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Twitch Plays Pokémon Waning Moon

13d 11h 38m [Nebby] Pew!

13d 11h 38m Run over, thanks for playing! See you for the 2017 Anniversary Run!!

[Fluff] Alola!

[meta] At this time I would like to direct you to our intermission updater.

Link to intermission updater archive

13d 11h 37m TwitchPlaysPokémon will resume shortly!

[Streamer] FelkCraft: alright, give me 5 minutes

13d 11h 33m We lovingly nickname it ?FF. We also take its Bottle Cap.

13d 11h 32m We received Magearna!

13d 11h 29m We've entered the Shopping District and specifically the mall. We want to redeem our shiny new mon.

[Donation] $15.00 from FortyTrees: "#PBRSoon #ThankYouFelk #tppLove <3 <3 <#"


13d 11h 25m We leave the house and book it for the Pokémon Center. We kind of get stuck in the corner.

13d 11h 23m We use the QR reader and the camera moves! We scan a Magearna!

13d 11h 5m We turn on the camera and we see a Pokémon Sun cart.

13d 11h 3m We almost taught Lunala Trick Room over Shadow Ball, but a B saved us.

13d 10h 58m Felk said the side game should be ready in like half an hour.

13d 10h 43m We talk to our mom and she heals us!

13d 10h 41m We finally leave the house.

13d 10h 35m Still in our room.

13d 10h 20m We keep reading the book from Kobe thanking us for playing this romhack.

13d 10h 2m Now we're roaming Didney Worl. This is fine.

13d 9h 59m We go on our bed and try to sleep. The scent is oddly comforting.

13d 9h 58m And we made it in our house!

13d 9h 53m We found a Mind Plate!

[Snark] Find out in the next episode of TPP!

13d 9h 46m We've arrived at our house; but can we enter?

13d 9h 40m Now the Hau'oli Outskirts.

13d 9h 31m Route 5 now.

13d 9h 29m We're at Royal Avenue.

13d 9h 17m We got 2 Persim Berries and a Rawst Berry!

13d 9h 13m We save the game all on our own! LUL

[Chat] All of the mods are making "the moon is going away" jokes.

13d 9h 10m Our newly acquired Bounsweet is named Bouncee!

13d 9h 10m We have like 6 of them in box 7. We trade the one we have in box 8.

13d 9h 9m He wants to give Bounesweet for a Lillipup. Let's give away a puppy people!

13d 9h 4m We arrived at Paniola Ranch. Overtime baby!

13d 9h 0m Or Route 5. That works too.

[Fluff] Thank you for boarding Air Charizard, where we get you to your destination safe and fast.

13d 8h 59m We fly to Mount Hokulani for our final destination.

13d 8h 54m We trade away our Granbull for a Steenee named Stena!

13d 8h 53m Our next attempt is to trade Granbull away. Can we do it in 7 minutes? Let's find out.

13d 8h 49m Apparently it's PC time. But quickly we scuddle away.

13d 8h 47m We've entered a Pokémon Center, and are steering towards the store.

13d 8h 36m We traded Bewear for Talonflame! Didn't catch the stats.

13d 8h 33m We're going to try to trade Bewear for a Talonflame. Let's see how this goes.

13d 8h 28m Caught a level 57 Bewear! No nickname.

13d 8h 24m Staraptor fainted to a wild Bewear!

13d 8h 18m Found a Guard Spec!

13d 8h 17m 59 Female Pelipper! No nick.

13d 8h 14m We've entered the Battle Tree. And we immediately head back into Poni Gauntlet.

13d 8h 12m We're trying to trade Pokémon with someone else, but we can't seem to locate our Bewear.

13d 8h 8m We flew to Tapu Vilage.

13d 7h 58m 28 Female Rhyhorn No Nick.

[Donation] $5.01 from name: "anon999..." can you guys catch ditto please

13d 7h 49m 29 Male Geodude. Nick is Geodude     

13d 7h 39m Caught a level 28 Female Cubchoo! No nick.

13d 7h 34m We are currently wandering around a town, near a Pokémon Center.

13d 7h 18m And we ran.

13d 7h 18m Let's try Tapu Lele!

[Snark] Let's do the E4 again

13d 7h 2m And we ran immediately. Great. Also be nice in chat, no hate.

13d 7h 1m Fighting Tapu Koko!

13d 6h 51m Or not. I guess he doesn't respawn until you beat the E4 again. We flew to Iki Town, and are now on Mahalo Trail going towards the next Tapu.

13d 6h 47m Um, we ended up running from him, so we redid the puzzle and are on our way for a recatchmatch.

13d 6h 37m Seismitoad down

13d 6h 32m Vs Tapu Bulu

13d 6h 26m We fly to Ruins of Abundance

13d 6h 22m [Info] We'll have at least 3 hours to play around until PBR returns

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Streamer] Aissurtievos: were doing save manipulation guys Kappa

[Info] Game card was removed

13d 6h 8m Didney time / catching tapu's time

13d 6h 5m In front of the entrance of the league

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


13d 6h 3m We send in Swanna and use Hurricane he's at red and confused and uses Flame Charge, he uses Brave Bird to KAPOW itself and doesnt even kill us but at red hp, HAU DEFEATED

13d 6h 2m He sends in his own Staraptor and Moongeist Beam fails, Brave Bird kills us

13d 6h 2m He sends in Simisear and he uses Crunch and we nuke it with Moongeist Beam

13d 6h 1m He sends in Decideuye and we nuke it with Moongeist Beam

13d 6h 1m We send in Nebby, he uses thunderbolt and we se Shadow Ball to take it out

13d 6h 0m He sends in Raichu and Thunderbolt kills

13d 5h 59m He sends in the Crabomination and we kill it with Brave Bird

13d 5h 59m We send in Staraptor and use Fly and he switches into Vaporeon, we hit with Fly and he uses Aqua Ring, we Fly again and he misses Ice Beam, we hit with Fly and he uses Ice Beam, Brave Bird takes Vaporeon out

13d 5h 57m His Raichu vs our frog, Quick Claw activates and we Scald it to 1/3hp, he uses Psychic to do little over half, he sends in Decideuye and we Scald, We scald again and burn it, but he now used his Bloom Doom, rip frog

13d 5h 55m Vs Hau!

13d 5h 55m We almost did it but as soon we we were about to press a some sneaky left makes us hide behind chair again

13d 5h 52m Sneaking behind the chair

13d 5h 52m We overshoot behind and people are saying #HideFromHau

13d 5h 51m On the Champ stairs


13d 5h 49m We fully revive and heal our team

13d 5h 44m She mega evolves it and she sets up Sky Attack while we Beak Blast, she hits Sky Attack which does half and we kill with Drill Peck, Kahili down

13d 5h 42m We send in Toucan and KO with Drill Peck, she sends in Altaria

13d 5h 41m She sends in Togekiss and we use Rock Slide to do half, she uses Moonblast and crits to kill after we take her to 1hp

13d 5h 40m We send in frog she heals, we use Rock Slide and another slide kills, she sends Gliscor which Scald takes it to red, she greeds and uses SD, Scald #2 kills

13d 5h 37m She sends in Toucannon and we ICe BEam, she uses Double Edge rip Swanna

13d 5h 36m We use Ice Beam and she uses Toxic, we ICe Beam again and she uses Brave Bird, 3rd Ice Beam kills

13d 5h 35m We switch out Swanna vs Mandibuzz

13d 5h 34m She heals and we use Close Combat, we do it again and she uses Iron Head, We use our last Close Combat pp to kill Skarmory

13d 5h 32m We use Close Vombat and she uses Whirlwind, cat is sent out, we use Darkest Lariat and she Whirlwinds yet again, Staraptor out

13d 5h 31m We use Rock Slide on Skamrory and she uses Whirlwind and Swanna is out, We use Ice Beam and she uses Whirlwind again, Staraptor out

13d 5h 30m Vs Kahilii

13d 5h 28m Inside Kahili's room

13d 5h 27m We give Staraptor the Sharp Beak

[Info] Looks like people want to correct items

[Info] When we healed our team, this also included reviving fainted Pokémon.

13d 5h 3m We use Elixir and Ether on Frog

13d 5h 2m We give Staraptor a Big Malasada to hold

13d 4h 59m We heal our team to max hp with items

13d 4h 54m We give frog the Quick Claw

13d 4h 52m We Revival Herb our fainted mon

13d 4h 49m He uses Close Combat and we Drill Peck, Hala down

13d 4h 49m He mega evolves and Close Combat takes Staraptor down, we send in Swanna, accidentely use Ice Beam so 2 Psycho Cuts take it down

13d 4h 47m Fly takes down Scrafty, now he sends in the Gallade

13d 4h 46m Fly takes Crabominable down

13d 4h 46m He sends in Conkeldurr, Fly takes it down

13d 4h 45m He sends in Primeape and uses Stone edge, we tank and use Fly to KO back

13d 4h 44m We send in Staraptor and use Fly, dodge Close Combat and kill it

13d 4h 43m Vs Hala Frog vs Hariyama, she uses Fake out and next turn we use Scald and he uses Close Combat, we Scald again and another CC takes frog down

13d 4h 41m In Hala's room

13d 4h 39m We revival Herb everyone fainted

13d 4h 37m We Revival Herb Incineroar

13d 4h 33m We give Frog a Revival Herb to hold insted of Mystic Water

13d 4h 30m We send in Nebby, Shadow Shield lets us live a Shadow Ball and KO it back with Shadow Ball, Acerola down

13d 4h 29m We send in Staraptor and take a Acrobatics, Fly KO's, she sends in Gengar, mega evolves it and Sludge wave kills

13d 4h 28m We Ice Beam and she subs, she now uses Acrobatics and we then Ice Beam to break sub, Acrobatics kills Swanna

13d 4h 26m She sends in Drifblim and ** Sucker Punch KO's Toucannon**, we send in Swanna

13d 4h 25m She sends in Froslass, uses Blizzard and misses and we Drill Peck and activate sash and cursed body, she hits Blizzard this time and we Bullet Seed to KO

13d 4h 23m We send Toucan and use Drill Peck to KO

13d 4h 22m She sends in Sand Castle and we use Darkest Lariat, Earth Power kills cat

13d 4h 21m We use Darkest Lariatm tank another Power Whip, she heals and we then kill it with 3rd Darkest Lariat

13d 4h 20m Vs Acerola, We send in Frog to Scald KO Golurk and then stay in vs Dhelmise then switch to cat and tank Power Whip

13d 4h 15m We use Revival Herb on Incineroar

13d 4h 14m We use Revival Herb on frog

13d 4h 10m She sends in Mega Tyranitar and we send in Cat and use Cross Chop to do half, she uses Dragon Dance and then Stone Edge kills Cat, We send in Staraptor and use Close Combat to kill, Olivia down

13d 4h 7m She sends in Relicanth and we Scald it, she toxics us, we use Scald again but Protect, Scald kills but **faint from poison

13d 4h 4m She sends in Probopass, we use Rock Sldie to Flinch and now Scald it to red hp + burn, she uses Earth Power, She now restores and we Scald, We rock Slide and flinch again, she heals again and we Scald again, another Scald ends it

13d 4h 2m We scald and she sets up rocks, we now Rain Dance and she uses Earthquake, Scald kills it and Golem, Lycanroc uses Eartquake and we use Scald to kill

13d 3h 57m In Olivia's room

13d 3h 45m In E4 rematch, attempt 4

13d 3h 40m Hariyama wipes out low hp nebby, blacked out

13d 3h 38m In Hala's room

13d 3h 35m Attempt 3 of e4 rematch

13d 3h 32m We fly to Mount Lanakila and checkpoint

13d 3h 23m He gives us 8 Heart Scales

13d 3h 22m We got a date with Nanu!

13d 3h 19m 4 more

13d 3h 15m 4 more

13d 3h 13m 4 more

13d 3h 8m 4 more

13d 3h 6m We go to a restaurant and get 4 Heart Scales

13d 2h 58m We fly to Malie City

13d 2h 55m In Alter of the Moone

13d 2h 55m We return the the world we originally came from

13d 2h 54m We go to the Alter of the Sunne

13d 2h 50m Ice Beam on her last Exeguttor and we win

13d 2h 49m She sends in her Leafeon and chat decides to use the Ice Z Move, rip Leafeom, i guess we really do hate Eevee's

[Snark] Mallow OP! Actually she has level 30's and we didnt heal

13d 2h 47m Staraptor uses Brave Bird and nukes itself after taking out Trevenant, only Nebby left

13d 2h 47m Vs Mallow

13d 2h 44m In Lush Jungle and Mallow talks to us

13d 2h 41m We fly to Route 8

13d 2h 37m She gives us 4 Heart Scales

13d 2h 36m We did it! Olivia date acquired!

13d 2h 34m 2 moore, still failing on getting the one with Olivia

13d 2h 32m 2 more

13d 2h 31m 2 more

13d 2h 30m We get 2 moooore Heart Scales

13d 2h 29m We bought the veg set and i just realized tehy're all the same cost just different kinds

[Info] We're trying to buy the most expensive one and eat with Olivia

13d 2h 25m 2 more

13d 2h 22m We obtain 2 more Heart Scales

13d 2h 20m We obtain 2 Heart Scales

13d 2h 19m We order the cheapest meal in a resteraunt

13d 2h 16m In a house in Konikoni i think

13d 0h 4m Defeated Guzma. Obtained a Dawn Stone!

12d 22h 52m Defeated the Flareon user.

12d 22h 50m Sucked up a Zygarde Cell.

12d 22h 19m DIDNEY WORL

12d 21h 54m Now at the Battle Royale.

12d 20h 55m Obtained Porygon! Nickname: Porygoneep5e

12d 20h 39m [Meta] Updater going dark, sorry

12d 20h 36m Mega Gengar sweeps the rest of our team, gg

12d 20h 28m Seismitoad faints to Mega Gengar

12d 20h 25m Swanna faints after Brave Birding both Froslass and Dhelmise after a Blizzard

12d 20h 23m Froslass takes down Toucannon after we kill Golurk

12d 20h 21m Inside Acerola's room

12d 20h 17m We use Revival Herbs and Energy Roots to heal our Pokémon

12d 20h 9m Staraptor sent out, we use Close Combat and it Mega Ttar DD's and we CC again to win

12d 20h 7m Seismitoad faints after beating everyone but Tyranitar

12d 19h 58m Vs Olivia

12d 19h 58m Vs E4 rematch attempt 2

12d 19h 49m We fly to the top

12d 19h 46m Kept walking but looks like we'll head out soon

12d 19h 21m We catch a level 59 male Sneasel, no name

12d 19h 13m Toucannon fainted

[Info] I missed us catching a 58 male Hawlucha, Hawlucha3br, and a female level 59 Snover, Snover24ee4e, thanks to renlev and the .org team

12d 19h 9m Still looking

12d 18h 56m Back down

12d 18h 55m We fly to the top

12d 18h 51m Looking for Snover/Jynx/Latias

12d 18h 44m We pick up a Max Revive

12d 18h 38m We checkpoint and then leave for Mount. Lanakila to catch some mon

12d 18h 36m We fly to Mount Lanakila

12d 18h 33m We fly to route 5

12d 18h 32m We buy 110 Heal Powders, 114 Energy Roots and 30 Revival Herbs

12d 18h 21m We fly to Konikoni town

12d 18h 15m We fly to Heahea city

12d 18h 12m Didney

12d 18h 9m We catch a level 14 female Miltank, Miltanke

12d 17h 59m We walk to the ranch

12d 17h 57m We fly to Paniola

12d 17h 53m We send in Queeso, Cross Chop does a lot of damage, we use Flare Blitz to KO it at red hp, he sneds in Scrafty and High Jump Kick ends teh urn

12d 17h 52m Straptor uses Fly to KO Hariyama after a Fake out but then Primeape is sent and Stone Edge kill

12d 17h 51m Vs Hala

12d 17h 45m She uses Focus Blast and she misses, we use Malicous Moonsault, Acerola down

12d 17h 43m She sends in Gengar and mega evolves her and uses Shadow Ball to KO Nebby

12d 17h 43m She sends in Froslass and she uses Shadow Ball to break Shadow Shield, we use Moongeist Beam and activate sash, she heals and we KO it with another Shadow Ball, she sends in Palossand, we also use Shadow Ball to OHKO it

12d 17h 40m She sends in Dhelmise, we use Shadow Ball to OHKO it

12d 17h 39m We send in Nebby and use Moongeist Beam to OHKO Drifblim

12d 17h 38m She sends in Golurk and we lead with Toucan, we use Bullet Seed and hit 4 times to OHKO it, Toucan faints to poison

12d 17h 37m Vs Acerola

12d 17h 32m We send toucan to take rocks damage, switch to Staraptor to take more stealth rock damage and we dodge Stone Edge, Close Combat takes it out, Olivia down

12d 17h 31m She sends in Tyranitar and rain ended, she mega evolves her Tyranitar and summon Sand Stream and we use Scald to do half with crit, Crunch takes frog out

12d 17h 30m She sends in Probopass and we use Scald, sturdy activates and she uses Earth Power, We scald again and burn kill it

12d 17h 29m We send in frog and set up Rain Dance then Scald after she uses Earthquake, she sends in Lycanroc and uses Earthquake, we use Scald to take it down

12d 17h 27m She sends in Golem and we switch to Swanna, we ise Bubblebeam and do half, he uses stone edge to take swan out

12d 17h 26m She sends in Relicanth and we hit 2 Bullet seed to do almost half and she toxics, we do 2 hits again and she misses Head Smash, another Bullet Seed takes it down

12d 17h 24m Second Bullet seed kills Gigalith

12d 17h 23m She still leads with Gigalith, its level 82, better than 77 the last time, we Bullet seed and take it to half and she sets up Smogon rocks

12d 17h 21m Vs Olivia

12d 17h 21m E4 Rematch, Urn 1

[Snark] E4 Rematch time?

12d 16h 46m He tells us we can battle him again tomorrow!

12d 16h 46m We get healed and receive an Oval Charm!!

12d 16h 46m Pokémon Trainer Kobe Defeated!!!!

12d 16h 45m Toxicroak goes down!!!

12d 16h 45m We use the Brave Bird on Toxicroak!

12d 16h 45m Our Staraptor is sent out!

12d 16h 45m Toxicroak takes down Swanna with Fake Out!

12d 16h 44m Toxicroak is sent out!

12d 16h 44m Swanna's Ice Beam KO's staraptor after barely surviving a Brave Bird

12d 16h 43m Swanna is sent out!

12d 16h 43m Staraptor from the opponent is sent out, uses Close Combot to KO Incineroar!

12d 16h 42m We use Flare BLitz to KO Luxray!

12d 16h 42m Next turn we use Flare Blitz and Luxray is burned

12d 16h 42m We use Incineroar's Z Move to bring damage Luxray a small amount thanks to Luxray's Protect

12d 16h 41m Inceniroar is sent out!

12d 16h 40m Luxray is sent out!

12d 16h 40m Lunala Survives with 10 HP and then uses another Moongiest Beam to KO Dialga!

12d 16h 40m Moongiest Beam is used and brings Dialga to Halp HP

12d 16h 40m Lunala is sent out

12d 16h 39m Dialga is sent out

12d 16h 39m Brave Bird KO's Leafeon after it starts setting up Swords dance

12d 16h 38m We switch into Staraptor

12d 16h 38m Swanna is sent out!

12d 16h 38m Leaf Blade KO's Seismitoad

12d 16h 37m Leafeon is sent out!

12d 16h 37m Sandslash down!

12d 16h 37m Siesmitoad is sent out

12d 16h 37m Stone Edge brings Toucannon to 1/8 HP. Next turn, Toucannon is KO'd

12d 16h 36m Sandslash vs Toucannon

12d 16h 36m vs Kobe!

12d 16h 21m Lunala down! KO'd! Blacked Out!

12d 16h 20m Staraptor is sent out from the opponent

12d 16h 20m Dialga does down to Moongiest Beam

12d 16h 18m Swanna down! Lunala sent out

12d 16h 18m Swanna is sent out!

12d 16h 17m Toucannon is KO'd by Dialga's Blizzard

12d 16h 16m Toucannon is sent out!

12d 16h 16m Roar of Time KO's Staraptor

12d 16h 15m Dialga is sent out!

12d 16h 15m Brave Bird KO's Toxicroak!

12d 16h 15m Staraptor sent out!

12d 16h 15m We use Outrage on Toxicroac and we then get Revenge'd on my Toxicroak! Inceniroar KO'd

12d 16h 14m We switch into Incineroar!

12d 16h 14m Toxicroak is sent out!

12d 16h 14m Lunala uses Moongiest Beam to KO Luxray!

12d 16h 13m Luxray is sent out!

12d 16h 13m Nebby KO's Leafeon!

12d 16h 13m Nebby is sent out

12d 16h 12m Siesmitoad down from Leafeon's Leaf Blade

12d 16h 12m Sandslash sets up with Sandslash as its scald'd to 1 HP. It is then swapped in for LEafeon

12d 16h 11m Its Seismitoad vs Sandslash!

12d 16h 11m vs Pokémon Trainer Kobe

12d 16h 9m 12d 16h 9m We enter Game Freak's Studios

12d 16h 6m We are almost back in Game Freak's studios

12d 15h 58m Swanna goes down to Luxray Thunderbolt! Blacked Out

12d 15h 58m Luxray is sent back out!

12d 15h 57m Dialga goes down with another Ice Beam!

12d 15h 57m Dialga is frozen from Ice Beam!

12d 15h 56m Swanna is sent out

12d 15h 56m Tooucannon falls to Roar of Time

12d 15h 56m Toucannon is sent out

12d 15h 55m Dialga uses Roar of Time to KO Staraptor

12d 15h 55m the opposing Staraptor uses Baton Pass and switches into Dialga! We use Brave Bird to do little damagge

12d 15h 54m Our Staraptor is sent out!

12d 15h 54m Staraptor uses Brave Birk to KO's Seismitoad!

12d 15h 53m Kobe sends out staraptor

12d 15h 53m We switch into Seismitoad!

12d 15h 53m Flare Blitz KO's Toxicraok and Inciniroar faints from recoil and toxic

12d 15h 52m We use Malicious Moonsault Z Move on Toxicroak! It takes it down to Half HP

12d 15h 51m Luxray is switch for Toxicroak

12d 15h 51m Full Restore is used on the Luxray after its knocked down to the Red. Incineroar continues to use Darkiest Lariot

12d 15h 50m Luxray uses Toxic on Incineroar

12d 15h 50m Incineroar is sent out!

12d 15h 50m Luxray KO's Lunala

12d 15h 50m No Mega Luxray is sent out

12d 15h 50m Leafeon uses Leaf Blade to do some damage, but Lunala KO's Leafeon with an Ice Beam

12d 15h 49m Leafeon sets up with Swords Dance

12d 15h 49m We switch into Lunala

12d 15h 49m Sandslash down! Leafeon is sent out

12d 15h 49m [Info] Music is a remic Dialga's Battle Music from Mystery Dungeon 2

12d 15h 48m Sandslash vs Seismitoad

12d 15h 48m vs Pokémon Trainer Kobe!

12d 15h 48m We buy 2 Fresh Water and obtain a Lemonade from someone

12d 15h 47m We enter Game freak's Studio

12d 15h 46m We talk to some guy that gives us info about Shiny Rate

12d 15h 46m We are outside Game Freak's apartment

12d 15h 41m We enter Pokémon Center in Heahea City

12d 15h 41m We fly to Heahea City

12d 15h 37m We fly to Tapu Village and enter the Pokémon Center and heal our Pokémon

12d 15h 32m Found Big Pearl

12d 15h 32m Seems like we are about fly to the area to face Morimoto

[Info] Kobozco confirms we can face Morimoro/Secret Trainer now!

12d 15h 30m Forretress is down! Guzma and Plumeria down!

12d 15h 30m Guzma sends out his last Pokémon, Forretress

12d 15h 30m Ariados goes down!

12d 15h 29m Staraptor is sent out

12d 15h 29m Nebby goes down to Ariados's Sucker Punch!

12d 15h 29m Ariados is sent out!

12d 15h 28m Golispod goes down to Nebby's Shadow Ball

12d 15h 28m Golispod contintues to set up using Swords Dance

12d 15h 28m Salazzle goes down to Nebby's Shadow Ball

12d 15h 28m Salazzle is sent out

12d 15h 27m Nidoqueen goes down! Golispod sets up with some Swords Dance

12d 15h 27m Nidoqueen is sent out

12d 15h 27m Golispod uses its Z Move to bring Nebby to 1/3 HP

12d 15h 26m Crobat does down from Nebby's and Seismitoad's attack!

12d 15h 26m vs Skull Guzma and Plumeria!* Its Crobat and Golispod vs NEbby and Politoad!

12d 15h 24m Back at Poni Gauntlet

12d 15h 21m We healed!

12d 15h 15m We take a boat back to Seafolk Village

12d 15h 14m We fly to Exeggutor Island

12d 15h 8m Misty Seed found

12d 15h 3m We back in Poni Gauntlet

[Info] According to Kobazco, there are 1 or two more trainers left in Poni Gauntlet we missed. Consensus is to complete those two trainers and then head to Morimoto for the final battle

12d 15h 0m Toucannon KO's Bird Jesus! Trainer Red defeated!

12d 14h 59m Its Toucannon vs Mega Bird Jesus!

12d 14h 59m Bird Jesus Mega Evolves and uses Hurricane! Swanna is down!

12d 14h 59m Bird Jesus is sent out!

12d 14h 58m Swanna uses a Brave Bird to KO it!

12d 14h 58m The All Terrain Venomoth is sent out!

12d 14h 58m Swanna KO's Lapras!

12d 14h 57m Swanna is sent out!

12d 14h 57m Staraptor goes down to surf!

12d 14h 57m Close Combat brings Lapras to about 1 HP, giving Lapras enough time to confuse Staraptor!

12d 14h 56m We send out Staraptor!

12d 14h 56m Surf KO's Lunala!

12d 14h 55m Lunala hit itself with confusion

12d 14h 55m Lunala is brought down to the red again but Red uses another Full restore

12d 14h 55m Lapras uses another confuse ray on Lunala

12d 14h 54m We then send out Nebby and Red uses Full Restore on Lapras

12d 14h 54m Lapras barely survives and uses strength to KO Seismitoad!

12d 14h 53m We use the Hyper Voice, it doesnt do any damage. Lapras uses confuse ray on us to confuse us!

12d 14h 53m We switch back into Seismitoad!

12d 14h 52m Air Jordan is sent out by Red!

12d 14h 52m We use Brave Bird on Nidoking to KO it!

12d 14h 51m We send out Swanna

12d 14h 51m Incineroar is KO'd by Poison Jab

12d 14h 50m The Fonz is sent out by Red! We switch into Incineroar!

12d 14h 50m Nebby when KO's Lord Helix with Moongiest Blast!

12d 14h 50m Helix breaks it shell to gain some power and then uses its Z Move Hydro Vortex on Nebby! It brings Nebby to about 1/3 HP!

12d 14h 49m Lord Helix sent out! We switch into Lunala (pew!)

12d 14h 48m Zapdos goes down!

12d 14h 48m Zapdos is Lv 96 and opens with take down! We open with Scald

12d 14h 48m Zapdos known as Battery Jesus vs Seismitoad

12d 14h 47m vs Trainer Red!

12d 14h 47m Back in Battle Tree

12d 14h 46m We fly back to the Battle Tree

12d 14h 46m [Info] Earlier we lost to Abe (Anniversary Red Team) who takes Blue's spot in this version of the hack

12d 14h 45m Inceniroar down! Trainer Red Wins! Blacked Out!

12d 14h 45m Each trainer is down to their last Pokémon! Who will take the battle!

12d 14h 44m Incineroar sent out

12d 14h 44m Bast Beak leaves a burn on Bird Jesus

12d 14h 44m Toucannon down

12d 14h 44m Toucannon vs Bird Jesus

12d 14h 44m at Battle Tree. vs Pokémon Trainer Red. Its the Pidgeot known as Bird Jesus! 4/6 Pokémon down on our side and Red has 1 Pokémon remaining!

12d 12h 40m Caught a female Lv. 56 Golduck! Nickname: Golducee5eee

12d 12h 21m Blacked out vs Cynthia.

12d 10h 45m [Meta] Updater going dark. Unless chat gets bored enough to quit, we'll be fishing here for a Dhelmise until further notice.

12d 10h 34m We obtain another Pearl by fishing.

12d 10h 20m We obtain a sticky barb by fishing.

12d 10h 13m We're still fishing outside the Steelix house, hoping to find a spooky anchor to love.

12d 9h 59m Caught a male Lv. 36 Magikarp! We didn't like it so we didn't put a nickname on it.

12d 9h 51m We obtained a Pearl!

12d 9h 50m We're in the Steelix house in Seafolk Village, apparently grinding for a Dhelmise encounter.

12d 9h 42m Party healed at Seafolk Village.

12d 9h 38m Caught a female Lv. 54 Swoobat! No nickname.

12d 9h 35m Staravia is knocked out by a wild Swoobat.

12d 9h 32m Charizard takes us to Vast Poni Canyon.

12d 9h 22m Caught a female level 39 Tropius! Nickname is Tropius''''(sun symbol)`

12d 9h 20m Caught a level 39 female Goomy! Nickname is GoomyAOOO  

12d 9h 14m Caught another male level 39 Lombre. No nickname again.

12d 9h 11m Caught a male level 39 Lombre. No nickname.

12d 9h 3m Caught a female level 39 Mightyena! No nickname.

12d 8h 59m Caught a level 38 Female Nuzleaf! No nickname!

12d 8h 55m Caught a level 38 Female Tropius! Nickname is 5FO

12d 8h 50m Caught a male level 38 Lombre! Nickname is AAaa!

12d 8h 42m Caught a male level 38 Tropius! Nickname is Trop )(''''

[Info] Its nickname should stay Murkrow if we somehow manage to evolve it.

12d 8h 36m Caught a female level 37 Murkrow! Nickname is Murkrow I think that counts as default.

12d 8h 30m Incineroar comes out and defeats that and her Persian with one hit. Defeated Team Skull Grunt.

12d 8h 29m Lunala faints! Wow Foul Play posed an actual threat.

12d 8h 28m Facing Team Skull Grunt! We send out Lunala against Raticate!

12d 8h 22m We've entered Ula'ula Meadow!

12d 8h 19m Found TM03 Psyshock!

12d 8h 14m We obtained a Cosmog! Nickname is CosmogEEEQ(heart)(heart)

12d 8h 13m Oh, we went forward and did cutscene time! Lunala encounters Solgaleo and suddenly Nebby. We ride a Donkey in celebration.

12d 8h 10m Route 17 now.

12d 8h 6m We flew to Route 16. Expect more voyages in the near future.

12d 8h 3m And we're back in Vast Poni Valley.

12d 8h 2m We arrive at the Altar of the Sunne!

12d 8h 1m We keep saying no to going to another world through the distortion. Kind of funny. We eventually go through.

12d 8h 0m We're at the Altar of the Moone!

12d 7h 57m Caught a level 35 Rotom! Nickname is Rotoma  '((club symbol)

12d 7h 43m 33 Male Geodude. Nick is ~~~-(heart)''22f11

12d 7h 39m 35 Female Dedenne! Nickname is A5 

12d 7h 31m 33 Genderless Voltorb. Nick is NDNN

12d 7h 21m Caught a male level 32 Charjabug! Nickname is CharjabugND

12d 7h 15m Found a Timer Ball!

[Fluff] Nothing much has happened in the last 20 mins.

12d 6h 53m 32 Male Geodude No nick.

12d 6h 51m 35 Female Helioptile No nick.

12d 6h 49m 34 Female Geodude No nick.

12d 6h 44m Caught a level 32 Female Togedemaru! Nickname is ~Pe~~~(curved up arrow curving to the right moreso)YQWW

12d 6h 42m Caught a level 34 Male Geodude! No nick.

12d 6h 38m Caught a level 34 Male Luxio! Nickname is eLuxioe

12d 6h 37m A wild Luxio paralyzes Lunala! Oh no!

12d 6h 29m 34 Male Helioptile! Nickname is HelioptileW

12d 6h 26m Caught a level 32 Male Tynamo! Nickname is T(heart symbol)yn6GWL Gam

12d 6h 24m Caught a level 32 Female Dedenne! Nickname is ~ e33w~

12d 6h 22m Caught a level 35 Female Dedenne! Nickname is ~KKTWWDW ede

[Recap] Apparently we encountered an exploding Geodude and wasted an X Defense. Nickname for Voltorb is Voltow or something along those lines.

12d 6h 18m Well I'll pick this back up. A few minutes ago we caught Voltorb, and currently we're still fighting wild mon.

12d 4h 38m In Farthest Hollow now

12d 4h 13m We flew to Ten Carat Hill

12d 4h 12m In Seaward Village

12d 4h 11m We blacked out

12d 4h 8m Vs Necrozma

[Snark] Slow Switchers... TriHard

12d 3h 54m We use 2 Darkest Lariat again

12d 3h 51m Vs Necrozma

12d 3h 47m Staraptor faints and we kill it with 2 Darkest Lariat accidentally**

12d 3h 43m Vs Necrozma

12d 3h 40m We catch a Jangmo-o, level 11 female, A⤴⤴WW

12d 3h 35m We find a Great Ball

[Info] We had Zorua from before

[Info] Everyone spamming :o to stop drama talk right after it ended

12d 3h 22m We catch a level 13 male Machop, AAAAL

12d 3h 15m We break all of them now, on Farthest Hollow

12d 3h 13m Going up but smashing rocks is hard

12d 2h 52m We fly to bottom of Ten Carat Hill

12d 2h 51m We use a Darkest Lariat to kill it

12d 2h 45m Vs Necrozma

12d 2h 41m We catch a male Rockruff, AMM----

12d 2h 40m We kill it but it can respawn

12d 2h 23m Vs Necrozma

12d 2h 11m On Farthest Hollow, searching for Zorua/Jangmo-o and Necrozma

12d 2h 1m Updater going dark. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully another updater will take over soon.

12d 2h 0m Still in the cave.

12d 1h 56m 2 stone barricades were successfully breached.

12d 1h 48m Ten Carat Hill.

12d 1h 47m Hou'oli Outskirts.

12d 1h 46m Game saved.

12d 1h 44m Poni Plains.

12d 1h 41m Explosion. KAPOW. Black out.

12d 1h 40m Dugtrio down, Claydoll Lv. 79 is next.

12d 1h 39m Incineroar (solo) vs Dugtrio Lv. 79.

12d 1h 38m Hiker Travis challenges us to a battle.

12d 1h 24m Super Potion failed.

12d 1h 22m Toucannon fainted.

[Info] 666 Poké Balls left.

12d 1h 13m Male Cradily Lv. 67 caught. Name: E2yge i j

12d 0h 53m Swanna fainted to a wild Kabutops.

12d 0h 52m Adrenaline Orb obtained.

12d 0h 45m Male Kabutops Lv. 64 caught. No name.

12d 0h 39m Female Tyrantrum Lv. 64. caught. No name.

12d 0h 36m Staraptor fainted.

12d 0h 35m Male Bastiodon Lv. 67 caught. Registered. Name: !r222r34Ggg

[Info] Name: Cradilyerdtt.

12d 0h 30m Male Cradily Lv. 68 caught.

12d 0h 29m [Snark] Well, choice has been made then.

12d 0h 28m Female Kabutops Lv. 69 caught. No name.

[Fluff] Err.. Omastar I mean.

12d 0h 25m We run away from Helix.

12d 0h 23m Name: Rae20Geeegep.

12d 0h 22m Male Rampardos Lv. 66 caught.

12d 0h 19m Lunala fainted.

12d 0h 15m Armaldo was caught no nickname.

12d 0h 0m Updater going dark.

12d 0h 0m Welcome to day 13 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Waning Moon.

11d 23h 58m Caught a female Lv. 67 Golbat! No nickname.

11d 23h 32m Didn't manage to capture Tapu Koko.

11d 23h 29m VS TAPU KOKO!

11d 23h 27m Sucked up a Zygarde Cell.

11d 23h 5m Found a Stardust!

11d 22h 56m And, we threw a ball at it. Seismitoad fainted!

11d 22h 56m 11d 22h 55m VS Leafeon User Linnea!

11d 22h 44m Obtained TM92 Trick Room!

11d 22h 44m At the Hano Resort.

11d 22h 44m (We ran.)

11d 22h 31m VS Tapu Bulu!

11d 22h 15m DIDNEY WORL

11d 22h 1m CRITICAL CAPTURE! Caught a male Lv. 44 Lumineon! Nickname: Lumineo5meee

11d 21h 54m CRITICAL CAPTURE! Caught a male Lv. 46 Lapras! No nickname.

11d 21h 48m Caught a female Lv. 47 Lanturn! Nickname: !2eeeeeeee

11d 21h 36m Caught a male Lv. 45 Skrelp! No nickname.

11d 21h 34m Caught a male Lv. 44 Tentacruel! Nickname: +33ffeaaa

11d 21h 32m Caught a male Lv. 46 Lapras! No nickname.

11d 21h 30m Caught a male Lv. 46 Wailord! Nickname: +__33hhhh3jj

11d 21h 24m Caught a female Lv. 10 Wailmer! No nickname.

11d 21h 20m Caught a male Lv. 47 Skrelp! No nickname.

11d 21h 0m Caught a male Lv. 11 Magikarp! Has nickname, but went by too fast.

11d 20h 35m Obtained a Bottle Cap!

11d 20h 33m Caught a male Magikarp! No nickname, missed the level.

11d 20h 28m Defeated Sylveon User Kira!

11d 20h 28m OHKO'd with Scald.

11d 20h 28m VS Sylveon User Kira!

11d 20h 25m Obtained a Luck Punch!

11d 20h 21m Blacked out!

11d 20h 16m Caught a male Lv. ?? Omastar! Nickname: wwwwwwwwuuqq

11d 20h 10m Caught Aurorus! No nickname.

11d 19h 59m Obtained TM26 Earthquake!

11d 19h 37m Found a Honey!

11d 19h 35m Doing photoshoots atm.

11d 19h 21m Sucked up a Zygarde Cell.

11d 19h 13m Met up with Anabel and Wicke.

11d 18h 58m Obtained Dubious Disc!

11d 18h 58m Slowbro also down.

11d 18h 58m Hypno down.

11d 18h 56m Bruxish was OHKO'd.

11d 18h 56m Raichu down.

11d 18h 55m Seismitoad fainted!

11d 18h 54m Alakazam down.

11d 18h 53m Musharna down.

11d 18h 52m VS Aether Branch Chief Faba!

11d 18h 46m Obtained a Heart Scale at the counter.

11d 18h 44m Met up with Anabel and Looker.

11d 18h 37m Party fainted! Blacked out!

11d 18h 35m VS a male Lv. 65 Omastar! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE HELIX ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

11d 18h 34m Caught a male Lv. 65 Aerodactyl! Nickname: Aerodactylx

11d 18h 23m Caught Guzzlord in a Beast Ball! No nickname.

11d 18h 20m VS ??? / Guzzlord!

11d 18h 19m Caught a male Lv. 65 Kabutops! Nickname: Kabutopsdwpp

11d 18h 15m Sucked up a Zygarde Cell!

11d 18h 5m Defeated Backpacker Maria!

11d 17h 57m Caught a Lv. 66 Keldeo! No nickname.

11d 17h 47m In Resolution Cave.

11d 17h 38m Flew to Poni Plains.

11d 17h 35m VS a trainer but blacked out!

11d 17h 32m Toucannon fainted!

11d 17h 24m Caught male Lv. 67 Aggron, nickname #~~WXDDWWWX

11d 17h 22m Caught female Lv. 67 Haxorus, nickname a ΔΔ~~~ ~,

11d 17h 20m Elixir

11d 17h 19m Got an HP Up

11d 17h 18m Caught male Lv. 65 Conkeldurr, nickname ConkeldurrW

11d 17h 15m Swanna down

11d 17h 10m Caught male Lv. 56 Mawile, I do not think we gave it a nickname

11d 17h 3m In Resolution Cave

11d 16h 56m Another Purple Nectar

11d 16h 55m Got Purple Nectar

11d 16h 53m In the Poni Meadow

11d 16h 42m Got some berries. Unsure which.

11d 16h 27m TM24 Thunderbolt

11d 16h 19m Got another Zyg Cell

11d 16h 16m We did it!

11d 16h 14m Trying to use Tauros to smash a rock. It's a bit difficult for us.

11d 16h 5m Got a Zyg Cell

11d 16h 5m At Poni Plains

11d 16h 2m Staraptor down

11d 15h 52m X Sp Atk

11d 15h 44m We're battling a Collector Raymond. Seismitoad down

11d 15h 34m Caught male Lv. 52 Altaria, nickname ((((00XFFFFF

11d 15h 27m Caught female Lv. 54 Druddigon, nickname DruddigonE00.

11d 15h 24m Caught female Lv. 53 Zangoose, nickname XMM#'##((◊◊~

11d 15h 20m Caught Lv. 55 Houndoom, nickname aaa'

11d 15h 15m Caught male Lv. 52 Duosion, nickname Duosion99MXX

[Fluff] And a bunch of spaces after the three, however many it takes to hit the limit of 12.

11d 15h 9m Caught female Lv. 51 Gothorita, nickname ΔΔΔΔ0 3

11d 15h 7m TM79 Frost Breath

11d 15h 3m Caught male Lv. 50 Mienfoo (with a Great Ball, i think), nickname MienfooBYYWK

11d 15h 2m Using our Beast Balls on a wild Mienfoo.

11d 14h 56m They're defeated. Received TM98 Dive and TM94 Surf

11d 14h 48m Slowbro and Carracosta are next in on the opponent's side.

11d 14h 47m Fighting the two Swimmers at the Breaker Coast. Lumineon and Lanturn against Palpitoad and Lunala

11d 14h 42m Healed with Hapu's Miltank

11d 14h 36m We're in a house in the Poni Path kinda ruins area, entering Festival Plaza a few times too.

11d 14h 27m He's defeated. We got the Key Stone and the Alakazite

11d 14h 22m Espeon down, now there is a Meowstic M. Burned from Scald, does not go down to Burn within that turn. Seismitoad down, Meowstic is Still Alive.

11d 14h 18m Flew to Ancient Poni Path (entrance to the Vast Canyon), walking down, Dexio and Sina approach again. Entered battle again.

11d 14h 16m Toucannon down, black out. Back in Seafolk

11d 14h 15m Raichu down to Bullet Seed. Slowking sent in.

11d 14h 14m Switched back into Staraptor, Staraptor down

11d 14h 13m Dexio and Sina approach and Dexio has challenged us to a battle. Espeon against our Staraptor, Espeon down. Raichu is sent in. We switched to Swanna, who goes down

11d 14h 10m We're at the Ancient Poni Path. Route 10 theme still going.

11d 14h 7m Interacted with a Berry Tree, fought the Crabrawler, received Haban, Rindo, Tanga Berries

11d 14h 0m We're in the area above the town, it's been edited to have some rendition of the Route 10 Unova music, I doubt this is meant to be here.. not complaining, though.

[Fluff] That's what I assume by the fork and knife sign above the entrance, though.

11d 13h 58m Left the Wailord boat thing where the Restaurant is.

11d 13h 48m His Mega Absol down, Nanu defeated. He leaves, Looker tells us about the last UB we need to catch, Glutton. Received ten more Beast Balls

11d 13h 47m Incineroar is down

11d 13h 44m Lunala down

11d 13h 40m Slowly chipping down his team of Dark-types. Seismitoad down

11d 13h 37m We're in Seafolk Village whatever right now. Nanu and Looker are discussing some plot stuff I guess. We're fighting Nanu now apparently. Absol is against Seismitoad

11d 11h 15m [Meta] Updater will be offline until someone else strolls along. Thank you for your patience.

11d 11h 15m Caught a Lv. 65 Xurkitree! Nickname: Xurkitreee66

11d 11h 14m Vs. Xurkitree (Round 5). We start tossing Poké Balls. Nope. It uses Discharge. No more Staravia. Beast Boost boosts its special attack. We send out Toucannon and through another Poké Ball. No more Toucannon. We send out Incineroar. We toss a Beast Ball. It works!

11d 11h 10m Caught a female Lv. 24 Glameow!No Nickname.

11d 11h 0m Caught a male Lv. 23 Paras! No nickname.

11d 10h 59m Vs. Xurkitree (Round 4). We toss a Poké Ball. Nope. It uses Electric Terrain. Great Ball. Nope. It uses Discharge. Lunala tanks it with no problem. We toss another Great Ball. Nope. It uses Discharge; taking Nebby into the yellow. We toss another Great Ball. Another Discharge. Lunala faints; beast boost happens. We run.

11d 10h 56m Vs. Xurkitree (Round 3). We toss a Great Ball. Nope. It uses Power Whip. Palpitoad Faints. Beast Boost boosts its special attack. We run.

11d 10h 54m Vs. Xurkitree (Round 2). We start tossing Poké Balls. It uses Power Whip; Toad down to about half HP. We toss a Beast Ball, which fails. It uses Power Whip again; Toad survives with 33 HP. We run.

11d 10h 51m Caught an Oddish! No Nickname. (Clipped too late to grab gender/level; sorry)

11d 10h 36m Inputs are picking up. We're entering/leaving #DIDNEY and otherwise accomplishing little.

11d 10h 28m We're at Poke Pelago. Inputs have slowed to a crawl over the last 15 minutes.

11d 10h 11m #DIDNEY

11d 10h 10m Caught a male Lv. 24 Paras! Nickname: Aaaw (two spaces at the end)

11d 10h 6m We're back in the Lush Jungle, hunting for Xurkitrees.

11d 10h 4m Vs. Xurkitree! We start tossing regular Poké Balls. Lunala faints; Xurkitree's Beast Boost increases its special attack. We send out Swanna, our only remaining Pokémon. It dies incredibly quickly. Black out!

11d 10h 0m We step into the Lush Jungle and hear the spooooooky Ultra Beast music!

11d 9h 58m We step into the Poké Center next to the Melemele Motel. Checkpoint.

11d 9h 50m We got 10 Beast Balls!

11d 9h 49m Apparently we're strong enough to help Looker. Woot.

11d 9h 48m We send out Lunala, who gets hit by Moonblast before OHKO Gardevoir with Shadow Ball. Defeated Captain Mala!

11d 9h 47m Gardevoir mega-evolves and uses Mooblast to KO Staraptor! We had like 7 HP left no biggie.

11d 9h 47m Against Shiinotic now. We use Fly to OHKO her. Now Gardevoir's turn.

11d 9h 46m We send out Staraptor. Mina, the trainer, uses a Full Restore before we use Fly. We almost KO, but the recoild from Granbull's Play Rough KOs him!

11d 9h 43m We send out Toucannon against Granbull. We use Drill Peck and.. a Poké Ball, while two Play Roughs KO Toucannon!

11d 9h 41m Up next is Sylveon, who also goes down to a Flare Blitz, but Incineroar goes down as well!

11d 9h 40m We send out Incineroar. We get hit by a Pollen move before using Flare Blitz to KO her.

11d 9h 41m 11d 9h 40m We send out Incineroar. We get hit by a Pollen move before using Flare Blitz to KO her.

11d 9h 39m [Meta] Browser crashed, we're back fighting a trainer. Sesmitoad vs Ribombee. Sesmitoad just fainted!

11d 9h 36m We walk into a house and Looker is here! We're investigating UB 03.

11d 9h 25m Caught a female level 20 Illumise! Nickname is oopqq;


11d 9h 24m :D

11d 9h 22m Caught a male level 20 Chatot! Nickname is Chatot,;dDDD

11d 9h 10m Stop flying guys :(. Route 2 now.

11d 9h 9m Now Route 17!

11d 9h 8m Now onto Route 2.

11d 9h 1m Onto Route 16.

11d 8h 55m We found a Sitrus Berry!

11d 8h 54m Caught a male level 11 Swablu! Nickname is AA    r   

11d 8h 49m We ran into another Delibird, than ran.

11d 8h 46m Caught a male Lv. 9 Delibird! Nickname: AKLLLLMMWEEO

11d 8h 37m Caught a male Lv. 10 Spearow! No nickname.

11d 8h 33m Caught a male Lv. 10 Spearow! Nickname: 555

11d 8h 30m Caught a female Lv. 9 Pidove! No nickname.

11d 8h 28m Caught a male Lv. 12 Pidgey in a Heal Ball. No nickname.

11d 8h 26m We toss two Beast Balls at a Pidgey because of course we would.

[Snark] Linker error: unresolved external "MtytgpPPp"

11d 8h 22m Caught a male Lv. 10 Mankey! Nickname: MtytgpPPp ()

11d 8h 12m We ran into a Delibird, threw a few balls, and ran away. Paroxysms occur in chat.

11d 8h 3m Caught a female Lv. 12 Spearow! Nickname: 55555🙂… =

11d 8h 0m Caught a male Lv. 9 Pidove! No nickname.

11d 7h 59m [Chat] When you're a squid / when you're a Skid

11d 7h 58m Caught a male Lv. 12 Skiddo! Nickname: Skid

11d 7h 56m We throw two Beast Balls at a Skiddo.

11d 7h 54m [Info] We are down to 7 Beast Balls.

11d 7h 54m We throw a Beast Ball at a Pidove before running.

11d 7h 53m We wasted a Beast Ball on a Pidgey before running.

11d 7h 52m Picked up a Heal Ball.

11d 7h 52m Caught a female Lv. 11 Pidove! No nickname, but we did catch it in a Beast Ball.

11d 7h 49m Caught a female Lv. 11 Flabebe! Nickname: ?☉??aaaAaA

11d 7h 48m [Info] We moved north to Route 2, where we caught the Timburr.

11d 7h 47m Caught a female Lv. 10 Timburr! No nickname.

11d 7h 44m Charizard flies us back to Route 3.

11d 7h 42m Caught a male Lv. 17 Wingull! No nickname.

11d 7h 32m Caught a male Lv. 17 Bagon! Nickname: Bagoe ☁

11d 7h 18m We navigated through Seaward Cave, making it back to the item we missed earlier. We pick up a Net Ball!

11d 7h 6m We're back in Melemele Meadow, shuffling about.

11d 7h 4m We attempted to pick up an item but inadvertently summoned Charizard to fly us back to Route 3.

11d 7h 3m Outside Seaward cave.

11d 6h 57m [Fluff] Rotomdex: "I'm just zzzoning out down here... Zzzoning out... zzzoning in.... zzzoning on and on...". We feel the same way, Rotomdex.

11d 6h 54m Caught a female Lv. 10 Wooper! Nickname: AAAAA

11d 6h 54m We wasted another Beast Ball on a Wooper, then caught it in a regular Poké Ball.

11d 6h 52m 11d 6h 52m We threw a Beast Ball at a Zubat, then ran.

11d 6h 48m Caught a female Lv. 10 Dunsparce! No nickname.

11d 6h 47m We caught Wooper in Seaward Cave (Thanks, u/M4_used_rollout )

11d 6h 46m Caught a female Lv. 10 Wooper! No nickname.

11d 6h 44m [Donation] $5.00 from 4Head: "I gotta use the restroom. Bet you weren't expecting that. PRChase 4Head"

11d 6h 41m [Meta] We're still meandering in Melemele Meadow, mostly murderballing multitudes in a myopic misanthropy.

[Meta] Updater going dark for a little bit.

11d 6h 24m Caught Cottonee! Level 10 and male. No nickname.

11d 6h 22m Caught Cutiefly! No nickname.

11d 6h 21m We enter Melemele Meadow.

11d 6h 20m We leave the Pokemon Center and fly to Route 3.

11d 6h 19m Pokemon healed!

11d 6h 18m We enter the Pokemon Center.

11d 6h 13m Still hanging out on the same route.

11d 6h 01m We report that we finished the mission. We get told to go to Akala for the next UB mission.

11d 5h 58m We return to Looker's room.

11d 5h 47m We fly to the same route we are currently at.

11d 5h 41m We head onto Route 2.

11d 5h 39m Caught Pheromosa! No nickname. Mission completed.

11d 5h 36m Vs Pheromas #4 again We resume tossing Pokeballs.

11d 5h 35m Swanna fainted! We run away.

11d 5h 32m Vs Pheromosa #4! Swanna is sent out.

11d 5h 29m Caught Pheromosa! Nickname: A,,,A

11d 5h 27m Swanna is sent out. We continue to throw Great Balls.

11d 5h 26m Incineroar fainted!

11d 5h 25m Now chucking Great Balls.

11d 5h 25m Staraptor fainted!

11d 5h 24m VS Pheromosa #3! (Lv. 60)

11d 5h 20m Defeated Pheromosa #3.

11d 5h 17m 974 Poké Balls left.

11d 5h 16m Lunala fainted! (Seismitoad also fainted a couple of minutes ago)

11d 5h 14m Out of Premier Balls.

11d 5h 13m VS third Pheromosa!

11d 5h 13m Caught second Pheromosa in a Premier Ball! Nickname: !!!!_

11d 5h 10m Defeated Pheromosa.

11d 5h 8m VS Pheromosa!

11d 5h 6m No nickname.


11d 5h 6m VS ??? / Pheromosa!

11d 4h 56m Obtained a Rage Candy Bar at the Pokémon Center!

11d 4h 48m UB 02: Beauty

11d 4h 29m Talked to Looker.

11d 4h 15m Caught a male Lv. 19 Magby! Nickname: Magb

11d 4h 11m Threw a Beast Ball. Catch on first try. Caught a Lv. 55 Nihilego! Nickname: Nihileghhhhp

11d 4h 9m VS ??? / NIHILEGO!

11d 4h 7m Found a Hyper Potion!

11d 4h 5m Ran.

11d 4h 5m VS ??? / NIHILEGO!

11d 3h 59m Blacked out!

11d 3h 57m Incineroar fainted!

11d 3h 56m Swanna fainted!

11d 3h 54m Threw a Great Ball.

11d 3h 54m VS ??? / NIHILEGO!

11d 3h 45m We catch a level 22 female Honedge, Honed_k

[Info] 11d3h33m we caught a Raticate

11d 3h 37m We catch 23 female Minccino no name again

[Info] no name too

11d 3h 36m We catch a level 23 male Solosis

[Info] no name

11d 3h 25m We catch a level 23 female Mincchino

11d 3h 13m We ran away

11d 3h 7m Used 4/10 and now on Great Balls

11d 3h 6m Using Beast Balls on it now

11d 2h 59m Vs Tapu Lele

11d 2h 59m We fly to Ruins of Hope

11d 2h 49m We fly to Paniola

11d 2h 45m we catch a level 17 female Pachirisu, no name

11d 2h 44m We catch a level 14 female Taillow, no name

11d 2h 42m We catch a female Mudbray __...(.Mudbra the ... is one charachter

11d 2h 38m We catch level 16 female Ponyta, Ponyta*____*

11d 2h 33m We catch a level 14 male Lilliepup, Lilli

11d 2h 31m Flew to daycare

11d 2h 27m Blackout, back in Route 8

[Info] Apparently we never healed since Anabel

[Info] We have 3 mon fainted and we just KO'd his Musharna

11d 2h 20m Vs Faba

11d 2h 14m Trying to leave foundation but didney op

11d 2h 4m In didney

11d 1h 55m Obtained 10 Beast Balls!

11d 1h 50m Obtained a Big Malasada!

11d 1h 49m Obtained Type: Null! (about 13 minutes ago, nickname unknown)

11d 1h 32m Flew to Aether Paradise.

11d 1h 28m Defeated Annabel!

11d 1h 28m 11d 1h 25m Lv. 80 Mega Latios down!

11d 1h 25m Lv. 79 Raikou down!

11d 1h 24m Lv. 79 Entei down!

11d 1h 0m VS Annabel!

11d 1h 0m Blacked out!

11d 0h 46m Weavile down.

11d 0h 46m Nebby fainted!

11d 0h 42m Lunala is asleep.

11d 0h 42m Threw a Poké Ball.

11d 0h 42m Seismitoad fainted!

11d 0h 38m VS Anabel!

11d 0h 24m Blacked out!

11d 0h 23m VS Lv. 79 Entei.

11d 0h 23m Snorlax down.

11d 0h 19m Seismitoad vs Snorlax Lv. 79 ♂

11d 0h 18m Toucannon fainted!

11d 0h 17m Alakazam used Thunderbolt.Swanna fainted!

11d 0h 16m Staraptor fainted!

11d 0h 15m Alakazam down to 1HP, hang on because it has a Focus Sash. Nebby fainted!

11d 0h 15m Lunala vs Lv. 78♂ Alakazam.

11d 0h 14m VS Frontier Brain Anabel!

11d 0h 13m Talked to Annabel and Looker.

11d 0h 10m On Route 8.

11d 0h 1m Outside.

10d 23h 58m Obtained TM44 Rest! (We gave the fake Hypno ₽1000)

10d 23h 54m Back in the Megamart.

10d 23h 49m Flew to Battle Royale.

10d 23h 47m Left the Thrifty Megamart.

10d 23h 43m Great Ball total: 109

10d 23h 42m Great Ball total: 107

10d 23h 41m Poké Balls: 999 EleGiggle

10d 23h 41m Poké Ball total: 903.

10d 23h 40m Bought 1 Great Ball. Total: 5

10d 23h 40m Bought 1 Timer Ball.

10d 23h 32m Poké Ball total at 713 I think.

10d 23h 31m Bought 2 Poké Balls.

10d 23h 30m Bought 1 Great Ball. Total 4.

10d 23h 30m Bought 4 Heal Balls.

10d 23h 29m Bought 2 Great Balls.

10d 23h 28m Poké Ball total now at 622. Current money ₽1,659,458.

10d 23h 28m ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ SHOPPPING SPREE! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

10d 23h 26m Sold a Full Heal.

10d 23h 26m 10d 23h 26m Poké Ball total now at 610.

10d 23h 26m And some Premier Balls.

10d 23h 26m Poké Ball total now at 511.

10d 23h 26m Poké Ball total now at 410.

10d 23h 25m [Chat] Grarrg: We're gonna end up with a full PC this run EleGiggle

10d 23h 25m Now at 306.

10d 23h 24m Bought more Poké Balls. Total now at 216.

10d 23h 21m Bought 2 Poké Balls.

10d 23h 20m Bought 102 Poké Balls. And they're discounted.

10d 23h 17m [Stats] Saved the game! Pokédex: 109 Play time: 262h 20m

10d 23h 15m Obtained Rawst Berries.

10d 23h 15m At the Thrifty Megamart 4Head

10d 23h 8m Flew to Paniola Rancho "O".

10d 23h 2m [Chat] L+007,3+R

10d 23h 0m Looker is spying on us. Obtained Enigmatic Card!

10d 22h 59m Obtained Decidium Z and Primarium Z!

10d 22h 59m [Chat] FunRun

10d 22h 58m DING-DONG

10d 22h 57m Inputs are back.

10d 22h 55m [Chat] ♫ ┌ Kreygasm ┘ ♪ OOHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH

10d 22h 52m Back at title screen.

10d 22h 52m Black screen.

10d 22h 50m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 22h 50m Stream paused.

10d 22h 50m The Game Card was removed. Uhhhh?

10d 22h 49m At title screen.

10d 22h 49m Game is saved!

10d 22h 18m [Chat] Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo Lillie BibleThump http://68.media.tumblr.com/6275fd57ac94103d5196b3bcfb61ec6d/tumblr_oipbm8tX9p1vhwy42o1_1280.jpg She better be in a future game...but at least the E-4 is finally down. Now to catch those Ultra Beasts.

[Snark] Rare badge PogChamp

10d 21h 59m Caught a Pidgey in Pinball.

Pinball is enlarged.

[Fluff] BibleThump


10d 21h 49m And inputs are frozen.

10d 21h 49m THE END

10d 21h 48m [Lillie] "Everyone's smiles shine so brightly. Those smiles led us to so many other people. And those meetings will lead us to a bright future. I'm so glad I got to meet someone. I'm so glad I got to meet you."

10d 21h 47m Everyone's smiles shine so brightly.

10d 21h 46m [Subscription] Live Updater /u/Leonys subscribed for 8 months! "Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited"

10d 21h 44m [Chat] #DansGuzma "Y'all are stupid!"

10d 21h 42m 368 viewers atm.

10d 21h 40m Lots of people spamming Jebaited, PogChamp, DansGame, CoolCat and VoHiYo in the chat.

10d 21h 39m [Discord] Mozilla Fennekin | ルクス: Tapu Koko? more like Tapu OHKO Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 21h 37m [Chat] Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited

10d 21h 37m A mysterious bag.


10d 21h 36m Back at home.

10d 21h 34m [Chat] #LoveLillie

10d 21h 34m Obtained Lillie's Poké Doll!

10d 21h 34m Lillie leaving. BibleThump

10d 21h 34m At "Hau'oli Marina (Marina".

10d 21h 33m [Chat] FunRun FunRun FunRun

10d 21h 32m DING-DONG!

10d 21h 28m Obtained Tapunium Z!

10d 21h 28m Seismitoad used Scald. OHKO'd Tapu Koko. Welp.


10d 21h 27m [Nebby] Mahina-peeeaaa!

10d 21h 26m Lillie healed our team!

10d 21h 26m Now at Ruins of Conflict.

10d 21h 25m LILLIE BGM

10d 21h 25m On Plank Bridge.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE VICTORY RIOT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

10d 21h 22m LILLIE!

10d 21h 21m Note: Nebby used Moongeist Beam. Primarina went down to red, but was buffeted by the hail. So epic.



ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ




10d 21h 17m Primarina at 60% HP.




10d 21h 16m Kukui only has two 'mon left, we have 4.

10d 21h 15m Sent out Incineroar.

10d 21h 15m Ninetales used Blizzard. Staraptor fainted!


10d 21h 14m 10d 21h 14m Staraptor used Close Combat. SNORLAX FAINTED!

10d 21h 14m Staraptor used Close Combat. Snorlax down to 5% HP.

10d 21h 13m Snorlax used Body Slam. Staraptor down to red. Tailwind stopped. Kukui used a Full Restore.

10d 21h 13m Snorlax used Crunch. Staraptor used Close Combat. Snorlax down to red.

10d 21h 12m Switched Lunala out for Staraptor.

10d 21h 12m Lunala used Z-Subzero Slammer. OHKO! Braviary down!

10d 21h 9m Lycanroc down!

10d 21h 9m VS KUKUI!

10d 21h 7m VS Hala. Defeated Hala!

10d 20h 55m Defeated Olivia!

10d 20h 48m VS Olivia!

10d 20h 47m Defeated Kahili!

10d 20h 34m VS Kahili!

10d 20h 34m Defeated Acerola!

10d 20h 27m VS Acerola!

10d 19h 54m Attempt #83.

10d 19h 54m Blacked out!

10d 19h 36m VS Kahili!

10d 19h 29m Attempt #82 starts now.

10d 19h 29m Ninetales used Blizzard. Toucannon fainted! Blacked out!

10d 19h 27m Sent out Toucannon.

10d 19h 27m Staraptor vs Ninetales. Ninetales used Blizzard. Staraptor fainted!

10d 19h 26m Close Combat again. Magnezone down!

10d 19h 26m Staraptor vs Magnezone. Staraptor used Close Combat. Magnezone down to ~5% HP.

10d 19h 25m Sent out Staraptor. Staraptor used Fly. Primarina down!

10d 19h 24m Incineroar used Darkest Lariat. Primarina down to 75%. Incineroar fainted!

10d 19h 24m Toucannon used Brick Break! Braviary down to 50%. Sent out Incineroar.

10d 19h 22m Braviary used Brave Bird. Seismitoad fainted!

10d 19h 22m Lycanroc down!

10d 19h 21m Lunala fainted!

10d 19h 20m VS KUKUI!

10d 19h 6m Defeated Hala!

10d 19h 2m VS Hala!

10d 18h 57m Defeated Kahili!

10d 18h 48m VS Kahili!

10d 18h 45m Defeated Olivia!

10d 18h 38m VS Olivia!

10d 18h 35m Defeated Acerola!

10d 18h 31m VS Acerola!

10d 18h 31m Attempt #81.


10d 18h 25m Incineroar used Cross Chop. Snorlax down to orange. Incineroar fainted! Blacked out!

10d 18h 24m Ninetales down!

10d 18h 23m Sent out Incineroar. (Lol, my input hit Switch)

10d 18h 22m Ninetales used Blizzard. Seismitoad fainted!

10d 18h 22m Sent out Seismitoad.

10d 18h 22m Ninetales used Blizzard. Toucannon fainted!

10d 18h 21m Brick Break again. Magnezone down!

10d 18h 21m Toucannon used Brick Break. Magnezone down to red.

10d 18h 21m Sent out Toucannon.

10d 18h 19m Magnezone used Zap Cannon. Staraptor fainted!

10d 18h 19m Braviary down to red again. Kukui switched out Braviary with Magnezone.

10d 18h 18m Kukui used a Full Restore. Staraptor used Fly.

10d 18h 18m Sent out Seismitoad again. Braviary used Tailwind. Seismitoad used Rock Throw. Braviary down to red. Sent out Staraptor.

10d 18h 16m Switched Seismitoad out for Swanna. Braviary used Brave Bird. Swanna fainted!

10d 18h 15m Lycanroc down!

10d 18h 14m Only Nebby is down. Resting in the bag, I guess.

10d 18h 14m VS KUKUI!

10d 18h 9m Defeated Hala!

10d 18h 8m VS Hala!

10d 18h 0m Defeated Kahili!

10d 17h 53m VS Kahili!

10d 17h 53m Defeated Olivia!

10d 17h 46m VS Olivia!

10d 17h 42m Defeated Acerola!

10d 17h 31m VS Acerola!

10d 17h 31m Attempt #80.

10d 17h 24m Blacked out!

10d 17h 8m VS Acerola!

10d 17h 8m Attempt #79.

10d 17h 1m Sent out Toucannon. Toucannon fainted due to the pointy stones. BLACKED OUT!

10d 16h 59m Sent out Incineroar. Ninetales used Moonblast. Incineroar fainted!



10d 16h 57m Nebby used Moongeist Beam. NINETALES DOWN TO RED


10d 16h 57m MAGNEZONE DOWN!

10d 16h 56m Kukui used a Full Restore.

10d 16h 56m Magnezone down to red.

10d 16h 56m Lunala used Moongeist Beam. Priimarina down!

10d 16h 55m Sent out Nebby.

10d 16h 55m Seismitoad used Hyper Voice. Primarina used Moon Blast. Seismitoad fainted!

10d 16h 54m Sent out Seismitoad. Seismitoad used Rock Slide on Primarina.

10d 16h 53m Incineroar used Cross Chop. Snorlax down!

10d 16h 53m Sent out Incineroar. VS Snorlax. Incineroar used Cross Chop.

10d 16h 52m Nebby vs Braviary. Used Z-Subzero Slammer. Braviary down!

10d 16h 49m Lycanroc down!

10d 16h 49m VS KUKUI!

10d 16h 43m Defeated Kahili!

10d 16h 33m VS Kahili!

10d 16h 29m Defeated Hala!

10d 16h 23m VS Hala!

10d 16h 20m Defeated Olivia!

10d 16h 16m VS Olivia!

10d 16h 12m Defeated Acerola!

10d 16h 8m VS Acerola!

10d 16h 7m Attempt #78.

10d 15h 58m Toucannon forgot Hyper Voice and learned Brick Break!

10d 15h 42m Toucannon used Drill Peck. Magnezone used Zap Cannon. Toucannon fainted! Blacked out!

10d 15h 42m Toucannon used Drill Peck. Snorlax down!

10d 15h 41m Incineroar fainted!

10d 15h 41m Sent out Incineroar. Used Flare Blitz. Ninetales down!

10d 15h 40m Seismitoad vs Ninetales. Seismitoad fainted!

10d 15h 38m Sent out Seismitoad. Seismitoad used Rock Slide. Braviary down!

10d 15h 37m Sent out Staraptor. Braviary used Brave Bird. Staraptor fainted!

10d 15h 36m Sent out Seismitoad. Braviary used Tailwind. Seismitoad used Scald and Braviary is burned.

10d 15h 35m Lunala fainted!

10d 15h 35m Lycanroc down!

10d 15h 34m VS KUKUI!

10d 15h 33m We tried to use a Revive on Swanna but fail to do so.

10d 15h 32m Currently at Champion room

10d 15h 32m vs and defeated Hala

10d 15h 16m VS Kahili!

10d 15h 14m Defeated Olivia!

10d 15h 14m VS Olivia!

10d 15h 14m Defeated Acerola!

10d 14h 58m VS Acerola!

10d 14h 58m Attempt #77.

10d 14h 54m Blacked out!

10d 14h 52m VS Olivia!

10d 14h 49m Defeated Acerola!

10d 14h 40m VS Acerola!

10d 14h 40m Attempt #76.

10d 14h 25m VS Olivia! Blacked out!

10d 14h 0m VS Hala!

10d 13h 57m Defeated Acerola!

10d 13h 50m Attempt #75, it seems.

10d 13h 48m VS Acerola!

10d 13h 48m Second attempt after the lull. If anyone knows the #, please tell me.

[Fluff] Thanks Boombafunk <3

[Info] Items and slot fixed

10d 13h 28m Blacked out!

[Info] Items and party order are completely messed up

10d 13h 5m VS Olivia!

10d 12h 32m Not sure what happened in the downtime. Run # is unknown. Currently in Mount Lanakila.

10d 12h 28m [Stats] Saved the game. Pokédex: 109 Play time: 251h 40m

[Meta] The updater will be going dark, although you really aren't missing much right now.

10d 8h 48m We swapped around some items. I have a screenshot of the final list: https://i.gyazo.com/842f23458f79296963893613cdf36d6c.png

10d 8h 43m We swapped the party order a bit, and hopefully get ideal positioning. Whatever that is.

[Snark] OneHand

10d 8h 28m And Swanna. We've done our whole team.

10d 8h 27m Toucannon with the Malsada.

10d 8h 24m We feed Staraptor a sweet Malsada.

10d 8h 23m We got a Big Malsada!

10d 8h 22m We feed Lunala a sweet Malsada. Yet we never feed ourselves.

10d 8h 19m We feed Sesmitoad a sweet Malsada!

10d 8h 18m We feed Incineroar a sweet Malsada!

10d 8h 7m We purchase a Sky Plate!

10d 8h 4m We purchase an Adamant Orb!

[Fluff] While you're bored, watch this. It'll make you laugh hopefully: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdmiVTzpVbQ

10d 7h 57m Currently wandering the Shopping District.

10d 7h 45m On the Beachfront.


10d 7h 34m We found a Super Potion!

10d 7h 28m Back on Route 3.

10d 7h 24m We found Honey!

10d 7h 23m We used it on a wild Petilil. It escaped.

10d 7h 22m We found a Great Ball!

10d 7h 21m Moving around in Melemele Meadow.

10d 7h 18m We fly to Route 3.

10d 7h 3m We arrive at Iki Town.

10d 6h 59m We found a Sharp Beak!

10d 6h 53m We ride around Route 3 with Stoutland. I don't know Alolan geography so let's go wherever! \o/

10d 6h 50m We flew to Route 2!

10d 6h 46m We fly to Tapu Village!

10d 6h 43m Two turns for run 73 to end! Black out!

10d 6h 42m VS Hala! We're about to faint.

10d 6h 37m We quickly take care of Mandibuzz and now we're against Togekiss. We use Brave Bird twice, while paralyzed, and KO Togekiss. Defeated Kahili!

10d 6h 37m Congrats to Ryodragon7 for the one millionth input!

10d 6h 36m We send out Swanna and OHKO Toucannon with an Ice Beam! Against Mandibuzz now.

10d 6h 34m We send out Sesmitoad and Toucannon gets healed. We use Rain Dance multiple times before getting KOed by Bullet Seed!

10d 6h 33m The enemy Toucannon is victorious as our Toucannon meets its end! We have two mons left vs her three.

10d 6h 31m And she immediately poisons us. We try to Bullet Seed before our foe sends out Toucannon! Which Toucannon will remain victorious? The Toucannoning continues.

10d 6h 30m We use Drill Peck and Beak Blast to quickly take care of her. Kahili's next mon is Mandibuzz.

10d 6h 29m We send out Toucannon and quickly take care of Gliscor. Up next is Altaria!

10d 6h 28m We use Fly and Endeavour before a crit Aerial Ace KOs Staraptor! This run isn't looking so good.

10d 6h 26m We send out Sesmitoad, who swaps to Staraptor so we can use strats and dodge an Earthquake. Clearly.

10d 6h 26m We get hit with an Earthquake and Incineroar faints!

10d 6h 25m Against Gliscor. We use Cross Chop and it starts up with Swords Dance. It also uses Toxic Orb/Poison Heal for a deadly recovery.

10d 6h 24m As Sesmitoad, we use Scald and do a lot of damage before Incineroar is dragged out. We use Cross Chop and finish him off.


10d 6h 22m Another whirlwind. Incineroar gets dragged out. We try to thrash, and after it lays down some Spikes, another whirlwind!

[Info] One millionth input is coming up soon!

10d 6h 21m We use Rain Dance before Whirlwind swaps us out. Staraptor is our next mon.

10d 6h 19m We get hit with a Whirlwind and Toucannon is sent out. We use Beak Blast before we get swapped out with Whirlwind. Sesmitoad is back.

10d 6h 19m Vs Kahili! We send out Sesmitoad against Skarmory!

[Recap] We beat Acerola (but Lunala fainted!) and slightly swapped party order in Didney Worl.

[Fluff] We're taking frequent visits to Didney Worl

10d 5h 53m VS Acerola!

10d 5h 46m Attempt #73.

10d 5h 45m Blacked out!

10d 5h 34m VS Acerola!

10d 5h 34m Attempt #72.

10d 5h 23m Blacked out.

10d 5h 16m All of our 'mon except Swanna have fainted.

10d 4h 58m VS Kahili!

10d 4h 50m Back on Mount Lanakila.

10d 4h 45m Flew to Tapu Village.

10d 4h 44m [Chat] Trollkitten: Well, we already know our team is capable of beating Kukui IF we manage not to throw or goof up... the problem is that we've always either thrown or goofed up.

10d 4h 42m Blacked out!

10d 4h 34m VS Acerola!

10d 4h 28m Defeated Olivia!

10d 4h 22m VS Olivia!

10d 4h 15m Attempt #70.

10d 4h 6m Nickname: ___________a (11 spaces + a)


10d 3h 46m We're on a Malasada shopping spree.

10d 3h 40m We buy a Spicy Masalada, Nebby reluctantly eats it.

10d 3h 39m We also buy our daily Big Masalada.

10d 3h 36m We buy a Bitter Masalada and feed it to Staraptor.

[Info] Last urn was urn 69

10d 3h 30m We fly to Malie City. We need a vacation, or something.

10d 3h 27m Now we're just outside of Po Town.

10d 3h 26m We've flown to Tapu Village.

10d 3h 24m Toucannon faints to Zap Cannon. Urn 69 is kill. Not nice.


10d 3h 23m Toucannon holds on for another turn by avoiding Zap Cannon.

10d 3h 22m Stream is back to normal.

10d 3h 22m Inputs are back.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 3h 20m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 3h 20m Chat is in emote-only mode. Stream down!

10d 3h 17m [Chat] Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited

10d 3h 16m Inputs are frozen for some reason.

10d 3h 13m Our last Pokémon is Toucannon. It stands against its worst enemy: Magnezone.

10d 3h 13m Incineroar comes out and takes a bunch of damage from Stealth Rock. He barely outlasts a Moonblast, but can't survive the recoil from Flare Blitz. It's a double KO!

10d 3h 10m Seismitoad comes in for the fourth time this battle. Apparently it's holding a useless Z Crystal. Also, it's taken down by Blizzard.

10d 3h 9m Back to Seismitoad. ...Nope, we switch to Nebby immediately. Nebby is taken out by Blizzard.

10d 3h 9m Staraptor comes in again, but is immediately taken out by Blizzard.

10d 3h 8m Swanna is switched in as Ninetales comes in. Swanna is KO'd by Blizzard.

10d 3h 8m Braviary used Whirlwind anyway, and Seismitoad came back in to finish it.

10d 3h 7m We switch Seismitoad for Nebby. It uses Ice Beam; Braviary just barely holds on and forces Staraptor in with its Red Card. Staraptor Intimidates it, but Braviary's Defiant reverses the stat change!

10d 3h 6m vs. Kukui!! Lycanroc sets up hazards. Seismitoad takes it out after Rock Slide, while also taking a turn to use Rain Dance.

10d 3h 5m We sit down on the throne. Time to face Kukui. nice

10d 3h 1m Although some people are still trying to use items, we've reached the Champion's room. nice

10d 2h 56m Toucannon is holding a Groundium Z now.

10d 2h 51m Exp. Share turned on.

10d 2h 51m We used a Revive on Swanna! We return to having a full party!

10d 2h 47m [Snark] I don't give a hoot about the Pokedex right now.

10d 2h 45m Toucannon is now holding an Icium Z.

10d 2h 43m We used a Max Revive on Seismitoad!!

10d 2h 34m [Donation] $11.11 from michaelgno1: "Jebaited DIDNEY STORM Jebaited"

10d 2h 32m Staraptor and Lunala swapped places in the party.

[Fluff] Heal Factions vs No Heal Faction vs Didney Worl Jebaited

10d 2h 31m After five minutes of fiddling with the bag, DIDNEY WORL.

10d 2h 25m We switch Toucannon back in to finish the battle. Hala defeated!

10d 2h 24m Touccanon uses Drill Peck to KO Conkledurr and we send in Nebby vs Crabomination and Shadow Ball and it Ice Hammers, he heals and Psychic takes it down

10d 2h 22m We fly kill Hariyama and Primeape but then send Seismitoad vs Conkeldurr, we Scald then Rain Dance and Seimitoad down

10d 2h 19m vs. Elite Four Hala. Seismitoad is immediately switched for Staraptor.

10d 2h 16m DIDNEY WORL

10d 2h 16m Tactical save.

10d 2h 15m We're in the final room, Hala's chamber. nice

10d 2h 14m [Donation] $3.00 from OliviaJasmine: "All scammers should be forced to live in a world where the floor is legos DansGame"

10d 2h 13m Nebby finishes the battle without any further issues.

10d 2h 12m After getting three consecutive KO's, Swanna is taken out by Togekiss.

10d 2h 9m We bring in Swanna against Altaria. Yache Berry lets it survive an Ice Beam, but it only uses Double Dance twice before falling.

10d 2h 8m Two more Scald attacks finally take that steel bird out.

10d 2h 7m Skarmory is still holding up after Staraptor's Fly, and forces Seismitoad in. Kahili heals Skarmory with a Full Restore.

10d 2h 6m Skarmory takes a Drill Peck and force-switches Staraptor in.

10d 2h 6m vs. Kahili! Her Skarmory tanks a Scald and then forces Toucannon to switch in with Whirlwind.

10d 2h 4m We're in Kahili's room. nice

10d 2h 1m Toad was cured with a Full Heal!

10d 2h 0m We get through Olivia with no party deaths, but Seismitoad is badly poisoned with 160/353 HP left.

10d 1h 55m vs. Olivia! Scald can't get the OHKO, so Gigalith gets Stealth Rock up and is healed with an item afterwards.

10d 1h 53m We move to Olivia's room. nice

10d 1h 51m Nebby had to take a little damage from Froslass, but is otherwise fine. Acerola defeated!

10d 1h 48m We didn't switch out Incineroar with Gengar, but Incineroar dodged a Focus Blast to cancel our worries. Nebby is sent in against Palossand.

10d 1h 47m Incineroar defeats Dhelmise with 200/320 HP.

10d 1h 46m After taking out Golurk, we switch Toad for Incineroar against Dhelmise.

10d 1h 44m vs. sp00ky Acerola. Seismitoad is our lead, as usual.

10d 1h 43m We're in Acerola's room. nice

10d 1h 34m We enter the Pokémon League. Time to start the 69th Urn. nice

[Fluff] Few steps have been made towards the League. We all need a bit of a breather after that...

[Info] Rip Urn 68

[Chat] Rjri: if we didn't send toucan to die to the stones TriHard ...



10d 1h 28m Kukui uses a Full Restore on Ninetales! Incineroar uses Flare Blitz! TRIPLE KO. INCINEROAR, NINETALES, AND THE URN ARE ALL DOWN.


10d 1h 27m ♪ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ -- Oh, nevermind.

10d 1h 27m Close Combat puts Ninetales in the critical range, but Blizzard knocks out Staraptor! It's a sudden death for Incineroar!

10d 1h 26m Kukui's final Pokémon is Alolan Ninetales!

10d 1h 26m Staraptor comes in and revenge-KO's with Close Combat!

10d 1h 25m Swanna is taken down by the recoil of another Brave Bird. Magnezone still has over half its health.

10d 1h 25m Brave Bird hits again, Zap Cannon misses again!

10d 1h 25m Swanna hits with Brave Bird. The recoil puts it at only 22/304 HP. But Magnezone misses with Zap Cannon!

10d 1h 24m We bring in Swanna. It gets the KO on Primarina with Brave Bird, but hardly has any HP left! Kukui sends in Magnezone.

10d 1h 23m Toucannon is knocked out by Stealth Rock damage.

10d 1h 23m Toad can't get a flinch with Rock Slide. Primarina knocks out Toad with a critical Moonblast.

10d 1h 22m We switch to Seismitoad as Kukui sends in Primarina.

10d 1h 22m Incineroar lands a powerful Cross Chop, almost knocking Snorlax out, but High Horsepower puts a lot of pressure on us. But, Incineroar makes it through and knocks out Snorlax!

10d 1h 21m Kukui sends in Snorlax. Nebby's Ice Beam and even its Subzero Slammer deal incredibly small damage. Lunala is knocked out after two Crunches and a High Horsepower. We bring in Incineroar.

10d 1h 19m Braviary comes in and sets up Tailwind. Seismitoad uses Rock Slide and is forced out by Red Card. Nebby comes in and takes it out with Ice Beam.

10d 1h 19m Scald has no more PP, so we switch to Rock Slide. It takes two hits to take out Lycanroc after Kukui healed it. Toad has 193 HP left.

10d 1h 18m Lycanroc sets up Stealth Rock. Seismitoad Scalds, but doesn't get the KO thanks to Focus Sash.

10d 1h 17m Here we go, vs. Kukui with a full party!

10d 1h 14m On Champ stairs

10d 1h 7m We use a Max Ether on Drill Peck

10d 1h 3m We use a Revive on Swanna

[Info] Everyone alive but Toucannon at red hp and paralyzed and Seismitoad losing 1/16hp

10d 1h 1m Gliscor in and uses Aerial Ace Kreygasm and we use Drill Peck, she uses a Full Heal and we Drill Peck again and kill, Kahili down

10d 1h 0m Swan faints from Togekiss after using Potion, we then send Toucannon and Drill Peck and we get paralyzed, she uses Moonblast and we Drill Peck to KO

10d 0h 58m Seismitoad uses 2 Scalds to beat Skarmory after Air Slash and now Swan Ice Beam spam on Altaria, Mandibuzz and Toucannon

10d 0h 55m Vs Kahili

10d 0h 55m We Revive Nebby and spam Potions to max hp, then lefotver Potions to Staraptor and Swanna

We use a Revival Herb on Frog

[Info] Hala down

20d 0h 29m Vs Hala

10d 0h 24m Acerola down

10d 0h 22m Toad down

10d 0h 21m Nebby down

10d 0h 20m Vs Acerola

[Info] Urn 68

10d 0h 17m We beat olivia easy with Seismitoad only taking 2 Erath Powers

10d 0h 7m We finally throw, blackout, rip 67

10d 0h 2m Vs Acerola

9d 23h 55m We somehow still beat Olivia while trying to throw

9d 23h 44m People are throwing since Nebby took Stealth Rock damage and we can't beat Acerola properly without Shadow Shield

9d 23h 42m Seismitoad beats the first 3 mon easily but then while set up rain vs Probopass it crits and drops spD, and gets off another Earth Power and then rain ends against Relicanth but we switch to Nebby and looks lik people want to throw

9d 23h 33m Urn 67 start

9d 23h 28m Urn 66 = rip

9d 23h 28m Nebby gets Crunched instantly, Staraptor tries to FLy and dodge but he sets up Smogon rocks, we hit fFly and Stone Edge kills, Toucan switch in but then he switch to Magnezone and we switch to cat but spam Darkest Lariat and Magnezone kills us

9d 23h 21m Vs Kukui

9d 23h 13m On the Champ stairs

9d 23h 1m Hala down after Fly and Drill Peck spam

9d 22h 57m We beat her after Swanna faints, Vs Hala now

9d 22h 47m Seismitoad faints after Skarmory faints

9d 22h 45m Vs Kahili

9d 22h 37m We beat her but Nebby takes Two Shadow Balls from Froslass since she didnt heal and Seismitoad took a Focus Blast from Gengar putting him at yellow

9d 22h 31m In Acerola's room

9d 22h 30m [Info] This is Urn 66, Thanks Renlev

9d 22h 28m VS Olivia, Seismitoad sweeps her taking 2 Earth Powers from Probopass leaving her at 218/353hp

9d 22h 23m Attempt 65 start!

[Info] We Blacked out vs Kahili, attempt 64 rip

9d 22h 2m [Chat] PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp

9d 22h 1m Revived Seismitoad!

9d 22h 0m VS Kahili!

9d 21h 52m Lunala fainted!

9d 21h 47m VS Hala!

9d 21h 41m Seismitoad fainted!

9d 21h 35m VS Acerola!

9d 21h 35m None of our Pokémon have fainted yet.

9d 21h 25m VS Olivia!

9d 21h 15m Blacked out!

9d 20h 54m [Chat] Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo Eh? We are still fighting E-4? But I thought for sure we'd beat them last night...uh-oh...

9d 20h 52m Swanna fainted! Blacked out!

9d 20h 51m Toucannon fainted!

9d 20h 49m VS Olivia!

9d 20h 39m Defeated Acerola!

[Snark] is this teh urn?!

9d 20h 36m Incineroar fainted!

9d 20h 34m Nebby fainted!

9d 20h 31m Staraptor fainted!

9d 20h 27m Seismitoad fainted!

9d 20h 27m [Info] Attempt #63.

9d 20h 24m VS Acerola!

9d 20h 24m [Chat] Xeogran: #Acerola VoHiYo Let's make her trending


9d 20h 14m Magnezone used Zap Cannon. Staraptor fainted! Blacked out!

9d 20h 13m Staraptor used Fly.

9d 20h 11m Toucannon fainted!

9d 20h 10m Sent out le Toucannon.

9d 20h 10m Staraptor used Close Combat. Lycanroc down.

9d 20h 9m Staraptor used Fly. Lycanroc down to yellow. Staraptor too.

9d 20h 9m VS KUKUI!

9d 20h 3m Gallade down. Defeated Hala!

9d 20h 2m (Oh, and Hariyama as well, first 'mon)

9d 20h 2m Scrafty down.

9d 20h 1m Crabominable down.

9d 20h 0m Conkeldurr down.

9d 20h 0m Primeape down.

9d 19h 58m VS Hala!

[Info] Actually urn 62

9d 19h 52m Defeated Kahili!

9d 19h 52m Swanna fainted!

9d 19h 48m Seismitoad fainted!

9d 19h 44m Incineroar fainted!

9d 19h 42m VS Kahili!

9d 19h 40m In Kahili's room

[Fluff] Im expecting teh urn to happen soon since Mystic Water kills Relicanth

9d 19h 26m Nebby faints from stealth rock damage from switch in hut now we can see Mystic Water Seismitoad under rain can OHKO Relicanth with Scald, rest of battle was easy and Seismitoad at 203/383 hp

9d 19h 18m In Olivia's room

9d 19h 13m She heals and Outrage is disabked, we switch to Swanna and tank Focus Blast, she uses Sludge wave, swan at less than half hp and we freeze Gengar with Ice Beam, 2nd Ice Beam kills, Acerola down

9d 19h 9m Nebby uses Shadow Ball to beat Palossand, we switch to cat and she Focus Blasts to do over half and we Outrage which takes her to red and Cursed Body Activated

9d 19h 6m Shadow Ball sweeps Dhelmise, Drifblim, Froslass but is at red hp due to 2 Shadow Ball's from Froslass, she didnt heal since she got the shadow Ball drop

9d 19h 4m Seismitoad Scald's Golurk to kill, we switch to Nebby

9d 19h 3m We enter Acerola's room

9d 19h 1m Urn #63

9d 18h 47m Staraptor has Icium Z instead of Fightinium

9d 18h 46m We give it back the Icium Z

9d 18h 45m We give Lunala Black Glasses

9d 18h 45m We give the Swan the Never Melt Ice

9d 18h 29m We give Seismitoad Misty Water Nothing else happened except trying to give Never melt Ice to Swan

9d 17h 46m We give Lunala Icium Z

9d 17h 34m We send in Lunala and Moonblast + prz + Moonblast = rip us, Urn 61 fail

9d 17h 33m 3 Outrages take Snorlax out, Primarina uses Hydro Vortex to kill cat

9d 17h 32m We send in cat and Flare Blitz kill Magnezone, he sends in Snorlax

9d 17h 31m We send in Swan and Bubblebeam kill Lycanroc, he sends in Magnezone and we Hurricane, Thunderbolt takes swan out

9d 17h 28m We scald Lycanroc and 2 Crunches take frog out

9d 17h 26m Vs Kukui

9d 17h 26m We beat Kahili and Hala, Toucannon and Staraptor down and Nebby is half hp and prz

9d 17h 0m We beat her but now Seismitoad is at 108/353 hp

9d 16h 53m In Olivia's room

9d 16h 47m As the past two runs, we sweep Acerola with Nebby and Seismitoad taking 1/4 damage

9d 16h 44m Urn 61 started, In Acerola's room

9d 16h 31m We send in Staraptor and Fly to dodge, we hit it and Magnezone ends the urn, blackout

9d 16h 29m We send in Nebby get paralyzed and he hits Zap Cannon again

9d 16h 28m We send in toad and we use Scald, he uses Flash cannon, we now use Hyper Voice and Flash Cannon kills

9d 16h 26m We send in Toucan and use Drill Peck to KO Primarina, he sends in Magnezone and Bullet Seed it, Zap Cannon hits, Toucan out

9d 16h 24m HE switches Braviary to Primarina and we Darkest Lariat it and do almost half, it uses Hyper Voice with Liquid Voice ability to take us to red hp, he uses Hydro Vortex and overkills Incineroar

9d 16h 23m He sends in Braviary and uses Tailwind and we Hydro Vortex and he survives by about 1hp and Red Card switches us to Cat, we take Stealth Rock damage

9d 16h 22m He sets up Smogon Rocks and we Scald, Lycanroc uses its sash to survive (how do sashes work?) but we burn and kill!

9d 16h 21m Vs Professor KU KU KU KU KUI!

9d 16h 18m Lunala level 100 in the past urns, FULL 100 TEAM PogChamp, and we just turn of Exp Share

9d 16h 17m Looks like the mob has decided to go on, but we need to sit on the chair now

9d 16h 10m Still planning

[Info] Some are brainstorming for plan

9d 15h 58m Some want to heal and some want to change

[Info] Looks Like while i was afk we beat the rest of them and at Kukui, Seismitoad at half, Lunala at half and prz, Toucan and cat at full hp

9d 15h 29m In Olivia's room

9d 15h 25m We sweep her easy with Nebby taking 1/4 dmg

9d 15h 19m Inside Acerola's room, Urn 60

9d 15h 19m We throw the match after Nebby faints since no point in continuing a failed urn

9d 15h 4m Vs Olivia

9d 14h 55m Seismitoad faints, We beat her with no other damage on our team, But Olivia still remains

9d 14h 45m Vs Kahili

9d 14h 40m We beat Acerola with only Nebby taking 1/4 dmg

9d 14h 35m Attempt 59, In Acerola's Room

9d 14h 21m Saving photo's the to SD card

9d 14h 20m Out and picturing with the Poke Finder

9d 14h 16m In didney

[Info] Rip Attempt 58

9d 14h 13m Staraptor takes Stealth Rock dmg and faints, blackout

9d 14h 12m Toucan uses Drill Peck on Braviary after it uses Tailwind, he sends in Magnezone and Zap Cannon hits immediately

9d 14h 10m Braviary uses Brave Bird and finishes Staraptor

9d 14h 10m We send in Staraptor again Braviary and activate it's Defiant ability, We Fly and take out over half hp and activate red card and Cat is sent out, take sSealth Rock damage an Brave Bird to the face and lives with 108/320 hp

9d 14h 8m Braviary uses Crush Claw to finish Seismitoad

9d 14h 7m VS Kukui, He sets up smogon rocks, we Scald and activate sash, he Full Restores, Scald takes it down, Seismitoad at red hp now due to poison

[Info] Kukui time and we have frog at half + poison, Starptor at half, Toucan and cat at full hp

9d 14h 3m Hala down after Staraptor Fly spam, he's at half hp

9d 13h 52m We beat Olivia but Seismitoad is poison and Nebby fainted and in yellow hp

[Info] Nebby got paralyzed by Togekiss though

9d 13h 39m In Olivia's room

9d 13h 37m Swanna faints and we beat Kahili with Nebby + Swanna Combo

9d 13h 27m Vs Kahili

9d 13h 25m Staraptor lost about half hp and Nebby's at over 2/3

9d 13h 24m Acerola down

9d 13h 19m Lunala 99

9d 13h 16m In Acerola's room

9d 13h 16m Urn 58 Start

[Fluff] Probably the worst urn yet

9d 13h 15m Blackout, Urn 57 end

9d 13h 6m In Olivia's room

9d 13h 3m Seismitoad and Incineroar faint, Nebby to half hp and we beat Acerola

9d 12h 54m [Info] Attempt 57 according to Duplex

9d 12h 51m In Acerola's Room

9d 12h 41m Attempt #55 starts now.

9d 12h 41m Swanna fainted! Blacked out!

9d 12h 40m Hariyama down.

9d 12h 37m We throw several potions at Swanna.

9d 12h 35m Staraptor fainted!

9d 12h 32m Used a Potion on Incineroar. Incineroar fainted!

9d 12h 29m Lunala fainted!

9d 12h 28m Hariyama used Knock Off. Lunala down to 2/402HP.

9d 12h 27m VS Hala!

9d 12h 24m Gliscor down. Defeated Kahili!

9d 12h 23m Togekiss down.

9d 12h 22m Toucannon fainted!

9d 12h 21m Toucannon down.

9d 12h 20m Kahili used a Full Restore.

9d 12h 20m Toucannon vs Toucannon. Oh boy.

9d 12h 20m Toucannon down to red. Toucannon used Bullet Seed. Seismitoad fainted!

9d 12h 19m Altaria down.

9d 12h 18m Mandibuzz down.

9d 12h 16m Skarmory down.

9d 12h 16m VS Kahili!

9d 12h 12m Seismitoad used Z-Hydro Vortex. Gengar down. Defeated Acerola!

9d 12h 12m Palossand down.

9d 12h 11m Froslass down.

9d 12h 11m Acerola used a Full Restore.

9d 12h 10m Drifblim down.

9d 12h 10m Dhelmise down.

9d 12h 9m Golurk down.

9d 12h 9m VS Acerola!

9d 12h 3m Attempt #56.

9d 12h 2m Swanna fainted! Blacked out!

9d 12h 2m Altaria used Sky Attack. Incineroar fainted!

9d 12h 1m Toucannon fainted!

9d 11h 58m Staraptor fainted!

9d 11h 57m Kahili used a Full Restore.

9d 11h 55m Mandibuzz down.

9d 11h 55m Lunala fainted!

9d 11h 54m Skarmory down.

9d 11h 53m VS Kahili!

9d 11h 50m Gengar down. Defeated Acerola!

9d 11h 48m Seismitoad fainted!

9d 11h 47m Acerola used a Full Restore.

9d 11h 46m Lunala leveled up to 98!

9d 11h 46m Palossand down.

9d 11h 45m Froslass down. Nebby down to 58/398HP.

9d 11h 44m Drifblim down.

9d 11h 44m Dhelmise down.

9d 11h 43m Golurk down.

9d 11h 43m VS Acerola!

9d 11h 37m Attempt #55.

9d 11h 37m Incineroar fainted! Blacked out!

9d 11h 37m Gliscor down.

9d 11h 35m Mandibuzz down.

9d 11h 33m Swanna fainted!

9d 11h 31m Altaria down.

9d 11h 30m Altaria used Sky Attack! OHKO'd Toucannon, Toucannon fainted!

9d 11h 29m Altaria used Sky Attack. Seismitoad fainted!

9d 11h 25m Staraptor fainted!

9d 11h 24m Skarmory down.

9d 11h 21m VS Kahili!

9d 11h 17m Gengar down. Defeated Acerola!

9d 11h 17m Sent out Seismitoad. Gengar used Focus Blast. Used Z-Hydro Vortex.

9d 11h 16m Gengar used Shadow Ball. Lunala fainted!

9d 11h 15m Palossand down.

9d 11h 15m Frosslass clutches down to 1HP, heals, but goes down anyway.

9d 11h 14m Froslass down.

9d 11h 14m Drifblim down.

9d 11h 13m Dhelmise down.

9d 11h 13m Golurk down.

9d 11h 12m VS Acerola!

9d 11h 12m Attempt #54.

9d 11h 4m Vs. Lycanroc. We send out Palpitoad. It uses Stone Edge and KOs Palpitoad before we can use Scald. We send out Toucannon. We dodge Stone Edge and use Bullet Seed. It barely survives 2 hits. Kukui uses a Full Restore. We get 2 more Bullet Seeds in before Toucannon is KOd by Stone Edge. We send out Incineroar, our last Pokémon. Stone Edge destroys Queso. We black out, RIP URN #53.

9d 11h 1m Vs. Kukui!

9d 11h 0m We strut up the stairs and do laps around the champion room. #TPPGameOfThrones = #TPPGameOfThrows.

9d 10h 56m [Info] We've defeated the E4; prepping for Kukui. Staraptor, Swanna, and Lunala are KOd. Incineroar has half HP, and Mr. Toad is barely alive and poisoned.

9d 10h 55m Vs. Tyranitar. We use Scald. No more Tyranitar. Olivia defeated!

9d 10h 54m Vs. Relicanth. We use Scald, taking it to half. It uses Toxic against us. Relicanth uses Protect while we refresh Rain Dance. We use scald again, though we are thwarted by Protect (again). We try a third Scald, which KOs Relicanth.

9d 10h 52m Vs. Probopass. We use Scald. Probopass survives with Sturdy, but it is burned and faints, though not before firing off an ineffective Earth Power.

9d 10h 51m Vs. Lycanroc. We use Scald. No more Lycanroc.

9d 10h 51m Vs. Golem. We use our Z Power and uses Hydro Vortex. No more Golem.

9d 10h 50m Vs. Gigalith. We send out Mr. Toad. We use Rain Dance to counteract Sand Stream. Gigalith uses Stealth Rock. We use Scald. No more Gigalith.

9d 10h 49m We stumble into Olivia's Rock Chamber. Vs Olivia!

9d 10h 46m Vs. Gallade. We use Drill Peck. No more Gallade. Hala defeated!

9d 10h 46m 9d 10h 45m Vs. Scrafty. We use Drill Peck. No more Scrafty.

9d 10h 45m Vs. Crabominable. We use Drill Peck. No more Crabominable.

9d 10h 45m Vs. Conkeldurr. It uses Mach Punch; Staravia faints. We deploy Toucannon. We use Drill Peck. No more Conkeldurr.

9d 10h 44m Vs. Primeape. We use Fly. Primeape dodges and uses Stone Edge. Staraptor barely survives. We use Fly again, KOing Primeape.

9d 10h 43m Vs. Hariyama. We send out Palpitoad, but switch to Staraptor first turn. Hariyama uses Close Combat. We easily survive and use Fly. No more Hariyama.

9d 10h 41m VS Hala

9d 10h 40m We take a brief intermission from sweeping the E4 for #DIDNEY.

9d 10h 35m Vs. Gliscor. We use our Z-Ring and fire off Hydro Vortex! No more Gliscor. Kahili defeated!!

9d 10h 34m We deploy Mr. Toad. We use Rock Slide, KOing Togekiss.

9d 10h 34m Vs. Togekiss. We use Ice Beam, which does almost 50% damage. We are paralyzed, then Swanna is KOd by a critical Moonblast.

9d 10h 33m Vs. Toucannon. Swanna uses Ice Beam. Toucannon survives in the red. It kills itself with its own recoil.

9d 10h 32m Vs. Altaria. Swanna uses Ice Beam, taking Altaria to 1/3rd health. Altaria uses Dragon Dance. It charges Sky Attack, but Swanna finishes it with Ice Beam first.

9d 10h 32m Vs. Mandibuzz. We use Ice Beam. Mandibuzz survives with 1/4 HP. Lunala is KOd. We send out Swanna (who avoids spikes). Swanna uses Ice Beam and KOs Mandibuzz.

9d 10h 30m Vs. Skarmory. We send out Lunala. We use Moongesit Beam, taking Skarmory to 1/4th health. It uses Spikes. We finish Skarmory off with Ice Beam.

9d 10h 29m We strut into Kahili's room and read the words she says. Vs Kahili!

9d 10h 25m Vs. Gengar. We deftly send out Incineroar. Gengar moves first, but we use Darkest Lariat and KO Gengar. Acerola defeated!

9d 10h 24m Vs. Palossand. Lunala uses Moongeist Beam. No more Palossand.

9d 10h 24m Vs. Froslass. Froslass uses Shadow Ball. Lunala uses Shadow Ball. Frosslass survives with Focus Sash; Acerola uses a full restore. Lunala uses Shadow Ball and KOs Froslass, though Cursed Body takes effect.

9d 10h 23m Vs. Drifblim. Lunala survives a Sucker Punch and uses Shadow Ball. No more Drifblim.

9d 10h 22m Vs. Dhelmise. Lunala uses Shadow Ball. No more Dhelmise.

9d 10h 22m Vs. Golurk. We send out Lunala and use Shadow Ball. No more Golurk.

9d 10h 21m We stagger into Acerola's Room and see what she has to say. E4 Attempt 53 begins!

9d 10h 19m Axieu is reordering Lunala's moves: Current Order: Ice Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Moongeist Beam.

9d 10h 15m We've flown back to Pokémon League Pokémon Center. Dat Checkpoint tho.

9d 10h 13m We reordered Incineroar's moveset a bit. Cross Chop is now first, Darkest Lariat is now last.

9d 10h 2m #DIDNEY

9d 10h 1m We suck some Zygarde Cells off of a vacant balcony.

9d 9h 56m We pick up a Full Heal after another 20 minutes of staggering around Aether.

9d 9h 36m We pick up a Hyper Potion at Aether Paradise.

[Snark] Only ½ of it though.

9d 9h 25m We get drunk, call Charizard Uber a few times, and end up at Aether Paradise.

9d 9h 18m We're hobbling north through Vast Poni Canyon.

9d 9h 17m [Fluff] We put the Ice Beam TM in the Free Space afterwards.

9d 9h 17m We teach Ice Beam to Lunala; it forgets Night Daze.

9d 9h 14m We find TM 91 Flash Cannon on the house boat!

9d 9h 13m We toddle into a Steelix-shaped boat house and go fishing. We run into a wild Dhelmise!

9d 8h 57m Charizard flies us back to Seafolk Village. #RIPMusic

9d 8h 52m We're reordering Nebby's moveset to make it safer to teach moves. Current order: Night Daze, Psychic, Shadowball, Moongeist Beam.

9d 8h 49m We stagger north to the Poni Wilds. Unova's Route 10 music is playing.

9d 8h 41m We buy the Blizzard TM.

9d 8h 40m We buy TM10 Calm Mind. #GetYourSmogonOn

9d 8h 40m [Info] We have ₽ 956838 from our 52 E4 attempts. We're currently window shopping some TMs.

9d 8h 38m Charizard whisks us to Poni Canyon, then the Seafolk Village Pokémon Center. We narrowly avoid healing.

9d 8h 32m [Chat] After several minutes of discussion regarding items, chat is attempting to fly away on a detour to obtain Nevermeltice.

9d 8h 20m Vs. Golem. We use Leech Seed; three hits takes Golem to half health. Toucannon falls; RIP E4 Attempt #52.

9d 8h 20m Vs. Relicanth. We uses Bullet Seed, KOing Relicanth with four hits!

9d 8h 19m Vs. Gigalith. Toucannon manages to prevail with an x5 Bullet Seed and knock out Gigalith.

9d 8h 18m Vs. Olivia. We send out Toucannon, our only remaining Pokémon.

9d 8h 14m We give WateriumZ to Palpitoad!

9d 8h 7m Vs. Gallade. We withdraw Staraptor and send out Incineroar. Gallade uses Swords Dance while Queso uses Cross Chop. Gallade uses Knock Off. Our next Cross Chop misses. Gallade uses Close Combat and KOs Incineroar. We send out Staravia and uses a useless Endeavor. Gallade uses Close Combat and KOs Staravia. We send out Toucannon and use Bullet Seed, KOing Gallade. Hala Defeated!

9d 8h 3m Vs. Scrafty. Staravia uses Fly while Scrafty uses Dragon Dance and a missed High Jump Kick. Fly hits. No more Scrafty.

9d 8h 2m Vs. Crabominable. Staravia uses Fly. No more Crabominable.

9d 8h 1m Vs. Conkeldurr. Staravia uses Fly, evading Stone Edge. Conkeldurr is burned by its Flame Orb. It falls to Fly in the next turn.

9d 7h 59m Vs. Primeape. Swanna uses Hurricane, but Primeape dodges. Swanna falls. We send out Incineroar. We uses Darkest Lariat, taking Primeape to half. Primeape's red card switches Incineroar out for Staraptor. Staravia uses Fly, KOing Primeape on the next turn.

9d 7h 52m Vs. Hariyama. We decide to use a Revive on our full-health Swanna. Hariyama uses an ineffective Knock Off in retaliation. We spend several more minutes playing with Revives before wasting it on ourselves. Hariyama uses Close Combat. Swanna uses an ineffective Ice Beam, taking Hariyama into the red. It uses Close Combat. We use Hurricane and finally KO Hariyama.

9d 7h 51m Vs. Hariyama. We send out Lunala. We use Shadow Ball. Hariyama uses Knock Off. We use another Shadow Ball, taking Hariyama to 1/4 HP. It uses Knockoff and KOs Lunala. We send out Swanna and get lost in menus for several minutes.

9d 7h 46m 9d 7h 46m We stagger on up to Hala and challenge him to a fight.

9d 7h 39m Vs. Gengar. We swap out Lunala for Toucannon. Gengar uses Sludge Wave. We use Drill Peck, KOing Gengar. Acerola defeated.

9d 7h 38m 9d 7h 37m Vs. Palossand. We use Shadow Ball. No more Palossand.

9d 7h 37m Vs. Froslass. Froslass uses Shadow Ball on us. We use Shadow Ball. Froslass hangs on with Focus Sash. Acerola uses a Full Restore on Froslass. We use another Shadow Ball and KO Froslass.

9d 7h 36m Vs. Drifblim. We use Shadow Ball. No more Drifblim.

9d 7h 35m Lunala to Level 97.

9d 7h 35m Vs. Dhelmise. We send out [Nebby] . We use Shadow Ball and KO Dhelmise.

9d 7h 34m Vs. Dhelmise. We use Scald. Dhelmise uses Power Whip and KOs Toad.

9d 7h 33m Vs. Golurk. We send out Toad. We use Scald, which KOs Golurk.

9d 7h 33m We stagger into Acerola's room and challenge her to a fight. Begin Attempt #52!

9d 7h 29m We fire up the QR code scanner and take a look at some boxes in s_soNick's house, along with the Pokémon Sun cartridge used in our run in November 2016.

9d 7h 27m We enter the Victory League again. Pretty sure this is Attempt #52. (Correct me if mistaken).

9d 6h 44m E4 Attempt ResidentSleeper

9d 5h 34m After missing three times with Zap Cannon, Magnezone uses Flash Cannon. Toucannon is knocked out, RIP urn.

9d 5h 34m [rip]

9d 5h 33m Bullet Seed deals little damage, but Toucannon avoids some Zap Cannons.

9d 5h 33m Kukui brings in a level 77 Magnezone. Because of course he does.

9d 5h 33m A 2-hit Bullet Seed is enough to knock out Primarina!

9d 5h 32m Stealth Rock almost knocks out Toucannon. 14/291 HP left.

9d 5h 32m Also, unfortunately, Toucannon only has about 25% of its health, and it's our last Pokémon.

9d 5h 31m It seems Primarina has its hidden ability, Liquid Voice, which changed Hyper Voice into a Water-type move.

9d 5h 31m Incineroar uses Darkest Lariat, dealing paltry damage. Incineroar is taken down by Hyper Voice!

9d 5h 30m The third Cross Chop lands, Snorlax faints! Kukui sends in Primarina.

9d 5h 30m The next Cross Chop misses as Incineroar takes another Horesepower.

9d 5h 30m Snorlax withstands a Cross Chop with about 33% HP, then retaliates with High Horsepower. It doesn't do too much.

9d 5h 29m Lycanroc sets up Stealth Rock. Incineroar takes it out with Cross Chop! Kukui sends in Snorlax.

9d 5h 29m Incineroar comes into battle. Kukui heals Lycanroc.

9d 5h 28m Staraptor used Close Combat on the first Pokémon, Lycanroc, but it had a Focus Sash. Staraptor was taken out by Stone Edge.

9d 5h 26m VS KUKUI!!

9d 5h 17m VS Kahili!

9d 5h 1m We beat Acerola without a single casualty.

9d 4h 52m We beat Olivia without a single casualty.

9d 4h 34m [Meta] Updater going dark for a bit. We're on our way to start E4 Attempt #50. Hopefully chat will keep up the tally until someone is able to update.

9d 4h 29m Tyranitar KOs Incineroar; RIP URN #49.

9d 4h 24m [Snark] Not teh urn

9d 4h 24m Seismitoad fainted!

9d 4h 23m Toucannon fainted!

9d 4h 22m Staraptor fainted!

9d 4h 21m Updater going dark in a couple of minutes unless someone else takes over for a bit, very tired atm.

9d 4h 20m Lunala fainted!

9d 4h 19m Lycanroc down.

9d 4h 18m Sent out Lunala.

9d 4h 16m Swanna fainted!

9d 4h 14m Gigalith down.

9d 4h 10m VS Olivia.

9d 4h 3m We're slowly approaching the start of attempt 49.

[Fluff] Rip attempt 48.

9d 3h 55m We send out Toucannon against Primeape, and after one hit we faint! Black out!

9d 3h 54m We use Flare Blitz again and Incineroar faints! Same with Hariyama.

9d 3h 53m We send out Incineroar against Hariyama! Starting off with a Flare Blitz, it burns our foe and takes off half of his damage. We get hit with a Close Combat and almost faint!

9d 3h 52m VS Hala!

9d 3h 49m We enter Hala's room. Slowly but surely we'll make our way up to him.

9d 3h 48m [Info] We also have a damaged Toucannon and an Incineroar left.

9d 3h 48m [Snark] Even though, technically, Kukui is standing between us and Hala.

9d 3h 47m [Info] Only Hala stands between us and Kukui.

9d 3h 44m Incineroar used Darkest Lariat. Defeated Kahili!

9d 3h 43m Gliscor down to red. Incineroar used Darkest Lariat. Gliscor down.

9d 3h 42m Incineroar used Darkest Lariat. Toucannon (Kahili) down.

9d 3h 40m Swanna fainted!

9d 3h 39m Mandibuzz down.

9d 3h 37m Swanna used Ice Beam. Altaria down.

9d 3h 36m Swanna used Ice Beam. Togekiss down.

9d 3h 35m Staraptor fainted!

9d 3h 34m Skarmory down.

9d 3h 29m Seismitoad fainted!

9d 3h 29m VS Kahili!

9d 3h 24m Toucannon used Drill Peck. Gengar down. Defeated Acerola!

9d 3h 23m Lunala fainted!

9d 3h 22m Palossand down.

9d 3h 22m Froslass down.

9d 3h 21m Acerola used a Full Restore.

9d 3h 21m 9d 3h 21m Froslass down to 1HP.

9d 3h 20m Drifblim down.

9d 3h 19m OHKO'd Acerola's first Pokémon.

9d 3h 17m VS Acerola!

9d 3h 17m Attempt #48?

[Info] We Beat Kahili and end up losing against Kuikui

9d 2h 4m Hala down

9d 2h 4m Send in Nebby vs Primeape and get Punished by Punishment and KO with Shadow Ball, Nebby level 95, We send in Toucan vs Gallade and easy Drill Peck on Gallade, Conkeldurr and Crabomination

9d 2h 1m We use Bubble and and it sets up Dragon Dance, it uses it again and we Hurricane to kill it

9d 2h 0m Vs Hala, Nebby needs 2 Psychic to kill Hariyama in which Hariyama uses Knock Off but Shadow Shield is OP and we take less than 1/3 dmg, he sends in Scrafty and we send in Swan

9d 1h 53m We switch in Lunala vs Palossand and use Shadow Ball to kill, Acerola down

9d 1h 52m We send in Swanna and she use Sludge Wave whcih does almost half, BubbleBeam kills, she sends in Sand Castle

9d 1h 51m Nebby Shadow Ball kills Dhelmise and Drifblim and we send in Cat vs Froslass, Darklest Lariat activates sash and Cursed Body, she heals and we Flare Blitz kill it, Gengar Focus Blasts cat and she's at red from Outrage, Seconds Outrage kills

9d 1h 47m Seismitoad kills Golurk with Scald but psn kills it too

9d 1h 46m Vs Acerola

9d 1h 42m Seismitoad Sweeps Olivia but gets poisoned in process

9d 1h 31m In Olivia's room

9d 1h 28m Attempt #47

9d 1h 23m Back in Lanakila

9d 1h 11m In Route 10 or 11

[Info] In Tapu Village

9d 0h 56m PC was activated for more than people deem comfortable we then leave

8d 22h 49m [Meta] going dark for now

8d 22h 48m We're just faffing around at this point. Apparently we're able to visit Pokepelago despite the timer saying it's not available yet.

8d 22h 42m We're in Pokepelago.

8d 22h 32m [Fluff] So much miss hax...

8d 22h 30m We miss Cross Chop. Primarina uses Hydro Vortex. RIP us. Not teh urn.

8d 22h 29m [Snark] Overkill much?

8d 22h 29m [Info] We have only Incineroar left, and he's in the red. Kukui has two mons left.

8d 22h 29m Staraptor back in for our team. We use an Ether to restore the PP of Al Pitoa's Scald. We eat a Moonblast, and miss with Fly! Another Moonblast takes us out!!

8d 22h 28m We swap Al Pitoa back in against Primarina. Moonblast knocks us out!!

8d 22h 27m Braviary in for Kukui. Braviary's Tailwind! Seismitoad uses Rock Slide, which does 75% damage. Braviary's Red Card drags in Staraptor, who finishes the job with Brave Bird! Primarina in for Kukui!

8d 22h 25m Al Pitoa is sent out. The faster Ninetales does about 50% damage with Blizzard. Rock Slide KOs the fox!

8d 22h 25m Bubble Beam takes Ninetales to 50%. Blizzard KOs the duck!

8d 22h 25m We use Ice Beam against the frosty fox. Ninetales uses Safeguard. Hurricane misses. Blizzard hits, as does the avalanche of hail.

8d 22h 24m Ninetales is up next. After much contemplation, we swap in Swanna.

8d 22h 23m We send in Staraptor and use Fly. Magnezone is down!

8d 22h 22m Nebby is down!

8d 22h 22m Nebby still faster, nearly KOs Magnezone with Night Daze. Zap Cannon brings Nebby into the red.

8d 22h 21m Incineroar is in briefly; we change our minds and replace him with Nebby. Nebby becomes paralyzed!

8d 22h 21m Kukui swaps in Magnezone, which eats our Drill peck and takes out our Toucannon!

8d 22h 20m Drill Peck puts Snorlax in the red. Body Slam does about 50%, and paralyzes Toucannon.

8d 22h 19m More of the Dankest Lariat; this one does almost half damage to Snorlax. High Horsepower puts us in the red. We switch in Toucannon.

8d 22h 19m Stone Edge does 2/3 HP to us; we use Darkest Lariat twice to knock out Lycanroc. Snorlax is next.

8d 22h 18m We switch for Incineroar as Kukui uses a Full Restore.

8d 22h 17m Kukui sends out Lycanroc (level 75 Sun variant) against our Nebby. Crunch does 1/3 to us; Psychic forces Focus Sash on Lycanroc!

8d 22h 16m We sit in the Champion's throne! Kukui comes to congratulate us... I mean, to challenge us!

8d 22h 14m We warp out, save the game, and warp back in. We received three Festival tickets.

8d 22h 13m We walk behind the throne and warp to Didney Worl.

8d 22h 12m We found the throne room.

8d 22h 12m We use Max Revives to revive all our fainted Pokémon!!!

Updater going dark sorry, we beat Kahili though

8d 21h 41m To Summarize Hala Fight; Drill Peck sweep with Fake Out and Stone Edge which take out half hp from Toucan, also Level 100 Toucannon

8d 21h 30m Lunala level 94

8d 21h 29m Acerola down

8d 21h 29m We send in Nebby and OHKO Drifblim and Palossand with Shadow Ball

8d 21h 28m We stay in vs Gengar and and kill with Flare Blitz and also faint from recoil

8d 21h 27m She uses Moonblast on cat and we use Darkest Lariat to activate sash, she heals and Cursed Body disables Darkest Lariat, we use Flare Blitz to KO

8d 21h 26m We stay in vs Froslass but then switch in Seismitoad in front of Blizzard, she uses another Blizzard and we Hyper Voice, this happens twice then Blizzard KO's frog

8d 21h 24m We use our last Scald pp on Golurk and then switch to Toucannon vs Dhelmise, we use Drill Peck

8d 21h 21m In Acerola's room

8d 21h 16m Lets see how long of a post Olivia's team is: We start off with Rain Dance and she sets Stealth Rocks, Scald kills Gigalith, Golem and Lycanroc with 1 Scald, Probopass survives with Sturdy so we need 3 to kill after full restores and we take an Earth Power, Relicanth in and we Scald on Protect turn, re Rain Dance and she misses Toxic, we Scald and she heals us with Waterfall since Water Absorb, another Scald kills, Vs TTar we use Scald, she sets DD we're faster Scald gg we win

8d 21h 3m Urn #46

[Chat] silversalamence10: [snark] I'm sure Seismitoad will make great use of that Incinium Z Kappa

8d 20h 55m We give Incium Z to Seismitoad

8d 20h 54m Urn #45 Ended

8d 20h 52m We send in Swanna and use Brave Bird and nuke ourselves, blackout

8d 20h 52m He sends in Braviary and he uses Crit Brave Bird to kill fire cat

8d 20h 51m We send in Swanna and use BubbleBeam to KO Magnezone

8d 20h 50m We send in Le Toucan and use Drill Peck and he misses Zap Cannon, we now use Beak Blast and he KO's with Zap Cannon

8d 20h 49m He misses Stone edge and we kill Lycanroc with Bullet Seed, we witch out Nebby vs Magnezone and Shadow Ball which does half and drops, he hits Zap Cannon and Nebby faints

8d 20h 48m Vs Kukui

8d 20h 46m We give Seismitoad a Super Potion and put out the Waterium Z

8d 20h 39m Turns out so is his whole team, easy win

8d 20h 38m He sends in Conkeldurr and the Crabomination and Drill Peck is an easy OHKO on both

8d 20h 37m Vs Hala, Fake Out on our Toucan, we then use Drill Peck to OHKO

8d 20h 31m She sets up Swords Dance and we get prz haxxed, she them uses a Full Heal to heal poison even if Poison Heal, we crit MGB and beat Kahili

8d 20h 31m Vs Togekiss, we Shadow Balla and she prz us, now she Moonblast and we Shadow Ball it to red hp, repeat twice and we beat it, she now sends in Gliscor

8d 20h 29m We Ice Beam Toucannon and do more than 2/3, she sues Double Edge and takes itself to 1hp, Hurricane kills, Toucan to 99

8d 20h 28m We Ice Beam Mandibuzz and do almost half, it uses Brave Bird and we Ice Beam again and freeze it, she uses a Full Restore and Ice beam takes it down to red after heal and she uses Brave Bird,, red hp again and we Ice Beam to kill

8d 20h 26m After some Whirlwind spam we beat Skarmory and 2 Ice Beam from Swan beats Altaria (Yache Berry op)

8d 20h 19m In Kahili's room

8d 20h 16m Darkest Lariat now kills Drifblim, gg

[Fluff] MikeHogu i jynxed it by saying teh urn

8d 20h 12m We switch Seismitoad into Drifblim and Acrobatics kills

8d 20h 11m Lunala level 93

8d 20h 11m She sends in Gengar and uses Focus Blast on or now switched into Fire Cat and we use darkest LAriat

8d 20h 10m She heals again and we set up Rain Dance, she uses Blizzard and we use another Rain Dance again, she Blizzards and we finally kill with Scald, we send in Toucan vs Palossand and use Drill Peck which does half and she misses Hydro, anther Drill Peck kills

8d 20h 8m Froslass uses Blizzard and we respond with Scald, she heals and Rock Slide activates her Sash

8d 20h 7m We send in Seismitoad vs Froslass

8d 20h 6m Scald kills Golurk and we switch to Staraptor and use a Potion, she uses Steel Gem Anchor shot to do half on Staraptor, Fly kills

8d 20h 4m In Acerola's room

[Fluff] Teh Urn?

8d 20h 1m Olivia down

8d 20h 1m We Hydro Vortex and OHKO Tyranitar

8d 20h 0m We Scald and burn Probopass to bypass Protect, We scald Relicanth and do half she tries to Waterfall but Water Absorb, second Scald kills

8d 19h 58m That's also true for Lycanroc's

8d 19h 58m Scalding Golem results in a dead Golem

8d 19h 57m We set up Rain Dance, she uses Stealth Rock, we Scald Gigalith ez pz

8d 19h 55m Vs Olivia

8d 19h 53m Attempt #45 Start

8d 19h 44m Back on Lanakila

8d 19h 41m We fly to Mount Hokulani (wrong mountain guys!)

8d 19h 36m We pick Smug and leave

8d 19h 21m We keep changing

8d 19h 19m We change to Smug Style

8d 19h 19m We change our throwing style to 'girlish style' from a Janitor

8d 19h 12m We go to a route which is north (not Malie Garden)

8d 19h 7m Back in Malie from route 11

8d 19h 7m We find a Stardust

8d 19h 5m We use an Ultra Ball on a level 33 female Cherubi, CherubiXee.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how does everyone feel about commentary so far? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

8d 18h 58m We give a bitter one to Lunala

8d 18h 55m We give a Bitter Malasada to Swanna

8d 18h 53m We give one to Staraptor

8d 18h 50m We give one to Toucan

8d 18h 48m We give a Spicy Malasada to Frog

[Info] These malasada's increase affection, yup the ones that hax with crit/survive/dodge

8d 18h 41m We enter a Malasada Shop and buy Spicy Malasada for Fire Cat

8d 18h 39m We fly to Malie City

8d 18h 21m We have 78 FC in total

8d 18h 15m We get an Ultra Ball from didney

8d 18h 13m In Didney

8d 18h 12m Incinieroar holds the Incium Z

8d 18h 11m Moving items~

8d 17h 55m We give Swanna the Incium Z to hold

8d 17h 39m We delete Incineroar's Leech Life for Darkest Lariat

[Info] Last attempt was #44

8d 17h 35m We fly back to Lanakila

8d 17h 30m We fly to Tapu Village

8d 17h 25m Sat down at the Chair. Kukui approaches. We are fighting him now. Lycanroc Midday against Staraptor. Staraptor down, black out

8d 17h 22m Hala's defeated

8d 17h 19m Versus Hala, Staraptor against Hariyama

8d 17h 15m Skarmory down, Kahili defeated

8d 17h 13m So right now, we're fighting Kahili. Lunala, Toucannon, and Incineroar are down, Staraptor is the last one of ours left, it is sent in and facing Skarmory

8d 17h 0m Acerola is defeated. Also I think Swanna went down?

8d 16h 55m Seismitoad is down

8d 16h 50m Seismitoad's still in green health, up against Golurk. That's down to Scald.

8d 16h 48m Appears Acerola is next.

8d 16h 46m Olivia's down. Seems Seismitoad took that fight on by itself, like usual.

8d 16h 40m Appears we are going to fight Olivia now. It'll likely be minimal updates for some time.

8d 16h 32m Incineroar has the Firium Z.

8d 16h 25m Seismitoad down to Brave Bird, black out.

8d 16h 24m Sent in Seismitoad. Full Restore used on Braviary. Rock Slide is used but it misses, Tailwind peters out but is set up again. Still trying to use a Z Psychic move ..........

8d 16h 24m Tabbed back in to Incineroar fainting. Braviary's animation is slowed, presumably in red health or status'ed. HUD isnt up right now.

8d 16h 21m Braviary is sent in next. We switch into our Staraptor. Intimidate raises Braviary's Attack, Staraptor down to Brave Bird. So brave.

8d 16h 21m We can't Z Move anymore h. Used Rock Somekindofmove, used a Potion on Incineroar

8d 16h 20m Sat on the chair. Our fate is sealed. Versus Professor Kukui, Lycanroc Midday against Seismitoad

8d 16h 9m Back down the stairs.

8d 16h 7m The host is clearly conflicted. We walked up the stairs and are on the Battlefield, all we have to do is get to the chair. But we also keep checking the bag for items. What's it gonna be?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: also "Brisbane" gets pronounced wrong

[Fluff] And same for Incineroar, I believe. Before, Staraptor was the only one alive.

[Fluff] Seismitoad fainted earlier. It's alive but in the red health, because it gained some HP from the Rare Candies.

8d 15h 56m Seismitoad is given Psychium Z despite not being able to use it. Lunala is also given the Psychium Z, but it can use it.

8d 15h 54m Also I think Seismitoad holds an Ice Heal now, I believe it was Waterium Z previously

8d 15h 53m Incineroar to 100 with the use of three rare Candies. Two more Rare Candies brings Seismitoad to 100 as well

8d 15h 52m We can fight Kukui now, instead we're in the Bag menu trying to use some items. Lunala's Night Daze PP increased

8d 15h 44m Our own Toucannon down, the opponent;s is Burned though. Swnna in, and down. Kahili's Toucannon down too, defeated

8d 15h 43m Mandibuzz down, Toucannon versus Toucannon

8d 15h 40m Togekiss down, Mandibuzz back in

8d 15h 39m Kahili switched Mandibuzz into Togekiss

8d 15h 39m Toucannon versus Mandibuzz

8d 15h 38m Incineroar down, birds are left

8d 15h 37m Incineroar to 97

8d 15h 31m Fighting Kahili, Skarmory against Toucannon

8d 15h 26m Acerola is defeated now

8d 15h 24m Lunala down to Gengar, Swnna in

8d 15h 23m Lunala to 92

8d 15h 20m Lunala's in and is chipping down Acerola's team.

8d 15h 14m Staraptor's still alive and Hala's defeated

8d 15h 9m Seismitoad went down, Staraptor in, Hariyama down, Staraptor to LV 100, Primeape in.

8d 15h 7m Seismitoad, poisoned, versus Hariyama. Rest of our party seems to be ok.

8d 15h 5m Hala is next. Not sure of the party's faint/alive status.

8d 15h 0m oh olivia's defeated ok nice

8d 14h 54m Something to 97. Right. We're against Olivia, Seismitoad against Golem, something before went down. Now Probopass is in.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: we're bringing a second commentator on, one moment

8d 14h 30m We blacked out

8d 14h 26m Swanna down to poison, Staravia's the last one left ok, Mandibuzz is on Kahili's side right now

8d 14h 20m Versua Kahili, Skarmory against Staraptor

8d 14h 15m Hala defeated

8d 14h 13m Staraptor took down Crabominable and is now facing against Scrafty, and then it goes down. Gallade in next

8d 14h 10m Toucannon down to Crabominable

8d 14h 9m Conkeldurr in, and down

8d 14h 9m Hariyama down, Primeape down

8d 14h 7m yes this is true. Toucannon's in front against Hariyama

8d 14h 6m Looks like we are going to fight Hala next

8d 14h 2m In Festival Plaza right now.

8d 14h 1m Acerola's defeated, Lunala's down and so is Incineroar, the birds remain like befoe

[Meta] Taking a break for some minutes. Apologies for the inconvenience.

8d 13h 48m Versus Acerola, Seismitoad to 98 and Swanna to LV 100.Dhelmise is in, thar's her second mon. Seismitoad down

8d 13h 43m Tyranitar in. It's down. Olivia defeated.

8d 13h 42m whoa it broke its protect! but didn't do as much damage as it would have;. Scalding it now, Relicanth down.

8d 13h 40m Probopass down, Relicanth in, Seismitoad poisoned, so we use Hydro Vortex aaaand Relicanth protects.

8d 13h 39m Lycanroc down, Something to 96, Probopass in

8d 13h 38m Gigalith down, something else also went down, something leveled up, Lycanroc in

8d 13h 36m Versus Olivia, Gigalith against Seismitoad

8d 13h 30m Toucannon down, black out.

8d 13h 29m Togekiss down, Gliscor in. It is the last left.

8d 13h 26m Swanna down. Can our Toucannon tou-carry?

8d 13h 26m Mandibuzz is down. Toucannon's gonna be sent in, we do not choose to switch.

8d 13h 24m Staraptor went down, Mandibuzz fighting Swanna

8d 13h 21m Skarmory down, Something to level 96, Altaria in

8d 13h 18m Swanna against Skarmory, who is now in the red. Full Restore used on it though.

8d 13h 15m Angery 1000 degree beak bird against steel bird. Whirlwinded into our Sinnoh bird. Another Whirlwind throws us into Duck bird. Bubble Beam does little damage, opponent uses Air Slash. More Whirlwind, Staraptor's back in.

8d 13h 10m Conkeldurr down, Crabominable in next, that's down, Gallade in next, Fly takes down Gallade, Staraptor to 99, Hala defeated

8d 13h 9m Scrafty down, Primeape in, Primeape down, Conkeldurr's in next, another Fly used

8d 13h 7m Hariyama down, Scrafty in. Lunala down, Staraptor in, Fly used

8d 13h 5m Fighting Hala now (ha hee), Lunala against Hariyama.

8d 13h 1m Palossand down, Acerola defeated.

8d 13h 0m Froslass down, Palossand in.

8d 12h 59m Froslass against Lunala.

8d 12h 59m Incineroar down, think Gengar went down too?

8d 12h 58m Gengar's in now. Acerola has three 'mon down.

8d 12h 56m Incineroar against Dhelmise.

8d 12h 55m Lunala sent in, Drifblim's in on the opponent's side.

8d 12h 54m Seismitoad down to poison. The rest of our party seems untouched in terms of damage.

8d 12h 53m Versus Acerola, Seismitoad's against Golurk. Executing a Z Mode, Golurk down.

8d 12h 47m Relicanth down, Tyranitar is in. That's her last. More Scald, but it survives.. somehow. Olivia's defeated.

8d 12h 44m Probopass down, Relicanth is sent in.

8d 12h 43m Seismitoad versus the just-sent-in Golem, this is Olivia's battle. It's down, Lycanroc is in next. That's down, then Probopass is in.

[Fluff] Also Duplex confirmation with the 41 attempts, we're good.

[Meta] Well let me ping peeps again and then I'll be off. Sorry for the lack of updates, especially during almost urns.

8d 12h 38m According to chat we're at 40 or 41. Let's go with 41 because it sounds better. Prime numbers hype.

[Fluff] Does anyone know what attempt number? Also Bigboy and Bex were commentating for a while which is cool.

8d 12h 34m Sorry for the lack of updates, and I can't stay for more than 5 mins, but right now we're at our second Kukui attempt. We just blacked out!

8d 10h 4m We are fighting Acerola


8d 9h 56m We beat Oblivia, but are down to one person

[meta] gonna update important things, otherwise we are going dark because I can't focus

8d 9h 48m Oblivia fight begins

8h 9d 45m Run 38 begins

8d 9h 43m Rip run 37

8d 9h 38m Rip NEBBY

8d 9h 35m Kahili Fight begins

8d 9h 34m We entered kahili's room

8d 9h 31m Acerola is down, 1 elite 4 to go, 2 pokemon left to do it

8d 9h 31m Nebby vs Palossand

8d 9h 30m RIP Incineroar

8d 9h 29m Acerola is down to 1 pokemon


8d 9h 28m Nebby vs Gengar (I missed a bit)

8d 9h 24m We now lost Palpitoad, Nebby is filling in, wait no incineroar is

8d 9h 24m We kill golurk, and use hydro vortex to half kill an anchor

8d 9h 23m We fight Acerola

8d 9h 19m Hala is down, we have 4 pokemon left

8d 9h 16m Scrafty is dead, Hala now has 3 pokemon remaining

8d 9h 15m We switch Nebby for Swana

8d 9h 14m Hala uses 2 full restores, then switches to Scrappy

8d 9h 13m Nebby vs Conkledurr

8d 9h 12m Toucan is gone

8d 9h 11m Primape dies, but leaves Toucan with 12 hp

8d 9h 10m Hariyama vs Toucan, Toucan wins

8d 9h 9m Hala fight HYPE

8d 9h 5m We beat Olivia, pokemon remaining:6

8d 9h 4m Staraptor is down

8d 9h 4m We switch to Staraptor

8d 9h 3m Relicanth is down

8d 9h 2m we are badly poisoned, the relicanth is burned

8d 9h 1m and the Probobass is down

8d 9h Probabass holds on with a sturdy

[Snark] We're playing Pokémon Ranger now?

8d 9h Oblivia is down 3 pokemon, would have updated but I was talking to Streamer

8d 8h 58m we pull out a Z rain dance

8d 8h 57m We start with Olivia again

[Streamer] lukerbom12: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I am interested in commentary but currently I only have a built in computer mic

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @lukerbom12 can you get a better mic?

8d 8h 54m on to attempt I don't know how many, someone tell me

8d 8h 50m We black out again

8d 8h 49m Togekiss is down, can our paralysed toucan do it?

8d 8h 48 RIP Staraptor, who brave bird OHKO'd Altaria, we know have our toucan left, and that is all

8d 8h 48m staraptor is down to 9 hp, gliscor is dead

8d 8h 47m Incineroar is down, Staraptor is sent out

8d 8h 46m Incineriar confused, gliscor at +2 attack

8d 8h 45 Gliscor is sent out

8d 8h 45m Skarmory is down

Incineroar is sent out

8d 8h 45m RIP NEBBY, you should have stayed in the bag

8d 8h 44m Kahili opens with Skarmory,

8d 8h 43m fight against Kahili is started

8d 8h 40m Our commentators talk about why we don't heal


8d 8h 38m Crabominable is added to the ko list, only galade left

8d 8h 38m Conkeldurr is down 2 pokemon left to beat

8d 8h 37m Staraptor leveled up now to beat conkeldurr

8d 8h 36m Scrafty is down, Primeape is sent out

8d 8h 35m We switch to Staraptor to fight Scrappy

8d 8h 34m Next turn Hariyama is down, but nebby now has 7 hp

8d 8h 34m Nebby uses psychic, does half damage

8d 8h 33m Hala fight begins with Hariyama

[meta] and now your stuck with me

8d 8h 30m 8d 8h 30m Acerola Defeated!

8d 8h 30m Toucannon OHKO's Gengar!

8d 8h 30m Toucannon is sent out!

8d 8h 29m Gengar KO's Swanna!

8d 8h 29m Gengar is sent out!

8d 8h 29m Polossand is KO'd next turn with Ice Beam

8d 8h 28m Polossand unleashes its Never Ending Nightmare! Swana survives with 94 HP!

8d 8h 28m Swanna is sent out to replace Lunala

8d 8h 27m Palossand is sent out!

8d 8h 27m Froslass survives with Focus Sash, another Shadow Ball KO's Froslass!

8d 8h 27m Froslass uses Shadow Ball to bring Lunalla to 66 HP!

8d 8h 26m Froslass is sent out!

8d 8h 26m Drifblim is KO'd in one hit!

8d 8h 26m Drifblim is sent out!

8d 8h 26m Dhelmise goes down to Shadow Ball!

8d 8h 25m Golurk is down! Dhelmise is sent out!

8d 8h 24m Its Golurk vs Lunala!

8d 8h 24m vs Acerola!

8d 8h 21m Olivia defeated! Swanna to Lv 96!

8d 8h 21m Staraptor KO's Tyranitar!

8d 8h 20m Staraptor is sent out!

8d 8h 20m Tyranitar tanks a Scald and Seismitoad is KO'd!

8d 8h 19m Tyranitar is sent out

8d 8h 19m Another scald is used and Relicanth is down!

8d 8h 19m Next turn, Olivia uses Full Restore to restore Relicanth's HP!

8d 8h 18m Scald is used on Relicanth! Its burned!

8d 8h 18m Rain Dance is sued to bring back the rain!

8d 8h 17m Relicanth is sent out!

8d 8h 17m Olivia uses a Full Restore and Seismitoad uses Scald 2x to take out PRobopass!

8d 8h 16m Scald bring Probopass to 1 HP thanks to sturdy!

8d 8h 16m Probopass is sent out!

8d 8h 16m Seismitoad uses Scald and Lycanroc is KO'd

8d 8h 16m Lycanroc is sent out!

8d 8h 15m Lunala KO's Golem

8d 8h 15m We then swap into Lunala

8d 8h 15m We use Z-Rain Dance and then Scald to KO Gigalith

8d 8h 15m vs Olivia! Its Gigalith vs Siesmitoad

8d 8h 13m We are fighting Olivia

8d 8h 13m Run #36 beings

8d 8h 1m Blacked out! Run Over

8d 8h 1m Shadow Ball takes lunala to less than 1/8 HP, next turn Frosslass finished Lunala off

8d 8h 0m Forslass is sent out!

8d 8h 0m Drifblem is KO'd!

8d 8h 0m Drifblim is sent out!

8d 8h 0m Another Shadow Ball KO's Dhelmise!

8d 7h 59m Dhelmise is sent out!

8d 7h 59m Lunala opens up with Shadow Ball to KO Golurk! Nebby to Lv 86!

8d 7h 58m Its Golurk vs Lunala!

8d 7h 58m vs Acerola!

8d 7h 58m We enter Acerola's room

8d 7h 55m Hala defeated!

8d 7h 55m Crabominable is KO'd!

8d 7h 55m Crabominable is sent out!

8d 7h 54m Shadow Ball from Lunala KO's Gallade!

8d 7h 54m Gallade is sent out!

8d 7h 54m Lunala KO's Conkeldurr

8d 7h 53m Conkeldurr KO's Swanna!

8d 7h 52m Conkeldurr is sent out!

8d 7h 51m Another Swanna Brave Bird KO's Primeape

8d 7h 51m Primeape is sent out!

8d 7h 51m Swanna is sent out! KO's Scrafty!

8d 7h 50m Hi Jump Kick KO's Seismitoad!

8d 7h 49m Seismitoad is sent out!

8d 7h 47m Staraptor is KO'd from another Hi Jump Kick!

8d 7h 46m Hi Jump Kick KO's Queso!

8d 7h 44m Scrafty is sent out!

8d 7h 44m Hariyama goes down to Incineroar's Outrage!

8d 7h 43m Incineroar is sent out!

8d 7h 43m Toucannon down to Hariyama's CLose Combat!

8d 7h 43m Toucannon is down to 40 HP!

8d 7h 42m We switch into Toucannon

8d 7h 41m vs Hala! Hariyama vs Seismitoad!

8d 7h 36m 8d 7h 36m We enter Hala's chamber!

8d 7h 32m 8d 7h 32m Run #35 begins!

8d 7h 26m Lunala KO''d from Tyranitar Crunch! Blacked out! Run Over!

8d 7h 26m Lunala uses Moongiest Beam! It does little damage

8d 7h 25m Inceneroar is KO'd!

8d 7h 24m Tyranitar is sent out!

8d 7h 24m Inceniroar to Lv 92!

8d 7h 23m Queso uses Outrage to KO's Probopass!

8d 7h 23m Queso is sent out

8d 7h 22m Seismitoad down!

8d 7h 22m Probopass is sent back out!

8d 7h 21m Seismitoad is sent out and KO's Relicanth!

8d 7h 19m Swanna Down!

8d 7h 18m Swanna clutches a Head Smash with 1 HP!

8d 7h 17m Swanna is sent out!

8d 7h 17m Toucannon is KO'd by Probopass's Volt Switch! Relicanth is brought in from Volt Switch!

8d 7h 16m Relicanth is switched into Probopass

8d 7h 16m Probobpass uses Volt Switch and switches into Relicanth

8d 7h 15m Toucannon is sent out!

8d 7h 14m Probopass is sent out!

8d 7h 14m Lycanroc KO'd by Scald!

8d 7h 14m Lycanroc is sent out!

8d 7h 13m Seismitoad is sent out! It KO's Golem!

8d 7h 12m Toucannon is sent out!

8d 7h 10m Wild Charge from Golem KO's Staraptor!

8d 7h 9m We swap Staraptor in

8d 7h 9m We use a Max Potion of Seismitoad!

8d 7h 7m Golem is sent out!

8d 7h 7m Gigaltih is KO'd by Scald!

8d 7h 6m Toad uses Z-Rain Dance to pour some rain into the battle field

8d 7h 6m Scald bring Gigalith to around 1/3 HP!

8d 7h 5m Its Gigalith w/ Sandsteam vs Seismitoad w/ Water Absorb

8d 7h 5m vs Olivia!

8d 7h 4m We enter Olivia's chamber

8d 7h 1m Run #34 begins!

8d 6h 56m Queso KO'd by recoil! Blacked out! Run Over!

8d 6h 56m Its Skarmory vs Wrestler Cat

8d 6h 55m vs Kahili!

8d 6h 54m We enter Kahili's chamber

8d 6h 50m Acerola defeated!

8d 6h 50m Incineroar KO's Gengar!

8d 6h 49m Incineroar is sent out!

8d 6h 48m Lunalla is KO'd by Shadow Ball!

8d 6h 48m Lunala is send back out

8d 6h 48m Swanna is KO'd by Gangar's Sludge Wave!

8d 6h 47m Acerola uses Full Restore to restore its HP!

8d 6h 47m Swanna uses Ice Beam and Gengar is frozen!

8d 6h 47m Swanna is sent out!

8d 6h 46m Toucannon goes down to Sludge Wave!

8d 6h 45m Toucannon is sent out!

8d 6h 44m Gengar is sent out

8d 6h 44m Palossand gets KO'd by Moongiest Beam!

8d 6h 44m Palossaand is sent out!

8d 6h 43m Moongiest Beam KO's Froslass!

8d 6h 43m Frosslass is down to 1 HP and survives due to Focus Sash

8d 6h 42m Froslass is sent out!

8d 6h 42m Another Moongiest Beam is used and Drifblim is KO'd

8d 6h 42m Drifblim is sent out!

8d 6h 42m Moongiest Beam is used and KO's Dhelmise!

8d 6h 41m Dhelmise is sent out!

8d 6h 41m Shadow Ball hits and KO's Golurk! Nebby to Lv 85!

8d 6h 40m vs Acerola! Golurk vs Lunala!

8d 6h 33m Olivia defeated!

8d 6h 33m Incineroar is sent out! It KO's Tyrantiar!

8d 6h 32m Staraptor is KO'd by Stone Edge!

8d 6h 32m Tyrantiar sets up with Dragon Dance

8d 6h 32m Staraptor is swapped in

8d 6h 31m Tyranitar is sent out!

8d 6h 31m Relicanth KO'd by Toucannon's Bullet Seed!

8d 6h 30m Relicanth is healed with Olivia's Full Restore!

8d 6h 29m Toucannon is sent out

8d 6h 29m Seismitoad is KO'd by its own Toxic!

8d 6h 27m Scald is used on Relicanth and its brought to the red and is burned!

8d 6h 26m Rain has subsided, but we use another Rain Dance to bring on more rain!

8d 6h 26m Relicanth is sent out!

8d 6h 26m Scald bring Probopass to 1 HP and it is burned! Probopass goes down!

8d 6h 25m Probopass is sent out!

8d 6h 25m Scald KO's Lycanroc easily in one hit!

8d 6h 25m Lycanroc is sent out

8d 6h 25m Scald is used and Golem is KO'd in one hit!

8d 6h 24m Golem is sent out!

8d 6h 24m Seismitoad to Lv 93!

8d 6h 24m Scald KO's Gigalith!

8d 6h 23m We open with Z-Rain Dance to make it rain and give Seismitoad some speed!

8d 6h 23m A sandstorm is brewing in the Colosseum!

8d 6h 22m Gigalith vs Seismitoad

8d 6h 22m vs Olivia!

8d 6h 21m We enter Olivia's Chamber

8d 6h 18m Attempt 33 Begins

8d 6h 8m Blacked out! Run Over!

8d 6h 8m Wrestler Cat is sent out! Quickly gets KO'd!

8d 6h 7m Swanna goes down to Gallade

8d 6h 7m Swanna is sent out!

8d 6h 6m Callade avoides the Fly attack, it uses Close Combat! Staraptor is KO'd!

8d 6h 5m Gallade is sent out!

8d 6h 5m Scrafty is KO'd by Fly!

8d 6h 5m Scrafty is sent out!

8d 6h 5m Craboniable is KO'd by FlY! Staraptor to Lv 94!!

8d 6h 4m Crabominalbe is sent out!

8d 6h 4m Conkeldurr is KO'd by Staraptor's Fly! Swanna to Lv 95

8d 6h 3m Staraptor is sent out!

8d 6h 3m Conkeldurr barely survives the Drill Peck, Toucannon gets sliced by Stone Edge! It's down!

8d 6h 2m Conkeldurr is sent out!

8d 6h 2m Dill Peck KO's Primeape!

8d 6h 2m PRimeape is sent out!

8d 6h 1m Hariyama KO'd by Drill Peck

8d 6h 1m Hariyama vs Toucannon

8d 6h 0m vs Hala!

8d 5h 57m Acerola Defeated!

8d 5h 57m Gengar is KO'd due to Swanna's Brave Bird!

8d 5h 56m Swanna is sent out!

8d 5h 56m Gengar KO's Lunala!

8d 5h 55m Gengar is sent out!

8d 5h 55m Queso to Lv 91!

8d 5h 55m Moongiest Beam is used once again! IT KO's Polossand!

8d 5h 55m Polossand is sent out!

8d 5h 55m Froslass is KO'd but not before taking Lunala to less than 1/8 HP!

8d 5h 54m Shadow Ball is used! Frosslass hold on with Focus Sash

8d 5h 54m Froslass is sent out

8d 5h 54m Moongiest Beam is used once again and it pummels Drifblim!

8d 5h 53m Drifblim is sent out

8d 5h 53m Moongiest Beam is used and it destory's Dhelmise!

8d 5h 52m Dhelmise is sent out!

8d 5h 52m We open with shadow ball! Golurk is down!

8d 5h 52m vs Acerola! Its Lunala (Pew!) vs Golurk

8d 5h 51m We enter Acerola's room

8d 5h 45m Close Combat KO's Tyrantiar! Olivia defeated!

8d 5h 44m Staraptor is sent out!

8d 5h 44m Tyranitar barely hold on with burn! Olivia uses Full Restore to restore its health!

8d 5h 43m Scald brings Tyranitar to low HP and it gets burned!

8d 5h 42m 8d 5h 42m Tyrantiar is sent out!

8d 5h 42m 8d 5h 42m Relicanth goes down to scald!

8d 5h 41m Relicanth uses Toxic on Seisimtoad

8d 5h 41m Relicanth uses Protect, Seismitoad brings out more rain!

8d 5h 40m Probopass is down to 1 HP but it gets burned! It goes down thanks to burn!

8d 5h 39m Probopass is sent out!

8d 5h 39m Another Scald attack KO's Lycanroc

8d 5h 39m Lycanroc is sent out

8d 5h 39m Another Scald KO's Golem

8d 5h 38m Golem is sent out!

8d 5h 38m Gigalith is OHKO'd by Scald!

8d 5h 38m Seismitoad opens up with Z-Rain Dance

8d 5h 38m 8d 5h 38m vs Olivia! Seimitoad vs Gigalith

8d 5h 30m Attempt 32 begins!

8d 5h 23m Swanna Down! Blacked Out! Run Over!

8d 5h 21m Manidbuzz is sent out!

8d 5h 21m Altaria is KO'd by Swanna's Ice Beam!

8d 5h 20m Altaria is sent out!

8d 5h 20m Skarmory is KO'd!

8d 5h 20m Both Pokémon exchange blows

8d 5h 18m Skarmory vs Swanna

8d 5h 18m vs Kahili!

8d 5h 16m We enter Kahili's chamber

8d 5h 13m Hala Defeated!

8d 5h 13m Swanna takes out crabominable! **

8d 5h 12m Swanna is sent out

8d 5h 12m Crabominable uses its Z-Move attack and Toucannon is KO'd from it

8d 5h 11m Crabominable is sent out

8d 5h 11m Conkeldurr goes down to Drill Peck

8d 5h 10m Conkeldurr is sent out!

8d 5h 10m Toucannon is sent out! It takes down Hala's Gallade

8d 5h 9m Staraptor's Brave Bird KO's Primeape but Staraptor is down due to recoil!

8d 5h 8m Primeape is sent out!

8d 5h 8m Scrafty is KO'd by Staraptor's Fly!

8d 5h 7m Staraptor is sent out

8d 5h 6m Scrafty KO's Lunala with Foul Play

8d 5h 6m Lunala KO's Hariyama with another Psychic! Lunala to Lv 84!

8d 5h 5m Lunala uses Psychic to bring Hariyama to half HP

8d 5h 5m Lunala vs Hala's Hariyama!

8d 5h 5m vs Hala

8d 5h 3m We enter Hala's chamber

8d 5h 2m We leave Olivia's chamber back to the main area

8d 5h 0m Staraptor KO's Probopass! Olivia defeated! Swanna to Lv 94!

8d 5h 0m Probopass takes another Close Combat but survives due to Sturdy! Staraptor then gets paralyzed to Thunder Wave

8d 4h 59m Probopass is sent out!

8d 4h 59m Another Close Combat is used and Tyrantiar is down!

8d 4h 59m Close Combat is used by Staraptor but Tyranitar's berry weaken's its attack!

8d 4h 58m Nebby is switched out for Staraptor

8d 4h 57m Tyranitar is sent out!

8d 4h 57m Shadow Ball KO's Relicanth!

8d 4h 57m Psychic hits Relicanth and lowers its Special Defense. Relicanth attack to bring lunala to 194 HP!

8d 4h 56m Lunala is sent out! Pew!

8d 4h 56m Head Smash KO's the cat!

8d 4h 55m Paralyze Hacks come to play as Qss3333eess3 cannot move!

8d 4h 55m Thunder Wave is used by the floating rock and the wresting cat is paralyzed. Next turn Olivia uses several full restores to stay alive

8d 4h 54m Inceniroar is sent out!

8d 4h 53m 8d 4h 53m Probopass KO's Seismitoad with a crit Earth Power

8d 4h 53m 8d 4h 53m Rain subsides as Probopass is sent out!

8d 4h 52m 8d 4h 52m Lycanroc down with one scald!

8d 4h 52m 8d 4h 52m Lycanroc-Midnight sent out by Olviia

8d 4h 52m 8d 4h 52m Staraptor levels up to Lv 93

8d 4h 52m 8d 4h 52m Scald is used by the toad and Golem is KO'd in one move!

8d 4h 52m 8d 4h 52m Seismitoad vs Golem

8d 4h 51m 8d 4h 51m Golem is sent out!

8d 4h 51m 8d 4h 51m Scald by Seismitoad KO's Gigalith

8d 4h 51m 8d 4h 51m Z-Rain Dance is used!

8d 4h 51m 8d 4h 51m Seismitoad bring Gigalith to 1/3 HP with scald. Gigaltih uses earthquake to bring the toad to about half HP

8d 4h 50m vs Olivia! Gigalith vs Seismitoad!

8d 4h 47m Elite 4 Attempt #31 begins

8d 4h 43m SUMMARY OF MOVES TAUGHT: Ice Beam over Swan Tailwind. Fly over Staraptor Growl. Rock Slide over Toad Sleep Talk, Psychic over Nebby Cosmic Power (via FaithfulForce)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: commentary will begin soon

8d 3h 8m Taught Alpitoa Rock Slide over Sleep Talk

8d 2h 59m [Meta] Updater going dark, Urn #30 ended

8d 2h 59m We send in Swanna, use Hurricane to get red hp Conk, Stone Edge, blackout

8d 2h 57m She sends in Conkeldurr and Mach Punch kills Staraptor

8d 2h 57m She send in Primeape and BB recoil puts us at 2hp

8d 2h 55m We send in Staraptor and KO with BB

8d 2h 54m It heals and we set up to +5, bp spam puts us at 2hp, we use this turn to get +6 defenses and finally die

8d 2h 52m Vs Hariyama and he uses Bullet Punch, we use MGB and so 1/3 (assault vest), we do another MGB and run out of pp, now +4 cosmic power and Bullet Punch spam, at 31 hp and we use Shadow Ball to take it ro red hp

8d 2h 49m In Hala's Room

8d 2h 46m Next Hydro misses, Brave Bird kills, Gengar Sludge wave takes out Staraptor, Swanna tanks Sludge wave and poison OHKO's back, gg Acerola

8d 2h 44m We switch Staraptor on Palossand and use CC but ghost type, we take on a Hydro and use Brave Bird to do 2/3

8d 2h 43m She sends in Froslass, Shadow Ball crit and drop spD, we use MGB to activate sash, she heals and dies from Shadow Ball

8d 2h 42m We nuke Drifblim with MGB

8d 2h 41m She sends in Dhelmise and we OHKO with MGB

8d 2h 40m We send in Nebby and use Shadow Ball, OHKO Golurk

8d 2h 40m In Acerola's room

8d 2h 36m We still outspeed and use Bullet Seed 2 hits, Stone edge op, we send in Swanna and Bubblebeam, Olivia down

8d 2h 35m She sends Tyranitar and we Bullet Seed 3 hits = almost half hp, it sets up Dragon Dance

8d 2h 33m Toucannon Bullet Seed kills Relicanth after toxic, toucan level 89

8d 2h 31m Frog and Probo die together due to sturdy + burn and Earth Power

8d 2h 28m Frog at red after killing Lycanroc due to Rain Dance throws

8d 2h 25m Stone Edge crit kill

8d 2h 25m We send in Fire cat against Lycanroc

8d 2h 24m She sends in Golem and we OHKO with Scald

8d 2h 23m Frog level 92

[Snark] not teh urn

8d 2h 23m We Scald Gigalith and burn it, she uses Erathquake, we now use Hydro Vortex on it

8d 2h 19m Didney worl every few steps

8d 2h 18m Urn number 30 start

[Info] Urn number 29 failed

8d 2h 13m Golurk uses Shadow Punch to kill, blackout

8d 2h 12m Vs Acerola

8d 2h 11m We got a Didney ticket

8d 2h 11m We don't replace anything with it

8d 2h 11m Sophocles introduces us to a new facility called Team Blue

8d 2h 10m Apparently Jebaited worl is more important

8d 2h 10m In Acerola's room

8d 2h 4m Didney worl

8d 2h 2m She uses crit Moonblast and we are prz, Moonblast 2 and we Shadow Ball, Kahili down

8d 2h 1m We send in Lunala and use Shadow Ball to take her to red Thunder Wave Paralyzes

8d 1h 59m She uses crit Moonblast and Swanna down

8d 1h 58m She sends in Togekiss and we use Brave Bird and do half, she paralyzes with Thunder Wave

8d 1h 57m We send in Swanna and use Hurricane, she uses Aerial Ace, we now use Bubblebeam to kill

8d 1h 56m We send in Incineroar vs Gliscor, she sets up Swords Dance and we use Flare Blitz to do half, poison heal activates, she Earthquakes to kill

8d 1h 55m She sends in Toucannon and we Brave Bird it which takes her to red, she uses Double Edge and both die

8d 1h 53m We now send in Staraptor, we use Brave Bird to KO it

8d 1h 53m She now sends in Mandibuzz, we use Beak Blast and she uses Foul Play which gets her burnt, Beak Blast does almost half, she now uses BRave Bird and we Beak Blast to take her to red, she uses Full Restore and we Drill Peck which does 1/3, another Drill Peck takes her to 1/3, foul Play KO's

8d 1h 50m We sent Toucan and she sets Sky Atatck and we KO with Drill Peck

8d 1h 50m She sets Sky Attack, Hyper Voice takes her to yellow, Sky Attack KO's Frog

8d 1h 49m She sends in Altaria and we Scald while she uses Dragon Dance, She now sets up Sky Attack and we use our last Scald PP, She uses Sky Attack and we clutch at 13hp, Hyper Voice takes her to red hp, she now heals with Full Restore as we use Hyper Vocie again which does 1/3

8d 1h 47m We now use Scald and do half, she uses Air Slash, second Scald kills

8d 1h 47m VS Kahili, we set up Z-Rain Dance and she sets up Spikes

[Info] Chat undivided on going to Acerola or Kahili next

8d 1h 40m She sends in Tyranitar, we use Scald to do half, she sets up Dragon Dance, we outspeed and kill with Scald, Olivia down

8d 1h 39m Queeso to 90, someone to 92

8d 1h 39m She uses Full Restore to heal and Scald takes it back to red, 2nd Scald kills

8d 1h 38m We set up Rain Dance and she uses Waterfall to heal us with Water Absorb, stall protect, we now use Scald to take it to red and burn it, she misses Toxic

8d 1h 37m We use Scald which activates Probopass Sturdy and she uses Earth Power, she faints due to burn, Relicanth in

8d 1h 36m Scald rekts Golem and Lycanroc

8d 1h 35m We use Z-Rain Dance and she uses Earthquake, Scald takes it out

8d 1h 33m In Olivia's room

8d 1h 30m Attempt #29

[Snark] Lana too op

8d 1h 26m We heal just in case

[Info] Attempt #29 now

8d 1h 25m We fly to Mount Lanakila

8d 1h 23m We fly to the Ruins of Abundance

8d 1h 15m In Route 9

8d 1h 10m We leave Lana's house

8d 1h 8m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 1h 8m Stream down

8d 1h 4m Lana gives us a Muscle Band

8d 1h 3m She sends in Cloyster, Hyper Voice gg

8d 1h 2m We send in Frog against Araquanid and kill with Hyper Voice

8d 1h 1m SHE SENDS IN SHINY GYARADOS! ded by Close Combat though

8d 1h 0m She sends in Dewgong, Brave Bird gg

8d 0h 59m Vs Crawdaunt we switch to Staraptor and kill with Brave Bird

8d 0h 59m it takes 2 Scalds even with 60 level difference to KO Lanturn with Frog

8d 0h 58m She sends her Lanturn which is level 35, time to stomp

8d 0h 57m Vs Lana

8d 0h 56m Lana appears!

8d 0h 55m We enter a house and fight two sisters in a 'Multi Battle' since they called it that when its a Double Battle

8d 0h 49m we get the Armor Fossil

8d 0h 48m We get the Plume Fossil

8d 0h 42m We do the same restaurant service and get 2 Heart Scales

[Snark] We can change our clothes without much issue, but we can't navigate a silly little ledge.

8d 0h 40m We go to a restaurant and pay 1040 and after meal they gave us 2 Heart Scale's

[Info] We brought every shirt in Konikoni Town to get the Chatot tee

8d 0h 35m WE DID IT!

8d 0h 34m Now we're in the changing room trying to equip it

8d 0h 32m We buy the Chatot Tee we wanted after buying all shirts but the Luvdisc one

8d 0h 28m We're buying clothes

8d 0h 22m We fly to KoniKoni Town

8d 0h 18m In Heahea City

8d 0h 11m We fly to Akala Island's Route 5

8d 0h 6m We pick up a Poké Ball


[Info] We haven't flied back to league since people are following ReddyLion to a place

7d 23h 38m We get TM80 Rock Slide

7d 23h 25m We get TM64 Explosion

7d 23h 21m We break down rocks after minutes of trying and now inside a cave trying to get TM Explosion

7d 23h 3m ez pz win

7d 23h 1m We go down to Melemele Sea and fight a trainer

7d 22h 47m We leave Didney, timer also ended

7d 22h 39m We win a Max Revive from the Lottery

7d 22h 31m We have 15 Didney tickets

7d 22h 22m bback in didney

7d 22h 13m We sleep on our bed and Meowth hands us an Awakening

7d 22h 13m Walking around the house

7d 22h 4m Inside our house, visiting Mom!

7d 22h 1m In Didney Worl

7d 21h 58m Back in Hau'oli Outskirts

7d 21h 58m We accidentally fly to route 2

7d 21h 56m We go by ports to Melemele and then fly to Hau'oli Outskirts

7d 21h 43m We fly to Malie City

[Info] Rock Slide is in Melemele

7d 21h 40m We fly to Tapu Village

7d 21h 38m Looks like people want to fly to get TM Rock Slide for Kahili

7d 21h 34m He sends in the Crabomination and we miss Hurricane, Ice Hammer, blackout

7d 21h 33m We send in Swanna and OHKO Primeape with Hurricane, Conkeldurr is sent out and we use Hurricane to do damage, Stone Edge does 2/3hp, he uses Full Restore but we Hurricane again, he spams another Full Restore, but we miss Hurricane, now we Brave Bird and OHKO it

7d 21h 31m We send in Staraptor and nuke Hariyama with Brave Bird we also faint from recoil

7d 21h 30m Vs Hala, we use Scald and Hariyama uses Close Combat to **kill frog

7d 21h 26m We send in Staraptor, take a Sludge Wave and use Brave Bird to kill Gengar, Acerola down

7d 21h 25m We send in Toucannon who faints from Sludge Wave

7d 21h 24m We send in Cat which takes a Focus Blast, and uses Cross Chop, another one takes cat down

7d 21h 23m Froslass uses Shadow Ball, we counter with our own Shadow Ball and activate Sash, she heals and we kill with MGB which is now Disabled due to Cursed Body, Lunala kills Palossand with Shadow Ball, level 82, she sends in Gengar which SHadow Ball kills Nebby

7d 21h 21m We use MGB to nuke Drifblim too

7d 21h 20m We use Moongeist Beam on Dhelmise to Nuke it

7d 21h 20m Frog kills Golurk with Scald, we switch to Lunala

7d 21h 18m In Acerola's room

[Fluff] Nice to see no one die

7d 21h 15m Swan to 92

7d 21h 15m We send in Incineroar and use Cross Chop on Tyranitar while it lives with Chople Berry it and uses DD, we still outspeed and rekt it with another Cross Chop, Olivia down

7d 21h 13m She sends in Probopass, scald -> sturdy -> earth power -> scald -> sturdy -> epower -> scald gg, she sends in Relicanth and we switch to Toucan and use Bullet Seed Which hits only twice which does almost half, she uses Head Smash we survive with red hp, Bullet Seed now kills and level 88 Toucan

7d 21h 10m She sends in Lycanroc, gets one EQ in and Scald rekts it

7d 21h 9m We now use Rain Dance against Golem while it uses Earthquake, Scald gg

7d 21h 8m We start off using Hydro Vortex on Gigalith, rekt

[Info] Attempt #28

7d 21h 0m We use Scald on Golurk and OHKO, she sends in Dhelmise and we use Scald to do almost half with crit, Power Whip gg, blackout

7d 20h 57m In Acerola's room

7d 20h 54m We send in Seismitoad and use Scald to kill Relicanth, she sends in Probopass, we use Scald, she uses Earth Power and we survive with red hp, Scald gg Olivia down

7d 20h 52m Staraptor to level 91, we use a CC on Relicanth but Head Smash kills

7d 20h 51m We send in Staraptor and kill with Close Combat

7d 20h 51m We send in Incineroar and use Cross Chop, it sets up DD and we miss Cross Chop and die to Stone Edge

7d 20h 50m We send in Toucannon and use Drill Peck, Stone Edge kills

7d 20h 49m We use MGB on Tyranitar which does lol dmg and Crunch kills

7d 20h 48m We send in Nebby and Lycanroc uses Foul Play, we survive with 5 hp and OHKO with Moongeist Beam (will now be called MGB)

7d 20h 47m Scald kills Golem easy and we switch to Swanna against Lycanroc and use Hurricane, it uses Continental Crush to kill Swanna

7d 20h 46m We use Scald and she uses Earthquake, we now set up Z-Rain Dance while she sets up Stealth Rock, we use another Rain Dance so we tank another Earthquake then use Scald to kill

In Olivia's Room

[Info] Attempt #27 now

7d 20h 34m Blackout

7d 20h 33m She sends in Palossand and we use Brave Bird, she lives with 1/3 hp and uses Hydro Pump to kill

7d 20h 32m We send in Staraptor and use Brave Bird on Drifblim to KO

7d 20h 32m She uses Sludge Wave and we KAPOW Brave Bird, both dead

7d 20h 31m We send in Swanna, take a Blizzard and KO with Brave Bird

7d 20h 30m We send in Toucannon and she uses Blizzard to KO

7d 20h 29m We send in Nebby again Froslass, she uses Shadow Balla and we live with red hp and use Moongeist Beam to activate sash, she doesn't heal and Shadow Ball kills nebby

7d 20h 28m We send in Toucannon against Dhelmise and use Dril Peck, we take a Anchor shot and lvie with less than half, second Drill Peck kills

7d 20h 27m Nebby to level 81

7d 20h 26m Vs Acerola

7d 20h 23m We still Outspeed and use Cross Chop but Chople Berry lets it live with yellow HP, we send in Staraptor and KO with Close Combat, Olivia down

7d 20h 21m We use Leech Life and she sets up Dragon Dance

7d 20h 20m We switch in Lunala and nuke with Moongeist Beam, we switch in Fire Cat as she sends in ttar

7d 20h 20m Vs Relicanth we set up Rain Dance while she uses Toxic and now Protect, we now finallu able to Scald it and do 2/3 while she uses Head Smash, she's back to Protect stall and Seismitoad faints to poison

7d 20h 17m She sends in Probopass which lives with Sturdy so uses Earth Power but dies from Burn

7d 20h 16m Frog to level 90

7d 20h 16m We OHKO Golem and Lycanroc with Scald Easy

7d 20h 15m Vs Olivia and we use Z- Rain dance while she sets up Stealth Rock, we now OHKO with Scald

7d 20h 8m Attempt #26 soon

7d 20h 6m We use Shadow Ball on Palossand and it survives with 1hp and KO's with Shadow Ball Blackout

7d 20h 5m We use Moongeist Beam on Froslass after tanking SHadow Ball thanks to Shadow Shield, she heals and we nuke it with a Beam

7d 20h 4m We nuke Dhelmise and Drifblim with Moongeist Beam

7d 20h 3m We kill Golurk with Moongeist Beam but switch Toucanon to Dhelmise, but since we're paralyzed, Steel Gem Anchor Shot kills Toucan

7d 20h 1m VS Acerola

7d 19h 57m toucan level 87

7d 19h 56m She sends in Togekiss and we send in Toucannon, we use Drill Peck and she paralyzes us, she now uses Mooblast and we kill with Beak Blast!, Kahili down

7d 19h 55m She sends in Toucannon and we use Brave Bird to do 99% of HP, she counters with Double Edge and both die

7d 19h 54m Lunala to 80

7d 19h 53m We send in Staraptor and she tries to set up Sky Attack but we KO with Brave Bird now

7d 19h 53m She now sets up Sky Attack and we unfortunately don't burn it so Sky Attack kills toad

7d 19h 52m She sends in Altaria with Cloud Nine and she sets up Dragon Dance

7d 19h 51m We send in Seismitoad and use Z- Rain Dance while she uses Facade, we now use Scald to KO it

7d 19h 50m She sets up Swords Dance as we use Flare Blitz which does almost half, we don't burn so Poison Heal Toxic Orb activates, Earthquake kills

7d 19h 48m We use Hurricane again and take her to yellow, she uses Brave Bird and puts herself at red, another Hurricane defeats Mandibuzz and faint from poison after getting the exp

7d 19h 47m We use Hurricane again but miss and she uses Toxic

7d 19h 47m We send in Swanna against Mandibuzz and use Hurricane while she uses Brave Bird

7d 19h 46m We use 2 more Bubblebeam and she uses a Air Slash + Whirlwind to Lunala, Shadow Ball KO's

7d 19h 45m We use Hurricane while Full Restore, we now use Bubblebeam and she uses Air Slash

7d 19h 44m We use 2 Scald's and burn it to take it to red while Air Slash + Whirlwind makes us go to Swanna

7d 19h 42m Inside Kahili's room for a change

7d 19h 41m Inside League

7d 19h 37m [Info] Attempt #25 will start soon

7d 19h 32m We use Drill Peck and faint from Ice Punch

7d 19h 31m Toucannon vs Golurk

7d 19h 27m In Acerola's room

7d 19h 24m Hala down

7d 19h 24m He uses a Full Restore and we use Drill Peck to put it in red again, another Drill Peck takes it out

7d 19h 24m He sends in Crabominable and we take it to red with Brave Bird, he uses Ice Hammer to kill

7d 19h 23m Swan level 91

7d 19h 23m He now sends in Gallade and Swan OHKO's with Brave Bird

7d 19h 22m We now send in Staraptor and Brave Bird and both Staraptor and Conk faint

7d 19h 21m We use Outrage and do a 1/3rd and Drain Punch knocks us out

7d 19h 21m We send in Staraptor and use Brave Bird on Scrafty, we survive with 18hp after recoil, we now send in Queeso against Conkeldurr

[Info] Staraptor actually didn't die, we just switched

7d 19h 19m We use Beeak Blast to burn Hariyama from Fake Out, then Close Combat does little and we KO with Beak Blast, we switch to Staraptor against Primape and faint to Stone Edge, we now send in Fire Tiger and he uses Full Restore while we Outrage, he uses Cross Chop and we tank with over half hp left and kill with Outrage

7d 19h 15m In Hala's room

7d 19h 12m Staraptor uses a Close Combat to hurt Relicanth, then she misses Head Smash and sues Full Restore, we now Close Combat again to KO, Olivia down

7d 19h 11m Seismitoad faints after throws, Staraptor to level 90

7d 19h 7m She uses Toxic on Nebby then switch to Tyranitar who shrugs off Moongeist Beam's with ease, Crunch kills Nebby

7d 19h 5m We use Scald on Probopass and he uses Earth Power, we waste a turn then kill with Scald we then switch to Nebby against Relucanth

7d 19h 2m She sends in Lycanroc and Earthquake's, we use ydro Vortex to kill

7d 19h 2m Vs Golem we OHKO with Scald

7d 19h 1m Toucan level up

7d 19h 1m Another Scald kills

7d 19h 1m We use Scald and she sets up Stealth Rocks

[Info] Attempt #24

7d 18h 51m Primeape misses Stone edge and we BB, Both faint, blackout

7d 18h 50m Hariyama uses Fake Out, we Brave Bird on Hariyama to take it out

7d 18h 50m Vs Hala

7d 18h 42m Crunch KO's, we need to send Staraptor

7d 18h 41m Nebby takes care of Relicanth, Ttar is next

7d 18h 37m We waste another Max Ether and Head Smash takes Swanna out

7d 18h 36m We waste a Max Ether and she uses Full Restore

7d 18h 34m After some Toxic/Protect healing with us Waterfall stall, frog faints, Relicanth at red due to Scald

7d 18h 30m Cat faints, we send in Seismitoad

7d 18h 27m We send in Queeso, Protect stalls 1st Cross Chop, we miss second one while she poisons us with Toxic, 3rd Cross Chop wasted by another Protect

7d 18h 23m We send Toucan and use Drill Peck, Head Smash takes Toucan out

7d 18h 22m We use Scald on Probopass and she uses Earth Power, we now waste Hydro Vortex on Probopass

7d 18h 20m She sends in Lycanroc, an Earthquake from her is replied by a Scald from us which takes her down

7d 18h 19m Scald takes out Golem, Frog at level 89

7d 18h 18m We try to use a Potion and she uses Earthquake, we now use Scald to take it out

7d 18h 17m We use Rain Dance, and she sets up Stealth Rock

7d 18h 16m VS Olivia

7d 18h 9m [Info] Attempt #23 will start

7d 18h 8m Va Hala, we Brave Bird Hariyama but Primeape Stone Edge takes Staraptor out, blackout

7d 18h 4m We send in Lunala and Shadow Ball, Crunch Kills Nebby, Stone edge misses Staraptor and we kill, we beat Olivia

7d 18h 0m She uses Stone Edge to kill Fire Tiger

7d 17h 59m We send Fire Tiger and use Leech Life, she sets up DD

7d 17h 59m We use Bullet Seed, Stone Edge kills Toucan

7d 17h 58m We send in Toucannon, a spam makes us use Drill Peck and we tank a Head Smash, Bullet Seed KO's

7d 17h 56m We use BubbleBeam and she's at the red and she uses Head Smash to take the swan out

7d 17h 56m She stalls with Protect, another Bubblebeam takes her to half (leftovers), she misses Head Smash

7d 17h 54m She uses Protect as we Bubblebeam, we now Bubblebeam and do a third, she uses Toxic

7d 17h 53m We send in Swanna, she heals with Full Restore and we use Bubblebeam and do half, another beam of Bubbles stuffs Probopass

7d 17h 51m She sends in Probopass, Scald would kill- it but Sturdy so she uses Earth Power to take OSsfrog out

7d 17h 50m Staraptor to 89

7d 17h 50m We finally use Rain Dance as she uses Earthquake, another EQ from her and Scald from us takes it down

7d 17h 49m She dies from burn and sends in Lycanroc

7d 17h 49m She sends in Golem, we use Scald and burn it, her Earthquake is pitiful

7d 17h 49m Lunala to 79, Fire Cat to level 88

7d 17h 48m We use Hydro Vortex and kill Gigalith

7d 17h 47m We start off with Scald, she uses Earthquake

7d 17h 46m VS Olivia

7d 17h 44m Ok starting Attempt #22 now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how does everyone feel about commentary? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks to the commentators for commentating

7d 17h 37m [Info] Next is #Attempt 22

7d 17h 37m Gengar uses Sludge Wave on Staraptor, we use Brave Bird takes Gengar out! But we faint too and blackout

7d 17h 36m She sends in Gengar and it still outspeed even with us having 15 levels on it, Sludge wave takes Swanna out

7d 17h 35m Swanna to level 90!

7d 17h 34m We send in Swanna and she uses a Full Restore on Palossand, we use Brave Bird and do half another Brave Bird with low roll take sit to red hp, another BB takes it down

7d 17h 32m She sends in Palossand, Moongeist Beam pp ran out so we use Shadow Ball, its at red hp and uses Never-Ending Nightmare to nuke Lunala

7d 17h 32m She uses a Full Restore and we nuke it with Moongeist Beam to kill it!

7d 17h 31m She send sin the dreaded Froslass, with sHadow shield we survive and use Moongeist Beam and activate the Sash

7d 17h 30m She sends in Drifblim, we don't go with the Cosmic Power tactic and decide to nuke it with Moongeist Beam

7d 17h 30m We all know how this goes, spam Moongeist Beam on Golurk and Dhelmise to OHKO

7d 17h 28m In Acerola's room now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how does everyone feel about commentary so far? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

7d 17h 26m We send in Staraptor, use Close Combat and even with Chople Berry we take it down

7d 17h 24m We use Bullet Seed and do almost half to ttar

7d 17h 23m We now use Bullet Seed and take Relicanth out, Tyranitar in

7d 17h 22m We now send in Toucannon

7d 17h 21m We send in Inciroar and she uses Full Restore while we use Leech Life, we now use Flare Blitz but she uses Protect, we now use Cross Chop which does about a third, it uses Head smash and take us to red, we use Cross Chop and its at about half and it misse sHead Smash, we now use Flare Blitz and Head Smash takes us down

7d 17h 18m She uses Full Restore and we use Scald and do almost half, we use Scald to take it to red and burn it, it uses Head Smash to take us down

7d 17h 17m We use Scald but she uses Protect to stall, We now use Scald on it and take it down to red, it uses Waterfall to heal us with Water Absorb

7d 17h 16m We sue Scald and she uses toxic

7d 17h 16m We try to use Rain Dance but last turn of rain, she uses Earth Power, we Scald, she Epower, 2nd Scald takes it down

7d 17h 15m She sends in Lycanroc, with our speed boostw e outspeed and Scald takes it down

7d 17h 14m She sends in Golem and Scald takes it down

7d 17h 14m We now use Z-Rain Dance while she uses Earthquake, and does like 1/8 of our hp, we now use Scald to take it down

7d 17h 13m We open up with Scald and do half with burn, she sets up Stealth Rock

7d 17h 12m Vs Olivia

7d 17h 4m [Info] This will be attempt #21

7d 17h 3m Sludge Wave takes Toucan out, blackout

7d 17h 2m [Info] Takes Fire cat down*, Toucan still alive with red hp

7d 17h 0m We use a Revive on Inciniroar but does work, Focus Blast takes us down

7d 16h 59m We send in Inciniroar

7d 16h 56m We send in Swanna and Sludge Wave takes her down due to being yellow hp from Olivia

7d 16h 55m She sends in Gengar and we send in Lunala, We try to use Moongeist Beam but Shadow Ball x$ effective takes Nebby down

7d 16h 54m We use Beak Blast and she misses Blizzard, Froslass down, Toucannon to 85

7d 16h 54m She uses a Full Resotore and Beak Blast activates her Focus Sash

7d 16h 53m She misses Blizzard and Drill Peck takes her to red, Cursed Body Activates

7d 16h 52m She uses a Full Restore, 2 Drill Peck is gg

7d 16h 51m We switch to Toucannon against Dhelmise and use Drill Peck, it's at red hp and uses Steel Gem Anchor Shot to take until red

7d 16h 50m We use Moongeist Beam and OHKO Golurk

7d 16h 50m Vs Acerola

7d 16h 48m In Acerola's room

7d 16h 43m [Info] Fire Cat at 10hp Kreygasm

7d 16h 42m Lunala now is 78

7d 16h 42m We send in Swanna take a Crunch and then send in Inciniroar who tanks a stone edge! and KO's with Cross Chop

7d 16h 39m We send in Nebby

7d 16h 38m Close Combat OHKO's Tyranitar but she has a Chople Berry and we do half, Stone Edge takes Staraptor down

7d 16h 37m We send in Toucannon and then switch to Staraptor who avoids the Head smash, we now use Close Combat but she uses Protect, we now take it down with CC

7d 16h 35m She stalls with Protect, we now use Scald and do 2/3 and she uses Head Smash, We faint down due to poison

7d 16h 34m She sends in Relicanth, we use Rain Dance and she uses Toxic

7d 16h 33m We use Scald and Lycanroc goes down, she sends in Probopass and it lives Scald with a sliver of health and uses Earth Power, she uses a Full Restore and scald does about 2/3 without rain, another Scald takes it down

7d 16h 32m Seismitoad is now level 88

7d 16h 32m She sends in Golem, Scald GG

7d 16h 31m We fight her and use Scald and she uses Stealth Rock, we use Z-Move Rain Dance and raise speed + rain, she uses Earthquake and does about a third, now we use Scald to ko it

7d 16h 28m Inside Olivia's room

7d 16h 22m We finally enter the League

7d 16h 10m [Info] Attempt #20

7d 16h 10m Relicanth used Head Smash. Swanna fainted! Blacked out!

7d 16h 9m Relicanth used Head Smash. Swanna down to 13/271HP.

7d 16h 8m Swanna used Bubble Beam! Tyranitar down. Swanna leveled up to 89!

7d 16h 6m Toucannon fainted!

7d 16h 6m Olivia used a Full Restore.

7d 16h 4m Still vs Tyranitar. Staraptor fainted.

7d 16h 1m Incineroar fainted!

7d 16h 0m Tyranitar used Crunch. It's super effective! Lunala fainted!

7d 15h 58m Seismitoad fainted! Sent out Nebby.

7d 15h 57m Seismitoad used Scald. Lycanroc down.

7d 15h 56m Staraptor leveled up to 88!

7d 15h 56m Golem down.

7d 15h 54m VS Olivia!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how does everyone feel about commentary so far? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

7d 15h 47m [Info] Attempt #19

7d 15h 47m Toucannon fainted! Blacked out!

7d 15h 46m Hariyama down.Toucannon used Drill Peck. OHKO'd Primeape.

7d 15h 44m VS HALA!

7d 15h 41m Toucannon leveled up to 84! Defeated Acerola!

7d 15h 41m Sent out Toucannon. Toucannon used Drill Peck. Palossand down.

7d 15h 40m Swanna vs Palossand. Palossand used Never-Ending Nightmare. Swanna fainted!

Lunala down and we send in Staraptor and KO Froslass

7d 15h 35m VS Acerola!

7d 15h 30m We send in Swanna and use Scald to take out, Olivia down

7d 15h 29m We send in Inciniroar, and use a move while she misses Stone Edge, this time she hits and Inciniroar faints

7d 15h 27m She sends in Tyranitar, We use Scald and she kilsl with Crunch

7d 15h 26m We try to Scald but she stalls with Protect again, now we kill it with Scald

7d 15h 25m She sends in Relicanth and we set up Rain Dance, she uses Waterfall and heals 25% of our hp making us 189/308, she uses Protect, this time we use Scald but she uses Toxic to poison toad

7d 15h 24m She sends in Probopass and we use Scald and it survives at the red uses Earth Power, she sues a Full Restore as we Scald again and this time she's at 3hp~ and rain ends, we use Scald again to take it out

7d 15h 22m She sends in Lycanroc and uses Earthquake, we use Scald to OHKO to too

7d 15h 22m We now use Scald and it's down

7d 15h 21m She sends in Golem, we use Scald to take it to the red and its burnt, burn takes it to about 1hp and while she uses a Full Restore we use Rain Dance

7d 15h 20m We start off by using Hydro Vortex with Toad on Gigalith, dead

[Info] Attempt 18

7d 15h 19m Vs Olivia

7d 15h 12m Sludge wave hits twice. Black out.

7d 15h 12m We sent in Swanna.

7d 15h 11m Gengar is sent in. Incineroar fainted.

7d 15h 11m 7d 15h 10m We sent in Incineroar. Acerola used Full Restore. Fail. Froslass down.

7d 15h 10m Blizzard, Brave bird. Suicide. KAPOW. Staraptor fainted.

7d 15h 9m We sent in Staraptor.

7d 15h 8m Blizzard hits. Toycannon fainted.

7d 15h 8m Drifblim fainted, Froslass is in.

7d 15h 7m We sent in the Toucannon.

7d 15h 7m Acerola sent in Drifblim. Cosmic power, Shadow ball. Lunala fainted.

7d 15h 6m Dhelmise down. Swanna grew up to Level 88.

7d 15h 6m Acerola sent in Dhelmise.

7d 15h 5m Lunala vs Golurk. Golurk down.

7d 15h 4m vs. Acerola.

7d 15h 1m Tyranitar down. Olivia defeated.

7d 15h 0m Tyranitar kills Palpitoad. We sent in Lunala.

7d 14h 59m Relicanth down. Palpitoad grew up to Level 87. Toucannon grew up to Level 83.

7d 14h 59m Palpitoad tanked Head smash.

7d 14h 58m Waterfall restores some HP of Palpitoad.

7d 14h 57m Not helping. Probopass down. Relicanth is sent in.

7d 14h 57m Olivia used Full Restore.

7d 14h 56m Lycanroc down. Probopass is in.

7d 14h 55m Lycanroc used Earthquake. Critical hit. Scald burned Lycanroc.

7d 14h 54m Scald OHKOed Golem. Lunala grew up to Level 76.

7d 14h 53m Z-Hydro Vortex. Gigalith down.

7d 14h 52m vs. Olivia. Palpitoad vs Gigalith.

7d 14h 50m Attemt #17.

7d 14h 46m Earth power. Black out.

7d 14h 46m Toucannon fainted. Incineroar is the only option.

7d 14h 45m We sent in Toucannon. Drill peck, Gengar down. Here comes Palossand.

7d 14h 44m Swanna fainted.

7d 14h 43m Acerola sent in Gengar. Swanna got poisoned. Brave bird.

7d 14h 42m Swanna bubblebeamed Froslass successfully.

7d 14h 41m Toucannon grew up to Lv. 82 during Lunala victory.

7d 14h 40m 7d 14h 39m Staraptor killed itself with Brave bird.

7d 14h 38m Drifblim down. Vs Froslass. Lunala fainted.

7d 14h 36m Dhelmise is down and out.

7d 14h 36m Vs Acerola. Palpitoad fainted. Lunala is sent in. Golurk down.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how does everyone feel about commentary so far? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

7d 14h 22m Looks like Gigalith is down.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: stream went down briefly, it's back now

7d 14h 20m vs Olivia.

7d 14h 18m Attemt #16, thank you u/DuplexBeGreat/

7d 14h 17m [Fluff] If you know Attempt #, please type it in the chat.

7d 14h 16m Pokémon League.

7d 14h 11m Sludge wave vs Brve bird. Gengar faited. Suicide. KAPOW. Black out.

7d 14h 10m Qs3333eess3 vs Froslass. Froslass down, cursed body disabled Flare Blitz. Gengar kills Qs3333eess3. Staraptor is our only option.

7d 14h 8m Swanna confused opponent but Acerola used Full Restore. Swanna fainted.

7d 14h 6m ?lsbb?l (with 6 HP) vs Froslass. Blizzard hits. Toucannon fainted.

7d 14h 4m Dhelmise down.

7d 14h 3m 7d 14h 2m Spe s is sent in. Potion used on Spe s. Spe s fainted. We sent in Toucannon.

7d 14h 1m We used Rain dance vs Dhelmise. Palpitoad fainted.

7d 14h 0m Burn is real. Golurk is at 1 HP. Scald worked. Golurk down. Swanna grew up to 87 Level.

7d 13h 59m Palpitoad vs Golurk.

7d 13h 58m 7d 13h 57m Vs Acerola.

7d 13h 55m Olivia used Full restore on the Tyranitar. Tyranitar down. Olivia defeated.

7d 13h 53m Relicanth down.

7d 13h 53m Relicanth got burned. Olivia used Full heal.

7d 13h 51m 7d 13h 51m Probopass down.

7d 13h 50m Lycanroc down.

7d 13h 49m Scald. Golem down.

7d 13h 49m Palpitoad vs Gigalith. Scald works. Gigalith down.

7d 13h 48m VS Olivia.

[Streamer] ep1cnights: I'm sick of chat already DansGame I'm interested in seeing bonding over collaboration and competition towards a singular goal, not in typical social communication bonding!

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @ep1cnights it's a new and novel thing, people will be less interested in commentators and more interested in chat when it stops being novel

7d 13h 46m Pokémon League.

7d 13h 42m Black out.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how does everyone feel about commentary? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the sentiment for commentary has generally been positive in the past

[Streamer] TheFrozenGlaceon: also hey guys : D/

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @TheFrozenGlaceon possibly, I was watching a lot of AGDQ

[Streamer] ep1cnights: But whatever, people like it, they can enjoy it. I'll enjoy my stream on #Mute

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @ep1cnights the next run won't have commentary, it's why I wanted to try now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I made game volume a little bit more quiet

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: commentary is beginning

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: commentary will begin soon

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: yes I know it's quiet, I'm working on it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm going to be switching to OBS Studio because OBS has been crashing

7d 12h 3m Staraptor faints from Crabominable. Black out.

7d 12h 3m We use Close Combat on the Crab. It takes it down to the low-yellow range.

7d 12h 2m The last mon left is Staraptor.

7d 12h 2m Swanna taken down.

7d 12h 2m Hala sends out Crabominable.

7d 12h 1m We start off with a Brave Bird, which takes Conkeldurr into red. The burn KOs the Conkeldurr.

7d 12h 1m We send out the Swanna.

7d 12h 0m We burn the Conkeldurr, but Incineroar is KO'd..

7d 12h 0m We send out Incineroar, and Hala sends out Conkeldurr. We start with an Outrage.

7d 11h 59m We send out Starraptor, which Primeape is quickly ready to stone-edge. Our Brave Bird KOs the Primeape.

7d 11h 58m Hala sends in a Primeape. He crits us and Toucannon is down.

7d 11h 57m We take down the Hariyama. Toucannon up to level 79.

7d 11h 57m Hala sends out the Hariyama.

7d 11h 57m We send out the toucan.

7d 11h 56m We go into the next room and battle Elite Four Hala.

7d 11h 52m Tyranitar misses another stone edge, and we use one last Cross Chop to take down Tyranitar. Olivia defeated!

7d 11h 52m However, the Cross Chop is avoided. We avoid one of Tyranitar's attack, then make another cross chop which is negated by the berry.

7d 11h 51m Tyranitar dragon dances and Full Restore, and we use a Cross Chop.

7d 11h 50m We bring in our Incineroar, and use Leech Life to take Tyranitar down to red.

7d 11h 50m Tyranitar takes out Lunala.

7d 11h 49m We send out Lunala

7d 11h 49m We Scald the Tyranitar, bringing it down to half. A critical crunch takes down Seismitoad.

7d 11h 49m Olivia sends out Tyranitar.

7d 11h 48m One more Scald takes out Relicanth.

7d 11h 48m We keep Scalding, and we Burn relicanth. A toxic poisons Seismitoad.

7d 11h 47m Olivia sends out Relicanth.

7d 11h 47m One More Scald Attack KOs Probopass.

7d 11h 47m We Scald once more, bringing Probopass down to half. We then use Rain Dance.

7d 11h 46m The rain stopped, and Olivia uses a Full Restore.

7d 11h 46m Continuing to use Scald, we get Probopass into the red and burn it.

7d 11h 45m Lycanroc comes out, but we OHKO it with Scald. Out comes Probopass.

7d 11h 45m We KO the Gigalith and Golem sends out. We use Scald to OHKO the Golem

7d 11h 44m We send out Seismitoad, and out comes Gigalith. We use Z-Rain Dance.

7d 11h 44m VS Olivia, again.

7d 11h 43m Attempt #6. We go back to Olivia's room.

7d 11h 38m Tyranitar crunches the toucan. Toucannon is down. Black out!!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how does everyone feel about commentary? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: anyone interested in join the commentary team please send me or ProjectRevoTPP a whisper

7d 11h 38m We send out the toucan

7d 11h 37m Tyranitar uses another Stone Edge, gets a crit, and Incineroar faints.

7d 11h 36m We send out Incineroar. Olivia uses a Full Restore on the Tyranitar.

7d 11h 36m Tryranitar uses one Stone Edge and Swanna is down.

7d 11h 35m We keep using Bubble Beam, which crits. Tyranitar is about half health

7d 11h 34m We use an attack on Relicanth, which takes it down. Olivia sends out Tyranitar.

7d 11h 33m We send out Swanna.

7d 11h 32m Relicanth uses Head Smash, KO'ing Staravia.

7d 11h 32m We done one more Close Combat, halving the Relicanth's HP.

7d 11h 32m While Relicanth protects, we go for a Close Combat which doesn't do anything.

7d 11h 31m Olivia sends out Relicanth.

7d 11h 31m We use Close Combat on the Probopass, which KO's it.

7d 11h 30m We switch to Staraptor.

7d 11h 30m However, Probopass takes down Seismitoad.

7d 11h 29m Olivia sends out Probopass. We Scald it.

7d 11h 29m Olivia uses a full restore. We Crit a scald and OHKO it.

7d 11h 28m We use Scald while Seismitoad reaches red health. Lycanroc is burned.

7d 11h 28m Once again, its Earthquake vs Hyper Voice.

7d 11h 27m Lycanroc keeps earthquaking us. We retaliate with a Hyper Voice, which doesn't do much.

7d 11h 27m We switch back to Seismitoad.

7d 11h 27m Lunala faints from Lycanroc.

7d 11h 26m We get Earthquaked by the Lyanroc.

7d 11h 26m We switch Seismitoad to Lunala. Nebby get in the bag

7d 11h 26m Here comes Lycanroc. Awooooo!

7d 11h 25m Seismitoad promoted to Level 83.

7d 11h 25m that OHKOs the Golem.

7d 11h 25m We use our Z Move Hydro Vortex.

7d 11h 24m Olivia sends of Golem. We keep in Seismitoad.

7d 11h 24m We keep scalding and Gigalith is down.

7d 11h 24m We open with Scald, and Gigalith sets up Stealth Rocks

7d 11h 23m She sends out her Gigalith and we go with our toad frog Pokémon that I can't remember the name of

7d 11h 22m VS Gym Leader Olivia

7d 11h 21m We get to that rock chamber room

7d 11h 21m we see mister kukui and he looks as magnificent as always

7d 11h 20m Attempt #5 begins!!!

7d 11h 20m we're gonna attempt the Pokémon league again.

7d 11h 18m we're messing around in the Pokémon menu, switching mons

[Fluff] I really wanna commentate too

7d 11h 2m Never mind, it's back

7d 11h 2m This means the stream is down! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: OBS crashed

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: commentary beginning again

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: going to start dual commentary again soon

[Info] Lunala leveled up to 73.

7d 10h 52m Toucannon to 79 and Lunala levels up, does not learn Hyper Beam

[Streamer] スベタ (evolem): i hate to say it but id probably do commentary much better on my own so yea

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @スベタ you can do solo commentary if you want, just trying dual commentary because solo commentary had a lot of dead air

[Fluff] This reminds me of the intermission threads, seeing so many updates from /u/TPPStreamerBot in a row.

[Streamer] 初音_ミク (miku_v3): Where do I get Mumble? Is this the official link? https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Main_Page

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @初音_ミク yes, that's it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'd like to test commentary again in a little bit but need another commentator, anyone interested? You need a working mic, Mumble and TeamViewer (free software)

[Streamer] flarn2006: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, Is it too late to vote? I just saw VoteYea

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @flarn2006 it wasn't a vote I was just wanting to see the general sentiment

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: that was a good test, how does everyone feel about commentary? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

[Streamer] オオカミの芸術 (wolf_drawn): Can you guys test the soundboard?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @オオカミの芸術 there's no "the soundboard" it's just playing sounds over Mumble

7d 10h 31m Incineroar down, black out

7d 10h 30m It is sent in.

7d 10h 29m Staraptor down, last one left is Incineroar. Waiting for it to inevitably be sent in.

7d 10h 28m Hariyama down to Brave Bird, Primeape in next.

7d 10h 27m It's Staraptor versus Hariyama.

7d 10h 26m Now we are in the room where Hala is.

7d 10h 23m We are free to leave this room and attempt another one.

7d 10h 22m Lunala down, Staraptor's in to Close Combat Tyrnitar, who holds a Berry to reduce damage. Tyranitar down, Staraptor to 84, next in is.. oh we defeated her

7d 10h 18m Relicanth's sent in now. Seismitoad is down, Lunala's sent in. Uses Moongeist Beam, Relicanth down. Tyranitar's sent in.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there's a PRChase soundboard, the commentary system supports that

[Streamer] BenjiPM: @TwitchPlaysPokemon What do you mean by commentary? Like, replacing the in-game announcer?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @BenjiPM I'd like to play newer Pokemon games as well for matches but they won't have announcers

[Streamer] 15tailstwitch: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Will there be commentary in PBR?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @15tailstwitch yes, there will be commentary in PBR

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: anyone interested in being a commentator please send me or ProjectRevoTPP a whisper

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: currently testing dual commentary on TPP

7d 10h 16m Golem is sent in. Down to some Scalds, next in is Probopass. We do not switch.

7d 10h 14m Seismitoad's back in. After some stalling, uses its Z-Move, Hydro Vortex, Lycanroc down.

7d 10h 12m Gigalith's down, Lycanroc's sent in. Switched into Swanna, Lycanroc uses its Z Move, Swanna down

[Streamer] Orasbassdrop2: are there directions to mod a 3ds like this? @twitchplayspokemon

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Orasbassdrop2 ask DekuNukem, he's the one who made it

[Streamer] Orasbassdrop2: @twitchplayspokemon is thia citra or a robot?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Orasbassdrop2 real hardware with modification

7d 10h 10m Toucannon down, Lunala is sent in

7d 10h 9m Versus Olivia, Toucannon against Gigalith.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: commentary during runs was something I wanted to try but I was originally going to wait until after PBR

7d 10h 3m We're in the room where Olivia is.

7d 10h 2m [Info] Lumisau and Mariohuge are currently commentating on stream.

7d 10h 2m Another attempt for the League has begun. Unsure of the exact number.

7d 10h 0m Back to the Festival Plaza

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry, awkward time to begin commentary, at least it's going to get better from here

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: PRChase

7d 9h 56m Gallade down to Moongeist Beam, Scrafty's sent in. Lunala down, black out

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: audio quality is nice

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: first test of dual commentary

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: ok, live commentary will begin

7d 9h 55m It is sent in.

7d 9h 54m Incineroar's in right now. Then it goes down. Lunala is the last one left.

7d 9h 53m Fighting Elite Four member Hala right now, Seismitoad against Gallade.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: in a short moment we'll be bringing on some commentators to test the commentary system

[Meta] Sorry guys, I know I've only been updating for less than an hour, but I'm afraid the updater's going dark again.

7d 8h 0m Scrafty uses High Jump Kick! Incineroar down!

7d 7h 59m Primeape down and Scrafty sent out!

7d 7h 58m Staraptor sent out with Red Card and swapped with Incineroar!

7d 7h 57m Primeape uses Stone Edge! Toucannon down!

7d 7h 57m Primape sent out!

7d 7h 56m Toucannon's Drill Peck takes down Hariyama!

7d 7h 55m Vs. Hala! Toucannon vs. Hariyama.

7d 7h 54m Entered Hala's chamber!

7d 7h 52m Attempt #4 begins!

7d 7h 45m ...and it immediately goes down! Blackout!

7d 7h 45m Staraptor sent out!

7d 7h 44m Gengar uses Focus Blast and takes down Incineroar!

7d 7h 43m Incineroar uses Flare Blitz and leaves Gengar with a burn!

7d 7h 43m Acerola withdraws Drifblim for Gengar!

7d 7h 42m Incineroar sent out!

7d 7h 40m Drifblim's Shadow Ball takes down Lunala!

7d 7h 40m [SFX] Streamer was testing some weird-sounding voice clips on the stream. Cue WutFaces from the chat.

7d 7h 39m Drifblim sent out.

7d 7h 38m Seismitoad down! Lunala sent out. And then Golurk goes down as well.

7d 7h 36m Vs. Acerola! Seismitoad vs. Golurk.

7d 7h 34m Entered Acerola's chamber.

7d 7h 18m [Meta] Updater will be going dark for a bit. Don't worry; I'll leave the stream on in the background and if it sounds like we're doing well based on the music (I'll definitely notice if the Champion music starts playing) then I'll start updating again if no one else has.

7d 7h 14m Drifblim uses Sucker Punch, knocking out Lunala! Black out!

7d 7h 14m Shadow Ball hits. Dhelmise down, Drifblim next.

7d 7h 13m We send Lunala back out.

7d 7h 13m We do a lot more damage to Dhelmise, but it has a Focus Sash which keeps it at 1 HP, allowing it to knock out Incineroar.

7d 7h 13m We use Flare Blitz, but it misses. Complete destruction by Shadow Force! But this is not a favorable matchup!

7d 7h 12m Dhelmise vanished instantly!

7d 7h 12m Switched out for Incineroar.

7d 7h 12m Sent out Lunala.

7d 7h 12m Lashed by Power Whip! Massive damage! Ducklett fainted!

7d 7h 11m Acerola sends out Dhelmise.

7d 7h 11m Hurricane takes down Golurk.

7d 7h 11m Golurk uses Stealth Rock.

7d 7h 10m Acerola sends out Golurk against our Ducklett.

7d 7h 10m Challenged by Acerola!

7d 7h 9m Entered Acerola's room.

7d 7h 5m Hala used a Full Heal...not a Full Restore, just a Full Heal, so it only cures its confusion. And Gallade is immediately nailed by Brave Bird and taken down. Hala defeated! The blue corner has won the game!

7d 7h 4m Ducklett uses Hurricane, bringing Gallade to red HP and confusing it. Gallade uses Swords Dance.

7d 7h 3m Gallade is sent out.

7d 7h 3m Scrafty uses Foul Play and brings us eo just above half HP. Another Hurricane takes down Scrafty.

7d 7h 3m With its boosted Speed, Scrafty can get off another Dragon Dance before we use Hurricane again, this time hitting and bringing it to yellow HP.

7d 7h 2m Ducklett uses Hurricane, but misses. Scrafty takes the opportunity to set up Dragon Dance.

7d 7h 2m Scrafty is sent out.

7d 7h 1m Hala sends out Crabominable, which is then knocked out.

7d 7h 0m We sent out Ducklett, which brings down Conkeldurr with Hurricane.

7d 6h 59m Drain Punch knocks out Alpitoa, and brings Conkeldurr back to yellow.

7d 6h 59m Alpitoa unleashes its full-force Z-move! Conkeldurr is...brought to red HP.

7d 6h 58m Alpitoa uses Hydro Vortex!

7d 6h 58m We use Scald on Conkeldurr, which brings it to half HP, but Conkeldurr uses Drain Punch, which brings it right back to about where it was before.

7d 6h 58m After taking a light hit from Alpitoa, Conkeldurr is immediately burned again by the Flame Orb.

7d 6h 58m Hala uses a Full Restore, fully healing Conkeldurr and curing its burn.

7d 6h 57m Alpitoa sent out.

7d 6h 57m We switch back to Toucannon. It starts heating up its beak, but is sliced by Stone Edge and knocked out before it can use it. Conkeldurr is in the yellow and still burned.

7d 6h 56m Mach Punch knocks out Staraptor, and Conkeldurr is burned by the Flame Orb.

7d 6h 55m Conkeldurr out next.

7d 6h 55m Staraptor is sliced by Stone Edge, and Primeape is nailed by Brave Bird. Primeape down!

7d 6h 54m Primeape is out next. We bring it to red HP, but it uses a Red Card to force us to switch to Staraptor. Hala uses a Full Restore, and we bring it back to yellow with Close Combat.

7d 6h 53m Challenged Hala! He sends out Hariyama, which goes down against Toucannon.

7d 6h 50m Entered Hala's room.

7d 6h 49m Attempt #3 begins.

7d 6h 46m Yes, we did! Black out!

[Fluff] Are we going to see the end of this battle in the next turn?

7d 6h 44m Alpitoa fainted! Incineroar is the only Pokémon we have left.

7d 6h 44m Now we've got Alpitoa out, still against Scrafty.

7d 6h 42m Lunala faints to an attack from Scrafty!

7d 6h 41m Scrafty is sent out. In terms of the number of remaining Pokémon, it's an even 50-50.

7d 6h 41m Lunala to Lv. 68

7d 6h 40m Another Moongeist Beam brings it to yellow.

7d 6h 40m Conkeldurr uses Moongeist Beam. A light hit.

7d 6h 39m Sent out Lunala

7d 6h 39m Conkeldurr's Mach Punch knocks out Ducklett, but Conkeldurr is burned by a Flame Orb.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I've got 45 now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: to check how many unique badges you have: /w tpp pokedex

7d 6h 38m Conkeldurr is sent out.

7d 6h 38m Sliced by Stone Edge! Big hit! But Primeape is nailed by Brave Bird, and it's down.

7d 6h 38m Ducklett is sent out.

7d 6h 37m Staraptor is sliced by Stone Edge. A huge amount of damage! It's down!

7d 6h 37m Primeape is sent out.

7d 6h 37m Oh yeah, that should be bolded. Toucannon fainted. Since then, Hala used a Full Restore, but we sent out Staraptor which knocked it out.

7d 6h 34m Hariyama is brought to super-low HP, but Toucannon faints.

7d 6h 34m Challenged Hala! Hariyama is sent out against Toucannon.

7d 6h 30m And we're back at Didney.

7d 6h 30m [SFX] Airhorn!

7d 6h 30m Entered Hala's room.

[Snark] Guess that soft reset somewhat worked.

7d 6h 28m ...We just set our message to "I feel like a woman!"

7d 6h 27m ...right after a brief visit to DIDNEY WORL Jebaited

7d 6h 25m Attempt #2 begins.

7d 6h 19m [Jebaited] DIDNEY WORL!!!!!

7d 6h 15m Now the Moon Flute is in conveniently in our Free Space, so we can get tons of use out of it. (Kappa)

7d 6h 15m Twice, for good measure.

7d 6h 15m We sorted our Key Items by type.

7d 6h 13m Lunala down! Black out! The red corner has won the game!

7d 6h 12m Lunala used Moongeist Beam! But this is not a favorable matchup.

7d 6h 12m Lunala is (finally) sent out.

7d 6h 9m Olivia sends out Tyranitar. Incineroar tries Cross Chop, but misses, and is OHKO'd by Tyranitar. We only have Lunala left.

7d 6h 9m The damage caused by poison is slowly increasing!

7d 6h 9m Incineroar brings down Relicanth with Cross Chop.

7d 6h 8m Incineroar uses Leech Life again, but Relicanth Protects against the attack.

7d 6h 8m Incineroar uses Leech Life. Relicanth uses Toxic. Ow! It was badly poisoned!

7d 6h 8m Incineroar is sent out.

7d 6h 7m Relicanth is beaten down by Close Combat, and brought to red HP. Relicanth uses Waterfall, and knocks out Staravia. Only Incineroar and Lunala are left.

7d 6h 6m Staravia sent out, but it's only at 106/242 HP.

7d 6h 5m Alpitoa goes down!

7d 6h 5m Alpitoa uses Scald again, doing less than ½ HP damage to Relicanth.

7d 6h 5m Olivia sends out Relicanthh.

[Streamer] 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx): @twitchplayspokemon pinball disabled ?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @딜리버드 not that I know of

7d 6h 4m Stream's back. Alpitoa is at 26/280 HP, Olivia has a Probopass in yellow HP, and Alpitoa uses Hydro Vortex to knock out Probopass.

7d 6h 3m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 6h 3m Olivia sends out Lycanroc, which uses Earthquake to bring Alpitoa to 103/220 HP, but Lycanroc goes down in one hit to Scald. And...STREAM DOWN!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: OBS crashed, hang on

7d 6h 2m Scald OHKO's Golem, the rain probably helping.

7d 6h 2m Olivia sends out Golem.

7d 6h 2m Another Scald knocks out Gigalith.

7d 6h 1m Alpitoa uses Rain Dance, cancelling out the sandstorm.

7d 6h 1m Scald brings Gigalith to half HP.

7d 6h 1m Challenged Olivia! She sends out a Gigalith against Alpitoa.

7d 5h 58m Entered Olivia's room.

7d 5h 57m [Chat] Fredrik1994: inb4 champion is our sun protag PogChamp Kappa

7d 5h 55m [Chat] E3AndHala

7d 5h 54m Hala defeated!

7d 5h 54m Which is immediately OHKO'd by Brave Bird, to the surprise of no one.

7d 5h 54m Hala sends out Gallade.

7d 5h 53m Alpitoa to Level 79

7d 5h 53m Scrafty knocked out by Brave Bird.

7d 5h 53m Lunala levels up, and does not learn Wide Guard. It almost learned it over Moongeist Beam. Hala sends out Scrafty.

7d 5h 52m We send out Staravia, which uses Close Combat to take down Crabominable.

7d 5h 51m Another Brave Bird brings Crabominable to yellow HP, and Crabominable returns the favor by knocking out Ducklett.

7d 5h 51m Crabominable next.

7d 5h 50m Nailed by Brave Bird! It's down, and out!

7d 5h 50m Conkeldurr is sent out.

7d 5h 50m Primeape attempts to use Stone Edge again, but misses, and gets nailed by Brave Bird. Primeape down.

7d 5h 50m Ducklett is sent out.

7d 5h 49m Toucannon is sliced by Stone Edge. It couldn't take it; it's down.

7d 5h 49m Hau sends out Primeape next.

7d 5h 48m Hariyama down

7d 5h 47m We send out Toucannon against Hariyama.

7d 5h 47m Challenged Hala

7d 5h 45m Looks like we're fighting Hala first.

7d 5h 44m Entered the Pokémon League building! Attempt #1 begins.

7d 5h 42m We encounter Professor Kukui.

7d 5h 40m Obtained 3 Max Revives from Hau!

7d 5h 40m Seismitoad is torched by Flare Blitz, but tanks it and knocks out Simisear. Hau defeated!

7d 5h 39m Hyper Voice finally knocks out Vaporeon. Hau's last Pokémon is a Simisear.

7d 5h 38m We get a crit on Vaporeon, bringing it to red HP, but Leftovers and Acid Armor bring it back into yellow.

7d 5h 37m Vaporeon uses Hydro Pump, but it doesn't work because Seismitoad has Water Absorb.

7d 5h 37m After taking a Hyper Voice from Seismitoad, Vaporeon continues its setup with Acid Armor.

7d 5h 37m Oh, and we sent out Seismitoad.

7d 5h 36m Vaporeon uses Aqua Ring.

7d 5h 36m We're now down to to Pokémon as well, Alpitoa and Duck.

7d 5h 35m Vaporeon knocks out Staraptor with what looked like Ice Beam.

7d 5h 35m Hau sends out Vaporeon, his second-to-last Pokémon.

7d 5h 35m Staraptor knocks out Crabominable.

7d 5h 34m We send out our own Staraptor, which uses Brave Bird to OHKO Hau's.

7d 5h 33m Hau sends out a Staraptor, which knocks out Incineroar!

7d 5h 32m Incineroar knocks out Decidueye, but it's in yellow HP and confused.

7d 5h 31m Sent out Incineroar.

7d 5h 30m We use Moongeist Beam, but Decidueye goes first with Shadow Sneak and knocks out Lunala before it can actually attack.

7d 5h 29m Hau sends out Decidueye.

7d 5h 29m Incineroar to level 80!

7d 5h 29m Moongeist Beam knocks out Raichu!

7d 5h 28m Switched out Ducklett for Lunala.

7d 5h 28m We sent out Ducklett. Right against an Electric type.

7d 5h 27m Toucannon faints to a OHKO Thunderbolt.

7d 5h 27m Hau sends out Alolan Raichu against Toucannon.

7d 5h 26m Challenged by Hau!

7d 5h 22m Now we're on Mount Lanakila.

7d 5h 20m We fly to the Mountain...Mount Hokulani, that is.

7d 5h 14m Out of balls

7d 5h 6m We catch a57 female Heatmor, no name

[Info] Beheeyem:::♥

7d 5h 3m We catch a male level 52 Beheeyem, `Beheeyem:::♥

7d 5h 0m Seismitoad level 78

7d 4h 46m We catch a level 53 male Gurdurr, Gurdurr::~~;

7d 4h 28m We fly to the Vast Poni Canyon

7d 4h 21m We catch a 53 male Heatmor, no name

7d 4h 13m We catch a level 55 female Fraxure, Fraxure::..y

7d 4h 10m We catch a level 53 female Eeleektrik, Eelektri''__

7d 4h 3m We catch a leel 55 male Golbat, no name

7d 4h 0m We catch a level 53 male Lycanroc-Midnight, al

7d 3h 58m Swanna faints to Lycanroc's Stone Edge

7d 3h 53m We catch a level 52 Diggersby, Diggersbyy0

7d 3h 50m Back up

7d 3h 48m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT SCREEN ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 3h 47m 7d 3h 47m We catch a level 54 male Dewgong, Dewgong'((((

7d 3h 47m We catch a level 54 male Dewgong, Dewgong'((((

7d 3h 42m We find a Rotom and crit it

7d 3h 41m We find TM35 Flamethrower

7d 3h 39m We catch a level 53 male Dugtrio, no name, we also find a Rare candy

7d 3h 34m Actually looks like chat decided to look for a Rotom first

7d 3h 31m Looking for a Jangmo-o...

7d 3h 27m We catch a level 53 female Lairon, no name

7d 3h 23m We fly to Vast Poni Canyon

7d 3h 13m We catch a level 24 female Oranguru, 99___

7d 2h 59m Walking around but we did find a 5% bulbasaur we ran from after a few balls

7d 2h 43m We catch a level 23 male Pansage, i think no name

7d 2h 36m [Fluff] Congratulations for Boombafunk getting Slakoth badge from Chaos_lord2

7d 2h 33m Lottery gives us Max Revive

7d 2h 30m We did a victory lap \ Jebaited /

7d 2h 25m Didney Worl Jebaited

7d 2h 21m We catch a female 24 Shuckle, Shuckle___Q_

7d 2h 13m **We catch a level 24 male Morelull, Morelull000Y

7d 2h 7m We catch a Fomantis, FomantisM

7d 2h 2m We catch a level 25 female Wynaut, 5C

7d 1h 57m [Chat] ffs BrokeBack

7d 1h 56m We catch a level 23 female Heracross, !__fffs..

7d 1h 52m Back in Lush Jungle

7d 1h 40m **We catch a Diglett level 8 male, DigletSsoooo

7d 1h 36m We caught a male level 11 Teddiursa, Reddiu! !!fw

7d 1h 28m We catch a level 9 female Roggenrola, no name

7d 1h 24m Zygarde cell getto

7d 1h 14m Just walking around looking for 5% Teddiursa

We catch a level 14 female Rattata

We catch a level 8 male Aron, no name

[Info] this is in Verdant Cavern** in route 2

7d 0h 39m We catch a level 9 male Whismur, 4444P

7d 0h 34m We fly to Route 8

7d 0h 17m In again

7d 0h 16m We fly and at Jungle entrance

7d 0h 11m we catch a 23 Female Bonsly, no name

7d 0h 6m We catch a level 23 female Burmy, no name

6d 23h 57m We fly to Lush Jungle

6d 23h 54m We checkpoint at Tapu Bulu's ruins

6d 23h 48m we catch a Trapinch, 34 and female, AAAAAA77777

6d 23h 44m We pick up Psychium Z

6d 23h 33m Toucannon faints

6d 23h 32m [Info] no name

6d 23h 31m We catch a a level 36 male Darumaka

6d 23h 20m A guy gives us Safety Goggles

6d 23h 15m WE RUN EleGiggle


6d 23h 2m We catch a male level 33 Dwebble, Aaannnkn__en

6d 22h 59m We catch level 32 male Hippopotas, name is Hippoaynn

6d 22h 52m We catch a level 33 male Cacnea, aaa.....::::

6d 22h 48m We catch a male 34 Darumaka, Dar

6d 22h 45m We catch level 34 female Darumaka, Darumaka4444

6d 22h 44m We catch another male 31 Sandile, no name

6d 22h 34m We catch a male level 36 Sandile, name is AAABBBBB

6d 22h 30m 6d 22h 30m We catch a Maractus, male level 32, name is CcMMbcf..

6d 22h 26m Didny wooorl

6d 22h 24m We fly to Tapu Village

6d 22h 19m We checkpoint and Heal at Mount Lanakila Peak then faint to Hau since only Incineroar with yellow hp left

6d 22h 10m We catch a female level 59 Drampa, B

6d 22h 3m We catch a male level 60 Golbat, no name

6d 21h 58m [Info] no name

6d 21h 58m We catch a level 58 female Bergmitee

6d 21h 55m We pick up a Full Restore

6d 21h 53m They're back

6d 21h 53m Input crash

6d 21h 50m Staraptor clutches with 1hp after tanking a Dragon Pulse and Outrage from Drampa but uses Brave Bird and both KAPOW

6d 21h 37m We find an Icium Z

6d 21h 36m Starptor to level 80 we accidentely killed a Drampa we wanted to catch with CC

6d 21h 34m [Info] Level 59, credits to @renlev

6d 21h 34m [Info] No name but i missed level

6d 21h 33m We catch a male Absol

[Fluff] bunch of spaces between the aa and the !

6d 21h 29m Caught male Lv. 59 Turtonator, nickname aa !:Δ:

6d 21h 25m Seismitoad down

6d 21h 21m Caught Lv. 58 female Snorunt, no nickname, something leveled up

6d 21h 18m Caught male Lv. 59 Bergmite, nickname 'ΔΔ##FrFééég

6d 21h 17m Caught female Lv. 60 Golbat, no nickanme

[Info] I would like to make a correction, its DIDNEY WORL Jebaited

6d 20h 55m In Festival Plaza

[Info] A screenshot of Hawlucha's nickname before the stream went down, shows it as !!!!55555), with a space after that.

6d 20h 50m Back at Tapu Village

6d 20h 48m We resume to Seismitoad in Refresh. So the exact nickname is unknown as of now.

6d 20h 47m Caught male Lv. 60 Hawlucha, nickname `!!!!555- stream went down ok nice

6d 20h 44m Lunala fainted

6d 20h 44m Seismitoad leveled up

6d 20h 35m Swanna down

6d 20h 33m Caught female Lv. 60 Snorunt, no nickname

6d 20h 29m Caught female Lv. 58 Sandshew, nickname Sandshre

6d 20h 23m Caught female Lv. 58 Vulpix, no nickname

6d 20h 17m Toucannon down to a wild Hawlucha

6d 20h 7m At the Tapu Village again

6d 20h 1m At Poke Pelago now

6d 19h 51m Bought 105 Poké Balls, 2 Nest Balls, 40 Great Balls, and got three Premier Balls

6d 19h 49m We got the discount coupon, I don't know if it does anything or is worth stating.

6d 19h 41m Then we left it.

6d 19h 34m At Poke Pelago

6d 19h 27m Then we left it.

6d 19h 27m In Festival Plaza

6d 19h 25m Got 20K Pokédollars for our work

6d 19h 23m We Chucked All The Pyukumuku

6d 19h 16m We're Chucking Pyukumuku Right Now

6d 19h 6m In Heahea now.

6d 18h 56m Fighting a Trainer. Toucannon and Swanna are against a Hitmonlee

6d 18h 52m Caught Lv. 18 female Tentacool, no nickanem

6d 18h 40m Caught female Lv. 22 Illumise, no cneiknem

6d 18h 38m We're in the grass around north Akala Island.

6d 18h 13m We're out of Ten Carat Hill.

6d 18h 6m Caught male Lv. 12 Phanpy, no nickanem

6d 17h 41m Caught male Lv. 10 Tyrogue, nickname 337eewwh~~~W

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Twitch Plays Pokemon will have commentary during matches when this match has finished, anyone interested in doing commentary please send a whisper to me or ProjectRevoTPP, you need a working mic and TeamViewer and Mumble (free software)

6d 17h 34m Caught femalre Lv. 11 Machop, nikcanem %(,'?~""~◊~◊

6d 17h 32m Caught a Scraggy, nickname Scraggy'''',

6d 17h 29m Caught male Lv. 10 Venipede, nickname AAMMq(+:♠::(

6d 17h 26m TM62 Acrobatics

6d 17h 21m Caught male Lv. 10 Rockruff no nickname

6d 17h 19m Got a Burn Heal

6d 17h 15m Caught female Lv. 12 Glameow, no nickname

6d 17h 13m Caught male Lv. 11 Spinda, unsure if we gave it a nickname. Judging by the DansGames, likely not.

6d 17h 3m Got the Flying Z-Crystal

6d 16h 58m Caught female Lv. 10 Phanpy, nickname + 3w ww w○ΔΔ

6d 16h 44m Got an Ultra Ball

6d 16h 42m Super Potion found

6d 16h 32m Caught female Lv. 11 Drilbur, nickname Drilbur eff. Two spaces.

6d 16h 29m Caught male Lv. 12 Zubat, no nickname

6d 16h 28m We don't appear to be doing much right now, still in the Hill

6d 16h 20m Caught female Lv. 12 Roggenrola, nickname Roggenrolae. Also afk for a bit sorry.

6d 16h 19m In Ten Carat Hill right now.

6d 16h 17m Caught male Lv. 6 Wingull, unsure if we gave it a nickname or not

6d 16h 14m Also caught a Lotad, don't know the details, no nickname

[Fluff] Also three spaces before the first W. Formatting the nickname like this does not seem to include the spaces.

6d 16h 12m Caught Lv. 5 male Slowpoke, nickname W~[box]Δ[box][box]Δ~~ . Darn symbols, apologies.

6d 16h 7m At Hau'oli Outskirts

[Chat] OSsloth :(

6d 16h 2m Caught female Lv. 10 Slakoth, nickname Slakoth ::(

6d 15h 59m Caught male Lv. 12 Cutiefly, no nickname

6d 15h 56m Caught female Lv. 9 Litleo, nickname !!qédz v m4

6d 15h 54m Flown to one of the earlygame routes, I think

6d 15h 51m At Poni Canyon

6d 15h 50m Back at Tapu Village

6d 15h 37m Caught female Lv. 33 Torkoal, nickname essasssewwwe

6d 15h 32m Versus Swimmer Robert, Whiscash against Toucannon. It's down in a single hit. Next in is Palossand. Also down. Swimmer Robert's defeated.

6d 15h 29m It goes down easily to some Bullet Seeds. Level 77. Milotic's in next. Also down, Floatzel in next. It's down too. She's defeated.

6d 15h 29m Versus Swimmer Sara, Alomomola versus Toucannon

6d 15h 25m Got a Zygarde Cell

6d 15h 19m At Secluded Shore

6d 15h 14m And we're in Route 13 now.

6d 15h 14m Trying to phase through a statue that's bordering the village.

6d 15h 8m Bought 9 Poké Balls and 15 Great Balls

6d 15h 7m Flown back to Tapu Village, in the Poké Center but we didn't heal.

[Meta] And so ends my 9-hour shift. Thanks to everyone who's been watching, it's been a pleasure. Good luck at the League. <3

6d 15h 4m Caught a femalee Lv. 59 Bergmite! Nickname: !44jc♀55eee:e

6d 15h 3m We take the elevator up Mt. Lanakila.

6d 15h 0m Yurio Gladion gives us a very charming smile and a Max Elixir. We've finally become friends!

6d 15h 0m Seismitoad lands a Scald while Aegislash is in its Blade Forme! We win!!

6d 14h 59m Scald hits again, but gets the burn this time. Sacred Sword is a lot weaker now.

6d 14h 59m Aegislash shifts again with King's Shield.

6d 14h 59m Scald connects but only deals about 25% damage. Aegislash changes formes and hits hard with Sacred Sword.

6d 14h 59m Aegislash leads with King's Shield for some reason.

6d 14h 58m Hyper Voice takes out Silvally as our full-health Seismitoad faces Gladion's last Pokémon: Aegislash.

6d 14h 58m Gladion repeatedly heals us with Multi-Attack as we pummel it with our own water moves.

6d 14h 57m In comes Gladion's infamous Silvally. Who promptly heals us by using Multi-Attack.

6d 14h 57m We bring in Seismitoad. Aura Sphere doesn't do too much, but our Hydro Vortex does. Lucario is knocked out!

6d 14h 54m Toucannon heats up its beak, but Lucario uses its full-force Z-Move: Corkscrew Crash! It devastates Toucannon!

6d 14h 53m Gladion brings in a Lucario. We send out our poisoned Toucannon.

6d 14h 51m Staraptor comes in to battle. It barely withstands an Icicle Crash after the Intimidate drop. It gets the KO with Brave Bird, but is taken down by recoil!

6d 14h 50m We send in Swanna, but Weavile crushes it with Thunder Punch!

6d 14h 49m Lunala is taken down by Crunch!

6d 14h 49m Gladion sends in a Weavile. Oh boy.

6d 14h 49m A slow battle, but despite the level deficit, Nebby gets the KO on Porygon.

6d 14h 48m Somehow, Porygon hits Zap Cannon through an accuracy drop.

6d 14h 47m Nebby takes its time to boost its defenses with Cosmic Power until finally attacking with Night Daze.

6d 14h 47m Nebby's first battle. It avoids a Zap Cannon.

6d 14h 47m Porygon-Z destroys Incineroar with Hyper Beam!

6d 14h 46m Brave Bird and poison hurt Toucannon badly, but it still holds its own against Crobat. We swap it for Incineroar as Porygon-Z comes in.

6d 14h 45m Toucannon deals incredible damage to Crobat with Bullet Seed. ...It's incredible depending on how you look at it.

6d 14h 45m Gladion comes down an elevator and challenges us.

6d 14h 44m After tons of shifts, the new party order is: Toucannon, Swanna, Seismitoad, Staraptor, Incineroar, Lunala.

6d 14h 41m It seems Nebby has a Bold nature.


6d 14h 37m We're doing some tweaking. Party/Box setting was changed to Automatic.

6d 14h 32m [Info] I carelessly failed to notice that Nebby replaced Gumshoos in our party.

[Chat] Faithfulforce: BloodTrail I have to say it's pretty funny that we deported Trump on his inaguration day

[Chat] tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppSlowpoke

6d 14h 28m We fly to Poke Pelago.

6d 14h 27m [Snark] Tapu Village "s"

6d 14h 26m Lillie says some kind words to us before leaving. And now Nanu greets us. He takes us to the bottom of Victory Road.

6d 14h 25m [Chat] BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump

6d 14h 25m [Info] Nickname: spe_s______.

6d 14h 25m Nickname: spe s . That's six spaces before the period. It's Level 65 and holding a Normalium Z.

[Nebby] In the ball.

6d 14h 24m [Nebby] Pew!


6d 14h 23m Our Poké Balls aren't working very well. Nebby's Shadow Balls aren't doing much either.

[Fluff] We really need MahinaPea as an emote now.

6d 14h 22m We restore all 0 of Close Combat's PP.

6d 14h 22m [Nebby] Mahina-peeaaaa!!!

6d 14h 22m The first two Poké Balls are no good.

6d 14h 22m We throw an Oran Berry at Gumshoos. Nebby uses Moongeist Beam. They both have the same effect. That is, none at all.

6d 14h 21m It's time to put Nebby in the............... ball. Lunala appeared!

[Fluff] Everything <3

[Snark] What can Charizard do?

[Info] Charizard can fly you back to places that you have been to before. Press the feather icon to choose a destination you would like to return to. But remember that Charizard can't be called from inside places like buildings and caves.

6d 14h 19m We start walking up.

6d 14h 16m We fly back to the bottom of the altar.

6d 14h 15m Party/Box Setting was changed to Manual.

6d 14h 11m DIDNEY WORL

6d 14h 11m We fly to Seafolk Village.

[Info] Charizard can fly you back to places that you have been to before. Press the feather icon to choose a destination you would like to return to. But remember that Charizard can't be called from inside places like buildings and caves.

6d 14h 6m Gumshoos is at the front of the party now. That may or may not be a metaphor.

6d 14h 5m DIDNEY WORL

6d 14h 3m We make like two hundred million changes to the party. Incineoar is now at the front.

6d 14h 2m Flying to the bottom of the altar sounded like a good idea, so we did exactly that.

6d 14h 0m We're asked to face Nebby in battle. So we take some time to catch up with our Ride Pokémon.

6d 13h 59m Hapu and Guzma leave with Lusamine. Lillie thanks for our bravery and our brave birds.

6d 13h 59m We're back outside. Somehow...

6d 13h 58m Ultra Space rumbles as the Nihilego quiver!

6d 13h 57m [Chat] BibleThump

6d 13h 57m A touching moment between mother and daughter...

6d 13h 57m A flash of light separates Lusamine from the Nihilego. It returns to its Beast Ball. Lusamine falls.

6d 13h 56m Lusamine's not very happy. But Lillie calls upon Nebby to neutralize her and the... uh... thing.

6d 13h 56m Swanna used Bubble Beam! It's good enough! Bewear defeated! Lusamine defeated! Swanna enters the Level 80 club!

6d 13h 55m It's all up to Swanna!

6d 13h 55m Gumshoos lands a critical Hyper Fang, putting Bewear in the red, but Gumshoos is taken down by Hammer Arm!

6d 13h 54m Gumshoos deals basically no damage with Crunch, but lowers Bewear's defense. Bewear heals with Pain Split!

6d 13h 54m Gumshoos is sent out.

6d 13h 51m Bewear knocks out Incineroar with Hammer Arm!

6d 13h 51m Incineroar is brought out. Bewear keeps using Pain Split while Incineroar chips at it with Outrage.

6d 13h 50m Staraptor's powerful Brave Bird only deals about 45% to the indomitable Bewear.

6d 13h 50m Lusamine's last Pokémon is Bewear.

6d 13h 49m Mismagius is brought in and deals heavy damage with Power Gem, but Staraptor's Brave Bird annihilates it! The recoil brings Staraptor to 14/236 HP.

6d 13h 49m Staraptor comes in and takes out Milotic with Brave Bird!

6d 13h 48m Another Blizzard wipes out Seismitoad.

6d 13h 48m Two Blizzard attacks put Seismitoad in a pickle, but Milotic is being worn down.

6d 13h 47m Seismitoad chips away at Milotic as it heals us with Hydro Pump.

6d 13h 46m We trade Incineroar for Seismitoad just as Milotic comes in.

6d 13h 46m Lilligant boosts with Quiver Dance, but Flare Blitz takes it out in one hit!!

6d 13h 46m As the game warns us of Lilligant, we swap Seismitoad for Incineroar!

6d 13h 45m Seismitoad uses its Z-Move, Hydro Vortex! Nihilego is knocked out! Seismitoad grew to Level 76!

6d 13h 44m We bring in Toad. Its Scald keeps Nihilego just above half HP.

6d 13h 44m Nihilego comes in. Toucannon is knocked out by Power Gem.

6d 13h 43m Clefable tries to Wish again, but Beak Blast takes it out! Staraptor grew to level 79!

6d 13h 43m Bullet Seed only hits twice. Clefable doubles its remaining HP.

6d 13h 43m We lead with Toucannon and start with Drill Peck. Lusamine changes her strategy and uses Wish first.

6d 13h 42m Lusamine Attempt #4

6d 13h 41m On the plus side, Lillie's pout is adorable no matter how many times you see it. And Lusamine looks like someone carved off half a lampshade and attached it to her head.

6d 13h 40m Guzma: Y'all are stupid!

6d 13h 40m We're in Ultra Dialogue.

6d 13h 35m We fly back to the canyon and walk up the stairs.

6d 13h 33m No good. Incineroar is knocked out by a super-effective Hydro Pump! We black out!

6d 13h 32m Lusamine brings in a Milotic. We try catching it. Hey, it's a rare badge.

6d 13h 32m Incineroar, our last Pokémon, is sent out. It holds up against a Giga Drain and knocks out Lilligant!

6d 13h 28m Swanna is taken out.

6d 13h 28m Swanna is brought out. It's dropped to 8 HP after a boosted Giga Drain. It hits hard with Hurricane, but Lilligant barely holds on.

6d 13h 27m Gumshoos is taken out in one hit by Giga Drain!

6d 13h 27m We bring in Gumshoos. It gets confused by Teeter Dance, but pulls off a Crunch.

6d 13h 26m Staraptor is knocked out by another Giga Drain!

6d 13h 26m We use a Max Potion to no avail. Lilligant deals a MASSIVE amount of damage with Giga Drain, dropping Staraptor to 16 HP and almost fully replenishing its own.

6d 13h 25m Lilligant confuses us with Teeter Dance! It's no good, we use Close Combat to drop its HP to around 40%!

6d 13h 24m We change our minds and send in Staraptor. Lilligant powers up with Quiver Dance.

6d 13h 24m Lilligant quickly eliminates Seismitoad with Giga Drain. We bring in Gumshoos.

6d 13h 23m We use Scald. Nihilego goes down, Lilligant goes in.

6d 13h 23m We replenish a whopping 20 HP with a Potion. Nihilego poisons us with Toxic.

6d 13h 22m We dance like waves! Seismitoad unleashes its full-power Z-Move, Hydro Vortex! Nihilego...... barely survives!

6d 13h 22m Toucannon is knocked out by Power Gem. Nihilego's Special Attack went up.

6d 13h 21m Lusamine sends out Nihilego.

6d 13h 21m Clefable makes a wish. But it's ineffective as a 3-hit Bullet Seed knocks it out!

6d 13h 20m We predict a switch, but it doesn't happen. Bullet Seed connects again, and hits the maximum five times.

6d 13h 20m Toucannon vs. Clefable again. This time, we lead with Bullet Seed. It only hits twice. Clefable threatens us with Moonblast.

6d 13h 19m Lusamine #3, here we go!

6d 13h 18m [Chat] VoHiYo

6d 13h 18m The Nihilego shake, rattle, and roll with Lusamine.

6d 13h 17m [Nebby] Mahina-peeaaaa!

6d 13h 16m Welcome back to WutSpace.

6d 13h 14m We reach the top. We're admiring a corner of the stone platform.

6d 13h 13m We fly back to the totem site and quickly ascend the grand staircase.

6d 13h 11m It's no good! Clefable actually withstands the Hurricane and fires back with Moonblast! Swanna is down! We black out!

6d 13h 10m Clefable has only about 25% HP left. Swanna tries to finish the job...

6d 13h 9m Clefable vs. Gumshoos now. After a couple rounds, Gumshoos goes down.

6d 13h 8m Swanna hopes to fare a little bitter; it lasts a Power Gem with half health and then OHKO's Mismagius with Brave Bird.

6d 13h 7m Mismagius comes in and quickly revenge-kills Staraptor with Power Gem.

6d 13h 7m Staraptor comes back in and drives a critical hit Brave Bird into Milotic! Milotic goes down!

6d 13h 6m Both sides change Pokémon. We bring in Incineroar, Lusamine brings in Milotic. It doesn't last long. Incineroar falls to Hydro Pump.

6d 13h 6m Staraptor is sent out and ravages Lilligant with Brave Bird!

6d 13h 5m Lilligant takes out Seismitoad with Giga Drain!

6d 13h 4m Scald takes out Nihilego! In comes Lilligant.

6d 13h 3m Seismitoad hits hard with Scald, but now we are badly poisoned.

6d 13h 3m Nihilego takes out Toucannon with Power Gem! Its Special Attack rises!

6d 13h 2m Lusamine withdraws Clefable and sends out Nihilego!

6d 13h 2m Drill Peck vs. Moonblast. Toucannon and Clefable are evenly matched.

6d 13h 1m Lusamine #2!

6d 13h 1m Anyone else getting deja vu? 'Cuz all this seems oh my god is she transforming

6d 13h 0m We get a long talk from Lusamine and... hey wait.... this feels familiar...

6d 12h 58m Nebby takes us back to Ultra Space.

6d 12h 56m Tauros carries up the long stairway to the altar. We turn to Toucannon in refresh so we can get a glimpse of what true happiness and motivation looks like.

6d 12h 53m We fly back to the totem site.

[Stream SFX] It went down!

6d 12h 51m Time for Spooky Mismagius. Power Gem deals massive damage! We KO it with Brave Bird, but Staraptor is taken out by recoil! BLACKOUT!

6d 12h 50m Brave Bird takes out Milotic!

6d 12h 50m As seems to be the usual case, Staraptor is our last hope.

6d 12h 49m We give Seismitoad some Fresh Water, but he's a little to faint to drink it. Gumshoos is knocked out by Hydro Pump in the meantime.

6d 12h 49m Gumshoos is sent out. It withstands a Hydro Pump and deals considerable damage with Crunch.

6d 12h 47m Swanna remains frozen! Another Blizzard KO's it!

6d 12h 47m Swanna comes in and hits with Hurricane. Milotic retaliates with Blizzard and FREEZES SWANNA!

6d 12h 47m Lusamine brings in Milotic. It outspeeds Incineroar and knocks it out with Hydro Pump. The stream fires off air horns and shouts that it was brutal.

6d 12h 46m Nihilego poisons Incineroar with Toxic. Incineroar is pretty outraged by this, and takes out Nihilego!

6d 12h 46m Nihilego comes back in. We swap for Incineroar. PRChase wonders how far this will go.

6d 12h 46m Swanna's Brave Bird takes out Lilligant!

6d 12h 45m We send in Swanna. Lilligant powers up with Quiver Dance.

6d 12h 45m Seismitoad faints to Giga Drain! PRChase says it's a big hit!

6d 12h 45m PRChase tells us that it's time for all out combat. Lusamine switches Nihilego with Lilligant.

6d 12h 44m Seismitoad lands a Scald, but Nihilego's immense special bulk is a problem. It fires off a powerful Power Gem.

6d 12h 44m We bring in Seismitoad. It gets Toxic'd!

6d 12h 44m Toucannon is taken down by Nihilego's Power Gem!

6d 12h 43m Lusamine withdraws Clefable to bring out...... Nihilego?!

6d 12h 43m Lusamine's first Pokémon, Clefable, loses half its health to Drill Peck.

6d 12h 43m Challenged by Aether President Lusamine.

6d 12h 42m Lusamine summons a Nihilego out of a Beast Ball. They fuse together to become......... Lusamine!

6d 12h 41m Lillie puts on the cutest pout face ever and tells that woman OFF.

6d 12h 41m The Nihilego grow more intense as Lusamine shouts Lillie down.

6d 12h 40m A swarm of nihilistic legos dance around to reveal Lusamine!

6d 12h 39m We are given a glimpse of Guzma running into a weird jellyfish illusion monster and getting freaked out by it. I don't blame him.

6d 12h 38m Guzma tells us that we're stupid. Oh...

6d 12h 38m Welcome to Dead Ultra Space.

[Nebby] Mahina Pea!

6d 12h 37m Nebby enters its Full Moon Phase and opens up a portal to........ somewhere! We go in.

[Nebby] Mahiiina!

6d 12h 36m [Nebby] Lunala is born!

6d 12h 35m We play the song of our people. The Altar shines brilliantly and the top opens up to blast a great beam of energy! Nebby is drawn to it and absorbs it!

6d 12h 34m We decline the game's offer to blow the Moon Flute three times before finally accepting.

6d 12h 32m We trample upon every molecule of the altar's eastern side, except for where we actually need to go.

6d 12h 31m Oh, it's about blowing flutes at the same time. Oh. I knew that.

6d 12h 30m Rotom-dex is talking about us and Lillie blowing. I don't know what it's trying to say because we keep cutting it off. I wish it would stop trying.

6d 12h 28m Lillie takes her place on the west platform and instructs us to stand on the opposite side.

6d 12h 28m We are at the top of the Altar of the Moone.

6d 12h 27m We gaze upon the altar and it's eighty-nine quadrillion stairs. Hapu congratulates us for clearing the herculean task that is the Kommo-o Trial. Lillie heals our party!

6d 12h 25m We've defeated the final Totem and obtained the Dragon-type Z-Crystal!

6d 12h 24m Toucannon starts heating up its beak! Kommo-o hits us with Clanging Scales! Its defense is lowered! Beak Blast connects! OHKO! THAT'S IT!

6d 12h 24m Totem Kommo-o appears!

6d 12h 22m We decided that now is the right time to poke the air around Toucannon. She looks so happy to see us!

6d 12h 21m Kommo-o is upset that we're ignoring it and won't let us leave.

6d 12h 20m We walk from the back end of the cave to the front again. Then take baby steps past the crystal again.

6d 12h 18m We showcase all of our available Ride Pokémon as we deliberately choose not to take the crystal from the tablet and promptly walk past it, all while continuing to cycle through Ride Pokémon.

6d 12h 17m The adolescent dragon proves no match for our wise, angery toucan. We march forward.

6d 12h 16m Hakamo-o blocks Bullet Seed with its Bulletproof ability and then speeds up!

6d 12h 16m We cycle through various ride Pokémon to push forward, when suddenly... a Hakamo-o!

6d 12h 15m Toucannon's Hyper Voice takes out the little bugger in one hit. But we feel an even fiercer gaze than before!

6d 12h 14m We feel a piercing gaze upon us... It's... a Jangmo-o!!

[Snark] It's okay, guys. Machamp will carry us.

6d 12h 14m We read some weird moon glyphs on a rock and are asked if we want to take a trial. We quietly decline twice before accepting.

6d 12h 13m We approach the site. Lillie heals our party!

6d 12h 12m Consecutive hits from Outrage get the job done. We win!

6d 12h 12m Rob uses a Full Restore! Incineroar is OUTRAGED!

6d 12h 11m Seaking tanks two Hurricanes pretty well, and although it hits itself in confusion, Swanna is knocked out by poison.

6d 12h 10m Hurricane lands a critical hit to take down Arbok! Seaking is the last Pokémon.

6d 12h 10m Swanna lands good damage on Rob's Arbok with Brave Bird, but is hit back and poisoned by Poison Jab.

6d 12h 8m Herdier returns. It's quickly disposed of with Hurricane.

6d 12h 7m Swanna hits hard with Hurricane, and confuses Pidgeotto! Pidgeotto hits itself and knocks itself out! Swanna grew to Level 79!

6d 12h 6m We bring in Swanna.

6d 12h 5m Gumshoos survives a Thunderbolt with 4 HP and takes out Lanturn! Rob brings in a Pidgeotto.

6d 12h 4m Gumshoos comes in. It handles a Surf pretty well and hits back hard with Hyper Fang.

6d 12h 3m We switched again, to Toucannon. Toucannon is knocked out.

6d 12h 3m We made a switch, but immediately changed our minds and went back to Staraptor.

6d 12h 2m Staraptor grew to Level 78! Toucannon grew to Level 76!

6d 12h 2m We send in Staraptor. It takes out Ampharos with Close Combat, but faces the consequences in Static.

6d 12h 1m With the battle in Ampharos's favor, we table the turns and hit hard with Hydro Vortex!!!! ...It's not enough to KO, though, as Seismitoad is knocked out by Dragon Pulse.

6d 12h 0m Eric uses a Full Restore on Ampharos!

6d 11h 59m Two can play at that game. We swap Toucannon for Seismitoad.

6d 11h 58m After an exchange of blows, Rob switches out Herdier for Ampharos.

6d 11h 58m He has a lethal party of six. The first is a Herdier at level 67.

6d 11h 57m We're close to the totem site! Veteran Eric Rob wants to battle!

6d 11h 49m We fly to the Canyon.

6d 11h 42m Bought 26 Poké Balls, 2 Revives, 1 Antidote, 1 Premier Ball.

6d 11h 37m We can't catch Rotom, and it capitalizes on our weakened team! Staraptor is down! BLACKOUT!

6d 11h 36m We encounter a Rotom!

6d 11h 32m Staraptor uses Brave Bird! It connects! Gallade fainted! Wally Defeated!

6d 11h 32m Gallade's Attack is lowered with Intimidate! Gallade uses Close Combat! Staraptor is still healthy!

6d 11h 30m ...Gallade uses Close Combat! Toucannon is down! Gallade is burned! It's all up to Staraptor!

6d 11h 30m Gallade Mega Evolves! Toucannon heats up its beak...

6d 11h 29m Toucannon heats up its beak, dodges Aqua Tail, then fires! Azumarill is down!

6d 11h 28m Cross Chop gets a critical hit, and Incineroar barely survives another Aqua Tail, but Aqua Jet takes it out. 2 to 2.

6d 11h 27m Incineroar comes in. Leech Life doesn't deal a lot, but it takes an Aqua Tail surprisingly well.

6d 11h 26m Gumshoos is brought in--for real this time. It survives a Play Rough and cuts Azumarill's HP with Super Fang. Aqua Jet finishes off Gumshoos.

6d 11h 25m My bad, it was actually Seismitoad that was brought in. And it was knocked out by Play Rough.

6d 11h 25m We switch in Toucannon as Azumarill comes in. It tanks an Aqua Tail well but is fully paralyzed. Then we bring in Gumshoos.

6d 11h 24m Talonflame sets up Tailwind and then attacks with Brave Bird, but Seismitoad holds on and knocks it out with Scald!

6d 11h 24m Seismitoad gets the best of Magnezone. Time to face Talonflame.

6d 11h 23m We switch out Gumshoos and safely put in Seismitoad.

6d 11h 22m We switch Toucannon with Gumshoos, but Discharge knocks out over half its health and paralyzes it.

6d 11h 21m Toucannon comes in and lands a 5-hit Bullet Seed, but it's almost as weak. Toucannon is paralyzed by Thunder Wave.

6d 11h 21m Hurricane deals paltry damage to Magnezone as Swanna is KO'd by Discharge.

6d 11h 20m Swanna is hit once, but avoids a third Stone Edge to get the KO on Garchomp! In comes Magnezone.

6d 11h 20m Swanna avoids two Stone Edges from Garchomp and takes out half its health with Bubble Beam.

6d 11h 19m Toucannon's Drill Peck takes out Roserade in one hit!

6d 11h 18m Wally again!

6d 11h 18m We somehow broke through a rock on Sharpedo with slow inputs.

6d 11h 11m We fly back to Poni Canyon.

[Dev] Kobazco: I HAVE FINISHED THE MAIN STORY DOCUMENT: WALLY AND E4 CAN BE FOUND HERE https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iEbWnyBurKe4XGfWT2b7aLdxXvN13h43itiifFF8oYU/edit#

6d 11h 8m Brave Bird... barely comes short! Azumarill uses Aqua Tail! It's a critical hit! Staraptor fainted! BLACKOUT!

6d 11h 8m Brave Bird lands a KO on Magnezone. Wally sends in Azumarill.

6d 11h 7m Seismitoad fights hard, but falls just short of a KO. It's all up to Staraptor.

6d 11h 6m We switch to Seismitoad as Wally brings in a floating Magnezone.

6d 11h 5m Battle of the Birbs: Staraptor vs. Talonflame. Wally sets up Tailwind. We OHKO it with Brave Bird.

6d 11h 4m The other Stone Edge hits, but deals a ton of damage. Garchomp faints to Brave Bird, but Swanna faints to three layers of recoil.

6d 11h 3m We send in Swanna. Stone Edge misses, so we land a Hurricane.

6d 11h 3m Earthquake puts us at critical health. Incineroar tries to shake it off with Leech Life, but Rough Skin and a Rocky Helmet bring it down!

6d 11h 2m The game warns us of Garchomp, so we make the most possibly logical switch by bringing in Incineroar.

6d 11h 2m Staraptor comes in to take out Roserade with Brave Bird! Staraptor grew to Level 75, Seismitoad grew to Level 77!

6d 11h 0m Gumshoos is down!

6d 11h 0m We put in Swanna, but immediately switch it with Gumshoos. Roserade uses Leech Seed and then Sludge Bomb, we attack with Super Fang.

6d 11h 0m We're greedy for rare badges, so we throw a Poké Ball at Wally's Roserade. He kindly responds by knocking out Toucannon with Sludge Bomb.

6d 10h 59m 6d 10h 59m Challenged Wally!

6d 10h 58m Caught a Lapras! No nickname. I didn't get its info because my internet hiccuped.

6d 10h 54m After we defeated a wild Boldore, Incineroar leveled up to 77!

6d 10h 51m We're in the grotto to the left of the main path of the canyon. It seems we are going to fight Wally again.

6d 10h 50m Found a hidden X Defense!

6d 10h 42m Charizard flies us to Vast Poni Canyon.

6d 10h 40m DIDNEY WORL is unavailable for the next three hours.

6d 10h 39m We bought 13 Poké Balls and an Escape Rope.

6d 10h 38m I'm back. Since we're in a Pokémon Center, it looks like we blacked out just now.

6d 10h 27m PRChase is narrating this battle. Though there's some obvious missed opportunities in terms of lines, like when Giga Impact and Outrage were used.

[Meta] Going dark for about 20 minutes, unless someone takes over. Sorry for the inconvenience.

6d 10h 13m DIDNEY WORL

6d 10h 12m Incineroar comes in and proves to be the dominant Fire-type starter by knocking out Typhlosion with Outrage. Ace Trainer Hiroshi defeated!

6d 10h 11m Despite 5 hits, Bullet Seed does very little damage. Toucannon is knocked out by Lava Plume.

[Chat] BORT

6d 10h 11m Ace Trainer Hiroshi sends in Typhlosion.

6d 10h 10m Toucannon knocks out Lapras with Bullet Seed. Toucannon and Gumshoos grew to Level 75!

6d 10h 10m Toucannon uses Drill Peck. PRChase says "BIG HIT!"

6d 10h 10m And almost just as quickly, Espeon is down. Hiroshi brings in a Lapras.

6d 10h 9m A couple Drill Pecks do the job. Absol is knocked out, Espeon is sent in.

6d 10h 8m Challenged by Ace Trainer Hiroshi, who sends out an Absol.

6d 10h 3m DIDNEY WORL

6d 9h 52m Hurricane hits and confuses, but Magnezone isn't having any of it. Discharge knocks out Swanna! BLACKOUT!

[Fluff] TriHard auto-correct script not following case

6d 9h 51m Our last Pokémon is Swanna. It quickly KO's Roserade with Hurricane. But Wally sends in a Magnezone...

6d 9h 51m Incineroar uses Leech Life, but it doesn't do too much. Incineroar is knocked out by Sludge Bomb from Wally's Roserade! THAT WAS BRUTAL!


6d 9h 49m Caught a female Lv. 53 Lapras! No nickname.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: we're looking for commentators to commentate PBR matches, you need a working mic, please contact me or ProjectRevoTPP if you're interested

6d 9h 45m Caught a male Heatmor! Nickname: Heatmore.jj

[Snark] Thanks for specifying genderless; otherwise people might think it's a male or female one.

6d 9h 44m Capturing it activated some pretty dank MLG audio of the wombo combo.

6d 9h 43m Caught a genderless Lv. 57 Cryogonal! Nickname: 2eeuu

6d 9h 41m Encountered a wild Cryogonal. Airhorns taunt us as it breaks out of Poké Balls.

6d 9h 39m We got a complimentary Gen 1 capture sound effect to go along with it.

[Chat] HeyGuys

6d 9h 39m Caught a male Diggersby! Nickname: Diggersbye0

6d 9h 38m We avoid the path forward for now to check out the grotto to the side. We spot a wild Diggersby!

6d 9h 36m Sucked up a Zygarde Cube.

6d 9h 35m We backtrack a little to move a boulder around. Now we have a shortcut to the totem site without having to navigate the whole cave again!

6d 9h 30m We are getting very close to the final Totem site.

6d 9h 24m Incineroar pulverizes Rotom with Outrage. GG Adam.

6d 9h 23m Rotom Discharges, barely tanks a Hyper Fang, Charges, dodges the next Hyper Fang, and then Discharges again to knock out Gumshoos.

6d 9h 22m Punk Guy Adam's third Pokémon is... Rotom?! Rotom-Heat to be exact!

6d 9h 22m Punk Guy Adam's second Pokémon is Eelektross. It's defeated after a Breakneck Blitz from Gumshoos.

6d 9h 21m Punk Guy Adam's first Pokémon is Pangoro. It's defeated after two Hyper Fangs from Gumshoos.

6d 9h 21m We try going around a Punk Guy by pressing against the invisible wall that saves us from falling off the cliff to our deaths. Sadly, it doesn't work. The walking around thing, I mean. We didn't fall and die.

6d 9h 19m Mina has a nice conversation with us on a very safe bridge above a not-at-all extreme hight. She gives us a Fairium Z!

6d 9h 18m We switched Gumshoos with Incineroar, who takes out Bisharp with Flare Blitz. We win!

6d 9h 17m We send in Gumshoos, it finishes Honchkrow with a Crunch. The Punk Girl's last Pokémon is Bisharp.

6d 9h 15m vs. Honchkrow now. Close Combat comes close to KO'ing it, but it's not enough. Staraptor is knocked out by Foul Play.

6d 9h 14m Close Combat disposes of Krookodile in one hit!

6d 9h 14m Staraptor takes down Persian. It's against a Krookodile now.

6d 9h 13m Our Potion does nothing. Seismitoad is knocked out.

6d 9h 13m Persian's Night Daze puts Toad in danger, but it doesn't take a Scald very well either.

6d 9h 12m We fail to sneak past Punk Girl Anna. Her first of four Pokémon is Alolan Persian.

6d 9h 11m Muk repeatedly boosts its stats and lowers ours until it dies to a Hydro Vortex. We win!

6d 9h 10m Seismitoad grew to level 74! Staraptor grew to level 76! The Scientist calls out Alolan-Muk.

6d 9h 9m Scald brings Togekiss' HP down to about 20% as Sky Attack rains down havoc. Toad is still in decent condition, though.

6d 9h 8m The scientist brings in a Togekiss to get scalded. It charges a Sky attack.

6d 9h 8m A second Scald knocks it out. Gumshoos grew to Level 74!

6d 9h 7m Magnezone is burned by Toad's Scald as it uses Magnet Rise.

6d 9h 7m Despite our expert stealth skills, we get noticed by an enemy Scientist. He has three Pokémon, the first of which being a Magnezone.

6d 9h 3m Victory! We celebrate by gawking at Toad's soaking wet body. We leave it as it is because drying it is probably unhealthy for it.

6d 9h 2m Seismitoad erupts with an anime Poké Ball sound, looking for revenge. It lands a Scald and burns it, but Golbat lives with 1HP somehow.

6d 9h 0m Toucannon is knocked out by a wild Golbat. THAT WAS BRUTAL!

6d 8h 59m Machamp has filled all the holes in this room.

6d 8h 55m Incineroar leveled up to 75! And that's what matters in the end.

6d 8h 55m Level 53! It hits Toucannon with Retaliate. TOUCANNON KNOCKS IT OUT WITH A 3-HIT BULLET SEED!


6d 8h 51m Inputs resume. Sandstorm slowly fades away.

[Chat] duDudu

6d 8h 50m Darude - Sandstorm is playing over the game.

6d 8h 49m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


6d 8h 42m We received 192 thumbs up from the generous online community. One comment remarked that the location looks like their neighborhood. I wonder what kind of neighborhood looks like a vast, empty canyon full of wildlife. But what do I know.

6d 8h 41m We take multiple pictures of Gigalith. They get increasingly better or worse depending on how you look at it.

6d 8h 40m We attempt to go back to Lillie to heal. So Machamp carries us over the entire bridge before realizing its mistake. It was definitely not our fault at all.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: we're looking for commentators to commentate PBR matches, you need a working mic, please contact me or ProjectRevoTPP if you're interested

6d 8h 38m We run away with to the sound of something that I can only describe as "something outta Looney Tunes."

[Snark] What else would we name it?

6d 8h 37m Caught a female Lv. 53 Loudred! Nickname: !rrrrrrrrrrrr

6d 8h 36m 6d 8h 36m The throw is good. The Poké Ball wobbles three times.................. THAT WAS BRUTAL! *airhornairhornairhornairhorn*. Loudred breaks free.

6d 8h 35m 6d 8h 34m We're trying to catch a Loudred. It escapes from the ball with a "THAT--airhorn montage"

6d 8h 34m Toucannon's Poké Ball cracks open loudly, as some goofy drums and whirs punctuate our escape.

[Snark] They're not specifically Flinstones, but just think of the memes.

6d 8h 32m Now we're getting Flinstones sounds just because.

6d 8h 31m 6d 8h 30m We call upon Machamp to gaze at this large cube of stone as the sound of a Poké Ball combusts.

6d 8h 28m 6d 8h 27m As this lovely Alolan Dugtrio escapes from our thrown Poké Ball, airhorns blare in our ears.

6d 8h 26m We are attacked by a mobile dust cloud. It reveals itself to be a Dugtrio!

6d 8h 25m As we encounter a wild Carbink, our Toucannon erupts from its Poké Ball with the anime's Poké Ball sound. And then airhorns.

6d 8h 24m Lillie clears her """"trial"""! We celebrate with airhorns. Party healed!

6d 8h 23m Lillie bravely runs across the bridge, but she encounters THREE WILD MURKROW! AND AIRHORNS!! THE HORROR!!

6d 8h 22m We face a great, wooden bridge over the canyon. Lillie greets us with a passionate speech about courage or something.

6d 8h 19m 6d 8h 19m Hiker Zachary was defeated, but our Gumshoos only barely made it out.

6d 8h 18m 6d 8h 18m Seismitoad was knocked out. Gumshoos comes in.

6d 8h 17m Archeops comes back in a tumbles down a Rock Slide, but it's not enough to defeat Toad. Archeops is knocked out in one Scald. Hiker Zachary's last Pokémon is Rampardos.

6d 8h 16m Archeops U-turns out and in comes a Kabutops! But two strong attacks from Seismitoad take it out before it can do anything!

6d 8h 15m Challenged by Hiker Zachary. He only has three Pokémon, fortunately, but the first is a powerful Archeops!

6d 8h 14m So now we're in a new room with wild Pokémon, except our Tauros is too fat to run through a narrow crevice.

6d 8h 13m The second room of Poni Canyon is actually the entrance, but at a higher level. It loops around the wall so you can see the tree better. It's really cool. And there are no encounters.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: we're looking for commentators to commentate PBR matches, you need a working mic, please contact me or ProjectRevoTPP if you're interested

6d 8h 4m We did it!

6d 8h 3m We try desperately to break rocks with Tauros.

[Stream SFX] THAT WAS BRUTAL! air horns

[Info] Earlier, I said we blacked out while I was away. That was incorrect. We were actually healed by Lillie.

6d 7h 50m Caught a male Lv. 55 Boldore! We tried nicknaming it, then it reverted to 'Boldore' and hit enter.

6d 7h 47m 6d 7h 47m THAT WAS BRUTAL! was heard on stream.

6d 7h 46m 6d 7h 45m Fortunately, I was just in time to hear air horns on stream, followed by a wild Boldore using Explosion to knock out Toucannon. Now there's something you don't see every day.

6d 7h 45m [Meta] Sorry, folks. I didn't catch anything that happened in the last few minutes because my internet gave out.

6d 7h 35m We forget about capturing it and knock it out with Hurricane.

6d 7h 34m As we try to catch a wild Swoobat, Staraptor is knocked out.

6d 7h 32m Found a Nugget on the ground!

[Streamer] shadowpuppet97: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Ok, I'm potentially interested but I'll have a bit of a think :) /

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @shadowpuppet97 send me a whisper if you decide you want to commentate

[Streamer] shadowpuppet97: @TwitchPlaysPokemon How would dual commentary work? Would one person do color commentary and the other call the match? :O

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @shadowpuppet97 I don't know, that will be figured out along the way

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's real

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: we're looking for commentators to commentate PBR matches, you need a working mic, please contact me or ProjectRevoTPP if you're interested

6d 7h 27m Our brave birds team up and knock out Dewgong with Brave Bird. We win!

6d 7h 27m Our brave Swanna bravely defeats Castform with Brave Bird. The dew-o's last Pokémon is a Dewgong.

6d 7h 25m Staraptor and Swanna are our last Pokémon.

6d 7h 24m Swanna is sent out. Incineroar tries taking out Castform with Flare Blitz, but it holds a Focus Sash, and Incineroar faints to recoil.

6d 7h 22m Incineroar knocks out Sandslash with Cross Chop, but Gumshoos's Hyper Fang misses. Gumshoos is knocked out by Hail!

6d 7h 21m Sandslash hits Gumshoos with Subzero Slammer, but it does little damage. Aurora Veil finally wears off.

6d 7h 20m Castform and Alolan Sandslash are sent out.

6d 7h 20m Outrage takes out Froslass, but Cursed Body disables the move. Gumshoos also takes out Ninetales.

6d 7h 19m We send in Gumshoos, who is level 73 at this point. It leveled up earlier.

6d 7h 19m Toucannon is knocked out by Ice Beam from Ninetales. Froslass tries to take down Incineroar with Destiny Bond, but Incineroar avoids it by using Outrage on Ninetales.

6d 7h 18m Ninetales hits Toucannon hard with Ice Beam, it's at very low HP. Froslass also confuses it. Toucannon still fights back, hitting Froslass hard with Beak Blast.

6d 7h 17m In comes Incineroar on our side and Forslass on the opposing side.

6d 7h 17m Beak Blast hits hard, but its effectiveness is cut short by Ninetales's Aurora Veil. Seismitoad is knocked out by Abomasnow's Wood Hammer, who is also knocked out by recoil.

6d 7h 16m Toucannon heats up its beak. Toad uses Hydro Vortex on Abomasnow, but only takes out half its HP.

6d 7h 15m [Snark] ヽ༼ຈ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ຈ༽ノ DUGTRI33T ヽ༼ຈ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ຈ༽ノ

6d 7h 15m Up against Ace Duo Aimee and Kent again. They send in Abomasnow and Alolan Ninetales against our Toucannon and Seismitoad.

6d 7h 14m Caught a female Lv. 53 Dugtrio! Nickname: Dugtri33ttgg

Seismitoad grew to level 53!

6d 7h 0m After an arduous battle through some shrubbery, we talk to Lillie. She heals our team!

6d 6h 57m We return to the daunting Vast Poni Canyon.

6d 6h 55m Ninetales is defeated. Victory!

6d 6h 54m Jamie's last Pokémon is a Ninetales. Bubblebeam hits hard while Safeguard... doesn't hit anything.

6d 6h 53m Swanna comes back out to defeat Marowak. Staraptor rises to level 75!

6d 6h 52m Incineroar is knocked out with Stomping Tantrum.

6d 6h 52m Incineroar hits itself in confusion as Marowak fails to use Endeavor. The rain stops.

6d 6h 52m A Marowak is sent out. Incineroar hits it with Flare Blitz, but doesn't get much done. Marowak puts it at critical health with Retaliate.

6d 6h 50m Incineroar lands a 3-hit Outrage to knock out Blastoise. It tried to use Iron Defense + Rain Dish strats, but to no avail.

6d 6h 49m Incineroar puts up a fight with Outrage as Blastoise puts up Rain Dance.

6d 6h 49m We swap Swanna with Incineroar. It takes big damage from Hydro Pump.

6d 6h 49m An Exeggutor comes in and is quickly knocked out by a Brave Bird. The sightseer brings in a Blastoise.

6d 6h 47m We swap Toucannon for Swanna as the game warns us of a Golem. Swanna quickly knocks Golem out with Bubblebeam.

6d 6h 46m Drill Peck deals big damage. Sandslash's Gyro Ball deals very little . Another Drill Peck knocks it out. Toucannon and Incineroar both grew to Level 74!

6d 6h 45m Toucannon heats up its beak. Sandslash whipps up a Sandstorm and then dodges the incoming attack.

6d 6h 45m Challenged by Sightseer Jamie! She brings in a non-Alolan Sandslash.

6d 6h 44m We head west, to Poni Breaker Coast.

6d 6h 40m DIDNEY WORL is unavailable for the next couple hours.

6d 6h 40m We fly again, this time to Ruins of Hope on Poni Island.

6d 6h 38m We fly back to Seafolk Village.

6d 6h 23m We update our info in DIDNEY WORL with "I like Ace Trainers!"

6d 6h 19m We're in the Poni Wilds. And DIDNEY WORL

6d 6h 9m DIDNEY WORL

6d 6h 8m We use a Potion on the empty space next to Swanna. Apparently it doesn't work. And so, Swanna is knocked out by Castform's Hurricane. BLACKOUT!

6d 6h 7m Alolan Sanslash uses a Z-Move, SUBZERO SLAMMER! But Swanna holds on with just a little less than 50 HP!

6d 6h 6m 6d 6h 6m Froslass is taken out by Swanna's Hurricane. Alolan Sandslash comes in.

6d 6h 6m 6d 6h 4m The Ace Duo has a Froslass. It lands a powerful Blizzard on Staraptor. Castform knocks out Staraptor.

6d 6h 3m 6d 6h 3m Staraptor and Duck are sent out. ...Not that there are other options or anything.

6d 6h 1m 6d 6h 1m The Ace Duo brings in a Castform, who changes into the Water-type. Incineroar and Gumshoos are both knocked out in the same turn!

6d 6h 1m 6d 6h 0m We bring in Gumshoos in place of Toad. Incineroar knocks out Ninetales with Flare Blitz.

6d 5h 56m Queso's Flare Blitz does a number on Ninetales, but rain's power cuts it short. Toad is knocked out by Abomasnow's Wood Hammer.

6d 5h 55m We send in Queso, who uses Outrage on Ninetales to no effect. Toad sets up Rain Dance.

6d 5h 54m Ninetales sets up Aurora Veil. Abomasnow attacks with Blizzard, knocking out Toucannon.

6d 5h 53m 6d 5h 53m Challenged by Ace Duo Kent and Aimee. They have an Alolan Ninetales and an Abomasnow in a full party of six.

6d 5h 52m 6d 5h 52m Inputs are back. We are fighting a wild Carbink.

6d 5h 52m 6d 5h 52m A single input went through, and then the screen flickered off.

6d 5h 47m Inputs are paused again

6d 5h 43m We go to Poke Pelago

6d 5h 39m Caught a Lairon! No nickname.

6d 5h 37m Swanna reaches Level 75

6d 5h 30m Team fully healed by talking to Lillie

[Donation] $3.00 from OlivineJasmine: "There was once a man from Peru / He dreamed he was eating his shoe / He woke with a fright in the middle of the night / To find that his dream had come true OMGScoots"

6d 5h 28m We used a X Attack and a X Accuracy against a wild Lairon

6d 5h 23m Caught a Zweilous! No nickname.

6d 5h 19m Caught a Klang! Nickname: ,

6d 5h 19m Inputs resumed

6d 5h 18m Inputs are paused again

6d 5h 14m Caught a Carbink! Nickname: 😫😫😫😫 ☀

6d 5h 13m We defeated the trainer

6d 5h 7m Toucannon faints to the trainer's Eelektross

6d 5h 5m Chat regains control, and we start a battle with a trainer

[Info] 6d 5h 3m Devs have paused inputs to try and fix the party display under the top screen

6d 5h 1m Inputs are paused

6d 4h 57m Our team is healed

6d 4h 56m We go back outside to try and heal with Lillie

6d 4h 54m We run away from it after it takes out half our team

6d 4h 53m Gumshoos faints to the Zweilous

6d 4h 52m Seismitoad faints to the same wild Zweilous

6d 4h 50m Toucannon faints to a wild Zweilous

6d 4h 46m Caught a Klang! Nickname: Klangethhe2

6d 4h 43m We keep entering the small item room instead of the cave itself

6d 4h 40m Heading back up to the Vast Poni Canyon

6d 4h 28m Caught a Granbull! Nickname: em

6d 4h 20m We go back to the Poni Wilds

6d 4h 19m We fly to Seafolk Village

6d 4h 18m Inputs are paused for a few seconds, seems the devs are trying to fix the party display

6d 4h 12m In Poni Wilds

6d 4h 9m We fly to Seafolk

6d 4h 7m We catch a female Carnivine, name is Carnivin

In Poni Wilds

Outside the center now

[Info] Back up

[Info] inputs crashed

6d 3h 54m and back in

6d 3h 54m We leave the center

6d 3h 51m We buy 106 Pokebalss and 2 Revives

6d 3h 46m Inside center

6d 3h 45m In Seafolk Village

6d 3h 31m We're in the Poni Wilds now

6d 3h 20m We leave the canyon to buy balls

6d 3h 18m [Info] The Swords of Justive and Giratina can spawn here each at 1%

6d 3h 18m We find a wild 1% encounter rate Terrakion but WE HAVE NO BALLS EleGiggle

6d 3h 11m Gumshoos to level 73

6d 3h 10m Swanna faints to an Arcanine under sun

6d 3h 7m We enter Vast Poni Canyon and fight a trainer

6d 3h 5m Lillie hands us a Max Revive and heals us

6d 3h 3m She hands us the Groundium Z

6d 3h 3m She sends in Mudsdale and uses Protect while we use Bubblebeam, we now use Bubblebeam and she's at red hp, she uses Heavy Slam, now she stalls with Protect again, We beat Hapu with Bubblebeam!

6d 3h 2m We use Bubblebeam but she sends in Dugtrio as a sacrfice but it lives with a sash, she uses Max Potion but now we set up Tailwind, we now use Bubblebeam to take it out

6d 3h 0m She sends in Mudsdale and we use Hyper Fang only to be Counter'd to death, We now need to send Swanna

6d 3h 0m We now send in Gumshoos and miss our Hyper Fang, she uses this oppurtunity to Recover, We Hyper Dang and do half and flinch her, we miss this time and she uses Muddy water, we use Hyper Dang again and low roll lets her at red, she misses Muddy water and we kill

6d 2h 58m We now use Outrage and barely do 1/3 while she uses Muddy Water to do half, another Outrag egets her below the yellow and Muddy Water kills the cat

6d 2h 57m We send in the Fire Tiger (uh oh), and use Leech Life and it uses Recover

6d 2h 57m She sends in Gastrodon and we use Brave Bird to do almost half and recoil lets us survuve with 1hp, Muddy Water drowns Staraptor in

6d 2h 56m Fire cat to 73 and Swan to 74

6d 2h 56m She uses Dragon Rush but its weak with the attack drops it did little and we KO with Brave Bird

6d 2h 56m We send in Staraptor, she uses Sandstorm while we waste a turn with Growl, she sets up Quiver Dance again and we use Brave Bird to take her to the red

6d 2h 54m She uses Earth Power to KO

6d 2h 54m She now sends in Flygon and she uses Quiver Dance while we use Z Rain Dance, which biosted our speed and changed it to rainy weather

6d 2h 53m She sends in Mamoswine and we OHKO with Scald!

6d 2h 53m We send in Seismitoad and use Hyper Voice, she uses Earthquake, she uses a Max Potion and we use Scald to take her down to the red, another Scald ends the Hippo, Gumshoos leveled up

6d 2h 51m We start off Bullet Seed and hit 4 times and almost do half, she uses Ice Fang and freezes us, we Don't thaw and she uses Thunder Fang this time, that couples with Sandstorm takes us to 2hp, Another Thunder Fang takes us down

6d 2h 50m We advance and see Hapu and she challenges us to a battle, Her Hippowdon vs our Toucannon** (she healed us)

6d 2h 47m After talking about plot stuff she gives us Poisonium Z

6d 2h 46m Plumeria comes down from her sneaking place

6d 2h 46m We beat down all the mon even Gengar's Destiny Bond was dodge by Hyper Fang then Crunch because dbond can fail if used twice in a row this gen

6d 2h 42m Seismitoad and Swanna faint after taking downa few mon

6d 2h 35m Toucannon faints

6d 2h 34m Beat 1, 5 more

6d 2h 31m We come across a brigade of Team Skull Grunts wanting to know about Guzma so they fight us


6d 2h 20m We head to the Poni Wilds

6d 2h 14m We go back to Seafolk Village

6d 2h 14m We take the Moon Flute

6d 2h 9m We pick up a Prism Scale

6d 2h 5m She talks about life stuff and how her mother treated her before ultra beasts came around, rain ends and we leave the cave

[Snark] Even in rainy routes we don't get wet

6d 2h 3m We progress in front and hide in a save so our clothes don't get wet

[Fluff] And by that i mean run

6d 1h 58m We beat the first Meme Tree

6d 1h 57m In Meme Tree Island now

6d 1h 50m We flew to Seafolk Village and see Lillie and Hapu interacting and Lillie appreciate her being her friend, now we need to go to Exeguttor Island

6d 1h 44m Defeated Scientis Reid.

6d 1h 43m Scientist Reid sent out Muk.

6d 1h 42m VS a Scientist.

6d 1h 18m Sucked up a Zygarde Core.

6d 1h 7m In Hapa's house.

6d 0h 51m Left the ruins.

6d 0h 48m Talking to Hapu and Lillie near the Tapu pedestal.

6d 0h 37m Entered the ruins.

6d 0h 37m We meet up with Lillie at the ruins.

6d 0h 29m Caught a female Lv. 45 Kingler! Nickname: Kingerbbbbp

6d 0h 12m Caught a male Lv. 45 Carnivine! Nickname: Carnivine11!

6d 0h 8m Inputs froze.

6d 0h 8m Defeated Ace Trainer Lindsey.

6d 0h 4m Incineroar fainted!

6d 0h 2m Gumshoos leveled up to 70!

6d 0h 0m Swanna fainted!

6d 0h 0m Welcome to day 7 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Waning Moon.

5d 23h 59m VS Ace Trainer Lindsey.

5d 23h 48m One of our Pokémon leveled up just now. I didn't catch who it was.

5d 23h 41m Caught a male Chimecho! Nickname: !!ssssssssss (basically two exclamation marks, remainder s, a lot, lol)

5d 23h 37m Found a Rare Candy!

5d 23h 25m [Info] Gothitelle was Lv. 51 and female.

5d 23h 23m We bought a Poké Ball and a Revive.

5d 23h 14m Flew back to Seafolk. Now petting Staraptor.

5d 23h 13m Found an Adrenaline Orb!

5d 23h 12m Caught a Gothitelle! Nickname: Gothitelle!6

5d 23h 6m Caught a male Lv. 53 Bouffalant! No nickname.

[Missed] nickname was Exeggcuaaaaa

[Missed] about 50 minutes ago we caught a level 47 female Exeggcute.

5d 23h 4m Gumshoos fainted!

5d 23h 2m Seismitoad fainted!

5d 22h 59m Registered Machamp to our Ride Pager!

5d 22h 57m We meet Lillie. (In her Z-Powered form)

5d 22h 55m Defeated the chef trainer.

5d 22h 53m Incineroar fainted!

5d 22h 51m In a trainer battle. Toucannon fainted!

5d 22h 48m Caught a male Lv. 45 Chimecho! No nickname.

5d 22h 47m Toucannon leveled up to 72!

5d 22h 31m Caught a female Lv. 47 Girafarig! No nickname.

5d 22h 23m In the Poni Island Poké Center. (Yeah, there's only one)

5d 22h 9m [Fluff] This BGM reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles.

5d 22h 1m Caught a male Lv. 45 Gastrodon! Missed the nickname, if any.

5d 21h 57m Swanna finishes Oricorio. Defeated Dancer Cara.

5d 21h 53m Gumshoos fainted!

5d 21h 50m Stream froze. Incineroar, Seismitoad and Toucannon fainted! (Seismitoad, not Palpitoad, was confused by its nickname earlier)

5d 21h 44m VS Dancer Cara.

5d 21h 43m Found a Max Repel!

5d 21h 28m Found a Dusk Stone!

We beat the trainer and catch a Lapras, no name

5d 21h 12m Toucannon fainted

5d 21h 11m Swanna is now level 72

5d 21h 7m VS a trainer

5d 21h 4m Caught a female Lv. 45 Dratini! Nickname: Dratiniemp4p

5d 21h 0m Caught a male Lv. 46 Kingler with the Masterball, Seismitoad to Level 69! Kingler Nickname: Kingleraaaee

5d 20h 55m This Aerodactyl was received in a house, it has no nickname

5d 20h 55m Got an Aerodactyl!

5d 20h 53m [Info] People were spamming down for Aerodactyl in a house and the up spammers for new mon

5d 20h 40m Just running around aimlessly

5d 20h 32m a fourth Poké Ball bought, then a fifth, then we batch buy 74 Poké Balls

5d 20h 31m And again, then we buy 11 revives, followed by another Poké Ball

5d 20h 31m We buy a singular Poké Ball

5d 20h 29m In the clutches of the PC, we turn it off though

5d 20h 27m In the Seafolk Pokecentre!

5d 20h 22m We're at Seafolk Village!

5d 20h 22m We're setting off for Poni Island!

5d 20h 19m Currently in the bottom floor of the Foundation

5d 20h 15m 5d 20h 15m we take the elevator upwards!

5d 20h 9m We get the Master Ball!

5d 20h 8m Lillie changed her outfit and haircut!

5d 20h 6m [Info] According to ReddyLion, Faba only took 28 tries not 30, at one point 2 were added accidentally

5d 20h 4m We sleep on the bed again after some plot exposition

5d 20h 1m We may have Blacked out, but the story continues Nonetheless

5d 20h 1m Don't worry, the story still continues.

5d 20h 0m We heal with a Hyper Potion while Bewear KOs with Giga Impact

5d 20h 0m VS Bewear now

5d 20h 0m Staraptor in now, Brave Bird connects and KOs Milotic.

5d 19h 58m In comes Gumshoos, we get Hydro Pumped and Gumshoos is down

5d 19h 56m We send Toucannon back in, Hydro Pump KOs

5d 19h 55m We now outspeed Milotic and go for a Scald, this isn't enough to KO And Milotic KOs Seismitoad

5d 19h 55m Z-Rain Dance used.

5d 19h 54m Safeguard is renewed, while we use Hyper Voice.

5d 19h 54m Another Max Potion thrown in

5d 19h 54m We use a Max Potion on Seismitoad, allowing it to live a few more hits

5d 19h 53m We throw out a Hyper Voice, which does as little damage as Scald. Miltoic continues to throw out Dragon Pulse after Dragon Pulse

5d 19h 52m We waste our turn with a Potion, while Lusamine sets up Safeguard. a Dragon Pulse comes after, while we Scald.

5d 19h 52m But instantly swapped for Seismitoad, we Water Absorb the Hydro Pump

5d 19h 51m Toucannon switched back in

5d 19h 51m Milotic Hydro Pumps Incineroar down

5d 19h 51m Incineroar in now, we get Power Gem'd again, and start Outraging, easily taking down Mismagius.

5d 19h 50m It uses Power Gem which does a significant chunk of damage, The Second Power Gem KOs Swanna

5d 19h 50m Clefable easily defeated by Toucannon, Mismagius coming out next, we Swap in Swanna for it.

5d 19h 49m Apparently we got fully healed before the battle! Clefable sets up Cosmic Power while we Drill Peck it!

5d 19h 48m VS Lusamine!

[Nebby] nooooo

5d 19h 46m Lusamine uses Cosmog's Energy to start opening Ultra Wormholes across the region. Standard Cutscene stuff

5d 19h 43m We Teleport into Lusamine's secret lab of frozen Pokémon.

5d 19h 41m We get to Lillie and Lusamine

5d 19h 40m Scizor faints, Guzma defeated

[Snark] Hint: Swords Dance hurts

5d 19h 39m a Brave Bird barely doesn't take out Scizor And Staraptor falls to Iron Head

5d 19h 38m Incineroar faints to Scizor

5d 19h 38m Incineroar levels up to LV 71

5d 19h 38m With a Flare Blitz from Incineroar, Yanmega goes down, as does Golisopod from another Flare Blitz

5d 19h 37m Swanna faints to two ancient powers by Yanmega.

5d 19h 36m Swanna uses Brave Bird on Ariados and Ariados faints to such bravery much wow.

5d 19h 35m Seismitoad uses Hydro Votex on Galvantula and Galvantula faints to it.

5d 19h 34m We send out Swanna and Forretress swirls away with the hurricane, Staraptor levels up to Lv 71.

5d 19h 33m Toucannon faints to a second zap cannon by forretress.

5d 19h 33m Toucannon was hit by a zap cannon by Forretress and gets paralyzed.

5d 19h 32m Toucannon drill pecks Golisopod and Golisopod exits with Emergency Exit.

5d 19h 31m Gladion keeps losing to Guzma and we are challenged by Guzma It's ya boy Guzma attempt #3.

5d 19h 30m We rode up the elevator to the 1st floor.

[Streamer] shadowpuppet97: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Can we have the soundboard back please? :)

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @shadowpuppet97 I'm too tired, maybe tomorrow

[Streamer] Superdanielmon: why do we have to use mumble anyway? what advantages does it have over any other voice chat software?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Superdanielmon quality and latency

[Streamer] Icanhazlyfe: Renlev the problem is that my new PC is... weird, and I can't get my mic to work. It's a decent mic and all, but I don't have TeamViewer or Mumble, whatever tf those are

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Icanhazlyfe free software, no trouble to get

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's only 20 new people and they're not all online at the same time, you'll get used to it soon

5d 19h 20m We return to the Aether Paradise once again.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's important information

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: we're looking for commentators to commentate PBR matches, you only need Mumble, TeamViewer and a good mic, please whisper me or ProjectRevoTPP if you're interested

5d 19h 16m Gumshoos goes down to two iron heads from Scizor , We blacked out!

5d 19h 13m Toucannon faints to poison damage Scizor is Guzma's last remaining Pokémon.

5d 19h 12m Toucannon pecks away Ariados with a drill peck.

5d 19h 11m Incineroar uses Flare Blitz on Golisopod and it takes it down,but Incineroar faints to the recoil.

5d 19h 10m Incineroar takes down Galvantula with a flare blitz and survived the recoil damage.Gumshoos levels up to Lv 68

5d 19h 10m Galvantula uses bug buzz on incineroar and lowers its special defense while we use leech life on galvantula.

5d 19h 9m Seismitoad faints to two bug buzzes by Galvantula.

5d 19h 8m Staraptor faints to a discharge by Galvantula,and it just got discharged from the Pokémon Center 15 minutes ago...

5d 19h 7m Staraptor takes down Forretress with Brave Bird,so brave BibleThump 7.

5d 19h 6m Staraptor uses growl on forretress,but forretress got irritated by it and uses zap cannon on Staraptor to paralyze it.

5d 19h 6m We swap out Toucannon for Swanna and Swanna faints to a Zap Cannon by Forretress.

5d 19h 5m Toucannon levels up to Lv 71 as it takes down Yanmega.

5d 19h 4m Golisopod uses Swords Dance but somehow Guzma decides to swap golisopod out for Yanmega.

5d 19h 4m Toucannon uses Bullet Seed on Golisopod and dosent quite take it down to half the hp.

5d 19h 3m We approach Guzma and Gladion once again Guzma attempt #2.

5d 19h 1m We took the elevator up to the first floor which is the entrance of the Aether Paradise.

5d 18h 58m We return to the Aether Paradise and we are near the elevator.

5d 18h 52m We send out Toucannon to deal with this matter as it is our last remaining Pokémon as ariados goes down to a drill peck,Toucannon faints to Yanmega's ancient power and We blacked out !

5d 18h 52m Incineroar faints to a U-turn by Yanmega and Yanmega u-turns out to Ariados.

5d 18h 51m Staraptor faints to an Ancient Power by Yanmega

5d 18h 50m Staraptor clutches a discharge and uses Close Combat on Galvantula.Galvantula faints and Yanmega is send out.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: we're looking for commentators to commentate PBR matches, you only need Mumble, TeamViewer and a good mic, please whisper me or ProjectRevoTPP if you're interested

5d 18h 48m We send out Gumshoos and it uses super fang on galvantula Gumshoos and Seismitoad faints to two bug buzzes by Galvantula.

5d 18h 47m Galvantula eats its sitrus berry and heals its hp,Seismitoad faints to another bug buzz by Galvantula.

5d 18h 46m We swapped out Toucannon for Seismitoad and we burn the Galvantula with Scald.

5d 18h 46m Forretress misses two zap cannons on Toucannon and goes down to a Drill Peck by Toucannon.

5d 18h 45m Toucannon uses Drill Peck on Golisopod and Golisopod exits away with emergency exit.

5d 18h 45m We are challenged by Team Skull Boss Guzma.

5d 18h 44m A cutscene happens and it appears gladion has lost to guzma in a Pokémon battle.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: eventually I'd like to move to newer Pokemon games for matches, but they don't have commentators

5d 18h 44m Nidoking faints to an outrageous Outrage and we defeated the Team Skull Grunt.

5d 18h 43m Staraptor uses Close Combat on Lycanroc and it goes down,we swapped out Staraptor for Incineroar and it uses Leech Life on Nidoking.

5d 18h 42m Staraptor uses Close Combat follow up by a Brave Bird and Alola-Golem faints to it BibleThump 7 so brave.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: we're looking for commentators to commentate PBR matches, you only need Mumble, TeamViewer and a good mic, please whisper me or ProjectRevoTPP if you're interested

5d 18h 40m We are challenged by another Team Skull Grunt which sends out an Alola-Raticate,it immediately faints to Toucannon.

5d 18h 40m Victreebel uses Leaf Storm on Toucannon but it dosent do much damage while Toucannon blasts it down with Beak Blast.We defeated the Team Skull Grunt.

5d 18h 39m We swapped out Incineroar for Toucannon and Toucannon uses Bullet Seed on Victreebel.

5d 18h 38m Incineroar speed ties with a tentacruel and takes down the Tentacruel with Outrage, Incineroar leveles up to Lv 70, that is outrageous!

5d 18h 37m We send out Incineroar and it obliterates Electrode.

5d 18h 36m We swapped out Toucannon for Swanna and bubblebeam lowers Electrode's speed.Swanna faints to a thunderbolt by Electrode.

5d 18h 35m Toucannon's drill peck OHKOs Vileplume.

5d 18h 35m Our eyes meet with a Team Skull Grunt and he challenges us to a battle.

5d 18h 33m We defeated Faba and an Aether Foundation Employee,Hau and Gladion got a key from Faba and Gladion proceeds to fight our boy Guzma.

5d 18h 33m Hypno got blitzed by Incineroar's Flare Blitz.

5d 18h 32m Incineroar's Leech Life was disabled by Hypno and we couldnt use it.

5d 18h 31m Roserade's life was taken away by Incineroar's Leech Life, while Vaporeon is restoring its hp with its leftovers and aqua ring.

5d 18h 30m Incineroar was confused and it hits itself in confusion while vaporeon is fast asleep.

5d 18h 29m Hypno uses Z-Hypnosis on Vaporeon and Vaporeon falls asleep.

5d 18h 28m Hau's Decidueye faints and he sends out Vaporeon.

5d 18h 28m Aggron faints as well only Roserade and Hypno left.

5d 18h 27m Incineroar falls asleep due to hypnosis by Hypno.

5d 18h 27m Gumshoos levels up to Lv 67

5d 18h 26m Hau's decidueye uses Spirit Shackle on Musharna and sends it to the spirit realm.

5d 18h 26m We send out Incineroar after Toucannon faints

5d 18h 25m Toucannon uses Beak Blast before going down to a heavy slam by Aggron and Aggron gets burned.

5d 18h 24m Our Toucannon uses Bullet Seed on Hau's Alola-Raichu and it faints.

5d 18h 23m Slowbro faints to Raichu's thunderbolt and Toucannon levels up to Lv 70.

5d 18h 23m Slowbro uses yawn on Raichu while ledian faints and aggron is send out by the Aether Foundation Employee.

5d 18h 22m Swanna leveled up to Lv 71

5d 18h 22m Ledian takes a huge chunk of voltage from Hau's Alola-Raichu and Toucannon uses Bullet Seed on Slowbro.

5d 18h 21m We defeated the Aether Foundation Employees and are now challenging another Aether Foundation Employee and Faba.

5d 18h 20m Incineroar levels up to Lv 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5d 18h 19m It's Electivire and Magmortar vs our Toucannon and Aegislash.

5d 18h 19m We are challenged by Aether Foundation Employees,our party was also fully healed by Wicke.

5d 18h 17m We walked to Faba and talks about his previous failure in getting rid of us.

5d 18h 16m Wicke appears and calls Gladion young master,after we defeated the Aether Foundation Employees.

5d 18h 15m Seismitoad uses Hyper Voice on Drapion and takes it down,Seismitoad also levels up to Lv 67.

5d 18h 12m Drapion only does a tiny bit of damage to Vaporeon with Crunch thanks to its acid armor spam and its aqua ring+leftovers recovery.

5d 18h 11m Seaking tries to use waterfall on our Seismitoad but Water Absorb completely soaks up the water.

5d 18h 10m Incineroar falls down a waterfall and faints

5d 18h 9m We send out Incineroar and it gets flinched by a swift swim waterfall seaking in rain.

5d 18h 8m Toucannon faints to the opponent's seaking

5d 18h 7m We keep on using hyper voice with toucannon and manage to take down both golduck and mudsdale.

5d 18h 6m An earthquake from Mudsdale shakes down raichu.

5d 18h 6m Hau's Raichu uses thunderbolt and down goes the opponent's pelipper.

5d 18h 5m We are challenged by Aether Foundation Employees together with Hau.

5d 18h 4m We went up the first floor and hau and gladion suddenly appeared with a bunch of aether foundation employees.

5d 17h 59m We are in Poke Pelago and we harvested some berries.

[Info] Faba was defeated at the 28th try,the battle starts at 5d15h44m and ends at 5d16h00m.

5d 17h 51m We learned a little something about nebby,then Hau and Gladion runs off somewhere.

5d 17h 45m Gumshoos also Leveled up to Lv 66

5d 17h 43m Froslass twirls around the Hurricane and goes down.We defeated the Aether Foundation Employees.

5d 17h 41m Vanilluxe and Glaceon goes down to Swanna's Hurricane.

5d 17h 37m Incineroar uses Flare Blitz on Dewgong and it OHKOs,but it faints to recoil.

5d 17h 36m Incineroar survives the Hail damage at 1 hp.

5d 17h 35m Vanilluxe used Ice beam on Hau's Decidueye and it faints.

5d 17h 34m Staravia Leveled up to Lv 69 and Swanna to Lv 70

5d 17h 33m Incineroar uses All-Out Pummeling on Hau's Decidueye but it was immune to it...

5d 17h 30m Hau sends out Vaporeon and uses Aqua Ring.

5d 17h 29m We send out Incineroar and it uses Flare Blitz on our buddy Hau's Alola-Raichu.

5d 17h 27m Vanilluxe used ice beam Toucannon faints.

5d 17h 27m Battling Two Aether Foundation Employees

[Chat] Chat says Faba was 28 tries

5d 17h 23m We went to the second floor which is the lab area.

5d 17h 19m We took the elevator down to the docks.

5d 17h 12m We managed to save our game.

[Info] Apparently Faba was defeated around the 30th try

5d 17h 3m We are currently in Aether Paradise.

[Streamer] FaithfulForce: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Hopefully you have something cool for when we win

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @FaithfulForce I don't have it open at the moment, sorry, I think testing is pretty much done

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: earlier I was testing out sound effects to test latency and quality

5d 10h 40m Oh God. Streamer's playing Pepsiman backwards. WutFace

5d 10h 39m Apparently our host really likes Youngsters. Make of that what you will.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: remember winamp?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's not remix it's lag

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: testing combining Mumble's audio with TPP and getting it in sync

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: still don't know why it broke in the first place

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: restarting again

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: no, trying to configure audio on encoder for commentary

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: will be restarting the stream, one moment

5d 9h 35m He does the same again and that KOs Sesmitoad! Run 21 falls flat!

5d 9h 35m Hypno puts us to sleep and uses Dream Eater before getting burned by our Scald.

5d 9h 34m We send out Sesmitoad, and after some greed with Nasty Plot, we KO him with Scald! Against Hypno now.

5d 9h 31m Another Surf KOs Incineroar! Go Staraptor! And Thunderbolt OHKOs him.

5d 9h 30m We try to use our Z-Power All Out Pummelling, after getting hit by a crit Surf, and it does a fair amount of damage for not being very effective.

5d 9h 29m Raichu uses Thunderbolt, Swanna faints! We send out Incineroar!

5d 9h 27m We send out Staraptor and then Gumshoos, who gets pounded by a Thunderbolt! Let's try Swanna.

5d 9h 26m We used Bullet Seed to KO Slowbro and level Toucannon up to 67! Then Raichu comes out and KOs Toucannon!

5d 9h 24m Attempt 21 of Faba! We send out Toucannon against Slowbro!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: looking for commentators for when matches return, please send me or ProjectRevoTPP a whisper if you're interested

5d 9h 2m PSYCHIC! Go Staraptor. THUNDERBOLT! Streamer uses MLG horns as we black out on attempt 20!

5d 9h 0m Raichu gets greedy with a Nasty Plot and we use Hydro Vortex to... not even KO it. Close, but it doesn't.

5d 8h 59m THUNDERBOLT! Go Sesmitoad.

5d 8h 59m We send out Incineroar. SURF Also more mumble sound effects. Swanna again!

5d 8h 58m We swap to Gumshoos. DOUBLE THUNDERBOLT! (if it's bolded that means they died)

5d 8h 57m Against Raichu! THUNDERBOLT! We send out Swanna.

5d 8h 56m Toucannon vs Slowbro! We use Bullet Seed thrice and we get hit by a Blizzard before Slowbro falls.

5d 8h 55m Faba attempt 20!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's from Age of Empires 2, no dogs

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: lol it wasn't a dog

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: just testing out Mumble, the commentators will use it to talk

5d 8h 47m Man streamer is going MLG with us right now by playing more airhorns.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppTrumpet

5d 8h 43m There was an airhorn on stream. How dank.

5d 8h 36m Staraptor comes out and gets Thunderbolted! Black out, rip run 19.

5d 8h 35m We send out Sesmitoad, who suffers the same fate!

5d 8h 34m We send out Swanna, who immediately faints from a Thunderbolt!

5d 8h 33m Gumshoos comes out and it sent back, fainted, after a Lightning Bolt!

5d 8h 32m We use Outrage and almost OHKO Raichu! Unfortunately Surf actually does that to us!

5d 8h 31m Against Raichu now. We faint to Thunderbolt! Let's go Incineroar!

5d 8h 31m We use Hyper Voice to start off, but a Blizzard almost OHKOs us. We avoid the second one luckily, and we finish Slowbro off with Bullet Seed.

5d 8h 29m Faba attempt 19! We send out Toucannon against Slowbro!

5d 8h 24m We're in the Aether Foundation currently trying to use an elevator.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: you'll need a working mic

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there's going to be dual-commentary during matches when this run is over using TeamViewer and Mumble, anyone interested in commentating please send me or ProjectRevoTPP a whisper

5d 8h 5m A woman is trying to ask us what this pond looks like, and after guessing every other answer we guess Gyarados and get an Air Balloon!

5d 7h 54m More seed, I guess spitting is the right word, ensues as we OHKO Wigglytuff with it. Incineroar levels up to 66! He forgets Lick for Cross Chop! Defeated Preschooler!

5d 7h 53m Clefable slapped us twice, and got burned as a result. We wake up and finish her by throwing seeds in her face. Against Wigglytuff now.

5d 7h 53m Toucannon vs Clefable. We use Bullet Seed for two hits before falling asleep due to Sing. I love the spam of 300,30s that were doing nothing.

5d 7h 52m Guys, today is Pokémon day! Fighting Preschooler Ailey!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I wasn't listening, what happened? KappaHD

5d 7h 48m We've entered Malie Garden.

[Fluff] Apparently it was an example of "Speex", not speech. Well, I guess it was that too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJlhYIPRE2o

[Fluff] It would be obvious if you looked at the chat...

5d 7h 35m Okay good that wasn't just me. I was freaking out for a sec. Audio is back.

5d 7h 34m 5d 7h 34m The audio on the stream started to sound weird, and a voice was heard saying "this is an example of speech" and talking about audio compression. Now the audio is dead entirely.

5d 7h 34m Sesmitoad levels up to 62!

5d 7h 26m Toucannon grew to level 66!

5d 7h 22m We are currently fighting wild mon, hopefully to level up. No balls atm.

[Donation] $2.00 from You: "#KanyeWest2020"

[Info] 18 failed attempts so far

[Info] 16 failed attempts so far.

5d 6h 57m An Aqua Jet takes us out! Black out! Attempt # ? end in a failure.

5d 6h 57m We send out Ducklett, our final mon. One Psychic Fang almost takes us out. We try to OHKO with Hurricane but it's not quite enough.

5d 6h 55m Against Bruxish now! Aqua Jet KOs our fire cat!

5d 6h 54m We send out Incineroar, who finally finishes off Alakazam with a Lick. Unfortunately an Aura Sphere brought us down to 15 HP.

5d 6h 53m We send out Staraptor. OHKO by Psychic!

5d 6h 52m Against Alakazam, we almost OHKO it with Bite, but it hangs on with a Focus Sash! We get hit by Aura Sphere and that takes down Gumshoos!

5d 6h 51m We send out Gumshoos, who foils Raichu's Nasty Plot with a Hyper Fang! Gumshoos to 62, Staraptor to 66!

5d 6h 50m We send out Sesmitoad, who gets hit by Psychic twice for a devastating KO!

5d 6h 48m Another Bullet Seed takes him down. Now we're against Raichu, who uses Thunderbolt to take down Toucannon!

5d 6h 47m We send out Toucannon against Slowbro! We start with Hyper Voice, and then switch to Bullet Seed. Meanwhile Slowbro gets greedy and keeps using Amnesia.

5d 6h 46m Okay, let's get ready for another round with Faba!

5d 6h 44m We turned the EXP Share back on!

5d 6h 43m We turned off the EXP Share!

5d 6h 39m We went into the settings option but luckily didn't change anything.

5d 6h 33m We try to go in the bouncy house but none of our mons are available to go in there!

[Streamer] 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx): @twitchplayspokemon you should ask people to send samples so there's no cringey commentary OpieOP

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @딜리버드 that's less exciting though

[Streamer] Elnewperuguy23: @twitchplayspokemon will comentatry only be a thin for special matches?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Elnewperuguy23 I'd like to have it all the time but I doubt there will be enough commentators for 24/7 coverage

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: TeamViewer has about 1 second of latency, so the commentators will watch the game on that and commentate over Mumble, which will be fed into the Mic input on OBS and synced to the video + game audio

[Streamer] Bryandagamer: @TwitchPlaysPokemon do you have links to any of those matches?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bryandagamer no but I've seen a link posted awhile ago

[Streamer] Domokl103: Commentary is pretty much guaranteed to be cringy either way Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Domokl103 TPP had commentary for a short while before, it was a mixed bag, this time it will be dual commentary at least

[Streamer] Bryandagamer: @TwitchPlaysPokemon how many people are you trying to get?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bryandagamer I doubt we'll get enough to have 24/7 coverage so as many as possible

[Streamer] Bryandagamer: auto message from streamer Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bryandagamer it's not an automatic message

5d 6h 10m Also we're in Didney Worl, which is refreshing.

[Recap] M4_used_Rollout: @DeadInSky66 still fighting Faba. Recap: We lost

Fallen_Star7: @DeadInSky66 Faba beat us over and over

Duskjumper: @DeadInSky66, we try to beat Faba and fail, yep that's the past hour

Chaos_lord2: @deadinsky66 faba wins again

5d 6h 8m Welp I'm here for my regular shift I suppose. Lots of recaps this time though which is nice.

[Meta] That's it for me today, gotta sleep so I don't lower my work performance more. Updater might be going dark for a bit, but hopefully someone will take over after the direct.

5d 4h 47m Seismitoad is knocked out by Psychic Fangs. BLACKOUT!!

5d 4h 47m ...No good. Psychic Fangs hit us hard.

5d 4h 46m Seismitoad is our last Pokémon. We give it a complimentary Super Potion.

5d 4h 46m Bruxish uses its Psychic Gem to boost its Psychic Fangs. Duck is dropped to critical health, hits back with Brave Bird, and is knocked out by recoil. Bruxish is still fighting.

5d 4h 45m We send in Duck.

5d 4h 44m Aqua Tail knocks out Queso!

5d 4h 44m Queso is sent out. Raichu tries setting up Nasty Plot and gets destroyed by Flare Blitz. Bruxish is sent out.

5d 4h 43m We send in Gumshoos... but it doesn't work because Raichu knocks him out with a critical hit!

5d 4h 42m Staraptor is taken out by Alolan Raichu's Thunderbolt!

5d 4h 42m Staraptor comes in to battle. It disposes of Slowbro with Brave Bird. Gumshoos grew to level 61!

5d 4h 40m The second Bullet Seed hits three times again, including a crit. Slowbro knocks out Toucannon with Blizzard!

5d 4h 39m Toucannon vs. Slowbro to begin with. Toucannon's first Bullet Seed hits three times. Slowbro immediately fights back with Blizzard, unusually.

5d 4h 38m We make some pretty incredible movement and quickly rematch Faba. Here comes attempt #12.

5d 4h 32m Staraptor is knocked out by a boosted Psychic! BLACKOUT!!

5d 4h 32m Staraptor is our last 'mon.

5d 4h 31m Alakazam boosts with Calm Mind. Queso's Flare Blitz drops it to 1 HP after the Focus Sash prevents its defeat. Queso is knocked out by Aura Sphere on the next turn.

5d 4h 30m Queso comes in to finish the job with Flare Blitz. Alakazam comes in.

5d 4h 30m Duck takes out half of Musharna's HP with Brave Bird, but faints to recoil.

5d 4h 29m Duck outspeeds Bruxish and knocks it out with Brave Bird! Staraptor rose to level 65!

5d 4h 29m Psychic Fangs deal big damage to Duck. We deal little damage with Bubblebeam, but drop its speed.

5d 4h 28m Duck is sent out.

5d 4h 27m Bruxish's Psychic Fangs bring Seismitoad down to 39 HP. We don't hit back very hard, and Seismitoad faints the next turn.

5d 4h 27m We withdraw Queso and send in Toad. Bruxish's Aqua Tail has no effect.

5d 4h 26m Queso's continued thrashing knocks out Raichu. Queso grew to level 64, Seismitoad grew to level 61! Faba's Bruxish is sent in.

5d 4h 26m Queso is sent out. Raichu sleeps and takes big damage from Thrash.

5d 4h 25m Raichu knocks out Gumshoos with Thunderbolt, but is put to sleep.

5d 4h 25m Raichu hits hard with Thunderbolt, dropping it to 63 HP. Gumshoos Yawns at it.

5d 4h 24m Toucannon is knocked out in one hit! We bring in Gumshoos.

5d 4h 24m Toucannon defeats Slowbro without taking damage! Alolan Raichu is sent out.

5d 4h 23m Bullet Seed only hits twice the next turn, but Slowbro's Blizzard misses!

5d 4h 22m Toucannon vs. Slowbro. We start with Bullet Seed. It hits three times, plus a crit, to drop Slowbro to half HP after Leftovers. It boosts with Amnesia.

5d 4h 22m Back in the ring. Faba Attempt #11 coming up.

5d 4h 16m We talk to Gladion rather quickly for a change.

[Chat] Something about directing my mixtape's emblem, I guess.

5d 4h 13m Seismitoad is taken down by Psychic Fangs! BLACK OUT!!

5d 4h 12m Faba gives us a fighting chance by using Aqua Tail. It heals us, and we land a critical hit with Scald. Bruxish still has a lot of health, though.

5d 4h 12m We use a Super Potion for good luck. It doesn't help as a gem-boosted Psychic Fangs come dangerously close to killing it.

5d 4h 12m We bring in our last Pokémon, Seismitoad.

5d 4h 11m Bruxish's Aqua Tail knocks out Queso!

5d 4h 10m Queso is sent out and is dropped below half health from Aura Sphere. It knocks out Alakazam with Lick. Faba sends out Bruxish.

5d 4h 9m Duck is knocked out by Psychic!

5d 4h 8m We bring in The Duck. It survives a Psychic and hits hard with Brave Bird... but Alakazam holds on with its Focus Sash!

5d 4h 7m Gumshoos is knocked out by Aura Sphere.

5d 4h 6m We send in Gumshoos. It doesn't take a Thunderbolt too well, but survives and knocks out Raichu! Faba sends out Alakazam.

5d 4h 5m Staraptor is taken out by a single Thunderbolt!

5d 4h 5m Staraptor is sent in.

5d 4h 4m Toucannon relentlessly attacks Slowbro, knocking it out with few HP. Raichu comes in to finish Toucannon.

5d 4h 4m Toucannon vs. Slowbro to start the tenth attempt.

5d 4h 2m Up towards Faba.

5d 3h 56m 5d 3h 56m Back in Aether Paradise.

5d 3h 50m Gumshoos is knocked out after two Dream Eaters. BLACKOUT!!

5d 3h 50m Hypnosis lands yet again, as our last Pokémon, Gumshoos is put to sleep.

5d 3h 48m Dream Eater knocks Seismitoad below half HP. We don't use Sleep Talk and Seismitoad is knocked out after another turn.

5d 3h 48m We send in Gumshoos but immediately switch it for Seismitoad. Hypno's Hypnosis puts us to sleep again.

5d 3h 46m Dream Eater drops Staraptor to 93/193 health. It doesn't wake up. The second Dream Eater knocks it out. Hypno returns to full HP.

5d 3h 46m Staravia the Not Staravia is sent out. It's immediately put to sleep with Hypnosis.

5d 3h 44m Dream Eater deals around 90 damage to Duck. It has 31 HP after two hits, but wakes up after the second and hits back with Hurricane before getting knocked out by Psychic.

5d 3h 44m Duck vs. Hypno. Duck lands a Hurricane. Faba lands a Z-Hypnosis.

5d 3h 43m Duck rises to level 65!

5d 3h 43m We bring in Queso. Raichu's Surf drops it to 17HP. Queso knocks it out with Flare Blitz, but is also knocked out by recoil.

5d 3h 42m Toucannon heats up its beak, but Raichu knocks it out with Thunderbolt!

5d 3h 42m Another Bullet Seed knocks out Slowbro! Time for the dreaded Raichu.

5d 3h 41m The next Bullet Seed only hits twice. Slowbro knocks Toucannon's HP to 32/192 with Blizzard.

5d 3h 40m Le Toucannon vs. Slowbro. Bullet Seed hits three times and deals considerable damage. Slowbro boosts its special defense with Amnesia.

5d 3h 39m The elevator takes us to Faba. Attempt #9

5d 3h 35m Mudsdale takes us to Gladion. Gladion takes us to Aether. The voice of love takes you higher.

[Info] With eight failed attempts, Faba is our biggest obstacle of the run so far.

5d 3h 25m Thunderbolt knocks out Swanna in one hit! BLACKOUT!

5d 3h 24m Queso is knocked out by a super-effective Surf. Our last hope is Swanna.

5d 3h 23m We send in Queso.

5d 3h 22m Gumshoos is taken out by a single Psychic.

5d 3h 20m Gumshoos is sent out.

5d 3h 19m Toad is sent out. We think about feeding it potions and roots until finally attacking. But before it can use its move, Raichu takes it out with Psychic.

5d 3h 18m Thunderbolt makes a clean OHKO on Staraptor.

5d 3h 17m Raichu sets up Nasty Plot. Toucannon brings its HP down to half before fainting to Thunderbolt. Staraptor is sent out.

5d 3h 16m The next Bullet Seed hits four times and Slowbro hangs on with single-digit HP. But it misses its Blizzard attack! Toucannon knocks it out and grows to level 65! Time to face Alolan Raichu.

5d 3h 16m It's Toucannon vs. Slowbro this time. Bullet Seed brings Slowbro's HP to about half as it sets up Amnesia.

5d 3h 15m After some hesitation, we ride the elevator. Faba attempt #8 begins!

5d 3h 1m Eventually, we reach Gladion and go back to Aether Paradise.

5d 2h 52m We leave the garden.

5d 2h 49m We find life in the grass. It's a wild DOOT DOOT! Some people know it as Xatu. Trump kills it.

5d 2h 46m At some point, we entered Malie Garden while I was paying attention very attentively as I should.

5d 2h 41m We leave Didney Worl after a brief lull. It is no longer available for the time being.

5d 2h 40m This calls for a celebration in DIDNEY WORL!

[Info] After seven wipes, Faba is now tied with Ilima and Oliva for most attempts in this run.

5d 2h 37m The next Dream Eater knocks out Swanna. BLACK OUT!

5d 2h 37m Another Dream Eater knocks us to 11 HP. We don't wake up.

5d 2h 37m Dream Eater knocks Duck's HP below half and restores Hypno's HP above half. We're still asleep.

5d 2h 36m Duck is sent out. It lands an accurate Hurricane, dropping its HP to around 33%. Hypno uses Z-Hypnosis, misses, but speeds up and lands it on the second try.

5d 2h 35m Hypno is sent out. After tanking a Scald, it knocks out Seismitoad with Psychic.

5d 2h 34m Seismitoad lands a couple attacks as its HP drops to dangerous levels, but Bruxish helps us by attacking with Aqua Tail, restoring some of our HP! We thank it by knocking it out with Scald.

5d 2h 33m Said Seismitoad is sent in to battle. Psychic Fangs deal a powerful critical hit, bringing it to 106/215 HP. Seismitoad speeds up with Z-Rain Dance.

[Info] Also, Seismitoad leveled up to 60 after the Raichu KO.

5d 2h 32m Toucannon sets up Beak Blast. Bruxish attacks with Psychic Fangs and is powered up with a Psychic Gem. Although it lands a burn, Toucannon is knocked out!

5d 2h 32m Bruxish knocks out Queso with Aqua Tail. Toucannon is sent out.

5d 2h 30m Queso licks Slowbro to death. Alolan Raichu is sent out and it immediately sets up Nasty Plot. But Queso's Flare Blitz knocks it out in one hit!!

5d 2h 29m Staraptor uses Close Combat. Slowbro barely holds on and knocks out Staraptor with Blizzard!

5d 2h 28m Gumshoos attacks with Crunch before falling to Psychic. Staraptor is sent out.

5d 2h 28m Gumshoos vs. Slowbro. It starts with Super Fang and Psychic again. Both are at about half.

5d 2h 27m We take the elevator and greet Faba once more. Time for the seventh attempt.

5d 2h 26m We open Pokémon Refresh and do absolutely nothing. Queso poses for us a couple times anyway.

5d 2h 24m After playing tug-o-war between dimensions, we run to the elevator. And overshoot it. And go back to Didney Worl.

5d 2h 17m Nevermind. DIDNEY WORL

5d 2h 17m Back to the plot.

5d 2h 15m Gladion takes us to Aeth--DIDNEY WORL

5d 2h 15m Back to taking baby steps and looking at Ride Pokémon.

5d 2h 14m DIDNEY WORL

5d 2h 13m After an exhilarating eight seconds, we leave Didney Worl.

5d 2h 12m We've been fiddling with menus and taking baby steps arond Malie Ci--DIDNEY WORL

5d 2h 2m We use Endeavor. It has no effect. Confusion hax fails to come through again as Musharna takes out Staraptor with Thunderbolt. BLACKOUT!

5d 2h 2m Brave Bird knocks Musharna's HP in the red. It hits itself again and barely holds on!

5d 2h 1m Staraptor is our last hope once more. We give it a Super Potion for good luck. It apparently works because Musharna hits itself in confusion.

5d 2h 1m Duck's Hurricane doesn't do much, but it confuses Musharna. But Musharna knocks out Duck with Thunderbolt.

5d 2h 0m We send in Duck, who takes out Bruxish with a Brave Bird. Faba sends in a Musharna.

5d 1h 59m Outrage deals massive damage, but Bruxish hands on and knocks out Queso with Aqua Tail!

5d 1h 59m Faba brings in a Bruxish. Queso fully paralyzes it with the first Lick.

5d 1h 57m Queso is brought into the battle. Raichu hits it with a powerful Surf to knock it down to ~80 HP. Queso removes Raichu's last few HP and levels up to 63!

[Snark] Sorry, I forgot which Pokémon is which for a moment.

5d 1h 56m Raichu uses Psychic to knock Seismitoad's HP below half and lowers its special defense. But Seismitoad hits back with Hydro Vortex, but doesn't get the KO. Seismitoad is knocked out after another Psychic.

5d 1h 55m Palpitoad is sent out.

5d 1h 54m Alolan Raichu is sent out and quickly disposes of Toucannon with Thunderbolt!

5d 1h 54m Toucannon is sent out. Drill Peck knocks out Slowbro.

5d 1h 53m Slowbro barely survives a super-effective Crunch and takes out Trump with Psychic!

5d 1h 52m Super Fang and Psychic cut both Pokémon's HP to half.

5d 1h 52m vs. Faba! Trump vs. Slowbro!

5d 1h 51m We educate ourselves in the various tasks our Ride Pokémon can do. Oh, and uh... I guess we go up the elevator. But did you know that Charizard can fly you to locations you've previously visited? Wow!

5d 1h 46m After politely declining a couple times, we allow Gladion to take us back to Aether.

5d 1h 45m We get on Tauros. They can learn Surf, right? We'll be back at Aether in no time!

5d 1h 42m Back to the mystical Malie city.

5d 1h 41m Staravia the Staraptor lowers Raichu's attack, but to no avail. Staraptor is OHKO'd! BLACK OUT!!

5d 1h 40m Toucannon tries setting up Beak Blast, but it's no good against Thunderbolt. Toucannon is one-hit KO'd! Only Staraptor remains.

5d 1h 39m Swanna's Hurricane deals little damage as Raichu knocks it out with Thunderbolt.

5d 1h 38m The second Hurricane connects, and Alakazam hits itself again to knock itself out! Alolan Raichu is sent out.

5d 1h 38m Swanna's Hurricane confuses Alakazam and it hits itself! Down to half HP.

5d 1h 37m The Duck is sent out. It barely survives a boosted Psychic and sets up Tailwind.

5d 1h 36m Alakazam knocks out Queso in one hit with Aura Sphere!

5d 1h 35m Queso is sent out as we fiddle with the menu.

5d 1h 35m Alakazam's powerful Psychic knocks out Palpitoad in one hit!

5d 1h 34m Alakazam boosts its stats with Calm Mind. We set up rain.

5d 1h 34m Alakazam's Aura Sphere takes out Gumshoos! We send in Palpitoad.

5d 1h 33m With some effective attacks, Gumshoos knocks out Slowbro in three hits! 66/201 HP left, Alakazam comes out.

5d 1h 32m Challenged by Aether Branch Chief Faba! He sends out a Slowbro against our Gumshoos.

5d 1h 32m Rode up to the first floor. Faba greets us.

5d 1h 29m We get a Rare Candy

5d 1h 15m 5d 1h 15m back to Aether Foundation

5d 0h 58m Thunderbolt KOs Swanna, BLACK OUT

5d 0h 57m Brave Bird KOs Bruxish. Swanna to Level 64

5d 0h 57m Lick paralyses the Bruxish that was switched in on Incineroar, Flare Blitz does a chunk of damage after, but Aqua Tail KOs

5d 0h 55m Z-Hypnosis from Hypno. It doesn't KO us yet. Though it does with Dream Eater

5d 0h 55m We KO Raichu, Hypno comes out

5d 0h 54m Alakazam holds on with Focus Sash and withdraws Alakazam, allowing for a free Drill Peck on Raichu. The following Thunderbolt KOs Toucannon though

5d 0h 52m Staraptor down

5d 0h 52m Alakazam in now, Gumshoos faints to psychic

5d 0h 51m Slowbro goes down. Gumshoos to Level 60

5d 0h 49m Faba battle again

5d 0h 43m Back to Aether Paradise

5d 0h 36m We forget Drain Punch for Sleep Talk on Seismitoad

5d 0h 29m We forget Seismitoad's Echoed Voice for Scald!

5d 0h 27m 5d 0h 27m Firium Z moved to Free Space

5d 0h 24m Swapping move order around on Seismitoad: current order, Echoed Voice, Hyper Voice, Rain Dance, Drain Punch

5d 0h 14m Sadly, Bruxish KOs us. BLACK OUT

5d 0h 13m Incineroar's time is now, a Surf comes in from Raichu, and we follow up with Flare Blitz, KOing it. Next is Bruxish

5d 0h 12m Raichu now, it outspeeds with Thundebolt KOing Staraptor

5d 0h 12m a Brave Bird from Staraptor finishes off Hypno, Levelling up Staraptor to 64 in the process

5d 0h 10m The Nightmare finishes off Swanna

5d 0h 9m We Brave Bird with Swanna into the Hypno, it counters with Hypnosis. Making us a Sitting Duck for a few turns.

5d 0h 7m Hypno uses its Z-Move, Shattered Psyche. This KOs Seismitoad.

5d 0h 7m Alakazam down, Hypno out next

5d 0h 6m Alakazam holds on with a Focus Sash, It finishes off Toucannon with a Psychic

5d 0h 5m Gumshoos faints before it can attack the Alakazam

5d 0h 5m Slowbro down, Alakazam comes out next

5d 0h 4m Fighting Faba again

4d 23h 58m back to Aether Paradise

4d 23h 55m Bruxish Down, Musharna KOs Swanna, BLACK OUT

4d 23h 54m Psychic Gem boosted Psychic Fangs from Bruxish puts us in range that Staraptor KOs itself with Brave Bird

4d 23h 53m Incineroar faints to an Aqua tail from Bruxish

4d 23h 53m Raichu down, Incineroar to Lv 62

4d 23h 52m Seismitoad faints now

4d 23h 51m Toucannon faints

4d 23h 51m Slowbro down, Seismitoad to level 59, Trying to Learn Hyper Voice. We forget Hydro Pump

4d 23h 49m Gumshoos faints

4d 23h 49m Back to battling Faba.

4d 23h 48m Swapped position of Gumshoo's Yawn and Hyper Fang

4d 23h 46m Toucannon grows to Level 64

4d 23h 45m Swanna to Level 63

4d 23h 43m 4d 23h 43m Challenged by an Aether Grunt I mean, Employee.

4d 23h 37m 4d 23h 37m Back at Aether Paradise

4d 23h 34m 4d 23h 34m Staraptor comes in, TBolt then causes us to BLACK OUT! Back in the Malie PMC

4d 23h 33m 4d 23h 33m Swanna is sent in , taken out with TBolt

4d 23h 33m 4d 23h 32m Toucan goes down to TBolt

4d 23h 32m [Info] The girl at the Aether Paradise reception can heal our Pokémon for us, but you have to watch out for the tppPC

4d 23h 31m 4d 23h 31m Slowbro goes down to Bullet Seed! Raichu comes in.

4d 23h 30m 4d 23h 30m HE HAS 6 Pokémon WutFace PANIC! Slowbrow comes in, Toucan charges beak blast, Slowbrow has leftovers

4d 23h 29m 4d 23h 29m Made it to the elevator, Hypno boy- I mean Faba shows up and challanges us

4d 23h 28m 4d 23h 28m Musharna taken out by drill peck, Roserade comes in, instantly taken out by Drill peck

4d 23h 27m 4d 23h 27m Musharna comes in

4d 23h 27m 4d 23h 27m Glaceon taken out by Drill Peck

4d 23h 26m 4d 23h 26m ,,,And instantly taken out by drill peck, Glaceon comes in

4d 23h 26m 4d 23h 26m Sends out Primeape against Toucannon

4d 23h 26m 4d 23h 25m Spotted by another Aether Employee OpieOP

4d 23h 23m 4d 23h 23m Swanna grows to level 23

4d 23h 23m 4d 23h 22m Staraptor comes in and finishes swellow with CC, Toucannon comes in, taken to red with Brave Bird, throws with Feather dance, gets taken out by Brave Bird

4d 23h 22m 4d 23h 21m Swellow is sent out, taken to half with Outrage, QUESO GOES DOWN TO BRAVEBIRD

4d 23h 21m 4d 23h 20m Queso uses Rage, TriHard AI uses flamethrower twice in a row, Salamence goes down

4d 23h 20m 4d 23h 20m Spotted by another Aether employee, sends out SALAMENCE WutFace

4d 23h 18m [Snark] My internet is the greatest, sorry for the gaps in updates

4d 23h 12m Dugtrio goes down to Drain Punch, Goodra is sent out

4d 23h 10m 9r gets taken down by Dugtrio's earthquake, Siesmitoad takes over

4d 23h 8m Spotted by an Aether employee, sends out Dugtrio

4d 23h 8m 4d 23h 8m In Aether Paradise now

4d 23h 7m Darkinium Z get, Hau shows up, heading to Aether Paradise now

Queso is sent in, uses lick, then next turn, Flare Blitz KO's Bisharp! VICTORY!

Bisharp is sent out, Last Pokémon..... Siesmitoad uses Chople Weakened drainpunch to put it to half HP, gets taken out with Night Slash

Absol is sent out... Siesmitoad uses Hydro Vortex to 1HKO Absol!

Siesmitoad is sent out, uses Hydropump to 1HKO Krookodile

Toucannon charges another beak blast when krookodile comes in, only to be taken out by a Foul Play

Toucannon charges Beak Blast, tanks a Power Gem and KO's Persian

4d 23h 1m Persian comes in

4d 23h 1m Toucannon is sent in, KO's with Drill Peck

Real Skuntank comes out and uses Gunk Shot, 9r is in the red and puts skuntank to the red with hyper fang, but is then KO'ed by another Gunk Shot

Skuntank leads, fakes out 9r, then uses Embargo..... only to turn out to be a Zoroark!

4d 22h Nanu Attempt 2!

4d 22h 54m Healed in the Malie Pokémon Centre

4d 22h 52m Queso grew to level 60 and replaces fury swipes with Outrage!

4d 22h 33m We now in Poke Pelago

4d 22h 32m We leave didney

4d 22h 27m In Didney

4d 22h 26m We fly to Tapu Village even if we were there

4d 22h 23m He uses Sucker Punch and we miss Hurricane, he repeats and our Hurricane does a 3rd, We now Tailwind and he Night Slash's to break the urn, blackout

4d 22h 22m We try to use Flare Blitz but AERIAL ACE Kreygasm's to death

4d 22h 21m We send in Swanna and switch to Incinroar, he uses Foul Play and he now uses Night Slash while we Lick, he uses Sucker Punch and we FLARE BLIIIITZ to burn it down, survived with 10hp, he sends in Bisharp

4d 22h 19m We now send in Seismitoad and he uses Earthquake, we use Hydro Pump to take it down, he sends in Absol and KO's with Foul Play

4d 22h 18m We send in Toucannon and use Drill Peck's to KO, he now sends in Persian (alola), we use Beak Blast to burn his Persian who used Fake Out, he uses a Full Heal and we KO with Beak Blast, he sends in Krookodile, he uses 2 Foul Play to KO Toucannon while we tried a Drill Peck

4d 22h 16m We send in Staraptor, we use Growl and he uses a move i missed to see, we use Growl again and he repeats, we use Brave Bird and take it to red, he nw uses the now known Gunk Shot to beat Staraptor

[Snark] You were expecting to fight Skuntank, but it was I, Zoroark!

4d 22h 15m He uses Fake out and we flinch, he uses Dark Pulse and we KO with Hyper Fang SICNE IT WAS ACTUALLY ZOROARK!, he now sends in real Skuntank and uses Foul Play to kill Gumshoos

4d 22h 14m He says lets wait for Hau but Nanu comes and fights us, Gumshoos vs Skuntank

4d 22h 14m Gladion beats us and admits he was wrong to fight us but berates us about letting Lillie be captured, he then tells us to follow him to Aether

4d 22h 13m We send in Swanna and he uses Icicle Crash surprise surprise) and we use Hurricane, Icicle Crash kills us

4d 22h 10m We send in Swanna and switch to Toucannon who gets Icicle Crash'd to oblivion

4d 22h 9m We send in Seismitoad and he uses Icicle cRash again and we flinch, he uses it again and we flinch even though we survived by 3, 3rd Icicle Crash kills

4d 22h 8m Second Brave Bird KO's (surprised no King's Shield), Seismitoad to 57, he sends in Weavile and uses Icicle Crash to take Staraptor out

4d 22h 7m We send in Staraptor and use Brave Bird to take it to red and he uses Iron Head

4d 22h 7m We send in Inciniroar and he uses Sacred Sword and we just Lick it, It uses King's Shield and we're at -2 attack, it uses Sacred Sword to kill again

4d 22h 5m It uses Air Slash and we flinch, uses Toxic and we Hyper Fang, he switches to Aegislash and dodges the Hyper fang, he uses King's Shield and our Hyper Fang somehow triggers it, he uses Sacred Sword to KO Gumshoos

4d 22h 4m Plumeria took Lillie and Hau couldn't do a thing, Gladion is mad over his sister being kidnapped, Vs Gladion, Gumshoos vs Croba

4d 22h 2m We got 6 Festival Tickets

4d 22h 1m DIDNEY WORL

4d 21h 58m We heal

4d 21h 56m We fly to Tapu Village

4d 21h 54m Nanu leaves too

4d 21h 54m Acerola takes the hostage Yungoos back

4d 21h 53m Acerola is also here

4d 21h 53m He heals us

4d 21h 53m We leave the house and find Nanu

4d 21h 50m We pick up TM36 Sludge Bomb

4d 21h 47m We find an Iron

4d 21h 44m Walking around the Shady House

4d 21h 35m We try to sit on the throne and a grunt appears looking for him, he then leaves

4d 21h 35m Staraptor also level 61

4d 21h 34m We find a Buginium Z

4d 21h 34m We send in Inciniroar and survive a bug move, we sue Flare Blitz and dont care about his Occa Berry and ko, Guzma defeated

[Info] Toucannon 61

4d 21h 33m We send in Toucannon and KO with Drill Peck, he sends in Scizor and uses Swords dance and we Drill Peck, he uses Iron Head and KO's

4d 21h 32m We use Echoed Voice and he sets up Swords Dance, we do it again and he uses Savage Spin Out to KO Seismitoad

4d 21h 31m [Info] Correction, Incineroar level 59.

4d 21h 31m He sends in Galvatula and Hydro Pump KO's, (Z rain dance boosted our speed)

4d 21h 30m Toucannon levels up and we use Hydro Pump on Yanmega and OHKO it, Swanna level 60, Inciniroar level 63

4d 21h 29m 4d 21h 29m He responds by using Leech Life, we now ise Hydro Pump and OHKO it

4d 21h 29m 4d 21h 29m He sends in Ariados and we use Z-Rain Dance

4d 21h 29m We send in Seismitoad and use Hydro Pump, it survives by 1hp or so and misses Megahorn we use Hydro Pump to KO it

4d 21h 28m We use Hyper Fang and force Emergency Exit to make him switch, he sends in Excavileer, we Hyper ang and he Mega Horn, repeat it twice and Gumshoos fainted

4d 21h 27m We use Crunch and he uses Swords Dance

4d 21h 27m Vs Guzma, attempt 2, Goliospod vs Gumshoos

4d 21h 26m Found an Escape Rope!

4d 21h 25m In Shady House, will fight Guzma soon™

4d 21h 21m We healed.

4d 21h 10m We flew off the top off the Skull manor to heal before fighting Guzma. Still in Po Town.

4d 20h 59m VS female Skull grunt B. Palpitoad used Drain Punch. Mienshao used Jump Kick! Palpitoad fainted!

4d 20h 56m Defeated the female Skull grunt A.

4d 20h 56m Palpitoad leveled up to 56!

4d 20h 55m Staraptor fainted!

4d 20h 54m Gumshoos fainted!

4d 20h 53m VS a female Skull grunt.

4d 20h 37m Healed at Po Town Pokémon Center.

4d 20h 24m Flew to Po Town. (Route 17 y) -- y? wtf?

4d 20h 23m Wild Sawsbuck used Take Down! Palpitoad fainted!

4d 20h 14m Caught a male Lv. 35 Espurr! Nickname: ,AOOOOO__Dd

4d 20h 9m Gumshoos fainted to Perish Song!

4d 20h 3m Caught a male Lv. 36 Lapras! No nickname.

4d 20h 2m Threw several Poké Balls at a wild Lapras.

4d 19h 57m Back in the Pokémon Center. The last one, the Po Town one doesn't checkpoint.

4d 19h 57m Swanna fainted! Blacked out!

4d 19h 55m A critical Poison Jab takes out Swanna. Black out.

4d 19h 55m Swanna takes a Rock Slide and hits yellow. Yanmega promptly falls to a Hurricane. In comes Ariados.

4d 19h 54m Only Swanna remains.

4d 19h 54m Yanmega comes in. Toucannon goes down to a Bug Buzz.

4d 19h 53m Toucannon sets up a Beak Blast. Galvantula nearly takes out Toucannon, bringing it to red and paralyzing it. Toucannon lands the Beak Blast and takes out Galvantula.

4d 19h 54m Toucannon used Beak Blast. Galvantula down to 14/178HP. Beak Blast takes down Galvantula.

4d 19h 53m Guzma sends in Galvantula. It resists the Bullet Seed.

4d 19h 53m Guzma sent out Galvantula.

4d 19h 53m Toucannon uses Bullet Seed. It does little damage, but Golisopod is paralyzed.

4d 19h 52m As a note, Golisopod is paralyzed from the Lick earlier. Hence, our wasted turn by throwing another ball didn't hurt us.

4d 19h 52m In comes Toucannon.

4d 19h 52m Staraptor takes a Waterfall to the face, and poison finishes it off.

4d 19h 51m We send in Staraptor. Our turn is wasted by throwing a ball.

4d 19h 51m Incineroar used Lick. Golisopod used Waterfall. Incineroar fainted!

4d 19h 50m VS GUZMA!

4d 19h 49m WE FINALLY MADE IT!

[Snark] It's been 3000 years 2 hours


4d 19h 7m Remember, the correct passwords are "Beat Up - Golisopod - Tapu Cocoa - No"

[Pun] Man, we're really getting beat up by Guzma's pop quiz.

[Info] A single input got spammed for a second there

4d 18h 18m Aaand we're still trying to input the three passwords.

[Streamer] Teknolink: Use discord DansGame

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Teknolink sure, send me a whisper

[Streamer] Teknolink: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa WutFace

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Teknolink yes, we're using TeamViewer and Mumble so we can have multiple on simultaneously

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: dual commentary will be a thing when the run is over, anyone who is interested in being a commentator please contact me or ProjectRevoTPP


4d 17h 59m [Stats] Saved the game! Pokédex: 83 Time: 113h 11m

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: human commentary will be returning after the run is over, please contact me or Revo if you're interested in commentating, you need a working mic

4d 17h 22m We're trying to battle Guzma but answer incorrectly to the quiz several times.

4d 17h 19m Defeated Skull grunt.

4d 17h 17m Incineroar leveled up to 58! Swanna leveled up to 59!

4d 17h 15m Palpitoad fainted!

4d 17h 13m VS a male Skull grunt.

4d 17h 12m Now in the mansion.

4d 17h 9m Defeated the Skull grunt.

4d 17h 7m Toucannon leveled up to 60!

4d 17h 6m Golisopod goes down too.

4d 17h 6m Palpitoad OHKO's a female Pyroar.

4d 17h 5m VS a female Skull grunt.

4d 17h 1m Staraptor used Brave Bird. Salazzle down. Defeated Skull grunt.

4d 17h 1m Staraptor used Brave Bird. Scolipede down. Staraptor leveled up to 60! Palpitoad leveled up to 55!

4d 17h 0m Gumshoos fainted due to Scolipede's poison.

4d 16h 59m Lurantis down to red. Lurantis down.

4d 16h 58m Defeated the grunt's Zoroark in disguise. Gumshoos leveled up to 58!

4d 16h 57m VS Team Skull grunt on top of a car.

4d 16h 54m Found a Rare Candy!

4d 16h 51m Entered the Po Town Pokémon Center and paid ₽ 10 to heal.

4d 16h 46m Brave Bird takes out Hypno. Grunts defeated.

4d 16h 46m The grunts send out Hypno.

4d 16h 45m Incineroar to Level 57.

4d 16h 45m Brave Bird downs Victreebel.

4d 16h 44m Brave Bird downs Drapion.

4d 16h 44m We waste a turn trying to throw a Poké Ball.

4d 16h 44m In comes Staraptor. It cuts attack with Intimidate.

4d 16h 42m Brave Bird takes Drapion to yellow. Drapion crunches Incineroar but it does little damage. Incineroar licks Drapion and paralyzes it. Swanna faints to a Leaf Blade from Victreebel.

4d 16h 41m Fury Swipes does little damage to Victreebel. In comes a Drapion.

4d 16h 41m Brave Bird takes out Raticate.

4d 16h 41m In comes a Victreebel.

4d 16h 41m Fury Swipes from Incineroar takes Raticate to yellow, and the burn furthers it to red.

4d 16h 41m 4d 16h 40m Swanna OHKOs Parasect with Hurricane.

4d 16h 40m 4d 16h 40m Swanna comes in.

4d 16h 39m Toucannon sets up Beak Blast. Lick doesn't work on Raticate. Raticate and Parasect take out Toucannon, but are burnt in the process.

4d 16h 39m We send in Toucannon.

4d 16h 38m Lick doesn't work on Raticate. Gumshoos goes down.

4d 16h 37m We send in Incineroar.

4d 16h 36m Battled a duo of Skull Grunts. We took out their disguised Zoroark. Seismitoad fainted. Right now it's their Parasect and Raticate against our Gumshoos.

4d 16h 34m Hanging out on the streets of Po Town right now.

4d 16h 31m We spend 10 bucks to heal our mons.

4d 16h 31m We enter the Po Town Pokémon Center.

4d 16h 29m Gate guards defeated.

4d 16h 29m Cofagrigus faints. Swanna levels up to 58.

4d 16h 28m Drill Peck hits Cofagrigus for half its HP. Toucannon's ability becomes Mummy. A second Drill Peck brings Cofagrigus down to the red.

4d 16h 28m In comes Toucannon. Cofagrigus is sent in by the grunt.

4d 16h 28m Ferrothorn self-destructs. Staraptor gone.

4d 16h 27m Ferrothorn is sent in. Brave Bird brings it to yellow. Staraptor is hurt by recoil and spikiness.

4d 16h 27m Close Combat takes out Scrafty.

4d 16h 27m Staraptor in. Intimidate cuts attack.

4d 16h 27m High Jump Kick downs Gumshoos.

4d 16h 26m Scrafty in. Hyper Fang. Scrafty yellow. Scrafty uses Scary Face. Gumshoos' speed falls.

4d 16h 26m Gumshoos' defence has harshly fallen. It murders Muk with a Hyper Fang.

4d 16h 26m Hyper Fang. Muk to red. Muk screeches. Probably from pain.

4d 16h 25m Versus Grunt B. Muk in. Go, Gumshoos.

4d 16h 24m Incineroar to 56. Staraptor to 59.

4d 16h 24m Honchkrow in. Hyper Fang. Honchkrow out.

4d 16h 24m Toucannon to 59

4d 16h 24m Hyper Fang OHKOs.

4d 16h 23m Gumshoos v Ariados.

4d 16h 23m Versus Team Skull Grunt A.

4d 16h 22m Flew to Po Town.

4d 16h 20m We fly to Mount Hokulani.

4d 16h 17m After a shopping spree, we now have 13 Poké Balls and 5 Great Balls.

4d 16h 14m With Staraptor down, we black out.

4d 16h 14m Brave Bird downs Honchkrow. Recoil takes out Staraptor.

4d 16h 14m In comes Honchkrow.

4d 16h 14m Brave Bird. Ariados down.

4d 16h 13m Another Close Combat. No dice. Defenses drop enough for Ariados to bring Staraptor to yellow.

4d 16h 13m Close Combat does little damage. Staraptor's defenses drop. Ariados hits back with Poison Jab.

4d 16h 13m Staraptor versus Ariados.

4d 16h 13m Versus Team Skull Grunt.

4d 16h 12m We sneak through a hole in a hedge.

[Streamer] Bryandagamer: what would the commentary entail?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bryandagamer you'll commentate matches alongside someone else instead of PRChase

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: dual commentary will be a thing when this run is over, please contact me or Revo if you're interested in commentating, you need a working mic

4d 16h 10m We're back and inside Po Town.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I tried switching to OBS Studio but it didn't work

4d 16h 5m Stream down.

4d 16h 5m Sound is dead too.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: hang on, the encoder is being restarted

4d 16h 5m Hey Nanu.

4d 16h 4m Gengar goes down to Swanna's Brave Bird. Swanna faints.

4d 16h 4m Hypno down to a Brave Bird.

4d 16h 4m Hypno in the red. Swanna in the red.

4d 16h 3m Intimidate cuts their attack. Also, the screen is screwed.

4d 16h 3m Swanna and Staraptor vs Gengar and Hypno.

4d 16h 3m Fighting the gate grunts.

4d 16h 2m Hurricane takes out Seismitoad in two hits. Grunt defeated.

4d 16h 1m Hurricane drops Scrafty. In comes Seismitoad.

4d 16h 1m They send in Scrafty, who we drop to red HP. Scrafty's Crunch does a third of Swanna's HP.

4d 16h 0m Bubblebeam takes out Salazzle. Swanna to 57.

4d 16h 0m We send in Swanna, who's also poisoned.

4d 16h 0m Venoshock takes out Toucannon.

4d 15h 59m Toucannon vs Salazzle.

4d 15h 59m Versus Team Skull Grunt.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: live commentators will return after Waning Moon, contact me or ProjectRevoTPP if you're interested in commentating, you need a working mic

4d 15h 53m Another Dynamic Punch takes Toucannon to red. Toucannon awakens. Drill Peck murders the Poliwrath. Grunt defeated.

4d 15h 53m Poliwrath's Dynamic Punch takes a decent chunk outta Toucannon and confuses her.

4d 15h 52m Hypnosis puts Toucannon to sleep.

4d 15h 52m We send in Toucannon. Grunt sends in Poliwrath.

4d 15h 52m Flare Blitz downs Vipelume. Incineroar falls to recoil.

4d 15h 51m Incineroar vs Vipelume. Incineroar is in the red.

4d 15h 51m Versus Team Skull Grunt.

4d 15h 51m We run.

4d 15h 50m A wild Tropius appeared. Level 36 and male. We throw a ball. It fails to catch.

[Info] The name of the Level 36 Male Throh we caught is this

4d 15h 49m We get a Full Heal.

4d 15h 48m We use a ball on a level 39 Nuzleaf and take it out after it breaks free.

4d 15h 45m We throw a Poké Ball. The level 36 male Throh is caught.

4d 15h 45m A wild male Level 36 Throh appeared. We lick it.

4d 15h 44m Nickname is mm'''V NNNV with two spaces between the V and the N.

4d 15h 43m Staraptor hits Level 58.

4d 15h 43m We throw a ball. The level 39 male Sawk is caught.

4d 15h 42m Another ball fails.

4d 15h 41m Another Poké Ball fails.

4d 15h 41m A Poké Ball is thrown. No dice.

4d 15h 41m Incineroar licks it again. Sawk is paralyzed.

4d 15h 41m Another Poké Ball. No dice.

4d 15h 40m Poké Ball thrown. No catch.

4d 15h 40m A wild Sawk, level 39 and male, appears. We lick it.

4d 15h 38m The nickname is Nuzleaf):)))

4d 15h 38m Fourth Poké Ball is critical. Male, Level 36 Nuzleaf is caught.

4d 15h 37m Third ball, it breaks free.

4d 15h 37m A second ball, it breaks free.

4d 15h 37m A wild Nuzleaf, Level 36 and male, appears. We throw a ball. It breaks free.

4d 15h 36m It has no nickname.

4d 15h 35m Level 37 Female Mightyena get.

4d 15h 35m A wild female Mightyena, level 37, appeared. We throw a Poké Ball.

[Streamer] wailordkip: you said that last time and it didn't happen BabyRage

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @wailordkip 2016 was a bad year for me, that's why

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: PBR will have human commentators, if anyone's interested send me or ProjectRevoTPP a whisper

4d 15h 33m On Route 17.

4d 15h 28m It has no nickname.

4d 15h 28m Another Poké Ball is thrown. Level 37 male Scolipede is caught!

4d 15h 27m We throw a ball. It breaks free.

4d 15h 27m Scolipede is too fast so it can't use Agility anymore. Lick again, and Scolipede is paralyzed.

4d 15h 27m In comes Incineroar, who licks Scolipede.

4d 15h 26m Seismitoad faints.

4d 15h 26m Another ball. No catch.

4d 15h 25m Another ball is thrown. It breaks free.

4d 15h 24m A wild male Scolipede, 37, appeared. We throw a ball. It breaks.

4d 15h 22m The nickname is La♥♥♥♥ '♠'♥'

4d 15h 21m We throw a ball. Larvesta, Level 38 and Female, is caught!

4d 15h 20m We Drain Punch it to yellow. Seismitoad is burned.

4d 15h 20m Another ball. Nope.

[Pun] We're really bugging this lil guy.

4d 15h 20m We throw another ball. No dice.

4d 15h 20m A ball thrown. A ball breaks.

4d 15h 19m Another ball. Breaks.

4d 15h 19m Third ball. It breaks.

4d 15h 18m Another ball. It breaks free.

4d 15h 18m We throw a Poké Ball. It breaks.

4d 15h 18m A wild Larvesta, level 38 and female, appears!

4d 15h 17m Hydro Pump proceeds to take it out. Seismitoad to Level 54.

4d 15h 16m 4d 15h 16m Another Poké Ball. It breaks free.

4d 15h 16m 4d 15h 16m It breaks free.

4d 15h 16m 4d 15h 16m A wild Scolipede, level 38 and female, appears. We throw a Poké Ball.

4d 15h 13m Its nickname is AOOMMmmmwww

4d 15h 13m We throw another Poké Ball. Level 36 male Mothim caught.

4d 15h 12m The Mothim breaks free and poisons Swanna.

4d 15h 12m We send in Swanna and throw a Poké Ball.

4d 15h 11m Gumshoos faints.

4d 15h 10m We hit a Level 36 Male Mothim with a Super Fang. It proceeds to poison Gumshoos.

4d 15h 9m We throw a ball at a Level 36 female Petilil but it doesn't catch, so we run.

4d 15h 8m Adrenaline Orb obtained.

4d 15h 7m Its nickname is Mo'' .'Ooom((

4d 15h 6m Fourth ball catches the Level 38 female Ribombee!

4d 15h 6m Third ball breaks.

4d 15h 5m We throw another Poké Ball. It breaks free.

4d 15h 5m We throw a Poké Ball. It breaks free.

4d 15h 5m Super Fang halves its HP.

4d 15h 4m A wild Ribombee, female and Level 38, appears.

4d 15h 3m Its nickname is Cottoneeaapp.

4d 15h 2m We catch a Level 36 male Cottonee.

4d 15h 2m Wild Cottonee appears. Level 36 and male. We throw a Poké Ball.

4d 15h 1m Wild Petilil appeared. Level 37 and female. We throw a Premier Ball. It breaks. We run.

4d 14h 59m Hyper Fang then downs Tangrowth. Rylee defeated.

4d 14h 59m Hyper Fang halves its HP. Gumshoos dodges a Slam.

4d 14h 59m In comes Tangrowth.

4d 14h 59m Gumshoos hits 57.

4d 14h 59m Hyper Fang takes it out.

4d 14h 58m Punishment does little damage. Weavile is then taken out by a Hyper Fang. In comes Komala.

4d 14h 58m Gumshoos vs Weavile.

4d 14h 58m Versus Lass Rylee.

4d 14h 56m Zygarde Cell in the meadow obtained.

4d 14h 53m Heading north into the meadow.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: red stands out as a color to me more than other colors

[Streamer] michaelgno1: Also Streamer PogChamp

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @michaelgno1 your bits badge that twitch gives you

4d 14h 50m Zygarde Cell of Tapu Village obtained.

[Streamer] michaelgno1: vineKirb PJSugar

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @michaelgno1 whoa, red badge

4d 14h 49m We fly to Tapu Village.

4d 14h 48m Its nickname was something akin to A'' ', with three spaces between the second and third apostrophes.

4d 14h 45m We successfully assemble Zygarde 10% form!

4d 14h 43m Trying to assemble Zygarde.

4d 14h 39m The Zygarde spiel is complete. We can now use the Reassembly Unit.

4d 14h 39m Oh. It's Sina and Dexio. And the Reassembly Unit.

4d 14h 38m And we're back on Route 15.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if commentators can consistently bring in increased donations then they'd be able to argue for a cut of the donations, I wonder if commentary will be that popular though

4d 14h 33m Festival Plaza.

4d 14h 31m TM81 X-Scissor get.

4d 14h 29m Talking to Spindas.

4d 14h 29m Outside of the Poké Center.

4d 14h 27m We buy 37 Poké Balls.

4d 14h 26m We heal at the Pokémon Center.

4d 14h 24m Actually, now we're heading to the Zygarde Trailer.

4d 14h 24m Now heading towards the Pokémon Center.

4d 14h 23m Swanna levels up to 56.

[Pun] The Sheer Force of that attack was too much for the Alomomola to handle, even if Toucannon doesn't have Skill Link.

4d 14h 22m Alomomola comes in. Bullet Seed proceeds to hit five times and takes it down.

4d 14h 22m Toucannon to Level 58.

4d 14h 22m In comes Luvdisc. Bullet Seed strikes twice and takes it out.

4d 14h 21m Rain ended. Bullet Seed downs the Corsola.

4d 14h 21m Corsola endures a Bullet Seed. The second shot is endured. So is the third.

4d 14h 21m In comes a Corsola. It endures. Drill Peck only takes out a little over a third of its HP.

4d 14h 20m Another Roost from the Pelipper. Drill Peck brings it straight down.

4d 14h 20m Pelipper roosts to full. Drill Peck brings it to yellow.

4d 14h 20m Bullet Seed begins. Hits twice. Does little damage. Tailwind set up by her Pelipper.

4d 14h 20m Toucannon versus Pelipper.

[Pun] It would've been a tall tail anyway.

4d 14h 19m Versus Swimmer Alexandria. Also not a mermaid, just for reference.

4d 14h 18m It has no nickname.

4d 14h 18m We throw a Dive Ball. The female Level 37 Seadra is caught.

4d 14h 18m Another Poké Ball. It breaks. We now have no more Poké Balls.

4d 14h 17m It fails.

4d 14h 17m We throw another Poké Ball.

4d 14h 17m Wild Seadra, female and Level 37, appears. We throw a Poké Ball and fail.

4d 14h 12m Hurricane misses. Drill Peck then takes out Poliwrath. The swimmer duo is defeated.

4d 14h 12m Their Seismitoad goes down to a Hurricane and Drill Peck. In comes a Poliwrath.

[Derp] I've been calling our Seismitoad Palpitoad this entire time and I feel pretty stupid now.

4d 14h 11m In comes a Seismitoad.

4d 14h 11m Oh yeah and Toucannon takes out Golduck.

[Snark] Looks like the wind wasn't favouring it today.

4d 14h 11m Decidueye sucker punches Toucannon. It's the only satisfaction it gets before Swanna proceeds to murder it with a hurricane.

4d 14h 10m We send in Swanna. They send in Decidueye.

4d 14h 10m Incineroar faints.

4d 14h 9m Staraptor DID NOT learn Final Gambit.

4d 14h 9m Staraptor hits 57.

4d 14h 9m Incineroar ditches Scary Face for Flare Blitz!

4d 14h 8m Toucannon Level 57, Incineroar Level 55.

4d 14h 8m Incineroar licks Golduck. A Slowking is sent in. Slowking is brought to red by Toucannon's drills. Incineroar licks it down.

4d 14h 7m Drill Peck takes out Slowbro. Swanna hits Level 55 and loses Featherdance for Hurricane!

4d 14h 7m We send in Toucannon.

4d 14h 5m Hydro Pump does decent damage to Slowbro. A Lick proceeds to push Slowbro into the yellow. Golduck boosts Special Defence with Amnesia. Slowbro takes out Palpitoad.

4d 14h 5m Palpitoad and Incineroar versus Golduck and Slowbro.

4d 14h 5m We fight Abs Man and Pal, I mean, Swimmers Jake and Yumi.

4d 14h 4m Dive Ball get.

4d 14h 4m On the beach on the other side.

4d 14h 2m Palpitoad in the red. We run.

4d 14h 1m Another ball. It breaks free.

4d 14h 1m We throw a Poké Ball at a Level 36 Lapras. It breaks free.

4d 13h 59m Jared defeated.

4d 13h 59m Roost. Echoed Voice. Pelipper down.

4d 13h 58m Another Roost. Echoed Voice back to yellow.

4d 13h 58m Pelipper uses Roost and heals up. Echoed Voice takes it back to yellow.

4d 13h 57m Hydro Pump proceeds to bring Pelipper to yellow. Pelipper tailwinds.

4d 13h 57m In comes Pelipper.

4d 13h 57m An Earthquake from Whiscash brings us to yellow. Hydro Pump finishes off Whiscash.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: dual commentary will work much better I think

4d 13h 57m Echoed Voice brings it to yellow.

4d 13h 57m In comes Whiscash.

4d 13h 56m Three Echoed Voices take out Tentacruel.

4d 13h 56m We begin spamming Echoed Voice.

4d 13h 56m Hydro Pump isn't very effective, but Tentacruel loses a decent chunk of HP. Tentacruel screeches to drop our defence.

4d 13h 55m Versus Swimmer Jared. Palpitoad versus Tentacruel.

4d 13h 55m We run.

4d 13h 54m Third ball fails.

4d 13h 54m A level 37 male Seel appears. We throw a Poké Ball on it and it breaks out. A second ball fails as well.

4d 13h 53m We run.

4d 13h 52m It breaks free.

4d 13h 52m A Level 37 male Seel appears. We throw a Poké Ball.

4d 13h 51m Its nickname is StarmieAAA..

4d 13h 50m Level 35 Starmie caught!

4d 13h 50m Another ball. It fails.

4d 13h 49m A Poké Ball is thrown. The Starmie breaks free.

4d 13h 49m We send in Palpitoad, who sets up a Z-Rain Dance.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: for those that don't know, there will be dual commentary when matches return after Waning Moon, we're looking for commentators

4d 13h 48m Gumshoos faints.

4d 13h 48m A Level 35 Starmie appears. We throw a ball. It breaks.

[Note] The Spheal's name has two spaces between the A and the heart.

[Streamer] Papper2k: RARE Xeo's badge

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Papper2k I don't think so but we changed passwords anyway

4d 13h 46m Its nickname is A ♥

4d 13h 45m Third ball is critical. The male Spheal, Level 35, is caught.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: newest teamviewer + low resolution produces a watchable experience

4d 13h 45m Second fails too.

4d 13h 45m We encounter a male Spheal, Level 35. The first Poké Ball fails.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: caught

4d 13h 42m Heading back to the water.

4d 13h 41m We run.

4d 13h 41m Another ball. Nope.

4d 13h 40m Another ball. No dice.

4d 13h 40m We throw another Poké Ball. It breaks free.

4d 13h 40m Gumshoos is asleep.

4d 13h 39m A wild Swellow, Level 34, appears. We throw a Poké Ball. It breaks free.

4d 13h 37m Its nickname had these characters: m '!EMW in it, but there was also these two wacky smiling things.

4d 13h 36m Level 34, female Bibarel is caught.

4d 13h 36m Another Poké Ball is thrown to no effect. Gumshoos asleep and in the red.

4d 13h 35m That fails too. Bibarel yawns at Gumshoos, who's at yellow health.

4d 13h 35m Another ball.

4d 13h 35m No dice either.

4d 13h 35m We throw another ball.

4d 13h 34m It breaks free.

4d 13h 34m A wild female Bibarel, Level 34, appears. We throw a Poké Ball.

4d 13h 31m TM93 Wild Charge get.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Adobe VoCo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3l4XLZ59iw

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Adobe VoCo + PRChase = ???

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: PRChase will still be on when no commentators are on

4d 13h 29m It loses Muddy Water for Hydro Pump.

4d 13h 28m Palpitoad hits Level 53.

[Streamer] RomanoffBlitzer: SMOrc

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @RomanoffBlitzer yes, it sounds bad when they talk over each other

4d 13h 28m Hyper Fang proceeds to take out Wigglytuff.

4d 13h 28m Crunch does little damage. Gumshoos dodges a Doubleslap.

4d 13h 28m Wigglytuff in.

4d 13h 27m Crunch OHKOs.

4d 13h 27m In comes a Chandelure.

4d 13h 27m Gumshoos hits Level 56.

4d 13h 27m Gumshoos wakes up. Bye Blissey.

4d 13h 27m The sound is back. Both mons are asleep.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry about audio weirdness, just doing preparations for live commentary during matches

4d 13h 26m The stream is also now lacking in sound. Blissey is also asleep.

4d 13h 26m Gumshoos gets hit by Sing.

4d 13h 26m Hyper Fang drops Blissey to red. Gumshoos dodges a Sing. Gumshoos yawns. It lands.

4d 13h 26m Safeguard wears off. In comes a Blissey.

4d 13h 25m Third Payback. Critical. Gumshoos yellow. Crunch proceeds to OHKO the Gengar.

4d 13h 25m Another Payback. Little damage. Hyper Fang doesn't work.

4d 13h 25m Gengar in. It uses Payback. Does little damage. Hyper Fang doesn't affect it.

4d 13h 25m Incineroar hits Level 54.

4d 13h 25m Hyper Fang lands. Ninetales is OHKOed.

4d 13h 24m Ninetales sets up Safeguard. Gumshoos snaps out confusion, but misses a Hyper Fang. Ninetales is now asleep.

4d 13h 24m Gumshoos is hit by Confuse Ray. Gumshoos yawns in response.

4d 13h 23m We sent in Gumshoos against her Ninetales.

4d 13h 23m Versus Ace Trailer Karla.

4d 13h 23m Back on the island where the Ace Trainer Karla awaits.

4d 13h 20m Toucannon hit Level 56.

[Note] There's a space before the initial 'v'.

4d 13h 19m Its nickname is vp)★))♥★)

4d 13h 19m Level 34 Male Lapras is caught!

4d 13h 18m Another ball is thrown.

4d 13h 18m No dice. It sets up Perish Song. Three turns to go.

4d 13h 18m We hit it with a Super Fang, and then throw another Poké Ball.

4d 13h 17m Another ball thrown. Better, but no dice either.

4d 13h 17m No dice.

4d 13h 17m Wild Lapras, male and Level 34, appears. We throw a Poké Ball.

[Pun] Human mouths aren't horribly suited for pronouncing these wacky names.

4d 13h 15m The nickname is ak555!'(':♠♠

4d 13h 15m Female Level 36 Seel caught.

4d 13h 15m We throw a Poké Ball at a female Level 36 Seel.

4d 13h 14m We try and use an Ether, but it has no effect.

4d 13h 10m We ran and are now once more surfing.

4d 13h 8m Threw a Premier Ball at a Level 34 male Seel. It breaks free.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's also posted in the channel feed

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Live human commentary during matches will return after Waning Moon.For the first time: Dual-commentary! The Skype-based solution is no longer used, allowing for multi-person commentary.If you're interested in doing commentary please contact TwitchPlaysPokemon or ProjectRevoTPP.You will need a working microphone, TeamViewer and maybe Mumble.

4d 13h 2m Perish Song count to 2. We run.

4d 13h 2m Another Poké Ball. No get.

4d 13h 2m A wild Lapras, Level 37 and female, appears. We throw a Poké Ball. It breaks free and sets up a Perish Song.

4d 12h 59m We throw another Poké Ball. It breaks free and calls for help. Nothing comes. We run.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if you're interested in doing live commentary of PBR matches and you have a mic that works please send a whisper to me or ProjectRevoTPP

4d 12h 58m A Level 36 female Seaking appeared. We throw a Poké Ball. It breaks free.

4d 12h 58m Surfing.

4d 12h 55m On Route 15.

4d 12h 53m Back in Tapu Village and heading up towards Route 15.

4d 12h 51m On Route 14.

4d 12h 51m Exited the Center.

4d 12h 50m We buy twenty-five Antidotes.

4d 12h 49m Running against a wall in the Pokémon Center.

4d 12h 49m We proceed to leave.

4d 12h 49m We turn on the PC in the Tapu Village Pokémon Center.

4d 12h 46m We fly back to Tapu Village.

4d 12h 45m Route 13 Zygarde Cell obtained.

[Streamer] TheOnlyLeode: @twitchplayspokemon but how to we let you know we want to help

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @TheOnlyLeode I'll probably ask around in chat with PBR matches start up after this run, eventually I'd like someone else to handle commentators though

4d 12h 43m Guard Spec obtained.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: by commentary I meant a human calling in and commentating the matches instead of PRChase

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if commentary does become a regular thing I'd want someone else to take care of bringing on commentators, as it does require someone to remote into the server doing the encoding

[Streamer] MegaZard: @TwitchPlaysPokemon is commentary going to be a regular thing if this is successful?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @MegaZard I would like commentary to be a regular thing if it's good

4d 12h 39m Headed right onto Route 13.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I don't know what the audio quality is like though, if it's bad I'll look into using mumble for sending the microphone audio back to TPP

4d 12h 37m Back in Tapu Village.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: this time it's going to be using TeamViewer, it has lower latency and smoother video, and most importantly it supports multiple commentators simultaneously

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: commentary was attempted a long time ago using Skype

4d 12h 36m Brave Bird lands. Gengar's gone, but recoil takes out Staraptor too. Black out.

4d 12h 36m Staraptor fails a Close Combat again. Gengar brings Staraptor to red.

4d 12h 35m Gengar in. We use Close Combat, but the attack fails. Gengar's Payback brings Staraptor to yellow.

4d 12h 35m Brave Bird engaged. Nintetales down. Staraptor to 56.

4d 12h 35m Staraptor is sent in against Ninetales. Intimidate cuts the fox's attack.

4d 12h 34m Versus Ace Trainer Karla, the obstacle to a TM lying up ahead.

4d 12h 34m We land on the small island.

4d 12h 33m We broke through the rocks, and now it's open sea ahead of us.

4d 12h 31m Trying to break through the rocks on Sharpedo.

4d 12h 30m Wild Seel, Level 37 and male, appears. We proceed to destroy it with a Close Combat.

4d 12h 30m Back on water.

4d 12h 29m Grabbed a Zygarde Cell.

4d 12h 29m And now back on land. Safe land.

4d 12h 28m And back to Lapras.

4d 12h 28m And then the Lapras. And back to Sharpedo.

4d 12h 28m We get on the Sharpedo.

4d 12h 27m Brave Bird proceeds to drown the Starmie.

4d 12h 27m It breaks free.

4d 12h 27m We throw another Poké Ball.

4d 12h 26m A wild Starmie appears. Level 34. We throw a Poké Ball. It breaks free.

4d 12h 26m Current plan is to get on Sharpedo.

[Streamer] WhatAboutGamingLive: @twitchplayspokemon Why not discord? It's easier to use OMGScoots

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @WhatAboutGamingLive the commentators need a low-latency video feed

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if anyone is interested in doing commentary please let us know

4d 12h 25m We give a Fightinium Z to Gumshoos.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: when PBR returns I want to have live human commentators on, via TeamViewer meetings

4d 12h 24m This sketchy Unovan registers Sharpedo in our Ride Pager.

4d 12h 24m We talk to Uncle Grimsley and guess his coin toss correctly.

4d 12h 23m Our only non-fainted 'mon is Staraptor right now.

4d 12h 22m Grimsley stands and waits for us to talk to him. We're struggling a bit there.

4d 12h 21m Back on land.

4d 12h 20m Of course, we ran right past him and are now surfing around.

4d 12h 20m Going to meet Grimsley.

4d 12h 19m Our current location is Route 15.

4d 12h 19m Close Combat proceeds to wreck Lucario. Ace Trainer defeated!

4d 12h 19m In comes Staraptor, whose Intimidate cuts Lucario's attack.

4d 12h 18m Two Thrashes take Lucario to yellow, but another Aura Sphere downs Incineroar.

[Info] i know we caught a few ghosts in the spooky trial site

4d 12h 18m Ace Trainer sends in Lucario. Incineroar can do little damage to it. Lucario's Aura Sphere brings him down to the yellow.

4d 12h 18m Incineroar is confused by the Ninetales, but he manages to take out the Ninetales in two hits.

4d 12h 17m 4d 12h 17m We send in Incineroar against the Ace Trainer's Ninetales.

4d 12h 17m 4d 12h 17m Our current team situation: everyone has fainted except for Incineroar and Staraptor.

4d 12h 16m The updater awakens to find our wayward protagonist in battle with an Ace Trainer. Swanna just fainted.

[Info] Sorry the updater is dead, Flarn went missing and im currently in school so i can't help. We apologize again.

4d 9h 36m Caught a Golbat! No nickname.

4d 9h 33m Caught a female Haunter! Nickname: [:|] ( FP

4d 9h 29m (or sometime around then) Caught a Haunter! Nickname: 64222 f

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I heard there's a badge people want and I wanted to see that

4d 8h 38m graphical overlay error

4d 8h 33m we are switching move order around

4d 8h 23m We black out!

4d 8h 23m gengar get paralyzed!

4d 8h 21m inceneroar is sent out, and wakes up

4d 8h 21m Totem mimmikyu fainted, and so did seismetoad

4d 8h 20m seimetoad is switched out

4d 8h 18m inceneroar fell asleep!

4d 8h 17m we switch to inceneroar

[Fluff] also I can't spell gen 5 mons for the life of me

4d 8h 15m seismitoad is sent out

4d 8h 14m trumbeak fainted!

4d 8h 12m Totem mimmikyu gets burned... onlt for a berry to heal it, and now trumbeak is asleep!

4d 8h 11m trumbeak is sent out

4d 8h 10m Swanna fainted!

4d 8h 10m swanna fell asleep!

4d 8h 9m staraptor fainted! swanna is sent out

4d 8h 8m Gumshoos fainted! starapter is sent out

4d 8h 7m TOTEM TIME! Totem Mimmikyu take 1.

4d 8h 5m we almost capture the "pikachu" on film but always run out of photos,

4d 8h 4m in the back room, the poke finder starts by itself!

4d 8h 3m we use a Z move, except it doesn't effect wild Gengar! we then KO it with crunch

4d 8h 2m facing gengar!

4d 8h 1m trying to photograph a gengar! /u/returnofMCH

4d 7h 57m Or not. The Pikachu led us to a Haunter, and once we beat it the Pikachu ran away.

4d 7h 54m We OHKO it with Crunch. Next we're going to encounter a Pikachu.

4d 7h 53m We try to take some pictures but the photo shoot was pretty ghostly. Speaking of, we're fighting a Gastly right now.

4d 7h 50m We enter a Ghost Trial! Spooky.

4d 7h 48m Acerola says hi, diagnoses our Rotom as Ghost type, and borrows our PokeFinder.

4d 7h 46m The Breakneck Blitz brought him back ontop, and KOed Garchomp. Gumshoos to 55, Incineroar to 52! Defeated Collector!

4d 7h 45m Garchomp uses Dig again and falls asleep underground.

4d 7h 44m We get hit by Dig and Sand Tomb, but we use Yawn to hopefully make him fall asleep.

4d 7h 43m Facing Collector Kawika! We send Gumshoos out against Garchomp!

4d 7h 40m We arrive at a Pokémon Center and heal our mon!

4d 7h 37m Bullet Seed doesn't work so well on him, but we eventually persist. Staraptor levels up to 54! Defeated Fisherman!

4d 7h 36m We use Bullet Seed and OHKO him as well. Against Gyarados now.

4d 7h 35m Toucannon steps up and finishes Milotic with one Bullet Seed! She grows to level 54! Against Lapras now!

4d 7h 35m We use Thrash twice to almost KO it. But as expected, one water attack OHKOs our fire type!

4d 7h 34m Fighting Fisherman Hisato! We send out Incineroar against Milotic!

4d 7h 28m We're at the Poké Mart buying some balls. 55 Poké Balls to be exact.!

4d 7h 19m We catch a level 33 female Vanillish! It used all of our Luxury Balls but we did it!

4d 7h 18m We lick a wild Vanillish. How amusing (and tasty).

4d 7h 15m She gave us 5 Luxury Balls! Also it's not Ducklett it's Swanna. Yay for mon names in nicknames that don't change with evolutions.

4d 7h 13m Ducklett grew to level 51! Against Grumpig now, we continue to Trash. 2HKO, no hitting ourselves. That was some good luck. Defeated Skull Grunt.

4d 7h 12m We send out Incineroar, who uses Thrash to KO Hypno. Against Chimecho, we 2HKO it with the same move!

4d 7h 11m Considering how much water is around us, it does really well. We get in another one before Hypno KOs Sesmitoad with a Future Sight!

4d 7h 10m We send out Sesmitoad against Hypno! Our Echoed Voice really doesn't do much, so we switch to Muddy Water.

4d 7h 10m Lille encounters a Team Skull grunt who tries to mug her. We dash in to save the day and challenge him to a battle!

4d 7h 4m We meet up with Acerola. She tells us that Lille won't be joining us and that she's the next trial lead. We walk closer to the Oranguru.

4d 7h 3m Sesmitoad levels up to 50! Defeated Preschooler Hunter!

4d 7h 3m We send out Sesmitoad against Electrabuzz. We use Muddy Water and take him out quickly. The same thing happens with the next mon, Magmar.

4d 7h 2m Therefore he battles us and doesn't call the cops on intruders. Yay Pokémon logic!

4d 7h 2m And we enter the Aether House with Hau. Preschooler Hunter and his sister encounter us and he thinks we're strangers.

4d 6h 59m Onto Route 15.

[Fluff] Don't mind me saying a Truant before, I meant Durant

4d 6h 54m We checkpoint!

4d 6h 48m Entering Tapu Village!

4d 6h 44m Hau gave us a Max Potion! Gladion meets runs into us, explains plot about Cosmog, and then leaves. Yay.

4d 6h 42m Incineroar leveled up to 51!

4d 6h 41m We used all of our Poké Balls and a Quick Ball to catch a level 35 Male Truant! Nickname is (( -- --..E

4d 6h 39m Gumshoos faints to a wild Durant!

4d 6h 28m Found an Elixir!

4d 6h 27m We use Hyper Fang a few times to quickly take care of him. Defeated Leilani!

4d 6h 27m And now Armaldo is up. I'm sensing a theme here.

4d 6h 26m We use Hyper Fang before using Breakneck Blitz to finish off Carracosta.

4d 6h 26m We use Super Fang and our foe ups his stats with Curse.

4d 6h 25m Fighting Rising Star Leilani! We send out Gumshoos against Carracosta!

4d 6h 15m Back out in Route 11!

4d 6h 3m Not much has changed in the last 20 minutes.

4d 5h 44m After a trip to Didney Worl, we find ourselves in Malie City.

4d 5h 38m We're in Route 11.

[Chat] Everyone is changing their capitalization on their names. Because reasons.

4d 5h 30m We are currently riding through a town on a Tauros.

[Recap] SnowWarning: @DeadInSky66 we caught some Pokémon and beat a trainer who was a woman but a man in the battle

v 4d 4h 43m

Caught a male Masquerain! Nickname: MasquerainYY

4d 3h 43m Caught a male Komala! No nickname.

4d 3h 37m Caught a female Deerling! No nickname.

4d 3h 35m Caught a female Pancham! No nickname, but we almost named it "Pancham♥♥♥♥♥"

4d 3h 32m [Donation] $100.01 from michaelgno1: "MingLee vineKirb Tokens! Badges! Emote storm! Enjoy!"

[Fluff] Happened to be watching at the time. :)

4d 2h 25m Obtained Carbink from Poké Pelago! I think it's male, not sure about the level. Nickname ZZQQQPPPPPPP.

[Meta] Updater is going dark, sorry. I'll leave it on in the background and if something notable happens that I can hear I'll update it, but even then there's no guarantee I'll be here. Sorry for the inconvenience!

And we're back.

[Jebaited] DIDNEY WORL

4d 2h 8m Caught a female Lv. 35 Pawniard! Nickname: Aa (two spaces at the end

4d 2h 7m Caught a female Lv. 32 Deino! Nickname: bB.Cccd;"

4d 2h 3m Caught a female Lv. 35 Medicham! No nickname.

[Chat] Several people are noticing that this Mudsdale, which looks like it's having difficulty moving, sounds like it's saying "ERROR ERROR ERROR".

4d 1h 58m Oh, and we're on Mudsdale now.

4d 1h 58m Found a Burn Heal

4d 1h 56m We're having trouble actually getting on Mudsdale, which we need to do now.

4d 1h 54m Registered Mudsdale to Ride Pager

[Info] According to Renlev in chat, we replaced Toucannon's Pluck with Hyper Voice while the updater was down.

4d 1h 49m Found TM74 Gyro Ball

Caught a female Lv. 31 Emolga! No nickname

v That was at 4d 1h 44m.

Caught a female Lv. 32 Emolga! No nickname.

4d 1h 43m Caught a Deerling! No nickname. Sorry, didn't get gender/level.

[Fluff] In relation to what I said before, I forgot Cerulean City is actually a city according to canon and not a small town, even though it's really only the size of a small town in the games. Even then though, my point still stands. And even if it did somehow make international news, I can't imagine it's the kind of thing people would randomly be reenacting. Way too obscure.

4d 1h 30m And flew there again, accomplishing absolutely nothing.

4d 1h 30m Flew to Mount Hokulani

[Fluff] How did these people know about what happened on Nugget Bridge? I can't imagine a small gathering of gang recruiters on a bridge in a small town would make international news.

4d 1h 29m Zubat is immediately knocked out. Trainer defeated.

4d 1h 29m Veteran Don sends out Zubat

4d 1h 29m Staravia to level 52

4d 1h 28m Swanna uses Brave Bird and knocks out Ekans.

4d 1h 27m Veteran Don battles us for refusing to join Team Rocket. Though he never really gave us the chance to accept in the first place. He sends out Ekans, and we switch out Gumshoos for Swanna.

4d 1h 27m Received a Big Nugget!

4d 1h 27m Mankey is immediately knocked out by Gumshoos' Crunch.

4d 1h 27m Challenged by Rising Star Sean, who has a Mankey.

4d 1h 26m Nidoran is OHKO'd. Trainer defeated.

4d 1h 26m Emmy sends out Nidoran♀.

4d 1h 25m Breakneck Blitz OHKO's.

4d 1h 25m Our Gumshoos vs her Pidgey.

4d 1h 25m Challenged by Lass Emmy. "I'm No. 4. Getting tired?"

4d 1h 25m Trainer defeated.

4d 1h 24m Gumshoos uses Hyper Fang. Zubat fainted!

4d 1h 24m Ekans goes down to another OHKO. Zubat out next.

4d 1h 24m Tyler sends out Ekans.

4d 1h 23m Our Gumshoos uses Breakneck Blitz on the Rattata, OHKO-ing it.

4d 1h 23m Challenged by Youngster Tyler, who has a Rattata

4d 1h 23m Defeated Rising Star Elijah. (Nugget Bridge #1) and Lass Rika (#2).

4d 1h 18m Have to leave, updater going dark. Hopefully another updater can step in.

4d 1h 17m We're broke. ₽ 52.

4d 1h 11m Defeated Alyssa and Sho!

4d 1h 10m Staraptor used Close Combat. Farfetch'd down. Gumshoos leveled up to 53!

4d 1h 8m Incineroar leveled up to 49! Forgot Flamethrower and learned Scary Face. Welp.

4d 1h 7m Updater going dark in 10 minutes if no substitute shows up.

4d 1h 5m Palpitoad fainted!

4d 1h 3m VS Alyssa and Sho again.

4d 1h 2m On Route 11.

4d 1h 0m Staraptor fainted! Blacked out!

4d 1h 0m Staraptor used Close Combat. Liepard down. Staraptor leveled up to 51!

4d 0h 59m Palpitoad fainted!

4d 0h 56m Palpitoad leveled up to 48!

4d 0h 54m Swanna fainted!

4d 0h 53m Game is lagging.

4d 0h 53m VS Athletic Siblings Alyssa and Sho.

4d 0h 52m Swanna leveled up to 48!

4d 0h 50m VS a wild Zorua. Ran, though.

4d 0h 49m Found a Big Mushroom!

4d 0h 45m Alone in Malie Garden again.

4d 0h 44m Acerola and Lillie join us.

4d 0h 44m Obtained Incinium Z!

4d 0h 43m Yanmega down. Swanna used Brave Bird. Accelgor down. Defeated Guzma!

4d 0h 41m Incineroar fainted!

4d 0h 41m Sent out Incineroar. Yanmega used Bug Buzz. Incineroar used Flamethrower but fails.

4d 0h 39m Yanmega used Air Slash. Yanmega keeps raising its speed more and more. Toucannon fainted!

4d 0h 38m Ariados down. Toucannon used Drill Peck. Yanmega down to 1HP.

4d 0h 37m Toucannon used Beak Blast. Ariados was burned.

4d 0h 37m Sent out Toucannon. Toucannon used Beak Blast. Golisopod down.

4d 0h 36m Gumshoos used Breakneck Blitz---but Golisopod intercepts. Gumshoos fainted!


4d 0h 34m In Malie Garden near Nugget Bridge. Guzma and Kukui are there too.

4d 0h 27m Flew to Malie City.

4d 0h 22m Obtained Professor's Mask!

4d 0h 21m Obtained Steelium Z!


4d 0h 20m Defeated totem ally Charjabug.

4d 0h 20m Toucannon leveled up to 51! Staravia leveled up to 50!

4d 0h 20m Gumshoos used Hyper Fang. Vikavolt down! Palpitoad leveled up to 47!

4d 0h 19m Vikavolt called its ally Pokémon Charjabug.

4d 0h 19m Sent out Gumshoos. Used Z-Move Breakneck Blitz. Vikavolt down to red.


4d 0h 17m Luckily, we only have to answer the final question.

4d 0h 16m TRIAL START (#2)

4d 0h 13m Palpitoad fainted! Blacked out!

4d 0h 12m Vikavolt called its ally Charjabug.

4d 0h 12m Sent out Palpitoad.

4d 0h 11m Gumshoos used Super Fang. Gumshoos fainted!

4d 0h 11m Opened the last door. VS TOTEM VIKAVOLT!

4d 0h 9m Gumshoos leveled up to 52!

4d 0h 9m Opened third door. VS another trial Charjabug. Breakneck Blitz Z-Move OHKO'd the Charjabug.

4d 0h 8m Gumshoos OHKO'd the Charjabug.

4d 0h 7m Opened second door. VS a trial Charjabug.

4d 0h 6m Grubbin down.

4d 0h 5m VS a trial Grubbin.

4d 0h 5m TRIAL START!

4d 0h 5m Lights went out. [Snark] Just like over here this morning.

4d 0h 4m Entered Sophocles' basementHokulani Observatory.

4d 0h 1m And welcome to day 5 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Waning Moon.

4d 0h 0m Gumshoos used Crunch. Skarmory used Iron Head. Gumshoos used Crunch. Skarmory down. DEFEATED MOLAYNE!

4d 0h 0m Sent out Gumshoos. Gumshoos used Super Fang! Metagross used Psychic. Metagross in the red. Gumshoos used Crunch. Metagross down.

3d 23h 59m Swanna used Hydro Vortex (Z-Move). Metagross down to orange. Metagross used Psychic. Swanna down to 1/147HP. CLUTCH. Metagross used Bullet Punch. Swanna fainted!

3d 23h 57m Molayne used a Full Heal. Sent out Swanna. Swanna used Feather Dance x2. Metagross used Psychic. Swanna used Bubble Beam.

3d 23h 57m Metagross used its Z-Move Corkscrew Crash. Toucannon down to 27/150HP. Toucannon used Beak Blast in its sleep. Metagross used Meteor Mash. Metagross is burned. Toucannon fainted!

3d 23h 55m Toucannon fell asleep. Now vs Metagross.

3d 23h 55m Empoleon used Yawn. Toucannon used Bullet Seed again. Empoleon down.

3d 23h 54m Toucannon used Bullet Seed, Empoleon down to orange.

3d 23h 53m Sent out Toucannon.

3d 23h 53m Incineroar fainted!

3d 23h 53m Swanna leveled up to 47! Forgot Air Slash and learned Brave Bird!

3d 23h 53m Incineroar used Flamethrower. OHKO'd Dugtrio.

3d 23h 52m Incineroar leveled up to 48!

3d 23h 51m Incineroar used Flamethrower. Magnezone down.

3d 23h 51m Staraptor used Close Combat. Magnezone down to 1HP but backfires and Staraptor faints!

3d 23h 50m Sandslash down.

3d 23h 50m Staravia used Close Combat. Sandslash down to red.

3d 23h 49m Gumshoos used Super Fang. Switched Gumshoos out for Staraptor.

3d 23h 48m VS Molayne!

3d 23h 42m Palpitoad fainted! Blacked out!

3d 23h 42m Palpitoad leveled up to 46!

3d 23h 42m Magnezone down.

3d 23h 41m Sent out Palpitoad. Magnezoene used Magnet Rise, Palpitoad used Rain Dance.

3d 23h 38m Magnezone used Thunderbolt. Swanna fainted!

3d 23h 38m Molayne sent out Magnezone.

3d 23h 37m Sent out Swanna. Molayne used a Super Potion.

3d 23h 35m Metagross used Corkscrew Crash. Staraptor fainted!

3d 23h 35m Sent out Staraptor. Staraptor used Close Combat x2. Metagross down to red.

3d 23h 34m Gumshoos fainted!

3d 23h 33m Sent out Gumshoos. Dugtrio used Earthquake, Gumshoos down to orange. Gumshoos used Hyper Fang. Dugtrio down.

3d 23h 32m Dugtrio used Earthquake. Incineroar fainted!

3d 23h 31m Toucannon is hit by Magnezones Thunderbolt. Toucannon fainted!

3d 23h 31m Gumshoos leveled up to 51! But did not learn Thrash.

3d 23h 30m Toucannon used Drill Peck - Sandslash is hurt by its burn and goes down.

3d 23h 29m Toucannon used Beak Blast, which burns Sandslash. Sandslash now down to orange.

3d 23h 29m Toucannon used Hyper Voice! Molayne sent out Sandslash.

3d 23h 28m Gumshoos switched out for Toucannon.

3d 23h 28m VS Molayne!

3d 23h 27m Back at the Poké Center at Mt. Hokulani. (I typed Lanakila earlier, i meant Hokulani)

3d 23h 25m Swanna fainted! Blacked out!

3d 23h 24m Swanna is asleep.

3d 23h 23m Woops, meant Swanna. Stream froze. Now Swanna vs Empoleon.

3d 23h 19m Ducklett leveled to Lv. 46! Meanwhile, Staraptor gets KO'd by a Z-Move by Metagross. Staraptor fainted!

3d 23h 17m Sent out Staraptor. Staraptor used Close Combat. Magnezone down.

3d 23h 15m Magnezone used Thunderbolt. Incineroar fainted!

3d 23h 15m Magnezone used Thunderbolt. Toucannon fainted!

3d 23h 13m Sent out Toucannon. Used Beak Blast, Dugtrio hurt by Beak Blast's burn, Dugtrio down.

3d 23h 13m Dugtrio used Earthquake! Palpitoad fainted!

3d 23h 13m Palpitoad used Muddy Water - Dugtrio down to orange.

3d 23h 12m Palpitoad used Muddy Water - Skarmory down.

3d 23h 11m Palpitoad used Acid but it doesn't affect Skarmory..

3d 23h 11m VS Molayne!

3d 23h 10m With the professor.

3d 23h 10m We're on top of Mount Lanakila.

3d 23h 10m Sorry for the intermission - no one was updating. If you have any information about what happened from 3d 21h 57m until 3d 23h 8m please message me and I'll backpost any missing information.

3d 21h 57m Caught a male Lv. 28 Cubchoo! No Nickname

3d 21h 54m Aqua Ring forgotten for Drain Punch

3d 21h 54m Seismitoad trying to Learn Drain Punch after becoming Level 44.

3d 21h 51m TM72, Volt Switch obtained!

3d 21h 50m Caught a Lv. 30 Minior! No Nickname

3d 21h 48m Caught a female Lv. 30 Alolan Geodude! No Nickname

3d 21h 41m Gumshoos to Level 49 after taking otu a Blissey, Toucannon to 49, Swanna to 44.

3d 21h 38m Black Out. Gumshoos down

3d 21h 37m Only Gumshoos left as Staraptor gets destroyed by Corkscrew Crash

3d 21h 37m Staraptor grows to Level 48

3d 21h 34m Incineroar down as well

3d 21h 33m Swanna faints

3d 21h 32m We switch to Swanna, who easily eats up a Brine

3d 21h 30m Incineroar asleep, faffing in the switch menu currently

3d 21h 29m Incineroar to 46

3d 21h 27m Toucannon down

3d 21h 25m Seismitoad faints

3d 21h 24m Seismitoad grows to Level 43

3d 21h 24m A lot of Spikes are set up on our side of the the field

3d 21h 22m Challenged by Molayne!

3d 21h 22m Team Heal

3d 21h 22m We meet Molayne

3d 21h 17m We blew the remaining fund on 32 potions, we got 8 Poké Balls and 1 Ultra Ball out of it

3d 21h 16m Buying Poké Balls. One at a time.

3d 21h 15m We bought two Proteins

3d 21h 10m All Aboard the Exeggutor Express! We're ontop of the observatory!

3d 21h 7m Team Skull Grunt defeated, Swanna to Level 43

3d 21h 7m Staraptor taken down

3d 21h 4m Seismitoad taken out

3d 21h 4m Staraptor grows to Level 47

3d 21h 2m Challenged by the other grunt!

3d 21h 2m Toucannon to Level 48 Team Skull Grunt down

3d 21h 1m Incineroar to Level 45

3d 21h 0m It made Swanna level up to 42 though

3d 21h 0m Weezing Explodes, knocking out Gumshoos

3d 20h 59m Seismitoad grows to Level 42

3d 20h 58m We run into Team Skull, while they're trying to steal the Bus Stop. They challenge us!

3d 20h 52m Gumshoos grows to Level 48

3d 20h 41m Gumshoos falls asleep to a wild Pokémon.

3d 20h 33m Caught a female Lv. 26 Fearow! Nickname: F -- b----

3d 20h 30m We get a heal!

3d 20h 27m We get some Nevermelt Ice and ₽ 15000 for our troubles.

3d 20h 17m Gumshoos faints

3d 20h 15m Caught a female Lv. 27 Karrablast! Nickname: ----''-♪

3d 20h 12m We forget Leer for Flamethrower Swanna to 41 Toucannon to 47, Starapter to 46

3d 20h 12m Incineroar to 44, tries to learn Flamethrower.

3d 20h 8m We found the last Stufful in the overworld. Nice.

3d 20h 8m Caught a female Lv. 30 Lickitung! No Nickname

3d 20h 8m Seismitoad to 41

3d 20h 6m Gumshoos to level 47, tries to learn Yawn. We forget Take Down.

3d 20h 3m We find another Overworld Stufful. We're good at this.

3d 20h 2m We find a Stufful on the overworld, it runs off in a hurry

3d 20h 1m 3d 20h 1m We catch a female level 30 Karrablast, no name

3d 19h 59m 3d 19h 59m We pick up an X Accuracy

3d 19h 56m 3d 19h 56m We catch a male Karrablast name is ._??))

3d 19h 52m 3d 19h 52m We pick up a Tomato Berry, Greppa Berry and a Hondew Berry

3d 19h 51m 3d 19h 51m We talk to a lady and she heals us

3d 19h 45m [Info] /u/rctgamer3 added symbols to updater, praise this guy, he deserves it, seriously the symbols are the worst and he saved us

3d 19h 44m 3d 19h 44m We catch a female 28 Skamory, name is XX::#ΔΔ◊◊◊#'

3d 19h 40m 3d 19h 40m We catch a male 29 Whirlipede

3d 19h 39m Gumshoos fainted to Whirlipede

3d 19h 36m We catch a level 27 female Fearow, no name

3d 19h 33m We catch a female level 30 Shelmet, name is Shelmetx

3d 19h 20m Swanna and Seismitoad level 40 something, Swanna learns Tailwind over Rain Dance

3d 19h 17m We pick up a Paralyze Heal

3d 19h 16m Gumshoos is now level 46

3d 19h 9m We catch a level 28 female Shelmet, name is a

[Snark] Devin, put that back!

3d 19h 7m We find a Lemonade on floor

3d 19h 4m Emolga kills Staraptor, we faint

3d 19h 1m We catch a male Deerling, name is .A

3d 18h 59m We catch an female emolga name is LLN__OMMMM_

3d 18h 56m Wild Emolga kills Swanna

3d 18h 51m We catch a level ? female Cherubi

3d 18h 49m Toucannon faints while trying to catch

3d 18h 49m We catch a female level 33 Foongus, ..))M8N there was a square face symbol in between the ) and M

3d 18h 41m We fight a Janitor and Toucannon is now 46

3d 18h 38m We catch a Stunky level 30 male

3d 18h 36m We catch a level 27 female Stunky name is __ spaces

3d 18h 33m same thing happened twice

3d 18h 32m We catch a male level 29 Trubbish, no name

[Fluff] Symbols are cancer

[Quality] Potato.

3d 18h 29m We catch a level 29 male Skorupi, name is https://imgur.com/a/NrTVV

no im not typing symbols

3d 18h 27m We catch a female level 27 Stunky, No'Δ'''''(♠ 'Δ

3d 18h 23m We catch a female level 27 Koffing, ppnn!!aa__yn

[Info] NNN_PN'Δ'

3d 18h 20m We catch a female level 27 Trubbish, NNN_PN'Triangle' triangle emoticon

3d 18h 12m We get a Friend Ball from Oak

3d 18h 10m Incineroar faints from poison

3d 18h 8m Inciniroar is now level 43, we catch a level 27 female Gulpin, name is AAAANLLNNDDXN

3d 18h 3m He gives us a Twisted Spoon in compensation for using us to teach his boy a lesson

3d 18h 2m It poisons us and we beat it with 2 Thrash's, Swanna to 39, we beat him

3d 18h 1m His son fights us with Grimer after his father tells him not to give up

3d 18h 0m Inciniroar beats Muk

3d 17h 58m We pick up an antidote and now some Janitor wants to fight us

3d 17h 49m WE get TM76 Fly from a sightseer

3d 17h 47m Some Didney spam's going on

3d 17h 45m We see Acerola talking with Lillie about Alola's legends and they kicked us out with the excuse of needing to finish our trial

3d 17h 43m We enter the Library now

3d 17h 43m We reach the Library and Hapu and her Mudsdale scare Lillie

3d 17h 38m We bought a new shirt

3d 17h 34m They leave for the Library and we will reach them in...., but then Alolan Oak appears!

3d 17h 32m [Nebby] Pew!

3d 17h 32m [Nebby] Pew?

3d 17h 32m We leave the garden and find Lillie

3d 17h 30m We catch a level 29 Quagsire

3d 17h 25m We pick up a Big Mushroom

3d 17h 19m We pick up a Rage Candy Bar

3d 17h 17m We reach the Malie Tea shop and talk to Hau and the Professor

3d 17h 7m Caught a male Lv. 27 Totodile! Nickname: A_,___'''_

3d 17h 4m Caught a female Lv. 30 Araquanid! Nickname: (yes, that's a delta triangle)

3d 16h 59m We catch a male level 28 Quagsire name is OM_:::Spade<3, spade is emoticon Starapptor is evel 43

3d 16h 49m We catch a male level 29 Sudowoodo, no name

3d 16h 48m We catch a female level 27 Flaaffy, name is AAENYN_<3<3__:

3d 16h 47m Seismitoad is 39 now

3d 16h 46m We pick up a Grassy Seed

3d 16h 45m We catch a male Level 28 Stantler, no name

3d 16h 42m Swanna level 38 and Inciniroar is 42, he was 41 last level

3d 16h 40m VS a Sightseer

3d 16h 34m In Malie Garden now

3d 16h 34m Walking round Malie

3d 16h 27m He sends in Decidueye and we use Drill Peck to end it, Hau defeated

3d 16h 26m He sends Simisear and we use Drill Peck, he eats a Sitrus Berry and uses Flame Burst, another Drill Peck kills

3d 16h 26m We send in Toucannon and use Bullet Seed, he uses Aqua Ring, another Buller Seed is gg

3d 16h 25m We miss Air Slash and another Muddy Water Kills Swanna

3d 16h 24m We send in Inciniroar vs Vaporeon, bad idea sicne rain so we switch out to Swanna and he sues Muddy Water

[Info] Toucannon level 44

3d 16h 23m Toucannon wants to learn Feather Dance but we sniped forgot it

3d 16h 23m Close Combat takes frog outbut he also dies from Life orb recoil

3d 16h 22m We send in Seismitoad, he uses Close Combat and we use Rain Dance

3d 16h 22m Inciniroar is also 42 now

3d 16h 21m He sends in Staraptor, we use Hyper Fang and his revenge kills

3d 16h 21m His Raichu vs Gumshoos, he uses Psychic Gem Psychic and we use Hyper Fang and KO it, Gumshoos now 45

3d 16h 20m In Malie City and Hau challenges us to a battle after healing us

3d 16h 19m In Ula'Ula Island!

3d 16h 18m Wicke gives us TM Psychic

3d 16h 17m Lusamine mutters that she wants it, of course Hau Doesn't hear, they tell us not to tell anyone and we head down

3d 16h 16m We KO it with 3 Crunches from Gumshoos

3d 16h 15m Vs Nihilego!

3d 16h 15m We stroll past it

3d 16h 13m Nihilego appears out of the wormhole

3d 16h 13m Earthquake WutFace

3d 16h 12m Lusamine wooo

3d 16h 11m She explains a buncha stuff when we went to the Observation Desk

3d 16h 6m Wicke comes, chat spams Kreygasm and PogChamp

3d 16h 5m In Aether Paradise

3d 16h 4m We talk to Faba and Hau says he wants to go with us, Olivia and Kuikui follow behind and say they'll pass

3d 15h 59m We beat them and the Machamp reveals he's a man in a corstume and we ruined his day, he cries and gives us TM Attract

3d 15h 55m We watch two girls harass a Machamp so we fight them to save him

3d 15h 52m Faba reveals his name and wants us to go to Aether Paradise, we say no and he says he will wait for us

3d 15h 51m We enter the Grand Hano Resort

3d 15h 46m We catch a level 23 female Pyakumaku, name is ASquareFaceSquareFaceSnowmanSnowman__SquareFace<3<3<3<3 fuq emoticons

3d 15h 34m We catch a male Tentacool, name is RRAAA'<3<3<3<3<3<3

3d 15h 29m We fly to Hano Beach

3d 15h 21m We now have a total of 37 Poké Balls, 3 Heal Balls and 55 Great Balls

3d 15h 18m We have now 51 total Great Balls

3d 15h 17m We buy 7 Poké Balls and 33 Great Balls

3d 15h 14m We buy a Strange Souvenir

3d 15h 8m We fly to the Royal Avenue

[Info] Plan is to go to Megamart and buy balls half price

3d 15h 8m We fly to Paniola

3d 15h 6m We go to HeaHea city by fly

3d 15h 4m ₽ 20,000!

3d 15h 3m Gotta chuck em all! and down goes the last pyukumuku,hello $$$.

3d 15h 1m We got a zygarde cell!

3d 15h 1m We chuck another pyukumuku into the sea,hoping that it would not use its innards to chuck us into the sea instead.

3d 14h 59m Step one lift the pyukumuku step two caress its head step three chuck it back into the sea violently so that it does not end up on the beach again.

3d 14h 57m We chucked another pyukumuku into the sea while riding a stoutland and we got a Soda Pop from a lady on the beach.

3d 14h 56m We gracefully chuck a pyukumuku into the sea we lift it up gently then toss it into the sea.

3d 14h 53m We chucked a pyukumuku into the sea and begin to search for the others.

3d 14h 51m We got a Zygarde cell!

3d 14h 49m We walked to Hano Beach,trying to chuck pyukumuku's into the sea for some cash.

3d 14h 47m We arrived at Hano Grand Resort

3d 14h 44m We healed our party!

3d 14h 43m We flew to Paniola Town

3d 14h 39m Is this real life? we just sat on the throne of Didney Worl what more can we ask for.

3d 14h 32m We can now do missions in the festival plaza!

[Meta] Updater going dark

3d 14h 27m We win a Berry Juice from Gold Shop

3d 14h 24m We win a Full Heal from Lottery

[Info] Didney Worl lovers completed their lap around


3d 14h 22m Some people want to didney but some want to leave for Aether Paradise already

3d 14h 13m In Didney Worl

3d 14h 8m We pick up an Ether

3d 14h 5m Got TM something Brutal Swing i think maybe

3d 14h 3m there was also Chatot and Mime Jr but they are down too and the hiker is defeated

3d 14h 2m oh we returned sorry, fighting a hiker Gabriel with Mudbray against Swanna

3d 13h 59m stream is offline

3d 13h 58m The trainer was defeated.

3d 13h 57m Swanna's sent in

3d 13h 56m Seismitoad down

3d 13h 53m Goomy went down and Beldum was sent in and it goes down to Z Move Hydro Vortex, Drilbur in, Drilbur down, Sylveon in

3d 13h 52m Versus Ace Trainer Alexis, Goomy gainst Seismitoad

3d 13h 47m Caught female Lv. 20 Diglett, no nickname

3d 13h 41m Got a Zygarde Cell

3d 13h 25m Caught a Level 19 Female Alolan-Diglett Nicknamed M ❤♀

3d 13h 21m So far in the past 20 minutes we moved Close Combat for Staraptor to the second slot and then change our party order.

3d 12h 56m Bought 4 Potions

3d 12h 55m Bought two Poké Balls, two Revives, two Antidotes, and 1 Ice Heal

3d 12h 53m Flown to Heahea City G.

3d 12h 50m It's Hau, we're told to go to the Hano Resort to meet Aether folks. Oh boy.

[Nebby] Pew?

[Nebby] Pew!

3d 12h 49m Rock Z-Crystal is obtained, Grand Trial/Akala Island Complete

3d 12h 43m Relicanth down, Probopass in, Toucannon down, Staraptor in, Probopass down, Aerodactyl in, Staraptor down, Seismitoad in, Aerodactyl down, something levels up, Lycanroc in, Seismitoad uses Z Move Hydro Vortex, Lycanroc down, Seismitoad to 37, Golem in, Muddy Water used, Golem down, Kahuna Olivia finally defeated!

3d 12h 42m Incineroar down, Toucannon's fighting Gigalith now. It goes down. Next in is Relicanth

3d 12h 40m Back at the Ruins of Life. Versus Kahuna Olivia yet again

3d 12h 32m Bubble Beam forgotten for Acid

3d 12h 31m Palpitoad also attempts to evolve and it is successful too, Seismitoad

3d 12h 30m Z-Move Rain Dance, then Aqua Ring. Yeah ok. Palpitoad down and black out, Ducklett attempts to evolve, it is successful, Swanna!

3d 12h 26m Ducklett down, Palpitoad's the last one left now.

3d 12h 24m Gumshoos is against Aerodactyl, like usual. Aerodactyl goes down, Palpitoad to 36, Lycanroc sent in, Gumshoos down to Z-move Continental Crush

3d 12h 23m Ducklett 35, Gumshoos leveled up, Aerodactyl in, Toucannon down

3d 12h 21m Toucannon's Bullet Seed'ing now, taking damage from Rock Slide/Power Gem, sandstorm's left now.

3d 12h 21m Relicanth down, Probopass in, I think something leveled up. Staraptor down

3d 12h 19m Gigalith's down, Incineroar's down, Staraptor's in, gets to Lv. 42, Relicanth in

3d 12h 17m Versus Kahuna Olivia with the same Incineroar and Gigalith

3d 12h 8m Thunder Fang hits, of course, Ducklett down and black out.

3d 12h 7m So Ducklett's the last one left yet again. Blackout incoming.

3d 12h 7m Aerodactyl down, Lycanroc sent in, Palpitoad prepares a Water Z Move but goes down to Crunch

3d 12h 6m Palpitoad sent in.

3d 12h 5m Gumshoos in, and down to repeated Rock Slides.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: by the way, BomberBet recently got an on-screen leaderboard: https://www.twitch.tv/bomberbet

3d 12h 3m Staravia survives with 1HP from Power Gem, two Close Combats (opponent had a Berry to reduce damage) takes it out. Then stream goes offline. Upon returning, Staraptor's down, and Aerodactyl's in on Olivia's side.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: hm? bomberbet is still running

3d 12h 2m Staraptor in

3d 12h 1m Relicanth down, Probopass in. Angery Toucan is asleep, faints to Probopass' attack

3d 12h 0m Relicanth in. More Bullet Seeds

3d 11h 59m Ducklett to 34, forgets Roost for Rain Dance

3d 11h 59m Incineroar down, Toucannon in, Gigalith down to Bullet Seed

3d 11h 58m Versus Kahuna Olivia again, same Pokémon lineup as before.

3d 11h 56m So yea we're back at the Ruins of Life area now.

[Nebby] Pew?

3d 11h 47m It is sent in. Ducklett down, black out

3d 11h 46m Palpitoad down, all that's left is Ducklett.

3d 11h 43m Toucannon down, Gumshoos sent in. Avoids Rock Slide, uses a Z Move, Aerodactyl's in the yellow now. Another Rock Slide hits, 'Shoos flinches, a third hits, doesn't take it out, Aerodactyl down. Lycanroc sent in, uses its Rock Z Move. Gumshoos down. Palpitoad in

3d 11h 42m Probopass is down, to many Bullet Seeds. Aerodactyl sent in.

3d 11h 40m Toucannon is sent in. I think she was one who leveled up not long ago. Relicanth down to Bullet Seed, Palpitoad to 34, Probopass sent in

3d 11h 40m Staraptor down

3d 11h 38m Close Combat does a lot of damage, but Gigalith survives, and Olivia heals it. Another Close Combat is lowering our stats further, a third takes it out. Gumshoos levels up, forgets Scary Face for Hyper Fang, and a bunch of other stuff levels up but I'm unfamiliar with nicknames sorry. Relicanth sent in.

3d 11h 38m Incineroar down, next in is Staraptor

3d 11h 37m Versus Kahuna Olivia again, Incineroar against Gigalith

3d 11h 28m At Memorial Hill yet again yaaaay

[Fluff] Seems Ducklett and Incineroar also have the Water Z Crystal, thanks Gameface252

3d 11h 26m Given Waterium Z to Palpitoad, apparently switching it with a Pearl

3d 11h 13m Healed

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I don't agree with forcing opinions on people

3d 11h 12m In Konikoni Poké Center

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the /ignore command still works AFAIK

3d 11h 8m Caught female Lv. 25 Tranquill, nickname ddddmmm

3d 11h 1m Chilling in the Lush Jungle right now. Staraptor to 41, did not learn Agility.

3d 10h 56m We catch a wild Bonsly! ( male 23 ) Nickname: FfFFLLEEEAE'

3d 10h 46m We start tossing balls at a Wild Scyther (male/23) and catch it. Nickname: PPPPPPPPPPP

3d 10h 42m We catch a Venonat ♀ Nickname: Venonat!

3d 10h 39m We catch a Pansage! ♀ Nickname: ''''moondlco

3d 10h 35m We head to Poke Pelago. We are transfixed by Uuu the Fletchinder.

3d 10h 29m Charizard Air whisks us away to Route 5.

3d 10h 28m We catch a wild Spoink! No nickname.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: https://www.twitch.tv/bomberbet

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: bomberbet now has a leaderboard

3d 10h 24m Ducklett faints to wild Volbeat.

3d 10h 20m We toss a Poké Ball at another wild Illumise and catch it. (female/22). We spelled out a really long nickname before deleting it and sending it to the PC unnamed.

3d 10h 16m [Info] We passed 400,000 inputs in the last 15 minutes or so.

3d 10h 12m We toss a Premier Ball at Illumise and catch it. No nickname. Palpitoad to 33; learns Rain Dance over Mud Shot.

3d 10h 8m [Info] Many of the Illumise we've encountered on this Route can only use Struggle, likely an accidental byproduct of this romhack.

3d 10h 1m We're strutting down Route 8 again, apparently ready to catch Pokémon (particularly Chatot) for badges.

3d 9h 57m Poké Mart time! We buy 19 Poké Balls, and a bunch of Paralyz Heal (we are up to 9). No more money.

3d 9h 50m Charizard flies us back to the Route 8 Poké Center. Twice.

3d 9h 45m We show the Aether Employee our Stuffel pokedex entry. He throws ₽ 5000 at us.

3d 9h 43m After ten very unproductive minutes, we enter the Aether trailer on Route 8 to check out a cool Slowpoke on a table.

3d 9h 32m We found a Chatot, but we ran out of balls. Swore we had two Poké Balls but I'm afraid not.

3d 9h 30m Nickname is Uuu

3d 9h 30m Fletchinder, Male 22. Ducklett also leveled up to 32!

3d 9h 27m Trapinch. Female 21. No nick. We did try to name it though, we just left it blank.

3d 9h 24m Male Volbeat, Level 20. No nickname.

[Chat] Some drama involving Addarash is happening atm. Been busy with subreddit shenanigans to pay attention, but keep it calm and don't be mean to each other.

[Sub] Uncensored

[Censored] Still censored

3d 9h 17m We enter the PC at the local Pokémon Center. But then leave furiously because the PC scares us.

3d 9h 15m Caught a level 21 Male Salandit! Nickname is P

3d 9h 14m Caught a level 21 Male Trapinch! No nick.

3d 9h 11m Toucannon fainted to a wild.... I don't know what that is tbh.

[Censored] Censored

3d 9h 10m Caught a level 21 Female Illumise! No nick.

[Streamer] CrazyToons24: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, yo, do you think we'll do a Randomized White run in the future?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @CrazyToons24 probably, don't know when

3d 9h 3m And now we're on Route 8. Btw I may or may not have censored everything on the subreddit. Have a look: here

[Streamer] 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx): RitzMitz

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @딜리버드 it's a good idea

[Streamer] elitefourchris: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Hi streamer!

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @elitefourchris hi

[Streamer] 08Juan80: Didneywor is closed TriHard

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @08Juan80 is it really that desirable? it wouldn't take much effort

3d 8h 55m We buy 6 Great Balls! And 2 Poké Balls!

[Streamer] TrapperCap: DatSheffy 7 times

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @TrapperCap I think it's only 4 player, which might not be good for CPU matches

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Bomberbet is working on Twitch again, thanks @Geforcefly

3d 8h 53m We checkpointed at the Pokémon Center!

3d 8h 49m In Heahea City now.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppPokeball vineScoot

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: yay KappaHD

3d 8h 43m Got a Max Revive!

3d 8h 42m Against Machoke now. We OHKO with Drill Peck and move onto Toxicroak. We OHKO with Drill Peck and move on to the winning music.

3d 8h 42m That was a OHKO. Palpitoad grows to 32 and Ducklett to 31!

3d 8h 41m Fighting Black Belt Greg! We send out Toucannon against Hariyama!

[Info] #TPPDead is trending at the moment. Come to the subreddit to find out why.

3d 8h 39m Found an Escape Rope!

3d 8h 32m We use Drill Peck to finish him off. Staraptor grew to level 40! Defeated Worker.

3d 8h 32m Now he's at the max. He literally can't get any more defensive!

3d 8h 31m Basically this turn Mudsdale got +4 defense; two from Bullet Seed and two from his own attack.

3d 8h 30m We use Drill Peck and Bullet Seed to quickly take care of this foe. Against Mudsdale now.

3d 8h 30m Fighting Worker Jeff! We send out Toucannon against Boldore!

3d 8h 29m Toucannon grew to level 41!

3d 8h 24m We found Soft Sand!

[Correction] Politoad should be Palpitoad

3d 8h 17m We found a Hyper Potion!

3d 8h 14m Ducklett leveled up to 30! We forgot Aqua Ring for Roost! Politoad to level 31!

3d 8h 7m Gumshoos grew to level 42!

[Fluff] So how's everyone in chat doing today?

3d 7h 55m Incineroar faints to a wild Zubat!

3d 7h 39m We used our Dusk Ball on a wild Mawile. It failed.

3d 7h 29m Politoad grew to level 30! We found a Dusk Ball!

3d 7h 25m Ducklett grew to level 29! Defeated Worker Frank!

3d 7h 25m We hit hard with Thrash, knocking our foe down in two turns, but not before getting hit with a Sucker Punch.

3d 7h 24m Fighting Worker Frank! We send out Incineroar against Dugtrio!

3d 7h 20m Incineroar grew to level 40!

3d 7h 15m In Diglett's Tunnel! First step we take we encounter a wild mon.

3d 7h 13m Route 9 time!

3d 7h 9m Now we're in Konikoni City.

3d 7h 2m We get a Scope Lens as a reward!

3d 7h 1m After one turn with Inceniroar we defeat the Pokémon Breeder!

3d 7h 0m We talk to the "mistress of the Ranch", Miltank, and after failing to move the Tauros, we battling his owner, Pokémon Breeder!

3d 6h 58m We got Moomoo Milk!

3d 6h 57m And now we're at the Ranch!

3d 6h 46m We're in Paniola Town now.

3d 6h 39m A minute until the gates to Didney Worl are closed.

3d 6h 23m On Route 5, we head into the Pokécenter.

3d 6h 14m We also make a stop at Poke Pelago!

3d 6h 5m We're in Didney Worl right now.

[Recap] SnowWarning: @DeadInSky66 slow grinding

Chaos_lord2: @DeadInSky66 Hi olivia, many squishing noises, bye olivia

Colour commentary from chat. Thanks for the responses btw.

3d 6h 1m We use Bubble Beam, and it does basically nothing. Meanwhile Discharge OHKOs us! Black out!

3d 6h 1m *She, not he. And it's an 8-level difference, so expect us to rip pretty damn soon.

3d 5h 59m He uses Power Gem on us and KOs Staraptor! Only Ducklett remains!

3d 5h 59m Staraptor levels up to 39! And then falls asleep due to a previous Yawn attack. Against Probopass now.

3d 5h 58m We send out Staraptor against the Relicanth. We use Close Combat to almost KO it. Another one does.

3d 5h 57m Recap of the last hour and a half will come soon. For now we're in a trainer battle. Only Staraptor and Ducklett remain.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I must've just missed a $200 donation, wow!

3d 4h 10m Antidote picked up

3d 3h 56m Ducklett to 27, tries to learn Air Slash, it forgets Aerial Ace for it.

3d 3h 51m Palpitoad grows to Level 28 and forgets Uproar for Muddy Water

3d 3h 49m Incineroar faints

3d 3h 49m Gumshoos to Level 41

3d 3h 42m Picked up a Max Repel

3d 3h 38m Got a Zygarde Cell

3d 3h 26m Palpitoad to 27

3d 3h 26m Ducklett to 26

3d 3h 20m We fly to the outskirts of Wela Volcano Park. And off we go again. To the exact same place. We moved about a foot.

3d 3h 14m In the area just outside Wela Volcano Park, currently surfing on Lapras

3d 2h 56m We're in Royal Avenue, repeatedly entering and exiting the Battle Royale Dome.

3d 2h 49m In a trainer battle against a Golfer. He has 2 Lycanroc, one of each form.

3d 2h 45m We're on Route 8, next to the entrace to Lush Jungle

3d 2h 36m Still hanging around in Poke Pelago.

3d 2h 17m We go to Poke Pelago, and there's a Carbink that was attracted to our bean garden!

3d 2h 15m We take Palpitoad to Thump-Bump Park to raise its stats slightly

3d 2h 10m Currently in Didney Worl talking to our visitors

[Info] Our checkpoint is all the way on Route 8

3d 2h 6m We send out Staraptor and use Close Combat to take down Gigalith. Olivia sends out Relicanth, and we use 2 Close Combats to take it down. Probopass comes out and knocks out Staraptor. Black Out

3d 2h 4m Olivia uses a Hyper Potion, as we use Super Fang to bring it back into the yellow. Gumshoos faints to a Rock Slide

3d 2h 3m We send out Gumshoos and use Breakneck Blitz

3d 2h 2m We send out Toucannon and it immediately faints

3d 2h 1m Gigalith sets up Smogon Rocks, while we do minuscule damage with Thrash. Gigalith knocks out Incineroar

3d 2h 1m Vs Kahuna Olivia!

3d 1h 59m Back at the Ruins of Life

3d 1h 45m Went right, heading for Olivia

3d 1h 26m Flew to Konikoni Town

3d 1h 22m We fly to route 5

3d 1h 6m We find Sitrus and Oran berries

3d 1h 0m We just changed order and put new member back of the party

3d 0h 43m We catch a level 21 female Stufful, name is C:<3<3:.:::CCC

3d 0h 31m Outside and Colress says we will fight him in Poni Gauntlet

3d 0h 26m In Didney World

3d 0h 22m Manual mode is on

3d 0h 19m We pick up a Thunderstone

3d 0h 14m We catch a level 21 male Volbeat AAAAAMMcccb_

3d 0h 10m 3d 0h 10m Palpitoad is now level 26, Incinieroar is 39

3d 0h 4m We buy 3 Poké Balls and 4 Great Balls

[Snark] wtf he doesnt give us an item, greedy

2d 23h 58m We use Close Combat and BEAT COLRESS

2d 23h 58m Staraptor is now level 37

2d 23h 58m We send in Staraptor, We use Close Combat and take it out, he sends in Rotom

2d 23h 57m We use Take Down again and he uses Gear Grind boosted by Steel gem to take Gumshoos out

2d 23h 57m He sends in Rotom and he burns us, we use Crunch, he uses Volt Switch and sends in Klang and we use Take Down

2d 23h 56m We use Crunch again and do 2/3rd's, he uses Iron Head, another Crunch kills

2d 23h 56m We send in Gumshoos and Crunch to KO it, he sends in Metang

2d 23h 55m He sends in Rotom and uses Will o wisp, we use Drill Pick and then he crits Volt Switch to KO Toucannon, he sends in Elgyem

2d 23h 54m We send in Toucannon and Drill Peck Ko's, Toucannon level 39

[Chat] Counting down from 5. With emotes.

2d 23h 52m We send in Ducklett, Charge Beam gg

2d 23h 51m He sends in Porygon 2, It uses Tri Attack and we Trheash to talk almost half, another Tri Attack takes us out

2d 23h 50m He uses Shock Wave and we Thrash, this happens twice and we KO Magneton

2d 23h 49m We send in Incineroar and use BreakNeckBlitz from Thrash, does half, he uses Thunder Wave to paralyze

2d 23h 49m He uses Mirror Shot and does half, then we use Mud Shot but he has Air Balloon, Magneton Ko's Palpitoad with another Mirror Shot

2d 23h 48m Vs Colress Attempt #3

[Snark] He's the only normal person in the Pokemon world.

[Snark] We enter Gladion's room and he says the only thing sensible for someone barging into your room: "Get out."

2d 23h 32m We find a Dive Ball

2d 23h 26m We fly to Route 8

2d 23h 22m Palipitoad's name is now aCloudEmojiSpadeEmojilpitoa

2d 23h 18m **Paplitoad's name is Palipitoad___

2d 23h 8m Bought some of them and left

2d 23h 4m Buying Fresh Water's

In Heahea City - Akala Island

2d 22h 58m Outside the port

2d 22h 41m Outside Illima's House

[Info] Inside Illima's house not didney

2d 22h 27m We find a Zygarde Cube

2d 22h 18m In Didney Worl

2d 22h 14m Back up

2d 22h 13m Inputs crashed

2d 22h 12m Back in Illima's room

2d 22h 8m In Poke Pelago

[Chat] KappaPride

2d 22h 5m Illima takes us back to his room and says that was fun, he Gifts us an Everstone

2d 22h 4m Thrash takes out Teddiursa, we win gg

2d 22h 4m 3 now and we start using Thrash again, Munchlax down

2d 22h 4m Potion again

2d 22h 3m We use a Potion on Incineroar

2d 22h 3m After a few swipes we start using Thrash, Bibarel down

2d 22h 2m Smeargle also goes down

2d 22h 2m Fury swipes also beats down Herdeir

2d 22h 1m We switch to Incineroar and spam Fury swipes until it dies, Palpitoad level25 and duck level 24, learns Aqua Ring over Water Pulse

2d 21h 59m Palpitoad vs Audino

2d 21h 58m VS Rematch Illima again!

2d 21h 56m In Illima's House

2d 21h 28m We got TM31 Brick Break, Wild Diglett helped us not to fall off ledge

2d 21h 14m In Verdant Cavern (1st Trial Site)

2d 21h 3m In Route 2

2d 20h 49m We took the boat to Melemele Island, in Hau'oli

2d 20h 25m We pick up an Adrenaline Orb

2d 20h 12m We fly to Paniola

2d 20h 9m We catch a level 13 male Elekid

2d 20h 5m We pick up an Energy Root

2d 19h 51m Auto option turned on

2d 19h 30m We fly to Paniola

2d 19h 29m We catch a level 24 Male Palpitoad and replace Linoone

[Fluff] Yes there's a shitshow

2d 19h 26m We catch a male level 23 Ducklett and replace Leafeon, name is **♂♂♂33Duckl

[Info] Its level 22

[Info] Its name is ♂♂♂QQ43QQ33

2d 19h 14m We catch a female level 20 something Gothita

2d 19h 9m Gumshoos is now level 40

2d 19h 6m Walking around the grass

2d 18h 50m Staraptor is now level 36

2d 18h 50m We catch a level 24 male Pidove

2d 18h 46m Manuel Mode on

2d 18h 31m We're still trying but the bottom screen is slightly distorted

2d 18h 18m We receive 4 FC from helping a fan, we have 26 total now

2d 18h 16m We go out and in while trying to change options to Manuel

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: why did your graphics card die?

[Info] That was Sophocles

2d 18h 9m We don't host Thump-Bump Park, he gives us a Pearl

2d 18h 7m Our Didney Worl is now level 3!

2d 18h 5m In Festival Plaza

2d 18h 4m In Akala Outskirts

2d 18h 3m They're back now

[Info] Inputs crashed

2d 17h 56m Then get Palpitoad since he can sweep Olivia, resists our team's rock type weakness and immune to electric

[Info] Plan is actually go to Olivia and turn on manuel mode there

2d 17h 53m Plan seems to still be to catch some mons.

2d 17h 30m Hanging around on Memorial Hill.

2d 17h 24m Fighting wild mons.

2d 17h 23m Entered Diglett's Tunnel.

2d 17h 18m We fly to the entrance to Memorial Hill on Route 9.

2d 17h 17m Gonna fly somewhere.

2d 17h 15m Party/Box setting is now AUTOMATIC.

2d 17h 14m We leave the Nursery.

2d 17h 11m We enter the Nursery.

2d 17h 4m We leave the Nursery.

2d 17h 3m The inputs frantically try to cancel out and get us away.

2d 17h 3m We hit up the PC.

2d 17h 3m We enter the Nursery.

2d 17h 2m Outside the Nursery.

2d 17h 2m We run.

2d 17h 1m We throw a second ball. It breaks free.

2d 17h 1m It breaks free.

2d 17h 0m Wild Mudbray, male and Level 16, appears. We throw a Poké Ball.

2d 16h 58m A wild, male and Level 16 Mudbray appears. We run.

2d 16h 55m We run.

2d 16h 55m It breaks free.

2d 16h 55m We throw a Poké Ball.

2d 16h 54m Wild Miltank, female and Level 16, appeared.

2d 16h 48m On the Ranch.

2d 16h 46m Flew to Paniola Town.

2d 16h 41m Flew back to Konikoni City.

2d 16h 34m Hanging around the town.

2d 16h 31m Flew to Paniola Town.

2d 16h 29m Entered Memorial Hill.

2d 16h 27m Flew to Konikoni City.

2d 16h 22m Flew to Paniola Town.

2d 16h 19m Made it to Memorial Hill.

2d 16h 16m Outside Diglett's Tunnel. Near the police station on the Konikoni side.

2d 16h 12m Entered the Diglett Tunnel.

2d 16h 10m We fly to Memorial Hill.

2d 16h 9m We fly to Paniola Town.

2d 16h 8m We fly to Konikoni City.

2d 16h 8m Current plan appears to return to Memorial Hill via Charizard.

2d 16h 5m We fly to Paniola Town.

2d 16h 4m A wild Gothita, female and Level 25, appears. We run.

2d 16h 2m A wild Gothita, female and Level 22, appears. We run.

2d 16h 1m Wandering the grass.

2d 15h 58m Current goal appears to be to catch a mon that can help against Olivia.

2d 15h 57m Fighting a wild Gumshoos (Lv. 24, Male) right now with the People's Champ-our Incineroar, right now.

2d 15h 54m A wild female Level 24 Stufful appears. We run.

2d 15h 52m We run.

2d 15h 52m We throw a Poké Ball. It breaks free.

2d 15h 52m A wild Palpitoad, male and Level 22, appears.

2d 15h 51m We run.

2d 15h 51m The Poké Ball we throw breaks.

2d 15h 50m A female Solosis, Level 25, appears. We throw a ball.

2d 15h 49m We find a Big Mushroom.

2d 15h 49m We run from that too.

2d 15h 48m A wild female and Level 24 Solosis turned up.

2d 15h 46m A wild Ducklett appears. It's male and Level 25. We run.

2d 15h 45m Into the grass we go.

2d 15h 45m We exit the ruins and stroll past Olivia.

2d 15h 42m Options have set box depositing of captured mons on MANUAL.

2d 15h 36m Hanging inside the Ruins of Life, surrounded by blocks we can't push.

2d 15h 24m Alright we're back near the Ruins of Life.

2d 15h 5m Bought 24 Poké Balls, got an added Premier, then we make a beeline for the south exit of Konikoni. We got back there somehow.

2d 15h 3m Healed

2d 14h 46m Now we're in the Pokémon center in Paniola

2d 14h 41m Okay, we seem to have finally left it.

2d 14h 11m In Festival Plaza

2d 14h 10m We blacked out.

2d 14h 6m Gumshoos down

2d 14h 5m Gumshoos is sent in

2d 14h 4m Staraptor down

2d 14h 3m Relicanth down, Probopass in next.

2d 14h 2m Incineroar to 38, Thrash is learned over Darkest Lariat . Relicanth in now

2d 14h 1m Staraptor is sent in.

2d 14h 1m She survives a Rock Slide (or something similar), but faints to Sandstorm damage.

2d 14h 0m Linoone's sent in. Double-Edge doesn't do much damage.

2d 13h 59m Toucannon down

2d 13h 58m Versus Kahuna Olivia again. Toucannon is in front against Gigalith.

2d 13h 56m Back at the Ruins of Life, we run right past Olivia and into the actual Ruins. Can'tdo anything here yet.

2d 13h 49m Revival Herb

2d 13h 47m Back in Memorial Hill, got Heal Powder

2d 13h 23m Gumshoos down, black out. Also Staravia must have leveled up, because it DOES evolve into Staraptor hah. forgets Aerial Ace for Close Combat

2d 13h 23m Gumshoos in

[Correction] Staravia

2d 13h 22m Leafeon and Staraptor down

2d 13h 20m Leafeom sent in. Giga Drain used on Relicanth but it doesn't take it out. Is it not 4x effective? No matter, another one finishes it. Aerodactyl in.

2d 13h 19m Incineroar down

2d 13h 18m Gigalith is down. Relicanth in

2d 13h 16m Linoone has fainted. Incineroar sent in

2d 13h 15m Toucannon down, Linoone in.

2d 13h 14m Versus Akala Kahuna Olivia, our whole party was, in fact, healed. Gigalith versus Toucannon.

2d 13h 10m It appears something was healed, she mentioned Linoone. Also Olivia's here now. We choose to not fight her yet, which is a good choice.

2d 13h 10m It's Burnet and Lillie.

2d 13h 9m We're at the Ruins of Life ] now.

2d 13h 8m Double-Edge takes out Salazzle, Plumeria is defeated.

2d 13h 7m Salazzle's sent in, Incineroar down to Venoshock. Linoone is the last one left, it is sent in.

2d 13h 6m Incineroar is in now.

2d 13h 5m Aaaand it's down

2d 13h 4m Gumshoos down, Leafeom sent in.

2d 13h 3m Muk obliterated to a not-status Z Move. Haunter in.

2d 13h 1m Staravia in now. Barely does any damage, the bird is poisoned.

2d 13h 0m Something to 37 and Leafeom levels up, does not learn Synthesis. Toucannon fighting Muk now, just went down

2d 12h 58m Fighting Plumeria again. Toucannon vs Crobat, like before.

2d 12h 56m Gumshoos leveled up and forgot something for Crunch

2d 12h 41m In Konikoni

2d 12h 40m Flown to Paniola

2d 12h 39m Flew to Heahea

2d 12h 33m Game's back. Doesn't seem like any progress was lost.

2d 12h 28m Both game screens are dark, no sound frrom the stream, inputs frozen.

2d 12h 22m Leafeon down, black out

2d 12h 20m Gumshoos down to Hyper Beam

2d 12h 18m Incineroar's down and Gumshoos is sent in to take down the Muk. Haunter in now.

2d 12h 16m Incineroar takes down Crobat. Muk is sent in

2d 12h 15m Linoone faints. Staravia in, Staravia down

2d 12h 14m Toucannon down, Linoone in.

2d 12h 13m Plumeria is back. We are fighting her Crobat with Toucannon.

2d 12h 11m Starmie and Gyarados down, Linoone to 37, Fisherman Vernon defeated. Staravia must have leveled up sometime too, it tries to evolve, that is cancelled.

2d 12h 9m Fighting a Fisherman with Toucannon against Starmie.

2d 12h 8m TM28 Leech Life

2d 12h 7m We're trying to fish. Yeah no.

2d 12h 6m At Akala Outskirts, the south-eastern part of the island.

2d 12h 5m We are back at Memorial Hill.

2d 11h 59m And, that's a black out.

2d 11h 58m Leafeom in. Leafeom down.

2d 11h 57m Gumshoos down

2d 11h 57m Crobat down, Haunter in.

2d 11h 56m Aaand she's down. Gumshoos in.

2d 11h 55m Walked up somewhere and now P.. pp. Plumeria is here. Fighting her now, with Linoone versus Crobat.

2d 11h 54m Finally Hariyama down. Kenji is defeated. GG for short

2d 11h 52m Versus Black Belt Kenji, Hariyama against Staravia. It goes down and Incineroar is sent in. Incineroar down, Gumshoos in

2d 11h 48m Attempts to learn Darkest Lariat. Swagger is forgotten.

2d 11h 47m Muk down to Covet and Double Edge. Skull grunt defeated, Gumshoos levels up again. Torracat attempts to evolve, it is successful! INCINEROAR!

2d 11h 46m Toucannon on 2HP from an attack, poisoned, faints to the poison. Linoone is sent in to finish the job.

2d 11h 46m Torracat to Lv. 36 as Gyarados goes down. Muk sent in.

2d 11h 45m Weezing down, Leafeon to 31, Gyarados sent in. More Drill Pecks are used

2d 11h 44m Linoone to 36, Weezing in

2d 11h 44m It's Toucannon! Raticate's in the yellow. A second Drill Peck takes it out.

2d 11h 43m Back at the Grunts and the Aether folk. Battle begins here again.

2d 11h 41m Exploring Memorial Hill some more.

2d 11h 32m Back onto Route 9, and Stoutland

2d 11h 30m Bought four Poké Balls

2d 11h 27m Leafeom down, black out

2d 11h 27m Also Weezing's down, Alolan Muk is sent in

2d 11h 26m Gumshoos is down and Leafeom is the last one left. It is sent in.

2d 11h 25m Did..did we just use a Z-move Scary Face

Take Down takes down the Raticate though. Next in is Weezing.

2d 11h 23m There is a Slowpoke with some Skull Grunts talking to the Aether Foundation folks. We're fighting the Grunts now, It's his Alolan Raticate against Gumshoos.

2d 11h 21m Gumshoos was sent in and the trainer's defeated and also something leveled up but I did not see what.

2d 11h 19m Leafeom's in now.

2d 11h 18m Fighting a Punk Girl, Linoone fainted, Ariados is out on the opponent's side

2d 11h 9m Picked up a Cleanse Tag

2d 11h 6m Switched into Leafeom. It uses Tackle, Ledian attempts to Baton Pass to an ally, but there are no more left. Leafeon then uses a Z-Move to finish it. Preschooler Liam is defeated

2d 11h 5m Double-Edge does a lot, but the Tuff survives. Double-Ow-The-Edge is disabled. Covet does enough damage to finish it, Ledian is sent in next.

2d 11h 5m Versus Preschooler Liam, his Wigglytuff against our Linoone.

2d 10h 52m We're out of the cave, on route 9 now. Also on Tauros, at Memorial Hill.

2d 10h 48m Gumshoos to Lv. 37

2d 10h 45m Torracat faints to a wild Mawile.

2d 10h 30m Staravia faints to a wild Sableye

2d 10h 17m Back in the Cave

2d 10h 13m We're at Pole Pelago right now

2d 10h 8m [Fluff] Gible badge goes to, uh, me.

2d 10h 6m Caught female Lv. 20 Gible, nickname M M ♂M♂♂ ♂PP

2d 10h 3m In Festival Plaza

2d 9h 58m [Info] DuplexBeGreat says it's Level 22. We'll go with that.

2d 9h 54m [Chat] [Fluff] tpp @LookieTheMagic won the randomly distributed #246 Larvitar badge!

2d 9h 54m Caught a male Lv. 0 Larvitar! Nickname: p)) ' downarrow P . Critical capture, no less.

2d 9h 50m Wild Larvitar KOs Toucannon

2d 9h 48m Leafeon to Level 29. Did not learn Swords Dance.

2d 9h 45m Caught a female Lv. 21 Nosepass! Nickname: ♀♀♀ F♀♀

[Fluff] Yep, it's female.

2d 9h 40m Staravia Levels up. Fails to learn Take Down.

[Info] 2d 9h 29m That's 4 Poké Balls and 9 Great Balls

2d 9h 27m We buy 1 Poké Ball, 1 Poké Ball, 1 Great Ball, 1 Poké Ball, 1 Great Ball, 1 Great Ball, 1 Great Ball, 1 Great Ball, 1 Great Ball, 2 Great Balls, 1 Poké Ball, 1 Great Ball, and we're out of money.

2d 9h 26m Back in the Poké Center. Chat seems intent on pawning off items so we can afford balls.

2d 9h 23m A wild Gible finally gets the best of Leafeom. Black out!!

2d 9h 18m We're still in Diglett's cave, grinding Leafeon and waiting for a blackout. Giga Drain is prolonging the grinding.

2d 9h 7m We defeat the rocks and pick up a Fire Stone.

2d 9h 3m We're stilling in Diglett's cave with only Leafeom surviving. We've been bamboozled by rocks requiring Tauros that we just can't seem to smash.

2d 8h 54m We send out Leafeom, our last Pokémon. We toss our last Poké Ball at Larvitar; it fails. Leafeom murders Larvitar.

2d 8h 50m After several random encounters, we encounter a wild Larvitar (male/21). Gumshoos starts throwing out Super Fangs. Gumshoos faints to sandstorm damage.

2d 8h 41m We fight a Gible. A combination of Take Down recoil and Rough Skin KOs Liione. Leafeon to 28.

2d 8h 39m Caught a female Lv. 20 Sableye! Nickname: MMCch""%%'

[Info] Picture of nickname here. Also, Slash was overwritten when Double Edge was learned.

2d 8h 33m Wild Diglett murders Torracat. We run.

[Info] 2d 8h 32m Axew was level 20

2d 8h 31m Caught a female Lv. 0 Axew! Nickname: AA Umbrella %% UPArrow _ ' Umbrella UmbrellaLioone learns Double Edge!!

2d 8h 29m Torracat uses Swagger twice on a wild Axew, which immediately snaps out of confusion. We catch it!

2d 8h 27m Caught a Lv. 20 Baltoy! Nickname: 'mmmqq QQQFF

[Info] I believe the nickname for Zubat was left blank.

2d 8h 24m Staravia fainted.

2d 8h 22m Caught a Level 20 Zubat! Missed nickname. [Meta] Will need to update this later; dealing with several distractions in real life right now. Sorry for the imprecise report.

2d 8h 12m Caught a Level 22 Honedge!! No nickname.

2d 8h 8m Torracat levels up to 35; fails to evolve.

2d 8h 8m Caught a Lv. 22 Bronzor! Nickname: FEff88888

2d 8h 3m Caught a female Stunky! Nickname: ac ♀C♀FFFf♀

2d 8h 2m Caught a male Lv. 24 Phantump! Nickname: a mmc♀fccc♀♀

2d 7h 58m We send out Torracat and keep throwing balls. We switch to a Premier ball, which almost works. Torracat uses Lick, taking Phantump to the yellow. Several failed balls later, it's back at full health due to leech seed.

2d 7h 56m We throw a Net Ball at a wild Phantump, which fails. We throw a Poké Ball, which fails. We throw another Poké Ball, which fails. The third fails as well. Toucannon faints to leach seed.

2d 7h 53m Vs. Klefki. We use Drill Peck after it uses Spikes. It gets burned while we charge Beak Blast. We win! Leafeom to Level 27!

2d 7h 53m Toucannon to level 36! Staravia to Level 32!

2d 7h 52m We take on the trainer with the Comfey again. We deploy Toucannon. We almost win with a single Drill Peck. The trainer uses a Full Restore. We use Drill Peck, and finish it off with Beak Blast.

2d 7h 47m We buy 36 Poké Balls. Now down to ₽ 132 in savings.

2d 7h 46m A guy in the Poké Center spots our Poké Center and makes us an offer. We refuse the first time, but offer to show him an Oranguru as soon as we catch one.

2d 7h 43m We decide to drown our sorrows in the anesthetic of shopping. We stroll in the store that sells the Chatot clothes, then realize we are poor and leave.

2d 7h 43m Gumshoos faints. We black out! Welp.

2d 7h 39m A trainer sends out Comfey against Torracat. RIP Torracat. We send out Gumshoos, our last Pokémon.

2d 7h 37m Torracat starts to evol- Oh, nevermind. #Jorsun

2d 7h 37m Torracat back out. We use Leer, which is bounced right back at us. We barely cling to life and use lick to finally kill this Espeon.

2d 7h 33m Espeon kills Lioone. Staravia is sent out. Staravia is also KOd by Espeon. We deploy Torracat, who uses Swagger, which is bounced back at us. We hurt ourselves, and its Psybeam takes Torracat into the yellow. We switch out Torracat and send in Leafeon. We barely survive a Psybeam while our Tackle barely scratches it. Leafeon down.

2d 7h 32m Vs. Gentleman Smith. We send out Toucannon against Umbreon. We win. Toucannon to level 34. Smith sends out Espeon. Toucannon faints. We send out Lioone and use our Z-move, which does very little.

[Meta] Going to bed, other updaters have been pinged to take over but until one does the updater will be going dark

2d 7h 18m Obtained the Pikanium Z

2d 6h 54m We checkpoint in the Pokémon Center and heal our team

2d 6h 49m We're getting our hair cut! ...And we select the exact same style of hair we already have. Oh well, $4000 down the drain.

2d 6h 44m We finally arrive at the next city

[Snark] No, the updater's not dead, it's just that literally nothing is happening other than switching between overworld and Didney Worl OpieOP

2d 6h 11m Chat is currently divided into those who want to progress and those who want to go to Didney Worl

2d 6h 6m Leafeon levels up, and we delete Refresh in place for Giga Drain

2d 6h 4m Toucannon faints to a Luxray

2d 6h 1m Our team got healed, and we're now outside and fighting a Policeman

2d 5h 56m Gumshoos OHKO's both opponents with Take Down. Gumshoos to Lv 35. We delete Leer and replace it with Scary Face

2d 5h 55m Hau's Raichu uses Speed Swap on us, giving Gumshoos ridiculous speed

2d 5h 55m Entered a multi battle against Team Skull with Hau as our teammate

2d 5h 52m Picked up a Zygarde Cell!

2d 5h 46m Linoone faints to a Hitmontop

2d 5h 44m Leafeon grows to Lv 23

2d 5h 43m Vs a Worker and his team of 3

2d 5h 33m Torracat falls to a wild Sableye.

2d 5h 31m [Meta] Updater going dark. Someone else will be along shortly. Thank you for your patience.

2d 5h 22m We send out Lioone, and switch it out for Leafeom. Then we run.

2d 5h 21m Vs. Wild Mawile. Staravia faints.

2d 5h 19m Some Aether Foundation people warn us about Diglett in the cave. Thanks, guys! We've only had 5 other NPCs and the name of the area tip us off!

2d 5h 14m Another Nosepass (female/21). We run away with Staravia paralyzed and down to 9 hp.

2d 5h 14m We save the game.

2d 5h 13m We run into a wild Zubat (female/21). We run.

2d 5h 13m We run into another Gible (male/21). We run.

2d 5h 12m We run into a wild Gible (female/20). Staravia uses Aerial Ace and almost kills it. Gible uses Sandstorm. Staravia finishes it off with Aerial Ace.

2d 5h 10m We run into a wild Nosepass (female/22). We run.

2d 5h 7m We reorder the party. Current order: Toucannon, Staravia, Torracat, Lioone, Gumshoos, Leafeon.

2d 5h 3m We run into a wild Mawile (Female/20). We run.

2d 5h 3m We run from Axew.

2d 5h 3m [Chat] Chat is going through a lot of items because everyone is spamming B+008,135 because it spells, well...

2d 5h 0m We withdraw Torracat immediately and deploy Staravia. We continue wasting items.

2d 4h 58m Vs. Wild Axew (22/male). We use an X Defense on Toucannon, followed by a PRZ Heal. Axew knocks Toucannon down to 5 hp. We use an Antidote on an unpoisoned Pokémon. Toucannon faints. We deploy Torracat.

2d 4h 56m We encounter a Wild Baltoy (level 21). We use a Paralyze Heal on an unparalyzed Pokémon. Baltoy uses Ancient Power, putting Toucannon in the red. We run away.

2d 4h 52m We run into a wild Sableye! (male/21). We continue using potions on Pokémon with full health. We eventually use a Dire Hit. Sableye doesn't seem to have any moves that can touch Toucannon. We use X Sp. Atk on Toucannon. Then we run.

2d 4h 51m Toucannon murders the Axew. Toucannon levels up to 35!

2d 4h 49m We run away from Zubat. And encounter a wild Axew! We use another Potion on Toucannon. Axew uses Dragon Rage. Toucannon uses Work Up to boost its offensive stats. Axew uses Scary Face. We use a Hyper Potion on Toucannon. Axew uses another Dragon Rage. We waste an Oran Berry on a Pokémon with full health.

2d 4h 48m We use a potion on a Pokémon with full health.

2d 4h 47m We head into Diglett's cave and chat with Olivia. She tells us to have fun with her. She leaves and we immediately run into a wild Zubat.

2d 4h 43m We suck up some Zygarde cells outside the Dimensional Research Lab.

2d 4h 43m We head outside and see a spooky crack in the sky!

2d 4h 40m Kukui congratulates us on beating the three trials on Akala. He tells us to head towards Olivia's place.

2d 4h 36m We go stare intently at photos of Burnet and Kukui as a couple. Burnet tells us to go read her books instead.

2d 4h 35m Nebby repeatedly tells us "Pew..."

2d 4h 34m Lillie repeatedly tells us how Burnet "has been like... like a real mother to [her]."

2d 4h 32m We meet Kukui's wife. Hau strolls in. We learn about the Ultra Wormhole and how Pokémon appear from it.

2d 4h 31m We make our way into the TM bag. Toucannon learns Work Up over Growl.

2d 4h 30m [Fluff] Chat is arguing over the gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationship status of Toucannon and Staravia.

2d 4h 26m We exit the Name Rater and make our way back towards the Dimensional Research Lab.

2d 4h 25m [meta] Sorry, Reddit autoformatting is causing havoc with these nicknames.

2d 4h 24m *We rename Gumshoos to _'0__rm" * (four spaces, then '9, then 5 spaces, then rm ))

2d 4h 20m We rename Toucann to "99 ?lsbb?l " (two spaces at the end).

2d 4h 19m We rename Staravia to Staravia ♀lb

2d 4h 16m We rename Leafeon to Leafeom.

2d 4h 13m We rename Toucannon to Toucann. Nice effort, guys.

2d 4h 12m We spenda few minutes playing with Lioone in Pokémon Refresh. We exit and immediately reenter the building. We start talking to the name rater.

2d 4h 10m We enter the the tourism building and talk to a Magnemite several times. It tells us "Dzzt! Dzzt! Dzzt!" a few dozen times.

2d 4h 5m Mr. Zard whisks us away to the Poké Center dozens of feet away.

2d 4h 2m We postpone our astrophysics lesson; chat is more interested in having a hot date with the Name Rater.

2d 3h 58m We head to a path to the east of the lab. We pick up a Big Mushroom and put it in our item pocket. Just like what normal people do!

2d 3h 56m We tell her our trials were no problem. She heads into the dimensional research lab.

2d 3h 55m We see Lillie trying to teach Splash to Nebby. Chat explodes in VoHiYos.

2d 3h 53m Charizard flies us to Heahea City G.

2d 3h 52m Party healed.

2d 3h 51m We use our frequent flyer miles on Charizard Air and take a weekend getaway to the Route 8 Poké Center.

2d 3h 48m We shuffle the party. Current order: Toucannon, Torracat, Lioone, Staravia, Gumshoos, Leafeon.

2d 3h 45m We fire up the QR Code scanner and look at boxes in sSonicK's house. We can see the Pokémon Sun cartridge from the previous run.

2d 3h 42m [Donation] $3.01 from SinR2014: "You guys ** did it. NEXT sidegame input, /w tpp Sidegame (Input) to get in on it. ausLuck <3 tppPokédollar bobrossGold*"

[Info] He also got Lotad and Buizel this run

2d 3h 40m [Info] 2d 3h 40m User Freshout100k received the Leafeon badge.

2d 3h 39m Leafeon learns Razor Leaf over Sand Attack.

2d 3h 38m Eevee levels up to 22!! It successfully evolves into Leafeon!!

2d 3h 37m Vs. Wild Pineco! (25/male). We use Aerial Ace. Pineco hangs on with Sturdy. It uses Take Down; Staravia survives with 8 HP. Pineco faints due to recoil.

2d 3h 36m We ask Rotom to evaluate our Pokedex. We're at 15%. Rotom tells us to battle more trainers so we encounter more Pokémon. Excellent advice, buddy!

2d 3h 33m We take a new selfie for our Trainer Passport. Our avatar is now tiny and hiding in the corner.

2d 3h 30m Vs. Wild Fomantis (Female/23). We use Aerial Ace. No more Fomantis.

2d 3h 29m [Info] Chat is trying to evolve Eevee while in the presence of the Mossy Rock, but the encounter rate is very low.

2d 3h 20m We encounter a wild Pidgeotto (Female/24). It falls after two Aerial Aces.

2d 3h 17m [Info] We currently have no Poké Balls.

2d 3h 15m We emotionally neglect Lioone in Pokémon Refresh for a moment.

2d 3h 14m We run away in shame.

2d 3h 11m Vs. Wild Shuckle (female/24). It tanks several Aerial Aces before restoring its health with Berry Juice. We eventually getit down to red health before it uses rest and restores its HP.

2d 3h 8m We heal in a Pokémon Center!

2d 3h 7m Now Route 8.

2d 3h 5m On Route 5.

2d 2h 57m We swapped someone's Honey for a X Defense! Not too sure which Pokémon though, couldn't clip it in time.

2d 2h 34m Just in case you missed it, we're switching everyone's Normalium Z for a Normalium Z.

2d 2h 20m Torracat grew to level 33! We forget Growl and learn Fury Swipes!

2d 2h 20m We find a wild Heracross, and everyone spams Y, but we don't have any balls left.

[Fluff] *bang bang bang*

2d 2h 10m And now Didney Worl.

2d 2h 4m Eevee leveled up to 21! Did not evolve.

2d 2h 2m We took a brief visit to Poke Pelago.

2d 2h 0m Gumshoos to level 34!

2d 1h 55m Linoone to level 32! Forgot Tackle for Slash!

[Donation] $2.00 from Operation ausLuck: 200 Token storm if we evolve Eevee in the next 30 mins.

2d 1h 45m Pineco, Female Level 23. Nickname is ,AAA

2d 1h 44m Eevee forgot Swift for Refresh Eevee didn't evolve. Nickname is AA.....     

2d 1h 43m Caught a male level 24 Shroomish! Eevee grew to level 20!

2d 1h 41m FF ????FF   is the nickname!

2d 1h 41m We catch a Male level 25 Pidgeotto!

2d 1h 40m Starvia faints to a wild Pidgeotto!

2d 1h 36m APFf?cc  ) is the nickname.

2d 1h 36m Caught a female level 23 Comfey!

2d 1h 35m Eevee grew to level 19!

2d 1h 32m Starvia grew to level 30!

2d 1h 25m We found a X Defense!

2d 1h 24m We're in Lush Jungle-[.

2d 1h 22m We start to heat up our beak, but faint from Shock Wave! Black out!

2d 1h 22m Our foe starts off with a Mirror Shot, which crits, and we miss. A Shock Wave KOs Gumshoos! Go Toucannon!

2d 1h 21m Facing Pokémon Trainer Colress! We send out Gumshoos against Magneton!

2d 1h 18m We call upon Charizard Glide to bring us 5 steps back. Nice.

2d 1h 16m We're in Route 8-;. What does that even mean? Can someone explain what the second number/character for a route means? And why was it a semi-colon?

2d 1h 15m Kukui congratulates us and introduces us to our next Grand Trial!

2d 1h 15m We obtained TM 67 Smart Strike!

2d 1h 15m She gives us 10 Nest Balls and insists that her collegues eat the... odd concoction she made... They run off screaming at how spicy it is...

2d 1h 14m We attempt to clean it off, but we can't. Mallow gives us the Grassium Crystal! TRIAL COMPLETE!!

2d 1h 13m It uses Beak Blast on the ally Trumbeak! It grew to level 34, and learned Drill Peck over Fury Attack! TOTEM DEFEATED!

2d 1h 12m Toucannon finally used Beak Blast on Lurantis!! One hit KO!

2d 1h 11m Currently 4 mon's down with Toucannon trying to use Beak Blast repeatedly on the empty ally spot next to him.

[Fluff] Have to head out for 5 minutes, you're not missing much.

2d 1h 4m We send out Starvia! Lurantis called for a Trumbeak to help.

2d 1h 3m Totem Lurantis Round 2!

2d 1h 1m We get OHKOed by Solar Beam! Black out!

2d 1h 0m Trumbeak faints due to burn and we're left with Gumshoos.

2d 0h 59m GUYS STOP USING SWAGGER! We faint due to Lurantis' X-Scissor!

2d 0h 58m We send out Torracat. We use Swagger on Lurantis, because why don't we increase her attack. Lick does next to no damage on her.

2d 0h 56m We send out Eevee. We managed to get out two Baby Doll Eyes before Solar Blade completely wrecks Eevee!

2d 0h 56m The wild Trumbeak's Pluck KOs Toucannon!

2d 0h 55m And now we're in a Pluck/Synthesis loop. We break it by missing a Fury Attack and getting confused by Supersonic.

2d 0h 54m We get hit by Solar Blade a few more times while the opposing Trumbeak really doesn't do anything.

2d 0h 53m Oh we use Pluck and it almost does half of her damage. We get hit by X-Scissor before Lurantis does Synthesis again.

2d 0h 52m We send out Toucannon. We use Fury Attack on Trumbeak, while Lurantis HEALS ITSELF WITH SYNTHESIS ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

2d 0h 50m We send out Linoone. Lurantis uses Solar Blade and almost wrecks us. We manage to get in a Breakneck Blitz before Trumbeak's Pluck KOs us!

2d 0h 49m We completely ignore the Trumbeak and it is her who KOs Starvia!

2d 0h 48m We send out Starvia, who uses Aerial Ace to deal a fair chunk of Pokémon. The Totem calls a Trumbeak to her side, and uses Razor Leaf on us.

2d 0h 47m Oh we did some "cooking", and while we were doing that a Totem Lurantis snuck up on us!

2d 0h 44m We found a Mago Berry! We're following Mallow into the jungle so we can start cooking!

2d 0h 38m Found a Miracle Seed!

2d 0h 32m We're trying to break rocks with Tauros to find last item

2d 0h 22m We pick up a X Attack

2d 0h 19m We pick up a Max Revive

2d 0h 14m We pick up a Revival Herb for Mallow and a Fomantis jumps out

2d 0h 8m We find a Heal Powder

2d 0h 7m We pick up a Hyper Potion

[Info] Eevee is 18, Linoone is 31, Torracat is 32, Toucannon and Gumshoos at 33 and Staravia is at 29

1d 23h 54m We give Eevee the Rare Candy and it doesnt evolve to Leafeon

1d 23h 54m We use Max Revive on Eevee

1d 23h 53m We give Eevee the Amulet Coin then Mystic Water

1d 23h 52m Eevee is holding Normalium z now

1d 23h 47m We picked up TM Grass Knot

1d 23h 39m We pick up an X Special Attack

1d 23h 37m Gumshoos is now level 33

1d 23h 26m Eevee faints

1d 23h 25m We pick up Tiny Mushroom for Mallow and the Big Mushroom which was actually Shiinotic attacks

1d 23h 24m Mallow Trial officially started

1d 23h 24m We enter Lush Jungle and Mallow hands us a Forage Bag

1d 23h 20m We use Beak Blast again and he uses Volt Switch to take us to 5hp, he switches to Porygon2, we blackout by burn

1d 23h 19m We try to use Beak Blast but he uses Will o Wisp to burn us

1d 23h 19m We send in Toucanon and Fury Attack takes it out, he sends in Rotom Mow

1d 23h 16m Mirror Shot takes Linoone out

1d 23h 16m We send in Linoone and he paralyzes us, he uses Mirror shot and we use Breakneck Blitz Tackle

1d 23h 14m He hits himself and we are paralyzed, now he snaps out of confusion and Shsock Wave knocks Torracat out

1d 23h 13m We send in Toucannon, then to Torracat and use Swagger, He paralyzes us with Thunder Wave, He uses Shock Wave and we Lick

1d 23h 11m We send in Gumshoos, since he's already hurt, Mirror Shot KO's

1d 23h 9m We send in Staravia and use Aerial ace, pop the Balloon and get paralyzed by Thunder Wave, Shock Wave knocks Staravia out

1d 23h 9m VS Colress attempt #2, Magneton vs Eevee, 1 Mirror Shot beats Eevee

1d 23h 0m Linoone is now 31, Starvia is 32

1d 22h 59m After this Roar spamming Lairon and us switching we finally kill it with Take Down, Eevee forgets Quick Attack for Bite, we now forget Bite for Swift, Toucannon is 33, Eevee is 18

1d 22h 51m Eevee grew to level 15, learns Sand Attack over Growl, Baby Doll eye's over Tail Whip, Quick attack over Helping Hand

1d 22h 48m Back in Route 8

1d 22h 45m We reenter Route 7

1d 22h 39m Vs Colress, Magneton vs our Toucannon, we use Pluck and pop the Air Balloon, he uses Shock Wave and we use Pluck again, another Shock wave ends us, blackout

1d 22h 35m We catch a level 21 female Houndour, no name

1d 22h 32m We pick up an Ultra Ball

1d 22h 24m We keep going back and out

1d 22h 16m We're back in

1d 22h 14m left the pelago

1d 22h 9m In Poke Pelago

1d 22h 8m Gumshoos faints vs Sableye, We send in Toucannon to Pluck it, same thing with leftover Mothim, trainer defeated

1d 22h 3m Up again and fighting trainer, Gumshoos beats up Miltank and is now level 32

1d 22h 1m We pick up a Pecha, Oran and a Cherry Berry, and now we're in Didney Worl Jebaited

1d 21h 57m We catch a level 20 male Salandit and its name is SalanditQQD'

[Info] Toucannon level 32

1d 21h 55m Linoone faints after we try and catch a Salandit

[Info] Linoone is now level 30, Toucannon also leveled up

1d 21h 54m Torracat faints to a trainer's Vaporeon, Linoone is sent and beats Vaporeon, Jolteona and Flareon!

1d 21h 47m We caught a level 20 female Illumise, no name

1d 21h 46m Staravia faints to a wild Illumise while trying to catch

1d 21h 45m We catch a level 21 female Ncotowl, name is NoctowlFrownEmojiFrownEMojiFrownEmoji6FrownEmoji don't have square frown emoji on my laptop NotLikeThis

1d 21h 34m We suck up a Zygarde cell

1d 21h 29m We catch a level 22 male Trapinch name is TrapinchMMUU, Starvia is now level 28, learns AERIAL ACE Kreygasm over Whirlwind

1d 21h 28m We meet Colress and he gives us TM43 Flame Charge, he also asks us to fight him soon

1d 21h 24m We enter Route 8

1d 21h 23m Entered Route 7

1d 21h 22m We leave the mart

1d 21h 19m We buy 6 Poké Balls and 2 Great Balls

1d 21h 11m Back in Royal Avenue and entering Megamart

[Chat] All part of the plan

1d 21h 4m Eevee faints to a wild Lillipup

1d 20h 56m Gumshoos faints after 2 Magby use Fire Spin, blackout

1d 20h 51m Caught a female Lv. 19 Fletchling! Nickname: WW

1d 20h 49m Caught a female Lv. 20 Numel! No Nickname

1d 20h 47m Caught a male Lv. 19 Cubone! No Nickname

[Info] There's 10 spaces inbetween the "'" and the "yr"

1d 20h 45m Caught a female Lv. 17 Slugma! Nickname: m' yr

1d 20h 44m Nice a Critial Capture

1d 20h 43m Caught a female Lv. 19 Numel! No Nickname

1d 20h 36m We fly to descent the volcano.

1d 20h 35m Charizard has been added to our Ride Pager!

1d 20h 35m We also get 10 Quick Balls!

1d 20h 34m Firium Z obtained!

1d 20h 33m We take down Salandit with Take Down. TRIAL COMPLETE!!!

1d 20h 32m Gumshoos forgets Bite in favour of Take Down. Torracat faints to a Venoshock

1d 20h 31m After a Flame Burst from Salazzle Torracat to Level 31 after KOing the Totem with Lick! Gumshooms also to 31! Trying to Learn Take Down!

1d 20h 31m We get Toxic + Taunted by the duo opponents.

1d 20h 30m Toucannon down

1d 20h 28m We get a Clutch Endeavour at 3HP onto Salazzle. Sadly we waste the Quick Attack on our empty space Staravia down

[Snark] S M O G O N S T R A T S

1d 20h 27m We try and use Whirlwind. Even if it did anything, we can't because of Salandit's Taunt

1d 20h 26m Linoone faints

1d 20h 25m oops Eevee fainted

1d 20h 24m VS Salazzle

1d 20h 23m We talk to Kiawe on Stoutland. Trial begin. Again. well. Totem.

1d 20h 22m Riding on Tauros in the Totem Den

1d 20h 20m Gate-Heal

1d 20h 20m Back outside the gate

1d 20h 14m Eevee faints to a random wild

1d 20h 14m Back at Wela Volcano Park, just wandering currently.

1d 20h 7m Staravia faints. BLACK OUT

1d 20h 5m Linoone down

1d 20h 3m We unleash a Breakneck Blitz from Linoone onto the Salazzle. It does about half damage

1d 20h 3m Another Salandit takes the place of the first one.

1d 20h 2m We take down the Salandit and then Gumshoos faints to Poison

1d 20h 0m Torracat down

1d 19h 58m At least we got a Swagger off on the Salandit backup. we then start trying to Lick things, as the Salazzle further cripplese itself and the Salandit hits itself in confusion more

1d 19h 57m No! There is no running from a trial!

1d 19h 54m Toucannon faints

1d 19h 53m Toucannon gets Toxic'd followed by a Taunt, and our Beak Blast fails due to attacking an empty space.

1d 19h 52m Eevee already fainted

1d 19h 51m Anyway, Salazzle fight go.

1d 19h 51m well we've already done part of it, so it's just the Salazzle to do, but we're fighting that as soon as we don't select "Watch Again."

1d 19h 50m We speak to Kiawe. We accept the Trial. TRIAL START

1d 19h 45m We're in the totem's den

1d 19h 44m We get a heal thanks to the person by the gate

1d 19h 43m We're approaching the Trial Gate

1d 19h 40m We are currently in Wela Mountain Park,are we finally going to take on the trial?

1d 19h 31m We are near the battle royal dome,maybe we will actually do something?

1d 19h 28m We walked around the Royal Avenue,near some flowers as if we were trying to ask arceus to guide us through this game.

1d 19h 27m We found a rare candy

1d 19h 24m We went into the malasadas shop,hmm will hau like one of these malasadas?