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[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I want the stream to be in a good place mechanically before trying to get twitches attention

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I see only 1 way we could go back anywhere close to 3 years, but it involves talks with twitch

[Streamer] Zawasculin: @xxmoonlotusxx Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Zawasculin it's a matter of motivating people in a better direction, I would not be against more run rewards in different places, but I need to find the time to think it over and want to see where the crate market goes first

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: you'd be seeing the same 75 a lot

[Streamer] Sandoz1: Rarity could be controlled though

Chaos_lord2: @Sandoz1 issue is it would limit choices too much right now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: with a yen reward it could scale to guess time, then everyone can "win"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yen might work actually

[Streamer] Its_Reyn_Time: It shouldn't have too much of a reward because the person with the least lag and another tab open would always get it

Chaos_lord2: @Its_Reyn_Time also, the ad

[Streamer] Sandoz1: I wanted hourly break to distribute the Pokémon badge among guessers but it wasn't super popular

Chaos_lord2: @Sandoz1 the main issue is rarity, though as the badge market moves where I want it it'll be more possible

[Streamer] CrystalRosebud: @Sandoz1 @Chaos_lord2 Could we add an actual guess command for the pokemon in the hourly break?

Chaos_lord2: @CrystalRosebud I would need to think of a fitting reward

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: because screw the rules when you're twitch

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well, unless you are a yugioh anime stream Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there are limits to how many ads you can push

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: currently break is 3 minutes IIRc, and the ad is 60 seconds

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: onto another subject then, do people think break is too long currently?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I do not see the new sets as the core issue, I think the solutions lie elsewhere to a rollback

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I want to see calm, reasoned debate on both sides

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so I would like it if people didn't look down on them back

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: at the same time people work hard and invest alot into this stream for very little payoff

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I must agree that completely disregarding 1 person isn't friendly, you don't have to give them too much wieght if they are just 1 "random" person, but they are still a part of chat so thier opinion means something

[Streamer] ZacharyStorch: lol

Chaos_lord2: @ZacharyStorch no worries, i was just stepping in to avoid things heating up too much

[Streamer] Coneizard: how do you make token matches?

Chaos_lord2: @Coneizard /w match meta (mon),(mon),(mon)/(mon),(mon),(mon) t#

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK @ZacharyStorch @LatersWolf I think you have reached the point where you are repeating the same arguments, so lets cool it down before someone does something duumb

[Streamer] Coneizard: @Chaos_lord2 pokemon does too much of a job explaining pokemon like 2 hours tutorial

Chaos_lord2: @Coneizard it says alot and tells you little

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: alot of people are bad at pokemon, pokemon does a shitty job of teaching you how to play pokemon

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the same name issue is a real pain

[Streamer] CrystalRosebud: The only reason I haven't made a unique token match is because I wanna bet Lugia but I can't even when I tell it to use Standard Lugia NOT Overpowered Lugia NotLikeThis

Chaos_lord2: @CrystalRosebud try "lugia-standard" or if advanced, "lugia-standard-a" i think is the correct syntax

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: oh wait

Chaos_lord2: @Mariosyoshi it was a gen 1 move, bird jesus had it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well gen 2 sets are gen 7 legal now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: unless you run normillium Z or something daft like that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: useless on it though as WW is strictly better (soundproof)

[Streamer] HonshouMieru: Wait, is roar legal on moltres? Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @HonshouMieru gets it via TM

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: as there's no way to filter through sets easilly ATM, and each set has a dozen varients, it's hellish to sift through it all

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's a phenomina known as the paradox of choice, where if you give people too much choice, they consider less because they are overwhelmed with the options

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I theorise that more sets are actually making the problem WORSE

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the issues as I see them are: random sets make token matches unpradicable and traps harder to make, there is no reason to make traps, the token match syntax is a pain and there are a ton of sets to sift through

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: right, I know about that problem wolf, encouraging clever token matches with an awards system would be cool, but I want better token match controls first

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I would be fine with making old version metas

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the main issue is giving non-subs enough time to see the existing matches and bid after the ad ends

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the ad is 90 seconds right? there is a config to change break duration so that could be reduced easilly

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: later on I would want the ability to specify what random options are picked

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: a token match gui would be very useful, I would host it on the website, it should be a relativally easy HTML job if someone is interested

[Streamer] ZacharyStorch: Creativity has gone down because the rules for token matches have been made incredibly strict

Chaos_lord2: @ZacharyStorch because they risked cancer I assume?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: specifically a way to assign specific movesets (with gui) to avoid RNG and some kind of encouragment

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: clever interesting traps haven't been seen in ages, I think a few things need to change before they can be a thing again

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, looks like someone beat me to it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i got the cancer match alarm again

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it should be obvious why THOSE are secret

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and by backend I mean "the codes to acsess the PC"

[Streamer] TrialCaptainLana: @Chaos_lord2 What it needed is to make ppl respects rules, right?

Chaos_lord2: @TrialCaptainLana there's also an investigative side of it, and the highest trust requirement of any role not involving the backend

[Streamer] TrialCaptainLana: What are requirements to be mod?

Chaos_lord2: @TrialCaptainLana mods are usually selected internally, but if you are interested I can put it through to the existing team

[Streamer] Ponjos: @Chaos_lord2 What kind of assistance do you need?

Chaos_lord2: @Ponjos mantainance and coding new features for the core

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: annevery game is teased

[Streamer] CountRaposa: Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @CountRaposa I already feel bad enough MikeHogu

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so getting more devs would be great

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: right now dev is slow because I'm the only PBR dev, M4 is busy with the anniversary and I have self-confidence/focus issues I have to fight against the whole time

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I need that too, for the overlay

[Streamer] Some1Funny: @chaos_lord2 no FailFish only a bit of c, objective c, and java. I’d totally learn python on my own time if I could be a part of the team at some point.

Chaos_lord2: @Some1Funny javascript or regular java?

[Streamer] Some1Funny: @chaos_lord2 did you say python? PogChamp

Chaos_lord2: @Some1Funny do you know it?

[Streamer] Kisox: GivePLZ

Chaos_lord2: @kisox want to work on the backend Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: unless someone else here knows python and loves hamsters

[Streamer] Wahisietel_and_Knuckles: but when are we getting ham-ham badges

Chaos_lord2: @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles when M4 learns how to code the core Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no exact date yet, as there's a few unknowns we've been putting off, but we're pretty close

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: gen 2 pokemon art is around 90% done

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll throw a big storm when the pinball upgrade is done

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: but yh, I hope to have it so that after you buy 1 badge, you go to the "back of the line"

[Streamer] Some1Funny: Buy*

Chaos_lord2: @Some1Funny yh I got rich from buying and selling badges on mass when people didn't want them

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm going to try a new way with vcrate trading

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I've put up orders for 20 at a time without blinking before

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: offers currently go in order of age alone,. and rich people put up huge stacks

[Streamer] nick666101: btw Chaos_lord2 you never told me how to make good icon thingy

Chaos_lord2: @nick666101 sorry, I'll do it after this timepiece

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: short riot cuz I got Jebaited by tech issues

[Streamer] CountRaposa: I love how I just post ANELE and anony responds

Chaos_lord2: @CountRaposa RaccAttack /

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @xxmoonlotusxx im joking moon Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog helow random chatter VoHiYo#

[Streamer] Its_Reyn_Time: t20 to whoever implements it Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Its_Reyn_Time if someone wants to come in and help with things like that, I really would pay tokens if it came to it LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: stream maintainance and hat in time are hard to do at the same time kappa

[Streamer] xxmoonlotusxx: VoHiYo hi chaos

Chaos_lord2: @xxmoonlotusxx VoHiYo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: note to sell, add stop cancel

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I can't cancel the stop command though i don't think

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: of course it works now kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's a non-zero chance it fixed itself as soon as i arrived Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I sent the stop command, will restart after this match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm here, logging in now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if i or another mod catch these sooner, they will be cancelled without token refund

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and will now look into 0 pp stallers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i handed out a to as long as the cancer

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: betting wg cancer is not a good idea

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: who voted for this match? don't make me log dive

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if i got here any sooner i would cancel

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: who made this match?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... DansGame

how about that weather we're having