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Post TPP Flora Sky Intermission

The next game up is Crystal Randofuser, come on over! https://www.reddit.com/live/122kcpep8udww

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[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: DarkMode

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: dash

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this will go on for another day and a bit, then the crystal randofuser, then pbr will return

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's an old meme, based on the sound

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: dash

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KappaPride

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: not that much more. not any more anyway

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: GF pls

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OMEGALUL I already found an infite time cheat for the switch version of reroll

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: stacked*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: but yh my todo list is tacked to the king of all cosmo's front door

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if I didn't need to look into my end I could probably do cheat engine stuff

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm sure cheat engine could find a timer

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the real badge profit is in reforming mails into breakers and breaking for commons to sell for t7 to the transmuters

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no I was jebaiting yesterday as I though M4 got the new katamari game

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and like M4 suggested, reading joy cons is more of a pain than pro controllers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it is on docked for catching, and touch+gyro isn't much better for our usages

[Streamer] Keksbaer: @Chaos_lord2 is this the reason we dont play lets go? tppS

Chaos_lord2: @Keksbaer basically, our lets go plans died when they dropped pro controller support and forced motion controllers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: jiggly and kirby are very different

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: for people that want smash, blame GF for being dummies with let's go controls

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: but I want a krabby BibleThump

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: week on sunday

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: in the meantime, if someone has one of those gamecube controller-like pro controllers I want to know something about them

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm working on fixing the command proessor issues from last night now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: by complete accident

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this game looks like it'll be such a rollover Kappa

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: power outlet looks worried

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I remember when my mobile phone looked somewhat like that

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the donation

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh FFS is this new commands over the char limit too

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: uh oh

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: but*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it origionally dropped to a lurker, buit after a crazy series of events found it's way to me

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: prism was the first run with badge drops

[Streamer] megamaw: for your service as a mod, if you could answer that @Chaos_lord2

Chaos_lord2: @megamaw it was dropped manually, as drops were done at the time

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: good luck though, you have to break transmute to get gl;itchbird off of it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: one already exists, technically

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: rewards were converted for the new systems. the high transmute rarity of high gen crates should mean theyb are still valuble, especially with how many you get even in the 30s

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sorry for everything that's happened

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: m4's on startuup procedure now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: we're good though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sorry for what happened. DB backup needed restoring.

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: operator user error, I goofed, having to restore the DB backup we just made

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: TGA 2018 is starting soon

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, that;'s all i needed to know

[Streamer] mathfreak231: @Chaos_lord2 here

Chaos_lord2: @mathfreak231 did you get rewards whisper

[Streamer] M4_used_Rollout: we're playing Katamari Damacy

Chaos_lord2: @M4_used_Rollout YOU RUINED THEW Jebaited BabyRage

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there'll be the usual season end salty visit first though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: BTW, M4 wanted a 2 day intermission because he had a new game out today that he wanted to show off. I'm sure you'll have a smashing time with it

[Streamer] asdf14396: @TheSnowJoe thanks for the token!

Chaos_lord2: @asdf14396 it's fixed next update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ...... oh..... best not talk about it too much Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I saw it not ticking, that's why I asked

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the season end timer was broken right?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa @Red031000 I mean before a minute ago

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: you know, one of you guys sould have told me I spelt currency wrong

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: global throttle kicked in

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I all putting that function into modbot to my todo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it just confused me

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's not random, but triggered by him betting, gotcha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, I see

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: we kinda have more pernament options :p

[Streamer] tppvisualizer: https://chfoo.github.io/fogchamp https://wolfcal.pythonanywhere.com/vis/

Chaos_lord2: @tppvisualizer why do you keep timing that guy out?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: what crashed?

[Streamer] lordofkiwi: @Chaos_lord2 but we still Play those pokemon fights?

Chaos_lord2: @lordofkiwi no. PBR ends when intermission begins. it returns after the run is over

[Streamer] lordofkiwi: @mathfreak231 what exactly happens after Season ending again?

Chaos_lord2: @lordofkiwi balances reset, rewards given out based on rank and balance and intermission for the next run will start

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I had designed the limit with commands in mind, but a bug I have since fixed hid that I miscounted

[Streamer] nanami44: @Chaos_lord2 can u bring back !commands in chat? usually we do that to show new ppl the cmmands

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 yh I just have to up the per-person spam limit a bit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: great. the first bug hid the fact commands is over 300 chars long.

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so, no we are settling into the new command processor and aren't spamming it to hell, how is it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: If I gave chat FF8 you's just spend all week playing cards Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: already testing that fix

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: working on the next fix patch now, anything else I missed?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: mexico broke street date so things got leaky

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's been smush streams all week

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: typos? where?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it still has a few kinks to work out but it works

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i see reyn found the feature for next season...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: spam*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: didn't say they weren't. but I have an angry azumarill to deal with if s[am gets excessive, and rollout is SE on ghost/flying

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: most of the spam I'm seeing now is !bet replies and unsupported command memes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: at that point all the filters should work well to keep spam reasonable.

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: but yh, I'll make unsupported command always whisper for the intermission update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ah, guess it was twitch being a slowpoke

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm going to be working on reducing the useless spam. I couldn't really test chats responce to it without giving it to chat

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: probably because mod

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if people get tricky with using the commands to get arpund modbot, the extendable nature of the command checker should make it easy to add new checks

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i was smart enough to have modbot care if the command was real

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... ok, unsupported command is becoming whisper only

[Streamer] Pokemario6456: Sim tppLUL

Chaos_lord2: @pokemario6456 that command is "/w chaos_lord2"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: a thought about reducing spam. alot of it is unsupported command. i could make what whisper only too

[Streamer] Pokemario6456: What's song volume even do

Chaos_lord2: @pokemario6456 mod command for fixing song volumes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, will get to them in a bit.

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: any other issues since the update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this is the part where the items updated spam happens

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it certainly feels like it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this song perfectly descripbes my afternoon

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: that's bad

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: m,eaning instead of it replying in the "go over inventory" loop, it wass in the "go over item" loop.]

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh, the issue was a pycharm "feature" caused the reply to change loop when I was updating the commands for the new processor

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: bug should be fixed now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sorry about that, the flooding forced my hand

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: bots's backlogged /sigh

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: anyone else who inventory updates in chat until this is fixed gets 10 minutes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ... ok, that's getting fixed

[Streamer] Pokemario6456: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ tppRiot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Chaos_lord2: @Pokemario6456 actually, the fact you even saw them means I'm doing shit at bug catches

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I isolated a bug in the single message throttle code. will try and push that "soon"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so update after this match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: stop tells the core to shut down gracefully

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it seems like my 1 message throttle has a bug too

[Streamer] papypapamamy: @Chaos_lord2 Would it be possible to have a thousand delimitor : 1000 -> 1,000 ? That'd be nice

Chaos_lord2: @papypapamamy put it in dicord publicm dev, am currently ruinning around fixing things

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I might have a look at making 1 result go into chat but that's a "later" tweak

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: song more breaks my throttle system as it's mean to count characters with a 50 char grace poer message. it sends 4 messages at once...

[Streamer] megaOpelucid: why is pinball disabled MikeHogu

Chaos_lord2: @megaOpelucid to make song more whisper only

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's getting whisper-only'd

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Please don't spam song more in chat

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I might need a 3rd layer of throttling for super long individual commands that only allows 1 every minute or so

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the main issue was making !commands avalible, but not other long commands

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm giving the global throttle a small tightning up with this next update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh, commands were poorly documented, I plan on fixing that sooin by making !helkp actually DO something

[Streamer] TrueChara: was the bot supposed to both announce the box contents in chat and also tell me it whispered it to me

Chaos_lord2: @TrueChara looks like a loophole in my anti-double message code, I'll have that fixed for the update after next

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm kinda on addreneline right now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: spam yes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: in the mean time, using song more in chat will count as pam

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, putting a throttle on song more after token match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: song more is now whisper reply only

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well done guys, now I have to fix that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... oh, that's a edge case I didn't account for

[Streamer] TrueChara: question, how do i bet on pinball

Chaos_lord2: @TrueChara !pinball t#

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: all cancelmatch commands are mod only

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: btw, there is a cancelmatch soft. it causes a forfiet. the hard version hits dolphin over the head with a club instead for when it really goes boom

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... oh now come on

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: FIRST TRY PogChamp

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, looks like that works

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Going to have to live test this one, can't test sidegame stuff on this setup

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: not now git NotLikeThis

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, I think I found the issue

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I can't reproduce the !b issue locally

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Oh great, now I gotta look into that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... what.

[Streamer] SlySoul88: only complaint I have is maybe badges and inventory should stick with just whispers Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @SlySoul88 if long replies are an issue I can make the throttles stricter

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if you have to ask if the command works in chat, it does. there's exactly 1 command that will always reply in whisper and it's the command for checking why people are banned, as there's private info in there

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's a global antio-spam throttle, you probably hit it

[Streamer] Its_Reyn_Time: Cooldown on !commands gone Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Its_Reyn_Time it got rolled into the new anti-spam filter. if it gets too much I can turn down the global timer

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if you don't want reformers sell them to me for t3 and buy something else

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: mod alone is 200 per 30 seconds

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the bot is a known bot with a really high global limit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this is the update guys OpieOP

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pls no explodarino

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the processor accepts from both, but can be coded to respond to different sources differently

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: betting is the other

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it will just tell you to use chat

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: inputs are one of the commands you cannot enter via whisper

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: whisper commands still work as before, except that you can use some chat commands in whisper now (like commands)

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I literally use a year old version of mobile for whispering as it's better than every other whisper client

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I can throttle it more if needed

[Streamer] ZacharyStorch: number of commands* I mean

Chaos_lord2: @ZacharyStorch as I just posted, it's based on characters in the reply

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 1 "spam point" per char over 50 in the reply, not including your name. 250 personal in a minute or 750 global in 10 seconds triggers the throttle

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's a basic anti-spam in place. try too many long responses and you'll get replies in whisper

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: because they always ask

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no, my update warnbings is so people don't ask "why is pinball down"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ....never thought about that reyn kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's a bunch other small updates too

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: plus some updates for season end

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: new command processor is done, meaning that you'll be able to enter all whisper cammonds as ! commands in chat

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: BIG update incoming

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: lag isn't me though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm just testing something Keepo

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the donation

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the donation

[Streamer] Red031000: hi

Chaos_lord2: @red031000 it failled, will explain why back in devchat

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thank you for resubscribing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no coming to my chat to spam random commands ok

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: new feature in testing now PogChamp

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for resubscribing

[Streamer] MegaZard: @h0m3st4r i vored him

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @MegaZard the people who work on hardware are not the ones working on the overlay so it's not a matter of priorities

[Streamer] MegaZard: thats a wrap Wowee

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @MegaZard work on hardware is still being done, that was never something I worked on anyway, not my area of expertise

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I still offer my ideas during discussions about what to do with TPP at least

[Streamer] MegaZard: @h0m3st4r going there

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @MegaZard I don't think they want me to help with TPP, I can't work on the new core because I don't understand its programming language and the new overlay is being worked on somewhere I can't see (another Discord I think)

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the new overlay developers have spent over a year working on just the design, I don't think any code has been written yet

[Streamer] MegaZard: hypnosis Wowee mega horn

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @MegaZard much nicer, it's a shame it took so long, I'm where I should have been in early 2015

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: back when I was doing 95% of the work shit got done

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: TPP is stale because the new developers work so slowly tppSlowpoke

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: trolls tppBait

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppShiny not being used any more?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: You have already clubbed!

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this affects the tokens you get from subbing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: loyalty 8 means you have 8 loyalty points from previous subs

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: "/w tpp loyalty" shows your loyalty

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: whisp me with your loyalty count

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: anyone who had a sub go through since the start of the halloween event can contact me or a mod about getting the missing tokens added, this includes the gift bonus

[Streamer] Enayet__: @Chaos_lord2 what's wrong with them?

Chaoslord2: @Enayet_ forgot to double them Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update incoming, fixing issues with sub tokens

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I don't know how twitch does everything

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa you know what I mean

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: stupid question the second: does twitch give multiple months of progress towards on-stream loyalty badges for buying a high tier sub?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I see, looking into some bugs in sub tokens ATM

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, dumb question, does twitch allow multi-month high tier subs?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ....

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: revo took a back seat due to IRL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I hate phiranha plants

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Bug: rig command not working, actually implement

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ....whoop[s

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: w tpp rig red

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: why is zigzagoon popular?

[Streamer] Enayet__: Facing the opposite way and gold*

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @Enayet__ is it really that popular of an emote? I still don't understand what it's for

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: all the $4.99-tier emote slots are filled now, but the other tiers still have slots to fill, any ideas on what they should be?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I saw someone had a lot of pokeyen the other day, what's the deal with that?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I use two computers now because I couldn't get more than 4 monitors working under linux

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I finally got around to logging in to twitch on my second computer

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppShiny not as popular now?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: t1000 WutFace

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if phancero got a mega, I'd me more creative, and less cancer, than that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: bye KonCha

[Streamer] HonshouReimu: a wild chaos appeared WutFace

Chaos_lord2: @HonshouReimu Fight Item Switch Run

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: she tries here best BibleThump

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no threaten pinballchan BibleThump

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: use "/w tpp checkitem <itemname without spaces>" to see current offers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: remember that you can buy and sell halloween tiems just like regular ones

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: just a fix for corrupters pack size

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: small update in the pipe

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: otherwise we'd use that instead of max PP cheats in yolonome

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the issue is we can't reliably read PP in-battle

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: he Kappa's but one of the reasons we are considering it is that we have to account for it in commentary and item design

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it is being considered for removal

[Streamer] HyperiusTheDefeated: does*

Chaos_lord2: @HyperiusTheDefeated I have been asking that lately

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: only metronome + clone, but it was readded with a cancer fix

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it may be I was listening to sentiment before the metroclone removal and then fix

[Streamer] Ordsey: What is the thinking behind bi-hourly token matches? I don't like it & don't get it

Chaos_lord2: @Ordsey more limited token match options causing repetetivness

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if it's not in practice, I have to reasses the value of transmute

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so in theory, breaking is very inefficient

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I was already cautious too, considering the base rarity tests show the average 2 sames + trash transmue only gains 0.8 on average if we only take pre-randomisation rarity

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: or underestimated

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yes, I;m looking into math oddities, it could be I overestimated the RNG a bit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I didn't want to mess with the math too much LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm looking into why I seem to be getting better results than expected

[Streamer] Its_Reyn_Time: @chaos_lord2 are the rarity weightings from the effects of breakers the same as transmutes?

Chaos_lord2: @Its_Reyn_Time I mostly plugged the transmute code into breakers, using the single materials rarity -2

[Streamer] HyperiusTheDefeated: @chaos_lord2 please no Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @HyperiusTheDefeated I don't even know what that's responding to Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: everything OK here? what are people thoughts on bihourly token matches and audio only mode?#]

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's not over until the fat haunter booms

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh, my code had a comment along the lines of "known bug, do this to fix, it got eated by anti-virus"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: anti*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: my worst was being 12 hours from deadline and realising your compiler is erroring silently because the enti-virus is eating it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: hi cursed RaccAttack I'm revert

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm revert revert

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: then it dies

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it tries to call a property of random, which it can't because it's a bool

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i hate scripting languages sometimes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and python let me do that despite it being a callable function

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i dumbed and maned a vairable random

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it broke

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: transmute hotfix update on the way

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I took the time to throw in a commit/apocalypse lock too

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: slight hiccup, might be a slow reset

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh, I;'m not waiting 30 turns of this LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's an update in the pipe too

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... oh

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: why are people on toxic/endeavor

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: salty comes from fighting games iirc

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I got alot of "dom it's" and alot of don't so i figured I'd try it for a day

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, and bihourly token matches

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: mostly adding nerfs to clone bulk, trying meteoclone again and some little things

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update in the pipe

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pp issues + ingrain

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: looks like machoke will kill eventually

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ...is empoleon out of PP on attacks?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i sell breakers for t4

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: getting* thing*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ... ok, I may have to nerf/fix breakers if I keep gettong badges rarer than the thjng being broken

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: breaking needs an item called a breaker

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha I was doing dev work alot, had a bad summer (i hate dental issues) but i'm getting back into the swing of things

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: mmmm, i have 41 reformers, about 200 mail, and a ton of tokens to buy things on the market, who thinks I should go nuts with breaking Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... well that was a flop of an ending. maybe it's not so bad Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I did. kinda. problem is i don't have the badge database...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ...... time for another test MingLee

[Streamer] Yonnie_UwU: lost speed tie gg Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @yonnie_uwu i twice made badges as good as the thing i was breaking LUL that wasn't the plan

[Streamer] oooopoooo: thanks!

Chaos_lord2: @oooopoooo /w tpp inventory, then useitm followed by the number

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if breakers roll that well all the time i might have to nerf them LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: kill at full*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if it doesn't kill at kill it won't kill at all

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: crush grip scales with enemy hp

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: was there matchfixing earlier, i got a report

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: (t3/pack)

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: just an fyi

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I buy reformers for t3

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: bit late now...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: like I said, you need to oder sleuth

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: we need to oder sleuth guys Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: what this music says to me: wight knights are jerks

[Streamer] nowwhat: @chaos_lord2 TehePelo

Chaos_lord2: @nowwhat BigBrother

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: varience is a very complex topic in game design. there are many different kinds that produce different effects in different ways

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: my point about the purpose of luck applies to PBR too Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: grinch leak was more believable than some of the leak accounts were reliable LUL sometimes you make the right decision and are wrong, that's the entire point of randomness, to punish good decisions and reward bad ones

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: "and try nonot to die this time"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I don't expect there to be much heavy dialouge. the plot seems to be pretty much "free everyone and bop the big glowey thing"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: TBF, the grinch evidence was much stronger than the traditional leakers in this case. it was a very elaborate fake

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, you mean bet amount? Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: why would lower bonus blind bets be worth more than higher?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: that's a bug, will fix

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: shit that

[Streamer] Pokemario6456: I reformed a corruptor into more reformers Jebaited

Chaos_lord2: @pokemario6456 actual reformers or corrupters?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: denied

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: metapod is 5.4 for refernce

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so 5.4ish is the most common breakable atm

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the exact limit is 2 rarity more than the most common

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it will tell you you can't

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: direct in 15 mins

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: WAH got AT'd

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: use /w tpp balance

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: issue with pokemon trainer alts is different mons are built very differently

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: grinch seems most likely at this point

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the donation

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: subs are a pretty nasty cut too IIRC, not sure of the exact, but it ain't much better than the bits

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm suprised you can't at least get a prepaid debit card or something

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ... bits sound like a scam

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: my luck just cost the stream 10 dollars Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... huh

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: thing is, I'd rather win the pokeyen Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: thankfully for cmon bruh, I'm pretty unlucky

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: TPPdevs/mods patreon when Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I don't have final say over finances, except the odd warning from stremaer when things get too low...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yep

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only either I win an all in or the stream gets 1k bits BigBrother

[Streamer] StenirRPG: What is this level thing? It's been a while since I was able to play and I haven't seen that before.

Chaos_lord2: @StenirRPG a system of gaining rewards for incremental play

[Streamer] GLaDtoHavApples: update doesn't give me much to go on guys Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @GLaDtoHavApples undate in 1 minute ago

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll look at the standard meta and see what was done to fix it there, if it's fast I'll port it over

[Streamer] Zawahkiinraptor: @Chaos_lord2 Why you couldn't just disable specific pokemon from being combined used in clone and metronome combo? Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Zawahkiinraptor I'm busy coding other things

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: wait no, badges are 1 in 14, my bad, forgot i did a split

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I lent it towards halloween items, as they are event only, and reformers as I need them to exist in the economy

[Streamer] nanami44: of getting a badge*

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 pretty low, about 1 in 7

[Streamer] rycool102000: @Chaos_lord2 is it really true you wont be able to combine metronome and clone anymore? BibleThump

Chaos_lord2: @rycool102000 people were putting super bulky things in there, and the halloween meta doesn't have the safeties that regular has,m causing long matches

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: an update is when a dev (like me) has something to change and needs to update the core. to avoid disruption we disable pinball until it stops, then wait until the end of a match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update in the pipe

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update in the pipe, disables clone + metronome among other small fixes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: how many tokens were put on this?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I might have to mess with the volume on whispers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: itemnumber has to have a #

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: wait no, selling is (itemnumber) not (itemname)

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sellitem (itemname) t(price) (quantity) (pack size)pack

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yes, it'll corrupt the whole pack of 6, though you could probably sell the reformers to buy something cheaper

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: mails and chatters are t2 a pack ATM

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: reminder that corrupters can corrupt regular items

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: is dynamic out of PP?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: PunOko

[Streamer] nanami44: @Chaos_lord2 is there a list of badges you can get from halloween crates?

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 I'd have to pull a list from the code, I kinda made it in a hurry

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I added some reformers to the halloween crates as otherwise there'd be no way to get them or breakers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha how are the new items

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I swear what did i do this-oh this one isn't me

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: @chaos_lord2 but how do people make it say stuff then?

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only it says stuff from chat

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: @Chaos_lord2 also maybe fix default being considered gimmicks Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Mariosyoshi that's probably related

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: @chaos_lord2 what am i doing wrong?

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only you can't specify messages due to rish of people entering stupid shit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: will reset core after pinball + match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: attempting an overlap fix

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, this ones new

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... what

[Streamer] MegaZard: showers rhymes with hours VoHiYo

Chaos_lord2: @MegaZard it means lets go is a switch game which means a new setup which means alot of "fun" setup

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I might have to make a token bid war Kappa

[Streamer] poolside777: wtf is BORT?

Chaos_lord2: @poolside777 an older meme

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: you'll know when we know, more or les

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: next run depends on technical factors

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: jar o dirt

[Streamer] steeghosaurus: ty

Chaos_lord2: @steeghosaurus you use a / , it's a whisper command

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I haven't patched it in yet kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: corrupter will be the item name

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: then /w tpp useitem

[Streamer] steeghosaurus: how do you open a crate?

Chaos_lord2: @steeghosaurus /w tpp inventory

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: corrupters come in packs of 3

[Streamer] nanami44: @Chaos_lord2 are corrupters permanent

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 all halloween items should be usable after the event unless they get obnoxious

[Streamer] Abcdefgeeee: what is a reformer?

Chaos_lord2: @Abcdefgeeee an item that turns items into other items

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Ptch notes: orange instead of red on the blank spaces, fixed typos, added new spooky item "corrupters", which are reformers that make spooky items

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update after this match (unless teamviewer derps)

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update in the pipe

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: is anyone else wnats free high tier loot, they can submit emotes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: or my usual luck is kicking in

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: they are supposed to be low%, but I guess I mismathd

[Streamer] Phaydra_: Emote rewards Kappa

Chaoslord2: @Phaydra made the 3 new sub emotes, so got the content reward 3 times. hence the massive stack of crates

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: holy ... you got the jackpot

[Streamer] Gameface252: I'm trying, man

Chaos_lord2: @Gameface252 I don't know, I didn't write that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: "useitem #2 #1" is valid for example

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: for reformers you need to enter a second number for the target

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well, @nowwhat BigBrother

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: mist isn't haze OpieOP

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: all halloween items can be traded as normal

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: oh okay it just changes the item tk something else randomly? @chaos_lord2

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only yes, 1 pack in 1 pack out

[Streamer] CharmyBee99: @chaos_lord2 it can't do items into crates right?

Chaos_lord2: @charmybee99 no, only things that drop from small fun crates

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: do reformers always result in a better item or not?

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only it gurantees different, there are no "better" or "worse" items as far as the system cares

[Streamer] 卞回几呂凵ヨ (ninjanitor): So if you only have item slots with like 50+ items reformers are useless Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @ninjanitor it won't consume more than the 1 pack per use

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: reformers are in (small) fun crates and halloween crates

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: reformers take 1 pack and give 1 pack

[Streamer] Afterwards: Or maybe emote drip? Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @afterwards yes. it's free to do so so if it's your first item you can roll it

[Streamer] Disinclude: what do reformers do?

Chaos_lord2: @disinclude turn items into other items

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: chunked

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: low% boom LUL

[Streamer] MyRattata: @Chaos_lord2 Can reformers reform things into halloween items?

Chaos_lord2: @myrattata no, but i could look at adding spooky reformers if people want

[Streamer] Afterwards: what type was phancero in the hack? Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @afterwards ghost/flying

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 6 breakers PogChamp

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: my guess is if there's significant minecraft content it'll be a creeper AT

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and incineroar yh

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the old verde leaks, they aren't compatible with grinch

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: someone is going to be salty

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's going to be a crazy direct considering the fact we have 2 "supported" leaks ATM

[Streamer] Shogunsts: how did he miss with a attack with almost 95% hit

Chaos_lord2: @shogunsts fog reduces all acuracy by 40%

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i don't mind burger king, but thet have backslid over time. i generally don't like fast food though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if people want the new items to be more common, i could make them more common in the crate pool

[Streamer] Shogunsts: wth

Chaos_lord2: @shogunsts halloween sets are wierd

[Streamer] Shogunsts: @Chaos_lord2 no person is this stupid though

Chaos_lord2: @shogunsts I see you are new here

[Streamer] Shogunsts: stupid ai

Chaos_lord2: @shogunsts I wish it was ai...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the public doc should have them

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so, how are the new items?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: about 12

[Streamer] Gameface252: OK. If I pointed a reformer at an item, does it use the entire stack, or just a 'pack' of them? (I currently have 30 noisemakers, just as an example)

Chaos_lord2: @gameface252 each use takes 1 pack

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: not in this economy, but still

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i could see people reforming common badge crates in some situations

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: crates are packs of 1 for reformers

[Streamer] Gameface252: @Chaos_lord2 While it would be a poor decision, can you point a reformer at a (stack of) crates?

Chaos_lord2: @gameface252 yes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: when common badges are expensive compared to rarer ones like now, breakers sre very valuble

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i added reformers to halloween crates so people can turn old items into breakers to make badges to feed the market

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so if they are all you have, they can "reroll"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: reformers can reform themselves for free btw

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: reformers* mail,*

[Streamer] nanami44: @Chaos_lord2 so a 5pack of chatters/noisemakers could become mails and viceversa right?

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 yes. if you feed it chatters, it'll eat 5 and spit out either 1 emote rain, 3 dripsm a mail, 5 noisemakers, a breaker or 6 refotmers

[Streamer] nanami44: @Chaos_lord2 what about reformers can u choose any kind of item?

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 you feed it any item, but the item back is random though never what you put in. they drop in packs of 6

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's some rng. like transmute

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: basically you specify a badge, it removes it and you get 2 back around 2 rarity lower

[Streamer] Gameface252: That's something else I need to get more info on. How does a Breaker work? Do you just point it at a badge, or does it use one at random?

Chaos_lord2: @gameface252 point it at a badge

[Streamer] Ordsey: @Chaos_lord2 what are breakers?

Chaos_lord2: @ordsey new crate item, acts like reverse transmute

[Streamer] nanami44: chaos whens double pinball badge drops RaccAttack

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 i decided to see what breakers do first

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the ecomony is doing a wierd right now anyway, and i made it wierded last update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: not*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... guess nit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: did any more bugs show up overnight?