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Twitch Plays Pokémon Omega Ruby

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Physical special split is gonna hurt

Thank you for joining us for another fantastic run! Hope to see you all back for the TPP Red Anniversary!

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Now that Pokémon Battle Revolution has started, I will no longer be making any more major updates. If anything it will be of TwitchSpeaks doing his human mod, open mic and stuff. But yea. I had a great time doing this, helping keep up with the updates! Great Job on Pokémon Omega Ruby TPP! GGWP everyone!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !balance was working for a moment before, don't know why it died, maybe the bot got banned for spamming

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Now let the criticism begin of PBR.. FailFish

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: You are so welcome, guys

[PBR] First match is Brozong, Gliscor, and Gabite vs. Tangrowth, Lopunny, and Finneon.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Was PBR worth the wait?! Huh?!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !balance


[Info] Balance bot now has commas for thousands.

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Kreygasm

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: !balance

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly!

Thank you for watching!

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: OFFLINE BibleThump

It's all over now!


It's been nice doing the FINAL day of updating! We love you all! <3

9d 23h 59m And streamer just resetted the game as if it wasn't obvious enough.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !reset

9d 23h 56m Landed on Route 115!

[Fluff] We failed to fly back home in our final minutes of the game.

9d 23h 55m And umm... Eon Flute again!

9d 23h 55m We landed on Route 108!

[Chat] CRYOT.

[Info] 5 Minutes left until Post Game is over!

9d 23h 53m Then we used the Eon Flute once more!

9d 23h 53m We use Pokéblock Kit for a brief moment.

9d 23h 52m We got on our Mach Bike!

9d 23h 52m Exp. Share was turned off!

9d 23h 50m We enter the cave for a brief moment to look at the black hole. But then we quickly exit out of the cave.

[Info] Pause and unpause the stream if you don't have any sound. Unless you're a follower of Claw I guess.

9d 23h 49m We landed on Fabled Cave!

[Info] 15 Minutes remain until post game ends!

9d 23h 44m We use the Eon Flute once more!

[Chat] BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

9d 23h 40m Entered the Pokémon Center, and right back outside. Inside the center, and back outside.

9d 23h 40m We land on Sootopolis City!

[Fluff] Wait.... Latios is no longer on our team of 6 Pokémon in our party. So technically, he's carrying 7 Pokémon. Isn't that illegal?

9d 23h 36m We used the Eon Flute! Just one more flight before the game ends!

[Info] 30 Minutes left until Pokémon Omega Ruby Post Game is over!

9d 23h 31m We leave our secret base!

9d 23h 27m We have turned on the lights inside our base! I CAN SEE!

9d 23h 27m We sleep on our bed a couple of times!

[Snark] "It's a tightly-wrapped straw post." So...a straw pole? (badum-tss)

[Info] Here is a link to our new QR Code of our Secret Base!

9d 23h 24m Current 3DS camera shows what looks like Zapdoge in Pokemon-Amie on a screen. (It's animated, so it's not just a printed screenshot.)

9d 23h 20m We update the Message to our base a few times!

9d 23h 19m We make a new QR code for our base!

[Snark] Welcome back to Arty's Wild Ride! Don't forget, you're here forever! Kappa

9d 23h 16m We set the Battle Style of our base to Inverse Battle.

9d 23h 15m Entered back in to our base now!

9d 23h 15m We have entered, then very quickly exited our secret base.

9d 23h 14m Now on Route 119.

9d 23h 10m We have entered Fortree City!

9d 23h 6m Great Ball on wild Male Tropius! WE CAUGHT IT! We Nickname it "_22r_jrf_I"!

9d 23h 6m We now encounter some wild Pokémon on our final hour of the game.

9d 23h 4m Bird Keeper Colin defeated!

9d 23h 3m Azumarill OHKO's it with Rollout! Aerodactyl Lv.22! HyperBug 15 & learns water sport! M4 OHKOs Xatu who was just sent out! Hyperbug now Level 16

9d 23h 3m We sent out Azumarill M4!

9d 23h 2m Zigzagoon gets OHKO'd by Swellow, due to it being under leveled!

9d 23h 0m Zigzagoon "97%" vs. Swellow!

9d 22h 59m Challenge vs. Bird Keeper Colin!

[Info] 1 Hour remaining until Pokémon Omega Ruby Post Game ends!

[Info] Apparently, we're trying to get to one of our Secret Bases.

[Info] As if it wasn't obvious enough by now, Wi-Fi has been disabled for the remaining time we have left of the game.

9d 22h 50m Entered on to Route 120!

[Stats] Surskit Lv. 13 - Max. HP 33 Attack 14 Defense 14 Sp. Atk 21 Sp. Def 20 Speed 22

9d 22h 48m We nickname the Female Gloom "!r_rt4"!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: If the wonder trade wasn't fixed before the timer runs out we'll do it tomorrow on my channel.

9d 22h 47m 97% Grows MANY Levels once again to Lv.10!

9d 22h 47m Threw a Premier Ball on a wild Gloom! CAUGHT IT!

[Info] Zigzagoon "97%" is now at Level 7!

9d 22h 45m We Nickname the new caught Female Shuppet "(F)2rrr_rmmz"

9d 22h 45m Ot Learns Sand Attack! HyperBug level 13!

9d 22h 44m Used a Premier Ball on wild Shuppet! CAUGHT IT! Zigzagoon 97% GROWS MANY LEVELS!

9d 22h 43m Fighting some wild Pokémon.

9d 22h 42m and it fails once more, like it's something normal now. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: well then

9d 22h 41m We go into Wonder Trade once more.

[Fluff] Am I the only one getting a blank page on that link he posted?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: they did have maintenance today, but it should be over already

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/network/en\_na/network\_status.jsp

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: well then

[Info] It appears that Communications for Wonder Trade keep failing.

9d 22h 38m At Wonder Trade menu.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: so it's not just me?

9d 22h 37m We failed to wonder trade again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Twitchplayspokemon can you turn it off for a moment?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish

9d 22h 37m Wonder Trade again.

9d 22h 36m We go into Wonder Trade, but quickly sign off of it.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 240, 120

[Info] Our new Mawile that we sent over was nicknamed "!". The chat seems to have given the new nickname of it "Exclamawile".

9d 22h 33m Signed off of Wonder Trade.

9d 22h 32m We prepare for Wonder Trade session!

9d 22h 30m Traded over our new Mawile Female Lv.1 for GMYC's Zigzagoon "97%" Female Lv.3!

9d 22h 24m Our Egg just hatched into a Female Mawile!

9d 22h 22m Aerodactyl levels up to 21! HyperBug many levels up again! Beauty Jessica defeated!

9d 22h 21m We Mega evolve Shiny Rayquaza, and OHKO it with outrage!

9d 22h 20m Shiny Ray vs. Kecleon! It OHKO's it! Hyperbug grows many levels once again to level 10! Jessica sends out Seviper!

9d 22h 20m Trainer Challenge vs. Beauty Jessica!

9d 22h 11m Traded over Diancie Lv.50 for Kamiya's Egg!

9d 22h 9m Traded over Egg for James's Diancie Lv.50!

[Fluff] Wait... Do we even need to record those, since it's technically not ours anyway, and it's from Wi-Fi trades?

9d 22h 2m Hyperbug grows many levels, and learns some new moves from a wild Gloom encounter!

9d 22h 1m We connected to the internet again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: half an hour left until pss trade/battle is disabled, it would mostly be wonder trade afterwards if you want

[Info] 2 Hours Left until Pokémon Omega Ruby Post Game Ends!

9d 22h 0m Apparently we just disconnected from the internet.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: half an hour left

[Info] Aerodactyl knows Bite, Scary Face, Roar, and Agility.

[Stats] Aerodactyl Lv. 20 - Max. HP 67 Attack 47 Defense 32 Sp. Atk 33 Sp. Def 36 Speed 69

[Snark] A lot of people are getting annoyed at Javier's constant trade requests despite him having traded with TPP multiple times already. Wasn't there another person with a 6-letter name beginning with J who's notorious around here?

9d 21h 54m We exit the Safari Zone building. Assuming this is still Route 121.

9d 21h 53m We end the trade session with Javier.

9d 21h 52m Traded over 'Gearonimo' Lv.27 for Egg!

9d 21h 51m Traded over Anorith 'Lord Claw' Male Lv.6 for 'Gearonimo' Lv.27!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 40 minutes left

9d 21h 50m Traded over our Egg for Javier's Shiny Rayquaza Lv.100!

9d 21h 44m Traded over a Golbat Male Lv.33 for Leonys's Shinx "SunFlare <3" Female Lv.1!

9d 21h 38m Back inside the Safari Zone building.

9d 21h 35m We traded over Happiny Female Lv.37 for Arctic's Glaceon Female Lv.7

9d 21h 33m We canceled the trade. Nice try Flarn2006 Kappa

9d 21h 32m We accept a trade from Flarn2006? PogChamp

9d 21h 29m Traded over Machop "Czop" Female Lv.19 for AnarchySis's Azumarill "M4" Lv.100!

9d 21h 14m Traded over Celebi Lv.10 for Leaf's Anorith "Lord Claw" Male Lv.6!

9d 21h 12m We lost the match against Leonys and Oskar.

9d 21h 8m We enter a Wi-Fi Multi Battle against Leonys and Oskar, with GMYC on our team. We only enter a single Flareon.

9d 21h 2m Aerodactyl goes down to the wild Gloom's Mega Drain attack!

9d 21h 1m Encountering some wild Pokémon in Safari Zone.

9d 21h 0m We connected to the Internet again.

[Info] 3 Hours left until Pokémon Omega Ruby Post Game ends.

9d 20h 58m We go up, and exit the building into the Safari Zone area.

[Fluff] Thanks for the update streamer. Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: one and a half hour left

9d 20h 54m We entered the Safari Zone building.

9d 20h 53m We appear to be disconnected from Wi-Fi now.

9d 20h 50m We connected to the internet once again!

[Fluff] What kind of love is that? Kappa

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm married to science

[Info] Wi-Fi Internet appears to be turned off again.

9d 20h 40m Aerodactyl is now in the red from wild Pokémon encounters higher than our levels on our team!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no I'm the one that was looking at chat and pressing buttons for the last two weeks

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what was that OneHand

9d 20h 31m We connected to the internet again!

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PBR OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 20h 27m Celebi just went down to a wild Pokémon attack!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: mallery?

9d 20h 26m Fighting wild Pokémon with some low level Pokémon we got from trades.

9d 20h 21m We disconnected from the internet!

9d 20h 19m Entered Route 121.

9d 20h 16m Traded over Jirachi Lv.5 for Aisa's Egg!

9d 20h 8m Traded over Gallade "Saturn-kun" Male Lv.69 for Javier's Celebi Lv.10!

9d 20h 2m Traded over Shiny Rayquaza Lv.100 for Javier's Egg!

[Info] 4 Hours left until Pokémon Omega Ruby Post game ends.

9d 19h 56m /u/Flarn2006 wants to trade! D'NIED YO!

9d 19h 56m Exited the Pokémon Center for some fresh air.

9d 19h 49m Traded over Rhyperior Male Lv.52 for Kamiya's Jirachi Lv.5!

9d 19h 46m Traded over Wingull "WingulG" Male Lv.13 for Marina's Skarmory "Assurmory" Female Lv.16

9d 19h 39m Accessed the PC again, and looking at our HOF Pokémon.

9d 19h 38m Traded over Whismur Male Lv.18 for Revated's Male Aerodactyl!

9d 19h 35m Accessed the PC once again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 3 hours left

9d 19h 30m Traded over Mewtwo Lv.100 for Blaise's Gallade 'Saturn-kun' Male Lv.69!

9d 19h 28m Manetric Lvl.65 was released!

9d 19h 27m Turned off the PC, and back on.

9d 19h 26m We named one of our boxes to "BO".

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: l

9d 19h 25m We accessed the PC again.

9d 19h 22m We accessed the PC for a bit, then shut it off.

9d 19h 22m Entered the Lilycove Pokémon Center.

9d 19h 19m We talk to a memory girl outside. We select Flareon as the little girl tells us its memories.

[Info] That means 1 hour, 30 minutes of Wonder Trade FYI.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: slight change of plan, wonder trade only 1.5 hours before the end

9d 19h 13m We lost the match against Tru.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: slimo can do whatever he wants with t4

9d 19h 7m We enter a Wi-Fi Double Battle against Tru, with only 4 Pokémon selected, against 3 of Tru's Pokémon.

9d 19h 3m We registered Aissurteivos to our friend list.

9d 19h 2m Traded over Blaziken "Sar'fa" Male Lv.50 for Aissurteivos's Kricketune "Kappatune" Female Lv.38!

[Info] 5 Hours left until Post game ends. 4 Hours of Wi-Fi left.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: @Sciresm anyway, you can do whatever you want, but I'm sure that those you give away will never receive the same love and care compared to those people earned by themselves

9d 19h 0m Connection was interrupted.

9d 18h 59m We enter a Wi-Fi Single Battle against d.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: saturn, slimoleq got both t4 and zigzagonny

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: saturn is here

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: and I think it's interesting to see what people will do with their unique pokemon

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: this is a real game running on a real 3DS, so there should be a unique copy of the team that the community tries to obtain just like they did throughout the game

9d 18h 50m We ALMOST Traded over Machop "Czop" Female Lv.19 for Skarmory "Assurmory" Female Lv.16!, but the trade was canceled, or something.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: previous runs a emulated

[Streamer] Sciresm: @Twitch_plays_3ds Point of online is "fun", I'd imagine.

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Sciresm so if you start giving them away to anyone who wants them, why bother doing the online in the first place?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I believe that the pokemon used in this run should be unique and have their values to those luckily ones who received them

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: why bother with online right now if someone is going to do a giveaway anyway?

9d 18h 44m And our Whismur goes down to Kricketune! Aissurteivos wins the match!

9d 18h 42m With only 2 Pokémon entered, and one remaining, we are close to defeating Aissurteivos, which only one Kricketune remaining!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: as Slimoleq said

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: a big one

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: backup works

[Snark Continued] Woooooooop!

[Snark] delelelelelelel

[Info] Aissurteivos's Kricketune is nicknamed "Kappatune" Kappa

9d 18h 34m We enter a Wi-Fi Double Battle against Aissurteivos!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: for the 3 tracking numbers you emailed me one of them is delivered

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: could be

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I just received the case, what is the other one?

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: Thank you Kenya for delivering the Encoder PC parts safely to Deku.

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp nope

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: let me check my mailbox real quick

9d 18h 27m We registered Jacob to our friend list!

9d 18h 26m And... Not surprisingly, we lost another match against Jacob.

[Fluff] Wondertrade PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: basically it means it's wonder trade only in the last hour

[Streamer] Projectrevotpp: @Felkcraft By power saving

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Projectrevotpp by the way I got the case already

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no save files. get those pokemon out before the end or they will be left forever in PC.

9d 18h 20m We do another Wi-Fi Single Battle with Jacob, entering 2 of our Pokémon.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: t4 is already gone

9d 18h 17m And... we just lost the match to Jabob.

[Fluff] So..... 5 Hours hype?

9d 18h 16m We enter a Wi-Fi Single Battle against Jacob!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: pss battle/trading will be turned off 1 hour before the end of oras

[Snark] Jess got friend-zoned. :P

[Info] The Mewtwo that we have obtained from George knows Recover, Psycho Cut, Brick Break, and Earthquake.

9d 18h 13m We Registered Jess to our friend list!

9d 18h 12m We defeated Jess with our Machop "Czop"!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp dat party

[Info] Jess only sends in 1 Shiny Magikarp (Japanese name).

9d 18h 10m We enter a Wi-Fi Single Battle against Jess. We only enter 2 of our Pokémon.

9d 18h 5m Traded over Ho-Oh Lv.50 for d's Pikachu "0.DR" Female Lv.30!

[Info] 6 Hours left until Pokémon Omega Ruby Post game ends!

9d 17h 53m We turned the Wi-Fi right back on.

9d 17h 53m Wi-Fi was apparently turned off.

[Info] Current Party is Mewtwo Lv.100, Rhyperior Lv.52, Flareon Lv.97, HyperBug Lv.3, Machop "Czop" Lv.19, and Whismur "Yuukt22y!ipp" Lv.18

9d 17h 46m We register Baz to our friend list!

9d 17h 44m Traded over Amaura "Lord Sail" Male Lv.1 for Baz's Shiny Rayquaza Lv.100!

9d 17h 36m Traded over Archero Female Lv.100 for MagnusHexem's HyperBug Male Lv.3!

9d 17h 31m We registered George as our friend.

9d 17h 30m Traded over Lv.1 Mudkip for George's Mewtwo Lv.100!

[Snark] So, I herd u like Mudkips! Kappa

9d 17h 27m Traded over Metagross "Quadraxis" for Nyberim's Mudkip!

9d 17h 18m We ALMOST added George to our friend list, right as the connection had cut off.

9d 17h 9m We've exited the Museum! Back outside!

9d 17h 6m Canceled the trade session.

9d 17h 5m Trading with Schneizel.

9d 17h 3m We lost the match against Felipe and Schneizel.

[Info] George has a shiny Lugia! PogChamp

[Info] We only enter a single Metagross "Quadraxis" on our team.

9d 16h 58m We FINALLY Entered a Wi-Fi Multi Battle against Felipe and Schneizel, with George on our team.

9d 16h 50m Traded over Absol "MOONDODGE" Male Lv.27 for Tim's Metagross "Quadraxis" Lv.45!

[Fluff] Why is it that we can enter Wi-Fi single battles, but we seem to quit most of the Multi Battles?

9d 16h 39m Metagross OHKO's both of our Pokémon. Khaisz wins the match!

9d 16h 36m We enter a Wi-Fi battle against Khaisz. We enter 2 Pokémon this time.

[Info/Pokédex] Trainer ID: 37614, Hoenn Pokédex: 172, Money: 118,126, Poké Miles: 1,723, Battle Points: 0, Play Time: 231:55

Pokémon Caught: 59

9d 16h 26m We canceled trade with TYPE2, and register him/her as one of our friends!

9d 16h 24m Traded over Tropiuskuh Male Lv.27 with TYPE2's (Japanese Name) Lv.24!

9d 16h 20m Canceled trade with Tim.

9d 16h 19m Seems like Tim wants to trade now.

9d 16h 13m Traded over Delele Wooop Female Lv.37 for Khaisz's Blaziken "Sar'fa"

9d 16h 13m We appear to be trading with someone.

9d 16h 5m And it just got OHKO'd! Tim wins the match again!

9d 16h 3m We enter one more Wi-Fi battle against Tim. Our only Pokémon this time is a Whismur "Yuukt22y!ipp"!

9d 15h 58m What a surprise, we get OHKO'd by the apposing Groudonger. We lost the match against Tim.

[Info/Fluff] Our only 'mon chosen is a Machop "Czop". This won't end well.

9d 15h 56m We enter a Wi-Fi Single Battle against Tim.

9d 15h 50m Trade canceled with Marina.

9d 15h 49m We appear to be trading again.

[Chat] 2000felipe: @NMario84 It's the Lilicove Museum

Thanks for the info!

[Info] We appear to be standing around inside a Museum similar to that one from Pokémon X. But I have no idea what location this is currently.

9d 15h 40m We lost the match against Jacob.

[Info] We only have 8 hours, 30 minutes until Pokémon Omega Ruby Post game ends.

9d 15h 29m We enter a Wi-Fi battle against Jacob!

9d 15h 19m Traded over "r" Female Lv.16 for Rebecca's 'Lord Sail' Lv.1!

9d 14h 46m: We enter a battle vs (insert japanese name here). Single battle with normal rules.

9d 14h 41m: We trade another Sealeo for a Shinx to Evelyn

[Info] Any other trades missing in the Updater please PM about them, I just logged in.

9d 14h 38m: Also a few minutes ago We traded with /u/Sohippy our Sealeo (RrgkonnnoYr) for a Magnezone (WAHAHA)

9d 14h 34m: We trade Groudon away for a Roserade

9d 13h 55m Traded Contest Pikachu to Xander for a Kricketune!

9d 13h 22m Traded our Lv. 40 Glacia to Kenya for Yuki in a Luxury Ball!

[Info] It seems the ability to interact with Arty once he is on your friends list is disabled. Acquaintances and Passersby seem to be enabled. friendzoned

[Snark] Galaxy S4? You mean Verizon?

9d 12h 55m We're trading with someone who has Magnemite's evolutionary relatives named "WATT" and WAHAHA".

[Snark] WATT even? WAHAHA

9d 12h 47m Traded Skitty (Qttttt) for M4!

9d 12h 29m Traded T4 to Slimoleq for a Machop called Czop!

9d 12h 27m Traded Zigzagoony to Slimoleq for a Kecleon named Lipoke!

9d 12h 20m Forfeited </3

9d 12h 18m Joey, aka /u/ShinySapphire has a team of lotids, and Kamiya, aka /u/Kamaria has A's team, ripped from Emerald.

9d 12h 17m Started a battle with /u/Cyander and two other people.

9d 12h 13m T4 forgot Rock Smash!

9d 12h 11m T4 now knows Double Team!

9d 12h 11m NOT THE TV

9d 11h 58m Zigzagoony now knows Double Team!

9d 11h 56m Made Glacia (Glalie) forget Headbutt, taught Earthquake!

[Fluff] Zigzagoony can't learn Aerial Ace </3

9d 11h 49m Traded Chim-chan to a Japanese trainer for "Cabbage-30", a Bellossom!

[Stats] Chimchar Lv. 1 - Max. HP 11 Attack 6 Defense 6 Sp. Atk 6 Sp. Def 4 Speed 6

9d 11h 43m Traded Latios over to Aisa for a Chimchar called Chim-chan!

9d 11h 41m Outside (In Lilycove City)

9d 11h 33m Latios forgot Fly

9d 11h 31m Flareon forgot Strength!

9d 11h 31m T4 forgot Superpower!

9d 11h 27m Watching TV.

9d 11h 16m T4 Forgot Waterfall

9d 11h 14m T4 Forgotten Dive

9d 11h 13m Zigzagoony Forgotten Rock Smash

9d 11h 11m Zigzagoony Forgotten Surf

9d 11h 10m Zigzagoony Forgotten Strength

9d 11h 9m Inside the Move Deleter's House

9d 11h 5m Entered Lilycove City

9d 10h 55m Used Eon Flute to fly to Safari Zone

9d 10h 47m We enter the Oldale pokemon center, making it checkpoint us

9d 10h 22m We have been refusing battles/trades since the last update

9d 9h 59m Battle Ends

9d 9h 58m Deoxsys uses Recover and Glalie Dark Pulses Numel and KO's it

9d 9h 58m Deoxsys misses Zen Headbutt, Glalie Ice Beam's Numel and Numel Lava Plume's the first two

9d 9h 57m Deoxsys uses Zen Headbutt to hit Grovyle, Grovyle Fury Cutters Deoxsys, Glalie uses Ice Beam and KO's Grovyle

9d 9h 55m We send out Glalie, Swellow uses Brave Bird on Groudon brinning it to 3hp, Groudon uses Thunderbolt to KO Swellow Grovyle leaf BLades Glalie and Glalie Dark Pulses Grovyle

9d 9h 54m Currently Azumarill and Groudon vs Grovyle and Swellow, They both target Azumarill and KO it

9d 9h 53m We entered a figth with 3 pokemon, i havent been able to update the first two turns because of updater lagging, sorry

[Snark] Cant believe we actually fight this whole battle without forfeit

9d 9h 34m Sceptile KO's Jolteon with Leaf Blade. Battle Ends

9d 9h 34m Sceptile uses Giga Drain Again and Jolteon repeats Shadow Ball

9d 9h 33m Sceptile uses Giga Drain Jolteon uses Shadow Ball

9d 9h 33m Jolteon is sent out

9d 9h 32m Sceptile is sent out and Mega evolves its Critcial Leaf Blade KO's Gallade

9d 9h 31m Aggron uses Low Sweep on AGgron but it survives, Milotic's Surf KO's Aggron and Gallade survives it

9d 9h 30m Aggrom is sent out and Mega evolves, Swampert is immbolized by love again, Milotic's surf and Aggrons Iron Head KO's Swampert

9d 9h 29m Linoone uses Strntgh on Wailord, Milotic Surf's KO's Linoone and Swampert's Earthquake doesnt KO Milotic

9d 9h 28m Milotic used Recover, Swampert is immbolized by attraction, Wailord uses waterfall on Linoone, Linoone used Strengthed Wailord again

9d 9h 27m Milotic uses Attract on Swampert, SWampert uses Rock SLide, Wailord used Water Spout, Linoone Strengthed on Wailord

9d 9h 26m Linoone uses Strength on SWampert, Wailord's Bounce hits Milotic, Swampert flinches Milotic with Rock Slide

9d 9h 25m Wailord used Bounce, Linoone KO's Castform with Strength, SWampert uses Waterfall on Wailord

9d 9h 23m Linoone uses SUrf, Swampert uses Waterfall, Castform uses Sunny Day and Blaziken Flamethrowered Castform

9d 9h 22m Entered battle, Zigzagoony with Swampert vs Blaziken and Castform

9d 9h 1m Aerodactyl uses Ice Fang on Zygarde, Manectrics Thunderbolt isnt enought to KO Aerodavtyl, ZYgarde uses Earthquake and Manectric faints battle ends

9d 9h 0m Gengar was switched out for Zygarde

9d 9h 0m Manectric is sent out

9d 8h 59m Aerodactyl's and Gengar's Shadow Ball akes Swampert faint

9d 8h 58m Swampert vs Gengar and Aerodactyl, Aerodactyl Mega evoves and uses Fly, Gengar uses confuse ray but Swampert uses Surf anyways

9d 8h 57m Mew used Explosion and fainted with Linoone, Gengar wasnt affected

9d 8h 55m Mew uses Lucky Chant, Tyrabitar sets up Stealth Rock, Gallade OHKO's Tyranitar with Close Combat

9d 8h 54m ENtered the battle for the third time, Linoone only again

9d 8h 50m Forfeited again

9d 8h 49m Battled again with Linoone only again

9d 8h 45m Forfeited instantly

9d 8h 44m Linoone and Gallade vs Kyogre and Tyranitar

9d 8h 44m Entered Zigzagoony only

9d 8h 42m Entered Multibattle with Blaise, GameBro and TYPE2

9d 8h 27m Latios is sent out, and we Forfeit the match

9d 8h 27m We strntgh and his Iron Tail makes Linoone faint

9d 8h 26m Rotated to Aggron and mega evolves it, strength does barely anything and his Metal Burst is only Slightly better

9d 8h 25m Rotated to Linoone and Purugly used Body Slam and Linoone used Strength

9d 8h 24m Purugly quick claw made azumarill sleep with Hypnosis

9d 8h 24m Azumarill, Flareon, Linoone vs Purugly, Agrrom and Regigigas in Rotation battle

9d 8h 23m Entered battle with Loogie

9d 8h 11m Accepting trades/battles but keep leaving them

9d 7h 55m Left trade

9d 7h 54m Entered Trade

9d 7h 46m But an enemy Pidgeot takes down Zigzagoony, and Arty loses. Thank god K/D ratio doesn't matter in TPP online play

9d 7h 46m Will the real Zigzagoony please stand up? Yes. Ditto down.

9d 7h 45m The opposing Ditto transformed into Zigzagoony! HEY, DON'T BE A THIEF OF OUR GOOD LOOKS!

9d 7h 43m Helix goes down... Vulcan422: FORGIVE US HELIX WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO!

9d 7h 40m We are facing an Omastar...[Chat] HELIX!

9d 7h 33m In another Multi-battle

9d 7h 26m And we lose connection to the battle. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[Chat] Rip SolidGoldMagikarp

9d 7h 22m level one Magikarp taken out by Mew's explosion

9d 7h 15m Currently GamebroJeremy is helping folks find Arty via Multi-battles

9d 7h 5m We are in a multi-battle, stuff is happening PogChamp

9d 6h 50m CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING? We just traded for The Rock. No lie.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: a

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 160, 230

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it's not disabled

9d 6h 27m Traded another Whimsur for a Lapras named Air!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: L and R during trading

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it works now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: r

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: r

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: r

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: l

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: l and r should be enabled during trading now

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: r

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: l

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: r

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: l

9d 6h 20m Sparkles traded for a Voltik

9d 6h 12m Whimsur V traded for a Glalie

9d 6h 4m Several trade and battle requests coming through

[Streamer] Gamebrojeremy: @twitch_plays_3ds are you saying I can't be helping others? Kappa

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Gamebrojeremy no, I'm saying I just met you on pss OneHand

[Streamer] Gamebrojeremy: No, I have to find you again

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Gamebrojeremy you can take me off that list now :)

9d 5h 51m That was a multi-battle with three updaters: flarn2006, mega-charizard and myself. Thanks for the memories TPP!

[Info] Streamer's typing !balance, but nothing's happening. Maybe he's just praying to Amber?

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !balance

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: !balance

9d 5h 40m Multi-battle inbound!

9d 5h 32m Reconnecting Wifi

9d 5h 30m Disconnected Wifi

[Chat] Crayolan: Switched out Bird Jesus for Dome DansGame

9d 5h 23m Battle versus GameBro

9d 5h 15m Annie-chan? But why!?!?

[Chat] Nanashi_yamabiko: @Galactic_boss_cyrus Well said. And if the Favourites system actually let you interact with people instead of just staring at their faces

[Chat] Galactic_boss_cyrus: wanna know what would be great? if the player search system let you search players OpieOP

9d 4h 56m Dru takes down Zigzagoony, Jimmy wins!

9d 4h 56m Dru is back in. Doctor Doctor, give me the news!

9d 4h 56m Zigzagoony's strength flushes Peter Sparker down the toilet

9d 4h 55m Zigzagoony in! ZIGMEISTERMEISTERZOON!

9d 4h 53m And he packs a punch! T4 is down!

9d 4h 53m Peter Sparker back in the game. OMG HE IS SO CUTE

9d 4h 53m 5 is down, T4 in the yellow

9d 4h 52m Dru switched out for 5! ("The great Bambino!" "Oh, I thought you said Bambi" "That wimpy deer?")

9d 4h 51m Fighting against Jimmy again, and it's DRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

9d 4h 47m Match forfeited! (4/6 of Jimmy's 'Mon had been taken out by just 2 of Arty's 'Mon. I'll let you all debate as to who is the better trainer)

9d 4h 47m QQQQ is in

9d 4h 47m And goodbye Peter Sparker (rekt)

9d 4h 46m Peter Sparker, is that you?

9d 4h 44m It's MegaHenry!

9d 4h 42m 2v6, this should work Kappa

9d 4h 40m Duplex wins the battle, now entering single battle versus GMYC

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I wonder who "mallory" is OneHand

9d 4h 35m In another battle against Duplex

9d 4h 31m Won the battle against Duplex. NEVER EVER BET ON ENTEI


9d 4h 25m Arty is currently battling Duplexbegreat

[Chat] Ormency: ARTY PARTY

[Info] Flareon is level 97

[Chat] FEMINUN BibleThump

9d 3h 58m Bye bye Feminun, hello Flareon (trade)

[Chat] DELELELE WOOOOOOOOOP (predictably)

9d 3h 53m Traded Entei for Delele Wooop!

9d 3h 47m Or not, just kidding

9d 3h 47m Multi-battle coming up

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Slowpoke PogChamp

9d 3h 42m Slowpoke evolves into Slowking

9d 3h 41m Traded our level 1 Lord Chestnut to Y for a level 41 Slowpoke

9d 3h 40m Currently considering a trade

9d 3h 27m /u/Cyander's Mega Sceptile is wrecking shop

9d 3h 22m Myself and Arty versus Xander and Aissurteivos! Deoxys battle music theme plays!

[Snark] Good thing it's in a Master Ball. Wait...

[Chat] Entei in a pokéball would be a waste of Pokéball

[Snark] Never trade on Entei

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: PogChamp

[Info] Entei has Stadium moveset.

[Fluff] But can you explain the different Pokéball that Sunshine is in?

9d 3h 15m We forfeit immediately.

9d 3h 14m In a singles battle against AJDNNW!

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: Slowpoke PogChamp

[Info] Sunshine also has its HoF moveset. It might actually be from the Platinum save itself...

[Fluff] Also, I find it really funny that the doge we traded over had the nickname of Urtiev, which is a play on Aissurteivos name. All of it comes around in the end.

[Fluff] So basically ne traded over a re-creation of Sunshine.

9d 2h 56m We trade our level 26 Female 115 (with an Expert Belt) for a level 63 Female Shinx with a name equivalent to that of our very own Sunshine! The trader was Aissurteivos!

9d 2h 52m Back in Oldale Town!

9d 2h 46m Back on Route 101.

9d 2h 45m We exit the Pokemon Center.

9d 2h 43m Checkpointed at the Oldale Pokemon Center!

[Fluff] Us forfeiting. That's new. Kappa.

[Fluff] A Japanese guy with a Female trainer. What else is new.

9d 2h 35m Triple battling a Japanese Man.

9d 2h 29m We forfeited the match.

9d 2h 25m Online triple Battle with Roberto!

9d 2h 21m Kyogre Primal Reverts, and we forfeit.

9d 2h 21m Facing Jay! We send out Minun, Linoone, and Exploud against Kyogre, Mewtwo, and Blastoise!

[Fluff] To be able to trade T4, Zigzagoony, and all the other HM slave Pokémon, we need to put them in the PC and take any special items off them.

[Info] Archeops' moves are Acrobatics, Earth Power, Stone Edge, and Roost, if anyone was curious.

9d 2h 16m We send out Exploud and Feminun! We forfeit!

9d 2h 15m Fly hits T4, Darkrai uses Sludge Bomb on T4 and KOs it! Trevenant uses Curse on Latios, Ferrothorn uses Rock Smash on Linoone! Linoone faints fro Leech Seed!

9d 2h 13m We send out Azumarill! Latios uses Fly, Dakrai uses Dark Void, Linoone woke up and used Strength, on Ferrothorne, Trevenant uses Leech Seed on T4, T4 sleeps, and Ferrothorn attacks T4.

9d 2h 11m Fly hit, Dakrai used Ice Beam and KOed Archeops, Linoone sleeps, Trevenant uses Leech Seed on Latios, and Ferrothorn does on Linoone!

9d 2h 9m Archeops damages Ferrothorn, Latios uses Fly, Dakrai uses Dark Void, we fell asleep, Trevenant uses Leech Seed, and we both avoid the attack.

[Info] The Archeops has a Luck Incense.

9d 2h 8m We send out Linoone, Archeops, and Latios against Ferrothorn, Dakrai, and Trevenant!

[Info] The Archen was actually a Shiny Archeops

9d 2h 1m We trade our Rayquaza for a Level 100 Female Archen named Archero with Alima!

[Info] Our Rayquaza has a Nanab Berry!

9d 1h 59m In Oldale Town.

[Info] Apparently we can't trade Rayquaza or Exploud? Sorry guy who wanted one.

[Snark] Think we can get that out of the PC? Don't bet on it.

[Info] It was in a Master Ball. Why waste one on that?

9d 1h 49m We trade our level 5 male Tepig for a level 40 Entei from Kenji!

9d 1h 38m Battling Wild Pokemon.

9d 1h 35m On Route 101.

[Fluff] Kenji screams "NEVER BET ENTEI!"

9d 1h 32m We trade our level 18 Female Wingull named Qo'ggu62v666 (equipped with Protein) for a level 1 Male Chestnaught named LordChestnut from AJDNNW!

9d 1h 25m We just lost to Kenji in a Wi-Fi Single battle.

[Snark] TPP X AJDNNW OTP Kappa

9d 1h 10m It seems AJ really wants to trade with us.

9d 1h 6m We decide to not add AJ Downs to our Friends List.

9d 1h 2m We send out Exploud! Mega-Metagross uses Zen Headbutt, and we use Flamethrower! It uses Bullet Punch, and we faint! We lose!

9d 1h 1m Sent out Latios! We use Dragon Claw, which isn't very effective, and it uses Ice Punch, which OHKOs Latios!

9d 1h 1m Metagross Mega-Evolved! We uses Surf on it, and it KOs Linoone with Ice Punch!

9d 1h 0m Flygon starts off by using U-Turn and going back to its trainer! It sends out Metagross! We attack it nonetheless.

9d 0h 59m Facing Akatsuki in Singles! We send out Linoone against Flygon!

9d 0h 55m We send out Minun! We then forfeit the match.

9d 0h 53m Sceptile uses X-Scissor on Linoone! Latias uses Healing Pulse on itself! Linoone uses Rock Smash on Azumarill! Exploud uses Boomburst and KOs Azumarill! Skarmory uses Metal Claw and KOs Exploud!

9d 0h 51m We send out Exploud and Linoone! Sceptile uses Earthquake on Azumarill, Latios uses Dragon Pulse on Linoone, Exploud uses Boomburst on Azumarill, Skarmory uses Metal Claw Exploud, and Azumarill uses Waterfall on Sceptile.

9d 0h 49m Rayquaza uses Dragon Dance again to raise its Attack and Speed stats, Sceptile uses Dragon Claw on Rayquaza, Latias uses Dragon Pulse on it and KOs Rayquaza! Fly fails, and Skarmory uses Whirlwind to KO Latios! Azumarill uses Waterfall on Mega-Sceptile, but it's not very effective!

9d 0h 48m Sceptile Mega-Evolves, Latias uses Dragon Pulse on Latias, Latais uses Fly, Rayquaza uses Dragon Dance, Skarmory and Sceptile fail their attack on Latios, and Azumarill uses Superpower on Latias!

9d 0h 47m In a Triple Battle with Yuki! We send out RayQuay, Azumarill, and Latios, against her Latias, Sceptile, and Skarmory!

9d 0h 43m We send out T4! We forfeit the match!

9d 0h 40m We send out Rayquaza and Linoone! We Mega-Evolve Rayquaza and the other Rayquaza uses Dragon Claw on our Rayquaza and KOs it! Kyogre uses Scald on Exploud and KOs it! Linoone fails Cut, and Groudon attacks Linoone, setting it to yellow health.

[Snark] Triple Battle update lengths.

9d 0h 38m They all Primal Revert/Mega Evolve! Latios uses Dragon Claw on Minun, Latios gets hit by Ice Beam from Kyogre, Minun uses Fake Tears on Latios, and Exploud gets Dragon Clawed by RayQuay! Minun gets hit with Earthquake from Groudon and feints! Exploud uses Boomburst on Latios and KOs it!

[Snark] Oh, they're shiny now? Let's not forfeit then; we can take this.

9d 0h 36m Facing off against Liam in a Triple Battle! We send out Minun, Latios, and Exploud, and he sends out Shiny Versions of Groudon, Rayquaza, and Kyogre!

9d 0h 31m Fly hits, and Gardevoir OHKOs Latios with Dazzling Gleam! We lose!

9d 0h 31m We send out Latios! We use Fly, and avoid a Dazzling Gleam and a Ice Beam!

9d 0h 29m Sent out Linoone! RayQuay uses Dragon Dance to raise its Attack and Speed, Linoone uses Rock Smash, Gardevoir uses Dazzling Gleam and KOs RayQuay! Suicune uses Ice Beam and KOs Linoone!

9d 0h 28m We Mega-Evolve Rayquaza, and use Fake Tears with Minun. Gardevoir raises special stats, and then we use Dragon Ascent on Minun and KO it! Suicune also raises its special stats!

9d 0h 27m We are double battling TJ currently! We send out Minun and Rayquaza against Suicune and Gardevoir!

[Snark] Here, Twitch Plays Pokémon demonstrates the importance of choosing your battles before you fight them.

9d 0h 22m Her team Mega-Evolves/Primal Reverts, and we forfeit.

9d 0h 21m We are challenging a random Japanese lady! We send out Rayquaza, Linoone, and Exploud, and she sends out Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon!

9d 0h 18m Another Thunder KOs Exploud! We lose hard.

9d 0h 17m Lukas switches to Manectric, and Mega-Evolves it! It uses Thunder, and paralyzes Exploud! We use Boomburst anyways!

9d 0h 16m Slaking recharges, and we do nothing to it. Slacking uses Slaking uses Slack Off, and we use Boomburst!

9d 0h 15m Slaking uses Giga Impact again and OHKOs Minun!

9d 0h 15m We switch to Feminun and use Volt Switch! Slaking recharges.

9d 0h 14m Slaking recharges, and we use Waterfall. Slaking then attacks and OHKOs Azumarill!

9d 0h 14m Slaking starts off by using Giga Impact, which OHKOs Linoone! We send out T4!

9d 0h 13m Versus Lukas! We send out Linoone, Exploud, and Minun against Manectric, Swampert, and Slaking!

9d 0h 12m We select Linoone, Minun, Exploud, and Azumarill!

9d 0h 11m We enter the Battle Spot! We choose to enter a Free Battle! Rotation it is!

[Fluff] Don't you think it seems a little unfair to TPP that streamer takes the inputs and forces us to a location where we may not want to be?

9d 0h 8m Or Deku does. He flies us to Littleroot Town.

9d 0h 8m We use an Escape Rope! On route 125!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: let's get out of here first

9d 0h 3m We cancel the trade.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !party

9d 0h 3m We're trading with AJ Downs!

[Snark] That's a bit ironic, considering we release tons of fire types

[Fluff] Our favourite type is Fire, it seems.

9d 0h 1m We change our greeting to reqqpppp!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ready?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !resume

9d 0h 0m We connect to the wifi!

8d 23h 59m *Connecting to the Internet! Forced Save is enabled

9d 0h 0m Day 10 of Pokemon Omega Ruby!

[Chat] Massive Cryot in Chat!

8d 23h 56m WiFi switch has been undone, we are not online though

8d 23h 54m Pretty sure commands are broken. :P

8d 23h 52m Back in the Shoal Cave.

8d 23h 52m It's back, cancel the riot

8d 23h 52m STREAM IS UP!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 23h 51m Selected our profile! STREAM IS DOWN!

8d 23h 51m Downloaded! We restart Pokemon Omega Ruby!

[Fluff] Pokémart music is playing.

8d 23h 48m We start downloading the update!

8d 23h 48m We enter the eShop!

8d 23h 47m Game is back in the console. It was gone for a minute.

[Fluff] Update available

[Info] Summary of our Lvl.100 Minun.

[Stats] Minun Lv. 100 - Max. HP 274 Attack 124 Defense 168 Sp. Atk 206 Sp. Def 188 Speed 251

[Info] Looks like 15 Minutes it up!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !reset

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !save

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !pause

8d 23h 43m Whismur v fainted due to poison!

8d 23h 42m In frustration, we attack it instead, but hurt ourselves due to confusion!

[Snark] SwiftRage

8d 23h 41m Whismur V gets poisoned! We throw another Ultra Ball at it, but still escapes!

8d 23h 41m One more Ultra Ball at it! It breaks free once again!

8d 23h 40m Another Ultra Ball thrown at it! It continues to escape!

8d 23h 40m Threw an Ultra Ball at wild Golbat and escapes yet again!

[Info] We have other types of Pokéballs still available, we just ran out of regular Pokéballs.

8d 23h 39m Threw a Great Ball at wild Golbat and it escapes again!

8d 23h 39m Threw our LAST Pokeball at the wild Golbat, and it breaks free!

8d 23h 38m Threw a Pokeball at a wild Golbat as it escapes!

8d 23h 35m We're on land inside the cave, as we navigate through it once more!

[Fluff] 15 min HYPE!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: so 15 min left

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'll pause the game 15 minutes before online starts to do some maintenance

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 15 minutes guys

8d 23h 27m We start surfing on the water!

8d 23h 26m We exit the Shoal Cave, and re enter it! The cave now appears to be High Tide!

[Info] Summary of our Linoone "Zigzagoony".

[Stats] Linoone Lv. 88 - Max. HP 276 Attack 164 Defense 117 Sp. Atk 138 Sp. Def 132 Speed 231

8d 23h 23m He tells us he can make shell balls for us if he has the requirements needed to make them.

8d 23h 23m We talked to the old man in the cave.

8d 23h 19m Threw another Pokeball at the wild Golbat, and fails to catch!

8d 23h 18m Threw a Pokeball at a wild Golbat as it escapes!

[Correction] Who ASKED us to help retrieve the items for him.

8d 23h 15m We're now at the area where the old man is standing to help us retrieve some items for him.

8d 23h 14m Threw a Pokeball at a wild Spheal as it escapes!

8d 23h 13m Navigating our way back to near the entrance of the cave, I assume. Or close to it.

8d 23h 9m [Fluff] We just ran behind one of the trainers standing around in this cave. LIKE A NINJA!

8d 23h 8m Threw Ultra Ball on a wild Golbat as it escapes!

8d 23h 6m We nicknamed it "!trrr5yztt!3"!

8d 23h 5m Threw Ultra Ball on a wild Seleo! CAUGHT IT! It's a Female Lv.32!

[Info] 88 Ultra Balls left.

[Info] 1 hour remains until Wi-Fi is enabled!

8d 23h 0m Climbed down a ladder of the cave.

[Chat] PJSalt

8d 22h 54m Picked up a 4th Shoal Salt!

8d 22h 49m Picked up a 3rd Shoal Salt!

8d 22h 46m Climbing up a ladder, down a ladder, back up the ladder.

8d 22h 44m Latios goes down to poison!

8d 22h 44m Threw Ultra Ball at a wild Golbat as it escapes!

[Info] No Nickname given.

8d 22h 42m Threw another U.Ball at wild Snorunt! CAUGHT I!T! It's a Male Lv.34!

8d 22h 42m Threw Ultra Ball at wild Snorunt as it fails!

8d 22h 38m Climbed down another ladder inside the cave.

8d 22h 37m Threw another Ultra ball at wild Golbat as it breaks free!

8d 22h 36m Latios is poisoned from Golbats attack!

8d 22h 36m Threw Ultra Ball at a wild Golbat! It breaks free!

8d 22h 31m Crossing a few, long bridges in this area.

8d 22h 27m We climb up a ladder in the cave. Still navigating around and through the Shoal Cave!

[Info/Fluff] Attempting to Nickname it 666. So close, yet, not close enough. Kappa

8d 22h 22m We nickname it "62r660tsryye"!

8d 22h 20m Threw an Ultra Ball on a wild Golbat! CAUGHT the Male Lv.33 Golbat!

8d 22h 17m Picked up more Shoal Salt!

8d 22h 16m Picked up Ice Heal!

8d 22h 13m I believe we just went down a ladder, and in another part of the cave.

[Snark] PJShoalSalt

8d 22h 9m Threw an Ultra Ball on a wild Sealeo as it escapes!

[Fluff/Chat] 10 minutes ago when I made a remark about it, and Chat is STILL on a Twitch Plays _____ discussion.

[Info] 2 Hours remain until Wi-Fi.


[Fluff] 84, the year I was born. Kappa

8d 22h 0m We nickname it Nickname "84hurr g2rr"!

8d 21h 59m Used one more U.Ball on wild Sealeo! CAUGHT! It's a Lv.33 Male!

8d 21h 59m Used an Ultra Ball on a wild Sealeo as it escapes!

8d 21h 54m We use strength to move a boulder blocking our path!

[BuzzNav] "But you know, !12rtyhaszs, I've got to say that you pick some fine nicknames for your Pokémon."

[Chat] TPP Chat seems to be on a "Twitch Plays ___" Spree.

8d 21h 50m Up the ladder we go, as we encounter more wild Pokémon in the cave!

8d 21h 44m We saved the game!

8d 21h 43m Picked up TM07 Hail!

[Fluff] Arty, the Seal Trainer! Kappa

8d 21h 37m We nickname it "!rbquurollur"

8d 21h 36m Another Ultra Ball on Sealeo and CAUGHT! It's a Male Lv.32 Sealeo

8d 21h 36m Ultra Ball on another Sealeo as it escapes!

8d 21h 35m Exp.Share was turned off, then turned back on again!

8d 21h 33m We nicknamed it "RrgkonnnoYr"!

[Snark] Wow, we are really sealing the deal here

8d 21h 32m Ultra Ball used on a Female Sealeo and CAUGHT!

8d 21h 30m Picked up Never-Melt Ice!

8d 21h 29m Picked up a Glalitite!

8d 21h 28m Nickname for Female Snorunt is "!treruuuedw"

8d 21h 27m Ultra Ball used on a wild Snorunt and CAUGHT!

[Correction] 72 Great Balls!

[Info] We're about 70, 71 something on Great Balls now.

8d 21h 25m We give up and instead attack it with Fly.

8d 21h 25m Yet another G.Ball on Sealeo and escapes again!

8d 21h 24m One more on wild Sealeo as it escapes!

8d 21h 24m Great Ball sued on yet ANOTHER Sealeo! No catch!

[Snark] 7.8/10 Too many Sealeo - IGN

8d 21h 23m Nickname of Sealeo is ":kvuoooa,k22"

8d 21h 22m Another G.Ball used! Caught Sealeo Female Lv.34!

8d 21h 22m Used another Great Ball on another Sealeo! No catch!

[Chat] :Cyander: Buzznav is a real save sometimes

[Info] Nickname is "Sealeo677h 6"

[Info] It appears that we DID catch that Female Lvl.33 Seleo!

8d 21h 19m Online?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 21h 17m Offline?

8d 21h 16m Threw a Great Ball on Female 33 Sealeo!

8d 21h 15m We went down the ladder into an ice cavern part of the Shoal Cave.

8d 21h 15m Hopped off from our Bike.

8d 21h 13m Our new Spheal's (Male) nickname is "Spheal326uq"!

8d 21h 12m Threw a G.Ball on a wild Spheal! It was Caught and addded to our Pokedex entry!

[Info] 79 Great Balls remain!

8d 21h 10m We nicknamed it "Dz2"!

8d 21h 9m One more G.Ball! Caught Male Lv.31 Golbat!

8d 21h 9m And another G.Ball on it! Almost!

8d 21h 8m And another G.Ball on wild Golbat! once again it fails!

8d 21h 8m Threw another GBall on Golbat! It fails again!

8d 21h 8m Threw Another one! It also fails!

8d 21h 7m Threw Great Ball on a Male GolBat, it escapes!

8d 21h 6m Picked up Shoal Salt!

8d 21h 5m We use strength to move some boulders in this cave!

[Snark] 7.8/10 too much VvuttTrrrrrr

8d 21h 4m Nickname for 2nd Sealeo is "VvuttTrrrrrr"!

8d 21h 3m We Threw One Great ball on a Male Level 34 Sealeo and caught it!

[Info] 86 Great Balls left!

[Info] That was about 4 Great Balls used on our new caught Sealeo!

8d 21h 0m Nickname is "Rrrrrrre2hzz"!

8d 21h 0m It gets registered into our Pokedex!

8d 20h 59m Another one! Caught Female Level 32 Sealeo!

8d 20h 59m One more Great Ball on wild Sealeo & failed.

8d 20h 59m Another Great Ball used! Still no catch!

8d 20h 58m Great Ball on a wild Sealeo! no catch!

8d 20h 57m Picked up TM79 Frost Breath!

[Info] Exp.Share, Good Rod, Pokéblock Kit, and Vs. Recorder are all registered as our 4 key items selected.

8d 20h 54m We sorted items by type, and got on our Mach Bike!

8d 20h 47m Navigating our way through the cave.

[Chat] PJSalt

[Info] Its Low Tide here at Shoal Cave!

[Fluff] 2Spooky4me

8d 20h 42m Entered Shoal Cave!

8d 20h 42m Kim and Iris defeated! We get 1872 for winning!

8d 20h 42m Altaria goes down to Latios Fly!

8d 20h 41m Camerupt goes down!

8d 20h 40m Latios and Whismur V against Camerupt and Altaria!

8d 20h 40m Challenge double battle vs. Teammates Kim and Iris!

8d 20h 30m We go surfing.

8d 20h 27m Landed on Route 124 again.

8d 20h 27m Eon Flute once more!

8d 20h 26m Landed on Route 124.

8d 20h 24m Guess what? Used the Eon Flute.

[Streamer] Nmario84: @Twitchplayspokemon @Twitch_plays_3ds, how are input commands spam? Or did the bot see the commands as something else that is against the rules?

Twitchplayspokemon: @nmario84 not command spam

[Streamer] Nmario84: @Twitchplayspokemon @Twitch_plays_3ds, why was flarn2006 banned for 8 hours?

Twitchplayspokemon: @nmario84 spam

8d 20h 10m Sorted items by type!

8d 20h 10m Deselected Eon Flute, and Registered Pokéblock Kit to Key Items!

8d 20h 8m Entered the Pokémon Center in Battle Resort!

8d 20h 8m Landed on Battle Resort!

8d 20h 7m And Eon Flute used again!

8d 20h 6m Landed on Route 111!

8d 20h 3m Registered Eon Flute as Key Items, and used the Eon Flute once more!

8d 20h 3m Now on Route 110.

8d 20h 2m Landed on Route 103!

[Info] 4 Hours until Wi-Fi.

8d 20h 0m Used Eon Flute again!

8d 19h 58m Saving again and again is progress too! Keepo.

8d 19h 56m Saved once more, just for good measure. Kappa

8d 19h 54m We saved the game!

8d 19h 53m Deselected Old Rod from key items list.

[Fluff] Checkpoint @ Sootopolis City? Kappa

8d 19h 51m Entered the Pokemon Center, and back outside. Re-entered, etc.

8d 19h 50m Landed on Sootopolis City!

8d 19h 48m Used Eon Flute!

8d 19h 48m Now we just sorted them by name.

8d 19h 47m We sort items by type.

[Info] Apparently we have Vs. Recorder, Exp.Share, and Old Rod selected on as our key items.

8d 19h 46m Put the Drowsing Machine on.

8d 19h 41m Into Mauville City.

8d 19h 41m Back outside once again.

8d 19h 40m In the Daycare house as we talk to the woman inside.

8d 19h 34m Entered the daycare but then left.

8d 19h 32m landed on route 117 (west of Mauville)

8d 19h 31m used Eon Flute!

8d 19h 30m Still on the boat, we're in our bag screen, haven't used or tossed or moved any items around yet.

[Info] not 100% sure how many balls we used (did NOT expect to catch at full health so fast!) but I think we used around 10. We started with 100 I think.

[Info] might have been !4rf800r2iiu but not 100% sure.

8d 19h 25m We nicknamed Ho-oh but the screen went by so fast I couldn't see. =(



8d 19h 23m Rayquaza was burned.

8d 19h 22m used another great ball... yeah you know what I'll let you know if something more exciting happens than just tossing balls.

8d 19h 22m We're just tossing great balls here... another used up. this could take a while since Ho-Oh has full HP. one more used. one more failed attempt.

8d 19h 21m Another great ball used. Another failed attempt.

8d 19h 20m sent out Rayquaza and used another Great Ball but failed to catch.

[Info] Rayquaza has the Nanab Berry.

8d 19h 19m Zigzagoony down to the burn rip

8d 19h 18m Used a Great Ball, shook once but Ho-Oh broke free.

8d 19h 18m Wasted a turn... While Ho-Oh burns Zigzagoony . already down to about half HP and we attempt to use another useless item and waste another turn... red HP for Zigzagoony.

8d 19h 17m Interacted witih the mystery ring! HO-OH APPEARED!

8d 19h 13m Gave the Nanab Berry to someone... sorry I missed who. (screen too small to read) We also reordered our party. Zigzagoony in front now

8d 19h 12m We're in our bag right now.

8d 19h 10m The Clear Bell in our bag is glowing. We seem to be on Sea Mauville now.

8d 19h 3m On Route 108

8d 19h 3m Surfing again!

8d 19h 2m Back on land

8d 19h 0m Surfing!

[Snark] arty that was pure show offKappa

8d 18h 58m Huey defeated!

8d 18h 58m Mega evolved and used dragon ascent! needless to say machop was rekt!

8d 18h 57m Stressquayza vs. Machop!

8d 18h 57m Vs. Sailor huey!

8d 18h 56m On to route 109

8d 18h 52m Left the poké mart!

8d 18h 52m well at least we aren't going to run out of pokeballs now

8d 18h 51m 1 great ball and 98 Ultra balls!

8d 18h 51m Bought 2 ultra balls!

8d 18h 50m bought 1 ultra ball!

8d 18h 50m bought 2 pokéball again!

8d 18h 49m Bought 2 pokéball!

8d 18h 48m We're just walking around, looking at some items who look usefull

8d 18h 45m Entered the shop

8d 18h 43m Wandering around the city.

8d 18h 41m Left the contest hall!

8d 18h 40m Received a comet shard from a hiker fan!

8d 18h 40m Left the pc!

8d 18h 39m Booted up the pc!

8d 18h 38m Runing around in the contest hall!

8d 18h 35m We're speaking to some fans andreceived some Orca berry!

8d 18h 33m And acording to the result we're 1st! we won!

8d 18h 31m Last move! we uese outrage again! the audience was disappointed...

[Info] We've been in the first position for the whole contest!

8d 18h 29m for the fourth move, we uses outrage. After this incredible coolness, we're probably going to win!

[Info] i missed move n°2, but it was dragon dance too i think

8d 18h 28m Move number 3! we uses dragon dance again! our coolness excite the public, and we uses a spectacular talent!

8d 18h 26m We moved the entire audience!

8d 18h 25m First move, we uses dragon ascent, and, we completly take the audience! rayquaza mega evolves!

8d 18h 24m We enter a coolness contest. With our Rayquaza!

8d 18h 21m The Final Move has been chosen, its was dragon ascent! The Audience loved it! Will this be the winning move?

8d 18h 19m The Fourth turn has arrived! The move of choice this turn that was chosen was Dragon Pulse! The Audience loved it!

8d 18h 18m We have decided that for our third move to pick Dragon Ascent! The Audience loved it!

8d 18h 16m The second move we picked Dragon Pulse! The Audience found this one even more Lovely and got excited as well!

8d 18h 14m For are first move we will use Dragon Ascent! The Audience loved it so much they got excited!

8d 18h 14m We have decided to enter a Beauty Hyper Contest with Rayquaza!

8d 18h 10m The Results have been announced and we came in a lacking 4th place!

8d 18h 9m Final turn and the final move! This turn may decide victory from defeat! The move we chose was Outrage! The audience loved it!

8d 18h 8m It's the fourth turn and we have decided that Dragon Dance! The audience didn't really love it but it did get them pretty excited!

8d 18h 6m Now that the third turn has arrived we used Outrage for a third time in a row!!! The Audience Still loves it but are still disappointed!

8d 18h 4m For are Second move we picked Outrage for a second time in a row. The audience still liked it but where disappointed.

8d 18h 3m For are First move we picked Outrage! The Audience got excited about it!

[Snark] Deku be Rick Rolling us again!

8d 18h 2m We have entered into a Coolness Master Contest with Rayquaza!

[Fluff] Come by Polybius Plug.DJ home of the users that ran TPP's Plug.DJ. We have the exact same music taste before but now we have more topics to talk about while also running a Bot which will inform you of all the important IRC Updates of TPP! https://plug.dj/polybius

[Info] Just for an update on what where doing. Since we finished the Delta Episode we are exploring and doing random things in Hoenn! Right now we are at the Contest Hall!

8d 17h 54m We can now enter and Hyper Contests in the Beauty section of contests!

8d 17h 53m The results have been announced! The Winner is Rayquaza!!!!

8d 17h 52m For are final and most important move! We picked Dragon Pulse! The Audience got excited!

8d 17h 50m For are Forth Move we used Dragon Ascent! This move really wowed the audience!

[Info] Sorry i am back folks i had to deal with a issue on my side. I can now continue with the updating!

8d 17h 46m For our first move we picked Dragon Pulse! It went pretty well!

8d 17h 46m We entered Rayquaza in a Beauty Contest again this time Super Rank!

8d 17h 42m The Results are in! The Father of Beauty Contests is Rayquaza!!!

8d 17h 41m For the fifth and final round we picked Dragon Pulse! This time around the Crowd loved it!

8d 17h 40m Forth turn we picked Dragon Ascent! The Audience loved it and we mega evolved! THE BEAUTY IS FLOWING THOUGH THE CROWD!!!!

[Chat] Cuccoparadise: Giant dragon capable of destroying the world was too nervous

8d 17h 39m Its the Third Turn now and the move we picked for it was Dragon Pulse! The Audience loved it!


8d 17h 38m For the Second Move we where to nervous to even make the move!

8d 17h 36m For the first move we Decided to pick Dragon Dance to wow the audience. It failed pretty hard.

8d 17h 34m We enter Rayquaza in a beauty contest!

8d 17h 34m The results are in and we came in Third with Slakoth coming in first!

8d 17h 33m We have came upon the Final Turn and we decided to use Surf!

8d 17h 31m Now its the 4th Turn and we decided to pick Cut this turn!

8d 17h 30m For the Third Turn we used Surf!

8d 17h 30m Second turn we used Cut!

8d 17h 29m But Zigzagoony was to nervous to move to attack on the first turn!

8d 17h 28m First Move for the Beauty Contest we picked Surf!

8d 17h 27m We enter another contest this time with Zigzagoony in a Beauty Contest!

[Snark] Who knew Rayquaza was cute?

8d 17h 24m With that the contest is over and the winner is....Rayquaza!!!!

8d 17h 22m For our fifth and final contest move we picked Dragon Dance!

8d 17h 21m For our forth contest mode we picked Outrage!

8d 17h 20m For our third contest move we picked Dragon Ascent!

8d 17h 17m For are first contest move we picked Dragon Ascent!

8d 17h 17m Opponents: Wingull - Whismer - Zigzagoon - Rayquaza

8d 17h 16m We enter Rayquaza in a cuteness contest!

8d 17h 12m We Save before we decide to enter a contest!

[Snark] The knowledge from all this info will surely make us win this next contest!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand = Pretty Empty (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

8d 17h 8m We are now currently learning about contests! Even a Master Ribbon Obtainer can still learn a thing or to!

8d 17h 5m We enter the Contest Building!

8d 17h 2m We exit the Port Station and are now in the Streets of Slateport!

[Snark] Man if only this ferry charged for every time we rode it instead of once per ticket. They would literally make a killing and would speed up the Battle Frontier Development.

[Chat] ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ ding dong dongers! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

8d 16h 55m We take the Ferry to Slateport from Battle Resort!

[Chat] Tactical Save Hype

8d 16h 45m Now we travel to the Battle Resort! Where shall we end up next?

8d 16h 44m We Board the Ferry and Travel to Slateport!

8d 16h 43m We continue down the bridge and make a right towards the boat.

8d 16h 41m It's seems we are planning on leaving Battle Resort. Where shall are team lead us next?

[Info] It is me Pickred Filling in for Yelnax! I am back from the Dead and will be updating for you until someone can cover in the future! Let's Get Cracken!

[Info] Alright guys, I have to go so no updates for a bit until some other updater comes. I am terribly sorry since this is the 2nd time this happens today but we are very shorthanded for some reason today. Hopefully it won't be long before some other updater comes. We apologize again.

8d 16h 28m: Nope, not teh urn this time. We reset the challenge and choose single battle challenge yet again. Selecting team.

8d 16h 27m: Still no progress selecting a team. We did it once at least, that's what really counts right? Right?!?!

8d 16h 24m: Selecting team again. Yay!

8d 16h 22m: We attempt to enter the single battle challenge once more.

8d 16h 22m: Reset the Challenge again. Choosing format.

8d 16h 18m: We enter the single battle challenge once more and attempt to select a team. Rayquaza is the first one we try to select. Facepalm

8d 16h 17m: And suddenly the battle ends. We ran away from the trainer. Back with the receptionist.

8d 16h 16m: Swinub is sent out vs Minun. Hail is used by Swinub.

8d 16h 16m: Ghastly uses taunt and Minun responds with thunder. OHKO.

[Info] Ghastly is level 50.

8d 16h 15m: Ghastly confuses Minun who uses fake tears.

8d 16h 15m: Time for the first battle vs Tourist Martine. Ghastly is sent out vs Minun.

8d 16h 15m: Team selected! Latios Minun and t4 entered

8d 16h 14m: t4 entered, Whismur entered second and Ziggy entered third. Arty presses back so we have to start once more. YAY!

8d 16h 11m: Arty attempts to select a team, but it isn't working too well so far.

8d 16h 9m: We try to enter Rayquaza but apparently it's still banned. Really? Still?!

8d 16h 8m: We talk to the receptionist once more! We enter the single battle challenge this time. Picking team hype.

8d 16h 7m: Arty keeps entering super training screen for a while. He walks back inside the Battle Maison's main building while he does.

8d 16h 5m: Arty booted up the pc but then immediately goes south and exits the room.

8d 16h 4m: Arty circles around the receptionist, unsure if to make a new try at entering a competition or not.

8d 16h 0m: Arty keeps playing with the PokeNav. He can't wait to make friends with the wireless tomorrow.

8d 15h 56m: Headshot! We score and win! We obtain +4 speed and Speed Bag L.

8d 15h 55m: We exit it only to reenter it once more. Thiis one increases speed.

8d 15h 54m: We enter the main room once more. Then we proceed to train Rayquaza with super training.

8d 15h 52m: We enter the Battle Maison's main room and walk towards the entrance. Game saved.

8d 15h 49m: We score a few times to get 500 points and defeat the evil Wailmer Baloon. HP increased HP Bag S received

8d 15h 49m: This time we enter a challenge to increase HP with Wailmer. Ziggy gets ready to bend it like Beckam once more.

8d 15h 48m: We scored twice and win once more! SUCCESS!

8d 15h 47m: We do the same challenge with Ziggy once more, this time vs a Tentacool to increase Sp.Defense.

8d 15h 47m: We unlock a new level for training.

8d 15h 46m: We score! GOAAAAAAAAL!

8d 15h 45m: We enter a mini game. Ziggy will start playing soccer for us.

8d 15h 41m: Arty resorts to hanging out in the Battle Maison.

8d 15h 40m: Yep, you guessed it, we reset it and walk away one more time. Play it again Sam.

8d 15h 38m: Arty tries to enter Rayquaza to no avail.

8d 15h 36m: Our consecutive attempts at entering a team dont wear Arty's determination down. He keeps trying to select one.

8d 15h 35m: He enters rotation battle this time.

8d 15h 34m: Arty walks once more to her, tries to enter the single battle challenge, then walks away before returning.

8d 15h 33m: And we reset it and walk away from the receptionist again.

8d 15h 32m: Time to pick a team again. I didn't catch the competition this time (not like it matters)

8d 15h 31m: Reset once more. YAY!

[Snark] Don't forget, you're here forever.

8d 15h 27m: Team selection time once more. This time it was also Single Battle challenge.

8d 15h 25m: Nope. Not teh urn this time either. Resetting!

8d 15h 24m: Yet another attempt at selecting a team for the single battle challenge. So far this is our biggest challenge yet.

8d 15h 23m: Reset yet again. At this point I am no longer surprised.

8d 15h 21m: We are once more in the team selection stage. Seriously Receptionist, choose it at random please! PLEASE!

8d 15h 19m: We attempt the single battle this time.

8d 15h 19m: Reset once more. We keep talking to the receptionist nevertheless.

8d 15h 18m: Now we attempt to enter a team in the battle rotation challenge.

8d 15h 17m: Aaaaand we reset it again. facepalm

8d 15h 17m: We enter a team!

8d 15h 16m: We enter a double battle challenge this time.

8d 15h 15m: We reset it once more, there are many who don't want to enter a competition in Chat.

8d 15h 13m: We enter the single battle format once more.

8d 15h 12m: Currently selecting a battle format.

8d 15h 10m: And once more we restart choosing a competition.

8d 15h 10m: Still selecting a team. B inputters keep restarting the selection

8d 15h 8m: Minun t4 and Latios were entered but once again we back out before confirming.

8d 15h 7m: We attempt to enter the Single Battle challenge. Time to choose 3 Pokemon.

8d 15h 5m: We try to enter tripple battle but we need 6 Pokemon that aren't Rayquaza. Damn.

8d 15h 4m: !12rtyhaszs checks his record in Battle Maison. It's 0 wins 0 attempts in every category.

8d 15h 3m: !12rtyhaszs roams once more around the room. He's still thinking about which Pokemon he should enter.

8d 15h 0m: Arty saves the game once more then talks to the receptionist. He then immediately leaves her.

8d 14h 59m: And he walks away from her one more time.

8d 14h 58m: Arty decides not to enter the contest once more. We talk to the receptionist again.

[Snark] Arty looks at the Receptionist "Can you just pick them for me? Trust me, it's better that way".

8d 14h 57m: Still in team selection.

8d 14h 55m: !12rtyhaszs almost had a team of four but decided to back out in the last second.

8d 14h 53m: We are still trying to enter the Pokemon.

8d 14h 51m: We enter the double battle challenge. We still can't enter Rayquaza. CHEATS!

8d 14h 51m: !12rtyhaszs walks back to the receptionist and tries to enter another competition. This time for good.

8d 14h 50m: We decide not to enter the single Battle Challenge.

[Info] Rayquaza is banned from the competition.

8d 14h 48m: !12rtyhaszs is currently selecting the team. No Pokemon selected so far.

8d 14h 47m: We enter the single battle challenge in Battle Frontier

8d 14h 43m: !12rtyhaszs bothers a woman who is just looking through a window. She is obviously angry at him.

8d 14h 41m: !12rtyhaszs just keeps roaming around a suitwearing guy who looks like Agent Smith

8d 14h 39m: !12rtyhaszs goes up the stairs towards the second floor.

8d 14h 38m: !12rtyhaszs attempts to see his record in the Battle Maison but there seem to be none... :O

8d 14h 37m: !12rtyhaszs proceeds forward through the Battle Maison where lots of trainers are just... chilling apparently.

[Snark] I'm sorry Sidney but you might want to consider the fact tat Steven might not want to be with you :/.

8d 14h 35m: Sidney leaves to look for Steven. We proceed forward through the house.

8d 14h 34m: We enter a building where E4 Sidney greets us.

8d 14h 33m: !12rtyhaszs arrives at the beginning and decides to enter the island after having secured the perimeter.

[Info] Apparently the soaked up man was Looker. He still enjoys stalking players apparently.

8d 14h 31m: Arty arrives once more to the daycare center. It hasn't changed at all.

[Snark] So that's how you get picked up by girls!

8d 14h 30m: !12rtyhaszs encounters a man who is way too lost. We tell him he's in a battle resort and a girl decides to take it from there. What a lucky man.

8d 14h 29m: !12rtyhaszs finishes his lap around the island. New fastest time!

8d 14h 27m: !12rtyhaszs keeps going around the island. He is securing the perimeter in case of an invasion.

8d 14h 25m: We arrive to the other side of the beach.

8d 14h 24m: !12rtyhaszs keeps saving the game every 5 steps. He doesn't want to lose any progress whatsoever.

8d 14h 22m: Arty saves the game, then decides to keep bothering bystanders.

8d 14h 21m: Arty walks past the Pokemon Center and to the other side of the beach.

8d 14h 20m: Since Arty doesn't trust such a small child to take care of his Pokemon, he leaves immediately and goes back to the beach. hm... sand...

8d 14h 20m: Arty enters the Daycare Center. A very small girl seats behind a desk.

8d 14h 18m: Arty goes for a walk in the beach. We earned this trip afterall.


8d 14h 17m: We talk to the daycare lady outside the daycare center who tells us to talk to her sister if we want to use their services.

8d 14h 16m: Wally decides to explore by himself and leaves Arty next to the Pokemon Center. What are you implying?!

8d 14h 15m: Team Aqua members leave and we proceed forward through the bridge. Battle Resort entered

8d 14h 14m: Sharpedonite obtained

8d 14h 12m: Wally tries to make some friends by charging through some Team Aqua members. It doesn't work out too well.

8d 14h 11m: We are greeted by Wally. Sup!

8d 14h 10m: We enter the harbor and use the Ship to Battle Resort.

[Meta] 'Yawn'.... I literally just woke up and, wha, Wait.... Did we beat the Champion AGAIN while I was sleeping? Well, better late then never.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Congratulations everyone on a job well done TPP! GGWP!

8d 14h 8m: Currently in Lilycove City. Just walking.

8d 14h 6m: Arty exits the Contest Hall.

8d 14h 5m: Arty admires once more strsss picture. It's so cool.

8d 14h 2m: Arty almost enters another contest but decides not to at the last minute. He walks towards the stairs on the right.

8d 14h 0m: Seaking wins! Rayquaza ends up second, quite far from Seaking.

8d 14h 0m: Seaking gets another chance at special talent. Oh noes!

8d 13h 59m: Outrage used once more. Even more love though Nuzleaf startles Rayquaza even more.

8d 13h 58m: Due to Machop's move Rayquaza loses some hearts and is currently 2nd.

8d 13h 57m: Rayquaza grabs the lead and uses Dragon Dance again in round 4. We get 5 hearts.

8d 13h 56m: Outrage in the 3rd round and once again we get a lot of love and get a chance to use special talent. Glorious skies HYPE!

8d 13h 55m:Rayquaza is currently last. Seaking Nuzleaf and Machop are not too far.

8d 13h 54m: Seaking gets the lead and gets a chance to use its spectacular talent. Love is in the air. Seaking on the lead now.

8d 13h 53m: Rayquaza then uses dragon dance for round 2 and gets a bit more love from the audience.

8d 13h 53m: Rayquaza starts off with Outrage.

8d 13h 50m: We enter the Coolness Contest in the Hyper Rank once more. Arty dresses up once more.

8d 13h 50m: We walk towards the receptionist once more.

8d 13h 48m: We attempt to feed Rayquaza, but we don't have much food to spare.

8d 13h 43m: We go down the stairs where Rayquaza's painting is after admiring it for a while.

[Info] Apparently our Cool Rayquaza is so cool because we fed it every Red Pokeblocks we had and some Blue Pokeblocks too. Anything else we might have missed please PM me. Sorry once more.


8d 13h 39m: We come out of the room and we get our first Painting on the wall! Rayquaza looks really cool there :D.

[Meta] Chat is currently riotting for more postgame time.

8d 13h 34m: Arty keeps checking out the cool Costume Room because... well, he earned it.

8d 13h 31m: Arty decides to hang out in the Green Room for a little while.

8d 13h 30m: Arty goes to the green room to get even more congratulations.

8d 13h 29m: We obtain Coolness Master Ribbon

8d 13h 29m CONTEST URN

8d 13h 28m: Rayquaza gains back the lead in the talent show at the end due to a great Outrage and Rayquaza wins the master rank in coolness contest

8d 13h 27m: Slaking takes the lead due to some good timing from him and Electrode. Rayquaza is currently 3rd and uses outrage.

[Chat] Poor Rick

8d 13h 25m: Loudred gets a chance of showing spectacular talent this time. He is still far behind.

8d 13h 24m: Our rivals try to catch up to Rayquaza but we are still on the lead. Rayquaza uses outrage once more and gets a lot of love from the people.

8d 13h 24m: Our rivals try to catch up to Rayquaza but we are still on the lead. Rayquaza uses outrage once more and gets a lot of love from the people.

8d 13h 23m: Spectacular talent kicked in and even more love. We got this guys.

8d 13h 22m: Strsss then uses dragon dance and we gain even more love from the audience.

8d 13h 22m: Rayquaza uses Outrage and gains lots of hearts and is currently in the lead.

8d 13h 21m: We are up vs a Loudred, a Slaking and an Electrode.

[Meta] The GDoc is now updated again. Sorry about the delays, but it should be accurate now.

8d 13h 21m: We have entered our cool Rayquaza. Round starts!

8d 13h 20m: We enter the contest costume for another coolness contest for master rank.

[Recap] We are currently in the contest room. We have done 3 contests in the last hour and we have won hyper level in cool contest.

[Info] I apoligize in the name of the Live Updater crew for the lack of updates in the last hour. I'll get right on it.

8d 12h 7m Rayquaza in a contest :O

8d 11h 23m In a contest!

[Donation] $10.00 USD donation from Chauzu_VGC: "CHALLENGE COMPLETED WutFace BibleThump DansGame BrokeBack FailFish Kappa ((((BabyRage BOOMBURST ((((BabyRage ENJOY MY MONEY ***, STREAMER I HOPE I WILL GET SPECIAL BENEFITS FOR THIS LATER punWaifu"

8d 10h 58m Exploud forgot Stomp and learned Shadow Ball!

8d 10h 53m Zigzagoony forgot how to use Belly Drum and learned Strength! --Hah, within 9 minutes.

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from Chauzu_VGC: "CHALLENGE: I will donate 10 dollars if the chat manages to teach STRENGTH to Zigzagoony in the next 30 mins. Good luck! punWaifu <3"

8d 10h 25m Playing with the elevator.

8d 10h 19m Currently in the Super-Training menu.

8d 9h 51m That's all the TMs for this stand

8d 9h 51m We bought TM15 Hyper Beam

[Snark] You already have it!

8d 9h 47m We bought TM68 Giga Impact

8d 9h 46m We bought TM52 Focus Blast

8d 9h 43m We bought TM71 Stone Edge

8d 9h 43m We bought TM23 Thunder and TM14 Blizzard

8d 9h 42m We bought TM Fire Blast?

[Fluff] Guys, check this out.

8d 9h 29m Still in the Department Store. Chat wants to go somewhere else.

[Chat] We wanna go shopping, and do contests

8d 9h 14m Oh. We're in Lilycove

[Fluff] http://strawpoll.me/3095079 GUYS VOTE

[Chat] We either want to verse Ho-Oh or rematch Wally...somehow

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: blue rayquaza PogChamp

8d 8h 54m We land at.. 126 was it?

8d 8h 51m Flying away again.

8d 8h 50m We land at.. Oh. Route 126.

8d 8h 49m We fly away again. Where to next?

8d 8h 48m We land at...umm.. Route 126!

8d 8h 44m We finally use the Eon Flute.

8d 8h 36m Still faffing about in Fabled Cave

[Chat] Next is probably one of the smaller legendaries from one of the trios, or rematch Ho-Oh.


8d 8h 27m Rayquaza used Outrage! OHKO'd Reshiram!

[Snark] "Would you like to put your hand deep in the hole? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

8d 8h 27m VS Reshiram!

[Fluff] "The area is filled with blazing pressure..."

8d 8h 25m PogChamp we land at Fabled Cave

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RESHIRIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 8h 22m We find a wild Braviary. Chat proceeds to spam "MERICA BIRD" etc

[Chat] Firmly set on the idea of going after Reshiram.

8d 8h 22m We use the Eon Flute again. Where to now?

8d 8h 20m We fly to Fortree City.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: up OneHand

[Chat] Some of us want to rematch Ho-Oh Kappa

[Info] We need to go to a large island near Mauville.

8d 8h 18m We fly away from spooky tower on Latios. Soaring in the sky.

[Chat] Seems we want to hunt Reshiram next. As stated earlier, we do have a level 100 in our team, and can access Fabled Cave to find Reshiram.

8d 8h 16m We motionlessly wait at the top of the tower, mulling over what we just did.

8d 8h 14m OHKOed Deoxys!

8d 8h 14m WE REKT DEOXYS

[Snark] Black Doritos = Illuminati = Triangle = Delta = Deoxys and Rayquaza, Illuminati confirmed Kappa

8d 8h 14m VS Deoxys!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Is this A Link to the Past? DansGame

8d 8h 12m We reach the top of Illuminati Sky Pillar. A triangle is waiting for us.

[Chat] It's December in NZ. Christmas music confirmed Kappa

[Snark] Spooky spiders, living clay golems, tentacle triangle DNA things, creepy organ music ;-;

8d 8h 1m We enter the tower. spooky organ music

8d 7h 58m We approach Illuminaticonfirmed Sky Pillar!

8d 7h 52m We appear to be heading to Sky Pillar.

[Chat] Looks like some people want to rematch Deoxys.

[Info] We do have a level 100 in our team, and that's the requirement for encountering Fabled Cave, where Reshiram is.

[Chat] Seems we want to take on some legendaries.

8d 7h 37m Rayquaza Mega Evolved! Dusclops down! Defeated Ace Trainer Claudia!

8d 7h 37m Defeated Snorunt! Rayquaza used Dragon Ascent! Masquerain down!

[Snark] Above-water battles don't work either. How is Snorunt standing there? Than again screw logic Kappa

8d 7h 37m VS Ace Trainer Claudia

8d 7h 35m Returned to the surface.

8d 7h 35m VS Starmie! Defeated Free Diver Kailyn!

[Snark] Not to mention the "Air current" underwater Kappa

[Snark] Rayquaza is flying..? Floating? Swimming? underwater

8d 7h 33m VS Free Diver Kailyn!

8d 7h 32m Diving near where we landed.

8d 7h 24m Flew to Route 126.

8d 7h 13m Started playing the Berry-picking game. Missed 100%

8d 7h 13m Playing with Rayquaza in Pokémon Amie.

"Hopefully somewhere that I might run into you again..." -May. Arty can't stop thinking about it

8d 6h 59m Hey May!

8d 6h 56m Back in Littleroot

8d 6h 53m Why not Route 101?

8d 6h 50m We take off for a magical flight! Where will we land?

8d 6h 48m Just hanging out outside of Granny's house

[Snark] We got bored at Granny's because she doesn't have WiFi cough cough cough

8d 6h 40m We finally leave Granny's.

8d 6h 37m Back to resting, Granny just won't let us leave!

8d 6h 35m Granny has reminded us that "cleanliness is next to godliness", so we've decided to look in our old bag and see if our items are organized well

8d 6h 29m We are still resting, beating the E4 is tiring

8d 6h 29m We're finally done with the TV and talk to Granny. We rest, all of our 'Mon heal

8d 6h 21m Still watching TV, Granny just wants a hug

[Fluff] Whaloh is Wailord in Japanese. Thanks TV!

[Snark] Granny, MEATLOAF!

8d 6h 14m Granny! We made it! First priority: watching the TV

8d 6h 8m Hey, thanks for that Razz Berry person in the road!

8d 6h 5m We land at Route 113

8d 6h 5m Up up up in the air, we are flying

[Snark] This wild level 2 Wurmple looks ridiculous against Rayquaza

[Snark] That Zigzagoon looked like a person this time. I wonder why... Kappa


8d 5h 51m We have Flashbacks to before, and now we choose our Sinnoh starter.

[Snark] inb4 we choose Chimchar as Sinnoh starter Kappa

8d 5h 50m Mom gives us Latiasite!

[Info] For future reference, wifi bugged out for the Sidney fight of the run, so sorry that wasn't updated properly. Miscommunication. :P

8d 5h 47m Picked our save file. Back in our Room in Littleroot Town!


[Snark] We wait in silence as he powersaves.

8d 5h 45m Back at the Main Menu! DEKU CLOSES THE GAME!

8d 5h 44m Game is saved, and we... skipped the ending cutscene.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg

8d 5h 44m Our Party Members scroll down, and we are declared Pokemon League Champion!


8d 5h 43m Steven enters the Hall of Fame room, and we follow.

[Snark] Time to toss that too

8d 5h 43m Received Metagrossite!

8d 5h 42m TEH RE-URN!!

8d 5h 42m TEH URN!!!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 5h 42m We use Outrage once more, AND METAGROSS FAINTS!! STEVEN STONE DEFEATED!!

[Fluff] Dat Outrage Pogchamp

8d 5h 42m We use Outrage, and it uses Meteor Mash!

8d 5h 41m We sent out RayQuay! We avoid Metagross' Zen Headbutt and use Dragon Dance!

8d 5h 40m Metagross Mega-Evolves! We use Rock Smash, and it uses Zen Headbutt. Linoone down!

8d 5h 40m We use Surf again and KO Aerodactyl! Against Metagross!

8d 5h 40m Steven sent out Aerodactyl! We use Surf and cut its HP in half. It uses Rock Slide and puts us into the yellows.

8d 5h 39m We use Surf again, and it responds with Earth Power! Another Surf KOs Claydol!

8d 5h 39m Against Claydol! We use Surf again, and Claydol uses Reflect. They raised their Defense!

8d 5h 38m We use Surf again, and Aggron faints! Linoone level 88!

8d 5h 38m We sent out Linoone! Steven uses a Full Restore on Aggron, and we use Surf.

8d 5h 37m Latios uses Psychic once more, and Aggron uses Dragon Claw. We use Psychich again, and Aggron's Dragon Claw KOs Latios!

8d 5h 37m We use Psychic again, which crits, and KOs Carbink! Against Aggron!

8d 5h 37m Against Carbink! We use Psychic! Carbink responds with Moonblast!

8d 5h 36m We use Fly, avoiding Steel Wing. Fly hits, and Skarmory is down! Latios level 86!

8d 5h 36m Full Restore used on Skarmory! We use Volt Switch, which would OHKO it, if not for Skarmory's Sturdy. Sent out Latios.

8d 5h 35m We use Thunder, which almosts OHKOs SKarmory, but at least it paralyzes it. Skarmory uses Spikes.

8d 5h 35m We start off by switching to Feminun! Skarmory uses Toxic. Minun is now poisoned!

8d 5h 34m We send out Rayquaza against Skarmory!


8d 5h 32m We did not learn it. Defeated Drake!

8d 5h 31m Trying to learn Hyper Beam.

8d 5h 30m Against Salamence! It Mega-Evolves, we use Dragon Pulse, and we OHKO IT! Rayquaza level 90!

8d 5h 30m Against Haxorus! We use Dragon Pulse, and it OHKOs Haxorus!

8d 5h 29m Up against Flygon now. We use Dragon Pulse once more, and it downs Flygon in one hit.

8d 5h 29m Against Dragalge! We use Dragon Pulse... and an OHKO is good! \o/

8d 5h 29m Against Kingdra now. We use Dragon Pulse and OHKO it once more!

8d 5h 28m We Mega-Evolve and use Dragon Pulse! Altaria is down in one hit.

8d 5h 28m We send out RayQuay against Altaria!

8d 5h 27m Against E4 Drake!

8d 5h 24m Against Glalie! It Mega-Evolves, and we use Superpower! Glalie down! Glacia defeated!

8d 5h 24m We use Superpower and OHKO it, however, some of our stats drop in the process.

8d 5h 24m Another Rock Smash KOs Walrein! Against Vanilluxe!

8d 5h 23m We send out T4. Glacia uses a Full Restore on Walrein, and we use Rock Smash on it.

8d 5h 22m Against Walrein! We use Boomburst and it responds with Blizzard. Exploud faints!

8d 5h 22m Against Froslass. It uses Blizzard, and we OHKO it with Flamethrower. Exploud level 94!

8d 5h 21m Boomburst hits, and Beartic faints. Linoone level 87!

8d 5h 21m We miss our Boomburst, and Beartic uses Brick Break on us.

8d 5h 21m We start off by using Flamethrower, which OHKOs Abomasnow. Against Beartic now.

8d 5h 20m We send out Exploud against Abomasnow!

8d 5h 20m Battling E4 Glacia!

8d 5h 19m Currently in Glacia's Room!

8d 5h 16m We swap Rayquaza's and Exploud's Positions in the party!

8d 5h 15m Outrage is used and Sableye is out! Phoebe defeated!

8d 5h 15m Sableye mega evolves!

8d 5h 15m and Outrage then takes it out! Ray to Lv. 89!

8d 5h 14m Chandelure is up next!

8d 5h 14m Raquaza takes it out once again!

8d 5h 14m Mismagius is sent out!

8d 5h 14m Drifblim is sent out! Raquaza sends it packing!

8d 5h 13m Latios to lv. 85!!

8d 5h 13m Mega Rayquaza vs Dusknoir! and Ray takes it out!

8d 5h 13m This is run 27 and we are battling Phoebe currently!

8d 5h 12m Feminun leveled up to Lv. 100!!!

8d 4h 57m We send out Feminun! We miss our Thunder, and it hits its Blizzard! Minun down! Black Out!

8d 4h 57m Another Shadow Ball! One Blizzard from Froslass KOs T4!

8d 4h 56m Froslass used Shadow Ball. We keep chilling. Rinse and repeat.

8d 4h 56m Froslass used Hail. And we're still frozen!

8d 4h 55m Sent in T4! It uses Blizzard, and we are currently frozen!

8d 4h 55m Froslass made Exploud faint!

8d 4h 55m Froslass uses Blizzard, we fail Boomburst!

8d 4h 54m Against Froslass! Froslass used Hail, and we miss our Flamethrower!

8d 4h 54m Against Beartic! We use Boomburst, and OHKO it!

8d 4h 53m We send out Exploud! We use Boomburst, which crits and KOs Abomasnow!

8d 4h 52m Glacia used a Full Restore on Abomasnow! Feminun uses Volt Switch and goes back to Arty.

8d 4h 51m We use Thunder, Abomasnow uses Earthquake! Buffeted by the snow.

8d 4h 51m We start off by using Thunder, which isn't very effective. It paralyzes Abomasnow, but it still manages an Earthquake!

8d 4h 50m We send out Feminun against Abomasnow!

8d 4h 50m Fighting Glacia!

8d 4h 48m We send out Feminun! We use Volt Switch and KO Sableye! Defeated Phoebe!

8d 4h 48m We use Dragon Claw! Sableye uses Foul Play and KOs Latios!

8d 4h 47m We send out Latios! It fails Psychic, as it uses Follow Play!

8d 4h 47m Sableye Mega-Evolves and uses Fake Out. Linoone down!

8d 4h 46m We Surf again and KO Chandelure! Loudred level 93! Against Sableye!

8d 4h 46m We send out Linoone, who takes in a Flamethrower. Surf from us, Flamethrower from it.

8d 4h 45m We send out Exploud! We don't do anything but take in a Flamethrower!

8d 4h 44m Against Chandelure! We hit ourselves in confusion, and it uses Hex. RayQuay down!

8d 4h 44m More Outrage, more OHKOs. Linoone level 86!

8d 4h 43m We continue the Outrage and OHKO Drifblim. Against Mismagius!

8d 4h 43m We start by using Outrage, which OHKOs Dusknoir. Against Drifblim!

8d 4h 42m We use Dragon Ascent and OHKO Banette! Against Dusknoir!

8d 4h 42m Battling Phoebe! We send out RayQuay against Banette!

8d 4h 39m Against Absol. It Mega-Evolves, then we use Outrage and KO it! Sidney defeated!

8d 4h 39m Against Zoroark! We use Outrage, which OHKOs Zoroark, and reveals its illusion!

8d 4h 38m Against Sharpedo! We use Dragon Pulse and OHKO it!

8d 4h 37m Against Shiftry! It uses Fake Out to start, and we flinch! We use Dragon Pulse and OHKO him.

8d 4h 37m We use Dragon Ascent, which OHKOs Mandibuzz, but also lowers our Defense and Sp. Defense!

8d 4h 36m We start off by using Dragon Dance, increasding our Attack and Speed. It uses Tailwind.

8d 4h 36m IT CRITS! Scrafty faints! Up against Mandibuzz next.

8d 4h 36m Sidney uses a Full Restore! We use Dragon Pulse!

8d 4h 35m We Mega-Evolve and use Dragon Pulse! Scrafty uses Dragon Claw!

8d 4h 35m We send out RayQuay against Scrafty!

8d 4h 35m Battling E4 Sidney!

8d 4h 34m In the Pokemon League. Entered Run 26!

[Chat] Duplexbegreat: SwiftRage DIGRAAAAAAAAAAAAT

8d 4h 31m Used an Escape Rope to Leave Victory Road!

[Snark] We used the Escape Rope like how normal people would!

8d 4h 31m We took Linoone's Stardust and gave it Medichamite!

8d 4h 30m Threw away all of our Pokeballs!

8d 4h 30m Threw away our Cameruptite!

8d 4h 30m Swapped them again!

8d 4h 30m Swapped them back again

8d 4h 29m We took Rayquaza's Medichamite and swapped it with a Pokeball!

8d 4h 26m Swapped Exploud's Cameruptite for a Red Orb!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: why are you guys throwing stuff away PogChamp

8d 4h 25m Threw away a Pokeball!

8d 4h 25m Took Zig Red Orb and replaced it with a Heart Scale!

[Fluff] Go here and listen to the first 7 notes. Sound familiar?

8d 4h 17m On Victory Road!

8d 4h 14m We leave the Pokemon League.

8d 4h 13m Feminun fainted to Ice Punch! Blacked out!

8d 4h 12m Phoebe sent out Dusknoir!

[Fluff] Lv.100 hype!

8d 4h 12m Feminun leveled up to Lv.99!

8d 4h 11m Chandelure fainted to Volt Switch!

8d 4h 11m Drifblim fainted to Volt Switch! Phoebe sent out Chandelure!

8d 4h 10m Sent out Feminun

8d 4h 10m Latios fainted!

8d 4h 7m Fly brings Drifblim down to half!

[Stats] Latios Lv. 84 - Max. HP 255 Attack 227 Defense 162 Sp. Atk 239 Sp. Def 225 Speed 241

8d 4h 4m Phoebe sent out Drifblim!

8d 4h 4m Latios leveled up to Lv.84!

8d 4h 4m Mismagius fainted to Luster Purge!

8d 4h 3m Sent out Latios

8d 4h 2m Volt switch brings Mismagius down to half!

8d 4h 0m Sent out Feminun

8d 4h 0m Used one Rawst Berry but had no effect! T4 fainted!

8d 3h 59m T4 is paralyzed to Thunderbolt!

8d 3h 58m Used one Soda Pop but had no effect!

8d 3h 58m We sent out T4, Phoebe sent out Mismagius!

8d 3h 58m Banette fainted to Volt Switch!

8d 3h 57m Sent out Feminun

8d 3h 55m Zigzagoony fainted to Psychic!

8d 3h 55m Used one Revive but had no effect!

8d 3h 54m Zigzagoony vs Banette

8d 3h 54m Challenged Phoebe!

8d 3h 52m Gave Blue Orb to Zigzagoony!

8d 3h 50m Tossed Kangaskhanite!*

8d 3h 48m Tossed Ampharosite!

8d 3h 47m Tossed Red Shard! Tossed a Nugget!

8d 3h 46m Threw away the Metal Coat

Threw away the Dawn Stone!

8d 3h 42m We took Exploud's Carbos and replaced it with Cameruptite!

8d 3h 39m We sent out Linoone, who Rock Smashed against Mega Absol to victory. Sidney defeated!

8d 3h 36m We send out Feminun! We use Volt Switch, KOing Sharpedo, and sending us back.

8d 3h 33m Against Sharpedo! We waste a turn, it uses Crunch, then Aqua Jet, and Exploud faints!

8d 3h 33m We use Boomburst, and OHKO it!

8d 3h 32m We use Boomburst and OHKO Shiftry. Against Zoroark!

[Snark] Just keep rinsing, just keep repeating.

8d 3h 32m Rinse and repeat.

8d 3h 31m We send out Exploud, who wastes a turn. Shiftry uses Leaf Blade.

8d 3h 29m We Mega-Evolve and use Dragon Dance! Raised our Attack and Speed. Shiftry uses Feint Attack and KOs Rayquaza!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 87 - Max. HP 291 Attack 325 Defense 196 Sp. Atk 270 Sp. Def 218 Speed 198

8d 3h 28m Against Shiftry! It uses Fake Out! We flinch!

8d 3h 28m Mandibuzz faints from the recoil. RayQuay leveld up to 87!

8d 3h 28m Zigzagoony grew to level 85! Against Mandibuzz! We used Outrage, it uses Brave Bird.

8d 3h 27m We use Dragon Ascent and OHKO it!

8d 3h 26m We use Volt Switch! We switch to RayQuay, and Scrafty uses Crunch.

8d 3h 25m We send out Feminun as Scrafty uses Dragon Claw again!

8d 3h 25m Wasting more turns already? Nice job.

8d 3h 25m We send out RayQuay against Shiftry.

8d 3h 24m 25 Urns in! Challenging E4 Sidney!

8d 3h 24m We try to use an Old Rod, not happening.

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 50+ RUNS RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

8d 3h 18m Back at the League.

8d 3h 17m We use Volt Switch, and then Chandelure KOs us! Black Out!

8d 3h 17m We hit Thunder, it faints! Against Chandelure!

8d 3h 17m We miss Thunder (you don't say), and it hits Icy Wind!

8d 3h 16m We use Volt Switch, and finally KO it! Against Drifblim!

8d 3h 16m We send out Minun! We use Fake Tears way too many times, as Mismagius uses Shadow Ball.

8d 3h 14m Mismagius uses Power Gem and KOs Loudred!

8d 3h 14m MORE TURN WASTING! It Thunderbolts us twice.

8d 3h 13m Mismagius uses Thunderbolt, and we use Stomp... which does nothing to Mismagius.

8d 3h 13m We send out Exploud! And then we waste our turn. Mismagius uses Pain Split!

8d 3h 12m Still picking our mon. WE ONLY HAVE ONE OPTION GUYS!

8d 3h 6m We send out Feminun! Phoebe uses a Full Restore, we use Volt Switch! Sent back in.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand http://i.imgur.com/JrV9vPd.jpg

8d 3h 5m Sent out Latios! We use Fly to soar to the skies! Fly hits, it uses Shadow Ball. Latios down!

8d 3h 4m Against Mismagius! It uses Thunderbolt and KOs T4!


8d 3h 3m Wasting so many turns. I don't even...

8d 3h 2m We use a Soda Pop on T4! Banette uses Grudge!

8d 3h 1m Wasting more turns, getting poisoned!

8d 3h 1m We send out T4, as Banette use Shadow Ball on us.

8d 3h 0m Wasting more turns like it was no thing.

8d 2h 59m Sent out Latios, wasted our turn, it uses Toxic on us. We're poisoned!

8d 2h 58m We used a Lava Cookie on Linoone! Linoone faints from Psychic!

8d 2h 57m More wasting turns. Banette uses Grudge.

8d 2h 57m Rinse and repeat.

8d 2h 56m Wasted our turn, Banette uses Psychic.

8d 2h 55m We waste a turn as Banette uses Toxic. We're poisoned!

8d 2h 55m Battling Phoebe! We send out Linoone against Banette!

8d 2h 50m Against Absol! It Mega-Evolves. We OHKO it! Loudred level 92! Sidney defeated!

8d 2h 49m Sidney uses a Full Restore! Latios uses Dragon Claw and KOs Zoroark! Feminun level 98!

8d 2h 49m We use Volt Switch and almost KO Zoroark! Sent out Latios!

8d 2h 48m We send out Feminun! We miss our Thunder, as Absol uses Dark Pulse!

8d 2h 47m Against Zoroark! It uses Flamethrower and KOs M-RayQuay!

8d 2h 46m Against Sharpedo! We continue our Outrage and KO Sharpedo. We confuse ourselves and are at 8 HP!

8d 2h 46m We Mega-Evolve and use Outrage! It OHKOs Shiftry!

8d 2h 46m We use Dragon Dance again and take in a Feint Attack!

8d 2h 45m Against Shiftry! It uses Fake Out immediately and flinches us!

8d 2h 44m Sidney uses a Full Restore, and we use Dragon Ascent! Mandibuzz down!

8d 2h 43m We use Dragon Dance to raise our Speed and Attack, and it uses Brave Bird.

8d 2h 43m Against Mandibuzz! We use Dragon Pulse and it uses Brave Bird as a response!

8d 2h 42m We use Dragon Pulse again and KO Scrafty!

8d 2h 42m We use Dragon Pulse and it responds back with Dragon Claw.

8d 2h 42m We start by sending out RayQuay against Scrafty!

8d 2h 41m Run 24 Starts! Battling E4 Sidney!

[Snark] So much for 23 attempts! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

8d 2h 38m Salamance KOs T4 with Thunder Fang! Black Out!

8d 2h 38m Salamence uses Thunder Fang, and we use Waterfall. Rinse and repeat.

8d 2h 37m We send out T4~ Slamence gets a Full Restore, we use Superpower.

8d 2h 34m We use Dragon Claw again, and it uses Dragon Rush! Latios down!

8d 2h 34m Against Salamence! It Mega-Evolves, and we use Dragon Claw. Salamence misses Dragon Rush!

[Stats] Latios Lv. 83 - Max. HP 252 Attack 225 Defense 161 Sp. Atk 236 Sp. Def 222 Speed 239

8d 2h 33m Against Haxorus! We use Dragon Claw, and it OHKOs Haxorus! Latios level 83!

8d 2h 33m Against Flygon! We use Dragon Claw and OHKO it!

8d 2h 33m Against Dragalge! We use Dragon Claw, OHKO.

8d 2h 32m Against Kingdra! We use Dragon Claw and OHKO it!

8d 2h 32m Another Dragon Claw KOs Altaria!

8d 2h 32m We use Dragon Claw, and Altaria uses Dragon Pulse once again.

8d 2h 31m We use Fly, as Altaria uses Cotton Guard! Fly hits, and Altaria uses Dragon Pulse.

8d 2h 31m We send out Latios against Altaria!

8d 2h 31m Battling Drake!

8d 2h 25m We make our way toward Drake!

8d 2h 24m Super Power OHKO's it too! E4 Glacia defeated!

8d 2h 23m Super Power OHKO's Vanilluxe! Glalie sent out and Mega Evolves!

8d 2h 23m We sent out Azumarill!

8d 2h 22m Minun goes down to Ice Beam!

8d 2h 21m Glacia uses full restore on Vanilluxe! Minun is frozen!

8d 2h 21m Thunder against it but not quite OHKO

8d 2h 21m Thunder OHKO's it! Vanilluxe sent out!

8d 2h 20m Thunder on Frosslass as it goes down! Walrein sent out!

8d 2h 20m Whismur V goes down to Blizzard! We sent out Minun!

8d 2h 18m Flamethrower as Beartic goes down! Froslass sent out!

8d 2h 18m Beartic sent out! Boomburst against it but not down yet!

8d 2h 18m Glacia uses a full restore on Abomasnow! But we attack it, and it goes down!

8d 2h 17m We sent out Whismur V!

8d 2h 17m Zigzagoony goes down!

8d 2h 16m Zigzagoony vs. Abomasnow!

8d 2h 16m E4 Glacia Engaged!

8d 2h 15m Making our way to Glacia.

[Fluff] only one 'Mon down this urn? not bad. Kappa

8d 2h 12m Another Full Restore, another Waterfall. We use Waterfall again and KO it! Phoebe defeated!

8d 2h 11m We send out T4! We use Waterfall, and it attacks back. Phoebe uses a Full Restore, and we use Waterfall!

8d 2h 10m Sableye Mega-Evolves! We hit ourselves to death

8d 2h 9m Against Chandelure! We use Outrage once more, and OHKO Chandelure. We also confuse ourselves. Latios level 82!

8d 2h 9m Against Mismagius! We use Outrage and OHKO IT.

8d 2h 9m Against Drifblim! We use Dragon Pulse, and OHKO it too!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 86 - Max. HP 288 Attack 372 Defense 210 Sp. Atk 313 Sp. Def 234 Speed 230

8d 2h 8m Against Dusknoir! We use Dragon Ascent once again, and OHKO it.

8d 2h 8m M-RayQuay leveled to 86!

8d 2h 7m We Mega-Evolve and use Dragon Ascent! It OHKOs Banette!

8d 2h 7m We send out RayQuay against Banette!

8d 2h 7m Battling Phoebe!

8d 2h 4m Against Absol. It Mega-Evolves, but we kill it with Outrage. Sidney defeated!

8d 2h 3m We use Outrage, and Zoroark barfs the camera, fainting in the process.

8d 2h 3m We boost our Attack and Speed with Dragon Dance, and then get hit from Dark Pulse.

8d 2h 3m We OHKO that AS WELL. Against Zoroark.

8d 2h 2m We KO it as well. Linoone level 84! Fighting Sharpedo!

8d 2h 1m Against Shiftry! It uses Fake Out on M-RayQuay. We flinch and can't move.

8d 2h 1m We start off by OHKOing it with Dragon Ascent. Feminun level 97!

8d 2h 1m Exploud level 91! Fighting Mandibuzz!

8d 2h 0m We use Dragon Pulse, it uses a Full Restore, another Dragon Pulse. We use Dragon Ascent and KO it.

8d 1h 59m We Mega-Evolve and use Dragon Dance. It uses Scratch against us.

8d 1h 58m We send out RayQuay against Scrafty!

8d 1h 58m Run 23 begins.Battling Sidney!

[Chat] so lemme guess, this is the place where people who cant afford it go to play on it because theyre cheap? what a sad place and btw "TwitchPlaysPokemon" you realise letting others play and they dont have to buy it so its public is illegal its copyright without nintendo's permission, your just a du*ba$$!

8d 1h 54m Against Haxorus! We use Fake Tears, and it responds with Earthquake. Feminun faints! Black Out!

8d 1h 54m We use Thunder once more, and KO Altaria!

8d 1h 53m We hit Thunder, and Dragon Pulse hits us again. 16 HP remains.

8d 1h 53m We miss Thunder, take in Dragon Pulse.

8d 1h 53m We send out Feminun against his Altaria!

8d 1h 53m Battling Drake!

8d 1h 48m We use Thunder again, and KO Mega-Glalie! Defeated Glacia!

8d 1h 48m Glalie Mega-Evolves! We use Thunder, and paralyze Glalie! It's unable to move!

8d 1h 48m Another Thunder from us finishes the job. Against Glalie!

8d 1h 47m Against Vanilluxe! We use Volt Switch, which crits, and it responds with Ice Beam!

8d 1h 47m Sent out Feminun! We use Volt Switch, and KO Walrein!

8d 1h 46m Glacia uses a Full Restore, and we use Flamethrower. Exploud falls from the hail!

8d 1h 45m We use Volt Switch, and switch to Exploud! Walrein almost KOs us right there.

8d 1h 45m We use Thunder and KO Froslass. Against Walrein!

8d 1h 44m We send out Feminun as Froslass uses Hail. Minun is buffeted by the hail.

8d 1h 44m We use Flamethrower and KO Beartic. Against Froslass.

8d 1h 43m Rinse and repeat.

8d 1h 42m Sent out Exploud! We waste our turn with items, and Beartic uses Brick Break.

8d 1h 42m Another Rock Smash, another Brick Break. Linoone down!

8d 1h 41m We send out Linoone, and instantly KO it. Against Beartic, we Rock Smash, and it Brick Breaks.

8d 1h 41m Abomasnow uses Ice Shard and KOs Latios

8d 1h 40m Glacia uses a Full Restore on Abomasnow as we use Fly! Fly hits! \o/

8d 1h 40m We use Dragon Claw, as Abomasnow uses Blizzard!

8d 1h 39m We start off by switching to Latios. It uses Wood Hammer on us.

8d 1h 39m We send out Linoone against Abomasnow!

8d 1h 39m Fighting Glacia!

8d 1h 34m Thunder hits and KOs Sableye! Phoebe defeated!

8d 1h 33m Sent out Feminun! We use Thunder, and miss, and it uses Foul Play!

8d 1h 32m Against Sableye! It Mega-Evolves, and we use Waterfall! It uses Shadow Claw to KO T4!

8d 1h 32m Against Chandelure! We use Waterfall to OHKO it! We are burnt by its Flame Body!

8d 1h 31m We take more and more Thunderbolts, before finally using a damaging move like Waterfall to KO it.

8d 1h 31m We send out T4 again and take a Thunderbolt from Mismagius.

8d 1h 30m We sent out T4, then immediately switched to Linoone! Mismagius uses Thunderbolt on us!

8d 1h 29m M-RayQuay is confused from the previous Outrage. It hits itself in its confusion and KOs itself!

8d 1h 28m Against Mismagius!

8d 1h 28m Against Drifblim! We use Outrage a few times and KO it aswell, taking some damage from the Aftermath ability.

8d 1h 27m We Mega-Evolved, use Dragon Ascent Twice, and KOed it.

8d 1h 26m We send out Rayquaza against Banette!

8d 1h 26m Battling Phoebe!

8d 1h 12m Absol Mega-Evolves, and we use Outrage to OHKO it! M-Ray-Quay grew to level 85! Defeated Sidney!

8d 1h 11m Latios level 81! Against Absol!

8d 1h 11m Against "Absol"! We use Outrage, camera barf, Zoroark faints.

8d 1h 10m Linoone level 83! Against Sharpedo! We OHKO it with Dragon Ascent.

8d 1h 9m It uses Fake Out, and we flinch! We use Dragon Ascent and OHKO it!

8d 1h 9m We use Dragon Ascent, and KO Mandibuzz! Against Shiftry!

8d 1h 8m It uses Brave Bird, and we use Dragon Dance. Attack and Speed rose!

8d 1h 8m Sidney uses a Full Restore, and we use Dragon Pulse again!

8d 1h 7m We Mega-Evolve and use Dragon Pulse! Mandibuzz uses Tailwind.

8d 1h 6m We use Dragon Ascent and OHKO Scrafty! Against Mandibuzz!

8d 1h 6m Challenged E4 Sidney! We send out Ray-Quay against Scrafty!

8d 1h 4m We start Re-Run 22.

8d 1h 3m We miss, Sludge Wave hits, and Minun faints! Black Out!

8d 1h 2m We send out Minun. We use Thunder, and paralyze Dragalge! Sludge Wave still gets through though, and poisons Minun!

8d 1h 1m Against Dragalge! We use Waterfall, and it uses Poison Sludge! T4 down!

8d 1h 0m We use Volt Switch, and it KOs Altaria! We switch to M4.

8d 0h 59m We switch to Minun, and Altaria uses Moonblast!

8d 0h 59m We use Rock Smash once more, and get hit by a Moonblast. 4HP remains.

8d 0h 57m Another Waterfall, and it uses Cotton Guard. We use Rock Smash, and it uses Moonblast.

8d 0h 56m Another Waterfall, another Moonblast. Drake uses a Full Restore, we Waterfall.

8d 0h 56m We switch to T4, and use Waterfall. Moonblast is used against us.

8d 0h 55m We use Volt Switch, and now we have to switch to T4.

8d 0h 54m We use Thunder, and miss, and it uses Cotton Guard.

8d 0h 54m Against Drake! We send out Feminun against Altaria!

8d 0h 52m Against Glalie! It Mega-Evolves, we use Superpower to OHKO it. Defeated Glacia!

8d 0h 51m We use Waterfall, and it uses Freeze-Dry! Superpower comes in to KO!

8d 0h 50m We use Superpower and KO Walrein! Against Vanilluxe!

8d 0h 50m Against Walrein! We use Waterfall again and it uses Blizzard. Both aren't very effective.

8d 0h 49m Froslass uses Hail. Glacia then uses a Full Restore as we use Waterfall to KO it.

8d 0h 48m We send out Minun! Using Volt Switch, we head back into Arty's pocket and pull out T4!

8d 0h 47m Another Blizzard from Froslass KOs Exploud!

[Stats] Exploud Lv. 90 - Max. HP 316 Attack 218 Defense 134 Sp. Atk 193 Sp. Def 143 Speed 159

8d 0h 46m Against Froslass! It outspeeds us, using Blizzard, and we fail Boomblast!

8d 0h 46m Against Beartic. We OHKO it instantly. Bye Beartic. Exploud level 90!

8d 0h 45m We use Flamethrower and KO Abomasnow.

8d 0h 44m We use Volt Switch, damaging her mon and switching our mons. We send out Exploud to take the Earthquake.

8d 0h 43m Against Glacia! We send out Feminun against Abomasnow!

8d 0h 39m We send out Feminun, which finishes the job of KOing Sableye. Defeated Phoebe!

8d 0h 38m Another Surf, another Foul Play. Third time's the charm, as Linoone faints from those Chicken Games

8d 0h 37m Sableye Mega-Evolves, and we use Surf. It uses Foul Play afterwards.

8d 0h 37m Feminun grew to level 95! Against Sableye!

8d 0h 36m Sent out Linoone! We use Surf to KO it.

8d 0h 36m Against Chandelure! We use Dragon Claw, and Chandelure KOs us!

8d 0h 35m It starts by using Shadow Ball, bringing us close to death, but we bring it closer, as our Dragon Claw KOs it.

8d 0h 35m Another Dragon Claw hits, and we KO it. Against Mismagius!

8d 0h 34m Against Drifblim! We use Dragon Claw, and it responds with Icy Wind!

8d 0h 34m We send out Latios, use Dragon Claw, and KO it.

8d 0h 33m A Hex is used against us. We thaw out and use Dragon Pulse. Dusknoir uses Ice Punch and KOs Mega-Rayquaza!

8d 0h 33m Phoebe uses a Full Restore as we just chill.

8d 0h 32m We Mega-Evolve and use Dragon Pulse. It uses Ice Pulse back against us. We are now Frozen!

8d 0h 31m We OHKO the thing. Against Dusknoir now.

8d 0h 31m Battling Phoebe! We send out Ray-Quay against Banette.

8d 0h 28m Against Absol. It Mega-Evolves, and we use Outrage. Defeated Sidney!

8d 0h 27m Against "Absol". We use Dragon Pulse, Absol reveals itself as Zoroark, and it falls.

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 84 - Max. HP 281 Attack 358 Defense 204 Sp. Atk 304 Sp. Def 228 Speed 225

8d 0h 27m Against Sharpedo! We use Dragon Pulse and OHKO it.

8d 0h 26m It uses Feint Attack, and we use Dragon Pulse. Shiftry down. Ray-Quay level 84!

8d 0h 26m Against Shiftry! It uses Fake Out and flinches us!

8d 0h 25m We Mega-Evolve and Mandibuzz uses Brave Bird. We use Dragon Ascent and KO it!

8d 0h 24m Against Mandibuzz! We use Dragon Pulse, and it uses Tailwind.

8d 0h 24m Zigzagoony level 82!

8d 0h 23m We use Dragon Pulse and OHKO it with a CRIT!

8d 0h 23m Against Sidney! We send out Rayquaza against Scrafty!

8d 0h 21m We switch Rayquaza and Minun as we go to run 21.

[Info] Rematch Elite 4 Run #21 incoming.

8d 0h 17m Froslass uses Blizzard again and KOs Exploud! Black Out!

8d 0h 14m It uses Blizzard twice more, and we keep failing hardcore.

8d 0h 14m Sent out Exploud! It starts off with Hail, as we use Boomburs- oh wait, doesn't effect Froslass.

8d 0h 12m It uses Blizzard again and KOs T4!

8d 0h 12m Now we are facing Froslass! It starts off with a Blizzard, and we try rushing in with a Superpower, before realizing it does nothing.

8d 0h 11m We use Superpower, and KO Walrein. Buffeted by the hail.

8d 0h 10m We use Rock Smash to start off, and it uses Blizzard in retaliation.

8d 0h 10m WATERFALL TO VICTORY! Abomasnow faints. Against Walrein now.

8d 0h 8m We use Waterfall, and it uses Blizzard!

8d 0h 7m Against Glacia! We send out T4 against Abomasnow!

8d 0h 2m We use Waterfall and KO Sableye! Defeated Phoebe!

8d 0h 2m Full Restore used on Sableye, we use Waterfall. x2

8d 0h 1m After prepping up, we use Waterfall, and Sableye, narrowly avoiding death, uses Shadow Claw as a response.

8d 0h 1m Against Sableye! It Mega-Evolves and uses Fake Out, flinching us!

7d 23h 59m Against Chandelure! We use Waterfall and OHKO it!

We're now on Day 9 of Pokémon Omega Ruby!

7d 23h 58m We send out T4! Mismagius uses Thunder, and we use Waterfall! Mismagius faints. Exploud level 89!

7d 23h 57m We use Surf and it use Thunder again to KO Zigzagoony!

7d 23h 57m We send out Linoone! Using Belly Drum to cut our HP and max our Attack works, as the Thunder from our foe only reduces us to 30 HP!

7d 23h 56m We use Dragon Dance to boost our Speed and Attack, but are KOed anyways!

7d 23h 56m We use Dragon Pulse again and KO it! Against Mismagius!

7d 23h 55m Against Dusknoir! We use Dragon Pulse, and it uses Ice Punch. 13 HP remaining.

7d 23h 54m We send out Ray-Quay. We use Dragon Ascent to OHKO it! We also get hurt from the Aftermath ability of it.

7d 23h 54m Phantom Force hits, and KOs Minun!

[Fluff] That was the first time I've ever seen that.

7d 23h 53m We miss Thunder, and DRIFBLIM USES PHANTOM FORCE!

7d 23h 53m We start off by using Thunder, and OHKOing it. Against Drifblim!

7d 23h 53m We send out Feminun against Banette!

7d 23h 52m Phoebe! How's it going?

7d 23h 49m We use Thunder and KO Absol! Defeated Sidney!

7d 23h 48m Against Absol! We send out Feminun, and Absol Mega-Evolves. It uses Night Slash.

7d 23h 48m We send out Rayquaza. Sidney uses a Full Restore, and we use Dragon Ascent (CRIT!) to OHKO it!

7d 23h 46m We use Dragon Claw again, and bring Mandibuzz down to very low HP. However, another Feint Attack KOs Latios!

[Stats] Latios Lv. 80 - Max. HP 243 Attack 216 Defense 155 Sp. Atk 227 Sp. Def 214 Speed 230

7d 23h 46m Against Mandibuzz! We use Dragon Claw, and it, in retaliation, uses Feint Attack.

7d 23h 45m Against "Absol"! We use Dragon Claw, and reveal its true identity to be... Zoroark! We OHKOed it. Latios level 80!

7d 23h 44m Against Sharpedo! We use Dragon Claw, and OHKO it, while getting some recoil from the Rough Skin.

7d 23h 43m We fail Luster Punge, and it uses Feint Attack. We use Dragon Claw again, and KO Shiftry!

7d 23h 43m We manage to use Volt Switch against it. We send out Latios to take the Leaf Blade.

[Stats] Minun Lv. 94 - Max. HP 258 Attack 116 Defense 158 Sp. Atk 193 Sp. Def 176 Speed 236

7d 23h 42m Against Shiftry. it uses Fake Out, flinching us and cancelling our attack.

7d 23h 42m Feminun grew to level 94!

[Info] We are currently on Ru #20!

7d 23h 42m Thunder hits, and Scrafty faints.

[Stats] Too many stats Lv. 7.8/10 - Max. HP 7.8 Attack 10 Defense 7.8 Sp. Atk 10 Sp. Def 7.8 Speed 10

7d 23h 42m We miss our Thunder, and it uses Crunch. Our defense fell :(

7d 23h 41m Sidney uses a Full Restore, and we use Thunder once again.

7d 23h 41m We start off by using Thunder, and it uses Crunch in return.

7d 23h 41m We send out Feminun against Scrafty!

7d 23h 41m Battling Sidney!

[Fluff] 7.9/10 Breaking the trend a bit. Might seem controversial. Kappa

[Snark] Too may cooks

[Snark] 7.8/10 too many live updates with 7.8/10

[Fluff] 7.8/10 too many critics

[BuzzNav] 7.8/10 too many tags

[Snark] 7.8/10 too many Pokemon

[Info] 7.8/10 Too many Mega Evolutions

[Fluff] 7.8/10 Too many Dragon Types

7d 23h 36m Against Salamence! It Mega-Evolves, and uses Dragon Rush. Exploud down! Black Out!

7d 23h 36m Against Kingdra! BOOMBURST TO VICTORY!! Or close to it. It uses Yawn, before we BOOMBURST TO VICTORY!!!

7d 23h 35m Against Haxorus! We use Boomburst, and OHKO it!

7d 23h 35m Against Dragalge! We use Boomburst, forcing it to use a Full Restore. A Stomp and a Boomburst later, and it goes down/

[Stats] Exploud Lv. 88 - Max. HP 309 Attack 213 Defense 131 Sp. Atk 188 Sp. Def 140 Speed 156


7d 23h 34m Starting off, Flygon uses Boomburst to no avail, and then we use Boomburst to KO it. Exploud level 88!

7d 23h 33m It uses a Full Restore! We Stomp, then Boomburst, and KO the flying dragon thing. Against Flygon!

7d 23h 33m We send out Exploud! We use Boomburst, and it uses Cotton Guard!

7d 23h 32m We use Rock Smash, which isn't very effective, but drops Altaria's Defense. It KOs us with Dragon Pulse!

7d 23h 31m We send out Linoone against Altaria!

7d 23h 31m Battling Drake!

7d 23h 28m Glalie uses Freeze-Dry, and we use Boomburst to finish the deed! Glalie down! Glacia defeated!

7d 23h 27m Against Glalie! It Mega-Evolves, and we use Boomburst to almost completely reck it. It uses Hail.

7d 23h 27m Sent out Whismur V! We use Flamethrower, which crits, and KOs Vanilluxe!

7d 23h 27m We use Waterfall to start, and it uses Freeze-Dry! T4 down!

7d 23h 26m We switch and use Superpower! Beartic down! Against Vanilluxe!

7d 23h 26m We use Waterfall once more, and it uses Shadow Claw. We narrowly avoid death, with 6 HP.

7d 23h 25m Glacia uses a Full Restore again, and we waste our turn.

7d 23h 25m Glacia uses a Full Restore! We use Waterfall again and bring it down to critical health.

7d 23h 24m Against Beartic! We use Waterfall, and it responds with a Slash! Critical hit! (Down to 75 HP)

7d 23h 24m Against Froslass. It outspeeds us, using Hail, while we use Waterfall against it to OHKO it.

7d 23h 23m We use Waterfall and KO Walrein! Linoone grew to level 81!

7d 23h 23m Against Walrein! We use Rock Smash and it responds with Blizzard. Buffeted by the hail!

7d 23h 22m After getting hit with Ice Shard twice, we use Waterfall twice and KO Abomasnow!

7d 23h 22m We sent out Feminun against Abomasnow, but then it was KOed! We now have T4 out.

7d 23h 21m Battling Glacia!

7d 23h 17m We use Waterfall again and KO it! Phoebe defeated!

7d 23h 17m Against Sableye! Or rather, Mega-Sableye now. It uses Fake Out, which flinches us! We Waterfall, it Shadow Claws, we're having a good time here.

7d 23h 16m Starting off, we use a Waterfall, and even though it isn't very effective, it still OHKOs.

7d 23h 16m We send out T4 against Dusknoir!

7d 23h 15m PARAHAX! We use Volt Switch and KO Mismagius, while sending ourselves back.

7d 23h 15m Phoebe uses a Full Restore, we use Thunder. Rinse and repeat, folks.

7d 23h 15m Her Shadow Ball CRITS! And we use Thunder, which actually hits for once.

7d 23h 14m It starts off with a Shadow Ball, and we miss Thunder.

7d 23h 14m We OHKO it with Thunder. Against Mismagius!

7d 23h 13m Our second Thunder hits, and KOs the thing. Against Chandelure!

[Fluff] That's the third time it's happened like this in a row

7d 23h 13m Against Drifblim! We use Thunder, and miss. Icy Wind doesn't!

7d 23h 12m We start off by using Thunder, which OHKOs Banette!

7d 23h 12m We send out Feminun against Banette!

7d 23h 12m Fighting Phoebe!

7d 23h 9m Exploud grew to level 87! Defeated Sidney!

7d 23h 8m We are now against Absol! It Mega-Evolves, we OHKO it with Rock Smash.


7d 23h 8m We sent out Linoone! We use Belly Drum, and it uses Dark Pulse. Our Rock Smash KOs Zoroark!


7d 23h 5m Zoroark uses Dark Pulse once again and KOs Latios!

7d 23h 5m It uses a Full Restore, and we use Luster Purge, which does nothing.

7d 23h 4m We send out Latios. We use Fly, avoiding "Absol's" attack. It hits, Absol is now revealed as Zoroark, and it uses Dark Pulse.

[Fluff] Not Absol.

[Snark] Us leveling up a Azumarill to level 100 while grinding the Hoenn E4? Doesn't sound familiar to me.

7d 23h 3m We are against Absol now. We Mega-Evolve, and it uses Dark Pulse against us. M-Ray-Quay down!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 83 - Max. HP 278 Attack 302 Defense 185 Sp. Atk 254 Sp. Def 206 Speed 189

[Fluff] The 100 Club has a new member, folks.

7d 23h 2m T4 GREW TO LEVEL 100!!!!

7d 23h 2m Against Sharpedo. It uses Crunch, and we use Dragon Ascent to KO it. We also take some damage from its Rough Skin. Rayquaza level 83!

7d 23h 1m We use Dragon Ascent! It KOs the Mandibuzz!

7d 23h 1m We used a Full Heal on Latios, but it had no effect.

7d 23h 0m Linoone grew to level 80! Against Mandibuzz! We waste our turn, and it uses Tailwind!

7d 23h 0m We use Dragon Dance to boost some stats, and Shiftry attacks. Our Dragon Pulse KOs it.

7d 22h 59m We send out Rayquaza, which takes the wrath of Shiftry's Leaf Blade.

[Stats] Minun Lv. 93 - Max. HP 255 Attack 115 Defense 156 Sp. Atk 191 Sp. Def 174 Speed 233

7d 22h 59m Against Shiftry! We use Volt Switch, which damages it, and switches us out.

7d 22h 58m We use Thunder again and KO it. Feminun grew to level 93!

7d 22h 58m We start off by using Thunder, and it responds with some Cinammon Toast Crunch

[Info] Run 19.

7d 22h 57m We send out Feminun against Scrafty!

7d 22h 57m Battling Sidney!

7d 22h 55m We send out T4 against Altaria! Our Waterfall hits for some damage, and it uses Moonblast to KO T4! Black Out!

7d 22h 55m Battling Drake!

7d 22h 51m Against Glalie! It Mega-Evolves, and we use Waterfall to OHKO it. Defeated Glacia!

7d 22h 51m We use Waterfall, and KO it! Buffeted by the hail, and now we're down to 13 HP.

7d 22h 51m It uses Blizzard on us, and we use Waterfall, which finally damages it. Against Vanilluxe!

7d 22h 50m Froslass uses Shadow Ball, and we still don't effect it with a Rock Smash. Maybe one of these times.

7d 22h 50m Froslass starts off by using Hail, and we start off by doing nothing of use.

7d 22h 50m We use Rock Smash, KO the thing, and are now against Froslass.

7d 22h 49m T4 uses Waterfall, and it isn't very effective. Walrein's Blizzard, however, is... not very effective.

7d 22h 49m We use Waterfall, and KO our enemy. Against Walrein.

7d 22h 48m We send out T4! We waste a turn, while Beartic uses Shadow Claw.

7d 22h 46m We finally use Boomburst, which almost KOs our foe. However, Beartic's Brick Break KOs Exploud!

7d 22h 45m Against Beartic! We waste a turn, and Beartic uses Brick Break on us. Rinse and repeat.

7d 22h 45m Another Stomp from us KOs Abomasnow!

7d 22h 44m We send out Exploud. Abomasnow uses a Full Restore, and we use Stomp, cutting its hp in half.

[Snark] Never forget.

7d 22h 43m We use Thunder once again, and Abamasnow uses Earthquake. THE WEATHER USES ITS DEADLY POWERS TO MURDER FEMINUN!

7d 22h 43m We use Thunder, which on an Ice-Type of Abomasnow, isn't very effective. However, Parahax says otherwise.

7d 22h 42m We start off by sending out our lovely Feminun against the harsh cold Abomasnow.

7d 22h 42m Challenging Glacia!

7d 22h 41m We switched the position of Outrage and Dragon Ascent on Rayquaza.

7d 22h 37m We use Waterfall, twice, and KO Mega-Sableye. Phoebe defeated!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 99 - Max. HP 329 Attack 149 Defense 209 Sp. Atk 181 Sp. Def 199 Speed 131

7d 22h 36m Against Sableye. It Mega-Evolves, and uses Fake Out on us. We flinch!

[Snark] For those keeping count, that's one away from 100.

7d 22h 36m T4 is now level 99!

7d 22h 35m Against Dusknoir. We use Waterfall, flinch it, Waterfall again, and KO the thing. That flinchhax.

7d 22h 35m Finally we get some sense into us. We use Waterfall to OHKO Chandelure.

7d 22h 34m We send out T4 against Chandelure. We use Superpower, which isn't effective, and it uses Flamethrower, which isn't very effective.

7d 22h 32m We use a Max Revive on Exploud! Chandelure uses Hex and KOs Rayquaza!

7d 22h 31m In its place, we send out Rayquaza. Chandelure uses Flamethrower and burns Rayquaza!

7d 22h 31m It uses a Full Restore, and we miss Thunder again. Giving up on the RNG gods, we use Volt Switch, and send Femiun back to Arty.

7d 22h 30m We are up against Chandelure! We use Thunder, and it roasts us with Flamethrower!

7d 22h 30m Our second Thunder hits, and OHKOs Drifblim, on account of it being STAB and Super-Effective.

7d 22h 29m We send out Feminun! We use Thunder, and miss, and it uses Icy Wind, and hits. RNG!!!

7d 22h 29m Against Drifblim! We use Boomburst, but it doesn't effect our foe. Drifblim uses Psychic and KOs Exploud!

7d 22h 28m Rinse and repeat x2. Mismagius faints, and we're in the reds.

7d 22h 28m Mismagiu starts off with a Thunderbolt, and we respond with a Flamethrower.

7d 22h 28m We use Flamethrower once more, and defeat the Banette. Against Mismagius.

7d 22h 27m Phoebe uses a Full Restore, and we use Flamethrower, getting a critical hit in the process.

7d 22h 27m We use Volt Switch, sending Feminun back to Arty, and subbing our Exploud. Banette uses Shadow Ball, but it doesn't affect us.

7d 22h 26m We send out our lovely Minun against her Banette.

7d 22h 26m Battling Phoebe!

7d 22h 25m We've been wandering around the room for way too long now.

7d 22h 14m We use Dragon Ascent, which KOs the Mega-Absol. Defeated Sidney!

7d 22h 13m Against Absol for real. We both Mega-Evolve! We use Dragon Dance, increasing our Speed and Attack. Absol uses Night Shade, dealing a fair amount of damage. Down to less than 100 HP.

7d 22h 12m Against Absol. We use Dragon Ascent once again, which rekts Absol, who, through a very vomit-inducing camera pan, reveals itself to be Zoroark! It goes down.

7d 22h 12m We use Dragon Ascent, which lowers our Defense and Special Defense, but KOs Shiftry!

7d 22h 11m We use Dragon Dance, boosting out Attack and Speed. Shiftry uses Feint Atack, which deals a fair bit of damage.

7d 22h 11m We send out Rayquaza against Shiftry. It uses Fake Out, flinching us in the process!

7d 22h 10m Whismur V is now level 86!

7d 22h 9m Sharpedo outspeeds us and uses Crunch, bringing us down the the reds. We use Dragon Claw, which KOs Sharpedo, but due to Rough Skin, Latios falls as well!

7d 22h 9m We send out Latios. Mandibuzz uses Feint Attack, and we respond with Dragon Claw. Mandibuzz down, Sharpedo out.

7d 22h 8m Sidney, not wanting it to faint, uses a Full Restore. We bring it down to the yellows again with Boomburst.

7d 22h 7m Against Mandibuzz! We use Boomburst, and it responds with BraveBird. It almost killed itself with the recoil alone!

7d 22h 7m We send out Whismur V, which uses Boomburst, and KOs Scrafty.

7d 22h 7m We use Rock Smash, which is Super Effective, but just doesn't do enough. Scrafty's Brick Break KOs Zigzaggony!

7d 22h 6m We use Volt Switch, which sends Minun back to the party. Sending out Zigzagoony, Scrafty uses Crunch.

7d 22h 6m Starting off as per order, we send out Feminun against her Scrafty!

7d 22h 6m Battling Sidney!

7d 22h 5m Started Re-urn #18!

7d 22h 3m Back in the Pokemon League building.

7d 22h 3m Mismagius uses Thunderbolt and KOs T4! We black out!

7d 22h 2m Phoebe uses another Full Restore, and we use another Waterfall. I starting to see a trend here. Kappa'm

7d 22h 2m Phoebe uses a Full Restore, and we use Waterfall again. More damage to us done by the burn.

7d 22h 1m Phoebe sends out Mismagius, who uses Thunder, and does some pretty good damage. We use Waterfall in response.

7d 22h 1m Dive hits, and KOs Chandelure, but its Flame Body burns T4 in the process!

7d 22h 1m Sent out T4! We use Dive, hiding Underwater, and avoiding Flamethrower.

7d 22h 0m Also, the last Flamethrower burned Whismur V! We fainted from another Flamethrower!

7d 22h 0m We send out Loudred. We use Flamethrower, it uses it, we use it again, it uses it again. WE HAVE OTHER MOVES GUYS!

7d 21h 59m Against Chandelure. We try to be quick and Quick Attack, but forgetting it doesn't affect Chandelure. It uses Flamethrower on us and KOs Minun!

7d 21h 58m We use Thunder again, actually hitting this time, and it OHKOs it. Feminun leveled up to 92! T4 to level 98!

7d 21h 58m Drifblim is out next, and even though we outspeed it, we actually miss our Thunder. The same does not happen with its Icy Wind.

7d 21h 58m We use Thunder, which not only does massive damage, but manages to OHKO Banette!

7d 21h 57m We start off by throwing out our Feminun against her lovely Banette!

7d 21h 57m Chatting with Phoebe. BATTLING E4 MEMBER PHOEBE!

7d 21h 48m Sidney defeated.

7d 21h 48m Minun takes out Absol.

7d 21h 47m We send out Minun.

[Fluff] Also, Online counter is back, with another day on it.

[Info] Post Game extended! Current timer at 2d 2h:14m


7d 21h 45m Latios' Fly lands, taking Absol to low yellow. Night Slash from Mega Absol crits, OHKOing Latios.

7d 21h 45m Latios uses Fly, Flying up high.

7d 21h 45m Absol Mega Evolves!

7d 21h 44m We send out Latios against the real Absol.

7d 21h 43m Minun uses Volt Switch, taking out Zoroark.

7d 21h 43m Absol was Zoroark all along! Another, critical Dark Pulse takes out Linoone! We send out Minun.

7d 21h 42m Linoone uses Rock Smash.

7d 21h 42m Absol uses Dark Pulse.

7d 21h 42m We switch out Minun for Zigzagoony .

7d 21h 42m Sidney sends out Absol.

7d 21h 42m We use Thunder, taking out Sharpedo in one hit.

7d 21h 41m We send out Minun.

7d 21h 41m Another hit to confusion by Rayquaza, and Sharpedo's Crunch takes it down.

7d 21h 40m Rayquaza hits itself in confusion, and Sharpedo's Crunch does huge damage.

7d 21h 40m Sidney's Tailwind peters out, and he sends out Sharpedo.

7d 21h 40m Rayquaza grows to level 82.

7d 21h 40m Shiftry is taken out.

7d 21h 40m Shiftry uses Feint Attack, and Rayquaza uses Outrage again.

7d 21h 39m Shiftry uses Fake out, causing Rayquaza. to flinch.

7d 21h 38m Sidney sends out Shiftry.

7d 21h 38m Latios grows to level 79.

7d 21h 38m Rayquaza becomes confused due to fatigue.

7d 21h 37m Mandibuzz outspeed with Tailwind, using Brave bird. Rayquaza, unfazed, uses Outrage again, taking out Mandibuzz.

7d 21h 37m Mandibuzz is sent out, using Tailwind in response to going red from Outrage.

7d 21h 37m Rayquaza uses Outrage, taking out Scrafty.

7d 21h 36m Rayquaza is sent out.

7d 21h 36m Sidney uses a Full Restores, and Minun uses Volt Switch.

7d 21h 36m Crunch hits a critical, bringing Minun to low yellow.

7d 21h 35m Minun misses with Thunder, and Scrafty hits with Crunch, doing moderate damage. Another Thunder from Minun hits, and Scrafty is paralyzed.

7d 21h 35m Sidney sends out Scrafty, and we send out Minun.


[Fluff] Wireless is still disabled.

7d 21h 35m Entered Sidney's room.

[Fluff] There isn't an "Online in" counter anymore...

7d 21h 31m We end up... back at the entrance of the Pokemon League?

[Fluff] v Me too at first

[Snark] I thought it was my internet Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 21h 30m ...We go offline.

7d 21h 29m Flygon is sent out, and Latios uses Luster Purge... and my stream goes blank. Standby!

7d 21h 29m Dragalge is sent out... and falls to Dragon Claw.

7d 21h 29m Another Dragon Claw takes out Kingdra.

7d 21h 28m We send out Latios, and use Dragon Claw. It takes out Haxorus.

7d 21h 26m We use Thunder once more, and it halves Haxorus' HP. It then takes out Minun with Earthquake.

7d 21h 26m Drake sends out Haxorus.

7d 21h 26m Minun uses Thunder, and it takes out Altaria with a critical hit.

7d 21h 26m Drake sends out Altaria, and we send out Minun.


[Snark] We walked right past Drake. Think about how he feels getting ignored.

7d 21h 22m Glacia defeated.

7d 21h 22m We send out Minun, and use Thunder. It strikes Glalie down.

7d 21h 20m Glalie uses Freeze Dry, taking out Exploud.

7d 21h 19m Glalie fails another Protect, and Exploud uses Stomp.

7d 21h 19m Glalie reacts to Glacia's Key Stone, Mega Evolving it into Mega Glalie, which uses Protect, blocking Echoed Voice.

7d 21h 19m Glacia sends out Glalie.

7d 21h 18m Exploud uses Boomburst once more, taking out Vanilluxe.

7d 21h 18m Glacia uses a Full Restore, and Exploud uses Boomburst, bringing Vanilluxe back to low red.

7d 21h 17m Exploud uses Echoed Voice, and Vanilluxe uses Ice Beam, sending Exploud to low yellow.

7d 21h 17m Exploud uses Flamethrower bringing Vanilluxe to low yellow, and it uses Ice Beam, sending us to low green.

7d 21h 17m Glacia sends out Vanilluxe.

7d 21h 16m Exploud uses Flamethrower, taking out Froslass in one hit.

7d 21h 16m Glacia sends out Froslass. It uses Hail.

7d 21h 16m Minun grows to level 91.

7d 21h 16m Exploud grows to level 85.

7d 21h 16m Boomburst from Exploud crits, and takes out Beartic.

7d 21h 15m We send out Exploud against Glacia's Beartic.

7d 21h 15m Latios grows to Lv. 78.

7d 21h 15m Minun uses Volt Switch, taking out the remainder of Walrein's health, then goes back.

7d 21h 14m We send out Minun against Walrein.

7d 21h 13m Another turn of frozenness, and Walrein takes out Azumarill with blizzard.

7d 21h 13m Still frozen Solid, Azumarill is hit by another Blizzard.

7d 21h 13m Azumarill is still frozen solid, but avoids a Blizzard from Walrein... somehow.

7d 21h 12m Azumarill is frozen solid, leaving it open to another Blizzard, bringing it to red.

7d 21h 12m Azumarill uses Rock Smash on Walrein, bringing it to red. Blizzard does little damage, but freezes Azumarill.

7d 21h 11m Glacia uses a Full Restore, and Azumarill uses Rock Smash, KO'ing Abomasnow in a critical hit.

7d 21h 11m Azumarill uses Rock Smash, bringing Abomasnow to red. Blizzard does little damage to Azumarill.

7d 21h 10m We send out Azumarill. Abomasnow uses Earthquake, dealing moderate damage.

7d 21h 10m Minun uses Volt Switch. It does little damage to Abomasnow.

7d 21h 10m Abomasnow's Snow Warning causes it to hail!

7d 21h 10m Glacia sends Abomasnow out against Minun.

7d 21h 10m Challenged Glacia!

7d 21h 9m Entered Glacia's chamber.

7d 21h 8m Entered the room that leads into Glacia's chamber.

7d 21h 7m Two more Waterfalls take down Sableye, Phoebe defeated!

7d 21h 6m Phoebe uses a Full Restore

7d 21h 6m T4 uses Waterfall, puts Sableye in the red

7d 21h 6m Sableye Mega Evolves

7d 21h 6m Sableye in for Phoebe

7d 21h 6m T4 makes quick work of Chandelure!

7d 21h 5m T4 hit with Dark Pulse, doesn't phase her

7d 21h 5m We send in T4! Versus Chandelure

7d 21h 3m We pull out Minun, choosing replacement now

7d 21h 3m A clutch hit from Minun takes down Mismagius!

7d 21h 3m Minun back in, is in the red

[Fluff] Okay seriously, when has Belly Drum ever helped us?

7d 21h 2m Another Thunder KOs Zigzagoony. Zigzagoony faints!

7d 21h 2m Zigzagoony uses Surf, Mismagius counters with Thunder

7d 21h 2m We decide to switch out for Zigzagoony

7d 21h 1m Minun back in

7d 21h 1m Mismagius takes down 'strss however. 'strss faints!

7d 21h 1m 'strss uses Dragon Dance, speed and attack rise

7d 21h 1m Mismagius is in now

7d 21h 0m Third Dragon Pulse is the charm, Dusknoir down

7d 21h 0m Another Dragon Pulse puts Dusknoir in the yellow

7d 21h 0m 'strss only has 14 hp left, and Phoebe uses a Full Restore

7d 20h 59m Dragon Pulse crits Dusknoir, in the red

7d 20h 59m 'strss is now in for us, versus Dusknoir

7d 20h 59m Minun is in the red, but a clutch Volt Switch KOs Driftblim

7d 20h 58m Drifblim in for Phoebe

[Correction] Minun leveled up to 90, not 91

7d 20h 58m Minun hits it with Thunder, Banette down

7d 20h 58m Minun in versus Banette

7d 20h 57m Challenged Phoebe!

7d 20h 56m We're moving on from Sidney's room now

7d 20h 55m 'strss is outraged at this mega evolution, and hits it with Outrage. Absol down. Sidney defeated!

7d 20h 54m Absol in now, it Mega Evolves

7d 20h 54m Zoroark in appearing to be an Absol, taken down by Outrage!

7d 20h 54m Sharpedo in and is quickly taken down

7d 20h 53m Minun grows to level 91!

7d 20h 53m 'strss hits it with some Outrage, Shiftry KO'd

7d 20h 53m Shiftry now in for Sidney

7d 20h 53m 'strss grows to level 81!

7d 20h 52m We respond with Dragon Pulse, Mandibuzz down!

7d 20h 52m Mandibuzz hits us with Brave Bird

7d 20h 52m We Mega Evolve 'strss

7d 20h 51m 'strss sent out versus Mandibuzz

7d 20h 51m Zigzagoony grew to level 79!

7d 20h 51m Minun now in the yellow, uses Volt Switch, Scrafty KO'd

7d 20h 50m Minun's Fake Tears bring down Scrafty's Special Defense

7d 20h 50m Sidney used a Full Restore

7d 20h 49m Minun hits Scrafty with some Thunder, Scrafty is paralyzed

7d 20h 49m Its Sidney's Scrafty versus Minun

7d 20h 49m Challenged Sidney

7d 20h 47m We're checking out our badges for inspiration

[Info] This is rematch attempt #16, if anyone's wondering.

7d 20h 44m We begin the E4 challenge once again!

7d 20h 42m We white out.

7d 20h 42m Exploud uses Stomp once more, and Dragalge uses Sludge Wave, ko'ing Exploud.

7d 20h 41m Drake uses a second Full Restore, and Exploud uses Stomp, poisoning it due to Poison point.

7d 20h 41m Exploud uses Boomburst once more, bringing Dragalge to low yellow, and it does the same with Sludge Wave. Drake uses a Full Restore, and Exploud uses Boomburst again.

7d 20h 40m Flygon uses Boomburst. Exploud is unaffected, and Boombursts right back, OHKOing it in a crit, and levels up to 84. Drake sends out Dragalge.

7d 20h 40m Drake sends out Flygon.

7d 20h 40m Another Boomburst takes out Altaria.

7d 20h 39m It's his Altaria against Exploud. It uses Boomburst, bringing it to low yellow, and it uses Cotton Guard.

7d 20h 39m We enter Drake's room and, after some stumbling, begin battle with him!

7d 20h 35m We defeated Elite Four Glacia!

7d 20h 35m Glalie uses Freeze-Dry, and Exploud uses Flamethrower, takign out Glalie.

7d 20h 34m Glalie protects itself from another Boomburst again.

7d 20h 34m Mega Glalie uses Hail, and Exploud uses Boomburst once again, taking Glalie to red.

7d 20h 34m Mega Glalie Protects itself form Exploud's Boomburst!

7d 20h 34m We send out Whismur v, the Exploud.

7d 20h 33m Another Freeze Dry from Mega Glalie knocks out Azumarill!

7d 20h 32m Glacia's Key Stone causes Glalie to Mega Evolve into Mega Glalie! It uses Freeze-Dry, bringing Azumarill to red and freezing it!

7d 20h 32m Glacia sends out Glalie.

7d 20h 32m Another Superpower from Azumarill takes out Vanilluxe, which Glacia sent out earlier.

7d 20h 31m Superpower misses Beartic, and it hits Azumarill with Shadow Claw, bringing it to yellow. Another Superpower hits Beartic, KO'ing it.

7d 20h 30m Glacia uses a Full Restore, Fully Restoring Beartic's health. Azumarill uses Rock Smash, halfing Beartic's Fully Restored health.

7d 20h 30m Beartic is sent out, and we use Waterfall against it. Beartic flinches.

7d 20h 29m Froslass is sent out. It causes Hail to fall, and Azumarill uses Waterfall, taking it out in one hit.

7d 20h 29m Azumarill uses Dive. Blizzard from Walrein misses. Azumarill's Dive hits, taking out Walrein.

7d 20h 28m Rock Smash crits, drops defense, and does a ton of damage. Walrein counters with Blizzard, doing slight damage.

7d 20h 28m Glacia sends out Walrein.

7d 20h 28m Azumarill grows to level 96.

7d 20h 28m Azumarill uses Rock Smash, taking out Abomasnow.

7d 20h 28m We send out Azumarill.

7d 20h 26m Latios faints to Abomasnow and hail damage

7d 20h 26m We send in Latios against Abomasnow

7d 20h 25m Glacia battle engaged

7d 20h 22m We enter Glacia's room

7d 20h 21m We exit Phoebe's room

7d 20h 18m Waterfall takes out Sableye, Phoebe defeated.

7d 20h 18m We send in T4

7d 20h 18m Deciding what to send in

7d 20h 17m We Dragon Pulse Sableye, it has 1/3 health left, Rayquaza faints

7d 20h 16m Outrage only lasted for two turns </3 we are now confused against Sableye

7d 20h 16m Dusknoir is taken out after a crit Outrage

7d 20h 16m Latios levels up to 76

7d 20h 15m We proceed to Outrage all the things. Mismagius faints

7d 20h 15m We send in Rayquaza

7d 20h 15m Zigzagoony faints

7d 20h 14m We try to Belly Drum but we can't because we are in too low health

7d 20h 14m Zigagoony is taken down to the red with Thunderbolts, Phoebe uses Full Restore on Mismagius

7d 20h 13m Surf doesn't do much against Mismagius, though that's the only move we have that can deal damage against Ghost-Types

7d 20h 13m Mismagius is sent out

7d 20h 13m Chandelure is taken out with Surf

7d 20h 12m Full Restore is used on Chandelure. We Surf it, it goes down to Yellow.

7d 20h 12m Zigzagoony is sent in.

7d 20h 12m Minun faints to Flamethrower

7d 20h 12m Missed Thunder again </3 Chandelure is sent out, Flamethrower is used against us, we get burned, Minun is in red health

7d 20h 11m We take out Drifblim with Thunder

7d 20h 10m Whismur v leveled up to 83

7d 20h 11m We miss Thunder </3

7d 20h 11m Banette faints, Drifblim is sent in.

7d 20h 10m Banette is sent out against our Minun. Again, we Thunder everything.

7d 20h 10m We engage battle with Phoebe

7d 20h 6m Sidney's real Absol is sent in, it Mega-Evolves, we hit Outrage for a third time, and take it out. Sidney defeated.

7d 20h 5m Rayquaza Level 80!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 80 - Max. HP 266 Attack 333 Defense 193 Sp. Atk 285 Sp. Def 215 Speed 214

7d 20h 6m We also easily take out "Absol" the Zoroark

7d 20h 5m We easily take out Sharpedo with Outrage

7d 20h 5m Rayquaza learned Outrage over ExtremeSpeed

7d 20h 4m Yep, Full Restore. We ExtremeSpeed again and again, it's down to yellow health. Brave Bird takes it down to Red, and Mandibuzz faints to ExtremeSpeed

7d 20h 3m ExtremeSpeed takes it down to just over half health. We use it again, Sidney should use a Full Restore on the next turn </3

7d 20h 3m Sidney uses a Full Restore on Mandibuzz, we Mega Evolve Rayquaza

[Info] For those keeping count, this should be Run #15.

7d 20h 2m We take out Shiftry with Dragon Pulse

7d 20h 1m Volt Switch this time, we switch out to... Rayquaza

7d 20h 1m Scrafty faints

7d 20h 0m Feminun is sent in. We proceed to Thunder everything.

7d 20h 0m Battle with Sidney!

7d 19h 58m We re-enter the E4 chamber.

7d 19h 56m Nevermind that, Froslass takes out Whismur v. Black out.

7d 19h 56m We use Boomburst, and Beartic faints. Whismur V is going to faint in one more turn though.

7d 19h 55m We decide to stomp Beartic however. Its Brick Break takes us down to critical health.

7d 19h 55m We send in Whismur v and easily take out Abomasnow with Flamethrower.

[Info] Minun is holding the Escape Rope, Zigzagoony is holding the Red Orb, Latios is holding a Heart Scale, T4 is holding a Great Ball, and Whismur V is holding Carbos.

7d 19h 53m Zigzagoony is on critical health, and faints to Abomasnow.

7d 19h 53m Abomasnow is sent out, we send in Zigzagoony.


7d 19h 53m We talk to Glacia, battle engaged!

7d 19h 52m We enter Elsa Glacia's room.

7d 19h 51m Party Update: Feminun, Rayquaza, Latios, and T4 have fainted. Whismur v is level 82 and Zigzagoony is level 78.

7d 19h 51m We exit Phoebe's room.

7d 19h 48m We almost take out Sableye with a crit Flamethrower, it was left with like 1hp. We Flamethrower again, take Sableye out, and Phoebe is defeated.

7d 19h 48m We send in Whismur v.

7d 19h 48m Phoebe sends in Sableye, and Mega-Evolves it. Sableye takes out Latios with Shadow Claw.

7d 19h 47m We take Dusknoir down to the yellow with Dragon Claw. Ice Punch leaves us in the red, but we take out Dusknoir with Psychic.

7d 19h 46m Dusknoir is sent in.

7d 19h 46m Psychic on Mismagius, it does 2/3 damage. Mismagius uses Shadow Ball on us, we are at half health, we take out Mismagius with Dragon Claw.

[Stats] Latios Lv. 76 - Max. HP 231 Attack 206 Defense 147 Sp. Atk 216 Sp. Def 204 Speed 219

7d 19h 45m Phoebe sends in Mismagius. We try and run from the battle.

7d 19h 45m Latios is sent in, we take out Chandelure with Psychic. Latios levels up to 76

7d 19h 45m Thunder misses, Minun faints to Falmethrower

7d 19h 44m And the same thing happens for another turn. Thunder can't easily OHKO Chandelure.

7d 19h 44m Minun's Thunder hits, takes Chandelure down to red, Chandelure uses Flamethrower again, we are at the yellow, Phoebe uses a Full Restore

7d 19h 43m We use Thunder, and it avoids the attack. We are taken down to about half health with Flamethrower.

7d 19h 43m Chandelure up next.

7d 19h 42m Phoebe sends in Drifblim, we take that out with Thunder too.

7d 19h 42m ..And easily take out Banette with Thunder. Minun levels up to 89

7d 19h 42m We send in Feminun against Banette.

7d 19h 41m We talk to Phoebe, battle engaged!

7d 19h 41m We eter Phoebe's room

7d 19h 38m Party update: Rayquaza and T4 fainted, Feminun level 88, Zigzagoony level 77, Latios level 75, Whismur v level 81. About to take on Phoebe.

7d 19h 37m We switch Feminun to front in the party overview.

7d 19h 34m Sidney's actual Absol Mega-Evolves, and we easily take it out with Cut. Sidney defeated.

7d 19h 33m Absol Dark Pulses us, we clutch on 10hp, use Cut, take out the "Absol" that was a Zoroark.

7d 19h 33m We Belly Drum, our Attack is now maxed. We are at 2/3 health

7d 19h 32m We send in Zigzagoony.

7d 19h 32m And we need to switch out, because we used Volt Switch.

7d 19h 31m Feminun is sent in. Volt Switch easily takes out Sharpedo.

7d 19h 30m Sharpedo is sent in. It uses Poison Fang, T4 faints.

7d 19h 29m T4 leveled up to 95

7d 19h 29m Shiftry is taken out by T4's Superpower.

7d 19h 29m T4 is down to yellow with a Leaf Blade.

7d 19h 28m Shiftry is sent in. We try and use Waterfall, but we got Fake Out'ed.

7d 19h 28m We easily take out Mandibuzz with Superpower.

7d 19h 27m We send in T4 and Rock Smash Mandibuzz. It does about just less than a quarter of damage.

7d 19h 27m Rayquaza faints to a Brave Bird

7d 19h 26m We mega-evolve and ExtremeSpeed on Mandibuzz. It does just less than half.

7d 19h 26m A few of Scarfty's Dragon Claws take Rayquaza down to yellow. Scrafty faints with Dragon Ascent.

7d 19h 24m Battle against Sidney!

7d 19h 22m Rematch E4 Run #14 begins!

7d 19h 20m We Blacked out at E4 Drake!

7d 19h 15m E4 Drake Engaged!

[Info/Fluff] Only 2 of our 'mon remain! Most likely NOT TEH URN. Kappa

7d 19h 13m E4 Glacia Defeated!

7d 19h 11m Whismur V Levels up to 81!

7d 19h 6m E4 Glacia Engaged!

7d 19h 1m Latios Levels up to Lv.75! E4 Phoebe defeated!

7d 19h 0m Azumarill Level 94!

7d 18h 55m E4 Phoebe Engaged!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 79 - Max. HP 263 Attack 327 Defense 190 Sp. Atk 280 Sp. Def 211 Speed 211

7d 18h 52m E4 Sidney Defeated!

7d 18h 52m Rayquaza Lv.79!

7d 18h 50m Minun Lv.88! Whismur V Lv.80!

7d 18h 46m E4 Sidney Engaged!

7d 18h 44m Rematch E4 Run #13 begins!

7d 18h 42m We Blacked out at E4 Phoebe!

[Stats] Zigzagoony Lv. 77 - Max. HP 243 Attack 144 Defense 103 Sp. Atk 122 Sp. Def 116 Speed 202

7d 18h 36m Zigzagoony Levvels up to Lv.77!

7d 18h 34m E4 Phoebe Engaged!

[Fluff] R!P Paralyze Heal Kappa

7d 18h 32m Threw Away Paralyze Heal!

7d 18h 29m E4 Sidney defeated!

7d 18h 27m Half of our team already #REKT by Sidney!

7d 18h 25m Minun Levels up to Lv.87!

7d 18h 21m Azumarill Level 93!

7d 18h 17m E4 Sidney Engaged!

7d 18h 13m Rematch E4 Run #12 begins!

7d 18h 11m Blacked out at E4 Glacia!

[Stats] Whismur V Lv. 79 - Max. HP 278 Attack 192 Defense 118 Sp. Atk 170 Sp. Def 126 Speed 140

7d 18h 10m Whismur V Level 79!

7d 18h 7m E4 Glacia Engaged!

7d 18h 1m E4 Phoebe Defeated!

7d 17h 58m Latios levels up to Lv.74!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 92 - Max. HP 307 Attack 139 Defense 194 Sp. Atk 168 Sp. Def 185 Speed 122

7d 17h 50m E4 Phoebe Engaged!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 78 - Max. HP 259 Attack 321 Defense 187 Sp. Atk 276 Sp. Def 207 Speed 209

7d 17h 46m E4 Sidney Defeated!

7d 17h 46m Rayquala Levels up to Lv.78!

7d 17h 44m Zigzagoony Level ups to 76!

7d 17h 42m Azumarill level 92!

[Meta] We'll be taking a short break from the live updater for a few minutes. We will still count the # of runs, E4 defeats, level ups though.

7d 17h 40m E4 Sidney Engaged!

7d 17h 39m Elite 4 Rematch - Run #11 begins!


7d 17h 37m Latios down to Freeze Dry! BLACKED OUT

7d 17h 36m We used a Lappa Berry to restore some PP! Glalie mega evolves!

7d 17h 36m Vanilluxe down to Psychic! Glalie sent out!

7d 17h 35m Beartic down to Superpower! Azumarill goes down to being buffered by hail! Latios vs. Vanilluxe!

7d 17h 34m Froslass down to waterfall! Beartic sent out!

7d 17h 33m It finally goes down to Rock Smash! Latios Lv.73! Froslass sent out!

7d 17h 32m Rock Smash attacks on Walrein, still not down! Glacia uses a full restore on it!

7d 17h 31m Abomasnow goes down to Rock Smash! Walrein sent out!

7d 17h 31m We sent out Azumarill!

[Snark] Thanks, Aboma. Kappa

7d 17h 30m Ice Shard against Ray, as it faints!

7d 17h 29m Ray vs. Abomasnow!

7d 17h 29m E4 Glacia Engaged!

[Stats] Whismur V Lv. 78 - Max. HP 275 Attack 189 Defense 117 Sp. Atk 168 Sp. Def 125 Speed 139

[Stats] Minun Lv. 86 - Max. HP 237 Attack 107 Defense 145 Sp. Atk 177 Sp. Def 162 Speed 216

7d 17h 25m Dragon Ascent on Sableye as it goes down! E4 Phoebe defeated!

7d 17h 24m Dragon Ascend on it, but it still hangs on!

7d 17h 23m Full Restore on Sableye!

7d 17h 23m We sent out Rayquaza!

7d 17h 22m Whismur V goes down to Foul Play!

7d 17h 21m Dusknoir goes down to Flamethrower! Whismur V Lv.78 Sableye sent out and mega evolves!

7d 17h 20m Mismagius goes down to Flamethrower! Dusknoir sent out!

7d 17h 19m Minun goes down to Shadow Ball! We sent out Whismur V!

7d 17h 18m Thunder on Chandelure as it goes down! Minun Lv.86! Mismagius sent out!

7d 17h 17m Zigzagoony goes down to flamethrower! We sent out Minun!

7d 17h 17m We use volt switch, and send out Zigzagoony!

7d 17h 17m Full Restore on Chandelure!

7d 17h 16m Thunder on Driftblim as it goes down! Azumarill Lv. 91! Chandelure sent out!

7d 17h 15m Thunder on Banette as it goes down! Driftblim sent out!

7d 17h 15m Minun vs. Banette!

7d 17h 15m E4 Phoebe Engaged!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 77 - Max. HP 256 Attack 315 Defense 185 Sp. Atk 271 Sp. Def 204 Speed 206

7d 17h 11m Dragon Pulse on it as it goes down! Rayquaza Lv.77! E4 Sidney defeated!

7d 17h 11m Sidney mega evolves it!

7d 17h 10m Real Absol sent out!

7d 17h 10m Dragon Pulse as it turns back into Zoroark, and goes down!

7d 17h 10m Absol(?) sent out!

7d 17h 9m Dragon Ascent on Sharpedo as it goes down!

7d 17h 9m Sharpedo sent out!

7d 17h 9m We attack Shifty again as it goes down!

7d 17h 9m Another full restore on Shitry!

7d 17h 8m Dragon Pulse on Shiftry, Sidney uses a Full Restore!

7d 17h 7m Dragon Pulse on Mandibuzz as it goes down! Shiftry sent out!

7d 17h 7m Mandibuzz sent out!

7d 17h 6m Ray mega evolves! Dragon Pulse on Scrafty as it goes down!

7d 17h 6m Volt switch and we switch out for Rayquaza!

7d 17h 5m Minun vs. Scrafty!

7d 17h 5m Sidney engaged!

7d 17h 4m Rematch Elite 4 Run #10 Begins!

[Stats] Whismur V Lv. 77 - Max. HP 271 Attack 187 Defense 115 Sp. Atk 165 Sp. Def 123 Speed 137

7d 17h 2m Blizzard on Whismur v as it faints! BLACK OUT!

7d 17h 2m Glacia uses full restore on it after we attack it!

7d 17h 2m Froslass out!

7d 17h 1m Flamethrower on Beartic! Whismur V Lv.77!

7d 17h 0m Boomburst on Walrein as it goes down! Beartic out!

7d 17h 0m Whismur V is our last 'mon!

7d 16h 59m Blizzard on Azumarill, and faints!

7d 16h 58m Abomasnow goes down to superpower! Walrein sent out!

7d 16h 58m Full restore on Abomasnow!

7d 16h 57m Azumarill sent out, and is in the red!

7d 16h 57m Latios goes down to blizzard!

7d 16h 56m Latios vs. Abomasnow!

7d 16h 56m E4 Glacia engaged!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 90 - Max. HP 300 Attack 136 Defense 190 Sp. Atk 165 Sp. Def 181 Speed 119

7d 16h 50m Waterfall on Sableye as it goes down! E4 Phoebe defeated!

7d 16h 49m Sableye mega evolves, and hides behind a red ruby!

7d 16h 49m Latios Lv.72! Sableye sent out!

7d 16h 48m Waterfal on Driftblim as it goes down!

7d 16h 48m Driftblim sent out!

7d 16h 48m Waterfall on Dusknoir as it finally goes down! Azumarill Lv.90!

7d 16h 47m Full Restore a 2nd time on Dusknoir!

7d 16h 47m Full restore on Dusknoir! We use waterfall a couple of times on it!

7d 16h 46m Waterfall once again as Chandelure goes down! Dusknoir sent out!

7d 16h 46m Chandelure sent out!

7d 16h 45m Mismagius also goes down to waterfall!

7d 16h 45m Banette goes down to waterfall! Mismagius sent out!

7d 16h 44m We sent out Azumarill!

7d 16h 44m Ray goes down to Shadow Ball!

7d 16h 44m Ray vs. Banette!

7d 16h 43m E4 Phoebe engaged!

[Stats] Rayquaza Lv. 76 - Max. HP 253 Attack 309 Defense 182 Sp. Atk 266 Sp. Def 202 Speed 204

7d 16h 35m Mega Absol down to Extremespeed! E4 Sidney defeated!

7d 16h 34m Dragon Pulse, as Zoroark's illusion goes off. Zoroark down! Real Absol sent in!

7d 16h 34m Absol(?) sent out!

7d 16h 33m Ray mega evolves and uses Dragon Pulse! Sharpedo down! Ray Lv.76

7d 16h 32m Extremespeed on Mandibuzz as it goes down! Whismur V Lv.76! Sharpedo sent out!

7d 16h 31m Sidney uses full restore on Mandibuzz!

7d 16h 30m Zigzagoony goes down to Mandibuzz's attack! We sent out Ray!

7d 16h 29m Shiftry down to Rock Smash! Zigzagoony Lv. 75! Mandibuzz up!

7d 16h 28m We sent out Zigzagoony!

7d 16h 28m Minun down to Fake Out!

7d 16h 27m Minun gets attacked by Crunch, Scrafty goes down to Thunder! Shiftry up!

7d 16h 26m Minun vs. Scrafty!

7d 16h 26m E4 Sidney engaged!

[Info] This came up during shuffling, just in case.

[Stats] Latios Lv. 71 - Max. HP 217 Attack 193 Defense 138 Sp. Atk 202 Sp. Def 191 Speed 205

7d 16h 23m Rematch Elite 4 Run #9 Begins!

[Stats] Minun Lv. 85 - Max. HP 234 Attack 106 Defense 143 Sp. Atk 175 Sp. Def 160 Speed 214

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 89 - Max. HP 297 Attack 134 Defense 188 Sp. Atk 163 Sp. Def 179 Speed 118

7d 16h 21m Ice Punch on us! Minun faints! BLACKED OUT!

7d 16h 20m Our last remaining 'mon Minun, who is low on health.

7d 16h 19m Azumarill goes down!

7d 16h 19m Dusknoir up!

7d 16h 18m Waterfall, Chandelure goes down! Azumarill Lv.89!

7d 16h 17m Waterfall! Mismagius goes down! Chandelure up!

7d 16h 17m We sent in Azumarill!

7d 16h 16m Zigzagoony goes down to thunderbolt!

7d 16h 15m We sent in Zigzagoony! Mismagius up!

7d 16h 14m Minun Level 85

7d 16h 14m We sent in Minun, who is low on health! Volt switch on Banette, as it goes down!

7d 16h 14m Rayquaza goes down to Shadow Ball + poison!

7d 16h 13m Threw a Pokeball. Don't be a thief!

7d 16h 12m Rayquaza is poisoned from toxic!

7d 16h 11m Volt switch, and we sent in Ray!

7d 16h 11m Minun vs. Banette!

7d 16h 11m E4 Phoebe challenged!

7d 16h 6m It mega evoles, but we attack it anyway! Absol goes down! E4 Sidney defeated!

7d 16h 5m Rock Smash on..... wait that wasn't Absol! Zoroak went down! Sidney's real Absol coems in!

7d 16h 5m We switched out for Azumarill!

7d 16h 5m Whismur V goes down!

7d 16h 4m Mandibuzz down to Boomburst! Sidney sends out Absol!

7d 16h 4m Sidney sends out Mandibuzz!

7d 16h 3m Sharpedo down to Boomburst!

7d 16h 3m Sidney uses Full Restore on Sharpedo!

7d 16h 2m Latios faints to Crunch! We sent out Whismur V!

7d 16h 2m Down goes Shiftry from Latios Attack! Sidney sends out Sharpedo!

7d 16h 1m Sidney uses Full Restore on Shiftry!

7d 16h 1m Up comes Shiftry! We switched out for Latios.

7d 16h 0m Latios Level 71!

7d 16h 0m Scrafty goes down to Minun's Thunder!

7d 15h 59m Elite 4 Rematch Run #8 begins, as we challenge Sidney!

7d 15h 54m Blacked out noooooooo D:

7d 15h 53m Exploud KO's Sab nevermind, Phoebe full restored and exploud got rekt

7d 15h 51m mega sableye v exploud wat do???


7d 15h 50m and subsequently died to Dusknoir

7d 15h 49m Linoone opened a can o' whoop-ass on Chandelure

7d 15h 48m [rip] azumarill is kill


7d 15h 47m Mismagius KO'd, Azumarill levelled to 88

7d 15h 46m Exploud to 75

7d 15h 46m Drifblim HP restored, OHKO'd by Azumarill, aftermath does work tho

7d 15h 44m Tactical volt switch just before Minun fainted. Azumarill is in, Drifblim hangs on by a thread. edit: we switched minun back in, he fainted

7d 15h 44m Banette fainted, Drifblim up

7d 15h 43m Minun toxified...

7d 15h 42m Hi Phoebe c:

[Info] To clarify the earlier level ups, Minum is now 84 and Zigza is 73

7d 15h 38m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 15h 37m Actual Absol also down

7d 15h 37m Absol Zoroark down at the hands of Azumarill

7d 15h 36m Sneaky absol KOs our dear dragonbro

7d 15h 35m git rekt sharpedo

7d 15h 34m Mega Rayquaza initiated, Mandibuzz rekt

[Fluff] "There's no running from a trainer battle!" Classic TPP.

7d 15h 33m Rayquaza against Mandibuzz.

7d 15h 31m Shiftry down, Minun and Zigzagoon levelled up, Zigza did not learn Hyper Voice.

7d 15h 31m Latios is up against Shiftry.

7d 15h 29m Up against Syndey, Minun just took out Scrafty.

7d 15h 19m Something something Urn 7

7d 15h 17m Rayquaza down, BLACK OUT!

7d 15h 16m Exploud down

7d 15h 15m T4 Down

7d 15h 13m Challenged Phoebe

7d 15h 10m Sidney defeated

7d 15h 10m Mandibuzz taken out, Absol sent out

7d 15h 8m Dragon Ascent finally brings down Sweepedo

[Snark] 7.8/10 too much fainting

7d 15h 7m Linoone also faints

7d 15h 6m Latios also faints to Sharpedo

7d 15h 5m Aqua Jet Brings down Minun's reign of Terror

7d 15h 5m Zoroark also down, Minun Sweep!

7d 15h 4m Shiftree down

7d 15h 3m Scrafty taken down via Minun's Thunder

7d 15h 2m Challenged Sidney

7d 15h 1m Urn 6 started

[Snark] Glacia is the new Champion

7d 14h 55m Minun Faints, BLACK OUT!

7d 14h 54m T4 faints to an Earthquake!

7d 14h 54m T4 Vs Abomasnow

7d 14h 53m Challenged Glacia!

[Snark] If Phoebe defeated us before to become the Champion, that means we're the Champion again now

7d 14h 48m Waterfall brings it to yellow, the counter attack Power Gem brings T4 to Red, Waterfall then takes down Sableye Phoebe defeated!

7d 14h 48m Phoebe's Sableye mega Evolves and uses Fake Out!

7d 14h 47m Chandelure vs T4, this is going to go smoothly, T4 down to yellow from a Crit Energy Ball. Chadelure faints to the Following Waterfall

7d 14h 46m We knock out Mismagius

7d 14h 45m Latios faints

7d 14h 44m Drifblim faints, Latios vs Mismagius.

7d 14h 42m We dodge a Phantom Force with Fly, which then lets Phoebe Heal

7d 14h 40m Hit by Icy Wind Rayquaza faints

7d 14h 39m Minun grows to level 83

7d 14h 39m Dragon Ascent also destroys Dusknoir

7d 14h 38m Rayquaza also levels up to 74

7d 14h 38m Rayquaza uses Dragon Ascent and demolishes Banentte

7d 14h 36m We throw a Pokeball and get called a Thief, Linoone then faints

7d 14h 36m Linoone Belly Drums, and then gets hit by Psychic

7d 14h 35m Phoebe Challenged!

7d 14h 32m We Dragon Pulse, obliterating it, Sidney defeated!

7d 14h 31m Sidney's actual Absol mega evolves and we use Dragon Dance! It Retaliates with Night Slash, brining us down to Yellow

7d 14h 31m Zigzagoony grew to 73

7d 14h 31m NotAbsol is then sent out, swiftly obliterated by Rayquaza

7d 14h 30m We mega evolve Rayquaza! We then Dragon Pulse, obliterating Sharpedo

7d 14h 30m Sidney's Shiftree downed

7d 14h 29m Fake out takes out Exploud

7d 14h 28m Sidney's Mandibuzz down

7d 14h 27m Sidney's Scrafty Down

[Snark] If Phoebe beat us, does that make her the new champ?

7d 14h 26m Sidney Challenged again

7d 14h 23m We enter the doors To begin URN #5

7d 14h 18m Minun faints to Hex, BLACK OUT!!!

7d 14h 16m Minun Poisoned!

7d 14h 15m Rayquaza faints

7d 14h 14m We use Extremespeed but it doesn't work!

7d 14h 14m Banette down to the Red!

7d 14h 13m Rayquaza vs Banette!

7d 14h 13m Spoken to Phoebe! Challenged!

[Fluff] I like how the player character is actually reffered to as the Champion in this game

7d 14h 10m We faint the mega absol, Sidney defeated

7d 14h 10m We bring it down to Red, it then Night Slashes

7d 14h 9m The real Absol is sent out, and It Mega Evolves!

7d 14h 9m Dragon Pulse demolishes what's actually a Zoroark!

7d 14h 8m Rayquaza sent out and sets up a DragonDance

7d 14h 8m T4 in the Red due to poison, Absol's Shadow Claw brings down T4

7d 14h 7m Another Poison Fang brings down T4 to Yellow And poisons her We go for Superpower to bring down Sharpedo

7d 14h 6m T4 Sent out, we use Waterfall as Sharpedo uses Poison Fang

7d 14h 5m Sharpedo Aqua jets And KOs Latios

7d 14h 5m Minun grew to Level 82 as Shiftry fainted

7d 14h 4m Another Fly vs Feint Attack brings both combatants to the Red range

7d 14h 4m Shiftry to the Red, Using Feint attack, Latios still in Green, Shiftry is healed next turn

7d 14h 4m Latios vs Shiftry now, Latios opts to Fly into the sky

7d 14h 3m Mandibuzz faints itself to recoil

7d 14h 3m Linoone down to third Brave Bird

7d 14h 2m Another Brave Bird, Down to Red HP, we then Surf yet again, Mandibuzz to Red and the tailwind peters out

7d 14h 2m We get smacked across the face with a Brave Bird, still in the Green

7d 14h 1m Mandibuzz follows with a Tailwind, increasing Sidney's Team's Speed for 3 turns, we go for another surf as Mandibuzz is healed

7d 14h 1m Zigzagoony out now, We use Surf

7d 13h 59m Exploud clutches a Brave Bird and retalliates with Boomburst again, Mandibuzz to yellow, Exploud faints to a second Brave Bird

7d 13h 59m T4 grew to 85 Mandibuzz out now

7d 13h 59m Scrafty down!

7d 13h 59m Scrafty down to Yellow, who brings Exploud down to Yellow aswell

7d 13h 58m Exploud vs Scrafty

7d 13h 58m We talk to Sidney, Urn 4 Begins!

7d 13h 56m Rematch N°4!

7d 13h 55m BLACK OUT!

7d 13h 54m Flamethrower, feminun in the yellow, avoided thunder, another flamethrower, feminun fainted!

7d 13h 54m Chandelure in! thunder and chandelure is in the yellow!

7d 13h 53m Thunder again! this time it hits and drifblim is down!

7d 13h 53m Thunder was avoiced! icy wind!

7d 13h 53m Feminun in!

7d 13h 51m Drifblim used icy wind! raygodza in the yellow! raygodza fainted! to the poison!

7d 13h 51m Drifblim in!

7d 13h 51m Dragon ascent and dusknoir is down!

7d 13h 50m Dusknoir out!

7d 13h 49m Rayquaza mega evolves! used dragon ascent! Banette is down!

7d 13h 49m Banette used toxic!

7d 13h 48m Sent raygodza in!

7d 13h 47m Surf again, banette in the yellow! ziggy fainted!

7d 13h 47m Surf does little damaga, psychic and zigzagoony's in the yellow!

7d 13h 47m Belly drum!

7d 13h 46m Banette against Zigzagoony!

7d 13h 45m vs. Phoebe!

7d 13h 44m Inside phoebe's room!

7d 13h 42m Sidney defeated!

7d 13h 42m used dragon ascent again, and absol is down!

7d 13h 42m It mega evolved!

7d 13h 42m Real absol in!

7d 13h 41m used dragon ascent! Absol ( Zoruark!) fainted!

7d 13h 41m Rayquaza mega evolved!

7d 13h 40m Absol in!

7d 13h 40m Used dragon pulse, sharpedo fainted!

7d 13h 40m sent raygodza in!

7d 13h 39m Aqua jet, and T4 faints!

7d 13h 39m Rayqodza to lv. 72! Sharpedo in!

7d 13h 38m Leaf blade! T4 in the red! superpower, shiftry fainted!

7d 13h 38m Feint attack! Waterfall! shiftry's in the yellow!

7d 13h 38m Shiftry in!

7d 13h 37m Brave bird again! T4 to half health! Waterfall, mandibuzz fainted!

7d 13h 37m Brave bird does little damage, waterfall and mandibuzz's in the yellow!

7d 13h 37m T4 in!

7d 13h 36m Feint attack! Latios faints!

7d 13h 36m Latios in the red! Fly again!

7d 13h 35m Full restore on mandibuzz! Psychic deosn't affect!

7d 13h 35m Tailwind, fly, we avoid feitn attack, and mandibuzz's in the red!

7d 13h 34m Mandibuzz in the yellow! Latios in the yellow!

7d 13h 34m Mandibuzz suffers little damage, and we uses fly again!

7d 13h 34m Latios in! used fly

7d 13h 33m Brave bird! Whimsur v fainted!

7d 13h 33m Ziggy to 72! Mandibuzz in!

7d 13h 32m Another boomburst, scrafty's down!

7d 13h 32m Boomburst! Scrafty in the yellow! Whimsu v in the yellow!

7d 13h 32m Whimsur v vs. Scrafty!

7d 13h 31m Vs. Sidney!

7d 13h 31m Whimsur V now leads the party!

7d 13h 29m Inside Sidney's room!

7d 13h 26m E4 rematch N°3!

7d 13h 25m Back in the E4 lobby!

7d 13h 23m Thunder again, chandelure in the yellow and paralysed, flamethrower, and feminun fainted! BLACK OUT!

7d 13h 23m Chndelure avoids thunder and used flamethrower! feminun in the yellow!

7d 13h 23m Chandelure sent in!

7d 13h 23m Drifblin in! Thunder and it faints!

7d 13h 22m Feminun to lv. 81!

7d 13h 22m Thunder and mismagius faints!

7d 13h 21m Feminun in, used Thunder! Mismagius is in the yellow! Dusk ball does little damage!

7d 13h 21m only Feminun remains !

7d 13h 20m T4 fainted!

7d 13h 20m Mismagius in!

7d 13h 19m Dusk ball vs. Waterfall, banette faints!

7d 13h 19m Banette against T4!

7d 13h 19m Vs. E4 member Phoebe!

7d 13h 19m Entered her room!

7d 13h 17m On the hallway to phoebe's!

7d 13h 16m On pokémon amie just long enough to admire raygodza sleeping!

7d 13h 16m Left the room!

7d 13h 15m Saved a bunch of times.

7d 13h 13m Sidney defeated!

7d 13h 12m Absol mega evolves! Slash! T4 in the yellow! superpower, ABsol down!

7d 13h 12m Actual real absol sent in

7d 13h 11m T4 flinched, flamethrower, does little damage, superpower and absol faints! WAIT IT WAS ZOROARK!

7d 13h 11m Absol sent !

7d 13h 11m T4 in!

7d 13h 9m Feminun in! Volt switch, sharpedo down!

7d 13h 8m sharpedo in the red! Latios down!

7d 13h 8m T4 to lv; 84! Sharpedo in!

7d 13h 8m Shiftry fainted!

7d 13h 7m Latios in th eyellow from feitn attack! fly again!

7d 13h 7m Fly! we avoid feitn attack! Shiftry in the red!

7d 13h 7m full Restore on shiftry, used luster purge!

7d 13h 7m Latios in!

7d 13h 6m Leaf blad =eagain! whimsur v in the yellow, echoed voice and shiftry in the red!Whimsur v faints!

7d 13h 6m Leaf blade, echoed voice, shiftry in the yellow!

7d 13h 6m We send Whimsur v in!

7d 13h 4m Volt switch does little damage

7d 13h 4m Feminun in!

7d 13h 3m Fakeout, Zigzagoony down!

7d 13h 3m Surf failed and shiftry's in!

7d 13h 2m Brave bird once more! Ziggy in the red, mandibuzz fainted!

7d 13h 2m Brave bird, ziggy to half health, surf, mandibuzz in the red!

7d 13h 2m Rock smash! tail wind again!

7d 13h 1m Ziggy in!

7d 13h 1m Mandibuzz in the yellow from recoil!

7d 13h 0m Brave bird!Rayquaza fainted!

7d 13h 0m Mandibuzz in the red to! Full restore from sidney! Dragon ascent, mandibuzz to halfhealth!

7d 12h 59m Tailwind by mandibuzz! Extrem speed,then brave bird! rayquza in the red!

7d 12h 59m Mega rayquaza! used dragonascent once more! Mandibuzz in the yellow!

7d 12h 58m We try to run, but we can't

7d 12h 58m Mandibuzz in!

7d 12h 58m Dragonclaw! raygodza used dragonascent! scrafty faints!

7d 12h 57m Used a pokéball on Scrafty!

7d 12h 57m Scrafty vs. raygodza!

7d 12h 57m vs. Sidney!

7d 12h 55m Raygodza leads the team!

7d 12h 54m Moving pokemon aorund on the team.

7d 12h 51m Entered Sidney's Room

7d 12h 48m Elite Four Rematch Run #2

7d 12h 46m We blacked out

7d 12h 46m Minun faints to Chandelure's Flamethrower

7d 12h 45m Minun OHKOs Drifblim with Thunder

7d 12h 44m Driftblim dodges a Thunder!

7d 12h 43m Only Minun left

7d 12h 43m Rayquaza faints to Drifblim's Icy Wind

7d 12h 43m Rayquaza used Extremespeed on Drifblim but is immune

7d 12h 42m T4 faints to poison damage

7d 12h 42m T4 OHKOs Mismagius with Waterfall

7d 12h 42m T4 OHKOs Banette with Waterfall

7d 12h 41m T4 is poisoned by Banette's Toxic

7d 12h 41m T4 Vs Banette

7d 12h 41m Battling Elite Four Phoebe

7d 12h 37m Entered Phoebe's Room

7d 12h 36m We only have T4 , Minun and Rayquaza left

7d 12h 36m We saved the game

7d 12h 36m Earlier Zigzagoony faints to Scrafty's Brick Break

7d 12h 34m Elite Four Sidney Defeated!

7d 12h 33m Minun levels up to Lv 80

7d 12h 33m Mega Rayquaza OHKOs Mega Absol with Dragon Ascent

7d 12h 32m A Critical Dragon Pulse OHKOs Zoroark

7d 12h 32m Rough Skin takes Mega Rayquaza down to red

7d 12h 32m Mega Rayquaza OHKOs Sharpedo with Dragon Ascent

7d 12h 30m Mega Rayquaza KOs Shiftry with Extremespeed

7d 12h 30m Rayquaza Mega Evolves and Sets up a Dragon Dance

7d 12h 29m Whismur V faints to Shiftry's Leaf Blade

7d 12h 29m Whismur V takes Mandibuzz down with Boomburst

7d 12h 29m Rayquaza Levels up to Lv 71

7d 12h 29m Whismur V Levels up to Lv 73

7d 12h 28m Whismur V is brought to red by Mandibuzz's Brave Bird

7d 12h 27m T4 levels up to Lv 83

7d 12h 27m Whismur V KOs Scrafty with Boomburst

7d 12h 26m Linoone's Belly Drum+Rock Smash brings Scrafty to Red

7d 12h 26m Sidney uses Full Restore on Scrafty

7d 12h 26m Minun Volt Switched into Zigzagoony

7d 12h 25m Minun's Thunder does 50% damage to Scrafty and paralyzes it!

7d 12h 24m Latios faints to Scrafty's Crunch

7d 12h 24m Crunch takes Latios down to the red

7d 12h 24m Switched into Latios

7d 12h 22m Zigzagoony Vs Scrafty

7d 12h 22m Battling Elite Four Sidney!

7d 12h 22m We saved the game

7d 12h 21m Entered Sidney's Room

7d 12h 20m Rematch run #1

7d 12h 19m E4 Rematch Hype!!!

7d 12h 19m We flew to the Pokemon League

7d 12h 12m We flew to Route 127

7d 12h 10m This is the current party's order:Zigzagoony,T4,Minun,Latios,Whismur V and Rayquaza

7d 12h 5m Latios is currently in the lead

7d 12h 4m We flew to Route 114

7d 12h 1m Trying to switch Latios to the 4th position so that we can use fly easier

7d 11h 52m Latios forgets Power Split for Fly

7d 11h 46m It looks like we are trying to teach someone fly to fly to the Pokemon League

7d 11h 41m We saved the game

7d 11h 27m Defeated Ace Trainer Harriet!

7d 11h 27m Rayquaza KOs Crobat with Extremespeed

7d 11h 26m Battling Ace Trainer Harriet

7d 11h 24m We are currently diving under water

7d 11h 23m Entered Route 126

7d 11h 18m Checkpointed at the Pokemon Center

7d 11h 14m We landed on Sootopolis City

7d 11h 6m We used the Eon Flute again!

7d 11h 1m Entered Route 127

7d 11h 1m Surfing on Zigzagoony

7d 10h 57m We landed on Mossdeep City

7d 10h 54m We used the Eon Flute yet again

7d 10h 45m Landed on Route 111

7d 10h 42m We used the Eon Flute again

7d 10h 42m We landed on Route 118

7d 10h 39m We used the Eon Flute

7d 10h 38m We landed on Route 123

7d 10h 37m We are still soaring on Mega Latios

7d 10h 30m Used the Eon Flute again!

7d 10h 29m Checkpointed in the Pokemon Center

7d 10h 28m Landed on Dewford Town

7d 10h 27m We used the Eon Flute

7d 10h 18m Wandering around Littleroot Town

7d 10h 14m We entered our own house

7d 10h 10m We landed on Littleroot Town

7d 10h 6m Used the Eon Flute yet again

7d 10h 5m We landed on Route 108

7d 10h 3m Used the Eon Flute again

7d 10h 2m Entered Route 110

7d 10h 1m Landed on Route 103

7d 9h 58m We used the Eon Flute again!

7d 9h 55m We landed on Route 119

7d 9h 53m Soaring on Mega Latios

7d 9h 47m We used the Eon Flute

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it broken again FailFish

7d 9h 43m Entered Route 101

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDragon = Stress Dragon (no space)

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: WiFi at 1d.

7d 9h 26m No nickname

[Snark] Finally! I had a craving for more bacon!

[Fluff] Welcome back! Bacon!

7d 9h 25m We Got Tepig

7d 9h 23m We got the S.S Ticket!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Do you guys want wifi now or some more time to do sidequests?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !resume

7d 9h 21m We open the Pokemon Omega Ruby Game

7d 9h 20m We exited the Pokemon Omega Ruby Game

7d 9h 19m That is the end of the Delta Episode!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !save

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !pause

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !save

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg

7d 9h 17m The cutscenes shows us in Mossdeep Center with May!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: over the moon danBad

7d 9h 10m The cutscenes are playing

[Chat] BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

7d 9h 8m We ran away from Deoxys

7d 9h 8m Mega Rayquaza faints to Deoxys Psycho Boost

7d 9h 7m We are battling in space!

7d 9h 6m Battling Deoxys

7d 9h 6m Mega Rayquaza Smashes the Meteorite!!!


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: triforce PogChamp

7d 9h 5m Latios levels up to Lv 69


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is this bioshock infinite PogChamp

7d 9h 4m Defeated Lorekeeper Zinnia!

7d 9h 3m Mega Rayquaza OHKOs Mega Salamence with Draogn Pulse

[Snark] To Mega Evolve Salamence, does Zinnia have to stick her foot in the air and wave it around? She has a Mega Anklet after all

7d 9h 3m Mega Rayquaza OHKOs Noivern with Dragon Ascent

7d 9h 2m Mega Rayquaza OHKOs Altaria with Dragon Ascent

7d 9h 2m Mega Rayquaza OHKOs Tyrantrum with Dragon Pulse

7d 9h 1m Mega Rayquaza KOs Goodra with Dragon Ascent

7d 9h 0m We Mega evolved Rayquaza!

7d 9h 0m Rayquaza Vs Goodra

7d 9h 0m Battling Lorekeeper Zinnia!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danDrgon

7d 8h 59m we send Manectric to the PC the let Rayquaza join the party

7d 8h 58m Nicknamed strssss2stt


7d 8h 58m We caught a Lv 70 Rayquaza with a Pokeball First Try

7d 8h 57m Minun's Thunder paralyzed Rayquaza!

7d 8h 56m Zigzagoony faints to Rayquaza's Dragon Pulse

7d 8h 55m Zigzagoony Vs Rayquaza

7d 8h 55m Manectric faints to Rayquaza's Extremespeed

7d 8h 55m Manectric Vs Rayquaza!

7d 8h 54m Battling Rayquaza!

7d 8h 53m Rayquaza swallowed our Meteorite

7d 8h 51m Zinnia's Key Stone does not react to Rayquaza

7d 8h 49m Zinnia summons Rayquaza!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: is "her" the 6-mile meteorite?

[Chat] BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

7d 8h 47m Zinnia wants to summon Rayquaza to destory the Meteoroid

7d 8h 45m Zinnia tells us about the Final Chapter of the story about Rayquaza

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ganondorf battle hype PogChamp

7d 8h 42m Zinnia tells us how Rayquaza stopped Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre

7d 8h 35m Zinnia once again tells us about how a meteorite woke up Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre

7d 8h 33m Zinnia is telling us about how Rayquaza save us from the meteor thousand of years ago

7d 8h 31m We climbed up the ladders

7d 8h 29m Zinnia is talking to us about ancient times

7d 8h 28m Entered Sky Pillar

7d 8h 25m Minun levels up to Lv 79

7d 8h 25m Volt Switch OHKOs Ludicolo

7d 8h 24m Wallace sends out Ludicolo

7d 8h 24m Minun OHKOs Tentacruel with Thunder

7d 8h 23m Zigzagoony levels up to Lv 71

7d 8h 23m Minun's Thunder OHKOs Gyarados

7d 8h 22m Minun's Thunder KOs Milotic

7d 8h 21m Latios faints to Milotic's Blizzard

7d 8h 21m Latios is Frozen by Milotic's Blizzard!

7d 8h 19m Latios uses Luster Purge bringing Milotic to the red but Milotic Recovers her health with Recover

7d 8h 19m Latios Vs Milotic

7d 8h 18m Whismur V levels up to Lv 72

7d 8h 18m Whiscash goes down to Latios's Psychic

7d 8h 17m Switched out Manectric to Latios

7d 8h 16m Manectric OHKOs Wailord with Thunderbolt

7d 8h 16m Battling Sootopolian Wallace

7d 8h 12m Defeated Swimmer Male Richard

7d 8h 12m Manectric OHKOs Wailmer with Thunderbolt

7d 8h 12m Battling Swimmer Male Richard

7d 8h 9m Defeated Swimmer Male Herman

7d 8h 9m Manectric OHKOs Gyarados with Thunderbolt

7d 8h 8m T4 levels up to Lv 82

7d 8h 8m Manectric OHKOs Seadra with Thunderbolt

7d 8h 8m Battling Swimmer Male Herman

7d 8h 7m Entered Route 131

[Snark] Inb4 we get banned to Uber

7d 8h 1m We got a Kangaskhanite

7d 7h 54m Checkpointed in the Pokemon Center

7d 7h 49m Entered Pacifidlog Town

7d 7h 47m Defeated Swimmer Female Susie

7d 7h 47m Manectric OHKOs Starmie with Thunderbolt

7d 7h 47m Battling Swimmer Female Susie

7d 7h 44m Entered Route 131

7d 7h 42m Defeated Swimmer Female Katie

7d 7h 42m Manectric levels up to Lv 65

7d 7h 41m Manectric OHKOs Seaking with Volt Switch

7d 7h 40m Manectric OHKOs Golduck with Thunderbolt

7d 7h 40m Battling Swimmer Female Katie

7d 7h 37m Entered Route 130

7d 7h 36m Defeated Swimmer Male Reed

7d 7h 36m Manectric OHKOs Seadra with Volt Switch

7d 7h 36m Manectric OHKOs Pelipper with Thunderbolt

7d 7h 36m Battling a Swimmer Trainer

7d 7h 34m Entered Route 129

7d 7h 33m Entered Route 128

7d 7h 32m Entered Route 127

7d 7h 29m We managed to dive our way out of Sootopolis City

7d 7h 25m We are now surfing on Zigzagoony

7d 7h 18m We landed back in Sootopolis City

7d 7h 18m We used the Eon Flute

7d 7h 14m Wallace says his going to Sky Pillar first

7d 7h 13m We talk to Wallace he tells us about the Sky Pillar

7d 7h 5m Entered Sootopolis City

7d 7h 5m We managed to get up to the surface of Sootopolis City

7d 7h 2m We try diving into the water but dived back up immediately

7d 6h 52m Entered Route 127

7d 6h 52m We are now surfing on Zigzagoony

7d 6h 46m Exited the Mosdeep Space Center

7d 6h 34m Steven tells us about Wallace from Sootopolis City , He says that Wallace can open the door to the Sky Pillar

7d 6h 31m Entered Mosdeep Space Center

7d 6h 23m We arrived at Mosdeep City

7d 6h 19m Currently surfing on Zigzagoony

7d 6h 19m Entered Route 124

7d 6h 17m We warped to the entrance of Team Magma's Hideout

7d 6h 5m Steven calls us and is waiting for us at the 2nd Floor of the Mosdeep Space Center

7d 6h 4m We get the Cameruptite from Maxie

7d 6h 2m Zinnia steals Maxie's Key Stone

7d 6h 0m Maxie and Zinnia appears to be fighting

7d 6h 0m We warped to Maxie's Room

7d 5h 57m We warped to the Warp Maze

7d 5h 53m Defeated Team Magma Grunt

7d 5h 53m Manectric OHKOs Golbat with Thunderbolt

7d 5h 52m Battling Team Magma Grunt

7d 5h 50m Defeated Team Magma Grunt

7d 5h 50m Manectric OHKOs Mightyena with Thunderbolt

7d 5h 49m Battling Team Magma Grunt

7d 5h 48m Defeated Team Magma Grunt

7d 5h 48m Manectric finishes off Numel with flamethrower

7d 5h 47m Numel puts Manectric to Sleep with Yawn

7d 5h 45m Manectric's Thunderbolt OHKOs Weezing

7d 5h 45m Battling another Team Magma Grunt

7d 5h 44m We healed our team with the bed

7d 5h 43m Defeated Team Magma Grunt

7d 5h 43m Minun levels up to Lv 78

7d 5h 43m Boomburst OHKOs Weezing

7d 5h 42m Whismur V takes Numel down with Stomp

7d 5h 41m Numel puts Whismur V to sleep with Yawn

7d 5h 39m We switched Manectric out into Minun

7d 5h 38m Battling Team Magma Grunt

7d 5h 36m We healed our Team

7d 5h 32m Entered Team Magma's Hideout

7d 5h 29m Found a PP UP

7d 5h 26m We arrived at Lilycove City

7d 5h 25m Only Latios left in our Party with 74 Hp

7d 5h 18m We began surfing on Zigzagoony

7d 5h 7m We left the Mosdeep Space Center

7d 4h 59m Our destination is the Team Magma Hideout!

7d 4h 59m Zinnia is off to Team Magma Hideout to Steal Maxie's Key Stone

7d 4h 58m Zinnia steals Courtney's Key Stone!

7d 4h 57m Zinnia crushed the dimensional shifter !

7d 4h 56m Zinnia Appears she talks to us !

7d 4h 55m Aster steals the dimensional swift from Courtney

7d 4h 54m Defeated Magma Admin Courtney and Team Magma Grunt

7d 4h 54m Latios levels up to Lv 68

7d 4h 54m Mega Camerupt manage to live a Surf from Zigzagoony

7d 4h 53m Weezing faints to Aggron's Iron Tail earlier

7d 4h 53m Steven send out Claydol

7d 4h 52m Zigzagoony faints to Mega Camerupt's Earthquake

7d 4h 52m Mega Camerupt takes down Steven's Aggron with Earthquake

7d 4h 52m Zigzagoony levels up to Lv 70

7d 4h 51m Zigzagoony and Aggron Vs Weezing and Mega Camerupt

7d 4h 51m Whismur V's Stomp managed to Flinch Weezing Steven's Skarmony also dies to Eruption

7d 4h 50m Whismur V faints to Mega Camerupt's Eruption !

7d 4h 50m Whismur V and Skarmony Vs Weezing and Mega Camerupt

7d 4h 49m Mega Camerupt takes down his partner Mightyena with Earthquake too

7d 4h 49m Minun faints to Mega Camerupt's Earthquake

7d 4h 48m Courtney's Camerupt Mega Evolves!

7d 4h 47m Battling Magma Admin Courtney and Team Magma Grunt

7d 4h 45m Went up The Stairs Steven is Talking with Courtney

7d 4h 43m Team Magma to !12rtyhaszs: "Did you cheat?"

7d 4h 42m Defeated Team Magma Grunts!

7d 4h 42m Whismur V takes all Four Mightyenas down with Boomburst!

[Stats] Exploud Lv. 71 - Max. HP 251 Attack 173 Defense 107 Sp. Atk 153 Sp. Def 114 Speed 127

7d 4h 42m Whismur V levels up to Lv 71

7d 4h 41m Volt Switch takes down One of the 5 Mightyenas 4 remains

[Fluff] Why can't we send out five of our Pokemon? Or even all six for that matter; they're villains; why should we play fair?

7d 4h 40m Minun Vs 5 Mightyenas

7d 4h 39m Battling 5 Team Magma Grunts Its a Horde Battle!

7d 4h 37m Entered the Mosdeep Space Center

7d 4h 35m Courtney and a bunch of Team Magma Grunts are starting a Mission

7d 4h 31m We are now on land

7d 4h 30m Entered Mosdeep City

7d 4h 28m Defeated Ace Trainer Hisato

7d 4h 28m Minun OHKOs Pinsir with Volt Switch

7d 4h 27m Battling Ace Trainer Hisato

7d 4h 25m Entered Route 127

7d 4h 24m Defeated Fisherman Wayne

7d 4h 23m Seadra goes down to Thunder as well

7d 4h 23m Minun OHKOs Wailmer with Thunder

7d 4h 22m Minun is still sleeping

7d 4h 21m Battling Fisherman Wayne

7d 4h 19m Landed on Route 128

7d 4h 17m Used the Eon Flute yet again

7d 4h 17m Landed on Route 108

7d 4h 16m Used the Eon Flute Back in the Skies


7d 4h 14m Swapped Zigzagoony's Nugget with the Red Orb

7d 4h 12m We landed on Route 113

7d 4h 9m We are now soaring on Mega Latios

7d 4h 9m We used the Eon Flute

7d 4h 5m Our next destination seems to be Mosdeep City

[Snark] "The person who stole it was short and pretty, and she had a nasty look in her eye..." So Lisia stole it then?

7d 4h 3m It looks like Team Magma stole the Link Cable

7d 4h 3m Defeated Team Magma Grunt

7d 4h 2m Zigzagoony OHKOs Camerupt with Surf

7d 4h 2m Switch out to Zigzagoony

7d 4h 1m Minun is put to sleep by Camerupt's Yawn

7d 4h 0m Minun's Thunder OHKOs Golbat

7d 3h 59m Battling yet another Team Magma Grunt

7d 3h 58m Weezing's Destiny Bond Takes T4 down with it

7d 3h 58m Dive OHKOs Weezing

7d 3h 57m Battling another Team Magma Grunt

7d 3h 57m Defeated Team Magma Grunt

7d 3h 57m Dive KOs Golbat

7d 3h 55m Rock Smash KOs Mightyena

7d 3h 55m Battling Team Magma Grunt

7d 3h 53m Entered Rusboro City

7d 3h 49m Dive OHKOs Machop Defeated Black Belt Nob

[Snark] No way this guy got made fun of in high school. Kappa

7d 3h 49m T4 Vs Machop

7d 3h 49m Battling Black Belt Nob

7d 3h 48m Exited Meteor Falls

7d 3h 46m We are now on land jumping off some ledges

7d 3h 42m We began surfing on Linoone and went down a waterfall

7d 3h 39m Wandering around Meteor Falls

7d 3h 30m Battling wild Pokemon.

7d 3h 22m We learn Zinnia has the power to summon Rayquaza in a time of need.

[Fluff] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE RAYQUAZA ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

7d 3h 19m She tells about Lord Rayquaza, and some other stuff that resembles Mega-Evolution.

7d 3h 19m We meet up with Steven, and we meet up with a Dracanoid person.

7d 3h 16m We sent out Loudred! Loudred uses Boomburst to KO Hariyama. Defeated Old Couple John and Jay.

7d 3h 15m Feminun uses Volt Switch to OHKO Medicham, and T4 grows to level 81! Feminun to level 77!

7d 3h 14m Challenged by Old Couple John and Jay! We send out T4 and Feminun against Hariyama and Medicham!

7d 3h 13m Another Rock Smash critical hits and KOs Altaria. Defeated Dray.

7d 3h 12m A Rock Smash from us doesn't finish the job, and Altaria uses Perish Song.

7d 3h 12m We use Waterfall, it uses Cotton Guard.

7d 3h 11m Battling Dragon Tamer Dray! We send out T4 against Altaria!

7d 3h 2m We surf, then go up a Waterfall! Progress!

7d 2h 57m Just fighting some wild Pokemon. Or running from them. Which ever comes first.

7d 2h 54m Entered Meteor Falls!

7d 2h 44m We settle down at Route 114.

7d 2h 43m Eon flute go!

7d 2h 42m We head outside of the museum.

7d 2h 38m We are supposed to head to Meteor Falls for a Meteorite Shard.

7d 2h 37m We disappointed Zinnia with our non-response. She basically disses the entire plan.

[Snark] We got nothin'. Kappa

7d 2h 35m We apparently need one more Meteorite Shard, but just then, Zinnia enters the fray.

7d 2h 34m The game plan is explained to us. Go team!

7d 2h 32m We are escorted by a lady upstairs. We hand over the Meteorite Shard to Prof Cozmo!

7d 2h 31m We enter the Space Center!

[BuzzNav] "!12rtyhaszs, you really do pick some fine nicknames for your Pokémon."

7d 2h 24m We flew to Mossdeep City and checkpointed at it!

7d 2h 21m EON FLUTE AWAY!

[Info] We're trying to use the Flute.

[Snark] inb4 we find a shiny and kill it

7d 2h 7m Just dived and going around underwater.

7d 2h 3m We use Waterfall to OHKO it! Zigzagoony level 69! Defeated Scuba Diver!

7d 2h 2m Against a Scuba Diver! We send out T4 against Pioxys x Starmie!

7d 1h 46m Back on the surface, we appear to be in a ditch. Obtained Red Shard!

7d 1h 42m We be diving in the big blue sea. Yarr, maties.

7d 1h 40m Latios level 67! Defeated Swimmer Gracie.

7d 1h 39m We OHKO it with a Waterfall. Against Azumarill, we do the same thing, OHKO.

7d 1h 38m Fighting a Swimmer! We send out T4 against Wailmer!

7d 1h 34m Surfing along Route 124.

7d 1h 30m We used Waterfall, and even though it wasn't very effective, OHKOed it. Defeated Denzel.

7d 1h 30m Battling Triathlete Denzel! Azumarill vs. Azumarill!

7d 1h 28m We surface! Looking at our items.

7d 1h 27m In Route 126. Opened up Poke Amie!

7d 1h 25m We use Dive! Under the sea.

7d 1h 23m Just surfing in some water currently. We're in no rush... looks at countdown timer

7d 1h 19m At Sootopolis City.

7d 1h 17m We use the Eon Flute, currently flying.

[Chat] Great flight guys

7d 1h 11m EON FLUTE GO! Or not.

7d 1h 10m Route 111 is where we landed at.

7d 1h 7m Used the Eon Flute. "I can show you the world. Sparkling wonders..."

7d 1h 6m On Route 106.

7d 1h 5m We enter the Granite Cave again!

7d 0h 58m Back on Route 106!

7d 0h 52m He wants us to head to the Mossdeep Space Center.

7d 0h 52m Zinnia gives us some deep life questions, then left. Steven called us!

7d 0h 51m We clearly are the better Dragon Clawers, as our foe faints. Whismur V levels up to 70! Zinnia defeated! Obtained Meteroite Shard!

7d 0h 50m Against Salamence now! We use Dragon Claw, and it responds with... Dragon Claw. DO YOU EVE DRAGON CLAW BRO!?!?

7d 0h 50m Against Altaria. We use Dragon Claw once more, and it proves to be super effective, OHKOing Altaria.

7d 0h 49m We sent out Latios, which KOs Tyrantrum with Dragon Claw.

[Correction] Sorry, we're in the Granite Cave. Caves look similar, don't judge. :P

7d 0h 48m We start off by using Flamethrower. Not very effective. Tyrantrum KOs us with an Earthquake!

7d 0h 48m We send out Manectric against Tyrantrum!

7d 0h 47m Battling Zinnia!

7d 0h 47m We meet up with Zinnia once more.

7d 0h 46m We enter a cutscene! A girl explains some long stuff.

[Snark] Super-redguy, we expected better from your joke department. Step up your game. Kappa

7d 0h 45m Entered the Fiery Path.

[GDoc] Up-to-date now. Because I've updated it. Haha.

7d 0h 41m Surfing along in Route 106.

7d 0h 39m We step back on land! Back to regular music.

7d 0h 39m: We are currently in route 105 swimming south.

7d 0h 37m: Pelipper uses protect and w6aa uses strength. Poison leaves her with 16 hp. Next turn connects and Pelipper faints. Trainer defeated.

7d 0h 36m: Manectric OHKOs Wingull with flamethrower (!) but is hurt by poison and has only 39 hp left. Pelipper up next.

7d 0h 36m: He sends Wingull vs Manectric.

7d 0h 36m: We keep swimming south and get challenged by another trainer.

7d 0h 34m: Wailmer is hurt by poison. Spheal comes out vs w6aa. Thunderbolt and Spheal OHKOs as well. Trainer defeated.

7d 0h 33m: Manectric vs Wailmer. Thunderbolt OHKOs Wailmer.

7d 0h 33m: We are challenged by a trainer.

7d 0h 32m: We arrive to route 104 and start surfing in the sea.

7d 0h 23m In Petalburg Woods.

7d 0h 18m We use the Eon Flute once more. And then we land back in Route 104!

7d 0h 16m We fly to Route 104!

7d 0h 15m We use the Eon Flute, and fly around a bit more. WHEEEEE!

7d 0h 12m Back in the building; and now back on Route 114!

7d 0h 11m We talk to the person which gave us a fossil.

[Snark] *Dawn Of The Second Day

~48 Hours Remain~*

7d 0h 9m We enter the Fiery Cavern!

7d 0h 8m We enter a building! It appears to be where we revived the fossils.

7d 0h 7m Onto Route 114!

Also, happy day 8 of Pokémon Omega Ruby!!!

7d 0h 3m Arrived at Fallarbor Town!

[Stats] Manectric Lv. 64 - Max. HP 188 Attack 122 Defense 105 Sp. Atk 159 Sp. Def 79 Speed 166

6d 23h 57m Found a Revive!

6d 23h 56m Manectric leveled up to 64! T4 to level 80! Defeated Ninja Boy Lao.

6d 23h 55m MORE WEEZINGS! We Thunderbolt yet another Weezing into submission.

6d 23h 55m We use Thunderbolt and finish the job. Enemy Weezing fainted.

6d 23h 54m Against another Weezing! We use Flamethrower, it uses Sludge Bomb. Manectric poisoned!

6d 23h 54m We use Thunderbolt and OHKO it!

6d 23h 53m Battling Ninja Boy Lao! He sends out Weezing against out Manectric!

6d 23h 53m Battling some wild Pokemon.

[Info] We need to go to Granite Cave, by Dewford Town

6d 23h 48m We land in Route 113

6d 23h 47m We used the Eon Flute! Soaring through the skies!

6d 23h 42m Oh. We got out

6d 23h 35m Still in Devon Corp. munches on popcorn

[Meta] In 1 hour, TwitchSpeaks is having another human mode by MetaKoopa99, followed by more shenanigans + Open Mic session later tonight! Come hang out!

[Snark] If we revived Amber, why is !balance still not working?

6d 23h 28m We also revived Amber! Sent to the PC as well!

6d 23h 27m We revive Root! Lileep is sent to the PC!!

[BuzzNav] It's telling us about Zigzagoony in contests <3

6d 23h 21m Commence operation "Escape from Devon Corp".

[Snark] Mr. Stone praises Helix


6d 23h 19m Arty decides to take a close look at the painting of Helix on the wall.

[Chat] Story Time ResidentSleeper

[Snark] DAD PJSalt

6d 23h 11m Rustboro City. Chat wants to revive Amber and Root.

6d 23h 10m Still on Route 116. Are we shiny hunting? Kappa

[Fluff] Hey guys check out this

6d 22h 57m Route 116 hype

[Chat] "I'm not helping" / "I'm helping" Kappa

6d 22h 45m We make it to Verdanturf Town. Now we should be able to go to Rusturf Tunnel and get to Rustboro that way.

[Fluff] This trainer has a level 50 Budew. I wonder if she knows Napoleon?

[Chat] Gameface252: Cyander, then Deku would have no streaming software left to play on.

[Snark] Twitch Plays Lose/Lose

6d 22h 33m In Mauville City.

6d 22h 30m We get a Heart Scale from smashing a rock

[Fluff] [Fluff] Chat is talking about Twitch playing Minecraft and other games, so I though that this video is very appropriate right now.

[Fluff] FailFish

[Fluff] Well said, ShinkoNetCavy!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 2 HOUR LATE VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 22h 19m Down Jagged Pass.

6d 22h 17m We make it to Mt Chimney summit.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CABLE CARヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WEEEEEEEEEE

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ AT LEAST GIVE US A WEEKヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] Deku times out all that say "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ REMOVE COUNTDOWN UNTIL AFTER DELTA EPISODE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ".

This is fun guys. Remember !roulette? (also saying that times you out too)

It appears that now "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ REMOVE COUNTDOWN UNTIL AFTER DELTA EPISODE OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ" is getting <message deleted>.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: give me a second

6d 22h 7m TM96 Nature Power obtained

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼OneHand༽ノ


6d 22h 5m We enter Fiery Cave place

[Correction] 2 days

[Info] There's a countdown till postgame ends. 1d 1h 57m until it ends!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: look at the countdown

6d 21h 58m we escaped the TV

[Snark] "Alright you three sleepy-looking kids!"

[Snark] Arty is going to need glasses after standing this close to the TV for so long

[Snark] Beroringa is the sound of licking Kappa

[Snark] Nobody saw that coming. Kappa

6d 21h 46m We watch the TV. Many times.

[Snark] "You should take another little res--ResidentSleeper"

[Snark] Inb4 TV purgatory

6d 21h 44m We heal in the Old Lady's house. Many times.

6d 21h 33m We land on Route 113.

6d 21h 32m We use the Flute again. Where to now?

6d 21h 31m We landed on the route right of Dewford.

6d 21h 30m Flying somewhere, or at least trying to. And failing.

[Snark] Then there must be two Hoenns. The opposite team member's Leader mentions something like this in the Resort.

[Info] Deku did confirm Wi-Fi will be enabled after the Delta Episode.

6d 21h 29m Apparently Deku forgot to turn off the Wi-Fi switch after updating. The Mob tries to turn it on in the PSS, but Deku noticed and turned it off.

[Snark] If the Pokénav call mode wasn't finished in this game, but it was in RS, and there's foreshadowing to Wallace becoming the champion (Emerald), then this game (ORAS) is a prequel to a game that came out twelve years earlier (RS), foreshadowing a sequel/third game that came out 9 years ago (Emerald). FailFish

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand


[Chat] Easyquest NSA CONFIRM IN POKEMON Kappa

6d 21h 25m Defeated Courtney. We get a call on our Pokénav from Steven, from a "communication mode that is still in development.* Next objective: Rustboro's Devon Corp.

[Stats] Linoone Lv. 68 - Max. HP 216 Attack 128 Defense 91 Sp. Atk 108 Sp. Def 103 Speed 179

6d 21h 24m We rekt Camerupt's face with +6 Attack

6d 21h 24m We used Belly Drum, Camerupt yawned at us ResidentSleeper and we we're sleeping

6d 21h 22m We battle with Courtney. w6aa faints, we send in Zigzagoony.

6d 21h 22m We make it to Wally's house. Courtney wants Wally's Key Stone, but it was already taken by someone.

6d 21h 20m Chilling in some girl's house.

6d 21h 19m We enter Petalburg.

[Chat] On Route 10leftofOldale, and the chat wants to catch some non-Hoenn-pokemon, like Lillipup and Gothita.

6d 21h 12m Alright, seems we can't rematch the E4 during the Delta Episode. Some of the chat wants to go to the Trick House.

[Chat] Debate over going to Petalburg, retrieving/releasing things from the PC (namely Cyndaquil and KENYAAAA), and rematching the E4 for more starters.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no he's not in box 8

[Snark] Oh no! A Level 2 Zigzagoon! Run away, my level 63 Manectric!

6d 21h 7m On route 101

[Snark] Fire-type starter, huh? 310,150+up+a


[Info] We get to pick our second set of starters now, the Johto ones.


6d 21h 5m Pr. Birch is being chassed again!

[Donation] $2.00 from JennyDoombringer: "I wonder if Zinnia knows Lick and X-Scissor..."

6d 21h 3m We obtain the Mewtwonite X!

[Chat] We are trying to get the Mewtwonite that's in our hometown.

6d 21h 2m Alright, May tells us someone stole her key stone, we need to go to Petalburg now.

[Snark] Tonight on BuzzNav, we discuss: Is Zinnia a waifu or just a creepy stalker? Find out what our experts think tonight at 10

6d 21h 0m We get met outside by Zinnia. Current objective: Go to rival's house and invite them to the meteor shower, which we just got the tickets for.

[Snark] Zinnia the stalker

[Snark] The Parents Ship It!!!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: don't rush, there's still a lot to do

[Info] We are in OR Delta Episode

[Snark] OH, it's a pumbloom!

[Stats] Badges: 8 Pokédex: 156 Play time: 164h 32m

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: online after delta episode

[Snark] XX day of the XX month "Pokémon Zelda"

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from TheBoland

6d 20h 54m We are using the Pokemon Link

6d 20h 53m We back out of the Demo

Sent demo Glalie to Omega Ruby!

[Snark] Demo is Postgame

[Snark] Back to Demoland. Kappa

6d 20h 52m Postgame starts!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: anyway

@ Deku: Search for Pokémon or check for downloadable updates in your profile.

[Snark] You have 30 seconds to find it!

[Info] Deku is trying to download the Omega Ruby update so we can go online!

[Meta] I would just like to say congratulations TPP on a job well done! A victory well earned! Sorry I could not be here for the voctory riot, but I was able to watch on my mobile while I'm away from PC. Again, GGWP everyone!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: where is the update FailFish

[Fluff] 10 minutes till post-game hype!

[Meta] Deku is currently PowerSave(s)'ing the Omega Ruby save.

[Fluff] Just don't update past 9.2 Deku!

[Snark] Inb4 that breaks the Twitch Setup.


6d 20h 38m Aaand deku's updating his 3DS.

[Snark] Twitch Plays System Update

[Info] 15 Minutes until Omega Ruby Postgame Begins! Go get yourself a snack and use the restroom.

6d 20h 37m Postgame strats in 15 minutes!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !cmd home

6d 20h 37m Back at the menu screen!

[Snark] Implying we don't start a new game

[Snark] Cliffhangers Strike Again!

6d 20h 36m to be continued...

6d 20h 36m DELTA EPISODE !


[Snark] triangle = illuminati = delta = deoxys and rayquaza illuminati confirmed

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from Abby_K: "You guys did it! I can't believe how far we've all come! Digrat and all the rest are watching from the Kanto PC! You've made me proud, and you've made thousands happy :)"

6d 20h 35m They're talking about the meteor shower

6d 20h 35m mom is talking to norman


6d 20h 34m Saved

but not quite

6d 20h 34m THE END

6d 20h 33m And she saw a lightning star!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg

6d 20h 33m may and arty, walking home, under the stars

6d 20h 32m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ FINAL PRE DELTA EPISODE BATTLE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 20h 33m Beaten may!

6d 20h 32m ùinun down!Whimsur in! Swampert =faints!

6d 20h 32m Swampert and feminun in the ryellow!

6d 20h 32m 6d 20h 32m Earthquake, W6 fainted!Femùinun in!

6d 20h 31m Flamethrower, not really effective...

[Snark] No Zapdoge sweep

6d 20h 31m Swapert mega evolves!

6d 20h 31m Quick attack, flamethrower and raichu's down!

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from Kenya: "Mail delivery for TPP from me: Congratulations to the new Hoenn Champions! See? I told you you didn't need me to beat Steven! Wait, didn't I tell you that? Oh well, never mind then.."

6d 20h 31m Raihu in the yellow!

6d 20h 30m Thiunderbolt vs. LIGHTscreen!

[Snark] Sparks are flying from both competitors!

6d 20h 30m Breloom down to thunderbolt! raichu out!

6d 20h 30m Thunderbolt, breloom in the yllow!

6d 20h 30m Thunderbolt again, magcargo down! Breloom in

6d 20h 30m Magcargo

6d 20h 29m thunderbolt, Swellow goes down.

6d 20h 29m Swellow against W6!

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from EasyQuest: "NO DELTA EPISODE NEXT GUYS..... ZINNIA HYPE!!!!!!!!!!"

6d 20h 29m Battle vs. May!

yes may it is nostalgic BibleThump

6d 20h 28m May and Arty

6d 20h 27m Arty on his bike again, at night this time and in a city.

6d 20h 27m and now, from our final battle against steven!

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from PBR: "PBR IS UP NEXT! HYPE IT UP!"


So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye? So you think you can love me and leave me to die? Oh, baby, can't do this to me, baby, Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here.

aww latios and latias!

6d 20h 25m Such sad music BibleThump!

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY CRYOT BibleThump

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from ZIGGY

[Chat] BibleThump Cryot BibleThump

6d 20h 24m Goddish!

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from LORD ROOT: "Congratulations, my children!"

6d 20h 23m Sarfa, never forget...

[Chat] RIP SARFA BibleThump

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from T4 (Your loving friend): "Hey guys! (◕‿◕✿) As promised, I am donating 2.00 from my hall of fame run, because you won before the start of the 8th day! (◕‿◕✿) I'm so happy! (◕‿◕✿) You guys are amazing! I looove you! (◕‿◕✿)"

6d 20h 23m we're now seeing various moment of our runs.oh, hi llyod!

[Donation] $2.00 from IGN: "7.8/10 too many attempts"

/u/crimsonburn27 Also, Don't Stop us now! We're having such a good time! We're having a ball!

[Snark] BiblThump CRYOTS! Biblthump!

6d 20h 22m now with picture of.. SARFA!

Victory bike ride best bike ride

Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiiike!

6d 20h 21m We're on the bike, on our way to littile root

6d 20h 21m CREDITS!

6d 20h 21m aww they want to finish their journey together...

6d 20h 20m May and arty are talking.

[Fluff] This is the first time since I think Crystal I saw a victory urn. And of course I see the urn to my favourite Pokemon game <3

Ocarina of Time-like scene? KreyGasm

6d 20h 20m Cinematics!

[Stats] Over 2,300 people showed up to see Arty become League Champion!

HALL OF FAME VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

6d 20h 19m Group picture with arty!

6d 20h 18m OUR team is in the hall of fame!

/u/rctgamer3 I got it yesterday aswell


6d 20h 18m We're saving!

PokemonGod777, your argument is invalid, I got it yesterday :>

[Snark] One last time: "OH, it's a Pumbloom!"

6d 20h 18m Going inside the hall of fame!

6d 20h 17m WE ARE CHAMPION!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


6d 20h 17m We see may and pr. birch!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Us right now

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Oh hi May!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


6d 20h 16m Whimsur sent out!


6d 20h 16m Whimsur sent out!

6d 20h 16m Ziggy down!

6d 20h 15m Ziggy in the yellow!

6d 20h 15m Metagross Mega evolved! Surf!

6d 20h 14m Earth power! surf! claydol is odwn!

6d 20h 14m Surf and Claydol in the red!

6d 20h 13m Surf, Claydol in the red, full restore from steven, surf again!

6d 20h 13m Claydol used light screen! Ziggy surf, claydol in the yellow!

6d 20h 12m Feminun down! Ziggy in!

6d 20h 12m Claydçdol in! Femiun in the red! Fake etars!

[Snark] Fake Tears because this isn't the urn, cri ;~;

6d 20h 12m Feminun to lv. 76!

6d 20h 11m Claw avoided thunder! Femiun in the yellow, claw down to thunder!

6d 20h 11m Fake tears!

6d 20h 11m Full Restore on claw!

[Donation] $2.00 from Seanna: "This is the urn. I love you guys :D"

6d 20h 11m Latios faints Sent in Feminun!

[Donation] $2.00 from X_y_z_m_a_n: "TEH URN is coming!"

6d 20h 10m Armaldo in the red!Latiosoodwn!

6d 20h 10m Armaldo in!

6d 20h 9m Psychi and aggron's down! Latios to lv; 66!

[Donation] $2.00 USD donation from Slinkonage: "TEH URN is coming. The many lords of TPP are smiling upon us. Let us prevail against insurmountable odds! Our time is at hand!"

6d 20h 9m Aggron out!

6d 20h 9m Latios in! Psychic and Cradily is down!

6d 20h 9m T4 fainted!

6d 20h 8m T4 is confused! T4 in the red!

6d 20h 8m T4 used dive! Cradily in the yellow!

[Donation] $2.00 from Kiraasya: "TEH URN GUYS I WANT TO SEE US WINNING THIS NOW"

6d 20h 8m Cradily sent in!

6d 20h 8m Skarmory odwn!

6d 20h 7m Skarmory in th eyellow! Dive again!

6d 20h 7m T4 used dive!

6d 20h 6m Skarmory against T4!

6d 20h 6m vs. Steven!

6d 20h 6m Inside the champion's room!

6d 20h 5m Steven! here we go!

6d 20h 5m One last boomburst! kingdra down!DRAKE DEFEATED

6d 20h 5m Kingdra in!

6d 20h 4m Boomburst! Salamence down!

6d 20h 4m Salamence in!

6d 20h 4m Flygonn+2! Boomburst and it's down too!

6d 20h 4m Boomburst, flygon down!

6d 20h 3m Whimsur v to lv. 68! Flygon in!

6d 20h 3m Boomburst, and altraria is down!

6d 20h 3m bommburst, altaria in the red! Cotton guard!

6d 20h 2m Full restore on altaria! Rock smash does little damage! we switch to whimsur v!

6d 20h 2m Waterfall, altaria in the red!

6d 20h 1m Superpower! Altaria in the yellow! Moonblast!

6d 20h 1m T4 vs. Altaria!

6d 20h 1m Vs. Drake!

6d 20h 0m Inside drake's room!

6d 19h 59m In the hallway to Drake's chamber!

6d 19h 58m Glacia down!

6d 19h 58m Glalie down, T4 to lv. 79, Ziggy leveled up!

6d 19h 58m 6d 19h 57m Glalie in! Rock smash! glalie in the yellow! it starts to hail! T4 in the yellow!

6d 19h 57m Waterfall, it faints!

6d 19h 57m Froslass in!

6d 19h 56m Froslass in! Dusk ball! Waterfall and Froslass faints!

6d 19h 56m Rock smash, wailrein in the yellow! another rowk smash, and it faints!

6d 19h 56m Latios to lv. 65! Wailrain in!

6d 19h 55m light screen!Full restore was sued on glalie, another rock smash and glalie faints!

6d 19h 55m Rock smash! Glalie in the yellow!

6d 19h 54m T4 against Glalie!

6d 19h 54m Vs. E4 member Glacia!

6d 19h 53m Entered glacia's room!

6d 19h 52m On to Glacia!

6d 19h 51m Phoebe's down!

6d 19h 51m Rock smash doesn't affect! Waterfall and sableye is down!

6d 19h 50m Sableye uses fake out, we flinch!

6d 19h 50m Banette out and down to waterfall!

6d 19h 50m Dusknoir down to on last waterfall! T4 to lv. 78, feminun to 74!

6d 19h 50m Waterfall and back in the red again!

6d 19h 49m Full restore on dusknoir, waterfall bring it back in the red, another full restore!

6d 19h 49m Waterfall agains!Dusknoir in the red!

6d 19h 49m Dusknoir is in!

6d 19h 48m Banette out! Waterfall, banette faints!

6d 19h 48m T4 in!

6d 19h 47m W6 faints to the curse!

6d 19h 47m Thunderbolt, Dusclops in the yellow, cursed W6, thenf ainted!

6d 19h 46m W6 against Dusclops!

6d 19h 46m VS. phoebe!

6d 19h 45m Left the room!

6d 19h 44m Sidney defeated!

6d 19h 43m flamethrower, cacturne is down!

6d 19h 43m Cacturne in!

6d 19h 43m Abso; out, w6 in the yellow! Thunderbolt, absol down!

6d 19h 43m Sharpedo down! W6 to lv. 63!

6d 19h 42m Whimsur to lv. 67! Sharpedo in

6d 19h 41m Shiftry in! flinched to fake out! Thinderbolt, shiftry's in the yellow, leaf blade! Flamethrower, shiftry goes down!

6d 19h 41m Ziggy to lv. 66!

6d 19h 41m used Thunderbolt! Mighthyena's down!

6d 19h 40m W6 vs. Mighthyena!

6d 19h 40m Vs. Sidney!

6d 19h 40m Entered sidney's chamber!

6d 19h 39m W6 leads the team!

6d 19h 39m Run 19!

6d 19h 38m Back in the league's lobby!

6d 19h 37m Earth quake and Femiun faints!BLACK OUT!

6d 19h 37m Fake tears again!

6d 19h 36m Feminun back, in she our last standing pokemon!

6d 19h 36m Echoed voice!Whimsur's down!

6d 19h 36m Agron's out!

6d 19h 35m We send Whimsur v in!

6d 19h 35m Femiun uses volt switch! skarmory's down!

6d 19h 35m Femiun back out! Fake tears! spikes against us!

6d 19h 34m Latios in!power split! Latios down!

6d 19h 34m Full Restore on Skarmory!Volt switch! Skarmory is in the red again!

6d 19h 33m Thunder ! skarmory is in the red and paralyzed!

6d 19h 33m Feminun vs. Skarmory!

6d 19h 33m Vs. Steven the champion!

6d 19h 32m Talking to Steven!

6d 19h 31m To Steven!

6d 19h 31m Drake is defeated!

6d 19h 31m Boomburst, and kingdra goes down!

6d 19h 31m Salamence faints, kingdra in!

6d 19h 30m Salamence sent out!Whimsur v in the yellow! boomburst and it's in the red, but drak uses full restore!

6d 19h 30m Flygon down to boomburst!

6d 19h 29m Another flygon, echoed voice is used!

6d 19h 28m Boom burst!altaria is down Feminun to lv. 7', whimsur to lv. 66, latios lev. up! Flygon out and faintq!

6d 19h 28m Echoed voice! Altaria in the red!

6d 19h 28m Whimsu v in!

6d 19h 27m Dragon pukse and Ziggy faints!

6d 19h 27m Ziggy in the red, full restore on altaria, surf again, not really effective!

6d 19h 27m Rock smash does little damage, another dragon pulse and ziiggy's in the yellow! Surf brinfg altari in the red!

6d 19h 26m Rock smash, drago pulse, ziggy almost to half health!

6d 19h 26m Volt switch! Altaria in the yellow, Ziggy in!

6d 19h 25m Feminun against Altaria!

6d 19h 25m Vs. Drake!

6d 19h 24m Bumping into everything we can, but still not talking to Drake.

6d 19h 22m Entered drake's room!

6d 19h 21m In the hallway.

6d 19h 19m Glacia defeated!

6d 19h 19m Psychic and glalie faints!

6d 19h 18m Ice shard! Latios in the red! Full restored on glalie!

6d 19h 18m Psychic and glalie's in the yellow!

6d 19h 18m Wailrein down!glalie in!

6d 19h 18m Latios in the yellow from blizzard!

6d 19h 17m W6 down!Latios out!

6d 19h 17m W6 in the yellow! wailrein in! Thunderbolt and wailrein's in the yellow!

6d 19h 17m Flamethrower, it faints.

6d 19h 16m Froslass n°2 sent in!

6d 19h 16m Froslass in th eyellow, flamethrower and it faints, it started to hail!

6d 19h 16m Froslass in! and exp. share was turned on again sorry...

6d 19h 15m Light screen, the glalie faints!

6d 19h 15m Flamethrower and glalie is in the red and burned!

6d 19h 15m W6 vs. Glalie!

6d 19h 15m Vs. Glacia!

6d 19h 14m Exp. Share is turned off!

6d 19h 11m Entered her chamber!

6d 19h 10m In the hallway to glacia's!

6d 19h 9m Thunderbolt, and banette faints!Phoebe defeated!

6d 19h 9m Another banette! Strenght fails... strength pp are reduced!

6d 19h 9m Thunderbolt and it faints!

6d 19h 9m Banette sent in!

6d 19h 8m W6 to lv. 61!

6d 19h 8m Sableye out! fake out and W6 flinch! Sableye faints!

6d 19h 7m Strenght doesn't affect it and dusknoir's paralyzed! dusknoir faints!

6d 19h 7m W6 in! Flamethrower and dusknoir in the red!Full restore again! Thunderbolt! back in th eyellow!

6d 19h 6m Feminun in!Full restore on dusknoir! Volt switch and it's back in th eyellow!

6d 19h 6m Waterfall again! dusknoir in the red! T4 faints tu thunder punch!

6d 19h 6m Dusknoir sent in!

6d 19h 5m we used Water fall and dusclops fainted!

6d 19h 5m T4 against dusclops!

6d 19h 4m VS. E4 member phoebe!

6d 19h 3m We tried to heal T4 but failed, and are now entered phoebe's room!

6d 19h 1m In the hallway!

6d 19h 0m Sidney defeated!

6d 18h 59m Absol was sent out! Supeprower again! absol faints,

6d 18h 59m Sharpedo in!superpower! T4 in the red! Sharpedo fainted!

6d 18h 58m T4 to lv; 76! Whimsur V and latios and ziggy leled up!

6d 18h 58m Superpower and cacturne's fainted!

6d 18h 58m Spiky shield, and cacturne avoided dive! T4 in the yellow!

6d 18h 58m Full restore on cacturne! Dive!

6d 18h 57m Rocksmash and cacturne's in the red: needle arm!

6d 18h 57m Cacturne sent in! Spiky shield protected it from superpower!

6d 18h 57m Rock smash and shiftry is down!

6d 18h 56m T4 used dive! Shiftry to half health!

6d 18h 56m Feminun to lv. 73! Shiftry in!

6d 18h 56m Rock smash and mighthyena faints!

6d 18h 55m used Rock smash! Mighthyena in the yellow!

6d 18h 55m T4 against mighthyena!

6d 18h 54m VS. sidney!

6d 18h 54m Entered Sidney's chamber!

6d 18h 52m Entered the league RUN 18!

6d 18h 51m ice shard and W6 faints! BLACK OUT!

6d 18h 51m Volt switch and wailrein fainted! the hail stopped! glalie sent in!

6d 18h 51m W6 in the red!wailrein burned!

6d 18h 50m Wailrein in!Flamethrower!

6d 18h 50m Another froslass! flamthrower and it's down!

6d 18h 49m Volt switch and froslass fainted!W6 to lv. 61!

6d 18h 49m We... Used a pokéball.

6d 18h 49m Full restore! froslass back in the yellow!

6d 18h 48m Latios fainted after used dragon claw who put froslass in the red! W6 in!

6d 18h 47m Sent latios in!

6d 18h 47m Feminun fainted!

6d 18h 46m She hurt herself!

6d 18h 46m Froslass sent in! Thunder again! froslass avoided it! Femiunu is confused!

6d 18h 45m Feminun and glalie are both in the yellow, we use thunder, Glalie's down!

6d 18h 45m it started to hail!

6d 18h 44m Feminun in!

6d 18h 44m Volt switch! glalie's in the yellow!

6d 18h 43m W6 vs. Glalie!

6d 18h 43m Vs. Glacia!

6d 18h 42m Entered glacia's room!

6d 18h 41m in the hallway to glacia's!

6d 18h 39m Defeated phoebe!

6d 18h 39m Dragon claw once more!banette down!

6d 18h 39m Dragon claw and it's in the red! dusk ball again!latios in the red!

6d 18h 38m another banette sent out!

6d 18h 38m Dragon breath and banette fainted!

6d 18h 38m Toxic and latios's poisoned!

6d 18h 37m Dusk ball! We use power split!

6d 18h 37m Sorry, banette's in the red! We send Latios in!

6d 18h 36m bantte sent out! volt switch and it's in the yellow!

6d 18h 35m Thinder and sableye's down!

6d 18h 35m Foul play once more!

6d 18h 35m Feminun in! foul play again!

6d 18h 34m Echoed voice again! foul play and whimsur v's in the red! Flamethrower and sableey in the yellow:whimsur v faints!

6d 18h 34m Whimsurv in! Echoed voice doesn't affect it!

6d 18h 34m Sableey sent out Cut doesn't affect it! Ziggy faints!!

6d 18h 33m Surf once more and it faints!

6d 18h 33m another surf, dusknoir inthe yellow,ziggy in theyelloow to ice punch, surf again!

6d 18h 33m Fullrestore again! surf again!

6d 18h 32m Surf! dusknoir in the red! Thunderpunch!

6d 18h 32m voltswitch, and dusknoir's in the red! ziggy sent in!

6d 18h 32m Femiunn sent in!

6d 18h 31m T4 faints due to poison!

6d 18h 31m Waterfall again, dusknoir in the yellow! T4 in the red to hex!FullRestore by phoebe!

[Snark] T4 Drowned

6d 18h 31m dusknoir is sent in!

6d 18h 30m Waterfall! dusclops fainted!

6d 18h 30m dusclops vs. T4!

6d 18h 29m vs phoebe!

6d 18h 29m T4 in the yellow due to poison...

6d 18h 28m in the hallway to phoebe's chamber!

6d 18h 27m Defeated sidney!

6d 18h 27m Rock smash and it faints!

6d 18h 27m Absol out!

6d 18h 26m [Sharpedo sent in!poison fang vs. rock smash! sharpedo fainted, but T4 is poisoned!

6d 18h 26m cacturne out and down to rock smash!

6d 18h 25m T4 to lv. 76!

6d 18h 25m Rock smash once more, shiftry faints!

6d 18h 25m Shiftry out! it used fake out, and T4 flinched!

6d 18h 24m Rock smahs again, mighthyena fainted!

6d 18h 24m T4 hurt herself!

6d 18h 23m Used rock smahs and mighthyena's in the red! swagger and T4 is confused!

6d 18h 23m T4 vs. Mighthyena!

6d 18h 23m VS. E4 member Sidney!

6d 18h 22m Entered sidney's room!

6d 18h 22m Entered the league, RUN 17!

6d 18h 19m Not teh urn.

6d 18h 19m We use Quick Attack again, and it uses Earthquake. Feminun down! Black out!

[Snark] Steven wanted to show off that he could beat us, so he held off on defeating us to use the full restore

6d 18h 19m We send out Feminun! It uses a Full Restore, and we use Quick Attack.

6d 18h 19m We use Psychic, but Latios faints anyways!

6d 18h 18m Another double Dragon Claw, and we're down to 1 HP.

6d 18h 18m Latios uses Dragon Claw, and it uses Dragon Claw back.

6d 18h 18m We send out Latios!

6d 18h 17m We use Belly Drum, which maxes our Attack. But Aggron KOs Zigzagoony

6d 18h 17m We switch to Zigzagoony, which is up against Aggron!

6d 18h 16m A Volt Switch from us KOs Skarmory, and Feminun grows to level 72! Latios level 62

6d 18h 16m We use Quick Attack, which does not much, and it uses Steel Wing.

6d 18h 16m We start off by sending out Feminun against Skarmory!

6d 18h 15m VS STEVEN HYPE!

6d 18h 15m We challenge Steven Stone, the champion!

6d 18h 15m Chatting with Steven.

6d 18h 15m We enter Steven's room!

6d 18h 13m We send out Latios and use Luster Purge, which KOs Kingdra. Zigzagoony level 64! Defeated Drake!

6d 18h 13m Against Kingdra! We use Boomburst, and it uses Surf in response. Exploud fainted!

6d 18h 12m We avoided Dragon Rush and used Stomp. The second Dragon Ruse hit, and we use Boomburst, which crits, and KOs it.

6d 18h 12m We didn't learn Hyper Beam. Against Salamence!

6d 18h 11m Drake uses a Full Restore, we use Boomburst, which crits and KOs Flygon. Exploud level 64!

6d 18h 11m Against another Flygon, we use Boomburst, it uses Earthquake.

6d 18h 11m We use Bomoburst, which KOs it. The irony.

6d 18h 10m We start by using Echoed Voice, and it fails Boomburst.

6d 18h 10m We send out Exploud against Flygon!

6d 18h 9m Another Thunder misses, and a Dragon Pulse hits. We use Volt Switch, fainting Altaria, and switching out Feminun.

6d 18h 9m Our Thunder hits again, and Altaria uses Dragon Pulse.

6d 18h 9m Drake used a Full Restore, and we miss our Thunder.

6d 18h 8m We use Thunder, which deals massive damage. It raises its Defense.

6d 18h 8m We start off by sending out Feminun against Altaria!

6d 18h 8m We face E4 Member Drake, the Dragon-Master!

6d 18h 8m Talking to Drake.

6d 18h 7m We enter the hallway for Drake.

6d 18h 5m Defeated E4 Glacia!

6d 18h 5m Glalie uses Protect again, we use Psychic. Another Psychic crits and KOs Glalie.

6d 18h 5m We use Psychic, it uses Freeze-Dry. Full Restore from it, Freeze-Dry.

6d 18h 4m Glalie protects itself from our Power Split.

6d 18h 4m Against Glalie! We send out Latios.

6d 18h 3m Against Walrein. We use Volt Switch, which OHKOs Walrein! We send Feminun back.

6d 18h 3m Against another Froslass. We use Thunder, and it OHKOs it! #getrekt

6d 18h 2m We use Thunder and KO Froslass. Feminun grew to level 71!

6d 18h 2m We use Thunder again, and it misses. Froslass still can't move.

6d 18h 2m We use Thunder, which Paralyzes Froslass. It can't move.

6d 18h 1m We didn't learn Memento. Against Froslass.

6d 18h 1m We use Thunder, which KOs Glalie! Latios grew to level 61!

6d 18h 0m We start by using Fake Tears, and it uses Hail.

6d 18h 0m We send out Feminun!

6d 17h 59m We use Glacia used a Full Restore, and we use Flamethrower again. w6a faints from poison!

6d 17h 59m We start off by using Flamethrower, and Glalie responds with Light Screen.

6d 17h 59m We send out w6a against Glalie!

6d 17h 58m Challenged E4 Member Glacia!

6d 17h 58m Talking to Glacia!

6d 17h 54m We use Thunderbolt again and KO Bannette. Defeated Phoebe!

6d 17h 54m Against Bannette. We use Thunderbolt, and it uses Spite, reducing Thunderbolt's PP to 4.

6d 17h 54m We didn't learn it. Zigzagoony grew to level 63!

6d 17h 53m Trying to learn the move Electric Terrain.

6d 17h 52m Another Thunderbolt from us KOs Bannette and levels it up to 60!

6d 17h 52m Against Bannete. We use Thunderbolt, and it poisons w6a with Toxic!

6d 17h 51m We use Thunderbolt, which OHKOs Sableye. It faints, and we gain enough exp to level Whismur V to level 63!

6d 17h 51m Against Sableye now. It uses Fake Out, flinching us.

6d 17h 50m We sent out w6a! We start off by using Flamethrower, which burns Dusknoir. It uses Hex on us, and then faints from the burn.

6d 17h 50m We send out Feminun! Phoebe uses a Full Restore, and we use Volt Switch! Feminun went back to Arty!

6d 17h 49m Phoebe uses a Full Restore, and we use Waterfall again. T4 faints from Poison!

6d 17h 49m Against Dusknoir! We use Waterfall again, and Dusknoir flinches!

6d 17h 48m We start off by using Waterfall, which OHKOs Dusclops.

6d 17h 48m We send out T4, our Azumarill, against Phoebe's Dusclops.

6d 17h 48m Challenged by E4 Member Phoebe!

6d 17h 47m Talking to Phoebe!

6d 17h 46m Going to Phoebe's Room now!

[Info] T4 is still poisoned!

6d 17h 42m Against Absol. We use Rock Smash to OHKO it. Defeated Sidney!

6d 17h 41m Against Sharpedo! It starts by using Poison Fang on us, poisoning us! We use Rock Smash and OHKO it, getting some recoil from the Rough Skin.

6d 17h 41m Cacturne used Spick Shield, which protected itself from our Rock Smash. Our second Rock Smash sneaks through and OHKOs Cacturne!

6d 17h 40m Up against Shiftry now! We use Rock Smash and OHKO the beast. Against Cacturne now.

6d 17h 40m We snapped out of our confusion and used Rock Smash. Mightyena down!

6d 17h 40m We hit ourselves in the confusion as Mightyena uses Take Down.

6d 17h 39m Our attack fell due to Intimidate! We start off by almost OHKOing Mighty, but then it uses Swagger on us, confusing us.

6d 17h 39m We send out T4 against Mightyena!

6d 17h 39m Facing Sidney!E4

6d 17h 38m We enter the door to Sidney's room.

6d 17h 37m RUN 16 BEGINS!

6d 17h 36m Entered the Pokemon League!

6d 17h 34m w6a forgot Wild Charge and learned Thunderbolt!

6d 17h 32m w6a forgot Secret Power and learnt Flamethrower!

[Snark] Same Dragon time, same Dragon channel.

6d 17h 30m Latios forgot Dragon Breath and learnt Dragon Claw!

6d 17h 26m Booting up and down a lot of TMs and HMs.

6d 17h 19m Whismur V forgets Synchronize and learns Flamethrower!

[Fluff] We appear to be wanting to teach a move to someone.

6d 17h 14m We leave the Pokemon League.

6d 17h 12m Froslass uses blizzard and takes out 2e!!! We are out of usable pokemon!! We black out!!

6d 17h 12m 2e! uses fake tears.

6d 17h 12m 2e! uses volt switch again to send froslass into the yellow, froslass sets up hail.

6d 17h 11m Another froslass is sent in.

6d 17h 11m 2e! is sent in and takes out froslass with volt switch.

6d 17h 11m Only 2e! remains.

[Stats] Manectric Lv. 59 - Max. HP 174 Attack 112 Defense 97 Sp. Atk 147 Sp. Def 73 Speed 154

6d 17h 10m Zigzagoony has been taken out by blizzard!

6d 17h 10m Zigzagoony is frozen by blizzard!

6d 17h 10m Zigzagoony is confused by confuse ray!

6d 17h 10m Froslass sets up hail and is then hit by a surf from Zigzagoony.

6d 17h 9m Froslass is sent in.

6d 17h 9m Zigzagoony hits glalie with a rock smash and takes it out, 2e! grows to level 70!

6d 17h 8m Zigzagoony is sent in and takes a crunch attack, its defenses are down.

6d 17h 7m 2e! uses volt switch to put Glalie into the yellow.

6d 17h 7m 2e! hits with thunder but does not even put Glalie at half health.

6d 17h 7m 2e! uses thunder but misses, Glalie sets up a light screen.

6d 17h 6m We send in 2e!.

6d 17h 6m w6 is immediately taken out!

6d 17h 6m First up it is w6 against Glalie.

6d 17h 5m Glacia Challenged!

6d 17h 5m We enter Glacia's room.

6d 16h 59m Phoebe defeated!

6d 16h 59m w6 uses volt switch and takes out Dusknoir, w6 also grows to level 59!

6d 16h 58m w6 is taken to 3 hp by an ice punch.

6d 16h 58m w6 is sent in.

6d 16h 56m 2e! uses volt switch and nearly takes out Dusknoir.

6d 16h 56m 2e! is sent in.

6d 16h 55m Whismur v uses synchronoise to no effect and succumbs to its burn!

6d 16h 54m Whismur v is put into the red.

6d 16h 54m Whismur v uses Echoed Voice to no effect and is hit by fire punch.

6d 16h 53m Whismur v uses echoed voice to no effect and is hit by ice punch, whismur v is now in the yellow.

6d 16h 52m Dusknoir uses fire punch and burns Whismur v!

6d 16h 52m 2e! uses volt switch and Whismur v is brought out.

6d 16h 51m Phoebe send is Dusnoir.

6d 16h 51m Zigzagoony grew to level 62!

6d 16h 51m 2e! uses thunder and takes out Banette.

6d 16h 51m Banette uses shadow ball.

6d 16h 51m 2e! is sent in.

6d 16h 50m w6 uses volt switch on the Banette that is brought in.

6d 16h 50m w6 takes out Banette with wild charge and the move is grudged as a result.

6d 16h 49m w6 uses a wild charge and puts Banette into the red, Banette uses grudge.

6d 16h 49m w6 and Banette are brought into the fight.

6d 16h 48m Sableye uses foul play and is then taken out by volt switch.

6d 16h 48m w6 uses volt switch putting sableye into the yellow, and 2e! is brought in.

6d 16h 47m Phoebe sends out sableye.

6d 16h 46m w6 is sent in and quickly takes out dusclops with wild charge.

6d 16h 46m Dusclops takes out Latios with another shadow punch!

6d 16h 46m Dusclops uses shadow punch and puts Latios into the yellow.

6d 16h 45m Latios uses power split and is hit with confuse ray.

6d 16h 45m A full restore is used on dusclops as w6 uses volt switch sending in Latios.

6d 16h 44m The curse puts w6 at half health.

6d 16h 44m w6 uses wild charge and puts dusclops into the red, dusclops uses confuse ray.

6d 16h 44m w6 is feeling the effects of the curse.

6d 16h 44m w6 uses secret power to no effect, dusclops uses curse.

6d 16h 43m First up it is w6 against dusclops.

6d 16h 42m We Challenge Phoebe!

6d 16h 41m We enter Phoebe's room.

6d 16h 38m Sidney Defeated!

6d 16h 37m 2e! uses thunder and takes out Absol.

6d 16h 37m We send in 2e! and Sindey send in Absol.

6d 16h 36m Sharpedo is sent in and taken out by t4, however Sharpedo's rough skin also takes out t4!

6d 16h 36m After receiving a full restore cacturne is taken out by t4's superpower, t4 grows to level 75 and Whismur v grows to level 62!

6d 16h 35m t4 uses rock smash and puts cacturne into the yellow and cacturne does the same thing with needle arm.

6d 16h 35m Cacturne uses a spiky sheild to block t4's super power.

6d 16h 34m Cacturne is sent in.

6d 16h 34m Two rock smashes later and Shiftry is taken out.

6d 16h 34m Shiftry is sent in.

6d 16h 34m 2e! grows to level 69 and Latios grows to level 60!

6d 16h 33m t4 dodges a take down and takes out Mightyena.

6d 16h 33m t4 uses rock smash and puts mightyena into the yellow.

6d 16h 32m It is t4 up against Mightyena.

6d 16h 32m We challenge Sidney!

6d 16h 31m We enter Sidney's room.

6d 16h 30m We enter the inner E4 building again for Urn #15

6d 16h 29m Froslass takes out 2e! with blizzard! We are out of usable pokemon! We black out!!

6d 16h 29m Froslass uses blizzard and sends 2e! into the red.

6d 16h 28m Another froslass is sent in.

6d 16h 28m 2e! uses two volt switches to take out the incoming froslass.

6d 16h 28m 2e! takes out Glalie with a volt switch.

6d 16h 27m 3 volt switches put glalie into the red while two crunches and hail put 2e! into the yellow.

6d 16h 27m A full restore is used on Glalie.

6d 16h 27m Glalie uses hail.

6d 16h 26m 2e! uses volt switch again but does not take it out due to light screen.

6d 16h 26m 2e! uses volt switch and puts glalie in yellow.

6d 16h 26m It is 2e! against glalie.

6d 16h 25m Glacia Challenged!

[Info] Only 2e! has not fainted.

6d 16h 18m We enter Glacia's room.

6d 16h 16m 2e! takes out banette with volt switch! Phoebe is defeated!

6d 16h 16m 2e! uses volt switch and puts banette into the red, volt switch is then spited.

6d 16h 15m Phoebe sends out another banette.

6d 16h 15m 2e! uses thunder and takes out Banette.

6d 16h 15m Banette uses grudge.

6d 16h 14m 2e! uses fake tears.

6d 16h 14m We send 2e! into the fight.

6d 16h 14m Whismur v uses stomp to no effect and is taken out by psychic!

6d 16h 14m Whismur v is sent in.

6d 16h 13m Banette uses psychic again and takes out Zigzagoony!

6d 16h 13m Banette uses two physcics and puts Zigzagoony in the red.

6d 16h 13m Zigzagoony uses surf and takes off about 1/3 of banette's health.

6d 16h 12m Banette uses grudge.

6d 16h 12m Zigzagoony uses belly drum.

6d 16h 12m We send in Zigzagoony.

6d 16h 12m w6 uses secret power to no effect and is taken out by shadow ball!

6d 16h 11m Banette is sent in.

6d 16h 11m w6 takes out sableye with wild charge and grows to level 58

6d 16h 11m w6 uses secret power to no effect as a foul play puts it into the red.

6d 16h 10m W6 is hit by foul play and loses almost half its health.

6d 16h 10m We switch out Whismur v and send in w6.

6d 16h 8m We use boomburst to no effect as another foul play puts Whismur v into the red.

6d 16h 8m A move is used to no effect as foul play takes of almost half of Whismur v's health.

6d 16h 7m Whismur v is sent in.

6d 16h 7m Foul play has put Latios into the red and Latios is taken out by shadow claw!

6d 16h 6m Sableye flinches us with astonish.

6d 16h 6m Latios and Sableye are sent in.

6d 16h 5m 2e! is sent in and quickly takes out the enemy duknoir with volt switch.

6d 16h 5m t4 is taken out by hex!

6d 16h 5m Another full restore and poisoning puts t4 at 1 hp.

6d 16h 5m A full restore is used on dusknoir as poison puts t4 into the red.

6d 16h 4m t4 is hit by thunderpunch and is put into the yellow.

6d 16h 4m t4 uses waterfall and puts duskinoir into the red.

6d 16h 4m Duskinoir is sent in.

6d 16h 3m t4 uses waterfall and takes out Dusclops.

6d 16h 3m First up it is a poisoned t4 against Dusclops.

6d 16h 2m Phoebe challenged!

6d 15h 59m We enter Phoebe's room.

6d 15h 57m t4 takes out Absol and Sidney is defeated!

6d 15h 57m Sharpedo is taken out and Zigzagoony grows to level 61

6d 15h 56m t4 is hit with poison fang and is now poisoned!

6d 15h 56m Another rock smash takes out Cacturne and 2e! grows to level 68!

6d 15h 56m t4 snaps out of its confusion and takes out shiftry with a rock smash, she also levels up to level 74!

6d 15h 55m Shiftry is sent in.

6d 15h 55m t4 is hit with swagger and is confused, but it still takes out Mightyena with a rock smash.

6d 15h 54m t4 uses rocksmash and puts Mightyena into the yellow.

6d 15h 54m Intimidate cuts t4's attack.

6d 15h 54m First up it is t4 against Mightyena.

6d 15h 53m Sidney Challenged!!

6d 15h 53m We enter Sindey's room!

6d 15h 52m We enter to challenge the E4, Urn #14 has begun!

6d 15h 51m We leave the entry building for the e4, return, leave, return, leave, and return again.

6d 15h 50m Zigzagoony taken out by thunder punch, we are out of usable pokemon! We black out!!

6d 15h 50m Zigzagoony uses bell drum.

6d 15h 49m We use a casteliacone but to no effect.

6d 15h 49m Zigzagoony is sent in.

6d 15h 48m Only Zigzagoony remains.

6d 15h 48m Whismur v is finally taken out by a thunder punch!

6d 15h 47m Another fire punch puts Whismur v into the red.

6d 15h 47m A fire punch has now put Whismur v into the yellow.

6d 15h 46m None of whismur v's attacks can hit Duskinoir and its health is slowly chipping away.

6d 15h 46m We send in whismur v.

6d 15h 46m After taking a psychic blast duskinoir takes out latios with two ice punches!

6d 15h 45m She sends out dusknoir.

6d 15h 45m Phoebe's Banette is taken out by psychic.

6d 15h 44m Whismur v grew to level 61!

6d 15h 44m Latios takes out sableye with dragons breath!

6d 15h 44m We send in Latios.

6d 15h 43m Sableye is sent out, avoids a thunder and Takes out 2e!

6d 15h 43m 2e! uses thunder and takes out Banette, but burns have put it into the red.

6d 15h 42m 2e! keeps trying to use quick attack as shadow balls and burns send him into the yellow.

6d 15h 42m 2e! is burnt!

6d 15h 42m 2e! and Banette are sent in.

6d 15h 42m Dusclops uses curse again and takes itself out, latios grew to level 59 as w6 is taken out by future sight!

6d 15h 41m Upon entering w6 is hit with a confuse ray and hits itself.

6d 15h 41m We send in latios and then switch it for w6 again.

6d 15h 40m w6 then uses volt switch and escapes the curse!

6d 15h 40m Phoebe uses a full restore and w6 uses wild charge, the effects of the curse are felt.

6d 15h 40m w6 beings with a wild charge that fails to put dusclops in the yellow. Dusclops uses curse on w6 an is now in the red.

6d 15h 39m First up it is w6 against Dusclops!

6d 15h 38m We challenge Phoebe!!

6d 15h 33m We enter Phoebe's room.

6d 15h 31m Whimsur v takes out absol! Sidney Defeated!

6d 15h 31m Absol and Whimsur v are sent in.

6d 15h 30m Sidney sends in sharpedo who both poisons t4 and puts her into the red, and rough skin takes out t4!

6d 15h 30m Another rock smash takes out cacturne.

6d 15h 30m We are damaged again by spikey shield.

6d 15h 29m t4 is hit with needle arm and is put into the yellow.

6d 15h 29m Cacturne is sent in and hurts us with spikey shield.

6d 15h 29m dive hits and shifty is well above half health, we then hit with a rock smash and shiftry goes down. W6 grew to level 57!

6d 15h 28m Shifty is sent in and we dive.

6d 15h 28m Dive puts Mighteyena in the red and the enemy pokemon faints after a takedown, Zigzagoony grows to level 60!

6d 15h 27m t4 begins with dive and dodges a swagger.

6d 15h 27m First up it is t4 against Mightyena

6d 15h 26m We challenge Sidney!

6d 15h 25m We have entered Sidney's room.

6d 15h 23m We enter the E4 and Urn #13 has begun!

6d 15h 21m Dragon breath is used but salamance clutches at 1hp and is paralyzed, it uses dragon rush anyways and takes out Latios!! We are out of usable pokemon, we black out!

6d 15h 20m We take out the enemy flygon with dragon breath.

6d 15h 19m We send in our last pokemon Latios and attempt to capture the enemy flygon.

6d 15h 19m we send in 2e! who is quickly taken out by earthquake!!

6d 15h 18m Whismur v is taken out by Drake's second flygon!

6d 15h 18m Whismur v takes out Flygon with boomburst.

6d 15h 17m Another boomburst and full restore is used.

6d 15h 17m Flygon is sent in and receives a full restore after getting hit by boomburst.

6d 15h 17m Altaria is taken down by Whismur V who grows to level 60!

6d 15h 16m w6 is taken out by Altaria!!

6d 15h 16m First up it is Altaria against w6.

6d 15h 15m We challenge Drake!!

6d 15h 12m Glacia Defeated!!

6d 15h 12m w6 uses wild charge and takes out Glalie.

6d 15h 11m We send in w6 and Glacia sends out Glalie.

6d 15h 11m 2e! takes out Froslass with volt switch and grows to level 67

6d 15h 9m Zigzagoony is taken out by Froslass's Blizzard!

6d 15h 8m Zigzagoony is hit by a confuse ray.

6d 15h 8m We switch out Whismur v and send in Zigzagoony.

6d 15h 8m Whismur v is now confused from confuse ray.

6d 15h 7m We send in Whismur v and Glacia sends out another Froslass.

6d 15h 7m 2e! takes out the enemy Froslass with volt switch.

6d 15h 6m t4 is taken out by Froslass!

6d 15h 5m t4 is frozen solid.

6d 15h 5m Latios reached level 58!

6d 15h 4m Glalie went down.

6d 15h 1m Glacia engaged! T4 vs Glalie!

6d 15h 1m Entered Glacia's room.

[Info] All 6 of our mons are still healthy, this is our best run so far.

6d 14h 58m T4 grew to 73!

6d 14h 58m Dive takes out Sableye! Phoebe defeated!

6d 14h 57m We use Dive and avoid Shadow Claw!

6d 14h 57m Sableye is out! It flinches us with Fake Out.

6d 14h 57m Another Banette, but it goes down to Waterfall!

6d 14h 57m Waterfall takes out Banette!

6d 14h 56m Banette is sent out.

6d 14h 56m Dusknoir goes down to Waterfall!

6d 14h 56m T4 snapped out and used Waterfall! Dusknoir used Fire Punch again!

6d 14h 56m T4 hits itself in confusion! Dusknoir used Fire Punch!

6d 14h 56m Dusknoir is sent out.

6d 14h 55m Whismur V grew to 59!

6d 14h 55m Phoebe uses a Full Restore! T4 uses Waterfall and takes out Dusclops!

6d 14h 55m T4 goes for Waterfall! Dusclops clutches and uses Confuse Ray!

6d 14h 54m Phoebe engaged! T4 vs Dusclops.

6d 14h 53m Entered Phoebe's room.

[Chat] BabyRage BOOMBURST BabyRage

[Info] Our entire team is perfectly healthy, T4 and Whismur V both took very little damage that battle.

6d 14h 49m Sidney defeated!

6d 14h 49m Zapdoge grew to 56!

6d 14h 48m Cacturne sent in, but goes down to Boomburst! Whismur V sweep!

6d 14h 48m Absol is sent in, but goes down to Boomburst!

6d 14h 48m Zigzagoony grew to 59!

6d 14h 48m Whismur V uses Boomburst and takes out Sharpedo!**

6d 14h 47m Feminun grew to level 66!

6d 14h 47m T4 grew to level 72!

6d 14h 47mWe use Boomburst! Shiftry down.

6d 14h 47m We switch out and we send in Exploud. Exploud gets hit by Leaf Blade

6d 14h 46m Shiftry is sent out.

6d 14h 46m We break through confusion and Rock Smash takes out Mightyena!

6d 14h 46m We hit ourselves in confusion! Mightyena used Take Down.

6d 14h 45m We use Rock Smash! Mightyena uses Swagger!

6d 14h 45m Sidney engaged! T4 vs Mightyena. We get intimidated and our attack was lowered.

6d 14h 44m Entered Sidney's room for the 12th time.

6d 14h 43m We switch Feminun and Latios. Feminun is now #3 in party and Latios is #5.

[Info] T4 still leads the party.

6d 14h 41m Entered Urn #12


6d 14h 40m Feminun goes down to Ice Punch while being frozen.

6d 14h 39m Dusknoir uses Hex! Tactics. We are still frozen solid.

6d 14h 39m We use Volt Switch! Dusknoir uses Ice Punch and freezes us!

6d 14h 39m She sends in Dusknoir.

6d 14h 39m We take out Banette with Volt Switch!

6d 14h 38m Feminun uses Fake Tears! Banette used Will-O-Wisp but we avoided it!

6d 14h 38m She sends out her other Banette.

6d 14h 38m Feminun knocks out Banette with Thunder as well!

6d 14h 38m Banette is sent out.

6d 14h 37m Feminun knocks out Sableye with Thunder!

6d 14h 37m We send in Feminun.

6d 14h 37m Feminun is the last one remaining.

6d 14h 36m Zapdoge goes for Secret Power, it has no affect and goes down to Foul Play!

6d 14h 36m Sableye flinches us with Fake out and we take the Future Sight attack!

6d 14h 36m Sableye is sent out.

6d 14h 35m We send in Zapdoge.

6d 14h 35m We Volt Switch to take out Dusclops.

6d 14h 35m Feminun uses Thunder and takes Dusclops down to red! Dusclops uses Future Sight.

6d 14h 35m We send in Feminun.

6d 14h 34m Phoebe uses a Full Restore! Latios goes down to confusion!

6d 14h 34m Latios is still confused, Dusclops goes for Curse!

6d 14h 33m Latios is confused and it hit itself! Dusclops goes for Shadow Punch.

6d 14h 33m Dusclops used Confuse Ray!

6d 14h 32m We sent in Latios after the Volt Switch.

6d 14h 32m Zapdoge uses Volt Switch!

6d 14h 31m Phoebe engaged. Zapdoge vs. Dusclops

6d 14h 30m Entered Phoebe's room.

[Info] Absol went down to Zigzagoony's Rock Smash.

6d 14h 26m Secret Power takes out Cacturne! Sidney defeated.

6d 14h 26m Cacturne uses Spiky Shield, we use Secret Power but it missed.

6d 14h 25m Zapdoge uses Secret Power! Cacturne goes for Payback.

6d 14h 25m We send in Zapdoge.

6d 14h 25m We Rock Smash Cacturne! But we go down to Needle Arm.

6d 14h 25m Cacturne is sent out.

6d 14h 24m Latios grew to 57!

6d 14h 24m We Rock Smash again! Absol in for the clutch and gets another Night Slash off!

6d 14h 23m We go for Rock Smash! Absol tanks it and uses Night Slash.

6d 14h 23m Absol is sent out.

6d 14h 23m We send in Zigzagoony.

6d 14h 22m Volt Switch takes out Sharpedo!

6d 14h 21m We uses Fake Tears! Feminun takes a Crunch!

6d 14h 21m We send in Feminun.

6d 14h 21m Whismur V goes down to Crunch!

6d 14h 21m Sharpedo is sent out.

6d 14h 20m Whismur V learns Boomburst over Supersonic!

6d 14h 20m Whismur V grew to 58!

6d 14h 19m Whismur V takes out Shiftry with Stomp

6d 14h 19m We use Supersonic! Shiftry breaks through and uses Leaf Blade!

6d 14h 18m Whismur V goes for Stomp! Flinched!

6d 14h 18m We send in Whismur V!

6d 14h 18m T4 goes down to Extrasensory!

6d 14h 17m Sidney uses yet another Full Restore. We Dive again.

6d 14h 17m We keep Diving through the floor! Shiftry hangs in and uses Leaf Blade.

6d 14h 17m Shifty uses Extrasensory once more! T4 at 100HP.

6d 14h 17m Sidney uses a Full Restore, we use Dive again!

6d 14h 16m Dive almost takes out Shiftry, but we take Extrasensory damage.

6d 14h 16m Leaf Blade doesn't do much and we go for Dive again!

6d 14h 16m We go for Dive to avoid Feint Attack.

6d 14h 15m Shiftry is sent out and goes for Fake Out!

6d 14h 15m Feminun grew to 65!

6d 14h 15m Zapdoge grew to 55!

6d 14h 14m Intimdated! Our attack was lowered! T4 goes for Rock Smash and takes out Mightyena.

6d 14h 14m Sidney engaged! T4 vs. Mightyena

6d 14h 11m Entered Sidney's room.

[BuzzNav] Name Rater says our Audino's name is "lacking a bit of love."

6d 14h 9m Entered Urn #11.

[TIL] Hail does no damage during Dive.

[rip] rip urn #10

6d 14h 7m We go for Volt Switch! But we go down to Froslass's Blizzard! Black out!

6d 14h 6m More Secret Power! Blizzard takes us down to yellow!

6d 14h 6m We use Secret Power, but it has no effect! We avoided Blizzard!

6d 14h 6m Zapdoge is sent out.

6d 14h 5m Froslass's Blizzard takes out Zigzagoony.

6d 14h 5m Glacia uses a Full Restore! We use Belly Drum but not enough HP!

6d 14h 5m We send in Zigzagoon.

6d 14h 5m T4 goes down to Hail damage.

6d 14h 4m Shadow Ball takes us down to 1HP! We dive to avoid Hail!

6d 14h 4m She sents up Hail! We go for Superpower but has no effect.

6d 14h 4m Froslass is sent out.

6d 14h 3m Superpower takes out Walrein.

6d 14h 3m We keep smashing those rocks! Walrein goes for Blizzard but misses!

6d 14h 3m Out comes Walrein.

6d 14h 3m Rock Smash takes out Glalie!

6d 14h 2m T4 goes for Rock Smash! Takes Glalie down to yellow! Glalie uses Light Screen!

6d 14h 1m Glacia engaged! creepy face hype T4 vs. Glalie!

6d 14h 1m Entered Glacia's room.

[Snark] FRZ PogChamp

6d 13h 59m Dive takes out Sableye! Phoebe defeated!

6d 13h 58m T4 goes for Dive and avoids Shadow Claw!

6d 13h 58m Sableye used Fake Out! Flinch!

6d 13h 58m Sableye is sent out!

6d 13h 58m Zigzagoony grew to level 58!

6d 13h 58m Dive takes out Banette!

6d 13h 58m We switch to Dive! Banette used Spite!

6d 13h 57m Out comes another Banette!

6d 13h 57m T4 grew to level 71!

6d 13h 57m We use Waterfall on Banette! Take it out but Grudge makes us lose our Waterfall PP.

6d 13h 57m We use Rock Smash! No effect! Banette used Grudge!

6d 13h 56m Banette goes for Shadow Ball!

6d 13h 56m We use a Soda Pop on T4!

6d 13h 56m Phoebe sends out Banette!

6d 13h 56m Dusknoir goes down to another Waterfall!

6d 13h 55m T4 uses Waterfall once more! Doesn't take it out but we got a flinch!

6d 13h 55m Out comes Dusknoir.

6d 13h 55m The pressure is building! T4 goes for Waterfall! Dusclops down!

6d 13h 55m Phoebe engaged! T4 vs. Dusclops.

6d 13h 53m Entered Phoebe's room.

[Snark] I blame Cacturne, Cactroll, Trollturne? What do we call that thing that weakened/fainted most of our Pokemon?

[Info] Our team at the moment: T4 with 27HP, Zigzagoony at 15HP, Zapdoge at full HP, and the rest are fainted.

6d 13h 50m Rock Smash takes out Absol! Sidney defeated.

6d 13h 50m Zigzagoony uses Belly Drum, +6 now! Absol goes for Night Slash and we survive with 15hp!

6d 13h 50m We send in Zigzagoony

6d 13h 48m Power Split is used, Latios goes down to Absol's Night Slash.

6d 13h 48m Absol sent out.

6d 13h 47m Latios goes for Dragon Breath and gets a CRIT! Sharpedo down!

6d 13h 47m Latios goes for Power Split! Sharpedo uses Crunch and takes us to red HP.

6d 13h 47m Sharpedo is sent out.

6d 13h 47m We take out Cacturne with Dragon Breath!

6d 13h 46m Cacturne blocks our Dragon Breath with Spiky Shield!

6d 13h 45m Out comes Latios.

6d 13h 45m Whismur V faints to Cacturne's Payback!

6d 13h 44m Whismur V is out, we keep using moves that don't effect it, Cacturne has used Payback x2 and Spiky Shield!

6d 13h 44m We go for Quick Attack but it lives with 1HP! Feminun faints to Needle Arm!

6d 13h 44m Feminun takes another Needle Arm, but misses Thunder! Cacturne goes for Payback and almost killing our Feminun!

6d 13h 43m Feminun takes a Needle Arm on the switch! We use Thunder and take it down to half!

6d 13h 43m We switch out to Feminun. T4 currently at 27HP.

6d 13h 43m Cacturne stalling us out with Spiky Shield damage and Leech damage! T4 slowly dying.

6d 13h 42m T4 used Rock Smash, does around 50% and lowers defense! Cacturne uses Payback! Cacturne over 50% after Leech

6d 13h 42m We go for Superpower but Sidney goes for Spiky Shield! We take damage from Shield and Leech!

6d 13h 41m Cacturne takes Dive damage while setting up Leech Seed.

6d 13h 41m Out comes Cacturne. Spiky Shield vs. Dive. Predicted.

6d 13h 41m T4 grew to level 70!

6d 13h 41m Sidney uses a full restore! We take it out with a Superpower! -1 Attack -1 Defense T4!

6d 13h 40m Out comes Shiftry, we use Waterfall and we get a crit and flinch!

6d 13h 40m Zapdoge did not learn Thunder!

6d 13h 40m Zapdoge levels up to 54!

6d 13h 39m Waterfall takes out Mightyena!

6d 13h 39m Sidney uses a full restore while we keep Waterfalling.

6d 13h 39m Mightyena intimidates T4 and lowers our attack! T4 uses Waterfall and takes Mightyena down to red! We flinch it.

6d 13h 38m Urn #10. Sidney engaged. T4 vs. Mightyena.

6d 13h 35m Battle was set to set!

6d 13h 34m Entered Sidney's room!

6d 13h 32m Currently shuffling through options and our bag.

6d 13h 28m: And more Foul play used and Whismur is down! Blacked out

6d 13h 27m: Full Restore used on Sableye. We can't hit Sableye who just keeps using foul play. Synchronise just won't work

6d 13h 26m: Only Whismur left.

6d 13h 26m: Dragonbreath used and Sableeye holds on. Shadow claw then takes care of Latios

6d 13h 26m: Latios has 30 hp left. Sableye is sent out.

6d 13h 25m: Latios uses psychic which does way more damage. He then takes another punch from Dusclops. Dragonbreath once more and Dusclops down.

6d 13h 25m: Full restore used on Dusclops and Latios hurts itself.

6d 13h 24m: Dragon breath used! Dusclops is paralyzed and lost around 50% hp. She responds with confuse ray but Latios uses Dragonbreath once more. Dusclops in red.

6d 13h 23m: Phoebe sends out Dusclops vs Latios.

6d 13h 23m: Phoebe engaged. Arty blinks constantly at her random movement.

6d 13h 22m: We enter Phoebe's room, where we find her doing... Honestly I don't know what she's doing.

6d 13h 21m: A spookie ghost spectacle greets Arty as he walks towards the next room.

6d 13h 20m: Arty goes through the door towards the next room. Mist intensifies.

6d 13h 18m: Arty mumbles a "see you in a few minutes" to Sidney before walking towards the door.

6d 13h 17m: Exploud is sent out and takes care of Absol with one more hit. Sidney defeated

6d 13h 16m: Secret power doesn't do very well and Absol responds with night slash. Secret power once more and Absol is paralyzed. Night slash hits and w6aa faints

6d 13h 15m: t4 faints to Absol. Manectric out.

6d 13h 15m: Absol is sent out vs t4 who has 71 hp left due to hard skin from Sharpedo.

6d 13h 14m: Sharpedo uses poison fang which leave t4 with 100 hp. Superpower takes care of Sharpedo. OHKOd.

6d 13h 14m: Sharpedo is up next. We keep t4 in battle.

6d 13h 13m: Cacturne uses leech seed while t4 uses dive. The second turn of dive is spoiled by spiky shield once more. 174 hp left. Superpower used this time and Cacturne faints.

6d 13h 12m: Cacturne uses spiky shield. t4 uses rock smash but can't hit due to spiky shield, which does her some damage. 203 hp left.

6d 13h 12m: Cacturne is sent out vs t4.

6d 13h 12m: t4 is sent out vs a very low Shiftry. Superpower connects and Shiftry faints.

6d 13h 11m: Minun uses fake tears. Leaf blade once more and Minun faints

6d 13h 11m: Another quick attack and another leaf blade. Then Minun uses thunder which hits and paralyzes Shiftry, who nevertheless uses leaf blade. Minun has 20 hp left.

6d 13h 10m: Minun is sent out and uses quick attack, which leaves Shiftry in red. Leaf blade hits. Sidney then heals Shiftry while Minun uses quick atack once more.

6d 13h 10m: Another cut and another leaf blade and Ziggy faints

6d 13h 9m: Ziggy uses cut which doesn't do very much. Shiftry responds with leaf blade

6d 13h 8m: Shiftry uses fake out which does very little damage.

6d 13h 8m: Shiftry is up next, we tag out t4 for Ziggy.

6d 13h 8m: Superpower used and Mightyena faints.

6d 13h 7m: Waterfall used! Mightyena tanks it but misses take down. Sidney uses a full Restore on Mightyena and another waterfall leaves it in red once more.

6d 13h 7m: Mightyena out vs t4.

6d 13h 6m: Sidney challenged

6d 13h 5m: Arty keeps going through his items while he walks into a door. That's what happens when you don't look where you're going.

6d 13h 3m: We step in Sidney's room.

[Meta] Apparently the goal was to trun Exp Share on.

6d 13h 1m: Game Saved! Safety first.

6d 12h 59m: We select various items, but we don't use any of them.

6d 12h 56m: Arty walks forward and the gates magically open in front of him. HAX.

6d 12h 55m: We are still accessing the Items Menu over and over.

6d 12h 54m: Arty decides to do Inventary of his items before proceeding forward.

6d 12h 53m: We walk through the door. URN 9 BEGINS

6d 12h 51m: Arty decides to walk around the Pokemon Center, unsure if to try it again or not. Dusknoir's image still haunts him.

6d 12h 47m Attempt 8 is another failure.

6d 12h 47m Hex downs Manectric. Black out!

6d 12h 47m Volt Switch takes Dusknoir to three-quarters. The following Wild Charge takes it to yellow.

6d 12h 47m Dusknoir is restored.

6d 12h 46m Volt Switch brings Dusknoir to yellow. Confusion takes it to red.

6d 12h 46m Secret Power has no effect. Dusknoir hurts itself in confusion.

6d 12h 46m Manectric is sent in.

6d 12h 45m Then Whismur V is iced.

6d 12h 45m Supersonic confuses Dusknoir.

6d 12h 45m Supersonic misses. In the red now!

6d 12h 44m Whismur V now in the yellow.

6d 12h 44m None of Exploud's moves can hit Dusknoir.

6d 12h 44m Synchronoise has no effect. Ice Punch from Dusknoir does little damage.

6d 12h 44m In comes Exploud.

6d 12h 43m Latios uses Power Split. It then gets iced.

6d 12h 43m Latios in the red from another Ice Punch.

6d 12h 43m Ice Punch halves Latios' HP. Dragonbreath does little to Dusknoir.

6d 12h 42m Power Split shares its power with Dusknoir.

6d 12h 42m Latios is sent in.

6d 12h 42m Dusknoir is restored. Rock Smash has no effect. Curse downs T4.

6d 12h 41m Dive takes Dusknoir to yellow. Curses bring T4 to red.

6d 12h 41m T4 in the yellow.

6d 12h 41m In comes Dusknoir. T4 dives.

6d 12h 41m T4 at half due to curses and Future Sight.

6d 12h 40m Dive brings Dusclops to red. Curse takes it out, but now T4 is taking damage.

6d 12h 40m T4 dives. Curse misses.

6d 12h 40m Dive fails due to confusion. Dusclops sets up Future Sight.

6d 12h 40m T4 dives. Curse misses.

6d 12h 40m Rock Smash has no effect. T4 is confused by Confuse Ray.

6d 12h 39m T4 vs Dusclops.

6d 12h 39m Battling Phoebe!

6d 12h 38m In Phoebe's room.

6d 12h 38m Checking the bag.

[Pun] Do we even have the ghost of a chance of beating Phoebe today?

6d 12h 36m Heading towards Phoebe's.

6d 12h 36m Saved the game.

6d 12h 35m Sidney defeated.

6d 12h 35m Manectric in. Strength downs Absol.

6d 12h 35m Another Surf takes Absol to yellow. Ziggy down to Night Slash.

6d 12h 35m Surf takes a third of Absol's health. Ziggy now in the red.

6d 12h 34m Switched to Ziggy against Absol.

6d 12h 34m Wild Charge OHKOs. Recoil + Rough Skin takes a third of Manectric's health.

6d 12h 33m Manectric is sent in against Sharpedo.

6d 12h 33m Ziggy to 57.

6d 12h 33m A critical Cut takes out Cacturne.

6d 12h 33m Ziggy in the yellow as well due to the Leech Seed.

6d 12h 32m Rock Smash brings Cacturne to yellow.

6d 12h 32m Surf takes Cacturne to yellow. Ziggy is leeched.

6d 12h 32m Volt Switch takes a quarter of Cacturne's health. In comes Ziggy.

6d 12h 32m Manectric in. Cacturne restored.

6d 12h 32m Minun down to Needle Arm.

6d 12h 31m Quick Attack and Thunder bring Cacturne to red.

6d 12h 31m Minun in red from Needle Arm.

6d 12h 31m Thunder fails to hit due to Spiky Shield.

6d 12h 31m Critical Payback brings Minun to yellow.

6d 12h 31m Quick Attack does little damage.

6d 12h 31m Thunder misses. Needle Arm does little damage to Minun.

6d 12h 30m Switched to Minun against Cacturne.

6d 12h 30m T4 to Level 69.

6d 12h 30m Mightyena and Shiftry were both taken out in quick succession by T4.

6d 12h 28m T4 vs. Mightyena

6d 12h 28m Challenged Sidney!

6d 12h 25m Run #8 begins!

6d 12h 23m Still outside the E4 building.

6d 12h 22m Decided against teaching Secret Power.

6d 12h 22m Booted up Secret Power.

6d 12h 21m Dowsing Machine off. Just hanging again.

6d 12h 20m Using the Dowsing Machines. Check out those adorable antennae.

6d 12h 19m Looking through TMs.

6d 12h 18m Checking our bag.

6d 12h 18m Just stumbling around.

6d 12h 17m Checking out the bag.

6d 12h 17m It was sitting around out here, you see?

6d 12h 17m Mewtwonite Y obtained!

6d 12h 15m We leave once again. Running southwards now.

6d 12h 15m We leave the League. We enter. We leave. We enter.

6d 12h 15m Ziggy hit by Foul Play. Black out! Run 7 ends!

6d 12h 15m She attempts to Belly Drum but fails.

6d 12h 14m Ziggy in the red from her curse.

6d 12h 14m Dusclops down to a Surf.

6d 12h 14m Ziggy brings Dusclops to yellow with Surf. Dusclops in red from Curse. Ziggy is cursed and in the yellow.

6d 12h 13m Dusclops gets restored. Ziggy hits itself in confusion.

6d 12h 13m Ziggy gets hit with Confuse Ray. Future Sight hits as well, and Ziggy loses a bit of health.

6d 12h 13m Zigzagoony uses Surf. Dusclops to yellow.

6d 12h 12m Zigzagoony is sent in.

6d 12h 11m Minun hits itself in confusion. Shadow Punch finishes it off.

6d 12h 11m Minun at a quarter health.

6d 12h 11m Thunder misses again. Dusclops uses Future Sight.

6d 12h 11m Minun at half health from curses.

6d 12h 10m Thunder misses. Dusclops hits Minun with a Confuse Ray.

6d 12h 10m Quick Attack has no effect on Dusclops. Minun is cursed.

6d 12h 10m Minun vs Dusclops.

6d 12h 9m Her grin is creepy, but Phoebe is challenged!

6d 12h 9m Talking to Phoebe.

6d 12h 9m Checking out TMs.

6d 12h 7m Trying to exit the room. Alas, we cannot until we defeat Phoebe.

6d 12h 6m Saved the game.

6d 12h 4m Entered Phoebe's room.

6d 12h 2m Heading towards Phoebe's room now.

6d 12h 1m Sidney defeated.

6d 12h 1m Minun uses Volt Switch. Absol down.

6d 12h 0m Minun is sent in.

6d 11h 59m Supersonic misses. Whismur down.

6d 11h 58m Whismur is sent in. He's in the red.

6d 11h 58m Night Slash takes her out.

6d 11h 58m Wild Charge takes Absol to yellow. Manectric in yellow because of recoil.

6d 11h 57m Sidney sends in Absol.

6d 11h 57m The inputs have returned.

6d 11h 57m Manetric is damaged by the recoil.

6d 11h 56m Manectric uses Wild Charge. Sharpedo down.

6d 11h 56m The inputs appear to have stopped.

6d 11h 54m In comes Manectric.

6d 11h 54m Next Crunch downs Latios.

6d 11h 54m Another Power Split.

6d 11h 53m Sharpedo's Crunch takes Latios to yellow.

6d 11h 53m Latios uses Power Split.

6d 11h 52m We switch out to Latios against Sharpedo.

6d 11h 52m A critical Stomp downs Cacturne.

6d 11h 52m Echoed Voice brings Cacturne to yellow. Payback sends Whismur to red.

6d 11h 52m Synchronoise doesn't work on Cacturne. Whismur in the yellow from a Payback.

6d 11h 51m He stomps, but hits Cacturne's Spiky Shield. Whismur V takes some damage.

6d 11h 51m In comes Whismur V.

6d 11h 51m T4 down to a Needle Arm.

6d 11h 51m T4 uses Waterfall. It barely scratches Cacturne.

6d 11h 50m Cacturne is sent in.

6d 11h 50m He wants to learn Dragon Pulse, but we do not let him.

6d 11h 50m Latios to 56.

6d 11h 50m Superpower takes out Shiftry.

6d 11h 49m Leaf Blade brings T4 to yellow.

6d 11h 49m Leaf Blade misses her. Dive does little damage to Shiftry.

6d 11h 49m T4 dives.

6d 11h 49m In comes Shiftry.

6d 11h 48m Whismur V to Level 57.

6d 11h 48m Superpower proceeds to OHKO Mightyena.

6d 11h 48m Intimidate cuts her attack.

6d 11h 48m T4 v Mightyena.

6d 11h 48m Battling Sidney!

6d 11h 46m Just stumbling around.

6d 11h 44m Entered Sidney's room.

6d 11h 41m Unfortunately, Ziggy can't learn Steel Wing. It just doesn't fly.

6d 11h 40m Are we attempting to teach TMs? Who knows.

6d 11h 38m Run 7 begins.

6d 11h 37m In the Pokémon League building.

6d 11h 36m The sixth run was not a success.

6d 11h 36m Arty blacked out!

6d 11h 35m Aqua Jet takes out Minun.

6d 11h 35m Sharpedo comes in.

6d 11h 35m Volt Switch downs Shiftry.

6d 11h 35m Minun in red from a Leaf Blade.

6d 11h 35m Quick Attack next: Shiftry a two-thirds down.

6d 11h 35m Minun in the yellow from a Leaf Blade.

6d 11h 34m Thunder is used, Shiftry to yellow.

6d 11h 34m Fake Out causes Minun to flinch.

6d 11h 34m Sidney sends in Rowgreen Shiftry.

6d 11h 34m A Thunder finishes off Mightyena.

6d 11h 34m Volt Switch brings Mightyena to yellow.

6d 11h 33m Minun gets Sucker Punched. It does little damage.

6d 11h 33m In comes Minun!

6d 11h 33m Only Minun left.

6d 11h 33m Ziggy faints to confusion.

6d 11h 32m A second Sucker Punch takes Ziggy to red.

6d 11h 32m Its Sucker Punch and Ziggy's confusion takes the latter to yellow.

6d 11h 32m Mightyena gets a Full Restore.

6d 11h 32m A Max Revive is used on Ziggy. No effect.

6d 11h 31m Swagger confuses Ziggy and raises her attack.

6d 11h 31m She whacks Mightyena with a Rock Smash. It hits the yellow and loses defence.

6d 11h 30m Zigzagoony is sent in.

6d 11h 29m She's currently holding a nugget.

6d 11h 29m T4 is unconscious so we can't send her out.

6d 11h 28m Currently trying to send out our next 'mon.

6d 11h 27m Crunch downs Whismur.

6d 11h 27m Echoed Voice takes out a third of Mightyena's health.

6d 11h 26m Intimidate cuts Whismur's attack.

6d 11h 26m Whismur V faces off against Mightyena.

6d 11h 26m Battling Sidney!

6d 11h 25m It's unfortunate that we cannot sit in his chair.

6d 11h 25m Standing right next to Sidney.

6d 11h 25m We enter!

6d 11h 24m In front of Sidney's room.

6d 11h 24m Only Whismur V, Minun and Zigzagoony are conscious right now.

6d 11h 23m E4 Run #6, begin!

6d 11h 22m Left the PC.

6d 11h 22m Organizing boxes.

6d 11h 22m Booted up the PC.

6d 11h 22m Currently standing next to the nurse.

6d 11h 22m Left and entered again.

6d 11h 21m Entered.

6d 11h 21m Left the building.

6d 11h 20m Entered the League building.

6d 11h 20m Landed in the Pokémon League.

6d 11h 20m Heading southwards to the League.

6d 11h 19m Currently in the north-east of Hoenn.

6d 11h 19m Flying now.

6d 11h 19m Activated the Eon Flute.

6d 11h 17m In the grass.

6d 11h 16m Left the bag.

6d 11h 16m Checking out TMs.

6d 11h 14m Back to hanging around this bit of the mountain.

6d 11h 14m Currently checking out our team.

6d 11h 10m We run from the Happiny.

6d 11h 10m Fifth ball fails.

6d 11h 9m Fourth ball fails as well.

6d 11h 9m Minun levelled up to 64 earlier, I believe.

6d 11h 9m We currently have thirty-five balls.

6d 11h 9m And that fails.

6d 11h 9m Third ball.

6d 11h 8m That fails too.

6d 11h 8m Another ball.

6d 11h 8m Threw a Pokéball at a Happiny. It fails.

6d 11h 2m Grinding.

6d 11h 0m And now he's green. Thank you, Heal Pulse.

6d 10h 59m Back to grinding in the grass. Whismur V's in the red from constant Audinos.

6d 10h 58m Heading up the stairs. Nothing's here.

6d 10h 57m Zigzagoony to Level 56.

6d 10h 50m Whismur V to 56.

6d 10h 42m Grinding.

6d 10h 38m Whismur V to 55.

6d 10h 37m Zigzagoony hits Level 55.

6d 10h 34m Currently checking our TMs. Nope, left the bag.

6d 10h 34m Still hanging around Mirage Mountain.

6d 10h 31m Currently leading us in our grind is Whismur V.

6d 10h 29m Minun hits Level 63.

6d 10h 28m Latios faints.

6d 10h 22m Battle effects are on.

6d 10h 21m Whismur V hits Level 54.

6d 10h 18m Text speed is fast. Battle effects are off.

6d 10h 17m Arty doing some stretches while idle.

6d 10h 15m We're still roaming the mountain.

6d 10h 15m Zinc obtained.

6d 10h 9m Latios to Level 55.

6d 10h 6m Cracking rocks.

6d 10h 3m Just hanging around on Mirage Mountain.

[GDoc] It should be mostly up-to-date, save for Minun and T4's levels. Unless they haven't changed.

[Info] We can't get helix fossils in OR. Unsub unfollow cancel preorder block on myspace </3

6d 9h 53m We obtain an Old Amber from smashing a rock. Chat erupts into "LORD AMBER PRAISE REVIVE".

[Info] We caught the first Happiny with an Ultra Ball, second Happiny with a Luxury Ball, and Audino with a Pokeball.

[Info] Zigzagoony is currently Level 54.

6d 9h 49 Also Zigzagoony leveled up

6d 9h 49m We caught Audino "Not Identified In Hoenn", nickname !uruu9byyy22. Female

6d 9h 46m Caught another Happiny, fliueyh6. Female, level 37

[Info] Whismur V is level 53

6d 9h 42m We used a Lava Cookie on Latios, but it had no effect.

6d 9h 39m Caught a Happiny. "Not Identified in Hoenn". Nickname !jmbmzt3rrzd. Female.

[Info] Latios leveled up to 54 earlier

6d 9h 33m Happiny here too. EXP heaven it seems.

6d 9h 33m Grinding on Audino Kappa

6d 9h 27m Mirage Mountain. Though there are no legendaries here.

6d 9h 27m We actually land somewhere

[Info] We also picked up a Luxury Ball

6d 9h 15m We finished getting all the nuggets. We appear to have gotten eight Big Nuggets and four Regular Nuggets, totalling $100,000.

6d 9h 7m Still trying to get nuggets.

6d 9h 4m Beedrilite

6d 9h 1m So many nuggets it's hard to hold them all.

[Chat] "Ice Guns We're Packin' jokes

6d 8h 57m We obtain TM13 Ice Beam!!

[Snark] These Chicken Nuggets are the remnants of Zexy and Sarfa. Kappa


6d 8h 50m We seem to have finished all the things we need, and are going to the Nugget room.

6d 8h 25m Still in the ship.

6d 8h 14m We obtain a Revive

6d 8h 11m Still solving the Abandoned Ship puzzle. munches on popcorn


6d 8h 1m We get a Dive Ball

6d 8h 0m We opened the key to room one Kreygasm

[Info] Seems we have a key. Sorry I was sleeping ResidentSleeper

[Fluff] Like BB2, when we beat all the legendaries and after the E4 they came back.

6d 7h 23m we ran it seems BibleThump

6d 7h 22m We rematch Ho-Oh!

[Snark] put your hand in the hole ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

6d 7h 19m Sea Mauville again Kreygasm

6d 7h 15m Progress: 0%.

[Chat] ramdonperson: Exploud what Exploud Kappa

6d 7h 2m We seem to want to be going TO SLATEPORT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DING DONG DONGERS ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Info] Map provided by Monkeyboyinc: http://i.imgur.com/3DrIcBx.png

6d 6h 31m Doing the strength puzzle ;-;

6d 6h 13m in the trick house again ;-;

[Info] Well Slateport is the easiest way to Dewford, and Sea Mauville.

6d 6h 3m Nope, we want to go to Sea Mauville. $100,000 worth of Nuggets there, Ice Beam, and the Beedrilite.

6d 6h 1m We seem to want to go TO SLATEPORT! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DING DONG DONGERS ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

[Chat] A poll solved the debate, we seem to be wanting to verse legendaries. Using the Eon Flute is hard though.

[Chat] Debate/riot between Trick House, E4, legendary sidequests, and other small missions.

6d 5h 49m We use the flute again...and land. Geez, decide what we're doing SwiftRage

6d 5h 48m Back on Route 110 BibleThump

6d 5h 48m ...and land

6d 5h 47m We fly away with the Eon Flute.

[Snark] RAGEQUIT!..oh wait nevermind

6d 5h 43m ...and re-enter.

6d 5h 43m We exit the Trick House.

[Chat] You_Know_whom: there is a ledge near the scroll BibleThump

[Chat] TheCalaxy: RULE #1 for being a chat leader: Spam an emote and use /me and anything else that gets attention. RULE #32564: Actually be helpful to the stream Kappa

6d 5h 20m Somehow making progress in the Trick House. Chat is trying to elect leaders.

[Snark] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE CLAW

[Chat] Something about dictatorship and Darude Sandstorm

6d 5h 11m Haven't made any progress. Chat still thinks PC demands a sacrifice.

6d 5h 6m ..Back in the Puzzle Room.

6d 5h 5m We go back into the Trick House Lobby.. Chat demands PC and League.

6d 5h 5m We save the game multiple times, too scared to attempt the puzzle.

6d 4h 57m Strength Puzzle. Also we enter the Trick House Puzzle Room

[Chat] Iatias: now is not the time to use PJSalt guys

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no I'll spring PJSalt at opportune moment

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

6d 4h 53m TRICK HOUSE Kreygasm

[Fluff] Slateport City, to the left of the Contest Hall

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: name rater is nearby as well, right?

6d 4h 44m Just on Route 110.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what happened to the imput?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: t4 is so fat danBad

[Chat] Chat is divided over going to the Trick House, picking Berries, or going to the League.

6d 4h 14m We exit onto Route 110...and go back into Mauville. And back out again.

6d 4h 13m On the bottom floor, down south of the city.

6d 4h 10m We go back and forth between the roof and middle floor.

6d 4h 6m On the rooftop.

6d 4h 2m On the first floor, but heading towards the stairway that goes to the second floor.

6d 4h 0m We go back to the first floor.

6d 4h 0m On the bottom floor of Mauville City, just walking around.

[Donation] $2.00 from xThat1Gamer: "Guys, what are we doing? We need to go and beat Mysty"

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what's wrong with my timer?

6d 3h 39m Out on the balcony.

6d 3h 37m We sit down at Wattson's computer.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: pikachu PogChamp

6d 3h 34m After some menu spam, we escape the TV's clutches.

6d 3h 34m We stop watching TV, then save.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp auto save is broken again

6d 3h 32m It's 1:30 AM here people, I can't keep reading you TV quotes. I'll say when it's over.

[Snark] The TV mentioned Hoothoot's Japanese name is "Hoho". So it's a cross between Ho-Oh and Delibird?

6d 3h 30m The talk show from before is actually about Japanese words? Maybe Japanese Pokemon names? But that's what PokeQuiz is about...

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: pokemon zukan miste

6d 3h 29m We have exhausted the selections. We're back to the "What's That?" show, this time about the Full Incense.

6d 3h 29m I think the Poke Ranger show is about abilities? The first one was about Steadfast, and we just watched one about Sap Sipper.

6d 3h 27m More TV. It's moving too fast to get much out of it. James Movesworth talks about the move Fling.

[Fluff] The more you know. Kappa

6d 3h 25m We keep watching TV. A show about Rising Star Nadia, then one with Watchy, then a talk show, then "PokeQuiz." Did you know Pikachu's Japanese name is Pikachu?

6d 3h 23m Arty turns on Wattson's TV and tunes it to "The Adventures of Poke Ranger". The Wattsons don't seem to mind.

6d 3h 22m Arty wanders Wattson's apartment, admiring artwork and reclining on his leather couches.

[Fluff] Wattson says New Mauville was supposed to be another underground city like Mauville is now, but it didn't pan out and was "left to rot". That's a bit more grim than the Power Plant knockoff in Emerald.

6d 3h 18m Wattson is glad to hear New Mauville is alright. Got TM24 Thunderbolt!

Poké6d 3h 18m Entered Chez Wattson.

6d 3h 11m On 1F, moving toward Wattson. A man in a suit on this floor has the Loppunite.

6d 3h 10m We enter the elevator and walk back out. The computer is still expecting us.

[Chat] People are rioting about fighting the E4, getting Kenya, and of course, petting ZapDoge.

6d 3h 8m We overshoot the elevator. Arty's resting on a bench.

6d 3h 6m In the northern part of Mauville. Wattson's still in his apartment.

6d 3h 4m Entered Mauville. Moving north.

6d 3h 3m Back on the mainland of Route 110. We have to go back to Mauville to get the Thunderbolt TM (probably) from Wattson.

6d 3h 3m Saved.

6d 3h 2m Outside Amie. Manectric is jumping and thinking about PokePuffs.

6d 3h 0m We fed 0 Berries (a personal best), but at least we got a PokePuff and made Manectric happy.

6d 2h 59m Back in Amie. Time for round 3 of Berry picking.

6d 2h 58m We exit Amie and start Surfing.

6d 2h 55m Back onto Route 110.We go back to petting Manectric.

6d 2h 54m Moving again. We're by the exit.

6d 2h 52m We check the settings and our party. Arty is stuck behind the camera, and no one is pressing directions.

6d 2h 50m We exit Amie, and it's back to New Maville. Quite a stark difference between this bleak industrial complex and the brightly-colored berry-picking .

[Snark] We aren't "berry" good at this game...Kappa

6d 2h 48m "0 Berries, PokePuff Received." We go for another try.

6d 2h 47m We start playing the Berry feeding game, which of course involves dragging. Our Pokemon appear wanting food, and go away hungry.

6d 2h 46m Entered Pokemon Amie with Manectric. "pet the doge"

6d 2h 38m One of the many wild Voltorbs paralyzed T4.

6d 2h 36m Found an Ampharosite and a Metal Coat!

6d 2h 35m We approach an item and a shiny tile.

6d 2h 30m The PC does some surveillance, and concludes that there is no unusual activity in New Mauville. Unless you count some kid KOing Pokemon and looting the place.

6d 2h 29m Arty approaches a large computer. We press the button.

6d 2h 26m Another hidden Voltorb in a ball. T4 takes it out.

6d 2h 22m We run from a wild Magnemite.

6d 2h 21m So was the next one. Waterfall OHKOs (that was Waterfall last time too, sorry). The last ball is an Escape Rope.

6d 2h 20m Ball number three is a Voltorb. Surf from T4 OHKOs.

6d 2h 19m We open a ball. It's a Paralyze Heal. The second one is a Thunder Stone.

6d 2h 17m Another wild Voltorb; we run. Arty stares at the rows of balls cautiously.

6d 2h 14m T4 versus a wild Voltorb. We run. To our north are some Pokeballs, some of which are actually more Voltorbs.

6d 2h 12m Well, it's a shady-looking building now, not a cave. Entered New Mauville.

6d 2h 11m We pass the Cycling Road entrance and Surf onto the island. New Mauville is the cave to the east.

[Info] New Mauville is by the water, apparently.

6d 2h 8m We keep walking south. Onto Route 110.

6d 2h 5m Walking south, past the market area. The shops must all be getting ready for Black Friday.

6d 2h 4m We go down to 1F, then back to 2F.

6d 2h 3m We walk up to a metal door. "WE'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU, !12rt... YOUR AUTHORIZATION HAS BEEN PROCESSED."

[Info] It seems a man around here has the Loppunite .

6d 1h 59m We wandered into some other apartment.

6d 1h 57m After our Thanksgiving dinner with the Wattsons, we leave the apartment and start moving toward New Mauville (hopefully).

[Fluff] Looks like the monster we hated from Emerald is actually just a regular guy.

[Chat] "eat taillow for thanksgiving"

[Fluff] There's a Taillow sitting out on the balcony.

6d 1h 53m We walk out onto Wattson's balcony. These apartments are actually quite nice.

[Fluff] A Plusle and a Minum are wandering around the house. A picture of the two hangs in front of the door.

[Fluff] Wattson's wife (an Ace Trainer): "... I do apoligize for all the trouble we've caused you, but please find some way to forgive us." We'll forgive you when you bring back Zexy.

6d 1h 47m Instead of giving us the Basement Key, Wattson steps towards us and takes a picture. Apparently, New Mauville now uses iris recognition, so we just need to press a button and we'll get in.

6d 1h 46m Entered Wattson's apartment. He talks more about New Mauville.

6d 1h 43m Wandering around Mauville Hills, the underground bunker classy apartment complex where Wattson lives.

6d 1h 42m Somehow, we enter the elevator on our first try, and manage to not go back up.

6d 1h 40m We left the Center and entered Mauville's north gate.

6d 1h 38m In the Pokemon Center; checkpoint is now Mauville. Arty is stuck behind a couch while the chat calls for Kenya.

6d 1h 37m Out of the Mart. Wattson's place is north.

[Chat] "venoshock Kreygasm"


6d 1h 35m Arty goes straight for it. Bought TM40 Aerial Ace, and the TM for Venoshock.

6d 1h 34m In the mart. The top cashier sells Aerial Ace.

6d 1h 33m But more importantly, everyone's favorite TM is for sale at the Pokémart.

6d 1h 32m Spoke to Wattson. He says the Square Tower monitors activity in New Mauville, and asks us to come with him to check it out.

[Snark] Perhaps so is this new Mauville's overly confusing layout.

[Fluff] The tower's resemblance to Prism Tower is intentional: it was built as a symbol of friendship between Mauville and Lumiose.

6d 1h 26m Wattson is standing by the tower in Mauville's courtyard.

[Chat] Z33k33: "Wow this is so different"

6d 1h 23m Entered Mauville. We need to talk to Wattson and his wife to start the New Mauville sidequest.

6d 1h 22m We crossed the water, and are now approaching Mauville.

6d 1h 21m Zigzagoony cuts a tree, then we hop a ledge to a beachy area.

6d 1h 18m Moving west on Route 118, running from all the wild Pokes.

6d 1h 15m And another horde. We run.

6d 1h 14m One down, four to go. We run.

6d 1h 13m T4 versus a hoard of Electrike. This is going to be ugly.

6d 1h 10m Cacnea down. Mightyena comes in, but T4 has the Superpower for it. Trainer defeated.

[Chat] Miley Cyrus jokes abound.

6d 1h 9m Onto Route 118. T4 versus Delinquent Miley and her Cacnea.

[Strategy] The plan seems to be to go to New Mauville, given that we're in the neighborhood. The Thunderbolt TM is there, I believe.

6d 1h 3m Found an Ultra Ball!

6d 1h 0m Harvested a Shuca Berry, planted a Passho Berry.

6d 0h 58m All our planted berries have been watered.

6d 0h 55m Harvested a Kebia Berry, then planted a Nanab Berry.

6d 0h 53m Harvested a Charti Berry, then planted it.

6d 0h 52m Planted a Payapa Berry. We try to water it three times.

6d 0h 51m Planted a Chilan Berry. Harvested a Coba Berry, then planted it.

6d 0h 50m Harvested a Tanga Berry and a Payapa Berry.

6d 0h 50m Approaching another berry patch.

6d 0h 46m Still wandering around Route 123.

6d 0h 44m Harvested some Nanab Berries.

6d 0h 43m Harvested 8 Rawst Berries and 6 other berries, then planted a Pomeg Berry and a Mago berry.

6d 0h 41m Harvested 8 Nanab Berries.

6d 0h 40m Harvested 6 Iapapa Berries. Planted a Nanab Berry in their place.

6d 0h 39m We approach some soft soil and plant a Wacan Berry.

6d 0h 37m Found an Abomasite! The chat collectively thanks Obama.

[Recap] We made it to the Pokémon League about 5 hours ago. After failing a few times, we have been Soaring around Hoenn and generally faffing about.

[Snark] Get ready for some more Berry Shenanigans!

6d 0h 31m Landed in Route 123.

6d 0h 29m Versus a wild Braviary! T4 OHKOs and grows to level 68!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 68 - Max. HP 229 Attack 104 Defense 145 Sp. Atk 126 Sp. Def 138 Speed 91

6d 0h 26m Uninterested, Arty plays the Eon Flute again.

6d 0h 26m Landed in Route 126. We're on a sandbar outside of Sootopolis.

6d 0h 24m Used the Eon Flute! And away we go!

[Chat] Schmitter_deluxe: Maybe if we put a different appendage in the hole, it will come back. Kappa

6d 0h 22m We used a Soda Pop in one of our Pokes. Chat wants to use the Eon Flute.

6d 0h 20m KO'd Cresselia!

6d 0h 18m Cresselia is at half HP!

6d 0h 18m Battle! Cresselia!

6d 0h 16m Landed on Cresent Isle!

6d 0h 14m Used the Eon Flute again.

6d 0h 12m Landed back at Mossdeep City.

6d 0h 12m Used the Eon Flute!

6d 0h 9m Welcome to Mossdeep City.

6d 0h 9m Zigzagoony has been KO'd by a wild Golbat! BLACKED OUT!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 5 second is best I can do

6d 0h 6m Defeated Mienshao and the Battle Girl!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: strats PogChamp

6d 0h 5m Got into a battle! Mienshao vs Zigzagoony.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

6d 0h 2m Threw a Pokeball at a Solrock.

6d 0h 0m And the seventh day has started! Welcome!


6d 0h 0m No evolution this time.

5d 23h 59m Loudred grew to Lv52! Defeated Dragon Tamer Nicolas!

[Stats] Loudred Lv. 52 - Max. HP 166 Attack 106 Defense 59 Sp. Atk 91 Sp. Def 53 Speed 73

5d 23h 59m Flygon lands the Hyper Beam on Loudred before being KO'd. Down Flygon goes!

5d 23h 58m Flygon used Hyper Beam... but Loudred avoided the attack! Flygon is one hit away from being KOd now.

5d 23h 58m Latios was KO'd by the Flygon!

5d 23h 58m Flygon almost OHKOs Latios!

5d 23h 57m Got into a battle with Dragon Tamer Nicolas!
Flygon vs Latios!

5d 23h 55m Went up the ladder to the main floor of Meteor Falls.

[Info] It took 49 minutes to catch a Bagon.

[Info] Lv39 Female Bagon. Nickname: !!!quyuu455y

5d 23h 50m Threw another Poké Ball at Bagon... Threw another... WAIT, BAGON WAS CAUGHT!

[Fluff] I need some popcorn. How have we not ran yet?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: deoxys = gg OneHand

5d 23h 48m Three more Poké Balls thrown at Bagon. But wait! Manectric has been KO'd by Bagon! Three Pokémon down to one wild Bagon.

5d 23h 46m We have thrown 24 Poké Balls at Bagon so far, and he has KO'd two of our own Pokémon. Better not run and make this worthless!

5d 23h 44m Threw another Poké Ball, but Minun has been KO'd by Bagon! Switched into Manectric.

5d 23h 44m Throwing Poké Balls all day long. Five more have been thrown.

5d 23h 42m Threw three Poké Balls at Bagon.

5d 23h 41m Tossed two more Poké Balls at Bagon.

5d 23h 40m Tossed two Poké Balls at Bagon, neither actually capturing it.

5d 23h 39m Switched into Minun and used Fake Tears.

5d 23h 37m Threw a third Poké Ball at Bagon. Azumarill fainted from the poison!

5d 23h 37m Threw another Poké Ball at Bagon.

5d 23h 36m Threw a Poké Ball at Bagon.

5d 23h 36m Encountered our second Bagon in 30 minutes!

5d 23h 34m We continue our search for a Bagon in the same general 10 tile area. It has been going on for more than 30 minutes.

5d 23h 32m Threw another Poké Ball at Golbat. Captured Golbat! Lv37, Male. Nickname: uuu2u6u3u6ba

[Info] *Poke Ball. I swear, it looked like a Great Ball.

5d 23h 32m Azumarill got poisoned! And we threw a Great Ball at the Golbat.

5d 23h 31m Threw another Pokeball at the same Golbat.

5d 23h 31m Threw a Pokeball at a Golbat.

5d 23h 26m Got away safely.

5d 23h 26m Encountered a Bagon!

5d 23h 23m Went back to where Dragon Claw was.

5d 23h 22m After lots of wandering around searching in the Dragon Claw room, we start surfing down.

5d 23h 19m Tossed a Pokeball at Solrock, Lv39. Gotcha! Solrock was caught! Nickname: !uiugguuuuuu

5d 23h 17m Tossed our last Premier Ball at a Solrock.

5d 23h 17m Used another Soda Pop on Azumarill.

5d 23h 16m Used a Soda Pop on Azumarill.

[Donation] $2.00 from Slasher15987: "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Release Kenya ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ"

[Info] Current Poké Ball count is 75. Current checkpoint is Mossdeep City.

5d 23h 7m Latios grew to Lv53!

5d 23h 7m Used a Soda Pop! But it had no effect.

5d 23h 5m Obtained TM02 Dragon Claw!

5d 23h 3m Stopped surfing and entered another room in the far north side of Meteor Falls.

5d 23h 3m Started surfing in the direction of the Dragon Claw TM.

5d 23h 1m Tossed two Pokeballs at a new Golbat.

5d 23h 0m Tossed 3 Pokeballs at a previous Golbat.

5d 22h 53m Entered a water filled room in the northern area of Meteor Falls.

5d 22h 52m Started surfing and went up a waterfall.

[Info] Zubat was level 19.

5d 22h 48m Caught a Zubat! No nickname.

5d 22h 45m Landed at Meteor Falls. The chats planned destination was the Pokemon League. What an ever grande overshoot.

5d 22h 42m Used the Eon Flute again!

[Streamer] Flarn2006: @Twitch_plays_3ds thanks for unbanning me :)

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Flarn2006 I don't think I banned you in the first place

5d 22h 40m Left the Pokemon Center.

5d 22h 39m Entered the Mossdeep City Pokemon Center.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: pc express

5d 22h 38m Nevermind, landed back at Mossdeep City.

5d 22h 38m Used the Eon Flute again.

5d 22h 37m Landed at Mossdeep City.

5d 22h 35m Used the Eon Flute!

5d 22h 30m Left Victory Road to Ever Grande City.

5d 22h 28m Registered the Vs. Recorder.

5d 22h 26m Started surfing and left the cave.

5d 22h 19m We went up the ladder in the end.

5d 22h 18m Started going up and down a ladder.

5d 22h 14m Zigzagoony leveled up to 52!

5d 22h 10m Azumarill leveled up, as if it wasn't obvious Kappa

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 67 - Max. HP 226 Attack 102 Defense 143 Sp. Atk 124 Sp. Def 136 Speed 90

5d 22h 4m Minun also reached Lv61, and Manectric reached Lv52.

5d 22h 4m Whismur V reached Lv50! Canceled Whismur V's evolution.

5d 22h 2m Crossing the bridge.

5d 22h 1m Walking up some stairs near a bridge and a ladder back down.

5d 21h 56m Went back down the ladder. And then back up.

5d 21h 55m Climbed up a ladder.

5d 21h 53m Surfed towards two Ace Trainers.

5d 21h 47m Obtained TM35 Flamethrower!

5d 21h 46m Pushed the second boulder to the right.

5d 21h 45m Pushed the second boulder up.

5d 21h 41m Pushed the first boulder in the puzzle to the right.

[Chat] The chat is rioting about quite a lot of things, including:
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ KENYA OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GROUDONGERS OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ GRAVY OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ರೃ༽ノ

[Streamer] Flarn_2006: @Twitchplayspokemon @Twitch_plays_3ds Why was my other account banned for a day? I assume it was by mistake as I don't remember saying anything that could have gotten me banned for that long.

Twitch_plays_3ds: @Flarn_2006 what's your other account?

[Streamer] Flarn_2006: @Twitchplayspokemon @Twitch_plays_3ds Why was my other account banned for a day? I assume it was by mistake as I don't remember saying anything that could have gotten me banned for that long.

Twitchplayspokemon: @flarn_2006 your inability to remember is not my concern

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

5d 21h 38m Arrived back at the boulder puzzle.

5d 21h 37m Stopped surfing.

5d 21h 36m Re-entered Victory Road.

5d 21h 35m Exited Victory Road through a lower exit, resetting the boulder puzzle.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: FailFish you woke me up

5d 21h 34m Started surfing to the right.

5d 21h 26m The second boulder was pushed too far up, breaking the puzzle.

5d 21h 26m Started pushing a boulder to the right with strength.

[Donation] Those pound signs in kamiathewolf's donation are supposed to be asterisks. I couldn't get the formatting syntax to work properly with four asterisks though.

5d 21h 20m Got back onto land from where we came.

[Donation] $10.00 from kamiathewolf: "I'm thankful for riots, tentacled Lords, Michael Catson's never-ending party, and this awesome community hosted by the fantastic Streamer and team. I love you all! Except you, Wattson. #### you." Sorry, this update came in late.

5d 21h 18m Started surfing.

5d 21h 17m Went down a ladder.

5d 21h 15m Crossed a bridge, went up and down some stairs...

[Fluff] ANNIE! BibleThump

5d 21h 11m Went down the ladder again.

5d 21h 9m went down a ladder and up again.

5d 21h 6m Back on land.

5d 21h 5m Surfing again.

5d 21h 4m Found TM81 X-Scissor!

5d 21h 4m Back on land!

5d 21h 4m Used Waterfall.

5d 21h 3m Now Surfing

5d 21h 2m Entered another part of victory Road.

5d 21h 1m Saved a bunch of times.

5d 21h 0m We're near Wally!

5d 20h 59m Inside the victory Road.

5d 20h 58m We're walking away from the E4.

5d 20h 56m Left the building!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !animation

5d 20h 54m Left the lobby, only to reenter it quickly!

5d 20h 53m Back in the lobby!

5d 20h 53m W6 fainted! BLACK OUT!

5d 20h 52m Secret power doesn't affect dusknoir, hex once more and W6 is in the yelow!

5d 20h 52m W6 is back in!

5d 20h 52m Minun faints to ice punch!

5d 20h 51m Feminun in the red too!Full restore on dusknoir again! Thunder is used and he's back in the yellows!

5d 20h 51m Dusknoir is in the red, we switch to feminun!

5d 20h 50m Secret power against Hex! W6 suffer some damage!

5d 20h 50m We sent W6 in!

5d 20h 50m Ziggy fainted!

5d 20h 49m Full restores used on dusknoir, surf does little damage!

5d 20h 49m Surf and dusknoir is in the red! Thunder punch puts zigggy in the yellow!

5d 20h 48m We switch back to Zigzagoony!

5d 20h 48m Feminun in!

5d 20h 48m Thunder punch and T4 faints! Dusknoir in the yellow!

5d 20h 47m T4 is in the yellow, and Dusknoir is sent out! Wtaerfall again!

5d 20h 47m Sorry, that's T4! Waterfall and Dusclops is down!T4 is cursed!

5d 20h 46m Feminun vs. Dusclops!

5d 20h 45m VS. Phoebe!

5d 20h 43m Entered the room

5d 20h 42m On the bridge to Phoebe's room!

5d 20h 41m One more Thunder takes out the Absol! Sindey Defeated!!!

5d 20h 41m Quick Attack from Minun bring little damage. Night Slash from Absol brings Minun to the red!

5d 20h 40m Absol is sent out!

5d 20h 40m Thunder strikes once again and Sharpedo is taken out!

5d 20h 40m Sharpedo is sent out by Sidney!

5d 20h 39m Thunder is used but Cacturne avoids it. Leech Seed is than used and Cacturn recovers some HP. Next Turn Thunder strikes from Minun and the Cactus is taking out!

5d 20h 38m Minun is sent back out!

5d 20h 38m Cacturne takes out Whismur v!

5d 20h 38m Whismur v is out and a attack brings it down to the read!

[Fluff] I just noticed Loudred has a butt hole.

5d 20h 37m Dragon Breath is used by Latios to bring it down to the Yellow but an attack from the Opponent takes down Latios!

5d 20h 37m Cacturne now Leech Seeds Latios!

5d 20h 36m Minun is switch out for Latios!

5d 20h 36m Quick Attack is used by Minun but damages Cacturne a little. Leech Seed is used and Minun is seeded! Cacturne recovers its lost HP!

5d 20h 35m Cacturne is sent out! We switch out t4 for Minun!

5d 20h 35m Rock Smash OHKO's Shriftry!

5d 20h 35m Shrifty is sent out by Sidney!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 66 - Max. HP 223 Attack 101 Defense 140 Sp. Atk 122 Sp. Def 134 Speed 89

5d 20h 34m t4 snaps out of confusion and Rock Smask takes out Mightyena! t4 levels up to Lv. 66!

5d 20h 33m Mighy uses Take Down to injure t4 a bit but recoil puts Mighy at yellow!

5d 20h 33m Swagger confuses t4 but raiser her attack!

5d 20h 33m vs Elite 4 Sidney! Sidney sends out Mightyena! We send out t4!

5d 20h 31m And we enter Sidney's room once more!

5d 20h 30m Entered the E4, RUN N°5!

5d 20h 29m Surf and banette lost some pv!Zigzagoony faints to psychic! BLACK OUT!

5d 20h 29m We switch to zigzagoony.

5d 20h 28m only zigzagoony (in the red ) remains.

5d 20h 27m Banette in! Feminun faints! to shadow ball.

5d 20h 27m ZigZagoony to lv. 51!

5d 20h 27m Thunder and Sableey faints!

5d 20h 27m Femiun in the red after another foul play!

5d 20h 26m Sableey avoid Thunder and used Foul play!

5d 20h 26m Fake out and feminun flinch!

5d 20h 25m Sableye is sent in!

[Stats] Minun Lv. 60 - Max. HP 168 Attack 76 Defense 102 Sp. Atk 125 Sp. Def 114 Speed 152

5d 20h 25m Feminun up to lv. 60!

5d 20h 25m Thunder and Dusclop faints!

5d 20h 25m Sent Feminun in!

5d 20h 24m W6 fainted!

5d 20h 23m She's in the red whil a Full restore is used on Dusclop

5d 20h 23m After hurting herself once more, W6 is cursed.

5d 20h 23m W6 hurt itself!

5d 20h 22m Wild Chard isn't really effective against dusclop, and W6 is confused!

5d 20h 22m W6 vs Dusclop!

5d 20h 21m VS. Phoebe!

5d 20h 18m We can't seem to figure out where Phoebe's is... it's not like she's dancing in the middle of the room or anything...

5d 20h 15m Entered her room

5d 20h 14m We're on the bridge to Phoebe's room!

5d 20h 13m Sidney defeated!

5d 20h 13m Feminun out!Thunder takes Absol down!

5d 20h 12m Dragon breath and absol'sin the yellow! Latios faints!

5d 20h 12m Absol is sent out

5d 20h 12m Dragon Breath and Sharpedo fainted!

5d 20h 11m switched to Latios.

5d 20h 11m Sharpedo and zigzagoony in the red!

5d 20h 11m Zigzagoony in the yellow, btu sidney used a full Restore!

5d 20h 10m Rock smash and Sharpedo is in the red!

5d 20h 10m Sent Zigzagoony out!

5d 20h 9m Sharpedo lost a few HPs to Echoed voice.

5d 20h 9m Sharpedo lost a few HPs to Echoed voice.

5d 20h 8m Whimsur v fainted

5d 20h 8m Switched to Whimsur V! Sharpedo is in!

5d 20h 6m Femiunun out, Cacturne fainted to Thunder!

5d 20h 6m T4 isnot confused anymore! RockSmash vs. Needle arm,T4 fainted!

5d 20h 5m Razor leaf adn T4 is in the yellow! Shiftry down to Superpower! Zigzagoony to lv.51! Cacturne out!

5d 20h 4m Shiftry sent out

5d 20h 4m Latios to lv. 52!

5d 20h 4m Superpower and mighthyena faints!

5d 20h 4m Full Restores used on Mighthyena!

5d 20h 3m Waterfall and Migthyena is in the red!T4 is confused!

5d 20h 3m T4 vs. Migthyena!

5d 20h 2m Vs. Sidney!

[Snark] You know Sidney having lava inside your room is a fire hazardKappa

5d 20h 0m Walking around the room.

[Chat] CHAIRIAL ACE Kreygasm

5d 19h 57m Entered Sidney's room!

5d 19h 55m entered the E4!RUN N°4!

5d 19h 55m Back in the lobby.

[Fluff] Where is Annie's Brick Break attack when you need it? Kappa

5d 19h 54m T4 paralyzed!T4 FAINTED BLACK OUT!

5d 19h 54m T4 is in! Superpôwer is useless!

[Chat] Samzy_123: Dusknoir looks like he is doing ghost pottery PogChamp

5d 19h 53m Only T4 remains!

5d 19h 52m Zigzagoony in the red, dusknoir in the yellow,Zigzgaoony faints!

5d 19h 52m Firepunch and zigzagoony is in the yellow

5d 19h 52m Dusknoir is in!

5d 19h 51m We switch to zigzagoony!

5d 19h 51m Dusclop fainted!ZigZagoony up to lv.50!

5d 19h 50m Waterfall and dusclop is in the yellow! T4 is cursed!

5d 19h 50m T4 vs. Dusclop

5d 19h 49m Vs. phoebe!

5d 19h 49m In phoebe's room!

5d 19h 48m We left Sidney's room.


5d 19h 47m Whimsur V failed to evolve!

5d 19h 47m Sidney defeated!

5d 19h 47m Cacturne down to superpower!

5d 19h 46m Dive was used, but cacturne protected himself with spiky shield!

5d 19h 46m Absol down, cacturne in!

5d 19h 46m T4 up to lv. 65!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 65 - Max. HP 219 Attack 99 Defense 138 Sp. Atk 120 Sp. Def 132 Speed 87

5d 19h 45m Psycho cut vs. Dive!

5d 19h 44m we send T4 in!

5d 19h 44m Absol in the yellow, W6 faints!

5d 19h 44m Night slash and W6 is in the yellow!

5d 19h 44m Strength again!

5d 19h 43m Absol sent in!

5d 19h 43m Strength and sharpedo faints!

5d 19h 43m Sharpedo is in the yellow, and we sent W6 in!

5d 19h 42m Aqua jet and whismurv faints!

5d 19h 42m Cruinsh vs. Stomp! Whimsur in hte red!

5d 19h 42m Full restores used on sharpedo!

5d 19h 42m Whismur V out!

5d 19h 41m Latios fainted!

5d 19h 41m Sharpedo out! Dragon breath and he's paralyzed!

5d 19h 41m Forgot incenerate for synchronoise!

5d 19h 41m Whimsur V to lv. 50.

5d 19h 40m Dragon breath and shiftry faints!

5d 19h 40m Latios sent in!

5d 19h 40m Feminun fainted!

5d 19h 40m Feminun in the red!

5d 19h 39m max restore used on shiftry!

5d 19h 39m shiftry down to halfhealth!

5d 19h 39m fake out vs. Thunder!

5d 19h 38m switched to feminun as shiftry is sent in!

5d 19h 38m Mighthyena fainted!

5d 19h 38m Rock smash and mighthyna is in the yellow!

5d 19h 37m T4 vs. Mighthyena!

5d 19h 37m Vs Sidney!

5d 19h 36m entered sidney's room

5d 19h 35m We entere the E4 once more!Attempt n°3!

5d 19h 35m Healed our team, back at the pokemon league lobby

5d 19h 35m BLAKC OUT!

5d 19h 34m Shadow ball and feminun fainted!

5d 19h 34m feminun in the red!

5d 19h 34m feminun in the yellow!

5d 19h 34m Another banette!

5d 19h 33m bannette out and faints!

5d 19h 33m Feminun to lv. 59

[Stats] Minun Lv. 59 - Max. HP 165 Attack 75 Defense 101 Sp. Atk 123 Sp. Def 112 Speed 150

5d 19h 33m Sableey fainted!

5d 19h 33m Feminun on the field!

5d 19h 32m zigzagoony fainted!

5d 19h 32m Sableye out! we hurt ourselves!

5d 19h 32m Zigzagoony in the yellow due to the curse!

5d 19h 32m Dusclop fainted!

5d 19h 32m Dusclop in the red to surf!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: honor PogChamp

5d 19h 31m Rock smash doesn't affect dusclop!

5d 19h 31m he's confused by confuse ray!

5d 19h 31m zigzagoony out!

5d 19h 30m Another wild charge! dusclop in the yellow!W6 faints!

5d 19h 30m Wild charge and W6 is in the red!

5d 19h 30m Dusclop vs. W6!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: ghost grill PogChamp

5d 19h 29m vs. pheobe!

5d 19h 29m Just sat down in her chair

5d 19h 28m Walking around her room, bumping into walls. Classic TPP

5d 19h 27m leaved sidney's room, entering phoebe's one

5d 19h 26m We save

5d 19h 25m Absol down! Sidney defeated!

5d 19h 25m absol in the yellow!

5d 19h 25m night slash and it's in the red! max restore on absol!

5d 19h 25m W6 is in!

5d 19h 24m Latios fainted!

5d 19h 24m Night slash and latios is in the yeloow

5d 19h 24m Absol is sidney's last pokemon! Latios is in!

5d 19h 23m Abnsol out! psycho cut an dT4 faints!

5d 19h 23m Zigagoony leveled up!

5d 19h 23m T4 in the red!Sharpedo down!

5d 19h 23m poison vs. rock smash! T4 is poisoned!

5d 19h 22m Sharpedo is sent in!

5d 19h 22m Cacturne down!

5d 19h 22m Waterfall but cacturne pretected himself!

5d 19h 21m T4 back in!

5d 19h 21m whimsur v faints from payback!

5d 19h 21m Leech seed sapped energy from whismurv!

5d 19h 21m We switch to whimsur V!

5d 19h 20m spiky shield protects him from another superpower!

5d 19h 20m Cacturne sent out!

5d 19h 20m shiftry fainted! W6 to lv. 50!

5d 19h 19m Superpower and shiftry's in the yellow!

5d 19h 19m extrasensory vs waterfall

5d 19h 19m T4 up to lv. 64! Shiftry out!

5d 19h 19m Azumarill level 64, in case the post below didn't make it obvious

5d 19h 18m Waterfall and migthyena faints!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 64 - Max. HP 216 Attack 98 Defense 136 Sp. Atk 118 Sp. Def 130 Speed 86

5d 19h 18m T4 against Mighthyena!

5d 19h 17m vs. sidney!

5d 19h 17m Entered the league for run n°2!

[Stats] Loudred Lv. 49 - Max. HP 156 Attack 97 Defense 55 Sp. Atk 86 Sp. Def 50 Speed 66

5d 19h 14m Black out!

5d 19h 14m Minun fainted!

5d 19h 14m Sharpedo sent out!

5d 19h 13m Shiftry goes down to Thunder!

5d 19h 13m Sidney used a Full Restore! (Cheater)

5d 19h 12m Whismur V is sent out against Sidney's......Shiftry. Whismur V faints!

[Stats] Minun Lv. 58 - Max. HP 163 Attack 74 Defense 99 Sp. Atk 121 Sp. Def 110 Speed 147

5d 19h 11m Mightyena down! Feminun level 58!

5d 19h 10m We send out Feminun.

5d 19h 9m Latios faints to Mightyena's Crunch!

[Fluff] Gee, this seems like a familiar setting!

5d 19h 8m Sidney sends out Mightyena against Latios!

5d 19h 8m Challenged Sidney!

[Info] Here are some stats of the Pokémon on our team I was able to catch during shuffling.

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 63 - Max. HP 213 Attack 96 Defense 134 Sp. Atk 117 Sp. Def 128 Speed 85

[Stats] Zigzagoony Lv. 48 - Max. HP 155 Attack 91 Defense 65 Sp. Atk 77 Sp. Def 74 Speed 127

[Stats] Minun Lv. 57 - Max. HP 160 Attack 72 Defense 97 Sp. Atk 119 Sp. Def 108 Speed 145

5d 19h 7m Elite Four attempt #1 begins!

5d 19h 6m Entered the Pokemon League building! Checkpoint!

5d 19h 5m Victory Road completed!

5d 19h 4m Obtained a Dawn Stone from Wally!

5d 19h 4m Loudred does not evolve.

5d 19h 3m Latios used Psychic. Wally defeated!

[Info] Latios moves are now Power Split, Dragon Breath, Luster Purge, and Psychic.

5d 19h 2m We send out Latios.

5d 19h 2m Zigzagoony gets Mega Gallade down to a tiny red sliver of HP, but then Zigzagoony faints.

5d 19h 2m Gallade Mega Evolves!

5d 19h 1m Wally is about to send in his last Pokemon, a Gallade.

5d 19h 1m Latios learned Psychic! Don't know what was replaced.

[Info] Latios is most likely level 51.

5d 19h 0m Whismur V level 49! Latios levels up as well, but I didn't catch the level.

5d 19h 0m Delcatty down!

5d 18h 59m Zigzagoony uses Belly Drum.

5d 18h 59m We switch out for Zigzagoony.

5d 18h 59m Wally sends out Delcatty against Feminun.

5d 18h 58m Magneton goes down to Latios' Dragon Breath!

5d 18h 57m T4 fainted!

5d 18h 57m We throw a Poke Ball at Magneton. Don't be a thief, guys!

5d 18h 57m Wally sends out Magneton. T4 is still out, despite the type disadvantage.

5d 18h 57m Roselia fainted already!

5d 18h 56m Roselia sent out against T4!

5d 18h 56m Zigzagoony does not learn Fling.

5d 18h 55m Zigzagoony level 48!

5d 18h 55m Waterfall does about half HP damage, and Altaria flinches. One more waterfall, and Altaria is down!

5d 18h 55m T4 vs Altaria!

5d 18h 55m Challenged by Wally!

[Chat] BibleThump CRYOT BibleThump

5d 18h 54m Talking to Wally!

[Fluff] It's more like, trainer(s).

5d 18h 51m We're almost in Wally's chamber.

5d 18h 50m Trainer defeated!

5d 18h 48m Manectric fainted.

5d 18h 48m We're in a double battle. Sorry I didn't post before.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand /

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 223,155

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 101,132

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: auto save is working again PogChamp

5d 18h 29m Went up a ladder.

5d 18h 27m We're still in Victory Road, running from wild Pokemon.

5d 18h 17m Went down a ladder.

5d 18h 12m We keep opening our inventory.

5d 18h 6m Entered Victory Road.

5d 18h 4m We've left the Pokemon Center, but we haven't entered Victory Road yet. Right now we're in southern Ever Grande "City".

5d 18h 2m Flash Canon against us! Minun in red. Minun faints! No more Pokemon left! We Blacked out!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt OneHand

5d 18h 1m Magneton sent out by Wally!

5d 18h 1m Thunder once more! Roselia goes down!

5d 18h 1m We use thunder! it uses Toxic! Minun gets poisoned!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 80, 120 OneHand

5d 18h 0m Wally sent out Roselia!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 80, 120 OneHand

5d 18h 0m Minun Level 57!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: 80, 120 OneHand

5d 18h 0m Thunder on Altaria! it goes down!

5d 17h 59m Minun vs. Altaria!

5d 17h 59m Challenge VS. Wally!

5d 17h 58m We are greeted by Wally!

5d 17h 56m Crossing a few bridges making our way.

5d 17h 54m Found an Iron!

5d 17h 54m Up another ladder! WE'VE MADE IT OUTSIDE!

5d 17h 49m Up another ladder on another section of Victory Road.

[Fluff] You look like a super hero with that red cape you are wearing on you!

5d 17h 47m Volt Switch on Kingdra as it goes down! Tamer Egon defeated!

5d 17h 46m Latios goes down! We try sending out our only 'mon left Minun.

5d 17h 46m Trainer battle! VS. Tamer Egon! Kingdra vs. our Latios!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJJSalt

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: No I'm a 15 year old gypsy grill is Romania

[Snark] On what grounds?

5d 17h 41m We attempt to sue EON Flute, but now is not the time for that!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: eon flute looks like a pixaxe

5d 17h 40m Registered Drowsing Machine to key items! We also have Old Rod and EXP. Share registered.


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: how can tpp run for a week if 3ds battery can only last 4 hours

5d 17h 38m Back on land.

5d 17h 38m We're going surfing around the dark room.

5d 17h 36m We saved the game.

5d 17h 36m Down another ladder. Into another area of the dark room.

5d 17h 31m Went up the ladder out of the dark room!

[Chat] Z33k33 just popped in chat, and everyone is greeting him.

5d 17h 25m Used a Lava Cookie, but no effect!

5d 17h 21m Switched Zigzagoony's Medichamite with another item!

5d 17h 19m Latios 2 HP left.

[Meta] Anyone living in the US, or celebrates the holiday, a big shout out to you, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

[Donation] $2.00 from Rebecca Black: "It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday Everybody's lookin' forward to teh weekend, weekend Friday, Friday Gettin' down on Friday Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend!"

[Info] Pokeballs: 83. Premier Ball: 1

[Info] Only 2 of our 'mons are left!

5d 17h 11m Zigzagoony goes down to the same wild Medicham! We ran away from it!

5d 17h 10m Manectric goes down to a wild Medicham!

[Donation] $2.00 from Jim F'n Sterling, Son: "And no, the PC is NOT safe!"

[Donation] $2.00 from Jim F'n Sterling, Son: "CURRENT PLAN: GET THROUGH VICTORY ROAD AND DON'T DO ANYTHING ON THE PC! Don't get fooled by the trolls, for they want to ruin our run by releasing our 'Mons! ...don't think me, thank '''** for me!*"

5d 17h 4m Still being attacked by wild Pokémon encounters, and slowly making progress through Victory Road.

5d 16h 54m Used last Fresh Water on Manectric to restore more HP! Loudred goes down to a wild Hariyama!

5d 16h 53m Used a Fresh Water to restore HP on Manectric!


5d 16h 49m Loudred does NOT evolve!

5d 16h 49m Latios Level 50! Loudred 48!

5d 16h 47m We use strength to push some boulders in this area!

5d 16h 46m Manectric now leads the party, with little HP left from wild Pokemon encounters.

[Stats] Loudred Lv. 47 - Max. HP 149 Attack 93 Defense 53 Sp. Atk 83 Sp. Def 48 Speed 63

[Stats] Manectric Lv. 49 - Max. HP 146 Attack 94 Defense 82 Sp. Atk 123 Sp. Def 62 Speed 128

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 63 - Max. HP 213 Attack 96 Defense 134 Sp. Atk 117 Sp. Def 128 Speed 85

5d 16h 38m Azumarill faints to Poison!

5d 16h 37m And one more! Still no catch!

5d 16h 37m Another Pokeball at it! Still no catch!

5d 16h 37m Threw Pokeball at a wild Mawile! did not catch!

[Correction] "Hi 2___" space in between Hi, and 2 in the nickname.

5d 16h 33m We saved the game!

[Info] Minun now Level 56!

5d 16h 32m Lairon's (Male) Nickname "Hi2___"

5d 16h 31m Azumarill Level 63! Someone else leveld up to 56!

5d 16h 31m Threw a Pokeball at a wild Lairon! CAUGHT!

5d 16h 26m Threw a Pokeball at a wild Loudred! No catch!

5d 16h 23m Manectric Levels up to Level 49!

[Info] Current Party levels are Azumarill Lv. 62, Manectric Lv. 48, Latios Lv. 49, Loudred Lv. 47, Minun Lv. 55, Zigzagoony Lv. 47

5d 16h 19m Someone just leveled up from a wild pokemon encounter, but I wasn't paying attention who it was.

5d 16h 16m We went down the ladder into a dark part of Victory Road!

[Snark] How we got this far with no one on our team is beyond me!

5d 16h 15m We saved the game!

[Fluff] Streamer-Senpai Logic, FTW

[Info] It appears that Azumarill was poisoned earlier sometime while running around Victory Road.

[Info] Boulders do not reset position after we complete them, so no worries of having to redo them if we exit, or black out.

5d 16h 2m Now Surfing.

5d 16h 1m Encountering Wild Pokemon, as we're running back and forth at the entrance of Victory Road.

[Donation] $2.00 from Kenya the Sixth: "Free me from that *** *** of PC box! I am slowly dying... :'("

5d 15h 55m Back on Victory Road!

5d 15h 48m Faffing around in and out of the Pokemon Center.

5d 15h 36m Minun faints, BLACK OUT!

5d 15h 24m Expert Theodore defeated

5d 15h 22m Manectric faints

5d 15h 21m Challenged by Expert Theodore

5d 15h 18m Loudred fails to evolve

5d 15h 18m Armaldo finally goes down Minun grows to level 55 Jade and Rory defeated

5d 15h 15m Linoone faints

5d 15h 13m Loudred Faints

5d 15h 10m Latios faints to an X-Scissor

5d 15h 9m We atleast take out the Cradilly And Loudred grows to Level 47

5d 15h 9m Double Battles seem really hard for us, we keep hitting our own pokemon

5d 15h 7m T4 faints

[Donation] $2.00 from Chauzu_VGC: "FEEDBACK REQUEST: What Mega should I use in my 2015 VGC team? Beedrill, Pidgeot, Slowbro, Sceptile, Camerupt, Glalie, Lopunny or Audino? I don't give a *** about the rest. ty in advance <3 punWaifu."

5d 15h 4m We go down the ladder, and are challenged by Ace Duo Jude & Rory

[Donation] $2.00 from Chauzu_VGC: "FEEDBACK REQUESTL what mega should I use in my 2015 VGC team? Beedril, Pidgeot, Slowbro, Sceptile, Camerupt, Glalie, Lopunny or Audino? I don't give a (Asterisk Asterisk Asterisk) about the rest, ty in advance <3 punwaifu"

5d 14h 56m It Wirlwinds, sending out Loudred, we then stomp it to death while it gets up a Nasty Plot, T4 grew to level 62 Regan defeated

[Donation] $2.00 from Wishmur V: "lol you *** spamming B you might think you're winning but I will evolve eventually and become a mighty Explode and destroy the Elite 4 with my mighty Boomburst so enjoy while you can shitheads <3."

5d 14h 56m Houndoom down, Regan sends out Shiftry

5d 14h 54m Challenged by Street Thug Regan, he sends out a Houndoom

5d 14h 53m Trainer defeated.

5d 14h 53m Mawile down. Manectric grew to level 48 and did not learn Charge.

5d 14h 51m Versus Ace Trainer Edgar! t4 vs. Mawile.

5d 14h 50m Climbed the ladder! Into the light!

[Info] T4 only has 16 PP left.

[Donation] $2.00 from Whismur V: Something about B spammers.

[Info] No one knows Flash on our team, though Manectric can learn it.

5d 14h 41m Whismur V grew to level 48 and failed to evolve!

5d 14h 39m We are near a Strength boulder. No one knows where to go, it seems.

5d 14h 37m We walk past the ladder area and hop another ledge.

5d 14h 33m T4 takes down Hitmontop, then Throh. Trainer defeated.

5d 14h 31m T4 to level 61!

5d 14h 31m Versus Expert Bryn! T4 vs. Hitmontop.

5d 14h 28m Some bag spam has led us to nearly toss or give some items. The ladder was visible a bit ago, but it's up a few levels.

5d 14h 26m We hopped a ledge. We can't see anything, and I don't have a map to share like in Emerald.

5d 14h 25m Still in the dark right now.

5d 14h 3m Minun leveled up to 54!

5d 14h 2m Used Strength on the boulder! Pushed left twice.

5d 14h 0m Loudred did not learn Hyper Voice and did not evolve. Missed the stats.

5d 14h 0m Loudred leveled up to 45!

5d 13h 58m: We go down the ladder once more. Darkness surrounds us.

5d 13h 56m: Arty circles around the ladder, unsure if to use it or not. He saves the game.

5d 13h 55m: We go up the ladder again and towards the Bridge.

5d 13h 54m: We enter a dark room with a big Boulder on the left side.

5d 13h 53m: We go across the bridge and encounter a ladder that leads deeper inside Victory Road. We climb it down.

5d 13h 52m: Trainer defeated! Also its worth mentioning that t4 took two Shadow Balls from Froslass and she currently has 98 hp left.

5d 13h 51m: Ziggy also levels up to 45

5d 13h 51m: t4 levels up to 60

5d 13h 51m: Froslass takes a hard Waterfall but survives it with red hp. A second one takes care of it.

5d 13h 50m: Another trainer spots us there and challenges us. She sends Froslass vs t4.

5d 13h 49m: We encounter a set of stairs. We climb it up towards another small bridge.

5d 13h 49m: We walk the path that goes underneath the bridge.

[Fluff] Welp, that was easy. REVENGE!

5d 13h 47m: w6aa and Latios level up to 47 and 48 respectively

5d 13h 46m: t4 uses Waterfall and OHKOs Rhyperior. Trainer defeated!

5d 13h 46m: Rhyperior is sent out. We decide not to change Pokemon

5d 13h 45m: t4 uses Waterfall and Sigilyph survives with yellow hp. He uses mirror move before fainting to a second Waterfall.

5d 13h 45m: Ace Trainer Albert challenges us once more. t4 vs Sigilyph.

5d 13h 44m: We go up the stairs that lead to the bridge as we did before. Deja Vu.

5d 13h 43m: We once more go inside the cave as we did before. The Boulder remains in the hole.

5d 13h 41m: We enter and exit Victory Road continuously until we finally decide to stay. A wild Mawile greets us.

5d 13h 39m: Arty approaches Victory Road's entrance. It's payback time.

5d 13h 36m: Arty roams around Ever Grande City.

[Stats] Loudred Lv. 44 - Max. HP 138 Attack 86 Defense 48 Sp. Atk 77 Sp. Def 45 Speed 58

5d 13h 36m: We get out of the Pokemon Center.

5d 13h 34m: Also Loudred doesn't evolve

5d 13h 34m: Manectric uses wild charge but it doesn't affect Rhyperior, who uses drill run and Manectric down, Arty blacks out

5d 13h 33m: w6aa is our last hope.

5d 13h 33m: Minun is sent out but faints to a couple of Drill runs

5d 13h 32m: Hammer Arm faints Ziggy

5d 13h 32m: ziggy is finally sent out and uses belly drum.

5d 13h 31m: Arty keeps trying to send out Whismur once more. He can't accept the truth.

5d 13h 30m: Rhyperior uses hammer arm and Loudred down

5d 13h 30m: Trainer sends Rhyperior, who tanks a stomp. It does close to no damage.

5d 13h 29m: Whismur reached level 44

5d 13h 29m: Stomp finishes Sigilyph.

5d 13h 28m: A couple of psychics and t4 is down! Out comes Loudred.

5d 13h 28m: Lepan Berry used to no avail

5d 13h 28m: Mirror move hits t4 with Waterfall, which doesn't do a lot of damage. 80 hp left for t4

5d 13h 27m: Sigilyph tanks a Waterfall with red hp.

5d 13h 26m: We are challenged by an Ace trainer. t4 out vs Sigilyph

5d 13h 24m: We backtrack to where the boulder fell in the hole.

5d 13h 21m: We cross the bridge back and go down the stairs once more.

5d 13h 20m: We find a Full Heal

5d 13h 19m: We climb a set of stairs and cross a bridge. So far so good.

5d 13h 18m: Manectric uses strength and we push the Boulder forward to a whole where it just falls, letting us go through.

5d 13h 17m: We go through it and encounter a boulder on land blocking our way. We are then interrupted by a wild Hariyama, who becomes t4 Waterfall's first victim

5d 13h 16m: We use surf and go forward towards a cave.

5d 13h 15m: Victory Road entered

5d 13h 14m: And Arty exits it once more and walks towards Victory Road. Trend over?

5d 13h 13m: Pokemon Center reentered. I'm starting to see a trend here...

5d 13h 10m: Arty exits the Pokemon Center.

5d 13h 9m: PC booted up, then turned off immediately.

5d 13h 9m: Arty keeps talking to every bystander in the Pokemon Center.

[Snark] See? That's what 10 year olds should do Arty!

5d 13h 5m: Arty runs around the Pokemon Center.

5d 13h 4m: We reenter the Pokemon Center.

5d 12h 58m: We exited the Pokemon Center once more. What a beautiful day.

[Info] The southern Center is now our checkpoint.

5d 12h 56m: Pokemon Center entered. Hey Nurse!

5d 12h 54m: Arty climbs up the Waterfall.

5d 12h 53m: t4 learns Waterfall for Aqua Ring

[Snark] Welp, that could have been worse... right? .... RIGHT?

[Snark] Definitely not on a roll today.

5d 12h 51m: We teach rock smash for rollout

5d 12h 51m: We attempt to teach rock Smash to t4

5d 12h 50m: Waterfall selected! We try to teach it to Ziggy.

5d 12h 48m: We selected Waterfall, but we were unable to teach it.

5d 12h 48m: We try to teach Ziggy dive. Why wouldn't it work?!

5d 12h 45m: Back in the TM menu, we are approaching Waterfall.

5d 12h 43m: We have no luck fishing. Apparently we reeled it too slow. WAY TO GO ARTY!

5d 12h 43m: We select the Old Rod. How convenient.

5d 12h 40m: We proceed to check the map to see if we're really where we should be or not. Apparently we are in the right place.

5d 12h 39m: We were able to make it to the TMs bags, but we weren't able to select Waterfall just yet.

5d 12h 36m: Arty now starts the tedious process of teaching waterfall. We'll see how it goes.

[Info] Only Latios and Azumarill can learn Waterfall.

5d 12h 35m: Arty approaches the huge Watterfalls with a mixture of fear and respect. They are gigantic!

[Info] Just a reminder that none of our Pokemon know Waterfall yet.

5d 12h 33m: We arrive to Ever Grande City

5d 12h 32m: Trainer defeated! Moving on.

5d 12h 32m: t4 levels up to 59

5d 12h 31m: Manectric uses secret power and Wild Charge and Luvdisc faints.

5d 12h 31m: t4 is switched out and w6aa is sent in.

5d 12h 30m: We encounter another trainer, a little girl this time who also sends Luvdisc.

5d 12h 30m: And trainer defeated! Give us the money you punk!

5d 12h 29m: Superpower OHKOs Luvdisc. Ziggy levels up to 44

5d 12h 29m: We throw a pokeball at Luvdisc

5d 12h 28m: Arty gets challenged by a kid. He sends Luvdisc vs t4.

5d 12h 24m: We keep heading south through the ocean and... We arrive at Route 128!

5d 12h 22m: Heracronite found

5d 12h 18m: Black Belt Koji defeated.

5d 12h 18m: Hariyama is sent out but OHKOs to rollout.

5d 12h 18m: Minun levels up to 53

5d 12h 17m: A third rollout and Machoke faints.

5d 12h 17m: Rollout hits again and Machoke is down to half his hp. Submission hits once more.

5d 12h 17m: t4 uses rollout. Machoke doesn't take too much damage and responds with submission.

5d 12h 16m: We get challenged by a black Belt. He sends Machoke vs t4

5d 12h 14m: We go back to surfing south through route 127.

5d 12h 11m: Oh also that was it, we finished the Trainer.

5d 12h 8m: Loudred did not evolve

5d 12h 7m: Rollout OHKOs Sharkpedo who does some damage due to hard skin. Whismur levels up to 43

5d 12h 7m: Rollout hits again and Wailmer faints. Fisherman Roger sends out Sharpedo.

5d 12h 6m: Rollout misses once more and dive hits and does close to nothing. Aqua ring heals t4.

5d 12h 5m: Rollout finally hits but Wailmer survives and uses dive.

5d 12h 5m: t4 uses rollout but misses. Wailmer uses amnesia.

5d 12h 4m: t4 uses aqua ring and Wailmer responds with dive

5d 12h 4m: We get challenged by a fisherman. He sends Wailmer vs t4

5d 12h 2m: We stopped by in an Island for a while before resuming our voyage through route 127

[Snark] It's remarkably droll here.

5d 11h 57m: Arty arrives to route 127.

5d 11h 54m: Currently surfing in Route 126.

5d 11h 52m: t4 emerges to the surface.

5d 11h 51m: Arty dives towards the right of the Sootopolis entrance. Slow and steady.

5d 11h 50m: We dive and leave Sootopolis.

5d 11h 48m: We attempt to leave Sootopolis. It's taking a while so far.

5d 11h 47m: We go back to surfing around. Oh look a Magikarp!

5d 11h 43m: Still roaming Sootopolis, currently in the grass outside the Pokemon Center.

5d 11h 40m: We leave it once more.

5d 11h 39m: We reenter the Pokemon Center.

5d 11h 38m: We proceed to surf, only to jump back to land immediately. Because we can.

5d 11h 36m: Aaaand we leave it again. It's just such a nice day to play outside.

5d 11h 36m: We enter the Pokemon Center.

5d 11h 30m Standing next to the Pokémon Center.

5d 11h 23m Outside.

5d 11h 21m In a house.

5d 11h 16m Just chilling in Sootopolis.

5d 11h 9m Back on land.

5d 11h 7m Its nick is "Eeehbbdw5kpm".

5d 11h 7m Level 30, Male Magikarp caught!

5d 11h 6m Manectric grew to Level 46!

5d 11h 6m Threw a Pokéball at a Magikarp.

5d 11h 4m Back to surfing on the lake.

5d 11h 2m More berry picking!

5d 11h 0m Our results aren't too fruitful.

5d 11h 0m TPP's not very good at this sorta thing.

5d 10h 59m Berry Picker time.

5d 10h 59m Doing Pokémon-Amie with Manectric.

5d 10h 58m Surfing on the lake.

5d 10h 52m Just hanging outside.

5d 10h 48m Entered the Sootopolis Pokémon Center. New checkpoint.

5d 10h 43m On dry land once more. East side of the city.

5d 10h 42m Surfing.

5d 10h 37m In front of the Sootopolis Gym.

5d 10h 34m Sootopolis City.

5d 10h 33m Currently under the Sootopolis entrance.

5d 10h 30m Back underwater.

5d 10h 30m Back to the surface.

5d 10h 29m Just hanging.

5d 10h 25m We dive underwater.

5d 10h 24m Outside Sootopolis.

5d 10h 23m Westward bound, we are.

5d 10h 20m Surfing again.

5d 10h 18m Leopold defeated.

5d 10h 18m T4 hits Level 58.

5d 10h 18m T4 jumps upwards. Rhydon down.

5d 10h 18m Rhydon's Rock Blast misses.

5d 10h 18m She dives.

5d 10h 18m T4 is sent in.

5d 10h 17m Latios is taken down.

5d 10h 17m Latios takes Rhydon to yellow with Luster Purge.

5d 10h 17m A Take Down and a followup Rock Blast have Latios in the red.

5d 10h 16m Latios Power Splits a few times.

5d 10h 16m Chip Away does little damage to him.

5d 10h 16m Whismur is promptly switched for Latios.

5d 10h 15m We switch to Whismur V.

5d 10h 15m Leopold gets ready to send in Rhydon.

5d 10h 15m It's a critical hit. Vibrava down.

5d 10h 14m T4 uses Superpower.

5d 10h 14m Checking out our healing items right now.

5d 10h 13m T4 vs Vibrava.

5d 10h 13m Battle! Ace Trainer Leopold!

5d 10h 13m Back to surfing.

5d 10h 13m Messing with the bag again.

5d 10h 11m Messing around with the bag. Left it.

5d 10h 9m Surfing eastwards.

5d 10h 7m Time to start surfing.

5d 10h 7m We're on a sandy island.

5d 10h 6m Landed on Route 126.

5d 10h 5m We're somewhere in Hoenn. I saw something sparkly on that island there.

5d 10h 4m We fly forwards to these random looking islands ... and now at the bottom edge of the map.

5d 10h 3m Right above Sootopolis now.

5d 10h 3m Currently above Route 126.

5d 10h 3m Heading in the general direction of Mossdeep and Sootopolis.

5d 10h 2m Flying towards the edge of the map.

5d 10h 2m Used the Eon Flute. We're in the sky.

5d 10h 0m Switched Whismur's Hard Stone for a Carbos.

5d 9h 59m In front of the ladder up the tree.

5d 9h 55m Fortree!

5d 9h 54m Hanging again.

5d 9h 53m Back in the bag.

5d 9h 52m Just standing around.

5d 9h 51m Checking out our bag.

5d 9h 46m Back on Route 119.

5d 9h 44m We leave the PC.

5d 9h 44m Powered down.

5d 9h 44m Booted it up.

5d 9h 44m Powered down.

5d 9h 44m Booted it up.

5d 9h 43m Powered down.

5d 9h 43m PC booted up again.

5d 9h 42m I'm pretty sure that Rick Astley isn't a QR code.

5d 9h 42m Attempting to search for a secret base. Get Rick Astley instead.

5d 9h 41m Booted up the PC.

5d 9h 41m Hanging around the secret base.

5d 9h 39m Healed.

5d 9h 38m We've entered the secret base.

5d 9h 37m Currently next to our secret base.

5d 9h 35m Currently near the ninja boy.

5d 9h 34m Heading northwards.

[Pun] Manectric's dream of having something to eat was cruelly caken away from her.

5d 9h 32m Nope. We leave Pokémon-Amie.

5d 9h 32m It appears we're trying to feed Manectric some Poké Puffs.

5d 9h 31m No berries again.

5d 9h 30m Back to Berry Picking.

5d 9h 29m But will they ever enjoy the fruits of their labours?

5d 9h 29m At least they got a Poké Puff.

5d 9h 29m Arty and team are failing to catch berries again.

5d 9h 28m Berry Picking again.

5d 9h 28m Final result? Zero. Arty confirmed for Berry Amateur.

5d 9h 28m I'd say they're not berry good at this at all.

5d 9h 27m They're failing to catch any berries.

5d 9h 27m Arty and team are ... pretty terrible at this game.

5d 9h 27m Time to pick some berries.

5d 9h 26m Playing with Manectric in Pokémon-Amie.

5d 9h 25m T4 currently leads the party.

5d 9h 21m Playing around with Pokémon-Amie. And we're back on the bridge.

5d 9h 20m Near the Institute again.

5d 9h 9m Just hiding in the tall grass.

5d 9h 9m Arty has disappeared from sight.

5d 9h 7m Standing in the rain.

5d 9h 4m Just checking out our 'mon summaries.

5d 9h 1m Its nick is E48fehhoej0w.

5d 9h 1m Another ball. Level 25, Female Gloom caught!

5d 9h 0m Chucked another ball. It fails.

5d 8h 58m It failed. Zigzagoony is paralyzed and in the yellow.

5d 8h 58m Chucked a Poké Ball at a Gloom.

5d 8h 56m Heading southwards once again.

[Fluff] Too much water is bad for plants.

5d 8h 54m Oh hey an Oddish Horde!

5d 8h 52m Something else is rustling in the grass.

5d 8h 52m Aaaand it's gone.

5d 8h 51m Oh hey something's rustling.

5d 8h 51m Next to the Weather Institute.

5d 8h 49m We appear to be heading down Route 119 to ... somewhere.

5d 8h 47m Heading south.

5d 8h 46m It's raining.

5d 8h 45m Back on Route 119. Back in Fortree. Route 119.

5d 8h 44m Stumbling around the building. Exited

5d 8h 44m Aaand back in the Pokémon Center.

5d 8h 43m We're outside now.

5d 8h 43m And we leave it ... and back in again.

5d 8h 43m Entered the Pokémon Center.

5d 8h 41m Back in Fortree.

5d 8h 39m Hanging around on Route 119.

5d 8h 36m Left the base. It's sunny out here on Route 119.

5d 8h 36m Arty admires the cut Zigzagoony dealt to the tree in his base. What a smooth cut!

5d 8h 35m Powered down.

5d 8h 35m Booted up the Base PC.

5d 8h 32m Just relaxing here in the dark.

5d 8h 30m Entered our secret base.

5d 8h 30m Checking out the bag.

5d 8h 29m Arty's currently standing next to one of those ninja kids. It's raining.

5d 8h 28m Route 119 now.

5d 8h 28m Fortree City!

[Fluff] Freaking birds

5d 8h 25m Punishment faints Manectric, Arty blacks out

5d 8h 24m Alright, Manectric out

5d 8h 22m T4 faints due to its burns!

5d 8h 22m Another ball used, doesn't even rock

[Surprise] Two wobbles this time! Snazzy.

5d 8h 22m We are spamming Ball coords for days. Pokeball thrown, Ho-oh breaks free

5d 8h 21m T4 is burned by Fire Blast

5d 8h 21m Pokeball used, we are sadly the 99% and it fails

5d 8h 21m T4 sent in

[Snark] This Thanksgiving, the bird strikes back

5d 8h 19m Just two 'Mon left, Manectric and T4

5d 8h 18m Ho-oh breaks free, and destroys Whimsur. Whimsur down

5d 8h 18m Whimsur sent out, gets paralyzed, we use a Pokeball

[Snark] The more you knooooooow

[Info] If the current situation continues, each throw of a Poké Ball will have less than 1% chance of success.

5d 8h 16m We are trying to select our next 'Mon to send in

5d 8h 15m Ho Oh's Fire Blast takes down Minun. Minun faints

5d 8h 14m Pokeball used, Ho Oh is free

5d 8h 14m Minun hits Ho Oh with Thunder, half its HP gone!

5d 8h 14m Minun avoids Ho Oh's Fire Blast

5d 8h 14m Pokeball used, breaks free

5d 8h 14m Minun out

[Fluff] This is the Bell Tower theme from HGSS. GB(A) SOUNDS WHERE

5d 8h 13m Currently Ho Oh has full health

5d 8h 13m Latios down!

5d 8h 13m Pokeball used again, Ho Oh breaks free

5d 8h 13m Latios is burned!

5d 8h 12m We used a Pokeball, it failed (surprise)

5d 8h 12m Ho Oh used Sunny Day, that sun is bright!

5d 8h 11m Latios sent out

5d 8h 11m Ho Oh uses Punishment on Zigzagoony, and old Ziggy faints!

[Pun] Punishment.

5d 8h 11m ITS HO OH!

5d 8h 10m VS HO-OH!

5d 8h 7m We are now on the half-sunken ship. A rustling of feathers is in the air. The Clear Bell seems to be glowing faintly!

[Snark] Does Jorsun feel their ears burning every time something fails to evolve in TPP?

5d 7h 51m Aaaaand Whimsur fails to evolve. Something something Jorsuuun something

5d 7h 50m Zigzagoony forgets Pin Missile and learns Belly Drum

[Stats] Zigzagoony Lv. 43 - Max. HP 136 Attack 80 Defense 56 Sp. Atk 68 Sp. Def 66 Speed 112

5d 7h 49m Portia sends out Magcargo, and Zigzagoony throws some salt on that snail, knocks it out and grows to level 43

5d 7h 48m Whimsur grows to level 42

5d 7h 47m Zigzagoony in versus Kecleon, and Zigzagoony takes it down easily

5d 7h 47m We take on Ace Trainer Portia

5d 7h 45m And we are back on the ocean, surfing on old Zigzagoony. By the way, is it just me that thinks that Zigzagoony's fur must have that "wet-dog-smell" after we get done surfing?

5d 7h 42m We are back on the beach, right outside the Soda Pop Shop (not official name, just what I call it)

[Info] In terms of the debate, it should be noted that the Clear Bell we just received is what is required to unlock Ho Oh, so everything we did just now to acquire it was for that. However, Ho Oh is back in Sea Mauville, which we just spent alot of time in...

[Chat] Some debate as to whether we should challenge the E-4, take on the Trick House, or go after Ho Oh next

5d 7h 24m Arty is just standing around "limbering up" in the middle of the market place

5d 7h 20m Back into Slateport. ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DING DONG DONGERS ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

5d 7h 18m We came in last by final points tally

5d 7h 17m Sandy Claw the Sandshrew earns a fifth star, the audience goes wild or something. Hax

5d 7h 16m We use Surf as our final move, earn a fourth star, but other contestants already have four stars coming into the last move

5d 7h 15m The contest is pretty close, Zigzagoony currently has 3 stars

5d 7h 13m Zigzagoony uses the same move twice in a row, the audience was disappointed

[Snark] But aren't costumes cool?

5d 7h 12m Zigzagoony shows off some awesome Surf

[Snark] Get your Fury Swipes out of here Sandshrew. WEAK!

[Correction] Coolness Contest. Not Costume Contest.

[GDoc] The GDoc should be up-to-date now. If there are any inaccuracies, please contact us.

5d 7h 9m We entered the Costume Contest. Super Rank. Zigzagoony entered

5d 7h 9m We're at the Pokemon Contest Spectacular

5d 7h 2m Scanner given to Captain Stern, he gave us the Clear Bell in return!

5d 7h 1m Why, we are finding the guy we need to give the Scanner to! ...And we deny his request for it. WE DIDN'T DO IT REDDIT

[Pun] Water we doing in this building?

[Chat] And a chorus of ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DING DONG DONGERS ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫ rings out

5d 6h 56m We finally leave the museum. 7.8/10, too much learning

[Snark] That kid in the corner is reenacting Red and the burglar

5d 6h 43m We just read a mini-fact about the ocean. "AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!"

5d 6h 41m We've entered the Oceanic Museum

5d 6h 36m We are still singing 'Ding Dong Dongers' and not doing much else in Slateport

♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DING DONG DONGERS ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ ♫

5d 6h 23m We've made it back to Slateport!

5d 6h 21m Well we have finished our soda buying spree, and are now just hanging around on the beach.

5d 6h 12m Still buying sodas, evidently our plan is to take down Ho-Oh by giving it diabetes

[Snark] This is really poor from a financial standpoint. If you are going to load up on soda, a restaurant on a really hot beach is probably the worst place to do it.

[Snark] Is this guy from Unova? I've heard tales of the vending machines there.

5d 6h 6m We are back at the counter... All of our money on soda?

[Snark] I hope Arty is covered for dental, that's a lot of sugar

5d 6h 0m We then buy 2 more Soda Pops

5d 5h 59m We got 6 Soda Pops for our hot streak in battles as of late from a man in a store. TIME TO GET ALL HOPPED UP ON MT DEW!

5d 5h 52m We take on and quickly defeat Swimmer Dave

5d 5h 44m Young Couple down,

[Snark] Alone... On an island in the sun, where we plan on having fun

[Snark] Young Couple eh? Sounds like Streamer and Deku.

5d 5h 43m Its a double battle, Zigzagoony and Feminun in versus a Dustox and Beautifly

5d 5h 42m Enter battle against Young Couple Mel and Paul

5d 5h 37m Ace Trainer Constance is defeated

5d 5h 36m Fighting Ace Trainer Constance

5d 5h 35m Whismur is paralyzed, fighting a Seviper at the moment

[TPP Flashback] At this point (5d 5h) during TPP Red, we were in the Rocket Hideout. Digrat had already dug us out three times, and would win up digging us out three more times.

5d 5h 26m We are surfing again, this time on another part of the ocean

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: what was that 10 rules again?

5d 5h 22m We aren't making that much (if any) progress at the moment, but the music playing in the game is relaxing, so we got that going for us, which is nice

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm married to science

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Chat] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ WORSHIP AND PRAISE THE F(L)OUNDER ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

[Snark] Actually now that I think about it, those slogans kind of describe TPP in a nutshell...

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

5d 5h 13m Currently reading through 10 slogans for a safe and happy workplace...is this Sea Mauville or a dictatorship? "Worship the founder" and "Don't expect time off before you retire" stand out

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: Is this Portal 2 DansGame

5d 5h 8m We resurface

[Chat] We did it [insert company name or website here]

5d 5h 1m Obtained the Scanner!

[Shark] It also appears that Zigzagoony is a mermaid, if her appearance while diving is anything to go by.

5d 4h 54m We are swimming around in circles, like a shark looking for prey. I don't think we know what we are looking for though.

[Snark] This job was 7.8/10 anyway

[Snark] /u/crimsonburn27, you're fired from IGN.

[Snark] Unda da sea, Unda da sea, Darling it's better, Down where it's wetter, Take it from me

5d 4h 44m We go surfing, and then we dive under water!

[Fluff] There's a kid running around a single hole in the floor. I really don't think that's safe for you to be doing that.

5d 4h 41m Entered a building.

5d 4h 34m After a long talk, we don't give her a tip for the support of Sea Mauville.

5d 4h 34m We keep asking her about Sea Mauville, but she repeats the same thing over again.

5d 4h 30m We talk to the lady, and ask her about Sea Mauville.

5d 4h 26m Right back down to Sea Mauville!

5d 4h 26m Used the Eon Flute!

5d 4h 25m Attempting to use bike, but this isn't the time and place for that!

5d 4h 24m THREW AWAY Blazikenite!

5d 4h 23m Landed right back on Sea Mauville!

5d 4h 22m Used the Eon Flute!

5d 4h 20m Now on land, going up what appears to be a destroyed bridge.

[Donation] $2.00 from <The_Chef1337>: "(Japanese text) AERIAL (Japanese text) ACE (Japanese Text) Kreygasm"

5d 4h 16m Arrived at Sea Mauville!

5d 4h 15m Encountered another wild Tentacool. Minun up to Level 52!

5d 4h 12m Encountered a wild Tentacool! Zigzagoony up to Level 42!

5d 4h 9m Stomp on Wailmur and it goes down! Swimmer Denise defeated! We get 400 for winning!

5d 4h 8m Wailmer is being sent out by Denise! We switched out for Whismur v!

5d 4h 8m w6aa vs. Goldeen! and Goldeen quickly goes down!

5d 4h 7m VS. Swimmer (Female Symbol) Denise.

[Fluff] Last party update was over 9000 s ago! Kappa

5d 4h 6m We're going surfing!

5d 4h 3m Found a Super Repel!

5d 4h 1m Landed in Route 107!

[Fluff] Latios Mega Evolves, yet we trashed the Mega Stone? That's got to be some Video Game Logic + Paradox going on!

5d 3h 58m We used the EON Flute! We're flying!

5d 3h 56m We hopped on to our bike!

5d 3h 53m Looking at our map, and viewing trainer Bios. We appear to attempting to fly somewhere as we hit the Fly button, but we have no available Pokemon that know it. Other than using EON Flute to call our Latios.

5d 3h 50m Deselected EON Flute from Key items. Though I don't think it matters since Y button commands are apparently disabled.

5d 3h 48m Going through our items.

[Info] It's currently raining outside here!

5d 3h 44m We exited our secret base! Back out on route 119!

[Info] Here is our Updated Secret base's QR Code!

5d 3h 41m We obtained a new QR Code!

5d 3h 40m Rick Astly on camera again!

5d 3h 38m Moved the center red tile back down towards the small table.

5d 3h 36m Moved the center red tile up with the other 2 red tiles in front of the PC.

[Fluff] 1 Month later. STILL have not obtained new QR Code.

5d 3h 31m We used cut to cut a pole in our base!

[Fluff] 1 Week Later. We're STILL in our secret base!

5d 3h 27m Moved a red tile under a small table.

5d 3h 25m Our Encouraging message now reads "Dohh6esxf6e?"

5d 3h 24m Happy message is now "y66hrhq!pgg76!"

[Info] So TPP has to give us a new QR code then.

[Info] Just checked, that QR code does not have the bed.

[Info] Happy message is "y66hrhq!pgg76!a0"

[Fluff] Wait, how would that work? I thought that wasn't possible without a powerful psychic like Inver.

[Correction] Our format seems to be Inverse Battle according to the sign post.

[Snark] Don't forget, you're here forever!

5d 3h 16m And we re-entered our base.

5d 3h 15m Currently running around Route 119, still near our secret base.

[Info] This is the last "Visual" QR code I could take a snapshot of. I'm uncertain if it's up to date with what our base has now. But it's got to be something.

5d 3h 12m Exited the secret base.

5d 3h 11m We try to change the battle format sign post, but we keep the battle format to Single Battle.

5d 3h 10m Exited and re-entered the secret base.

[Fluff] Anyone keeping count how many times we've rested now?

5d 3h 8m Used the bed again just to be safe... And we turned off the lights!

[Fluff] Do we really need a sign that says "Pokémon battles are welcome"? Doesn't the statue in the back-left corner imply that?

5d 3h 4m We use the bed & heal our team!

[Fluff] Did we attempt to... trap ourselves? Kappa

[Snark] 7.8/10 Too much Decorations. -IGN

5d 3h 0m +1 more red tile. 4 spaces remain.

5d 3h 0m We've placed the bed in our base!

5d 2h 58m We moved the surf mat into a corner.

5d 2h 56m Placed a fence in our base!

5d 2h 54m I believe we've placed a post in our base. 7 spaces remain.

5d 2h 52m We've placed some red tiles on the floor in front of the PC.

[Info] Spaces Remaining: 9

5d 2h 47m Yes, we are STILL decorating our new base, and we've been here for quite a while now.

5d 2h 45m Lights are on!

[Chat] Do not lose break visual contact with it.

[Chat] there's a Freddy Fazbear animatronic loose in chat. Viewers are advised to maintain a radius of 50 feet.

5d 2h 34m attempting to place a poster.

5d 2h 32m we placed another spinny tile at some point.

5d 2h 30m the lights are still off.

[Info] Our Encouraging message now reads "Dohh6esxf6e? _ gaa"

5d 2h 28m We change our encouraging message to something beginning with "Dohh". And considering all that time we spent napping and watching TV...HOME+R anyone?

[Snark] We caught Omanyte more than 1863 years ago?

5d 2h 25m We update our happy message. The lights are still off.

[Snark] "That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all pokemon held as slaves within any region or designated part of a region, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against Hoenn, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free....

5d 2h 22m We place a proclamation.

5d 2h 20m We're not doing anything, in case you're wondering.


5d 2h 14m We boot up the pc. And then turn it off. and then on.

5d 2h 13m Still in the base. The lights are still off.


5d 2h 11m we consult seedot in the dark.

5d 2h 11m We turn the lights off.

[Fluff] there's something on the news. Pokeballs sell well. Also we bought 99 of them.

5d 2h 10m We consult Seedot.

5d 2h 8m We left the base for about a second.

5d 2h 8m We go through our bag.

5d 2h 7m We sit on the stool for about 1 second.

5d 2h 6m we're in a corner.


5d 2h 4m chat seems split between leaving and more decorating.

5d 2h 4m we turned the light on.

5d 2h 3m We turned the light off.

[Fluff] the spinner tile spins us onto the PC, but it only works once.

[Info] the doll is a seedot.

5d 2h 1m We place a gym statue and a pot.

5d 2h 0m We attempt to place a poster of a pokeball.

[Snark] Twitch plays the Sims.

5d 1h 59m We place a spin tile.

5d 1h 58m we place a surf mat.

5d 1h 57m We place a doll

5d 1h 56m We boot up the pc.

5d 1h 55m We continue to decorate.

5d 1h 53m Still staring at rick.

We are attempting to share a message.

Rick Astley has returned. Pictures are being taken

5d 1h 46m [Decorating Intensifies]

5d 1h 45m Abandoned Secret Base on Route 120 for one on Route 119.

5d 1h 43m Planted one of those Pomeg berries!

5d 1h 43m Harvested 2 Pomeg berries.

5d 1h 39m Entered Route 119

5d 1h 38m Left the PokeCenter

5d 1h 37m Entered the PokeCenter

[Info] The x and y buttons are currently disabled.

5d 1h 35m Left the PokeMart

5d 1h 34m Bought 100 Pokeballs, got 1 Premier Ball.

[Fluff] Am I the only one hearing a few SMB2/DDP music notes in this particular Pokémart theme?

5d 1h 29m We have migrated over to the PokeMart

5d 1h 27m Boy do I love the sound of that door...

[Snark] Just sit on the chair

5d 1h 25m Sitting on ALL of the chairs!

5d 1h 24m Entered the PokeCenter

5d 1h 23m Dancing between Route 119 and Fortree

5d 1h 19m Entered Fortree

5d 1h 14m Landed on Route 120


5d 1h 9m Flying again

[Snark] Well it's Thanksgiving, so it's already named something appropriate for a day of releases. Kappa

[Fluff] Bloodthirsty Thursday?

5d 1h 9m Back to the cavern

[Snark] But /u/ShinkoNetCavy it's Thursday today! We need a new name for that!

5d 1h 8m Flew out of the cavern

[Snark] Quick, to the PC!

[Fluff] inb4 Bloody Sunday all over again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg guys nothing to toss now OneHand

[Fluff] Wow, Doesn't that take me back! We've not done that for ages!

[Fluff] It's called Battery Jesus 2.0.

[Fluff] We actually successfully used a Master Ball on something rare? WOW!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !save

[Info] We can return here in 12 hours to find either Uxie or Mesprit.

5d 1h 4m MASTER BALL'D AZELF. LVL 40 Nick: !!uuju8iyuuu

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: space invader PogChamp

[Stats] Mannectric Lv. 45 - Max. HP 135 Attack 86 Defense 75 Sp. Atk 113 Sp. Def 56 Speed 118

5d 1h 5m Manectric grew to level 45, Loudred to 41


5d 1h 4m VS Azelf

5d 1h 3m Entered the cavern

[Info] We will encounter either Uxie, Mesprit or Azelf.

5d 1h 3m Landed at the Nameless Cavern.

[Fluff] Wait, what? Did Nintendo/GF not test for people would actually throw away Mega Evolution stones for the flight scenes?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: a

5d 1h 2m Town smelt funny, so we flew away

[Snark] I think we want to return to demoland

5d 1h 1m Landed in Mossdeep

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: did input break again

[Fluff] Anyone noticing that this is Mega Latios without a Latiosite? We tossed it before.

[Info] Sorry- It's called Nameless Cavern. It still holds the sinnoh trio, though.

[Snark] 7.8/10 Too much FLYING -IGNorance

5d 0h 56m 7.8/10 Too much air -IGN

[Info] That red dot is actually "Unnamed Cavern" and it holds Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf.

5d 0h 55m Landing on Route 126

[Snark] 7.8/10 too much land(ing)

5d 0h 52m Back into the wild blue yonder!

5d 0h 52m Landed on Route 119

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I think I fixed it

5d 0h 51m Also more flying

5d 0h 50m Inputs are back!

[Fluff] So now what? Do we just sit here singing songs? Or do we go go insane, OH LOOK! INPUTS COMING BACK!

[Snark] Caller, don't speculate!


[Snark] Y+Up, something is wrong.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: let me see

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: something is wrong

5d 0h 48m Onto Route 119

5d 0h 46m Landed in Fortree city.

5d 0h 45m Guess what? We're flying again

5d 0h 44m Back down on Route 121

[Fluff] They must really love Route 121 to land here so many times.


5d 0h 43m Not flying again

5d 0h 43m Flying again

[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: 7.8/10 landing

5d 0h 42m Not flying-des

5d 0h 42m Flying-des

5d 0h 40m DAMN! Nevermind, back on Route 121

5d 0h 40m Back into the skies!!

5d 0h 39m Landed on Route 121.

[Snark] Somebody get Shinko some oxygen please

5d 0h 38m Soaring around the world. Weeeeeeeee!

5d 0h 36m Inputs back online.


5d 0h 34m Manetric flyin' around like it doesn't matter.

5d 0h 33m Used the Eon Flute

5d 0h 29m Threw away Max Potion

[Snark] Remember when we released Kenya in HeartGold? It was just after we got the 8th gym badge. I don't know; I just felt like mentioning that.

5d 0h 25m Entered the Pokemon Center

5d 0h 25m There seems to be a struggle to get into the Pokemon Center

5d 0h 22m Still faffing about in Sootopolis



5d 0h 19m Brutally murdered the Scatterbug ballon

...and by Pumbloom V I mean Whismur the V

5d 0h 18m Super Training with Pumbloom V

5d 0h 16m Clutch save!

5d 0h 16m We enter, then exit Super Training.

[Snark] A new record! Technically it's true

5d 0h 9m Berries picked=0

[Snark] Lazy Pokemon can't even pick up their own berries, they have to be hand fed...

[Chat] Jirachi_sauce: This is what we get for gardening all those berries. Kappa

5d 0h 8m Started a game of Berry Pickers on easy

[Snark] More like POKE-mon Amie

5d 0h 7m Playing Pokemon Amie with Zigzagoony

5d 0h 4m Zigzagoony REALLY wants to learn Double Team.

5d 0h 1m Linoone holds a Medichamite

5d 0h 0m Wandering around Sootopolis

[Snark] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ DEMON DAY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Welcome to Day 6 of Pokémon Omega Ruby!

[Info] Keep in mind that did not consume the Master Ball. It only wasted a turn...and T4...and we whited out.

[Snark] Apparently our party consists of "Master Ball"

4d 23h 57m We tried hucking our Master Ball at the Crobat. The Crobat ain't having any of that crap and knocks T4 out. Black out!

4d 23h 57m T4 vs Crobat

4d 23h 57m vs Ace Trainer Harriet!

4d 23h 56m Back on the surface outside

[Donation] $2.00 from <PARTY UPDATE>: "The guests have begun to arrive, but Catlin still isn't back yet, and she's not answering her phone. I'm starting to get worried..."

4d 23h 55m Threw away an Ultra Ball


4d 23h 53m Swapped Blazakinite for Ultra ball on Manetric

[Fluff] Welp, Flarn was right about Ray doing a donation Kappa

4d 23h 52m Trying to fish underwater. Arty thinks it's efficient, Father says otherwise.

4d 23h 51m We are diving for real this time.

[Snark] Gee, it sure is wet around here.

4d 23h 50m The great struggle of Dive continues.

[Donation] $2.00 from <BULBASAUR>: "BWRLRGHRRH"

4d 23h 49m Goin' UNDER DA SEA, wait a minute nevermind.

4d 23h 48m Back on the surface

[Pokédex] HOENN POKEDEX: Number caught: 39. Number seen: 131

[Donation] $2.00 from <Latios>: "I can show you the woooooorrrllddddd! shining, shimmering SPLENDIIIIIDDDD!"

4d 23h 45m Tossed a Star Piece.

[Donation] $2.00 from <KENYA>: "THE MAIL NEEDS TO BE DELIVERED."

[Fluff] Inb4 Rayquaza donates as well


4d 23h 40m Now surfing around everywhere. Surf victory riot?

4d 23h 40m Currently in Sootopolis City


4d 23h 38m Down we go, out of the gym.

4d 23h 37m We now have all 8 badges! (This was the Rain Badge) ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

4d 23h 37m We get the HM for Waterfall!

4d 23h 37m Victory against Wallace. Azumarill grows to level 57.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

4d 23h 36m Wallace's Seaking is left. He raindances, uses waterfall, gets us down to red, we clutch and rollout and defeat the seaking!

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 57 - Max. HP 194 Attack 88 Defense 122 Sp. Atk 106 Sp. Def 116 Speed 77

4d 23h 35m Two pokemon left for Wallace. He sends out Sealeo. We get an Encore while we keep rollouting. Sealeo is K.O'd.

4d 23h 34m Wallace sends out Whiscash. More rollouts follow. Down he goes.

4d 23h 34m After more rollouts, we KO Milotic!

4d 23h 34m Milotic then goes and Ice Beams us. We start our Rollouts.

4d 23h 33m Milotic gets a Hyper potion. We use Dive.

4d 23h 33m Milotic recovers, so we retaliate with Superpower.

4d 23h 32m We go and dive while Milotic Hydro pumps us beforehand. Both are not effective.

4d 23h 32m In comes T4.

4d 23h 31m Wallace sends out his Milotic. We keep using Cut. Milotic uses Waterfall and Zigzagoony faints!

4d 23h 31m One more attack and Wallace's Luvdisc is down!

4d 23h 30m We send out Zigzagoony. More water pulses, but we are doing damage.

4d 23h 29m After 1 more water pulse by Luvdisc, Feminun fainted. Thunder missed. :(

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt = Luvdisc sweep (no space)

[Snark] Wait, shouldn't Attract fail? This is Feminun.

4d 23h 29m Being Immobilized, we are being chipped away by Luvdisc's Water Pulse.

4d 23h 28m We start off with a Quick Attack, then Luvdisc used Attract. We are in love! <3

[Fluff] It's been such a long while since we had a battle!

4d 23h 28m Wallace sent out Luvdisc. We send out Feminun.

4d 23h 27m VS Wallace

4d 23h 27m Back to Anarchy. We can see Wallace!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode a

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: anarchy PogChamp

[Fluff] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[Snark] We just crossed the 3 hours mark since our last party update! #themoreyouknow

4d 23h 20m So close to finishing the puzzle!

[Donation] $2.00 from PARTY UPDATE: "Caitlin went to buy more curly straws. I told her it would be fine, but she's always been a perfectionist."

4d 23h 9m Over halfway done through this puzzle!

4d 22h 47m Currently on the 3rd puzzle. Working through it slowly but steady.

[Donation] $2.00 from Slasher15987: "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RELEASE THE BOE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ"


[Donation] That was $6.00 actually, sorry

[Donation] $2.00 from GROUDON: "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"

4d 22h 35m 3 more tiles!

4d 22h 30m 10 or so more tiles and the puzzle will be complete!

4d 22h 24m 60% of the second puzzle done!

[Fluff] I just died from that snark. rip

[Snark] Too bad this isn't Black 1; I heard GMYC specializes in this type of thing.

[Info] Here is a map for the path we need to go through to get through the puzzles

4d 22h 10m Back to democracy. Is it time to complete the second puzzle now?

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode d

4d 22h 2m While doing the puzzle, we switched back to Anarchy and fell...

4d 22h 0m Democracy mode again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode d

4d 21h 55m Back to Helix-archy

4d 21h 54m In Dome-ocracy!

[Snark] Deku confirmed Dome worshiper

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode dome

4d 21h 48m Back to Anarchy. We fell down.

4d 21h 47m Attempting the second puzzle again.

4d 21h 45m Back to Democracy.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode d PJSalt

[Info] The first puzzle that we did will not be reset, so we can just continue up and try the second again.

4d 21h 42m At the bottom of the gym again.

[Meta] 7:35 - Twitchspeaks: have to cancel tonight's human mode =( sorry.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: actually what happened?

4d 21h 37m Back to Anarchy.

4d 21h 36m About 75% done and we failed! Fell down again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PJSalt OneHand

4d 21h 31m 44% done.

4d 21h 24m Up to the next one.


[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: just no numbers

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: you can use up b and combos like these to go faster

4d 21h 17m Over halfway through the first puzzle without any trouble.

4d 21h 11m Attempting the tiles again.

4d 21h 11m Democracy is back, inputs working.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it takes one vote to turn around now I think

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode d

4d 21h 9m INPUTS HAVE CRASHED. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOTヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: it crashed FailFish

4d 21h 8m Democracy enabled again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'll be watching closely this time

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp !mode d

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'll reduce button press delay and see if it fix it

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I thought you voted down twice

4d 21h 3m Back to Anarchy.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: did it press twice?

4d 21h 3m We fell down the tiles in Democracy!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

4d 20h 58m Stepping on tiles in Democracy. Seems to be holding well.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: just like the old days

4d 20h 55m Democracy Mode is back!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode d PogChamp

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: b

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Fluff] After going up the stairs for yet another time in Anarchy, he fails again. Expect this to happen multiple times while we have a quick commercial break.

[Fluff] Running down to the stairs again, he gets stopped by a trainer. He bumps into her a few times before continuing his quest to become the ice master.

[Snark] I wonder how badly Arty's legs hurt. He has fallen countless times.

[Fluff] Back up the steps, he tries it in Anarchy. 5 seconds later, he finds himself at the bottom again.

[Fluff] Trying again, he goes up the steps. Maybe democracy could be enabled again? We will see.

[Fluff] Finding out that unlike what Arty predicted, he was able to step on a tile in Democracy mode. The hivemind soon went back into Anarchy and failed once more.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg have fun OneHand

4d 20h 46m Aaaaaand back to Anarchy. Back to the Waterfall Intermission show.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: danBad

4d 20h 45m Democracy enabled again.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode d

[Fluff] At the end of the gym, he decides to have a go at doing the puzzle again, in anarchy. Will he have luck?

[Fluff] No matter how hard he and the hivemind try, !mode d does not work until one of the streamer senpais says it themself. He starts to walk around more, attemping for the senpais to notice him.

[Fluff] Seeing more pools of water, Arty gracefully stumbles around everywhere in classic TPP style, desperately doing !mode d to progress.

[Fluff] He looks at all the woman admiring the waterfalls, grinning because he beat them all.

[Fluff] Arty is stepping on the tiles. He falls back into the water. The waterfalls are everywhere.

[Fluff] That was quick. Back to the Waterfall Intermission show!

4d 20h 38m Back to Anarchy.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: gg smell ya later OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no numbers, so use direction b to go faster


[Fluff] Today we see a wet day with waterfalls everywhere. Arty has had his feet wet (and most likely has his feet shrivelled into prunes) for an hour now.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: !mode d

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: no numbers, just commands

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: let's try it out

[Fluff] Welcome to the Waterfall Intermission show! I, ShinkoNetCavy, will be your host.

4d 20h 30m: Still at the waterfalls. Yes, really.

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: PogChamp I just finished my food

4d 20h 24m: We threw away one Max Repel

4d 20h 22m: We break the ice once more. Back to the waterfalls!

4d 20h 21m: Still trying to get back on track and to use various objects... to no avail.

[Snark] So now not only is it transgender; it wants to be a Mega Blaziken as well?

4d 20h 8m Took Minun's(?) Soda Pop and gave the Blazikenite to hold.

4d 20h 6m Turned on Exp. Share.

[Chat] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STEAL DEKU'S FOOD ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: have fun guys, I'm off to have get some food OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: oh I see OneHand

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: my riot alarm went off PogChamp

[Stats] Latios Lv. 47 - Max. HP 142 Attack 123 Defense 90 Sp. Atk 133 Sp. Def 126 Speed 133

4d 19h 47m Latios leveled up to 47!

4d 19h 47m Defeated Lass Andrea!

4d 19h 46m Latias down to 19/139HP! Latios used Luster Purge!

[Fluff] Look at Ludicolo dance \o/

4d 19h 44m VS her Ludicolo! Minun flinched!

4d 19h 43m VS Lass Andrea!

4d 19h 40m We fell down again. (Will this be the first time in ages Democracy will be required again?)

4d 19h 40m ↓ Our video of capturing Groudon.


4d 19h 38m Azumarill used Dive! Wailord down! Beauty Tiffany defeated!

4d 19h 38m Azumarill used Dive! Wailord used Brine!

4d 19h 37m Azumarill used Dive! Wailord used Amnesia!

4d 19h 36m VS Beauty Tiffany and her PsyduckGolduck. Golduck down! Sent out Azumarill. Tiffany sent out Wailord.

[Stats] Gym Badges: 7 Pokédex: 128 Play time: 115h 31m

[Meta] Apparently /u/TPPStreamerBot was down. It should be up and running again.

[Snark] Ledge™, anyone?

4d 19h 26m To reach Wallace, we need to step on each floor tile.

4d 19h 23m Zigzagoony used Rock Smash! Corsola down! Defeated Lady Brianna!

4d 19h 23m Zigzagoony used Rock Smash! Corsola used Power Gem!

4d 19h 22m Corsola braced itself! Zigzagoony used Pin Missile!

4d 19h 20m Clamperl down! Sent out Zigzagoony. Brianna sent out Corsola.

4d 19h 20m VS Lady Brianna!

4d 19h 17m Minun used Volt Switch! Starmie down! Defeated Beauty Olivia!

4d 19h 17m Minun used Thunder but Starmie avoids! Starmie used Swift!

4d 19h 16m VS Beauty Olivia!

[Stats] Minun Lv. 51 - Max. HP 144 Attack 65 Defense 88 Sp. Atk 107 Sp. Def 98 Speed 130

4d 19h 15m Minun levels up to 51!

4d 19h 14m Against the Beauty Connie! Minun used Volt Switch! Defeated Beauty Connie!

4d 19h 12m Minun used Volt Switch! Gorebyss down! Defeated Beauty Bridget!

4d 19h 12m Minun used Fake Tears! Gorebyss used Dive.

4d 19h 12m VS Beauty Bridget!

4d 19h 10m Entered the Sootopolis gym, left, entered, left and entered again.

4d 19h 7m Surfing.

4d 19h 7m ...Almost discarded Blazikenite.

4d 19h 6m Switched a hold item for a Leppa berry.

4d 19h 2m Used a Super Repel.

4d 19h 2m Threw away 1 Shiny Stone.

4d 18h 44m Game Save, Implying it matters

4d 18h 43m Arty stares at the Cave of Origin door for a bit before running back down the bridge

[Info] BTW, here are some stats I obtained during shuffling while we captured our new Groudonger.

[Stats] Whismur v Lv. 40 - Max. HP 126 Attack 77 Defense 43 Sp. Atk 69 Sp. Def 41 Speed 52

[Stats] Latios Lv. 46 - Max. HP 139 Attack 119 Defense 88 Sp. Atk 130 Sp. Def 123 Speed 130

[Stats] w6aa:nn5ek22 Lv. 44 - Max. HP 132 Attack 85 Defense 73 Sp. Atk 111 Sp. Def 55 Speed 115

4d 18h 42m Obtained Eon Flute!

[Fluff] Are we going to begin the Cryots now?

[Chat] Dem BibleThumps

[Snark] I think my copy of Alpha Sapphire is going to arrive late now, thanks Twitch

[Fluff] This is the third Groudon Kenya we have captured. The hivemind must really enjoy delaying mail deliveries.

[Snark] Now let's so some Gardening!

[Snark] So what do we use the master ball on now?


4d 18h 36m Nicknamed "6".

4d 18h 35m Instead, Kenya is called 6

4d 18h 35m Groudon's Nickname is 111111166u66r, but it can't as there can only be 5 numbers

[Snark] INb4 NOT Kenya Kappa

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


4d 18h 35m CAUGHT GROUDON!

4d 18h 34m We try and use a Full Restore on Minun, Groudon wakes up and uses lava plume, We Toss an Ultra Ball at Groudon

4d 18h 33m Groudon Rests off of our Dragon Breath

[Snark] What are we using this time? A Lava Cookie?

4d 18h 33m We send out Latios, AND AGAIN USE A LAVA COOKIE

4d 18h 31m We send out Loudred, and try to use a Lava Cookie again, Kenya uses Rest, Again, we try to use a Lava Cookie, Rest again, Groudon that uses Preciple Blades And faints Loudred

4d 18h 31m Sent out Loudred.

4d 18h 30m We try and use a Lava Cookie on Minun, Manectric faints to a Lava Plume

4d 18h 30m Kenya Battle begins again!

4d 18h 29m We restart the Kenya Cutscene

4d 18h 28m We're back in Kenya's Lair

4d 18h 27m We trek down the stairs to find Kenya again

4d 18h 26m See? No game breaking bugs here

[Meta] Twitch seems to be back up.

4d 18h 23m We take the walk of shame back up the Cave or Origin


4d 18h 18m LOL PROGRESS

4d 18h 17m Wait, we need to backtrack, the cave section that was previously blocked is now open iirc, so we need to head there

[Info] Apparently, we may have broken the game



4d 18h 11m And we enter the deepest part of Cave of Origin to find a Lava Pit

4d 18h 7m We head down deeper and the room gets more mistier.

4d 18h 5m There is now steam in the room! We are getting closer to our destination!

4d 18h 4m We head down deeper in the cavern checking our bag!

[Info] If you're having problems connecting to Twitch, it's not just you. Some people are having trouble connecting.

4d 18h 2m As we walk down deeper into the cave, the cavern turns to a redish/ruby color!

4d 18h 0m We march through the wild Pokémon in the cave in hopes to keep our Master Ball with us. Will we succeed?

4d 17h 58m We reenter Cave or Origin

4d 17h 56m We are almost back to the entrance of Origin Cave

4d 17h 53m In the deadly rays of the sun, our hero slowly makes the trip back to Groudon to try to defeat it or capture it

[Stats] Was brought up during our shuffling during Kenya Battle.

Azumarill Lv. 56 - Max. HP 190 Attack 86 Defense 119 Sp. Atk 104 Sp. Def 114 Speed 76

[Snark] That was really anticlimactic, let's try that again guys

4d 17h 44m Groudon Lava Plumes and KOs Latios, BLACK OUT

4d 17h 43m We throw a Great Ball at Kenya, Naturally, it breaks out

4d 17h 43m Groudon awakens and uses Lava Plume, we use a Third Power Split

4d 17h 42m We use Power Split!

4d 17h 41m Latios sent out, We use Dragon Breath, Groudon Paralyzed Lava Plume happened, we then fail to use a Fresh Water, while Groudon is fully paralyzed, Groudon uses Rest

4d 17h 39m T4 Faints!

[Snark] Why doesn't the fresh water evaporate?

4d 17h 39m Lava Plume follows and Burns T4, Dive fails due to desolate land, we then Heal T4 by 60HP with Fresh Water

4d 17h 38m Groudon Attempts to Rest, we Superpower

4d 17h 38m Groudon Battle Two Begins We send out T4

[Snark] This time use the Pokeballs correctly guys Kappa

4d 17h 37m We restart the cutscene of Kenya Mega Evolving

4d 17h 36m We Heal Latias, Groudon tries to rest, we heal Latios Again, Groudon then Earthquakes Minun down AND WHAT THE HECK? WE RAN FROM GROUDON, ATTEMPT ONE FAILED

4d 17h 36m KENYA BATTLE BEGINS! We send out Minun!

4d 17h 35m Kenya Primal Reverts! Very Dramatic Cutscene!

[Fluff] Just a boy and his Groudon, walking together into the light.

[Snark] Kenya Ride Best Ride!

4d 17h 33m Kenya walks towards us, we're ontop of Kenya, wading through Magma

4d 17h 33m Arty is in the Magma Suit, Maxie is talking to us, and is cutting out

[Snark] InB4 we DON'T nickname Groudon "Kenya". Kappa

[Donation] $2.00 from <Kenya>: "This delivery is taking longer than it should... but I'm not going to give up!"

4d 17h 29m We hear Kenya's Roar, we then enter lower into the Cave of Origin

[Chat] I'm being told there are bots attacking the stream.

4d 17h 23m We enter a crater, we are now on the second floor of the Cave of Origin

[Snark] Well this Golbat killed the mood of ultimate climax stuffs

4d 17h 22m We enter the Cave

4d 17h 22m We are finally in control of Arty again and we slowly walk towards the Cave of Origin

4d 17h 18m We get the Magma Suit

[Donation] $2.00 from <Viroro>: "Welcome to Sootopolis, where there's too much Water, unless Kenya fails to find the adress to the Cave of Origin"

4d 17h 17m We meet Wallace

4d 17h 15m Making our way towards the Cave of Origin

4d 17h 8m Pokecentre Checkpoint, In Soopotolis

4d 17h 7m EXP SHARE Turned off

4d 17h 6m No Longer on the dive spot, We can now get to the Pokecentre, or Kenya's Lair of the Cave of Origin, without worry of dive, in the meantime, we run away from Magikarp

4d 17h 4m Entered Soopotolis City people! and then we dive right back into the water

4d 17h 2m At the Dive Spot near Soopotolis, now we need to actually dive correctly

4d 17h 0m T4 Grew to Level 56 during the temporary death of reddit

[Snark] So Dive can evaporate in the Harsh Sunlight, but none of this water on the overworld can?

4d 16h 50m And then Steven takes off without us, Curses

[Snark] Steven, would you be kind enough to take us to Soopotolis with you?

4d 16h 48m Kenya is power hungry, Headed for the Cave of Origin, TO SOOPOTOLIS!

4d 16h 47m We get unnerving Drought Music!

[Donation] $2.00 from <Kenya>: "I will not allow this delivery to be delayed!"

4d 16h 45m Maxie Thrusts up the Red Orb, awakening KENNNNYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

4d 16h 44m Maxie threatens to awaken Kenya, Tabitha butts in to tell Maxie to stop, Maxie then calls Tabitha a traitor

[Snark] Dives under Lava? That's gotta be dangerous for its health!

4d 16h 42m We dodge a Yawn, and DIVE OBLITERATES CAMERUPT! MAXIE WAS REKT!

4d 16h 42m We send in T4, Maxie brings out Camerupt, We dive as Maxie's Camerupt Mega Evolves!

4d 16h 41m We send Minun back out as Maxie sends in Crobat, we go for Thunder and it misses, Crobat Retalliates with Poison Fang, we Volt Switch and KO Crobat, we switch

4d 16h 40m Minun grows to Level 50

4d 16h 40m Rise and Surf! Weezing goes KAPOW and faints Linoone

4d 16h 40m Two Crits in a row, Linoone gets Poisoned, but its Lum Berry cures it of poison

4d 16h 39m We lead with Volt Switch Annihliating Mightyena with a crit, we switch, Maxie sends out Weezing as we send out Linoone

4d 16h 38m Challenged by Team Magma Leader, MAXIE! He leads with Mightyena, we send out Minun!

[Fluff] Primal Kenyaaaaaaaaa!

4d 16h 38m Maxie trying to force Kenya to be his teammate

4d 16h 37m We walked into the Abyss and walk into Archie and Maxie arguing

4d 16h 36m Obtained TM26, Earthquake

4d 16h 34m We've walked past the Earthquake TM, but are now hesitating whether to go back for it, Arty running back up the stairss to get it

4d 16h 34m Latios trying to learn Power Split, Replaced Zen Headbutt with Power Split

4d 16h 33m Latios grows to level 46

4d 16h 31m Running down a corridor

4d 16h 29m And we've pushed one of two boulders into the hole that allows us to progress!

4d 16h 28m We are close to messing up the puzzle and making it so we have to reset

4d 16h 28m Pushed one boulder into the hole

4d 16h 26m The super boulder puzzle is incredibly simplified, yet it took us long enough to even use strength

4d 16h 24m Zigzagoony grew to level 41

4d 16h 23m Inside of the Super Boulder Puzzle, failing miserably

[Correction] t4 is now Lv. 55, not Lv. 54.

4d 16h 20m Defeated a Team magma Grunt

4d 16h 20m Grunt sends out Weezing and Latios takes it down quickly! Magma Grunt Defeated!

4d 16h 20m t4 Levels up to Lv. 54. Does not learn Hydro Pump!

4d 16h 19m Latios takes out the Mightyena!

4d 16h 19m We attempt to throw great balls. Grunt blocks it and we are called thieves!

4d 16h 19m Minun uses Volt Switch to bring Mightyena to the red. We switch to Latios!

4d 16h 18m vs Team Magma Grunt! He sends out Mightyena. We send out Minun!

4d 16h 17m Zigzagoony has Lum Berry now. Swapped with Stardust

[BuzzNav] We're still apparently buying tons of Great Balls from yesteryear according to the BuzzNav

4d 16h 7m We flick through some of our badges

4d 16h 6m Incoming Super Boulder Puzzle soon

4d 16h 5m We get to the other side of Mr IGN's 7.8 Ride

4d 16h 3m Back into IGN's Water Ride

4d 16h 0m Back in the Boulder puzzle

4d 15h 59m We attempt to catch a Golbat. It's Male and Level 33, we then try to escape after it used Mean Look. FailFish

4d 15h 57m Back at the entrance of the Seafloor Cavern

[Snark] I want to get off of Mr IGN's Water Ride!

[Fluff] I just noticed that these are practically spinning tiles, but on water instead

[Snark] Team IGN put a 7.8/10 puzzle in their base

4d 15h 55m And now for water puzzles!

4d 15h 53m Boulder Puzzles, This'll take a while folks

4d 15h 50m Minun grows to level 49 and tries to learn Entrainment

4d 15h 45m We try to catch the Magma Grunt's Mightyena, they call us a Thief, Dragon Breath knocks out the Mightyena, Magma Grunt Defeated

[Donation] $2.00 from <anonomously filling name>: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. [star star star] sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec qu"

4d 15h 44m Numel fainted. Team Magma grunt going to be bringing out Mightyena next

4d 15h 43m Loudred fainted to a Take Down

[Snark] Our team changed to the Items again, also, the Team Magma grunt called us a theif, ironically

4d 15h 41m We switch to Loudred, who somehow falls asleep from an Earth Power

4d 15h 40m We waste our turn with a Soda Pop, Numel uses Take Down

4d 15h 39m Challenged by a Magma Grunt, they send out a Numel

4d 15h 38m Double KO, so Graveller and Manectric Both Fainted

4d 15h 37m Encountered a Graveller via Rock Smash

[Donation] $2.00 from <Kenya>: "I'm really excited to finally see you guys back again soon, but could you please hurry up a bit? IGN is about to do terrible things to me an I'm kinda scared... BibleThump"

4d 15h 33m We stop surfing and start exploring the Seafloor Cavern

4d 15h 30m We keep diving in fear of the Camerupt Submarine

4d 15h 27m Entered Seafloor Cavern! Now Surface... Eventually!

4d 15h 26m We're nearly at the seafloor cavern

4d 15h 18m We see a Corsola strolling around the outside of the reef we've trapped ourselves in via diving

[Fluff] People keep trying to surface to the top of the water, we're probably going to need Democracy mode at this rate

4d 15h 12m Zigzagoony does not learn Rest Jaylon defeated

4d 15h 11m Latios grew to level 45, Linoone to Level 40, and the latter wishes to learn Rest

4d 15h 10m We talk to Triathelete Jaylon and challenge him! He sends out a tentacruel, it gets Rekt by Manectric

4d 15h 9m We keep diving and surfacing rapidly... Oh boy...

4d 15h 6m Back Underwater, Back Above Water!

4d 15h 5m We dive underwater! And then immeditely go back up!

[Fluff] Jorrrrrsuuuuuuuun!

4d 15h 3m Loudred tries to evolve! But Fails!

4d 15h 3m Xatu down, Byron defeated

4d 15h 2m We confuse Xatu in revenge for confusing us, then switch to Latios, to get revenge

4d 15h 2m Flinch! PogChamp

4d 15h 1m We send him out for his Level up Riot

4d 15h 1m Loudred grew to Level 40!

4d 15h 0m We rechallenge Byron to get revenge!

4d 14h 59m Back onto the High Seas!

4d 14h 55m Latios Fainted to Confusion, BLACK OUT!!!

4d 14h 54m We luster purge Xatu, who retaliates with Confuse Ray

4d 14h 53m Byron's Dodrio fainted, he then sends out a Xatu

4d 14h 52m Fighting Bird Keeper Byron

4d 14h 50m We're surfing, now onto Route 127

[BuzzNav] We're mentioned that we won a contest, Didn't that happen a while ago?

4d 14h 43m We delete Double Edge on T4 and learn Dive!


[Fluff] After 12 years, Game Freak finally explained how you can stay underwater forever with Dive in RSE. It's the little things.

[Snark] Apparently we had 9000 Badges at some point http://i.imgur.com/rascVbJ.png

4d 14h 36m We also got Devon Scuba Gear

4d 14h 35m Got HM07 Dive

[Fluff] The Badges counter is on Steven's Tie instead of where it should be

4d 14h 34m We enter Steven's house for a 'talk' I think Steven wants more than that

4d 14h 32m EARTHQUAKE! EVERYONE RUN! Wait, no, It's just a green pillar of light

4d 14h 32m Back at the entrace to the gym

[Meta] We are sorry for not bringing the whole battle to all of you in such an important battle

[Snark] You think we have a calm mind after all these Reddit crashes?

4d 14h 31m Got Tm 04 Calm Mind

[Snark] Tate & Liza confirmed for making Reddit Crash

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

4d 14h 30m WE GOT THE MIND BADGE! :D

4d 14h 30m Lunatone is fully Paralyzed And then faints to Latios' Headbutt TATE AND LIZA DOWN!

4d 14h 30m Steel Wing fails against Lunatone!

4d 14h 29m After a long series of Reddit Crashes and Tons of Pokemon fainting it's just Latios vs Lunatone now

4d 14h 29m Lunatone gets Paralyzed!

4d 14h 28m Hyper Potion on Lunatone once again!

4d 14h 28m Minun fainted to Dragon Breath! Own team attack?

4d 14h 27m Leaders use Potion on Lunatone!

4d 14h 26m We send out Minun. Latios only Left! Lunatone is left on their side!

4d 14h 24m vs Tale and Liza Azumarill is down Solrock is down!

4d 14h 20m At Tate and Liza

4d 14h 17m Patricia's Chimecho Down Latios grew to level 44 Minun to 48 Patricia defeated

[Stats] Latios Lv. 44 - Max. HP 134 Attack 113 Defense 84 Sp. Atk 124 Sp. Def 117 Speed 123

4d 14h 17m Loudred down to Chimecho's Extrasensory

4d 14h 16m Manectric took himself down with Wild Charge Recoil

4d 14h 15m Onto another Podium, we got challenged by Hex Maniac Patricia

4d 14h 15m Hit a switch!

[Snark] Fritz says he wasn't cheating, honestly, I think we found out why Reddit was on the Fritz

[Stats] Azumarill Lv. 54 - Max. HP 184 Attack 83 Defense 115 Sp. Atk 101 Sp. Def 110 Speed 73

4d 14h 11m Starmie down to double Edge, Fritz Defeated T4 Grew to level 54

[Meta] Reddit is breaking, posts may be skipped and/or appears late

4d 14h 10m Starmie used Recover Thrice to avoid Rollout Death, and some confuse rays here and there

4d 14h 8m Fritz's Claydol down, Manectric grew to 44, Linoone to 39 Starmie sent out

[Snark] Fritz's Name describes the Live Updater right now, it's on the Fritz

4d 14h 6m Wild Charge beat Medicham, Joshua defeated

4d 14h 6m Challenged Psychic Fritz

[Meta] Live Updater is having a hissy fit and braking. BrokeBack

4d 14h 6m Manectric Volt Switches Kadabra KOing it

4d 14h 5m Psychic Joshua Challenged

4d 14h 2m We hit the first switch, now watch us leave the gym again

4d 13h 59m Edging our way towards the first switch

4d 13h 58m In again

4d 13h 58m Back into the gym, and out again

[Snark] You put it in out, in out, shake it all about, you do the Hokey Pokey and you Turn around, that's what it's all about!

4d 13h 57m Back into the gym, and out again, and in, and out, and in, and out

4d 13h 56m Exited gym again. Path Reset

4d 13h 56m Switch hit! Path Changed

4d 13h 55m Back along the first path, now to hit the switch again

4d 13h 53m From leaving the gym, the path was reset. This is going to take a while

4d 13h 53m Aaaaand we leave the gym

4d 13h 52m We flicked a switch! Path changed!

4d 13h 50m Kadabra used Role Play and copied T4's Huge Power, We double edge and obliterate it, Preston Defeated

4d 13h 49m We were challenged by Psychic Preston! He sends out... Um... Anytime now Twitch, ah, there we go, a Kadabra

4d 13h 46m Back in the Gym!

4d 13h 45m Entered the Gy- Wait, no, Back out

[Snark] The Demo is short for Democracy. Kappa

[Snark] Welcome to Demo Land!

[Snark] Maybe we can see Orlando, he's been here for a while

4d 13h 37m We're in Mosdeep City!

[Snark] He says it's no use, is he related to Silver the Hedgehog?

4d 13h 34m Volt Switch knocks it out, Defeating Roland.

4d 13h 33m Challenged by Swimmer Male Roland, who sends out a Sealeo

4d 13h 32m Wild Charge from Manectric faints luvdisc, Loudred grows to level 39 Jenny defeated

4d 13h 31m Challenged by Swimmer Female Jenny, she sends out a Luvdisc

4d 13h 29m Exited, Reentered then Reexited the Magma Hideout

4d 13h 28m We use surf and are on our way out

4d 13h 27m At the entrance of the Magma Hideout

4d 13h 24m Checking our healed team

4d 13h 24m Teleported out of the bed room

4d 13h 23m Back in the Bed Room, sitting on the bed, then slept in it, Team Health Restored, sitting on the bed again

4d 13h 22m In the Bed Room

4d 13h 21m Teleporting back and forth throughout the same teleporter

4d 13h 14m: Arty climbs on Ziggy's back a couple of times before going back towards Magma's Hideout.

4d 13h 13m: We use the teleporter and we are back at the exit. WE DID IT GUYS!

4d 13h 12m: We run to the other side of the room where there's another teleporter. Gasp

4d 13h 10m: We go up a set of stairs which lead nowhere and we go back down. Progress

4d 13h 8m: We are out of the Masterball room and the teleporting room and enter the room where we fought Courtney. Also, we saved.

[Fluff] The timer begins! Let's see how long this Masterball lasts...

4d 13h 1m: Electrode faints and Masterball obtained! HURRAY! \O/

[Snark] Our team is 5 lava Cookies, 1 Castelia Cone, 2 Max Revives, 1 Full Restore, 2 Lum Berries and a Rawst Berry

4d 12h 59m Electrode is now floating!

4d 12h 58m Another Electrode

4d 12h 58m We obtain a Nugget

4d 12h 57m Electrode Self Destructs, Barely even harms Minun

[Snark] That Electrode was upside down :O

4d 12h 57m Encounted an Electrode! We must be near the Master Ball!

4d 12h 56m We are now in a carpeted room

4d 12h 53m Bwooop Bwooop Bwooop That's the sound we make when we keep teleporting, we MIGHT be going for the Master Ball here

4d 12h 50m Back in the multiteleport room

4d 12h 49m We finally get some progression done to get out of the Magma hideout- wait, nevermind, back in the room with all the teleporters, and now we've progressed again

4d 12h 48m Still teleporting between two teleporters, Arty is yet to get Dizzy

[Snark] Crack Theory, Arty is part spinda

[Snark] I get that Arty is a kid and kids usually love rides but... how is he not dizzy already?!

[Snark] You spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby, right round

4d 12h 45m: Spinning, spinning, more spinning, even more spinning, even mooooar spinning aaaaaaaaand we are back at the start.

4d 12h 42m: We teleport to a room with many teleporters, to then teleport to a different room with even more teleporters. Get comfy guys, this might be a while.

4d 12h 40m: We use the teleporter back to a hall.

[Snark] Guys stop making fun of Courtney! This is probably not her mother tongue... oh wait.

4d 12h 35m: Arty keeps talking to Courtney. She keeps... well... I don't... know what... she's saying...

4d 12h 31m: Arty finds a Max Revive

4d 12h 27m: And also Courtney is defeated and the submarine escapes. Damn it Courtney!

4d 12h 27m: Also Latios and t4 level up to 43 and 53 respectively

4d 12h 26m: Camerupt uses take down vs a sleeping Ziggy and misses (!). Then Ziggy wakes up and uses surf. Camerupt faints and Ziggy levels up to 38 and Minun levels up to 47

4d 12h 25m: Camerupt uses yawn once more. Ziggy responds with pin missile who is far from effective. Camerupt then uses take down. Ziggy falls asleep and has 29 hp left.

4d 12h 25m: Latios is sent out! Then Arty switches it for Ziggy.

4d 12h 24m: Arty switches Whismur in and Camerupt uses yawn again. Supersonic then misses and Whismur faints to Camerupt.

4d 12h 24m: Camerupt uses amnesia. Thunder doesn't affect it. Camerupt then uses yawn. Oh noes, Minun is drowzy! yawns

4d 12h 23m: Arty encounters Admin Courtney! Time to fight. Minun vs Camerupt.

[Snark] They only gave us 720 PokeDollars? thats 144 each!

4d 12h 21m: Minun uses quick attack and OHKOs Poochyena. All the doggies down! Team Grunts defeated!

4d 12h 20m: whismur keeps missing so Arty decides to switch Minun in. More bite from Poochyena.

4d 12h 20m: Echoed voice misses this time! its 1 vs 1 now. Whismur misses again! 31 hp left.

4d 12h 19m: 2 more bites and Whismur responds by fainting another one of them. 46 hp left.

4d 12h 18m: Poochyena use all bite, one of them crit. Whismur responds with Stomp. Whismur has 65 hp left. 2 Poochyena left.

4d 12h 18m: Whismur uses stomp and OHKOs another Poochyena. 3 to go.

4d 12h 17m: Two Poochyena use odor sleuth while the other two use bite. Not very original doggies.

4d 12h 17m: One of the Poochyena faints to volt switch and Arty sends out Whismur.

4d 12h 16m: They send out 5 Poochyena's vs Minun. ITS A TRAP!

4d 12h 16m: Oh noes! We arrive at a Magma formation of 5 Grunts! Fight music intensifies.

4d 12h 14m: This room looks quite good. It even has a painting in the wall and you can see water from it!

4d 12h 13m: Latios OHKOs Numel and Magma Grunt defeated.

4d 12h 12m: Electric attack of course doesn't affect Numel who uses earth power. w6aa down. Latios is sent out.

4d 12h 12m: We use the teleporter next to the Magma grunt and enter a room where we are challenged by another Magma Grunt. He sends Numel vs Manectric.

4d 12h 10m: Magma Grunt defeated! Welp that was easy.

4d 12h 10m: Wild Charge OHKOs Golbat and w6aa levels up to 43

4d 12h 9m: Grunt sends out Golbat and Arty switches in w6aa.

4d 12h 8m: w6aa uses volt switch and tags in Whismur. Mightyena is in red. Mightyena then uses embargo and whismur responds with stomp. Mightyena down.

4d 12h 7m: We teleport once more and this time we enter a fight with a Magma Grunt. He sends Mightyena vs w6aa.

4d 12h 6m: He finally uses it! HURRA... nvm, he teleported back.

4d 12h 5m: Arty circles around a teleporter. Seems like a pagan ritual if you ask me.

4d 12h 2m: Golbat is OHKOd by Manectric's wild charge. Grunt defeated.

4d 12h 1m: Oh, apparently there was a Grunt still in the room. He sends a Golbat vs w6aa

4d 12h 0m: And we backtrack even farther to the Suit room.

4d 11h 59m: We manage to use the teleporter twice but we backtracked back to the room almost immediately.

4d 11h 56m: We struggle to use the next teleporter in the room. Right vs Left intensifies.

4d 11h 51m: We use the teleporter on the left side of the room, which we hadn't yet used. It leads us to another room with just one more teleporter.

4d 11h 50m: And we teleport even farther back to the lab with the suite.

4d 11h 49m: We teleport back and backtrack to a locked door.

4d 11h 45m: Arty finds a PP Max

4d 11h 44m: We teleport once more. Progress comes slow and steady for now.

4d 11h 40m: We teleport to a different room, HURRAY! \o/

4d 11h 35m: We are still just hanging out in the lab with what looks like a diving suit.

4d 11h 34m: Arty finds a Nest Ball

[Fluff] Aaaaaaand finally we update the party! Almost a full hour went by!

4d 11h 29m: We are currently in another lab where a suit is lying empty.

[Fluff] For those of you doing the math, it's been roughly 50 min since last party update

4d 11h 23m: We use another teleporter. Also its been 2900s since the last party update.

4d 11h 19m: Aaaand back to the lab.

4d 11h 14m: Arty checks the shelves full with books on the walls.

4d 11h 10m: !12rtyhaszs finds a Max Elixir

4d 11h 10m: "The Project Azoth, A stands for the beginning Z stands for the end but I don't know what O T H stand for". Thats alright, you got two out of five mate.

4d 11h 6m: !12rtyhaszs uses the teleport on the left side of the lab and spins to a different room.

4d 11h 4m: !12rtyhaszs returns to the lab.

4d 11h 2m: Arty attempts to backtrack away from this room. He ends up returning to the room.

[Correction] Well apparently the Flowerpot was actually a Trashcan. Sorry about that. It's empty by the way.

4d 10h 56m: Tm 96 Dark Pulse found.

4d 10h 54m: Arty arrives to a room with a bed, a laptop a Team Magma flag and a Flowerpot.

4d 10h 53m: Arty steps back in the teleporter and uses the next one.

4d 10h 50m: Arty teleports to a different room using the teleporter on the right side of the Lab, then he teleports back to the Lab.

4d 10h 47m: We talk to the Scientist a few times. We still have no idea what he's talking about so we run away.

4d 10h 44m: Arty finally walks in the lab. Sneaking behind Scientists is fun!

[Recap] So in total we buy 6 Fresh Waters for the prize of 5 and 3 Soda Pops

4d 10h 42m: Another fresh water and we walk away from the vending machine.

4d 10h 41m: And we buy another 3 fresh water (ill bold with the final numbers of our purchases)

4d 10h 40m: We also buy three Soda Pops.

4d 10h 40m: We buy a fresh water and get an extra one for free

[Snark] There are 3 PC screens in this laboratory, and each of them is bigger than the tv in the previous room. Seriously Maxie, what the hell.

4d 10h 36m: Arty is near the entrance to a laboratory, yet he cannot bring himself to enter.

4d 10h 35m: Game saved!

4d 10h 29m: Wild Charge leaves Mightyena in low yellow hp. A second Wild Charge takes care of Mightyena. Grunt defeated!

4d 10h 28m: We get challenged by another Team Magma Grunt! Mightyena vs w6aa.

4d 10h 25m: Arty finds a Escape Rope

4d 10h 24m: Arty goes downstairs.

4d 10h 23m: We use the teleporter back to the room where we fought those Team Magma Grunts.

4d 10h 21m: We get back to the room with the beds. Tv waves silently.

4d 10h 20m: Arty keeps advancing through the room, sitting in all the chairs possible. Comfy.

4d 10h 19m: Full restore obtained

4d 10h 18m: Arty chats with one of the Team Magma Grunts in the Kitchen. Surprisingly, he doesn't want to fight us during his break

4d 10h 17m: Arty takes off his shoes and sits in front of the TV. He's not going anywhere with this TV shows!

4d 10h 14m: Arty decides to watch some TV. All this sneaking is exhausting.

[Snark] Is that a Team Plasma TV?

[Snark] Two big tables for 8 people each, yet one small Plasma tv. Come on Maxie, think of your employees.

4d 10h 11m: We enter the next room which looks like a dining room.

4d 10h 11m: Party healed in one of the beds

4d 10h 9m: Arty seats on one of the beds to reflect on his plan. So far so good Arty.

4d 10h 8m: We step in another greenish yucky looking teleporter to spin to a different room. There are beds here! :D

4d 10h 6m: Also Grunt defeated!

4d 10h 5m: Zen Headbutt hits this time and Koffing faints. Whismur levels to 38 and Ziggy to 37

4d 10h 5m: Arty switches Latios in vs Koffing. Zen headbutt misses and Kofing responds with sludge bomb. 85 hp left for Latios

4d 10h 4m: Another stomp takes down Numel. Grunt sends Koffing.

4d 10h 3m: Whismur is sent out vs Numel and uses stomp. Numel flinched.

4d 10h 2m: w6aa faints to Numel.

4d 10h 2m: Another Grunt spots us and challenges us. Numel out vs w6aa

4d 10h 0m: Whismur uses Stomp and Numel responds with earth power. Whismur uses a scond stomp and Numel faints. Whismur has 60 hp left. Team Magma Grunt defeated!

4d 10h 0m: Grunt sends Numel and we tag in Whismur.

4d 9h 59m: Wild Charge does a lot of damage and leaves w6aa with just 8. Haze is used by Koffing. A second Wild Charge and Koffing down. W6aa has 2 hp left.

4d 9h 59m: Koffing vs our w6aa who has 20 hp left.

4d 9h 59m: Oh noes we've been spotter by a Magma Grunt! Fight!

4d 9h 58m: Arty steps in the green transporter and spins to a different room. Science

4d 9h 55m: Arty now goes up the stairs. Sneaking sneaking sneaking

4d 9h 53m: Arty advances through the corridor as the Team Magma's flags cover his flanks. The door seems far yet close.

4d 9h 51m: We enter Team Magma's hideout! Sneaking in through the water, they'll never see us coming.

4d 9h 51m We are now surfing on linoone

4d 9h 46m We got on the Bike

4d 9h 37m We won the Normal Rank of the Coolness Contest with T4 for anyone who missed it

4d 9h 36m Checkpointed in Lilycove City

[Info] We have 9 Escape Ropes

4d 9h 29m Exited the Lilycove Pokemon Contest Hall

4d 9h 25m Lisia congratulates us on our victory!

4d 9h 25m We won the Normal Rank of the Coolness Contest

4d 9h 24m T4 Got 6 Hearts by using Double-Edge on the Fifth Round

4d 9h 23m T4 only got 1 Heart for the Fourth Round but she is getting pumped up by using Aqua Ring

4d 9h 21m T4 wins the Third Round as well by getting 6 Hearts

4d 9h 19m We won the First Round but we only got 2 Hearts by using rollout on the Second Round

4d 9h 19m T4 Got 6 Hearts by Showing Her Double-Edge Move to the Audience

4d 9h 17m The contest has Tailow , Poochyena , Makuhita and T4

4d 9h 16m We select T4 to participate in the Contest

4d 9h 13m We almost entered the contest but failed

4d 9h 5m Entered the Pokemon Contest Hall

4d 8h 55m Exited the Docks of Lilycove city

4d 8h 52m We are still in the docks of Lilycove City

4d 8h 48m We are currently in Lilycove City

4d 8h 46m We agree to Captain Stern to stop Team Magma

4d 8h 44m Defeated Team Magma Grunt!

4d 8h 44m Manectric takes Golbat down with Wild Charge

4d 8h 43m Minun does not learn Nasty Plot

4d 8h 43m Minun Levels up to Lv 46

4d 8h 41m Battling another Team Magma Grunt!

4d 8h 41m Defeated Team Magma Grunt!

4d 8h 41m Manectric Forgets Overheat for Wild Charge

4d 8h 41m Manectric Levels up to Lv 42

4d 8h 40m Stomp takes out Mightyena

4d 8h 39m Manectric Volt Switches into Whismur V

4d 8h 38m Manectric Vs Mightyena

4d 8h 37m Battling Team Magma Grunt!

4d 8h 36m It looks like Maxie and Tabitha are stealing the submarine to go to the Seafloor Caverns

4d 8h 35m Captain stern goes and check out what happened to his submarine

4d 8h 33m Captain Stern is talking to the people about the expedition

4d 8h 32m Looks like an expedition is going on

4d 8h 29m Still walking around Slateport City

4d 8h 20m Wandering around Slateport City

4d 8h 9m Checkpointed in Slateport City

4d 8h 7m We are currently in Slateport City

4d 7h 59m Annnnnd fled.

4d 7h 59m Wild Gulpin appeared!

4d 7h 52m We leave the Trick House

4d 7h 37m We bought another Escape Rope

4d 7h 35m We reset the Puzzle

4d 7h 33m We messed up the Strength Puzzle

4d 7h 20m We bought an Escape Rope

4d 7h 12m Entered the Trick House

[Info] We have 3 Great Balls left

4d 7h 9m We wasted 2 Great Balls on an Electrike


This statement is TPP in a Nutshell.

4d 7h 6m No nickname

4d 7h 5m We caught a Lv 13 Female Zigzagoon

4d 6h 58m Nicknamed WingulG

4d 6h 56m Latios levels up to Lv 42

4d 6h 56m We caught a Lv 13 Male Wingull

4d 6h 55m Wasted a great ball on a Minun

4d 6h 49m Planted a Figy Berry

4d 6h 44m Got on the bike and got off immediately

[Snark] That berry is indeed berry nice

4d 6h 40m We picked up 2 Leppa Berries

4d 6h 32m Wandering around Route 110

[Fluff] Seems like the hivemind wants to harvest the last berry.

[Snark] If you plant a Bulbasaur next to a Wiki Berry, will it grow into a Bulbapedia Berry?

4d 6h 21m Planted a Wiki Berry

4d 6h 20m Watering our berries with the Wailmer Pail

4d 6h 18m Planted an Iapapa Berry

4d 6h 16m We are currently wandering around Route 110

4d 6h 5m Exited the Pokemart

4d 5h 55m We enter the Mauville Pokémart!

4d 5h 52m Walking around in the center of Mauville

4d 5h 47m We exit the Bike Shop making a slow and steady pace towards Slateport!

4d 5h 43m We switch the Acro Bike for the Mach Bike!

4d 5h 42m We enter the bike shop! Could we switch bikes?

4d 5h 40m and We enter Mauville City! TPP's Favorite City!

4d 5h 37m We found a Stardust!

4d 5h 36m We surf to the other side of the Route and we get closer to Slateport and our favorite city, Mauville!

4d 5h 32m We send out Minun and the foe sends out Swellow. Minun takes out Swellow! Chester Defeated!

4d 5h 32m !t4 grows to Lv. 51!

4d 5h 31m vs Birk Keeper Chester! He sends out Swablu and we sent out Manetric!

4d 5h 28m We leave Route 123 and enter Route 118 once again!

4d 5h 25m We exit the Garden and end Berry Gardening with /u/Leonys! Thank you for watching!

4d 5h 24m We ran through the last patch of berries! Are gonna go back or are we gonna continue forward to Slateport?

[Snark] Gardening > Saving the world from some bad guys who want to control some legendary Pokémon that might destroy the world!

4d 5h 21m Planted a Aguav Berry and give it some nice cool water!

4d 5h 20m We picked up all the berries in this patch! That was quick!

4d 5h 20m Picked up 2 Mago Berries

4d 5h 19m In return we planted a Nanab Berry!

4d 5h 19m Picked up 2 Aguav Berries

4d 5h 18m We then plant one of the Iapapa Berries! We also quench its thirst with water!

4d 5h 18m Picked up 2 Iapapa Berries

4d 5h 17m Planted a Rawst Berry! We then water it!

[Snark] They are probably not editable!

4d 5h 17m Picked up 2 Wiki Berries

4d 5h 16m Picked up 2 Figy Berry

4d 5h 16m We also give it some nice H2O!

4d 5h 16m We plant a Nanab Berry!

4d 5h 16m Picked up 2 Lum Berry

4d 5h 15m We walk away to find the next patch of berries and plant berries to spawn new plants because nature!

[Snark] So much gardening! Shouldn't we doing something like saving the world or something?

4d 5h 13m Planted the Babiri Berry!

4d 5h 13m Thats also this patch of berries already picked up!

4d 5h 12m Picked up 1 Passho Berry

4d 5h 11m Picked up 1 Wacan Berry

4d 5h 11m We also plant the Colbur Berry!

4d 5h 11m We plant the Chople Berry next

4d 5h 10m We then water the Rindo Berry and our other planted berry. IGN rates it 7.8/10

4d 5h 9m Picked up 1 Yache Berry

4d 5h 8m Now we decide to plant the Rindo Berry!

4d 5h 7m Picked up 1 Rindo Berry

4d 5h 7m Picked up 1 Chople Berry

4d 5h 6m in return we plant the Chilan Berry!

4d 5h 6m Picked up 1 Occa Berry

[Info] And that's just the first patch of berries. Get comfortable folks because we'll be here for a while.

[Snark] Twitch Plays Garden Sim 2014

4d 5h 2m And we planted a Rawst Berry

[Chat] Corruptedgamer0: Garden sim 2014 BloodTrail

4d 5h 1m Picked up 1 Roseli Berry

4d 5h 0m We then water it!

4d 5h 0m We then planted the Pinap Berry!

4d 4h 59m Picked up 1 Chilan Berry

4d 4h 57m We plant a Rawst Berry this time!

4d 4h 57m Picked up 1 Haban Berry

4d 4h 57m Planted another Nanab Berry

4d 4h 56m Picked up 1 Colbur Berry

4d 4h 55m And we also water it too!

4d 4h 55m We planted a Nanab Berry

4d 4h 54m Picked up 1 Kasib Berry

4d 4h 53m Picked up 1 Babiri Berry

4d 4h 52m We enter the Berry Garden near the Berry Master's house where we can get loads of berries!

4d 4h 51m Zigazgoony grows to Lv. 36! Aroma Lady Violet defeated!

4d 4h 50m Zen Headbutt KOs Vileplume!

4d 4h 50m Volt Switch is used and Latios is sent out!

4d 4h 49m vs Aroma Lady Violet! She sends out Vileplume and we sent out Manetric!

[Info] Minun is at Lv 45 and Whismur v is at lv. 36

4d 4h 47m We make quick work and the Twins are defeated!

[Streamer] Twitch_plays_3ds: I'm typing every single command in this chat into a 3DS

4d 4h 45m vs Twins Miu and Yuki! They Send out Dustox and Beutifly. We sent out Minun and Manetric!

4d 4h 44m We jump down another ledge and we get closer to Slateport!

4d 4h 42m