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Twitch Plays Pokémon Blazed Glazed

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE END OF RUN RIOT ヽBibleThumpノ

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: weird that slots are working again

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thought this song was part of this video I was watching: https://streamable.com/i529s

[Info] And it's back. Speaking of, here is a link to the intermission updater! TPPStreamerBot will be posting here for a little longer, but should switch over soon.

Link to intermission updater archive

[Info] Before we switch over to the intermission updater, man the screen is black for PBR and a lot of people are getting timed out! WutFace

16d 16h 5m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ END OF RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ END OF RUN CRYOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

16d 16h 4m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY GOOD-BYE TO HONEY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GOODBYE RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

16d 16h 2m (Arceus was placed in box 9)


16d 16h 1m Caught Lv. 100 Arceus! Nickname: AAAGACCOOO

[Chat] RIGGED BabyRage

[Info] Chaos_lord2 won the badge. Lucky duck.

16d 15h 59m CAUGHT ARCEUS!

16d 15h 59m USED MASTER BALL

16d 15h 59m [Bot] We aquired -1 Premier Ball, and -1 Master Ball.

16d 15h 58m Samurott fainted!

16d 15h 57m VS Arceus!

16d 15h 57m Nearing Arceus

16d 15h 55m [Bot] In Mt. Stratus Peak.

16d 15h 49m Inputs are frozen while battling a wild Golbat.

16d 15h 46m [Fluff] For some reason, one of my old inputs seems to be frozen on top. Could be because i was last to input before the stream froze for a sec?

16d 15h 29m [Bot] In Mt. Stratus.

16d 15h 22m [Bot] We walk into Icebound Chasm.

16d 15h 19m [Bot] Welcome to Northcoast Town.

16d 14h 58m Aka, we bought a base and it auto-fused them together.

16d 14h 57m [Bot] We buy 1 Master Ball, -1 M. Ball Top, and -1 M. Ball Base.

16d 14h 57m [Bot] Bought 1 M. Ball Base(s)!

16d 14h 56m [D] At the Master Ball counter.

16d 14h 56m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PARTY LEVEL 100 RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

16d 14h 48m [Bot] Alpha Isle.

16d 14h 39m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

16d 14h 37m [Bot] Welcome to Reefen Isle.

16d 14h 29m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Town.

16d 14h 23m [Bot] We walk into Darkwood Grotto.

16d 14h 22m [Bot] Darkwood Town.

16d 14h 20m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 100!

16d 14h 19m [Bot] Arrived in Darkwood Grotto.

16d 14h 18m [Bot] Waterfall Gorge.

16d 14h 17m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

16d 14h 11m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted! We walk into Darkwood Town.

16d 14h 11m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 14h 5m [Bot] We walk into Darkwood Grotto.

16d 13h 51m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 99!

16d 13h 42m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 98!

16d 13h 27m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 97!

16d 13h 23m [Bot] Darkwood Town.

16d 13h 22m [Bot] We walk into Cave Of Justice.

16d 13h 21m [Bot] In Darkwood Town.

16d 13h 14m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Grotto.

16d 13h 0m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 96!

16d 12h 45m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

16d 12h 42m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Town.

16d 12h 41m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 12h 39m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 12h 37m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 12h 35m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 12h 29m [Bot] In Darkwood Grotto.

16d 12h 20m [Bot] Darkwood Town.

16d 12h 20m [Bot] Arrived in Waterfall Gorge.

16d 12h 19m [Bot] Darkwood Town.

16d 12h 17m [Bot] In Waterfall Gorge.

16d 12h 14m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) learned Aerial Ace over Fury Cutter!

16d 12h 0m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

16d 11h 54m [Bot] We walk into Darkwood Town.

16d 11h 53m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 11h 51m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 11h 48m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 11h 47m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 11h 43m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 100!

16d 11h 41m [Bot] In Darkwood Grotto.

16d 11h 39m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Town.

16d 11h 39m [Bot] Waterfall Gorge.

16d 11h 37m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

16d 11h 34m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Town.

16d 11h 33m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 11h 32m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 11h 30m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 11h 24m [Bot] In Darkwood Grotto.

16d 11h 23m [Bot] Arrived in Waterfall Gorge.

16d 11h 6m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 99!

16d 10h 53m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 98!

16d 10h 41m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 97!

[Recap] Last 25 minutes: *Vaporeon Cry*

16d 10h 28m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 96!

16d 10h 16m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 95!

16d 10h 6m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

16d 10h 3m [Bot] Arrived in Darkwood Town.

16d 9h 37m [Bot] We walk into Darkwood Grotto.

16d 9h 37m [Bot] We walk into Tunod Sea Floor.

16d 9h 35m [Bot] Aquired 1 Pearl(s)! In Tunod Sea Floor.

16d 9h 34m [Bot] Welcome to Spatial Sea.

16d 9h 33m [Bot] Tunod Sea Floor.

16d 9h 30m [Bot] Spatial Sea.

16d 9h 29m [Bot] Sunshore Beach.

16d 9h 27m [Bot] Welcome to Palmtree Resort.

16d 9h 13m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 22 Phanpy! Nickname: BAAfeebbb (Sent to Box #9)

16d 9h 5m [Bot] In Mt. Stratus.

16d 9h 3m [Bot] We give a Harbor Mail to AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) to hold.

16d 9h 2m [Bot] We give a Harbor Mail to MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) to hold.

16d 9h 1m [Bot] We give a Wave Mail to AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) to hold.

16d 9h 0m [Bot] We give a Harbor Mail to . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) to hold.

16d 8h 58m [Bot] We give a Harbor Mail to Torterra (Torterra) to hold.

[Meta] Going offline

16d 8h 54m [D] We also get Scolipede and Salamence, and Mamoswine and Samurott! The whole gang is back.

16d 8h 52m [D] We withdraw Torterra!

16d 8h 48m [D] We deposit all of our mons except Houndoom!

16d 8h 44m [D] Still in Democracy, we head to the PC to restore our old party.

16d 8h 42m Scyther evolves into Scizor! flicky1991 gets it!

[Chat] #who

16d 8h 41m Rhydon to Rhyeprior! flagninja wins that.

16d 8h 38m Now we evolve Doublade into Aegislash! kj8011 gets it!

16d 8h 36m Let's evolve Misdreavus with another stone into Mismagius! Chfoo gets it!

16d 8h 34m [D] We use a Sun Stone on a Cottonee to evolve it into a Whimsicott! Swaider got it! Another live updater lol

16d 8h 31m [D] We've entered Democracy!

16d 8h 28m We leave and enter Anarchy!

16d 8h 26m [D] We finish off by withdrawing a male level 33 Doublade and a male level 34 Whimsicott!

16d 8h 25m [D] We withdraw a level 35 female Misdreavus!

16d 8h 23m [D] We withdraw a level 49 female Rhydon and a level 51 female Scyther!

16d 8h 20m [D] We deposit Magnezone! And everyone but Houndoom!

16d 8h 15m [D] Looks like we're going to do another round of badges.

16d 8h 13m [D] Yanmega forgets Quick Attack and learns Pursuit!

[Info] The lucky recipient is Gameface252!

16d 8h 12m We use a stone on Yanma to evolve it into Yanmega!

16d 8h 10m M4 says we're good to go so... we're good to go?

[Chat] WutFace

16d 8h 10m Game reset! Or... not?

16d 8h 10m And, the game froze

[Chat] is ripping apart the choice in Pokémon cry for Murkrow. Apparently it uses the Illuminese cry.

16d 8h 8m [D] We use a Dusk Stone on Murkrow and evolve it into Honchcrow! Nickasummers gets it.

16d 8h 4m Slowpoke eats a Trade Stone and becomes a Slowking! kattheswift gets it!

[Info] Ryason55 wins it.

16d 8h 3m [D] Another Trade Stone puts Porygon2 as Porygon-Z!

[Info] GlitcherRed gets it. Quite fitting.

16d 8h 1m [D] We use a Trade Stone on Porygon to evolve it into Porygon2

[Info] Over Thunder Wave, if anyone cares.

16d 7h 59m [D] Magnezone learned Thunderbolt in its first slot!

16d 7h 57m [D] CerebralHarlot gets the badge.

16d 7h 57m [D] We use a Rare Candy, level Magnemite up to 40, and evolve it into Magneton!

16d 7h 54m [D] Entered Democracy!

16d 7h 51m We've entered Anarchy!

16d 7h 49m [D] We withdraw a level 35 male Murkrow!

16d 7h 48m [D] We withdraw a level 9 Porygon!

16d 7h 46m [D] Level 16 Female Slowpoke we withdraw!

16d 7h 46m That was level 39. Also we withdraw a level 30 Female Yanma!

16d 7h 45m [D] We withdraw Magnemite!

16d 7h 42m [D] We deposit Electivire, Politoed, Kingdra!

16d 7h 41m [D] We deposit Espeon and Goodra!

16d 7h 37m [D] Looks like we're going to get our team back and then head to Arceus.

16d 7h 37m Shad0wseer gets it.

16d 7h 36m Off-Eevee, Sun Stone, Espeon. Let's see who gets the badge.

16d 7h 33m Trade Stone, Poliwhirl, Politoed. RayodBrownie wins it.

16d 7h 32m It evolves into Kingdra! AquaJamz gets the badge.

[Info] The sidebar and API didn't recognize that Electivire was Electabuzz again, and thus no second badge was awarded.

16d 7h 31m We try a Trade Stone to evolve Seadra again.

16d 7h 30m [D] Electabuzz re-evolves into Electrive!

16d 7h 29m M4 is on it, and you can hear it in the audio. It glitches, then stops, then partially resumes.

16d 7h 27m We use a stone on Seadra and try to start the evolution, but it glitches!

16d 7h 26m [D] We use a Trade Stone on Electrabuzz and it evolves into Electivire! dupanov gets the badge.

[Info] mahlidawg won the Goodra badge

16d 7h 24m [D] We use a Rare Candy, level Sliggoo up to 58, and evolve Sliggoo into Goodra!

[Snark] Eevee evolved into Eevee...? I think we're too deep!

[Info] TurboGhast won the badge.

16d 7h 20m The Def-Eevee evolves into Off-Eevee!

16d 7h 20m [D] We level the Eevee up to 21 with a Rare Candy!

16d 7h 18m [D] We set the text speed to fast!

16d 7h 15m [D] We've entered democracy!

16d 7h 12m We've entered anarchy! And exited/reentered the labs.

16d 7h 10m [D] We get a third Rare Candy from a Third Eevee!

16d 7h 6m [D] We start taking items! Two Rare Candies from Eevees!

16d 6h 59m [D] We withdraw a level 40 Female Poliwhirl!

[Fluff] I assume Seadra so we can evolve it into Kingdra.

16d 6h 58m Withdrew a level 61 male Electrabuzz! and a level 70 Male Seadra/Kingdra?

16d 6h 57m [D] Withdrew a level 57 Male Sliggoo!

16d 6h 55m [D] Withdrew a level 20 Male Def-Eevee

16d 6h 52m Deposited Samurott, Salamence, Mamoswine! In the same box.

16d 6h 51m [D] Deposited Scolipede! In Box 9.

16d 6h 50m [D] Deposited Torterra!

16d 6h 45m [D] Took mail from Salamence, Mamoswine, Samurott!

16d 6h 39m [D] Removed mail from Scolipede, skipped Houndoom. "The reason Houndoom stays is because it has no hm's so it is collateral to go back for the others"

16d 6h 37m [D] Removed mail from Torterra!

16d 6h 36m We've entered Democracy!

[Chat] Z33k33 : DBstyle FULL EVO RARE BADGES INCOMING: Magnezone, Scizor, Goodra, Espeon, etc

16d 6h 31m We've entered Fusion Labs and everyone is voting for Democracy.

[Chat] is getting a bit salty about potential alts around badge gaining time. Get your #WHO/PJSalt ready, folks.

[Snark] Welcome to DuplexPlaysPokémon

16d 6h 12m We're just fighting a lot of wild mon, for no experience points.

16d 6h 4m We've entered Mt. Stratus.

16d 5h 59m Nidoran Male level 23 was caught by a Premier Ball!

16d 5h 55m We've entered Gemnite River.

[Snark] We're extremely popular it seems. #LeaveUsAlone

16d 5h 52m We take various phone calls and register Wally and Roxanne in our PokeNav.

16d 5h 49m For once people don't want demo, so we go in and out repeatedly before leaving for good.

16d 5h 48m We've entered a demo house and are currently voting.

[Fluff] #UnnecessaryHashtags

[Fluff] #LoveChaos

16d 5h 46m We decide to leave the Matrix. Currently gettin' #moist in Stormy City.

16d 5h 43m [Fluff] e x c e s s i v e w h i t e s p a c e

16d 5h 42m e l e v a t o r m a d n e s s

16d 5h 41m [tppsim] We keep this shithole area

16d 5h 39m We take down E-Ricky's Salamence. And then also his Kingdra. And nearly his Garchomp but we get OHKOd by Outrage. W H I T E O U T

16d 5h 38m Salamence vs. Salamence. Ours wins.

16d 5h 37m Ricky's Salamence takes down Houndoom.

16d 5h 36m We challenge FAKE BORT RICKY to a battle.

16d 5h 35m We re-deploy Salamence, who takes down E-Thor's Venusaur. Only Breloom remains. We send out Houndoom who snatches victory with an OHKO Flamethrower. Electronic Thor defeated!

16d 5h 33m Salamence almost takes down #GenocidalGreninja, but OOPS FULL RESTORE. Salamence still takes down Greninja and nearly takes down Venusaur. We sloppily swap in Torterra, whom Venusaur vanquishes.

16d 5h 30m Salamence takes down Toxicroak. Thor sends out the Genocidal Greninja.

16d 5h 30m Toxicroak makes Samurott go night-night.

16d 5h 29m Mamoswine takes down Crobat and also destroys Thor's Nidoking. Mamoswine falls to Toxicroak.

16d 5h 26m His Crobat destroys Scolipede.

16d 5h 23m Wow, it's our buddy Thor!

[Snark] There's a lot of invisible walls in these hallways....

16d 5h 16m Thought we were going to make it through this match without whiting out? NOPE.

16d 5h 14m Though we still had Houndoom and Mamoswine? Greninja says NOPE.

16d 5h 12m Thought we still had Salamence? Greninja says NOPE.

16d 5h 9m No mas Scolipede.

[Info] The opponent's Crobat seems to be much more interested in eliminating Scolipede's Speed Boost every turn with Haze than actually attacking us. He has yet to do us damage.

16d 5h 2m His Crobot takes down Torterra.

16d 5h 0m We challenge Thor again.

16d 5h 0m [Fluff] Welcome back to the Digital World for an exciting new season of Digimon!

16d 4h 55m we ded yo

16d 4h 50m [Snark] Is this an Ash-Greninja with Max IVs?

16d 4h 50m Houndoom also falls to Greninja.

16d 4h 49m Samurott and Mamoswine fall to Greninja.

16d 4h 48m Scolipede is down. Torterra falls to Greninja. We start chucking balls because of course we do.

16d 4h 41m We challenge Leader Thor.

16d 4h 41m We've beaten both E4 Powell and Eusine.

16d 4h 41m Eusine's Milotic takes down Houndoom.

16d 4h 34m Vs. Electronic E4 Eusine. Torterra takes down Empoleon, Swampert, and Starmie. **Torterra falls to Milotic's Ice Beam.

16d 4h 31m [Meta] I missed the end of the battle, but it looks like we fainted. Our team is fully healed.

16d 4h 20m Back in the Matrix. Vs. Electronic E4 Powell. Scolipede takes down Raichu. Jolteon takes down Scolipede. Powell switches Jolteon for Magnezone. Magnezone and Torterra wage war for a bit, with enemy Magnezone barely scraping victory over Torterra.

16d 4h 14m Vs. Electronic E4 Powell! Houndoom takes down Raichu but falls to Electivire. Salmence cleans up Electivire, Jolteon, but falls to Rotom-W. White Out.

16d 4h 11m Salamence sweeps Wigglytuff, Smeargle, Lickilicky, Blissey, and Miltank. Computer Whitney defeated.

16d 4h 8m Our Scolipede takes down Whitney's Snorlax. Her Wigglytuff takes down Scolipede.

16d 4h 7m We immediately challenge Computer Whitney.

16d 4h 7m Salamence takes down Ivan's Seviper and Tentacruel. Meta E4 Ivan defeated.

16d 4h 4m Mamoswine cleans up. Dragalge. Ivan's Tentacruel takes down Mamoswine.

16d 4h 3m Samurott falls to Dragalge.

16d 4h 1m We re-challenge Faux Foe Ivan. His Scolipede takes down Torterra.

16d 4h 0m We re-challenge Faux Fox Ivan. His Scolipede takes down Torterra.

16d 3h 59m We re-enter the Matrix.

16d 3h 58m Our Salamence takes down Nidoqueen, but Poison Point inflicts us with Poison. Salamence sweeps Draglaage but falls to an Ice Beam from Tentacruel. White out.

16d 3h 56m Houndoom finishes off Scolipede but falls to Meta-Ivan's Nidoqueen.

16d 3h 55m Our Scolipede nearly wins, but Ivan uses a Full Restore at the last second. We get Ivan's down to crit health, but his knocks out our Scolipede at the last second.

16d 3h 54m We challenge the simulation of Elite Four Ivan. It's Scolipede vs Scolipede.

16d 3h 53m It's Salamence between Salamence. Ours wins against Claire's in a single hit. We also sweep her Garchomp and Dragonite. Claire defeated!!

16d 3h 51m Claire's Salamence burns and takes down Mamoswine.

16d 3h 50m Mamoswine takes down Haxorus. Kingdra uses Dragon Dance, then uses Rest to restore damage and wakes itself up with a Chesto Berry. Mamoswine eventually takes it down without taking damage.

16d 3h 48m Samurott takes down her Goodra but falls to Haxorus.

16d 3h 47m Claire's Goodra takes down Torterra.

16d 3h 46m We re-challenge Claire again.

16d 3h 45m [Chat] DuplexBeGreat: @Dayrunner79 These aren't rematch fights, it's a massive simulator with teams of all characters in the game

16d 3h 41m and also Salamence.

16d 3h 41m Claire's Kingdra takes down Mamoswine.

16d 3h 39m Houndoom and Samurott are down. We're in a rematch battle against Leader Claire.

16d 3h 34m [Bot] We heal

16d 3h 32m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 3h 31m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 3h 29m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 3h 28m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 3h 26m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 3h 25m [Bot] We heal

16d 3h 23m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 3h 21m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 3h 19m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 3h 15m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 3h 14m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 94!

16d 3h 13m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 3h 10m [Bot] We heal

16d 3h 8m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 3h 6m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 3h 1m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 2h 59m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 2h 58m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 2h 55m [Bot] We heal

16d 2h 55m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 2h 54m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 2h 51m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 2h 46m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 2h 45m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 2h 45m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 94!

16d 2h 44m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 2h 38m [Bot] We heal

16d 2h 36m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 2h 34m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 2h 31m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 2h 28m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 2h 26m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 2h 22m [Bot] We heal

16d 2h 22m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 2h 17m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 2h 13m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 2h 9m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 2h 7m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 2h 5m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 2h 4m [Bot] We heal

16d 2h 3m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 2h 0m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 1h 59m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 1h 57m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 1h 55m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 1h 53m [Bot] We heal

16d 1h 53m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 1h 52m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 1h 48m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 1h 47m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 1h 40m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 1h 39m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 1h 37m [Bot] We heal

16d 1h 35m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 1h 34m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 1h 31m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 1h 30m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 1h 27m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 1h 22m [Bot] We heal

16d 1h 21m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 1h 20m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 1h 16m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 93!

16d 1h 11m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 1h 10m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 1h 3m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 1h 2m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 93!

16d 1h 1m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 0h 58m [Bot] We heal

16d 0h 54m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 0h 49m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 0h 47m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 0h 45m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 0h 43m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 0h 40m [Bot] We heal

16d 0h 39m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 0h 32m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 0h 29m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 0h 27m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 0h 25m [Bot] We heal

16d 0h 25m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

16d 0h 21m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 0h 18m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

16d 0h 16m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

16d 0h 13m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

16d 0h 11m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

16d 0h 8m [Bot] We heal

16d 0h 7m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

16d 0h 6m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

[Info] Currently doing a Gym Leader rush, currently fighting Lief

16d 0h 0m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 23h 59m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 23h 57m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

15d 23h 52m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 23h 50m [Bot] We heal

15d 23h 47m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 23h 45m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 23h 43m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 92!

15d 23h 42m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

15d 23h 40m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 23h 37m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

15d 23h 31m [Bot] We heal

15d 23h 30m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 23h 28m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

15d 23h 24m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

15d 23h 22m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 23h 19m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 23h 13m [Bot] We heal

15d 23h 9m [Bot] We walk into Trainer Isle.

15d 23h 2m [Bot] Arrived in Stormy City.

15d 22h 57m And we're back!

15d 22h 57m Stream went offline!

15d 22h 44m [Bot] In Geminite River.

15d 22h 43m [Bot] In Geminite Village.

15d 22h 40m [Bot] Arrived in Seaspray Dam.

15d 22h 37m [Bot] Arrived in Seaspray Town.

15d 22h 34m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 20 Def-Eevee! No nickname. (Sent to Box #9)

15d 22h 9m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 20 Def-Eevee! No nickname. (Sent to Box #9)

15d 21h 44m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 20 Def-Eevee! No nickname. (Sent to Box #9)

15d 21h 35m [Bot] We heal

15d 20h 57m [Bot] Welcome to Serenity Isle.

15d 20h 49m [Bot] Aquired 1 Rawst Berry(s)!

15d 20h 48m [Bot] BLACKED OUT!

15d 20h 45m [Bot] In Darkwood Town.

15d 20h 40m [Bot] Arrived in Darkwood Grotto.

15d 20h 38m [Bot] We walk into Darkwood Town.

15d 20h 36m Vs Cobalion! (We must have killed Terrakion when I wasn't looking)

15d 20h 33m [Bot] Darkwood Grotto.

15d 20h 15m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted! Arrived in Darkwood Town.

15d 20h 13m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 20h 10m Vs Terrakion Again!

15d 20h 4m [Bot] Arrived in Darkwood Grotto.

15d 19h 57m We're fighting Terrakion again! This must be the fourth or fifth time. Oh, and we got booted back to the town again because we're cowards.

15d 19h 57m [Bot] Arrived in Darkwood Town.

15d 19h 55m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 19h 53m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 19h 52m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 19h 48m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Grotto.

15d 19h 46m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

15d 19h 44m [Info] We're in the Pokémon Center, playing with the PC. This causes UpdaterNeeded bot some consternation, thinking that we released a Pokémon when we pick it up with the movement hand, and thinking we re-acquire the Pokémon when we put it back down (because the Stream API doesn't give us details about Pokémon currently in the selection hand).

15d 19h 44m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 70 Haxorus! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #13)

15d 19h 38m [Bot] In Darkwood Town.

15d 19h 34m [Bot] Welcome to Waterfall Gorge.

15d 19h 31m [Bot] Welcome to Subfalls Cave.

[Snark] The stream's API is very slow to update...

15d 19h 27m [Bot] Caught a Lv. 34 Rotom-H! Nickname: TTTTTTTTTT (Sent to Box #9)

15d 19h 25m After that 45 minutes of running around in the grass to find a single Rotom-H, our next encounter just now is another Rotom-H... RNG moves in mysterious ways...

[Info] We caught the Rotom-H, but the Stream API is slow to update...

[Chat] @Melia_Antiqua won the caught #479 Rotom's badge!

15d 19h 16m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 19h 13m We are now throwing all the balls at a wild Rotom-H. Who invited a haunted oven to the picnic?

[Chat] VenHur96 : "Day 15, I have been walking on this same friggin' patch of grass for the last 30 minutes by now. I think my mind is officially broken by now. I have yet to find Arceus. Send help. I have gone mad. Send help." - The Trainer.

[Chat] broke out into elongated "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"'s, either because we almost escaped the picnic hell here, or someone got a badge trade they didn't like. I'm honestly not sure which they care about more.

15d 18h 50m We've literally been running around in circles in this 2x4 patch of tall grass for the past half hour, running into the same Pokémon again and again. They probably just want us to leave them alone so they can finally have their picnic, but we keep nicking their guests.

15d 18h 49m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 30 Sandslash! Nickname: AAAA (Sent to Box #9)

15d 18h 19m [Bot] Welcome to Waterfall Gorge.

[Chat] @YugnatZero won the caught #634 Zweilous's badge!

15d 18h 11m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 36 Zweilous! Nickname: AAAAAAAAT (Sent to Box #8)

15d 18h 4m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

15d 18h 0m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 17h 57m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 39 Seviper! No nickname. (Sent to Box #7)

15d 17h 56m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

[Chat] @Addarash1 won the caught #680 Doublade's badge!

15d 17h 45m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 33 Doublade! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #7)

15d 17h 41m [Bot] Path Of Victory.

15d 17h 32m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 35 Misdreavus! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #7)

15d 17h 30m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 40 Zoroark! Nickname: AAAAAAATTT (Sent to Box #4)

15d 17h 10m [Bot] In Sinistrus Forest.

15d 17h 4m [Bot] Path Of Victory.

15d 16h 37m [Bot] We walk into Victory Road.

15d 16h 36m [Bot] We walk into Path Of Victory.

15d 16h 36m [Bot] Arrived in Tunod League.

15d 16h 30m [Bot] We walk into Espo Forest.

15d 16h 26m [Bot] We walk into Espo Clearing.

15d 16h 24m [Bot] Welcome to Southerly City.

15d 16h 18m [Bot] Cherrygrove City.

15d 16h 12m [Bot] Welcome to Route 29.

15d 16h 11m [Bot] In New Bark Town.

15d 16h 10m [Bot] Arrived in Route 27.

15d 16h 10m [Bot] We walk into Route 49.

15d 16h 9m [Bot] Johto Sea Floor.

15d 16h 9m [Bot] Arrived in Route 49.

15d 16h 7m [Bot] Johto Sea Floor.

15d 16h 7m [Bot] Arrived in Route 49.

15d 16h 6m [Bot] Arrived in Johto Sea Floor.

15d 16h 5m [Bot] Arrived in Route 49.

15d 16h 2m [Bot] Aquired 1 Hp Up(s)!

15d 16h 1m [Bot] Arrived in Johto Sea Floor.

15d 15h 56m [Bot] Arrived in Route 49.

15d 15h 56m [Bot] Welcome to Johto Sea Floor.

15d 15h 55m [Bot] In Route 49.

15d 15h 53m [Bot] Johto Sea Floor.

15d 15h 51m [Bot] Route 49.

15d 15h 51m [Bot] Welcome to Johto Sea Floor.

[Snark] I see nothing wrong there.

15d 15h 50m [Bot] In Route 49.

15d 15h 49m [Bot] We walk into Johto Sea Floor.

15d 15h 46m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 91!

[Snark] Easy come, easy go.

15d 15h 44m [Bot] We aquired -26521 Escape Rope, -26521 Red Shard, -26521 Root Fossil, -26521 Sea Incense, -26521 M. Ball Top, -26521 Pp Up, -26503 Glazed Donut, -26521 Focus Band, -26521 Fire Stone, -26517 Sun Stone, -26517 Dusk Stone, and -26507 Trade Stone.

15d 15h 44m [Bot] We aquired 26521 Escape Rope, 26521 Red Shard, 26521 Root Fossil, 26521 Sea Incense, 26521 M. Ball Top, 26521 Pp Up, 26503 Glazed Donut, 26521 Focus Band, 26521 Fire Stone, 26517 Sun Stone, 26517 Dusk Stone, and 26507 Trade Stone.

15d 15h 42m [Bot] Welcome to Route 49.

15d 15h 41m [Bot] We walk into Johto Sea Floor.

15d 15h 41m [Bot] Welcome to Route 49.

15d 15h 40m [Bot] Arrived in Route 27.

15d 15h 40m [Bot] Johto Gatehouse.

15d 15h 39m [Bot] In Route 27.

15d 15h 38m [Bot] Welcome to New Bark Town.

15d 15h 34m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

15d 15h 2m [Bot] Bought 8 Trade Stone(s)!

15d 14h 59m [Bot] Bought 3 Dusk Stone(s)!

15d 14h 57m [Bot] Bought 3 Sun Stone(s)!

15d 14h 29m [Bot] Arrived in Goldenrod City.

15d 14h 29m [Bot] Arrived in Johto Gatehouse.

15d 14h 27m [Bot] We walk into Route 35.

15d 14h 27m [Bot] In Johto Gatehouse.

15d 14h 24m [Bot] Welcome to National Park.

15d 14h 23m [Bot] Arrived in Johto Gatehouse.

15d 14h 22m [Bot] We walk into Route 36.

15d 14h 21m [Bot] Route 37.

15d 14h 20m [Bot] We walk into Route 36.

15d 14h 18m [Bot] In Ecruteak City.

15d 14h 18m [Bot] We walk into Johto Gatehouse.

15d 14h 16m [Bot] In Route 38.

15d 14h 11m [Bot] Welcome to Route 39.

15d 14h 5m [Bot] Olivine City.

15d 14h 5m [Bot] Welcome to Route 40.

15d 14h 3m [Bot] Welcome to Cianvine Bridge.

15d 14h 2m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted! Arrived in Route 40.

15d 13h 59m [Bot] We walk into Cianvine Bridge.

15d 13h 55m [Bot] In Cianwood City.

15d 13h 46m [Bot] Welcome to Cliff Edge Cave.

15d 13h 42m [Bot] Arrived in Route 47.

15d 13h 40m [Bot] We walk into Cliff Edge Cave.

15d 13h 30m [Bot] Route 47.

15d 12h 39m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 26 Zubat! Nickname: AAAABA.5’/ (Sent to Box #14)

15d 12h 29m [Bot] In Embedded Tower.

15d 12h 21m [Bot] We walk into Route 47.

15d 12h 18m [Bot] Cliff Edge Cave.

15d 12h 15m [Bot] Route 47.

15d 12h 12m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

15d 12h 11m [Bot] Welcome to Evergreen Town.

15d 12h 9m [Bot] Welcome to Olivine City.

15d 12h 1m [Bot] We walk into Johto Pokemart.

15d 12h 1m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 70 Seadra! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14) Olivine City.

15d 12h 1m [Bot] We walk into Route 40.

15d 11h 57m [Bot] Olivine City.

15d 11h 55m [Bot] Welcome to Route 40.

15d 11h 42m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 11h 38m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

15d 11h 32m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 11h 29m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 11h 24m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 11h 24m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 65 Gyarados! Nickname: AAAAABBBCC (Sent to Box #14)

15d 11h 10m [Bot] Arrived in Whirl Islands.

15d 11h 7m [Bot] Route 40.

15d 11h 0m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! In Olivine City.

15d 10h 52m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 10h 48m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

15d 10h 40m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 10h 36m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 10h 31m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 10h 14m [Bot] Welcome to Whirl Islands.

15d 10h 13m [Bot] We walk into Route 40.

15d 10h 13m [Bot] In Olivine City.

15d 10h 12m [Bot] Arrived in Route 40.

15d 10h 11m [Bot] In Cianvine Bridge.

15d 10h 10m [Bot] In Route 40.

15d 10h 2m [Bot] Olivine City.

15d 10h 1m [Bot] Johto Pokemart.

15d 10h 0m [Bot] In Route 40.

15d 9h 59m [Bot] BLACKED OUT!

15d 9h 55m [Bot] Welcome to Olivine City.

15d 9h 53m [Bot] Welcome to Route 39.

15d 9h 50m [Bot] In Route 38.

15d 9h 50m [Bot] In Johto Gatehouse.

15d 9h 48m [Bot] Ecruteak City.

15d 9h 46m [Bot] We walk into Route 37.

15d 9h 44m [Bot] We walk into Route 36.

15d 9h 43m [Bot] In Ecruteak City.

15d 9h 35m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

15d 9h 32m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 9h 29m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 9h 20m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 8h 46m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 47 Pikachu! No nickname. (Sent to Box #13)

15d 8h 34m [Bot] Aquired 1 Fire Stone(s)!

15d 8h 34m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 45 Haunter! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #13)

15d 8h 27m [Bot] Arrived in Brass Tower.

15d 8h 24m [Bot] We walk into Ecruteak City.

15d 8h 23m [Bot] In Route 37.

15d 8h 22m [Bot] We walk into Route 36.

15d 8h 21m [Bot] Welcome to Johto Gatehouse.

15d 8h 21m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 40 Nidorino! No nickname. (Sent to Box #13)

15d 8h 12m [Bot] National Park.

15d 8h 11m [Bot] In Johto Gatehouse.

15d 8h 6m [Bot] In Route 35.

15d 8h 6m [Bot] We walk into Johto Gatehouse.

15d 8h 3m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! We walk into Goldenrod City.

15d 7h 57m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 7h 33m [Bot] Aquired 1 Ruby(s)!

15d 7h 32m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

15d 7h 27m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 7h 25m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 7h 23m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 6h 42m [Bot] Arrived in Mt. Silver.

15d 6h 28m [Bot] In Goldenrod City.

15d 6h 27m [Bot] Arrived in Route 34.

15d 6h 26m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! Goldenrod City.

15d 6h 25m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 6h 24m And Red just swapped in Charizard

15d 6h 24m Torterra in, final Pokémon

15d 6h 22m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

15d 6h 21m Mamoswine in and takes out Lapras, Red sends in Venusaur

15d 6h 20m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

[Snark] I'm positive we can do it this time guys

15d 6h 18m Vs Red round 3 Half our team is fainted

15d 6h 11m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 58 Pupitar! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #13)

15d 6h 9m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 6h 7m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 55 Larvitar! Nickname: AUFE (Sent to Box #13)

15d 6h 1m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 92!

[Snark] What an original nickname Kappa

15d 6h 0m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 60 Garchomp! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #13)

[Info] Tustin2121 got the Garchomp badge

15d 5h 57m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 5h 54m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 5h 54m Chat really wants this Garchomp

15d 5h 42m [Bot] Arrived in Mt. Silver.

15d 5h 42m [Bot] Goldenrod City.

15d 5h 40m [Bot] Arrived in Mt. Silver.

15d 5h 32m [Bot] Goldenrod City.

15d 5h 30m [Bot] In Johto Gatehouse.

15d 5h 29m Somebody tries to give us something, but we don't have any room. They assure us that they won't be running off anywhere

15d 5h 28m [Bot] In Route 35.

15d 5h 28m [Bot] In Goldenrod City.

15d 5h 27m [Bot] We walk into Route 34.

15d 5h 26m That's enough gambling for now

15d 5h 15m In our despair, we turn to bad habits and head straight for the casino

15d 5h 14m Lapras attacks with Waterfall putting Mamoswine into the red, who responds with EQ which knocks out Lapras and brings in Snorlax. Snorlax tanks an EQ and Body Slams Mamoswine to oblivion

15d 5h 15m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! We walk into Goldenrod City.

15d 5h 15m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

15d 5h 13m Mamoswine is sent out, our final 'mon

15d 5h 13m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 5h 12m Lapras OHKOs Houndoom with Earthquake

15d 5h 11m Red uses Full Restore

15d 5h 11m Houndoom is sent out

15d 5h 11m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

15d 5h 9m Blastoise down, he only has 2 Pokémon remaining to Ahuni's 3. He sends out Lapras

15d 5h 9m Vs Red again, currently facing his Blastoise, Salamance out

15d 5h 9m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 5h 7m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 5h 2m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 4h 43m [Bot] Mt. Silver.

15d 4h 35m [Bot] In Goldenrod City.

15d 4h 35m [Bot] We walk into Johto Gatehouse.

15d 4h 7m [Bot] Goldenrod City.

15d 4h 6m [Bot] In Route 34.

[Snark] Red's part of the E4 now

15d 4h 4m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #16. Welcome to Goldenrod City.

15d 4h 4m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

15d 4h 2m Snorlax nearly goes down but Red uses a full restore

15d 4h 1m Mamoswine sent in, she's our final Pokémon

15d 4h 0m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 3h 56m Meanwhile Snorlax continues tanking our attacks and healing by using Slack Off and leftovers as we throw Premier balls

15d 3h 56m Torterra in

15d 3h 54m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

15d 3h 52m Blastoise sent in as Houndoom uses Roar then repeats it to bring Snorlax back out

15d 3h 52m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

15d 3h 50m Currently fighting Red, 3 of his Pokémon have fainted as he sends out Snorlax

15d 3h 49m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 3h 47m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 3h 43m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 58 Gabite! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #13)

15d 3h 32m [Bot] In Mt. Silver.

15d 3h 29m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

15d 3h 6m And now we're gambling.

[Chat] tppsimulator you noobs
Demyzio : I heard yoiu liek... Zoroark? Kappa

15d 2h 59m We speak with a woman, who asks us to guess what the Pokémon standing next to her is. It's clearly a Mudkip, but we guess everything but that at first. Then when we guess that, the Mudkip turns into a Zoroark, and she says that we're wrong again. Chat WutFaces.

15d 2h 53m We return to Golden Rod, but we can use the old rail station to return to Mt. Silver whenever we want... via old minecart... And we test that out a couple times just to be sure...

15d 2h 53m [Bot] We walk into Goldenrod City.

15d 2h 53m We use earthquake, and kill it... Red decides to stick around Mt. Silver, for whatever reason...

15d 2h 51m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

15d 2h 50m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

[Snark] This Heatran is specifically female, GlitcherRed.

15d 2h 48m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 2h 46m RED SPEAKS! It takes more than a Volcano to kill Red... VS HEATRAN!

15d 2h 45m We approach a parapet on which we can see Lance and someone beyond him...

15d 2h 40m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

15d 2h 24m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 55 Donphan! Nickname: BBPPPPQQQQ (Sent to Box #13)

15d 2h 20m Oh, yeah, we spoke to Lance in the rail station, and we're now in a volcanic Mt. Silver. Lance has rushed ahead already.

15d 2h 19m [Bot] Arrived in Mt. Silver.

15d 2h 10m Healed! Checkpoint, Goldenrod City!

15d 2h 7m [Bot] Goldenrod City.

15d 2h 5m [Bot] Route 34.

15d 2h 5m [Bot] Arrived in Johto Gatehouse.

[Chat] tpp @YungFarid won the caught #251 Celebi's badge!

15d 1h 55m [Bot] Caught a Lv. 50 Celebi! Nickname: ATTTTTTTTT (Sent to Box #13)

15d 1h 53m Vs Celebi!

15d 1h 47m We're now in the Ilex Forest, which looks very good for having been basically burnt to the ground a few days ago. Everything's quite green again.

[Snark] Why we didn't allow the Bot to update during that Kurt visit...

15d 1h 44m Now we're in the Poké Center, playing with the PC.

15d 1h 44m We're outside in the rain now.

15d 1h 43m Current Ball Count: 703

15d 1h 34m Current Ball Count: 607

15d 1h 21m Current Ball Count: 510

15d 1h 13m After collecting 430 Premier Balls, we step aside and walk off the cramps.

[Donation] $20.00 from michaelno1: "tppPoké Ball Jebaited Look it's raining Poké Balls!"

15d 0h 52m Current Ball count: 263

15d 0h 46m We pause for a breather at 216 Premier Balls.

15d 0h 40m We have 158 Premier Balls and are now examining Kurt's house to see if there's a way we can just step into the Premier Ball demiplane ourselves and pick up the balls in bulk or something.

15d 0h 33m We've reached 82 Premier Balls and stepped aside for a breather.

[Snark] Alright, that's enough for now, mr. bot.

15d 0h 27m [Bot] Aquired 4 Premier Ball(s)!

15d 0h 27m [Bot] Aquired 4 Premier Ball(s)!

15d 0h 26m [Bot] Aquired 3 Premier Ball(s)!

15d 0h 26m [Bot] Aquired 4 Premier Ball(s)!

15d 0h 26m [Bot] Aquired 3 Premier Ball(s)!

15d 0h 25m Saved!

15d 0h 25m Finally inside Kurt's house. He's waiting for us with an infinite supply of Primer Balls.

15d 0h 21m We're strolling around Azalea, allegedly acquiring a new plethora of balls to go Legendary hunting.

15d 0h 20m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

15d 0h 19m [Bot] Aquired 1 Wht Apricorn(s)!

15d 0h 16m [Bot] In Azalea Town.

15d 0h 16m [Bot] Route 33.

15d 0h 11m Happy Day 16.

15d 0h 10m [Bot] In Union Cave.

14d 23h 59m [Bot] We walk into Route 32.

14d 23h 59m [Bot] Arrived in Violet City.

14d 23h 59m [Bot] Johto Pokemart.

14d 23h 55m [Bot] Arrived in Violet City.

14d 23h 55m [Bot] We walk into Johto Gatehouse.

14d 23h 51m [Bot] Welcome to Route 31.

14d 23h 50m [Bot] Arrived in Dark Cave.

14d 23h 48m [Bot] We walk into Route 31.

14d 23h 44m [Bot] Welcome to Route 30.

14d 23h 43m [Bot] Cherrygrove City.

14d 23h 37m [Bot] Route 49.

14d 23h 25m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 90!

14d 23h 19m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 23h 16m [Bot] Arrived in Victory Road.

14d 23h 14m We meet Lance, and he tells us that he needs our help with Red and Mt. Silver. And he tells us to meet him at Goldenrod's closed rail station.

14d 23h 13m [Bot] Johto League.

14d 23h 10m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

[Info] Scolipede was at 2HP (which reduced to 0% HP to the bot), but just now a Delibird's present healed her up.

14d 22h 58m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 22h 23m [Bot] In Victory Road.

14d 22h 20m [Bot] Welcome to Johto League.

14d 22h 19m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

14d 22h 18m [Bot] Route 49.

14d 22h 16m [Bot] Arrived in Victory Road.

14d 22h 12m [Bot] Welcome to Route 49.

14d 22h 9m [Bot] In Johto Sea Floor.

14d 22h 6m [Bot] Route 49.

14d 22h 5m [Bot] Route 27.

14d 22h 3m [Bot] In New Bark Town.

14d 22h 2m [Bot] We walk into Route 49.

[Info] WE'RE OUT OF BALLS! We ran through all 1000 of the balls we had earlier!

14d 22h 0m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 21h 57m [Bot] We walk into Victory Road.

14d 21h 54m [Bot] Route 49.

14d 21h 51m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 45 Mantine! Nickname: HHHHHHHHBB (Sent to Box #13)

14d 21h 46m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 21h 37m [Bot] In Johto Sea Floor.

14d 21h 34m [Bot] Arrived in Route 49.

14d 21h 33m [Bot] We walk into Johto Sea Floor.

14d 21h 32m [Bot] Route 49.

14d 21h 32m [Bot] Johto Sea Floor.

14d 21h 28m [Bot] Arrived in Route 49.

14d 21h 26m [Bot] Route 27.

14d 21h 22m [Bot] Welcome to New Bark Town.

[Info] We now have 4/6 party members in the 100 club!

14d 21h 19m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has grown to Level 100!

14d 21h 18m [Bot] In Route 29.

14d 21h 17m [Bot] In New Bark Town.

14d 21h 15m [Bot] Route 31.

14d 21h 8m [Bot] In Route 30.

14d 21h 7m We jump into the plane (that has the wrong perspective for an overworld object) and Fly to Johto! Then make a return trip to Tunod! Then fly back to Johto!

14d 21h 6m [Bot] Arrived in Cherrygrove City.

14d 21h 5m [D] We fly to Southerly City! [A] And head to the airport.

14d 20h 58m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Town.

14d 20h 58m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Grotto.

14d 20h 57m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) learned Roar over Dark Pulse!

14d 20h 54m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

14d 20h 53m We ran! And got kicked to the curb! I guess that's one way to make sure Terrakion doesn't fall...

14d 20h 53m [Bot] In Darkwood Town.

14d 20h 52m Terrakion is almost dead, mostly due to his own recoil from Takedown.

14d 20h 52m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 20h 50m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 20h 48m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 20h 45m Vs Terrakion, Take 4!

14d 20h 44m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Grotto.

14d 20h 43m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! We walk into Darkwood Town.

14d 20h 43m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 20h 41m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

14d 20h 39m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

14d 20h 38m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 20h 37m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 20h 33m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 20h 30m Vs Terrakion, Take 3!

14d 20h 28m [Bot] In Darkwood Grotto.

14d 20h 28m [Bot] Darkwood Town.

14d 20h 27m [Bot] We walk into Waterfall Gorge.

14d 20h 25m Healed at a Poké Center!

14d 20h 24m [Bot] Darkwood Town.

14d 20h 24m We ran, and got kicked back to the Poké Center...

14d 20h 20m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

14d 20h 17m We're back in the cave with the Swords of Justice! Virizion has not reappeared... Vs Terrakion!

14d 20h 16m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Grotto.

14d 20h 12m [Bot] We walk into Darkwood Town.

14d 20h 11m [Bot] Welcome to Waterfall Gorge.

[Info] We only have 1 partial stack of Primer Balls left...

14d 20h 6m We run from Terrakion, and he kicks us hard back to the Poké Center... calling us cowards.

14d 20h 6m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Town.

[Fluff] He? Did you just assume its gender?

14d 20h 3m And we defeat Virizion... VS Terrakion! He's pissed at us!

14d 20h 1m We have Verizon Virizion at a sliver of health after a few too many dark pulses...

14d 20h 1m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 19h 58m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 19h 57m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 19h 54m VS Virizion... #3?

14d 19h 49m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Grotto.

14d 19h 48m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

14d 19h 48m We run. The Swords of Justice kick us back to the Pokémon Center (without whiting out).

14d 19h 48m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Town.

14d 19h 45m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 19h 41m VS Virizion!

14d 19h 38m [Bot] Darkwood Grotto.

14d 19h 36m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! In Darkwood Town.

14d 19h 34m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

14d 19h 32m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 19h 28m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 19h 26m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 19h 23m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 19h 18m [Bot] We walk into Darkwood Grotto.

14d 19h 14m [Bot] Welcome to Darkwood Town.

14d 19h 6m [Bot] Arrived in Peaks Of Alpha.

14d 19h 4m [Bot] In Alpha Isle.

14d 18h 58m [Bot] We walk into Rankor Port.

14d 18h 57m [Bot] Welcome to Reign Isle.

14d 18h 54m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

14d 18h 39m [Bot] We walk into Reefen Isle.

14d 18h 35m [Bot] We walk into Rankor Port.

[Chat] Rjri: one day someone unknown with "doctor" in the name will win a badge and #DoctorWHO will be relevant Kappa

[Fluff] It's also a good thing we whited out, considering how hard it is to get to this Island in the first place.

[Fluff] On the plus side, that means Rayquaza didn't vanish, right? It also means that we can go visit Kurt for 1000 more Premier balls.

14d 18h 24m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! Kolo Isle.

[Chat] tppsimulator: We'll probably faint to Rayquaza Kappa

[Fluff] Rayquaza doesn't even have its own music.

14d 18h 22m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

[Info] We only have 2 stacks of Primer Balls left!

14d 18h 18m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 18h 14m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 18h 12m We try to throw half a master ball at it, but it doesn't work, so we revert to throwing all of the whole balls we have at it.

14d 18h 11m Vs Rayquaza!

14d 18h 10m We're standing in front of a floating Rayquaza!

14d 18h 1m [Bot] We walk into Embedded Tower.

14d 18h 1m [Bot] We walk into Route 47.

14d 18h 0m [Bot] In Embedded Tower.

14d 17h 51m [Bot] We walk into Route 47.

14d 17h 49m [Bot] Arrived in Cliff Edge Cave.

14d 17h 47m [Bot] Welcome to Route 47.

14d 17h 46m [Bot] Arrived in Evergreen Town.

14d 17h 45m [Bot] Welcome to Johto Pokemart.

14d 17h 38m [Bot] In Evergreen Town.

14d 17h 37m [Bot] Rankor Sea Floor.

14d 17h 37m [Bot] Arrived in Reefen Isle.

14d 17h 36m [Bot] Welcome to Rankor Port.

14d 17h 23m [Bot] In Nitro Isle.

14d 17h 17m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 17h 14m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 16h 46m [Bot] We walk into Mt. Dyno.

14d 16h 45m [Bot] We walk into Nitro Isle.

14d 16h 4m [Bot] We walk into Mt. Dyno.

14d 16h 1m [Bot] In Nitro Isle.

14d 15h 53m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

14d 15h 49m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

14d 15h 44m [Bot] We walk into Kolo Isle.

[Info] We just failed in catching Articuno

14d 15h 38m [Bot] Arrived in Mt. Frozon.

14d 15h 37m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 15h 36m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 15h 33m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

14d 15h 32m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 15h 31m [Bot] Kolo Isle.

14d 14h 56m [Bot] Welcome to Mt. Frozon.

14d 14h 52m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

14d 14h 46m [Bot] In Kolo Isle.

14d 14h 45m [Bot] Arrived in Nitro Isle.

14d 14h 44m [Bot] Welcome to Kolo Isle.

14d 14h 41m [Bot] Arrived in Rankor Port.

14d 14h 34m [Bot] Arrived in Olcan Isle.

14d 14h 18m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

14d 14h 8m [Bot] Mt. Tritorch.

14d 13h 53m [Bot] We walk into Olcan Isle.

14d 13h 35m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 91!

14d 13h 25m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 13h 20m [Bot] Welcome to Mt. Tritorch.

14d 13h 12m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 52 Arcanine! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #13)

14d 13h 5m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 54 Magmar! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #13)

14d 13h 2m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 12h 56m [Bot] Olcan Isle.

14d 12h 54m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

14d 12h 33m [Bot] We heal

14d 10h 9m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 10h 2m [Bot] We walk into Rankor Ferry.

14d 10h 0m [Bot] Welcome to Rankor Port.

14d 10h 0m [Bot] We walk into Reign Isle.

14d 9h 56m [Bot] We walk into Rankor Port.

14d 9h 55m [Bot] Arrived in Alpha Isle.

14d 9h 51m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

14d 9h 21m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! Arrived in Alpha Isle.

14d 9h 18m [Bot] In Undersea Grotto.

14d 9h 16m [Snark] Rest In Space

14d 9h 16m Killed Deoxys.

14d 9h 11m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 9h 10m VS Deoxys!

14d 9h 7m [Bot] Alpha Isle.

14d 8h 51m [Bot] In Undersea Grotto.

14d 8h 50m [Bot] In Alpha Isle.

14d 8h 38m [Bot] Aquired 1 Focus Band(s)!

14d 8h 11m [Bot] We walk into Undersea Grotto.

14d 8h 8m [Bot] Alpha Isle.

14d 7h 50m [Bot] Undersea Grotto.

14d 7h 48m [Bot] Alpha Isle.

14d 7h 47m [Bot] Undersea Grotto.

14d 7h 44m [Bot] In Alpha Isle.

14d 7h 38m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 60 Crobat! Nickname: ALTTTTTTTT (Sent to Box #13)

14d 7h 20m [Bot] Caught a Lv. 70 Golurk! Nickname: AATMMMMMMM (Sent to Box #13)

14d 7h 16m [Bot] In Undersea Grotto.

14d 7h 16m [Bot] Arrived in Alpha Isle.

14d 7h 14m [D] We killed it. In democracy.

14d 7h 9m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 7h 5m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

14d 7h 5m We're throwing all the balls at a wild Golurk down here.

14d 7h 3m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 7h 0m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 6h 46m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 70 Haxorus! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #13)

14d 6h 43m [Bot] Undersea Grotto.

14d 6h 42m We're surfing on the land again. Apparently that's really easy to pull off.

14d 6h 41m [Bot] We walk into Alpha Isle.

14d 6h 39m [Bot] Peaks Of Alpha.

14d 6h 37m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! In Alpha Isle.

[Sign] "UNDERSEA GROTTO" "Beware of pitfalls!"

14d 6h 32m Saved!

[Snark] Undersea Grotto despite being above water... though we did technically surf into it...

14d 6h 31m [Bot] We walk into Undersea Grotto.

14d 6h 31m So, um, we're currently surfing on land.

14d 6h 28m [Bot] We walk into Alpha Isle.

14d 6h 14m [D] Demo visited us as we were staring down an Absol. We run.

14d 6h 10m Dejected and Legendary-less, we head down the mountain again...

14d 6h 8m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 6h 8m With Houndoom out front, we have the benefit of being able to absorb the handful of Psychic attacks---- AZELF USED EXPLOSION! It vanished...

14d 6h 7m We touch Virtute! Vs Azelf!

14d 6h 0m We defeated Mesprit thanks to an Icicle Crash from Mamoswine! Mesprit vanished!

14d 6h 0m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

14d 5h 54m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

[Fluff] *all the balls meaning the hundreds of Premier balls we have, which is not working out for our catch rate.

14d 5h 52m We start throwing all the balls!*

14d 5h 52m We manage to press our hand against Veritatem! Mesprit is here! Vs Mesprit!

[Info] "Acumen", "Virtute", and "Veritatem" are the three thin inscriptions on the rock, in that order.

[Correction] Taken back to where Uxie was.

14d 5h 41m We press our hand to "Accumen" again and get taken back to Uxie after distant pokeflute music plays. This happens twice.

14d 5h 39m We return to the Peaks of Alpha from our rock in the sky.

14d 5h 38m And we ran away! Uxie vanished.

14d 5h 38m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 5h 36m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 5h 31m We start throwing balls at it!

14d 5h 30m Vs Uxie!

14d 5h 30m We press our hand against the first one, and a distant pokeflute plays and suddenly we're teleported to a floating rock in the sky, and Uxie is here waiting for us!

14d 5h 29m There's a stone at the top here with three latin words on it. We were about to press our hand against one of them, but we decided not to commit to one of them...

14d 5h 28m We've arrived at the Peak of the Peaks of Alpha.

14d 5h 16m [Bot] In Peaks Of Alpha.

14d 5h 9m [Bot] Arrived in Alpha Isle.

14d 5h 3m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

14d 4h 55m Then, because that was so much fun, we sail right back to Rankor!

14d 4h 54m We sail on back to Johto!

14d 4h 51m We arrived at Reefen Island.

[Chat] There's a bunch of donut emojis in chat after that shopping spree.


14d 4h 48m We buy 10 Glazed Donuts!

14d 4h 46m We finally made it! Into the Glazed Donut shop! This is what the game has been leading up to, right???

[Info] According to the world map in the Poké Center, Rankor's islands are scattered about between Tunod and Johto.

14d 4h 33m Our bug doesn't stand a chance either... BLACK OUT!

14d 4h 32m He has a level 100 team this time, and starts off with Genesect! RIP Mamoswine!

14d 4h 32m Apparently we can rematch Soul... and are doing so!

[Fluff] Why the heck do they even give you the OPTION to skip the credits! The normal games have credits after every champion victory! Why doesn't this game?? I demand a refund!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ BOLD VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Fluff] RIP Credits 2017-2017

[Info] And we skip the credits...


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

14d 4h 20m Icicle Crash defeats Roserade! We beat Soul!!!

14d 4h 19m Roserade is hit by Earthquake and... hangs on! It restores a ton of HP with Giga Drain, but Mamoswine also holds on!

14d 4h 19m Soul's last Pokémon is a Roserade.

14d 4h 19m Mamoswine is brought in. We unbelievably get perfect inputs to use Earthquake immediately! Empoleon down!

14d 4h 18m Dragon Claw deals good damage, but Salamence is knocked out by another Ice Beam.

14d 4h 18m Dragon Claw takes out about 33% of Empoleon's HP; it hits back with Ice Beam and almost totally destroys us.

14d 4h 17m And now Soul brings in... a shiny Empoleon?!

14d 4h 17m Soul sends in a Hydreigon, which is swiftly defeated by Salamence.

14d 4h 16m Gliscor goes for GROOD strats instead of healing more; it inevitably faints to another Dragon Claw.

14d 4h 16m Salamence comes in and hits with Dragon Claw; Gliscor tanks it and uses Roost to heal off more than we dealt.

[Chat] is seriously displeased that every Pokémon he has seems to have Leftovers.

14d 4h 15m Genesect was taken out by Houndoom. A Gliscor came in and lost about half its HP to another attack before it took out Houndoom with Earthquake.

[Donation] $4.00 from c_steiner, no message.

14d 4h 13m Soul sends in a... Genesect?! Samurott is knocked out by another Thunderbolt!

14d 4h 12m Magmortar outspeeds Samurott as well and lands a super-effective Thunderbolt before going down to Surf.

14d 4h 12m Torterra is taken out by Magmortar's Psychic. Samurott comes in.

14d 4h 11m Magmortar outspeeds Torterra and deals incredible damage with Fire Blast. Torterra responds with a Rock Climb, but it's not quite enough.

14d 4h 11m Time to fight Soul again, attempt #2. Stay frosty.

14d 4h 10m We bump into a garbage bin roughly 800 times. Because we're champions at soul.

14d 4h 9m We enter the stadium again. Because we're champions at soul.

14d 4h 7m Scolipede uses Megahorn. And gets burned from Flame Body. And also dies to Fire Blast. Scolipede down, black out!

14d 4h 6m We bring in our level 99 Scolipede hoping it'll have a level 99 clutch, or... something.

14d 4h 6m Mamoswine down.

14d 4h 6m It doesn't work.

14d 4h 5m We make do with what we have: a lot of freaking Premier Balls. So we throw one at Magmortar.

14d 4h 5m Soul sends in a Magmortar. We have... a weakened Mamoswine.

[Fluff] Time for a new fourth wall, again.

14d 4h 5m We go into the stadium... Champion Soul wants to battle!

14d 4h 4m Chelle tells us that she's traveling the Hoenn region; she says we're not allowed to follow her because Hoenn doesn't exist in this game. Oh.

14d 4h 4m Tyranitar is defeated, Chelle defeated!

14d 4h 4m Skarmory is taken down by a second Icicle Crash; the last Pokémon to face is a weakened Tyranitar.

14d 4h 3m Mamoswine is below half health thanks to Skarmory's Brave Bird. We manage to get one more Icicle Crash in... it flinches!!

14d 4h 2m A Skarmory is brought it. Earthquake does about the same amount of damage it did to Rapidash if you multiply it by zero.

14d 4h 2m Chelle withdraws Tyranitar and sends in Rapidash... we predicted it and used Earthquake! Taken out immediately!

14d 4h 1m Chelle used a Full Restore, and the riot screen appeared for but a second.

14d 4h 0m Icicle Crash deals heavy damage to Tyranitar. It clutches... but flinches!

14d 4h 0m Mamoswine comes in and deals some decent damage with Ice Fang, but not enough for a 2HKO.

[Snark] Rare badge! catch!

14d 3h 58m Turns out we can't capture it. Tyranitar knocks out Salamence with Rock Slide!

14d 3h 58m Chelle sends out Tyranitar, causing a Sandstorm to appear. We try capturing it.

14d 3h 58m Garchomp is taken out; Chelle brings in a Greninja which gets outsped and OHKO'd.

14d 3h 57m Chelle sends in a Garchomp; it tanks a Fly attack and hits super hard with Outrage. 65/320 HP left on Salamence.

14d 3h 56m Salamence OHKO's Meganium with Fly.

14d 3h 55m Salamence gets it done with another Fly. Tye defeated! Chelle is up next. Salamence vs. Meganium.

14d 3h 55m Salamence outspeeds Espeon and knocks it out with a critical hit Fly. Flareon's the last opponent.

14d 3h 54m Salamence comes in and takes out Vaporeon and Leafeon with a few Dragon Claws.

14d 3h 52m Vaporeon comes in and takes massive damage from Dark Pulse, but knocks out Houndoom with Surf.

14d 3h 52m Houndoom comes in and takes out both Jolteon and Glaceon effectively.

14d 3h 50m Vaporeon Baton Passes to Jolteon; we try to capture that as well before it knocks out Samurott with Thunderbolt.

14d 3h 50m Samurott comes in to battle and we heal it with a water attack before trying to capture it.

14d 3h 49m ...Torterra then misses its next Rock Climb. Torterra fainted!

14d 3h 48m Two Rock Climbs can't get the job done as Vaporeon hits Torterra hard with Ice Beam and Surf... but Torterra hangs on with 4 HP!

14d 3h 46m We're fighting Tye again. Leafeon is swapped for Vaporeon against Torterra.

14d 3h 37m Back to the Pokémon Center - better luck next time!

14d 3h 36m Mamoswine fainted! We white out!

14d 3h 35m Greninja down!

14d 3h 35m Mamoswine takes out Meganium!

14d 3h 34m Fighting Chelle now - with only Mamoswine

14d 3h 34m We defeat tye!

14d 3h 34m EARTHQUAKE! Vaporeon fainted!

14d 3h 33m Vaporeon KOs our Houndoom. Houndoom Fainted!

14d 3h 33m Espeon down!

14d 3h 31m We're down to just Houndoom and Mamoswine

14d 3h 31m Glaceon OHKOS our level 100 Salamence. Salamence Fainted!

14d 3h 30m Flareon down!

14d 3h 29m Flareon OHKOS our Scolipede. Scolipede Fainted!

14d 3h 29m Critical Hit! Leafeon down!

14d 3h 28m Samurott fainted

14d 3h 28m Jolteon down!

14d 3h 27m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 3h 27m Torterra fainted

14d 3h 25m We walk into the Rankor champion arena and a couple of our hundreds of rivals are arguing over who should battle Soul first. We're now fighting them to cut ahead in line.

The bot seems to have this under control, sayonara amigos

14d 3h 23m [Bot] Arrived in Reign Isle.

14d 3h 22m We try to steal the Poké Ball several times, but our attempt at thievery is thwarted.

14d 3h 22m [Bot] We walk into Alpha Isle.

14d 3h 21m We exit the Pokémon Center after briefly re-arranging party positions at the PC

14d 3h 20m We turn on the PC

14d 3h 19m We enter the Pokémon Center

14d 3h 14m We are hugging trees

14d 3h 11m [Bot] In Reign Isle.

14d 3h 10m [Bot] Rankor Port.

14d 3h 4m We heard faint cries of Lugia and Ho-Oh heading towards different places in Johto...

14d 3h 3m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! In Alpha Isle.

14d 3h 3m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

14d 2h 51m The skies seem to be clear now... we head into the tall grass to try and black out quicker...

14d 2h 49m We're left now at the top of a mountain, with (270 x 4) steps to go before Salamence faints and we black out.

14d 2h 49m After a lot of plot happens, and a bunch of legendary Pokémon get released, Henri wishes us goodbye, and thanks us for all the memories.

14d 2h 48m The swords of justice appear, and release Lugia and Ho-Oh!

14d 2h 47m Lugia appears! And poisons Salamence! Two Dragon Claws take it out! We win and get called heathens!

14d 2h 46m Salamence vs Mega Lucario. We throw a Poké Ball at it, while it makes a nasty plot. Then we Dragon Claw it to death! Dragonite appears! And falls to another Dragon Claw!

14d 2h 45m Mamoswine vs Aura Sphere. RIP Mamoswine!

14d 2h 45m Houndoom vs Aura Sphere. Houndoom does not win that exchange...

14d 2h 44m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

14d 2h 44m Mega Lucario appears! We surf at it! It Aura Sphere's us! We don't stand a chance!

14d 2h 44m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 89!

14d 2h 44m Then, instead of attacking, it just does a swords dance, and dies to our surf.

14d 2h 43m Samurott vs Absol. Absol keeps creating Substitutes, which we just sweep away with surf.

14d 2h 42m If we get between them, they attack and shove us back! If we try and leave, Henri asks what we're doing. We engage Alpha Leader Pius!

[Fluff] In a cutscene reminiscent of Kyogre and Groudon!

14d 2h 41m We defeat the last man standing in the way from the top of the mountain! Ho-Oh and Lugia are fighting!

14d 2h 37m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 2h 34m [D] The whole place vibrates violently for a second, like something big just moved! What was that?! (Chat WutFaces)

14d 2h 32m [D] We type NOT ALONE... into an odd rock we find on the mountain here...

14d 2h 27m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 63 Absol! Nickname: ATTTAAAAMM (Sent to Box #14)

14d 2h 23m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has grown to Level 99!

14d 2h 22m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 60 Kangaskhan! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14)

[Fluff] Turns out, Torterra isn't fainted yet, it just has 2HP, which I guess simplifies to 0% HP in the bot.

14d 2h 14m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 2h 3m [Bot] We walk into Peaks Of Alpha.

14d 2h 2m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! Alpha Isle.

14d 2h 0m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

14d 1h 47m [D] We seem to be high above a forest on a mountain, the Peaks of Alpha, working our way past a lot of religious fanatics.

14d 1h 40m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

14d 1h 37m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

14d 1h 35m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

14d 1h 27m [Bot] Arrived in Peaks Of Alpha.

14d 1h 23m [Bot] We walk into Alpha Isle.

14d 1h 23m [Bot] Welcome to Peaks Of Alpha.

14d 1h 22m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 90!

14d 1h 0m [Bot] Alpha Isle.

[Meta] We'll be going dark for a little while. In the meantime, I leave you in the capable hands of our wonderful bot. Night ~

14d 0h 58m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

14d 0h 57m Took the ferry to Reign Isle.

[Correction] Pius was actually challenging Regina to a final battle at Alpha Peaks and give her the Lugia if she wins. Thanks Faith ~

14d 0h 54m We take the ski lift back down.

14d 0h 50m Party healed.

14d 0h 48m Seems we're making our way out on foot instead. Back in Koro Island, but it's now raining. Seems Articuno's disturbance has altered the weather patterns.

14d 0h 40m Inputs enabled.

14d 0h 39m We reverted to a save state. Inputs frozen.

14d 0h 39m Game frozen.

[Dev] Devs have been informed, working on it.

14d 0h 38m We just used dig and teleported to Articuno's room off the map.

14d 0h 37m [D] Scolipede uses Dig and returns us to.... nowhere?

14d 0h 37m Democracy activated at some point.

[Snark] That was the quickest cinematic and plot development ever. Watch back in slow motion to pick up anything you missed.

14d 0h 29m Pius captures Lugia in a Master Ball! He said he will give us Lugia if we come meet him at the Peaks of Alpha.

14d 0h 29m Pius turns up and beats up Articuno with his Dragonite. It flies into the waterfall and releases Lugia!

14d 0h 29m Moltres is knocked out by Ice Fang, Fusion Leader defeated!

14d 0h 27m Moltres is sent out. We hit it with an Icicle Crash and run out of PP!

14d 0h 27m Another Full Restore and Ho-oh is back to full health. But we hit back with two more Icicle Crashes and it goes down. Moltres is out next.

14d 0h 26m Mamoswine defrosts and hits Absol down! Ho-oh is sent out!

14d 0h 25m Houndoom is taken down by Absol, though she did get it into the red. Mamoswine is sent in.

14d 0h 25m Another Flamethrower, and it's down! Absol is up next.

14d 0h 24m We hit Zoroark with Flamethrower and get it down into the red. But a Full Restore is used and we're back to square one!

14d 0h 24m Vs. Fusion Boss Regina! She sends in Zoroark, we counter with Houndoom!

14d 0h 24m We've entered a snow room, and Regina has run up to us.

14d 0h 20m Samurott goes down to a wild Frosslass' Destiny Bond.

14d 0h 19m We're heading north, looks like another ice puzzle.

14d 0h 18m Anarchy activated!

14d 0h 16m [D] Beauty Isabella is defeated.

14d 0h 15m [D] Samurott grows to Lv. 88!

14d 0h 15m [D] We hit Clefable with Muddy Water, and it goes down.

14d 0h 14m [D] She sends in Clefable, we responds with Samurott.

14d 0h 14m [D] Vs. Beauty Isabella!

[Info] 55 minutes in anarchy and we get nowhere, 4 minutes in democracy and the puzzle is solved. #PraiseDome

14d 0h 13m [D] And we've made it!

14d 0h 12m [D] Now we're progressing through the puzzle.

14d 0h 8m Democracy enabled!

14d 0h 5m Democracy counter has activated.

13d 23h 59m Unbelievably we're still on the ice puzzle. Not much to report.

13d 23h 51m Scolipede went down to a wild Piloswine.

13d 23h 47m Our entire team was just frozen by the icy water.

13d 23h 43m Caught a female Lv. 58 Piloswine! Nickname: D

[Info] Team update. Torterra is fainted, Houndoom remains frozen and Scolipede is down to 81HP.

13d 23h 32m Caught a female Lv. 60 Frosslass! Nickname: AMUUUUUUUU

13d 23h 29m Torterra goes down to a wild Frosslass.

[Chat] Apparently a user's badges were just liquidated and the bot just gave out a whole bunch of badges.

13d 23h 23m tpp bot has just gone nuts

13d 23h 19m Stepped in more freezing water. Torterra is frozen.

[Chat] NotLikeThis

13d 23h 18m We've stepped in some freezing water. Houndoom is frozen!

13d 23h 17m We've reached the ice puzzle. And it's a big one.

13d 23h 17m Machamp goes down, Sensei Thu is defeated.

13d 23h 16m We switch to Scolipede while Sensei Thu sends in another Machamp.

13d 23h 15m Vs. Snesei Thu! He sends in Machamp, we counter with a severely weakened Torterra. But it OHKO's Machamp with a single Seed Bomb!

13d 23h 14m A wild Aggron reduces Torterra down to 8HP.

[Info] Torterra leaves the battle on just 44HP. The rest of the team are fully healed and ready to go.

13d 23h 9m Steelix goes down, Forst is defeated! He mentions an ice puzzle...

13d 23h 9m Steelix is hitting us with constant Earthquakes, which are slowly depleting Torterra's health.

13d 23h 9m Oh, another Steelix. This time Lv. 77.

13d 23h 8m And that's Steelix down.

13d 23h 7m We've managed to reduce Steelix's HP to the red, Torterra is hanging in there on 184HP.

[Snark] Well it's not my fault if it's spelt wrong. xP

[Correction] It's actually Mt. Frozon.

13d 23h 6m Judging by how slowly the HP bars are going down, I'd say this is going to take a while.

13d 23h 5m Alpinist Forst has challenged us. He sends in a Lv. 75 Steelix, we counter with Torterra.

13d 23h 5m We went down a hole. Entered Mt. Frozen.

13d 23h 3m Healed Pokémon at Koro Isle.

13d 23h 3m That's enough of that I guess. Back out in the snow.

13d 23h 2m We've entered a random house which is playing the Battle Tower music.

13d 23h 1m We briefly enter the gym, then exit it.

13d 22h 59m We ride the ski lift to Upper Koro.

13d 22h 57m Obtained TM14 Blizzard during the offline period.

13d 22h 57m Stream has had its 48 hour reset. The stream missed the item.

13d 22h 56m RIOT screen.

13d 22h 56m And we're back up again. And down.

13d 22h 56m We climb a rocky wall on the outskirts. And fall straight back down.

13d 22h 54m Still wondering around on the snowy island. We seem to be in a hurry.

13d 22h 52m Obtained the PP Up!

13d 22h 49m Arrived on Koro Island (finally)!

[Chat] GoldenEmotions : @FaithfulForce Can't we swim to the other isle? xD

[Snark] If I had a penny for every time I've had this guy say "Ahoy" to me I probably wouldn't be doing this job.

13d 22h 45m Yeah, we're still here. Navigating a menu is hard.

13d 22h 36m We've ferried somewhere else. And back again. This is one quick ferry.

13d 22h 36m We save.

13d 22h 33m We've ferried somewhere.

13d 22h 32m Seems we're still at the boat.

13d 22h 11m Currently Faffing about with the Boat and Pokedex.

[Fluff] I wonder what would happen if we actually did wait those three days. I'm guessing there's something else we need to do first.

[Chat] Melia_Antiqua: VoHiYo DAWN OF THE FIRST DAY: 72 HOURS REMAIN.

[Chat] Dux0000 : 3 days left in the run PogChamp

13d 21h 59m The lady tells us that the waiting list to face off against Soul is quite long. She pencils us in for three days from now!

[Info] He tells us that now that we have four punches on our Rankor Ticket, we can face off against the Champion, Soul!

13d 21h 54m He gives us a Rankor Ticket and gives us TM31 Brick Break

13d 21h 54m We send in Mamoswine and while he heals we use Earthquake to end the fight, Makunoucki down!

13d 21h 50m We now use Dragon Claw and defeat Gliscor, he sends his last mon who is Greninja (again not fighting!) We use Dragon Claw which take sit to the red and it KO's Salamence

13d 21h 49m He sends in Gliscor (not fighting type :o) and we Fly to do over half, he uses Ice Fang to put is on the red

13d 21h 49m We use Fly to also OHKO his Infernape and his next Shiny MAchamp is no different

13d 21h 47m We use Fly to OHKO Conkelldur too

13d 21h 46m Our Salamence vs his Blaziken, we use Fly to OHKO

13d 21h 45m Vs Leader Makunouchi

13d 21h 43m We send in Salamence who takes care of Chesnuaght, Scrafty and Gallade with minor damage, Muhammed down

13d 21h 37m He sends in Chesnuaght, we Surf and he sets up Bulk Up, We surf again and his Wood Hammer takes Samurott out

13d 21h 36m We send in Samurott to finish Emboar who lived with low hp, Emboar down

13d 21h 35m 3rd fight time, Scolipede defeats Poliwrath while he spammed Mind Reader, he now sends in Emboar, We use a Poison Jab and he nukes himself with Flare Blitz to take down Scolipede

13d 21h 33m We send Scolipede back and defeat Meinshao, 2nd fight done

13d 21h 32m We switch to Scolipede, defeat Breloom, and then we switch to Houndoom who faints to Hi Jump Kick

13d 21h 26m Houndoom stomps Meinshao, next Breloom is sent

13d 21h 26m Meinshao defeats Torterra to avenge Breloom

[Info] Specifically, we're fighting Boxer Muhammed. We have to fight him in 3 rounds. And apparently he can switch Pokémon between rounds.

13d 21h 24m Vs Another Boxer

13d 21h 24m Torterra beats this trainer's hitmon trio, just under half hp

13d 21h 21m Inside the gym, fighting a trainer

[Info] We're on Reign island, by the way, currently putzing around the place where we will fight the champion later.

[Pokedex] Charmander, the SEED Pokemon. Wait what?

13d 21h 11m We heal

13d 21h 10m Sycamore in a center gave a male level 20 Chespin, AA

[Correction] She punched a hole in our Rankor Ticket (which the professor gave us). It's the equivalent of getting a badge in Rankor.

13d 20h 55m We send in Samurott, 4 Flinches and a crit later we finally pull a Surf, she now used Struggle, we crit Surf to take her out! Sora defeated, she gave us a S.S Rankor ticket and TM04 Calm Mind

[Info] Only Samurott is left and the Jirachi is prob Choice Scarfed since it outsped Salamence with a 20 level difference (80 vs our 100)

13d 20h 52m She uses 2 Iron Heads to finish Salamence, and yes the 1st one flinched us

[Snark] Guys we already caught a Jirachi

13d 20h 51m She uses Iron Head again and Salamence Flinches, anther Iron Head and now we Dragon Claw, this time we flinch twice in a row until we finally KO it with Dragon Claw! Or so we thought, it survived with red hp and we throw a Priemer Ball while she heals

13d 20h 49m We send in Mamoswine and use Icicle Crash to avenge Scolipede, she sends in JIRACHI! She uses Iron Head and flinches us, another Iron Head takes us to red hp and we use Icicle Crash to do 1/4 to 1/3 not sure, Iron Head KO's Mamo

13d 20h 48m We send in Scolipede and use Megahorn to KO Slowking, she now sends in her Shiny Gardvoir, we miss Megahorn and Scolipede faints (Scoli was at red hp, sorry i misinformed)

13d 20h 47m She sends in Slowking and Crunch does more than 3/4, Scald beats Torterra

13d 20h 46m Gallade is next and we outspeed but ut survives with 1-3hp probably, we run out of EQ pp now so we use Crunch but she heals so we need another Crunch to kill

13d 20h 46m She sends Delphox and is greedy enough to use Calm Mind so we laugh and EQ to OHKO

13d 20h 45m Alakazam Vs Torterra, our party status is everyone full hp except torterra at almst half and houndoom fainted, Alakazam uses Moonblast and we use Earthquake to OHKO

13d 20h 44m VS Leader Sora

13d 20h 39m And the Lava Cookie, we then buy a Masterball top

13d 20h 38m We sold the metal coat and Charcoal

13d 20h 30m Demo on again

13d 20h 22m Demo end

13d 20h 21m Sold 11 leaf bait, mystic water, hp up, 3 blank cd, Silk scarf, max repel, a Hard Stone and 2 Shiny Stones

13d 20h 17m We sold Lucky Egg

13d 20h 15m We sell a DeepseaScale and a Kings Rock

13d 20h 14m We sell a Deepseatooth

13d 20h 13m We sell a Heart Scale and a Max Revive

13d 20h 12m We sell 5 Nuggets

13d 20h 11m We sell a Big Mushroom

13d 20h 7m We sell a Nevermelt Ice

13d 20h 2m Demo on

13d 19h 57m We're inside a shop that sells the Masterball's top half and bottom half for 50k each

13d 19h 51m We break out of the sewers and Poké Center and appear back on Alpha Island! Breath in that fresh air! It's snowing outside.

13d 19h 51m Outside the sewage

13d 19h 33m We catch a level 50 female Gyarados, AAAAAAAA___

[Fluff] wrong gen 1 water guys....

13d 19h 19m We catch level 50 male Golduck, AAAAAAAAAAA

13d 19h 19m Surfing around for a Gyarados

13d 19h 2m We catch a level 55 female Scolipede, GGGGGGGGG

[Fluff] Sora is also the name of an E4 member in the Rijon League, years after this game's time. I wonder if they're related...

[Fluff] Or he could've put the Kyogre back into its Poke Ball.

13d 18h 54m We heal

13d 18h 53m We surf up to a door at the top of the map... and walk out into a Poké Center! This... seems like a smelly way to make an entrance to a sewer...

[Fluff] He apologized for the rain earlier, as a side effect of owning a Kyogre. But now that he's gone... it's still raining.

13d 18h 52m He gives us Sora's Key which is the key for the Gym

13d 18h 51m We send in Mamoswine and use Icicle Crash, Will down

13d 18h 51m He sends in Raikou and we repeat Dclaw and he uses Tbolt, we survive at red hp, he uses Extreme Speed to finishoff Salamence

13d 18h 50m He sends in Gyarados, we use Claw and he sets up dd and unfortunately for him we're at level 100 while he's 78 so we kill him

13d 18h 49m We keep using Dragon Claw and he uses Flash Cannon, we eventually take it out

13d 18h 48m We send in Mamo then switch Mence to tank a Surf

13d 18h 47m We send in Mamoswine then switch out to Houndoom and faint to surf

13d 18h 46m Torterra beats Manectric but faints to Empoleon

13d 18h 45m Vs Will, Attempt #3

[Snark] It's the Charizard and his scream again.

13d 18h 39m We catch a male level 52 Seviper, AAAAAAAAA

13d 18h 30m We both go to red hp and then he heals, We Dark Pulse and he's back ay almost half, Extreme Speed = Whiteout

13d 18h 30m We send the doge and he uses Aura Sphere and we Dark Pulse, both attacks of almost half

[Info] Only Houndoom left

13d 18h 29m He hits us with EQ and we Surf to kill, now he sends in Raikou and Tbolt Samurott to death

13d 18h 28m We send in Samurott and he sets up more DD and we Surf

13d 18h 27m We use Dragon Claw and do half, Waterfall KO's Salamence

13d 18h 26m We use Earthquake and he Waterfalls, we EQ again and he sets up DD

13d 18h 26m He sends in the shiny Gyrados

13d 18h 26m We send in Salamence, we use 2 Dragin Claws and he used 2 Flash Cannons, he heals and we Earthquake to ohko it

13d 18h 24m We send in Mamoswine and use Icicle Crash, we are rewarded with A Surf and a OHKO

13d 18h 23m His Empoleon beats Scolipede

13d 18h 23m We send in Scolipede to beat Manectric

13d 18h 22m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

13d 18h 22m VS Will Attempt #2, Torterra used Seed Bomb on Politoad to become level 100

13d 18h 22m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 100!

13d 18h 22m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 51 Golbat! Nickname: AAAAAOOOPT (Sent to Box #14)

13d 18h 15m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 49 Golbat! No nickname. (Sent to Box #14)

13d 18h 7m Caught a female Lv. 49 Scrafty! Nickname: AAAMGGGGGG (Sent to Box #14)

[Chat] @lukerbom12 won the caught #560 Scrafty's badge!

13d 17h 56m We try and pick up a Poison Barb we found down a hidden path, but our bag is full...

[Fluff] Why is it raining in the sewer? Or is that supposed to be drippings from the ceiling? .........ew..........

13d 17h 47m We BLACK OUT! We can't escape the sewer level...

13d 17h 47m Raikou takes Samurott out

13d 17h 46m We clutched hard and took out the Gayrados--WILL HAS A RAIKOU!

[Info] Only Samurott left

13d 17h 44m Will has a Shiny Gyarados! Show off! Our Salamence falls to it!

13d 17h 43m Mamoswine falls to his Politoed's surf! (Before its Perish Song could get to it...)

13d 17h 41m And we're fighting Gym Guardian Will! Who tells us he'll beat us so hard we won't be able to tell our ass from our elbow! (Literally his words)

13d 17h 41m We're in a place of the sewer where Kyogre is chilling in the water!

13d 17h 37m Houndoom falls.

13d 17h 35m Scolipede has fainted.

13d 17h 33m Scolipede is now level 98! 2 to go!

13d 17h 33m Torterra fainted!

[Snark] Don't forget, we're here forever.

13d 17h 13m Houndoom faints, whiteout to start of this sewage

13d 17h 13m Salamence faints due to poison and damage from Scarfty

13d 17h 9m Samurott and Mamoswine faint while trying to catch a Scarfty

13d 17h 3m Scolipede faints

[Chat] WutFace (as we walk into a secret passage)

13d 16h 52m We catch a male level 55 Toxicroak, AAAAAAMM

[Chat] @FaithfulForce won the caught #454 Toxicroak's badge!

Chat responds with #who

13d 16h 48m Salamence beats the Jolteon and the trainer

13d 16h 46m Torterra faints to a trainer's Jolteon and the wild mon before it

[Fluff] Bad leakage?

[Snark] Oh, and it's raining. I wonder how.

[Info] We seem to be in a sewer with Mt. Moon music playing.

13d 16h 38m We try to heal but fall inside a trap

[Info] Music of that "gym?" house: Battle Arena from Emerald

13d 16h 19m We leave

13d 16h 18m Inside what i presume is a gym

[Info] Music of Church: Battle Pyramid from Emerald

13d 16h 12m We choose all three options he has and nothing plot important happens

[Snark] Didn't know Team Plasma's influence reached way out here.

13d 16h 7m Inside Alpha Church, the guy says we have to release our mon to cleanse our sins

[Fun Fact] The only Electric move our party members can learn is Thunder Fang, which probably isn't even in this hack.

[Info] That was just after Demo ended

[Fluff] Good thing it wasn't compatible with our team

13d 15h 51m We sell TM24 Thunderbolt for 1500 Pokédollar

13d 15h 46m We change some move orders

13d 15h 37m We fix the text speed

13d 15h 30m We reteach EQ and delete Roar

13d 15h 27m Demo on

13d 15h 26m We teach Torterra Roar instead of Earthquake accidentally

13d 15h 18m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 60 Magikarp! No nickname. (Sent to Box #14)

13d 15h 9m [Bot] We walk into Alpha Isle.

13d 15h 0m Trying to take a boat to take us to Alpha Isle

[Snark] 3rd gen problems :(

13d 14h 47m We try to pick a pp up but or bag is full

13d 14h 41m We heal

[Fluff] Is Flygon even in the hack?

13d 14h 33m We leave the gym

[Info] No Flygon in his team even if it's sprite was in the overworld....

13d 14h 29m Another Icicle Crash to his Haxorus and we win. TM35 obtained, Flamethrower We had it before but apparently we have it twice now

13d 14h 26m The same fate happens with his Dragonite

13d 14h 26m He sends in Charizard and we crit Icicle Crash to beat it

13d 14h 25m We miss Icicle Crash and he uses Flamethrower to do almost half, another Icicle Crash ends it

13d 14h 24m He sends in Shiny Goodra!

13d 14h 24m We send Mamoswine and EQ to kill Kingdra

13d 14h 24m Kingdra is sent out, he uses Ice Bcam and we survive with 10hp, we Rock Climb and confuse it, it then uses Draco Metoer and Torterra down

13d 14h 23m HE hits us with Fire Fang and we miss Rock Climb, he sets up DD again and this time our Rock climb does half, and makes him confuse, he hits himself and another Rock climb beats it

13d 14h 21m He sets up DD and we Earthquake

13d 14h 21m Vs Ricky, Torterra vs his Salamence

13d 14h 20m In front of Ricky again, attempt #2

13d 14h 1m We use Dragon Claw on his Kingdra and it survives with 1 hp, Ice beam and we fall

13d 14h 1m Dragon Claw OHKO's his Salamence and Haxorus so far

13d 14h 0m He sends his own Salamence and Intimidate :(

13d 14h 0m Vs Ricky the gym leader, we have 4 Dragon Claw's left and he has 6 mon, lets see if we can still win

13d 13h 55m Salamence cleans up this trainer's trash

13d 13h 52m Another trainer's Hydreigon KO's Houndoom

13d 13h 47m Garchomp KO's Samurott

13d 13h 45m Salamence beats up this Dragonite

13d 13h 43m Dragonite also KO's Mamoswine with Outrage and the previous trainer's Dragonite's Outrage

13d 13h 42m 3rd trainer's Dragonite KO's Torterra with a few Outrage's

13d 13h 37m We fight another trainer, he uses a Garchomp and used Dig but we used EQ with Torterra and the double damage let us OHKO it! And the best part? HE DID IT AGAIN WITH HIS SECOND CHOMP! EleGiggle

13d 13h 34m Scolipede faints to a Dragonite, Mamoswine beats it

13d 13h 33m Inside the Gym, looks like the ice town's leader uses dragon type Pokémon BrokeBack

13d 13h 24m [Bot] Arrived in Kolo Isle.

13d 13h 20m [Bot] Nitro Isle.

13d 13h 17m [Bot] We walk into Kolo Isle.

13d 13h 13m [Bot] Rankor Port.

13d 13h 11m [Bot] We walk into Reefen Isle.

13d 13h 11m [Bot] Rankor Sea Floor.

13d 13h 10m [Bot] Arrived in Rankor Port.

13d 13h 9m [Bot] Welcome to Evergreen Town.

13d 13h 8m [Bot] Rankor Sea Floor.

13d 13h 8m [Bot] Arrived in Evergreen Town.

13d 13h 8m [Bot] Rankor Sea Floor.

13d 13h 2m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

13d 13h 1m [Bot] In Kolo Isle.

13d 12h 59m [Bot] Welcome to Rankor Port.

13d 12h 57m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

13d 12h 49m [Bot] Arrived in Nitro Isle.

13d 12h 34m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 89!

13d 12h 30m [Bot] In Mt. Dyno.

13d 12h 29m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 55 Golbat! Nickname: AAMMMAAAAA (Sent to Box #14) Nitro Isle.

13d 12h 27m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

13d 12h 25m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 87!

13d 12h 0m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

13d 11h 52m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

13d 11h 34m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 61 Electabuzz! Nickname: TTMGAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14)

[Chat] @FaRTeRBaRKeR won the caught #125 Electabuzz's badge!

13d 11h 31m [Bot] Mt. Dyno.

13d 11h 31m [Bot] We walk into Nitro Isle.

13d 11h 30m [Bot] In Mt. Dyno.

13d 11h 28m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

13d 11h 22m [Bot] Nitro Isle.

13d 11h 22m [Bot] Arrived in Rankor Port.

13d 11h 21m [Bot] Welcome to Nitro Isle.

13d 11h 19m [Bot] Rankor Port.

13d 11h 8m [Bot] Aquired 1 Tm06 Toxic(s)!

13d 11h 4m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

13d 11h 3m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

13d 11h 2m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

13d 10h 36m [Bot] BLACKED OUT!

13d 10h 34m [Bot] We walk into Nitro Isle.

13d 10h 33m [Bot] Arrived in Rankor Port.

13d 10h 15m [Bot] Nitro Isle.

13d 10h 12m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

13d 10h 4m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 86!

13d 10h 3m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 58 Galvantula! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14)

13d 10h 2m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

13d 9h 53m [Bot] Mt. Dyno.

13d 9h 49m [Bot] Aquired 1 Light Ball(s)!

13d 9h 46m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

13d 9h 44m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 98!

13d 9h 40m [Bot] In Nitro Isle.

13d 9h 40m [Bot] Welcome to Mt. Dyno.

13d 9h 39m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

13d 9h 34m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

13d 9h 32m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

13d 9h 29m [Bot] Arrived in Nitro Isle.

13d 9h 28m [Bot] In Rankor Port.

13d 9h 27m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! In Olcan Isle.

13d 9h 24m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

13d 9h 3m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 51 Larvesta! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14)

13d 8h 57m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

13d 8h 53m [Bot] Arrived in Mt. Tritorch.

13d 8h 51m [Bot] Welcome to Olcan Isle.

13d 8h 42m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

13d 8h 39m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has grown to Level 97!

13d 8h 36m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

13d 8h 34m [Bot] Aquired 1 Rawst Berry(s)!

13d 8h 33m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

13d 8h 28m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 60 Ninetales! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14)

13d 8h 20m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 97!

13d 8h 18m [Bot] We walk into Mt. Tritorch.

13d 8h 11m [Bot] Welcome to Olcan Isle.

13d 8h 11m [Bot] Aquired 1 Lava Cookie(s)! Welcome to Rankor Port.

13d 7h 59m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

13d 7h 53m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

13d 7h 50m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

[Info] We met up with one of our dozen rivals the moment we walked onto this island, and we won a battle against them.

13d 7h 41m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

13d 7h 39m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has grown to Level 96!

13d 7h 38m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

13d 7h 36m [Bot] In Olcan Isle.

13d 7h 34m [Bot] Welcome to Rankor Port.

13d 7h 32m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! In Reefen Isle.

13d 7h 31m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

13d 7h 19m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

13d 7h 17m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 88!

13d 7h 17m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 59 Manectric! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14)

13d 7h 9m [Bot] Caught a male Lv. 57 Sliggoo! No nickname. (Sent to Box #14)

13d 7h 6m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

13d 7h 2m [Bot] Welcome to Mt. Dyno.

13d 6h 58m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 49 Mienshao! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14)

13d 6h 54m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

[Fluff] TIL that you can throw Poké Balls at Pokémon who have bounced into the air. The ball will hit and try and catch the Pokémon, even when it's 40 feet in the air.

13d 6h 49m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

13d 6h 43m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

[Fluff] Also, the encounter rate in this grass seems to be set at "yes", for how many times we've stepped into one patch and got a new Pokémon.

[Fluff] The Ampharos has Volt Absorb as its ability, which means that it would register electric attacks like the warm summer breeze had a sweet aroma of flowers and nearby barbecue that's ready to eat.

13d 6h 30m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 50 Ampharos! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #14)

13d 6h 29m The Ampharos keeps trying to hit Torterra with electric attacks, which Torterra registers like a warm summer breeze.

13d 6h 26m Throwing some of our hundreds of Premier Balls at a wild Ampharos.

13d 6h 19m There's wild Pokémon in the tall grasses in this park in the middle of town, and they're attacking us as we meander through.

13d 6h 17m We arrive on Nitro Island! We didn't get a chance to look around the ship as we travelled.

[Info] Also, we gave the Harbor Mail to Scolipede. I didn't see what was written on it, but it probably had something to do with Abra.

13d 6h 13m [D] We head outside, into anarchy.

13d 6h 8m [D] We grab the mail we previously put into our computer's mailbox.

13d 6h 6m [D] We pull out our Scolipede!

13d 6h 2m [D] Into the depths of the PC goes the Darkrai.

[Chat] @Rjri won the caught #491 Darkrai's badge!

13d 6h 1m [D] We dive into the PC.

13d 5h 56m We head into the lab and save!

13d 5h 53m The Egg Hatches into a Level 1 Darkrai! We don't get to name it.

13d 5h 52m The egg is shaking on the sidebar! It's about to hatch!

13d 5h 41m Now running around inside the Poké Center/mart combo.

13d 5h 33m Still running around the island.

13d 5h 21m We almost go back to Johto for a moment, but decide against it.

13d 5h 14m We step outside the lab and walk around. The egg's hatch meter already is filling.

[Fluff] It's a good thing I programmed UpdaterNeeded to hide the species and name of an egg, because the stream API gives away everything!

[Info] The stream overlay has a hatch progress bar for the egg!

13d 5h 10m [D] We open up the withdraw menu. There's a LOT of Rattata in this box, and an egg... which we hover over... And withdraw!

13d 5h 8m [D] We unceremoniously throw our pig into the PC.

13d 5h 6m [D] After our supposed new rival leaves, we go back to the PC.

13d 5h 2m Got a Rankor Ticket! The gym leaders punch this card instead of awarding badges.

13d 5h 1m [D] We name our Tepig 10 ellipses! .............................. (but only 10 characters)

[Info] Our Tepig is level 15 and has four moves already.

13d 4h 59m [D] Currently choosing a nickname, starting with 0.

13d 4h 57m [D] We select Tepig!

13d 4h 54m [D] We deposit Scolipede! (Who apparently already didn't have mail on her.)

13d 4h 52m [D] Now in democracy mode to remedy this situation.

[Info] The new Pokémon are the Gen 5 starter Pokémon.

13d 4h 49m The game won't let us take one of the new Pokémon unless we have room in our party!

13d 4h 49m And are lead by the nose to the lab, where we're force to choose a new Pokémon from three.

13d 4h 48m [Bot] We walk into Reefen Isle.

13d 4h 48m Welcome to Rankor!

13d 4h 48m [Bot] Rankor Port.

13d 4h 48m We meet up with the captain that's taking us to the Rankor region!

13d 4h 36m [Bot] In Evergreen Town.

13d 4h 35m [Bot] Welcome to Route 47.

13d 4h 34m [Bot] We walk into Jht. Safari Zone.

13d 4h 31m [Bot] Welcome to Route 47.

13d 4h 30m [Bot] In Jht. Safari Zone.

13d 4h 29m [Bot] Arrived in Route 47.

13d 4h 28m [Bot] Cliff Edge Cave.

13d 4h 27m [Bot] In Route 47.

13d 4h 10m [Bot] We walk into Cliff Edge Cave.

13d 4h 9m [Bot] Arrived in Route 47.

13d 4h 1m [Bot] Arrived in Cliff Edge Cave.

13d 4h 0m [Bot] Aquired 1 Silverpowder(s)!

13d 3h 59m [Bot] Caught a female Lv. 34 Pidgeotto! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Sent to Box #7)

13d 3h 58m [Bot] In Route 47.

13d 3h 52m [Bot] Welcome to Cliff Edge Cave.

13d 3h 52m [Bot] In Cianwood City.

13d 3h 51m [Bot] We walk into Cianvine Bridge.

13d 3h 50m [Bot] In Cianwood City.

13d 3h 43m [Bot] In Cianvine Bridge.

13d 3h 42m [Bot] Arrived in Route 40.

13d 3h 33m [Bot] In Olivine City.

13d 3h 32m [Bot] Route 39.

13d 3h 30m [Bot] Welcome to Route 38.

13d 3h 30m [Bot] Welcome to Johto Gatehouse.

13d 3h 29m In Ecruteak

13d 3h 22m We leave the top

13d 3h 12m We remove Scolipede's mail

13d 2h 58m We run from Entei

13d 2h 54m We keep getting roared and throwing balls

13d 2h 45m VS Entei TriHard

13d 2h 44m Torterra to 96

13d 2h 44m Vs Suicune, we kill it with Seed Bomb

13d 2h 42m We run from Raikou, it's gone

13d 2h 40m It keeps Roaring and we keep challenging it again, 3 catch rate is hard

13d 2h 36m It uses Roar TriHard, doesn't disappear, we fight it again

13d 2h 35m up Bell Tower, VS RAIKOU


[Snark] First the bots take our inputs, then they take our Run-Hosts, then they take our jobs

But taking our urns are too far.

Like heck, we worked hard for that pottery.

And those victories for that matter.

[Snark] This is why we can't replace updaters completely Keepo

13d 2h 0m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ LATE TEH URN RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

[Info] So... Apparently the bot got TEH URN against the Johto League.

This being a bot, it does not know that much of a difference between trainers. But needless to say, We beat the Johto League at some point

13d 1h 36m [Bot] We walk into Bell Tower.

13d 1h 35m [Bot] In Bellchime Trail.

13d 1h 32m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

13d 1h 30m [Bot] Welcome to Ecruteak City.

13d 1h 29m [Bot] Welcome to Route 37.

13d 1h 26m [Bot] We walk into Route 36.

13d 1h 22m [Bot] In Violet City.

13d 1h 20m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 85!

13d 1h 10m [Bot] We walk into Route 31.

13d 1h 5m [Bot] We walk into Route 30.

13d 1h 4m [Bot] We walk into Cherrygrove City.

13d 0h 57m [Bot] Arrived in Route 29.

13d 0h 31m [Bot] Welcome to New Bark Town.

13d 0h 31m [Bot] In Route 27.

13d 0h 30m [Bot] Johto Gatehouse.

13d 0h 30m [Bot] We walk into Route 27.

13d 0h 29m [Bot] Arrived in Route 49.

13d 0h 21m [Bot] Route 49.

13d 0h 18m [Bot] Welcome to Victory Road.

13d 0h 16m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #36.

13d 0h 15m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

13d 0h 3m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 23h 57m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 23h 50m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 23h 44m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 23h 20m [Bot] Hello, Elite Four! Attempt #36!

12d 23h 13m [D] Rearranging things in demo right now.

12d 23h 6m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #35.

12d 23h 2m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 22h 51m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 22h 39m [Info] Oh, also Mamo is down

12d 22h 37m Scolipede and Samurott faint, Ivan down

12d 22h 30m Samurott faints to Roserade after beating Scolipede

12d 22h 27m Back inside, Attempt #35

[Info] rip attempt 34

12d 22h 24m Mamoswine's EQ isnt enough to OHKO Milotic and we whiteout

12d 22h 22m Mamoswine kept using Icicle crash until everything died

12d 22h 19m VS Powell, only Mamo left

12d 22h 15m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 22h 9m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 22h 7m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 22h 4m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 22h 3m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 87!

12d 22h 2m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 22h 1m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has grown to Level 84!

12d 22h 0m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #33. We're in for E4 Attempt #34!

12d 22h 0m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 21h 55m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 21h 46m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 21h 38m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 21h 37m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 21h 29m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has grown to Level 95!

12d 21h 27m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 21h 19m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #32. The door slams shut behind us! E4 Attempt #33!

12d 21h 19m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 21h 18m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 94!

12d 21h 16m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 21h 12m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 21h 10m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 21h 0m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 20h 58m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 20h 55m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #31. Hello, Elite Four! Attempt #32!

12d 20h 55m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 20h 51m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 20h 44m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 20h 41m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 20h 40m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has grown to Level 100!

12d 20h 24m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 20h 21m The RIOT screen flashed up for a moment and then vanished again, the overlay presumably reset.

12d 20h 21m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 20h 19m [Bot] Hello, Elite Four! Attempt #31!

12d 20h 19m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #30.

[Info] Salamence WAS sweeping. But then the poison got to him...

12d 20h 16m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 20h 15m We managed to talk to Powell!

12d 20h 12m Oh, and we FINALLY won, with both of our remaining Pokémon poisoned. Bets on if we pass out before we challenge Powell?

[Snark] Whitney's stalling tactics are so strong, PokémonGod quit to go get food before he starved to death.

12d 20h 11m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 20h 4m Oh boy, Salamence is now also poisoned

[Snark] You get poisoned, and YOU get poisoned, and YOU get poisoned! Everyone gets poisoned!!

12d 20h 0m Samurott also poisoned

12d 19h 59m Torterra poisoned

12d 19h 56m Houndoom down

12d 19h 54m VS Whitney

12d 19h 47m Ivan defeated

12d 19h 45m Scolipede faints

12d 19h 42m Salamence grows to Level 99

12d 19h 41m Onto Attempt 30, VS Ivan instantly

12d 19h 41m Rip Attempt 29, Blacked out!

12d 19h 38m VS Eusine

[Fluff] Also, Ground types have been immune to Thunder Wave since Gen 1.

[Fluff] Ground types are immune to Thunder Wave, because of its electric typing. They're not immune to the Paralysis status, like Electric types are in newer generations.

12d 19h 31m Powell defeated

[Fluff] Pretty sure Ground Types became immune to Paralysis in Gen 4 or 5 onwards apart from rare situations, and Electric types are completely immune in all forms.

12d 19h 29m Houndoom down

[Fluff] I don't think Torterra is ever immune to Paralysis.

12d 19h 27m Torterra paralysed good job, I forget that's possible in Gen 3 sometimes, Also Torterra faints anyway

12d 19h 22m VS Powell

12d 19h 21m Still trying to talk to the third Elite 4 member

12d 19h 9m Samurott faints of overworld poison

12d 19h 5m Lickilicky defeated, Whitney down

12d 19h 4m Samurott poisoned and at critically low HP as we attempt to switch We do indeed switch, into Torterra

12d 19h 1m A Critical Earthquake from Torterra topples the cow, and we now face off against a Wigglytuff

12d 19h 0m Salamence faints

12d 18h 59m This Miltank keeps padding its stats while Salamence either does little damage, or is unable to move.
Also it has Milk Drink.


12d 18h 56m Salamence paralysed while we square off against a Snorlax who pads its stats

12d 18h 55m VS Whitney

12d 18h 54m Ivan has been defeated

12d 18h 53m On the bright side, Samurott to Level 83

12d 18h 52m Scolipede gets taken down

12d 18h 50m VS Ivan

12d 18h 49m Onto Attempt 29

[rip] E4 Attempt #28

12d 18h 44m He switched Empoleon to Starmie, Samurott eats a Tbolt and faints

12d 18h 43m VS Eusine

12d 18h 33m Vs Jolteon, sets up Sub, we hit ourselves, we take a Shadow Ball, she subs again and now we take another Shadow Ball before KO'ing it with Earthquake, Powell down

12d 18h 32m We take 2 Hydro Pumps from Rotom until Torterra decides to Seed Bomb and kill

12d 18h 29m We send in Samurott, do lol damage and get KO'd

12d 18h 27m We send in Mamswine and use Earthquake yo KO, vs Rotom-wash, We keep using EQ and 2 Hydro Pump takes it out

12d 18h 26m She sends in Electivire, we use Dark Pulse and do half, Cross Chop KO's

12d 18h 25m She wakes up with Chesto Berry, 2 Dark Pulse's later and we KO it

12d 18h 25m We send in Houndoom and use Dark Pulse, she sets up more Cotton Guard, we Dark Pulse again and she uses Rest

12d 18h 24m She heals and we miss Megahorn , Scolipede down

12d 18h 23m We send in Scolipede, We Dig but she sets up cotton Guard, we hit and get prz'd, she uses Thunderbolt, we Dig again and take her to red, she uses another Tbolt

12d 18h 22m She sends in Ampharos and Mence gets Dragon Pulse'd

12d 18h 22m Vs Powell, Raichu is greedy and sets up Nasty Plot, Dragon Claw takes it out

12d 18h 14m Whitney down

12d 18h 14m We crit Earthquake and takke it down after we eata Knock Off

12d 18h 13m She sends in Lickilicky

12d 18h 13m We take it out with crit, she sends in Wigglytuff, we Earthquake and she spams Heal Bell while we're paralyzed, 2nd Earthquake takes it out

12d 18h 10m She sends in Miltank and sets up Curse

12d 18h 9m Vs Blissey, she uses Ice Beam to do half, We use Earthquake and OHKO

12d 18h 8m Salamence uses Dragon Claw on Snorlax and almost ohko, she uses Thunder Wave, Dclaw and Snorlax down

12d 18h 7m Vs Whitney

12d 18h 6m Vs Ivan 5 Dragon Claw's each of his mon, Salamence to 98, Ivan down

12d 18h 3m Back in immediately for Attempt #28!

[rip] E4 Attempt #27

12d 18h 2m We are brought down almost immediately! WHITE OUT!

12d 18h 2m Vs Champion Kris!

[Fluff] Also, they really couldn't give these fights the epic E4 and champion music? They had to sound like regular trainers?

12d 18h 0m Torterra has gone down, and only Mamoswine is left! We earthquake Ensuine into the dust! Time for Champ Battle Round 2!

12d 17h 58m Torterra grew to 93!

12d 17h 57m Empoleon couldn't let Houndoom die by poison, so it Ice Beams him down! go away bot

12d 17h 57m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 17h 55m Houndoom becomes poisoned by Empoleon's hand.

12d 17h 54m Vs Ensuine!

12d 17h 53m We send Mamoswine and useICe fang which gave Jolteon time to Shadow Ball, Powell down

12d 17h 50m We send in Samurott, she uses ** Jolteon's Thunderbolt to kill**

12d 17h 50m Vs Rotom-Wash, we tactically use Seed Bomb but it also left Rotom with 1hp and uses Confuse Ray, she heals and we thankfully use Seed Bomb an get a high roll to kill it

12d 17h 49m We send in Torterra, she heals, EQ is an ohko

12d 17h 48m Megahorn takes Ampharos to 1hp, Thunderbolt takes Bug out

12d 17h 47m She sends in Electivire, uses Flamethrower and Scolipede at red hp, Megahorn takes it out

12d 17h 46m Scolipede uses Megahorn to take out Raichu, static activates

12d 17h 46m VS Powell

12d 17h 41m We send in Scolipede, we use Megahorn and do half, it uses Fire blast to do almost half, we take it out, Scolipede to 94, Whitney down

12d 17h 40m We switch to Salamence vs Wigglytuff and take Moonblast and Hyper Voice's until Salamence goes down while we spam immune Dragon Claws

12d 17h 38m She sends Lickilicky and we continue to Dark Pulse, she flinches, we Dark Pulse again and she flinches for the secon time, 3rd Pulse ends it

12d 17h 37m We use Dark Pulse and crit to OHKO

12d 17h 37m We switch to Houndoom, she sends Miltank

12d 17h 36m She sends Blissey, we Claw again and OHKO

12d 17h 36m Vs Whitney, Salamence Dclaw takes Snorlax to 1/3 left, she uses Curse, second Dclaw takes it out

12d 17h 35m Salamence takes care of 4/5 mon but we switch to Samurott and eat a Poison Tail by Seviper before using a crit Surf to take it out, Ivan down

12d 17h 31m Vs Ivan

12d 17h 29m Attempt #27

12d 17h 28m We found a Quilava in the E4 Lobby whose job it is to give out hugs to challengers! We get several hugs! (Help, I'm dying of cuteness overload!)

[Fluff] I think that was Vs. Trainer not Gym Leader music

[Fluff] 3/6 is good for first champ fight

12d 17h 25m She sends in Metagross, we use Icicle Crash and eat a Meteor Mash, Mamoswine down and whiteout :(

[Fluff] teh urn?!

12d 17h 24m She sends in Sceptile, Giga Drain does almost half, Icicle Crash takes it out

12d 17h 24m Icicle Crash OHKo's Goodra too!

12d 17h 23m We send in Mamoswine, use Icicle Crash and OHKO!

[Snark] Why does champ have gym music?

12d 17h 22m She sends in Heracross and we send in Houndoom, we use Dark Pulse and get KO'ed by Brick Break

12d 17h 22m Vs Kris! (gen 2 protag)

[Info] both at max hp

[Fluff] first champ fight, can we sweep with MAmo and Houndoom PogChamp?

12d 17h 20m He sends in Suicune, we use Earthquake do more than half and he uses Calm Mind, Earthquake takes Suicune and Eusine out with a crit

12d 17h 19m We send in Mamoswine and use Earthquake and take Milotic to red, it misses Hypnosis, he heals again but 2 EQ is OP

12d 17h 18m Milotic takes Samurott out with multiple Surfs + a crit

12d 17h 16m Milotic uses Hypnosis on Samurott

12d 17h 15m Milotic uses Surf, we use Surf with Samurott, he heals and we use Surf again

12d 17h 14m He sends in Milotic, Surf takes Torterra out, we send in Scolipede, use Megahorn and Surf takes out Scolipede who took prior damage

12d 17h 12m Vs Starmie we switch to Torterra, Starmie uses Reflect and we EQ and do more than a third including Leftovers, it sets up Light Screen and another Torterra takes it down to 1 third remaining, it uses Scald and we take it out, We use Seed Bomb and get Swampert to 1hp (reflect why), it uses a move i missed and then we KO it

12d 17h 10m We switch to Mamoswine and use Earthquake to KO

12d 17h 10m Vs Eusine, Empoleon uses Ice Beam takes out Salamence

12d 17h 8m Salamence to 97, Vs Jolteon, it uses Sub and we claw, it now uses Tbolt and we KO it with another Dclaw

12d 17h 7m We use Dragon Claw on Rotom-Wash, it uses Thunder Wave to prz us, we take Tbolt damage and KO it

12d 17h 7m We use Dragon Claw to also OHKO Ampharos and Electivire

12d 17h 5m Salamence uses Dragon Claw to take out Raichu, thankfully no Static, she sends in Ampharos

12d 17h 4m Vs Powell

12d 16h 59m Scolipede to 94, Whitney down

12d 16h 58m We take out Miltank and Lickilicky while taking only small amounts of damage, from half to a third hp left

12d 16h 55m We switch Scolipede vs Wigglytuff, use 2 Megahorns to take it out while taking Fire Blast damage bringing us to yellow

12d 16h 52m We crit Snorlax with Dragon Claw and OHKO

12d 16h 51m Vs Whitney

12d 16h 49m Salamence sweeps Ivan With Dragon Claw easily

12d 16h 47m Attempt #26

12d 16h 46m Rotom-Wash beats Houndoom, whiteout

12d 16h 44m Mamoswine takes acre of Electivire, **Dies to Rotom-Wash

12d 16h 41m Electivire uses Wild Charge to KO Samurott

12d 16h 40m Torterra faints to Electivire's Ice Punch

12d 16h 39m We switch to Torterra and take out Ampharos

12d 16h 37m Scolipede is sent out, we get paralyzed and use Dig to do 1/4th hp and keep taking Thunderbolts

12d 16h 34m Ampahros sent out, uses Dragon Pulse to take Salamence out

12d 16h 33m Salamence vs Raichu, a Dragon Claw takes it down but Static activates

12d 16h 32m Vs Powell

[Info] Status: Salamence and Torterra at half hp, Samurott at green but poisoned

12d 16h 30m We beat Wigglytuff, switch out to Samurott against Lickilicky and get poisoned and beat Whitney!

12d 16h 27m We use a PRZ curing item, and switch to Torterra against Wigglytuff

12d 16h 25m Salamence to 96, paralyzed

12d 16h 24m VS Whitney

[Snark] Does anyone want to watch 'How to train your Dragon' with me?

[Info] Chat made this order for grinding dragon not winning

12d 16h 20m Salamence just used Dragon Claw for each of Ivan's Pokémon, Ivan down without taking damage

12d 16h 19m Back in e4, Attempt 25

[Info] Order is now Salamence/Scolipede/Samurott/Houndoom/Torterra/Mamoswine

[Info] We're using Demo to change party order since MAmoswine is now level 100

12d 16h 2m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #24.

12d 16h 1m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 15h 45m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 15h 43m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 15h 39m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 15h 36m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 15h 23m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has grown to Level 95!

12d 15h 20m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 15h 19m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has grown to Level 100!

12d 15h 17m [Bot] Welcome back to the E4! Attempt #24!

12d 15h 17m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #23.

12d 15h 16m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 15h 14m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 15h 0m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 14h 58m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 14h 55m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 92!

12d 14h 52m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 14h 50m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 14h 27m [Bot] We're in for E4 Attempt #23!

12d 14h 27m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #22.

12d 14h 25m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 14h 18m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 14h 16m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 14h 15m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 14h 7m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 13h 58m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has grown to Level 99!

12d 13h 57m [Bot] Welcome back to the E4! Attempt #22!

12d 13h 57m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #21.

12d 13h 56m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 13h 52m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 13h 50m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 13h 49m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 13h 36m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 13h 34m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 13h 22m [Bot] We're locked into the E4 for Attempt #21!

12d 13h 21m [Bot] Welcome to Johto League.

12d 13h 20m [Bot] Welcome to Victory Road.

12d 13h 17m [Bot] Arrived in Route 49.

12d 13h 13m [Bot] In Johto Sea Floor.

12d 13h 10m [Bot] We walk into Route 49.

12d 13h 5m [Bot] In Johto Sea Floor.

12d 13h 4m [Bot] In Route 49.

12d 13h 4m [Bot] We walk into Route 27.

12d 13h 3m [Bot] Johto Gatehouse.

12d 13h 2m [Bot] Welcome to Route 27.

12d 12h 59m [Bot] We walk into New Bark Town.

12d 12h 55m [Bot] Route 29.

12d 12h 53m [Bot] In Cherrygrove City.

12d 12h 50m [Bot] Southerly City.

12d 12h 41m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 91!

12d 12h 32m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 90!

12d 12h 23m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 89!

12d 12h 15m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 88!

12d 12h 6m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 87!

12d 11h 58m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 86!

12d 11h 49m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 85!

12d 11h 39m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 84!

12d 11h 24m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 83!

12d 11h 16m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 82!

12d 11h 9m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 81!

12d 11h 2m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has grown to Level 80!

12d 10h 58m [Bot] We heal at a Poké Center.

12d 10h 58m [Bot] We walk into Darkwood Town.

12d 10h 51m [Bot] In Espo Forest.

12d 10h 49m [Bot] Arrived in Espo Clearing.

12d 10h 37m [Bot] In Southerly City.

12d 10h 32m [Bot] Arrived in Cherrygrove City.

12d 10h 17m [Bot] Arrived in Route 29.

12d 10h 13m [Bot] Aquired 1 Timer Ball(s)!

12d 10h 8m [Bot] Aquired 91 Premier Ball(s)!

12d 9h 44m [Bot] New Bark Town.

12d 9h 42m [Bot] Arrived in Route 29.

12d 9h 42m [Bot] Welcome to New Bark Town.

12d 9h 41m [Bot] We walk into Route 27.

12d 9h 41m [Bot] We walk into New Bark Town.

12d 9h 40m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #20.

12d 9h 40m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 9h 38m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 9h 37m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 9h 35m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 9h 34m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 9h 32m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 9h 28m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has grown to Level 98!

12d 9h 19m [Bot] The door slams shut behind us! E4 Attempt #20!

12d 9h 18m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #19.

12d 9h 17m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has grown to Level 85!

12d 9h 15m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 9h 13m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has grown to Level 94!

12d 9h 11m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 9h 9m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 9h 3m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 8h 59m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 8h 56m [Bot] Hello, Elite Four! Attempt #19!

12d 8h 56m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #18.

12d 8h 52m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 8h 48m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 8h 45m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 8h 43m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 8h 38m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 8h 36m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has grown to Level 97!

12d 8h 28m [Bot] Welcome back to the E4! Attempt #18!

12d 8h 28m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #17.

12d 8h 28m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 8h 26m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 8h 22m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 8h 15m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has grown to Level 96!

12d 8h 9m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 8h 8m [Bot] MGNNNNGGSC (Samurott) has fainted!

12d 8h 6m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 8h 3m [Bot] Welcome back to the E4! Attempt #17! (Unfortunately, I am incapable of doing a play-by-play of this action. The stream API does not supply me with battle data.)

12d 7h 53m [D] Taking a moment to fix things up and rearrange before our next attempt.

12d 7h 49m [Bot] BLACKED OUT! rip E4 Attempt #16.

12d 7h 49m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 7h 44m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 7h 42m Vs Powell!

12d 7h 36m We beat Whitney! And have two mon left at full health!

12d 7h 35m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has fainted!

12d 7h 30m [Bot] AAIIOQV (Mamoswine) has grown to Level 95!

12d 7h 27m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 7h 27m Samurott and Torterra down!

12d 7h 21m Attempt #16! Vs Ivan!

12d 7h 20m [Bot] BLACKED OUT!

12d 7h 20m [Bot] AAATTTTTTT (Houndoom) has fainted!

12d 7h 18m [Bot] AAAAATMAAA (Salamence) has fainted!

12d 7h 14m [Bot] Torterra (Torterra) has fainted!

12d 7h 10m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has fainted!

12d 7h 8m [Bot] . yz ,hgg (Scolipede) has grown to Level 93!

12d 7h 7m Vs Powell!

12d 6h 55m Vs Whitney!

[Meta] Going dark.

12d 6h 47m Finished off Ivan, Samurott fainted!

12d 6h 44m Mamoswine grows to level 94!

12d 6h 43m Attempt 15! Let's fight E4 Ivan!

12d 6h 31m In Victory Road.

12d 6h 28m We tried Powell, but immediately whited out.

12d 6h 19m Defeated Whitney!

12d 6h 16m Salamence grows to level 93! Only Salamence and Torterra remain!

12d 6h 5m Defeated Ivan! Samurott down, Houndoom poisoned. Against Whitney!

12d 6h 0m Attempt 14, against Ivan!

12d 5h 58m Whited out against a wild Ninetales! Get ready for Democracy.

12d 5h 52m Caught a level 51 female Scyther! Nickname is AATMMMMGGG and it went to paulicokoe.

12d 5h 51m We caught a Kecleon! I was making a smoothie so I didn't catch gender/stats. M'bad.

12d 5h 42m Houndoom faints to a wild Dragalge! Only Salamence is left.

12d 5h 40m Caught a female level 51 Dragalge! Nickname is BBUUCCVVV and Papper2k won it.

12d 5h 38m While chat is being salty, a Dragalge appears and immediately distracts everyone.

[Correction] Evolved, not caught.

[Info] Their only run was Blazed Glazed, and this is their only badge.

12d 5h 37m The stream's Pokedex suddenly registered the Braixen we caught hours ago, and gave a badge to @xdialga4 for it. Chat responds with #Who.

12d 5h 29m We almost caught a Larvesta but ran away from it.

12d 5h 24m Caught a level 53 female Lairon! No nickname!

12d 5h 18m Samurott faints to a wild Magmar!

12d 5h 9m Caught a level 50 Male Graveler! Nickname is GGMMMMAAAT

12d 4h 49m We finally catch it and name it AAAAAAAAAA

12d 4h 46m We keep chucking premier balls at a level 49 female Rhydon.

12d 4h 45m We go back to Victory Road and fight some wild mon.

12d 4h 44m Attempt 13 ends in sadness.

12d 4h 41m Facing Powell!

12d 4h 31m Defeated Whitney, only Houndoom and Salamence remain!

12d 4h 18m Defeated Ivan, only Samurott fainted!

12d 4h 13m Mamoswine levels up to 93!

12d 4h 13m Finally fighting Ivan!

12d 4h 7m ...we have a bit of a troll situation preventing us from actually battling.

12d 4h 00m We started attempt 13! Like 10 mins ago.

12d 3h 51m We take a fair amount of time to get back to the League building. Demo voting isn't available for another hour.

12d 3h 49m White out! Rip attempt 12!

12d 3h 47m Facing Powell now!

12d 3h 34m Salamence gets poisoned as we defeat Whitney!

12d 3h 31m Salamence grows to level 92! Currently against Whitney with only Scolipede (at 1 HP) and Salamence (at full).

12d 3h 19m We defeated Ivan but lost Mamoswine and Torterra in the process!

12d 3h 11m We start attempt 12! Against Ivan!

12d 3h 10m We almost KO with a Dragon Claw, but Ice Beam KOs Salamence! Black out!

12d 3h 9m The next turn is when we faint! Only Salamence remains.

12d 3h 9m Facing Eusine! We send out Torterra against Empoleon! Immediately Torterra faints hangs on at 1 HP from an Ice Beam!

12d 3h 4m Scolipede fainted but Powell is defeated!

12d 3h 1m Houndoom also fainted and Scolipede is paralyzed!

12d 2h 58m Against Powell! Mamoswine faints!

12d 2h 57m Mamoswine is hanging on with 2 HP from poison as she KOs Miltank and defeats Whitney! Also Samurott fainted!

12d 2h 49m Swept Ivan, Mamoswine levels up to 92!

12d 2h 48m We start Attempt 11!

12d 2h 46m We buy 6 Ultra Balls! We're basically out of cash now.

12d 2h 46m We last one move before fainting and whiting out! Let's buy stuff!

12d 2h 45m We send out Salamence, our last Pokémon, and we try a Dragon Claw. After shrugging off a Thunderbolt, another Claw KOs Starmie. Against Swampert now.

12d 2h 45m We get hit with said water and Houndoom faints!

12d 2h 44m Two more Flamethrowers do the trick, luckily. Against Starmie now. This doesn't go as well, as Starmie is resistant to Fire. And is Water.

12d 2h 43m We use Houndoom AND HE USES TOXIC AGAIN! We almost KO him with Flamethrower, but then he Full Restores!

12d 2h 43m We try a Seed Bomb before fainting to Ice Beam! This isn't going well.

12d 2h 43m Facing E4 Eusine! We send out Torterra against Empoleon. Immediately we're poisoned by Toxic!

12d 2h 38m Defeated Powell! We're at Eusine with 3 mons alive! Only Salamence is damaged/paralyzed.

12d 2h 34m Scolipede levels up to 92!

12d 2h 32m Facing Elite Four Powell! Mamoswine immediately faints to Raichu's Surf.

12d 2h 31m Defeated Whitney with all mons intact! However, Samurott is paralyzed and Mamoswine is poisoned and almost dead.

12d 2h 28m Fighting Whitney! We're using the Earthquake strats like always.

[Meta] Sorry if the updates aren't that energetic, a bit fatigued atm. I'm going to do baseline until we get to Eusine and then I'll do good ones.

12d 2h 26m Defeated Ivan!

12d 2h 26m Mamoswine grows to level 91!

12d 2h 24m Attempt 10!

12d 2h 23m Facing Eusine! We immediately faint! White out!

12d 2h 19m Defeated Powell! We get a sneak peak at the next E4 member!

12d 2h 17m Scolipede fainted! Only Torterra remains!

12d 2h 11m Houndoom levels up to 84!

12d 2h 10m Samurott and Salamance have fainted!

12d 2h 7m Defeated Whitney! Only Mamoswine is down!

12d 2h 1m We keep KOing, and I have to go for three mins so brb.

12d 1h 59m Whitney now! Mamoswine vs Snorlax! EARTHQUAKE! 2HKO this time, however.

12d 1h 57m We get hit with a Sludge Bomb and we get poisoned! We manage to KO Gengar with a Dragon Claw and defeat Ivan!

12d 1h 56m Earthquake, and now that we're at Gengar suddenly we switch to Salamence.

12d 1h 55m Earthquake, Earthquake, level up to 90, Earthquake. One of these things are not like the other.

12d 1h 54m Attempt 9! Ivan! Mamoswine vs Scolipede!

12d 1h 53m We get hit with an Ice Punch and clutch! And Earthquake knocks out another mon! We're onto the Rotom-W now. We both missed our opening attacks before Torterra faints to a Hydro Pump! White out!

12d 1h 52m Electivire uses Ice Punch and Salamence faints! We only have Torterra left!

12d 1h 51m We use Dragon Claw to OHKO, but not before getting hit by a Dragon-type move for half-health.

12d 1h 51m We send out Salamence and OHKO with Dragon Claw, but get paralyzed in the process! Against Ampharos now!

12d 1h 50m And we're onto Pryce! Samurott vs Raichu, we immediately faint to a Thunderbolt!

[Chat] @duplexbegreat Tustin's script broke during the TriHard cutscene where Regina (Lusamine clone with worser writing) captured Ho-oh in one Poké Ball

[Chat] Getting confirmation that the auto-updated released Absol didn't happen. In fact, we apparently haven't even got an Absol yet.

12d 1h 48m Samurott to 82! Defeated Whitney!

12d 1h 47m We manage to flinch Miltank with Icicle Crash, but we faint to the poison! We send out Samurott and immediately KO with Surf.

12d 1h 46m OHKO Earthquake. We're against her final mon, Miltank! We Earthquake once, but then run out of PP! Oh no!

12d 1h 46m Our foe is using the Toxic Stall strategy, using Protect right afterwards. We KO her with Icicle Crash after. Onto Blissey now.

12d 1h 45m Now we're onto Lickilicky. Earthquake. And then we get poisoned by Toxic! This is great.

12d 1h 44m A second one does the job. Wigglytuff comes in to replace Wigglytuff and also gets a nice helping of Earthquake. She faints.

12d 1h 44m Facing Whitney! We send out Mamoswine against Snorlax! Immediately we lead with Earthquake.

12d 1h 39m I'm going to assume we're on Attempt 8. Just defeated Ivan!

[Meta] Updater is dark.

12d 1h 2m [D] We're in demo, presumably fixing moves.

12d 0h 53m We seem to have arrived back at the lobby! rip Attempt #6!

12d 0h 51m Vs Powell!

12d 0h 31m Vs Whitney!

12d 0h 25m Vs Ivan!

12d 0h 22m And now just randomly, we taught Torterra Earth Power over Earthquake!

12d 0h 19m Locked in for Johto E4 Attempt #6!

12d 0h 16m BLACK OUT! rip Attempt #5.

12d 0h 9m Vs Whitney!

12d 0h 8m We defeat Ivan!

11d 23h 55m Vs Ivan!

11d 23h 48m And back in for Johto E4 Attempt #5!

11d 23h 47m Healed!

11d 23h 46m We win! And Cato vanishes! We only have 2 Pokémon left standing, however.

11d 23h 37m Randomly fighting ᵖᵏᵐᶰ Trainer Cato in the League Lobby!

11d 23h 35m BLACKOUT! Back in front of the Johto League.

[Info] Also we're down to Salamence with 15HP left and barely any PP in any of his moves.

11d 23h 33m We've somehow managed to get up on a mountain top where we can see the Johto League, but can't reach it. There's a lot of Chansey in the grasses around here.

[Info] Updater going to go dark for a little bit.

11d 23h 11m Found a Deepseascale!

11d 23h 9m Found a Deepseatooth!

11d 23h 3m Salamence grew to level 89!

11d 23h 2m Picked up a Max Revive!

[Info] While the stream was down, we somehow defeated a trainer.

11d 22h 55m Defeated the trainer. We only have Salamence left.

11d 22h 53m Spotted by a random trainer. Scolipede fainted!

11d 22h 53m Caught a wild Steelix!

11d 22h 48m Houndoom fainted!

11d 22h 46m We're spotted by a random trainer. Houndoom vs Hitmonlee. Houndoom grew to level 83! Trainer defeated.

11d 22h 43m Samurott and Torterra fainted! We're fighting a wild Golem.

11d 22h 37m We head south and return to Victory Road.

11d 22h 36m Houndoom fainted! Whited out! Run #4 over!

11d 22h 35m Mamoswine is sent out. Mamoswine fainted!

11d 22h 33m Scolipede fainted!

11d 22h 33m Salamence fainted! Scolipede is sent out.

11d 22h 29m Salamence is sent out. Crit on Dragon Claw, Snorlax goes down. Blissey sent out, it quickly drops as well. Miltank is sent out.

11d 22h 28m Full Restore used on Snorlax, who used Curse quite a few times. Torterra fainted!

11d 22h 26m Vs Whitney! Torterra vs Snorlax.

11d 22h 24m Mamoswine is sent out. Roserade goes down. Tentacruel out next. It goes down! Mamoswine withdrawn, Salamence comes out. Seviper and Gengar also go down! Ivan defeated!

11d 22h 21m Torterra withdrawn, Samurott is sent out. A few Surfs takes it down. Roserade out next. Samurott fainted!

11d 22h 18m We walk right back to Ivan. Run #4! Vs Ivan! Torterra vs Scolipede.

11d 22h 18m Ampharos is sent out next and it takes us out! Scolipede fainted! Whited out! Run #3 over!

11d 22h 17m Vs Powell! Scolipede vs Raichu. Raichu gets taken down! Scolipede grew to level 91! Electrivire out next and it also drops to a Megahorn.

11d 22h 8m Blissey goes down and Miltank is sent out. Miltank takes out Mamoswine! Scolipede is out, our final Pokémon. Miltank is taken down! Whitney defeated!

11d 22h 5m Mamoswine is sent out. Wigglytuff fainted. Lickilicky is out next. It uses Toxic. Mamoswine is badly poisoned! Lickilicky fainted. Mamoswine grew to level 88! Blissey out next.

11d 22h 3m Salamence is sent out. Moonblast takes it down! Salamence fainted!

11d 22h 2m Snorlax goes down. Wigglytuff is sent out next. It uses Fire Blast. Torterra fainted!

11d 22h 0m Vs E4 Whitney! Torterra vs Snorlax.

11d 21h 58m Seviper gets taken out. Salamence grew to level 88! Ivan defeated!

11d 21h 57m Salemence sent out. Roserade goes down. Tentacruel out next. It gets taken out then Gengar comes out. It quickly drops as well. Seviper is sent out and gets taken down to red.

11d 21h 54m Samurott sent out. Enemy Scolipede goes down! Roserade out next. Samurott fainted!

11d 21h 53m Torterra withdrawn for Houndoom. After taking two Megahorns it goes down. Houndoom fainted!

11d 21h 51m Attempt #2 over! We go back in for attempt #3! Vs Ivan! Torterra vs Scolipede.

[rip] Attempt #2

11d 21h 50m Vs E4 Powell! Mamoswine vs Raichu. Surf takes us down! Mamoswine fainted! We whited out!

11d 21h 48m Whitney defeated!

11d 21h 47m Houndoom fainted! Mamoswine sent out, it's our final Pokémon.

11d 21h 45m Houndoom is sent out. Wigglytuff goes down. Lickilicky is sent out and uses Toxic. Houndoom is badly poisoned!

11d 21h 43m Miltank gets taken out. Wigglytuff out next. Moonblast takes us down! Salamence fainted!

11d 21h 41m Salamence comes out. Snorlax goes down. Blissey is sent out next and it quickly drops as well. Next out is Miltank.

11d 21h 39m Samurott fainted!

11d 21h 38m Vs E4 Whitney! Samurott vs Snorlax. Samurott is paralyzed! It keeps using Curse while we are fully paralyzed.

11d 21h 36m Mamoswine comes out. Gengar goes down. Next out is Seviper. It goes down as well. Ivan defeated!

11d 21h 34m Scolipede fainted!

11d 21h 33m Roserade fainted! Tentacruel is sent out. It goes down to two Megahorns. Gengar is sent out.

11d 21h 31m Scolipede vs Scolipede. Although they have Earthquake, they go down. Roserade out next.

11d 21h 30m Torterra fainted!

11d 21h 29m Run #2 quickly starts! Vs Ivan! Torterra vs Scolipede.

11d 21h 29m Run #1 lost!

11d 21h 28m Salamence comes out and takes down Empoleon. Swampert gets taken down to yellow. Ice Punch takes us out! Salamence fainted! Whited out! Back at the Johto League.

11d 21h 27m Scolipede uses Dig but that's not enough. Scolipede fainted! Only Salamence remains.

11d 21h 26m Vs E4 Eusine! Scolipede vs Empoleon!

11d 21h 24m Jolteon sets up a Substitute but we take it down with a Dig. Scolipede is down to 18 HP. Powell defeated!

11d 21h 22m Ampharos goes down, then Rotom gets taken out as well. However Megahorn is now out of PP. Jolteon out next.

11d 21h 21m It sets up Cotton Guard then gets healed with a Full Restore and Rest + Chesto Berry. We continue to Megahorn anyway.

11d 21h 20m Electivire out next. Another Megahorn quickly takes it down. Ampharos out next.

11d 21h 19m Next up is #3! Vs E4 Powell! Scolipede vs Raichu! Raichu quickly goes down. Scolipede grew to level 90!

11d 21h 17m E4 Whitney defeated! Salamence is at half health.

11d 21h 17m Mamoswine fainted! Salamence comes out next.

11d 21h 15m Lickilicky goes down and Blissey comes out. It quickly drops. Miltank is the final Pokémon. It starts to Curse.

[Info] The only Pokémon we have alive right now are Mamoswine, Scolipede, and Salamance.

11d 21h 14m Lickilicky is out next and survives an attack and Mamoswine is badly poisoned!!

11d 21h 14m Up against the 2nd E4 trainer! Mamoswine vs Snorlax and Snorlax goes down. Next is Wiglytuff and it also drops in one hit.

11d 21h 13m So, I'm I was looking away, and it looks like we've won against the first E4 member of the Johto E4 (In what I can only assume is Attempt #1)

11d 19h 42m [D] By the way, we're in democracy in Seaspray Town, teaching Salamence Earthquake over Roar!

11d 19h 19m Caught a Geodude, L21, Female! Nickname: AAAGGTTTTA

[Info] Apparently the evolution didn't even register an update to our pokedex. I bet it's another glitch in the game.

11d 19h 3m [D] We give mail back to Salamence, and then leave for Mt. Stratus.

[Info] Apparently Braixen's evolution didn't trigger a badge giveaway.

11d 18h 57m [D] We box Braixen and retrieve Salamence!

11d 18h 50m [D] Also, via stray inputs, we've revived our Torterra with a Max Revive.

11d 18h 50m [D] We give the Fennekin all 6 of our Rare Candies, to get it to level 16! It learns Howl and Psybeam (over Scratch), and evolves into Braixen!

11d 18h 35m [D] We grab a Fennekin from the box.

11d 18h 32m [D] We promptly deposit Luxray.

[Chat] tpp @cresun7 won the caught #405 Luxray's badge!

11d 18h 28m [D] As predicted, we give Luxio some Rare Candy, and it evolved into a Luxray!

11d 18h 21m [D] We retrieve a Luxio, presumably intent on evolving it for the Luxray badge.

11d 18h 16m [D] Back in the PC, we deposit Leafeon!

[Chat] tpp @Mariohugeskuiistarlinkerc won the caught #470 Leafeon's badge!

11d 18h 9m [D] We evolve our Def-Eevee into a Leafeon with a Leaf Stone!

11d 18h 2m We enter and exit to reset back to anarchy.

11d 18h 1m [D] We withdraw a random Def-Eevee!

11d 17h 59m [D] We deposit Salamence! We spent several minutes scrolling through full boxes before finding one to put him in.

11d 17h 55m [D] We grab another Rare Candy off another Eevee! We're taking candy from babes...

11d 17h 49m [D] We grab another Rare Candy from one of those Eevees!

11d 17h 48m [D] We take the Leaf Stone from the random Caterpie

11d 17h 45m [D] We almost take a Leaf Stone from a random Caterpie that just happens to have one.

11d 17h 38m [D] And now we're turning on the PC.

[Info] According to my script, we obtained a Lunar Wing at 11d 10h 41m, and... released a Level 62 Male Absol at 11d 16h 32m. And at 11d 16h 32m, we've caught a L20♂ Squirtle (AATTTMGGGG), A L23♀ Nidoran, and a L24♀ Gible (AAAAAAAAAA).

11d 17h 32m [D] Currently in Fusion Labs, looking at the mail of our Pokémon... and taking the mail off Salamence!

11d 14h 37m At the moment it seems as though we are grinding the lighthouse to obtain rare candy-bearing eevees.

11d 14h 34m We clear the lighthouse and Obtain an Eevee!

[Info] During the downtime it appears that we have encountered Cresselia and ko'd it, but that we have also Obtained a Darkrai egg.

[Chat] tppsimulator: Trolls are evil

11d 7h 58m I think we just battled and/or ran from a Kyogre, because one just vanished from in front of us.

11d 7h 6m We go back to Evergreen to heal hopefully.

11d 7h 4m Off to Route 47 again.

11d 7h 0m Now we're wandering around Evergreen Town.

[Snark] Wait, over 1 minute is 3rd place, but there were 5 racers total at the starting line... Did two of them get lost and sink or something?

[Info] Real time: 3 minutes 49 seconds

11d 6h 49m We finally finished and got a Smoke Ball for Third place!

11d 6h 45m [D] We entered the race! And FaithfulForce is recording our time as we go into Anarchy.

[Info] Also, yes, M4 did it via TAS movie playback. He forgot to close the file just now so none of our inputs were going through.

[Chat] maninblack290 : Hmm... dunno how to feel about this, but chat seems okay shrug
Papper2k : @maninblack290 it was inpossible to do in anarchy or democracy
M4_used_Rollout : @maninblack290 it's been done before, divine intervention
tppsimulator YES M4 you wrote about the triggered emote

11d 6h 44m We're also in Democracy now!

[Chat] FaithfulForce : BloodTrail I think he recorded the inputs before hand and fired them off with a script

[Chat] FaithfulForce : BloodTrail TAS TOOL ASSISTED SPEEDRUN (And PogChamps all around)

11d 6h 42m We enter again and M4 does it perfectly! Obtained the Sea Jewel!

[Chat] ElderSchmidt : cheat codes o_O
FaithfulForce : BloodTrail When direct control isn't enough

11d 6h 38m So we get second place and another Nugget! And then the game freezes because of advanced hacking. AKA probably walk through wall codes.

[Chat] M4_used_Rollout : hang on I'mma cheat

11d 6h 38m Another second place, another Nugget!

11d 6h 37m Also we've gotten 3 Nuggets so far!

[Chat] FaithfulForce : BloodTrail target time is under 12 seconds
M4_used_Rollout : teamviewer is so laggy

11d 6h 37m Another second place finish! M4 blames it on Teamviewer.

11d 6h 36m And another second place finish!

11d 6h 35m M4 did the surfing race and got second. FailFish

[Chat] M4_used_Rollout : hello and welcome to M4 plays pokemon
M4_used_Rollout : where the inputs don't matter

11d 6h 34m M4 has taken control of the game and we lag! But we're teleported to Evergreen Town!

[Info] We're currently in Monarchy mode, because teleport signs are too hard to use in Anarchy mode...

11d 6h 31m We've landed in Cherrygrove City. Thanks teleport sign!

11d 6h 25m Now we're at Route 47!

11d 6h 23m In Cliff Edge Cave!

11d 6h 22m Back in Cianwood!

11d 6h 21m Finally talked to Bridgette and obtained the Lucky Egg!

11d 6h 17m We are overshooting Bridgette in both directions so much it's hilarious. Also Houndoom faints to a wild Wingull!

11d 6h 12m Now that we've finished the bridge, we can talk to Bridgette for our prize. We enter Cianwood briefly before going right all of the way to Route 40.

11d 6h 12m Against Haxorus now. The Dark Pulse crits and OHKOs. Defeated Tourist Grant.

11d 6h 11m Hydreigon comes on and slams and welcomes to the jam and brings us to 9 HP! We barely Dark Pulse out of it.

11d 6h 10m Tourist Grant is our next foe! Houndoom vs Hydreigon. We get hit with Body Slam after we Dark Pulse.

11d 6h 10m Defeated Sensei Fo!

11d 6h 9m We send out Mamoswine, Icicle Crash, and KO. Oh cool, a second mon, Machamp comes onto the field. Icicle Crash OHKO.

11d 6h 9m Another Superpower KOs Samurott!

11d 6h 8m If you guessed Fury Cutter, you would be correct! Even though it does no damage and Superpower almost KOs us!

11d 6h 8m Facing Sensei Fo! Samurott vs Conkeldurr. Guess what bug-type move we're going to use? I'll give you three tries.

11d 6h 7m Another Fury Cutter KOs her. Defeated Beauty Twee. Are these all seriously one mon battles?

11d 6h 6m We use Fury Cutter and almost KO her. Then we patiently wait, as in no A button presses are in the turbo queue.

11d 6h 6m Facing Beauty Twee! We send out Samurott against Blissey! This should be an egg-citing battle. Cause of the egg in the pouch. Yay jokes.

11d 6h 5m We defeat both of Diane's Floatzels. On to the third bridge trainer!

11d 6h 5m We challenge Picknicker Diane, the second trainer on the bridge. She sends out Floatzel.

11d 6h 3m Youngster Nigel challenges us. He sends out Azumarill. We switch to Houndoom, which does not fare will due to dual-type disadvantage, but is eventually victorious. Nigel defeated.

11d 5h 59m We exit onto Route 40 (Cianvine Bridge between Cianwood and Olivine).

11d 5h 56m We teleport to Olivine City.

11d 5h 55m We've exited onto route 31.

11d 5h 49m We shove a Big Mushroom into our bag.

11d 5h 29m We pick up a Timer Ball.

11d 5h 28m Caught a male Lv. 25 Graveler! No nickname.

11d 5h 27m Samurott to Level 79.

11d 5h 25m We stroll into Dark Cave.

11d 5h 25m Torterra knocks itself out with Wood Hammer recoil. Again.

11d 5h 22m [Info] We have 1 Ultra Ball and 925 Premier Balls remaining.

11d 5h 20m We're strolling around Route 45. We activate Strength to move a boulder that we totally don't need to move.

11d 5h 19m Scolipede faints to another Gyarados. B L A C K O U T

11d 5h 14m Gyarados took down Salamence. Scolipede exacts revenge and the battle ends.

11d 5h 9m The wild Gyarados takes down Mamoswine while we struggle to catch it at full health.

11d 5h 7m After murdering schools of Magikarp, we finally encounter a level 45 Gyarados. We start chucking balls.

11d 4h 58m I don't see it listed anywhere in the Live Updater so far, but I could be missing. In the event it hasn't been said, I'll say it now: We have all 8 Johto Badges

11d 4h 47m We're mauling a bunch of Level 48-50 Magikarp in hopes of catching some nifty dragons.

11d 4h 43m We find a Dragon Fang on the east wall of the cavern!

11d 4h 41m A Mustachioed Man in the Dragon Shrine offers to teach us Draco Meteor. Salamence is compatible, but we opt out.

11d 4h 40m [Info] Current Party: Torterra (75, fainted), Samurott (78, fainted), Houndoom (81, fainted), Mamoswine (85), Scolipede (89), and Salamence (86)

11d 4h 38m We've made our way to the bottom of the Dragon's Den. Curently attempting to enter the shrine.

11d 4h 36m We are able to repeatedly battle one of the Dragon Tamers, which we have elected to do.

11d 4h 32m We are in the Dragon's Den in Blackthorne in Johto. Currently fighting some dragon trainers.

[Info] M4 reset the stream, although we can climb the tower again seems like chat wants to do something else before attempting tower again

[Info] We are not sure if the fake Ho-oh fight messed up the real one which is important for plot later on so we waiting for M4 to come back from his work to reset the game, I think that's about half an hour later.

11d 1h 19m We attempt to approach the ladder that leads out of this room. We are blocked by invisible walls. Chat is trying their hardest to use an Escape Rope.

11d 1h 17m We saved! In the sky, in front of Top-Left Ho-Oh!

11d 1h 15m We flee! The Ho-Oh vanishes!

11d 1h 14m We speak to the Bottom Right Ho-Oh! It thanks us for defeating someone, idk. VS Ho-Oh!

11d 1h 9m We can't seem to pass the barrier to get back in-bounds. We meander around on the air for a while.

11d 1h 6m We approach the Ho-Oh at the bottom of the map. Then we meander in the opposite direction. We nearly save the game.

11d 1h 4m Vs Entei again! We ran immediately. Entei vanished.

11d 1h 4m We ran! Raikou vanished! We can't interact with the Ho-Oh at the top of the map.

11d 1h 3m Vs Raikou!

11d 1h 2m Entei roared us away! We walk on the sky up to the top of the map and find Ho-Oh just chill'n here. Entei meanwhile, didn't vanish.

11d 1h 1m Vs Entei! Chat TriHard's

11d 1h 0m We ran away! Suicune vanishes. We run about the outside of the map, and find Hoho flapping off-map here too.

11d 0h 57m Currently throwing all the Ultra Balls at Suicune.

[Fluff] The glitches keep piling up. I don't think we're supposed to be able to walk down the side of the tower like that, and hit the nothing at the bottom.

11d 0h 55m We, um... seem to have found the legendary dogs... off the edge of the map.... Vs Suicune! Chat WutFaces

11d 0h 40m There are three orbs up here. They all refuse to budge.

11d 0h 40m We're at the top of the tower, after a cutscene I missed.

[Info] We are in democracy!

[Meta] Updater going dark

10d 23h 0m Still climbing Bell Tower, some plot and legends going to be there

10d 22h 26m Caught level 22 male rat, M

10d 22h 25m level 21, female, all a as name, rattata pls

10d 22h 11m L21, female rat, AAAGGtgggg

10d 22h 6m We catch a level 24 female Rat, no name

10d 22h 4m We catch another female rattata level 21, FFF_,_ss9/

10d 22h 1m Houndoom to 81

10d 21h 56m We find an Escape Rope

10d 21h 46m Samurott faints

10d 21h 44m We catch a female level 22 Rattata, no nickname

10d 21h 37m We catch a female level 21 female Rattata, AAAAAAAAAA

10d 21h 22m We catch a male level 21 Rattata, AAABCWPPPJ

10d 21h 18m Inside Ecruteak then went to Bellchime Tower

10d 21h 16m Torterra used Wood Hammer too many times and fainted

10d 21h 0m Torterra to 75, walking north

10d 20h 52m Healed

10d 20h 49m Back in in Olivine

10d 20h 45m We go outside the building and used dive in a spot

[Info] We also have 'infinite' Priemer Balls thanks to Kurt, we have rows of x99 priemer balls

10d 20h 32m Every mon is fainted except for Salamence at 2hp, we ran away

10d 20h 31m VS Mewtwo

[Info] Status: In Olivine talking to Jasmine

10d 19h 8m We managed to hit a jackpot on the roulette wheel! Thrice! Chat PogChamps.

[Snark] What a surprise, TPP is gambling again

10d 19h 0m And now we're gambling in the game corner.

10d 18h 59m We're in that shop with the SS Anne ship sounds.

10d 18h 58m Welcome to Goldenrod City, where every building must look exactly the same per city ordinance.

10d 18h 51m We're in Ilex Forest, btw. It seems to be less on fire than it was last time we were here.


10d 18h 41m We exit Kurts house.

[Snark] Maisy: "Whenever Grandpa (Kurt) gets an order, he always puts 100% into his work!"

More like 100,000% at this point, miss.

[Chat] MyRattata : Kurt: I've finished your custom POKéBALL! Here you go. Obtained the PREMIER BALL! AHUNIgg put away the PREMIER BALL in the POKé BALLS POCKET.

[Fluff] The ball count on the screen is properly thousand's place comma separated ("1,010"). I wonder if anyone consciously made the decision to make sure it looked nice if we hit over 1000 balls in our bag...

[Snark] To be fair, carrying 1000 Poké Balls is easier than carrying 100 Mining Picks.

10d 18h 33m We hit 1000 total balls in our bag! (There are 72 ultra balls and 1 net ball that are included in that count)

10d 18h 32m We save our ball escapades!

[Chat] Demyzio : i demand a fan art of Honey with bag full of Premier balls Kappa
YugnatZero : @Demyzio I demand MANY fan arts
TheKatante : How can one person possibly carry this many Poké Balls?

10d 18h 30m We currently have 9 full stacks of 99 Premier Balls.

[Info] Part of the faultiness of the premiere ball script seems to be related to the fact that the text box that is telling us that we "put away the Premier Ball away in the Balls pocket" isn't going away like it should. We can walk around the place with that text box on screen. There's possibly some dialog after that which should be playing out and clearing whatever Kurt flags there are, but the script is stopping prematurely.

10d 18h 23m We randomly booted up a TM and Torterra forgot Crunch and learned Earth Power!

10d 17h 45m We just received our 500th premier ball from Kurt.

[Snark] I know Kappa

[Snark] ...I don't think "thunk" is a form of "think" Kappa

[Snark] I think Kurt has something for us. It's a Premier ball! Who'd have thunk it?

[Info] Currently it is possible for us to walk away with a maximum of 1386 premier balls in total, we have already obtained 327 Premier balls and the full 1386 is looking likely.

[Info] This is the result of a faulty script. We will continue to receive premier balls until we walk away.

[Snark] Chat is definitely aiming for 65535 to see what happens after that.

[Info] We are receiving a seemingly endless amount of Premier Balls from Kurt at the moment. Not sure what the total will be when this interaction finishes but we have received more than 70 Premier Balls so far.

10d 16h 10m We find TM29 Psychic

10d 15h 58m In Union Cave, Healed in the center outside it

10d 15h 49m Scolipede faints due a trainer with all 3 Sinnoh starters after beating Infernape and Torterra

10d 15h 44m We catch a level 40 female Weepinbell, AAAAAAAAAA is the name

10d 15h 42m In Route 32, (south of Violet City)

10d 14h 40m [Meta] Updater still dark; just giving a quick status update before heading to work.

10d 14h 39m [Info] Current team: Torterra (74, fainted), Samurott (76, fainted), Houndoom, (80, fainted), Mamoswine (84, fainted), Scolipede (89, 50% health), Salamence (85).

10d 14h 38m [D] We're currently in the Ruins of Alpha, solving puzzles in Democracy.

10d 14h 0m We run into a Raticate and OHKO him

10d 13h 57m Lucario knocks out our Mamoswine, we send in yz hgg and defeat him.

10d 10h 58m Obtained 54 Ultra Balls and a Leppa Berry. Scolipede leveled up to 89.

@ 10d 8h 50m: Obtained a Rare Candy.

10d 6h 18m [Meta] Updater going dark. Make good choices!

10d 6h 16m We step outside the gym. Henri tells us that Team Fusion is initiating the final step of their plan. He instructs us to head to Mahogany Town, where they have taken over Team Rocket's old ninja hideout.

10d 6h 15m Brian also heals our party. What a nice guy!

10d 6h 15m We obtain the badge and TM 04 Calm Mind.

10d 6h 14m Vs. Gallade. We use Megahorn, which misses. We OHKO it (critical hit!) on the second attempt. Gym Leader Brian defeated!

10d 6h 13m Vs. Gardevoir. We use Megahorn. No more Gardevoir.

10d 6h 13m Vs. Espeon. Scolipede OHKOs it.

10d 6h 13m

10d 6h 13m Vs. Alakazam. It uses Signal Beam to KO Torterra. We send out Scolipede who KOs Alakazam with Megahorn.

10d 6h 11m Vs. Gym Leader Brian! He sends out Starmie. It uses surf and almost KOs Houndoom We use Thunderfang. Starmie's Leftovers heal it while houndoom dies to poison. We send out Torterra, which takes significant damage from Ice Beam. It uses Earthquake to defeat Starmie.

10d 6h 8m We challenge a fifth Esper. We sludge bomb an Alakazam and poison it, but Synchronize poisons Houndoom in return. we emerge victorious.

10d 6h 7m We challenge and defeat a fourth esper, who wants help finding the 621.9 section. He jokes about the differences between Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal catalogue systems.

10d 6h 2m We challenge a third Esper. We use Nasty Plot twice to bulk up against her Slowbro, though it uses Amnesia and Withdraw to boost its stats. We use a third Nasty Plot and start sweeping with +6 Sludge Bomb. Houndoom to 77. We OHKO a Slowking and emerge victorious.

10d 6h 0m We challenge another Esper. Houndoom sweeps some Kadabras with Flamethrower and smogon mechanics. We win.

10d 5h 58m We stroll into the Whitewood Gym and start challenging Espers to battle. Houndoom manages to take down a Wobbuffet with no difficulty.

10d 5h 56m We're in Whitewood City. Making our way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and we're homebound.

10d 5h 52m We escape the Church Basement and find ourselves back in anarchy on Route 48. Nifty.

10d 5h 47m [D] Whitney thanks us for our help and heads back to the Pokémon league.

10d 5h 46m [D] The notebook is blank. We use democracy to escape the room.

10d 5h 44m [D] We do enough laps around Pius's desk trying to read his notebook that Democracy kicks in.

10d 5h 41m Jasmine thanks us for being a super friend. She gives us the Mineral Badge and the TM for Steel Wing.

10d 5h 40m We take down Noctowl and Pidgeot without significant difficulty. Pius and Sexton defeated!

10d 5h 38m Vs. Absol and Milotic. Steelix 2HKOs Absol and Milotic survives with almost no HP. We use Fly... on Steelix, which faints shortly afterward. Jasmine sends out Aggron, which uses a 2-turn Focus Punch on Milotic with 1 hp.

10d 5h 37m Vs. Gallade and Gardevoire! We send out Salamence and Jasmine sends out Steelix. Steelix manages to take down Gardevoire. Pius sends out Milotic as Salamence takes down Gallade.

10d 5h 34m We enter the battle with only Salamence. Whoa boy.

10d 5h 33m Pius and Sexton challenge us to a Double Battle. Jasmine waits patiently for us to pick our Pokémon...

10d 5h 29m We open the SEXTON's desk and acquire the Ornate Key!

10d 5h 28m Democracy/Anarchy voting begins.

10d 5h 27m We use the Yellow Key to open the SEXTON's office. He tells us not to mess around in the graveyard and not to look around his office. Then he leaves. Guess what we're going to do!

10d 5h 23m We insert the Blue Key to open another storage closet. We find a trapped custodian. He gives us the YELLOW KEY.

10d 5h 20m Democracy voting timer ends. Anarchy wins.

10d 5h 19m We find a PC available in the basement. We log in to check to see how many likes we received on our most recent selfie before logging off.

10d 5h 17m We're still wandering around the Church of Alpha basement. Democracy Voting begins.

10d 5h 10m [Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: 48454C50

10d 5h 9m [Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: 0B377F99

10d 5h 8m [Meta] No, we don't have any context for these super cool hex messages.

10d 5h 8m [Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: A29F1198

10d 5h 7m [Dev] ProjectRevoTPP: 4196A543

10d 5h 6m [Info] Yes, we just did some sequence breaking. NBD

10d 5h 5m [D] We enter the password MMXIII . Lady Jasmine is freed! VoHiYos EVERYWHERE!

10d 5h 2m [D] Democracy engaged. We decide to enter the passcode to Jasmine's cell.

10d 5h 0m Jasmine gives us a Blue Key that she stole from a guard.

10d 4h 59m We spy Jasmine behind bars. VoHiYos EVERYWHERE.

10d 4h 58m Democracy/Anarchy voting timer begins.

10d 4h 58m Houndoom sweeps the rest of the team. We win.

10d 4h 57m ZOMG another Alpha Deacon. His Absol takes down Samurott with Fake Out.

10d 4h 56m We take down another Alpha Deacon. Samurott has 21 HP.

10d 4h 54m We take down another Alpha Deacon.

10d 4h 49m There's an NPC named Sexton. Chat is handling this with the maturity and grace you might expect.

10d 4h 47m We check the Pokedex. Charmander is apparently 6'7" and is a SEED Pokémon. Hmm.

10d 4h 47m We acquire a Red Key from a supply closet.

10d 4h 45m Another Alpha Deacon. Samurott defeats Kanghaskan and rises to Level 74. Samurott also defeats a Bisharp and Azumarill. Battle over.

10d 4h 43m We're challenged by another Alpha Deacon. Samurott defeats his Lucario. We win.

10d 4h 40m Several doors have "Blood-red locks." Spooooooky.

10d 4h 40m We are prevented from entering PIUS's office until we have permission.

10d 4h 38m Alpha Deacon challenges us to a battle! Samurott takes down his Kadabra and Ampharos. We emerge victorious.

10d 4h 37m We found a secret passage underneath another tombstone! Whitney congratulates us and tells us we're searching for Jasmine. We descend into the Church of Alpha.

10d 4h 36m We're frantically observing a tombstone with alarming frequency. "'RIP GHS,' it says," it says.

10d 4h 30m [Dev/Meta/Info] m4_used_rollout refreshed the stream overlay while the stream was down a few minutes ago. There were issues while we were in Democracy; inputs were being ignored or multiplied.

10d 4h 28m We're battling a trainer with a Zweilous. We win.

10d 4h 27m [Info] Current Team: Samurott (78), Houndoom (76), Torterra (73), Mamoswine (84), Scolipede (88), and Salamence (85).

10d 4h 25m We're back! Heading East.

10d 4h 24m Screen has gone dark!

10d 4h 18m [D] We're reordering the team. I'll post the order when operations are complete.

10d 4h 15m [D] We start fixing options. We set text speed to fast, sound to Stereo, and Battle Scene to On.

10d 4h 12m [D] Hello Demo-Chan! VoHiYo

10d 4h 9m We stroll into a house. Democracy/Anarchy voting begins.

10d 4h 7m We're strolling around Whitewood City. We step inside the Pokémon Center. We immediately Heal and Checkpoint.

10d 4h 5m We talk to Whitney outside a church. She asks us to help find Jasmine. Chat explodes in VoHiYos.

10d 4h 4m We're back on Route 48. A Lass challenges us with her Gardevoir. Houndoom takes a snooze while we go through the bag. We emerge victorious. Houndoom to 76.

10d 3h 56m [Info] Only remaining Pokémon are Houndoom and Scolipede.

10d 3h 56m We emerge victorious. He tells us that Whitewood has a pretty big church. Thanks, bud.

10d 3h 54m We are challenged by Picnicker Jack. He sends out a Haxorus. Torterra faints.

10d 3h 51m [Info] Pinball is broken. Inputs are acting up for some users.

10d 3h 43m Samurott has fainted.

10d 3h 43m Caught a male Lv. 35 Drapion! Nickname: AAAAAAGGGG

10d 3h 34m We are encountering wild Pokémon; we attempt to catch some and fail (Drapion), and run from others (Yanma, Tangela, Lickitung).

10d 3h 26m We find some bamboo that Samurott is able to cut through with Fury Cutter. We head into the Bamboo Forest.

10d 3h 23m We stroll into the MooMoo farmhouse, do a lap, and exit onto Route 39.

10d 3h 18m We head east through the gatehouse and embark on Route 38.

10d 3h 16m A Cyndaquil tells us "Don't listen to that woman. That medicine is nasty. Yuck Yuck YUUUCK."

10d 3h 13m We fool around with the teleporter menu. We teleport to Ecruteak.

10d 3h 5m [Info] Current team Status: Mamoswine (84, fainted), Samurott (73, half health), Torterra (73), Houndoom (75), Scolipede (88), and Salamence (88, fainted).

10d 3h 1m We're still running into a plethora of surfaces in Evergreen Town.

10d 2h 55m [Snark] It took us 6 minutes; it's supposed to take about 15 seconds. So.

10d 2h 55m We come in Third Place with a time of "1 minute+". We obtain a Smoke Ball as consolation.

10d 2h 50m [Snark] How we're doing in this surfing race: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4ldry1

10d 2h 48m We decide to give the surfing races a shot.

10d 2h 38m We're still faffing around in Evergreen Town.

10d 2h 34m [Info] Leader Silver also gave us the TM for Thief.

10d 2h 33m Thanks to 1eamannan for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1k5mxItgZI&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=TwitchPlaysPok%C3%A9monRecordingBot

10d 2h 22m We beat Gym Leader Silver and obtain the Night Badge!

10d 1h 49m We push through in demo and fight the first trainer of the gym.

10d 1h 47m [Info] At the moment it appears that inputs on the stream are severely delayed with the delay being about 2-3 minutes.

10d 1h 19m [Meta] Updater going dark for 30-40 minutes. Enjoy infinite falling until democracy kicks in.

10d 1h 13m [Snark] The Deoxys battle theme isn't the music we need right now, but it is the music we deserve.

10d 0h 56m [Snark] We're back in the gym, so this is happening: https://youtu.be/U3PaNhPYXJ8?t=18s

10d 0h 55m Democracy Timer appears!

10d 0h 55m Still wandering around Evergreen Town, trying to find our way back into the gym.

10d 0h 53m [Info] The invisible countdown timer to puzzle democracy only ticks while we are in the gym. [Dev] m4_used_rollout: @Dayrunner79 we tried to solve the puzzle and turbo walked us out the door.

10d 0h 49m We're taking a brief sabbatical from the Evergreen Gym. Standing outside the Poké Center and mashing the SELECT button.

10d 0h 44m [Chat] TurboGhast: Confirmed two digits, at least 20+ minutes on the timer.

10d 0h 43m [Dev] M4_used_Rollout: @Dayrunner79 I swear to you there will be democracy in here within probably an hour

10d 0h 38m [Chat] Chat is participating in a freshly reinvigorated discussion on the merits of Turbo Anarchy.

10d 0h 27m Still doing the Evergreen Gym infinite tumble. https://clips.twitch.tv/NeighborlyEsteemedFriseePeanutButterJellyTime

10d 0h 19m We keep falling down holes. Seems like fun.

10d 0h 16m Also, Happy Start of Day 11!

10d 0h 15m Entered the gym. It's using the Deoxys battle music.

[Snark] FaithfulForce : select

Oh god, it's happening.

10d 0h 5m Just checking Bulbasaur's cry hasn't changed. By golly, it's been a while.

10d 0h 1m We end up all the way back in Evergreen Town. Maybe we were airlifted there.

10d 0h 1m And that's it, Salamence goes down to Haxorus. Whiteout!

9d 23h 58m We challenge Picknicker Jack who for some reason has a Lv. 59 Haxorus. Kids these days...

9d 23h 56m We hit Tangela with a Fly and it goes down. Tangrowth is up next and suffers the same fate. Picknicker Jill is defeated.

9d 23h 55m Salamence is down to 24HP.

9d 23h 54m And Vs. Picknicker Jill. Tangela is sent in against our rapidly dwindling Salamence.

9d 23h 54m Caught a female Lv. 30 Yanma! No nickname.

9d 23h 47m Still wondering about in the Bamboo Forest.

9d 23h 39m Caught a female Lv. 32 Tangela! Nickname: GGGMMTT

9d 23h 32m After faffing about in the menus, we finally defeat Picknicker Tory.

9d 23h 30m Scolipede goes down to Breloom. Only Salamence remains.

[Info] Our team is in very bad shape. We're down to Scolipede and Salamence. Scolipede is paralysed and on 34HP, Salamnence is on 116HP.

9d 23h 27m Vs. Picknicker Tory. She sends in Breloom, we send in Scolipede.

9d 23h 26m We enter the hidden Bamboo Forest.

9d 23h 26m We slice away some bamboo with Fury Cutter.

9d 23h 16m Caught a Lv. 39 Magneton! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

9d 23h 12m Heading west on Route 38.

9d 23h 10m We attempted to enter the Brass Tower, but were rejected by the tower bouncers.

9d 23h 8m Arrived in Ecruteak City.

9d 23h 8m And we're back.

9d 23h 6m Channel is going through a complete reset, stand by.

9d 23h 6m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

9d 23h 4m Out of the National Park, heading east on Route 36. It's raining.

9d 22h 56m In the National Park.

9d 22h 56m Heading north on Route 35 towards the National Park.

9d 22h 53m We lost every game. Seems we had enough of that. Back outside.

9d 22h 51m We're playing roulette.

9d 22h 49m Headed into Goldenrod Game Corner.

9d 22h 48m Arrived in Goldenrod City.

9d 22h 46m Heading north on Route 34.

9d 22h 44m Getting towards the end of Ilex Forest now. Scolipede is beating up Butterfree with its mighty Megahorn.

9d 22h 33m Mamoswine goes down to a wild Butterfree.

9d 22h 31m Just making our way through Ilex Forest, getting beaten up by Butterfree.

[Chat] tppsimulator: for Kurt is harder OneHand

9d 22h 26m Caught a female Lv. 42 Butterfree! No nickname.

9d 22h 24m Ilex forest, people ~

[Info] Trying to perform some sort of infinite balls glitch with Kurt

9d 22h 14m Obtained a Dive Ball recently.

9d 22h 11m Still in Azalea

[Info] Fury Cutter works like another Cut here

9d 21h 43m Samurott learns Fury Cutter and forgets Ice Beam

9d 21h 37m In Azalea

9d 21h 20m Now inside Ilex Forest

9d 21h 5m In Goldenrod city

9d 21h 4m Caught a Lv. 22 Pelipper! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

9d 20h 45m We just left it

9d 20h 44m It's structured like Morty's gym....

9d 20h 26m It has vs Deoxys as the background theme

9d 20h 24m Inside the gym

9d 20h 3m Demo off

9d 20h 3m [D] We teleport back to Evergreen Town

9d 20h 1m Demo on

9d 19h 54m We teleport to Ecruteak City

9d 19h 54m We meet Chelle and we refuse a fight and she leaves

9d 19h 48m We obtain a Blank CD from a house

9d 19h 42m Our Park Balls end

9d 19h 38m We catch a level 39 male Skiploom, AAAAAAAAAA

9d 19h 37m L17 F Jigglypuff, Ab_3333333

9d 19h 35m Female Wooper, L15, no name

9d 19h 34m We catch a level 36 male Magikarp

9d 19h 28m We catch a level 17 Jigglypuff, AAAAAAAAAA

9d 19h 26m Male level 33 Hoppip, GGGGGAATTT

9d 19h 23m We catch a male Marill level 16, no name

9d 19h 22m We catch a female level 15 Marill, BMM

9d 19h 22m correction :We catch a level 13 female Clefairy, no name

9d 19h 22m We catch a female level 28 Wooperm no name

9d 19h 20m We catch a male level 16 Marill, no name

9d 19h 20m We catch a male level 25 Hoppip, GMMGTTMBB

9d 19h 19m We catch a male level 23 Hoppip, AAA...,_ee the _ being a space

9d 19h 17m We catch a male level 20 Magikarp, GM

9d 19h 11m We catch a level 26 male Magikarp, AAAAAAAAAA

9d 19h 9m We enter the Meadow zone

9d 19h 8m We use up our Park Balls and are forced to leave

[Chat] M4_used_Rollout: this is the worst safari zone in the history of safari zones... probably ever

9d 18h 57m We enter again, first to Ocean zone but quicly change to Peak zone

9d 18h 52m We leave the park when trying to change zones

9d 18h 47m we catch a level 15 Nidoran Male, no name

9d 18h 44m we catch a level 26 Rhyhorn, AAAAAAAAAA

9d 18h 42m We catch a male level 17 Golbat, no name

9d 18h 39m We enter the forest zone

9d 18h 38m We leave the park

9d 18h 36m We catch a level 15 female Abra, NVWWEEQQEQ

9d 18h 33m We catch a male level 16 Abra, GAMMMMMMMMMM

9d 18h 30m [Snark] Remember Teachy TV? Kappa

9d 18h 29m We catch a female level 20 Roserade, AATTTTTMMM

9d 18h 27m Obtained 13 Leaf Bait.

9d 18h 25m We enter the Safari Zone, buy 30 Park Balls and enter to the Grass Zone

9d 18h 24m We buy 13 Leaf Bait

9d 18h 17m Mamoswine to level 83

9d 18h 15m We progress through Safari zone and Houndoom, Torterra and Samurott are down

[Snark] /u/Mega-charizard was screaming over our catches again.

9d 17h 47m Now in Cliff Edge Cave.

9d 17h 47m (On Route 47)

9d 17h 46m Obtained a Silverpowder!

9d 17h 33m We catch a level 45 female Machoke, AAAAAAAAAA

9d 17h 31m We catch level 30 female Wooper, Aaaaaaaabb

9d 17h 30m [Donation] $115.00 from "LadyJasmineOfOlivine": "DatSheffy You have (unreadable, dialog went away)" https://clips.twitch.tv/InquisitiveFurryMangetoutBigBrother

9d 17h 20m We catch a level 33 female Quagsire, BBBBBBBBBB

9d 17h 15m We find a Rare Candy

9d 17h 14m We go to the Safari Zone, or what i assume it to be if they didn't change it in this hack

9d 17h 8m Salamence to 84

9d 17h 7m We switch back to Salamence against his Jolteon, one Dragon Claw does it and Sparky down

9d 17h 7m We send in Salamenc, use Dragon Claw and take out Galvantula, Magnezone is sent in and we continue Dragon Claw and do half, we take a Thunderbolt which does about 1/4th, second Dragon Claw takes Magnezone to 1hp due to its Leftovers, we take another Thunderbolt, almost at half hp, Sparky uses a Full Restore, after two Dragon Claw's he tries to use Substitute but he was at the red and used another Full Restore, we switch to Scolipede and take a Thunderbolt, we use Megahorn and take Magnezone out

9d 17h 6m DONATIONS WutFace

9d 17h 4m We throw an Ultra Balla and Bug Buzz takes Houndoom out

9d 17h 3m We switch Samurott into Scolipede, use Megahorn and take down Manectric and Rotom-Wash in one hit, Scolipede to 88, We switch out Houndoom against Galvantula but his Thunder takes Houndoom to 5hp

9d 17h 1m We switch Houndoom to Samurott and tank a Cross chop from Electivire, we use Waterfall and luckily we flinch it, 2nd Waterfall takes Electivire down, Houndoom to level 75

9d 17h 0m VS Leader Sparky

9d 16h 59m Irene Down

9d 16h 59m Houndoom was able to Flamethower OHKO spam 4 out of her 6 mon, Lapras took 2 Flamethrower's and we needed to tank a Thunderbolt, against her last Pokémon, Froslass, Flamethrower PP ended so we needed to use Some Sludge Bombs until it went down

9d 16h 53m VS Leader Irene!

9d 16h 51m Defeated Lief!

9d 16h 49m Defeated two so far.

9d 16h 47m VS Leader Lief!

9d 16h 38m [Info] Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

9d 16h 37m Caught a male Lv. 36 Swellow! Missed the nickname.

9d 16h 27m Now in Olivine City.

9d 16h 14m Now in Cherrygrove City.

In Southerly City.

9d 16h 5m [Fluff] Honedge = Mankey.

9d 16h 1m Carved something in the shrine. https://clips.twitch.tv/StormyCrypticNightingaleFunRun

9d 16h 1m Caught a male Lv. 22 Abra! No nickname.

9d 15h 57m [Chat] VoHiYo KonCha TehePelo

9d 15h 52m Now in the Palmtree Resort.

9d 15h 52m Caught Lv. 50 Palkia! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAM

9d 15h 51m Caught a Lv. 20 male Tentacool! No nickname.

9d 15h 31m Caught a Lv. 16 Staryu! Missed the nickname.

9d 15h 28m Ran away.

9d 15h 23m VS Latias.

9d 15h 15m Healed our party. And obtained 1 Ultra Bull.

@ 9d 14h 58m: Caught a Charmander, male, Lv. 20. No nickname.

9d 14h 53m Found a Repel and Ether.

9d 14h 46m Found a HP Up.

9d 14h 25m Defeated Dialga.

9d 14h 24m Salamence fainted.

9d 14h 21m Houndoom fainted.

9d 14h 19m VS Dialga!

9d 14h 17m Now in Temporal Sea.

9d 14h 7m Now in Chocco Town. Healed our party.

9d 13h 48m In Turquoise Bay.

9d 13h 47m Diddn't catch Giratina. We did catch a female Lv.18 Tentacool, though. Caught a female Lv. 18 Tentacool! Nickname: 77♂♂”””221

9d 13h 41m Samurott fainted.

9d 13h 38m Houndoom fainted.

9d 13h 35m VS Giratina!

9d 13h 35m In Griseous Cave.

9d 13h 33m Now on the Haunted Isle. Thunderstorms incuded.

Healed our party in the Serenity Isle Pokémon Center.

@ 9d 13h 6m: Torterra leveled up to 73

9d 13h 21m Obtained Adamant, Lustrous and Griseous Orb.

9d 12h 44m Samurott leveled up to 72!

9d 12h 43m Caught a female Lv. 34 Goomy! Nickname: AGGGGGAAAG

9d 12h 31m Now in Espo Forest.

9d 12h 30m Obtained Mystic Water.

9d 11h 52m Bought 95 Poké Balls, 1 Premier ball.

9d 11h 32m [D] Obtained 24 Poké Balls, 1 Premier Ball.

9d 11h 20m Roulette time.

9d 11h 10m Obtained the Plainbadge and TM43 Moonblast!

9d 11h 9m Defeated Simon!

9d 11h 9m Azumarill down.

9d 11h 9m Mawile down.

9d 11h 8m Scolipede fainted!

9d 11h 7m Togekiss down.

9d 11h 6m Whimsicott down.

9d 11h 5m Clefable down.

9d 11h 5m Houndoom fainted!

9d 11h 5m VS Gym Leader Simon!

9d 11h 1m Defeated the two.

9d 11h 0m Houndoom leveled up to 73!

9d 10h 57m Double battle vs Beauty Diane and Tourist Cirrus.

9d 10h 57m Defeated Beauty Nikky.

9d 10h 49m In the Goldenrod Gym, battling Beauty Carroll.

9d 10h 48m Back in Goldenrod, healed party. Bought 27 Pomeg Berry.

9d 10h 34m Now on R34.

9d 10h 31m Caught a male Lv. 45 Beedrill! No nickname.

@ 9d 10 15m: Caught Zygarde! Level 55, nickname: ATTMMMMMMM.

9d 9h 55m Now in Azalea town.

9d 9h 39m Obtained Macho Brace.

9d 9h 23m ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ Goldenrod Game Corner! ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

9d 9h 22m Switched from roulette to slots.

9d 9h 21m Jackpot (12) again.

9d 9h 16m Hit jackpot twice (2x12 coins)

9d 9h 14m Won 12 coins.

9d 9h 14m Obtained 20 coins from a nice guy, bought 150 coins for ₽ 3000.

9d 9h 12m In the Goldenrod Game Corner. Obtained the Coin Case.

9d 9h 10m In the Goldenrod Poké Center, healed our party

9d 9h 7m Defeated Sensei Miu.

9d 9h 0m Defeated Captain Soren.

9d 9h 0m (In a quick trainer battle)

9d 9h 0m Mamoswine leveled up to 82!

9d 8h 53m Found Charcoal.

9d 8h 51m Torterra fainted.

9d 8h 50m Caught a Lv. 55 Yveltal! Nickname: AAATTTTTTT

9d 8h 48m Samurott fainted.

9d 8h 47m Houndoom fainted.

9d 8h 46m VS Yveltal!

9d 6h 59m [Meta] Updater going dark. Stay classy and make good choices, you crazy kids.

9d 6h 58m We're fighting wild Ditto on R34.

9d 6h 57m [Donation] $2.00 from reallydiana: "VoHiYo"

9d 6h 56m [Info] We apparently threw 22 Great Balls and 14 Poké Balls in Ilex Forest.

9d 6h 55m We awaken in Goldenrod City.

9d 6h 55m We waste another ball on #BeedrillFromHell. Scolipede succumbs. WHITE OUT.

9d 6h 53m We're throwing dozens of balls at another #BeedrillFromHell

9d 6h 46m [Snark] Ironically, it took very few balls, even though it has the same 45 catch rate as the Beedrill From Hell.

9d 6h 45m Caught a male Lv. 43 Butterfree! No nickname.

9d 6h 42m Scolipede is our only remaining Pokémon. We start fighting additional Team Fusion drudges.

9d 6h 42m Scolipede finally attacks and KOs Satan's Beedrill.

9d 6h 41m Salamence also falls to this Wild Beedrill.

9d 6h 39m Mamoswine faints to the same Beedrill.

9d 6h 35m We're throwing dozens and dozens of balls at a wild Level 41 Beedrill, which apparently has a catch rate of 45.

9d 6h 33m #RIP Torterra

9d 6h 30m We're in Ilex Forest, which is super spooky and ablaze.

9d 6h 29m We're in a double battle. Torterra uses Earth Quake, which takes Mamoswine to half health. We emerge victorious.

9d 6h 26m Torterra to 71 while fighting Team Fusion Drudge.

9d 6h 24m Caught a female Lv. 40 Tentacruel! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

9d 6h 21m Samurott faints.

9d 6h 19m We've found a part of the route that ends in a vacant, featureless cul-de-sac. Nice work, team.

9d 6h 16m We fight Team Fusion Dudge. Her Tyranitar takes Samurott down to 20 hp, but we emerge victorious.

9d 6h 14m Houndoom faints to a wild Level 39 Tentacruel after we waste several turns attempting to catch it.

9d 6h 9m Audio/video framerate returns to normal after the battle ends. We immediately find a Silk Scarf in the grass.

[Fluff] The stream is now welcoming back every single person in chat one at a time...

9d 6h 9m Music and video playback slow to a crawl. RIOT SCREEN FLASHES.

9d 6h 5m Party finally healed!

9d 6h 2m We're back outside, shambling around Goldenrod. Nearly every building has NPCs barring entry.

9d 5h 59m [Info] Current Ball Totals: 80 Great Balls, 141 Poké Balls, 43 Ultra Balls, 8 Premier Balls

9d 5h 58m We slip back into Anarchy and spend the rest of our money except ₽ 155.

9d 5h 54m We're repeatedly buying balls in groups of ten so that we get multiple complementary Premier Balls. I'll post totals once we are done shopping.

9d 5h 52m [D] Democracy Shopping Spree Time!

9d 5h 50m [D] Democracy engaged.

9d 5h 49m 93 Poké Balls so far, with a few Premier Balls thrown in.

[Fluff] You sure that isn't just FRLG S.S.Anne music?

9d 5h 47m We're on a shopping spree. I'll post item totals once it is complete.

9d 5h 46m [Fluff] With awesome, random, bonus, free boat noises

9d 5h 45m We made our way back into Goldenrod. Currently in some building with a democracy timer and some jazzed up St. Anne music.

9d 5h 36m We shamble around town before making our way back to R34 (OneHand)

9d 5h 30m We stroll into the Goldenrod Pokémon Center. Checkpoint. We do a few laps around the second floor before exiting without healing.

9d 5h 29m We exit Goldenrod to the south and embark on an exciting Route 34 journey.

9d 5h 25m We head south and enter Goldenrod City.

9d 5h 25m We are challenged by Picnicker Teela. Mamoswine wastes plenty of Icicle Crash pp on her Lapras, which does major damage to Mamoswine via Hydro Pump. Teela sends out Starmie, which gets in several Minimizes. We eventually take it out. Teela defeated!

9d 5h 22m We send out our Scolipede against TJ's. Our Scolipede to Level 87. TJ defeated.

9d 5h 21m We are challenged by Picknicker TJ. Samurott bulldozes his Scyther. We waste a Great Ball on his Scolipede. Samurott faints.

9d 5h 19m We exit into the south entrance. We make furtive, knowing glances at a portly fellow before successfully exiting onto Route 35.

9d 5h 16m Vs. Bug Catcher Tarquin! He has a super cool Scolipede. Samurott OHKOs it with Surf. He sends out another Scolipede. It is also knocked out immediately. We emerge victorious.

9d 5h 14m [Plot] Whitney tells a gatekeeper to let us into the gatehouse. We commute eastward into the National Park.

9d 5h 12m [tppsim] uh oh FailFish

9d 5h 11m [Info] Current Team: Houndoom (71, fainted), Samurott (70), Torterra (70, fainted), Mamoswine (80), Scolipede (86), and Salamence (83, fainted).

9d 5h 7m We ESCAPE FROM THE CITY (#Volcania) and head south on Route 37.

9d 5h 6m After talking to the Kimono girls again for dozens of times, we make our way outside.

9d 5h 1m Umbreon takes several turns to defeat as it heals more damage than Samurott can deliver. We score a crit and secure victory. Samurott to Level 70.

9d 5h 0m Umbreon keeps using Moonlight to heal himself as we keep Surfing him.

9d 4h 59m We send out Mamoswine, and down goes Espeon. Onto Umbreon.

9d 4h 58m Espeon keeps spamming Signal Beam and KOs Houndoom!

9d 4h 58m We appear not to have any Flamethrower left.

9d 4h 57m Houndoom grew to level 71! Defeated that girl. Now the Espeon Kimono Girl.

9d 4h 54m Now the Flareon Kimono Girl.

9d 4h 53m Back in Anarchy! Fighting the Jolteon Kimono Girl. Flamethrower, Flamethrower, dead. Defeat.

9d 4h 49m [D] We move Houndoom in the front slot.

9d 4h 45m [D] We send out Torterra and he faints! As well as Vaporeon. Defeated Kimono Girl.

9d 4h 43m We enter Democracy! And send out Samurott.

9d 4h 41m Let's fight the Vaporeon Kimono Girl. We tried to throw a Great Ball at it and it KOs Salamence with an Aurora Beam!

9d 4h 40m We go in the room with the dancing eeveelution ladies, and demo voting happens.

9d 4h 36m Back at Ecruteak City, in the Pokémon Center.

9d 4h 34m Same move, same affect. Defeated Ford.

9d 4h 33m Facing Tourist Ford! Salamence vs Garchomp! We get hit with a bit of a Crunch, before Dragon Claw-OHKOing him. Against Hydreigon now.

9d 4h 31m Without collecting berries, we head back to Route 36.

9d 4h 27m We head out to Route 37! Most likely to get berries.

9d 4h 24m Also obtained TM30 Shadow Ball! We immediately walk off.

9d 4h 23m Two more flamethrowers and we've defeated Gym Leader Morty! Obtained the Fog Badge

9d 4h 22m We burn the Gengar! It uses Confuse Ray on us before receiving a Full Restore.

9d 4h 22m Two more Flamethrowers almost seal the deal, but Sableye uses Recover. Luckily a fourth KOs it. Against Gengar, Morty's final mon.

9d 4h 21m Anarchy returns! Houndoom uses Flamethrower on the sent out Sableye.

9d 4h 20m [D] Houndoom is sent out as Anarchy slowly seeps in.

9d 4h 17m [D] Against Mismagius! We use an attack that has no affect on it, and get paralyzed and confused.

9d 4h 14m [D] We send out Salamence against Froslass, and OHKO it with a Dragon Claw.

9d 4h 12m [D] We've reached Morty in Democracy! Let's battle.

9d 4h 8m [D] We swap to Houndoom for Aegislash, and swiftly defeat Esper Sarah. Voting is back up.

9d 4h 5m [D] Oh wait, Doublade is fighting back! We get hit by two Iron Heads before KOing it.

9d 4h 2m [D] Fighting Esper Sarah. This is exciting. We KO various swords.

9d 3h 57m [D] Dragon Claw. Defeated Esper! We keep in Democracy mode, so that's cool. Voting has begun again.

9d 3h 56m [D] Fighting Esper Calvin! Salamence vs Banette! Dragon Claw is a OHKO. Salamence levels up to 83! Against Bannette.

9d 3h 53m [D] We ran into a trainer! Let's fight in democracy!

9d 3h 51m Entered democracy!

9d 3h 49m Still freefalling. Democracy voting has appeared.

9d 3h 30m And we're back in it.

9d 3h 27m We enter various houses and a Pokémon Center for a change of pace.

9d 3h 22m We left out of frustration.

[Meta] during that gap we also caught Glalie, Raticate, and Miltank!

9d 3h 15m We keep falling off the edge immediately.

9d 3h 5m Well, we definitely fought Jasmine and beat her but due to a Whitney cutscene she left before she could give us a badge.

9d 3h 4m We're in Morty's gym atm.

9d 1h 7m Currently fighting Lady Jasmine ([Chat] VoHiYo)

[Script Update]

8d 21h 23m Caught Unown, L26, , Nickname: BBBBCCCCCD

8d 22h 43m Caught Goldeen, L15, Male, Nickname: AAAA......

[Info] There are red and blue teleportation stations. Red ones can be teleported to, blue ones can only be teleported from. And the reason there's teleportation stations is because you can't fly into Johto (because "LORE Reasons", but we speculate might be because of technical limits on the number of Fly destinations).

8d 22h 25m In Morty's gym. It has eschewed music in favor of living tombstones or something like that.

8d 22h 12m We ran into Bill and he says that there's a teleportation system he's installing now? What happened to go old Flying?

8d 22h 9m We've entered Ecruteak City, and the rain is pouring down, and spooky Lavender Town music is playing, and Hey, they got the Brass Tower rebuilt!

[Chat] tppsimulator: @Zc230 Wouldn't Mt. Silver erupted after helix died Kappa

[Snark] I hope Red wasn't still standing up there when Mt. Silver erupted.

8d 19h 58m We're on Route 27, faced with a massive wall of dirt. There's a dude here that says that Mt. Silver erupted some time ago and cut off Johto from Kanto, and that the only reason New Bark Town is still standing is because of Trainers and their Pokémon keeping the lava at bay.

8d 18h 53m We just got our first berry ever in the game, a Sitrus Berry, from an old man in Johto.

8d 18h 40m We buy over 139 Great Balls! First as a batch of 98, and then in batches of 1. We have ₽7 left to our name.

8d 18h 7m I opened the stream just now and witnessed us receiving the Zephyr Badge! So that's a thing.

8d 16h 35m In the Ruins of Alph, battling some Team Fusion people.

8d 16h 26m We're out of the Sprout Tower and back in Violet

8d 16h 17m Found an Escape Rope

8d 16h 17m Instead of battling us, the main Sage is actually a move tutor. He is willing to teach one of our Pokémon Bounce.

8d 16h 13m Currently on the top floor of the Sprout Tower. After a couple more battles we will battle the main Sage, who should (hopefully) give us a TM.

[Info] 8d 16h 11m A trade stone is what is used to evolve trade-evolution Pokémon, such as Gengar, Alakazam, Machamp, etc.

8d 16h 11m Found a Trade Stone

8d 16h 11m Continuing to beat Sages in the tower.

8d 16h 6m After a few Nasty Plots, Houndoom sweeps his team of Bellsprouts.

8d 16h 4m Vs a Sage. For some reason, his encounter music is the Young Twins variant.

8d 15h 59m Found an X Defend

8d 15h 58m Entered Sprout Tower

8d 15h 57m Found a Leaf Stone

8d 15h 53m [D] Healed! As soon as we heal, democracy ends.

8d 15h 52m [D] Entered the Pokémon Center.

8d 15h 47m [D] Pidgeot defeated. Noctowl comes out next and goes down in a single hit.

8d 15h 45m Democracy activated

8d 15h 45m Fighting a Bug Catcher. Strangely, his first Pokémon is a Pidgeot.

8d 15h 44m Fighting a Youngster in the school. We defeat both of his Pokémon with Mamoswine.

[Info] 8d 15h 42m The Pokémon school in Violet is a Democracy house.

8d 15h 39m Entered Violet City. Fun fact: The music that is playing is unused on the ROM for RSE, and was used by the devs to test the new soundfont.

8d 15h 36m Torterra faints to a wild Butterfree

8d 15h 31m On Route 31

8d 15h 24m Torterra was put to sleep by one of the wild Pokémon

8d 15h 16m Shedinja faints to Scolipede's Rock Climb. He sends in another one, only to immediately meet the same fate.

8d 15h 13m Vs another Bug Catcher. We defeat his Ninjask easily, but then he sends in a Shedinja. Samurott faints

8d 15h 11m According to the trainer we just beat, Youngster Joey has become a legend across Johto

8d 15h 9m Vs another trainer. We defeat his Garchomp and Samurott levels up to 66. His own Samurott comes in only to go down in one hit from our Torrent-boosted Surf.

8d 15h 8m Caught a Lv. 36 Jumpluff! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Very original guys.)

8d 15h 6m Houndoom faints to a wild Jumpluff

8d 15h 0m Found a Sharp Beak

[Info] 8d 14h 59m We're out of Flamethrower PP, so the random encounters are going a lot slower.

8d 14h 56m Vs another Bug Catcher. We switch out to Scolipede and defeat both of his Butterfree with Megahorn.

8d 14h 55m We go north onto Route 30

8d 14h 55m We received a Badge Case from an old man. Apparently it's used to store our Johto badges in.

8d 14h 54m We arrive at Cherrygrove City

8d 14h 47m Found a Shiny Stone

8d 14h 45m We engage a Bug Catcher, and we roast his 2 Scythers and Scizor with Flamethrower.

[Info] 8d 14h 40m Currently we're on Route 29 in Johto, and we chose Chikorita as our Johto starter.

[Meta] Apologies for the downtime, but the updater is alive again

[Chat] I'm quite sure the whole chat had #who ready in their chat bar and say that no matter who actually got the badge

[Chat] (Upon someone they don't know getting a badge) #who?

[Chat] (Upon someone they know getting a badge) PogChamp!

8d 7h 3m [Meta] So that's what's probably going to happen. Updater going dark. Have a nice day.

8d 7h 3m [Chat] FaithfulForce: BloodTrail @Dayrunner79 We did Mew, Sylveon, Ninjask, Shedinja so far. Next is Crocnaw / Feraligatr, then withdrawing our Pokémon and mailing it

8d 7h 0m [Info] TwinDragonsOfChaos gets the Shedinja badge, and Therawyna gets the Ninjask badge.

8d 6h 59m [D] Shedinja also appears in our party!

8d 6h 59m [D] Nincada to Level 34. After an incredibly long loading scene, it evolves into Ninjask!

8d 6h 57m [D] We begin force-feeding Rare Candies to Nincada.

8d 6h 55m [D] Democracy engaged.

8d 6h 52m We exit and re-enter the building in order to refresh the Democracy timer.

8d 6h 51m [D] Nincada is withdrawn. Welcome to the party, Nincada-san! VoHiYo

8d 6h 46m [D] Sylveon is deposited.

8d 6h 45m [D] We, uh, give Sylveon a circle mark.

8d 6h 44m [D] Mew is deposited into Box 24.

8d 6h 42m [D] We boot up the PC.

8d 6h 39m [D/Meta] Inputs slow to a crawl as chat discusses the Sylveon badge and makes badge offers.

8d 6h 37m [D] Perlence gets the Sylveon badge!

8d 6h 36m [D] Def-Eevee evolves into Sylveon!

8d 6h 35m [D] We take a Sun Stone out of our bag and gaze hungrily at Def-Eevee.

8d 6h 32m [D] Democracy engaged!

8d 6h 31m We're back in the lower levels of Fusion Labs. Democracy voting timer has a minute left.

8d 6h 29m [Info] Current Party: Houndoom (64), Torterra (68), Mamoswine (78), Salamence (81), Def-Eevee (20), Mew (50)

8d 6h 28m We manage to Save the game. Seems like a good choice.

[Info] Mew, L50, , Nickname: <No nickname>
Item: None, Traded: false, Box#: <Party>, Ability: SYNCHRONIZE

8d 6h 27m [Info] Mew badge went to /u/SinR2014

8d 6h 26m Mew remorses destroying the lab. It thanks us and hops into a Poké Ball! MEW JOINS OUR PARTY!

8d 6h 25m [Fluff] Look, a Mew! \ Jebaited

8d 6h 24m We stroll up to the second floor of Fusion Labs. Democracy voting timer refreshes.

8d 6h 21m Anarchy Resumes. We step outside and step back inside to refresh the voting timer.

8d 6h 20m [D] We withdraw a Level 20 Def-Eevee into our party.

8d 6h 18m [D] We make our way to another box filled with Def-Eevees. We pilfer 3 more Rare Candies from our Eevee Army. We now have 5 Rare Candies total in our bag.

8d 6h 13m [D] We take 2 Rare Candies from two Def-Eevees in our PC.

8d 6h 11m [D] Scrolling through our PC boxes one by one...

8d 6h 9m [D] We give Mystic Water to our Fraxure in Box 5. Hmm.

[Fluff] Well, if we somehow manage to lose them later on, I have a backup of our Hall of Fame-Ribbon-bearing team thanks to the stream API--- wait, our Pokémon don't have Hall of Fame Ribbons!!! Did Percy cheat us out of THOSE TOO?!?!

8d 6h 7m [D] Scolipede deposited in PC Box 23.

8d 6h 6m [D] Samurott deposited in PC Box 22 "AAAAAAAA"

8d 6h 3m [D] PC TIME BOIS

8d 6h 0m [Info] We can't make our way back down the mountain without Surf and Rock Smash, which is why Samurott and Scolipede were selected to take a short sabbatical in the PC while we do some shenanigans at Fusion Labs to catch some legendary Pokémon.

8d 5h 57m [D] We reteach Flamethrower to Houndoom.

8d 5h 57m [D] We boot up the Flamethrower TM. Democracy/Anarchy voting timer begins while we are still in Democracy.

8d 5h 54m [D] We remove Scolipede's mail.

8d 5h 52m [D] We remove Samurott's mail.

8d 5h 49m [D] Democracy engaged.

8d 5h 46m We're at Fusion Labs! Democracy voting begins!

8d 5h 46m We Surf our way north and exit the cave. We're back on the icy exterior of Mt. Stratus.

8d 5h 41m Houndoom is now out of Sludge Bomb and Thunder Fang pp. All it has left is 20 Nasty Plot PP.

8d 5h 40m Houndoom to Level 64.

8d 5h 31m Houndoom nearly loses a fight against a wild Zubat due to confusion hax; it's now down to half health.

8d 5h 29m We stroll into a Mt. Stratus cave.

8d 5h 29m We reorder Houndoom's moves. Current order: Thunder Fang, Nasty Plot, and Sludge Bomb (0 PP).

8d 5h 24m Another Snowboarder challenges us. Houndoom takes down his three Piloswine with NVE Sludge Bombs. We burn through all of our Sludge Bomb PP but emerge victorious.

8d 5h 22m We stroll west out of Northcoast. We are challeneged by a Snowboarder. Houndoom dispatches his Glaceon and Froslass, even without the use of Flamethrower.

8d 5h 21m Demo timer has disappeared. Chat has been wandering around town and deciding what to do next.

8d 5h 13m [Info] Options screen: Text speed FAST, Battle Mode SET, Scene ON, Frame 3

8d 5h 5m [Misc] Also, we hit 3.5 million inputs sometime in the last few minutes.

8d 5h 3m The nurse offers to heal our Pokémon. We decline a dozen times before finally healing.

8d 4h 59m There's a move deleter in the Poké Center. We delete Houndoom's Flamethrower.

8d 4h 55m We stroll into the Northcoast City Poké Center. Checkpoint. We idly press buttons on the PC before deciding against it.

8d 4h 52m A Demo Timer appears when we are at the top of the icy pond; apparently 31 minutes until we can vote for democracy.

8d 4h 51m We stroll into Northcoast Town. We miss the Poké Center and instead find ourselves slipping around on an icy pond.

8d 4h 49m Salamence murders a wild Delibird and Levels up to 81.

8d 4h 45m [Info] Current Party: Houndoom (68, fainted), Samurot (64, fainted), Torterra (68, fainted), Mamoswine (78, fainted), Salamence (80, alive and well), Scolipede (85, le dead).

8d 4h 39m The entire party has fainted except Salamence, who is asleep.

8d 4h 8m [Script Update] Caught: Ponyta, L33, Male, Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA, Item: None, Traded: false, Box#: 6, Ability: FLASH FIRE

[Script Update]

8d 3h 39m We picked up one TM22 Earth Power.

8d 3h 43m Caught: Druddigon, L27, Male, Nickname: <No nickname>, Item: None, Traded: false, Box#: 6, Ability: ROUGH SKIN

8d 3h 43m Caught: Granbull, L31, Female, Nickname: AAAAAAAABB, Item: None, Traded: false, Box#: 6, Ability: INTIMIDATE

Updater going dark.

8d 1h 23m Bought 10 Poké Balls. Got one Premier Ball as bonus.

8d 1h 12m Anarchy.

8d 1h 9m Sold Antidote for ₽ 50.

8d 1h 5m Bought a Sun Stone.

8d 0h 59m Turned over the Pearl and received ₽ 700.

8d 0h 59m Money: ₽ 10214

8d 0h 57m Turned over the Black Belt and received ₽ 50.

8d 0h 50m [D] In Democracy.

8d 0h 46m In a port house.

8d 0h 21m Caught a male Lv. 9 Pikachu! Nickname: AAAAGGOXXG

8d 0h 6m Caught a Lv. 50 Zekrom! No nickname.

7d 23h 50m Caught a male Lv. 10 Elekid! Nickname: AACCCCCEEF

7d 23h 36m Caught a Lv. 8 Magnemite! Nickname: AAAAAaaaaa

7d 23h 36m Caught a Lv. 9 Porygon! Nickname: AAAAAAAAB

7d 23h 29m Now in Oceanview City.

7d 23h 26m Caught a male Lv. 5 Riolu! Nickname: TTTTTAABBBB

7d 23h 15m Caught a male Lv. 5 Chimchar! No nickname.

7d 22h 56m [Fluff] KEEP SHINX CUTE

7d 22h 56m Caught a female Lv. 5 Shinx! Nickname: AAAAAABBBT

7d 22h 41m Caught a male Lv. 5 Treecko! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAT

7d 22h 40m Chucked a ball at a Treecko.

7d 22h 32m Caught a male Lv. 5 Torchic! Nickname: AAAAAAABUU (Premier Ball)

7d 22h 31m (In a Premier Ball)

7d 22h 28m Caught a male Lv. 5 Chimchar! Nickname: ATTTMMGNw

[Snark] That's one creative name.

7d 22h 24m [Snark] So I herd you liek mudkipz?

7d 22h 24m Caught a male Lv. 5 Mudkip! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAB (Box 5)


7d 22h 21m Caught a male Lv. 5 Piplup! Nickname: NNNNNHH CC

7d 22h 20m We're attempting to capture it, stand by.

7d 22h 19m A wild Piplup appeared!

7d 22h 18m Took another boat and arrived at a Mystery Island!

7d 22h 17m Took a boat and arrived in Seaspray town.

7d 22h 12m We've bought a whole bunch of Pokéballs and spent all of our money. We get several Premier Balls too.

7d 22h 10m Arrived at Serenity Isle.

7d 22h 9m Heading north on Turquoise Bay.

7d 22h 9m A Lv. 4 wild Shroomish just tried to Leech Seed our Lv. 85 Scolipede.


7d 22h 5m I'm not sure where we are now, but I just heard a Meowth.

7d 22h 2m Back in Glenwood Town.

7d 22h 0m Scolipede just massively overkilled a Lv. 3 Poochyena. xD

[Info] Correction, that little tidbit of information actually came from /u/Lycaa ~

7d 21h 55m Back in Choco Town.

7d 21h 53m Entered Milkshake Swamp.

[Info] I've just been told our battle actually was an official match, but because we said we didn't want to stand in a room forever, we forefitted champion status. That's why we are "unofficially" the champion. Thanks to /u/tustin2121 ~

7d 21h 47m In a town, healed party.

7d 21h 43m Heading south-east on Forest Path.

[Snark] It's because we're a girl isn't it? And Percy isn't? I think we need to go back and beat the snot out of the league to teach them gender equality.

[Chat] tppsimulator: BlessRNG Plz frz everything Kappa


[Snark] Can I get a refund in Tokens instead of Pokédollars?

[Snark] All that work and Percy takes the glory

[Snark] I don't think there's one...


7d 21h 40m We've just been told we've become the Champion... unofficially??

7d 21h 39m We have woken up in bed at home. Our Pokémon have not been healed.

[Snark] It was all just a dream...

[Fluff] We didn't even get to see our Pokémon enter the Hall of Fame...!

[Fluff] What Hall of Fame?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 21h 39m Saved game!

7d 21h 38m Wait... no credits?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 21h 38m Hall of Fame people!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VICTORY RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

7d 21h 38m http://tehurn.com/tuturu



7d 21h 37m Earthquake again. Umbreon is down!!

7d 21h 37m We hit Umbreon with an Earthquake. It's in the red. Another Full Restore is applied.

7d 21h 36m We hit Honchkrow with Ice Fang. Mamoswine to Lv. 78! Umbreon is sent in.

7d 21h 35m Honchkrow is sent in.

7d 21h 35m Houndoom goes down to Earthquake!

7d 21h 35m Champion Blake uses a Full Restore, but we hit back with Earthquake! Mawile down, Houndoom is sent out.

7d 21h 34m Mamoswine, our last Pokémon, is sent in.

7d 21h 33m Brick Break hits again, but Mawile hits us with Play Rough! Salamence down!

7d 21h 32m Mawile is sent in. We hit another Brick Break, takes down about a quarter.

7d 21h 32m Brick Break again! Darkrai down!

7d 21h 31m We hit Weavile with Brick Break, Weavile down! Darkrai is sent in.

7d 21h 29m We send out Salamence, he sends out Weavile.

7d 21h 29m Vs. Champion Blake!

[Info] Champion is up next.

7d 21h 28m Houndoom went down during the battle. We sent out Mamoswine and took out the rest. Gray defeated!

7d 21h 25m We're slowly making our way through Gray's team. Up to Machamp.

7d 21h 20m Vs. Gray!

7d 21h 18m And with that, Tanya is defeated!

7d 21h 17m We choose Salamence.

7d 21h 15m Torterra goes down. We're down to three Pokémon.

7d 21h 14m Vs. Tanya!

7d 21h 13m Text speed changed to slow.

7d 21h 8m And that's Drapion down. Magnus defeated!

7d 21h 7m We take out Gliscor. Salamence to Lv. 80!

7d 21h 6m Samurott goes down to Goodra. We try Salamence instead.

7d 21h 4m Samurott is getting pummelled by Giga Drain.

7d 21h 3m Scolipede gets as far as Goodra before going down.

7d 21h 1m Next battle, Vs. Magnus!

7d 21h 1m Clean sweep for Scolipede. Rosaline defeated!

7d 21h 0m Scolipede to Lv. 85!

7d 20h 59m Rosaline battle begins ~

7d 20h 58m Attempt #47. Anyone who is a Star Trek fan will know this is special.

7d 20h 57m Samurott got to Alakazam before being shot down. Whiteout!

[Chat] FaithfulForce : Do you think it's related to the Umbreon that we evolved just for a badge and then put in the pc? Kappa


7d 20h 55m More Full Restores. NotLikeThis

7d 20h 54m Dragonite hits with Earthquake, Houndoom goes down. Only Samurott to go.

7d 20h 53m Houndoom has managed to burn Dragonite.

7d 20h 51m Scolipede gets up to Alakazam before going down.

7d 20h 50m Vs. Tanya once again! Let's see what happens.

[Snark] I've been updating this off-and-on E4 run for 9 hours, and we're still not there yet. Never change, TPP. xP

[Info] Not in the best of shapes again, I'm afraid. Three Pokémon standing, one paralysed.

7d 20h 44m Magnus defeated!

7d 20h 44m Salemance is taken out due to poison.

7d 20h 42m Now Mienshao vs. Salamence. x3

7d 20h 42m Mamoswine has gone down. Currently Gliscor vs. Salamence.

7d 20h 40m We switch to Mamoswine and attempt to Earthquake Arbok, unfortunately Arbok paralyses Mamoswine and then gets a Full Restore.

7d 20h 37m Scolipede vs. Arbok. We keep using ineffectual Rock Smashes, and Arbok has paralysed us.

7d 20h 35m Magnus battle, let's go ~

7d 20h 32m Rosaline is defeated again. On to the next room.

7d 20h 31m Mamoswine is in the supplement for Torterra, and is doing well.

7d 20h 30m Torterra goes down to another Ice Beam.

7d 20h 29m We've switched to Torterra for some reason. It's taken an Ice Beam hit and is down to 77HP.

7d 20h 28m Rosaline battles begins. Let's do this.

7d 20h 27m Or "Whiteout", whichever you prefer. Who's up for Attempt #46?

7d 20h 27m Rock Climb takes out Salamence. Whitout!

7d 20h 26m We take down Machamp, however Salamence is only on 94HP.

7d 20h 26m We got to Machamp, but it's Ice Punching us.

7d 20h 25m Vs. Gray! Zoroark is sent out first.

7d 20h 22m Tanya is defeated, but only Salamence is left. It is on full health, though.

7d 20h 20m Samurott goes down to Dragonite's Earthquake. Only Salamence left.

7d 20h 18m Samurott took out Infernape with Surf. Samurott to L.v 64!

7d 20h 17m We've switched to Mamoswine, who's taken a hit to 49HP. Infernape is sent out and takes it out. Mamoswine down!

7d 20h 15m Vs. Tanya! It's Floatzel vs. Samurott for starters.

[Snark] 12 hours ago we spent all of our money in demo buying ultra balls (and apparently an hour later bought 4 more in anarchy). We finally used the last ball a minute ago, throwing it at E4 pokemon like we're expecting to snag them. Money well wasted.

7d 20h 14m Mamoswine is sent out and sweep the rest of them. Mamoswine to Lv. 77! Magnus defeated!

7d 20h 14m Houndoom goes down as well! This isn't looking good.

7d 20h 12m Goodra takes out Torterra!

7d 20h 11m We're currently against Magnus, up to Goodra.

7d 20h 10m Next battle, here we go.

7d 20h 9m Rosaline defeated!

7d 20h 8m Scolipede goes down to Shadow Ball!

7d 20h 7m Scolipede has been hit, it's down to 19HP! We're currently up to Blissey.

7d 20h 5m Vs. Rosaline once again. You know the drill ~

[Snark] It should've started 5 minutes ago but we still haven't engaged our first opponent.

7d 19h 58m Attempt #45 is a-go, I repeat, a-go.

[Snark] LALALALA Katamari Damacy!!

7d 19h 57m Anarchy activated!

7d 19h 57m [D] The winning input is lalalala xD

7d 19h 55m [D] Samurott's moveset order switched. It now goes Surf, Ice Beam, Waterfall and Hydro Pump.

7d 19h 54m [D] Party order switched.

7d 19h 52m [D] Battle animations enabled.

7d 19h 51m [D] Text Speed set to Fast, Battle Style to Set.

7d 19h 51m [D] Entered the Options menu and set Text Speed to Slow.

7d 19h 49m [D] We select Save.

7d 19h 48m [D] Wait4Baba wins an input. x3

7d 19h 47m Democracy activated!

[rip] Attempt #44

7d 19h 44m Darkrai survives a Dragon Claw and takes out Salamence with Ice Beam! Urn over!

7d 19h 44m Weavile is quickly taken out by a Dragon Claw!

[Snark] Let's see how long this lasts...

7d 19h 43m Unfortunately, our only Pokémon is Salamnce with 45 HP... so... Champion Blake challenged anyway.

7d 19h 43m It's a hard-fought battle, but Skarmory is eventually taken out, and we defeat Gray!

7d 19h 41m Salamance takes out Magnezone and rises to level 79! Skarmory is sent out.

7d 19h 41m Machamp is taken out in one hit, but defeating Magnezone is a struggle.

[Snark] One Drain Punch Man? thinking emoji

7d 19h 39m Machamp takes out Houndoom with One Drain Punch!

7d 19h 38m Aggron misses a Rock Climb attack, so Houndoom defeats it with ease. In comes Machamp.

7d 19h 37m Wait, wouldn't putting Zoroark in the lead-off spot kinda defeat the purpose of having a Zoroark...? Ah, whatever. Houndoom rises to level 62 after defeating it!

7d 19h 36m We chalenge Gray. Houndoom vs. Zoroark.

7d 19h 32m Currently, our party is... not so good; Houndoom and Salamence are still in perfect condition, but our other four Pokémon have been knocked out.

7d 19h 30m Dragonite suffers the same fate; Tanya the evil defeated!

7d 19h 29m Salamence replaces Mamoswine on our side. Tanya heals Infernape to full with a Full Restore, but is OHKO'd by Dragon Claw anyway.

7d 19h 28m Infernape withstands two Ice Fangs with a sliver of health and takes out Mamoswine with repeated Jump Kicks!

7d 19h 28m Ice Fang takes out Rotom with ease, but it doesn't hold up too well against Infernape.

7d 19h 27m Mow Rotom takes out Samurott with Thunderbolt In comes Mamoswine.

7d 19h 27m Samurott gets the KO on Alakazam, but takes a lot of damage in the process. 51/210 HP left as Rotom-C comes in.

7d 19h 26m Samurott comes in and gets its revenge on Floatzel; Alakazam is brought out on Tanya's side as we return to our conquest to catch 'em all.

7d 19h 25m Torterra gets Floatzel down to just single digits of health, but is otherwise KO'd by Floatzel's Ice Fang.

7d 19h 24m We try capturing Tanya's Floatzel. Hey, it's a rare badge!

7d 19h 23m Tanya is challenged! Torterra vs. Floatzel to start the battle.

7d 19h 21m Mamoswine misses an Ice Fang and takes a powerful Crunch, but gets the job done next turn. Magnus defeated! 184HP left for Mamoswine.

7d 19h 21m Mamoswine freezes Drapion, but hilariously enough it has a Lum Berry so it can break out and use... Swords Dance.

7d 19h 20m Mamoswine is sent in and quickly finishes both Gliscor and the previously-weakened Arbok.

7d 19h 19m After a handful of turns, Scolipede is overpowered by Gliscor and taken out.

7d 19h 18m Scolipede rises to level 84 after taking out Goodra!

7d 19h 17m Magnus switches Arbok for Mienshao, but it doesn't work out for him as Scolipede destroys it with two Megahorns.

7d 19h 16m vs. Magnus! Scolipede misses with Megahorn and gets paralyzed by Glare.

7d 19h 15m Scolipede defeats Milotic, Blissey and Sylveon with ease. Rosaline defeated!

7d 19h 15m Slowking manages to get a hit off of Scolipede with a Flamethrower after it tanks a Poison Jab, but it was poisoned and still faints after one turn. 159/219 HP left for Scolipede.

7d 19h 13m Immediately begins Attempt #44 with sweeping Rosaline.

[rip] Attempt #43

7d 19h 12m Umbreon uses Sucker Punch, Mamoswine goes down! Whiteout!

7d 19h 12m Full Restore! Umrbewon is back to full strength.

7d 19h 11m We're slowly using Earthquake and taking out its HP.

7d 19h 11m Mamoswine is sent in. It's all or nothing.

7d 19h 10m Umbreon uses Sucker Punch, Salamence goes down!

7d 19h 10m Brick Break is out of PP! We switch to Dragon Claw.

7d 19h 10m Moonlight AGAIN! This Umreon is not going down easily.

7d 19h 9m Sucker Punch is slowly reducing our health.

7d 19h 9m We keep brick breaking, and it keeps mooning.

7d 19h 9m Moonlight used again! We're running out of PP.

7d 19h 9m A Full Restore was used! But we keep hitting with Brick Break. But it uses Moonlight!

7d 19h 8m No, it got to 1HP.

7d 19h 8m We hit Umbreon with Brick Break and take it to under half HP!

7d 19h 8m Umbreon is up next.

7d 19h 8m CRIT! We take out Mawile!

7d 19h 7m We hit another Brick Break and reduce Mawile about a quarter of its health. We hit again for half.

7d 19h 7m Mawile is up next.

7d 19h 7m We hit Darkrai with Brick Break! Darkrai down!

7d 19h 6m We hit with Dragon Claw, Weavile goes down. Darkrai is up next.

7d 19h 6m Weavile is sent out, we counter with Salemance.

7d 19h 5m Here we go again. Vs. Champion Blake!

[Fluff] The whole Gray fight, a countdown for demo was counting down. But after the fight, when the timer ran out, democracy voting didn't appear. The input system just trolled everyone.

7d 19h 2m Skarmory comes in but doesn't do anything to harm us as Mamoswine takes it out with two Ice Fangs. Gray defeated!

7d 19h 2m Mamoswine comes in and actually manages to use Earthquake pretty easily to destroy that Magnezone.

7d 19h 0m Magnezone comes in, dodges a Hydro Pump, and knocks out Samurott.

7d 19h 0m Samurott comes out, and it takes a lot of effort to defeat Machamp with Hydro Pump's inaccuracy, and Machamp recovering from Drain Punch. 17/210 HP left.

7d 18h 59m Machamp is sent out and loses about half its health to a Flamethrower, but Houndoom is decimated by a super-effective Drain Punch!

7d 18h 58m Zoroark and Aggron are defeated with ease. Houndoom is still plenty healthy; 167/180 HP remaining.

7d 18h 57m After fiddling around with the Pokedex (again), we challenge Gray!

7d 18h 51m Skarmory acknowledges our previous victories against it, but challenges the idea of victory against its stronger team.

7d 18h 50m Infernape is quickly down after one hit, Tanya defeated!

7d 18h 50m Salamence just barely misses the OHKO on Rotom-C and loses about 50 HP, but is otherwise fine as it knocks out said Rotom, and also Alakazam.

7d 18h 49m Salamence comes in and quickly gets the job done against Floatzel. After also knocking out Dragonite, it levels up to 78!

7d 18h 47m Our weakened Torterra stood absolutely no chance and is knocked out by Floatzel.

7d 18h 47m After more bumping into walls, we challenge Tanya!

7d 18h 41m Dragonite keeps telling us we have the heart of a dragon, and swears that we will not win again.

7d 18h 40m Also, Magnus defeated!

7d 18h 40m Drapion is defeated after dealing a little bit of damage; 182 HP remaining on Mamoswine after that level up.

7d 18h 39m Ice Fang Misses before getting an OHKO, and Mamoswine rises to level 76! Drapion comes in.

7d 18h 39m Goodra is also knocked out, but Torterra only has 27 HP left. We switch in Mamoswine as Magnus brings in Gliscor.

7d 18h 39m Torterra knocks out Arbok and Mienshao with exactly 50% of its health; 112/224 HP remaining.

7d 18h 37m After bumping into walls about 653 million times, we challenge Elite Four Magnus! Torterra leads off.

7d 18h 31m Sylveon is, like, totally defenseless against our radical Torterra, and Rosaline is totally defeated!

7d 18h 31m Torterra gets the revenge-KO against Blissey and rises to level 67!

7d 18h 30m Scolipede could not thaw out after several turns. allowing Blissey to set up multiple Calm Minds and knock out Scolipede with Ice Beam and Thunderbolt!

7d 18h 29m Powerful attacks from Scolipede make quick work of Slowking and Milotic; but then a Megahorn attack misses Blissey as she freezes Scolipede with an Ice Beam!

7d 18h 28m Scolipede takes several turns to knock out Rosaline's Lickilicky, but only takes about 50 damage.

7d 18h 26m We quickly begin Attempt #43!

7d 18h 24m Weavile goes down to Dragon Claw. Darkrai is sent in and hits us with Ice Beam. Salamence down, whiteout!

7d 18h 23m Weavile is sent out to counter Salamence.

7d 18h 23m Vs. Champion Blake! (This will be quick)

[Info] We're about to face the champion with one Pokémon on 15HP.

7d 18h 21m Skamory hits us with Brave Bird and reduces Salamence to 15HP. We take out Skamory, Gray defeated!

7d 18h 20m Salamence takes out Machamp with Dragon Claw. Skamory is sent in.

7d 18h 19m We hit Machamp with Ice Fang, it was frozen, but cures itself. Mamoswine is taken out!

7d 18h 19m We switch to Mamoswine and hit Magnezone with a critical Ice Fang. Machamp is sent out!

7d 18h 17m Aggron and Mamoswine trade light hits, but Aggron finally goes down. We switch to Salamence while Gray sends in Magnezone.

7d 18h 15m We send in Mamoswine.

7d 18h 14m Houndoom is taken out.

7d 18h 13m Aggron is sent in.

7d 18h 12m Zoroark goes down, surprisingly.

7d 18h 11m Vs. Gray! He sends in Zoroark, we counter with Houndoom.

7d 18h 10m Alakazam goes down and Tanya is defeated!

7d 18h 9m Floatzel goes down and Alakazam is sent out.

7d 18h 9m Dragon Claw makes quick work of Dragonite. A damaged Floatzel is up next.

7d 18h 8m We switch to Salamence and take out Infernsape with Dragon Claw. Dragonite is up next.

7d 18h 8m Infernape uses Overheat and takes Mamoswine down to 93HP.

7d 18h 7m We send out Mamoswine and take out Rotom. Infernape is up next.

7d 18h 6m Rotom hits us with Leaf Storm and takes out Samurott.

7d 18h 6m We hit Floatzel with a Hydro Pump, and Tanya withdraws and switched to Rotom.

7d 18h 6m We switch to Samurott.

7d 18h 5m Vs. Tanya! Floatzel vs. Houndoom once again. Let's see how they fare.

7d 18h 3m Drapion goes down and Magnus is defeated!

7d 18h 3m Salamence is sent in again.

7d 18h 2m Torterra is sent out, but is instantly taken out.

7d 18h 2m Scolipede goes down!

7d 18h 1m We're hitting Drapion with ineffective Poison Jabs, and its hitting back with Crunch. A Full Restore is used on Drapion.

7d 18h 0m We switch out to Scolipede.

7d 18h 0m Drapion is sent out.

7d 17h 59m Gliscor is hit by Dragon Claw, but it Ice Fang's us. We take it out though. Salamence to Lv. 77!

7d 17h 58m We switch to Salamence to face off Gliscor.

7d 17h 58m We go down to 62HP but take out Mienshao.

7d 17h 58m We switch to Torterra and are immediately hit by Aerial Ace and Jump Kick. We respond with an Earthquake, to which Magnus uses a Full Restore. We hit again.

7d 17h 57m Mienshao is sent in.

7d 17h 57m Arbok goes down and Goodra is sent in. We hit it with Rock Climb and it goes down. Scolipede to Lv. 83!

7d 17h 56m We keep trying to use the PokéCom device. Are we trying to talk our way to a solution?

7d 17h 56m Arbok is sent in to go up against our Scolipede. It paralyses us again.

7d 17h 55m We waste no time. Vs. Magnus!

7d 17h 55m And it is outta here. Rosaline defeated.

7d 17h 54m Oh look, down it goes. Sylveon next, then we can get to the real battles.

7d 17h 53m Mioltic topples, Blissey is up for 42nd's.

7d 17h 53m Slowking succumbs to the Megahorn. Milotic is up next.

7d 17h 52m I think you guys know the drill from here. Megahorn begins, Lickilicky down.

7d 17h 52m Vs. Rosaline! We say hi to Lickilicky again with Scolipede.

7d 17h 49m We save.

7d 17h 44m Who's up for attempt #42?

7d 17h 44m We hit the substitute with Dragon Claw and it vanishes. Aggron responds with two Rock Climbs, which takes out Salamence! Whiteout!

7d 17h 43m Aggron creates a substitute.

7d 17h 43m We send out our last Pokémon, Salamence. It takes out Machamp, who is followed by Aggron.

7d 17h 41m We switch to Samurott for some reason. Machamp uses Ice Punch and freezes us! Then Samurott goes down.

7d 17h 40m Machamp is sent in.

7d 17h 40m Gray is all about dem Full Restores, but he's no match for us. Zoroark down!

7d 17h 39m Vs. Gray! He sends in Zoroark, we counter with Salamence.

[Info] We're not in great shape. Only two Pokémon remain, Samurott and Salamence. Samurott is only on 65HP.

7d 17h 37m Infernape goes down, and Tanya is defeated!

7d 17h 37m Alakazam is dispatched by Dragon Claw. Infernape is sent in.

7d 17h 36m Salamence is sent out and takes out Dragonite with Dragon Claw. Alakazam is up next.

7d 17h 35m Dragonite takes care of Houndoom with an Earthquake. Houndoom down!

7d 17h 34m Houndoom takes out Rotom with Flamethrower! Dragonite is sent in.

7d 17h 34m We try to hit with Earthquake, but Rotom levitates above it. Rotom hits with Leaf Storm and takes out Mamoswine. Houndoom is sent in to avenge us.

7d 17h 33m We make the switch to Mamoswine, who gets hit by a super effective Waterfall. But Mamoswine takes it out on the next turn. Rotom is up next.

7d 17h 32m We decide to use Nasty Plot for some reason.

7d 17h 32m Vs. Tanya! We send in a poisoned Houndoom to face her Floatzel. This should be interesting.

7d 17h 31m Mamoswine uses Ice Fang to take down Drapion. Magnus defeated!

7d 17h 30m We switch to Mamoswine.

7d 17h 30m Gliscor badly poisons Houndoom, but goes down to Flamethrower. Drapion is up next.

7d 17h 29m We attempt two Earthquakes but fail, and Torterra is taken out by Ice Fang. Houndoom is sent in.

7d 17h 29m Gliscor is sent out to deal with Torterra.

7d 17h 29m Mienshao shows its face again, and reduces Torterra to 31HP. We hit back and Mienshao goes down!

7d 17h 28m We hit again with Wood Hammer, and Goodra is again at half HP. We score another Earthquake, and Goodra goes down.

7d 17h 28m We use Earthquake and reduce Goodra's HP into the red, but Magnus uses a Full Restore.

7d 17h 27m We switch to Torterra.

7d 17h 27m Samurott is sent out and hits Goodra with an ineffective Hydro Pump. Goodra responds with a critical Giga Drain.

7d 17h 26m Goodra is sent in! We hit it with Rock Climb and reduce it to half health, but it responds with Flamethrower. Scolipede down!

7d 17h 26m Arbok goes down to Rock Climb!

7d 17h 26m Megahorn seems ineffective and is now out of PP. We keep trying to use Rock Climb but miss twice. Arbok reduces us to 12HP.

7d 17h 25m Arbok Glares at us and paralyses Scolipede. We hit back awith a couple of light attacks.

7d 17h 25m Vs. Magnus (finally). He sends in Arbok, we send in Scolipede.

7d 17h 23m We save.

7d 17h 16m We hit Sylveon out before its wish can come true. Rosaline defeated!

7d 17h 16m Sylveon makes a wish and gets a Full Restore.

7d 17h 15m Blissey is sent in and succumbs to the Megahorn. It goes down, and Sylveon is last up.

7d 17h 14m Milotic comes into play and we miss a Megahorn. We hit it with the second one though, Milotic goes down.

7d 17h 14m Megahorn takes out Slowking. Scolipede to Lv. 82!

7d 17h 14m Lickilicky is sent in and gets OHKO y Megahorn. Slowking is up next.

7d 17h 13m Attempt #41 right away. Vs. Rosaline!

7d 17h 13m Umbreon hits us with Sucker Punch and Mamoswine goes down. Whiteout!

7d 17h 12m We keep hitting Umbreon with Earthquakes, but it keeps healing.

7d 17h 12m We hit Umbreon with Earthquake, but it heals with Moonlight.

7d 17h 11m Umbreon is frozen solid by Ice Fang, but quickly thaws.

7d 17h 11m Houndoom goes out and Honchkrow is sent in. It's taken out by Ice Fang. Umbreon is sent in.

7d 17h 10m Mawile is sent in and taken out by Earthquake. Houndoom is sent in.

7d 17h 10m Weavile is sent in and hits us with Low Kick. We hit back with Earthquake. Weavile down!

7d 17h 10m Vs. Champion Blake!

7d 17h 9m Skamory is sent in and is taken out by Ice Fang. Gray is defeated!

7d 17h 9m Mamoswine, our last party member, is sent in. It takes down Magnezone, and grows to Lv. 75!

7d 17h 8m We hit Magnezone with another Hydro Pump, but it hits back with Thunderbolt. Samurott down!

7d 17h 8m Hydro Pump hits again and Aggron goes down. Magnezone is up next.

7d 17h 7m Samurott is sent in. We hit the substitute with Hydro Pump and it fades. We hit Aggron with another and it goes down to 1HP.

7d 17h 6m Aggron hits us with Iron Head. Salamence goes down!

7d 17h 5m Aggron hits us with Rock Climb and reduces us to 41HP. The substitute is still on the field.

7d 17h 5m We hit Aggron with Fly to little effect. Aggron uses a Substitute.

7d 17h 5m Aggron is sent in.

7d 17h 4m Machamp is sent in and is OHKO'd by Fly.

[Chat] Melia_Antiqua : VoHiYo FLY OR DIE.

7d 17h 3m We hit Zoroark with Dragon Claw, it counters with Dark Pulse. Salamence hits back with Fly, Zoroark goes down!

7d 17h 3m Vs. Gray! He sends in Zoroark to fight Salamence.

7d 17h 1m Battle Scene is disabled.

7d 16h 59m Infernape goes down to Dragon Claw. Tanya defeated!

7d 16h 59m Alakazam is sent in, then knocked out. Infernape is sent in.

7d 16h 58m It hits us with a Thunderbolt and then gets a Full Restore. We respond with two more Dragon Claws, and it goes down. Salamence to Lv. 76!

7d 16h 58m Rotom is sent in to teach us a lesson, but it's hit by Dragon Claw.

7d 16h 57m We send in Salamence to win us the match. Floatzel is hit by a Dragon Claw and goes down! Dragonite is sent in and gets the same treatment, OHKO!

7d 16h 56m Aaaand it was. Houndoom down!

7d 16h 56m Tanya is challenged! We send in Houndoom against her Floatzel. Should be pretty short.

7d 16h 54m Poison damage is slowly reducing Houndoom's health.

7d 16h 53m Ice Fang finally scores a couple of hits, and Drapion goes down. Magnus is defeated!

7d 16h 52m We attempt to use Ice Fang, but it misses twice. Drapion uses Crunch.

7d 16h 52m Gliscor goes down to a second Flamethrower. We switch to Mamoswine while Drapion is sent out.

7d 16h 51m Houndoom is sent in and Flamethrower's Gliscor. Gliscor uses Toxic and badly poisons Houndoom.

[Chat] tppsimulator: DBstyle we'll win in

A little optimistic there.

7d 16h 50m Torterra goes down to Ice Fang.

7d 16h 50m Gliscor uses a super-effective Ice Fang and we keep trying to use Earthquake. Poison damage reduces Torterra's HP to 41.

7d 16h 49m Gliscor uses Toxic and badly poisons Torterra. Torterra tries to use Earthquake to no effect. We try to run away.

7d 16h 49m We send in Mamoswine, who hits Mioenshao with Ice Fang. Gliscor is up next, while we switch to Torterra.

7d 16h 47m We hit Mienshao with Poison Jab but it slices us with Aerial Ace. Scolipede goes down!

7d 16h 47m Mienshao is sent in.

7d 16h 47m Goodra Flamethrower's us once again, reducing Scolipede's HP to just 37. We punch back with Poison Jab, and Goodra goes down.

7d 16h 46m Magnus uses a Full Restore, and Scolipede is paralysed!

7d 16h 46m Goodra hits Scolipede with a Flamethrower but it hangs in there. Megahorn is out of PP!

7d 16h 45m We Megahorn Arbok again and it goes down! Goodra is sent in.

7d 16h 45m Arbok glares us into paralysis after an ineffective Megahorn.

7d 16h 44m Straight away vs. Magnus. We see Arbok once again, and we throw Scolipede at it.

[Info] That was a pretty clean sweep. No damage taken.

7d 16h 44m Sylveon finally goes down. Rosaline defeated!

7d 16h 43m Sylveon goes down to 1HP, but its wish came true.

7d 16h 43m Megahorn nearly takes out Sylveon. Sylveon makes a wish. Rosaline uses a Full Restore.

7d 16h 42m Megahorn takes out Blissey too. Just Sylveon to go.

[Chat] HesOnATimer : Go you Majestic Beast PogChamp

7d 16h 42m Milotic goes down once again, Blissey is next out.

7d 16h 41m Slowking bows to the power of Megahorn. Mioltic is sent in.

7d 16h 41m Lickilicky and Scolipede face off once again, and Likcilicky quickly goes down. Slowking is sent in.

7d 16h 41m Attempt #40 kicks off with a fight against Rosaline!

7d 16h 39m Darkrai uses Dark Pulse and takes down Samurott! Whiteout!

7d 16h 39m Samurott, our last Pokémon, is sent in.

[Snark] Smogon is shocked that a Salamence somehow defeated a Weavile.

7d 16h 38m Darkrai hits us with Ice Beam, Salamence goes down!

7d 16h 38m We hit Weavile with Dragon Claw, and it goes down. Darkrai is sent in!

7d 16h 37m Weavile is sent in, and we send in Salamence.

7d 16h 37m Vs. Champion Blake!

[Snark] Let's heal our team with the revives that we totally have!

[Info] It's the champion next, but we're not in a good condition. Two party members left, both at half health and one paralysed.

7d 16h 35m We hit Skamory with another Surf and it goes down. Smaurott to Lv. 63, Gray defeated!

7d 16h 34m We switch to Surf, but get hit by Brave Bird again. Samurott down to 84HP.

7d 16h 34m We miss a third time and Skamory uses Roost. Hydro Pump is out of PP!

7d 16h 33m Gray uses a Full Restore on Skamory. We try two more Hydro Pumps, but they both miss. We're hit by Brave Bird.

7d 16h 33m We hit Skamory with Hydro Pump. It responds with Spikes.

7d 16h 33m We switch to Samurott and hit Magnezone with a Hydro Pump. Skamory is sent in.

7d 16h 31m We hit back with another ineffective Ice Fang. Magnezone uses Flash Canon and wipes out Mamoswine.

7d 16h 29m We hit it with an ineffective Ice Fang, but it hits back with Flash Cannon! Mamoswine hangs in there on 54HP.

7d 16h 29m Mamoswine is sent in a hits Machamp with a critical Ice Fang. It goes down! Magnezone is sent in.

7d 16h 27m Machamp is sent in. We hit it with another Flamethrower and reduce it to half health. It hits us with Rock Slide, Houndoom goes down!

7d 16h 27m It's a critical hit and Aggron is in the red! We use another Flamethrower and it goes down. Houndoom grew to Lv. 61!

7d 16h 27m Aggron is sent in. We hit it with a Flamethrower.

7d 16h 26m A couple of Flamethrowers and Zoroark goes down.

7d 16h 26m We hit Zoroark with Flamethrower, and it almost goes down. It responds with a crit Dark Pulse and a Full Restore.

7d 16h 25m Vs. Gray! He sends in Zoroark, we send in Houndoom for the first time.

[Info] We currently have four party member remaining, all in good health except Salamence, who is on half health and paralysed.

7d 16h 22m Alakazam is sent in and we hit it with Dragon Claw. Another OHKO. Tanya defeated!

7d 16h 22m Rotom finally goes down.

7d 16h 21m We get Rotom into the red, but Tanya uses another Full Restore. Rotom is then pushed down to 1HP.

7d 16h 21m We hit Rotom with a Dragon Claw but it holds on. It responds with Thunderbolt and paralyses us. Tanya uses a Full Restore.

7d 16h 21m Rotom is sent in.

7d 16h 20m For some reason Infernape uses Flamethrower. We hit back with a critical Brick Break and Infernape goes down. Dragonite is sent out and we hit is with a Dragon Claw, OHKO!

7d 16h 20m Salamence is sent out. We hit it with Brick Break.

7d 16h 19m Torterra is taken out by Overheat!

7d 16h 19m We're hit with Ice Fang right away, but we respond with Earthquake. Floatzel down! Infernape is sent in.

7d 16h 18m Tanya wants to battle! Floatzel is sent in to defend against Torterra.

7d 16h 18m Salamence is sent in and hits Drapion with Dragon Claw. Magnus defeated!

7d 16h 17m Drapion is confused by our Rock Climbs, but it cures itself with a Leppa Berry. We're hit by Crunch. Scolipede goes down!

7d 16h 17m We hit Drapion with multiple Rock Climbs, but Magnus uses another Full Restore.

7d 16h 16m Another Rock Climb and Gliscor goes down. Drapion is sent in!

7d 16h 15m We hit Gliscor with Rock Climb, but it uses Roost to regain HP.

7d 16h 15m We poison Gliscor, and it hits back with Earthquake to little damage.

7d 16h 14m A couple of Jabs later, and it goes down. Scolipede to Lv. 81! Gliscor is sent in.

7d 16h 14m Magnus uses a Full Restore, but we hit back again.

7d 16h 13m We switch to Poison Jab and hit Miensaho, but it hits back with Aerial Ace. We poison it though.

7d 16h 13m Goodra is sent in to face the might Megahorn, but it's too much to take. Mienshao is sent in.

7d 16h 12m Vs. Magnus! Arbok leaps out of its ball to face Solipede. It scores a critical and Arbok goes down!

[Chat] tppsimulator Salamence can basically win EleGiggle

7d 16h 11m And it goes down. Rosaline is defeated once again.

7d 16h 10m Blissey goes down to the power of the Megahorn. Sylveon is the last one up.

7d 16h 10m And another Megahorn takes care of Milotic. Blissey charges in.

7d 16h 10m We Megahorn Slowking down. Milotic is sent in.

7d 16h 9m We finally get a hit in, Lickilicky goes down. Slowking is sent in.

[Snark] I think we've used up our luck for the day.

7d 16h 9m We try Megahorn twice, but miss.

7d 16h 8m Vs. Rosaline once again. We say hello to Lickilicky with Scolipede.

7d 16h 2m Well let's see if attempt #39 fares any better.

7d 16h 1m Honchkrow uses Sucker Punch! Mamoswine down! Whiteout!

7d 16h 1m We hit with another Ice Fang, Houndoom goes down! Honchkrow is sent in.

7d 16h 0m Houndoom is sent in. We hit with Ice Fang and Houndoom freezes!

7d 16h 0m We hit Mawile with a critical Ice Fang, but it holds on. It hit us with Iron Head, we're down to 3HP. Blake uses a Full Restore, but he hit with Earthquake. Mawile down!

[Info] Our last party member is Mamoswine at 93HP.

7d 15h 59m We hit Mawile with Brick Break, but it hits back with Play Rough! Salamence goes down!

7d 15h 58m Mawile is sent in.

7d 15h 58m Champion Blake uses a Full Restore. We hit with another Brick Break, and it Darkrai goes down! Salamence to. Lv. 75!

7d 15h 58m We hit Darkrai with Brick Break, but it holds on! We're hit by Ice Beam!

7d 15h 57m Darkrai is sent in!

7d 15h 57m We hit Weavile with Brick Break, it goes down!

7d 15h 56m Weavile is sent in, we counter with Salemance.

7d 15h 56m Vs. Champion Drake!

7d 15h 55m We hit again with Ice Fang, Skamory down! Gray defeated!

7d 15h 55m We hit Skamory with Ice Fang. It responds with Spikes.

7d 15h 55m Skamory is sent in.

7d 15h 54m Magnezone is sent in! We hit it with Earthquake and it goes down!

7d 15h 54m We hit Aggron with Earthquake, and it goes down!

7d 15h 53m We hit the substitute with an Earthquake, but Aggron hits us with Focus Punch.

7d 15h 53m Aggron is hit by and Ice Fang and takes little damage. It creates a substitute and cuts its HP.

7d 15h 52m We switch to Mamoswine while Gray send in Aggron.

7d 15h 52m Salamence hits Machamp with Fly and it goes down!

7d 15h 51m We hit a third time and Zoroark goes down. Machamp is sent in.

7d 15h 51m We open with Dragon Claw, and get Zoroark down into the red. Gray uses a Full Restore. We hit again.

7d 15h 50m Vs. Gray! He sends in Zoroark, we send in Salamence.

7d 15h 45m We save.

[Info] We currently have two party members, Salamence and Mamoswine, left in good health. The rest are fainted.

7d 15h 43m Dragon Claw Sweep! Tanya defeated!

7d 15h 42m Alakazam goes out straight away. Infernape is sent in.

7d 15h 42m We hit Rotom with a critical Dragon Claw and it goes down! Alakazam is sent in.

7d 15h 42m Rotom is sent in. We hit it with Dragon Claw and it goes into the red. It attempts to use Substitute and fails, and Tanya uses a Full Restore.

7d 15h 41m Dragonite is taken out by Dragon Claw.

7d 15h 41m Dragonite is sent in!

7d 15h 40m We switch to Salemance and take out Floatzel with Dragon Claw.

7d 15h 39m We hit Floatzel with Flamethrower to little effect. Floatzel hits us with Waterfall, Houndoom goes down!

7d 15h 39m Vs. Tanya! She sends in Floatzel, we counter with Houndoom.

7d 15h 38m Drapion goes down to another Ice Fang. Magnus defeated!

7d 15h 38m Drapion is sent in and is hit by Ice Fang. It responds with Crunch.

7d 15h 38m Gliscor is sent in and is hit by Ice Fang. It goes down! Mamoswine grows to Lv. 74!

7d 15h 37m We hit Mienshao with an Ice Fang and it goes down.

7d 15h 36m Mienshao takes out Scolipede with Aerial Ace. We switch to Mamoswine.

7d 15h 35m We switch to Scolipede, which immediately gets a Flamethrower in the face but hangs on. Uses Megahorn to take down Goodra. Mienshao is sent in.

7d 15h 35m 3 Giga Drains and Samurott goes right down.

7d 15h 34m *Make that Giga Drain. And we get hit again!

7d 15h 34m We switch to Samurott and hit with a Hydro Pump. Goodra responds with a super-effective Mega Drain.

7d 15h 33m We hit Goodra with an Earthquake, but it takes it. It hits us with Dragon Pulse, Torterra down!

7d 15h 32m Arbok can't take another and it goes down. We switch to Toreterra while Magnus sends out Goodra.

7d 15h 32m We hit Arbok with two Megahorns, but it's still hanging in there.

7d 15h 32m We switch back to Scolipede. Magnus uses a Full Restore.

7d 15h 31m We make a switch to Torterra. Arbok hits us with an Earthquake to little effect, we hit back with Wood Hammer, which seems to do more damage to ourselves.

7d 15h 30m Our first Megahorn misses, enabling Arbok to Glare us into paralysis.

7d 15h 30m Vs. Magnus! He sends in Arbok, we counter with Scolipede!

7d 15h 26m Sylveon is hit by a super-effective Poison Jab and goes down. Scolipede grows to Lv. 80! Rosaline defeated!

7d 15h 25m We hit Blissey with a Poison Jab and it goes down. Sylveon is sent in.

7d 15h 24m We hit Milotic with another Rock Climb, Milotic hits back with a powerful Surf. We switch to Megahorn and Milotic goes down! Blissey is sent out.

7d 15h 23m Slowking finally goes down, and Milotic is sent in.

7d 15h 23m We hit Slowking with a Rock Climb, and Slowking responds with Rest. It regains health.

7d 15h 22m We switch to Scolipede and get Flamethrower'd by Slowing.

7d 15h 21m We hit with another poison jab, Lickilicky goes down! We switch to Toreterra, and Slowing is sent out.

7d 15h 20m Our first Megahorn misses, and we resort to poison jab and poison Lickilicky.

7d 15h 20m Vs. Rosaline! She starts with Lickilicky, we start with Scolipede!

7d 15h 17m We start attempt #38.

7d 15h 15m We hug the Quilava.

7d 15h 14m Anarchy mode activated!

7d 15h 14m [D] Text speed changed to fast.

7d 15h 13m [D] We get a nice view of the trainer card. Our current time is 175hr 9min.

7d 15h 12m [D] We have switched Houndoom with Toreterra.

7d 15h 11m [D] We have taught Dragon Claw to Salamence, overriding Dragon Dance.

7d 15h 6m [D] We have selected TM02 Dragon Claw.

7d 15h 5m [D] We open the bag.

7d 15h 4m Democracy activated!

7d 15h 1m Another Leaf Storm hits and Mamoswine is down! AHUNIgg whited out!

7d 15h 0m Mamoswine sent out but couldn't use Earthquake against the levitating grass cutter.

7d 14h 59m Leaf Storm took Samurott down!

7d 14h 58m Tanya withdrew a very weak Floatzel and sent out Rotom-C.

[Info] We still have 5 Ultra Balls, so yeah, there's a chance of chucking it in battle.

7d 14h 56m VS Tanya! Samurott against Floatzel.

[Info] Samurott and Mamoswine are left standing, with Mamoswine at a bit less than half HP.

7d 14h 54m Mienshao down right after it was frozen solid. Drapion also falls from Ice Fangs. Magnus defeated!

7d 14h 52m Nope, Mamoswine saved it! Now against Mienshao.

7d 14h 51m Torterra now out, but also fainted. Could this be a Gliscor sweep?

7d 14h 50m Houndoom switched out and went down against Gliscor!

7d 14h 48m Salamence is also poisoned. We used a couple of Dragon Dance to no avail, as Gliscor took Salamence down.

7d 14h 47m Salamence rose to Level 74, learned Dragon Dance over Dragon Claw!

7d 14h 46m Scolipede fainted from Goodra's attacks! Salamence switched out.

7d 14h 45m Arbok is out, Goodra is in.

[Subscription] TheDrakonLord just subbed for 24 months in a row! That's 2 years ~

7d 14h 44m VS Magnus! Scolipede against Arbok.

[Info] Scolipede is now about half health.

7d 14h 43m Now against last mon Sylveon, but Rosaline kept using Full Restore. After a while Sylveon is down. Rosaline defeated!

7d 14h 39m VS Rosaline. Scolipede levelled up to 79!

7d 14h 38m Attempt #37 commences!

7d 14h 37m Aggron is down! But Skarmory hits and Salamence fainted! White out!

7d 14h 36m Magnezone is taken out. Aggron hits Salamence to red HP!

[Chat] tppsimulator: The scenario was pretty specifically planned


7d 14h 35m Salamence is our last mon standing for this round.

7d 14h 34m A thunderbolt from Magnezone took out Samurott!

7d 14h 33m Samurott is switched out and took Machamp down.

7d 14h 31m We switched out to Mamoswine, but it was taken out!

7d 14h 30m Zoroark is down, Machamp is up.

7d 14h 28m Talked to him on the left. VS Gray! Salamence against Zoroark.

7d 14h 25m In the next room, having a word with Gray's Skarmory.

7d 14h 24m Rotom-C is down, so is Alakazam and Infernape! Tanya swept by Salamence!

7d 14h 22m Took a little longer, but Dragonite is down. Rotom-C is next.

7d 14h 21m Floatzel is down fast. Dragonite is up.

7d 14h 20m VS Tanya! Salamence against Floatzel.

7d 14h 14m Somehow switched party order amongst the scramble to talk to Tanya. Houndoom is the second and Torterra is the third.

7d 14h 7m The last Drapion is also down. Magnus defeated!

7d 14h 6m Goodra, Mienshao and Gliscor taken down by Ice Fangs.

7d 14h 4m Mamoswine is sent out and finally takes out Arbok. It rose to Level 73!

7d 14h 3m Houndoom sent out against Arbok, but a poison jab quickly took it down!

7d 14h 2m A few Earthquakes later, Scolipede went down!

7d 14h 1m Scolipede is paralyzed.

7d 13h 59m Now against Magnus!

[Chat] tppsimulator: BabyRage SWEEP BabyRage

7d 13h 56m We hit Blissey with Dragon Claw and it goes down. Salamence to Lv. 73! Rosaline defeated!

7d 13h 56m We switch to Salamence and Blissey is sent in.

7d 13h 55m Sylveon is sent in. We hit is with Sludge Bomb and it goes down.

7d 13h 54m Milotic hits us with a Surf! We hit back with Sludge Bomb, and Milotic goes down.

[Chat] Jebaited

7d 13h 54m We send in Houndoom. Despite the moveset change, we still manage to select Nasty Plot. Milotic meanwhile uses Recover.

7d 13h 53m Milotic hits us with another Ice Beam. Toreterra down!

7d 13h 52m Milotic is sent in and uses Ice Beam. Toreterra down to 80HP. We respond with Earthquake and take it down to the red, but Rosaline uses a Full Restore!

7d 13h 52m Toreterra uses Earthquake twice, Slowking goes down.

7d 13h 51m Lickilicky is taken out by Megahorn. We switch to Toreterra, Slowking is sent in.

7d 13h 50m Vs. Rosaline for the 36th time. She sends in Lickilicky, we send in Scolipede.

7d 13h 48m Attempt #36 and I'm feeeeeelin' lucky.

7d 13h 47m Machamp hits us with Ice Punch. Salamence down, whiteout!

7d 13h 46m Machamp is sent in.

7d 13h 46m Salamence is hurt in confusion. Aggron hits us again with Rock Climb, but we counter with Brick Break. Agrron is finally down!

7d 13h 45m Salamence hits Aggron with Brick Break, it goes down to 1HP. Aggron hits us with Rock Climb, Salamence is confused!

7d 13h 44m Salamence is sent in.

[Info] Houndoom's new moveset order is: Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot and Thunder Fang

[Chat] Jakeripped : OH THE IRONY, IT GOES DOWN!

[Snark] RNG really screwed us over there xP

7d 13h 43m Gray uses a Full Restore and Samurott hurts itself in confusion. Samurott down!

7d 13h 42m Aggron hits us with Rock Climb and we're confused again! But this time Samurott hits with Hydro Pump, Aggron down to the red.

7d 13h 42m Samurott finally uses a Hydro Pump, but it misses!

7d 13h 41m Samurott hurt itself in confusion and was on the receiving end of a Focus Punch.

7d 13h 41m We switch to Samurott. Aggron hits us with Rock Climb and Samurott becomes confused!

[Chat] Mariosyoshi : this went downhill fast

7d 13h 40m Mamoswine is sent in. Aggron uses Iron Head and takes it out. Mamoswine down! Salemance is sent in.

7d 13h 40m However, Houndoom is taken out.

7d 13h 39m We fix Houndoom's moveset!

7d 13h 39m Aggron is sent in.

7d 13h 39m Houndoom uses Sludge Bomb, takes out Zoroark!

7d 13h 37m Houndoom is sent in to Nasty Plot it up.

7d 13h 37m Zoroark hits us with a critical Flamethrower, but Toreterra hangs on and hits with Earthquake. Zoroark hits us again. Toreterra goes down!

7d 13h 36m He sends in his Zoroark, we send in Toreterra.

7d 13h 36m Vs Gray!

[Info] We currently have 5/6 party members. 4 are in good health, Mamoswine is hanging in there with 72HP.

7d 13h 35m Tanya defeated!

7d 13h 35m Leaf Storm hits us, but we hit back with an Ice Fang. Rotom goes down!

7d 13h 34m Mamoswine is sent in, and uses Earthquake. Infernape goes down! Rotom is sent in.

7d 13h 33m Infernape is sent in, but Scolipede is hit by paralysis! Infernape uses Overheat, Scolipede goes down!

7d 13h 33m Another Poison Jab, Dragonite goes down!

7d 13h 32m Draginite hits us with a powerful Flamethrower, we counter with another Poison Jab.

7d 13h 32m Dragonite is sent in.

7d 13h 32m We hit Alakazam with a Poison Jab, it goes down!

7d 13h 31m Floatzel goes down to Megahorn. Alakazam is sent in.

7d 13h 30m Vs. Tanya! Floatzel is sent in, we counter with Scolipede.

[Info] We currently have a full party in good health, Scolipede is paralysed.

7d 13h 29m Drapion is taken out, Magnus defeated!

7d 13h 29m Drapion is sent in.

7d 13h 28m Gliscor is also taken out by Ice Fang!

7d 13h 28m Goodra is taken out by Ice Fang! Gliscor is sent in.

7d 13h 28m We take out Mienshao with Dragon Claw. We switch to Mamoswine and Goodra is sent in.

7d 13h 27m We switch to Salamence. Mienshao is sent in!

7d 13h 26m Arbok attempts and Earthquake but is less-than-successful. We show it a real Earthquake. Arbok goes down!

7d 13h 26m Arbok glares at us once again, Scolipede paralysed. We switch to Toreterra.

7d 13h 25m Vs. Magnus! Arbok is sent in against Scolipede.

7d 13h 23m We hit Sylveon with a super-effective Poison Jab. It goes down, Rosaline defeated!

7d 13h 23m And again!

7d 13h 23m We get Sylveon into the red, but Rosaline uses a Full Restore.

7d 13h 22m Down goes Blissey! Sylveon is the last to be sent in.

7d 13h 22m Milotic is also taken out. Blissey is sent in.

7d 13h 21m Slowking goes down to Megahorn. Milotic is sent in.

7d 13h 20m Scolipede takes out Lickilicky with Megahorn. Scolipede to Lv. 78! Slowking is sent in.

7d 13h 19m Vs. Rosaline! She sends in Lickilicky, we send in Scolipede!

7d 13h 19m We start attempts #35.

7d 13h 18m Magnezone hits us with a devastating Flash Cannon, Mamoswine down! Whiteout!

7d 13h 18m Mamoswine is sent in. Gray uses a Full Restore on Zoroark. Mamoswine hits it with a critical Ice Fang and takes it out. Magnezone is sent in.

7d 13h 15m Zoroark hits us with Dark Pulse. Salamence down!

7d 13h 14m Vs. Gray! He sends in Zoroark, we counter with Salamence!

7d 13h 14m Alakazam is taken out by Fly. Tanya defeated!

7d 13h 13m A weakened Alakazam is sent in.

7d 13h 13m Dragonite is taken out by Fly!

7d 13h 13m We hit Dragonite with Fly, but Dragonite hits us with an Ice Beam.

7d 13h 12m Dragonite is sent in!

7d 13h 11m Salamence hits Rotom with Fly, and Rotom goes down!

7d 13h 11m Salamence flies up high, but Rotom sticks a substitute on the field!

7d 13h 11m Salamence is sent in.

7d 13h 10m Rotom hits us with Thunderbolt, Samurott goes down!

7d 13h 9m Tanya withdraws Alakazam and switches to Rotom. Hydro Pump is ineffective.

7d 13h 9m Alakazam is sent in! It uses Grass Knot, but we hit back with Hydro Pump.

7d 13h 9m Infernape hits us with Jump Kick, but we take it out with Hydro Pump.

7d 13h 8m We send in Samurott.

7d 13h 7m Infernape is sent in, and uses Overheat! Toreterra goes down!

7d 13h 7m It's a critical! Floatzel down!

7d 13h 6m Floatzel hits us with Ice Fang, we hit back with an Earthquake. Tanya uses a Full Restore, but we keep the Earthquakes coming.

7d 13h 6m Vs. Tanya! We send in Toreterra, she sends in Floatzel.

7d 13h 5m We're still wondering around the room, bumping into walls.

7d 12h 54m Drapion goes down to Ice Fang. Magnus defeated!

7d 12h 53m Gliscor is taken out by another Ice Fang. Drapion is sent in.

7d 12h 53m Goodra goes down to another Ice Fang. Mamoswine to Lv. 72! Gliscor is sent in.

7d 12h 53m Mamoswine is sent in and takes out Mienshao with Ice Fang. Goodra is sent in.

7d 12h 51m Mienshao hits us with a super-effective Ariel Ace, we hit back with an ineffective Rock Climb. Ariel Ace hits again, Scolipede down!

7d 12h 51m Scolipede is sent in.

7d 12h 49m We make a switch to Houndoom while Magnus sends out Mienshao. We start the Nasty Plot, but Mienshao takes us out with Jump Kick. Houndoom down!

7d 12h 49m We switch to Toreterra. Arbok uses Earthquake, but it isn't very effective. Toreterra hits back with its own Earthquake, and takes out Arbok.

7d 12h 48m Arbok glares at Scolipede, paralysing it, however Scolipede's Speec Boost may help to counteract it.

7d 12h 47m Vs Magnus! We send in Scolipede, he sends in Arbok!

7d 12h 46m Battle animations are reenabled.

7d 12h 44m We take out Sylveon, Rosaline defeated!

7d 12h 43m We try and capture Sylveon, but fail. Rosaline responds by using a Full Restore.

7d 12h 43m Blissey is taken out by Megahorn. Sylveon is sent in!

7d 12h 42m We take out Slowking and Milotic is sent in. We take that out with Mega Horn as well. Blissey is sent in.

7d 12h 42m We get Lickilicky down to the red, but Rosaline uses a Full Restore. We keep pushing and take it out. Slowking is sent in!

7d 12h 41m Vs. Rosaline! Lickilicky is sent out, we counter with Scolipede.

7d 12h 40m Democracy vote was up briefly, now gone.

7d 12h 40m Attempt #34, here we go.

7d 12h 37m Infernape takes down Mamoswine with Overheat! Whiteout!

7d 12h 36m We get Infernape into the red, but Tanya uses another Full Restore.

7d 12h 36m Mamoswine is sent in and takes out Rotom with and Ice Fang. Infernape is sent in.

7d 12h 35m Rotom hits with another Thunderbolt and takes out Samurott!

7d 12h 34m Rotom hits Samurott with a Thunderbolt and paralyses him. Tanya uses a Full Restore on Rotom.

7d 12h 34m Samurott is sent in.

7d 12h 34m Dragonite hits Salamence with Ice Beam and gets him down to 12HP. Salamence counters with Dragon Claw and takes out Dragoite. Rotom is sent in, takes out Salamence!

7d 12h 33m Salamence hits Floatzel with Fly, Floatzel goes down. Tanya sends in Dragonite!

7d 12h 32m We try to catch Floatzel, but Tanya heroically dived in front of the ball both times. Floatzel hits us with an Ice Fang in retaliation.

7d 12h 32m Vs. Tanya! She sends in Floatzel, we counter with Salamence!

[Fluff] The guy isn't even turning to speak to us. Rude.

7d 12h 26m We take out Drapion with Fly, Magnus defeated!

7d 12h 26m We hit Drapion with an ineffective Wood Hammer, but Toreterra goes down to poison! Salamence is sent in.

7d 12h 25m Gliscor hits us with Ice Fang, but we hit back with Wood Hammer! Gliscor goes down, Toreterra to Lv. 66! Drapion is sent in.

7d 12h 24m We sent in Toreterra again.

7d 12h 23m We switch to a critically damaged Scolipede, who gets hit by Ice Fang. Scolipede down!

7d 12h 22m Toreterra is badly poisoned by Gliscor.

7d 12h 22m We send in Toreterra.

7d 12h 22m Gliscor takes us out with Earthquake and Ice Fang. Houndoom down!

7d 12h 20m Gliscor roosts and regains health. Houndoom is just using Nasty Plot. We try to run away.

7d 12h 20m We make a switch to Houndoom.

7d 12h 19m Scolipede takes out Mienshao, and Gliscor is sent in. We poison it, but Gliscor gets us in the red.

7d 12h 19m We hit Goodra with a critical Poison Jab, it goes down! Mienshao is sent in.

7d 12h 18m We start out with a Megahorn, and take out Arok! Scolipede to Lv. 77! Goodra is sent in.

7d 12h 18m Vs Magnus! He sends in Arbok, we counter with Scolipede.

7d 12h 12m Game is saved.

7d 12h 10m Next room, the purple one ~

7d 12h 9m We take Sylveon out with a poison jab. Rosaline is defeated!

7d 12h 8m We get Sylveon down to the red, but a Full Restore is used. Sylveon's wish came true and it regains health!

7d 12h 8m Mega Horn takes out Blissey as well. Sylveon is sent in!

7d 12h 7m Milotic goes down to Mega Horn! Blissey is sent in.

7d 12h 7m Scolipede takes out Lickilicky, Slowking is sent in and immediately goes down! Milotic is sent in.

7d 12h 7m Lickilicky is sent in, we counter with Scolipede!

7d 12h 6m Attempt #33 and we waste no time.

7d 12h 5m Mamoswine is only on 14 HP and takes down Rotom! Alakazam is sent in and takes out Mamoswine with Psychic. Whiteout!

7d 12h 5m Clutch! We hit Dragonite with and Ice Fang and it goes down! Rotom is sent in.

7d 12h 5m Mamoswine is sent in. We attempt to run away.

7d 12h 4m We try to capture Dragonite with an Ultra Ball, wasting a turn and causing Dragonite to use an Ice Beam. Salamence down!

7d 12h 3m Salamence takes out Infernape with Fly! Salamence to Lv. 72! Dragonite is sent in.

7d 12h 3m We send in Salamence!

7d 12h 1m We switch to Houndoom. Infernape hits us with two Mega Punches and takes out Houndoom!

7d 12h 1m We send it Mamoswine and use an ineffective Ice Fang. Infernape hits back with Jump Kick.

7d 12h 0m Floatzel goes down to Crunch. Infernape is sent in and takes out Toreterra!

7d 12h 0m We get Floatzel down to the red, but Tanya uses a Full Restore!

7d 11h 59m Vs Tanya! She sends in Floatzel, we counter with Toreterra.

[Fluff] Apparently purple is a mysterious colour.

7d 11h 57m We sent in Mamoswine who uses Ice Fang! Drapion goes down, Magnus defeated!

7d 11h 56m Mienshao is taken out by a critical Hydro Pump! Drapion is sent in, and takes out Samurott!

7d 11h 56m Gliscor is sent in and taken out straight away. Mienshao is sent in!

7d 11h 56m Samurott forgot Scared Sword and learned Hydro Pump!

7d 11h 55m We send in Samurott and hit Goodra with Sacred Sword. Goodra down! Samurott to Lv. 62!

7d 11h 54m Magnus uses Full Restore on Goodra and restore to full health. Goodra hits us with Flamethrower, Scolipede down!

7d 11h 53m Arbok hits us with Glare! Scolipede paralysed. We hit back with Earthquake, Arbok down! Goodra is sent in.

7d 11h 53m Vs Magnus! They send in Arbok, we counter with Scolipede!

7d 11h 50m Drapion prefers to be silent, apparently.

7d 11h 48m We're still wondering around the room.

7d 11h 34m Scolipede sweeps Rosaline's pink team once again and we proceed to battle Magnus.

7d 11h 33m Scolipede levels up to Lv 76 after taking down Lickilicky and Milotic.

7d 11h 32m Lickilicky manages to stall us and waste our Megahorn PP with Rest+Curse+Full Restore.

7d 11h 30m We begin a new run. This is Attempt #32.

7d 11h 30m Mamoswine faints to Infernape's Overheat . We whited out!

7d 11h 29m Mamoswine finally takes down Rotom-Mow with Ice Fang.

7d 11h 29m Samurott could not handle electricity and faints to Rotom-Mow as well.

7d 11h 26m Salamence is electrified by Rotom-Mow's thunderbolt

7d 11h 24m We send out Salamence and it finally takes down Floatzel with Fly.

7d 11h 23m We defeated Magnus and are now battling Tanya, Houndoom faints to a Waterfall from Tanya's Floatzel.

7d 11h 21m Mamoswine manages to handle the rest of Magnus' team with Ice Fang.

7d 11h 19m Gliscor uses Ice Fang on Torterra and the tortoise could not handle the cold and faints.

7d 11h 19m We send out torterra and earthquake manages to take of goodra.

7d 11h 18m We are now battling Magnus, Scolipede faints to Goodra after taking out Arbok.

7d 11h 11m Scolipede levels up to Lv 75 after sweeping Rosaline's pink team.

7d 11h 10m Attempt #31 begins , we challenge Rosaline to a battle.

7d 11h 9m Mamoswine faints to Alakazam as well and We whited out!

7d 11h 8m Samurott gets taken down by Alakazam.

7d 11h 6m Houndoom gets OHKOed by Infernape's Jump Kick

7d 11h 6m Sadly Salamence has fallen in battle with tanya's Pokémon as well.

7d 11h 3m We switched Houndoom to Salamence and Salamence proceeds to take down Dragonite and Floatzel with Fly.

7d 11h 1m We defeated Magnus and are currently battling Tanya.

7d 11h 0m Torterra faints during the battle with Magnus but Mamoswine has avenged him by sweeping Magnus' team.

7d 10h 57m Scolipede gets roasted by Goodra's Flamethrower but not before taking down Arbok with it.

7d 10h 55m We defeated Rosaline, Scolipede swept her entire team with Megahorn but Megahorn has 0 pp left.

7d 10h 53m We are battling Rosaline again, Scolipede still could not OHKO lickilicky with Megahorn but Lickilicky faints to three megahorns along with Blissey,Milotic and Slowking.

7d 10h 45m We entered Rosaline's room, Attempt #30 begins right here right now folks.

7d 10h 43m Aggron was send out and Salamence faints to Aggron, We whited out!

7d 10h 42m Salamence flies up and down to defeat Machamp and Zoroark.

7d 10h 41m We are battling Elite Four Gray, salamence flew up high in the skies.

7d 10h 40m Salamence also KOs Alakazam with Fly, we defeated Tanya.

7d 10h 38m Torterra leveled up to Lv 65 and Salamence leveled up to Lv 71 after Salamence takes down Dragonite with Fly.

7d 10h 36m Tanya sends out Dragonite which uses Ice Beam on Toterra and Torterra faints

7d 10h 34m We send out torterra and it easily take cares of floatzel. Tanya sends out Infernape which misses overheat on torterra and gets taken down by earthquake.

7d 10h 34m Mamoswine apparently faints to Floatzel's waterfall as well.

7d 10h 30m We are battling Tanya now, Scolipede faints to a waterfall by Floatzel.

7d 10h 25m We defeated Magnus again and walk into the orange room known as Tanya's domain.

7d 10h 24m 4 of Magnus' Pokémons has been taken out by Mamoswine and Mamoswine freezes Drapion with an Ice Fang, Drapion soon follows his allies quickly.

7d 10h 22m Samurott faints to a jab by Arbok and we send out mamoswine to ice fang these fools.

7d 10h 21m We send out Samurott and it gets paralyzed by Arbok's glare. We even tried to catch the wild Arbok with an Ultra Ball but the trainer blocks the ball, dont be a thief!

7d 10h 20m We swapped out Scolipede for Houndoom, Houndoom nasty plots thinking about its next plan but gets jab by arbok and Houndoom faints.

7d 10h 18m We are now battling Elite Four Magnus, it's the same old slippery snake again.

7d 10h 16m Scolipede levels up to Lv 74 after sweeping Rosaline's entire team.

7d 10h 14m We begin a new urn by battling Rosaline Attempt #29 begins.

7d 10h 14m Unfortunately Aggron was send out Salamence faints to Aggron and We whited out!

7d 10h 13m Salamence soars and takes down Zoroark with two flies and also deals super effective damage on Machamp with Fly.

7d 10h 12m We begin fighting Elite Four Gray with a half hp Salamence left alive.

7d 10h 11m We defeated Tanya and Mamoswine levels up to Lv 70 during that fight.

7d 10h 10m Salamence misses a fly on dragonite but manages to defeat dragonite with Dragon Claw.

7d 10h 10m We send out our own dragon named AAAAATMAAA aka Salamence.

7d 10h 9m We send out Torterra to take care of Infernape with earthquake, Tanya sends out Dragonite and frozes Torterra to death with Ice Beam.

7d 10h 8m Tanya sends out Infernape,it got frozen for a turn and missed overheat but on the next turn Mamoswine gets overheated.

7d 10h 7m We are battling Tanya Scolipede faints in battle, but we send out mamoswine and proceeds to sweep tanya.

7d 10h 3m We defeated Magnus and we are currently in Tanya's room.

7d 10h 3m The greedy Drapion uses swords dance and faints to two Ice Fangs.

7d 10h 2m Mamoswine uses ice fang on Goodra and Mienshao and both of them down.

7d 9h 59m Mienshao uses High Jump Kick on samurott and lands a critical hit then proceeds to KO Samurott with aura sphere.

7d 9h 58m Mienshao easily takes down Houndoom with a drain punch.

7d 9h 57m Houndoom levels up to Lv 60 and forgets Dark Pulse for Nasty Plot!

7d 9h 57m We switched out Scolipede for Houndoom and Houndoom easily takes down Arbok and Gliscor with dark pulse.

7d 9h 56m We are battling Magnus, arbok glares at us after scolipede uses megahorn on it, I guess arbok doesn't appreciate horny females.

7d 9h 54m Scolipede smashes sylveon into pieces,we defeated Rosaline's boring pink team.

7d 9h 52m The speed boosting scolipede takes down blissey and milotic with megahorn as well.

7d 9h 51m Scolipede megahorns lickilicky and slowking, Scolipede levels up to Lv 73.

7d 9h 50m We challenge Rosaline, she sends out Lickilicky.

7d 9h 48m We start entering Rosaline's room Attempt #28 starts now.

7d 9h 43m We blacked out and proceed to go into a cave.

7d 9h 42m We send out torterra and use earthquake on gliscor but it's immune. Torterra faints to an ice fang by Gliscor.

7d 9h 39m Salamence's gets fanged to the ice world, what a cold move from gliscor.

7d 9h 38m Gliscor freezes Salamence with an ice fang,poor guy must really hate brain freeze.

7d 9h 38m We send out Salamence and takes down Mienshao with fly.

7d 9h 37m The Shiny Mienshao kicks Houndoom back to his dog house.

7d 9h 36m Mamoswine falls to a high jump kick by Mienshao.

7d 9h 35m Mamoswine fangs the arbok and earthquakes the not shiny goodra and they both faint.

7d 9h 34m Mamoswine uses ice fang on arbok and brings it to the red but he was paralyzed by arbok's glare.

7d 9h 33m We send out Samurott and it uses sacred sword on arbok which isn't very effective while Arbok jabs Samurott until he faints.

7d 9h 33m Scolipede faints to the golden snake.

7d 9h 32m FYI this is Attempt #27

7d 9h 31m Scolipede ran out of PP for megahorn,I guess she isn't horny for a snake.

7d 9h 31m We begin challenging Magnus and he sends out a shiny arbok.

7d 9h 30m We defeated Rosaline's almost full team of shinies, 7.8/10 too much shinies.

7d 9h 29m Rosaline sends out a normal sylveon and it gets jabbed to death, maybe she does have some dignity to use a sissy pink Pokémon.

7d 9h 28m Rosaline also sends out a shiny blissey,but its or or less the same colour.

7d 9h 28m Rosaline proceeds to send out a shiny milotic after slowking faints.

7d 9h 27m Rosaline also sends out a shiny slowking after lickilicky faints to a megahorn.

7d 9h 27m Rosaline sends out a Shiny Lickilicky, that's not pink colour what a big liar.

7d 9h 26m We blacked out! and now we are battling Rosaline's pinkish team again.

7d 9h 24m Fly from salamence takes 75% of floatel's hp,but Salamence faints from two ice fangs, poor guy must have had a brain freeze and fainted.

7d 9h 24m We are battling Tanya!

7d 9h 21m If we can talk like dragons and have a heart of a dragon,doesn't that make us a dragon as well?

7d 9h 20m We are talking to a dragonite,never knew dragons could talk.

7d 9h 17m We are in tanya's room seeking advice from the mighty walls before battling her.

7d 9h 16m Scolipede also leveled up to Lv 72 during Rosaline's fight.

7d 9h 11m Mamoswine leveled up to Lv 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and takes down Drapion easily, we defeated magnus.

7d 9h 10m Mamoswine bites Goodra with ice fang and takes it out as well as mienshao.

7d 9h 9m Dark Pulse vs Dragon Pulse who would w... Houndoom faints, Goodra has two arms slightly raised trying to express Y+A+Y.

7d 9h 9m Houndooms cant swim in muddy water so it has no choice but to endure it at 8 hp.

7d 9h 8m A full restore was used on Goodra, Houndoom uses dark pulses but Goodra tanks it like a Goodra.

7d 9h 5m Torterra gets incinerated to death by flamethrower,but goodra only wants a hug,too bad torterra dosent have hands.

7d 9h 5m We proceed to send out our burned torterra as Samurott faints.

7d 9h 4m It was all too good to be true but when Goodra is sent out samurott's heart pulse fell and gets taken out by a dragon pulse.

7d 9h 3m The Samurai does not fear to be wrapped to death and proceeds to surf arbok to death.

7d 9h 2m Samurott has been paralyzed by Arbok's glare and he can't move.

7d 9h 1m We are now battling Magnus with our Scolipede but Scolipede faints to something.

7d 9h 1m Scolipede sweeps Rosaline's team with Megahorn!

7d 8h 52m We start a brand new urn! Attempt #26 begins!

7d 8h 52m Samurott down! White out! RIP Urn #25.

7d 8h 49m Salamence down from several 4x effective Ice Fangs. Only Samurott remains!

7d 8h 45m Mamoswine doesn't like kicks. It's down!

7d 8h 43m Scolipede is burned to a crisp by a flamethrower.

7d 8h 41m Oh so Magnus is standing at the middle of the room! Who would've guessed so?

7d 8h 39m After failing to interact with the lamp, we try talking to one of the pillars instead.

7d 8h 39m We mistake the flashing wall lamp as Magnus.

7d 8h 37m We beat Rosaline's sissy pink team.

7d 8h 34m Houndoom down from a super-effective Surf!

7d 8h 32m Lickilicky finally down. That's quite an achievement for us.

7d 8h 28m Torterra down from some +6 Headbutts. Yes, we're still fighting that Lickilicky.

7d 8h 22m ...and barged right into Rosaline's room to challenge her again! Attempt #25 starts!

7d 8h 21m We buy 4 Ultra Balls to celebrate the fail.

7d 8h 20m Earthquake from Gliscor murders Houndoom. We black out! Attempt 24 over.

7d 8h 19m Torterra down from Mienshao's Aerial Ace. Only Houndoom remains!

7d 8h 18m We try running from the formidable Goodra, but fail.

7d 8h 16m Samurott levels up to 61 but only has 19 HP lef- it was just knocked out!

7d 8h 14m Samurott's Sacred Sword is even less effective. It's paralyzed too!

7d 8h 13m It fainted to the next attack anyway.

7d 8h 13m We managed to heal its paralysis... somehow.

7d 8h 12m Glare paralyzed Scolipede.

7d 8h 11m We find Magnus! Scolipede vs Arbok. Megahorn isn't very effective...

7d 8h 10m Reading Scolipede's interesting status page.

7d 8h 8m We find Magnus...'s Drapion.

7d 8h 7m Torterra avenges his death with a crit Earthquake. Rosaline defeated!

7d 8h 7m Salamence can't handle Sylveon and goes down!

7d 8h 4m We switch to Mamoswine, who is drowned by Milotic!

7d 8h 2m Scolipede is level 71!

7d 8h 1m And we start Attempt #24 immediately. VS Rosaline!

7d 8h 0m Alakazam murders Samurott with Psychic. We black out!

7d 8h 0m T e x t s p e e d i s s l o w b t w.

7d 7h 58m Floatzel knocks out Mamoswine with a Waterfall.

7d 7h 57m Fighting Tanya. Houndoom and Torterra have fainted.

7d 7h 55m Tenya seems to be the new Koga.

7d 7h 53m Magnus defeated!

7d 7h 52m Salamence has fainted!

7d 7h 50m Salamence levels up to 70! But Scolipede faints.

[Meta] The updater is now going dark! We're in the middle of E4 Runs, so hopefully someone comes along shortly. Because we don't want to lose count of our attempts...

7d 7h 44m We're fighting Magnus again.

7d 7h 32m Oh, also, we're now back in for Attempt #23! I'm sure those Ultra Balls will do us well in here.

7d 7h 29m [D] We start buying some Ultra Balls. +11 Ultra Balls

7d 7h 20m [D] We're apparently rearranging some moves now.

[rip] Attempt #22

7d 7h 17m BLACK OUT to Tanya's Floatzel

7d 7h 12m We challenge Tanya, with 3 Pokémon left standing in our party!

7d 7h 9m I come back and we've now just defeated Magnus, with Torterra leveling up to 64!

7d 6h 52m Back in for Attempt #22!

[rip] Attempt #21

7d 6h 51m Magnezone is critted by an Ice Fang, but it gets in a Flash Cannon! BLACK OUT!

7d 6h 51m Ice Fang FREEZES Zoroark! But it thaws itself with Flamethrower! Another Ice Fang takes it out!

7d 6h 51m Vs Gray of the Elite Four! AT vs the Illusionless Zoroark!

7d 6h 46m We also tossed another Super Potion, an Escape Rope and a Dawn Stone!

7d 6h 45m We healed AT by 50 points of HP!

[Fluff] Gray's Skarmory: "You beat us once, but can you beat us when we're stronger?" (He scoffed at being former champions before.)

[Fluff] The Skarmory remembers us beating them once already! Why does the Pokémon have better memory than the trainers!

7d 6h 43m Ice Fang takes out Dragonite! We win vs Tanya!

7d 6h 41m Salamence appears and Flys Infernape into the ground. Dragonite appears, and we Fly again! The hit takes Dragonite into the yellow. Dragon Claw takes down Salamence!

7d 6h 39m AT vs Infernape. Overheat does us massive damage, but Ice Beam doesn't do much in return.

7d 6h 38m Infernape comes out and we try to run. We almost use a Full Restore on Torterra, but we don't. Overheat takes out Torterra!

7d 6h 37m Torterra vs Alakazam. He uses Grass Knot, but we Earthquake Alakazam to death! Floatzel comes out and Ice Fangs us. We respond with another Earthquake.

7d 6h 37m Vs Alakazam. Psychic takes out MGN!

7d 6h 35m MGN gets crushed, and attacks back with a Waterfall, to little effect. Floatzel gets restored. A second Crunch hurts a lot! Tanya then switches for Rotom-C, which the Waterfall is slightly more effective on. We then Ice Beam Rotom-C away!

7d 6h 35m Floatzel bulks up, while Houndoom unleashes a Dark Pulse. Then Waterfall takes out Houndoom in one hit!

7d 6h 34m Vs Tanya! Houndoom vs Floatzel!

7d 6h 31m We defeat Magnus with most of our party remaining!

7d 6h 23m Fighting Magnus with our whole party.

[Info] At this point, Scolipede is sweeping Rosalina with Megahorn. It has 5PP, she has 5 Pokémon, and we just need an extra jab to get rid of Sylvian.

7d 6h 19m Fighting Rosaline.

7d 6h 13m Back in for Attempt #21!

[rip] Attempt #20

7d 6h 12m Weavile leads with a Knock Off, and that's all it needs. BLACK OUT!

7d 6h 12m AT has 47 HP left. We fumble with the menus.

7d 6h 11m VS Champion Blake! AT vs Weavile!

7d 6h 10m We Ice Fang again! It goes down!! WE WIN!!

7d 6h 10m Skarmory appears! We Ice Fang! Half Health. It is a brave bird, and we go into the red!

7d 6h 9m Aggron focuses, but we EQ and take it out! AT to 68!

7d 6h 8m Vs Aggron. Earthquake NEARLY takes it down. It Iron Heads us, and then gets a Full Restore. We Ice Fang, to little effect.

7d 6h 7m vs MAgnezone! We use Earthquake (and it doesn't have levitate, despite appearances). It goes down!

7d 6h 7m AT comes out now and leads with Earthquake! Machamp goes down!

7d 6h 5m We Brick Break Zoroark, and it goes down! Salamence to level 69! Machamp appears! Brick Break doesn't do as much damage, and Machamp's drain punch takes Salamence down!

7d 6h 4m Salamence, with it's 21 HP, comes out vs Zoroark.

[Fluff] Once again, Zoroark's greatest thing, his ability to appear as another Pokémon when he first comes out, is left by the wayside, presumably because it was too difficult to implement in the gen 3 engine...

7d 6h 3m MGN doesn't stand a chance against two attacks from Zoroark! We have two mon's left.

7d 6h 3m VS Gray of the Elite Four! MGN vs Zoroark!

7d 6h 1m We enter a grey-themed room, with a Skarmory flying in place next to a man in a blue bowler hat with an amazing mustache. Tanya told us they were former champions, and Skarmory gloats at us the same.

[Fluff] Tanya: "Orange isn't an official color, according to the Pokedex. But you wouldn't deny that my Dragonite is a brilliant orange, would you?"

7d 5h 59m Fly hits, and takes it out! We win vs Tanya!

7d 5h 59m We Fly as Rotom-C appears, and that takes it out in one hit with a crit as well! Lastly, Alakazam! We Fly!

7d 5h 58m We swap for Salamence. Low kicks aren't as effective, and we Fly to take Infernape out! Vs Dragonite. We Fly again, and its Ice Beam misses. Fly hits a crit, and takes Dragonite out!

7d 5h 57m MGN appears, and gets a Low Kick aimed at him. We respond with an Ice Beam, to little effect. Repeat.

7d 5h 56m After exchanging some blows, Wood Hammer takes out Floatzel! Infernape in! Infernape uses overheat to take Torterra out!

7d 5h 54m A waterfall takes Houndoom out immediately. Torterra in!

7d 5h 54m Vs Tanya Houndoom vs Floatzel!

7d 5h 54m We defeat Mangus with 5 of our Pokémon up (two in the red)!

7d 5h 46m Fighting against Mangus

7d 5h 40m We won against Rosalina, with a full team. And we SAVED

7d 5h 36m And back in immediately for Attempt #20!

7d 5h 36m Vs Alakazam! AT stands no chance against the Psychic! BLACK OUT!

7d 5h 35m Earthquake doesn't help against Rotom-C, levitating. But Ice Fang kills!

7d 5h 35m AT appears now, and uses Earthquake! Revenge! Infernape goes down in one!

7d 5h 32m Infernape goes for a Mach Punch and doesn't risk us getting an Earthquake off. Torterra bites the dust.

7d 5h 31m Ice Fang hurts, but not as much as Earthquake hurt Floatzel. We do it again as Floatzel is healed. Floatzel is out with Torterra almost dead!

7d 5h 31m Vs Tanya Torterra vs Floatzel. This isn't going to be pretty...

7d 5h 29m We defeat Mangus with two full health Pokémon remaining.

7d 5h 20m Now fighting Mangus, with a full team.

7d 5h 16m And right back in for Attempt #19!

7d 5h 15m Torterra comes out, and gets Ice Fanged by Floatzel. BLACK OUT! Thus ends Attempt 18!

7d 5h 14m MGN is taken out via Crunch! AT goes in and ALSO gets taken out via Waterfall!

7d 5h 13m After a bulk up, Ice Beam does little to Floatzel. Floatzel crunches back, hitting with a crit. Eventually Floatzel freezes solid! Though that doesn't last long when Full Restores are a thing.

7d 5h 12m Vs Tanya MGN vs Floatzel.

7d 5h 10m We defeat Mangus with three Pokémon to spare.

7d 5h 4m Fighting Mangus

7d 4h 55m And immediately back in with Attempt #18!

7d 4h 55m BLACK OUT. And there goes Attempt #17.

7d 4h 51m We are now fighting Magnus, with less than half our party remaining.

7d 4h 43m Scolipede leveled up to 66!

7d 4h 42m Thus begins E4 Attempt #17!

7d 4h 42m BLACK OUT! Rip Attempt #16.

[Info] Oh yes, Attempt #15 had us defeating Rosaline with no one down. Which means this is Attempt #16 now.

7d 4h 37m Well, we're fighting Mangus again!

[Info] Actually, evidence from my script says we blacked out once already. So this might be Attempt #16. Someone in chat let me know?

7d 4h 28m We're apparently back at the E4 now, presumably on Run Attempt #15, but I can't be certain. No one is around besides me, I guess.

[Fluff] Those updates were courtesy my lovely new script and the even more lovely stream API.

7d 3h 26m Scolipede to level 63!

7d 3h 12m Scolipede leveled up to 62 and learned Megahorn over X-Scissor!

[Meta] The plan is go to the Dojo and EV train for a while. I plan on stepping outside for a while. The updater will go dark until one of those concludes or someone else picks it up or something, idk.

7d 3h 5m [D] Flew to Darkwood Town.

[Correction] Espo Forest is the demohouse, not Palmtree Park.

7d 2h 56m [D] This place, also a demo house. I'm starting to wonder if there's a map in this game that isn't a demohouse.

7d 2h 52m We've wandered into Palmtree Park.

7d 2h 46m Anarchy returns as we stand in front of the PC. We bolt.

[Chat] has found a command ABRA now, and is spamming it.

7d 2h 43m [D] We put the retrieved mail on Scolipede. The message reads: Abra.

7d 2h 39m [D] We're in the mailbox in the PC, which must be a first or something. There's some mail here. We put it in the bag.

7d 2h 37m [D] We're at the PC.

7d 2h 32m We've arrived at Palmtree Resort.

7d 2h 17m Scolipede to 59!

7d 2h 8m Geminite Village now.

7d 2h 2m We escape the house and everything is fine again with the camera. Weird.

7d 2h 1m We lose democracy and examine a distant corner of a house.... and the camera is locked and not following us, what?

7d 2h 1m [D] AT relearns Ice Fang over Rock Climb!

[Fluff] Oh, these relearns are only 500 Pokédollar? That's less than a Super Potion! Wow! The market really brought down the price of these things from "thing that requires a limited number of rare items you find on the sea floor!"

7d 1h 55m [D] AT relearns Icicle Crash over Blizzard!

7d 1h 52m [D] MGN relearns Sacred Sword!

7d 1h 49m [D] We speak with the Move Relearner.

7d 1h 46m [D] We delete Dive from MGN!

7d 1h 44m [D] We speak with the Move Deleter.

7d 1h 36m [D] We teach MGN Ice Beam, over Sacred Sword!

7d 1h 33m [D] We booted up the Ice Beam TM. Because we aren't done with the TM teaching yet.

7d 1h 30m We found another demo house and are waiting for demo again.

7d 1h 25m [D] We fly to Sea Spray Town! And Heal!

7d 1h 22m [D] We then proceed to rearrange our moves.

7d 1h 15m [D] We teach Torterra Rock Climb, over Giga Drain!

7d 1h 11m [D] We teach AT Rock Climb, over Dig!

7d 1h 8m [D] We boot up the TM for Rock Climb.

7d 1h 6m [D] We teach Salamence Brick Break, over Flamethrower!

7d 1h 1m [D] We teach Houndoom Sludge Bomb, over Snarl!

7d 0h 57m [D] We boot up the TM for Sludge Bomb.

7d 0h 54m [D] We keep mistakenly trying to teach it to Salamence, but Salamence doesn't know what to do with such a move.

7d 0h 51m [D] We boot up the TM for Ice Beam.

7d 0h 50m [D] We teach Salamence Dragon Claw, over Double Edge!

7d 0h 47m [D] We boot up the TM for Dragon Claw.

7d 0h 40m We've arrived back in Darkwood Town.

7d 0h 29m Found a Full Restore!

7d 0h 14m Houndoom to level 59! We're back on the Path of Victory, by the way.

6d 23h 54m Houndoom to level 58!

6d 23h 46m We head into Victory Road.

[Fluff] As an aside, it looks like someone finally fixed the animations of the cheerful slots---never mind.

6d 23h 44m We run fast and far from the league.

[rip] Attempt #14

6d 23h 43m Infernape appears! It high jump kicks us in the face! BLACK OUT!

6d 23h 43m We Blizzard, and it barely clutches. We do it again, and Rotom-C falls!

6d 23h 42m We Blizzard, and it freezes Rotom-C solid! It still manages to eat Leftovers while frozen, however. It is full restored.

6d 23h 41m Rotom-C appears, and we try to run.

6d 23h 40m We Blizzard at it, while Floatzel hits us with a Waterfall! It hurts! Another Blizzard takes it out!

6d 23h 40m Floatzel uses Ice Fang again. Torterra down! Only AT remains!

6d 23h 39m Torterra again vs Floatzel!

6d 23h 39m We switch to in-the-red Salamence. Floatzel ice fangs us. Salamence down!

6d 23h 37m Vs Tanya! Torterra vs Floatzel!

6d 23h 37m We defeat Mangus! We have 3 Pokémon standing, though they're looking a little worse for wear.

6d 23h 31m Vs Mangus!

6d 23h 30m We won against Rosalina! We have five Pokémon left at full HP.

6d 23h 21m Back in for Attempt 14!

6d 23h 21m And we lost to Rosalina's Slowking.

6d 23h 19m Rosalina's Lickilicky took out half our party. Rosalina's slowly grinding down the rest.

[Meta] I'm not going to be keeping up with the play-by-play anymore. If someone else wishes to come along and do that, feel free. I'll keep you abreast of our wins.

6d 23h 0m Back in for Attempt 13 already! Vs Rosalina!

6d 22h 59m One more earthquake, and we BLACK OUT!

6d 22h 57m We keep attempting to use Earthquake on the flying Pokémon, and now it's poisoned us.

[Info] Mienshao is "that cat"

6d 22h 57m AT takes down Goodra with an Earthquake. And takes down that cat I can never remember the name to as well! Vs Gliscor

6d 22h 56m Ok, NOW MGN is down. AT is out now.

6d 22h 55m Arbok goes down, Goodra comes out and takes MGN down in two!--- Wait! MGN clutched at 1HP!

6d 22h 54m Vs Magnus! MGN vs Arbok!

[Chat] is not pleased with this move learn.

6d 22h 53m AT vs Sylveon. Ice hurts. Sylveon down! AT to 65! Learns Earthquake over Icicle Crash! And we win!

6d 22h 51m Torterra vs Sylveon. Earthquake hurts, Moonbeam hurts more. Torterra down!

6d 22h 51m Torterra vs Blissey. Earthquake, done. Torterra to 62!

6d 22h 49m Torterra vs Milotic! Ice Beam hurts a lot, but Earthquake wins out.

6d 22h 48m Salamence vs Milotic. A single Fly hurts. But so does a single Ice Beam. Two Flys... MISS! Salamence down!

6d 22h 47m Salamence appears to give Slowking a stern talking to, with Fly! Slowking goes to sleep over the matter. Slowking goes down in two!

6d 22h 46m We return fire with Houndoom! But Slowking's got some Surf he wants us to look at. Houndoom down!

6d 22h 45m Slowking meets us with a Flamethrower, which takes out Scolipede!

6d 22h 44m At this point, LickiLicky's got a +6 Curse, and our X-Scissor is doing very little to it. We switch to Poison Jab, with little effect... but then we get a crit and it goes down!

6d 22h 43m Back into the Curse and Rest loop for Lickilicky, as we X at her several dozen times.

6d 22h 42m Scolipede vs LickiLicky. A crit X-Scissors does well, but gets Restored away.

6d 22h 41m Back in for Attempt #12! Vs Rosalina!

6d 22h 41m Guess what happened at the next fight? White out! Rip attempt 11.

6d 22h 40m We send out Torterra, hopefully to finish him off. We get Poison Jabbed, and are down to 24 HP. But an Earthquake defeats Drapion and Magmus

6d 22h 38m Drapion is our final opponent of Magnus. We get annihilated by an Earthquake and Mamoswine faints!

6d 22h 38m Mienshao almost KOs use with his kick, but two Icicle Crashes take him out. Against Arbok now. Icicle Crash KOs.

6d 22h 37m Ah, now the Full Restore comes. We use Icicle Crash and it OHKOs anyways, so no bigie. Now it's Mienshao's turn.

6d 22h 37m We use Fly, and we narrowly don't KO. Instead of going for the heal, Goodra goes for the kill, KOing Salamence!

6d 22h 35m We send out Salamence! We use Fly and it's super effective. We use it twice and KO Gliscor. Against Goodra!

6d 22h 33m We don't adapt quick enough and get seriously punished by an Ice Fang. Pretty soon, Torterra may face a chilly demise.

6d 22h 33m Immediately we use Earthquake and almost OHKO Arbok. Magmus switches to Gliscor, because he always does.

6d 22h 32m Fighting Magmus! We send out Torterra against Arbok!

[Snark] We found Koga Magnus Drapion!

6d 22h 31m We're trying to teach our mons Cut... for reasons.

6d 22h 25m Let's play find Koga Magmus!

6d 22h 23m That was a good plan! We KO Blissey, and defeat Rosaline!

6d 22h 21m Samurott takes a Thunderbolt to the face and faints! Time to use Torterra, I suppose.

6d 22h 20m We aren't able to damage her fast enough as she uses Soft-Boiled to heal.

6d 22h 18m We start spamming Surf, and due to a crit, we 2HKO. Against Blissey the bulky!

[Fluff] Why not BBC? Oh wait...

6d 22h 17m Moonblast KOs Houndoom! Now we're putting a lot of thought into deciding our next mon.

6d 22h 17m We send out Houndoom. That's a great pick for a water mon, because Thunder Fang KOs her. Against Slyveon now.

6d 22h 15m Milotic uses Surf thrice and KOs Scolipede!

6d 22h 14m Against Milotic, we get put to sleep by Hypnosis. While dreaming, we still raise our speed with Speed Boost, because that's the type of bug we are.

6d 22h 14m We KO Lickilicky in PogChamp fashion. Against Slowking now. OHKO X-Scissor. Now we're rocking it.

6d 22h 13m Immediately we start off with a crit X-Scissor. That prompts a Full Restore, but we get another crit! This luck tho.

6d 22h 13m Vs Rosaline! Scolipede vs Lickilicky! Let's see if we can get the same success as last time!

6d 22h 12m We immediately start attempt 11.

6d 22h 11m We surf at it, but it doesn't do much. Rotom decides a Thunderbolt is most effective. Repeat this exchange a couple times until we faint. BLACK OUT!

6d 22h 11m Only MGN remains. Out against Rotom-C.

6d 22h 7m Rotom-C appears and leaf storms AT into the dirt!

6d 22h 6m Dragonite appears with Ice Beam, and *takes out *Torterra before he can even try another Earthquake! AT is in with Icicle Crash taking out the Dragonite with revenge!

6d 22h 5m Torterra comes out to right the type imbalance, but Floatzel has some Ice Fang news for her! Torterra sunders the ground, but Tanya's got a Full Restore, then withdraws her when that didn't work out.

6d 22h 5m Houndoom goes down immediately from a critical waterfall.

6d 22h 4m Vs Elite Four Tanya! Houndoom vs Floatzel!

6d 21h 58m Back in the orange room, searching around for our next opponent.

[Snark] He just likes being mysterious to pick up the chicks who like the dark and mysterious types.

6d 21h 56m AT throws more ice, Drapion crunches more, and Drapion loses. We win vs Magnus! He tells us purple is a mysterious color, and being mysterious is the only way to survive.

6d 21h 55m AT throws more Ice, and Gliscor comes out to replace Arbok. AT throws more ice, and Gliscor meets the same fate. Drapion appears and gets ice thrown at him a bunch. He crunches us, but it doesn't do that much.

6d 21h 55m AT throws ice and grows to level 64! Arbok reappears.

6d 21h 54m We Fly again, Goodra clutches again, and takes us out with another Dragon Pulse! AT back in!

6d 21h 54m Goodra appears, we fly, and Goodra is nearly taken out by it. The retaliatory Dragon Pulse hurts a lot though. Then Full Restore.

6d 21h 53m AT vs Mienshao! Wait, no, Salamence vs Mienshao. Mienshao does a high jump kick, to little effect. Salamence double edge's it to death.

6d 21h 52m And now X is out of PP, so we switch to Rock Climb after Arbok bulks up some. Magnus switches to Mienshao, who Aerial Ace's Scolipede out!

6d 21h 51m Scolipede X-Scissors Arbok, who glares back disbelievingly.

6d 21h 51m Found you! Vs Magnus! Scolipede vs Arbok!

6d 21h 43m We begin our long search for Magnus again.

6d 21h 42m Scolipede to 58! Sylveon is critted by another X, as she wishes on a star. A second almost takes her out, and is then healed. We switch to poison jab, which hurts a lot more! We win! And no one on our team is dead yet!

6d 21h 41m A Full Restore is used as we X Blissey again, for the same damage. One more X takes her down!

6d 21h 41m Once critical X takes down Milotic! Vs Blissey! Another X nearly takes out Blissey!

6d 21h 40m Milotic appears as we try to run away.

6d 21h 39m A crit X-Scissor takes down Lickilicky! Vs Slowking, which doesn't stand up well against our X. But he responds with flamethrowers, which do hurt a lot. Slowking down in two!

6d 21h 39m We almost had her down, but a Full Restore put us back to stage 1.

6d 21h 38m Scolipede vs Lickilicky. The X-Scissors are against the Curses.

6d 21h 37m And we're in for Attempt #10! Vs Rosaline!

6d 21h 37m Out of democracy, and out of the league.

6d 21h 32m [D] We're also rearranging some moves on our Pokémon.

6d 21h 30m [D] We ensure the setting are to our liking and head to the Pokémon list, where we shuffle Salamence to the back.

6d 21h 27m [D] We're now in democracy in the league building.

6d 21h 24m Another dose of that KOs Houndoom! White out! Rip Attempt 9!

6d 21h 22m We send out Houndoom. As our last hope, he immediately gets almost KOed by Muddy Water.

6d 21h 21m We send out Samurott against Goodra. Samurott uses his sword, which he thinks is sacred, against the mighty Goodra. It works somewhat well, but it is no match for our foe's Giga Drain. Samurott tragically faints!

6d 21h 20m We survive a Hi Jump Kick with 1 HP. Wood Hammer OHKOs Mienshao, but due to recoil, Torterra faints!

6d 21h 19m Scolipede gets KOed by Earthquake! We send out Torterra, and immediately get paralyzed. We use a few Wood Hammers, and we manage to KO him. Against Mienshao now!

6d 21h 17m We immediately switch to Scolipede, while Arbok Bulks Up. Unfortunately, Scolipede becomes paralyzed and also barely does any damage to Arbok. It's the little caterpillar that couldn't.

[Meta] This is my 20,000th live update, so I wanted to ask you guys, what are some of your favourite memories from the live updater?

6d 21h 17m Facing E4 Magnus! We send out Houndoom against Arbok!

6d 21h 16m We immediately walk in the opposite direction of the door. Good job TPP.

6d 21h 16m Finally, after so many Wishes heal her back up, she falls to a Thunder Fang. Defeated E4 Rosaline!

6d 21h 14m Slyveon sets up a Wish, and we keep using Thunder Fang. It pays off, as we paralyze her! A little move diversity would be nice, but whatever gets the job done.

6d 21h 14m Luckily Blissey opts out of using Softboiled again, and two more Thunder Fangs KO her! Against Slyveon, Rosaline's last mon!

6d 21h 13m We send out Houndoom, and Rosaline immediately uses a Full Restore. We try Thunder Fang, and using it twice, we almost KO. But Blissey uses Softboiled, and starts a loop.

6d 21h 12m We almost KO with Strength, but Ice Beam downs us!

6d 21h 12m We use more of the same, but before we can KO her with Strength, a Surf brings us down to 15 HP. Against Blissey now.

6d 21h 11m Rosaline uses a Full Restore, which is a bit of an impedement, and then we use Strength thrice to KO her. Against Slowking!

6d 21h 10m We continue to use Double-edge, but an Ice Beam KOs Salamence instantly!

6d 21h 9m We use Double-Edge twice to quickly take care of her. Salamence grows to level 65! Against Milotic.

6d 21h 8m Facing E4 Rosaline! We send out Salamence against Lickilicky!

6d 21h 5m We can vote for Demo in 5 minutes. Are we going to wait? Nah. Attempt 9 starts!

6d 21h 5m SAVED

6d 21h 1m Are we starting attempt 9? Well, once we get unstuck, we are.

6d 21h 1m After the black out, we rush down the road, then right back up towards the league building.

6d 21h 0m Gliscor finally manages to use the Earthquake while Dug effect to his benefit and we're now dead. Thus ends Attempt 8!

6d 21h 0m AT comes out and hides underground, but that doesn't do anything to Gliscor. We try again, just in case the first time was a fluke. It wasn't.

6d 20h 58m Gliscor takes out Scolipede with another Earthquake!

6d 20h 56m Scolipede comes out and tries to poison Gliscor, but it's not very effective. The foe returns fire with its own Earthquakes, then Roosts just to show us how pointless our Poison Jabs are.

6d 20h 55m Sorry, Ice Fang, which takes out Torterra regardless of its name!

6d 20h 54m Arbok bulks up, but Earthquake hits hard. Magnus withdraws Arbok and sends out Gliscor, who's immune to our earthquakes and knows Ice Beam, which hurts a LOT.

6d 20h 54m We finally find the Koga of this E4! Vs Magnus! Torterra vs Arbok!

[Fluff] Well, we did ask him before, and he just prefers to remain silent... So maybe he does, but he's not helping us.

[Fluff] Maybe the Drapion knows where he is.

6d 20h 49m We've search every corner of this room and still can't find Koga.

6d 20h 46m We speak to Drapion. Drapion prefers to be silent.

6d 20h 42m We attempt to fly out of the E4. Unfortunately we can't fly through the roof.

6d 20h 38m Torterra takes Slowking out with two more earthquakes and levels to 61! Rosaline defeated!

6d 20h 36m Torterra comes in and shakes the earth. It doesn't quite take out Slowking, and he's restored next turn.

6d 20h 36m We finally take out Sylveon! Houndoom to level 57! Slowking appears, and surfs at Houndoom. Houndoom is out!

6d 20h 35m We switch back to Houndoom, and Thunder Fang (and Wish apparently being out of PP) finally take--- wait, no, Rosaline used a Full Restore.

6d 20h 34m We switch back to MGN. More blows are traded. MGN is taken out!

6d 20h 32m We switch back to Houndoom. Sylveon is at full health.

6d 20h 31m The Cute Charm didn't take long, however, and with Sylveon's healing wishes, we're back at square one with her HP. We Dive at Sylveon, but can't seem to get another hit off.

6d 20h 29m Moonblast does little damage, but we switch back to the straight MGN, who slices at Sylveon again with his sacred sword. This time, he doesn't get infatuated (yet).

6d 20h 29m Sylveon wishes upon a star as we send out the non-gay Houndoom to deal with this charming Sylveon with Thunder Fangs.

6d 20h 27m One Sacred Sword takes out Blissey! MGN to 59! Sylveon appears and charms MGN!

6d 20h 27m MGN appears, and crits a sacred sword, Milotic goes down! Blissey appears!

6d 20h 26m Double Edge and Cursing commences. Lickilicky down in two. Milotic appears! She Ice beams Salamence and Salamence goes down!

6d 20h 26m VS Rosaline! Salamence vs Lickilicky!

6d 20h 25m Back in, with Attempt #8!

6d 20h 23m An Earthquake KOs Mamoswine and concludes attempt 7.

6d 20h 22m We try to run, but there is no escaping destiny.

6d 20h 21m We Dig, and practically seal our fate. Gliscor starts to spam Earthquakes, and the inevitable unfolds. Well, when Gliscor stops missing LUL.

6d 20h 20m Another Earthquake KOs Gliscor! We only have Mamoswine left.

6d 20h 19m We send out Samurott, who immediately gets poisoned by Toxic! Within a few turns, we've done no damage to Gliscor and we're almost dead.

6d 20h 18m We crit Earthquake and KO Goodra. Against Gliscor now. Before we can even have the Earthquake not work, we get KOed by an Ice Fang!

6d 20h 17m We get hit with a Hi Jump Kick before Earthquaking the shit out of him. Mienshao quickly faints. Up next is Goodra!

6d 20h 16m We send out Torterra, and send an Earthquake back Arbok's way. It faints, and makes way for Mienshao.

6d 20h 15m The paralysis doesn't stop it from using Earthquake and KOing Houndoom!

6d 20h 15m We use Thunder Fang, which paralyzes Arbok! That's some good fortune.

6d 20h 15m Facing E4 Magnus! Houndoom vs Arbok!

6d 20h 14m We enter Magmus' room and whiff right past him. Now we're currently trying to re-orientate ourselves to the center of the room.

6d 20h 12m We burn her, finally, and manage to KO her with a crit Flamethrower! DEFEATED E4 ROSALINE!

6d 20h 11m Rosaline resorts to using a Full Restore, meaning we're just sitting here draining more and more PP.

6d 20h 10m Houndoom tries Thunder Fang, and after a few Wish cycles, switches to Flamethrower. This is a long and hard fought battle.

[Chat] Shoutout to anomaLUL's Pepe-Pingu emote.

6d 20h 9m Sacred Sword isn't holding its blade as well to Slyveon, and coupled with her Wish, we're making no progress. We swap to Houndoom.

6d 20h 8m Samurott quickly finishes off Slowking, and also Blissey, with his patented Sacred Sword (TM). Against Slyveon now.

6d 20h 8m Slowking KOs Scolipede with Surf!

6d 20h 7m We use Poison Jab, poison Slowking, and she almost faints from the poison. But then, from the distance, a Full Restore appears.

6d 20h 6m We send out Scolipede, use Poison Jab, and KO that serpent! Scolipede levels up to 57! Against Slowking now.

6d 20h 5m We managed to Double-edge her to death. And now we're trying the same with Milotic. Unfortunately, we get Ice Beamed to death!

6d 20h 4m Rosaline, how are you doing? Your Lickilicky really likes our Salamence, doesn't she?

6d 20h 4m Let's start attempt 7!

6d 20h 3m Torterra Kanobe, you're our only hope! Torterra goes his own Earthquake, and manages to kill the Lickilicky! Milotic comes out, and does us in with an ice beam however... BLACKOUT!

6d 20h 1m The foe Earthquakes, and we get taken out.

6d 20h 1m Scolipede cuts across to little effect, but the foe falls asleep. Repeat a couple times.

6d 19h 59m Torterra comes out, and Lickilicky continues to curse. MGN comes out, and Lickilicky is tired of our crap and falls asleep. We attack with some sacred swords, which do little. One Headbutt, however, does us in.

6d 19h 59m AT comes out, does some damage, then gets clobbered.

6d 19h 57m Houndoom comes out! And earthquake happens! Houndoom goes down!

6d 19h 57m Salamence flies, and Salamence dies! The preexisting burn probably didn't help.

6d 19h 56m We fly. She curses. We hit, she still curses.

6d 19h 54m We finally decide to double edge, and she curses. We examine our bag a little more.

6d 19h 53m Salamence vs Lickliky. We search through our bag for balls to throw at the opponent to throw it off. Failing that, we try running. Why did they have to lock us in?

6d 19h 52m Back in! Attempt #6 is a Go! Vs Rosaline!

6d 19h 51m We ran away and currently we're in Victory Road. Salamence got burned by a wild Banette.

[Rip] attempt 5

6d 19h 49m We manage to actually survive it, but Gliscor poisons us again, and then we faint while digging due to poison! White out!

6d 19h 49m We Dig. Gliscor Earthquakes. We cry.

6d 19h 47m Torterra's fate is sealed by Gliscor's Ice Fang! We send out Mamoswine, our last hope.

6d 19h 47m Mienshao comes out, and we Earthquake him as well. Twice. Then he withdraws and sends out Gliscor.

6d 19h 46m We send out Torterra, and we face a crit Poison Jab, which almost KOs us. Luckily, we KO Arbok with a SE Earthquake.

6d 19h 45m Our Dive is just as pathetic. Arbok uses a Poison Jab and an Earthquake to KO Samurott!

6d 19h 43m We get paralyzed and can't move. Meanwhile Arbok tries to set up on us using Bulk Up.

6d 19h 42m Now facing E4 Magnus! We send out Samurott against Arbok! And try to spam Sacred Sword to a pitful result.

6d 19h 41m Two more Digs finish her off. Defeated E4 Rosaline!

6d 19h 40m We keep digging ourselves in a hole, but that managed to OHKO Blissey. Now onto her actual final mon, Sylveon. Because I can count.

6d 19h 40m Let's use Dig twice to KO Slowking. Against Blissey, Rosaline's final mon!

6d 19h 39m We send out Mamoswine, KO Milotic easily, and level up to 63! Against Slowking!

6d 19h 38m We use Poison Jab twice and barely don't KO her. She heals with Recover and then KOs us with Surf!

6d 19h 37m We switch to Poison Jab, and Milotic does so to Surf. Unfortunately, Rosaline used a Full Restore.

6d 19h 37m We send out Scolipede, and enter a Rock Climb/Recover loop.

6d 19h 36m We switch to Thunder Fang, but the damage has been done. Another Surf KOs Houndoom!

6d 19h 35m Milotic immediately puts us to sleep. And then Recovers. And then Surfs. This isn't a good match for Houndoom.

6d 19h 34m Our next opponent is Milotic. Our Flamethrower method doesn't work so well on her, and an Ice Beam KOs Salamence! Go Houndoom!

6d 19h 34m We swap to using Flamethrower, and Lickilicky uses Rest again, dammit. 3 more Flamethrowers KO her, though.

6d 19h 31m We use Double Edge twice and BARELY don't KO. Lickilicky uses Rest (and immediately wakes up) and negates all of the work we just did. How rude.

6d 19h 30m Vs E4 Rosaline! We send out our blue dragon Salamence, and we're facing a pink Lickilicky. The colours help visualize the battle better, clearly.

6d 19h 30m Let's start attempt 5!

[rip] Attempt #4

6d 19h 29m AT vs Floatzel. We dig a hole, Floatzel Waterfalls. We die! BLACKOUT!

6d 19h 29m Vs Tanya of the Elite Four! She's a surfer-type girl.

6d 19h 27m We enter an orange accented room, with a Dragonite and a orange-haired lady in the middle.

6d 19h 25m Drapion crunches us, AT sends more ice. After a heal, more Ice flinches the Drapion. Another takes him out! We defeat Magnus!

6d 19h 24m AT vs Drapion does not have a similar result. Drapion swords dances. We try to run.

6d 19h 24m AT vs Gliscor has a similar result with Icicle Crash.

6d 19h 24m AT vs Arbok has a similar result with Icicle Crash.

6d 19h 23m AT vs Mienshao. AT's Icicle Crash crits and takes out the cat thing.

6d 19h 21m Scolipede takes out the Goodra, and Mienshao enters to back it up. The Rock Climbing isn't effective, but Mienshao's Aerial Ace takes Scolipede out in one!

6d 19h 20m Torterra continues to earthquake, but doesn't hold up under the flamethrower onslaught. It goes down to a Dragon Pulse!

6d 19h 20m Torterra's Wood Hammer isn't very effective, and Magnus switches to Goodra and beings breathing fire.

6d 19h 19m Vs Magnus! Salamence vs Arbok!

6d 19h 17m We switch it up with the less effective X-Scissor, but it still wins us the battle!

6d 19h 16m Sylveon switches it up by actually attacking with a Shadowball.

6d 19h 15m Rock Climbing continues, Wishing continues.

6d 19h 15m Scolipede rock climbs away the Blissey but misses one for Sylveon. Sylveon wishes on a star.... then gets confused by the rock climbing.

6d 19h 13m Blissey hits with a Thunderbolt! We dive for cover. It has some leftover pizza on it that it keeps munching. Another T-bolt takes MGN down!

6d 19h 12m MGN appears and takes out the last sliver of Slowking's health, and begins surfing against Blissey, who calms her mind.

6d 19h 11m Slowking ALMOST goes down in two Thunder Fangs, but not before Surf takes Houndoom out!

6d 19h 10m We send out Houndoom, but her flamethrowers do little. Milotic puts the doggy to sleep and recovers a moment. We take and Thunder Fang proves much more effective! It goes down!

6d 19h 10m Milotic comes out and takes a double edge, but responds with an Ice Beam, which takes Salamence down!

6d 19h 9m Salamence vs Lickilicky. Double Edge hurts, but Curses start happening. The Curse wasn't enough though, and the second double edge brings it down!

6d 19h 9m Back inside for Attempt #4! Vs Rosaline!

[rip] E4 Attempt #3

6d 19h 8m We try that exchange once more. It proves fatal. BLACK OUT!

6d 19h 7m We Rock Climb, Goodra Flamethrowers. Guess which is more effective. Hint, it's the one that involves fire.

6d 19h 5m Scolipede appears vs Goodra. We try to run, but again, the doors lock behind us.

6d 19h 4m Salamence returns. Gliscor goes down, didn't see how, got distracted by people. Goodra takes out Salamence as well!

6d 19h 3m Houndoom uses Dark Pulse and takes Arbok out in one! He's not so lucky with Gliscor, who snuffs Houndoom out with earthquake!

6d 19h 3m 6d 19h 3m Salamence vs Arbok! Double Edge vs Glare, just like before. We switch to Houndoom as Arbok bulks up.

6d 19h 3m We finally find Koga! Vs Magnus of the Elite Four! (He called Rosaline "ditzy"...)

6d 18h 57m Wood Hammer does one more jab, taking out Sylveon and Torterra! We win!

6d 18h 56m Now it's Torterra vs Blissey. Blissey has a lot of HP, but it gets cut through easily with Wood Hammer. Torterra to Level 60!

6d 18h 55m Torterra comes out and Milotic puts it to sleep, sacrificing herself to the burn to do so. Slowking appears as Torterra wakes immediately and Woodhammers it to death.

6d 18h 54m We awaken, but not before Milotic has done enough damage. MGN down!

6d 18h 53m Milotic puts us to sleep! It uses that chance to recover before it succumbs to the burn and our onslaught.

6d 18h 51m We swap to MGN, and surf doesn't do much to us. We begin cutting with sacred sword a whole bunch, while Milotic surfs and recovers.

6d 18h 50m Houndoom retaliates with Flamethrower and burns Milotic, but Milotic shrugs off the HP damage. Thunderfang is super effective, but doesn't help as much as we would like.

6d 18h 50m AT vs Milotic. Milotic goes for the jugular with surf, and takes AT out in two!

6d 18h 49m Salamence gets switched for AT immedeately before Licklicky can get one curse off. Icicle Crash takes it down to 1HP and it flinches! But Rosaline uses a Full Restore. Three more Crashes, two more flinches. Licklicky is out!

6d 18h 48m Back in immediately for Attempt #3! Vs Rosaline again!

[rip] E4 Attempt #2

6d 18h 47m We take out Goodra! Scolipede to 56! We see the opponent's Mienshao before our burn becomes fatal! BLACK OUT!

6d 18h 46m We continue to rock climb, and Goodra flame throwers us, and burns us! Another rock climb confuses Goodra again, but our burn is getting to us...

6d 18h 44m Scolipede vs Goodra! Rock climb confuses Goodra? It hurts itself twice instead of getting an attack off. It has like 1HP left (before leftovers, and a Full Restore).

6d 18h 43m Salamence vs Arbok! We get a double edge off, but get glared into going second next round. A poison jab gets us into the red, and the next double edge takes out both combatants!

6d 18h 43m Vs Magnus of the Elite Four!

[Snark] The colors even match Koga.

[Snark] This guy is proving to be this E4's Koga.

6d 18h 38m We enter the next room, a purple-themed room. There's a man in hat and a scorpion Pokémon.

[Fluff] "Pink isn't a sissy color, it's a touch color!" Some would say the color of cancer (in more ways than just in Pokémon).

6d 18h 36m Salamence appears as Rosalina uses a full restore. We double edge at Slowking to great effect, it goes down in two! Rosaline defeated!!

6d 18h 35m Slowking surfs at us as we use Dig to great effect. We blizzard at it to little effect and another surf takes down AT!

6d 18h 35m AT appears, and icicles the HP out of Sylveon. Slowking takes her place! We're out of Icicle Crash PP.

6d 18h 34m Sylveon appears now! Samurott swords it, but cute charm makes it fall in love! But the moonblast from Sylveon takes down MGN!

6d 18h 33m Samurott awakens and finally takes out Milotic! Blissey appears next! Sacred Sword takes it out in one! MGN to 58!

6d 18h 33m Samurott sacred sword's Milotic as it tries to hypnotize us. It manages to get one off just before we kill it! Samurott is asleep as Milotic calmly surfs at us.

[Snark] The theme isnt pink mon, this theme is cancer mon Jebaited

6d 18h 32m Milotic takes a break from the Recovery to try and put us to sleep, but misses. We switch to Samurott.

6d 18h 31m AT has Milotic in a Recover loop, but our Icicle Crash PP isn't going to hold out much longer.

6d 18h 29m AT appears and throws ice at Milotic! It's surprisingly effective. Rosalina restores Milotic, and Milotic recovers, but keeps flinching.

6d 18h 28m Houndoom vs Milotic. Firebreathing doesn't do much to her, Surf almost takes us out. We repeat this exchange. Houndoom down!

6d 18h 27m Torterra vs Milotic! An Aurora Beam freezes him solid! A second takes him out!

6d 18h 26m We Giga Drain 3 more times, however, and it's asleep and unable to sleep again. The last Giga Drain finally takes Lickilicky down! Salamence to Level 64!

6d 18h 26m With Salamence doing nothing for us, we switch to Torterra's Wood Hammer. Licklicky continues to Curse undeterred. We get a Giga Drain off, but it sleeps it off.

6d 18h 24m Salamence begins with more flying as Lickilicky begins with the Curses and Resting again. This is already turning out to be a repeat of the last battle.

6d 18h 24m Vs Rosalina's Lickilicky again!

6d 18h 23m Right back in! E4 Attempt #2 starts immediately!

[rip] E4 Run #1

6d 18h 22m We send out our last Pokémon, AT, who immedeately digs itself into a hole to hide (I don't blame her). The foe sleeps on this. It then headbutts us, and we're in the red. One more And we're finished! BLACK OUT!

6d 18h 19m AT continues to throw icicles at it, but then we switch out to Torterra as the foe wakes and headbutts us. Our Earthquakes do little to the pink blob, but hit headbutts take Torterra out!

6d 18h 17m AT reappears! We attempt to run from this battle, but the doors are still locked behind us. Lickilicky succumbs to its narcolepsy again. We throw icicles at it, doing maybe 1/7th of its health in damage. It hits us with Eathquake and we get a third of our health off. Then the foe falls asleep again.

6d 18h 16m AT appears! Wait, we send out Salamence instead. Narcolepsy hits Lickilicky again as we fly. Our flamethrower doesn't do much, but one headbutt does Salamence in!

6d 18h 15m Scolipede rock climbing again (sorry, not rolling out, it has the same sound effect) but a headbutt does Scolipede in!

6d 18h 14m Back to Salamance flying, and Lickilicky gets off one headbutt before being a narcoleptic again. A second headbutt gets us in the red! Back to Scolipede, who with a single headbutt is in the red again!

6d 18h 13m Scolipede rolling out as Likcilicky rests up. After two rollouts, we switch out to MGN, and it's Sacred Sword is super effective at doing little damage. Lickilicky takes out MGN in two earthquakes!

6d 18h 12m We swap to Houndoom as Lickilicky continues to Curse itself to buff up. Finally Lickiliky attacks us with a headbutt and takes out Houndoom in one hit!

6d 18h 10m L63 Salamance vs L50 Lickilicky! We fly as it buffs and rests. It continues to buff in our face, and our Fly is doing less and less damage to it. We decide to Flamethrower it instead to give it less chance to buff, and a crit almost takes it out, but Rosaline Full Restores.

6d 18h 10m Vs Rosaline of the Elite Four!

6d 18h 8m Saved! We're sure about this run, it seems.

6d 18h 6m We're in a grey room with pink carpeting and accents, with a lady with pink hair and a pink Blissey. There seems to be a theme going on here...

6d 18h 5m We've entered the E4 Room, and are locked in! E4 Attempt #1 BEGINS NOW!

6d 18h 4m We step back inside and head over to HEAL at the center! RIP Tradition!

6d 18h 3m We win against Cato! (Houndoom swept with flamethrower) And we rush outside the league building again.

6d 18h 2m Houndoom to 56!

[Fluff] Well, I guess RIP that old tradition of racing to the first run of the E4 without healing?

6d 17h 59m We've reached the Tunod League! We pass through the last badge gate, and run inside. We race straight up to the league doo, but get stopped by someone who wants to battle just as we're about to head inside.

6d 17h 55m We step out of Victory Road and onto the Path of Victory again! Core badge detected!

6d 17h 22m We go back to Victory Road

6d 17h 12m No mail but we fixed options

6d 17h 8m Demo on

6d 17h 0m Stalling for demo to get mail and fly

6d 16h 42m Back to walking side the Palmtree Resort

6d 16h 34m Inside a cave (not VR)

6d 16h 14m We take off Scolipede's mail

6d 16h 9m We white out

6d 16h 3m Mamoswine to 62

6d 16h 0m Salamence faints due to poison

6d 15h 51m Torterra follows Samurott

6d 15h 42m Samurott faints

[Snark] A beautiful poem

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

TPP still falling down the ledge

cuz we suck arse

6d 15h 3m And now we're out of Potions.

6d 15h 2m We managed to use a couple of Potions on Samurott in the meantime.

6d 14h 58m Salamence is poisoned!

6d 14h 45m [Fluff] Repeat status below.

6d 14h 21m Leapt over that particular ledge again.

6d 14h 7m ...and has no Surf PP.

6d 14h 7m Samurott now at Level 57!

6d 13h 43m And we failed, again.

6d 13h 40m Still on Victory Road, going slowly on a part with a ledge.

6d 13h 31m Samurott grew to Level 56!

6d 13h 29m Now Scolipede fainted!

6d 13h 25m Houndoom fainted!

6d 13h 2m We catch a level 40 male Luxio, no name

6d 13h 0m Back inside Victory Road

6d 12h 55m We fly to the Path of Victory

6d 12h 46m Salamence faints, whiteout

6d 12h 38m [Info] Learns Double Edge over Dragon Claw

[Recap] 6d 11h 7m We caught a level 38 male Glaceon, nicknamed AAAAAAAAAA, as usual. It has the Thick Fat ability apparently.

6d 12h 35m Salamence to 63 learns Double-Edge

6d 12h 21m Mamoswine faints

[Info] Everyone is down except for Mamoswine and Salamence

6d 11h 30m We find TM26 Earthquake

[Recap] Scolipede, Houndoom, Samurott at 55, Torterra at 59, Mamoswine at 61, Salamence at 61

[Info] Oh, and we're in the proper Victory Road (instead of the Path of Victory).

[Recap] As reported by tustin's script, Scolipede is now level 55, we obtained TM15 Hyper Beam, and caught a level 50 male Pikachu with no nickname.

Updater still dark, sorry.

[Meta] I'm sorry to say, but we're going dark.

6d 8h 27m Oh, the thing that Michael said was important. We have to give that keycard to the associate at the top floor of Fusion Co. This is going to take a while.

[Donation] 10000 bits from michaelgno1!

6d 8h 25m We go back in the Pokémon Center and heal!

6d 8h 23m We get confused by Confuse Ray, use Flamethrower twice and KO our opponent. Defeated Swimmer TJ!

6d 8h 23m Fighting Swimmer TJ! Salamence takes down a Magmortar and levels to 61! We send out Houndoom against a second Magmortar.

6d 8h 19m We checkpoint at the Poké Center at the end of the Path of Victory!

6d 8h 18m Michael gives us a CEO Keypass! We need to give that to someone. Later, we say to ourselves.

6d 8h 18m Samurott levels to 55! We defeat Esper Phil.

6d 8h 16m We try Samurott instead, and he actually does damage to an opponent! I feel the need to clap sarcastically. Two Dives KO Gardevoir.

6d 8h 14m And we immediately fight Esper Phil! We send out Salamence against Gardevoir! Our Dragon Claws don't really do anything to her.

6d 8h 14m She quickly KOs Milotic and is now faced with the task of defeating Feebas. Can she do it? Yes, with an X-Scissor. Defeated Vanessa.

6d 8h 13m Mamoswine faints to a Hydropump! Go Scolipede!

6d 8h 13m Switching it up to Milotic, we keep on digging. I don't know how we're digging underwater, but it seems to work well.

6d 8h 12m We use Dig, KO Tentacruel and level to 60! Against... another Tentacruel. We do the same.

6d 8h 11m Facing Swimmer Vanessa! We send out Mamoswine against Tentacruel!

6d 8h 9m We've finally escaped to the Path of Victory!

6d 8h 3m We've been trying to get out right at the exit for about 10 minutes. We finally got out, we go right back in and get a wild encounter.

6d 7h 54m Still fighting wild mons and such.

6d 7h 42m We use our last two Poké Balls on a Doublade, but fail to catch it.

6d 7h 41m We've entered the Sinistrus Forest. It isn't the most cheerful place to go camping.

6d 7h 37m We tried to catch a Linoone before KOing it.

6d 7h 34m We're off to the Path of Victory! Damn, E4 fights are coming soon and idk if anyone is up to document stuff.

6d 7h 28m We're back outside on Waterfall Gorge (gasp) climbing a waterfall. I didn't know there were waterfalls here! DansGame

6d 7h 24m We've entered a cave and failed to enter Democracy.

6d 7h 19m We've made our way to Waterfall Gorge!

[Chat] 1eamannan is transmuting up a storm. I wondering what he's going for.

6d 7h 16m [Recap] In the last three hours, we sold our 3 nuggets in demo, flew to Darkwood Town and checkpointed.

6d 7h 14m We are in Darkwood Town in a Pokémon Center.

[Meta] Updater is going dark now. If I had completed my automated updater bot connected directly to the stream api, I'd probably set it loose now, but alas; we still need warm bodies to make witty comments.

6d 6h 11m We step into a Mart and attempt to buy way more balls than we have money for. But at least we get 2 Poké Balls.

6d 6h 8m In the Center. Checkpoint Serenity Isle!

6d 6h 5m [D] We've flown to Serenity Isle!

[Fluff] By the way, despite what was said in chat earlier, healing hasn't set a checkpoint since Gen 1. Stepping into a Pokémon center is what sets a checkpoint. So us healing at the halfway house to Victory Path does not checkpoint us (as can clearly be seen by where we returned just now).

6d 5h 53m Welcome back to Darkwood Town!

6d 5h 53m We healed Houndoom with a Potion! Then a murdrous-looking crow did more than 22 hp of damage... [GTA-style black and white slow-mo death effect] BLACKOUT!

6d 5h 44m After defeating Sensi Liam, our party has only Houndoom standing with 2HP. Yes, there is 2HP total in our party...

6d 5h 43m We're down to our last Pokémon, Houndoom, who just leveled up to 55.

6d 5h 37m We're encountered by two floating ghost swords (Doublade) that inexplicably sound like a Mankey...

6d 5h 35m Caught a male Lv. 32 Trevenant! Nickname: AAAAAAAABB (Oooh, a fancy variant name!)


6d 5h 32m Caught a female Lv. 37 Castform! No nickname. We have a single Premier Ball left.

6d 5h 28m Caught a male Lv. 38 Seviper! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (An oldie, but a goodie.)

6d 5h 26m Caught a male Lv. 30 Linoone! Nickname: AAAAAAAA (That's right, two LESS A's than normal, because we're creative!)

6d 5h 23m We FINALLY caught a L38 female Heracross that has been busting every ball we've thrown at it. Name, of course, is AAAAAAAAAA.

[Fluff] We spend 15 balls alone on that Castform, and we ended up flamethrowering it to death in the end.

6d 5h 9m Salamence goes down to the Castform! (Mostly to Hail residual damage, actually...)

6d 5h 5m We're battling a Castform, throwing every ball we have at it. So the weather is all over the place.

[Fluff] That name is quite creative for TPP this run.

6d 5h 2m After throwing like 8 balls at it, we caught a Fraxure, Level 38, Female! Nickname: AAABBBDDDX

6d 4h 59m Chat is getting excited over some of the pseudo-legendary Pokémon appearing in the tall grass around here.

6d 4h 56m We heal up at the entry way to the Path of Victory!

6d 4h 44m We're now in Subfalls Cave!

6d 4h 39m Healed!

6d 4h 35m We're back in Darkwood Town.

6d 4h 11m Caught a male Lv. 33 Shuckle! No nickname. (It's also carrying an Oran Berry, btw.)

6d 3h 59m We're currently surfing around Darkwood Grotto, by the way. And... we just tossed a couple Potions and a Thunderstone!

6d 3h 58m Found TM 29 Psychic!

6d 3h 13m Took a boat to i believe Seaspray and inside a cave, Mamoswine in the red hp bar due to the burn inflicted in the lighthouse

6d 2h 45m We buy 5 more Potions, there goes our money

6d 2h 43m We try to fly but anarchy kicks in

[Info] Specifically we picked up 2 Great Balls and a Premier Ball, and those count towards the 57 ball total we have right now.

6d 2h 41m In demo

6d 2h 38m We buy more Poké Balls, now we have 53 and a few Great Balls

[Info] For the record, we got another Def-Eevee deposited into box 10, which always have a rare candy attached to it.

6d 2h 25m We get another Eevee and finally escape the Lighthouse

6d 2h 1m Trapped in the building due to stair mechanics

6d 1h 34m Inside and collecting money

On Serenty Isle, trying to enter lighthouse

[Info] Fennekin's name is AAAAAAAAAA, because half our Pokémon are named that.

[Info] We caught a male Level 10 Fennekin, dont know the name

6d 1h 3m Currently in Glenwood Town, staring at a statue of starter Pokémon.

[Info] We also caught a Tepig at some point of time, should be level 10 and likely to be male

6d 0h 37m We catch a level 10 male Chespin, 'AAAATTTTTT'

6d 0h 24m We catch a male level 10 Froakie, 'AAAAaaaaaa'

6d 0h 3m We caught a Male, Level 16 Zorua! Nicknamed TTTTTTMMMM

5d 23h 55m Mamoswine to 58

5d 23h 46m 54 Pokeballs bought and we leave

5d 23h 45m We buy 18 Potions

[Info] Whoops, this was the gym

5d 23h 16m Looks like some people want to buy balls, some want to progress but looks like we will enter the EV traning dojo

5d 23h 14m Okay, we're at the PC now.

5d 23h 11m Back in anarchy! Have no idea what we did.

5d 23h 7m [D] We've entered Democracy, blind!

5d 23h 6m Resume screen is up!

5d 23h 3m We didn't get enough votes for Democracy, so we went in the Pokémon Center, back out, and are redoing the vote. If only actual elections worked like that lol

5d 22h 58m We've entered a demo house voting period.

5d 22h 54m We went through the wall slightly, although chat is freaking out even though it's probably intentional.

5d 22h 51m Sacred Sword works a bit better, and we defeated Dojo Master Van. Oh, apparently this is a grinding spot. M'bad.

5d 22h 51m Currently we're facing a level 40 Vaporeon as Samurott. We Dive and it gives back Vaporeon some HP due to Water absorb.

5d 22h 28m Inside a demo-house

5d 21h 52m Inside the 8th Gym to beat the grunts we skipped

5d 21h 43m Scolipede faints, whiteout, in Darkwood Town

5d 21h 37m Samurott faints, Scolipede is left, we get checked for our Icicle Badge

5d 21h 25m Torterra knocks itself out with Wood Hammer against a trainer's Serprior

5d 21h 22m RIP Salamence.

5d 21h 14m We beat a trainer with a Riolu and Lucatio called Riley, and we just got checked for our Stem Badge

5d 21h 14m We're now walking through archways that are detecting the badges on us. Much more advanced than Kanto's old "paying a guard to stand there 24/7" method.

5d 21h 13m Salamence leveled to 59 some minutes ago

5d 21h 10m We're sweeping our way up the "Path of Victory", where there's a lot of higher level trainers around.

5d 21h 2m Mamoswine faints

5d 20h 49m We find an Old amber

5d 20h 37m Surfing around waterfalls and land

5d 20h 27m Caught a Lv. 35 Arcanine! Nickname: AAAAAAAAA

5d 20h 18m Mamoswine to 54 by beating trainers here

5d 20h 6m We defeat a swimmer that had the 2 final evolutions of Poliwag

5d 20h 1m We exit from the other side, the place is called waterfall grove

5d 19h 59m Entered a cave now

5d 19h 57m Surfing around

5d 19h 55m Caught a female Tentacool! Nickname: AAAAAAAA

5d 19h 53m [D] Democracy engaged. And disengaged.

5d 19h 45m After about 15 minutes of shuffling, our current team order is Mamoswine (53), Salamence (57), Samurott (54), Torterra (58), Scolipede (53), Houndoom (54).

5d 19h 41m [Snark] Our party is shuffling more than the Chicago Bears in 1985. #SportsballsReferences

[Info] Mamoswine fighting the speed EV traning against Joltens who do lol damage with Quick Attack

5d 19h 29m Mamoswine to 53, two levels across three trainers in this dojo

5d 19h 27m Now in a EV training dojo

5d 19h 18m Mamoswine to 51

5d 19h 17m Healed

5d 19h 7m Houndoom faints, surfing around

5d 18h 53m On a mountain

5d 18h 38m [Meta] Updater going dark for a very short amount of time.

5d 18h 37m We're in a Democracy House. Next voting available in 3 hr 16 min.

5d 18h 34m We try to sell stuff at Darkwood Pharmacy to get money for the Dojo, but ended up buying a Lava Cookie instead.

5d 18h 29m [Fluff] WERE YOU AWARE? An item in the BAG can be assigned to SELECT for easy use!

5d 18h 27m We want to try the Dojo, but we are shut down because we don't have enough money.

5d 18h 26m We stroll into the Dojo.

5d 18h 19m We exit and re-enter the cave. Keldeo did not respawn.

5d 18h 17m We murder Keldeo. #RIPJustice. Mamoswine to 50.

5d 18h 17m We enter the Cave of Justice. Keldeo challenges us to a fight!

[Chat] WutFace

5d 18h 16m The "Justice!" wish opens up an event cavern.

[Fluff] The game uses some shiny bulbasaur named with all question marks as a generic text entry method. It's pretty hacky that they couldn't get rid of the "nickname?" bit.

[Correction] We are wishing at a fountain, for "JUSTICE!" specifically.

5d 18h 12m [D] Democracy is active and we are naming our Pokémon.

5d 18h 12m Evidently we have healed in Darkwood Town. Checkpoint!!

5d 18h 11m [Meta] Sorry for the intermittent updates. Still semi-dark.

5d 18h 5m [Donation] $111.11 from michaelgno1: "OSsloth MingLee WutFace Jebaited"

5d 18h 3m [Info] Mamoswine's Level 49 Stats: HP 169, Attack 144, Defense 92, Sp. Atk 75, Sp. Def 73, Speed 92.

5d 17h 59m [D] We Fly to Darkwood Town.

5d 17h 55m [Info] Mamoswine has a Gentle Nature and its ability is Oblivious.

5d 17h 53m [D] Democracy activated.

5d 17h 52m We're simmering in the Democracy Kitchen waiting for the timer to expire.

5d 17h 47m We buy 16 Great Balls.

5d 17h 46m We step into the Stormy City Poké Center.

5d 17h 45m [Info] After grinding against Max enough times, we have accrued ₽ 9848.

5d 17h 35m Mamoswine to 49.

5d 17h 31m Mamoswine to 48.

5d 17h 21m We're north of Stormy City, grinding with/on our buddy Max.

5d 17h 13m [Info] Current Party: Mamoswine (47), Houndoom (54), Samurott (53), Scolipede (52), Torterra (58), and Salamence (57).

5d 17h 11m Healed at Stormy City Pokémon Center.

5d 17h 10m We navigate to the Pokémon Center and sprint directly towards the PC.

5d 17h 8m Delibird heals Mamoswine with Present, giving it enough HP to survive Struggling itself to death. Mamoswine to Level 47.

5d 17h 5m Mamoswine has only PP left for Dig, which is not useful against Delibird.

5d 17h 1m Piloswine to 46. EVOLVES INTO MAMOSWINE!!

5d 16h 57m Piloswine to Level 45. Fails to evolve.

5d 16h 52m Piloswine to Level 44. Evolution screen takes about 10 seconds to load, but we cancel it anyway.

5d 16h 49m Piloswine to 43.

5d 16h 42m Delibird to Level 42. Learns Icicle Crash over Ice Beam!

5d 16h 35m Healed.

5d 16h 25m [Meta] Updater going semi-dark. Not able to update everything right now.

5d 16h 20m We're still doing stair laps in the Poké Center.

5d 16h 13m Back in Stormy City to pick up some heals.

5d 16h 11m Piloswine faints.

5d 16h 5m Piloswine to Level 41.

5d 16h 4m We successfully reorder Piloswine's moves so that Ice Beam is the first position.

5d 16h 0m Piloswine to Level 40.

5d 16h 0m Piloswine is now out of Ice Fang pp. Still has plenty of Ice Beam, Strength, and Dig pp.

5d 15h 58m Piloswine to Level 39!!

5d 15h 57m Piloswine to Level 38.

5d 15h 56m We challenge Cooltrainer Max again. He announces "GRINDING TIME" before each encounter, and he's not wrong.

5d 15h 55m Vs. Cooltrainer Max! Our Piloswine KOs two of his Tangela and Levels up to 37! Max sends out a Delibird that heals us with Present. We emerge victorious.

5d 15h 51m We made our way north of Stormy City to fight a wild Skorupi. Currently alternating between heading back towards town and away from town.

5d 15h 49m [Info] Current TMs: TM02 Dragon Claw, TM03 Water Pulse, TM05 Roar, TM06 Toxic, TM08 Rock Climb, TM09 Grass Knot, TM13 Ice Beam, TM18 Rain Dance, TM19 Giga Drain, TM21 Knock Off (x2), TM24 Thunderbolt, TM28 Dig, TM30 Shadow Ball, TM31 Brick Break, TM34 Shock Wave, TM35 Flamethrower, TM36 Sludge Bomb, TM39 Rock Tomb, HM01 Cut, HM02 Fly, HM03 Surf, HM04 Strength, HM06 Rock Smash, HM07 Waterfall, HM08 Dive

5d 15h 46m [Info] Current Key Items: Pokecomm, Serenitytix, Delusifier, Security Card, Lantern x1, Seaspraytix, Wish Ticket, Pksnak Case, and Dart Bike.

5d 15h 45m [Info] Current Items: Mystic Water x1, Thunderstone x1, Potion x8, Root Fossil x1, Sea Incense x1, Nugget x3, Max Revive x1, Red Shard x1, Pearl x1, Twistedspoon x1, Black Flute x1, Antidote x1, Zinc x1, Choice Scarf x1, Iron x1, Rare Candy x2, Heart Scale x1, Choice Band x1, Carbos x1, Full Restore x1, Super Potion x1.

5d 15h 44m We're back to dancing in the rain like no one's watching.

5d 15h 43m [Info] We have 8 badges and ₽ 3603.

5d 15h 40m We stroll into a Democracy house. Timer begins.

5d 15h 38m Party Healed!

5d 15h 36m We stroll into the Poké Center and OH BOY PC TIME.

5d 15h 36m [Info] Current Party: Piloswine (Level 36, fainted), Houndoom (Level 54), Samurott (Level 53), Scolipede (Level 52), Torterra (Level 58), Salamence (Level 57).

5d 15h 31m Still shambling around Stormy City.

5d 14h 43m We are bumping into every single wall possible in Stormy City

[Meta] Ok, as exciting as all that was, I should have left 2 hours ago. The updater is now dark, folks, sorry.

5d 8h 43m [D] We teach AT Strength over Endure!

5d 8h 37m [D] We teach Scolipede Rock Smash over Swords Dance!

5d 8h 35m [D] We shuffle AT to the front of the party.

5d 8h 29m [D] After first mistakenly giving it the Carbos, we give AT the Harbor Mail! Message: Abra

5d 8h 23m [D] Not entirely certain why we abandoned democracy each time here, but we're back in it, and giving an item to AT.

5d 8h 19m And with the building, democracy also leaves. Then we rush back inside because it's fcking cold out there, man! With all that snow coming down and sh!t!!

5d 8h 18m [D] We leave the PC, and shortly after, the building again.

5d 8h 16m [D] We withdraw a Piloswine! Level 27, female, named AT!

[Info] Turns out, the Eevee is a "Def-Eevee" that we get from Serenity Isle, and they all come pre-packaged with Rare Candies on them.

5d 8h 13m [D] We deposit Genesect!

5d 8h 11m [D] We grab a Rare Candy (that we just happened to know was there apparently) off one of the Eevees!

5d 8h 9m [D] Currently looking through Pokémon that have items on them, presumably.

5d 8h 7m [D] Back at the PC.

5d 8h 4m We've back in the Fusion labs once again.

5d 7h 56m We find that scientist from before and get a Genesect! Level 40, Named AAAAAAAAAA (because of course.)

5d 7h 52m [D] We deposit Gallade and head outside again!

5d 7h 48m [D] We hit the PC again.

5d 7h 45m [D] We use a thing on Kirlia, and the animation for evolution takes forever to load.... Kirlia evolved into Gallade!

5d 7h 41m [D] Democracy kicks in again, and an eerie silence happens.

5d 7h 41m We beatbox with Clefairy's cry for... a bit too long...

5d 7h 38m [D] We step outside the building, and lose democracy. We run right back inside again.

5d 7h 36m [D] We withdraw a Kirlia! Male, Level 29, No nickname.

5d 7h 35m [D] We find a full box, AAAAAAAA, with Jarachi and Piloswine in it.

[Fluff Continued] I was just handed this link for those interested in this API. O_o Thanks WAGL.

[Fluff] According to talk in the chat, there's actually an API now where we can see what Pokémon are in the box in our PC??

5d 7h 32m [D] We scroll through the boxes, browsing.

5d 7h 31m [D] We open up the boxes to withdraw a mon. We start over Box9 and Vinciti.

[Chat] OhMyDog 7

5d 7h 29m [D] We store BBC in Box 19 of 30 (named, approperiately enough AAAAAAAA).

5d 7h 28m [D] Access the Pokémon Storage System ("Someone's PC", because storing your Pokémon on some random person's PC whom you don't know is legit in the Pokémon world.)

5d 7h 27m [D] We boot up the PC.

5d 7h 26m [D] We move over to the PC in the corner of the Fusion Labs building we're in.

5d 7h 24m [D] We remove BBC's Mail!

5d 7h 21m [D] MGN learned Waterfall! (Not sure where he got the free move slot from...)

5d 7h 20m [D] We boot up the HM for Waterfall.

5d 7h 15m We're back in Fusion Labs.

5d 7h 7m We speak with a guy trying to give us Genesect, but we need room in our party to receive it...

5d 7h 5m BBC to 50!

5d 6h 55m Houndoom to 52!

5d 6h 43m Wandering the caves, burning everything that crosses our path.

5d 6h 27m [D] We fly to Geminate Village!

5d 6h 24m [D] We gain democracy in town and immediately use it to fix our settings again.

[Fluff] "I heard since Cameron was the Beta Tester for this ROM, [the hack maker] paid him back with this dojo!" Says some random dude in the glitched room.

You know what, that probably means this obvious ability to go out of bounds is intentional...

[Snark] The level designer is obviously OLDEN

5d 6h 13m And for good measure, we walk out of bounds again, walking along the top of the back wall easily. Where's the level designer? Someone needs to kick him for this.

5d 6h 12m We beat Cameron! He gives us a Blaziken as a prize! Chat fills with OneHand's.

5d 6h 11m Cameron's showing off with his shiny Breeloom. But it gives Salamence enough EXP to get to level 57!

5d 6h 8m His Heracross beats down BBC!

5d 6h 6m His Infernape takes out Torterra!

5d 6h 6m Torterra's woodhammer to level 58!

5d 6h 5m His Gallade does a number on Houndoom! Houndoom down!

5d 6h 4m We're fighting Pokémon Trainer Cameron, the head of the dojo in town!

5d 5h 55m Healed!

5d 5h 52m We just used all 9 of our remaining balls on a male Lv. 30 Pelipper...

[Snark] Oddly, the Clobber Badge just got the normal item get jingle, and was thus pretty underwhelming. The TM got more fanfare... Who's on sound?! Someone kick him for this.

5d 5h 41m Got the Clobber Badge! And TM31 Brick Break!

5d 5h 39m Salamence vs Lucario. Fly vs dancing swords. Fly wins out. We win!

5d 5h 38m Oh, wait, the poison jab just doesn't affect him (part steel type), and Lucario's got some extreme speed to him. Scolipede down!

5d 5h 38m Scolipede vs Lucario. Poison jab vs crunch. The jab misses! Scared, we attempt to flee or switch Pokémon.

5d 5h 37m Scolipede vs Breloom. Poison jabbing just wins out.

5d 5h 36m Scolipede vs Conkeldurr. Rock climbing vs ice punching. The poison jab follow up wins out.

5d 5h 35m Torterra vs Conkeldurr. Wood Hammer vs Ice Punching. Both do massive damage. Then a mach punch cuts off Torterra's follow up. Torterra down!

5d 5h 35m Torterra vs Gallade. Wooden Hammer wins all.

5d 5h 35m BBC vs Gallade. Rock smashing vs ice punching. Punching wins. BBC down!

5d 5h 34m BBC switches to some rock smashing, which is more effective. Scrafty goes down in 3!

5d 5h 33m BBC vs Scrafty. Crunch vs ...sleeping. The sleeping seems to be winning out here (along with that thing of leftover pizza he has).

5d 5h 32m Houndoom vs Scrafty. Flames vs punching. Punching wins. Houndoom down!

5d 5h 32m Vs the self-proclaimed toughest gym leader in Tunod, Tyson!

[Fluff] "We can literally walk right up to the leader" "Currently having some trouble getting into his ring". Classic TPP.

5d 5h 32m Saved!

5d 5h 31m Currently having some trouble getting into his ring.

5d 5h 30m We're in the gym! An actual gym, like with free weights and stuff. And we can literally walk right up to the leader without getting in anyone else's way.

5d 5h 28m Houndoom vs Honchkrow. Flames vs that magnificent hat. Flames win. Flames win all! Percy gives us HM07 Waterfall! and then sulks off away from the gym entrance.

5d 5h 28m Houndoom vs Quilava (<3). Flames vs Stars. Flames win.

5d 5h 27m Houndoom vs Seadra. Flames vs bubbles. Bubbles hurt, but flames win.

5d 5h 27m Houndoom vs Chesnaught. Flames vs grass type. Flames win. Houndoom to 51!

5d 5h 27m Houndoom vs Gardevoir. Flames vs Mind. Flames win.

5d 5h 26m Vs Percy! (And Quilava <3)

[Snark] We speak with Quilava. "PLEASE LET PERCY BATTLE YOU!!!!! I!!! WANT!!! TO!!! BATTLE!!!!" Guy's way to obvious about his thirst...

5d 5h 23m We cast some coins into "Fighter's Fountain", naming some wishes, but none come to pass.

5d 5h 21m Training complete! "You may go!" We book it so fast, the fadeout didn't mask us turning around and asking for seconds.

[Info] Wait, we're being healed entirely at the start of every battle. That's why we haven't run out of Flamethrower PP yet!

[Snark] So, what purpose does splitting up the battle like this serve that couldn't work as a team of 6 Umbreons or something?

5d 5h 17m Houndoom to level 50!

[Fluff] He keeps giving out ₽640 every time we beat his poor Umbreon into the ground, so we're going to have ₽6400 more by the end of this.

5d 5h 13m We're against Dojo Master Bren, learning special defense training in a series of 10 battles, apparently! Houndoom to level 49!

5d 5h 11m Democracy was short lived, and did nothing. But we Got fthe Choice Band! from some random girl asking which move type we preferred.

5d 5h 6m [D] We gained democracy while surfing. We're now walking northward. Oh, hey, there's Quilava <3 and Percy!

5d 5h 0m We heal in the center! Checkpoint Darkwood Town!

[Chat] lukerbom12 : KAPOW goes the fourth wall

5d 4h 57m We, um... seem to have left the playable space via a wall.... I think someone didn't put the right kind of tile down on this wall in this room.

5d 4h 56m Nevermind, back in Darkwood Town, where we find the Dojo.

5d 4h 55m And we go right back into Darkwood Grotto (not "Oakwood").

5d 4h 54m We arrived at Darkwood Town!

5d 4h 50m A sensi stops us and asks us if we're ready to face the toughest gym in Tonud. Oh, so that's what this place is then!

5d 4h 49m Solicipede to 52!

5d 4h 39m Caught a female Lv. 17 Slowpoke! No nickname

5d 4h 38m Caught a male Lv. 27 Slowpoke! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

5d 4h 31m We dove and surfaced and ended up in a place called the Oakwood Grotto... and there's people here who want to battle, of course.

5d 4h 24m MGN to 51!

5d 4h 23m Caught a female Lv. 30 Clamperl! Nickname: AUUUUUUUUU

5d 4h 20m Caught a male Lv. 40 Skrelp! Nickname: AAAA

5d 4h 18m Found a Heart Scale!

5d 4h 17m We're trying to throw Poké Balls at a wild Mantine. Instead we're healing Houndoom 20 hp at a time.

5d 4h 15m We seem to be diving down on the ocean floor on the back of a Milotic!

5d 4h 6m BBC to 49!

5d 4h 5m Battling trainers at the resort now.

5d 3h 55m We've arrived at Palmtree Resort!

5d 3h 49m Caught a male Lv. 19 Geodude! No nickname.

5d 3h 40m We've hit Mt. Stratus now on our Dance Around The World Tour.

5d 3h 31m We're dancing back and forth between Seaspray City and its Dam.

5d 3h 28m OH, we seem to have moved to a new city via boat!

5d 3h 22m We stepped into some sort of eating establishment with Team Magma music going on inside. So this place must be shady in some fashion...

5d 3h 13m Meandering around town at a speedy pace.

5d 3h 9m [D] We take a look at our Pokémon. We tell our Salamence to fly to... Woops! We ran out of democracy!

5d 3h 6m [D] We step outside. We're on Serenity Isle.

5d 3h 4m [D] We take several deep and soothing breaths and finally take in that we, in fact, do not have enough money for a Poké Ball.

5d 3h 4m We finally speak with the lady and attempt to buy all the Poké Balls. But given we only have ₽160, and thus not enough for even one, she refuses us service.

5d 3h 1m We're in a shopping mart, running around the place like a mad woman. The old lady behind the counter sips her tea as she watches us have a mental breakdown.

5d 2h 16m Looks like our Samurott is forgetting Cut

5d 2h 7m [Meta] Updater will go dark for now, Sorry folks

5d 2h 7m Anarchy activates and Samurott forgets Ice Beam while trying to delete Cut

5d 2h 2m Samurott learns Dive over Sacred Sword

5d 1h 57m demo on

5d 1h 53m reloaded to a state outside the house now

[Info] Still broken

[Info] Nevermind, save state was reloaded to stop the wall glitch

5d 1h 47m [D] Samurott learns Dive over Sacred Sword

5d 1h 45m Demo activated

5d 1h 37m So uhh, we stuck in this house since apparently two invisible walls spawned and its blocked the path to the exit

5d 1h 32m Samurott forgets Cut with the help of move deleter- Anarchy activated, nope, didn't forget Cut

5d 1h 22m Democracy activated, in move relearner house

5d 1h 15m Walkin around

5d 0h 54m Back in Seaspray

5d 0h 46m We caught a Phantump

5d 0h 31m Saved just surfing near the Haunted Isle.

5d 0h 6m On the Haunted Isle

4d 23h 34m He gives us a Victini

4d 23h 33m Salamence to 56, he sends in Victini, Fly does over half, he uses Zen Headbutt and at red hp now, Fly kills Victini, Soheal down!

4d 23h 33m He sends in Espeon, we Fly and OHKO

4d 23h 32m He sends in Infernape, we Fly and he sets up Calm Mind, he dies

4d 23h 32m He sends gliscor, we Fly and he Swords Dance, we miss and he sets up another dance, we Fly and he's at +6 atk now, we hit Fly and he uses Night Slash to do half, we Fly again and Gliscor down

4d 23h 31m He sends in Dragonite, we Fly and he uses Agility, fly takes Dragonite down

4d 23h 30m We send in Salamence, Fly misses but he gets paralyzed, 2nd Fly kills

4d 23h 30m We send Houndoom, use Thunder Fang and paralyze, Aura Sphere takes us down

4d 23h 29m We send Torterra and use Leaf Storm, he now uses Aura Sphere and we fire off another Leaf Storm taking him to red, he uses a Full Restore and lol Leaf Storm damage, Torterra down

4d 23h 28m Aura Sphere takes down Mightyena

4d 23h 28m Mightyena vs Dragonite, we Crunch and he sets up Agility, he uses Dragon Rage and we Crunch again, Dragon Pulse takes us to 2hp, 3rd Crunch takes Dragonite to red hp, he sends in Lucario and takes a Crunch

4d 23h 27m Vs Soheal, attempt #3 i believe

4d 23h 13m We manage to teach Flamethrower to Houndoom over Fire Fang in Anarchy!

4d 23h 12m Demo ends with but we manage to get Samurott's Surf at first slot instead of Cut

4d 23h 2m Democracy mode

4d 22h 41m We send in Samurott, he uses Zen Headbutt and does a quarter-third and we use Cut, this happens twice then he uses Revenge, we throw a Poké Ball and Zen Headbutt takes us out, whiteout

4d 22h 38m Vicini uses Flame Burst and does half, Leaf Storm does pitiful damage by this point, Flame Burst takes down Torterra

4d 22h 38m Soheal uses a Full Restore and we use Leaf Storm to do almost half, he switches to Victini who laughs at the 2nd Leaf Storm

4d 22h 36m We Fly, Gliscor uses Swords Dance, we hit then he uses Night Slash, we Fly and he Roost's, then do the attacks again, the third time instead of Roost-ing he uses Night slash, 3rd Fly kills, Salamence to 55, he sends in Lucario who goes down to red hp after a Fly, Aura Sphere takes Mence out

4d 22h 35m We send Salamence and use Fly to KO, he sends in Gliscor

4d 22h 33m We switch to Scolipede and he misses Will O Wisp, and we use Rock Climb, he then Calm Mind's and we take it out with another Rock Climb, now he sends Espeon, we try toRock Climb and do half, psychic takes Scolipede out

4d 22h 31m He switches to Infernape who takes out Houndoom

4d 22h 30m His Dragonite immediately crits and kills Mightyena

4d 22h 30m We enter a house and a trainer called Soheal says not many people visit him and that he's a an elite four of another league, VS Soheal

4d 22h 24m Surfing around

4d 21h 59m Inside the battle house again and training, just whited out again

4d 21h 44m we find an Elixir

4d 21h 28m Whited out, back in Serenity Isle

[Info] We're fighting a Pokémon Trainer (that's the title) with 6 Level 50 Pokémon. This is likely a battle house.

We're fighting someone strong with level 50+ pokemon, only Samurott and Scolipede alive vs his Gliscor and unknown amount of mon left

4d 21h 11m Inside a house

4d 20h 47m Back in Seaspray

4d 20h 43m Houndoom us now level 48

4d 20h 42m We pick up a Hyper Potion

4d 20h 35m We find an Iron

4d 20h 31m Just walking/surfing around the place

4d 20h 14m We catch a level 24 male Tentacool, AAATTTGGG_

4d 20h 10m surfed to the Haunted Seaway

4d 20h 4m Mightyena faints due to a wild Gastly's Curse

4d 19h 59m We catch a level 15 Wingull, AAAAAAAAAA

[Donation] Someone just donated $100, presumably with the text "PogChamp" (given the massive emotes raining down the screen), but it got skipped accidentally.

4d 19h 50m We catch a male level 15 Spinda, **BBBBCCCCCC

4d 19h 48m Outside the cave, on Haunted Isle

4d 19h 41m We catch a level 14 female Misdreavus, AAAAAAAAAA is its name

4d 19h 21m We also caught a Shuppet and named it AAAAAAAAAA

4d 19h 20m Also we caught a Golett but I didn't see any details about it. I don't think we gave it a nickname.

[Correction] We didn't win the lighthouse. We managed to win all of two fights before tripping over the glitched carpeting and stumbling out the doorway to where we are now.

4d 19h 16m Inside a wet cave

4d 18h 50m We buy 21 Poké Balls

4d 18h 38m We win and leave

4d 18h 33m Still inside the lighthouse

4d 18h 11m Took a boat and in the island that has the lighthouse challenge and we enter

4d 18h 9m Walking around Oceanview

4d 17h 57m clip for anyone who cares: https://clips.twitch.tv/BlushingCulturedNarwhalLeeroyJenkins

4d 17h 57m AAATTGGGGZ is the name, sorry, thank tustin

4d 17h 55m We use our last Great Ball then Master Ball, JIRACHI CAUGHT!, AAATTGGGGG

4d 17h 53m Vs Jirachi level 35

4d 17h 53m Back in Anarachy

4d 17h 53m [D] Flew to Oceanview, took boat to Wish Island

4d 17h 49m Demo mode on

4d 17h 46m We heal

[Chat] PogChamp-ing over how we have ₽777 left, as if we won a jackpot or something.

4d 17h 40m We buy 16 Ultra Balls

4d 17h 40m Riot Screen over, nobody panic. They were fixing some stream bots, it seems.

4d 17h 38m ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Screen!

4d 17h 37m Walking around town

4d 17h 19m Went down Mt. Stratus

4d 17h 19m Outside the building

4d 17h 17m Finally outside the room, one tiles stairs, awkward table placement and turbo mode overshoot was troubling

4d 17h 6m We take the Master Ball which sat on a table in a small room

4d 17h 2m We are gifted with HM08, Dive

4d 17h 2m Michael says something about gaining power in a different way then legends, Blake and Luke appear and take us into some sort of Dreamspace, talk a bit then we left

4d 17h 2m We Fly and it misses Ancient Power, 2nd Fly takes Mew down with an unnecessary crit,

4d 17h 1m We try to throw a Great Ball, Mew breaks free and hits

4d 17h 1m We use Fly, dodge Mew's move, it uses Metronome and it Flies this time

[Info] It has red shade outline on its body and eyes

4d 17h 0m Michael orders the three legends to summon Mew and for some reason they still have energy to summon Mew, apparently it's in some enrage dstate and Michael just lets us fight it, Vs Mew, it accuses us of being a human who just wants its powers

4d 16h 59m We use Fly, dodge Dragon Claw, we do 75% damage and Palkia uses Dragon Claw to take us just under half, second Fly hits and Palkia goes down, Salamence to 53, MICHAEL DEFEATED!

4d 16h 58m We send in Salamence, we use Fly, avoid Dragn Pulse and take Giratina out, he sends in Palkia

[Fluff] Salamence left....can he do it?

4d 16h 57m We send in Torterra, miss Leaf Storm and eat a Dragon Pulse, Torterra faints due to earlier injury

4d 16h 56m We send in Scolipede, use X-Scissor, he uses Dragon Pulse, same actions are repeated and Scolipede faints

[Snark] Giratina confirmed for Voltorb? Kappa

4d 16h 55m He sends in Giratina, we use Surf, Dragon Pulse takes Samurott out

4d 16h 55m He sends in Dialga, we send Samurott and use Sur and crit and do half health, he uses Dragon Claw, same moves happen, but the third Surf takes Dialga to 1hp, he uses Power Gem, Samurott at red hp, 4th Surf takes Dialga out, Samurott to level 50, doesn't learn Swords Dance

4d 16h 53m At the boss room, intense music starts playing, Vs Fusion Boss Michael

4d 16h 50m Torterra is sent back in, uses Wood Hammer to defeat Roserade, Regina defeated

4d 16h 49m We switch to Houndoom but faint to Sludge Bombs

4d 16h 47m Tortterra beats Ditto, Torterra to 57, learns Leaf Storm over Earthquake

4d 16h 46m Ditto takes out Mightyena with some Rock Smash's

4d 16h 45m Mightyena takes care of Zoroark handily, she sends in a Ditto

4d 16h 44m Back in anarchy

4d 16h 44m Vs Fusion Boss Regina, she sends in a Zoroark

4d 16h 42m [D] We unlock the second gate

4d 16h 35m [D] back in demo, opening the third gate atm

4d 16h 26m [D] We open the first gate but there's another gate on this floor and demo finished after going through this one

4d 16h 13m Demo on, we turn on battle animations

4d 16h 8m We find a Choice Scarf

[Fluff] The guy who healed us just now says that he is just an intern and wasn't expecting to be kidnapping Pokémon. He wants to do good, not evil.

4d 16h 7m Stuck on the second floor's gate since no demo option yet

4d 16h 2m Houndoom faints, we send Salamence against the Eevee guy but we take an Ice fang from Glaceon which takes half our hp

[Info] Mightyena and Samurott are fainted, Houndoom at yellow health, everyone else at full

4d 15h 57m People changed their minds and back inside

4d 15h 56m We go outside the building, looks like people say might as well go to the npc that heals

4d 15h 54m We beat them but one of them moved to fight us and is now blocking the path, we need to refresh the map

4d 15h 51m Democracy deactivated, vs two trainers in a double battle

4d 15h 49m [D] We enter the password 'DIAMOND' and unlock the gate

4d 15h 41m Democracy activated

[Snark] Guys, I think the password's AAAAAAAAA

4d 15h 34m Currently in a electric generator room and we need to input passwords to open a locked door

[Meta] The TPP Android notification app seems to be working again. No idea who maintains it though.

4d 15h 17m Mightyena is now level 47

4d 15h 9m Save state was reloaded and was manually used to run

4d 15h 7m save state reloaded and we caught it again, problem is it crashed again and now 2 gurdurr badges were handed out

4d 15h 3m game crashed at a black screen with the catch music still on

4d 15h 3m We catch a level 33 male Gurdurr, no name

4d 15h 0m An NPC heals us

4d 15h 0m We go back down

4d 14h 55m There's some nice relaxing music going on

4d 14h 54m We leave the cave part and somewehre outside, might be the peak

4d 14h 52m We catch a level 30 female Banette, ATTMMMGGGG, nice name, 1 A, 2 T, 3 M's and 4 G's

[Info] On Mt. Stratus

4d 14h 38m We find TM36 Sludge Bomb

4d 14h 29m Houndoom to 45, learns Dark Pulse over Flamethrower

4d 14h 21m Samurott to 49

4d 14h 18m We're currently on a mountainous area and using Scolipede's Rock Climb to navigate

[Info] Shelgon evolved into Salamence while the updater was dark, has Fly/Flamethrower /Zen Headbutt / Dragon Claw

[Info] Mightyena at 45, Houndoom 44, Samurott 48, Scolipede 50, Salamence at 52, Torterra at 56

[Snark] We haven't even been skiing. We were just taking ski lifts.

[Meta] I've had enough of you people's skiing shenanigans. The updater is now dark.

4d 7h 34m We take the ski lift up the mountain! Then we take it right back down again! Weeeeeeeeee!

4d 7h 26m Then we take the ski lift down again! Weeeeeeeeee!

4d 7h 25m We returned the skis! I guess we had them after all!

4d 7h 11m At least we keep saving.

4d 6h 48m We saved! All those minutes trying to open a bag, can't skip those again.

4d 6h 33m We try giving an evolution stone to Shellgon. Chat is disappointed that it's not evolving.

4d 6h 29m Back in the game again! Right where we left off.

4d 6h 29m We continu--- we go to the options menu...

4d 6h 28m Then we take it right back down again! Weeeeeeeee---RESET ROM!

4d 6h 27m We rent the skis! Then give them right back! Then take them again! Then return them again! Then rent them again! Then return them again! And wall.

4d 6h 20m We managed to heal a few more unnecessary times.

4d 6h 16m We returned the Skis!

4d 6h 4m We're still here, folks. On the top of the mountain, unable to put on our skis.

4d 5h 34m We open the area map in the pokedex... and for some reason the pokedex thinks we're in Hoenn.

4d 5h 31m We argue with the guard at the top of the slopes about the concept of having skis or not.

4d 5h 29m We spoke to the attendant! We rented SKIS! And we didn't return them immediately after!

[Streamer] ProjectRevoTPP : Did a cable car crash happen again?
M4_used_Rollout : @ProjectRevoTPP it reset this time
ProjectRevoTPP : I don't know if this glitch occurs in the original glazed, but I think that the cable car easter egg could be what triggers it
ProjectRevoTPP : which is a 1/64 chance by the way

[Chat] Shad0wseer : 1/64 chance to crash game while using lift and we got it SeemsGood

4d 5h 24m SAVE STATE RELOADED! And game SAVED! We're back at the top of the mountain, after speaking with the fat dude on the bench.

4d 5h 24m The game suddenly slows to half FPS, and has now frozen up entirely.

4d 5h 22m We're back in that place hours ago when we met up with the line of people along the road!


4d 5h 21m Then we take it right back down again! Weeeeeeeeee!

4d 5h 19m We walked right up the skis lady, listened to Dad echoing for advice, then ran the opposite direction, right out of the lodge entirely, into the snow. This skis lady must be scary.

4d 5h 17m After speaking to everyone in the Lodge, including Dad who isn't even close to the lodge, we finally speak to the lady behind the counter! The nurse, not the skiis lady. HEALED!

4d 5h 12m We make septupply sure that this building is indeed the Northcoast Ski Lodge.

4d 5h 9m A guard helpfully and repeatedly informs us that we cannot ski without skis.

4d 5h 9m We take the ski lift up the mountain! Then we take it right back down --- NO we escaped!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

4d 5h 8m We take the ski lift up the mountain! Then we take it right back down again! Weeeeeeeeee!

4d 5h 7m We take the ski lift up the mountain! Then we take it right back down again! Weeeeeeee!

4d 5h 5m We take the ski lift up the mountain! Then we take it right back down again! Weeeeee!

4d 5h 2m We enter a mart, examine a pot plant next to the counter, bother a couple for a while, slam headlong into the other corner of the mart, contemplate life for a bit then leave. The old man behind the counter takes a sip of tea.

4d 4h 59m Wait, we managed to get out early. Jim waves as we leave.

4d 4h 58m And of course, an ice gym means an ice sliding puzzle. We've currently decided to go skating on this for the next hour or so.

4d 4h 57m We're in an ice gym.

4d 4h 55m Welcome to North Coast Town! The Crackdown Naming Committee is doing fine work, I see.


4d 4h 53m We teach a random Delibird a lesson. BBC to level 44!

4d 4h 51m Meanwhile, a small child on a hill top tells us to light a fire if we're cold. Thanks, kid, we'll get right on that. You've never heard of Smokey the Ursaring have you?

[Fluff] Btw, I had no idea what a Scolipede was. I've been calling the thing Villapede or something, which is not a Pokémon. I probably won't learn this distinction, just FYI.

[Info] Current Party:

  • AAAAATMAAA the Shellgon ♂ L44
  • BBBC Hbvvv the Mightyena ♀ L43
  • AAATTTTTTT the Houndoom ♀ L43
  • MGNNNNGGSC the Samurott ♂ L44
  • . yz ,hgg the Scolipede ♀ L48
  • Torterra the Torterra ♂ L55

[Fluff] The main problem, I think, it there's only a couple of inputers, and their inputs are getting repeated 10-20 times in quick succession, causing us to ZOOM from one side of this plateau to the other any time anyone even considers pressing one of the buttons.

4d 4h 43m We're bouncing around on a cliff top.

4d 4h 38m We climbed another slope, and found a Zinc!

4d 4h 31m We're out the other side of the tunnel, climbing slopes that we really shouldn't be able to get up that easily. But we found a Carbos at the top of one!

4d 4h 27m Still bouncing along the tunnel. There's a snowboarder here that's also bouncing back and forth along this hallway. I... don't think that's how snowboards work, dude.

4d 4h 17m We're in Icicle Tunnel now.

4d 4h 15m For a moment, we seem to come down off our sugar high. But then we jump right back on our bike, zoom away northward, and violently mount a tree.

4d 4h 12m We enter the mart, then turn right around and walk right back out of the mart. The lady at the counter blinks, then goes and gets more tea.

4d 4h 10m We repeatedly whisper dad's advice into an old man's ear as he minds his own business before missing the doorway as we exit the mart. The lady at the counter stirs her tea a little before taking another sip.

4d 4h 9m We enter the mart and stare at the other tree for a while, screw around on the shelves a bit, then examine a corner for a while. The lady at the counter takes another sip of tea.

4d 4h 8m We stared at a tree in the mart for a little while, then exited. The lady at the counter sips her tea.

4d 4h 5m We restart the music and read a sign a few dozen times, before heading to the opposite side of the city and doing the same thing over there.

4d 4h 3m And because we did too much correctly thus far, we screwed with the settings to balance it out. Slow text and mono music ftw!

4d 4h 2m We've arrived at Cape Azure!

4d 4h 2m And now we're on our bike! And across the bridge!

4d 4h 1m We repeatedly attempt to step past the guard here telling us we can only bike on Overseas Bridge. The problem is that we registered a button to restart the music, not get on a bike.

4d 3h 59m "Huff... Puff... I'm gonna catch you!" says the cyndaquil. The select button is now a button to restart the city's music.

4d 3h 58m [D] We get on said bike! And then run headlong into a cyndaquil! You bastarts!

4d 3h 57m [D] We navigate to the dirt bike. Sorry, Dart Bike. Because I guess it's not made for dirt. We register it to select!

4d 3h 56m [D] Outside, we continue to be in democracy, and open the start menu.

4d 3h 55m [D] Democracy becomes unstuck and we use it to smack into the doorframe on the way out of the house...

4d 3h 53m [D] Democracy continues being stuck for some reason, and not registering our inputs!

4d 3h 52m [D] Text speed set to Fast!

4d 3h 51m [D] Democracy resumes normalcy and we go to the option menu.

[Chat] um

[Info] Democracy is stuck!

4d 3h 50m [D] Democracy stops the Beat-Boxing Based Bulba [hip-hop stinger sound]

4d 3h 49m We are currently making an amazing remix of Bulbasaur's cry.

4d 3h 47m And now we're in a demohouse.

4d 3h 44m [Meta] Oh, yay, no one took over. This is lovely.

So, Recap: We're in Southerly City, in a building with a PC, and we now have a Fire-Shaped bagel badge in our sidebar. So presumably a gym was fought and won while I was away.

4d 1h 45m For the record, we're at one of those gyms with open pools of lava lying around, and no OSHA compliance. And this updater is still dark.

4d 0h 33m We approach a line of people blocking the road, who none-so-subtly tell us we cannot pass, and that the only way into the next town is by "FLYing in".

4d 0h 28m [D] We seem to be using the democracy in the forest area to rearrange our party.

4d 0h 5m We caught a Butterfree named BBBBBBBBBT. I didn't catch anything else about it.

3d 23h 14m [Info] Money from a few updates ago came from selling some items, didn't catch them all but it included Repel and Super Repel

3d 23h 13m Caught a male Lv. 34 Cottonee! Nickname: T just before the Clefairy

3d 23h 13m Caught a female Lv. 30 Clefairy! Nickname: C.........

3d 23h 3m Wait, we somehow got a lot more money suddenly (didn't see) and are now buying MORE Great Balls. We have 33 total balls right now!

3d 23h 0m We buy 10 Great Balls with all of our money.

[Meta] Btw, I'm working, so I can't sit here and update more than the fight. This updater is currently dark.

3d 22h 45m We step into the center and heal! Checkpoint Southerly City!

3d 22h 44m We get HM02, and get taken back to Southerly City. He tells us about how Mew vanished into another dimension...

3d 22h 44m It confuses us, and we hurt ourselves. We crit another X-Scissor! To Level 45! WE WIN!!

3d 22h 43m X-Scissor from Villipede does short work of the Zoroark! Villipede vs Rotom-W!

3d 22h 41m Shelgon vs Zoroark (looking like Torterra). We're Dragon Clawing, and it's Earthquaking. It's Earthquakes win! Shelgon down!

3d 22h 41m Torterra vs Zoroark (which apparently doesn't have its signature ability implemented). It transforms into us, and Giga Drains Torterra to death!

3d 22h 40m Torterra vs Rotom-H. Again with the woodhammer, but Flameburst does a little damage too.

3d 22h 39m Torterra vs Rotom-C. Woodhammer is "not very effective" but takes out Rotom-C in two.

3d 22h 37m Rotom-C takes down BBC with more Thunderbolts!

3d 22h 36m We switch in MGN, and Rotom-C's thunderbolt takes it down in one!

3d 22h 35m BBC vs Rotom-C. Thunderfangs vs a Substitute.

3d 22h 35m We face off against Fusion Boss Michael Again!

3d 21h 53m We've gone back to the scientist guy and healed! A few times.

[Chat] Grunt: "I'm just here to make sure nobody falls down the stupid hole. I hope you fall and break your legs."
Ordsey : lets go down the stupid hole VoHiYo

3d 21h 39m For a moment, we reached the top of the tower again. Then we fell down a hole.

3d 21h 18m We keep speaking with this defeated grunt who's guarding a hole in the floor. He keeps telling us "I hope you fall down and break your legs." Chat calls him rude every time for it.

[Info] When we White Out, we return to just outside Temporal Tower. So we're stuck here until we finish this battle.

3d 20h 58m We send Torterra, use Wood Hammer and defeat it, we repeat the same on Rotom-Heat, live a Flame Burst and use it again to defeat Rotom-Heat, Torterra to 54, he uses Snarl to KO, we whiteout

3d 20h 56m Some plot went by, didnt catch whatit said but VS Fusion Boss Michael, we use Cut and he Thunderbolts Samurott to death

3d 20h 51m Samurott to level 42

[Info] Everyone is fainted except for Samurott t red hp and Torterra

3d 20h 50m Samurott leveled up to 41

3d 20h 44m Fighting trainers atm

[Fluff] T-S, hmm, we need more clues on what it spells

[Snark] This second floor looks vaguely like an Unown-shaped "S". Maybe it doesn't mean anything after all.

3d 20h 17m We pick up a Twisted Spoon

3d 20h 17m We find a healing NPC, we heal

[Snark] Hey, the first floor of Temporal Tower is in the shape of a "T"! That must mean something.

3d 20h 13m We pick up a Pearl

3d 20h 10m Mightyena got burned

3d 20h 10m We're at Temporal Tower, by the way, and there are wild Unown on the loose in here, next to all the Team Fusion grunts.

3d 20h 9m [Snark] Team Fusion Grunt: "To function more efficiently, we dropped our names and became the collective "Grunts"" -- That seems.... stupid.

3d 20h 6m BBC to 42, did not learn Crunch!

3d 20h 3m And now we're fighting the scarfed Pikachu, who is level 40 and knows Icicle Crash! And we won!

3d 20h 1m And now we traveled to Luke's dimension! And lost democracy! Then we traveled back, and now we're on an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean!

3d 19h 59m [D] We're speaking with the now current champion, Blake, about how he defeated the previous champion yesterday. We're doing this in front of Mew's forest shrine.

3d 19h 43m Samurott is now level 40

3d 19h 42m We catch a level 30 male Kirlia, name is AAAAAAAAAAA

3d 19h 36m We find TM06 Toxic

3d 19h 34m Scolipede faints to a trainer's Trevenant

3d 19h 30m Scolipede is now level 44, learned Swords Dance over Aqua Tail

3d 19h 26m In Espo Forest

3d 19h 24m We find a Red Shard

3d 19h 19m Scolipede is now level 43

3d 19h 11m Mightyena faints

[Fluff] BrokeBack

[Snark] I like how /u/Mega-charizard always screams whenever we catch a Pokemon.

3d 19h 8m We catch a level 30 female Clefairy, AAAAAAAAAA

3d 19h 4m Houndoom is now level 41

3d 19h 3m We catch a level 30 male Scraggy, AAAAAAAAAA

3d 19h 0m We catch a level 31 female Roselia, AAAAAAATTT

3d 18h 50m We heal

3d 18h 49m Checkpointed

[Info] In Southerly City

3d 18h 44m Scolipede is now level 42

3d 18h 39m We were on Cycling Road, just beat up a cycler and now inside a town

3d 18h 38m Back to Anarchy

3d 18h 34m [D] Fixed options and set party order from lowest level to highest

3d 18h 30m Demo activated

3d 18h 30m Inside a demo house, people are fixing options to fast text and battle animations to on

3d 18h 20m Outside the safari, walking around

3d 18h 11m We catch a level 30 female Psyduck, no name

3d 18h 10m We catch a level 25 female Axew, no name

3d 18h 7m We catch another male level 25 Rhyhorn, no name

3d 18h 1m We catch a level 29 male Axew, no name

3d 17h 59m We pick up a Calcium

3d 17h 58m Chelle gives us a Dark Bike

3d 17h 56m We catch a level 27 Nidorino, no name

3d 17h 54m We catch a level 25 female Deino, AAAAAAAAAA

3d 17h 51m We use up all our Park Balls, Safari game over, but we use our last ₽500 to enter the Safari Zone again

3d 17h 50m We catch a level 29 female Nidorina, AAAAAAAAAA

3d 17h 43m We find TM05 Roar

3d 17h 43m We catch a male level 25 Rhyhorn, GMMMMMMMGG

[Info] Mawile, Wobbufett and Totodile's name all have two extra A, sorry

3d 17h 41m We catch a female level 25 Axew, AAATWPPWWA

3d 17h 39m We catch a male level 27 Mawile, AAAAAAAAAAAA

[Fluff] This time instead of full A we added a T, original right?

3d 17h 38m We catch a male level 27 Wobbufett, AAAAAAAAAAAT

3d 17h 37m We catch a male level 27 Totodile, nickname is AAAAAAAAAAAA

3d 17h 36m We caught a Delibird but i missed the capture

3d 17h 33m We catch a female level 27 Pawniard, no name

3d 17h 31m Inside a building that has a PC

3d 17h 12m Houndoom fainted

3d 16h 49m We find TM24 Thunerbolt

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: really impressive

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: wow, I haven't been watching this run much, first time seeing that capture display

3d 16h 43m Houndoom is now level 40

3d 16h 42m We leave and inside Icicle Tunnel, just beat up a trainer with Houndoom's Fire Fang spam

3d 16h 33m To no one's surprise we lose again

3d 16h 24m We enter again

3d 16h 22m We lose again

3d 16h 18m One of the other competitor's has a Dialga....

3d 16h 16m We enter another contest

3d 16h 12m We lose since our Houndoom has no 'cool' moves

3d 16h 5m Inside a normal rank cool contest

3d 16h 3m Inside the contest hall

3d 15h 55m We try to find the Contest Hall but keep entering this one house

3d 15h 48m Larvesta is sent in and burns Torterra. Torterra down! White out!

3d 15h 48m We hit Samurott with Wood Hammer and it goes down. Torterra grew to Lv. 53!

3d 15h 47m Torterra is sent I and uses Wood Hammer. Sylveon goes down! Toudu sends in a shiny Samurott.

3d 15h 46m Shelgon goes down to Sylveon's Draining Kiss! Torterra is our last Pokémon.

3d 15h 44m Sylveon is sent in.

3d 15h 44m Toudu sends in Sligoo, which we defeat with Shelgon.

3d 15h 43m We've met Toudu, the hack's author. He challenges us to a battle!

[Chat] Grarrg : PogChamp TEH URN

3d 15h 31m We've entered a room that's playing the credits music from FireRed/LeafGreen.

3d 15h 23m We're now attempting to enter a fainting Houndoom into the Contest.

3d 15h 23m Obtained the PKSnack Case!

3d 15h 19m Judge: "Best Quilava. 10/10" Chat: BEST BORT

3d 15h 17m Still wondering around the Contest Hall, talking to Pokémon.

3d 15h 12m Entered the Contest Hall.

3d 15h 9m Obtained TM30 Shadow Ball!

3d 15h 9m We're back in Cape Azure, wondering around.

[Snark] 3 team members and 8 Great Balls, all for 519 EXP. SeemsGood

3d 15h 6m Samurott goes down as well! We send in Torterra and one-hit it with Wood Hammer.

3d 15h 4m We send in Samurott. Looks like we're attempting to catch Murkrow.

3d 15h 4m Scolipede goes down to the same wild Murkrow!

3d 15h 1m Mightyena goes down to a wild Murkrow!

3d 15h 0m And back out of it again.

3d 14h 57m Entered the Safari Zone gatehouse.

3d 14h 56m Obtained TM21 Knock Off!

3d 14h 53m Houndoom goes down to a wild Gligar.

3d 14h 53m Caught a male Lv. 35 Gligar! Nickname: AAAAAAAAA

3d 14h 49m Caught a female Lv. 33 Nincada! Nickname: AAAAATTTT

3d 14h 48m Caught a female Lv. 34 Lickitung! Nickname: VJJJJJUUT

3d 14h 46m A boy informs us that if we catch more than 20 Pokémon in the Safari Zone, he'll give us a prize.

3d 14h 45m We head south into the Safari Zone.

3d 14h 44m We heal our party!

3d 14h 41m Bought 3 Great Balls and 4 Ultra Balls.

3d 14h 40m Saved the game.

[Chat] SnowWarning : I'd like to knock you off if you know what I'm saying

3d 14h 37m Obtained TM21 Knock Off!

3d 14h 37m Looks like we're in town for real now.

3d 14h 36m We ran into Blake. He gives us some advice then heads back into the cave. We run after him.

3d 14h 35m Arrived at Cape Azure!

3d 14h 33m Steelix goes down to Wood Hammer! Alpinist Louis is defeated!

3d 14h 32m We send in Torterra. He's currently the last of our party still active.

3d 14h 31m Scolipede goes down to Steelix!

3d 14h 31m Challenged by Alpinist Louis! He sends in Steelix, we counter with Scolipede.

3d 14h 29m Caught a Lv. 26 Rotom! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAT

[Info] Battle animations were turned off at some point too.

3d 14h 21m Caught a female Lv. 27 Piloswine! Nickname: AT

3d 14h 18m Text speed changed to Slow and banner changed to a scaly kind of green.

3d 14h 18m Samurott goes down to the wild Rotom. We send in Torterra and immediately faint it.

3d 14h 15m Encountered a wild Rotom!

3d 14h 14m Obtained the NeverMeltIce!

3d 14h 13m Samurott grew to Lv. 39!

3d 14h 11m Smashed a rock.

[Snark] How is it snowing in the tunnel? WutFace

3d 14h 8m Entered Icicle Tunnel.

3d 14h 7m Surfing on Samurott.

3d 14h 7m Glaceon taken out by Wood Hammer. Boarder Josh defeated!

3d 14h 6m We send in Torterra who uses Wood Hammer. Glaceon down! Joshua sends out another Glaceon.

3d 14h 5m Glaceon uses Icy Wind, Shelgon down!

3d 14h 5m Challenged by Snowboarder! He sends in Glaceon, we counter with Shelgon!

3d 14h 4m Jynx is sent out, but we take that out with Scolipede as well as the next Smoochum, Scolipede to Lv. 41! Snowboarder Drake defeated.

3d 14h 2m Challenged by Snowboarder Drake! He sends in Smoochum, we counter with our dragon puff ~ Smmochum instantly KO'd!

3d 13h 59m Mightyena goes down to a wild Delibird!

3d 13h 56m Caught a female Lv. 26 Smoochum! Nickname: AAAMMMMMTT

3d 13h 55m Mightyena is frozen by a wild Smoochum's Power Snow!

3d 13h 54m But we ran away ~

3d 13h 54m Seems we're attempting to catch another wild Delibird.

3d 13h 51m We send in Toreterra and take it out with Wood Hammer. Toreterra grew to Lv. 52!

3d 13h 51m Houndoom down to a wild Delibird's Present!

3d 13h 46m Houndoom grew to Lv. 39!

3d 13h 42m Heading east on Blizzard Slopes (again).

[Chat] tppsimulator Keepo just ride the PC

3d 13h 38m We heal!

3d 13h 38m We briefly boot up the PC, then run away.

3d 13h 35m We're currently in the Pokémon Centre.

3d 13h 20m We're in a museum, learning things.

3d 13h 11m Mightyena grew to Lv. 40!

3d 13h 11m Heading east on Blizzard Slopes.

[Info] It doesn't seem we've lost any progress. Samurott's new moveset remains.

3d 13h 9m We're back! Reverted to a previous save state, it seems. Inputs enabled.

3d 13h 7m Inputs frozen.

[Dev] Streamer is looking into the freeze now.

[Snark] Seems we're up here just to enjoy the view. How nice ~

3d 13h 2m ... or at least, we should have done. Game frozen.

3d 13h 2m Took the ski lift to Northcoast Lodge.

3d 12h 56m Back outside in Northcoast Town.

3d 12h 55m Anarchy activated!

[Info] Samurott's revised moveset is: Surf, Cut, Ice Beam and Sacred Sword.

3d 12h 54m [D] Samurott forgot Water Pulse. Samurott learned Surf!

3d 12h 51m [D] Samurott forgot Air Slash. Samurott learned Ice Beam!

3d 12h 48m [D] Went to the TM pocket and selected TM13 Ice Beam.

3d 12h 46m [D] Frame changed to Type 20. Looks like a red and white candy cane.

3d 12h 45m [D] Text speed changed to Fast.

3d 12h 45m Democracy activated!

3d 12h 44m In the demo house.

3d 12h 41m Still wondering around town, invading people's houses.

3d 12h 35m Back in Northcoast Town.

3d 12h 33m [Subscription] KipTheFlareon subscribed for 8 months. "I'm eating a bacon sandwich with ketchup and it is glorious. Long live bacon! 🥓"

3d 12h 32m Heading east on Blizzard Slopes.

3d 12h 30m A Mudkip is attempting to teach Ice Punch, but we can't decide who to teach it to.

3d 12h 30m And back in town.

3d 12h 29m We head east out of town.

3d 12h 27m [Snark] ...now, how do we get out of here?

3d 12h 26m Obtained the Icicle Badge and TM13 Ice Beam!

3d 12h 26m We send out Samurott and use Sacred Sword! Weavile down! Leader Irene defeated!

3d 12h 24m Leader Irene sent out Froslass. Torterra uses Wood Hammer, Frosslass goes down! Weavile is sent out! Toreterra goes down!

3d 12h 25m [Info] Leader Irene

3d 12h 24m Seems we're fighting a gym leader of some kind, judging by the music.

[Meta] blows dust off mic Hello, is this thing on? We're baaaack ~

3d 12h 21m [Meta] We're sory for the downtime. The updater doesn't have a lot of active updaters this game. If you want to help out, shoot me or any of the subreddit mods a message.

3d 5h 37m Shelgon at Level 40

3d 5h 37m Shelgon's very nearly at 40 following this latest win

3d 5h 33m auhg we are grinding on Max again

3d 5h 33m We slaughter a wild Gible.

3d 5h 30m Well, we've finally not renewed the grind.

3d 5h 27m Shelgon's at level 38

3d 5h 25m We want a lot of XP.

3d 5h 20m Shelgon grows to 36

[Info] Somewhere along the while now Shelgon's at level 35, and near 36. Thank you for your cooperation.

3d 5h 16m Mightyena's dead as heck

3d 5h 12m Kicked that Tangela's ass.

3d 5h 10m It's grinding time, with COOLTRAINER MAX@

3d 5h 9m Lmao we're sitting on the bench

3d 5h 8m At Geminite River.

3d 5h 1m At the Pokémon Center, we heal!

3d 5h 0m After 13 attempts (and Mightyena also fainted), we go back to Stormy City to hopefully heal.

3d 4h 58m Scolipede levels up to 37! On Max round 12.

3d 4h 56m Scolipede levels up to 36!

3d 4h 55m Toterra grows to level 49!

3d 4h 52m Mightyena grows to level 37, forgets Ice Fang for Take Down!

3d 4h 48m Shelgon faints against that same Tangela! Looks like after 7 defeats, it's out for blood. Watch out!

3d 4h 47m Oshawott fainted on the 8th Max attempt against Tangela.

3d 4h 43m Shelgon grew to level 34 and Mightyena to 36!

3d 4h 42m Houndoom faints to Max's Tangela!

[Chat] is discussing what time it is, not realizing that we always party like it's 10 pm anyways.

3d 4h 38m Houndoom goes to level 35! She does not learn Feint Attack.

3d 4h 33m Houndoom to 34! Defeated Max 4 times this session.

3d 4h 31m Shelgon levels up to 33!

3d 4h 28m On the third Max run, Houndoom levels up to 33!

3d 4h 23m Shelgon grew to level 32!

3d 4h 21m Now we're grinding on Cooltrainer Max.

3d 4h 20m We've plopped ourselves in Geminite River!

[Donation] $16.33 from anon99999999999999: "BegWan"

[Advertisement] Now is a really good time to mention that you can apply to be a live updater! Tired of seeing these gaps and want to help contribute? Are you active on TPP and want to help document all of the events that happen? Does this role seem interesting to you? Well this is the perfect volunteer position for you! Whether it's a few hours a week or every day, you can be part of a team that collectively runs a 24/7 live updater! Join today!

3d 4h 9m We go to the Pokémon Center and heal!

3d 4h 4m Blake calls us! He's found Team Fusion and the boss, and needs us to come to Mt. Strautus to help! We're coming Blake-san!

3d 4h 4m Also we're in Stormy City in case I didn't mention it.

[Snark] It's our first badge if you don't count the stolen ones.

3d 4h 2m Luckily he switched to Razor Leaf, and we manage to KO him. Defeated Leader Lief! Obtained the Stem Badge! And TM 19 Giga Drain!

3d 4h 1m We send out Torterra to finish him off with a Crunch. Next we face a Leafeon, who is countering all of our Crunches with Synthesis! We may run out of PP soon.

3d 4h 0m We use Fire Fang twice before our foe puts us to sleep with some Sleep Powder. Leif promptly heals Venusaur with a Hyper Potion, we wake up, and faint to a Take Down!

3d 3h 59m Another Earthquake KOs the not-so-whimsical Whimsicott! Next we're on to the 3rd mon, number 003, Venusaur. We send out Houndoom.

3d 3h 58m This is a back and forth game of us using Bite and us getting hit by Giga Drain. But, in a shocking move, we switch to Earthquake!

3d 3h 58m We use Crunch twice and take care of that pesky grass snake without taking damage. Against Whimsicott now. We seem to be enforcing the same strategy.

3d 3h 57m Eventually, Shelgon faints to the Leech Seed! Go Torterra! And Leif used a Hyper Potion.

3d 3h 56m We send out Shelgon against Servine! Our foe set up a Leech Seed and uses Knock Off to damage us further! We put up a bit of a fight with Dragon Claw.

3d 3h 54m Let's do a quick recap: Bagon evolved into Shelgon, leveled to 31, we got a bunch of levels, got to a new town and gym, and we're currently fighting leader Lief of that gym!

3d 0h 17m Bagon grows to Level 22

3d 0h 13m Back in the Lighthouse Challenge

3d 0h 12m Ended the Lighthouse Challenge by walking out

3d 0h 9m Bagon Faints

3d 0h 4m Bagon Paralysed

3d 0h 3m We entered the Lighthouse Challenge

2d 23h 57m Sailing to Serenity Isle, wait no back to Oceanview, hang on it's Serenity Isle again

2d 23h 57m We sail to Oceanview City

2d 23h 54m Back in the Democracy house

2d 23h 50m Left the Democracy House

2d 23h 46m Swapped Bite and Dragon Claw's position in Bagon's Movepool

2d 23h 41m Switched Mightyena and Bagon in the party

2d 23h 40m Switched Bagon and Torterra in the party

2d 23h 36m We teach Bagon Dragon Claw via TM, overwriting Focus Energy!

2d 23h 32m Set our Text Speed Options to Fast

2d 23h 29m We give our new Bagon some Wave Mail

[Info] Wait, my mistake, it's a Democracy house in Seaspray Town, not Geminite Village, got my names mixed up

2d 23h 24m In Democracy now

2d 23h 21m Golbat Noises. Thanks Pokedex

2d 23h 19m In a Democracy house in Geminite Village

2d 23h 9m In Seaspray Dam building

2d 23h 8m In Geminite Village

2d 23h 4m Caught a female Lv. 19 Zubat! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

2d 22h 53m Caught a male Lv. 21 Bagon! Nickname: AAAAATMAAA

2d 22h 52m 2d 22h 51m Bagon found!

2d 22h 48m We find one quickly but also run from it

2d 22h 47m We find one, finally throw a ball but fails and we run

2d 22h 43m Still searching for our dragon

2d 22h 18m 2d 22h 18m We run

2d 22h 18m Another Bagon!

2d 22h 0m We see a Bagon but after thinking hard we run

2d 21h 54m Inside the cave, pretty much nothing worthy happened

2d 20h 55m We deposit Phanpy

2d 20h 43m We catch a level 22 male Phanpy, no name

2d 20h 30m Inside Geminite cave, we find a Bagon but run

2d 20h 22m We're stuck in the PC right now, holding on to Pokémon we can't deposit, unable to figure out how to put it down...

2d 20h 22m We deposit the Geodude

2d 20h 19m Inside the center

2d 20h 14m Houndoom faints, Mightyena to level 33

2d 20h 10m We use the Ultra Ball on a level 21 female Geodude, no name

2d 20h 9m Inside Geminite Cave

2d 20h 6m We heal

2d 20h 3m We deposit Nidoran

2d 19h 54m In Geminite village

2d 19h 47m We pick up an Ultra Ball

2d 19h 38m We fight a trainer with a Tangela, Houndoom to level 28

[Fluff] How did we flip through the bag's pocket, go down to select the Great Ball and catch nidoran first try accidentally BrokeBack

2d 19h 34m We use a Great Ball on a Nidoran Male level 22, no name

2d 19h 33m Quickly ran to Geminite River

[Fluff] So, yes, Poison Jab spam from Scolipede would be enough to win. But we decided Aqua Tail spam was needed instead.

2d 19h 31m We send in Scolipede, use Poison Jab and OHKO Whimisicott, she sends in Venusaur, we continue to use Poison Jab which almost does half, she uses Take Down, another Poison Jab takes her to red and she uses Take Down again and is at red health, Sitrus Berry activates, we now use Aqua Tail and she uses Sleep powder to make Scolipede sleep, she now uses a Hyper Potion and follows up with a Take Down and a Sludge to defeat Scolipede, blacked out

[Fluff] Will Poison Jab spam from Scolipede be enough to win?

2d 19h 29m She sends in Whimiscott and uses Giga Drain and we try to Crunch but that Fairy type weakens it by a lot, this happens four times until her Sitrus Berry activates and out paralysis activates and Torterra faints

2d 19h 27m We send in Torterra, she uses Glare, we Crunch, she follows up with Giga Drain and we Crunch again to take it down

2d 19h 26m We send in Dewott, 2 Giga Drains later Dewott faints after a Water Pulse

2d 19h 25m Vs Gym Leader Lief, Her Servinve against our slightly above half health Mightyena, She uses Glare to paralyze and we use Ice fang to deal half hp but her Sitrus Berry activates, she uses Knock Off and we Ice Fang again, she uses Giga Drain to KO

2d 19h 23m We enter the gym

2d 19h 18m We buy 8 Great Balls

[Snark] How poetic: "It's how you live your life." "Well, you're living yours in a box now!" ["BOXED" Sound Effect]

2d 19h 5m We deposit Grovyle

[Fluff] "The important thing is not how long you live.... It's what you accomplish with your life." - Grovyle

2d 19h 3m Clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/UglyEnthusiasticPotatoPanicVis

2d 19h 3m [Info] Lv. 25, male, moves Mega Drain, Pursuit, Fury Cutter, and Leaf Blade.


2d 18h 55m PC time. Deposited Abra.

2d 18h 52m Mightyena leveled up to 32! And did not learn Thief.

2d 18h 51m Scolipede leveled up to 34!

2d 18h 48m Mightyena leveled up to 31!

[Info] Level 15 male Abra

2d 18h 35m We caught an Abra. Level and gender unknown as I wasn't the one updating.

2d 17h 55m Demo ends, Outside, current plan seems to be get Grovyoe from adoption for badge then deposit and get Bagon for the team

2d 17h 47m Houndoom learns Thunder Fang Over Smog

2d 17h 41m Houndoom learns Ember over Beat Up

Demo activated in Move Relearner house

Umbreon deposited

2d 16h 59m Using PC, looks like people want to deposit the Umbreon, the rest of the party is safe due to mail

2d 16h 53m Back to Anarchy, inside the center

2d 16h 40m HYPE

2d 16h 40m [D] We use a Moon Stone and evolve Eevee to Umbreon

2d 16h 38m That was in Demo, We're in the demohouse

2d 16h 34m We give Eevee a Soothe Bell and take its Rare Candy!

2d 16h 18m We leave the lighthouse

[Snark] Yep, definitely an Eevee.

2d 16h 14m Inside the lighthouse again, either we're really obsessed with Eevee or we just want money, personally i think its the former

2d 16h 13m We get a level 20 male Eevee called 'Def-Eevee'

2d 16h 10m We finish the lighthouse challenge, time to get Eevee #13 i believe

[Snark] We've become so obsessed with asking how many we could, we didn't stop to ask whether we should

2d 16h 2m Houndoom faints

2d 16h 1m [Snark] The question isn't how many Eevee we need, but how many we can

2d 15h 52m Houndoom is now level 26

[Fluff] How many Eevee do we need?

2d 15h 46m We beat the first two floors pretty easily, coming this late to the lighthouse lets us steamroll the first few floors since we have higher levels

2d 15h 41m We take the Lighthouse Challenge and as such, enter the Lighthouse

2d 13h 34m No longer in democracy mode.

2d 13h 24m Scolipede forgot Pursuit and learned Pin Missile.

2d 13h 19m Scolipede forgot Spikes and learned Aqua Tail.

2d 13h 12m [Fluff] Torterra has the same cry as a Ludicolo

2d 13h 12m Torterra forgot Curse and (re)learned Earthquake.

2d 13h 7m Scolipede forgot Agility and learned Poison Jab.

2d 13h 2m Mightyena forgot Ice Fang and learned Fire Fang.

2d 12h 58m Swapped party order, order is now Dewott Mightyena, Scolipede and Torterra.

2d 12h 53m Currently in democracy mode.

[Info] Dewott, Mightyena, Soolipede and Torterra have mail and can't be boxed

2d 10h 58m We are currently at the PC. Shroomish and Servine are no longer in the party

[Meta] The updater is now going dark. flicks off lights

[Snark] Kid in the Poké Center: "People think Lief is a pushover, but he's really not." Yeah, we figured that out, thanks kid.

2d 7h 31m And we heal at the center, just to be redundant about it. A couple times, even.

2d 7h 30m Venusaur sludges us. A10 goes down instantly! BLACK OUT! Rip attempt #2.

2d 7h 30m A10 vs Venusaur! We're down to our last Pokémon, while Lief has two left!

2d 7h 27m Torterra naps on while Venusaur Giga Drains away our health... Torterra is down! Only A10 remains!

2d 7h 26m Torterra vs Venusaur! The spikes do damage! We employ the same tactics, Venusaur draining while we crunch. Then Venusaur puts Torterra to sleep with powder! We freak out in the Pokémon menu in light of this.

2d 7h 25m Torterra vs Whimsicott. Whimsicott opens with a Giga Drain as we Crunch at Whimsicott, to great effect. Whimsicott subs out, but the sub doesn't last long. It heals itself and drains us again. We get down to half health before our "ineffective" crunching takes Whimsicott down!

2d 7h 24m Whimsicott does a draining kiss on us, and the leech seeds take us out again!

2d 7h 23m BBC vs Whimsicott. 3 on 3 now. Whimsicott seeds us as we try, ineffectively, to break rocks in its face. We rummage through our bag.

2d 7h 21m MGN vs Whimsicott. It leech seeds us as we begin diving at it with Aqua Jet, to little effect. Whimsicott gets off a Giga Drain, and the residual seeds take us down!

2d 7h 21m Villipede vs Whimsicott! Whimsicott takes us out with one draining move.

2d 7h 19m Villipede vs Servine. Villi sets out spikes while Servine knocks off its EXP share. We poison fang at it while it continues to knock off out items. It uses a Sitrus berry as we finally poison it! Sevine down!

2d 7h 18m BBC vs Servine! double a vs Servine. Two knock offs from Servine takes down the Shroomish.

2d 7h 18m VS LIEF, Round 2!

[Snark] 50 minutes is fine for an iteration time, I swear. I wasn't falling asleep.


2d 7h 8m Wandering the town still, getting soaked in the rain.

2d 7h 2m We're back in the adoption center. This Mudkip wants to be adopted by a tough little boy he can wrestle with. Meanwhile this Zangoose wants to be adopted along with his best friend Jolteon...

2d 6h 54m We picked up a Soothe Bell from some guy here in town!

[Snark] We chat briefly with a girl who tells us in no uncertain terms that the "Boss Rush" area is intended for "post-game". Now excuse me while I go order a new fourth wall.

2d 6h 34m We seem to be wandering around a lot inside this Pokémon orphanage.

2d 6h 22m We send out Torterra, and Whimsicott hides behind a substitute! It begins gigadraining us! After a couple of rounds, we're done for. BLACK OUT!

2d 6h 21m We send out A10! Whimsicott drain kisses us, and A10 faints!

2d 6h 20m BBC vs Whimsicott, actually. The opponent giga drains our dog and BBC goes down!

2d 6h 20m We speak to LIEF! BBC vs Servine!

2d 6h 15m We crunch the Leafeon to death! WE WIN! It only took over 100 turns of combat... and we STILL have to face the gym leader!

2d 6h 14m The Leafeon appears finally (and gets hurt by spikes, to which Chat replies "PogChamp SMOGON!")

2d 6h 14m Torterra FINALLY kills the thing with a Razor Leaf, and levels up to 45! He learns Crunch over Earthquake!

[Fluff] Also Struggle is doing barely any damage to the Skiploom due to all of the Cotton Guards it used previously.

2d 6h 9m The enemy Skiploom is now struggling. There's a good indication as to how long this one battle has been going on for...

2d 6h 3m By the way, we've been trying to get revenge on this gym trainer's Leafeon for a good 20 minutes now, and it's cost us half our party and most of our PP thus far, and we haven't even gotten to the Leafeon yet...

2d 5h 46m We reached the gym leader! And jumped over a hidden ledge to the side, so we have to go back around now.

2d 5h 41m Back in the gym again.

2d 5h 35m An opponent's Leafeon takes out our Dewott. Then Torterra comes out and gets its last 6hp taken by poison... BLACK OUT!

2d 5h 31m Torterra is out of PP for Earthquake, but it's been staying alive with Synthesis... which it is now out of PP for...

2d 5h 27m We've reached a dead end in this hedge maze of a gym. But there's a trainer here, so that's alright then. Also, Torterra is poisoned, so he's probably not going to last much longer.

2d 5h 23m Our team consists of our Dewott and our Torterra still standing now.

[Info/Snark] Apparently "LIEF" is the name of this gym's leader. How punny.

2d 5h 20m Torterra to level 44!

2d 5h 17m BBC has not been having a great day. He's been taken out by the first Pokémon he's gone against yet again...

2d 5h 16m We found the gym! Campers "Cooltrainers" dot this grass-themed building.

2d 5h 10m We got TM18 Rain Dance from a boy scout in one of the houses just now!

2d 5h 7m We managed to blaze through out options menu just now: Animations on, Text speed Medium, Switch style!

2d 5h 2m We learn that a housewife in the city can teach Scald to one of our Pokémon. Her house happens to be a demohouse.

2d 5h 0m Some guy tells us about how the league is right across Stormy Straight, (Seriously, someone needs to fire this naming committee) but most people go around from the other side.

[Snark] Like seriously, the city is named after the fact that it's always overcast and storming here? Couldn't they have named it something more clever? Like "Seattle"?

2d 4h 57m We enter the Pokémon Center and Heal! Checkpoint Stormy City!

2d 4h 56m Someone stops us on the way into Stormy City (Really? Who named that thing??). He talks about someone being kidnapped, and then runs off with vague reassuring platitudes that he hopes we get our badges back.

[Info] Our badges are gone from the overlay. The game literally just took all of our badges away.

2d 4h 53m The scarfed Pikachu appears! And takes all of our badges!! Chat Wutfaces.

2d 4h 52m We're back outside now.

2d 4h 52m Caught a female Lv. 15 Aron! Nickname: LEEEDHH

2d 4h 48m Found an Escape Rope!

2d 4h 47m Caught a Lv. 20 Ditto! Nickname: X..FDCCC (Two spaces in front)

2d 4h 45m But then we ran anyway. As dogs fall from the top of the screen thanks to a donation...

2d 4h 44m We run into a wild Ditto, and A10 wraps it up so we can throw balls at it.

2d 4h 40m And we get so flustered by this maneuver that we ran away in shame.

2d 4h 39m We run into a wild charmander! We valiantly and swiftly use a potion at him! Wait, wrong pocket...

[Snark] It's very convenient that the regional Pokémon league has installed these pristine white stairs with blue rails in place of every minor staircase in the region, even those in caves. I wonder how much that cost the taxpayers.

2d 4h 37m Found a Rare Candy!

2d 4h 34m Caught a female Lv. 20 Timburr! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA (Of course)

2d 4h 32m Inside Mt. Stratus now.

2d 4h 31m We break some rocks outside a cavern! Then decide to talk to a youngster near the bridge again, so see if he knows anything about the cave.

2d 4h 28m Torterra in

2d 4h 27m Shroomish down

2d 4h 26m Mightyena faints to poison

2d 4h 25m Mightyena poisoned

2d 4h 23m Back at the river

2d 4h 19m Anarchy returns

2d 4h 16m [D] Torterra is given HARBOR MAIL, message reads 'ABRA'

2d 4h 15m [D] Mail selected to give to a Pokémon

2d 4h 12m [D] Mightyena learns Rock Smash over Snarl

2d 4h 10m [D] We select Mightyena

2d 4h 9m [D] We select HM06 Rock Smash

2d 4h 9m [D] Democracy activated

2d 4h 6m We invade a person's house and start looking for the fridge. It's a demohouse

[Chat] BloodTrail

2d 4h 1m Whirlipede down, white out! Chat spams Jebaiteds and TriHards

2d 3h 59m Venipede in

2d 3h 58m Dewott faints

2d 3h 57m Dewott goes in and we continue wasting balls on this Yamna

2d 3h 57m Torterra down

2d 3h 55m It resists our balls

2d 3h 53m We try a Premier ball on a Yanma, but it escapes

2d 3h 43m We try to capture a Buizel. It has other plans

2d 3h 42m We found an Iron

[Correction] That was a Joltik we caught, not a Species

2d 3h 40m Caught a female Lv. 26 species! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

2d 3h 39m We try to catch a Joltik

2d 3h 38m Wandering between the river and the village

2d 3h 35m Back in the village

[Fluff] Bertrand said he had a Poliwrath. Instead he had a Seviper. And he wondered why his Seviper wasn't very wrathful... Chat is unimpressed.

2d 3h 29m We reach the cave entrance, but it's blocked by a breakable rock

2d 3h 28m Whirlipede to level 29

2d 3h 28m Youngter Bertrand challenges us on the other side of the bridge

2d 3h 27m Hayley defeated

2d 3h 26m Torterra understands how we feel. He curses at her next Pokémon, a Pidgeotto

2d 3h 26m She refuses to let us abscond with her Pokémon twice so we EQ it

2d 3h 25m We try to steal her Luxio

2d 3h 25m Beauty Haley catches us as we try to cross the bridge. Apparently she had a bad time with Tito

2d 3h 24m We thrash him then leave him to train in peace

2d 3h 23m We cross the bridge and get assaulted by Sensei Tito. Apparently we disturbed his training

2d 3h 23m Back to the river

2d 3h 21m Back to the village

2d 3h 20m A woman's complaining about the bad weather in Stormy City

2d 3h 16m Servine faints

2d 3h 16m Caught a female Lv. 26 Buizel! Nickname: TTT

2d 3h 15m We throw a Pokéball, but the Buizel escapes

2d 3h 14m We are trying to find a ball for this Buizel but keep missing the right pocket

2d 3h 11m Mightyena falls to poison

2d 3h 9m Mightyena was poisoned

2d 3h 8m Caught a female Lv. 24 Nidoran♀! Nickname: AAAABB

Caught a female Lv. 24 Skorupi! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA

2d 3h 7m Great Ball go!

2d 3h 5m Whirlipede sent in and sets up spikes

2d 3h 4m Shroomish faints

2d 3h 4m Shroomish poisoned

2d 3h 4m Great Ball go! It fails

2d 3h 4m We swap in Shroomish

[Info] Mightyena and Dewott hold mail

2d 3h 3m We enter the river area again and find a Skorupi

2d 3h 1m We leave the Pokécenter having merely wandered around the place

2d 3h 0m We enter the Pokécenter, leave, then enter again

2d 2h 58m We debate whether we want to visit the MINER's Hut. We ultimately decide no

2d 2h 57m Mienfoo thinks we're jealous about their ability and our inability to smash boulders

2d 2h 57m We leave the occupants in peace

2d 2h 55m We enter another demohouse and the sound starts making weird noises again. WutFaces all round

2d 2h 54m We decide the ladder's far enough to explore and leave again, heading back to the village

2d 2h 53m We enter a cave then leave then enter the cave again. Trick house music plays

2d 2h 52m We leave and head south onto Geminite River. It's raining

[Fluff] Meanwhile TPPSim lists our Pokémon in the PC with a BloodTrail

2d 2h 51m It's a demohouse

2d 2h 50m We enter somebody's home in Gemenite Village

2d 2h 49m And we are back! Inputs are flying across the screen

2d 2h 47m The game bluescreens. Chat WutFaces

2d 2h 46m We're at the title screen again, still no sound

2d 2h 45m Game is being manually saved

[Info] Sound is now beginning to stutter and is gone. Think the mods have taken over

[Info] The game appears to be frozen. Sidegame and scrollbar down the bottom are still functioning

2d 2h 9m We enter the lighthouse again, having our team fully healed

2d 1h 34m Currently at the Poké Mart trying to buy stuff with the money we don't have.

2d 1h 27m We are out of the lighthouse and wandering around the city

2d 1h 21m Both Servine and Dewott level up to level 23 and 32 respectively. Whirlipede also levels up to level 28, and we delete Pin Missile with Spikes.

2d 1h 10m Both Mightyena and Shroomish are dead from the trainer battles. Whirlipede levels up to Level 27 after a close battle with a Cloyster.

2d 0h 52m We leave the lighthouse and our team is fully healed

2d 0h 37m Currently in the Lighthouse defeating trainers

1d 23h 23m now that we have the ccrest badge, we are continuing on with the game

1d 23h 22m azuraill fainted! defeated Gym Leader Flo and got TM3!

1d 23h 22m azuraill makes dewott faint! torterra is sent out

1d 23h 21m oh wait I was wrong, that gyradoes was mon 3, not the last mon

1d 23h 20m another Super Potion

1d 23h 19m Gyrados is confused!

1d 23h 19m we switch to dewott as a super piotion gets used

1d 23h 17m already on the last Pokémon

1d 23h 17m vs gym leader Flo attempt #1?

1d 23h 16m sunbather alexsis defeated!!

1d 23h 15m we didn't OHKO a dratini, and it used a Super Potion

1d 23h 15m facing sunbather alexsis

1d 23h 14m we keep turning a valve that fills a pool with water apparently.

[Snark] Oneshots, oneshots everywhere

1d 23h 12m use an earthquake, it missed then next turn it oneshots.

1d 23h 12m dont be a thief!

1d 23h 11m fighting captain jack sparrow we just one shotted him.

1d 23h 10m back at the game, we just beat a random trainer who thinks we are male.

1d 23h 8m guess it's saltybet hour

1d 23h 5mヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ screen pops up

1d 23h 4m venipede starts to evolve but doesn't

1d 23h 4m we beat the trainer by OHKO'ing a porygon!

1d 23h 3m torterra is sent out and faints crorconaw, making it grow to level 41!*

1d 23h 2m Servine fainted!

1d 23h 1m servine is sent out! braxien fiants and servine grows to level 22!

1d 23h 1m briaxen vs mightyena! mightyena faints!

1d 23h 0m We enter the gym and get into an immediate battle

1d 22h 58m We exit the building and are back in the town.

1d 22h 56m democracy ends

[Snark] Well at least I have some action going on during my shift for once, I wish I had this back in waning moon.

1d 22h 54m We relearn Aqua Jet over Curse on dewott

1d 22h 52m we tried relearning Aqua Jet, but canceled it out and are trying again

1d 22h 49m Looks like Dewott's turn to change movesets

1d 22h 47m Screech forgotten! Poison Fang relearned

1d 22h 45m Trying to relearn poison fang, 1 minute left of democracy tug of war

1d 22h 45m Defense Curl not relearned

1d 22h 43m The tug of war begins again as we accidentally try to reteach defense curl

1d 22h 42m 1 and a half minutes left of democracy, we seem to be move relearning dewott

1d 22h 41m we forgot protect on venipede to relearn rollout!

1d 22h 35m [D] We're in Democracy for all of this stuff, btw.

1d 22h 34m Now teaching Torterra new moves, Learning Earthquake in favour of Leech Seed!

1d 22h 29m deleted Tackle for Ice Fang

1d 22h 23m Forgot Roar for Bite!

1d 22h 20m Trying to make Mightyena remember a move currently.

1d 22h 19m We're talking to the move tutor

1d 22h 2m We sail to Seaspray Town

1d 21h 53m We get an Eevee! No nickname prompt, unknown Level. We challenge the Lighthouse Challenge again and leave instantly, but go back in twice, then leave at the third time, so it's a free heal.

1d 21h 52m We defeated Sensei Brutus, and therefore completed the Lighthouse Challenge, by going upstairs we can claim a prize!

1d 21h 49m Currently wandering inside of a large building

1d 20h 1m [D] We give the EXP Share to our Villipede, and have gained a Poké Ball in return.

1d 19h 58m [D] We're currently shuffling items around on our Pokémon while in this demohouse.

1d 19h 49m We're back in town, buying 3 Great Balls with our remaining money. (Apologies, my browser crashed, so I'm not sure when we got back here.)

1d 19h 20m We proceed to escape the cave as quickly as we know how... by bumping into walls a hell of a lot.

1d 19h 17m The whole cave is shaking as we're walking around it now. It might cave in at any moment...!

[Info] (Btw, we have no balls to attempt to do such a thing, but that didn't stop chat from trying to catch the Bagon)

1d 19h 14m Someone just exploded some TNT and caused an Avalanche, and ran off! Chat WutFaced until a wild Bagon appeared and they all wanted to catch it.

[Snark] Where's our Kirlia?

1d 18h 54m Found a Dawn Stone!

1d 18h 47m AAAA to Level 21! I looked away and we're in a cave fighting trainers now.

1d 18h 45m We were briefly trapped in a corner by a man excited about getting a dome fossil in exchange for a red shard.

1d 18h 33m We HEAL! Finally!

[Info] We're checkpointed in Geminite Village, which is also the current location of our wanderings.

1d 18h 27m After meandering around town, we're back in the Poké Center, examining the southern wall, and testing to see if the door works multiple times in a row.

1d 18h 16m We enter the Center and almost store and/or release some of our party members in the PC. We flee! Well, at least we checkpointed.

1d 18h 14m Saved!

1d 18h 13m We take out Percy's Kirlia and Quilladin (which has an Unown's cry...). We win! Percy says he's gonna train more, and walks off.

1d 18h 9m MGN grows to 29 and does not learn Aqua Jet! Then faints too.

1d 18h 8m BBC takes out Percy's Quilava (</3)! BBC to 26! Then she faints thanks to her burn.

[Snark] Quilava: "Look, we were training, and I evolved! Aren't I magnificent?!"

Don't get too cocky, kid...

1d 18h 5m We run into Percy again, and Quilava talks to us (<3) and Percy battles us.

1d 18h 3m Heading through the Seaspray Dam again.

1d 17h 58m Percy's Quilava (<3) makes short work of us (not the least of which because Torterra was poisoned already and half the party was already fainted). BLACK OUT

1d 17h 55m We run into Percy again, and Quilava talks to us (<3) and Percy battles us.

1d 17h 52m Found a Thunderstone!

[Meta] Updater going dark for a bit guys, hopefully somebody else will be along soon

1d 17h 43m We face Stonewaller Cooltrainer Parker again

1d 17h 35m We enter Seaspray Dam and show the security guard our security pass

1d 17h 34m Venipede down

1d 17h 33m Heading back to the dam

1d 17h 31m We enter the Pokécenter

1d 17h 28m At Oceanview City

1d 17h 22m We save the game

1d 17h 22m We leave the demomart

1d 17h 21m We enter the demomart

1d 17h 20m We wander to Serenity Isle

1d 17h 13m We head west for a bit

[Info] There's a statue in the middle of the town dedicated to the Johto starters, which were formerly the Tunod starts as well until Professor Willow replaced them with the Sinnoh starters

1d 17h 3m We heal

[Info] We've seen 100 Pokémon and caught 25

1d 16h 53m In Glenwood now

[Info] Outta balls

1d 16h 50m We try to catch a Cottonee. Cottonee disagrees though

1d 16h 48m After fleeing in fright from a few battles, we jump the ledges and destroy trees in anger

1d 16h 40m Caught a female Lv. 16 Taillow! No nickname:

1d 16h 39m We are enraptured by this Taillow and are chucking balls at it

1d 16h 37m On the Forlorn Cape

1d 16h 32m Gifted an Eevee!

1d 16h 31m Acrophobia continues to plague us as we struggle to claim our prize

1d 16h 29m Mightyena to level 25 Challenge complete

1d 16h 27m Sensei Brutus is the final challenge

1d 16h 26m Torterra to level 40 and Rocky defeated

1d 16h 25m Alpinist Rocky is the penultimate opponent, versus Lord Dome

1d 16h 24m Our fear of heights gets the better of us and we retreat to lower ground for a bit

1d 16h 23m Phil defeated, 2 left

1d 16h 21m Up next is Firebreather Phil

1d 16h 20m Mightena to level 24, Irene defeated

1d 16h 20m Mightyena is sent in

1d 16h 14m Dewott faints right in front of the next trainer, Cooltrainer Irene

1d 16h 13m In our fight against the stairs Servine faints

1d 16h 11m Roselia faints to confusion, halfway there

1d 16h 10m Dewott poisoned

1d 16h 9m Dewott swapped in

1d 16h 9m Torterra swapped in

1d 16h 8m Servine is poisoned

1d 16h 7m Picknicker Grace is up

1d 16h 6m 5 opponents remain

1d 16h 5m Mightyena in, levels up to level 23

1d 16h 5m Shroomish faints

1d 16h 4m Shroomish to level 17

1d 16h 3m #3 is Sunbather River

1d 16h 2m We master the stairs with relative ease

1d 16h 2m Archaeologist Indiana defeated, 6 remain

1d 16h 1m Dewott out

1d 16h 0m Venipede faints as Larvitar faints from poison

1d 15h 59m We get scared and try to flee, but there's no running from a TRAINER battle!

1d 15h 58m Challenger #2 is Archaeologist Indiana

1d 15h 57m We abandon the challenge after facing the stairs, but brace ourselves and return

1d 15h 56m Despite losing Rollout, we use it to finish the battle

1d 15h 56m Venipede to level 19, learns Poison Fang over Rollout

1d 15h 55m Lighthouse challenge, Vs Greasemonkey Erikson and his Pikachu

1d 15h 47m We leave the mart

[Info] Mightyena currently has the EXP. Share still

1d 15h 45m Anarchy returns

1d 15h 43m [D] Shroomish and Mightyena swap positions

1d 15h 40m [D] Repositioning team, Venipede leads now

1d 15h 39m [D] Rearranging movesets currently

1d 15h 35m [D] Democracy activated

1d 15h 34m We decide to buy a Pokéball anyway

1d 15h 33m We take a look at the wares in the demohouse but them remember we've only got ₽ 6

1d 15h 32m Enter the demohouse next door

1d 15h 32m We leave then enter then leave the center

1d 15h 29m We enter the Poécenter and head straight for the PC

1d 15h 25m We're now randomly invading people's homes and criticising their reading material for no particular reason

[Info] We're on Serenity Isle

1d 15h 22m We leave and reset the timer

1d 15h 20m We enter demohouse store

1d 15h 17m We go sailing twice and end up on some sort of metal dock

1d 15h 14m We debate whether we want to visit the Pokécenter or not. We decide not

1d 15h 12m After a brief struggle we leave again

1d 15h 10m Demo house again!

1d 15h 9m After a flying visit we leave again

1d 15h 9m We find the door and enter the demohouse again

1d 15h 8m We find the door and leave

1d 15h 7m Demohouse again

1d 15h 6m In the Pokécenter again

1d 15h 1m In the Pokécenter

1d 15h 0m Wandering around the city now

1d 14h 59m We're back in the demohouse

1d 14h 58m We leave the demohouse

1d 14h 58m Back in Anarchy

[Info] We have ₽ 6

1d 14h 57m [D] Dewott learns Water Pulse over Water Sport

1d 14h 50m [D] We speak to the move relearner

1d 14h 47m Democracy activates

1d 14h 45m We find the house we're searching for, which is another demohouse

1d 14h 43m Still trying to get to the move relearner, currently tanning on the beach

1d 14h 41m We're back in the demohouse

1d 14h 38m We leave the demohouse again

1d 14h 37m We leave and enter a third demo house

1d 14h 35m We enter a different demohouse

1d 14h 34m We left again, but for how long?

1d 14h 33m Back in demohouse

1d 14h 32m We leave before the timer runs down again. Currently aiming for the move relearner's house

1d 14h 30m And back in demohouse

1d 14h 30m We leave demohouse before the timer runs down

1d 14h 28m We enter demohouse

[Fluff] Rumor has it that SEASPRAY TOWN is one of the most relaxing towns to live in.

[Info] Gym is blocked by the leader's kid who won't move until the dam is fixed

1d 14h 21m On Soheal's Strait for a spell then back to town

1d 14h 18m Giddy from our catch, we find some trees to hide in

1d 14h 17m Caught a female Lv. 23 Marill! Nickname: AAAAAAAAAA(A in every slot)

1d 14h 13m We take a trip to the beach, then hide in a few corners, and now we're headed back to the dam

1d 14h 6m Torterra faints, black out!

1d 14h 6m We decide we're outta here, but there's no running from a trainer battle

1d 14h 4m Torterra poisoned, meanwhile the Leech Seed just won't take hold

1d 14h 1m Togetic taken down by Leech Seed, now Tangela

1d 14h 0m Mightyena down, only Torterra remains

1d 13h 58m Mightyena back in

1d 13h 57m Servine down

1d 13h 57m Servine's Moomoo milk is knocked off

1d 13h 56m Mightyena swapped out, Servine in

1d 13h 54m We decide we want this Togetic and throw a Pokéball, but it's blocked

1d 13h 54m Mightyena in

1d 13h 54m Venipede faints

1d 13h 53m Venipede in

1d 13h 53m Shroomish down

1d 13h 51m Shroomish sent in

1d 13h 51m Dewott faints

1d 13h 50m Vs Cooltrainer Parker again

1d 13h 48m We debate whether we want to proceed into the dam but decide to press on

[Info] The gym appears to be blocked

1d 13h 42m Venipede down and black out!

1d 13h 40m Venipede goes to sleep for a few turns

1d 13h 39m Venipede out

1d 13h 39m Servine wakes up and faints a turn later

1d 13h 38m Servine is asleep now

1d 13h 37m Servine out

[Snark] Despite being fainted, we seem to be favouring Mightyena to finish this

1d 13h 35m Mightyena faints

1d 13h 35m Challenged by Cooltrainer Parker hiding behind a tree

1d 13h 33m Mightyena to level 22, learned Roar over Bite

1d 13h 32m Mightyena sent in

1d 13h 31m Torterra faints

1d 13h 30m Torterra poisoned

1d 13h 28m Shroomish faints but paralyses the Venipede, Torterra in

1d 13h 28m Shroomish out

1d 13h 27m Dewott is poisoned and faints

[Further correction] Dewott is level 28

1d 13h 27m Vs Bug Catcher Antonio again

[Correction] We have a Dewott, not an Oshawott

1d 13h 23m Returning to the Dam

1d 13h 22m A ship is informing us that we can still be attacked while riding our bike

1d 13h 19m We have returned to Seaspray Town

1d 13h 19m Shroomish down to a crit, black out!

1d 13h 17m Torterra faints, only Shroomish remains

1d 13h 16m Torterra is poisoned

1d 13h 14m Torterra v Whirlipede. Whirlipede is stalling through high defence and protects but falls to Leech Seed

1d 13h 12m We are now outside, and have been sighted by Bug Catcher Antonio

1d 13h 11m We are currently in Seapsray Dam

1d 13h 8m [Team] Oshawott level 20 fainted, Mightyena level 21 fainted, Servine level 20 fainted, Torterra level 39?, Venipede level 18 fainted, Shroomish level 16

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I restarted OBS just a moment ago

1d 8h 38m We evolved our Snivy AAAAAAAAAA into Servine!

1d 5h 53m We obtained the Dirt Badge, after defeating leader Terry!

1d 4h 45m We BLACKED OUT back to Glenwood. Also we have 8 balls at the moment. (No idea what we've been doing, just wanted to put that out there.)

[Donation] $15.15 from anon999999999999999999999: "POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHY OhMyDog FrankerZ"

1d 3h 56m We may or may not be out of Poké Balls. And I have to go. Sorry for having to go dead.


1d 3h 51m We caught a level 2 male Ralts! Nickname is AAAATTTTT

1d 3h 46m At the local professor's lab, a doctor heals us! And then the prof tells us we're doing horrible with our Pokedex.

[Mod] Chaos_lord2: an open reminder that anyone who has previously used an account on tpp should report it to the mods to avoid being mistaken for a malicious alt

1d 3h 39m Back in Glenwood.

1d 3h 33m Oshawott faints to a wild Shroomish!

1d 3h 33m And that makes a full party!

1d 3h 32m Caught a level 15 female Shroomish! Nickname is aa .

1d 3h 31m Nickname is .  yh ,hgg

1d 3h 30m Caught a level 18 female Venipede with a Poké Ball!

1d 3h 23m We head along the bridge of Turquoise Bay, straight to Forlorn Cape!

1d 3h 19m We buy 6 Poké Balls!

1d 3h 19m Back in Anarchy!

1d 3h 19m [D] We bought a Harbour Mail and a Super Potion!

1d 3h 16m [D] We swap the EXP share off of Oshawott and onto Mightyena!

1d 3h 8m We've entered democracy!

1d 3h 6m Okay, the shop is confirmed to be the Demohouse! We are there right now.

1d 3h 4m PC time in the nearby Poké Center. We do nothing. It was invigorating, truly.

1d 2h 51m We leave and presumably we're pocketing the money. We're not thieves, we're merely borrowing.

1d 2h 46m So, we're on a shop delivery mission. We have to buy specific items from the shop. This is going to go well.

1d 2h 34m Sorry about that, my wifi crapped itself. We are in the Fusion Hotel atm.

1d 1h 53m Either we need to get her meal from the lobby, buy some stuff from the Poké Mart using democracy, deliver a mail to another friend on a different floor, or find her swimsuit.

1d 1h 52m We are wandering the hotel atm. My computer lagged but looks like we just talked to the woman for the sidequest.

1d 1h 39m We try to teach Dragon Claw to someone, but no one can learn it.

1d 1h 38m We enter a luxurious hotel and may start a side quest bouncing between the second and fourth floors. Or we could just leave.

1d 1h 37m We barge in on some old people gathered around a table.

1d 1h 33m We leave without any wounds.

1d 1h 32m We boot up the PC, and we're probably going to screw something up.

1d 1h 31m Never mind, we checkpointed at Serenity Isle so we're fine. We're back there now.

1d 1h 30m We get poisoned by Bayleef! Our foe KOs Grotle with Magical Leaf! White out!

1d 1h 29m Facing Chelle! The girl rival! We forgot to checkpoint so we might get stranded on an island if out Grotle loses against the Bayleef!

1d 1h 27m We arrive at Seaspray Town!

1d 1h 25m We made it back to the ship safely! We're back to actual land! Blake gave us the SeasprayTix! We can go to Seaspray Town!

1d 1h 20m Blake patched up the boat, so we can go home. As in we'll faint along the way to the ship probably.

1d 1h 20m Defeated Team Fusion Boss Michael!

1d 1h 19m We have to face a Zoroark, and our Absorb does a fare amount on him luckily. We only had to twice and a Razor Leaf to KO Zoro.

1d 1h 19m No Torterra TriHard. Facing Team Fusion Boss Michael! He has a Team Magma logo cause reasons.

1d 1h 18m Well, the Razor Leaf one-shotted him and Grotle grew to level 35!

1d 1h 17m Magmar is dealing some heavy fire attacks to us, but we eventually use two more Razor Leafs to KO. Against Electabuzz now!

1d 1h 16m Grotle vs Electabuzz. Well, now against Magmar. We use Razor Leaf and almost OHKO. The couple uses a Super Potion.

1d 1h 16m We finally get to the end of the cave and encounter Team Fusion. We have a single battle with two Grunts. Double battles? Nah.

1d 1h 3m Same with Mightyena!

1d 1h 2m Mightyena faints to a Honedge!

1d 0h 54m Snivy faints to a wild Wingull!

1d 0h 51m Grotle fainted to a Magmar's Smokescreen! White out!

1d 0h 50m So we are currently facing a Team Fusion Grunt. This Magmar is about to KO us, as we have 6 HP left. But we are taking forever to actually attack.

1d 0h 39m Snivy fainted to a wild Golett!

[Info] Also my stream lagged and just got back in, so I missed that Oshawott fainted!

1d 0h 36m Snivy leveled up to 16, forgot Growth learned Magical Leaf!

1d 0h 32m Poochyena faints to a wild Gastly!

1d 0h 26m And we don't evolve.

1d 0h 25m Oshawott leveled up to 27! The screen turns black for a surprisingly long time before doing the evo animation.

1d 0h 23m Healed our Pokémon!

1d 0h 19m Snivy fainted!

1d 0h 15m Picked up TM2 - Dragon Claw!

1d 0h 14m Oshawott fainted!

1d 0h 13m Oshawott forgot Water Pulse and learned Cut!

1d 0h 10m Poochyena fainted!

[Fluff] And that Scarfachu literally called us an "asshole" as it left... Chat is offended.

1d 0h 7m Defeated Scarfed Pikachu! Got the Delusifier!

1d 0h 6m Vs A Pikachu with a Scarf! Oshawott is sent out.

1d 0h 6m A Pikachu awaits us at the end of the cave.

[Fluff] The heal fade out probably happened just as a flash of lightning was happening, and that froze the color pallet unintentionally.

[Info] After a battle, the colors returned back to normal.

[Fluff] The healing at the hiker multiple times seems to have screwed up the background pallet...

[Info] The colors are distorted on the overworld.

Welcome to Day 2 of Blazed Glazed!

1d 0h 0m We heal our Pokémon at an NPC!

0d 23h 59m Monferno grew to level 34! Grunt defeated! Grotle did not evolve.

0d 23h 56m Spotted by another Team Fusion Grunt. Grotle vs Monferno.

0d 23h 52m Grotle takes down Croagunk. Team Fusion Grunt defeated!

0d 23h 48m Vs Team Fusion Grunt! Snivy vs Croagunk! Snivy fainted!

0d 23h 44m Poochyena fainted!

0d 23h 42m Oshawott fainted!

0d 23h 40m Elekid goes down due to confusion! Oshawott grew to level 26! Magby out next. Oshawott takes down Magby and Smoochum! Trainer defeated! Oshawott did not evolve.

0d 23h 38m Vs Team Fusion Grunt! Oshawott vs Elekid.

0d 23h 24m It did not evolve.

0d 23h 24m Oshawott grew to level 25! Did not learn Revenge!

0d 23h 18m Oshawott grew to level 24! Did not evolve.

0d 23h 12m Healed our Pokémon!

0d 23h 9m Poochyena fainted!

0d 23h 7m Poochyena grew to level 14!

0d 23h 3m Oshawott fainted!

0d 22h 59m Oshawott grew to level 23! Did not evolve.

0d 22h 55m Pokémon healed again.

0d 22h 54m Oshawott and Poochyena fainted!

0d 22h 41m Did not evolve.

0d 22h 41m Oshawott grew to level 22!

0d 22h 41m We enter Haunted Rock again.

0d 22h 39m Poochyena goes down! We whited out!

0d 22h 38m Snivy grew from 13 to level 15! Magby down, Smoochum comes out. Snivy fainted!

0d 22h 37m Grotle fainted!

0d 22h 36m Elekid vs Grotle. Elekid is withdrawn, Magby sent out.

0d 22h 35m Spotted by a trainer! Vs Team Fusion Grunt!

0d 22h 30m Oshawott fainted!

0d 22h 24m Healed our Pokémon!

0d 22h 22m Poochyena fainted!

0d 22h 21m Oshawott fainted!

0d 22h 19m Healed our Pokémon at the NPC!

0d 22h 17m Oshawott grew to level 21! Did not evolve.

0d 22h 9m We enter Haunted Rock again.

0d 22h 6m Blacked out! Back at the Pokémon Center.

0d 22h 2m Snivy fainted!

0d 22h 2m Oshawott and Poochyena fainted!

0d 21h 59m Healed our Pokémon at the NPC!

0d 21h 55m Oshawott fainted!

0d 21h 51m Snivy fainted!

0d 21h 48m Oshawott did not evolve.

0d 21h 48m Oshawott grew to level 20!

0d 21h 48m Poochyena fainted!

Talking to an NPC healed our team!

[Info] Our team currently is Oshawott (19), Poochyena (13), Snivy (13), Grotle (33).

0d 21h 45m We are down to just Grotle left.

0d 20h 42m Snivy faints to the Monferno. White out

0d 20h 42m Grotle faints, but Leech Seed takes down Braxien and Snivy gets a ton of EXP to level up to 13.

0d 20h 38m Both Poochyena and Oshawott faint to the trainer's Braxien

0d 20h 36m Team is healed

0d 20h 25m Both Snivy and Oshawott faint to a wild Spinda. Again.

0d 20h 23m Snivy is sent out, and we white out to the same trainer we did earlier.

0d 20h 21m We send in Poochyena, only for it to instantly faint. Again.

0d 20h 21m Grotle faints

0d 20h 21m Grotle is burned by a trainer's Monferno

0d 20h 19m Grotle levels up to 32! We delete Bite for Leech Seed. Oh dear.

0d 20h 18m Oshawott faints to a wild Haunter's Curse

0d 20h 16m Our team is fully healed by a NPC

0d 20h 14m Inputs are resumed. Currently on one of the upper floors of the Haunted Rock.

0d 20h 13m Inputs have been paused, and the stream begins losing frames, eventually stopping completely

0d 19h 56m Snivy also faints to the same Spinda. We run away.

0d 19h 55m Both Pooch and Oshawott both faint to a wild Spinda's Uproar

0d 19h 54m Snivy faints. White out

0d 19h 51m Grotle faints to a Flame Wheel

0d 19h 50m We send in Poochyena against their Monferno. Poochyena instantly faints to a Mach Punch.

0d 19h 49m Oshawott faints

0d 19h 48m Currently fighting another Team Fusion Grunt against their Braxien

[Meta] And to contrast the white, we are going dark.

0d 17h 58m Grotle faints to Ember! Poochyena comes out and meets death as well! White out!

0d 17h 57m Another Team Fusion Grunt. Grotle vs Cyndaquill. We non-effectively try to use Absorb, while Cyndaquill starts to spam Ember.

0d 17h 55m Facing a Team Fusion Grunt. Against Tyrogue, Grotle absorbs it to death. Defeated Team Fusion Grunt.

0d 17h 53m Poochyena leveled to 13 and learned Bite!

0d 17h 50m We head into the Haunted Cave.

0d 17h 46m Oh don't worry, there's a Pokémon Center here. We aren't stranded, yet.

0d 17h 45m And we sail with Blake to a crashing halt. We're on an island with Team Fusion now, WutFace

0d 17h 43m And we sailed to Serenity Isle!

0d 17h 37m We checkpoint, and walk away without a scratch on us.

0d 17h 36m And Oceanview Town.

0d 17h 34m We made it to Oceanview Park!

0d 17h 31m Oshawott to 15!

[Fluff] Oshawoot? Sounds excited.

0d 17h 29m We sweep the rest of his team. Oshawoot levels to 14, defeated Nick. And then we rematch for more free XP.

0d 17h 27m Ayy, we switched to Tackle. We crit, and Kakuna faints. Against Butterfree now, we swap to Grotle.

0d 17h 26m Oshawott and Kakuna are having a Focus Energy vs Harden battle. Invigorating. Truly a battle for the ages. Historians will be writing about this moment for generations.

0d 17h 22m Facing Bug Catcher Nick's Kakuna. Everyone is spamming Select. Again, this is fine.

0d 17h 18m Oshawott leveled up to 13! We forgot Water Gun for Focus Energy!

0d 17h 7m We're at the Ruins, but we can't seem to actually read the damn tablet.

0d 16h 53m We KO the Caterpie, then a Weedle, with Absorb. Defeated Adrian!

0d 16h 50m Facing Bug Catcher Adrian! Lv 27 Grotle vs Lv 4 Caterpie. Who will win?

0d 16h 48m Snivy fainted for obvious reasons. Bring out the Poochyena!

0d 16h 46m Never mind, Snivy is poisoned. You could say he's even... Toxic.

0d 16h 43m We've entered the Milkshake Swamp and we avoided the Ivy. For now...

0d 16h 42m Still wandering around Chocco Town.

0d 16h 35m Oshawott faints from Overworld Poison. BLACK OUT!

0d 16h 29m Oshawott to Level 12

0d 16h 28m We easily take down Alex's Poocheyena and we... instantly rematch Alex.

0d 16h 28m Oshawott to Level 11 and it learned Water Sport after taking down a Budew

0d 16h 26m We're battling Youngster Alex again.

0d 16h 23m 0d 16h 22m Our already fainted Pokémon faint... again from the Poison Ivy Poisoning them? Not sure how that works but Grotle, Snivy and Poochyena double fainted

0d 16h 10m We have poisoned our whole team from poison ivy! (Well Oshawott is about to be poisoned). This is fine.

0d 16h 9m Back in the milkshake, Snivy immediately gets poisoned.

0d 16h 7m Poochyena faints from poison. White out!

0d 16h 6m Grotle eventually faints from the poison. Poochyena has like 2 hp left from poison btw.

0d 16h 2m Oh... I didn't notice we could refight trainers. We're doing Alex again.

0d 16h 1m Budew is out, and Absorb does little to it due to its typing. Luckily the second time we crit, and KO Budew. Defeated Alex.

0d 16h 0m Next we have Poochyena, who goes down the same way. This is helping with the damage from poison.

0d 16h 0m Facing Youngster Alex! We send out Grotle against Zigzagoon! One Absorb KOs it.

0d 15h 52m We entered the Milkshake Swamp, and already the poison ivy poisoned Grotle!

[Correction] We're in Chocco Town, according to a local resident.

[Fluff] Also because of Turbo, I managed to both be the person to select Poochy and withdraw her LUL

0d 15h 41m We access the PC, and withdraw a level 12 Poochyena!

0d 15h 36m We manage to go to a nearby town and hangout in the Pokémon Center. Missed the name, so I assume Oceanview or something.

0d 15h 28m We made it to our house! We can catch up on a good night's rest... if we didn't immediately go back outside.

0d 15h 17m We've gone back to our starting town. It's been so long since we first left.... maybe a few hours.

[Chat] tppsimulator: /me we're here when grotle was Teamviewer making the others up unless you take the new and strong dongers

0d 15h 1m We keep saving on the edge of Glenwood and the Forest Pass. Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

0d 14h 57m We arrive in Glenwood Town.

None of our 'mon can learn it.

0d 14h 34m TM34 is Shock Wave.

0d 14h 30m Back in town.

0d 14h 23m Snivy and Oshawott have fainted.

0d 14h 22m Road is called Springside Path. Saved the game! Badges: 1 Pokédex: 9 Play time: 13h33m

0d 13h 40m Grotle now level 26. Still in the same area where we caught Snivy and Oshawott.

0d 12h 45m Grotle is Lv. 25 now.

0d 12h 44m Out of Poké Balls now.

0d 12h 43m Chucked several balls at a Lv. 10 Froakie♂.

0d 12h 42m Threw a Poké Ball at Oshawott. Bag before throwing: 8 Poké Balls. Caught Lv. 10 male Oshawott! Nickname: MGNNNNGGSC

0d 12h 40m Nickname: All A's. AAAAAAAAAA (not sure if the char limit is 10)

0d 12h 39m Caught a Lv. 10 male Snivy!

0d 11h 47m Somewhere in the past 20 minutes: Grotle leveled up to 24!

Apparently some PC action happened. Only Grotle left in the party.

0d 11h 45m Now in Serenity Isle Poké Center.

0d 11h 45m We've blacked out at least 3 or 4 times since the last, at 8h35m.

0d 10h 28m Fighting a random trainer in the gym, which aren't auto-disabled for once.

0d 10h 28m Obtained TM34!


0d 10h 28m Jolteon down. Grotle leveled up to 23! Budew leveled up to 11!

0d 10h 25m Ekans fainted!

0d 10h 24m Caterpie and Croagunk fainted!

0d 10h 23m Sent out Poochyena (BBBC). Poochyena fainted!

0d 10h 22m Jolteon down. Grotle now paralyzed.

0d 10h 22m VS Jolteon♂ Lv. 16. Jolteon used Substitute.

0d 10h 21m Mareep used Shock Wave. Grotle used Bite. Mareep down.

0d 10h 21m VS Lv. 14 Mareep ♂.

0d 10h 20m VS Lv. 14 Electrike. Our Grotle is Lv. 22. Sparky used a potion. Electrike goes down anyway.

0d 10h 20m VS Gym Leader Sparky!

0d 10h 18m In a gym.

0d 10h 9m Caterpie leveled up to 10! Caterpie learned Taunt.

0d 8h 35m Blacked out.

0d 8h 28m VS another legendary Unown-Pikachu. Lv. 15.

0d 8h 9m We're in a power plant of some sort. Party status: Grotle Lv. 20, Poochyena Lv. 12, Caterpie Lv. 10 (fainted), Ekans Lv. 8, Croagunk Lv. 9, Budew Lv. 9.

0d 6h 55m Exans to level 8 #FREE EXP

0d 6h 52m ekans is brought out to join the battle and earn some #FREE EXP

0d 6h 50m BBBC to level 12 #FREE EXP

0d 6h 45m BBBC to level 11 #FREE EXP

[Info] #FREE EXP refers to the trainer we are grinding off, who asks us if we want some free exp

0d 6h 41m BBBC to level 10 #FREE EXP

0d 6h 40m BBBC to level 9, learned sand attack #FREE EXP

0d 6h 38m BBHHCEQ was evolving but we canceled

0d 6h 35m BBHHCEQ hits level 8 Butterfree is down #FREE EXP

0d 6h 34m The kakuna is dead, now to fight the butterfree. Butterfree at half hp and caterpie is sent out #FREE EXP

0d 6h 32m and we are back to grotle, who now has to fight a kakuna after several hardens

0d 6h 31m Grotle switched to BBBC, which is then switched to HA

0d 6h 30m FREE EXP TIME

0d 6h 29m Walking toward the power plant

0d 6h 24m We staring at a very interesting and cuttable tree

0d 6h 18m BLACKOUT!

0d 6h 12m Ekans takes on a Porygon. Ekans to level 6! Then level 7!

0d 6h 8m Our Grotle goes down to a wild mon. Only our Ekans remains.

0d 6h 5m The sidebar finally updated with our new pokedex entry for Grotle.

0d 6h 2m Turtwig to level 18! AND IT EVOLVES TO GROTLE!!

0d 6h 0m Chat freaks out over the appearance of a wild Porygon. The emulator freaks out as well.

0d 5h 58m And just as suddenly, the emulator returns to normal speed.