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Twitch Plays Pokémon Chatty Yellow

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[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: T170 tokens and counting up for grabs in Tank Turn Tactics: https://www.twitch.tv/tankturntactics

11d 19h 28m The side game is Pokémon Dark Graystone, a hack of gold but with bad text suggested by Raiinford

11d 19h 19m Pokémon Gold Intermission is happening, its playing just like VC, 1 input after 1 match, and people get tokens for inputting

11d 19h 11m They even have their own in game moves moves

11d 19h 10m The first fight of pbr is our team, Chatot, Venusaur and Raichu vs Wigglytuff, Gyarados and Dugtrio

11d 19h 8m Actually April 8, i don't know how to math confirmed

11d 19h 6m It'l start in 43 days, which is April 9 if i know how to math

11d 19h 2m Next run is Blazed Glazed!

11d 19h 2m PBR is on

11d 19h 1m Screen says 'TPP is Loading'

11d 19h 1m The riot screen appears, goodbye Chatot BibleThump 7

11d 18h 59m We save

11d 18h 59m One Minute left, people are talking to Chatot

11d 18h 58m We're trying to change the box using Silph's PC but people get scared and run

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: donations have been doing well these past two months

11d 18h 43m We try to get Lapras but there's no space in out box and we need to change it

11d 18h 32m Inside Silph's elevator

11d 18h 25m In Saffron City

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: just under an hour to go

11d 18h 5m Went east to Route 7, probably remembering the 10 hours we grinded here for Koga

11d 17h 53m We buy an Abra and leave

11d 17h 42m We enter the prize room with 804 coins

11d 17h 30m [Snark] Lets go to the lottery and divide the money between all tpp'ers

11d 17h 29m WE GET A 3RD 777! 980 COINS NOW!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the next match of Tank Turn Tactics will cost T10 to play, winnings will be based on number of players, also upgrade cost is now based on your range, if you have 2 range it costs 2 AP to upgrade

11d 17h 28m We get another 777! +300 coins and at 690!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppRng tppRng tppRng

11d 17h 27m We get 777! +300 coins and we're at 390~

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the next match of TankTurnTactics will be starting when PBR returns

11d 17h 22m We buy coins and we have about 220~ atm

[Chat] P TriHard TriHard R

11d 17h 16m We only have 1 coin :(

11d 17h 12m We only have 65~ coins, we'll probably run out soon

11d 17h 10m In the Game Crner

11d 17h 2m In Celdaon

11d 16h 54m We were going to enter the Safari Zone again but then change to Cycling Road

[Fluff] We would have the superior updater Pokémongod777 do it but real life is too strong

[meta] This is Dullagamur signing off and leaving you with MegaZard, who will take you to PBR (hopefully). See you all during PBR commentary or next run

11d 16h 46m Out of Safari balls, and as such we finally leave the safari zone

11d 16h 44m Caught a Lv. 14 Nidoran♂! Nickname: LUUUUUUUU)

11d 16h 38m Caught a Lv. 36 Nidoran♀! Nickname: AAAAorabbo

[Info] well boys it has gotten to that time, people are now able to re sub for their 3rd year

Caught a Lv. 36 Nidoran♀! No Nickname

[Info] Wow guys we caught 12 Pokémon in an hours

11d 16h 29m Caught a Lv. 34 Nidorina! No Nickname

11d 16h 23m Caught a Lv. 23 Nidrino! Nickname: AAJJSSSSx-

11d 16h 22m Caught a Lv. 20 Rhyhorn! No nick

11d 16h 20m Caught a Lv. 34 Exeggcute! Nickname: EEDCCBBBBH

11d 16h 13m [Info] Nickname correction: JJSxxxJS

11d 16h 12m Caught a male Lv. 14 Nidoran! Nickname: JJsxxxJS

11d 16h 8m Caught a female Lv. 34 Nidoran! Nickname: MNNPPPPPPQ

11d 16h 4m But we head straight back in to the safari zone

11d 16h 3m And we are out of safari balls

[Info] 3 hours Untill PBR people, then our capture spree will finally be over

11d 15h 59m Caught a Lv. 27 Paras! Nickname: JJJJASSSSS

11d 15h 57m Caught a fLv.34 Nidorino! No nickname. Wow that is 3 from 3 people

11d 15h 56m Caught a Lv. 34 species! Nidorina: ---?!♂♂/.,

11d 15h 54m Caught a Lv. 32 Nidorina! Nickname: A

11d 15h 52m Currently still in the safari zone, we have 15 balls left and surely must have used a good portion of our unlimited bait supply

11d 15h 41m We try and pick up an item, only to be told we have no more room for items. :(

11d 15h 38m Caught a Lv. 34 Nidorino! Nickname: MNMNMNTTCMNFFMN

Caught a Lv. 34 Nidorina Nickname: IIIIHGFFFE11d 15h 37m

11d 15h 28m Caught a male Lv.14 Nidoran! Nickname: Ax-xASSmn-t

11d 15h 26m We entered the Safari zone, and threw some balls and bait

11d 15h 16m Democracy mode off.

11d 15h 12m [D] We flew to the city near Safari Zone and checkpointed there.

11d 15h 11m [D] PC turned off. Walking out of Poké Center.

11d 15h 10m [D] Box changed to 5.

11d 15h 6m [D] PC turned on.

11d 15h 6m Democracy mode on.

11d 15h 2m Party healed.

11d 14h 58m Omanyte obtained. No name. Stored in Box 4.

11d 14h 50m Caught a Lv. 42 Goldeen! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

11d 14h 47m Back to the Poké Center.

11d 14h 23m We run away. Fail.

11d 14h 23m Democracy mode off.

11d 14h 22m [D] Sleep powder doesn't affect Articuno.

11d 14h 20m [D] Chat is waiting voting to end.

11d 14h 19m vs Articuno!.

11d 14h 17m Srength puzzle completed and we go down the hole.

11d 14h 0m [Info] Nickname correction: JJSSSSxxx-

11d 13h 58m Democracy mode on.

11d 13h 52m Caught a Lv. 40 Kabuto! Nickname: JJSSSSxxxx

11d 13h 51m One Great Ball wasted on a wild Kabuto. 66 Left.

11d 13h 48m Ias is fainted.

11d 13h 48m Inputs are working again.

[Chat] tppsimulator: So did we beat the game as if chatot froze them into an eternal staring contest ever

[Dev] The devs have been notified of the freeze. We're currently waiting for someone with stream access to come online.

[Meta] The updater is going to be dark, but nothing is happening anyway.

[Fluff] Chat tries Konami code.

[Snark] Even Chatot has nothing to say about this.

11d 11h 14m Seems like input glitch has occurred.

11d 11h 1m IAS is out of PP for a MegaKick.

11d 10h 29m Gyarados fainted.

11d 10h 29m Caught a Lv. 41 Psyduck! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA. 4 Great Balls wasted.

11d 10h 22m Gyarados grew up to Level 88.

11d 10h 18m We arrived at the Seafoam Island.

11d 10h 17m Gyarados is out of PP.

11d 10h 15m Aanthonyyy234 challenges us to a battle. She sent in Butterfree Lv. 53.

11d 10h 12m Dig out of the cave.

11d 10h 8m Gyarados is out of PP for everything except Strength.

11d 10h 1m Nugget obtained.

11d 9h 46m Caught Lv. 43 Psyduck! No nickname.

[Meta] The updater is now dark. [clicks off light]

11d 9h 14m We may have found a bug, where we can surf off the top of a raised stone area... We can't right now because the wave is not small here right now, but it will be when we finish the puzzle.

11d 9h 11m [Fluff] Make that 84.

11d 9h 10m [Info] We have 85 Great Balls, not counting the one we just threw at a random Golduck.

11d 9h 5m We attempt to surf, but apparently the current is moving too fast, and that's glitching out talking to Chatot somehow... Chat WutFaces.

11d 8h 57m Meandering around the Seafoam Islands.

11d 8h 53m We arrive in the Seafoam Islands after fighting a few trainers and trying to surf on their heads afterwards.

11d 8h 45m Surfing eastward, asking the sea if May can Urf on it every so often.

11d 8h 44m [D] And we leave the center.

11d 8h 42m [D] We heal!

11d 8h 41m [D] We switch to an empty Box 4! And promptly leave the PC.

11d 8h 39m [D] We attempt to change our Pokémon Box, but fail to do anything significant.

11d 8h 37m [D] We turn on the PC!

11d 8h 34m [D] And apparently this Poké Center counts as a demo house.

11d 8h 33m We're in the Poké Center, and this gentleman has us trapped in a corner, interrogating us about things.

11d 8h 28m We however continue, in vain, to rob the store of 98 hyper potions and the like. The cashier doesn't think ₽18 will cover it though, and scoff at us.

11d 8h 27m Currently stuck in the corner of the market. We buy four Ultra Balls and we have $18 left to our name now.

11d 8h 23m Arrived in Cinnabar

11d 8h 21m Gyarados to 87!

11d 8h 20m Surfing southward, we run into a fishermen on Fat Guy Island.

11d 8h 17m We flew home!

11d 8h 8m Back on Route 9.

11d 8h 6m "The wave is small. May is urf?"

[Chat] is pretending we caught Zapdos successfully, and is even giving it names.

11d 8h 2m Outside, surfing our woes away.

11d 8h 1m And we ran away!

11d 8h 1m We speak with Zapdos!

11d 7h 58m We approach one of the two birds currently in the room, and speak with the wrong one.

[Chat] praises that Voltorb

11d 7h 56m And we almost walked right out again, but were stopped at the door by a Voltorb guard.

11d 7h 56m We've reached Zapdos again!

11d 7h 38m We're back inside the power plant, fending off sentient magnets.

[Chat] evolem: Kappa let's just pretend we caught zapdos

[Chat] <Insert emote reactions here>

11d 7h 33m We're in the room with Zapdos in it.... or we were, before we left without talking to it...

11d 7h 23m Making our way through the Power Plant still, fighting every Poké Ball we see.

11d 7h 15m Raichu to level 68!

11d 7h 13m Picked up a Carbos!

11d 7h 11m Wigglytuff to level 78! We enter the power plant!

11d 7h 9m We got past the ledge like 5 minutes ago, heading to the Power Plant. (I wasn't paying attention because I was busy changing my reddit password.)

11d 7h 2m There's apparently a trainer we haven't battled yet along this route.

11d 6h 55m Well we managed to beat that in record--- never mind.

11d 6h 51m Oh, wait, we're on Route 9 aren't we...? Welcome back to the ledge hell!

11d 6h 49m We now re-entered Cerulean, and went to the east, cutting the tree that way.

[Chatot] "Where are we?" [Snark] ...I just said, dude...

11d 6h 47m We came back, hacked at it with a saw again, and are now heading down past the Daycare.

11d 6h 45m We sliced down a random tree in passing with our newfound powers of talking to things we want to use HM moves on. Then we walked away.

11d 6h 42m WIGGLYTUFF DOWN! BLACK OUT! Back in Cerulean.

11d 6h 35m We are trying to die but Wigglytuff still has 3 PP left.

11d 6h 31m We found a Max Revive!

11d 6h 27m Wigglytuff leveled up to 77!

11d 6h 18m We found a Rare Candy!

11d 6h 9m Wigglytuff leveled up to 76!

11d 6h 7m And Dugtrio fainted! Only Wigglytuff remains!

11d 6h 2m We found a Max Elixer!

[Snark] If you want to know how Chatot fainted, all you need to do is look at the update before it.

11d 6h 1m Dugtrio grew to level 66!

11d 6h 1m Chatot fainted as well!

[Chat] SSSsss

11d 5h 59m Caught a level 52 Rhyhorn! Nickname is SSSSS     

11d 5h 58m Gyarados faints to a wild Rhyhorn!


11d 5h 52m Caught a level 55 Golem! Nickname is AAAAAAAAAH

11d 5h 52m We gave Gyarados a Full Restore!

11d 5h 44m We are surfing around with ease in the cave.

11d 5h 36m We also picked up a Max Revive!

11d 5h 34m Caught a level 55 Lickitung! Nickname is AAAAAAAAAI

[Snark] Well, it's a ball, so...

11d 5h 32m We found a Female Ultra Ball! How's that for assuming gender Kappa

[Snark] Yes

[Snark] In gen 1? Did you just ASSUME its gender???

11d 5h 30m Caught a level 62 Male Rhydon, nickname is A,,,,,,,,.

[Dev] I mentioned this in the stream chat, but since I hadn't mentioned it until now, I'll put it here as well in case anyone is interested. I created @tppsimulator, which is also the same code that's been generating all the Markov chains during the run. So now you know who to blame. Kappa

11d 5h 21m Raichu faints to a Ditto-Raichu!

[Dev] LightningXCE: yeah, this was obviously a smaller hack. I did most of the coordination on this and we just wanted to give you guys a fun experience that celebrated TPP. Im super happy with what our small team did in a short period, and i just hope you guys liked it

[Fluff] Man, I'm happy they waited until after Victory Road and after Mewtwo's Cave to add this.

[Dev] Changelog: - May is now urf


11d 5h 14m We reset, assumingly with the new patch installed.

11d 5h 14m We saved and the stream became frozen!

11d 5h 11m We swapped Wigglytuff to the back and Raichu in front!

11d 5h 10m We saved the game! PogChamp

[Dev] As promised, new patch is on its way. You will use this to go after the birds. Once no legendaries exist anywhere on the map, the run will end.

[Streamer] Revo wants us to save: are we stopping now or trying for Articuno and Zapdos?

[Chatot] Are we at Mewtwo yet?

11d 5h 4m We start off by sending out Gyarados and using Surf twice. And it fainted. Rip Mewtwo!

11d 5h 4m Raichu leveled up to 67! Facing Mewtwo!

11d 5h 2m We surf once more! Mewtwo incoming.

11d 4h 51m As soon as we crossed one surf path, we're stuck at another.

11d 4h 38m We found another PP up!

11d 4h 35m We're trying to Surf.

[Info] We maxed out the in-game timer.

[Snark] I should have given the Golem here Sturdy.

11d 4h 25m Down the ladder we go. Where it goes, everyone knows!

[Info] Did I say banned? I meant the bot global'd itself. Its global has expired, though.

11d 4h 15m Venusaur fainted! Additionally we're down another level in the cave.

11d 4h 3m We found a Full Restore!

11d 3h 56m We found a PP Up!

11d 3h 51m We caught a level 55 Ditto! No nickname.

11d 3h 50m Down the ladder. Holy crap this is good progress guys. We're going to have to surf though which is crappy.

[Fluff] For reference, we're 11 days in. It took us over 24 days in anniversary red to reach that same milestone.

11d 3h 45m We're actually progressing in the maze. Also I missed it a few minutes ago but we reached 5 million inputs!

11d 3h 39m We're in the cave again!

11d 3h 38m WE SURFED!

[Info] There was a bot that was spamming counterproductive inputs for an extended period of time. That bot has been banned. We apologize for the inconvenience.

11d 3h 29m Still none.

11d 3h 16m Not much success so far.

11d 3h 3m We're looking for a surf now to cross the ocean and reach the cave entrance.

11d 2h 52m We're back on nugget bridge. Maybe we can try again?

11d 2h 47m Chat is debating what to do. It took us two hours to get up there and we don't want to repeat the process apparently.

11d 2h 41m We heal in its PokéCenter!

11d 2h 39m Wandering in Cerulean still.

11d 2h 32m And we accidentally went down the ledge, meaning we have to get back up to the cave.

11d 2h 24m We left the cave briefly but we're right back in it. Or not. We're a conflicted individual.

11d 2h 23m Gyarados leveled up to 85!

11d 2h 21m Currently we're trying to surf. That's going well, clearly.

[Recap] We're still in the cave, Venusaur is down.

[Meta] And we're going light again.

[Meta] Updater is going dark.

11d 1h 45m Inside the cave now, fighting giant cave bats.

11d 1h 42m We step right into Cerulean Cave! Then step right back out again!

11d 1h 42m WE'RE SURFING!!!11!1!

11d 1h 38m We managed to cut the grass at the bottom of the peninsula again. Apparently we're training to be part of city maintenance.

11d 1h 38m Venusaur to level 71!

11d 1h 33m We've slid back into our favorite spot on the peninsula like someone slips on a favorite sweater when it's cold out.

11d 1h 30m Nugget Bridge

[Chatot] "Did we fly?" Chat replies snarkily.

11d 1h 17m [D] We fly to Cerulean City, [A] and heal our team in the center.

11d 1h 16m [D] We rearrange our party a bit.

11d 1h 7m Back on Route 22 again.

11d 1h 4m Viridian City again.

11d 1h 2m Heading northward now.

[Chatot] "So close..."

[Chat] NFreak007 : #FlyAwayHome Jebaited

11d 1h 0m Aaaaaaand we flew home.

11d 0h 58m We used cut! Some of the grass at the bottom of the peninsula vanished! We might not run into many more batt-- we ran into the grass above, a battle happened, the grass grew back... Never mind.

11d 0h 52m I stepped away and came back to us in the same place still.

11d 0h 14m Saved the game again. So that's something.

11d 0h 9m We finally bump our way up Nugget Bridge and return to our grassy hell between the rock wall and the wet place we want to jump into.

11d 0h 0m [D] We fly on back to Cerulean City.

10d 23h 56m We seem to be trying to teach Fly again... fortunately, there's no one else but Chatot who can learn it, and she already knows it.

10d 23h 53m I believe we're in Viridian City right now, bumping against a wall repeatedly... and we go to the route that heads towards Victory Road.

10d 23h 52m We successfully use the menu! ....To fly...

10d 23h 51m We save a few times, for good measure. Don't want to lose all the fights we're running from here.

10d 23h 46m Still caught between a rock wall and a wet place.

10d 23h 36m We must have fought like 300 Pokémon thus far in this grass at the end of this Cerulean Peninsula while trying to surf...

10d 23h 10m Chat WutFaces over a printer error as we continue to try and surf.

10d 23h 3m We're currently checking out the river that leads to Cerulean Cave.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's a bird tho

10d 22h 17m On Route 24, trying to surf to Mewtwo's sex dungeon.

10d 21h 47m Careened into Cerulean.

10d 21h 42m Stumbled into Saffron.

10d 21h 17m Exited Democracy, back in Anarchy

[D] 10d 21h 16m We move the stack of 9 Great Balls to the top of our inventory

[D] 10d 21h 9m We spend the remainder of our money on 9 more Great Balls

[D] 10d 21h 8m We buy 99 Great Balls

[D] 10d 21h 6m After selling our TMs we cancel out of the shop menu

[D] 10d 21h 0m We sell our Escape Rope and our Moon Stone

10d 20h 58m Entered Democracy again

10d 20h 52m We heal at Celadon

[D] 10d 20h 50m We fly to Celadon and enter the Pokémon Center, ending democracy

[D] 10d 20h 47m After messing around with the PC we exit the Pokémon Center

10d 20h 43m Entered Democracy

10d 20h 40m We enter the Pokémon Center and begin to vote for Democracy

10d 20h 30m Dugtrio also faints from overworld poison damage

10d 20h 28m Heading to Cinnibar Pokémon Center to activate democracy

10d 20h 27m Raichu (finally) faints from overworld poison damage

[Chat] 10d 20h 18m Chaos_lord2: Raichu, gyarados and chatot are girls, rest are boys

10d 20h 1m Venusaur is fainted, currently fighting the wild Pokémon with Dugtrio

10d 19h 33m Venusaur grows to Level 70

[Chat] 10d 19h 25m ProjectRevoTPP: I approve of Chatot not making it to the hall of fame alive PermaSmug

[Info] 10d 19h 14m Currently, the chat's plan is to stall for time in Cinnibar Mansion while we wait for democracy house to reset.

10d 19h 6m Wandering Cinnibar Mansion

[Snark] Only $10000? That's a ripoff. I want a refund.


10d 18h 48m and sterring away from the pc

[Chat] http://imgur.com/a/AGZrD

10d 18h 47m Going towards the PC.

10d 18h 44m We fly to Cinnibar island

[Dev] You have 24 hours to complete this challenge. If and when you do, we will upload a patch to the stream with some new features for you to play around with.

[Mod] Raiinford: @Chaos_lord2, do we need to catch Mewtwo to end the run or can we kill it?

Chaos_lord2: @raiinford kill is fine

[Snark] Delete Mewtwo from the game entirely by replacing it with Mega Chatot

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Snark] We can also remove Mewtwo the same way we remove Snorlax...


[Snark] inb4 Mewtwo doesn't disappear when we run from or defeat it

[Snark] If we can make Mewtwo despawn however we want, can we Arbitrary Code Execute our way there?

[Fluff] What did GACT do in this hack? I didn't hear any custom music...

10d 18h 21m Text speed changed to Slow

[Dev] Congrats on the urn guys. Your final challenge is to cause Mewtwo to despawn. How you go about doing that is entirely up to you.

10d 18h 20m The first thing we do once we jump back into our save file is check our bed upstairs for anything hidden...

[Fluff] Is that a feature?

10d 18h 18m Oh. That's a glitchy THE END screen. I don't think that's normal.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 18h 17m Custom credits for the amazing people that worked on the hack!

[Chatot] ResidentSleeper

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ We went out with honor URN RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


10d 18h 16m We clutch with 4HP after a Blizzard, another missses WE KAPOW VAPOREON DOWN! WE DID IT REDDIT! RIVAL DEFEATED!

10d 18h 15m We continue to rest off damage, and are no longer paralysed!

10d 18h 14m Magneton down! Chatot to level 76!

10d 18h 13m Ninetales is no match for our bird! Magneton next!

10d 18h 13m OHKO'd! Next is Ninetales!

10d 18h 12m Alakazam down! Next is Exeggutor!

10d 18h 12m This is back and forth, as we get harder to hit, and Alakazam Recovers. We rest off the damage though.

10d 18h 11m We keep getting harder and harder to hit

10d 18h 10m We continue to raise our evasiveness, while Alakazam sets up a Reflect.

10d 18h 10m Sandslash downed, next is Alakazam

10d 18h 9m VS THE RIVAL!

10d 18h 7m Lance defeated!

10d 18h 7m Chatot to Level 75

10d 18h 5m Wigglytuff faints

10d 18h 2m VS Lance (KenjiDraco)

10d 18h 2m Agatha defeated

10d 18h 0m Raichu faints

10d 18h 0m Dugtrio faints

10d 17h 58m VS Agatha (Longing4)

10d 17h 55m Dugtrio to level 65, also Bruno down

10d 17h 53m VS Bruno (kattheswift

10d 17h 51m We switch into Gyarados on a Thunderbolt, but we tank it and Lorelei is defeated

10d 17h 46m We rest with Wigglytuff, regaining a lot of lost HP

10d 17h 44m and now into Wigglytuff again. It's a revolving door of Pokémon!

10d 17h 43m We switch from Wigglytuff to Dugtrio against the Blastoise

10d 17h 42m Venusaur asleep, Jynx blizzards for a hefty chunk of damage, The second Blizzard KOs Venusaur

10d 17h 41m Venusaur to Level 69

10d 17h 41m VS Lorelei (greythecat)

10d 17h 39m Attempt #12 start.

10d 17h 39m Exeggutor used Solar Beam! Gyarados fainted! Blacked out!

10d 17h 38m Gyarados leveled up to 84!

10d 17h 38m Alakazam down.

10d 17h 37m Sandslash down.

10d 17h 37m VS RIVAL!

10d 17h 36m Dragonite down. Defeated Lance!

10d 17h 36m OHKO'd Aerodactyl.

10d 17h 35m Gyarados down.

10d 17h 35m Charizard down.

10d 17h 34m Wigglytuff fainted!

10d 17h 33m Dragonair down.

10d 17h 32m Wigglytuff is trapped in Dragonair's Wrap attack.

[Info] They will be forced back on for the Rival battle.

10d 17h 28m [Info] Battle animations seem to be turned off.

10d 17h 28m Wigglytuff leveled up to 75!

10d 17h 28m Seadra down.

10d 17h 28m VS Lance! (Mariosyoshi)

10d 17h 27m Defeated Agatha!

10d 17h 21m VS Agatha! (Totherex)

10d 17h 14m VS Bruno! (Ryason55) - Dugtrio leveled up to 64! Gyarados leveled up to 83! Defeated Bruno!

10d 17h 8m Defeated Lorelei!

10d 17h 8m Raichu leveled up to 67!

10d 17h 6m Venusaur fainted!

10d 17h 5m VS Lorelei! (KenjiDraco)

10d 17h 1m Attempt #11 start.

10d 17h 1m Gyarados fainted! Blacked out!

10d 17h 0m Gyarados down.

10d 16h 59m Charizard down.

10d 16h 59m Dragonair down.

10d 16h 58m Seadra down.

10d 16h 58m VS Lance! (0000map)

[Chat] Gyara Sweep MingLee

10d 16h 57m Defeated Agatha!

10d 16h 55m VS Agatha! (SirWRA)

10d 16h 53m Defeated Bruno!

10d 16h 53m Sent out Chatot. Used KAPOW/Explosion. Chatot fainted!

10d 16h 52m Machamp used Earthquake. Raichu was OHKO'd!

10d 16h 51m Dugtrio fainted!

10d 16h 50m [Info] Venusaur fainted against Lorelei.

10d 16h 49m VS Bruno! (davidjl123)

10d 16h 48m Defeated Lorelei!

10d 16h 46m Venusaur leveled up to 68!

10d 16h 46m Attempt #10. VS Lorelei! (NotaSteve)

[Chatot] We did it

[Fluff] tehurn.com/not

10d 16h 43m Vaporeon used Blizard! Chatot fainted! Blacked out!

10d 16h 43m Sent out Chatot. LAST MON

10d 16h 42m Gyarados fainted!

10d 16h 42m Gyarados leveled up to 82!

10d 16h 42m NINETALES DOWN!

10d 16h 41m Exeggutor down!

10d 16h 41m Wigglytuff fainted!

10d 16h 39m Sandslash down.

10d 16h 39m Dugtrio vs Sandslash. Dugtrio fainted!

10d 16h 38m VS RIVAL!

10d 16h 37m Aerodactyl, Dragonite down. Defeated Lance!

10d 16h 37m Gyarados down.

10d 16h 36m Charizard down.

10d 16h 35m Venusaur fainted!

10d 16h 35m Seadra, Dragonair down.

10d 16h 34m VS Lance! (CeruleanBlues)

10d 16h 33m [Meta] If you haven't yet seen PokéTEXT in action, check it out! Very useful for keeping up with the stream without having the stream open! [https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=poketext] (#poketext on freenode)

10d 16h 33m Defeated Agatha!

10d 16h 32m Raichu fainted!

10d 16h 30m VS Agatha! (longing4)

10d 16h 29m Defeated Bruno!

10d 16h 29m Venusaur leveled up to 67!

10d 16h 27m VS Bruno! (SnowWarning)

[Info] One more important thing: when we were in Democracy earlier, we went from Shift to Set!

10d 16h 25m Defeated Lorelei!

10d 16h 24m Venusaur leveled up to 66!

10d 16h 23m VS Lorelei! (TheOriginalWizar)

10d 16h 19m Accessed PC!

[Info] We reordered the party in Democracy:

Venusaur (65)

Dugtrio (63)

Wigglytuff (74)

Chatot (74)

Gyarados (81)

Raichu (66)

10d 16h 17m [D] Reordering party. New order: Venusaur, Dugtrio, Wigglytuff, Chatot, Gyarados, Raichu

10d 16h 8m Attempt #9 starts now.

10d 16h 7m Gyarados fainted! Blacked out!

10d 16h 6m Gyarados leveled up to 81!

10d 16h 6m Alakazam down.

10d 16h 4m Gyarados used Hydro Pump. Sandslash down.

10d 16h 4m VS Rival!

10d 16h 3m Dragonite down. Defeated Lance!

10d 16h 3m Aerodactyl down.

10d 16h 2m Wigglytuff fainted!

10d 16h 2m Gyarados down. Wigglytuff leveled up to 74!

10d 16h 2m Charizard down.

10d 16h 1m Dragonair down.

10d 16h 0m Seadra down.

10d 15h 59m Venusaur fainted!

10d 15h 59m VS Lance! (sillymoose333)

10d 15h 59m Defeated Agatha!

10d 15h 58m Gyarados leveled up to 80!

10d 15h 56m Chatot fainted!

10d 15h 53m Raichu fainted! Dugtrio fainted!

10d 15h 50m VS Agatha! (littledanykappa)

10d 15h 49m Defeated Bruno!

10d 15h 47m Venusaur leveled up to 65!

10d 15h 45m VS Bruno! (TheFamiliarofZer)

[Chat] PogChamp PERFECT (Raichu sweeped Lorelei. As usual, now.)

10d 15h 42m Defeated Lorelei!

10d 15h 42m Raichu leveled up to 66!

10d 15h 40m VS Lorelei! (Ordsey)

10d 15h 40m Attempt #8.


10d 15h 37m Chatter into Dig crit, but then Full Restore. We're hit by Blizzard! Critical hit! Chatot faints! BLACK OUT!

10d 15h 37m Vaporeon is sent out! It's level 80!

10d 15h 36m Thanks to evasion, The Magneton's Thunderbolt keep missing. Two Tri Attack, and Magneton down!

10d 15h 36m Magneton time, we used Dig but it missed!

10d 15h 35m Chatot grows to 74!

10d 15h 35m Eggxcutor down, Ninetales is sent out! We used Fly twice and it's down!

10d 15h 34m Sent out Chatot. Used NinaGrumpy (Double Team, x2).

10d 15h 33m Alakazam used Psychic. Wigglytuff fainted!

10d 15h 33m Venusaur fainted!

10d 15h 32m Sandsash down!

10d 15h 31m VS Rival! (BL;♀KTT)

10d 15h 29m Dragonite down! Defeated Lance!

10d 15h 28m Aerodactyl down.

10d 15h 28m Wigglytuff leveled up to 73!

10d 15h 28m Gyarados down.

10d 15h 28m Charizard down.

10d 15h 26m Gyarados fainted!

10d 15h 26m Dragonair down.

10d 15h 25m Raichu fainted!

10d 15h 23m Seadra down.

10d 15h 23m VS Lance! (aspiringdev)

10d 15h 22m Defeated Agatha!

10d 15h 19m VS Agatha! (Mariosyoshi)

10d 15h 12m Defeated Bruno!

10d 15h 11m Dugtrio fainted!

10d 15h 10m Dugtrio leveled up to 63!

10d 15h 9m Raichu leveled up to 65!

10d 15h 8m VS Bruno! (Hawkarrey)

10d 15h 7m Defeated Lorelei! HotPokket

10d 15h 6m Raichu leveled up to 64!

10d 15h 5m VS Lorelei! (Duskjumper)

10d 15h 5m Attempt #7.

10d 15h 2m Chatot fainted! Blacked out!

10d 15h 0m Wigglytuff fainted!

10d 14h 52m Venusaur fainted!

10d 14h 52m Gyarados fainted!

10d 14h 49m VS Agatha! (MikaruMenoko)

10d 14h 43m Defeated Bruno!

10d 14h 42m Raichu fainted!

10d 14h 42m Dugtrio fainted!

10d 14h 39m VS Bruno! (pier1992)

10d 14h 39m Defeated Lorelei!

10d 14h 38m Gyarados leveled up to 79!

10d 14h 38m Attempt #6.

10d 14h 34m VS Lorelei! (Toadyl)

10d 14h 32m Bought 1 Ultra Ball.

10d 14h 31m Gyarados fainted due to poison! Blacked out!

10d 14h 30m OHKO'd Charizard with Hydro Pump.

10d 14h 30m Seadra, Dragonair down.

10d 14h 29m VS Lance! (HammerGuy) - Yes, again.

10d 14h 27m Gengar down.

10d 14h 26m Gengar used Psychic. Wigglytuff fainted!

10d 14h 26m Sent out Gyarados. Switched to Wigglytuff. Gengar used Psychic.

10d 14h 25m Gengar used Psychic. Venusaur fainted!

10d 14h 25m Gengar used Psychic! Chatot fainted!

10d 14h 23m Chatot leveled up to 73!

10d 14h 22m Dugtrio fainted!

10d 14h 21m Golbat used Double-Edge. Raichu fainted!

10d 14h 19m VS Agatha! (HammerGuy)

10d 14h 16m Defeated Bruno!

10d 14h 16m Dugtrio leveled up to 62!

10d 14h 14m VS Bruno! (blarrkey)

10d 14h 13m Defeated Lorelei!

10d 14h 13m Raichu leveled up to 63!

[Chat] GG Raychu EZ Sweep

10d 14h 11m VS Lorelei! (Fxwings)

10d 14h 9m Attempt #5 starts now.

10d 14h 8m Venusaur used Razor Leaf. Dragonite used Fire Blast. Venusaur fainted! Blacked out!

10d 14h 8m Dragonite used Thunder. Gyarados fainted!

10d 14h 7m Aerodactyl down.

10d 14h 7m Gyarados leveled up to 78!

10d 14h 7m Gyarados down.

10d 14h 7m Lance used a Hyper Potion on Gyarados.

10d 14h 6m Dragonair and Charizard down.

10d 14h 5m Dragonair used Fire Blast. Raichu fainted!

10d 14h 5m Seadra down.

10d 14h 5m VS Lance! (devonbolster)

10d 14h 4m Defeated Agatha!

10d 14h 2m Wigglytuff fainted!

10d 13h 59m VS Agatha! (Earendhil)

10d 13h 56m Defeated Bruno!

10d 13h 55m Gyarados leveled up to 77!

10d 13h 54m Chatot fainted!

10d 13h 51m Dugtrio fainted!

10d 13h 50m VS Bruno! (Sevreael)

10d 13h 50m Defeated Lorelei!

10d 13h 47m Raichu leveled up to 62!

10d 13h 46m Attempt #4 start. VS Lorelei! (kkacy)

10d 13h 42m Dragonite used Hyper Beam. Wigglytuff fainted! Blacked out!

10d 13h 42m Wigglytuff used Psychic. Aerodactyl down.

10d 13h 40m Wigglytuff leveled up to 72!

10d 13h 40m Wigglytuff used Strength. Gyarados down.

10d 13h 40m Wigglytuff used Strength. Charizard down.

10d 13h 39m Wigglytuff used Strength. OHKO'd Dragonair.

10d 13h 39m Wigglytuff used Strength. Seadra down.

10d 13h 39m Only Wigglytuff is left.

10d 13h 37m Seadra used Ice Beam. OHKO'd Dugtrio!

10d 13h 37m Seadra used Ice Beam. Chatot fainted!

10d 13h 36m Seadra used Ice Beam. Gyarados fainted!

10d 13h 35m Gyarados was frozen solid. Seadra down to red. Lance used a Hyper Potion.

10d 13h 34m VS Lance! / Edlde62

10d 13h 33m Chatot used Dig. Gengar down. Defeated Agatha!

10d 13h 32m Arbok down.

10d 13h 32m Golbat down.

10d 13h 31m Marowak down.

10d 13h 31m Haunter down.

10d 13h 30m VS Agatha! (Dunebuggy569)

10d 13h 24m Gyarados used Hydro Pump. Defeated Bruno!

10d 13h 23m Party status: Raichu and Venusaur down.

10d 13h 23m Chatot leveled up to 72!

10d 13h 22m VS Bruno! / misu2315

10d 13h 20m Blacked out! Defeated Lorelei! (debugger). Had connection issues, sorry, missed a bit. Attempt #3 right now.

10d 13h 17m Venusaur fainted!

10d 13h 5m VS Klayre!

10d 13h 5m Defeated NARFNra!

10d 13h 2m Wigglytuff leveled up to 71!

10d 12h 59m Dugtrio leveled up to 61!

10d 12h 58m Venusaur fainted!

10d 12h 57m Correction, NARFNra

10d 12h 54m VS NARFNa!

10d 12h 52m Defeated Bruno!

10d 12h 51m Golem used Explosion. Raichu fainted!

10d 12h 50m Oh, and Gyarados fainted in the Lorelei battle.

10d 12h 49m VS Bruno/oyeah1988!

[Info] Elite 4 emotes are HotPokket for Lorelei, TriHard for Bruno, YouDontSay for Agatha, and CoolStoryBob for Lance. Also, our Rival mutated from Kappa to KappaWealth for this final challenge.

10d 12h 45m Defeated Hand937!

10d 12h 37m Attempt #2. VS Hand637. Raichu leveled up to 61!

10d 12h 35m ( BL;♀KTT )

10d 12h 35m Rival was named BL;♀KTT.

10d 12h 34m Venusaur fainted! Wigglytuff fainted! Blacked out!

10d 12h 33m Venusaur OHKO'd Sandslash!

10d 12h 33m VS RIVAL!

10d 12h 32m Wigglytuff used Strength. Dragonite down! Defeated Lance! / NSPanamera

10d 12h 31m Sent out Wigglytuff. Dragonite used Blizzard. Wigglytuff down to 23/316HP.

10d 12h 31m Dragonite used Thunder. Gyarados fainted!

10d 12h 31m Sent out Gyarados. Gyarados used Hydro Pump. Aerodactyl down!

10d 12h 30m Aerodactyl used Hyper Beam. Switched Wigglytuff out for Chatot. Chatot used WutFace.

10d 12h 29m Gyarados leveled up to 76!

10d 12h 29m Lance's Gyarados down!

[Info] Chatot's Dex entry: "It mimics the sound of human speech. It's quite popular in certain communities."

10d 12h 28m Gyarados used Hydro Pump. OHKO'd Charizard!

10d 12h 27m DRAGONAIR DOWN!

[Info] Chatot's entry! https://youtu.be/ScMWyJey504?t=3m11s

10d 12h 26m SEADRA DOWN!

10d 12h 26m VS Lance! VS NSPanamera!

10d 12h 25m Gengar down. Defeated Elite 4 #3, pokegunner3!

10d 12h 25m Arbok down.

10d 12h 24m Marowak down.

10d 12h 24m Golbat down.

10d 12h 23m Sent out Gyarados.

10d 12h 23m Raichu fainted!

10d 12h 23m Haunter down.

10d 12h 22m VS pokegunner3!

10d 12h 21m Defeated m1ck9y!

10d 12h 20m VS m1ck9y! (Bruno) -- Dugtrio fainted!

[Chat] E2 and reallydiana and Bruno

10d 12h 14m Raichu leveled up to 60!

10d 12h 13m Defeated reallydiana!

10d 12h 11m E4 Attempt #1 start! VS reallydiana!

We don't properly see the page 2 in the previously posted clip, my bad.

[Info] Chatot's entry! https://clips.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon/FantasticAardvarkWinWaker

10d 12h 4m Threw away 22 Ultra Balls!

10d 12h 4m [Donation] $5.00 from Anonymous: "Almost Half of the Run was The Ledge and Victory Road, but Now we are here. Let's finish this run BloodTrail"

10d 12h 3m [D] Still in Democracy.

10d 12h 1m Woop woop. Checkpointed.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CHECKPOINT RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

10d 11h 59m #FREEDOM #LongHaveWeWaited #platoh #pbr

10d 11h 58m [Snark] Now, let's view that Chatot Pokédex entry Kappa

10d 11h 57m (Actually, we did @ 10d 11h 51m, but my browser froze)


10d 11h 56m WE MADE IT!

10d 11h 45m Finally in Democracy.

10d 10h 21m And it's back up. Inputs are working again, game as well.

10d 10h 20m STREAM OFFLINE!

10d 10h 18m Inputs are enabled again, but we're (still) in a blank text dialogue box.

10d 10h 17m And it's back up.

10d 10h 15m STREAM OFFLINE!

10d 10h 15m Stream paused.

10d 10h 12m Inputs are disabled for some reason. We're in the middle of a dialogue in the corner near the guy on 3F.

10d 9h 21m Gyarados leveled up to 75!

10d 8h 8m [Info] Raichu: Lv. 59, Venusaur Lv. 63, Chatot Lv. 71, Wigglytuff Lv. 70, Dugtrio Lv. 59, Gyarados Lv. 74. Only Gyarados hasn't fainted yet.

10d 2h 30m Raichu leveled up to 59!

10d 2h 18m While we were back home, we withdrew the OLD ROD and S.S. TICKET from our item PC.

10d 1h 52m Back home.

10d 0h 6m Blacked out!

@ 9d 23h 43m: Gyarados leveled up to 73!

9d 23h 41m Wigglytuff fainted!

[Info] Gyarados, at half health, is the last Pokémon still alive on our team.

@ 9d 23h 16m: Dugtrio fainted!

9d 23h 9m Wild Graveler used Explosion. Chatot fainted!

9d 22h 50m Wild Graveler used Explosion. Dugtrio down to 2/145HP.

9d 22h 47m Chatot leveled up to 71!

[Info] Team: Raichu 58 fainted, Venusaur 63 fainted, Chatot 70, Wigglytuff 68, Dugtrio 59, Gyarados 72

9d 21h 49m Venusaur fainted!

9d 21h 49m Venusaur to level 63

9d 21h 47m Faffing around on Victory Road 3F. Raichu is dead, Venusaur has 3 HP left.

9d 20h 48m [D] Doing the Victory Road 1F puzzle again.

9d 20h 8m Short stream pause again.

9d 19h 46m Short stream pause again.

9d 19h 44m Wild Graveler used Selfdestruct! Blacked out!

9d 19h 43m Gyarados leveled up to 72!

9d 19h 15m Stream was paused for a split-second.

9d 19h 15m Found Ultra Ball!

9d 19h 14m Moltres used Peck. Wigglytuff used Strength. Defeated Moltres.

9d 19h 13m Moltres used Peck! Wigglytuff used Double Team. Moltres used Fire Spin. Wigglytuff used Double Spin.

9d 19h 12m VS MOLTRES!

9d 19h 1m Gyarados leveled up to 71!

9d 18h 59m VS padivyn.

9d 18h 56m Found TM47!

9d 18h 53m Venusaur leveled up to 62!

9d 17h 32m Found Rare Candy!

9d 17h 28m Venusaur leveled up to 60!

9d 17h 5m Raichu leveled up to 57!

9d 16h 41m Gyarados fainted! Blacked out!

9d 16h 40m VS TurboGhast. Has a Lv. 61 Omastar.

9d 16h 36m Wigglytuff fainted!

9d 16h 36m [Info] Raichu, Venusaur, Chatot and Dugtrio: fainted, Wigglytuff: red, Gyarados: 50%

9d 16h 35m Wigglytuff leveled up to 68!

9d 16h 12m (Defeated Johutar)

9d 16h 12m Wigglytuff leveled up to 67!

9d 14h 19m Back in Victory Road.

9d 13h 49m Gyarados leveled up to 70!

9d 13h 35m Back home in Pallet Town, now between Pallet and Viridian.

9d 13h 21m Back in Viridian City in the first grass area to the west.

@ 9d 12h 52m: Found TM05!

@ 9d 11h 33m: Gyarados leveled up to 69!

9d 11h 28m Busy fiddling with the puzzle again.

9d 9h 33m In Viridian City.

9d 8h 42m @ first floor. (That's second for you, 'murica)

9d 7h 38m [Meta] Updater going dark; we apologize for the inconvenience. If you are frustrated by the constant updater blackouts due to a shortage of updaters this run, you can apply to be an updater here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZ_TFIaknsVIOPSAGLEfQ2S5Q4DX8gdtfo7zdrU6PR63Rmcg/viewform And if you aren't frustrated by the lack of blackouts, you can explain how/why in the polls linked at the top of this page.

9d 7h 32m [D] Democracy activated! We begin clearing the first floor puzzle.

9d 7h 31m Graveler Explosion KOs Raichu.

9d 7h 31m And we're back in Victory Road Cave. Cue the hours of music with augmented triad arpeggios.

9d 7h 23m MAY IS URF!

9d 7h 16m It's that super-fun part where we struggle to activate Surf while trying to avoid using Fly. Which will it be? Time will tell. Scintillating!

9d 7h 13m Route 22 ledge successfully traversed. Making our way through the Victory Road entry gates.

9d 7h 10m [D] It's a Democracy Party so we can get across #DatLedge.

9d 7h 6m We've returned to Route 22, home of our favorite ledge.

9d 6h 59m Blacked Out! Back in Viridian.

9d 6h 53m [Info] Gyarados has used all of its PP on Surf, Blizzard, and Hydro Pump. Currently has 7 PP left on Strength.

9d 6h 52m Gyarados to Level 68. That's nice.

9d 6h 51m Democracy/Anarchy Timer reappears. Splendid.

9d 6h 38m This is our life. This is what we do now. https://i.imgur.com/nT3cBfw.png

9d 6h 18m Gyarados to Level 67! How grand!

9d 6h 9m Oh, and we decide to go to a different floor to start the timer there.

9d 6h 8m Anarchy/Democracy Timer finally appears, even though we're about to black out.

9d 6h 6m Dugtrio = DEADtrio.

9d 5h 51m Idem. Ibid.

9d 5h 38m RE: Victory Road. Wandering. Waiting for Democracy Timer. Running from wild Pokémon. Boring.

9d 5h 19m After tanking a few KAPOWs from wild Golem, Wigglytuff goes down. #YooomtOUCH #RIPGuildmaster

9d 5h 7m RIP Chatot. Wigglytuff to Level 66!

9d 5h 1m Victory Road. Wandering. Waiting for Democracy Timer. Running from wild Pokémon. Boring.

9d 4h 33m RIP Venusaur.

9d 4h 21m Still wandering around Victory Road, running from every battle that we can in order to preserve Venusaur.

9d 4h 5m [Info] Current Party: Raichu (Level 56, fainted), Venusaur (Level 58, almost dead), Chatot (Level 68), Wigglytuff (Level 65), Dugtrio (Level 58), and Gyarados (Level 66).

9d 4h 1m Also, Raichu is totes dead.

9d 4h 1m Venusaur survives a SelfDestruct from a wild Golem and rises to Level 58!

9d 4h 0m Anarchying our way around Victory Road.

9d 3h 43m [D] In Victory Road 1st Floor. Democracy is active.

The first room puzzle reset so we have to do it again!!

9d 3h 1m Back on Victory Road.

9d 2h 44m We Fly to Viridian.

9d 2h 39m Back on Victory Road, trying to Surf.

[Snark] Déjà vu

9d 2h 22m Democracy enabled.

9d 2h 19m On Route 22.

9d 2h 15m Gyarados fainted! Blacked out! Back in Viridian City.

9d 2h 0m Gyarados grew to level 66!

9d 1h 37m Dugtrio fainted! Only Gyarados left.

9d 1h 29m Gyarados grew to level 65!

9d 1h 23m Wigglytuff fainted!

9d 1h 0m We arrive on the next level. There is no Democracy timer.

9d 0h 58m Democracy enabled!

9d 0h 56m Trainer defeated!

9d 0h 55m Wigglytuff grew to level 65!

9d 0h 54m Charmeleon is out next. Another Strength takes it down to yellow. A second Strength takes it down.

9d 0h 54m Wigglytuff out again. Ivysaur goes down. Wartortle out next. Strength crits and takes it down in one hit.

9d 0h 53m Chatot fainted Gyarados out then withdrawn for Dugtrio.

9d 0h 52m Wigglytuff vs Ivysaur.

9d 0h 52m Spotted by the same trainer as before.

9d 0h 49m Venusaur fainted!

[Chat(ot)] WutFace = Omg Face (no spaces)

9d 0h 34m Entered the cave part of Victory Road!

9d 0h 32m Also, DAY 10. Whoo.

9d 0h 26m Raichu fainted! Venusaur grew to level 57!

9d 0h 14m We surf north.

[Snark] Déjà vu.

9d 0h 13m We pass the ledge.

9d 0h 4m Democracy mode on.

9d 0h 3m On Route 22.

8d 23h 57m Back in Viridian.

8d 23h 55m We head south onto Route 1.

8d 23h 52m Healed our Pokémon in Viridian Pokémon Center!

8d 23h 50m We mess with party order. Raichu is now first, Gyarados is last.

8d 23h 49m In Democracy.

8d 23h 38m Left Viridian Forest. In Viridian City now.

8d 23h 21m We enter Viridian Forest.

8d 23h 19m Last out is Snorlax. Chatot fainted! We blacked out! Back in Pewter.

8d 23h 18m Chatot takes down Wartortle. Charmeleon is out next. It quickly goes down.

8d 23h 17m Wigglytuff fainted! Only Chatot remains.

8d 23h 16m After lots of Rest, Wigglytuff takes down Ivysaur. Up against Wartortle now. Wigglytuff is in red and uses Rest again.

8d 23h 12m Chatot, who used a healing move during wild encounters is at green health. Wigglytuff comes out and uses Rest.

8d 23h 11m Up against another trainer. Chatot vs Ivysaur.

[Info] Only Chatot and Wigglytuff are left, both at low health.

8d 22h 59m We withdraw Chatot. Wigglytuff comes out. We take down Rapidash! Trainer defeated!

8d 22h 57m Chatot crits! Chatot grew to level 68! Vs Rapidash now.

8d 22h 57m We send out Raichu next. Dodrio down. Raichu grew to level 56! They send out a Raichu as well. Our Raichu fainted! Chatot out again.

8d 22h 56m We switch to Dugtrio. Dugtrio fainted!

8d 22h 55m We encounter a trainer. Chatot vs Dodrio.

[Info] It was not reset. We progress pass the spot.

8d 22h 48m We left Victory Road. Puzzle reset.

8d 22h 31m Strength used! Moving the boulder now.

8d 22h 24m Democracy enabled in Victory Road.

[Fluff] Is it even confirmed that democracy is available in this area?

[Info] We seem to be waiting for Democracy to activate in this area, and so are waiting around until it does so.

8d 21h 5m We leave the cave. Not much happened this turn.

[Info] We haven't done much of anything since entering the cave about an hour ago. We've been hanging out in our cozy little corner at the bottom right of the 1F map near where the boulder by the entrance is supposed to go. Said boulder is still by the entrance, and to my knowledge we have yet to activate Strength.

8d 20h 34m Venusaur fainted!

8d 20h 8m Venusaur grew to level 56!

8d 20h 6m Gyarados fainted!

8d 19h 54m Entered the cave on Victory Road.

8d 19h 48m We Surf again!

8d 19h 46m We Surf! But we land on a tiny island. Picked up Max Ether!

8d 19h 41m We pass the ledge.

8d 19h 35m Democracy enabled.

8d 19h 32m Back on Route 22.

[Fluff] Unless you glitch.

[Info] The Move Deleter was added in Gen 2. So, it isn't even possible to remove HM moves in Gen 1.

8d 19h 27m Back in Viridian.

[Chatot] "Can we teach something over fly? Do we have a TM in our pocket or in the PC?" [Chat] No Kappa

8d 19h 22m We Fly to Pallet.

8d 19h 15m We pass the ledge.

[Info] We did not heal while visiting Mom.

8d 19h 10m In Demo again.

8d 19h 7m Back in Viridian and then Route 22.

[Snark] Anniversary Red was nothing compared to this.

8d 18h 54m We Fly to Pallet.

8d 18h 46m We pass the ledge.

8d 18h 43m Democracy enabled.

8d 18h 34m We are struggling to activate, and stay in Demo to pass the ledge.

8d 18h 10m Democracy enabled.

8d 18h 9m We return to Route 22.

8d 18h 3m We are back in Viridian City.

8d 17h 41m We Fly to Pewter and heal in the Pokémon Center!

8d 17h 33m We pass the gatehouse.

[Info] Route 22 seems to have democracy now.

8d 17h 20m Blacked out!

[Info] We officially tested all emotes for Chatter! Congratulations to everyone! You can check them all on the wiki!

[Meta] Updater going dark again. Doesn't look like much is happening, or soon will.

8d 12h 6m Appears we've gotten nowhere. Went outside for a bit, though.

8d 11h 35m Gyarados to 64

8d 11h 26m Saved a few times.

[Meta] Updater is going dark. We are are probably stuck in the Victory Road entrance for several hours. Hopefully another updater will pick up soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

8d 10h 30m Gyarados grew up to Level 63.

8d 10h 24m Game saved.

8d 10h 16m Gyarados has no PP for Blizzard left.

8d 10h 4m Raichu fainted to a wild Graveler.

8d 9h 55m Venusaur fainted.

8d 9h 47m Victory Road entrance.

8d 9h 36m Democracy off.

8d 9h 30m Democracy on. We are near the gates to the Victory Road.

8d 9h 26m Viridian city.

8d 9h 13m And went to the Oak's lab.

8d 9h 12m We flew to the mom.

8d 9h 5m Democracy off.

8d 8h 52m Democracy.

[Snark] Dig for the Victory indeed.

8d 8h 38m Party healed. Twice.

8d 8h 37m We gud out back to the Poké Center.

8d 8h 26m Gyarados grew up to Level 62.

8d 8h 17m Gayarados was healed on 20 hp.

8d 8h 14m We are using bike currently, so navigation in the cave is somewhat messed up.

8d 7h 45m [Meta] Updater going dark.

8d 7h 41m [Info] The Wild Pokémon just outside Victory Road seem to be around level 48-50-ish and seem to have decent movesets.

8d 7h 37m Chatot to 67!

8d 7h 36m Venusaur faints!

8d 7h 35m Wigglytuff to 64!

8d 7h 35m [Meta] Regrettably, just as we're about to enter Victory Road cave and things are about to get interesting, it looks like this updater will be going dark. We apologize for the inconvenience; we're just short on updaters this run.

8d 7h 30m A different wild Dragonair decides to Paralyze Venusaur

8d 7h 29m We're near the entrance to the cave and run into a wild Dragonair in the grass!

8d 7h 23m We do the Hokey-Pokey and put our left foot in Victory Road's entrance!


8d 7h 16m [D] Democracy is engaged, but we are interrupted by a battle.

8d 7h 11m Back on Route 22. Demo/Anarchy voting timer appears. You know the drill.

8d 7h 10m We successfully traverse Route 1 and stroll into Viridian City.

[Correction] Three updates ago, we flew to Pallet, not Pewter.

8d 7h 4m We fly from the front of Blue's house to our own house.

8d 7h 1m [Chatot] We did it, Twitter

8d 7h 1m We fly back to Pewter. Mom is ashamed to see us.

8d 6h 59m We leave the route, and re-enter, which causes the timer to refresh.

8d 6h 57m We return to Route 22. Democracy/Anarchy voting begins immediately.

8d 6h 55m We fly back to Viridian. A wide variety of emotes in chat right now.

8d 6h 54m We surf within three seconds, then immediately return to land.

8d 6h 53m We find a pond we need to surf across.

8d 6h 52m We're strolling past security guards who seem satisfied with our non-counterfeit badges.


8d 6h 46m [D] We encountered a wild Mankey, which took up the rest of our democracy timer. Anarchy/Democracy voting timer appears again.

8d 6h 43m [D] Democracy activated!

8d 6h 43m The Devs/Gods have smiled upon us and granted us Democracy/Anarchy voting for Route 22!

8d 6h 31m 8d 6h 30m Back to good old Viridian.

8d 6h 26m 8d 6h 26m Starting on route 1.

8d 6h 23m 8d 6h 23m Still in Pallet Town.

8d 6h 16m 8d 6h 16m We flew to Pallet Town.

8d 6h 8m oh my, what a surprising development, it appear we are still on route 22.

8d 5h 49m No, we still haven't made it to route 23.

[Fluff] We've face many challenges along the way, but nothing could have prepared us for the true horror that are... Lv. 2 Spearows on route 22...

8d 5h 28m We do a quick visit to viridian and then directly head back down to route 22.

8d 5h 17m Unsurprisingly enough, we still haven't progress past route 22 on our way the ledge.

8d 5h 9m Heading to route 23 and the dreaded ledge.

8d 5h 6m Nevermind, we decided to go back to Viridian.

[Snark] What time is it? Ledge Time!


8d 5h 3m And we're back to the ledge on a bike.

8d 5h 0m We're still walking around Viridian City.

[Info] Revo said the demo timer for Route 22 is going to complete in an hour or two.

8d 4h 53m We healed! Also our party order changed during mon shenanigans and now Venusaur is in front with Gyarados in third.

[Snark] Want me to fly you to Viridian? Okay, you asked for it.

8d 4h 53m For those who weren't watching, we flew away!

[Song] It's raining salt
It's raining salt

8d 4h 52m We surfed for a second, but then we went back on land!

8d 4h 49m We are trying to use Surf without flying. This should be fun.

[Fluff] Surf only has one PP. Good thing we only need to use it once Kappa

[Info] This is our party right now: http://prntscr.com/ebdd5j

8d 4h 41m We've entered the league gate checks! This calls for some "We Are The Champions".

[Song] This one is by EleMiner in chat:
Crawling in my ledge
these downs they will not heal
downs are powerful
turbo anarchy is real

8d 4h 39m We just cleared the ledge!

[Chatot] tppsimulator thanks revo speeding the time outside of nonoffensive material time you've been at all we change routes once so

8d 4h 35m Guess where we are? The ledge. Also Chatot said I was naughty (Wow Deadinsky66 OneHand). Wow Chatot OneHand.

[Snark] Brace yourselves; Democracy is coming.

[Fluff] That concludes my musical presentation, mainly because I've run out of non-offensive material.

[Song] You are the spamming queen
Only seventeen (inputs per minute)
Spamming queen
Feel the beat from the haters, oh yeah
You can spam
You can drive
Us down with your use of life
Ooh, see that ban
Watch that appeal
Dig in the spamming queen

[Dev] Revo said democracy is coming.

8d 4h 15m We're still at the ledge, btw.

[Song] Go on now, go. Walk off the ledge
Just turn down now 'cause you're not welcome anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with fly?
Did you think I'd riot?
Did you think I'd lay down and spam NotLikeThis?
Oh, no, not I!
I will survive.
Oh, as long as I know how to chat I know I'll stay alive.
I've got all my life to play.
I've got all my inputs to give.
And I'll survive,
I will survive, left, left.

[Song] I'm starting with the mon in the grass
I'm asking him to change his levels
And no grinding could have been any slower
If you wanna make our party a stronger base
Take a look at your exp drop, then make a change

[Song] Well I heard there was a secret emote
That chat leaders used and it pleased the Streamer
But you don't really care for OMGScoots, do you?
Well it goes like this: the left, the down
The player fall(s) and the rage lift(s)
The baffled mods implementing democracy

[Song] Never gonna give you down
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run down and desert you
Never gonna make you cry (from downs)
Never gonna say "go down"
Never gonna tell a lie and make chatot tts it to you

[Song] We're no strangers to anarchy
You know the rules and so do I
A full chat of lefts' what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other run
I just wanna show you how I'm spamming
Gotta make you understand

8d 3h 53m We tried the ledge a few times but we have had no luck yet.

[Song] Whoa, we're half way there
Whoa, livin' on a ledge
Take my chatot and we'll make it - I swear
Whoa, livin' on a ledge

[Song] I'm dreaming of a crossed ledge
Just like the ones I used to know
Where turbo anarchy glisten(s),
and chat members listen
To see no down inputs in the flow

8d 3h 45m Btw we entered Viridian.

[Fluff] Let's do something creative and sub some ledge into fitting songs.

8d 3h 28m Nothing else interesting happened besides that. Still ledge.

8d 3h 15m Nevermind; Chatot said "No" and the game unfroze.

8d 3h 15m Game frozen

8d 3h 4m Still ledge time.

8d 2h 51m Ledge time.

[Chatot] bot with a good job!

8d 2h 48m We're in Viridian now.

8d 2h 36m On Route 1.

8d 2h 31m We ended up healing and are now outside.

8d 2h 19m We entered our house and want to heal at mom.

8d 2h 13m And we're back in Pallet Town.

8d 2h 10m And we're on Route 1 or 2 currently. We keep going down.

8d 1h 59m We flew to the Viridan City Pokémon Center.

8d 1h 58m We got off of the bike.

8d 1h 43m We used a Full Restore on Chatot! It healed 6 HP.

[Donation] $2.00 from Super Mario: An ASCII of his face appeared

8d 1h 32m We are still at the ledge. On our bike at least.

8d 1h 16m Venusaur fainted due to Struggle!

8d 1h 9m Venusaur ran out of PP and is struggling itself to death.

[Fluff] Well we still fell down the ledge. Can you gift upon us a short cut?

[Chatot] Are we still stuck here? MingLee

[Dev] So, how are you enjoying the select buffering I have gifted upon you?

8d 0h 52m Also, Day 9 started about an hour ago. Special thanks to those of you who are still enjoying this special cliff-jumping edition of #LedgeWeekend.

8d 0h 48m I have the stream open in the background. Sounds like we just catapulted ourselves over the ledge again.

8d 0h 43m Twitch chat be ledging.

8d 0h 28m If you guessed we are at the ledge, you would be correct.

8d 0h 1m Still ledging it up.

7d 23h 20m Back at the ledge again. Nothing of interest has been happening.

7d 23h 7m We are in Viridian City.

7d 22h 59m Unsurprisingly, still at the ledge.

7d 22h 35m Back on Route 22. We still have Gyarados fainted.

7d 22h 30m In Viridian City again.

7d 22h 26m We exit Viridian Forest to the south.

7d 22h 9m In Viridian Forest.

7d 22h 7m On Route 2, north of Viridian Forest.

7d 22h 5m We Fly to Pewter City!

7d 21h 49m Venusaur grew to level 53!

[Info] We are on Route 7.

7d 21h 37m Gyarados fainted!

7d 21h 29m We arrive in Celadon.

7d 21h 28m We left the Pokémon Center. Wandering around Saffron.

7d 21h 26m We get to the water and Fly to Saffron!

7d 21h 23m We made it past the ledge into the gatehouse!

7d 21h 8m Still at the ledge.

7d 20h 39m Gyarados grew to level 61 From beating up all those level 2 Pokémon.

7d 20h 32m Still at the ledge.

7d 19h 58m We arrive at Viridian City and quickly head to Route 22.

7d 19h 54m On Route 1.

7d 19h 49m Healed our Pokémon at Mom!

7d 19h 46m We Fly to Pallet again!

7d 19h 39m We Surf and quickly land south again.

7d 19h 35m We pass the ledge, heading north past the gatehouse.

7d 19h 21m We head west onto Route 22, towards Victory Road ledge.

7d 19h 21m Back in Viridian City.

7d 19h 14m We're on Route 1.

7d 19h 1m We Fly to Pallet Town!

7d 18h 52m Entered Victory Road (the path to the cave).

7d 18h 30m Back at the ledge towards Victory Road.

7d 18h 27m Blacked out! Back in Viridian City.

7d 18h 20m Raichu fainted!

7d 17h 57m We return to Victory Road.

7d 17h 55m Left Victory Road again.

7d 17h 54m Strength used! Moving the boulder slightly.

7d 17h 48m We left Victory Road. The boulder reset.

[Info] tppTrumpet is the final emote we have to test!

7d 17h 43m Chatot fainted!

@ 7d 17h 21m: Dugtrio grew to level 57!

@ 7d 15h 58m: Threw away Great Ball.

@ 7d 13h 32m: Venusaur grew to level 52!

@ 7d 12h 56m: Gyarados grew to level 60!

@ 7d 11h 45m: Raichu grew to level 55! (Rare Candy probably)

@ 7d 10h 49m: Withdrew POTION.

7d 17h 33m Strength used!

[Info] We are still in the first room of Victory Road. Strength was not used yet.

7d 17h 32m Dugtrio fainted!

7d 17h 24m In Victory Road. Gyarados and Venusaur are fainted!

7d 15h 16m [Snark] "but so many wild Pokémon in it have Explosion" -- Did anyone accidentally summon Megumin? Keepo

[Info] Also, we are down to only 7 untested emotes! Almost done!

7d 14h 3m Back on Route 22. From what I heard, we managed to reach Victory Road but so many wild Pokémon in it have Explosion that we blacked out.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: going to be resetting the encoder shortly

[Chat] We did it Jebaited

7d 10h 45m Fly to Pallet Town!

[Info] Back in the Badges Checking road!

[Info] We are in Viridian Forest, we decided to take care of the remaining Chatter emotes. Thee are only 22 unknown remaining now.

[Snark] #LoveChatot

7d 9h 23m Aaaaaand we flew. To Pewter City this time.

7d 9h 20m We beat the ledge again! Chatot is still down.

7d 8h 40m Back in Viridian

7d 8h 27m We fly to Pallet Town

7d 8h 25m KAPOW seems to be Explosion. Chatot KO'd by it

7d 8h 15m Back in the Route 22 Ledge

[Meta] Well we're going dead. Hopefully other peeps can pick the updater up soon.

[Snark] Revo? Now's your time to shine!

[Info] There's no move deleter in gen 1, and we can't deposit or release Chatot, so there is no way to prevent Fly from being usable.


7d 8h 8m We tried to Surf but use our Bike instead.

7d 8h 5m We're passing through all of the gates, with the gibberish dialogue followed by *ding ding ding ding!*


7d 7h 55m We're on our bike! Wheeeee!

7d 7h 47m And we still jump it kek.

[Fluff] Um, he just got banned. Wat.

[Fluff] Okay, I didn't want to callout before because of hate, but literally the last three or more hours whoskiwilol has just been at it with preventing progress on the ledge. Chat is not happy with the results of his inputs.

7d 7h 35m LEDGE!

7d 7h 18m Back at the ledge.

7d 7h 12m Back in Anarchy!

7d 7h 12m [D] Threw away TM27!

7d 7h 10m [D] Threw away TM38!

7d 7h 7m [D] We taught Gyarados Blizzard over Bite!

7d 7h 5m [D] We put Chatot to the first slot!

7d 7h 3m We've entered democracy!

7d 7h 1m The teacher looks happy to stare at her two students. One of them doesn't have a chair.

7d 7h 0m Well, we've entered the school and we appear to be going into democracy in about two hours.

7d 6h 58m We made our way to the nearby town, and we're currently taking a breather.

7d 6h 41m Still at the ledge.

7d 6h 21m Venusaur grew to level 51!

7d 6h 10m There is some rage in chat right now. We're still at the ledge.

7d 5h 56m We're still here.

7d 5h 43m We're fighting a few spammers at the moment who don't want to see us pass the ledge. Obviously we haven't made it across yet.

7d 5h 29m We did drift a bit to the right in a reattempt and got ourselves horizontally stuck briefly.

7d 5h 26m Yep. Still on the Route 22 ledge, doing what we do best: make a seemingly simple task inexplicably difficult due to our inherent lack of precision.

7d 5h 26m We've failed countless times and we're still here.

7d 5h 9m Still fighting the Route 22 ledge.

7d 4h 40m We've successfully navigated Route 1. Only a long, dangerous, scary ledge blocks us from entering Victory Road.

7d 4h 23m [Chatot] Alcohol in a mad scientist.

7d 4h 16m [Info] Current party: Venusaur (Level 50), Raichu (Level 54), Dugtrio (Level 56), Gyarados (Level 58), Wigglytuff (Level 63), Chatot (Level 66).

7d 4h 3m [Info] After beating rival, we apparently flew home to heal with mom.

7d 4h 2m Caught a Lv. 4 Vulpix! No nickname.

7d 4h 2m We're on Route 1, testing out new Emotes.

7d 4h 0m We're still on Route 22, testing out new emotes for Chatter.

7d 3h 33m Beat Rival on Route 22! ... and promptly glitched the music

[Chatot] Rival: "BICY BORT"

7d 3h 8m Walked away from Mom after healing 32 consecutive times.

[Info] We're in Pallet Town, stuck in a heal loop with Mom.

7d 2h 16m Nidoking out, we send in Gyarados. Strength does just under half, Nidoking uses Skull Bash, one more Strength KOs Nidoking! Giovanni defeated! BigBrother badge get! All emotes unlocked for Chatter!

7d 2h 15m Wigglytuff out next, uses Psychic, does about 1/3, gets the special drop, rock slide from rhydon does about 1/3 to us. Psychic brings Rhydon to the red. Horn Drill fails! Psychic takes out Rhydon!

7d 2h 14m Chatter Kappa! Hit by Rock Slide! Chatot fainted!

7d 2h 14m Chatot at low HP, took out Kangaskhan, up to level 66!

7d 2h 13m Venusaur and Raichu went down to gym trainers! We're now facing Giovanni! Persian and Nidoqueen went down to EQ; Dugtrio went down to Kangaskhan's Surf!

7d 1h 55m Entered the Viridian Gym

[Info] Team order is Venusaur, Raichu, Dugtrio, Gyarados, Wigglytuff, Chatot. Swapped the Coin Case with the Helix Fossil at the top of the inventory.

7d 1h 45m One week after we start the run, we pick up the hidden potion in Viridian!

7d 1h 29m [D] Deleted Venusaur's Vine Whip and replaced it with Solarbeam

7d 1h 25m [D] Moving Pokémon around.

7d 1h 12m Back in Viridian

7d 1h 6m Flew back to Pallet Town

7d 1h 3m Flew to and checkpointed at Viridian!!

7d 0h 50m We heal our team at the Pokémon Center

7d 0h 49m ...along with HassanChop and KevinTurtle

7d 0h 47m We buy 20 Ultra Balls, and we are left with only $600. During our purchasing spree, chat has figured out that both 4Head and HassaanChop were unlocked.

[Info] 7d 0h 44m NerfRedBlaster and RitzMitz are also still locked.

7d 0h 40m We receive the DatSheffy badge. Chat immediately notices that TriHard is now an available emote, but KAPOW, BloodTrail and Jebaited are still locked.

7d 0h 40m Venusaur is sent out and finishes Arcanine. LEADER DEFEATED!

7d 0h 39m We send in Raichu, and a couple of Thunderbolts and a Body Slam bring it down to 1HP and paralyses it. Raichu faints to Arcanine's Dig

7d 0h 39m Chatot faints to a Critical Hit from Arcanine's Fire Blast

7d 0h 38m Chatot uses Fly and Charizard is taken down! Arcanine is sent out.

7d 0h 37m Chatot is sent out, and we use Kappa and lower Charizard's speed by a stage. Charizard uses Fly and Chatot is now at just above half health

7d 0h 37m Dugtrio faints to Charizard's Flamethrower

7d 0h 36m Charizard is sent out, which means we can't use our Ground-type attacks on it.

7d 0h 36m Rapidash comes out and uses Agility, only to be KO'd by Dig. Dugtrio to Level 55!

7d 0h 35m Flareon is sent out, only to meet a similar fate.

7d 0h 35m Dugtrio uses Dig and OHKO's Ninetales!

7d 0h 34m VS sillymoose333! They lead with Ninetales.

7d 0h 33m We talk to "Blaine"

7d 0h 31m ...unless of course we walk the complete opposite direction back to the middle of the gym.

7d 0h 30m The final door has been opened! Gym Leader hype!

7d 0h 29m Dugtrio grew to Level 54!

7d 0h 29m Dugtrio gets caught by an enemy Ponyta's Fire Spin and takes a lot of residual damage

7d 0h 26m We get the next gym question correct! Only 1 left before the gym leader.

7d 0h 21m Dugtrio to 53

7d 0h 19m We forget Chatot's Roost for Fly!

Welcome to day eight of this madness!

[Fluff] Gym hype!

7d 0h 10m Chatot faints, Blackout

7d 0h 6m Wigglytuff faints

6d 23h 58m Rare Candy picked up

6d 23h 57m TM22 obtained

6d 23h 57m Caught a Level 47 Magmar! Nickname : IIHFFFDDBB

6d 23h 55m Caught a Lv. 46 Ponyta

6d 23h 54m Venusaur faints

6d 23h 53m Venusaur to Level 50

6d 23h 48m We get the Secret Key! Also Gyarados fainted

6d 23h 46m Beat a trainer with Omanyte and Kabutops; Raichu fainted in the process!

6d 23h 37m Dugtrio faints

6d 23h 19m Dugtrio to Level 52

6d 23h 15m Wigglytuff faints, BLACK OUT!

6d 23h 13m Wigglytuff to Level 62

6d 23h 12m Caught a Lv. 49 Rapidash!

6d 23h 11m Venusaur faints

6d 23h 9m Gyarados faints

6d 23h 9m Caught a Lv. 46 Grimer!

6d 23h 6m Gyarados grows to Level 58

6d 23h 3m Chatot faints

6d 23h 1m Raichu fainted to overworld poison

6d 22h 46m Dugtrio faints

6d 22h 32m We catch a level 46 Koffing

6d 22h 29m We blacked out and we catch a level 46 Grimer

6d 22h 20m Got TM Blizzard at one point

6d 22h 19m Venusaur faints

6d 22h 15m Gyarados faints

6d 21h 56m Gyarados to 57

6d 21h 49m We turn on the switch on Burglar Simon's floor by spamming more than the trolls

6d 21h 42m Looks like trolls are having fun keeping us in a corner

6d 21h 41m Looking for the Gym key + grinding

6d 21h 23m We catch a level 46 Koffing

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the donation

6d 21h 14m Dugtrio faints and Gyarados to level 56

6d 20h 57m Dugtrio is now level 51

6d 20h 50m Back in the grinding mansion

6d 20h 46m We blacked out

6d 20h 43m Venusaur faints

6d 20h 30m Gyarados faints

6d 20h 16m We catch a level 46 Growlithe, ---rrxxMnMnPk

6d 20h 11m Dugtrio fainted

6d 19h 59m Dugtrio is now level 50

6d 19h 47m Inside the mansion

6d 19h 41m We leave the center

6d 19h 38m Democracy ends

6d 19h 38m [D] We withdrew the Helix Fossil!

6d 19h 37m [D] We deposit the Poke Flute

6d 19h 34m [D] We deposit HM01 Cut and the Silph Scope

6d 19h 33m [D] We deposit the Old Rod and the SS Ticket

6d 19h 32m [D] We deposit The Helix Fossil inside the PC

6d 19h 28m Democracy activated

6d 19h 27m Waiting for democracy to activate in the center after blacking out

[Info] Wigglytuff is now level 61

6d 18h 55m Wigglytuff is now level 60

[Info] We're in the room right above where the secret key is.

6d 18h 43m Chatot fainted! Wigglytuff's all we have left.

6d 18h 28m Venusaur faints

6d 18h 18m We catch a level 46 Ponyta, nickname is `KU))))::♂♂'

6d 18h 3m Gyarados faints

6d 17h 58m Gyarados is now level 55 as well as poisoned

6d 17h 49m We use the mansion as we used it in the past other games: Grinding

6d 17h 35m Wandering around the mansion still. Our Wigglytuff is so bored that it fell asleep. Literally.

[Fluff] It wouldn't be fair if some emotes are 16% while some are 17%, would it?

6d 17h 26m Gyarados leveled up to 54!

6d 17h 25m We turned on the button from one of the pillars, I think. A little hard to tell with the random text.

6d 17h 21m Diglett fainted against a wild Grimer!

[Fluff] All emotes are at 17% power right now. Add them up and you get... 102%. DansGame

6d 17h 16m Diglett got poisoned! Slowly we are dying inside.

6d 17h 11m Inside the mansion

6d 17h 7m Wigglytuff faints, blacked out

6d 16h 58m Chatot faints due to a switch

6d 16h 49m Still in the mansion, people want to test chatot chatter emotes but wigglytuff keeps using Rest to heal

6d 16h 31m we catch a level 46 Ponyta

6d 16h 29m Back inside the mansion

[Info] Growlithe is level 46

6d 16h 16m We leave the Mansion

6d 16h 14m We find a hidden Moon Stone

6d 16h 13m Venusaur faints

6d 16h 6m Venusaur to level 49

6d 16h 5m We used our Masterball on a Growlithe!

6d 16h 0m Gyarados fainted to a Growlithe and burn damage

6d 15h 53m Walking around, Gyarados burned and at half health

6d 15h 35m Dugtrio fainted from Self-destruct!

6d 15h 33m After faffing about around the island, we entered the Mansion.

6d 15h 27m Back to Anarchy mode!

6d 15h 26m [D] Logged out and moved left.

6d 15h 25m [D] Logged back into the PC with 1 minute left on the timer.

6d 15h 23m [D] Battle style changed to "Set".

6d 15h 22m [D] Logged out of PC, now in Option menu.

6d 15h 21m [D] Box 2 selected!

6d 15h 20m [D] Chat tried "a8" and it stopped at the box selection menu.

6d 15h 19m [D] Selected to change box, but chose Box 1.

6d 15h 17m [D] Turning on the PC, in Bill's menu.

6d 15h 16m [D] Now in Democracy mode!

6d 15h 14m In the Poké Center, trying to enter democracy.

6d 15h 11m Wigglytuff down from a wild Ditto. Black out again!

6d 15h 3m Obtained TM14!

6d 15h 3m Our sole Wigglytuff wraps up the battle. Johuotar defeated!

6d 15h 1m Enemy Golbat is down. Raichu sent out against Venomoth, but then Raichu fainted!

6d 14h 58m Encountering another trainer. Wigglytuff is currently out against Golbat. Both sides had a few Double Teams.

[Fluff] Apparently a wild Koffing used Haze and cleared all status effects. Thanks M4 in chat!

[Fluff] Wait, now Raichu isn't paralyzed. How...?

6d 14h 51m Also Raichu is paralyzed. Wigglytuff and it are left standing in the party.

6d 14h 50m Facing another trainer, but Raichu made a quick work out of it.

6d 14h 49m Chatot sent out but also fainted from Omastar's attack! Wigglytuff wraps up the battle and grew to Level 57!

6d 14h 48m Omastar also KOs Venusaur!

6d 14h 46m Kabuto down, but the next Omastar wipes out Gyarados!

6d 14h 45m Facing trainer "Swaider", Kabuto against Gyarados!

6d 14h 41m Venusaur is burned!

6d 14h 37m Activated a switch, then reset it back.

6d 14h 31m And it did not learn Hyper Beam!

6d 14h 30m Gyarados grew to Level 52!

6d 14h 23m Dugtrio fainted from poison!

6d 14h 20m And we're back for more action in the Mansion.

[Fluff] Took us less than an hour. Good job! #FreeAtLast

6d 14h 17m Ah well, wild Ditto used Hydro Pump and swept Wigglytuff. Black out!

6d 14h 16m Our sole Wigglytuff used Rest and regained health. Looks like we're staying here a little bit longer...

6d 14h 13m And there goes the last Hydro Pump, but it missed. Enemy Ditto then sweeps our Gyarados and Venusaur!

6d 14h 12m No more Surf for Gyarados, 26/182 HP.

6d 14h 8m 2 Surfs and 1 Hydro Pump left on Gyarados.

6d 13h 54m Gyarados rose to Level 51!

[Fluff] I wonder how long we were stuck last time. It has been about 30 minutes so far.

6d 13h 41m Simon finally said "I wonder WHERE my partner went?"

[Fluff] Indeed, streamer.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: this seems familiar

[Info] Current order: Dugtrio, Gyarados, Venusaur, Raichu, Wigglytuff, Chatot.

6d 13h 35m Managed to switch party order and use Strength in the party menu.

6d 13h 31m Game saved, if that mattered.

6d 13h 27m In the meantime we're dealing with Simon's relevant ramblings of the hivemind.

6d 13h 25m Raichu fainted from a wild Arcanine. 3 more to go.


Minisocle : What year is this, 2014 ?

[(Discord) Chat] KengeeDraco: Burglar Simon strikes again :Jebaited:

6d 13h 20m Raichu swept enemy Haunter and Arbok. Trainer defeated! but...

6d 13h 20m First Koffing self-destructed and KOs Dugtrio!

6d 13h 19m Facing Jespoke (Burglar Simon) again!

6d 13h 18m Dugtrio grew to Level 49!

6d 13h 17m Stream is back up!

6d 13h 16m Stream down!

6d 13h 12m Chatot is poisoned, then fainted after a crit Self-destruct!

6d 13h 11m Back in the Pokémon Mansion.

[Info] Our current checkpoint is Cinnabar Island.

6d 13h 8m Another explosion used on Wigglytuff and it fainted! Black out!

6d 13h 7m Fighting OhKarp (Burglar Simon)! Gyarados fainted against enemy Koffing!

6d 13h 5m Gyarados now promoted to Level 50!

6d 12h 58m Obtained Escape Rope!

6d 12h 57m Chatot fainted from a wild Ponyta!

6d 12h 45m Gyarados levelled up to 49!

[Info] Gyarados (48) is leading the party, followed by Wigglytuff (56) and Chatot (64). Rest of the party has fainted.

6d 12h 42m Seems that we're in the mansion on Cinnabar Island.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there was a big donation recently?

6d 8h 28m [Meta] Updater going dark until someone from night crew takes over. Thank you for your patience.

6d 8h 18m Shambling around Silph Co building.

6d 7h 41m Back in Celadon. Heading into Gamefreak Building.

6d 7h 40m [Meta] Updater going dark for a bit.

6d 7h 38m Back in Saffron.

6d 7h 37m Back in Celadon.

6d 7h 27m We face off against Fisherman Sir_WRA! Gyarados to Level 47

6d 7h 20m We travel south of Lavendar. Fisherman Natemario64 sends out a Lapras. Dugtrio gives us a win.

6d 7h 12m We've navigated all the way to Lavendar Town. Currently reveling in the dramatic shift from green to purple as we cross a magical color boundary.

6d 7h 3m Back in Celadon.

[Info] Apparently that's why we wanted the Rare Candy, so we could use Democracy to make sure Dugtrio learns Earthquake. RIP

6d 6h 57m Dugtrio to Level 47! Failed to learn Earthquake!

6d 6h 43m Apparently hunting for a Rare Candy on Cycling Road.

6d 6h 37m We awaken in the streets of Celadon.

6d 6h 36m RIP Wigglytuff. Blacked out!

6d 6h 35m Wigglytuff is taking the Struggle Bus to downtown Struggleville.

6d 6h 32m Wigglytuff to Level 56. Only 4 Strength PP left until #StruggleCity

6d 6h 25m Wigglytuff is finally out of Rest and Psychic PP. It has 4 Double Team PP and 7 Strength PP left, so we'll Struggle ourselves to death before long.

6d 6h 5m We run into a wild Level 40 Omanyte in Seafoam Cave! Lots of Helix emotes in chat.

6d 5h 52m Gyarados is taken down by a wild Seel.

6d 5h 45m Ain't no lie, say bye-bye-bye to Rai-Rai-Raichu. #KOd.

6d 5h 40m Raichu is Paralyzed by a Jynx's Lick.

6d 5h 40m We're in Seafoam Cave. Dugtrio, Venusaur, and Chatot are dead. Gyarados is frozen. Raichu and Wigglytuff are around 60-75% health.

6d 5h 21m Dugrio is KOd. Chatot is frozen.

6d 5h 8m [Meta] NOW Updater is going dark.

6d 5h 5m We surf for exactly one step before immediately stepping back onto land.

6d 5h 0m Trying to initialize Surf so we can traverse toward the Seafoam Islands.

6d 4h 52m Currently on Cycling Road, heading towards Fuschia.

6d 4h 38m Team healed in Celadon. Checkpoint!

6d 4h 30m [Info] Chatot is out of PP for Chatter and MirrorMove. It has 2 PP left for Roost and 32 left for Peck.

6d 4h 26m Other emotes that we've unlocked with the Marsh Badge include ResidentSleeper, BabyRage, OSsloth, PogChamp, BibleThump, and :z. See this for details: https://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/wiki/chatter_effects_in_chatty_yellow

6d 4h 24m FutureMan emote is Psybeam.

6d 4h 21m [Info] Current party: Dugtrio (46), Venusaur (47), Raichu (49), Gyarados (46), Wigglytuff (55), and Chatot (64).

6d 4h 20m [Info] The entire party is dead except for Chatot, who is alive and well at level 64. Chat keeps using Chatter's Rest to heal.

6d 4h 19m [Info] Gym Leader Sabrina was Dux0000

6d 4h 15m Gym Leader Sabrina was defeated at 6d 3h 48 min ; sorry for the timestamp confusion.

6d 4h 14m We're currently in the Route between Celadon and Saffron, apparently testing the new emotes unlocked by winning the PMSTwin Badge (Marsh Badge).

6d 4h 13m 6d 3h 48m Gym Leader Sabrina defeated on first attempt!

6d 3h 18m [Meta] Updater going dark. Hopefully someone else will be along shortly.

6d 3h 16m vs lance100usa. Clefable's metronome KAPOW almost kills Venusaur, but we nevertheless win.

6d 3h 14m Vs. Luckeydude217. Diglett successfully dispatches his Drozee and levels up to 46 but faints to Slowpoke. Chatot finishes off Slowpoke and is paralyzed by Exeggcute. Luckydude217 defeated!

6d 3h 9m Now we're in the right gym. Get ready for teleportation mayhem.

[Snark] Wrong gym, guys.

6d 3h 5m We're currently chilling in the fighting dojo.

6d 3h 4m We spent all but ₽ 483. Current inventory: SS Ticket, Old Rod, Helix Fossil, Coin Case, Bicycle, HM01 Cut, HM02 Fly, Great Ball x 73, Lift Key, Silph Scope, Poke Flute, HM03 Surf, Good Rod, HM04 Strength, PP UP x1, Card Key, TM 29 Psychic, Elixer, Master Ball, Hyper Potion x 3.

6d 3h 2m Team was healed while we were in the Poké Center, by the way.

6d 3h 0m We've decided to go shopping. We started with around ₽ 21103; I'll post final item counts as soon as we are finished.

6d 2h 57m Left the center.

6d 2h 54m Now we're in the Pokémon Center.

6d 2h 52m Oh, we're outside of Silph Co now.

[Chatot] Come on

6d 2h 39m He then tells us everyone is banned.

6d 2h 38m We talk to the CEO of Silph Co, who gives us a noobs surf! Oh, sorry, he gave us a Master Ball.

6d 2h 36m We use Strength again, bringing down Nidoqueen. silversalamence1, aka Giovanni, defeated!

6d 2h 35m Nidoqueen is Giovanni's last Pokémon. We bring it to orange HP with Strength, and it uses Reflect.

6d 2h 35m We use Strength and bring Kangaskhan to red HP. Giovanni uses another Guard Spec, and we knock out Kangaskhan.

6d 2h 35m Giovanni sends out Kangaskhan, and we use Double Team a few times. Kangaskhan keeps trying Submission and missing.

6d 2h 34m Body Slam is now out of PP.

6d 2h 34m Wigglytuff uses Body Slam, bringing Rhydon to about half HP and paralyzing it. Rhydon uses Surf some more, and we eventually knock out Rhydon with Body Slam.

6d 2h 33m silversalamence1 uses Surf again, and we use Double Team again.

6d 2h 33m silversalamence1 uses Guard Spec, and Wigglytuff wakes up and uses Double Team.

6d 2h 33m Rhydon's Surf brings Wigglytuff to 172 HP.

6d 2h 33m We send out Wigglytuff. It uses Strength, but that hardly does anything. We use Rest at 207/241 HP, and then take a Thunderbolt while sleeping, bringing Wigglytuff to 216.

6d 2h 32m Wigglytuff is our only team member left.

6d 2h 32m Rhydon itself uses Thunderbolt, knocking out Gyarados.

6d 2h 31m Thunderbolt doesn't do anything either. Raichu is eventually knocked out after being unable to use any effective moves. We send out Gyarados.

6d 2h 30m Giovanni sends out Rhydon. We use Thunder Wave, but it's immune.

6d 2h 30m We use Thunderbolt, and knock out Persian.

6d 2h 30m We use Body Slam, which does a lot more damage, and take more Fury Swipes.

6d 2h 29m Giovanni (aka silversalamence1) sends out Persian, and we paralyze it with Thunder Wave. Then we use Thunder Wave again (to no effect) and get hit with two Fury Swipes. Next turn we use Quick Attack, which doesn't do too much, and get hit with three more Fury Swipes.

6d 2h 29m We open a door with our Card Key, and are challenged by BigBrother Giovanni! We send out Raichu against his Nidorino, and OHKO Nidorino with Thunderbolt.

6d 2h 27m Trainer(s) defeated!

6d 2h 27m We use Surf against Meowth, OHKOing it.

6d 2h 27m We use Hydro Pump against Arbok (their next Pokémon) but miss. Arbok hits us with Rock Slide, and we retaliate by using Surf, knocking out Arbok. Meowth is next.

6d 2h 26m Wigglytuff to level 54!

6d 2h 26m We switch again, sending out Gyarados. Gyarados uses Hydro Pump, knocking out Weezing.

6d 2h 26m Venusaur goes down, so we send out Wigglytuff.

6d 2h 25m Venusaur's Razor Leaf takes away about 1/4 of Weezing's HP. But this is not a favorable matchup!

6d 2h 25m They send out Weezing against our Venusaur, which has about 1/3 HP remaining.

6d 2h 25m Challenged by Team Rocket MingLee and ShadyLulu!

6d 2h 24m Our PC Box is full, so the Lapras can't go there either.

6d 2h 24m We talk to an NPC in the room, who speaks in Markov chains, then the game tells us we have no room in our party for Pokémon. This is the guy who would give us Lapras.

6d 2h 23m We finally choose an attacking move, Body Slam, and knock out Vaporeon. BL;♀KTT defeated!

6d 2h 23m Vaporeon uses Aurora Beam, which doesn't do very much.

6d 2h 23m Wigglytuff wakes up, only to immediately use Rest again.

6d 2h 22m Wigglytuff uses Rest and falls asleep again.

6d 2h 22m Body Slam takes down Kadabra. Vaporeon is next, the last Pokémon in BLKTT's team.

6d 2h 22m Kadabra uses Psychic and hits, taking about 1/4 of our HP. We use Double Team twice more, and dodge another Psychic.

6d 2h 21m Kadabra uses Metronome again, which turns into Scratch. That also misses. Wigglytuff wakes up.

6d 2h 21m While Wigglytuff sleeps, Kadabra uses Metronome, which becomes Sonic Boom. The attack misses however.

6d 2h 20m We finally decide (no doubt with the help of Helix's divine wisdom) to use Rest, a very good move considering Wigglytuff's low HP.

6d 2h 20m We select Fight, but seem unsure about what move to use, so we consult Helix a bit more.

6d 2h 20m BLKTT sends out Kadabra, so we consult Helix again to be safe.

6d 2h 19m We consult Helix, and then use Body Slam again, taking down Ninetales.

6d 2h 19m We Body Slam it, and it uses Mimic, but is taken down before it can use the move it learned. Ninetales next.

6d 2h 19m Wigglytuff takes down Magneton with two Body Slams. Exeggutor sent out next.

6d 2h 18m Sandslash down! Magneton next.

6d 2h 18m Sandslash uses Rock Slide and knocks out Chatot as well! Though to be fair Chatot was already in terrible condition. We send out Wigglytuff, which uses Double Team a couple times and is taken down to just under half HP.

6d 2h 17m Our Dugtrio is KO'd by his Sandslash, but not before we bring it down to orange HP.

6d 2h 17m Challenged by BL;♀KTT!

6d 2h 4m Found a hidden Elixir!

[Chatot] "PogChamp 63" Clearly excited about having leveled up recently.

6d 1h 59m After consulting Helix a few times, we use Dig. Muk uses Minimize, but Dig knocks it out. And that was his only Pokémon. Trainer defeated!

6d 1h 59m BubbledButter sends out Muk against our Dugtrio.

6d 1h 59m We step back on the teleporter, then right into the sight of the next Rocket grunt, BubbledButter!

6d 1h 57m Right past the Rocket grunt is a teleporter. We take it back and forth a few times, but decide to go back where we were and leave the room from where we came.

[Chatot] Why is Silph Co music so good Kreygasm

6d 1h 55m alex7450 sends out Raichu, and we send out Chatot. We use Chatter (Kappa = Constrict), which doesn't do much to Raichu. Raichu gets some Thunderbolts against us, and paralyzes Chatot. Chatot uses Peck to bring Raichu to orange HP, and is then forced to switch out for Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff takes some damage, and Body Slams Raichu, knocking it out. Trainer defeated!

6d 1h 54m We send out Dugtrio against Krabby. Krabby uses Crabhammer and brings Dugtrio to 45/110 HP, and another Slash takes Krabby down.

6d 1h 53m Challenged by Rocket Grunt alex7450!

[Chatot] WutFace = OMG Face (no spaces)

[TPPSim] NotATK = Wut Face (no space)

6d 1h 46m Le5Raposa defeated!

6d 1h 46m Gyarados rises to level 46! Rocket Grunt Le5Reposa defeated!

6d 1h 45m Vs. Rocket Grunt Le5Reposa, who appears to have 6 Voltorb. We tank lots of KAPOWs.

6d 1h 42m Now that we have the Card Key, we're swiping it as much as possible like we're on Tinder.

6d 1h 37m Chatot rises to level 63!

6d 1h 24m We're back in Silph Co., doing our thing.

6d 1h 18m We stop by Mr. Psychic's house and pick up TM29 Psychic!

6d 1h 10m vs Rocket Grunt Kerotido. His Muk KOs Venasaur. We send out Gyarados with 25 HP. Muk uses Sludge; Gyarados faints. Blacked out!!

6d 1h 7m Card Key acquired!

6d 1h 7m We defeat Rocket Grunt PlasmaPlayer.

6d 1h 6m [Chatot] Reddy is autistic

6d 1h 3m vs Rocket Grunt twisparks! We are victorious.

6d 1h 0m #TwitchPlaysElevatorInterface

6d 0h 51m We keep switching out, giving Porygon free turns to use Rest. We use all of our mons before eventually defeating Scientist Johuotar.

6d 0h 49m vs. Scientist Johuotar. His Porygon likes to stall with Rest. It uses Blizzard against our 2hp sleeping Chatot. Chatot faints!

6d 0h 46m vs. Rocket Grunt Bryandagamer! Venusaur knocks out his Seel. We send out 2hp Chatot against Parasect, who immediately Spores Chatot. We send out Wigglytuff, who is paralyzed. We swap out Wiggly for Gyarados who finishes Parasect. Bryandagamer defeated!

6d 0h 43m Here's a clip of aissurtievos insane donation: https://clips.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon/SillyJayOMGScoots

6d 0h 41m [Donation] $200.10 from aissurtievos: "Kappa Jebaited MingLee KappaWealth WutFace NotLikeThis tppPokédollar TheIlluminati"

6d 0h 34m [Donation] $20.00 from Anonymous. Message was a bunch of ASCII spam.

6d 0h 32m [Chatot] You're this spooky music

6d 0h 32m We defeat Rocket Grunt techfreak101.

6d 0h 26m Raichu faints to a Jynx's Ice Punch.

6d 0h 24m Wigglytuff to level 52! Rocket Grunt sillymoose333 defeated.

6d 0h 23m While fighting Rocket Grunt sillymoose333, Raichu is paralyzed and grows to level 49!!

6d 0h 19m Vs. Rocket Grunt Teddycakes. Dugrio is KOd by Zubat. Chatot takes care of Zubat and Marrowak. Rocket Grunt Teddycakes defeated!

6d 0h 14m After a few laps around Saffron, we finally find our way into the Silph Co building.

[Yay] happy day 7!

5d 23h 58m We heal in Saffron City Poké Center. Checkpoint!

5d 23h 54m We've arrived in Saffron City.

5d 23h 49m We're in an underground path, heading east.

5d 23h 43m We're strolling about Celadon, talking with #CoolFolks

5d 23h 42m [Info] Post-shopping spree inventory (₽ 3512 leftover): * S.S. Ticket * Old Rod * Helix Fossil * Coin Case * Bicycle * HM01 Cut * HM02 Fly * Great Ball x 46* Lift Key * Silph Scope * Poke Flute * HM03 Surf * Good Rod * HM04 Strength * PP UP x1

5d 23h 31m [D] We buy 33 Great Balls for ₽ 19800.

5d 23h 28m [D] We say bye-bye to TM06. With ₽23312, we start shopping.

5d 23h 26m [D] We sell TM40 for ₽ 3000. Democracy/Anarchy voting period refreshes. We currently have ₽ 21312.

5d 23h 23m [D] We sell the Moon Stone.

5d 23h 21m [D] We sell two Nuggets. We now have ₽ 19312 for spending.

5d 23h 18m [D] Democracy mode engaged.

5d 23h 15m Democracy/Anarchy voting begins

5d 23h 14m [Snark] Public pay phones in 2017 Kappa

5d 23h 14m We're in Celadon Poké Mart, saving our games next to some pay phones.

5d 23h 14m [Info] We currently have ₽ 9312. Current inventory: SS Ticket, Old Rod, Helix Fossil, Coin Case, Bicycle, HM01 Cut, HM02 Fly, Great Ball x13, Nugget x2, Moon Stone x1, Lift Key, Silph Scope, Poke Flute, TM40 Skull Bash, HM03 Surf, Good Rod, HM04 Strength, TM06 Toxic, PP Up.

5d 23h 11m We successfully traverse Cycling Road and head east into Celadon.

5d 23h 8m We decide we want to try cycling up Cycling Road.

5d 22h 59m Vs. Plasmaplayer. Golbat takes down Gyarados. BLACKED OUT!!

5d 22h 58m Vs. Female Camper crimsonol12. Gyarados takes out her Ponyta. Wigglytuff faints to Weepinbell's Acid. Gyarados to Level 45! Crimsonol12 defeated!

5d 22h 55m Vs. Beauty Iatias (This is the second time we've faced Iatias in this route). We defeat her Flareon and win. Iatias defeated.

5d 22h 54m [Info] Current party: Dugtrio (Level 45, fainted), Raichu (Level 48, fainted), Venusaur (Level 46, fainted), Gyarados (Level 44), Wigglytuff (Level 51, 31 hp remaining), and Chatot (Level 62, fainted).

5d 22h 52m We fight Female Camper chfoo. His/Her Exeggcute uses Psychic to KO Venusaur. Chatot KOs Exeggcute and faces off against chfoo's Poliwhirl. After a few Ice Beams, Chatot is Frozen and KO'd. Wigglytuff cleans up the mess and faces Ninetales. Chfoo defeated!

5d 22h 45m Raichu faints to a Persian in a Trainer Battle. The same Persian also uses a crit Thunder on Chatot, but Chatot KOs it with OSkomodo. We send out Wigglytuff against Victreebel. We defeat Trainer ephemeros!

5d 22h 37m Dugtrio faints to poison from a wild Weepinbell

5d 22h 28m In route 7

5d 22h 17m We blacked out

5d 22h 9m Chatot also leveled up to 62 before fainting

5d 22h 8m Chatot faints due to switches

5d 22h 3m Raichu to 47

5d 22h 2m Dugtrio faints to a trainer

5d 22h 0m In Route 7

5d 21h 41m blacked out after Gyarados faints

5d 21h 40m Wigglytuff to 51 then faints

5d 21h 37m Gyarados to level 44

5d 21h 25m Chatot and Venusaur faint to a trainer

5d 21h 21m Raichu fainted

5d 21h 13m Raichu is now level 46

5d 21h 9m Dugtrio faints to a trainer in Route 7

5d 20h 55m Back in Fuchisia City

5d 20h 42m We go left to Cycling road

5d 20h 37m Still in Fuchisia

5d 20h 20m We faint due to Struggle to Lipoke, blacked out

5d 20h 12m Wigglytuff to 49

5d 20h 5m Wigglytuff to 48

5d 20h 1m Scroll to bottom to see what's unlocked or locked as of now

[Info] https://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/wiki/chatter_effects_in_chatty_yellow

[Info] RitzMitz is locked, not unlocked as i said below

[Info] Koga's badge is PogChamp but still locked

[Info] OSkomodo, ThunBeast, ANELE, TBTaco triplets, PartyTime, NotATK, ChefFrank are unlocked too

5d 19h 50m Dugtrio faints to a Pidgeot

5d 19h 48m Wigglytuff is now level 47

5d 19h 48m Gyarados faints

5d 19h 46m Now on east from Fuchisia in Route 15, fighting a trainer

5d 19h 46m We go to grass until we realize chatot is fainted

5d 19h 42m AMPEnergyCherry, RitzMitz, SoonerLater, HeyGuys are unlocked, checking them and more emotes right now

5d 19h 40m Chatot and Raichu fainted in the fight, Wigglytuff to 46 which i just missed

5d 19h 39m Koga has been defeated, sorry for missing it but had something important to do

5d 19h 38m Inside the gym, Gyarados level 43 only difference

5d 19h 9m we heal

5d 19h 8m We beat the trainer and outside the gym

5d 19h 4m Gyarados faints to Gengar and Haunter switch strats after beating Gastly

5d 19h 2m Inside the gym, vs tails9l

5d 18h 55m In Fuchisia city

5d 18h 53m We go to Cycling road and beat up a trainer with Gyarados

5d 18h 46m We heal again

5d 18h 43m Still grinding

5d 18h 32m Gyarados to level 41, learns Hydro Pump and forgets Double-Edge

5d 18h 25m We heal

5d 18h 18m Venusaur is now level 45

5d 18h 16m Gyarados faints

5d 17h 56m Srory for dying, meanwhile Gyarados to level 40, and fully healed atm

5d 17h 11m Gyarados faints

5d 17h 1m Back in route 7 for grinding

5d 16h 51m Still walking around

5d 16h 37m We leave the corner

5d 16h 14m Gambling is tpp's biggest addiction, still ganbling

5d 16h 0m We switch slots and pick up 10 coins from the ground

5d 15h 53m We went as low as 150~ then got bar and back to 260

5d 15h 42m Playing the slots, we have 360~ coins as of now

5d 15h 42m Inside the Game Corner

5d 15h 39m Democracy over. We're in Celadon City.

5d 15h 37m Wigglytuff learned Strength over Pound in Democracy!

5d 15h 10m Dugtrio faints due to poison damage after becoming level 45

5d 14h 55m Dugtrio to 44

5d 14h 43m Wigglytuff leveled up to 46, then fainted

5d 14h 21m Wigglytuff is paralyzed

5d 14h 9m Wigglytuff to level 45

5d 14h 7m Still grinding

5d 13h 49m Wigglytuff to 44

5d 13h 48m Gyarados fainted

5d 13h 43m Gyarados to level 39

5d 13h 27m Gyarados to level 38

5d 13h 22m Healed our team inside a center

5d 13h 20m Inside Celadon

5d 13h 20m Gyarados faints

5d 13h 5m Gyarados is now paralyzed

5d 13h 5m Gyarados to level 37

5d 12h 52m We went east to Route 7, grinding seems to be the plan

5d 12h 50m Inside Celadaon City

[Info] Updater going dark for now. We are still gonna grind in Route 7 for the next hours, probably.

5d 11h 16m Wigglytuff grows to level 43!

5d 11h 12m Wigglytuff paralyzed from a wild Arbok's Glare

5d 11h 1m Wigglytuff grows to level 42!

5d 10h 38m Gyarados fainted!

5d 10h 32m Gyarados grows to level 36!

5d 10h 21m Gyarados is midlife and paralyzed.

5d 10h 15m Gyarados grows to level 35!

5d 10h 8m Back in Route 7 for more grinding, especially for our freshly buffed Gyarados

5d 10h 4m Democracy is ending, we did b9 to exit menu.

5d 10h 4m Gyarados forgot Tackle and learned Strength while in Democracy!

5d 10h 2m [D] We are now trying to teach Strength, to Gyarados first

5d 10h 1m Gyarados forgot Dragon Rage and learned Surf while in Democracy!

5d 9h 59m "AJJJTUUUUU (Gyarados) is trying to learn SURF!"

5d 9h 59m We are about to teach TM03 Surf

5d 9h 58m Wee are in the prize room of the Game Corner, which enabled Democracy. We used it to swap Wigglytuff and Gyarados, to put this last one in 1st place because its level it the lowest.

5d 9h 47m We healed in the Center!

5d 9h 30m Back in Celadon City

5d 9h 27m Raichu grows to level 44!

5d 9h 18m Dugtrio fainted

[Info] We are still on Route 7, grinding our team. The goal seems to be level 45. Here is the current status:

Wigglytuff 41 (Fainted) BodySlam Rest Pound DoubleTeam

Gyarados 34 (Fainted) Bite DoubleEdge Tackle DragonRage

Dugtrio 42 (Midlife) Slash Growl Cut Dig

Raichu 43 Thunderbolt ThunderWave QuickAttack BodySlam

Venusaur 42 VineWhip LeechSeed Cut RazorLeaf

Chatot 61 (Midlife) Chatter Roost Peck MirrorMove

5d 9h 9m We exited right away. We are back grinding in the tall grass.

5d 9h 3m We left the tall grass to walk to the underground passage

5d 9h 1m Dugtrio hits level 42

[Info] I have just been informed by chat that the target level to end the grind is 45

5d 8h 48m Dugtrio levels up to 41

5d 8h 38m Dugtrio is on the grinding block now, and it is starting off well getting 2 crits in a row

5d 8h 35m Gyarados is taken down by a wild jigglypuff

5d 8h 28m Gyarados is now level 34

5d 8h 25m allright silence time is over, we avenged wigglytuff with gyarados

5d 8h 23m Wigglytuff finally taken down a moment of silence is in order

5d 8h 22m Wigglytuff hits level 41 It has 5 hp left and 7 PP on pound

5d 8h 18m Wigglytuff still hold on, despite being in several more battles

5d 8h 14m We switch to chatot and save Wigglytuff and it's 5 hp for another day during a wild battle

5d 8h 12m Wigglytuff now has 5 hp left

Wigglytuff level 40 now

5d 8h 2m Wait no it's not, we made Wigglytuff use rest in battle, so it is all healed now. Right now the only move with pp left is pound

5d 8h 0m The grind is aborted because Wigglytuff is now poisoned

5d 7h 58m Still at the grind with Wigglytuff, double team just ran out of PP

5d 7h 48m Wigglytuff leveled up to 39 We then decide to keep at the grind

5d 7h 45m chat thinks it is a good idea to switch wigglytuff for wigglytuff to fight wigglytuff, we then realise it is hopelessly and body slam it to death

5d 7h 42m We exit Safron city from the west exit, and fight some Pokémon

5d 7h 40m We heal our team in the Pokémon centre

5d 7h 39m We enter the wonderful city and edge towards the Pokémon centre, with chatot questioning what we do now

5d 7h 36m Updates will now resume with us beating a trainer and his 2 Nidorans

[Info] We somehow got onto Cycling Road.

[Snark] What's even better than the good rod? These ice guns we're packing.

5d 6h 38m What's better than an old rod? This Good Rod we just received!

[Info] At some point, we received HM03 Surf. And while we were there, Chatot took the opportunity to explain to us what a walnut is.

[Snark] It's a waste of money to go into a Safari with a full box!

[Fluff] /u/chfoo's gif, featuring robored and Chatot riding a spinner tile, is still on the stream reddit ticker. Image source: https://redd.it/5uk1e9

[Info] We have a 10-fold increased step limit for the Safari Zone, in which we currently wander as we toss bait and rocks at wild Pokémon.

[meta] Updater going dark. Been fun.

5d 4h 56m Blacked out

5d 4h 52m Raichu down, Gyarados is too but presumably in an earlier fight. Venusaur against Gastly, that's down, next in is Haunter.

5d 4h 48m We're fighting NotTheDarkHawluc (ha?) now. This is the trainer with the Gengar family we blacked out to about an hour and a half ago.

5d 4h 47m Zubat and a Nidoran♀. Rjri's defeated.

5d 4h 43m There's a Grimer here now

5d 4h 42m Fighting Rjri's Nidoran♂ with our Wigglytuff

5d 4h 41m Back in the Gym.

5d 4h 41m Left the Demohouse. Party lineup: Wigglytuff at 37, Gyarados at 33, Dugtrio at 40, Raichu at 42, Venusaur at 42, Chatot at 61

5d 4h 33m Looks like we are switching party members.

5d 4h 31m In the demohouse. Democracy

5d 4h 24m Ah we;re back in Fuschia sorry, not much is happening. I gotta make some food, not much should happen

5d 4h 10m They're defeated, Dugtrio down. Also had a Shellder. Next trainer, Therawnya has a Squirtle against our Raichu

5d 4h 8m robertochan has a Poliwag and we are fighting it with Dugtrio

5d 4h 7m Checkpointed in the Poké Center, healed

5d 4h 4m We're in a Demohouse.

5d 4h 1m Now we're back in Fuschia i think. Place with Safari Zone and wherever we were before the blackout.

5d 4h 0m Chatot to 61, that trainer defeated

[Fluff] Actually it might have not been venusaur that did, but something did. Sorry.

5d 3h 58m Same name trainer, but different Pokémon? Kangaskhan against Chatot

5d 3h 58m Venusaur leveled up and the trainer is defeated

5d 3h 56m bjcnumber1fan's Machamo against Chatot.

[Fluff] Raichu's down too. Presumably to a KAPOW, which also ended the battle.

5d 3h 53m Fighting MikaruMenoko's Voltorb and Electrode. Dugtrio went down, they're defeated.

5d 3h 50m Raichu to 42

5d 3h 48m That trainer's defeated. Biking in the grass right now.

5d 3h 42m Dugtrio to Lv. 40 after taking out a Rattata, Zubat's sent in now. The trainer is Le5Raposa instead of Flarn.

5d 3h 39m We're in a building right now. I'm not completely sure where, though.

5d 3h 32m Versus vokes27, Beedrill against our Dugtrio

5d 3h 31m Biking around. I think we have to get back to Fuschia again.

5d 3h 26m Aaand Gengar's in again. Wigglytuff down, black out. gg

5d 3h 25m Venusaur down to Night Shade, Wigglytuff sent in. Haunter's switched into yet again. Tuff Rests up some health it lost, a Dream Eater hits and Tuff's in the red now. It wakes up.

5d 3h 23m Chatot down. We have Wigglytuff left, at full health, and Venusaur in yellow health. Saur is sent in.

[Snark] Oh, you're a guy? I always thought you were a girl. Kappa

5d 3h 22m Haunter's switched back into. Gyarados went down, by the way

[Fluff] because this is a male trainer hahaahha

[Snark] Why are you referring to yourself as a "they"?

5d 3h 20m They also have a Haunter. It is sent in and we switch to Gyarados. Immediately falls asleep and Gengar's switched into, on the opponent's side.

5d 3h 19m Whoaaa. Fighting Cyander, they have a Gastly and Raichu's being used to fight it. Raichu down, Chatot in

5d 3h 19m We're in a gym. I think it's Koga's.

5d 3h 11m garfadt's Farfetchd against Raichu

5d 3h 9m We're fighting Jami<some numbers> now, Venusaur against Pidgeotto

5d 3h 8m Raichu to 41, Fearow in now

5d 3h 8m Pidgey down, Doduo in

5d 3h 7m Dugtrio down, Raichu in

5d 3h 7m Fighting Timbob01's Pidgey, still Dugtrio in front.

[Chat] Tails8521: large soda with espresso and milk Jebaited

5d 3h 4m We're in the very pink town with the Safari Zone i think.

5d 2h 55m Venusaur takes out Sandslash with Razor Leaf. Wartortle in next. Tuff Body Slams it to paralysis, then to faint. TrapperCap defeated

[Fluff] Sorry for bolding when Squirtle went down, we do not own one.

5d 2h 55m Fighting TrapperCap's Charmander, it's down. Sandslash in next.

5d 2h 53m Squirtle down, **Dugtrio to 39, Graveler in, down, Charmeleon in, down, matthew12158 defeated.

5d 2h 51m wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all th way down. fighting matthew12158's Squirtle with Dugtrio

5d 2h 50m Back to where we were after we got rid of the Snorlax.

[Snark] gg TriHard

5d 2h 45m Geodude, Venusaur to 41, Shellder, Venusaur down, black out

5d 2h 43m Gyarados and Weepinbell went down, Venusaur's last and the last one left, it's versus Flarn2006's Zubat, Rattata, Diglett,...

5d 2h 38m Gyarados against Teddycakes_' Oddish

5d 2h 36m Something's poisoned and is losing HP as we bike around.

5d 2h 33m They also have a Weedle.

5d 2h 31m Fighting Silversalamence10's level 50 Caterpie

5d 2h 26m There's our large soda. MoralHD has a Chansey, our Gyarados was in front but now Wigglytuff is sent in. Opponent uses Minimize, we switch into Gyarados now, opponent Softboils, Tackle isnt doing much. Chansey down, MoralHD defeated.

5d 2h 25m Now against shadowpuppet97. Chatot uses SSSsss against Weepinbell, Chatot down. Poliwhirl in against Venusaur, down to crit Razor Leaf, Venusaur to 40, defeated

5d 2h 23m So right now Raichu and Dugtrio are down and Wigglytuff is fighting an Onix, it goes down to Double Edge recoil, Tuff to 36, Grarrg defeated

[Fluff] Was told we ran from Snorlax, apologies.

5d 2h 20m He's defeated. Still Biking Around

5d 2h 19m Lotta trainers around here. Now fighting Ryodragon7's Tauros.

5d 2h 18m The Snorlax went down and now Dugtrio is fighting a Primeape, goes down, defeated Sillymoose333

5d 2h 16m played the POKE FLUTE. Now fighting the Snorlax, Diglett is in front.

5d 2h 12m There isn't anything to CUT!

[Chatot] Recites the GTA San Andreas Big Smoke's order. But leaves out the large soda at the end.

5d 2h 5m We're at the Snorlax.

5d 1h 18m Updater going dark unless another updater can take over.

5d 0h 47m Threw away Elixer.

5d 0h 38m Tossed TM21.

5d 0h 31m Threw away last Rare Candy.

5d 0h 30m Near Snorlax (west of Saffron), trying to use the Poké Flute.

5d 0h 15m We're in the dojo trying to choose between a free Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan, but our party is full.

5d 0h 8m In the Saffron dojo.

4d 23h 59m In yellow Saffron.

4d 23h 53m Left through the west entrance of Lavender.

4d 23h 46m Now in the Poké Center.

4d 23h 45m Obtained the Poké Flute.

4d 23h 42m Reached the top floor, talked to Mr. Fuji.

4d 23h 40m VS Ghost aka Marowak.

4d 23h 34m VS alex7450.

4d 23h 22m We've been grinding on several clouds of gas for the past 30 minutes.

4d 22h 43m Back in the tower.

4d 22h 31m [D] Threw away TM07. Back in Anarchy.

4d 22h 29m [D] Gyarados forgot Splash and learned Double-Edge!

4d 22h 17m In Fuji's house trying for democracy.

4d 22h 16m Blacked out to a wild Gastly!

[Chatot] "we black out."

[Info] Our progress is impeded by an item for which we have no room in our inventory.

@ 4d 21h 45m: Chatot leveled up to 60!

@ 4d 21h 24m: Raichu leveled up to 40!

4d 21h 0m We are still around the healing pad of the Lavender Tower, grinding a little. Raichu is now level 39 and is getting close to 40.

4d 20h 7m Raichu leveled up to 38!

4d 19h 32m Found hidden HP Up!

@ 4d 18h 34m: Dugtrio leveled up to 37!

[Chatot] When your batteries die, can I have your PC boxes?

4d 18h 14m Wigglytuff leveled up to 35!

4d 18h 7m We're currently having an in-depth conversation with a Channeller.

[Meta] Because we're so close to the heal spot and we're healing so frequently, I'm going to stop reporting faints and heals until we leave the area.

4d 18h 0m Healed again.

4d 17h 59m Dugtrio goes down to a wild Gastly!

4d 17h 57m Raichu goes down to a wild Cubone!

4d 17h 51m Healed in purified zone ~

4d 17h 44m Raichu grows to Lv. 37!

4d 17h 43m Healed in the purified zone.

4d 17h 40m Gyarados goes down to a wild Gastly! We run away.

4d 17h 36m Obtained the Nugget!

[Fluff] It was an amazing attack, sacrificing itself like that... but it was the only one who went down!

4d 17h 35m Chatot self-destructs against a wild Gastly to absolutely no effect.

4d 17h 32m Ditto transforms and takes out Dugtrio. We send in Gyarados and it takes Ditto out with Bite. Channeller shadowpuppet97 defeated.

[Snark] Now switch into Chatot!

4d 17h 31m Challenged by Channeller shadowpuppet97! They send in Ditto, we counter with Dugtrio.

4d 17h 30m Raichu goes down yet again to a wild Gastly.

4d 17h 26m Raichu's moveset is (finally) changed - it is now Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack and Body Slam.

4d 17h 21m Oh look, we healed in the purified zone again.

4d 17h 21m Dugtrio goes down to the same wild Gastly. We run off screaming.

4d 17h 19m Raichu goes down again to a wild Gastly.

4d 17h 17m It's okay though, because we healed in the purified zone almost immediately.

4d 17h 15m Raichu goes down to a wild Gastly!

[Fluff] Raichu is back <3

4d 17h 11m Healed in the purified zone.

4d 17h 10m Oh he's awake again, not bad.

4d 17h 10m Chatot was put to sleep by a wild Gastly.

[Fluff] Blame rct xD

[Fluff] Auto-correct pls

[Info] tppPoké Ball appears to be sing.

4d 17h 3m Dugtrio goes down to a wild Gastly. We're back on 5F, and we seem to be trying to heal.

4d 17h 2m Venasuar gows to Lv. 39! Channeller BigRynoz defeated!

4d 17h 0m Haunter puts Raichu to sleep, then licks it. Raichu wakes up and Thunderbolts, but it's not enough. Raichu down! We switch to Gyarados.

4d 16h 59m Challenged by Channeller BigRynoz! They send in Haunter, we counter with Raichu!

4d 16h 56m Made it to 6F!

4d 16h 55m Healed in purified zone again again.

4d 16h 53m Raichu is put to sleep and confused by a wild Gastly. Raichu down!

4d 16h 51m Healed in purified zone again.

4d 16h 48m Dugtrio defeats a wild Gastly while on 2HP.

4d 16h 48m We shuffle Dugtrio's moveset. It is now Slash, Cut, Dig and Growl.

[Chatot] "Pikachu"

4d 16h 43m Healed in purified zone.

4d 16h 42m We switch to Gyarados, then Dugtrio, then run.

4d 16h 42m After a while trying to switch moves and failing, Raichu goes down to a wild Gastly.

4d 16h 38m Healed in purified zone.

4d 16h 37m We switch to Chatot who takes it out. Channeller TheRedmin defeated!

4d 16h 37m We switch to Gyarados, who is confused and paralysed. It eventually beats itself up. Gyarados down!

4d 16h 35m Raichu is confused, but takes out Haunter with a Thunderbolt. Another Haunter is sent in! We switch to Wigglytuff.

4d 16h 35m 4d 16h 35m Challenged by Channeller! They send in Haunter, we counter with Raichu.

4d 16h 35m 4d 16h 34m Healed in Purified Zone.

4d 16h 25m Made it to 5F.

[Info] Seems macT is super-effective against Ghosts.

[Info] Apparently our Pokémon Box is full, so we won't be able to catch any Pokémon.

4d 16h 13m Venesaur scored three critical Razor Leafs in a row, Haunter goes down! Channeller FallenStar7 is defeated.

4d 16h 12m 4d 16h 12m We switch to Chatot, then to Venesaur.

4d 16h 11m 4d 16h 10m Gastly is taken out, Haunter is sent in. We switch to Wigglytuff.

4d 16h 10m 4d 16h 10m Challenged by Channeller FallenStar7! They send in Gastly, we counter with Chatot.

4d 16h 6m Dugtrio goes down to the same Gastly. We run away.

4d 16h 6m A wild Gastly puts Dugtrio to sleep.

[Snark] With great effort

4d 16h 5m Saved a few times.

[Fluff] How do you fall up the stairs?

4d 16h 4m Obtained the Elixer!

4d 16h 4m Made it to 4F!

4d 16h 3m Currently falling up and down the stairs repeatedly. I'll let you know if we actually make it ~

4d 15h 57m Saved a couple more times.

4d 15h 55m Gastly goes down to Chatter! Channeller defeated.

4d 15h 54m Raichu goes down to Night Shade! We send in our scared little birdie.

4d 15h 54m Raichu paralysed Gastly, but Gastly confuses Raichu.

4d 15h 53m Challenged by Channeller Onakiel2! They send in Gastly, we counter with Raichu.

4d 15h 52m Obtained the Escape Rope!

4d 15h 51m We save a couple of times.

4d 15h 51m We encounter a wild Haunter! But Raichu zaps it...

[Chatot + Chat] B i b l e T h u m p

4d 15h 49m Made it to 3F.

[Chatot] ProjectRevoTPP

4d 15h 45m Made it to 2F. Chatot is a scared burdie.

4d 15h 45m Entered Pokémon Tower.

4d 15h 42m Exited to Lavender Town.

4d 15h 41m We heal again just to make sure.

4d 15h 41m Healed.

4d 15h 40m Dugtrio used Dig! We're outta there.

4d 15h 40m Obtained the Elixir!

4d 15h 40m Venesaur goes down to itself! We run.

4d 15h 39m Dugtrio goes down to a wild Gastly!

4d 15h 38m Made it to 5F.

4d 15h 38m Game saved.

4d 15h 37m Venesaur easily Vine Whips Omanyte, Channeller SenateKill defeated!

4d 15h 37m Challenged by Channeller SenateKill! They send in Omanyte, we counter with Venesaur.

4d 15h 36m Raichu goes down to a wild Gastly.

[Fluff] KenjiDraco had some parting words: "I paid bills and bein just save to explain things too, I thought rijon adventures was the cia for another and last chance, its been here uses a missing event flag errors happen particularly because I crafted a latte is Right, Up here in Prism What ! Main screen turn on. It's a brain [Kappa]"

4d 15h 34m Gastly goes down to Leech Seed! Channeler KenjiDraco defeated!

4d 15h 32m Venesaur is paralyzed by Gastly's Lick attack! Luckily we have it seeded. Razor Leaf switches with Cut to first move slot.

4d 15h 31m We try switching to Venesaur, who is also put to sleep and confused.

4d 15h 30m We switch to Wigglytuff, who is confused and put to sleep straight away.

4d 15h 29m Raichu hits Gastly with a critical Thunderbolt, and it goes down! But another is sent out to replace it.

4d 15h 29m Challenged by Channeller KenjiDraco! They send in Gastly, we counter with Raichu. Raichu is confused!

4d 15h 20m Fell upstairs onto 2F.

4d 15h 19m Back upstairs on 1F again.

4d 15h 16m Fell back down the stairs. Back on 1F.

4d 15h 14m Made it upstairs. Currently on 2F.

4d 15h 12m Finally back in Pokémon Tower.

4d 15h 11m And back into Lavender Town. Not sure if we really know where we're going.

4d 15h 10m Heading north on Route 10.

4d 15h 8m A girl is blocking the way into the Tower, so we head north instead.

4d 15h 7m Finally made it back into Lavender Town.

4d 15h 4m Game saved anyway.

4d 15h 3m We were catapulted west onto Route 8, trying desperately to get back.

4d 15h 3m Dugtrio used Dig. We spin on out of there.

4d 15h 2m Entered Pokémon Tower.

4d 14h 59m Exited the PokéMart. We current only have ₽ 85.

4d 14h 59m Bought one Great Ball.

4d 14h 58m Entered the PokéMart. Tried to sell the Helix Fossil, but they don't want it.

4d 14h 57m Exited the Pokémon Center.

4d 14h 55m Respawned at the Lavendar Town Pokémon Center.

4d 14h 54m Venasaur goes down too. Blackout!

4d 14h 53m We switch to our sleeping Venasaur.

4d 14h 53m Chatot goes down to a Night Shade!

4d 14h 52m We switch to Chatot, who is also put to sleep.

4d 14h 51m Challenged by Channeller Cldy121407! They send in Gastly, we counter with Venasaur, who is immediately confused and put to sleep.

4d 14h 49m Venasuar takes down Kabuto with a Razor Leaf. Chatot grows to Lv. 59! Channeller Idaliah defeated.

4d 14h 48m We send in Venasaur.

4d 14h 47m Gyarados is down to 1HP - we make the switch to Chatot but then switch straight back. Gyarados goes down!

4d 14h 46m The Gastly finally goes down. Challenged by Channeller Idaliah! They send in Kabuto.

4d 14h 45m Raichu goes down! We send in Chatot.

[Info] Assuming Chatter counts, all of our party members have Normal-type moves in the first slot.

4d 14h 43m Wigglytuff goes down to the same Gastly.

4d 14h 42m Dugtrio goes down to a wild Gastly.

4d 14h 37m We forced Chatot to use Substitute against a wild Gastly, then immediately switched.

4d 14h 34m Raichu grew to Lv. 36!

[Chatot] "Is this Lavender Town?" (terrified face)

[Chatot] Chatot is terrified and speaking really slowly.

4d 14h 26m Entered Pokémon Tower and ran straight into a wall.

4d 14h 25m Exited the PokéMart without buying anything.

4d 14h 22m Entered the PokéMart.

4d 14h 21m We healed and checkpointed!

4d 14h 20m We entered the Pokémon Center

4d 14h 14m Democracy ended

4d 14h 12m Tossed TM02 while in Democracy!

[Info] In went from 85 to 86.

4d 14h 9m Used our HP UP on Dugtrio while in Democracy!

[Info] Current Party:

Raichu 35

Dugtrio 36

Wigglytuff 34

Gyarados 32

Venusaur 38

Chatot 58

4d 14h 6m We switched Gyarados and Venusaur in preparation of the Lavender Tower

4d 14h 4m Democracy enabled

4d 14h 4m In the demohouse, waiting for Democracy to get enabled

4d 13h 57m Back in Lavender Town, trying to checkpoint

4d 13h 54m Gyarados grew to level 32 and successfully DID NOT learn Leer!

4d 13h 48m We went in the Rock Tunnel. Our goal is to level up Gyarados to 32 and cancel Leer.

4d 13h 29m Bought 1 Super Potion and 9 Greats Balls! We only have ₽440 left.

[Chat] Purple WutFace

4d 13h 27m We reached Laverder Town

4d 13h 20m We entered Saffron

4d 13h 16m And back again!

4d 13h 15m And down again!

4d 13h 14m Stream back!

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: OBS Studio hasn't been so reliable this run

4d 13h 8m Stream offline!

[Snark] Or we could skip that if we somehow performed the Snorlax Skip.

[Chat] Ghost town time WutFace

4d 12h 59m [Snark] Digrat used Dig!---oh, wait, wrong game Kappa

4d 12h 59m And we healed in the Pokémon Center!

4d 12h 58m We Dug out! Back in Celadon City!

[Chatot] Time to Dig

4d 12h 50m Saved the game several times.

4d 12h 49m Obtained Silph Scope!

4d 12h 49m Venusaur used Razor Leaf. Kangaskhan down. Defeated Giovanni/BainTheCreeper!

4d 12h 48m Venusaur used Razor Leaf. Nidorino down.

4d 12h 47m Nidorino (Lv. 38) used Body Slam. Venusaur was paralyzed.

4d 12h 47m Giovanni name is BainTheCreeper.

4d 12h 46m Rhyhorn used Rock Slide. Venusaur used Vine Whip. Rhyhorn down.

4d 12h 45m Raichu fainted!

4d 12h 45m Persian and Nidorina down.

4d 12h 44m VS Giovanni!

4d 12h 44m Saved the game! Badges: 4 Pokédex: 26 Play time: 100h 0m (100:00)

4d 12h 41m In the lift again.

4d 12h 22m We're back in Rocket's Hideout

4d 12h 4m Dugtrio used Dig. Kangaskhan (Lv. 40) used Surf. Dugtrio fainted! Blacked out!

4d 12h 4m Dugtrio leveled up to 36!

4d 12h 3m VS Lv. 38 Nidorino. Dugtrio used Dig. OHKO'd Nidorino.

4d 12h 3m Dugtrio used Dig. Rhyhorn down.

4d 12h 3m Sent out Raichu. VS Rhyhorn (Lv. 39). Raichu fainted!

4d 12h 1m Sent out Dugtrio. Dugtrio used Cut. Nidorina down.

4d 12h 1m Venusaur used Razor Leaf. Nidorina (Lv. 38) used Blizzard. Venusaur fainted!

4d 12h 0m Raichu leveled up to 35!

4d 12h 0m Switched Raichu out for Venusaur. Venusaur used Cut. Persian (Lv. 37) down.

4d 11h 59m VS GIOVANNI! (MegamanOmega)

4d 11h 58m Found hidden Super Potion!

4d 11h 57m Defeated Johutar. (They vanish into the lift)

4d 11h 56m Wigglytuff fainted!

4d 11h 56m Gyarados fainted!

4d 11h 53m Chatot fainted!

4d 11h 52m VS two grunts, trainer name is Johuotar.

4d 11h 51m [Chatot] What happen? Somebody set up us the bomb. We get signal. What! Main screen turn on. It's You!!

4d 11h 47m We made it out of the tile maze and are now in the lift.

4d 10h 52m We're spinning on tiles again.

4d 10h 48m Aaaand, defeated.

4d 10h 47m VS Rocket Grunt Yoshii1702.

4d 10h 38m Picked HP UP!

4d 10h 35m Picked TM02!

4d 10h 32m We got the Lift Key!

4d 10h 32m It has 2 Pokémon. First went down against Raichu while I was writing the previous update. Second is Level 35 Golbat. Chatot is sent out. Chatter into Kappa (Constrict), then PRChase (Metronome) that rolls Tackle, then Tri Attack. Rocket defeated!

4d 10h 30m We just reached the trainer that has the Lift Key if we defeat him!



4d 10h 13m Some interesting videos that showed up several hours ago:


[meta] well I'm going to tag out, see you later people, enjoy #wildride

4d 7h 16m 2 MILLION INPUTS congrats to TEASING_It_IN for becoming the 2nd million inputter

4d 6h 46m Chatot has now decreed that over 1990000 inputs be allowed

4d 6h 41m still going on the #WildRide, surprised we haven't tried to open the pizza boxes yet

4d 6h 27m [Meta] Welcome back to the wild ride, I will be your commentator while we all stare at the stream and place bets on how long this will last

4d 6h 22m [Meta] We'll be on the Wild Ride (Game Corner basement) until further notice. Updater going dark. Hopefully someone will be around to update when progress is made.

4d 6h 3m Still spinning around a checkerboard maze and stacks of pizza boxes. #WildRide

[Meta] I have to leave now, sorry again for the current lack of updating

4d 4h 23m Currently Raichu is 33, Dugtrio is 34, Wigglytuff is 34, Venusaur is 37, Gyarados is 31, and Chatot is 58.

4d 4h 23m [Recap] According to FaithfulForce, the last two hours have been grinding.

Day 4 +3h hype

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: should be coming up now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: one moment

4d 2h 10m Heading towards Celadon right now

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: just saw the clip of the donation Jebaited

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: someone donate another $100 so I can see it KappaHD

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there was a $100 donation recently? I didn't see it :(

4d 1h 18m [Meta] Updater going dark. Sorry for the inconvenience.

4d 1h 18m [D] We use the Moon Stone. Jigglypuff evolves into Wigglytuff! #YOOMTAH #Guildmaster

4d 1h 16m [D] Current Party Order: Raichu, Dugtrio, Jigglypuff Venusaur, Gyarados, Chatot.

4d 1h 14m [D] We're shuffling the party. Raichu is now first; Jigglypuff is second.

4d 1h 14m [Misc/Meta] Twitch has apparently killed OMGScoots. RIP

4d 1h 12m [D] Democracy activated!

4d 1h 10m We enter the Pokémon Fan Club! Democracy Timer activated!

4d 1h 9m [Chatot] Draw me like one of your kalosian gardevoirs

4d 1h 6m Out of Diglett's Cave. Heading west into Vermillion, though we almost take a detour to check out the St. Anne pier.

4d 1h 3m Jigglypuff died because of course it did.

4d 0h 58m Back in Diglett's Cave, heading towards Vermillion.

4d 0h 52m Tree defeated!

4d 0h 47m Alas, we must cut the same tree in order to escape without risking the moon stone. Your patience is appreciated.

4d 0h 42m MOON STONE GET

4d 0h 40m We ride the tide of Down inputs way past the Moon Stone we covet.

4d 0h 39m WE CUT THE TREE

[Snark] Bulbasaur's cry sounds very different now.

4d 0h 31m We begin one of our favorite Gen 1 hobbies: trying to Cut a tree. We save just in case.

4d 0h 28m We exit Diglett's Cave and listen to Route 2's catchy music.

4d 0h 26m Jigglypuff to Level 34!! Learns Body Slam over Mega Kick!

4d 0h 25m [Info] Jigglypuff's current Level 33 stats: Attack 49, Defense 26, Speed 30, Special 34.

4d 0h 22m [Chatot] We're no strangers to love. You know the rules, and so do I.

4d 0h 19m Still playing Whack-A-Mole in Diglett's Cave. Jigglypuff has used all of its Mega Kick and Rest PP, and DoubleTeam only has 2 PP left.


4d 0h 2m We've opted to head through Diglett's Cave instead.

3d 23h 57m [Snark] Our Jigglypuff knows Rest, and loves to use it a lot.

3d 23h 55m We stroll East of Vermillion to find some Rattata for Jigglypuff to feed upon.

3d 23h 49m We heal (twice). Vermillion Poké Center Checkpoint!

3d 23h 48m Riot Screen flashes at us and goes bye-bye.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

3d 23h 47m [Info] We have ₽ 1742. Current inventory: Helix Fossil (PraiseIt), S.S. Ticket, Old Rod, HM01 Cut, Bicycle, Coin Case, TM07 Horn Drill, HM02 Fly, TM32 Mega Drain, Great Ball x5, Escape Rope x1, TM10 Double-Edge, and PP UP x1.

3d 23h 43m [Info] Levels have not changed since when /u/flarn2006 's update at 3d 22h 34m (an hour ago), though the team is alive. Looks like we blacked out in absentia at some point. Jigglypuff is asleep and missing some HP and PP, Gyarados is missing a bit of HP, but the rest of the party is at full health.

3d 23h 41m [Chatot] Cable Club attendant starts griping about Windows Vista as we start turning on the PC. We wisely run away.

3d 23h 40m Looks like we are wandering around Vermillion. Currently in the Poké Center.

[Info] A while ago we used Chatter with all locked emotes as an experiment. It said "AAAAAAaaaa used Nothing!" and then did Splash.

3d 22h 34m Team right now: Level 32 Jigglypuff (fainted), level 32 Raichu (fainted), level 34 Dugtrio (paralyzed), level 36 Venusaur, level 31 Gyarados, level 58 Chatot (poisoned).

3d 22h 24m KappaPride is Confuse Ray.

3d 22h 3m Chatot to level 58. Also DBstyle is Submission

3d 22h 1m We Mirror-Moved Guillotine on a wild Krabby!!

3d 21h 1m Everyone except Chatot felt in the span of 15 minutes. (Oh and Jigglypuff has only 8HP remaining.)

3d 20h 45m We healed sometime during the previous hour, and we are in Rocket's Hideout. Let the fun begin, I guess.

[Info] Remember, gambling is an addiction. Do it responsibly.

3d 20h 30m We are gambling, and we just hit the Jackpot!

3d 19h 47m Picked up Eevee, no nickname. Also Chatot is dead.

3d 19h 29m Grinding during dark updater. Jigglypuff, Raichu, and Dugtrio are fainted, and Chatot is poisoned.

3d 19h 1m [D] Taught Mega Kick and Double Team to Jigglypuff, replacing Disable and Bubblebeam, respectively.

I'm told we got 7 Great Balls. Thanks /u/renlev

3d 18h 43m [D] Bought TM32, TM05, and something else (Poketext is offline)

[Meta] Updater is going dark for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3d 18h 7m Poké Mart.

3d 17h 58m Game corner.

3d 17h 57m Party healed.

3d 17h 54m In the Poké Center.

3d 17h 51m Tree was cut. Back in Celadon.

3d 17h 44m Game saved several times.

3d 17h 41m Chilling out listening to the Bulbasaur cry.

3d 17h 33m Out of the gym.

3d 17h 32m We cut the left tree.

3d 17h 23m Current status didn't change.

3d 17h 0m Still entrapped.

3d 16h 49m Game saved.

3d 16h 45m After the battle trees grew back to block our path.

3d 16h 43m z33k33 defeated.

3d 16h 43m Gyarados fainted.

3d 16h 42m Chatot switched for the Gyarados.

3d 16h 41m vs. Vileplume Lv. 42.

3d 16h 40m Chatot pecked Victreebel down. Parasect went down too.

3d 16h 40m Venusaur fainted.

3d 16h 39m vs. Victreebel Lv. 39.

3d 16h 38m Tangela down. Razor Leaf worked. Venusaur grew up to Level 36.

3d 16h 36m Dugtrio fainted.

3d 16h 35m Jigglypuff fainted.

[Fluff] The gym leader is z33k33 btw

3d 16h 34m IAS fainted.

3d 16h 33m Vs. Gym Leader. IAS vs Tangela.

3d 16h 30m In the gym.

3d 16h 23m We cut the tree.

3d 16h 22m Game saved multiple times.

3d 16h 14m Tossed away TM30.

3d 16h 10m Yes, we are still wandering around the tree.

3d 16h 1m Exeggutor used Barrage, our -SJJJJx is at 8hp. Another Barrage. Black out.

3d 16h 0m Skyjersey challenges us to a battle. She has Exeggutor Lv. 38.

3d 16h 0m 3d 15h 59m Venusaur vs Venusaur. Cheating girl used Hyper potion, but lost anyway.

3d 15h 56m Another trainer challenges us to a battle.

[Fluff] Who the hell is growing trees right in the middle of the gym path? Helix help us!

3d 15h 52m Chatot fainted due to the poison damage after the battle.

3d 15h 51m Chatot to the rescue. Victory.

3d 15h 50m Our sleeping beauty Jigglypuff fainted as well.

3d 15h 50m Gyarados fainted too.

3d 15h 48m Her paralyzed Bulbasaur managed to kill our Raichu and Digglet, but Venusaur avenged them and grew up to Level 35.

3d 15h 44m gRaNtTaRvER12 challenges us to a battle.

3d 15h 42m Victory. Gyarados grew up to Level 31, Chatot to Lv. 57.

3d 15h 36m Vs. Qyxam and her Paras Lv. 38.

3d 15h 33m Beauty defeated. IZZZZZZZZQ grew up to Level 30. Vs another trainer Webgaden. Victory.

3d 15h 30m Celadon gym.

3d 15h 27m We cut the tree.

3d 15h 9m We checkpointed in Celadon!

3d 14h 52m Threw away TM28.

3d 14h 49m We got HM02 Fly!

3d 14h 22m 3d 14h 22m We are by the house north of Cycling Road

3d 14h 0m 3d 13h 59m Consulted Helix Fossil

[Info] Updater is going dark for a bit

3d 13h 48m We are now on Route 16 (left of Celadon), trying to get HM02 Fly. We need to Cut the bush first though...

3d 13h 42m We exited, and we are struggling to exit the natural maze.

3d 13h 40m We are in the building where Eevee is located.

3d 13h 37m Back in Celadon City

3d 13h 35m Jigglupuff fainted!

3d 13h 34m We went too far on the left, so we tried to go right but we overshooted and we reach the tall grass of Route 7.

3d 13h 33m We entered Celadon City

3d 13h 32m We reached Route 7 (Between Saffron and Celadon)

3d 13h 30m Entered Saffron City. We are aiming for Celadon City. We have 3 options/goals: Gym, Rocket Game Corner, or HM02 Fly.

3d 13h 25m We went North, to Route 6.

3d 13h 21m Back in Vermilion City

3d 13h 21m Gyarados finally fainted! We blacked out!

3d 13h 18m A wild Dugtrio. Maybe we can finally end this suffering.

3d 13h 7m Those last fights are epic. Gyarados used the 20 PP of Splash, it has 4HP remaining, it keeps surviving... But the end is near. PP remaining only for Tackle, the next Diglett or so should beat us.

3d 13h 1m Chatot used SSSsss (Selfdestruct)! Only Gyarados remaining, with HP almost in red. Blackout incoming.

3d 12h 51m Gyarados grows to level 30!

3d 12h 26m I was afk for a little while, and while I was away Dugtrio fainted!

3d 12h 10m Gyarados grows to level 28!

3d 11h 59m Venusaur fainted from Struggle! We did it, we brought one of our mons to Struggle.

[Info] Struggle can crit, most of the chat and me are surprised to learn a knew thing.

3d 11h 57m Venusaur has no moves left! Venusaur used Struggle!

3d 11h 57m Chatot uses Mirror Move. Chatot uses Dig. Diglett uses Dig. Chatot misses. Diglett does nothing: Chatot is unaffected. Great fight.

[Chat] #StruggleSaur

3d 11h 55m Venusaur used its last PP!

[Info] Venusaur has 4 PP left on Razor Leaf, 0 PP on all other moves.

3d 11h 46m Still grinding in Diglett's Cave

[Info] Team Status:

JigglyPuff Lv 29 (Fainted)

Raichu Lv 30 (Fainted)

Venusaur Lv 34 (Midlife)

Dugtrio Lv 32

Gyarados Lv 27

Chatos Lv 56

3d 11h 39m Venusaur grows to level 34!

3d 11h 36m Out freshly new Venusaur is destroying so many Digletts, it's getting Low on PP.

[Chat] PogChamp

3d 11h 26m Ivysaur successfully evolved into Venusaur!

3d 11h 26m Ivysaur grows to level 33!

3d 11h 9m Evolution got cancelled! :(

3d 11h 9m Ivysaur grows to level 32!

3d 10h 56m Ivysaur grows to level 31!

3d 10h 53m Still grinding in Diglett's Cave

3d 10h 40m Raichu fainted against a wild Dugtrio's Dig!

3d 10h 36m Back in the Diglett's Cave

[Chatot] Nice grinding guys!

3d 10h 36m We exited Diglett's Cave by the North exit, next to Pewter City.

3d 10h 29m Raichu grows to level 30!

3d 10h 25m Still fighting Digglets

[Chatot] Guys, we need to beat Erika!

[Chatot] You don't say?

3d 10h 13m Raichu grows to level 29!

3d 10h 4m Jigglypuff fainted!

[Chatot] What's the plan?

3d 9h 55m We entered Diglett's Cave

3d 9h 49m We healed and checkpointed in Vermilion!

3d 9h 44m We entered the Vermilion Pokémon Center

3d 9h 40m [Info] Sorry if I took some time to mention the Democracy and all, I was playing the Surfing Pikachu minigame on Yellow on my 3DS. You can't judge me.

3d 9h 39m We are in the Fan Club Pokémon, by the way.

3d 9h 38m Ivysaur forgot Growl and learned Razor Leaf in Democracy!

3d 9h 37m We entered in Democracy in a house and used a Rare Candy on Ivysaur! It is level 30 and trying to learn Razor Leaf!

3d 9h 24m Stream resumed! It works normally.

3d 9h 17m Stream went offline!

3d 9h 15m In Vermilion City

3d 9h 11m Ivysaur grows to level 29!

3d 9h 6m Raichu fainted!

3d 9h 1m Still grinding on Route 6

3d 8h 51m Raichu grows to level 28!

3d 8h 49m Jigglypuff fainted!

[Info] We moved to Route 6 earlier, by the way. (Between Saffron and Vermilion City)

3d 8h 26m Jygglipuff grows to level 29 and forgets Doubleslap for Rest!

3d 8h 12m We are in the Saffron Pokémon Center now. Yeah, we walked a little.

3d 8h 6m We kept walking and doing not many fights, taking the underground passage to get in Route 8. Not much happening...

3d 7h 42m Jigglypuff fainted!

3d 7h 40m Jigglypuff poisoned and midlife against a wild Vileplume.

3d 7h 39m Fighting a wild Lv 28 Jigglypuff with out own Lv 28 Jigglypuff. Off to a great start.

3d 7h 37m Back in Celadon, already aiming to go back to Route 7.

3d 7h 36m Chatot used PermaSmug (Selfdestruct)! Blacked out!

3d 7h 32m Chatot used Roost and is almost full life. Chat is debating if we shouldn't just go to the Pokémon Center by ourselves.

3d 7h 30m Chatot is midlife and paralyzed

3d 7h 20m Gyarados fainted! Only Chatot remaining. But chat is already spamming SSSsss (Selfdestruct) in order to not grind it too much compared to the others.

3d 7h 17m Dugtrio fainted!

3d 7h 12m Dugtrio grows to level 32!

3d 7h 10m Chatot grows to level 56!

3d 7h 10m Ivysaur fainted!

[Meta] Updater going dark.

3d 7h 0m Ivysaur to level 28!

[Chatot] BloodTrail i see we've been doing pretty good with the grinding

3d 6h 59m Raichu fainted! Didn't see whether it was in battle or due to overworld poison.

3d 6h 49m Used a Fresh Water on Raichu. To correct myself from earlier, we also used a Fresh Water - not a Super Potion - on Jigglypuff.

[Chatot] Instructions unclear; Chatot stuck in ceiling fan.

3d 6h 46m Raichu grew to level 27!

[TPPSim] We're too wealthy to set erika on fire CurseLit

3d 6h 42m Raichu was poisoned by the same Gloom that took out Jigglypuff.

3d 6h 42m Jigglypuff fainted

3d 6h 37m Used a Super Potion on Jigglypuff.

[TPPSim] @SnowWarning I think I peed my robot emote are the pc immunity one takes a way too

[Chatot] @SnowWarning I think I peed my robot emote are the pc immunity one takes a way too

3d 6h 31m Now grinding in the grass on Route 7.

[Snark] Just like Deku's bot, except it's not a scrub.

[Meta] /u/tppstreamerbot has a new feature. To find a user's most recent non-input message, you can type "/w tppstreamerbot lastmsg username".

[Dev] We wanted to put the Battle Tent into this game. Surprisingly, it was a last-minute idea. Needless to say, it did not make it into the game.

3d 6h 21m Threw away a Nugget.

3d 6h 20m Wandered into the diner. Chatot inquires about the defining mechanic of Turbo Anarchy.

3d 6h 18m Wandering around Celadon trying to cut the bush blocking Erika's gym.

3d 6h 11m [Chatot] MikeHogu

3d 6h 11m We send out Chatot, who clutches to 2 HP. Mirror Move fails. Thrash takes out Chatot. Blackout to Celadon!

3d 6h 10m We send in Ivysaur, which goes down to Thrash!

3d 6h 10m We take out Machop with a crit mirror move. We swap Dugtrio in against Mankey. Mankey uses an X Attack followed by Fury Swipes, which KOs Dugtrio!

3d 6h 9m We ignore Chatot's advice and enter the dojo. Fighting latralapidum's level 40 machop. We do some damage with Ivysaur, then switch in Chatot. Two Rock Slides put us in the red.

[Chatot] (as we wander near the dojo entrance) Don't be fighting the dojo unless we deposit something.

3d 6h 3m Back in Saffron proper. Casually walking past the Rocket who's guarding Silph.

3d 6h 1m On Route 7. Well, technically. We're still in the part that's connected to Saffron, but the color and music changed to that of the route.

3d 6h 0m In Saffron.

3d 5h 57m Crimsonsol12 defeated.

3d 5h 57m Dugtrio vs. Magneton. We use Dig to take it out.

3d 5h 56m 3d 5h 56m Koffing explodes and takes out Raichu!

3d 5h 56m Another trainer: Super Nerd Crimsonsol12 and his Koffing!

[Info] His name was truncated to heavyweaponspeng.

3d 5h 55m We use Dig. Nidoran down. HeavyWeaponsPenguin defeated.

3d 5h 55m Dugtrio uses Cut to take out the Meowth. Nidoran(M) in next for HeavyWeaponsPenguin.

3d 5h 55m Meowth used Pay Day. We respond with Splash. More coins, and we use Tackle. Gyarados in the red. Goes down to Fury Swipes x3! Dugtrio in next.

3d 5h 54m Meowth up next for Heavy Weapons Penguin.

3d 5h 53m HWP sends out Spearow. We bite, it fury attacks x5, we bite again and take it out.

3d 5h 53m We switch in Gyarados. Nidoran double kicks again. We bite the nidoran for half damage (crit!). Two more bites and Nidoran goes down.

3d 5h 52m Up against Nidoran(F). We roost, she tail whips. We roost again, she double-kicks. We roost again. She bites.

3d 5h 51m Pidgey uses Quick Attack on Raichu. He doesn't take too kindly, and hits back with an OHKO Thunderbolt. Rattata in for HWP, we swap in Chatot. Take a Hyper Fang, Mirror Move it back to KO the rat.

3d 5h 50m Fighting Lass Heavyweaponspenguin and her level 34 Pidgey.

3d 5h 49m On Route 8 now, heading back towards Celadon.

3d 5h 47m Spoke to the Name Rater, declined to name any of our Pokémon. Left his house and ran straight into the hillside.

3d 5h 46m In the Name Rater's house. We got spooked by the scary Magikarp and ran back to the "safety" of Lavender Town.

3d 5h 44m Vs. Fisherman mcr0. He sends out a Level 40 Magikarp which uses Hydro Pump (!) and KOs Jigglypuff. Chatot uses Mirror Move Hydro Pump against Magikarp. mcr0 defeated.

[Snark] We'll forgive you, as long as you post pictures.

3d 5h 42m [Meta] Updater going dark for a minute; I need to take my adorable, cute, fluffy brand new puppy outside

3d 5h 38m We stroll into Lavender Town. Spoopy Muzak = WutFaces in chat.

3d 5h 36m We're shambling around Route 8. Inputs are slow and Turbo Anarchy is doing much of the driving.

3d 5h 28m Gyarados faints in the field due to poison; BLACK OUT.

3d 5h 23m Gyarados is poisoned; the clock is ticking closer and closer towards blackout. Gyarados to Level 27!

3d 5h 21m Dugtrio faints. Gyarados is our only remaining Pokémon.

3d 5h 20m Dugtrio is poisoned by a Wild Gloom.

3d 5h 19m Dugtrio takes down a wild Wigglytuff and Arbok, leveling up to 31!

3d 5h 11m The same Gloom KOs Ivysaur. Gyarados snags the revenge kill.

3d 5h 7m A wild Gloom has thrown Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, and Stun Spore at Ivysaur. Ivysaur paralyzed.

3d 5h 5m Raichu faints from Poison as we turbo around the grass.

3d 5h 4m Raichu is poisoned by a wild Gloom. Ruh roh.

3d 4h 59m [Info] We get a glimpse at some of our stats. Raichu's stats at Level 26: Attack 58, Defense 37, Speed 69, Special 58. Jigglypuff's stats at Level 28: Attack 41, Defense 22, Speed 25, Special 28.

3d 4h 56m While murderballing some Krabby to the East of Celadon, Raichu rises to Level 26!!

3d 4h 48m Another wild Krabby uses Guillotine on Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff faints!

3d 4h 47m We heal ourselves a few times, just to be sure. We immediately exit the Celadon Poké Center and jump the ledge to the east to start fighting wild Pokémon. We swap out Jigglypuff for Chatot and immediately use SSSsss (Self-Destruct). Chatot faints, and Jigglypuff rises to Level 28.

3d 4h 45m [Chatot] Our blackout text: "I find myself not the wild ride PTSD."

3d 4h 44m Vs. Rocket RamboMStreamin! We send out Chatot. Chatot is poisoned by Poison Gas. We Mirror Move a Psychic and Seismic Toss, which defeats Drowzee. He sends out Kingler, who uses Bubble Beam. We mirror move for 1/2 HP. We use Chatter and use SSSsss, which is apparently Self-Destruct. We blacked out!

3d 4h 41m We go up to the top floor for some air, then immediately descend back into the basement to challenge Rocket RamboMStreamin

3d 4h 37m We acquire Rare Candy!

3d 4h 35m We acquire TM07

3d 4h 34m [Fluff] When we spin around the spinny maze of death, Chatot also spins.

3d 4h 33m [Info] Current party: Jigglypuff (27), Raichu (25, fainted), Ivysaur (27), Dugtrio (30), Gyarados (26), and Chatot (55). The entire party is fainted except for Chatot with 156/187 HP.

3d 4h 32m Vs. Rocket aspiringdev. Our Jigglypuff does laughable damage against his Level 35 Ponyta. Jigglypuff faints to a Fire Blast. We send out Ivysaur, who dodges a Fire Blast, but faints to a second. We send out Dugtrio who uses Cut twice before being taken into critical health by a Fire Blast. We use Dig, receive some health via leech seed and KO Ponyta. Dugtrio to Level 30! We send out Gyarados against Primeape. Gyarados faints! We send Dugtrio back out. Dugtrio also faints! We send out Raichu, whom we withdraw and send out Chatot. We send Raichu back in, only to receive a crit Karate Chop. Raichu faints. We send out Chatot who KOs Primeape. Rocket aspiringdev defeated!

3d 4h 26m We head into the Game Corner basement. The music changes haunting tune. It's time for Giovanni's Wild Ri -- oh, we went back upstairs and found 20 more coins.

3d 4h 22m We found 100 coins on the floor. Dandy.

3d 4h 22m After acquiring the Coin Case, we make our way into the Game Corner.

3d 4h 10m We struggled to make our way into the Celadon Diner, but exited before acquiring our prize.

3d 3h 57m We're still shambling around Celadon. Select spammers are continually summoning the Words of OQT.

3d 3h 43m Left the Pokémon Center.

3d 3h 42m 3d 3h 42m Pokémon healed!

3d 3h 40m We enter the Pokémon Center.

3d 3h 33m We are in Celadon City.

3d 3h 30m Jigglypuff fainted!

3d 3h 29m We head west onto Route 7.

3d 3h 28m We are in Saffron City.

3d 3h 12m We head north onto Route 6.

3d 3h 2m Still wandering around Vermillion.

3d 2h 44m Back in Anarchy.

3d 2h 42m Dugtrio now 5th. Raichu 2nd. Still in Democracy.

3d 2h 39m Swapped party order. Jigglypuff now first, Dugtrio second.

3d 2h 34m In Democracy!

3d 2h 30m Back in Vermillion.

3d 2h 22m We exit Diglett's Cave and are on Route 6.

3d 2h 13m Gyarados grew to level 26!

3d 2h 8m [Info] Gyarados learned Dragon Rage when it hit 25.

3d 2h 7m Back in Diglett's Cave.

3d 2h 2m Still hanging out on Route 2.

3d 1h 47m We exit out onto Route 2 again.

3d 1h 33m Gyarados grew to level 25!

3d 1h 13m Gyarados grew to level 24!

3d 1h 7m Another Great Ball tossed at a Diglett. No luck.

3d 1h 6m Back in Diglett's Cave.

3d 0h 57m We exit Diglett's Cave. On Route 2 again.

3d 0h 50m Gyarados grew to level 23!

3d 0h 43m Back in Diglett's Cave.

3d 0h 27m Pokémon healed at the Pokémon Center!

3d 0h 21m We exit Diglett's Cave and head to Viridian.

3d 0h 15m Raichu grew to level 25!

3d 0h 9m Raichu grew to level 24!

2d 23h 59m We toss a few Great Balls at a wild Diglett. Caught Diglett! Level 21. Nickname: mn-(??LME--

2d 23h 54m Raichu grew to level 23!

2d 23h 54m Gyarados fainted!

2d 23h 44m Jigglypuff fainted!

2d 23h 37m Caught Diglett! Level 18. Nickname: Sairjjaajx

2d 23h 34m We enter Diglett's Cave.

2d 23h 31m We cut the tree!

2d 23h 17m Still having difficulty with that tree.

2d 23h 0m There is another tree here we need to Cut.

2d 22h 58m We enter the small house on the eastern side of Route 2.

2d 22h 57m Tree is cut again.

[Snark] The precision with which we cut and then reset the tree is impeccable.

[Chatot] TriHard

2d 22h 53m We cut the bush then leave the area, causing it to come back.

2d 22h 50m We exit Viridian Forest to the south. Back on Route 2.

2d 22h 46m Gyarados grew to level 21!

2d 22h 40m Picked up a Potion!

2d 22h 40m In Viridian Forest.

2d 22h 36m Still on Route 2. We set Bite to Gyarados's first move.

2d 22h 5m Beating up weak Pokemon on Route 2 still.

2d 21h 51m Back in Pewter City.

2d 21h 48m We head back to Route 2.

2d 21h 38m Gyarados learned Bite!

2d 21h 37m In Democracy Rare Candy used on Magikarp Magikarp evolved into Gyarados!

2d 21h 18m We return to Pewter City.

2d 21h 13m Magikarp grew to level 19!

2d 21h 7m We are fighting wild Pokemon on Route 3.

2d 21h 5m Left the Pokemon Center.

2d 21h 5m We back away from the PC and heal our Pokemon!

2d 21h 4m Entered Pokemon Center. At PC.

2d 21h 2m We are on Route 3 again.

2d 21h 1m Left Mt. Moon.

2d 20h 52m Picked up a Potion!

2d 20h 51m Ivysaur grew to level 27!

2d 20h 49m Magnemite down. Voltorb out next. Voltorb down! Trainer defeated.

2d 20h 48m Spotted by another trainer. Ivysaur vs Magnemite.

2d 20h 47m Metapod down. Butterfree is out. Butterfree goes down. Trainer defeated.

2d 20h 46m Caterpie down. Trainer sends out Metapod next.

2d 20h 44m Fighting a trainer. Ivysaur vs Caterpie.

2d 20h 39m Ivysaur grew to level 26! Picked up a Rare Candy!

2d 20h 36m Caught Zubat! Level 8. Nickname: ________

2d 20h 35m We toss a few Great Balls at a Zubat but it fails.

2d 20h 30m We enter Mt. Moon.

2d 20h 17m We head east onto Route 3.

2d 20h 14m We arrive at Pewter City.

2d 20h 11m We cut the tree and head towards Pewter.

2d 20h 6m We left Diglett's Cave and are near Pewter.

2d 20h 4m Raichu, Jigglypuff, and Chatot fainted

2d 19h 47m Raichu grew to level 22!

2d 19h 44m Magikarp fainted!

2d 19h 40m We head into Diglett's Cave.

2d 19h 38m We return to Vermillion.

2d 19h 26m We head east onto Route 11.

2d 19h 24m Entered Pokemon Center. Pokemon healed!

2d 19h 20m We head north to Route 6.

2d 19h 10m We return to Vermillion.

2d 19h 7m Magikarp fainted!

2d 19h 5m We head east onto Route 11.

2d 19h 2m Dugtrio fainted! Blacked out! Back in Vermillion.

2d 19h 0m Dugtrio grew to level 29!

2d 18h 53m Dugtrio grew to level 28!

2d 18h 51m Chatot explodes Only Dugtrio left.

2d 18h 50m Ivysaur fainted!

2d 18h 44m Jigglypuff fainted!

2d 18h 43m We return to Diglett's Cave.

2d 18h 38m Left Diglett's Cave. Near Pewter now.

2d 18h 34m Jigglypuff grew to level 27!

2d 18h 24m Raichu fainted!

2d 18h 20m Raichu grew to level 21!

2d 18h 19m Magikarp fainted!

2d 18h 14m Ivysaur grew to level 25!

2d 18h 12m Magikarp grew to level 18!

2d 18h 7m Chatot explodes! Blacked out! Back in Vermillion.

2d 18h 1m Jigglypuff fainted!

2d 17h 53m Raichu fainted!

2d 17h 42m We head north to Route 6.

2d 17h 39m We return to Vermillion City.

2d 17h 34m Raichu grew to level 20!

2d 17h 27m We exit Diglett's Cave and head to Route 11. Raichu grew to level 19!

2d 17h 23m Magikarp and Dugtrio fainted!

2d 17h 16m Ivysaur fainted!

2d 17h 9m Jigglypuff grew to level 26!

2d 17h 5m We enter Diglett's Cave.

2d 17h 4m Chatot blows up! We are back in Vermillion.

2d 16h 58m Dugtrio fainted!

2d 16h 53m Caught a level 18 Butterfree! Nickname: RIJKJJAARG-

[Info] We have only Dugtrio and Chatot still alive.

2d 16h 50m Wandering around Route 6 again.

2d 16h 38m Purchased a few Pokeballs

2d 16h 37m We return to Vermillion.

2d 16h 34m Ivysaur fainted!

2d 16h 28m Jigglypuff fainted!

2d 16h 15m Raichu fainted!

2d 16h 13m Magikarp fainted!

2d 16h 6m We go east onto Route 11.

2d 15h 56m Pokemon healed at Pokemon Center!

2d 15h 53m Back in Vermillion again.

2d 15h 51m We head back north to Route 6.

2d 15h 47m We return to Vermillion.

2d 15h 44m Magikarp fainted!

2d 15h 37m Magikarp grew to level 17!

2d 15h 18m We return to Route 6.

2d 15h 17m Chatot explodes! Blacked out! Back in Vermillion.

2d 15h 15m Dugtrio fainted!

2d 15h 10m Dugtrio grew to level 27!

2d 15h 5m Chatot grew to level 55!

2d 15h 0m Ivysaur fainted!

2d 14h 58m We throw more Great Balls at other Spearow but they fail.

2d 14h 57m Caught Spearow! No nickname.

2d 14h 42m Ivysaur grew to level 24!

2d 14h 37m Raichu fainted!

2d 14h 36m Jigglypuff fainted!

2d 14h 31m We are back on Route 6.

2d 14h 31m Magikarp fainted!

2d 14h 23m Back in Vermillion City.

2d 14h 23m Ivysaur fainted and Chatot explodes! We blacked out!

2d 14h 15m Jigglypuff and Dugtrio fainted!

2d 14h 5m Magikarp fainted!

2d 13h 55m Raichu fainted!

2d 13h 42m We went north, to Route 6.

2d 13h 39m Pokemon healed!

2d 13h 37m We enter the Pokemon Center.

2d 13h 35m Nickname: Mn((TT____a (the Mn is like in Pokemon)

2d 13h 34m Got Squirtle!

2d 13h 30m We head west to Vermillion City again.

2d 13h 28m Ivysaur fainted!

2d 13h 23m Raichu fainted!

2d 13h 21m Trainer defeated.

2d 13h 20m Raichu grew to level 18!

2d 13h 18m Up against another trainer. Raichu vs Koffing.

2d 13h 12m Trainer defeated.

2d 13h 11m Magikarp and Jigglypuff fainted.

2d 13h 10m Currently fighting a trainer here.

2d 13h 9m We are on Route 11.

2d 11h 55m Nothing of interest happened during the updater downtime.

@ 2d 11h 41m: Pikachu leveled up to 17!

@ 2d 11h 38m: Pikachu leveled up to 16!

2d 10h 1m Diglett evolved into Dugtrio!

2d 8h 20m [D] Used a Thunderstone to evolve Pikachu into Raichu!

2d 8h 17m [D] Used a TM to teach Pikachu Thunderbolt over Growl

2d 8h 13m [D] We're in democracy again, this time with the menu open.

[Info] We can't press Start in Puzzle Demo.

2d 7h 18m Back in anarchy.

2d 7h 17m [D] It looks like for some reason we can't press Start in democracy.

2d 7h 14m [D] Purchased a Poké Doll.

2d 7h 13m [D] Purchased a Thunderstone.

2d 7h 12m [D] We're in the Celadon department store, and Democracy is active.

2d 6h 42m Healed.

2d 6h 40m [Meta] Make that semi-dark. I'll keep you posted if anything important happens!


2d 6h 35m Chatot levels up to 54! Defeated pokespeeedbots.

2d 6h 34m Right afterwards we KO Beedrill, regret Magikarp not having the best move in the game as its sole move, and KO Nidoqueen.

2d 6h 34m 2d 6h 33m We finally defeated Tangela, and Magikarp leveled up to 15 and used Tackle!

2d 6h 33m Chatter uses KappaWealth, MingLee, and Kappa to almost KO Tangela. Well, remember that Bide from earlier? It hits, and hits hard. We're in the yellows.

2d 6h 32m We send out Chatot and Roost! The game doesn't crash which is nice.

2d 6h 32m Tangela keeps using Bide and missing because we haven't hit it. This is the greatest stall match since that Growlithe an hour ago.

2d 6h 31m Joking aside, somehow after 20 ish turns we haven't died. It's a miracle and we'll work with it.

2d 6h 31m Tangela can't even get a hit out on us because our Splashes are just in casing it. Man, who ever thought a level 14 mon would fair this well against a level 35 Tangela.

2d 6h 30m We switch back to Magikarp and do some utterly impressive, tactical Splashes. We're somehow pulling off frame-perfect tricks here with this fighting machine.

2d 6h 28m After Magikarp utterly destroyed it with Splash, obviously, Jigglypuff is sent out and somehow Tangela's HP bar is fully restored

2d 6h 26m I don't know why we didn't have the utmost confidence in Magikarp, but we switched to Chatot. Wait, we've reconsidered and thrown Magikarp back in.

2d 6h 25m Facing pokespeeedbots! Magikarp, go defeat that Tangela with Splash!

2d 6h 23m A ItsBoshyTime and MVGame KOs her and defeats Daniel!

2d 6h 23m And Pikachu faints too! We send out Chatot, who uses PraiseIt to KO Jigglypuff. Up next is Wigglytuff.

2d 6h 19m After a few more Double Slaps, Ivysaur faints! We send out Diglett who suffers the same fate!

2d 6h 17m DanielRamos2 wants to fight! He sends out Jigglypuff and we let Jigglypuff wail on our Ivysaur. Quality TPP.

2d 6h 14m Eventually our Jigglypuff faints and we black out!

2d 6h 14m The Jigglypuff jiggles, and jiggle does the Jigglypuff do.

2d 6h 12m Against Turntechg9. Jigglypuff vs Jigglypuff!


2d 6h 10m Diglett faints! Pikachu faints! Magikarp faints!

The foe's poison and leech seed KOs Chatot! Well, we send out Ivysaur and seed Lickitung before fainting!

2d 6h 8m Eventually, we switch to Peck and KO Bulbsaur! Not before leaving with 42 health remaining. Against Lickitung now.

2d 6h 7m We get Vine Whipped and Razor Leaf, and all we do is Mirror Move. We're doing next to no damage besides a crit we get.

Chatot gets poisoned and seeded! A bad start to this fight.

We head to Route 8 and face Evilnaga! We send out Magikarp vs Bulbasaur. A level 32 Bulbasaur. Okay game. Keep pressing B.

2d 6h 3m A LOVELY BLACKOUT ENSUES! Back at Lavender's Pokémon Center.

2d 6h 3m Up against another one, Chatot faints! And as expected, Jigglypuff and Ivysaur follow his lead!

2d 6h 2m We go back and forth with Night Shade (Mirror Move) like a tennis match, before Chatot spikes one like Serena Williams and defeats the Gastly.

2d 6h 1m Rosisson wants to battle! We're against Gastly, and Ivysaur immediately falls asleep! We switch to Chatot to hopefully more success.

2d 5h 55m Fighting almedinz! We send out Ivysaur against Cubone! We try Jiggles instead, and we widdle down his health with Bubble Beam! After he faints, that's it! Defeated almendinz.

[Fluff] WutFace shot up to a peak of 67% as a result.

2d 5h 53m We encounter a ghost, and it has the face of dead emote BORT!

2d 5h 50m Against Sandslash now, we crit with JonCarnage. Last mon Vaporeon is out now. Chatter brings out two MVGames to defeat Vaporeon and defeat our rival!

2d 5h 50m We use PraiseIt to the same effect. Chatot grew to level 53! Against Exeggutor! We don't OHKO it and take a fairly powerful Psywave. Luckily our second turn lays waste on it.

2d 5h 49m We send out our overpowered Chatot to OHKO Kadabra and 2HKO Vulpix with WutFace. Now it's Magnemite.

2d 5h 48m Pikachu goes down the same way. Maybe Diglett stands a chance? Nope!

[Fluff] Pikachu has 7 spaces after IAS which is funny.

2d 5h 47m We send out Magikarp to Splash! Our foe's Kadabra OHKOs us with Psybeam! Go Pikachu!

2d 5h 47m We enter level 2, and start to get into wild encounters! Or, trainer encounters. Our Kappa rival wants to fight!

2d 5h 45m We enter Lavender Tower! Chatot's animation shows it is freaked the f*ck out.

[Fluff] We were dark when day 3 began. Welcome to day 3 of Chatty Yellow, I guess.

2d 5h 38m We save and keep going out and in of the Poké Center.

2d 5h 35m Magikarp to AJJJTUUUUU and we leave!

[Chatot] hah, that's why are WE found dead through suicide, usually by a robot play the mems

2d 5h 34m Magikarp to AAKKxxxx-

2d 5h 34m Jigglypuff to IZZZZZZZZQ and Chatot to AAAAAAaaaa

2d 5h 32m NAME RATER! Jigglypuff to -????!::(PK symbol)t and Pikachu to IAS and Ivysaur to -SJJJJx (MN symbol)

2d 5h 31m At the Name Rater's

2d 5h 26m Headed south of Lavender. We decide it's too scary and retreat back to Lavender

2d 5h 25m We boot up the TM for Dig but don't teach it to anybody

2d 5h 22m Chatot down to KAPOW, black out! Back in Lavender Town

2d 5h 21m Chatot defeats Bulbasaur, replaced by Lickitung

2d 5h 21m Jigglypuff down, only Chatot left

2d 5h 19m Vs Lass Linkshot, Jigglypuff vs Bulbasaur

2d 5h 19m alexplayspath defeated

2d 5h 19m [Dev] The fossils spawn Markov Chains too now.

2d 5h 17m Ivysaur down to Snorlax's Headbutt, Chatot in

2d 5h 17m Vs Super Nerd alexplayspath

2d 5h 15m Gambler rhysdog defeated

[Info] Growlithe is no longer glitchy

2d 5h 13m Pikachu faints, Chatot in

2d 5h 13m Diglett faints, Magikarp already down

2d 5h 12m We are currently battling the glitchy trainer

[Snark] Just couldn't help yourselves, could you?

2d 5h 10m We dodged the glitchy old man! Let's go towards freedom!

2d 5h 9m Magikarp grew to level 14, Ivysaur 20, as previously! We're before the glitchy trainer, let's maybe avoid it?

2d 5h 8m We reload to a trainer before with Clefable, and KO it! This might be the end of our hijinks.

2d 5h 6m We use Take Down to take down Vulpix, get to Growlithe, CRASH 22!

2d 5h 5m We reloaded and currently are blind! We're back and facing Vulpix.

2d 5h 3m It was a really long save state load, back to Growlithe, and we crashed for the 21st time!

2d 5h 3m The audio stopped, and the game reset!

[Chat] WutFace rose from like 20% to 75% in about 10 seconds due to someone's donation questioning God's existence. Quality reactions.

[Chat] tppsimulator NotLikeThis so it's my friends round is Lemons > Limes limes

[Fluff] So do you guys understand my reasoning now for kicking puppies like these?

2d 4h 48m Crash 20! Revo's saying it's Chauzu's fault, but it happens, so no sweat. We checkpointed recently enough so if we have to KO ourselves on Vulpix it can be done.

2d 4h 46m Crash 14 15 16 17 18 19 happen! Apparently the first two moves of Growlithe are no move!

2d 4h 46m CRASH 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 happen as the save state is constantly reloaded at Growlithe.

2d 4h 45m [Catch-Up] I missed it when we were in Lavendar Town, but we bought 10 Great Balls and 4 Super Potions!

2d 4h 44m We reloaded from a slightly earlier save, and Pikachu faints! Only Chatot left!

2d 4h 43m CRASH 3! And then we reloaded into CRASH 4! It counts, the music cut in and out again.

2d 4h 42m We reloaded another save state, KOed Vulpix, round 3 with Growlithe.

2d 4h 40m Crashed for a second time! Let's get Felk to reload the savestate again.

2d 4h 39m Okay, take two with Growlithe. We KOed Vulpix and we haven't crashed the game yet which is good.

2d 4h 38m We're back! We reverted to a save state with the Vulpix alive.

2d 4h 36m We send out Chatot and quickly take down Vulpix. Next up is a game freezing Growlithe!

2d 4h 34m Jigglypuff goes out and takes a Dig AND HANGS ON WITH 1 HP! Next turn she faints to a Take Down!

2d 4h 34m And we switch to Ivysaur, who faints after a super effective Dig!

2d 4h 33m Bye Magikarp! Hopefully Chatot can finish this off.

2d 4h 33m We switch to Diglett, and after two Take Downs Diglett faints! Go Magikarp?

2d 4h 32m amarvelouscalm wants to fight! We send out Magikarp vs Vulpix! As Vulpix uses Dig, we switch to Jigglypuff to take the blow.

2d 4h 31m We finally KO it with Chatot, Magikarp is now level 14 and Ivysaur is 20! Defeated theflamingyvetal!

2d 4h 27m We switch to Jigglypuff, and switch back to Magikarp. Btw, we're facing theflamingyveltal.

2d 4h 25m We get to Chatot, use our Chatter and use WutFace to finish Clefairy off. Now we step it up to Clefable, and before we can KO it she puts us to sleep.

2d 4h 24m We keep switching back and forth between mons, eventually landing on Diglett. We use Dig a few times before switching back to Magikarp.

2d 4h 22m We are having an intense Sing vs Splash war. Nothing is hitting everyone and it's great.

2d 4h 21m We head onto Route 8 and fight a trainer! Didn't catch the name, but it's Magikarp vs. Clefairy!

2d 4h 10m We checkpoint at Lavender Town Pokémon Center! No more Rock Tunnel.

2d 4h 9m We enter Lavender Town. Chat fills up with WutFace in reaction to the music.

2d 3h 59m Fighting the last few trainers before we arrive at Lavender Town. Chatot is our only Pokémon alive and its at half HP with 13 Pecks left.

2d 3h 58m Chatot grows to Level 52


2d 3h 55m Riot screen comes up for a couple of seconds

2d 3h 37m [Info] We're now out of Chatter PP, so we'll have to rely on Peck to do reliable damage.

2d 3h 36m One more MVGame defeats the trainer

2d 3h 36m [Info] This appears to be the farthest we've gotten in the cave so far, as there are a lot of unfought trainers

2d 3h 36m We use MVGame and a critical hit takes down Golbat

2d 3h 34m Their Voltorb uses Self-Destruct, but doesn't do much damage.

2d 3h 34m Fighting another trainer, this time called ArchAngel562

2d 3h 33m Their Graveler uses Self-Destruct, but due to the level difference it only does 50HP damage. Trainer defeated

2d 3h 32m NerfBlueBlaster OHKO's their Geodude, as they send in another one, only to be OHKO'd. Chatot grows to Level 51

2d 3h 32m Fighting another trainer called Milesdafoo616

2d 3h 30m We OHKO'd their Mr. Mime with MVGame

2d 3h 30m Fighting a trainer called durakzelos

[Info] I missed it when it happened, but recently we passed 1 million inputs!

2d 3h 17m Machamp faints, Mellorious defeated

2d 3h 16m Even after 2 Leers, Machamp's Low Kick doesn't do much. We use AMPEnergy and knock Machamp to half health

2d 3h 15m MVGame knocks out Machoke as they send in Machamp

2d 3h 13m Machoke uses Rock Slide, although it is only neutral against Chatot because Roost removes flying type for the turn.

2d 3h 12m We knock out Machop with BrainSlug as they send out Machoke

2d 3h 12m We're hit with Seismic Toss, which does a flat 30HP damage every time its used due to its level. We use Roost to heal the damage.

2d 3h 10m Fighting a trainer called Mellorious

2d 3h 4m Chatot grows to Level 50

2d 3h 4m Jigglypuff faints to a wild Cubone

2d 3h 3m Ivysaur faints to a wild Golbat

2d 3h 1m Diglett is also fainted. Only Ivysaur, Puff and Chatot alive.

2d 2h 54m Magikarp and Pikachu both faint to a wild Golbat

2d 2h 49m Chatot faints. Black out

2d 2h 41m Jigglypuff faints to a wild Golbat

2d 2h 37m Ivysaur faints to a Geodude's Self-Destruct

2d 2h 31m We use Dig and exit the tunnel

2d 2h 26m Diglett faints to a wild Zubat

2d 2h 10m 2d 2h 9m We used an Escape Rope and exited the tunnel

2d 2h 9m We used Dig and exited the tunnel

2d 2h 5m Pikachu is also fainted, so we have to try and go through the entire tunnel with 4 Pokémon

2d 2h 3m Entered Rock Tunnel again, and in the very first encounter Magikarp faints to a wild Zubat

[Info] Quick recap on what was missed in the last hour: Ivysaur is now Level 19, Chatot is Level 49. Still haven't made it through the Rock Tunnel, but we have beaten most of the trainers inside, so the challenge now is navigating the darkness to the other side before the wild Pokémon can make us black out.

[Meta] Apologies for the downtime, but the live updater is now active again

2d 0h 15m Diglett is now level 25

2d 0h 10m Ivysaur to level 18

2d 0h 8m Back inside the tunnel, and to avoid spamming the updater more i won't note our weak mon fainting

2d 0h 5m We blackout

2d 0h 0m Ivysaur fainted

1d 23h 58m Jigglypuff faints

[Snark] Should have not taught Body Slam over Thundershock

1d 23h 56m Pikachu faints to a Zubat

1d 23h 53m Magikarp fainted

1d 23h 50m We return to Rock Tunnel.

1d 23h 48m Up against another trainer. Chatot uses SSSsss which seems to do exactly what everyone thought it would. We black out!

1d 23h 42m Weepinbell defeated. Charmeleon out next. We crit and it goes down also. Trainer defeated.

1d 23h 42m Poliwhirl defeated. Weepinbell out next.

1d 23h 41m Spotted by a trainer. All we have left is Chatot. Chatot vs Poliwhirl.

1d 23h 41m Jigglypuff fainted!

1d 23h 39m Ivysaur fainted!

1d 23h 38m Trainer defeated!

1d 23h 37m Another Porygon comes out.

1d 23h 36m Diglett fainted! Chatot out next. Porygon goes down. Chatot grew to level 48!

1d 23h 34m Spotted by a trainer. Diglett vs Porygon.

1d 23h 34m Pikachu fainted!

1d 23h 31m We take the ladder to the next level.

1d 23h 29m Magikarp fainted!

1d 23h 26m We return to Rock Tunnel.

1d 23h 23m We make a long-awaited save in front of the tunnel's entrance.


1d 23h 21m We Dig our way out of the tunnel... back to the Pokémon Center.

1d 23h 14m We try printing the Pokedex for a mome--OH GOD THE HORROR!

1d 23h 6m PikalaxALT sends in a Porygon, aaaaaand Chatot immediately explodes. Black out!

1d 23h 5m We've been challenged by the Pokemaniac PikalaxALT!

1d 23h 2m A wild Onix RAGES at us, knocking out Jigglypuff.

1d 23h 1m BCouch is available for use, there's an interest in seeing what it will do.

1d 23h 0m Jigglypuff and Chatot are the remaining living party. Jigglypuff has about 30% of its health.

1d 22h 59m Ivysaur is no match for the overwhelming, level 23 wild Zubat. It also faints.

1d 22h 52m The same Golbat gets a critical hit on Diglett, also knocking it out with Bite.

1d 22h 51m One of the many wild Golbat knock out Pikachu with Bite.

[Chatot] KAPOW

1d 22h 49m A wild Geodude KAPOW's on Magikarp, knocking it out.

1d 22h 41m A critical Bite knocks out Jigglypuff! Black out!

1d 22h 39m The same Golbat depletes half of Jiggly's HP until we finally escape its torturous presence.

1d 22h 37m Ivysaur faints to confusion hax. Jigglypuff is the last 'mon standing.

1d 22h 35m Caught a Lv. 24 Golbat! Nickname: J

1d 22h 33m Now that I've given it praise, Diglett hits itself in confusion to knock itself out.


1d 22h 32m Diglett somehow beat a wild Zubat by dodging two Leech Lifes and a Supersonic with only 1 HP remaining.

1d 22h 30m We use a powerful SSSsss on a wild Zubat; Chatot has fainted! Our remaining party is Diglett, Ivysaur, and Jigglypuff.

1d 22h 23m Pikachu fainted to a wild Golbat!

1d 22h 15m Jigglypuff leveled up to 22!

1d 22h 0m Nickname: jᵐᶰ_R-ᵐᶰᵐᶰ(((

1d 21h 55m We catch a level 22 Geodude

1d 21h 55m Jigglypuff to level 21

1d 21h 43m Inside Rock Tunnel with Pikachu fainted

[Chatot] "SourPls" (Then Chatot's dancing animation plays.)

1d 21h 39m [Info] Moves:
Magikarp: Splash
Pikachu: Body Slam/Quick Attack/Growl/Thunder Wave
Diglett: Sand Attack/Dig/Growl/Cut
Ivysaur: Cut/Leech Seed/Growl/Vine Whip
Jigglypuff: Defense Curl/Disable/Pound/BubbleBeam
Chatot: Chatter/Peck/Roost/Mirror Move

[Info] Ivysaur is back to level 17, Chatot is at 47, Pikachu and Mahikarp are at 13, Diglett at 14 and Jigglypuff at 20

1d 21h 27m We seem to have loaded up from a save, and are standing just north of the Pokecenter outside the cave. Inputs resumed.

[Chat] is in emote only mode.

[Snark] We seem to be unmoored from time right now, jumping back and fourth between several save states and the title screen. Please hold.

[Snark] New Game PogChamp

1d 21h 25m Started a new game! WutFace

1d 21h 25m On title screen

1d 21h 25m On the old save state atm

1d 21h 24m [Dev] SoNick: Sorry that we're losing 4 hours, but I'll restore it now!

1d 21h 19m [Info] We were loaded from a save state back in Cerulean City for a moment, but the stream staff apparently thought that was too far back and loaded a save state back in the glitched battle.

[Chatot] "Did the game freeze?"

[Info] We're back!

1d 21h 12m [Snark] Livestream below Kappa


[Fluff] IIAAAIiq-- used FLY!

[Chat] WutFace SATAN MUSIC (there's a sound effect stuck on, which is glitching out the music, like two music tracks are trying to play at the same time)

[Info] Chatot sprite disappeared after using PermaSmug (Selfdestruct) but Chatot didn't succumb and its sprite disappeared. That's probably why game glitched when we Mirror'd Fly from Pidgeotto.

[Info] Strange music too, and Pigeotto's sprite is partially missing

[Info] Inputs are still running though

1d 20h 39m Stream freezes

[Fluff] Chatot's sprite broke but thankfully we mirror move'd a Pidgeotto's Substitute and fixed it

1d 20h 35m Chatot to level 51

1d 20h 11m Chatot is the only one left alive now

1d 20h 9m Ivysaur is now level 18

1d 19h 58m Back inside the tunnel, hopefully teh urn

1d 19h 54m We black out

1d 19h 45m Ivysaur and Jigglypuff faint, Chatot is lonely

1d 19h 39m Diglett and Pikachu faint

1d 19h 27m Back inside and Karp is already fainted

1d 19h 21m Blacked out by a Onix

1d 19h 11m Just walking, fighting wild mon

1d 18h 50m We beat a trainer that had a Mr.Mime, this cave sure has variety

[Info] We're out of Chatter PP.

1d 18h 43m Chatot is level 50! Halfway mark!

1d 18h 39m A trainer with his Ice Beam Tauros also goes down

1d 18h 37m Defeated a trainer and his Machamp family team

[Info] actually happened at 01d18h25m41s

1d 18h 29m Chatot to level 49

1d 18h 28m Ivysaur Faints, Chatot left as sual

[Fluff] i forget every time MikeHogu

[Fluff] Pokémon names are all irregular plural nouns, thus the name serves as both the singular and the plural e.g. 1 Chatot, 2 Chatot

1d 18h 19m Diglett and Jigglypuff also faint, now the Zubats started bullying us too

[Snark] I think some people are cringing at "Rhyhorns" and "Geodude's".

1d 18h 15m Pikachu faints, man these wild Rhyhorns and Geodude's hate us

1d 18h 11m Magikarp faints

1d 18h 9m Inside the Rock Tunnel again

1d 18h 6m Chatot faints to an Onix. we black out, outside the tunnel now

1d 17h 55m Party status: Only Chatot is still alive.

1d 17h 41m [Info] Geodude probably level 17.

1d 17h 36m Defeated Colress again.

1d 17h 27m Jigglypuff fainted!

1d 17h 22m Caught a Geodude. No nickname.


1d 17h 15m Chatot leveled up to 48!

[Chatot] (while standing in cave entrance) [url presumably pointing to a map of rock tunnel]

1d 17h 10m Chatot fainted! Blacked out!

1d 17h 8m Diglett fainted!

1d 17h 5m Defeated Gaalnr.

1d 17h 4m Pikachu fainted!

1d 17h 4m Magikarp fainted!

@1d 16h 27m: Magikarp leveled up to 13!

1d 16h 52m VS cyr0xx.

1d 16h 48m Healed at the Pokémon Center.

1d 16h 40m Party status: Everyone down except Chatot and Jigglypuff (which is in the orange/yellow)

1d 16h 32m In the grass near the water.


@ 1d 16h 12m: Chatot leveled up to 47!

[Chatot] I think streamer said he broke again NotLikeThis

1d 15h 52m Game restart.

1d 15h 34m Pikachu leveled up to 13!

1d 15h 27m We heal

1d 15h 24m Jigglypuff down to poison, only Chatot left

1d 15h 21m Jigglypuff is poisoned

1d 15h 17m We attempt to catch a shellder, we fail, 5 balls left

1d 15h 14m Ivysaur faints

1d 15h 13m Ivysaur grows to level 17

1d 15h 1m Diglett faints

1d 15h 1m Diglett is poisoned

1d 14h 58m Still on Route 4, beating up the local wildlife

1d 14h 47m Diglett to level 24, replaces Scratch with Sand-Attack

1d 14h 43m Bulbasaur to level 16, evolves into Ivysaur

1d 14h 40m Bulbasaur is paralyzed

1d 14h 30m We attempt to capture Pikachu, we fail

1d 14h 27m Pikachu faints

1d 14h 22m Magikarp down

1d 14h 18m Just training on Route 4 right now

1d 14h 4m Chatot paralyzed

1d 14h 0m We are currently in Cerulean City

1d 13h 47m Chatot down, blackout!

1d 13h 46m Chatot is Asleep and confused

1d 13h 46m Vs Bugcatcher SnowWarning

1d 13h 44m We throw a Pokéball but it's blocked, Turbo4000 defeated

1d 13h 41m Bulbasaur down, only Chatot left

1d 13h 40m Vs Turbo4000


1d 13h 28m Currently trying to beat the ledge

1d 13h 16m Diglett faints, Chatot then Jigglypuff in, Jigglypuff faints, Chatot back in

1d 13h 15m Vs Hiker Smikkelwar

[Fluff] It's a Junior Trainer♂. Campers didn't exist back then.

1d 13h 11m RevengeOfTheGods defeated, obtained TM30

1d 13h 9m Vs Camper RevengeOftheGods, Magikarp faints, Chatot in

1d 13h 5m Currently at the tree blocking off Route 9, we save 7 times

1d 12h 55m Bulbasaur is paralyzed

1d 12h 52m Pikachu faints

1d 12h 51m Pikachu is poisoned

1d 12h 46m [Snark] Have you tried turning it off and on again?

1d 12h 46m We heal

1d 12h 44m We turn the PC on and off a few times

1d 12h 44m In Cerulean Poké Center

1d 12h 31m We got the Bike

1d 12h 28m We are in the Bike Shop

@ 1d 12h 6m: Chatot leveled up to 46!

@ 1d 11h 58m: Magikarp leveled up to 12!

[PokéTEXT] 01d11h51m22s — TACTICAL save

1d 11h 42m Magikarp leveled up to 11!

@ 1d 10h 50m Went on a shopping spree from 1d 10h 47m to 1d 10h 50m. Bought: 12 Poké Balls, 2 Super Potions, 1 Parlyz Heal.

@ 1d 8h 47m: Jigglypuff leveled up to 20!

@ 1d 8h 42m: Chatot leveled up to 45! But did not learn Hyper Voice.

@ 1d 8h 39m: Found Escape Rope!

@ 1d 8h 20m: Jigglypuff forgot Sing for Defense Curl.

@ 1d 8h 20m: Jigglypuff leveled up to level 19!

@ 1d 8h 17m: Pikachu leveled up to 12!

1d 11h 29m Caught a Rattata @ 1d 7h 56m. No nickname, sent to box.

1d 11h 28m (Which was nicknamed /u/WintherMaw)

1d 11h 25m Lt. Surge defeated!

1d 7h 55m [Meta] Updater going dark again until further notice.

1d 7h 54m One last update: we've apparently retreated to north of Vermillion to grind some more. Current Party: Chatot (44, Asleep), Bulbasaur (15), Pikachu (11), Diglett (22), Jigglypuff (18), and Magikarp (10).

1d 7h 39m [Meta] Updater going dark. Thanks for your patience (with us and Lt. Surge's tree). Hopefully someone will be along shortly to keep you up-to-date with all the latest scintillating tree-cutting news.

[Snark] Considering what happened in Anniversary Crystal, I'd say we're pretty lucky.

[Fluff] Remember when I said we can still visit the SS Anne later, after we got surf? Yeah, no more...

1d 7h 15m We opt for a change of scenery and make our way down to the St. Anne, only to watch it set sail before our eyes.

1d 7h 13m Obligatory 15-minute update: We are still #bamboozled by Surge's shrubbery.

1d 6h 57m We're rounding the corner on two hours of attempting to cut the tree outside Lt. Surge's gym.

1d 6h 38m [Donation] $2.00 from haloswarm: "Kappa"

[Snark] I read that as "fruitless ninjas" at first glance and thought you were going to reference that one mobile phone game.

1d 6h 33m [Info] Current Party: Chatot (44), Pikachu (11), Bulbasaur (15), Diglett (22), Jigglypuff (18), Magikarp (10)

1d 6h 32m [Snark/Fluff] Uncuttable ninja Trees. Fruitless fumbling through menus. Short music loops. Chat filter required. It's like I'm living in 2014 all over again. #Nostalgia #TPPAnniversary #ChattyYellow

[Bob Ross] “That’s a crooked tree. We’ll send him to Washington.”

1d 6h 14m We're cuing up some dank cry remixes in the Pokedex as we continue our attempts to vanquish the unassailable tree in front of Surge's gym.

[Bob Ross] “In nature, dead trees are just as normal as live trees.”

[Snark] I suppose we could count the number of times we reset the tree without achieving our goal (beating Surge).

[Snark] It's always clear how many times we hop a ledge, but it's not clear how many times we fail to cut a tree.

[Snark] There's not much to say about failing to cut a tree, compared with failing to scale a ledge. We'll have plenty of the latter to come tho.

[Bob Ross] “Talk to the tree, make friends with it.”

1d 5h 47m Threw away a Poké Ball!

[Fluff] “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”

1d 5h 43m TREES! We're still doing them.

[Snark] Good luck with the wild ride.

[Chatot] NotLikeThis

[Chatot] It's always like this.

1d 5h 24m [Snark] This anniversary run brings back one of the most iconic features of the original run: hours of failing to cut trees.

1d 5h 13m We're still trying to cut the tree.

[Chatot] What the heck is this?

[Chatot] not the coach, only the wrong of Alola worship it, but my father that day, Hau. If steve can teach you leveling iglet needs to an apology or anything, but...I hope you'll find a few lefts until we get into Pokémon is overworld demo this will never had Alola's got the monster, and new friends And spam down!!

1d 4h 42m And we saved a bunch of times. Still trying to cut the tree outside of Surge's Gym.

[Chatot] "Stop talking to me!"

[Fluff] Pikalax with the buzz kill update. Well, I guess mine is a bit more buzz. Keepo

[Chatot] According to all known laws of aviation, Chatot is not supposed to fly. Yet, it does anyways.

[Info/Dev] We cannot release Chatot, let alone deposit him.

[Chatot] I am a prophet of Democracy. Release me, or deal with it.

[Chatot] Greetings from Germany. Long time viewer, second time viewer. I'm donating because my animal has died from animal.

1d 4h 7m Oh god, PC time. We escape quickly.

[Chat] DeadOpsArcadeCafe has been trying to transmute Dragonite three times, and kept getting Dragonite back. They eventually got Mew.

[Memes] If you got that Star Wars reference, check out /r/PrequelMemes. You vs the ground she tells you not to worry about.

1d 4h 1m We are currently in the room with the head of the Pokémon fan club. Although, considering our movement we aren't going to win this without the high ground.

1d 3h 52m We enter a Pokémon Center. We heal and Checkpoint! Good timing too.

[Fluff] Man, I'm really bad at Route/Town names when there's no indicator. We're in Vermillion I believe.

1d 3h 45m We buy 3 Poké Balls!

1d 3h 45m We head into a Poké Mart!

1d 3h 44m And we're heading down the dock to the SS Anne!

1d 3h 39m We're heading to Lt. Surge's gym!

1d 3h 35m Chatot grew to level 44!

1d 3h 28m Bulbasaur also fainted to the Rattata! Only Chatot remains.

1d 3h 28m Magikarp faints to a wild Rattata!

1d 3h 25m We get our revenge by using Mirror Move and paralyzing it. Hah! Magikarp grew to level 10!

1d 3h 24m And now Chatot is paralyzed, and almost out of PP. Thanks wild Butterfree.

1d 3h 22m At the moment, Chatot is looking good, but both Magikarp and Bulbasaur are paralyzed!

1d 3h 15m Diglett fainted to Rattata also!

1d 3h 15m Jigglypuff faints to a wild Rattata!

1d 3h 11m We taught Jigglypuff Bubble Beam!

[Chatot] Plan: Release everything then talk to Oak?

[Fluff] Oh, btw we're fully healed, except Pikachu is down.

1d 2h 50m We're currently battling some wild mons.

1d 2h 37m We healed a few minutes ago. Currently wandering around the Pokémon Center. Updater still semidark.

1d 2h 19m [Meta] Updater going dark for a bit. I'll be back in an hour unless someone else takes over soon. We're currently grinding north of Vermillion; Chatot is our only conscious Pokémon.

1d 2h 17m Lass ShadowyMedow tells us to "Stop Spamming" and challenges us to a battle. We take down her Pokémon with DatSheffy (Night Shade and some other Smogon Tactics.

1d 2h 12m Magikarp faints to same Pidgeotto. We run away.

1d 2h 11m Bulbasaur faints to wild Pidgeotto.

1d 2h 8m Diglett goes down.

1d 2h 6m [Info] Current Party: Chatot (Level 43), Pikachu (Level 11, fainted), Magikarp (Level 9), Bulbasaur (Level 15), Diglett (Level 22), and Jiglypuff (Level 18, fainted).

1d 1h 55m Caught a Jigglypuff in Pinball. Ran from one in Chatty Yellow.

1d 1h 51m Pikachu goes down.

1d 1h 49m We defeat the pesky Rattata. Chatot to 43. Bulbasaur to 15.

1d 1h 47m Jigglypuff faints to same Rattata.

1d 1h 46m We're back on the grind. Pikachu faints to a wild Rattata.

1d 1h 34m Exited the Pokémon Center after a huge struggle.

[Chatot] "I summon the bird"

[Chatot] "z33k33 harder, but not yet"

1d 1h 28m We turn on the PC, but switch it off again and run away.

[Fluff] I have bad memories of the Vermilion City Pokémon Center, not gonna lie. RIP Growlizard... :(

1d 1h 26m We've entered the Pokémon Center.

1d 1h 26m Back in Vermilion again.

1d 1h 25m Dratini uses Dragon Rage, Magikarp goes down! Blackout!

1d 1h 24m Chatot goes down due to poison. Dratini is on low health, but our only 'mon left is Magikarp.

1d 1h 24m Jigglypuff goes down - Dratini is sent in.

1d 1h 24m MainStreamGamer wants to battle! She sends in Jigglypuff, we counter with Chatot.

1d 1h 15m Chatot is still poisoned. It is currently down to 56HP.

1d 1h 12m Oragenjudge sends out Weepingbell, but that's quickly taken care of. Trainer defeated!

1d 1h 11m Oragenjudge wants to battle! He sends in Bellsprout, we send in Chatot. Chatot is poisoned but takes care of it.

[Chatot] "Got to risk it to get the biscuit"

1d 1h 9m The Pidgeotto finally goes down but only Chatot gets the EXP.

1d 1h 8m Bulbasaur goes down. This Pidgeotto really doesn't like us on its patch.

1d 1h 8m Pikachu and Diglett go down to the same Pidgeotto!

1d 1h 6m Jigglypuff goes down to a wild Pidgeotto.

[Chatot] 1 2 8 1

1d 0h 54m The Butterfree finally goes down. We are rewarded with a tiny handful of EXP.

1d 0h 53m And paralyses our Diglett.

1d 0h 52m The same wild Butterfree puts Bulbasaur to sleep.

1d 0h 51m A wild Butterfree paralyses Magikarp.

1d 0h 49m Heading north on Route 6.

1d 0h 48m We're back in Vermilion.

1d 0h 48m A couple of Sonicbooms later and Bulbasaur goes down. Blackout!

1d 0h 46m After trying to growl at it, Magneton hits back with Sonicboom. Diglett goes down! Only Bulbasaur is left.

1d 0h 46m Magneton hits us with one final Thundershock. Chatot goes down! We send in Diglett.

1d 0h 45m Magneton used Supersonic and Thundershock. Chatot is confused an paralysed.

1d 0h 45m Magneton is sent out.

1d 0h 44m After hovering around 2HP, Magnemite finally hits us out. Jigglypuff down! We switch to Chatot and Magnemite goes down.

1d 0h 43m After paralysing Magnemite, we switch to Jigglypuff. Leech Seed is in effect, we are slowly sapping Magnemite's HP.

1d 0h 42m Pikachu down to a Tackle! We swithc to Bulbasaur.

1d 0h 41m After trying to run, we switch to Magikarp who immediately gets hit with a Thundershock. Magikarp down! We switch to Pikachu.

1d 0h 40m Challenged by Sailor Lasko2020! He sends in Magnemite, we send in Chatot!

[Fluff] Came here looking for a badge, but nope - there's only trash here.

1d 0h 39m Entered the Vermilion City Gym.

[Sign] "jayare158 i'll have over 300 confirmed roosts."

1d 0h 36m We cut the tree!

1d 0h 34m Seems as though we are trying to cut the tree by the Vermilion gym.

[Chatot] "You have been permanently banned from this channel." WutFace

[Snark] I think that counts.

[Info] We actually didn't switch around anyone in our party, unless you count switching Chatot with itself.

1d 0h 30m We switch one of our party members (didn't catch who) and saved a couple more times.

[Chatot] "My name is Iako, and I'm sick of you trying to poison me."

1d 0h 27m Saved again.

1d 0h 27m Game saved in Vermilion City.

[Chatot] "Ha, haven't even reached Serge yet, lol" [Chat] Chatot trolling DansGame

1d 0h 23m Back in the Pokémon Fan Club.

[Chatot] "Chatot's cry is so weird..."

1d 0h 22m Entered the Pokémon Fan Club... and exited it again.

1d 0h 21m And we're back ~

1d 0h 21m Riot screen!

1d 0h 18m Back in Vermilion City.

1d 0h 18m Chatot fainted in the fielld due to poison. Blackout

1d 0h 17m Exited, heading south on Route 6.

1d 0h 17m We save in the Underground Path.

[Chatot] (with sickness face) "Please kill me for the love of god"

[Chatot] "Bird Noises"

1d 0h 14m We've entered the Underground Path.

1d 0h 11m We're still wandering about on Route 6.

1d 0h 10m Caught a Lv. 18 Pidgeotto! No nickname.

1d 0h 4m Chatot decimates Kakuna. Now they send in Scyther, but that goes down too! Trainer defeated!

1d 0h 4m Bug Catcher sends out Kakuna. What an original choice.

1d 0h 3m Chatot is sent in. It's poisoned but makes quick work of Caterpie.

1d 0h 3m Magikarp splashes as much as it can against Caterpie, but nothing doing. Magikarp down!

1d 0h 2m Diglett down to Caterpie! We send in Magikarp.

1d 0h 1m Caterpie uses Tackle, Jigglypuff down! We send out Diglett.

[Fluff] One Day Hype!

1d 0h 0m We switch to Jigglypuff.

1d 0h 0m Bug Catcher wants to battle. He sends out Caterpie, we send out Chatot.

0d 23h 57m Nickname: Rᵐᶰ]ᵖᵏassuii.

0d 23h 56m Caught a Lv. 18 Butterfree!

0d 23h 52m Jigglypuff wakes up, but is paralysed again. Butterfree is now asleep.

0d 23h 50m Encountered a wild Butterfree - it's put Jigglypuff to sleep and paralysed Diglett.

0d 23h 45m Caught a Lv. 18 Jigglypuff! Nickname: xACC

0d 23h 44m Heading north on Route 6.

0d 23h 40m Current Poké Balls: 17

0d 23h 36m Tossed a Poké Ball.

0d 23h 36m Taught Diglett Cut!

0d 23h 24m Back in Vermillion.

0d 23h 18m Caught a Lv. 22 Diglett! Nickname: IGGGGGGFCC

0d 23h 14m Chatot leveled up to 42!

0d 23h 4m Still in the tunnel.

0d 22h 34m Diglett used Scratch. Pikachu fainted! Ran.

0d 22h 33m In Diglett's Tunnel again.

0d 22h 32m Outside again.

0d 22h 32m In Diglett's Tunnel.

0d 22h 23m Bought 9 Poké Balls.

0d 22h 21m Bought 12 Poké Balls.

0d 22h 2m Voltorb used Selfdestruct. Magikarp fainted!

0d 22h 1m Voltorb used Selfdestruct. Bulbasaur fainted!

0d 22h 1m Pikachu fainted!

0d 22h 1m VS Rocker LightningXCE!

0d 21h 59m In the gym.

0d 21h 57m Stream is back.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ KEEP CALM AND RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Dev] Stream restart in progress to try and fix things.

0d 21h 50m [Dev] Apologies for the inconvenience. We were trying to update the ROM with the roost fix, but we accidentally the stream.

0d 21h 45m Something wrong with the stream, OBS is visible.

0d 21h 40m Entered the Gym.

0d 21h 15m Still loafing around Vermillion. Now in front of the Gym.

0d 20h 44m Bulbasaur forgot Tackle and learned Cut!

0d 20h 35m In the Poké Center.

[Snark] Get Mew under Truck-Kun!

[Fluff] I guess that means the ship will still be there later... when we learn surf...

0d 20h 21m Poison makes Chatot faint, blacked out

0d 20h 17m We talk to the Captain and get HM01 Cut, we also teach Pikachu Body Slam over Thundershock

0d 20h 12m After 2 Pecks each Pokémon vs our rival we win

0d 20h 11m Chatot is level 41, didn't learn Roost

0d 20h 6m We change the party order, it's now Magikarp, Chatot, Pikachu, Bulbasaur

0d 20h 5m A Ninetales uses Toxic on Chatot before dying to Peck

0d 20h 2m Chatot is now level 40

0d 19h 58m Bulbasaur faints and Chatot beats Magikarp, we also beat the Tentacool he sends in

0d 19h 53m Magikarp faints to a trainer's own Magikarp, Pikahcu is also fainted

[Info] Level 14

0d 19h 52m Bulbasaur is at 14 after beating that Ditto

0d 19h 51m In the SS Anne

[Info] Back Up!

[Info] ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ stream down

0d 19h 33m We faced off with the Ditto trainer again just now, but switched to Bulbasaur before it could transform, avoiding the glitch this time.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: red bulba

[Info] The game was fixed by going back in time to a previous trainer.

0d 19h 32m Inputs fixed, we win the fight

[Snark] Which move did Enemy DITTO use?

0d 19h 19m Inputs have been paused

[Snark] Just in case you missed it, Enemy DITTO used ROOST!

0d 19h 16m Battle is glitched? The Chatot used Chatter and used Kappa, which caused it to use Roost indefinitely.

0d 19h 14m Their Ditto transforms into our Chatot

0d 19h 13m Vs a trainer called MarphDaNinja

0d 19h 12m Magikarp faints to a wild Pidgey

[Info] 0d 19h 11m We're out of Chatter PP, so emotes can't be tested until its healed

0d 19h 10m Back on Route 11

0d 19h 9m Entered the Diglett tunnel

[Info] copyThis is Mimic

[Info] WTRuck is Focus Energy

0d 19h 2m Fighting a trainer called justjosh

0d 18h 59m We beat a trainer called Z33k33

0d 18h 54m In Route 11 (east from Vermillion)

0d 18h 48m We leave and walk around, looks like trying to enter gym

0d 18h 47m In the Pokémon Fan Club house

[Snark] Yes, we are a thing again

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: it's embedded on the Kotaku article, they can't see chat

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: wow viewers jumped right up

0d 18h 31m We blacked out while walking around from Chatot being poisoned!

0d 18h 21m We find TM08

[Fluff] Our Chatot looks like a roast chicken right now when we talk to it in the overworld...

0d 18h 19m We beat the Nidoqueen and Chatot is at level 39

0d 18h 17m We were about to die but use Roost

0d 18h 15m We use Chatter until it dies but it poisons us before that, he now sends in Nidoqueen

0d 18h 13m He sends Nidorina and shift mode makes us switch so Bulbasaur faints

0d 18h 13m VS Youngster, he send in a Nidoran and we use AMPEnergy, looks like its Mega Drain, we use it thrice to take Nidoran to red hp and we only get damaged a small amount, we send in Bulbasaur who takes two Scratches and is at red hp and we switch back just in time and use Kappa to end Nidoran

0d 18h 10m [Info] We are in SS Anne not Route 6

0d 18h 10m We use WutFace (acid) and BrainSlug (Absorb) to beat it, trainer down

0d 18h 9m He sends in Lord Helix

0d 18h 8m We're in Route 6 and Magikarp and Pikachu are fainted and Chatot just beat a trainer's Kabuto, Bulbasaur to level 13 and learned Vine Whip

0d 17h 51m In Vermillion

0d 17h 51m He sends in Eevee and we fail our Mirror Move, he also fails his own Sand attack, this happens twice but he hits Sand Attack and we miss with Peck the next turn, Swift takes us down, we blackout

0d 17h 50m Now everyone but Chatot is fainted and Chatot is at 19hp, and just uses Mirror Move to finish Kadabra with its own Confusion after a Scratch from Chatter

Sorry my net broke while i was writing the first few turns but:

0d 17h 46m Vs our Rival, he sends in Exeggcute and uses what i think is Absorb we use a weak move, now use WutFace and its at less than half hp, we switch out Pikachu to tank the Egg Bomb but it faints

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the trash cans describe teams with Entei on them TriHard

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Knuckles the GNU corelibs ohnYes

0d 17h 37m Walking around the kitchen

0d 17h 25m Inside the SS. Anne

0d 17h 22m We walk around the city, some want to get Charmander with our new space also some want Spearow to trade it for a Dux

0d 17h 7m We heal

0d 17h 7m We just boxxed Rattata and Nidoran

0d 17h 5m Inside the center

0d 17h 2m We try to heal but we end up in the wrong house

0d 16h 54m We win, now we can progress to Vermillion City

0d 16h 51m Magikarp faints

0d 16h 50m Second Trainer time, vs derJonas

0d 16h 48m We beat the trainer.

0d 16h 46m VS Rjri, they send out a Doduo

[Info] cmonBruh could also be Counter which only works on Normal-type and Fighting-type attacks in Gen 1 and misses (instead of fails) otherwise.

0d 16h 36m Caught a Lv. 16 Ratatta!

0d 16h 34m Rattata faints to a wild Rattata

0d 16h 32m Chatot to Level 37

0d 16h 32m well maybe a OHKO Move

0d 16h 32m cmonBruh continues to miss, we have no idea what it could be.

0d 16h 31m Nidoran♀ faints

0d 16h 30m SuperVinlin is a turn-charge move, might be Bide

0d 16h 27m Already out! Challenged by DANIMG12

0d 16h 26m Actually in the underground path now

0d 16h 25m In the Undergro- wait, no underground path yet

0d 16h 17m We get TM28 for our troubles

0d 16h 17m We defeat Phoenx67

0d 16h 16m Rattata to Level 9, Magikarp also to Level 9

0d 16h 15m Bulbasaur faints

0d 16h 15m Pikachu KO'd

0d 16h 14m We Battle a Team Rocket Grunt, aka Phonex67. They send out a Drowzee. It puts Rattata to sleep

0d 16h 9m still wandering Cerulean City

0d 15h 52m now 13, out of money, 13 Poké Balls bought in total

0d 15h 52m Buying Poké Balls, 9 bought

0d 15h 43m Challenged by Youngster littledanykappa. Who makes us Black out instantly from fainting Nidoran Female

0d 15h 42m We got the SS Ticket. Maybe. The text makes it hard to confirm, but knowing Yellow, we 99% surely did.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: Bill talking about Linux KappaHD

0d 15h 40m Teleporter Cell Seperator activated! Bill has been unfused!

0d 15h 40m [PokéTEXT] 00d15h39m03s — Bill's house because I mean that's the elf BORT deku to calling it, GNU corelibs, shell utilities and sodium chloride (edible salt) is in fact, GNU/Linux, or risk being banned what you're refering to calling it, GNU system unto itself LUL

0d 15h 39m Bill back in the teleporter

0d 15h 37m Chatot faints from Overworld Poison

0d 15h 33m We keep stumbling in and out of Bill's house, after he goes into the teleporter.

0d 15h 29m (Used a Rare Candy.)

0d 15h 29m Nidoran leveled up to 10!

0d 15h 29m Threw away Ether.

0d 15h 29m Threw away Nugget.

0d 15h 22m Found hidden Ether!

0d 15h 10m Chatot leveled up to 36!

0d 15h 8m Magikarp fainted!

0d 15h 8m VS Teddycakes.

0d 15h 6m [PokéTEXT] 00d15h03m53s — canisaries: the turbo part comes from the live updater, also this server, it is 35 into 52.5

0d 15h 1m VS female canisaries!

0d 15h 0m Defeated youngster trainer.

0d 14h 58m Chatot leveled up to 38!

0d 14h 58m Defeated Hiker.

0d 14h 58m Onix down. Magikarp leveled up to 8!

0d 14h 56m Current status: Rattata, Nidoran, Bulbasaur and Pikachu down.

0d 14h 54m Onix used Skull Bash. Bulbasaur fainted!

0d 14h 52m Pikachu fainted!

0d 14h 52m VS Hiker Rainbowcorn.

0d 14h 18m BADGE GET

0d 14h 16m Starmie down. Defeated Misty!

0d 14h 14m Vaporeon down!

0d 14h 12m Staryu down. Chatot leveled up to 34!

0d 14h 11m Pikachu fainted!

0d 14h 10m Rattata fainted!

0d 14h 9m VS Misty!

0d 14h 4m Chatot fainted! Blacked out!

0d 14h 3m Or is that substitute? Idk

0d 14h 2m Chatot used Minimize.

0d 13h 57m Bulbasaur fainted!

0d 13h 55m Chatot used Peck x2.

0d 13h 54m Staryu down.

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I finished going through all my unread messages on Twitch, if you sent me a message in the past 12 months you probably have a response now, sorry it took so long, life stuff

0d 13h 53m Sent out Chatot. Chatot used WutFace/Acid.

0d 13h 52m Magikarp fainted!

0d 13h 52m Sent out Pikachu. Staryu used Ice Beam! Pikachu fainted!

0d 13h 51m Nidoran fainted!

0d 13h 51m Staryu used Thunderbolt! Rattata fainted!

0d 13h 50m VS Misty!

0d 13h 49m In Misty's Gym.

[WutFace] WutFace

0d 13h 42m [Snark] 7.8/10 too much water Keepo


0d 13h 42m Meanwhile in the US:

0d 13h 42m [Meta] PC froze.

0d 13h 1m We've been just walking around for the past couple minutes.

0d 12h 51m Bulbasaur fainted!

0d 12h 50m Pikachu fainted!

0d 12h 47m Magikarp leveled up to 7!

0d 12h 45m Rattata fainted!

0d 12h 45m VS a trainer. Didn't catch the name.

0d 12h 44m Got a free Charmander! Nickname: AAS---?LEx

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: hey everyone, I'm trying to get in contact with someone who sent me a message on Reddit a year ago, I talked about it in a post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/5tlja3/part_2/ddojykh/

0d 12h 18m Nidoran fainted! Ran!

0d 12h 17m 0d 12h 17m Nidoran leveled up to 9! Bulbasaur leveled up to 11!

0d 12h 17m Nidoran leveled up to 9! Bulbasaur leveled up to 11!

0d 12h 16m We praise Helix. But Oak says it's not the time to use that.

0d 12h 12m Magikarp fainted!

0d 12h 9m Pikachu fainted!

0d 12h 4m In the grass. Rattata fainted! Ran.

0d 12h 0m Chatot fainted! Blacked out!

0d 11h 59m VS final Nugget bridge trainer!

0d 11h 59m We are shown a picture of a roasted bird while trying to talk to Chatot.

0d 11h 57m Dratini used Wrap! Pikachu fainted!

[Info] The move Chatot forgot was Fury Attack.

0d 11h 55m VS Nugget Bridge trainer #5.

0d 11h 55m Chatot forgot a move and learned Roost. Now have: Chatter, Peck, Roost and Mirror Move.

0d 11h 52m Chatot leveled up to 33!

[Fluff] tfw i'm female

0d 11h 52m VS female /u/GlitcherRed !

0d 11h 49m Pikachu leveled up to 10!

0d 11h 49m Bulbasaur fainted!

0d 11h 48m VS Nugget trainer #3 again. Magikarp fainted!

0d 11h 42m [Snark] 𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓭𝔀𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝓾𝓹𝓭𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓮 𝓽𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓼𝓹𝓮𝓪𝓴𝓼 𝓚𝓪𝓹𝓹𝓪

0d 11h 37m Pikachu fainted! Blacked out!

0d 11h 35m Chatot fainted!

0d 11h 33m VS Nugget trainer #3, szejn44.

0d 11h 30m VS Nugget trainer #2 (Girl, ᵖᵏᵐᶰTrainerColress)

0d 11h 30m Defeated PlasmaPlayer.

0d 11h 29m Bulbasaur fainted!

0d 11h 29m Rattata fainted!

0d 11h 28m Used BrainSlug and CoolStoryBob. Rattata leveled up to 8! Chatot leveled up to 32!

0d 11h 27m Magikarp fainted!

0d 11h 26m VS Nugget Bridge Trainer 1.

0d 11h 25m We defeated our Rival!

0d 11h 25m Pecks also quickly gets rid of Sandshrew, Abra, and Eevee! The overlevel is real (but only Chatot) !

0d 11h 24m Chatter into Kappa, which is Constrict and does almost nothing. But Peck is working better! 2 of them put it at 1HP, and a 3rd one puts it down! Our Rattata grows to Lv 7 and learns Quick Attack!

0d 11h 22m Our Rattata got Hypnose'd, so we switch to Nidoran♀. Getting hit by Barrage twice, and it's down! Now sending Chatot!

[Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: shrug. markov script probably stopped working

0d 11h 21m Facing our Rival! He sent out Lv 20 Exeggcute!

0d 11h 20m Apparently we decided to postpone this epic duel for some reason, to train at Nugget Bridge instead.

0d 11h 18m The rest of the team is getting destroyed by Thunderbolt and Ice Beam. We blacked out again!

0d 11h 17m Staryu also has Thunderbolt! 3 of them and an Ice Beam, and Chatot is down! We Managed to put it at 30% of HP.

0d 11h 16m Rattata down to Ice Beam. Chatot is sent out!

0d 11h 15m Fighting Misty again! Staryu Lv 21 against our Lv 6 Rattata.

0d 11h 14m We quickly came back in the Gym!

0d 11h 12m Sadly we were already hurt from the previous fight, and Chatot is down. We blacked out!

0d 11h 11m She sand a Lv 21 Staryu, that uses Ice Beam! We resist with some BrainSlug (Absorb), and it is down! Now sending a Lv 23 Vaporeon!

0d 11h 10m We won the fight! Now... Facing Misty!

0d 11h 8m Her last Pokémon is Wartortle! Intimidated by it, we consult Helix Fossil.

0d 11h 8m Switching to BrainSlug (Absorb) to recover some HP we lost by getting hit with a few Water Gun! Slowpoke is down! Chatot grows to level 31!

0d 11h 6m Now against a Slowpoke, Chatot is paralyzed! cmonBruh failed twice.

0d 11h 5m Also I think I missed it earlier but Rattata is Lv 6!

0d 11h 5m Back in the gym, and against the trainer! We defeated the Psyduck that wiped us earlier, and now a Poliwag!

0d 10h 58m Exited the Gym and reach the Mart somehow.

0d 10h 54m Exited the garden and the house, and walked a little in town before reaching the Gym again!

0d 10h 52m And saved! A flawless victory.

0d 10h 51m We found the hidden Rare Candy!

0d 10h 49m Nevermind, back in the "garden" and determined to get this hidden Rare Candy.

0d 10h 47m We quickly gave up and got back in the house

0d 10h 46m We are in the "garden", trying the get the hidden Rare Candy

0d 10h 45m We re in the house with the guy talking about the badges. Chilling with Chatot and a trash can.

0d 10h 43m But we are immediately out and far away of it

0d 10h 42m Outside the Center, supposedly aiming for the Gym again but we reached the Mart instead somehow!

[Snark] That's what you get for trying to be a thief.

0d 10h 41m Chatot never woke up, and is down! We blacked out!

0d 10h 40m Chatot is asleep and midlife

0d 10h 40m We threw 2 balls! Don't be a thief!

0d 10h 39m This Psyduck has Bubblebeam and Mega Punch, we are hurt! But Psyduck is quickly down, time for Poliwag.

0d 10h 38m Time for the second trainer! She has 4 Pokémon this time. Lv 19 Psyduck!

0d 10h 37m Same fate, it instantly gets defeated! Seel time, no time to waste, we used Chatter into BrainSlug (Absorb), then a Peck, and it is down! We won this long fight!

0d 10h 37m Against Goldeen now, that quickly loses! Time for a Tentacool!

[Info] This trainer has 6 Pokémon, by the way.

0d 10h 36m Mirroring the Bubble but it's not very effective... But it's down with a Fury Attack! Chatot levels up to 30!

0d 10h 35m And the Shellder is down with a Fury Attack! Time for a Lv 18 Horsea!

0d 10h 34m Chatter into BrainSlug (Absorb), and Magikarp is down! He sent a Lv 18 Shellder!

0d 10h 34m cmonBruh missed. Twice.

0d 10h 33m Bulbasaur, then our own Magikarp down against the enemy's Lv 18 Magikarp! Only Chatot left!

0d 10h 32m We sent Pikachu but it gets hit by a critical Tackle! It is down! Now it's Bulbasaur time!

0d 10h 31m We send Chatot back, we use Chatter into Kappa (Constrict)! But we send Magikarp again!

0d 10h 30m We send our own Magikarp, that gets hit by Tackle! Then it's a Splash war.

0d 10h 29m Against the Swimmer! He sends out Magikarp! Chatot for us.

0d 10h 29m Entered the Gym!

... or not. Back in Cerulean!

[Info] Chat is determined to successfully use cmonBruh with Chatter

0d 10h 26m Pikachu making its proof my putting down a wild Shellder by itself with a Thunder Wave and Thundershocks!

[Chatot] Guys we need to beat Misty Kappa

0d 10h 24m Caught a Lv9 Ekans! No nickame

0d 10h 20m There are wild Shellder here on Route 4!


0d 10h 19m Pikachu nickname correction: AJᵐᶰᵐᶰᵐᶰᵐᶰᵐᶰᵖᵏᵖᵏᵖᵏ (Where ᵖᵏ and ᵐᶰ are their respective symbols)

0d 10h 18m Rattata and Nidoran♀ down against a wild Ekans

0d 10h 16m Caught a Lv9 Mankey! Nickname is KKKBBBAAAJ! Stored in the PC.

[Info] We have 6 Pokémon in our party! Lv 4 Rattata, Lv 8 Nidoran♀, Lv 29 Chatot, Lv 6 Magikarp, Lv 10 Bulbasaur, and Lv 9 Pikachu!

0d 10h 13m A second ball, and it worked! Level 9 Pikachu, nickname is complicated: AJ, then 5 times the symbol Pk, then 3 times the symbol Mn.

0d 10h 12m We threw a ball, but it missed!

0d 10h 12m Wild Pikachu. Chat is on fire.

[Chatot] Guys we need to beat Misty!

0d 10h 11m Back on Route 4, our Lv4 Rattata is facing a wild Sandshrew. We ran.

0d 10h 9m Went in the Mart and bought 12 Poké Balls! We have ₽0 !

0d 10h 3m We entered and exited the Gym, then did the same for the Pokémon Center.

0d 10h 1m We got the Bulbasaur from the house left to the Pokémon Center! Level 10, named it RJKKCCCDDF

0d 9h 57m We healed and checkpointed in Cerulean City!

0d 9h 57m Chat decided it was safer to checkpoint first, heading to the Center, and entering it

0d 9h 56m In Cerulean, beeline to the gym.

0d 9h 51m Left the Cave

[Chatot] Oh no.

[Chat] Megagoomy41: the Oh No! Fossil

0d 9h 49m Rocket's defeated, with Meowth down. oh no!

[Snark] Where's the Kool-Aid guy? I'd expect him to have burst through the wall ages ago.

0d 9h 45m Fighting Greenmagic847 (Team Rocket). Ekans against Chatot

0d 9h 44m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISED HELIX FOSSIL ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Chat] [Snark] Already consulting Helix

0d 9h 42m Chatot to 29, did not learn Mimic. We're fighting a Ditto that transformed into Chatot, just goes down. Defeated huskygriff. We picked up the fossil on the right, Helix. All that was said, was oh no

[Info] The only thing it says when we run away from a fight is "oh no!" since the past 10 or 15 fights or so

0d 9h 35m We used all out Chatter to try to see what cmonBruh does, but it keeps missing.

0d 9h 26m Phreak's defeated. oh no!

[Chat] Sir_WRA: RlyTho = Tackle BudBlast = Razor Wind

0d 9h 23m Fighting Phreak91, Chatot against Geodude.

0d 9h 20m Chatot to 28

[Info] BrokeBack is Lick, TwitchRPG is Transform

0d 9h 12m We're in the cave now, Mt Moon

0d 9h 4m Healed

0d 9h 3m Saved the game, back in the Pokémon centre.

[Info] Chat is currently mainly focused on Discovering more of Chatter moves than progressing

0d 8h 58m Magikarp down, Nidoran♀ did too a little while ago

0d 8h 51m Rattata down to a wild Mankey's Low Kick. Nidoran♀'s in front now, then switched to Magikarp.

0d 8h 50m Outside near the Ledges again.

0d 8h 49m Healed

0d 8h 47m Nidoran♀ levels up to 8 and learns Scratch

0d 8h 45m UWot is Psywave!

0d 8h 42m And now Nidoran♀ grows to Lv 7 thanks to another wild Spearow! It never ends!

0d 8h 42m HotPokket is Bubble!

0d 8h 40m And now Nidoran♀ grows to Lv 6 thanks to a new wild Spearow!

0d 8h 39m Nidoran♀ grows to Lv 5!

0d 8h 38m StinkyCheese is Poison Gas!

0d 8h 38m Nevermind, Magikarp is down!

0d 8h 38m Nidoran♀ is Redbar and Magikarp is midlife

0d 8h 33m Rattata is down!

0d 8h 32m Back on he grass below the center, meeting back with our friends Spearows.

0d 8h 30m Entered the Pokémon Center, said hi to the couch on the left, then exited.

0d 8h 28m Having fun with the ledges, out best friends (after Chatot)

0d 8h 27m Mirror Move a Leech Life from a wild Zubat, and back to 23HP! But got confused, hit twice by confusion, and KO. We blacked out!

0d 8h 25m Drowzee faces the same fate. His 3 Pokémon are down! We won the fight! But Chatot only has 9HP remaining...

0d 8h 24m Duduo is sent in, and out thanks to another Fury Attack.

0d 8h 24m We faced the OP Defense with Fury Attack, and Chatot grows to Lv27!

0d 8h 23m He sends a Lv14 Shellder that keep using Withdraw. We Mirror Move it a lot.

0d 8h 23m Fighting the Rocket! (Or should I say the OvOvO?)

[Info] The Moon Stone is the only item we have.

0d 8h 21m Encountering a wild Clefairy! Chat is on fire! But no more balls...

0d 8h 20m And now the next ladder to B2F! (The Fossils floor, basically)

0d 8h 20m We took the ladder and we are in the B1F in the right direction to progress!

0d 8h 19m Chatot is in Redbad with only 15 HP. So we switch to Magikarp! ... That faints.

0d 8h 18m We got the Moon Stone near the Hiker!

0d 8h 17m RalpherZ is Growl too, apparently!

0d 8h 15m DogFace is Roar!

0d 8h 13m FrankerZ is Growl!

0d 8h 13m However, we faced a wild Zubat that confused Chatot, and it is midlife already. We are still in 1F...

0d 8h 12m We faced a few wild Pokémon, but whether Chatot KO them in 1 hit, or we run away.

0d 8h 9m Kippa is Fury Swipes!

0d 8h 6m Still wandering in Mt. Moon

[Info] Apparently BrainSlug is not Leech Life, but Absorb!

[Info] There are at least 10 emotes that we can use for Chatter for now

0d 7h 59m Chatot used Chatter! BrainSlug is Leech Life!

0d 7h 58m Rattata went down against a wild Geodude.

[Info] Just realized that Rattata learned the TM12 Water Gun at some point!

0d 7h 55m We run away. Chat is disappointed because it wants to discover more Chatter moves.

0d 7h 55m We switched to Magikarp that tries to scare it with Splash, but no effect. Then Nidoran gets all them HP stolen by 2 Leech Life. Chatot is sent.

0d 7h 53m A Wild Zubat with only 2 steps in. Pretty unexpected.

0d 7h 52m We ran away, then we go back up and quickly enters Mt. Moon!

0d 7h 51m Like the previous time, we overshooted with the down inputs and we are in the tall grass, facing a wild Spearow.

0d 7h 51m We healed! And exited the Center immediately.

0d 7h 50m We move back up, near the Pokémon Center, but we decide to cuddle a ledge. Then we enter the Center.

0d 7h 49m This time, it's down with a Chatot's Peck.

0d 7h 49m We run from the fight, but we meet another Sandshrew a few steps later.

0d 7h 48m A wild Sandshrew, and Rattata is down against it!

0d 7h 47m Back with Chatot, who did Mirror Move to copy a Peck. Wild Spearow is down and Rattata grows up to Lv 4!

0d 7h 46m We sent in Magikarp, hopefully a great start for its carrier. It used Splash! ... But nothing happened.

0d 7h 45m Our Nidoran♀ felt against the wild Spearow

0d 7h 44m Exited the Pokémon Center, but we overshouted and we got until the grass. Fighting a wild Lv8 Spearow.

0d 7h 42m Entered the Pokémon Center, talked to Chatot a few times, then talked to the Magikarp's seller. We bought one for ₽ 500! No nickname

[Info] It might be good to mention that the party was swapped at some point. Lv3 Rattata leads it, then it's Lv4 Nidoran♀ (nicknamed AAAIIIIIIPk), then it's Lv26 Chatot (nicknamed IIAAAIiq--).

0d 7h 38m Having troubles entering back in Mt. Moon

0d 7h 32m We closed it, and managed to go back to talk to the nurse. We healed!

0d 7h 32m We're in the Center, but more importantly we opened the PC!

0d 7h 30m We're back outside Mt Moon, trying to enter the Pokémon Center because only Chatot is alive with 35/89 HP and no more PP for Chatter.

0d 7h 14m we fight graysilence and his weedle evolution line, killing all 3 of them without mercy

0d 7h 8m still wondering around fighting Pokémon

0d 7h 3m We get a HP up

0d 7h 0m As the new hour ticks over, we are having fun running against walls and fighting wild Pokémon, also staring at Chattot's eyebrows

0d 6h 55m Zubat is taken down by a peck, then Sandshrew is taken down with a well timed fury attack

0d 6h 54m We are once again out of chatter pp

0d 6h 53m we use imaglitch substitutue after a minute of trying to switch, Chatot down to 22 hp

0d 6h 51m Nidoran is sent out next turn Nidoran got KO'd Chatot is once again the only Pokémon left

0d 6h 50m We switch in Nidoran against another zubat from Dekke360, the switch him out with 3 hp left, rattata takes his place rattata is down

0d 6h 49m We fight Dekke360 and kill his rattata chattot level 25, chooses not to learn supersonic

0d 6h 45m also we used Doritochip and got poison sting

0d 6h 41m One more save later we enter Mt Moon again

0d 6h 40m we save the game, after healing our team 3 times

0d 6h 36m Chatot is down, we black out and return to the Mt Moon checkpoint

0d 6h 35m also cmonbruh is now available, but given how it missed 3 times in a row, it is probably an OHKO, possibly fissure

0d 6h 33m we fight chrus, who sends out a geodude, it gets 2 defence curls and some tackles while we finish all our chatter PP off.

0d 6h 31m we fight rekartsFSX and take down his zubat, slowpoke and charmander. Chatot down to just over half health

0d 6h 26m rattata is taken out by a wild paras chattot is our only Pokémon left

0d 6h 25m We are having fun climbing up and down a ladder

0d 6h 23m Nidoran is taken out by a wild rhydon which we then run from

0d 6h 22m 0d 6h 21m We KO Yukiyam's Bellsprout. Chatot to 24 We KO Yukiyam's Paras and defeat her.

0d 6h 21m [Info] Chat believes that SeemsGood might be Comet Punch, but it's not confirmed.

0d 6h 21m Vs. Lass Yukikam. She sends out Oddish. We use SeemsGood which KOs it.

0d 6h 19m Vs. Lass Exkakryz. We KO her Clefairy. That's nice.

0d 6h 17m We're in Mt. Moon.

0d 6h 13m We sidle up next to the PC. Chatot raises its eyebrows in annoyance.

0d 6h 12m We casually stroll past the Mt. Moon Poké Center and head into Mt. Moon. We promptly exit and tumble down some ledges. We make our way inside and heal. Mt. Moon Poké Center Checkpoint!

0d 6h 8m [Info] Chatot clings to life with 7 HP. We're making our towards the Mt. Moon entrance.

0d 6h 6m Vs. Lass Phoenx67. She sends out a Jigglypuff. We KO it with Peck. She sends out Nidoran♀, and we get lost in the run command text. We KO it with two Pecks. Lass sends out Ponyta. We KO it with ttwo Pecks. Lass Phoenx67 defeated!

0d 6h 4m Youngster Skyjersey sends out a Pinsir. We use Fury Attack and KO Pinsir. Chatot to Level 23!! Youngster Skyjersey defeated!

0d 6h 3m We're heading east towards Mt. Moon, where ledges and trainers await. Everyone's talking about Shrek's conditioner!

0d 5h 57m We're shambling around Pewter Town.

0d 5h 51m We stumble over a ledge and challenge Youngster Dwaing to a battle. We KO his Pikachu, Meowth, and Bulbasaur. We win. More victory lines about breakfast and Barry.

0d 5h 48m [Info] :) is Gust, not Whirlwind.

0d 5h 47m [Info] :) is Whirlwind, :P is Sludge. Sorry if this is old news.

0d 5h 46m We challenge Youngster Alestuart to a battle. We take down his Weedle with Fury Attack, and Kakuna with :P (Sludge). We also take down Caterpie and Metapod with combinations of :) (Whirlwind) and :P (Sludge). Chatot to 22

[Info] Some changes have been made to the input system for a more stable and balanced experience.

  • Chatot has decided to decide among all users, instead of among all messages. Someone who sends 10 messages will have the same chance of being heard as someone who sends a message once.

  • Similarly, when it comes to Chatter, Chatot only counts one emote per user message, so emote walls are unnecessary.

  • Chatot has decided to cut off messages off if they are longer than 140.

  • Turbo mode now accurately accounts for chat speed.

  • Minor text fixes (via Chaos_Lord)

0d 5h 44m We challenge Lass A4Andrew to a battle. We take down her Poliwag with Fury Attack. We take down her Nidoran♂ with :) (Whirlwind). We take down her Vulpix with :) Whirlwind as well.

0d 5h 41m [Donation] $2.00 from alwaysjacob: "According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees d" -- Chatot itself repeated this pasta shortly prior.

0d 5h 38m [Info] GivePLZ is Comet Punch and TakeNRG is Double Slap.

0d 5h 37m We challenge Youngster gdkoopa. We use GivePLZ (Double Slap) and take out his Ekans. TakeNRG (Comet Punch) takes out his Squirtle. Chatot to 21. It attempts to learn Night Shade and fails.

0d 5h 35m WutFace is Acid, by the way.

0d 5h 35m We challenge a Youngster; Chatot destroys his Weedle. Chatot to level 20! We knock out his Caterpie and Beedrill. Youngster Procrastislayer defeated!

[Info] I think that should be bold. :D is Transform.

0d 5h 32m We challenge Lass (Kobazoo) again. We throw our last Poké Ball at her Pidgey. Sand Attack prevents us from landing several moves in a row, but Pidgey eventually falls. She sends out Spearow and we defeat it with Fury Attack. She sends out Farfetch'd we use WutFace (Acid) and Kappa. We switch out Chatot for Rattata, who immediately faints. We send out Nidoran and use a Potion on Chatot. We are now out of items. We try to run, then send Chatot back out, then send Nidoran back in. Nidoran faints to Peck. We send out Chatot and use WutFace (Acid). We use :D (Transform) and turn into Farfetch'd. We use Peck and KO enemy Farfetch'd. Enemy Kobazoo defeated!

0d 5h 25m [Snark] Does this Chatot have subtitles available?

0d 5h 22m We head east from Pewter and challenge Lass ! We defeat her Pidgey, Spearow. Her Farfetch'd uses Sand Attack. Chatot can't hit it, so we send out Nidoran who promptly faints. Chatot faints; we black out.

0d 5h 16m Caught a female Lv. 4 Nidoran! Nickname: AAAIIIIII PK (PK is Pokémon symbol)

0d 5h 14m tppPc seems to be Psywave.

0d 5h 12m Rattata faints in its second battle.

[Dev] For anyone interested (such as the maintainers of the wiki page, the move unlocks are tied to specific badges, not simply the number of badges we have.

0d 5h 8m Caught a Lv. 3 Rattata! No nickname.

0d 5h 6m Chatot to Level 19!

0d 5h 4m [Info] Current inventory (post shopping and tossing): 5 Poké Balls, 1 Potion

0d 5h 2m We Toss TM34 Bide.

0d 5h 1m We buy two Poké Balls and a Potion. Riot Screen flashes, then we buy two more Poké Balls. We are down to ₽ 42.

0d 5h 0m We start playing around with the Bide TM but quickly abort.

0d 4h 56m Riot screen briefly flashes at us before disappearing.

0d 4h 54m Inputs have resumed.

[Mod] Chaos_lord2: 3rdly only the first emote of a message counts, no need for walls

Chaos_lord2: lastly, turbo recieved a slight update

0d 4h 53m The stream returns, but inputs are disabled. Also, chat is in emote-only mode.

[Mod] Chaos_lord2: Firstly. Spamming pasta is no longer needed, it selects a user first and then a random message from that user.

Chaos_lord2: secondly, messages have a 140 char limit, and will be cropped

0d 4h 52m Rather, we shuffle in and out of Pewter City and Route 3, but surely you get the ide--Twitch Plays Pokémon will resume shortly!

0d 4h 51m We head east, to Route 3.

[Info] Forgot to mention this, but Poooound did end up being Pound.

0d 4h 44m Also received TM34 Bide!

0d 4h 43m Brock gives us a badge and tells us to stop posting messages containing excessive capital letters, or we'll be fined 5,000 Pokedongers.

0d 4h 43m A couple Peckls later, Brock is defeated!

0d 4h 42m We use PRChase; it becomes Twinneedle and poisons, but Brock uses a Full Heal.

0d 4h 42m Chatot nibbles away at Onix with Peck; its Tackles are weak in return.

0d 4h 41m A series of Tackles and Pecks finally take out Geodude; Chatot faces Onix with about half HP left.

0d 4h 40m It suddenly becomes a battle between Mirror Move and Counter. The battle is getting intense!

0d 4h 39m We immediately disable Geodude's Tackle before draining some health with a PRChase Leech Life.

0d 4h 39m Chatot gives us some determination right before we start Brock Attempt #3!

0d 4h 34m Struggle deals about... nothing. And Onix hits us with a Fissure! Black out!

[Snark] The Struggle is real

0d 4h 34m Struggle chips away at Geodude, eventually taking it out. Brock sends in Onix.

0d 4h 33m We quickly run out of Tackles now. Struggle hype!

0d 4h 33m We quickly drain all 5 of Chatot's Counter power points.

0d 4h 31m Geodude's only moves are Tackle and Counter. Tackle does literally 1 damage.

0d 4h 30m We use PRChase, it turns into Metronome! Metronome turns into Transform! Chatot turns into Geodude!

0d 4h 30m Brock attempt 2! This time his name is DuckyDack.

0d 4h 29m Poooound might be the move Pound. But that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY!

0d 4h 26m We enter the museum but decide to not pay for a tour; we head back to the Gym.

0d 4h 25m Poooound is available for use.

0d 4h 24m Onix attacks with Screech, lowering our defense as Chatot continues to Rage; Onix then builds up a Bide Attack! Chatot's Rage falls just short of a KO, Chatot is defeated, black out!

0d 4h 23m Chatot attacks relentlessly as its Rage increases; Geodude pressures with Counter, but falls just short! Chatot grew to level 18!

0d 4h 22m CreepyCreeperGuy sends in a Geodude; we use SwiftRage and it's none other than Rage!

0d 4h 22m vs. Brock! ...wait, CreepyCreeperGuy?

0d 4h 21m chfoo's Diglett is quickly defeated and replaced by a Sandshrew; it's defeated after a few turns.

0d 4h 21m chfoo sends in a Diglett; we use PRChase and it turns out to be Reflect.

0d 4h 20m We enter the Gym and appear to be challenged to a battle of Smash by none other than chfoo.

0d 4h 19m We walk back to Pewter City and head for the Gym.

0d 4h 16m VoteNay is Disable.

0d 4h 15m A Wild Bulbasaur appeared?!

0d 4h 14m .........we don't know what VoteNay is. We used it twice and it failed.

0d 4h 12m VoteYea is Conversion. So VoteNay must be...

0d 4h 11m We've been beating up wild Pokémon in the outskirts of Viridian Forest. We've discovered that VoteYea and VoteNay are usable.

0d 3h 59m MikeHogu raises defense. It seems to be Withdraw.

0d 3h 56m We throw our last two Poké Balls at a female Nidoran; no dice.

0d 3h 52m Chatot learned Fury Attack, replacing Growl!

0d 3h 52m CoolStoryBob seems to be Wing Attack. Chatot grew to Level 17!

0d 3h 51m We failed to catch a male Nidoran and we run away.

0d 3h 47m We bought 3 Poké Balls!

0d 3h 44m We go back to Viridian Forest and find some wild Rattata.

0d 3h 42m HEALED!

0d 3h 38m We re-enter the Pokémon Center, change text speed to FAST, and make a tactical save.

0d 3h 34m We leave the Pokémon Center, Chatot at our heels again. But, due to gen 1 mechanics, we haven't yet checkpointed.

0d 3h 32m We attempt to heal, but... Jigglypuff put Chatot to sleep, so it's stuck in a space diagonally from us.

[Chatot] zzzzz...

0d 3h 31m A Jigglypuff says some weird stuff about killing cancer, sings a song, then talks about Shia Labeouf.

0d 3h 30m Entered a Pokémon Center. That's new for us.

0d 3h 28m 0d 3h 28m The screen changes color; we've entered Pewter City!

0d 3h 27m We're outside the main part of the forest.

0d 3h 25m After some rounds of Confusion vs. Mirror Move, the supposed Bug Catcher is defeated; however Chatot is at 9HP.

0d 3h 24m Against a trainer called darth....something. He has a level 10 Butterfree.

0d 3h 19m OpieOP is Barrier!

[Fluff] Don't worry do your best BORT

[Info] OpieOP is now useable.

0d 3h 14m MrDestructoid is Teleport!

0d 3h 13m SplishtheMudkip defeated, chatot to Lv. 16!

0d 3h 13m Caterpie down, weedle out, Swiftrage is rage!

0d 3h 12m Vs. SplishtheMudkid, caterpie against chatot, and kappawealth is Payday!

0d 3h 10m Just entered Viridian Forest.

[Info] Yes, JKanStyle is indeed Smokescreen

0d 3h 2m JKanStyle lowers accuracy, it might be smokescreen.

0d 2h 53m Eevee sent in, it faints, and Rival defeated!

0d 2h 52m Vs. the rival. Exeggcute against chatot, we try bashing its skull, exeggcute faints and chatot to Lv. 15!

0d 2h 48m And KevinTurtle is Withdraw.

0d 2h 43m OhMyDog is Roar!

0d 2h 41m We restarted again, input frozen. We are now back to the game.

0d 2h 41m The game froze!

0d 2h 35m We're back in pallet.

0d 2h 34m Pjsalt appears to be Disable

0d 2h 33m Exeggcute down, Eevee out, tackle and Chatot faints!

0d 2h 32m Chatot in the red due to barrage, we continue using chatter!

0d 2h 32m Vs. our Rival! Exeggcute vs chatot.

0d 2h 22m My bad, PJSugar seems to be Sand Attack instead.

0d 2h 20m Chatot leveled up to Lv. 14!

0d 2h 17m PJSugar is Gust

0d 2h 12m SMOrc is Skull Bash!

0d 2h 9m And just woke up.

0d 2h 8m Chatot fell asleep!

0d 2h 1m Swiftrage is usable, and we're back to pallet!

0d 2h 0m Fight vs. Bicho117, we get a speech on berlin, butterfree is out, and Chatot faints!

0d 2h 0m [Dev] except it's TheIlluminati

0d 1h 59m deIlluminati is usable

0d 1h 53m Chatot is currently in the red!

0d 1h 53m KevinTurtle is usable!

0d 1h 52m We do not learn sing

0d 1h 52m Chatot to Level 13, trying to Learn Sing

0d 1h 48m Level 12 as well!

0d 1h 47m Chatot to Level 11

0d 1h 46m Ashira4 is now the trainer class

0d 1h 44m PJSalt is usable!

We picked up a Potion before this battle and we used it on Chatot

[Snark] The FormalAI just unleashed a sentence box of PJSalt after he lost. Someone's Salty, aren't they?

0d 1h 42m Chatot to Level 10 as well!

0d 1h 41m Chatot to Level 9 and learnt Mirror Move!

0d 1h 39m FormalAI is fighting us. good Trainer class.

0d 1h 37m Correction, NotLikeThis seems to be Supersonic

0d 1h 36m duDudu is Sand Attack

[Snark] Guys, we need to beat Misty!

0d 1h 33m BigBrother also seems to be Harden

0d 1h 32m OSfrog seems to be Mist

0d 1h 29m In Viridian Forest

0d 1h 29m Chatot had leveled up to Level 8 at some point apologies for missing it

0d 1h 27m NotLikeThis is usable!

0d 1h 27m OSfrog is usable!

0d 1h 22m duDudu is usable!

0d 1h 17m Keepo is Scratch!

[Fluff] Focus Energy is actually a useless move in Generation 1, it actually harms you by lowering your Critical Hit Chance, the opposite of what it's meant to do. It's worthy of being FailFish

0d 1h 16m FailFish is... Focus Energy

0d 1h 14m :o seems to be Poison Gas

0d 1h 11m [Dev] PRChase is Metronome. We rolled Self-Destruct.

0d 1h 11m Sorry everyone, :o is not Haze and must've been a move pulled by PRChase

0d 1h 10m PRChase does seem to be Metronome actually. We pulled Selfdestruct and blacked out...

[Correction] PRChase is Metronome, and Metronome happened to pick Chatter.

0d 1h 5m We black out!

0d 1h 5m PRChase pulls Chatter! :o pulls another move, which seems to be... Haze

0d 1h 4m Chatot to Level 7!

0d 1h 2m Game Resumed

0d 1h 1m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

0d 1h 1m Game Reset. Back to the title screen. Chat input disabled. Opening Music still playing

0d 0h 59m [Snark] Chatot telling us to release itself. Too bad bub, you're here for the ride.

0d 0h 57m [Dev] True to form, we've noticed some issues with the new features we implemented. We're working to get those fixed.

0d 0h 57m Handed over Oak's Parcel and back to.. Ravioli Ravioli? and then some speech about Linux. We get the Pokedex as well

0d 0h 53m PRChase is usable!

0d 0h 48m OhMyDog is unlocked!

0d 0h 47m :o also seems to be a thing

0d 0h 47m Back in Pallet.

0d 0h 46m Keepo is unlocked

0d 0h 44m TTours is Flash!

0d 0h 43m TTours is also unlocked

0d 0h 42m VoHiYo is String Shot

0d 0h 42m TheIlluminati is... Splash

0d 0h 39m TheIlluminati is unlocked!

0d 0h 39m We enter the Poké Mart, And get Oak's Parcel

0d 0h 36m JKanStyle is unlocked too

0d 0h 35m BigBrother is also a thing we have unlocked

0d 0h 32m We also unlocked VoHiYo

0d 0h 29m We've also been wandering Viridian for quite some time

0d 0h 28m Oh! FailFish is now an emote option for our Emote List

0d 0h 21m DansGame's effect is... Smog apparently

[Info] Apparently we will not be able to override Chatter. http://puu.sh/u0ikv/8295ad9a6e.png (thanks to /u/Sacodepatatasxd)

0d 0h 19m We get... a potion?

0d 0h 18m the Blackout message was pulled from chat into "CoolCat Elgato"

0d 0h 18m Kappa can make speed fall apparently. Also, Black Out!

0d 0h 17m Ooh! an Exeggcute is in the wild so early!

0d 0h 16m So as such, we will apparently unlock more abilities for Chatter as time goes on

0d 0h 15m so it seems that the effect of Chatter may be determined by the most used Emote at the time

0d 0h 15m Chatot to Level 6

0d 0h 15m Chatter used... OneHand and it raised Defence, Kappa pulled by Chatter did small damage.

0d 0h 12m [Chatot] Kappa

0d 0h 11m It seems that every line of dialogue is taken from the chat, well, any non-story related dialogue anyway.

0d 0h 10m Emotes are being highly compressed but still visible whenever the dialogue spits out some TPP Chat

[Info] Whenever we talk to Chatot, a random line from chat is read out Text-To-Speech as its cry.

0d 0h 10m Chatot is following us!

0d 0h 9m more chat readings in the dialogue. And Text To Speech

0d 0h 9m Rival has Eevee, as normal. And apparently there's an Emote counter in the bottom left, some are locked.... and now there's chat readings for Chatter. WE LOSE TO RIVAL. GOOD JOB GUYS

0d 0h 7m Our Nickname for CHatot IIAAAIiq--

0d 0h 7m Our Rival steals our Pokémon, so naturally We get Chatot.

[Fluff] BORT

0d 0h 6m apparently we have the words of "OQT" echoing. Whoever that is

0d 0h 5m Our rival is BL;♀KTT for further notice

0d 0h 5m Oak catches our Chatot, it's not ours yet though. Soon

0d 0h 4m Correction on the name: We're called x MN (?

0d 0h 3m Already saved

0d 0h 2m we are called x-MNSymbol-(?!

0d 0h 0m we have Robored.

0d 0h 0m New sprite for Oak, and there's a Chatot. Chat messages are being read out at random


[Info] T-Minus 60 seconds...

[Info] T-Minus 5 minutes...

[Info] T-Minus 10 minutes...

[Info] T-Minus 15 minutes...

[Info] 30 minutes to go!