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[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and she lives on a U bend, so input wars to escape back into the cave would be "fun"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the only catch is she releases from the party...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I've been playing more PDP and reached the release NPC, not only is she in a building in a corner of a cave with literally nothing of use but a "pc", but she has a "defaults to no" dialouge box before she releases

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: maybe I need to unhost? I'll try

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: 'cus ash doesn't get older EleGiggle

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: maybe the stream is getting fixed?

[Streamer] Yonnie_UwU: but what if i want specific clone spheal Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Yonnie_UwU spheal with it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so no pre-planning

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: you no longer see the match in your whispers when you place a token bid

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update was match rewards and a fix for money prints using token match preview spam

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: like, in the middle of a sideroute in a big cave out of the way

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh, PDP assigns releasing to a very out of the way NPC

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: however, there's no release button in the PCs, so PC is ACTUALLY SAFE

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: as is selecting evolution form, as they all branch

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ignoring the title screen issue, all PDP move teaching is in a massive menu, with the top option being a move deleter

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the translation has recently been completed

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: PDP is the non-hack touhoumon

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: shit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: BTW, for playing PDP, someones going to have to hack out the games title screen option in the pause menu

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh it died so have fun

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: guessing is just for fun

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: errrr.... I'm going to have to restart the core again

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ....fuck#

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: BTW, puppet dance performance's translation is done if anyone was waiiting for that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ...that's fast

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: rewards stuff

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I have an update to push soon, blocking pinball

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I was the one who added that song after all

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Pepsiman is a great song

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: salty touhou fans tppLUL

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Dodonpachi > Touhou, everyone should know it

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: GBC has some pachinko games, I was thinking about integrating them into the stream but no one else seems to think it's a good idea, no fun allowed

[Streamer] jellosaur2: where's chef RaccAttack

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @jellosaur2 maybe it's because the new overlay developers took 12 months to make mock-up screenshots 🤔

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: wow, some people so sensitive tppLUL

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I blame touhou for poisoning the genre

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I like bullet hell shooters but they're an unpopular genre and so not many get made, I'm trying to improve that

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Crimzon Clover is 80% off on Steam right now, it's a great CAVE-like bullet hell shooter

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: tapu lele might work as a psychic/fairy rep, but psychics in general have attack visability problems

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: with mimikyu out of the pool there's not many choices for gen 7 pokes of odd types

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: already got charizard to cover fire types Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it was alolan raichu but it was a pokeball Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: my outsider pick for the smash slot is tapu koko, with a focus on electric terrain

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and entering breed mode

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 124 mill

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: buzzswole would be an interesting choice, but he'd be a good fighter, not sure how to make him stand out from other heavies though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I've seen the tony the tiger mugan character, that's all I need Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: not that it wouldn't be a bad fighter, but I just have bias against it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and it sounds like the stupid things in smash too BrokeBack

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: incineroar NotLikeThis i wanted my badass tiger dammit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: decidueye has "does not look like it's typing" syndrome

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and as an intimidate poke it ran into issues with every other intimidate poke being better

[Streamer] SassySaxaphone: KonChaos KonCha

Chaos_lord2: @SassySaxaphone KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: gen 3 mightyeana LUL physical dark types pre split LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and also has speed out the ass

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: only way a defensive weather move would work is if you build the mon like seed hawlucha in that it gets enough bulk to setup and murder you

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: unless perma weather, but then you have perma weather...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: defensive weather abilities are always bad as they are time limited

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh mega ray broke singles ubers, and primals in general broke things so hard even VGC had to ban them next year LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: kang can still use space toss + max bulk though, that's something

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: tapus, aegislash, mega kang, mega mence.,.

[Streamer] SinR2014: sorry i was in WoW

Chaos_lord2: @SinR2014 fixed a transmute off by 1 error and added higher gen crates to levelling#

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: core boom has like 3000 power and paralyses the devs

[Streamer] Birna_Bran: @Chaos_lord2 no sonic boom? BibleThump

Chaos_lord2: @Birna_Bran nah, that goes with everything, I mean core boom

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pls no boom

[Streamer] rtrtrtrtrt: the problem with blind 5% is that I might miss out on prints dogdogGood

Chaos_lord2: @rtrtrtrtrt remember early bet bonus

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: anyhow, gotta do things in the back

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I mean token gambling

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so no exp from pinball

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I don't want to reward pinball (and thus gambling) too much

[Streamer] SinR2014: whats with the lag

Chaos_lord2: @SinR2014 I'm in the back

[Streamer] Birna_Bran: @Chaos_lord2 Heylo Chaos. Hope you're having a nice day BloodTrail

Chaos_lord2: @Birna_Bran VoHiYo yes]

[Streamer] rtrtrtrtrt: Wowee

Chaos_lord2: @rtrtrtrtrt you can post it on reddit for free karma Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: high tier place rewards need a change because of the new crates, so TBD

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the 5% rule was meant to encourage people to bet against at 5%. guess it didn't work

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: basically, don't level to a multiple of 10 this match and you're fine LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: nothing else has changed about exp

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's basically a buff to future crates

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no refund crates Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm tired

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i mean description

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll make a twitter post afetr the update and will tell the overlay crew about it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: badge crates are every 10 levels

[Streamer] zetsubouscorpion: do i get a 4 gen crate Wowee

Chaos_lord2: @zetsubouscorpion I meant 2-3 hundred Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well it goes all the way to 7 before looping

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so level 22 starts by getting gen 5's instead of gen 3s

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so levels 1-200 drop gen 4 crates, 2-3 drop gen 5, etc

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh, rarity sorted 4/5/6/7 crates are now a thing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: anyone who went over 100 by a bit already gets first shot at gen 5/6/7 crates

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: after this match the off-by-1 issue with transmute issue will be fixed, and levels beyond 100 will drop higher gen crates

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I just checked odds and all I need to change this update is a half mill adjustment to blue/silver

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: huh, makes my wait shorter

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ...wait, nop pinball game?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update soon

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: cuz twitch tends to claim alot od moneys

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @cmonbruh_only subscriptions, unless it is a really good month for donations

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: @twitchplayspokemon in what way do u get the most money? by bits, subs or donations?

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @cmonbruh_only I'll check, one moment

[Streamer] InfernalVoid: @TwitchPlaysPokemon Ah nice PogChamp I've just been playing the original, those last few stages have been kicking my ass Kappa

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @InfernalVoid it seems typical that stage 3 goes way up in difficulty compared to stage 2

[Streamer] InfernalVoid: I'm still waiting on Mushihimesama Futari on Steam NotLikeThis

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @InfernalVoid I was playing that one recently, I used to be able to get to the last stage now I can't get past stage 3

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I wonder if CAVE will ever make another bullet hell shooter

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: @twitchplayspokemon notice me cmonBruh

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @cmonbruh_only I saw you gifting subs earlier, thanks for that

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: music team denied so much but less this through wtf

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it wouldn't be TPP if it didn't break tppLUL

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I've never visited the channel those emotes are from

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: linkusShrug madilyn2 ashleyWut teaWut

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: a bunch of people gifted me subs to various channels I don't want, I don't know why

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tpp has emotes? tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I can't subscribe to my own channel

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: slowly going back to $1000

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: c'mon blue noodle

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I plan on creating a video where I talk about TPP later this year, was originally going to do it in 2015 but life got lifey again, probably won't release the video for awhile (at least a year)

[Streamer] greensoul257: @twitchplayspokemon hi streamer PogChamp

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @greensoul257 hello

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there seems to be more variety in the music lately, I like this, it seemed samey for awhile

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: "Get out of my sight, disgusting black creatures" - Shadow the Hedgehog, 2005


And we're back.

We forgot to mention it, but we're covering Detective Pikachu over at https://www.reddit.com/live/11ku8axl5f9rj

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: after a while I just stop checking

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: as more games are played the sample size grows and numbers change less

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it just means going from 41 mill to 42 mill in this case, small change

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: nerf is increasing payout number for less payout

[Streamer] LusamineStylishQueen: Token printing PogChamp

Chaos_lord2: @LusamineStylishQueen small 1 mill nerf to blue/silver, the numbers are stabalising now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: (going over is bad as it;s token printing)

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I try to keep that number as close to 100 as possible without going over or using non-round numbers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so for every 100 games of blue/silver, if you would bet 1 token, you'd get back 99 tokens on average

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there will be generally a very slight loss of tokens over time, but we're talking less than 5% at most, this nerf would bring the blue/silver payout rate to 99%

[Streamer] BIRDJEYSUS: @chaos_lord2 so there's rarely going to be x2 or more?

Chaos_lord2: @BIRDJEYSUS generally speaking, each x0 is a x2 later, 2 x0's a x3 etc:

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: when I change the script, in this case to remove same score glitch, I have to change the payout numbers to reallign payouts

[Streamer] BIRDJEYSUS: what's the point in pinball always getting nerf CrreamAwk

Chaos_lord2: @BIRDJEYSUS I have to make sure the payout rate is as close to 1 token per token as possible without going over

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, checked pinball logs again and numbers seem to be settling down, looks like blue might want a 1 mill nerf though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: breed sucsess PogChamp

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well noone bet on hail so the bank wins

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: how did that draw?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I was talking to simbot, it meant nothing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I keep telling simbot other people don't get magnets the same way you do ans won't take them as money, regardless of what they make you feel...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: you can increase your bet though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's no cancel bet option

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: failed kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: diglett PogChamp

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so the bar is basically "is this guy ruining the game for someone" and is very high

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: as a rule, when dealing with minor throwing we have to be congizent of people making mistakes naturally, and people who may be using the inherent vaugness as a cludgel

[Streamer] cosmicguy22: @Chaos_lord2 if someone's throwing on a low payout team against high payout team to punish top bettors, is that bannable?

Chaos_lord2: @cosmicguy22 that's a tricky case. I'd probably need to talk about it with other mods as there's potentially target griefing there but some people will argue it's a strategy to gurantee better odds by throwing with bad odds

[Streamer] cosmicguy22: @Chaos_lord2 i assume you wouldnt really care about something like that

Chaos_lord2: @cosmicguy22 my chat borked and I think I missed a message, can you explain context

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: balance is working for me

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll lookminto bot issues, brb

[Streamer] LusamineStylishQueen: @Chaos_lord2 Is pasta 18mins timeout regular or something went nut? RaccAttack

Chaos_lord2: @LusamineStylishQueen I never changed copypasta, however the crazy modbot probably gave people a bunch of stored timeout

[Streamer] cosmicguy22: @Chaos_lord2 i assume throwing isnt bannable based on your repsponse

Chaos_lord2: @cosmicguy22 only if persistent and targeted, or to stall a match for no benefit (usually alongside a thrower on the opposing side) as small throws are impossible to tell from bad play

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: +3 from gen 5 onwards

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: +1 in gen 4

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I see. there was a hicup last start so we'll see if it is still there after the reset to update pinball payout scores

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pinball paying out still?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: google "pinball generations"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's the source code on the git

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: they are all catchable with no mew-like bullshit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: rare areas

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it has... another purpose

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: GS ball is a tier above master, but gives the same multiplier and still gives the same bonus

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so if pinball spams upgrade it can rack up points super fast

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's like 10 million

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: red can do it with master ball bonus

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ... TehePelo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] AbsoluteInksanity: I just got a flood warning on my phone WutFace

Chaos_lord2: @absoluteinksanity good lick, hope you reach the halo in time.

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pls don't insult autists Keepo they can be quite capable unlike heatran here

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and here we have the main reason not to choose sakuya in PCB...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Masnateah: TPFufun / Zawa

Chaos_lord2: @masnateah having a drink with Coffeman and Coaco girl

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OLDEN

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: they all ran too many dark types Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: team aqua and magma try to invade gensokyo only to be chased off by thefirst fairy they see Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: @guadros /w tpp balance

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: TehePelo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: how has pinball been?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll be back tomorrow to check on pinball data

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: my luck in a nutshell that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: she must really have like the upgrade I gave her TehePelo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: > 81 million already

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: overuse still encourages an arms race during runs

[Streamer] BIRDJEYSUS: Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @BIRDJEYSUS it was banned by old streamer way back when for being attention grabbing

[Streamer] girlyvader: does glaceon actually get drought?

Chaos_lord2: @girlyvader no, the gimmick changed it's ability

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: testing if the rule is really needed, or if simply stopping excessive usage is enough

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: delete system 32 Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Keepo

[Streamer] Phaydra_: I volunteer for pinball team RaccAttack /

Chaoslord2: @Phaydra current joib for them is finding a crash bug, are you good at code?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it shouldn't have long stretches of no flipping anymore

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I changed the script again

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I changed the script to hopefully end the bad play from the last day

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: noone else was and I need data keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I didn't even touch that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and sidegame crashed. wonderful

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll have that added on

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... OF COURSE there's a sub while the cores down

[Streamer] Masnateah: @xxmoonlotusxx rooThink Mom’s taking me someplace. It’s a surprise.

Chaos_lord2: @Masnateah that usually means the dentist, or shots

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's no in-chat notification when you get globaled

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I still don't know how accurate odds will be though after this update, but it should be closer to current

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: with any luck I'll make her lighten up a bit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there is a !coinflip command: it's called pinball

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I added randomness to it yesterday to fix same score glitch, but it made it pay out terrible

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well hopefully that'll do that, as right now the odds are terrible

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: she's still getting used to having a soul

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update income to fix the ..... ban glitch and try and buff pinball-chan

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I never checked old, I could pull the data if I wanted though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: welp, this is why I warned people

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: blue has a payou rate of less than 40%

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the new scores are.... terrible

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, I just checked the new scores, and I think I'm going to try and improve the script

[Streamer] popeofthezombies: frame drops in audio only Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @popeofthezombies it's called "good timing"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there'll be frame drops while I collect pinball data

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm tired, but I'll send word out that matches with message proc crashes patway through can be considered for reversion

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK then, I'll have loyalty points acvcounted for

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: or do you mean a loyalty point for 2 in a row?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so you are saying that 2 subs triggered at once, and you got double tokens?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: quite possible then, especially with stream delay, I'll have it sorted

[Streamer] bootmii2: why didn't I get my tokens for resubbing

Chaos_lord2: @bootmii2 did you sub while the core was down?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, sorry, I couldn't be sure

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if anyone has had a table interupted that was already positive, whisp me a link to a VoD/clip and I'll have it adjusted

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa for a bet that big I'll ask for a vod

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh he had a x3 due? what was his bet?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and I see that also fixed double bet bug

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: specifically, I hope to make it so whisper commands can be entered via chat

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's the next thing on my todo though, and I'll be able to throw in some new features too

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the real fix for the bug is a rewrite to the comand processor unfortunatly, the current code structure just does not do what I wanted it to

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so don't spam attack commands Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, I added a patch that should stop the crashing, but introduces a bug where ! commands can trigger repetetive message points

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: not sure, I'm too busy rebuilding the command processor to fix the message processor crashes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh what broke this time

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm around, just looking into fixing things. this 6 layered exception won't sort through itself

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I got the log for that crash, looking into it now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I don't think

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: nothing will break more

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: VoteYea wait until end of the match VoteNay kill it now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so it blew up again? great

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i might have to speed up the flippers to make it less bad

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: how has pinball been playing?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: k, knew about that, just making sure nothing else was blowing up

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: things still going ok here?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's not night, I've just been in riot mode for 3-4 hours

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I should probably rest and get my head together anyway, I have some ugly hacks to clean up

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, I have no idea what's causing the double processing glitch as it simply isn't happening on my end

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: hey, that test build is kinda important.... usually

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no, I get the message when I enter it in this chat, but not on my test build

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: odd, I can't seem to replicate the issue locally

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: thankfully these purges should be harmless "wrong bet" purges

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok that's odd, it looks like something I did sent the bet processor wierd

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... I hate this thing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I hope those were fake/ wrong bets

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh ffs

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, is the bot going to be nice

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I had to stop it the hartd way as the message processor was too dead to process a stop command

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok. fixed the crash and a bug cauing whitespace to give points when it shouldn't

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: hope nothing breaks when I hard stop it LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update after this mat----- shit the stop command is broken too

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: riot mode is not good for long term cognition

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I found a possible source of the inital bans, will test it when I can think straight enough to do the math

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: looking into the crash report now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the bot blew itself up for some reason

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: huh, I'm not having that issue locally, I'll check the log

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: seems like something else blew up, looking into it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... oh dear

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: modbot should be sane again now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll do a write up on new modbot when my headache goes away

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pls no crasharino this time

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: right now: just wait for the update, 3 points per second LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I reccomend people only talk to input until the update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sorry for what happened, the inverted config snuck through testing as I never waited long enough between tests after implementing the config

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update after this match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ...and git crashed on me. lovely

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: after first message

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's 3 points per second. try 2 and a half minutes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I m,anaged to fix several unreated bugs before I found that though, which is something

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pushing patch through the system now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: as such, people GAIN points over time instead of lose them

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: tldr: i had the delay configeration inverted

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK I think I caught the glitch

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm testing bot fix now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll check decay if this fix doesn't work

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: points decay, and I can't think about imporvements right now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm trying to fix it but it's causing a need X to do Y to do X logical loop with the code structure

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the warning system is also buggy and giving repeat warnings when it shouldn't

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: as betting is giving alot of "repeated command" points

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the current theory is that the input filter is not filtering ! commands

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I also can't revert it even if I wanted to as there is git issues

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the bot is buggy, I'm trying to fix it but am hitting large code structure issues

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, I looked into an emergency revert, and git is being a git about it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i know it is, the issue is I can't revert it as I bundled in a pinball update and need pure data from that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ....I think i found the issue. has the silly thing in reverse

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ]as of now, if you have alot of points it'll keep giving you the second warning when it shouldn't

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, I found the repeating modbot glitch

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: IIRC the fog is there, but invisible until turn 2

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: looks like an issue with the repeat warning throttle

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I looked up the logs, yh that's strange

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if you accumulate a bunch of points you have to be good until it comes back

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I lost my seeing banned message powers, what happened

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh right have to close teamviewer Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: randomised pinball is because there was ALOT of identical point value games going through

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no revert for this: I'm explicitly warning everyone that high risk betting is a thing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I don't know if it'll be paying out like a god, or not at all

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well someone needs to or I don't get data Kappa just be aware it is high risk

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: lastly, pinball is now much more random, and I have to check it's scoring at the end of the day, until then odds are probvably WAY off. have fun

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: excessive amounts may result in /me being re-banned, which is really easy now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, and yes, mimicing a bot will be punished severly

[Streamer] pandemoniall: zalgo ?

Chaos_lord2: @pandemoniall spil;ling your drink and similar]

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there are multipliers if you get too nuts, and point gain can go up exponentually if you are really dumb

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: non-whitelisted chars, caps, alot of emotes, repetitive messages, /me, whitespace spam and zalgo all give varying amounts of points

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: points decay over time and per message posted

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: but yh, the new modbot build uses a points system. do spammy things and you aquire points, get to many and you'll get warnings, then time outs

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so when I ran it on the main machine.... whoops

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh my test build didn't have simbot, and there was a crash bug hiding there

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it was broken Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, attempt 2 "my testbuild didn't have simbot" edition

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ..... an issue was found, restart delayed

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update will be after this match then

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm not M4, I have to remote in and that tanks the frames

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: lag is me in the back yh

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pinball is blocked awaiting the update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the golden growlithe is also suspect...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pinball has to finish first

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: until then pinball may pay out really well, or really badly, play at your own risk

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this will fix the "same score problem" we've been having

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the change was simply to make flipper timings more random, later today I'll be using live score data to reset the scores

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I thought it was obvious that it wasn't until AFTER the update TriHard

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the new modbot is not in place yet, so the old rules are still in place kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this new modbot will also include a test of allowing /me

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: new modbot and pinball will be more random. this will likely result in a score change in a second update later tonight

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update incoming