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TPP Storm Silver to TPP Bronze Intermission

Bronze updater: https://www.reddit.com/live/111mqavwa498g Link to next run's updater archive

M4 is still right. We didn't make a single mention of it. We made a double mention.

Hey, we're playing Katamari right now!

You're welcome M4.


[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yes it do OpieOP i reward most season rewards per match now so large token crates aren't feasible anymore

[Streamer] Candina: @Chaos_lord2 TriHard pls add token crates back that was the major complaint last season ty

Chaos_lord2: @candina half of level ups give tokens now, solving that complaint

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i haven't seen token matches this expensive in months LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: okay, which one of you idiots pissed off the shadow OpieOP

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: please don't scare sway newbs chat OpieOP

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: only chat swaering at them OpieOP

[Streamer] h0m3st4r: so, where are ness and poo in this run?

Chaos_lord2: @h0m3st4r you mean jeff and jeff? Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i think disc commander engines lasted longer

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: lasted a month

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i remember when dheros were good, airblade turbo was nuts for its time

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: these days? try since DAD

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: is ygo still a broken power creep fest?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sim DansGame

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 ?

Chaos_lord2: @futunderdog yh i'm going to do a sweep of that stuff when i make a test a debug command to make items

[Streamer] asterisksareedgy: How do i cancel betting on a song BabyRage

Chaos_lord2: @asterisksareedgy song cancel

[Streamer] SylphidFie: @Chaos_lord2 chaos are there news about song update? RaccAttack i thought it would be done while storm silver was up

Chaos_lord2: @sylphidfie tech issues are messing up music team atm

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: VoHiYo

[Streamer] asterisksareedgy: @chaos_lord2 how do you cancel betting on a song?

Chaos_lord2: @asterisksareedgy song cancel

[Streamer] MacGruuuuuuber: what side game is this

Chaos_lord2: @macgruuuuuuber sweet

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: that wasn't me either, i've been working on pinball stuff today to plan future rarities

[Streamer] Ordsey: @1in256Miss okay that's good

Chaos_lord2: @ordsey already addressed, should be unbiddable

[Streamer] rtucker913: @SylphidFie So it's two real people battling?

Chaos_lord2: @rtucker913 the people who bet enter inputs and control the match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: TakeNRG

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ferraro is just a dev ATM but he does orgainise changes in the discord

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: burnout is a mean bitch

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ferraro did most of this update, i was focsed on other things

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so, how is the update for people?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i still remember that old speedrun marathon meme

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: #jeffJeffJEFF

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this crash was new, we'll have to look into it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I snuck in a fix to fragine/metronome being allowed too

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: on it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: cat demons: still cute

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: don't choke pinball chan BibleThump

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: that was ARs cloyster

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: fartherfetchd on pinball PogChamp Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: missy has like t100 on it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: GREED Tri\h

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: crit mattered Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: #EveryoneDoTheUnown

[Streamer] thelastwarrior99: how do u get crates??

Chaos_lord2: @thelastwarrior99 play the game and level up, or buy them or thier contents for tokens

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: drum-jet with huge power and 300+ ATK, GG

[Streamer] Keksbaer: @1in256Miss you thormed already? OhMyDog

Chaos_lord2: @Keksbaer you get exp for sidegame instead. every other level gives 2 tokens

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: gen 2 pinball hack

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ETA depends on bugs found

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pinball upgrade is in testing now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: even if you did start a pinball game, it would be killed by the update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update after this match

[Streamer] kbjhon: @Chaos_lord2 only small crates?

Chaos_lord2: @kbjhon yes, but big crates are just small crates that drop more stuff right now, if that ever changes so will level up drop pools

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I tried to design the system, so the value you get for actions is about the same, except you can now get stuff during runs aswell and season rewards are split up over the whole season and less tied to balance

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: people were using token bets to obscure pokemon HP values#

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: unpopular and problematic on dev side

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: token betting is depricated

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and yh, you get alot from matches, think of it as getting most of your seson reward for balance in real time for participation

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: levelling gives tokens every other level now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: redeploying the update as M4 forgot something

[Streamer] SimonThSorcerer: Can you bet for real money?

Chaos_lord2: @SimonThSorcerer no

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: levelling gives 2 tokens every other level (small crates on those levels)

[Streamer] 廾回几ヨと日ヨ丹尺 (t3ddiursa): @chaos_lord2 bring back sidegame tokens :(

Chaos_lord2: @t3ddiursa you know you get 1500 exp every sidegame input right?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: #seature

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: do the magikarp

[Streamer] SylphidFie: @Chaos_lord2 PogChamp 100%?

Chaos_lord2: @SylphidFie yep, you can bet by % now

[Streamer] 1eamannan: it is his fault Kappa but chaos is an idiot so w/e

Chaos_lord2: @1eamannan DansGame

[Streamer] SinR2014: So did Terri change his name again

Chaos_lord2: @SinR2014 not his fault this time, twitch banned him

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: NOT MUCH HAPPENED THIS TURN PRChase

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's snow type like a snow type KappaClaus

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 1 lump or 2?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: BTW, the sidegame XP replaces the token Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the difference is that money printing off no fog takes skill

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: THIS RNG LUL