. Level 97, male, nickname ddaaahEEEd.

13d 1h 21m Oh, and while we were fighting it, Ampharos fainted.

13d 1h 20m Caught the Lv. 97 Forretress! Nickname Ksss (6 spaces at the end). Didn't see gender.

[Meta] Updater is going dark for a little while. As much as I'd love to stay, I've got work tomorrow and need to sleep. >.< Hopefully we'll be back soon!

13d 1h 10m Attempt #8 proved fruitless, but at least Ampharos grew to Lv. 73!

13d 1h 4m Attempt #7 goes the same way as Attempt #6...

13d 1h 0m We're still looking for the Floating Forretress, without much success.

[Dev] Floating Forretress has been confirmed as a game glitch.

13d 0h 50m We leg it again. Cyan seems to have a phobia of them.

13d 0h 50m It appears again! Attempt #6.

[Snark] Chat is still determined to capture the Floating Forretress.

13d 0h 47m Caught a female Lv. 40 Goldeen! No nickname.

[Correction] The Lv. 40 Pokemon we caught a few minutes ago was a Magikarp, not a "species".

13d 0h 44m We run away again...

13d 0h 43m Attempt #5

13d 0h 42m RUN AWAY

13d 0h 42m Round 4! Here we go ~

13d 0h 41m Caught a male Lv. 40 species! Nickname: (space)

13d 0h 39m We found it again, but we ran away.

13d 0h 37m We ran away using a PokéDoll.

13d 0h 36m The Lv. 97 Forretress has reappeared!

13d 0h 30m We killed it x(

13d 0h 29m A Lv. 97 wild Forrestress appeared when we used a rod!

13d 0h 28m After a brief visit without talking to anyone, Cyan is back out on the road. Heading north.

13d 0h 25m Entered the Daycare.

13d 0h 22m Exited again back onto the route outside.

13d 0h 20m Entered the Milios Catacombs.

[Chat] みなみ91 (minami91) : well that was fun Kappa ep1cnights : everybody got excited for a little bit Kappa

13d 0h 17m Dead end.

13d 0h 16m Seems we're heading down a previously unreachable section.

13d 0h 15m Pushed a boulder up a hill.

13d 0h 14m Party healed

13d 0h 12m Entered a Pokémon Center.

13d 0h 4m Exited the city, heading south.

13d 0h 3m Entered Torenia City.

12d 23h 57m Still wondering slowly around Laurel Forest.

[Info] We also tossed two PokéDolls.

12d 23h 42m Anarchy activated

12d 23h 41m [D] Made Ampharos hold the Polkadot Bow.

12d 23h 40m [D] Oh, democracy was activated at some point too. Whoops ~

12d 23h 39m Made Ampharos hold the Cheri Berry.

12d 23h 28m Caught a male Lv. 14 Shroomish! Nickname: BB

12d 23h 25m Entered Laurel Forest.

12d 23h 21m Heading south on Route 76.

12d 23h 20m Exited the Pokémon Center after some kind of fight.

12d 23h 17m Entered the Pokémon Center.

12d 23h 11m Caught a female Lv. 40 Feebas! No nickname.

12d 23h 8m Back in Laurel City!

12d 23h 0m I think we're progressing, I lost track a while ago. Still in the cave.

12d 22h 45m Still making our way through the cave, not much to report.

12d 22h 36m Took away Azumarill's Brick and made her hold the Thunder Ring.

12d 22h 30m According to the map, we're in Laurel City.

12d 22h 27m We make landfall and enter a cave - chat was pressing select so fast I didn't catch the name.

[Info] Our last two remaining party members are Azumarill100 and Tyranitar87 .

12d 22h 25m Tyranitar is sent in and hits Blastoise with a Rock Slide. Swimmer Ozzie defeated!

12d 22h 24m Ninetales scores a critical Dark Pulse, but Blastoise hits back with a Hydro Pump. Ninetales goes down!

12d 22h 23m Tentacruel is sent in and dispatched by Dark Pulse. Blastoise is sent in.

12d 22h 21m Ludicolo goes down, Ninetales grows to L.v 92!

12d 22h 20m Vs. Swimmer Ozzie! He sends in Ludicolo, we send in Ninetales.

12d 22h 15m Heading south on Tunod Waterway.

12d 22h 11m Caught a female Lv. 40 Tentacruel! Nickname: II

12d 22h 10m Gardevoir fainted to the wild Tentacruel!

12d 22h 9m Tried to catch a Tentacruel; didn't go too well. We've used four balls so far.

[Fluff] Hoenn music <3

12d 22h 6m We surfed away from Southerly City.

12d 22h 2m Wandering outside now.

12d 21h 56m We've reentered the Battle building.

12d 21h 53m Well it seems like we can't leave the town besides the way we came.

12d 21h 50m We left the building! FREEDOM!

12d 21h 47m We would have gotten a Nugget from winning, but our inventory is full.

12d 21h 45m Gardevoir is now level 79!

[Snark] 12d 21h 17m Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Tpp's still grinding

Ampharos is now level Seventy-Two (72)

12d 20h 51m Lopunny leveled up to 70!

12d 20h 37m Tyranitar is now level 87

12d 20h 33m Gardevoir is now level 78

12d 20h 31m Back in the challenge

12d 20h 31m We beat the challenge but cant receive the nugget since bag is full

12d 20h 24m Still in the challenge

12d 20h 5m Ampharos is now level 71

12d 20h 0m Still beating scrubs in the Battle Challenge

12d 19h 37m Still grinding

12d 19h 22m Gardevoir is now level 77

[Fluff] We actually lost the challenge. Thar's a shame.

12d 19h 16m We go back in

We leave the challenge and our mon are now fully healed

12d 19h 11m There's no e4 rematch according to Chaos_lord2 and looks like all we have left are chasing legends and secret final boss

12d 19h 8m Back to the Battle Challenge to grind

12d 19h 3m Back in Anarchy

12d 18h 57m [D] Switching move order.

12d 18h 56m [D] Switching party order.

12d 18h 54m [D] And we're in democracy. In the black void of time and space.

12d 18h 51m We're inside a house. No wait, we're outside a house in the black void of space...

12d 18h 49m Outside again shortly after.

12d 18h 48m In the Poké Center.

[Info] Current music: Vermilion City GSC. I expected something different.

[Snark] Wait until Pioxys hears about this Kappa.

12d 18h 44m Back outside now. This town is very... purple.

[Info] We now have all 20 badges available in the game!

12d 18h 42m Got the Blaze Badge! And TM38 Fire Blast!

[Fluff] What's with us and getting Azumarill to Level 100?

12d 18h 41m Rapidash goes out and goes down. Victory!

12d 18h 41m Camprupt comes out and goes down! Y4 TO LEVEL 100!!!!!

12d 18h 41m Charizard goes down just as fast!

12d 18h 40m Magmortar and Typhlosion go down quickly to Y4's surf! Y4 is the only fit Pokémon by the way.

12d 18h 40m Vs Earnest! (Using not gym leader music)

12d 18h 38m We're finding it extremely hard to navigate this gym right now. The input rate is pretty high right now, actually.

12d 18h 36m Back in the lava gym.

12d 18h 31m We're suddenly out of the gym, i think we 'fell' into the lava and made us leave the gym

12d 18h 30m Vs the last trainer and Azumarill spams Surf to take his fire starters down, he says even fi we beat him we can't beat Ernest

12d 18h 29m We send in Azumarill and Tyranitar's ability Sand Stream sandstorm takes Rapidash down

12d 18h 27m Third trainer only has Rapidash, it uses Flare Blitz taking us to the red and we use Body Slam to do the same, the next Flare Blitz takes Tyranitar down, only Azumarill remains

12d 18h 24m Tyranitar vs second trainer and it takes care of Ninetales, Camerupt uses Nerve Gas to paralyze Tyranitar and Earth Power us to half health, Houndoom is sent and Tyranitar sits at 72/325 hp after beating this trainer

12d 18h 22m First trainer has an Arcanine and Ninetales takes care of it, Magcargo is sent and Earth Power's Ninetales to oblivian, we send Azumarill and Surf beats Magcargo and Ninetales, Azumarill is now level 99, trainer defated

12d 18h 18m Inside the 20th gym, it has lava everywhere and fire blocking some pathways

12d 18h 14m Our male mon (Gardevoir, Loppuny and Ampharos) are all fainted with Ninetales sitting at 180/109 hp

12d 18h 13m We go outside the building in in the cuty

12d 18h 11m We finish the challenge but can't receive the nugget due to bag being full

12d 18h 3m in the next fight, Ampharos levels up to 70

12d 17h 58m Ampharos lost vs a level 10 Gliscor which poisoned us and Crystal Bolt is not working properly by not hitting through the ground immunity and we dont change move....

12d 17h 49m We defeat another trainer but no level ups

12d 17h 39m Azumarill defeats Salamence and time for another Battle Challenge fight, our pokes are healed

12d 17h 37m Gardevoir and Loppuny can't defeat the Milotic and faint, Azumarill beats it and youngster sends in Salamence

12d 17h 32m Gardevoir is now level 76 after defeating a youngster's Luxray

[Meta] Someone turned off the lights in here...

12d 17h 15m Beauty defeated

12d 17h 14m Tyranitar grows to 86

12d 17h 10m it's the exact same battles. Move along, nothing new to see here

12d 17h 9m We're doing the Battle Challenge again!

12d 17h 6m We got a Nugget for winning...

Except we get completely nothing as the bag is full.

[Snark] Highest level Pokémon we've had

[Fluff] according to Google's calculator, 90! is 1.485716e+138

12d 17h 5m Ninetales down

12d 17h 4m Oh, and now Ninetales was frozen. Except not because Flare Blitz to the rescure. Ninetales to Level 90!

12d 17h 3m Ninetales asleep while getting Ice-Beamed to death very slowly by a Milotic.

12d 17h 0m After barely surviving on 1HP, Lopunny faints on the next attack

12d 16h 59m Rip Ampharos

12d 16h 58m Ok maybe this time it's fixed. Yes it is apparently. Level 80 Salamence. Looks normal to me.

12d 16h 57m By the power of the worst grinding spot yet, we level up Ampharos to Level 69

12d 16h 55m Now against a Firebreather. Hopefully his team isn't level 10...


Oh dear.


Devs please

12d 16h 54m Nice level 12 Vaporeon.

[Snark] 7 damage. so impressive

12d 16h 52m And now for a Hacked Level 12 Gardevoir. Damn Action Replay users ruining the game

12d 16h 51m The Scizor is Level 12. I'm suspecting this guy is a joke trainer.

12d 16h 50m now Challenged by a Cooltrainer. Who claims "It's not like you have anything important to do or anything" and he sends out a TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE Level 10 Gliscor. It's fainted now

[Snark] Thankfully he didn't release our team

12d 16h 50m Crobat downed, that's the end of Psychic Box

12d 16h 49m Aeroblast Crobat. that's new. Tyranitar keeps hitting itself in its confusion as we try and KO this Crobat

12d 16h 47m Gardevoir faints

[Snark] Finally look, it's that Weavile that the other guy prided himself on

12d 16h 46m Gardevoir levels up to 75 from KO'ing the Aggron

12d 16h 44m Lopunny faints aswell

12d 16h 43m Ampharos is RIP due to an Earthquake from an Aggron

12d 16h 42m That's another battle won! And the opponent realises we're Lance's Kid. After a heal, we're pitted off against a Psychic called Box. Good name / 10

12d 16h 41m Azumarill at Level 98, thanks to a KO'd Milotic

12d 16h 37m We use a totally strategic Potion or two on Azumarill while Altaria uses Fly. That's a third Potion now

12d 16h 36m So now there's an Altaria and two other Pokémon. Azumarill keeps surfing, while we get hit with Mustard Gas.

12d 16h 36m Oh apparently the Froslass fainted. It lived a Silent Death. The Luxray that's sent out afterwards does pull of a Swagger and confuse Azumarill. Not like it matters. Luxray faints.

12d 16h 35m We switch to Azumarill after the opponent switched to a Flygon. Strategy!

12d 16h 33m Next Battle. Vs a Froslass

[Snark] He said it didn't save him. What you don't use won't save you.

12d 16h 32m Finally a Meganium. Funnily, the Super Nerd did not use what he claimed was his Team's Basis. a Weavile. It doesn't matter as the Super Nerd has been defeated.

12d 16h 31m Lopunny faints from a Flamethrower

12d 16h 31m With Fearow dealt with, we now face a Magmar

12d 16h 30m A Play Rough from Lopunny gets the job done though. Next is a Fearow

12d 16h 29m Gardevoir is confused by a Noise Pulse. We hit ourselves in confusion And faint to the sandstorm

12d 16h 29m Sadly, that doesn't last as Ampharos faints

12d 16h 28m Anyway, we get Ampharos up to Level 68 after KOing a Blastoise

12d 16h 27m We heal, and now we fight a Super Nerd who just told his is whole pride and joy of his team. Good Job.

12d 16h 27m Now against a Blissey. A single Rock Slide demolishes it. It gets Tyranitar to Level 85! Beauty defeated!

12d 16h 26m Tyranitar sent out. We KO the Lanturn that fainted Azumarill. Out comes a Venusaur

12d 16h 25m and Fainted. RIP Azumarill

12d 16h 25m Azumarill paralysed.

12d 16h 23m Ampharos faints to a Typhlosion's Fire Blast

12d 16h 22m Vs a Beauty!

12d 16h 15m We heal!

[Snark] Guys we need to tweak out of bounds so we can get to New Moon Island and catch Darkrai!

12d 16h 3m We decide to walk outside the boundaries of the house. Oh.

12d 15h 59m in a pokecentre

12d 15h 52m we're just kind of hanging out an island inbetween some rocks. We stopped surfing a minute ago after beating a trainer.

[Meta] Live updater is going dark for now. My shift is over.

12d 12h 36m Before the clerk can ask us to leave, Blue stops her! He apparently Works for Silph Co now! His current project , A new version of the Masterball is missing a chip. He sent us to go find the guy who has it.

12d 12h 36m Gaurds are blocking both Stairways in Silph Co.

12d 12h 34m Entered Silph Co. WutFace spam Esues

[Snark] You are holding 50000 grams of ASH TriHard

12d 12h 31m Recieved TM 29 Psychic from the man inside Demohouse, proceeded to leave.

12d 12h 28m Entered the Demo house in Saffron City. 23 minutes until next vote.

12d 12h 25m Healed and left the Pokémon Centre

12d 12h 14m Entered the Pokémon Centre

[Snark] Select Sect seems to be out in force this morning. Also the programmers couldn't think of a better roadblock for the rest of Kanto TriHard

12d 12h 11m 2 policemen are blocking the west exit of Saffron, they say we should enjoy everything Saffron has to offer.

12d 12h 6m Exited Sabrinas Gym, Chat seems to be spamming Select

12d 12h 2m Stream is back, currently fighting Sabrina, Alakazam is defeated with Strength, Gallade is sent out and taken down! #Sabrina Defeated! She rewards us with the Marsh Badge TM 69, Which contains Safegaurd!

[META] Updater taking a break during this crash until someone else comes along once the stream starts up again

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: we need to find the cause and fix it, otherwise crash will just happen again

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: I will reset the game but you guys will lose recent progress


12d 8h 53m We enter Democracy

12d 8h 50m We go into the only other house that isn't important to find a Democracy House. Voting begins

12d 8h 47m We exit the gym and the never staying off or on the bike begins again

12d 8h 40m Bugsy Defeated!

12d 8h 40m Hive Badge and TM 87 Mega Horn obtained!

12d 8h 40m Azumarill grows to Lv 96

12d 8h 40m Azumarill KO's Scizor with Surf

12d 8h 39m Scizor is sent out

12d 8h 39m Yanmega goes down to surf!

12d 8h 38m Yanmega sent out

12d 8h 38m Azumarill opens with Surf, KO's Forretress

12d 8h 38m Roll Out Forretress vs Azumarill

12d 8h 38m Forretresss uses Roll Out to KO Tyranitiar!

12d 8h 37m Forretress is sent out!

12d 8h 37m Tyranitar is sent out! It KO's Armaldo

12d 8h 37m Armaldo survives a Flare Blitz, KO's Ninetales with Rock Slide

12d 8h 36m Armaldo is sent out

12d 8h 36m Butterfree goes down by Flare Blitz

12d 8h 36m Its Butterfree vs Ninetales

12d 8h 36m vs Johto Gym Leader Bugsy!

12d 8h 35m Illumise is sent out! Goes down to Fifi's Flare Blitz! Benny Defeated

12d 8h 34m We KO Volbeat with Flare Blitz

12d 8h 34m Volbeat vs Ninetales

12d 8h 34m vs Bug Catcher Benny

12d 8h 33m Azumarill sent out, KO's Yanmega. Al defeated

12d 8h 32m Gardevoir KO'd by Yanmega

12d 8h 32m Yanmega is sent out!

12d 8h 31m Gardevoir KO's Butterfree

12d 8h 30m vs Bug Catcher Al! Butterfree vs Gardevoir

12d 8h 29m Scizor is KO'd by Tyranitar! Josh Defeated!

12d 8h 28m Tyranitar is sent out! Takes down Scyther! Scizor is sent out!

12d 8h 27m Scyther is sent out! EEEE is taken out!

12d 8h 27m EEEE takes down Parasect, grows to Lv 67!

12d 8h 26m EEEE is sent out!

12d 8h 26m Ampharos goes down to Seed Bomb!

12d 8h 26m vs Bug Catcher Josh! Its Parasect vs Ampharos

12d 8h 25m also we switch into Tyrantitar and it defeats Masquarain! May Defeated!

[Snark] The name of the Hoenn Rival has a Hoenn Pokémon

12d 8h 24m vs Lass May! ITs Maswuerain vs Ampharos

12d 8h 24m Few more attacks later and Ariados is down! Amy defeated!

12d 8h 23m Ampharos opens up with Dragon Pulse!

12d 8h 23m vs Lass Amy! Ariados vs Ampharos!

12d 8h 22m We enter the Azelea Town Gym

12d 8h 22m We Heal

12d 8h 21m We enter the Azelea Town Pokémon Center

12d 8h 10m Looks like anything past Azelea Town is inaccessible including Slowpoke's Well

12d 8h 10m We enter Azelea Town

12d 8h 9m We are now in the gatehouse between Azelea and Ilex Forest

12d 8h 7m Strolling through Ilex Forest on the way to Azelea Town

12d 8h 0m We make it to Celebi's shrine. Nothing much you can do

12d 7h 53m We enter Ilex Forest

12d 7h 49m Back in Rt 34

12d 7h 47m We exit back outside

12d 7h 46m We exit the basement area back to the main area of Goldenrod's Underground area

12d 7h 40m We seem to be heading out of the basement area of Goldenrod's underground

12d 7h 25m We leave and then reenter the room. Dusk Ring still not there

12d 7h 9m Azumarill survives poison with 1 HP

12d 6h 57m chat making a fuss about an item disappearing

12d 6h 51m He talk about his Charmander a bit. Seems like a bad story. We also then talk to him a bunch and the music keeps changing to the rival music and then back to Ilex Forest music

[Chat] FaithfulForce: BloodTrail Type a to abuse rival as a jukebox

12d 6h 50m Rival Defeateed! Obtained TM 46!

12d 6h 50m Weavile down!

12d 6h 50m Weavile sent out

12d 6h 49m Ursaring heals itselfs but a few Body Slams KO's it! I!C to Lv 84

12d 6h 49m Azumarill swapped for Tyranitar

12d 6h 48m Ursaring is sent out!

12d 6h 48m Scizor stands and does nothing and be a Steel Type! Azumarill KO's it

12d 6h 47m Scizor is sent out!

12d 6h 46m Parasect goes down!

12d 6h 46m Azumarill gets poisoned!

12d 6h 46m Parasect sent out

12d 6h 46m Azum to lv 95

12d 6h 46m Hydro Pump KO's Aggron

12d 6h 45m Azumarill is sent out

12d 6h 45m Ampharos goes down to Aggron's Earthquake

12d 6h 45m Aggron sent back out

12d 6h 45m Salamence goes down to Ampharos's Power Gem attack

12d 6h 44m Aggron is switch in for Salamence

12d 6h 44m Aggron vs Ampharos

12d 6h 43m vs Rival KKKKKkK

12d 6h 43m We made it to the Department Store basement and the Dusk Ring is gone

12d 6h 43m Huh, the item seems to be gone!?!

12d 6h 31m Trying to do the switch puzzle. Not doing so well right now

12d 6h 22m Wandering around in the door switch puzzle area

12d 6h 12m We go back into the basement area

12d 6h 10m We go back to the Goldenrod Underground. Haircut guy doesn't work today. rip

12d 6h 0m We heal in the Pokémon Center

12d 5h 56m We return back to Goldenrod

12d 5h 55m We caught Spinarack ♂ Lv 11! Nickname: U

12d 5h 51m we surf back round and back on the main path

12d 5h 49m It's a PP UP but we can't carry anymore items

12d 5h 48m We surf behind the gatehouse and found an item

12d 5h 45m We head south to Rt 34

[Chat] AussieRiolu: Whitney without Miltank is like TPP being organised and getting things done. Kappa

12d 5h 41m We get the Plain Badge and the Magnet Pass for access to Saffron City

12d 5h 40m Tyranitar is finished off! Whitney defeated!

12d 5h 40m Ursaring sent out!

12d 5h 40m Blissey KO'd quickly

12d 5h 39m Tyranitar comes in and finishes the job! Blissey is sent out next

12d 5h 39m Ninetales KO'd by Porygon-Z after Thunderbolt + recoil from previous attacks

12d 5h 38m Porygon-Z is up next.

12d 5h 38m Snorlax is taken down quickly!

12d 5h 38m Wigglytuff goes down to Flare Blitz! Snorlax is sent out

12d 5h 37m Ninetales is sent out

12d 5h 37m Gardevoir KO'd by Wigglytuff

12d 5h 37m vs Johto Gym Leader Whitney! Its Wigglytuff vs Gardevoir. No Johto Gym Leader music

12d 5h 36m Lopunny use Endure-Flail strats. Doesn't KO Gardevoir and Garde finishes things up! Trainer defeated!

12d 5h 35m Gardevoir is sent out

12d 5h 35m EEEE gets taked out by Hi Jump Kick from the foe's Lopunny

12d 5h 35m The foe sends out Lopunny

12d 5h 35m EEEE KO's Wigglytuff via Drain Punch but not before getting burned by Mustard Gas

12d 5h 34m vs Beauty Bridget! Its Wigglytuff vs EEEE

12d 5h 33m Wigglytuff goes down! Trainer defeated

12d 5h 32m Azumarill gets burned from Wigglytuff's mustard gas

12d 5h 32m Azumarill sent out

12d 5h 32m Ampharos down!

12d 5h 31m Wigglytuff is sent out

12d 5h 31m Ampharos takes down Pidgeot! Amphaors to Lv 67

12d 5h 31m Pidgeot gets paralyzed thanks to static

12d 5h 31m and then is switched out for Ampharos

12d 5h 30m For its final turn, EEEE switched out for Gardevoir

12d 5h 30m EEEE has 2 turns left and Pidgeot is at low HP

12d 5h 29m EEEE sets up the Final Change thanks to Metronome

12d 5h 28m Pidgeot is sent out

12d 5h 28m Furret goes down!

12d 5h 28m Johto Pokémon, Johto Gym, Kanto Battle Music. We mix it up by switching into the Sinnoh Pokémon, Lopunny

12d 5h 27m vs Beauty Victoria! Furret vs Ampharos

12d 5h 26m We enter the Goldenrod Gym. Seems to got a little redecration and glowing Poké Ball statue and rug

12d 5h 19m We view the town map to see Johto with the added routes connected to Rijon

12d 5h 13m We talk to Bill's Sister. Seems like this is Bill's house. No Democracy timer tho, that's disappointing

12d 5h 10m We enter a house. Mom seems to be proud of her son

12d 5h 9m Apparently we can't go further than here because we are not from Johto. Like any other region had a problem with that until now

12d 5h 8m A police man blocks the way to Route 35/Ecruteak City

12d 5h 5m An NPC tells us that once again, the earthquake destroyed another Johto Treasure, the Goldenrod Department Store

12d 5h 4m We enter the mart. The inside looks like an enlarge Poké Mart

12d 5h 3m Select keeps repeating the same 3 notes each time but in different tempo's

[Snark] I c that I!C didn't see that one coming. Have fun walking back to KKK guys.

12d 5h 0m Tyranitar is KO'd! Blacked Out!

12d 4h 59m Tyranitar uses Rock Smash to KO Aggron! Scizor sent out!

12d 4h 59m Tyranitar is sent out!

12d 4h 58m Aggron KO's Ninetales

12d 4h 58m We move on down the southern portion of the room to meet our rival! It's Aggron vs Ninetales

12d 4h 56m We find a Dusk Ring, but no space in the bag to put it

12d 4h 53m TM 50 Poison Jab Found!

12d 4h 51m We go upstairs into what was the Warehouse room of the Goldenrod Department Store. Looks relatively undamaged

12d 4h 47m We continue to the next room

12d 4h 46m We seem to have complete the puzzle

12d 4h 45m Still trying the Goldenrod puzzle

12d 4h 29m We press the switch. The Switches seem to still work

12d 4h 26m We press it, seems like nothing happened

[Info] This is the Department Store basement. Radio Tower has no basement area

12d 4h 24m We go into switch door puzzle room

12d 4h 23m We go towards the basement door of the Underground. We go in since its still open

12d 4h 18m Trainer defeated!

12d 4h 18m Ditto down!

12d 4h 18m Weezing down! Ditto is sent out

12d 4h 17m Miller goes down

12d 4h 16m vs Super Nerd Eric! Its Weezing vs Miller

12d 4h 15m Trainer defeated

12d 4h 14m Tyranitar sent out

12d 4h 14m Azumarill Down

12d 4h 13m Azumarill sent out

12d 4h 12m EEEE down

12d 4h 9m Ampharos goes down

12d 4h 7m vs Officer Keith! Its Arcanine vs Ampharos

12d 4h 7m We enter the Goldenrod Underground

12d 4h 7m We exit the Game Corner

12d 4h 4m We find out the Radio Tower isn't there anymore thanks to DJ Ben. rip

12d 4h 3m We play Blackjack, we lose 10 coins. We have 290 coins

[Fluff] I don't think we have a Fire Stone

12d 4h 0m We try to buy an Eevee for 1000 coins. We don't have enough coins or enough space in our party or any Fire Stones to evolve it into a Flareon

12d 3h 56m Seems we have quit the game. We gained 50 coins overall and now have 300 coins in total

12d 3h 55m Not bad, we have a net gain of 30 coins since we started. We have 280 coins right now

12d 3h 54m We seem to be doing decent as we have a net gain of 10 coins so far

12d 3h 52m Now we play Poker

12d 3h 52m In 2 games we break even

12d 3h 51m We play Blackjack.

12d 3h 50m we buy 150 more coins

12d 3h 49m We buy 100 coins for the Game Corner

12d 3h 48m We enter Goldenrod's Game Center

12d 3h 47m We exit the Pokémon Center

12d 3h 46m We heal!

[Fluff] The guy in question talks about how the earthquake is the cause of the shrinkage, and about how they still need to rebuild the radio tower.

12d 3h 45m We talk to some guy who shrunk rebuilt the City

12d 3h 45m We enter the Goldenrod Pokémon Center. Checkpoint set!

12d 3h 42m Looks like Goldenrod shrunk

12d 3h 42m It has no Department Store? Looks dramatically shrunk down to just a regular Mart

12d 3h 41m We enter Goldenrod City

12d 3h 40m Swellow is OHKO'd! Samuel defeated!

12d 3h 40m Swellow is sent out!

12d 3h 40m We use Psychic on Pidgeot, it uses Mirror Move to refect the attack back us, we then return the favor with another Psychic attack! Pidgeot down

12d 3h 38m Pidgeot is sent out

12d 3h 38m Miller takes down Rapidash

12d 3h 36m vs Youngster Samuel! Its Rapidash vs Miller

12d 3h 36m We are in the grass fighting wild Lv 12 Pokémon

12d 3h 31m Venusuar down! Trainer defeated! Miller to Lv 72!

[Fluff] She started out the battle asking us if we were the Rijon champion. We're famous! \o/

12d 3h 30m Breloom down! Venusaur is sent out!

12d 3h 29m another Breloom is sent out

12d 3h 29m Breloom down!

[Info] Also technically the wrong route theme is playing in Route 34 anyways

12d 3h 28m Breloom vs Miller

12d 3h 28m vs Pickner Gina. We get Kanto Trainer Music sadly

12d 3h 27m We go up back into the gate house and Enter Route 34 (Johto)

12d 3h 26m We also get Johto Wild Pokémon music

12d 3h 26m We enter Ilex Forest

12d 3h 25m It contains Signal Beam

12d 3h 24m We get TM88

12d 3h 23m We are in the Gatehouse between Route 47-B, Route 34, and Ilex Forest

12d 3h 21m We enter the door and good ol Route 30 music plays

12d 3h 21m Azumarill comes out, KO's Vicreebel! Gino defeated

12d 3h 20m EEEE uses Metronome, it becomes Attrack, Victreebel is unamused, It uses Seed Bomb to KO EEEE

12d 3h 19m Victreebel is sent out

12d 3h 19m EEEE takes down Tentacruel by Metronome Earthquake

12d 3h 19m We send Tentacruel Attack down, then next turn we use a Metronome to raise our Attack

12d 3h 18m Miller is switched for EEEE

12d 3h 18m Tentacruel is sent out by Gino

12d 3h 17m Miller comes out and KO's Parasect

12d 3h 16m Ampharos is KO'd by Parasect by two Critical Hit Seed Bombs

12d 3h 16m vs Biker Gino! Its Parasect (hue) vs Ampharos

12d 3h 15m There seems to no water boarder on the west of the map but there is a invisible wall that prevents us from going further

12d 3h 14m We enter Route 47-B and literally fly up to the top of the map

12d 3h 12m We race up to the top of Cycling Foothill

12d 3h 6m We are in Route 48-B (Cycling Foothill)

12d 3h 3m We enter Cycling Road again

12d 3h 2m We enter Route 49

12d 3h 0m We are also now broke

12d 2h 59m Vicreeebel gets the victory by KO-ing Azumarill! Blacked Out!

12d 2h 58m Victreebel is sent out by the foe

12d 2h 58m Shiny Azumarill comes out, we get poisoned by the Tentacruel, but she takes em down anyways

12d 2h 56m Another Hydro Pump KOs Ninetales! Our last mon Azumarill must take the stand.

12d 2h 55m We switch to Flamethrower, which doesn't do well. Tri Attack doesn't either. Meanwhile a Hydro Pump puts us at 17 HP.

12d 2h 55m Well one Flare Blitz took care of that real quick. Against Tentacruel now.

12d 2h 54m Facing Biker Gino! We send out Ninetales against Parasect!

12d 2h 53m And Surf quickly takes him down. Defeated Biker Kyan!

12d 2h 53m Another Meteor Mash KOs Tyranitar! Go Azumarill!

12d 2h 52m We use Body Slam, managed to paralyze our foe, and then use Body Slam a few more times. We get hit with a few devastating Meteor Mashes and barely hang on.

12d 2h 51m We use one Aqua Jet to take him down. Final mon Metagross steps up to the battle. We swap to Tyranitar.

12d 2h 51m We send out Y4 (love the shiny animation), and use Aqua Jet to finish it off. Against Camerupt now.

12d 2h 50m We use Moonblast twice and almost KO Metang, but two Meteor Mashes from it definitely KO Gardevoir!

12d 2h 49m Facing Biker Kyan! We send out Gardevoir against Metang!

12d 2h 48m Tyranitar levels up to 83! Defeated Biker Umar!

12d 2h 47m We send out Tyranitar, who uses Body Slam to almost OHKO. We get Wild Charged before another Body Slams KOs Luxray.

12d 2h 46m We send out Ninetales. We use Flare Blitz and KO Manectric! Against Luxray now!

12d 2h 46m We got confused, hit by ourselves hit by Thunderbolt twice, and Lopunny fainted! Meanwhile Manectric is at full health.

12d 2h 45m Facing Biker Umar! We send out Lopunny against Manectric!

12d 2h 44m We got pass the grass and we're now on the bridge!

12d 2h 42m Aw, a wild Pikachu paralyzed Lopunny. Also we're still in the tall grass on the biking route.

12d 2h 40m Ampharos ran out of PC and Struggled himself to death!

12d 2h 33m Chat is really good at spamming up right now.

12d 2h 25m We're actually progressing fairly well.

12d 2h 23m If you're curious, 48-B is the cycling Route, that pushes us down if we're not pushing up.

12d 2h 22m Flopping in-between Route 49 and 48-B.

12d 2h 18m We're at Route 49 now.

12d 2h 11m We touched the PC once and chat freaked out and fled.

12d 2h 9m Went in the Pokecenter and checkpointed!

12d 2h 5m Onto Route 49, and now Owsauri City!

12d 1h 58m We used about 6 or 7 more on him to heal Ampharos to full health!

12d 1h 57m We used two Potions on Ampharos!

12d 1h 53m Onwards to Route 51! We're on our bike atm.

12d 1h 52m And now Hayward City.

12d 1h 48m And now we're at Route 64.

12d 1h 45m At the Naijo Border!

12d 1h 42m We're surfing on the Route to the right of Acania.

12d 1h 37m Arrived at Acania Dock.

12d 1h 32m We leave the cave and Surf away.

12d 1h 30m We've entered a cave without music, that is currently empty.

12d 1h 27m Now we're in Route 82, surfing along.

12d 1h 25m We take the magnet train to Naijo! Torenia City specifically.

12d 1h 24m Not doing much atm.

12d 1h 15m In Botan City.

[Donation] $2.10 from RenaTurnip spammed the screen with all of the different country flags.

[Donation] $2.00 from BEXXXXXXX: (summarized) I'm in a bad mood and getting tokens makes me feel better and also I don't have to look up a quote for this message. Bye.

12d 1h 9m Also we found TM77 Body Slam but we already have it so we couldn't pick it up.

[Info] This room is now in slow mode. You may send messages every 4 seconds.

12d 1h 0m We used a Pokedoll in a wild battle to escape a wild Spearow!

[Fluff] tpp: unsupported command: h

12d 0h 58m Nickname is !h

12d 0h 58m Used two Pokeball, caught a level 21 female Pidgey!

12d 0h 45m Also we're back on Route 64 spamming the bike.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Sorry for the whole drama. This was sort of a unique situation as it was the result of a glitch and not an intended action: we didnt feel like the team solely had the authority to decide what happened: so we let you guys decide

12d 0h 44m Welp the inputs were fun to watch.

12d 0h 41m One final reset happens, and we're back in game.

12d 0h 40m Also get ready for the inputs to fly. First Felk saves.

12d 0h 40m Y4 is Shiny, Female, and has Huge Power!

12d 0h 39m The debugging is done, and we're about to see the results. First Felk is going to profusely try to Swim indoors tho.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: overlay wont update until we turn on inputs

[Fluff] $10 on WRAM editing screwing up? Kappa

12d 0h 32m Memory editing is happening. So it's definitely not "remain as is" that won.

12d 0h 30m Game resets! We enter it, and Felk goes into the debug menu!

12d 0h 30m We saved! Inputs stopped! Y4 decision will be made!

12d 0h 27m Onto Route 59 now. SELECT DOES NOTHING HERE!!!

[Info] LightningXCE: You have to register a different item. That is how it is in stock Crystal

12d 0h 24m On Route 64 spamming the bike.

12d 0h 22m Okay apparently we registered the bike. We were going for the rod, and then we thought we had to unregister the bike, but now we're here.

12d 0h 20m [D] We were going to teach Gardevoir Ice Beam, but we ran out of time and aborted.

12d 0h 15m We deregistered the bike! The text isn't really clear about that.

12d 0h 9m We continually look to the Town Map. Democracy has now been activated!

[Info] Final poll for the fate of Azumarill: http://www.strawpoll.me/11476997

12d 0h 5m We're in a demo house waiting for demo voting to be possible.

12d 0h 2m Oh god the select sect with the bike.

12d 0h 2m We're in Botan City atm.

[Info] Revo has issued (another) a straw poll as to the preferred outcome here.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: the ability is determined by the DVs, in case you didnt figure it out

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Poll will be up for next hour or so, decide then

[Info] Revo has issued a straw poll as to the preferred outcome here.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: TL;DR: Shiny ball glitched and applied shiny DVs to y4

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: shiny ball is broken Kappa what a surprise

[Info] Apparently us catching that Koffing with the Shiny ball has had the side effect of turning Y4 into a shiny pokemon. And it did that by changing her gender... to a male. Y4 was in the last slot in our party.

11d 22h 29m Koffing was sent to box 7

11d 22h 29m Caught a male Lv. 19 Koffing! Nickname: ZQQQQPhgh

[Meta] Apologies if I miss anything, I can't pay too much attention to the stream at the moment.

11d 22h 17m We're on our bike right now.

11d 22h 6m Ampharos leveled up to 66

11d 22h 0m We went down the ladder.

11d 21h 56m Nothing exciting happening at the moment. Except for walking into a rock.

11d 21h 46m Ampharos is currently at 56/224 HP (yellow health), and getting close to a level up. We're near a ladder going down.

[Info] I pulled up the stream about 8 minutes ago and all we've been doing was walking through here, nothing of note that I saw.

11d 21h 44m Looks like we're currently in Silk Tunnel.

[Meta] Updater is going dark for a while. Hopefully we'll be back up soon.

11d 21h 19m Butterfree goes down, Bug Catcher defeated.

11d 21h 18m Oh, we're in a battle. Whoops. Ampharos vs. Butterfree.

11d 21h 11m Heading east on Route 63.

11d 21h 7m They thank us again for the battle and send us on our way ~

11d 21h 6m Seems we spotted a Palette Patroller.

11d 21h 4m Entered Hayward City.

11d 21h 2m Ampharos completely overkills a Lv. 8 wild Taillow with Crystal Bolt, and we cut a tree.

11d 21h 1m Very slowly heading east.

11d 20h 53m Exited into Rijon, Route 64.

11d 20h 50m Entered the Naljo Border.

11d 20h 49m Inputs enabled. Game has resumed.

[Dev] ROM has been updated with an updated Cycling Road, as well as disabling Prof. Oak's select message.

11d 20h 48m Inputs frozen. Game saved.

11d 20h 48m Entered the Rijon gate.

11d 20h 47m We've made landfall.

11d 20h 39m On Route 68.

11d 20h 37m Back out... to the Bike music again. >.<

11d 20h 36m Stream back online. Seemed to have glitched out.

11d 20h 35m Stream offline.

11d 20h 34m Entered the lighthouse, where the bike cannot be used.

11d 20h 31m Arrived at Acania Docks.

11d 20h 30m Obtained the Persim Berry from a tree on the water's edge.

11d 20h 30m And out the other side, heading east.

11d 20h 29m We walk into a cave.

[Fluff] Which begs the question why Oak is the one telling Cyan this when we haven't ever seen him in this game....?

[Snark] Does Cyan have one of those peddle boats?

[Fluff] OAK: Cyan! This isn't the time to use that!

11d 20h 26m The chat is still constantly pressing select even though we're surfing.

[Fluff] Stop ruining the music DansGame

11d 20h 19m Heading east on Route... something (the chat was spamming the bike so much I didn't catch the popup).


11d 20h 18m Select spam starts.

11d 20h 16m Anarchy enabled.

11d 20h 16m [D] We abort, back to the overworld.

11d 20h 15m [D] We activate the TM70 Dragon Claw.

11d 20h 12m [D] We place the Shiny Ball to the first slot.

11d 20h 10m [D] We register to Bicycle to the select button!

11d 20h 9m [D] We're in the bag menu.

11d 20h 6m Democracy activated.

11d 20h 6m Democracy vote in progress.

11d 20h 1m Apparently we didn't checkpoint before we went on Cycling Road. It will be a while before we get back there.

11d 20h 0m We're in Torenia City for some reason.

11d 19h 59m CLUTCH! Metang is taken out! Camerupt is sent out, but Azumarill goes down to her burn! Blackout

11d 19h 58m Made it past all the ledges, but we run into a Biker. He sends in Metang, we send in a burned Azumarill.

11d 19h 57m We made it past the ledges!

11d 19h 55m The jumping sound effect plays a little weirdly.

11d 19h 52m We make it past the first set of ledges.

11d 19h 51m We've crossed the bridge into Johto.

11d 19h 50m Azumarill takes out Magmortar with Aqua Jet, but is burned by it's Flame Body. Azumarill to Lv. 94! Biker defeated!

11d 19h 50m We switch to Azumarill.

11d 19h 49m Magmortar uses Cross Chop - Tyranitar down!

11d 19h 49m Tyranitar KO's Machamp! Magmortar is sent in.

11d 19h 48m Magmar goes down, but Tyranitar is only on 16 HP. Machamp is sent in.

11d 19h 48m Vs. Biker Nile who is apparently making donuts on this dock. He sends in Magmar, we send in Tyranitar. Weather: Sandstorm

11d 19h 46m Next safe point is reached, we're on the water bridge. We use the rod again and find another Magikarp.

11d 19h 46m Enemy Azumarill goes down, Biker defeated!

11d 19h 45m Enemy Azumarill uses Encore, forcing our Azumarill to only use Aqua Jet.

11d 19h 45m Tentacruel goes down, Azumarill is sent in. We also switch to Azumarill.

11d 19h 44m Scyther goes down, Tentacruel is sent in. Ninetales down! Tyranitar is sent in. Weather: Sandstorm

11d 19h 43m Gardevoir is fully paralysed and can't get an attack in! Gardevoir goes down. Azumarill is sent in.

11d 19h 43m Vs. Biker Nate! He sends in Scyther, we send in Gardevoir.

[Info] Our current party is Ampharos, Lopunny, GardevoirPRZ , Ninetales88HP , Tyranitar and Azumarill.

11d 19h 39m Next safe point reached. We're making our way up!

11d 19h 37m We used the fishing rod, and found a Magikarp.

11d 19h 37m We've made it to the next chekpoint, still a ways to go.

[Snark] At least it's better than the constant bicycle music in Brown...

[Info] Current music: Route 3 GSC. How original.

11d 19h 34m Past the first hurdle again.

11d 19h 33m And down we fall...

11d 19h 31m We're trapped in a small grassy patch.

11d 19h 27m We get past the ledge and around the corner!

11d 19h 26m Riot screen flashes up briefly.

[Chat] Supercloud15 : MingLee Success

11d 19h 25m We fall down the hill again, back to square one.

11d 19h 24m Victrebell is burned up, Biker defeated!

11d 19h 24m Ninetales grows to Lv. 88!

11d 19h 23m Ampharos goes down due to his burn. Ninetales is sent in and destroyed Weezing with Flare Blitz. Another Weezing is sent in and is quickly dispatched in the same way.

11d 19h 22m Weezing used Mustard Gas and burned Lopunny.

11d 19h 21m Vs. Biker Easton! He sends in Weezing, we counter with Lopunny.

11d 19h 21m We pass the first ledge!

11d 19h 20m The Cycling Road struggle begins...

11d 19h 14m We entered Cycling Road and beat a guy who beat Ampharos and has level 70's~

11d 19h 7m Inputs enabled. Chaos ensues.

11d 19h 6m Inputs frozen. Devs have saved and restarted the game. They entered and exited a house, and are now putting us back on the bike.

[Dev] asdf14396 : guys, we need you to go to a house for the ROM update

[Dev] One of the devs with remote access has come online. Stand by for an update.

[Serious] This is a steep road. I can't let you through without a Bicycle.

11d 18h 57m Still here ~

[Info] Also select spam

[Fluff] *[Insert gif here of Cyan cycling forward one square, being told she needs a bike, then getting pushed back one square, on loop.]* Currently what's going on on stream.

[Dev] There doesn't appear to be anyone online with stream remote access at the moment. We'll need to wait for one of them to come online before the update can be issued.

11d 18h 35m We register a rod

[Dev] This issue has already been fixed, but the on-stream ROM has not yet been updated.

11d 18h 33m We ride the bike but the Cycling Road security doesn't let us pass 'without' a bike

11d 18h 30m We wandered somewhere and we're trying to register bike

11d 18h 11m In Hayward City

11d 18h 8m M4_used_Rollout is having a good day

11d 18h 8m Highest bidder had their 6 tokens turn into 162

11d 18h 5m In Route 64 now

11d 18h 5m No space in bag for Swift TM

11d 18h 3m Mewtwo died in that boss battle and blie table has a new record for highest points

11d 18h 2m It's now 1B points

11d 18h 2m It's giving 50 million points per hit according to someone in chat

11d 18h 1m Mewtwo's back and chat is PogChamp ing

11d 18h 0m We're back in the Naljo border

11d 18h 0m MEWTWO! PogChamp...except its in pinball and Vulpix replaced it

[Info] We got a Bike at one point when updater was dark

11d 17h 47m We pick up a Moon Stone

11d 17h 43m We catch a level 40 male Magmar, nicname is IIHHHHHHHHHH

[Fluff] We did kill it, after all.

11d 17h 35m There was no Moltres to be found, strange

11d 17h 24m In Mt. Ember, looks like we want that Moltres rematch

[Snark] Moltres hype! Wait, we killed it.

11d 17h 21m In Ember brook

11d 17h 19m Entered Naljo Border

11d 17h 18m We're receiving Coal from mining and our Mining Skill is 6 now, no more mining picks

11d 17h 12m Surfing in route 68

11d 17h 11m In Acania town

11d 16h 58m We received Coal from mining

11d 16h 54m We're using Cut to chop of a tree and we're in a route again

11d 16h 43m We decide to go back in the village

11d 16h 40m We leave the village and go on a route

11d 16h 29m We leave the gym

11d 16h 25m Inside the Grass Gym, we already have the badge

11d 16h 16m Back on land and we're in Heath Village

11d 16h 10m We're surfing on water around a patch of grass

[Meta] I will need to BBL, il update again once i come back

11d 13h 8m We enter a cave west of Route 81

11d 12h 55m We're now in Route 81

11d 12h 54m We catch a female level 29 Gligar, not sure what was the nickname but it was around qqxy

11d 12h 39m We catch a level 29 female Tangela, nickname is yy__ the _ are spaces

[Snark] @Mega-charizard timed out for /me usage

[Snark] /me turns on the light

[Meta] The updater is once again dark. Sorry folks.

[Info] Current music: Route 1 GSC

11d 6h 47m Route 52.

[Info] Current music: Cerulean City HGSS

11d 6h 43m We're in some power-planty looking type building, some guy is talking about earthquakes or whatever

11d 6h 37m Outside again.

11d 6h 36m Healed though we were already full health ithink

11d 6h 35m In the Pokémon center.

11d 6h 33m Hayward City

11d 6h 31m Route 51

11d 6h 16m On Route 49. Can't proceed without a bicycle.

11d 6h 10m In the house with the person who talks about the daycare man being moved.

11d 6h 9m Went outside. Didn't change anything.

11d 6h 7m At the Name Rater's place.

11d 6h 2m We left the Casino poor af. We have 834 Pokeyen and 0 coins.

11d 6h 0m We lost all of our coins. Gambling addictions man.


11d 5h 57m Playing the slots atm.

11d 5h 56m We bought TM86 Ice Beam for 3000 coins!

11d 5h 50m We bought 1100 coins!

11d 5h 48m We bought TM85 Flamethrower for 3000 coins!

11d 5h 44m We bought TM84 Thunderbolt for 3000 coins!

11d 5h 40m We bought 200 coins!

11d 5h 36m The plan is to buy Thunderbolt with the Tokens we get.

11d 5h 36m We entered a City that I couldn't get the name of and we entered the Casino!

11d 5h 29m Onto Route 49!

[Donation] $2.00 from Bexxxxxxx: A daily pasta check moreorless.

11d 5h 24m We found a Gold Token!

11d 5h 21m We fought so many wild mons that only Body Slam has PP left. We're having difficulties selecting it.

11d 5h 14m Route 51 time!

11d 5h 8m Picked up a King's Rock!

11d 5h 6m Arrived at Hayward City!

11d 5h 1m We found a Smoke Ball!

11d 4h 54m And stepping one tile to the left puts us in Route 63.

11d 4h 54m Yay we're in Route 55! FREEDOM!

11d 4h 50m Nkekev keeps changing it every 2 minutes. Now it's Rock Slide, Crunch, Body Slam, Rock Smash.

11d 4h 46m For Tyranitar we swapped moves a bit. Currently we have Crunch, Rock Slide, Body Slam, and Rock Smash in that order.

11d 4h 40m We finally got to the other side of the cave, rock smashed a rock and now we're pushing a boulder with strength.

11d 4h 37m Guess what we're still doing?

11d 4h 11m Still wandering through the cave.

11d 3h 58m Tyranitar levels up to 81!

11d 3h 55m We've entered Silk Tunnel.

11d 3h 46m We checkpoint at the Pokecenter and heal!

11d 3h 45m And now we're in Moraga Town.

11d 3h 45m Onto Route 60!

11d 3h 44m First attempt went as well as you would expect it to.

11d 3h 43m I think we're going to try the ledge of doom. God speed.

11d 3h 42m In Jaeru City now.

11d 3h 33m And now Route 64!

11d 3h 33m We're in Botan City now.

11d 3h 30m We left the Haunted Mansion just as demo was about to kick in.

[Meta] We are looking for more live updaters! Applications are now open for anyone who is interested!

11d 3h 10m Nickname is  ZQQ

11d 3h 10m Used a Pokeball, caught a level 19 Male Gastly!

11d 3h 8m We are currently outside in a demo voting area.


1eamannan: DeadInSky66 walking around spoopy mansion

デンリュウ: DeadInSky66 recap is : SELECT

FlyingJ138: @DeadInSky66 We caught a Spiritomb Kappa

1eamannan: DeadInSky66 also caught banette and spiritomb Keepo

ValdarSai: @deadinsky66 We caught a Spiritomb during the down time, named it HHHHHHHH (maximum number of characters allowed, all H)

11d 3h 6m We're currently in the Haunted Mansion.

[Meta] Sorry for the gap. I'll be taking over now.

11d 2h 44m Wandering around the newly discovered Haunted Mansion's Basement. Looks like we need some more keys to open gates

[Meta] Updater is going dark for a while. Hopefully, we'll be back soon!

11d 1h 30m Heading into the Haunted Forest.

11d 1h 28m Entered Botan City.

11d 1h 19m Out of Jaeru City, heading east on Route 59.

11d 1h 17m Entered Jaeru City.

11d 1h 17m Found a hidden Gold Token!

11d 1h 13m Now on Route 60, still heading north.

11d 1h 7m Heading north on Route 61.

11d 0h 59m We exit Castro Forest onto Route 62. Heading west.

11d 0h 57m We encounter a wild Scyther, but we take it out...

11d 0h 54m Still heading north. There is an old man standing there, but we just ignore him.

11d 0h 49m We cut a tree. Obtained the Smoke Ball!

11d 0h 47m Heading north into Castro Forest.

[Info] According to the sign, this gym is simply called "Normal Gym", and apparently is run by the most normalist guy ever.

[Info] TM15 was Hyper Beam.

11d 0h 42m Back out onto Route 57.

[Fluff] Gym Leader Joe: "I'm being normal!"

11d 0h 40m Azumarill despatches Snorlax with Surf! Leader Joe defeated! White Badge and TM15 obtained!

11d 0h 40m Joe uses a Max Potion on Snorlax to restore to full health!

[Chat] goldninjaI : The gym leader IS that last Pokémon Kappa

11d 0h 39m Snorlax is sent in.

11d 0h 38m Azumarill Hydro Pumps Pidgeot into fainting. Azumarill grows to Lv. 93!

11d 0h 38m Azumarill uses Hydro Pump, takes out Ursaring. Pidgeot is sent in!

11d 0h 37m Ursaring uses Seismic Toss, Tyranitar goes down! We send in Azumarill.

11d 0h 36m Tyranitar takes down Kangaskhan with Rock Smash. Ursaring is sent in.

11d 0h 36m Kangaskhan used Earthquake! Ampharos down! Tyranitar is sent in.

11d 0h 35m Kangaskhan has uses Attract on Ampharos - he's in love.

11d 0h 34m Furret goes down to Crunch. Joe sends in Kangaskhan! We switch to Ampharos!

11d 0h 34m Vs. Gym Leader Joe! He sends in Furret, we send in Tyranitar!

11d 0h 33m There just seems to be one fairly large guy in a small room.

11d 0h 33m Entered the Route 57 Gym.

11d 0h 30m Entered the gatehouse, on a road that just identifies as "Tunnel" - should be Route 57.

11d 0h 27m Heading east on Route 56.

11d 0h 26m Tyranitar just gets away by the skin of her teeth. Milotic goes down and Swimmer is defeated!

11d 0h 26m We take out Vaporeon with a Crunch. Milotic is sent in.

11d 0h 25m Lanturn goes down and Vaporeon is sent in.

11d 0h 24m Vs. Swimmer! They send in Lanturn, we counter with Tyranitar.

[Snark] Remember back to Brown, when it took us half an hour to Surf from this platform.

11d 0h 23m On the jetty on Route 56.

11d 0h 22m We're back in the City Underpass.

11d 0h 14m ... and back out of it again.

11d 0h 13m Entered Moroga Town Gym.

11d 0h 12m Exited the Pokémon Center.

11d 0h 10m Party healed!

11d 0h 10m Cyan goes briefly nuts and settles down.

11d 0h 9m Inputs are going so fast the interface is lagging badly.

11d 0h 9m Inputs enabled.

[Info] Version 0.12, Build 108

11d 0h 8m ROM reset. Now running regular version.

11d 0h 8m Warped to Moroga Town Pokémon Center. Game saved.

11d 0h 7m Selected Bank 47, Map 6, Position 4,6.

11d 0h 7m Debug menu accessed. Going to Warp Anywhere menu.

11d 0h 6m ROM reset. We're now running the debug version.

11d 0h 6m Devs have taken control, game has been saved.

[Dev] Glitch has been fixed. Stand by for an update.

[Dev] They're fixing it now. Stand by ~

[Snark] Apparently, Cyan likes to climb trees.

10d 23h 55m Inputs frozen

[Chat] bladetypeking : Revo is finding way to get us out of this tree

[Snark] Beta testing!

10d 23h 52m We enter the battle room briefly to see two trainers. We exit and glitch into a forest in Route 76!

10d 23h 51m Cyan has entered the back room and glitched into the wall! We're now trapped behind the reception desk.

10d 23h 51m Entered the Pokémon Center. Checkpoint at Moroga Town

10d 23h 47m ... and leave it again.

10d 23h 46m We enter Moroga Town PokéMart.

10d 23h 42m Entered Moroga Town!

10d 23h 40m We've entered the City Underpass.

10d 23h 38m We're outside! Route 56!

10d 23h 34m We're now surfing in an underground cave.

[Fluff] " …This TM is called Flash. It's not a popular TM..."

10d 23h 28m "Never forget the special bond you hold with your Pokémon."

10d 23h 27m We defeated him! We got the Star Badge, and TM 08 Flash!

10d 23h 25m Ninetales uses Flare Blitz again and takes out Crobat!

10d 23h 24m Ninetales takes down Gengar with a super-effective Flare Blitz! Crobat is sent in.

10d 23h 23m Lopunny goes down in his sleep. We switch to Ninetales.

10d 23h 23m We switch to Lopunny, who is instantly put to sleep.

10d 23h 22m Azumarill takes out Hitmontop with Surf! Gengar is sent in.

10d 23h 22m Hitmontop uses Hi-Jump Kick and takes out Ampharos! Azumarill is sent in.

10d 23h 21m Tyranitar down! Ampharos is sent in. Weather: Clear

10d 23h 20m Tyranitar Crunches out Magneton! Hitmontop is sent in!

10d 23h 20m Tyranitar uses Crunch and Weavile goes down. Magneton is sent out!

10d 23h 19m Vs. Silver! (Attempt #2) Weavile v. Tyranitar! Weather: Sandstorm

10d 23h 16m Back in prison.

10d 23h 15m Surfing on Azumarill.

10d 23h 14m Re-entered Mt. Boulder.

[Correction] That should be Eagulou City ~

10d 23h 10m Back in Eagolou City.

10d 23h 9m Lopunny is poisoned! Hangs in there at 1 HP, but is poisoned to fainting. Blackout!

10d 23h 9m Gnegar uses Sludge Bomb, Azumarill down! Lopunny is sent in.

10d 23h 9m Azumarill takes down Magneton with another Surf! Silver sends in Gengar.

10d 23h 8m Azumarill takes out Crobat with Surf! Magneton is sent in!

10d 23h 8m Azumarill is sent in.

10d 23h 7m Crobat is sent in. Ninetales attempts a Flamethrower and burns it, but it uses Brave Bird. Ninetales down!

10d 23h 6m Ninetales takes out Weavile with Flamethrower. Ninetales to Lv. 87!

10d 23h 6m Vs. Silver! He sends in Weavile, we counter with Ninetales!

10d 23h 4m Another cage key obtained!

10d 23h 4m Ninetales takes out Porygon-Z with two Dark Pulses and a Tri Attack! Palette Pink defeated!

10d 23h 3m Azumarill takes out Slowbro with Aqua Jet. Porygon-Z is sent in! We switch to Ninetales.

10d 23h 2m Slowbro uses Waterfall, takes out Gardevoir! We switch to Azumarill.

10d 23h 0m Gardevoir takes out Slowking with Tri Attack. Slowbro is sent in.

10d 22h 59m Gardevoir is sent out.

10d 22h 58m Slowking is hit with Thunder but is still standing! Ampharos goes down to Psychic!

10d 22h 58m Ampharos takes out Sylveon with Thunder! Slowking is sent in.

10d 22h 57m Sylveon uses Moonblast, Tyrantitar down! We switch to Ampharos.

10d 22h 57m Wigglytuff is crunched out. Sylveon is sent in!

10d 22h 56m Vs. Palette Pink! They send out Wigglytuff, we counter with Tyranitar! Weather: Sandstorm

10d 22h 56m We free the purple patroller!

10d 22h 53m Crobat is taken out by the sandstorm. Tyranitar to Lv. 80! Rocket defeated. Cage Key obtained!

10d 22h 53m Weezing is taken out by Crunch. Crobat is sent in.

10d 22h 52m Tyranitar crunches Venemoth. Weezing is sent in.

10d 22h 51m Vs. Rocket Grunt! He sends out Venemoth, we counter with Tyranitar.

10d 22h 50m Back in the cage room.

10d 22h 43m Still wandering Mt Boulder

10d 22h 11m just wandering Mt Boulder encountering awfully weak wilds

10d 21h 48m finally outside, and then instantly into the Mart

10d 21h 44m Wandering PokeCentre

10d 21h 18m oh boy team rocket battle.

I can't wait for struggle. And we black out

10d 21h 13m We also got another Cage Key!

10d 21h 13m We KO the Relicanth with out very last PP, growing Azumarill to Level 92

[Snark] Everyone voted so hard that the Live Feed burned down.

I actually didn't care I was making garbage posts somewhere

[Snark] Who thinks that 3 more Strengths will KO? Vote Now on your phones

10d 21h 12m The Azumarill is KO'd, Now for a Relicanth. Where we probably have trouble because Strength isn't going to do much.

10d 21h 9m Apparently another Tentacruel. It faints as easily as the last. And now for Azumarill mirror match

10d 21h 6m We're battling a Sailor, he sends out a pretty high level Tentacruel. Level 77 to be specific

10d 21h 3m We picked up a Cage Key!

10d 21h 2m wandering some Jail

10d 20h 45m We found a gold token!

10d 20h 43m we're buying more Pokedolls.


10d 20h 42m We bought a Pokedoll

10d 20h 40m or not apparently???

10d 20h 39m Going to buy stuff through democracy

10d 20h 34m Democracy in a Pokemart

10d 20h 30m Wandering the Pokecentre aimlessly

10d 20h 13m Caught a male Lv. 9 Growlithe! Nickname: ᵖᵏ Pk is the one character

10d 20h 12m Apparenty nothing of interest done in-game in the past hour.

10d 18h 45m Our current party: Lopunny Lv. 65 - Ampharos Lv. 64 - Gardevoir Lv. 70 - Ninetales Lv. 86 - Tyranitar Lv. 79 - Azumarill Lv. 91

10d 18h 43m [Fluff] It's 2:31AM in-game.

10d 17h 22m Loafing around.

10d 17h 12m Defeated Medium Doris.

[Stats] Gardevoir Lv. 70 - Max. HP 226 Attack 152 Defense 144 Sp. Atk 214 Sp. Def 200 Speed 159

10d 17h 6m VS Psychic Sidney. Gardevoir leveled up to 70!

10d 17h 5m [Meta] Nintendo Switch announced.

10d 17h 2m We still seem to be in the illusory town.

10d 17h 0m I!C defeats the enemy slowking with rock slide. Sheral defeated! PSI badge obtained!

10d 17h 0m We send out I!C.

10d 16h 59m Slowking takes out our Ninetales with surf!!

[Info] Ninetales is now paralyzed.

10d 16h 59m Sheryl sends out a slowking.

10d 16h 58m Our Ninetales uses dark pulse and takes out the enemy alakazam!

10d 16h 58m Sheryl now sends out Alakazam.

10d 16h 57m Sheryl sends out Espeon.

10d 16h 56m I!C takes out Sheryl's Exeggutor and grows to level 79!

10d 16h 56m We switch to I!C in response.

10d 16h 56m Y4 ko's the enemy slowbro and Sheryl sends out Exeggutor.

10d 16h 55m Amphy has also been taken out!

10d 16h 55m [Info] (EEEE) = Lopunny.

10d 16h 55m EEEE has been taken out by the enemy Slosbro!

10d 16h 54m It is EEEE against Sheryl's Slowbro.

10d 16h 53m VS Gym Leader Sheryl!

[Fluff] Except you could fly out of the gym in Brown.

[Info] We went through this gym before in Brown. The inside of this gym is identical to the outside of this gym (except it's apparently daytime "inside" the gym). It's a weird illusionary copy of the town, where you can't leave town and can't enter buildings.

10d 16h 48m We enter a building in town that leads us out of another building.

10d 16h 45m We cut down the tree to the south of the gym.

10d 16h 44m [Info] In-game updates/changes since Cyander's last update:

10d13h00m — Battled Lass Jan.
10d13h24m — Cyan found HP Up!
10d13h35m — Battled Hiker Eli.
10d13h40m — Azumarill leveled up to 91!
10d14h23m — Battled Lass Les.
10d14h32m — Cyan found Gold Token!
10d15h21m — Taught Dark Pulse to Ninetales!
10d15h26m — Taught Crystal Bolt to Ampharos!
10d15h37m — Cyan found Fire Ring!

All praise #poketext for catching the above.

10d 16h 44m We enter the Seashore Gym. We seem to be transported somewhere else by going through the gym.


<asdf14396> to anyone wondering what was that stuff [the WRAM editing], that was writing a program to memory to refund the missing Game Corner coins and running it

<asdf14396> basically ACE [Arbitrary Code Execution]

<Chaos_lord2> @asdf14396 wouldn't it have been easier to just use the menory editor OpieOP

<asdf14396> @Chaos_lord2 not if I don't know the initial value

10d 16h 39m We arrive at SeaShore City.

10d 16h 38m We find a Gold Token!

[Fluff] I love how the built up inputs always go so fast that the game doesn't even see them as separate inputs, so Cyan just stands still while the inputs fly by.

10d 16h 30m The game has now resumed normal play.

10d 16h 29m An absolutely massive amount of inputs fly across the screen.

10d 16h 29m The game is reset and we are back to where we were.

[Info] We leave this menu and save the game.

[Info] And now they're executing a function manually... 0xD400 (calling mode 2)

[Info] They're editing WRAM memory manually. In this screen, they can change which endianness they're looking at the memory with (for those of you who know what the hell "endianness" even means, like I do, that's pretty nifty). There's two fields, a 16 byte "address" and a 16 byte "contents". And they've been going back and fourth between them for a while now...

[Info] At the current moment inputs are stopped and the stream is currently in the debugging menu. The streamer is manually navigating through it.

10d 12h 57m Defeated Gym Leader Karpman! Got Marine Badge and TM80 - Storm Front

[Meta] Updater will be going dark or something, apologies for the inconvenience.

10d 12h 19m Ampharos to 64, wants to learn Dragon Pulse, forgets Spark

10d 12h 7m Relicanth down, Ninetales in, tries to use Hypnosis, doesn't work, Ninetales is Surf'd, uses Flamethrower, doesn't do much, another Surf and Ninetales goes down. Trainer defeated. "Don't listen to false prophets."

10d 12h 5m Lopunny down to a Flare Blitz. Now THAT'S overkill. Azumarill in, Aqua Jet takes big doggo down. Relicanth in.

10d 12h 4m 10d 12h 3m Fighting Gentleman Ashton's Arcanine, Lv. 80, with Lopunny.

10d 11h 57m Route 55.

10d 11h 54m We're in. some kind of empty, dark underground tunnel. Fighting Cooltrainer Michele, with Volbeat against Lopunny. Volbeat is Lv. 17, uses Quick Attack, a crit, does 4 damage. We deal a crit and it's complete overkill. Next in is Wigglytuff. It goes down, Michele defeated.

10d 11h 46m Caught Lv. 7 female Caterpie, no nickname

10d 11h 45m Route 52.

10d 11h 44m In a route gate with early-game route music.

10d 11h 42m Healed

10d 11h 38m In the some town again.

10d 11h 36m Route 51, a sign says.

10d 11h 27m So westwards was Route 49, we went back into town, left to the west again, and then down into a southwards route, Route 50.

10d 11h 26m Can't progress further onto the steep road without a bicycle.

10d 11h 22m Aaaand as soon as i say that, went onto another route. I didn't catch the number.

10d 11h 22m Outside and walking around again. Still in town with the same music playing aaagh.

10d 11h 8m We're in a house talking to a person that says the daycare man moved out some time ago.

10d 11h 1m Then we went outside.

10d 10h 59m Doing some kinda flip card minigame.

10d 10h 56m Exchanging a lot of our money for a lot of coins. Unsure if this is very necessary to state.

10d 10h 53m Went in the Game Corner place thing.

10d 10h 45m Healed and went outside

10d 10h 43m In the Pokémon center.

10d 10h 41m We're in some town I am unsure which.

[Meta] Updater going dark until the Cubs win the World Series someone comes online to take over. Apologies for the inconvenience

10d 7h 37m Masquarain down! Trainer defeated

10d 7h 36m Butterfree goes down! Masquarain is sent out!

10d 7h 35m Gardevoir is sent out

10d 7h 34m EEEE faints

10d 7h 33m Butterfree puts EEEE to sleeeep

10d 7h 33m vs Bug Catcher! ITs Butterfree vs EEEE

10d 7h 32m We enter Rt 50

10d 7h 30m Absol gets KO'd! Trainer defeated

10d 7h 30m Now vs Absol

10d 7h 30m We switch into Tyranitar and KO some Pokémon

10d 7h 27m We switch into Azumarill

10d 7h 27m vs Super Nerd! Its Dusclops vs EEEE

10d 7h 26m We enter Route 51

10d 7h 23m We return to Hayward City

10d 7h 23m Azumarill is KO'd! Blacked Out!

10d 7h 21m Ninetales goes down

10d 7h 21m vs Medium Doris! It's Slowbro vs Ninetales

10d 7h 19m Ninetales KO's Gengar! Trainer defeated

10d 7h 19m Gengar is sent out!

10d 7h 19m Driftblem is KO'd

10d 7h 18m Driftblem is sent out!

10d 7h 18m Ninetales KO's Haunter

10d 7h 17m Ninetales sent out

10d 7h 17m Ampharos KO'd

10d 7h 17m Ampharos is sent out!

10d 7h 16m Gardevoir is KO'd by Haunter

10d 7h 16m vs Medium Peggy! Haunter vs Miller

10d 7h 14m Alakazam goes down! Psychic defeated!

10d 7h 14m Alakazam is sent out!

10d 7h 13m Miller to Lv 67!

10d 7h 13m Solrock is sent out

10d 7h 13m Miller takes down Kadabra!

10d 7h 12m vs Psychic! Kadabra vs Miller

10d 7h 11m We enter the Gym? It looks like the same as the city?

10d 7h 4m We found a Democracy House in the city

10d 7h 3m Back in Seashore City

10d 7h 0m Jen. an intern of Prof Tim tells us to collect 8 badges in the Rijon Region and we can get a ticket for the Battle Arcade

10d 6h 57m There's three Poké Ball on the table. They are coloured Green-Blue-Red going left from right

10d 6h 57m We go inside the Lab

10d 6h 54m *Entered Gravel Town

10d 6h 53m We enter Route 53 (Gravel Canyon)

10d 6h 50m We exit the house

10d 6h 46m Seems like Brown's PC is an actual working PC

10d 6h 44m We go upstairs into Brown's(?) Room

10d 6h 41m We enter the Brown Protagonist's House

[Dev] [Snark] Oops.

10d 6h 31m We gain control and input lists fly quickly

10d 6h 31m We are still in Seashore City

10d 6h 31m Another Game Reset

10d 6h 30m We are warped a bit north

[Info] Game Version 0.12

10d 6h 27m Game Reset!

10d 6h 20m Game Saved by Felk

[Info] Seems like we got locked into a tile and cannot move. Felk seems to be on his way to warp us from here and update the rom

[Snapple Fact] #699: After working out, it takes 5 hours for your body temperature to return to normal.


10d 6h 13m We enter Seashore City

10d 6h 2m We found the Fire Ring, but our bag is full so we can't pick it up

10d 5h 58m We exit back to Rt 52

[Fluff] CHEATER BabyRage

10d 5h 55m Trainer Defetaed

10d 5h 54m Cooltrainer seems to have a Lv 5 Exploud and a Lv 5 Typhlosion?

10d 5h 54m UHH, Lv 5 EXPLOUD?!?!

10d 5h 51m We go into an undergound tunnel

10d 5h 44m We enter Rt 52

10d 5h 34m Azumarill KO's Rampardos. Palette Blue defeated!

10d 5h 33m Rampardos sent out

10d 5h 33m Vaporeon down

10d 5h 32m vaporeon sent out

10d 5h 32m Azumarill sent out, KO's Metagross

10d 5h 31m Tyranitar goes down

10d 5h 28m We switch into Tyrantitar

10d 5h 27m Metagross sent out!

10d 5h 27m Tentacruel goes down!

10d 5h 24m Tentacruel is sent out!

10d 5h 24m Y4 to Lv 88

10d 5h 23m Crobat goes down to Hydro Pump

10d 5h 23m Azumarill sent out

10d 5h 23m Crobat uses Brave Bird 3 times, EEEE KO'd

10d 5h 22m Crobat vs EEEE

10d 5h 22m vs Palette Blue

10d 4h 43m We enter the Department Store

10d 4h 39m We heal

10d 4h 32m We enter the Hayward Pokémon Center

10d 4h 29m We enter Hayward City

10d 4h 25m We found a Smoke Ball, but our bag is full! We leave the smoke ball there

10d 4h 16m Xatu goes down! Lass defeated!

10d 4h 16m Misgagius goes down vs Tyrantitar! Xatu sent out!

10d 4h 14m Ninetales down

10d 4h 12m Mismagius is sent out

10d 4h 12m Flamethrower KO's lucario

10d 4h 12m vs Lass! Its Ninetales vs her Lucario

10d 4h 11m Back in Rt 63

10d 4h 11m We enter Route 55 and then Route 63 and then back to Route 55 after exiting the cave

10d 4h 5m Ninetales to Lv 85

10d 4h 2m Hiker Defeated

10d 4h 1m Steelix sent out, KO'd by Ninetales

10d 4h 0m Ninetales KO's Onix

10d 4h 0m vs Hiker! Its Onix vs Ninetales

10d 3h 57m Flygon goes out! Hiker defeated!

10d 3h 55m Forretress goes down, Flygon is sent out

10d 3h 54m Forretress sent out

10d 3h 53m Azumarill sent out! It KO's Torkoal

10d 3h 53m Ampharos goes down

10d 3h 52m vs Hiker! Torkoal vs Ampharos

10d 3h 40m *Found Max Ether

10d 3h 38m Trainer defeated!

10d 3h 37m Rhyperior goes down!

10d 3h 35m Rhyperior sent out

10d 3h 35m Rhydon OHKO'd by Azumarill

10d 3h 35m Rhydon is sent out

10d 3h 34m Azumarill KO's Crobat

10d 3h 34m We send out Azumarill

10d 3h 33m Poison Jab KO's Gardevoir!

10d 3h 33m vs a Hiker! Foe's Crobat vs our Miller!

10d 3h 26m We catch a wild ponyta, level 17, female, nickname [[

10d 3h 24m We defeat the picnicker.

10d 3h 21m EEEE is taken out by the enemy venusaur!

10d 3h 20m We are challenged by Picnicker Lisa.

10d 3h 15m EEEE is in the red.

10d 3h 12m We finally catch ponyta, level 17, female, nickname is CCBBBKmnmn

10d 3h 11m We throw yet another ball at the fire horse.

10d 3h 10m We throw an additionally Poké Ball at the ponyta.

10d 3h 10m We throw another Poké Ball at the ponyta.

10d 3h 9m We use two more.

10d 3h 8m We use another one.

10d 3h 7m We use a Poké Ball on a wild ponyta.

10d 2h 51m We are back in the cave.

10d 2h 36m We leave the cave and head back to town.

10d 2h 27m EEEE grows to level 64!, he is trying to learn play rough! EEEE has forgotten body slam and has learned play rough!

10d 2h 25m We enter the silk tunnel.

10d 2h 18m We enter and leave the pokemart

10d 2h 16m We arrive at the town on the left.

10d 2h 3m We are back in the city.

10d 2h 1m We fall off the ledge and onto route 59.

10d 1h 54m We are back on the ledges.

10d 1h 52m We return to town.

10d 1h 50m Ok now we are on route 59.

10d 1h 47m We seem to be on a horrid series of ledges.

10d 1h 40m We are on route 59? it flashed by really quick.

10d 1h 37m We head on to route 60.

10d 1h 32m We leave the house dissapointed.

10d 1h 31m We reach the move re-learners house but we need a heart scale before he will do anything for us.

10d 1h 29m We cut through the tree to the top left of the city.

10d 1h 25m We are still walking around the buildings.

10d 1h 7m We heal our Pokémon.

10d 1h 7m We enter the Pokémon center.

10d 1h 0m We leave the plant once again.

10d 0h 58m We enter the plant once more.

10d 0h 57m We leave the plant.

10d 0h 55m We head north to route 60 and then strait to the power plant.

10d 0h 49m I!C uses its newfound strength to easily beat the rest of Gus's Pokémon.

10d 0h 48m I!C grows to level 77!

10d 0h 48m I!C is in the red!

10d 0h 47m We try to catch this one as well.

10d 0h 47m Gus sends out another milotic

10d 0h 47m I!C ko's the enemy milotic.

10d 0h 46m We switch out to IC.

10d 0h 45m We use a ball to try and catch Gus's milotic.

10d 0h 44m It is his milotic against EEEE.

10d 0h 43m We are challenged by fisher Gus.

10d 0h 34m We use two more Poké Balls and catch raichu on the second ball, it is female, level 35, nickname RRixC ZIR

10d 0h 32m We use a Poké Ball on a wild raichu and it does not work.

10d 0h 30m We enter the power plant.

10d 0h 11m We move some items around in our bag.

10d 0h 10m EEEE is paralyzed.

10d 0h 9m We head north through route 61.

10d 0h 5m We catch the wild exeggcute, it is male, nicknname hgfO!

10d 0h 4m We do the same thing twice more with similar results.

10d 0h 2m We use a Poké Ball on a wild execute, it is not caught.

9d 23h 50m We use an oran berry on EEEE.

9d 23h 47m We leave the forest and head left to route 62.

9d 23h 36m We are not allowed to enter the sacred area in this forest. At least not at this current moment.

9d 23h 35m We find a smoke ball, but we cannot carry any more items.

9d 23h 34m We cut down a tree that was blocking us from reaching an item.

9d 23h 20m EEEE grows to level 63!

9d 23h 11m We try to pick an OrngApricorn, but our pack is already full.

9d 23h 05m We return to Castro Forest.

9d 22h 55m Healed our Pokemon at the Pokemon Center!

9d 22h 52m Arrived at Castro Valley.

9d 22h 24m Still wandering around with just Tyranitar left. We are in a forest area now.

9d 21h 35m We go south onto Route 61.

9d 21h 34m We leave the Power Plant.

9d 21h 33m We enter the Power Plant.

9d 21h 26m Inputs working again.

9d 21h 26m [Info] ROM reset. (Release) Version 0.12, Build 104.

[Info] We were at Map Group 57, map 5, position (5,7). We are warped to Map Group 47, map 6, position (4,6).

9d 21h 24m We get warped to a Pokemon Center.

[Chat] <pioxys> DatSheffy welcome to olden mart, how may I take your soul today? Please have fun to the stairs on the left, while you slide your wayto a souless dream. Thank you for coming, and have a nice pasta.

[Info] Debug version 0.12, Build 104.

9d 21h 21m Rom gets restarted.

[Info] More specifically, it looks like something bad screwed up the map of the mart. We seem to be stuck in a lower area, blocked off by disconnected countertops and a staircase that pushes us back down again. Also there are people to the north of us standing where they shouldn't be.

9d 21h 14m And we saved just now...

9d 21h 13m It appears we might be stuck in this Poke Mart.

9d 20h 53m We exit Silk Tunnel and return back to town.

9d 20h 36m We find stairs somehow and go upstairs where it is light.

9d 20h 33m We don't see anything at all and are just wondering aimlessly.

9d 20h 21m We enter a dark room.

9d 20h 13m Hiker defeated.

[Info] The reason why our Pokemon have been fainting so quickly from the Hikers is because they use Explosion often.

9d 20h 12m Azumarill fainted!

9d 20h 11m Azumarill grew to level 87!

9d 20h 11m Ninetales fainted!

9d 20h 10m Ninetales gets paralyzed by the enemy Camerupt.

9d 20h 08m Fighting a different Hiker now.

9d 19h 56m Hiker defeated!

9d 19h 55m Ampharos fainted!

9d 19h 55m Ampharos grew to level 62!

9d 19h 54m Gardevoir fainted!

9d 19h 52m Lopunny fainted!

9d 19h 52m Fighting a hiker.

9d 19h 38m Caught Level 19 Male Zubat! No nickname.

9d 19h 37m Back in Silk Tunnel.

9d 19h 17m Game saved and restarted. Rom was updated.

9d 19h 09m Left Silk Tunnel.

9d 19h 07m Caught Onix! Female, not sure on level.. Nickname: YYY (with some spaces in front)

9d 19h 02m Entered Silk Tunnel.

9d 18h 59m Still wandering in town. Picked up King's Rock!

9d 18h 39m Pokemon healed!

9d 18h 35m Arrived at Moraga Town.

9d 18h 34m We head west onto Route 60.

9d 18h 24m We arrive at Jaeru City.

9d 18h 13m NPCs tell us Botan City is still quarantined.

9d 18h 11m We exit that building and are outside again.

9d 18h 08m We leave the basement and go back to the first area we were at.

9d 18h 04m Picked up Up-Grade!

9d 17h 59m Picked up TM 92 - Mustard Gas!

9d 17h 57m We go down the stairs and wander aimlessly in the basement.

9d 17h 55m A guy blocks the stairs leading up and says only Silph Co employees can enter.

9d 17h 52m We enter a building on Route 59 with Sylph Co music.

9d 17h 49m Gardevoir grew to level 66! Juggler defeated.

9d 17h 47m Lopunny fainted!

9d 17h 46m Spotted by a Juggler.

9d 17h 43m Not sure when it happened, but Lopunny has Metronome instead of Endure. Firebreather defeated.

9d 17h 42m Lopunny grew to level 62.

9d 17h 41m Fighting a Firebreather on the route.

9d 17h 39m We leave Jaeru and head onto Route 59.

[Meta] I need to leave. This updater will go dark until someone takes over. Enjoy the post-game of Prism!

9d 17h 22m Loitering around Jaeru for now.

9d 17h 19m Healed party!

[Info] The Super Potions now take two slots in our inventory NotLikeThis

9d 17h 17m Bought 8 Ultra Balls and 106 Super Potions! ₽282 left.

9d 17h 15m In the mart. Shopping spree incoming?

9d 17h 14m Exited the gym with our 11th badge.

[Fluff] Apparently the computer in there does nothing.

9d 17h 11m Cyan got Gold Dust from a corner of the gym!

9d 17h 9m Received Sparky Badge and a notice to get out of here. DansGame

9d 17h 8m Tyranitar sent out and wraps it up. Sparky defeated!

9d 17h 8m Last one is Electivire, and it knocked out Y4!

9d 17h 7m Y4 is paralyzed but still took out Raichu.

9d 17h 6m Y4 sent out, took down Jolteon and Luxray!

[Info] Fifi, Tyranitar and Y4 are left alive in the party.

9d 17h 5m Manectric is down, but the next Jolteon knocks out Miller!

9d 17h 3m Engaged Gym Leader Sparky! Miller vs Manectric.

9d 17h 2m Last Manectric also fell. Trainer defeated!

9d 17h 1m Miller sent out, brings Magneton and Luxray down.

9d 17h 0m Ampharos is sent out, but eventually was knocked out by Magneton too!

9d 16h 59m Lopunny can't endure much more; it fainted from shock!

9d 16h 57m Back in the gym and talked to Cooltrainer Andy. Lopunny vs Magneton!

9d 16h 53m Healed in the Poké Center!

9d 16h 52m Currently out of the gym.

9d 16h 50m Last Ampharos is also down. Miller promoted to Level 65! Trainer defeated!

9d 16h 49m Lanturn and Electabuzz are knocked out!

9d 16h 48m Facing Gentleman Angus! Miller against Lanturn.

9d 16h 47m Miller wraps it up. Trainer defeated!

9d 16h 46m Y4 couldn't take the shock, it's down!

9d 16h 46m Y4 is out against Magnezone but get paralyzed too!

9d 16h 45m Lopunny faints from three Tri Attacks!

9d 16h 44m Raichu down but Lopunny paralyzed!

9d 16h 44m Engaged Super Nerd Hunter! Lopunny against Raichu.

9d 16h 43m Entered the gym.

9d 16h 39m Healed in Jaeru Poké Center!

9d 16h 36m Onward to Jaeru City.

9d 16h 29m Exited the wild ride of the Power Plant.

9d 16h 24m No more Psychic PP on Gardevoir.

9d 16h 16m Still in the Power Plant with a 12 HP Gardevoir leading.

[Snark] But why?

9d 16h 1m Caught a ♂ Lv. 35 Raichu! Nickname: YYYYYY

9d 16h 1m Gardevoir is paralyzed.

9d 16h 0m Catching a Raichu. Will it work out?

9d 15h 58m Picked up Thunder Ring!

9d 15h 58m Last Moonblast from Gardevoir...

9d 15h 57m Threw a Confuse Guard away! :O

9d 15h 54m Found Thunder Ring. Can't do anything either.

9d 15h 51m We learned from an NPC that one ice gym used way too much electricity that the Power Plant require upgrades.

ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ LATER RIOT ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ

9d 15h 42m Couldn't pick up X Specials too!

9d 15h 38m Cyan is still touring the Power Plant.

9d 15h 35m Obtained TM94 Crystal Bolt!

[Fluff] We don't have an Electabuzz anyway.

9d 15h 28m Found Electirizer, but item bag is full. Couldn't pick it up!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Just a tiny reminder that the Elite 4 was defeated 4 hours ago. Updater is still open for victory riots. Kappa

9d 15h 22m Caught a ♀ Lv. 29 Manectric! Nickname: OONNNNNOON

9d 15h 20m Miller levelled up to 64!

[Info] Current music: Kalos Power Plant

9d 15h 16m Caught a Lv. 25 Magnemite! Nickname: <3spaces>:vvv:ll

[Info] Miller is at red HP, but still holding on from low-leveled-mon attacks.

9d 15h 11m Entered the Power Plant (again).

9d 15h 7m Caught a ♂ Lv. 17 Abra! No nickname!

9d 15h 6m Having explored enough of the gym, Cyan continues to Route 60.

[Fluff] "They don't let just any guy hang out here. Only the best is allowed to chill."

Riiiight, Lucas...

[Info] Current music: Celadon City GSC

[Info] Apparently Lois is Erika's twin sister.

9d 15h 2m Loitering around the gym, thinking what's next.

[Fluff] 10th badge hype!

9d 14h 59m Obtained Sprout Badge and TM19 Giga Drain!

[Snark] I blinked. What just happened?

9d 14h 58m The last Venusaur used Earthquake, but it wasn't enough. Gardevoir took it down and Lois is defeated!

9d 14h 58m Victreebel and Leafeon also knocked down!

9d 14h 57m Exeggutor and Tangrowth down!

9d 14h 56m Gardevoir up to Level 63!

[Chat] ProjectRevoTPP : Alolan Erika Kappa

9d 14h 56m Engaged Gym Leader Lois!

9d 14h 55m It takes down Breloom and Ludicolo. Trainer defeated!

9d 14h 54m Tangrowth did serious damage but was eventually down. Next Breloom knocks out Lopunny! Gardevoir sent out.

9d 14h 53m Returned to the gym to face Cooltrainer Lucas! Lopunny against Tangrowth.

9d 14h 51m Back in the Poké Center and healed!

9d 14h 50m Ninetales makes it easy. Lass Roxy defeated!

9d 14h 48m Ampharos switched out, but enemy Exeggutor used Sleep Powder and put it to sleep. A few more attacks later, Ampharos faints!

9d 14h 47m Gardevoir took a serious hit, was poisoned and is now fainted!

9d 14h 46m Facing Lass Roxy. Venusaur took down Lopunny!

9d 14h 45m Lopunny is now Level 61! Lass Lucia defeated!

[Fluff] Wow, we sure are sweeping up the gyms fast...

And yes, for those who just joined, the E4 victory was over 3 hours ago.

9d 14h 43m In the Moraga gym and engaged a Lass trainer!

9d 14h 40m Healed at the Poké Center!

9d 14h 39m Entered Moraga Town!

9d 14h 34m Found 2 Fast Balls!

9d 14h 33m In the Power Plant.

9d 14h 28m Now at Route 61.

[Fluff] Wild Shinx! PogChamp

[Info] Chester: ... Another way to get to Eagulou is an connecting to Moraga. I hope that's not blocked off either!

9d 14h 25m Tyranitar took out Camerupt and Carnivine. Trainer defeated!

9d 14h 23m The camel used chemical weapon Sarin to bring Ninetales down!

9d 14h 21m Blastoise down, Camerupt up.

9d 14h 21m Gentleman Chester wants to fight! Ninetales vs Blastoise.

9d 14h 19m "Route 62. Path to many cities."

[Snark] Thanks sign.

[Info] Ninetales now leads.

9d 14h 16m Last mon Machamp went down. Trainer defeated!

9d 14h 16m Y4 is switched out, bring down Kangaskhan and Golem, and raised to Level 86!

9d 14h 15m Two outrages later, Amphy fainted!

9d 14h 14m Facing Blackbelt Fu! Ampharos against Kangaskhan.

9d 14h 11m Ampharos switched out and swept away the enemy. Sage defeated!

9d 14h 10m Gardevoir fainted!

9d 14h 9m Engaged Sage Gorou! Gardevoir against Victreebel.

[Info] Current music: Route 24 HGSS

9d 14h 9m At Route 62.

9d 13h 59m Caught a ♂ Lv. 27 Pidgeotto! Nickname: VVVVVVV//V

9d 13h 56m Gardevoir switches in, finishes the match and grew to Level 62! Forgot Icy Wind and learned Moonblast!

9d 13h 54m Facing Sage Taro! Lopunny was too weak to continue and fainted to enemy attack!

9d 13h 51m Anyway the enemy was slammed down. Sage defeated!

9d 13h 51m Weepinbell down, Victreebel out and poisons Lopunny!

9d 13h 50m Engaged Sage Osamu! Lopunny against Weepinbell.

9d 13h 48m Finally Lopunny joins the Level 60 Club! Did not learn Hi Jump Kick!

9d 13h 42m Caught a ♀ Lv. 28 Venomoth! Nickname: PPPPGGGGGG

9d 13h 40m Found Sitrus Berries in a ball, but couldn't pick them up!

[Info] Current music: Route 2 GSC

9d 13h 39m Entering Castro Forest.

9d 13h 36m Back in Castro to find our bearings.

[Info] Less than 20000 inputs more to the millionth. ;)

9d 13h 34m Blocked! "This place is quarantined for now."

9d 13h 32m Back north to Route 58.

9d 13h 29m Exited the dump building.

9d 13h 27m Obtained 3 Ultra Balls but couldn't pick up a Magnet due to full items slot.

9d 13h 25m NPC: What? This dump is being renovated. I am on break, so please let me be.


[Info] Current music: Ice Path

9d 13h 23m In a building on the southeast side.

9d 13h 20m Back in Castro Valley.

[Info] Current music: Route 3 GSC

9d 13h 18m Out of the jetty area and into Route 58.

9d 13h 13m An NPC even wonders if they still make those tickets.

9d 13h 11m Couldn't ride the Arcade Ferry. No ticket. ;_;

[Info] Current party order: Lopunny59, Gardevoir61, Ampharos61, Ninetales84, Tyranitar76, Azumarill85.

[Info] Current music: Vermilion City GSC

9d 13h 6m Healed in the Castro Valley Poké Center!

[Fluff] Maybe Metronome will be back in the next demo session?

9d 13h 3m Anarchy returns!

9d 13h 2m [D] Lopunny forgot Metronome and learned Body Slam!

[Fluff] Add one to the Body Slam counter, guys.

9d 12h 59m [D] Browsing the TM/HM menu.

9d 12h 57m [D] Switched Lopunny to the front, Gardevoir second.

9d 12h 55m [D] Switched party order between Gardevoir and Ninetales.

9d 12h 52m Democracy

9d 12h 50m Got the Super Rod

9d 12h 41m Outside.

9d 12h 40m Machamp down to Ninetales, defeated Koji, got the Fist Badge and TM01

9d 12h 39m Tyranitar down

9d 12h 39m Gardevoir down

9d 12h 36m A Machamp, Amph down

9d 12h 35m Ampharos to 61, Hitmonchan in

9d 12h 34m Switched to Lopunny. Metronome used, Cross Chop, doesn't do much. Ice Punch used on us, another Matronome, Sleep Powder, doesn't affect, Ice Punch on us again, Metronome, Dark Pulse, Gallade flinched, Metronome, Substitute, too weak, Ice Punch, Lopunny down

[Chat] SnowWarning: Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower. Flamethrower.

9d 12h 33m Haiyama down, Ninetales to 84, Hitmonlee in, Hitmonlee down, Gallade in

9d 12h 32m It's Koji the Gym Leader. Ninetales against Hariyama.

9d 12h 29m In a Gym. Fighting a Gym trainer. There was Lucario, it's gone, Machamp, that's gone, Hitmontop, this's gone. Camper Tanner defeated.

9d 12h 27m Surfing around Outside.

9d 12h 26m In the Pokémon center.

9d 12h 25m Got a Gold Token

9d 12h 24m Castro Valley.

9d 12h 19m Exited the Cave. I'm not sure where we are.

9d 12h 13m TM66 Rock Slide

[Fluff] The Wild battle music has changed, we are Back in Rijon.

9d 12h 12m In another part of the cave, with different music. There is an Item.

9d 12h 6m Sun Stone, Item Pocket is full. Got Coal.

9d 12h 5m Got 5 Mining Picks. We talk to the wall. Received Gold Dust

9d 12h 4m Used some PP Up on Lopunny and possibly Amph?

9d 11h 59m There are some Mining Picks, we cannot pick them up due to All Those Items We Just Bought.

[Info] So after some ✧゚・:Not So Simple Mathematics,:・゚✧ I chalked the bought item count up to 973 Poké Balls, 43 Potions, 81 Antidotes. Miiight be off, apologies.

[Chat] Battleslash: Rijon region Kappa

9d 11h 55m Gave Rijon Pass to the Guard.

9d 11h 52m Ladder leading down. In a 2D style room thing.

9d 11h 50m In the Something Tunnel cave or other

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ LATE DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

9d 11h 42m We're outside. Getting the entire amount of what we bought might take some time..

9d 11h 33m Bought 86 Poké Balls and 49 potions

9d 11h 32m Outside.

9d 11h 29m Talk to him, nuthin hppened.

9d 11h 28m We are in a building. Appears there is Elm here? Maybe? We decide to interact with the back shelf which has a lot of difficult books.

9d 11h 23m Game resumed. In Caper City, we surf.

ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ cheer x3 ヽ(• ͜ •)ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ THREE CHEERS FOR CYAN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 11h 20m Got the Rijon Pass. And now, teleported back to the Hall of Fame. Ninetales, Lopunny, Ampharos, Gardevoir, Tyranitar, Azumarill in the Hall of Fame. Credits roll.

[Fluff] Looks like a flashback moment.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ URN STATUS: TEH ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 11h 19m We're back at the camp at the start of the game? With Lance and our mother.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 11h 19m Hyper Beam used on us while we Aqua Jet, CHARIZARD DOWN, LANCE DEFEATED, TEH URN ON ATTEMPT 36

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 11h 18m CHARIZARD IN, Hydro Pump out of PP.

9d 11h 18m Flygon sent in. Hyper Beam used, we use Hydro Pump, and another, Flygon DOWN.

9d 11h 17m Altaria sent in. It uses Double Team, Surf hits, doesn't do much. Hyper Beam used on Azum, tanks it. Another Surf. And another, now we use Hydro Pump. Altaria DOWN

9d 11h 16m Thunder Wave on Azumarill, Gyarados used Waterfall on us, we use Surf on it. Repeat. And again, but we are paralysed. Once more, Gyarados down.

9d 11h 15m Azumarill sent in, Surf, used, Outrage does not effect Azumarill. Messed around in the Menu CONFUSE GUARD for a bit, Garchomp down, Gyarados in.

9d 11h 14m Lopunny in. Drain Punch used. It's a crit, and doesn't do much. Chomp uses Swords Dance. Another Drain Punch. Garchomp uses Outrage, Lopunny down.

9d 11h 13m Rock Smash used on Salamence, Dragon Claw on Tyranitar, Body Slam takes out Salamence, Tyranitar to 76, Garchomp in. Body Slam misses, Tyranitar down to Earthquake

9d 11h 13m Ninetales down.. Tyranitar in

9d 11h 13m Fighting Lance. Ninetales against Salamence.

[Fluff] Cyan having a bit of trouble taking to her dad.

[Fluff] Party status: Everyone alive except for Ampharos. Ninetales and Gardevoir in yellow health, Tyranitar in red, Azumarill and Lopunny in green.

9d 11h 7m Leafeon down, Weezing in. Crunch used, Weezing down. Houndoom in, Crunch used, Houndoom down, Mura defeated

9d 11h 7m Tyranitar FINALLY takes out Ludicolo. Leafeon in now.

9d 11h 4m Oh we switched into Ninetales.

[Fluff] Sleep fest. ResidentSleeper

9d 11h 1m Stuck in a loop of Rest and Metronome.-

OH. Lopunny uses Metronome, and conjures up REST.

9d 11h 0m Lopunny in.

9d 10h 58m Gardevoir against Tyranitar, it goes dow, Ludicolo in, Gardevoir uses Tri Attack on it, takes a Hydro Pump, uses Tri Attack again, Hydro Pump misses, we switch into Ampharos, Ludicolo uses Rest, full HP. Thunder misses. Ludicolo uses Sleep Talk, then Rest, Thunder misses again, AND AGAIN. Ludicolo wakes up, Hydro Pump, ANOTHER THUNDER MISS, another Hydro Pump, THUNDER MISS 5 and FINALLY it hits. Ludicolo on under half HP, paralyzed, Amph down to Giga Drain

9d 10h 57m Tyranitar in.

9d 10h 57m Tyranitar was switched into, uses Sky Attack, doesn't do much at all. Rock Smash used on Fearow, takes damage from Sandstorm, another Rock Smash , it goes down.

9d 10h 55m Against Mura, Ninetales versus Fearow.

[Fluff] Now back to Cyan updating about Cyan.

9d 10h 53m Easy work on Rhyperior. Y4 to Level 85! Daichi defeated!

9d 10h 53m Steelix and Donphan too!

[Fluff] Y4 IS URF BORT

9d 10h 51m Rhydon and Flygon down.

9d 10h 50m Fifi used Hypnosis before being switched out with Y4.

[Info] There's no more Flamethrower on Fifi.

9d 10h 49m Engaged Daichi! Fifi against Rhydon.

9d 10h 46m Swept by Ninetales, Sora was defeated!

9d 10h 45m Gliscor and Pidgeot also went down! Ninetales now at Level 83!

9d 10h 43m (Dragon) Dancing doesn't work, enemy Gyarados down from its burn.

9d 10h 43m Facing Sora! Ninetales against Gyarados.

9d 10h 41m A series of flamethrowers later, first trainer Yuki was defeated!

9d 10h 39m Attempt #36 starts!

[Meta] Dinner. Updates will either pause, or not. I am not sure. Sorry for the inconvenience either way.

9d 10h 35m Gardevoir down, white out, attempt 35 over.

9d 10h 34m Gardevoir in, Max Potion on Leafeon, Icy Wind takes it out. Houndoom in

9d 10h 33m Ludicolo down, Leafeon in, Tyranitar on 1HP to poison, Leafeon prepares SolarBeam, Tyranitar down. All that's left is Gardevoir

9d 10h 32m Azumarill down, our own Tyranitar in.

9d 10h 31m Azumarill in, Tyranitar down, Ludicolo in.

9d 10h 30m Fearow down. Tyranitar in. Amph uses Thunder on it, Amph down to Earthquake

9d 10h 29m Fighting Mura. Ampharos against Fearow

9d 10h 27m Steelix down to Aqua Jets, Daichi defeated.

9d 10h 25m Switched into Azum. Who proceeds to Surf. Rhydon down, Donphan in, Surf used. Another, it goes down, next in is Rhyperior in, it is down, Flygon in now. It also goes down to Surf, but not before pulling off a crit Earthquake. Azum to 84, Steelix in.

9d 10h 24m Daichi, Ampharos against Rhydon.

9d 10h 20m Altaria down. Sora defeated

9d 10h 20m Tyranitar to 75, Altaria in.

9d 10h 19m Rock Slide used on Gliscor. It uses Swords Dance. Rock Slide, misses. Tyranitar is Poisoned.

9d 10h 18m Switched to Tyranitar. Pidgeot uses Brave Bird. Barely does anything. Pidgeot down, Gliscor in.

9d 10h 18m Had to refresh. Pidgeot in on Sora's side, Azumarill is Cursed, presumably we fought Drifblim already.

9d 10h 15m Metronome : Tri Attack. Waterfall used on Lopunny. Next Metronome : Power Ballad. Another Waterfall. Another Metronome : Roar. Gyarados uses Dragon Dance. Metronome again : Rest. Gyarados uses Waterfall, Lopunny still asleep, another Waterfall, Lopunny down. Azumarill in

9d 10h 15m Fighting Sora with Lopunny against Gyarados

9d 10h 13m Weavile down, Glaceon in, Glaceon down, Ninetales down to recoil, Yuki defeated

9d 10h 12m Ya uh. Mamoswine, Glalie, Froslass down, Ninetales to 82, Weavile in

[Chat] Crayolan: Tfw run is over from the first turn LUL

9d 10h 11m Attempt 35, Yuki. Standard same two out at front. But, Ninetales uses Flare Blitz instead of Flamethrower (and continues to do so)wow okay

9d 10h 1m Another Crunch. Gyarados in the yellow, uses Thunder Wave on Tyranitar, Sandstorm hits Gyarados, Crunch on Gyarados, it goes down, next in is Flygon. It uses Outrage, we are fully PRLZ, another outrage, another Crunch or whatever, Flygon down. Charizard in. Uses Dragon Claw, Crunch used on it, Tyranitar DOWN to Hyper Beam. White out, Attempt 34 over.

9d 10h 0m Crunch used. Salamence in the yellow. Uses Dragon Claw. Doesn't do much. In the red from Sandstorm, down to another Crunch. Garchomp in. Uses Sandstorm, Crunch, CRIT OHKO, Gyarados in next.

9d 10h 0m Fighting Lance. With one Pokémon, our full HP Tyranitar.

9d 9h 57m So we send in our own Tyranitar, uses Rock Smash, Mura defeated.

9d 9h 57m Azumarill down to Sandstorm oh nooo

9d 9h 56m More! Strength! More! Strength!

9d 9h 55m After Mura heals Leafeon, we decide that Surf isn't a very good idea. So, we Strength. Twice, Leafeon down, Azumarill to 83, Tyranitar in. We stay on Strength, doesn't do much. Neither does its Earthquake to us.

9d 9h 54m ...Surf used. Leafeon sets up with Sunny Day, o boy. We Surf again, barely does anything, Azum hit with Solar Beam, doesn't do much. More Surfs used.

9d 9h 54m Weezing in now. Uses Surf, puts it in the yellow. It uses Mustard Gas, doesn't do much. Another Surf, Weezing down. Leafeon in.

9d 9h 53m Ludicolo down, Houndoom in, Gardevoir down, Azumarill in, uses Surf, Houndoom down.

9d 9h 51m Fighting Mura. Fearow against Gardecoir, uses Icy Wind, uses Speed lower + Agility AI tactics. Another Icy wind, it goes down, Gardevoir to 61. Ludicolo in

9d 9h 50m Flygon down, Rhyperior in, also down, Daichi defeated.

9d 9h 49m (Rhydon and) Steelix down, Azumarill to 82. Donphan in, crit Surf still doesn't break Sturdy, but another one takes it down. Next, Flygon. More Surf.

9d 9h 48m Azumarill in. Sweep commence.

9d 9h 47m Against Daichi with Ampharos fighting Rhydon. Amph... Outrages. Again. Then faints to Earthquake.

9d 9h 46m In the next room now.

9d 9h 45m Drifblim in now, hits itself in confusion. Shadow Ball used on Ampharos, who after breaking through confusion, uses Outrage more and more. Drifblim down, Sora defeated.

9d 9h 44m Outrage used, is a crit, Pidgeot in the yellow. Uses Mirror Move, Ampharos doesn't take much damage, another Outrage, Pidgeot down, Ampharos to 60, Altaria in, another Outrage, Dragon Claw on us, more Outrage. Finally, it is confused. Outrage again and Altaria goes down.

9d 9h 43m Ampharos in. FRY THESE FLYING FIENDS

9d 9h 42m Pidgeot in now. Metronome, Thunder Wave, lowers speed but raises speed with Agility anyway. Metronome, Ghost-type attack, another Agility, another Metronome, Substitute. Lopunny down to a Toxic I forgot to mention whoop

9d 9h 42m Ninetales down to Gliscor, Lopunny sent in, Metronomes up Thunder, doesn't affect. Another Metronome, Night Shade, Gliscor down.

9d 9h 41m Fighting Sora now, Ninetales against Gyarados.

9d 9h 39m Glaceon down, Yuki defeated.

9d 9h 39m Froslass in, and down.

9d 9h 38m Weavile in, and down. Expect anything different?

9d 9h 38m Fighting Yuki, Ninetales against Mamoswine. Assume this is the standard from now on, until a party order change or w/e. Mamoswine down, Glalie down.

9d 9h 36m So we entered the Ice Room again for Attempt 34.

[Chat] threefourthstime: dad took our money NotLikeThis

9d 9h 32m Salamence down, Tyranitar to 74. Garchomp in. Tyranitar down to Earthquake, white out, attempt 33 over.

9d 9h 31m LANCE. Salamence against Tyranitar.

[Chat] GlaceonMyst: Can't read the screen BabyRage

[Fluff] Fair amount of meme-ote donations been happening recently.

9d 9h 29m OHKO with Crunch, Mura defeated.

9d 9h 29m Opponent's Tyranitar down, Leafeon in next.

9d 9h 28m Tyranitar in, Max Potion used on Weezing, survives Crunch but goes down to automatic Sandstorm, now fighting Mura's Tyranitar. Crunch used on it, doesn't do much, it uses Earthquake, we don't take much damage. Another crunch, another earthquake.

9d 9h 28m Azumarill down to a crit Mustard Gas

9d 9h 27m Gardevoir down, Azumarill in next.

9d 9h 27m Houndoom down, Weezing in.

9d 9h 26m Houndoom sent in.

9d 9h 26m Icy Wind does not do much at all, Hydro Pump used on Ludicolo. We use Psychic on it, its Hydro Pump misses, a final Signal Beam takes Ludicolo out.

9d 9h 25m Fearow down to Icy Wind. Ludicolo in now.

9d 9h 24m Versus Mura, Fearow against Gardevoir.

9d 9h 23m It went down and Daichi was defeated. We're at Mura now.

9d 9h 22m Rhyperior in now.

9d 9h 21m Steelix down, Flygon in, more Surfs used. Another Earthquake, we survive with 10HP, and then try to use the out-of-PP Hydro Pump. Then back to Surf. Flygon down.

9d 9h 20m Rhydon? more like RhyDOWN. Donphan? More like DOWNphan-- sturdy darnit. Azum takes an Earthquake and Donphan faints, Steelix in now.

9d 9h 19m Ampharos down, Azumarill sent in. Recovers with leftovers, proceeds to surf.

9d 9h 19m Fighting Daichi, Ampharos against Rhydon.

9d 9h 17m Entered the next room.

9d 9h 15m We switch to Tyranitar! We manage to Crunch Altaria to death. Azumarill levels up to 81 and Sora is defeated!

9d 9h 15m One Hydro Pump means one KO, but Altaria won't go down easily.

9d 9h 14m We use Hydro Pump a few times and KO Pidgeot. Curse continues to chip away at our health while we face off against Gliscor.

9d 9h 13m Against Drifblim! We use Hydro Pump and we get cursed! The Curse actually KOs Drifblim.

9d 9h 13m Gyarados used Dragon Dance, but we switch to Hypnosis. We continue to use Hypnosis and Gyarados wakes up and KOs Ninetales! Go Azumarill!

9d 9h 12m Well we use Flamethrower twice and get hit with Waterfall. Then shit hits the fan.

9d 9h 11m Facing Sora now! We battle our Ninetales against Gyarados! Which will win this epic duel of fates?

9d 9h 8m Okay, we're switching to Azumarill now. We use Surf to finish off Glaceon and Ninetales levels up to 81! Defeated Yuki!

9d 9h 8m We pull out a Megahorn from that before Ice Beam KOs Lopunny! Go Ninetales!

9d 9h 7m Welp we sent out Lopunny by accident. We used Metronome and right after Glaceon Hailed, we Sandstormed.

9d 9h 7m We were a bit off track in the menus for a bit, but luckily we're back to spamming Flamethrower.

9d 9h 5m Facking Yuki! We'll let Ninetales take the stand and sweep up the fiery trash.

[Info] Party order: Ninetales80, Lopunny59, Ampharos59, Gardevoir60, Tyranitar73, Azumarill80.

9d 9h 1m Run 33 has commenced!

9d 8h 59m Back in Anarchy!

9d 8h 58m [D] We swapped Lopunny and Azumarill!

9d 8h 56m [D] We gave our Shiny Ball to Loopunny in exchange for our Brick Piece.

9d 8h 55m [D] Tossed our Great Balls and Ultra Balls.

9d 8h 54m Tossed the rest of our Pokeballs!

9d 8h 52m [D] Tossed 99 Pokeballs!

9d 8h 49m [D] Democracy activated!

9d 8h 46m We've entered the centre and are voting for Democracy.

9d 8h 45m We ran away from the building due to wanting to actually do demo.

9d 8h 41m We switch to Strength, but two more Sarins (and a Max Potion) seals Azumarill's fate! White Out! Rip run 32!

9d 8h 40m Let's throw Pokeballs at this point while Sarin paralyzes us and slowly crushes our hopes and dreams.

9d 8h 38m We're hit with Mustard Gas and faint! Last mon left is Azumarill!

9d 8h 38m Against Weezing, we switch to Gardevoir. It gets hit with a Sludge Bomb, and while we try to use Signal Beam to KO it, it doesn't do any damage.

9d 8h 37m We send out Azumarill, who uses Surf and disposes of the dark dog. Azumarill levels up to 80! Tied levels with Ninetales!

9d 8h 36m We use Outrage again, confuse ourselves, and then hit ourselves. We get hit with two Flamethrowers and faint.

9d 8h 36m We send out Ampharos who finishes off Tyranitar with Outrage. Our next opponent is Houndoom!

9d 8h 35m Tyranitar faints to an Earthquake! Welp this run turned sour fast.

9d 8h 34m ...throwing Pokeballs is fun guys! Lopunny faints! Go Tyranitar!

9d 8h 34m We finally KO Ludicolo and now we're up against Tyranitar. We send back out Lopunny to take in an Earthquake.

9d 8h 33m We instead switch to Tyranitar and get a little rekt by a Hydro Pump. Dammit we're throwing Pokeball again.

9d 8h 32m Against Ludicolo now, we peace and instead bring out our Lopunny. Solid switch. Let's see how we recover.

9d 8h 31m We use Surf twice and KO Fearow. It's funny because Fearow used Agility to go faster than us but then did nothing significant with the advantage.

9d 8h 31m Against Mura now! We send out Azumarill against Fearow!

9d 8h 29m We use Surf initially, then realize throwing Rocks at a flying bug could be a good idea. The Strength KOs Flygon and we defeat Daichi.

9d 8h 28m Flygon is out now and we spasm with the menus.

9d 8h 27m We switch to Surf and 2HKO Donphan. Againt Rhyperior. We OHKO Surf.

9d 8h 26m Against Steelix now, we use Aqua Jet and still 2HKO a mon that usually has Sturdy.

9d 8h 26m We use Aqua Jet and still KO Rhydon. Azumarill levels up to 79!

9d 8h 25m Facing Daichi! We send out Azumarill against Rhydon!

9d 8h 22m Altaria gets a Max Potion, and after a few Strengths we finally defeat Altaria and Sora.

[Streamer] FlareSilverblood: CHEATER BabyRage

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @FlareSilverblood nope, 4pm

9d 8h 21m We go back to Surfing while Altaria stacks its stats with a Dragon Dance!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppPokeball

9d 8h 20m Our Surfs aren't doing too much. Let's try our Pokeballs. That'll work.

9d 8h 19m We finish Pidgeot off with Hydro Pump. Final mon Altaria up to bat!

9d 8h 18m We use Surf and get hit by Brave Bird. Currently fiddling with menus.

9d 8h 18m A Hydro Pump finishes off Drifblim. Against Pidgeot now.

9d 8h 17m We send out Azumarill! We use Surf and KO him. Against Drifblim now, we use Surf and then a Pokeball.

9d 8h 16m We use Flamethrower one last time before fainting to Earthquake!

9d 8h 16m Meanwhile WE CLUTCH WITH 1 HP AND KO GYARADOS!

9d 8h 16m We use Flamethrower twice and almost KO Gyarados. We'll get there.

9d 8h 16m Against Sora! We send out Ninetales against Gyarados!

9d 8h 14m And we defeated Yuki.

9d 8h 12m Facing Yuki! Ninetales, go!

9d 8h 8m And we immediately entered run 32. We had demo house but oh well.

9d 8h 7m Against Weezing. We get KOed immediately! White Out! Rip Run 31!

9d 8h 7m Meanwhile two Flamethrowers give us critical health standing. We use Signal Beam to KO Houndoom.

9d 8h 6m We use Tri Attack to mixed results. We cut its HP in half before switching to Signal Beam.

9d 8h 4m We swap to Ampharos and get annihilated by Flamethrower! Go Gardevoir!

9d 8h 3m Gardevoir goes out with Icy Wind and KOs Ludicolo. Against Houndoom now.

9d 8h 2m Now we swap to Lopunny. It doesn't go too well, and we have to send him back in.

9d 8h 1m We send out Azumarill and immediately get KOed by Hydro Pump! Go Ampharos!

9d 8h 0m We use Icy Wind to finish him off and level Gardevoir up to 60! Against Ludicolo!

9d 7h 59m We throw a Pokeball instead of KOing Tyranitar, and fall to 33 HP. Another Pokeball throw and we faint to Tyranitar's Earthquake! Go Gardevoir!

9d 7h 59m Crunch KOs Fearow, and now we're on Tyranitar. We Crunch, it Earthquakes. Rinse and repeat my friend.

9d 7h 58m We swap to Gardevoir, and then to Tyranitar! We get hit by a Sky Attack.

9d 7h 57m Facing E4 Mura! We send out Azumarill against Fearow!

[Info] Azumarill has taken down two E4 members consecutively atm. How do you even?

[Meta] Okay, for anyone not watching this live, you need to watch the vods!

9d 7h 55m We use another Surf, level up to 78 and defeat Daichi!

9d 7h 55m We use Surf, it hangs on with Sturdy, and WE CLUTCH WITH 4 HP AFTER AN EARTHQUAKE! HOLY SHIT!!

9d 7h 54m Against Rhyperior now, we OHKO it with Surf. Final mon Steelix is up next.

9d 7h 54m Our Surf does half health, which is nice because we're in the Reds after Flygon's Earthquake. Another Surf KOs the Flygon.

9d 7h 53m After starting a Sandstorm, Donphan faints to another Surf. Against Flygon now.

9d 7h 53m We face Rhydon and immediately OHKO it with Surf. We're against Donphan now and it hangs on with Sturdy.

9d 7h 52m Facing Daichi now! Another Azumarill sweep coming right up!

9d 7h 50m We continue to use Surf, and then we switch to Strength. That manages to KO Azumarill and defeated Sora. Azumarill sweep because why not?

9d 7h 49m Against Altaria now, its main method of attack is Sky Attack. It only gets it off once before we almost KO it and Altaria gets a Max Potion.

9d 7h 48m Now we're against Pidgeot. We use Surf, we get Mirror-Moved. Another Surf KOs Pidgeot and levels up Azumarill to level 77!

9d 7h 48m We get hit with Thunderbolt and return with Hydro Pump. Down to 1/3 health before we KO Drifblim with Surf.

9d 7h 47m Sora swaps to Gliscor, which works for us! We use Strength and Surf to KO Gliscor. Against Drifblim again.

9d 7h 46m After two more Strengths Gyarados faints. Against Drifblim now.

9d 7h 45m Strength does some decent damage, but throwing Pokeballs do not.

9d 7h 45m Facing Sora! We send out Azumarill against Gyarados!

9d 7h 41m Yeah we're getting even more off track. We switched to Flare Blitz, which means we KOed Froslass but we KOed ourselves with recoild! Defeated Yuki!

9d 7h 38m We got a bit off track and threw some Pokeballs.

9d 7h 36m Facing Yuki! We send out Ninetales to sweep the trash.

9d 7h 31m And hello run 31!

9d 7h 30m We tried with a Rock Smash, but Dragon Claw KOs us! Black Out! Rip Run 30!

9d 7h 30m Facing Lance! We send out Tyranitar against Salamence!

[Fluff] Extreme Makeover: Challenge Room Edition!

[Chat] is freaking out a bit because the room seems to have had a make over between ROM versions.

9d 7h 27m Rock Slide also OHKOs. This throwaway run is going to Lance, as we defeated Mura!

9d 7h 26m We use Rock Slide, crit, and OHKO. Now we're with Houndoom.

9d 7h 26m Tyranitar levels up to 73! Against Leafeon now.

9d 7h 25m We send out Tyranitar! Weezing gets Max Potion'd! We reduce its health with Rock Slide, and a second one KOs our foe.

9d 7h 24m We use Surf and get hit with a nasty Mustard Gas that burns us. We faint from the burn!

9d 7h 24m We send out Azumarill! We use Surf once to KO the imposter Tyranitar. Facing off against Weezing now.

9d 7h 23m We send out Gardevoir and use Icy Wind. We get hit with two Crunches and faint!

9d 7h 22m Against Tyranitar! We hit ourselves in confusion, then Ampharos falls to an Earthquake.

9d 7h 21m We use Power Gem and get his with Hydro Pump. Then we're hit with a Giga Drain. We switch to Outrage and KO Ludicolo!

9d 7h 21m We get quickly rekt. Go Ampharos!

9d 7h 21m We swap to Lopunny and we throw Pokeballs. Yay Pokeballs!

9d 7h 19m Against Ludicolo. We aren't doing anything atm.

9d 7h 16m We use Surf to finish Fearow off and Azumarill levels up to 76!

9d 7h 14m We use Aqua Jet and then a Pokeball. Because reasons.

9d 7h 12m Facing Mura! We send out Azumarill against Fearow.

9d 7h 10m Donphan survives our Surf with Sturdy but can't survive another one! Defeated Daichi!

9d 7h 9m 2HKO Surf. Rhyperior. OHKO Surf. Donphan. Minimalism updates.

9d 7h 8m We get hit by a few Earthquakes but 3HKO Flygon with Surf. Now it's Steelix.

9d 7h 8m We use Surf and OHKO him. Against Flygon now.

9d 7h 7m Now we're against Daichi! Azumarill vs Rhydon!

9d 7h 4m Drifblim also goes down easily. Defeated Sora!

9d 7h 4m Azumarill levels up to 75! We OHKOed Gliscor and Altaria with Crunch. Same thing with Pidgeot.

9d 7h 3m We swap to Tyranitar, which gets decimated by Waterfall, but manages to survive and Crunch Gyarados to death.

9d 7h 0m We get slammed with an Earthquake. Actually it doesn't do much damage against us, like Surf not doing much damage on Gyarados.

9d 7h 0m Facing Sora! We send out Azumarill against Gyarados!

9d 6h 57m Recoil from Flare Blitz KOs Ninetales right as we defeat Yuki!

9d 6h 56m Ninetales grew to level 79! We swap to Hypnosis when facing Glaceon.

9d 6h 56m Oh, we might be in trouble. We're using Flare Blitz instead of Flamethrower.

9d 6h 55m Facing Yuki We'll have a Ninetales sweep today.

[Chat] FaithfulForce : BloodTrail Update: Revo replaced Altaria with a second Dragonite Kappa

9d 6h 50m We start Run 30!

9d 6h 50m The ROM is Reset again! Version 0.11, Build 102

[Chat] "KoolboymanAdam has been banned." SeemsGood

9d 6h 50m The ROM is Reset! Version 0.11, Build 102

Speaking of saves... [Snapple Fact] #700: turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth can save up to 5 gallons of water.

[Dev] KoolboymanAdam: BTW everyone, we haven't done the credits sequence yet. That's unfinished but we're working on it. So don't be surprised if you see the Crystal credits at the end of the game. (2m)

9d 6h 48m The ROM is saved and inputs frozen!

[Chat] mourns another close run in #29...

9d 6h 46m Miller appears on the scene, but is not fast enough. Earthquake hits, but Icy Wind hits harder! Garchomp goes down! Alraria appears! Icy Wind can't hit thanks to Double Team, and two Hyper Beams take us down! BLACKOUT!

9d 6h 45m Amphy appears on the scene and is Outraged at it. Amphy to 59! It tries to learn Crystal Bolt, but does not! Garchomp appears and an earthquake takes Amphy down!

9d 6h 43m Charizard appears and Hyper Beams us! We continues to show off our strength! A second hyper beam nearly takes us out! And a third does! Parahax means we didn't quite take it out...

9d 6h 42m Gyarados thunder waves at us, as we strength some more at it. Waterfall does little damage, healed by Leftovers. It goes down!

9d 6h 42m We surf and Hydro Pump at it. Then we use more strength at it, and finally take it down!

9d 6h 41m And we throw a ball at it. Salemence things that's the perfect time to rest again.

9d 6h 40m Y4 is holding strong against Shadow Claws (helped by the Leftovers). We continue to chip away with Aqua Jet.

9d 6h 40m Y4 is out against Salamence! We Hydro Pump to little effect. Shadow Claw does a bit to us. Strength does more damage to it, than Aqua Jet, but we stick with that. Then it rests.

9d 6h 38m Vs CHAMPION LANCE!

9d 6h 35m Ampharos appears against Houndoom. We are outraged at its flamethrower, and it goes down! We win!

9d 6h 34m IC crunches Leafeon as soon as it appears. Weezing appears next, and nearly gets taken out. Saran Gas paralyzes us, it gets healed, then EXPLODES in our face! IC is down!

9d 6h 33m IC comes out vs TTar (who came out last turn, sorry). A bunch of crunching brings it down!

9d 6h 33m We attempt to roar at it, but a crunch and sandstorm wake EEEE down!

9d 6h 33m Night Slash, Growth, and Crunch finally take it down! EEEE to 59!

9d 6h 32m Ludicolo appears, and we swap for EEEE. The gigadrain doesn't do much, and we Fly with metronome for massive damage. We Dust Devil it as it goes to sleep. We then Psychic it to little effect, as it talks (and misses) in its sleep.

9d 6h 30m Y4 drowns Fearow with a couple surfs.

9d 6h 29m Vs Mura

9d 6h 27m Rhyperior appears and vanishes. Y4 to 74! We win!

9d 6h 26m Flygon appears and takes two surfs to the face.

9d 6h 26m Y4 takes out Steelix in two surfs.

9d 6h 25m Y4 takes out Donphan in two, but a sandstorm is set up.

9d 6h 25m Y4 is next, and surfs the problem away.

9d 6h 25m Rhydon crits an Earthquake an Fifi falls!

9d 6h 24m Fifi (with almost full health) opens against Rhydon, which substitutes a... glitched out sprite.

9d 6h 23m Vs Daichi

9d 6h 22m The first damage to Fifi this run is to itself thanks to Flare Blitz. Altaria goes out in two of those! Sora defeated!

9d 6h 21m Altaria's Sky Attack misses, and it gets healed with a Full Restore. We burned that thing twice. We are now out of Flame Throwers!

9d 6h 21m Fifi takes out Drifblim in 1 flamethrower as well. Still not damaged, by the way.

9d 6h 20m Fifi takes down Gyarados in 2 (thanks to burn), Gliscor in 2 (also burned), and Pidgeot in 1.

9d 6h 18m Vs Sora!

9d 6h 16m Vs Yuki! And that was it. Fifi to Level 78!

[Info] When we chomped at Garchomp, it was doing a Swords Dance. That probably helped it a lot.

9d 6h 9m Run 29 begins!

[Chat] BibleThumps as we mourn the loss of run 28.

9d 6h 9m Gardevoir vs Garchomp!! It earthquakes first, and we don't stand a chance! BLACKOUT!!!

9d 6h 8m Tyranitar vs Garchomp. It gets chomped but it takes out IC with an earthquake! IC is down!

9d 6h 7m Tyranitar vs Salamence! The foe rests as we crunch it down HARD! IC to 72!

9d 6h 6m Ampharos vs Salamence! Dragon claw hurts, and we're outraged about it! But the claw wins! Ampharos down!

9d 6h 6m Vs LANCE!

[Info] Ampharos and Miller at full health, IC has most of his health. 3 Pokémon vs the champion!

9d 6h 3m The chat is declaring a possible urn on our hands as we head into the Champions room!

9d 6h 2m Ttar vs Houndoom. Crunch sweeps in 2.

9d 6h 2m Ttar vs Weezing. Crunch nearly sweeps, but does again after a max potion.

9d 6h 1m Ttar vs Leafeon, swept.

9d 6h 1m Ttar vs Ttar. Crunching does its job!

9d 6h 1m Bunary vs Ttar. Foresight, Absorb doesn't help against his Crunch. *EEEE is down!

9d 6h 0m Bunary vs Ludicolo. Psychic, X-Scissors, Return takes out the opponent!

9d 5h 58m Azumarill vs Ludicolo. We consult the Leaf Stone and PP Up. And we attempt to run. But we decide to surf, to little effect. The opponent's Giga Drain hurts! And renders our damage pointless. Y4 down!

9d 5h 58m Azumarill vs Fearow. Surf sweeps with a crit!

9d 5h 58m Vs Mura!

9d 5h 57m Also we won!

9d 5h 57m Azumarill to 73!

9d 5h 57m Azumarill vs Rhyperior, swept.

9d 5h 56m Azumarill vs Steelix, sturdy sweep.

9d 5h 56m Azumarill vs Donphan, sturdy sweep.

9d 5h 55m Azumarill vs Flygon, swept in 2.

9d 5h 54m Azumarill vs Rhydon, swept.

9d 5h 54m Vs Daichi!

[Fluff] You need a Mining Pick to mine.

[Chat] gets filled with a #TwitchRaid crew suddenly.

9d 5h 52m Also we won!

9d 5h 50m Azumarill vs Altaria. After a full restore, we surf at it a bunch, not doing much damage. Sky Attack flinches us, but we eat food. Finally a Hydro Pump takes it out. Y4 to 72!

9d 5h 50m Ninetails vs Altaria. The curse does its work on us, as does a Sky Attack. Fifi down!

9d 5h 49m Ninetails vs Drifblim. Assisted sweep, taking a curse.

9d 5h 49m Ninetails vs Pidgeot, swept.

9d 5h 48m Ninetails vs Gliscor. Flamethrower takes it out in 2.

9d 5h 48m Ninetails vs Gyarados. Flamethrower takes it out in 3. Fifi to 77!

9d 5h 47m VS Sora

[Snark] Sorry, I looked away for a moment. And by the time I looked back the fight was over.

9d 5h 45m And Yuki defeated!

9d 5h 43m Vs Yuki!

9d 5h 37m Begin Run 28!

9d 5h 35m Gardevoir vs Tyranitar. We attempt to use a Leaf Stone to help the situation, but it doesn't... We Icy Wind at it, while it crunches at us. The sand storm is doing nothing for our health. Miller down! BLACKOUT! Rip run 27...

9d 5h 35m Ampharos vs Tyranitar. Sand stream blacks out the sunlight as he shakes the ground. We're confused, but are outraged too. But not for long. Amphy down!

9d 5h 34m Ampharos vs Tyranitar. Ampharos vs Houndoom. We're outraged that he switched, but Houndoom has a sunny domineer. But we're still outraged and it goes down.

9d 5h 33m Tyranitar vs Tyranitar. Rockslide misses him, earthquake hits us. I!C is down!

9d 5h 32m Ttar vs Ludicolo. Not a good matchup. We're barely doing chip damage with rock smash, while it hits us with water and giga drain. But we bodyslam it into the ground.,

9d 5h 31m Azumarill vs Ludicolo. KappaRoss in the chat as we do chip damage and it takes Y4 down! (Also, I meant "glows" not "flows")

9d 5h 30m Azumarill vs Fearow. Fearow flows after becoming more agile, but we don't care.

9d 5h 30m Vs Mura

9d 5h 29m Azumarill vs Donphan. Can't sweep because of Sturdy. It begins a rollout. We have leftovers on Azumarill, btw. We take it down, and we won!

9d 5h 28m Azumarill vs Rhyperior, swept.

9d 5h 28m Azumarill vs Steelix. Can't sweep because of Sturdy. It brews a sandstorm before we take it out.

9d 5h 27m Azumarill vs Flygon. Trading Surfing Earthquakes. We win that. Y4 to 71!

9d 5h 26m Azumarill vs Rhydon, swept.

9d 5h 25m Vs Daichi

[Chat] bexxxxxxx : TriHard KAPOW GETTING MY PBR FIX

9d 5h 24m Buneary vs Altaria. Altaria is full restored, and Laughing Gas, Thunder Wave, and Self Distruct are Buneary's metronomes. Buneary down, we won!

9d 5h 23m Ninetails vs Altaria. A Sky Attack takes out Fifi!

9d 5h 22m Ninetails vs Drifblim, nearly swept. It placed a curse on us, and got killed in the process.

9d 5h 22m Ninetails vs Pidgeot, swept.

9d 5h 21m Ninetails vs Gliscor. Swords dances can't help against 2 flamethrowers. Fifi to 76!

9d 5h 20m Ninetails vs Gyarados. Flamethrower doesn't quite sweep him, but it does burn him. Dragon Dance + Waterfall hurts back. But it goes down anyway.

9d 5h 20m Vs Sora!

[Fluff/Chat] And now, a word from our sponsors:

FaithfulForce : BloodTrail Korean seaweed is delicious

Thank you. Not actually sponsored by Korean seaweed

[Snark] This E4 updating stuff is easy.

9d 5h 18m Won vs Yuki!

9d 5h 17m Ninetails vs Glaceon, swept.

9d 5h 17m Ninetails vs Weavile, swept.

9d 5h 17m Ninetails vs Froslassman, swept.

9d 5h 17m Ninetails vs Glalie, swept.

9d 5h 16m Ninetails vs Mamoswine, swept.

9d 5h 16m Vs Yuki!

9d 5h 9m Stream back!

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: sonick's internet is having issues
[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: please understand

9d 5h 8m Stream is down!

9d 5h 7m That was 1 turn folks! White out! Rip run 26.

9d 5h 6m VS Lance! Bets on how many turns this will last.

9d 5h 2m We send out Ampharos. We use Thunder, we miss. Flamethrower crits, but we still manage to pull of the KO. Defeated Mura!

9d 5h 1m After Houndoom sets up a Sunny Day and uses Flamethrower a few times, Gardevoir faints!

9d 5h 0m We send out Gardevoir against Houndoom and chat breaks loose. Pokeballs are flying left and right and chat is pissed Ampharos wasn't sent in.

9d 4h 59m We get hit by Mustard Gas and get burnt! Our Crunch weakens. Luckily we're able to get a crit and KO Weezing before Tyranitar faints to the burn!

9d 4h 58m Since Leafeon charged its attack, we can 2HKO it without a scrape. Against Weezing now.

9d 4h 58m Tyranitar grew to level 71! Against Leafeon now.

9d 4h 58m We use Crunch thrice while getting hit by two Earthquakes. Down to half health.

9d 4h 57m We send out Tyranitar, who uses Crunch to finish him off. Against Tyranitar!

9d 4h 57m Azumarill manages to get two Surfs in before fainting to Giga Drain!

9d 4h 56m Since Fearow charges for a Sky Attack, we can 2HKO it with Surf. Against Ludicolo now.

9d 4h 56m Are you guys ready for Mura? We send out Azumarill against Fearow!

[Fluff] I love when the E4 members teleport away. Makes you wonder where their last Pokecenter was.

9d 4h 53m A second Surf seals the deal, and causes us to defeat Daichi!

9d 4h 52m Double crit! Flygon is down, and out goes Donphan. We use Surf and it holds on with Sturdy.

9d 4h 52m Azumarill levels up to 70! Against Flygon now! We use Surf not as effectively, but still you can't complain about a crit.

9d 4h 51m Steelix needs two Surfs due to its Sturdy. It starts up a Sandstorm in the name of Darude.

9d 4h 51m Rhydon goes down to Surf. Rhyperior goes down to Surf. _____ goes down to Surf. Let's play some Mad Libs here.

9d 4h 50m Facing Daichi! Work your magic Azumarill!

9d 4h 48m Defeated Sora! And got a nice meal out of it too.

9d 4h 48m Pidgeot is its next meal, and then soon following is Drifblim.

9d 4h 48m We send out Tyranitar, who goes on a Crunching spree, first with Gliscor then with Altaria.

9d 4h 47m We use Metronome and get Sandstorm. Gliscor KOs us with Earthquake!

9d 4h 47m We send out Buneary, who uses Endure twice cause why not.

9d 4h 46m Against Gliscor now. We use one last Flamethrower before getting KOed by Earthquake!

9d 4h 46m We use Flare Blitz and KO Gyarados, while clutching with 11 HP. Ninetales levels up to 75!

9d 4h 45m We use Flamethrower, get hit with Waterfall, and repeat that process. We actually survive and are set up to KO Gyarados (minus menu troubles)

9d 4h 44m We send out Ninetales to be bait for Gyarados.

9d 4h 44m Now we're against Sora! The real battle begins1

9d 4h 40m Defeated Yuki with ease.

9d 4h 39m Idk, us spamming Flamethrower makes this run pretty lit.

9d 4h 38m Facing Yuki! Using Ninetales, we spam A to victory!

9d 4h 37m We're doing Attempt 26 atm.

9d 4h 32m We go down in one hit! White Out! Rip Attempt 25.

9d 4h 31m VS Lance! We're totally going to make it far. Kappa

9d 4h 29m We send out Gardevoir, who KOs Houndoom with Signal Beam. Defeated Mura!

9d 4h 28m We use Spark, but it isn't enough. Flamethrower KOs Ampharos!

9d 4h 28m We send out Ampharos, who misses a Thunder and gets hit by two Flamethrowers!

9d 4h 26m After using Icy Wind we instead are hit by a Flamethrower. We continue to use Icy Wind.

9d 4h 25m We send out Gardevoir against Houndoom. We don't get hit by a Dark attack luckily.

9d 4h 25m Weezing takes itself and us out with Explosion! KAPOW

9d 4h 24m Our Crunch doesn't quite KO it, and we get hit by Parin and get paralyzed!

9d 4h 24m We OHKO Crunch the grass eevee! Now we're up against Weezing!

9d 4h 24m We didn't learn Outrage. Against Leafeon now.

9d 4h 23m We hang on with 48 HP as we defeat Tyranitar. Tyranitar grew to level 70!

9d 4h 23m Against Tyranitar. We use Crunch, it gets a crit Earthquake on us. Not looking so good.

9d 4h 23m We send out Tyranitar and use Crunch to... crunch our opponents?

9d 4h 22m Against Ludicolo now. It quickly KOs us with Giga Drain!

9d 4h 22m We use Surf as Fearow charges up. Another Surf KOs Fearow before it can even attack.

9d 4h 21m Facing Mura now! We send out Azumarill against Fearow!

[Info] Also you need a mining pick to mine.

[Info] We have 3 fully healed mons and our limping Azumarill still in play.

9d 4h 19m We still KO it however. Daichi is defeated!

9d 4h 19m Flygon isn't hit super-effective against Surf, and as such pulls an Earthquake on us twice, bringing us down to 12 HP.

9d 4h 18m He manages to cast a Darude Sandstorm before fainting. Azumarill levels up to 69!

9d 4h 18m Rhyperior goes down the same way as his brethren. Steelix would join them too if it weren't for Sturdy.

9d 4h 17m What's this? Donphan held on with Sturdy and got a Rollout on us? Not a problem with Leftovers!

9d 4h 17m Press Surf to win. That's our motto today at TPP Incorporated.

9d 4h 16m Fighting Daichi now! We send out Azumarill against Rhydon!

9d 4h 14m And a Crunch OHKOs the balloon. Defeated Sora!

9d 4h 14m After that we have Drifblim. Let's see how we do.

9d 4h 14m 1 Crunch, 1 KO. Pidgeot is next up on the slaughtering line.

9d 4h 13m We Crunch Gliscor! Against Altaria now!

9d 4h 13m We manage to use Waterfall before fainting to a crit Earthquake. Go Tyranitar!

9d 4h 13m Against Gliscor. Metronome grants us Iron Head, while Gliscor starts a Sword Dance.

9d 4h 12m We send out Lopunny and start the Metronome. We actually got Brave Bird and Tri Attack, which KOed Gyarados.

9d 4h 11m Against Sora! We send out Ninetales against Gyarados! Immediately we get KOed by Waterfall!

9d 4h 8m Against Weavile now. We use Flare Blitz once more and OHKO our foe, while taking recoild damage. Defeated Yuki!

9d 4h 8m Okay, we switch to Flare Blitz and KO Glaceon. Azumarill levels up to 68! Ninetales levels up to 74!

9d 4h 7m We try to scroll up to a Fire attack, and accidentally loop. Glaceon wakes up and gets a Max Potion.

9d 4h 6m Against Glaceon. We send Ninetales back out, and use Hypnosis to put Glaceon to sleep.

9d 4h 6m Then we get Confused, hit ourselves, and get hit with Freeze Burn. We KO Froslass with another Hydro Pump.

9d 4h 5m For some reason all our foe wants to do is spam Hail. We don't mind, as we use another Hydro Pump.

9d 4h 4m We whip out the Hydro Pump and after two of them Glalie falls. Against Froslass now.

9d 4h 3m We use Surf and Glalie starts the hail. Also man chat is getting real salty real fast.

9d 4h 2m We proceed to OHKO Mamoswine before we switch to Azumarill to face off against Glalie!

9d 4h 2m Facing Yuki! We send out Ninetales the Destroyer.

[Snapple Fact] #79: There are 119 grooves on the edge of a quarter.

9d 3h 57m Started Run 25!

9d 3h 56m Back in Anarchy!

9d 3h 56m [D] And then chat leaders decided to abort the last minute of Demo.

9d 3h 54m [D] Gave Azumarill Leftovers!

9d 3h 50m [D] We swapped Gardevoir and Lopunny!

9d 3h 46m Democracy has been activated!

9d 3h 44m The demo voting has started!

9d 3h 41m The next demo vote is in 3 mins. Looks like we're going to camp it out.

9d 3h 40m Miller in the yellow, we switch to psychic, ludicol goes down but miller is in the red! Houndoom isout, we use tri attack, the dog uses crunch, Miller faints BLACK OUT!

9d 3h 39m Ludicolo sent out, we cnotinue with icy wind while it uses hydro pump

9d 3h 39m One more and it goes down, Miller to Lv. 59!

9d 3h 39m Miller sent in, we use Icy Wind, Fearow in the red!

9d 3h 38m Miller is the last one standing!

9d 3h 37m E4 faints to sky attack!**

9d 3h 37m E4 vs. fearow!

9d 3h 36m Vs. Mura!

9d 3h 35m We take flygon down with Icy wind, Daichi defeated!

9d 3h 33m Rhyperior goes down Flygon sent in, we continue with Psychich, it's in the yellow!

9d 3h 33m MIller sent in, we uses psychic and take down donphan! Rhyperior sent out, we also go with psychic:!

9d 3h 32m It too survives surf thanks to sturdy, and takes down Y4 with an earthquake!

9d 3h 32m One more Surf and steelix goes down! Donphan sent out!

9d 3h 31m Steelis sent out, we also uses surf but it survives thanks to sturdy! It uses earthquake, Y4 in the red!

9d 3h 31m We use surf, the beast goes down.

9d 3h 31m Y4 vs. Rhydon!

9d 3h 30m Vs. daichi!

9d 3h 27m Drifblim goes down to surf, and Y4 grows to Lv. 67 while we defeat Sora!

9d 3h 26m Y4 sent in! We uses Surf while drifblim thunderbolt us, Y4 in the yellow!

9d 3h 26m Shadow ball, it's in the red, we use Outrage once more, but Ampharos goes down to another shadow ball!

9d 3h 26m Ampharos is confused!

9d 3h 25m We continue with Outrage while it uses Brave Bird on us! it gets paralyzed by static and goes down to a final outrage! Drifblim sent in!

9d 3h 24m Ampharos to Lv. 58! Pidgeot sent in!

9d 3h 24m We use Outrage, altaria goes straight down!

9d 3h 24m Switched to Ampharos!

9d 3h 23m And once more with Drain Punch, while E4 gets hit by a sky attack which sends him to the yellow! We prepare to endure a hit while altaria prepare one more sky attack, which we survie by 1 HP!

9d 3h 22m We uses Drain Punch!

9d 3h 22m One final crunch and the gliscor goes down!! Altaria sent out! IC fainted to poison, E4 is in!

9d 3h 21m Crunch once more, it misses and gliscor earthquake hits home, sending us right into the yellow, while the poison brings us to the red!

9d 3h 21m Gliscor out! We use Crunch too, it's in the red, byt IC is now poisonned!

9d 3h 20m Waterfall does quite a bit of damage, but we take gyarados down with Crunch!

9d 3h 20m IC sent in!

9d 3h 19m We continue on with fire blitz and gyarados is now in the red, but ninetales faints to waterfall!

9d 3h 18m We uses Flare blitz, and are now in the yellow but gyarados is burned while it uses Dragon dance!

9d 3h 18m Ninetales against Gyarados!

9d 3h 17m VS. Sora!

9d 3h 15m Inside the next room.

9d 3h 14m We uses Flamethrower and miss, then once more and Glaceon goes down. Ninetales suffered a bit from the Hail, but Yuki defeated!

9d 3h 13m Glaceon is up against Ninetales now!

9d 3h 13m Froslass sent out, and goes down as well to flamethrower.

9d 3h 13m Weavile sent out! We uses Flamethrower, weavile goes down.

9d 3h 12m But not before it starts a hail!

9d 3h 12m Sent Ninetales back in, Glalie uses Light Screen and we go for Flamethrower! Glalie faints!

9d 3h 11m Glalie is sent out!

9d 3h 11m Ninetales to Lv. 73!

9d 3h 11m One last Surf and it's down!

9d 3h 10m We surf mamoswine while the beast uses earthquake!

9d 3h 10m We switch to Y4!

9d 3h 10m Ninetales against mamoswine!

9d 3h 9m Vs. Yuki!

9d 3h 4m We then quickly reenter the puzzle.

9d 3h 4m We left the puzzle. on the wrong side.

9d 3h 1m Still navigating inside the Ice Puzzle.

9d 2h 50m Starting the Ice Puzzle.

[Info] The inputs are going really... Slowly...

9d 2h 47m And once more we just step back in, starting run 24!

9d 2h 46m Miller uses tri attack while we suffer from Flamethrower! Miller faints, BLACK OUT!

9d 2h 45m Ludicolo sent in! We use Psychic, it's in the yellow and we get hit by Hydro Pump, but answer with a fatal Psychic! Houdoom sent out!

9d 2h 44m We uses psychic, the bird is in the red and it uses agility, Signal beam and it goes down!

9d 2h 44m Miller against fearow!

9d 2h 44m Vs. Mura!

[Info] Miller is the last one standing.

9d 2h 42m One more psychic and rhyperior is down, Miller to Lv. 58 and Daichi defeated!

9d 2h 42m Daichi uses a max potion while we uses psychic!

9d 2h 41m Miller sent in!

9d 2h 41m We continue with rock slides vs earthquake, and Tyranitar faints!

9d 2h 40m Tyranitar sent in! We suffer from earthquake and uses rock slide on rhyperior!

9d 2h 39m E4 sent in! We uses metronome, and get milk drink, the use it once more nly to get sunny day! E4 faints to earthquake!

9d 2h 38m We go for outrage while it uses earthquake, Ampharos faints immediately!

9d 2h 38m Ampharos is out, it takes down Steelix and faces off against rhyperior!

9d 2h 37m It survives surf thanks to sturdy, and earthquake Y4 one final time! Y4 is down!

9d 2h 37m Donphan sent in! It too goes down to surf, but not before making us drop in the yellow with earthquake! Steelix in!

9d 2h 36m We uses surf while it earthquake us, it goes down to 3 surf and we're not yet in the yellow!

9d 2h 36m Y4 to Lv. 66 Flygon sent in!

9d 2h 36m Surf, and the rhydon goes down!

9d 2h 35m Y4 against a rhydon!

9d 2h 35m Vs. Daichi!

9d 2h 34m Altaria sent in, we uses psychic twice and it goes down! Sora defeated!

9d 2h 33m Drifblim is in the red due to flamethrower though, as we send Miller in to finish it off with Psychic!

9d 2h 33m Shadow ball and Ninetales faints!

9d 2h 32m Ninetales in the yellow due to poison, pidgeot faints to flamethrower, a burn, and a brave bird recoil. Drifblim in!

9d 2h 31m Gliscor in, and in the yellow to flamethrower! Ninetales poisonned by toxic! Gliscor goes down to another flamethrower, pidgeot is out!

9d 2h 31m Flamethrower barely scratches the fish, it respond with waterfalls! we continue wit flamethrower, it uses dragon dance! And it goes down to one more flamethrower!

9d 2h 30m Gyarados against Ninetales!

9d 2h 30m Vs. Sora!

9d 2h 29m Reached the next room!

9d 2h 28m Froslass out, and down to the flame too! Yuki defeated!

9d 2h 27m Weavile sent in, goes down as quickly against Flamethrower!

9d 2h 27m Flamethrower, it goes down too!

9d 2h 27m Ninetales to Lv. 72! Glaceon sent in!

9d 2h 26m Flamethrower! Mamosiwne goes down, Glalie is up next, only to quickly go down to flamethrower!

9d 2h 26m Mamoswine against Ninetales!

9d 2h 25m Vs. Yuki!

9d 2h 24m Currently doing the ice puzzle bit.

9d 2h 21m We immidiately reenter the building, ready for run 23!

9d 2h 21m IC sent in! we use rock smash, the enemy uses earthquae, IC faints! BLACKOUT!

9d 2h 19m We use metronome, and end up using wild charge! E4 in the yellow! We use endure and survive the nexr crunch! we cut the beast, but E4 faints to crunch!

9d 2h 19m E4 sent in!

9d 2h 19m Miller sent in! We try using psychic, and instead get crunched down til miller faints!

9d 2h 18m Ampharos is confused! Earthquake from tyranitar, Ampharos faints!

9d 2h 18m The bird uses sky attack before being taken down by Outrage! Tyranitar sent in on Mura's side!

9d 2h 17m Fearow uses agility, we uses outrage!

9d 2h 17m Ampharos vs. Fearow!

9d 2h 17m VS. Mura!

9d 2h 16m Ampharos sent in, flygon goes down and Daichi defeated!

9d 2h 15m Flygon sent in! it uses earthquake, we uses surf. Another earthquake and Y4 faints!

9d 2h 15m Rhyperior sent in, Y4 in the yellow due to the sandstorm, surf takes down rhyperior!

9d 2h 15m One more surf brings it down!

9d 2h 14m Donphan sent in, and it barely survives surf!

9d 2h 14m It survives to surf thanks to sturdy, but goes down the enxt round, after setting up a sandstorm.

9d 2h 13m Rhydon vs. Y4! we use surf, and the beast goes down! Y4 to Lv. 65! Steelix in!

9d 2h 12m Vs Daichi!

9d 2h 11m Now inside the next room!

9d 2h 10m Tyranitar to Lv. 69 and Sora defeated!

9d 2h 10m It too goes down to rock slide! Pidgeot sent in! Tyranitar in the yellow due to poison, we rock slide the bird and it's down!

9d 2h 9m Rock slide and altaria goes down, drifblim is out now!

9d 2h 9m Rock slide takes gliscor down, altaria sent in.

9d 2h 9m Tyranitar sent in, crunch misses and IC is poisonned by toxic!

9d 2h 8m Gliscor in, in the yellow due to flamethrower, ninetales faints to earthquake.

9d 2h 7m Gyarados vs. Ninetales, we flamethrower the fish, it's down to yellow and uses waterfalls, ninetales down to half health, one more flamethrower/waterfalls, both are in the red, we give the finale blow to gyarados with flamethrower and it's down!

9d 2h 7m Vs. Sora!

9d 2h 6m Inside the next room.

[Info] Ninetales clean sweep #4 in a row. ~

9d 2h 5m Glaceon sent out, it quickly follow all his teammates, Yuki defeated!

9d 2h 5m Froslass follows, and suffers the same fate!

9d 2h 4m Weavile sent out, it goes down too to Flamethrower!

9d 2h 4m Flamethrower, mamoswine faints! Ninetales to Lv. 71! Glalie in and out to flamethrower!

9d 2h 3m Ninetales against mamoswine!

9d 2h 3m vs. Yuki!

9d 2h 0m We reenter right away, Run 22 starts now!

9d 1h 58m Tyranitar goes down! Blackout!

9d 1h 58m Salamence is taken out. Garchomp is sent in!

9d 1h 57m Lopunny down to Dragon Claw!

9d 1h 57m Lopunny uses Thunder and paralyses Salamence. Uses Sunny Day Weather: Sunny

9d 1h 56m Vs. Champion Lance! He sends in Salamence, we counter with Lopunny!

9d 1h 56m Lance: "My child!"

9d 1h 55m It's Lance!

[Fluff] Champ time! PogChamp

9d 1h 54m Weezing is taken out! Mura is defeated!

9d 1h 54m Leafeon is taken out, Weezing is sent out.

9d 1h 53m Leafeon uses Sunny Day, Mura uses a Max Potion. Weather: Sunny

9d 1h 53m Ludicolo is taken out. Leafeon is sent in!

9d 1h 53m Enemy Tyranitar goes down! Our Tyranitar to Lv. 68! Ludicolo is sent in!

9d 1h 52m Mura switches to Houndoom(???). It goes down, and he switches back to Tyranitar.

9d 1h 52m Gardevoir is taken out by Crunch! Our Tyranitar is sent in.

9d 1h 52m Gardevoir is sent in.

9d 1h 51m Tyranitar uses Earthquake, Ampharos down!

9d 1h 51m Ampharos takes out Fearow! Grows to Lv. 57! Tyranitar is sent out. Weather: Sandstorm

9d 1h 50m Vs. Mura! He sends in Fearow, we counter with Ampharos!

[Info] We currently have Ampharos, Lopunny, Tyranitar and Gardevoir. All on full health except Gardevoir, who is on 78 HP.

9d 1h 49m Donphan is taken out with Icy Wind! Daichi defeated!

[Snark] Praise PP UP

9d 1h 48m Gardevoir is sent in and takes out Steelix with and Icy Wind! Donphan is sent in.

9d 1h 47m Steelix holds on with Sturdy and takes out Azumarill with an Earthquake.

9d 1h 47m Azumarill uses Surf and takes out Flygon after three goes. Steelix is sent in!

9d 1h 46m Flygon is sent out, now things aren't so simple.

9d 1h 46m Rhyperior is sent in, same fate.

9d 1h 45m He sends in Rhydon, we counter with Azumarill. A nice clean Surf and Rhydon is down.

9d 1h 45m Vs Daichi!

[Fluff] According to the overlay, there are 0 viewers.

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP : internet went offline

9d 1h 42m Stream online! Apparently Cyan just ran into a wall while we were away.

9d 1h 41m Stream is now online, possibly. Just showing black.

9d 1h 39m Stream offline

9d 1h 38m Ninetales is finally taken out by the curse! Gardevoir is sent it and uses Icy Wind. Altaria down, Gardevoir is Lv. 57! Forgets Noise Pulse, learns Psychic! (First slot)

9d 1h 37m Drifblim curses Ninetales and takes itself out. Altaria is sent in!

9d 1h 37m Pidgeot is taken out by a Flamethower and its own recoil, Drifblim is sent in!

9d 1h 37m Another Flamethrower and Gliscor is down! Pidgeot is sent out.

9d 1h 36m Ninetales takes out Gyarados with a Flamethrower and no damage! Gliscor is sent in!

9d 1h 36m Vs. Sora! He sends in Gyarados, we send in Ninetales!

[Info] That was three Ninetales sweeps in a row.

9d 1h 34m Weavile is sent out, another Flamethrower and it's down! Yuki defeated!

9d 1h 33m Froslass down, Ninetales to Lv. 70!

9d 1h 33m Glaceon down, Froslass out!

9d 1h 33m Glalie down, Glaceon out!

9d 1h 33m The Flamethrower sweep begins! Mamoswine down, Glalie out.

9d 1h 32m Vs. Yuki! She sends in Mamoswine, we counter with Ninetales!

9d 1h 32m Made it through the puzzle in no time.

9d 1h 28m Entered the first room again. Begin Run #21!

[Info] The next Rijon League Demo vote will be in 2hrs, 15 mins.

9d 1h 27m Another Earthquake, Tyranitar down! Blackout!

9d 1h 26m Enemy Tyranitar uses Earthquake, our Tyranitar is down to 53 HP.

9d 1h 26m Fearow is taken out. Tyranitar is sent in!

9d 1h 26m Vs. Mura! He sends in Fearow! We send in Tyranitar! Weather: Sandstorm

9d 1h 25m It's a statue of Mura's Tyranitar!

[Info] Our last Pokémon is Tyranitar, who is on 134 HP.

9d 1h 23m Flygon is taken out by Tyranitar! Diachi defeated!

9d 1h 23m Donphan is sent in and is taken out quickly. Flygon is sent out!

9d 1h 22m Rhyperior uses Iron Tail, takes out Gardevoir! Tyranitar is sent in and takes out Rhyperior.

9d 1h 22m Gardevoir takes our Steelix with Noise Pulse! Rhyperior is sent in.

9d 1h 21m Steelix whips up a storm! Weather: Sandstorm

9d 1h 21m Gardevoir is sent in! Uses Icy Wind to take out Rhydon! Steelix is sent in.

9d 1h 20m Rhydon uses Earthquake, Lopunny down!

9d 1h 20m Lopunny attempts to Teleport away, but it doesn't work.

9d 1h 19m Vs Daichi! He sends in Rhydon, we counter with Lopunny!

9d 1h 18m Lord Printer makes another welcome appearance.

9d 1h 16m Tyranitar takes out Altaria with a Rock Slide! Sora defeated!

9d 1h 16m We tried to catch Altaria twice, then Sora used a Full Restore.

9d 1h 15m We send in Tyranitar.

9d 1h 13m Azumarill down!

9d 1h 12m We switch to Azumarill! They're fighting it out.

9d 1h 10m Altaria is sent out.

9d 1h 10m Azumarill takes out Pidgeott with another Surf! Azumarill to Lv. 64!

9d 1h 9m Azumarill uses Surf, takes out Gliscor. Pidgeot is sent in!

9d 1h 8m Gliscor uses Earthquake, Ampharos down! Azumarill is sent out.

9d 1h 7m Drifblim curses Ampharos. Ampharos uses Outrange and takes out Drimblim! Gliscor is sent out.

9d 1h 6m We switch to Ampharos.

9d 1h 6m Azumarill uses Strength and takes out Gyarados! Drifblim is sent out!

9d 1h 4m Gyarados uses Waterfall, Ninetails down! Azumarill is sent out.

9d 1h 3m Vs. Sora! Gyarados is sent out, we counter with Ninetales!

9d 1h 0m Glaceon is sent out and is Flamethrowered into a puddle. Another Ninetales clean sweep! Yuki defeated!

9d 0h 59m Weavile is sent out and is quickly taken down! Froslass meets the same fate!

[Chat] OneHand

9d 0h 59m Ninetails to Lv. 69!

9d 0h 58m Ninetales takes our Mamoswine with Flamethrower! Glalie is sent out and is quickly dispatched!

9d 0h 58m Vs. Yuki She sends in Mamoswine, we counter with Ninetales!

9d 0h 57m We're FINALLY there!

9d 0h 54m This run started half an hour ago and we've still not made it to our first battle...

9d 0h 46m We're still sliding around on this puzzle.

[Snark] Just to break the monotony

[Chat] Pokemario6456 : I sexually identify as the Helix Fossil Kappa PraiseIt

9d 0h 24m Quickly entered the first room again. Begin Run #20!

9d 0h 23m Mura sends in a Tyranitar and takes us out! Blackout!

9d 0h 22m Fearow is taken out in one shot! Tyranitar to Lv. 67!

9d 0h 22m He sends in Fearow! We send in a mortally wounded Tyranitar! Weather: Sandstorm

9d 0h 22m Vs. Mura! For what will probably be the shortest battle yet.

[Info] Our only Pokémon is Tyranitar, who is on 33HP.

9d 0h 19m Tyranitar is sent in. Weather: Sandstorm Takes out Donphan with a Body Slam! Daichi defeated!

9d 0h 18m Donphan uses another Rollout. Ampharos goes down!

9d 0h 17m Amphraos is sent out. Donphan uses Rollout and is paralysed by Static.

9d 0h 17m Donphan uses another Earthquake. Lopunny down!

9d 0h 17m Lopunny uses Cut and takes out Flygon. Lopunny to Lv. 58! Donphan is sent out.

9d 0h 15m We switch to Lopunny!

9d 0h 15m Flygon hits Azumarill with Earthquake! Azumarill down!

9d 0h 13m Steelix is taken out with another Surf! Azumarill to Lv. 63! Flygon is sent out.

9d 0h 12m Azumarill quickly takes out Rhydon with a Surf. Rhyperirior is sent out and is dealt with in the same way. Steelix is sent out!

9d 0h 12m Vs. Daichi! He sends out Rhydon, we counter with Azumaill!

[Snark] One of these days I'm going to learn to spell Ninetales correctly...

9d 0h 10m Tyranitar is sent out. Takes out Altaria. Sora defeated!

9d 0h 9m Gardevoir goes down due to curse!

9d 0h 8m Gardevoir uses Icy Wind, takes out Pidgeot. Altaria is sent out!

9d 0h 8m Gardevoir uses an Icy Wind, takes out Driblim. Pidgeot is sent out!

9d 0h 8m Drifblim is sent out, curses Gardevoir.

9d 0h 7m Gardevoir is sent out and takes down Gliscor. Gardevoir to Lv. 56!

9d 0h 7m Gliscor uses Earthquake, Ninetails downs!

9d 0h 7m Ninetails takes out Gyarados with a Flamethrower! Gliscor is sent out!

9d 0h 6m Gyarados takes Ninetails down to low health with a Waterfall!

9d 0h 5m Vs. Sora! He sends in Gyarados, we counter with Ninetails!

[Chat] Pioxys : Kappa fly awaaaaaaaay

9d 0h 2m Glaceon is sent out, and taken down. Ninetails clean sweep! Yuki defeated!

9d 0h 2m Weavile goes down straight away! Froslass is sent out, and is taken down too!

9d 0h 1m Ninetails sweeps Glalie too! Ninetails to Lv. 68! Wevaile is sent out.

9d 0h 1m Ninetails takes out Mamoswine with Flamethrower! Glalie is sent out!

9d 0h 0m Vs. Yuki! Mamoswine vs. Ninetails!

8d 23h 55m Entered the first room. Begin Run #19!

8d 23h 54m Anarchy enabled!

8d 23h 50m [D] Gardevoir forgets Calm Mind, learns Icy Wind. (Fourth Slot)

8d 23h 49m [D] Gardevoir is chosen.

8d 23h 49m [D] We select the TM for Icy Wind.

8d 23h 47m [D] We enter the bag.

8d 23h 45m [D] We swap Tyranitar (6 > 5) and Gardevoir (5 > 6).

8d 23h 45m [D] We enter the Pokémon menu and select Tyranitar.

8d 23h 44m Democracy activated!

8d 23h 43m Thirty seconds until democracy...

8d 23h 42m Bumping into walls in the Rijon League building.

[Snark] One day I'll learn how to spell Azumarill correctly...

8d 23h 40m Azumaril takes out Drifblim! Pidgeot is sent in, but Azumaril goes down to poison! Blackout!

8d 23h 40m Drifblim curses Azumaril! She's now both badly poisoned and cursed.

8d 23h 39m Learning Belly Drum was skipped. Drifblim is sent in!

8d 23h 38m Azumaril takes out Gliscor with Surf! Azumaril grows to Lv. 62!

8d 23h 38m Weather: Clear

8d 23h 38m Azumaril is sent out, and is badly poisoned!

8d 23h 36m Gliscor is sent out! But Ampharos goes down to the Sandstorm!

8d 23h 36m Ampharos is sent in! Uses Thunder and takes out Gyarados!

8d 23h 34m Gardevoir goes down!

8d 23h 33m Gyarados uses Waterfall, Tyranitar down! Gardevoir is sent in.

8d 23h 33m We switch to Tyranitar for some reason. Weather: Sandstorm

8d 23h 32m Vs Sora! He sends in Gyarados, we send in Azumarill!

[Correction] This is urn #18, not #17.

[Snark] Are the E4 all secretly Batman?

8d 23h 30m Tyranitar uses Crunch and takes out Glalie! Yuki defeated!

8d 23h 29m Glalie uses Hail! Weather condition: Hail

8d 23h 28m Tyranitar crunches Glaceon down. Glalie is sent out!

8d 23h 27m Gardevoir takes out Froslass with Noise Pulse. Glaceon is sent out, we switch to Tyranitar.

8d 23h 27m Froslass uses Freeze Burn! Lopunny down! Gardevoir is sent in.

8d 23h 25m Weavile goes down to Noise Pulse! Froslass is sent out, we switch to EEEE!

8d 23h 24m Tyranitar crunches Mamoswine in a one-hit KO! Weavile is sent out! We switch to Gardevoir.

8d 23h 23m Mamoswine woke up and used Earthquake! Ninetails down! Tyranitar is sent out.

8d 23h 22m Ninetails uses Hypnosis and puts Mamoswine to sleep.

8d 23h 21m Vs. Yuki! She sends out Mamoswine, we send out Ninetails!

8d 23h 11m Entered the first room. Run Attempt #17!

8d 23h 9m Currently voting on democracy activation. ETA 2 minutes.

8d 23h 8m Back in the Rijon League building.

8d 23h 7m We've exited the building, heading south fast.

8d 23h 5m Riot screen has gone, play continues. We're back in the league entrance.

8d 23h 4m Riot screen has appeared, music is still playing.

8d 23h 4m EEEE goes down! End URN #16.

8d 23h 2m Gardevoir is very calm... and is Crunched. Gardevoir down! EEEE is sent in.

8d 23h 2m Gardevoir is sent out.

8d 23h 2m Tyranitar uses Earthquake twice, Ampharos goes down!

8d 23h 1m Ampharos takes down Fearow with Thunder! Tyranitar sent out!

8d 23h 1m Vs Mura Ampharos vs Fearow

8d 22h 59m We send in Gardevoir and Calm Mind and he misses Iron Tail, we Noise Pulse and Defeat Daichi

8d 22h 58m We Crunch it and it does half, he Earthquakes us and we survive with 29/244hp but we Rock Smash and do 1/4th health, Earthquake defeats Tyranitar

8d 22h 57m We send Tyranitar and Crunch Donphan, Tyranitar is now level 66, he sends in Flygon and Earthquake's and we Crunch and also OHKO it, he sends in Rhyperior

[Snark] Azumarill fainting from Rollout, quite ironic

8d 22h 56m We use Surf and ohko it immediately Azumarill is now level 61 he sends in Steelix and we Strength as it Earthquake's, previous moves happen again, we finally Surf again and KO it, he sends in donphan we and Surf it to red health, It Rollout's and crushes Azumarill

8d 22h 54m Vs Daichi, Azumarill vs Rhydon

8d 22h 52m He sends in Pidgeot and he Agility's and we Crunch it AGAIN with an OHKO, Sora defeated

8d 22h 51m We send in Tyranitar to Crunch Gliscor to death, he sends in Altaria as we stay in to Crunch it and OHKO it, he sends in Drifblim and we stay in again and also OHKO with Crunch

8d 22h 50m We send in Fifi to take an Earthquake after Azumarill was hurt to half using Surfs, we Flamethrower as it Dragon Dance's, and the second one burns it and Waterfall doesn't KO Fifi and it goes down to burn, he sends in Gliscot who we Flamethrower him to half health and he Earthquake's Fifi to unconsciousness

8d 22h 46m We're messing around with the menu's

8d 22h 45m Vs Sora, we switch to Azumarill as Gyarados uses Waterfall

8d 22h 41m TL;DR Flamethrower > Ice type

8d 22h 39m Fifi is now level 67

8d 22h 38m VS Yuki, i think we all know how this goes by now

8d 22h 34m Back in the E4's place, attempt #17 starts

[Info] Rip attempt 16

8d 22h 32m We send in Tyranitar but because we're paralyzed Rhydon goes first and Substitutes and we Crunch the sub off, HE uses Earthquake this time and we're at 18hp, but paralysis kicks in and we can't move, Earthquake takes us down, whiteout

8d 22h 29m We use Outrage and do almost 1/4th and he Substitutes, we Outrage and he Earthquake's and sends us to the red, another Outrage breaks the sub and Earthquake takes Amphy down

8d 22h 28m VS Daichi, Ampharos vs Rhydon

8d 22h 22m We get paralyzed from Drifblim! We test out Rock Slide for the first time, it's crit/super effective/OHKO. Defeated Sora!

8d 22h 20m Against Altaria now. We use Crunch to OHKO the cloud bird. Against Drifblim, the final mon.

[Info] Clutch af

8d 22h 19m We send out Tyranitar who Crunches the bird to death. She also levels up to 65 and forgets Bite and learns Rock Slide.

8d 22h 18m Our next Metronome is Growth. Expectedly, we faint to Brave Bird.

8d 22h 18m Pidgeot uses Brave Bird, while we use Metronome and Splash...

8d 22h 17m We swap Metronome to the first slot and manage to actually KO Gliscor. Now we're facing Pidgeot!

8d 22h 16m We use Endure and Gliscor hits itself.

8d 22h 15m We tried with Signal Beam to stand a chance, but a few Earthquakes KO Gardevoir. Go Lopunny!

8d 22h 15m We send out Gardevoir, who uses Noise Pulse and confuses Gliscor.

8d 22h 14m We send out Tyranitar, who KOs Gyarados with Crunch. Now we're against Gliscor!

8d 22h 13m We switch to Flare Blitz and faint to another Waterfall!

8d 22h 13m We use Flamethrower and manage to burn Gyarados. We're hit with a bit of Waterfall.

8d 22h 11m Facing Sora now! We send out Ninetales to face Gyarados!

8d 22h 8m We use Crunch, crit OHKO it despite not being very effective. Defeated Yuki!

8d 22h 8m We switch to Tyranitar and Crunch Glaceon to fainting. Against Weavile.

8d 22h 7m We almost KO Glaceon, but his Shadow Ball causes Azumarill to faint!

8d 22h 6m Against Glaceon atm, Yuki just used a Max Potion while we continue to Surf. Glaceon gets a Hail off.

8d 22h 6m Hold up, we actually switched to Azumarill! Things are getting interesting.

8d 22h 3m Fighting Yuki! 😠

8d 21h 59m Attempt 16 starts!

8d 21h 57m We Crunch, it OHKOs, against Pidgeot, and we faint from Poison! White Out! Rip Attempt 15!

8d 21h 57m We KO Gliscor with Crunch! Against Altaria now. We have one turn before Poison finishes us.

8d 21h 56m We send out Tyranitar, who gets poisoned and takes in a crit Earthquake. It's not looking too good.

8d 21h 54m We send out Ampharos, and after an Earthquake, we send him back in.

8d 21h 53m Against Gliscor. Another Metronome gets Solar Beam, however Earthquake KOs Lopunny!

8d 21h 52m We use Metronome and get Thunderpunch, which KOs Drifblim. Chat is ec-static!

8d 21h 51m Welp Azumarill fainted fast. We send out Lopunny.

8d 21h 49m We send out Azumarill, who gets hit with Earthquake but clutches and uses Surf to KO Gyarados. Against Drifblim now.

8d 21h 49m We send out Lopunny and use Endure and Gyarados used Dragon Dance! A second Endure faces off against a Waterfall.

8d 21h 48m We send out Gardevoir, who uses Noise Pulse. Gyarados OHKOs Gardevoir with Waterfall!

8d 21h 47m We keep on Flamethrower-ing the Water Dragon until it uses two Dragon Dances and OHKOs Ninetales!

8d 21h 46m Facing off against Sora! We send out Ninetales against Gyarados!

8d 21h 44m Ninetales levels up to 66! Defeated Yuki!

8d 21h 42m VS Yuki! Let's have Ninetales spam Flamethrower.

8d 21h 38m Attempt 15 starts!

8d 21h 36m Brave Bird KOs Azumarill! White Out! Rip Attempt 14!

8d 21h 36m We use Surf twice, after sustaining an Curse, and KO Drifblim. Final mon Pidgeot is out now!

8d 21h 35m Azumarill KOed Altaria and leveled up to 60! Against Drifblim!

8d 21h 34m One last Sky Attack KOs Gardevoir! You're our only hope Azumarill!

8d 21h 33m Altaria uses a few Sky Attacks and bring us to red health. We switch to Signal Beam.

8d 21h 32m We send out Gardevoir against Altaria! We use Noise Pulse repeatedly. This forces our foe to heal with a Full Restore!

8d 21h 31m We Crunch against and KO Gliscor, but due to our Earthquake we took in before, poison takes us!

8d 21h 30m We send out Tyranitar, who misses a Crunch and gets poisoned by Toxic! The second Crunch hits! Hooray!

8d 21h 28m We use Endure for the hell of it before getting a nice Earthquake and fainting from the Sandstorm!

8d 21h 28m Tyranitar levels up to 64! Against Gliscor; we send out Lopunny!

8d 21h 27m We send out Tyranitar who starts to Crunch on his competition. He OHKOs Gyarados.

8d 21h 27m We tried to use Hypnosis, but failed. Our reward is a Waterfall in the face. Repeat those instructions, and you get one fainted Ninetales!

8d 21h 26m Fighting E4 Sora! We send out Ninetales against Gyarados!

8d 21h 25m Defeated Yuki!

8d 21h 24m Ninetales grew to level 65!

8d 21h 22m Fighting Yuki! Let's go Ninetales!

8d 21h 19m Hello Attempt 14!

8d 21h 18m Another Earthquake KOs Tyranitar! White Out! Rip Attempt 13.

8d 21h 17m We get Earthquaked a few times and barely have any HP. However, we manage to KO Steelix with Bite. Now facing Donphan.

8d 21h 17m We use Rock Smash and Bite to KO Rhydon. Now we're up against Steelix!

8d 21h 15m We're hit with two Earthquakes and faint! Go Tyranitar!

8d 21h 15m Vs Daichi! We send out Lopunny against Rhydon!

8d 21h 13m We one-shot Altaria and defeated Sora!

8d 21h 12m We switch our moves, now it's Crunch, Bite, Rock Smash, and Body Slam. We KO Pidgeot with Crunch.

8d 21h 11m We send out Tyranitar, use Rock Smash, and Pidgeot uses Agility while he's faster because why not.

[Fluff] She was too awed by the presence of Pidgeot.

8d 21h 10m We use Surf to KO the Drfiblim, and now we're against Pidgeot. Azumarill faints before either side could attack!

8d 21h 10m Against Drifblim. We get Cursed, meaning we're taking two sources of additional damage.

8d 21h 9m We send out Azumarill to use Surf! After getting hit with Toxic, we KO Gliscor with Surf!

8d 21h 8m We're hit with Earthquake twice and faint!

8d 21h 7m We send out Lopunny. We got a crit Cut, KOed Gyarados, and leveled up to 57! Against Gliscor! We send out Ampharos.

8d 21h 7m We send out Gardevoir, who gets KOed by two Waterfalls. It tried to use Signal Beam, it tried.

8d 21h 6m We're hit with a Waterfall and barely survive. Another Flamethrower doesn't do the job, and Ninetales faints to Waterfall!

8d 21h 6m Ninetales vs Gyarados! We use Flamethrower unsuccessfully a few times while Gyarados preps with Dragon Dance.

8d 21h 6m We defeated Yuki and now we're fighting Sora!

8d 21h 3m Ninetales levels up to 64! Still Flamethrower-ing everything.

8d 21h 1m Fighting Yuki! Take the floor, Ninetales.

8d 20h 57m Started Attempt 13!

8d 20h 56m Against Steelix! One Earthquake Later, Tyranitar faints. White out, end of Attempt 12.

8d 20h 55m We use Rock Smash a few times before getting almost KOed by Earthquake. At 14 HP, we use Rock Smash and KO Rhydon.

8d 20h 54m We swap Rock Smash and Body Slam in our moves! Our first foe's mon, Rhydon, makes a glitched out Substitute.

8d 20h 54m Facing Daichi! Go Tyranitar, we believe in you!

8d 20h 52m We send in Tyranitar and its automatic Sandstorm KOs Pidgeot. Tyranitar levels up to 63, defeated Sora!

8d 20h 51m We use Noise Pulse and Signal Beam a bit, before two Brave Birds KO Gardevoir!

8d 20h 50m We send out Tyranitar, and one Crunch later Altaria faints. Against Pidgeot. We send in Gardevoir.

8d 20h 49m The next Sky Attack doesn't miss, and Azumarill faints!

8d 20h 48m We use Aqua Jet to get Altaria down to barely any health, and his trainer uses a Full Restore!!! Luckily Altaria's Sky Attack misses, so we can get in a few more Aqua Jets.

8d 20h 47m Against Altaria! We use Thunder once before succumbing to our previous Curse! We send back out Azumarill to hopefully finish our foe off.

8d 20h 46m We get Cursed and use Outrage to KO Drifblim. Ampharos levels up to 56!

8d 20h 46m Against Drifblim. (The unheard cry is the deadliest.)

8d 20h 45m We send out Azumarill, who uses Surf a few times to KO Gliscor. We're down to Yellow Health after taking an Earthquake or two.

8d 20h 44m Great switch in. At least after facing an Earthquake or two he goes out peacefully. (to Sandstorm)

8d 20h 44m We face off against Gliscor now and use Lopunny to... use Endure?

8d 20h 44m We send out Tyranitar! We use Body Slam to KO Gyarados!

8d 20h 43m We use Flamethrower a few times before getting KOed by Waterfall!

8d 20h 43m Against Sora! We send out Ninetales against Gyarados!

8d 20h 41m Defeated Yuki!

8d 20h 40m Ninetales levels up to 63! Now she's officially our strongest mon.

8d 20h 39m We're just KOing every mon with Flamethrower, without taking damage.

8d 20h 38m VS Yuki! We send out Ninetales against Mamoswine.

8d 20h 35m [Info] Now playing build 0100.

8d 20h 34m We also immediately start Attempt 12!

8d 20h 34m We're back on Version 0.11!

8d 20h 33m Game restarted.

8d 20h 33m Inputs are stopped so devs can save and possibly put in a new patch.

8d 20h 32m Turn 2 is a bit worse, as we get KOed by Earthquake! White out! Rip Urn 11

8d 20h 32m We paralyze Rhydon with a Body Slam and survive a turn!

8d 20h 31m Facing E4 Daichi! We send out a 1HP Tyranitar into a Rhydon.

8d 20h 28m We almost Crunch Altaria to death, and the sandstorm takes him out. With 14 HP remaining, we defeat E4 Sora!

8d 20h 27m Yay we get poisoned! We manage to Crunch Gliscor to death after taking heavy fire. Against Altaria!

8d 20h 26m Eventually, Gliscor's Earthquake KOs Ampharos! Down to Tyranitar!

8d 20h 25m Obviously, Lopunny faints. Ampharos goes out and immediately gets poisoned. Go team!

8d 20h 24m We chuck all of the Pokeballs we have at our foe, but for some reason they don't seem to work. Hmmmmm.

8d 20h 24m Earthquake KOs Gardevoir! Go Lopunny!

8d 20h 22m We use Signal Beam and Tri Attack to finish him off. Now we're up against Gliscor.

8d 20h 22m We send out Gardevoir, who uses Noise Pulse and successfully confuses Pidgeot. That luck doesn't last for long, as next turn we miss and confusion doesn't work.

8d 20h 20m Against Pidgeot, he Brave Bird KOs Azumarill!

8d 20h 19m Against Driflblim. We use Surf, and get Cursed. We use Surf again to KO it. Azumarill levels up to 59!

8d 20h 19m After getting hit with an Earthquake, we use Surf to finish him off.

8d 20h 17m We send out Azumarill, who uses Surf to not finish off Gyarados. Then we tried to catch it. Solid.

8d 20h 17m We use Flamethrower one more time before fainting to Gyarados!

8d 20h 16m We try Flamethrower, but it isn't working as well. Gyarados sets up a Dragon Dance, and almost OHKOs us with Waterfall.

8d 20h 15m Battling Sora! We send out Ninetales against Gyarados!

[Fluff] The stronger Elite Four members have smaller rooms. I wonder why.

8d 20h 13m FTW, as in Flamethrower The Win. Defeated Yuki.

8d 20h 13m [Fluff] Burn baby burn~

8d 20h 12m Against Weavile. Guess what we use? Guess what happens? Against Glaceon now, her final mon!

8d 20h 12m Flamethrower. OHKO. Ninetales grew to level 62!

8d 20h 12m We use Flamethrower for another OHKO. Now we're up against Froslass.

8d 20h 11m We use Flamethrower to decimate the mammoth. Against Glalie now.

8d 20h 11m We send out Ninetales against Mamoswine!

8d 20h 10m VS Elite Four Yuki!

8d 20h 8m Attempt #11.


8d 20h 4m Sent out Lopunny.Tyranitar used Crunch but Lopunny endures itself. However, the sandstorm hits Lopunny and Lopunny fainted! Whited out!

8d 20h 4m Gardevoir used Noise Pulse. Tyranitar used Crunch. Gardevoir fainted!

8d 20h 3m Ninetales fainted! Ampharos fainted!

8d 20h 2m VS Tyranitar. Ampharos used Thunder but misses. Tyranitar used Earthquake and Ampharos is down to 63/188HP. Another Thundr brings Tyranitar down to orange.

8d 20h 2m Ampharos vs Fearow. Ampharos used Thunder. Fearow OHKO'd.

8d 20h 1m VS Mura!


8d 19h 59m Sent out Lopunny. Steelix used Earthquake. Lopunny used Drain Punch. Steelix down to red. Earthquake and one Drain Punch. Steelix down.

8d 19h 58m Threw a bal at Steelix. Steelix used Earthquake and Ninetales is down to 17HP. Yet another Earthquake and.. Ninetales fainted!

8d 19h 57m Ninetales vs Flygon. Ninetales used Flamethrower. Flygon down.

8d 19h 57m Azumarill fainted!

8d 19h 57m VS Flygon. Flygon used Earthquake. Azumarill used Surf. Revived Ninetales!

8d 19h 56m Azumarill used Surf on Rhyperior. OHKO.

8d 19h 55m Azumarill leveled up to 58! And did not learn Encore.

Surf again. Donphan down to orange and uses Rollout. One more Surf and it went down.

8d 19h 55m Azumarill used Surf. OHKO.

8d 19h 55m Azumarill vs Rhydon. Noice.

8d 19h 54m VS Daichi!

8d 19h 52m Gardevoir vs Pidgeot. Gardevoir used Tri Attack and Pidgeot was frozen solid. Another Tri Attack finishes Pidgeot off. Defeated Sora!

8d 19h 52m Sent out Gardevoir. Gardevoir used Noise Pulse. Drifblim used Curse on Gardevoir but faints instead.

8d 19h 51m Tyranitar vs Drifblim. But Tyranitar is hurt by its poison. Tyranitar fainted!

8d 19h 51m Tyranitar used Body Slam. Sora used a Full Restore on Altaria. Body Slam again. Altaria down!

8d 19h 50m Tyranitar used Crunch. Gyarados down. Crunch again onGliscor. Gliscor used Toxic. Gliscor down. Tyranitar leveled up to 62!

8d 19h 49m Gyarados used Waterfall. Ninetales fainted!

8d 19h 47m Ninetales used Tri Attack. Gyarados woke up and used Waterfall.

8d 19h 47m Ninetales used Hypnosis.

8d 19h 47m VS Sora!

8d 19h 46m Froslass ass well. Yuki swept by Ninetales. Defeated Yuki! #HYPE #tehurn

8d 19h 45m 8d 19h 44m VS Weavile. Flamethrower again. Weavile OHKO'd. Ninetales leveled up to 61!

8d 19h 44m Yuki used a Max Potion. Flamethrower again. Glaceon down.

8d 19h 44m Ninetales used Flamethrower. OHKO. Same for Glalie. And Glaceon down to red.

8d 19h 43m VS Yuki!

8d 19h 39m Attempt #10.

8d 19h 38m Gliscor used Earthquake. Gardevoir fainted! Whited out!

8d 19h 37m Gardevoir used NOise Pulse. Gliscor used Earthquake. Gardevoir used Calm Mind. Gliscor used Earthquake. Gardevoir down to 12/173HP.

8d 19h 37m Sent out Gardevoir. (152/173HP)

8d 19h 34m Gliscor used Earthquake. Ampharos down to 58/188HP. And again.Ampharos fainted!

8d 19h 34m Gliscor used Earthquake. Lopunny fainted!

8d 19h 33m Sent out Lopunny. Lopunny used Drain Punch.Gliscor used Toxic. Drain Punch and Earthquake.

8d 19h 32m Gliscor used Earthquake. Tyranitar fainted!

8d 19h 31m Gyarados buffeted by the sandstorm. Gyarados down.

8d 19h 31m Gyarados used Waterfall! Tyranitar down to 13/225HP.

8d 19h 30m Sent out Tyranitar. Gyarados used Waterfall. Tyranitar used Rock Smash. Gyarados down to orange.

8d 19h 29m Ninetales used Flamethrower on Gyarados. Gyarados used Waterfall. Ninetales fainted!

8d 19h 29m VS Sora!

8d 19h 28m Defeated Yuki!

8d 19h 27m Azumarill used Surf. Froslass down. Azumarill fainted!

8d 19h 27m VS Froslass. Azumarill used Surf. Froslass down to yellow and uses Destiny Bond. Ouch.

8d 19h 26m Weavile down. Ninetales leveled up to 60!

8d 19h 25m Yuki used a Max Potion. Ninetales used Flamethrower. Glaceon down.

8d 19h 25m Ninetales used Flamethrower, OHKOs both Mamoswine and Glalie. And Glaceon down to red.

8d 19h 24m VS Yuki!

8d 19h 22m Attempt #9.

8d 19h 20m Lopunny used Drain Punch. Altaria used Sky Attack. Lopunny fainted! Whited out!

8d 19h 19m Stream derped. Only Lopunny is left. Pidgeot on minimal health. Lopunny used Cut. Pidgeot down.

8d 19h 16m Pidgeot used Mirror Move/Endure, but keeps failing.

8d 19h 16m Sent out Lopunny.

8d 19h 16m Gardevoir used Noise Pulse. Pidgeot down to orange. Pidgeot used Brave Bird. Gardevoir fainted!

8d 19h 15m Sent out Gardevoir. VS Drifblim. Drifblim switched out for Pidgeot.

8d 19h 15m Sent out Tyranitar but; Tyranitar fainted!

8d 19h 13m Azumarill used Surf! Gliscor down to minimal red. Gliscor used Earthquake. Azumarill down to 7/212HP but still badly poisoned. Azumarill fainted!

8d 19h 12m Gliscor used Earthquake. Ampharos fainted!

8d 19h 12m Switched Azumarill out for Ampharos. Ampharos used Thunder. Gyarados down.

8d 19h 9m Azumarill vs Gyarados. Not very effective etc.

8d 19h 9m VS Sora!

8d 19h 6m Defeated Elite Four Yuki!

8d 19h 5m Tyranitar used Crunch. Froslass down.

8d 19h 5m Tyranitar vs Froslass.

8d 19h 5m Ninetailes fainted!

8d 19h 3m Ninetales leveled up to 59!

8d 19h 3m VS Weavile. Weavile used Night Slash. Ninetales used Tri Attack. Weavile down.

8d 19h 2m Ninetales used Tri Attack. Glaceon down.

8d 19h 1m Ninetales used Hypnosis.

8d 19h 0m Flamethrower again. Glaceon down to red. Yuki used a Max Potion. Flamethrower again, Glaceon down to red again.

8d 19h 0m Oh, and Ninetales is now in party slot 1.

8d 19h 0m Ninetales used Flamethrower. Mamoswine down.

8d 18h 59m VS Yuki!

8d 18h 57m Yep, we taught Ampharos Thunder.

8d 18h 55m Demo over.

8d 18h 52m We're trying to teach Ampharos Thunder.

8d 18h 51m [Info] Able to see the stream again.

8d 18h 49m [Info] My stream seems to have died and Twitch is throwing 500 Internal Server Error on its API so I can't see what's going on right now.

8d 18h 48m Attempt #8.

8d 18h 42m Whited out!

8d 18h 41m Tyranitar vs Altaria. Tyranitar used Crunch. Altaria down to 1HP but manages to hold on, but Tyranitar does not. Tyranitar faints because of poison!

8d 18h 40m Tyranitar used Crunch. Gliscor down.

8d 18h 38m Tyranitar vs Gliscor. Tyranitar was badly poisoned.

8d 18h 37m Gyarados down. VS Gliscor. Gliscor used Earthquake. Ninetales fainted!

8d 18h 35m Ninetales vs Gyarados. Gyarados was burned.

8d 18h 35m VS Sora!

8d 18h 34m Defeated Yuki!

8d 18h 33m Ninetales used Flamethrower. Glaceon down. Ninetales leveled up to 58!

8d 18h 33m Glaceon used Shadow Ball. Azumarill fainted.

8d 18h 33m VS Glaceon. ausWah

8d 18h 32m Azumarill used Surf. Glalie down. Azumarill leveled up to 57!

8d 18h 31m VS Glalie. Azumarill used Surf.

8d 18h 30m Azumarill used Surf but misses. Froslass used Confuse Ray. Azumarill used Surf. Froslass down.

8d 18h 29m Gardevoir is buffeted by the hail. Gardevoir fainted!

8d 18h 29m Gardevoir used Noise Pulse. Weavile down.

8d 18h 26m Weavile used Night Slash. Lopunny used Metronome/Charm. Lopunny is buffeted by the hail and Lopunny faints!

8d 18h 26m VS Weavile.

8d 18h 25m Lopunny forgot Body Slam and learned Endure!

8d 18h 25m Lopunny leveled up to 56!

8d 18h 24m Mamoswine used Earthquake. Ampharos fainted!

8d 18h 23m VS Yuki!

8d 18h 19m Attempt #7.

8d 18h 18m Rhyperior used Earthquake. Ninetales fainted! Whited out!

8d 18h 18m Only Ninetales is left.

8d 18h 17m VS Rhyperior. Rhyperior used Earthquake. Azumarill fainted!

8d 18h 17m Azumarill used Aqua Jet. Rhydon down.

8d 18h 16m Threw yet another ball.

8d 18h 16m Gardevoir used Noise Pulse. Gardevoir is buffeted by the sandstorm and Gardevoir faints!

8d 18h 15m Used a Poké Ball. Rhydon used Earthquake. OHKO'd Tyranitar.

8d 18h 14m VS Daichi!

8d 18h 10m Tyranitar used Crunch. Altaria down to 1HP and uses Steel Wing but buffetted by the hail. Altaria down. Defeated Sora!

8d 18h 10m Sora only has one Pokémon left. Tyranitar vs Altaria.

8d 18h 8m Ninetales used Flamethrower. Drifblim down.

8d 18h 8m Gyarados down. Azumarill leveled up to 56!

8d 18h 6m Azumarill used Surf.

8d 18h 5m Gyarados used Earthquake! Ampharos fainted!

8d 18h 4m VS Sora!

8d 18h 2m Weavile down. Defeated Yuki!

Ninetales used Flamethrower. Glaceon down.

8d 18h 0m VS Froslass. Flamethrower. OHKO'd Froslass.

8d 17h 59m Ninetales used Flamethrower. Glalie down.

8d 17h 57m VS Glalie. Ninetales used Hypnosis.

8d 17h 56m Ninetales used Flamethrower. Mamoswine down.

8d 17h 56m VS Yuki!

8d 17h 53m Note to self: Riot more often during downtime - helps bring back the stream faster.

8d 17h 53m Well, that was fast.

8d 17h 53m STREAM UP!

8d 17h 53m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 17h 52m STREAM DOWN!

8d 17h 50m Attempt 6.

8d 17h 48m Whited out!

8d 17h 48m Flygon used Earthquake. Azumarill fainted!

8d 17h 47m Azumarill used Hydro Pump. Steelix down.

8d 17h 47m VS Steelix. Gardevoir used Signal Beam. Steelix used Iron Tail. Gardevoir fainted!

8d 17h 46m Gardevoir used Signal Beam. Rhydon down.

8d 17h 45m Rhydon used Earthquake. Lopunny fainted! Sent out Tyranitar. Rhydon used Earthquake! Tyranitar fainted!

8d 17h 44m Lopunny used Drain Punch, Rhydon's substitute faded.

8d 17h 43m Lopunny used Cut. Rhydon Earthquakes several times. Lopunny down to 2HP.

8d 17h 43m Rhydon used Substitute.

8d 17h 42m VS Daichi!

8d 17h 39m VS Pidgeot. Crunch yet again. Down to 1HP. Pidgeot used Brave Bird, Tyranitar down to 12HP, but Pidgeot hit with recoil. Pidgeot down. Tyranitar leveled up to 61! Defeated Sora!

8d 17h 39m VS Drifblim. Crunch again. OHKO.

8d 17h 39m VS Altaria. Tyranitar used Crunch. OHKO.

8d 17h 38m Tyranitar used Crunch. Gliscor down.

8d 17h 38m Tyranitar used Crunch. Gliscor down to orange.

8d 17h 38m Sent out Tyranitar. Tyranitar used Crunch. Gyarados down.

8d 17h 37m Gyarados used Earthquake! Ampharos fainted!

8d 17h 36m Ampharos used Spark. Gyarados down to red.

8d 17h 36m Ampharos used Heal Bell. Bit useless with full health. Gyarados used Earthquake. Ampharos down to 81/188HP.

8d 17h 35m VS Sora!

8d 17h 32m Sent out Azumarill. Azumarill used Aqua Jet. Glaceon down. Yuki defeated!

8d 17h 31m Ninetales used Flamethrower, but misses. Glaceon used Shadow Ball. Ninetales fainted!

8d 17h 30m Ninetales vs Froslass, OHKO.

8d 17h 30m Ninetales leveled up to 56!

8d 17h 29m Ninetales used Flamethrower. Flosslass down. OHKO.

8d 17h 29m Ninetales used Flamethrower. Glalie down.

8d 17h 28m Mamoswine used Earthquake! Ninetales down to 15/171HP. Ninetales used Flamethrower. Mamoswine down.

8d 17h 26m VS Yuki!

8d 17h 26m Attempt 5.

8d 17h 20m Ampharos down, white out, E4 attempt 4 over. Gn

8d 17h 18m ....we revived Ampharos? It is sent in as Tyranitar goes down.

8d 17h 17m Fighting Daichi who has apparently Ground types. Against Rhydon, it uses Earthquake, Tyranitar in the yellow. Rhydon down to Crunch, Tyranitar grows to Lv. 60, does NOT learn Dragon Dance. Steelix in now.

[Fluff] We can even mine here!

8d 17h 15m In a room with.. rocks?

8d 17h 14m Tyranitar takes down Altaria, Sora defeated.

8d 17h 13m Tyranitar against Pidgeot now.

8d 17h 12m Azumarill down

8d 17h 11m And now it is Drifblim against Azumarill who is now Cursed.

8d 17h 10m Ninetales against Gliscor. Ninetales down to Earthquake

8d 17h 9m Gardevoir sent in.

8d 17h 8m Lopunny down

8d 17h 7m Vs Sora, Lopunny against Gyarados.

8d 17h 7m Talked to him.

8d 17h 6m We're in the, Sora room.

8d 17h 4m Yuki defeated.

8d 17h 3m Ampharos to 55, everything's down on Yuki's side except for Glaceon, who is sent in. Ampharos takes an Ice Beam, confused, hits itself and goes down.

8d 16h 58m Versus Yuki. Still the same beginning lineup.

8d 16h 54m In the ice room. So Attempt 4.

8d 16h 53m Ninetales down to Sky Attack, attempt 3 loss.

8d 16h 52m Gardevoir down to Brave Bird. Ninetales in, Pidgeot down, Ninetales to 55, Altaria sent in.

8d 16h 50m Ya sorry. Gardevoir to 54 after taking out a Drifblim, next in is going to be Pidgeot. Gardevoir is currently Cursed.

8d 16h 46m Lopunny down, Tyranitar in against Gliscor now.

8d 16h 45m Versus Sora, Gyarados against Lopunny.

8d 16h 44m Yuki defeated. Woo hoo.

8d 16h 43m Tyranitar is sent in to handle Froslass, next in is Glaceon.

8d 16h 41m Now, it's Ampharos against Froslass, who takes out Ampharos with Freezer Burn.

8d 16h 40m Now, Lopunny is in against Weavile, who sets up the Hail again.

8d 16h 39m Next in is Glalie, Azumarill down. Sent in Ninetales, uses Hypnosis on Glalie.

[Chat] Sacredblaze: a slight overkill LUL

8d 16h 37m Switched into Azumarill who takes less than half damage from Earthquake, uses Aqua Jet, then Mamoswine sets up Hail. Another Aqua Jet, Mamoswine's on a shred of health left. Azumarill on 2HP to hail, uses Hydro Pump, Mamoswine down.

8d 16h 37m Fighting E4 member Yuki. Ampharos against Mamoswine, as per normal. Unless the party order or something changes, just assume this to be the case from now on.

[Fluff] We have to do an ice puzzle every time before we fight Yuki again. So I will say a new attempt begins when we walk though the door, doesn't necessarily mean we are fighting her. Right now, however..

8d 16h 31m E4 Attempt 3 begins.

8d 16h 29m Ninetales down, white out. attempt 2 over.

8d 16h 28m Lopunny Metronomes up an Earthquake. Doesn't affect the Flying-type. Gliscor uses Earthquake, taking out Lopunny. Ninetales in now.

8d 16h 28m Lopunny sent in.

8d 16h 27m Gliscor sent in. We try to use Heal Bell, but Ampharos faints before it is executed.

8d 16h 26m Thunder HITS and Gyarados goes down. Ampharos to Lv. 54, trying to learn Heal Bell, FORGETS THUNDER

8d 16h 25m No puzzle for the second room. Unknown what the type is. Talked to the E4 dude guy. It's SORA with Flying-types. Ampharos against... Gyarados.

8d 16h 23m Glaceon is last, survives the Flamethrower but doesn't do much damage with Shadow Ball + Ninetales' leftovers. Restoration item used on Glaceon, rinse and repeat, Glaceon down, Yuki defeated.

8d 16h 22m Froslass down, Glalie in. Ninetales is making very short work of the ice-types, and grows to level 54. Weavile sent in next.

8d 16h 21m Azumarill down, Ninetales sent in

8d 16h 20m Gardevoir down to Freeze Burn or something idk. Azumarill sent in

[Fluff] More Male Froslass. I guess we should call them Froslad.

8d 16h 19m We did not switch out before Froslass was sent in. Gardevoir is current frozen and taking damage from hail.

8d 16h 18m Gardevoir in, takes out Mamoswine with Noise Pulse. Froslass is going to be sent in next.

8d 16h 17m We have switched into Tyranitar who is currently on under half health. Goes down to Earthquake

8d 16h 16m Fighting Yuki again/E4 Attempt 2. Mamoswine against Ampharos.

8d 16h 10m Tyranitar down to Earthquake. We are back outside the league.

8d 16h 9m It's.... .... .... YUKI. E4 attempt 1.. Tyranitar (of course) against Mamoswine.

8d 16h 6m It's an Ice Slidey Puzzle

[Chat] Orangenjunge: Elite Four have been replaced by an Elite Floor! MingLee

8d 16h 4m So. We reached the league building, made a beeline right to the entrance door for the facility (without healing), are walking around a seemingly icy room.

8d 16h 1m Weavile down, Tyranitar to 59 (he's the last one left not-fainted), rival or whoever defeated

8d 16h 0m Azumarill down to Weavile

8d 15h 59m And it is sent in, and we switch to Azumarill.

8d 15h 58m Gardevoir down, Tyranitar takes out Salamence. Next in is going to be Scizor.

8d 15h 58m Ninetales down, Gardevoir is sent in.

8d 15h 57m And there, is a salamence.

8d 15h 55m It's someone. KKKKKK sends out Parasect against Ninetales.

8d 15h 44m Taken down easily, Lex defeated.

8d 15h 43m Tyranitar was sent in to take out Typhlosion, Firebeather Lex is now going to send in Camerupt.

8d 15h 42m Now there is a Typhlosion on the opponent's side. woah okay. Lopunny down to Reversal

8d 15h 40m Fighting a trainer's Ninetales with our Lopunny.

8d 15h 33m Raichu down, Ozzy defeated.

8d 15h 32m Manectric down, Lopunny to 54, Raichu sent in

8d 15h 31m Luxray down, Manectric sent in.

8d 15h 31m Guitarist Ozzy sends out Luxray against our Lopunny.

8d 15h 27m Solrock down, Lunatone in, Lunatone down, Scientist whoever defeated.

8d 15h 26m Solrock in against Gardevoir now.

8d 15h 25m cool. Tyranitar is sent in. Kadabra uses Signal Beam again, we use Body Slam and take out Kadbra.

[Info] We beat them all.

8d 15h 25m Fighting Scientist No. 11. So what happened to the other ten?

Kadabra against Ampharos. Ampharos down to Signal Beam.

8d 15h 18m Aaand trainer defeated.

8d 15h 17m Jolteon down, Flareon is sent in next. As expected.

8d 15h 15m Vaporeon down, Ampharos to 53, Jolteon will be sent in next

8d 15h 14m Fighting Pokefan Kent's Vaporeon against Ampharos. Thunder, misses.

8d 14h 55m Entered the Cave road thing whatever,

8d 14h 54m Out of the area Gate.

8d 14h 53m Anarchy

8d 14h 51m Switched Ninetales' Gold Dust for Leftovers

8d 14h 49m Switched Tyranitar's Calcium for BlackGlasses

8d 14h 44m yea uh Democracy

8d 14h 41m We're seemingly in a demohouse right now, in a route gate playing Route 210 music, but in a Gameboy style ofcourse.

8d 14h 39m Vs Water Absorb Vaporeon that has Charm and Acid Armor, Azumarill can't beat it and faints to multiple Waterfall's, whiteout

8d 14h 33m Azumarill to 54, trying to learn Aqua Jet, forgets Body Slam.

8d 14h 27m A Surf finally takes down Rhydon. Trainer is defeated.

8d 14h 25m Ninetales uses Flare blitz, which.. barely does anything, grants a burn on Rhydon, which retaliates with an Earthquake, taking out Ninetales. Azumarill is sent in

8d 14h 25m Ninetales against Rhydon, while the sandstorm stays strong.

8d 14h 24m Steelix down, Golem in, it Explodes and takes down Tyranitar too. Now we gotta pick something new to send in.

8d 14h 23m Against Hiker Jevan, Steelix is fighting our Tyranitar.

8d 14h 21m Tyranitar to 58

8d 14h 18m Ninetales to 53, trainer defeated.

8d 14h 16m He sends in Seaking and Yolonome gives us Defense Curl while Seaking uses Agility, he follows up with Waterfall and we use Dust Devil, Waterfall again and Yolonome uses Fairy Wind, another Waterfall and Lopunny is down

8d 14h 15m Up against a Gentlemen, Lopunny's 2 Body Slam's and the Arcanine's recoil damage from Flare Blitz is enough to KO it, he sends in Houndoom and Body Slam paralyzes him, we Yolonome and actually SPLASH, he Nasty Plots then Yolonome decides to use Spring Buds to KO it

8d 14h 7m We send Loppunny and use crit Body Slams to defeat Fearow and Swellow, level 53 Lopunny

8d 14h 4m Up against a trainer we missed a Thunder against Pidgeot so he fired in 2 Double Edge's whcih sent us to the red, second Thunder nails it and he sends in Fearow to Double Edge Ampharos to knock it out

8d 14h 3m We pick up Leftovers

8d 14h 1m We toss an Elixir

8d 14h 0m We remove Tyranitar's Black Glasses for Calcium*

8d 13h 58m We use an Elixir on Ampharos

8d 13h 55m We're trying to toss items to get it

8d 13h 51m We find Leftovers but bag is full :(

8d 13h 46m We pick up a PP Up

8d 13h 43m Weezing was sent and uses the stronger KAPOW and takes down Gardevoir

8d 13h 42m Gardevoir is now level 53 after defeating a Camerupt

8d 13h 41m Ampharos vs Gligar goes bad after we use Thunder wtice and Gligar Sky Attackin'g and we switch to Gardevoir and take an Earthquake, Gardevoir uses Noise Pulse to defeat it and Ampharos is now level 52

8d 13h 40m Up against a Burglar

[Info] Current music: Victory Road GSC

8d 13h 36m In Seneca Caverns

[Info] Current music: Indigo Plateau

8d 13h 34m We heal

8d 13h 34m In Route 67

8d 13h 31m Definitely not hidden path since this is the path we came from, back in Ember Brook

[Info] Not really a hidden path but just the other side of Moltres. Moon Stone was outside the path and now we're back in and intend to go to the second direction that path takes us

8d 13h 17m We find Moon Stone but bag is full

8d 13h 9m We find a hidden path but at the end there's two immovable boulders blocking stairs behind it, most likely post game content

8d 13h 0m It doesn't

8d 12h 59m We go back on the peak to check if Moltres respawns

8d 12h 55m We find a Heat Rock but bag is full

8d 12h 55m Loppunny levels up to 52 after beating a Graveller doesn't learn Flail

[Info] Mt. Ember is in the Sevii Islands where we got sidetracked when we wanted to go to the league

8d 12h 48m We pick up 3 Ultra Balls

[Fluff] Devs pls TriHard

[Info] Battle music: Battle! (Mewtwo) from XY

8d 12h 46m No background music on, only sfx when we bump the wall

8d 12h 45m Moltres used 2 Wing attack's and Ancient Power to defeat Ampharos, but paralyzed from Static, we then send Loppuny where Moltress tires to Morning Sun but we Body Slam it thrice an defeat it

8d 12h 44m It's level 50 and we start with throwing a Poké Ball

8d 12h 43m Vs Moltres

8d 12h 43m We want to catch it so people spam down but Moltres is on the north wall so we're going up and down

8d 12h 42m We caught a Ponyta earlier level should be 35~, nickname is AAAAAAAAAA

8d 12h 40m We're at the peak and see Moltres but walk around

8d 12h 40m Caught level 35 female Machoke, nickname is ZZZZZZnot sure if i counted them right

8d 12h 36m Left the cave, now on the mountain looking for a way to get to the peak

[Info] Current music: Mt. Moon GSC. Also, wild battles have Kanto music now.

8d 12h 22m Inside Mt. Ember now

8d 12h 16m We're in the Naljo Border now

[Info] Cyan walked on water and walls at some point in the last few hours

[Info] Team stats

8d 12h 4m We surf and head for the league

8d 12h 3m Entered Route 82 from Torrentia City

[Meta] Seems like there's no one around to relieve me right now, the Updater will go dark for now. Apologies for the inconvenience

8d 6h 26m We enter back to Route 74

8d 6h 23m We heal by renting a room for a ₽ 100

8d 6h 20m We enter Heath Village

8d 6h 13m We enter Rt 74

8d 6h 11m Naljo Badge received! Flash Cannon TM received! We are also teleported outside of the gym!

8d 6h 11m Metagross KO'd real quick! Bruce defeated!

8d 6h 10m Metagross is sent out!

8d 6h 10m Tyranitar uses two Crunch Attacks to KO Magnezone!

8d 6h 10m Magnezone is sent out!

8d 6h 10m Tyranitar KO's Aggron!

8d 6h 9m It's Tyrantitar vs Aggron!

8d 6h 9m Azumarill KO'd!

8d 6h 8m We switch back into Azumarill! Body Slam paralyzed Aggron!

8d 6h 8m Aggron is sent out!

8d 6h 8m Magneton is KO'd with 2 Crunch attacks

8d 6h 8m Mawile sets up the Swords Dance and then strikes with Play Rough! We come with a couple of Body Slams and finish with Hydro Pump! Mawile defeated! We switch into Tyrantiar and Bruce sends in Magneton!

8d 6h 6m Its Wawile vs Azumarill!

8d 6h 6m vs Gym Leader Bruce!

8d 6h 6m We enter the Gym Leader's room!

[Info] Current Party: Gardevoir: Fainted Ampharos: Fainted Lopunny: Fainted Ninetales: Fainted Azumarill: Full HP Tyranitar: Full HP

8d 6h 3m We find the last Poké Ball and it contains our Tyranitar

8d 6h 3m Azumarill KO's Exploud, grows to Lv 53! Cadence defeated!

8d 6h 2m Azumarill is sent out!

8d 6h 2m Fifi goes down to Exploud's Noise Pulse

8d 6h 2m Exploud is sent out!

8d 6h 2m Ninetales wakes up, snaps out of confusion, and KO's Wigglytuff!

8d 6h 1m Wiggly beings spamming the Noise Pulse! We become confused!

8d 6h 1m Ninetales is put to sleep by Wiggly's Sing attack

8d 6h 0m Wigglytuff is sent out!

8d 6h 0m Flamethrower KO's Magnezone!

Ninetales is sent out!

8d 6h 0m EEEE goes down from Magenzone's Tri Attack!

8d 5h 59m Thunderwave from the opponent paralyzed EEEE

8d 5h 59m Magnezone is sent out!

8d 5h 59m EEEE OHKO Loudred!

8d 5h 59m vs Cadence! Its Loudred vs EEEE

8d 5h 56m We enter the room to find a Poké Ball! It contains Azumarill

8d 5h 55m Venusaur is sent out! Ninetales uses the Flamethrower to KO it! Rinji Defeated!

8d 5h 55m Ninetales to Lv 52!!

8d 5h 54m Ninetales is sent out! Flamethrower KO's Tangrowth!

8d 5h 54m Ampharos brings Tangrowth to the Red, but next turn KO's itself due to confusion from OutRage

8d 5h 53m Tangrowth sent out!

8d 5h 53m Ampharos takes down Ludicolo! Ampharos levels to Lv 51

8d 5h 52m Ampharos opens up by missing Thunder! Ludicolo sets up Hail

8d 5h 52m vs Rinji! Its Ampharos vs Ludicolo!

8d 5h 45m WE found Ninetales

8d 5h 25m We found EEEE

8d 5h 23m We enter the Gym Leader's room but we still need to get all our Pokémon before we can fight him

8d 5h 22m Ampharos is sent out! 2 attacks takes care of Umbreon and Edison is defeated!

8d 5h 21m Gardevoir uses Signal Beam buts its nnot enough to KO Umbreon. Umbreon counters with Faint Attack and Miller is KO'd!

8d 5h 20m Umbreon is sent out! Hyper Voice is out of PP!

8d 5h 20m Gardevoir takes down Weavile, but is down to 12 HP!

8d 5h 20m vs Edison! His first Pokémon is down! Its now Weavile vs Miller.

8d 5h 13m Gardevoir KO's Magarcgo in 2 hits, grows to Lv 51! Josiah defeated!

8d 5h 12m Next Turn Charizard goes down! Macargo is sent out!

8d 5h 12m Gardevoir opens up with Hyper Voice, Charizard sets up with Sunny Day

8d 5h 11m vs Josiah! Its Miller vs Charizard!

8d 5h 4m We found Ampharos

8d 4h 58m We found Miller

8d 4h 43m We return back to the Gym lobby

8d 4h 43m Ninetales down! Blacked out!

8d 4h 41m Ninetales is sent out!

8d 4h 41m Azumarill down!

8d 4h 41m Tangrowth is sent out!

8d 4h 40m Ludicolo is KO'd by Azumarill but Azumarill is down to 1 HP!

8d 4h 38m vs Rinji! Its Ninetales vs Ludicolo

8d 4h 37m Its Azumarril!

8d 4h 36m Cadence and her salt GTFO's of the area and we found a Poké Ball!

8d 4h 36m Exploud goes down! Cadence is defeated!

8d 4h 35m We put Exploud to sleep!

8d 4h 35m We finally attack Wigglytuff! IT Goes down! Exploud is sent out!

8d 4h 35m We throw another Poké Ball. We keep throwing Poké Balls and keep on making this worse

8d 4h 34m Fifi is sent out as our last Pokémon

8d 4h 34m EEEE down because we threw a ball!

8d 4h 32m EEEE is sent out!

8d 4h 32m Miller goes down to Wigglytuff's Noise Pulse!

8d 4h 32m The Noise Pulse is used and it makes Miller confused!

8d 4h 31m Guildmaster vs Dream Pokémon! Wigglytuff puts us to sleep

8d 4h 31m Wigglytuff is sent out! We replace EEEE with Gardevoir

8d 4h 31m EEEE takes down MAgnezone with a Metronone Seismic Toss!

8d 4h 30m Magnezone is sent out!

8d 4h 29m We found another trainer. She's pissed she lost to us last time! We battle! vs Cadence! EEEE takes down her first Pokémon, Exploud!

8d 4h 23m We found Ninetales

8d 4h 14m We hit the switch, go to the Poké Ball, and we find Gardevoir!!

8d 4h 3m We press the switch. We move onto the red switch in the other room

8d 4h 2m We enter the room for the switch for the red lever

8d 4h 1m Night Shade from Metronome is used! Macargo defeated! Lopunnt to Lv 51!

8d 4h 0m We continue to use Metronome! Final Chance and Charm are selected by Metronome

8d 3h 59m We use Metronone! It becomes Calm Mind and then Iron Defense.

8d 3h 59m Lopunny is sent out

8d 3h 58m Ampharos down!

8d 3h 58m A crit brings Ampharos to 55 HP

8d 3h 57m We use another Power Gem! Charizard is down! Magarcgo is sent out!

8d 3h 57m We open up with Power Gem! IT misses! Charizard uses Sunny Day

8d 3h 56m vs Josiah! Its Ampharos vs Charizard

8d 3h 43m We found another Poké Ball! Its EEEE!

8d 3h 35m We found our first Poké Ball! Its Ampharos!

8d 3h 32m We seem to trying to advance to finding our first Pokémon but are just wandering around right now

8d 3h 25m We use the Dynamite to destroy a Rock Smash Rock

8d 3h 24m We find a Poké Ball in the open! We receive Dynamite?!?!

8d 3h 22m We press the button to active a switch or something

8d 3h 17m We also lose all of our Pokémon again

8d 3h 17m We talk to the gym leader and restart the Gym Challenge

[Info] Music also doesn't loop in here

8d 3h 15m We try interacting with the bed, it does nothing! We talk to the Abra man, he teleports us out of the gym, ending our challenge and we get all our Pokémon back. We return back to the gym lobby with neat Title Screen music. Please press start

8d 3h 13m We talk to the man and he allows us to leave, but for a fee. ₽ 400 he charges. We say no

[Info] This also seems to be a Democracy room. Next voting period is in 2 hours, 4 min

8d 3h 12m We go down a ladder and find a room with an Old Man, an Abra, and a bed

[Info] Party Status: Ampharos: Fainted Ninetales: 110/159 HP Gardevoir: 12/159 HP Burned Lopunny: Full HP

8d 3h 8m Once we return with all our Pokémon we can face the Gym Leader

8d 3h 7m We reached the end but we haven't completed the challenge of finding all our Pokémon. We must go back and find them all and then return

8d 3h 6m Fifi to Lv 51

8d 3h 6m Several Flamethrowers later Umbreon goes down! Edison defeated!

8d 3h 6m Umbreon uses Substitute, we continue to use Flamethrower

8d 3h 6m Umbreon is sent out! We keep Ninetales on the field!

8d 3h 5m Weavile is sent out! We relieve Gardevoir with Ninetales! Nintales KO's Weavile!

8d 3h 5m We use 2 Signal Beams, Houndoom counters with Crunch and Flamethrower! Miller is at 12 HP with Burn! Next turn Miller KO's Houndoom

8d 3h 4m We send out Miller

8d 3h 3m Ampharos down to Flamethrower after missing Power Gem 2 times!

8d 3h 3m Ampharos vs Houndoom!

8d 3h 3m We talk to another trainer! vs Edison!

8d 3h 0m We found EEEE!

8d 2h 59m We found another Poké Ball in the open? What could it be?

8d 2h 54m So we now have Electric Sheep, Fire Fox, and a Beer Brewing Gardevoir in our party now. Now to find the last 3 Pokémon

8d 2h 52m We found our Gardevoir!!

8d 2h 51m We climb the ladder, go down another ladder and find a Poké Ball!

8d 2h 50m We pull the red lever. Who wouldn't?

8d 2h 44m We backtrack back to the switch

8d 2h 42m We enter a room with a switch. We press it because what could possibly go wrong?

8d 2h 40m We continue on this part of the gym

8d 2h 38m We go back to the other area of the gym that had Josiah in it

8d 2h 37m We found a switch, the switch is disabled!

8d 2h 36m Also apparently Cyan can jump

8d 2h 36m We got back an area, climb down a latter, found a dead end but see a Poké Ball blocked by a red door

[Info] This Gym's puzzle is a scavenger hunt for all our Pokémon while facing past Gym leaders we have defeated so far. If we blackout, everything is reset

8d 2h 26m Josiah warps away

8d 2h 25m One more Power Gem KO's Magcargo! Josiah defeated!

8d 2h 25m We use a Power Gem to bring Macargo to Low HP

8d 2h 24m Macargo is sent out!

8d 2h 24m Charizard opens up with Sunny Day, we comback with Power Gem! Charizard down! Ampharos to Lv 50

8d 2h 24m vs Josiah! Its Ampharos vs Charizard

[Info] For those coming back, the gimmick of this part of the gym is to find all our Pokémon. We have found Ampharos and Fifi so far

[Meta] I wish I could update during this gym... the updater is still dark.

8d 1h 54m Suddenly we're fighting the first gym leader again, with much stronger Pokémon!

8d 1h 43m We found EEEE!

8d 1h 37m Since last update, we now have Amphy.

[Snark] Guess the guy's never heard of fists.

8d 1h 7m There's someone in the way, whom we can't battle without Pokémon.

[Chat] megagoomy41: 8 days and you still havent found larvitar FailFIsh

8d 1h 3m We talk to the Abra Man (from the Johto E4), who sends us back out for $400, and we get all of our Pokémon back as well. Then we go right back into the challenge. Bye again Pokémon!

[Info] We get our pokemon back in ascending level order.

8d 1h 0m We're in the eighth gym! We talked with the gym leader, who asked if we were ready to fight for the badge. Then he said he's not, and dropped us down a pit into a bunch of caves and took all of our Pokémon away! We have to find them now before we can fight him!

8d 0h 42m A woman tells us of a town that sells mining picks. She says if we want to mine, we'll need one. Thanks, we never would have known!

8d 0h 14m The ROM was reset just now. We're still in the game corner.

[Meta] The updater is now dark. But we're only gambling right now.

8d 0h 3m We actually managed to match a pair in the match 3 game and got a Poke Doll as a prize!

8d 0h 0m Oh no. Printer Error.

[Fluff] as soon as I snark about us not actually getting 777, we start getting the payout.

I'm good at this I swear.

7d 23h 52m MORE 777 BOIZ. PAYOUT

7d 23h 50m WE GOT 777 BOIZ

7d 23h 49m So close to 777. Sadness.

[Snark] Guys we're totally getting a lot of 777s. We're totally not leaving instantly

[Fluff] no 777. RIOT

7d 23h 36m We drew some cards on the Poker Machine. We're trying to pick a card to discard.

Poker is hard apparently. We have a Pair, so we won our money back

7d 23h 34m We're buying Coins!

[Snark] I don't think this wall is a machine we can play guys

7d 23h 32m Game Corner!

7d 23h 20m Route 74 stuffs

7d 23h 14m still wandering through routes

7d 23h 4m Now onto Route 70

7d 23h 2m in Caper Town

7d 22h 56m out of the cave now

7d 22h 52m Surfing around

7d 22h 51m Back in the Ice cave.

7d 22h 45m Route 71. Caves are hard. so we left the scary green cave

7d 22h 44m We're now in some form of green cave

7d 22h 43m We're outside now, surfing around

7d 22h 36m We heal in the relaxing Oasis!

7d 22h 36m We're now in a Desert Cave. Pretty sharp contrast from the previous Ice Cave. How does a desert next to a tundra/icy cavern even work

7d 22h 18m We catch a male level 35 Eevee, no name

7d 22h 8m Gardevoir is now level 50

7d 22h 6m We descended into a lower floor of the cave

7d 21h 36m We catch a female level 37 Hariyama, nickname is LLLL___] the _ being spaces

7d 21h 24m We entered some sort of ice cave

7d 21h 1m We pick a Oran Berry from a tree

7d 20h 59m We catch a female level 35 Snorunt nickname is !!!!!!!!!?

7d 20h 47m In route 84

7d 20h 36m Back outside, in Phlox city

7d 20h 29m Back in the Sharp Beak's room but we can't pick it up due to full bag

7d 20h 17m In Acqua Mines

[Info] Note: We haven't marked any of the spaces in the card yet (except the free space by default). But we can mark the Tyranitar one, if we can coordinate enough to click on it.

[Info] Music during Bingo: Mobile Adapter Connection from Crystal

[Info] More Bingo Achievements: "Have 500 or more Orphan Points" (whatever that means)

[Fluff] tfw Mystery Zone exists in this game, probably not pulling data from random places

[Info] More Bingo Achievements: "Own all the Johto starters" (we have one), "Defeat a trainer from the Mystery Zone", "Own a Tyranitar" (which we have), "Reach a crafting level of 15" (we're at 0).

[Info] One of the Bingo achievements is to have $100,000 in cash on hand.

7d 20h 2m Back in Bingo

7d 19h 54m We leave the place and go back to the city

[Info] Also, this maze is complicated by teleporters. Yayyy....

[Info] They're also color coded based on direction.

7d 19h 30m [Info] We're in a "Wild Ride" type maze now. The spin tiles on the ground in here have the decency to tell us how far they're going to fling us, in the form of little numbers in the bottom right of the pad.

[Fluff] Tfw you remember the old days of bags not being a void

[Fluff] No we didn't. The bag is full.

7d 19h 14m We pick up a Sharp Beak

7d 19h 8m We enter the Acqua mines

7d 19h 1m We heal

7d 18h 56m We leave 𝕸𝖞𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙's house

[Chat] is now counting (with TriHards) the number of times we speak to 𝕸𝖞𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙 again...

[Info] Also he tells us to look at a news article he laminated behind him. The article doesn't even mention 𝕸𝖞𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙 by name. It simply says "This guy found another guy in a cave, and the first guy asked us to write an article about it. The End.".

7d 18h 49m he stopped now

[Snark] Did they allocate half of the ROM for this?

7d 18h 48m He's still talking.....

[Snark] You mean we speak with 𝕸𝖞𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙, given how highly (and lengthly) he speaks about himself.

7d 18h 43m We talk to a man inside a house who calls himself Myles the Great and tells us a story

[Chat] is filled with lot of discussion about getting "orphan points".

[Info] Card spaces include "Find your rival's secret hiding place", "Revive a fossil", "Obtain 20 badges", and... something about orphans...

[Chat] joycewu333: WutFace Olden plays bingo?

7d 18h 23m We're in a Bingo Hall. This old lady gives us a bingo card to fill out. And now we're playing Bingo, where our accomplishments are the squares. Also, there's a really bad visual glitch to the left of the screen...

7d 18h 22m Democracy mode ends

7d 18h 20m Ampharos learns Thunder over Confuse Ray

[Fluff] This TPP.org tho TriHard

[Snark] Add 1 to that count on TPP.org for the number of times we have taught Body Slam now. This should be 12 now.

7d 18h 16m We taught Lopunny Body Slam and deleted Dizzy Punch

7d 18h 11m We enter this town's demo house and Democracy mode activates

7d 18h 3m We leave the lab

[Snark] How do you think the police don't catch them before we do

[Snark] Why do these big company buildings in the Pokémon world always have teleporters to random locations in the building? Is it too much to ask for a simple central elevator lobby?

[Info] The officer in question is apparently also the gym leader we've been trying to visit for a while now.

7d 17h 53m Police Officers come and arrest his and says that even if we escaped from prison we helped them so we get a freebie

[Info] Crunch lowers Special Defense despite being a physical move NotLikeThis

7d 17h 51m We send in Tyranitar and Crunch to defeat it, he sends in Magnezone and we Crunch again as he Flash Cannon's us to half health, another Crunch defeats the flying saucer and Tyranitar is now level 57, Scientist defeated

7d 17h 50m We send Ninetales and Flamethrower the virtual virus duck, he sends in Slowking, we Flamethrower as he sets up Nasty Plot, Fifi doesn't care and Flamethrower's as Slowking used Waterfall, we use Flare Blitz to spice it up but Slowking uses another Waterfall and Fifi faints

7d 17h 48m He sends in Porygon-Z and we use Signal Beam, it uses Noise Pulse and defeats Gardevoir

7d 17h 48m Up against Mahneton we Noise Pulse again and it hangs on with Sturdy and uses Flash Cannon, we have just uner half hp and ko it with Noise Pulse, Gardevoir is now level 49

7d 17h 47m We use Noise Pulse and instantly KO it

7d 17h 47m Vs Scientist No.1 attempt #2, Gardevoir vs Weezing

[Chat] Meanwhile, chat is discussing Sun/Moon for the 9001st time.

[Snark] So the game doesn't have to take control from the player as the player character races back to the Pokémon Center. Do you remember how you get back home after getting blackout drunk? Well, Trainers don't remember how they got back from other dimensions after losing to a guy trying to merge the distortion world with the real world either.

[Fluff] But why does a trainer black/white out when they run out of Pokémon?

[Fluff] You could say that Cyan takes a couple hour rest after getting kicked out. She did black/white out, after all.

[Fluff] That doesn't explain how our Pokemon are healed.

[Fluff] Whenever get black out, we get thrown to a random spot out in front of the building. I guess someone is literally kicking us out the door or something?

7d 17h 32m Back in the lab

7d 17h 30m He sends in Magneton and we keep Body Slamming, he uses Flash Cannon to beat Tyranitar, whiteout

7d 17h 30m We throw 2 balls at his Weezing and he uses Haze twice, we then use Body slam and paralyze it, he kept using Haze, and another Body slam finishes the job

7d 17h 28m Vs Scientist No. 1 who kept rambling for over 15 A spam; how his dream of cloning mon crashed after the Mewtwo incident, he then challenges us to a battle

[Fluff] This isn't what that scientist wants to do with his life anyway, honestly.

7d 17h 24m He sends in Slowking but Crunch also OHKO's it, gg Scientist No. 3 (his literal name) he also complains that this wasn't what he wanted to do in life

7d 17h 23m Up against another Scientist and he sends Weavile to swords Dance but we crit Crunch it to unconsciousness, he sends in slowbro and Crunch also OHKO's it

7d 17h 22m We use Body slam and it used Waterfall, sitting at 76/206hp and sandstorm takes out Slowbro

7d 17h 21m We send Azumarill and Body Slamme'd Magneton to death, he sends in Slowbro and it Psychic? or some other psychic move i didnt catch the name for ko'd Azumarill, only Tyranitar is left standing

7d 17h 19m Ampharos faints due to Wild Charge being ineffective and Magneton soamming Tri Attack

7d 17h 18m It kept spamming encore and Heal Bell so we woke up and Wild Charge'd itAmpharos Leveled up to 49 and forgot Wild Charge for Power Gem he sends in Magneton and the Encore from earlier keeps makign us Wild Charge even if we forgot it

[Fluff] This Gardevoir encored Ampharos taking a snooze... But we woke up from the clapping, apparently.

7d 17h 17m Amoharos got Hypnosis'd to sleep by this scientist's Gardevoir

7d 17h 17m Tyranitar leveled up to 56 after beating a scientist

7d 17h 13m Apparently they were filling some gap for us, because we now surf across a gap to an upper floor.

7d 17h 10m We release the Blastoise from its cage! It also Hydro Pumps the wall to escape.

7d 17h 6m Picked up Cage Card 3 from Milotic's cell. (Auto-correct, pls.)

7d 17h 5m We picked up Cage Card 6, and released Mitotic! It Hydro-pumped at something.

7d 17h 1m We release Hitmonchan. It apparently punched the wall.

7d 16h 58m We pick up Card Cage 1

[Info] His last speeches

[Fluff] Green: "Go on, think about who you're hurting!" Chat: "Edgy Kappa"

We Crunch his tyranitar but he survives with red health and faints to burn after a Earth Power, Green Pallete down

7d 16h 55m We send our own Tyranitar to assert dominance but he pussies out and switches to Leafeon and we Crunch it, it uses Flalil and a Bite takes Leafeon out

7d 16h 54m He sends in Tyranitar we use Flamethrower and it takes half our health with Dust Devil, we repeat the Flamethrower but burn it! Fifi sadly still couldn't handle the second Dust Devil

7d 16h 53m He sends in Ludicolo and we Noise Pulse while it uses Hydro Pump, same thing happens twice again but Ludicolo survives with a sliver of healthGardevoir can't handle the 3rd Hydro Pump and faints, we send in Ninetales and Flamethrower it

7d 16h 52m We use Noise Pulse and OHKO it as it was Super effective, We use Noice Pulse on Victreebel and confuse it but it still Nature power's -> Tri Attack, we Noise Pulse again and it hurts itself and faints

7d 16h 51m Vs Green Pallete try #2 and this time not with a half health mon only, Gardevoir vs Xatu

7d 16h 45m Back in Phlox and entered the lab again

[Fluff] Apparently all Green wants in life is to be financially stable, even if it means he has to do unethical things to get there. He justified it by saying that people do unethical things all the time, why can't he? At least, that's what he spouted at us before the battle began.

7d 16h 44m We use Body Slam and Victreebeel uses Giga Drain to KO Tyranitar, whiteout

7d 16h 43m Tyranitar vs Xatu, we Crunch and OHKO it, Crunch's PP finished

7d 16h 42m Vs Green Pallete

7d 16h 41m We open up the 3rd cage which was an Ampharos's cage

7d 16h 38m We pick up a Cage Card 5

7d 16h 37m Same thing with the scientist's Porygon-z, Tyranitar to 55 and we do not learn Earthquake

7d 16h 36m Vs Trainer and Tyranitar ohko'd a Gardevoir and Slowbro with One Crunch each

[Fluff] So Magmortar melt a wall and Glaceon froze some plants on the floor. I wonder what's next.

7d 16h 33m We opened the second cage!

7d 16h 30m Found cage card 2!

[Meta] Updater will be dark for a while. Please understand.

7d 16h 25m We finally free Magmortar!

[Chat] Megagoomy41 : Night Crew gets through a 10 floor cave twice. Day Crew cant open a door TriHard

7d 16h 21m We're still trying hard to free Magmortar.

7d 16h 17m We live through another battle!

7d 16h 16m Spotted by Scientist No. 06! He sends out Kadabra.

7d 16h 14m Obtained Cage Card 4!

7d 16h 13m There's a complicated switch that we can't turn on.

[Fluff] That's a pretty balanced team.

[Info] From left to right: Hitmonchan, Glaceon, Blastoise, Magmortar, Ampharos, Milotic

[Chat] Amphy BibleThump (As we spot an Ampharos among the trapped)

7d 16h 6m We go up the stairs! There are many Pokémon trapped inside small rooms.

7d 16h 5m We find TM51 Dark Pulse!

7d 16h 3m Crunch is OHKO'ing everything that doesn't resist. Tyranitar sweep confirmed! She levels up to 54. Palette Yellow defeated!

7d 16h 1m Palette Ranger Patrol Yellow wants to fight! She sends out Electabuzz against Tyranitar.

7d 16h 0m Scientist defeated!

7d 15h 59m Only Tyranitar is left standing.

7d 15h 59m Azumarill down from Porygon2's Zap Cannon!

7d 15h 58m Against Scientist No. 08! Azumarill vs Porygon.

7d 15h 56m Azumarill is now level 52! Scientist defeated.

7d 15h 55m Lopunny down! Azumarill takes down Magneton. Against Espeon!

7d 15h 53m Dizzy Punch isn't effective at all against Magneton. But we keep spamming that anyway.

7d 15h 53m Against Scientist No. 07! Lopunny takes down a Ditto.

7d 15h 50m We press the blue switch!

7d 15h 50m We press the green switch and the path is open!

7d 15h 49m We take warp tile D and get teleported to a dead end blocked by the green gate.

7d 15h 46m We take the warp tile and press the blue switch.

7d 15h 45m We press the red switch again! The warp tile and gate are back.

7d 15h 45m We press the red switch twice so nothing happened.

[Fluff] Who else thinks this music sounds more like it's from Battle Network than Pokémon?

7d 15h 40m We press the yellow switch!

7d 15h 39m We beat Scientist No. 10!

7d 15h 38m We send out Tyranitar and Body Slam it to death.

7d 15h 38m Ninetales down from Earth Power!

[Fluff] Pokemon Moon confirmed too I guess.

7d 15h 37m Ninetales grows to level 50! Against Lunatone now.

[Fluff] We burned the sun.

[Chat] Pokémon Sun confirmed!

7d 15h 36m Scientist No. 10 engaged! Ninetales against Solrock.

7d 15h 36m We step on warp tile C and teleport to some other room.

7d 15h 35m We press the red switch!

7d 15h 33m We press the blue switch!

7d 15h 31m Warp tile C is activated! But it's blocked by a red gate.

7d 15h 29m We press the green switch 3 times.

7d 15h 28m We step on warp tile B and teleport to yet another room. The music resets, of course.

[Chat] Making fun of the music resetting when we warp.

7d 15h 25m Back to the first room via warp tile A.

7d 15h 24m We step on another warp tile... which does nothing.

[Info] Current music: The Kalos Power Plant

7d 15h 23m Scientist defeated! That was easy.

7d 15h 23m More male Froslass. Ninetales OHKOs it anyway.

7d 15h 23m Scientist No. 09 encountered! Ninetales out against Haunter.

7d 15h 22m We step on a warp tile and teleport to another room.

7d 15h 21m Entered the lab!

7d 15h 20m Back in Phlox Town. Cyan must be tired by now climbing all those ladders.

7d 15h 14m Back through the entrance into the Acqua Mines.

7d 15h 14m Officer Dean defeated! He gives us a Lab Card.

7d 15h 10m Ampharod faints

7d 15h 8m Manectric defeats our Gardevoir

7d 15h 6m Vs Officer Dean

[Info] BBBBBBBBKTproper formatting

[Info] Current music: Silph Co. (from Gen 1)

7d 15h 1m We go through the exit and now we're inside a place very similar to Giovanni's Wild Ride

[Info] We caught it with second Poké Ball

7d 15h 0m WE CATCH SHINY RHYDON LEVEL 50 MALE, nickname is `BBBBBBBBKT i might have wrong # of b's though

[Info] We have like 200+ balls

7d 14h 59m We go down and we see a Rhydon blocking an exit, we fight it, ITS SHINY LEVEL 50

[Info] Current music: Olivine Lighthouse

7d 14h 55m In Acqua Mines

7d 14h 54m Walking around the city

7d 14h 39m We bought 11 Ultra balls and 3 Hyper Potions

7d 14h 36m Entered the Phlox Poké Center and healed!

7d 14h 33m Cyan ran out.

7d 14h 32m Entered Demohouse. Please stand by while votes are being tallied...

7d 14h 31m Reached Phlox Town with Tyranitar the only one standing.

7d 14h 30m Last Graveler self-destructed and wiped out Ampharos too! Trainer defeated anyway.

[Info] Current music: Ecruteak City... in a cave

7d 14h 30m But then it succumbs to poison! Y4 fainted!

7d 14h 29m Y4 switched in and gained a level to 51!

7d 14h 27m Hiker Saul wants to fight! Sends out Graveler against our Ampharos.

[Chat] KyoZero: Olden legendary Pokémon, ice landscape, COLDEN WutFace

7d 14h 26m Tyranitar finishes it, trainer defeated!

7d 14h 25m Lopunny is frozen, then faints from further attacks!

7d 14h 24m Lopunny is now Level 50!

7d 14h 23m Another trainer battle! Lopunny against Sneasel.

7d 14h 20m Trainer defeated! Presumably we're heading to Phlox.

7d 14h 20m Ninetales fainted to enemy Seaking!

7d 14h 19m We're being ambushed? Cooltrainer battle!

[Chat] WutFace at the male Froslass

7d 14h 18m All four enemy mons down, trainer defeated!

7d 14h 17m Glalie went down fast too. Ninetales is now Level 48!

7d 14h 16m Skier Averi wants to fight! Ninetales against Piloswine, which the latter quickly went down.

7d 14h 16m Found a random Gold Token!

[Chat] Teasing_it_in : The up and a spam says that Day Crew is awake Kappa

7d 14h 12m Obtained TM95 Steel Eater!

7d 14h 11m Caught a ♂ Lv. 36 Lombre! Nickname: ,,,

[Info] Have about 180 Poké Balls left.

[Fluff] If you want to call this stage 11/10, by all means.

7d 14h 6m Route 84! (with a creepy BGM)

[Info] Current music: Route 216

7d 14h 6m Huh, exit in sight.

7d 14h 4m Miller fainted from a wild Zubat!

7d 14h 3m Masquerain down, trainer defeated! Miller promoted to Level 48!

7d 14h 2m Weezing down, Masquerain out. Both sides are paralyzed!

7d 14h 1m Rematch! Miller against Weezing.

7d 13h 58m "Final boss" in sight.

[Fluff] Cyan is mostly running away from battles. SeemsGood

[Fluff] a.k.a the brighter part of the rocky maze. Cyan last whited out here.

7d 13h 45m Stage 10 hype!

7d 13h 38m The chat says we're at stage 9/??.

7d 13h 35m Found Dragon Fang!

7d 13h 25m Seems to be at stage 6/?? now.

7d 13h 15m Now solving ice puzzle stage 3/??.

[Info] Surskit was a Level 34 female named MMMMMKMMML.

7d 13h 1m Healed in the oasis!

7d 13h 1m Caught a ♀ Lv. 30 Trapinch! Nickname: AA.vVcttj

7d 12h 58m Back in Naljo Ruins.

7d 12h 57m Caught a Surskit! Details to follow...

7d 12h 50m Checkpointed in the Poké Center.

7d 12h 49m In Phacelia Town.

[Fluff] Why does day last way longer than night in TPP Chat, no matter what season it is?

7d 12h 29m Now at Route 70.

[Info] Current party order: Gardevoir47, Ninetales47, Lopunny49, Ampharos48, Azumarill50, Tyranitar52.

[Chat] PKMNTrainerColress: Good luck to join day crew trollifest in ice puzzle MingLee

Teasing_it_in: 5 Hours in night crew I can only imagine what it will be like in day crew

[Fluff] Or RIPPIP? Kappa

[Fluff] RIP progress in pieces.

7d 12h 19m Welp, there goes the battle. Tyranitar down! White out to Heath Village!

7d 12h 17m Azumarill fainted! Last mon Tyranitar is out, in the red!

7d 12h 16m Clutch! Weezing down, Masquerain up.

7d 12h 15m Boarder Lloyd sends out Weezing against our Azumarill.

[Fluff] Final boss incoming.

7d 12h 9m Obtained PP Up!

7d 11h 59m But then it woke up and defeated enemy Froslass. Trainer defeated!

7d 11h 58m Welp, Tyranitar fell asleep!

7d 11h 57m Ampharos fainted from the battles! Y4 and Tyranitar are left.

7d 11h 55m A boarder (Boyd) is lost and wants to fight!

7d 11h 51m Back~ Lopunny is too weak to continue and fainted!

[Meta] I'll be away for a while. Don't catch too many mons!

[Snark] In Chinese that's literally called a "cold" joke.

[Fluff] The I!C cave?

7d 11h 24m Still exploring the icy cave.

7d 11h 11m Obtained TM70 Dragon Claw!

7d 11h 7m No more Metronome tricks from Lopunny until we white out.

[Info] Caught Slowpoke was a Level 35 female, named ENWajsxAJJ.

7d 10h 57m Well, there are a couple more ice puzzles ahead.

7d 10h 54m Lopunny grew to Level 49!

7d 10h 50m Caught a ? Lv. ? Slowpoke! Nickname: (missed it ;_;)

7d 10h 48m Skier Fawn defeated. Lopunny is currently leading.

7d 10h 46m Fifi fainted from a Flare Blitz recoil.

7d 10h 45m Caught a ♀ Lv. 32 Swinub! No nickname.

7d 10h 43m And just like that, Cyan cleared it! \o/

7d 10h 39m In some kind of ice puzzle.

7d 10h 34m With 190 balls left, we caught a ♂ Lv. 36 Sneasel! Nickname: BBBBKKLLMM

7d 10h 33m Miller fainted from a wild Sneasel!

[Info] Apparently we got 2 Great Balls that I missed when I wasn't glued to the stream.

7d 10h 24m In the Naljo Ruins.

7d 10h 22m Surfing on Route 78.

7d 10h 19m It seems that we're retreating.

7d 10h 8m "HALT! Prisoners are not allowed here!"

[Fluff] Well, that's a conveniently placed PC.

7d 10h 3m In a Demohouse somewhere, but next voting is about 1h 40m away.

[Fluff] I think we entered the building from the wrong side. Kappa

7d 9h 53m Caught a ♀ Lv. 33 Houndour! Nickname: SSSSSSSSSS

7d 9h 47m In Saxifrage Island.

7d 9h 40m Currently at Route 78.

7d 9h 19m Picked an Oran Berry!

7d 9h 16m Glided on a tiny ice section to Route 71.

7d 9h 12m Now at Caper City.

7d 9h 2m Miller learned Noise Pulse over Heal Bell!

7d 8h 53m Back on Route 69.

7d 8h 46m Also attempting to teach Body Slam to Fifi, but that didn't happen. MingLee

7d 8h 43m Wanted to teach Fly, but no one in the party can learn it.

[Snark] And now it's Nkekev Plays Pokémon with a chain of Select.

[Info] While I was away, we used Democracy to teach Miller Hyper Voice. Wanted to give a nick to Ampharos but failed. Details here.

7d 8h 29m Miller is now Level 47! It forgot Confusion and learned Heal Bell!

[Meta] Lunch time~ This updater will go dark in the meantime.

7d 6h 44m Caught a ♂ Lv. 10 Natu! Nickname: //VVVV///

7d 6h 39m Paid ₽100 to heal!

7d 6h 36m Back in Heath Village.

[Info] Apparently Y4 did not learn Play Rough from this Reddit comment.

7d 6h 26m Caught a ♀ Lv. 13 Sentret! No nickname. (A chain of spaces but didn't register)

[Info] 201 Poké Balls now.

7d 6h 16m All those Flare Blitz recoils though... Ninetales fainted!

7d 6h 11m Defeated Blackbelt Akira. Ninetales grew to Level 47!

[Info] Current party order: Gardevoir46, Ninetales46, Lopunny48, Ampharos48, Azumarill50, Tyranitar52.

7d 6h 7m Looks like Miller fainted from the grind. There are 202 Pokéballs in the inventory.

[Meta] Filling in for half an hour or so, before I get lunch here.

[Meta] Still dark. Just saw that as I passed by.

7d 5h 47m We now have 205 Poké Balls and $118 left. In a Mart in the snowy starting town.

7d 5h 49m Spent all our money on balls. We now have 200-something.

[Meta] Going dark again. We're just grinding out in the grass out here.

7d 3h 44m Ampharos to 48

7d 3h 35m And we used them all.

7d 3h 34m We're using our Friend balls on a wild Vibriava.

7d 3h 30m Defeated Candace! Raccous Badge and TM 79 Hyper Voice!

7d 3h 28m EEEE to 48! Forgot Body Slam for Dizzy Punch!

7d 3h 27m Vs Leader Cadence!

[Meta] I can't do a play by play right now. If someone else wants to feel free.

7d 3h 25m Galen down, the leader is next!

7d 3h 24m Rocky tells us that the gym leader was/is an inmate in this prison, but she treated her Pokémon the nicest.

7d 3h 22m The next guy appears. Guitarist Rocky!

7d 3h 20m Guitarist Gene provides I!C the EXP to level to 51!

[Snark] Sort of like a concert performance.

[Info] There's only one spinning trainer in here. We may need to fight him to bring out others.

7d 3h 16m The Jim Guy confirms that this is a Sound type gym (with some electric types thrown in for good measure).

7d 3h 15m Inside, there are massive speakers and spotlights shining on a guy inside.

7d 3h 14m We head south, and find the gym!

[Chat] Skyjersey: throw her a friend ball VoHiYo

7d 3h 11m She tells us that she's waiting here for her boyfriend. Maybe this is Jasmine?

7d 3h 10m We head back outside. The guard out here doesn't mind us, and there's a girl over to the right just chilling.

7d 3h 7m We head into the big building. The place seems like a dead end...

7d 3h 4m We push the Boulder to the south up the steps.

7d 3h 3m We use strength, and run away. See? Told you.

7d 3h 3m We refuse to use strength on a boulder a couple dozen times. Cyan doesn't want to be pushy.

[Chat] Marksmithwas12 : Ludicrous speed! Go!
kotomikun : we've gone to plaid! WutFace

7d 3h 2m Inputs unfrozen, and they speed by so fast that the game can't respond for a moment.

7d 3h 2m ROM Reset! Pokémon Prism! Version 1.0, Build 0097!

7d 3h 1m Inputs are still disabled, but people are inputting anyway, building up the input backlog.

7d 2h 59m Revo takes control of the game and saves for us.

7d 2h 58m And fall out of democracy.

7d 2h 57m [D] And we swap our party around a bit.

7d 2h 52m [D] We teach Strength to Azumarill, over Icy Wind!

7d 2h 51m [D] We select HM Strength.

7d 2h 48m [D] Democracy kicks in.

[Info] We still have 3 friend balls.

7d 2h 23m Found a random Revive in a tree!

7d 2h 21m Chilling with Blue again.

7d 2h 18m OMG the music changed. We left the prison, and are now in the demo house! Next voting possible in 25 more minutes.

[Info] Cyan currently is at Mining Lvl 5 and Smelting Lvl 2. The other two skill are still Lvl 0.

7d 1h 59m We join the fisher dude in his cell to play-act looking forlornly out of the unlocked cell.

7d 1h 47m Currently swimming for items.

7d 1h 39m Putzing around the prison still.

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: there are enough keys

[Info] We're on Saxifrage Island.

Saxifrage: [noun] a low-growing plant of poor soils, bearing small white, yellow, or red flowers and forming rosettes of succulent leaves or hummocks of mossy leaves. Many are grown as alpines in rock gardens.

7d 1h 27m We're back in the pool / bath hall.

7d 1h 22m The nurse here heals us!

7d 1h 22m In the weight room again, after some lengthy detours.

7d 1h 14m We flirted with the escape tunnel again, but are now back in our cell.

7d 1h 8m We get caught by a guard upstairs, and thrown back in the cell.

[Chat] DuplexBeGreat : @tustin2121 The Live Updater might also benefit from knowing there is a Metagross we can't acess.

7d 1h 3m While most of the Pokémon in these cages are pretty easily identifiable (there's a Bronzong and Macop around), we approach one that isn't so easy to identify... We still can't open its door, however.

7d 1h 0m We examine one of the locks on the Pokémon's cages, and it simply says that the door is locked. (Possibly implying that we can't open these ever...?)

7d 0h 56m A good Surf takes him out and defeats out rival! We get HM04 from him! He promises he'll battle us "the way [he] desires" next time we meet.

7d 0h 55m A couple more paralyzing Body Slams and that Scizor is down. Weavile comes out next, slashing at Y4's bunny ears.

7d 0h 54m Y4 comes out of the Poké Ball like a missile and slams the Shelgon to some effect. A second Body Slam takes it out. Scizor comes out next and it not amused by the Body Slam, and performs Metallurgy in front of us a couple times.

7d 0h 53m Shelgon isn't as hurt by the Fire Blitz as Fifi is, however. Fifi down!

7d 0h 52m His Parasect is no match for Fifi, and his Ursaring goes down in two Fire Blitzes.

[Info] Current music: Champion!

7d 0h 52m We talk to Roy some guy with red hair and a bandanna in the corner here. He goes on at length about how corrupt the people running this prison are. Vs our Rival, KKKKKK!

7d 0h 50m The prisoners down here in this dark basement seem less human than the ones upstairs...

7d 0h 48m Cyan goes downstairs to the basement and shouts "Wigglytruffles!!" at the door, and it is apparently so appalled at the word that it opens for us.

7d 0h 47m We speak breifly with that guy we were dancing in front of earlier. (Darn, I missed opening his cell.)

[Info] Apparently we already went to the roof, and got this conversation about getting a new password from a guard in the weight room. (Thanks to /u/FlaaggTPP for the clip.)

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: .. MAN DansGame
LightningXCE: MAN

7d 0h 33m The Cooltrainer calls us a sensible young man (chat: DansGame), and tells us to go to the upper floor, where the guards drink and smoke. And one of them may be drunk enough to tell us the password out of here.

7d 0h 33m His Azumarill dizzies EEEE and EEE knocks himself out!

7d 0h 31m More balls being thrown at opposing Pokémon. Anyone know if they get used up in this game?

[Snark] Apparently the culmination of her nasty plot was to learn hypnosis to put others to sleep. I guess her being put to sleep was the breakthrough she needed.

7d 0h 30m This Rapidash even sparkles in the sunlight. I!C is having none of his charm. Fifi to 46! She forgets Nasty Plot for Hypnosis!

7d 0h 28m His Rapidash is a charming fellow, who puts our Ninetails to sleep. We decide to throw a ball at the Rapidash for its impunity.

7d 0h 27m Never mind. Cooltrainer Conner now! He's happy he doesn't have to pay his student loans in prison.

7d 0h 27m We almost unlock another door, but apparently decide that we don't want another key disintegrating on us.

7d 0h 26m He gives us another cage key! What is it with this prison. Everyone has keys to their own cells...

7d 0h 26m He likes Weezings. We don't. Easily defeated.

7d 0h 25m vs Pokefan Mick!

7d 0h 24m We almost make a complete circle around the guy in this cell. Yet to talk to him, though.

7d 0h 22m We open another cell door!

[Meta] Let's go dark again. Man those Luxio cries.

7d 0h 15m He gave us a Cage Key!

7d 0h 15m That isn't a bird! We use Crunch twice to KO it anyways. Defeated Murphy.

7d 0h 14m We send out Tyranitar, who uses Crunch to OHKO Xatu! Against Gyarados!

7d 0h 14m Against Xatu! We use Future Sight and get hit with Drill Peck. Another Drill Peck KOs Gardevoir!

7d 0h 13m It hits and cuts our health in half! We use 3 additional Signal Beams to finish it off.

7d 0h 13m We start off with Signal Beam, and he responds by charging up a Sky Attack.

7d 0h 12m Fighting Bird Keeper Murphy! We send out Gardevoir against Fearow!

7d 0h 11m We used a Cage Key!

7d 0h 9m Also we're talking to everyone in the weight room and getting a bit of the backstory about the island. Used to be a place where pokemon and people could co-exist before they built the prison and shit.

[Snapple Fact] #84: Oysters can change genders back and forth.

7d 0h 1m The nurse in there heals us!

7d 0h 1m We are currently looking into a trash can in the recreation/weight room.

Happy Day 8 of Pokemon Prism!

6d 23h 56m We go down to a room that we need a password to unlock the door. We don't have the password. We ascend.

[Info] Forgot to say it, but we used a Cage Key to fight him, so we're net even.

6d 23h 55m Defeated Sailor Robert and got a cage key!

6d 23h 54m We get hit down to 4 HP, but we manage to clutch and actually level up to 48!

6d 23h 54m We use the same strategy to a similar affect. However, we're down to Red health due to a Psychic attack. Against Slowking now.

6d 23h 53m We get hit with Hydro Pump, but two Body Slams KO Seaking! Against Slowbro.

6d 23h 53m Fighting Sailor Robert! We send out Azumarill against Seaking!

6d 23h 50m Taking over for a few minutes. We're still in the prison, only Ampharos and Azumarill are left alive.

[Meta] Gotta go. Hopefully someone comes along shortly.

6d 23h 34m We picked up a Cage Key from the seat!

6d 23h 32m We fight the Flaaffy last. It paralyzes Miller as he looks to a future attack, which KOs it.

6d 23h 29m We fight the Raichu next. It gets signal beamed into confusion, and KO's itself.

6d 23h 26m We fight the "Wild" Electabuzz first. It punches Miller and then proceeds to sing a Power Ballad at us. But it gets felled easily by a Future Sight attack.

[Fluff] "Electricity is being fed into the chair. Touching it could be deadly."

6d 23h 24m There's a Poké Ball in the middle. We decide not to touch it because doing so could be deadly.... chat WutFaces about the situation.

6d 23h 24m And a Raichu. It's not a fence, but some wires in the floor. (We walked over them)

6d 23h 23m There's a Flaaffy and Electabuzz here, seemingly keeping up an electrical fence.

6d 23h 23m We enter an area with no music.

6d 23h 22m Found yet another couple of guards. We almost stumble into one's line of sight.

6d 23h 20m Back up to the second floor, we find another path blocked by a guard who would probably throw us back in our cell.

[Chat] Grarrg : Metal gear cyan* Kappa

6d 23h 11m We were exploring upstairs when we drew the ire of a guard in the way. And he threw us back into our cell (but conveniently didn't re-lock the door or anything).

6d 23h 7m We're back in the main prison again, saying hi to that one guy we danced in front of without opening his cell.

6d 23h 3m Back into the escape tunnel again.

6d 22h 58m Hanging out with Palette Ranger Blue again.

6d 22h 55m Wandering outside now.

6d 22h 53m And anarchy returns.

6d 22h 53m [D] We almost give EEEE a Hard Rock instead, due to overshooting on the inputs.

6d 22h 52m [D] We give the Polkadot Bow to EEEE!

[Chat] BORT (and other emotes wearing sunglasses)

6d 22h 50m [D] We give Black Glasses to I!C, taking her Brick Piece.

6d 22h 45m [D] We swap party orders, moving level 50 I!C backwards.

6d 22h 43m [D] Democracy in the demo house! 10 minutes to use demo before anarchy returns, 4 hours before demo can be used again. (As is has been throughout the run so far, but I don't think the updater explained it yet.)

6d 22h 43m The input list is insanely fast as we countdown to democracy.

6d 22h 39m And we're back into the tunnel. And out of the tunnel. And into the tunnel. And out of the tunnel. And...

6d 22h 39m Turned on the PC!

6d 22h 38m We're not allowed to surf anywhere. Apparently the water isn't calm enough, even though it looks the same as water we've surfed on previously. (Which is different from the water we could never surf on previously.)

6d 22h 38m Outside. It's a lovely day.

6d 22h 35m We appear back in the democracy house. Chat dances to the change in music.

[Chat] DimitriPilot3 : TriHard = High Security Prison (no guards in patrol)

6d 22h 34m We've gone through the tunnel in our cell again and are heading outside.

6d 22h 30m Cyan performs a dance for the guy in this top cell.

6d 22h 27m We find our cell again.

[Chat] continues to suggest what the password might be. I suggest we check this list against the door and see if it opens. TPP has the time for checking 10,000 passwords, right?

6d 22h 24m We check the door again and it still requires a password. Apparently typing numbers randomly on the keypad isn't going to work here.

6d 22h 23m In the dark basement again.

6d 22h 19m The map glitches out, and we walk through the cell below us! We fix it by examining our Pokedex.

6d 22h 18m I!C to level 50! Learns Crunch over Dust Devil! Chat panics.

[Chat] Levy mentioned something about "his girl Jasmine" on the outside, and now chat is up in arms about which Jasmine he means...

6d 22h 16m We unlock another prisoner's door (and the key dissolves). vs Fisher Levy!

6d 22h 12m Back down to the prison level, staring at someone forlornly through the bars of a cell.

6d 21h 57m Currently looking down on the prison population from above.

6d 21h 50m We heal our team.

6d 21h 49m We turn around, and go back to the weight room.

6d 21h 47m Ampharos goes out, and one shots it with outrage, we win the battle. And get another cage key.

6d 21h 46m The Golbat takes out E4 with an air Slash

6d 21h 45m E4 KO's Torkoal with a drain puch, the biker sends a Golbat out.

6d 21h 45m E4 gets sent out.

6d 21h 44m Azumaril gets taken out by Laughing gas

6d 21h 42m We rummage through our items, but we don't have anything of much use.

6d 21h 42m We switch out I!C for Azumaril against the bikerr's Torkoal.

6d 21h 39m It has a biker inside, it seems strange that the Prison allows the man to keep his bike, but standards are obviously low from what we've already seen. The Biker challenges us to a battle.

6d 21h 37m We unlock a door.

6d 21h 36m Cyan finally exits the weight room, and walks through a corridor full of prisoners.

[Snark] So now they're just giving keys to random prisoners?! Worst run prison ever.

6d 21h 30m A tough guy in the weight room gives us a key for free.

6d 21h 27m I!C takes down both of Paulie's Pokémon with relative ease, and I!C goes up to Level 49

6d 21h 26m A guard finally notices us, we are challenged by Officer Paulie!

6d 21h 26m We look in a trash can, but there is only trash in it.

6d 21h 23m A nurse in the weight room heals our party.

[Snark] We found the gym, where do we get our badge?

6d 21h 19m We enter what seems to be a wieght room

[Snark/TV Tropes] That, or this prison gets its keys from Hyrule.

6d 21h 17m We try unlocking another door, but it seems we don't have the right key.

6d 21h 14m We talk to the prisoner, Palette Black, who seems to have had a change of heart from his previous ways. He gives us a roofcard, and tells us we will find the password to the protected door up there.

6d 21h 13m We unlock a door, freeing the prisoner inside!

6d 21h 12m We exit the pool room.

6d 21h 7m We find a cage Key while swimming!

6d 21h 2m We consult the Pokedex, and try printing a picture of Shinx. We fail.

[Snark] The guy talks like these are baths. These are the biggest baths I've ever seen...

6d 20h 57m A man in the pool room tells us people lose their stuff in the pool and he encourages us to take what we need from the pool. Perhaps he is with the police, and he is trying to trump up the charges against us.

6d 20h 57m We take a swim, apparently we don't need surf to traverse water after all.

[Snark] Like literally 4 different swimming pools. Not, you know, the Billiards sort of pool. Why would you need this many swimming pools?

6d 20h 55m As we continue our prison break we enter what appears to be a pool room.

[Chat] SparTonberry : Those Friend Balls did nothing wrong OneHand

[Fluff] So much for releasing the prisoners in here I guess?

6d 20h 51m We use our other key to open the other item cell and obtained a PP Up!

6d 20h 50m [Bug] Something weird is happening with the map. As we're running in and out of this cell, hitting the pause over and over again, the tiles were screwing up and the item was moving up and down...

6d 20h 50m Found 3 friend balls!

6d 20h 49m We use one of our keys to unlock one of the doors with an item inside!

[Chat] Uuuvula : Twitch Plays Jail Warden EleGiggle

6d 20h 45m Back down on the cage level of the prison, looking through the bars at the people (and in 2 cases, items) inside.

[Snark] How many of these things are just lying about? Who runs this prison??

6d 20h 39m We found a third cage key!

6d 20h 34m Cyan found a Fluffy Coat

6d 20h 31m We found another cage key. It is probably for the prisoner we passed earlier.

6d 20h 25m Cyan continues her way through the prison, we haven't run into any guards yet.

[Info] The game won't let us try entering a password even. So it's clear we need to find it like an item.

[Snark] Try entering 7077. It could work.

[Chat] Zeldafan812 : Password is password Kappa
dingdingboom : the password is BREAK THE LOCK SwiftRage
GlaceonMyst : No, I'm pretty sure the password is SELECT deIlluminati 7
Wahisietel_the_Cake : Password is Entei TriHard

6d 20h 22m We head downstairs to find another locked door, this one is password protected so we can't get through.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ESCAPE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 20h 20m Cyan tries to free the prisoner, but the key won't work.

[Chat] obvious_lemon : ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ This is a Prison Riot, everybody out! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 20h 20m We see a cage with another prisoner in it.

6d 20h 18m We unlock our cell door!

6d 20h 17m We go back into our cell!

6d 20h 17m We go down the stairs back int to the prison.

6d 20h 16m We enter the demo house

6d 20h 12m We wander aimlessly around the island, but we can't seem to find the motivation to enter the room that will lead us back to our cell.

6d 20h 5m We chat with Black who tells us the whereabouts of various team members before giving us the key to our cell.

6d 20h 4m We exit the demo house, I'm not quite sure where we are though. I think the cave where we were arrested is to our south though.

[Chat] WutFaces galore

6d 20h 3m We climbed up into a demo house right next to a PC.

6d 20h 3m We find a way over a hole meant to keep us in, and we begin our prison break.

[Chat] LeafeonSpring : Twitch escapes Prison PogChamp

[Snark] 6d 20h 2m I can be Cyan's Lawyer, I've beaten every Ace Attorney game.

[Fluff] Sign: "Don't try and jump and escape. Don't forget, you're here forever."

[Chat] WutFace

6d 19h 59m We exit the cave, and we are immediately stopped by a guard, who realizes our ID is fake, and throws us in prison.

[Fluff] A guy just came into my dorm room, saw what I was doing, and unironically asked "is TPP still a thing?"

6d 19h 56m We enter Saxifrage Island.

[Fluff] This next trainer is implying now that this is a prison for Pokémon. He laments how they were probably abused by their trainers, but how locking them up is good so they don't hurt others. Chat BibleThumps.

6d 19h 55m Ampharos takes down the enemy Yamega, and Lacey sends out Charizard, who puts Ampharos in the red.= before being taken out.

6d 19h 54m Breloom goes down, Ampharos levels up to Lv. 46

6d 19h 53m We send out Ampharos.

6d 19h 52m Breloom takes out I!C

6d 19h 51m We consider surfing to avoid the next battle, but we ultimately decide against it. We are battling Cooltrainer Lacey, who sends out Breloom

[Fluff] The guy says they usually don't allow battles in prison. Which raises the question as to why the let the prisoners keep their Pokémon...

6d 19h 50m I!C is in the red, and paralyzed, but we take out his second mon, Pidgeot, and win the battle!

6d 19h 48m We are now challenged by Birdkeeper Chase.

6d 19h 47m I!C takes out the team without much issue. We did run out of PP for Dust Devil though

6d 19h 46m We are challenged by cool trainer Rhett

6d 19h 44m Craig's last mon is Rapidash, it lands a flame wheel on I!C before we crit it with dust devil. We win!

6d 19h 43m We start a battle with Pokefan Craig, the self-declared greatest Ponyta fan ever. We make quick work of the first two with Tyranitar.

6d 19h 42m We enter route 79

6d 19h 40m We present our fake ID to the guard, who lets us past. He tells us we are entering a prison which he says is like a zoo with less rights, wow.

6d 19h 39m We exit the ruins and begin to surf.

6d 19h 32m Tyranitar is now level 47

6d 19h 29m Man gives us a Fake ID after we give him the Prism Jewel

6d 19h 26m We heal by dipping in the Oasis's water

[Snark] What about the 4 jewels we inserted TriHard

[Info] It says Treasure chest is empty... no kidding right

6d 19h 9m We put all four jewels in the Treasure chest which had 4 holes, we get the Prism Jewel!

6d 18h 56m Ampharos faints

6d 18h 45m Gardevoir faints

6d 18h 25m We pick up a Red Jewel

6d 18h 22m Ninetales fainted

6d 18h 2m Ninetales leveled up to 44

6d 17h 54m Tyranitar fainted

6d 17h 34m Still no change

6d 17h 1m Heal using the Oasis's water -> try to go through the puzzle is the current cycle

6d 16h 44m Tyranitar is now level 46

6d 16h 31m Still trying to go through the ruins

6d 16h 11m We find TM24 Dragonbreath

6d 16h 8m Still walking through the Naljo Ruins

6d 15h 45m Tyranitar is now level 45, learns Dust Devil over Scary Face

6d 15h 43m We enter Naljo Ruins

6d 15h 25m Democracy ends

6d 15h 24m Azumarill learns Body Slam over Charm

6d 15h 21m Lopunny learns Body Slam over Sweet Kiss

6d 15h 16m Democracy mode in move deleter house

6d 15h 10m Gardevoir faints from Haunter's Destiny Bond, whiteout to Phacelia Town

6d 15h 8m We won the battle btw and it was the green guy yea .

6d 15h 5m And now a Leafeon against our Ampharos. Party status: Gardevoir and Amphy the only ones alive.

6d 15h 3m Now there is a Weepinbell. I heard there was Xatu earlier, unsure though.. so presumably the Green member?

6d 15h 1m Stream paused for me, appears we're in a Palette Patrol whoever fight now. Tyranitar against Lopunny

6d 14h 49m Got 3 Max Repels

6d 14h 23m Tyranitar to 44

[Info] Apparently while we were away, Ninetales learned Flamethrower over Will-O-Wisp, and we got the Gas Mask. (thankyou /u/boombafunk)

6d 14h 13m Healed

6d 14h 13m We're in the Oasis room right now.

6d 14h 11m Azumarill to 47

6d 13h 56m Ampharos down

6d 13h 44m Lopunny down whoop.

6d 13h 43m So right now, the first half of the party (tyranitar, ninetales, gardevoir) is fainted and the second half (ampharos, lopunny, azumarill) is at full health.

[Meta] Gotta go, updater will be quiet for presumably some time.

6d 13h 6m Exploring the Ruins some more.

6d 12h 52m Nup, back in the Oasis room.

6d 12h 51m In the Clathrite Whateveritwas

6d 12h 48m We show the Archaeologist the Blue Jewel but apparently he wants something else truly fascinating. Jeez...

6d 12h 42m Healed

6d 12h 33m We appear to be back at the oasis area.

6d 12h 24m Ampharos to 45

6d 12h 19m Got a Pearl

6d 12h 14m Got TM37 Sandstorm

6d 12h 5m Gardevoir down

6d 11h 59m Got a Blue Jewel

6d 11h 53m Also Tyranitar is down.

6d 11h 50m Ninetales is down right now, but that's it. We seen to be exploring the Ruins, with a purple brick-like floor tileset.

6d 11h 18m Healed

6d 11h 14m Back in the room with the oasis.

6d 11h 11m Azumarill's the last one left right now.

6d 11h 7m Ampharos went down a little while ago.

6d 10h 49m Azumarill takes out Hariyama, Palette Yellow defeated. Please stop.

6d 10h 47m Jolteon was after Typhlosion, last is Hariyama, Gardevoir down

6d 10h 45m Electabuzz is down and Lunatone is sent in and it goes down and Gardevoir levels up to 44 and Typhlosion is sent in

6d 10h 44m Fighting Palette Yellow, Electabuzz against Gardevoir.

6d 10h 43m Ninetales down

6d 10h 33m Tyranitar down

6d 10h 23m Healed

6d 10h 11m Ninetales down

6d 10h 6m Tyranitar down

6d 10h 3m Back in Naljo Ruins.

6d 10h 1m Wow, it's way too cold in here. Unless I want to catch hypothermia, I'd better head back for now.

[Chat] boombafunk: an ice palace underneath an oasis OSsloth okay makes sense Kappa

6d 9h 57m We're in Clathrite Tunnel. Could you have a more extreme atmosphere change?

6d 9h 49m It's night or whatever in the Desert, and the Cacti turn a stark dark blue.

6d 9h 46m Tyranitar to 42

[Chat] I think they are is counting the number of dips in the oasis. Think we're done now, though..

[Info] Current music: Union Cave

6d 9h 40m Healed in the Oasis

6d 9h 38m We're.. in a room.. that's seemingly very bright and there's a cactus?

6d 9h 34m Out onto Route 78

6d 9h 29m Lopunny down to wild Tentacool's crit Steel Eater, white out, back to Phacelia.

6d 9h 28m TM78 Noise Pulse sitting on a one-tile large platform island in the middle of the ocean.

6d 9h 24m There's a Cave, a man standing in front of it, says we can't go in it without a Naljo ID.

6d 9h 21m He is trying to Drain Punch Tentacruel's health. Next in is Gyarados, uses Hyper Beam, doesn't do much. We Cut it some more, use Metronome, we get Mirror Move, use Hyper Beam, miss, confuse it with Sweet Kiss, Gyarados fights through the confusion, with our last mon on 7HP we finally take out Gyarados and win against Hester.

6d 9h 20m Fighting Swimmer Hester. Lopunny against Seaking

6d 9h 19m Lopunny takes out Slowking, levels up to 45

6d 9h 15m Yuh, another trainer. SwimmerAdrian sends out Slowpoke against our Ampharos. Slowbro in next. Ampharos down probably to recoil, Lopunny' te last one left.

6d 9h 14m Total destruction with Wild Charge, Ampharos has about 1/3 HP bc recoil. to Lv. 44, forgets Swift for Outrage, trainer defeated

6d 9h 14m Milotic in next.

6d 9h 14m Vaporeon down, Wailmer in.

6d 9h 13m Fighting Swimmer Kelly, Ampharos against Vaporeon.

6d 9h 13m Gardevoir went down, Lopunny took out a Tentacool, and trainer defeated.

6d 9h 9m Fighting a Trainer with a Seaking, with our Gardevoir

6d 9h 2m We went in the Poké Center, then back out. So, checkpointed or no?

[Fluff] That being the town I wasn't sure of the name. So all should be good.

6d 8h 53m So the game is back to the title screen again, then we are back in Phacelia Town. Saved again.

6d 8h 53m At title screen. Then, we're...... back in Laurel Forest.

6d 8h 52m Saved the game. Music pauses, inputs stop.

6d 8h 50m In -some town-, we opened the Menu and the name popup disappeared lol.

6d 8h 49m In a cave at the other end of the route or whatever that was, it's... an Oreburgh demix?

6d 8h 47m So, it is used.

6d 8h 46m We're outside an other Magma Caverns entrance, stuck in by a Rock Smash'able rock.

6d 8h 30m Entered the Caves in that park. the Magma whatevers

6d 8h 27m I think we're in Provincial Park right now. Have been for some time.

6d 8h 20m Got 2 PP Ups

6d 7h 54m Gardevoir to 43

6d 7h 50m Caught Lv. 21 female Tentacool, nickname :)/

6d 7h 46m Still surfin.

6d 7h 34m Thrown some Great Balls at a wild Relicanth.

6d 7h 22m Yeah uh. Nearing Acania Dock again

6d 7h 22m The current is too fast to swim on!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I wonder how many whispers winners of rare badges get

6d 7h 18m Outside 'n surfing.

6d 7h 15m In the Cave again.

6d 7h 14m Outside. MUSIC

[Chat] flarn2006 : It's Nascour's spawnpoint PogChamp

[Chat] Crayolan: Nascour's prison Kappa

[Info] And no music, which is making the chat WutFace a bit.

6d 7h 12m In a very empty cave room with nothing in it

6d 7h 4m Surfing around somewhere i dont know.

6d 6h 54m Bought seven Great Balls and 2 Super Potions

6d 6h 54m In the Mart.

6d 6h 52m Pretty sure we're back in Torenia

[Snark] I get the feeling our Pokémon don't like full-body slamming into things.

6d 6h 47m Lopunny to 44, tries to learn Sweet Kiss, forgets Body Slam

6d 6h 39m Got a Hard Stone

6d 6h 38m Azumarill to 46, forgets Body Slam for Charm

6d 6h 37m Lairon down, Magcargo in, Down to Hydro Pump, Absol sent in

6d 6h 34m Tyranitar down to Dig, Azumarill sent in

6d 6h 34m Fighting Cooltrainer Jenny's Lairon with Tyranitar.

6d 6h 29m Owen is defeated.

6d 6h 26m Fighting Fisher Owen's Tentacruel, with our new Tyranitar. Its Sand Stream comes into effect.

6d 6h 25m Got Polkadot Bow

6d 6h 24m On Route 82, surfing.


6d 6h 19m Pupitar to 41, forgets Dig for Scary Face

6d 6h 14m Caught male Lv. 30 Chinchou, no nickname

6d 6h 11m Caught Lv. 33 female Feebas, nickname FFFFFF

6d 6h 6m Surfing around some seemingly endgame route.

6d 5h 59m In the Poké Center, Healed

6d 5h 58m Outside.

[Fluff] With Pokédollars instead of tokens, there were two people at the stand

6d 5h 57m Bought Three Ultra Balls

6d 5h 55m So we're in some kind of Mart but we cant buy things because we dont have enough gold tokens

6d 5h 50m Taught Azumarill Icy Wind over Perish Song, then we leave the Demohouse. Anarchy

6d 5h 45m Gardevoir forgets Encore for Tri Attack

6d 5h 41m Democracy

6d 5h 38m In Demohouse.

6d 5h 36m Apparently it's some town?

6d 5h 36m Landed on a pier-like area.

6d 5h 26m Trainer defeated.

6d 5h 24m Had to refresh sorry, Ampharos goes down to Relicanth. Lopunny also fainted. Gardevoir takes out Relicanth, Blastoise in

6d 5h 20m Fighting Swimmer Isabel's Masquerain with Gardevoir.

[Chat] Megagoomy41: i have 9 badges though BabyRage

6d 5h 13m Apparently this is the Badge Check gates? Can't continue without at least eight, we have six.

6d 5h 8m Lopunny cuts a tree

6d 5h 4m Dusclops down, Gardevoir to 42, learns Encore over Tri Attack, Porter defeated.

6d 5h 2m Ninetales down

6d 5h 1m Then, Dusclops.

6d 5h 1m Furret's in on the opponent's side right now.

6d 5h 0m We landed. Talked to someone also standing by the shore, fighting Officer Porter's Cacturne with Ninetales.

6d 4h 54m Defeated Swimmer Haden.

[Fluff] Pupitar is down right now, does't look like that was mentioned since the last heal

6d 4h 53m Lopunny to 43

[Chat] Lewd Site WutFace (in response to a Walimer using the move "Lewisite")

6d 4h 39m Picked an Oran Berry!

6d 4h 35m Found Elixir!

6d 4h 34m Ampharos to level 43!

[Chat] KappaRoss (as we fight a Ludicolo)

6d 4h 30m Out on the water route fighting trainers.

6d 4h 16m I!C to level 40! It tries to evolve, but fails...

6d 4h 4m We speak with the nurse and deny healing 4 times. Then, after almost turning to leave, we decide to heal. Healed! Twice for good measure.

6d 3h 57m We seem to be trying to blackout, but our team is too powerful compared to the mons around here.

[Fluff] From a random 1 tile dock out in the middle of the ocean.

6d 3h 18m Picked up TM25 Thunder!

[Meta] Can't update anymore, back to waiting for another updater! Have a good Day 6 until someone takes over!

6d 3h 5m Swimmer Dena defeated. She's talking about fugitives being killed since she escaped from prison o-o

6d 3h 4m Exchanging more hits. Perish Count 1. We hydro-pump to no avail, and Vaporeon can't move due to paralysis. Perish Count 0. Azumarill Fainted (as well as Vaporeon)

6d 3h 4m We paralyze the vaporeon with Body Slam. Perish Count 2

6d 3h 3m Vaporeon comes up, we hydro pump it but nothing happens thanks to the Vaporeon's water absorb. We use Perish Song.

6d 3h 2m Steel Eater is done on us, bringing Azumarill into the yellow. Our Hydro Pump KOs it. Azumarill is promoted to lv44

6d 3h 2m We switch out to Azumarill.

6d 3h 1m We spam tri-attack while the tentacruel screeches. The tentacruel misses a Hydro Pump, but on the second try it doesn't. Ninetails Fainted.

6d 3h 0m Tentacruel comes out, against Ninetails.

6d 3h 0m VS Swimmer Dena

6d 2h 59m We're in a long fight with a wild tentacool.

6d 2h 55m We back into the water now, going away from the island (we don't have strength so it's no use)

[Chat] Snowball721 : Why do we want to go in the cave anyway, caves stink BabyRage

6d 2h 53m Behind the strength boulder + ledges is an entrance to a cave!

6d 2h 52m Back on land. We see some ledges, and a Strength boulder!

6d 2h 50m More swimming around in the ocean.

6d 2h 48m Swimmer Loren defeated.

6d 2h 48m Ampharos is promoted to Level 42. Out comes Blastoise. We continue to use Wild Charge. Ampharos in the red now.

6d 2h 47m Tentacruel bubblebeams and steel eaters us, we retaliate with a Wild Charge that OHKOs Tentacruel. Ampharos in the yellow.

6d 2h 46m We try to run, but to no avail. We then switch to Ampharos

6d 2h 46m Tentacruel vs our Ninetails

6d 2h 46m VS Swimmer Loren

6d 2h 43m Still surfing on open water right now, we just hopped on and off a 1x1 island

[Meta] I'll do a little bit of updating for about 20 minutes (still gotta get someone to take over)

[Meta] It's quite a long shift for me today. The live updater will go dark until someone is free to take over. Have fun in Day 7 of Pokémon Prism!

6d 2h 33m Pupitar fainted relatively quickly here.

6d 2h 32m Back surfing on open waters.

6d 2h 27m Blastoise gained the upper hand. Lopunny fainted! Blackout!

6d 2h 26m Now Lopunny is facing Blastoise.

6d 2h 24m A wild swimmer appeared! Ampharos against Tentacruel, but Amphy was taken down fast!

6d 2h 18m Ampharos is now Level 41!

6d 2h 15m Another trainer battle. Miller is down!

[Info] We have Miller, Ampharos and Lopunny left standing.

6d 2h 10m Wild Wailmer self destructed and brought Fifi down!

6d 2h 7m Ninetales brought the enemy down and rose to Level 41!

6d 2h 6m Enemy Wailord also down. Next we have Y4 against Azumarill, but Y4 is too weak. It fainted!

6d 2h 5m Y4 out and takes Seaking down, grew to Level 43!

6d 2h 4m Facing another fisherman. Pupitar against Seaking, but Pupitar went down from Hydro Pump!

6d 2h 1m Went straight to Route 80 and used surf!

6d 2h 0m And was flung out of it.

6d 1h 59m In the Route 81 Poké Center.

[Dev] The_Chef1337: Dev Chat fire extinguisher status: On fire

Koolboyman: First crash in 6 days, thats an accomplishment

Felk: don't worry, i updated the lua and the call to receive button inputs was accidentally removed

6d 1h 51m OK, we're back in action.

[Chat] aissurtievos: its fine

aissurtievos: Kappa

6d 1h 49m Input stream froze.

6d 1h 48m Overlay refresh?

6d 1h 44m Headed south to Route 81.

6d 1h 40m Enemy Seaking took down Lopunny! Blacked out!

6d 1h 39m Drain Punch kinda worked, but Lopunny is losing health from Liquid Ooze.

6d 1h 39m Ampharos fainted!

6d 1h 37m Facing another swimmer! Ampharos against Tentacruel.

6d 1h 36m Reached a tiny shore and grabbed a Dragon Scale!

6d 1h 31m Now Ampharos and Lopunny are left standing.

6d 1h 28m The last Seaking was down. Fisherman defeated!

6d 1h 27m Lopunny is now at Level 42!

6d 1h 26m Lopunny takes the enemy out! Wailmer is next.

6d 1h 24m Miller fainted! Y4 switched out and also taken down!

6d 1h 23m Fisherman on a single-tile island wanted to fight! Sent out Tentacruel.

6d 1h 19m Right now Miller leads the party.

6d 1h 17m Ampharos took it down. Trainer defeated!

6d 1h 16m Milotic is up, and later put Y4 to sleep!

6d 1h 15m It's down. Y4 grew to Level 42! Learned Perish Song over Icy Wind!

6d 1h 14m Y4 took care of that fish, next up is Ludicolo!

6d 1h 13m Kinda overleveled... Ninetales down!

6d 1h 12m First trainer in open water! Ninetales against Seaking.

6d 1h 11m Now at Route 80. Surfing on the east side.

6d 1h 4m Back to that familiar Route 81.

6d 1h 1m And just like that, anarchy resumes!

6d 0h 59m [D] Lopunny forgot Sweet Kiss and learned Body Slam!

6d 0h 58m [D] Body Slam is selected.

6d 0h 55m [D] Y4 forgot Mud-Slap and learned Surf!

6d 0h 54m HM03 Surf selected.

6d 0h 51m 10-minute democracy mode starts now!

6d 0h 48m In the demo-house. Voting commences.

6d 0h 43m And then catapulted out of the center.

6d 0h 41m Now just outside of the center.

6d 0h 37m In Acania Poké Center.

6d 0h 30m Ninetales has hit Level 40! Did not learn Dark Pulse!

6d 0h 26m As expected, Ninetales leads the grind.

6d 0h 23m Pupitar was taken down.

6d 0h 19m Pupitar now at Level 39!

[Snark] Seems that grinding attempt #6 is a go.

6d 0h 6m Nothing happened this time, except Cyan's party being healed.

6d 0h 5m PC is accessed.

5d 23h 59m Welp, Fifi is taken out!

5d 23h 58m Anyway Fifi grew to Level 39!

5d 23h 55m Fifi is paralyzed, while enemy Electrike is burned.

5d 23h 51m And then it fainted!

5d 23h 46m Level 38 for Pupitar!

[Chat] minami91: 19 minutes LUL

Z33k33: DBstyle one more grind session

[Snark] Attempt #5?

5d 23h 36m Party healed at Acania Dock!

5d 23h 32m No surprise here. Fifi fainted from recoils.

[Snark] By the way, this is run #4 at grinding and healing our two underleveled mons.

5d 23h 26m PRChase Pupitar couldn't take it, it's down!

5d 23h 21m Pupitar is out of PP for Dig.

5d 23h 7m Up to Acania Poké Center to heal, then back down to Route 81.

5d 23h 3m Again, Fifi was taken down from a recoil...

5d 23h 1m Leading Fifi is paralyzed.

5d 22h 55m And it fainted!

5d 22h 50m Pupitar grew to Level 37!

5d 22h 49m Obtained Oran Berry!

5d 22h 38m And the hivemind pushed Cyan down quickly to Route 81.

5d 22h 37m Back to heal at Acania Dock's Poké Center!

5d 22h 35m Our leading Gardevoir is now Level 41!

5d 22h 34m But then it went down from all the Flare Blitz recoils!

5d 22h 32m Fifi rose to Level 38!

5d 22h 23m Pupitar is down from wild attacks and its poison!

[Info] It's daytime now.

5d 22h 13m Healed at the Route 81 Poké Center!

5d 22h 12m And he is now poisoned.

5d 22h 3m Miller the Gardevoir is now leading.

[Meta] Koolboyman would like to know how do you think of Prism so far. Comment here.

5d 21h 59m Fifi fainted from the recoils of Flare Blitz, which is currently the leading move.

5d 21h 56m Fire Spin forgotten and learned Nasty Plot!

5d 21h 55m Fifi now at Level 37!

5d 21h 52m Fifi the Ninetales is currently leading.

5d 21h 47m Pupitar has fainted!

5d 21h 46m In another wild battle, Shed Skin cleared Pupitar from paralysis.

5d 21h 39m It did not learn Earth Power!

5d 21h 38m Pupitar levelled up to 36!

5d 21h 28m Our leading Pupitar is paralyzed.

5d 21h 21m Down again to Route 81.

5d 21h 20m Lopunny taken down by a wild Pidgeotto! Blackout to Acania Dock!

5d 21h 15m Lopunny paralyzed from attacking a wild Pikachu.

[Info] No more Drain Punch on Lopunny.

5d 21h 13m Lopunny raised to Level 41!

5d 21h 12m Caught a ♂ Lv. 30 Swellow! Nickname: YYYYzzz jp

5d 21h 11m The final Ultra Ball caught it!

5d 21h 10m Wasted 2 Ultra Balls on Swellow.

5d 21h 8m Still in the grass area of Route 81 with Lopunny at about 1/3 HP.

[Info] 16 Brick Pieces are left. Also one Ultra Ball wasted on a wild Pidgeotto.

[Chat] Megagoomy41: how many times has body slam been overwritten this run Kappa

5d 20h 51m It forgot Body Slam and learned Drain Punch!

5d 20h 51m Lopunny now at Level 40!

[Info] Lopunny is the only mon standing.

5d 20h 44m Down to Route 81.

5d 20h 38m Tiny section of Route 68 to the east of Acania Docks, but we need surf to continue.

5d 20h 37m Cyan walks out of the lighthouse.

5d 20h 31m Apparently there is one unlit fire-container on the upper-left corner that "does nothing". Hmm...

5d 20h 27m Obtained HM03 Surf from the lighthouse NPC!

5d 20h 25m Oh... it's a lighthouse. No wonder there are fires around the perimeter.

5d 20h 24m In a building somewhere around the dock.

[Fluff] With that, Cyan is officially broke.

5d 20h 17m Sold a couple of (14?) Brick Pieces! Bought 4 Ultra Balls!

5d 20h 15m Now Cyan doesn't have enough tokens to exchange for items.

5d 20h 13m Traded some gold tokens for a PP Up in the mart!

5d 20h 9m Obtained TM44 Rest from an NPC around town.

5d 20h 6m tpp: Inputting is now in anarchy mode!

5d 20h 5m [D] wait4baba selected as chat waits for the democracy timer to run out.

5d 20h 4m [D] Fifi forgot Pain Split and learned Tri Attack!

5d 20h 2m [D] Now Tri Attack selected.

5d 19h 59m Y4 forgot Sing and learned Body Slam!

5d 19h 58m [D] Body Slam and Y4 are selected.

5d 19h 56m tpp: Inputting is now in democracy mode!

5d 19h 54m Demohouse.

[Info] TM63 is Thunder wave.

5d 19h 51m TM63 obtained from some yellow dude.

[Info] I assume TM06 is Toxic.

5d 19h 50m Out of the gym.

[Fluff] Ayaka's brain hurts from trying to remember what she called the badge and why someone gave it such a stupid name...

5d 19h 47m EEEE kills Weezing. Victory! Haze Badge and TM06 obtained.

5d 19h 46m Azumarill fainted.

5d 19h 46m Azumarill got poisoned.

5d 19h 45m Torkoal is down. Ayaka sent in Weezing.

5d 19h 45m Azumarill is sent in.

5d 19h 44m Ninetales killed with the Mustard Gas.

5d 19h 44m Gardevoir fainted. Cyan delegated Ninetales.

5d 19h 43m Necermind. Drapion is down, Torkoal is next.

5d 19h 43m Ayaka used Hyper Potion. She likes her Drapion it seems.

5d 19h 43m Gardevoir is sent in.

5d 19h 42m EQ hits. Ampharos fainted.

5d 19h 42m Haunter is down, Drapion is next.

5d 19h 41m Ampharos was burned.

5d 19h 41m Rock Smash didn't hit Haunter. I2C fainted.

5d 19h 40m I2C poisoned by the Haunter.

5d 19h 40m Vs. Ayaka. Try #3.

5d 19h 38m Back to the gym.

[rip] And only 1 hit away from winning too.

5d 19h 37m Death by poison. Black out.

5d 19h 36m Torkoal killed. Ampharos grew up to Level 40. Weezing poisoned him.

5d 19h 35m Ninetales used Pain Split on red-colored Torkoal and gets killed next turn.

5d 19h 33m Gardevoir killed Drapion regardless. Gardevoir KO'd by Torkoal. Ninetales is sent in.

[Info] Final Chance apparently heals the Pokémon using it for 3 turns, and then faints the Pokémon once the turns run out.

5d 19h 32m Ayaka used Hyper Potion. Cheater.

5d 19h 32m EEEE fainted.

5d 19h 31m EEEE used Final Chance, Sword Dancing and Thunder to no avail.

5d 19h 31m Azumarill fainted.

5d 19h 29m I2C killed by Drapion.

5d 19h 28m I2C killed Haunter.

5d 19h 27m Vs Ayaka Try #2

5d 19h 24m Back to the gym.

5d 19h 18m Sludge bomb hits. Black out.

5d 19h 17m Sayaka used Hyper Potion.

5d 19h 16m Azumarill is the only available option at this time.

5d 19h 15m Ampharos fainted.

5d 19h 15m Torkoal killed itself. Drapion Lv. 41 is next foe.

[Info] We still have 44 brick pieces that the bridge builder didn't use.

5d 19h 14m Ampharos is sent in. He made Torkoal confused.

[Chat] WutFacing at the Torkoal's use of the move "Mustard Gas"

5d 19h 14m Gardevoir fainted to Torkoal.

5d 19h 13m Haunter Lv. 36. killed. Gardevoir grew up to Level 40.

5d 19h 12m VS GYM Leader Ayaka.

5d 19h 11m Her Torkoals and Ariados are killed by Gardevoir. Gas cloud disappeared.

[Fluff] How's the gas not spreading?

5d 19h 10m Beauty Camry challenges us to a battle.

5d 19h 9m Suspiciously looking toxic cloud is blocking the path to the north.

5d 19h 8m Stream is briefly down and back up.

5d 19h 7m Azumarill is sent in. She finishes Koffing off and. grew up to Level 41. Jonas defeated.

5d 19h 6m EEEE fainted.

5d 19h 5m EEEE is sent in. It used Metronome to change its type to ... Normal. Then EEEE transformed to Koffing.

5d 19h 3m Ninetales is sent in. Weezing is down. (It used Lewisite). Koffing killed Ninetales.

5d 19h 2m I!C fainted.

5d 19h 2m I!C grew up to Level 35. Vs. Weezing Lv. 36.

5d 19h 1m Super Nerd Jonas challenges us to a battle. Venomoth Lv. 35.

[Chat] WutFaces at a weird wiggling pink thing blocking a doorway in the gym maze.

5d 19h 0m In the Gym.

5d 18h 57m Party healed at Poké Center .

5d 18h 56m Acania Dock.

[Snark] Well, dry it off then.

5d 18h 54m Damp rock obtained.

5d 18h 53m Back to Route 81.

5d 18h 53m Acania Dock.

5d 18h 52m We gave some bricks to the guy who built the bridge instantly.

5d 18h 45m We exit the challenge.

5d 18h 38m We cut the tree and went down to other temples.

[Correction] We may have just thrown away our park balls instead. And apparently we're able to give park balls to our Pokémon to hold...

5d 18h 35m Back to the challenge.

5d 18h 33m We exit the challenge.

[Info] 15 balls specifically. rip our money

5d 18h 30m Threw all our Poké Balls away!

[Info] So, to summarize the recent lore exposition, Naljo was protected by 4 guardians, who attacked everyone who tried to enter Naljo and who received their powers from orbs. When the Messenger, the only human the guardian trusted and who was well, a messenger between the Naljo community and the guardians, found out the guardians were killing every people and mon alike who weren't from Naljo, he stole the orbs and hide them all over Naljo. The Guardians then fell asleep and all was well again. Lance, Cyan's dad, is the descendant from said messenger and as such could control the newly awoken guardian. Since he's too busy being famous, Cyan's gotta do it.

So now, we have to look for Varaneous before he awakes his 3 guardians buddy and kill everyone.

5d 18h 23m We entered the Challenge in the park.

5d 18h 18m Back to route 81

5d 18h 16m Turned the PC on, then off again.

5d 18h 13m Inside Provincial Park

5d 18h 10m And back to Route 81!

5d 18h 10m Healed our team!

5d 18h 9m Inside the Poké Center.

5d 18h 7m on route 81

5d 18h 5m We exit the house.

5d 18h 3m Lance being too obsessed with his fame and money, we're tasked with taming the guardians before they kill everyone.

5d 18h 2m The Messenger is apparently the link between the Guardians and the human and mon of Naljo.

5d 18h 1m He explains about Naljo's 3 Guardian, who each has an orb.

5d 18h 0m The old man explains Naljo history, and how Lance apparently is the reincarnation of somebody called the messenger.

5d 17h 58m The old man takes us back to his home on route 80

5d 17h 57m The guardian start to attack the three pallete controllers, sniffs us, steal the orb of the other guardians and runs away as the police arrive.

5d 17h 57m Finally they notice us, and explains their plan to awak Varaneous, the Naljo Guardian.

5d 17h 56m We encounter several Palette controllers, speaking about awaking the guardian. They seem to be bickering.

5d 17h 53m Flareon endures hits, but finally goes down to cut, Palette Red defeated! Apparently we're too late, and he speaks about Cyan's father.

5d 17h 53m Lopunny sent out, he gets trapped by Fire spin!

5d 17h 53m One more Bite and Miller goes down!

5d 17h 52m Bite takes miller to the red!

5d 17h 52m Seaking goes down due to it's confusion, Flareon sent in!

5d 17h 52m Miller in the yellow while seaking is confused!

5d 17h 52m Seaking sent in! We continue with Signal Beam.

5d 17h 51m One more signal beam, it goes down and Miller lv up to 39!

5d 17h 51m Arcanine is now confused! We continue using signal beam.

5d 17h 50m Arcanine in, we switch to signal beam!

5d 17h 50m Parasect sent out and it goes down to tri attack too!

5d 17h 50m Solrock againts miller! Miller is trapped by Fire Spin, but we tri Attack solrock to death!

5d 17h 49m vs. Palette red!

5d 17h 47m Fell from a hole.

5d 17h 36m Bubblebeam, and one more Body slam, vaporeon goes down, Lopunny to Lv. 39 Palette Blue defeated!

5d 17h 36m Golbat goes down to another body slam, vaporeon comes out! We continue body slamming!

5d 17h 36m Golbat sent out but Palette Blue, we body slam it, an d paralyze it!

5d 17h 35m Y4 fainted! to another Steel eater, Lopunny out, body slam and tentacool is down!

5d 17h 35m Another steel eater, Y4 in the Yellow! We're confused by confuse ray!

5d 17h 34m Mud slap vs. Steel Eater! Our attack aren't very effective against tentacool and we continue with Icy wind!

5d 17h 33m Tentacool vs. Y4!

5d 17h 33m Ninetales vs. metang, Metang self destructs, and Ninetales faints!

5d 17h 32m Vs. Palette Blue!

5d 17h 30m Still inside Magma Caverns, looking for the Palette Controllers.

5d 17h 19m found PP up!

5d 17h 8m Pupitar fainted!

5d 17h 1m Pupitar now in the yellow!

5d 16h 54m Pupitar is burned!

5d 16h 51m Inside Magma Caverns

5d 16h 47m Cut a tree again.

5d 16h 43m Back inside the Provincial Park

5d 16h 40m Healed our team!

5d 16h 39m Inside a Pokémon center, Checkpoint!

5d 16h 36m Now on Route 81

5d 16h 32m Cut a tree.

5d 16h 30m Miller is now paralyzed!

5d 16h 28m Exited the caverns, now walking around Provincial Park.

5d 16h 20m Ninetales fainted! to a wild machop!

5d 16h 13m We reached Magma caverns!

5d 16h 12m Now in Clathrite tunnels.

5d 16h 12m We reached the Mine cart, now in Acqua mines.

5d 16h 4m But failed to catch it

5d 16h 2m Threw an ultra ball at a sneasel!

5d 15h 49m Turned the light on in another level?

5d 15h 35m We started the light generator.

5d 15h 28m Currently in the 2D part of the cave.

5d 15h 27m Ninetales now in the red.

5d 15h 21m Pupitar fainted to a wild Slowpoke

5d 15h 18m Pupitar was poisonned a while back, she's currently in the red.

[Info] We're trying to get the minecart back to Magma Cavern.

[Info] We're in Mound Cave for some reason.

5d 15h 8m Currently in some sort of cave.

5d 14h 42m In route 83

5d 14h 32m In Torenia City now

5d 14h 30m We leave the daycare and head north

5d 14h 23m Anarchy back before we could teach Tri Attack to Ninetales (It has Fire Spin / Will-o-Wisp / Pain Split / Flare Blitz)

5d 14h 18m Party order is now Pupitar / Ninetales / Gardevoir / Ampharos / Lopunny / Azumarill

[Info] Ninetales is level 36 just in case she leveled up

5d 14h 13m Democracy mode

5d 14h 9m We have our whole team back

5d 14h 8m We got Fifi Back but deposited Pupitar

5d 14h 5m Inside the Daycare

5d 14h 3m Now outside the cave and crossed a bridge to other side of this route

5d 13h 50m Back in anarchy and we're getting out of the starting cave

5d 13h 34m Demoocracy mode

5d 13h 32m We enter Mound Cave and stopped messing with the minecart

5d 13h 30m We reach the Minecart and we need to go to Mound Cave

5d 13h 27m Nearing the exit

5d 13h 5m Lopunny is now level 38

5d 12h 55m Pupitar faints against a Numel

5d 12h 53m In Magma caverns

5d 12h 51m In Route 85 now

[Info] We can't go back through the Milos Catacombs since it's a one way road

5d 12h 48m Back in Phacelia Town

5d 12h 29m Going through the puzzles

5d 12h 10m In Milos Catacombs now

5d 12h 0m We heal

5d 12h 0m We're back in Phacelia Town

[Chat] FaithfulForce: The crippled man says that there are some crazy people trying to ressurect the naljo guardians to return it to the idealyic and nature filled place it used to be, but they don't know the guardians will kill anyone who isn't a first generation Naljo or their direct descendants. And it turns out the crazy people are the Pallet Patrol

5d 11h 55m We're back in Route 81

5d 11h 51m We left the caverns again

5d 11h 42m We just beat the Pink Pallete

[Info] Some dialogue he said : https://clips.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon/EnergeticAntYouWHY

5d 11h 29m We find the old man and give him his Aggron back

5d 11h 20m We go back into the cave

5d 11h 16m We leave to Route 85

5d 11h 0m Lopunny is now level 37

5d 10h 45m We enter the Magma Caverns, Everyone's at full hp except a fainted Pupitar and half health Lopunny

5d 10h 31m Pupitar faints to a Tangela

5d 10h 20m Going through the park, Pupitar stands at half health cuz of the crazy encounter rate

5d 10h 10m Just entered Provincial Park

[Info] Now we need to go back to the Magma Caverns to save an old man

[Info] The Aggron is part of the Plot as when we took it the PC is down, when we return it the PC maintenance person should be able to fix it

5d 10h 5m We heal

[Snark] Aggron Will use Steel Eater if the PC tries to hurt us

5d 9h 59m We try to use the PC but it says its down for maintenance

5d 9h 47m It has the moves Steel Eater, Rock Slide, Iron Tail and Power Ballad

5d 9h 46m We got the level 40 Gift Aggron after we daycare'd Ninetales

5d 9h 44m Now we entered Route 81

5d 9h 44m We seem to be in a town with most of our party healed except for Pupitar just under half health and Lopunny at just over half health

[Meta] It's about 1:08 AM CT and there seems to be no one around to take over right now. The updater will be going dark for a bit until someone arrives. Sorry for the inconvenience

5d 9h 7m We continue going through Magma Cave

5d 8h 57m We enter Magma Caves

Pupitar to Lv. 34! Stats: Max. HP 104 Attack 75 Defense 66 Sp. Atk 63 Sp. Def 66 Speed 50

5d 8h 35m In the dark portions of the Mound Cave

5d 8h 15m We head back into Mound Cave

5d 8h 10m Back in Torenia and then back in Rt 83

5d 8h 4m We exit back onto the route

5d 7h 58m Democracy period ends. We exit the house into the daycare area

5d 7h 57m We teach Tri Attack to Gardevoir over Hypnosis

5d 7h 52m Pupitar and EEEE switch places! Pupitar now leads the party

5d 7h 49m [D] Ninetales gets placed in the Daycare!

5d 7h 48m 10 minutes of Democracy begins!

5d 7h 46m We enter the Day Care center. Democracy/Anarchy voting beings

5d 7h 41m We enter Route 77

5d 7h 40m We enter Torenia City

5d 7h 37m We enter Route 83

5d 7h 35m We enter Route 73

5d 7h 28m Trying to climb up(?) the cave I think

5d 7h 5m We turn the light on in the room. Neat

5d 7h 3m EEEE to Lv 36!

5d 6h 49m We enter Mound Cave

5d 6h 44m Ninetales is KO'd by a wild Torkoal

5d 6h 37m Ninetales to Lv 35

5d 6h 25m Making our way back to Mound Cave slowly

5d 6h 16m Back in the park

5d 6h 14m And we Dig right back out to Route 81

5d 6h 13m Wandering around in the dark, trying to fing the way out

5d 6h 6m We enter Mound Cave

5d 6h 2m We find a mine cart and ride around to different caves

5d 5h 59m Walking through the cavern still

5d 5h 51m We enter Magma Caves

5d 5h 32m We enter back to Rt 81 and then hit Provincial Park

5d 5h 22m We still wandering around as the chat discusses who will be PC'd

5d 5h 10m We read a sign. It throws us a QR code

5d 5h 9m Chat now muttering to itself in what will be sacrificed to the PC gods

5d 5h 7m We leave the house

5d 5h 3m We go into some house and talk to an Aggron! It can't join the party due to it being full. RIP

5d 4h 57m We heal at the Pokémon Center

5d 4h 54m We are entering and leaving the Pokémon Center

5d 4h 51m We leave the Pokémon Center

5d 4h 50m We enter the Pokémon Center and talk to a guy wearing a Team Rocket uniform. Says he's no longer with Team Rocket and when he was in Team Rocket he was at his prime. Sad

5d 4h 48m Wild Charge is learned over Thundershock for Ampharos

5d 4h 47m Ampharos to Lv 39, Gardevoir to Lv 38

[Info] TM32 is the Double Team I believe

5d 4h 44m We get TM32

5d 4h 38m We head back down south the route

5d 4h 36m We talk to a guy who is stubborn and won't build a bridge without a reason. What does he think they pay them for huh?

5d 4h 35m Ampharos is sent out and finishes the job! Corbin defeated!

5d 4h 34m Azumarril down!

5d 4h 33m We try to interact with the Fossil Case, the #1 Storage Device of lore, before attacking with Icy Wind 2 times. It KO's Pidgeotto! Pidgeot is sent out!

5d 4h 32m Pidgeotto is sent out by Corbin

5d 4h 32m Yanma goes down!

5d 4h 30m vs Birk Keeper Corbin! He sends out Yanma! We send out Azumarril (3.0!)

5d 4h 29m Gardevoir takes care of business and KO's Graveler! Bruce Defeated!

5d 4h 28m Graveler is sent out by the foe!

5d 4h 28m Signal Beam KO's Machoke!

5d 4h 28m Gardevoir is sent in! Puts Machoke to sleep!

5d 4h 26m Pupitar sent out! Cross Chop OHKO's Pupitar!

5d 4h 25m EEEE down to Machoke's Cross Chop!

5d 4h 24m EEEE takes down Machoke! Another is sent out!

5d 4h 23m Ninetales faints!

5d 4h 23m vs Blackbelt Bruce! Machoke vs our Ninetales!

5d 4h 21m We are somewhere with Route 27 music. Ninetales is poisoned and has 34 HP remaining. Everyone else healthy

[Fluff] And the park ranger guy is being an ass about it too.

5d 4h 12m We try to enter the Park Challenge but we have no money.

5d 4h 2m Went into the PC. Then left.

5d 3h 56m Back in Provincial Park/the gate leading to it.

5d 3h 54m Graveler is in now, Ampharos down to it, white out

5d 3h 52m Gardevoir down, Ampharos is last one left, sent in.

5d 3h 51m Machoke down, another one is sent in.

5d 3h 50m Gardevoir is sent in.

5d 3h 50m Azumarill went down and now we are tryting to send something else in.

5d 3h 48m Fighting Blackbelt Bruce's Machoke with our Azumarill.

5d 3h 47m Ponyta down, trainer defeated.

5d 3h 45m Ampharos to 38? I think? Ponyta is sent in, Ampharos is put to sleep.

5d 3h 45m And now it is Ampharos against Weepinbell, as Pupitar went down.

5d 3h 42m Versus Picknicker Rose, Ivysaur against Pupitar.

5d 3h 35m Nice good yes trainer defeated

5d 3h 34m Also Ninetales is asleep. Gardevoir uses Signal Beam, not very effective, but it's chipping away.

5d 3h 33m Switched itno that Gardevoir. It uses Pain Split, shows the opponent's health bar in red though it has over half health, hmm

5d 3h 32m Gardevoir to 37, does not learn Zen Headbutt, Ninetales sent in

5d 3h 31m So Azumarill sings it to sleep.

5d 3h 31m Roar is used to switch Gardevoir into Pupitar, then to Azumarill

5d 3h 29m Now Manectric is in and Lopunny goes down to it damn. Ampharos sent in

5d 3h 28m Fighting Picknicker Nancy's Weepinbell wth our Lopunny

5d 3h 23m Got a Good Rod

5d 3h 18m Outside. Cyan runs around like a madwoman due to the stress of using a computer.

5d 3h 17m Then we go right to the OTHER pc in the corner.

5d 3h 17m Did nothing, left the PC.

5d 3h 16m Went into the Poké Center. Now in the PC.

5d 3h 14m Lopunny to 35, does not learn Frustration, Hector defeated

5d 3h 13m Ninetales went down, by the way. Lopunny is in against foe's Kirlia.

5d 3h 10m Versus Super Nerd Hector, Kadabra against Ninetales.

[Fluff] It's a park alright. Playing National Park music right now

5d 2h 52m Ninetales to 34, tries to learn Pain Split, forgets Zen Headbutt

5d 2h 50m Cut a tree with Lopunny

5d 2h 47m Walked outside, says we're in Provincial Park

5d 2h 46m Moving around in some different rooms.

5d 2h 38m 10 ash again. No idea what any of this does, or if it's that significant I should be saying it. Then 19 ash, 16 ash, 13 ash, 10 ash, 12 ash. We got to Level 2 Smelting.

5d 2h 37m This time, ten ash.

5d 2h 37m You were able to collect 12 ash!

5d 2h 24m Inside Magma Caves.

5d 2h 18m On route 85

5d 2h 11m Back to anarchy, we leave the house, our job done.

5d 2h 10m On Lopunny, Forgot Dizzy Punch in favor of Body Slam

5d 2h 6m On Pupitar, Forgot Iron Defense for Dig!

5d 2h 4m This is a demo house, and we're currently in democracy.

5d 1h 58m Inside a house.

5d 1h 53m Back in Phacelia.

[Info] We dropped all our money, and are now officially broke.

5d 1h 52m Miller fainted! BLACK OUT

5d 1h 51m Miller now in the red!

5d 1h 50m Cut a tree.

5d 1h 45m Miller is Paralized and in the yellow after an encounter with a Growlithe!

5d 1h 41m Left the caves and went into the Provincial Park.

[Info] Our last living mon is Miller.

5d 1h 37m Signal beam, and houndoom goes down. Firebreather Earl defeated!

5d 1h 36m Ampharos fainted! Miller sent in!

5d 1h 35m We confuse the dog, and then starts to Thundershock it. Ampharos fell to the yellow due to feint attack and fire spin though.

5d 1h 35m Vulpix taken down, houndoom sent in and we switch to Ampharos!

5d 1h 34m Signal beam takes down Houndour, Vulpix sent in.

5d 1h 33m Miller sent in!

5d 1h 31m Y4 faints! But houndour is nearly down.

5d 1h 31m Y4 survives a bite and lower houndour's accuracy with mud slap!

5d 1h 30m Vs. Firebreather earl! Houdour vs. Y4!

5d 1h 28m Y4 is now in the red!

5d 1h 19m We smelted an ore, and grew to Lv. 1 at smelting while winning 100 $

5d 1h 18m Y4 in the yellow after a fight against a wild machop!

5d 1h 14m Found tm82 Will-O-Wisp!

5d 1h 7m Went up a ladder.

5d 1h 4m Finally back to Magma Caverns!

5d 1h 4m Now inside Acqua Mines.

5d 1h 0m We prefer going back to clathrite tunnels.

5d 0h 59m Decided Mound Caves suited us best.

5d 0h 57m Back to Clathrite tunnels.

5d 0h 56m In Acqua Mines.

5d 0h 53m Still moving around with the mine cart, now in Clathrite tunnels. We can't seem to choose where to stay.

5d 0h 52m Scratch that, Mound cave it is then.

5d 0h 52m Back in Acqua mines.

5d 0h 47m Clathrite tunnels strikes our fancy.

5d 0h 46m Then we went to Mound Cave

5d 0h 46m Now in Clathrite Tunnels.

5d 0h 41m Currently in Acqua Mines.

5d 0h 41m Then to Mound cave, then Aqua mines. We just can't seem to make up our mind.

5d 0h 40m We embark on a seemingly stable mine cart, and go to Clarthite tunnel.

5d 0h 35m Found ConfuseGuard!

5d 0h 34m We rock smash a rock.

5d 0h 27m Went down another Ladder, going deeper and deeper inside the caverns.

5d 0h 24m Pupite fainted to a wild machop.

5d 0h 13m Went down a ladder.

5d 0h 10m Switched places between gold dust and gold token in the bag.

5d 0h 9m Pupitar to level 33!

5d 0h 3m Lopunny fainted!

5d 0h 1m Lopunny in the red after a Koffing self destructed!

4d 23h 58m Ninetales fainted!

4d 23h 56m Ninetales has now only a few HPs left after an encounter with a Numel!

4d 23h 52m Ninetales down in the yellow.

[Info] The lucky one was jeff895. Congratulations, and we'll see you again on the one millionth!

4d 23h 45m Inside the magma Caverns.

4d 23h 41m on route 80

[Info] Sometime ago we reached the 500,000th input for Prism! People having some free time can backtrack to find out the lucky username.

4d 23h 29m Miller is down. Blackout!

4d 23h 26m Another trainer battle! Miller against Houndour.

[Info] Cooltrainer Maud: To the southwest of here, there is a real cold place. This region sure has interesting geography.


4d 23h 23m The pony is down! Miller rose to Level 36! Trainer defeated!

4d 23h 21m Ampharos out, Ampharos down! Gardevoir is our only chance!

4d 23h 19m Y4 and enemy Ponyta are taking turns to sleep, apparently. Eventually Y4 was taken down!

4d 23h 15m Took it out while sleeping. Y4 grew to Level 39!

4d 23h 14m And Y4 is out of hydro pump.

4d 23h 14m Lairon was swept quickly. Next up, Ninetales?

4d 23h 13m Facing Cooltrainer Maud, Y4 against Lairon.

[Info] Y4, Miller and Ampharos are left standing.

4d 23h 9m Magmar down, Firebreather Frank defeated!

4d 23h 7m Pupitar switched in and fainted from another Magmar's attack!

4d 23h 6m After Flareon was knocked out, Azumarill rose to Level 38! Forgot Body Slam and learned Hydro Pump!

4d 23h 5m Magmar down, Flareon up.

4d 23h 4m Azumarill switched out to face Magmar.

4d 23h 4m Pupitar is left with 1HP to face a trainer battle. Welp.

4d 22h 56m Lopunny was also taken down by some intense blows!

4d 22h 51m Ninetales used Flare Blitz with recoil and fainted!

[Chat] Just reminding people on how many Twitch emotes there are with sunglasses on.

4d 22h 47m Obtained BlackGlasses!

4d 22h 35m Ninetales grew to Level 33!

4d 22h 34m Ampharos burned from wild Growlithe.

[Info] Also Cyan's mining level grew to 5.

4d 22h 30m Back into the Magma Caverns, and look what we found! A Leaf Stone and an Ore!

4d 22h 28m Back to Route 85.

4d 22h 25m Mined an Everstone!

4d 22h 25m And another Ore!

[Info] It's daytime now in-game.

4d 22h 23m Mined an Ore and a Gold Dust.

4d 22h 22m Mined 2 Coals and a Heart Scale!

4d 22h 22m Sold something and bought another Pick. Total 12 Picks.

4d 22h 20m Sold a Spell Tag and a Super Repel, then bought 6 Mining Picks.

4d 22h 19m Sold a Brick Piece, Hyper Potion and Oran Berry.

4d 22h 17m Sold another 2 Gold Dusts and bought one more Mining Pick. Balance ₽122.

4d 22h 14m In the mart. Bought 4 Mining Picks and sold a Gold Dust! ₽222 left.

4d 22h 9m Spent quite some time browsing the Pokédex.

4d 22h 1m But then a quick wild encounter knocks out Pupitar. Blackout! Back to Phacelia.

4d 22h 0m Clutch! Cooltainer Butch defeated!

4d 21h 57m Pupitar is Cyan's last hope.

4d 21h 56m Y4 the Azumarill took down Lairon, but it fainted to enemy Arcanine!

4d 21h 55m A few dust devils later, Ampharos fainted!

4d 21h 53m Vulpix down, but the next enemy Lairon took down Lopunny! Ampharos out.

4d 21h 51m Met another Cooltrainer while finding a way out. Lopunny against Vulpix.

4d 21h 46m Found an old man, talking about bringing a "friend" over from his house at Route 80.

4d 21h 42m Ninetales down from a wild Numel attack.

4d 21h 38m Obtained Elixir!

4d 21h 35m Last one up (and down) is Charmeleon. Cooltrainer defeated! Y4 grew to Level 37!

4d 21h 33m Y4 sent out and took Vulpix down, next up is Rhyhorn.

[Fluff] The trainer name is Beatrx [sic].

4d 21h 30m Facing another sweating Cooltrainer. Vulpix against Ninetales!

4d 21h 25m That's all the metronome action from Lopunny, folks! (for now)

4d 21h 23m Several metronome moves later, the last Growlithe is down. Cooltrainer defeated!

4d 21h 21m Lopunny switched out and finishes Graveler, then levelled up to 34!

4d 21h 20m Gardevoir down to Graveler's rollouts!

4d 21h 19m Gardevoir sent out and took down Houndour. Ninetales rose to Level 32!

4d 21h 17m A wild Cooltrainer popped out! Sent out Houndour against our evolved Fifi.

[Dev/Chat] KoolboymanAdam: While there's caves, I tried my best to give each cave it's own identity, as opposed to a lot of the caves in crystal looking the same

4d 21h 2m Exploring the caverns.

4d 21h 1m Cyan seems to be at the entrance of Magma Cavern.

[Chat] RenaTurnip: Don't tell M4 MingLee

superdupermature: Y4 Used Rollout PogChamp

4d 20h 58m Found TM04 Rollout!

4d 20h 56m Reached Route 85.

4d 20h 55m Entered another tunnel in the south-east side of Phacelia.

4d 20h 52m Finally went into the Poké Center and healed!

4d 20h 43m Back on Route 78 to smash another rock. Obtained TM28 Dig!

4d 20h 37m Hopped off a ledge, encountered a few wild mons, and exited... back to Phacelia.

4d 20h 34m Entered the hidden cave blocked by a rock. First, we obtained Calcium!

4d 20h 30m In the gym where Andre was defeated. Maybe Cyan is up to some unfinished business here...

4d 20h 26m A flurry of inputs later... Cyan left the center and zipped around town.

4d 20h 21m In the Poké Center.

4d 20h 16m Democracy timer ran out, back to Anarchy!

4d 20h 13m [D] Rock Smash taught to Pupitar, forgotten Sandstorm!

4d 20h 11m [D] Now in the TM/HM section.

4d 20h 9m [D] Fire Stone selected and a chain of 'A's later, Vulpix evolved into Ninetales!

4d 20h 8m [D] In the Items menu.

4d 20h 6m Entered democracy mode!

4d 20h 4m In the Demohouse, voting starts...

4d 20h 1m Back to the non-town Phacelia.

4d 19h 58m Rock Throw forgotten to learn Iron Defense!

4d 19h 57m Pupitar levels up to 32!

4d 19h 46m Dizzy Punch also ran out of PP.

4d 19h 45m And that's all the amazing Metronome moves from Lopunny, for now.

[Chat] Grarrg: EEEE, summoner of moon and sun PogChamp

4d 19h 41m Interesting bout of Metronome moves there from Lopunny...

4d 19h 31m Bune-E switched in and took the experience. Buneary levels up to 33! Forgets Rage and learned Dizzy Punch. Also it evolves into Lopunny!

4d 19h 30m Vulpix fainted to a wild Skorupi.

4d 19h 26m Returned to the Route 78 grass for more grinding.

4d 19h 23m Back to Phacelia's Poké Center and healed!

4d 19h 14m Pupitar faints to a wild tppSlowpoke!

4d 19h 3m Bune-E faints to another wild Skorupi.

4d 19h 2m Wild Skorupi appears. Chat is noticeably excited.

4d 18h 57m Fifi subsequently faints to a wild Pineco.

4d 18h 56m Fifi the Vulpix levels up to 31! Forgets Feint Attack and learned Flare Blitz!

4d 18h 54m Back on the grass patch of Route 78.

4d 18h 50m In the move deleter house, which doubles as a demo house. However, we have another hour to wait before the vote for democracy can begin. So Cyan dashed out.

[Info] That was 10 mining picks burned through in a short while.

[Info] One Brick Piece was sold, bringing the item count from 69 to 68.

[Info/Snark] We're apparently already out of picks... We burned through those fast!

4d 18h 36m Mined another Ore!

4d 18h 35m Mined 2 Coals, 2 Ores, 1 Revive and 1 Fire Stone! Mining skill up to Level 4!

4d 18h 34m Bought 50 mining picks with the sell, left with ₽182.

4d 18h 33m Couple more items sold, sorry that I couldn't keep up...

4d 18h 32m One hard stone and two water stones sold!

[Info] One mining pick is left in our bag.

4d 18h 28m Back in the mart. Will Cyan sell stuff?

4d 18h 25m Another heart scale, ore and Everstone later, Cyan's mining skill is at Level 3!

4d 18h 24m Another two gold dusts and a coal extracted from mining!

4d 18h 23m Mined and got a Heart Scale, Ore and Gold Dust! Mining level up to 2!

4d 18h 22m Bought 12 Mining Picks. ₽ 202 left.

4d 18h 19m Window shopping in Phacelia's Poke Mart, so far...

[Info] Current party order: Vulpix30, Buneary32, Pupitar31, Azumarill36, Gardevoir35, Ampharos37.

4d 18h 10m Finally, party healed!

4d 18h 9m In the Pokémon Center, rejected nurse's request to heal several times in a row.

4d 18h 3m Back through the short cave path into Phacelia (which is not quite a town, for some reason).

4d 18h 0m And the repel ran out.

4d 17h 52m Cyan somehow used a Repel in the clear.

4d 17h 49m Now back to Route 78.

4d 17h 40m We leave the gym

[Info] His opening Dialogue

4d 17h 35m We receive HM05 Rock Smash and the Muscle Badge

4d 17h 34m Body Slam and Bulk Up happen twice then we Body slam crit to defeat Machamp, Azumarill is now level 36 and Andre defeated!

4d 17h 34m We use Swift and he uses X-Scissor and is paralyzed due to Static, dame moves happen again but he crits, we now crit Swift and leave him with red hp abut he's paralyzed and doesnt move, a swift defeats Gallade and Amphy is level 37, he sends in Machamp and we switch to Azumarill

4d 17h 32m We send in Ampharos and he Quick Attack's as we Confuse Ray, he uses Quick attack again and we Confuse Ray, He snaps out of Confusion and quick Attack's a Swift defeats Lucario, he sends in Gallade

4d 17h 31m We send in Azumarill only to switch to Buneary to take a Metal Claw, Buneary Rage's and takes another Metal Claw laving it with red health, a Quick Attack knocks it out

4d 17h 31m We use Confusion and confuse it, it uses Iron defense and we Confusion again, it uses Metal Claw and we're at 58/111 hp, we use Hypnosis and put it to sleep, we Hypnosis twice more due to A spam, it wakes up and Metal Claw leaving su with 2hp and then quick attack to Defeat Miller

4d 17h 30m Confusion OHKO's Machoke, he sends in Lucario

4d 17h 29m We use Feint Attack and it uses Seismic Toss, He Mach Punche's and we Feint Attack again, Another Mach Punch denies us a chance to Zen Headbutt since we fainted, we send in Gardevoir

4d 17h 28m Vs Gym Leader Andre Attempt #2, Vulpix vs Machoke

4d 17h 26m Back in the Gym

4d 17h 23m We use Signal Beam and it uses Seismic Toss, We Signal Beam again and it Bulk's up, we Signal for teh third time and it uses Seismic Toss, we Future Sight this time and faint to a Seismic Toss, whiteout

4d 17h 22m VS Gym Leader Andre! Gardevoir vs Machoke

[Fluff] Enemy Machoke was paralyzed, but when Sing was used on it the text box reported that the opponent "is still asleep". That's one more bug report.

4d 17h 20m We send him in and knock it out with Confusion after a crit Quick Attack

4d 17h 19m Azumarill faints after we spam Icy Wind, Gardevoir vs Hitmontop is the only matchup left after we send in Gardy

4d 17h 18m Azumarill knocks it out level 35, vs Himtmontop

4d 17h 15m Azumarill vs Machoke now

4d 17h 15m 4d 17h 14m Vs 3rd blackbelt, Pupitar faints to Haraiyama's Dynamic Punch after a Sandstorm, we send in Gardevoir who beats it and is now level 35

[Story Time] So a few days ago in Slack Felk brought up the idea of putting a 1x10000 px image on reddit and see how the bottom bar showed it on-stream. I accepted that challenge and posted the flair sheet sideways, which is about 20000px x 40px. It actually got top post and is displaying on the stream now, but turns out there is a max width. Rip the dream BibleThump.

4d 17h 12m Breloom uses Spring Buds to knock out Amphy, we send in Gardy and Signal beam, trainer defeated

4d 17h 11m Ampharos beat the Machoke but is at red health, vs Breloom

4d 17h 10m Hariyama kept missing Dynamic Punch so sandstorm + Body Slam's beat it

4d 17h 9m vs another blackbelt, we send in Pupitar vs Hariyama

4d 17h 7m Ampharos T-shocks thrice and is now level 36, trainer defeated

4d 17h 6m We Thundershock Hitmonlee thrice to beat it while it spammed Rapid Spin, vs Hitmonchan now

4d 17h 5m Ampharos beats up Machoke with Confuse Ray + Thundershock combo

4d 17h 4m We send in Ampharos

4d 17h 3m Buneary faints from a Double Kick

4d 17h 3m Vs Blackbelt Dunn, Buneary vs Machoke

4d 17h 1m We enter the gym

4d 16h 57m We're back in Phacelia Town

[Fluff] What a catchy music we have here in the cave.

4d 16h 53m Vulpix fainted after fighting a couple of wild Slowpoke

4d 16h 31m We enter Route 78

4d 16h 23m We heal

4d 16h 21m We're trying to heal

4d 16h 11m Pupiar was also moved instead off Azumarril at 3rd order

4d 16h 10m We leave the house

4d 16h 9m Order is now Vulpix / Buneary / Pupitar / Azumarill / Gardevoir / Ampharos

4d 16h 9m We gave Gardevoir the Dawn Stone to hold

4d 16h 5m We switch Vulpix to 1st place

4d 15h 59m Democracy mode

4d 15h 56m We enter demo house/move deleter house

4d 15h 53m We're back to our normal spite, rip Cyan Ranger

[Chat] Pioxys : Kappa well maybe if he knew his team members and colors he wouldn't fall for it

4d 15h 53m We talk to a cop and arrest black ranger!

[Fluff] Probably hiding from Pink.

4d 15h 49m Black ranger is following us now due to telling him we will take him to his leader (Red is missing)

4d 15h 42m We defeat the trainer and move on

4d 15h 37m He sends in Exeggutor and charges Solarbeam and we switch in Pupitar after the charge and Pupitar faints

4d 15h 36m Azumarill crushes them and is level 34, does not learn Dizzy Punch

4d 15h 35m Vs Psychic Murray, Azumarill vs Exeggcute

4d 15h 34m We defeat the trainer but Azumarill and Pupitar are at half health

4d 15h 33m Buneary faints to Vibrava

4d 15h 28m Some Bird Keeper challenges us to a fight since we're a ranger

[Info] Current music: Route 26

4d 15h 27m We get out of through the exit and we enter Route 85

4d 15h 26m We enter a cave and it still has Oreburgh music

4d 15h 20m We get an Aspear Berry from a fruit bearing tree

4d 15h 20m We used up our Mining Picks and got nothing

4d 15h 18m We find another exit and he has the same dialogue as the other cop

4d 15h 13m We buy 3 Mining Picks

4d 15h 5m A cop is blocking a cave exit of this town and tells us to finish our undercover mission first

4d 14h 59m We heal and checkpoint at this new city

4d 14h 57m We leave the house

4d 14h 57m We almost delete Body Slam from Azumarill but we A BORT ed

4d 14h 56m We enter a demo house with move deleter

4d 14h 54m Some girl wants to trade his Lunatone for our Solrock

4d 14h 51m As soon as i say that he talks to us and he gives us TM20 Endure

4d 14h 50m We enter a house and overshoot a couple of times trying to thh talk to the owner

[Fluff] Well we do have a Dev on the updater if what we're doing isn't what we should be doing.

[Info] This part is completely new, no guide to guide us now

4d 14h 47m We talk to the overworld Machoke and it screams Rraahh or something

4d 14h 46m There's a small hill with an item but its blocked by a Boulder

4d 14h 45m We enter Phacelia Town for the first time

[Info] Current music: Oreburgh City

4d 14h 44m We warps us to a house? and he asks us to help him arrest one of the pallet patrollers, he makes us dress as a light blue Ranger (CYAN! VoHiYo) and tells us we look interesting

4d 14h 43m We use Thundershock and paralyze it, it uses Dust Devil, we T-shock it again and it uses Steel Eater, we T-shock and it uses Power Ball and we Thundershock it and put it to rest, Remy defeated

4d 14h 42m Graveler uses Self-decstruct and knocks out Azumarill, Lairon vs our Ampharos

4d 14h 40m We rematch Officer Remy

4d 14h 35m We finish part 2!

4d 14h 32m We walk to part 2 of switches/puzzles

4d 14h 25m Walking through the switch's/pillars puzzle

4d 14h 13m We flip another switch

4d 14h 12m we flip a switch

4d 14h 8m In 2d mode now

[Fluff] 6th time is the charm?

4d 13h 53m We enter the Milos Catacombs again

[Info] Officer Remy: I'm guarding this area right here. Hm… Wait, who are you? I see. Well, do you any sort of ID…? A visa? A passport? Wait, you fit the profile of the wanted criminal we've been on the lookout for. A kid with spiky hair let us know of some foreigner that's vandalizing this area, and has been mistreating poor Pokémon. Wait, so you can prove that you in fact treat your Pokémon with the love and respect that they deserve? Fine, let's see how you battle.

4d 13h 52m We use Spark and paralyze it, it used a critical Dust Devil and we survive, we use Swift and he Dust Devil's us back to Route 77 center, whiteout

4d 13h 51m We send in Ampharos

4d 13h 50m We Signal Beam Graveler to red health, we Earth Power's, Milelr survives by 9hp, he sends in Lairon and we stay in, We Signal Beam again and he uses Steel Eater and we faint

4d 13h 49m This guy said he's guarding the area here and asks for a passport because there's been a criminal mistreating Pokémon, he challenges us to a battle, vs Officer Remy

4d 13h 48m We skip an item path and we see the exit being blocked by a green dude

4d 13h 44m We advance to the next part and it's still a cave

[Fluff] So much salt.

[Info] Palette Green: Cut the optimism, you need a real reality check. Just who are you without your dear Pokémon, huh?

4d 13h 41m Leafeon down, Ampharos to 35, Pallet Green defeated.

4d 13h 40m Ampharos in.

[Fluff] That was our own Pupitar that jut fainted after being sent in after Gardevoir took out the opponent's Pupitar

4d 13h 39m Leafeon prepares a SolarBeam, while Pupitar sets up Sandstorm. Pupitar down.

4d 13h 39m Pupitar down, Gardevoir to 34, next in is Leafeon.

4d 13h 38m Our Spark does nothing, so we switch to Gardevoir to take the Dig. Uses Signal Beam on Pupitar, who then Digs again.

4d 13h 37m Ampharos sent back in.

4d 13h 37m Buneary down

4d 13h 36m Vulpix down to Dig, Buneary sent in

4d 13h 35m We switch into Gardevoir. Then into Vulpix.

4d 13h 35m Weepinbell takes itself out with Confusion damage, next in is Pupitar.

[Chat] Joycewu333: Throw our brick pieces as weapons SwiftRage Keepo

4d 13h 34m Ampharos is sent in.

4d 13h 34m Azumarill down

4d 13h 32m Fighting Palette Green, Xatu against Azumarill. Xatu down, sad doot doot Azumarill to 33. Weepinbell in

[Info] Palette Green: Oh, it's you again. I saw this coming. We all did. If you think for a second you're getting past me, then you'll be sadly mistaken.

4d 13h 28m Went down a ladder into a room the same style as the ones with the switches. So we climb back up.

4d 13h 26m Exploring the different rooms of this apparent second part of the dungeon.

4d 13h 24m We're in a kinda cave area now?

4d 13h 16m Pulled a Switch

No idea what that did.

4d 13h 13m Still currently in the first 2D dungeon.

4d 12h 41m Back in the first 2D dungeon.

[Info] We got Jumping Shoes (which let us jump over 1-tile-wide gaps in 2D mode) and a Dawn Stone LUL during the last attempt. We just whited out against Palette Green and entered the Catacombs again.

4d 9h 14m Back in Torenia City.

[Meta] The updater's gonna go dark in a short while. Please understand.

4d 9h 2m Back to Route 77.

4d 9h 2m Ampharos down! White out!

4d 9h 1m Ampharos vs Umbreon! Light Screen vs Feint Attack.

4d 9h 1m Future Sight KOs Mawile after everyone forgot about it! not really

4d 9h 0m We send out Azumarill, who's down from Flash Cannon as well!

4d 8h 59m 3 Flash Cannons KO Gardevoir as well.

4d 8h 59m Pupitar against Mawile. Rock Throw isn't very effective, while Double Slap and Flash Cannon KO Pupitar!

4d 8h 57m A Rock Throw faints Shuppet! Azumarill levels up to 32!

4d 8h 57m Shuppet takes Buneary down, but not before Buneary used Sunny Day via Metronome. We send out Pupitar to replace Buneary.

4d 8h 55m We switch to Buneary after Shuppet used Curse on Azumarill! Tactical!

4d 8h 53m Houndoom down! Buneary to level 32. vs Shuppet!

4d 8h 52m Vulpix down to Feint Attack! Buneary Azumarill in!

4d 8h 50m Palette Black encountered! Vulpix vs Houndoom!

4d 8h 46m We pull the other Red Switch thrice!

4d 8h 44m We pull the Red Switch!

4d 8h 42m We go down to the other 2D dungeon.

4d 8h 41m Apparently we can't fall into this abyss. The ladder is the only way!

4d 8h 38m We go through a cave entrance.

4d 8h 36m FREEDOM! Back to 2.5D

4d 8h 30m We pull the Yellow Switch again.

4d 8h 29m We pull the Blue Switch.

4d 8h 27m We pull the Yellow Switch once more.

4d 8h 25m We pull the Yellow Switch twice.

4d 8h 19m We finally pull that switch down AND it stays that way!

4d 8h 18m Guess how many times we just pulled that switch?

4d 8h 17m We pull it twice more because we love even numbers.

4d 8h 15m We pull the Pink Switch twice, then leave.

4d 8h 14m We pull the Yellow Switch again some time ago.

4d 8h 7m We pull the Blue Switch 9 times. Progress!

4d 8h 0m We pull the Yellow Switch 5 times.

[Info] Puzzle was reset so we have to do it once again.

4d 7h 47m 3 more times! Success!

4d 7h 44m And then six more times.

4d 7h 42m And once more to reset it.

4d 7h 42m We pull the Red Switch thrice.

4d 7h 40m Back down in the first 2D dungeon. This time we actually take the right path instead of falling down.

4d 7h 29m We re-enter Milos Catacombs.

4d 7h 26m Ampharos down! We white out!

4d 7h 25m Against Palette Black! Ampharos vs Houndoom.

[Info] Sign reads "invictus maneo"

4d 7h 23m We pull another Red Switch.

4d 7h 21m We pull the Red Switch.

4d 7h 19m We go down a ladder and enter yet another 2D dungeon.

4d 7h 18m A wild Geodude saves us from falling into the abyss.

4d 7h 17m We go through another cave entrance.

[Fluff] Ok, so the bot is just lagging TriHard

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: some of the popular songs that play during matches are from that game

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu was released on Steam today: http://store.steampowered.com/app/464450/

4d 7h 14m We go up a ladder. FREEDOM!

4d 7h 8m We pull the Yellow Switch up. We're getting better at switches.

4d 7h 6m We pull the Blue Switch! Once.

4d 7h 4m We pull the Yellow Switch exactly once!

4d 7h 3m We're back in front of Palette Pink.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon : some of the popular songs that play during matches are from that game

4d 7h 1m We pull the pink switch and fall down a couple of floors.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokémon : DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu was released on Steam today: http://store.steampowered.com/app/464450/

/u/flarn2006 pls fix your bot

4d 6h 56m We finally pull the switch back up and it stays the same... for now.

4d 6h 54m And 2 more times.

4d 6h 52m We pull the Yellow Switch 4 more times. Because why not?

4d 6h 46m We pull the Blue Switch thrice.

4d 6h 41m We finally pull the switch an odd number of times.

4d 6h 38m We pull the Yellow Switch. And again. So nothing happened.

[Info] Palette Pink: I don't get it. You don't even see us as a threat…

Palette Pink: Red is trying to collect strange orb shards from around the region.

4d 6h 35m Palette Pink defeated!

4d 6h 35m Sylveon down! Ampharos levels up to 33! Slowpoke is out. And down.

4d 6h 34m Ampharos faints Porygon2 with Spark! Against Sylveon.

4d 6h 33m Against Palette Pink! Ampharos vs Jigglypuff. Oh wait Jiggly is down already.

[Info] Only Ampharos is standing now, at around 75% health.

[Fluff] What a loser.

[Info] Palette Blue: Can't you just let me win? I don't wanna be an intern forever.

Palette Blue: I won't gain any respect if I keep losing to kids!

4d 6h 28m Ampharos faints Vaporeon with a Spark! Palette Blue defeated!

4d 6h 27m Against Vaporeon! Gardevoir is down to Water Gun!

4d 6h 26m Gardevoir clutches a Sludge Bomb and KOs the Golbat Blue sent out.

4d 6h 25m We finally select Confusion and bring down Tentacruel! Gardevoir levels up to 33!

4d 6h 23m We send out Gardevoir, which uses a resisted Signal Beam.

4d 6h 23m Buneary down to Bubblebeam as well!

4d 6h 21m Pupitar down to a 4x effective Bubblebeam.

4d 6h 20m Metang goes KAPOW. Against Tentacruel! Azumarill down to a super effective Acid.

4d 6h 19m Body Slam does a tiny bit of damage.

4d 6h 17m We try to run, but Palette Blue won't let us go.

4d 6h 16m We send in Azumarill and put the Metang to sleep, but not before it sets up an Iron Defense.

4d 6h 15m Vulpix hurts itself in confusion and faints!

4d 6h 15m Against Power Ranger Palette Blue! Vulpix against Metang.

4d 6h 8m Pulled the Red Switch!

4d 6h 3m The red wall is back in place. We have to flip the switch again.

4d 6h 1m We fell down a hole into the 2D dungeon!

[Fluff] The Earth Power animation looks like throwing a rock and the Rock Throw animation looks like Rock Slide.

4d 5h 56m We briefly entered the 2D dungeon and then noped out of there.

4d 5h 53m Not much's happening right now. Just wild battles here and there.

[Snark] Guess what we need to mine?

4d 5h 45m Entered an inner cave and immediately bumped into a wall.

4d 5h 41m Used a potion on Buneary.

4d 5h 38m Back in Milos Catacombs!

4d 5h 38m We keep pushing a boulder, but we don't have enough Strength to move it.

4d 5h 37m Back to Route 77.

4d 5h 37m Gardevoir down to a +6 Fairy Wind! White out!

[Info] Only Gardevoir left.

4d 5h 34m Azumarill down!

4d 5h 33m Make that five. Sylveon keeps setting up and occasionally hits us with Fairy Wind.

4d 5h 33m We send out Azumarill and use... Tail Whip. 4 times in a row.

4d 5h 32m Ampharos down to a Fairy Wind from Sylveon.

4d 5h 32m Thundershock faints Porygon2 as well! Ampharos levels up to 32!

4d 5h 30m Ampharos shocks Jigglypuff to death. Against Porygon2!

4d 5h 29m Encounter Palette Pink! Buneary faints against Jigglypuff.

[Chat] OLDEN ROD WutFace

4d 5h 26m Picked up an Old Rod!

4d 5h 25m A yellow wall is blocking a passage.

4d 5h 23m A sign reads "sic parvis magna"

4d 5h 20m Pulled a switch... five times. A wall is gone!

4d 5h 17m Before I go, found TM56 Seismic Toss! Down that pit from earlier.

[Meta] Need to bring up my laundry, brb again

[Snapple Fact] #85: The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

4d 5h 10m Vulpix fainted to a wild Gligar!

[Info] Current music: Dragon's Den

4d 5h 2m We are by an old man. He wants us to exchange lemonade for a flute.

[Info] 3 spaces in the middle

4d 4h 47m Nickname is jRIi   ZZZ

4d 4h 47m We used our last Pokeball and caught a wild Level 22 Female Numel! Vulpix leveled up to 29!

4d 4h 38m Pupitar fainted to a wild Numel! We were in that battle for 5 minutes geez.

4d 4h 31m We quickly go back into Milos Catacombs.

4d 4h 31m Ampharos fainted to a wild Zubat! Black out!

4d 4h 30m We're back at the top down section!

[Chat] Nvm :/

4d 4h 29m Nickname is NmmmvvVV:/

4d 4h 29m We caught the Machop! Level 22, Male!

4d 4h 29m We have two Pokeballs left and we're trying to catch Machop.

4d 4h 27m Pupitar faints to a wild Machop!

4d 4h 19m We fall into a pit and into a side-scroller, right beside an item. We don't pick it up and instead fall farther.

[Fluff] "Look, I'm having a real bad day. I don't want to talk with you."

4d 4h 17m Another Double Kick paralyzes Quilava! We finish it off with Spark and defeat Palette Yellow!

[Chat] FaithfulForce : BloodTrail quilava, yellow enough

4d 4h 17m We swap to Ampharos and get Double Kick. We respond to that favour with a Spark.

[Snark] I literally just sent you a reddit comment about that kek.

[Fluff] <3

4d 4h 16m We send out Pupitar, who uses Sandstorm and the damage at the end of the turn KOs Jolteon. Against Quilava now!

4d 4h 15m Against Jolteon now! We hit with a crit Body Slam, but we get hit with two Thundershocks and faint!

4d 4h 14m She can't even attack! Hariyama goes down to two more Body Slams. Azumarill levels up to 31!

4d 4h 14m We send out Azumarill to face Hariyama. We use Body Slam and immediately paralyze her!

4d 4h 13m We send out Pupitar! We finish him off with Rock Throw. Pupitar grew to level 30!

4d 4h 13m At low health, we finally managed a Confusion, but another Thunderpunch KOs Gardevoir!

4d 4h 12m We use Signal Beam, our foe uses Thunderpunch, and we get paralyzed! We can't attack. :(

4d 4h 11m We send out Gardevoir to hopefully take the wheel.

4d 4h 11m Make that 3. Buneary fainted!

4d 4h 11m We use Sweet Kiss to confuse Electrabuzz, but so far he's hit 2/2 Thunder Punches.

4d 4h 10m Facing Palette Yellow! We send out Buneary against Electrabuzz!

[Snapple Fact] #114: The oldest known animal was a tortoise, which lived to be 152 years old.

4d 3h 59m Buneary forgot Drain Punch and learned Sweet Kiss!

4d 3h 59m Buneary grew to level 31!

4d 3h 58m Vulpix faints to a wild Geodude!

[Fluff] Also Yellow Power Ranger is a grill? PogChamp

4d 3h 56m We've encountered the Palette Power Rangers! We're overhearing them talking, and they don't know we're there.

[Meta] Just going to swap laundry real quick, brb

4d 3h 48m We're currently in the Milos Catacombs, fighting wild mon.


SnowWarning: @DeadInSky66 we beat our rival and explored the cave...not much happened in there after

Skyjersey: DeadInSky66 caught a numel and an aron Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @DeadInSky66 enter new stuff zone, found rival, just beat him because static hax, died to a wild aron

Chaos_lord2: @DeadInSky66 oh, and azu learned defence curl over doubleslap

TurboGhast: @DeadInSky66 We didn't do much exploring before whiting out.

4d 3h 43m It appears we just fainted and we're on Route 77 now.

[Meta] I am balancing doing Laundry and food but fuck it I'll update

[Meta] Going dark again guys, sorry.

4d 2h 13m Back into Anarchy.

4d 2h 10m [D] We continue to WAIT4BABA several times.

4d 2h 8m [D] We switch our party order around.

4d 2h 4m [D] We WAIT4BABA

4d 2h 3m [D] We enter 60% democracy.

4d 2h 0m We're in a "novice hall" battle room. It's a demohouse.

4d 1h 55m Oxalis City

4d 1h 50m We've left town, btw, on our way back to where we were before.

[Snark] I imagine this would be considerably easier if we had the ability to fly around with precision...

4d 1h 44m He tells us to head back to Torenia City, presumably where we just were. And he'll tell the guard to let us through.

4d 1h 43m We speak with the professor. "There's been a recent surge of bad earthquakes. According to the 'Hayward Lab of Paleoseismology', these earthquakes aren't authentic. The first strange earthquake hit the Johto location of Goldenrod City, wasn't it around five years ago?"

4d 1h 42m We wedged ourselves behind the professor here. We're more interested in the pokedex than talking to him though.

4d 1h 39m We step into the lab.

4d 1h 37m In the mart, we bought 5 Poké Balls! $58 remaining.

4d 1h 34m Back in Caper City!

4d 1h 30m Currently in an old grinding field, presumably grinding.

4d 0h 10m Currently in a forest somewhere. (Really helpful, I know.)

3d 23h 22m Party like it's 7AM

3d 23h 10m Obtained HM02 Fly!

3d 23h 4m Found PP Up!

3d 22h 57m VS a wild Pikachu.

3d 22h 45m In the forest.

3d 22h 31m Found a Sapphire Egg in a patch of grass!

3d 22h 27m Threw a Great Ball at a second Lotad but it failed. Now out of Poké Balls.

3d 22h 24m Caught a male Lv. 13 Lotad! Nickname: KKjr RRrii

3d 22h 15m The sun appears with a pop in the sky and it is suddenly daytime.

3d 21h 59m We leave the building.

3d 21h 57m We enter a building. It's dark in here.

3d 21h 55m We're back in anarchy, by the way.

[Chat] salt. lots of salt.

3d 21h 52m We leave the house.

3d 21h 51m EEEE forgets Body Slam for Metronome.

3d 21h 50m EEEE is trying to learn Metronome.

3d 21h 49m We select the TM for Metronome.

3d 21h 47m Gardevoir learned Hypnosis over drainingkiss; leveled up to 31.

3d 21h 47m Kirlia evolves into Gardevoir.

3d 21h 44m We nearly use a rare candy on Kirlia, but a concerted effort by the chat leads to b being pressed.

3d 21h 43m The chat seems to be aiming to evolve Kirlia.

3d 21h 41m Democracy has commenced.

3d 21h 38m We have left Mound Cave.

3d 21h 38m We are now out of mining picks.

3d 21h 37m Cyan received a Coal.

3d 21h 37m And down to the second level. The chat is yearning for the chance to do some mining.

3d 21h 37m We enter Mound Cave.

3d 21h 36m We're honestly just walking aimlessly around the city.

3d 21h 34m The sleepy guy says it's been at least half a day now.

3d 21h 33m We talk to a sleepy guy. "I must have fallen asleep!"

3d 21h 32m We enter a town.

3d 21h 26m We suck some vitality from a wild Taillow; Kirlia is at full health.

3d 21h 25m We mine another coal.

3d 21h 23m We get some coal, and a hard stone.

3d 21h 22m And we're off on Route 74.

3d 21h 22m We indecisively enter and exit the rest area repeatedly.

3d 21h 20m We leave the shop.

3d 21h 19m We buy 8 mining picks and sell moon stones for ₽1050.

3d 21h 16m We mess around with the map a bit.

3d 21h 10m We enter the Rest House.

3d 21h 7m We enter Heath Village.

3d 21h 3m On the route west of Laurel City. There's a massive rock blocking the road here.

3d 20h 59m We begin moving again as inputs slow to a more reasonable speed.

3d 20h 58m Revo saves for us again, and inputs flyyyyyy past as they resume. Literally too fast for the game to take in, so Cyan is standing still.

3d 20h 56m The ROM Reset! Version 0.9, Build 0089! Back in the gatehouse again. We're near Laurel City's west entrance.

3d 20h 54m The ROM Reset! Version 0.9, Build 0086! And we're back where we started, in the gatehouse!

3d 20h 53m The ROM Reset! Version 0.9, Build 0086! We back to the forest save file!

3d 20h 52m The ROM Reset! Version 0.9, Build 0086, NO save file!!

3d 20h 51m The ROM Reset! Version 0.9, Build 0089! And suddenly we're back in the Pokémon forest with the wrong save file because it has that full-party glitch on it!

3d 20h 49m Not sure what happened since the last update, but we're currently standing stock-still in a gatehouse with frozen inputs.

3d 20h 10m We're blocked by someone who ABSOLUTELY MUST tie his shoes on the one part of the bridge we need to cross.

That's pretty rude.

3d 20h 9m We picked up a Poison Barb!

3d 20h 8m schoolboy is already kill.

3d 20h 7m We're battling a Schoolboy.

3d 20h 4m Healing!

3d 19h 55m We get the Midnight Badge and TM61!

3d 19h 54m Confused yet again, but in midst of confusion, we pull off another Thundershock, twice more, We win the battle with Ampharos growing to Level 31!

3d 19h 54m Umbreon gets paralysed from Static, and we set up a Light Screen!

3d 19h 53m Ampharos is next, we get confused

3d 19h 52m We send out Buneary, who Body Slams the Sneasel for quite a chunk of damage, the following Cut KOs it. Next is an Umbreon, we cut it and Get KO'd by Faint Attack

3d 19h 51m Out comes a Sneasel, Unfortunately, Kirlia faints to a Metal Claw!

3d 19h 51m We KO The Houndour with Signal Beam and Kirlia grows to Level 29!

3d 19h 51m He sends out a Houndour!

3d 19h 51m VS Gym Leader Edison!

3d 19h 49m in the gym

3d 19h 39m We Heal

3d 19h 37m Back in Torenia City

3d 19h 29m Our Move Order on Kirlia has been changed a bit, our new order is: Signal Beam, Confusion, Future Sight, Draining Kiss

3d 19h 14m we leave the forest again

3d 19h 7m it did heal Kirlia though

3d 19h 7m We exit the forest, and then we enter again

3d 18h 39m Kirlia grew to level 28

3d 18h 30m still wandering the forest

3d 18h 6m We've come across Butterfree and Caterpie. Apparently she's worried about her baby.

3d 18h 1m Just saw the new Signal Beam animation!

3d 17h 55m Kirlia grows to Lv. 27! Forgets Swift, learns Signal Beam (first slot)!

3d 17h 54m Back at the forest entrance again.

3d 17h 53m Kirlia goes down to a wild Spinarak! Blackout!

[Info] We're playing as Kirlia.

3d 17h 46m We're in the Pokémon-only area, and it seems the glitch has been fixed. Nice job devs ~

3d 17h 45m Not there yet. Lord Printer makes another appearance though.

3d 17h 42m We're back at the Pokémon-only area. Let's see if the fix has worked...

3d 17h 38m Vulpix down to a wild Shroomish!

3d 17h 35m Entered Laurel Forest.

3d 17h 33m Caught a female Lv. 16 Luxio! Nickname: AAIIIIIIII

3d 17h 30m Still grinding on Route 76.

3d 17h 22m Vulpix is paralyzed by a wild Paras.

3d 17h 21m Buneary goes down to poison against a wild Teddiursa.

[Dev] Also just been sent this by /u/asdf14396, entitled "How to crash the game using the debug menu". Thought it might come in handy. :3 http://i.imgur.com/0qyghL7.png




Here are some pics of the debug menu in case you missed it.

3d 17h 9m EEEE (Buneary) was poisoned at some point.

3d 17h 6m EEEE grew to level 30!

3d 17h 5m Caught a male Lv. 15 Paras! Nickname: QQQQQQQ

3d 17h 0m A wild Luxio appeared! But Cyan ran away...

[Dev] If anyone was interested in what "Pics" did on the Debug menu, this is it: http://i.imgur.com/YdS9HHF.png (thanks /u/asdf14396)

3d 16h 57m Caught a female Lv. 15 Spearow! Nickname: TTT??UULVU

3d 16h 54m Kirlia down to a wile Spearow!

3d 16h 50m Heading south on Route 76.

3d 16h 48m Bought 5 Pokéballs! Sold 1 Paralyze Heal! We now have ₽ 176.

3d 16h 47m Entered Laurel City PokéMart.

3d 16h 44m Inputs enabled.

[Info] Version 0.9, Build 0087. No longer the debug version.

3d 16h 43m ROM reset.

3d 16h 42m Game has been saved.

[Info] We were warped to Map Group 6, Map number 2, Coordinate (4,6). Which is the Laurel City Pokemon Center!

3d 16h 41m Warped to Laurel City.

[Info] We are currently on Map Group 33, Map Number 2, Pos (12, 10).

3d 16h 40m We're on the warp menu.

3d 16h 39m Two more flags were changed.

3d 16h 37m A flag was just changed.

[Info] Options include Get Pokemon, Manage Items, Manage Money, Warp anywhere, Edit flags, Memory Access, Misc, Pics. And they're now editing engine flags.

3d 16h 35m Debug menu is on screen.

[Correction] We're on a debug version. At the bottom of the start menu is a "Debug" option...

[Info] We're now on Version 0.9, Build 0087.

3d 16h 34m ROM has been reset.

3d 16h 33m Dev's have taken control of the stream to fix the issue, stand by ~

3d 16h 31m Chat is out of emote mode.

3d 16h 31m Inputs have been halted.

[Chat] Chauzu_VGC : Felk arrived VoHiYo

3d 16h 28m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Sir_WRA : DBstyle <3 BloodTrail VoteYea VoteNay

FaithfulForce : BloodTrail <3 DBstyle VoteYea

3d 16h 26m Chauzu is currently making his way slowly down our party list to keep us entertained while we wait for someone with remote access to the stream to come online.

3d 16h 20m Chauzu has entered the menu, confirming that all six party members are present when there should only be one.

[Info] The sidebar does indeed show our full party right now when it should only be Kirlia.

[Dev] When you enter Pokémon only mode, your second party member is backed up, and the rest is just hidden. This is what failed, that part of the process didn't happen, an so Pokémon-only mode was entered with a full party of 6. If we somehow gained a partner in there, or basically caused the party to update in any way, the game could assume we have a party of 1 (when we do not), overwriting everything below the first or second mon. - /u/asdf14396

3d 16h 8m Still in Chauzu-only mode. We're waiting for someone with remote access to the stream to come online.

[Info] Chauzu_VGC : For those recently joining; we encountered a very serious glitch, we are waiting for someone who can apply a fix

[Snark] Chauzu Plays Pokémon

[Info] Chat is in emote only mode for some reason.

3d 15h 55m We talk to a Xatu in here that tells us about Curo Shards.

3d 15h 37m We become Kirlia in the forest which brings it back to full health.

3d 15h 36m Kirlia fainted

3d 15h 33m Ampharos survived the poison, but has 1 HP left.

3d 15h 32m Kirlia is poisoned.

3d 15h 25m Poké Ball tossed at wild Exeggcute. Caught Exeggcute! Level 16 and female! No nickname.

3d 15h 9m Ampharos poisoned by wild Pokémon.

3d 15h 2m Entered Laurel Forest.

3d 14h 58m Healed

3d 14h 56m Outside.

3d 14h 54m Buneary forgets Charm for Body Slam. Also, anarchy

3d 14h 52m Pupitar forgets Scratch for Body Slam

3d 14h 49m Taught Azumarill Body Slam over Tackle (thanks /u/kenjidraco)

3d 14h 46m Switching around some party members.

3d 14h 44m Democracy.

3d 14h 42m Went in the Demohouse.

3d 14h 34m Back in Town.

3d 14h 3m Buneary to 29

3d 13h 54m Kirlia leveled up to 26, and then fainted

3d 13h 41m On the south route again.

3d 13h 39m Ran outside and then down to the route, trying to phase through a fence or tree right now.

3d 13h 38m Then ran right away.

3d 13h 38m Went into the PC.

3d 13h 34m Upstairs, I think? does this place have upstairs

in some other room, anyway

3d 13h 33m In the Poké Center.

3d 13h 25m Left the route, back in Torenia now.

3d 13h 22m Kirlia went down, used the Parlyz Heal on something to, rid it of that status

3d 13h 17m Have we forgotten what Larvitar's cry sounds like? It's first in the Pokedex, and we keep checking it.

[Fluff] Route 77.

3d 13h 9m Went into the southward route.

3d 13h 8m Went outside again.

3d 13h 8m Healed

3d 13h 5m In the Poké Center.

3d 13h 3m Faced with a large amount of water right away. Don't think we are able to Surf yet? So we hear back.

3d 13h 3m Walked right into a route gate, then onto.... Route... 82.

3d 13h 2m Left it.

3d 13h 2m In a Demohouse.

[Info] Current music: Violet City

3d 12h 55m We went outside.

3d 12h 54m Torenia again

3d 12h 54m Whooo back to Botan.

3d 12h 53m On the Magnet Train, travelled back to Torenia.

[Info] Current music: Saffron City GSC

3d 12h 44m We're back in some town I don't know.

3d 12h 37m Vulpix down

3d 12h 28m Vulpix to 28, tries to learn Will O Wisp, forgets Tri Attack

3d 12h 15m Got TM05 Roar

3d 12h 10m Vulpix to 27

3d 12h 9m Buneary down

3d 12h 6m Game saved.

3d 12h 5m Outside of the Mansion.

[Info] Current music: Graveyard Bonus Stage - Haunter from Pokémon Pinball

3d 11h 53m Appears we're back in the mansion. In the bed. So we leave it.

3d 11h 53m Jeez he's still talking.

3d 11h 52m Talked to him, says we're lucid dreaming. Wow this is incredible.

3d 11h 51m There's another person in the corner of the town, wearing the same colours as us again.

[Info] Town looks like New Bark Town

3d 11h 48m Talked to the guy, told us we were in "dementia", left that crazy dream place, spawned in the wall of a building (were able to walk out), now we're in some kind of town with the S. S. Aqua music playing.

[Info] Current music: S.S.Aqua

3d 11h 47m There's another person here. Appears to be male, with the same coloured clothes as us.

[Chat] SnowWarning: This Rainbow Road is for babies you cant even fall off like in the real mario kart

3d 11h 42m We talk to it, and are in.. a very strange place.

3d 11h 40m Opened another door. There's a Gengar.

3d 11h 39m Caught female Lv. 20 Sableye, nickname SJJ,.WXY//

3d 11h 32m Got another Bedroom Key

3d 11h 32m Pupitar went down. Ampharos is in now, takes out Spiritomb, trainer defeated.

3d 11h 29m Pupitar's in now. It fell asleep, recovered with Shed Skin, uses Rock Throw.

3d 11h 28m Fighting Medium Izunami's Spiritomb again. Buneary is sent out.

3d 11h 24m In the mansion now.

3d 11h 21m Kirlia down

3d 10h 59m Azumarill down

3d 10h 53m Flaaffy to lv30, tries to evolve, successful! AMPHAROS!

3d 10h 50m In the Haunted Forest. Hmm.

3d 10h 44m Bought two Great Balls and then we ran out of money

3d 10h 42m In the Pokemart.

3d 10h 40m Travelled to Rijon or something wait what we're in Botan City now

3d 10h 34m Pupitar down, white out. Back to Torenia

3d 10h 33m Fighting Medium Izunami, has a Spiritomb. Pupitar is last, but also in front/the only one not fainted.

3d 10h 29m Female Lv. 19 Gastly caught, no nickname. Got two Super Repels

3d 10h 28m Azumarill down

3d 10h 24m Pupitar to 28

3d 10h 20m Flaaffy down

3d 10h 17m Caught Lv. 23 female Haunter, SSSSTT?TT

3d 10h 16m Got TM42 Dream Eater

3d 10h 0m Flaaffy to Lv. 29, tries to learn Thunder Wave, does not

3d 9h 57m Got the Bedroom Key

3d 9h 56m Defeated the Sage

3d 9h 53m Went into some other room, fighting Sage Daikoku. Sableye against Flaaffy

3d 9h 48m And a Rare Candy

3d 9h 46m Got a Spell Tag

3d 9h 45m Into the next room.

3d 9h 44m Pupitar was sent in to take it down, successful. We win the battle.

3d 9h 43m Vulpix down to the next Pokémon Haunter's attack

3d 9h 41m We went into some kind of building, opened the door inside with the Mansour Key, Medium Chika spots us, asked how we got inside, and it's Vulpix against Duskull.

[Snark] If we give the hand that came out of the Gravestone a piece of paper, we could get a piece of heart

3d 9h 36m We get a Mansion Key from the last Gravestone

3d 9h 34m We make it to the site with the last Gravestone we need to interact with

3d 9h 26m We hit the Brown Gravestone! Red, Grey, Blue, and Brown down!

3d 9h 21m We catch ♂ Lv 19 Gastly! No Nickname!

Vulpix to Lv 26!

3d 9h 17m EEEE is down due to Gastly's curse!

3d 9h 16m We continue on though the Haunted Forest of Gravestones

3d 9h 10m We interact with the Yellow Tombstone! Red, Grey, Blue, and Yellow down!

3d 9h 8m Loads of select's being inputted in chat right now

3d 9h 3m Reverse that, Prism seems to have Gen 4 mechanics on poison. EEEE still alive at 1 HP, no poison

3d 9h 2m We interact with the Blue gravestone. Red, Grey, and Blue down!

3d 9h 1m We try to print, too bad no one connected the Game Boy Printer into Twitch Chat

3d 8h 58m We have hit the Red gravestone, the Grey gravestone. Heading to what could be the next one

3d 8h 55m So far so good. We hit another gravestone in the right order

3d 8h 46m Meanwhile, EEEE gets poisoned

3d 8h 45m We talked to the Red tombstone twice. Gotta talk to it again, and only talk to it once

3d 8h 43m Kirlia goes down!

3d 8h 37m We encounter a Wild Gastly and it uses Laughing Gas, because spooky scary areas are a laughing matter

[Snark] Now we can begin writing those creepypastas

3d 8h 35m We enter Haunted Forest. New spooky music?

3d 8h 34m We enter the gatehouse to the forest. The guard looks pale kinda.

3d 8h 32m We exit the PokeMart

3d 8h 31m Inputs begin flying a bit to catch up to present time

3d 8h 31m (build 0086)

3d 8h 31m Game updated! v0.9!

[Info] According to several devs and Revo himself, Teamviewer isn't working properly. Might be a longer down time to update than usual

3d 8h 27m We enter the PokeMart and then save the game and then the game stops. Inputs Frozen

3d 8h 25m The city retained its bloody red roofs but thankfully everything else is in colour

[Fluff] Good ol GSC Saffron City Music is nice


3d 8h 23m We head into the train station and head back to Botan City

3d 8h 19m Pupitar down! We backed out adn return to Torenia City (spelling may vary)

3d 8h 13m I really don't trust tombstones that make noises when you interact with them. Probably leads you into a scary movie or creepypasta

3d 8h 9m We screw up and talk to the wrong grave stone. Puzzle reset

3d 8h 9m Caught ♂ Lv 19 Gastly! No Nickname

3d 8h 0m We interact with a tombstone. We get a reassuring sound. Where does this sound come from tho?

[Fluff] If this had the original Lavender Town music, copypastas would be made right now

3d 7h 55m Pupitar has 53/84 HP remaining while Cyan wanders around the forest

3d 7h 43m We found a Stardust!

3d 7h 43m So far just walking around the forest

3d 7h 37m Azumarril down

3d 7h 26m Azumarril to Lv 27

3d 7h 20m Flaaffy down to a wild Golbat

3d 7h 17m Flaaffy to Lv 28! **ATK 46 DEF 40 S. ATK 59 S. DEF 48 SPE 42

3d 7h 13m We catch LV 20 ♂ Shuppet! Nickname: VUKKAA-TKK

3d 7h 10m we get bored and try to catch Shuppet, that fails and it KO's our Vulpix

3d 7h 9m Also we seem to be interacting with our Fossil Case, #1 source of TPP Lore™

3d 7h 8m Was there always wild Kanto Pokémon music in places with gravestones? Well, its playing vs a wild Shuppet, a 3rd gn Pokémon

3d 7h 1m Currently putzing around the place, going through our bag, not many inputs going through.

3d 6h 51m Found a dark blue gravestone.

[Chat] is now BabyRaging at the guy whose input caused us to talk to the stone a second time.

3d 6h 43m "It's a yellow gravestone." "That sounds reassuring!"

"It's a yellow gravestone." "That doesn't sound right!"

3d 6h 40m We find the yellow gravestone by a tower.

3d 6h 29m "It's a blue gravestone." "That sounds reassuring!"

3d 6h 23m By the way, our Vulpix, sitting at 1HP, has been doing well against the hoards of Pokémon throwing themselves at us.

3d 6h 22m "It's a grey gravestone." "That sounds reassuring!"

3d 6h 17m Buneary faints to a trapping Gastly!

3d 6h 13m Buneary to Level 28! Forgot Body Slam for Drain Punch!

3d 6h 7m "It's a red gravestone." "That sounds reassuring!"

[Chat] FragleCrackle : Kappa how complicated is the puzzle?

3d 6h 5m "It's a red gravestone." "That sounds reassuring!"

"It's a red gravestone." "That doesn't sound right!"

3d 6h 4m We find the red tombstone. "It's a red gravestone." "That sounds reassuring!"

"It's a red gravestone." "That doesn't sound right!"

3d 6h 0m We ran into another mean look Gastly that also cursed us. Caught a male Lv. 19 Gastly! No nickname again.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the donation

[Donation] $111.11 from Melia_Antiqua with VoHiYo rain.

[Chat] tppisnewforme : We blue it! Kappa

3d 5h 50m "It's a blue gravestone." "That sounds reassuring!"

"It's a blue gravestone" "That doesn't sound right!"

"It's a blue gravestone" "That doesn't sound right!"

3d 5h 49m Caught a male Lv. 19 Gastly! No nickname (despite our best efforts to name it blank.

3d 5h 48m We're caught up by a Gastly that looked at us meanly, and thus now we can't run...

[Snark] Or should I say the blue box that has a vague outline of a tombstone chiseled into it.

3d 5h 47m We found the blue tombstone. Commence the courting dance.

[Fluff] More reassuring music

3d 5h 43m And we're off in search of the blue stone now.

3d 5h 42m "It's a grey gravestone." "That sounds reassuring!"

3d 5h 41m We found the grey gravestone. We've been dancing around it for about 5 minutes now, hesitant to talk to it.

[Info] The wild battles have Kanto wild encounter music.

[Info] Current music: Lavender Town in case you don't know

[Fluff] Which basically means we can fail this puzzle by pressing "A" on a gravestone more than once... And what does TPP do best...? We're in for the long haul people!

3d 5h 28m We find the red tombstone. "It's a red gravestone" "That sounds reassuring!"

"It's a red gravestone" "That doesn't sound right!"

"It's a red gravestone" "That sounds reassuring!"

"It's a red gravestone" "That doesn't sound right!"

"It's a red gravestone" "That sounds reassuring!"

3d 5h 24m Our Vulpix survived its poisoning.

3d 5h 21m We've found the grey tombstone. We turn back.

3d 5h 19m Fighting some old lady Medium with a handful of Duskull. Flaffy takes them all out with lots of Sparking.

3d 5h 17m We're now in a graveyard of purple tumbtones. That's not a color in that "rainbow"...

3d 5h 14m Also Vulpix got poisoned from a wild Gastly.

3d 5h 12m Kirlia fainted to a wild Gastly! Vulpix leveled up to 25!

3d 5h 7m We're back in the haunted forest.

3d 5h 3m We took the train to Botan City.

3d 4h 58m Aww, we don't have enough money. BabyRage.

3d 4h 58m We go in the Pachi board room! Let's play!

3d 4h 56m A wild Gastly KOs us with Curse! Black out! Back to Torenia.

[Snark] Talking tombstones WutFace

3d 4h 54m Red, grey, blue, yellow, brown, teal; that is the order to talk to the tombstones according a girl inside a house inside the forest.

[Info] We are now on Version 0.8, Build 0084!

3d 4h 52m ROM UPDATE! Version 0.8!

[Fluff] That funky music.

3d 4h 49m Revo is getting a save for us. Paused inputs.

3d 4h 48m Golbat nickname is AAAAAAAJJJ

3d 4h 47m Caught a level 22 Golbat with a Pokeball! Pupitar leveled up to 27 and did not learn Ancient Power.

[Fluff] A jug fills drop by drop.

3d 4h 41m We use Rock Throw twice and KO Haunter! Defeated Sage Minoru!

3d 4h 40m Haunter uses Hypnosis and makes us fall asleep. Then it uses Laughing Gas and wakes us up.

3d 4h 39m Our foe uses Laughing Gas and KOs Flaaffy! Go Pupitar!

3d 4h 38m Flaaffy levels up to 27! Against Shuppet, we OHKO it with Spark. Against Haunter.

3d 4h 38m It uses Void Sphere on us, and we use Spark to KO us, but not before taking heavy damage.

3d 4h 38m Sage Minoru wants to battle! We send out Flaaffy against Duskull!

[Chat] PRChase BRRR

3d 4h 35m Nickname is ()vlmdBRR

3d 4h 34m Caught a level 18 Male Gastly!

[Snapple Fact] #129: Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

3d 4h 20m Flaffy grew to level 26!

[Dev] [Info] We have a fix incoming for the Low-HP-Beep-Every-Frame bug.

3d 4h 16m Vulpix fainted to a wild Zubat!

3d 4h 14m We press the Blue Gravestone but it never sounds right.

3d 4h 13m Used a Pokeball, caught a level 19 Male Zubat! No nickname.

3d 4h 10m Vulpix forgot Swift and learned Zen Headbutt. Zubat Nickname is ///.OOOPP

3d 4h 9m Used a Pokeball, caught a level 19 Male Zubat! Vulpix also leveled up to 25!

3d 4h 4m We use Spark to KO the Shuppet. Against Haunter, we use 3 Sparks to KO it. Defeated Genjo.

3d 4h 3m Azumarill eventually gets KOed by Night Shade! Go Flaffy!

3d 4h 3m We eventually get KOed by Night Shade! Go Flaffy!

3d 4h 2m We swapped to Vulpix and back, and then got confused by Confuse Ray.

3d 4h 0m And we swap to Azumarill. We manage to use Sing successfully.

3d 3h 59m Guess which Bunny fainted? We send out Pupitar.

3d 3h 58m We keep trying to cut a ghost and as a result are dying slowly. We try to throw some pokeballs at it for a change.

3d 3h 57m Against Shuppet, Kirlia faints to a Night Shade! Go Buneary!

3d 3h 57m We get a nice Confusion off, and get hit by Laughing Gas. After an Astonish we only have 2 HP, but we managed to KO Gastly with another Confusion.

3d 3h 57m Facing Sage Genjo! We send our Kirlia against Gastly!

3d 3h 52m In the Haunted Forest.

3d 3h 50m Apparently we can't go that way until its quarantined.

3d 3h 49m Guards are blocking our way down an alternative path.

3d 3h 38m We're in the Pokemart right now at the counter.

[Info] However, looking at the map it does appear to be exactly the same as Brown's, more or less.

[Info] There isn't a Pokecenter here, according to a local.

3d 3h 34m We save way too much.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for subscribing KappaHD

3d 3h 31m We take the train to Botan City!

[Snapple Fact] #127: A hummingbird's heart beats 1,400 times a minute.

3d 3h 30m We enter the train station once again.

3d 3h 27m Back in Torenia City!

3d 3h 26m We try to use Swift, and that goes as well as you'd think. We get 2HKOed by Laughing Gas! Black out!

3d 3h 26m Hypnosis puts us to sleep, and our Curse KOs Buneary! Only Vulpix is left!

3d 3h 25m We send out Buneary and try to be a thief. It Curses us, which is always fun.

3d 3h 24m Azumarill gets 3HKOed by Laughing Gas!

3d 3h 23m Against Haunter. It KOs Flaffy with Laughing Gas! Go Azumarill!

3d 3h 23m We use Spark and almost OHKO it. We finish it off with Thundershock.

3d 3h 22m We didn't learn Screech. Against Shuppet.

3d 3h 22m It cursed us, and in doing so KOed itself. Flaffy levels up to 25!

3d 3h 21m We tried to catch the Gastly, and it gives us a Mean Look.

3d 3h 20m Pupitar gets KOed by Laughing Gas! We send out Flaffy to finish Gastly off.

3d 3h 20m We got Cursed! Our health is draining, but so is Gastly's thanks to a Sandstorm.

3d 3h 19m We use the normal-type move Scratch against a ghost, twice. Noice.

3d 3h 18m Gastly immediately KOed us with Laughing Gas. Go Pupitar!

3d 3h 17m Facing Sage Genjo! We send out Kirlia against Gastly!

[Fluff] We might have a puzzle on our hands.

3d 3h 11m We keep selecting a red gravestone and it makes a good sound and a bad sound with alternating text each time.

3d 3h 9m Kirlia grew to level 24!

[Fluff] I don't think this is the best version of the Lavender City music to fit a haunted forest.

3d 3h 7m We have entered the Haunted Forest! Some good Lavender City tunes are playing.

3d 3h 2m Walking around Botan City. You may recognize some thing from Brown.

3d 3h 0m Sorry, my bad. We're in Rijon right now, the game won't let us go to Johto or Kanto without a Magnet Pass.

[Fluff] Anyone else having Anniversary Crystal flashbacks?

[Correction] The first train went to Rijon, not Naljo. Kanto and Johto were also in the menu, by the way.

3d 2h 59m And we took it there again!

3d 2h 59m And we took it right back.

3d 2h 59m We took a train to Naijo! Arrived in Botan City!

3d 2h 53m We tell this guy we have an Exeggutor and refuse to trade it for a Drifloon. Jokes on him.

[Chat] SwiftRage

3d 2h 50m We taught Buneary Rage over Swift!

3d 2h 50m We taught Buneary Body Slam over Power Ballad!

3d 2h 49m Back to Anarchy!

3d 2h 46m We swapped Buneary and Flaffy.

3d 2h 43m We swapped Ralts and Pupitar in our party.

3d 2h 39m Democracy activated!

3d 2h 37m We entered a demohouse.

3d 2h 34m Picked up a Rare Candy

3d 2h 27m Back in Torenia City.

3d 2h 27m VS a wild Lombre. Azumarill fainted! Whited out!

3d 2h 26m Obtained Oran Berry.

3d 2h 19m Caught a female Lv. 17 Shinx! Nickname: DD

3d 2h 18m Found a Hyper Potion!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 26 - Max. HP 99 Attack 34 Defense 56 Sp. Atk 35 Sp. Def 50 Speed 45

3d 1h 59m Caught a male Lv. 21 Electrike! Nickname: ???TTTTTTV

3d 1h 57m Threw three more, caught on the third one.

3d 1h 56m VS a wild Electrike. Threw 2 Poké Balls.

3d 1h 55m Thissideup11, out!

3d 1h 54m Thanks, everyone. It's been great to be back, but now I'm handing it off to the one, the only (or at least the third), rctgamer3!


3d 1h 53m We get our revenge on Camper Herb! Great work, everyone!

3d 1h 53m YYYYXOOOOO leveled up, but did not learn Rollout.

3d 1h 53m Double-Slap hits 3 times!!! Solrock is down!!!

3d 1h 52m We used Tail Whip. Come on, let's do this!

3d 1h 52m No, we can't swap Pokémon.

3d 1h 52m YYYYXOOOOO Sings Solrock to sleep! :D

3d 1h 51m She finally decides on YYYYXOOOOO (as if there were any other options).

3d 1h 51m Cyan really, really wants to send I!C out.

[Strategy] Luckily, YYYYXOOOOO's water moves will be X4 Ultra Effective on Solrock's Fire/Rock typing.

3d 1h 50m YYYYXOOOOO's our last party member left.

3d 1h 50m And EEEE's out!

3d 1h 50m Fire Spin takes a chunk out of EEEE!

3d 1h 49m The moon may be down, but the sun's still up. Camper Herb sends Solrock out!


3d 1h 49m You've deserved a rest. FFFEEEF faints, EEEE goes out.

3d 1h 48m Lunatone is burned! Nice work, FFFEEEF! :D

3d 1h 48m But not for long. Lunatone's Rock-type assault makes short work of him! FFFEEEF sent out!

3d 1h 47m Flaaffy is out!

3d 1h 47m And Confusion makes sure I!C stays asleep. Fainted!

3d 1h 47m Finally, one of Lunatone's Hypnoses lands! I!C is asleep!

3d 1h 47m Lots of move failures going on.

3d 1h 46m We're still in a tough place.

3d 1h 46m I!C's Scratch lands a critical hit! How 'bout that!

3d 1h 45m And I!C regrets the decision and swaps back in instead of Flaaffy.

3d 1h 45m Flaaffy is sent out!

3d 1h 45m Recap - Milliner is fainted, but we have everyone else, almost all at full health.

3d 1h 44m The Sandstorm is just hitting I!C, and Lunatone keeps buffing. This doesn't look good.

3d 1h 42m Oh, no, it's Lunatone again.

3d 1h 42m I see you from across the road...Trainer Battle! Camper Herb!

3d 1h 41m Wild Buneary is down!

3d 1h 40m Fight fire with fire, or, in this case, Buneary with Buneary. EEEE sent out!

3d 1h 40m Lo and behold, the wild Buneary takes out Milliner. I'm not even mad. Well played.

[Fluff] #GoodWildPokémonStrats

[Fluff] For the record, that was actually a fantastic time for Buneary to use Encore.

3d 1h 38m I!C's sandstorm isn't the best place for Milliner. :P

3d 1h 38m And Milliner swaps in!

3d 1h 37m Flaaffy swaps out for I!C to come in.

3d 1h 36m Fighting a wild Buneary.

3d 1h 36m We're En-Route. Get it? On Route... ha.

3d 1h 34m Back to Torenia City.

3d 1h 34m Welp, with a last Rock Slide, Milliner Faints and Cyan Whites out!

3d 1h 33m Unbelievably, we're still alive.

3d 1h 33m Lunatone continues to buff.

3d 1h 33m Swift continues to be Not Very Effective.

3d 1h 33m 3 health left. Gulp gulp.

3d 1h 32m 17 health left. Gulp.

3d 1h 32m And he's asleep again.

3d 1h 32m While Milliner was asleep, Lunatone boosted several times. This is gonna be tough.

3d 1h 31m I!C down! Man, the last time a moon did this much damage, there was an Ocarina involved.