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Post TPP Randomized White 2 Intermission

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[Hype] 1 hour hype!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh cool, Deathsmiles music

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: had to be clever with the layout to handle 6v6 and results without wasting space due to pokemon display

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: a new feature that is added is a percentage difference of your balance

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I've been developing the match results screen for the new overlay

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP: Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @projectrevotpp sorry that I'm taking my time, my internet connection isn't suited to remoting and no one else was doing it, in light of that your patience is appreciated

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: pbrEngine is now open-source on TPP's github, check out Felk's fantastic work: https://github.com/TwitchPlaysPokemon/pbrEngine

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: congratulations everyone!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the overlay rewrite is coming along nicely

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thank you everyone for watching Twitch Plays Pokemon!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Kappa tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: new overlay is coming along nicely, I hate the old one already

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: stream is back up, refresh if you don't see it

[Streamer] Egobuff: is it going to be just a technical upgrade or will the overlay also look different?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Egobuff both

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: completely reasonable to say it's the third generation of TPP's software

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: by the way, new overlay still under heavy development, it's such a big improvement over the current one

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: compression should be nicer too

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: also, should be running at 60fps now, it was using OBS Classic before at 30fps for some reason

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry about that

[Streamer] estreIlita: my bank card has like $.40 so i cant donate nor sub atm MikeHogu

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @estreIlita don't worry about donating if you don't have much money

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the overlay will also be open-sourced, the rest of the system won't be however (but the plan is eventually that too)

[Streamer] メガザード (megazard): Stad 2 money will be same as pbr season money?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @メガザード I haven't decided yet but I'm leaning towards that yes

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: that's what I mean by "bread and butter" being in the footer

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: one of them will be match betting

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: that is two sidegames going simultaneously

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: additionally, Stadium 2 will be a sidegame

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: since you'd always have a run going

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I really want to make the sidegame better, I think if I can put the "bread and butter" of TPP in the footer then it allows for a greater variety of "main" content

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the viewercount has been declining but you wouldn't know it looking at the donations, thank you for your support, I've been working every day on the biggest overhaul to the overlay TPP has ever seen

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: sorry about the instability, we're still working on it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: don't worry

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I've made much worse mistakes

[Streamer] TinyFlute: games done quick

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @TinyFlute no I actually messed up in a specific way

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: also I think GDQ not reading the donation was my fault, I messed up so don't think badly of GDQ, the money still went through

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: development on the new overlay is coming along well

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppBait

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: new emote going up soon

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I donated $200 USD from TPP's donations to GDQ during the Pokemon run but they didn't read it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppLUL

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: that's probably what you were reading about

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Twitch prevents you from hosting and unhosting too frequently

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: a new emote will be added soon, keep an eye out for it


Streamer interrupts our antics:

TwitchPlaysPokemon: the encoder should be coming online soon, that means 60fps again

TwitchPlaysPokemon: in the next day or so