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[Streamer] Random_Guy_In_Chat: @TwitchPlaysPokemon So, you listen to PBR music while donations, subbing, PBR sound effects, and transmutation are happening? EleGiggle

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Random_Guy_In_Chat I usually have TPP open on a secondary monitor

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: haven't heard this in awhile, I turned off music in Overwatch so I could listen to other stuff

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the big donation

[Streamer] Bryandagamer: @TwitchPlaysPokemon has that happened before?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bryandagamer yes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: "tpp" got suspended by Twitch it'll be back within 24 hours

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: "tpp" got 24-hour banned by Twitch for spam again KappaHD

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13d 22h 2m Stream is back. TPP is loading...

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

13d 22h 1m Stream is down.

[Fluff] RIP TPP Sun 2016-2016

[rip] run

13d 22h 0m Sun/Moon Run has ended. (Veyori's 13hr shift ended too). Congratulations and thanks for all our readers/viewers.

13d 22h 0m Timer ended.

13d 21h 59m Pokecenter.

13d 21h 57m Talking to Mohn.

13d 21h 56m Tapu Village.

13d 21h 55m Trumbeak caught. No name. B grew up to Level 42.

13d 21h 52m Rowlet killed by a wild Trumbeak.

13d 21h 48m Poni Grove.

13d 21h 44m Ancient Poni Path.

[chat] JORSUNNNNN SwiftRage

13d 21h 42m Rowlet didn't evolve.

13d 21h 41m vs Vulpix Lv. 43. Muddy water. Rowlet grew up to Level 20. Jamie defeated!

13d 21h 40m Graveler down. Rowlet grew up to Level 19 learned Foresight forgot Aonish.

13d 21h 39m vs Graveler lv. 43.

13d 21h 39m Rowlet grew up to Level 16, forgot Peck and learned Razor Leaf.

13d 21h 38m Geodude used earthquake, Muddy water. Geodude down.

13d 21h 38m Gastrodon "B" is sent in.

13d 21h 37m Tritox fainted.

13d 21h 36m Tritox vs Lv. 43 Geodude.

13d 21h 35m Tritox grew up to Level 11, learned Ember and Sweet Scent.

13d 21h 35m Rowlet grew up to Level 13 forgot Tackle learned Astonish.

13d 21h 34m Sandshrew down. Minior fainted.

13d 21h 33m Fletchling fainted. Minior is sent in.

13d 21h 31m Her Sandshrew is lv. 43. We are trying to catch it. "Don't be a thief".

13d 21h 30m Sightseer challenges us to a battle.

13d 21h 27m Poni Breaker Coast.

13d 21h 20m Ancient Poni Path.

13d 21h 18m Aether Paradise.

13d 21h 12m Wondertraded Sneasel Lv. 24 for a Staryu.

13d 21h 10m Sneasel data added to the Pokedex.

13d 21h 9m Wondertraded Mudbray Lv.14 for a Sneasel.

13d 21h 7m Wondertraded Lv. 8 Grimer Hepititas for a Mudbray.

13d 21h 4m Wondertraded Lv.10 Carbink (OT DAWN) for a Fletchling Passerouge.

[fluff] 60 minutes and this torture happy shift will be ended.

13d 20h 55m Wondertraded Lv. 20 Gastly "m bmm" for a Gumshoos "Donal Tramp".

13d 20h 53m Wondertraded Alakazam for an Abra.

13d 20h 49m Kadabra evolved into Alakazam. Added to the Pokedex. Great!

13d 20h 48m Wondertraded Lv. 1 Abra for a Kadabra.

13d 20h 46m Wondertraded Lv. 1 Magikarp for an Abra.

13d 20h 40m Wondertraded Yungoos Lv. 6 for a Tentacool 瑪瑙水母.

13d 20h 38m Wondertraded Yungoos Lv. 8 for a Pikipek.

13d 20h 36m Wondertraded Garstella for a Rowlet.

13d 20h 33m Wondertraded Fearow Rapasdepic for a Mareanie Garstella. Mareanie info added into the Pokedex.

13d 20h 31m Wondertraded Molunk for an Abra.

[Correction] Tritox and Molunk were actually Salandits.

13d 20h 29m Wondertraded Lv. 19 Oricorio Plumeline for a Molunk Tritox.

13d 20h 26m Wondertraded Lv.65 Xurkitree ♂1eexa*☂;!!e for a Mimikyu Mimiqui.

13d 20h 25m Wondertraded Lv. 1 Abra (OT るうちこ) for an Oricorio Plumeline.

13d 20h 23m Wondertraded Lv.65 Xurkitree !11111wwqqaa for a Molunk.

13d 20h 23m Fearow name is Rapasdepic.

13d 20h 22m Wondertraded Lv. 7 Grubbin for a Fearow.

13d 20h 20m Wondertraded Lv. 60 Kartana for a Fearow.

13d 20h 18m Wondertraded Kartana AAAAKLLLM!!r for a Finneon.

13d 20h 17m Wondertraded Lv. 9 Popplio for an Abra.

13d 20h 15m Wondertraded Gumshoos Lv. 31. for a Mudbray.

13d 20h 9m Wondertraded Lv. 8 Feebas for a Minior.

13d 20h 7m Wondertraded Lv. 14 Wingull for a Feebas.

13d 20h 6m Wondertraded Vulpix for a Grubbin.

13d 20h 4m Wondertraded Lv.2 Yungoos for a Yungoos.

13d 20h 0m Wondertraded Gigalith Lv. 42 for a Wingull.

13d 19h 57m Zubat's name is AAANNNN22RR.

13d 19h 56m Zubat was caught. Feebas grew up to Level 8. Rowlet and アシマリ grew up to Lv. 9.

13d 19h 48m Carbink Lv. 12 Caught. No name. Feebas grew up from Lv 1 to Lv 7. Rowlet grew up to Level 7 learned Growl, Peck. アシマリ grew up to Lv. 7 Learned Disarming Voice and Growl.

13d 19h 36m Wondertraded Lv. 60 Kartana for another Gumshoos.

13d 19h 31m Wondertraded Lv.1 Magikarp for a Gumshoos.

13d 19h 29m Wondertraded Lv. 21 Staryu (OT まいたけ) for a Vulpix (Korean).

13d 19h 27m Wondertraded Lv. 1 Cubone for a Staryu.

13d 19h 24m Wondertraded Lv. 1 Rattata for a Popplio.

13d 19h 22m Wondertraded Lv. 28 Raticate for a Cubone.

13d 19h 20m Wondertraded Lv. 19 Fletchling for a Rattata.

13d 19h 17m Wondertraded Lv. 21. Staryu for a Roggenrola.

13d 19h 15m Wondertraded Lv. 40 Exeggutor for a Stufful.

13d 19h 10m Wondertraded Lv. 2 Ledyba for a Staryu.

13d 18h 49m Fletchling fainted.

13d 18h 46m Zubat fainted.

13d 18h 39m We are currently trying to catch another Carbink, Fletchling is sent in.

13d 18h 39m Carbink fainted.

[Snark] Sorry about Tapu Koko, I inputted the input to select it to trade away

13d 18h 25m Wondertraded Lv.6 Abra for a Raticate.

13d 18h 22m Wondertraded Lv. 12 Rockruff "w55fsrroll" for a Caterpie.

13d 18h 20m Wondertraded Lv. 1 Azurill for an Abra.

13d 18h 19m Wondertraded Lv. 6 Rattata for a Magikarp (from Brock)

13d 18h 17m Wondertraded Lv. 25 Steenee for a Feebas.

13d 18h 14m Wondertraded Lv. 60 Tapu Koko for a Mimikyu.

[chat] OLDEN WutFace

13d 18h 13m Wondertraded Lv. 27 Pancham Pandespiégle for a Ledyba.

13d 18h 11m Wondertraded Lv. 75 Necrozma♪♪♪♪ for an Exeggutor.

13d 18h 4m Wondertraded Lv. 38 Skarmory for a Fletchling.

13d 18h 2m Wondertraded Lv. 21 Delibird "Delibir" for a Rowlet.

[chat] ZHIB BORT

13d 18h 0m Wondertraded Lv. 45 Absol for a Zubat.

[fluff] Pancham.

13d 17h 58m Wondertraded Lv. Gible for a Pandespiégle

13d 17h 56m Wondertraded Lv. 1 Popplio for a Gible.

13d 17h 54m Wondertraded Lv. 13 Goldeen トサキント for a Poplio.

13d 17h 52m Goldeen data added to the Pokedex.

13d 17h 52m Wondertraded Magnemite for a Goldeen.

13d 17h 50m Wondertraded Machocho for a Magnemite.

13d 17h 47m Wondertraded Lv. 9 Zubat for a Machop Machocho.

13d 17h 46m Wondertraded chinese Lv. 7 Peeko for an Azurill.

13d 17h 44m Wondertraded Rattata for a Gumshoos.

[Fluff] Fluffy kawaii.

13d 17h 41m Wondertraded Lv. 19 Trumbeak for an Eevee.

13d 17h 40m Wondertraded Lv. 1. Gibble for a Peeko with a Chinese name.

13d 17h 38m Wondertraded a Lv. 20 Wingull for a Rattata.

13d 17h 37m Wondertraded Lv. 1. Abra for a Skarmory.

13d 17h 34m Wondertraded Lv. 30 Pelipper (from Diogo) for a Grimer Hepititas.

13d 17h 33m Ten Karat hill.

13d 17h 28m Wondertraded Lv. 1. Abra (OT プリンチャン) for a Pelipper.

13d 17h 26m Wondertraded Lv. 60 Tapu Bulu for a Gastly.

13d 17h 25m Wondertraded Lv. 1 Litten for an Abra ケーシイ.

13d 17h 23m Wondertraded Lv. 28. Sandile for a Popplio ヤシマリ

13d 17h 20m Wondertraded Lv. 1. Cubone カラカラ for a Litten.

13d 17h 18m Wondertraded Lv. 11 Sableye ヤミラミ for an Abra ケーシイ. Deja vu.

13d 17h 17m English lesson mission failed.

13d 17h 15m Currently in the Disney world. 9'l Failed to VIP register the guest with a name "092", Japanese, female, Guest rank #4, Plaza rank #22.

13d 17h 6m Route 1.

13d 17h 4m Wondertraded Lv. 8 metapod PRINCESS for a Sableye ヤミラミ. Sableye registered in the Pokedex.

13d 17h 2m Wondertraded Torkoal 1sssaaa for an Oricorio オドリドリ。

[fluff] I don't remember, but it was something like 地鼠.

13d 16h 57m Wondertraded Skarmory エアームド for a Digglet with a difficult name.

13d 16h 55m Wondertraded Abra ケーシイ for a Cubone カラカラ.

13d 16h 53m Wondertraded Rattata コラシタ for an Abra ケーシイ。

13d 16h 52m Wondertraded lv. 1 Mimikyu for a Metapod "PRINCESS".

[info] Caterpie is Lv.12, knows Tackle, String Shot and Bug Bite.

13d 16h 47m Wondertraded Meowth ニャース for a Caterpie.

13d 16h 46m Wondertraded Pelipper "Ow" for a Carbink.

[Meta] Updater will go dark for a while. Hopefully another updater will be able to pick up soon.

13d 14h 13m vs ゆうが, Asia, タイガ。

13d 14h 12m ゼん won.

13d 14h 0m vs ゼん, Aj, Remilia.

13d 13h 59m Gio won.

13d 13h 45m vs あさひA★★, Gio, Chou-Chou.

13d 13h 44m Wyatt won with some help of dirty tactics.

13d 13h 36m vs Mozilla, けんと, Wyatt.

13d 13h 36m Fail.

13d 13h 26m vs Lula, Wyatt, ささみ.

13d 13h 23m かい won.

13d 13h 12m vs Zhaituki S, ゆっびー, かい.

13d 13h 11m Chou-Chou won.

13d 13h 4m vs しゆう Chou-Chou and Zhaituki S.

13d 13h 3m Failure.

13d 12h 53m vs Monique, Dani and (Korean)★.

13d 12h 53m コウ won.

13d 12h 42m vs Dani, コウ, Lian.

13d 12h 41m Evolem won.

13d 12h 30m vs Evolem, Chou-Chou and Kevin.

13d 12h 29m Oven won.

13d 12h 17m vs Evolem, Owen and Xeogran-TPP.

13d 11h 50m vs Gamebro, フアントム, そうた。

[Meta] Updater will go dark for a while. Hopefully another updater will be able to pick up soon.

13d 11h 49m Miserable failure.

13d 11h 39m vs ふみき, ダイスケ, YX.

13d 11h 38m Primarina finished off other Incineroar. Fail.

13d 11h 37m Incineroar #1 down, Muk is in. Gastrodon down, Steenee is in.

13d 11h 36m Primarina and Gastrodon (us) are sent in.

13d 11h 36m Incineroar #2 killed Lunala with Z-move.

13d 11h 35m Incineroar #1 killed Pelipper.

13d 11h 34m Incineroar is in.

13d 11h 34m Pelipper killed Zygarde.

13d 11h 32m Zygarde is sent in.

13d 11h 31m Incineroar killed Butterfree.

13d 11h 30m Lunala, Butterfree, Pelipper (us), Incineroar.

13d 11h 28m vs. ゆうた, Wesley, たいち。

13d 11h 27m Aegislash killed Pelipper with a Shadow ball. Fail. ひみっち won.

13d 11h 26m Silvally and Pelipper (us) are in.

13d 11h 25m Gastrodon fainted, Mimikyu fainted.

13d 11h 23m Incineroar down, Mimikyu in.

13d 11h 22m Zygarde is sent in.

13d 11h 18m Necrozma down.

13d 11h 15m Absol fainted, we sent in Gastrodon.

13d 11h 11m Necrozma, Aegislash, Icineroar and Absol (us).

[Fluff] Looks like last time we meet in battle our participant Suwakosanae.

13d 11h 8m vs. ひめつち, Antizocker and Isaak.

13d 11h 4m Failure.

13d 11h 3m Remilia switched Muk for a Vikavolt. Garchomp fainted.

13d 11h 2m Lurantis down, Raichu is in.

13d 11h 1m Lunala switched for a Lurantis.

13d 11h 1m We delegate Steenee.

13d 10h 59m Vikavolt switched for a Muk.

13d 10h 59m Pelipper fainted.

13d 10h 57m Garchomp in, Vikavolt in.

13d 10h 56m Buzzwole fainted, Azumarill fainted.

13d 10h 55m Azumarill is sent in.

13d 10h 54m Lurantis switched for a Lunala. Lucario fainted.

13d 10h 53m Vikavolt switched for a Buzzwole.

13d 10h 52m Garchomp switched for a Lucario.

13d 10h 50m Garchomp, Lurantis, Vikavolt, Pelipper (us).

13d 10h 48m vs Bella, Remilia and ヒカリ

13d 10h 47m Korean girl won. We failed.

13d 10h 38m vs Griffin, (Something Korean), Xeogran.

13d 10h 34m Looks like last battle vs りくと, イノ ,Xeogran was failed too.

13d 10h 25m Failure.

13d 10h 11m vs Aroara, フアンドム, Chenny.

13d 10h 10m Metagross killed Absol. Buzzwole killed Tapu Koko. Failure.

13d 10h 9m Metagross is sent in.

13d 10h 8m Glaceon switched for a Ninetales. Ninetales fainted.

13d 10h 8m Absol (us), Buzzwole and Tapu Koko are in.

13d 10h 7m Gatrodon fainted, Muk too, Mimikyu as well.

13d 10h 3m Ninetales switched foe a Glaceon.

13d 10h 2m Muk, Ninetales, Pelipper (us), Mimikyu.

13d 10h 0m vs Aroara, Remilia, ルーテユ

13d 9h 59m Failure. 3rd place.

13d 9h 58m Buzzwole is in aaaand Buzzwole out.

13d 9h 57m Gastrodon (us) and Guzzlord is in. Guzzlord down.

13d 9h 56m Steenee fainted, Necrozma fainted.

13d 9h 53m Tapu Fini, Greninja, Steenee (us), Necrozma.

13d 9h 52m vs Ben, あさ and ムーン.

13d 9h 50m Nihelego down, Kartana down. Victory.

13d 9h 49m Kartana and Lunala are in.

13d 9h 48m Nihelego is sent in, Greninjas are down.

13d 9h 47m Celesteela down, Pelipper is still intact.

13d 9h 46m Type:Null down, Celestrella in.

13d 9h 43m Zygarde down, Incineroar down. Greninja in.

13d 9h 41m Zygarde, Incineroar, Type:Null, Pelipper (us).

13d 9h 39m Battle Royale vs あきら, Lea, Neluxian-77.

13d 9h 35m Absol down. Failure.

13d 9h 34m Xurkitree switched for a Lunala.

13d 9h 33m Absol is our only option.

13d 9h 32m Raichu killed Delibird immediately.

13d 9h 31m We delegate Delibird.

13d 9h 30m Greninja switched for Raichu, Pelipper down.

13d 9h 30m Xurkitree, Greninja, Tapu Koko, Pelipper (us).

13d 9h 27m vs Pria, ナイト, Jeff.

13d 9h 26m Mudsdale fainted, Primarina fainted. Still Failure.

13d 9h 24m Gastrodon (us) and Pheromosa are in.

13d 9h 23m Absol fainted, Toxapex fainted.

13d 9h 22m Ribombee fainted, Mudsdale in, Primarina poisoned.

13d 9h 21m We switch Pelipper with Absol.

13d 9h 19m Tapu Bulu down, Primarina in, Pelipper got poisoned.

13d 9h 18m Decidueye down, Toxapex in.

13d 9h 15m Tapu Lele down, Tapu Bulu in. Lycanroc down, Ribombee in.

13d 9h 14m Pelipper, Lycanroc, Decidueye, Tapu Lele.

13d 9h 12m Battle Royale vs Hyoto, Noelani, Jenny.

13d 9h 9m Gastrodon down, Tapu Koko down. Failure.

13d 9h 7m Tsareena down, Wigglytuff in.

13d 9h 7m Scizor down, Tapu Koko is back.

13d 9h 5m Tapu switched for a Scizor.

13d 9h 4m Oricorio fainted, Tsareena in.

13d 9h 2m Pelipper and Primarina are down. Lunala and Gastrodon (us) are in.

13d 9h 0m Lucario down, Tapu Koko is sent in.

13d 8h 59m Primarina, Pelipper (us), Lucario, Oricorio.

13d 8h 58m Battle Royale vs Anton, たくや and Chenny.

13d 8h 52m We delegate Steenee. Brave birs finished her off. Failure.

13d 8h 51m Z-power used. Pelipper fainted.

13d 8h 51m Greninja down. Decidueye is sent in.

13d 8h 48m Battle vs. Dylan. Gastrodon vs Greninja. Gastrodon fainted, but Greninja is paralyzed. We sent in Pelipper.

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[meta] I have to go to work now, but before I go, I would like to encourage people to become updaters, so that there are not 8 hour gaps in our coverage. The more the merrier

13d 1h 10m Also the Tritox is level 1

13d 1h 7m We are examining our Z crystal collection

13d 1h 6m We are back in festival plaza

13d 1h 6m We make a NPC repeat himself 6 times

13d 1h 5m The Rowlet we got was Level 1, female and knows tackle and leafrage

13d 1h 4m We check the PC

13d 1h 3m We enter a pokemon center

13d 1h 0m Zubat has been traded for a Tritox

13d 1h 0m Machop has been traded for a Rowlet

13d 0h 58m We enter the wonder trade

13ed 0h 55m Dome interrupts communication during a battle

13d 0h 52m well that is 2 more sacrifices to the Glorious Lord Helix

13d 0h 48m The chat has devolved into a helix v dome argument as we continue to debate who zubat will be sacrificed to

13d 0h 45m We fight ghostie, adam and Alejandro

13d 0h 43m We send out Yungoos. Wait didn't we sacrifice him already? Are all the non-believers ripping off our lord and savior, Lord Helix?

13d 0h 42m Fletchling is sacrificed (again)

13d 0h 40m Machop is sacrificed

13d 0h 39m The stream develops a minor visual defect from all the sacrifices to Lord Helix

13d 0h 37m We enter a battle royal with Dark, Chessy and Marc. Our team is still only viable as sacrifices to the one true god, Lord Helix

13d 0h 35m Zubat has been sacrificed, may lord Helix be pleased with our offerings

13d 0h 34m Fletchling has been sacrificed, next sacrifice is Zubat

13d 0h 32m And the sacrifice is fletchling

13d 0h 32m Well Our diglett died in the first turn, on to the next sacrifice for lord Helix

13d 0h 27m We enter a battle royal with Dark, Chenny and Ivan

13d 0h 26m And we are back

13d 0h 20m Stream is down

13d 0h 19m Sun could not find us any opponents for a battle royal. Maybe our team broke battle spot?

13d 0h 18m we save a battle video

13d 0h 17m Well, we lost horribly

13d 0h 14m Yungoos is dead, so we send out Fomantis

13d 0h 12m And here we are in yet another battle royale, with just under 22h until PBR. We send out yungoos

[Meta] Updater will go dark for a while. Hopefully another updater will be able to pick up soon.

12d 20h 32m Female Geodude caught, no name. Fletchling grew up to Level 16. Maxho grew up to Level 14. Spinarak to 13 forgot Infestation for Scary Face.

12d 20h 25m Wonder traded Metapod for Rattata. Rattata for Grubbin.

[Sorry] These were just the battle videos actually. What a disappointment.

12d 20h 8m Abra vs Toxapex. Abra got poisoned.

12d 20h 6m vs ウイステリア。 Zygarde vs Tapu Lele. Zygarde fainted.

12d 20h 6m Stream is back.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 20h 5m Stream is down.

12d 20h 5m Battle cancelled then started again.

12d 20h 4m Buzzwole vs Oricorio. Oricorio switched with Ribombee.

12d 20h 3m Free Battle vs Socrates.

12d 20h 1m イトマレ grew to Lv. 11, forgot poison sting and learned absorb and infestation.

12d 19h 59m Macho grew up to Level 12 and learn Low sweep in place of Leer.

12d 19h 57m Fletching grew up to Level 13 and learned Peck and didn't learn agility.

12d 19h 37m Fomantis down. Failure.

12d 19h 36m Golisopod and Fomantis (us) are in.

12d 19h 35m Kommo-O killed Kartana.

12d 19h 35m Kartana killed fletchling.

12d 19h 33m Bewear fainted. Fletchling in.

12d 19h 32m Kartana and Kommo-O in.

12d 19h 32m Pyukumiku down. Bewear killed Tapu Koko.

12d 19h 30m Pyukumiku, Bewear (us), Tapu Koko, Vikavolt.

12d 19h 28m Battle Royal vs. John, Philip and Andrew.

12d 19h 26m Discharge hits. Fletchling down, Lapras down, Tapu Koko down. Failure.

12d 19h 25m Bewear fainted. Aerodactyl fainted. Lapras in. Fletchling (us) in.

12d 19h 24m Aerodactyl and Mudsdale are in.

12d 19h 24m Garchomp down, Ninetales died due to Perish song.

12d 19h 22m Bewear in. Tapu Koko in.

12d 19h 21m We delegate Lv. 1. Fletchling.

12d 19h 20m Lapras exchnaged with Aerodactyl. Gigalith fainted.

12d 19h 17m Ninetales and Decidueye are sent in.

12d 19h 16m Lapras used Perish Song. Others are just beating each other. Salazzle fainted. Golduck fainted.

12d 19h 14m Gigalith (us), Salazzle, Lapras and Golduck.

12d 19h 12m vs ぐらたん, Marcus and Raven.

12d 19h 11m Ninetales killed Slowpoke. Bewear suicided.

12d 19h 9m Slowpoke is sent in.

12d 19h 9m Golduck killed Magnemite.

12d 19h 8m Bewear is in.

12d 19h 6m Golduck killed Incineroar. Magnemite killed Fletchling.

12d 19h 6m We sent in Fletchling.

12d 19h 5m Incineroar killed Gigalith.

12d 19h 3m Magnemite and Golduck are sent in.

12d 19h 3m Alakazam fainted. Gigalith killed Brione. Hooray!

12d 19h 1m Incineroar, Alakazam, Brionne, Gigalith (us).

12d 18h 59m Battle Royal vs Raven, AHS and Marcus.

12d 18h 57m Salamence evolved into Mega and striked. Fomantis fainted. Garchomp used Z-move. Salamence fainted. あみ won.

12d 18h 55m Opponent exchanged Salazzle with Salamence.

12d 18h 55m Garchomp, Comfey and Fomantis (us) delegated.

12d 18h 53m Dazzling Gleam! Incineroar, Gigalith and Fearow fainted at once. Impressive!

12d 18h 52m We exchange Fomantis with Gigalith immediately after.

12d 18h 51m Fearow and Fomantis (us) are sent in.

12d 18h 50m Fletchling down, Vikavolt down.

12d 18h 48m Tapu Lele vs Incineroar vs Vikavolt vs Fletching (us).

12d 18h 46m Battle Royale vs Andrew, ゴムサバ and あみ。

12d 18h 44m Fearow changed on Comfey. Lycanroc used Z-move, Comfey fainted. Fletching down. Failure.

12d 18h 43m We sent in Fletching, Goodra killed by Kommo-o, Lycanroc is sent in.

12d 18h 41m Decidueye killed, Goodra is sent in. Our Bewear is down.

12d 18h 39m We delegate Bewear next turn.

12d 18h 38m Gigalith fainted, Tsareena fainted next.

12d 18h 37m Opponents' mons are Tsareena, Decidueye and Fearow.

12d 18h 35m Battle Royal Dome. Our first choice is Gigalith.

12d 18h 34m Free battle vs Gladion, ゴムサバ, Juan

[Fluff] I'd have a bad time finding where those characters are even if I use a Japanese keyboard.

[Fluff] Japanese keyboard.

[Fluff] How did you even type that

12d 18h 30m We sent スイミー to Akihiko, she sent us Metapod through Womder Trade.

12d 18h 26m Machop fainted. Fletching fainted. Failure.

12d 18h 24m Gigalith fainted, Fomantis (we chose it too) fainted too.

12d 18h 23m Fletching + Gigalith vs Greninja and Tapu koko.

12d 18h 16m Battle spot. Free battle. Double. vs Angy. We chose Fletching, Bewear and Gigalith.

[Serious] Sorry for the lack of updates this run, especially in the past 10 hours. Reminder that you can apply to become a live updater and help fill this gap! Please understand.

12d 7h 19m this is a match against other players we have fought before

12d 6h 17m another battle royal for us. If you want to maybe fight the TPP stream, we are doing battle royals with special pokemon allowed


12d 6h 14m We might have a chance at winning this one, we are at 2 kills with zygarde against an incineroar and 2 Solgaleo

12d 7h 13m Never mind, We z-moved ourselves into 3rd

12d 7h 10m We are in last place with an impressive 0 kills

12d 7h 6m And we now love battle royal enough to head straight into another one

12d 7h 5m We managed to not humiliate ourselves in a battle royal

[Info] Pokémon Battle Revolution returns in about 1 Day and 15 Hours

12d 6h 45m The amibo is silver


12d 6h 40m We signed up for a battle spot double battle

12d 6h 36 we went to go for a battle royal, but clicked banned specials, so we couldn't do it

12d 6h 29m We are in the GTS now

12d 6h 27m and the match goes to the Japanese competitor

[Snark] Better than me vs the AI in Battle Royal

12d 6h 26m apparently there might be another TPPer in this fight

12d 6h 23m Our zygarde got all out pummeled, died. Prepare the Fearow

12d 6h 21m We get a kill

12d 6h 20m Nigel and Gabe both pull out Zygardes

12d 6h 19m Nigel and Gabe down one pokemon

12d 6h 15m Battle royal with Gabe, Marc and some Japanese person

12d 6h 13m Problem fixed

12d 6h 12m Imputs messing up again

12d 6h 11m, we walk right

12d 6h 8m Nigel is back to listening to our commands

12d 6h 6m imput is now down, restart pending

12d 6h 5m Touchscreen is now not accepting imput

12d 6h 3m We got rejected

12d 6h 2m We ask Mike to play with us

12d 6h 0m More QR code scans

12d 5h 56m We try to re-download the VGC rules

12d 5h 54m we try to scan for QR codes

12d 5h 50m And it has just been confirmed that Siko is actually a TPP player. So yeah, we just lost to one of our own.

12d 5h 49m Zygarde vs Salazzle, Zygarde poisoned badly

12d 5h 48m RIP Ribombee

12d 5h 48m Siko Withdraws Tapu Lele for Salazzle

12d 5h 47m Ribombee vs Tapu Lele

12d 5h 46m Buzzwole vs Tapu Lele. We got moon blasted to death

12d 5h 45m We fight Siko from USA


12d 5h 43m Kommo-o kills Buzzwole

12d 5h 42m Buzzlowe vs Kimono-o

12d 5h 42m We leech all the life out of Vikavolt

12d 5h 41m Buzzwole vs Vikavolt

12d 5h 41m All Out pummel kills Salazzle

12d 5h 40m Buzzwole vs Salazzle

12d 5h 38 We enter a battle with a trainer named JANDO

12d 5h 37m We are back, and went to the battle spot

12d 5h 36m We leave festival plaza

12d 5h 34m Wonder traded eevee for an eevee

12d 5h 30m People in the chat are trying to random battle TPP

12d 5h 29m Sun forfeits, TPP broke it to hard

12d 5h 28m Buzzwole vs Lv.6 Pikipek

12d 5h 27m We use a z-move on the Litten

12d 5h 27m Buzzwole v Lv.10 Litten

12d 5h 25m We fight a trainer named Sun, a battle we might win due to the fact there strongest pokemon is level 10

12d 5h 23m We get a communication disruption as Buzzwole faints

12d 5h 22m We get badly poisoned

12d 5h 21m We all out Pummel the Toxapex for 25% of it's health pool, while it uses stockpile again

12d 5h 20m Buzzwole vs Toxapex

12d 5h 19m We got dragon tailed into Buzzwole, then actually get an enemy pokemon to faint

12d 5h 19m Benjamin switches to flygon as we use coil

12d 5h 18m Zygarde vs Turtonator

12d 5h 17m We fight Benjamin from Arkansas, USA

12d 5h 16m We lost again obviously

12d 5h 15m We bring our Ribombee and get hit with an Oceanic Operatia

12d 5h 14m Moonblasted to death, Switching to Abra, wait nope he is gone as well

12d 5h 13m Buzzwole vs Primarina

12d 5h 12m We fight Candice from California

12d 5h 11m Our opponent attacks and lands a critical hit. We lose another battle, and abra is proven once again to be no substitute for Nebby

12d 5h 11m Our opponent thinks we are going to do something smart apparently, BTW we are fighting a toxapex

12d 5h 10m Abra is poisoned

12d 5h 10m we send out nebby Abra and our opponent switches pokemon

12d 5h 9m Which got moon blasted to death

12d 5h 8m We send out Zygarde

12d 5h 06m Buzzwole fainted in one attack from Tapu Lele

12d 5h 04m Another battle with a Japanese person, with a tapu, Arcanine, Vulabry 2 ultra beasts and something I can't recognise

12d 5h 03m We leave Festival Plaza, before heading straight back

12d 5h 02m We get a (probably temporary) break from the battle menu

12d 4h 59m Ribombee and Zygarde both die, we lost. Also a rare Streamer appeared

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: congratulations on becoming the Pokemon champion, a big thanks goes to sonick and dekunukem for managing the hardware (a real 3DS was used)

12d 4h 58m Ribombee v Ribombee

12d 4h 57m enemy switches Oricoro with Ribombee, which one-shots our Ultra beast

12d 4h 55m We pull out buzzwole, than use a z-move on the enemy Oricorio, dealing aprox 65% damage

12d 4h 54m We enter a battle with Socrates from California

12d 4h 53m We get a communication interruption, the battle is off

12d 4h 52m Abra got destroyed by Greninja

[meta] I am now taking over, for what looks to be a sure loss interesting battle

12d 4h 50m We challenge a person from Japan to an online fight. They have All four Tapus, Ash Greninja, and Lunalea at level 50. All of our Pokémon have been reduced to Level 50, except Abra who is still at level 1.

12d 4h 30m We toss Ribombee into the GTS and take it back immediately.

12d 4h 29m [Update] Name was Botogel, not Bogotel.

12d 4h 28m We toss a Level 3 female Ledyba uu544ttyrrR into Wonder Trade. We receive a Delibird named Bogotel in return!

12d 4h 22m We start a mission to show off muscles. Machamp starts carrying us around Trophy Plaza like we're a show dog in a competition. We quit.

12d 4h 21m [Info] The Abra we received for Solgaleo is Level 1. Nice job, guys.

12d 4h 17m We discover we are ineligible for battles with rules because two of our Pokémon have the same held item.

12d 4h 15m We keep trying to do an Online Competition through Battle Spot, but we are repeatedly told we must set up our account with Pokémon Link first.

12d 4h 12m We fire up Wonder Trade, but quickly abort. We opt for the GTS instead. We deposit SE the Raticate hoping for an Alolamola. We quickly reclaim him.

12d 4h 11m We quit the mission even though we were totally going to fail anyway.

12d 4h 9m We start a mission. We are instructed to find Fighting-type enthusiasts in less than 3 minutes.

12d 4h 8m We Wonder Traded Nebby for an Abra with a Japanese name.


12d 4h 5m While requesting a battle with someone named Mariana, our communications fail.

12d 4h 5m We request a Double Battle with somebody named Nacho. Nacho turns us down.

12d 4h 4m [Info] It turns out version legendaries "Cannot be traded" on the GTS. Nebby is safe.

12d 4h 3m WE DEPOSIT SOLGALEO IN THE GTS. A flood of B inputs saves him before it's too late.

12d 4h 1m We're at #WORL, questionably navigating the GTS.

12d 4h 0m [Info] Our Post-game Pokedex: Melemele: 60 Caught, 105 Seen. Akala: 46 Caught, 101 Seen. Ula'Ula: 62 Caught, 113 Seen. Poni: 38 Caught, 81 Seen. Alola at Large: 112 Caught, 242 Seen.

12d 3h 57m We've left #WORL and are back on the observatory, alternating between setting Text Speed to normal as Machamp keeps shoving us against a bus.

12d 3h 55m [Info] We have 18 Festival Tickets.

12d 3h 54m We exit the observatory and enter THE WONDERFUL WORL!

12d 3h 51m Timer for Festival Plaza has been removed. Overlay says "Available for: ever"

12d 3h 50m We suck some Zygarde cells.

12d 3h 49m Inside the observatory, we talk to a Magnemite. It tells us "Beep Boop." Thanks buddy!

12d 3h 47m We arrive at the Mount Hokulani Observatory.

12d 3h 41m Charizard flies us 20 feet back to Tapu Village.

12d 3h 40m Vs. Wild Raticate (Male/28). Buzzswole decides to run.

12d 3h 34m [Info] Almost no one is inputting. Chat is mostly focused on chatting instead of inputting. Some factions want to go hunt Zygarde cells while others simply want to wait for Festival Plaza to unlock in 2h24m.

12d 3h 24m Charizard flies us back to Tapu Village (we never left).

12d 3h 16m Summary: 304 Poké Balls, 203 Great Balls, 100 Ultra Balls.

12d 3h 9m We start buying Poké Ballls. We buy 2 Poké Balls, 1 Rull Restore, 1 Repel, 1 Poké Ball (3 total), 98 Super Potions (Kappa), 1 Poké Ball + 99 Poké Balls (104 total), 99 Great Balls, 1 Great Ball (100 total), 1 Ultra Ball, 99 Poké Balls (203 total), 99 Poké Balls (302 Total), 1 Great Ball (101 total), 99 Great Balls (200 total), 1 Great Ball (201 Total), 1 Great Ball (202 Total), 1 Great B all (203 Total), 99 Ultra Balls (100 Total), 1 Potion, 1 Poké Ball (303 total), 1 Poké Ball (304 Total), 1 Full Restore (2 Total).

12d 3h 5m Charizard flies us to Tapu Village.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] Beating the E4 refreshed all of the Tapus we accidentally killed. However, we burned through all of our balls before our E4 attempt, so we can't catch them at this time.

12d 3h 2m With one footstep between us and another E4 challenge attempt, we Uber a Charizard and fly to the Ruins of Abundance.

12d 2h 55m We peruse the options screen and save the game a few times. Devs have turned on the 3DS's Internet, but our Festival Plaza timer won't run out for 3h2m, and Felk currently does not know how to disable the timer.

12d 2h 54m We're back in front of Pokémon League, wandering in circles.

12d 2h 52m The game card is reinserted. Devs relaunch Pokémon Sun.

12d 2h 50m Game card removed. Screen is black. S_Sonick is making a backup save.

12d 2h 50m We're doing victory laps by riding around all of our ride Pokémon in front of the league entrance.

12d 2h 48m [Donation] $10.00 from The_Chef1337: "PogChamp WE DID IT TWITCH PogChamp http://dekus.wang OneHand"

[Info] That was E4 Rematch Attempt #5.

12d 2h 46m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 2h 46m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

12d 2h 45m Hau sends out Leafeon, his last Pokémon. It uses Baby-Doll Eyes. We hurt ourselves in confusion. We use Outrage! Leafeon down to 1.3 health. It Charms us again. We use Outrage one last time, KOing Leafeon. Trainer Hau Defeated!! TEH URN!!

12d 2h 44m We are now confused due to fatigue. He sends out Inceneroar. We use Outrage and KO it!

12d 2h 44m Vs. Komala. We use Outrage. Komala faints.

12d 2h 44m Vs. Crabominable. We use Outrage. Crabominable faints.

12d 2h 42m We deploy Zygarde and start setting up with Coil. It uses Psychic, taking us to 3/4 health. We start sweeping with Thousand Arrows. No more Raichu. Zygarde to Level 80!! We learn Outrage over Rock Slide!!

12d 2h 43m Raichu, not Raticate.

12d 2h 41m He sends out Raticate. We deploy Buzzswole, but immediately switch to our mostly dead and toasty Fearow. Fearow faints.

12d 2h 41m Vs. Hau!

12d 2h 40m We reclaim our throne. But lo! A challenger approaches!

12d 2h 40m We run up the stairs and walk around our throne several times, just to make sure. Then we start running back down the stairs.

12d 2h 36m Vs. Lycanroc. It falls to a single Leech Life, fully healing Buzzswole. Olivia defeated!!

12d 2h 34m Beast Boost x3 in effect. Vs. Golem. We use Leech Life, putting Golem in the red and fully healing Buzzswole. We take Stone Edge and finish it off with Leech Life. Beast Boost x 4 in effect! Buzzswole to Level 74!

12d 2h 33m Beast Boost x2 in play. Probopass comes out. We use Brick Break, knocking it down to 1 hp due to Sturdy. It uses Flash Cannon against us. We use Brick Break after Olivia uses a Full Restore. She heals a second time while we use Leech Life, healing us to 4/5 health. We use another Leech Life, to full heal ourselves before taking a Flash Cannon. We finish it off with Lunge.

12d 2h 32m Vs. Carbink. We use Brick Break while it uses Stealth Rock. We use Brick Break again, KOing Carbink.

12d 2h 32m Buzzswole vs. Relicanth. We use Brick Break, KOing it. #BeastMode Activated!

12d 2h 31m We finally Challenge Olivia!

12d 2h 23m Vs. Toucannon. We use Drill Peck, taking it to half. Toucannon uses its Z-Move and knocks Fearow to 15 HP. We use Drill Peck and finish off Toucannon, but end up getting burned in the process. Kahili defeated!

12d 2h 22m We send out Fearow. Somehow, we win and KO Mandibuzz!

12d 2h 21m Vs. Mandibuzz. We use Rock Slide, but it dodges. It retaliates and knocks Nebby down to 30 HP. A second Rock Slide takes it to half health, but snarl KOs Solgaleo.

12d 2h 20m Skarmory reappears. We use Rock Slide, taking it to 1/4 HP. Kahili uses Full Restore on Skarmory while we try another Rock Slide. We use Rock Slide again, causing a flinch. We finish it off with Flare Blitz.

12d 2h 19m Solgaleo vs. Crobat. It uses Dark Pulse. We use Rock Slide, KOing Crobat.

12d 2h 18m Vs. Skarmory. We deploy Solgaleo and uses Flash Cannon. Skarmory smogons it up with Spikes. Kahili withdraws Skarmory and sends out Oricorio, who survives Flare Blitz. She uses a Full Restore on Oricorio. We switch to Rock Slide, which KOs Oricorio.

12d 2h 17m Vs. Kahili!

12d 2h 11m We deploy Zygarde against Froslass. We use Coil to raise our stats. We use Rockslide and KO Froslass. Acerola defeated!

12d 2h 11m Vs. Froslass. It uses Blizzard, KOing Raticate.

12d 2h 8m We send out Bieber (bad news) while Acerola uses a Full Restore on Drifblim (very bad news). We use Leech Life to fully heal Bieber. We swap out Buzzswole for Raticate. Evil balloon uses Will-o-Wisp on Raticate. We use Crunch, taking Drifblim to half. We tank Thunderbolt and use Crunch, taking Drifblim to the red. We tank another Thunderbolt. We use Crunch, KOing Drifblim. Its aftermath causes severe damage, along with our burn.

12d 2h 5m Drifblim uses Will-O-Wisp, burning Ribombee. We use Dazzling Gleam while it uses Shadow Ball. Ribombee barely survives. We use Z-Move Draining Kiss (Twinkle Tackle). Drifblim barely survives. It uses Shadow Ball, KOing Ribombee.

12d 2h 5m Acerola sends out Drifblim. We switch out Buzzswole for Ribombee.

12d 2h 3m Vs. Dhelmise. We switch out Ribombee for Bieber. It uses Phantom Force while we use Brick Break on nothing. We survive Phantom Force, opting to use Leech Life, knocking Delmise to half. We use Leech Life on thing while it uses Phantom Force. We use Leech Life when it returns, KOing Dhelmise.

12d 2h 2m Vs. Palossand. We use Dazzling Gleam. Palosand barely survives. We barely survive a Sludge Bomb in retaliation. We use Draining Kiss, KOing Pallosand and restoring us to half health.

12d 2h 1m Vs. Acerola! She sends out Sableye. We wend out Ribombee at half health. We tank Fake out and use Draining Kiss, KOing Sableye and almost fully restoring our HP.

12d 2h 1m We decide to take on Acerola second this time.

12d 1h 56m Vs. Bewear. We swap out Ribombee for Raticate. It uses a psychic move, which Raticate doesn't even feel. We send out Solgaleo instead. Bewear uses Hammer Arm to little effect. We use Flash Cannon, taking Bewear to 1/3 health. We do it again and KO Bewear. Hala defeated!

12d 1h 55m Vs. Primeape. It does not survive Dazzling Gleam.

12d 1h 55m Vs. Poliwrath. We use Draining Kiss, taking Poliwrath to half and fullly restoring our HP. It uses another move, taking us to half. We score a crit Dazzling Gleam and KO Poliwrath. Ribombee to level 84. Fearow to level 81.

12d 1h 54m Vs. Carbominable. We use Dazzling Gleam. No more Crabominable.

12d 1h 54m We KO Hariyama. Buzzswole to Level 73. We fail to learn Focus Punch.

12d 1h 52m Ribombee vs. Hariyama. We use Draining Kiss. Hariyama uses Heavy Slam, taking bee to 39 Health. We use another Draining Kiss, restoring our health to 143.

12d 1h 52m Vs. Hala. E4 Rematch Attempt #5 begins!

12d 1h 51m We lumber into Hala's room first.

12d 1h 48m We snap some selfies before heading in for the next round.

12d 1h 46m We fly back to Mount Lanakala Poké Center.

12d 1h 45m Vs. Wild Ledian (Female/31). Ribombee uses Dazzling Gleam. No more wild Ledian.

12d 1h 44m We summon Charizard and fly to Ula'ula Meadow.

12d 1h 42m Vs. Dhelmise. We use Coil. Dhelmise uses Phantom Force and disappears. We use Core Enforcer, which misses. We survive Phantom Force with 7 HP. We use Core Enforcer while it uses Phantom Force again. We Coil, but faint anyway. RIP E4 Rematch Attempt #4.

12d 1h 40m We send out a mostly-dead Zydoge. We use our Ground-type Z move. Luckily, she withdraws Drifblim (who would have been immune) and sends out Frosslass instead. We KO Froslass.

12d 1h 38m vs. Drifblim. It uses Will-o-Wisp, burning Buzzswole. We use Leech Life, which is ineffective. It uses Psychic against is, which is super effective. We try another negligible Leech Life. Buzzswole falls to Psychic.

12d 1h 37m Vs. Acerola. We send out Buzzswole vs Sableye. Our fighting type moves are ineffective.We use Leech Life, mostly refilling our HP and killing Sableye. Beast Boost activated.

12d 1h 37m We stroll into Acerola's room.

12d 1h 33m Olivia defeated!

12d 1h 33m Vs. Lycanroc. We annihilate it with Thousand Arrows.

12d 1h 32m Zygarde to Level 79!!

12d 1h 31m Vs. Golem. We use Thousand Arrows. Golem survives... due to Sturdy. It uses Earthquake. We boost our stats again and endure another Earthquake. We use Coil again to boost our stats (GREED!) before using Rock Slide to finish off Golem.

12d 1h 29m Vs. Probopass. We use Tectonic Rage (our Z-Move). Probopass hangs on due to Sturdy. It uses Flash Cannon. Olivia uses a Full Restore on Probopass. We use Thousand Arrows, but it survives again due to Sturdy. She uses another full restore. We use Thousand Arrows a third time (CRIT!), which is survives again. After a fourth Thousand Arrows, it finally dies.

12d 1h 28m Vs. Carbink. We use Thousand Arrows vs Carbink. Carbink uses Smogon Rocks. We KO it the next turn.

12d 1h 27m Vs. Olivia. Zydoge is our only remaining Pokémon. Relicanth is down to 1/4 HP. We KO Relicanth after gettingn some stat boosts, but then we fall asleep.

[Meta] Sorry; had IRL distractions and missed the start of the fight with Olivia.

12d 1h 22m We KO Toucannon and Oricorio. Kahili defeated!

12d 1h 21m Vs. Mandibuzz. We use Rock Slide. Mandibuzz down to half health. It uses Snarl, putting Solgaleo in the red. We use Rock Slide again; Mandibuzz faints.

12d 1h 20m Solgaleo to Level 80.

12d 1h 20m She sends out Crobat. We use Rock Slide. Crobat barely hangs on. She uses a Full Restore. We use Rock Slide next turn, KOing Crobat.

12d 1h 18m Vs. Kahili. Solgaleo vs. Skarmory. We use Sunsteel followed by Flare Blitz. Skarmory faints.

12d 1h 14m We're in the middle of the fight against Hala. Fearow, Ribombee, and Raticate are fainted. Buzzswole uses All-Out Pummeling against Bewear, KOing it and gaining Beast Boost. We quickly defeat Poliwrath and Primeape afterward. Elite Four Hala defeated!

[Meta] I'm going to take a brief break and grab food while we're climbing the mountain so that I'll be able to document our upcoming battles against the E4 without interruption. Sorry for the inconvenience.

12d 0h 53m We run into a wild Snorunt (Male/46). We run away.

12d 0h 50m We encounter a wild Golbat (Male/48). It survives one Dazzling Gleam. We get spooked and run.

12d 0h 48m We encounter a wild Snorunt (Female/45). Now that we're out of balls, we're back into murder mode. Ribombee razzle dazzles it into oblivion.

12d 0h 47m Caught a male Lv. 46 Absol! No nickname.

12d 0h 46m We use our last Poké Ball. It works!

12d 0h 44m We run into a wild Absol (Male/46). Time for Balls, Balls, Balls!

12d 0h 43m We save! Splendid.

12d 0h 43m Caught a male Lv. 47 Snorunt! Nickname: Reew0ewwqdca

12d 0h 42m We encounter a wild Snorunt (Male/47). We shower it with balls, and catch on the first try.

12d 0h 40m Chat wants to catch it, since we don't have one yet. Naturally, we use Dazzling Gleam and murder it immediately.

12d 0h 39m We enter the Mount Lanakila cave. Sneasel (Male/45) jumps out.

12d 0h 38m Caught a female Lv. 43 Vulpix! Nickname: !!!z

12d 0h 37m We encounter a wild Alolan Vulpix (Female/43). We make it hail Poké Balls. It catches immediately.

12d 0h 37m Caught a male Lv. 42 Snorunt! No nickname.

[Info] We have 15 Poké Balls and dropping.

12d 0h 32m We ride the elevator up the mountain. As we trek towards the cave, we encounter a wild Snorunt (Male/42). We start throwing Balls.

12d 0h 31m We're back at the Tapu Village Poké Center, heading towards Mount Lanakila.

12d 0h 28m We send out Raticate, our last mon. He doesn't last very long. We black out.

12d 0h 27m We send out Zydoggo. Due to 2x Beast Boost, Zydoge faints in two hits. Buzzswole gains a third Beast Boost.

12d 0h 25m We deploy Fearow against Ditto-Buzzswole and continue throwing balls while it throws Dynamic Punches. Fearow faints. Buzzswole gains another Beast Boost.

12d 0h 23m While we continue throwing balls, our Buzzswole faints. Enemy Ditto-Buzzswole gains Beast Boost.

12d 0h 21m We run into a wild Ditto who Transforms into Buzzswole, which is a problem because it now has Buzzswole's catch rate. We're making it rain Poké Balls to no effect.

[Info] Current Party: Solgaleo (fainted), Buzzswole (Level 71), Raticate (Level 81), Zydoge (Level 78), Fearow (Level 80), Ribombee (Fainted).

11d 21h 47m Caught a male Lv. 27 Alolan Geodude! Nickname: exeoxxe/66eo


11d 21h 44m Caught a male Lv. 25 Alolan Geodude! Nickname: Geodudeeoo

[Chat] Chat freaking out over a Pokémon being called "z33k33" in Anarchy.

11d 21h 40m Caught a female Lv. 26 Torkoal! Nickname: Z33K33

11d 21h 23m Caught a male Lv. 27 Mudbray! No Nickname

11d 21h 4m Espeon has been downed. We defeated Espeon User Ishaan

11d 21h 3m VS one of the Eevee Trainers, the Espeon User!

11d 20h 50m Caught a male Lv. 33 Pelipper! Nickname: ex

11d 20h 42m Ribombee kinda fainted

11d 20h 32m Caught a male Lv. 31 Pelipper! No Nickname

11d 20h 29m Caught a female Lv. 30 Pelipper No Nickname

11d 20h 25m Caught a female Lv. 30 Slowpoke No Nickname

[Snark] If Pelipper have Drizzle now, imagine how bad Hoenn has it.

11d 20h 19m We pick up a hyper potion

11d 20h 8m Caught a male Lv. 30 Finneon! No Nickname

11d 19h 55m Caught a female Lv. 30 Pelipper Nickname: ?

[Fluff] [Pelipper noise]

[Snark] Rotom says we should find Hau and bring him some Malasada. Hopefully he'll be our challenger. We have Malasada right?

11d 19h 42m We fly... right back to the pokecentre

11d 19h 38m Fearow is Kill. BLACK OUT!

11d 19h 37m Zygarde is RIP

11d 19h 35m With all these Great Ball tossings, Raticate goes down

[Fluff] I just like to point out how great Buzzwole's fainting animation is. It flexes in its last bit of power.

11d 19h 33m Buzzwole down

11d 19h 31m VS Acerola!

11d 19h 30m In Acerola's room

11d 19h 27m Hala defeated!

11d 19h 25m Zygarde to 78

11d 19h 24m hey Buzzwole is Level 71 now

11d 19h 22m Solgaleo down

11d 19h 21m Just tossin' balls without a care in the world

[Snark] DatSheffy Don't be a thief!

11d 19h 19m Ribombee down.

11d 19h 18m Vs Hala!

11d 19h 17m In Hala's Room.

11d 19h 15m In the league!

11d 19h 12m very slowly using Mudsdale to stomp up the mountain.

11d 19h 8m Heal

11d 19h 7m At Mount Lanakila. Maybe time for another E4 urn attempt? For now, Pokecentre

11d 18h 59m We find a Zygarde Cell!

11d 18h 57m Riding around on Pokémon. Mainly Tauros.

11d 18h 46m Just wandering an Aether House at the speed of "urgh".

[Snark] PSA: Would the person trying to steal the Elite Four's Pokémon please refrain from doing so? Go out and train your own

[Snark] Acerola: Don't be a thief! Yet we continue throwing balls

11d 8h 39m Caught a Lv. 75 Necrozma! Nickname: Necrozmamusicnotemusicnotemusicnotemusicnote(those nusicnotes are a symbol)

[Meta] That's the end of my shift tonight. Hopefully another updater will be along before too long. Thanks again for being patient with our numerous shortages this run. We gladly accept applications for additional volunteers to update; see /r/twitchplayspokemon for additional details.

11d 7h 17m We suck on some Zygarde Cells outside Tapu Koko's temple. (59/100).

[Info] Zydoge is our only survive Pokémon at the moment.

11d 7h 12m Caught a Lv. 60 Tapu Koko! No nickname.

11d 7h 10m We switch to regular Poké Balls, which proves successful!

11d 7h 10m We toss our Heal Ball, which fails.

11d 7h 9m We deploy Zydoge. None of Tapu Koko's electric attacks will work, and Nature's Madness can't KO it. We start tossing balls.

11d 7h 8m Raticate vs. Tapu Koko. We use a Great Ball. It fails. Koko uses Electro Ball, which Raticate tanks. We try another Great Ball, which fails. Koko uses Nature's Madness. Another Great Ball, another failure. We survive another Electro Ball, but not a Discharge. Raticate Faints

11d 7h 5m Fearow vs. Tapu Koko. We survive a Discharge and use Drill Run, taking Tapu Koko into red health. We use a Great Ball. It almost works! Koko uses Nature's Madness. We try another Great Ball, no success. It uses Agility. We use another Great Ball; no luck. It uses Nature's Madness. We use another Great Ball, which fails. Tapu Koko uses Electric Ball. Fearow faints.

11d 7h 3m Bieber Buzzswole vs. Tapu Koko. We toss a wasted Great Ball. The Electric Terrain disipates. We waste another ball. It uses Nature's Madness, taking our HP to half. We use another Great Ball. Koko uses Electro Ball. We toss another Great Ball, which fails. Koko uses Electro Ball. Buzzswole goes down.

11d 7h 1m We toss a Great Ball. Tapu uses Nature's Madness on Nebby. We use Great Ball #2. Failure. Koko uses Discharge; Nebby barely hangs on. We use Great Ball #3. It uses Nature's Madness. We use Great Ball #4. It fails. It uses Discharge. Solgaleo goes down.

11d 7h 1m Vs. Tapu Koko. Level 60.

11d 7h 0m We're worshiping a statue like the pagan hedonists we are.

11d 6h 58m We make our way to the Ruins of Conflict. We wander inside.

11d 6h 56m We make our way to the Mahalo Trail Plank Bridge without incident.

11d 6h 54m We stumble north onto Mahalo Trail.

11d 6h 52m We suck some Zygarde cells behind some dude watching the Team Skull rap/dance battle. (58/100).

11d 6h 50m Charizard flies us back to the house in Iki Town.

11d 6h 47m We spot Hau hazing some Teak Skull grunts, making them do Zumba or capoeira or something.

11d 6h 41m Charizard whisks us away to Iki Town on a magic carpet ride.

11d 6h 39m Caught a female Lv. 43 Jangmo-o! Nickname: KPPLL66NNN6

11d 6h 37m Back in Poni. We encounter a wild Jangmo-o! (Female/43) We throw a Great Ball, which immediately fails. It uses Dragon Claw ineffectively. We toss another Great Ball. It bursts out quickly. Another useless Dragon Claw. We toss a third Great Ball. Success!

[Info] That female Lycanroc was actually Lv. 44, not 42

11d 6h 35m We warp to #WORL!

11d 6h 35m Caught a female Lv. 41 Boldore! No nickname.

11d 6h 33m Wild Boldore (Female/41). We use Flash Cannon. It survives due to Sturdy. Boldore uses Rock Slide against Nebby, who laughs at the damage. We use another Great Ball. Qapla'!

11d 6h 32m We encounter a wild Murkrow! (Male/42). We run away.

11d 6h 30m Another Level 44 Male Machoke! We decline and run away.

11d 6h 27m Caught a female Lv. 42(?) Midnight Lycanroc! Nickname: AAA♂1nnnbvv

[Info] Word on the street has it that we're hunting for a Jangmo-o.

11d 6h 25m Another Machoke (Female/44). We toss a Great Ball. It escapes. It uses Wake-Up Slap on Nebby. Another Great Ball; another failure. Machoke uses Bulk Up. We run away from lady Machoke and her smogon tactics.

11d 6h 23m Caught a male Lv. 41 Machoke! Nickname: BLLVK DNNNN6

11d 6h 21m Another Wild Machoke (Male/41). We toss a Great Ball. It works!

11d 6h 20m Wild Machoke (Male/41). We GTFO.

11d 6h 18m We see a wild Carbink. We skedaddle.

11d 6h 16m Look out, it's another Machoke! (Male/43). Nebby decides to run.

[Info] We have ~182 Great Balls, ~115 Poké Balls, 1 Heal Balls, and maybe some more that I didn't have time to see while we were in our bag.

11d 6h 14m Caught a male Lv. 43 Lycanroc-Midnight form! Nickname: amM mm diamonddiamondMM m

11d 6h 12m We send out Solgaleo. We toss a Great Ball. Lycanroc escapes and uses Crunch. We throw another Great Ball. Werewolf escapes and uses Rock Slide. We toss another Great Ball. It escapes again and uses Crunch. We toss another Great Ball. It works!

[Info] We have 118 Poké Balls remaining.

11d 6h 10m We run into another midnight Lycanroc. (Male/43). We toss a Poké Ball. It escapes. It uses Stealth Rock. We toss another ball. It escapes once again. Lycanroc uses Rock Slide. Ribombee faints!!

11d 6h 8m Caught a male Lv. 42 Machoke! No nickname.

11d 6h 6m We run into a wild Machoke (Male, 42). We toss a Poké Ball. It escapes. We throw another. It escapes again. Machoke uses Vital Throw. Ribombee hangs on with 16 HP. Third time's the charm!

11d 6h 4m CARBINK JUMP OUT. We use a Poké Ball. It doesn't work. We run from both Carbink and our failure.

[Info] Ribombee is down to red health. All of our other mons are at full health.

11d 6h 3m We run into another Boldore (Female, level 44). We run away.

11d 6h 1m Caught a male Lv. 42 Boldore! Nickname: Boldore 3(Musical 8th Note)

11d 5h 58m We run into a Level 42 male Boldore! We toss a Great Ball. It escapes and uses Sandstorm. We throw another. It escapes again. We start throwing Poké Balls. Which work!

11d 5h 57m We run into a wild Lycanroc (Midnight Form, Female, Level 41). We flee from the scary werewolf.

11d 5h 51m Caught a Lv. 44 Carbink! Nickname: !!z i 33

11d 5h 49m Machamp carries us south. We run into a level 44 Carbink. We toss a Great Ball first thing.

11d 5h 46m Mr. Zard flies us to Vast Poni Canyon.

11d 5h 43m We move the Key Stone to the Free Space in our bag.

11d 5h 43m We check the Zygarde Cube. We have 57/100 Cores.

11d 5h 41m We're mostly standing, getting cuddled by Machamp while chat decides whether or not to go shopping for more clothes. We're concerned that the shoes don't match the rest of our white outfit. #TwitchPlaysStyleSavvy

11d 5h 37m We are currently pitter-pattering around Hau'oli City in the Shopping District.

[Info] Current Party: Ribombee (Level 82), Solgaleo (Level 77), Buzzswole (Level 68), Raticate (Level 79), Zygarde (Level 75), and Fearow (Level 78).

11d 2h 48m Caught a Caterpie! Nickname: !e

11d 2h 42m We aren't really doing much right now, just messing around in Poké Pelago.

10d 20h 35m we are in the mall

10d 20h 31m we fly a very short distance to the Pokecentre.

10d 20h 27m We got a Shell Bell from a Delibird!

10d 20h 24m Just ridin' around Hau'oli City on various Pokémon.

10d 20h 14m we found a Zygarde Cell!

10d 20h 10m We also get an Everstone for our troubles.

10d 20h 9m The way Ilima battled seem to linger in our minds.

10d 20h 9m And the Smeargle is down. Eventful rematch.


10d 20h 8m oops the Gumshoos is already dead.

10d 20h 7m Ilima rematch incoming!

10d 20h 7m We enter Ilima's room. Quite a fancy place he's got there.

[Info] This is just the bi-daily restart, it will be back up in a moment.

10d 20h 4m We say he's a good captain, and are invited to go in his room. then the stream goes down

10d 20h 3m We enter Ilima's house and get greeted by his father.

10d 19h 46m We're in Hau'oli City now.

10d 19h 44m A Wingull was also caught, but I missed its gender and level...

10d 19h 41m Caught a Lv. 7 Yungoos! No nickname.

10d 19h 31m After hanging out in the cave forever, we retreat to Route 1.

10d 19h 29m Caught a female Lv. 11 Roggenrola! Nickname: !xzeoxeee (three spaces at the end)

10d 19h 26m Caught a male Lv. 10 Roggenrola! No nickname.

10d 19h 6m Caught a male Lv. 12 Roggenrola! No nickname.

10d 19h 3m Caught a male Lv. 11 Zubat! Nickname: 0(qqqs

10d 19h 0m Found an X Attack at the beginning of the cave.

10d 18h 58m I have no idea how, but we somehow flew back to the Ten Carat Hill entrance on Route 1.

10d 18h 54m Caught a female Lv. 11 Spinda! No nickname.

10d 18h 50m "You lost the sight of it, but the hint of it is still lingering..." In other words, it's still here.

10d 18h 49m SE knocks out Necrozma with a SE Assurance.

10d 18h 48m Another Prismatic Laser knocks it out. Or maybe I just like saying "Prismatic Laser"... Anyway, SE's turn.

10d 18h 47m 66 is left with 3 HP after Stealth Rock damage and a Prismatic Laser.

10d 18h 45m Buzzwole has lost all 3 of its remaining HP from Prismatic Laser. Ouch.

10d 18h 44m Two Lunges (and a lucky Iron Defense) put Necrozma in the red.


10d 18h 41m It's been 30 minutes since our last encounter with Necrozma.

10d 18h 34m We're getting impatient. We commanded Buzzwole to use its Z-Move on a level 13 Machop.

10d 18h 24m Buzzwole is punching the local wildlife until Necrozma returns.

10d 18h 21m Caught a male Lv. 11 Machop! No nickname.

10d 18h 20m Caught a male Lv. 12 Roggenrola! Nickname: Roggenrolauu

10d 18h 18m Caught a female Lv. 13 Spinda! Nickname: Spindaf

10d 18h 16m More random Pokémon stand in our way.

10d 18h 13m Found a Star Piece out of nowhere!

10d 18h 11m Caught a female Lv. 12 Machop! Nickname: Ad

10d 18h 9m Necrozma is still hanging around, though...

10d 18h 8m Solgaleo has been knocked out after numerous onslaughts of Wring Out and Prismatic Laser. WE FLEE!

10d 18h 7m Anyway, Necrozma is at around 40% HP. But its catch rate is 3, so it is still challenging to capture.

10d 18h 7m Correction, it was a Giga Impact. Solgaleo doesn't even have Sunsteel Strike...

10d 18h 5m Solgaleo hits Necrozma with a Sunsteel Strike. Necrozma boosts its defense with Iron Defense.

[Snark] Get in the ball, Neccy.

10d 18h 4m Ribomber is OHKO'd by Prismatic Laser!

10d 18h 4m NECROZMA ROUND 2

10d 18h 3m Caught a /male Lv. 12 Rockruff! No nickname.

10d 17h 57m We're out of the cave and into the hollow.

10d 17h 45m We're in Ten Carat Hill, trying desperately to get Tauros to break these rocks.

10d 17h 37m Entered the Pokémon Center to checkpoint. No need to heal, so we left immediately.

10d 17h 35m Not for long, though. We fly to Hau'oli City.

10d 17h 33m We are all the way back in Seafolk Village on Poni Island.

10d 17h 32m Another two throws, no dice. Prismatic Laser takes out Fearow in one hit! BLACKOUT!

10d 17h 28m Our first two throws fail. 66 faints to Necrozma's Prismatic Laser.


10d 17h 27m Caught a male Lv. 12 Rockruff! Nickname: w55fsrrooll

10d 17h 24m We find some random Pokémon in the grass not named Necrozma. Finding a 7'10" monster that refracts light is no easy task!

10d 17h 22m Found a Nugget on the ground!

10d 17h 20m We summon Machamp and pace back and forth in the presence of an item on the ground.

10d 17h 16m We're in the Farthest Hollow of Ten Carat Hill. If you look real closely, you can see a 7'10" behemoth hiding in the 3' grass.

[Chat] It's producing mixed results.

[Chat] As a couple inputters slowly creep towards Necrozma, the chat is organizing mob bets on pinball.

[Info] After capturing the UB's and reporting to Wicke, Necrozma becomes available for capture. It is found in the fields of Ten Carat Hill, past the cave.

10d 16h 54m We fly to Route 1 and sit right in front of Ten Carat Hill.

10d 16h 49m We've left the lab and are switching around the other three floors.

10d 16h 39m Wicke teaches us a couple things about Ultra Beasts and Beast Balls. Interesting stuff.

10d 16h 37m Looker and Anabel depart... but NOT BEFORE LOOKER GAVE US ₽1,000,000!!! ONE MILLION CLUB, BABY!

10d 16h 34m DISASTER! Looker hysterically announces the sighting of a new, black, light-refracting Ultra Beast! ...But Wicke debunks this.

10d 16h 34m Speaking to Wicke and Anabel.

10d 16h 28m Down into the lab area. The music is even creepier on stream than on a 3DS...

10d 16h 27m After stumbing around the elevator on the Conservation Floor, we move down to the entrance level. Tactical save applied.

[Info] More specifically, it was four Kartana and one Guzzlord that were caught.

10d 16h 20m During our blackout, we caught the two remaining Ultra Beasts, Kartana and Guzzlord. I will try to collect information about them. In the meantime, we are in the Aether Foundation; this mission will be concluded once we report to Wicke in the super sp00ky labs.

[Meta] Tuturu! Sorry for taking three hours to get chicken nuggets. The live updater is back online!

[Meta] Updater will go dark for a while. Hopefully another updater will be able to pick up soon.

10d 12h 54m Route 2.

10d 12h 53m Another Lv. 65. Xurkitree caught. Name: '(male)1eexa*!(umbrella);!e'

10d 12h 45m Comfey caught. No name. 9 beast balls left.

10d 12h 43m Xurkitree caught. Name: '!11111wwqqaa'.

10d 12h 43m vs. ??? beast Ribombee fainted.

10d 12h 20m Lush jungle.

10d 12h 17m Route 5.

[Meanwhile] I believe we beat Capt. Mina and got 10 beast balls.

10d 11h 50m We told Looker and Anabel about great success.

10d 11h 43m Beast ball obtained.

10d 11h 38m Hau'oli city.

10d 11h 35m Buzzwole beast caught. No nickname.

10d 11h 33m Ribombee fainted.

10d 11h 25m Back to Melemele Meadow.

10d 11h 21m Beast ball obtained.

10d 11h 19m Looker's room.

10d 11h 8m Route 2.

10d 11h 5m Hau'oli city.

10d 11h 1m Route 2.

10d 10h 59m Buzzwole fainted.

10d 10h 55m Beast ball wasted.

10d 10h 54m Ribobmbee fainted.

10d 10h 51m Back to Melemele Meadow.

10d 10h 47m Beast ball obtained.

10d 10h 44m Looker's room.

10d 10h 40m Route 2.

[Info] That means we have 15 tickets in total.

10d 10h 28m 3 Festival tickets were given to us in the Disney World.

10d 10h 25m Buzzwole wasn't caught. Fearow fainted. Black out.

10d 10h 22m 66 fainted.

10d 10h 15m Back to Melemele Meadow.

10d 10h 14m Route 3.

10d 10h 3m SE fainted.

10d 10h 1m Solgaleo fainted.

10d 10h 1m Buzzwole fainted.

10d 9h 54m Ribombee fainted.

10d 9h 41m Back to Melemele Meadow.

10d 9h 38m Buzzwole wasn't caught. Zygarde fainted. Black out.

10d 9h 36m Fearow fainted.

10d 9h 34m SE fainted.

10d 9h 32m Buzzwole fainted.

10d 9h 27m Yellow nectar obtained.

10d 9h 26m Solgaleo fainted.

10d 9h 24m Ribombee fainted.

[info] Currently we have 170 Pokeballs (3 wasted and ultraball too).

10d 9h 18m Back to Melemele Meadow.

10d 9h 15m About ~294 Great balls, 101 Pokeball, 1 Ultraball, 2 Potions bought.

10d 9h 11m Black out.

10d 9h 7m Route 3.

10d 9h 5m SE fainted.

10d 9h 0m TPP failed at catching a Caterpie. What's next?

10d 8h 56m Looks like we were trying to catch another buzzwole but to no avail and our buzzwole fainted during that process.

[Meta] My internet is falling apart and can't keep up with the stream. Hopefully another updater will be able to pick up soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.

[Info] Congrats to Kevinjeez for getting the 1 Millionth input!

10d 7h 0m Beast Ball Get!

10d 6h 58m Back in Looker's room. We beg him for Beast Balls.

10d 6h 56m We make ourselves feel better by heading to a motel parking lot. Nice job, everybody.

10d 6h 54m We leave Guzma's house and all its heavy subject material behind.

[Fluff] Input rate picks up; we are 800 inputs away from the 1 Millionth input.

10d 6h 50m We watch TV advertisements for malasadas and observe broken golf clubs in Guzma's house. Man, this place is depressing.

[Snark] Twitch Plays Domestic Violence

10d 6h 45m We learn that Guzma's dad used to beat him, but he fought back.

10d 6h 43m We, uh, sleep, in Guzma's bed. While his mom watches. The game tells us "There is the sad, musty odor of a bed that has not been slept in for a long time."

10d 6h 41m We obtain TM 87 Swagger from Guzma's mom. Chat makes inferences!

10d 6h 40m We stroll into Guzma's house. He tells us to get our butt to the beachside.

10d 6h 36m #WORL

10d 6h 33m Machamp carries us to Route 2.

10d 6h 31m We fly to Hau'oli City Shopping District.

10d 6h 30m And again!

10d 6h 27m We manage to fly to Iki Town.

10d 6h 27m Still doing that.

10d 6h 22m We ride Charizard to the Battle Tree entrance several consecutive times.

10d 6h 21m We wisely stay away from the PC and Fly away to the entrance.

10d 6h 19m We attempt the Double Battle challenge. We are rejected because they have a strict No Entei policy, which doesn't jive well with our Solgaleo and Zygarde.

10d 6h 15m We start fiddling with the Battle Tree PC before coming to our senses and sprint away.

10d 6h 10m Nebby vs. Blue's Exeggutor. We use Rock Slide. We avoid Hypnosis and KO Exeggutor with Flare Blitz. Blue defeated!

10d 6h 9m We send out Nebby. We use Giga Impact. Gyarados survives and tactically uses Dragon Dance. It uses Crunch next turn while Nebby recharges. We survive a second Crunch and KO Gyarados with Rock Slide.

10d 6h 8m Nebby levels up to 76. Ribombee levels up to 81. Blue's Gyarados kills Zydoge.

10d 6h 7m Zydoge vs. Blue's Arcanine. We use Core Enforcer. Arcanine barely survives and uses Bulldoze, which does little damage. It uses Extreme Speed. We KO Arcanine with Rock Slide.

10d 6h 6m Fearow vs. Blue's Arcanine. It uses Flare Blitz. We survive and use Drill Peck. Arcanine uses Extreme Speed and Fearow falls.

10d 6h 6m We send out Fearow. We uses Drill Peck. Machamp did not like that very much.

10d 6h 5m Raticate vs. Blue's Machamp. We use Crunch, which does little. Raticate is murdered in the same turn.

10d 6h 5m Raticate deployed. Aerodactyl uses Rock Slide, which causes little damage. We KO Aerodactyl with Crunch.

[Fluff] PRChase After everyone had forgotten!

10d 6h 3m Buzzswole vs. Blue's Aerodactyl. It uses Rock Slide; we use Lunge. Neither does much damage. Aerodactyl uses Iron Head; we use Hammer Arm. Aerodactyl barely survives. We fall to Future Sight.

10d 6h 2m Buzzswole vs Blue's lv65 Alakazam! It uses Reflect. We use Dynamic Punch, which does little damage but does confuse it. We take it out the next turn and gain Beast Boost! Zydoge to Level 74.

10d 6h 1m Red and Blue start chatting with us again. We challenge Blue this time.

10d 6h 0m Now that we've arrived at Battle Tree, we can fly straight there. We do just that.

10d 5h 58m Red sends out Lapras. Zygarde (Dragon/Ground) does not like Ice Beam. We black out.

[Fluff] How did his team go down in level?

10d 5h 57m We send out Zygarde, our last Pokémon. We survive a Fire Blast and use Rock Slide, KOing Charizard.

10d 5h 57m We send out Raticate. Raticate faints to Charizard's Focus Blast.


10d 5h 56m Ribombee vs Charizard. Ribombee faints to a Fire Blast.

10d 5h 55m We challenge Red to a fight! He sends out Pikachu (level 70). Ribombee straight-out murders it. If only the anime went this fast. Raticate to Level 78.

10d 5h 54m We enter the Battle Tree. We are talking to THE Red and THE Blue right now.

10d 5h 54m We go back and suck up some Zygarde on the bridge because we can't say no.

10d 5h 52m Ribombee is tired of the battle lasting too long and breaks out the Z-move, killing Comfey. Raticate does a thing too, killing Electivire. An Alolamola is sent out. Our Pokémon co-murder it. We win! That's nice.

10d 5h 50m Fearow faints. We send Raticate back out.

10d 5h 48m We murder Wishiwashi. A Turtonator takes its place. We swap out Raticate for Fearow. Turtonator falls, and an Electivire takes its place. Ribombee Dazzling Gleams all day. Fearow almsot kills Comfey, but it survives.

10d 5h 47m We enter a double battle with some veterans! We send out Raticate and Ribombee against a Comfey and Wishiwashi.

10d 5h 46m We see some tasty Zygarde cells on the bridge, but shimmy-shake on by.

10d 5h 45m Ribombee vs. Machamp. We use Dazzling Gleam. Guess how that went. Black Belt Tracy defeated!

10d 5h 44m Black Belt Tracy challenges us with Pangoro (Dark/Fighting). We send out Ribombee (Bug/Fairy) and use the Bug-Type Z-Move. Guess how that went.

10d 5h 42m Ribombee uses Dazzling Gleam. Mimikyu survives and uses Play Rough. Mimikyu falls to a second Dazzling Gleam. If only our Ghost trial went so quickly.

10d 5h 42m Self-seeking Backpacker Yuho challenges us to a fight! She sends out a Mimikyu. Chat WutFaces.

10d 5h 41m We pick up a Guard Spec. That's nice.

10d 5h 39m We run into a wild Raticate (Lv 57). We *use a potion on Ribombee and restore 13 health. Then we run. Nice.

10d 5h 37m Ribombee to level 80. That's nice.

10d 5h 36m We deploy Fearow, who uses Drill Peck. No more Trevenant. Sheri sends out Kommo-o, which also doesn't enjoy Drill Pecks. It survives and uses Dragon Dance, but nevertheless falls the next turn.

10d 5h 35m Sheri sends out Trevenant, which uses Phantom Force. Solgaleo faints.

10d 5h 34m Veteran Sheri sends out Weavile. It doesn't like Solgaleo's Flare Blitz very much. She sends out Magmortar. We use Giga Impact, which KOs Magmortar. Fearow to level 76.

10d 5h 33m We suck some Zygarde cells and challenge Veteran Sheri to a battle.

10d 5h 31m Scientist Kyle sends out Porygon-Z. We use Flare Blitz. No more Porygon-Z. Scientist Kyle defeated!

10d 5h 31m Vs. Scientist Kyle! He sends out a level 58 Ditto vs our Solgaleo. We manage to use Flare Blitz and KO it before it can Transform.

10d 5h 30m We ride Tauros out onto the Poni Gauntlet.

10d 5h 29m We pick up a comet shard!

10d 5h 28m [chat] windman410: We are on the route leading up to the battle tree.

[Info] Current party: Fainted Buzzswole, Level 74 Solgaleo, Level 79 Ribombee, Level 77 Raticate, Level 72 Zydgarde, Level 75 Fearow.

10d 5h 24m SE the Raticate to Level 77!!

[Correction] can't update atm, but /u/Duplex_be_great informed me that "We caught Tapu Bulu like half a day ago." Sorry for the lack of updates.

[Meta] Updater talking a break for a bit. Currently at Aether Foundation

10d 1h 41m Ribombee down. Blacked Out

10d 1h 40m Ribombee KO's Dhelmise

10d 1h 39m Solgaleo down

10d 1h 36m Sableye down, Dhelmise sent out

10d 1h 34m vs Acerola. Sableye vs Solgaleo

10d 1h 5m Primeapte down! Hala Defeated

10d 1h 3m Poliwrath KO'd. PRimeape sent out

10d 0h 58m Buzzwole KO'd

10d 0h 58m Bewear down! Polowrath sent out

10d 0h 54m Crab KO'd. Bewear sent out

10d 0h 53m Fearow down

10d 0h 52m Zygarde Down

10d 0h 51m Hariyama down, Craboninable sent out. We switch into Zygarde

10d 0h 49m vs Hala Buzzwole vs Hariyama

10d 0h 35m Attempt #3

10d 0h 1m Raticate Down! Backed Out

9d 23h 59m Fearow Down

9d 23h 58m Solgaleo KO'd

9d 23h 56m Bewear sent back out

9d 23h 56m PRimeape goes down to Giga Impact

9d 23h 54m Zygarde down! Solgaleo sent out

9d 23h 53m Zygarde sent out

9d 23h 53m Primaepe sent out. Ribombee KO'd

9d 23h 52m Poliwrath down! Raticate to Lv 76! Fearow to Lv 75

9d 23h 51m Bewear swapped out for Poliwrath

9d 23h 50m Elite 4 Rematch. Attempt #2 (If this is incorrect please correct me). vs Hala. Buzzwole KO'd. Ribombee vs Bewear

9d 20h 28m We obtained a Beast Ball

9d 20h 25m We return to Looker's apartment on Route 2

9d 20h 20m Caught a Spearow! Nickname: Spearow (yes, the species name. It it were to evolve, it would still be called Spearow)

9d 20h 16m Caught a Cutiefly! No nickname.

9d 20h 15m Caught a Yungoos! Nickname: 1

9d 20h 6m We bought a Tapu Cocoa at the Pokemon Center Cafe. As a reward, we got a Lumiose Galette (Full Heal clone) and 12 Poke Beans!

9d 19h 40m Picked up a Zygarde Cell

9d 19h 39m We run into a Team Skull Grunt we forgot to fight earlier. Their Level 33/4 Pokemon get obliterated by ours.

[Info] 9d 19h 35m Currently on Route 17

9d 19h 7m We take a new Trainer Passport photograph

9d 19h 2m Met with Samuel Oak! He gives us a Lure Ball.

9d 18h 49m Caught an Elekid! Nickname: Ppn 22emmooo

[Info] While the updater was dark, we caught a Buzzwole and called it ! beb r

[Meta] Updater went dark for a bit, but we're back (for now)

9d 18h 45m Caught a Togedemaru! Nickname: NNK

[Snark] I guess that's how Nebby kept getting out of the bag?

[Info] It actually learns Teleport at level 23.

[Info] For those wondering, Cosmog only knows Splash and doesn't learn a new move until it evolves to Solgaleo [Sun]/Lunala [Moon]

[Snark] Guess what the chat's calling it now

9d 11h 6m We get Lv 5 Cosmog from the Lake of the Sunne! Nickname: AAAALLLLANNN

9d 7h 18m [Meta] We are currently short on updaters; it may be a bit before our next update. Thank you for your patience.

9d 7h 17m We're heading north towards Route 2, where we will find Looker's motel and begin the cycle anew.

9d 7h 15m We fly back to Hau-oli City Shopping District.

9d 7h 11m Ribombee murders Buzzswole.

9d 7h 10m We immediately use the Beast Ball. It breaks out.

9d 7h 10m Vs. Buzzswole, Attempt #5.

9d 7h 8m We send out Ribombee. We use Dazzling Gleam and Totes Murderball Buzzswole.

9d 7h 7m We send out Golbat. Buzzswole's Dynamic Punch misses. We counter with a super-effective Wing Attack, but does little damage because Golbat is an underleveled TriHard. Golbat faints to Hammer Arm.

9d 7h 6m Vs. Buzzswole, Attempt #4.

9d 7h 4m We rush out the the motel parking lot, where Charizard whisks us away to Route 3 and Melemele Meadows.

9d 7h 3m Looker hands us a Beast Ball.

9d 7h 0m Back in Looker's room. We watch TV commercials about malasadas before getting down to business.

9d 6h 57m A stumbling Machamp carries us back to our favorite motel parking lot.

9d 6h 51m We decline healing in the Poké Center a few times, then sidle up next to the PC, trying to act like we're not interested. We exit.

9d 6h 43m And then to the Poké Center on Route 2. We enter and exit the Poké Center.

9d 6h 43m Charizard flies us back outside Route 3.

9d 6h 41m We waste the Beast Ball on Cutiefly.

9d 6h 40m A wild Cutiefly paralyzes both Golbat and Zydoge.

9d 6h 38m Charizard flies us back to Route 3, right outside Melemele Meadow. Flashback to 9d 5h 57m.

9d 6h 34m Looker gives us a Beast Ball. Again.

9d 6h 32m We enter Looker's motel room, and immediately teleport to the Magic Kingdom.

9d 6h 26m Machamp carries us all the way to Looker's motel. #TPPAfterDark

9d 6h 22m We save the game, which we haven't done for awhile.

9d 6h 21m We return to Route 2, safely nestled in Machamp's arms.

[Info] Current Party Order: Golbat, Solgaleo, Ribombee, Raticate, Zygarde, Fearow.

9d 6h 19m Back at Didney, where we successfully complete the party shuffle.

9d 6h 12m We leave The Happiest Place on Pokearth and return to Route 2. Party shuffle continues.

9d 6h 9m We are having fun(?) reordering the party. I will post the final order once the dust settles.

9d 6h 4m We take a trip to DIDNEY WORL.

9d 6h 4m Charizard flies us back to Route 2. We begin our trek towards Looker's motel.

[Info] Nebby and Fearow are dead; the rest of the party is at full health.

9d 6h 2m We send out Zydoge and run away. RIP Buzzswole attempt #3.

9d 6h 1m Fearow uses Drill Run on Buzzswole, which does almost nothing. We use Drill Peck, but *Fearow falls to counter. *

9d 6h 0m We immediately toss the Beast Ball. It breaks out.

9d 6h 0m Buzzswole encountered.

9d 5h 59m Back in Melemele Meadows, wreaking havoc on the local wildlife while hunting Buzzswole.

9d 5h 58m PC Mode is back on manual.

9d 5h 57m Charizard kindly gives us a lift to Route 3.

9d 5h 56m We suck up some Zygarde cells outside a motel room. Maybe don't tell your parents what you did on TPP today.

9d 5h 48m We pick up one Super Potion behind a truck in the motel parking lot. Don't try this at home, kids.

9d 5h 42m Looker gives us One Beast Ball.

9d 5h 40m After a long and arduous battle, chat switches PC mode from manual to automatic.

9d 5h 37m We enter Looker's room, stare at him, and open the QR scanner.

9d 5h 29m We are outside Looker's motel, hoping he'll give us some balls.

9d 5h 16m We run away from a Growlithe outside the Poké Center.

9d 5h 16m We are heading towards the Poké Center between Route 2 and 3.

9d 4h 46m We ran due to the fact we somehow used all the Beast balls

9d 4h 45m And it just broke free

9d 4h 45m One beast ball left

9d 4h 44m We finally found the Ultra Beast again

9d 4h 42m The encounter was a cutiefly this time

9d 4h 39m We flew outside the meadow in the anarchy after running from yet another Cottonee

9d 4h 38m We found an Oricorio instead of a Cottonee this time

9d 4h 35m We found 3 cottonee and a metapod but no ultra beast. Then we encountered a caterpie

9d 4h 29 And we are back in the meadow to lose horribly again catch an Ultra Beast

9d 4h 26m The Ultra Beast was to much for us and made us faint At least our entire team finally got healed

9d 4h 24m SE fainted after using Super Fang

9d 4h 23m Well, Golbat was destroyed by the Ultra Beast

9d 4h 23m Ultra beast attempt 2

9d 4h 22m We ran after the Ultra beast killed our beloved Sun pokemon

9d 4h 20m We found an Ultra Beast

9d 4h 19m We found some yellow nectar

9d 4h 17m We ditched machamp for stoutland who brought us to Meleme Meadow (and the Ultra Beasts)

9d 4h 13m We pull out our machamp and get him to carry us like a baby onto route 3

9d 4h 11m Because simply getting off our mount is to mainstream, we once again use charizard to do it

9d 4h 9m We pace backwards and forwards, then decide to mount our oversized dog

9d 4h 6m After sitting on our trusty steed for about a minute, we decide to fly off in hunt of a beast that can only be described as ultra

9d 4h 5m We strut out into the motel parking lot and mount our trusted steed.

9d 4h 3m We use a Full Heal and cure Nebby's paralysis.

9d 4h 3m Looker gives us 10 Beast Balls!

9d 4h 1m [PLOT/SPOILERS] Mr. Nanu tells us that an Ultra Beast can be found at Melemele Meadows. Looker enters and confirms.

9d 3h 59m We enter the Motel Room and start chatting with Anabel.

9d 3h 56m We're chilling in a motel parking lot. That's nice.

9d 3h 49m We slowly meander onto Route 2.

9d 3h 43m We talk to an old man who is actually the Move Deleter. We swiftly move our way perilously close to the PC, then exit without healing.

9d 3h 41m We stroll into the Melemele Poké Center and open up Poke Refresh to stare at Nebby.

9d 3h 29m as we have left the salon now our hair is now Medium and Layered in style and wine red in color at least until we go to the salon next time

9d 3h 29m Our hair is now medium and Layered

9d 3h 26m we got wine red hair

9d 3h 24m We are in the salon, getting a new look

9d 3h 20m We take some photos

9d 3h 2m We decide to take the scenic route to the next Ultra Beast

9d 3h 0m We are now on route 1

9d 2h 54m We flew to lki Town

[meta] I had some more internet issues so if something happened in the last 15 mins I missed it

9d 2h 31 m We made it to lookers house

9d 2h 23m We flew an impressive 20 steps away from where we were

9d 2h 20m We caught a level 16 male Cubone! No nickname

9d 2h 16m We also taught Solgaleo Giga Impact at the cost of Flash Canon

9d 2h 16m We caught Nihilego

9d 2h 14m We found an ultra beast

9d 2h 12m Entered Wela Volcano Park

9d 2h 9m Obtained a Douse, Shock, Burn and Chill Drive from Colress.

9d 2h 7m Caught a male Lv. 17 Fletchinder! Nickname: Fletchinder (yes, species name as nickname, will probably keep this nickname if it evolves into a Talonflame)

[Meta] I've been trying to stay mostly spoiler-free so updater is taking a break until someone else can step in, sorry.

9d 1h 51m we're starting the ultrabeast quest

9d 1h 47m Flew to Route 8

Caught a female Lv. 23 Nosepass!

9d 1h 43m threw our second-to-last Poké Ball Nosepass caught!

9d 1h 41m used another two Poké Balls and it broke free again both times.

9d 1h 39m used a Poké Ball on a wild Nosepass but it broke free

9d 1h 36m We're outside now

9d 1h 17m Zubat evolved into a Golbat after the fight with Tapu Lele. Missed that, stream derped.

9d 1h 9m Defeated Tapu Lele.

9d 1h 8m VS Tapu Lele!

9d 1h 7m We flew to the Ruins of Life.

9d 0h 58m We now have Honey Blond hair.

9d 0h 51m Braided cornrows this time.

9d 0h 47m Grew longer hair again. (Medium and layered)

9d 0h 39m We now have a new short haircut and a lime-like t-shirt and blue/green pants.

9d 0h 26m Currently in a clothing store buying new clothes.

8d 23h 48m Pokédex: 25%

8d 23h 12m Flew to Mount Lanakila.

8d 22h 43m We're put back into the game. According to Revo, the order of operations is E4 Rematch, then the save will be backed up, then online Wifi

If any updater can see this, please update about what is happening, my stream doesn't see to want to coöperate

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ (sent back to home menu)

[Chat] omnibussu : Shouldn't we probably tell Lillie and Gladion their dad is a bean farmer in another dimension? Kappa or no

[Chat] lostdreemurr : You cheeky bastards you stole my Gastly

8d 22h 14m Obtained a Gastly from Pelago. Nickname: AQQ-QGQQQQQQ

8d 21h 51m Obtained a whole lot of disks/drives from Gladion.

8d 21h 51m Nickname: AAAAAAANNNXM

8d 21h 50m Obtained Type: Null!

8d 21h 50m Talking to Gladion.

8d 21h 41m [Chat] Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo This is where we saw Lillie's Z Form for the first time. BibleThump

8d 21h 40m Flew to Aether Paradise.

[Chat] ziegaffe_the_giraffe : I hope we get Kanto DLC tbh, I want Lillie back FeelsBadMan

[Chat] KyoZero : Zygarde cube? Is that the sequel to the gamecube? Kappa

8d 21h 11m Saved the game. Pokédex: 74 Play time: 213h 1m

8d 21h 4m Defeated Golfer Alan.

8d 21h 3m VS Golfer Alan. Lv. 20 Rockruff huehuehue

8d 20h 57m Defeated Anabel!

8d 20h 56m Raticate leveled up to 75!

8d 20h 54m Fearow fainted!

8d 20h 53m Ribombee fainted!

8d 20h 51m VS Interpol-err trainer Anabel!

8d 20h 48m Entered Looker and Anabel's hideout.

8d 20h 41m Enlarged our profile picture.

8d 20h 32m Left Poké Center.

8d 20h 31m OPENED PC

8d 20h 20m Obtained Dire Hit at Poké Mart.

8d 20h 7m Obtained Enigmatic Card from disguised Looker.

8d 20h 6m Looker (disguised) hiding near the porch.

8d 20h 6m [Chat] Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo FIND LILLIE!

8d 20h 5m Obtained Decidium Z and Incinium Z from Hau!

8d 20h 4m Ding dong. And the stream goes offline for the 48h mark.

8d 19h 54m [Dev] ProjectRevoTPP : Not for now, we'll keep the physical cart with the save on it until we do have a way to dump it

Inputs resumed.

8d 19h 52m Stream paused for a few seconds.

8d 19h 50m [Dev] ProjectRevoTPP : We're sorry but we cannot enable wi-fi as we dont have a way to dump the save yet, meaning we'll have to stop the run after post-game

8d 19h 47m Current 3DS Date/Time is 11/27 10:51.

8d 19h 46m HOME-menu opened.

8d 19h 46m [Chat] Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo Give Nebby the Poké Doll. BibleThump

8d 19h 45m Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo Give Nebby the Poke Doll. BibleThump

[Info] Devs trying to backup the save before we begin postgame

Manual input happening.

Inputs paused.




[Chat] OhMyDog

[Snark] Stay tuned for the Post Credit scene Kappa

[Chat] Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo Guzma #Datboi

8d 19h 32m CREDITS

8d 19h 31m Credits are (finally) rolling, with various photographs in the background

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SUSTAINED RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 19h 28m DOOT

8d 19h 27m Obtained Lillie's Poké Doll.

8d 19h 26m Running to the boat because Lillie is departing (Kanto).

8d 19h 25m DING DONG

[Chat] Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo Kiss her...


8d 19h 20m Defeated Tapu Koko. Obtained Tapunium Z.

[Snark] Oops we killed the guardian chicken of the lands. So much for Melemele's protection and guardian saviour.

8d 19h 19m VS TAPU KOKO!

[Meta] Donations in a bit.

ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ LATE VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ

8d 19h 18m Snuck into the forest/Mahalo Trail with Lillie.

[Chat] Xeogran: Acerola VoHiYo

[Snark] inb4 game crash and we have to do this all over again


♫ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノVICTORY RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ♫

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


TEH URN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 19h 12m TEH URN!



8d 19h 11m *ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ *

8d 19h 11m Zygarde vs Braviary. Used Thousand Arrows. BRAVIARY DOWN!

8d 19h 10m Braviary used Brave Bird. Ariados fainted!

8d 19h 9m Switched Ninetales out for Braviary. Used Leech Life.

8d 19h 9m Used Leech Life. NINETALES DOWN TO 1HP!

8d 19h 9m Ninetales used Blizzard. Ariados used Toxic Thread.

8d 19h 8m Fearow fainted!


8d 19h 6m Solgaleo fainted!


8d 19h 5m Used Flash Cannon on Snorlax. SNORLAX DOWN!

8d 19h 4m Kukui used a Full Restore. Used Rock Slide.

8d 19h 4m Used Flash Cannon on Snorlax. Down to orange.

8d 19h 4m Ariados leveled up to 80!

8d 19h 3m Solgaleo vs Lycanroc. Stones etc. Used Flash Cannon. Lycanroc down.

8d 19h 3m VS Kukui!

8d 19h 1m Crobat down. Defeated Kahili! Easy peasy.

8d 19h 0m Oricorio down.

8d 19h 0m Zygarde levels up to 71!

8d 18h 59m Used Rock Slide. OHKO'd Toucannon.

8d 18h 59m Mandibuzz flinched. Used Rock Slide. Mandibuzz down.

8d 18h 59m Solgaleo leveled up to 72!

8d 18h 59m Solgaleo used Flare Blitz. Skarmory down.

8d 18h 58m VS Kahili!

8d 18h 55m Zygarde used Thousand Arrows. Defeated Olivia!

8d 18h 55m Zygarde used Thousand Arrows. Probopass down to 1 HP but goes down to a second Thousand Arrows attack.

8d 18h 54m Lycanroc down.

8d 18h 54m Olivia switched Lycanroc out for Carbink. Carbink down to red. Olivia used a Full Restore but goes down anyway.

8d 18h 53m Olivia used a Full Restore.

8d 18h 52m Lycanroc used its Z-Move Continental Crush. Ribombee fainted!

8d 18h 52m Relicanth down. Ribombee fell asleep.

8d 18h 51m VS Olivia!

8d 18h 47m Ribombee leveled up to 77!

8d 18h 47m Drifblim down. Defeated Acerola!

8d 18h 44m Acerola used a Full Restore.

8d 18h 44m Dhelmise down.

8d 18h 44m Palossand down.

8d 18h 43m Sableye and Froslass down.

8d 18h 43m VS Acerola!

8d 18h 38m Bewear down. Defeated Hala!

8d 18h 37m Primeape down.

8d 18h 37m VS Hala!

8d 18h 27m Attempt #41.

[Donation] $5.00 from Robotpan: "Remember Kukui spammed 3 freaking FUll Restores on Snorlax...never ending nightmare Kappa"

8d 18h 19m [Donation] $5.00 from EasyQUest: "Kappa Better luck next time. We almost did it by 1HP. Thanks Sturdy Kappa""

[Fluff] Gen 7 Sturdy


8d 18h 16m Magnezone used Thunderbolt. Literally down on the last move.

8d 18h 16m 8d 18h 16m Fearow used Drill Peck. SNORLAX DOWN!

8d 18h 15m Kukui used a Full Restore.

8d 18h 15m Kukui still has two left, though.

8d 18h 14m [Party] Only Fearow is left.

8d 18h 14m Anoher Crunch, however, Raticate goes down. Raticate fainted!

8d 18h 14m Kukui uses another Full Restore.

[Donation] $2.00 from Mozilla_Fennekin

8d 18h 13m Crunch again, Snorlax down to orange. Sucker Punch this time. Snorlax down to red. Snorlax used Body Slam. **Kukui used a Full Restore.

8d 18h 13m Sent out Raticate. Used Crunch. Decidueye down.

8d 18h 12m Zygarde fainted!

8d 18h 12m Decidueye uses Z-Move Bloom Doom.

8d 18h 12m Braviary down to orange and flinches. Zygarde uses Thousand Arrows. Braviary down.

8d 18h 11m Ninetales OHKO'd.

8d 18h 11m Zygarde uses its Rock move. Lycanroc down. Zygarde levels up to 70!

8d 18h 10m Lycanroc used Crunch. Solgaleo fainted!

8d 18h 9m Lycanroc threw spikes.

8d 18h 9m Used a Potion on Solgaleo.

8d 18h 9m Teh urn?

8d 18h 8m Finally on our rightful throne. Oh hey Kukui, are you trying to steal our comfy spot?

[Fluff] Are we going to start to fight or just diddle daddle?

8d 18h 1m "Oak's words echoed... There's a time and place for everything, but not now."

8d 18h 1m Opened Festival Plaza.

8d 18h 0m Behind the chair.

8d 17h 55m [Party] Ribombee and Ariados down.

8d 17h 51m Zygarde used Thousand Arrows. Golem down to 1 HP. Core Enforcer finishes Golem. Defeated Olivia!

8d 17h 51m Zygarde used Thousand Arrows. Carbink down.

8d 17h 50m Stream froze. Lycanroc down.

8d 17h 47m Relicanth OHKO'd.

8d 17h 46m VS Olivia!

8d 17h 42m Solgaleo used Rock Slide. Drifblim down. Acerola defeated!

8d 17h 42m Solgaleo takes care of Palossand instead. Palossand down.

8d 17h 41m Palossand used its Z-move. Ribombee fainted!

8d 17h 41m Ariados leveled up to 79!

8d 17h 40m Ribombee used Pollen Puff. Dhelmise down.

8d 17h 39m Ribombee used Draining Kiss. Froslass down.

8d 17h 39m Solgaleo leveled up to 71!

8d 17h 39m Sableye down.

8d 17h 37m VS Acerola!

8d 17h 35m Kahili used a Full Restore. Skarmory at 100%. Solgaleo used Flare Blitz. Skarmory down to 1HP but endured the hit but fainted anyway due to its burn. Defeated Kahili!

8d 17h 34m Raticate leveled up to 73!

8d 17h 34m Crobat down.

8d 17h 33m Ribombee leveled up to 76!

8d 17h 33m Toucannon OHKO'd.

8d 17h 33m Mandibuzz down.

8d 17h 32m Oricorio down.

8d 17h 32m Skarmory threw spikes. Kahili used a Full Restore. Skarmory down to 50%, switched out for Oricorio.

8d 17h 31m Switched Ribombee out for Solgaleo.

8d 17h 30m VS Kahili!

8d 17h 29m Viewed Sudowoodo's habitat.

8d 17h 27m (Obvious Ribombee sweep)

8d 17h 26m Fearow leveled up to 72!

8d 17h 26m Bewear down as well. Defeated Hala!

8d 17h 25m Poliwrath down, Primeape also down.

8d 17h 24m Poliwrath down to red. Ribombee down to 131/197 HP. Hala used a Full Restore.

8d 17h 24m Crabominable down.

8d 17h 23m Hariyama down!

8d 17h 23m VS Hala!

8d 17h 20m Attempt #40 begins.

8d 17h 19m [Donation] $5.00 from Robotpan

8d 17h 15m Raticate used Crunch. Ninetales used Dazzling Gleam. Raticate fainted! Blacked out!

8d 17h 15m Sent out Raticate. Kukui used a Full Restore. Raticate used Crunch. Kukui switched Braviary out for Ninetales.

8d 17h 14m Braviary used Brave Bird. Fearow fainted!

8d 17h 14m Kukui used a Full Restore, Braviary at 100% HP.

8d 17h 13m Raticate vs Braviary. Raticate used Crunch. Braviary down to red. Braviary used Whirlwind, Fearow was dragged out.

8d 17h 12m Braviary used Brave Bird. Zygarde fainted!

8d 17h 11m Zygarde vs Braviary. Used a Potion on Zygarde.

8d 17h 11m Ariados vs Braviary. Braviary used Brave Bird. Ariados fainted!

8d 17h 11m Ariados vs Snorlax. Snorlax used Heavy Slam. Ariados used Leech Life. Snorlax down.

8d 17h 10m Used Flash Cannon again. Snorlax used High Horsepower. Solgaleo fainted!

8d 17h 9m Solgaleo vs Lycanroc. Lycanroc used Spikes, we used Flash cannon. Lycanroc OHKO'd.

8d 17h 9m VS Professor Kukui!

8d 17h 8m All four members defeated! Into the portal!

8d 17h 6m Olivia is defeated

8d 17h 6m Zygarde to lv 69

8d 17h 6m Thousand Arrows on Golem who hangs on with Sturdy. Golem uses Steamroller on Zygarde. No more sandstorm. Another Thousand Arrows KOs Golem

8d 17h 5m Golem is sent out

8d 17h 5m Lycanroc (Midnight form) sent out. Zygarde uses Core Enforcer and Lycanroc uses Rock Climb. Reflect wears off. Thousand Arrows faints Lycanroc

8d 17h 4m Another Thousand Arrows and Probopass is KO'd

8d 17h 4m Probopass is sent out. Thousand Arrows on Probopass to red, Probopass sets up Sandstorm

8d 17h 4m Full Restore on Carbink, another Thousand Arrows on Carbink. Critical hit, OHKO!

8d 17h 3m Carbink sent out. Thousand Arrows on Carbink to red who uses Reflect.

8d 17h 3m Thousand Arrows on Relicanth to red, who uses Hydro Pump on Zygarde. Another Thousand Arrows and Relicanth is KO'd

8d 17h 2m Solgaleo switched for Zygarde. Full Restore on Relicanth

8d 17h 2m Flash Cannon on Relicanth to red who uses Hydro Pump on Solgaleo

8d 17h 2m Challenging Olivia Relicanth vs. Solgaleo

8d 16h 59m Kahili defeated

8d 16h 58m Solgaleo leveled up to 70!

8d 16h 58m Air Slash on Solgaleo to yellow who flinches. Avoids supersonic and KOs Crobat with Rock Slide

8d 16h 58m Rock Slide on Crobat who barely clutches

8d 16h 57m Crobat uses Air Slash on Solgaleo who flinches. Another Air Slash on Solgaleo who uses Rock Slide. Crobat clutches. Another Full Restore

8d 16h 57m Flash Cannon, Revelation Dance. Rock Slide Crit KOs Oricorio

8d 16h 57m Ariados to lv 78

8d 16h 57m Cosmic Power used. Flash Cannon used, KOs Toucannon

8d 16h 56m Solgaleo hits itself, Toucannon sets up Beak Blast and hits Solgaleo, Solgaleo snaps out of confusion and hits Toucannon with Rock Slide who flinches. Full Restore used

8d 16h 56m Cosmic Power, Steel Wing avoided. Steel Cannon on Skarmory who sets up Spikes. Flare Blitz KOs Skarmory. Mandibuzz next. Rock Slide takes Mandibuzz to half. Flatter confuses. Solgaleo KOs Mandibuzz

8d 16h 55m Mandibuzz down.

8d 16h 55m VS Kahili! Skarmory down.

8d 16h 50m Acerola defeated

8d 16h 50m More Drill Peck to red, another Amnesia by Drifblim. One more Drill Peck KOs Drifblim

8d 16h 49m Drill Peck on Drifblim to red, Drifblim uses Focus Energy. Full Restore on Drifblim and another Drill Peck

8d 16h 49m Drill Peck on Drifblim, more Amnesia from Drifblim

8d 16h 49m Drifblim is Acerola's last Pokémon, Mirror Move fails. Amnesia set up by Drifblim

8d 16h 48m Raticate to Lv. 72

8d 16h 48m Drill Run again, Palossand KO'd

8d 16h 48m Fearow is sent out and uses Drill Run to bring Palossand to red. Giga Drain used

8d 16h 47m Ribombee faints

8d 16h 47m Palossand on the field, Dazzling Gleam used. Z-Move used on Ribombee

8d 16h 47m Another Pollen Puff, Dhelmise finished off

8d 16h 46m Snaps out of confusion, uses Pollen Puff to yellow. Shadow Ball on Ribombee to yellow as well

8d 16h 46m Dhelmise is next, Ribombee hits itself. Shadow Ball on Ribombee

8d 16h 46m Ribombee uses Draining Kiss again, KOs Froslass

8d 16h 45m Froslass is next, more Draining Kiss to yellow. Confuse Ray on Ribombee

8d 16h 45m Fearow to Lv. 71

8d 16h 45m Draining Kiss on Sableye, OHKO!

8d 16h 45m Challenging Acerola Sableye vs. Ribombee

8d 16h 41m Dazzling Gleam and Bewear KO'd. Hala defeated

8d 16h 41m Draining Kiss on Bewear who uses Hammer Arm on Ribomber

8d 16h 41m Bewear sent out

8d 16h 40m Primeape sent out and OHKOd with Draining Kiss

8d 16h 40m Draining Kiss KOs Poliwrath

8d 16h 40m Full Restore on Poliwrath, Draining Kiss on Poliwrath to yellow

8d 16h 40m Dazzling Gleam on Poliwrath to red, Waterfall on Ribombee

8d 16h 39m Dazzling Gleam takes out Crabominable in one hit, Poliwrath next

8d 16h 39m Ribombee to lv 75, Zygarde to lv 68

8d 16h 39m Fake Out on Ribombee, Kee Berry activates and Dazzling Gleam used. Another one takes out Hariyama

Challenging Hala Hariyama vs. Ribombee

8d 16h 36m Run #39 has begun

8d 16h 33m Back outside

8d 16h 33m Checkpointed inside Pokémon Center and healed

8d 16h 30m Flew to Mount Lanakila

8d 16h 28m Items now sorted from Newest to Oldest in bag

8d 16h 24m Back inside Pokémon Center

8d 16h 23m Went back outside

8d 16h 20m Flew to Tapu Village and went inside Pokémon Center

8d 16h 20m Flew to Ruins of Life

8d 16h 18m Flew to Aether Paradise

8d 16h 12m Sleep Talk forgotten for Flash Cannon

8d 16h 11m Flash Cannon TM accessed. Trying to teach Solgaleo

8d 16h 8m In the bag at the TM pocket again

8d 16h 4m TM91 Flash Cannon found

8d 16h 3m Back outside and now fishing. There is an item to the right

8d 16h 2m Nigel is currently inside a faux-Steelix head house when he answered yes to a lady's question

8d 16h 1m Lucky Punch obtained

8d 15h 53m Flew to Seafolk Village

8d 15h 50m Flew to Ruins of Life

[Correction] Fearow is holding Nugget, not Big Nugget

8d 15h 50m Flew to Tapu Village

8d 15h 40m Solgaleo forgot Sunsteel Strike for Rock Slide

8d 15h 34m Rock Slide moved to Free Space

8d 15h 31m Flame Charge moved to Free Space

8d 15h 30m Bind forgotten for Rock Slide

8d 15h 29m Teaching Rock Slide to Zygarde

8d 15h 28m Items now sorted by name!

8d 15h 28m Currently accessing TM menu in bag

8d 15h 17m Solgaleo's moves being moved. Order is - Sleep Talk, Sunsteel Strike, Flare Blitz, and Cosmic Power

8d 15h 14m Looking at Pokémon movesets

8d 15h 11m TM80 Rock Slide found

8d 15h 4m Soft Sand found

8d 14h 59m At Melemele Sea

8d 14h 57m Nigel collects Zygarde Cell

8d 14h 56m Broke through the rocks on Tauros and riding on Lapras. Nigel promply gets off Lapras. There is a Zygarde Cell nearby back on shore

8d 14h 53m Flew to Hau'Oli Outskirts

8d 14h 51m Flew to Ruins of Hope

8d 14h 49m Flew to Exeggutor Island

8d 14h 47m Flew to Aether Paradise

8d 14h 47m Flew to Tapu Village

8d 14h 46m Flew to Ruins of Life

8d 14h 43m Flew to Tapu Village and went inside Pokémon Center

[More Fluff] More of Nigel's current Didney Worl messages - When You Are Disappointed: "I like male Veterans!" Your Secret: "It's a secret." Battle Requests: "Not interested"

[Fluff] Nigel's current Didney Worl messages - When you meet someone: "I'm psyched up!" When you part with someone - "I don't think I will lose!" When you are moved - "I'm looking for my soul mate!"

8d 14h 32m Went outside Didney Worl into Pokémon Center to heal

8d 14h 30m Accessing Didney Worl PC

8d 14h 28m Fearow's Flynium Z replaced with Big Nugget

8d 14h 24m Nigel goes through his bag and disappoints a Festival Fan

8d 14h 15m Kee Berry given to Ribombee

8d 14h 14m Berries currently being sorted

8d 14h 11m Nigel has trouble selecting Japanese lesson as a mission because wireless communication is disabled

8d 14h 11m Received 3 Festival Tickets! Nigel has 9 Festival Tickets

8d 14h 3m Sucker Punch on Ninetails to yellow, Dazzling Gleam faints Raticate. Run is over. Nigel blacked out!

8d 14h 3m Lycanroc withdrawn for Ninetails. Raticate gets a free Crunch in

8d 14h 2m Another Sucker Punch, it lands. Stone Edge dodged

8d 14h 2m Full Restore on Lycanroc, Sucker Punch fails

8d 14h 2m Raticate sent out. Sucker Punch on Lycanroc to red, Stone Edge on Raticate to yellow

8d 14h 1m Zygarde sent out. Stone Edge on Zygarde and Zygarde KO'd

8d 14h 0m Crunch takes out Solgaleo

8d 14h 0m Lycanroc (Midday) vs. Solgaleo. Lycanroc sets up with Stealth Rock, Flare Blitz used, puts Solgaleo in the red

8d 13h 59m Pokémon Professor Kukui challenges Nigel

8d 13h 59m Nigel sits on the throne and Professor Kukui comes up to him

8d 13h 56m All four members defeated! Now entering the center portal

8d 13h 55m Air Slash on Solgaleo and Solgaleo uses Flare Blitz on Crobat. Crobat KO'd. Kahili defeated

8d 13h 55m Another Air Slash on Solgaleo who flinches

8d 13h 55m Solgaleo uses Sunsteel Strike to bring Crobat to red

8d 13h 54m Crobat is last, uses Air Slash on Solgaleo, Solgaleo flinches. Crobat confuses Solgaleo

8d 13h 54m Oricorio sent out next. Sunsteel Strike. Feather Dance fails. Another Sunsteel Strike, Oricorio faints

8d 13h 53m Solgaleo to lv 69

8d 13h 53m Full Restore on Toucannon, Solgaleo uses Sunsteel Strike on Toucannon and Toucannon faints

8d 13h 53m No more confusion, Flare Blitz burns Toucannon who throws with Screech

8d 13h 52m Toucannon is next. Solgaleo uses Cosmic Power, Toucannon uses Screech but doesn't work

8d 13h 52m Solgaleo uses Sunstrike Steel on Mandibuzz who clutches but KOs itself with Brave Bird

8d 13h 51m Mandibuzz is next. Flare Blitz on Mandibuzz, Flatter on Solgaleo to confuse

8d 13h 51m Another Flare Blitz and Skarmory is KO'd

8d 13h 50m Flare Blitz on Skarmory, Sturdy allows Skarmory to hang on and set up Spikes. Full Restore on Skarmory. Another Flare Blitz. Sturdy again

8d 13h 50m Challenging Kahili Skarmory vs. Solgaleo

8d 13h 47m Olivia is defeated

8d 13h 46m Thousand Arrows on Golem, who hangs on with Sturdy, Core Enforcer finishes Golem off

8d 13h 46m Another Thousand Arrows and Probopass is KO'd. Golem is next

8d 13h 46m Thousand Arrows on Probopass, hangs on with Sturdy. Probopass sets up with Sandstorm

8d 13h 45m Reflect wears off. Probopass is next

8d 13h 45m Another Thousand Arrows and Carbink is defeated

8d 13h 45m Thousand Arrows on Carbink to low yellow, Carbink responds with Moon Blast. Crits. Zygarde to yellow

8d 13h 44m Zygarde is next out

8d 13h 44m Power Gem KOs Ariados

8d 13h 44m Toxic Thread poisons Carbink but its clear body prevents stat decrease

8d 13h 44m Leech Life on Carbink, Carbink uses Power Gem on Ariados back to red

8d 13h 43m Carbink is next. Sucker Punch fails, Carbink sets up Reflect

8d 13h 43m Sucker Punch takes out Lycanroc

8d 13h 42m Ariados sent out next. Stone Edge on Ariados, Ariados uses Toxic Thread to poison Lycanroc and lower speed. Lycanroc brought to red by poison

8d 13h 42m Lycanroc's Z-Move crits and faints Fearow

8d 13h 42m Another Drill Run on Relicanth, RElicanth KO'd. Lycanroc (Midnight) sent out next. Crits to low yellow

8d 13h 41m Fearow sent out. Full Restore on Relicanth, Fearow uses Drill Run on Relicanth

8d 13h 40m Pollen Puff on Relicanth to yellow who KOs Ribombee with Ancient Power

8d 13h 40m Challenging Olivia Relicanth vs. Ribombee

8d 13h 37m Acerola defeated

8d 13h 37m More Draining Kiss, Drifblim to low yellow, Omnious Wind, gets crit. One more Dazzling Gleam KOs Drifblim

8d 13h 37m Draining Kiss on Drifblim to yellow, Drifblim sets up with Focus Energy

8d 13h 36m Drifblim sent out. Another Dazzling Gleam on Drifblim who uses Omninous Wind. Gets stat boost. Ribombee to yellow

8d 13h 36m Another Dazzling Gleam and Palossand is KO'd

8d 13h 36m Palossand is next. Dazzling Gleam on Palossand who sets up with Iron Defense

8d 13h 35m Ribombee snaps out of confusion and uses Pollen Puff. Shadow ball on Ribombee. Full Restore on Dhelmise. Pollen Puff on Dhelmise to KO

8d 13h 35m Ribombee uses Draining Kiss again, Dhelmise' Shadow Ball on Ribombee

8d 13h 34m Draining Kiss on Froslass, Froslass KO'd. Dhelmise sent out next

8d 13h 34m Draining Kiss on Froslass who confuses Ribombee

8d 13h 33m Raticate to Lv. 71

8d 13h 33m Dazzling Gleam OHKOs Sableye

8d 13h 33m Challenging Acerola Sableye vs. Ribombee

8d 13h 28m Bewear sent out. Dazzling Gleam and Bewear KO'd. Hala defeated

8d 13h 28m Primeape is next, Draining Kiss continues. Primeape taken out. Ribombee back to full HP

8d 13h 28m Draining Kiss on Poliwrath, Waterfall to Ribombee. Another Draining Kiss KOs Poliwrath

8d 13h 27m Ariados to lv 77

8d 13h 27m 8d 13h 27m Dazzling Gleam KOs Crabominable

8d 13h 27m Zygarde to Lv. 67

8d 13h 27m One more Gleam and Hariyama KO'd

8d 13h 26m Fake Out on Ribombee, Dazzling Gleam takes Hariyama down to red. Full Restore, and another Gleam back to red

8d 13h 26m Challenging Hala Hariyama vs. Ribombee

8d 13h 23m Beginning run #38

8d 13h 17m The run is over. Nigel blacked out!

8d 13h 16m Another Super Fang. Moonblast faints Raticate

8d 13h 16m Another Super Fang on Carbink to red, another Moonblast on Raticate to red. Raticate's Sp. Attack falls

8d 13h 16m Crunch on Carbink who uses Moonblast on Raticate. Super Fang on Carbink to yellow. Moonblast on Raticate to yellow

8d 13h 15m Another Crunch on Carbink who sets up with Reflect

8d 13h 15m Full Restore on Relicanth, Raticate uses Crunch. Relicanth withdrawn for Carbink. Crunch on Carbink

8d 13h 14m Raticate is sent out

8d 13h 13m Thousand Arrows on Relicanth to red, Relicanth faints Zygarde with Hydro Pump

8d 13h 12m Olivia challenged. Relicanth vs. Zygarde

8d 13h 7m Kahili defeated

8d 13h 7m Another Air Slash, Zygarde snaps out of confusion and KOs Crobat with Thousand Arrows

8d 13h 6m Air Slash on Zygarde to yellow, Zygarde uses Thousand Arrows to bring Crobat to red

8d 13h 6m Zygarde sent out and is confused. Hits itself

8d 13h 4m Air Slash on Fearow to red, Fearow KOs itself from confusion

8d 13h 4m Drill Peck KOs Oricorio. Crobat sent out

8d 13h 4m Another confusion self hit, Feather Dance used

8d 13h 4m Fearow hits itself, Teeter Dance repeated to no effect

8d 13h 3m Oricorio sent out. Drill Peck on Oricorio to red. Teeter Dance confuses Fearow

8d 13h 3m Fearow to Lv. 70

8d 13h 3m Nigel uses an attacking Z-Move on Toucannon, KO'd

8d 13h 2m Fearow is sent out

8d 13h 2m Toucannon's Z-Move faints Ariados

8d 13h 1m Screech on Ariados, who uses Leech Life on Toucannon

8d 13h 1m Toucannon is next

8d 13h 1m Ariados uses Leech Life to KO Mandibuzz

8d 13h 0m Another Leech Life to yellow, Flatter to confuse Ariados

8d 13h 0m Full Restore on Mandibuzz, Leech Life again

8d 12h 59m Ariados sent out, uses Leech Life to bring Mandibuzz to low yellow. Brave Bird on Ariados, recoil brings Mandibuzz to red

8d 12h 59m Cosmic Power again, but another punishment and Solgaleo faints

8d 12h 58m Some more def and sp. def buffing. Mandibuzz using Punishment, gets a crit

8d 12h 58m Another Cosmic Power to raise both defenses, Mandibuzz uses Punishment

8d 12h 57m Mandibuzz next. Another Flare Blitz. Mandibuzz used Brave Bird. Then setting up with Cosmic Power. Another Brave Bird

8d 12h 57m Flare Blitz on Skarmory and Skarmory is KO'd

8d 12h 56m Sunsteel Strike on Skarmory who sets up with Spikes

8d 12h 56m Kahili challenged! Skarmory vs. Solgaleo

8d 12h 51m Acerola is defeated

8d 12h 50m Full Restore on Drifblim, Fearow uses Drill Peck to bring Drifblim back to red. Drifblim eventually falls

8d 12h 50m Drill Peck on Drifblim to red, Drifblim sets up Focus Energy

8d 12h 50m Z-Move Mirror Move raises Fearow's Power, Mirror Move fails. Drifblim uses Amnesia

8d 12h 49m Drifblim sent out

8d 12h 49m Mirror Move again, wearing down Palossand. Eventually, Palossand is KO'd by its own Giga Drain

8d 12h 48m Full Restore on Palossand, Mirror Move still works and Palossand is drained

8d 12h 48m Another Mirror Move Giga Drain to red, Palossand tries the same Giga Drain

8d 12h 48m Mirror Move succeeds this time, Drains Palossand's health to yellow. Palossand Giga Drains in return

8d 12h 47m Mirror Move fails, Palossand uses Giga Drain

8d 12h 47m Echoed Voice fails, Palossand sets up with Iron Defense

8d 12h 46m Fearow is sent out

8d 12h 46m Ribombee faints

8d 12h 46m Another Pollen Puff on Palossand who uses its Z-MOve

8d 12h 46m Palossand sent out

8d 12h 45m Another Pollen Puff and Dhelmise KO'd

8d 12h 45m Dhelmise sent out, Ribombee snaps out of confusion and uses Pollen Puff. Shadow Ball on Ribombee

8d 12h 45m Solgaleo to 68

8d 12h 45m Draining Kiss on Froslass to KO

8d 12h 45m Ribombee hits itself, Froslass uses Blizzard to bring Ribombee to yellow

8d 12h 44m Draining Kiss on Froslass to yellow, Froslass uses Confuse Ray

8d 12h 44m Froslass sent out

8d 12h 44m Ribombee to lv 74

8d 12h 44m Fake Out on Ribombee who uses Dazzling Gleam to OHKO Sableye

8d 12h 43m Challenging Acerola. Sableye vs. Ribombee

8d 12h 38m Hala defeated

8d 12h 38m Dazzling Gleam takes out Bewear

8d 12h 37m Bewear sent out

8d 12h 37m Dazzling Gleam OHKOs Primeape

8d 12h 37m Ribombee KOs Poliwrath with Draining Kiss

8d 12h 36m Dazzling Gleam on Poliwrath to red, Waterfall on Ribombee

8d 12h 36m Poliwrath sent out

8d 12h 36m Crabominable sent out. Dazzling Gleam OHKOs Crabominable

8d 12h 36m Another Dazzling Gleam and Hariyama faints

8d 12h 35m Dazzling Gleam on Hariyama to yellow, Hariyama uses Close Combat

8d 12h 35m After some time hanging around in the menus, Hala is challenged!

8d 12h 23m Run #37 begins

8d 12h 15m Box changed to Automatic, Text Speed changed to Normal

8d 12h 14m Box is on Manual

8d 12h 11m Fearow is KO'd. The run is now over

8d 12h 10m Drill Run on Lycanroc to low yellow who uses its Z-Move

8d 12h 10m Nigel's last remaining Pokémon, Fearow, is sent out

8d 12h 9m Core Enforcer used on Lycanroc, who uses Rock Climb to KO Zygarde

8d 12h 9m Lycanroc (midnight) sent out

8d 12h 9m Reflect wore off, another Thousand Arrows and Probopass is KO'd

8d 12h 9m Probopass is sent out, Thousand Arrows strike Probopass to red who sets up Sandstorm

8d 12h 8m Carbink KO'd by Thousand Arrows

8d 12h 8m Another Thousand Arrows brings Carbink to red, Carbink uses Moonblast. Zygarde to yellow

8d 12h 8m Full Restore on Carbink, more Thousand Arrows on Carbink

8d 12h 8m Thousand Arrows brings Carbink to low yellow, Carbink sets up Reflect

8d 12h 7m Carbink next

8d 12h 7m Zygarde to lv 66

8d 12h 7m Zygarde wakes up and KOs Relicanth with Thousand Arrows

8d 12h 7m Still asleep, Hydro Pump hits this time

8d 12h 7m Zygarde still asleep, avoids Hydro Pump

8d 12h 6m Zygarde sent back out

8d 12h 6m Zygarde withdrawn for Raticate. Relicanth uses Hydro Pump and Raticate faints

8d 12h 6m Full Restore on Relicanth, Thousand Arrows to red again. Zygarde falls asleep

8d 12h 5m Thousand Arrows on Relicanth to red who uses Yawn

8d 12h 5m Challenging Olivia. Relicanth vs. Zygarde

8d 11h 57m Kahili defeated

8d 11h 57m Sucker Punch KOs Crobat and Raticate to lv 70

8d 11h 57m Raticate brought to red with Air Slash, Crunch on Crobat

8d 11h 57m Another Air Slash on Raticate to yellow, Raticate snaps out of confusion but Super Fang avoided. Sucker Punch lands and Crobat uses Air Slash

8d 11h 56m Raticate uses Sucker Punch on Crobat who responds with Air Slash

8d 11h 56m Crobat sent out

8d 11h 56m Toucannon sent out, Raticate pulls off a Crunch and faints Toucannon

8d 11h 55m Feather Dance on Raticate who uses Crunch to KO Oricorio

8d 11h 55m Teeter Dance on Raticate who uses Super Fang on Oricorio

8d 11h 55m Raticate sent out

8d 11h 54m Another Air Slash and Ariados faints

8d 11h 54m Zygarde switched out for Ariados who gets an Air Slash in

8d 11h 54m Zygarde sent out

8d 11h 53m A few Sunsteel Strikes on Oricorio, but Revelation Dance faints Solgaleo

8d 11h 52m Solgaleo to red, Toucannon withdrawn for Oricorio

8d 11h 52m Another Sunsteel Strike on Toucannon to red who uses its Z Move

8d 11h 51m Full Restore on Toucannon, Sunsteel Strike on Toucannon

8d 11h 51m Toucannon sent out and sets up Beak Blast. Sunsteel Strike used, Toucannon to red. Solgaleo burned, Toucannon used Beak Blast

8d 11h 50m Fearow to 69

8d 11h 50m Flare Blitz on Mandibuzz, Mandibuzz KO'd

8d 11h 50m Flare Blitz on Mandibuzz to yellow, critical hit! Brave Bird on Solgaleo

8d 11h 50m Mandibuzz next

8d 11h 49m Another Flare Blitz KOs Skarmory

8d 11h 49m Flare Blitz on Skarmory, Skarmory clutches and uses Spikes

8d 11h 49m Challenging Kahili Skarmory vs. Solgaleo

8d 11h 44m Acerola defeated

8d 11h 44m Drill Peck KOs Drifblim

8d 11h 44m Another failed Mirror Move, Drifblim continues Amnesia

8d 11h 44m Z-Move Mirror Move used to raise Fearow's attack. Mirror Move does nothing. Drifblim goes with Amnesia

8d 11h 43m Drill Peck on Drifblim to red, Drifblim uses Focus Energy

8d 11h 43m Drifblim sent out. Fearow uses Drill Peck and Drifblim sets up with Amnesia

8d 11h 43m Drill Peck on Palossand and Palossand is KOd

8d 11h 42m Fearow uses Mirror Move to drain Palossand down to red. Palossand uses Giga Drain again

8d 11h 42m Healed Fearow with Potion, Palossand uses Giga Drain again

8d 11h 41m Drill Run on Palossand to yellow, Palossand uses Giga Drain

8d 11h 41m Fearow sent out

8d 11h 41m Draining Kiss on Palossand who uses its Z-Power on Ribombee. Ribombee faints

8d 11h 40m Palossand is next

8d 11h 40m Dazzling Gleam to red, Shadow Ball on Ribombee to red. Pollen Puff finishes Dhelmise

8d 11h 40m Dazzling Gleam on Dhelmise who uses Shadow Ball on Ribombee back to yellow

8d 11h 39m Dhelmise sent out

8d 11h 39m Dazzling Gleam KOs Froslass

8d 11h 39m Full Restore on Froslass, Ribombee shrugs off confusion and uses Draining Kiss to bring Froslass to yellow

8d 11h 39m Ribombee hits itself, Froslass uses Blizzard to bring Ribombee down to yellow

8d 11h 38m Dazzling Gleam on Froslass to red, Froslass confuses Ribombee

8d 11h 38m Froslass sent out

8d 11h 38m Sableye's Fake Out on Ribombee who OHKOs Sableye

8d 11h 37m Vs. Acerola! Sableye and Ribombee

8d 11h 34m Hala is defeated

8d 11h 33m Dazzling Gleam used on Bewear, OHKO

8d 11h 33m Bewear sent out

8d 11h 33m Primeape sent out, Draining Kiss used. Primeape OHKo'd from crit

8d 11h 33m Ariados to lv 76

8d 11h 33m Another Draining Kiss on Poliwrath, Poliwrath KO'd

8d 11h 32m Full Restore on Poliwrath, Draining Kiss on Poliwrath to yellow

8d 11h 32m Poliwrath sent out. Dazzling Gleam on Poliwrath to red who uses Water Fall

8d 11h 32m Ribombe to lv 73

8d 11h 32m Dazzling Gleam on Crabominable, OHKO

8d 11h 31m Crabominable sent out

8d 11h 31m Dazzling Gleam KOs Hariyama

8d 11h 31m Full Restore on Hariyama, Ribombee uses Draining Kiss to bring Hariyama to yellow

8d 11h 31m Another Draining Kiss, Hariyama clutches and uses Close Combat

8d 11h 30m Fake Out on Ribombee who uses Draining Kiss on Hariyama

8d 11h 30m vs. Hala Hariyama v Ribombee

8d 11h 29m Solgaleo given big pearl to hold

8d 11h 24m Run #36 begins

8d 11h 18m Another Agility, and Crobat KOs Ariados. The run is over

8d 11h 17m Ariados uses another Agility, Crobat uses Air Slash. Ariados barely clutches

8d 11h 17m Air Slash on Ariados to yellow, Ariados uses Agility

8d 11h 17m Ariados is sent out

8d 11h 17m Another Poison Fang and Raticate faints

8d 11h 16m Poison Fang on Raticate, who hits itself. Burn brings it down to red

8d 11h 16m Another Supersonic, confuses Raticate this time. Raticate uses Super Fang on Crobat

8d 11h 16m Raticate got burned from Beak Blast heating up. Crobat sent out. Sucker Punch fails. Supersonic avoided

8d 11h 15m Raticate to lv 69

8d 11h 15m Toucannon lowers Raticate's defense and sets up Beak Blast. A sucessful Sucker Punch KOs Toucannon this time

8d 11h 14m Raticate sent out

8d 11h 14m Toucannon uses Beak Blast, wasted Drill run, and Fearow faints

8d 11h 13m Fearow is sent out

8d 11h 12m Zygarde faints

8d 11h 12m Core Enforcer used on Toucannon to yellow who uses its Z-Move on Zygarde

8d 11h 12m Zygarde hits itself, Toucannon uses Screech

8d 11h 11m Toucannon sent out

8d 11h 11m Another Thousand Arrows on Mandibuzz who is KOd

8d 11h 11m Thousand Arrows used on Mandibuzz to low yellow. Flatter on Zygarde for confusion

8d 11h 10m Zygarde sent out

8d 11h 10m Solgaleo faints from recoil

8d 11h 10m Solgaleo hits itself, Mandibuzz uses Punishment. Crits, Solgaleo clutches. Snaps out of Confusion and uses Flare Blitz

8d 11h 9m Oricorio faints, Mandibuzz sent out

8d 11h 9m Solgaleo uses Sunsteel Strike

8d 11h 9m Solgaleo uses Flare Blitz on Oricorio, Oricorio uses Feather Dance which doesn't work

8d 11h 8m Cosmic Power used, Oricorio uses Teeter Dance to confuse Solgaleo

8d 11h 8m Sleep Talk Throw, Oricorio uses Revelation Dance

8d 11h 8m Skarmory withdrawn for Oricorio, Solgaleo uses Cosmic Power

8d 11h 7m Full Restore on Skarmory, Sunsteel Strike again

8d 11h 7m Flare Blitz on Skarmory, Skarmory clutches and uses Spikes

8d 11h 6m Sunsteel Strike on Skarmory who uses Steel Wing on Solgaleo. Defense rises

8d 11h 6m Challenging Kahili Skarmory vs. Solgaleo

[Late info] Solgaleo did not learn Wide Guard

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I remembered the first game I played the other day, it's "Pick-A-Dilly Pair" for the Apple II, I think I played it when I was 5

8d 11h 3m Acerola defeated!

8d 11h 2m Drill Peck on Drifblim to red, Drifblim uses Amnesia. Drill Peck KOs Drifblim

[Late Info] That means another Pokémon leveled up that wasn't Solgaleo earlier

8d 11h 2m Solgaleo leveled to 67, Zygarde leveled up

8d 11h 1m Mirror Move on Palossand, Palossand KO'd

8d 11h 1m Giga Drain vs. Giga Drain

8d 11h 1m Fearow uses Giga Drain on Palossand to red

8d 11h 1m Drill Peck on Palossand who uses Giga Drain on Fearow

8d 11h 0m Another Drill Peck used and another Giga Drain. Fearow to yellow

8d 11h 0m Drill Peck on Palossand who uses Giga Drain

8d 11h 0m Nigel uses Z-Move Supersonic Skystrike, Palossand damaged a little. Giga Drain used

8d 10h 59m Full Restore on Palossand, Drill Run used

8d 10h 59m Critical hit Drill run on Palossand who uses Iron Defense

8d 10h 58m Another Drill Run on Palossand who uses Giga Drain on Fearow

8d 10h 58m Drill Run on Palossand to yellow, Palossand uses Iron Defense

8d 10h 57m Pollen Puff on Palossand who uses its Z-Move on Ribombee. Ribombee faints

8d 10h 57m Solgaleo gains a level

8d 10h 57m Another Draining Kiss on and KO

8d 10h 56m Ribombee uses Dazzling Gleam to bring Dhelmise to yellow, Shadow Ball brings Ribombee to red

8d 10h 56m Dhelmise sent out, Draining Kiss used on Dhelmise. Shadow Ball on Ribombee to yellow

8d 10h 56m Ribombee KOs Froslass and snaps out of confusion

8d 10h 56m Ribombee uses Draining Kiss on Froslass to red, Froslass uses Blizzard on Ribombee

8d 10h 55m Another Draining Kiss on Froslass who uses Confuse Ray on Ribombee

8d 10h 55m Froslass sent out

8d 10h 55m Fake Out on Ribombee, Draining Kiss on Sableye, OHKO!

8d 10h 54m Challenging Acerola Sableye vs. Ribombee

8d 10h 51m Hala defeated!

8d 10h 51m Dazzling Gleam OHKOs Bewear

8d 10h 51m Bewear sent out

8d 10h 51m Dazzling Gleam OHKOs Primeape

8d 10h 51m Ribombee back to full health. Primeape sent out

8d 10h 50m Draining Kiss on Poliwrath, Poliwrath KO'd

8d 10h 50m Another Full Restore on Poliwrath, Draining Kiss on Poliwrath to yellow

8d 10h 50m Another Draining Kiss on Poliwrath to red, Poliwrath uses Waterfall

8d 10h 49m Full Restore on Poliwrath, Draining Kiss on Poliwrath

8d 10h 49m Dazzling Gleam on Poliwrath to red, Poliwrath uses Waterfall on Ribombee

8d 10h 49m Poliwrath sent out

8d 10h 49m Dazzling Gleam KO's Crabominable

8d 10h 48m Crabominable sent out

8d 10h 48m Another Gleam, Hariyama KO'd

8d 10h 48m Fake Out on Ribombee, Dazzling Gleam on Hariyama to yellow

8d 10h 48m Challenging Hala! Hariyama vs. Ribombee

8d 10h 45m Run #35 begins!

8d 10h 41m Back outside Mount Lanakila

8d 10h 40m The run is over! Nigel blacked out!

8d 10h 40m Potion used on Fearow, Ninetails KOs Fearow with Blizzard

8d 10h 39m Fearow sent out

8d 10h 38m Fearrow vs Alolan Ninetales

8d 10h 38m Raticate down!

8d 10h 38m Raticate at low HP as Ninetales is sent out

8d 10h 38m Lycronroc KO'd by Raticate!

8d 10h 37m Raticate is sent out! Lyanroc sets up Stealth Rocks

8d 10h 37m Zygarde goes down!

8d 10h 36m Lycanroc (Midday) vs Zygarde!

8d 10h 36m vs Pokémon Professor Kukui!

8d 10h 36m Kukui announces us Champion! But we have a challenger!


8d 10h 35m Switching between going to Festival Plaza and Poke Pelago while in front of the Champion's throne

8d 10h 30m Back in Didney Worl looking at items in bag

8d 10h 27m Entered the central portal

8d 10h 24m All four members defeated! Celebrating by going in and out of Didney Worl!

8d 10h 22m Golem KO'd. Olivia defeated!

8d 10h 21m Out of Thousand Arrows PP, Zygarde uses Core Enforcer

8d 10h 21m Thousand Arrows on Golem, Golem' sturdy takes effect. Steamroller brings Zygarde to red

8d 10h 21m Golem is sent out

8d 10h 21m Another Thousand Arrows, wasted crit. Probopass is KO'd

8d 10h 20m Thousand Arrows on Probopass, Probopass' Sturdy takes effect. Sandstorm used

8d 10h 20m Probopass is sent out

8d 10h 20m Crit Thousand Arrows on Carbink, Carbink is KO'd

8d 10h 20m Carbink is sent out

8d 10h 19m Another Thousand Arrows and Lycanroc is KO'd

8d 10h 19m Full Restore on Lycanroc, Zygarde uses Thousand Arrows on Lycanroc to red

8d 10h 19m Thousand Arrows on Lycanroc to low yellow, Lycanroc uses Rock Climb on Zygarde to yellow

8d 10h 19m Zygarde is sent out

8d 10h 17m Lycanroc uses its Z-Power and Ariados faints

8d 10h 17m Ariados falls asleep from Yawn as Lycanroc is sent out

8d 10h 17m Relicanth continues with Ancient Power, Ariados uses Leech Life to KO Relicanth

8d 10h 16m Relicanth uses Yawn again, Ariados uses Leech Life to bring Relicanth to red

8d 10h 16m Another Ancient Power, Ariados wakes up and uses Leech Life on Relicanth

8d 10h 16m Relicanth Ancient Powers Ariados who is still asleep

8d 10h 16m Full Restore on Relicanth, Ariados fast asleep

8d 10h 15m Ancient Power on Ariados who goes with another Leech Life on Relicanth to red. Ariados falls asleep

8d 10h 14m Relicanth uses Yawn on Ariados who uses Leech Life on Relicanth

8d 10h 14m Challenging Olivia! Relicanth vs. Ariados

8d 10h 11m Kahili is defeated

8d 10h 11m Raticate to lv 68

8d 10h 11m Air Slash on Zygarde who uses Thousand Arrows to KO Crobat with a crit!

8d 10h 11m Crobat sent out

8d 10h 11m Zygarde to Lv. 64

8d 10h 10m Thousand Arrows KOs Toucannon as well

8d 10h 10m Ariados to lv 75

8d 10h 10m Thousand Arrows strikes Oricorio and KOs!

8d 10h 10m Zygarde is sent out

8d 10h 9m Flare Blitz on Oricorio to yellow, burn brings Solgaleo to red and Revelation Dance KOs Solgaleo

8d 10h 8m Flare Blitz on Oricorio, Oricario confuses Solgaleo with Teeter Dance

8d 10h 7m Toucannon withdrawn for Oricorio, Sunsteel Strike on Oricorio

8d 10h 7m Beak starting to heat up, Solgaleo uses Sunsteel Strike to red. Solgaleo was burned. Toucannon uses Beak Blast

8d 10h 6m Toucannon is sent out

8d 10h 6m Solgaleo uses Sunsteel Strike to KO Mandibuzz

8d 10h 6m More Cosmic Power, Mandibuzz uses Brave Bird

8d 10h 6m Solgaleo uses Cosmic Power, snaps out of confusion. Mandibuzz uses Punishment

8d 10h 5m Solgaleo uses Cosmic Power, Mandibuzz uses Brave Bird. Recoil takes Mandibuzz to red

8d 10h 5m Solgaleo uses Flare Blitz on Mandibuzz to low yellow, Mandibuzz uses Brave Bird on Solgaleo

8d 10h 4m Mandibuzz sent out. Sunsteel Strike on Mandibuzz who uses Flatter to confuse Solgaleo

8d 10h 4m Fearow to lv 67

8d 10h 4m Flare Blitz on Skarmory and Skarmory is KO'd

8d 10h 4m Solgaleo's Sunsteel Strike on Skarmory, who uses Steel Wing on Solgaleo

8d 10h 3m Challenging Kahili Skarmory vs. Solgaleo

8d 9h 59m Acerola is defeated

8d 9h 59m Drifblim KO'd by Drill Peck

8d 9h 59m Another Drill Peck to low yellow. Drifblim uses Amnesia

8d 9h 58m Palossand finished off by Drill Peck. Drifblim is next

8d 9h 58m Fearow's Drill Peck brings Palossand to yellow. Palossand uses Giga Drain on Fearow

8d 9h 58m Fearow's Drill Peck faints Dhelmise. Palossand sent out

8d 9h 57m Full Restore on Dhelmise again, Z-Move on Fearow Mirror Move who adopts Shadow Ball to bring Dhelmise to yellow

8d 9h 57m Full Restore on Dhelmise, Fearow's Drill Peck brings Dhelmise to red

8d 9h 56m Fearow is sent out

8d 9h 56m Pollen Puff on Dhelmise to low yellow, Ribombee faints from Crit Shadow Ball

8d 9h 55m Draining Kiss on Dhelmise, Dhelmise uses Shadow Ball on Ribombee to yellow

8d 9h 55m Dhelmise is sent out

8d 9h 55m Dazzling Gleam on Froslass, Froslass KO'd

8d 9h 54m Draining Kiss on Froslass to yellow who uses Blizzard on Ribombee

8d 9h 54m Froslass sent out

8d 9h 54m Dazzling Gleam KOs Sableye

8d 9h 54m Challenging Acerola Sableye vs. Ribombee

[Correction] Draining Kiss actually took Ribombee back up to full

8d 9h 50m Hala defeated!

8d 9h 50m Bewear is sent out, Dazzling Gleam KOs Bewear

8d 9h 50m Ribombee to Lv. 72

8d 9h 49m Primeape is sent out, another Draining Kiss and Primeape is KO'd. Ribombee back to nearly full HP

8d 9h 49m Draining Kiss KOs Poliwrath

8d 9h 49m Dazzling Gleam on Poliwrath to low yellow, Water Fall on Ribombee to yellow

8d 9h 49m Poliwrath sent out

8d 9h 48m Dazzling Gleam takes out Crabominable

8d 9h 48m Nebby to lv 66

8d 9h 48m Full Restore on Hariyama, Dazzling Gleam on Hariyama to low yellow. Another Gleam finishes Hariyama

8d 9h 48m Fake Out on Ribombee who uses Dazzling Gleam on Hariyama to red

8d 9h 47m Challenging Hala! Hariyama vs. Ribombee

8d 9h 44m Going into run #34

8d 9h 39m Flew to the top of Mount Lanakila and went inside Pokémon Center. Now checkpointed

8d 9h 37m Walking into Mount Lanakila

8d 9h 33m Outside Tapu Village, chat did not checkpoint at Mount Lanakila

8d 9h 32m No more Pokémon, Nigel blacked out!

8d 9h 32m Drill Peck on Manzibuzz who KOs Fearow with Brave Bird

8d 9h 31m Mandibuzz sent out

8d 9h 31m Drill Peck KOs Skarmory

8d 9h 31m Steel Wing from Skarmory. Fearow has 19 HP.

8d 9h 31m Z-Power Fearow's Mirror Move Steel Wing Continental Crash on Skarmory to low yellow Critical hit!

8d 9h 30m Drill Run fails, Steel Wing on Fearow to yellow

8d 9h 30m Challenging Kahili Fearow vs. Skarmory

8d 9h 24m Acerola is defeated

8d 9h 24m Drill Peck and Drifblim is KO'd

8d 9h 24m Drifblim sent out

8d 9h 24m Fearow to lv 66

8d 9h 23m Acerola withdraws Drifblim for Dhelmise. Fearow KOs Dhelmise in one hit with Drill Peck

8d 9h 23m Z-Power Mirror Move boosts its attack, Drifblim uses Focus Energy

8d 9h 23m Nigel's last Pokémon, Fearow, is sent against Drifblim

8d 9h 22m Palossand faints from Poison, however

8d 9h 22m Leech Life on Palossand to red, gets a crit. Ariados to low yellow but Palossand's Earth Power KOs Ariados

8d 9h 21m Ariados uses Sucker Punch on Palossand who uses Earth Power. Ariados in the red. Poison brings Palossand to yellow

8d 9h 21m Ariados' Sucker Punch fails as Palossand uses Iron Defense

8d 9h 20m Ariados snaps out of confusion and uses Toxic Thread to poison Palossand. Palossand uses Earth Power to bring Ariados to yellow

8d 9h 20m Ariados hits itself, Palossand sets up with Iron Defense

8d 9h 19m Palossand is sent out

8d 9h 19m Ariados uses Leech Life to KO Froslass

8d 9h 18m Sucker Punch fails once again as Froslass uses Confuse Ray on Ariados

8d 9h 18m Sucker Punch fails as Drifblim uses Baton Pass for Froslass

8d 9h 18m Ariados snaps out of confusion and uses Leech Life on Drifblim, more Amnesia set up from Drifblim

8d 9h 18m Ariados hits itself

8d 9h 17m Froslass withdrawn for Drifblim

8d 9h 17m Ariados uses Leech Life to bring Froslass to low yellow, Froslass uses Confuse Ray

8d 9h 17m Ariados uses Agility, Froslass uses Blizzard

8d 9h 17m Another Leech Life, Drifblim uses Baton Pass for Froslass

8d 9h 16m Snaps out of confusion to use Leech Life for little damage, Drifblim uses Amnesia

8d 9h 16m Froslass withdrawn for Drifblim, Ariados uses Sucker Punch but fails

8d 9h 15m Froslass sent out, Ariados continues Leech Life assault. Froslass confuses Ariados

8d 9h 15m Full Restore on Sableye, Ariados uses Leech Life, gets a crit and KOs Sableye

8d 9h 15m Zen Headbutt hits Ariados this time

8d 9h 14m Snaps out of confusion and Leech Lifes Sableye to red

8d 9h 14m Zen Headbutt avoided, Ariados uses Agility

8d 9h 14m Ariados vs. Sableye. Sableye goes first with Confuse Ray, Ariados hits itself

8d 9h 13m Challenging Acerola

8d 9h 9m Hala defeated

8d 9h 8m Z-Power activated! Supersonic Skystrike obliterated Bewear

8d 9h 8m Fearow sent out

8d 9h 8m Sucker Punch on Bewear who uses Hammer Arm to faint Raticate

8d 9h 7m Bewear sent out

8d 9h 7m Sucker Punch faints Primeape

8d 9h 7m Full Heal on Primeape, another Super Fang

8d 9h 7m Outrage on Raticate who gets confused, Raticate uses Super Fang

8d 9h 6m Raticate sent out

8d 9h 5m Zygarde uses Haze, Primeape faints Zygarde with Outrage

8d 9h 3m Nigel wastes turn with Potion, Primeape uses Outrage

8d 9h 3m Zygarde sent out

8d 9h 2m One more Cross Chop and Nebby faints

8d 9h 2m Another Cross Chop to red, another Sleep Talk throw

8d 9h 2m Cross Chop on Nebby to yellow, Sleep Talk throw

8d 9h 1m Primeape sent out and uses Pursuit, gets a crit. Flare Blitz on Primeape who clutches

8d 9h 1m Nebby uses Sunsteel Strike to KO Poliwrath

8d 9h 1m Dazzling Gleam to red on Poliwrath who KOs Ribombee with Waterfall

8d 9h 0m Raticate to 67

8d 9h 0m Another Full Restore, Dazzling Gleam KOs Crabominable

8d 9h 0m Full Restore on Crabomable, Psychic back to red

8d 9h 0m Psychic to red on Crabominable Ice Hammer brings Ribombee to yellow

8d 8h 59m Zygarde to 63, did not learn Dragon Pulse

8d 8h 59m Another Draining Kiss and Hariyama KO'd

8d 8h 59m Fake Out on Ribombee who uses Draining Kiss to yellow

8d 8h 58m Challenging Hala! Hariyama vs. Ribombee

8d 8h 55m Welcome to run #33!

8d 8h 52m Flew to Mount Lanakila

[Info] Currently it's Ribombee with Darkinium Z, Nebby with Pearl, Ariados with Groundium Z, Zygarde with Normalium Z, Raticate with Ice Heal, and Fearow with Flyinium Z

8d 8h 45m Rage Candy Bar moved to free space

8d 8h 30m And now, party shuffling!

8d 8h 28m Some more party shuffling, then flew to Tapu Village

8d 8h 27m Ribombee's current moveset order: Draining Kiss, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, and Pollen Puff

8d 8h 25m Ribombee given Ice Heal

8d 8h 24m Ribombee's moveset being moved around along with more party shuffling

8d 8h 22m More party and item shuffling

8d 8h 18m Ribombee holding Pearl now, Zygarde moved to first and holding Darkinium Z

8d 8h 14m Wandering around at the high mountainside of Mount Lanakilia, occasionally going in and out of the Pokémon Center

8d 7h 58m Lycanroc KO's Ribombee! Run Over

Relicanth goes down! Lycanroc is sent out

8d 7h 58m Ribombee is sent out

8d 7h 57m Raticate down

8d 7h 57m vs Olivia! Its Relicanth vs Raticate

8d 7h 49m Drifblim is KO'd! Acerola defeated!

8d 7h 49m Drifblim sent out

8d 7h 49m Palossand KO'd

8d 7h 48m Dhelmise KO'd! Palossand sent out

8d 7h 47m Dhelmise sent out

8d 7h 47m Froslass down

8d 7h 46m Forslass is sent out

8d 7h 45m Sableye down!

8d 7h 45m Raticate is sent out

8d 7h 43m Ariados down

8d 7h 43m Ariados sent out

8d 7h 42m Solgaleo Down!

8d 7h 42m vs Acerola! Sogaleo vs Sableye

8d 7h 34m Ariados to Lv 74

8d 7h 34m Ariados KO's Crobat

8d 7h 33m Ariados sent out

8d 7h 32m Zygarde down

8d 7h 29m Toucannon gets KO'd. Crobat sent out

8d 7h 28m Oricoiro down! Toucannon back in

8d 7h 28m ORicorio is sent out

8d 7h 27m We switch into Zygarde

8d 7h 25m Mandibuzz is KO'd by Solgaleo! Ribombee to Lv 71

8d 7h 22m Mandibuzz is sent out

8d 7h 22m Skarmory Goes down in 2 moves

8d 7h 22m vs Kahili! Skarmory vs Solgaleo

8d 7h 21m We enter Kahili's Chamber

8d 7h 17m Bewear goes down! Hala Defeated

8d 7h 16m Bewear is sent out!

8d 7h 16m Raticate to Lv 66

8d 7h 15m Poliwrath goes down to Draining Kiss

8d 7h 15m Crab goes down! Poliwrath is sent out

8d 7h 14m Hala's Crab KO's Fearow

8d 7h 14m Fearow uses its Z Move to KO Hariyama

8d 7h 13m vs Hala! its Fearow vs Hariyama

8d 7h 11m We enter Hala's Chamber

8d 7h 7m Run #32 begins

8d 7h 3m Solgaleo KO'd Run Over

8d 7h 3m Solgaleo sent out

8d 7h 2m Zygarde down

8d 7h 1m Ariados down

8d 7h 0m Ariados sent out

8d 6h 57m Raticate down

8d 6h 57m Raticate is sent out

8d 6h 56m Palossand uses its Z Move to KO's Ribombee

8d 6h 55m Frosslass is swapped for Palossand

8d 6h 55m Ribombee is sent out!

8d 6h 53m Fearow KO'd by Frosslass's Blizzard

8d 6h 53m Fearow uses its Z-Mirrow Move to get 2+ Atk. Next turn it OHKO's Sableye

8d 6h 53m vs Acerola! Sableye vs Fearow

8d 6h 50m We enter Acerola's Chamber

8d 6h 45m Run 31 begins

8d 6h 40m Ariados down! Run Over

8d 6h 39m Ariados sent out

8d 6h 38m Solgaleo down

8d 6h 37m Toucannon swapped out for Oricorio

8d 6h 37m Toucannon sent out

8d 6h 36m Solgaleo to Lv 65

8d 6h 36m Solgaleo sent out

8d 6h 34m Zygarde down to Mandibuzz's Brave Bird

8d 6h 31m Zygarde sent out

8d 6h 30m Raticate down to Brave Bird

8d 6h 28m Raticate is sent out

8d 6h 27m Ribombee goes down to Brave Bird

8d 6h 27m We switch into Ribombee

8d 6h 27m Manidbuzz is sent out

8d 6h 27m Skarmory goes down to Solageo's Flare Blitz

8d 6h 25m vs Kahili! Its Skarmory vs Solgaleo

8d 6h 18m Bewear goes down in one hit! Hala Defeated!

Bewear is sent out

8d 6h 18m Primeape OHKO'd

8d 6h 17m PRimeape is sent out

8d 6h 17m Poliwrath is sent out! KO'd in one hit!

8d 6h 17m Bee takes down Hala's Crab, Ariados to Lv 73

8d 6h 16m Bee takes down Hariyama, Grows to Lv 70! Zygarde to Lv 62

8d 6h 16m Ribombee is sent out

8d 6h 15m Fearow goes down due to low HP and Fake Out

8d 6h 15m vs Hala!* Its Fearow vs Hariyama

8d 6h 11m We enter Hala's Chamber

8d 6h 0m Drifblem goes down! Acerola defeated!

8d 6h 0m Drifblim sent out

8d 6h 0m Fearow to Lv 65!

8d 5h 59m Palossand goes down after another Mirror Move

8d 5h 59m We use Mirror Move Giga Drain on Pallossand

8d 5h 58m Palossand gets Full Restore'd

8d 5h 57m Palossand sets up Iron Defense, We keep on attacking it

8d 5h 57m PAlossand sent out

8d 5h 57m Dhelmise sent out! Fearow OHKO's it

8d 5h 57m Frosslass uses Blizzard! It misses! Fearow KO's Frosslass!

8d 5h 56m Next turn we use Drill Peck to KO Sableye. Frosslass sent out

8d 5h 56m We then use Z-Mirror Move which changes to Zen Headbutt which does nothing

8d 5h 55m Fearow ues another Drill Peck, Sableye misses a Zen Headbutt

8d 5h 55m Sableye gets Full Restore'd, Fearow hits itself

8d 5h 55m Fearow opens up with Drill Peck, Sableye uses Confuse Ray

8d 5h 54m vs Acerola! Fearow vs Sableye

8d 5h 49m We enter Acerola's Chamber first this time

8d 5h 46m We're wandering around the main lobby

8d 5h 35m Run 30 Begin's

8d 5h 26m Raticate down! Run Over

8d 5h 26m Raticate is sent out

8d 5h 25m Lycanroc uses it's Z Move to KO Ribombee

8d 5h 25m Lycanroc is sent out

8d 5h 25m Carbink is KO'd

8d 5h 25m Ribombee is sent out

8d 5h 24m Zygarde Wakes up and brings Carbink to low HP, Gets KO'd by Moonblast

8d 5h 23m Relicanth uses Yawn on Zygarde, Zygarde KO's Relicanth but falls asleep. Raticate to Lv 65

8d 5h 22m vs Olivia! Its Zygarde (10%) vs Relicanth

8d 5h 21m We enter Olivia's Chamber

8d 5h 14m Driftblim is KO'd in 2 turns! Acerola defeated!

8d 5h 14m Drifblim is sent out

8d 5h 13m Pallossand is KO'd in 2 turns

8d 5h 13m Palossand is sent out

8d 5h 13m Dhelmise is KO'd in 2 turns

8d 5h 13m Dhelmise is sent out

8d 5h 12m Raticate OHKO's Frosslass

8d 5h 12m Frosslass is sent out

8d 5h 12m Raticate KO's Sabeleye

8d 5h 11m We send out Raticate

8d 5h 10m Ariados goes down to Sableye's Zen Headbutt

8d 5h 9m We open up with using our Z Move on Sabeleye. It doesn't go down, and gets a Fully healed

8d 5h 8m vs Acerola! Its Sabeleye vs Ariados

8d 5h 7m We enter Acerola's Chamber

8d 5h 3m Oricorio goes down! Kahili Defeated!

8d 5h 2m ORicorio is sent out

8d 5h 2m Crobat goes downn to Zygarde's Thousand Arrows

8d 5h 2m Zygarde is sent out! Crobat is sent out by the foe

8d 5h 1m Zygarde to Lv 61

8d 5h 1m Solgaleo KO'd by Burn Damage, KO's Toucannon from Flare Blitz!

8d 5h 0m Toucannon uses Beak Blast and it burns Solgaleo

8d 5h 0m Toucannon is sent out

8d 4h 59m Mandibuzz goes down, but Solgaleo is low on HP

8d 4h 57m Skarmory goes down! Mandibuzz is sent out

8d 4h 55m vs Kahili! Its Skarmory vs Solgaleo

8d 4h 55m We enter Kahili's Chamber

8d 4h 52m Raticate to Lv 64

8d 4h 52m Bewear KO'd! Hala Defeated

8d 4h 52m Bewear sent out!

8d 4h 52m Solgaleo to Lv 64

8d 4h 52m Ribombee to Lv 69

8d 4h 51m Ribombee uses Draining Kiss on Primeape to a few times to restore some HP and KO it

8d 4h 51m Primeape sent out

8d 4h 50m Poliwrath KO'd by Dazzling GLeam

8d 4h 50m Poliwrath sent out

8d 4h 50m Crabominable sent out, It gets KO'd quickly as it came out

8d 4h 50m Ribombee KO's Hariyama

8d 4h 49m Ribombee is sent out

8d 4h 49m Fearow KO'd by Hariyama

8d 4h 48m vs Hala! Hariyama vs Fearow

8d 4h 47m We enter Hala's chamber

8d 4h 45m Run #29 Beings

8d 4h 40m Lycanroc uses its Z-Move on Ribombee! Ribombee KO'd! Run over

8d 4h 39m Lycanroc (Midnight) sent out

8d 4h 39m Golem goes down!

8d 4h 38m Ribombee is sent out

8d 4h 38m Raticate gets steamrolled too much, gets KO'd

8d 4h 37m Relicanth is swapped out for Golem, Raticate is put to sleep from Yawn from the previous turn, and then Golem Steamrolls over Raticate

8d 4h 36m vs Olivia! Its Relicanth vs Raticate!

8d 4h 35m We enter Olivia's Chamber

8d 4h 32m Drifblin KO'd! Acerola defeated!

8d 4h 31m Drifblim is sent out

8d 4h 31m Dhelmise is KO'd by Raticate's Sucker Punch!

8d 4h 31m Dhelmise is sent out

8d 4h 31m Raticate KO's Pallosand thanks to a Critical Hit

8d 4h 30m Raticate is sent out

8d 4h 29m Ariados goes down to Pallosand's Earth Power

8d 4h 29m Ariados uses its Z Move to bring Pollosand to the Red. Palossand continues to use Iron Defense before being Full Restored

8d 4h 27m Polossand sent out

8d 4h 27m Ariados to Lv 72

8d 4h 27m Frosslass goes down to Leech Life

8d 4h 25m Frosslass sent out

8d 4h 25m Sabeleye down

8d 4h 23m vs Acerola! Its Sabelye vs Ariados

8d 4h 22m We enter Acerola's Room!

8d 4h 20m Ribombee KO's Crobat! Kahili defeated!

8d 4h 20m Crobat is sent out

8d 4h 19m Ribombee is sent out, KO's Toucannon, Levels up to lv 68!

8d 4h 18m Toucannon uses its Z Move to KO Zygarde

8d 4h 18m Toucannon is sent out!

8d 4h 18m Raticate to Lv 63

8d 4h 18m Mandibuzz goes down.

8d 4h 17m Mandibuzz is brought back out

8d 4h 17m Oricinio goes down

8d 4h 16m Ariados is sent out, and then swapped for Zygarde

8d 4h 16m Nebby is KO'd

8d 4h 15m Mandibuzz is swapped out for Oricorio

8d 4h 14m Mandibuzz is sent out

8d 4h 13m Skarmory goes down to Solgaleo's Flare Blitz

8d 4h 12m vs Kahili! Its Skarmory vs Solgaleo

8d 4h 10m We enter Kahili's chamber

8d 4h 7m Hala Defeated

8d 4h 7m Bewear is sent out! KO'd by Ribbombee's Dazzling Gleam!

8d 4h 7m Primeape goes down to Draining Kiss

8d 4h 6m PRimeape sent out

8d 4h 6m Ribombee KO's Polywrath!

8d 4h 6m Zygarde to Lv 60

8d 4h 6m Fearow down to Crabominable's Ice Hammer

8d 4h 5m Hariyama goes down to Drill Peck

8d 4h 4m vs Hala Hariyama vs Fearow

8d 4h 4m We enter Hala's Chamber

8d 4h 2m Run 28 begins

8d 3h 59m Drifblem KO's Ribombee! Run #27 Over!

8d 3h 57m Drifblem is sent out

8d 3h 57m Ribombee is sent out! Dazzling Gleam KO's Dhelmise!

8d 3h 56m It KO's Raticate

8d 3h 56m Dhelmise is sent out

8d 3h 56m Raticate KO's Polossand

8d 3h 56m Raticate is sent out

8d 3h 55m Ariados goes down to Polossand's Earth Power

8d 3h 54m Palossand is sent out

8d 3h 53m One More Leech Life KO's Frosslass

8d 3h 53m Ariados slows down Frosslass and begins spamming Leech Life on it, nearly KO'ing Frosslass

8d 3h 51m Froslass is sent out

8d 3h 51m Ariados KO's Sableye

8d 3h 50m vs Acerola! Its Sabeleye vs Ariados

8d 3h 49m We enter Acerola's Chamber

8d 3h 47m Raticate comes in, KO's ORicorio! Kahili defeated! Ribombee to Lv 67

8d 3h 46m Oricorio comes out, KO's Zygarde

8d 3h 46m Crobat goes down! Raticate to Lv 62, Ariados to Lv 71

8d 3h 44m We then switch into Zygarde (10%)

8d 3h 43m We switch into Ariados

8d 3h 42m Raticate is sent out! Kahili sends out Crobat

8d 3h 42m Toucannon goes down, Solgaleo goes down to burn too!!

8d 3h 41m Toucannon is sent out

8d 3h 40m Solgaleo is confused but continues to use Sunsteel Strike on Mandibuzz, KO

8d 3h 39m Mandibuzz is sent out

8d 3h 38m Skarmory goes down after 3 Flare Blitz

8d 3h 38m Solgaleo opens up with Flare Blitz, Skarmory opens up with Spikes

8d 3h 37m vs Kahili! Its Skarmory vs Ribombee

8d 3h 35m We enter Kahili's chamber

8d 3h 34m Ribombee finishes things up by KO'ing Bewear! Hala Defeated

8d 3h 33m Bewear is sent out

8d 3h 33m PRimeape is sent out! Quickly KO'd by Ribombee

8d 3h 33m Solgaleo to Lv 63

8d 3h 33m Poliwrath down

8d 3h 33m Crabominable KO's by Ribombee! Poliwrath is sent out

8d 3h 32m Crabominable is sent out

8d 3h 32m Ribombee KO's Hariyama

8d 3h 31m Ribombee is sent out

8d 3h 30m Hariyama KO's Fearow

8d 3h 29m vs Hala! Its Fearow vs Hariyama

8d 3h 28m We enter Hala's Chamber

8d 3h 27m Run #27 Begins

8d 3h 23m Solgaleo KO'd Run # 26 over

8d 3h 21m Sableye goes down

8d 3h 20m vs Acerola! Its Sableye vs Solgaleo

8d 3h 18m We enter Acerola's chamber

8d 3h 12m solgaleo KO's Bewear. Hala Defeated

8d 3h 11m Solgaleo is sent out

8d 3h 10m Ariados is KO'd by Bewear!

8d 3h 8m Ariados KO's Primeape! Bewear is sent out

8d 3h 7m Ariados sent out

8d 3h 4m Zygarde sent out, Primeape KO's it

8d 3h 3m Raticate goes down! Recoil from Submission also KO's Poliwrath

8d 3h 0m Raticate sent out

8d 2h 59m WaterFall KO's Ribombee

8d 2h 58m Hala's Crab goes down! Poliwrath is sent out

8d 2h 58m Ribombee is sent out

8d 2h 58m Fearow KO'd by Hala's Crab

8d 2h 57m Drill Peck KO's Hariyama! Ribombee to Lv 66

8d 2h 57m vs Hala! Fearow vs Hariyama

8d 2h 54m Run # 26 begins!

8d 2h 46m We back infront of the Pokémon League's Pokémon Center

8d 2h 44m We flew to Route 5

[Info] That Carbink was a wild Pokémon that visited Poké Pelago; we didn't catch it normally.

8d 2h 39m We get a Carbink! Nickname: !!!!!kddeej

8d 2h 22m We fly to Tapu Village

8d 2h 12m We give Fearow a Flyinium Z

8d 2h 9m We turn EXP Share off

8d 2h 7m We enter Festival Plaza

8d 2h 5m Ariados goes down! Run #25 over!

8d 2h 2m Ariados sent out

8d 2h 2m Raticate KO'd!!

8d 2h 1m Raticate sent out

8d 2h 0m Bewear KO's Solgaleo

8d 1h 59m Zygarde goes down to Outrage from Primape! Solgaleo is sent out to KO Primape! Its Bewear vs Solgaleo now!

8d 1h 57m Zygarde did not learn Camouflage! Ariados to Lv 70

8d 1h 57m Zygarde KO's Poliwhirl! Zygarde to Lv 59

8d 1h 55m Ribombee gets KO'd by Poliwhirl!

8d 1h 55m Raticate to Lv 61

8d 1h 54m Ribombee is sent out

8d 1h 54m Fearow is KO'd by Hala's Crab

8d 1h 54m Fearow KO's Hariyama! Crabominable is sent out

8d 1h 52m vs Hala! Its Fearow vs Hariyama!

8d 1h 52m We enter Hala's chamber

8d 1h 51m Run #25 begins!

8d 1h 46m Ribombee down! Attempt 24 over

8d 1h 43m Ribombee is sent out

8d 1h 42m Carbink then KO's Zygarde

8d 1h 42m Carbink sets up a Reflect, Zygarde uses 2 Thousand Arrows. Reflect saves Carbink from being KO'd, and Olivia heals Carbink

8d 1h 41m Carbink is sent out

8d 1h 41m Lycanroc KO'd

8d 1h 40m Zygarde (10%) sent out

8d 1h 40m Lycanroc (Midnight) sent out! It KO's Ariados!

8d 1h 39m Ariados uses Leech Life to KO Relicanth

8d 1h 38m Ariados opens up with Toxic Thread to slow down Relicanth

8d 1h 38m vs Olivia! Its Relicanth vs Ariados

8d 1h 36m We enter Oliva's chamber

8d 1h 30m Zygarde comes in and KO's Crobat! Kahili defeated!

8d 1h 29m Raticate down!

8d 1h 29m Raticate KO's the Toucan Pokémon! Raticate is burned! Crobat is sent out!

8d 1h 28m Raticate is sent out

8d 1h 27m Solgaleo goes down to recoil from Flare Blitz!

8d 1h 27m Mandibuz and ORicorio goes down! Toucannon is sent out!

8d 1h 26m Nebby to Lv 62

8d 1h 25m Its now Nebby vs Oricorio

8d 1h 24m Mandibuz is switched out for Oricorio

8d 1h 23m Skarmory goes down! Mandibuzz is sent out! Flatter is used to confuse Nebby

8d 1h 22m Nebby opens up with Flare Blitz! It takes Skarmory to the red. Skarmoary sets up with Spikes and then Full Heals

8d 1h 20m vs Kahili! Its Skarmory vs Nebby

8d 1h 16m We enter Kahili's Chamber

8d 1h 14m Dazzling Gleam KO's the bear! Hala defeated! *Zygarde to Lv 58!

8d 1h 13m Bewear is sent out!

8d 1h 13m The Bee quickly KO's the ape!

8d 1h 13m Primeape sent out!

8d 1h 12m Poliwrath goes down to Dazzling Gleam! Ribombee to Lv 65!

8d 1h 12m Poliwrath is sent out

8d 1h 12m It takes out Hala's Crab

8d 1h 11m Rimbombee is sent out!

8d 1h 11m Ice Hammer KO's Fearrow!

8d 1h 11m Hariyama goes down to Drill Peck! Crabominable is sent out!

8d 1h 10m vs Hala! Its Hariyama vs Fearow!

8d 1h 9m We enter Hala's chamber!

8d 1h 8m Attempt #24 Begins!

8d 1h 3m Raticate sent out. Raticate fainted! We blacked out! Attempt #23 over!

8d 1h 1m Carbink is sent out next. Zygarde fainted!

8d 0h 59m We take it down to yellow, it uses Yawn. Another Thousand Arrows takes it out but we fall asleep. Raticate grew to level 60!

8d 0h 59m Vs Olivia! Zygarde vs Relicanth!

8d 0h 54m Palossand fainted! Just Drifblim left. Driflim goes down! Acerola defeated!

8d 0h 54m We get a def drop on Crunch. Dhelmise fainted! Palossand is sent out next.

8d 0h 53m Raticate sent out. Froslass taken out. Dhelmise comes out next.

8d 0h 51m It Baton Passes its boosts to Froslass. We Toxic Thread Froslass. Ariados fainted!

8d 0h 50m Full Restore gets used. We keep attacking as it uses Amnesia and Ominous Wind.

8d 0h 49m We attack Froslass but it gets withdrawn. Drifblim is out next. We Sucker Punch it.

8d 0h 48m Ariados grew to level 69! Froslass out next.

8d 0h 47m Leech Life takes it down to red. Full Restore used on Sableye. Another Leech Life takes it that low again but it uses Zen Headbutt. Thankfully we're still in green health. Another Leech Life finishes off Sableye.

8d 0h 47m Vs Acerola! Ariados vs Sableye.

8d 0h 41m We crit with Thousand Arrows! Oricorio defeated! Kahili defeated!

8d 0h 40m Zygarde sent out. Thankfully Thousand Arrows hits flying enemies. Crobat gets taken out. Zygarde grew to level 57! Oricorio out next.

8d 0h 39m Ribombee is out next. Toucannon is taken out. Raticate grew to level 59! Crobat is sent out but Dazzling Gleam doesn't hurt a lot. Ribombee fainted!

8d 0h 38m Solgaleo fainted!

8d 0h 37m Solgaleo is down to red but Mandibuzz gets taken down. Toucannon is sent out next.

8d 0h 36m Flatter boosts our Special Attack but makes us confused. We attack ourselves. Mandibuzz's Brave Bird doesn't hurt us a whole lot.

8d 0h 35m Flare Blitz hurts the Skarmory. Khailii uses a Full Restore but it goes down eventually. Mandibuzz out next.

8d 0h 33m Vs Kahili! Solgaleo vs Skarmory.

8d 0h 30m Hala defeated!

8d 0h 29m Next out is Primeape. It quickly goes down. Bewear is sent out next. Dazzling Gleam also takes it out in one shot.

8d 0h 28m Ribombee out next. It takes down Crabominable! Ribombee grew to level 64! Poliwrath is sent out. Dazzling Gleam takes care of it.

8d 0h 27m Crabominable is out next. Drill Peck takes it down to 1/4th health remaining. Fearow fainted!

8d 0h 27m Solgaleo forgot Noble Roar and learned Flare Blitz!

8d 0h 27m Hariyama defeated! Solgaleo grew to level 61!

8d 0h 26m Vs Hala! Fearow vs Hariyama!

8d 0h 22m Entered E4. Attempt #23!

8d 0h 17m Raticate Crunches everything standing in its way. Dhelmise goes down. But the next Pokemon is too much. Raticate fainted! We black out! Attempt #22 is over!

8d 0h 16m Raticate is sent out. We use our Z-Poiwer on Froslass, taking it down. Dhelmise is out next.

8d 0h 14m Ribombee is sent out. Sableye goes down! Raticate grew to level 58! Froslass out next. Dazzling Gleam takes it to yellow, Blizzard does the same against us. We attack ourselves in confusion! Ribombee fainted!

8d 0h 13m Solgaleo fainted!

8d 0h 12m Vs Acerola! Solgaleo vs Sableye.

[Info] I believe this is the first time we defeated two Elite 4 members.

8d 0h 9m We take down Golem. Olivia defeated!

8d 0h 8m We use normal Z-Power but it doesn't do a lot. Fearow fainted!

8d 0h 7m We send out Fearow against Golem.

8d 0h 7m Lycanroc uses it's Z-Power. Ariados fainted! But Lycanroc goes down to poison! Fearow grew to level 64!

8d 0h 6m Ariados is sent out next.

8d 0h 5m Carbink defeated. Lycanroc is out next. It uses Counter and takes us out! Zyguard fainted!

8d 0h 4m Probopass down! Zyguard grew to level 56! Carbink out next.

8d 0h 3m Solgaleo withdrawn for Zyguard.

8d 0h 0m Used Max Revive on Fearow! Solgaleo still stalling things out with Probopass.

7d 23h 54m We finish Relicanth off with our final Sunsteel Stike PP. Out next is Probopass.

7d 23h 52m Solgaleo vs Relicanth. We attack and its Hydro Pump misses. Two Sunsteel Strikes take it to red, Olivia uses Full Restore. Solgaleo falls asleep!

7d 23h 51m Talking to Olivia. Vs Olivia!

7d 23h 47m A Dazzling Gleam drops it down to very low health. Full Restore gets used on Bewear. This time Dazzling Gleam takes it out in one shot. Hala defeated!

7d 23h 47m Ariados grew to level 68! Primeape out next. Draining Kiss takes it out in one hit with a crit! Ribombee healed up to full. Bewear is sent out.

7d 23h 46m Ribombee sent out. Crabominable taken out. Ribombee grew to level 63! Poliwrath out next. Poliwrath goes down!

7d 23h 45m We attack and a Full Restore gets used. Another Drill Peck takes it down. Crabominable out next. Drill Peck takes it down to yellow. Fearow fainted!

7d 23h 44m Vs Hala! Fearow vs Hariyama!

7d 23h 41m Entered E4. Attempt #22!

7d 23h 38m We exit the Pokemon Center and head back towards the E4.

7d 23h 34m Solgaleo fainted! We blacked out!

7d 23h 32m Solgaleo sent out. We use a Berry Juice on it.

7d 23h 29m Crabominable is out next. Dazzing Gleam leaves it with a tiny sliver of health left. Ribombee fainted!

7d 23h 29m Ribombee is sent out. Dazzing Gleam takes it down to red. Close Combat barely dents us. Full Restore used on Hariyama, another Dazzing Gleam takes it down.

7d 23h 27m Fearow fainted!

7d 23h 26m Vs Hala! Fearow vs Hariyama.

7d 23h 21m Olivia defeated!

7d 23h 20m Golem defeated. Solgaleo grew to level 60! Relicanth is sent out next. (It was withdrawn before instead of being defeated.)

7d 23h 18m Ribombee is sent out.

[Info] Unfortunately, the only attack Solgaleo has is Sunsteel Strike, which has 5 PP. Its other three moves are Sleep Talk, Noble Roar, and Cosmic Power.

7d 23h 12m Probopass is defeated and so is Relicanth. Golem out next.

7d 23h 7m Carbink is defeated. Probopass is out next.

7d 23h 6m Zyguard fainted! Solgaleo is out next.

[Fluff] FelkCraft restarted the winamp file, booting up the final song of PBR before Sun started

7d 23h 5m Zyguard sent out. Lycanroc goes down! Carbink out next.

7d 23h 4m Ariados fainted!

7d 23h 3m Revive used on Fearow somehow

7d 23h 2m We use a Potion on Raticate. It doesn't help. Raticate fainted!

7d 23h 0m Raticate is sent out. Relicanth is withdrawn. Lycanroc is sent out.

7d 22h 58m Still asleep. Another Ancient Power takes us out. Fearow Fainted!

7d 22h 57m A second Drill Run takes it to red. Ancient Power takes us to half health but we fall asleep due to yawn. Full Restore used by Olivia.

7d 22h 57m Vs Olivia! Fearow vs Relicanth! We Drill Run but it doesn't even get it below half.

7d 22h 56m We return to the E4. Attempt #21!

[Snark] Nigel denies he is lazy as he has Machamp carry him a few feet, then hops on Charizard to move back those few feet

7d 22h 37m Left Pokemon Center.

7d 22h 36m Stream back.

7d 22h 36m Stream down.

7d 22h 35m Left PC.

7d 22h 35m PC turned on.

7d 22h 34m Zygarde fainted! Black out! Attempt #20 over!

7d 22h 33m Talking to Acerola! Vs Acerola! Zygarde vs Sableye.

7d 22h 28m Ariados now has Darkium Z.

7d 22h 27m Raticate now has Darkium Z.

7d 22h 24m Fearow now has Normalium Z.

7d 22h 18m Fearow now has Flyingium Z.

7d 22h 16m Zygarde has Normalium Z now as well.

7d 22h 15m Ariados now has Normalium Z.

[Snark] E4 too scary, best retreat to DIDNEY WORL Jebaited

7d 22h 9m Solgaleo now has Groundium Z.

[Snark] Steelium Z is a bad idea for Solgaleo. I know, let's give it this Steelium Z!

7d 22h 4m Gave Steelium Z to Solgaleo and Ribombee!

7d 22h 0m Relicanth is out next and it fainted. Olivia defeated!

7d 21h 59m Enemy Golem fainted! Zyguard grew to level 55! It wants to learn Earthquake! It did not learn Earthquake.

7d 21h 59m Probopass goes down! Golem is out next. Another Thousand Arrows takes it down to yellow.

7d 21h 58m Zygarde is sent out. Lycanroc is taken down. Probopass is out next. Another Thousand Arrows takes it down to 1 HP due to Sturdy.

7d 21h 56m Ribombee is sent out Ribombee fainted!

7d 21h 55m Ariados fainted!

7d 21h 52m Ariados is sent out. Carbink goes down! Lycanroc is sent out next.

7d 21h 51m Raticate is sent out. Raticate fainted!

7d 21h 48m Fearow fainted!

7d 21h 46m Relicanth is withdrawn for Carbink. We withdraw Raticate for Fearow.

7d 21h 43m Solgaeo fainted! Raticate comes out.

7d 21h 41m We bring Relicanth low but Olivia uses a Full Restore. Solgaleo gets put to sleep.

7d 21h 40m Vs Olivia! Solgaleo vs Relicanth!

7d 21h 36m Entered the E4. Attempt #20!

7d 21h 29m We left the Pokemon Center and are headed back towards the E4 once more.

7d 21h 27m Solgaleo fainted! We blacked out! Attempt #19 is over!

7d 21h 25m Fearow fainted! Solgaleo is out next.

7d 21h 23m Fearow is sent out. Carbink fainted! Lycanroc out next.

7d 21h 19m Zygarde fainted!

7d 21h 18m Zygarde is sent out. We take Carbink low but Olivia uses a Full Restore!

7d 21h 17m A few Power Gems takes us out! Ribombee fainted!

7d 21h 15m Raticate fainted! Ribombee is sent out next.

7d 21h 11m Raticate is sent out. Probopass is withdrawn. Carbink is sent out.

7d 21h 10m Ariados fainted!

7d 21h 6m Withdrew Solgaleo. Ariados out next. There's a Sandstorm raging in the colosseum.

7d 21h 4m Relicanth down! Raticate grew to level 57!! Probopass out next.

7d 21h 2m Solgaleo asleep due to yawn. Olivia uses a Full Restore.

7d 21h 1m Talking to Olivia. Vs Olivia! Solgaleo vs Relicanth.

7d 20h 59m Entered E4! Attempt #19!

7d 20h 51m Wandering outside of Pokemon Center.

[Meta] Updater going dark until somebody takes over

7d 20h 46m Ribomber OHKO'd, black out!

7d 20h 45m Palossand sent in

7d 20h 44m Ribomber in, defeats Dhelmise grows to level 62

7d 20h 43m Ratticate faints

7d 20h 43m Dhelmise in

7d 20h 43m Froslass faints to Crunch

7d 20h 42m The Crunch offensive continues, bringing Froslass down to yellow

7d 20h 42m Froslass in

7d 20h 41m Sableye faints to a third Crunch

7d 20h 41m Sableye heals and survives another Crunch

7d 20h 40m Sableye barely holds on after a Crunch

7d 20h 40m Ratticate tries using Super Fang, but it fails. Sableye uses confuse ray

7d 20h 40m Ratticate sent in

7d 20h 39m Zydoge down

7d 20h 39m Zydoge V Sableye

7d 20h 38m Vs Elite Four Acerola

7d 20h 32m Golem down, Olivia defeated

7d 20h 31m Golem heals, OHKO prevented by Sturdy

7d 20h 31m Golem in, barely survives a Thousand Arrows

7d 20h 30m Lycanroc sent out, healed of poison, taken out by Thousand Arrows

7d 20h 30m Carbink faints without an attack to 2 Thousand Arrows.Zydoge to level 54

7d 20h 29m Lycanroc swapped out for Carbink

7d 20h 29m Zydoge sent in

7d 20h 28m Ariados faints

7d 20h 27m Ariados sent in, Lycanroc puts her in the red but she strikes back by poisoning Lycanroc

7d 20h 25m OHKO! Fearow down

7d 20h 25m OHKO! Lycanroc sent out

7d 20h 24m Sent out Fearow, Probopass paralyses with Thunder Wave

7d 20h 24m Solgaleo faints

7d 20h 21m Solgaleo uses Sleep Talk, which turns into Cosmic Power. Sandstorm in the arena now

7d 20h 20m Final Sunsteel strike, Reclianth down, but Solgaleo falls asleep. Probopass up next

7d 20h 19m 2 Sunsteel Strikes brings Reclianth down to yellow health. Olivia heals in time for a third Sunsteel strike

7d 20h 16m Run #18. First up is Olivia. Reclianth v Solgaleo

[Meta] Updater going offline again till someone takes over.

[Fluff] Kappa //

[Fluff] Let's give a round of applause for Sandy!

7d 20h 7m Zydoge OHKO'd! Black out!

7d 20h 6m Zydoge is our last Mon standing

7d 20h 6m Raticate takes an All Out Pummeling and gets knocked out

7d 20h 5m Sent out Raticate

7d 20h 3m Ariados down to ice hammer

7d 20h 2m Sent out Ariados

7d 20h 1m Fearow knocked out

7d 20h 0m Fearow leveled up to level 63! Fearow is also up against Crabominable

7d 19h 59m Ribombe down!

7d 19h 59m Primeape OHKO'd! Crambominable up

7d 19h 58m Send out Ribombe

7d 19h 58m Primeape takes out Solgaleo

7d 19h 57m Solgaleo takes out Hariyama with Sunsteel Strike. SE to level 56 Primeape up.

7d 19h 56m Solgaleo vs Hariyama

7d 19h 55m Versus Hala

7d 19h 54m Entered E4 chamber. Run 17

7d 19h 48m Zydoge down! Black out!

7d 19h 47m Versus Acerola

7d 19h 29m Gave Electrium Z to Raticate to hold.

7d 19h 23m Relicanth down! Olivia defeated!

7d 19h 22m Zygarde down to red. Golem wiped out after 2 Thousand Arrows. Relicanth comes out.

7d 19h 22m Lycanroc down to Zygarde's Thousand Arrows. Golem up

7d 19h 21m Olivia sends Lycanroc back out.

7d 19h 21m Carbink down! Zygarde grows to level 53!

7d 19h 20m Olivia switches into Carbink.

7d 19h 20m Zygarde, our last standing Mon, is up.

7d 19h 20m Ariados down!

7d 19h 19m Up against Olivia currently. She still has 4 active Mons while most of our team is wiped out. Ariados with only 13HP is up against her Lycanroc.

[Meta] Updater will go dark for a bit until someone takes over

7d 18h 53m We enter the Pokemon League again. Attempt #16

7d 18h 38m Ribombee hangs on with 6HP after a second Waterfall, and we use Pollen Puff. Another attack from Poliwrath knocks out Ribombee. Black out

7d 18h 37m Poliwrath is sent out, and we use Draining Kiss. It does around 1/3 of its HP. It uses Waterfall, which drops us down to the yellow.

7d 18h 37m Crabominable is sent out, and we use Dazzling Gleam, which takes it down to the red. A Draining Kiss KO's Crabominable

7d 18h 37m Ribombee grows to Level 61

7d 18h 36m Hala uses a Full Restore as we use Dazzling Gleam. A critical hit OHKO's Hariyama

7d 18h 35m We are outhealing Hariyama's damage with Draining Kiss

7d 18h 35m Hariyama uses Fake Out, and we flinch. We then use Draining Kiss and get some of our health back.

7d 18h 35m Vs Elite Four Hala

7d 18h 33m We enter Hala's chamber

7d 18h 33m We enter Didney Worl (Festival Plaza)

[Info] This is attempt #15

7d 18h 29m A Pollen Puff knocks out Golem. Olivia defeated!

7d 18h 29m We send out Ribombee and use Draining Kiss. We exchange hits with Thunder Punch.

7d 18h 26m Ariados faints to Thunder Punch

7d 18h 26m Ariados is in the red

7d 18h 25m Olivia sends out Golem. We use Sucker Punch which doesn't do much at all, as it uses Thunder Punch.

7d 18h 24m Carbink sets up another Reflect as we use Agility. We use Leech Life and Carbink goes down

7d 18h 23m We use Toxic Thread to poison Carbink. It uses Power Gem which does around 50HP.

7d 18h 23m We send out Ariados

7d 18h 22m We try using a Potion to no effect, as another Moonblast knocks out Raticate

7d 18h 20m We use Super Fang which brings Carbink down to the low Yellow. It uses Moonblast which does around half. Another SUper Fang brings it down into the red, while more Moonblasts come out.

7d 18h 20m We send out Raticate

7d 18h 19m Another Thousand Arrows brings Carbink down to about half HP, while another Moonblast knocks out Zygarde

7d 18h 19m We use a Thousand Arrows which doesn't do much, and Carbink uses Moonblast, which does about half.

7d 18h 18m She sends out Carbink. We try using Core Enforcer to no effect, and Carbink sets up a Reflect.

7d 18h 18m Another Thousand Arrows knocks out Lycanroc

7d 18h 17m Olivia uses a Full Restore as we use another Thousand Arrows which brings it down to the yellow.

7d 18h 16m We use Thousand Arrows which almost knocks out Lycanroc, as it tries to use Rock Climb. We avoid it.

7d 18h 16m We send out Zygarde.

7d 18h 14m Olivia sends out Lycanroc. We use Drill Run which does around a third, as Olivia uses her Z move on Fearow. Fearow down

7d 18h 14m We use Drill Run and bring Probopass down to the yellow. It retaliates with Power Gem which does around 1/4 of our health. Another Drill Run knocks out Probopass

7d 18h 13m We send out Fearow

7d 18h 12m We use another Noble Roar as Earth Power knocks out Solgaleo

7d 18h 12m We are stuck in paralysis again as more Earth Powers come out from Probopass.

7d 18h 11m We use Noble Roar as Probopass lands a critical Earth Power. We're down to the red now.

7d 18h 10m Probopass uses Earth Power which doesn't do much thanks to the Cosmic Powers. We can't move because of Paralysis as Probopass sets up a Sandstorm.

7d 18h 10m We use Cosmic Power and Probopass lands a Thunder Wave to paralyse Solgaleo.

7d 18h 9m We try using SLeep Talk only for it to fail. Probopass uses Thunder Wave but we dodge.

7d 18h 9m Olivia sends out Probopass.

7d 18h 9m We use our final Sunsteel Strike and knock out Relicanth

7d 18h 8m We wake up and use Sunsteel Strike. It brings Relicanth back down to the red, and it lands another Hydro Pump.

7d 18h 7m We use a second Sleep Talk and we use Cosmic Power again. Hydro Pump connects and does around 30HP damage.

7d 18h 7m We use Sleep Talk and it gives us Cosmic Power. Relicanth tries using Hydro Pump but it misses.

7d 18h 6m Olivia uses a Full Restore as we use a third Sunsteel Strike to bring it back to a little over half. Solgaleo falls asleep.

7d 18h 6m We use a second Sunsteel Strike to bring Relicanth down to the red. It uses Yawn on us.

7d 18h 5m She leads with Relicanth as we lead with Solgaleo. We use Sunsteel Strike which does a little under half.

7d 18h 5m Vs Elite Four Olivia!

7d 18h 3m We are in Olivia's chamber

[Info] 7d 17h 50m We are checkpointed on the top of the mountain near the Pokemon League entrance.

7d 17h 49m We use Sucker Punch again as it uses Earth Power a second time to knock out Ariados. Black out

7d 17h 49m Acerola sends out Palossand. We use Sucker Punch and take out a decent amount of health. Palossand uses Earth Power and we hang on in the red

7d 17h 48m Ariados grows to Level 67

7d 17h 48m We try using Sucker Punch and we knock out Froslass

7d 17h 47m We use Sucker Punch as it fails. Froslass used Confuse Ray again

7d 17h 47m Shadow Ball comes out from Froslass as we use another Toxic Thread

7d 17h 47m Froslass uses Confuse Ray as we hit ourselves in confusion

7d 17h 46m Acerola uses a Full Restore as we use Toxic Thread to poison Froslass and lower its speed

7d 17h 45m We send out Ariados as our last Pokemon

7d 17h 44m We send out Ribombee and use Draining Kiss. Froslass uses Blizzard and Bee hangs on with 5HP. We then use Dazzling Gleam to take it down to red while another Blizzard knocks out Ribombee

7d 17h 40m One more Blizzard takes down Raticate

7d 17h 40m Froslass uses Blizzard and freezes Raticate

7d 17h 39m We send out Raticate

7d 17h 38m She sends out Froslass and uses Blizzard. Fearow faints

7d 17h 37m We use Drill Peck to take it down to Yellow as it retaliates and alse brings us down to yellow. One more Drill Peck finishes off Sableye

7d 17h 37m We use Confuse Ray thanks to Mirror Move. It uses Zen Headbutt and we lose about 1/3 of our health

7d 17h 37m It confuses us with Confuse Ray as we try to Mirror Move Fake Out, only for it to fail

7d 17h 36m We lead with Fearow as she leads with Sableye. It fakes us out and we flinch

7d 17h 36m Vs Elite Four Acerola!

7d 17h 32m We enter Acerola's room

7d 17h 25m Poliwrath is sent out. Dazzling Gleam crits. Waterfall takes us to yellow. Poliwrath goes down. Hala defeated!

7d 17h 24m Crabominable is out next. Ice Hammer misses. Crabominable is taken out.

7d 17h 23m Ribombee sent out. Bewear taken down. Ribombee grew to level 60!

7d 17h 20m Zygarde is sent out. Zygarde fainted!

7d 17h 19m Full restore used on Bewear. Solgaleo fainted!

7d 17h 14m Solgaleo grew to level 59! It forgot Zen Headbutt for Noble Roar! Raticate grew to level 55!

7d 17h 13m It uses Fake Out. We Zen Headbutt and take it down. Primeape out next.

7d 17h 13m Vs Hala! Solgaleo vs Hariyama.

7d 17h 7m Arrived at E4. Attempt #14!

7d 17h 1m We enter the Pokémon Center.

7d 16h 59m We fly back to the Pokémon League Pokémon Center.

7d 16h 53m Left the Pokémon Center.

7d 16h 52m We walk away from the PC.

7d 16h 52m PC turned on.

7d 16h 50m In the Pokémon Center.

7d 16h 47m Got a Zygarde cell thing!

7d 16h 42m We fly back to Route 16.

7d 16h 40m We fly to Route 17.

7d 16h 40m We fly to Route 16.

7d 16h 32m We throw our final Ultra Ball at a wild Sneasel. No more balls remain.

7d 16h 28m No nickname.

7d 16h 28m We find another Absol and toss more Ultra Balls at it. Caught Absol!

7d 16h 25m We toss an Ultra Ball at a wild Absol, but it fails. We toss a few more. We catch Absol! Nickname: Abs

7d 16h 21m Left the Pokemon Center, we take the elevator down.

7d 16h 12m Zygarde is sent out. Zygarde fainted! Attempt #13 is over!

7d 16h 9m Ariados is sent out. Ariados fainted!

7d 16h 8m Raticate sent out. Raticate fainted!

7d 16h 7m Fearow is sent out. Fearow fainted!

7d 16h 5m Solgaleo fainted! Ribombee sent out. Crabominable sent out. We resume using items. Ribombee fainted!

[Info] Zygarde went up to 52.

7d 16h 03m Bewear sent out. We attack but start using items.

7d 16h 03m Solgaleo takes down Hariyama with one Zen Headbutt! Fearow also goes down. Fearow grew to 62! Zygarde leveled up!

7d 16h 02m Entered E4! Attempt #13! Vs Hala!

7d 15h 53m Ariados fainted! We black out! Attempt #12 over!

7d 15h 52m Froslass taken down with Sucker Punch. Palossand out next.

7d 15h 51m Ariados is sent out. We get confused.

7d 15h 49m Fearow takes out Sableye. Froslass out next. Blizzard takes us out. Fearow fainted!

7d 15h 47m Vs Acerola! Fearow vs Sableye.

7d 15h 43m Poliwrath is taken out. Hala defeated!

7d 15h 43m Ariados grew to level 66!

7d 15h 42m Zygarde fainted! Fearow is out next.

7d 15h 41m Zygarde is sent out. Crabominable defeated. Poliwrath out next.

7d 15h 40m Raticate is sent out. We Super Fang. Raticate fainted!

7d 15h 38m We Pollen Puff for little damage. Ice Hammer takes us out. Ribombee fainted!

7d 15h 37m Ribombee is sent out. Full Restore gets used and we Dazzling Gleam it down to red. A second Gleam takes it out.

7d 15h 36m Zen Headbutt takes it down. Bewear is out next. Hammer Arm drops us to 7 HP. Another Zen Headbutt flinches it. Bewear goes down to red. Solgaleo fainted!

7d 15h 34m Fake Out flinches, we Zen Headbutt. Not strong enough to one hit KO it just yet. Full Restore gets used and we Zen Headbutt again. Hariyama goes down. Primeape comes out next.

7d 15h 34m Vs Hala! Solgaleo vs Hariyama.

7d 15h 32m We return to the Elite Four. Attempt #12!

7d 15h 27m Ariados fainted! We black out! Attempt #11 over!

7d 15h 26m We Poison Palossand but we are taken down to yellow.

7d 15h 24m Ariados out next. We Poison and Sucker Punch it down. Palossand is sent out.

7d 15h 23m Raticate fainted!

7d 15h 22m We Sucker Punch, going first, and take down Froslass. Raticate grew to level 54! Dhelmise out next.

7d 15h 22m Froslass gets taken down to red, Full Restore used on it. Another Crunch takes it low again. Another Full Restore used. Crunch again.

7d 15h 20m Raticate sent out. Blizzard misses. Super Fang does nothing.

7d 15h 19m Sableye gets taken down and Froslass comes out. Blizzard takes us out. Fearow fainted!

7d 15h 18m Vs Acerola! Fearow vs Sableye.

7d 15h 15m Fearow takes down Poliwrath. Hala defeated!

7d 15h 14m Fearow sent out. Fearow grew to level 61! Poliwrath out next.

7d 15h 12m Ice Hammer misses, Crabominable goes down to red. The second Ice Hammer hits. Zygarde fainted!

7d 15h 10m Zygarde is sent out. Full Restore gets used on Crabominable.

7d 15h 7m Dazzling Gleam takes it down to red, but Ice Hammer is too much. Ribombee fainted!

7d 15h 7m Ribombee is sent out. Dazzling Gleam takes it down. Ribombee grew to level 59! Crabominable sent out.

7d 15h 6m Zen Headbutt misses. Solgaleo fainted!

7d 15h 5m Primeape sent out. Zen Headbutt takes it down. Solgaleo grew to level 58! Bewear sent out.

7d 15h 5m Zen Headbutt takes it to low health again, Close Combat takes us to around half. Hala uses Full Restore. A second Zen Headbutt takes it out.

7d 15h 4m Vs Hala! Solgaleo vs Hariyama. Fake Out flinches us.

7d 14h 59m Entered Elite Four. Attempt #11!

7d 14h 53m Raticate sent out. Raticate fainted! We blacked out! Run #10 over!

7d 14h 49m Ariados fainted!

7d 14h 48m Raticate comes out. Then is withdrawn for Ariados.

7d 14h 46m Raticate sent out. We withdraw for Zygarde again. A Z-move takes us out. Zygarde fainted!

7d 14h 44m Zygarde sent out. We withdraw for Fearow. Fearow fainted!

7d 14h 43m Crabominable sent out. Ribombee fainted!

7d 14h 42m Ariados grew to 65! Zygarde to 51! It didn't learn Crunch!

7d 14h 41m Ribombee is sent out. We Pollen Puff it down to red and he Full Restores. A Dazzling Gleam takes it out.

7d 14h 40m We crit on Zen Headbutt and flinch it. Hammer Arm takes us out. Nebby fainted!

7d 14h 39m Primeape out next. Cross Chop brings us to yellow. Zen Headbutt takes it down in one hit. Raticate grew to level 53! Bewear out next.

7d 14h 38m Fake Out flinches us. Zen Headbutt takes it down to very low. Hala uses Full Restore but it's defense dropped due to Close Combat. A second Zen Headbutt takes Hariyama down.

7d 14h 35m Vs Hala! Nebby vs Hariyama.

7d 14h 32m At Pokémon League Hub. Run Attempt #10

7d 14h 28m Back outside

7d 14h 27m Fearow faints. Nigel blacked out!

7d 14h 27m Drill Peck on Hariyama to red, Hariyama used Close Combat

7d 14h 26m Hariyama vs. Fearow

7d 14h 26m Challenging Hala

7d 14h 23m Back to the hub

7d 14h 22m Acerola defeated

7d 14h 21m Another Amnesia, Fearow's Drill Peck faints Drifblim. Aftermath activates

7d 14h 21m Drifblim used Amnesia, Fearow's Mirror Move fails

7d 14h 20m Fearow, Nigel's last remaining Pokémon, is sent out

7d 14h 19m Pollen Puff doesn't do much, Ominous Wind boosts Drifblim's stats. Ribombee faints

7d 14h 19m Another Dazzling Gleam to red, Ominous Wind brings Ribombee to red

7d 14h 18m Dazzling Gleam for Driftblim to yellow who uses Focus Energy

7d 14h 18m Dazzling Gleam on Drifblim, who uses Ominious wind. Ribombee to yellow

7d 14h 18m Drifblim sent out

7d 14h 17m Dazzling Gleam finishes Dhelmise

7d 14h 17m Dazzling Gleam on Dhelmise to red, Critical hit! Shadow Ball from Dhelmise on Ribombee

7d 14h 17m Ribombee sent out

7d 14h 17m Crunch on Dhelmise, Dhelmise used Energy Ball and Raticate faints

7d 14h 16m Dhelmise sent out

7d 14h 16m Assurance KOs Palossand

7d 14h 16m Crunch on Palossand, defense falls, Earth Power on Raticate to 60 HP. Poison brings Palossand to red

7d 14h 15m Raticate sent out

7d 14h 14m Toxic Thread on Palossand to poison and lower speed, Earth Power faints Ariados

7d 14h 14m Nigel wastes a turn with Potion, Earth Power on Ariados to 25 HP

7d 14h 13m Ariados still confused, gets in a Sucker Punch. Palossand uses Earth Power

7d 14h 13m Palossand sent out

7d 14h 12m Ariados gets in a Sucker Punch, KOs Froslass

7d 14h 12m Sucker Punch fails, Confuse Ray on Ariados

7d 14h 11m Ariados sent out

[Correction] The Pokémon that gained a level with Ribombee was Fearow

7d 14h 11m Froslass used Blizzard on Zygarde, Zygarde faints

7d 14h 10m Full Restore on Froslass, Thousand Arrows on Froslass

7d 14h 10m a Pokémon 60, Ribombee to 58 Zygarde dodges Blizzard from Froslass and used Core Enforcer on Froslass

7d 14h 9m Thousand Arrows finishes Sableye

7d 14h 9m Zygarde sent out

7d 14h 9m Nebby is confused and hits itself, Sableye crits another Shadow Claw. Nebby faints

7d 14h 8m Nebby used Sunsteel Strike on Sableye to red, Sableye responds with Shadow Claw crit

7d 14h 8m Full Restore on Sableye, Nebby is confused and hit itself

7d 14h 7m Sunsteel Strike on Sableye to red, Confuse Ray on Nebby

7d 14h 7m Sableye vs. Nebby the Solgaleo

7d 14h 6m Now challenging Acerola

7d 14h 6m Nebby forgot Crunch for Sleep Talk

7d 14h 1m This is now attempt #9 on the Elite Four

7d 13h 56m Back outside

7d 13h 55m Talking to a Starmie inside the Pokémon Center

7d 13h 55m Flew back to Mount Lanakila and checkpointed

7d 13h 52m Swimmer Sara is defeated

7d 13h 52m Nebby uses Crunch and Alomomola faints

7d 13h 51m Another Crunch critical hits Alomomola, Water Pulse confuses Nebby

7d 13h 51m Alomomola used Protect, Crunch from Nebby fails

7d 13h 51m Challenged by Swimmer Sara who sends out Alomomola

7d 13h 50m Pearl found

7d 13h 47m Into Secluded Shore again

7d 13h 46m Back onto Route 12

[Info] Nigel currently has ₽17,190

7d 13h 44m Zygarde Cell found

7d 13h 38m Surfing on a Sharpedo

7d 13h 37m Swimmer Robert defeated

7d 13h 37m Sandygast is next. Nebby's Crunch takes care of Sandygast

7d 13h 36m Another Sunsteel Strike and Whiscash faints

7d 13h 36m 7d 13h 35m Whiscash vs. Nebby. Sunsteel Strike brings Whiscash to red. Magnitude 6 hits Nebby

7d 13h 35m Challenged by Swimmer Robert

7d 13h 34m Back on Secluded Shore

7d 13h 33m Back on Route 12

7d 13h 33m Aspear Berry, Chesto Berry, and another Aspear Berry obtained

7d 13h 29m Nickname is: a1 s!!zy344! and sent to box

7d 13h 29m Male Lv. 28 Pelipper with Drizzle captured with Ultra Ball

7d 13h 25m Went to Secluded Shore

7d 13h 24m Onto Route 12

7d 13h 21m Onto Route 13

7d 13h 18m Flew to Tapu Village

7d 13h 16m Flew to Mount Lanakila

7d 13h 7m Then flew back to Tapu Village and went back inside Pokémon Center

7d 13h 6m Went back up a floor, and after some shuffling in the corners, Nigel is going along the path on a Tauros

7d 13h 3m And back down

7d 13h 3m Going up a floor

7d 13h 1m Went up to Mount Lanakila

7d 13h 0m Went back outside

7d 12h 59m Flew to Tapu Village and went inside Pokémon Center

7d 12h 55m Outside

7d 12h 54m Zygarde fainted. No more Pokémon. Black Out!

7d 12h 54m Another Core Enforcer on Palossand to yellow who uses Earth Power again

7d 12h 53m Core Enforcer used on Palossand who responds with Earth Power. Zygarde to 33 HP

7d 12h 53m Zygarde is sent out

7d 12h 52m Another light hit with Sucker Punch, Earth Power faints Ariados

7d 12h 52m Ariados snaps out of confusion and hits Palossand for a little damage, Earth Power brings Ariados down to yellow

7d 12h 51m Ariados hits itself this time, Palossand uses Iron Defense to buff its defense even further

7d 12h 51m Ariados is confused, Sucker Punch fails due to Palossand using Iron Defense

7d 12h 51m Palossand is sent out

7d 12h 50m Ariados is confused, Sucker Punch takes out Froslass

7d 12h 50m Sucker Punch fails because Froslass uses Confuse Ray on Ariados

7d 12h 50m Nigel sends out Ariados

7d 12h 48m Another Blizzard on Raticate, Raticate faints

7d 12h 48m Full Restore on Froslass, Sucker Punch fails

7d 12h 48m Froslass' Confuse Ray hits Raticate. Nigel's Z-Power activates but doesn't affect Froslass. Blizzard hits Raticate but Raticate snaps out of confusion and Crunches Froslass

7d 12h 47m Raticate is sent out

7d 12h 47m Ice Shard faints Fearow

7d 12h 46m Froslass is sent out

7d 12h 46m Drill Peck takes out Sableye

7d 12h 46m Drill Peck on Sableye to yellow, Zen Headbutt on Fearow, clutches with 3 HP

7d 12h 46m Fake Out flinches Fearow

7d 12h 45m Sableye vs. Fearow

7d 12h 45m Now challenging Acerola

7d 12h 42m Back to the hub

7d 12h 41m Hala is defeated

7d 12h 41m Raticate to Lv. 52

7d 12h 41m Drill Peck on Poliwrath, KOs Poliwrath

7d 12h 41m Drill Peck used on Poliwrath to low yellow, Waterfall on Fearow to yellow

7d 12h 41m Poliwrath is sent out

7d 12h 40m Drill Peck faints Crabominable

7d 12h 40m Fearow is sent out

7d 12h 39m Dazzling Gleam on Crabominable to low yellow, Ice Hammer faints Ribombee

7d 12h 39m Crabominable sent out

7d 12h 39m Zygarde to Lv. 50

7d 12h 39m Dazzling Gleam KOs Bewear

7d 12h 38m Full Restore used on Bewear, Dazzling Gleam on Bewear to low yellow

7d 12h 38m Draining Kiss on Bewear to red, Hammer Arm hits Ribombee this time

7d 12h 38m Pollen Puff used on Bewear. Bewear used Hammer Arm but avoided

7d 12h 37m Ribombee is sent out

7d 12h 37m Zen Headbutt on Bewear, Brutal Swing from Bewear faints Nebby

7d 12h 37m Ariados to Lv. 64

7d 12h 37m Cross Chop on Nebby to yellow, Zen Headbutt OHKOs Primeape

7d 12h 36m Primeape is sent out

7d 12h 36m Full Restore on Hariyama, Nebby's Zen Headbutt OHKOs Hariyama

7d 12h 36m Nebby used Zen Headbutt to bring Hariyama down to red. Close Combat on Nebby

7d 12h 35m Fake Out flinches Nebby

7d 12h 35m Hariyama vs. Nebby the Solgaleo

7d 12h 35m Now challenging Hala

7d 12h 30m This is Elite Four Attempt #8

7d 12h 22m No more Pokémon, Black out

7d 12h 22m Sucker Punch on Palossand, Earth Power takes out Ariados

7d 12h 22m Sucker Punch lands this time, Earth Power used, Ariados to red

7d 12h 21m Another failed Sucker Punch, Palossand used Iron Defense

7d 12h 21m Acerola uses Full Restore on Palossand, Ariados uses Sucker Punch which fails

7d 12h 21m Palossand uses Earth Power on Ariados, Poison brings the ghost down to red

7d 12h 20m Toxic Thread on Palossand to lower speed and Poison it

7d 12h 20m Ariados sent out

7d 12h 20m Earth Power faints Zygarde

7d 12h 20m Bind doesn't affect Palossand

7d 12h 19m Thousand Arrows on Palossand to low yellow, Earth Power on Zygarde to 33 HP

7d 12h 19m Zygarde is sent out

7d 12h 18m Crunch on Palossand to yellow, another Critical Hit. Earth Power takes out Raticate

7d 12h 17m Palossand sent out

7d 12h 17m Another Crunch, Critical Hit and Dhelmise faints

7d 12h 17m Crunch on Dhelmise to yellow, Dhelmise responds with Energy Ball

7d 12h 16m Raticate sent out

7d 12h 15m Shadow Ball takes out Ribombee

7d 12h 15m Dazzling Gleam on Dhelmise

7d 12h 15m Dhelmise is sent out

7d 12h 15m Dazzling Gleam takes out Froslass

7d 12h 15m Ribombee's Dazzling Gleam on Froslass who responds with Blizzard. Ribombee to low yellow

7d 12h 14m Acerola sends out Froslass

7d 12h 14m Dazzling Gleam on Sableye to take it out

7d 12h 14m Ribombee sent out

7d 12h 12m Fearow used Drill Peck on Sableye to yellow, Sableye faints Fearow with Zen Headbutt

7d 12h 12m Sableye flinches Fearow with Fake Out

7d 12h 12m Sableye vs. Fearow

7d 12h 11m Elite Four member Acerola challenged!

7d 12h 8m Back on the hub

7d 12h 7m Elite Four Hala defeated

7d 12h 7m Raticate to Lv. 51

7d 12h 7m Fearow to Lv. 59

7d 12h 6m Drill Peck takes out Poliwrath

7d 12h 6m Poliwrath sent out, Drill Peck on Poliwrath to red, Waterfall brings Fearow to yellow

7d 12h 6m Drill Peck faints Crabominable

7d 12h 6m Fearow is sent out

7d 12h 5m Z-Power All-Out Pummeling used and Nebby faints

7d 12h 5m Crabominable sent out, Sunsteel Strike used brings crab to low yellow

7d 12h 4m Ribombee to lv 57

7d 12h 4m Another Zen Headbutt, Bewear faints

7d 12h 4m Zen Headbutt on Bewear, Bewear flinches

7d 12h 4m Zen Headbutt on Bewear who responds with Hammer Arm. Nebby at 16 HP

7d 12h 3m Zen Headbutt on Bewear, Bewear used Hammer Arm on Nebby to yellow

7d 12h 3m Zygarde to lv 49

7d 12h 3m Nebby to Lv. 57

7d 12h 3m Primeape used Pursuit on Nebby who responds with Zen Headbutt to faint Primeape

7d 12h 2m Primeape is sent out

7d 12h 2m Zen Headbutt Crit faints Hariyama

7d 12h 2m Hariyama flinches Nebby with Fake Out

7d 12h 2m Hala sends out Hariyama, Nigel sends out Nebby

7d 12h 1m Challenging E4 Member Hala

7d 11h 59m Entered Pokémon League hub. This will be Elite Four Attempt #7

7d 11h 56m Went outside

7d 11h 55m Black out!

7d 11h 55m Thousand Arrows on Bewear who clutches, uses Hammer Arm on Zygarde to faint Zygarde

7d 11h 54m Nigel's last remaining Pokémon, Zygarde, is sent out

7d 11h 53m Raticate sent out, uses Super Fang on Bewear who uses Hammer Arm to faint Raticate

7d 11h 52m Ariados used Toxic Thread to poison Bewear who uses Hammer Arm to faint Ariados

7d 11h 51m Ariados uses Leech Life again, and Bewear uses Brutal Swing to bring Ariados down to red

7d 11h 51m Full Restore used on Bewear, Ariados used Leech Life to take out a little of Bewear's health

7d 11h 50m Ariados continues Leech Life on Bewear who uses Brutal Swing to bring Ariados to low yellow. Poison brings Bewear to low red

7d 11h 50m Ariados uses Leech Life on Bewear who uses Brutal Swing on Ariados. Bewear hurt by poison

7d 11h 49m Hala used Full Heal on Bewear, Ariados continues Toxic Thread on Bewear

7d 11h 49m Toxic Thread poisons Bewear, Bewear responds with Brutal Swing on Ariados

7d 11h 48m Ariados sent out

7d 11h 47m Drill Peck used on Bewear, Bewear used Hammer Arm on Fearow and Fearow faints

7d 11h 47m Bewear sent out

7d 11h 47m Cross Chop on Fearow to low yellow, Drill Peck takes Primeape out

7d 11h 46m Primeape sent out against Fearow

7d 11h 46m Fearow's Drill Peck on Crabominable who faints

7d 11h 46m Fearow sent out

7d 11h 45m Crabominable sent out. Ribombee used Dazzling Gleam on Crabominable, crit! Ice Hammer faints Ribombee

7d 11h 45m Raticate to Lv. 50

7d 11h 45m Ribombee's Dazzling Gleam faints Hariyama

7d 11h 44m Dazzling Gleam used on Hariyama, Hariyama used Close Combat on Ribombee

7d 11h 44m Ribombee sent out

7d 11h 44m Nebby used Zen Headbutt, which is avoided, Knock Off faints Nebby knocks off Tiny Mushroom

7d 11h 43m Hala sends out Hariyama. Nigel sends out Nebbie

7d 11h 43m Challenging E4 member Hala

7d 11h 39m Entered Pokémon League. Elite Four Attempt #6

7d 11h 31m Went up a floor

7d 11h 28m Caught female Lv. 48 Absol No nickname, sent to box

7d 11h 28m Night Shade forgotten for Toxic Thread

7d 11h 28m Ariados to Lv. 63, tries to learn Toxic Thread

7d 11h 22m Max Revive found

7d 11h 21m Fighting wild Pokémon like Snorunt

7d 11h 19m Went down a floor

7d 11h 18m Outside Pokémon Center

7d 11h 16m Sucker Punch on Crabominable, and Ice Hammer faints Ariados. Black out!

7d 11h 16m Ariados used Agility, Crabominable uses Ice Hammer to bring Ariados to 6HP

7d 11h 16m Ariados, Nigel's last Pokémon, is sent out

7d 11h 14m Dazzling Gleam on Crabominable to half, Ice Hammer on Ribombee and Ribombee faints

7d 11h 14m Crabominable sent out

7d 11h 14m Dazzling Gleam faints Primeape

7d 11h 14m Ribombee sent out

7d 11h 13m Another Outrage and Raticate faints. Primeape is confused from Outrage

7d 11h 13m Primeape continues Outrage, brings Raticate to yellow, Raticate used Super Fang on Primeape

7d 11h 12m Raticate is sent out

7d 11h 11m Primeape used Outrage to faint Fearow

7d 11h 11m Primeape used Cross Chop on Fearow to yellow, Fearow used Echoed voice on Primeape

7d 11h 11m Fearow sent out

7d 11h 11m Primeape used Cross Chop to faint Zygarde

7d 11h 10m Hariyama withdrawn for Primeape, Zygarde used Thousand Arrows on Primeape to yellow

7d 11h 10m Zygarde sent out

7d 11h 8m Crunch on Hariyama and Hariyama faints Nebby with Close Combat

7d 11h 8m Another Crunch on Hariyama who uses Close Combat on Nebby. Nebby clutches with 4 HP

7d 11h 8m Nebby used Crunch on Hariyama who uses Knock Off on Nebby, knocked off Tiny Mushroom

7d 11h 7m Hariyama used Fake Out to flinch Nebby

7d 11h 7m Hala sends out Hariyama, Nigel sends out Nebby

7d 11h 6m Now fighting Elite Four Hala

7d 11h 4m Into the Pokémon League. Elite Four Attempt #5

7d 11h 0m Black out!

7d 11h 0m Ariados fast asleep, Golem uses another Thunder Punch and faints Ariados

7d 11h 0m Night Shade on Golem who uses Thunder Punch on Ariados who falls asleep from Yawn

7d 10h 59m Olivia sends out Golem

7d 10h 59m Relicanth Yawns and Ariados faints Relicanth with Night Shade

7d 10h 59m 7d 10h 58m Relicanth used Ancient Power on Ariados, gets stat boost. Ariados uses Night Shade and Relicanth clutches

7d 10h 58m Olivia sends out Relicanth

7d 10h 58m Lycanroc used Stone Edge but Ariados avoids the attack and faints Lycanroc with Leech Life

7d 10h 58m Olivia sends out Lycanroc

7d 10h 57m Ariados used Night Shade to faint Carbink

7d 10h 57m Ariados sent out

7d 10h 57m Zygarde hits itself this time and Carbink faints Zygarde with Moonblast

7d 10h 56m Zygarde used Thousand Arrows on Carbink, critical hit!

7d 10h 56m Olivia withdraws Lycanroc and sends out Carbink

7d 10h 56m Zygarde's Core Enforcer used on Lycanroc to red. Lycanroc used Rock Climb and Zygarde got confused

7d 10h 55m Zygarde sent out

7d 10h 54m Ribombee sent out, Draining Kiss on Lycanroc who faints Ribombee with Stone Edge

7d 10h 53m Lycanroc faints Raticate with Stone Edge

7d 10h 53m Lycanroc used Stone Edge on Raticate to red who uses Super Fang

7d 10h 53m Nigel sends out Raticate sent out

7d 10h 52m Z-Power Continental Crush used and Fearow faints

7d 10h 52m Olivia sends out Night Lycanroc

7d 10h 52m Fearow to lv 58

7d 10h 52m Another Drill Run on Probopass who faints

7d 10h 51m Drill Run used on Probopass, Probopass uses Thunder Wave to paralyze Fearow

7d 10h 51m Fearow is sent out

7d 10h 51m Another paralyzed wasted turn and Nebby faints to Earth Power

7d 10h 50m Full Restore used on Probopass, Nebby can't move due to paralysis

7d 10h 50m Sunsteel Strike on Probopass to red, Earth Power on Nebby to red also. Sandstorm subsides

7d 10h 49m Crunch on Probopass who uses Thunder Wave on Nebby

7d 10h 49m Nebby wakes up and uses Sunsteel Strike on Probopass, Earth Power brings Nebby to yellow

7d 10h 49m Nebby still asleep, Probopass uses Earth Power on Nebby

7d 10h 48m Nebby still asleep, Probopass sets up with Sandstorm

7d 10h 48m Relicanth withdrawn, Probopass sent out. Nebby still asleep

7d 10h 47m Zen Headbutt on Relicanth to yellow, Relicanth repeats Yawn. Nebby falls asleep

7d 10h 47m Nebby goes first with Sunsteel Strike on Relicanth who uses Yawn on Nebby

7d 10h 47m Relicanth vs. Nebby the Solgaleo

7d 10h 46m Challenging Elite Four Member Olivia

7d 10h 43m Went inside Pokémon League. Elite Four Attempt #4

7d 10h 33m Left Pokémon Center

7d 10h 33m Lycanroc uses Stone Edge to wipe Raticate out. Black out

7d 10h 32m Assurance used on Lycanroc who uses Counter on Raticate

7d 10h 32m Raticate, Nigel's last Pokémon, is sent out

7d 10h 31m Ariados faints

7d 10h 31m Olivia sends out Night Lycanroc who activates Z-Move Continental Crush

7d 10h 31m Night Shade faints Carbink

7d 10h 30m Another Night Shade brings Carbink to yellow, Carbink uses Power Gem and Reflect wears off

7d 10h 30m Full Restore used on Carbink, Ariados uses Night Shade to take a chunk of Carbink's HP

7d 10h 30m Ariados is sent out

7d 10h 29m Another Thousand Arrows brings Carbink to red, Carbink's Moonblast finishes Zygarde off

7d 10h 29m Zygarde's Thousand Arrows on Carbink again, Carbink uses Moonblast to bring Zygarde to yellow

7d 10h 29m Thousand Arrows on Carbink who sets up Reflect

7d 10h 29m Olivia sends out Carbink

7d 10h 28m Zygarde to lv 48

7d 10h 28m Thousand Arrows on Relicanth, Relicanth defeated

7d 10h 28m Zygarde sent out

7d 10h 27m Fearow fast asleep, another Ancient Power and Fearow faints

7d 10h 27m Drill Run on Relicanth to red, Ancient Power on Fearow. Fearow falls asleep from Yawn

7d 10h 26m Drill Run on Relicanth to yellow, critical hit. Relicanth Yawns on Fearow

7d 10h 26m Relicanth sent out, Nigel sends out Fearow

7d 10h 26m Fight with Elite Four member Olivia begins

7d 10h 23m Hala has been defeated

7d 10h 23m Ariados to lv 62

7d 10h 22m Another Drill Peck, Fearow avoids Submission and finished Poliwrath with Drill Peck

7d 10h 22m Poliwrath sent out

7d 10h 22m Fearow's Drill Peck on Crabominable who faints

7d 10h 22m Fearow sent out

7d 10h 21m Crabominable sent out, Draining Kiss used Ribombee still faints

7d 10h 20m Raticate to lv 49

7d 10h 20m Ribombee to lv 56

7d 10h 20m Dazzling Gleam faints Bewear

7d 10h 20m Full Restore on Bewear, Ribombee used Draining Kiss

7d 10h 19m Draining Kiss on Bewear to red, Bewear used Hammer Arm on Ribombee

7d 10h 19m Ribombee sent out

7d 10h 18m Zen Headbutt on Bewear to yellow, Bewear finishes Nebby with Hammer Arm

7d 10h 18m Zen Headbutt on Bewear, Bewear used Hammer Arm and Nebby clutches

7d 10h 18m Bewear sent out

7d 10h 17m Primeape used Pursuit on Nebby, Nebby used Zen Headbutt and faints Primeape

7d 10h 17m Hala sends out Primeape

7d 10h 17m Full Restore on Hariyama, another Zen Headbutt and Hariyama faints

7d 10h 16m Zen Headbutt on Hariyama to red, Hariyama's Close Combat on Nebby

7d 10h 16m Fake Out on Nebby, Nebby flinches

7d 10h 16m Hala sends out Hariyama, Nigel sends out Nebby

7d 10h 15m Fight with E4 member Hala begins

7d 10h 13m E4 Attempt #3 starting

7d 10h 8m Another Thousand Arrows on Dhelmise who used Slam on Zygarde. Zygarde faints, black out!

7d 10h 7m Thousand Arrows on Dhelmise, Dhelmise used Slam on Zygarde

7d 10h 7m Dhelmise is sent out

7d 10h 7m Another Blizzard dodge, Core Enforcer finishes Froslass

7d 10h 6m Avoids Blizzard, used Core Enforcer on Froslass

7d 10h 6m Zygarde sent out

7d 10h 4m Blizzard takes out Fearow

7d 10h 4m Drill Peck on Frostlass to yellow

7d 10h 4m Confuse Ray on Fearow

7d 10h 4m Fearow sent out

7d 10h 3m Froslass sent out, Ice Sharde finishes Ariados off

7d 10h 3m Zygarde to 47

7d 10h 3m Night Shade faints Palossand

7d 10h 2m Night Shade on Palossand who used Earth Power on Ariados, Ariados clutches

7d 10h 2m Another Sucker Punch on Palossand who responds with Earth Power

7d 10h 2m Sucker Punch fails, Palossand used Iron Defense

7d 10h 2m Ariados sent out

7d 10h 1m Crunch on Palossand, Defense falls. Earth Power faints Raticate, critical. Raticate faints

7d 10h 0m Full Restore on Palossand, Super Fang fails

7d 10h 0m Raticate is sent out, uses Crunch on Palossand who then uses Earth Power on Raticate

7d 9h 59m Ribombee faints

7d 9h 59m Dazzling Gleam used on Palossand who used Z-Move Never-Ending Nightmare on Ribombee

7d 9h 59m Ribombee is sent out

7d 9h 59m Nebby used Sunsteel Strike on Palossand who used Earth Power and Nebby faints

7d 9h 58m Acerola sends out Palossand

7d 9h 58m Shadow Claw on Nebby, another Sunsteel Strike on Sableye and Sableye faints

7d 9h 57m Acerola sends out Sableye, Nebby against Sableye and used Sunsteel Strike

7d 9h 56m Starting with Acerola this time in 2nd attempt at E4

7d 9h 55m Entered hub again

[Fluff] The move was Beak Blast, not Beak Cannon

7d 9h 51m Toucannon heating up, Raticate Super Fangs Toucannon but gets burned. Beak Cannon faints Raticate. Black Out

7d 9h 50m Raticate sent out, hurt by spikes

7d 9h 49m Z-Power activated, Supersonic Skystrike used on Ariados

7d 9h 49m Another switch, to Toucannon this time, Night Shade doesn't affect Toucannon

7d 9h 49m Skarmory withdrawn, Mandibuzz sent in. Ariados uses Night Shade

7d 9h 49m Avoids Steel Wing and strikes Skarmory with Night Shade

7d 9h 48m Ariados is sent out

7d 9h 48m Skarmory's Steel Wing faints Zygarde

7d 9h 48m Full Restore on Skarmory, another Thousand Arrows on Skarmory

7d 9h 48m Steel Wing on Zygarde and another Thousand Arrows on Skarmory. Skarmory clutches

7d 9h 47m Skarmory sets up Spikes on Zygarde, Zygarde's Thousand Arrows strike Skarmory

7d 9h 47m Zygarde sent out

7d 9h 46m Another Echoed Voice on Skarmory to yellow, and Steel Wing finishes Fearow

7d 9h 46m Skarmory continues Echoed Voice, and Skarmory used Steel Wing, its Defense rising

7d 9h 45m Skarmory used Steel Wing

7d 9h 45m Fearow sent out and used Echoed Voice

7d 9h 45m Kahili sends out Skarmory

7d 9h 45m Fighting Kahili of the Elite Four

7d 9h 43m Back on the main hub

[Late Info] Also Zygarde and another Pokémon gained a level during first attempt with Hala

7d 9h 41m Hala defeated!

7d 9h 40m Fearow to 57

7d 9h 40m Another Thousand Arrows and Poliwrath faints

7d 9h 40m Thousand Arrows on Poliwrath to red, Poliwrath used Submission but avoided

7d 9h 40m Zygarde sent out

7d 9h 38m Dazzling Gleam on Poliwrath who uses Waterfall to faint Ribombee

7d 9h 38m Hala sends out Poliwrath

7d 9h 38m Crabominable sent out, Dazzling Gleam Crit makes short work of it

7d 9h 38m Raticate to lv 48

7d 9h 37m Psychic faints Bewear

7d 9h 37m Full Restore on Bewear, Ribombee's Dazzling Gleam brings Bewear to red

7d 9h 37m Ribombee uses Pollen Puff and Bewear clutches, Hammer Arm on Ribombee

7d 9h 37m Pollen Puff on Bewear, Bewear's Hammer Arm on Ribombee

7d 9h 36m Ribombee is sent out

7d 9h 36m Another Zen Headbutt on Bewear, Solgaleo faints

7d 9h 36m Zen Headbutt on Bewear, flinches Bewear

7d 9h 36m Bewear also sent out

7d 9h 36m Primeape faints and Solgaleo to lvl 56

7d 9h 35m Zen Headbutt on Primeape

7d 9h 35m Primeape sent out, Cross Chop on Solgaleo

7d 9h 35m Zen Headbutt faints Hariyama

7d 9h 35m Zen Headbutt dodged, Hariyama responds with Close Combat. Defense and Special Defense fell

7d 9h 34m Hala sends out Hariyama, Solgaleo is sent out

7d 9h 34m Challenging Hala, one of the Elite Four

7d 9h 32m Kukui explains about the Elite Four and wishes him and Solgaleo luck

7d 9h 31m Nigel heads inside the Pokémon League Building

7d 9h 29m Cutscene with Kukui

7d 9h 29m Then Hau waves Nigel good bye

7d 9h 28m Hau gives Nigel 3 Max Revives

7d 9h 28m Hau is defeated

7d 9h 28m Leafeon uses another Quick Attack and Ariados finishes Leafeon with Leech Life

7d 9h 27m Leafeon uses Quick Attack on Ariados who uses Leech Life back on Leafeon to red

7d 9h 27m Leafeon uses Charm on Ariados, another Leech Life on Leafeon to yellow

7d 9h 26m Hau sends out Leafeon who uses Baby-Doll eyes. Ariados responds with Leech Life

7d 9h 26m Ribombee to Lv. 55

7d 9h 26m Ariados' Leech Life faints Komala

7d 9h 26m Leech Life on Komala to red, Komala uses another Earthquake

7d 9h 25m Sucker Punch on Komala, Komala responds with Earthquake

7d 9h 25m Hau sends out Komala

7d 9h 25m Sucker Punch finishes Icineroar

7d 9h 24m Ariados is sent out

7d 9h 24m Incineroar brought to a sliver of health to recoil

7d 9h 24m Drill Run on Incineroar to yellow, critical hit! Flare Blitz on Fearow and Fearow faints

7d 9h 23m Fearow sent out

7d 9h 23m Solgaleo faints

7d 9h 23m Another Crunch, Incineroar's Z-Power Inferno Overdrive used

7d 9h 22m Incineroar sent out

7d 9h 22m Raticate to lv 47

7d 9h 22m Thunderbolt on Solgaleo, Crunch takes out Raichu

7d 9h 22m Hau fight! Raichu vs. Solgaleo

7d 9h 21m Cutscene with Hau and how he got to the mountain. Wants to fight Nigel on who gets to challenge league first

7d 9h 20m Zygarde Cell collected

7d 9h 19m Going in and out of Pokémon Center

7d 9h 17m Went up another floor of Mount Lanakila

7d 9h 12m Full Restore found

7d 9h 8m Icium Z obtained

7d 9h 3m Went inside the mountain

7d 9h 1m Zygarde Cell found

7d 8h 55m Escape Rope found

7d 8h 52m Went up a floor

7d 8h 52m Entered Mount Lanakila

7d 8h 49m Flew to Tapu Village

7d 8h 48m Flew to Vast Poni Canyon

7d 8h 46m Exited Hapu's house

7d 8h 41m Zygarde forgot Dig for Core Enforcer

[Info] 30/100 Collected, 20 in Zygarde Cube

7d 8h 36m Z-Ring moved to free space

7d 8h 27m Fishing Rod moved to free space

[Info] Nigel currently has ₽7,654

7d 8h 20m Still in the room either reading the ride manual or looking at Zygarde in Pokémon Refresh

7d 8h 10m Still reading ride manual

7d 7h 58m Zygarde Core collected

[Snark] The irony.

7d 7h 55m Lying in someone's bed and obtained Awakening

7d 7h 39m Flew to Exeggutor Island

[Fluff] It was Psychic sorry for the typos and the wrong move.

7d 7h 5m Taight Keech Life to Ariadoa reolacing Agailicty

7d 6h 52m Talking to Hala.

7d 6h 18m Got another Zygarde Cell thing

7d 6h 16m Got an Awakening

7d 6h 16m Sleeping on our bed. Meowth wakes us up.

7d 6h 12m We talk to our mother.

7d 6h 6m Got Flynium Z

7d 5h 58m Caught a Diglett. Male. Nicknamed AAA44Oonffff

7d 5h 52m We seem to be in Ten Carat Hill right now maybe?

7d 5h 51m Caught Roggenrola Lv. 12 female, nicknamed ! b W

7d 5h 43m Caught a female Rattata, nickname is -z 'z

7d 5h 27m Outside.

7d 5h 25m to Hau'oli City on Melemele island

7d 5h 24m In the place where you go to leave the island by boat.

7d 5h 18m One final change I didn't see, and we FINALLY go outside.

7d 5h 16m Raticate's changed yet again to SE with spaces.

7d 5h 14m We changed Raticate's nickname but I didn't see what and now we are changing Ariados's again. Jeez. rartt lyw with more spaces I didn't see.

7d 5h 11m Are we done? I think we're done. I hope we're done.

7d 5h 9m Switching around the order of party members.

7d 5h 8m Solgaleo nicknamed again KMRR WWL Nn

[Snark] It's not just an Ariados, it's an Ariados Plus!

7d 5h 7m Ariados nicknamed to Ariados"+--!

7d 5h 6m Nicknamed again to AA NNN'♥♥

[Chat] tusconterraki: MY NAME IS RATICATE, THE R, T, I, C, A, T, AND E ARE SILENT MingLee

7d 5h 4m Raticate nicknamed to A (single space after the A)

7d 5h 1m Raticate nicknamed to Raticatexkk3

7d 5h 0m Solgaleo nicnamed again to 1z6cr 1 with yet more spaces.

[Chat] tusconterraki: MY NAME IS SOLGALEO, THE S O L G L E AND O ARE SILENT MingLee

7d 4h 58m Ribombee nicknamed to Ribombee r44 (again, another space)

[Fluff] With more spaces added, of course.

7d 4h 56m And Sun lion nicknamed Again to A 3N

[Fluff] With a bunch of spaces afterwards.

7d 4h 56m Solgaleo nicknamed again to P ~~

7d 4h 55m Ariados has been renicknamed to AriadosK )

7d 4h 53m Nicknamed Fearow to 3 ** ☃) % ♠

7d 4h 52m Sogaleo has been re-nicknamed to NKLLYWWWWPZ

7d 4h 51m Ariados has been given the nickname Addzzzmmm33#

[Fluff] Spaces mightve disappeared in formatting, there are six spaces.

7d 4h 49m Solgaleo has been given the nickname AABB 22

7d 4h 49m At the Name Rater.

7d 4h 43m Gone to Heahea City on Akala Island.

[Fluff] Nice Nugget Bridge reference

7d 4h 35m Zygarde to 45, Don defeated

7d 4h 34m Got a Big Nugget and the man at the ends tells us we should join Team Rocket and we refuse even though there is no options at all and now we are fighting Veteran Don's Ekans

7d 4h 33m And last, Rising Star Sean or somethng.

7d 4h 32m Ariados to 60, I think

7d 4h 31m And then Lass Emmy. They all have really basic earlygame Kanto-type stuff, we're OHKOing everything w Solgaleo's moves.

7d 4h 29m She's also defeated and next up is Youngster Tyler.

7d 4h 27m He's defeated easily.Next up is Lass Rika.

7d 4h 25m We are on a Bridge and we have to beat five Trainers and win a cool prize. Against Rising Star Elijah.

7d 4h 24m In Malie Garden.

7d 4h 19m Then, 1 Poké Ball, 11 Ultra Balls, 2 potions, then we run out of money.

7d 4h 18m Another two Poké Balls

7d 4h 17m 12 more Ice Heals

7d 4h 16m Another Poké Ball and then 11 Ice Heals

7d 4h 16m Bought a Poké Ball

7d 4h 15m Also the TM for Smack down I believe

7d 4h 13m Bought 21 Full Heals and a few of something else

7d 3h 54m Healed

7d 3h 48m Flown away to Tapu Village.

7d 3h 40m Got a Zygarde Cell

7d 3h 38m At the Ruins of Abundance

7d 3h 21m Got Psychium-Z

7d 3h 10m Still in the Desert.

7d 2h 52m So we move up ahead and are in Haina Desert now. Alolan Dugtrio appears.

7d 2h 51m We have the Ghostium Z, and a path is cleared for us.

7d 2h 49m Now a Gible is in the same spot on the cliff.

7d 2h 45m There's a Sandile up on a Cliff and we're taking photos of it.

7d 2h 36m Ariados down

7d 2h 34m Caught a Mudbray, no idea on the details, was sent to the PC I think maybe

7d 2h 29m Still running around seaside routes.

7d 2h 15m Back up to the place where we fought Gladion.

7d 2h 13m In the Pokémon Center.

7d 2h 9m 7d 2h 9m We're on the route to the right of Tapu Village, which appears to be at the foot of Victory Road, or its equivalent.

7d 2h 5m Festival Plaza.

7d 2h 4m Ran back down to Tapu Village.

7d 2h 3m Got a Max Elixir

7d 2h 2m Lucario down, Gladion defeated

7d 2h 1m Ariados is sent in.

7d 2h 1m Zygarde went down

7d 2h 0m Sent in Zygarde 10%.

7d 1h 59m There is a Lucario using its Z-move, Corkscrew Crash, now. Ribombee down.

7d 1h 58m Solgaleo and Fearow went down and Ribombee is sent in.

7d 1h 57m Silvally down, next in is Weavile.

7d 1h 56m Crobat down, Raticate to 46. Silvally in. Appears to be of the Grass variety

7d 1h 55m Fighting him now. Crobat against our Solgaleo.

7d 1h 54m This "Nanu" fella is explaining the concept of the Elite Four, how we need to tackle it next. In Tapu Village now. Appears this is the start of the road to the E4? And now Gladion appears. Oh BOY

7d 1h 53m Oh she ran off ok bye . Now we look at the Sunset and someone is sitting on the steps, says their name is Nanu

7d 1h 51m No nickname, but it is Added to our Party, sending the first Fearow back to the PC and putting its paralyze heal i the bag. Lillie's saying some sentimental stuff I don't understand at all.

[Chat] Nebby BibleThump

7d 1h 51m Caught Solgaleo

7d 1h 50m Aaaand fighting Solgaleo again.

7d 1h 48m Carried by Machamp over to the Solgaleo area, ha. It appears that out front is the un-nicknamed Fearow. We go over and talk to Lillie.

7d 1h 48m Right now, we're on the steps to the Altar of the Sunne, changing various riding Pokémon, taking a long time crashing into walls etc.

7d 1h 42m Fearow went down and Rattata is sent out while Solgaleo uses Sunsteel Sttrike, Raticate surviving with four HP, then Raticate puts it in the red. Poké Ball thrown, breaks out, Raticate down. Another Fearow in. Solgalen down to Drill Run, interacted w it yet again, ran yet again.

7d 1h 40m We try to push it with a Machamp. Then interact with it again on the Mudsdale. Fearow's back out against it, we use Fly.

7d 1h 40m Ran, but it is still there

7d 1h 40m Versus Solgaleo, Fearow in front

7d 1h 39m At the Altar of the Sunne

7d 1h 31m Back on Route 9.

[Snark] Our outfit is as uncoordinated as we are.

7d 1h 28m We leave, anyway.

7d 1h 27m Talked to the shopkeeper, says we can buy more stuff because we passed one of/the Poni trials.

7d 1h 27m Now in the Pokémon Center.

7d 1h 26m Then we go outside.

7d 1h 25m We appear to be buying some clothes now.

7d 1h 16m Bought a Heal Powder

7d 1h 13m We're on Route 9 right now.

7d 0h 38m Blacked out!

7d 0h 35m Threw several Poké Balls.

7d 0h 20m Blacked out!

7d 0h 17m Threw three Poké Balls but failed thrice.

7d 0h 15m Fearow fainted!

7d 0h 14m VS Solgaleo! (#2)

7d 0h 9m Lillie gave us 10 Poké Balls. Then flew away. Oops.

7d 0h 8m Fearow used Drill Run. Solgaleo fainted!

7d 0h 7m Ribombee fainted!

7d 0h 5m Ariados fainted!

7d 0h 5m ccFearow fainted!

7d 0h 3m Threw a Poké Ball. But it failed to catch Solgaleo.

7d 0h 2m VS Solgaleo!

7d 0h 1m ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

7d 0h 1m Lillie gives us one Poké Ball.

[Fluff] ヽ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ノ ┌(˵༎ຶ ل͟ ༎ຶ˵)┐ ᕕ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)ᕗ Here are your sad dongers

7d 0h 0m Welcome to day 8 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Sun.

7d 0h 0m ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ DEM FEELS RIOT ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 23h 57m [Fluff] HNNNG THIS BGM

[Chat] BibleThump

6d 23h 57m [Solgaleo intercept]

6d 23h 56m Fearow leveled up to 56!


6d 23h 56m VS Lilligant. OHKO'd Lilligant.

6d 23h 55m Fearow used Drill Peck. Bewear down!

6d 23h 54m VS Bewear. Fearow used Drill Peck. Bewear used Pain Split. 25 -> 102 HP for us.

6d 23h 50m Milotic used Hydro Pump. Fearow used Drill Peck. Milotic down!

6d 23h 52m Raticate fainted!

6d 23h 50m Milotic used Hydro Pump. OHKO'd Zygarde! Zygarde fainted!

6d 23h 50m Milotic used Hydro Pump. Ribombee fainted!

6d 23h 48m Mismagius down. Ribombee leveled up to 54!

6d 23h 48m ccFearow fainted!

6d 23h 46m Clefable down.

6d 23h 42m VS Lusamina again! (#3)

6d 23h 27m Milotic used Hydro Pump. Zygarde fainted! Blacked out!

6d 23h 27m (Zygarde leveled up to 44!)

6d 23h 26m Milotic used Hydro Pump. Fearow fainted!

6d 23h 24m Lilligant down. Zygarde leveled up and learned Haze!

6d 23h 24m Raticate fainted!

6d 23h 23m Raticate vs Lilligant.

6d 23h 23m Bewear used Pain Split. Raticate used Crunch. Bewear down.

6d 23h 20m Mismagius down. Raticate leveled up to 45!

6d 23h 19m ccFearow fainted!

6d 23h 12m Ariados fainted!

6d 23h 11m Fearow leveled up to 55!

6d 23h 11m Ariados used Night Slash! Clefable down.

6d 23h 8m VS Lusamine again!

6d 22h 36m Currently loafing around, walking in circles and talking to NPCs in the Plaza.

6d 21h 52m ccFearow used Fly! ccFearow fainted! Blacked out!

6d 21h 51m ccFearow vs Bewear. ccFearow used Drill Peck. Bewear used Pain Split (yay!). ccFearow used Drill Peck and Bewear Pain Split again.

6d 21h 51m ccFearow used Drill Peck. Milotic down!

6d 21h 51m ccFearow used Drill Peck. Milotic down to red.

6d 21h 50m Raticate fainted!

6d 21h 49m VS Milotic. Ariados fainted!

6d 21h 49m Ariados used Sucker Punch! Mismagius down!

6d 21h 48m Ariados vs Mismagius. Mismagius used Pain Split (which restores our health).

6d 21h 47m Ariados used Night Shade. Clefable down!

6d 21h 47m Ariados used Night Shade. Clefable used Metronome (Bide)

6d 21h 46m Sent out Ariados. Ariados used Psychic. Clefable used Moonlight.

6d 21h 44m Zygarde fainted!

6d 21h 44m Clefable used Cosmic Power. Zygarde used Bind.

6d 21h 42m Clefable used Moonblast. Fearow fainted!

6d 21h 42m Fearow used Drill Peck. Clefable used Moonlight.

6d 21h 41m Sent out Fearow. Fearow used Drill Peck. Clefable used Metronome (Sweet Kiss).

6d 21h 41m Ribombee used Dazzling Gleam! Clefable used Moonblast! Rimbombee fainted!

6d 21h 40m VS Lusamine!

6d 21h 35m Guzma: Y'all are stupid!

6d 21h 35m [Chat] RIP Rotom

6d 21h 34m Cosmoem evolved into Solgaleo! Entered the Ultra Space.

6d 21h 31m PC BSOD'd. We defeated the Kommo-o. Now at the Altar of the Sunne, we just played the flutes together with Lillie.

6d 21h 19m Kommo-o down.

6d 21h 18m Ribombee fainted!

6d 21h 18m Raticate leveled up to 44!

6d 21h 18m OHKO'd Hakamo-o. Kommo-o summoned a Scizor.

6d 21h 17m Challenged by Totem Kommo-o!

6d 21h 16m Took Z-Crystal from the pedestal.

6d 21h 15m One of our 'mon leveled up, not sure who.

6d 21h 13m TRIAL START!

6d 21h 11m Cutscene. Lillie healed our Pokémon.

6d 21h 10m Defeated Veteran Eric.

6d 21h 9m ccFearow fainted!

6d 21h 4m Ariados fainted!

6d 21h 4m Ariados did not learn Sticky Web.

6d 21h 3m Ariados leveled up to 58!

6d 21h 3m Raticate leveled up to 43!

6d 21h 3m Vs Veteran Eric.

6d 21h 1m Defeated Veteran Heather.

6d 21h 1m Fearow leveled up to 54!

6d 21h 0m Zygarde leveled up to 42!

6d 20h 59m ccFearow leveled up to 52!

6d 20h 58m Ribombee fainted!

6d 20h 58m VS Veteran Heather.

6d 20h 57m Lapras down. Defeated Ace Trainer Hiroshi.

6d 20h 56m Absol down. Ribombee leveled up to 53!

VS Ace Trainer Hiroshi again.

6d 20h 38m Blacked out!

6d 20h 38m Zygarde fainted!

6d 20h 37m Ariados fainted!

6d 20h 32m ccFearow fainted!

6d 20h 31m VS Ace Trainer Hiroshi.

6d 20h 30m Dropped the boulder into the hole. Sucked up another Zygarde fragment.

6d 20h 26m Walked down the vine/tree.

6d 20h 23m Found PP Max!

6d 20h 18m Obtained Fairium Z.

6d 20h 17m Defeated Punk Girl Anna.

6d 20h 15m Raticate fainted!

6d 20h 13m Raticate leveled up to 42!

6d 20h 11m VS Punk Girl Anna.

6d 20h 10m Defeated Scientist Ikaika. [Snark] Does he love squids?

6d 20h 8m Fearow fainted!

6d 20h 8m Ariados leveled up to 57!

6d 20h 8m In a trainer battle.

6d 20h 7m Ribombee seems to have fainted.

6d 20h 5m Stream back up, we're in a battle.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 20h 4m Stream down!

6d 20h 0m Obtained a Full Restore!

6d 19h 55m Raticate leveled up to 41!

6d 19h 51m [Donation] $20.10 from bexxxxxxx: "BabyRage"

6d 19h 42m Healed at Lillie.

6d 19h 30m Sucked up the Zygarde fragment we missed.

6d 19h 29m Zygarde leveled up to 40!

6d 19h 25m Ariados fainted!

6d 19h 24m Passed the ledge!

6d 19h 20m Stuck in front of a rock in the cave.

6d 19h 2m ccFearow fainted!

6d 19h 0m ccFearow leveled up to 51!

6d 18h 54m Fearow fainted!

[Stats] Fearow Lv. 53 - Max. HP 140 Attack 128 Defense 97 Sp. Atk 76 Sp. Def 83 Speed 125

6d 18h 52m Fearow leveled up to 53!

6d 18h 47m Flew to Ancient Poni Path.

6d 18h 10m Fearow leveled up to 52!

6d 17h 38m Back in Vast Poni Canyon.

6d 17h 33m [Stats] Play time: 161h 29m

6d 17h 32m Flew to Ruins of Hope. Welp.

6d 17h 24m Left Pelago.

6d 17h 20m A wild Carbink came to visit @ Pelago.

6d 17h 18m Developed Isle Abeens Development Phase 3 @ Pelago.

6d 17h 11m Raticate fainted!

6d 17h 7m Ribombee fainted!

6d 16h 50m Sucked up a creature into the Zygarde cube.

6d 16h 42m Lillie healed our Pokémon.

6d 16h 41m Lillie overcame her fear and crossed the bridge even though there were annoying Murkrow.

6d 16h 40m Met up with Lillie outside the second cave. She's demonstrating her Z-move.

6d 16h 37m Defeated Hiker Zachary!

6d 16h 33m Raticate leveled up to 40!

6d 16h 31m Zygarde fainted!

6d 16h 28m Fearow fainted!

6d 16h 28m VS Hiker Zachary.

6d 16h 24m Skipping sucking in the Zygarde creature, it seems.

6d 16h 21m Progress, now in the next cave.

6d 16h 5m Found a Nugget!

6d 16h 1m ccFearow leveled up to level 49!

6d 15h 57m Ribombee fainted!

6d 15h 56m Zygarde leveled up to 36!

6d 15h 55m Fearow leveled up to 51!

6d 15h 47m Healed by Lillie.

6d 15h 38m Defeated Ace Duo Kent and Aimee.

6d 15h 36m Zygarde fainted!

6d 15h 35m Fearow fainted!

6d 15h 33m VS Ace Trainer Kent and Ace Trainer Aimee.

6d 15h 24m Zygarde leveled up to 34!

6d 15h 21m Raticate leveled up to 38!

6d 15h 14m Fiddling with the Vs. Recorder, still in the cave.

6d 14h 54m Flew back to Ancient Poni Path

6d 14h 53m Pokémon switched around. Current order is Ribombee, Zygarde, Ariados, ccFearow, Fearow, and Raticate

6d 14h 50m Healed by Lillie

6d 14h 48m Game saved!

6d 14h 44m Zygarde fainted

6d 14h 39m ccFearow faints

6d 14h 34m Into cave of canyon

6d 14h 33m Walked into Vast Poni Canyon

6d 14h 32m Flew from Seafolk Village to Ancient Poni Path. It's day time now

6d 14h 23m Outside again

6d 14h 22m Back inside

6d 14h 22m Back outside again

6d 14h 21m Entered Pokémon Center again

6d 14h 20m Back outside

6d 14h 19m Dazzling Gleam finishes Raticate off. Black out!

6d 14h 19m Super Fang on Ninetails. Raticate last Pokémon remaining

6d 14h 18m Dazzling Gleam on Raticate and Ariados, Psychic on Sandslash, critical hit! Sandslash Icicle Spear finishes Ariados off

6d 14h 18m Raticate sent out

6d 14h 17m Potion wasted turn, Draining Kiss on Ninetails who used Ice Beam on Ribombee. Sandslash brings Ribombee down to red and Hail finishes it

6d 14h 17m Ribombee sent out

6d 14h 15m Ice Beam on Fearow to red, Drill Run on Ninetails, Ariados' Psychic faints Fearow. Icicle Spear by Sandslash hits Ariados

6d 14h 14m Normal Fearow sent out. Ariados also sent out

6d 14h 14m Z-Power activates for ccFearow who used Sleep Talk. Ice Beam faints Zygarde, Icicle Spear by Sandslash faints ccFearow

6d 14h 13m ccFearow Assurance on Ninetails who eats an Ice Beam to red. Zygarde used Bind but attack is avoided. Sandslash sets up Hail. ccFearow barely clutches

6d 14h 12m Rematch with Ace Duo Kent and Aimee

6d 14h 5m Going back inside cave

6d 14h 4m Fly to Ancient Poni Path into Vast Poni Canyon

6d 14h 3m Back outside Seafolk Village

6d 14h 2m Pollen Puff on Sandslash, Ninetail's Ice Beam on Ribombee, Sandslash Metal Claws Ribombee to faint, Nigel blacks out

6d 14h 1m Potion wasted, Ice Beam faints Ariados. Ribombee is only one remaining. Metal Claw on Ribombee

6d 14h 0m Ribombee is sent out

6d 13h 58m Ninetails used Ice Beam on Ariados, Ariados frozen. Fearow Echoed Voice Sandslash, Ariados thaws out and uses Psychic on Sandslash, Metal Claw faints Fearow

6d 13h 57m Potion on Ariados, Dazzling Gleam on Ariados and Fearow, Psychic on Sandslash, Sandslash Metal Claw on Fearow

6d 13h 56m Ninetails sets up Hail, Fearow used Drill Run on Ariados, Ariados used Psychic on Ninetails, Sandslash fails to set up Hail. Safeguard wears off

6d 13h 55m Normal Fearow sent out

6d 13h 55m Ariados Sucker Punch on Ninetails, Dazzling Gleam takes out Raticate. Slash on Ariados

6d 13h 54m Ariados is sent out

6d 13h 53m Sucker Punch fails, Slash on Raticate

6d 13h 53m Ice Shard on Zygarde, Zygarde faints

6d 13h 52m Zygarde is sent out

6d 13h 52m Zygarde returned for Raticate, ccFearow used Fly on Ninetails, Ninetails used Ice Beam on ccFearow to red, Icicle Spear faints Fearow

6d 13h 51m Fly used, Ice Beam avoided, SafeGuard used, Icicle Spear used and avoided

6d 13h 51m Ace Duo Kent and Aimee challenged Nigel! Ninetales and Sandslash vs. Zygarde and ccFearow

6d 13h 42m Back outside

6d 13h 40m Ariados fainted

6d 13h 36m Ariados to lv 53

6d 13h 29m Dugtrio's Iron Head faints Zygarde

6d 13h 25m Zygarde to lv 33, Raticate to lv 35

6d 13h 22m ccFearow faints and Nigel runs

6d 13h 22m Trying to break through a rock on Tauros to get an item, but wild Pokémon like Golbat and Dugtrio interfere

6d 13h 20m Ribombee to lv 50

6d 13h 16m ccFearow to lv 47, Fearow to lv 49

6d 13h 16m Drill Peck wipes out Whimiscott

6d 13h 15m But was eventually spotted. Backpacker Perdy challenges Nigel and Whimsicott against ccFearow

6d 13h 14m Snuck past a trainer walking up and down wearing a red backpack

6d 13h 13m Zygarde to lv 32

6d 13h 12m Nigel activates Z-Power Sleep Talk which boosts its Critical Hit ratio

6d 13h 11m Inside canyon fighting wild Pokémon like Dugtrio

6d 13h 10m Healed!

6d 13h 9m Back outside

6d 13h 8m Veteran Harry defeated!

6d 13h 8m Hyper Fang forgotten for Super Fang

6d 13h 8m Raticate to Lv 34 and wants to learn Super Fang

6d 13h 7m Fire Fang on Ariados to yellow, Psychic for Arcanine to red then Sucker Punch to finish Arcanine off

6d 13h 7m Ariados is sent out

6d 13h 6m Psychic again, brings Arcainine to yellow. Fire Fane finishes Ribombee

6d 13h 6m Psychic on Arcanine. Fire Fang brings Ribombee down to yellow

6d 13h 6m Psychic faints Torkoal. Arcanine is sent out. Intimidate activates

6d 13h 5m Ribombee is sent out

6d 13h 5m Drill Run brings Torkoal to red. Heat Wave faints Fearow

6d 13h 4m Fearow used Drill Run, but Torkoal avoids and used Heat Wave. Sun fades

6d 13h 4m Normal Fearow sent out

6d 13h 4m Fly brings Torkoal to yellow but Heat Wave faints ccFearow

6d 13h 4m Another Fly and another Heat Wave dodge

6d 13h 3m Fly hits Torkoal, Heat Wave on Fearow to yellow

6d 13h 3m Fly used, Heat Wave misses

6d 13h 3m ccFearow is sent out. Drought activates

6d 13h 3m Rematch with Veteran Harry once again! Torkoal is sent out

6d 13h 2m Went inside cave

6d 13h 2m Healed with Lillie

6d 13h 1m Crawled back to wide open space in the canyon

6d 13h 0m Max Potion found

6d 13h 0m Crawled into the other side of a small, enclosed area. There's an item

6d 12h 56m Flew to Ancient Poni Path into Vast Poni Canyon

6d 12h 55m Went back outside

6d 12h 54m Flew to Ruins of Hope and went inside

6d 12h 52m Ariados to Lv 52

6d 12h 50m ccFearow faints from Pelipper

6d 12h 49m No more Poké Balls or Premier Balls left

6d 12h 48m Zygarde to lv 31

6d 12h 46m Caught a female Lv. 41 Raticate Nickname: APPMM OWVW and sent to box

6d 12h 45m Raticate to lv 33

6d 12h 44m Caught a male Lv. 43 Pelipper with Drizzle as ability! Nickname: AAAAand sent to box

6d 12h 39m Entered Poni Wilds

6d 12h 36m Outside

6d 12h 34m Another Poké Ball, and Heat Wave wipes Fearow out. No more mons, black out

6d 12h 34m Poké Ball used on Torkoal, Heat Wave on Fearow

6d 12h 34m Fearow sent out

6d 12h 33m Another Poké Ball used, Heat Wave on Ribombee. Ribombee faints

6d 12h 32m Ribombee sent out

6d 12h 32m Poké Ball used on Torkoal, Heat Wave used and Raticate faints

6d 12h 31m Raticate sent out

6d 12h 29m Poké Ball used on Torkoal, Heat Wave crit, wipes out Ariados

6d 12h 29m Ariados is sent out. Torkoal's Drought activates

6d 12h 29m Rematch with Veteran Harry who sends out Torkoal

6d 12h 28m Entered inside canyon

6d 12h 25m Flew to Ancient Poni Path into Vast Poni Canyon

6d 12h 24m Went outside

6d 12h 23m Got Magmarizer and Electirizer for listening to guy with Pelly the Pelliper

6d 12h 21m Aerodactyl sent to box

6d 12h 20m Received Aerodactyl

6d 12h 20m Entered house

6d 12h 12m Flew to Seafolk Village and going in and out of Pokémon Center

6d 12h 11m Caught a male Lv. 31 Pelliper! Nickname is indecipherable and sent to a box!

6d 12h 8m Scientist Reid is defeated

6d 12h 8m Another Pollen Puff and Muk is finished off

6d 12h 8m Pollen Puff on Muk who uses Knock Off on Ribombee

6d 12h 8m Poké Ball on Muk, Knock Off used. Barely dents Ribombee

6d 12h 7m Ribombee sent out

6d 12h 7m Poké Ball on Muk again, Muk faints Zygarde with Crunch

6d 12h 6m Another Poké Ball, and Muk sets up with Minimize

6d 12h 6m Zygarde is sent out. Poké Ball still used on Muk, and Muk uses Crunch on Zygarde to bring it down to yellow

6d 12h 5m Poké Ball on Muk, who finishes ccFearow with Knock Off

6d 12h 5m Another Poké Ball, but Charjabug throws the match and Fearow finishes with Drill Peck

6d 12h 4m Threw Poké Ball at Charjabug, who uses Spark to bring Fearow down to red

6d 12h 4m ccFearow avoids Spark and brings Charjabug down to red with Fly. Spark hits Fearow

6d 12h 3m Fight with Scientist Reid who sends out Charjabug

6d 12h 1m Box changed to Automatic

6d 11h 59m Exited and fiddling with options menu

6d 11h 58m Entered Poké Center

6d 11h 53m Caught Female lv 32 Raticate who replaced Crab No nickname

6d 11h 50m Zygarde's nickname: 66, replaced Kadabra on team

6d 11h 49m New Zygarde assembled, 10% form! Went into Poké Ball

6d 11h 40m Back to trying to assemble Zygarde

6d 11h 39m Crab is getting Bugnium Z repeatedly

6d 11h 39m Crab got Rockium Z to hold

6d 11h 35m Nigel is using the assembly operation

6d 11h 32m Entered lab where Sina and Dexio explain how the Zygarde process works

[Late Info] The Female Wingull with no nickname that Nigel wasted his sole Poké Ball on before buying more and Pretty Wing sent to Nigel's bag was Lv. 20

6d 11h 22m Outside Pokémon Center

6d 11h 21m 11 Poké Balls bought, Premier Ball Bonus. Then 2 more Poké Balls.

6d 11h 19m Walked away from PC

6d 11h 19m Pc activated

6d 11h 15m [Subscriber] KiptheMudkip subscribed for 4 months! Message: "woop woop XP"

6d 11h 14m Party is healed

6d 11h 14m Went inside center

6d 11h 14m Flew to Route 16

6d 11h 11m Flew to Route 9

6d 11h 8m Pretty Wing put in bag, Wingull sent to box

6d 11h 7m Female Wingull captured!

6d 11h 5m Exited Ruins of Life onto Akala Outskirts

6d 11h 1m Exited the altar into the box puzzle area

[Info] Current party order - ccFearow, Kadabra, Ariados, Ribombee, Fearow, and Crab

6d 10h 50m More party shuffling

6d 10h 49m No reaction from statue

[Info] Current items held - Fearow Ghostium, Crab Normalium Z, Ariados Tiny Mushroom, Kadabra Waterium Z, ccFearow Normalium Z, and Ribombee Darkinium Z

6d 10h 44m Held items shuffled once more and party members switched around

6d 10h 42m Also currently out of Didney Worl

[Info] Current items held - Fearow Normalium Z, ccFearow Darkinium Z, Ariados Waterium Z, Kadabra Tiny Mushroom, Ribombee Normalium Z, Crab Ghostium Z

6d 10h 38m Inside Altar. Held items shuffled. In Didney Worl

6d 10h 34m Left block pushed in hole

6d 10h 33m Waterium Z on Crab and Ghostium Z on Kadabra switched

6d 10h 31m Pokémon being shuffled around

6d 10h 28m Trying out Course C1 at Clink-Clunk land. Fearow's Defense stat rose slightly

6d 10h 26m Pushed left block into hole!

6d 10h 25m Pushed right block into hole

[Info] Current items held - Fearow Normalium Z, Crab Waterium Z, ccFearow Tiny Mushroom, Kadabra Ghostium Z, Ribombee Normalium Z, and Ariados Darkinium Z

6d 10h 21m Held items shuffled about in party menu

6d 10h 20m Currently using Machamp to push blocks around

6d 10h 18m Flew to Ruins of Life and went inside

[Meta] Updater will take another short break

6d 9h 57m Outside Seafolk Village

6d 9h 56m Bought Poké Ball

6d 9h 56m Sold Antidote and Hyper Potion and Ice Stone

6d 9h 53m PC activated

[Late Info] But on the plus side, we now have Groundium Z-Crystal from Hapu!

6d 9h 53m Kadabra is sent out, uses Psycho Cut. Torkoal used Body Slam and faints Kadabra. BLACK OUT

6d 9h 52m ccFearow drill Pecks Torkoal to red, Body Slam finishes ccFearow off

6d 9h 52m Sleep Talk fails, Body Slam on ccFearow

6d 9h 51m Swoops in on Torkoal, Torkoal used Body Slam to paralyze Fearow

6d 9h 51m ccFearow sent out who used Fly and dodges Body Slam

6d 9h 50m Bubble Beam used on Torkoal, who finishes Crab off with a Heat Wave

6d 9h 50m Kadabra switches out into Crabrawler who eats a heat Wave

6d 9h 49m Paralyze Heal wasted, Heat Wave burns Kadabra

6d 9h 49m Kadabra sent out

6d 9h 48m Wasted turn with an item, Heat Wave used to bring Ariados to red. Another wasted item, and while Ariados dodged one Heat Wave, other Heat Wave could not be dodged and Ariados faints

6d 9h 47m Ariados sent out

6d 9h 46m Another Potion used, Heat Wave faints Ribombee

6d 9h 46m Potion wasted, Heat Wave avoided

6d 9h 45m Ribombee sent out

6d 9h 45m Another Potion used, Fearow faints

6d 9h 44m Fearow is sent out and potion is wasted allowing Torkoal to get a Heat Wave in

6d 9h 44m Battle with Veteran Harry! He sends out Torkoal who activates Drought

6d 9h 41m Max Revive obtained

6d 9h 40m Hapu teaches Nigel a pose

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


6d 9h 39m Psychic eliminates Gastrodon, Crab to lv 48.

6d 9h 38m Psychic once more, brings Gastrodon to red. Gastrodon used Muddy Water

6d 9h 38m Psychic once more, Gastrodon used Muddy Water but dodged

6d 9h 38m Psychic once again on Gastrodon to yellow, Recover repeated

6d 9h 38m Psychic on Gastrodon to red, Gastrodon Recovers

6d 9h 37m Kadabra sent out

6d 9h 37m Night Shade on Gastrodon, Muddy Water faints Ariados

6d 9h 37m Muddy Water on Ariados, Ariados at low HP

6d 9h 37m Night Shade on Gastrodon

6d 9h 36m Gastrodon sent out

6d 9h 36m Night Shade to faint Mudsdale

6d 9h 36m Night Shade used on Mudsdale to low yellow, Stamina boost, Heavy Slam to bring Ariados to yellow

6d 9h 36m Ariados sent out

6d 9h 35m Assurance on Mudsdale, another Stamina boost. Heavy Slam on ccFearow to wipe it out

6d 9h 35m Assurance on Mudsdale, Stamina boost. Double Kick on ccFearow

6d 9h 35m Dazzling Gleam on Mudsdale, Stamina activates. Heavy Slam used to faint Ribombee, Ribombee faints

6d 9h 34m Did not learn Quiver Dance, Kadabra to 45, ccFearow to 46

6d 9h 33m Ribombee to lv 49 tries to learn Quiver Dance

6d 9h 33m Ribombee sent out, used Dazzling Gleam to wipe out Flygon

6d 9h 32m Dragon Breath on Fearow, Fearow faints. No more sandstorm

6d 9h 32m Hyper Potion on Flygon, Fearow used Drill Peck

6d 9h 32m Flygon used Dragon Breath on Fearow to yellow. Drill Peck on Flygon to red

6d 9h 32m Hapu withdraws Gastrodon, Flygon sent out. Fearow gets a Drill Peck in

6d 9h 31m Gastrodon is sent out

6d 9h 31m Wipes out Dugtrio

6d 9h 31m Dugtrio vs. Fearow. Dugtrio sets up Sandstorm, Fearow used Drill Run

6d 9h 30m Attempt #9 vs. Hapu

6d 9h 27m Entered Vast Poni Canyon

6d 9h 27m Flew to Ancient Poni Path

6d 9h 23m Hyper Potion found

6d 9h 21m Walking around outside Aether Paradise building

6d 9h 18m Went inside Aether Paradise building

6d 9h 17m Flew back to Aether Paradise

6d 9h 11m Went back outside

6d 9h 11m Checkpointed inside Pokémon Center

6d 9h 10m Flew to Seafolk Village

6d 9h 8m Got Zygarde Cell

6d 9h 3m Darkinium Z moved to free space

6d 8h 59m Went outside Aether Paradise building and wandering around

6d 8h 50m Went inside Aether Paradise building

6d 8h 50m Flew to Aether Paradsise

6d 8h 40m Flew to Ancient Poni Path and walked to Vast Poni Canyon

6d 8h 33m Flew to Route 16 and went in Pokémon center

6d 8h 27m Back outside

6d 8h 26m Ribombee used Pollen Puff, brings Mudsdale down to red. Stamina activates, Mudsdale wipes Ribombee out with Heavy Slam. Black out

6d 8h 25m Ribombee, Nigel's last remaining Pokémon, is sent out

6d 8h 23m Swoops down, brings Mudsdale down to yellow. Stamina activates again. Heavy Slam used, faints ccFearow

6d 8h 23m Fly used again to avoid Double Kick

6d 8h 23m Swoops down on Mudsdale, Stamina activates. Double Kick used again to bring ccFearow to yellow

6d 8h 23m ccFearow used Fly, avoids Double Kick

6d 8h 22m ccFearow is sent out

6d 8h 22m Ariados faints

6d 8h 21m Ariados used Night Shade on Mudsdale, Stamina activates. Hapu used Z-Power. Mudsdale unleashed Tectonic Rage

6d 8h 21m Hapu sends out Mudsdale

6d 8h 21m Ariados to lv 51

6d 8h 21m Night Shade on Gastrodon, finishes Gastrodon off

6d 8h 20m Ariados is sent out

6d 8h 20m Gastrodon brought to half, Muddy Water on Kadabra to yellow. Psychic brings Gastrodon to red, Muddy Water finished Kadabra off

6d 8h 19m Brings Gastrodon to red again with Psychic, Gastrodon recovers, cycle repeats a few times

6d 8h 18m Gastrodon to yellow from Psychic, avoids Muddy Water

6d 8h 18m Kadabra used Psychic, Gastrodon to low yellow but uses Recover back to green.

6d 8h 18m No more sandstorm. Kadabra is sent in

6d 8h 18m Crabhammer again, critical hit on Gastrodon. Muddy Water faints Crab

6d 8h 17m Gastrodon uses Muddy Water, Crab is in the red

6d 8h 17m Hapu sends out Gastrodon, Nigel sends out Crab. Crab uses Crabhammer

6d 8h 16m Then Fearow dies from Sandstorm

6d 8h 16m Fearow grew to lv 48

6d 8h 16m Dugtrio used Iron Head, gets critical hit. Fearow used Drill Run and wipes Dugtrio out

6d 8h 15m Hapu used Hyper Potion on Dugtrio, Fearow used Drill Peck

6d 8h 15m Fearow used Drill Run, brings Dugtrio to a silver of health

6d 8h 15m Dugtrio vs Fearow, Dugtrio used Sandstorm

6d 8h 14m Attempt #8 vs. Hapu

[Fluff] Nigel has lost enough the cutscene cuts straight to Hapu's question

[Info] Current party order is Fearow, Crab, Ariados, Kadabra, Ribombee, and ccFearow

6d 8h 13m Flew and walked to Vast Poni Canyon

6d 8h 12m [Subscriber] SuperKirby54321 subscribed for 24 months! Message: "I did it. I donated the world to charity"

6d 8h 4m Party shuffling still continuing

[Info] Party order is: Ribombee, Fearow, Ariados, Crab, ccFearow, and Kadabra

6d 8h 1m Party shuffling continues

[Info] Ariados is holding Ghostium Z, Ribombee is holding Tiny Mushroom, Fearow is holding Darkinium Z, Crab is holding Waterium Z, Kadabra and Fearow are holding Normalium Z

[Info] Current party order is Ariados, Ribombee, Fearow, Crab, ccFearow, and Kadabra

6d 7h 53m Even more party shuffling

6d 7h 53m Current order is Ribombee, Crab, Ariados, ccFearow, Kadabra, and Fearow

6d 7h 52m More party order shuffling

6d 7h 51m Item shuffling in the party menu

6d 7h 51m Current order is Crab, ccFearow, Ribombee, Fearow, Ariados, and Kadabra

6d 7h 49m More party order shuffling

6d 7h 46m Current order is Crab, Ariados, ccFearow, Ribombee, Fearow, and Kadabra

6d 7h 45m More party shuffling

6d 7h 44m Looking at Ariados' moveset in the party menu

6d 7h 43m Party shuffling about

6d 7h 38m Went outside

6d 7h 37m Shuffling around the Pokémon Center

6d 7h 34m Crabhammer on Flygon who finishes Crab off with Earth Power. Black out

6d 7h 33m Earth Power on Crab, brings it down to red. Crab's Crabhammer brings Flygon down to a sliver of health. Hapu used Hyper Potion

6d 7h 33m Crab is sent out

6d 7h 32m Earth Power finishes Kadabra off

6d 7h 32m Flygon used Earth Power on Kadabra to red, Kadabra used Psycho Cut, gets a crit. Sandstorm subsides

6d 7h 32m Kadabra is sent out

6d 7h 31m Dragon Breath used on Fearow, Fearow faints

6d 7h 31m Gastrodon withdrawn for Flygon. Fearow used Drill Peck to get a free hit in

6d 7h 31m Hapu sends out Gastrodon. Fearow used Drill Run, Gastrodon used Muddy Water to bring Fearow down to yellow

6d 7h 30m Dugtrio used Sandstorm again, Fearow used Drill Run and Dugtrio faints

6d 7h 29m Fearow sent out

6d 7h 29m Sandstorm subsided

6d 7h 29m Iron Head takes out Ribombee

6d 7h 28m Ribombee is sent out

6d 7h 27m Earthquake used on Dugtrio, Ariados faints

6d 7h 26m Earthquake used on Ariados to bring it down to yellow. Psychic used but Dugtrio avoids

6d 7h 26m Ariados is sent out

6d 7h 26m Dugtrio used Iron Head, flinching Fearow. Fearow falls from the Sandstorm residual damage

6d 7h 25m ccFearow is sent out against Dugtrio. Dugtrio used Sandstorm, Nigel's Z-Power activates and Black-Hole Eclipse brings Dugtrio down to yellow

6d 7h 24m Attempt #7 vs. Hapu

6d 7h 19m Flew to Ancient Poni Path and then walking to Vast Poni Canyon. Going back and forth

6d 7h 17m Back outside

6d 7h 16m Healed Pokémon again

6d 7h 15m Activated PC

6d 7h 14m Psychic on Gastrodon, who finishes Kadabra off with Muddy Water. BLACK OUT

6d 7h 14m Telekinesis on Gastrodon who uses Recover

6d 7h 14m Psycho Cut on Gastrodon who responds with Muddy Water. Kadabra's accuracy fell and is at low yellow.

6d 7h 13m Kadabra, Nigel's last remaining Pokémon, is sent out

6d 7h 10m Bubble Beam again on Gastrodon who uses Muddy Water to bring Crab to low yellow. Crab uses Crabhammer, and Gastrodon finishes Crab with Muddy Water

6d 7h 10m Gastrodon is sent out

6d 7h 9m Crab is sent out, uses Bubble Beam to finish Mudsdale

6d 7h 8m Echoed Voice on Mudsdale, Stamina activates again. Double Kick on Fearow. Fearow uses Echoed Voice again, putting Mudsdale to red. Stamina activates, Double Kick finishes Fearow off

6d 7h 7m Drill Peck on Mudsdale, Stamina activates. Double Kick on Fearow

6d 7h 6m Fearow is sent out

6d 7h 5m Psychic used on Mudsdale, Stamina activates again. Heavy Slam on Ribombee and Ribombee faints

6d 7h 5m Ribombee is sent out

6d 7h 4m Night Shade on Mudsdale, Stamina activates. Hapu's Z-Power activates. Mudsdale uses Tectonic Rage and Ariados faints

6d 7h 4m Mudsdale is sent out

6d 7h 4m Postion wasted turn, Dugtrio used Earthquake to bring Ariados to yellow. Sucker Punch finishes Dugtrio

6d 7h 3m Ariados is sent in

6d 7h 3m Iron Head finishes ccFearow off

6d 7h 2m Iron Head brings ccFearow to 4HP, Nigel activates Z-Power and uses Black Hole Eclipse to bring Dugtrio down to yellow

6d 7h 1m Attempt #6 vs. Hapu

6d 6h 56m Into the Vast Poni Canyon

6d 6h 55m Flew to Ancient Poni Path

6d 6h 54m After a shuffle on whether to exit or walk to the PC, Nigel walked out of the Pokémon Center

6d 6h 52m PC activated

6d 6h 50m Entered Pokémon Center after flying around in circles

6d 6h 46m After some shuffling in the Pokémon Center, Nigel walks outside and flies in a circle in Seafolk Village

6d 6h 40m Clerk mentions how Nigel cleared Acerola's trial so he can buy more items

6d 6h 37m Nigel buys Calm Mind TM. He has ₽51,940 left

6d 6h 33m Dynamic Punch used, Mudsdale avoids it, uses Earthquake. Black out

6d 6h 32m Crab, Nigel's last remaining Pokémon, is sent out

6d 6h 31m Mudsdale uses Z-Move Tectonic Rage and faints Kadabra

6d 6h 31m Mudsdale sent out, Psychic used, Stamina activates

6d 6h 31m Crab grew to lv 47

6d 6h 30m Kadabra grew to lv 44

6d 6h 30m Psychic wipes out Gastrodon

6d 6h 30m Psychic again, Bringing Gastrodon down to low yellow. Muddy Water avoided

6d 6h 30m Kadabra used Psychic on Gastrodon who used Muddy Water to bring Kadabra down to yellow

6d 6h 29m Kadabra is sent out

6d 6h 28m Drill Run used on Gastrodon who uses Muddy Water on Fearow. Fearow faints

6d 6h 28m Hapu sends out Gastrodon

6d 6h 27m Iron Head on Fearow brings it down to yellow, Drill Run faints Dugtrio

6d 6h 27m Fearow sent out

6d 6h 26m Revive wasted on Ariados. Earthquake faints Ariados

6d 6h 25m Earthquake on Ariados brings it to yellow, Z-Power activates and unleashes Never-Ending Nightmare on Dugtrio to bring it to yellow as well. Sandstorm subsides

6d 6h 23m Ariados sent in

6d 6h 23m Iron Head takes out Ribombee

6d 6h 23m Ribombee sent in

6d 6h 23m Wasted turn with Potion, allowing Dugtrio to hit ccFearow with Iron Head. Sandstorm finishes it off

6d 6h 22m Iron Head misses, Fly hits Dugtrio

6d 6h 21m Dugtrio sets up Sandstorm, ccFearow used Fly

6d 6h 21m Attempt #5 vs. Hapu

6d 6h 18m Going back into Vast Poni Canyon

[Info] Nigel currently has ₽64,740

6d 6h 17m Flying back to Ancient Poni Path

6d 6h 12m At Vast Poni Canyon

[Meta] Going on a quick break

6d 6h 3m Back outside Seafolk Village

6d 6h 2m Dazzling Gleam brings Mudsdale down to red, Stamina activates. Heavy Slam on Ribombee, Ribombee faints and black out

6d 6h 1m Ribombee sent out

6d 6h 1m Crabhammer used, Stamina activates, Earthquake faints Crab

6d 6h 1m Crab is sent out

6d 6h 0m Drill Run again, Stamina activates again, Heavy Slam faints Fearow

6d 6h 0m Drill Run used, Stamina activates again. Mudsdale used Counter, brings Fearow down to yellow.

6d 5h 59m Drill Peck used on Mudsdale, Stamina activates again. Double Kick used

6d 5h 59m Fearow is sent out

6d 5h 59m Sucker Punch used again, gets critical hit. Stamina activates. Mudsdale uses Tectonic Rage and faints Ariados

6d 5h 58m Mudsdale is sent out

6d 5h 58m Ariados sent out. Sucker Punches and faints Dugtrio.

6d 5h 57m Kadabra fainted

6d 5h 57m Kadabra is sent out

6d 5h 57m Iron Head on ccFearow brings it down to red, ccFearow unleashes Black Hole Eclipse and brings Dugtrio down to yellow. Iron Head finishes ccFearow off

6d 5h 55m Dugtrio vs. ccFearow

6d 5h 54m Attempt number #4 vs. Hapu

6d 5h 51m Flew to Ancient Poni Path, went into Vast Poni Canyon

6d 5h 48m Back outside Seafolk Village

6d 5h 47m Earth Power is used on Crab, takes it out immediately. Black out hype!

6d 5h 47m Crabrawler is sent out

6d 5h 45m Earth Power takes out Kadabra

6d 5h 45m Flygon's Earth Power on Kadabra brings it to red, Kadabra used Psychic on Flygon. Sandstorm subsides

6d 5h 43m Kadabra is sent out

6d 5h 41m Dragon Breath on Fearow, Fearow faints

6d 5h 41m Dragon Breath on Fearow, Drill run fails again

6d 5h 41m Gastrodon withdrawn for Flygon, Drill Run fails due to Levitate

6d 5h 40m Gastrodon is sent out

6d 5h 40m Dugtrio sets up Sandstorm again, Fearow used Drill Run and Dugtrio faints

6d 5h 39m Fearow sent out

6d 5h 39m Hapu used Hyper Potion on Dugtrio. Ribombee used Draining Kiss, takes out a little. Iron Head faints Ribombee

6d 5h 38m Ribombee sent out

6d 5h 38m Earthquake on Ariados to half, Z-Power activates and Never-Ending Nightmare unleashed on Dugtrio. Takes out a chunk of Dugtrio's HP, still in green. Ariados brings Dugtrio to red with Sucker Punch but faints from Earthquake. Sandstorm subsides

6d 5h 37m Ariados sent out

6d 5h 36m Iron Head wipes ccFearow out

6d 5h 36m Dugtrio's Iron Head misses, Fly misses

6d 5h 35m Dugtrio used Sandstorm, ccFearow used fly

6d 5h 35m ccFearow sent out against Dugtrio

6d 5h 34m Attempt number #3 vs. Hapu

6d 5h 32m Entered Vast Poni Canyon

6d 5h 31m Flew to Ancient Poni Path

6d 5h 24m Entered Poni Wilds

6d 5h 20m Current party order is as follows: ccFearow, Kadabra, Crabrawler, Ribombee, Ariados, and Fearow

6d 5h 20m ccFearow moved to front. Ribombee and Ariados also shuffled around

6d 5h 11m Assurance on Gastrodon again, Muddy Water takes ccFearow out. BLACK OUT

6d 5h 10m Assurance doesn't do much, Muddy Water is used brings ccFearow down to half

6d 5h 10m Gastrodon is sent out

6d 5h 10m Dugtrio used Sandstorm, Nigel activates Z-Poser. cc5Fearow used Black Hole Eclipse and annihilated Dugtrio

6d 5h 9m ccFearow sent out

6d 5h 8m Sucker Punch on Dugrio brings Dugtrio down to half, Earthquake finishes Ariados off

6d 5h 6m Ariados sent out, takes an Earthquake and barely dents Dugtrio with Psychic. Sandstorm subsides

6d 5h 5m Earthquake on Kadabra faints it before Kadabra could pull off a move

6d 5h 4m Kadabra sent out

6d 5h 2m Iron Head finished Fearow off

6d 5h 2m Fearow healed with Potion, Dugtrio used Iron Head to bring Fearow to yellow

6d 5h 2m Wasted turn with Potion, Dugtrio used Sandstorm

6d 5h 1m Fearow sent out

6d 5h 1m Dugtrio's Iron Head on Ribombee takes it out

6d 5h 0m Ribombee sent out

6d 5h 0m Crab sent out but can't take an Earthquake

6d 5h 0m Dugtrio sent out

6d 5h 0m Attempt number #2 vs Hapu

6d 4h 59m Conversation with Hapu and Lillie...again!

6d 4h 57m Went into Vast Poni Path

6d 4h 47m Ribombee and Fearow moved around. Fearow is currently last on party

6d 4h 43m ccFearow and Ribombee switched around in Pokémon menu. Ribombee is currently last

6d 4h 37m [Subscriber] Reyas_ subscribed for 5 months! "*** YOU I LOVE YOU"

6d 4h 35m Back onto Poni Wilds

[Info] Animations turned back on

6d 4h 31m Dragon Breath faints ccFearow. Black out

6d 4h 31m Dragon Breath used, Sleep Talk fails

6d 4h 30m ccFearow sent out

6d 4h 30m Stamina activates again. Heavy Slam brings Fearow to red. Mudsdale withdrawn and Flygon sent in. Drill Peck used. Fearow faints

6d 4h 29m Fearow sent out

[Info] Animations turned off

6d 4h 29m Draining Kiss again, Mudsdale to yellow. Stamina activates again. Heavy Slam hits, Ribombee faints

6d 4h 28m Draining Kiss used, Stamina activates again. Earthquake hits

6d 4h 28m Ribombee sent out

6d 4h 27m Kinesis used but fails. Z-Power Tectonic Rage used. Kadabra falls

6d 4h 27m Kadabra sent out

6d 4h 26m Mudsdale sent out. Sucker Punch used, Mudsdale's Stamina activates. Earthquake faints Ariados. Sandstorm subsides.

6d 4h 26m Sucker Punch on Dugtrio takes Dugtrio out

[Info] This is attempt #1

6d 4h 24m Ariados sent out

6d 4h 24m Earthquake takes out Crab

6d 4h 24m Crab sent out against Dugtrio. Sandstorm set up, Bubble Beam hits.

6d 4h 23m Hapu and Lillie are talking to each other. Then Hapu challenged Nigel to battle!

6d 2h 42m Got a Heart Scale!

6d 2h 40m Got a Heart Scale again!

6d 2h 39m Got another Heart Scale!

6d 2h 36m Got a Heart Scale!

6d 2h 31m We are wandering Seafolk Village.

6d 2h 22m Got the Sun Flute!

6d 2h 14m Got a Prism Scale!

6d 2h 1m We go to Exeggutor Island.

6d 1h 59m We fly back to town.

6d 1h 55m We leave the Ruins of Hope and are just hanging out.

6d 1h 31m We push the boulders and enter the back area.

6d 1h 22m We have a Machamp to carry us around now.

6d 1h 20m We are at the Ruins of Hope. Not sure where the Master Ball went.

5d 23h 52m Flew to the Pokémon Center in Seafolk.

5d 23h 42m Blacked out!

5d 23h 40m VS Ace Trainer Lindsey.

5d 23h 19m Sucked up another Zygarde cell.

5d 22h 50m Obtained several Heart Scales.

5d 22h 47m Currently in the ramen/noodle restaurant which I forgot the name of. We're on Poni island.

5d 22h 23m [Fluff] Festival Fan: How I feel right now is... Uwaaaaaaaa

5d 22h 21m We're at the dock with Gladion and Lillie.

5d 21h 21m Still in the foundation.

5d 20h 47m We are wandering around in the foundation.

5d 20h 35m Back in control again.

5d 20h 33m Got Moon Flute. Got Master Ball!

5d 20h 32m More cutscenes.

[Fluff] Lillie changes to her Z form -- HYPE

5d 20h 32m We are in control again.

5d 20h 29m The story continues anyway!

5d 20h 28m Ariados fainted! We lost!

5d 20h 27m Ariados sent out. Mismagius taken out! Milotic out next.

5d 20h 27m Fearow is sent out. We survive with 1 HP and Drill Peck. Fearow fainted!

5d 20h 26m Ribombee fainted!

5d 20h 25m We get hit with the parafusion combo, but we take Lilligant down! Mismagius out next.

5d 20h 24m Ribombee sent out. We use a potion which does nothing. Ribombee paralyzed!

5d 20h 23m We Telekinesis. Kadabra fainted!

5d 20h 23m Crabrawler fainted! Kadabra sent out.

5d 20h 22m Crabhammer crits! It goes down! Lilligant is sent out. Crabrawler paralyzed!

5d 20h 21m Crabrawler comes out. We Iron Defense, it Metronomes. It gets Nasty Plot!

5d 20h 21m More Metronome but it misses since we're in the air. Fly drops it to red. Moonblast takes us out! ccFearow fainted!

5d 20h 21m It goes for the Yolonome! Acupressure! It greatly increased its accuracy! We take it down to yellow, but Moonblast drops us to yellow as well.

5d 20h 20m It looks cool but does little damage. Clefable buffs up with Cosmic Power. We Fly up and land on it, it's at around half. But it keeps buffing up.

5d 20h 19m ccFearow vs Clefable! We start with a Z-Power, Black Hole Eclipse!

5d 20h 19m Vs Aether President Lusamine!

[Info] Lots of dialog... and stuff happening.

5d 20h 12m We sleep on the bed. Not sure if that actually healed us or not. We then teleport up.

5d 20h 10m We enter the mansion type building.

5d 20h 9m Ribombee takes it down! Team Skull Boss Guzma defeated!

5d 20h 9m Ribombee sent out. Pinsir taken down! Ariados, his final Pokémon, is sent out.

5d 20h 7m Crabrawler is sent out. Crabrawler fainted!

5d 20h 7m Fearow fainted!

5d 20h 7m Fearow sent out. Golisopod taken out! Pinsir comes out next.

5d 20h 5m Golisopod out again. Ariados fainted!

5d 20h 4m Ariados is sent out. Two Sucker Punches takes out Masquerain! Ariados grew to level 48! Ribombee to 44!

5d 20h 4m Kadabra sent out next. Kadabra fainted!

5d 20h 3m Z-Power used! Black Hole Eclipse! ccFearow fainted!

5d 20h 2m Fearow vs Golisopod. We Fly but it exits. Masquerain out next, it Intimidates us.

5d 20h 2m Vs Team Skull Boss Guzma!

5d 20h 0m We are up against another Team Skull Grunt, but he is defeated easily. ccFearow grew to level 44!

[Info] After that last double battle our Pokémon were healed.

5d 19h 59m Defeated the grunt.

5d 19h 58m Spotted by a Team Skull Grunt.

5d 19h 56m Hau's Raichu fainted. He sends out Incineroar. ccFearow fainted! We defeat Faba. Fearow to 44!

5d 19h 54m And it suddenly appeared again. Only Faba has Pokemon left, so it is a 2v1. ccFearow wakes up and uses Z-Power! Black Hole Eclipse on the Hypno!

5d 19h 53m ccFearow falls asleep mid-flight

5d 19h 51m Another double battle. We team up with Hau this time. Vs Faba and an Employee. Fearow and Raichu vs Ledian and Slowbro.

5d 19h 50m We fly and allow Golbat to get picked on and it faints.. Gladion sends out Type: Null. Fly takes out Magmar. Type: Null takes out Electabuzz. ccFearow grew to 43! Trainers defeated.

5d 19h 48m Another double battle. Vs two Employees. This time teamed up with Gladion. ccFearow and his Golbat vs Electabuzz and Magmar.

5d 19h 47m NPC heals our Pokemon!

5d 19h 45m Employees defeated!

5d 19h 44m Ribombee grew to 43! Ariados grew to 47! Raichu fainted, Leafeon is sent out next from Hau.

5d 19h 44m In a double battle with Hau again! Fearow and Raichu vs Pelliper and Mudsdale.

5d 19h 43m We take the elevator up again.

5d 19h 42m Stream briefly goes down then comes back up.

5d 19h 32m Still wandering the hallway down here.

5d 19h 09m Gave ccFearow Darkium Z. Also at some point our Pokemon became healed.

5d 19h 01m Got a Zygarde thing!

5d 18h 54m Defeated both the trainers.

5d 18h 53m Crabrawler grew to 43! Ariados fainted!

5d 18h 52m We find two Employees. A double battle. We only have Ariados and Crabrawler left. Hau joins in with his Raichu.

5d 18h 50m Defeated the third Employee.

5d 18h 47m Second Employee defeated. Third Employee up next.

5d 18h 46m Fearow fainted!

5d 18h 45m Fearow uses Z-Power - Breakneck Blitz against the Magneton.

5d 18h 43m Ribombee fainted!

5d 18h 42m Defeated the employee! The next one challenges us.

[Snark] Never knew Daft Punk was in this game.

5d 18h 41m Up against another trainer down here.

5d 18h 40m We regain control again.

5d 18h 39m Inputs stopped. Game being saved.

5d 18h 38m Got a Max Revive!

5d 18h 37m We take the elevator to the basement.

5d 18h 36m Ariados uses a Z-Power! Never-Ending Nightmare! Branch Chief Faba defeated!

5d 18h 35m Kadabra fainted!

5d 18h 32m We take the elevator up. Vs Branch Chief Faba!

5d 18h 30m Kadabra did not learn Role Play! Fearow grew to 43! Employee defeated.

5d 18h 30m Kadabra grew to 41! It wants to learn Role Play.

5d 18h 28m Ariados grew to 46! It forgot Shadow Sneak and learned Psychic!

5d 18h 26m Spotted by another Employee. Also ccFearow fainted earlier!

5d 18h 25m Defeated the employee.

5d 18h 23m Spotted by another Aether Employee.

5d 18h 21m Trainer defeated!

5d 18h 21m Ribombee did not learn Aromatherapy! Crabrawler grew to 42! It forgot Pursuit for Iron Defense!

5d 18h 19m ccFearow grew to level 42! Ribombee grew to level 42!

5d 18h 18m Spotted by Aether Foundation Employee!

5d 18h 16m We arrive at Aether Paradise.

5d 18h 16m Pokemon healed! Got the Darkium Z Crystal! Grand Trial Complete!

5d 18h 15m Another Gleam one shots the Krokorok. Island Kahuna Nanu defeated!

5d 18h 14m Another Gleam takes down Persian as well. Kadabra grew to level 40! Krokorok is sent out.

5d 18h 13m Ribombee sent out against Sableye. We use Dazzling Gleam and it goes down! Persian out next.

[info] Oops that was ccFearow that fainted.

5d 18h 12m Fearow fainted.

5d 18h 12m We use another Z-Move! Z-Sleep Talk! Oh boy!

5d 18h 11m Fearow vs Sableye! Our party was healed.

5d 18h 11m Vs Island Kahuna Nanu!

5d 18h 10m We agree to go with Gideon.

5d 18h 09m Ribombee sent out. Type: Null goes down! Gideon defeated!

5d 18h 08m The Z-Move did little damage. Crabrawler fainted!

5d 18h 08m Type: Null sent out. We use a Z-Move!

5d 18h 07m We took down Golbat and now Sneasel is out. Crabrawler sent out. Sneasel goes down.

5d 18h 05m Ribombee grew to 41! Vs Gideon! Fearow to 42! Fearow fainted!

5d 17h 40m We used 2 Rare Candies on Ariados, bringing it up to Level 45

5d 17h 30m Back in Guzma's Room. The last 30+ minutes have just been looking around in our inventory.

[Snark] Why is Refresh showing the weather as clear skies when its a thunderstorm?

5d 16h 49m Gave the Normalium Z to Fearow

5d 16h 45m We delete Aerial Ace on our Fearow and taught it Sleep Talk

5d 16h 42m We give one to Ariados as well

5d 16h 42m We changed our minds and gave it the Ghostium Z

5d 16h 39m We give Crabrawler the Rockium Z

[Meta] It's not going dark, it's just that nothing's happening Kappa

[Meta] Updater will go dark until someone takes over

5d 16h 17m Nigel sits in Guzma's chair, a cutscene plays with a Team Skull member walking in and out

5d 16h 14m Buginium Z found

5d 16h 14m Guzma walks away

5d 16h 14m Yungoos is rescued!

5d 16h 14m Ariados to 43

5d 16h 14m Drill Peck used, takes out Golisopod

5d 16h 13m Fearow sent in

5d 16h 13m Draining Kiss used on Golisopod to bring back to low yellow, Razor Shell takes Ribombee out

5d 16h 13m Shadow Sneak on Ribombee, Psychic takes Ariados out. Golisopod sent out

5d 16h 12m More Shadow Sneak by Ariados, the Drainking Kiss which isn't very effective. Potion has no effect. Shadow Sneak used

5d 16h 11m Pollen Puff used on Golisopod, Emergency Exit activated. Ariados sent out. Shadow Sneak used

5d 16h 11m Golisopod is sent out, Kadabra switched for Ribombee. First Impression used

5d 16h 10m Little Yungoos is held hostage. Guzma battle begins!

5d 16h 10m Entered back in Shady House, meeting Guzma

5d 16h 9m Escape Rope found

5d 16h 7m Outside Shady House

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘


5d 16h 3m Entered and exited a room on the lower left corner

5d 15h 56m Stream back up, inputs working again

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 15h 55m Steam down! STREAM DOWN

5d 15h 42m Inputs have stopped working

5d 15h 16m [Subscriber] PikalaxALT subscribed for 28 months in a row! "The last answer is "NO!""

5d 15h 12m A few quick visits to Kadabra in Pokémon Refresh in between the puzzle

5d 14h 26m Back to solving password puzzle

5d 14h 24m Visited Poke Pelago briefly. We have more than 150 Pokémon total in PC!

5d 14h 13m Still at the puzzle

[Info] [Correction] Seems like Nigel has to select No! after selecting Beat Up, Golisopod, and Tapu Cocoa

5d 13h 26m Still trying to get past the password puzzle

[Info] Nigel currently has ₽24,120

[Fluff] While chat can get Golisopod and Tapu Cocoa right, they are having trouble selecting Beat Up

[Info] Seems like Nigel has to select Beat Up, Golisopod, and Tapu Cocoa

5d 12h 49m Which move does Guzma like Best, which Pokémon does Guzma like best, which drink does Guzma like best are the three questions. Nigel got it wrong

5d 12h 47m Talking to Team Skull member in charge of password again

5d 12h 42m Reentered Shady House

5d 12h 41m Game saved!

5d 12h 32m Ice Stone found

5d 12h 30m Exited Shady House from the left

5d 12h 27m Reentering and exiting the room with 3 beds and sleeping Skull member

5d 12h 23m Exited room

5d 12h 22m Max Revive found

5d 12h 21m Entered other room. This room has 3 beds and a sleeping skull member. And there's an item

5d 12h 20m Exited room

5d 12h 20m Paper read, password is Beat Up

5d 12h 15m There's a piece of paper in this room with a lot of cardboard boxes

5d 12h 15m Entered a door that was nearby a mirror

5d 12h 13m Kadabra to 39

5d 12h 13m Crab's Pursuit finished Mareanie

5d 12h 13m Crab is sent out

5d 12h 12m Fly brings Mareanie down to red, Fearow brought to red by Venoshock and poison finished it

5d 12h 12m cc5 Fearow uses Fly, gets Toxic'd. Poison takes effect.

5d 12h 12m Fighting Team Skull Member! Sends out Mareanie vs cc5Fearow

5d 12h 9m Down stairs

5d 12h 6m Cardboard boxes are also blocking the path on the right. Skull Member at doorway south asks for three secret passwords. Nigel can't get in at this time

5d 12h 4m Back on the room with the chandelier blocking the right staircase. Three passwords are needed and the memos are somewhere in this mansion according to Team Skull Member Grunt

5d 12h 2m Iron found

5d 12h 1m Fly is used, Slash from Fomantis misses. Fly hits and wipes Fomantis out. Skull Grunt defeated

5d 12h 0m Entered room and challenged by Team Skull Grunt. Fomantis vs. cc5 Fearow

5d 11h 59m Skull Grunt is defeated

5d 11h 58m Drowzee is sent out, Forewarn activating. Drill Peck takes out Drowzee

5d 11h 58m Fight with another grunt who sends out Wimpod. cc5Fearow used Drill Peck and kills in one hit

[Corrrection] it was cc5Fearow who used Fly and KO'd Rattata

5d 11h 56m Another Skull member fights, sends out Raticate. cc5 Fearow uses Fly, Raticate Crunches cc5Fearow, cc5Fearow Drill Pecks Raticate to finish it, Crab grew to lv 41

5d 11h 55m Skull Member sends out Rattata, Fearow used Fly, avoids Double Edge, KOs Rattata and defeats Skull Grunt Member

5d 11h 54m Entered a room with 4 beds and 2 Team Skull Grunt members

5d 11h 53m Exited room

5d 11h 51m The item was TM36 Sludge Bomb

5d 11h 49m In a bedroom with slightly faded Pokémon dolls. There's a golden ball item next to it

5d 11h 46m Entered Shady House

5d 11h 33m Back to exploring Po Town

5d 11h 31m Paid ₽10 to heal Pokémon

5d 11h 30m Entered Pokémon Center

5d 11h 26m Exploring Po Town

5d 11h 9m Going in and out of Po Town and Route 17

5d 11h 7m Flew to Route 17

5d 11h 5m Entered left door outside the mansion

5d 11h 4m Exited the room with Cafe Menu, went through a short room, entered another room. Now back on main floor

5d 11h 1m It was for Cocoa...? But in thecornerHeal Powder was found

5d 10h 58m Nigel enters a door, goes through a short room, enters another door. There's a piece of paper he's standing over

5d 10h 57m Team Skull Grunt defeated

5d 10h 57m Haunter is sent out and uses Sucker Punch. Fearow flies, hurt by poison, avoids Sucker Punch, KOs Haunter

5d 10h 56m Entered a door and spotted by Team Skull Grunt

5d 10h 54m Back downstairs

5d 10h 52m Went upstairs

5d 10h 51m Team Skull grunt defeated

5d 10h 51m Mirror Move is forgotten for Drill Peck

5d 10h 51m cc5 Fearow to 41, tries to learn Drill Peck

5d 10h 50m Fly used once more, Salandit's Toxic hits cc5 Fearow who KOs Salandit in one hit

5d 10h 49m cc5Fearow uses Fly, avoids Gastly's attacks and KO's Gastly. Salandit is sent out

5d 10h 48m Gastly is sent out

5d 10h 48m cc5Fearow uses Fly, Mean Look avoided and lands Fly. Zubat is KO'd

5d 10h 47m Fight with Team Skull Grunt! Sends out Zubat

5d 10h 47m Entered Shady House

5d 10h 44m Zygarde Core sucked into Zygarde Cube!

5d 10h 42m Skull Grunt defeated!

5d 10h 42m Fly quickly dispatches of Wimpod

5d 10h 42m cc5Fearow misses with Fly, Struggle Bug takes down Fearow's Special Attack a little. Fly attempted again

5d 10h 41m Battle against Team Skull Grunt! Sends out Wimpod

5d 10h 36m Team Skull Grunt is defeated!

5d 10h 36m Salandit is sent out, cc5 Fearow uses Fly. Nasty Plot is used but doesn't matter because it also dies in one hit

5d 10h 35m cc5 Fearow used Fly and KOs Fomantis

5d 10h 34m Spotted by Team Skull Grunt on a truck! Skull Grunt sends out Fomantis

5d 10h 28m Rare Candy found!

5d 10h 27m Fearow forgets Fly for Drill Peck, cc5Fearow used Fly and Team Skull Grunts are defeated

5d 10h 26m Pollen Puff used on Raticate who faints. Grew to level 40! Fearow to 41, wants to learn Drill Peck

5d 10h 25m Ribombee is sent out

5d 10h 24m cc5Fearow used Fly, Kadabra used Psycho Cut on Golbat, Kadabra avoids Poison Fang but not Crunch and faints

5d 10h 23m Fight with 2 Team Skull Grunts. Raticate and Golbat vs. cc5Fearow and Kadabra

[Info] PC is dead according to Discord

5d 10h 21m Back outside on Po Town

[Meta] Gotta take a short break

5d 10h 15m Also, there's a Hypno in the room hypnotizing a Spinda. One of the grunts is on the floor

5d 10h 14m Pokémon Center is occupied by grunts. There are Spinda in the room. Grunts ask for ₽10 to heal Pokémon and Nigel's Pokémon gets healed

5d 10h 12m Team Skull Grunt is defeated!

5d 10h 12m Fearow used Fly, Grimer uses Crunch which Fearow avoids, brings Grimer down to red who takes Fearow down to yellow. Fearow uses Fly which allows him to avoid another Crunch and takes Grimer out

5d 10h 11m Skull Grunt is defeated! Time to fight with Grunt B who sends out Grimer

5d 10h 11m Spinarak uses Sucker Punch, Fearow uses Fly. Fly KOs Spinarak

5d 10h 10m Grunts are surprised and fight begins! Team Skull Grunt sends out Spinarak

5d 10h 9m Went through a hole in Po Town!

[Story] A guy asks if Nigel still wants to go in, Nigel says yes. Grunts talk about their barricade and alternate path

5d 10h 4m Fearow used Fly, Crab used Pursuit and faints Haunter. Team Skull grunts defeated!

5d 10h 4m Fearow used Psybeam on Drowzee, Crab used Pursuit on Drowzee, Drowzee faints! Haunter used Shadow Ball on Crab, Crab is still poisoned and takes damage

5d 10h 3m Ribombee is confused, Dazzling Gleam hits everyone, Fearow uses Agility. Haunter uses Shadow Ball takes Ribombee out. Psybeam on Fearow

5d 10h 2m Pollen Puff on Haunter, Mirror Move fails. Confuse Ray on Ribombee. Psybeam onto Ribombee

5d 10h 1m Drowzee and Haunter sent out. Ribombee and Fearow sent out. It's raining

5d 10h 1m Fight with Female and Male Skull grunts!

5d 9h 54m Ribombee's Psychic takes out Salandit, Team Skull Grunt is defeated!

5d 9h 53m Ribombee uses Dazzling Gleam on Salandit who uses Nasty Plot

5d 9h 53m Fight with Team Skull Grunt who sends out Salandit

5d 9h 52m Crab to Lv. 40

5d 9h 48m Onto Route 17

5d 9h 43m Onto Ula'ula Meadow

5d 9h 41m Exited the center

5d 9h 40m Entered Pokémon Center

5d 9h 39m On route 16

5d 9h 37m On shore

5d 9h 29m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Rock has been broken ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 9h 28m Trying to b+down as fast as chat can to break huge rocks

5d 9h 26m Riding on Sharpedo

5d 9h 24m Grimsley tells how Po Town at end of Route 16

5d 9h 23m Grimsley flips a coin, gives Sharpedo registered on ride pager!

5d 9h 22m Ace Trainer Yuki sends out Marowak, Kadabra continues using Psychic, faints to Bonemerang. Crab is sent out and finishes with Pursuit

5d 9h 20m Kadabra sent out against Alolan Sandshrew, uses Psychic

[Story] Rescue Yungoos!

[Story] Guy on Route 15 might be able to help sneak into Po Town which is being raided by Team Skull right now. They have a few Pokémon as hostage

5d 9h 18m Rare Candy received

5d 9h 17m Plumeria mentions Po Town on her defeat

5d 9h 17m Toxic used on Crabrawler, Dizzy Punch on Salazzle, finishes her off. Ribombee to 39, Plumeria defeated

5d 9h 16m Night Shade on Salazzle then Sucker Punch, Flame Burst brings Ariados to 3 HP, Flame Burst finishes Ariados off. Crabrawler sent out

5d 9h 16m Ariados is sent in, Salazzle is sent out

5d 9h 15m Aerial Ace on Golbat, Golbat faints. Fearow to lv 40, cc5Fearow faints

5d 9h 15m Poison Fang on cc5Fearow who is now badly poisoned and confused. Still pulls off a Fly and snaps out of confusion

5d 9h 14m Confuse Ray on cc5Fearow who hits himself

5d 9h 14m cc5Fearow sent out

5d 9h 13m Plumeria is there, Acerola accompanies Nigel and Hau is there as well

5d 9h 12m To Route 15

5d 9h 10m Final Dusk Ball used! Ariados to Lv. 42! Caught a female Lv. 31 Vulpix! Nickname: AA GGGGOYRR and sent to Box

5d 9h 8mCaught a male Lv. 30 Snorunt! No nickname

5d 9h 4m Exited Pokémon Center

5d 9h 4m Veler evolved into Golem

5d 9h 3m Veler the Graveler is received

5d 9h 3m Haunter is being traded for Alolan Graveler

5d 8h 58m Talking to a guy who asks for Haunter for a trade. Haunter is currently in Box 5

5d 8h 52m Healed

5d 8h 49m Inside Pokémon Center

5d 8h 46m Back onto Tapu Village

5d 8h 45m Caught a female Magikarp! Nickname: !!!qqqqqaaab Sent to box

5d 8h 44m Back on Lapras and fishing

5d 8h 43m Back on land

5d 8h 40m Riding on Lapras

5d 8h 37m Onto Route 14

[Fluff] [Info] 8,364 thumbs up so far

[Snark] Dust Balls? Ew

5d 8h 19m Caught a male Lv. 32 Haunter! Nickname: !!!0fu0hhhhh Sent to box

[Fluff] 3 Dust Balls left

5d 8h 16m Caught a female Lv. 32 Golbat! Nickname: 1bb?. Sent to box

5d 8h 10m Still walking around in the mart, occasionally using a Dusk Ball here and there

5d 7h 51m 7704 thumbs up in total!

5d 7h 50m 7,573 thumbs up! Still using Poke Finder. There's a Gengar now instead of nothing

[Info] Got 7,405 thumbs up in total so far!

5d 7h 47m More time with Poke Finder, nothing's there this time

5d 7h 46m Pokefinder turned on, Gastly in frame

[Fluff] [Info] Oh by the way Automatic is on

5d 7h 37m No nickname, Klefki sent to box

5d 7h 36m Dusk ball used! Male level 31 Klefki caught Crab to 39

5d 7h 35m Entered Thrifty Abandoned Poké Mart

5d 7h 34m *Ghost Z Crystal also received *

5d 7h 33m Can catch Pokémon in area now, 10 Dusk Balls received

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 7h 32m *ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ♫ *

5d 7h 32m Totem Mimikyu defeated!!

5d 7h 31m Sucker Punch dodged, Fly took out Haunter

5d 7h 31m Fly used, Hypnosis dodged

5d 7h 31m Sucker Punch and Play Rough avoided, Mimikyu taken out

5d 7h 31m Sucker Punch used, Play Rough used, Fearow to red, uses Fly

5d 7h 30m Play Rough avoided, Fly brings Mimikyu to red, Hypnosis avoided

5d 7h 30m Play Rough avoided, Fly used, Hypnosis avoided

5d 7h 30m Fearow sent out

5d 7h 29m Shadow Claw on Kadabra, faints

5d 7h 28m Sucker Punch on cc5 Fearow, Play Rough lands takes out cc5 Fearow

5d 7h 28m Play Rough avoided, Fly used, Hypnosis avoided

5d 7h 27m Sucker Punch on cc5Fearow. Mimick learned Aerial Ace. Used Fly

5d 7h 27m Play Rough avoided, Aerial Ace used. Disguise broken. Called for Haunter

5d 7h 27m cc5Fearow sent out

5d 7h 26m Mimikyu attempt #15

5d 7h 21m Inside Abandoned Thrifty Megamart

5d 7h 18m Onto route 14

5d 7h 16m Flew to Tapu Village

5d 7h 14m cc5Fearow to 40

5d 7h 8m Ribombee to Level 38. ccFearow faints, and Ariados is sent out instead.

5d 7h 2m Kadabra to level 38

5d 7h 0m She heals us again.

5d 6h 56m (regular) Fearow to level 39

5d 6h 53m Very Nice Lady heals our team.

5d 6h 50m Ariados to Level 41 It fails to learn Pin Missile.

[Meta] Since chat is content to grind for awhile, I am going to stop providing a play-by-play of every single wild battle. Until we change objectives, updates will only include information regarding blackouts, levelups, moveset changes, and the like.

5d 6h 48m We send out regular Fearow and... run away.

5d 6h 46m Vs. Wild Skarmory! PogChamps everywhere! It takes down ccFearow!!

5d 6h 41m vs. Wild Raticate ccFearow uses Assurance, while Raticate uses Hyper Fang. ccFearow survives with 6 HP. We use Aerial Ace and WINNAR IS US.

5d 6h 40m We score a critical hit on another Fearow vs Fearow battle and prove victorious.

5d 6h 37m Vs. Wild Raticate! ccFearow uses Fly and nearly kills it. Enemy Raticate calls for help, but nothing appears. We use Aerial Ace and emerge victorious. ccFearow to level 39!

5d 6h 36m vs. another Fearow! We deply ccFearow and use Aerial Ace. So does the enemy Fearow. We do it again, but better. We win. Yay.

5d 6h 33m vs Wild Fearow! We send out ccFearow! We use Aerial Ace; it uses Assurance. It falls to a second Aerial Ace.

5d 6h 31m Vs. wild Ariados! We send out ccFearow and Aerial Ace. Enemy Ariados faints. Crabrawler to level 38!!

5d 6h 30m Vs. Wild Raticate #2! We send out ccFearow and use Aerial Ace! Raticate faints.

5d 6h 29m Vs. wild Raticate! We send out ccFearow! We use Fly and murderball Raticate.

5d 6h 28m A Very Nice Person on the route heals us. Splendid!

5d 6h 24m A spooky tree vibrates and a Fearow jumps out at us! Ribombee tanks it and KOs! Ribombee to level 37!

5d 6h 22m Vs. wild Pancham (female, level 25)! We send out Ribombee. We use Psychic and OHKO it.

5d 6h 20m We segue back into Malie City, eastbound toward Route 10. We start faffing about in the grass.

5d 6h 20m We run from the Raticate out of shame.

5d 6h 19m We send out Kadabra, who has four psychic type moves, which are not particularly useful against dark types. Kadabra Faints.

5d 6h 18m We make our way to Route 11 and run into a big ol' chubby Raticate.

5d 6h 16m Charizard-sempai flies us to Malie City.

5d 6h 14m We text Charizard and fly back to the Tapu Village Poké Center a few times.

5d 6h 11m We run into another Pelipper! We send out Kadabra, and... immediately run.

5d 6h 8m We send out regular Fearow. It uses Flies and kills one of the Pelippers. We Fly again and KO the other.

5d 6h 7m ccFearow Faints.

5d 6h 4m We run into a wild Pelipper outside the Tapu Village Poké Center! ccFearow uses Fly! Pelipper uses Payback, then attempts to call for help. No one arrives. We Fly while another Pelipper appears. We KO the first. Crab to level 37, Fearow to Level 38.

5d 6h 2m RIP Attempt #14. http://giphy.com/gifs/g18dJHwlLQPoQ

5d 6h 1m Play Rough on Crabrawler to faint. BLACK OUT

5d 6h 1m Crabrawler sent out

5d 6h 0m Play Rough on Ribombee, Ribombee fainted

5d 6h 0m Play Rough on Ribombee, Psychic on Mimikyu to red, Ribombee licked

5d 5h 59m Ribombee is sent out

5d 5h 58m Sucker Punch on Fearow, Play Rough faints Fearow

5d 5h 58m Play Rough on Fearow to 29 HP, Mirror Move used. Hypnosis avoided

5d 5h 57m Fearow sent out

5d 5h 56m Sucker Punch to red on Ariados, Shadow Sneak on Mimikyu, Shadow Claw takes out Ariados

5d 5h 55m Sucker Punch on Ariados, Shadow Sneak on Mimikyu. Shadow Claw on Ariados, critical hit to 26 HP on Ariados

5d 5h 55m Ariados sent out

5d 5h 55m Kadabra sent out, Sucker Punch used on Kadabra, Shadow Claw finishes Kadabra off

5d 5h 54m Sucker Punch on cc5 Fearow, Play Rough takes cc5 Fearow out

5d 5h 54m Disguise Busted, call for Haunter

5d 5h 53m cc5Fearow sent out, Mimic failed, Aerial Ace used

5d 5h 53m Mimikyu flashed! Attempt #14

[Info] Currently the items held are - cc5Fearow Grassium Z, Kadabra Tiny Mushroom, Ribombee Waterium Z, Ariados nothing, Fearow Mystic Water, and Crabrawler Aspear Berry

5d 5h 47m Ariados' moveset has been rearranged as follows: Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Agility, Night Shade

5d 5h 46m Going on the Pokémon menu, selected Ariados. Arranging moves

5d 5h 40m Entered Abandoned Thrifty Megamart

5d 5h 35m Onto Route 14

5d 5h 29m At Tapu Village

5d 5h 28m Shadow Sneak on Gengar to low yellow, Another Aerial Ace faints Ariados. BLACK OOT

5d 5h 27m Shadow Sneak on Haunter, Haunter Faints, Aerial Ace on Ariados to yellow. Mimikyu calls for Gengar

5d 5h 27m Ariados sent out

5d 5h 26m Play Rough takes Ribombee out

5d 5h 25m Play Rough on Ribombee, Pollen Puff to Haunter, Night Shade brings Ribombee to 2 HP

5d 5h 25m Ribombee sent out

5d 5h 24m Sucker Punch takes out Fearow

5d 5h 23m Sucker Punch on normal Fearow, Play Rough to red on Fearow, Echoed Voice fails

5d 5h 23m Normal Fearow sent out

5d 5h 22m Crabrawler sent out, Play Rough takes it out

5d 5h 22m Shadow Claw on Kadabra, dead

5d 5h 22m Kadabra sent out

5d 5h 21m Play Rough takes out ccFearow

5d 5h 21m Sucker Punch and Play Rough avoided, Mimikyu to red

5d 5h 21m Play Rough on ccFearow, 2 hp, Hypnosis avoided due to Fly used

5d 5h 21m Play Rough avoided, Fly used, avoids Haunter attack

5d 5h 20m Sucker Punch on ccFearow, Mimic Aerial Ace, Fly used

5d 5h 20m Mimic fails, Aerial Ace used. Disguise broken. Haunter called

5d 5h 19m Mimikyu spotted! Attempt #13

5d 5h 16m Ariados to 40

5d 5h 15m Spotted! Battle with wild Gengar! ccFearow sent out

5d 5h 14m Still taking pictures

5d 5h 3m We spot some ominously floating stuffed animals. We whip out our camera and start filming Paranormal Activity 5.

5d 4h 59m Vs. Haunter! ccFearow uses Fly! We avoid two attacks and OHKO Haunter. ccFearow to Level 38!!

5d 4h 58m We spot an unattended shopping cart pretending to be a paint can shaker. We start taking pictures to put on our Pinterest.

5d 4h 57m Vs. Gastly! We send out Fearow, who uses Fly. Fly OHKOs Gastly. Yay.

5d 4h 55m We snap pictures of a moving conveyor belt before we finally find Ghastly.

5d 4h 50m Yep, we have to redo the #SpookyMart puzzle. Chat gives a reluctant sigh.

5d 4h 49m We might have fumbled some dialogue options and possibly reset the puzzle entirely. Detective Chat is on the case.

5d 4h 48m Back in the #SpookyMart

5d 4h 38m We suck a Zyguarde Cell into our Zyguarde Cube!

5d 4h 36m Current party order: ccFearow, Kadabra, Ribombee, Ariados, Fearow, Crabrawler.

5d 4h 32m Things Chat wishes it were doing: reordering our team. Things Chat is actually doing: intermittent Pokedex consultation punctuated by switching between ride Pokémon.

5d 4h 28m We sashay onto Route 14 on our frolicking Tauros.

5d 4h 26m We save the game! That's nice.

5d 4h 24m We reorder the party. Current order: Ariados, Crabrawler, Fearow, Kadabra, Ribombee, ccFearow.

5d 4h 21m We stroll south of the Tapu Village Poké Center, heading towards #SpookyMart once more.

5d 4h 16m Ribombee is deployed. Mimikyu uses Fly, avoiding our Psychic. Fly hits, destroying Rimbombee and Attempt #12.

5d 4h 16m We send out the crab. It dies immediately.

5d 4h 14m We deploy Kadabra, who immediately dies to Shadow Claw.

5d 4h 12m We send out ccFearow. Mimikyu uses Play Rough, which almost kills ccFearow. We manage to get a Fly and hit Mimikyu, taking it into the yellow. It summons Gengar. It uses Play Rough and ccFearow faints.

5d 4h 9m We deploy Ariados. It uses Night Shade on Haunter. Mimikyu uses Fly. Ariados survives and uses Night Shade on Haunter, which kills it. Mimikyu flies again, avoiding our Night Shade. Fly, fortunately misses. We are able to get a Shadow Sneak on Mimikyu before it flies again. We use a potion while it is in the air. A super effective Fly kills Ariados.

5d 4h 7m Fearow uses Fly! Mimikyu summons Haunter! Mimikyu's disguise breaks! Haunter uses Hypnosis on Fearow! Mimikyu uses mimic and learns Fly! (Great for our bug Pokémon). Fearow survives a Sucker Punch and Play Rough, but falls on the next round.

5d 4h 6m Mimikyu Attempt #12 begins!

5d 4h 5m We finally enter the creepy storage room at the back. We fire up Instagram and find ourselves a Mimikyu (#NoFilter)

[Snark] We will probably still be shopping here on Black Friday.

5d 3h 59m We're still strolling around the #SpookyMart, looking for Mimikyuu and great values.

5d 3h 49m We make our way into #SpookyMart.

5d 3h 43m We repeatedly stare into Ribombee's eyes by a lovely waterfront, but it keeps falling asleep because, amongst other things, we are bad at physical intimacy.

5d 3h 38m We look at Ribombee in Refresh again. Its vacant, glassy eyes hold back tears of disappointment.

5d 3h 36m We cash in on our frequent flyers and go on a trip to Tapu Village.

5d 3h 35m We almost take back our Ghastly from the nursery. Alas, we have no room in our party. Also, no money. Mimikyuu stole all our money. Everything sucks.

5d 3h 33m Again. And then he takes us to the ranch.

5d 3h 33m Charizard flies us to Iki Town. What a guy.

5d 3h 27m We mount our harnessed Charizard and fly to the Ruins of Life. We open up the Pokedex and look at Litten's family for a bit.

5d 3h 24m We jump onto Charizard, who kindly takes us to Royal Avenue.

5d 3h 22m After a few minutes of failing to hop on Charizard, we open up Refresh again to deeply stare into our Ribombee's eyes for a few minutes before putting it back in its ball.

5d 3h 19m We repeatedly head into the options menu to ensure that the text speed is set to FAST. (It is).

5d 3h 15m We open up Pokémon Refresh and poke our Ribombee a few times.

5d 3h 13m We escape our peeping tom position and stroll down the Hau'oli Beachfront promenade.

5d 3h 9m We continue shooting horrible pictures and scoring ~120-150 points because we are inexperienced voyeurs.

5d 2h 48m New record photo score: 1,407

5d 2h 38m We take pictures and get our camera upgraded.

5d 2h 28m Fearow forgot Assurance for Fly!

5d 2h 27m ccFearow forgot Echoed Voice and learned Fly!

5d 2h 23m Messing around with items and TMs, but nothing taught yet.

5d 2h 16m Fearow now has Mystic Water instead.

5d 2h 16m Fearow now holds Fightinium Z.

5d 2h 14m We fly to Hau'oli City on Melemele Island.

5d 2h 11m We fly to Hano Grand Resort.

5d 2h 01m Back on Route 14.

5d 1h 58m Ariados fainted. We black out.

5d 1h 57m Ariados comes out. We use a Fresh Water on it.

5d 1h 53m Crabrawler sent out. It faints.

5d 1h 52m Ribombee falls asleep. Ribombee fainted!

5d 1h 52m Ribombee comes out. We use an item and do nothing.

5d 1h 50m ccFearow sent out. It uses Mimic and fails. We attack Mimikyu but it takes us down. ccFearow fainted!

5d 1h 49m Kadabra sent out. Kadabra fainted!

5d 1h 48m Fearow fainted!

5d 1h 48m Fearow vs Mimikyu. Play Rough gets us to yellow, and lowers our attack. It's Disguise goes and calls for Haunter.

5d 1h 47m Got its picture! Vs Totem Mimikyu! Attempt #11!

5d 1h 43m Into Mimikyu's room we go.

5d 1h 29m We go to the haunted store once more.

5d 1h 24m Back on Route 14.

[Info] Updater going dark.

5d 0h 59m Got a Zyguarde thing!

5d 0h 57m We go into the Aether Building.

5d 0h 46m We fly to Tapu Village.

5d 0h 41m Still stuck on the island.

5d 0h 38m We use an item to reduce Fearow's speed EVs.

5d 0h 34m Picked up TM 30 - Shadow Ball!

5d 0h 28m Hanging out on the tiny island on Route 14.

5d 0h 21m We go onto Route 14 again.

5d 0h 18m Ribombee sent out. Ribombee fainted! We black out!

5d 0h 14m Ariados fainted!

5d 0h 14m Ariados is sent out. We get put to sleep.

5d 0h 11m ccFearow fainted! Kadabra is sent out. Kadabra fainted!

5d 0h 10m ccFearow is sent out. Play Rough takes us to red. We Aerial Ace it but Haunter puts us to sleep.

5d 0h 10m Fearow fainted!

5d 0h 9m We use an item and do nothing. Play Rough takes us to yellow and we fall asleep.

5d 0h 9m Fearow vs Mimikyu. It starts with Mimic and we bust the Disguise. Haunter appears to help.

5d 0h 8m Got its picture! Vs Totem Mimikyu! Attempt #10!

5d 0h 7m We enter Mimikyu's room.

4d 23h 57m We enter the ghost mart.

4d 23h 46m On Route 14.

4d 23h 42m Left the Pokémon Center.

4d 23h 40m Ariados fainted! Blacked out!

4d 23h 39m Ariados was sent out. Mimikyu uses Mimic and fails. Night Shade takes it down to yellow. Gengar appeared.

4d 23h 33m Kadabra is sent out. Kadabra fainted!

4d 23h 32m Crabrawler comes out. Crabrawler goes down!

[Info] Mimikyu is Ghost/Fairy-type

4d 23h 30m ccFearow sent out. We Aerial Ace for some damage, but we are down to red. A second Play Rough takes it down. ccFearow fainted!

4d 23h 30m Ribombee fainted!

4d 23h 30m Play Rough drops it down to yellow. Haunter goes down to Psychic!

4d 23h 29m Ribombee is sent out.

4d 23h 29m A Haunter gets called. Fearow fainted!

4d 23h 28m Fearow vs Mimikyu. It uses Play Rough. We Mirror Move and break it's disguise.

4d 23h 28m Got its picture! Vs Totem Mimikyu! Attempt #9!

4d 23h 26m We enter Mimikyu's room.

4d 23h 18m We return to the spooky store.

4d 23h 11m We head south onto Route 14.

4d 23h 9m We left the Pokémon Center and are wandering around.

4d 23h 4m Ariados drops down to half, gets put to sleep by Gengar. Mimikyu crits us! Ariados fainted! Blacked out!

4d 23h 4m Ariados is sent out.

4d 23h 3m Crabrawler is sent out. Crabrawler fainted!

4d 23h 2m ccFearow fainted!

4d 23h 1m ccFearow is sent out. Play Rough takes us to red. We Aerial Ace. Gengar puts us to sleep.

4d 23h 00m Kadabra is sent out next. It fainted!

4d 22h 59m Play Rough takes us out. Ribombee fainted!

4d 22h 58m It uses Mimic and fails again. We use Psychic, which only does about 1/4 or 1/5 its health. Play Rough takes us to yellow, we psychic it down to almost half. It calls down Gengar!

4d 22h 57m Ribombee is called out.

4d 22h 57m Play Rough takes it down! Fearow fainted!

4d 22h 56m Play Rough drops us to yellow, we kill off the Haunter.

4d 22h 56m Fearow vs Mimikyu. It starts with a failed Mimic again and we bust its Disguise. It calls a Haunter.

4d 22h 56m Got it's picture! Vs Totem Mimikyu! Attempt #8!

4d 22h 54m We go into Mimikyu's room.

4d 22h 43m We return to the spookymart.

4d 22h 40m On Route 14.

4d 22h 27m We exit the Pokémon Center.

4d 22h 27m Crabrawler fainted! Black out!

4d 22h 26m Crabrawler comes out. It uses Shadow Ball. We go down to half but our Sp. Def drops. We Bubble Beam it and Cursed Body disables Bubble Beam.

4d 22h 25m Ariados fainted!

4d 22h 25m We use an item that does nothing. Ariados is down to red.

4d 22h 24m Crabrawler forgot Power Up Punch for Crabhammer! Only Gengar remains.

4d 22h 24m Ariados comes out. We get taken down to yellow by both Pokémon. Ariados takes down Mimikyu! Crabrawler grew to level 37! It wants to learn Crabhammer.

4d 22h 23m Play Rough takes down Ribombee! Ribombee fainted! Ariados and Crabrawler are left.

4d 22h 23m Another Play Rough brings us to red. We Psychic it and it goes down to red as well. Gengars attack misses us as well.

4d 22h 22m Play Rough misses again! But we Pollen Puff it for little damage.

4d 22h 22m Shadow Claw KOs us. Kadabra fainted! Ribombee comes out!

4d 22h 21m ccFearow fainted! Kadabra out next.

4d 22h 21m Play Rough brings us down to red. It uses Play Rough and misses! We get it down to yellow but it summons Gengar.

4d 22h 20m It crits on Fearow! Fearow fainted! ccFearow out next.

4d 22h 20m We attack Haunter and it goes down! However Fearow is in yellow health.

4d 22h 19m Fearow vs Mimikyu. It uses Mimic and fails, we break its disguise. It summons Haunter.

4d 22h 19m Got its picture! Vs Totem Mimikyu! Attempt #7!

4d 22h 18m We enter Mimikyu's Room.

4d 22h 2m We return to spookymart.

4d 21h 58m Left the Pokémon Center.

4d 21h 57m We black out!

4d 21h 56m Haunter goes down but Fearow fainted! Kadabra out now.

4d 21h 55m ccFearow is sent out.

4d 21h 54m Ariados fainted!

4d 21h 53m Ariados is sent out. Night Shade takes Haunter down to yellow.

4d 21h 51m Ribombee fainted!

4d 21h 51m Ribombee out next. We get down to yellow and Pollen Puff Mimikyu for little damage. Ribombee gets put to sleep.

4d 21h 50m Crabrawler out next. We use an item which does nothing. Crabrawler fainted!

4d 21h 49m Fearow fainted!

4d 21h 48m Fearow vs Mimikyu! We break it's disguise but it brings us pretty low in health. It summons a Haunter.

4d 21h 47m Got its picture! Vs Totem Mimikyu! Attempt #6!

4d 21h 47m We are in Mimikyu's room.

4d 21h 37m We return to the spookymart.

[Info] That was actually Mimikyu attempt #5.

4d 21h 31m We exit the Pokémon Center.

4d 21h 30m Mimikyu is still faster even after Agility by Ariados. Ariados fainted! We blacked out!

4d 21h 29m Ariados comes out. We attack the empty ally slot and do nothing.

4d 21h 27m Crabrawler is sent out. Crabrawler fainted!

4d 21h 25m We send out ccFearow. It also goes down.

4d 21h 25m Kadabra is sent out next. Kadabra fainted!

4d 21h 24m Ribombee comes out. Ribombee fainted!

4d 21h 23m Haunter fainted! Ribombee grew to level 36! Fearow fainted!

4d 21h 23m Fearow Vs Mimikyu! It attacks and brings us to red, we attack and break its disguise. It calls forth a Haunter.

4d 21h 22m Got a picture of Mimikyu! Vs Totem Mimikyu! Attempt #4?

4d 21h 20m We enter the Mimikyu room.

4d 21h 19m Gengar goes down! The door unlocked for the totem fight.

4d 21h 18m Got a picture of Gengar! Vs Gengar!

4d 21h 13m Gave ccFearow Grassium Z.

4d 21h 7m We are not very good at taking pictures.

4d 21h 0m We arrive at the third part of the trial.

4d 20h 46m Defeated Haunter! Fearow grew to 37! Ariados grew to 39!

4d 20h 46m Got a picture of Haunter! Vs Haunter!

4d 20h 45m At the next part of the trial - the shopping cart.

4d 20h 41m Gastly goes down. First part of trial cleared. Kadabra grew to 36! It wants to learn Ally Switch. Didn't learn Ally Switch!

4d 20h 40m We return to the conveyor belt. Got a picture of Gastly!

4d 20h 29m We struggle to return to the converyor belt to take pictures again.

4d 20h 24m We talk to the moving conveyor belt.

4d 20h 19m We are now making our way from the locked back door to the front.

4d 20h 14m It seems exiting the trial before is making us get all the pictures again.

4d 20h 4m Stream back, color on again.

4d 20h 2m Stream down again.

4d 19h 59m Stream back, still in black and white.

4d 19h 58m Stream down.

4d 19h 54m We're back in the Thrifty Megamart.

4d 19h 50m Back on Route 14.

[Snark] The screen also blacks out because it's still in black and white.

4d 19h 48m Crabrawler comes out. Bubblebeam takes Gengar down to very low but it goes down! We black out!

4d 19h 46m ccFearow out next. It uses Mirror Move Shadow Ball on Gengar, taking it down low. However it uses Hypnosis and falls asleep. It then goes down. ccFearow fainted!

4d 19h 46m Mimikyu uses Shadow Claw. It crits! Ribombee fainted!

4d 19h 45m Ribombee is sent out. Dazzling Gleam crits it down to yellow, it summons a Gengar.

4d 19h 44m Kadabra fainted!

4d 19h 44m Ariados out next. Shadow Sneak takes down Haunter. Mimikyu at full health although its disguise was busted. Ariados down! Kadabra out next.

4d 19h 43m Fearow fainted!

4d 19h 42m Fearow is asleep, Mimikyu summoned a Haunter.

[Info] Info I think its attempt #3 actually. Not sure.

4d 19h 41m Found Mimikyu! Vs Totem Mimikyu! Attempt #2!

4d 19h 40m We are not very good at taking pictures, however.

4d 19h 39m We make it to the back room!

4d 19h 31m We arrive at the Thrifty Megamart.

4d 19h 29m We head south onto Route 14.

4d 19h 26m We swiftly leave the Pokémon Center.

4d 19h 26m We enter the Pokémon Center and heal our Pokémon.

4d 19h 19m We fly to Tapu Village.

4d 19h 14m Party healed!

[Info] The screen is now in black and white.

4d 19h 0m Kadabra grew to level 37!

4d 18h 53m Ribombee to level 35! It forgot Struggle Bug for Dazzling Gleam!

4d 18h 52m Fearow fainted!

4d 18h 44m Crabrawler grew to level 36!

4d 18h 36m Pokémon healed!

4d 18h 30m Ariados grew to level 38!

4d 18h 28m Kadabra grew to level 35!

4d 18h 26m Ribombee to Level 24!

4d 18h 20m ccFearow grew to level 36! It also did not learn Roost!

4d 18h 17m Fearow fainted!

4d 18h 13m Fearow grew to level 36! It did not learn Roost!

4d 18h 11m Ribombee grew to level 33!

4d 18h 8m Crabrawler grew to level 35!

4d 18h 3m Kadabra grew to level 34!

4d 18h 1m We heal again.

4d 17h 55m Ariados grew to level 37! It learned Agility over Spider Web!

4d 17h 53m Fearow grew to 35!

4d 17h 40m Healed up again.

4d 17h 28m ccFearow grew to 35!

4d 17h 26m Ribombee grew to level 32!

4d 17h 23m Healed our Pokémon!

4d 17h 15m Crabrawler grew to level 34! Kadabra grew to level 33! It forgot Recover for Telekinisis!

4d 17h 13m Ribombee grew to level 31!

4d 17h 12m Ariados grew to level 36!

4d 17h 1m Ribombee grew to level 30!

4d 16h 59m Fearow fainted.

4d 16h 57m Fearow grew to level 34! ccFearow also grew to 34!

4d 16h 51m Healed up again.

4d 16h 48m Kadabra grew to level 32!

4d 16h 41m Fearow fainted!

4d 16h 38m Ribombee grew to level 29! Crabrawler to 33! It did not learn Reversal.

4d 16h 36m Healed up!

4d 16h 31m Ariados grew to level 35!

4d 16h 29m Fearow fainted!

4d 16h 22m Kadabra grew to level 31! It forgot Reflect and learned Recover!

4d 16h 21m Fearow fainted!

4d 16h 15m Didn't learn Bug Buzz.

4d 16h 14m Ribombee grew to level 28! It wants to learn Bug Buzz.

4d 16h 10m Fearow grew to level 33! ccFearow grew to level 33 as well!

4d 16h 8m Healed up again!

4d 15h 59m Crabrawler grew to 32!

4d 15h 55m Healed up by talking to the NPC.

4d 15h 53m Kadabra grew to level 30!

4d 15h 53m Ribombee grew to 27!

4d 15h 51m Ariados grew to 34!

[Info] Pollen Puff can also be targeted as an ally to heal 50% of its max HP.

4d 15h 42m Fearow fainted!

[Info] Pollen Puff is a 90 Power Special Bug Move.

4d 15h 40m It forgot Stun Spore for Pollen Puff!

4d 15h 39m Cutiefly evolved into Ribombee!

4d 15h 39m Cutiefly grew to 26! It did not learn Bug Buzz!

4d 15h 30m Fearow learned Echoed Voice over Focus Energy!

4d 15h 27m ccFearow learned Echoed Voice over Roost!

4d 15h 15m ccFearow learned Roost (via TM) over Focus Energy!

4d 15h 12m Max Potion used on Fearow

4d 15h 2m Fearow to 32! It forgot Echoed Voice and Learned Focus Energy!

4d 14h 59m Healed up.

[Info] Fly is a TM in this game, meaning you can forget it.

4d 14h 51m Cutiefly to 25! Kadabra to 29! Fearowcc grew to 32! It forgot Fly for Focus Energy! Cutiefly didn't evolve.

4d 14h 45m Healed up again.

4d 14h 41m Crabrawler to 31

4d 14h 38m Fearow fainted!

4d 14h 37m Ariados grew to level 33!

4d 14h 34m Fearow grew to 31! Cutiefly to 24!

4d 14h 32m Party healed at the NPC here.

4d 14h 31m Fearow fainted!

4d 14h 24m Party/Box is set to Automatic.

[Meta] Signing off

4d 14h 16m Healed

4d 14h 12m Fearow fainted

4d 14h 9m Forgot Teleport for Psycho Cut

4d 14h 8m Kadabra to 28, wants to learn Psycho Cut

4d 14h 1m Healed

4d 13h 57m Crabrawler faints

4d 13h 55m cc5Fearow to 31

4d 13h 53m Cutiefly faints

[Info] Rechecked the other Pokémon who recently leveled up before normal Fearow, it was Crabrawler to 30

4d 13h 48m Fearow to 30

4d 13h 43m Kadabra to 27

4d 13h 42m Used X Defense and Adrenaline orb. Nigel had 2 Adrenalin Orbs, but only one only worked on the wild Ariados. The other one wastes a turn when used in the same battle

4d 13h 39m After taking a quick snapshot of Nigel, healing lady heals Nigel's Pokémon

4d 13h 32m Crabrawler faints

4d 13h 27m Forgot Leech Life for Spider Web

4d 13h 27m Ariados to 32, wants to learn Spider Web

4d 13h 24m Cutiefly faints

4d 13h 15m Normal Fearow fainted

4d 13h 14m Cutiefly to 22, cc5Fearow to 30

4d 13h 12m Kadabra to 26, learned Reflect

4d 13h 9m Healed

4d 13h 3m Crabrawler faints

4d 12h 59m Cutiefly faints

4d 12h 52m Cutiefly did not learn Sweet Scent

4d 12h 51m Normal Fearow to 29, Cutiefly to 21 wants to learn Sweet Scent, Crabbrawler also gained a level, did not learn Payback, Ariados to 31

4d 12h 48m Fully healed party from healing lady

4d 12h 43m Kadabra fainted

4d 12h 41m Cutiefly fainted

4d 12h 40m cc5 Fearow to 29

4d 12h 38m Kadabra to 25

4d 12h 37m Ariados to 30, Cutiefly to 20

4d 12h 35m Crabrawler faints

4d 12h 32m Fearow faints

4d 12h 28m Party fully healed

4d 12h 26m Fearow faints

[Info] That's 3 Stufful found so far, 5 more to go

4d 12h 23m Another Stufful found!

4d 12h 21m Cutiefly to 19

4d 12h 18m Back onto Route 10

4d 12h 16m cc5 Fearow fainted, black out!

4d 12h 14m Psychic doesn't affect Raticate and Kadabra faints

4d 12h 13m Kadabra is sent out and teleports away

4d 12h 11m Ariados fainted

4d 12h 9m Can't run away! Ariados is sent in

4d 12h 8m Crabrawler fainted

[Meta] It was cc5 Fearow to 28, Abra to 24 who then evolved and learned Kinesis. Got butterfingers on the formatting there

4d 12h 6m Kadabra learned Kinesis

4d 12h 5m Abra evolved into Kadabra

4d 12h 4m cc5 Fearow is sent out

4d 12h 4m Cutiefly fainted

4d 12h 2m Ariados to 29! Cutiefly to 18!

4d 12h 0m Ariados is sent out

4d 11h 59m Fearow faints!

4d 11h 57m No evolution for Abra

4d 11h 57m Fearow to 28! Abra to 23!

Pokémon fully healed!

4d 11h 53m Another Stufful found! 6 more to go!

4d 11h 52m Found Stufful who ran off. 7 more to go!

4d 11h 50m Cutiefly fainted, cc5 Fearow is sent out

4d 11h 47m Fearow vs. Fearow! Our Fearow lost

4d 11h 45m Back onto Route 10

4d 11h 43m Entered Pokémon Center and healed the party

4d 11h 42m Flew to Malie City

4d 11h 32m On Route 5

4d 11h 32m Ariados forgot Forgot Scary Face for Leech Life, Fearow forgot False Swipe for Echoed Voice

[Meta] Gotta take a short break

4d 11h 23m False Swipe replaced Fly on Fearow

4d 11h 21m cc5 Fearow forgot Fury Attack for Fly

4d 11h 21m Fearow learned Fly, forgot Aerial Ace

4d 11h 20m Abra learned Psychic!

4d 11h 19m Booting up TM29 Psychic for Cutiefly and forgot Fairy Wind

4d 11h 17m In TM menu

4d 11h 15m In Lush Jungle

4d 11h 13m Fightinium Z moved to Free Space. Fearow given Steelium Z

4d 11h 11m Flew to Route 5

4d 11h 10m Flew to Route 8

4d 11h 8m Flew to Malie City

4d 11h 3m No evolution for Abra

4d 11h 3m Did not learn Agility, Abra to 22

4d 11h 2m cc5 Fearow to level 27, wants to learn Agility

4d 11h 1m cc5 Fearow sent out

4d 10h 57m Ariados fainted

4d 10h 55m Ariados sent out

4d 10h 54m Crabrawler fainted

4d 10h 52m Crabrawler to 28

4d 10h 49m Crabrawler sent out

4d 10h 48m Cutiefly fainted

4d 10h 46m No Abra evolution

4d 10h 46m Cutiefly to 17, Abra to 21

4d 10h 45m Cutiefly sent out

4d 10h 45m No nick Fearow fainted

4d 10h 41m Forgot Silver Wind for Draining Kiss

4d 10h 41m Cutie Fly to 16 and wants to learn Draining Kiss

4d 10h 37m Quest to find 8 Stufful as part of a side quest

4d 10h 36m To Route 10, denied listening to an old lady's problems

4d 10h 31m Arrived at Malie City

4d 10h 28m To Mount Hokulani

4d 10h 26m Entered center

4d 10h 23m Back outside

4d 10h 21m Abra sent out, Mimikyu kills Abra and black out! Lost ₽480

4d 10h 20m Another Sucker Punch, Play Rough lands this time and cc5 Fearow faints

4d 10h 20m Sucker Punch on cc5 Fearow, dodges Play Rough, Assurance fails to work however

4d 10h 18m cc Fearow sent out

4d 10h 18m Cutiefly sent out but falls to Mimikyu's Shadow Sneak

4d 10h 17m Play Rough takes out Crabrawler in one hit

4d 10h 16m Second Shadow Sneak works but disguise busted. Mimikyu Shadow Claw brings Ariados to red and Haunter's Night Shade finishes Ariados

4d 10h 16m Shadow Sneak failed against Haunter, Mimikyu learned Shadow Sneak, Haunter fails to hypnotize Ariados

4d 10h 15m Play Rough against no nick named Fearow, faints in one hit. Ariados sent out, Mimikyu calls for Haunter who appeared

4d 10h 14m Battle against Mimikyu

4d 10h 7m Entered Abandoned Thrifty Megamart

4d 10h 3m Zygarde Cube activated! Piece collected

4d 9h 58m Found Max Potion

4d 9h 53m Onto Route 14

4d 9h 53m Exited Pokémon Center

4d 9h 52m Healed Pokémon

4d 9h 52m Took snapshot, saved photo

4d 9h 52m Entered Pokémon Center

4d 9h 51m Flew to Tapu Village

4d 9h 46m Abra fails to evolve

4d 9h 46m Forgot Fury Swipes for Sucker Punch

Abra to 20, Ariados to 28 wants to learn Sucker Punch

4d 9h 43m Crabrawler sent out, after trading blows with Skarmory, faints from Skarmory's feint. cc Fearow is sent out

4d 9h 41m Skarmory broke out of ball and faints Cutiefly

4d 9h 41m Great Ball used! Broke free, 1 ball left

4d 9h 40m Fearow fainted, Cutiefly sent out

4d 9h 38m Cutiefly to 15, Level 26 Male Fearow caught nicknamed cc5cch8ccc88, Herdier sent to PC

4d 9h 34m Abra fails to evolve, Fearow that was caught had Sharp Beak and sent to box

4d 9h 34m Another Fearow captured, Cutiefly to 14, Abra to 19

[Info] What I missed earlier - a level 27 female Ariados no nickname was caught and added to the previously empty slot in the party. A level 24 female Raticate was also caught and sent to the box, nick named d uy x cxx

4d 9h 29m No nicknamed Fearow Male level 27 replaced Meowth who was at front of party

4d 9h 29m Abra failed to evolve

4d 9h 28m Abra to level 18, Cutiefly to 13, learning Silver Wind forgot Absorb! Fearow caught

4d 9h 26m Meowth fainted

4d 9h 25m Healed Pokémon

4d 9h 24m Kee Hondew, Tamato Berry Pomeg Berry got from the Crabrawler fight

4d 9h 24m Level 27 male Crabrawler caught nicknamed Uuuc77czzpzz replaced Rattata

4d 9h 24m Abra to level 15

4d 9h 19m Abra to level 14, Raticate caught

4d 9h 18m Herdier is sent out

4d 9h 17m Rattata fainted

Didn't learn bite, learned Pursuit over Tackle! Grew to level 13! Abra to level 12

4d 9h 14m Rattata to lvl 10! Trying to learn bite. Ariados caught

4d 9h 12m Run away

4d 9h 12m Abra switched for Herdier

4d 9h 11m Can't run away! Abra is sent out

4d 9h 10m Great Ball used, fails, Fearow slaughters Cutiefly

4d 9h 8m Herdier is sent out

4d 9h 6m Pancham takes out Meowth

4d 9h 5m Onto Route 10

4d 9h 1m Party switching around. Currently Meowth is in front

4d 8h 59m Out of the Pokémon Center

4d 8h 57m Bought 15 more Great Balls!

4d 8h 57m Bought a Great Ball!

4d 8h 56m Bought TM Roost!

4d 8h 54m Into the Pokémon Center

4d 8h 54m Flew to Malie City

4d 8h 52m Got ₽20,000! Nigel's total is ₽20,080!

4d 8h 48m 1 Pyukumuku chucked! The beach is clean from Pyukumuku

4d 8h 44m Chucked 1 Pyukumuku! Only 1 remains!

4d 8h 43m Going in and out of Pokémon Refresh to greet Herdier

4d 8h 41m Chucked a Pyukumuku! 2 Pyukumuku left

4d 8h 38m Chucked another Pyukumuku! 3 Pyukumuku left to chuck

4d 8h 35m Chucked another Pyukumuku!

4d 8h 32m Chucked 1 Pyukumuku!

4d 8h 30m Talking to Pyukumuku chucker employer, got hired to get rid of 6 Pyukumuku

4d 8h 27m Got Soda Pop from swimmer

4d 8h 25m Onto Hano Beach

4d 8h 20m Went to Hano Grand Resort

4d 8h 10m Back outside

4d 8h 7m Melemele Ferry Terminal, to Heahea city on Akala Island...again!

4d 8h 5m Akala Ferry back to Hau'oli City

4d 8h 1m Got on the ferry to Heahea City

4d 7h 59m Obtained X Defense from lady with sun hat

4d 7h 58m On Marina on Hau'oli City

4d 7h 56m Cutiefly to 11, abra to 7

4d 7h 54m Caught a male Lv. 8 Rattata! Nickname: Rattate6???x

4d 7h 52m We encounter a Level 8 Male Rattata. We throw a Poké Ball, which fails. We are now out of regular balls. However, we are able to catch it in a Premier Ball.

4d 7h 51m We encounter a Level 5 Female Grimer. We toss a Poké Ball at it, but it breaks out and uses Harden. We use Roar. Bye-bye, Grimer! No exp.

4d 7h 50m We encounter a Level 7 Male Rattata. Our Lillipup murders it with Crunch. Abra to Level 6.

4d 7h 48m Caught a male Lv. 5 Abra! Nickname: cccc55gg111f

4d 7h 46m We encounter a Level 5 Male Abra in Hau'oli City!

4d 7h 42m #UnproductiveWandering in Hau'oli City.

4d 7h 33m We fly back to the Hau'oli City Outskirts Poké Center.

4d 7h 32m Caught a female Lv. 7 Meowth! Nickname: Meowthggccxx

4d 7h 30m We encounter a Meowth in Hau'oli City. We toss a Poké Ball.

[Info] Graphic Footage of today's PC massacre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trlOhQm8rio&ab_channel=TwitchPlaysPok%C3%A9monRecordingBot

4d 7h 22m [Chat] FaithfulForce: Summary: Comfee, Golbat boxed. Zubat, Magnemite, Minion, Happiny released.

4d 7h 13m We fly back to Route 1 Hau'oli Poké Center a few times.

4d 7h 11m We fly to Route 7 and wander around.

4d 7h 9m We fly to the Ruins of Life again and put on a pony show.

[Info/Snark] PC is not safe this gen.

4d 7h 7m We fly to the Ruins of Life.

4d 7h 6m We fly to Heahea City.

4d 7h 2m We fly to the Hano Grand Resort, hoping to drown our sorrows in bacchanalia.

[Info] 4d 7h 0m Other releases: Trumbeak and Zubat. Bouncee is in Box 4.

4d 6h 58m Current Party: Level 30 Lillipup holding a Big Mushroom, and a Level 10 Cutiefly. Welp.

4d 6h 56m Much like a bad night at the bar, we stumble out of the Pokémon Center, filled with shame, regret, and self-loathing.

4d 6h 56m Happiny released as well

4d 6h 54m We bring Magnemite into the party, then release it.

4d 6h 52m [Info] Current Party: Lillipup, Cutiefly, Diglett. Oh boy.

4d 6h 51m We release Minior.

4d 6h 48m We swapped a Golbat for a Level 15 Mudbray.


4d 6h 42m We heal again, just to be safe.

4d 6h 40m PC again, moved to box 3

4d 6h 40m We are healed

4d 6h 39m Switched to Box 4, Cutiefly was selected but still remains on party. Nigel talks with a trainer about a Pokémon he would trade but backs out

4d 6h 34m PC again

4d 6h 33m Healed Pokémon

4d 6h 32m Entered Pokémon Center again

[Donation] $2.02 from name: bexxxxxxx "DendiFace don't mind me, just feeding my crippling addiction"

4d 6h 28m Comfey is sent out, uses Grass Knot on Raticate while Nigel tries another Poké Ball or so

[Info] Apparently the move it learned was Struggle Bug

4d 6h 26m Level 10 Cutiefly sent against Raticate, Nigel throws a few Poké Balls and fails. Cutiefly dodges an Assurance and Sucker Punch. Faints against another Sucker Punch, however and Nigel can't run away

4d 6h 23m Awakening fails and Minior faints

4d 6h 23m Minior is sent out

4d 6h 22m Pelliper faints Herdier

4d 6h 21m Caught a female Lv. 31 Snorunt Nickname: "Snoruntcc000. Ability was Inner Focus

4d 6h 18m Herdier and Cutiefly gained levels, female Snorunt caught, stream went by too fast to get specifics...

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ UNRIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ANYWAYS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

4d 6h 14m Short lived riot, it's back up and party/box is manual

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

4d 6h 13m Stream went down

4d 6h 8m Changing what Nigel says to people like when you meet someone Nigel says "Very educational"

[Info] The Cutiefly that replaced Golbat is level.....9.

4d 5h 59m Left Pokémon Center

4d 5h 58m To Box 8, still going in and out of PC

4d 5h 58m Shuffled to Box 9

4d 5h 57m On Box 7

4d 5h 57m Leaving and activating PC

4d 5h 56m Sweet Kiss moved to third slot in Happiny

4d 5h 55m Herdier moved to front of party in PC shuffle and given Big Mushroom

4d 5h 54m Going in and out of PC, random PC Pokémon given items like Big Root

4d 5h 54m PC activated once again

4d 5h 52m Bought 11 Poké Balls and got a Premier Ball, then bought 2 Adrenaline Orb and has ₽80 now

4d 5h 51m Upon looking at the party display for a closer look, Cutiieflly has replaced Golbat. Its ability is Shield Dust

4d 5h 48m Cutiefly is in the party, not sure who got replaced...

4d 5h 47m PC activated again

4d 5h 46m PC activated but left quickly

4d 5h 42m In and out of Pokémon Center

4d 5h 41m Shadow Claw finishes Golbat off, black out

4d 5h 40m Shadow Claw by Mimikyu brings Golbat to red, Golbat Wing Attacks Mimikyu, Haunter sleeps Golbat again

4d 5h 40m Mimic, learn Mean Look, Golbat uses Bite, Haunter Night Shade bringing Golbat to yellow

4d 5h 39m Shadow Claw on Golbat who is still asleep and Night Shade by Haunter

4d 5h 39m Golbat is sent in and Mean Looks at Haunter who doesn't get affected and puts Golbat to sleep

4d 5h 37m Haunter's Night Shade cracks Minior's shields and is finished by Shadow Claw by Mimikyu

4d 5h 36m Ancient Power barely dents Mimikyu

4d 5h 36m Minior is sent out, tanks a Play Rough, and doesn't get Hypnotized. Take Down ineffective on Haunter

4d 5h 34m Happini couldn't survive a Play Rough

4d 5h 33m Haunter's Sucker Punch continues to fail as Herdier uses Baby Doll Eyes but Mimikyu finishes Herdier with Play Rough

4d 5h 33m Herdier uses Baby Doll Eyes on Mimikyu, Herdier dodges Play Rough

4d 5h 32m Haunter's Sucker Punch fails but Herdier is still asleep. Mimikyu's Play Rough brings it to yellow

4d 5h 32m Herdier is sent out, Intimidate activates. Haunter puts her to sleep

4d 5h 31m Mimikyu's Play Rough faints Bouncee

4d 5h 30m Haunter Sucker Punches Bouncee but Mimikyu's Mimic fails. Bouncee still asleep

4d 5h 30m Haunter puts Bouncee to sleep before she could pull off a move

4d 5h 29m Play Rough faints Comfey, Bouncee is sent out

4d 5h 29m Disguise is busted and Mimikyu calls for Haunter

4d 5h 28m Mimikyu's picture was taken and fight begins with Totem Mimikyu. Comfey is sent out

4d 5h 26m Poke Finder activated

4d 5h 20m Nigel enters building and Acerola talks to Nigel about Mimikyu and trial

4d 5h 14m Bouncee is finished off by Haunter and Totem Mimikyu BLACK OUT

[Info] Updater going dark for a bit.

4d 3h 1m Purchased Fresh Water!

4d 2h 59m We're on Route 13 now.

4d 2h 58m Talking to Gladion.

4d 2h 57m Got Max Potion from Hau!

4d 2h 52m Bouncee grew to level 34! Trainer defeated.

4d 2h 50m Golbat fainted!

4d 2h 49m Up against another trainer.

4d 2h 45m Picked up another Zygarde thing!

4d 2h 43m Defeated the trainers.

4d 2h 40m In a double battle against two trainers.

4d 2h 35m Picked up a Burn Heal!

4d 2h 33m Picked up a Zygarde thingy! Apparently we have 10% of it already.

4d 2h 31m Arrived on Route 12.

4d 2h 28m Comfey fainted!

4d 2h 18m We fly to Malie City.

4d 2h 14m Picked up a Tiny Mushroom!

4d 2h 12m Spotted by a trainer. Vs Preschooler Hayden.

4d 2h 11m Minior grew to level 30! We are also on Route 11.

4d 2h 1m We trade Pancham for Happiny!

4d 1h 57m We're in a restaurant. An npc wants us to trade but we decline.

4d 1h 46m Left the Pokémon Center.

4d 1h 44m Blacked out!

4d 1h 41m Nickname: ppppt

4d 1h 40m Caught a Trumbeak!

4d 1h 38m Herdier fainted!

4d 1h 34m Nickname: ???bbbuEeiix

4d 1h 34m Caught another Gumshoos! Herdier grew to 28!

4d 1h 30m Bouncee fainted!

4d 1h 27m Caught a Ledian! Pancham grew to 29! Nickname: Lediany662kk

[Info] Aromatic Mist does nothing in a single battle.

4d 1h 24m Caught another Gumshoos Nickname: /ebbexen55ee

[Info] Aromatic Mist: Raises the Special Defense stat of a target ally Pokémon by one stage.

4d 1h 21m Minior self destructs! Bouncee to level 33 Wants to learn Aromatic Mist. Learned Aromatic Mist over Teeter Dance!

4d 1h 19m Gumshoos was caught! Nickname: ♀eeewqrugen

4d 1h 18m Golbat fainted!

4d 1h 17m We continue tossing Poké Balls at anything that moves. 6 Poké Balls left.

4d 1h 14m Caught a Gumshoos! Herdier grew to 27! No nickname.

[Info] We are on Route 11.

4d 1h 6m Comfey fainted!

4d 1h 3m Left the Pokémon Center.

4d 1h 1m Still turning on and off PC a lot but nothing is happening with it.

4d 1h 0m Purchased 2 Great Balls No more money again.

[Info] We have some some stuff and acquired more money.

4d 0h 53m We order Lemonade.

4d 0h 48m We have 18 Poké Balls and no money left!

4d 0h 46m We purchase a few Poké Balls.

4d 0h 40m PC being messed with.

4d 0h 38m Blacked out!

4d 0h 30m We are currently wandering south on the long road.

4d 0h 18m We fly to Hokulani.

4d 0h 14m Got the Mudsale Pager!

4d 0h 14m Arrived on Route 12.

4d 0h 12m Caught a Paras! Nickname: A m mm 'FM

4d 0h 10m Picked up a Quick Ball!

4d 0h 9m Herdier grew to 26! Black Belt defeated.

4d 0h 8m Pancham fainted!

4d 0h 7m Golbat fainted!

4d 0h 6m Up against a Black Belt. Golbat vs Hariyama.

4d 0h 2m We head south onto Route 11.

3d 23h 55m We fly to Malie City.

[Info] I need to leave. Hopefully someone takes over.

3d 23h 41m Kukui gives us Primarium-Z and we give him the mask

3d 23h 40m We replaced Minior's Swift with Take Down. Golbat fails to evolve.


3d 23h 39m Golbat takes out Golisopod and PANCHAM GROWS TO LV. 28!

3d 23h 38m BOUNCEE FAINTS! But her efforts may not be in vain. We send out Golbat

3d 23h 36m COMFEY FAINTS! We send out Bouncee!

3d 23h 35m VS GUZMA! Guzma sends out Golisopod.


3d 23h 26m We made progress, yet Guzma switches to Ariados WHO THEN TAKES OUT BOUNCEE FOR A X3 ATTACK BOOST. Rip us... We send Herdier out.

3d 23h 25m MINIOR FAINTS! Two mons remaining. We send out Bouncee.

3d 23h 24m GOLBAT FAINTS! We send Minior!

3d 23h 23m PANCHAM FAINTS! I can see where this is going... We send Golbat out.

3d 23h 22m COMFEY FAINTS! We send Pancham!

3d 23h 22m We toss two great balls while it sets up.

3d 23h 21m VS GUZMA! Guzma sends Golisopod. We send Comfey.

3d 23h 20m In Malie Garden

3d 23h 19m And back on

3d 23h 19m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

3d 23h 17m We are on Manual mode

3d 23h 16m We are back at a Pokemon Center. I'll pretend I know where we are.

3d 23h 16m WHITE OUT HYPU!!!

3d 23h 13m Caught a male Lv. 24 Pancham! Nickname: TTJ éé

3d 23h 9m Caught a female Lv. ? Trumbeak! Nickname: Tt (heart)-- 1

3d 23h 6m Caught a male Lv. 22 Trumbeak! Nickname: Trumbeak 999

3d 23h 3m Found TM74 Gyro Ball!

3d 22h 58m Used a Max Ether on Pancham's Karate Chop!

3d 22h 55m Caught a female Lv. 26(?) Komala! No Nickname.

Pancham grew to Level 27 and forgot Comet Punch for Vital Throw!

3d 22h 51m Caught a female Lv. 26 Donald Trump Gumshoos! No Nickname

3d 22h 50m [Snark] Look, its Trump!


3d 22h 46m KAPOWED MINIOR on a wild Ledian!

3d 22h 43m We're finally done with this battle! We got $1.512 for winning.


3d 22h 39m We used a Paralyze heal with no effect

3d 22h 37m BOUNCEE FAINTS!

3d 22h 36m GOLBAT FAINTS!

3d 22h 34m Comfey Leveled up to Lv. 32! - Max. HP 80 Attack 44 Defense 62 Sp. Atk 61 Sp. Def 81 Speed 79

3d 22h 31m Vs Athletic Siblings Alyssa and Sho! They send Fletchinder and Herdier. We send Comfey and Golbat.

3d 22h 27m Caught a female Pancham! Nickname: ''s (several spaces afterwards)

3d 22h 28m We replace Bite with Crunch!

3d 22h 27m Lillipup grew to level 24 and evolved into a HERDIER!!

3d 22h 13m Flew back to Malie City

Caught a Pancham! Nickname: Pancham22

3d 22h 8m Found a Big Mushroom

3d 22h 4m Entered Route 11

3d 22h 0m Lillipup goes down to a single Razor Shell. Black Out #2

3d 21h 58m Golisopod sets up another Swords Dance, as we've yet to land a single hit. Bouncee down to a Razor Shell

3d 21h 57m We send in Golbat, only to throw more Pokeballs. Golbat down to a Razor Shell

3d 21h 56m Razor Shell OHKO's Minior

3d 21h 56m Another Razor Shell takes down Comfey

3d 21h 55m Golisopod sets up a Swords Dance as we continue to use Pokeballs

3d 21h 55m We throw a Pokeball, and Golisopod uses Razor Shell to lower our defense.

3d 21h 54m Vs Guzma - Round 2

3d 21h 54m Re-entered Malie Garden

3d 21h 53m Picked up a Zygarde Cell

3d 21h 45m We heal at the Malie City Pokemon Center, creating a checkpoint

3d 21h 39m We fly back to Malie City

3d 21h 35m We use Charizard Fly... to move 2ft north.

3d 21h 33m Used some berries on Comfey, resulting in higher happiness but lowered stats.

3d 21h 32m Finally out of the Pokemon Center, and now we're stuck in a corner. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

[Snark] [Meta] Can we be done buying/selling stuff so I don't have to count anymore? Thanks Kappa

3d 21h 28m Bought 14 more Pokeballs, and got a Premier Ball as a bonus.

3d 21h 26m Sold a BrightPowder, Twisted Spoon, Big Mushroom, 2 Persim Berries, Lum Berry, 1 Oran Berry, 2 Figy Berries.

3d 21h 23m Bought 3 more Pokeballs. Sold our Scope Lens, Silk Scarf, Twisted Spoons (2 of them).

3d 21h 21m Sold 4 Super Potions, 1 Black Glasses, 1 Eviolite and 1 Revive at the shop. Bought 3 Pokeballs and 1 Great Ball

3d 21h 19m [Info] We didn't checkpoint, so we're back at the top of the Route 10 Mountain.

3d 21h 17m Sucker Punch comes out from Ariados, and we survive. We hit back with Ancient Power, which does about a quarter. Shields Down activates, and we self destruct. Black Out

3d 21h 17m Minior, our last hope, is sent in

3d 21h 16m Immediately faints to a Shadow Sneak

3d 21h 16m Bouncee is sent in

3d 21h 15m Fell Stinger knocks out Lillipup, and raises his attack drastically (+3 stages)

3d 21h 15m We send out Lillipup.

3d 21h 14m Golbat down to a Sucker Punch

3d 21h 13m Wing Attack takes out a solid chunk, while he retaliates with Razor Shell. We hit him with a second Wing Attack, which triggers Emergency Exit. Sends out Ariados.

3d 21h 13m He leads with Golisopod, while we lead with Golbat.

3d 21h 11m Vs Team Skull Boss Guzma!

3d 21h 10m Guzma reveals himself to Kukui and our player

3d 21h 10m Into Malie Gardens

3d 21h 8m On the third island, in Malie City

3d 20h 58m Comfey faints to a wild Pokémon

3d 20h 48m We finally go to Route 10

3d 20h 42m Just walking around the city

3d 20h 22m We deposit Meowth

3d 20h 14m We withdraw Cat and place Magnemite in

3d 20h 11m We're using the PC

3d 20h 4m Minior replaces kkk66"6 (Meowth) in our party

[Info] We also got an Eviolite

3d 20h 4m We catch a Minior, nickname is A-♀♀UUUUUUUU

3d 19h 59m Blackout to wild Fearow

3d 19h 48m We beat her and only Meowth is alive

3d 19h 46m Golbat faints

3d 19h 42m We're fighting some Officer Worker in a road

3d 19h 36m We get a Professor's Mask

3d 19h 32m We also get a Steelium Z

3d 19h 31m We get an Electrium Z

3d 19h 31m Cutscene is happening

3d 19h 30m One Poison Fang and psn damage and we win, Golbat is now level 32 and learns Mean Look over Poison Fang

3d 19h 29m Charjabug snaps out of confusion and uses Thunder Wave to paralyze us

3d 19h 29m We send in Golbat and use Confuse Ray on Charjabug letting Vikavolt use Charge, next we use Wing Attack on Vikavolt and crit and beat it

3d 19h 28m Magnemite faints from Two sparks and 1 Mud slap and we hit our 'ally' so our move fails

3d 19h 27m Comfey faints but its Wrap damage made Vikavolt's hp down by half

3d 19h 24m LOL NOPE, just as i post that, Vs Vikavolt Attempt #3

[Fluff] We're still trying to answer the last question, we picked every answer multiple times escept for the right one...

[Snark] Beaten by a Charjabug smh

3d 19h 13m Charjabug spams Mud-Slap and we keep missing or using Thunder Wave, Magnemite faints blackout

3d 19h 11m We send Meowth and Fake Out, next turn Meowth faints but poison takes Vikavolt down too! Charjabug is left, vs Magnemite

3d 19h 10m Steenee faints

3d 19h 8m Golbat gets paralyzed by Charjabug's Thunder Wave, Vikavolt uses Spark after Charge, Golbat faints

3d 19h 7m We send in Golbat and Poison Fang poisons Vikavolt!

3d 19h 7m Vikavolt takes care of Comfey with two moves but we manage to get wrap damage on it, 1 Spark and Lillipup faints

3d 19h 4m Vs Totem Vikavolt attempt #2

3d 18h 55m Vikavolt and Charjabug make quick work of Steenee and Magnemite, blackout

3d 18h 50m Vikavolt uses a combination of Charge and spark to electrocute Golbat to unconsciousness

3d 18h 49m Vs Totem Vikavolt

3d 18h 48m Final Question now

3d 18h 47m We finish this question fast! Golbat Vs Charjabug

3d 18h 45m Defeated Charjabug! Golbat to 31! Didn't evolve.

3d 18h 43m Meowth fainted!

3d 18h 41m Lillipup fainted!

3d 18h 40m Comfey fainted!

[Info] Bouncee also grew to 31

3d 18h 38m Got question correct. Up against a Charjabug now.

[Snark] We killed Pokémon before, but with all these wrong answers it might be the first time we killed a human.

3d 18h 35m Grubbin defeated! Lillipup to 22, didn't learn crunch, Meowth to 28! Neither evolved.

3d 18h 34m Got first answer correct. Up against a Grubbin.

3d 18h 33m We return to Sophocles. Trial Attempt #2!

3d 18h 30m Left the Pokémon Center.

3d 18h 29m Lillipup fainted! Blacked out!

3d 18h 27m Golbat fainted!

3d 18h 27m Got second answer correct after a few wrong guesses. Now up against a Charjabug.

[Info] Every wrong answer electrocutes Sophocles.

[Info] Our party was not healed after the Molayne fight.

3d 18h 24m We get the first question correct. We are now battling a Grubbin.

3d 18h 24m Trial Start!

3d 18h 24m Talking to Sophocles.

3d 18h 15m We enter the building.

3d 18h 14m Magnemite and Lillipup did not evolve.

3d 18h 13m Metang down! Lillipup to 21! Molayne defeated!

3d 18h 12m Golbat sent out. Dugtrio fainted! Lillipup to 20! Metang sent out.

3d 18h 10m Bouncee fainted! It did manage to hurt Dugtrio a bit, however.

3d 18h 9m Lillipup sent out, but withdrawn for Bouncee.

3d 18h 8m Magnemite fainted!

3d 18h 7m Meowth sent back, Comfee fainted! Magnemite sent out. Skarmory taken down. Magnemite grew to 32! Lillipup grew to 19! It forgot Helping Hand for Work Up! Dugtrio sent out.

3d 18h 5m Comfey withdrawn for Meowth.

3d 18h 2m Vs Molayne! Attempt #7! Comfey vs Skarmory.

3d 18h 0m Left the Pokémon Center.

3d 17h 58m Bouncee fainted! Black out! Golbat didn't evolve.

3d 17h 56m Golbat fainted!

3d 17h 54m Golbat sent out.

3d 17h 52m Meowth fainted!

3d 17h 50m Magnemite fainted!

3d 17h 50m Skarmory goes down. Golbat grew to 30! Dugtrio out next.

3d 17h 48m Lillipup fainted! Magnemite sent out.

3d 17h 46m Comfey sent out. Comfey fainted!

3d 17h 45m Comfey comes back, Meowth sent out. We spend a few turns using Poké Balls.

3d 17h 43m Vs Molayne! Attempt #6! Comfey vs Skarmory.

3d 17h 41m Left Pokémon Center.

3d 17h 39m Meowth and Magnemite did not evolve.

3d 17h 39m Comfey fainted! We black out!

3d 17h 38m We get Metang down to red but he uses a Super Potion.

3d 17h 35m Bouncee fainted! Only Comfey and Meowth remain.

3d 17h 35m Metang out next. We bring out Bouncee.

3d 17h 33m Forgot Sweet Kiss for Sweet Scent! Meowth to 27!

3d 17h 33m Dugtrio down! Comfey grew to level 31! It wants to learn Sweet Scent!

3d 17h 32m Golbat fainted!

3d 17h 31m Golbat out next.

3d 17h 30m Magnemite fainted!

3d 17h 29m Magnemite to 31! It wants to learn Flash Cannon. Forgot Mirror Shot for Flash Cannon! Bouncee to 30.

3d 17h 28m Lillipup brought out. Lillipup fainted! Magnemite out next.

3d 17h 27m Comfey vs Skarmory once more.

3d 17h 26m Talking to Molayne again. Attempt #5.

3d 17h 23m Left Pokémon Center.

3d 17h 22m Meowth fainted! We black out! Lillipup doesn't evolve.

3d 17h 21m Magnemite fainted! Only Meowth remains.

3d 17h 15m Golbat fainted!

3d 17h 14m Golbat sent out again.

3d 17h 11m Bouncee fainted!

3d 17h 10m Bouncee sent out.

3d 17h 9m We then swap for Comfey. Comfey fainted!

3d 17h 8m Skarmory fainted! Lillipup to 18! Dugtrio out next. We swap out for Golbat!

3d 17h 7m Comfey withdrawn for Magnemite.

3d 17h 6m Comfey vs Skarmory.

3d 17h 5m Talking to Molayne again. Attempt #4.

3d 16h 59m Left the Pokémon Center.

3d 16h 57m Meowth fainted! We black out! Meowth didn't evolve. Lilipup didn't evolve.

3d 16h 55m Bouncee comes out. Bouncee fainted! Only Meowth remains.

3d 16h 51m Golbat comes out. Golbat fainted! Lilipup fainted as well!

3d 16h 50m Magnemite fainted!

3d 16h 49m Magnemite is damaging it, despite the trainers healing items. Meanwhile Skarmory doesn't hurt Magnemite very much. Skarmory fainted! Meowth grew to 26! Lilipup to 16! Dugtrio out next.

3d 16h 48m Comfey fainted! We send out Magnemite against Skarmory.

3d 16h 44m Talking to Molayne again. Attempt #3.

3d 16h 43m Left the Pokémon Center.

[Info] Our team is Comfey, Golbat, Meowth (kkk66"6), Bouncee, Magnemite, and Lilipup. Magnemite is 30 and Lilipup is 15.

[Info] We swapped around Meowths, not sure which we ended up with.

3d 16h 40m Withdrew Magnemite!

3d 16h 35m Got Lillipup and deposited Trumbeak!

3d 16h 35m At PC.

3d 16h 32m We fly back to the Pokémon Center.

[Info] It needed to learn Stomp to evolve.

3d 16h 30m Comfey grew to level 30! Trainer defeated.

3d 16h 29m Rattata grew to level 18! It learned Assurance over Hyper Fang! Bouncee grew to level 28! It did not learn Stomp!

3d 16h 28m Vs Hiker Thomas.

3d 16h 21m Back on the road to the south. Picked up a Fast Ball!

3d 16h 18m Left the Pokémon Center.

3d 16h 13m Meowth fainted! We blacked out!

3d 16h 12m Bouncee fainted!

3d 16h 1m Trumbeak fainted!

3d 16h 0m Rattata fainted!

[Info] No nickname on Minior.

3d 15h 56m Trumbeak grew to 19!

3d 15h 56m Caught Minior! Rattata grew to 18!

3d 15h 54m Golbat fainted!

3d 15h 52m Golbat did not evolve.

3d 15h 51m Golbat grew to level 29! Rattata grew to level 17!

3d 15h 45m We fly back to the Pokémon Center.

3d 15h 42m We start throwing Poké Balls at a wild Fearow. No luck.

3d 15h 39m We head south onto the road area.

3d 15h 37m Left the Pokémon Center.

3d 15h 36m We black out!

3d 15h 33m Golbat fainted!

3d 15h 28m We send out Bouncee. Bouncee fainted! We toss Poké Balls but they do not get used up against trainers.

3d 15h 28m Meowth fainted!

3d 15h 27m Comfey fainted! We send out Meowth against Skarmory.

3d 15h 23m Vs Molayne again! Attempt #2

3d 15h 20m Left the Pokémon Center.

3d 15h 19m Out of money.

3d 15h 18m We now have 20 Poké Balls and 1 Premier Ball

3d 15h 17m Just hanging out in the Pokémon Center.

3d 15h 13m We black out!

3d 15h 9m Golbat fainted!

3d 15h 5m Meowth fainted! We are up against a Skarmory and no one can dent it.

3d 15h 3m Comfey fainted! Meowth out next.

3d 15h 0m Vs Trainer Molayne.

3d 14h 58m Left Pokémon Center.

3d 14h 57m Party healed!

3d 14h 57m Entered the Pokémon Center.

3d 14h 51m We arrive on Mt. Hokulani.

3d 14h 51m We ride on the Exeggutor Express.

3d 14h 48m Meowth did not evolve.

3d 14h 48m Meowth grew to level 25! It didn't learn Taunt.

3d 14h 45m Rattata fainted!

3d 14h 44m Trumbeak fainted!

3d 14h 42m Bouncee grew to level 28! Trumbeak grew to 18! Up against the next Grunt now.

3d 14h 40m Comfey fainted!

3d 14h 37m We find a Team Skull Grunt and fight him.

[Meta] Switch Live Updaters

3d 14h 33m Light outside (in the game)

3d 14h 29m Back onto Route 10, Golbat and Rattata moved around in menu

[Fluff] Something might not have translated properly into the donated message

[Donation] $4.50 from Sunkhaskasis: "forsenE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? forsenE"

3d 14h 19m Exited Pokémon Center

3d 14h 18m Team is fully healed

3d 14h 11m Flew to Malie City

3d 14h 8m Game saved, currently fighting or running from wild Pokémon with only Golbat and Trumbeak alive

3d 14h 1m Golbat is sent out and finishes the job

3d 13h 59m Poliwag takes out Rattata with Bubble

3d 13h 56m Both Meowth and Golbat failed to evolve

Meowth to Lvl 24 Rattata to 16, wants to learn Hyper Fang. Forgot Pursuit for Hyper Fang. Trumbeak to lvl 16, Supersonic forgotten for Pluck

3d 13h 50m Normal Raichu fainted Bouncee and Meowth is sent out

3d 13h 50m A few Pokémon gained levels - Rattata to lvl 14, Golbat to lvl 28, Trumbeak to lvl 15 and Meowth to lvl 23

3d 13h 47m Bouncee confuses Raticate with Teeter Dance and Raticate hits itself and faints

3d 13h 46m Raticate's Crunch critical hits Comfey but it hangs on. Raticate finishes with Hyper Fang. Bouncee is sent out

3d 13h 45m Battle with Sightseer Akali, who brings out a non-Alolan Raticate!

3d 13h 36m Currently fishing

[Correction] The female Ariados that was nicknamed Ariados NLP was lvl 24 and sent to a box

3d 13h 25m Caught a female Ariados! Nickname: Ariados NLP

3d 13h 23m Pikipek defied all odds and evolved into Trumbeak

3d 13h 22m Rattata to LVL 13, forgot Bite for Pursuit, Pikipek to lvl 13 and forgot Pek for Supersonic, grew to lvl 14

3d 13h 19m Rattata to lvl 12, Bouncee to lvl 27 and Luxury Ball GET

3d 13h 14m Final Poké Ball is used on Masquerain with Intimidate, Masquerain breaks out

3d 13h 6m In Melia Garden

3d 13h 5m In Melia City

3d 13h 2m Golbat finishes Pikipek off and Nigel loses ₽928 and promptly blacks OUT

3d 13h 1m Only Pikipek remains now

3d 13h 0m Bouncee is sent out, Skull's Golbat is in the yellow. Uses Air Cutter to bring Bouncee down to red and Bouncee barely damages it. Bouncee faints

3d 12h 59m Meowth hits 3 times with Fury Swipes and is brought down by PSN status

3d 12h 59m Tactical Fake out, but Golbat doesn't flinch and our Meowth is badly poisoned by Poison Fang

3d 12h 58m Meowth is sent out

3d 12h 58m Skull's Golbat used Air Cutter to bring our Golbat to red, our Golbat used Wing Attack. One more Air Cutter brings our Golbat down

3d 12h 57m Skull's Golbat used Air Cutter, our Golbat used... Poison Fang and hits himself

3d 12h 57m Occupying the Bus Stop, it's Golbat vs. Golbat, both male and lvl 27 against Team Skull

3d 12h 55m Team Skull members up ahead, just swinging their arms around

3d 12h 54m Pikipek grew to Level 12

3d 12h 53m Golbat is sent out and uses Poison Fang to Poison Growlithe and bring its health down to yellow. Golbat finishes the job

3d 12h 53m Growlithe quickly takes out Rattata with a Fire Fang

3d 12h 52m Growlethe has Intimidate as an ability and brings Comfey to red with Fire Fang before finishing with Flame Burst

3d 12h 51m Rematch with Police Officer Mitchell!

3d 12h 50m Yet another flappy Fearow from a tree. Nigel runs away

[Fluff] One Poké Ball left

3d 12h 48m Nigel runs away

3d 12h 48m Nigel used a Poké Ball, almost got lucky on getting a Fearow but not quite

3d 12h 47m Another Fearow from a tree

3d 12h 46m Rattata forgets Tackle to learn Bite, grew to Lvl 11, Pikipek learned Rock Smash, grew to level 11

3d 12h 45m Comfey grew to level 29, Rattata grew to 10 trying to learn Bite

3d 12h 45m Comfey quickly takes out almost half of Poliwhirl's hp with Petal Blizzard but Poliwhirl uses Rain Dance. Another Petal Blizzard finishes it

3d 12h 44m Nigel runs into Firefighter Alex, who he was able to bypass before by going into the grass. Alex sends out Poliwhirl which was Sweet Kissed by Comfey

[Fluff] Nigel has 2 Poké Balls remaining

3d 12h 42m Back onto Route 10 with a run into a Fearow from a tree. Nigel runs

3d 12h 40m Growlithe Flame Bursts Bouncee and Nigel pays ₽896 in his loss. BLACK OUT

3d 12h 39m Police Officer Mitchell runs into Nigel and challenges him to a battle

3d 12h 38m Fury Swipes finished off Meowth and Nigel runs away. Only Bouncee remains alive now

3d 12h 37m Meowth switched into Fury Swipes

3d 12h 37m Bouncee is sent out

3d 12h 36m Golbat taken out with Night Shade from Ariados

3d 12h 31m Meowth did not learn Feint Attack and fails to evolve

3d 12h 31m Bouncee finishes off, and grew to level 26, Meowth grew to level 22 and wants to learn Feint Attack

3d 12h 30m Steenee got off a Teeter Dance and Bouncee is finally able to get in a few Razor Leaf after some turns of hitting itself. She snaps out of confusion and brings Steenee to red

3d 12h 28m Currently battling Beauty Andrea, Steenee already took out Rattata and finished Pikipek off

3d 12h 28m Nigel got Grepa berry, Hondew berry and Qualot berry

3d 12h 27m AA leapfrogged to lvl 7, learned Focus Energy! Pikipeck grew to level 8 and learned Echoed Voice!

3d 12h 25m Golbat takes out Crabrawler

3d 12h 24m Golbat is sent out

3d 12h 23m Dizzy Punch takes out Comfey

3d 12h 22m Nigel used a Poké Ball, he has only 4 Poké Balls remaining

3d 12h 22m Nigel checks the stack of berries, a Crabrawler attacked

3d 12h 21m Paralyze Heal GET

3d 12h 19m Comfey runs away, its health in the low range of yellow

3d 12h 19m Nigel uses a Poké Ball and Fearow breaks out, still confused

3d 12h 17m From a tree was a wild Fearow!

3d 12h 16m Back on Route 10

3d 12h 9m Out of the Pokémon Center in Malie City

3d 12h 5m Raticate takes out Bouncee and Nigel blacks out, drops ₽896

3d 12h 3m Caught a female Lv. 26 Fearow with no nickname and sent straight to the box

3d 12h 1m Nigel's sole remaining Pokémon, Bouncee, is sent out

3d 11h 59m Fearow proves to be really stubborn and takes out Meowth

3d 11h 58m Fearow breaks out of another Poké Ball. Nigel has around 9 Poké Balls left

3d 11h 58m Meowth is sent out and a Poké Ball is used which Fearow breaks out of yet again

3d 11h 56m Nigel send out the weirdly nicknamed lvl 3 female Pikipek who promptly faints

3d 11h 55m Fearow finishes Golbat off

3d 11h 54m Fearow breaks out of around 2 more Poké Balls

3d 11h 53m Fearow breaks out another ball and hits self in confusion

3d 11h 53m Another Poké Ball is used, once again Fearow breaks out

3d 11h 52m Golbat is sent out and a Poké Ball is used. Fearow breaks free

3d 11h 51m Fearow kills Rattata with Aerial Ace

3d 11h 49m On Route 10

3d 11h 45m Exited Pokémon Center

3d 11h 39m In Pokémon Center

3d 11h 37m Flew to Malie City

3d 11h 33m Flew to Route 5

3d 11h 31m Box changed to Automatic

3d 11h 28m Caught a female Pikipek which replaced Magnemite

3d 11h 26m Caught a male Lv. 4 Rattata nicknamed AA with 2 Poké Balls and replaces Salandit

3d 11h 24m Grubbin breaks free of a Poké Ball and Nigel runs away

3d 11h 21m Nigel attempts to catch a Spinarak with a Premier Ball. Failing, he kills it with Ember

3d 11h 9m In and out of Route 1 and Iki Town

3d 11h 7m Party Box switched to Manual and entered Iki Town

3d 11h 0m On Route 1

[Info] At this time, Comfey has Sharp Beak, Salandit has Firium Z, Golbat has Nugget, Bouncee has X Accuracy, Magnemite has Firium Z, and Meowth has Eviolite

[Info] Text Speed on fast now, currently has ₽1324

3d 10h 50m Flew to Iki Town

3d 10h 49m Flew back to Hano Grand Resort

3d 10h 41m Back on shore

3d 10h 41m Bouncee grew to lvl 25 and forgot Grass Knot for Teeter Dance

3d 10h 40m Golbat grew to Lvl. 27 and forgot Swift for Poison Fang

3d 10h 39m Golbat is sent in and finishes the job with a Swift

3d 10h 38m Wishiwashi clutches a Petal Blizzard and takes out Comfey with Brine but stopped schooling

3d 10h 37m Fight with Swimmer Logan who sends out Wishiwashi

3d 10h 36m Salandit grew to lvl. 25

3d 10h 35m After failing to catch an already owned Psyduck with a Premier Ball, Comfey faints Psyduck with 2 Petal Blizzard

3d 10h 34m Encountered Swimmer Alicia who sends out Psyduck

3d 10h 31m Game saved

3d 10h 30m Black Glasses found

3d 10h 28m Riding on Lapras

3d 10h 27m At Hano Beach

3d 10h 24m Rode Charizard to Hano Grand Resort

3d 10h 19m Comfey's base Defense rose slightly playing Course C1 in Clink-Clunk Land at the Festival Plaza

[Correction] 19 more Poké Balls

3d 10h 13m Left Pokémon Center

3d 10h 12m Bought 18 More Poké Balls and is left with ₽124. Also got a Premier Ball

3d 10h 11m Bought a Poké Ball

[Info] Nigel currently has ₽4124

3d 10h 7m Meowth faints from Grimer and Nigel drops ₽960 in defeat. Black out

3d 10h 2m Nigel runs away from tag-teaming Magnemite duo

3d 10h 1m Nigel's only alive member left is Meowth, who he sends in

3d 9h 59m Magnemite faints from Sonic Boom

3d 9h 58m Leppa Berry is used on Magnemite to restore Thunder Wave PP, and Hyper Potion is used to bring Magnemite back to full

3d 9h 52m Nigel switches to Elegant Style

3d 9h 43m Grimer's nickname is AAABBBBBBBBC, is level 24, and is male. The option to add it to the party is on, but Grimer is sent straight to the box

Nigel catches Alolan Grimer and Magnemite fails to evolve

3d 9h 31m Oak gives Nigel Friend Ball and leaves

3d 9h 27m Meets with Gester, talks about "Battle Style" and how Nigel can be his successor to teach someone about posing in battle. Changes battle style... to normal

Despite Chase losing a battle, he's hired and will take over as president. Nigel was used to teach Chase a lesson bu treceives a Twisted Spoon as a reward

3d 9h 23m Magnemite is sent out and uses Electro Ball to bring Grimer to half HP. Eviolite is knocked off of Magnemite but Magnemite finishes with another Electro Ball

3d 9h 22m Grimer uses Knock Off and faints Salandit

3d 9h 21m Ace Trainer Chase sends out Grimer, Salandit is sent out and uses Flame Burst

3d 9h 20m Meowth doesn't evolve

3d 9h 20m Meowth grew to level 21

3d 9h 20m Magnemite is sent out and uses Mirror Shot, misses. Muk is throwing the match away with Fling. Magnemite finishes Muk with Electro Ball

3d 9h 18m Golbat is sent out and tanks Acid Spray easily. Uses Swift which hits Muk and takes another Acid Spray and Poison Fang. Wing Attack misses and Acid Spray is increasing in damage. Another Swift brings Muk to yellow and Golbat continues with Swift. Acid Spray finishes Golbat off

3d 9h 16m Bouncee's is finished by Acid Spray, Magical Leaf doing light damage

3d 9h 15m Muk uses another Minimize and then brings Bouncee down to yellow with Acid Spray

3d 9h 14m Bouncee is sent in and hits Muk with Razor Leaf. Muk continues boosting its evasiveness

3d 9h 13m Muk sets up with Minimize, its evasiveness sharply increasing. Comfey is already in the red, easily finished off with Acid Spray

3d 9h 12m Restricted area cutscene, exposition about janitors and how they have Muk and Grimer consuming the garbage. Janitor Shawn battles with Muk

3d 9h 10m Antidote ITEM GET

3d 9h 8m Outer Cape of Melia City

3d 9h 6m Exited the library

3d 8h 54m The purple hair girl is Acerola who mentions the bus ride at Route 10 to Mount Hokulani

[Fluff] The Light of Alola is the name of the book that Nigel read quickly

3d 8h 51m Lillie meets up with Nigel and mentions the Apparel shop, freaks out with Hapu and his Mudsdale. Afterwards, Nigel explores Malie Library and goes through the book really quickly

[Fluff] Didn't seem like a change in style at all

3d 8h 47m Nigel ends up paying ₽4000 for a hair cut and now has ₽2032, couldn't pay for another and exited the salon

3d 8h 43m Entered a salon

3d 8h 38m Met up with Samson Oak, a few cute moments with Rotom Dex, says to follow "the black brick road" to Malie Library

3d 8h 36m Lillie asks to go to Malie Library

3d 8h 34m Flew back to Malie City


3d 8h 33m Nigel meets up with Professor Kukui and Ultra Wormhole is mentioned, Professor mentions going to the bus on Route 10

3d 8h 21m Flew out of the garden into Malie City

3d 8h 16m Meowth grew to level 20 and Ailey is defeated

3d 8h 15m Battle with Preschooler Ailey who claims it's Pokémon day, she sents out Cleffa

3d 8h 15m Did not learn Synthesis, Bouncee grew to level 24

3d 8h 14m Comfey grows to lvl 28 and tries to learn Synthesis

3d 8h 12m Dragon Rage is forgotten for Flame Burst

3d 8h 12m Salandit grew to level 24 and tries to learn Flame Burst

3d 8h 9m In Melia Garden, Hau asks Nigel to explore the edge of the garden while he blocks the bridge off

3d 8h 8m Meet up with Lillie, she reminds Nigel of going to Malie Garden

3d 8h 7m Nigel exits Pokémon Center

3d 8h 5m Nigel enters Pokémon Center

3d 8h 4m Hau mentions going to Malie Garden after the battle

3d 8h 3m Magnemite's Thunder Wave doesn't affect Raichu, and faints

3d 8h 2m Magnemite tanks a Psychic but Raichu dodges Mirror Shot

3d 8h 1m Nigel sends out his last Pokémon, Magnemite

3d 8h 1m Golbat is sent out, but Raichu sweeps Golbat with a Psychic

3d 8h 0m Raichu murders Meowth with Electro Ball

3d 8h 0m Meowth is sent out and flinches Raichu with Fake Out

3d 7h 59m Bouncee is sent out but falls in one hit

3d 7h 58m Salandit is sent out but Raichu outspeeds and Salandit faints from Psychic

3d 7h 58m Raichu uses Psychic, finishes Comfey off

3d 7h 57m Hau sends out Alolan Raichu and goes first with Electro Ball, Comfey's Grass Knot dents it slightly

3d 7h 57m Arrived to Ula'ula Island, Hau immediately challenges Nigel but makes sure his party is healed first

3d 7h 55m TM29 Psychic is gifted to Nigel from Wicke

3d 7h 52m Special Defense rose from Beast Boost, Salandit is sent out but Nigel runs away and the beast disappears

3d 7h 51m Defense rose sharply from aura, uses Venoshock to bring Comfey to yellow

3d 7h 51m Meeting Ultra Beast UB-01 encountered then back to Nigel to encounter

3d 7h 48m Meeting President Lusamine - another cutscene plays

3d 7h 44m Control back to Nigel, goal is to meet President Lusamine

3d 7h 43m [Fluff] Wicke agrees to show Nigel and Hau around - more cutscenes. Wicke mentions Pokémon can be healed at the reception desk

3d 7h 40m [Fluff] Meeting with Faba and details about Aether Paradise is told. Nigel agrees to follow Faba, Hau wants to go along. They go on a ferry

3d 7h 37m Went inside the hotel

3d 7h 33m At Hano Grand Resort

3d 7h 32m Exited Pokémon Center

3d 7h 30m Entered Pokémon Center

3d 7h 28m Flew to Heahea City

3d 7h 23m Nigel currently has ₽5720

3d 7h 21m Flying in a circle in Paniola Town

3d 7h 17m Revival Herb sold for ₽ 1,400

3d 7h 16m Currently in a Pokémon center after winning a Rockium Z-Crystal

[Fluff] Mixing and matching those dongers

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ • o•༽ノ

Bouncee grew to lvl 23 and Olivia is defeated

3d 7h 9m Bouncee is sent out and is the last Pokémon available, Bouncee avoids Rock Throw and finishes Lycanroc

3d 7h 9m Golbat is sent out but couldn't tank a hit

3d 7h 8m Salandit is sent out dies before it could pull off a move

3d 7h 6m Magnemite flinches from Lycanroc's bite but brings Lycanroc to yellow. Its accuracy fell, but Magnemite is finished

3d 7h 6m Meowth is fainted, Magnemite is sent out

3d 7h 5m Lycanroc overkills Comfey, Meowth is sent out

3d 7h 4m Olivia uses Super Potion but Comfey finishes it off with a crit and Bouncee and Meowth grew a level

3d 7h 4m Both Comfey and Boldore in the red

3d 7h 3m Spark is forgotten for Electro Ball

3d 7h 3m Comfey finishes Nosepass off, Magnemite level 29 now

3d 7h 2m Nosepass assaults Comfey with Rock Slide, Comfey has bad luck being fully paralyzed, Nosepass's latest Rock Slide misses and is in the yellow

3d 7h 0m Vs. Olivia Attempt #12

3d 6h 57m At Ruins of Life

3d 6h 55m In Akala Outskirts

3d 6h 51m On Memorial Hill after an item shuffle with Pokémon in the party menu

3d 6h 42m After organizing Meowth's moves a little, Pikanium Z was moved to free space

3d 6h 34m Magnemite's move slots currently being moves around

3d 6h 33m Items are being moved around

3d 6h 28m Flew to Route 9

3d 6h 27m Bouncee holds Eviolite now

3d 6h 26m Salandit holds Firium Z

3d 6h 25m Firium given to Comfey in exchange for Silk Scarf

Exited Plaza and found Heal Powder

3d 6h 13m Entered again

3d 6h 12m Exited

3d 6h 12m Entered Plaza again

3d 6h 11m Exited Festival Plaza

3d 6h 8m In the Festival Plaza

3d 6h 4m Flew to Route 9

3d 6h 3m Correction, Fightinium was given to Bouncee, Comfee is currently holding Silk Scarf

3d 5h 54m Salandit got to hold Normalium in exchange for nugget

3d 5h 50m Replaced Bright Powder on Comfey with Fightinum Z crystal

3d 5h 44m Flying in circles in Hau'oli Outskirts, got on Tauros and looking at Comfey

Flew to Hau'oli Outskirts

3d 5h 39m We continue to fly circles over Iki Town. I guess we want to give Charizard a workout.

3d 5h 36m We teach Flame Charge to Salandit over Double Slap!

3d 5h 35m Currently flying in circles a bunch. Now we're in Iki Town.

3d 5h 27m Outside again. We called a giant red dragon 'mon to take us to Paniola Town...

3d 5h 25m We get taken to 3HP by a Rock Throw, and we manage to bite back. But another Rock Throw takes us out! BLACKOUT!

3d 5h 24m Golbat appears now! And we play with the menus. Golbat is our last Pokémon...

3d 5h 24m Bouncee appears, and vanishes! (Also, that was a Salandit before.)

3d 5h 23m We send out... "A...."? I'm not sure what that mon is. It's a new black lizard thing. Doesn't matter, one hit takes it out!

3d 5h 22m Magnemite appears! Lycaroc bites us a couple times and Magnemite goes down!

3d 5h 21m Meowth comes out! (Meowth was the one that leveled to 18 before.) One hit takes it out!

3d 5h 21m Lycaronic appears and does A "Continental Crush" Z-Move on us, and Comfey goes down!

3d 5h 19m Boldore comes out as we continue to hit it with Grass Knots! It goes down shortly! Comfey to 27! Zubat also levels up! Bouncee levels up and learns Magical Leaf!

3d 5h 19m Another Grass Knot, and it retaliates with a Rock Slide! We take it out with a third Grass Knot! Someone leveled up!

3d 5h 18m Comfey vs Nosepass. We strike it with a Grass Knot and it paralyzes us.

3d 5h 18m Vs Olivia again! Attempt #11, I guess.

3d 5h 17m We enter the... erm... "Ruins of Life". Compelling name...

3d 5h 15m We jump on a couple ride Pokémon as we struggle with a particular corner here. The fisherman here consoles us that he can indeed catch fish here, if he will it hard enough.

3d 5h 13m We wound our way through a graveyard maze and are now on the Akala Outskirts.

3d 5h 9m Back in Memorial Hill

[Info] Btw, don't know if this was mentioned, but earlier today the D-Pad controls were disabled, so that it is more difficult for people to spam Charizard to fly.

3d 5h 6m Currently on Route 9 after another defeat.

Comfey grew to Lvl 26 after fainting Nosepass, Boldore is sent out. Comfey is paralyzed

Olivia Attempt #10

[Meta] Another updater should hopefully be along shortly; we apologize for the inconvenience. Kinda.

3d 4h 10m Olivia Attempt #8 Fails, but Bouncee manages to evolve!!

[Meta] Sorry; my internet has been dead for the last 28 minutes.

3d 3h 38m Bouncee kills Nosepass. Boldore kills it soon after.

3d 3h 37m We send out Salandit, who misses its chance to kill Nosepass. We are immediately Paralyzed and Rock Slide kills Salandit.

3d 3h 36m We send out Meowth. We are immediately paralyzed. We avoid a Rock Slide and use Scratch, which does nothing. Twice. Meowth falls to Rock Slide.

3d 3h 34m We send out Golbat. We use an ineffective Swift. Nosepass paralyzes Golbat with Thunder Wave. Nosepass uses Rock Slide while we are paralyzed. Golbat uses bite, but falls to one last Rock Slide.

3d 3h 33m Comfey vs. Nosepass. We use Petal Blizzard, but are quickly paralyzed. We do another Petal Blizzard, and receive two Rock Slides in a row. Paralysis prevents us from killing Nosepass. Comfey faints.

3d 3h 32m Olivia Attempt #8

3d 3h 30m We stumble into the Ruins of Life. We do a lap around Olivia. Lillie tells us she wants to watch.

3d 3h 29m We walk down the hill and enter the Akala Outskirts. We encounter a wild Raticate (Male/20). We run away. Nice.

3d 3h 28m We encounter a wild Zubat. We run away.

3d 3h 27m We exit the maze and encounter a female level 20 Gastly. We run away.

3d 3h 23m We navigate the hedge maze and get stuck on the exit for several minutes.

3d 3h 20m We jump on Charizard and land in Route 9. We walk about 10 feet back into Memorial Hill.

3d 3h 19m We enter Memorial Hill and repeatedly stare deeply into our Pokedex's eyes.

3d 3h 17m We take out our aggression by forcing Stoutland to headbutt a pole for a bit.

3d 3h 14m Lycanroc uses its Z-Move (Continental Crush). Meowth really doesn't like that. Blackout; RIP Olivia attempt #7.

3d 3h 13m We send out Meowth, our last Pokémon. We get lost in item menus and checking our stats. Meowth uses Fake Out, which causes almost no damage, but successfully causes Flinch.

3d 3h 12m We send Magnemite back out! However, it's in the red. Lycanroc uses Bite and Magnemite faints!!

3d 3h 12m Our fire/poison lizard quickly faints

3d 3h 11m Magnemite vs. Lycanroc! Magnemite gets it down to low health, but we switch to Golbat instead! Lycanroc uses Rock Slide and Golbat faints!

3d 3h 10m Olivia sends out Boldore! Comfey faints. We send out Magnemite instead. Magnemite quickly wins with Mirror Shot! Magnemite grows to level 28!!

3d 3h 8m We send out Comfey against Nosepass! Comfey defeats Nosepass after several Petal Blizzards, despite being paralyzed!

3d 3h 7m Olivia Attempt #7

3d 3h 2m Inside the ruins now.

3d 3h 0m Bouncee fainted at some point

3d 2h 46m Now on memorial Hill.

3d 2h 43m On route 9 once more.

[Info] We are totally broke.

3d 2h 32m In festival Plaza again.

3d 2h 31m We exited the building.

3d 2h 27m Back in the salon. We decide against changing our hair.

3d 2h 26m Now back in the city, riding on stoutland

3d 2h 25m Received 4FC from a visitor

3d 2h 25m Now in festival Plaza.

3d 2h 24m We exit the building.

3d 2h 22m We're in a town, currently at the hairddresser

3d 2h 19m Now riding Tauros.

3d 2h 18m We flew to route 9

3d 2h 14m We exit the center.

3d 2h 14m We then do it just a few more time, just to be sude.

3d 2h 13m Healed our team

3d 2h 12m We entered the Poké Center.

3d 2h 9m In festival Plaza, then back to the city.

3d 2h 8m Now in Heahea City

3d 2h 4m We flew to route 9

3d 2h 1m We used Charizard to fly... to the exact same city.

3d 1h 59m We are currently riding Tauros in KoniKoni city ( at least I think that's the name)

3d 0h 43m wild zubat fainted!

3d 0h 43m wild zubat appears!

3d 0h 38m wild zubat fainted!

3d 0h 37m bouncee fainted!

3d 0h 36m wild zubat appears!

3d030m we are now in diglett's tunnel.

3d0h29m belated route 9 but here we are at a cave!

3d0h26m we keep entering and exiting the center

3doh24m Blackout!

3d0h23m olivia used a full heal!

3d0h22m golbat fainted!comfee is last!

3d0h21m golbat is sent out

3d0h20m kkk666 fianted!

3d0h19m sandalit is sent out and faints!

3d0h17m golbat is sent out and promptly switched back for magnemite who faints!

3d0h16m sandalit leveled up and learned double slap! also KO'd boldore and some other mon level up.

3d0h15m magnemite is sent out and KOs nosepass we also teach kkk 666 fury swipes

3d0h14m take 5 or 6! bouncee fainted!

3d0h13m we decline the grand trial

3d0h12m how'd I get 19 from 10? either way, we are on stoutland for olivia take 5 or 6. we lost count at this point.

3d0h19m wild gumshoos appeared!

3d0h7m another wild gastly. used curse!

3d0h7m ran from aa wild encounter but I was on discord so I couldn't see the Pokémon and now we are encoutnering a wild gastly.

3d0h5m stoutland search descriptions.

3d0h2m looking at how to ride lapras

3d0h0m working our way through maze

2d23h58m memorial hill again

[Fluff] correction, that was attempt 4, not 2.

2d23h52m we black out!

2d23h51m sandalit fainted, alolan meowth is sent out!

2d23h50m comfey is sent out! and faints to a z-move!

2d 23h 49m** boldore fainted, maginite and KKK 666 both gains levels.** then maginmite and golbat faint

2d 23h 48m nosepass fainted! and KKK 666 gained a level.

2d 23h 46m Olivia take 2!

2d 23h 45m ruins of life, take two! except we enter the ruins instead of talking with olivia.

2d 23h 44m More wild Wingulls

2d 23h 42m a wild Wingull appears!

2d 23h 42m in akala outskirts

2d 23h 40m Bouncee fainted! sandilit is sent out! then we run

2d 23h 39m A wild Zubat appears!

2d 23h 38m dead end

2d 23h 35m making our way through the hedge maze

2d 23h 32m We arrive at Memorial Hill.

2d 23h 19m Out on Route 9 again.

2d 23h 19m Left the Pokémon Center.

2d 23h 18m Back at the Pokémon Center.

2d 23h 17m We black out! Zubat evolved into Golbat over our grave!

2d 23h 15m We send out Sandalit. Sandalit fainted!

[Info] Only Zubat and Sandalit are left, both of whom are weak to rock.

2d 23h 12m We go with Comfey. Natural Gift does nothing. Lycanroc uses it's Z-Power. Comfey fainted!

2d 23h 12m Olivia's final Pokémon is out, Lycanroc. Magnemite fainted!

2d 23h 11m Our attack misses, and it hits us and also crits. We survive with 1 HP but we miss Mirror Shot. It misses us back and another Mirror Shot takes it down. Zubat grew to level 23! It forgot Air Cutter for Swift! Sandalit grew to 20! Comfey to 23!

2d 23h 10m Boldore out next. A Mirror Shot takes it down to red and its acc drops as well. Mud-Slap takes us to yellow and we drop acc as well.

2d 23h 9m Two Mirror Shots take it to red, Olivia uses a Super Potion to heal it back up. Another Mirror Shot takes it to yellow, all 3 attacks cause an accuracy drop. Noespass goes down!

2d 23h 9m Magnemite vs Nosepass.

2d 23h 9m Talking to Olivia! Vs Island Kahuna Olivia! Attempt #3?

2d 23h 1m We arrive at Akala Outskirts once more.

2d 22h 58m Meowth fainted!

2d 22h 55m Bouncee fainted!

2d 22h 49m We arrive at Memorial Hill.

2d 22h 48m We fly to Route 9.

2d 22h 46m Left the Pokémon Center.

2d 22h 44m PC turned on.

2d 22h 43m Comfey fainted! We black out!

2d 22h 24m Zubat fainted! Only Comfey is left.

2d 22h 14m Sandalit fainted!

2d 22h 11m Meowth fainted!

[Info] Our male Sandalit is holding an Eviolite.

2d 22h 9m Magnemite fainted!

2d 22h 8m Meowth grew to level 11!

2d 22h 5m Magnemite grew to level 26!

2d 22h 2m Meowth grew to level 10!

2d 21h 56m Bouncee fainted!

2d 21h 51m We fly to the Daycare. Which is rather far away from where we were.

2d 21h 44m We fly to Route 9 and enter Memorial Hill.

2d 21h 40m Bouncee grew to level 17! It forgot Splash for Sweet Scent! Sandalit grew to 19! Meowth grew to level 9 and learned Fake Out! Comfey grew to level 22! It forgot Magical Leaf for Natural Gift!

2d 21h 39m Meowth grew to level 7!

2d 21h 38m We go to Diglett Cave.

2d 21h 29m Back onto Route 9.

[Info] Current Team: Level 16 Bouncee, Level 25 Magnemite, Level 21 Zubat, Level 18 Sandalit, Level 6 Meowth, Level 21 Comfey.

2d 21h 23m Left the Pokémon Center.

2d 21h 16m Swapped Igglybuff for Meowth!

2d 21h 15m We get Comfey back for our other Gastly

2d 21h 14m Swapped our Comfey for Igglybuff!

2d 21h 14m Swapped a Gastly for Bouncee!

2d 21h 5m We return to the Pokémon Center.

2d 20h 56m We exit the Pokémon Center.

2d 20h 54m At the PC.

2d 20h 53m We black out!

[Info] Since we had an empty slot, it joins our party.

2d 20h 47m Nickname: MMNMMLLLLLL

2d 20h 47m We use the Dusk Ball. Caught Gastly!

2d 20h 44m Picked up a Dusk Ball!

2d 20h 37m Comfey fainted!

[Info] Our Comfey knows Magical Leaf, Growth, Wrap, Sweet Kiss.

[Info] Our Sandalit has Ember, Sweet Scent, Dragon Rage, Smog.

2d 20h 33m Zubat fainted!

2d 20h 30m Sandalit grew to level 18!

2d 20h 29m Magnemite fainted!

2d 20h 20m Gastly fainted!

[Info] Gastly knows Curse, Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Sucker Punch.

2d 20h 10m We head to Memorial Hill.

2d 20h 7m We fly to Route 9.

2d 20h 6m Back in Konikoni again.

[Info] We currently have no Poké Balls and catching Pokémon is set to Manual.

2d 20h 4m We go to Route 9 again.

2d 19h 58m We return to Konikoni city.

[Info] Sandalit is level 17, Comfey is level 21.

2d 19h 56m Arrived on Route 9.

2d 19h 56m Left Pokémon Center.

2d 19h 55m Swapped Trumbeak for Comfey!

[Info] Team now is Gastly, Magnemite, Haunter, Sandalit, Trumbeak.

[Info] At some point we withdrew Sandalit and Trumbeak

[Info] Gastly is level 22, Magnemite is level 25, and Zubat is level 21.

2d 19h 42m Released a Metapod!

2d 19h 42m Swapped Salandit for Magnemite!

[Info] Our team is currently Gastly, Salandit, Zubat.

2d 19h 39m Swapped Nosepass for a Zubat! Withdrew Salandit!

2d 19h 36m Magnemite deposited!

2d 19h 34m Gumshoos deposited!

[Info] Our Gastly is level 22 and male.

2d 19h 25m We leave the Pokémon Center.

2d 19h 22m Withdrew Gastly!

[Info] Party now is Magnemite, Gumshoos, Nosepass.

2d 19h 5m Our Digelett was released!

2d 19h 4m Wishiwashi deposited!

2d 19h 3m Abra deposited!

2d 19h 1m Metapod deposited for Abra!

2d 19h 0m Zubat deposited, Metapod withdrawn!

2d 18h 59m We heal our party repeatedly and run circles in the Pokémon Center.

2d 18h 53m PC being messed with.

2d 18h 52m Blacked out! Back at the Pokémon Center.

2d 18h 49m Gumshoos fainted!

2d 18h 44m Wishiwashi fainted! Only Gumshoos and Nosepass left.

2d 18h 44m Fighting against a worker in Digletts Cave.

2d 18h 16m Still wandering Digletts Cave.

2d 18h 4m We used our Premier Ball and final Poké Ball. No more Poké Balls remain.

2d 17h 58m Stream comes back up.

2d 17h 57m The TPP will resume shortly screen comes up.

[Info] The newly caught Zubat is level 22.

2d 17h 48m Zubat nickname: X 'W X It replaced Mudbray on our team.

2d 17h 47m Caught Zubat! Gumshoos grew to level 23! It forgot Tackle for Mud-Slap!

2d 17h 42m Caught Zubat! Nosepass grew to level 22! It did not learn Rock Slide. No nickname, sent to box.

2d 17h 41m Box was set to manual mode.

2d 17h 36m Magnemite fainted!

2d 17h 33m Four Poké Balls and 1 Premier Ball remain.

2d 17h 27m Caught Diglett! No nickname.

[Info] At some point Gumshoos grew to 22 and Nosepass grew to 21.

2d 17h 20m Nickname: Diglettt"8( with the 8 being a snowman.

2d 17h 19m We continue to toss Poké Balls. 7 Poké Balls left. Caught Diglett!

2d 17h 12m Caught a Diglett! No nickname.

2d 17h 8m Caught Zubat! 11 Poké Balls left. Magnemite grew to level 25! It wants to learn Metal Sound. It did not learn Metal Sound,

2d 17h 5m Caught another Zubat! Nickname: AYP wv y

2d 17h 1m Caught a Zubat! Wishiwashi grew to level 29! Zubat Nickname: B 99

2d 17h 0m We arrive at Diglett Cave.

2d 16h 53m We fly to Route 9 again.

2d 16h 49m Caught Gastly! Nickname: ABBbkqq

[Info] No nickname.

2d 16h 48m We continue to toss Poké Balls at things. 15 left. Caught Phantump!

2d 16h 46m Defeated the Punk Girl!

2d 16h 45m Caught Gastly! Now fighting the last trainer left on Memorial Hill.

2d 16h 41m We continue trying to catch things. Mudbray fainted! 17 Poké Balls left.

2d 16h 38m Diglett fainted!

2d 16h 36m Magnemite grew to level 24! Gastly nickname: A

2d 16h 36m Caught a Gastly!

2d 16h 35m Caught another Zubat! No nickname.

2d 16h 33m Diglett grew to level 23! No nickname for Zubat.

2d 16h 33m We toss Poké Balls at a wild Zubat in the grass. Caught Zubat!

2d 16h 28m We fly to Route 9. This brings us next to Memorial Hill and enter Memorial Hill.

2d 16h 27m No nickname. Pokémon caught are sent directly to box at the moment. We exit Diglett Cave.

2d 16h 27m Caught a Zubat! We have 25 or so Poké Balls left.

2d 16h 26m We enter Diglett Cave.

2d 16h 20m We return to Route 9.

2d 16h 18m We exit the Pokémon Center.

2d 16h 18m Wishiwashi doesn't seem to have any actual water attacks. Rock Throw takes us out. Wishiwashi fainted! We black out!

2d 16h 16m Only Wishiwash remains.

2d 16h 15m Mudbray out next. Due to item it faints before it can attack. Mudbray fainted!

2d 16h 15m Magnemite fainted!

2d 16h 14m Magnemite down to red from Mud Shot but two Mirror Shots takes down Boldore! She's down to her final Pokémon, Lycanroc.

2d 16h 14m Mudbray grew to level 23! Boldore out next.

2d 16h 13m We paralyze it with Spark but she uses a Full Heal. Magnemite is at around half health. Nosepass goes down to Mirror Shot!

2d 16h 12m Magnemite sent out.

2d 16h 11m Gumshoos fainted!

2d 16h 10m We get paralyzed, Olivia uses a Super Potion. Our Tackles deal embarrassing amounts of damage.

2d 16h 8m We send out our Nosepass. It's not as strong. Nosepass fainted! Gumshoos out next.

2d 16h 7m We get off a few Magnitude and take it down to yellow, but Diglett goes down. Diglett fainted!

2d 16h 6m Diglett vs Nosepass. We decide to toss Poké Balls instead.

2d 16h 6m We talk to Olivia. Vs Island Hakuna Olivia! Attempt #3?

2d 16h 2m Nosepass nickname: AAAA VV

2d 16h 1m Magnemite grew to level 23! It forgot Tackle for Mirror Shot!

2d 16h 1m Caught a Nosepass!

2d 15h 59m No nickname, sent to box.

2d 15h 59m Caught a Wingull!

2d 15h 58m We enter Akala Outskirts.

2d 15h 46m We arrive at Memorial Hill once more.

2d 15h 42m We arrive on Route 9 again.

2d 15h 40m We fly back to Konikoni City. We enter the Pokémon Center.

2d 15h 40m We return to Memorial Hill.

2d 15h 33m We fly back to Route 9.

2d 15h 31m Picked up a Hyper Potion.

2d 15h 19m We fly to Route 9. We then enter Memorial Hill.

2d 15h 16m Talking to a guy selling us his "home grown" herbs. We buy a Heal Powder.

2d 15h 15m We exit the Pokémon Center.

2d 15h 15m Nosepass fainted! We black out! Back to the Pokémon Center we go.

2d 15h 12m Magnemite fainted! Only Nosepass is left, as the Fisher defeated three of our Pokémon already.

2d 15h 12m Magnemite is sent out. We get it to red but Olivia uses a Super Potion. We paralyze the Boldore.

2d 15h 10m Gumshoos comes out, but cant hurt the Boldore a lot. Boldore is at around half health. Gumshoos fainted!

2d 15h 9m Mudbray fainted!

2d 15h 8m A few Bulldozes takes Nosepass down. Next out is Boldore.

2d 15h 7m Mudbray vs Nosepass.

2d 15h 7m Vs Island Kahuna Olivia! Attempt number.. 2?

2d 15h 1m Nosepass has no nickname, is level 20 and male, and is now in our party (we had an empty spot).

2d 15h 0m Caught a Nosepass! Yungoos grew to level 21! Yungoos evolved into Gumshoos!

2d 14h 57m Magnemite grew to level 22! Mudbray grew to level 22! It doesn't learn Bide. Fisher defeated.

2d 14h 55m Wishiwashi fainted!

2d 14h 54m Wishiwashi grew to level 28!

2d 14h 52m Diglett fainted!

2d 14h 51m We speak to a fisher and get in a Pokémon battle. Vs Fisherman Vernon.

2d 14h 51m Arrived at Akala Outskirts.

2d 14h 50m We toss a Poké Ball at a wild Phantump but we run away after it fails.

2d 14h 40m We arrive at Memorial Hill.

2d 14h 36m Picked up a Net Ball.

[Info] Our party is now level 22 Diglet, level 21 Mudbray, level 21 Magnemite, level 27 Wishiwashi, level 20 Yungoos.

2d 14h 33m Left the Pokémon Center.

2d 14h 30m We purchase 30 Poké Balls! We have 74 money left.

2d 14h 26m Replaced the Zubat in our party with level 27 Wishiwashi!

2d 14h 24m Withdrew a level 26 Grimer then released it!

2d 14h 21m Deposited one of the Zubats!

2d 14h 21m We are messing with the PC.

[Info] Current team: Zubat, Diglet, Zubat, Magnemite, Yungoos, Mudbray

2d 14h 17m We lose to Olivia and black out.

2d 9h 50m Switched into our own Mudbray.

2d 9h 49m Fighting Pokémon Breeder Glenn's Mudbray with Diglett.

2d 9h 16m Caught Grubbin, level 4, female, nickname GrubbinSSSSS

2d 9h 14m Caught a Grubbin, male, tried to nickname it something a lot of numbers, no luck, so we don't give it a nickname. Got a Paralyze Heal I think

2d 9h 11m Caught a Pikipek. Male, don't know the level, nickname Pikipek♀♀♀♀'

2d 9h 8m On Route 1.

2d 9h 7m In Iki again. Then to .. Iki.

2d 9h 5m Back at the Daycare.

2d 8h 57m Outside.

2d 8h 55m Still fooling around in the deposit-and-retrieve type PC.

2d 8h 47m Left the PC but not the Pokémon Center, yet.

2d 8h 47m In the PC in a PC again.

2d 8h 40m PC booted up, dootily dobb. Left and entered it a few times, now running into a cactus in the corner of the room.

2d 8h 38m We gave somethng else there but are unable to retrieve it.

2d 8h 35m Gave Gastly to the Daycare

2d 8h 32m Paniola Ranch

2d 8h 30m In Iki Town.

2d 8h 25m Caught a Grimer, unsure of the level and gender (HUD disappears when the ball is thrown, unfortunately). It was sent to a Box

2d 8h 17m Switched land-ride-able mons for a bit. Occasionally looking through the dex.

2d 8h 16m We're in... that town shown in the demo with the nice music. I'm unfamiliar with a lot of things, apologies.

2d 8h 15m We're outside again, by the way. Flew to Route 9.

2d 8h 14m We can't Ride anything indoors, but we attempt to do so anyway.

2d 8h 13m Flew to .... exactly the same place, with PokeRide. Then we walk into some kind of Cafe, and walk out again.

2d 8h 12m Outside. I've zero idea what this town's name is.

2d 8h 11m We send in Gastly. Night shade, does not affect Raticate. Gastly down, black out.

2d 8h 9m We send in DigletAAA who uses Astonish, to no effect. Diglett then goes down.

[Chat] MiniViolin: stealing from a team that steals Pokémon MingLee

2d 8h 8m Threw a Poké Ball at the Raticate. Nope. Zubat then faints.

2d 8h 7m There is a Slowpoke with some Skull Grunts talking to the Aether Foundation folks. We're fighting the Grunts now, It's his Alolan Raticate against a Zubat.

[Meta] Everything is quiet now. Perfect time to bail for the night. Updater is now dark.

[Info] Also we can still hear the game going fine, still accepting inputs.

2d 5h 57m Just got back to the stream, and the stream is bugging out like no tomorrow. There's a ghostly Charizard on screen and we can see the cursor slowly moving to try and correct a problem on OBS and Chat is WutFacing left and right.

[Info] A stream staffer just put a new timer on stream as we played. "Festival & Poke Pelago Available in: 31m40s" (and counting down)

2d 5h 23m Mudbray to 17, doesn't learn Stomp. Psyduck to 27! Caught a Diglett! Name: DigletAAA, sent Meowth to the PC in its place.

[Correction] It's called Clintonbeak Trumbeak, not Trumpbeak. It's not Trumblebeak either.

2d 5h 11m We caught a Trumpbeak! Lillipup to 18! Doesn't evolve. Trumpbeak sent to the box.

2d 4h 55m Out of the PC. The bigger one.

2d 4h 51m HEALED!

2d 4h 50m In the PC, in the PC again.

2d 4h 47m We flew away on the back of a giant orange fire-breathing dragon.

[Info] The Trumblebeak we have now, I think, is the one we caught 40 minutes ago, at the start of this whole catching spree.

2d 4h 46m Found an X Speed

2d 4h 44m Caught a Pikipek! Mudbray2000 to 16! Other Pikipek to 16! AND EVOLVED TO TRUMBLEBEAK! Doesn't learn Pluck. The caught Pikipek is named: AAAAABBBBBB9 and is sent to the PC.

2d 4h 43m Caught a Pikipek! Nick: AA........' Sent to the box, but we get an Oran Berry off it first.

2d 4h 38m Caught a Rattata! Nick: NN30003llaa Sent to the PC.

2d 4h 32m Caught a Mudbray! Nick: Mudbrayma3an. Sent to the PC.

[Chat] is making robot jokes about Mudbray2000.

2d 4h 29m Caught a Mudbray! Pikipek"""" to level 24! Meowth to 27! Lillipup to 17! No one evolves even though everyone tried! Mudbray named Mudbray2000a, and ♀♀♀- sent to the PC.

2d 4h 22m Named: "30032888"... where those 8's are snowmen symbols at the end which I can't reproduce easily here. It was sent to the box.

2d 4h 20m Caught a Mafia Rat Rattata! We attempt to name it a lot of numbers, but the game only allows up to 5 numbers...

2d 4h 18m Caught a Lillipup! Pickipek to 15! Didn't learn Pluck, and didn't evolve. Lillipup named AAXYY, and sent to the box.

2d 4h 15m Caught a male Mudbray! Nicknamed ♀♀♀-. We send Zubat to the PC, but keep her Big Root in our bag.

2d 4h 12m Caught a Mudbray! Sent to the PC.

[Info] The last few 'mons don't have any nicknames, btw. They're all around level 15.

2d 4h 11m Caught a Mudbray! Sent to the PC.

2d 4h 9m Caught a Lillipup! Sent Diglett to the PC.

2d 4h 6m Caught a Pikipek! Added to the party.

2d 4h 2m Found TM88 Sleep Talk!

[Fluff] One of the "PC"s in the last 3 updates means the Pokémon Center, the other means the Computer. You decide which is which.

2d 3h 59m Out of the PC, out of the PC.

2d 3h 56m We release Phantump!

2d 3h 56m In the PC, in the PC.

2d 3h 27m We've overwritten our Stoutland ride shortcut with Charizard. Inordinate amounts of flying commences shortly thereafter...

2d 3h 25m We've successfully taken off our hat, and chat PogChamps.

2d 3h 15m We change clothes in the changing room of a clothing store.

2d 3h 9m We buy some heal powder. Now $247 left in our coinpurse.

2d 2h 57m We attempt to get another cut, but $547 doesn't cover the cost...

2d 2h 55m We pay for a second haircut (another $4000), and once again get the same haircut...

2d 2h 54m We pay for a haircut. We go for the "Medium and Layered" look, which is exactly the style we already have. So, we've basically wasted $4000.

2d 2h 48m BLACKED OUT

2d 2h 43m We're battling a Team Skull grunt with a Godfather Rat Alolan Raticate.

[Info] Btw, if you press B at the "where do you want to send this Pokémon?" screen, it presses the "send to PC" button.

2d 2h 41m We caught a Zubat with an amazing name with too many spaces to count. And we add it to the party in place of the Gastly that we had.

[Info] Wishiwashi was sent to be PC, its Quick Ball put into our pack, and Phantump is now in our party.

2d 2h 22m Caught a female Lv. 23 Phantump! No Nickname

2d 2h 20m Poliwhirl faints

2d 2h 17m Caught a male Lv. 20 Gastly! Nickname: AAAABCCCCCDD

2d 2h 6m On Memorial Hill

2d 2h 1m Flying around, currently on Route 9

2d 1h 52m Now in HeaHea City

[Info] We're in Konikoni City

2d 1h 45m We appear to have blacked out

2d 1h 4m We traded someone to a small child in return for his Poliwhirl Whirly! And Whirly is holding a Waterium Z!

2d 0h 46m [Meta] I have to leave. Another updater will hopefully pick up soon.

Caught a Male Lv. 19 Diglett! Nickname: MNNDDDDBBB. Sent to PC. Yungoos Levels up to 10 and learns Sand Attack!

2d 0h 43m We encounter a Level 19 Male Diglett! We send out Zubat. We use a Quick Ball and catch it!

2d 0h 41m We see a shiny thing on the floor. We press A, and are told "The strange creature was sucked into the Zyguarde Cube!""

2d 0h 40m Caught a male Lv. 19 Zubat! No Nickname. We send Grimer back to the PC and keep the Zubat. Yungoos levels up to 9.

2d 0h 39m We encounter a level 19 male Zubat! We use a Quick Ball.

2d 0h 35m We attempt to Refresh Wishiwashi. We make it sad.

2d 0h 34m Caught a male Lv. 22 Diglett! Nickname: nnn''''''''"""" (I think).

2d 0h 32m We encounter a level 20 male Diglett. We send out grimer, and send out Wishiwashi immediately afterward. It enters School Forme. Diglett uses Magnitude 8. We use a Poké Ball and catch it!

2d 0h 31m We launch Poke Refresh. We taunt Yungoos, tantalizingly holding beans in front of him before forcing him back into his ball.

2d 0h 29m We pick up an Escape Rope!

2d 0h 27m We encounter a Level 22 Male Zubat! Grimer kills it in one hit! 55GGGMMMMGGGH to level 7!!

2d 0h 23m We fly. We ride. We fly. We ride. We fly. We ride south of the Heahea City Poké Center and enter a cave.

2d 0h 16m We run. Back to jumping back and forth between Tauros and Stoutland on the Mahalo Trail (I think). Just kidding, we fly to Heahea City.

2d 0h 15m We alternate between Charizard and Stoutland for awhile. We run into a level 5 female Yungoos. We send out 55GGGGMMGGGH. We throw a Poké Ball, but it fails. The enemy calls for help. It's now a 2- on-1 Yungoos & Yungoos vs. Yungoos.

[Chat] Discussion of unregistering Charizard intensifies.

2d 0h 9m We ride around on Stoutland.

[Snark] Charizard probably spends its limited free time reading Jean Paul Sartre's "The Myth of Sisyphus."

2d 0h 4m We wander a few steps away from the Poké Center, then Charizard flies us promptly back. We repeat this several times.

1d 23h 58m We fly back to the same Poké Center.

1d 23h 55m We take a horribly-framed selfie for our passport.

1d 23h 54m *Caught a male Lv. 6 Yungoos * Nickname: 55GGGMMMGGGH . It goes to the PC.

1d 23h 53m Back in Hau'oli City, we encounter a Lv. 6 Yungoos. We toss a Poké Ball and catch it!

1d 23h 49m We hop the fence and start playing in the grass south of the Poké Center. We call another Charizard to who takes us to the Raft Hut, where we talk with Mohn at the Poke Pelago. He tells us we can access a new Isle. However, we lack enough beans to develop anything, which is believable.

1d 23h 47m We Uber another Charizard and fly to the Hau'oli Shopping District Poké Center (the one from the Sun/Moon Demo.

1d 23h 42m We Uber a Charizard and fly back to the same Poké Center we were already standing in front of.

1d 23h 41m We exit the Poké Center and begin strutting about town.

1d 23h 37m After multiple purchases, we walk away from the Poké Mart counter with 14 Poké Balls and 1 Premier Ball.

1d 23h 34m [Info] We currently have around 3822 Pokédollar.

1d 23h 33m We attempt to buy TMs, only for our credit card to be repeatedly declined. We have no shame.

1d 23h 29m HEALED!

[Fluff] Also we seem to be able to use the PC from about a meter away from it.

1d 23h 28m We have a Wishiwashi in the last party slot. It went into the PC, and came back out again.

1d 23h 24m Playing around with the PC right now...

1d 23h 19m We called a Charizard and now we're somewhere else entirely.

1d 23h 16m [Info] We're currently on Akala Island, where we're talking and battling some golfers.

[Info] To amend the info about yesterday's release, we released a female Pikipek, level 7 instead of a Lillipup.

1d 22h 26m Currently in a clothing shop somewhere. That is all.

[Advertisement] Mad that the updater keeps going offline even though we aren't even two days in? Think that you have what it takes to look at a screen and type out words for an hour or few? Apply to become a live updater today! And hopefully fill the hole we have from people who don't want to be spoiled and also couldn't make it on such short notice!

1d 18h 54m Back in route 7

1d 18h 49m [Info] We need to head south, we need to head to the Ruins of Life, please correct me if I'm wrong

1d 18h 47m Annnnd back to Route 7

1d 18h 46m Back in the Volcano

1d 18h 45m Exited the Pelago

1d 18h 43m Flew to Route 7.... then straight to Poké Pelago again.

1d 18h 42m Back in the overworld

1d 18h 41m Flew to Poké Pelago again

1d 18h 25m Caught a male Lv. 19 Cubone! Nickname: AMMM M1BMMLL

[Snark] Where are the first 5?

1d 17h 49m Caught a Fletchling! Nickname: Fletchling6

1d 17h 48m In the Wela Volcano Park

1d 17h 40m Exited Poke Pelago, back in the overworld

1d 17h 37m Currently collecting beans from the tree

1d 17h 34m Entered Poke Pelago

1d 17h 31m Picked up a hidden Max Repel

1d 17h 29m Picked up a Zygarde Cell

1d 17h 25m Currently on Route 8

1d 16h 55m Meowth faints, BLACK OUT!

1d 16h 53m Caught a male Lv. 22 species! No Nickname

1d 16h 38m We upgraded Isle Abeens to Level 2

[Info] Basically a slightly stronger Magnet Bomb.

1d 16h 23m We get the TM For Smart Strike

1d 16h 21m we also get some Nest Balls


[Meta] Updater will be taking a break for a while. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

1d 9h 53m Blackout.

1d 9h 52m Wishiwashi was poisoned.

1d 9h 51m Salandit was arised by Salazzle.

1d 9h 50m Second part of trial passed. Wishiwashi vs Salazzle.

1d 9h 49m Hiker David defeated.

1d 9h 47m Meowth fainted.

1d 9h 46m Meowth vs Magmar Lv. 19.

1d 9h 46m Trial beaten. vs Hiker.

1d 9h 42m Wishiwashi grew up to Level 22. Meowthz52335 grew up to Level 22. Didn't evolve. Feint Attack did't learned. Tearfool look didn't learned.

1d 9h 42m Meowth is burned.

1d 9h 38m Psyduck fainted.

1d 9h 36m Psyduck grew up to Level 21.

1d 9h 33m Another fail. Wishiwashi grew up to Level 21.

1d 9h 31m Psyduck grew up to Level 20.

1d 9h 29m Grimer fainted.

1d 9h 29m Yet another failure attempt.

1d 9h 28m Meowth grew up to Lv. 21. Didn't evolve.

1d 9h 26m Another fail.

1d 9h 25m Wishiwashi grew up to Lv. 20

1d 9h 24m Pikipek fainted.

1d 9h 23m Kiawe trial failed again.

1d 9h 21m Grimer grew up to Level 23. Pikipek grew up to Level 18. Psyduck to 19. Learned Disable in place of Fury Swipes. Pikipek didn't evolved.

1d 9h 19m Mudbray fainted.

1d 9h 18m Mudbray vs Marowak Lv. 18.

1d 9h 16m Kiawe trial.

1d 9h 15m In the den.

1d 9h 9m Meowth down. Mariah defeated.

1d 9h 8m Grimer vs. Meowth Lv. 19.

1d 9h 7m Sightseer Mariah challenges us to a battle.

1d 9h 3m Wela Volcano Park.

1d 8h 58m Route 7.

1d 8h 53m Ultraball obtained.

1d 8h 49m Royal Avenue.

1d 8h 41m Currently Grimer and Psyduck at full health, Meowth is at 30%, others are fainted.

[Meta] Updater will be taking a break again, sorry. ☹

1d 6h 44m At some point we healed, and now we're in a double battle. Not sure if we healed by blacking out or otherwise.

1d 6h 38m Obtained the Fishing Rod.

1d 6h 38m Trial Complete! Obtained the Waterium Z.

1d 6h 37m Totem battle complete!

We have, at least partially, bad AI to thank, as it keeps using Helping Hand, to no effect.

1d 6h 36m Totem Wishiwashi down with only our own Wishiwashi left. Its ally Wishiwashi is still standing, but it's poisoned and at half HP.

1d 6h 28m Meowth and Mudbray have both fainted.

1d 6h 25m Oh, we blacked out against the totem before. But we're fighting it again!

1d 5h 37m Found a Revive

1d 5h 34m Caught a Wishiwashi! Level 17, female. For some reason it took 4 or 5 balls even at almost no HP. No nickname, replaced Psyduckv""V in party.

1d 5h 30m Caught a Psyduck. No nickname. Replaced GrubbinUu66 in party. Grimer to level 21, did not learn Minimize.

1d 5h 27m GrubbinUu66 to level 17! Meowthz52335 to level 19! Trainer defeated! Meowth does not evolve.

1d 5h 26m Challenged by Backpacker Mikiko!

1d 5h 23m Pikipek"""" fainted!

1d 5h 18m Registered Lapras to Ride Pager! Effectively, we have Surf now.

1d 5h 16m Caught a Morelull. Level 14, female. Pikipek to level 17, doesn't evolve. Nickname !!v vvvv.

1d 5h 10m Caught a Lillipup. Level 15, female. Nickname Lillipupqq

1d 5h 8m Caught a Psyduck! Nickname Psyduckv""V. Replaced Lillipup in party.

1d 5h 4m Caught a Morelull! Nickname ex : !!

1d 4h 56m Bought 2 Pokeballs, a Great Ball, and 40 Potions

1d 4h 55m Sold Honey (x2), Adrenaline Orb, Tiny Mushroom, Poison Barb, Dire Hit

1d 4h 44m We trade a Lillipup in the PC (not the one in our party) for a Bounsweet named Bouncee

[Meta] Updater going dark, hopefully not for long though

1d 4h 34m Grimer faints

1d 4h 33m Cory sends out Spinarak

1d 4h 31m Lillipup to level 15, replaces Bite with Take Down

1d 4h 29m Grimer sent in

1d 4h 28m Grubbin faints

1d 4h 25m Pikipek faints due to poison, Grubbin sent in

1d 4h 23m Pikipek sent out

1d 4h 22m Mudbray down

1d 4h 20m Vs Breeder Cory. He opens with Paras and we with Mudbray

1d 4h 19m We heal in the Route 5 center

1d 4h 19m On Brooklet Hill. Think we passed by a center

1d 4h 17m A pair of twins refuse to battle. They think it's unfair to let Grimer beat both their 'mons and demand we bring another

1d 4h 16m Hau gave us 3 Revives

1d 4h 15m A pair of grunts show up acting like gangstas, tell Gladion off and then retreat

1d 4h 14m Type: Null defeated, Gladion defeated

1d 4h 13m Grimer sent in

1d 4h 11m Grubbin faints

1d 4h 10m Grubbin swapped in

1d 4h 9m Grimer sent in

1d 4h 9m Meowth faints

1d 4h 8m Zubat down, Type: Null sent in

1d 4h 7m Meowth sent in

1d 4h 6m Lillipup faints

1d 4h 6m Lillipup sent in

1d 4h 5m Pikipek gets sent in, gets knocked out

[Fluff] She only had Ground-type moves, couldn't do a thing against Zubat

1d 4h 4m Mudbray faints

1d 4h 2m Vs Gladion, Team Skull member. Mudbray v Zubat

1d 4h 2m Hau is having fun annoying a stranger

1d 4h 0m Igglybuff down, twins defeated, Pikipek doesn't evolve

1d 3h 58m Happiny faints, Mudbray to level 14, Pikipek to level 16

1d 3h 54m Mudbray/Pikipek v Happiny/Igglybuff

1d 3h 53m Back on Route 5, Round 2 versus the twins

1d 3h 51m Miltank outside the Nursery heals us

1d 3h 48m In the Nursery on the PC

1d 3h 48m Caught a female Lillipup! Nickname: Lillipup!eee

1d 3h 45m Grimer to level 20, Grubbin to level 16, replaced Mud Slap with Spark

1d 3h 44m Vs Lillipup

1d 3h 44m We run

1d 3h 43m Vs Lillipup

1d 3h 42m We flee

1d 3h 41m Second Mudbray appears, 2 v 1

1d 3h 40m Vs Mudbray

1d 3h 38m Mudbray to level 13, Lillipup to level 14

1d 3h 38m Vs Lillipup

1d 3h 35m Back on the ranch

1d 3h 30m At the PC, this one is safe though

1d 3h 24m Grubbin fainted, blackout

1d 3h 24m Lillipup fainted

1d 3h 18m Meowth faints

1d 3h 15m Grubbin and Meowth vs Igglybuff and Happiny

1d 3h 14m Our current trial: defeat all trainers, first up is a set of Twins Isa and Nico

1d 3h 14m On Route 5

1d 3h 10m Meowth to level 18 fails to evolve

1d 3h 9m Grubbin sent in

1d 3h 9m Grimer down but the Sableye is poisoned

1d 3h 7m Grimer V Sableye

1d 3h 7m Vs Gentleman Gerald

1d 3h 3m We get an egg

1d 3h 3m We save

1d 3h 1m Back in the Nursery and straight to the PC

1d 3h 0m We leave the nursery, along with their offer of an egg

1d 2h 59m We're at the Nursery. Apparently they don't train Pokémon, just breed them

[Info] Party display has gone dark

1d 2h 57m At the PC

1d 2h 53m We enter a building, think it's the Daycare

1d 2h 52m We flee

1d 2h 50m Vs Lillipup

1d 2h 50m Caught a male Lillipup! No nickname

[Chat] DBstyle

1d 2h 47m Caught a male Lillipup! Nickname: z333rrrrvr3

1d 2h 46m Pikipek to level 15, does not evolve

1d 2h 45m Vs Lillipup

[Info] *Okay seems !!5dtll the Lillipup was released, not Pikipek'''' *

1d 2h 40m Our Mudbray faints

1d 2h 39m Vs Mudbray

1d 2h 37m Grubbin to level 15

1d 2h 37m Carbink faints

1d 2h 35m We get Carbink down to red and Elizabeth heals

1d 2h 34m Vs Elizabeth round 4

1d 2h 27m We seem to have left the PC and center for now

1d 2h 23m Yungoos deposited

1d 2h 22m Meowth withdrawn

[Info] It was Pikipek****

[Fluff] Didn't catch the name of the released Pikipek sorry, but it was the one on our team

1d 2h 17m Pikipek released

1d 2h 16m Pikipek nearly released

1d 2h 14m PC time!

1d 2h 13m Back in the center

1d 2h 12m We visited the ranch and are back in town

1d 2h 11m We leave the center

1d 2h 4m At the PC again

1d 2h 0m We try to buy a tea for ₽ 158 but we too poor

1d 2h 0m Currently undecided if we wish to stay in the center or not

1d 1h 58m We take a few photos

1d 1h 56m We're at the PC

1d 1h 53m We attempt to go shopping, but we have a grand total of ₽ 0

1d 1h 51m Pikipek faints, blackout

1d 1h 50m Grubbin faints

1d 1h 50m Grubbin sent in

1d 1h 49m Grimer faints

1d 1h 47m Grimer in

1d 1h 46m Yungoos faints

1d 1h 46m Yungoos sent out

1d 1h 44m Lillipup faints

1d 1h 43m Mudbray faints

[Snark] Sure, throwing Pokéballs will totally defeat the Carbink

1d 1h 40m Vs Madame Elizabeth and her Carbink, Round 3

1d 1h 31m Grubbin faints, blackout

1d 1h 29m Grubbin sent in

1d 1h 27m Lillipup faints

1d 1h 26m Pikipek faints

1d 1h 25m Pikipek switched in

1d 1h 24m Lillipup in

1d 1h 24m Grimer faints

1d 1h 23m Grimer sent in

1d 1h 22m Yungoos faints

1d 1h 21m Yungoos sent out

1d 1h 17m Our Mudbray fainted

1d 1h 17m Mudbray vs Mudbray

1d 1h 17m Vs Breeder Glenn, Round 2

1d 1h 11m We flee

1d 1h 9m Vs Mudbray

1d 1h 9m We flee

1d 1h 9m Vs Lillipup

1d 1h 5m Lillipup faints, blackout

[Snark] We seem to have a habit of trying to steal Pokémon that wipe out our teams

1d 1h 5m Lillipup sent in

1d 1h 3m Yungoos faints

1d 1h 2m Yungoos in

1d 1h 0m Grubbin faints

1d 0h 58m Grubbin sent out

1d 0h 55m Grimer faints

1d 0h 55m Grimer vs Mudbray

1d 0h 54m Vs Pokémon Breeder Glenn

1d 0h 52m Caught a female Lv. 14 Lillipup! Nickname: qQ77Ec7eddew

1d 0h 51m Vs Lillipup

1d 0h 49m We run

1d 0h 49m Vs Mudbray

1d 0h 44m Obtained a Scope Lens for calming the Tauros

1d 0h 44m Something to level 15, didn't catch what though

1d 0h 44m Tauros defeated

1d 0h 43m Grimer sent in

1d 0h 41m Mudbray faints

1d 0h 41m Mudbray sent in

1d 0h 40m Vs Pokémon Breeder Wesley and Tauros Round 2

1d 0h 39m Text speed set to normal, boxing set to automatic

1d 0h 33m We've reentered the pen with the rowdy Tauros

1d 0h 32m We flee

1d 0h 32m Used a Soda Pop on Grimer

1d 0h 32m Vs Lillipup

1d 0h 30m Caught a female Lv. 12 Mudbray! No nickname, replaced Mudbray

1d 0h 29m Vs Mudbray

1d 0h 29m Found a Soda Pop

1d 0h 28m Strange creature sucked into Zygarde cube

1d 0h 27m Mudbray defeated

1d 0h 26m Vs Mudbray

1d 0h 24m We run

1d 0h 23m Vs Mudbray

[Info] The last Mudbray we caught has the nickname Mudbra22243

1d 0h 21m Found an ether

1d 0h 21m Lillipup's nickname !!5dtll, replaced Popplio

1d 0h 20m Currently trying to give Lillipup an inappropriate nickname

1d 0h 19m Caught a female Lillipup!

1d 0h 19m Grimer to level 19

1d 0h 18m Vs Lillipup

1d 0h 16m Party box changed to automatic

1d 0h 14m Caught a male Mudbray!

1d 0h 10m Caught a male Lv. 13 Mudbray!

1d 0h 9m Vs Mudbray

1d 0h 8m Mudbray faints

1d 0h 7m Grimer sent in

1d 0h 6m Pikipek faints

1d 0h 5m Vs Mudbray

1d 0h 2m Back at the ranch

1d 0h 0m Welcome to Day 2 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Sun

0d 23h 57m Text speed changed to slow

0d 23h 57m Text speed changed to normal

0d 23h 56m Back in Paniola Town

0d 23h 55m Currently talking to people at Festival Plaza

[Snark] Wireless communication is currently disabled. Please turn wireless communication on.

0d 23h 51m We enter Paniola Town

0d 23h 50m Yungoos to level 12, Mudbray has no nickname

0d 23h 49m Caught a Mudbray!

0d 23h 48m Yungoos in

0d 23h 48m Our Mudbray faints

0d 23h 47m Vs Mudbray

[Info] Seems Abra was replaced by that last Pikipek

0d 23h 46m Vs Grubbin

0d 23h 45m Caught a Grubbin! Nickname: GrubbinUu 66 Replaces Ledyba

0d 23h 45m Ledyba did not evolve

0d 23h 44m Ledyba to level 19

0d 23h 44m Vs Grubbin

0d 23h 43m We run

0d 23h 43m Vs Pikipek

[Fluff] Pretty sure we set a new record for the number of Pokémon caught on Day 1

[Info] Popplio is level 12

0d 23h 41m Mudbray to level 15, doesn't learn Double Kick

0d 23h 40m Caught a Grubin! Nickname: xks *

0d 23h 40m Vs Grubbin

0d 23h 38m Caught a male Pipipek! Nickname: Pikipek****

Caught a female Mudbray! Nickname: !!!! """e

0d 23h 36m Abra to level 20, Yungoos to level 10

0d 23h 35m Mudbray defeated, Popplio to level 11

0d 23h 35m Mudbray calls for help, a third Mudbray joins the fray

0d 23h 34m Mudbray v Mudbray

0d 23h 33m Run from the Lillipup

[Info] Mudbray is male

0d 23h 32m Mudbray v Lillipup

0d 23h 31m Popplio to level 10, Grimer to level 18?

Caught a Lv. 14 Mudbray! No Nickname:, replaced Butterfree**

0d 23h 28m Butterfree v wild Mudbray, we run

0d 23h 28m On Route 4

0d 23h 25m Grimer down, blackout

0d 23h 24m Grimer sent out

0d 23h 23m Ledyba fainted

0d 23h 22m Ledyba in and we resume throwing balls

0d 23h 21m Yungoos fainted

0d 23h 20m Yungoos sent in

0d 23h 20m Popplio down

[Snark] Don't be a thief

0d 23h 19m Attempt to use a potion, no effect

0d 23h 19m Popplio in

0d 23h 18m Abra fainted

0d 23h 18m Abra in

0d 23h 17m Butterfree fainted

0d 23h 16m VS Madam Elizabeth again, Carbink v Butterfree

0d 23h 15m Back on the ranch

0d 23h 14m Enter the Pokécenter then immediately leave

0d 23h 9m Ledyba down, white out

0d 23h 8m Ledyba in

0d 23h 6m Grimer down, only Ledyba left

0d 23h 5m We attempt to use a revive with no effect, and start attacking

0d 23h 5m Grimer in

0d 23h 4m Yungoos down

0d 23h 3m Yungoos in. We continue throwing balls

0d 23h 2m We attempt to use a max elixir and throw more balls. Abra faints

0d 23h 2m Abra in

0d 23h 1m Popplio faints

0d 23h 0m We throw a Poké ball and Butterfree faints, Popplio sent in

0d 22h 59m Vs Breeder Wesley. Tauros V Butterfree

0d 22h 49m Boxing mode set to manual

[Fluff] Our Alolan Pokédex is 8% complete

0d 22h 45m TwistedSpoon taken from Grimer and given to Ledyba

0d 22h 41m There's an unruly Tauros having an argument with the mistress of the ranch, a Miltank

0d 22h 37m We can now ride Stoutland

0d 22h 37m We follow a rancher to Mallow

0d 22h 36m At Paniola Ranch

0d 22h 34m We enter town

[Info] We picked up an adrenaline orb about 10 minutes ago. Just running around in the grass for now

0d22h12m also yungoos is now level 10!

0d22h10m encountered wild igglybuff! we ran.

[Fluff] I suck at live updating, by the way, in case you couldn't tell right away

[Fluff] male correction

0d 22h 5m Caught a female/male Lv. 12 Grubbin! Nickname: !!!3rtt8yyyh

0d 22h 5mCaught a male Lv. 11 Eevee! Nickname was too fast for me to read

0d 22h 4m a wild eeveee appears!

0d 22h 2m we are back in route 4.

0d 22h 0m 9'l Blacked out!

0d 22h 0m YunGoos is sent out!

0d 21h 59m Abra Fainted

0d 21h 59m Abra is sent out

0d 21h 58m ledyba is Sent out! ... and promptly fainted

0d 21h 57m Popplio fainted

0d 21h 57m Popplio is sent out

0d 21h 56m Grimer fainted

0d 21h 54m Grimer is sent out!

0d 21h 53m Butterfree fainted!

0d 21h 50m We are riding tauros into Paniola Ranch

0d 21h 49m we exited the center

0d 21h 47m That's right, Popplio is back in our party.

0d 21h 47m desposited meowth and moved popillo back in

0d 21 h 46m took honey from grimer and gave yungoos a x defense

0d 21 45m and ledyba another item

0d 21h 44m we gave grimer honey

0d 21h 43m entered fesitval plaza again

0d 21h 41m scratch that, we left right away

0d 21h 41m festival plaza entered

0d 21h 37m <b>we took the twisted spoon off of abra </b>

0d 21 h 34m we walked out of the center... to walk right back in.

0d 21h 27m [fluff] don't forget, you're here forever.

0d 21h 13m Obtained a Dire Hit as a reward

0d 21h 13m Ledyba reaches Level 18 and tries to evolve but we stop it

0d 21h 12m Hau defeated!

0d 21h 12m We send out Ledyba and use Mach Punch to knock out Torrocat

0d 21h 11m Grimer faints. We send out Abra, only for it to be one-shotted by Fire Fang.

0d 21h 10m We heal Grimer and save it from fainting

0d 21h 8m Meowth faints to a Lick. We send out Grimer.

0d 21h 8m Torrocat uses Breakneck Blitz, and Meowth barely survives

0d 21h 7m Magnemite faints to a Fire Fang. We send out Meowth.

0d 21h 7m Pikachu down! Hau sends out Torrocat.

0d 21h 6m Pikachu vs Magnemite. Not much damage from either side.

0d 21h 5m Vs Hau!

0d 21h 5m Arrived at Paniola Town

0d 21h 4m Butterfree levels up to 17, and we stop it from learning Psybeam.

0d 21h 1m Magnemite levels up and tries to learn Sonic Boom, but we decline.

0d 20h 58m We pick up a Zygarde Cell!

[Snark] Hey Lillie! We named a Pokémon after you!

0d 20h 50m Caught a male Lv. 12 Lillipup! Nickname: Lilli3. Abra tries to evolve, but as usual it fails.

Caught a Mudbray! No nickname. Some party members level up, including Meowth wanting to learn Screech, but we decline.

0d 20h 44m Caught a Lv. 12 Pikipek! No nickname.

Nickname: Igglybuffkkk

0d 20h 41m We caught Igglybuff!

0d 20h 39m Onto Route 4

[Info] For anyone who hasn't played Sun/Moon yet and doesn't know where to go, we need to go up in the direction of the hotel and then take a right onto Route 4.

0d 20h 1m Currently in the Pokemon Center, alternating between it and the Festival Plaza

0d 19h 42m Inputs are frozen for a second (?)

0d 19h 41m We talk to Lillie and she tells us to go to Route 4

0d 19h 27m Currently in the hotel looking for Lillie

0d 19h 23m Dexio defeated

0d 19h 20m Slowpoke faints, Espeon is sent out

0d 19h 18m Vs Pokemon Trainer Dexio!

0d 19h 15m We encounter Sina and Dexio from XY!

0d 19h 14m Finally escaped from the clothes shop

0d 19h 3m We switch to the Tropical Tee.

0d 19h 1m Purchased the Iconic Top.

0d 18h 59m We enter the clothing store.

0d 18h 52m Arrived at Akala.

0d 18h 51m We ride the boat to the next island!

0d 18h 39m We are at Hau'oli City.

0d 18h 18m Caught a Metapod! No nickname. Butterfree and Meowth grew to level 16!

0d 18h 7m Picked up a Nugget!

0d 18h 5m Nickname: 9sssssss3n

0d 18h 5m Caught Metapod!

0d 18h 2m Abra grew to 18! Ledyba to 16! Abra doesn't evolve.

0d 18h 0m We manage to get through.

0d 17h 59m We have difficulty breaking the rocks with Tauros.

0d 17h 42m We return to our house.

0d 17h 21m Caught Yungoos

0d 17h 19m Picked up a Poké Ball

0d 17h 16m Nickname: oo re8

0d 17h 16m Caught Pikipek!

0d 17h 15m Caught Ledyba! Level 3

0d 17h 12m We return to Route 1.

0d 17h 8m Got the TM for False Swipe!

0d 17h 7m Got the Ride Pager!

0d 17h 5m Got the Z-Crystal, Fightinium Z! Grand Trial Complete!

0d 17h 5m A few Gusts take it down! Defeated Island Kahuna Hala!

0d 17h 4m Abra fainted! Butterfree is sent out.

0d 17h 4m Ledyba fainted! We bring out Abra.

0d 17h 3m Makuhita goes down! Last out is Crabrawler! We withdraw Grimer for Ledyba.

0d 17h 1m We switch back to Grimer.

0d 16h 57m Grimer is sent out. Mankey taken down! Grimer grew to level 16! We switch out Grimer for Abra.

0d 16h 55m Meowth is sent out. Meowth fainted!

0d 16h 54m Magnemite fainted!

0d 16h 54m Magnemite vs Mankey.

0d 16h 54m We speak to Hala. Vs Island Kahuna Hala!

0d 16h 52m We defeat a Preschooler.

0d 16h 50m We head south onto Route 1.

0d 16h 44m Caught a Spearow!

0d 16h 39m Enemy Litten fainted. Rival Hau defeated!

0d 16h 38m Magnemite fainted! We send out Grimer.

0d 16h 38m Magnemite vs Pikachu. Pikachu goes down. Magnemite grew to level 15! Buttfree grew to level 15! Out next is Litten.

0d 16h 33m We walk outside with Lillie and gets changed by rival Hau! Vs Hau!

0d 16h 32m We finally speak to Nebby. We return to Lillie with it. She heals our party!

0d 16h 30m Picked up Poison Barb.

0d 16h 22m Picked up Honey.

0d 16h 19m Picked up Net Ball!

0d 16h 17m We make it up the tiny ramp which has been giving us trouble.

0d 16h 15m Caught a Cutiefly! No nickname.

0d 16h 3m Picked up Honey.

0d 15h 57m Caught Oricorio! Level 12 and male! Nickname: Oricoriorrrr Abra grew to Level 17! Abra did not evolve.

0d 15h 56m We toss a lot of Poké Balls at a wild Oricorio and have no luck.

0d 15h 51m Caught Cottonee! Level 12 and male! No nickname.

0d 15h 50m Ledyba fainted!

0d 15h 47m Butterfree fainted!

0d 15h 42m Meowth fainted!

0d 15h 40m Cutiefly nickname: !rr333urrrrr

0d 15h 39m Caught a Cutiefly! Grimer grew to level 15! It forgot Pound for Acid Spray! Ledyba grew to level 15! It forgot Tackle for Mach Punch!

0d 15h 35m Abra grew to level 16! Didn't evolve.

0d 15h 35m Grimer is paralyzed

0d 15h 33m Magnemite fainted!

0d 15h 31m Captured Cottonee! No nickname.

0d 15h 28m Meowth grew to level 15!

0d 15h 24m We return to Melemele Meadow.

0d 15h 21m Magnemite grew to level 14!

0d 15h 13m Butterfree learned Gust!

0d 15h 12m Metapod grew to level 14! Metapod evolved into Butterfree!

0d 15h 11m Challenged by Rising Star Ian. Magnemite vs Psyduck.

0d 15h 9m We arrive at Route 3.

0d 15h 8m Defeated a trainer. Ledyba grew to level 14!

0d 15h 4m Grimer fainted! We black out!

0d 15h 0m Metapod fainted!

0d 14h 57m Caught Caterpie! No nickname.

0d 14h 54m Entered Melemele Meadow.

0d 14h 50m Picked up Sharp Beak!

0d 14h 48m Caught Rufflet! Level 12 and male! No nickname. Grimer grew to level 14!

0d 14h 46m Great Ball tossed but it fails as well. Ledyba fainted!

0d 14h 45m Tossed a few Poké Balls at a wild Rufflet but they fail. Abra fainted!

0d 14h 39m Abra grew to level 15! Trainer defeated.

0d 14h 39m Enemy Petilil gets poisoned by Grimer's Poison Touch.

0d 14h 37m Meowth fainted! Grimer sent out.

0d 14h 35m Magnemite fainted! Meowth sent out.

0d 14h 34m Spotted by Rising Star Tatiana. Magnemite vs Petilil.

0d 14h 32m Magnemite grew to level 13! It did not learn Light Screen.

0d 14h 23m Caught a Growlithe! Male Nickname: !

0d 14h 23m Metapod grew to level 13! Did not evolve.

[Info] We have 74 Poké Balls remaining.

0d 14h 16m Caught a Smeargle! Female Nickname: !3 zzzzzz

0d 14h 12m Picked up Chesto Berry, and 2 Leppa Berries.

0d 14h 8m Prof Kukui is showing us how to use Normalium Z.

0d 14h 8m We head out to Route 2.

0d 14h 5m Magnemite grew to level 12. Meowth grew to level 14. It did not learn Fury Swipes.

0d 14h 4m Picked up TM 31 - Brick Break

0d 14h 4m Caught a wild Diglett! Female and level 10. Nickname: !!!111

0d 13h 55m Obtained 10 Great Balls from Ilima.

0d 13h 55m Completed trial!

0d 13h 55m [Chat] We're normies!

0d 13h 54m Obtained Normalium Z!

0d 13h 54m Metapod did not evolve.

0d 13h 54m Abra, Ledyba and Metapod leveled up to 13!

0d 13h 54m Totem Gumshoos defeated!

0d 13h 50m Meowth fainted!

0d 13h 49m Ally Pokémon Yungoos down.

0d 13h 48m Magnemite fainted!

0d 13h 47m VS Totem Gumshoos!

0d 13h 37m 13s [Fluff] 1337

0d 13h 35m Blacked out!

0d 13h 35m Sent out Abra, which is useless atm.

0d 13h 34m Grimer fainted!

0d 13h 33m Sent out Grimer.

0d 13h 32m Gumshoos used Bite. Meowth fainted!

0d 13h 32m Gumshoos called its ally Pokémon Yungoos.

[Chat] Totem Trump WutFace

0d 13h 30m VS Totem Gumshoos!

0d 13h 27m Defeated all of the wild Pokémon.

0d 13h 27m Grimer leveled up to 12!

0d 13h 27m Abra leveled up to 13!

0d 13h 27m Restored PP of Meowth's Fake Out.

0d 13h 26m Currently battling a wild Gumshoos.

0d 13h 20m Defeated Team Skull Grunts!

0d 13h 20m Abra leveled up to 12!

0d 13h 17m VS the two annoying Team Skull Grunts.

0d 13h 14m Obtained X Defense.

0d 13h 12m We jumped off the ledge.

0d 13h 9m Obtained Super Potion.

0d 13h 6m meowth lvl 13

0d 13h 5m Our metapod fainted

[Info] It did learn Light Screen though.

0d 13h 1m Ledyba leveled up and did not learn a couple of moves

0d 12h 59m our magnemite faints to a wild yungoos

0d 12h 57m we enter verdant cavern for some kind of challenge

0d 12h 55m We talk to Ilima

0d 12h 52m we exit the pokecenter

0d 12h 49m we use the pc a couple of times, we see our popplio

0d 12h 47m We follow Hau into a pokecenter

0d 12h 46m *Caught a cutiefly * Nickname: 3q3d

0d 12h 46m Caught a female rattata