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TPP Chatty Yellow -> Blazed Glazed Intermission

[Streamer] 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx): pinball badges idc, but if it's something people spend money on like cheers, or time on like catching pokemon, it should go to active users

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @딜리버드 the problem with run pokemon going to active users is that it makes active users disproportionately in favor of catching uncaught pokemon

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[Streamer] 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx): @TwitchPlaysPokemon one of them being the gen 2-7 crate

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @딜리버드 for all random distribution

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I want people who don't say anything to be able to win as well, but there is a planned upgrade to greatly the diminish the effect of idling

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I must've missed a large donation, thank you so much, there have been more donations than usual in the past 30 days

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: not as good as PC speaker version KappaHD

[Streamer] Bloons22: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, people were asking if there would be a function where the user is whispered when they won something from slots? im sure you guys have it in mind but just relaying

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bloons22 not planned

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: "randoms" matter too

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: incidentally thanks for your greater than usual amount of donations this month

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I was eating dinner

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'll restart after this match

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 25 more bits cheered and the slots will be played again

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: so many more bits are being cheered now

[Streamer] EleMiner: lmao

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @EleMiner I've never given out tokens to people who randomly ask

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: a update is planned to that system

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: they're supposed to be online but Twitch is slow to update who is online

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: this should fix the bug where the winning person's name doesn't show up

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: quick update

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: refresh if you don't see it soon

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: ok, it should be coming back up now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: updating OBS

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: might take a minute, hold on

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm going to try changing the encoder settings, the stream will lose connection briefly

[Streamer] garyoakguy: The feeling when you drop the crystal clear source feed down to medium quality to stop the stuttering MikeHogu

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @garyoakguy I'll turn the bitrate down

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I also made it wider

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I made the prize distribution wheel move slower now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tokens in pinball get refunded automatically

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: hang on, updating

[Streamer] FoxDevil666: TwitchPlaysPokemon, Whats the command to use slots?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @FoxDevil666 cheer 100 I think

[Streamer] Bryandagamer: so is that crate just "lost" then?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bryandagamer no, the account wouldn't load

[Streamer] Bryandagamer: so is that crate just "lost" then?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bryandagamer huh?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it gave it to someone but their account couldn't be loaded for some reason

[Streamer] Bloons22: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, when it gives to a blank name like that does it mean no one? OpieOP

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Bloons22 it means it's bugged

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh, it restarted automatically, nice

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'll restart after cheerful slots

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: nope, resetting, one moment

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: hmm, it's a little bugged, it shows the number of bits needed before the current cheer

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: ok, the cheer notification should be working now (and show how much to go)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: huh? they're not showing?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: can someone please test I got that part right

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it should now say how many bits are left until slots when bits are cheered

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I can't do it from my account

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: can someone try cheering 1 bit please

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: every 100 bits cheered (it adds up from everyone's cheers) the slot machine is played for random drops including potentially gen 2 ~ 7 badges

[Streamer] 西方ワニの恋人 (jayare158): Wait, slot machine??? PogChamp

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @西方ワニの恋人 cheerful slots, new feature

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm going to be implementing a way to check how many bits are needed until the next slot machine

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's 100, not 50, my mistake

[Streamer] flarn2006: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, You should put the names of the current commentators in the ticker

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @flarn2006 a more prominent display of the commentator's names is planned

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I wanted to do something with cheering right from the start but Twitch's rules were hard to understand, someone in the community who is also a lawyer helped us understand what is permitted and what isn't

[Streamer] Byron_Springhill: @TwitchPlaysPokemon What activates slots? PogChamp

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Byron_Springhill every 100 bits cheered

[Streamer] ArchAngel562: so the slots is it everyone watching that they get a chance to win

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @ArchAngel562 yes, the prize goes to a random viewer

[Streamer] Ninjanitor: Does cheering 200+ bits give consecutive slot rewards?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Ninjanitor it'll do two slots

[Streamer] Ninjanitor: Wait can gen 2-7 badge crates be distributed through this?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Ninjanitor yes but the odds are low

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 16 more bits till next slot

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: since 100 were cheered

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'll force a slot machine though

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it wasn't tracking how many bits were cheered due to a database query error, should be working now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh, it's not working, hmm, just a moment

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: expect them to change soon

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the cost and reel layouts are still being worked on

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: not 50

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh, it's every 100

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh? it's not working

[Streamer] Raiinford: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, have you played Orisa yet? CoolStoryBob

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Raiinford no, not yet

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: weird, Dolphin didn't exit properly

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it doesn't work, hang on

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: any amount

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it should have a notification when someone cheers

[Streamer] 3Chris28: @TwitchPlaysPokemon I've got 50 bits if you need someone to test it out?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @3Chris28 yes please, I haven't tested the cheer system, try just 1 first

[Streamer] Le5Raposa: oh PogChamp

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Le5Raposa no, Twitch didn't change their rules, the person who cheers doesn't necessarily get the reward, it's randomly distributed

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: every 50 bits cheered plays Cheerful Slots

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: cheerful slots is tied to cheering

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: ok, here we go

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there's a lot of notifications to get through first

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: ok, will be testing new feature

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: new feature PogChamp

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: will be deploying an update after this match

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry about the downtime earlier, there was a database error that was causing people to lose access to their account (tokens, badges, etc) and so maintenance was needed

The stream will go offline after the 1800Z break and token match in order to perform a database update. During that time, we will be hosting SaltyBet.

UTC: 6:00 PM

EDT: 2:00 PM

PDT: 11:00 AM

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Tank Turn Tactics is a fun game KappaHD

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: you could subscribe and have enough tokens to play Tank Turn Tactics

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it now only costs T5 to enter, check it out if you haven't before

[Streamer] NovaXZX: How do you keep inputs up on the minigame without having to reenter each time?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @NovaXZX you can't keep them in there but you can enter them at any time

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @tppsimulator I have a good reason

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'll restart it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Team Rocket, best part of the anime

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: RIP tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] sketchturtle: @TwitchPlaysPokemon what are we betting? Money or..what?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @sketchturtle pokeyen, they're arbitrary points, no real money gambling, that would be illegal

[Streamer] 西方ワニの恋人 (jayare158): @TwitchPlaysPokemon How did you feel after Twisparkz died (and Chaos_lord2 had to clean up the Eastern side of the map) all while the West was having a huge argument about everyone having to kill themselves with some people refusing to do it before others?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @西方ワニの恋人 at that point the game was mostly over, it was just a matter of how it was going to happen, it was more interesting earlier with the german/polish

[Streamer] 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx): @TwitchPlaysPokemon do you enjoy watching us argue nonstop in TTT chat? Keepo

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @딜리버드 yes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: nobody has bad experiences playing TTT KappaHD

[Streamer] 1eamannan: i dont plan on changing that anytime soon Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @1eamannan why? bad experience?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the entry fee is covered by the tokens you get by subscribing

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Tank Turn Tactics makes people salty like no other game

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: everyone refresh

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: okay, stream is up now, refresh if you can't see it

[Streamer] Sandoz1: i think pbr looks a lot clearer now or is this the placebo effect Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Sandoz1 bitrate was increased to 6000 just a moment ago

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: need to restart the encoder, one moment

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: no stream restart needed

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: ok, bitrate should be going up now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'll be adjusting the settings on the encoder shortly from 3500kbit to 6000kbit

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: good news, Twitch has upped the video bitrate limit

[Streamer] Hudss: Tank tunk tokens are conected with TPP?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Hudss yes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: @tppsimulator no tppRng in Tank Turn Tactics except for spawn position

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: now only costs T5 to join TTT

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: next match of Tank Turn Tactics only costs T5, the first time it's been that low, starting in 2 minutes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 5 minutes until Tank Turn Tactics match #3 begins, this time it only costs T5 to enter!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 7 minutes until Tank Turn Tactics match #3 begins, this time it only costs T5 to enter!

[Streamer] pixelumbreon: Kreygasm !

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @PixelUmbreon this video explains Tank Turn Tactics: https://youtu.be/t9WMNuyjm4w

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 15 minutes until Tank Turn Tactics match #3 begins, this time it only costs T5 to enter!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 20 minutes until Tank Turn Tactics match #3 begins, this time it only costs T5 to enter!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: this time the shoot cost is scaling

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 25 minutes until Tank Turn Tactics match #3 begins, this time it only costs T5 to enter!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 30 minutes until Tank Turn Tactics match #3 begins, this time it only costs T5 to enter!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 40 minutes until Tank Turn Tactics match #3 begins, this time it only costs T5 to enter!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 45 minutes until Tank Turn Tactics match #3 begins, this time it only costs T5 to enter!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the next Tank Turn Tactics match (starting in 48 minutes) will cost T5 to join

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the next match of Tank Turn Tactics will begin in 50 minutes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: vineScoot

[Streamer] SinR2014: @TwitchPlaysPokemon What time UTC?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @SinR2014 when I get up UTC

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: match #3 of Tank Turn Tactics starts tomorrow

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: just the script, not he PC

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: restarting

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it was planned since the start and I've seen recent developments

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I do not know if it's up yet

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: that is viewable on a website

[Streamer] ramdonperson: woah was there a balance reset??

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @ramdonperson yes, there are regular resets now but it goes on a combined leaderboard

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: but it might be harder to make alliances if you join late

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: you can join at any time during a match as long as more than half the tanks are alive

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: that will be a good time to check it out and join if you're interested

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the next TTT match starts on Saturday

[Streamer] Rmac524: @TwitchPlaysPokemon why should we join that?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Rmac524 win tokens, have fun

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Tank Turn Tactics starts on Saturday, make sure to have your T5 join fee ready

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: they need to ask permission and have colored text

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: hi

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: next Tank Turn Tactics match on Saturday, it will cost T5 this time

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: all in on red tppRobored

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh cool, I'll go all-in next match then

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 74 more and emotes can be replaced

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: lots of new subscribers recently

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it can be for next match as well

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: recurrent subs don't count

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: has to be a new subscription

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I have P1221 so far

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: someone subscribe (not prime) and I'll go all-in

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the next Tank Turn Tactics match will be T5, it will start on Saturday

[Streamer] Wahisietel_the_Cake: @markustheowg it's sell (pokemon) (number) t(number)

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Wahisietel_the_Cake the order shouldn't matter, only formatting

[Streamer] MarkusTheOWG: Someone explain this please: http://m.imgur.com/8SzzONx

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @MarkusTheOWG you need to specify how many to sell

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 100K reached already, wow

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I think I'll start Tank Turn Tactics match #3 in a week

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I'm thinking about reducing the entry fee for Tank Turn Tactics to T5 for next match, are there people here who would pay T5 but not T10?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the capture card stopped working, I had to restart the encoder PC to fix it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: going to have to reboot encoder

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh, it drew automatically

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: might need to cancel match

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: who here was here for Catz back then?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: almost got the gold badge

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh, ok

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: elderschmidt is #1? who is that? don't recognize that name

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: donations have been very good this month, $1060.82 since the 1st

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: lots of new subscribers lately, 81 more and tppRobored can be replaced

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I know they slipped up in the anime

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: didn't they say "Pidgeys" in the anime or something?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry about being grumpy in chat earlier, the negativity about the lag was getting to me when I wasn't able to improve it

[Streamer] Glove_Slap: that attitude Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Glove_Slap I'm sorry you don't like it, want a refund?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: not my problem

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if that's a problem I'll direct you elsewhere

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if it's laggy then that's how it's going to be

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: have fun on other streams in the meantime'

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if you're on your way out you don't need to be negative about it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I cancelled it because it looked messed up, sorry

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Ninty: Star Fox needs to use the touchscreen! Zelda? LOL no

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: subscribe for tppsim KappaHD

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: subscribe for tppSlowpoke emote tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: FFTA might be my favorite FF game

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: crates are given out at the end of each match season

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: if the stream goes down again today I'll update OBS to see if that helps

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: stuck in the 100 club? join the 500 club by subscribing

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: subscribers can never drop below P500, something to keep in mind as you're trying to climb in rank

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for subscribing, remember you can never drop below P500 if you subscribe

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: crates are temporarily disabled while the issues are sorted out

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: lots of new features and changes so it's going to be a little rough at first

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Miyamoto's rule of threes KappaHD

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how appropriate ohnLUL

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry everyone for the extended downtime, TPP will be back soon

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: currently we are in run season 4 and match season 1

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's a nice animation

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: donations should be fine, they'll be re-detected later, but better to hold off to be sure

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: otherwise you won't get your tokens until the next subscription month (you'll be backpaid)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there will be a database rollback, please don't subscribe until then

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry everyone

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: TPP's always a little messed up at first, everything will be working smoothly soon enoguh

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: TPP's always a little janky at first, give it a moment

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: soon ohnYes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: remember that the system logs adjustments to your pokeyen balance, it's having to do this for every user

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: after leaderboard, season #1 of matches begins with everyone's balance reset

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the glitched part of the leaderboard is being displayed again, this time correctly

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: danClap danClap danClap Match season #0 danYay

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for season 0 everyone!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it wouldn't be like TPP if it worked perfectly KappaHD

[Streamer] Y4NMEGA: TwitchPlaysPokemon any chance of stadium 2 ever returning some day :(

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Y4NMEGA I have been thinking about it and have some ideas for Stadium 2

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: didn't expect the leaderboard to be so popular

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: danClap danClap danClap

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thank you everyone

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: danClap Smash TV danYay

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: betting season #0

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: end of season #0 hype

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the sub and donation

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: danClap tppPokeyen

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for all your donations

[Streamer] byron5544: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, FIX IT SwiftRage

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @byron5544 I did, refresh

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I think it's funny when people who apparently don't want to be here get TOed and salty

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it only costs T10 tokens, and you could win T630

[Streamer] Teknolink: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Will rewards be based on end of season or max? TriHard

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Teknolink end of season otherwise it encourages trolling

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: looking forward to the balance reset? VoteYea / VoteNay ?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I only recently learnt that Daytona is a real place KappaHD

[Streamer] shadowpuppet97: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Did the BBC approach you about making the video or did they just go ahead and make it? :O

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @shadowpuppet97 they just made it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRJD8eJsuyc

[Streamer] raylias: TwitchPlaysPokemon Are you aware of the uploading failures for the Leaderboard Youtube channel?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Raylias no but it's not my channel

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the song that plays when you get disconnected from server KappaHD

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: fake advance wars danWTF

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: you guys seeing this fake advance wars on nintendo's stream?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: didn't pre-order ohnYes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I've noticed there's a lot more bets lately

[Dev] Whoops! After the run ended, we forgot to reset the copypasta filter settings. Don't worry, that has just now been rectified.

[Streamer] ArchAngel562: but is it tpp tokens Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @ArchAngel562 yes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: coke dude vs pepsi man

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