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TPP Dual Red Blue - Storm Silver Intermission

Come view Storm Silver https://www.reddit.com/live/10qr8xqmiy5pe

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[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I have been too busy crunching this update out to follow run prep this season, sorry

[Streamer] The_Chef1337: guys my pikachu is weird https://i.imgur.com/mHJLyjB.png

Chaos_lord2: @The_Chef1337 I can't make ears or tails of it Kappa

[Streamer] Zc230: Oh at least that's according to Bex

Chaos_lord2: @Zc230 we're still small, we're trying to get that big one back but it's a matter of getting in touch with he person who owns it

[Streamer] Zc230: Like he did with the old one?

Chaos_lord2: @Zc230 ???

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: we do have a twitter now at @twitch_plays and plan on increasing our social media presence

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there does need to be a rewaork to sidegame but I can't spare time for it right now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I remember when token raffle was removed from sidegame and it kinda died

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I know M4 was talking about doing some fancy stuff with intermission, but that's in planning ATM

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I do plan on implementing the new system to PBR matches, but not as a direct input reward

[Streamer] Zc230: @chaos_lord2 in before people bot for those rewards

Chaos_lord2: @Zc230 we already had people botting for badge drops, we deal with them

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 inputters in run?

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog yes

[Streamer] lazz24: ty

Chaos_lord2: @lazz24 "/w tpp inventory"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: full details when the run starts

[Streamer] Alushi99: @Chaos_lord2 How do you plan on encouraging inputting

Chaos_lord2: @Alushi99 there's a new rewards system that allows me to reward frequent inputters

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 are they fixed aswell? you said something that rewards might not be the right one

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog there's a new rewards system, you'll see when it happens

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so dealing with it is a pain in the butt except with mods

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the thing with using black emotes for racism is you can't really remove black emotes without being racist

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 rewards? Kappa sorry im super impatient if i dont know a certain day or point Kappa Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog should be before the run

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 RaccAttack /

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the bot is having random connection issues

[Streamer] Alushi99: how do i open crates

Chaos_lord2: @Alushi99 /w tpp inventory, then useitem

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I hope to encourage inputting this run

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: m4 has contacted me and told me they'll be here before the run is due to start

[Streamer] Mariosyoshi: why are we not at the title screen? OpieOP

Chaos_lord2: @Mariosyoshi waiting for M4

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: DeSmuME devs won't fix shit about pokemon

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: more twitch side connection issues

[Streamer] Pyrolyze: Phancero?

Chaos_lord2: @Pyrolyze yep

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this is twitch, if we don't find at least 1 new glitch I'll be suprised

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's a dumb git issue

[Streamer] asdf14396: what did you break @chaos_lord2

Chaos_lord2: @asdf14396 there was a line endings induced full file conflict that needs doublechecking

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: we have nothing to do with that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: we had a git snafoo and he needs to review some code

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: title screen is waiting for M4 to sort himself out

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm not 100% sure that wasn't a throw to him

[Streamer] SnowWarning: But it was probably necessary

Chaos_lord2: @SnowWarning bet bonuses let you make money more easilly now with aggressive betting

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: negative*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: would have megative*

[Streamer] asdf14396: @chaos_lord2 what idea?

Chaos_lord2: @asdf14396 tiny bet bonuses for token matches, I allowed it as an experiment to see if trap matches would have a better positive effect than money print matches

[Streamer] asdf14396: Kappa -30 I steal your bits

Chaos_lord2: @asdf14396 the idea wolf had to encourage traps that may have backfired a bit, i need to look into it more when not tired

[Streamer] CoryCombs16: Hi @chaos_lord2

Chaos_lord2: @CoryCombs16 KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh, I need to think about removing that token bet bonus, it was used in the way i expected it to, which was always the issue with it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: TehePelo

[Streamer] TaviTurnip: I should draw Smeargle again tavituT Inspire me, chat.

Chaos_lord2: @TaviTurnip smeargle drawing itself drawing itself

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: season rewards will explain part 1, and part 2 is a new system that i'll explain at the time

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: people interested in high gen badges will want to stay tuned for part 2 of the update, which is 95% done (just waiting on some math from ax6)

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: gen 1-2 @Alushi99 though is new gens were added to transmute for whatever reason...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sunkern is amazing, at pokethlon

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: moemon was my allowance for people who didn't like so much chat leading

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's also the secret stuff for balance

[Streamer] Alushi99: for rank 44 at least Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Alushi99 rank 44 is 3 rare badge crates for rank

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I can search the code though

[Streamer] Alushi99: @Chaos_lord2 Is there a list to by rank

Chaos_lord2: @Alushi99 a public list isn't maintained because of how fast the metgame has been changing with recent updates

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: such clutch gyms that run though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the by rank stuff is unchanged as I never had the time for a p[[roper look at it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the bots having connection issues again

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the displayed rewards for the leaderboard weren't accurate because the new structure is only just completed

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: rewards should be ready for just before title screen

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: currently in pre run "thank fuck crunch is over" mode

[Streamer] Chauzu_VGC: @chaos_lord2 yo Kappa /

Chaos_lord2: @Chauzu_VGC KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: why is the first message when I get out of git hell "drama about drama" Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: NotLikeThis

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: just got trolled by github though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm a dev and I'm working on updates

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and then I get a whol;e file conflict when merging. fun,

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: finally done the bulk of the pre-run updates dev work

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: damn autocorrect

[Streamer] SpagetiCS: When do rewards come out for the PBR season

Chaos_lord2: @SpagetiCS hopfully before the run, I'm working on an update

[Streamer] MyRattata: any additional TPP edits?

Chaos_lord2: @MyRattata Kappa some questions don't get answered

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I don't expect it to be catch em all, there was alot of talk but a number of inpracticalities showed up

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: storm silver is a dyrano hack of soul silver, so it's harder has more pokes etc:

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: too busy Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's just asking to get stuck onto some cropped porn...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: how has that partnering line not ended up a meme yet? OPieOP

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh I thought it was on twitch or something

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ...people use stunfisk? Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ALOT diferent

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: fun fact: log() means something different to google than it does to duckduckgo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: just getting rewards working now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pinball broken?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I think

[Streamer] NajeeSensei: oh it's at top

Chaos_lord2: @NajeeSensei it should be

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it seems like the db is behaving now

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: intermission will be just under a day

[Streamer] nanami44: VoHiYo is that tofu

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 when mongodb and windows stop being shitters

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this is X tier

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: X tier

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: saltybet VoteAye or this VoteNay

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 48 hour timing LUL

[Streamer] mathfreak231: @Chaos_lord2 give me a reward for trying please VoHiYo

Chaos_lord2: @mathfreak231 next season ;)

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: rewards may not be accurate

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: out*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: *drives monopoly into the lamposat*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: thanks @Ordsey

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if this fails i can kickstart it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pls clip that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: shows how much I pay attention >.>

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: M4 set the time to midnight to give himself tome for IRL stuff

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 5 MORE MINUTES MUM BabyRage

[Streamer] Some1Funny: @chaos_lord2 I’ve committed sudoku every night for the past three nights MikeHogu

Chaos_lord2: @Some1Funny grids of shame MikeHogu

[Streamer] Kisox: Keksbaer VoHiYo

Chaos_lord2: @Kisox KonCha @Keksbaer

[Streamer] Some1Funny: @chaos_lord2 KonCha

Chaos_lord2: @Some1Funny KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this may kill token bet bonus, but it's too late to do it for this season

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: thanks

[Streamer] fenris2142: I only caught the turn it crashed https://clips.twitch.tv/RelievedSuaveScorpionHoneyBadger

Chaos_lord2: @fenris2142 thanks

[Streamer] lgtnow93: it just go to the menu, lol

Chaos_lord2: @lgtnow93 I want to knwo what might have caused it

[Streamer] StreamFalled: it just froze

Chaos_lord2: @StreamFalled clip it then Keepo

[Streamer] Lord_Kibbleton: @Chaos_lord2 hustle didn't miss Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Lord_Kibbleton Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yknow, for dev

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I want to know what led to the crash, what gimmick, that sort of thing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: huh, legit dolphin crash, anyone have a clip?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I got a dolphin crash in the log

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: what happened?

And now M4 has reset us, and we're back to 5cm, down from 4m. And TPP's favorite meme song is playing.

We've shed everything as we jigger around inside this wall, and the Katamari is bare.

By the way, we're playing Me and My Katamari (for April Fools Day)! And we're stuck in a wall!

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I was too busy googling to see the correction Kappa

[Streamer] Kattmint: #69 even

Chaos_lord2: @Kattmint machamp

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: "Power Yukaris Placid became Serious!"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: >legit LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: > draw MonkaS

[Streamer] Its_Reyn_Time: @chaos_lord2 the last update cut the search time down for items with multiple data entries to less than an eighth of the original time

Chaos_lord2: @Its_Reyn_Time good to know that worked

[Streamer] MiniVioLass: is*

Chaos_lord2: @MiniVioLass KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok then

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: should I reset the core to try and fix the icons?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: anything punishable should be worth reporting

[Streamer] Hexonius: @bubbybyrd what's funnyman KappaRoss

Chaos_lord2: @Hexonius one of the issues with a 24/7 stream is consistent moderation, because mods aren't always around we keep the baseline fairly lax to avoid "mod lottery"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm not going to punish over this, I was just trying to keep chat calm to avoid escalation

[Streamer] NRPGamer: fine, w/e

Chaos_lord2: @NRPGamer unfortunatly I can't be on 24/7

[Streamer] Afterwards: BAN HIM SwiftRage old streamer would

Chaos_lord2: @Afterwards I hold myself to better standards

[Streamer] NRPGamer: fuck you

Chaos_lord2: @NRPGamer ok, lets cool it off a little

[Streamer] Hexonius: @TaviTurnip banned for what KappaRoss

Chaos_lord2: @Hexonius they asked to be banned, so I banned them

[Streamer] TaviTurnip: Fuck, even when we get a new streamer I still get permabanned BibleThump

Chaos_lord2: @TaviTurnip you were asking for it Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: BigBrother

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: TehePelo

[Streamer] Hexonius: @Chaos_lord2 I am the Lord of RNG KappaRoss

Chaos_lord2: @Hexonius understandable, I'm basically the boss so tend to be in the backrooms more

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sporeing shed risks something coming in for free, shed can kill subs, and then there's focus punch

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: looking over the match, the opening turn was a huge mindgame when you account for sleep clause

[Streamer] TaviTurnip: Silly question, do we have a Sleep Clause?

Chaos_lord2: @TaviTurnip IIRC yes

[Streamer] Wahi: @Chaos_lord2 didn't you say there was gonna be a music update earlier btw Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @wahi there was an error in deploying it, will be fixed next reset iirc

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the issue seems to be dolphin side, making debugging difficult

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there has been noticable stability issues lately, if people want to send me the results of crash matches and the matches before it woukd be much appriciated

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, I'm in and out of thabs alot scrambling fixes and looking into things

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: nothing should crash, just a few broken songs will nascour

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: barking at music team over it now...

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, we just checked logs and the dual hearts songs are broken

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh well

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: huh, bot must be down

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: salty VoteAye or the spreedrun bot VoteNay

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm around

[Streamer] Doineann3007: tpp: pinball is currently disabled tppRiot tppRiot tppRiot tppRiot tppRiot tppRiot

Chaos_lord2: @Doineann3007 maintainance after this match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: m4 just signalled they need to do some maintainance too, so there'll be a host

[Streamer] kittyread: What's the line on the countdown?

Chaos_lord2: @kittyread the odds graph

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: you cannot control ME BabyRage

[Streamer] pooping_forever: can you also update pinball to be less mean?

Chaos_lord2: @pooping_forever no DarkMode

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: lag is me checking on music

[Streamer] acdcfreak216: what the fuck is that voice?

Chaos_lord2: @acdcfreak216 someone used a chatter

[Streamer] madiiiman: @Chaos_lord2 it didnt payout

Chaos_lord2: @madiiiman my balance command is reporting you have 96k

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: specifically, fixed another slots crash, improved performance of data using item commands and fixed a error when cancelbuyitem is called with an invalid item

[Streamer] Kisox: gen2 pinball? BegWan

Chaos_lord2: @Kisox not yet, this is just bugfixes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK< blocking pinball in prep for the update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: guess this is stable again, I'll see if i can squeeze in another bugfix

[Streamer] TaviTurnip: Game is running slowly I'm pretty sure

Chaos_lord2: @TaviTurnip i'm logged in, lag is normal when I am logged in

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, i think I fixed it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh right stupid thing is still downloading FailFish

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... yknow what, screw it, I'm readying that update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, not to self, pressing the "show desktop" button is a BAD idea

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: bugfixes*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: downloading a music update, then pushing it and a small core update (just bigfixes)

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the sidegame is automatically backed up with savestates

[Streamer] NightRusticDawn: Why draw?

Chaos_lord2: @NightRusticDawn it crashed

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i can generate them if I really wanted, but I want to play fair

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 was that 50 new token u generated or 50 from u?

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog i used my balance, though I'm rich enough i don't care

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: dolphin pls

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: VoHiYo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: guys, we have to beat brock kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: consider this a sorry for this and the last 2 times

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I was going to fix it with a music update but music was slow and I was unlucky

[Streamer] xenofeels: @chaos_lord2 will the slots go again?

Chaos_lord2: @xenofeels a rare crate dropped for someone and crashed it because of a known issue

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: looking itno it, the error log channel doesn't report anything and that's bad

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: finally have /host powers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: that's why the bot is down, looking into it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ah shit

[Streamer] oldenne: magic mirror to increase the guilt of your medals by 1%

Chaos_lord2: @oldenne thanks, looking into it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it seems noone has the links, next time there's a crash can I PLEASE have a link to the match, there's a few things it could be and I can't check without a headding

[Streamer] CountRaposa: GivePLZ πŸͺ cookie? @Chaos_lord2

Chaos_lord2: @CountRaposa just ate thanks

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: which is why I'm asking

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: we've gotten stange errors in the log to

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 i want 10t refund of old token matches that broke over the last 4 seasons GivePLZ

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog send me the matches and logs of you bidding them

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: There was 2 big crashes the last day and I want to know what matches they are so I can look into possible causes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm actually here on business

[Streamer] madiiiman: someone please put up yolonome

Chaos_lord2: @madiiiman that's a token match thing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: poli is encored

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: tppFogChamp

[Streamer] Zawasculin: @Chaos_lord2 Any unwinnable that has chance of losing in fog is way better than having Healing Wish on any KAPOW mon.

Chaos_lord2: @Zawasculin I'll talk to people about healing wish

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 gen 1-7 pinball? PogChamp

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog I'm currently looking into reskinning the red table into the gold table

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: unfortunatly the fact I'm having to do means it won't be as fast as hoped

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: trying to force through pinball updates right now

[Streamer] Zawasculin: @elnewperuguy230 Indeed.

Chaos_lord2: @Zawasculin to seriously answer your question, unwinnables are very difficult to stop from happening at all, the bet monus on token matches was an experiment I will review

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KAPOW clause, last mon boom is a loss for the boomer

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: forgot that just fails

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ... oh Kappa

[Streamer] Zawasculin: @Chaos_lord2 Why is this kind of dumb matches allowed? ResidentSleeper Literally no fun when you know the outcome.

Chaos_lord2: @Zawasculin you knew this would happen? Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: "unwinnable"? by chance Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's mostly there for if people want to trade old style stacked items for some reason

[Streamer] Its_Reyn_Time: I don't think anyone but me has even tried data based items Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @Its_Reyn_Time yh it's kinda a thing I have to support but don't expect people to use

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: performance issues with data based item searches are known and are being looked into,

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the plan is to have a much larger selection of metronome pokemon eventually, there just needs to be support for per-meta cooldowns on token matches which needs some other changes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ad block always exists, I don't try to fight it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: hourly minute and a half breaks with 60 seconds of ads works

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: well shortening the break duration is an option too

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it can be reverted super easilly if people don't like it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it was changed due to the unpopularity of token matches (when it was planned, which was before KAPOW was fixed) and to reduce downtime

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sprites*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: fun pinball facts, the bellsprout on red table uses LESS prites when eating the ball then when idle

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: gen 4 storm drain Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: waterfall is 80 power, eq is 100

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: EQ does more, waterfall has flinch

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: that can be pinball or mainline games

[Streamer] LIJI32: I'm the author of SameBoy btw :)

Chaos_lord2: @LIJI32 if you want to help with GBC romhack dev, I can put you through to people

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: this decides what colours we can use where

[Streamer] LIJI32: I'm a GBC nerd ;_;

Chaos_lord2: @LIJI32 well then, in short, we need to know how many PALs we can assign to each half of the board, and which elements are sprites and which are background

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's not very interesting unless you're a GBC nerd

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: board pallette specifications, a technical analysis of what we can do when reskinning the board

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: we got delayed as the person who we asked to do it vanished for a bit

[Streamer] Mallaes: @Chaos_lord2 Pinball update soon? :)

Chaos_lord2: @Mallaes todays to-do includes pushing through a blocking element

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: small downtime after this match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I was just checking the queue was empty

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I know it's disabled, I disabled it

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: has pinball stopped?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: "When a PokΓ©mon with Pressure is targeted by a foe's move, one additional PP is deducted upon execution. Consequently, extra PP is deducted even if the foe's move misses, has multiple targets, or is rendered ineffective due to immunity. Pressure applies to allies targeting the PokΓ©mon. "

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pressure doesn't get affected by poison heal, but it a little finnicky about what it affects

[Streamer] ε»Ύε›žε‡ γƒ¨γ¨ζ—₯ヨ丹尺 (t3ddiursa): Chaos VoHiYo

Chaos_lord2: @t3ddiursa KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha MiniVioLass

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: small update incoming to fix some small things and the slot crash

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: VoHiYo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: LOVE BOMB!

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: seep bomb and hydro pump are possible IIRC

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: np VoHiYo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I don't get the issue (or ads) on twitch 5

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's apparently tied to the player

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: top left issues are trwitch side as far as we can tell

[Streamer] MallowSpicyGirl: @Chaos_lord2 Overlays seems glitchy RaccAttack

Chaos_lord2: @MallowSpicyGirl how so?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, the crash was me forgeting to remove an underscore in slots code Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: cheerful slots

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll reboot the core and look into it, any other issues are found pls say

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: It seems slots and the new crate system didn't get along

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh dear

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: > tfw you think you fix the problem but can't cancel the stop command Kappa

[Streamer] h0m3st4r: ah

Chaos_lord2: @h0m3st4r fixing the zoom, was going to try a reset but just got told I had a setting wrong

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: BTW did I just fix the zoom?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: just making sure you realise you can

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: SeemsGood

[Streamer] LatersWolf: no important abilities lost, no really powerful low acc moves

Chaos_lord2: @LatersWolf not selling your hoarde of items?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and of course it's betting when pinball stops

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: or in this case stset core

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh, it knows when I update see

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: not yet, waiting for pinball before resetting the core

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: https://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/85p4ld/the_item_market_is_finally_here_heres_a_survival/ the full guide

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 item market?

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog try "/w tpp buyitem noisemaker"

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: took a half day off to rest

[Streamer] Futunderdog: @chaos_lord2 hi VoHiYo didnt saw u in a while.hows streamer work doin?

Chaos_lord2: @Futunderdog item market is out

[Streamer] CountRaposa: RaccAttack ] chaos lord this is a private phone call. how did you get this number?

Chaos_lord2: @CountRaposa no this is patrik Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'm doing usual procedure, wait for pinball then match end

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: resetting the core to see if that fixes the xzoom issue

[Streamer] puddle007: does the more you bet make your votes mean more in the battle?

Chaos_lord2: @puddle007 yes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: RaccAttack

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: raccAttack ?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I wonder if I have a good gimmick icon in the bank I can use for this...

[Streamer] Its_Reyn_Time: But other people have been pointing it out this morning and I just saw it

Chaos_lord2: @Its_Reyn_Time will look into it when i get the chance

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: @it's of what screen

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: πŸ€” should I make random FOV a gimmick, or add FoV controlling items

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll put it back to 1.2

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: making ice beam "fun" though

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: mm, the FoV isn't affecting the interface

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sikm might be excempt

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: still a bit much?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: did that do anything?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I set it to 90 thinking it was an absolute LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: wait it's a multiplier?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I DID say I never tried this before

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... WutFace

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: trying something I never had before, pls no crasharino

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: SeemsGood

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so, hows the item market been?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: *collapes happy*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: VoHiYo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update still doing fine?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: the item market has been updated, you can read about it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/85p4ld/the_item_market_is_finally_here_heres_a_survival/

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: did this song get slightly changed from the original? it's annoying to listen to

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: you have a ton of old style items that need converting top the new stackable form

[Streamer] NRPGamer: tpp: Your items: Mail (uses:3 ) x1 (#1), Chatter (uses:10 ) x1 (#2), Mail (uses:10 ) x1 (#3), Noisemaker (uses:6 ) x1 (#4), Emoterain (cents:200 uses:5 ) x1 (#5), Chatter x1 (#6)

Chaos_lord2: @NRPGamer inventory update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: m4 pls Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: can't sleep, need to be around in case of fires MikeHogu

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: brb, rattling a cage in the back

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: has autohost activated yet?

[Streamer] NRPGamer: @Chaos_lord2 Some input: I think the post would be easier to understand with some examples after each command

Chaos_lord2: @NRPGamer I'll add some tomorrow if I can find time

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: how can dunspoarce hug? it has no arms

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I hope that post explains everything, it's quite long but there was alot to go over

[Streamer] CountRaposa: spinda stop being dumb BabyRage

Chaos_lord2: @CountRaposa *dial tone*

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's more in this update too, breaks and thus token matches are now every 2 hours instead of 1

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: https://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/85p4ld/the_item_market_is_finally_here_heres_a_survival/ chew on this for a bit

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: down for update

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update: DB is not playing nice, just play rough, and that hurts

[Streamer] Wahi: @Chaos_lord2 now that you've said it won't go well, watch it do so LuL

Chaos_lord2: @Wahi you talk like it wasn't already going "quite swell" Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: TPP is down for an update, hosting salty in the meantime

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: when the database decides to play nice

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: as the db backups never go smoothly

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: stream off to cause a salty host

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: extended downtime for database backup

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update after this match

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: no Jebaiting me pinball TriHard

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update incoming soon

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: to ban sim

[Streamer] RyanM104: What's this pinball?

Chaos_lord2: @RyanM104 pokemon pinball plays itself and awards badges, you can also bet tokens on the score

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: what is it?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: managed to fix music update myself, starting downloads

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: more update delays, music update has issues and noone seems to be awake to fix them

[Streamer] Mallaes: @Chaos_lord2 How old he/she is anyway? To ignore such warnings is not smart

Chaos_lord2: @mallaes i don't know peoples ages

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: or at least so i'm told, been real busy lately

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: they keep ignoring previous warnings

[Streamer] Zawasculin: I'm still very clueless as to why Candina got such long timeout. OpieOP

Chaos_lord2: @zawasculin racial slurs and priors

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: i'm just the only guy who figured out how to work yhe verifier

[Streamer] Mallaes: please

Chaos_lord2: @mallaes music isn't my area

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: should still be up tonight

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update delayed as music update wasn't verified yet and only i can do it for some reason

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: frustrated at my inability to type

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: wiepugfhjwseriuhnvweipoufn

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: KonCha]

[Streamer] Some1Funny: @chaos_lord2 KonCha

Chaos_lord2: @Some1Funny KonCha]

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the issue is there's a music update coming at the same time, and I don't know it's status

[Streamer] SinR2014: @Chaos_lord2 HALP

Chaos_lord2: @SinR2014 what?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: update delayed, a minor setback occoured and I'll have to have the downtime anyway,

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: backup in progress

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, i found out the db backup can happen without stopping the stream, but it may get laggy

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's a music up[date due too, will need support to check on it's status

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I'll look into after, I have a bunch of stuff backed up that I need to do

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: εžε›žε‡ ε‘‚ε‡΅γƒ¨ εžε›žε‡ ε‘‚ε‡΅γƒ¨ εžε›žε‡ ε‘‚ε‡΅γƒ¨ εžε›žε‡ ε‘‚ε‡΅γƒ¨

[Streamer] エγƒͺγ‚ͺγƒƒγƒˆ (doble_farbeagle): So we can buy items with tokens?

Chaos_lord2: @doble_farbeagle yes, you'll be able to buy and sell items for tokens

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I just need to make sure I'm ready for the db backup as the last time I tried it it went... wrong]

[Streamer] Mallaes: @Chaos_lord2 Was there an update?

Chaos_lord2: @Mallaes update is very soon

[Streamer] エγƒͺγ‚ͺγƒƒγƒˆ (doble_farbeagle): What does @Chaos_lord2

Chaos_lord2: @エγƒͺγ‚ͺγƒƒγƒˆ item market

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: so a full marketplace

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: @εžε›žε‡ ε‘‚ε‡΅γƒ¨ it works similarly to badge trading

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: not sure, never had a db backup go right before

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there will be a longer than usual downtime as I'm making a database backup

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 2 words: ITEM TRADING

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: MASSIVE update due very soon

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: pls mention that in stream down before I go running in and trying to fix Kappa

[Streamer] Sandoz1: :o :o :o

Chaos_lord2: @Sandoz1 did you try the announcer trick?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: lag is me logging in

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ...ok, guess it fixed itself

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: wait a minute

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: does anyone m ind if I reset the core?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: match will crash

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: is there really no way tbut to iterate manually? :/ it seems so wrong for something as high level as python

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: guess i shouldn't be asking chat about this when they don't have the full story Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: OK, it looks like if 1 of the elements is matching they all are, otherwise they don't. I'm confused

[Streamer] LatersWolf: if zip(x.iteritems() = zip(y.iteritems()

Chaos_lord2: @LatersWolf that's python 2 but yh will try that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ....will try that

[Streamer] NRPGamer: :/

Chaos_lord2: @NRPGamer tried that, but it's only comparing keys not values

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: also, KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: stupid question, how do I get python to check if 2 dicts are identical?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: entering lurk mode for testing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: if PP gets healed by lunar dance, it resets to the normal amount

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's a bug with PP allocation

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: focus miss TriHard

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: TORMENT Jebaited

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: rub a dub dub, thanks for the sub

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: guess the pokemon is just for fun

[Streamer] Calner_einstein: This is just luck, just seen the stats xD

Chaos_lord2: @Calner_einstein most commands go via the whisper bot

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: SHARK WutFace

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: after this match I'll get back to testing

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: they should play very differently

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: regular sync is 1 pool containing all votes, sync 50/50 is 2 pools, 1 per team, each having 50% control

[Streamer] nanami44: t15 Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 acid rain crashed at one point, and 2 sync modes allocate the votes differently

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it could have been dolphin being wierd or something daft

[Streamer] Zc230: @chaos_lord2 oh the acid rain bug was fixed?

Chaos_lord2: @Zc230 unreproducable on test systems, so we're going to live test it for a while

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: and acid rain

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's 2 syncs

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's an update that'll let you buy and sell such items for tokens I'm supposed to be testing right now Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: roy pls Kappa

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: see again

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only that's someone using a "chatter" item

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the rest of the update is new gimmicks and a change to how bet bonuses to non-token matches are delivered, it now varies by gimmick and switching mode

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 2% of 2 mill is 40k

[Streamer] EskimoJoeSA: what if someone does what I did and get like 2k tokens and keeps making matches NotLikeThis

Chaos_lord2: @EskimoJoeSA if we have an issue with bonuses on token matches they will be removed

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: token match bonuses are very low on purpose, as it risks abuse

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: how has the 4.2 update been so far?

[Streamer] Calner_einstein: @Chaos_lord2 command for checking currency???

Chaos_lord2: @Calner_einstein /w tpp balance

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: forbids*#

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: is there more chance on crate for the one that cheered or nah?

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only no, twitch ToS forbits giving people rewards for bit useage, it can only start "community events"

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: @chaos_lord2 it gives the crates randomly to people in chat right?

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only yes, depending on the spin

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: GREED TriHard

[Streamer] MiniVioLass: KonCha Chaos

Chaos_lord2: @MiniVioLass KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 85

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: 86

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: every 100 bits is 1 spin

[Streamer] cmonbruh_only: at how manybits

Chaos_lord2: @cmonbruh_only when someone cheers

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh fires are immune to burn

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's ground you can't twave this gen

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: twave affects electric in gen 4, it's a gen 6 thing that changed that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: LUL

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: did double edge cause a double KO?

[Streamer] HonshouMieru: why is furret a bttv emote btw? Kappa

Chaos_lord2: @HonshouMieru because cute VoHiYo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: it's a low% chance

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: PoleDoge

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: sorry if I misunderstood the question

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, he gets reset if he loses

[Streamer] Rotodin: does its balance reset to 5k?

Chaos_lord2: @Rotodin yes

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I wonder where my partner went?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: ok, time to disable it, he has perfect winrate, better than all of you confirmed Kappa

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: nah, ferraro did it Keepo

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: because... wait, I DIDN@T CODE THAT WutFace

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: red top bettor Keepo

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I created a subscriber-only room, dunno how popular it'll be thouhg

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: oh, new rooms feature?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: there's something in the pipe that would make yolonome more interesting, no ETA though

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how come people are giving away so many tokens?

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: now I have to go deal with a foot of snow KonCha

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh, I thought you meant the moveset file, All I know is what I just said

[Streamer] nanami44: @Chaos_lord2 are the movesets updated?

Chaos_lord2: @nanami44 should be

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: whoever asked about that

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: the runmons are pre PC push BTW

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: my bad

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: yh we lost a pinball game because it Jebaited me into thinking it was done

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppRiot tppRiot tppRiot

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: .... teamviewer don't do this to me

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: oh well, early travel means it weas bad

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: I got Jebaited by pinball, accidentally sent a stop order

[Streamer] HonshouMieru: @Chaos_lord2 can i aask if runmons sets are the final ones or the first e4 one?

Chaos_lord2: @HonshouMieru I'll have to direct the question to #movesets

[Streamer] Chaos_lord2: also, you'll notice I buffed bonuses by 3-5% across the board

[Streamer] T3ddiursa: Chaos KonCha

Chaos_lord2: @T3ddiursa KonCha

[Streamer] Keksbaer: @Chaos_lord2 BabyRage

Chaos_lord2: @Keksbaer ???

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: tppsim is right KappaHD

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: flying eeveelution tppLUL

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: some people mention TPP in the comments of this song on youtube

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: he's in the US

[Streamer] CubeBag: @Its_Reyn_Time ah ok

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @CubeBag the stream is hosted by m4_used_rollout

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I have to watch the stream at 160p quality, but when I move to New Zealand I'll have fibre internet Kreygasm

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: I was concerned about an economic problem, but if it's pinball it's probably fine

[Streamer] PoketGamingGD: @tppsimulator porn

TwitchPlaysPokemon: @PoketGamingGD 2081 was more recent

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: there was a 2000 token storm and a 700 token storm recently

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: what's with the big token storms lately?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how did everyone like the run? was it better or worse than the other dual run?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how's everyone enjoying the return to PBR?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how's everyone enjoying the return to PBR?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: how's everyone enjoying the return to PBR?

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: thanks for the donation

[Streamer] TwitchPlaysPokemon: congrats on finishing the run