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Twitch Plays Pokémon Revisits Black

Original 2014 play-through: 0d 0h 0m - 12d 18h 24m
Revisit is from 12d 18h 25m onward

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15d 13h 6m Black revisit is now over. Thanks everyone for participating, and we hope you enjoy Randomized White 2.

15d 12h 55m Got the HM Dive!

[Fluff] 5 mins left until the hour of title screen

15d 12h 50m Back in Anarchy. We are talking to the Gym Leaders in this house.

15d 12h 45m Democracy is back.

15d 12h 41m Picked up a Big Nugget!

[Fluff] Cynthia without Roserade and Togekiss what is this madness DansGame

15d 12h 36m We Surf it down to yellow. It Crunches but we barely survive. A second Surf eliminates it! Cynthia defeated!

15d 12h 35m We send out Seismitoad. Earthquake takes down Lucario! Braviary is out next. We Earthquake and do nothing and it hits us with Brave Bird. We Surf it down to red and another Brave Bird takes us down low. However that attack killed it with the recoil! Eelektross is out next, her final Pokémon.

15d 12h 33m It uses Outrage and takes us down to red. We Outrage back and take it down completel! Garchomp fainted! Lucario is out next. Druddigon fainted!

15d 12h 33m We send out Druddigon!

15d 12h 32m Zebrastrika fainted!

15d 12h 32m We use Roost and get taken out by Surf. Zebrastrika is sent out next. Wild Charge takes it down in one hit. Garchomp out next.

15d 12h 31m We use another Aerial Ace, taking it down to yellow this time. A second one takes it down to a few HP left, but we get burnt this time. We get hit with a critical Sucker Punch, but another Aerial Ace takes down Spiritomb! Milotic is out next.

15d 12h 30m Unfezant vs Spiritomb! We use Aerial Ace against it, taking it down to above half health. It uses Double Team. We keep up the Aerial Ace, taking it down to red, and we avoid will-o-wiisp. Cynthia uses a Full Restore!

15d 12h 29m Vs Cynthia!

15d 12h 27m Back in Anarchy!

15d 12h 25m We Fly to Undella Town!

15d 12h 21m Back in Democracy!

[Info] Control was taken from us just long enough so we didn't screw it up and start a new game.

15d 12h 20m We are back in our house.

[Snark] No, White 2 is starting in 1 hour 40 minutes.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Can I go to sleep now?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] Though, with quite a bit of help from democracy, which is a first for an E4 run I think.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

15d 12h 16m Defeated E4 on Run 49!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

15d 12h 16m Champion Alder defeated!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

15d 12h 16m Seismitoad is sent out. It uses Quiver Dance to raise its stats. We Surf it down to yellow health. It uses Hyper Beam but does minor damage. Another Surf takes it out!

15d 12h 15m Volcarona uses Overheat! Sawsbuck fainted!

15d 12h 14m We send out Sawsbuck. Jump Kick takes down Escavalier! Last out is Volcarona!

15d 12h 13m Escavalier is sent out next. We continue Outrage which is resisted and get confused. We hit ourselves in confusion and X-Scissor takes us to 1 HP. We Outrage again and take it down to red. Our Druddigon fainted!

15d 12h 12m Druddigon is sent out. We Crunch and it goes down. He sends out his own Druddigon. Outrage takes it down!

15d 12h 11m Wild Charge takes it down to yellow but an Earthquake finishes us off. Zebrastrika fainted!

15d 12h 11m Discharge hits. Vanilluxe is down. Bouffalant is sent out next. We crit the flame charge but only do about 1/3rd.

15d 12h 10m Flame Charge takes it down to half or so. A second one takes it to red again. We dodge Blizzard.

15d 12h 10m We crit with Charge Beam and take it to red. We get the Sp. Attack up. Blizzard takes us down to below half. Full Restore used on Vanilluxe.

15d 12h 9m We Aerial Ace it to half. It takes us out with Blizzard. Unfezant fainted! Zebrastrika is sent out.

15d 12h 9m Accelgor fainted! Next out is Vanilluxe.

15d 12h 8m We send out Unfezant vs Accelgor! It uses Focus Blast to take us to yellow and we fly.

15d 12h 8m Vs Alder!

15d 12h 6m Back in Anarchy!

15d 12h 4m We warp to the central room. Alder is ready to be fought.

[Info] Party order changed. Unfezant is now first.

15d 12h 1m Seismitoad was also healed with a Hyper Potion.

15d 12h 0m Hyper Potion used on Sawsbuck, Unfezant, and Druddigon!

15d 11h 58m Unfezant and Seismitoad were also revived!

15d 11h 56m Revive used in Sawsback! We are still in Demo.

15d 11h 52m Defeated Caitlin!

15d 11h 51m Druddigon grew to level 87!

15d 11h 39m Seismitoad fainted!

15d 11h 37m Vs Caitlin!

15d 11h 29m Defeated Marshal!

15d 11h 27m Druddigon grew to level 86!

15d 11h 26m Seismitoad grew to level 92!

15d 11h 25m Unfezant fainted!

15d 11h 16m Vs Marshal! Still in Democracy.

15d 11h 11m Defeated Shauntal!

[Snark] I pity the fool who made democracy Kappa

15d 11h 3m Sawsbuck fainted!

15d 11h 0m Vs Shauntal! Still in Demo.

15d 10h 54m Defeated Grimsley!

15d 10h 52m Sawsbuck grew to level 83!

15d 10h 50m Druddigon grew to level 85!

15d 10h 45m Vs Grimsley! Still in Democracy.

15d 10h 39m We return to the E4. Run 49 has begun.

15d 10h 36m Left the Pokémon Center.

15d 10h 34m Purchased 21 Revives!

15d 10h 32m Purchased 21 Hyper Potions!

[Snark] Well,this is a run. We haven't beaten the elite four yet MingLee

15d 10h 29m In the Pokémon Center. Democracy is enabled!

15d 10h 25m We fly to the Pokémon League!

15d 10h 19m We enter Chargestone Cave.

15d 10h 14m Back in Anarchy.

15d 10h 14m Zebrastrika forgot Spark and learned Charge Beam!

15d 10h 4m Got TM57 - Charge Beam!

15d 9h 59m Pokémon healed at the Pokémon Center!

15d 9h 56m We fly to Mistralton City!

15d 9h 50m Galvantula forgot Thunderbolt and learned Wild Charge!

15d 9h 41m Picked up TM93 - Wild Charge!

15d 9h 40m In Democracy.

15d 9h 33m Defeated Cheren! Only Galvantula and Seismitoad are left.

15d 9h 24m Vs Cheren!

15d 9h 18m We are wandering around Victory Road.

15d 9h 7m We return to Victory Road and fall down a ledge.

15d 9h 4m Black out, RIP attempt 48.

15d 9h 2m Galvantula grew to level 84.

15d 9h 0m Vs Caitlin!

[Info] We are back in Anarchy.

15d 8h 58m Defeated Shauntal!

15d 8h 54m Seismitoad grew to level 91! Unfezant fainted.

15d 8h 47m Vs Shauntal!

15d 8h 46m Democracy enabled.

15d 8h 43m Defeated Grimsley! Only Unfezant, Galvantula, and Seismitoad are left.

15d 8h 25m Vs Grimsley!

15d 8h 22m We return to the E4. Run 48 has begun.

15d 8h 18m Lost to Caitlin! We blacked out! Run 47 over! Back in Anarchy.

15d 8h 18m Zebrastrika to level 81.

[Info] According to information from /u/Deadinsky66 , /u/hytag and the TPP recording bot, this is elite 4 rematch attempt #47.

15d 8h 2m Vs Caitlin!

15d 7h 56m Defeated Marshal! Sawsbuck and Unfezant have fainted. Still in Democracy.

15d 7h 53m Druddigon to level 84.

15d 7h 51m Druddigon grew to level 84!

15d 7h 42m Vs Marshal! Still in Democracy.

15d 7h 33m Shauntal defeated!

15d 7h 26m Sawsbuck grew to level 82!

15d 7h 24m Vs Shauntal! Still in Democracy.

15d 7h 18m Defeated Grimsley!

15d 7h 10m Vs Grimsley! Still in Demo.

15d 7h 7m Entered E4 in Democracy!

15d 7h 2m Lost to Marshal! Blacked out!

15d 6h 59m Vs Marshal! Unfezant grew to level 81!

15d 6h 57m Defeated Shauntal! Seismitoad grew to level 90! Only Unfezant and Seismitoad are left.

15d 6h 48m Vs Shauntal!

15d 6h 47m Defeated Grimsley! Druddigon and Zebstrika fainted.

15d 6h 44m Sawsbuck grew to level 81!

15d 6h 41m Druddigon grew to level 83!

15d 6h 37m Back at E4! Vs Grimsley!

15d 6h 34m Lost to Caitlin! Blacked out!

15d 6h 30m Vs Caitlin!

15d 6h 28m Defeated Marshal!

15d 6h 25m Seismitoad grew to level 89!

15d 6h 23m Vs Marshal!

15d 6h 21m Shauntal defeated! Only Unfezant, Zebstrika, and Seismitoad are left.

15d 6h 17m Galvantula grew to level 83!

15d 6h 12m Vs Shauntal!

15d 6h 9m Defeated Grimsley! Sawsbuck got a clean sweep off and is at full health.

15d 6h 8m Sawsbuck grew to level 80!

15d 6h 6m Vs Grimsley!

15d 6h 4m We return to the E4!

15d 6h 0m Seismitoad vs Accelgor! It uses Energy Ball. We melt immediately. We blacked out! Lost to Alder!

15d 6h 0m Vs Alder!

15d 5h 59m [Info] We seem to be currently out of any more healing items.

15d 5h 58m Back in Anarchy!

15d 5h 57m PP Up used on Earthquake again!

15d 5h 56m PP Up used on Earthquake!

15d 5h 54m Healing item used on Seismitoad It's at half health. PP up used on Hydro Pump.

15d 5h 52m In Democracy again.

15d 5h 44m Shauntal defeated! Only Seismitoad is left.

15d 5h 36m Druddigon grew to level 82!

15d 5h 35m In Anarchhy. Vs Shauntal!

15d 5h 32m We use items on our Pokémon. Druddigon, Seismitoad, Zebstrika, and Galvantula are fully healed!

15d 5h 31m In Democracy

15d 5h 22m Caitlin defeated! Only Seismitoad, Zebstrika,and Galvantula are left.

15d 5h 19m Seismitoad grew to level 88!

15d 5h 16m Vs Caitlin!

15d 5h 16m Marshal defeated! Unfezant fainted.

15d 5h 10m Vs Marshal!

15d 5h 6m Defeated Grimsley! Only Sawsbuck fainted.

15d 4h 56m We return to the E4. Vs Grimsley!

15d 4h 53m Lost to Shauntal! We blacked out!

15d 4h 48m Grimsley defeated. Up against Shauntal now.

Sawsbuck leveled up to 79!

Found TM63 Embargo!

[Meta] Updater is going dark. Presumably we will make our way back to the E4 and level some more, but who knows? Best of luck Jimmy!

14d 22h 6m We throw our last Great Ball at a wild Patrat and catch it! Level 2 female nicknamed Patrat".

14d 22h 3m We make a return visit to Nuvema Town. We step inside our house but decide against talking to Mom for now.

14d 21h 44m We defeat Grimsey with Seismitoad growing to level 82.

14d 21h 33m We throw the Great Ball we removed from Zebstrika at Grimsey's Scrafty a few times. Don't be a thief!

14d 21h 27m Once back inside the League doors we return to anarchy. E4 attempt #? against Grimsley begins.

14d 21h 4m We're hanging out in what I think is Cheren's bedroom. Jimmy is very interested in his bookshelves, as well as his trashcan. We check it several times but it continues to remain empty.

14d 20h 59m The TV tells us we can buy a special Repel for the low, low price of ₽ 3,500,000! What a steal!

14d 20h 52m We fly to Nuvema Town and go talk to our Mom! We take a short rest and she mentions that our absentee Dad went on an adventure too. Did he ever bother coming back? We leave without getting an answer.

14d 20h 48m We move back down onto Victory Road. We poke our head into the cave to make sure Cheren is still alive and then slide down a few more slopes.

14d 20h 42m This E4 attempt ends with us blacking out to Grimsley after some bad RNG.

14d 20h 25m Unfezant is able to destroy several of Marshal's Pokémon with it's flying type advantage, but Stone Edge, as well as Sawk's Sturdy, continues to wreck our party. We blackout and lose a little more of our money.

14d 20h 18m We defeat Grimsley with 3 Pokémon remaining. We face Marshal next.

14d 20h 5m We challenge Grimsley! Attempt #?

14d 20h 3m Back into anarchy and we go to make another run at the Elite 4. Half of our Pokémon are now at level 80!

[D] We give Druddigon some Leftovers to eat. All of the Pokémon are now holding useful battle items except for Zebstrika, who is still holding on to his Great Ball.

[D] We leave not only our berries, but all 122 of our Poké Balls on the floor of the Poké Center for Nurse Joy to clean up.

[D] We spent about half of the last E4 attempt in democracy but still ended in a blackout. It seems we're using it now to throw out all our berries.

[Info] Current Party: Sawsbuck 77, Unfezant 78, Druddigon 76, Zebstrika 79, Galvantula 80, and Seismitoad 80 still with the EXP Share.

[Info] It seems like our quest for Heart Scales during the updater blackout has failed, as Dru's moveset has not changed. We've used a couple of rare candies on our Pokémon and are back grinding against the Elite 4. Attempt #Who Knows?

Aaaand it's time. Ladies and gentleman,21 hours remain.

14d 14h 5m [D] We want to teach Dru Crunch over Shadow Claw, but we don't have the Heart Scales. It looks like we're going on a quest to find one! Good luck!

[Meta] DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY. 24 HOURS REMAIN. Random White 2 Hype! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 14h 0m [D] We're talking to the Move Relearner. We teach Unfezant Roost over Sky Attack.

Circlejerk for no reason. Kek-

VS School Kid Sally

[Update] Back in anarchy, we make our way to the stadium again to play more tennis battle more trainers.

[D] We sell a bunch of stuff to prevent any "accidental" usage of items, including 122 Antidotes, 74 Fresh Waters, and various other things, bringing us up to about 45k Pokeyen.

[D] Confident in our pokemon's love for Jimmy, we also teach Unfezant Return over Tailwind.

[D] We activate democracy and use our winnings from the stadium to buy the TM Return. We heal our pokemon and teach Sawsbuck Return over Double-Edge. No more KAPOWs for us!

[Info] We are at some kind of tennis court fighting trainers. Current party levels: Sawsbuck 74, Unfezant 77, Druddigon 74, Zebstrika 78, Galvantula 77, and Seismitoad at 73 with the EXP Share.

14d 11h 8m Sawsbuck uses swords dance for the first time. It successfully beats Grimsley's Sharpedo, Scrafty, Bisharp and Drapion, growing to level 71, before being beaten by Liepard.

14d 11h 6m Attempt 26, VS Grimsley.

14d 10h 57m Blacked out against Caitlin, rip attempt 25.

14d 10h 46m Attempt 25, we beat Grimsley, Seismitoad to level 73.

[Snark] Wow, not much happened this turn!

14d 10h 31m We beat Grimsley but black out to Shauntal.

14d 10h 14m Attempt 24 begins.

14d 10h 8m Black out, rip attempt 23.

14d 10h 5m Unfezant grew to level 77.

14d 10h 2m Inputting is now in anarchy mode.

14d 10h 1m [D] Swapped Sawsbuck to first position in the party.

14d 9h 56m [D] Sawsbuck learned swords dance by TM and forgot nature power.

14d 9h 43m Democracy activated, chat is trying to teach TMs.

14d 9h 36m E4 rematch attempt 23, Seismitoad to level 72. Grimsley defeated.

14d 9h 25m Druddigon grows to level 73. The level ups happened during attempt 23, which is now over as we black out to Grimsley.

14d 9h 20m Sawsbuck grows to level 73.

14d 9h 20m Seismitoad grows to level 71.

14d 9h 13m We took down more than half of Marshal's team, but black out nonetheless.

14d 9h 4m VS Marshal.

14d 9h 2m Defeated Grimsley. Only Galvantula is down and Sawsbuck is at more than half health, everyone else healthy!

14d 9h 0m Seismitoad grows to level 70.

14d 8h 57m Attempt #22, VS Grimsley.

[Snark] A great ball is a type of pokeball used to catch wild pokemon with 1.5x effectiveness.

[Info] Bright Powder reduces the foe's move accuracy by 10%. Big Root makes draining type moves (ie Fives Horn Leech) restore 30% more health. Shell Bell restores health to the pokemon equal to 1/8th of the damage it does every turn.

14d 8h 53m Blacked out against Shauntal.

14d 8h 50m Defeated Grimsley.

14d 8h 41m Thanks to Brightpowder and well timed sucker punches, Galvantula can now take out 4 of Grimsley's Pokémon before falling to Liepard's fake out!

14d 8h 40m Seismitoad grew to level 69.

14d 8h 39m Galvantula grew to level 76. Also, Scrafty's head smash missed twice against Galvantula. The newly attached brightpowder is mattering.

14d 8h 37m Attempt #21 begins, VS Grimsley. Druddigon and Zebrastrika still hold Great Balls which don't do anything.

14d 8h 36m Inputting is now in anarchy mode! The party order has also been changed: now it's Galvantula (75), Unfezant (76), Druddigon (72), Zebrastrika (78), Sawsbuck (72) and Seismitoad (68).

14d 8h 34m [D] Democracy was used to give the shell bell and brightpowder. Sawsbuck was given the big root to hold.

14d 8h 32m Unfezant was given the shell bell to hold.

14d 8h 29m Galvantula was given the brightpowder to hold.

14d 8h 17m [D] We remove Unfezant's exp share and give it to Seismitoad.

14d 8h 14m Chat decides to change party order before attempt #21. Democracy mode activated.

14d 8h 13m We beat Breloom and almost beat Sawk before blacking out. RIP attempt #20.

14d 8h 12m We beat Grimsley with only Unfezant left. VS Marshal.

14d 7h 59m Attempt #20 begins, VS Grimsley.

[Chat] Zc230: Sturdy (on Sawk) is there to make Marshal not a Bruno

[Chat] tppsimulator: throw until real run

Don't be that way, Sim.

[Update] Attempt #19 begins. We're bankrupting ourselves on the regular, but gaining levels in return.

[Update] M4 says he thinks this is probably attempt #17 so we're just going to go with that. We're locking down some strategies for beating Grimsley every time, with this attempt only losing 2 pokemon and one at red health.

After the latest E4 run (#who knows) our current party status is: Level 74 Galvantula, 68 Seismitoad, 72 Druddigon, 78 Zebstrika, 70 Sawsbuck, 71 Unfezant. This puts us about even with most of the Elite 4's pokemon levels, and we are managing to take out about one member per run.

[Meta] Updater now going dark.

14d 4h 43m Seismitoad grows to level 68.

14d 4h 40m Unfezant grows to level 70.

14d 4h 36m Attempt 8+. We challenge Grimsley first as usual, since Galvantula is good against his Sharpedo.

14d 4h 25m Due to throws and jump kick misses, we actually black out against Grimsley's Bisharp. Chat is getting tired of elite 4 rematches.

14d 4h 17m VS Grimsley. Attempt 7+ Kappa

14d 4h 13m We remove Seismitoad's item, which wasn't a useful item in the first place.

14d 4h 5m We blacked out against Shauntal. The chat still doesn't know which attempt this is, and I've counted 6 so far, but there are definitely more.

14d 3h 57m Defeated Grimsley. Zebrastrika is the only mon left, and it is at red health. We will black out soon.

14d 3h 56m Unfezant grew to level 69.

14d 3h 53m Sawsbuck grew to level 70 while fighting Grimsley.

14d 3h 48m VS Grimsley again. Since we're not likely to defeat the elite 4 anytime soon, I'll just update when we beat each E4 member.

14d 3h 39m Breloom defeats Zebrastrika, Unfezant and Sawsbuck. Black out.

14d 3h 34m Seismitoad down, Zebrastrika uses flame charge but Breloom uses spore on the zebra.

14d 3h 31m Facing Marshal. He leads with Breloom who our Seismitoad is terrible against. Breloom knows spore and sky uppercut.

[Info] Also, we taught Seismitoad earthquake over muddy water while I was away! That could be useful.

VS Marshal!

14d 3h 23m 14d 3h 22m Druddigon beats Drapion with outrage, Krookodile is sent out and uses outrage to beat Druddigon. Sawsbuck's horn leech beats Krookodile and her jump kick beats Bisharp. Liepard is sent out and uses aerial ace, Sawsbuck clutches and OHKOs with jump kick. Grimsley defeated!

14d 3h 15m Back in for another attempt, VS Grimsley. Galvantula uses thunderbolt and bug buzz to defeat Sharpedo and put Scrafty at red health. Scrafty defeats Galvantula with head smash, we send out Unfezant to defeat Scrafty, Grimsley sends out Drapion and defeats Unfezant with Thunder Fang.

14d 3h 10m Froslass OHKOs our Unfezant before it can do anything. Black out.

14d 3h 7m VS Shauntal. A critical hit outrage from Druddigon OHKOs Cofagrigus! Shauntal sends out Froslass. Druddigon dodges a blizzard, puts Froslass at yellow health and succumbs to the second blizzard. We send out Unfezant, our last Pokémon.

14d 2h 59m We're still fighting the rematch E4. We've just defeated Grimsley. Nobody in chat knows which elite 4 attempt this is, unfortunately.

[Meta] Updater going dark for half an hour, sorry about that.

14d 1h 34m We try to make Galvantula use bug buzz, but Musharna uses hypnosis and dream eater to KO Galvantula. Welp.

[Chat] machinafortress666: False Peach PogChamp (describing Caitlin)

14d 1h 33m Attempt #3 begins. VS Caitlin.

[Info] The elite 4 rooms are: Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, Marshal from left to right.

14d 1h 27m Unfezant's sky attack is a 2hko, and so it Cofagrigus' psychic. Black out, RIP attempt #2.

14d 1h 25m VS Shauntal. We send out Zebrastrika against her Cofagrigus. Zebrastrika down from energy ball. We send out our last Pokémon, Unfezant.

[Fluff] Flame charge not flame sharp, haha.

14d 1h 17m We send out Zebrastrika, using flame sharp to beat Bisharp. Grimsley sends out Liepard who uses attract on our zebra. Zebrastrika beats Liepard with discharge, Grimsley defeated!

14d 1h 16m We use Sawsbuck's horn leech to beat Krookodile. Bisharp comes out, we use jump kick, Bisharp uses X scissor, our next jump kick misses, Sawsbuck down.

14d 1h 14m We send out Seismitoad and use surf on Krookodile.Krookodile beats Seismitoad with foul play.

14d 1h 12m Grimsley sends out Drapion who defeats Galvantula. We send out Druddigon who defeats Drapion. Grimsley sends out Krookodile who defeats Druddigon with earthquake.

[Info] Our team has now learned all the level up moves they can learn.

14d 1h 8m Galvantula outspeeds and OHKOs Sharpedo, that's a good start. Grimsley sends out Scrafty, who faints from bug buzz+high jump kick miss recoil. Unfezant grows to level 66 and learns Sky attack over razor wind!

14d 1h 7m Rematch attempt 2. VS Grimsley. We send out Galvantula against his Sharpedo.

14d 1h 1m Flew back to Unova's Pokémon league, checkpointed and healed there. Serious attempt #2 incoming?

[Chat] tppsimulator: Squid1 Squid2 OneHand !!!!!!!!!!

Wow sim.

[Snark] Nice name.

14d 0h 46m Caught a genderless Lv. 75 Kyurem! Nickname: '"(.'-!''

14d 0h 44m VS Kyurem attempt 3. We send out Galvantula and spam Great Balls.

14d 0h 41m We trigger the Kyurem event for a third time!

14d 0h 14m Back at Kyurem's foggy forest.

Good to know. 1 day 14 hrs to Randomized White 2.

[Info] Kyurem will appear again if we return to the center pond of the Giant chasm forest.

1hko. Blacked out.

13d 23h 53m We send out druddigon.

[Info] Only Druddigon is left in our party, Kyurem is at level 75 and at red health.

Amh is dead (Dragon Time)

Seismitoad is dead.

13d 23h 47m Kyurem defeats Sawsbuck with dragon pulse. We send out Seismitoad.

[Info] Rock slide came from nature power in a cave.

13d 23h 45m Kyurem defeats Unfezant with glaciate. We send out Sawsbuck who uses rock slide, fortunately that does not KO Kyurem and instead brings it to 1/3 health.

13d 23h 42m We send out unfezant who weakens Kyurem with fly. We spam more Great Balls.

13d 23h 42m Kyurem KOs Galvantula. We get stuck in menus.

13d 23h 41m VS Kyurem. Chat spams Great Balls in large quantities.

13d 23h 40m Caught a female Lv.50 Golbat! Nickname: YLQ**

13d 23h 34m We reach the center pond. Kyurem cries and freezes the entire forest! We get to fight it again!

13d 23h 19m We entered the foggy forest part of the Giant Chasm. Time to make it back to the middle pond.

13d 23h 11m Back at the Giant Chasm, running from wild Pokémon. Current ball count: 169

13d 23h 9m Checkpointed at Lacunosa Poké Center.

13d 23h 7m Flew to Lacunosa City. Chat wants to fight Kyurem again.

13d 23h 0m We enter a cafe, and receive a free lemonade!

13d 22h 58m Flew to Castelia City.

13d 22h 55m Druddigon revenge kills Sharpedo with revenge (heh), but soon succumbs to Krookodile's earthquake. Black out, RIP our first serious attempt at the E4 rematch.

13d 22h 53m VS Grimsley. Seismitoad uses hyper voice against Grimsley's sharpedo. Grimsley uses a full restore, then defeats Seismitoad with crunch.

13d 22h 50m Current status: Seismitoad and Druddigon at full health. Chat is excited that we can use the elite 4 for grinding now.

13d 22h 47m Conkeldurr defeats Unfezant with hammer arm, Sawsbuck revenge kills with double edge, Mienshao beats Sawsbuck with high jump kick. Druddigon manages to dodge a high jump kick and beat Mienshao, growing to level 70, MARSHAL BEATEN.

13d 22h 46m We send out Unfezant, who beats Toxicroak with aerial ace. Marshal sends out Conkeldurr, Unfezant uses fly.

13d 22h 46m Marshal sends out Toxicroak, Zebrastrika down.

13d 22h 43m We manage to paralyze Sawk and bring it to low health with thunderbolt, but Sawk uses stone edge to beat Galvantula. We send out Zebrastrika who beats Sawk with Wild charge, then beats Marshal's Throh with a similar strategy and grows to level 77.

13d 22h 43m Breloom down, Galvantula grows to level 74. Marshal sends out Sawk.

13d 22h 42m Breloom puts us to sleep with spore, Galvantula soon wakes up and retaliates with bug buzz.

13d 22h 41m We entered Marshal's room. VS Marshal. We send out Galvantula against his breloom.

13d 22h 39m Checkpointed at the Pokémon league. We enter for a new attempt.

13d 22h 38m We fly to Unova's Pokémon league!

13d 22h 34m Gengar's sludge bomb OHKOs Sawsbuck, we lose the 5th battle. Our final score is: 1201 points, 2 out of 7 stars! We get called a Novice trainer.

13d 22h 32m VS the 5th trainer, a Pokémon breeder. His Gengar 2HKOs Seismitoad with shadow ball and OHKOs Druddigon.

13d 22h 31m Sawsbuck KOs slowking with horn leech, Whiscash is sent out. We use nature-power-turned tri attack, which burns Whiscash. Whiscash OHKOs Sawsbuck with blizzard and we lose the 4th battle.

13d 22h 28m Druddigon almost KOs slowking with shadow claw, but is quickly defeated by Slowking's psychic. We send out Sawsbuck.

13d 22h 27m We fight the 4th trainer, a fisherman. Seismitoad stood no chance against the fisherman's Slowking.

13d 22h 24m We send out Sawsbuck and Minnow sends out Cradily. We use horn leech against Cradily's stone edge, but Cradily's quick claw procs twice and we lose!

13d 22h 23m Electrode uses a focus sash to survive Druddigon's outrage, then uses explosion! Druddigon down!

13d 22h 20m We send out druddigon. Outrage almost KOs it but Breloom's effect spore puts druddigon to sleep! Then Breloom faints from poison! It didn't have poison heal after all. Minnow sends out electrode.

13d 22h 19m VS Cyclist Minnow, the third trainer in the battle institute (our of 5)! Her Breloom OHKOs Seismitoad with seed bomb and then gets poisoned by the toxic orb. Poison heal strats incoming.

[Fluff] The maid said that she wants to live in a world of games, anime and comics forever! Weeb confirmed!

13d 22h 18m Sawsbuck uses double edge to KO Braviary, we beat the maid.

13d 22h 16m We send out Druddigon, who beats Pinsir with Outrage. Out comes Braviary who uses sky drop and rock slide on druddigon, defeating our dragon.

13d 22h 13m Our Pokémon are healed between each battle. VS Maid Cyanea! She sends out Shuckle. Seismitoad 3HKOs Shuckle with surf. The maid sends out Pinsir who defeats Seismitoad with thrash.

13d 22h 12m We send out Sawbuck who beats Palpitoad with horn leech. The trainer (an alpinist) sends out scraggy, we jump kick and win.

13d 22h 9m Our Pokémon are all set to level 50. We beat the first trainer's Krokkrok, but their palpitoad defeats out seismitoad.

13d 22h 8m We enter Seismitoad, Sawsbuck and Druddigon in a battle test!

13d 22h 4m Flew to Nimbasa City and entered the battle institute.

13d 21h 46m We speak to Skyla. She said that she remembers our gym battle, and that it was fun.

13d 21h 32m We shoot ourselves back to the gym entrance before we could talk to the gym leader.

13d 21h 32m We reach Skyla!

13d 21h 23m We enter the Mistralton Gym, trying to say hi to Skyla. We play around the gym puzzle and its giant cannons.

13d 21h 20m We fly to Mistralton City.

13d 21h 16m We ring the bell ourselves, in memory of all the Pokémon we released in PC massacres all those years ago. Rest in peace.

13d 21h 15m We reach the top of the tower to find a familiar face- Champion Alder! He rings the bell in memory of his first Pokémon and encourages us to come see him soon at the Pokémon League.

13d 21h 4m Tornadus can now be found roaming Unova. Meanwhile we take a detour to climb the Celestial Tower.

13d 20h 59m Outside the storm is stopped. Tornadus appears and brings the storm back with it! How troublesome! It flies away again and Route 7 is clear.

13d 20h 58m We are brought into shelter by an old woman. We share some soup with her and listen to a story about the legendary Pokémon Tornadus.

[Fluff] It's raining Persians and Growlithes out here!

13d 20h 49m We go north onto Route 7 where a terrible storm is blowing.

13d 20h 45m We return to anarchy mode.

[D] We browse Dru's moveset until we find Outrage. But Dru can only learn 4 moves! Will we delete a move in order to make room for Outrage? 1,2, and...Ta-da! Dru forgot Fling and relearned Outrage.

[D] Activated democracy! We speak to the Move Relearner, who hustles us for a Heart Scale.

13d 20h 33m We fly to Mistralton City. It seems we're trying to speak with the Move Relearner so that Dru can relearn Outrage over Fling.

13d 20h 29m We check out the ferris wheel but decide we've had enough entertainment for today. We fly back to the Nimbasa City Pokémon Center.

13d 20h 24m We buy 2 Fresh Waters and 4 Soda Pops from a nearby vending machine. Refreshing!

13d 20h 22m We wave hello and goodbye to Elesa before leaving the gym. Thank you for keeping your hands and feet inside the coaster at all times.

13d 20h 16m We're at the Nimbasa City Gym, pushing switches and riding coasters.

13d 19h 58m We've been browsing through the TM pocket of our bag for several minutes now. Our Druddigon just forgot Outrage for Fling.

13d 19h 47m We decide that we should get off the train before the 4th battle, ending our progress.

13d 19h 43m Despite a lot of friendly fire, we manage to defeat double battles #2 and #3.

[Fluff] Chat is excited because on our very first subway battle three years ago, Hilda used this same Accelgor. The nostalgia!

13d 19h 37m We win the first double battle without too much difficulty. Hilda's second Pokémon is Accelgor.

13d 19h 33m We're back at the Battle Subway to do more doubles with Hilda. We choose Seismitoad and Galvantula, while Hilda chooses Krookodile and a yet unknown second Pokémon.

13d 19h 23m Watching back some previously recorded videos, from earlier in the revisit. And we delete that video.

[Further Info] If we don't manage to beat the Elite 4/Champion and make it into the Hall of Fame before intermission ends, we'll be coming back to it after we complete Random White 2, presumably before PBR starts up again.

[Info] For a full recap on the first day of Intermission Black, check out Duplex_be_great's post on the TPP Subreddit.

13d 18h 46m We visit Prof Juniper and get our pokedex rated. She gives us like 5 TMs as a result!

13d 18h 37m Back at the league

13d 18h 18m Terrakion appears! Its power is so terrifying that we flee immediately

13d 18h 16m We find Terrakion

13d 18h 8m Nonon to level 67, Cheren defeated

13d 18h 6m 5 to level 67

13d 18h 4m QQQQ faints

13d 18h 1m Dru faints

13d 18h 1m QQQQ to level 65

[Update] Currently battling Cheren, Sparky is fainted, Dru is out

Here we go. Elevator going up- (1 day 20 hours till randomized white) (Dawn of the second day,48 hours remain)

[Update] We are currently on the Battle Train fighting alongside Hilda using 5 and QQQQ

[Update] We've beaten Morimoto, only Henry remains alive at ~32 HP

[Meta] Nothing much of interest is happening right now. Updater going dark until someone else tags in.

[Update] We fly and checkpoint at Castelia City. We hop on the Royal Unova and set sail for destinations unknown!

[Update] Our 2nd E4 Challenge is mostly spent with us scrolling through menus and throwing pokeballs at Cynthia's pokemon. We black out and slide down Victory Road to avoid further humiliation.

[Update] We were about to enter the Giant Chasm when we suddenly decided to switch course and fly to the Pokemon League! Elite 4 Challenge is a go!

[Info] Also it seems that PBR Rewards have been dispersed, so expect the 'open crate' animation to be running for a good while.

[Continued Update] We did a PC shuffle to remove Frillish and bring back Unfezant to the party. Our next destination is Giant Chasm for Kyurem.

[Brief Update] We have taught out level 5 Frillish Waterfall and managed to find another Sage for Looker's post-game quest.

[Meta] Sorry guys, updater is going dark for a bit

13d 10h 10m [D] PC shut down

13d 10h 9m [D] Frillish is withdrawn

13d 10h 6m [D] QQQQ is deposited

13d 10h 4m [D] QQQQ is selected again

13d 10h 3m [D] QQQQ is selected then returned to the party

[Fluff] We got new wallpapers for our successes

13d 9h 59m [D] PC activated

13d 9h 59m [D] We slowly make our way to the PC

13d 9h 57m [D] We fly to Undella Town

13d 9h 55m [D] We appear to be trying to get to Undella Town

13d 9h 49m [D] Democracy activated

13d 9h 47m We place 5 at the back and QQQQ at the front of the team

13d 9h 46m We talk to a scientist. He contemplates the nature of happiness with regards to science

13d 9h 43m We read stray memos. Apparently somebody's research upset N

13d 9h 42m We enter the Plasma warehouse

13d 9h 32m We save

13d 9h 31m We also find a dragon scale

13d 9h 31m We find a calcium

13d 9h 30m We defeat Backpacker Sam

13d 9h 29m We face Backpacker Sam

[Info] Scraggy had no nickname

13d 9h 26m Caught a male Lv. 29 Scraggy!

13d 9h 24m Obtained HM05 Waterfall

13d 9h 20m We find Rood, he gives us TM32 Double Team and Looker arrives to arrest him

13d 9h 19m We see another sage

13d 9h 7m Caught a female Lv. 5 Frillish! Nickname: Frillish♪;

13d 9h 3m On Route 17

13d 8h 56m We find a max ether

13d 8h 54m And we're surfing!

13d 8h 53m We visit Mom then head north to Route 1

13d 8h 50m We fly to Nuvema Town

13d 8h 45m We heal

13d 8h 43m We fly to Castelia City

13d 8h 37m Back at the Desert Resort

Obtained TM26 Earthquake

Sparky faints, game crashes, riot screen appears, we return and flee

QQQQ faints

Dru faints

5 faints to Volcarona

Ryoko gives us TM03 Calm Mind, then Looker bursts in and arrests the sage

We reach the next sage

5 to level 66, QQQQ to level 63

We caught up, Vs Plasma Grunt

Back in anarchy, and we just scared off a Plasma grunt

[D] We found a PP Up

[D] Currently in Relic Castle, Democracy is active

[Fluff] Which, it is intermission, so it's not that big of a deal, but we're going for as much updating as we can during this segment since it's a continuation of Black.

[Meta] Going dark...

13d 6h 59m We've entered the Desert Resort.

13d 6h 54m Making our way through Route 4.

[Donation] $20.17 from LadyJasmineOfOlivine: "Let's ride the Ferris wheel together. Just as friends. VoHiYo"

13d 6h 48m That was so we could ride the Ferris Wheel. Whee! This is fun with the Hiker.

13d 6h 48m A second Nature Power KOs and defeats the Hiker.

13d 6h 47m We're facing Hiker Andy! Sawsbuck vs a Level 25 Boldore. Nature Power would OHKO, but Sturdy.

13d 6h 41m We've arrived in Nimbasa City!

13d 6h 40m Onto Route 5.

13d 6h 38m We're on the Driftveil Drawbridge now.

13d 6h 28m We got a Shell Bell! From an old man in his house because we've caught 50+ Pokémon.

13d 6h 19m The three we have left are Ryoku in Relic Castle, Rood on Route 18, and Giallo on Route 13.

13d 6h 18m Looker comes and tells us there are 3 Sages left. Let's go!

13d 6h 16m We've encountered another Sage! We've talked to Zinzolin enough that I could read through his dialogue and he gave us TM01 Hone Claws!

13d 6h 11m We've entered a really icy building.

13d 6h 6m Okay, so that first cave was Chargestone Cave, and right now we're in Driftveil City.

13d 6h 4m Okay, that didn't have a route name! We're in a town with some jamming music, but I don't really know what town it is. Lemme google.

13d 5h 57m We're back on Route 6! I just noticed that the route names are in the top left, FailFish.

13d 5h 55m We surf across the river and go into a DIFFERENT cave. This one is Mistralton Cave.

13d 5h 51m We've left the cave on the other side.

13d 5h 45m We go back into the cave.

13d 5h 43m We aw snapped/will resume shortly for a second and then we're back.

13d 5h 42m We enter the Pokémon Center and heal!

13d 5h 40m We have finally left the cave!

13d 5h 24m 4 of the Seven Sages are still at large, Looker tells us, so we should look out for them. As we leave we find a Rare Candy!

13d 5h 23m Looker comes, and Bronius tells them about the lesson they learned. Obviously it's slightly more meaningful than that, I just like to equate this to the ending of a preschooler educational show.

13d 5h 22m After some morals and learning about the true meaning of Pokémon, we get TM69 Rock Polish!

13d 5h 21m That KOs the trash and prompts another Liepard to be sent out. Liepard uses Nasty Plot while we Jump Kick, and we kick him out of the arena! Defeated Team Plasma Grunt.

13d 5h 21m We try Horn Leech but it really does no damage. After Garbodor raises its special, we opt for Nature Power/Rock Slide thrice.

13d 5h 20m Liepard deals some damage with a Night Slash, but a well placed Horn Leech recovers that damage and OHKOs. Against Garbodor.

13d 5h 20m We face a second one, who sends out a Liepard to our Sawsbuck.

13d 5h 19m It's SE, but doesn't KO, and we use a Double-Edge to finish him off. Defeated Team Plasma Grunt.

13d 5h 18m We use Horn Leech, and due to the crit it OHKOs. Against Scrafty now, we switch it up to Jump Kick.

13d 5h 18m We run into Team Plasma and are engaging in on of their grunts! Sawsbuck vs Watchog!

13d 5h 8m We found a Hyper Potion! And we turned on and off Dowsing mode!

13d 5h 4m Against Lilligant, we OHKO it with Horn Leech, and defeat Stella.

13d 5h 4m We OHKO it. Against Ducklett! We opt for Nature Power instead, but that works out as well. OHKO.

13d 5h 3m Facing Ace Trainer Stella! We send out Sawsbuck against Gothita!

13d 5h 3m We are masterly navigating from a trainer, and it almost worked, but she saw us.

13d 5h 1m We found the BrightPowder!

13d 4h 58m Another Horn Leech, another OHKO. Defeated Ace Trainer Allison.

13d 4h 57m We start with Horn Leech and OHKO. Which considering Drilbur is level 30, isn't that impressive. Against Zebstrika now!

13d 4h 57m Fighting Ace Trainer Allison! It's Sawsbuck vs Drilbur!

13d 4h 55m As we keep running from wild battles, I should mention (since it doesn't look like it has been) that there is a coordinate aliasing system that allows us to press the run buttons by saying "run" in our chat command.

13d 4h 46m And we entered the cave on the South side. Hot damn it feels great to hear that wild battle music.

13d 4h 45m Currently we're wandering around a town right next to the airport. Mistralton City iirc.

[Recap] FaithfulForce: @deadinsky Flew to Undella town, got hidden heart scale, flew to Mistralton, taught Sawsbuck Horn Leech over Leech Seed

FaithfulForce: @deadinsky Oh yeah sharp beak from the airport too

DimitriPilot3: picked up Shark Beak + heart scale, used the latter to teach Horn Leech

[Meta] Updater actually going dark this time.

13d 3h 14m Ace trainer Eileen challenges us to a rotation battle! She sends out Simisage, Simisear and Simipour, each at level 39. Her Pokémon are both underleveled and un-tactical, using seed bomb on Sawsbuck (who has sap sipper). She is easily defeated and Unfezant grew to level 62

13d 3h 8m Found a hyper potion.

13d 2h 59m Healed and checkpointed at Opelucid.

13d 2h 56m Arrived at Opelucid City.

13d 2h 53m Backpacker Talon, a trainer who speaks French, challenges us. We defeat his Croagunk easily.

13d 2h 53m Thalia gives us a leppa berry!

13d 2h 49m Pokémon ranger Thalia challenges us and sends out Rapidash. Rapidash defeats Galvantula with Fire blast, Druddigon is sent out and uses outrage to beat Rapidash. Drudiggon grows to level 69 and demolishes the rest of Thalia's team.

13d 2h 46m Galvantula easily defeats the Backpacker's Snowver.

13d 2h 44m We bought some fresh waters (less than 10) and left for route 11. Backpacker Corin challenges us.

[Chat] tppsimulator: I E A E A E A U I E O E O E O E A U I E A ♫

Everyone else is either singing along or quietly enjoying the completed background music.

13d 2h 16m Found a calcium.

[Fluff] The Village Bridge music is not interrupted by surfing music while surfing. Quite appropriate for a music-based bridge.

13d 2h 6m We speak to the 4th and last musician! He said that the village bridge song is a sad song, and completes it for us!

[Chat] ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ O E A E A U I E O E A ♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫

13d 2h 0m We've found the third musician, who sings the lyrics of the Village bridge song!

[Snark] Meanwhile, tppsimulator gives us naughty suggestions.

13d 1h 53m We're on Village Bridge now. We activated two of the bridge musicians, which means that their music has been added to the background music. Two more musicians left.

13d 1h 13m We toss many Great Balls, coming close to catching Kyurem, but Kyurem knocks out our team before we can watch it. Black out, back to Lacunosa Poké Center.

13d 1h 6m VS Kyurem. We send out Druddigon, who gets knocked out with Glaciate.

Kyurem sighted! we immediately surf away from it.

13d 1h 1m We reached the center of the forest with no further damage! We hear Kyurem's cry and the entire forest freezes over. Chat WutFaces.

Found TM03 Psyshock.

13d 0h 55m Found a max revive.

13d 0h 51m Current party status: Druddigon at half health, Zebrastrika and Seismitoad in good condition, everyone else fainted, quite far from Kyurem's location.

13d 0h 44m Found a Carbos.

13d 0h 43m Caught a male Lv. 54 Clefairy! Nickname: M♪♪f♪s___♪

13d 0h 37m Druddigon defeats the Metang. We continue wandering around the Giant Chasm, jumping ledges and pumping into trees covered in mist.

[Info] It has a catch rate of 3, matching that of non-force-catch legendaries.

13d 0h 34m Currently trying to catch a metang. It has about a third of its health remaining, and we are chucking many Great Balls at it.

[Fluff] Unfortunately, tppsim always starts its message with /me <message deleted>

[Chat] tppsimulator: right+reuse

This is the first time I've seen simbot enter a valid command during runs!

13d 0h 26m Galvantula grew to level 72.

13d 0h 21m A wild Jynx took out Sawsbuck!

13d 0h 21m We found a comet shard!

13d 0h 18m Found yet another Tiny Mushroom!

13d 0h 16m Caught a level 47 female Golbat! Nickname ,,_'%W_d

[Fluff] Yeah, these names are much better than the monotonous AAAAAAAAAA.

13d 0h 13m Caught a level 47 Female Excadrill! Nickname _♪%%♪'(" According to chat, this is our first ever Excadrill caught in TPP!

13d 0h 10m Picked up another Star Piece! We're rich!

13d 0h 9m Caught a level 49 Male Piloswine! Nickname _Fb_dm_b♪P

13d 0h 7m Found a hidden Tiny Mushroom! It's a cave full of fungal treasure, and we intend to pick 'em all.

[Fluff] With turbo anarchy disabled for intermission and the run, chat is enjoying the ability to make some more 'creative' nicknames.

13d 0h 4m Caught a Male level 49 Boldore. Nickname ,")____-Y_

13d 0h 2m We found a hidden Star Piece!

13d 0h 1m Caught a Male 47 level Piloswine! Nickname _%%+re_WEp

12d 23h 57m We closely examined a rock in the Giant Chasm and found a Big Mushroom! Who would have thought?

[Info] There are no Pokémon Badges given out to chat during this intermission, so catching Kyurem is just for fun and/or completion.

12d 23h 49m We're back at Route 13. Kyurem here we come!

12d 23h 46m We entered the Pokémon Center! Checkpoint: Lacunosa Town! Healed our team and ready for action.

[Snark] Does this wall look any different than it did 30 seconds ago? No? Okay, but what about this wall? No? Okay, but what about...

12d 23h 29m We're back in Lacunosa Town, exploring every street, wall, and building except the Pokémon Center.

12d 23h 25m Arrived in Lacunosa Town! And walked right out the other side of it to Route 12.

12d 23h 20m We made some progress towards the Giant Chasm to catch Kyurem but decided it would be a good idea to go to a nearby town and checkpoint first. Currently en route to Lacunosa Town.

[Fluff] Our Galvantula has the Unnerve ability, which makes our opponents too nervous to eat berries. Is it the six eyes? The hairy legs? Or just his shocking personality?

12d 23h 12m Picked up a Max Elixir!

12d 23h 9m Caught a level 50 Solrock which is genderless! Nickname a__b11lb

12d 23h 5m We found a hidden Dragon Gem! Excellent detective skills.

12d 22h 55m We pick up a Prism Scale!

12d 22h 46m Her Goldeen is knocked out by Sawsbuck but the recoil damage from Double Edge takes out Sawsbuck too! Zebstrika quickly finishes off her Seaking and grows to level 76! Laura is defeated.

12d 22h 44m Challenged by Parasol Lady Laura! She sends our her Surskit to meet our Sawsbuck, and we recoil damage into red health. Unfezant grows to level 60!

[Info] No badges for catching Pokémon are being given out to chat during intermission.

12d 22h 41m We use a Great Ball and catch a wild Drifbin! No Nickname, level 49.

12d 22h 37m After a brief boulder shuffle, we pick up TM 29 Psychic!

12d 22h 36m We catch a Tangela with a premier ball! Male level 47, nickname BBCDDy.

12d 22h 34m We enter a double battle with Twins Emy & Lin! Plusle and Minun challenge our Sawsbuck and Galvantula. Minun faints and Sawbuck grows to level 65! Plusle is then defeated shortly after.

12d 22h 30m Socialite Marian wants to battle! She sends out a Kricketot and Chimecho which are quickly defeated by our Sawsbuck.

12d 22h 27m We enter Route 13.

[Info] Current ball count after a lengthy shopping spree: 140 Poké Balls, 93 Great Balls, 2 Premier Balls, 11 Luxury Balls. Total: 246. We spent all our money.

12d 22h 10m We buy 100 Poké Balls and a burn heal. We get a premier ball for free.

[Info] All of Cynthia's Pokémon are level 75+. Our current team's average level is only 67.

12d 22h 3m Sawsbuck defeats Garchomp with a nature-power boosted Tri attack, before fainting from its own burn. We send out Unfezant and Cynthia sends out Electross, which oneshots Unfezant with wild charge. Although we lost and paid 9000 to Cynthia, it was still quite an impressive battle.

12d 22h 0m Galvantula is sent out. Garchomp use stone edge, Galvantula barely holds on at 1 HP and uses bug buzz. Cynthia uses a full restore while our spider uselessly uses sucker punch. Galvantula then manages to dodge 3 stone edges in a row, taking out most of Garchomp's health using sucker punch before succumbing to an earthquake!

12d 21h 58m Seismitoad manages to reduce Garchomp to less than half health, but is soon KO-ed by earthquake.

12d 21h 57m Cynthia sends out her ace, Garchomp, and proceeds to OHKO Zebrastrika and Druddigon. Uh oh.

12d 21h 55m Sawsbuck got burned by Spiritomb and can't do a thing against it except leech seed, so we switch to Zebrastrika. Zebrastrika defeats Spiritomb with discharge and Unfezant grows to level 59.

12d 21h 54m VS CYNTHIA in Undella Town! She sends out Spiritomb against our Sawsbuck. We use leech seed while spiritomb uses double team.

12d 21h 51m Healed. Bought 11 luxury balls and 31 Like Mail in the Poké Mart.

12d 21h 46m Entered and checkpointed at Undella Town Pokémon Center.

[Info] Which means different music!

12d 21h 42m Arrived at Undella Town. It's summertime in-game.

12d 21h 40m We toss 2 ultra balls at a wild Golduck at half health. Both fail and we're out of Poké Balls

12d 21h 35m We get unstuck from menus and uses fly, which 2HKOs Scrafty. The Black Belt's Poliwrath defeats Unfezant, and we send in Zebrastrika to 2HKO it with discharge.

12d 21h 33m We send out our newly evolved Unfezant, who uses fly to oneshot Primeape. Black belt Jay sent out Scrafty, while we get stuck in the items menu.

12d 21h 31m Next we fight a black belt. His Primeape defeats Sawsbuck with Thrash.

12d 21h 29m Challenged by Backpacker Vicki! She sends out her lvl 65 Numel, but It's no match for our Sawsbuck.

12d 21h 27m We return to Route 14.

12d 21h 26m We decide against saying hi to Mom and fly back to Black City.

12d 21h 16m Flew back home to Nuvema Town.

12d 21h 14m Exited Black City, now on route 14.

[Chat] Is spamming TriHards due to the name of Black City.

12d 21h 05m We quickly go through route 15 and reach Black City!

12d 21h 02m With the help of the exp share, Tranquill grows to level 58 and EVOLVES into Unfezant! Jimmy's team is now fully evolved.

12d 21h 01m A combination of Druddigon's outrage, Galvantula's thunderbolt and Sawsbuck's double edge defeat Glinda's 3 pokemon. We win.

12d 20h 59m Challenged by Ace trainer Glinda to a Triple Battle! We send out Sawsbuck, Galvantula and Druddigon against her Alomomola, Klingklang and Beeheyem.

12d 20h 52m We meet the Shadow Triad in the middle of the bridge, and they give us the Adamant, Lustrous and Griseous Orbs.

12d 20h 50m Ok that trainer was a backpacker, not a biker, and he had a Scraggy. We head through route 16 onto Marvelous bridge. Although we have trouble with gatehouse doors as usual, and we keep stepping on and off the bridge.

12d 20h 46m We head east onto route 16, where we are challenged by a biker with level 23 Pokemon. We win easily.

[Fluff] Druddigon looks surprisingly in place and happy when dancing along with the music.

[Fluff] Musicals totally aren't a competition, but the dude is going to give us comments in no particular order anyway, in a manner that suggests we're in last place...

12d 20h 39m We enter Druddigon in a Pokemon Musical!

[Fluff] I expected TriHard when it's Cheren we meet.

12d 20h 37m Cheren talks about what he learned through his journey: strength isn't just about winning, it's about protecting those you care about. He then leaves, and we walk into Nimbasa City.

[Chat] BibleThump

12d 20h 35m We walk across Drifveil Drawbridge and onto route 5, where we meet Cheren.

12d 20h 28m We fly back home for a brief conversation with mom, then fly to Drifveil City.

12d 20h 24m We slide down a super ledge/slope to a lower part of victory road. WHEEEEEEEE

12d 20h 23m We decide that the rematch E4 is too tough for us, and head to victory road instead... when suddenly inputs freeze. RIP.

12d 20h 21m Grimsley sends out Liepard who immediately defeats the weakened Tranquill, Black out, RIP elite 4 rematch attempt 1.

12d 20h 20m Tranquill is sent out against Drapion. Drapion uses Thunder Fang and Tranquill finishes off Drapion with aerial ace.

12d 20h 19m Sparker's bug buzz KOs Krookodile, Grimsley sends out Drapion, who is heavily damaged by Sparker. Sparker succumbs to Drapion's fire fang.

12d 20h 18m Grimsley sends out Krokodile, whose strong outrage attack makes short work of several team members. Only Sparker (Galvantula) and Bird Matt remain.

12d 20h 16m VS Grimsley. Fives beats Grimsley's Bisharp with Jump Kick, Grimsley's scrafty defeats Fives and is revenge killed by Zebrastrika.

[Snark] Urn hype!

Party healed.

Checkpointed at Unova's Pokemon League.

**We fly to Unova's pokemon league!

We give the exp share to Bird Matt (Tranquill) in anarchy.

12d 19h 53m [Meta] Updater going dark. Make good choices!

12d 19h 52m We give Sawsbuck a Flying Gem and take its Dark Gem.

12d 19h 51m We're in the Striaton Gym/Restaurant. We hang out with the chef brothers for a bit.

12d 19h 49m [Info] Current Team: Sawsbuck (64, fainted), Galvantula (71, fainted), Druddigon (68), Zebstrika (75, paralyzed and at half health), Seismitoad (66), and Tranquil (56).

12d 19h 45m We stroll West into Striaton City.

12d 19h 39m We swap out Galvantula's EXP Share and give it a PP Up instead.

12d 19h 37m We finally pick it up. It's a Hyper Potion. Dank.

12d 19h 33m We do laps around an item. We even whip out the item dowser which points to it for us.

12d 19h 29m We have a random double encounter, but immediately run.

12d 19h 28m We find Gorn. He tells us "Boo!" and ruminates on Team Plasma. He gives us TM 75 Swords Dance. Looker shows up and arrests Gorn.

12d 19h 25m We emerge upstairs on top of the Dreamyard building. We do some stair laps to help tone our glutes.

12d 19h 22m After the battle, he tells us that the Musharna that show up on Fridays are slightly different. Dank.

12d 19h 21m Psychic Rudolf challenges us. Galvantula mows down his team. Rudolf goes down.

12d 19h 20m We find a Twisted Spoon on the floor. In an abandoned building. Kids, this is how you get Tetanus.

12d 19h 16m Scientist Kathrine tells us she wants to research our dreams and sends out a Jigglypuff. Galvantula makes short work of it and levels up to 71. Kathrine sends out Musharna, but our #ShockingSpoder prevails. Kathrine defeated!

12d 19h 14m Psychic Tommy challenges us! He sends out a Level 63 Beldum. Our spider takes it out in one hit. His Metang, Beheeyem, and Reuinclus also fall. Dank.

12d 19h 12m We find an invisible Awakening in the corner. Dank.

12d 19h 12m We're back to shambling around broken bookshelves. There are scientists running around; they jump and run the opposite direction whenever they see us.

12d 19h 11m Zebstrika takes down Hypno. He sends out Musharna. Zebstrika and Musharna are both paralyzed. Zebstrika prevails. Scientist Markus defeated!

12d 19h 9m Sawsbuck takes down Drowzee, but only has 41 health remaining. Markus sends out a Hypno. We use Double-Edge, resulting in Sawsbuck fainting from recoil.

12d 19h 7m We're challenged by Scientist Markus! He sends out a level 63 Drowzee.

[Fluff] Not our entire team, Bird Matt is still a Tranquill.

12d 19h 6m Now that we've evolved our entire team, we put them to the test by encountering level 11 Pokémon. We run immediately.

12d 19h 4m There are walls and NPCs in this area, and we're making as much physical contact as we can with both of them.

12d 19h 1m In the Dreamyard.

12d 19h 1m We make our way back to the Dreamyard.

12d 18h 59m Back in Anarchy. We accidentally turn on the C-gear, which warns us against using it on airplanes.

12d 18h 56m [D] Deerling evolved into Sawsbuck!

12d 18h 55m [D] Leveled Deerling up to 64!

12d 18h 54m [D] Joltik evolved into Galvantula!

[D] Also used a Rare Candy on Joltik. Joltik leveled up to 70!

12d 18h 52m [D] Nonon evolved into Seismitoad!

12d 18h 51m [D] Nonon leveled up to 66!

12d 18h 50m [D] Nonon evolved into Palpitoad! (So much for keeping Nonon/Tympole cute..) #KeepNononCute

12d 18h 49m [D] Used the Rare Candy on Nonon. Nonon leveled up to 65!

[D] We use one of our 4 rare candies on ... Nonon the Tympole.

[D] Opened the items bag.

Inputting is now in democracy mode!

Chat seems to be pushing for democracy to use the rare candy.

Found a Rare Candy!

Now on Route 2.

Obtained the super rod!


[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: TPP is typically a little unstable when switching to a new game tppPc

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: please stand by, we're setting up the DS

[Devs] ProjectRevoTPP: note to self: never try to stream unofficial builds of desmume, it doesnt like that

Stream apparently fixed.

Temporarily hosting saltybet.


[Devs] M4_used_Rollout: lol things are broken, hang on

Riveting behind the scenes footage

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the overlay is currently being rewritten using React.JS, this will eventually be made open-source

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry, miscommunication on when to end it tppSlowpoke

Just about one hour left till intermission starts, at which point we will be playing our old Pokémon Black save to see if we can make it into the Hall of Fame. We will be updating using this space, so be sure to check in! I'm kj8011 and I look forward to seeing you for teh urn!

52d 23h 0m Since Blazed Glazed started, btw. Kappa

Well I'm making my full return (heh heh) to live updating after a hiatus in chatty yellow and a partial return in blazed glazed.

I am your other new contributor u/joycewu333. Here's hoping that the coming run will be interesting and fun-packed!

12 days still the start. I am your new contributor /u/SeasaltinePeach. Thank you for watching Blazed Glazed,and here's hopes for another 100 club run!